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File: 1603999061436.png (1.61 MB, 1200x1200, themanyfaces.png)

No. 118444

Previous Thread: >>>/w/88419

Stefany Lauren (aka Stefany Mancebo aka Eloise Frazer) is a Canadian cosplayer who has gained popularity through her Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and Frozen cosplays. Originally her following grew from her Rey cosplays due to her “likeness” to Daisey Ridley (who plays Rey), but people soon realized that she was actually just photoshopping Daisy’s face on top of her own. She lied about having worked for LucasFilms (implying that she was a stunt double or photo double for Rey) and caused other drama in the Rebel Legion that caused her to get kicked out.

After being shunned from the Star Wars community, she moved onto Game of Thrones and started skinwalking Maisie Williams and cosplaying as Arya Stark. She obsessively photoshopped Maisie’s features onto her own face and changed her entire personality to go between Maisie and Arya. She claimed to be HBO’s “official” Arya Cosplayer (which isn’t a thing). Just another instance of pathological lying.

After Frozen 2 came out she latched onto Elsa. She latched on so hard that she decided to change her name to Eloise Frazer on social media (Elsa Frozen) and claimed it was because hearing her real name gave her PTSD. She really wants to be seen as a cutesy Disney Princess now, and as a result has once again changed her personality to match.

Other milk includes but is not limited to:

> Faking a British accent for over a year even though she’s Canadian

> Pretending she has a mysterious illness that is “progressive” and makes her blind every once in a while, but won’t seek treatment despite having universal healthcare
> Scamming cosplay seamstresses, commissioners, and “friends” out of tons of money
> Claiming two of dogs are service animals (they aren’t)
> Trying to convince people she’s an equestrian when she really just has horses for props and replaces them all the time
> Skinwalking— trying to imitate mannerisms, behaviors, wardrobes, and personalities of her current favorite actor who plays whoever she’s currently cosplaying
> Refusing to work a real job or put effort into anything in life
> Fake apologizing for her behaviors she’s called out on while simultaneously making herself out to be the victim
> Desperately tries to make people think she’s friends with her celebrity obsessions, like Maisie Williams
> Insists on calling herself an actress despite never going to auditions or making an effort to get a role
> Claims she was put in a study where she had to pop balloons with her mind

Stefany's links:

No. 118450

The snow glows white on lolcow tonight
Not a hoofprint to be seen
A kingdom of isolation
Where Stefany's the Queen

Balloons are popping like my sanity inside
Couldn't keep it in, heaven knows I tried.
Don't let them in, don't let them see!
Be the Viking you always have to be!
Just steal, conceal, don't let them know…
Well where's my snow?

Let it go, let it go!
Can't be myself anymore
I'm a ho, I'm a ho!
I'm an attention whore
I don't care if it's shopped to hell
Post the pics online
I'm broke and I got cosplay to sell

It's funny how in the past I said I wore an extra small
And though I am a smol short bean, I thought that I was tall
It's time to see who I can be
Steal their face, I can't be me!
No school, no job, no responsibility…
I'm a NEET

(will revise and continue soon, corrections welcome)

No. 118452

Here are a few more things, thanks anon for making this thread.

> Sending videos of herself as Elsa to children for free because she is so thoughtless and she really cares guys.

> Magically gets a scar to go with her current skinwalking.
> Has to put her old horse down. Begs people for money to help buy a new one
> Horse starts developing bad behaviors and she turns to Facebook
> Due to her sickness she cant ride him and asks for other people to ride while she is recovering
>> She posts a video on the internet of a person being thrown off her horse ( And you can clearly hear her laughing in the background)

No. 118466

No. 118472

Thanks for the new thread, anon. I like how almost all of Stefany’s thread pics have just been collages of her multiple faces.

No. 118497

I love this face compilation image OP, it could be the poster to a movie about a crazy girl who thinks she literally is all the characters she cosplays. Hollywood, get on it.

No. 118512

File: 1604024228965.jpeg (1.16 MB, 4096x2731, 47ACAF02-0D6D-4E0F-9CCD-B6F889…)

of course

No. 118526

File: 1604035146066.jpeg (687.25 KB, 828x1019, 50FDC10B-44F4-4AB6-814D-D35931…)

That waist

No. 118539

Currently in so much pain

Pain meds


Did I mention I'm in pain?!

Painfully yours,

No. 118541

Don’t forget to sign off with dressage

No. 118545


Holy shit what is going on with the wall behind her. All of a sudden her photoshopping skills have gone to hell in a hand basket.

No. 118552

That looks like it might be a mirror or something on the wall behind her, I don’t think it’s an editing mistake.

No. 118582

File: 1604089932940.png (442.56 KB, 624x361, Näyttökuva 2020-10-30 kello 22…)

She looks like James Marriott

No. 118589

Incoming fakeboi phase

No. 118637

File: 1604112142990.jpeg (114.65 KB, 720x960, 61927BFB-A0B5-41D7-9D5F-51B20E…)

Heres… A photo of her saddle.

No. 118638

File: 1604112411968.jpeg (620.18 KB, 750x991, B38F0F46-3677-4CB7-9C6A-F68A2F…)

More horse cosplay

No. 118640

File: 1604112552553.jpeg (739.31 KB, 750x952, 7BA05BC7-D8F1-4241-990B-549C26…)

Lied in two different groups.

No. 118648

Not the Hillary Clinton soggy diaper ass again

No. 118669

File: 1604128200904.jpeg (782.04 KB, 828x1459, B772188A-F0FA-4702-BD27-DCD9C2…)

Pushing 30

No. 118677

Jesus. Saw this while scrolling. No idea about this chick, but….

That looks dry as fuck, that saddle is fucked. There's no saving that leather. Saddles are expensive as fuck, 600-4000 euros easily. This is horrible looking, it looks so brittle and destroyed by whatever cheap paint she lathered it in. She even painted the insides and the padding. That saddle is ruined beyond repair, it can't ever be altered due to this. If it stops fitting her horse and she wong be able to get it hot molded and refitted. She will have to get a new saddle. What a moron. I can see her putting that on a horse and the paint chipping off and ending up ruining saddle pads, boots, pants and everything it touches.

No. 118678

Lmao I love the idea of some saddle expert anon who has never seen the Stef thread stumbling across her thread because of a brittle and fucked up looking saddle.

No. 118688

M-my friend forced me to take these photos even though I’m in full cheap costume with fake hair and thick ugly cosplay makeup!

No. 118699

File: 1604149217966.jpg (670.94 KB, 1079x1876, IMG_20201031_205959.jpg)

Clean your room

No. 118711

File: 1604164031127.png (1.42 MB, 646x1114, Capture.PNG)

Her horse hasn't stopped rearing and she's still dragging it to this Halloween dressage thing where it'll be in close proximity to other horses and riders.

No. 118713

Friendly reminder: the brown horse she took tons of pictures with while in Arya cosplay is no longer in her life. Stef pretended to love him to the ends of the earth. Then she stopped caring about Arya. Poe didn't fit her aesthetic anymore, so she claimed that suddenly he had bad behavioral issues and she "found a buyer." This horse will suffer the same fate when she gets bored of Elsa.

No. 118720

Already foreshadowing the "behaviour issues" by mentioning the rearing all the time.

No. 118723


I'm saddle sperg anon from earlier and her destroying a saddle got me curious. Sorry, more sperging incoming. She seems like an incompetent and a dangerous horse owner. I was looking at her stable and the ceiling height is alarmingly low, im not sure in Canadian laws but I'd assume they also require ~3m tall ceiling height. Hers definetly aren't that tall and the boxes also look alarmingly small and way below 9-12m^2.

Rearing for hours when trying to load a horse??? That's concerning and alarming. Usually you can line even the worst horse in without any rearing. Not trying to speculate but I worked with competition horses for a bit and even the young stallion breeding horses rarely reared while loading for the first time. It's not like this horse was a first time loaded, if she knew it has problems with loading she should have been practising it before competing. Competitions are super stressful and if the horse fears loading it will make it all the worse. She's just in for making it's loading issues a million times worse by leaving it to a competition day.

This is like choosing to decide to start training how to play the guitar the same day you're supposed to perform with it.

No. 118727

File: 1604175843005.jpg (686.33 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20201031-202328_Ins…)

Ugh now she's gonna be even more insufferable

No. 118732

I actually like when the horse people weigh in on stuff that she does with her horses because it fills in blanks of stuff I've suspected as being probably not ok/correct but not knowing specifics as a non-horse person. I mean, it would get annoying if horse anons started arguing non stop with each other but so far the horse anons keep it pretty informative and only post once in awhile with a lot of info at once without being way too long.

No. 118798

You could probably buy those ribbons online, take nothing this cow says as fact

No. 118801

File: 1604226124208.jpeg (58.51 KB, 528x960, D3FD1C36-AF6F-4B47-890D-AF6CF2…)

Surprisingly she’s not lying this time. You can see ‘KJ Equestrian’ on the ribbons if you squint really hard, so I did some googling and lo and behold, here’s a single photo of our dumpy snow queen from their facebook page. It seems like a tiny riding school for babies, so you can probably guess the caliber of this event. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1649284291897523&id=184655411693759

That horse looks depressed.

No. 118804

>she actually went to a public competition in the elsa costume

No. 118805

Oh my god that poor horse

No. 118806

Looking at the Facebook page I doubt it was even a legit competition. Probably just a fun event for the employees and friends of the riding school to get together, put on some halloween costumes, ride horses and win prizes, but of course Stef is out there doing the absolute MOST. She’s sticking out like a sore thumb.
I wonder if this school belongs to the trainer Nanok has stayed with some time ago and that’s why Stef has wormed her way in there.

No. 118810

File: 1604236602531.png (1.75 MB, 1080x1703, Screenshot_2020-11-01-07-14-16…)

Three. Why do people think they need THIS much attention?

No. 118814


You're right, the post itself says this was a show. Of course Stef has to to elbow her way in and steal participant ribbons from children and their ponies for asspats. Which wasn't hard given there was maybe 30 people total at this show looking at the FB photos of the event.

This is reminiscent of the time she claimed to be a figure skater while she skated with toddlers and complained that they outperformed her.

Those poor FB groups are going to be bombarded with her braggy posts for weeks with this shit.

No. 118828

File: 1604256530098.png (4 MB, 750x1334, 4AF585DD-9AE1-4CDD-AF54-6487FE…)

here’s her cringe tiktok about getting ready for the show


No. 118833

“our” first show in over a decade? you’ve had the horse for maybe a month what are you talking about

No. 118844

“Show” does mean competition, however this was a schooling show, which means it doesn’t count towards any division. It is as other anons guessed, just a for-fun barn event. It also wasn’t at all advertised as a costume contest, she just Did That.

No. 118851

I appreciate that you sperged about this, I've been wanting to rant about her horse-keeping for a while but since I don't know the correct terms in english (ESL-fag) I've been trying not to.

No. 118852

File: 1604262944533.jpeg (62.7 KB, 500x666, 48B7D746-5669-4237-AC53-565899…)

>demanded to borrow my camera
Does her ‘friend’ know she’s lying like this?

No. 118855

Started reading this cow’s threads and it’s been a wild ride. My question is, has this cow ever worked in her life? Wasn’t she excited about the coffee shop job earlier this year? I would be so embarrassed to be a NEET at her age while asking my parents to splurge on horses (which are fucking expensive) and cosplay hauls and also trashing them publicly. It’s too bad her parents haven’t given her a wakeup call.

No. 118866

So she was photographing a friend in full Elsa cosplay, totally not expecting to have her photo taken, sure. Also, if the friend was dressed as anna, why not take a picture together, even if just a selfie? Hmm

No. 118908

I suspect the friend was a tripod honestly, it's weird how none of her friends ever want to appear in front of the camera, or be tagged in the post. Maybe the previous "friend" photos were tripods too. Plot twist.

No. 118929

Just noticed this thread and I can't believe what I'm seeing. I'm not even a full on horsefag but this whole thread is triggering me on many levels.

This cow does not know what the fuck she's doing and I'm worried for the poor horse. If there's clear evidence of abuse, it's not tolerated in Canada and can be reported.

No. 118931

The Stef version of "Frankie Photography" from Vicky Shingles lol

No. 118933

Elsa never had imaginary friends, totally not canon. Maybe she brings that Olaf plush with her and pretends he’s her bestie.

No. 118939

The captain and the comment make we want to vomit. I hope the video is from the halloween event as well and she doesn‘t just wear Elsa all the time when torturing, oh sorry, riding that horse.

No. 118984

Keked way to hard, she's literally the only adult not with a child at this competition. I want to meet the child who made her get 2nd place.

No. 119011

They probably all think she’s special or something

No. 119018

File: 1604366006748.png (3.36 MB, 750x1334, 1362AD7E-FF7D-40D1-A479-EAF2C4…)

sure jan

No. 119019

File: 1604366129924.png (2.51 MB, 1790x1280, Instagram_vs_Reality_Stefelsa.…)

Instagram vs reality Elsa horse show edition

No. 119020

>calves thicker than the horses thighs

No. 119021

>it wasn't a costume contest
This bitch showed up with a painted blue horse and it wasn't even formally a halloween thing? Jesus thats embarrassing

No. 119023

JFC going through the pictures added is depressing. I thought anon was exaggerating and it was at least pre teens but no it's straight up 10 and under kids on their ponies in wal mart costumes. Betting she hammed up "I'm Elsa For real" To those poor kids the whole time.

No. 119028

am I crazy or did she photoshop her horse to look bigger in the left photo??

No. 119031

it looks like she used krylon spray paint on this thing. Does she not know there are specific dyes/paints meant specifically for leather?

No. 119033

Maybe it looks that way because she shooped her massive back and legs smaller? So he looks bigger in comparison.

She doesn’t care about any of that, look at her.

No. 119078

her stomach is sticking out further than her head, oh my god. she’s starting to look alarmingly dumpy…but only skinwalks tiny little waifs. what a bad mix. she should focus on a heavier character next time she obsesses because right now she looks like one of those middle age ladies that grab a costume from party city and do a goofy little dance at a toddlers party for a quick 20 bucks.

No. 119096

File: 1604433989117.jpeg (125.96 KB, 458x1070, B2CF5BDB-91FC-4308-9454-B6EBCB…)

Someone posted her competition tiktok on a disney cringeposting fb group and the lady of the hour showed up for asspats. The previous thread was posted in the replies and her ass got banned

No. 119097

File: 1604434040337.jpeg (222.22 KB, 741x1256, FFD3C882-65E0-4F89-B76E-C1B8DD…)

No. 119101

I hate cow tippers.

No. 119104

Stupid cowtipper

No. 119137

File: 1604465883660.jpeg (147.11 KB, 828x947, F6434D55-AFCB-4F57-9248-4EF216…)

Not audio but I’m sick of her pretending people are forcing her to do the obsessive things she does like people don’t know she’s full of shit. Nobody tasked her to sing the song from frozen, she wanted to do it. Everybody knows she’s lying so why continue to lie?

No. 119152

File: 1604487815789.jpg (302.4 KB, 1079x1907, IMG_20201104_190214.jpg)

Guys, we just haven't seen the real her yet.

Waiting for her to reveal herself as Maisie's twin again or something.

No. 119153

Does she still have the lizard or did she already kill it? I‘m surprised she isn‘t posting as much of tHe ReAl ElSa AnD bRuNi as she does with her horse.

No. 119154

Sage for more horse sperg but if she doesn’t actually make any effort to correct Nanok’s rearing it has the potential to end very badly. Only a matter of time before she tries to load him/get him in or out of the stable and he hits his head or worse. Call me paranoid but if my horse did that, I’d have him wear one of those padded headpieces for shipping (idk English name sorry).

No. 119155

His tail fell off and then she never posted about it again, I think we can assume he died or was rehomed

No. 119159

Your retarded ass left your icon in and it's clearly matching the cowtipping post to this thread. Please fuck off.

No. 119183

Didn’t know about this skinwalker till yesterday and only found out through that link someones else posted. But whatever.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 119328

File: 1604603479077.jpeg (655.86 KB, 828x1439, 5EBBF01B-EB87-464A-A8A8-2C3DCB…)


No. 119329

File: 1604603512925.jpeg (846.2 KB, 828x1470, AA70146F-D758-459B-B917-F18E3C…)

No. 119398

Since her hair is so thin, it should air dry quickly. The fact that she has to work to dry it just outs herself that her hair is damaged beyond belief. Not wanting to dry is a dead giveaway of severe damage.
And that's not even getting into that texture.

No. 119403

She might’ve over processed her hair and this doesn’t dry as quickly. It takes a lot longer because your hair is holding on to whatever moisture it can.

No. 119404

once it gets to a certain point it never fully dries and it looks to be at that point now

No. 119407

This is her Rey face? She edits her eyes further apart, or maybe just the bridge of her nose down, for Rey face and it’s 100% not even close to what she actually looks like.

No. 119444

She can not just be honest and boring and normal once, can she?

No. 119445

File: 1604672693892.jpeg (365.82 KB, 1125x561, DC1E7688-F8C1-47C5-952D-AB854B…)

Sorry, forgot to add the picture.

No. 119507


her hair has definitely reached that point where there's 0 pigment in the shaft so it's porous as shit and takes like 12 hours to dry. There's no coming back from that. Even blowdrying takes forever. She should just invest money into a good wig and cut it short. It'll never blend into her extensions. Even with all the filters her extensions look obvious, I can't imagine how bad they look rl

No. 119508

File: 1604719233367.jpeg (1.65 MB, 828x1430, 9B12F60C-9003-4FB3-A135-096B8A…)

I know what she’s trying to do but she sounds retarded

No. 119660

File: 1604844597584.jpeg (639.5 KB, 828x1449, 34B19DC0-596C-4FAA-887C-95C90B…)

No. 119661

File: 1604844701697.jpeg (733.42 KB, 828x1432, 4E288550-35AF-4474-9174-9E2C4C…)

No. 119667


This is a baaad look

No. 119672

She needs to lay off the hair gel

No. 119698

At this point, she needs to shave it all.

No. 119702

If you have to pull from your crown to get enough hair to make bangs, you have a problem.

No. 119718

Is it photoshop that's making her face look so puffy? Gurl looks down right ill. Facial edema elsa.

No. 119719

Her face looks horribly bloated. Did she forget to shoop on her jaw and cheekbones or is she just gaining fast enough for her face to start rounding out?

No. 119730

She's streaming live right now on Tiktok playing guitar and singing

No. 119731

She’s trying to look like an anime character

No. 119733


it honestly looks like she's been crying for hours. I wonder if her parents called her out for being a weeb and a neet

No. 119758

new face, add it to the collage boys

No. 119774

Is it wrong I instantly thought of her looking like a "prettier"asherbee

No. 119862

File: 1604975694188.jpeg (525.68 KB, 750x1024, 617C6F5E-9237-4D27-88C5-A7D3FB…)

She’s buying another horse…

No. 119864

File: 1604975759876.jpeg (509.23 KB, 750x1282, 0567AC75-8F2B-4B50-93C7-7FBEE4…)

Discarding one of her other horses (Honeybee) to fit an aesthetic. How sad.

No. 119870


>> I have the money

Since when?

When you not busy pretending to be Elsa and photoshooting your face into oblivion you barely work a minimum wage job.

Where was this money when your sick horse needed treatment?

You constantly ebeg for money.

You put together a "birthday" amazon wishlist for expensive gadgets you don't need under the guise that people asked you to, which is as much as a lie as your most recent face.

Your parents have money you insipid leech. Stop lying about what you can afford when you live with your parents and spend your days being a waste of perfectly good oxygen.

No. 119877

How does this bitch access her parents money?? Do they just give her loads of cash to blow on horses? That seems.. weird for an adult daughter

No. 119881

File: 1604988624171.png (1.09 MB, 1331x2048, Screenshot_20201110-000443.png)

Generally speaking yes her parents throw money at her hobbies. She accumulated multiple horses bought and leased, expensive cosplays, etc all while admittingly not working.

In other news she's also looking for a new Weiss cosplay. So prepare for more skinwalking eye injuries.
> Size medium.

No. 119891

File: 1604997391434.jpg (308.17 KB, 1920x856, iu.jpg)

Wow I wonder why she wants a fjord horse?

No. 119892

So she's basically spoiled, yet neglected, and mentally unstable

No. 119894

It seems like her parents see her as mentally challenged and that’s why as an adult she’s able to stay at home and frolic in cosplay and buy horses.

No. 119904

File: 1605015150491.jpg (493.49 KB, 1079x1839, IMG_20201110_213216.jpg)

She is obsessed with herself

No. 119920

Genuinely surprised she reposted such an unflattering picture. Maybe she's getting better about it.

No. 119956

damn she's buying horses like some people buy plushies

No. 119976

>i have the money
Where was your money to pay the vet bills when your old horse was dying, Stef? Don’t own an animal you can’t afford to take care of, ffs. She will never see animals as living beings, only cosplay props. Why are her parents tolerating this? This woman is in her mid-20s.

No. 119982


Well that’s the first reason why Stef, considering you weigh nearly 200 lbs.

Rule of thumb is no more than 20% the horse’s weight, including tack.

No. 119984

Samefag for horse sperg clarification: 14 hands is a pony first of all, and is going to weigh anywhere from 900-1200 lbs. This pony is fat and deconditioned, and let’s be real: probably because it’s someone’s lawn ornament like every “broke to drive” middle-aged mare that probably has too many behavioral issues to actually work in front of a cart or under saddle. Side note: there’s a million of this brand of useless ponies (fjords and haflingers, mostly) in the classifieds free lease because they’re a total cost sink. I imagine that’s where she found this gem while religiously searching for her Elsa Frozen Dream Breed. I digress.

Muscle is generally denser than fat, so I’m inclined to say this pony is closer to the ~1000 lbs end of things. Generally, you shouldn’t put more than 20% of a horse’s weight on its back, including tack.

Not that it matters because this will solely be a photoshoot pony, but she has no business whatsoever sitting on this animal’s back. She can photoshop herself thinner all day long and pretend she’s ~smol like Maisie~ but she’d actually be putting the pony at risk.

She would also look absolutely ridiculous sitting on this pony’s back given she’s nearly half the size of it.

No. 119985

i know you’re being factual and serious but this is the funniest shit i’ve ever read. the picture you so vividly painted of stef being too fat to ride this poor horse is just unbeatable. she has to weigh over 200lbs right? she’s 5’7”ish? there’s no way she’s under 200. i hope to god someone talks her out of it to spare that horse

No. 119987

Honestly it’s not even a reflection of Stef’s weight. Most sane adult equestrians would not buy a Fjord for under saddle work unless it were for their 8 year old kid. She’s so committed to her Elsa delusion that she’s really going to “I’m a size medium” her way onto a child’s pony.

14 hands is 4’8” at the shoulders. Even if she were actually thin, she’s still nearly a foot taller than this pony. Add to the fact that she’s a fourth its weight and it’s a ridiculous picture.

No. 119990

Sage for horse sperg/slight rambling.

Girl really doesn’t need a fjord (a breed I personally adore but consider high maintenance). If she wants to keep this horse looking good, it needs regular clipping/mane ‘styling’. She’d probably do it once a blue moon for a shoot then not give a fuck.

Also I’m not trying to wk because everything here she bought upon herself, but I feel sad sometimes reading here. Obviously doesn’t know what she wants in life/is obviously never satisfied with herself. She had the financial support to do whatever she wants; why not go and study early education somewhere? Kids would probably love to play dress up with her/sing along etc. Heck, she could probably be a pretty good drama teacher. Needs to stop being enabled and get psychological help and a point in the right direction. Alas, she’d probably make up some kind of excuse

No. 120007

File: 1605092967640.jpeg (223.92 KB, 375x698, 9387ECE2-8F15-46C5-A60A-CCE05E…)

God the “size medium” shit is so funny when you look at her candids. She has to at least be a large or XL?

>She had the financial support to do whatever she wants
It’s really hard to feel any pity for her when she is in her mid-20s pretending to be Disney princesses and anime characters on the internet. I don’t think she even thinks about her future at all. I feel like her situation would give any sane person some sort of existential crisis, but she seems mentally enveloped in skinwalking whoever she happens to be obsessed with at the time. I feel like she’s just so sheltered she probably doesn’t even think about her future or growing up.

No. 120019

If she’s 5’7 she’s more likely around 250 at least, christ

No. 120022

File: 1605103320610.jpg (720.35 KB, 1079x1813, IMG_20201111_220128.jpg)

What do we think is the worst part of this? The fried hair? The bright red nose? The pained expression?

No. 120025

>She’s so committed to her Elsa delusion that she’s really going to “I’m a size medium” her way onto a child’s pony

I fucking kek. it's not funny but it also really is. poor pony.

frozen feeder version

No. 120026

File: 1605106555793.png (277.4 KB, 750x1624, 0F40E1F9-A9BC-421A-80B7-F59F94…)

She’s going to crush that pony

No. 120029

I think she's more likely 160ish? She isn't actually huge, just kinda matronly and square.

(secretly hoping the matronly sperg comes back after I post this)

No. 120030

Nitpick but they weren't in the enchanted forest (tagged location) when they say that line in the movie, they were on the shore of Arendelle. You'd think irl Elsa would know that.

No. 120031

File: 1605108989017.jpeg (371.6 KB, 828x659, D6A48817-F1C1-4754-B550-29D529…)

She could easily find a FjordxQH cross that’s a sturdy 15.2 and not crush it to death, but she doesn’t want that. Fjords’ most distinctive trait (where you can look at it and be like “yup that’s 100% this breed”) is their dorsal stripe that runs through their mane which causes striping and for it to stand up straight. Cross-breeding tends to lose that.

Which is actually a good thing, because there’s a chance that if a Fjord’s mane isn’t kept clipped (like the paddock couch she posted) in the traditional show arc, the mane gets so heavy that it’ll break the horse’s crest. Pic related. Enjoy your crestfallen Frozen horse Stef.

No. 120032

I love all the horse anons on here I'm learning so much about something I have no real use for, keep it up

No. 120038

I’ve met her in person multiple times and she’s shorter than I am; I’m 5’5”

No. 120042

how come whenever this comes up there's always one anon going "akshully she's really tiny irl!"

No. 120044

I mean she’s short not “tiny”. She was still a swear fridge of a person, just not tallish.

No. 120045

The neck shoop. Look at her neck and hair…

No. 120046

File: 1605118868863.png (504.31 KB, 1080x1406, Screenshot_20201111-113437~2.p…)

No. 120054

elsa detected(hi cow)

No. 120082

To give anon the benefit of the doubt: both Daisy Ridley and Elsa are 5’7”. This is the same girl who lied about being able to pop balloons with her mind, so I don’t think it’s completely left field to think she would lie about her height too.

No. 120083

Respectfully anon, she is at least 200 pounds.

No. 120111

Wow, I’ve met her in person too! She’s so dainty honestly, did you see how her skin has an icy glow to it? Her hand accidentally brushed against my arm and I gasped, it was so cold.

No. 120113

No. 120126

I’m learning more about horses from a thread on lolcow about a weird cosplayer than I ever have in my life.

God her Elsa expression just looks so strained, she’s really trying to do her eyebrow thing but it just makes her look like she’s in pain.

No. 120141

File: 1605171154893.jpeg (60.05 KB, 360x550, 4720FCC2-C200-4A14-B5C6-FFC3EF…)

Anon then photo you posted is of a horse with a collapsed crest with a conformation fault due to poor breeding and it’s NOTa fjord— that’s a spanish horse in your picture . Horse I have in this photo is a Fjord with an untrimmed mane.

Stef just needs to invest in some lessons so she can learn how to ride and care for her horses better.

No. 120154

File: 1605176547262.jpg (145.41 KB, 860x1280, 100009100561_196065~2.jpg)

Give me attention!!

No. 120155

File: 1605176601883.jpg (121.81 KB, 715x1194, 107929764_370530~2.jpg)

Right. Sure. Of course.

No. 120180

So this bitch just assumed no one could be nordic? Bitch that's a Näkki, wow people actually exist who know that slimy bitch.

No. 120181

I never meant to imply that it was, just that fallen crests CAN happen when a Fjord mane goes untrimmed for too long. As the horse ages the ligaments and connective tissues in the crest lose elasticity and the weight of the mane can cause it to fall (not the only reason, for the record, also bad breeding, sudden weight loss, obesity, metabolic issues like insulin resistance, or just because it happens.) It’s an inherent risk of any cresty breed. I wanted to show all the non-horse anons how permanently disfiguring (ugly) it looks when it does happen.

It’s not a life-threatening or even performance-threatening condition for that matter, but all Stef cares about is aesthetics and whether it looks like Frozen Horse.

No. 120191

File: 1605195534068.jpeg (312.7 KB, 750x1366, 0DD95AE0-2CDC-4AEC-AC85-1C6D3C…)

What breed of horse is Honeybee? I thought she was a rescue?

No. 120285

She can’t go a day without lying I’m convinced she starts to itch and convulse like an addict in withdrawal

No. 120345

File: 1605278653491.jpg (581.97 KB, 2898x2898, PicsArt_11-13-10.43.46.jpg)

I can't believe we're meant to pretend this is the same face

No. 120401

You should have used her candid profile as a side by side instead anon

No. 120408

File: 1605305829620.jpg (308.76 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20201113-221606_Ins…)


No. 120409

I just came here to post this and ask since when do Canadians say “mum”. She is addicted to pretending to be everything she is not kek.

No. 120412

Is this that weird? I feel like lots of Canadians switch between mom and mum

No. 120415

File: 1605307766128.jpg (323.61 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20201113-224900_Ins…)

No. 120419

Reinventing herself as a Nordic heifer. Great.

No. 120644

File: 1605443349126.jpg (133.39 KB, 510x583, c7de56cc0a3467d61485b517f887ee…)

Why doesn't she use her balloon popping telekinesis to float above the jumps?

No. 120648

File: 1605443961383.png (332.48 KB, 750x1093, image0.png)

No. 120649

File: 1605444087073.png (381.58 KB, 750x1094, c7de56cc0a3467d6.png)

No. 120650

File: 1605444191741.png (398.27 KB, 750x1149, image0 (1).png)

No. 120651

File: 1605444233898.png (173.04 KB, 750x547, image0 (2).png)

No. 120689

omg is this a public group? tell me which one, I'm cackling. Even the horse community knows what's up.

No. 120726

File: 1605471786660.jpeg (213.3 KB, 1113x2000, 8EDF8849-7C6B-483B-BB4D-9FA3FE…)

Poor horse.

No. 120731

Isn't Nanok the one that was rearing constantly and threw a rider at the end of the last thread? Funny how she's leaving out that part of why she's "scared to jump him"

No. 120769

You are correct anon!

Horsefag here but she's scared for two reasons, one she saw (and weirdly video taped) that he threw a rider. She knows that's not the first or last time he'll do it as well. In addition, if she has only ever jumped a pony there is a large size/jump capability. She'd have to adjust her form/two point for bigger jumps which is tough without a mirror or a trainer to say 'hey this is where you're at in the saddle and you need to be here' which is tough if you're not a constant jumper because you only have to go by feel whereas they can sight for you. She's not good enough to do it by herself, and she knows this. Tinfoil here, she may not even be able to get into a two point (the position a rider takes when they jump). She looks like she hasn't had a good workout in 2 years, she may not be strong enough for it, especially on a big horse like that were you really need to have proper positioning which takes a lot of core/length strength. The fact she's scared of trot poles (poles either literally laying on the ground or maybe 1 rung up at most) that is a BAD sign.

TL;DR she shouldn't have bought a horse she knew she couldn't train/handle and her being 'afraid' to jump is her realizing she doesn't know shit and is afraid.

Sage for obvious sperging.

No. 120776


Has she responded to this?

No. 120821

Different horsefag, but the “clears everything with a foot and a half to spare so there’s no point in doing cross rails” is probably bullshit. Horses don’t tend to exert more effort than they have to. Hunter show barns will occasionally string a line of wire three inches over a vertical in order to get the ponies to pick up their feet, and some will still eat the difference and end up with bloody pasterns. (No, it’s not ethical, but that’s not the discussion we’re having here.) He’s a big horse, so he needs to exert more force to get in a decent form, but that’s not “a foot and a half to spare.” If anything he could probably step over anything under 18”. That’s just what it looks like to her because she’s scared; kind of like that cartoon trope where the high dive looks like it’s a mile up from the pool.

It probably feels or felt like he overjumps because like >>120769 said, she’s probably extremely deconditioned. If you get left behind on any jump, it’s going to feel much bigger than it actually is.

Unless he is just bored out of his mind standing around for photoshoots, while she dyes him blue and delicately clips little snowflakes into his coat, and is taking any opportunity he can get to do something fun or challenging for a change. In which case, lol.

No. 120827

File: 1605496592176.jpeg (89.16 KB, 542x429, E6D346AF-DBDF-4734-B8DC-0D64D2…)

Also samefag but how are you going to call yourself this lifelong equestrian and you can’t even do trot poles? You’re damn right that’s embarrassing Stef.

No. 120865

her comments about Nanok's jumping sounded like such bullshit. Thanks for replying. When that rider tumbled off of him, he sure did not clear that bar with feet to spare. He clipped it.

No. 120871

wasn't there also a video where we could her Nanok hit a pole when he jumped? Maybe I'm not remembering it correctly but that doesn't sound easy breezy for the horse

No. 120875

>>117735 is a still image of the video posted here >>117900

Looks like the horses legs hit the bar.

No. 120904

File: 1605532853058.jpeg (418.89 KB, 750x1062, B9FBA10F-0E44-412A-A6BB-DC69C2…)

This was what the comment was referencing. She lied in the same thread

No. 120919

Anyone else noticed she has a weird habit of shutting down advice?

>hey I have this problem, can you help me?

>people offer her solutions
>"oh that wouldn't work, I tried that already, well you see, the thing is…"

like jfc, why did you ask if you're just going to reject everything that's said? it's so obvious she just wants attention and pretends she's asking for help instead

No. 120924

File: 1605540154478.jpg (74.05 KB, 800x534, ed729ec5-fa40-4cb5-a886-8618b0…)

Most of the people at her show didn't wear costumes. It really was her and a bunch of kids or people wearing goofy costumes.

Anyway, I found some professional pictures. Enjoy the side shot.

The gallery is here. delete the double spaces.
.zenfolio .com/ p525589658

No. 120925

File: 1605540222738.jpg (105.84 KB, 800x534, 080311ba-1adb-4e06-a1d8-7c04c2…)

another favorite shot (granted most people would look bad in this position)

No. 120926

File: 1605540269526.jpg (107.14 KB, 800x534, 069dd99b-0cf5-4d9c-9e30-5899f0…)

our ice queen from the front

No. 120929

File: 1605541181325.png (1.45 MB, 1385x862, reality.png)

She actually doesn't look that different in her shoops, just a lot shorter which is odd.

No. 120932

you're joking, right? I mean sure, she looks like an Elsa cosplayer. But the waist, that ass, she slimmed her face and everything else

No. 120937


This one is so good, love the addition of a not very convincing Anna cosplayer holding an Olaf stuffie, while the patchily stained blue horse continues to contemplate the purpose of life, as he does in every picture.

>plz mom I just want to eat grass in a field

No. 120940

I've been ruined by the photoshoppers thread to consider this only mild shoop, since it still exists within the realms of reality. I'm thinking she stretches every picture, since the heights don't line up at all though I tried to do so.

No. 120941

Still photos of the horse jumping in the show can be found here. Remove the double spaces.

teresamaefinnerty .zenfolio .com/

I don't know anything about jumping horses so I will leave the comments to those who do

No. 120942

File: 1605541897229.jpg (103.02 KB, 800x534, 539c8b76-f52e-47e5-affb-e359a7…)

Her white blond extensions

No. 120943

File: 1605542028511.jpg (95.71 KB, 800x534, ba09721e-e9b2-4208-9281-2c3f7c…)

have a second one

No. 120948

she looks shorter because her posture is fucking awful. she’s walking around like a hunchbacked troll.

No. 120953

File: 1605549607629.png (13 KB, 83x62, let it mooolddd.png)

WTF is wrong with her teeth?!

No. 120954

File: 1605549792369.png (341.76 KB, 533x789, horsetrainer.png)

Getting another horse even though one of your current horses rears, can't trailer and you're afraid to trot over poles

No. 120955

File: 1605550403796.jpg (21.75 KB, 211x254, isnanokok.jpg)

Samefag but Nanok's face in this thumbnail says everything.

No. 120956

Does Nanok look healthy? I don’t know anything about horses, but he has such a sweet face and I just want him to be okay.

No. 120958

Holyshit my sides are in orbit. Pretty sure she used google translate, because it reads (poorly) that she is "going to set a price for that" instead of saying that she "appreciates it".

No. 120963

I love how she just calls whichever horse is her current favourite her "heart horse". First it was finn, then her mums that died, now it's nannok 🙄

No. 120964

I am fucking screaming, I first thought she was talking about actual price

No. 120966

Anon she’s fat

No. 120971

File: 1605556414767.jpg (18.18 KB, 218x266, 1605541897229~2.jpg)

Her hair is a fucking tragedy.

No. 120974


Horsefag from earlier up in the thread, but >>120821 is right in that she is 100% behind the motion and that's, rightfully, scaring her. Looking at these pictures puts just into perspective how large she is. She is definitely not in shape enough to be jumping/riding full time let alone such a big horse. Her posture in the one picture shows just HOW incredibly out of shape she is. I think she can not physically get into two point which is why someone else is jumping her horse. She knows she's too out of shape for it, hell she watched someone in decent shape fall because they lost focus fell behind enough which caused them to fall.


She's slouched, her shoulders need to be back more. This is pushing her hips forward, which is pushing her legs out farther. Her ankle looks ok, but that's the only thing in any kind decent form. Basically, in riding there is the plum line which tl;dr you should be able to draw a straight line from your shoulder to your knee to your ankle to make sure you have proper posture. Stef's is completely off, likely because she lacks the core/muscle strength to do so.

Jesus fucking christ Stef, get a trainer for your horse and your own fat ass before someone else gets hurt.

No. 120980

Wut, that does mean "I appreciate it" though. It's not wrong, it's just kinda weird.

No. 120987

That horse looks like it's fed up with her shit.

No. 120992

The people there 100% thought she was special needs

No. 121031

Questions for horsefags:

Is human weight a big issue in horseback riding - or is it taboo? If a fat person rides a horse, is it considered animal abuse? Why doesn't Stef just ride a big horse and stop crushing regular horses? If a Budweiser horse can drag a carriage full of beer kegs, I'm guessing it could withstand Stef's fat ass.

No. 121032

horses can only carry 20% their own bodyweight on their backs.

No. 121038


Typically, if you want to be very competitive and one of the best you have to naturally be smaller. Think popular races like the Kentucky derby, all of the jockeys are pretty small.

Weight plays a part if you're competitive, hence why you never see large riders, the smaller you are the less weight on the horse. I have never seen anyone Stef's side jump, I knew people that weren't small but not that large. Part of what makes me think he can't two point is that her gut is going to get in the way because you have to compress your body. It's not taboo per say, but I can't imagine many people will take her seriously as it's obvious she's not a rider with her so overweight. Will anyone say anything to her? Unlikely, unless she was at a well known or competitive barn. But trainers may not want to work with her, or may put her on a regime so she slims down as your weight will hinder your riding capabilities. Especially at her size.

Riders have to be in excellent shape as you are literally engaging every muscle of your body when you ride, even when you're just sitting on your horse you need to be correctly positioned in case they startle. Stef is a lump of dough, and clearly does not have the stamina to ride or even just sit correctly.

Is it animal abuse? Not at this point, and if I remember correctly, it's her parents barn so there is no one to report her even if it was.

No. 121042


also to include, you can see her calves are also too big and prevent her from wearing the correct foot gear. English tack utilizes tall boots, the purpose of which is because you need leather on leather to help grip should your foot fall out of the stirrup or just for general riding. Those boots should go up over her entire calf and end a few inches below her knee. You can see in >>120925 her calves are too fat and the boots cannot fit over them.

No. 121058

File: 1605584125480.png (1.03 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20201116-213432.png)

Is she planning to cosplay Princess Diana?
( Is this princess Di? )

No. 121071

It's the dramatized version of Princess Di from the new season of The Crown.

No. 121078


Perfect. Fake british accent round two.

No. 121084

she’s going to conveniently get into a car wreck

No. 121100

>t. she’s just like me!!1

No. 121105

I can't wait to hear how she's somehow secretly been a royal this whole time, or some other absolutely ridiculous lie.

No. 121108

she gonna pretend to get into fender-bender (because you KNOW she can't drive) and blame it on her stalkers from lolcow forcing her to drive dangerously to get away~~

No. 121129

Echoing other anon’s sentiment of 20% the horse’s weight. It’s not taboo or fatphobic or anything like that, no more than clothes sizes are. Men ride horses too, and they’re generally taller and heavier. There’s a debate on whether horseback riding is ethical at all, but I wouldn’t necessarily consider it animal abuse if she were to ride a horse she were too heavy for once or twice for 30 minutes at a time. The horse would fatigue quicker and there’s potential for strain in the muscles/ligaments in their back, but it’s unlikely its legs would snap or anything permanently disfiguring like that.

There’s a lot of reasons why she won’t buy a horse to suit her and I was going to type them all out, but I think at the end of the day what it boils down to is budget. She’s trying to collect horses like Pokémon cards for some reason, and they always need to be under her budget of $2500. You just won’t find the sort of athletic, capable, trained, sane show horse she needs for that much. She’s buying people’s throwaway ponies instead of investing in one solid horse. As to why she does that? I don’t know. She’s not too bright.

No. 121130

I didn’t even notice that. Are those even riding boots? They’re too tall to be paddock boots but I’ve literally never seen mid-calf tall boots before.

No. 121137

same anon as the comment you're referring too and I honestly don't know either? The more I look at it the more confused I get because the look zipped up, but if they're zipped up why are they not over her calf?

Part of me wonders if they even make boots for someone with calves her size. There's no way those are tall boots, even if you stretched the leather they wouldn't have that much give.

No. 121144

If she actually cared to, she could get the leather stretched as well as have a gusset installed alongside the zipper (my sister had weirdly large calves I guess, which is how I know that's actually an option) but that costs money and would require her to actually have some semblance of knowledge. But we all know Stef only spends money on garbage, cosplays, and new horses.

No. 121213

I’m literally mystified she would own a tailored shadbelly >>118526 and not proper field boots (at least.) Maybe it’s different for dressage, but for hunter it’s wildly inappropriate to wear a shadbelly at her “show” level and these coats cost a hell of a lot more than boots do, even as hand-me-downs. At least a good pair of boots is practical.

No. 121236

File: 1605721047136.jpeg (444.07 KB, 828x1443, E466C508-BF9D-4C8C-8C46-B0CD80…)

It just feels so ethically wrong to take such majestic creatures and cover them in stickers, airbrush, decals, and stupid shavings like a child with a toy.

No. 121247

She just sees them as giant My Little Ponies despite them clearly Not Having A Good Time in her photos and videos.

I'm sure the million views she got for throwing literal glitter on her horse on TikTok probably fuelled the madness even more.

No. 121268

This isn’t in defense of how she’s treating her animals, but that’s how a lot of people treat dogs. I think there’s a line that shouldn’t be crossed but that’s a whole discussion for a whole other side of the internet.

No. 121275

File: 1605741053828.jpeg (448.23 KB, 828x887, 41E7DB15-D2F4-40A7-AC0B-1D5FE8…)

Is horse in picrel Finn? It’s from May, before she got Nanok. She’s paying upwards of $200 per session to have these photographers come out and shoot her horses for no other reason than… “look at me, I have horses.” At least three times in the past six months (during a pandemic???) if picrel is in fact Finn.

No. 121360

When you look at the photos in >>120924, she doesn't even wear that jacket for the dressage she competed in, so my tinfoil is it's someone else's jacket she 'borrowed' for those photos.

No. 121406

I don’t see it as similar at all. You don’t ride dogs.

No. 121445

File: 1605833985706.png (2.86 MB, 750x1334, 1CA2D2CD-6C15-475A-B6DA-65D33B…)

new face

No. 121446


I'm cackling, the more I look the more wonky it looks.

No. 121459

Jesus did she just paint on top of her face with the brush tool?

No. 121461

File: 1605836835851.png (1.75 MB, 1080x1308, Screenshot_20201120-024604.png)

Stef does. Didn't you know she's a wee smol bean?

No. 121463

File: 1605838044065.jpeg (506 KB, 750x1329, 874D5467-95A5-4739-A55F-65EAAD…)

Oh boy, she sure fucking peaked alright…

Also her singing is abhorrent, it made my ears fucking bleed.

No. 121466

video for reference https://streamable.com/rqcyl4
she really thinks she’s something kek

No. 121475

Are we sure she isn’t…. like short bus? I don’t know how I feel ethically making fun of someone retarded.

No. 121523

i get so much second hand embarrassment from her. I see what she's trying to do but she misses the mark by so far.

No. 121526

File: 1605869874427.gif (2.04 MB, 513x958, GIF-201120_185531.gif)

Her attempt at being giggly and "cute". So unnatural.

No. 121532

Did, did she edit her tiktok name to be Weiss? I think her next skinwalking is going to be with Weiss Schnee..

No. 121542


Yes. I'm sure she will be going full Weiss.

I've never watched the show. Is this another of those cringey attempts at pulling the same faces as cartoon characters?

No. 121543

File: 1605880985335.gif (2.41 MB, 436x818, GIF-201120_220133.gif)

Sorry, forgot to attach gif

No. 121553

anon… it’s been weiss.schnee for months now. don’t you remember last thread where she even scratched her own eye to make it look like the character?

No. 121564

it looks like she's wiping her nose and flicking the booger.

No. 121569

The dinky snowflake christmas ornament tacked on to the wall next to that janky little door

No. 121579

I can‘t put my finger on what‘s wrong with that picture appart from - obviously - everything.
I‘ve never seen someone with so much eye make up look so god damn tired. Maybe it is because she barely has exelashes? Did she just photoshop the make up ontop of her entire face? And if she did, how did she do such a bad job at hiding/shopping blemishes? Her eye irks me so much and I am getting more and more confused the longer I look at it.

No. 121580

File: 1605901289612.png (455.72 KB, 750x1334, 7F9F2FCC-71C4-4344-86F7-914E73…)

how tf is her ratty bird’s nest of damaged hair past her shoulders??

No. 121583

See >>120971, it’s not. Maybe some chunks are, but certainly not in an even or symmetrical or… good way. I honestly don’t know how it would be salvageable, short of buzzing her head.

No. 121589

File: 1605905654959.png (1.71 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20201120-144359.png)

She removed her extensions to reveal her mane of textured pubic hair. I can only imagine how much worse this looks without the heavy editing and filters.

How long before she reaches for another bottle of bleach and tones her hair grey to match her newest skinwalking obsession is anyone's guess.

No. 121591

Probably the fact that she’s like, 27 years old.

No. 121599

File: 1605909206924.png (1.71 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20201120-152925.png)

Leave the goddamn pony alone. Let the poor thing live out it's life without being forced into cosplays and your massive ass straining its small frame.

She's a 27 year old child begging for ponies. I hope her parents donate their estate and money to charities forcing this parasite to fend for herself.

No. 121605


She looks like she's having a stroke.

Stef, instead of practicing "cartoon" faces, you should focus on getting a "cartoon" body with some exercise and a diet, you horse crushing psycho.

No. 121614

wtf is she talking like a spazz?

No. 121619

isn't this her rey face?

No. 121625

Didn’t she say money wasn’t an issue and so on? Why beg now?

No. 121659

Her next story was emphasizing how she was ~juuust kidding guiz~ which is pathetic. You weren’t kidding. Nobody with half a brain throws out a casual beg as a “joke”.

No. 121663


bitch looks like some flabby 'girlboss' beachbody (a fitness mlm) rep desperately trying to convince everyone that she's living the high life and totally fit now u guys

No. 121669


She lives for handouts.
Just like that birthday amazon wishlist no one fucking asked for and is still up despite the fact her birthday is over.

No. 121701

File: 1605939434937.jpeg (128.03 KB, 750x1314, 57D33A45-C860-4480-AFD1-190F07…)


Make sure to include photos lmao.

No. 121723

She looks so fucking worn out, her body is giving up on this skinwalking before she is.

No. 121747

File: 1605972520544.jpeg (190.64 KB, 1536x2048, E1574C1B-44B6-46EF-AA81-A60705…)

She looks like another cow who made an onlyfans recently.

No. 121756

Idk what haggard ass 27 year olds you've been hanging around with but that is not typical.

No. 121780

Caucasian 27 year olds, yes they do.

Confirmed for window licker

No. 121787

I‘d say that no 27 year old looks this worn out, but then again, this is Stef we‘re talking about. She probably doesn‘t take care of herself at all.

No. 121806

def not. Most of my friends do yoga or hit the gym daily after work and eat well for physical and mental health. You don't really hear of such exploits from her

No. 121817

File: 1606008466145.jpeg (425.97 KB, 1800x1156, 7614DD0D-791D-4324-BF66-D23F1D…)

Her stories are getting progressively worse and worse.

No. 121851

She spends SO much on all this useless crap but won’t go get an Olaplex treatment for this? Despite there being no way of saving that damaged hair (She wears so many wigs she might as well shave it off) but damn at least try.

NGL though this is my favourite face of hers so far despite the cringe tiktoks.

No. 121855

Are you from PULL? Because they're the only retards that think everyone over 23 automatically gets wrinkles and breaks down.

No. 122005


What's PULL? I keep meaning to ask

No. 122008

“Pretty Ugly Little Liar”, it’s a forum

No. 122030

>aRe YoU fRoM PULL
You know it’s fine to hate her because she’s insufferable but she has a normal amount of eye bags for a 27 year old white Canadian woman, it’s not something super special only to her. I’m nearly her age, you don’t see me getting on the offense when someone points out that a lot of 27 year olds look tired. It really isn’t a big deal you’re trying to make it.

No. 122031

She doesn’t look good but I don’t get this ageing thing? I’d guess she’s in her 20s…

No. 122037

miachan saga when?

No. 122069

File: 1606114739928.webm (1.12 MB, 720x1280, preferablyellie_2020.11.23_j2j…)

>Size medium

No. 122076

That's a sturdy lass. Perhaps she should consider a Percheron instead of a pony.

No. 122151

File: 1606138485695.gif (808.18 KB, 500x961, GIF-201123_213307.gif)

Surprised she let people see this

No. 122159

Tard escaped the pen everybody

No. 122231

Probably over the moon that someone else posted about her for once

No. 122236

My sides anon!

No. 122242

Heavily underrated post, holy kek

No. 122249

>Jethro Tull in the background intensifies

No. 122283

File: 1606189962708.jpeg (395.72 KB, 750x1299, 3949C81F-8DBE-4DF0-87B7-86B020…)

Stefany is about to buy a stallion!

>inb4 Honeybee gets knocked up by the stallion

No. 122284

File: 1606189993692.jpeg (652.53 KB, 2048x1536, 8CCE9D2D-88D8-4A22-BB56-2A7471…)

No. 122285

File: 1606190085312.jpeg (113.82 KB, 750x501, 3D07E387-3818-48EA-814F-638CBB…)

No. 122286

File: 1606190133144.jpeg (328.52 KB, 750x967, FA4D812C-3577-42C9-933A-089E26…)

No. 122287

Hey horse spergs, does this look like swayback to you?

No. 122288

Horse sperg here.
That is not swayback. He just lacks muscle in his top line which is why there’s such a slope between his withers and his back.

He’s “racing fit” which is a different muscle build compared to horses who are “show fit”. He looks wonky, but if he ended up with the right person (not this cow) then he’d look a lot better.

No. 122289

Samefag here. I’m not 100% sure if this should be saged or not, so sorry if it should be.

But it doesn’t surprise me that Stef went for an OTTB. In my state they go for $1k-$2k USD once they stop earning money. They’re right in her price range and they’re an easy grab. The issue is that Stef doesn’t know what the fuck she’s doing with horses.

OTTB’s personality’s vary wildly but they are not something to collect as props. They require lots and lots of work when it comes to retraining to be a competition or even hobby horse. Most of them aren’t build the best and 90% have shit feet. So whatever she spends on getting his “trouble puffs” removed isn’t even close to what she’d be spending regarding training and mannerisms since we know she can’t so shit herself.

I can’t wait to see which horse she gets rid of to get this one. How long until she comes up with a horrible excuse on why she got rid of him, too?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 122312

Bit harsh to redtext this post, lots of anons have said they're interested in learning about horses.

No. 122323

lmao why was this redtexted? jfc the state of this website.

No. 122329

it is redtexted because the poster filled in their real email address, hence the redtexting with a link to the rules

No. 122471

loving the info from horseanons, i was wondering about a lot of this stuff. so she’s saying she doesn’t jump the white horse at all—even things that are laying on the ground? if she knows the horse rears why is she letting other people ride it? was the person who got thrown trying to train him?

No. 122508

I just recently started following this cow and couldn’t find the answer from skimming through the past threads:
Who takes care of the horses? I’m not an expert but I know that horses are extremely high maintenance pets.

No. 122523

File: 1606392791390.jpg (643.71 KB, 1079x1882, IMG_20201126_201248.jpg)

No. 122532

She has no business owning a stallion or a Thoroughbred racehorse straight off the track without any let down or retraining. This is absolutely the worst decision she has ever made. Unless she has real professional outside help, she is in a very dangerous situation. If she throws some random rider she met on Facebook up on this horse they will get seriously hurt unless they have have experience with OTTBs (off track thoroughbreds) and stallions.

Race riding is very different than any other recreational riding, some examples: taking up contact with reins means go, holding back tighter means go faster, they aren't used to the riders leg being wrapped around them and cues from the seat and leg, jockeys hold the whip straight out sideways at horses shoulder and wave it up and down to move the horse over (if they see you hold your whip straight out they will be taking off sideways and you won't know why). These are just a few examples. Racehorses typically have very little experience outside of track life and race riding, they always have to be let down and retrained. When they come of track they are super fit and coming down from a high octane diet that makes them hot (excited and full of adrenaline). Also, her fat ass would probably be the heaviest rider this horse has ever carried.

He is a stallion so she will have to keep him by himself away from her 'herd', if she takes him places she will have to know how handle him safely around other horses. Sometimes stallions can live with geldings but not always, definitely not when there are mares on property. Some stallions have better temperments than others but they can get aggressive around mares, geldings and of course other stallions. Depends on their mood and what hormones are floating around that day. Stallions take no shit and will outright attack you if they aren't well trained and you aren't a good handler. This horse needs to be gelded.

No. 122540

If this dumbass is afraid of her white horse, she has absolutely 0 business owning a stallion.

I don't understand why she doesn't spend money on lessons. She clearly has no idea what she's doing when it comes to a "troubled" horse (IE: the white horse rearing up), so what the fuck is she going to do when this stallion gets a whiff of a mare? It makes me mad that she is buying horses just because, realizing that they aren't her "destined perfect hearthorse", and then just buying another one to see if that shoe fits. I don't care that she's endangering herself, she's a dumbfuck, but unfortunately, she's endangering her horses, other's horses, and other riders with her poor choices.

No. 122541

Does she even have the paddocks to accommodate a stallion? Honeybee’s going to go into heat the moment he steps off the trailer and if they’re in adjacent paddocks he’s going to jump the fence. I know she wants a foal but anyone with half a brain and an ounce of horse sense isn’t going to buy her “lol oopsie!” when that mare gets pregnant.

No. 122542

She larps as a more experienced equestrian than she is depending on which FB groups she's posting in or what social media account she's on. I'd like to see her post about her new ottb stallion in the same group she posted about being afraid to walk her horse over a training pole.

The shadbelly coat was a dead give away of her accomplished equestrian larp. You don't wear a shadbelly in dressage until you've reached the cusp of international levels of competition. Sometimes an accomplished rider will wear one at lower levels if they are bringing up a young horse, but they've earned it.

No. 122543

Honestly, tinfoil, but her friend probably insisted on jumping. A lot of experienced riders have a mindset of their ability to ride any horse and not let a difficult horse get the better of them. “Show them who’s boss” type thing. He’s not a bad jumper; you can see his pics from the show she did where the Anna stand-in rode him. The rider on video just got left behind, and for me at least, if I fall off a horse it’s my own fault. They’re prey animals and they’re kind of dumb, so even the best trained horse in the world has the potential to act in a fatal way if they’re scared. It’s your job as a rider to keep them in line and react accordingly to any stimulus that might put you or your horse in danger. If you fail them in that regard and fall off, you’re kind of the one to blame. Even if they’re deliberately being spiteful little shits, which they will be occasionally. Nanok’s not aggressive though, he’s just reactive.

No. 122576

Oh boy another horse! Wasn't sure struggling with money a couple weeks ago?

No. 122581

When I first read this I thought she was saying he had wind puffs in his legs…she means his balls! Well thank god at least she says she's gelding him. Even though she also posts that it's her dream to own a stallion?

No. 122583

I'm pretty sure she means his legs, what makes you think she's planning on castrating him?

No. 122600

You geld a horse by cutting his balls off. It’s standard practice. Recovery is like a week or two, no anesthesia necessary, and it fixes the huge behavioral problems stallions have; hence “trouble puffs.” It’s the only way to prevent unwanted pregnancies because sterilizing mares is costly, dangerous, and ineffective. She might be fine with a stallion if she never took him anywhere ever and got rid of the mare, but intact male horses are literally insane. Seriously though, castrating/gelding is the number one most common livestock vet procedure.

No. 122613

File: 1606441338091.jpg (682.23 KB, 1079x1855, IMG_20201127_094213.jpg)

And here she is laughing at a child falling off a pony. What a great sign.

No. 122695

She probably said she's going to geld him to save face in that horse group. Horse people would definitely jump on her for keeping him a stallion. It's just not done unless the horse is a breeding prospect, which he clearly isn't or he'd be retiring from the track to a stud farm to make money. It's a liability having a stallion around, but it's also a quality of life issue, stallions having to live separated from other horses in most cases. Gelding is standard.

In her head she may not plan to geld him at all. I could see her concocting a story about how he is the most mild mannered kind stallion, yet another special heart horse, and she just wants one baby by him. But don't worry, the baby is for herself and she will keep it forever. Of course for this story to work she will have to find a perfect heart horse mare for him to breed. Hunnybunch is only a lease so that won't do, unless Hunnybunch's owner is also nuts. Remember she was just talking about ending that lease to by a random fjord pony out of someone's backyard.

But most likely he will scare her and she will go through with gelding him.

No. 122709

Her and her family are struggling so, so much with money (drops a few hundred on shit tier party city cosplays to use once) and never buys herself anything nice (drops a couple thousand on another random horse to neglect) and never treats herself (sits on her ass and stuffs her face and looks at tiktok all day)! What a life she lives, that poor thing!

No. 122716

File: 1606494166982.jpeg (456.27 KB, 750x1361, 9D641E83-1BCC-47DE-9E69-52D0C2…)

Theyre struggling you say?

No. 122719

Jesus fucking christ, she's taking on a huge responsibility with this particular horse, and this ignorant bitch's priority is having a nameplate engraved and it's 'super time sensitive' wtf.

Ofc he has to have show name right away too. The important things.

She buys actual horses like she's playing Star Stable.

No. 122765

File: 1606508226386.png (3.07 MB, 750x1334, BB7D7A34-8B6A-4C33-809C-6E7A3A…)

No. 122776

Tinfoil, but Stef's parents have got to be nuts too. She frames it like it's her buying decision to spontaneously bring home new horses, but in reality there's no way that she's inspecting the animals, exchanging funds, loading the horses and driving a trailer herself. She might be there begging and acting like a spoiled child over "her" new horse, but there's no way she's successfully handling all the logistics. Especially considering that her parents own the barn and are definitely responsible for general upkeep.

People ask "why do her parents allow this" but the most obvious explanation is that they don't see a problem with her behavior because they have similar traits. At the very least, they are enabling her adult baby lifestyle 24/7 so it's hard to imagine that they are any less selfish and sort sighted than she is.

No. 122788

Even bringing him home before getting him castrated is irresponsible. I'm almost willing to bet she'll "accidentally" suddenly have a pregnant horse. Wouldn't be surprised if it was the lease horse either, because clearly she doesn't care and would probably assume Honeybee's owner would be just as psyched on the idea.

No. 122811

Checkmate is one of the fandom ship names for Weiss/Blake in rwby. The larp continues.

Any bets on how long it takes before she glues a bunch of eva foam to its face and uses it as a grimm prop in a shoot?

No. 122872

You’re right. She doesn’t have a job and her parents aren’t wealthy enough for her to say “hey can I have $2500 for another horse I’m too fat to ride? Oh and also this one’s a OTTB stallion uwu” and they just hand it to her every month.

She goes through horses so quickly. Six months ago she had an unnamed Friesian that was never seen again. Then there was Admiral, Kylo, Nym, Cullen, Poseidon, and how many other unnamed horses through the revolving (stall) door. I’d wager some of them are boarders/lesson horses and she’s pretending they’re hers. Especially with the way you get posts about “I can’t imagine my life without -horse du jour-“ and then you never see them again, no explanation.

No. 122933

She’s been turning him out in the paddock with Nanok and gushing about how Nanok’s ‘finally getting a taste of his own medicine’ with how the stallion is apparently aggravating him (didn’t realise sniffing/normal horse greetings were annoying but ok).

How long until we see a go fund me for a hefty vet bill because either Nanok gets pissed off/defensive and lashes out or vice versa? My moneys on the bay doing something aggressive, but I’ve seen geldings bite back more than once.

No. 122946

screenshots or links?

No. 122984

It’s videos on her story.

I’ve never owned a stallion before (because I’m not retarded) but just throwing him out with Nanok an hour after you get him seems asinine. His body language was weird, similar to courtship behaviors (high neck and nipping) which may be why she called them “the lovers.” A stallion that’s so sexually frustrated by the presence of your paddock potato mare that he’s flirting with your gelding is not exactly cute or funny, Stef. Miss “can’t afford to euthanize my heart horse” is in for a real unhappy surprise when Weiss-horse tries to mount Frozen-horse and they beat each other within an inch of their lives.

No. 122988

Between the months of corrective shoeing to fix those horrendous track angles, the near certainty of the horse having ulcers from the track, the gelding costs, and any fighting wounds, that family is going to regret that horse.

Also, how TF was that thing still intact on the track? Pulled his Equibase and he had a serious case of the slows plus a pedigree with nothing stellar til you get to the back line (good luck with the double Storm Cat).

No. 122999

As much as I appreciate the equestrian knowledge, you gotta remember that a lot of farmers don't know wtf you're talking about with super niche terms. Potato mare, the stallion's pedigree, and what the corrective shoeing means exactly.v

No. 123014

Race track trims favor a low heel and long toe. They think it makes horses faster, but it is a nightmare for their joints. Like if you walked on tip toe everywhere. Rebalancing the foot takes months and months.

Storm Cat is a stallion known for having fussy offspring. They don’t tolerate nonsense or bad handling. They’re also often jerks.

No. 123016

Sorry anon, paddock potato is like couch potato, since the mare doesn’t do anything.

Speaking for the other anon, I'm not racehorse-savvy but corrective shoeing in general is the use of horseshoes at certain angles/heights in order to correct poor form. Think of it like orthotics/inserts for humans to help bow-leggedness, poor hip rotation, etc. It’s done gradually and takes a while.

Bloodlines are pretty much if a horse wins money racing, they get bred. If they don't win, they get gelded. It’s kind of dumb because there’s no guarantee a “fast” gene even exists, much less will be passed on, but to put it in perspective you wouldn’t breed a dog you got from the pound.

No. 123064

It's very odd, he is a stallion. He debuted as a 4 year old, which is late, and it was a claiming race. A claiming race is for lisenced racehorse owners to stake claims on horses before the race to buy them, a bit of a gamble, and an easy way for an owner to get rid of a horse. He came in 9th. It was is only race. He's 5 now.

For those who don't know, it's easy to publically search a racehorse's history via equibase. One of the photos Stef likes to post of him comes from AllBreedPedigree too lol.

The oddest thing is why is he stallion? He really shouldn't be.

I don't think anyone here really cares much about dissecting this horses history, the horse sperging has been getting pretty heavy, but it's pretty odd. It's like he was set up to fail and end up in this cows clutches, because…

While there are several nice things about this horse imo, I'm sure none of those things are anything Stef cares about or recognizes. To her he'd be a plain brown horse. Not a very special prop. She obviously doesn't give a shit about him being an OTTB and those challenges either. What attracted her to him?

It's that he's a stallion. She got an oddball chance to obtain one, god knows why, and now she has a potential baby maker. So much for getting rid of those 'trouble puffs'. It's her dream to own a stallion uwu.

If he weren't a stallion she wouldn't look twice at him. If he's even her's and not some boarder staying on her parents property and this is all several layers of larping.

No. 123069

Is there a reason (aside from quick cash) why his previous owner would be willing to sell it to Stef without vetting her? Considering how often Stef buys/loans horses and posts in horse groups, I'd think the local community would have taken notice of her behavior and blacklisted her by now.

No. 123078

>She buys actual horses like she's playing Star Stable.
Anon I love you.

No. 123088

File: 1606607551970.jpeg (581.36 KB, 750x1019, CF12C3C4-6ACC-422F-8A71-FF9E1B…)

Nanok Rook ship when?

No. 123117

File: 1606617563664.jpeg (244.77 KB, 824x1313, F941B7D7-CE84-4B77-95E5-6F1639…)


It’s 100% that he’s a stallion. She posted an ISO that said no OTTBs not even 3 wks ago.

No. 123123

None that I can think of. Stallions are usually assets that aren't sold to just anyone and not cheap (unless they are un-handled, backyard-bred messes). If his owner didn't consider him worth breeding themselves and they wern't selling him for breeding prospect prices, they would have gelded him -if anything to protect their own profits and assets as breeders, and of course ethics too (over breeding 'low quality' animals).

It actually lowers a horses value if he is not a gelding and he should be. A gelding appeals way more to a recreational home that wants to retrain him as a regular riding horse.

They may have needed him gone quickly and didn't want to deal with gelding recovery time. Sometimes racehorses are boarded at the track, and sometimes tracks close completely in the off-season due to money- but this year possibly Covid. Thats one possibilty.

Stef and her family may have promised to geld him and his owner was desperate to get rid of him. They could possibly even haggle down a lower price because they have to spend money to geld him.

Why he was never gelded before, idk. His owner would have a tough time if they did want to breed with that abysmal track record.

No. 123131

Just wanna thank the horse anons for adding another layer to this insane onion, greatly appreciating the input you guys provide

No. 123132

File: 1606628448903.jpg (347.72 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20201129-054110_Ins…)

Sorry to derail the horse talk because i love it, but what the utter fuck is this shit

No. 123134

Anyone else find it bizarre she just doesn't find a job where she can do her pretend dress ups all day? Like she could start a small business as a children's party entertainer. It's just so embarrassing as purely a hobby

No. 123136

No she absolutely could not, don’t give her any idea or indication that it would ever take off kek because there’s no way

No. 123140

File: 1606636375574.jpg (168.56 KB, 800x1510, matronlyelsa.jpg)


Even event entertainers have standards. Clients want their talent to embody some semblance of their character. Imagine hiring Stef based on her highly edited videos/photos for a children's Frozen themed birthday party and this potatoe arrived?

There's no reason for such cruelty towards children.

No. 123148

File: 1606639404722.png (157.36 KB, 563x843, Cassandra_Moonstone.png)

it's Cassandra from the Tangled Tv show

No. 123156

File: 1606643904088.jpg (430.94 KB, 2898x2898, PicsArt_11-29-05.58.30.jpg)

This is rich

No. 123158

Change your hair forty times, change your eye color, change your nose, change your chin, change your waist, change your ass, change your jawbone, change your eyebrows, change your accent, change your nationality, change your socioeconomic status, change your ability to perform magic… Fine.
You darkened your skin? YOU MONSTER

No. 123159

this is a beautiful horse. i really hope she doesn't injure him or use him as a prop, but i will not be surprised.

No. 123275

Honestly the most surprising part of this rant is that she didn't pretend to be native herself. That's almost progress.

No. 123291


Nah, it's her one moment of self-preservation–Indigenous peeps, esp women would rip her to shreds if they somehow figured out she was larping native

No. 123301

Thank you for the kek

No. 123336

she also hates the non-white genes she got from her dad. she'd never try to embrace anything other than the Aryan blood she claims runs through her veins. She'd probably have some nice, healthy hair if she stopped bleaching it and torturing it to look like uwu elsa/weiss

No. 123344

Wh—since when is her dad not white? She is pure 100% Caucasian from the Caucasus mountains.

No. 123349

her dad is puerto rican and for some reason she refuses to accept/admit it like she's ashamed or something

No. 123359

It's very reckless. Horse introductions shouldn't be rushed in general as they can turn nasty fast. She still isn't necessarily in the clear just because it supposedly went alright this first time, especially given one is a stallion. It makes me wonder if Honeybee is still on the property.

When it comes to horses, anything is possible. There are countless little variables and exceptions to horsekeeping rules. But, if you are the type of person who constantly bends rules or disregards safety measures, it is certain that one day you will face the full consequences and wish you could take it back.

This is implying she does know better and isn't completely ignorant.

No. 123374

No I take it back, it's not just reckless. She doesn't even know this stallion. She threw her horse out with him after they sniffed a bit over the stall door. They were cearly snorting and squealing judging by that stiff, arched neck posture in that photo of them in their stalls. She is an asshole. Good on those horses for keeping their cool.

No. 123375

Since birth, anon. Come on, it‘s been discussed more than once in this threads.

No. 123388

It's pretty sad because her dad clearly works hard to pay the bills and provide for his family. (Maybe her mom also works, but I can't find anything about what she does.) I checked up on her dad and I think he's involved with a new company while still doing charity projects abroad.

She is very hot and cold with regard to him, it depends whether she is skinwalking someone who has a good daddy figure or not. It's hilarious that she said he didn't use social media when he definitely does.

She also doesn't know how to understand her DNA results and was insinuating her dad wasn't her dad because she only has some small percentage of dominican heritage in her results. But people from the dominican republic have a blend of genes. Only people with indigenous ancestors will show up as dominican and even that is pretty new.

Anyway she just claims now to be pure scandi snow queen. Even her scottish ancestors were actually vikings, didn't you know?

No. 123394

Her biological father? Doubt

No. 123400

File: 1606752544042.jpeg (386.47 KB, 1536x2048, 00C610DD-821D-4BE0-A2D6-B1D0A1…)

But they love eachother anon

No. 123401

he's dominican, stop being retarded.

No. 123402

you can clearly tell by her hair texture alone that she's mixed. don't be retarded

No. 123419

what makes me sad is (I think 2 threads ago?) she took a dna test and HARASSED her mom about how her results showed she was norwegian and was pushing her to say she was adopted/cheated on her husband so she could say she was ACTAULLY norwegian. It was so sad to see, some people don't even have dads and she's sitting there shitting on her dad because he's not the ethnicity she wishes she was.

She's literally insane.

No. 123421

Wow, just like PT

No. 123451

posts about her 23andme sperging for other anons interested

heres the post where she says shes mixed/that her dad is from DR
(how did i mess this post up 3 times holy fuck sorry)

No. 123454

Bless you for doing the legwork, anon

No. 123473

So we’ve never seen her dad? He could literally be European with like 1/4th Dominican.

No. 123477

it's possible, but her hair texture doesn't lie. i believe she's at least 25%

No. 123480

Her hair texture is desiccated.

No. 123495

not posting caps because i'm not trying to get banned but if you look hard enough you can find her dad's facebook page and he is very dominican lol

No. 123504

His social media is mostly written in Spanish and he's brown, anon. Furthermore, Stef, her brother, and her father have the same body shape. It's undeniable that they are related.

Imagine having a kid who pretends to be a long-lost lily-white Viking princess whose soul speaks fluent Norwegian. Meanwhile she tries to purge her blood of your undesirable genes by insinuating her mum slept with a Nordic god. She can't be bothered to learn how to communicate with Spanish-speaking relatives in the DR, or the relatives on her mom's side of the family, many of whom speak another European language.

Nope. Our queen's heart only knows how to kuln.

No. 123514


She shows her father in a tik tok video. He's not white.

No. 123552

File: 1606795154421.png (2.58 MB, 828x1792, A79FDBF5-AF93-4075-B357-13B806…)

No. 123553

File: 1606795180403.png (466.33 KB, 828x1792, D18D8E30-424A-4CD5-A889-0861B8…)

No. 123554

File: 1606795281881.jpeg (88.39 KB, 659x228, 03EEA924-282F-4011-B895-186071…)

Here’s more “I’m 100% not my father’s daughter”

No. 123555

She has called herself "white passing" once before. I think it was the only time she's ever referred to herself that way. It was in some rant about cosplaying Native characters just like this one too. I think it was in the last thread.

No. 123576

He looks like a white Spaniard, your point? Also why is her voice like that, she sounds developmentally disabled.

No. 123581

It was a bitch move for her to include this girl's username in the screengrabs, she knows that this girl will probably be harassed to hell and back. I would be surprised if she did this because she's jealous of that girl, she's gorgeous and is a natural posing with that horse.

No. 123594

Calling out a polish chick with less than 700 follows, yeah her insecurity definitely isn't showing.

No. 123598

one is ultra warm, autumnal lighting and editing, and one is regular cool toned lighting with an entirely different vibe and feel. it's what photographers do, but she wouldn't know that. the woman doesn't look any different racially, just seems like she wanted a specific all over tone. people on ig do this all the time. white girls wear fake tan deeper than that lol it's a non issue, and she's blatantly bitter because horses are "her thing" in her dumb little brain and somebody did it better

steph has some balls to accuse people of shit when she literally shooped daisy ridley's face onto hers and put on an insultingly bad english accent for like a year. on top of everything else she's claimed and is continuing to claim. it just happens that she becomes obsessed with pale european, or anime people, because you know she'd be talking about how naturally dark she is and how drawn to the sea she is if she liked moana instead of elsa

No. 123602

File: 1606832735469.jpeg (448.59 KB, 828x1453, 4AD09109-B08A-4B2A-823C-D54668…)

No screen name because I use a third party app to view her stories but Christ let’s add chess to the endless pile of stolen personality traits she’s amassing and pretending she was born with

No. 123603

Who's gonna tell her that in Europe tanning isn't racist?

No. 123623

Is she pretending to like chess now just because checkmate is the name of a RWBY ship?

I looked up Weiss, she doesn't play chess, but chess seems like a popular motif in the fandom for whatever reason. Did… did she buy that horse just to name it a chess related name? Is this even real life?

No. 123625

A lot of the autistic girls have temporarily latched on to TQG for some reason, it’ll pass

No. 123636

File: 1606845112935.jpeg (251.03 KB, 827x1277, 0B22A268-8F1A-48A8-9F1E-F58647…)

No. 123638

File: 1606845180691.jpeg (307.06 KB, 827x1294, EBC2E283-FD8C-4B06-AB82-F78096…)

No. 123646

She's just ass chapped bc it's a pretty cosplayer on a horse and that's clearly HER thing and only HER'S.

She's never been one of those to call out skin-painting before.

No. 123647

I can’t upload, but in that cringe string of tiktoks she posted earlier about what Disney princess voice suits her best, she did every princess except Pocahontas. So you can be Mulan, Jasmine, and Moana but not Pocahontas? Bitch

No. 123650

It's an awful image of him anon, if you had like 5th grade google skills, you'd find other pics of him where he looks unquestionably hispanic/dark/brown.

No. 123651


Of course Stef would hide behind a private FB group to harass a beautiful and talented cosplayer.

If it was for educational purposes she would have reached out to her directly instead of blasting the poor girl in a private group.

Good on this girl for calling Stef out. I noticed she mentioned hypocrisy at the end. Makes me think she must be somewhat familiar with Stef's cow antics

No. 123661

I love how in these groups it's usually just frumpy white girls and on a occasion frumpy black girls whining like I've yet to really see any other ethnicity give a flying fuck. Pretty ballsy of Stef to be posting when she knows she has her own threads on all the shit she does. Groups like this would eat her alive if they took to google.

No. 123662

She‘s pretending to like chess because of the show The Queens Gambit, seems to be what a specific character‘s playing a lot.
But she did pick her horse‘s name after a ship in that anime she likes

No. 123663

She's going into Usagikou territory now.

No. 123686

File: 1606867959150.jpeg (58.49 KB, 923x663, 884E23FD-F765-4096-B1F0-706134…)

Damn I checked out her work. She’s extremely talented and beautiful, she’s also done cosplays similar to stefs like Ariel, Frozen etc. This girl was also nice enough to censor stefs name in the response.
Seethe you chonky jealous sociopath lmfaoo

No. 123702

File: 1606874453145.jpg (530.51 KB, 1080x1829, 20201201_210047.jpg)

Her Elsa. Stay pressed, Stef.

No. 123704


I love to see cows called out by unrelated sources.

No. 123710

This is the golden proof that Steph’s jealous because this girl’s not a dump truck Elsa like her.

No. 123715

It's a closet cosplay for sure but miles above Stef's matronly monstrosity. So she just outed herself as looking onto people's pages to see if she can out them on something for being better than her?

No. 123717

I feel like this is a super nitpick. It's fine that she said she's white here.
I'm half mexican but look white like Stef, and saying "I'm white-passing" instead of white to a stranger is cringy AF. I'm glad Stef isnt being "uwu not like the other whites because I'm not really white."
Although hoping that she was an affair child is super sad.

No. 123718

File: 1606882314788.jpg (105.58 KB, 750x1000, flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x1000,f…)


She either found this cosplayer on a mission to be a SJW and joined that FB group ( it shows her as a new member ) or she joined the group then went out to find someone to bully like the sad fuck she is to accumulate asspats.

Either way she could have easily taken the highroad and just messaged the girl privately instead of being the Heat Miser she is.

No. 123731

Does she not realise that skipping pocahontas but still doing the other poc voices still makes her shitty? Like pocahontas isn't the issue here, whiteys cosplaying as poc is

No. 123740

File: 1606897918063.jpeg (577.47 KB, 828x1457, 8EE69480-0056-41D1-8D0D-0A541A…)

Actually the fact that so many girls with aspergers are suddenly temporarily interested in chess because of a shitty netflix show (that they will surely toss aside once they realize it doesn’t give them attention or enrich their lives in any way) is so funny

No. 123783

The whole concept of being in a group to actively find and “expose” people in this manner is top narc cunt behavior. It’s like thinly veiled catty shit using “tanning is racism” as a shield, pathetic.

No. 123810

oh my god imagine being friends with her. i’m sorry but that has to be miserable. i just know it’s constant cringe disney/anime/star wars references followed up by fishing for compliments and asking you if she shooped her nose believably enough

No. 124064


There's a reoccurring theme in her stories and posts.
>I LOVE my friends.

Rarely do these so called friends ever post about her. If you view most of these friends tik tok videos she's mysteriously missing despite the fact they've done numerous videos together.

She's overcompensating for a lack of a true social circle and friends.

No. 124143

File: 1607056169436.png (1.06 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20201203-222426.png)

Less than a month ago she couldn't jump a pole on the ground.

Next year however ..

No. 124146

Who tf is joey and why didn't she mention honeybee

No. 124152

She best be getting riding lessons for herself and a professional trainer for straight off the track 'new boy'- and a vet to geld him. Also she needs to get in shape. Jesus christ she's full of shit.

She may have ended Honeybee's lease, she mentioned thinking about doing so when she was shopping backyard ponies. It's not like she did anything with her anyway.

No. 124154

File: 1607066351191.jpeg (107.44 KB, 828x457, C8A6893C-A497-480A-A8E0-6D6A04…)

Honeybee’s no longer there, apparently.

No. 124162

I think all the horse anons have picked up on this already, but this cow likely can't ride.

My personal tinfoil is that Stef always did like horses and she used to take riding lessons, but she stopped when her parents started buying horses. She stopped taking lessons too soon. This is a super common situation and it's a pity.

What happens is the rider stagnates and loses interest in riding because they only do what they know over and over, or if the parents bought an unsuitable horse that is more difficult to ride than lesson horses they stop riding out of fear.

Anyone who rides regularly would post photos or video.

We never see Stef doing more than posing while standing next to the horses, or sitting on them while the horses stand or walk. Literally the most we have ever seen her do is trot at that Halloween fun show. She had been hyping it up as a big dressage show but then admitted she was only doing a walk/trot intro test. I think her excuse was Nanok's supposed rearing vice.

This is why she has no business with that OTTB stallion and listing all these things she does with these horses is bullshit. Nanok is probably the most suitable horse she has ever had and she still has fear issues with him that she admits.

No. 124166

Nanok is the perfect fit for her because he puts up with her bullshit. A freshly cut off the track race horse won’t

No. 124270

File: 1607127308636.jpg (535.12 KB, 1079x1863, IMG_20201205_081409.jpg)


No. 124500

Pic is her dad, he really isn't white. At least not how Stefakey wants him to be.(do not dox subjects or their family)

No. 124537

File: 1607304163680.jpeg (895.78 KB, 828x1550, DABA6E35-38D9-42EE-B93F-46D169…)

sage for no milk, this was posted 5 days ago

No. 124541

File: 1607307051687.png (1.2 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20201206-230855.png)

The delusion

You have to type sage in the email field

No. 124542

File: 1607309351834.jpeg (36.47 KB, 539x544, A08D833A-0EBA-4012-A3B0-808E4D…)

No. 124552

Yep, no mention of gelding him, my stallion uwu. Hope she at least has found a professional trainer behind scenes, or either she or her friend is going to have a broken back in the hospital saga.

I can't wait for her over confident friend to try to play jockey and 'gallop the racehorse' the absolute biggest no no you can do.

No. 124572

Horse anons, feel free to educate me here, but what kind of “amazing” stuff do they do together anyway?

Looks to me that all she does is take care of them and some photo shoot here and there. She took Nanok to what seemed like the most basic ass competition or whatever.

Just … what is she expecting from that horse except look pretty as a prop? What even is the point of owning that many horses anyway? I don’t get it.

No. 124603

I'm a horse anon, and personally my bet is she can't ride. We've never seen her go faster than a trot. I imagine most of her riding amounts to walking around every once in awhile on a horse shes not afraid of. If she ever took real lessons she stopped to soon and has severely regressed since then. Also she's too out of shape to ride.

That Halloween fun show was just that, a fun show for kids to practice and win cheap ribbons put on by a local stable. It's not run by any offical organization where you can earn points to qualify for bigger events or prize money.

She does nothing with the horses it's pretty clear. Her and her friend give off the same energy as teens who've got access to horses outside of lesson program or stable with rules for first time. They just do a bunch of dumb shit, now dangerous considering she has the OTTB stallion. At least her friend can actually ride, unlike Stef.

As to why her parents buy horses I really don't know. Maybe because it makes Stef happy and maybe they think she is more capable as a rider than she is, who knows. If they've got the money that's their choice. There's nothing wrong with keeping pet horses and not riding them (except for the OTTB stallion, that was a poor choice). Stef is just a cow because she has these delusions of grandeur and lies about what she is capable of.

She could start taking lessons behind the scenes but my bet is her friend is 'helping' her. I just hope her friend isn't the one retraining the OTTB, that horse requires a real professional not a girl slightly more experienced than Stef.

All this is tinfoiling really, sorry if it's too much. I've seen these scenarios play out before, Stef actually isn't all that unique except all the horses her parents buy.

No. 124614

To be more clear, this is what could have happened with Stef:

A lot of parents of kids who take riding lessons are a bit dumb. They see their kid can ride the very well trained lesson horse through it's paces, with the instructor telling them what to do, and maybe they've even started learning to jump. The parents now think because their child can ride the lesson horse, their child can ride any horse. The parent goes out and buys a horse and takes their kid out of the lesson program.

The kid then stops riding because they can't ride their new horse and they barely know how to ride in general.

Best case, the kid doesn't have the skill set to problem solve or progress in their riding and the horse regresses in training because of their bad riding. Soon they can't ride the horse because it misbehaves so badly. Worst case, for whatever reason (there are many scenarios) the horse needed an experienced rider from the beginning and was always too dangerous for the kid to ride.

If this what happened her parents can afford horses, they can afford lessons. She could fix this but it's either her big ego or laziness. She'd rather fake that she's actively competing and even implying that she trains horses.

No. 124652

While this is true in many cases I think stef mentioned that one of the horses was her moms originally so I assume her mom can actually ride. It's been a while though, and a long time since she even talked about her so idk.

No. 124687

Her mom doesn't ride because she's not in shape to ride and respects the horses. Stef used to actually compete and was a decent rider. Even a couple years ago, friends would take videos of her galloping and she had a reasonable handle on the horse. Then suddenly she just… stopped trying. I'm honestly not sure if it's because she got out of shape and didn't feel motivated to work on it, or just using them for props for the better part of 2+ years, or constantly getting rid of horses and getting new ones— whatever the case, she can't ride anymore and doesn't make an effort to try.

No. 124690

post proof then, this is an image board.

I don't believe Stef has ever, at any point, seriously ridden. Any equestrian worth their salt knows that there is no such thing as 'lazy riding'. You either ride or you put yourself at chance for serious injury. Even as simply as the slouching Stef is doing now could cause serious injury, if Nanok spooks and she's positioned as she is she will absolutely fall off because she'll be caught behind the motion. All it takes is one small mistake. The mistakes she makes are things that are ingrained in a rider from day one, and are drilled into you. I could nitpick for ages, but I very much doubt she has ever seriously competed let alone actually rode.

Galloping and a 'reasonable handle on the horse' does not a decent rider make. That only means she was physically able to get on the horse.

Sage for obvious horse sperging.

No. 124691

Proof is in the threads and on her Instagram, AYRT doesn’t need to post old milk. I think you’re probably being a little too uptight. She’s not going to die from slouching on a horse. Muscle memory allows you to intuitively recognize cues for danger, and when that fails, you know how to emergency dismount. There’s absolutely such a thing as leisure riding. Relax a little. It’ll make you a better rider.

No. 124692

Tinfoil to give her the benefit of the doubt: a lot of people who love horses but are afraid of them (like after a bad fall) will turn to natural horsemanship to continue to bond with their horse at less risk of personal harm. It’s a practice of trust-building exercises in fun, unusual, gradual ways that you can do without ever actually riding your horse. People who do it treat it like a religion too, so it’s not hard to be exposed to it. Google Pat Parelli and then look at any NH forum to get a taste of what his cult is like.

Natural horsemanship people will sit crouched in the paddock with their horse for three hours and talk about their connection transcending words and how it changed their entire life. That’s what I tend to extrapolate when horse people say they’re doing “amazing” things with their glorified trail horse.

No. 124699

There are zero posts of Stef galloping or even cantering her horses in any of the threads on this cow.

Are you Stef?(hi cow)

No. 124702

Horses roll around in the dirt like that all the time. He's not "regaining his childhood," whatever the fuck that means. He's just scratching his back. I'm sure he was able to roll around occasionally where he was kept before.

>What is she expecting from that horse except look pretty as a prop?

Nothing, that's literally all she has them for. They're basically just giant purse dogs to her. The fact she has to pay other people to exercise them basically tells you everything you need to know.

No. 124714

In her recent FB posts about the scary ground pole, she said her parents are non-horsey. She said her parents weren't comfortable holding or leading Nanok. The dead horse could have been her 'mom's horse' as in it was her mom's favorite horse. Doesn't mean she rode it. Stef lies, in general course.

I binge read the all the threads not too long ago and I never saw any photos or videos of Stef doing anything other than pose with horses. I saw nothing on her Instagram. If she ever posted it on any other social media the average person doesn't have access to it or it's gone.

She doesn't give me natural horsemanship vibes at all.

I've never seen her talk about training the horses in any knowledable way. All she says is, 'This horse is a jumper, this horse is going to do dressage, I want to be an eventer, I'm going to do mounted archery…' etc. We never see her do groundwork, a hallmark of natural horsemanship. We never see her do anything

No. 124716

If this did happen, it could have been when she was actively taking lessons and she had access to a horse that was well trained that she felt safe on. Also an instructor. That's a big difference from going at it alone on your average horse.

Just because you can go through the motions doesn't mean you have the depth of knowledge to go at it alone. Like a kid first learning to jump isn't going to understand adjusting and counting strides, the distances and lines of an actual course… but they can pop over that single jump (badly) with instructor supervision.

It takes many, many years of lessons to gain enough experience to go at it alone in competition and be able to train up the average horse to compete with you, as opposed to buying a made upper level horse. Stef likes to buy random horses out of people's backyard and off the track. Nanok at least had a low level dressage background with his previous owner and Stef was only able to do an intro walk/trot test at a fun show.

No. 124727

Sorry for some of the speculation here, but I am fascinated by Stef's lies.

I swear she's said that her parents rode as well (at least in the past). This changed once she wanted to pretend that she alone is the only one not afraid of horses in her whole family. I can't find any information whatsoever about her mom online, so maybe her mom plays some bigger role in taking care of the barn and other animals. (speculation) Maybe one day her mom said she didn't feel comfortable with Nanok because he was rearing and that gave Stef a foothold for saying her parents are terrified of horses. Her dad seems too out of shape to ride, but I've only seen a couple older pics of him.

I don't see people buying land and a barn (which they have) and multiple horses if they themselves are not interested in horses. This isn't exactly a small or inexpensive operation they have going on. And the money is absolutely not Stef's. She has barely worked in her whole life.

People can say all they want about how parents cater to their kids, but this is a NEET adult child who pretends to be a Disney princess all day. I don't think her dad especially wants to encourage that, but he's probably been scared off by her Tumblr-level list of mental disorders and fake spoonie diseases. The way they support(ed) Stef's brother in his interests seemed reasonable and not over-the-top.

Maybe they let Stef take care of horses because it's the only halfway adult thing she does? I mean, maybe whatever small things she does at least approximate taking responsibility for something. I have no idea. I agree she can't be riding them much if at all, and she exaggerates heavily whatever she does with them.

I know they live in a kind of "horsey" area of Canada. Is there some way they are using these horses to make money? I can't imagine how, but I had to ask.

No. 124728

this anon is right, we've never seen Stef riding faster than a trot (if she even has a video of that).

She also does a lot of boneheaded things, like (allegedly) riding in the dark without a saddle: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZSsg8Cd2/

No. 124729

bareback and bridleless in the snow


No. 124732

File: 1607407162463.png (2.32 MB, 1209x3249, YoungEquestrianCompetitor.png)

This is from a local newspaper in 2009.

No. 124737


Anon, I watched that whole boring Tiktok and she didn't do a damn thing but sit on him, not even walk while sitting on him. Hopping on bareback with a halter on a walking trail ride is a very basic bitch equestrian thing to do anyway.

In the newspaper photo she is in a Pony Club program. All that is, is proof that she did in fact take lessons at one point and did Pony Club shows which are for kids. Now, Pony Club is an excellent program and usually gives kids solid riding and handling skills they will use for life… but uh, maybe Stef fell through the cracks. That or she just regressed that much from those days or only did it for a few years

No. 124739

People with money do crazy things. I've seen parents build a small barn on their property/buy an extra plot of land to bring their kid's horse home instead of paying to board them. These same parents often buy a horse in the first place so they don't have to pay for lessons- the kid knows enough and can ride their own horse for free.

Stef's mom may have been a horse lover thrilled her daughter loved them too. You can be a horse lover without ever taking up riding.

They could make money by boarding horses for people. It's been speculated that Stef's horses she 'buys' then are never mention again and disappear later are actually boarders.

No. 124740

Anon these are lease horses that she pays to keep on her property. It’s been confirmed in screenshots and it doesn’t take much to go through the threads to find the evidence.

No. 124745

I know she has leased horses like Honeybee but damn, all of them? You'd think owners would get suspicious of all the short leases she does and how she does nothing with the horses.

But damn, imagine being paid to board your horse somewhere just so some tard can make up lies about the horse on the internet. If the care is actually good that's a good deal lol.

No. 124802

I imagine the bulk of them are free-lease. Based on her Facebook ads, it seems that Steph always has at least $2,500 in her pocket, despite consistently acquiring new horses. People will free lease when the horse is out of work (like her stallion, for instance; if anyone is trying to make an "eventer" out of him, he needs to be turned out anywhere from 6 months to two years to "cool down" and reset from his racing training) because the leasee is responsible for feeding, boarding, and VET BILLS, most importantly.

So yeah, it is a good get for a lessor, assuming that she cares for the horses as much as she pretends to and doesn't try to get another mare.

No. 124805

She was a D1, apparently. That is pretty basic for the non-horsey folks.


No. 124818

It's incredibly basic, like the quizzes are literally "list two reasons it is important to clean our tack." "list two reasons a veterinarian might come see your horse." "list the parts of the bridle." Jesus Christ.

I stick by my bet, she only took a few years of lessons and has done buttfuck nothing since then, but she's the horse queen ya'll.

Training OTTB stallions by herself and choosing a new sport for a new horse everyday, dressage for this one, that one is a jumper, and taking up mounted archery on the side. Slay equestrian queen.

No. 124829

Can confirm, riding bareback is NOT HARD, especially if she only did steps. Trot is a bit more physically demanding so I can't imagine she did that considering how out of shape she seems. I rode for 2 years as a kid, and I could do it no issue

No. 124849

ah ok, it just seemed stupid for someone who was claiming how fragile and careful she needed to be because of her uwu health issues.

I'm obviously not knowledgeable.

No. 124851


For the horse’s sake, I hope she involves a pro in his restart. “Track broke” is probably as broke as she’s used to. I doubt she even understands the training he’s had.

He will need to be taught to use himself correctly & work on proper contact. No way a D1 knows how to finesse that, though she’ll swear she’s a gifted trainer when she learns he can WTC and change leads.

Hopefully she gets tack that fits well too. The junk she put on Nanook for that cosplay might be why he rears.

Or he will toss her and end up at the feed lot like so many OTTBs.

No. 124907

The Pony Club shit was over a decade ago now, she needs a 'restart' for herself more than the OTTB needs one! I don't think well fitting tack is a priority for her since she's constantly looking for the cheapest shit possible unless it's cosplay.

This is not a person who can give a OTTB the finesse or confidence it needs. If anything she'll throw her friend (who isn't afraid or too out of shape to do more than trot) on him.

If she hadn't brought that poor OTTB into her world of delusion I wouldn't given much of a shit about her cringe horse escapades, but that horse needs and deserves better.

It's sad that horses is the one 'passion' in life that's actually hers and not a skinwalk of a fictional character, but she is still a larping liar.

No. 124927

File: 1607494314465.jpeg (102.97 KB, 843x539, 4BBFB69E-3FCA-48D6-80B6-38FD2B…)

Anyone else think Nanok looked better before Stef got him?

This is him before
> >>94190

This is him now

No. 124932

Her hair is just fried from bleach.
God yes, PLEASE have a cringy Beth Harmon skinwalking phase Stef. Looking forward to this.
Shameless a-log but holy fuck her stupid Tik Tok faces are so punchable

No. 124953

He does look worse, poor horse. That's the one she "dotes" on too.

No. 125012

Much better before. He had muscles from correct work.

I’m sure he has some soundness issue. No one gifts a healthy Warmblood to a stranger.

Funny that she is ok with his size after selling the other one for being too big. Guess the blue eyes make him ride smaller.

No. 125029

File: 1607525689712.png (2.11 MB, 828x1792, 813E55CC-BED0-469D-B94F-043DA0…)

No. 125088

I like how she used a probably quite old photo of someone else riding him (probably the orignal person Stef bought him from) to advertise him. Of course we all know why.

Usually horse ads have video and conformation photos too, older stuff is fine if the horse has been out of work awhile, but some current photos are a must too. He never looked this muscled with good posture in any of Stefs photos of him.

I wonder if potential buyers got scared off after messaging or calling Stef.

No. 125114


What horse is this? I forget what she even has now.

No. 125125

Admiral, she semi-quietly got rid of him around the time that one horse died and she bought Nanok.

She did at least one photoshoot with him, it's on her Instagram. Other than that all you see is him in the background in old pics with Finn and dead horse every once in awhile.

No. 125368

maybe unpopular opinion:
stef's cassandra cosplay suits her the best. Her face works with it, she did the makeup ok, and her entitled personality somehow also fits. Cassandra had(/has?) a redemption arc, maybe stef can learn from it.

And with the wig we don't have to see hee fried hair.

No. 125375

legit, the best thing about this vid is her screeching, excuse me, kulning or wailing or whatEVER the fuck that is lol

No. 125451

>learning from anything
>admitting her mistakes
hahahah we can dream anon

No. 125564

I just think that playing a bitter, jealous, insecure bitch is a good fit for Stef

It's weird how she wants to make every character she cosplays a raging lesbian, though.

No. 125733

File: 1607839629776.png (558.51 KB, 750x1334, 81A104DE-A6C4-4F24-9F11-2AF54E…)

seems like she’s trying to stick it to the horse anons kek

No. 125734

File: 1607839670990.png (281.79 KB, 750x1334, 3CE55665-93A5-4508-8E59-5B82E2…)

No. 125775

Wow, that's an uncomfortably romantic paragraph to write about your horse.

No. 125776

I guess fuck all her other horses, then? Only Nanok, the rearing water spirit, can bring her joy.

Admiral was too big and scared her. Nanok is even bigger but because he is magical, it doesn't matter

No. 125782

Shadbelly with whatever those boots are. OK then. If she was actually competing in a shad in a dressage, she’d need actual dressage boots. She’s not even in dress boots. If she was wearing a shad for a Hunter derby, she’d have actual field or dress boots too. This photo just proves it’s a costume.

No. 125791

Oof, yeah those aren't riding boots period. Those are thin, floppy, too short fashion boots. These would never be allowed in the ring and offer no support for riding anyway. With how thick her calves are she would have to go custom, tall boot manufacturers aren't forgiving.

Also, she needs to pin/gel her hair back and possibly use a hair net. Messy hair sticking out of the helmet is a big no no.

Of course she has no business wearing a shadbelly coat.

A costume is right, an inaccurate one.

I notice Nanok is only wearing a bridle. I bet she doesn't even currently own a modern, properly fitted and matching black dressage saddle.

All I've seen Nanok wearing is that crusty painted saddle that looks like a cheapo Ebay buy. It's an old style jumping saddle, they go super cheap and don't fit modern horses because they have a super narrow gullet channel (not enough space for the side to side movement of the horses spine).

I'm too lazy to go back and look at the other jumping saddle her friend used, but the girth (belly strap) was so loose in those pictures from the Halloween show that she was losing her fleece pad completely out from under her saddle by the end.

Keep being incompetent Stef.

No. 125792

So, Nanok, who puts up with a lot of bullshit and competed lower level dressage with his previous owner is one of the most difficult horses she's ridden. Why does she think buying a young stallion straight off the track is a good idea then?

No. 125813


Aside from do a brief walk ( I know nothing about horse terminology ) during her kiddie halloween show has she even ridden Nanok? I've seen videos/photos of other people riding him but never Stef.
For someone who gloats about how he's a life changing horse, who is the most difficult horse she's ever ridden there sure seems to lack any evidence of her even riding him.

She can string together the most poetic tear jerking stories about how he's given her life but the fact of the matter is that horse is a fucking prop. Nothing more.

No. 125815

None of her tack fits or is correctly fitted. The bridles all have too tight browbands, nosebands too high or low, and throatlatches too snug.

The jumping picture was a mess. They put him in a Figure 8. A dressage horse in a Figure 8!

No. 125856

File: 1607894587357.png (975.8 KB, 828x1792, F7D405A8-BBF6-48D6-9239-7D870C…)

A year ago she had the EXACT same flowery bullshit to say about Finn.

No. 125875

I honestly feel sorry for finn. Idk how attached horses get to their owners, but he's probably lonely now that all her attention is on nanok

No. 125880

I am so glad this is a horse and not a human. No way she wouldn‘t try to fuck it if it wasn‘t a horse.

No. 125917

God thank you. I wasn’t going to say anything but there’s something uncomfortably erotic about this purple prose.

No. 125918

Horses do get attached to people but horses often get way more attached to their pasture companions. It's mostly unavoidable that horses move around and buddies are lost but it happens to her ever changing herd constantly. I wonder how many horses Finn has bonded with that just came in and out of the revolving door. It's better that she gets rid of horses rather than hoarding them though.

No. 125928

Exactly. If it makes AYRT feel better, Finn might not like Stef at all lol. Horses pick and choose who they tolerate and she’s about 50 lbs too heavy for him riding him in tack that does not fit. I can’t imagine being around her isn’t exactly fun or pleasant for him.

Horses are herd animals and his original herd was Admiral and Love, and she just yeeted Admiral and then Love died. Every other horse since has come and gone in a matter of weeks, sans Joey. Really hope she “rehomes” Finn and Joey together now that Finn’s not her shiny new toy, but the thing is is that horses go to her to deprecate in value and it won’t be easy to convince someone to take them both.

No. 125966

I might be totally wrong but wasn't Finn a lease horse? Then why say " the bad people can't hurt you anymore" kek you mean the owners?

No. 125998

just go fuck your horse in private stef, jeez

bad dragon in her future?

No. 126041

careful, she is a furry, after all

maybe that's why she needs all these horses. poly bi bestiality

No. 126051

Eww, and she just got that stallion. Maybe that's why she was so excited about it.

No. 126135

File: 1608075759228.png (2.06 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20201215-204103.png)

Oh boy, here we go again

No. 126188

Oh this one will be a funny one because ATJ’s face is so distinctive. She doesn’t have Waardenburg Syndrome but she looks pretty damn close to it. I can’t wait to watch Stef’s eyes drift apart slowly.

No. 126190

She looks like shit

No. 126215

File: 1608113251387.jpg (124.67 KB, 800x1185, MV5BM2EwMmRhMmUtMzBmMS00ZDQ3LT…)


KEK at her sausage fingers. picrel

No. 126250

File: 1608129672495.png (1.13 MB, 828x1792, CEA14954-E952-4D01-9303-ECCF60…)

No. 126251

File: 1608129709512.png (445.01 KB, 828x1792, EF554791-385D-4E15-A6E2-DA0A70…)

They all want proof of your sitting stallion, Stef. Better pay up.

No. 126270

For as much time she boasts that she's around her barn and horses she could at least clean the massive cobwebs off once in a while.

No. 126295

For real. For people who have a life outside of their barn, it's a little understandable because they build up pretty fast. But she's supposedly out there constantly and cleaning cobwebs is like, Preventing A Barnfire 101
By sitting on things, I assume she means he's crouching slightly to rub his butt on things, which usually indicates pinworms or a skin issue. Five second google just made me more informed than miss magical horsegirl.

No. 126342

She is supposedly paying for extras like chiro visits we had better see that horse in a properly fitted saddle- if she ever actually rides it.

I agree it sounds like pin worms or dry skin/fungal yeesh

No. 126376

File: 1608159396300.png (3.48 MB, 1724x1004, ellieskinnyhorses.png)

He looks really skinny in the other photo. All of her horses look slightly too skinny to be honest. You can see the rib outlines on all of them. They all also have very poor necks. They all have zero proper muscle and are ridden terrible, since they have zero upper neck muscle. This makes them look even skinnier.

I made a pic to show what I mean, because I'm a sperg. But her horses spines, collarbones, ribs and hinds are a bit too bony. You should be able to feel the ribs, not see them. You can see the spines of at least three of her horses.

No. 126377

File: 1608159636657.jpg (628.87 KB, 1285x1329, 20-12-16-16-43-03-777_deco.jpg)

Apologies for the horse sperg, but based on the amount of cribbing marks on her stall door, it's obvious that Stef doesn't properly maintain her barn or horses.

For non-horse people, cribbing is a sort of wood chewing. It happens mainly when horses are bored (usually; sometimes it's stress related, or caused by other issues) it's a bad habit and can cause damage to both your barn and horse, as they're essentially ingesting wood when they do it causing dental issues and internal issues. There's a collar you can use on horses to dissuade the behavior as well as a bitter agent you can use on the surface of the wood. But, most agree, that more time outdoors/being worked/proper environment is the best solution; it's a kind of horse equivalent to an institutionalized person developing a coping behavior like rocking or whatever bc of lack of external stimuli.

Idk if this barn was built for her or if it was previously owned, making ot possible to where it was the previous owner's horses, but hopefully she's smart enough to not let them develop habits that can harm them in the long run.

No. 126380

I think most of us appreciate the horsesperg, it’s fascinating since you actually know what you’re talking about and a lot of us don’t know very much about horses.

No. 126439

File: 1608186662016.jpeg (400.23 KB, 828x1342, C36FF28B-00E0-4F26-BCD2-C5E342…)

Slight nitpick sorry anon but cribbing is actually when the horse sucks in air. The wood-chewing could be a part of that or it could be a standalone behavior, but the crossbars on the front of a stall door probably wouldn’t give enough of a hold for a horse to crib. Both wood chewing and cribbing are indicative of a horse bored out of its mind, though.

In other news, I guess she’s got a girlfriend now.

No. 126455

I thought she and wickedbrittle were gfs…

No. 126457

File: 1608203549845.jpg (554.72 KB, 1080x1542, Screenshot_20201217-045540_Fac…)

Why not just train your sitting stallion to lay down? lmao most of the replies are telling her to go watch YouTube

If Nanok is really going to be a dressage horse and jumper, she could focus on groundwork that is going to build strength, flexibility and fitness.

But that's boring and she wants tricks for her photoshoots. Let's ask randos on FB instead of doing any research, she's got to share her new dressage coat cosplay pics somehow

No. 126462

Haha it's so desperate to include a pic with a post like this. Can't she just ask the advice without posting pics of herself with her horse?

No. 126465

Even the dumbest horse in the world can learn to bow with patience. Take a treat, stand at their shoulder, reach up under their tummy between their front legs, towards their chest. They’ll reach down to get it and bend the leg closest to you because your arm is in the way.

It’s weird that she doesn’t know this or can’t do it if she’s got a chiro for her horses. Part of what they do is stretches, and a bow is actually a good stretch.

Good luck getting Nanok to lay down. Horses are always first and foremost prey animals and I doubt he trusts like that. He wouldn’t have a rearing problem if he did.

No. 126586

That would require her to actually have some semblance of knowledge on how to properly lunge and work her horse. She can't even solve his current problems, let alone get him to bow.

With all her free time, she can just Photoshop the horse bowing and call it a day.

With all the money she's blown on horse after horse, she could have gotten a good quality dressage horse that's already broke, but then she wouldn't get to be Off Brand Horse Whispering Elsa (or whatever character shes pretending to be now)

No. 126682

File: 1608271948790.jpeg (314.65 KB, 2048x1366, 73730A82-AAA0-468A-A38E-82FC62…)

Nanok looks like shit. Poor horse.

No. 126687

The gradual muscle loss on this horse and the lifeless eyes ever since she got it is honestly depressing. Tf does she do with them

No. 126697

It really pains me to see all of the horses in the hands of someone so inept and delusional.

I wish someone would call her out on her horse abuse but that would probably be cow tipping

No. 126698

That coat is so filthy, jfc. Isn't it supposed to be a super formal attire for pro equestrians that not everyone can wear? You can tell it's some budget shit from amazon too, because it doesn't fit her at all.
Aside from the rampant skinwalking in her Rey and Arya days, at least she used to look somewhat put together, but nowadays everything she touches looks vaguely musty and unkept, including her horses, unfortunately.

No. 126711

My guess is she gets them at low cost/free because they aren’t 100% sound. The muscle wastage is probably a combo of existing problems that are not correctly managed (arthritis, sacrio-iliac pain, Cushings, chronic ulcers, so on) and a lack of correct work.

The horses need their diets evaluated by a nutritionist, probably fitting saddles/etc, and to be worked from back to front. Nanook’s hindquarters were lousy in his sale photos, so there’s obviously a problem somewhere. Dressage horses should look fit and muscular. Muscle loss suggests a medical issue.

No. 126723

I went from laughing at Stef to just outright hating her.

She started out just a lulzy autist who would Photoshop herself constantly to look like celebrities and just a delusional dipshit. But now that she's involving animals, I can't stand her. Like her lizard she had for a whopping 3 minutes, and obviously her horses.

Like, if you want to pretend to be a cartoon, whatever, be an idiot. But involving animals, which based on all the horse anons observations aren't in the best shape, is wrong.

No. 126727

File: 1608304226934.jpeg (62.92 KB, 481x640, 71208904-3D59-4E76-A6C9-E687D0…)

Nanok has seen better days.

No. 126729

File: 1608304352330.jpeg (496.83 KB, 561x1265, 3372338B-F9EC-400B-93D4-D4F940…)

Looks like Nanok has something fungal going on with his back leg.

No. 126737


Does she ever post photos of her riding?! I don't follow this thread but every photo I see of Stef she's standing by the horse wearing some cheap ass riding gear. I guess it's much easier to cosplay as a rider if people don't see you and your terrible form on the horse.

No. 126775

there are photos of her riding (or "riding") but not video (I think?).

No. 126790

What ever happened to her lizard anyway? I can’t remember if she gave an excuse for it disappearing

No. 126823

Bet he cross-canters like no one’s business but we would never know because Stef is too chickenshit to do more than walk-trot trials.

Cross-cantering would be enough to knock you out of placing in a hunter equitation class, I imagine dressage people would faint in aghast shame, or something.

No. 126872

dat shnozzle
thought she was supposed to have this cute little button nose. what the fuck is this beak?

No. 126874

Is that really what he used to look like before Stef took him in? He's so lumpy now.

No. 126898

File: 1608350491008.jpeg (333.2 KB, 750x1273, 6494559D-172A-439F-AE46-8C6315…)

Unfortunately yes. There were posts that showed Nanok’s hooves but they have been deleted but archived.

No. 126917


It could just be mud fever (greasy heel) tbh, it looks a little high but it isn’t too uncommon or difficult to treat.

No. 126924

Holy shit, every horse is different but that's 3+ months of past due trimming neglect at least. That is a crazy heel flare.

Worst case is his hooves have been neglected even longer and this is the equilibrium they achieved without intervention. So he's been paddling around on shit feet.

Idk when that photo was taken but she's had time to correct it, a few regularly scheduled trims with adjustments in between and he'll be fine. If she bought him with these feet that is awful.

No. 126965

just in general, would most horse people see the way she treats her horses as a prop? what would they think about her dyeing his mane while apparently not caring much for him? does she post these pictures in fb groups that also don’t know much about horses? i’m not a horse person and don’t know much about them but i do love dogs and it would bug the shit out of me to see someone using them as a fashion accessory.

polite request, can the horse folks out there explain these things like equitation or greasy heel? why shouldn’t she be wearing that coat? you don’t have to do it every single time, but maybe the first time it comes up in the thread? just a short explanation would be great, ty all!

No. 126968

??? What did he do l? Put flags on himself? Am I a retard or is the horse autism too advanced

No. 126976

I think horse people would notice a pattern with her if they followed her. No regular riding photos or videos, she's always very vague about the day to day training and riding of her horses and only ever just says the sport they 'do'. She just spews soulmate word vommit.

For the most part she seems to fly under the radar.

I've only seen her post in dumbass FB groups like "as an equestrian I am horrified" which is just a tag group. Also 'Extra Equestrians' which is a group for people like her.

The description is literally: "For the weirdos and nerds- Do other horse people think you're strange? Do you make costumes for your horse? Do you know what Hogwarts house your horse in?"

So she chose stupid groups which aren't likely to call her out or criticize her. Yet she still tries to ask these groups for advice about her horse's behavioral issues or tricks.

No. 126977


"Horse autism" made me cackle anon, thanks

No. 126979

Greasy heel is a fungal infection horses get when they can't find relief from muddy or wet conditions.

This post explains the dressage coat: >>122542

Equitation refers to a riders form and position in the saddle, and how effective their riding is at handling the horse overall.

No. 127017

I doubt horse people care much about the dyed manes, with the exception of the snobs. It’s juvenile and if I was in one of these groups and didn’t know any better I would assume it was something Stef was doing for her five year old daughter and not her 26(?) year old self, but it doesn’t hurt the horse. Their vision is dichromatic and probably don’t recognize the odd colors in any meaningful (or dangerous) way. Of course there’s a time and place, and if she showed up with a neon mane to a competition she would absolutely be publicly shamed. She doesn’t do real shows though, because she’s a LARPer.

Plus the thing is anon, horse people don’t tend to see horses the way people unfamiliar with them do - as ~magical, majestic~ creatures. Once you own them for a while you realize the dumb shit they do to their own detriment (like a mare who manages to piss in her own water bucket every single damn day, or how they’ll sometimes get spooked by their own farts) it kind of takes away the “mystery” of it all because you basically have a 1100 lbs toddler who CAN and WILL hurt themselves if you don’t supervise them.

So the love letters to her horse and the costumes are cringe af, but they’re harmless. I’m more concerned about the shit she actually is doing wrong (wrong-sized tack, Nanok’s feet holy shit, her owning a stallion, her riding horses she’s too heavy for, her collecting horses like they’re trading cards, etc.)

No. 127045

I'm more concerned about the horses in a way I would be for any other animal. If someone bought a dog just for cosplay/instagram and it became all bony and haggard, I would have the same reaction. The only difference is that horses need even more care and are considerably more dangerous when they're poorly trained. Why the hell she has four when she can't even properly care for just one is beyond me.

No. 127051

File: 1608416512855.png (152.3 KB, 240x288, 8BC7D6B4-1679-49ED-9449-2E055A…)

She definitely needs a new farrier. Nanok’s feet still look awful (October and recent). Like he had a laminitic episode (possibly why she ended up with him) and lousy corrective work.

No. 127052

File: 1608416554080.png (41.41 KB, 310x184, 6593C1CF-255F-4968-801C-D2839D…)

That’s a nasty crack in the front. Damn horse needs to be properly shod.

No. 127053

I doubt she’s the one caring for them. She pretends to be so uwu disabled, so there’s no way she’s throwing hay. Feed is expensive too, so she’s definitely not paying for it and probably doesn’t have a say in what type of feed he gets because of that. They either have a stable hand or someone capable/not lazy doing it, like her father.

She’s still responsible for them, but at this point she’s basically boarding them at her parents’ barn. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the reasons horses come and go so often is her parents make her get rid of them. My guess is Nanok is the next to go, even though he’s her ~soulmate~ because he needs serious farrier/possibly vet intervention and is probably eating 20 lbs of (hopefully) performance feed a day plus supplements (again, hopefully) to try to keep the weight on him. All that money for your adult NEET daughter to fall further into her delusions.

No. 127054

Her lack of proper boots is a tell-tale that she's just playing dress up.

No. 127077

This whole thread is dedicated to horsesperging now or has Stef really dialed back the skinwalking lately? We get it, she neglects her horses and doesn't know how to ride. She also isn't training for the winter olympics or do magic ice princess kulning or pop balloons with her mind. This is Stef we're talking about here.

No. 127086

I think the point is pretending to be an ice princess who pops balloons with her mind: harmless
Using animals as props: harms the animals

No. 127098

Unlike Stef, we can't control things and people with our minds. If she's pretending to be a rider instead of Rey right now I don't see what you expect farmhands to so about it. I'm not a horse person but I am enjoying the horse sperg.

No. 127106

Yeah, Stef is a multifaceted cow. It's fun, because even if the skinwalking milk is dry, she's still doing dumb shit with the horses, and it helps keep discussion going.

No. 127130

To be fair Stef has been on a real horse bender lately.

Maybe her next skinwalk will be harder to pull the horses into. No Elsa and the Nok or shopping for a Fjord horse from Frozen.

She will go back to mostly forgeting about her own horses. The stallion will probably mysteriously disappear etc.

No. 127137

I'm also not a horse person but I like the horse sperging. I guess I'm just a regular sperg because it's cool to learn about new hobbies. And like >>127086 said the way she treats the animals is worse than the skinwalking. I'm wondering if she's been buying horses to cope with COVID.

No. 127163

>>126455 Nah, wickedbrittle was just a huge simp for Stef, as in, she clearly was obsessively infatuated with Stef. Alas, it seems Stef didn't feel the same way but still sort of strung her along.

No. 127184

There lives tiny horsegirl inside of all of us.

No. 127249

Yeah the milk is sort of dry, but to be fair I feel like this ~hardcore horse girl~ phase IS a new skinwalk, just not in her usual way.

I feel sort of pessimistic about future skinwalks. I don’t know if she’ll ever do another IRL person. It’s still milky that she lies about having ice powers or whatever, but what was always especially milky was how she would borderline stalk real people (Daisy, Maisie, Liz Gillies to a lesser degree) and steal their lives and faces. We need new franchises. Maybe Dune? She wouldn’t do Zendaya but maybe Rebecca Ferguson.

No. 127344

File: 1608513944658.jpeg (109.89 KB, 828x441, 050C84C1-5AF0-4565-A4F4-509D41…)

More props for the horses she obviously doesn’t give a damn about.

No. 127372

File: 1608523097264.jpg (392.29 KB, 954x1697, 20201220_215503.jpg)


Nanok's previous owners won't give Stef his papers. Who knows if this is true or why if it is, but it's funny.

(I'll add for edu purposes there are color registrys for horses but they are mostly pointless imo.)

No. 127390

Tis the season? Winter? If she wanted this to be a christmas thing, I'm confused but also laughing because it is WAY too late for anything to arrive in time. Things even from amazon are taking like 3 weeks to arrive. How does she think she's going to get something in four days? Unless this is supposed to be a new years thing? What the fuck season. Unicorn season?

No. 127394


Major tinfoil here, but as a horse sperg that’s suspicious to me seeing how she was “gifted” Nanok.

I wonder if he’s possibly on a free lease as well and is the only one that’s lasted the longest? Or perhaps he was an auction buy?

Something’s telling me that she’s lying about how she got him, because gifting would still include a bill of sale for it to be legal. Think of buying a car and getting the documentation for it. You MUST have a bill of sale to transfer things over into your name. It’s the same way with horses.

At least that’s how that works in the U.S., though I’m sure Canada has similar rules along those lines.

No. 127396

She will lie about literally anything and constantly changes her stories so it's almost impossible to speculate.

This will probably just be added to the pile of contradictions lol.

No. 127412

There is a possibility Nanok is grade and has no papers. Grade means a horse either isn't purebred or is otherwise not eligible for registration.

Maybe Nanok's sire didn't pass kwpn (dutch warmblood) stallion inspection and so his offspring can't be registered. But he was an unusual color so he was bred anyway and produced Nanok.

If so, it's still a lie on Stef's part, claiming the old owner won't give up his papers.

No. 127474

I'm a month late but I'm howling at this post, none of this is true lmao. Fjord manes stand up straight because you start by clipping it almost off and and keep it short, you can do a mane that stands up straight on literally any breed horse by shaving the whole mane off and then managing the lenght to stay so short it doesn't start to bend. It's just traditional style for Fjords because it looks cool with the stripe.

And god no, a long hairstyle will not break horses crest, the hair will just start to bend as it grows and then become a "normal" mane.
Horse in your picture is a Spanish horse with collapsed crest, nothing to do with fjords and certainly nothing to do with mane lenght. It's just excess fat in the neck, very typical problem for Spanish breeds but that's another topic.
This post was like saying growing you own hair past buzzcut lenght will break your neck lmao-.

Sage for absolute horse autism that has nothing to do with the thread

No. 127508

ty to all the horseanons, the brief explanations help a ton! stef really does seem to be skinwalking (horsewalking?) some kind of pro…horse person, or something.

if she would do this while going back to ‘losing her sight’ and ‘suffering crippling migraines’ that would be amazing, but i guess we have to take what we can get.

No. 127514

This stuff reminds me of the munchies/illness fakers having their fake service dog exploits debunked. Only it's horse larp instead.

No. 127524

I mean, you can google it. The nuchal ligament in a horse’s crest is not comparable to the muscles and bones that support the human head. Strain on it absolutely is one of the reasons a crest can fall. Even the weight of a blanket can be enough to damage the nuchal ligament and cause “blanket-dip.”

This has already been discussed, though.

No. 127525

Unsurprisingly, Stef has also claimed to have service dogs

No. 127563

Horse infighting is stupid. I want old Stef back. I miss the Maisy era.

No. 127569

Don't worry, soon she'll be drying out Copics with her mind or something.

No. 128012

what ever happened to her lizard she got after frozen? dead?

No. 128022

Probably, I fear.

No. 128034

she posted somewhere (I forgot where) about buying another to keep him company. So maybe not dead yet?

No. 128121

It’s a reptile not a dog— i don’t think they’re very social animals. Pretty sure it’s BS otherwise she would’ve paraded it around

No. 128612

File: 1609002293496.jpg (359.97 KB, 1080x1215, Screenshot_20201226-120218_Chr…)

Google tells me a friend is unnecessary for most lizard breeds. She's a fucking idiot. This is what makes me angriest. People get pets and treat them as a fashion accessory, not understanding at all their care requirements and it results in the animal suffering. It is one of the few totally unforgivable acts, in my opinion.

No. 128710

File: 1609042330317.png (59.61 KB, 1080x459, Screenshot_20201227-034202~2.p…)

Now she claims she used to speak German. Has she forgotten that her tiktok name is from an anime (and also that it isn't correct German)? She's delusional.

No. 128793

Stef please start learning German "again" and give us a whole new backstory that makes you coincidentally the IRL Weiss Schnee! Somehow even more Weiss Schnee than the original! New year new me amirite?

No. 128878

File: 1609119886680.jpeg (139.22 KB, 1119x835, 3999D080-0545-48F3-B814-E16448…)

This came up in my insta explore and all I could think of was our ‘uwu icy, troubled queen uwu’

No. 128920

I know we all know she never actually spoke German, but the biggest giveaway is that "Weiss Schnee" isn't even correct German. RWBY didn't bother finding a good translation for their character name and of course Stef didn't notice because she doesn't speak it.

No. 129054

File: 1609197664770.png (1.46 MB, 828x1792, 7DCAB9A0-21A2-4DCC-9148-2DBA62…)

And she strikes again

No. 129057

was this around the same time you had a fake british accent?

No. 129099

File: 1609210508879.jpg (406.06 KB, 1440x3037, mywaistisntlarge.jpg)

> My waist isn't large

No. 129119

File: 1609216326618.jpg (63.38 KB, 1080x642, 100035100257_58102.jpg)

and she posts in another group L or larger, amazing

No. 129128

>love the opportunity to take things in

my fucking sides

No. 129146

File: 1609235824059.jpg (211.56 KB, 1080x1086, 20201229_035617.jpg)

She can't even get a farrier out to fix Nanok's hooves and we are to believe she has a chiro out? If the horse is in that much pain get a damn vet out to do x-rays instead of chiro woo woo. She should have had a pre-purchase exam done or at the least had the vet come out for an exam after she brought him home. If she knew he had a past injury that could still effect his soundness and comfort today.

BTW if he 'flipped' it had to be during training because he only ran one race in his whole career and came in 9th. That was in 2019 as a 4 year old, he's 5 now. Equibase doesn't lie

No. 129149

File: 1609236047657.jpg (77.69 KB, 1080x809, Screenshot_20201229-035412_Sam…)

The race in question. Stef doesn't have too much free rein to make up lies about his actual career, thoroughbreds are pretty thoroughly documented.

No. 129152

Her hair is so freaking tragic, how can she have so much bleach damage and not be dousing it in conditioners and treatments? Just commit to a pixie cut and grow that fried shit out.

No. 129159

I'm the same anon who sperged about her horses being skinny and her ruining a saddle. To give more context, since her skinwalking has been put to hold by covid.
>he's only four
>gonna give him a whole year off

She has no idea about training horses… None of what she's saying makes any sense. It would absolutely be fine to start working the horse from the ground with a saddle on, there's no need for some meme tier work like liberty. Right now probably the best she could do for the horse is to lunge it with loose collection to build up the back and stretch the horse manually. It is an ex race horse, so what it really needs work on is calming down the competition urge. In other words, lunging at trot and canter and doing work where the horse extends the body. Work from ground to build it to be able to transition between gaits smoothly etc.

Though let's be real, she just wants to get a cool woke video where the horse follows her around and she can claim to be a horse whisperer.

Getting a chiro is memetier, if she was legit she would get a vet and an x-ray. Chiropractors are a scam. What she needs to do is to get an ACTUAL vet to check the horse BEFORE SHE BUYS IT. Most sales require you to pay for a vet to check the horse, for insurance and liability reasons.

She should not be riding this horse until a qualified professional GOOD ferrier has shoed this horse. This is actual animal cruelty what she is doing.

No. 129163

File: 1609249113478.jpeg (216.32 KB, 827x1642, C4DF0576-D7E5-4886-9E0D-06B518…)

He had spotty workouts through Nov of this year, so he was at least track sound.

The chiro probably put pressure on his spinal process, which any horse will react to. You can literally use the way they move away from that pressure in each side to evaluate sacrioiiliac pain by watching how they step (under, out, bracing, etc). The reaction is used to sell all sorts of woo, from massage guns on.

She needs to have a lameness eval from an actual vet and an actual treatment plan. If he is sore, he is injured in some way & needs some combo of rest and meds..

I just can’t with her bs. She should “take in” her Elsa costume while she waits on a vet.

No. 129297

Look, I appreciate your knowledge and all, but the horsetalk has gotten to be a bit much. Paragraphs and paragraphs of shit that really isn’t that interesting.

No. 129353

I agree, the horse milk has potential if kept brief. Point out the lie, point out her doing something stupid or negligent, catch her larping, but brief. Theres just no point in a deep dive diving of horse sperging most of the time. The good stuff gets buried in paragraphs.

No. 129636

I wouldn't mind it if horseanons used terms that non horseanons could understand. There's so many things people point out that no one besides other horseanons would even understand.

No. 129642

Ok. I'll try to explain the horsesperg tldr. It is milkier than it seems, but I guess due to the specialised terms it doesnt come across well to non horse spergs.

Her horses all are too skinny with horrible feet that are bordering on animal cruelty. Instead of addressing the real issues, she keeps on googling for meme tier solutions. Thus, she has no idea what any equine term she uses actually means or entails. Her horse related posts are nonsense words thrown together and they absolutely do not mean what she thinks they mean. They read like she read a horse thesaurus and randomly picks words to use.

>Re: chiropractic

There is a spot on all horses backs that makes it raise its back, it's like the knee test doctors do to check your nerves. She seems to think that the horse raising its back, which signals the nerves are working correctly, is some super special signal that the horse is in pain. This is obviously retarded.

Liberty work is operant conditioning, it has a tendency to be advertised as a quick fix to all horse problems. An ex-race horse is conditioned and bred to run fast, they are competitive by nature. tldr; She's trying to "fix" this by bribing the horse with treats. This is also obviously retarded.

Her newest horse is an ex-race horse, her claiming it to be in a lot of pain is bullshit because of the workouts. You can't train or race a horse with the terrible ailments she claims it to have. They would NEVER pass the vet checks to train or race. The owners would have been banned from racing and horse owning REALLY quickly. In otherwords, she is outright lying.

No. 129647

Short note: I really love all you horse girl (woman) expertise. I know nothing about them but it brings such a fresh zest to the thread.

No. 129649

Yeah it's clear reading my sister's old "horse girl & pals" books as a kid didn't actually educate me at all about horses lmao. I feel really dumb and poor, but it's cool to learn stuff from here.

How can Stef get away with acting like this in her horse groups though? I think her part of Canada is "horsey" and she posts in a lot of local groups. Who would sell or buy horses from her?

No. 129663

It seems she keeps most of her larp posts to dumb tag groups/'Extra Equestrians' and saves the local groups for her constant horse shopping. Her constant shopping, leasing and contradictions in her ads can definitely raise red flags. Horse communities tend to be a small world so she may already have a bit of a negative reputation growing. She clearly doesn't get out much and isn't active or known by her local horse community. She only got her ass in gear to do that Halloween fun show as a chance to cosplay and she had her more experienced friend to hold her hand.

IMO the local community probably isn't really aware of her. If she does follow through with trying to compete next year, that will change fast and things could get pretty milky. She and her horses are NOT ready. No horse and rider fitness, no proper fitted saddles, inappropriate clothes, Nanok's neglected hooves, the OTTB stallion with no professional re-training, etc. She's delusional.

No. 129667

She’s also getting horses from people who need them gone. Not many people are willing to take on older animals with expensive health problems (not that they’re being treated right). OTTBs end up in slaughter houses by the thousands cause there’s so many. People suck and aren’t likely to investigate new owners well in either situation.

If Unwell-sa wanted to do things better, there’s tons of Facebook groups for everything from hoof care to riding to saddle fitting. She could take lessons and expose herself to functional horse professionals.

It’s easier to pretend she’s a dressage rider in fashion boots and a poorly-fitted bridle with a too-small loose ring bit (loose ring bits are common in dressage & pinch the lips if too small. They’ need to be a half size bigger than other bits. Nanok’s is too small in the photo shoot she posted).

No. 129669

File: 1609430531436.png (40.61 KB, 1080x267, Screenshot_20201231-170107.png)

Horse-anon, one thing that stood out to me recently was this remark she made about Nanok's saddle. Is this normal?

comment from this video https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMJt4HGds/

No. 129674

When you first saddle up your horse and tighten the girth (belly strap), it will loosen as the saddle settles into place and the horse starts working. You would tighten it again after warming up. But…your saddle and pads can also slip around when the saddle doesn't fit the the horse's back. Saddle fit is so important because saddles are built on a fiberglass w/ metal (or wood if it's old) frame called the saddle tree. It causes a lot pain when it doesn't fit. No amount of girth tightening will fix it slipping around.

She used the cheapo ill-fitting retro saddle she painted for her walk/trot 'dressage' while her friend used some other saddle for jumping. Her friend's saddle was also slipping back and she was loosing her pads. So either they are both too stupid to check their girths or neither saddle fucking fits.

No. 129679

File: 1609433653099.jpg (814.35 KB, 1806x1080, 20201231_104532.jpg)

Saddle sliding wayyy back, and loosing both saddle pads. The picture I drew on, behind the green is closer to where the saddle and girth should be. It looks like the saddle slides wayyy back during take-off and slides forward during landing, ouch. There really is no good excuse for this.

No. 129704

That horse is a saint.

The saddle doesn’t fit and that girl has no idea how to balance over jumps (her leg should not swing back like that, her foot shouldn’t be crammed through the stirrup with her knees gripping for dear life).

Nanok basically had someone flopping on his back while the saddle slid around and dug in.

No. 129705

You think we're gonna get a Competitive Horse rider Stef arc in 2021? Can't wait.

KEK it's so obvious why Nanok rears now. His girth is on his belly and neither of their saddles fit him.

Nanok is a shadow of what he once was

No. 129717

It pains me how she buys the spendy blue ombre saddle pad and all the cosplay details but her horse's important gear is cheap old mismatched crap that doesn't fit. People at that fun show had to notice.

No. 129759

Thank you for explaining this anon. I don't mind the horse sperging stuff because it seems like most of her milk right now is focused on her horse LARPing. But I don't understand any of the terms personally. I think as long as people can explain it in simple terms or translate them the horse shit is fine.

No. 129761

thanks for explaining! Why on earth would she make her horse wear a saddle that doesn't fit? Let's ignore the cosplay monstrosity. Why wouldn't she borrow or buy a proper saddle for this horse? It starts to make me really sad that he's being made to work in a way that probably hurts him. I mean, does it hurt him?

No. 129785


with the amt of horse-sperging, i can only hope one of you is local and is lowkey telling other local horse-spergs about her horse cruelty until everyone knows abt her larping. It's different when she's the biggest victim of her actions vs others a la momokunt

don't b an absolute shit + cowtip tho

No. 129793

File: 1609473001895.jpg (827.51 KB, 1849x1612, 20201231_214255.jpg)

This is an English saddle tree, the type of saddle you jump or ride dressage in. It's painful if the tree is too narrow or wide, too curved or too flat in shape. The 1st pic is a diagram about tree width, the 2nd a narrow vs fitted tree.

Saddle fitter is an actual credited job title. Saddles are an investment $$$ and not every saddle will fit every horse. Stef probably can't commit to a horse enough to choke up money for her revolving door of horses.

No. 129841

So does this fat bitch use only a few saddles for all the horses she has?! That sounds cruel, especially if she sits her fat self on them.

No. 129871

It sure seems that way, but at least she doesn't ride much. She either sits bareback or poses with them. When she did her 'dressage cosplay' she posed with Nanok wearing a dressage bridle but no dressage saddle. I doubt she owns one even though Nanok is her 'dressage horse'.
>>129705 anon's bottom link is Nanok with his previous owner wearing a dressage saddle that fits.

The saddles we have seen, the one she painted and the one her friend used, are old jumping saddles. The secondary market is flooded with vintage <$200 jumping saddles, especially Ebay. They don't fit most modern horses and may have internal issues like a warped/twisted tree. It's not worth it buying random cheap old saddles hoping they fit. A saddle fitter can help find a saddle in her budget and her horsey area must have plenty of fitters.

As a side note, the saddle seat also needs to fit her to distribute her weight properly on the tree, and her ass is huge. Her Elsa cape helps hide how bad it must be.

No. 129917

File: 1609548721025.jpg (354.61 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210102-005129_Ins…)

No. 130030


Translate for non-horsefags: ill fitting saddle is painful for the horse. Imagine having to use ill fitting heels for jogging. Or sharing a pair with your brother.

No. 130052

File: 1609607743941.jpeg (41.76 KB, 432x320, 91B334DB-F042-460D-965B-9354DD…)

Photo of Orpheus so we’ll have a reference when she starves him she makes him colic.

OTTBs are hard keepers and it’s difficult to put weight on them. This horse is built and muscled like a machine of nature that Stef has never even ridden before and she and her little jockey friend WILL get hurt.

No. 130054

honestly, I bet the horse LARPing will end the second she gets injured.

She is making a series of poor, and outright dangerous, choices and someone is going to wind up seriously injured.

No. 130215

Kek the more she posts horse content that isn't just posing and sitting, the more we'll see her trying to fend of criticism.

This 'injury' and bogus chiro story will be her excuse to only do poses with 'Orpheus'. She loves to imply her various horses' previous owners were terrible. Can't wait for her to make an easily debunked by equibase lie about his past.

I'm starting to think her sporty equestrian larp was shortlived and will be online only. She only seems interested in the horses as cosplay props, as always. >>129917

No. 130233

Is there anything we can do to try and stop this animal abuse?

Like f'real it makes me uncomfortable to see animals suffer because of her mental illness(don't cowtip)

No. 130243

Why couldn't she just buy a saddle from Nanok's previous owner? If saddles are tailored to each horse, wouldn't it make sense to sell the saddle and the horse together?

No. 130257

If the previous owner rides another horse similar in build, Nanok's saddle can be reflocked (the underside restuffed with wool padding) to fit. A saddle fitter can make adjustments to the tree too, depending on the saddle. Any modern saddle is so much more adjustable than a crappy vintage one. That's why a good saddle is such an investment. If the owner is riding a horse that is a very different size or build, the saddle couldn't just be reflocked and adjusted to fit.

If the owner did offer to sell the saddle to Stef it may have been more than Stef was willing to pay. It could be expensive, even used.

New saddles are often >$1,200, many can be >$2,000 easily. But if Stef hired a saddle fitter, she could find a saddle in her budget. New economy brand saddles, often synthetic leather, are around $600-$1000. She could find a used economy brand with a saddle fitter's guidance or even an upscale refurbished vintage saddle that is relatively inexpensive and not junk.

No. 130374

Basically consult a saddle fitter. Stef has so many options. The saddle doesn't even have to be completely tailored, find a close enough fit and use a saddle pad with inserts for shims to correct it. She just clearly doesn't give a fuck at all unless it's cosplay.

Unless there are gaping saddle sores authorities won't care. The damage is too subtle, muscle wastage and spasms, damage to spinous processes, loss of hair pigment and ability to sweat from pressure. It will cause behavioral issues. Best we can hope for is her local community to reach out and 'educate' her, then call her out if she continues.

No. 130429

File: 1609795991908.jpg (269.52 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210104-213130_Fac…)

Trying to claim that her elsa contacts are her actual eyes and colour ffs

No. 130513

The person sincerely complimenting her by saying she resembles her horse is just as good as her response agreeing with it.

No. 130685

File: 1609930713359.png (310.27 KB, 512x588, 1566386832219.png)

sage for old milk, but the 'you look like your horse' exchange reminded me of when she dyed her hair and Finn's mane matching blue and anons joked about her skinwalking her horse.

I saw this old cap of her asking for costume ideas for her and Finn's first dressage show, a Halloween show. Afaik, she never followed through, but this proves she literally only cares about cosplay opportunities and we aren't likely get a real equestrian larp. I'm relieved for her horses.

No. 130711

File: 1609950617130.png (551.43 KB, 760x1009, Screenshot_20210106-132448.png)

Of course our ice queen doesn't get cold

No. 130715

File: 1609951763373.jpeg (1.65 MB, 3840x2880, 24B73CD7-F88C-43C3-9EEF-621C51…)

Found this abomination of a photoshopped mess on my discovery page and for a second I thought it was Steph abusing photoshop to a whole new level.
Guess the Queen of popping balloons with her mind and abusing horses is getting some competition.(no1curr)

No. 130720

Her dress doesn't even fit properly. I can see why she was shopping around.

No. 130753


Did she purposely choose a 45-year old-looking Anna to look better (and younger) or is it that she can only handle having dumpy (like her) friends

No. 130775

All that photoshop and yet she somehow managed to give herself a moustache.

No. 130791

Of course she doesn't get cold, the fat keeps her warm all winter long.

No. 130823

I know it's been said a million times, and this is probably an older photo, but Jesus, her scraggly dead hair.

Just shave it, put it out of its misery.

No. 130846

Her current gf is actually cute. Starlenia is gorgeous. I wonder how either can stand to be around Stef for more than 5m though.

But you are right, she never seems to choose the best Annas for her Elsa LARP. I thought there was a decent Anna recently but they only took awful blurry pics together.

No. 130861

File: 1610039320526.jpeg (450.56 KB, 2048x2048, CD30E4C4-4CD9-4EB0-861E-9833E2…)

Pretty sure starlenia isn’t her gf, she has a new girl to larp her elsaxhoneymaren kink with. Tho I find it odd how they kinda look the same.

No. 130909

i know starlenia is not her gf. But she has an interesting look. i like her crossplays.

No. 131056

File: 1610100072876.jpg (520.46 KB, 1079x1888, IMG_20210108_180102.jpg)

Weird that our ice queen needs gloves

No. 131352

File: 1610201922234.jpg (692.96 KB, 1080x1211, IMG_20210109_221832.jpg)

She definitely suits Kristoff better than Elsa

No. 131368

She's got that sash pulled so tight she'll have to cut it off and her hair looks like it came out of a dryers lint trap, as always. At least the horse didn't have to get sat on for this stunning photo.

No. 131450

She doesnt want to freeze the horse with her ice powers. Conceal. Don't feel!

No. 131503

horse looks cute but god damn that hair texture…imagine how it feels to the touch KEK. how does she not just want to shave her head bald 24/7? that seems unbearable to deal with.

No. 131565

Getting sick of "shave your head" anon saying it over and over. Shaving isn't gonna change anything, she has a thick hair texture due to being mixed race so it'll just grow back mostly the same. And then she'll dye it again to match her next fictional soul sister.

No. 131589

If she let it grow out and actually left it alone, it would look a lot better. Her hair looked healthy a couple years ago, this has nothing to do with her natural texture.

No. 131600

first time i've mentioned it. take your meds schizo
you must not understand that stef repeatedly bleaching/straightening her hair is the reason her hair is this texture. if she cut it and let it regrow, it would not look like literal cotton balls attached to her scalp anymore, because she'd be cutting off all the fried, bleached bits.

No. 131630

File: 1610318204541.png (2.39 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20210110-163302.png)

No. 131635

File: 1610319534572.png (1.16 MB, 768x832, lmfao.png)


Hair pic from first thread for reference

No. 131671

I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure both of these are wigs or photoshop. The second one is her very expensive Hero Hair (or whatever it's called) wig.

No. 131686

File: 1610348878652.jpg (552.69 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210111-080412_Ins…)

"my newly uncovered Scandinavian heritage"

Is Stef still going with the story that her mother cheated on her dad with a stronk viking man?

No. 131693

She's moved onto skinwalking Anna now kek

No. 131729

But my Queen, I thought the cold has never bothered you? Which one is it?

No. 131771

A scandibo I can’t. Imagine wanting to be Norwegian/Swedish out of all things.

No. 131804

It's almost like you shouldn't skinwalk cultures you know nothing about? Fucking scandiboo

No. 132564

File: 1610717770292.jpg (757.18 KB, 1079x1878, IMG_20210115_213554.jpg)

Remember when she used to contort herself to make sure she was the shortest person in the photo?

No. 132579

her mom still won't explain the wind chime in the back yard that's clearly a nordic rune from her father.

No. 132586

File: 1610725918833.jpeg (512.32 KB, 750x1157, 89E490C4-0410-4696-8FD6-A3104F…)

Here’s Stef showing off her Registered horse who definitely doesn’t rear!

No. 132645

Is she selling him already?

No. 132666

File: 1610748810079.jpeg (512.55 KB, 750x1052, ABAC412E-C2C4-4CA0-9086-163DC6…)

This was posted to the Facebook group

No. 132667

why is she lying? this was done specifically to mimic the scene in the movie where Anna falls

except I don't remember Anna spreading her legs like that for the camera, that's new

No. 132704

Horse anons, does this sound as stupid as it seems? Every third word is a special riding term, and to my ignorant ears it just sounds like she's trying to hit as many buzzwords as possible without using regular words, but maybe people just describe their horses like this.

No. 132712

grew up around horsefolk, tbh (at least in my experience) it's par for the course with this kind of lingo. horse people are the reason i stayed away from horses lol

No. 132719

File: 1610769819732.jpg (602.54 KB, 1080x1602, Screenshot_20210115-214059_Fac…)

They are shorthand terms used in almost every show horse ad ever, so easy buzzwords for her to copy. It's odd she doesn't give his age and that he has no registration.

Is she trying to sell him or is this one of those dumb 'write an ad like you were selling your horse today' challenges or something. Those are usually supposed to be funny.

Anyway, I found her recently posting in a furry group again. So she's still on that bullshit too.

No. 132725

She’s not actually selling him it’s one of those dumb challenges

No. 132945

File: 1610886898343.jpg (1.03 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_01-17-08.34.47.jpg)

Here we go again

No. 133140

No features of her being mixed tbh. Just bc someone has a Non white dad doesn’t mean she will have mix features. She white passes. She doesn’t look mixed at all. So ya, her hair is just HELLA damaged. It looks that way because of bleach and horrible way she treats her hair. Shaving will give her a fresh start

No. 133158

how quickly do we think she's going to drop "the scandiboo equine ice princess real-life elsa uwu" shit now and suddenly "uncover" english ancestry? incoming skinwalking switch to regency era teaboo in 3, 2, 1…

No. 133160

Not likely. She admitted to faking her (terrible) British accent and ancestry when she was Daisy, it won't look good for her if she brings that up again.

No. 133162

No, no, no. It will be so much more easy for her now. She‘ll be like ‚hey, remember that I‘ve british roots?‘
Then she‘ll make up some shit about being tired of hiding her accent and fake the whole thing again.

No. 133209

File: 1610998706788.jpg (1.3 MB, 1732x6677, fuckingfurry.jpg)

Yesterday bought a bunch of shit for a new cosplay.
Today selling her furry suit for vet bills.

No. 133213

This bitch has a whole ass fur suit? Explains a lot.

No. 133233


"mY bOyS cOmE fIrSt" Right. Because we know she takes such good care of them, and they definitely aren't just cosplay props.

No. 133241

File: 1611009922968.jpg (291.52 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210118-224438_Ins…)

Lmao acting like she's somehow "tiktok famous" while simultaneously begging for views

No. 133249

>>133241 your icon is showing anon….hope that isnt your face..

No. 133251

Looks like Pixie's finsta

No. 133283

Ah well, that's what i get for being shit at cropping. Nothing i can do about it now!

No. 133471

Her fake accent is back. And somehow it's even worse this time.

No. 133472

File: 1611118925898.jpg (520.54 KB, 1079x1894, IMG_20210120_130144.jpg)

I always thought her singing was at least okay, but this is bad. It's flat then it's sharp and that nasally quality never goes away.

No. 133480

holy shit she sounds extra awful. she’s out of tune the whole time and her singing fluctuates through multiple notes like she’s trying to find the right one and failing. good god. and her “acting” as eloise is so embarrassing even by musical theatre standards.

No. 133484

Late to the party but that's totally what I thought about too

No. 133497

Watch her start pretending she's friends with Claudia Jessie

No. 133499

File: 1611137124552.jpg (512.08 KB, 1079x1937, IMG_20210120_180522.jpg)

Cannot WAIT for her Aussie mermaid skinwalk

No. 133510

File: 1611146145014.jpg (196.14 KB, 1440x2874, 0.jpg)

she has the most punchable annoying facial expressions i've literally ever seen, who moves their mouth like this on purpose? it's ugly as fuck

No. 133513


It's like she forgets she's not portraying a cartoon character here

No. 133523

File: 1611156581234.jpg (60.24 KB, 726x550, 1f08bc7c2de634f2ba2debdd4b1494…)

best transgender Little Nicky cosplay I've ever seen

No. 133533

She looks like Jane Krakowski… if Jane’s face was slipping off

No. 133611

>who moves their mouth like this on purpose?
Tiktok cosplayers, but i do agree that kind of expression is punchable

No. 133643

weird that she cares about this dumb video, when she posted a whole acapella song she sang badly and autotuned. That had 90 likes last i looked. It looked like a fair amount of work despite the poor outcome.

No. 133676

File: 1611210449053.jpg (231.91 KB, 1078x708, IMG_20210121_142653.jpg)


Another example of begging for attention on Instagram because she's not getting it on TikTok.

No. 133683

These new posts talking about her videos "flopping on tiktok" are so desperate and weird.

No. 133690

Well, it seems like the desperate self promoting and begging worked. If you look in the comments on TikTok, they're all ass pats about how she "literally IS eloise!!" and how great she sounded

No. 133727

File: 1611243173697.png (35.33 KB, 745x243, t42uIUt1OYhZoXfgOmk2JiAbJXOgwT…)

found stef on the chans

No. 134132

File: 1611452395799.jpg (531.48 KB, 1079x1609, IMG_20210124_093720.jpg)

These stupid tiktoks make her look absolutely ridiculous

No. 134183

File: 1611485612686.jpg (456.67 KB, 1076x1800, IMG_20210124_185332.jpg)

Okay Stefany

No. 134185

this is shit kids wrote on tumblr at 13 after watching death note once, except those kids look back on it and cringe instead of dragging it well into their 20s with them. everything she does is an embarrassing roleplay lol

imagine this big chonker dressed in a cheap, splitting elsa dress with half her hair missing going deathly still and putting on a "dominant monotone voice" telling you to "stand down" from her momo ass mouth? you'd just think she had autism or something. so combative.

No. 134208

>deathly still and putting on a "dominant monotone voice"
Kek, reminds me of Onion and his "soft, monotone voice" when he wants to act like someone is being irrational.

No. 134210

I had abusive ex who acted this way. It's pure psychopath behavior. I think Stef would probably cry tbh, she fronts as being a dom but can't take criticism at all.

No. 134244

I think her parents have just accepted her as special needs

No. 134250

Her “gf” Asian Rapunzel or whatever constantly captions her TikToks with “ugh my other cosplay is flopping on here I guess” so no surprise that Steph picked that up

No. 134287

File: 1611548224454.jpg (566.77 KB, 1073x1826, IMG_20210125_121713.jpg)

This is genuinely embarrassing

No. 134308

File: 1611569163359.jpg (867.75 KB, 1079x2116, IMG_20210125_180629.jpg)

Sage for samefag but this question was meant to be "thinks most people love that you dislike".

A lot of it is cringy (laughter from girls, being reminded that I have curves etc), but of course she has to mention that she hates the heat and wearing gloves…

No. 134344

"people simping over me :("

No. 134352

File: 1611602458454.png (2.68 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20210125-114709.png)

>Figure skate

Since fucking when? This yeti cooler doesn't have the stamina or physique to ride a horse let alone figure skate.

Ice skating and figure skating are vastly different you pine cone.

Her GF has to have ulterior motives for being with Stef. She's actually cute and talented. What's the draw?

No. 134396

Figure skating larp is old milk. Read the previous threads.

No. 134421

I'm familiar with her taking a very brief stint of ice skating lessons with children, never realized she claimed to be >a figure skater

No. 134437

IIRC she quit skate lessons after just a handful when she couldn't stomach watching children skate circles around her after she constantly fell on her ass.

But she she's a figure skater now, okay. I'll be honest I expected 'chess' to be somewhere in this list. I enjoy the implication that she has tons more unnamed hobbies for whenever she needs to manifest one for her next obsession.

No. 134491

The fall of pretending she can figure skate when she’s built like a hippopotamus

No. 134492

She hates laughter from a group of girls? Lol. Also most people don’t love clowns. This list is so cringe inducing.

No. 134501

File: 1611644514850.jpg (1.52 MB, 1439x2874, delusion.jpg)

the narcissism is out in full force lol

No. 134506


>i hate having boobs and curves and being reminded that i have them

>i hate wearing clothing, socks, smells, hugs, most physical contact

trans and/or "muh sensory overload and no emotions" autism saga when?


>i am highly competitive and strong willed

that must be why she's still living off her parents, has never achieved anything concrete in her nearly 30 years of life and are dependent on attention from strangers on the internet. the only "energy" she "gives off" is unwarranted self importance.

No. 134512

"I'm built like a shit brick house"
She's built like a outhouse?

No. 134515

mY nOsE sWoOpS iNtO a BuTtOn AnD mY lIpS aRe CuRvEd InTo A SlIgHt SmIrK

No. 134517


I like how she's "not too tall", but when she larped as Arya she was "tiny".

No. 134519

Didn't she try to pretend she was tall(ish) during her Rey phase?

No. 134522

File: 1611658148638.jpeg (44.38 KB, 600x594, B2F3EC2E-0301-485B-A579-ADF2BE…)

What in the ebony darkness dementia ravenway

No. 134532


"My posture is fantastic."

uhhhh, you sure about that sweetie?


No. 134538

File: 1611667655997.jpg (6.79 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg-1.jpg)

>button nose, lips in a slight smirk
Ok elsa

No. 134544

File: 1611672142889.jpg (221.99 KB, 1080x927, Screenshot_20210126-064126_Goo…)

She used the phrase wrong, but it also doesn't apply to her.

No. 134549

in my neck of the woods that phrase usually just means "fat"

No. 134556

File: 1611676838573.jpg (371.47 KB, 1079x1765, IMG_20210127_000019.jpg)

This may be her worst singing yet. Trying to sound like Liz Gillies but she sounds like a mouse being crushed. Just awful.

No. 134558

Dislikes wearing socks and gloves, wants to move to a really cold country. Can't make this shit up.

No. 134562

she sounds like a nasally man

No. 134593

her voice is flat as hell.

also anyone else thinks she looks like she's lipsyncing?

No. 134602

she messes with everything before posting it - autotune, whatever. she probably tried to make it imperfectly autotuned (to fake candidness) and failed

No. 134627

File: 1611698178698.jpg (273.55 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210126-215605_Ins…)

Tiktok begging again. Just accept that you're not famous already

No. 134646

File: 1611706358796.jpeg (164.83 KB, 750x531, 65A22BF1-7949-4D11-8FDB-CCBBD7…)

I see Stef is Setting up to sell her stallion already

No. 134682

File: 1611723304590.png (1.27 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20210126-234803.png)


She re-uploaded it to tiktok in hopes of getting more asspats.

That was a fail. It has even fewer likes than the original.

Watching her beg for likes and fail is satisfying.

No. 134691

I am surprised she isn't getting more likes when she has that many followers. Does she buy them or something?

363K followers and her cover has less than 50 likes after ten hours.

No. 134699


The constant pity party wouldn't be helping

No. 134737

That is the biggest load of bullshit I have ever heard. Christ.

No. 134738

File: 1611769628792.jpg (134.28 KB, 720x1280, IMG_20210127_065208_072.jpg)

I was going through old folders and found this lol. Back in the Maisie days when Stef was still mixed and also still claiming her Dominican heritage.

No. 134798

File: 1611797120012.jpg (593.23 KB, 1068x1575, IMG_20210128_092418.jpg)

No. 134801

People who describe themselves as opinionated are in fact telling us they are gobshites. She sounds absolutely intolerable

No. 134802


Finally gets hired to actually do a job modeling plus sized wedding dress.

>Frowns and looks like she's at a fucking funeral.

Poor makeup crew went into overtime hiding those crusty extensions and that photographers had his hands full making her appear semi-attractive.

She's insufferable to look at.

No. 134804

File: 1611798946143.jpeg (459.94 KB, 750x636, 6B4116F5-A528-4F86-B6F9-9E00A2…)

How does she manage to look so damn BORED?!? It’s a wedding shoot, you’re supposed to smile!!!!!
And gonna have a hard time convincing folks “ohhhhh I have elsa arms” when that dress shows all the arm fat

No. 134818


I don't mean to whiteknight but you really don't have to smile while modeling wedding gowns. If the photographers didn't tell her to smile and ended up using shots of her with a neutral expression it was probably in their plan in the first place. Photographers are very controlling about facial expressions, I doubt Stef just pouted throughout the whole shoot.

It is interesting to see her photoshopped by someone else. Finally her real face.

No. 134825

even if she did smile it would’ve been that scary pixar expression

No. 134835

File: 1611816955292.jpg (681.78 KB, 1079x1916, IMG_20210128_145604.jpg)

How flattering

No. 134840

>I have a gaze that can shut men up
They shut up because when they talk to you they realize you’re autistic bordering on legitimately retarded

No. 134867

Damn, that’s a big bitch. Absolutely hysterical that she ever tried to convince anyone that she was a 5’3 smoll little waif.

No. 134913

Not trying to shame the company but this is a horribly picture and it‘s not even entirely Stef‘s fault

No. 134948

It’s not great, but the fact that she holds her hulking shoulders up to her ears isn’t helping. The way she poses just makes her look like a box.

No. 134982


Flashbacks to when she had her body type listed as average, is she still trying to sell old cosplays of hers as a medium? she's a Xl at best, Imagine being some young cosplayer excited to do an Elsa cosplay but you buy it from Stef and it ends up hanging off of you like a potato sack because she's too delusional/insecure to correctly list the size of clothing she's trying to sell on

No. 135071

how can one be such a pathological liar

No. 135113

fridge in a dress!

No. 135127

File: 1611949725760.jpg (199.31 KB, 1080x1050, 20210129_114315.jpg)

Fool decided to dive headfirst into tight lacing without researching corset training.

No. 135153


Please indulge us on the variety of excuses and her inability to accept advice given as per usual.

I don't have the desire to join anymore groups to follow her antics.

No. 135401

File: 1612056087915.jpeg (321.39 KB, 828x888, D14275FA-9086-4403-8BEA-28600B…)


“i HaTe RiDiNg WeStErn”

Don’t turn into a barrel racer, Stef. It’s a brutal industry and you’ll get dragged through the mud for your shit riding skills.

We’ll also just ridicule your horrible horsemanship even more.

No. 135406

>I pay my own bills
With what money kek

No. 135407


Ok what famous character rides western? We all know damn well she wouldn't take on a new skill without it being in her blood for x years and of course being a trait of some fictional character.

No. 135411

I'm going to tinfoil Jessie from toy story. She can LARP as a Western rider while being a Disney character.

No. 135418

and more importantly what bills???
her parents fully house and enable her.

No. 135419

Her last new faves were Queens Gambit and Bridgerton so my money is on Godless. Shes loving the Netflix shows lately.

No. 135421

What an outrageous story, no way her "non-horsey" parents give a shit what type of riding she does. They wouldn't have let her get fat and buy random horses out of people's backyards and barely ride them for years. You aren't any sort of rider Stef, you don't even own a dressage saddle to use as a prop.

She has contradicted herself and made so many weird posts in this specific FB group. They have to have caught on that she's a nut.

No. 135425


As a horsesperg I’ve been in the group for a while. She’s been a member since June of 2019. Somehow nobody has caught onto her bullshit yet.

I stumbled upon her thread by searching her “Eloise” name because something smelt fishy to me and lolcow was right under her socialls.

No. 135432

File: 1612070902916.jpeg (231.19 KB, 1280x960, F102B9DF-A4D3-4229-8018-57641E…)

I mean , cosplaying Maggie wouldn’t be the worst idea. She wouldn’t have to shoop her body to look uwu so smol.

No. 135464

She literally put "riding western" in her dislikes list, or am I missing something?

No. 135478

File: 1612089390706.jpg (1.3 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_01-31-06.36.08.jpg)

Yeah it's super unintentional. That's why you tagged the photo with "ice queen"

No. 135525

She'll get laughed out of the arena before she even leaves the alley.

For non horse people, barrel racing girls are the mean girls of the house world (at least in my area they are anyway). Stef won't be able to pull her 'UwU Accidental Disney princess' stuff without getting shit talked, nor will she be able to bullshit her way through pretending she knows what she's taking about. She's best just keeping her shenanigans to her online hugboxes and out of actual arenas, save for horse lessons (but we all know that Stef is too good for lessons)

No. 135531

Barrel racing girls are volatile bitches. Would be funny to see Stef actually step out of her hugbox kek

No. 135541

Without getting too off the rails, fancy explaining why? Knowing exactly what she's walking into always makes the ensuing milk that much better.

No. 135543


In which case I absolutely encourage Stef to do western. I'm itching for another hour long mental breakdown on IG.

But we all know she'd do it half ass and take children's lessons with 8 year olds.

No. 135545

nta but it's just a culture thing. it's a highly competitive environment.

No. 135550

It's a highly competitive sport, horse girl sport at that, so the girls are a little crazy to start off with. A lot of these girls have been riding for most their lives, and know and understand how horses work, meaning they can spot a shit rider from a mile away. Big races give prize money, saddles, trailers, and so on, so there's a lot on the line.

Even the smaller "playdates" that involve minimal money or prizes can be ruthless competition wise, as it's a status thing. You show up and ride like shit, they'll let you know about it.

Stef couldn't handle the heat from the Starwars community back in the day, she's not going to last long in the barrel racing community.

No. 135610

she sure did kek

No. 135679

Is she even a Scorpio?

No. 135684

File: 1612148029316.jpg (644.49 KB, 1440x3029, imascorpio.jpg)

New face in her cringey new video.

She's trying to push this tough girl facade lately when it's evident by her postings that she's nothing more than a pathetic whiney bitch who can't handle criticism without vomiting, shaking and feeling like the world is ending.

Which is is Stef?

No. 135702

any idea what was posted and to what cringe group? kek

No. 135709

File: 1612156362838.jpeg (205.28 KB, 827x1302, 9AF5C527-69A8-4FAE-B61B-EBE2A9…)

I saw the post where she got assblasted. It’s a group named “Disney Shaming and Cringeposting”.

They obliterated her Halloween Elsa & Nokk cosplay. Her third Snow thread was linked two separate times.

I’ve got receipts

No. 135710

File: 1612156385294.jpeg (78.55 KB, 827x428, 81AD2968-2A64-40CE-92AD-2BF25C…)

No. 135711

File: 1612156412354.jpeg (68.23 KB, 827x414, B753B162-537F-4920-8886-F78677…)

No. 135712

File: 1612156433622.jpeg (168.12 KB, 827x936, A14971D8-8E1D-42EE-9911-99EFC5…)

No. 135713

File: 1612156473988.jpeg (226.16 KB, 827x1290, 3CB04710-A443-455C-928A-AB440E…)

A cow tipper caught in broad daylight

No. 135716

"My breathing quickens! Tears prick my eyes! My hands start to shake!" Trust me, anybody who's ever had a real "full blown panic attack" wouldn't romanticize it like that. Panic attacks fucking suck. The uwu anxiety Tumblr post stuff is extremely toxic and it genuinely makes me upset.

No. 135720

this is the most boldly blatant attempts to stroke your own ego I’ve ever seen.

“I know I’m not in the wrong here but maybe I don’t know that! now everyone please join me in the hugbox echo chamber so I can feel even better about myself!”

No. 135721

>what if they are all right
They are. They absolutely are.

No. 135723


I'm in a group of the same name and I can't find the post.
There only seems to be one "Disney Shaming and Cringeposting" group.
Are there multiple I'm not finding?
I just wanted to eat a nice bowl of popcorn and read her getting dragged.

No. 135742

>posted today a troll cringe group
>I left the group so I can’t see what vile things they are saying
So she was part of the Disney Shaming and Cringe group before they called her out?

No. 135767

I mean she was/is in a similar group for ”racist cosplays” where she tried to cancel some polish cosplayer because she was tan in her Pocahontas photos- using her “native friend” as a source. Sucks when it happens to you doesn’t it stef

No. 135786

it wouldn't even surprise me if she was preemptively in the group waiting for something like this to happen kek

No. 135788

File: 1612196209892.png (204.94 KB, 1080x895, Screenshot_20210201-111506_Fac…)


I just searched her name kn the group, and she was in it before she was posted

No. 135805

why not share the original post dragging her? That’s what I want to read

No. 135832


I think the group may be private and not searchable as I can't find it anywhere. The OP would be a good read anon. Pls share.

No. 135838

File: 1612211287220.png (2.59 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20210201-141443.png)

And she's dying her hair darker.
Bet it's going to be box dye.
I hope she goes bald.

No. 135882

My thoughts exactly. She knew it was coming.

No. 135917

File: 1612234226982.jpeg (1.24 MB, 4096x2048, 65976162-2E22-4F34-A91C-529378…)

samefag here

I only know of this one group but I do believe that it was privated. If you go to the search tool and type up “horse” then view the posts of 2020 it’s like the 5th or 6th thing that shows up.


Sorry if these are hard to read, putting things in a collage on mobile is difficult,

No. 135918

File: 1612234254675.jpeg (1.36 MB, 4096x2048, 037D05F0-A8F5-4687-9EB1-DE0487…)

No. 135919

File: 1612234350444.jpeg (1.39 MB, 4096x2048, C454E97A-C9D9-45BF-9403-49EA5B…)

No. 135921

File: 1612234495222.jpeg (1.18 MB, 3464x3464, E3FC06DD-D42D-4752-9B0D-095742…)

No. 135925


You magnificent saint.

God that was a fantastic fucking read.

I've tried searching for the group but it doesn't show for me. I included a throwaway email if you could possibly send me a link? I don't t think that's against the rules(?)

Nonetheless your effort is much appreciated anon.

Also I use image combiner app. It crops and merges together screenshots seamlessly and it's much easier than other apps.

No. 135929

made a throwaway and sent you a link

No. 135932

stef is my fav cow bc she's both super harmless/weak as shit and a fucking dumbass

she really thinks it's ok to make fun of other cringy cosplayers while having her facebook name "elsa frozen" like some kid choosing a username for club penguin + having an extremely easy-to-find thread documenting your own cringe

if this was the early 20th Century, she'd be the unmarriagable daughter hidden in some sanctuary so no one can find out how incredibly embarrassing she is to her well-off parents

No. 135937

File: 1612240545556.jpg (131.32 KB, 719x554, Screenshot_20210202-043152_Fac…)

Confirmation that the stallion is/was for potential breeding. So much for getting rid of the pompoms

No. 135938

File: 1612240637509.jpg (311.88 KB, 648x1617, Screenshot_20210202-043007_Fac…)

Shut the whole entire fuck up, uwu winter fairy

No. 135939

How does she still have the gall to be this retarded after getting her ass dragged from one end of the equator to the next omfg shut the fuck up you autistic psycho bitch

No. 135941

File: 1612241385369.png (1.61 MB, 1440x1856, Screenshot_20210131-163024~3.p…)


Before her Elsa

>I'm never cold, I'm an ice witch phase

She slipped up.

I get that horse + ice is a bad idea, yet she has no problem dragging her horse outside in -17 winter weather for her narcissist photo ops. Long and short here she admits she is infact not a Disney princess and does infact get cold.

No. 135942

>>135938 "I would much rather be a warm hug than a cold hand" If she's comfortable in the cold she would be the warm hug but she doesn't get it because she's roleplaying Elsa

No. 135943

>>135942 Sorry, forgot so sage

No. 135945

This makes me want to rip all of my hair out.

For Thoroughbreds to be registered in the Jockey Club they MUST do a live cover instead of artificial insemination. Not to mention that it costs THOUSANDS of dollars to vet, breed and properly take care of a pregnant mare. There’s a lot of danger when it comes to breeding live and precautions. If the mare isn’t set up properly or even prepared with a teaser stallion (a stud used to entice the mare) then she has the chance of not only killing the stud but the people handling her and such stud.

If she does somehow manage to get somebody to breed, Orpheus will need to be separated COMPLETELY from every other horse because if he’s not properly trained like I expect since he came off the track then once he smells said mare he’ll flip his shit and either fight Nanok and anybody else that gets in his way or tear down all of the fences.

All in all it will be a shit show and lived are at stake.

Stefakey you better sit the fuck down and go back to you playing with your My Little Ponies. You are churning up dangerous waters that will put all of those involved in said breeding—including the horses—in serious danger. You don’t know shit about breeding and have no fucking right to step foot in the same room as proficient horse breeders.

I’m hoping all of this is just another spree for attention because if word got out that you were in one horse group saying you’d cut off his “troublepuffs” and in another saying you were planning on breeding him your whole “eQuEsTrIaN lIfEsTyLe” would be shredded in the garbage disposal and shit on by the horse industry.

No. 135946

File: 1612242027126.jpg (397.36 KB, 1440x3095, norwegianretard~3.jpg)


She's not breeding any horses anon. Our girl is going to Norway where she's she plans to ship one of her horses ( Nanok of course ) to live out her Disney fantasy. It's in her blood ya know.

No. 135947


obvious concerns about the horses' welfare aside (it's disgusting how she treats animals)…

does this mean there's a chance that Stef could get mauled by a horse? this is an exciting prospect but I'm not a horsefag so I have no idea what the likelihood is

No. 135949

If you look at her whole history of made-up stories then both breeding horses and moving to Norway are unattainable goals without some hard work…so which is it? Pick a personality and a lifestyle, Stef.

There’s a chance for that to happen if she does go through with her retarded lies. Horse fights are brutal as hell.
I’ve known literal people who’ve been picked up by a bite from a horse, trampled, stomped, kicked in the head, and pinned down by a 1200 pound animal.

It’s not a lifestyle that’s all fun and games. Horse are prey animals and their first instinct when they’re in a predicament is “flight”. If they’re scared enough they’re known to run blindly in any direction, running headfirst into things, mowing people over, etc.

So technically there’s a bunch of different ways that Orpheus could kill her. You can find examples on YouTube. Rotational falls are the worst.

Sage for horsesperg

No. 135951


bless you, educated horsefag anon. you've given me hope that someday Stef might taste hoof.

No. 135956

File: 1612244536296.jpg (242.82 KB, 1182x1280, IMG_20210202_064140_671.jpg)

Yeah she used to get cold, before she became our Ice Queen

No. 135957

File: 1612244667358.jpg (190.44 KB, 812x1280, IMG_20210202_064153_222.jpg)

This is one of the most insane photoshop jobs she's done

No. 135959

File: 1612244894821.jpg (187.15 KB, 869x1280, IMG_20210202_064623_440.jpg)

kek I have this folder of old captions where stef says she is cold

No. 135960

File: 1612245372590.jpg (277.82 KB, 799x1280, IMG_20210202_065154_605.jpg)

OK, last three for now, I swear. But did you know that her degenerative illness caused her to have cold, numb hands? See the second part of this story …

No. 135961

File: 1612245407621.jpg (328.74 KB, 839x1280, 107736912_330094~2.jpg)

part 2

No. 135962

File: 1612245499087.jpg (99.89 KB, 1280x692, IMG_20210202_065227_779.jpg)

No. 135964


I'm speechless.
This bitch is certifiably retarded.

She sure did muster up the strength to type up a Dickens novel about having the sniffles.
What a fucking potato.

Thanks anons for digging up some old unseen milk from the back of the fridge.

No. 135967

This looks like the retarded fanfiction written by eleven year olds.

I feel like I could’ve become a black hole with how hard I cringed.

No. 135989

Sage for scandisperg, but in a clear attempt to sound more knowledgeable she ended up sounding retarded. Bokmål is one of two written languages in Norway, but it's not a spoken language. Just say Norwegian, Stef.

No. 135992

There's been a death in the family and everyone is in mourning. What a perfect time to write a novel about how living with my vague fictional illness thatisometimesforgetihave is worse than dying. I know death personally. I am the main character here. -Stef

If only her Stranger Things skinwalk had lasted long enough to inspire a novel about being abused by the evil balloon doctor.

No. 135993

I will never give up the hope that Dr. Rad will return as her MK Ultra doctor. Maybe one day…

No. 135994

she's forever slipping up and ignoring it. what amazes me is that she's retarded enough to leave all the posts up. if you scroll on her ig for all of 5 seconds, her old hilarious shoops and fake shitty english accent are still there with no shame whatsoever

No. 135998

File: 1612263801775.jpg (577.05 KB, 1079x1893, IMG_20210202_190323.jpg)

Tough girl act again plus delusion

No. 135999

I’m tired of her doing that bizarre, wannabe sexy thumb down the side of her mouth thing. Bitch you are a dumpy fat ass that does nothing but waddle around your parents house and tell lies all day.

No. 136030

File: 1612278371882.png (2.04 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20210202-085730.png)

Ah yes I had a hunch the new dye job had something to do with a skinwalk obsession. She has now latched onto Elizabeth Gilles even tighter for a show she's admittingly never seen.

It never ends.

No. 136044

If you Google search the groups they will direct you to the links for them everyone!!

No. 136046

Lmao I’ve seen her get called out at a con 2 years ago and she literally crumbles anyway. I’m pretty sure it was the con where she finally dropped trying to pass her English accent she was faking

No. 136053

File: 1612288442746.gif (150.82 KB, 220x225, 66C69495-AA13-4147-9F61-E6A441…)

It’s from victorious, she’s done some jade west skinwalking already

No. 136055


She's referencing Fallon from Dynasty in the the screenshot. Another character Liz Gilles plays.


Only if you're already in the group. The group went private and is unsearchable for everyone else.

No. 136065


this is literally just a weeb's fantasy of going to japan ala PT

Stef's too fat for European cities- i doubt she'd be okay walking or biking everywhere esp in a city. Plus, everyone would know she's the dumpy American (no one would think she's Canadian at first brush) who talks too loud, tries to get into your personal space and does stupid shit in public.

and what school would take her? one of those for-profit schools? she's fucking dumb as hell

No. 136071

Ugh, it's been a while since I've seen her old Daisy skinwalking pics. It's unsettling, and honestly even with the heavy shooping she looked nothing like Rey.

No. 136088

Wh…why skinwalk a show you haven't seen? This is so weird

No. 136111

File: 1612303672338.jpg (698.7 KB, 1080x5745, bitchwhat.jpg)

The delusion intensifies.

She legit said she resembles Liz.

No. 136119

Liz got married to the victorious worker that groomed her. Maybe Steph will skinwalk that too.

No. 136132

kek an anon in a past thread said she was telling people at a con that she is RELATED to liz gillies >>72286

No. 136164

People have been telling her she resembled Liz since she was just an infant but she didn't see it until now!!

No. 136186

Negative, our Eloise will absolutely die alone sitting on her fat droopy ass in her parents attic among her hoards of trinkets bought on daddy’s dime

No. 136209

File: 1612332267640.png (627.86 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20210202-225329.png)

More begging for her cringy videos to get likes so she can feel popular and loved. How pathetic.
I hope she's been shadow banned on Tik Tok.

You know Stef if you spent more time being a productive member of society with you know.. a job and less time editing your below average face and lego shaped body your thread may make it to the bottom of the page one day.

No. 136222

File: 1612348827818.jpg (116.49 KB, 703x330, IMG_20210203_183922.jpg)

Nitpick but jeez try doing something a little different

No. 136253

>years of practice with my fathers own ex company
Jill stop pretending you’ve done anything but follow closely behind your parents while looking at the ground you autistic skinwalking parasite

No. 136296

File: 1612377699946.png (3.72 MB, 828x1792, 76B09155-551B-4281-9668-4351C1…)

how are you a ~cosplayer~ and you can’t even apply lipstick this looks so awful lmao

No. 136301

Stef when would you have any time to do any of these things?

- You spent years learning back end AND front end code for your 'robotics' and 'ai'.
- You spent years learning to ice skate
- You spent years 'practicing' with your father's company
- You spent years learning to ride your horse
- You spent years learning to create cosplay
- You spent years learning 'photoshop' and 'other' photo editing software.
- You spent years learning to sing
- You spent years as stunt double for Daisy from Star wars
- You spent years learning to draw/illustrate
- You spent years learning to do make up/hair

…And probably a lot more I'm missing.

And between all those 'years' you also popped some balloons with your mind from the (possible years) a doctor had you tested, having several relationships/outings with friends, went to cons, having the time to draw regularly, post on your social media, go riding on a consistent basis, have a life outside of all this 'learning' you're constantly saying you're doing or did. How are this unaware that you sound like a complete narcissistic moron to anyone who does even 1% of any the things you lie you do?

No. 136310

how dare she talk about her Dad's company when she would rather be the child of some hidden affair than his kid? (How disrespectful to both her parents, and how delusional when you see pictures of her family.)

She did and does fuck-all for her dad. Maybe he is an ass, I have no idea and we can't know, but he singlehandedly or at least primarily supports the whole family and all their animals, while still doing charity work. Stef. does. nothing. She does nothing but complain about her dad since the Arya days. Once she lied and said he has no social media. LOL. He has at least four social media accounts, probably more; I stopped looking since he isn't a cow.

I hate defending someone I don't know, and who very well could be a jerk behind closed doors, but how do you mooch off of someone for so long as an adult while claiming they verbally abuse you / only care about your sibling? How do you take his money and then lie about him losing his job, imply he isn't your dad bc you don't know how to read 23&me results, refuse to learn his language, show 0 interest in his culture?

She changed the names her parents gave her to skinwalk the whitest of white characters. It's a great example of self-loathing racism or something. She may be fairer than her sibling but you cannot get around the fact that her dad is a hardworking brown immigrant who primarily speaks Spanish, and Elsa Frozen would like nothing more than to erase him from her life completely.

No. 136319

Don't forget about her illness >>135960 that stole all those years from her too lol.

She's like a pathological liar, but the ones I've met will compulsively lie about any topic that happens to come up in conversation. Instead, Stef compulsively lies about any topic she develops an interest in (lol a true narc) and blasts it all over social media. But just like the typical pathological liar she doesn't care about covering her tracks or keeping her story straight and is delusional as to what people will believe. I'm not diagnosing her or anything, just comparing her.

No. 136329

Oh I don’t think that’s classified as armchairing anyways, you’re absolutely right and it’s blatantly obvious

No. 136390

File: 1612411693857.png (3.26 MB, 750x1334, 14E7B9CF-A9F2-42B2-9AAA-75FF41…)

another face to add to the collection

No. 136415

But.. Liz Gillies isn't a furry Stef..

No. 136417

File: 1612426318695.jpg (994.1 KB, 1079x1877, IMG_20210204_161147.jpg)

She's gonna skinwalk as a raver kid from 2012

No. 136418

I had to take another look at that photo because it looks nothing fucking like her.

No. 136419

File: 1612427003143.jpeg (423.44 KB, 828x1023, 4E7A5BBC-490A-46D0-8E9C-177BB0…)

Somebody take this down-syndrome stroke victim back to the hospital

No. 136473

Kek, the caption blown up and skewed to cover her double chin and her armpit fat roll. She looks like a greasy weeb from 2016. Also, nitpick but I feel like we never see her teeth unless she’s doing that for awful stroke victim side mouth thing, but I understand why now, they’re busted as fuck. Maybe spend less of your dads money putting down horses and buying XL party city cosplays (that you really really need to bring the waist in for seriously guys she’s like an XXS in the waist for real!) and get some braces.

No. 136475

She doesn't need braces, her teeth aren't crooked. They look weird because they're small for her mouth and have gaps inbetween. She could get some bonding work done to correct the shape and fill the gaps.

No. 136480


Holy shit, she's Lilee Jean if she ACTUALLY had money.

The not-homemade-cosplays, extremely sheltered, tries to act like a bad bitch but is really an blithering idiot, delusions of grandeur, obsession w/ faux ancestry + enabling, overly doting parents (the last part disqualifies being a lite version of Pixyteri)

No. 136615

File: 1612518060830.jpg (639.05 KB, 1078x1865, IMG_20210205_174115.jpg)

Oh NO that hair

No. 136617

I just caught this, "I've replaced all of my German swearing taught by my coach with Norwegian at this point." Is she implying that she regularly rides with a German dressage coach?

lmfao That's a status thing in the dressage community, working with a German or Iberian coach in any capacity. Those countries are considered to have superior riding/training programs and produce the top horses and riders. Typically, foreign trainers travel around North America doing 'clinics' where you can sign up and ride for them for a few hours to get feedback. To be at a German expats barn as a regular student is usually a big deal.

If she really did ride with a German 'coach', even once at a clinic, they would eat her fat ass alive for wasting their time. They are known for being brutal. She needs a riding instructor and lessons, not some elite coach. Even referring to an instructor as 'coach' in her case is an ego trip. You aren't on any team Stef.

No. 136620

File: 1612521806421.jpg (26.19 KB, 450x590, 12354463-large.jpg)

She got that Theresa Caputo ass cut

No. 136637

Holy shit so that’s why she’s dyed it darker and gave up on the Elsa hair finally. She literally has 3 hairs left.

No. 136696

No, she did that because the private facebook group ripped her a new asshole for trying to be Elsa, it coincided perfectly with that. In her humiliation and embarrassment she turned to some box dye.

No. 136720

Sauce? Or did i miss something already posted

No. 136725


The disney group called her out months ago

No. 136900

if this girl hunches her shoulders any higher she’s gonna have to start skinwalking quasimodo

No. 137115

File: 1612753276628.jpeg (1.73 MB, 3999x2999, 4A7990C2-4662-40ED-A2F0-66D7D1…)

Elsa’s at it again with the “horses that need the euth”. Bet you she’ll make a post about how he died suddenly in the night or she had to put him down for some reason related to this.

Somebody even called her out on her sudden jump to euthanasia and explained different options.

No. 137120

This is so sad. This random person is offering her free stuff and giving Stef all this great advice to avoid k i l l i n g her horse, and Stef seems as unconcerned as ever. I don't know any pet owner that wouldn't be freaking out at the thought of their animal having to be put to sleep.

No. 137137

I can’t help but wait for the begging for money for Finn boo hoo posts from her. Meanwhile she has been bragging on IG about buying her recent “cosplays” on Amazon. Guess she hasn’t gotten enough sympathy/asspats recently so now of course another of her horses is suddenly on the cusp of euthanasia.

No. 137142

What do you think the over/under is of her starting an Onlyfans

No. 137157

I doubt it. She’s never posted anything remotely sexual and she hates how big she is.

No. 137160

File: 1612774078735.jpg (527.16 KB, 1079x1876, IMG_20210208_164807.jpg)

E-begging again

No. 137163

She lovebombs her horses via social media whenever she feels like it will get her attention or validation. She loves randomly waxing poetic about any one of the horses big roles in her constantly changing life story novel… but I doubt their standard of care changes much in irl.

She doesn't need to sleep overnight with him as if his vitals are going to plummet, that is silly. He is recovering from a tendon injury. He needs his pain medication, proper wrapping, and in the future gentle exercise to rehab him. But that's to boring and factual for her epic novel (and too much REAL work to think about).

I just hope shes not trying to play this up for when she chooses to put him down, giddy about having a space open for a new horse. She has written in the past as if Finn is some childhood friend, though I don't think she's owned him that long. It still makes me sick.

No. 137207

File: 1612812994054.jpeg (304.03 KB, 1125x890, 68410758-3656-4A6F-8A27-8C53B6…)

Not only if most of the stuff on the wishlist for herself, but what does this fat fuck need 100 bags of chips for?

No. 137210

File: 1612813570389.png (67.91 KB, 627x495, image_2021-02-08_194612.png)

Apparently its to feed to the horse? But as far as I know, you really aren't meant to feed potatoes to horses in any form, pic related. Definitely not 100 bags.

No. 137253

File: 1612823609206.png (223.56 KB, 1103x839, wyDnyro26F.png)

She seems to think she'll be sleeping in the barn with the horse.

No. 137259

Buckle up for a new munchausen by horsey saga.

If a horse is in such dire condition, to where he needs to be watched around the clock, then she should probably stable him at an equine vet facility, but then she couldn't e beg for a new desk and snuggy.

No. 137273

File: 1612828724717.jpg (401.14 KB, 1440x3643, thisbitch.jpg)


>This looks like me

She went out and replied to a comment tagged on this artists work

No. 137274


Work? What work? She's a jobless parasite. I'm sure she means a table to setup her ringlight for photos and videos so she can pander for money.

Why does our
-I'm never cold
Ice queen need a hipster print Snuggie anyways?

No. 137278

who tf euthanizes a horse over a ruptured tendon? most horses are fine with few months of stall rest. This dumb bitch might as well move all her stuff to the stable for half a year

No. 137286


Genuinely delusional

No. 137304


From the online Merck Veterinary Manual, Rupture of the Fibularis (Peroneus) Tertius in Horses

“Conservative treatment with 3–4 mo of stall rest followed by slow and careful reintroduction to exercise usually results in complete resolution of signs and return to athletic soundness.”

Probably wise for her to Google conditions before telling the Internet she has to euthanize her horse.

No. 137309

“needs 100” fucking kek

imagine asking for a hundred bags of chips ~as a treat~ for your horse. just put some horse feed on the list, or at least something that doesn’t pop up as “toxic for horses” when you google it my god

No. 137317

File: 1612841126625.jpeg (132.02 KB, 828x314, C3293ADC-246D-4CB8-A7D2-AC38D5…)

What a sudden change from “he might need to be euthed if he doesn’t improve in six weeks”

If she actually dedicated her time to him like she says she is he’d be getting the utmost care she could afford for him including all kinds of therapeutic stuff, but she’s just squirting milk out of her utters for us.

No. 137328

File: 1612848707417.png (1.96 MB, 750x1334, C77455E6-3824-431A-9EAE-20D6DC…)

she posted on her instagram story (which is apparently a tiktok also) that he’s going to be on stall rest for a year. seems excessive?

No. 137330

File: 1612849000117.png (2 MB, 750x1334, AE2B461E-94C5-4AFF-84DB-94488E…)

also called it a “life or death decision”

No. 137332

This absolute dumbass. She has access to her own barn and stalls, which she can easily modify for longterm stall rest. It's not like she has to board her horse and pay to keep her horse in a stall and pay for care (which can easily cost as much as rent for an apartment). She never rides this horse (or rides at all kek), and she owns multiple horses anyway. It literally does not burden her in any way to allow to this horse to recover. It should never have been a difficult choice for her.

No. 137367

Maybe the horse, like the owner, also has wholly made up health problems that make it require longer stall rest.

No. 137372

Lmao what? She doesn’t have an extra blanket or an extra writing surface in her whole entire house? She really is fucking greedy, that horse does not eat potato chips, she does, and she doesn’t have “work” that requires a big old 100 dollar desk. She posts tiktoks and eats. That’s it. I don’t even think she still has that barista job or whatever it was because she fully stopped talking about it once holidays were over, she was probably a seasonal hire.
All the “justifications” she put on them feels like some weird fantasy that she’s going to be in that stable 24/7, but I guarantee we don’t see or hear of him for months once she’s milked the “omg he’s so hurt!! Send me snacks!!!” angle for a week because he’s not useful to her skinwalk-character-du-jour LARP anymore. She discards horses like used tissues.

No. 137385

I’m absolutely rolling at all of this, her fat dumpy ass really tried to sell those things as necessary when she just wants a new desk and to gorge on chips. Psycho bitch.

No. 137387

Wow, once again everything has to be about her. The horse has an injury but her new life camping out in the barn is most important. Well, I guess she's finally trying to move out of her parent's house.

No. 137388

Is it wrong that I kinda want 100 bags of chips on her doorstep? If only I were rich enough to do that and hire someone to film her family's reaction.

No. 137391

File: 1612891375167.gif (1018.65 KB, 240x182, FFFC4E78-DC32-48F1-805F-C6B8CF…)


No. 137414

Notice how she says his favorite is Lays but instead of asking for just Lays she’s asking for variety… this fat bitch hungry

No. 137420

it'd be 300 bags because she wants 100 3packs, kek

No. 137462

Can’t upload, but god the ig stories where she complains about being a person so she wishes she was a tree and then says if she were a tree she could “fall on—let me stop myself” girl shut your fat ass up you aren’t a lolcow from pure chance.

No. 137573

File: 1613001936977.jpg (771.14 KB, 1079x2054, IMG_20210211_080536.jpg)

Arson isn't very "Elsa" of you.

Though of course now she's posting Liz nonstop. Wonder when the full switch will happen.

No. 137699

File: 1613045070420.jpg (366.82 KB, 1080x1844, Screenshot_20210211-055025_Sam…)

Stef keeps adding to her Amazon wishlist and big surprise, it's all unnecessary shit for herself. Bedding and pillows and WiFi for the barn.

If she wants company for Finn she could open up a free stall across from him for a local injured horse. Finn can't even see Stef over the high concrete divider. It's so pointless and silly. What an ass.

No. 137706

holy shit lmao this is golden. i have no doubts she has unlimited phone data and can easily tether via usb. also, that writing table with the basket she's asking for clearly isn't needed because there's one right there kek.

No. 137707

yeah I'm sure in that giant house, they have some extra bedding. Leech.

She's so smug in these videos it makes my skin crawl.


"Hey there! I had no clue the video was going to blow up ths way it did."
"People have been asking if they can send him something. Absolutely! He and I would love that. Amazon wishlist in my bio"


No. 137711

Wow she is so clearly milking her horse's "life or death" (okay, steph) injury for tiktok views of all things. This is a new low.

No. 137719

Now she’s promoting magnetic lashes and tagged Liz because she’s using her filter (here we go) and goes on a diatribe of “anyone who knows me for five minutes knows I can’t put on lashes.” Tell me why prefacing anything with “anyone who knows me” is such a popular thing for cows to say?

Pretending she’s a martyr and needs to stay in the stall Full Time ™ is probably some new delusion to try to prove to her parents she’s not useless and has a purpose, they were probably harping at her to get a job again. Plus of course she wants the attention she can’t garner any other way.

No. 137727

>>137719 I think the “anyone who knows me” comment is an attempt to establish a trait by insistence. If anyone was to say “that’s not true, you don’t do that” then clearly that person just doesn’t know them well enough (that’s their logic)

At attempt to grandfather in newly picked up traits or interests; and act like they’re not new

That’s just my guess anyway

No. 137747

Doesn't he only need a few months of stall rest? I'm not even a horse person but the casual animal abuse of keeping a horse inside for an extra several months for her munchie delusions seems really fucked up.

No. 137750

Two other cows have done that recently too, plasticnproud and the stinky gnome with the tattoos that photoshops her eyes huge and her nose small. A whole triad of crazy.

No. 137790

Her work? Consists of drawing furries.

And she's cold. Very cold. Elsa mask is peeling away as she preps to steal another identity.


No. 137793

shes definitely going the liz gillies route. she dyed her hair brown and is doing her makeup like her as well, she's also been having a very badass-esque facade. i can definitely see it.

No. 137803

“Work”. Definitely feeling hurt that anons said she’s never done fuck all and waddled close behind mommy and daddy when she claimed she learned from dads ‘previous company.’ Pretending to be busy and living out some delusion that she’s a hardass girlboss from a stinking horse stall.

From what? Accidentally microwaving a spoon in your parents microwave?

No. 137807

File: 1613096559942.jpeg (437.59 KB, 828x874, 45E68076-C05D-4841-A76D-CACD77…)

She’s got some seriously eroded teeth. Bulimia or soda and candy guzzling?

No. 137808

If she had bulimia, we'd get a lengthy ~ED waif~ saga out of her. It's more likely from poor diet and excessive candy.

No. 137817

Wow, so she put her desk where he can reach it. I actually thought she'd be smarter than that. She'd better really be supervising him 24/7 then, or clearing off that desk when she's not.

I wish I could see his hooves. Part me wonders if the tendon injury is from him struggling around in the snow with neglected, pathologic hooves.

No. 137821

Not necessarily. Because she’s such a grandiose person who enjoys lying and wearing other people’s skin, bulimia is far from glamorous and could be something she’s deeply ashamed of. Her teeth are very suspect to me, especially since her parents are far from poor. Have we seen any pics from her teenage years? Has she always been this fat? You can be a fat purger of course but I’m just curious and she has like no enamel.

No. 137839

she periodically references having an eating disorder or having had one. I kind of took it as wannarexia, since it was just talk and fishing for compliments. Once you're in your twenties, it's pretty cringey to act like this (casual references to serious mental health issues). Once I even sent a message asking if she's OK. She immediately posted something about how this post was supposed to be for a select group of people and she got too personal in it or some shit. AKA I'm fishing for compliments and asspats but don't actually engage with me. Then she edited it again to say that she wasn't looking for concern or feedback from people she doesn't know irl.

My message was genuine. It's such a shitty way to deal with people. But she wants people just worried enough to buy her gifts and flatter her; she doesn't want any real interactions about her mental health.

If I find that post in my screenshots, I'll post it.

It's possible to be bulimic and overweight. It's not just about weight/body, the physical act of bingeing and purging is addictive.

No. 137855

Could have been the angle the picture was taken. Her teeth look fine in


No. 137856

Ontario has been in lockdown so unless they did takeout she would be unemployed probably.

No. 137864

File: 1613122141991.jpg (384.15 KB, 856x1241, Screenshot_20210212-031345_Sam…)

Oh yes, we saw a 2009 newspaper pic of her in Pony Club (horsey girl scouts basically) and she was huge.

I was one of the horse anons who believed she either never took riding lessons, or stopped lessons too soon (may still be true). Now I think the real reason she never posted proof (or for attention) about her riding history is because she was such a fat kid and didn't want people know. Being that large probably made learning to ride very difficult too and results in her apparent lack of skills and confidence now.

No. 137928

File: 1613142512378.jpeg (752.99 KB, 828x1463, 81423BE8-652C-487D-B595-6D1CC9…)

Her shameless jump to new obsessions is scary. Suddenly Dynasty is at the forefront of her mind. Also so much for sleeping in the stall.

No. 137985

File: 1613170903935.jpg (44.52 KB, 461x582, Screenshot (1).jpg)

Has anyone seen her latest influx of singing videos?

Been finding all the posts here of people correcting her horse BS really interesting, mainly as I know zero about horses, but, I am a trained vocalist, and these videos are making me cringe.

- acts like she's a professional singer (is this a skinwalking Jade thing?)
- can't name vocal types right
- adds reverb to everything she records to hide her terrible pitch
- does weird lip things that makes her sound terrible

Someone in the comments suggested she sings a track from Cowboy Bebop - please, please don't. Putting on a breathy voice does not equal being able to sing jazz.

(Sorry I only shared a screenshot, couldn't get the video hosting link to work right.)

No. 137988


Not the same video as your screenshot anon but this is her naming her vocals and spending a solid minute being full of herself.


No. 137989

I honestly think some of her singing sounds nice, but I am not an expert and a lot of it obviously is edited. However, it is clear that she also thinks her singing is nice and still is humblebragging in those videos which is annoying. And even in those singing videos she manages to be super unlikeable which ruins them even if you don’t hate her voice. I am also wondering why she keeps doing that movement on the side of her mouth as if she would fix her lipstick. She is obviously skinwalking someone with that, but I don’t know who it is lol.

No. 137991

>>137989 (Same anon as before.)

A lot of singers copy other vocalists they watch or listen to, so she must have picked it up from somewhere. This is why sometimes people sing in different accents to their own, as the music they listen to may mostly be in a different accent (eg, a British vocalist singing with an American accent.) When you aren't trained, and so probably haven't done the whole, stripping back all the 'lol I can do vibrato' stuff, and actually work hard, you'll have a lot of weird quirks you think look or sound good that really don't, just because some famous person you like does it.

She's not awful, but you can tell she isn't trained, but the way she acts like she is is what I can't stand. Her level is maybe on par with someone who sings karaoke regularly at a bar or something.

I would be interested to see her go to lessons and actually work hard at it, but I know she doesn't work hard at anything from reading all these threads so…

No. 138006

File: 1613177663389.jpg (62.31 KB, 540x640, 4bb389a01468073f2d69f46af259e2…)


She's really going all in on the Liz Gillies skinwalk now isn't she

No. 138023

She’s so creepy and deranged, we are so well fed

No. 138055

File: 1613201041927.jpg (195.5 KB, 1074x1027, IMG_20210213_152337.jpg)


That last clip of her lusting after her own voice, plus this. The narcissism.

No. 138139

The way she kept constantly shifting her eyes to the camera… her parents need to put her on medication ASAP

No. 138165

There is a trend on tik tok where people see what victorious voice sounds the best with them. Watch her do it just so she can have sweet validation shes jade

No. 138171

File: 1613257769164.jpeg (777.1 KB, 828x1377, 3D5904D4-AF10-4C7A-A1CC-1004F9…)

15 minutes after you made this comment she put this on her story. She needs psychiatric intervention.

No. 138215

I like how she couldn't find something inedible to stick in her mouth. gotta be food

No. 138240

That's not her lol. Do you think she's friends with Arianna Grande?

No. 138241

Don’t flatter her. She probably hasn’t been that thin since she was a toddler.

No. 138365

File: 1613350033141.jpg (700.61 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210214-194713_Tik…)

No. 138369

File: 1613352443366.jpeg (538.99 KB, 828x1143, 530E8AB8-1A46-4459-B520-664F4A…)

She’s the width of a plasma tv

No. 138370

she probably just didn't brush her teeth growing up and/or still doesn't kek
her nasally squidward voice is suicide inducing honestly

No. 138372

that looks like a fucking man’s hand

No. 138378

Kinda ironic her newest obsession is jade when she cries at the slightest bit of criticism. Cant wait for this new "I'm a badass men girl" person a

No. 138386

she already started it with this >>137573

No. 138402

Boo, she's gone private on IG. Sure it won't last long with her obsession over attention though.

No. 138406

File: 1613369238877.png (570.83 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20210215-000128.png)

Over here begging a Victorious actor to duet with her in hopes of getting some sweet validation and to be seen by her newest obsession, Liz.

No. 138407

It’s got to be poorly edited, I’m assuming she edited it bigger because she thought it would make her body look smaller? She’s fat as fuck but her hands aren’t larger than her head

No. 138412


Ew. What a gross amount of pressure to be putting on him, insinuating if he doesn't duet her he's homophobic.

No. 138413

File: 1613378577269.jpg (302.34 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210215-083042_Ins…)

Sigh. Idk what's worse, the cowtipping or her bleating about deadnames

No. 138437

So much for her living in the barn 24/7, I guess she didn't get enough sympathy points for acting like she's some sort of martyr.

No. 138461


I do like that she's posting her "deadname" while complaining about it being used

No. 138462

I’m imagining him, by some miracle, seeing all 4 of the people who are begging him to duet, and clicking on Steph’s video, expecting some silly, maybe slightly nostalgic video…and instead seeing a hunchbacked heifer of grown woman attempting to sing in an Aliexpress wig and praying that people tell her that she’s the irl version of a 16 year old from a child’s show that finished 10 years ago. Embarrassed for her. Holy fuck.
Why can’t she learn how to do a one-off silly cosplay and not iron grip onto these people that are nothing like her for months and months while she changes every feature of herself and insists she’s always been “LiTeRaLlY tHeM” or “omg we’re actually cousins!” or “I actually have a disease that makes me just like her that disappears when I think I’d rather not be a gross disabled” or “actually my 0.005% similar heritage links them to me and is the most important part of me! Ew, don’t bring up my dirty, colored dad. I’m Scandinavian now!” like, just ENJOY something. You don’t always have to be Literally Her, jesus.

No. 138465

Yes, it is pretty manipulative.

I hope someone ain't touching the poo, but it also feels like she probably created the account herself kek.

No. 138476

File: 1613409515923.png (758.75 KB, 1746x924, rbf.png)


Speaking of being a badass mean girl, she can't help but hashtag about her 'resting bitch face' and also adds hashtag 'mean' lol

No. 138480

her insufferable voice

"y'all are probably sick of all my updates, but I feel it's my job to keep y'all informed"

You literally said nothing about anything, let alone the horse. You're going to make updates more weekly now that people bought you stuff, which was the whole point of making a dramatic tiktok video in the first place? Cool, asshole.

Who on earth bought you things

No. 138481

and imagine her parents, who named her Stefany / Stephanie, not being 'allowed' to call her that. It's just like misgendering a trans person, right. Steffy, we know you didn't legally change your name. So stuff it.

No. 138499

I wonder just how much of her shit she pulls irl with her parents. Sometimes I try to think up ways she could explain things away, like maybe she told them she wanted to go by a different full name online to avoid bullies. Maybe even going as far to take up a new first name as a 'nickname' irl for the same reason. That's somewhat reasonable and she could still come across as being somewhat normal. Or maybe they do know exactly how batshit insane she is, deadnaming and all. She is so fortunate they put up with her.

No. 138518

I genuinely unironically believe her parents think she’s retarded

No. 138541

File: 1613436704847.jpeg (359.4 KB, 828x1430, B1A2B993-807C-4338-82E5-7965E1…)

No. 138542

this is exactly what i was imagining anon. i hope he sees it somehow. just for my own personal pleasure

girlfriend? kek. it's so funny to see these photos and then watch her tik toks. it's like her video camera adds thirty pounds

No. 138564

This genuinely makes me upset. One of my closest friends is trans, and just the mention of their dead name makes them extremely upset and uncomfortable. Stef, as a cisgender person, has no fucking right to use that term, she's invalidating it and twisting the meaning to fit her Elsa obsession. She doesn't have uwu PTSD trauma, she just likes having basically the same name as a Disney princess. It's not ok.(nobody cares)

No. 138565

lol fuck off back to twitter

No. 138566

File: 1613470122813.png (635.09 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2021-02-16-01-58-31…)

or that we aren't sick if we don't remember when someone asks about it

No. 138567

No. 138568

Sage your shit at the very least, Twitterfag.

No. 138570


No. 138577

No one cares about your troon friend or its feelings.

No. 138579

however it is pretty rich that Stef is so traumatized by her name (which used to be in all her social media - preferablystef) that she has to call it a deadname. What happened? Did Dad yell, "Get a job, Stef!"

No. 138580

>>138579 probably because of mean old lolcow bullying her ):


No. 138602

The fake piercing has me in tears, what did she do? Glue some balls to her face?

No. 138615

She has a grave illness, it’s called obesity.

No. 138634

bitch you said you have a mysterious illness that makes you go blind and then post videos of you horseback riding.

No. 138650

File: 1613539516233.png (1.95 MB, 828x1792, 8960C70C-465E-427E-98F4-2D71F1…)

No point in going private when we can still see your shit, Stefakey.

She spammed her story with duets of her and her gIrLfRiEnD cosplaying as Jade and Cat. Listening to them makes my ears bleed.

No. 138651

File: 1613539681239.png (2.18 MB, 828x1792, 0547862A-DE5D-4548-8850-1D2A05…)


Still acting like a sjw after accusing that Pocahontas cosplayer as a racist.

No. 138672

jfc she really loves to play characters just straight up one emotion, all of the videos of her Jade cosplays consist of her scoffing and folding her arms.

No. 138688

It’s funny because she’s huge so she just looks like a constipated fat bitch

No. 138690

deadname was not a term originated by trans people and it does not only apply to trans people. There are multiple reasons why people might have a dead name, being trans is just the most common. Sure stef is fucking crazy, but for you to invalidate abuse victims etc etc because uwu trans gatekeeping isnt the one

No. 138695

I never bothered to watch this show, it looked stupid even 10 years ago. What is Jade supposed to be like?

I get that Cat is a ditz.

Are they canon bi/lesbian (I mean, I guess not based on what I remember from 10 years ago) or is that more of Stef's weird obsession with making characters lesbians?

No. 138697

>>138695 From what I remember, Jade was pretty grumpy, aggressive and a jealous gf-type character. It's for sure why Stef- I mean, ELLIE, is pushing the new tough-girl schtick.

Jade's article on the Victorious wiki: "Jade has a very prickly personality; she is known for being sassy, dark, grouchy, and sarcastic to those around her", and "Jade is defined by being jealous, usually irrationally so, insatiably mean, and needlessly rude to many people."

Also, Cat and Jade were never canonically bi/gay or anything like that but I think it's a common ship

No. 138700

kek so jade is absolutely nothing like her heckin wholesome elsa persona

No. 138701

File: 1613604721497.jpeg (832.67 KB, 828x1461, 8B8D772E-0834-448D-9DEB-26B99C…)

It’s funny because she’s way fatter than this

No. 138708

she looks like she fucked up her back and is terrified to move or breathe lol

No. 138709

She’s holding in 30 pounds of fupa and you know she nipped in half of her back. Kind of a fail on her part to pick a woman who is renown for having a really nice body for her new skinwalk.

No. 138727


What an unshapely and hideous ass she has.
She was gloating about her curves in some IG story. I see none. Shes fucking husky and masculine.

No. 138728

File: 1613618778981.jpeg (59.96 KB, 473x571, A5B00F7C-5184-4196-9197-140C2D…)

No. 138765

File: 1613655857599.png (718.45 KB, 1080x1671, Screenshot_20210218-122857.png)

a big f u to the people who actually bought her stuff off her wishlist

No. 138766

File: 1613655961392.png (160.71 KB, 1080x981, Screenshot_20210218-122919~2.p…)

No. 138767


Ew this feels really gross

No. 138771

Ugh, closure? She dragged out having that horse euthanized and milked it f-o-r-e-v-e-r. Including many rounds of e-begging while still buying cosplays and changing the horse's backstory several times. Goddamn Stef let the poor horse rest in peace.

If she goes through with the communicator it's just going to be fuel for writing a giant navel gazing post about 'the experience'. I can imagine it now.

No. 138782

maybe she wants to write some necroclop

No. 138788

>If she goes through with the communicator it's just going to be fuel for writing a giant navel gazing post about 'the experience'.
i'm convinced already that she's not even going to go to a "communicator" but brought it up so she can make a whole story about it anyway.

No. 138801

If she were asked to wear something that SCREAMED Stefany, would she even know what to pick

No. 138815

No contribution, but I saw the new Cruella trailer and got a feeling that its going to be Stef's next obsession.

No. 138841

File: 1613692654537.jpg (716.84 KB, 828x1461, shittyshoop.jpg)

it's not even (just?) her holding her breath, she obviously shooped it
the doorline doesn't match up to where it should be, just around stomach level
a coincidence, I'm sure
oh god please no

No. 138854

Anon you're so right, idk why I expected anything else. Though the thought of her paying a communicator to bullshit her, only for her to end up doing most of the talking and bullshiting herself is great. The communicator would end up just smiling and nodding along.

No. 138864

Oh yeah there’s no doubt there, I thought it was directly implied by the fact that she lopped off half her body

No. 138877


how i think she'll retell this totally real seance:

"As everyone knows, I had to tragically euthanize my heart horse Honey a while back. It might seem that I've gotten over it but I can assure you EVER DAMN DAY is a struggle. I cry myself to sleep everynight! Ergo, you can see that I was having a hard time finding closure …

but then I had a FREAKING amazing time with insert communicator. She's SUCH a joy and SO EMPATHETIC. (Don't judge me, everyone has their own pagan rituals). We met in this beautiful cabin, deep in Northern Ontario woods. It was snowing heavily with gray, overcast skies almost as if the world was crying with me as I trekked through the piles of snow, alone. I forgot my gloves, so my hands were feeling all of the blistering cool air.

I knocked on the door of this small, dark wood cabin door and was aflush with the stream if warm that enveloped me as soon as the door opened. In front of me was a BEAUTIFUL young woman (but not as beautiful as my girlfriend!) with wild hair and a wide, toothy grin.

She took my arm and led me inside. Immediately she told me that she could feel Honey neighing beside me. She said that Honey was actually more than just my heart horse but my SOUL MATE.

I began to sob, knowing this was true in the depths of my heart.

She told me that Honey needed me to accept her death, for that was the only way she could move on … to be reincarnated, hopefully, as a human girl who will find me as soon as she turned 18.

I did not want to let go … but knowing she would be reincarnated invigorated my soul. So, in that cabin in the woods, with lavender incense all around us, on a persian rug, I let it go "

No. 138880

Girl… know when to stop

No. 138891

I like it, afterall Stef definitely doesn't know when to stop and her heart horse posts always come off as vaguely sexual. Stef's story will be at least twice as long though.

No. 139153

I think Stef is pivoting to "non-binary"

she's making a point of writing she/they on everything. In her recent stories, she linked a series of posts from some other IGer ("We don't owe you androgyny. Even when I present as femme, I'm a them, etc.)

I guess it's been a long time coming, but I predict this will be the next big thing with her

No. 139162


Yeah I just noticed the change in her insta bio. Can't wait.

No. 139176

Not very Liz Gillies of her

No. 139269

inb4 trans stef

No. 139318

I wonder if this is about trying to legitimize being 'dead named' trying to muddy up the reason she changed her name. She did it after she got called out irl out for her Star Wars lies, right? That's it, that's her trauma.

No. 139363

Is it weird I feel like Steph and asherbee would be the perfect fake lesbian non binary ""couple"". If only the cross over made sense…

No. 139378

File: 1614151844249.jpeg (898.55 KB, 828x1433, 9A588E97-0FFF-4E55-B57C-27499F…)

Caught that she put “the word milky” under her pet peeves list… kek must give her ptsd flashbacks

No. 139380

File: 1614152013828.jpeg (680.82 KB, 828x1456, 7BE858BF-37D7-4050-89CE-7FC9C8…)

Also, just a bonus. We know you use food to reward yourself Steph. Anybody send you 100 chip bags yet?

No. 139386

All of this is pure, undiluted autism so maybe its dumb of me to ask but what does she have against tails on appaloosa horses? Or fingers on seatbelts??? I know she's a total cow but sometimes she says out-of-the-left-field stuff like this or claims she can pop balloons with her mind and I genuinely wonder wtf is wrong with her brain.

No. 139387

She belongs on the short bus anon wbk

No. 139388

I saw this the other day and rolled my eyes, bitch you’ll never be Beth, but keep pretending you read the book and not just the show..

No. 139389

pet peeves: "overly sweet foods"
rewards herself with pure sugar

No. 139390

This is pure horse sperg but it's a breed trait, Appaloosa horses genetically have sparse manes and tails. She's trying to be quirky. idk wtf she means by fingers on seat belts.

No. 139399


"Songs in a major key" Let It Go is in major Steph but okay.

Also "racists"

No. 139402

she also claims she hates clout chasing, but that's her entire persona

No. 139416

Tbf nearly every autistic girl that’s watched TQG on netflix has gone through this phase where they pretend to be quirky chess geniuses for awhile. Also love how she always trying to downplay food and pretend she isn’t a standard fatty but she’s scarfing snacks while pretending to play chess.

No. 139417

“showing emotion or vulnerability” jesus christ stef

No. 139425

File: 1614197408728.png (872.34 KB, 1080x1779, Screenshot_20210224-210324.png)

Her new height is 5'5"

No. 139433

who is she skinwalking now? that's a distinctive look, so I'm sure she stole it from someone

No. 139435

im thinking liz gilles

No. 139436

File: 1614202484671.png (1.08 MB, 1042x791, 2021-02-24 16_34_17-DYN102b_03…)

yeah most likely skinwalking her dynasty character

No. 139439

this is just embarrassing.

also she looks nothing like liz? like at least she somewhat resembled daisy ridley or maisie williams. there’s nothing to connect her with liz.

No. 139442

She only resembled Daisy and Maisie since she would literally paste their faces on top of hers. She's getting lazy and isn't putting the same effort to photoshop Liz's face onto her own face. She's settled for dying her hair and doing her brows this time, which is definitely not enough to skinwalk Liz.