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File: 1603999061436.png (1.61 MB, 1200x1200, themanyfaces.png)

No. 118444

Previous Thread: >>>/w/88419

Stefany Lauren (aka Stefany Mancebo aka Eloise Frazer) is a Canadian cosplayer who has gained popularity through her Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and Frozen cosplays. Originally her following grew from her Rey cosplays due to her “likeness” to Daisey Ridley (who plays Rey), but people soon realized that she was actually just photoshopping Daisy’s face on top of her own. She lied about having worked for LucasFilms (implying that she was a stunt double or photo double for Rey) and caused other drama in the Rebel Legion that caused her to get kicked out.

After being shunned from the Star Wars community, she moved onto Game of Thrones and started skinwalking Maisie Williams and cosplaying as Arya Stark. She obsessively photoshopped Maisie’s features onto her own face and changed her entire personality to go between Maisie and Arya. She claimed to be HBO’s “official” Arya Cosplayer (which isn’t a thing). Just another instance of pathological lying.

After Frozen 2 came out she latched onto Elsa. She latched on so hard that she decided to change her name to Eloise Frazer on social media (Elsa Frozen) and claimed it was because hearing her real name gave her PTSD. She really wants to be seen as a cutesy Disney Princess now, and as a result has once again changed her personality to match.

Other milk includes but is not limited to:

> Faking a British accent for over a year even though she’s Canadian

> Pretending she has a mysterious illness that is “progressive” and makes her blind every once in a while, but won’t seek treatment despite having universal healthcare
> Scamming cosplay seamstresses, commissioners, and “friends” out of tons of money
> Claiming two of dogs are service animals (they aren’t)
> Trying to convince people she’s an equestrian when she really just has horses for props and replaces them all the time
> Skinwalking— trying to imitate mannerisms, behaviors, wardrobes, and personalities of her current favorite actor who plays whoever she’s currently cosplaying
> Refusing to work a real job or put effort into anything in life
> Fake apologizing for her behaviors she’s called out on while simultaneously making herself out to be the victim
> Desperately tries to make people think she’s friends with her celebrity obsessions, like Maisie Williams
> Insists on calling herself an actress despite never going to auditions or making an effort to get a role
> Claims she was put in a study where she had to pop balloons with her mind

Stefany's links:

No. 118450

The snow glows white on lolcow tonight
Not a hoofprint to be seen
A kingdom of isolation
Where Stefany's the Queen

Balloons are popping like my sanity inside
Couldn't keep it in, heaven knows I tried.
Don't let them in, don't let them see!
Be the Viking you always have to be!
Just steal, conceal, don't let them know…
Well where's my snow?

Let it go, let it go!
Can't be myself anymore
I'm a ho, I'm a ho!
I'm an attention whore
I don't care if it's shopped to hell
Post the pics online
I'm broke and I got cosplay to sell

It's funny how in the past I said I wore an extra small
And though I am a smol short bean, I thought that I was tall
It's time to see who I can be
Steal their face, I can't be me!
No school, no job, no responsibility…
I'm a NEET

(will revise and continue soon, corrections welcome)

No. 118452

Here are a few more things, thanks anon for making this thread.

> Sending videos of herself as Elsa to children for free because she is so thoughtless and she really cares guys.

> Magically gets a scar to go with her current skinwalking.
> Has to put her old horse down. Begs people for money to help buy a new one
> Horse starts developing bad behaviors and she turns to Facebook
> Due to her sickness she cant ride him and asks for other people to ride while she is recovering
>> She posts a video on the internet of a person being thrown off her horse ( And you can clearly hear her laughing in the background)

No. 118466

No. 118472

Thanks for the new thread, anon. I like how almost all of Stefany’s thread pics have just been collages of her multiple faces.

No. 118497

I love this face compilation image OP, it could be the poster to a movie about a crazy girl who thinks she literally is all the characters she cosplays. Hollywood, get on it.

No. 118512

File: 1604024228965.jpeg (1.16 MB, 4096x2731, 47ACAF02-0D6D-4E0F-9CCD-B6F889…)

of course

No. 118526

File: 1604035146066.jpeg (687.25 KB, 828x1019, 50FDC10B-44F4-4AB6-814D-D35931…)

That waist

No. 118539

Currently in so much pain

Pain meds


Did I mention I'm in pain?!

Painfully yours,

No. 118541

Don’t forget to sign off with dressage

No. 118545


Holy shit what is going on with the wall behind her. All of a sudden her photoshopping skills have gone to hell in a hand basket.

No. 118552

That looks like it might be a mirror or something on the wall behind her, I don’t think it’s an editing mistake.

No. 118582

File: 1604089932940.png (442.56 KB, 624x361, Näyttökuva 2020-10-30 kello 22…)

She looks like James Marriott

No. 118589

Incoming fakeboi phase

No. 118637

File: 1604112142990.jpeg (114.65 KB, 720x960, 61927BFB-A0B5-41D7-9D5F-51B20E…)

Heres… A photo of her saddle.

No. 118638

File: 1604112411968.jpeg (620.18 KB, 750x991, B38F0F46-3677-4CB7-9C6A-F68A2F…)

More horse cosplay

No. 118640

File: 1604112552553.jpeg (739.31 KB, 750x952, 7BA05BC7-D8F1-4241-990B-549C26…)

Lied in two different groups.

No. 118648

Not the Hillary Clinton soggy diaper ass again

No. 118669

File: 1604128200904.jpeg (782.04 KB, 828x1459, B772188A-F0FA-4702-BD27-DCD9C2…)

Pushing 30

No. 118677

Jesus. Saw this while scrolling. No idea about this chick, but….

That looks dry as fuck, that saddle is fucked. There's no saving that leather. Saddles are expensive as fuck, 600-4000 euros easily. This is horrible looking, it looks so brittle and destroyed by whatever cheap paint she lathered it in. She even painted the insides and the padding. That saddle is ruined beyond repair, it can't ever be altered due to this. If it stops fitting her horse and she wong be able to get it hot molded and refitted. She will have to get a new saddle. What a moron. I can see her putting that on a horse and the paint chipping off and ending up ruining saddle pads, boots, pants and everything it touches.

No. 118678

Lmao I love the idea of some saddle expert anon who has never seen the Stef thread stumbling across her thread because of a brittle and fucked up looking saddle.

No. 118688

M-my friend forced me to take these photos even though I’m in full cheap costume with fake hair and thick ugly cosplay makeup!

No. 118699

File: 1604149217966.jpg (670.94 KB, 1079x1876, IMG_20201031_205959.jpg)

Clean your room

No. 118711

File: 1604164031127.png (1.42 MB, 646x1114, Capture.PNG)

Her horse hasn't stopped rearing and she's still dragging it to this Halloween dressage thing where it'll be in close proximity to other horses and riders.

No. 118713

Friendly reminder: the brown horse she took tons of pictures with while in Arya cosplay is no longer in her life. Stef pretended to love him to the ends of the earth. Then she stopped caring about Arya. Poe didn't fit her aesthetic anymore, so she claimed that suddenly he had bad behavioral issues and she "found a buyer." This horse will suffer the same fate when she gets bored of Elsa.

No. 118720

Already foreshadowing the "behaviour issues" by mentioning the rearing all the time.

No. 118723


I'm saddle sperg anon from earlier and her destroying a saddle got me curious. Sorry, more sperging incoming. She seems like an incompetent and a dangerous horse owner. I was looking at her stable and the ceiling height is alarmingly low, im not sure in Canadian laws but I'd assume they also require ~3m tall ceiling height. Hers definetly aren't that tall and the boxes also look alarmingly small and way below 9-12m^2.

Rearing for hours when trying to load a horse??? That's concerning and alarming. Usually you can line even the worst horse in without any rearing. Not trying to speculate but I worked with competition horses for a bit and even the young stallion breeding horses rarely reared while loading for the first time. It's not like this horse was a first time loaded, if she knew it has problems with loading she should have been practising it before competing. Competitions are super stressful and if the horse fears loading it will make it all the worse. She's just in for making it's loading issues a million times worse by leaving it to a competition day.

This is like choosing to decide to start training how to play the guitar the same day you're supposed to perform with it.

No. 118727

File: 1604175843005.jpg (686.33 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20201031-202328_Ins…)

Ugh now she's gonna be even more insufferable

No. 118732

I actually like when the horse people weigh in on stuff that she does with her horses because it fills in blanks of stuff I've suspected as being probably not ok/correct but not knowing specifics as a non-horse person. I mean, it would get annoying if horse anons started arguing non stop with each other but so far the horse anons keep it pretty informative and only post once in awhile with a lot of info at once without being way too long.

No. 118798

You could probably buy those ribbons online, take nothing this cow says as fact

No. 118801

File: 1604226124208.jpeg (58.51 KB, 528x960, D3FD1C36-AF6F-4B47-890D-AF6CF2…)

Surprisingly she’s not lying this time. You can see ‘KJ Equestrian’ on the ribbons if you squint really hard, so I did some googling and lo and behold, here’s a single photo of our dumpy snow queen from their facebook page. It seems like a tiny riding school for babies, so you can probably guess the caliber of this event. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1649284291897523&id=184655411693759

That horse looks depressed.

No. 118804

>she actually went to a public competition in the elsa costume

No. 118805

Oh my god that poor horse

No. 118806

Looking at the Facebook page I doubt it was even a legit competition. Probably just a fun event for the employees and friends of the riding school to get together, put on some halloween costumes, ride horses and win prizes, but of course Stef is out there doing the absolute MOST. She’s sticking out like a sore thumb.
I wonder if this school belongs to the trainer Nanok has stayed with some time ago and that’s why Stef has wormed her way in there.

No. 118810

File: 1604236602531.png (1.75 MB, 1080x1703, Screenshot_2020-11-01-07-14-16…)

Three. Why do people think they need THIS much attention?

No. 118814


You're right, the post itself says this was a show. Of course Stef has to to elbow her way in and steal participant ribbons from children and their ponies for asspats. Which wasn't hard given there was maybe 30 people total at this show looking at the FB photos of the event.

This is reminiscent of the time she claimed to be a figure skater while she skated with toddlers and complained that they outperformed her.

Those poor FB groups are going to be bombarded with her braggy posts for weeks with this shit.

No. 118828

File: 1604256530098.png (4 MB, 750x1334, 4AF585DD-9AE1-4CDD-AF54-6487FE…)

here’s her cringe tiktok about getting ready for the show


No. 118833

“our” first show in over a decade? you’ve had the horse for maybe a month what are you talking about

No. 118844

“Show” does mean competition, however this was a schooling show, which means it doesn’t count towards any division. It is as other anons guessed, just a for-fun barn event. It also wasn’t at all advertised as a costume contest, she just Did That.

No. 118851

I appreciate that you sperged about this, I've been wanting to rant about her horse-keeping for a while but since I don't know the correct terms in english (ESL-fag) I've been trying not to.

No. 118852

File: 1604262944533.jpeg (62.7 KB, 500x666, 48B7D746-5669-4237-AC53-565899…)

>demanded to borrow my camera
Does her ‘friend’ know she’s lying like this?

No. 118855

Started reading this cow’s threads and it’s been a wild ride. My question is, has this cow ever worked in her life? Wasn’t she excited about the coffee shop job earlier this year? I would be so embarrassed to be a NEET at her age while asking my parents to splurge on horses (which are fucking expensive) and cosplay hauls and also trashing them publicly. It’s too bad her parents haven’t given her a wakeup call.

No. 118866

So she was photographing a friend in full Elsa cosplay, totally not expecting to have her photo taken, sure. Also, if the friend was dressed as anna, why not take a picture together, even if just a selfie? Hmm

No. 118908

I suspect the friend was a tripod honestly, it's weird how none of her friends ever want to appear in front of the camera, or be tagged in the post. Maybe the previous "friend" photos were tripods too. Plot twist.

No. 118929

Just noticed this thread and I can't believe what I'm seeing. I'm not even a full on horsefag but this whole thread is triggering me on many levels.

This cow does not know what the fuck she's doing and I'm worried for the poor horse. If there's clear evidence of abuse, it's not tolerated in Canada and can be reported.

No. 118931

The Stef version of "Frankie Photography" from Vicky Shingles lol

No. 118933

Elsa never had imaginary friends, totally not canon. Maybe she brings that Olaf plush with her and pretends he’s her bestie.

No. 118939

The captain and the comment make we want to vomit. I hope the video is from the halloween event as well and she doesn‘t just wear Elsa all the time when torturing, oh sorry, riding that horse.

No. 118984

Keked way to hard, she's literally the only adult not with a child at this competition. I want to meet the child who made her get 2nd place.

No. 119011

They probably all think she’s special or something

No. 119018

File: 1604366006748.png (3.36 MB, 750x1334, 1362AD7E-FF7D-40D1-A479-EAF2C4…)

sure jan

No. 119019

File: 1604366129924.png (2.51 MB, 1790x1280, Instagram_vs_Reality_Stefelsa.…)

Instagram vs reality Elsa horse show edition

No. 119020

>calves thicker than the horses thighs

No. 119021

>it wasn't a costume contest
This bitch showed up with a painted blue horse and it wasn't even formally a halloween thing? Jesus thats embarrassing

No. 119023

JFC going through the pictures added is depressing. I thought anon was exaggerating and it was at least pre teens but no it's straight up 10 and under kids on their ponies in wal mart costumes. Betting she hammed up "I'm Elsa For real" To those poor kids the whole time.

No. 119028

am I crazy or did she photoshop her horse to look bigger in the left photo??

No. 119031

it looks like she used krylon spray paint on this thing. Does she not know there are specific dyes/paints meant specifically for leather?

No. 119033

Maybe it looks that way because she shooped her massive back and legs smaller? So he looks bigger in comparison.

She doesn’t care about any of that, look at her.

No. 119078

her stomach is sticking out further than her head, oh my god. she’s starting to look alarmingly dumpy…but only skinwalks tiny little waifs. what a bad mix. she should focus on a heavier character next time she obsesses because right now she looks like one of those middle age ladies that grab a costume from party city and do a goofy little dance at a toddlers party for a quick 20 bucks.

No. 119096

File: 1604433989117.jpeg (125.96 KB, 458x1070, B2CF5BDB-91FC-4308-9454-B6EBCB…)

Someone posted her competition tiktok on a disney cringeposting fb group and the lady of the hour showed up for asspats. The previous thread was posted in the replies and her ass got banned

No. 119097

File: 1604434040337.jpeg (222.22 KB, 741x1256, FFD3C882-65E0-4F89-B76E-C1B8DD…)

No. 119101

I hate cow tippers.

No. 119104

Stupid cowtipper

No. 119137

File: 1604465883660.jpeg (147.11 KB, 828x947, F6434D55-AFCB-4F57-9248-4EF216…)

Not audio but I’m sick of her pretending people are forcing her to do the obsessive things she does like people don’t know she’s full of shit. Nobody tasked her to sing the song from frozen, she wanted to do it. Everybody knows she’s lying so why continue to lie?

No. 119152

File: 1604487815789.jpg (302.4 KB, 1079x1907, IMG_20201104_190214.jpg)

Guys, we just haven't seen the real her yet.

Waiting for her to reveal herself as Maisie's twin again or something.

No. 119153

Does she still have the lizard or did she already kill it? I‘m surprised she isn‘t posting as much of tHe ReAl ElSa AnD bRuNi as she does with her horse.

No. 119154

Sage for more horse sperg but if she doesn’t actually make any effort to correct Nanok’s rearing it has the potential to end very badly. Only a matter of time before she tries to load him/get him in or out of the stable and he hits his head or worse. Call me paranoid but if my horse did that, I’d have him wear one of those padded headpieces for shipping (idk English name sorry).

No. 119155

His tail fell off and then she never posted about it again, I think we can assume he died or was rehomed

No. 119159

Your retarded ass left your icon in and it's clearly matching the cowtipping post to this thread. Please fuck off.

No. 119183

Didn’t know about this skinwalker till yesterday and only found out through that link someones else posted. But whatever.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 119328

File: 1604603479077.jpeg (655.86 KB, 828x1439, 5EBBF01B-EB87-464A-A8A8-2C3DCB…)


No. 119329

File: 1604603512925.jpeg (846.2 KB, 828x1470, AA70146F-D758-459B-B917-F18E3C…)

No. 119398

Since her hair is so thin, it should air dry quickly. The fact that she has to work to dry it just outs herself that her hair is damaged beyond belief. Not wanting to dry is a dead giveaway of severe damage.
And that's not even getting into that texture.

No. 119403

She might’ve over processed her hair and this doesn’t dry as quickly. It takes a lot longer because your hair is holding on to whatever moisture it can.

No. 119404

once it gets to a certain point it never fully dries and it looks to be at that point now

No. 119407

This is her Rey face? She edits her eyes further apart, or maybe just the bridge of her nose down, for Rey face and it’s 100% not even close to what she actually looks like.

No. 119444

She can not just be honest and boring and normal once, can she?

No. 119445

File: 1604672693892.jpeg (365.82 KB, 1125x561, DC1E7688-F8C1-47C5-952D-AB854B…)

Sorry, forgot to add the picture.

No. 119507


her hair has definitely reached that point where there's 0 pigment in the shaft so it's porous as shit and takes like 12 hours to dry. There's no coming back from that. Even blowdrying takes forever. She should just invest money into a good wig and cut it short. It'll never blend into her extensions. Even with all the filters her extensions look obvious, I can't imagine how bad they look rl

No. 119508

File: 1604719233367.jpeg (1.65 MB, 828x1430, 9B12F60C-9003-4FB3-A135-096B8A…)

I know what she’s trying to do but she sounds retarded

No. 119660

File: 1604844597584.jpeg (639.5 KB, 828x1449, 34B19DC0-596C-4FAA-887C-95C90B…)

No. 119661

File: 1604844701697.jpeg (733.42 KB, 828x1432, 4E288550-35AF-4474-9174-9E2C4C…)

No. 119667


This is a baaad look

No. 119672

She needs to lay off the hair gel

No. 119698

At this point, she needs to shave it all.

No. 119702

If you have to pull from your crown to get enough hair to make bangs, you have a problem.

No. 119718

Is it photoshop that's making her face look so puffy? Gurl looks down right ill. Facial edema elsa.

No. 119719

Her face looks horribly bloated. Did she forget to shoop on her jaw and cheekbones or is she just gaining fast enough for her face to start rounding out?

No. 119730

She's streaming live right now on Tiktok playing guitar and singing

No. 119731

She’s trying to look like an anime character

No. 119733


it honestly looks like she's been crying for hours. I wonder if her parents called her out for being a weeb and a neet

No. 119758

new face, add it to the collage boys

No. 119774

Is it wrong I instantly thought of her looking like a "prettier"asherbee

No. 119862

File: 1604975694188.jpeg (525.68 KB, 750x1024, 617C6F5E-9237-4D27-88C5-A7D3FB…)

She’s buying another horse…

No. 119864

File: 1604975759876.jpeg (509.23 KB, 750x1282, 0567AC75-8F2B-4B50-93C7-7FBEE4…)

Discarding one of her other horses (Honeybee) to fit an aesthetic. How sad.

No. 119870


>> I have the money

Since when?

When you not busy pretending to be Elsa and photoshooting your face into oblivion you barely work a minimum wage job.

Where was this money when your sick horse needed treatment?

You constantly ebeg for money.

You put together a "birthday" amazon wishlist for expensive gadgets you don't need under the guise that people asked you to, which is as much as a lie as your most recent face.

Your parents have money you insipid leech. Stop lying about what you can afford when you live with your parents and spend your days being a waste of perfectly good oxygen.

No. 119877

How does this bitch access her parents money?? Do they just give her loads of cash to blow on horses? That seems.. weird for an adult daughter

No. 119881

File: 1604988624171.png (1.09 MB, 1331x2048, Screenshot_20201110-000443.png)

Generally speaking yes her parents throw money at her hobbies. She accumulated multiple horses bought and leased, expensive cosplays, etc all while admittingly not working.

In other news she's also looking for a new Weiss cosplay. So prepare for more skinwalking eye injuries.
> Size medium.

No. 119891

File: 1604997391434.jpg (308.17 KB, 1920x856, iu.jpg)

Wow I wonder why she wants a fjord horse?

No. 119892

So she's basically spoiled, yet neglected, and mentally unstable

No. 119894

It seems like her parents see her as mentally challenged and that’s why as an adult she’s able to stay at home and frolic in cosplay and buy horses.

No. 119904

File: 1605015150491.jpg (493.49 KB, 1079x1839, IMG_20201110_213216.jpg)

She is obsessed with herself

No. 119920

Genuinely surprised she reposted such an unflattering picture. Maybe she's getting better about it.

No. 119956

damn she's buying horses like some people buy plushies

No. 119976

>i have the money
Where was your money to pay the vet bills when your old horse was dying, Stef? Don’t own an animal you can’t afford to take care of, ffs. She will never see animals as living beings, only cosplay props. Why are her parents tolerating this? This woman is in her mid-20s.

No. 119982


Well that’s the first reason why Stef, considering you weigh nearly 200 lbs.

Rule of thumb is no more than 20% the horse’s weight, including tack.

No. 119984

Samefag for horse sperg clarification: 14 hands is a pony first of all, and is going to weigh anywhere from 900-1200 lbs. This pony is fat and deconditioned, and let’s be real: probably because it’s someone’s lawn ornament like every “broke to drive” middle-aged mare that probably has too many behavioral issues to actually work in front of a cart or under saddle. Side note: there’s a million of this brand of useless ponies (fjords and haflingers, mostly) in the classifieds free lease because they’re a total cost sink. I imagine that’s where she found this gem while religiously searching for her Elsa Frozen Dream Breed. I digress.

Muscle is generally denser than fat, so I’m inclined to say this pony is closer to the ~1000 lbs end of things. Generally, you shouldn’t put more than 20% of a horse’s weight on its back, including tack.

Not that it matters because this will solely be a photoshoot pony, but she has no business whatsoever sitting on this animal’s back. She can photoshop herself thinner all day long and pretend she’s ~smol like Maisie~ but she’d actually be putting the pony at risk.

She would also look absolutely ridiculous sitting on this pony’s back given she’s nearly half the size of it.

No. 119985

i know you’re being factual and serious but this is the funniest shit i’ve ever read. the picture you so vividly painted of stef being too fat to ride this poor horse is just unbeatable. she has to weigh over 200lbs right? she’s 5’7”ish? there’s no way she’s under 200. i hope to god someone talks her out of it to spare that horse

No. 119987

Honestly it’s not even a reflection of Stef’s weight. Most sane adult equestrians would not buy a Fjord for under saddle work unless it were for their 8 year old kid. She’s so committed to her Elsa delusion that she’s really going to “I’m a size medium” her way onto a child’s pony.

14 hands is 4’8” at the shoulders. Even if she were actually thin, she’s still nearly a foot taller than this pony. Add to the fact that she’s a fourth its weight and it’s a ridiculous picture.

No. 119990

Sage for horse sperg/slight rambling.

Girl really doesn’t need a fjord (a breed I personally adore but consider high maintenance). If she wants to keep this horse looking good, it needs regular clipping/mane ‘styling’. She’d probably do it once a blue moon for a shoot then not give a fuck.

Also I’m not trying to wk because everything here she bought upon herself, but I feel sad sometimes reading here. Obviously doesn’t know what she wants in life/is obviously never satisfied with herself. She had the financial support to do whatever she wants; why not go and study early education somewhere? Kids would probably love to play dress up with her/sing along etc. Heck, she could probably be a pretty good drama teacher. Needs to stop being enabled and get psychological help and a point in the right direction. Alas, she’d probably make up some kind of excuse

No. 120007

File: 1605092967640.jpeg (223.92 KB, 375x698, 9387ECE2-8F15-46C5-A60A-CCE05E…)

God the “size medium” shit is so funny when you look at her candids. She has to at least be a large or XL?

>She had the financial support to do whatever she wants
It’s really hard to feel any pity for her when she is in her mid-20s pretending to be Disney princesses and anime characters on the internet. I don’t think she even thinks about her future at all. I feel like her situation would give any sane person some sort of existential crisis, but she seems mentally enveloped in skinwalking whoever she happens to be obsessed with at the time. I feel like she’s just so sheltered she probably doesn’t even think about her future or growing up.

No. 120019

If she’s 5’7 she’s more likely around 250 at least, christ

No. 120022

File: 1605103320610.jpg (720.35 KB, 1079x1813, IMG_20201111_220128.jpg)

What do we think is the worst part of this? The fried hair? The bright red nose? The pained expression?

No. 120025

>She’s so committed to her Elsa delusion that she’s really going to “I’m a size medium” her way onto a child’s pony

I fucking kek. it's not funny but it also really is. poor pony.

frozen feeder version

No. 120026

File: 1605106555793.png (277.4 KB, 750x1624, 0F40E1F9-A9BC-421A-80B7-F59F94…)

She’s going to crush that pony

No. 120029

I think she's more likely 160ish? She isn't actually huge, just kinda matronly and square.

(secretly hoping the matronly sperg comes back after I post this)

No. 120030

Nitpick but they weren't in the enchanted forest (tagged location) when they say that line in the movie, they were on the shore of Arendelle. You'd think irl Elsa would know that.

No. 120031

File: 1605108989017.jpeg (371.6 KB, 828x659, D6A48817-F1C1-4754-B550-29D529…)

She could easily find a FjordxQH cross that’s a sturdy 15.2 and not crush it to death, but she doesn’t want that. Fjords’ most distinctive trait (where you can look at it and be like “yup that’s 100% this breed”) is their dorsal stripe that runs through their mane which causes striping and for it to stand up straight. Cross-breeding tends to lose that.

Which is actually a good thing, because there’s a chance that if a Fjord’s mane isn’t kept clipped (like the paddock couch she posted) in the traditional show arc, the mane gets so heavy that it’ll break the horse’s crest. Pic related. Enjoy your crestfallen Frozen horse Stef.

No. 120032

I love all the horse anons on here I'm learning so much about something I have no real use for, keep it up

No. 120038

I’ve met her in person multiple times and she’s shorter than I am; I’m 5’5”

No. 120042

how come whenever this comes up there's always one anon going "akshully she's really tiny irl!"

No. 120044

I mean she’s short not “tiny”. She was still a swear fridge of a person, just not tallish.

No. 120045

The neck shoop. Look at her neck and hair…

No. 120046

File: 1605118868863.png (504.31 KB, 1080x1406, Screenshot_20201111-113437~2.p…)

No. 120054

elsa detected(hi cow)

No. 120082

To give anon the benefit of the doubt: both Daisy Ridley and Elsa are 5’7”. This is the same girl who lied about being able to pop balloons with her mind, so I don’t think it’s completely left field to think she would lie about her height too.

No. 120083

Respectfully anon, she is at least 200 pounds.

No. 120111

Wow, I’ve met her in person too! She’s so dainty honestly, did you see how her skin has an icy glow to it? Her hand accidentally brushed against my arm and I gasped, it was so cold.

No. 120113

No. 120126

I’m learning more about horses from a thread on lolcow about a weird cosplayer than I ever have in my life.

God her Elsa expression just looks so strained, she’s really trying to do her eyebrow thing but it just makes her look like she’s in pain.

No. 120141

File: 1605171154893.jpeg (60.05 KB, 360x550, 4720FCC2-C200-4A14-B5C6-FFC3EF…)

Anon then photo you posted is of a horse with a collapsed crest with a conformation fault due to poor breeding and it’s NOTa fjord— that’s a spanish horse in your picture . Horse I have in this photo is a Fjord with an untrimmed mane.

Stef just needs to invest in some lessons so she can learn how to ride and care for her horses better.

No. 120154

File: 1605176547262.jpg (145.41 KB, 860x1280, 100009100561_196065~2.jpg)

Give me attention!!

No. 120155

File: 1605176601883.jpg (121.81 KB, 715x1194, 107929764_370530~2.jpg)

Right. Sure. Of course.

No. 120180

So this bitch just assumed no one could be nordic? Bitch that's a Näkki, wow people actually exist who know that slimy bitch.

No. 120181

I never meant to imply that it was, just that fallen crests CAN happen when a Fjord mane goes untrimmed for too long. As the horse ages the ligaments and connective tissues in the crest lose elasticity and the weight of the mane can cause it to fall (not the only reason, for the record, also bad breeding, sudden weight loss, obesity, metabolic issues like insulin resistance, or just because it happens.) It’s an inherent risk of any cresty breed. I wanted to show all the non-horse anons how permanently disfiguring (ugly) it looks when it does happen.

It’s not a life-threatening or even performance-threatening condition for that matter, but all Stef cares about is aesthetics and whether it looks like Frozen Horse.

No. 120191

File: 1605195534068.jpeg (312.7 KB, 750x1366, 0DD95AE0-2CDC-4AEC-AC85-1C6D3C…)

What breed of horse is Honeybee? I thought she was a rescue?

No. 120285

She can’t go a day without lying I’m convinced she starts to itch and convulse like an addict in withdrawal

No. 120345

File: 1605278653491.jpg (581.97 KB, 2898x2898, PicsArt_11-13-10.43.46.jpg)

I can't believe we're meant to pretend this is the same face

No. 120401

You should have used her candid profile as a side by side instead anon

No. 120408

File: 1605305829620.jpg (308.76 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20201113-221606_Ins…)


No. 120409

I just came here to post this and ask since when do Canadians say “mum”. She is addicted to pretending to be everything she is not kek.

No. 120412

Is this that weird? I feel like lots of Canadians switch between mom and mum

No. 120415

File: 1605307766128.jpg (323.61 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20201113-224900_Ins…)

No. 120419

Reinventing herself as a Nordic heifer. Great.

No. 120644

File: 1605443349126.jpg (133.39 KB, 510x583, c7de56cc0a3467d61485b517f887ee…)

Why doesn't she use her balloon popping telekinesis to float above the jumps?

No. 120648

File: 1605443961383.png (332.48 KB, 750x1093, image0.png)

No. 120649

File: 1605444087073.png (381.58 KB, 750x1094, c7de56cc0a3467d6.png)

No. 120650

File: 1605444191741.png (398.27 KB, 750x1149, image0 (1).png)

No. 120651

File: 1605444233898.png (173.04 KB, 750x547, image0 (2).png)

No. 120689

omg is this a public group? tell me which one, I'm cackling. Even the horse community knows what's up.

No. 120726

File: 1605471786660.jpeg (213.3 KB, 1113x2000, 8EDF8849-7C6B-483B-BB4D-9FA3FE…)

Poor horse.

No. 120731

Isn't Nanok the one that was rearing constantly and threw a rider at the end of the last thread? Funny how she's leaving out that part of why she's "scared to jump him"

No. 120769

You are correct anon!

Horsefag here but she's scared for two reasons, one she saw (and weirdly video taped) that he threw a rider. She knows that's not the first or last time he'll do it as well. In addition, if she has only ever jumped a pony there is a large size/jump capability. She'd have to adjust her form/two point for bigger jumps which is tough without a mirror or a trainer to say 'hey this is where you're at in the saddle and you need to be here' which is tough if you're not a constant jumper because you only have to go by feel whereas they can sight for you. She's not good enough to do it by herself, and she knows this. Tinfoil here, she may not even be able to get into a two point (the position a rider takes when they jump). She looks like she hasn't had a good workout in 2 years, she may not be strong enough for it, especially on a big horse like that were you really need to have proper positioning which takes a lot of core/length strength. The fact she's scared of trot poles (poles either literally laying on the ground or maybe 1 rung up at most) that is a BAD sign.

TL;DR she shouldn't have bought a horse she knew she couldn't train/handle and her being 'afraid' to jump is her realizing she doesn't know shit and is afraid.

Sage for obvious sperging.

No. 120776


Has she responded to this?

No. 120821

Different horsefag, but the “clears everything with a foot and a half to spare so there’s no point in doing cross rails” is probably bullshit. Horses don’t tend to exert more effort than they have to. Hunter show barns will occasionally string a line of wire three inches over a vertical in order to get the ponies to pick up their feet, and some will still eat the difference and end up with bloody pasterns. (No, it’s not ethical, but that’s not the discussion we’re having here.) He’s a big horse, so he needs to exert more force to get in a decent form, but that’s not “a foot and a half to spare.” If anything he could probably step over anything under 18”. That’s just what it looks like to her because she’s scared; kind of like that cartoon trope where the high dive looks like it’s a mile up from the pool.

It probably feels or felt like he overjumps because like >>120769 said, she’s probably extremely deconditioned. If you get left behind on any jump, it’s going to feel much bigger than it actually is.

Unless he is just bored out of his mind standing around for photoshoots, while she dyes him blue and delicately clips little snowflakes into his coat, and is taking any opportunity he can get to do something fun or challenging for a change. In which case, lol.

No. 120827

File: 1605496592176.jpeg (89.16 KB, 542x429, E6D346AF-DBDF-4734-B8DC-0D64D2…)

Also samefag but how are you going to call yourself this lifelong equestrian and you can’t even do trot poles? You’re damn right that’s embarrassing Stef.

No. 120865

her comments about Nanok's jumping sounded like such bullshit. Thanks for replying. When that rider tumbled off of him, he sure did not clear that bar with feet to spare. He clipped it.

No. 120871

wasn't there also a video where we could her Nanok hit a pole when he jumped? Maybe I'm not remembering it correctly but that doesn't sound easy breezy for the horse

No. 120875

>>117735 is a still image of the video posted here >>117900

Looks like the horses legs hit the bar.

No. 120904

File: 1605532853058.jpeg (418.89 KB, 750x1062, B9FBA10F-0E44-412A-A6BB-DC69C2…)

This was what the comment was referencing. She lied in the same thread

No. 120919

Anyone else noticed she has a weird habit of shutting down advice?

>hey I have this problem, can you help me?

>people offer her solutions
>"oh that wouldn't work, I tried that already, well you see, the thing is…"

like jfc, why did you ask if you're just going to reject everything that's said? it's so obvious she just wants attention and pretends she's asking for help instead

No. 120924

File: 1605540154478.jpg (74.05 KB, 800x534, ed729ec5-fa40-4cb5-a886-8618b0…)

Most of the people at her show didn't wear costumes. It really was her and a bunch of kids or people wearing goofy costumes.

Anyway, I found some professional pictures. Enjoy the side shot.

The gallery is here. delete the double spaces.
.zenfolio .com/ p525589658

No. 120925

File: 1605540222738.jpg (105.84 KB, 800x534, 080311ba-1adb-4e06-a1d8-7c04c2…)

another favorite shot (granted most people would look bad in this position)

No. 120926

File: 1605540269526.jpg (107.14 KB, 800x534, 069dd99b-0cf5-4d9c-9e30-5899f0…)

our ice queen from the front

No. 120929

File: 1605541181325.png (1.45 MB, 1385x862, reality.png)

She actually doesn't look that different in her shoops, just a lot shorter which is odd.

No. 120932

you're joking, right? I mean sure, she looks like an Elsa cosplayer. But the waist, that ass, she slimmed her face and everything else

No. 120937


This one is so good, love the addition of a not very convincing Anna cosplayer holding an Olaf stuffie, while the patchily stained blue horse continues to contemplate the purpose of life, as he does in every picture.

>plz mom I just want to eat grass in a field

No. 120940

I've been ruined by the photoshoppers thread to consider this only mild shoop, since it still exists within the realms of reality. I'm thinking she stretches every picture, since the heights don't line up at all though I tried to do so.

No. 120941

Still photos of the horse jumping in the show can be found here. Remove the double spaces.

teresamaefinnerty .zenfolio .com/

I don't know anything about jumping horses so I will leave the comments to those who do

No. 120942

File: 1605541897229.jpg (103.02 KB, 800x534, 539c8b76-f52e-47e5-affb-e359a7…)

Her white blond extensions

No. 120943

File: 1605542028511.jpg (95.71 KB, 800x534, ba09721e-e9b2-4208-9281-2c3f7c…)

have a second one

No. 120948

she looks shorter because her posture is fucking awful. she’s walking around like a hunchbacked troll.

No. 120953

File: 1605549607629.png (13 KB, 83x62, let it mooolddd.png)

WTF is wrong with her teeth?!

No. 120954

File: 1605549792369.png (341.76 KB, 533x789, horsetrainer.png)

Getting another horse even though one of your current horses rears, can't trailer and you're afraid to trot over poles

No. 120955

File: 1605550403796.jpg (21.75 KB, 211x254, isnanokok.jpg)

Samefag but Nanok's face in this thumbnail says everything.

No. 120956

Does Nanok look healthy? I don’t know anything about horses, but he has such a sweet face and I just want him to be okay.

No. 120958

Holyshit my sides are in orbit. Pretty sure she used google translate, because it reads (poorly) that she is "going to set a price for that" instead of saying that she "appreciates it".

No. 120963

I love how she just calls whichever horse is her current favourite her "heart horse". First it was finn, then her mums that died, now it's nannok 🙄

No. 120964

I am fucking screaming, I first thought she was talking about actual price

No. 120966

Anon she’s fat

No. 120971

File: 1605556414767.jpg (18.18 KB, 218x266, 1605541897229~2.jpg)

Her hair is a fucking tragedy.

No. 120974


Horsefag from earlier up in the thread, but >>120821 is right in that she is 100% behind the motion and that's, rightfully, scaring her. Looking at these pictures puts just into perspective how large she is. She is definitely not in shape enough to be jumping/riding full time let alone such a big horse. Her posture in the one picture shows just HOW incredibly out of shape she is. I think she can not physically get into two point which is why someone else is jumping her horse. She knows she's too out of shape for it, hell she watched someone in decent shape fall because they lost focus fell behind enough which caused them to fall.


She's slouched, her shoulders need to be back more. This is pushing her hips forward, which is pushing her legs out farther. Her ankle looks ok, but that's the only thing in any kind decent form. Basically, in riding there is the plum line which tl;dr you should be able to draw a straight line from your shoulder to your knee to your ankle to make sure you have proper posture. Stef's is completely off, likely because she lacks the core/muscle strength to do so.

Jesus fucking christ Stef, get a trainer for your horse and your own fat ass before someone else gets hurt.

No. 120980

Wut, that does mean "I appreciate it" though. It's not wrong, it's just kinda weird.

No. 120987

That horse looks like it's fed up with her shit.

No. 120992

The people there 100% thought she was special needs

No. 121031

Questions for horsefags:

Is human weight a big issue in horseback riding - or is it taboo? If a fat person rides a horse, is it considered animal abuse? Why doesn't Stef just ride a big horse and stop crushing regular horses? If a Budweiser horse can drag a carriage full of beer kegs, I'm guessing it could withstand Stef's fat ass.

No. 121032

horses can only carry 20% their own bodyweight on their backs.

No. 121038


Typically, if you want to be very competitive and one of the best you have to naturally be smaller. Think popular races like the Kentucky derby, all of the jockeys are pretty small.

Weight plays a part if you're competitive, hence why you never see large riders, the smaller you are the less weight on the horse. I have never seen anyone Stef's side jump, I knew people that weren't small but not that large. Part of what makes me think he can't two point is that her gut is going to get in the way because you have to compress your body. It's not taboo per say, but I can't imagine many people will take her seriously as it's obvious she's not a rider with her so overweight. Will anyone say anything to her? Unlikely, unless she was at a well known or competitive barn. But trainers may not want to work with her, or may put her on a regime so she slims down as your weight will hinder your riding capabilities. Especially at her size.

Riders have to be in excellent shape as you are literally engaging every muscle of your body when you ride, even when you're just sitting on your horse you need to be correctly positioned in case they startle. Stef is a lump of dough, and clearly does not have the stamina to ride or even just sit correctly.

Is it animal abuse? Not at this point, and if I remember correctly, it's her parents barn so there is no one to report her even if it was.

No. 121042


also to include, you can see her calves are also too big and prevent her from wearing the correct foot gear. English tack utilizes tall boots, the purpose of which is because you need leather on leather to help grip should your foot fall out of the stirrup or just for general riding. Those boots should go up over her entire calf and end a few inches below her knee. You can see in >>120925 her calves are too fat and the boots cannot fit over them.

No. 121058

File: 1605584125480.png (1.03 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20201116-213432.png)

Is she planning to cosplay Princess Diana?
( Is this princess Di? )

No. 121071

It's the dramatized version of Princess Di from the new season of The Crown.

No. 121078


Perfect. Fake british accent round two.

No. 121084

she’s going to conveniently get into a car wreck

No. 121100

>t. she’s just like me!!1

No. 121105

I can't wait to hear how she's somehow secretly been a royal this whole time, or some other absolutely ridiculous lie.

No. 121108

she gonna pretend to get into fender-bender (because you KNOW she can't drive) and blame it on her stalkers from lolcow forcing her to drive dangerously to get away~~

No. 121129

Echoing other anon’s sentiment of 20% the horse’s weight. It’s not taboo or fatphobic or anything like that, no more than clothes sizes are. Men ride horses too, and they’re generally taller and heavier. There’s a debate on whether horseback riding is ethical at all, but I wouldn’t necessarily consider it animal abuse if she were to ride a horse she were too heavy for once or twice for 30 minutes at a time. The horse would fatigue quicker and there’s potential for strain in the muscles/ligaments in their back, but it’s unlikely its legs would snap or anything permanently disfiguring like that.

There’s a lot of reasons why she won’t buy a horse to suit her and I was going to type them all out, but I think at the end of the day what it boils down to is budget. She’s trying to collect horses like Pokémon cards for some reason, and they always need to be under her budget of $2500. You just won’t find the sort of athletic, capable, trained, sane show horse she needs for that much. She’s buying people’s throwaway ponies instead of investing in one solid horse. As to why she does that? I don’t know. She’s not too bright.

No. 121130

I didn’t even notice that. Are those even riding boots? They’re too tall to be paddock boots but I’ve literally never seen mid-calf tall boots before.

No. 121137

same anon as the comment you're referring too and I honestly don't know either? The more I look at it the more confused I get because the look zipped up, but if they're zipped up why are they not over her calf?

Part of me wonders if they even make boots for someone with calves her size. There's no way those are tall boots, even if you stretched the leather they wouldn't have that much give.

No. 121144

If she actually cared to, she could get the leather stretched as well as have a gusset installed alongside the zipper (my sister had weirdly large calves I guess, which is how I know that's actually an option) but that costs money and would require her to actually have some semblance of knowledge. But we all know Stef only spends money on garbage, cosplays, and new horses.

No. 121213

I’m literally mystified she would own a tailored shadbelly >>118526 and not proper field boots (at least.) Maybe it’s different for dressage, but for hunter it’s wildly inappropriate to wear a shadbelly at her “show” level and these coats cost a hell of a lot more than boots do, even as hand-me-downs. At least a good pair of boots is practical.

No. 121236

File: 1605721047136.jpeg (444.07 KB, 828x1443, E466C508-BF9D-4C8C-8C46-B0CD80…)

It just feels so ethically wrong to take such majestic creatures and cover them in stickers, airbrush, decals, and stupid shavings like a child with a toy.

No. 121247

She just sees them as giant My Little Ponies despite them clearly Not Having A Good Time in her photos and videos.

I'm sure the million views she got for throwing literal glitter on her horse on TikTok probably fuelled the madness even more.

No. 121268

This isn’t in defense of how she’s treating her animals, but that’s how a lot of people treat dogs. I think there’s a line that shouldn’t be crossed but that’s a whole discussion for a whole other side of the internet.

No. 121275

File: 1605741053828.jpeg (448.23 KB, 828x887, 41E7DB15-D2F4-40A7-AC0B-1D5FE8…)

Is horse in picrel Finn? It’s from May, before she got Nanok. She’s paying upwards of $200 per session to have these photographers come out and shoot her horses for no other reason than… “look at me, I have horses.” At least three times in the past six months (during a pandemic???) if picrel is in fact Finn.

No. 121360

When you look at the photos in >>120924, she doesn't even wear that jacket for the dressage she competed in, so my tinfoil is it's someone else's jacket she 'borrowed' for those photos.

No. 121406

I don’t see it as similar at all. You don’t ride dogs.

No. 121445

File: 1605833985706.png (2.86 MB, 750x1334, 1CA2D2CD-6C15-475A-B6DA-65D33B…)

new face

No. 121446


I'm cackling, the more I look the more wonky it looks.

No. 121459

Jesus did she just paint on top of her face with the brush tool?

No. 121461

File: 1605836835851.png (1.75 MB, 1080x1308, Screenshot_20201120-024604.png)

Stef does. Didn't you know she's a wee smol bean?

No. 121463

File: 1605838044065.jpeg (506 KB, 750x1329, 874D5467-95A5-4739-A55F-65EAAD…)

Oh boy, she sure fucking peaked alright…

Also her singing is abhorrent, it made my ears fucking bleed.

No. 121466

video for reference https://streamable.com/rqcyl4
she really thinks she’s something kek

No. 121475

Are we sure she isn’t…. like short bus? I don’t know how I feel ethically making fun of someone retarded.

No. 121523

i get so much second hand embarrassment from her. I see what she's trying to do but she misses the mark by so far.

No. 121526

File: 1605869874427.gif (2.04 MB, 513x958, GIF-201120_185531.gif)

Her attempt at being giggly and "cute". So unnatural.

No. 121532

Did, did she edit her tiktok name to be Weiss? I think her next skinwalking is going to be with Weiss Schnee..

No. 121542


Yes. I'm sure she will be going full Weiss.

I've never watched the show. Is this another of those cringey attempts at pulling the same faces as cartoon characters?

No. 121543

File: 1605880985335.gif (2.41 MB, 436x818, GIF-201120_220133.gif)

Sorry, forgot to attach gif

No. 121553

anon… it’s been weiss.schnee for months now. don’t you remember last thread where she even scratched her own eye to make it look like the character?

No. 121564

it looks like she's wiping her nose and flicking the booger.

No. 121569

The dinky snowflake christmas ornament tacked on to the wall next to that janky little door

No. 121579

I can‘t put my finger on what‘s wrong with that picture appart from - obviously - everything.
I‘ve never seen someone with so much eye make up look so god damn tired. Maybe it is because she barely has exelashes? Did she just photoshop the make up ontop of her entire face? And if she did, how did she do such a bad job at hiding/shopping blemishes? Her eye irks me so much and I am getting more and more confused the longer I look at it.

No. 121580

File: 1605901289612.png (455.72 KB, 750x1334, 7F9F2FCC-71C4-4344-86F7-914E73…)

how tf is her ratty bird’s nest of damaged hair past her shoulders??

No. 121583

See >>120971, it’s not. Maybe some chunks are, but certainly not in an even or symmetrical or… good way. I honestly don’t know how it would be salvageable, short of buzzing her head.

No. 121589

File: 1605905654959.png (1.71 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20201120-144359.png)

She removed her extensions to reveal her mane of textured pubic hair. I can only imagine how much worse this looks without the heavy editing and filters.

How long before she reaches for another bottle of bleach and tones her hair grey to match her newest skinwalking obsession is anyone's guess.

No. 121591

Probably the fact that she’s like, 27 years old.

No. 121599

File: 1605909206924.png (1.71 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20201120-152925.png)

Leave the goddamn pony alone. Let the poor thing live out it's life without being forced into cosplays and your massive ass straining its small frame.

She's a 27 year old child begging for ponies. I hope her parents donate their estate and money to charities forcing this parasite to fend for herself.

No. 121605


She looks like she's having a stroke.

Stef, instead of practicing "cartoon" faces, you should focus on getting a "cartoon" body with some exercise and a diet, you horse crushing psycho.

No. 121614

wtf is she talking like a spazz?

No. 121619

isn't this her rey face?

No. 121625

Didn’t she say money wasn’t an issue and so on? Why beg now?

No. 121659

Her next story was emphasizing how she was ~juuust kidding guiz~ which is pathetic. You weren’t kidding. Nobody with half a brain throws out a casual beg as a “joke”.

No. 121663


bitch looks like some flabby 'girlboss' beachbody (a fitness mlm) rep desperately trying to convince everyone that she's living the high life and totally fit now u guys

No. 121669


She lives for handouts.
Just like that birthday amazon wishlist no one fucking asked for and is still up despite the fact her birthday is over.

No. 121701

File: 1605939434937.jpeg (128.03 KB, 750x1314, 57D33A45-C860-4480-AFD1-190F07…)


Make sure to include photos lmao.

No. 121723

She looks so fucking worn out, her body is giving up on this skinwalking before she is.

No. 121747

File: 1605972520544.jpeg (190.64 KB, 1536x2048, E1574C1B-44B6-46EF-AA81-A60705…)

She looks like another cow who made an onlyfans recently.

No. 121756

Idk what haggard ass 27 year olds you've been hanging around with but that is not typical.

No. 121780

Caucasian 27 year olds, yes they do.

Confirmed for window licker

No. 121787

I‘d say that no 27 year old looks this worn out, but then again, this is Stef we‘re talking about. She probably doesn‘t take care of herself at all.

No. 121806

def not. Most of my friends do yoga or hit the gym daily after work and eat well for physical and mental health. You don't really hear of such exploits from her

No. 121817

File: 1606008466145.jpeg (425.97 KB, 1800x1156, 7614DD0D-791D-4324-BF66-D23F1D…)

Her stories are getting progressively worse and worse.

No. 121851

She spends SO much on all this useless crap but won’t go get an Olaplex treatment for this? Despite there being no way of saving that damaged hair (She wears so many wigs she might as well shave it off) but damn at least try.

NGL though this is my favourite face of hers so far despite the cringe tiktoks.

No. 121855

Are you from PULL? Because they're the only retards that think everyone over 23 automatically gets wrinkles and breaks down.

No. 122005


What's PULL? I keep meaning to ask

No. 122008

“Pretty Ugly Little Liar”, it’s a forum

No. 122030

>aRe YoU fRoM PULL
You know it’s fine to hate her because she’s insufferable but she has a normal amount of eye bags for a 27 year old white Canadian woman, it’s not something super special only to her. I’m nearly her age, you don’t see me getting on the offense when someone points out that a lot of 27 year olds look tired. It really isn’t a big deal you’re trying to make it.

No. 122031

She doesn’t look good but I don’t get this ageing thing? I’d guess she’s in her 20s…

No. 122037

miachan saga when?

No. 122069

File: 1606114739928.webm (1.12 MB, 720x1280, preferablyellie_2020.11.23_j2j…)

>Size medium

No. 122076

That's a sturdy lass. Perhaps she should consider a Percheron instead of a pony.

No. 122151

File: 1606138485695.gif (808.18 KB, 500x961, GIF-201123_213307.gif)

Surprised she let people see this

No. 122159

Tard escaped the pen everybody

No. 122231

Probably over the moon that someone else posted about her for once

No. 122236

My sides anon!

No. 122242

Heavily underrated post, holy kek

No. 122249

>Jethro Tull in the background intensifies

No. 122283

File: 1606189962708.jpeg (395.72 KB, 750x1299, 3949C81F-8DBE-4DF0-87B7-86B020…)

Stefany is about to buy a stallion!

>inb4 Honeybee gets knocked up by the stallion

No. 122284

File: 1606189993692.jpeg (652.53 KB, 2048x1536, 8CCE9D2D-88D8-4A22-BB56-2A7471…)

No. 122285

File: 1606190085312.jpeg (113.82 KB, 750x501, 3D07E387-3818-48EA-814F-638CBB…)

No. 122286

File: 1606190133144.jpeg (328.52 KB, 750x967, FA4D812C-3577-42C9-933A-089E26…)

No. 122287

Hey horse spergs, does this look like swayback to you?

No. 122288

Horse sperg here.
That is not swayback. He just lacks muscle in his top line which is why there’s such a slope between his withers and his back.

He’s “racing fit” which is a different muscle build compared to horses who are “show fit”. He looks wonky, but if he ended up with the right person (not this cow) then he’d look a lot better.

No. 122289

Samefag here. I’m not 100% sure if this should be saged or not, so sorry if it should be.

But it doesn’t surprise me that Stef went for an OTTB. In my state they go for $1k-$2k USD once they stop earning money. They’re right in her price range and they’re an easy grab. The issue is that Stef doesn’t know what the fuck she’s doing with horses.

OTTB’s personality’s vary wildly but they are not something to collect as props. They require lots and lots of work when it comes to retraining to be a competition or even hobby horse. Most of them aren’t build the best and 90% have shit feet. So whatever she spends on getting his “trouble puffs” removed isn’t even close to what she’d be spending regarding training and mannerisms since we know she can’t so shit herself.

I can’t wait to see which horse she gets rid of to get this one. How long until she comes up with a horrible excuse on why she got rid of him, too?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 122312

Bit harsh to redtext this post, lots of anons have said they're interested in learning about horses.

No. 122323

lmao why was this redtexted? jfc the state of this website.

No. 122329

it is redtexted because the poster filled in their real email address, hence the redtexting with a link to the rules

No. 122471

loving the info from horseanons, i was wondering about a lot of this stuff. so she’s saying she doesn’t jump the white horse at all—even things that are laying on the ground? if she knows the horse rears why is she letting other people ride it? was the person who got thrown trying to train him?

No. 122508

I just recently started following this cow and couldn’t find the answer from skimming through the past threads:
Who takes care of the horses? I’m not an expert but I know that horses are extremely high maintenance pets.

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