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File: 1502828573510.jpg (54.48 KB, 503x597, B2CT0TWCUAIZJ-W.jpg)

No. 24530

This thread is for any lolcow or weeb in the VK scene.

(MiA,Bangya peeps,etc)

No. 24531

MiA needs to quit with the ps…

No. 24532

File: 1503276569572.png (851.76 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-08-20-19-48-35…)

This happened.

It's Yohio and MiA kissing.

No. 24533

How drunk were they?

No. 24534

I remember someone on the Yohio thread that Jenziih sent their friend dick picks. I wonder if they have receipts.

No. 24535

File: 1503306503818.png (401.5 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-08-21-04-07-35…)


No. 24536

lol i've met the guy on the right a couple of times

No. 24537

My friend fucked the dude on the left (dont have receipts unless she lurks here HEY KATIE), which was hysterical because he had a gf in sweden at the time

No. 24538


This fucker needs a mention too btw
He is a complete bastard who went to rant about hating foreign fans and there was a massive backlash and he got his thong in a twist and threatened to retire from the music industry.
YET Hates foreign fans so much he will gaijin hunt on facebook and add you… creepy fucking old man.

No. 24539

I thought it was mainly Russians since he got scammed by some organizer or something? Haha. I like following him and his art though. He obviously has some mood disorder since he gets so dramatic when things don't go his way. I think it has been "truly the end!" of his music career at least four times.

No. 24540

File: 1503389230461.png (158.96 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-08-22-03-06-02…)

So much for SEIKE calling out Yohio for being a man hoe when he is one too.

"Heard That I'm being called unprofessional by a person i once held very dear. Hypocrisy just took human form. It's not me who lie to my fans about smoking, drinking and having a lot of sex. All of this would be totally fine if you would not tell your fans the opposite and then throwing away your friends when they refuse to lay people right in their face to please you. I'm fed up with your bullshit. At minimum stand for your actions, and do not you dare calling yourself a role model for young people and in the next breath accusing me of being unprofessional. I might be unprofessional for writing this message official, but it's _nothing_ compared to what you've become. "

No. 24541

File: 1503600532033.jpg (229.48 KB, 720x960, IMG_1628.JPG)

I posted this in another thread but does anyone know パルうみ she's about 22 and a really cringe worthy v kei fan. She just met Shiena and Katie on her Japan trip and she e stalks a ton of band guys.

No. 24542

everybody on this photo looks awful

No. 24543

File: 1503601423643.jpg (255.6 KB, 960x960, IMG_1630.JPG)

This girl must be super tiny because from what I've heard Katie and Shiena are hobbits. I know they're wearing heels but they still tower over her. Also even tough this girl is an ugly weeb she still looks better than Katie… who is aging rapidly.

Anyways she went around Japan with her aunt to Vkei events saying how every guy was so in love with her. She's hella cringe worthy and it's kind of sad.

No. 24544

I don't know, man. Shiena is looking a little better here than her usual. Usually her makeup is way overdone and her legs look kind of stocky/chubby. Maybe it's just because the other two look so bad that it's making her look better though?

No. 24545

Genuine question, what's so wrong about MiA? I know he photoshops like hell and the plastic surgery and all that, but has he done some fucked up shit?

No. 24546

So sad, if she ditched her ugly ass wig and embraced those curls she'd be fine! Her face isn't ugly, just those pastels aren't working. :/ Ugh, she should try to a different look

No. 24547

The only thing wrong with him is his vanity; plus his insta is pretty lulzy (e.g. looking like a sugar baby)…
Other than that he's actually a pretty skilled guitarist, especially given his still rather young age.

No. 24548


girl looks worse than delandra with pink wig

No. 24549

At least she's thin and has decent figures. Delandra is fat with a troll face.

No. 24550

Can we talk about Noah from Avanchick?
Does he really have an addiction to hookers like Tanuki says or is that just bs

No. 24551

a lot of bandmen are addicted to hookers and kyabajo lol where have you been?

No. 24552

File: 1503768065379.jpg (51.84 KB, 500x580, 391a921ac0b5c0a8769348cdfa531e…)

I feel like MiA wouldn't bother me so much if he low-key didn't look so much like Vanilla Chamu.

No. 24553

File: 1503772608129.png (112.27 KB, 750x568, IMG_0779.PNG)

damn he looks hideous

No. 24554

Wow Katie have been so fat kek

No. 24555

I don't think you can compare to normal sized people in a picture to someone who is child-sized

No. 24556

You sound like a fat ass

No. 24557

I'm actually underweight but I know everyone desperately wants the Gyaru in Japan to be fat and unhappy out of jealousy.

No. 24558

You sound like you have an eating disorder.

No. 24559

ah bandguys are funny.
someone wrote "on tv are cute foreigners but on my concerts are only pigs"

No. 24560

No. 24561

File: 1524775371320.png (1.05 MB, 640x1136, 523EAA6A-1968-4F71-8C03-9E53C8…)

Searching for a visa guy like charlott?

No. 24562

Who is that?

No. 24563

Charlotts bf

No. 24564

lol I slept with him as well. got the impression he likes sex a little bit too much. I got to know more girls he fucked with after

No. 24565

what surgeries has he had?

No. 24566

A few nose jobs, his chin/jaw and I think his eyelids

No. 24567

lol iren tsuda only married to get a visa so she can go to concerts

No. 24568

>>24567 Who the fuck is that? Picture?
Also why does it matter, if that is the ONLY thing she is doing then wtf jelly?

No. 24569

File: 1540280784518.jpg (62.28 KB, 960x960, 43690780_1852610304794050_3195…)

nahh not interested in Vkei(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 24570

He is just a general whore. Where ever he goes he has a ring of girls around him. Other than that nothing milky, just what you would expect from a famous VK dude

No. 24571

>>24569 I don't see anything wrong with her, never have I even heard of her and I know a large majority of gaijin in japan for the vkei scene. So the OP is obvs jealous lul

>>24570 He usually bums around in a lot of clubs or similar, I have him on Line through a mutual, never spoke to him but his timeline makes out he lives a party 24/7 life wouldn't go as far as has a ring of girls around him but he doesn't have anything milky as you said

No. 24572

jealous of what? marry someone after 3 months? just to stay in japan and go to concerts lmao

No. 24573

So what? That’s not milk.

No. 24574

she is milky but good in hiding everything

No. 24575

Back in 2013 I lived in a share house in Tokyo Nakano with one canadian VK guy. He had brown hair. I forgot his name and band name but he was good with a few "real" bandoman. He also knew Seike. He worked at Skytree as a waiter and occasionally brought japanese fangirls home to fuck.
On his birthday he got so drunk he puked everywhere in the bathroom and was too embarrassed to clean it so he acted like it wasn't him.
Not really milk but I'm just wondering is he still doing his thing in Japan and does anyone actually know him??

No. 24576

>>24572 You are obviously jealous for bringing it up constantly, it is her life, let her live it and fuck it up. Not everyone needs to live a basic vanilla life like you.

>>24574 So… there is no milk then, lmao

>>24575 Davey? Or whatever the fuck his name is… or was he the host who got a girl knocked up and went to live in the countryside

No. 24577

Iren is super bitchy with her rivals
She wrote to their boyfriends spreading lies
Girl got a problem

No. 24578

is she still with her husband ? lol

No. 24579

doesn't seems like

No. 24580

Is Seike even considered VK anymore? I mean he sure knows artists in the scene but apart from that? o_O(o_O)

No. 24581

German anon detected.

No. 24582

No he is not VK and don't think he tries to be but people on here doesn't know shit(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 39839

sometimes i think vkei weaboos are the worst.
a lot of bandguys actually complain about them(necro)

No. 46644

File: 1557262785793.jpeg (144.08 KB, 640x1315, 23270F9B-F47B-4B8C-8182-891AA7…)

lol someone posted this Reina girl defending some band man who is apparently a pedophile kek
Anyone have any milk on this weeb?

No. 46712

Mamo, the dude she's stanning, is openly homophobic and has openly talked about being a lolicon. He's kind of known to be an edgelord/cow within the scene.

No. 70204

File: 1571609265941.jpg (202.45 KB, 956x1275, `.jpg)

Any milk on this guy named Hide Reversi? Saw a callout post of him saying he cheats on his gf, threatens to expose her nudes and kill himself if she leaves, scams people and everything on twitter and facebook

No. 70211


He keeps recreating new accounts to scam more people, also pretends to be his girlfriend with fake accounts to take down call out posts about himself.

No. 70222

Surprised he hasn’t been put on here yet especially with all the evidence there is on him as a cow

No. 70227

File: 1571619244419.jpeg (589.02 KB, 1129x1645, 1F322C9C-14A6-420E-A1CE-1A2F7A…)

Part 1 of call out

No. 70229

File: 1571620029016.jpeg (131.5 KB, 1080x634, 578A77F9-92BC-46F1-A00F-ACE83A…)

I remember about two years ago when a call out post was made about him, he threw a fit and threatened to kill himself on twitch lmao. This guy deserves a whole ass thread, he scammed several people, owes lot of money, forced his girlfriend to do sex work so he could buy the same guitar as Aoi, tried to get girls to buy it for him, ripped off a design from The GazettE and used it for his own merch, cheated several times, leaked nudes of random girls in a group chat and the list goes on.
He went to japan recently and I wouldn’t be surprised if the money used for the trip is from the people he scammed.

No. 70230

File: 1571620112170.jpeg (666.34 KB, 1148x1696, 4D0103E1-CC2C-4433-8B77-88B030…)

Part 2 of call out on hide

No. 70231

Hide once asked me to make a paypal credit card thing to see if I could buy him his guitar

he’s crazy yeah he needs his own thread

No. 70233

File: 1571620955493.jpeg (79.24 KB, 640x393, 08DEFDF5-2254-4971-AA6B-065922…)

No. 70234

File: 1571621552699.jpeg (513.28 KB, 1242x782, A6E4E1F5-3A67-4539-8479-A96818…)

No. 70236

I need so much more info about this psycho, jesus. I feel so bad for his gf.

No. 70237

If you look up his name on Facebook under hide reversi or victor arias there’s so much more

Don’t even feel bad for the gf she lets him get away with treating her bad and defends him

No. 70238

I found a whole discussion about him on twitter if you look up his name under ReversiHide and a pastebin of his shady work


No. 70270

File: 1571638280041.png (514.29 KB, 505x762, weebcowscollide.png)

Found his fb account out of curiosity. Immediately recognized this girl from one of the threads on here a while back. She used to date some Kyo skinwalker dude. Imagine choosing to be "besties" with a guy who has openly admitted to forcing his girlfriend into prostitution.

No. 70273

Imagine he used that I’m sorry story to her and used her like the other girls he’s done

No. 70280

File: 1571641612608.jpeg (25.52 KB, 532x558, 4B74575B-13CA-47BF-A654-0147D3…)

He also seems to enjoy sending unsolicited dick pics.

No. 70281

File: 1571641636104.jpeg (38.56 KB, 511x569, 46DA5BD0-B20A-4ACA-91A1-2CDF69…)

No. 70282

File: 1571641811185.jpeg (39.05 KB, 516x661, A5F89103-0E82-4050-9CA7-E28EFC…)

How classy

No. 70289

File: 1571646700901.png (951.52 KB, 800x960, kIQ3m5s.png)


No. 70294

File: 1571647706922.png (231.55 KB, 770x460, looool.png)

ok that girls is friends with all the fucked up weebs in japan
shannon, katie, ksara

No. 70296

File: 1571648442616.png (2.75 MB, 1446x1117, 1522544301198.png)

Yeah, she's been posted about in the gaijin hunters thread in regards to her messy relationship with her ex a year ago and in shiena's thread just last year too. I don't know if she's a cow herself, but she sure does seem to surround herself with them.

Who is the guy? New boyfriend?

No. 70297

katie looks like a mess lol but that's nothing new. oh didn't know that. should check the gaijin hunter thread.

guess that guy is her new bf

No. 70327

Why is everyone so salty about some girls fucking some random jap vk guy? It's not that hard, except you are fat and ugly.

No. 70426

Salty where anon? You sound pressed. Which one are you?

All I see are people talking about how huge a creep this victor guy is and how it's weird this random girl is friends with so many cows?

No. 70431

he’s probably reading it and complaining to his gf

“People found out my trash I keep doing every year I’m gonna kill myself and you should too”

No. 70451

File: 1571725492616.jpeg (178.07 KB, 750x1092, EBB13F68-7BD3-4603-88C6-1D2F03…)

Cringe. You’re the one who scammed people in that community, you moron. Of course people will «talk shit » about you.

No. 70452

File: 1571725573292.jpeg (118.6 KB, 750x877, 9188E209-05FA-4B03-87D7-C41C94…)

Pt. 2

No. 70487

the most he probably called out someone was his mom since he always screams to her and his girlfriend he abuses so much

No. 70489

File: 1571764928798.jpeg (354.5 KB, 1242x1525, C99D5F80-0E79-4EE6-A48F-3AF4ED…)

He manipulated his gf before when she left him to come back while she was with someone else yuck

No. 70766

think one of the fake accounts of the gf is _usagixalora_
looks suspicious & apparently ‘nsfw’ content

No. 71086

File: 1572120478501.jpeg (153.87 KB, 1242x350, D911FAEA-E5AE-4225-A6BF-D8D9AC…)

He probably convinced his gf to sell nudes so she can keep giving him money just like how he convinced his ex to go into prostitution

No. 71120

I'm surprised he's able to pull decently cute girls considering how he looks on top of his shit personality.

No. 71135

that’s so messed up. i hope karma gets to him because it’s so stupid he keeps getting away with things and continuously hurts people around him. Voldemort looking-ass can’t just get a normal job like everyone else

No. 71136

I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s uploading that part on her twitter accounts. I checked & she always uploads images with her android phone, these ones are on Twitter web. Sketchyyy

No. 71152

File: 1572179705370.jpeg (228.53 KB, 1242x768, 4362D96A-2CBB-4486-9AEC-36AB1F…)

Are you sure about that ???

No. 71161

File: 1572183274332.jpeg (288.1 KB, 1242x1837, C0071428-52C1-436C-9D22-4D10E1…)

Yeahh Ayla owns an android and Hide uses an iphone. Everytime he has to defend himself for being absolute human garbage he crawls onto her account and poses as her like a loser because he has to hide behind others

No. 71181

That boy has control issues. Logging into all her accounts to pose as her.

It’s funny because ayla types like a scene kid too

No. 71331

jesus christ…
kudos to the people that confronted/exposed him

No. 71662

File: 1572705821000.jpeg (476.45 KB, 1242x1241, A42FA8B5-F593-4FF2-9C8C-F449B6…)

He can buy a guitar but not pay back ppl???

No. 71663

That Shecter is a mid-range guitar, while custom shop ESPs are EXTREMELY expensive. What the fuck?

No. 71672

He could easily give people back their money but he doesn’t want to. He used his mental health to get out of it. That’s the only time he ever brings it up or when his gfs are trying to leave him. It’s beyond shitty because people spent up to $300 USD to commission him, which is a large amount to many and ignores it like it’s nothing. Some of those people were his friends and he still doesn’t give a fuck. Disgusting. 100% if this was brought up again on Twitter he’ll use his mental health again and disappear saying he’s in the ‘hospital’. Someone said he wasn’t even in the hospital to begin with last time. He was on a game called final fantasy 14 playing with his gf.

No. 72545

Only time he’s openly affectionate to her is when she buys him something lmfaooo

No. 72558

Uhmmmmm I’m 95 percent positive the sex tape they uploaded happened during when he was in a relationship with that European girl? Fucking shit if she didn’t know about it. Yet he still has people supporting him

No. 72745

They had a sex tape?!

No. 72747

File: 1573705597753.jpeg (231.62 KB, 750x1164, 7C9DC6A5-5D7A-4709-8E65-B99C63…)

No. 72749

Wow, who the fuck spends 7k on a partners guitar. He’s trash for not getting it himself

No. 72781

He needs his own thread

No. 72818

Yup, the gf uploaded it on pornhub. She has white hair during it and if you check her Instagram during December- January was when she had it. That’s when he was in a relationship with some Australian girl…… they actually uploaded him cheating on her. Are they that fucking dumb? Does the ex know? Doubt it considering how much he lies.
And he can’t even pay back the people he scanned, I’m honestly not surprised he got his dense gf to get it for him.

No. 72891

yes he needs his own thread

No. 72971

i don’t think he ever even bought the guitar as the full price to begin with. he buys/bids them off auction sites way cheaper then claims he got it at full price. seen him do it before. then again, this time the gf got it for him. 2k for a guy who cheats & scams no biggie lol

No. 73001

He's been known to make fake accounts and pose as his girlfriends, he sent her nudes to other people and pretended that it was an "accident"

No. 73053

yeah that’s been happening for a good two years. she’d always make posts about it when they broke up.
how is this guy still able to act freely ? he is such a disgusting scumbag yet he still has supporters. if you really think about it he roughly owes people 5000USD if not more in total!

No. 73085

gross he is such a freeloader, living off from scamming people and the same girlfriend hes tried to leave multiple times but shes the only one who'd stay with such a dumbass like herself so he just comes back to her. his insecurity is really showing whenever he posts about defending himself i get second-hand embarassment lol hes finally started to realise what a loser he is

No. 73125

File: 1574203301257.jpeg (570.64 KB, 828x1265, 2853CE9E-0A24-4D65-854B-D0D120…)

Scum bag sure like to brag about the cheating sex tape

No. 73131

what’s gross and creepy is cheating and uploading a cheating sex tape lmfaooo. no wonder they’re together, no one else would want to be with either of them. everyone who distances themselves from them are so much happier it’s hilarious.

No. 73157

It’ll be good to have an insight on the girl he cheated. Going to assume many of their mutual friends don’t know about it. Anyone know the Australian chicks twitter or social profile?

No. 73165

as one of their mutuals I know she doesn't use social media much. She was pretty much the complete opposite of a social butterfly like all his other exes were. So contacting her would be hard since she's always MIA

No. 73166

There's also some tea revolving the two most recent girls he got back together with which makes it confusing why he'd even go back to them. Either dumb or desperate

No. 73167

Is this you lurking Hide? Because as one of her mutuals she is active on twitter almost everyday, are you afraid she'll find out you were cheating on her? Nice try also trying to change the convo to the other two girls lmao.

No. 73168

No actually it isnt considering I was also about to spill tea on him too cus hes also trash?

No. 73169

Tbh I'm a bit sceptical since what you said about her being inactive on social media is completely wrong lol it just seems pretty sus. But if you got info on him then go on ahead

No. 73170

understandable. I dont really use twitter much so I didnt know.

Well theres 2 things I know. He told everyone he was going to NY to take some time off, this was when him and emma were breaking up. He didnt go to NY he went to visit Ayla and they most probably banged.

and second when he went to tokyo he was trying to fuck someone i dont remember who it was though.

But what im confused about is why he went back to emma and ayla when emma lied about escorting n convinced him it was his fault and ayla lied about having an abortion to fuck her ex. Hide must actually be retarded as fuck or desperate to consider either. But then again I guess trash attracts trash lol

No. 73171

dude really needs to see a doctor

No. 73172

Yikes he really is trash, mb for doubting, Hide outed himself as already lurking so gotta be careful. But he really is such trash that is so disgusting

No. 73173

it's all good anon no worries. I just hope he stops being a fucking idiot and gets help. He can be a cool dude but he isn't helping himself and only making all this shit so much worse. Refuses to see a psychiatrist because he thinks meds will make him weak when that shit helps????

No. 73177

Looks like Ayla made her instagram private after finding out they were both being watched

No. 73180

Doubt psychological assistance would help with. He may have mental health issues but what he does is purely who he is as a person. Looks like lying and manipulating is like air to him.

The info about the two exes though, that’s yikes. Lying about an abortion though? That’s next level.

No. 73182

both him and Ayla need their own thread tbh. She's just as bad as he is it's so yikes. Not the first time she's done something like that and then tries to save face all over social media when we all know what both she and him do

No. 73183

No wonder they’re together lmao who would want to be with someone like that damn.

No. 73184

I remember she made this huge post on facebook regretting what she did and exposing herself & then not even a few months later was back on the same bullshit and got exposed all over twitter. Sadly the guy that exposed her deleted all the tweets. Then hide ended up cheating again shortly after and even then they still stayed together? Idk how anyone could.. lmao what? I'm glad I never visited them

No. 73185

My god… that’s insane. I can’t even imagine staying in a relationship where both parties constantly cheat on each other. Guess they got back together cause it was their last resort lmao. I’m assuming you were close with them?

No. 73186

Sadly I was and had to deal with both of them ranting to me constantly. The worst part is they were destroying each other even while living together at his mom's house. She's banned from going there now as well. Cops being called etc. I feel so sorry for his poor mom having to deal with that bullshit. Apparently she even sent lewds to one of his stream's moderators while he was streaming. I mean hide deserves it since he's been such a trash person but two wrongs never make a right. It's a shame that they can't see how bad they are for each other and just walk away

No. 73187

I ended up blocking her after seeing her start talking about uploading that video to pornhub. Honestly shocked it wasn't his idea for once. I thought she'd be better than that lol.

No. 73188

Cops being called ? Damn what happened? What goes through their mind to go back together? I honestly believe the second she doesn’t fund him from her job he’ll probably start cheating on her again instead of a getting a normal job.
Did they do you wrong since you’re speaking out against them?

No. 73189

Was it cause you knew it was filmed while he was in a relationship? If so, that’s really mature of you to block her & stand for what’s right

No. 73190

So basically he begged his mom to let her stay at their home after she got banned from visiting because the new place she was going to live at wasn't finished being built and her family had to stay at their relative's place but they don't allow pets. So with winter coming Ayla had to have her kitten live in a car which is beyond dangerous. So hide begged his mom and she said ok (This was right before he left for australia)

Ayla stays at his place for a few weeks then he went to australia to meet his gf. I didn't know until I learned about the video but he recorded that right before he left… which is why I blocked ayla after she was talking about it.

Anyways he comes back from australia and then things got toxic between him and ayla, they werent together but they were fucking around behind that poor girl's back. Something happened and hide got fed up and told ayla to get out and ayla was refusing to so then hide threatened to call the cops to have her removed and she still refused. Then when hide went to grab her suitcase to put it in the hallway of his apartment she ended up attacking him and that's when cops were called. He ended up getting arrested because she lied about him leaving marks on her (She confessed later on that she did it to herself) and then had to deal with court which apparently the judge said they can't be anywhere near each other yet now they're back together?

No. 73191

Exactly why. It's so scummy. What also really pisses me off is that she says she's selling nude content to afford moving to Texas but used all of that money to surprise hide with a guitar? Wtf?

No. 73192

This goes way deeper than I honestly thought… that’s so disgusting. To do that to the poor girl… so far in this thread she’s honesty has been the victim. You further prove my disbelief at how they’re together. They both need professional help Christ

No. 73193

Ughh he is so nasty i hope that poor AUS girl is doing a lot better now. funny she probably is and he's still the same miserable pos lmfao

No. 73194

I had to witness all of this bullshit for over a year now it's honestly nuts. As bad as hide is I honestly think Ayla is manipulating him to stay with her. He showed me screenshots in the past where Ayla literally wrote a message for him in her own blood on her wall to guilt him into leaving the australian girl for her…

No. 73195

Lmao honestly it probably is true

No. 73196

ugh honestly same. She was the only girl I saw him with who wasn't trash. She deserves so much better and I'm glad to see her new bf is treating her right

No. 73197

What the fuck?

No. 73198

That’s good to hear, honestly anything is an upgrade from him

No. 73199

I told him to stay the fuck out of relationships and focus on bettering himself or else he's going to spiral even deeper. Doesn't listen to me and goes right back to Ayla. I can guarantee one of them is going to try making some long callout post about eachother soon. I wouldn't be surprised 1 bit.

No. 73200

The sad thing though is he WAS doing good and showing change when he was with the australian girl. Like she was doing good for him. That was until Ayla popped right back up and brought him back onto his usual shit. I honestly pray for them

No. 73201

This just shows even people who were close with them realised how manipulative and toxic they are.

No. 73202

I hope they do, they're both such clowns idk how they can get by everyday without realising what an embarassment their entire lives have been lmaoo. Good to hear about the australian girl, kinda hope someone can contact her about what he's done but she probably wants to move on from this scum

No. 73203

Seriously? Why the fuck would he cheat on her then? Dumbest mistake. From everything I read, for a girl to actual somehow start making him seem good & change, literally blows my mind why he would want to lose her

No. 73204

Right? Knowing how manipulative Ayla is though I'm not surprised sadly.. She also tried to manipulate a bunch of mutuals to make herself seem completely innocent when they were both the problem. He made the biggest mistake of his life by accepting her back into his home and honestly I hope he regrets it to this day.

Before all that happened he was telling Ayla to fuck off and blocked her everywhere, which then Ayla ended up making a ton of alts to harass him on. I guess he gave up and let her have her way. Sucks he can't be a fucking man and put his foot down and see what IS good for him and what ISN'T.

No. 73205

If he wants to change at all he's gonna have to realize that he has to leave Ayla and be on his own for that to even be possible. Which makes me so angry to see her be all 'supportive' of him and 'caring' when she's a big part of the problem.

I can't even count how many times I told her the same advice too. So many damn times that me and others told both of them the same things just for them to throw it back in our faces and not listen. And they wonder why things are so toxic.

No. 73206

I even told him that letting Ayla stay at his place while her house was done being built was a bad idea. That something was going to happen. He told me it'll be fine and that he was going to make sure she didn't talk him into anything. I guess we were all proven how fucking weak he is when it comes to her lol

No. 73207

This is so twisted from what I originally read from this tread. Thanks for speaking up, really. You exposed them for who they really are, on top of knowing them personally. It’s so sick to even do something like that, how do they sleep at night ?

No. 73208

Yea I'm honestly just so fed up with both of them. Mostly her though since she had me fooled that she was such a great person and friend only to be worse than he is. Normally I don't really think people can influence someone to be a monster but man is this one of those special cases where I think it really is true.

Even after he learned from her previous ex that she tried to force him to get her pregnant he STILL decides to stay with her. I'm disgusted honestly. I just pray that he seeks help. Because last I talked to him I know he's constantly depressed about shit he's done all while having Ayla in his ear abusing him. I think once she's out of the picture and he doesn't decide to jump in another relationship then maybe just maybe things can change for the better for him but the chances are so slim it's sad

No. 73209

I don't think I can ever support him again as a friend but I honestly pray for him. Because honestly if they keep up with this bullshit one of them is gonna end up taking their own life. They're that bad.

No. 73210

Forced a guy to impregnate her….? My god, thats a tad psychotic lmao. Honestly I agree with you, he needs to sort his shit out on his own.
Do you mind me asking how long ago you spoke to him? From what you’ve wrote, he’s lucky to have someone who’s trying to get him to fix his life

No. 73211

As for the whole commission thing that happened I'm pretty sure everyone did get their money back since he did it through paypal. I remember him telling everyone to do chargebacks because he was dumb enough to purchase flight tickets before finishing the work he was paid to do. I could be wrong though I'm just going off the information I have after talking to quite a few people

No. 73212

Oh and Hide if you're reading this, stop being an absolute fucking dumbass and wake the fuck up. I've seen your good side, your bad side, all the inbetween. Wake. The. Fuck. Up.

You can be a good person but instead you're stuck in this repeating loop of monstrosity because you don't think. Stop being scared of going to a fucking doctor and just go.

And if Ayla is reading this, fuck off and choke on a fucking dick because you're actually so two faced and manipulative that I can't believe I ever thought of you as a close friend. You lie to everyone and then use Hide as your scapegoat just to have all eyes on him rather than you.

All in all, both of you.. GET HELP

No. 73213

They both needs threads Jesus Christ. I honestly don’t know who’s worse

No. 73214

I might as well also expose this since you're probably reading this.

Hey Ayla do you remember when you tried to use Zack and played with his emotions to get back at Hide for leaving you?

Or when you told Hide that his old bandmate and best friend Ritsu had feelings for you just so you could watch that bridge burn because Ritsu was trying to get Hide to wake up?

Or how about the time you were posting lewds in groupchat while Hide was in there and abused him verbally for him getting upset and insecure about what you were doing?

You're trash and turned him into more of a dumbass than he already was. There WAS hope for him at one point but you blew that shit away real quick.

There is so much I can say about both of you but I think I'll leave it at that.

Which Hide I hope you understand that I'm exposing your bullshit too so that you can wake the fuck up and actually see what you're doing. I have low hopes that you'll listen but who knows.

Anyways rant over!

No. 73215

They honestly need to step back & realise what they’re doing to themselves & others around them. Looks like people have dealt so much because of them

No. 73217

Most of us who were really close with them dropped them. They don't know though since they never really reach out anymore to anyone. I can only imagine what's happening behind closed doors. Because he's usually really talkative and reaches out to us a lot but for the past few months he's been nothing but silent. I'm glad though because then I don't have to deal with any of the bullshit but still it strikes me as odd

No. 73219

lol so it looks like he is reading all this judging by his twitter posts. Hi Hide :) Before you run to Ayla to tell her about all this I suggest you really take the time to read everything and let it sink in how much of a dumbass you're being/have been

No. 73221

Dude you messed up the second you fucked up with that AUS girl. Why go back to being toxic if you were changing for the good?

No. 73223

Yikes I feel like we got a sob story from him incoming lmao no one is gonna feel sorry for your scummy ass anymore Hide, I hope he realises the more people are done with his shit

No. 73225

I am reading but I won't say anything nor will I drop a sob story. Just that everything that one anonymous person said is correct. I honestly don't want anyone to feel sorry for me at all. I put myself in this situation. I destroyed myself, that's all on me. So no I don't want anyone at all to feel sorry for me.

You can all expose me for all I've done I'm ok with this. I would rather look at things from everyone else's perspective and what everyone else has to say rather than keeping to myself in this stupid little bubble I created in my head.

So no, I'm not going to come at y'all with a sob story and I'm not going to say anything. If you guys want to make a thread about me then honestly go ahead. And I hope this doesn't sound bitchy or anything at all because that isn't my intention here. I'm being 100% real right now. I'm not angry, I'm not hateful, I'm not looking to start a fight with any of you etc.

I already know this exists and will be reading but I'm not gonna do anything about it.

No. 73226

how about you start being a decent fucking human being instead of doing nothing? stop with this repetitive shit and grow up

No. 73227

Also to that one anonymous person, I think I know who you are. I'm pretty sure I do but I won't say anything. Just thank you for putting out what I've been too scared to expose.

Anyways that's all I have to say.

No. 73228

You're 100% right honestly.

No. 73231

All I see this is a pathetic attempt at damage control lol it's hard to see it as anything but from all the shit you've pulled in the past years we all know how much of a manipulative liar you can be. If you truly want to be better words will do you nothing but actions will & you already know people are watching

No. 73232

No it honestly isn't damage control. I'm not at all doing anything to control any of what's going on here. I don't see how you think that honestly.

No. 73233

I dont think this was a very smart move as I'm sure you've traumatised her enough and handing out her private socials without permission is a bit of a yikes?

No. 73234

You've all been trying to track down her social media and I just handed it to all of you? How is that damage control I'm confused

No. 73235

It's been removed. I didn't think about it being a problem

No. 73236

lmao he's already backpeddling himself lol her twitter is fine, her fb is private with her full name dumbass

No. 73237

Well then her username is Moimikoto

No. 73239

This is just weird, instead of encouraging people to dig up your shitty past how about trying to do right with the people you've wronged and move on?? I dont get how any of this is going to help you be a better person? Instead of trying to get cozy with anons online fix your shitty personality and actions.

No. 73240

Well anyways I'm not here to start a fight or 'damage control' etc. So I'd appreciate if assumptions aren't made.

I'm only here to read and let all of this sink in so I can process everything that everyone has said.

No. 73241

That is the plan. I just thought I would drop her social media here and say a few things since everyone was asking what it was. I believe reading all that's been said could maybe point me in a better direction idk. Honestly idk. But I do agree with what you're saying.

No. 73242

youre really reaching if you think anyone is going to give a shit about what you appreciate about assumptions on here, has it still not sunk in what everyone thinks of you? youre fucking trash so dont act like people are going to care about how you feel , maybe thats what you shouldve done for the people youve fucked over in the past

No. 73243

I don't expect anyone at all to care about how I feel. I'm not asking for anyone to care

No. 73244

Well anyways I have nothing more that I want to say so I won't be commenting on this thread anymore and I won't be 'running to ayla' about it either. She can find it herself and see what's been said about her.

No. 73245

Leave Ayla ffs she's only making you worse.

No. 73260

They’re both toxic both Ayla and Hide. We can’t pin all to ayla now too because he influenced her to be like that too. All his apologies on here are just repeated to those he all lied in his past apologies

only reason you’re accepting this now hide is cause many others here realized how shit you are and you’re probably here crying to ayla

No. 73264

He wont leave her lol shes selling nudes for him, shes so dumb she'd do anything for him and he just loves to take advantage of everyone he gets lmao funny he deletes the post about him feeling bad/remorse for the past but not all the gross shit hes said about other people and talking shit about this thread. Yeahhh he's never gonna change lol how pathetic

No. 73265

He probably forced her to sell nudes and put things on pornhub like how he made his ex go into escorting so she could make money to buy him things

No. 73266

Looks like it was already made clear that it was her idea. But still they're both just beyond repair at this point honestly

No. 73268

Hide reminds me a bit of that groomer Onision with trying to bring old stuff up when people just want to be left alone after he used them

No. 73269

File: 1574276891121.jpeg (235.28 KB, 1242x768, E882CA81-0C8E-4FD5-95DD-FFD146…)

You mean when he went on Ayla’s twitter and posted as her with his iPhone

No. 73270

There was a huge load of information dropped that none of us knew about if anyone's still reading up on what else has been said here. Mutual dropped a bomb earlier. Did anyone reach out to that AUS girl?

No. 73271

Oh no not that I was talking about what anon said about how Ayla was openly talking about the PH video and selling content

No. 73272

Why reach out to the AUS girl? She might get hurt if reminded of how terribly he treated her. Doesn’t she have a new bf right now that she’s happy about a lot too

No. 73273

That twitter shit honestly doesn't surprise me one bit considering they both have eachother's passwords and post for eachother. It's so dumb? Like why be together when there's 0 trust and only toxicity?

No. 73274

^ is what I'm talking about. From there and down a whole bomb of info was dropped about both of them

No. 73276

The whole nudes thing is on her though. I only know because she went full rant mode about it on facebook not long ago because someone went and told her mom about it. Just such a shame that she's telling people she needs money to move and to 'buy her content' when really she's using it to buy herself and hide stuff. I'm glad I unfriended both of them.

No. 73277

The fact that they both think it's alright to upload a cheating sex tape to pornhub AND make profit off of it is so infuriating. She was bragging about getting almost 20k views on it too are you fucking kidding me? & he just sits there and doesn't say shit

No. 73278

yeah theyre both petty scumbags. their lives are only going to get worse while everyone that has left them will only continue to get better, karmas a bitch loll

No. 73279

Considering what was said earlier about when they were living together with cops being called & stuff my mind is beyond blown that he even thinks moving to Texas with her is a good idea. They're seriously going to cause so much more damage to eachother if they live together again yikes

No. 73280

There was a time Ayla was complaining to people that Hide didn’t want to move to Texas and wanted to move to LA. He was straight up bitching about it and ayla was crying over it.

No. 73281

Yea I know Hide hates texas. So it's kind of weird how all of a sudden he's all for it? I can probably guess why but who knows

No. 73282

Probably because he managed to find another girl in Texas to cheat on Ayla with and for her to buy him things

No. 73283

She probably used the message with her own blood on the wall tactic again to get him to agree lol

No. 73285

Doesn't sound like him tbh. I know when he's interested in someone he tries to get them to go to canada instead since he refuses to move. Even to cheat. So that's unlikely. I'm guessing suicide was involved in the argument like it usually is

No. 73287

He would always say how he'd never set foot in texas. So him going is really sus

No. 73288

Not even sure how Ayla of all people would think it's a good idea when she got him falsely arrested & charged & then told by cops that they aren't allowed anywhere near eachother? Weird. I'm pretty sure she can get in deep shit for that especially since she got someone charged with a false accusation? I could be wrong though

No. 73289

Does he even know anyone in Texas?

No. 73291

Didn’t he fly out to that girl in Aus once though?

No. 73292

Well he flew out to visit but apparently she was going to move to Canada to be with him. I can see him visiting a different place to hook up with someone but moving there to do so is highly unlikely of him. Which is why him agreeing to move in with Ayla in texas is highly suspicious and doesn't seem like something he'd do if he wasn't being forced in some way.

No. 73293

Which also strikes me as odd because in the past when she tried to force him to agree he still said no? So that has me thinking that the suicide shit was pulled again. Only explanation I can think of

No. 73295

I have a bit to add to all this tea regarding both of them too. Turns out not long before Hide and Ayla officially 'got back together' he made a fake account to test her all while she was talking about killing herself if he didn't leave emma for her. Hide posed as some dude and then Ayla ended up sending nudes not even 5 minutes into the conversation. How the fuck are they back together when that happened???????? He made a post with all the screenshots too but instantly took it down lol

The funny thing is the dude Hide posed as was the dude that Ayla's been complaining about stalking her for 2 years etc

No. 73296

So how the fuck do you complain all over social media that this 'gross' dude is stalking you everywhere, that you want him to go away. But you send nudes to who you thought was that dude??? lol wtf?

No. 73297

Even went as far as trying to start a witch hunt on the dude in her discord server for 'stalking' when really he's a victim. Fucking sad

No. 73298

I think the reason why Hide is okay everyone talking shit here is because it’s not easily searched up on major social platforms lol. Probably another reason why he deleted the tweet so his friends wouldn’t ask questions & ask for the source. He’d never show this thread because then all his & her friends would read about who they actually are.

No. 73299

I agree. Either that or deleted it to avoid being interrogated by Ayla. Apparently he has to be on call with her 24/7 and has to give her access to all of his social media or else she starts talking about wanting to cut etc.

Because there's a lot that's been said here by a few people about her and about their relationship that I know she would never want to be leaked all over facebook etc

Knowing them though they probably see it coming eventually. Because there's a TON of us mutuals that just left them behind and they know it. They only ever messaged most of us to complain about eachother and say how 'done' they are with eachother only to end up right back where they started

No. 73300

I'm curious why Texas though

No. 73301

It could be because her sister lives there with her bf, and the bf is the lead singer in Hide’s band.

No. 73303

- Talks about how she's so desperate to move to texas to be with her sister

- Starts selling nudes to "Afford moving to Texas ASAP"

- Instead uses 2k+ of that funds to buy herself an expensive drawing tablet and a guitar for Hide.

Lmfao wtf?

No. 73304

Priorities am I right ?

No. 73305

What blows my damn mind is that she quit her job before then too. So that's literally her only source of income but instead of saving to move to Texas she buys shit that they don't need???? Lmaooo wow

No. 73306

How do you openly try to guilt people into buying your nudes because you "NEED to move" and then publicly post about some shit you just bought with that money? Is she high?

No. 73307

What I find funny is that they’re celebrating their ‘3 year anniversary’ soon, even though they’ve broken up countless or times and been in other relationships. That’s not how it works lol

No. 73308

I have no words lmfao jesus christ

No. 73310

Apparently recently Hide had a mutual get really upset at the fact that he got back together with Ayla and then she hijacked his facebook and went all apeshit on the dude lol I swear with this kind of shit going on they both better wear clown outfits on their '3 year anniversary' lmfao

No. 73311

That made me laugh more than it should’ve

No. 73312

Curious as to who hijacked his stuff now. Give that person a medal

No. 73313

Oh no what I meant was that when the friend found out Hide got back together with Ayla he had quite a few harsh words to say about her and then Ayla ended up logging into Hide's facebook and talking shit to the friend through Hide's account

No. 73314

Wow but now I wonder how harsh this person went in on Hide. I knew someone who also went hard on him but then she just moved on and laughed when he tried contacting her

No. 73315

Not sure if anyone mentioned this but not too long ago The two of them tried to cause his ex Emma some drama in her own home. They’re under this egotistical impression Emma is trying to copy Ayla with wanting to do streaming, art and some content stuff. So they decided to SEARCH up Emma’s mother on Facebook and message her saying how her daughter is doing lewd cosplay content on IG. The mum was furious at the two. Emma was live on her IG crying and creeped out.

What the kind mentally fucked up brain would contact a legal young adults mother on what she’s doing? What if she wasn’t the supportive mother she was? Emma would’ve probably been homeless if it was a strict one. They literally wanted to harsh harm in her household.

No. 73316

Oh yea I know about that. I can't tell you just how many times Ayla would rant to me saying that apparently Emma is 'copying' everything she does and sending Ayla 'death threats' etc

No. 73317

Ayla also has an alt account that she uses to stalk Emma on IG

No. 73318

That poor girl Emma. Hopefully she never deals with those shit eaters again

No. 73319

Emma's far from innocent as well. From what me and a few others know. But honestly I can't even tell who's worse out of the three, her, ayla or Hide.

Emma also encouraged Hide to leave the AUS girl for her. Which is actually what basically destroyed the poor girl. So that's also yikes

No. 73320

A lot of us were beyond pissed off when we learned about that. Especially after seeing how quickly him and Emma started dating again. But with some of the things he showed me and a few others regarding how Emma is, I can't support her just like how I can't ever support him and ayla.

No. 73321

From what I know was that Emma encouraged Hide to leave Ayla because Hide was telling Emma about Ayla being crazy and she wanted to help him get out of that relationship. He even sent Emma flowers while still with Ayla. Emma sadly just was put in the middle

No. 73322

Wait when was this? Doesn’t add up to the timeline of his relationships

No. 73324

Oh no that was when Hide was trying to just be friends with Ayla and nothing more which he's a fucking dumbass for thinking that could even work. He should have just cut all contact with her. But then of course Ayla manipulated her way back in. Which was also another thing that some of us were beyond fed up with. That was when I stopped trying to reason with him too

No. 73327

But he was telling Emma about all the bullshit Ayla was doing afterwards. They both had to deal with Ayla doing crazy shit. Which confuses me where the fuck his head is at to make the dumb decisions he made shortly after? Wtf?

No. 73329


No. 73331

Soooo it looks like Hide and Ayla have drama again? lol. He just tweeted something

No. 73332

File: 1574286730263.jpeg (200.1 KB, 828x756, 7F4C84FE-32A1-4A2D-B71C-E6EDF1…)

Where was it stated that we all said he missed his ex? Stupid bitch.

No. 73333

I don't think that's directed towards us lol

No. 73334

it’s hard not to think that when he was in here and has been reading here

No. 73335

Lol he deleted it super quick. I'm guessing it was directed at Ayla

No. 73336

Leave it to Ayla to make that the focal point

No. 73337

That’s the only thing she’s taking from this? Big yikes. Insecure much

No. 73338

“everyday a new assumption.”

sure hide sure

No. 73339

File: 1574287403164.jpg (88.98 KB, 1242x690, 78364159_565202347623692_49603…)


No. 73340

the subtweeting is real today lmfao

No. 73341

I’m actually speechless that’s all she’s upset about? Can’t she see she hurt so many people who were close to her. Of course that’s all she cares about lmao jfc

No. 73342

Sadly what a lot of us dealt with when going off at her to make her see what she's doing. She'll only process certain small things and focus only on that instead of seeing the bigger picture

No. 73343

I can write her a whole 3 page essay of words hoping she will change but if I even mention either Emma or Alice ONCE in those 3 pages that's the only thing she will focus on. It's petty as fuck

No. 73344

I mean to be fair.. he is a fool going back to her lol

No. 73345

fsjdskldjfs lmfao!!

No. 73346

Is he a fucking idiot? Why start tweeting all this stupid shit right after you bring your petty ass on here trying to act like you're trying to be a better person but then pull the same stupid shit again by baby ranting on twitter about "assumptions" oh boo hoo someone assumed something about me :'(((( Not like I'm a cheating, scamming, manipulative piece of shit that deserves nothing :( poor me, lol

No. 73347

It isn't directed towards us though. It's him and Ayla having drama with eachother yet again

No. 73348

That just shows how insecure and lame she is lol. I wouldn’t be surprised if the only time she reached out to friends is when she’s having issues & not actually having a friendship

No. 73349

That's exactly why we left her behind. She never talks to most of us only when she needs to rant. But the funny thing is that when she does rant she leaves out details that Hide ends up filling in with screenshots that Ayla purposely leaves out. They're both clowns

No. 73350

It's still stupid of him to decide to always rant publicly on his so-called "professional" twitter that is now just a dumpster fire because boy has no future with music if this is how he decides to deal with personal situations

No. 73351

How much do you guys want to bet he’ll break up with her once his guitar arrives?

He should man up & start thinking logically right now

No. 73352

I agree. It's such a shame too because he's talented. But the man really needs to wake the fuck up and get his shit together

No. 73353

Hes not even talented he’s just an Aoi copycat

No. 73354

Supposedly he’s meant to be Hispanic yet he edits that he’s pale as hell. Lmao okay

No. 73355

I mean considering he never goes outside I honestly wouldn't be surprised lmfao

No. 73357

Ayla posted a picture of him when he visited her recently. He’s not pale at all lool

No. 73358

Then again she edits the fuck out of her pics too so who knows what's even real or not with those two lmfao

No. 73359

He's honestly a catfish too he looks nothing like his photos he edits lol

No. 73360

Fake like his ex's and current gf. Well Except the Australian girl. She was the only cool and real one. The rest are yikes like him

No. 73361

Looked at the AUS girls twitter after it was posted here, she seems sweet and obviously much happier, good for her. I wonder if she knows this thread is a thing, would she get a kick out of it or maybe not want to be involved?

No. 73362

Nah she's a super respectable and sweet girl so she'd def be one who wouldn't like to be involved in drama. I'm glad she's doing much better now though.

No. 73363

She might not want to be involved judging by how happy she is now

No. 73364

I honestly hope him and Ayla break up soon. They need to get away from eachother if they want to change. Well idk about Ayla honestly considering how she only uses her friends to vent and nothing more and lies about having an abortion just to go fuck someone. That to me seems like someone beyond all salvation

No. 73365

There's so many girls who are completely devastated after going through an abortion and she has the nerve to lie about being pregnant and having an abortion just to fly back home early to sleep with her ex? How fucking disgusting

No. 73367

We all know he’s never going to change. He says he will but continues to do the same things. He can literally turn his life around but refuses. If he actually continues to stay with her after all of this & moves to TX then there’s no really helping him. People aren’t going to constantly wait to aid him, friends are eventually going to get fed up & drop him & he’ll have no one else to blame but himself. He seriously needs to read all of this and start making the right choices.

No. 73369

Buys her bf a $2k guitar & cant afford her mom a Christmas present? What loool.

No. 73370


No. 73371

Oh shit I see it now LMFAO Drawn on the tablet that she bought instead of moving to TX

No. 73372

File: 1574291196274.jpeg (987.05 KB, 1242x1715, EED03046-1D2A-41DE-8CD5-7D6987…)

No. 73373

I can’t believe what I’m reading

No. 73374

Like she literally went and gave everyone all over social media this whole sob story how she HAS to sell her content ASAP so she can afford to move but instead blows all of that money on a damn tablet and a guitar when she has no job too? Y I K E S

No. 73375

Hey Ayla, in case you’re reading I’m about to give you the biggest life tip ever… cancel the order & get the money back if you’re desperate lol

No. 73376

Too late for that since she already has the tablet and his guitar was already apparently shipped lolol man she's so dumb. Desperate to move my asssss more like just wanting to guilt people into giving her money

No. 73377

Damn now I really don't know who's worse out of the two lol. Hide or Ayla

No. 73378

These two are the biggest clowns I’ve ever seen.

No. 73380

Surprised the callout post on Facebook doesn’t have this site linked, this just elaborates even more. Especially since ayla is portrayed as a victim when they’re both equally toxic and gross.

No. 73381

They seriously deserve to have callout posts made about both of them at this point lol

No. 73396

I find it strange he openly gave us the Australian girls social media, I expected from one of the people against him but for him to do it? It’s like he wanted one of us to tell her. Can’t man up on your own lmao?

No. 73397

He probably thought we are gonna bombard that Australian girl with questions.

No. 73400

I think it's because they have eachother blocked and multiple people kept asking what her social media was?

No. 73579

Did they break up yet? lol

No. 73580

Nope considering he just got his guitar & is flaunting it on Twitter

No. 73584

oh boy

No. 73589

File: 1574451468993.jpeg (189.93 KB, 750x817, 3FAAF9C9-0013-4D45-AB7C-47BE6F…)

Now let’s see if they’re going to breakup since he finally got what he want lmao

No. 73598

what a fucking golddigger lol

No. 73604

That just shows he doesn’t want to change lol apparently everything that was said meant jackshit to him. They’ll forever be in denial. There’ll come a moment where it’ll be too late & he’ll have no one by his side to help him. He brought that on himself. If they want to continue pretending to be in love with each other, let them because they’ll destroy that bridge on their own

No. 73610

File: 1574467518616.jpeg (110.18 KB, 828x434, D4121AAC-877B-4259-8638-743A8B…)

No one wants your stupid address hide. You’re not famous you’re a bitch

No. 73619

Yikes that’s so cringe(this isn't a chatroom)

No. 73798

oh man looks like she got him more shit

No. 73996

File: 1574854944277.jpeg (636.69 KB, 1242x1333, C0F07B8A-CB99-4334-B3F8-05E509…)

He acts like such a child, how fucking miserable are these two lmao that they have to care about what people say about the price of something they bought, I swear this guy just digs himself deeper and deeper into the dirt because he can't stop being a manchild and do something with his pathetic life, I can't even feel sorry for him its just funny at this point, have fun living with no friends because everyone secretly and obviously fucking hates you and the only one who even cares about your existence is a batshit crazy manipulative pos

No. 74166

lol so she uploaded another video to her pornhub. Looks like they were at a hotel. Sooo a week after him and emma broke up? jesus

No. 74622



No. 74651

No. 74672

File: 1575499005736.jpeg (Spoiler Image,547.92 KB, 673x1768, EFA5CA6E-BE6A-4DDB-96B1-635FA7…)

I think this is the video anon was talking about. Over 40k views on her stuff… she’s probably making tons of money thanks to her actual cheating video what the heck? How has no one said anything?(ban evasion, not spoilering like a retard)

No. 74695

Goth teen? That girl types and looks like a scene kid.

Probably she might delete the comments if someone writes something there

No. 74696

lol she put vkei in her bio stuff

No. 74739

Doubt anyone would actually read the comments on there lol
Plus many of their friends I’m assuming don’t know about it & doubt if they did they’ll call them out publicly

No. 74764

Hasn’t a couple of their ex friends called them out before?

No. 74922

Well he had a callout post made about him. But she hasn't had one made

No. 74924

Someone really needs to make one of her on facebook

No. 75055

File: 1575838408356.jpeg (348.68 KB, 1242x552, 1A02F0B8-A3A1-4AF8-A1B6-185CAC…)

Suddenly he can afford visiting her in Ohio? Huh

No. 75451

File: 1576195624589.jpeg (197.58 KB, 1242x667, C6C5ABE4-68B2-4CAD-942F-AE0E88…)

Apparently not. Wasted all their money on useless stuff instead of saving lmao.

No. 75502

“You shouldn’t judge me for all the stuff I get”


“Help me afford the holidays uwu”

No. 75783

File: 1576558618320.jpeg (294.58 KB, 1242x468, 92B28EDE-4A13-4F48-B82E-A68298…)

This is so fucking funny

No. 75784

File: 1576558654080.jpeg (531.69 KB, 1242x965, 0ADFA242-823F-4453-A268-42EAFE…)

No. 75820

He must be retarded or his fan base must be. 98 dollars wouldn't last a day as a tourist over here.

No. 76029

Y’all must be obsessed if you have to stalk mine and Hyde’s profiles 24/7 ew. You’re all trash and need to get lives honestly because this is the kind of thing people who live in their mom's basements do. Disgusting(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 76053

Ayla your insecurities as an unemployed dumbass crybaby whose bf constantly cheats and uses her is really showing. Go back to cutting yourself and doing absolutely nothing with your sorry miserable lives, because unlike you fortunately for us your lives are a fucking joke and its hilarious to keep track of since we can actually afford the time to :) Having a job an a good education does wonders, but I guess two losers like you wouldnt really know that since you have to end up doing porn lmfaooo what a joke, grow up

No. 76128

So now he goes by Hyde instead of Hide?

He’s a disgrace to both names.

No. 76138

File: 1576886504995.jpeg (321.29 KB, 1242x659, 7AD9CDDD-914F-4189-A319-6E2C72…)

Lmfao hilarious since he’s staying with ayla atm. Both of them will always stay as trash.

No. 76139

yes he is. don't use my idols' name in vain.

No. 76178


Didn't Hyde from L'arc intentionally spell hos stage name with a Y to avoid being confused with hide of X Japan? I think I read that somewhere years ago, he didn't want to seem like he was using his hero's stage name. Also I believe the pronunciation is different.

If so, double fuck this guy.

No. 76184

He’s probably trying to hide the fact now that he tarnished his “name” Hide thats why he changed it to Hyde even though his name when things go bad he changed it to “Victor”.

Hide and Hyde would hate the fact this fuck boy is taking on their names

No. 76414

You all do realize they can take all this plus the Facebook stuff to the police right? Since it’s cyber bullying. Even more so since Ayla already has names noted down and screenshots.

No. 76420

no one fucking cares
you think police are going to do anything for these two shitheads if they actually look at the thread? two awful abusers the police aren't going to give a single fuck about their petty lives, if anything they'd be the ones in trouble for all the shit they've pulled so fuck off Hide lmfao

No. 76424

He’s bullied his ex girlfriends into attempting suicide and also threatening to commit suicide when he doesn’t get his way, I’d like to see them try with the screen shots people have against him

No. 76432

First of all not even close on guessing who I am but nice effort hun. Y’all are really gonna try to fuk with my girl Ayla and her man y’all best watch your backs. She is taking this crap to the police so y’all watch urselves(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 76435

nobody cares dumbass this isn't illegal, no one is sending them messages & harassing them but showing posts with proof of them scamming, lying & suicide baiting

No. 76462

At most everything linking to both Ayla and Hide would be investigated about them if police were to “investigate” this. They would find out how:

1. Hide abuses and lies about people
2. Forced his ex gf into escorting
3. The obvious tweets pretending to be Ayla on twitter with his iPhone
4. How even ayla herself is a piece of shit.

These two are going to dig a bigger ditch for themselves. Plus, hiring an investigator costs money.

Both Hide and Ayla are B R O K E.

No. 76465

File: 1577125747052.jpeg (95.02 KB, 733x960, A2D7F2B6-3CFE-421D-8E6D-011B99…)

Let’s not forget how Ayla tries to leave him and makes people pity her

No. 76466

File: 1577125778691.jpeg (Spoiler Image,82.5 KB, 743x960, 9A919B72-3EE2-4012-945B-C260E5…)

While hide is going around doing this to other girls

No. 76497

File: 1577150144464.jpeg (119.26 KB, 750x270, 1BD1305E-1C80-47C4-9164-AFF489…)

Good luck with becoming big in the Vkei scene Victor lol, you wish. You don’t even work on music even thought you have more than enough free time as being unemployed. But I assume you’re too busy to cheat and scam people. What a fucking try hard.

No. 76498

File: 1577153988189.jpeg (423.76 KB, 1242x1380, FB10A27E-BFA4-4349-9362-F9EA85…)

Now it’s Ayla’s turn to be Hide lol

No. 76510

Ayla types like a middle school emo kid while Hide types normally. From what we are seeing when it comes to their posts.

No. 76517

She could mimic his way of typing to not make it seem like her though

No. 76702

File: 1577344198392.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1242x1805, 8165B43A-40CE-467B-BFB7-4A235C…)

He looks so miserable LMAO how sad

No. 76733

He's so photoshoped he doesn't even look like his images at all. He looks like your average emo-kid

No. 77287

File: 1578034938386.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1230x1689, 09BE403E-7F5E-40DD-87E0-A3A89F…)

>people post receipts about you and your gross bf being shitty awful people with evidence
>"waaaah stop spreading false rumors about poor me :((("
Ayla you are so fucking stupid

No. 77288

lol she really is stupid. I remember seeing her post one time about some apology confessing she fucked her ex behind hide’s back, blamed it on her being intoxicated but months later was fucking around with another guy too. Oh so innocent Ayla lmao she’s definitely no better than hide is she really should drop the act

No. 77290

Maybe I am stupid sure, especially for responding to this and various other reasons yeah. But it doesn't give you people the right to non stop stalk my profile and others and proceed to talk shit constantly. It's honestly petty and childish. You people only know bits and pieces of what actually has happened in the past and have warped it to your own whatever and keep fueling it for what reason? Do you all really find it so amusing to just sit and talk about other people's lives on some anonymous vlog site bullshit? You really don't know me and it's disgusting to go and shit all over someone you actually know nothing about. There are multiple sides to every story and when you are on the outside looking in you get misinformed and twisted truths. Even to those who have had some insight you have gathered information based off of what you've heard from multiple sides and sources but even so that isn't always the full story let alone the truth even. I'm not sure how you have gotten such warped information on quite a bit of what I've seen on here and I think I can guess why. You either made some of your own claims or someone also fed you some twisted forms of what happened. 2019 is done and over so let it all go, please. If people can grow and move forward it's up to them. Even if it takes severals fuck ups people can change I believe. I've made many mistakes and I'm far from innocent but I am human. People make mistakes, people have many influences in their lives that can steer them to making those bad decisions. In many cases more bad than good. They continue to be clouded by all the bad and keep going down that self destructive path, harming themselves and others along the way. He has made many bad decisions and horrible mistakes. He's done a lot of harm to himself others over the years some of which I'm not fully aware of. I've made some horrible decisions and made many mistakes. I've let the negative things I've experienced in my life with relationships steer me into doing really horrible regrettable things and I don't expect any sympathy for what I let steer me into making said mistakes. People do horn things they regret based off horrible things that have been done to them themselves. Does that make it ok to hurt who hurt you? Hell no. I'm not trying to justify shitty behavior and hurting ppl. I'm just trying to explain that people do fucked up things for many reasons and they deserve a chance to try to better themselves.

Let people decide their own fates w.o your input. It's not for you to call shots and hand out popcorn for your sick amusements. I'm kindly asking this to be put to an end. Stop treating people's lives like some circus show and let live. You can think what you want based off of what bits and pieces of information you've seen that's fine. Just leave us alone please. If you wanna continue to go talk shit then be my guest just keep it in DM's or maybe just drop it cuz your only feeding into more negativity.

No. 77291

Also I was intoxicated when I cheated with my ex. I was so fixed on leaving Vic b4 it happened and my dumb ass let the unforgivable happen. I let being cheated on and being lied to steer me into being just as horrible. And yes I did lie about an abortion. I planned on getting an abortion if I was pregnant we decided but however I had a miscarriage and kept it hidden that I actually lost it instead of getting the abortion and just said I got one. That was the lie in that. I'm not explaining everything to you people because it's only the business of people's involved. That is all.

No. 77292

Last thing I will add. Vic wasn't intending on scamming people and everyone that didn't get models requested chargebacks therefore getting there money back putting Vic negative hundreds of dollars. They got there money back just no model because they issued a refund yet still claimed that he robbed them and continued to push for a free model from him. The reason why people didn't get their models within reasonable time was because Vic and I were constantly fighting and it kept him from his work and unmotivated him to work on anything. He wasn't hiding behind depression or using mental health as an excuse. I also don't know where you guys got the idea that I was helping in any schemes to "scam" people? I defended him in a Twitter wichhunt and explained the best I could that he was truly struggling and going through personal issues and that people issued chargeback have been refunded by PayPal. That's all I will address on this thread due to privacy reasons.

No. 77293

Sorry also couldn't help but add that the pics I posted of us are not photoshopped whatsoever. I used a beauty cam filter for the Christmas spirit cuz why not? And from what it looks like to me, it's people that have to go out of their way and gossip about other people's lives every moment something pops up and judge and critique every little w.e they can find to is actually a pretty miserable person themself.

No. 77298

yeahhhh no. for as long as you treat people like garbage and act like pieces of shit without apologising and doing right to the people you've hurt this will NEVER leave you. this has been said countless times before, NO ONE is going to give you guys a free pass just because boo hoo your poor feelings are hurt. start actually trying to do change. how about you guys personally DM a sincere apology to those you've been horrible to? but no, all you will do is hide and try to play victim without realising what pieces of garbage you are so fuck off trying to save face, this thread will live on because no one cares about your petty feelings, keep crying its really entertaining

No. 77300

There is so so sooo much misinformation on this thread… just wow… it's honestly really sickening that people have warped things so much on literally everything. I apologize to the ones I used to call friends on here for ever dragging you into my problems and making it seem like all I wanted was attention or sympathy, when that was never the case. I just didn't know what to do and things were happening so frequently it got overwhelming and I overstressed my relationships, so I don't blame any of you for thinking what you think of me. There were times I would try so badly to just act like everything was gucci and things were calming down buti just didn't want to worry or upset anyone. And I did just that and ruined our friendships over my relationship issues. I can see how things came to this. Also I'm more than certain things may have been warped through the other side of this book for many reasons and mine not being heard out or shut down. And when so much happens and any lies or assumptions made by the other party would cause disbelief of what my side of the story was. Also things get left out or mixed up as well causing further warping and misinformation. I really want this year to be different for everyone. I just want people to be happy and move forward. So please let us be and stop this unnecessary gossiping. Let actions speak for themselves in time. I have no words for convincing anyone here that things can change. Please focus on better things and make 2020 a better brighter year and keep striving for the best! Regardless of all this negativity and all ill that has been said about me, I wish you all nothing but the best.

No. 77301

Thank you. I will keep that in mind. Think what you will, i have nothing more to say. Happy new year

No. 77302


No. 77899

Theyre pretending they like eachother on twitter and its so funny, especially obvious with Hide, Ayla probably kept yelling at him to comment on her getting some shitty job and force him to act like he loves her when he's still sending other girls his nudes behind her back lol she is so fucking stupid. But since she got a job he must be happy he can keep freeloading and get her to buy him things. I also find it so funny he apparently took a game account from someone he doesnt talk to anymore, but that's so fucking petty, dude is so stuck on the past like holy shit wouldnt any normal person "wanting to change" not do something scummy like that esp if they still played the game? What a loser I hope the person atleast didnt play the game anymore . Really makes you wonder how stuck in the past and miserable his current life is

No. 77916

Post caps

No. 77944

I remember he gave a bleach account to someone in the past in his discord server. But he's in the right to take it back since he paid for it so I see no problem with that. It isn't scummy to take back something you paid for. I wonder if he's still messaging other girls though lol. I've yet to hear any new sauce so who knows!

No. 77949

I think that person also spent money on it but it looks like Hide says they dont play anymore so I think its fine, he gave the account to Ayla after. I wonder why theyre still checking this thread though if they want to move on.. all theyd have to do is not publicly post stupid stuff & get defensive immediately. same old same old lol

No. 77950

I don't know, personally I don't think he is checking anymore. Otherwise he'd be posting things about this thread on facebook and twitter. I'm sure the person he took the account from is probably starting drama within their friends group. I think Ayla is the one still checking though. There's no way she would decide to stop after finding out.

No. 77951

Especially considering she made her twitter private and hide didn't

No. 77952

I'm sure he's too busy being forced to comment 'happily' on Ayla's posts to be reading this thread lmao. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who noticed that lol! She for sure yelled at him to comment on her stuff lmao

No. 78212

File: 1578793852450.jpeg (Spoiler Image,947.29 KB, 1029x1425, 9F259238-7338-495E-8156-895CDC…)

I’m blocked lmao so I had to log out to view her profile but looks like she’s posting NSFW stuff on twitter now yikes. Pornhub wasn’t enough now she’s doing onlyfans lol

No. 78219

Cherry if you can fuck off & not stalk my shit that would be fucking great! I know it's you since I have you blocked on both my accounts. Atleast I don't prey on men, force them to give me money & then block them & talk shit about them all over facebook claiming to be a victim to them like you do. Remember your "best friend" exposed you for that? Yea don't even try to talk shit on me when you're literally trash.(samefagging retard)

No. 78235

Cherry is a huge cow herself she deserves her own thread honestly

No. 78236

LMAO CHERRY! I wasn’t gonna say anything but now that she was brought up holy shit does she deserve her own thread. I saw her post screen caps here of hide before too talking shit when she’s an even bigger clown than him and Ayla are. The girl literally chases after guys, manipulates them and then posts screenshots of only the dudes’ side of the convos and not her side so that we all believe she’s innocent and a victim to ‘sexual harassment’ etc LMFAO when really she’s being a hoe for every vkei dick she can grab hold of, extorting poor dudes for money and then blocking them without paying them back. Like the girl’s best friend even exposed the hoe and showed screenshots of her telling cherry to give them their money back and cherry refusing what a clown. Honestly I wouldn’t be shocked if she played that game on hide. As bad as the dude is I’m damn sure cherry purposely left out info on what went down between him and her

No. 78242

Post the screenshots then

No. 78376

Good to know Ayla is still a hypocritical loser who still religiously checks a thread she's said she's gotten over & "moving" on from 50 times
Also Ayla poster a censored ver of that nsfw pic & said she'd uncensor it for 20 RT but no likes her ugly ass shit so she never reached it & just deleted asking for the RTs & posted the nsfw ver anyway, not even Hide wanted to RT it lmfao but can we really blame him

No. 78491

File: 1578971961183.jpeg (1002.23 KB, 2560x2560, E04FF9C1-3182-4C12-80E3-0EC7A4…)

Hi cherry. Why don’t you just admit that you still like to threaten and block people for money? And I notice you are still peddling the old “my mommy won’t feed me” Victim narrative. You’re not a sex worker, you rely on threats for money. Get off your lazy unwashed ass and get a job if you truly want endless packages of Sanrio shit that badly

And let’s be truly honest. I know you aren’t buying food with that money. You never have, even when you stole money, it was all blown on Sanrio, killstar shit and vkei band merch. That was pretty easy to see that on Facebook.

Your mom is probably just sick of you, your endless packages being sent to your house from blackmailed men and your tantrums. You didn’t even stay with her on your little trip to japan, you just fucked off and left her hanging solo while you were sucking Dadas musty old dick and planning your visa marriage to him that failed. If I was your mom I would be mad too. Now stop taking it out on everyone else. You are not a victim. Pull yourself together. No matter how many times you deactivate Facebook that fact never changes. Word of your misdeeds are spreading because you act like a fool in most people’s inboxes.(hi cow)

No. 78494

File: 1578972333386.jpeg (886.04 KB, 2560x1920, 4B4A8D2A-6F5F-42C9-9D92-E3AC13…)

And UWU what’s this? More proof of cherry threatening people when she doesn’t get money. How embarrassing. Not so much a poor widdle victim anymore. (This guy was single by the way, Cherry is just an idiot)

No. 78498

I want a thread on this bitch or at least a low down, I have her in my pending friend requests but don’t want this sort of trash near me
She’s friends with a lot of lolcows already

No. 78501

Good. Do not accept her friend request. She will just get into your inbox and start saying vague threats or if you do 1 tiny little thing she doesn’t approve of or if you are friendly with her she will just use you to boast about all her poor life choices

She does this to complete strangers. She’s nuts.

No. 78502

If you say you like Velvet Edens music it’s an instant block from Cherry lol

No. 78503

Bitch scammed a Japanese guy out of $1000+, which was originally to meet up with him in japan but instead she blocked him once she got the money, all this while knowing he was mentally unstable. All she does in her life is chasing some new Japanese dicks every weeks hoping she can marry some random crusty ass dude for a visa and throw tantrums once they dump her crazy ass/refuses to give her what she wants lol

No. 78504

Okay so here’s the lowdown
-Cherry went to japan to date Dada from Velvet eden, it was her first time to japan and she took her mom with her only to stay at Dadas place the whole time
- he uses her as his model for a bit
- was so in love with him, referred to him on her Facebook as her boyfriend and was saying to her friends they were gonna get married so she can stay in japan
- she comes back to America and gets mad at him because he talked to this other girl online. Meanwhile she was talking to other men all along
- spreads hate about dada and velvet eden and paints the interaction like a sexual assault
- she finds another guy in japan and promises to visit him and stay with him if he sends money for plane tickets because she is too poor
- the poor dumb lad sends over $1000 and she blocks him after getting it and spends it on gifts to herself, some friends tell her to send it back but she does not
- he gets mad and tries to retaliate, she tries to harass this guy, goes on Facebook live to paint him in a really bad light
- in the meantime, harasses a lot of other guys, threatens them for money, gifts ect.
- harasses vkei bandmen
- acts all sex worker and girl posi in public but as we know from this thread she is so eager to tear down other girls and post their nudes here
- did hear that she once went into the gyaru threads and pretended to be members of blackout so that she could cause members to fight for her entertainment even though she wasn’t even in blackout
- even her best friend had enough and quit
- most of her friends have followed suit

No. 78510

Her “best friend” acted the same way, acted like she was poor but somehow could afford hotels, convention badges, ugly ass AP dresses and flirted with tons of dudes while saying she was going to get back with her ex

No. 78511

Stevie ?

No. 78513

Yes, she started drama with her friends and when they didn’t kiss her ass she said they caused her to relapse and go to the hospital, but she never even went and she lied about being sexually assaulted because she forced a guy to have sex with her and he ghosted her so she said he raped her

No. 78515

Quite funny you mention that. Since cherry makes fun of Stevie behind her back all the time and they both had massive fights with each other before about which one is the fatty-chan and who gets first dibs on all the boys

No. 78711

not involved with these people at all but living for the drama, can you drop some @s please

No. 78712

Didn’t all this stuff with Stevie and Cherry happen years ago though? I remember seeing a post about here on here but it was quite awhile ago. I don’t see how Stevie’s really relevant to bring up in this situation?

No. 78714

The stuff with cherry is STILL ongoing tho. The scamming, abusing and using people etc. She's beyond guilty even to this day. She never learns

No. 78716

Her 'bestie' Elizabeth even called her out all over facebook on all the shit she's been doing shortly after the hide/cherry incident.

No. 78725

File: 1579171116273.jpeg (139.04 KB, 640x902, A09489A7-A137-4AE9-8F38-0E46DC…)

Cherry and Stevie are friends again but I hope Stevie knows that the only reason cherry is friends with her is to snoop which bandmen she’s involved with. Behind her back, Cherry just laughs at her and insults her appearance. Same with Cyn, Cherry hated the both of them all along so I hope someone lets them know what’s actually happening behind their backs.

No. 78728

You realize that people can make up with people, right??

No. 78740

It happened maybe two years ago, it seems kinda relevant since Cherry is sort of doing the same thing she called out Stevie for

No. 78741

They hated each other quite badly, Stevie never liked Cherry and called her a cunt and other things in her friend’s group chat and started a new group with other girls to make fake accounts of them or something

No. 78743

File: 1579187602415.jpeg (169.06 KB, 992x841, 4C2FE600-F75F-4476-BFAB-CDB386…)

Stevie has her own thread and has also been posted to the new personal lolcow thread, she’s really gross. She even lies about bandmen flirting with her/putting polaroids down her shorts when there’s people there to disprove it, she’s crazy, and brags about how she’s going to Japan but then says how she’s broke and needs people to buy her nudes (which are public and her parents are added) but suddenly has the money for conventions and Lolita dresses

No. 78745

Hi ‘sugarhoneypie’ everyone knows you’re posting this btw lol (your Facebook says it all) why don’t you tell everyone how you harassed Katie Iwasaki (aka capsulebunny) for countless years because she met the guy you liked at the time? No one has forgotten, not to mention the fact you talked about vkei bandmen dick on Facebook 24/7 kek
it’s sad you already gave your identity away to fill your vendetta for your ex friends

No. 78747

What is she posting on Facebook?

No. 78748

It’s coincidental how after she makes a Facebook post outing one of her ex friends (even though she is a known cow on here kek) she spams this thread with her issues about her ex friends, so I’m pretty convinced this is that Elizabeth girl lol
Her name is also in Japanese on Facebook (even though she’s white)

No. 78749

Anyone got screenshots? Sounds milky kek

No. 78750

File: 1579190178099.jpeg (157.33 KB, 859x717, 4E4C6E83-E41C-48D0-8844-0F944F…)

So did she just expose the fact that she lurks lolcow? Hmmm I wonder

No. 78751

Katie is a snowflake lmao

No. 78752

Didn’t Elizabeth start that thread on Stevie too? Kek I think it’s funny how she’s in this thread acting all innocent

No. 78753

Elizabeth (sugarhoneyicedtea, sugarhoneypie)
-provokes Japanese men and bandmen to send her the most dirtiest shit and then cries about it on Facebook about how she’s disgusted but continues to talk with these ‘disgusting’ men kek (it’s all over Facebook so thanks for revealing that Elizabeth kek)
-tries to be SJW but she knows she’s posted numerous kawaii gaijin on lolcow
-calls people ‘weebs’ and ‘weeaboos’ even though she is one
-complains about how she’s not in Japan all the time and how every other gaijin is living in Japan but her
-says she can speak Japanese but claims she cheated throughout all of her university and how she ditched studying for dick
-dated notorious Kei from the gaijin hunter thread (who is a known gaijin hunter)
-talks shit about PastelBat because she dated Kei and how PastelBat looked ugly with her new plastic surgery
-Elizabeth yet proceeds to go get liposuction and brags about how she spends the money she receives for her autism on Facebook but spends it all on Japanese fashion and liposuction
-complains about how fat she is all of the time
-has been known to go after other gaijin for taking her “boys” lol

No. 78755

I found it oddly convenient that Stevie was brought up and how multiple people “knew” about that situation. I figured it was Elizabeth since she made the post about Cherry though. Guess I was right. ☕️(emoji)

No. 78757






you can find her in these threads, she seems notorious for talking shit about people she used to be friends with kek

No. 78760

They both made posts on Facebook about Stevie a while ago so some people would know stuff about it

No. 78761

That was still years ago though. Regardless sugarhoneypie is on her usual bullshit and bringing up old drama kek.

No. 78764

File: 1579195736162.jpeg (171.93 KB, 750x1031, F81360FD-EBE4-4835-9C1E-482AE8…)

She wants to accuse other gaijin of having an Asian fetish, yet she has an Asian fetish herself?

No. 78765

File: 1579195797907.jpeg (134.38 KB, 654x876, 4D21B643-32BC-4230-BB03-FABC1F…)

No. 78771

File: 1579204711102.jpeg (110.63 KB, 750x756, C65D644B-8EB0-494A-BCCB-780D95…)

nice one Elizabeth, but weren’t you in this thread? how was the dick in Japan? going back for more of Kei’s cheesy dick that she complained about to everyone? who wants to bet money on it kek

No. 78774

I don’t know why you posted this because most of those links don’t even contain a single mention of this Elizabeth and the ones that do are still years old and with very little information so this is a massive nothing burger apart from a purikura photo that proves………what? She dated a gaijin hunter years ago? She had a fight with Katie, but it looks like they apologised years ago? Get a grip. This is incredibly stale milk. This horse has been beaten and dead years ago and she’s abandoned most of her old social media handles.

No. 78777

lol just wait till you see all of the milky shit on her facebook

No. 78778

as far as i know, it is pretty interesting cause she falsely claims sexual assault when she doesn't enjoy sex with men, but is it really sexual assault because you didn't enjoy the sex? those are some serious accusations lol

No. 78779

>>78748 looks like you’re new here and samefagging because you’re using kek a lot which is cringe. Emoji use is banned too. The milk is stale, 3 years old at best 5 years old at worst. Social media handles you provided are no longer active.

No. 78780

I have her on Facebook and there’s nothing except Sanrio shit, bath bombs and Pokémon posts. Posts about Cherry were deleted. The liposuction claim the samefag made was false, the post she made was actually about fat freezing which does little to nothing compared to lipo.

She just seems like a shut in who plays Pokémon all day since she wastes time collecting “shiny Pokémon”. Not much milk here anyway. Apart from the now deleted post, doesn’t look like much is happening.

No. 78786

File: 1579216484165.jpeg (389.27 KB, 1272x728, E673FDC3-0475-4970-B9FE-908209…)

“seems like a shut in”

No. 78787

did you come here to defend yourself Liz? lol

No. 78793

Sorry but there’s so much shared posts about random shit. You must be digging deep because that is from March last year, not recent at all. I had to go to work I don’t have that spare time? It’s still old milk no matter how you frame it.

No. 78796

I think cherry is samefagging here. I’ve seen multiple posts trying to defend cherry when a huge part of the community knows she’s trash and many people are pissed off at her. I don’t care about her shitty ex friendship group or if they are or aren’t guilty of something they did 5 years ago. But I’m just gonna let you know anyone who almost causes someone to commit suicide which is something I became aware of recently and is back to threatening men for money is bad news. Cherry is doing all of this really shitty stuff RIGHT NOW, and she can’t be allowed to get away with this. Pay back the money you stole already for fucksakes and apologise if you want to be welcomed back into the community again!!! And for the love of god, stop threatening people! Elizabeth may just be your average lolcow but YOU need to be reported to the police, you are on another fucking level so do not pretend to deflect shit

No. 78800

Imagine having such a poor self image that your main goal/bragging point is to whore yourself out to obscure band dudes from Japan. Imagine being so desperate to be a novelty that you're this petty at other burnout weebs trying the same shit. Ngl, this shit is wild. What's the end goal for these girls? Do they think one of these bandmen are going to fall in love and sweep them off to Japan?

No. 78816

I clearly remember her receiving money as a gift from this guy and there was evidence to show for it? correct me if I’m wrong

No. 78818

Elizabeth, you’ve made multiple claims about people in this community, but are you ready to admit that you aren’t as innocent as you paint yourself to be? or will you continue to sit in this thread and pretend to be a victim? I won’t be surprised if milk turns up on you soon because “victims” like you always seem to hide until the truth comes out about them as well, so I’m sure you had your parts in this

No. 78820

seems as if Elizabeth has been derailing these threads. Just make yourself known already lol
If multiple girls were arrested for this by the police, I would like to see it because I’ve seen multiple women do this with men that annoyed them and I have yet to see any ‘arrests’ happen kek
I’m honestly not surprised because I’ve seen SW do this all the time

No. 78825

I can’t remember if there were screen shots but it was mentioned that he gave it to her as a gift so she could go back to Japan, but then he started harassing her and messaging her friends on Facebook

No. 78828

lol katie stop talking about elizabeth. that was years ago

No. 78832

A guy gifting money to someone and then trying to take his money back when he doesn’t get his way and throws a Japanese manbaby tantrum isn’t a scam, try again anon.

No. 78834

File: 1579242611163.jpeg (348.87 KB, 1048x959, 84432B65-3BB4-46D0-A682-73625F…)

samefag from earlier with these screenshots, but who has the time to post shit like this on Facebook all day? i’m just wondering because I have secondhand embarrassment from this
is this something to brag about ???? i don’t understand lmao

No. 78841

I bet it’s Stevie making those claims, he contacted her saying Cherry scammed him and posted photos stabbing things he was going to give Cherry, it’s no coincidence that Stevie is trying to deflect since she got caught trying to cheat on her fiancé/husband with a Japanese bandman that got arrested for scamming old ladies lol

No. 78845

So, you’re going on a rant about something that happened.. 2 years ago with Cherry? Seems from your Facebook that you only “exposed” her when she decided not to be your friend anymore because of your bad behavior jfc this is expired milk that she is only bringing attention to for her ‘clout’
Same with Stevie, you’re talking about something that also happened 2- almost 3 years ago, that’s real sad lmao

No. 78847

so you are going to call the police even though the guy is all the way in bumfuck JP ??
are you stupid or do you even know how the system works
i guess that’s what happens when you think Kensuke Iwai can sue you all the way from JP while you’re in Australia lol this is golden

No. 78864

This is the most stale milk I’ve seen thus far. I’ve had Stevie added on Facebook for years. She split up with her fiancé 4-5 years ago. Not to mention, she used to post stuff about her abuse on her close friends so I don’t blame her for cheating if she did.

No. 78892

anon who gives a fuck, because she’s still spending her ‘uwu I can’t work and I have autism and I live with mommy uwu’ money on useless shit and fat freezing, fat freezing or liposuction, same useless shit
I wonder if she knows that she can’t take all of that garbage to Japan with her
i think it’s interesting how she lives off her mom and she can’t work because she’s ‘autistic’ but she can definitely go to Japan to ride some small Japanese dick kek

No. 78900

Isn't she also known in the Lolita comm for being a notorious scammer? She buys all the good things from mercari and resells for triple the price she got them.

No. 78903

I’ve also heard that the community in her area also hates her so she’s a loner lol she always complained on Facebook how everyone hates her and no one wants to be her friend I wonder why hmmmm

No. 78907

File: 1579298481709.jpeg (365.58 KB, 750x1126, EC359DFC-2A29-4E9E-B6CD-A3A6D4…)

Cherry is so over dramatic lmao. Always posting this kind of BS discourse every weeks so people pity her.

Cherry we knows you keep samefagging the thread in attempt to hide certain screenshots and turn the attention to Elizabeth with drama that are years old. But it won’t change the fact that you used several people for your own gain and hurt them until very recently, for money or just when you needed something in general. You only care about people when they benefit you and once you get what you want, suddenly they don’t mean shit. Like all your “friends” from japan constantly sending you expensive gifts. I guess you threaten them for that.
You really can’t live without drama, don’t you ? If you’re such a good person, then why do you enjoy starting shit with people you don’t even know, by example the blackout gyaru circle ? All these seems to be very recent, so own up to it already. Several people in the community are getting sick of your over dramatic, manipulative, victim complex behaviour, not because you “stand up for yourself” like you always claim. Go seek help instead to affect your surrounding on the daily with how toxic you are.

No. 78912

All of you in this thread are shitty, it’s too hilarious
One girl tries to pin the other, seems like Elizabeth, stevie, and Cherry going back and forth
Quit derailing the thread with your vendettas kek

No. 78914

File: 1579300909655.jpeg (142.69 KB, 750x705, 4E54FE34-7347-4443-A196-40C5B5…)

boohoo I can’t handle when people reject me waaaaah

No. 78915

You do realize that the drama with her “scamming” a guy from Japan happened the same year a lot of the shots of Elizabeth happened? Stop being a blind orbitor cause it won’t make Elizabeth love you. Lol

No. 78916

wait wait, so you’re saying that Cherry’s drama is somehow relevant when it’s 2 years old? but drama about Elizabeth is forbidden even though it’s fairly recent? who wants to say… double standards kek

No. 78917

File: 1579301356791.jpeg (147.25 KB, 867x1362, 00CE4BAD-2AFF-4935-AFAA-A1BDFA…)

Elizabeth shit talking her friends lol, not even surprised at this point because someone recently leaked this screenshot

No. 78919

are you mad because you are also toxic, Elizabeth? Seems like you’re trying to dodge the bullet, which you act like nobody in the community knows your little group kept secrets between eachother, so why don’t you confess that you partipcated in toxic behavior as well, because it seems like you are really pulling the victim card in this thread as well
You came after stevie, you came after your friend Miki, and now you come after Cherry? It isn’t coincidental because you make it truly obvious for yourself because you blast anyone on Facebook who doesn’t agree with you lol.

No. 78925

Hi Ayla, you still sucking Crazy Vic’s dick while he sends the same dick pics to every other girl? lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 78927

This thread does not exist so you can talk about your friend group vendettas. If you can't keep your autism in check and continue with the Hi cow bullshit you will be recieving lengthy bans.

No. 78938

What did she do to Miki? I heard they all blocked him in their group chat because he couldn’t cut off his abuser

No. 78939

Cherry is very problematic. She posts a lot art without sourcing it, she stalks any and all vkei guys and hosts. She also tells many many lies about dating Japanese male models. funniest thing is she never has picture of these boyfriends of hers. i think she just lies or shacks up with random Japanese men so i think she post about others here cuz she is jealous. also she is hispanic or mexican not Japanese no matter how much she photoshop or Facetune

No. 78959

oh liz, still talking about your obsession with your ex friends but you can’t admit that you would suck an indie bandmen crusty dick, and how you boasted all over Facebook about how you made out with a host with rotten black teeth kek(ignoring farmhand post)

No. 78976

File: 1579345842514.png (25.33 KB, 806x233, Screenshot (123).png)

Got this from Kareki's tumblr.
Did Kyo really say this? If yes, what a massive fag, even 5-year-olds know better than him already. That's like spitting into the face of everyone who ever came to see him. Seriousy, what kind of pay pig masochists are still sending him money after all the shit he's said to their faces? "I'd rather be seriously injured than singing for the money you gave me" What a cunt lol

No. 78986

Unless you see a credible source, don't believe shit from Kareki. Her delusions run deep, anon.

No. 79044

He claimed this in an interview around 2010. It's true. Go ask Kareki what magazine because she actually can tell you and it always turned out to be true. That's what truly makes her creepy.

No. 79045

He didn't say anything about injured though

No. 79064

Thank you for leaving this autistic post completely unsaged anon, you are really doing god's work.

No. 79076

Ayla's nudes were leaked to another forum already kek that was fast

No. 79080

Are you talking about that thot forum? Because I’m 100% sure that’s just Hide because of the username. Not the first time. Plus the timeline of when she made the OnlyFans account, it’d make sense they’re trying to promote the shit out of it.

No. 79082

Hospital = either injured or very sick.

All those absolutely retarded posts in this thread but you have a problem with mine? lol

No. 79084

Farmhand already said this >>78927 in regards to the other posts, anon.

No. 79087

Post something worthwhile yourself instead of only bitching around.

No. 79285

Did anyone else notice that they both made their social media private as soon as they got posted here

No. 79776

Can we talk about how Umi abuses snow filters like irl she is pretty ugly

No. 80007

I think she over does it with the contact lens to. Just because she is small do not equal kawaii desu Was she the only one in that tour? Look like there was only her

No. 80267

She looks really creepy in my opinion, which fits her personality. I don't know if the look she's going for is insane-yandere-stalker but if it is she's got it down to a T. Every time I start to think "Oh, maybe she's not that bad," I'll see her bragging about how one of her entitled bangya friends shoved someone out of the way for her because "She was in myyyyy spot!!!!11!1!1!"
You're in a fucking pit, everyone's moving around, you don't have your own spot.

No. 80269

File: 1580278619566.png (255.74 KB, 349x377, kawaii.png)

Abusing snow filters really isn't helping tbh.

No. 80274

Jesus fuck she looks creepy as HELL. I bet she also creeps the bandomen out but they have to fake being nice to her cause they get her $$.

No. 80314

> kawaii.png


No. 80363

She is so completely hideous, and looks like a goblin in person. How can she delude herself into thinking these bandomen all know and love her? Or that any band guy would want her? Even if she could get one to look past her gremlin appearance her personality is terrible.

No. 81411

File: 1580921787175.png (198.76 KB, 369x425, 154141.png)

lol why do u retards care this much about some other retarded retards lmao(necro)

No. 81639

And why do you care that other people care so much about it?

No. 99633

File: 1591791727127.jpeg (171.67 KB, 1242x512, 59ECA137-5523-42D4-9311-C36B28…)

Reversi Hide cheated on his girlfriend with a 17 year old?

No. 100137

I wouldn't be surprised honestly, the guy is a dirtbag

No. 100371

This looks like a bait post. As far as I and a few others have seen, him and that other girl broke up a while ago. Noticed they stopped following eachother on social media over a week ago. Im pretty sure he's dating this girl now https://www.instagram.com/jihitojihito/

No. 100372

Why are we still talking about this deadbeat anyways? Isn't he old news?

No. 100378

He’s not dating that girl. Word is going around he is dating a 17 year old and was talking to her while still with Ayla. It’s not that hard to find who it is considering he retweeted a post suggesting who it is. People need to be aware he’s 25 and dating a minor. Yes he’s old news but that doesn’t mean everyone shouldn’t be aware he’s a predator.

No. 100379

All I see is some videogame rp shit. How do we know he isn't dating that other girl? Plus that ayla girl is posting tweets suggesting they broke up.

No. 100382

I could message that jihito girl and find out since I know her. I’ve seen her post tweets suggesting she’s into him liek a lot

No. 100384

I totally get the skepticism lol so I don’t blame you. I’m just reciting what I’ve heard from others within that group. If it’s bs whatever, if it’s not then that’s a whole different story.

No. 100385

Esp since jihito posted a reply suggesting she thought the RP shit on twitter was a bit much

No. 100386

If she could give a statement that’d be great. I just don’t want a minor to be invoked with his bullshit lol

No. 100387

Yeah for sure. All I know is that this is considered normal in the final fantasy 14 community when people marry eachother or whatever so I think that it’s just that. Ill ask jihito if she’s the new gf. I know for a fact though that him and Ayla broke up a while ago but kept quiet about it from what I can see

No. 100390

He is literally dating a 17 year old. He had an FF14 insta with her name in love hearts and all, this insta has now deleted all of its posts and removed the bio. She even has his name in her discord status and they both have accounts on FF14 with the same last name, its disgusting he is preying on a minor. The girl has an insta but went private after she started dating him. I'm not sure if it's okay to post any of her socials because she is a minor, she also did a stream and he was being gross asking her to check her discord dm's in their chat before she hid it. I was told he used to have Ayla under his FF14 search but changed it to her name as he was cheating on Ayla. So yeah, he is literal scum who is atleast 25 with a fucking minor.

No. 100392

People who play that game always do that? From a thread I saw on twitter the other day that was deleted by all parties involved it seems to be fake. 17yr old apparently has a stalker who's threatening to kill her and leak her lewds? Possible he's playing a role to make that guy go away? Who knows. All I know is he's dating some other vkei girl not ayla. Him and ayla breaking up is old news

No. 100393

I remember seeing him make a post saying he was gonna post screenshots soon to put that rumour to rest. I guess we wait and see?

No. 100394

with a fucking 17 year old? Idk who you are but no matter what being this intimate with a minor is fucking disgusting and he is a loteral garbage person who would never go that far to protect literally anyone. Don't defend this trash he is literally chatting up with a minor

No. 100395

File: 1592079695548.jpeg (144.54 KB, 1242x726, 86230AE7-37F4-4C26-B832-3E3D4C…)

has the 17 year old's name in his discord status from a secret account that isn't his main. He's a predator lol

No. 100396

All I’m saying is there’s 2 sides to every story. I’ll wait for those screenshots to release before judging him

No. 100397

As much as I hope it is just a rumor can we really take his word on it based on his manipulative behaviour from the pasT?

Do you have any evidence on this? I agree doing certain things with a minor is inappropriate. He could’ve found anyone else to rp with lol

No. 100398


Okay so as someone who knows about this situation but wanted to stay out of it for everyone involved. He's not actually dating her. What anon said about the stalker posts is true. As much as hyde is trash he's not dumb enough to actually date a girl like this. Yes he could have handled this stalker sit differently but that's what's going on. He said they were going to get screenshots of this guy whos stalking make him believe theyre a thing and then hand it over to the police and post it on social media. Apparently after that that's the end of it?

I know hes interested in some other girl. maybe that jihito chick?

No. 100399


To add to this both him and this girl already stated that they were releasing info to prove they're not a thing since they've been asked a lot? I guess we just wait and see then

No. 100413

Cherry is back acting like nothing happened and is playing innocent. Makes me sick. She is scammed! Eli is still gone.

No. 100414

Fuck cherry kek sent me nudes when she dunno me, her pussy looks like a stepped on roast sub that's been left on the streets for days

No. 100418

Does she even look pretty under all that makeup and filters? I know she claim she is Japanese but someone told me she is Hispanic. I’ve never seen her real face, just her heavily edited snow selfies

No. 100421

LOL SHE SAID SHES JAPANESE??? Not even close. She's mexican. Her nudes look gross too

No. 100427

Feel free to post them. And yes she has said before stuff like ‘I look so Japanese in this outfit, or you can’t tell I’m not actually from Japan, I am pretty much Japanese because I’m fluent’ etc

No. 100431

Here we have the slut cherry https://imgur.com/a/EDLwUfp

No. 100434

She's def sent these to all vkei guys on her facebook to try to scam them. Easily too without a second thought. Gross

No. 100455

She really isn't fluent at all, what a liar

No. 100459

She also doesn't know how to take lewds lmfao

No. 100460

I'm not surprised, she's on gyaruru going after STD ridden cockroaches like Kei from the gaijin hunter thread

No. 100462

check the imgur album she was exposed lol

No. 100464

I did, I wonder how she'd react to her "nudes" being leaked when she's done it to other girls

No. 100465


EW WTF? she leaked other girls nudes? Fucking trash

No. 100466

if someone can report back with any posts she makes about it that would be hilarious lol I have her blocked so I can't see her social

No. 100470

File: 1592109451776.jpeg (813.57 KB, 3265x2449, 2DF1BA77-AFF7-4CBF-B909-815CA4…)

Scrolling around Kei’s gyaruru and saw this exchange, it’s always interesting seeing two cows collide, and suddenly he has a girlfriend again? Given that Kei has a known record of forcing girls into having unprotected sex and giving them STDs I’m surprised she’s not running for the hills

No. 100580

Anyone hear anything from Jihito?

No. 100590

File: 1592158001901.png (177.18 KB, 590x529, 49297f0fcf0a896057e3d7f6190208…)

No. 100609

I remember when she went to japan and live tweeted how she slept with some crusty greasy host and posting pictures of him, then she got depressed because he obviously played her. Her and her friends will jump on any Japanese dudes with dyed hair and makeup no matter what lmao

No. 100650

Calm down, Persia

No. 100656

Not only is cherry not fluent, but she’s never studied Japanese in her life. She just uses google translate. She is also Mexican. So many lies from this girl and she’s clearly been samefagging (badly) in this thread trying to cover her lying ass. Why does she delete all her socials and then come back again pretending nothing has happened? Her ass been caught scamming, lying, acting a fool, that’s why. She do it again and again and again, rinse and repeat.

She clearly been here posting CLEARLY edited screenshots to deflect. Watch very carefully when this happens. Her intelligence only goes so far, she thinks people won’t catch on

No. 100662

File: 1592177247823.jpeg (481.48 KB, 640x990, 514FD93C-58D3-48A4-9B33-C45BA6…)

She looks a bit funny without using snow animal filters to cover her face so she usually cover it with a sticker or her hand. Saw this posted and felt sorry for her, her eyes are going in 2 different directions. She is cock eyed :(

No. 100667

She’s really fat, it’s amazing she’s deluded enough to hand out nudes left and right when she looks the way she does.

No. 100670

Her friend elizabeth is also another one that hands out nudes within 5 minutes of talking to a dude lol. She tried it on me, if I still had them I'd post them

No. 100681

Nice. Deflecting here again cherry? Just gonna blame Eli for every little thing on here when you know you pissed off more people than just her right? I’d say she was stupid for hanging around with you for so long. But you are certainly something else.

Go on, piss off more people. I dare you to.

No. 100684


Not cherry but k. Hope ur nudes get leaked too then

No. 100688

Bitter Cherry

No. 100689

File: 1592184670597.jpg (12.18 KB, 425x429, 417X2ACT9PL._AC_SX425_.jpg)

wtf is that eyeliner lmfao????? Also she looks like shes about to inhale her whole ass hand lol tf?

Bitch be lookin like

No. 100691

File: 1592185470906.jpeg (106.92 KB, 738x415, F5D485D9-F6A0-4551-B5AA-4A720E…)

Cherry the dick engine go choo choo, bout to inhale that fat controller cock

Nudes machine go brrrrrrrrrr

No. 100693


She may as well identify as a vehicle from now on considering how often her doors open and close for different passengers

No. 100704

Sticks hand up roastie, sniffs it. Mmmm oishiii

No. 100712

Next thread image.

No. 101341

it’s so fucking cringy that umi is only sharing BLM posts in japanese. like no bitch you’re american, any japanese information doesn’t fit you. it’s weird.
also did anyone see her voice challenges on her stories? her voice is so fake and her japanese is botched.

No. 101407

girl, you're STILL on here posting about Umi? Thought you would've given up after you got caught being a snake last time LOL. Go take care of your kids or something.

No. 101875

Not to wk but it could be that her lense has shifted. The bigger ones tend to do that. she does have sausage fingers tho

No. 102125

>>101407 do you really think she cares enough about that coon to keep checking what is being posted about BLM? you are so obsessed with stirring the pot so you can keep your ass covered

No. 102126

>>100590 brooklyn has been a problem from the moment i found her twitter so it comes as no surprise some gross host played her, well and truly deserved for a sad bitch like this
also notice how the time stamp on the screen capture was recent? bitch sits on this site more than her beloved tanuki gossip page kek

No. 102422

Karma really bit Cherry on the ass, her 'nudes' leaked and now she's out there harassing anyone that's associated with her ex friends and doxing them, she really be calling herself a "sex worker" when she sends her nudes for free then blackmails dudes for money

No. 102438

Okay Cherry, since you want a response from me and are so eager to try and literally try and doxx my mother since you know I’ve deactivated almost all my accounts in an effort to keep you from harsssing me

I’m just gonna say this, you KNOW I never saw your nudes or had possession of them. You literally sent them to every guy I personally knew in the visual kei community, so if you sent them to every man and his dog…Why don’t you go through your friends list and figure out 1. Who you sent those to, 2. If they speak English, 3. If they’re in the vkei community because I can guarantee you it WILL be that person.

So stop acting like a brainlet and using me as a scapegoat AGAIN AND AGAIN in this thread like you have done. I only came back here after months being gone and I saw you samefagging to cover your ass, and there’s a lot more people that don’t like you and aren’t me in this thread so keep that in mind

Do not involve my family, do not involve my friends. Go after your simps who you sent coochie and your breasticles to in order to scam them of money and then threaten them like you always did. I tried with you to keep being friends but, in the end I really couldn’t stomach this behaviour and it’s come back to bite you. It’s unfortunate this happened but I was always warning you that people don’t like to be clowned like that

And also, why would I be in possession of your nudes??? Don’t flatter yourself. Yuck… I wouldn’t hold onto something like that. You can keep them.

Just remember that one of the guys that leaked your nudes looks like they threatened to leak mine on here (it seems they didn’t have anything bc I don’t give them out so eagerly these days) so don’t go blaming me and trying to ruin my life when there’s clearly a guy that you’ve associated with that is going around trying to fuck with people in this community

If you’re so “girl posi” then fucking act like it and do not doxx my mother for something YOU know I didn’t do. PEOPLE OTHER THAN ME DONT LIKE YOU!!! You forget you’ve pissed off so many people!!!

I’m sorry that our friendship ended so badly but like, you were always greatly overstepping my boundaries. Girl like I fucking had to talk to my therapist about you and that’s when I realised you were out of control and a few raisins short of a fruitcake!!! Please stop jfc.

No. 102443

File: 1593107310841.jpg (108.93 KB, 750x551, wtf.jpg)

Cherry is so quick to drop other girl's nudes but when someone posts her's, she's "getting it investigated" and getting gullible morons to harass her ex friends and family, Elizabeth's mother is a nurse working with covid patients and doesn't need to be messaged by cherry and her clones. Cherry, have some selfrespect and don't claim to be body positive but put other girls down, and don't send so many nudes to randoms if you can't keep track of who you sent them to if they get leaked, or be smart and watermark them if you're a 'sex worker'

No. 102444

THANK YOU!!! please fuck off cherry and DO NOT SEND your drones in to harass my mother. She is busy and having a hard enough time as it is trying to stop a second wave of Covid infections and your dumb ass trying to harass her in the middle of a pandemic over something that you know I didn’t do because you never sent me nudes in the first place is just so disgustingly selfish.

I told her to block you and your minions immediately and thank god she did, do not bother her again. Grow some lady balls and if you have a problem, direct it at people who actually did the thing??? Like your SIMPS!!

It isn’t my mothers fault cherry that your simps are running wild out of control, you need to have a chat with them about that

No. 102445

Didn’t she just post a photo that was on a chicks public twitter or something? I wouldn’t compare the two since one was consensually posted publicly while cherrys nudes were posted unconsensually. Also Kiras “apology” was very half assed. I doubt Elli leaked her. If anyone it was Kira.

No. 102446

Is Cherry seriously using gullible Emi aka Mickey moon ex BFF as her minion?? cows of a feather flock together

No. 102449

Cherry posts half naked photos everywhere so even if that other girl did the same it's still no excuse

No. 102450

She doesn’t post full nudes publicly though is the difference. Half naked is one thing but her full nudes were leaked which is pretty fucked up js

No. 102452

Cherry leaked Aylas nudes to this thread, you can clearly see Ayla telling her to fuck off as well if you scroll high enough. Cherry is a well known entity that always does this and immediately plays the victim card so, while what happened to her was really shitty, it very likely would have been retaliation by one of the guys that she takes their money off of them and then bounces. Cherry and her drone Emi conviniently leave out this important detail. She does this consistently, for the record Eli and cherry stopped being friends last year and since then Eli became inactive to avoid harassment so why would she be posting Cherry’s nudes now to be the target of one of the worst people in the entire comm?? The girl is batshit crazy. If it was me, I would be in hiding too and not post a single thing

No. 102454

People are saying that the girl admitted it on Twitter on emi Facebook. Shit if Elizabeth is the one posting milk about cherry on lolcow threads then that’s funny and sad

No. 102457

What I’m getting from all of this
Is that cows seems to lurk cows on here

No. 102463

She wanted her friends to expose a guy for threatening to leak her nudes and sending photos stabbing stuff he bought her, but what she conveniently left out was that she scammed him out of 1k, she blackmails so many people for money and calls it sex work, she’s lazy and spoiled

No. 102464

File: 1593110810071.jpeg (219.23 KB, 543x834, 21A8BC9C-6D40-4C76-BC81-E99539…)

If this is what I “admitted” on twitter you may as well see it for yourself rather than going off “he said she said” lol, just a heads up its very underwhelming

No. 102465

Posting someones public nudes isn’t leaking though. You seem to fail to realize this kek

No. 102468

File: 1593111409552.jpeg (67.64 KB, 750x362, 4926FB89-06C3-4317-9D41-92069A…)

A “very serious lie to make huh”?? How about I just go ask my mum for screenshots once she wakes up

Yes. Cherry. You really went and told your friends to doxx someone’s family like that over lukewarm baseless accusations. Wow I am so proud of you. Truly a menhera queen.

The gaslighting never ends does it?

No. 102469

Sometimes it hits me that Cherry is a grown woman and acts like this and I just cry a bit.

No. 102476

File: 1593113290074.jpeg (43.15 KB, 407x216, BEA254D0-641F-414E-9169-8D3120…)

Yes she’s an adult, her Facebook post is so cringey. Also anyone who believes that as an adult is really fucking stupid or gullible. Why are you saying doxxing is bad then doxxing peoples families Cherry?

No. 102478

i just saw cherrys sperg out on facebook and i gotta say this is very entertaining

@Eli I'm a fellow aussie and i think ur funny as fuck

No. 102485

Thanks lol. Honestly if clown Emi has all the pastel yanks unfriending me, I don’t really mind because they are all drinking the clown juice. Nice to see a fellow based Australian. For the record I do have the spergs but cherry even out-tards me, the lot of them do. I didn’t think it was possible

No. 102486

I have the ass-burgers as well B)
Some of these people are literally fucking retarded honestly, it's really funny to watch :''')

No. 102489

So if she’s “investigating behind the scenes” that sounds like she actually still doesn’t know who did it. Could be any one of her 4555566566 simps that she sent nudes to.

Instead the cow is trying to doxx someone’s mother. Because that makes perfect sense right? What a fucking tard.

No. 102494

Where did she doxxed your mother? Both sides from you and her makes no sense at all.

Emi always on some bs
Ever since she exploded on micky

No. 102497

That’s what i’m saying. If anyone doxxed her mom it would be an orbiter of theirs. It isn’t that hard to find someones mom though lol.

No. 102511

File: 1593124938407.jpeg (177.96 KB, 640x1119, 3FCC4DF2-E9ED-434A-BE6A-8901B0…)

Took me awhile to wake up but this is what they were sending my mum.

3 of them at once, all came in there trying to harass her basically sending cut and paste phrases attempting to cancel me for shit I never did.

None of them ever came to me personally, at any point. They just automatically went to harassing my mother. Which is a cowardly act.

No. 102517

Do you have proof she actually doxxed your mother though? You keep crying that she doxxed her when she could have easily just told a few select people to dm her. As shitty as it is to message her instead of you, it isn’t doxxing.

No. 102521

Both Elizabeth and cherry are claiming they've been doxxed and I have yet seen any proof from out of this. just a bunch of pointing fingers here

No. 102532

You’re not wrong my mother has been harassed not doxxed, that’s the technical term for it. I’m currently being doxxed along with that other guy Kira. And she doesn’t even know who did it anyway. She claims she’s currently trying to track the IP address of the user that did it.

I’m willing to let bygones be bygones if she just stops assuming I’m every single person who has ever said anything bad about her on this thread. That’s where the problem started. In reality multiple people don’t like her. I’m just the only one who publicly outed it that she was stealing money at the time last year. That’s what all started this, I told people on Facebook she had taken ¥150000 from a guy in Kyoto who goes by the name Masaki. And then she was doing stuff like threatening other Japanese guys and even American ones for money or favours

I would never expose her nudes tho bc of this, thats definitely without a doubt one of those guys that she does this kind of thing to. They were always really angry at her.

No. 102544

File: 1593134190437.jpeg (61.52 KB, 418x205, 63DEA071-C39A-4F1B-B56C-E04A89…)

Cherry actually knows the person who did it, he’s named Alberto. She’s just telling everyone to doxx Kira and Eli regardless. As of today, Eli’s Facebook has been removed and they're trying to remove her instagram as well.

No. 102559

I read that the guy she “scammed” was threatening to kill her and actually leaked her nudes. In a situation like that I wouldn’t blame her for freaking out and blocking the dude to get away from him.

No. 102561

Seems to be a theme with this one. She abuses a guy, he gets enraged and then her nudes somehow get exposed and she is the victim again. Wouldn’t she have learned by now? I recall this happened several times already

No. 102564

File: 1593145367173.png (275.13 KB, 640x1136, 1A0FF8FF-C613-4E12-8F92-CC2049…)

She actually does abuse them. She abuses bandmen too. When I was friends with her she was harassing Mako from Ganmi and this is another part of why I stopped being friends, this was the breaking point. I actually told Mako what she was doing after this and he got angry at her and then she responded with this.

She was trying to use me to bait Mako and then harass him because she loved playing mind games. After she joked about him wanting to slit his own throat because she got a video of him peeing and threatened to post it, she sent the video to me and then I just outright told him what was happening because I was disgusted at this point that she would stoop so low to blackmail someone for her emotional jollies and then joke about them committing suicide

No. 102568

What a fucking nutcase. Someone needs to get this bitch help.

No. 102573

Sorry if these questions are dumb, but does this girl even live in Japan or speak Japanese? Everything I've seen of her scattered through a couple threads makes her seem like a fat catfisher from the united states.

No. 102574

How is she abusing them though? The Mako situation is suspicious but with the guy she “spammed” I saw screenshots and she didn’t seem abusive to him.

No. 102575

She that claims she's fluent and looks japanese but she's just a self hating hispanic with an addiction to filters

No. 102577

She's really manipulative and guilt trips guys into giving her money because "she's poor" and harasses her mom into giving her money too, she even ditched her in japan to get crusty dick from an old bandman

No. 102578

Dada? Has she actually managed to snag any other bandmen irl or just catfish/blackmail them online? She's such a bizarre case to me. Just how desperate are these dudes? lmao

No. 102579

Do you have proof of this? Kek

No. 102581

She fucked Dada??? I'm suddenly thinking maybe she's the desperate one because ew

No. 102590

File: 1593158999989.png (486.54 KB, 583x499, keinoshoop.png)

I can't remember where I saw that Cherry was the fat gaijin girlfriend ex that Dada was mad about, but I could have sworn it was her? She pops up from time to time in the gaijin hunters thread and is actively pursuing one of the most notorious gaijin hunters atm. >>100494

She has to be pretty desperate to be so thirsty for Kei tbh.

No. 102591

Yeah it was her, she also modeled his shitty stocking brand and then tried to call him out

No. 102596

File: 1593161156994.jpeg (234.36 KB, 750x1209, B11F600E-AA82-46D3-BD58-0576A7…)

Here are some texts Cherry sent to Kira trying to manipulate him into giving her money and throwing a tantrum when he didn’t budge

No. 102597

File: 1593161187904.jpeg (201.41 KB, 750x1212, 18764FE6-B4B6-4A6B-97FA-80AA81…)

No. 102598

File: 1593161218704.jpeg (175.02 KB, 748x1210, BA1BAD27-2D5F-4A9E-88DF-C6B521…)

No. 102601

For anyone coming to whiteknight cherry, she's done this shit for years. Cherry, you don't deserve other people's money so stop demanding like they owe you

No. 102603

You’ve got to be joking right? How is laughing about him slitting his own throat not abusive? she’s literally laughing if this bandguy commits suicide because of her

No. 102612

She deserves to get exposed, what a scumbag

No. 102620

Hahaha fucking YIKES.
She acts pretty high and mighty for someone who has to fucking beg d00ds to pay her for her less than mediocre nudes

No. 102640

File: 1593191832078.jpeg (282.39 KB, 1242x2208, 965131BC-4774-4E6B-AEBC-70B69C…)

Eli creating fake accounts and messaging people who have no mutuals with her on insta? Seems like her
Hi Eli

No. 102644

File: 1593192843658.jpeg (81.84 KB, 540x960, AA0555DD-BA45-4D6C-9B0E-511F1C…)

Lol found this on Emi’s post. Seems like Kira was defensive and guilty of spreading Cherry’s nudes with Eli so he told Cherry to go die, the irony is absolutely delicious

No. 102646

What is it about bangya that makes them this level of insane? I thought lolitas were bad. This entire thread is just a bunch of crazy bangya finger pointing with “hi cow” posts

No. 102649

it's really funny to watch honestly, like watching a bad teenage drama show.
It's such a select group on bandgya though that are especially retarded, most of them are a bit unhinged but this thread is full of actual psychos

No. 102650

This thread is just 2 blocked people arguing at this point

No. 102653

Speaking of which… didn’t Eli meet a band member from the band Ganmi? Yuriko, if I recall? She had her precious cheki with him in her featured photos for the longest time until she removed it lol. I heard that she went to Ganmi’s live event in Japan and he met her, and basically after the show they were supposed to fucc but then he dipped and ditched her after meeting her irl
I would probably run away too lmfao

If I also recall Yuriko was and his other band mates were making fun of a particular band mate in Ganmi (the drummer if I recall correctly) and they laughed at him because he the bandmember slit his wrists in the bath tub, yet Eli knows all of this but still to this day wants to succ Yuriko’s STD infected cock. You really got yourself there didn’t you

No. 102655

Most bandmen have STDs at this point so sleeping with them is a sure fire way to get one lol. But if she went after a guy that laughed at his band mates self harm then she needs serious help.

No. 102658

Let me just say what is actually hilarious is how Eli tries to be a social justice warrior, but then goes on Tanuki and laughs at all the bandmen and bangya who gets doxxed everyday on there and posts about how funny it is on FB. You can’t have your cake an eat it too, Elizabeth, when you for a fact have doxxed men yourself online. Oh, and please don’t act like everyone forgot about you repeatedly fucking Kei. No one has forgotten, because you told everyone about his “cheese dick” but, hey, you kept going back for more. Must’ve been some good dick kek

No. 102668

Funny enough this is an out of context screenshot. I have the full messages actually because I’ve seen them already.
(If anyone wants to see those)
Here’s what really happened.
Both Eli and Cherry were making fun of Mako from Ganmi. They both talked to him. That was the entire situation that was happening. Basically, with the piss vid Elizabeth repeatedly asked Cherry for Mako’s piss video so she could see it/or save it. She was also coursing Cherry to publish it on Tanuki. As far as we know, Cherry hasn’t posted any bandman’s nudes that we know of.
Now, not only that, but Elizabeth would send men’s dick pics within their group chat and coursed everyone else into doing so along with her. She would also take photos of men while they were sleeping. She also tried to course Cherry into mocking a host with the sleeping photo that she took of him while he was sleeping, because Cherry was speaking with him and Eli wanted Cherry to laugh along and mock him with her. If I can find the host, I will post him here. He’s a knuckle model who was also known for his most expensive plastic surgery.
Back to Mako though, what I had seen was Elizabeth going out of her way and directly messaging Mako from Ganmi on Twitter mocking him saying “teeeheee haha I’ve seen your pee video”. Very ironic how she would put all the blame on Cherry. At least accept responsibility that you have also been doing this way before Cherry and had coursed her along. Show the full context of the conversations next time or I will show the milk.

No. 102675

Cherry is now sending out all her followers and drones to attack anyone who has a different view of hers and those who don’t worship her. If you don’t kiss Cherry’s ass you are cancelled. She is freaking out over her nudes being leaked. It’s honesty her fault for being loose and sending them out to a million guys. It’s amazing they didn’t get leaked sooner. Now she is a sex worker so why should she care about a few nudes now?

No. 102705

Btw this is all bullshit and you know it. I let Mako know that shit was happening in plain old nihongo and no you don’t say “tee hee” in Japanese. There wasn’t even a www attached, because I was genuinely feeling very bad for him at this point and he deserved to know the truth so he could run away from all of that.

It was cherry who asked for the pee video, it was always her since she was the one who was threatening him to post it to the internet and she needed that blackmail material to pull her classic move.

Bitch basically works like a visual kei Epstein at this point

No. 102708

Did it ever occur to you that I once didn’t know that cherry was fucking crazy? Same as with all of you jumping to defend her. I did the same thing for so long in those group chats she makes. Bitch puts on an act, a mask and acts very friendly UNLESS you decide to go against her in any way

So when she turned out to be crazy, I was going along with it because she will actively try and ruin your life if you don’t go along with her. So yeah, you do have to play along with the group. And if I can recall Ife and all of the others in that group chat were posting unsavoury things as well. Even tho Ife is basically too faced and acting like omg Elizabeth is cancelled lemme just repost this tea. When y’all were doing the exact same things. Cherry was the ringleader and on another whole different level.

But covertly, I was collecting deets towards the end because cherry was so annoying to me and blowing up my phone at all hours of the day trying to flex and cause drama.

Now, Cherry is so crazy that she got the kawaii clown crew to nerf my Facebook the other day and she is so desperate to ruin peoples lives that my mum was scared I had killed myself and told my sister to stay in the car while she went inside bc all the lights were out, and I was just sleeping

But like are you having fun cherry that you made my family worry that much?
Probably, since you like to laugh at bandmen slitting their throats

No. 102711

Why is she even continuing to harass those two people if she really thinks the person who leaked the nudes was a completely different guy called Alberto? Vendetta chan confirmed

No. 102713

Cherry is psychotic. It’s probably because the targeted person did something else to piss her off and she wants to take them down.

No. 102714

File: 1593217234785.jpeg (824.66 KB, 3265x2449, FAC09DEC-1479-4FAA-8837-5232A4…)

I was about to talk about that lol, when I dated Kei in 2016, I told cherry the reason why I dumped him after 1 weekend was because he called a black girl in my apartment building a nigger and he used to basically roll me over and stick it in raw while I was sleeping and I didn’t consent to rawdogging

We were at the bus stop near my apartment, and he sees the girl walking across the road and says to me “I hate niggers” and I told him to pack up his things and leave the next day.

Now… Cherry KNOWS this happened, and yet she is still publicly trying to get with him. Lemme spell that out for you, she knows Kei is racist and calls black women niggers yet she still wants it.

She knows Kei would rawdog me in my sleep, but she still wants those sloppy seconds. Yet she cries about abusers every 5 minutes, girl… what do you think he’s gonna do you you? Have a wild guess

It’s just a fucking mess at this point idk what else to say. If you are black and are continuing to support cherry I would highly suggest you don’t, she doesn’t give a fuck about you.

No. 102715

I’m just gonna point out that an old friend of yours mentioned that you don’t find POC threatening “because most Japanese guys won’t find them attractive”. So I wouldn’t go using the N word on anon clearly speaking as yourself and saying that you left him for racist reasons. Come on now Eli.

No. 102716

Oh really? I certainly didn’t say that.

I’d like to see that. Oh that’s right.. it doesn’t exist. The more I expose you, the more lies you have to make. And let’s not forget the reason why you were first posted to this thread, it wasn’t because of me. It was because you were harassing Ayla.

No. 102717

Lol didn’t you post on Facebook about how you will continue using Jeffree Star products even if black people are offended by it?

No. 102718

Jeffree star? Cmon now really? Lol that’s the best you can do? Every bitch in 2017 was using jeffree Star at that time and I don’t buy that brand anymore.


No. 102719

Funny you would talk about abusers though and her siding with yours when you literally stood up for her abusers. Oh and especially Dada. You literally can look up his name on the internet and so much shit about him pops up. Have a go kek

No. 102720

Cherry wants the dick of a whole ass racist and all you sit here going is eLi BoUgHt JeFFreE sTAr OnE tiME HURR DURR

No. 102721

I’m sure Cherry is here but there are more people on this thread than just her lol. I was just a random that used to have you added years ago but the constant talking about Japanese men got hella annoying.

No. 102722

That’s because cherry just complained about his farts and him being fat the whole time. And I’m not about to stand up for Dada either, he’s gross but when I talked to him he seemed frightened of Cherry and something about that whole situation was fishy. If he did actually abuse her that’s shitty but she could have stayed with her mum on that holiday at any point in time. She ditched her mum at a hotel for Dadas place and could have chosen to leave at any point.

If you can remember the time on Facebook that cherry was in Japan and over the moon posting about her “boyfriend” every second minute. That guy that she was hyping up was actually dada.

No. 102723

Elizabeth and Cherry are twins, so why single them out lol

No. 102724

If you don’t like someone’s content then unfollow?? First rule of the internet

No. 102725

Isn’t this the hoe that used her autism as an excuse to get away with toxic shit? Strange

No. 102726

Dada is actually a scammer by the way. He scammed multiple people who were buying tights from his brand and they never received them. He’s also went on fits of rage on his Facebook and Twitter which is quite interesting to see. Reminds me of a big old crybaby. I do know that Cherry was not the only young girl he has lured to Japan. There were many other young women involved, some even underage. Gross. A 50 year old man who purposely targets young women out of vulnerability.

No. 102727

Tracing the IP address of the person who leaked the nudes would take 2 seconds but I can see that they’re purposefully dragging this out as long as they can. Aimi, don’t fall for this, Cherry talks about you badly in secret too

No. 102730

If you’re reading this Aimi, you’re being manipulated. Please walk away from this battle it isn’t yours to fight for Cherry. I know you want friendship but please find someone who will value you, not use you for stuff like this

No. 102731

Tbh both Elizabeth and cherry is fucking idiots and this thread is living proof on how autistic they are

No. 102732

Everybody, everybody knows how much of a POS Kei is and yet you still "dated" him. And you give shit to this loser Cherry for trying to do that too? Pot calling the kettle black.

On a different topic: Maybe we should ask mods to merge this and the gaijin-hunter thread together since all these muppets orbit together? (I do have fun reading the other thread tho )

No. 102734

File: 1593220796975.jpeg (154.55 KB, 750x919, E6C74DF5-BD11-4548-83EE-CC66CB…)

Aimi, you’re a gullible idiot, you’re preaching how illegal it is to leak someone’s nudes but forgetting what you’re doing is also wrong, you still don’t have proof who did it but are having all your friends harass and report their accounts

No. 102736

Aimi just admit you were never planning on finding the IP address of who leaked the nudes. If you did, it would be found already and you’d all have your answer and this shit would be over

No. 102739

It doesn’t matter if Alberto is real or not, what’s taking you so long to find the IP address Aimi? You know what needs to be done in order for the culprit to be revealed and still you delay it and continue on with the drama. Why is that? Just find the real person who did it already and go to the police like you said you were gonna do

No. 102744

File: 1593222412674.jpeg (317.82 KB, 637x923, FB215666-700C-4706-A3CE-610714…)

Wow. What’s stopping you from finding the person that did it Aimi? It takes like 1 minute. Just find it already and go to the police with that and apologise to everyone else that you wronged

No. 102746

Cherry talks big about calling out abusers but kicked her friend from their group and talked shit behind his back for not dropping his abuser, if you’re mad he went to Japan without you maybe you shouldn’t have spent all that money you scammed on kiddy stuff

No. 102751

Just find the IP address already then and quit your whining on Facebook Cherry and Aimi. As amusing as this all is, trying to ruin the lives of other cows just because you cant be bothered to do a simple IP address search is pathetic

No. 102759

I think my favorite part is that these aren't even very successful bangya? Beyond spamming nudes to random band dudes and hoping to get something back, have any of these girls had real connections with bandmen? Other than Cherry banging Dada of course. kek

I just don't get it tbh. It's like rping as irl bangya online almost.

No. 102763

Cherry’s friend was seeing the band member who’s video she wanted to leak, and she was also going after a guy Elizabeth was seeing and spread lies about him hating girls

No. 102766

I wonder what would happen if someone were to comment on their Facebook asking them to find the IP address kek

No. 102768

How you gonna say Ayla’s nudes were leaked when her Twitter is literally public for everyone to see? It could’ve been anyone, yet you sat there and accused Cherry of doxxing Ayla with no evidence what so ever. Hypocrite much? lmao

No. 102769

Lmao wasn’t Elizabeth pressed about it too? Funny you should say that Elizabeth was tagging along when others were yeeted from the group, don’t play victim now sis

No. 102771

this is an imageboard
post evidence

No. 102772

Ayla came here and accused Cherry herself, read the thread

No. 102778

Amen lmao

No. 102780

I got you lol. I need to check my old phone. It was awhile ago so i need to dig in my old cell.

No. 102785

I wouldn't be surprised if they're stalling because Cherry probably leaked them herself

No. 102789

I don’t think she would do this but i’m deadass curious who leaked them. Kira is sus but who knows.

No. 102791

I'm fairly certain that the person who shared Cherry's nudes on here is Victor, if they were leaked any other time I don't know.

No. 102799

uhh yeah So i also think victor is the one who posted cherrys nudes on here, i dont have proof but he was talking about all of this to me as it was happening and i know that he got nudes from cherry in the past and he seemed a little -too- excited about cherry being "exposed"

No. 102801

Emi, Aimi and Cherry are gonna need to issue something a bit more than a simple "sorry" if it was Victor, dumb bitches fucked up bad

No. 102809

That would make a lot of sense because Cherry was always getting up in victor and Aylas business and sending the two of them crazy threatening messages. it would make sense if he did it

About Eli and Kira, Cherry’s story just makes no sense. So, Kira sends Eli photos and then Eli posts them for Kira. Wouldn’t it just make more sense if Kira posts it himself ?
Victor doing it is far more plausible, I can believe that

No. 102815

File: 1593253256462.jpeg (163.7 KB, 750x1334, 2271F135-6AAA-494A-90BA-0A6CB8…)

Emi literally drinks piss so I don’t think anyone’s gonna get an apology from these dumb fat broads if they’re on that level of bullshit all the time

No. 102817

File: 1593254766038.png (802.29 KB, 640x1136, B2BA90C6-47FE-45C0-AA2D-441620…)

Waaaaa waaaa waaaa I took $1500 feel sorry for me

It wasn’t gift money btw, she was crying poor saying she couldn’t go to Japan to see this rando guy (not even her boyfriend btw) and he stupidly sent it so she could use it to buy a plane ticket and then she blocked him and spent the money on sanrio plushies instead and sent her minions to harass him. In a nutshell, he got played. That’s on him, but kek she really tryna make us feel sorry for her for robbing this guy

No. 102819

Aaaaaaand the piss drinking fatties will eat it all up and spam sad face emojis

No. 102820

Emi drinks piss??? I’m fucking howling wtf

No. 102821

Cherry also got nudes from victor and sent them to other girls so he has a motivation to have posted her nudes in retaliation

No. 102833

I don't think he cares enough to but i dunno. He seems to be too absorbed in final fantasy to care to even post anywhere lately so I'm pretty sure he has no clue about cherry sharing his stuff. But if he did know then yeah I hope it was him that did it

No. 102835

All I know is that both him and Ayla at one point were sick of her harassment so who knows really

No. 102837

Unless someone gets proof of him doing it there really isn't a whole lot we can say. Cheers to whoever did it though I'm surprised it didn't happen to her sooner rofl

No. 102840

Funny that she did post evidence that he sent it to her as a gift and was even planning on sending her other gifts, but maybe you didn’t catch that, as well as the flight emails that were shown to others in the past lol

No. 102841

Nope, if you’ve seen Eli’s posts in the past on her Facebook before she deleted she was accusing Cherry of leaking Ayla’s nudes as well with no evidence to show for it but 100% sure it was Cherry. Of course she won’t tell you that though. If Cherry was the one that leaked Ayla’s nudes let’s see that evidence

No. 102842

No. 102894

So you all still trying to whiteknight this fat victim chan who squeals like a sad victim piggy every month for Facebook clout??? Get real

She was Iike UWU feel sowwy for me I took the monies, admitting it and some of you are still licking her boots like a lollipop

No. 102896

She really has a problem with harassing people. I’ve seen her climb into others facebook messages just ramdomly and start acting incredibly hostile and sending threats because they politely disagreed with her publicly

No. 102898

File: 1593290269899.jpeg (180.6 KB, 640x913, E2D2E53F-F43A-4A61-BF39-1E3E16…)

Piss drinker Emi is currently getting called out for ironically making too many call out posts lmao

No. 102899

File: 1593290771815.jpeg (96.66 KB, 640x327, 25F0EB82-1717-40AA-B53B-108F38…)

Emis piss drinking clown ass is being dragged

No. 102901

Uuuh I have think you have the wrong thread anon

No. 102905

Cherry is batshit crazy for real. I don’t have the screenshots anymore unfortunately as it happened long time ago but I remember her attacking a girl on her Twitter dms because she unfriended Cherry. And what I mean by that is… literally throwing a huge tantrum and Insulting her. She is extremely toxic and manipulative. Cherry if you read this: please get some help. Lot of people are tired of your bs. Stop hurting and using people for your own benefits and throw them away like they are nothing once they can’t give you what you want anymore.

No. 102911

No it’s the right one. Cherry and Emi have teamed up to make the call out posts. Emi was referring to Cherry as her best friend so I can only assume she’s found a suitable cow replacement for Mickey kek

No. 102912

Cows collide I guess? Not a bad idea to post the caps in the Micky thread too since it pertains to her. Even though I don't agree with this person acting like Micky is a victim either.

No. 102966


post it in micky's thread >>90367

No. 103054

File: 1593343217339.jpeg (69.74 KB, 750x315, 187CF03B-B88A-46B5-9675-FA045D…)

They had less than a week to find the IP address, it isn’t even that hard but now that the photos are apparently taken down they’re running around with their heads up their asses, almost as if they didn’t want to find it in the first place

No. 103058

It's not that easy to find out an ip adress when the provider doesn't respond.

No. 103182

File: 1593383102101.jpeg (308.05 KB, 1200x897, 3AEF72F8-5F37-414F-8E3D-FF19AA…)

No. 103185

That’s because deep down they know it was Victor who posted the nudes and they won’t even bother to go to police like they said they were going to do because that won’t fit their narrative

No. 103195

most japanese guys will do anything in return for gaijin pussy, but she was guilt tripping a lot of guys into giving her money [see pictures where she was demanding $50 from a dude just because he bought content previously], they weren't even in a relationship and she was bragging about getting gifts from multiple guys

No. 103198

I think victor wanted to derail the thread because there’s some accusations about him being involved with a minor and he’s scummy so it would make sense to post someones nudes and he knew she has a tendency to make drama and she wouldn’t figure out who it was immediately because she’s burned a lot of bridges and sends nudes to the whole community.

He also doesn’t like her at all. There’s a very good reason why victor is so happy Cherry’s nudes are leaked, it distracts from him and he can just sit back and watch with the popcorn as Cherry slanders everyone but him.

No. 103209

File: 1593398582710.png (1.91 MB, 1450x700, ashea msgs.png)

Haven't checked this crap in a good while and could honestly care less about most of the crap on here and didn't bother straining my eyes and brain on it. Just thought I'd clarify a thing or two that really needs to be addressed.

As it has been said before, the stuff ingame with the marriage, insta and twitter accounts etc was strictly ingame. Also this is normal in the ffxiv community, ontop of that it was strictly just to help out with an ingame stalker situation this girl had that progressed further onto social media, since he wouldn't stop stalking/harassing her.

The situation's been dealt with though, and both vic and ash have already divorced ingame and no longer have eachother in their search info. I've been around both of them since the beginning and know all the details about the situation so I can honestly say they were never dating and never planned on it. As much as I even thought so myself in the beginning since things weren't clarified and it was around the time we were fighting and broke up. But everything has been clarified and we are all on good terms.

And as for vic and I vs cherry, we don't care about her to go out of our ways to post her shit. Not worth the time or effort. We're just trying to live our lives individually in peace and away from drama. So please, don't make assumptions without any tangible proof.

No. 103218

I say leak more of her nudes, just to get them back on the net. She deserves her content leaked. She posted many girls nudes before. And shares people’s content without permission.

No. 103221

Girl you got no idea what he’s doing behind your back, you never did. I also wonder how cherry seen your mans penis? you got to keep that man on a leash he outta control

No. 103225

Oooh I wouldn’t wish for that if I was you anon, you don’t want to be on the receiving end of that level of crazy

No. 103228

File: 1593409276903.jpeg (98.8 KB, 499x600, 9B3A85AC-CD74-4F4D-851E-097107…)

I hope everyone here learnt their lesson, do not trust the visual kei hoes with sanrio aesthetics. Do not accept their nudes, do not send them nudes, do not interact. Period. Sanrio hoes will end your life and you are never safe from them, they will come for you. You can never be too cautious when it comes to sanrio hoes, lock your houses at night. Install a security system. Put bars on your windows if you have to. Do not let them in, even if they say they are cold. It is just a ploy, pay no attention to their lies.To deter them you must ask them if they have a job and what they are planning to do with their life. If you ask that question they will run away. They are scared of accountability. They like free money, don’t let it be your money. Cancel sanrio hoes in 2020 now and do not look back. You’ll thank me later.

No. 103230

Why would anyone here purchase/trade nudes with these fat weebs? Do you think we're men, anon? kek

No. 103257

There used to be so many call out posts on facebook about him being abusive, using and scamming people, as well as flirting and sending nudes to girls while in a relationship and yet Ayla still defends him, I don't get these 'pick me' bitches that think they'll be treated differently

No. 103300

This is a terrible copy pasta lmao

No. 103319

Did she actually drink piss a la Yukapee??

No. 103945

Cherry's dating a married woman, she probably burned too many bridges with all the dudes she used, a bit surprising after she put down her last girlfriend's body and what she wore.

No. 104050

Juniper is poly and her boyfriend is cool with her dating Cherry

No. 104070

It's just for attention. Cherry lives in Texas and Juniper lives in Connecticut. It'll probably be over before they ever see each other irl. kek

No. 104546

Just because he wasn't cheating on you with a minor that he met in a game, doesn't change the fact that he was cheating on you. He was still dating someone else while he was with you.

No. 107160

what happened with the host n her trip to japan?(necro)

No. 107302

clarifying myself bc it's dumb but i hooked up with a host, he refused to leave my apartment afterwards and it took 3 days for him to finally get the fuck out lmao. i wasn't "played by a host", i was fucking trapped by one LMFAOOOO

No. 107312

ew of course you're one of those white girls who thinks going to japan just to hook up with hosts/bandmen makes you cool. No wonder you seem like a miserable person. You should just leave you give us all a bad name.

No. 107313

You set your twitter to priv after someone asked about you awe how cute she doesn't want us seeing her become psycho on tl again lmao

No. 107428

Nice to know you stalk these threads waiting to be brought up. No one cares you slept with a host. It was the fact you made a billion public tweets desperately yelling for attention about it so much so that it leaked on to everyone’s twitter feed via mutuals and suggestions and we all had to witness your laughable fat gullible ass. You weren’t trapped you were literally twice the size of that guy you could of left or kicked him out no problem. Instead you live tweeted about having “too much sex” and you kicked out your friend who you were rooming with. Please check your priorities.

No. 107543

I'm still amazed that you're all so proud of fucking host guys. I mean, I've done it myself in the past- but simply because it's incredibly easy to get them. I don't know why girls like you take so much pleasure in it. Like, if you don't look like a piece of shit you can actually CHOOSE who you want??? But seems like there are some girls here who aren't that blessed with looks. Yeah, take the next greasy Host who stoops as low as fucking overweight gaijin.. Huh, no wonder ya'll screaming about "He forced me RAW!" Pathetic. You reap what you sow.

No. 107906

This is the same bitch that whines about wanting to be a young mom all the time. Probably just wanted a hafu baby from him as if it isn’t difficult to get condoms at a conbini

No. 107945

why are weeaboos always so proud of being easy sluts?

No. 107964

Trying to act all high and mighty with the " im still amazed y'all so proud" shit , to then come and say on the next sentence that you've done it too and they are oh so easy to get? 100% of women that hook up with hosts are desperate, bottom dwelling women that can't get it on with a normal guy and have to resort to banging these nasty shady guys. So yes that means you too. You banged a (practically) prostitute so please fuck off with that holier than thou attitude cause you're as deep in shit as that other anon.


Gurl going to end up being Sere 2.

No. 107977

they even wrote their mini paragraph making it sound like they are not like other easy weebs cuz they get to "pick", they are so cute that they can pick any prostitute, I mean host they want lol

No. 107990

any screencaps of the lolcow induced meltdown?

No. 113581

Idk if she's necessarily fully milky, but have any of you heard of dimskies? She's a mega Gazette stan that I had come across on the internet.

No. 113591

Provide milk or go. Is this you?

No. 113662


No. 113681

She's mildly cringe but so are all gazette fans, tell us your story or don't bother

No. 113725

I have only encountered her once during the last world tour. I was asking, I genuinely am not sure if there is any milk on her.

No. 114928

File: 1601886000173.jpeg (62.19 KB, 1080x541, B9C28241-B52E-4FA9-AE4D-C8D00D…)

Does anyone have any idea who this is??
Is she even still around the VK community

No. 114929

File: 1601886027417.jpeg (331.22 KB, 750x1294, 5127DD58-80EA-4263-9F39-B727E0…)

I guess this is her ??

No. 118707

File: 1604157596943.jpeg (233.95 KB, 750x1256, 2190D9B1-2254-4AEB-BCE3-C435C9…)

Wtf is up with this girl? She keeps spamming these long love confessions to Teru’s twitter, instagram and also any livestream’s he’s participating in, usually in google translate-tier japanese. Pic from her own twitter account where she also writes this stuff. Does anyone know what’s up?

No. 118708

Most vk fans are this bonkers, where's the milk?

No. 118709

I’ve never seen anyone being THIS obsessed though lol.

No. 118718

You must be fairly new to stan twitter then

No. 118729

How new can you possibly be?

No. 118730

Any other examples?

No. 120119

Dimskies is super crazy. So are her friends Kou (IG @eternally_vivid) and Ria (Twitter @machinators). The Ria girl made a bunch of death threats against some fans who complained about the GazettE. The three of them consistently harass fans and threaten them and send anonymous hate messages. They’re awful.

No. 120121

That Kou girl who hangs in with dimskies has started hanging out with Sere. She’s your typical rich kid gya whose parents paid for her language school and apartment in Tokyo then her 4 year degree. They also paid for her to follow the GazettE around flying business class on all their tours since like 2012. She’s a real piece of work

No. 120128

Kou has been trying for years to sleep with Uruha. She’s been fucking sound techs, their stylists, and even tried to fuck Yohio to get him to introduce her. She used to complain on her private Twitter about Yohio fucking other girls and all the STDs she’d get. She emerge openly said she got an STD but she was always sick and on antibiotics and one time said a guy gave her something

No. 120174

any info about dimskies fucking anyone who works with the band?

No. 120187

99% sure dimskies is engaged to a woman (I think she's bi)
To me, she doesn't seem the type.
Like >>113681 said, she kinda cringe but who cares

you got some proof or caps?

No. 120230

Dimskies is no but single. She’s thirsty af for bandmen but they won’t fuck her.

Kou and Ash get laid a lot

No. 120268

Dimskies is definitely bi but she’s super single and chasing after Aoi. She’s like super naive and believes basically everything on tanuki about him even though publicly she acts like she isn’t into the gossip.

Her and Ria are pretty openly rude to people on Twitter. Especially Ria. I remember someone complaint about the band’s makeup and she legit told the girl to leave the fandom and then blocked her after insulting how the girl looked. She’s psycho

No. 120269

File: 1605236767756.jpeg (256.61 KB, 426x657, BC594753-418C-47A7-93C7-1AC5DE…)

Just for context this is what Ria looks like

No. 120329

So? Gayzette had an album 3 years ago and she sent someone a death threat because they didn't like it? The milk is dry af. Nobody cares how she looks, nobody knows who she is and your personal vendetta is pretty pathetic.

I would say it's ok if she was trying to sleep with him before 2016, but since a bunch of Russian chicks exposed him and his wife in that Truth about Uruha blog in 2016, what's the point? He is married and is busy taking care of their dogs.

No. 120358

If you're gonna vendetta post at least make it interesting. People blocking each other on vk twitter over dumb shit is not news, and it's even less news without caps to at least make it funny. Ria is literally just the average obsessed gazette fan.

No. 120403

married bandmen can fuck around and I'm sure most of them do

No. 120424

Uruha actually got divorced in 2017/2018 and has been around Kabukicho a lot.

As far as any fresh milk goes. The Ria stuff seems to have all been from around the 18th anniversary. She went way off the deep end so that isn’t new.

Reida’s ongoing student debt journey is pretty amusing just considering how many pins she took out to be able to use the money on bandmen instead of school.

Newest thing I’ve seen is that Reida and Kou made friends with Sere recently. They both get their tats done by Hachi (Sere’s friend). Kou has always been a wannabe gyaru so I guess it kinda makes sense that she’d befriend Sere since no other gaijin gyaru wanna talk to her. She tried to become friends with Jojo for like months and eventually got blocked. lol

No. 120445

File: 1605328543848.jpeg (309.9 KB, 828x654, 3A6F30BF-C25C-4EFE-857A-CA4AEB…)

You’re forgetting Nana. She recently got back from her study abroad in Mie where she legit got accepted at a university there so she could spend the entire time trying to figure out where Aoi’s parents live. She’s already planning to go back next year.

No. 120633

I know this was 9 months ago but holy fuck anon, clean your screen it's fucking filthy.

Try hitting windows key+print screen or windows+shift+S and take an actual screencap instead of scaring us into thinking there is black pubes on our monitors. Almost had a heart attack and tried to wipe it off, kek.

No. 121102


Calm down anon, are you the one who made that Japan groupies thread that got locked? Nana listed so many reasons why she is studying in Mie (research for her thesis, the only uni she could go to outside of a big city etc.), where exaclty did she claim to look for his parent's house?

I know a lot of non-Japanese bangya are thirsting after him, but you shouldn't run to post here just because she took a picture at his home station. Just to remind you, Aoi is a grumpy 41 year old horsface Japanese man, who stinks of alcohol and ramen farts and is a member of a failing band that nobody in Japan gives a shit about. There is really nothing to get jealous about, he is not worth your time and not worth putting other women down by posting them here, when there is clearly no milk/drama.

No. 123894

File: 1606957757204.png (515.71 KB, 540x540, 20201202_220334.png)

Lately I've back to dir en grey sns fandom and noticed that almost every girl went to the fakeboi way, they put "he/they" in their bio, but they're just fat white girls with nasty make-up. Remember that muslin with kyo's complex? Now is a "trans male" but keeps with her awful milf moustache

No. 124114

post screenshots of the death threats or gtfo

No. 124681

File: 1607383088099.jpeg (845.6 KB, 1170x1156, F071B782-54A4-41D5-B464-3771FC…)

Imagine being her parents…

No. 124709

She’s paying for it all out of her student loan s so she can keep up with her rich ass friends whose parents still support them even though they’re pushing 30 and just live in Japan to chase the gazette around

No. 124744

I heard Reida’s parents bankroll her lifestyle.. is that not true? She comes off spoiled as hell. She fucked up her gazette order, and instead of waiting for it or cancelling it, she placed the exact same order to the correct address. 2 copies of the same stuff? It’s odd if anything.

I don’t doubt that she has a shit ton of student loans either. Apparently, she started a degree in america, before jumping ship to temple university japan, which charges American rates for tuition, not the Japanese rate. It’s expensive as fuck. I think she attended language school or Temple’s japanese classes (+¥¥¥¥¥¥) and dropped those because it’s was ~*too difficult*~ She finally graduated after god knows how long, got an english teaching job, but still relies on her parents. Her parents either paid up front or co-signed her loans for her apartment, tuition, and she squeezes money out of them for her bangya shit.

The gazegya she rolls with aren’t exactly rich either. There’s a friend of Ria’s that is rich (also living off of her parents), but the rest of them are just in insurmountable debt and just add to it every time the band breathes. Most of them work normal office jobs, some of them are just dancing monkey english teachers, so none of them are as rich as they seem.

No. 124784

Ria and Kou are both loaded as fuck, right? I know Kou only flys business class everywhere and went to Europe, Taiwan, and the US for the world tour. She’s also said she has no loans for school and she did the language school thing then went to an actual university in Japan.

No. 124787

Which friend of Ria’s????

No. 124789

I think the deal with Reida is that she took a year or two off to work after highschool. She lived with her mom, didn’t pay rent or any bills, and used all her money to chase the gazette around. Then she went to Temple in Tokyo on student loans she got her mom to co-sign on. And her mom is currently paying at least part of those loans back but maybe the whole thing. Now Reida works two really low paying English teaching jobs. Idk how she’ll pay for anything when gaze is active again but I know in the past she he said that she puts all her merch purchases on her credit card.

She’s said on Twitter a few times that she is basically letting her loans sit until the Democrats cancel student debt so my guess is that her mom is the one making minimum payments.

She graduated highschool in like 2013 I think which is when she first went to see the gazette. I think all her money she got up until now was from working and just living off her mom???

But she has to keep up with Kou, Ria, and Ashley who all have really rich families. But they will ditch Reida to go to gazette shows if she can’t afford them…

No. 124791

What ever happened to Dania???

No. 124847

no clue her name but @prissunwind on twitter. She’s apparently got a rich family, and wastes it all flying business class on domestic flights chasing around multiple bands around japan. She does it with L’Arc, Gazette, and Dir en grey. Attends practically every show, which is ridiculous especially with the last diru tour she followed (this was to self destruction) was like.. 20 stops just in japan, on top of attending the european and american stops.

Though I almost kind of doubt her rich family. She used to live in Dubai, but she’s filipino and how common is it for them to go to the UAE and work something that isn’t being a maid? She was stuck in a english teaching job up until recently, which probably didn’t pay much. It’s common for some english places to pay non US/U.K./AU people and hook ppl by the fact they’ll sponsor the visa.

Intl bangya are a trip, and i find it hard to believe their parents are as willing to throw thousands at their kids to follow bands as y’all think they are. I bet all of these chicks are at least 10k in debt minimum just doing this shit.

No. 124848

Kou is the same way. She only flys business class and always argues with people telling them it’s cheaper than flying coach “if they’re smart about it.”

She had her parents support her for a year off after highschool then to get an associates degree in America then she did language school in Japan which they paid for the she did a university program in Japan that they also paid for. She was working illegally at a bar during college because her parents only gave her a $2,000 a month allowance to cover her rent and stuff. They’ve been paying for her lifestyle in Japan since she moved there around 2013 so we’re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars between her allowance and school fees just so she can chase a band around.

And that doesn’t even include the money they give her for vacations. She goes to Hawaii or Europe every year with her dad and he pays for the whole thing including the business class flights.

She went to all the US shows and both Taipei shows and a few shows in Europe during the last gazette tour and she spends like $1,000 a month on her nails and hair and host clubs.

Now she works as the manager of a cafe because she’s dumb and has legit no skills. But between her job and what her parents give her, she does well for herself.

No. 124908

What’s the deal with Ria? What does she do for a living?

No. 124967

She works an office job, I think. She used to work for Nestle in the Philippines, jumped ship on that to live in Japan. Makes enough to have a 2 room apartment in Osaka though. But from her tweets it never sounds like she’s in the office very often? She seems like she lounges around all day.

lmao, which is funny because the entire year there’s been a push for #StayHome in japan, and even more recently japanese politicians spread on live national TV that foreigners spread coronavirus. Ria has taken at least 2 long distance, away from Osaka trips during the pandemic. Ridiculous.

No. 125032

Any idea how much she makes? She seems to be loaded

No. 125054

I thought Ria was a college student? She always goes in about seminars she’s taking and how people keep asking her to teach classes but she’s too busy

No. 125063

Nope. She graduated years ago. She recently posted a pic from when she went to Akita International, mentioning it was about 6 years ago. I would guess she’s a bit closer to 30 thananyone else.

No cloud exact dollar amounts, but probably more than most of her friends. She’s one of the few into bangya on twitter with an office job (Jenny from 259Paradox has one, and maybe Chris does too?) because most are english teachers. She has experience in corporate back in Nestle PH, has N2, and have lived in Japan for a couple years. I would guess it’s probably up ¥5M/a year.

No clue what university she went to in PH, but she speaks english supremely well and criticizes duterte on twt without a second thought. Her family owns a home in PH, and another in the west coast somewhere. Her family probably considered well off in PH and she does well for herself in Osaka, but i don’t think her family is Kou level rich.

No. 125075

My impression is that Ria’s family is pretty rich because they own a home in California with a nice car and pay for her to travel to America and around SE Asia all the time.

No. 125076

How rich even is Kou??? Like isk why she’s even friends with someone like Reida who can’t keep up with her lifestyle. Her being friends with Ash makes sense because they’re both spoiled rich kids but like what does she even get out of Reida??? Being worshipped??

No. 125079

Most of these gya don’t work as English teachers. Chris and Jenny both work at a shipping company. Kou manages a cafe. Ria works some kind of office job (I believe she translates documents). Reida is an English teacher. That velvetray girl translates video games and so does Sarah/dishordie. Hereruha is going to language school soon that her parents are paying for and they’re giving her a monthly allowance so she doesn’t have to work. Ana is doing a language exchange program that her parents are paying for.

No. 125090

Which Ash? The only Ash I know is some inbred demon that isn’t even rich, she just scams people into funding her gazette shopping trips by lying about being abused on gofundme. Even this Ash was an english teacher at an eikaiwa.

Anon are you retarded? Traveling around SE isn’t expensive or difficult when you live there. Not an indication of wealth when you’re visiting countries where the average income is 3 USD a month.

Ria’s full time job isn’t translation at her company. She does it as a side job sometimes, and maybe extra work duty but it isn’t her full time job.

No. 125093

Ash being inu_ash…

And Ria goes from expensive resort to expensive resort in Asia. If you stay at the places she does you’re looking at $400+ a night for hotels so…

No. 125094

Not talking about the Ashley who scammed Carey out of thousands before Carey was finally able to shake her off. She’s still living rent free as far as I know

No. 127135

Does anyone know what Cherry’s real name is or what she actually looks like? And is she still around?

No. 127841

File: 1608700291466.png (1.16 MB, 1184x992, Screen Shot 2020-12-23 at 12.0…)

ugly vkei thots are so self absorbed

No. 127866

That one in particular has an awful personality too.

No. 128190

Share the milk because >>127841 looks like dry vendettaposting.

No. 128916

Dimskies was bragging about getting her mom to pay her rent next year so she has more money to spend when the gazette releases something. She apparently told her mom she’s so burnt out from working two jobs and begged until her mom agreed to support her.

No. 129983

I always wondered who the former tanuki mistress was.she admitted being posted in tanuki and made fun of. She probably used to be a massive weeb who spent her rich parents money to live in kawaii desuland but was massively heartbroken after she discovered asians are massive shitlords and hardcore bullied her for being a weaboo. so she always had that bitter attitude. I bet she was a cow too.

No. 129984

Don't forget she is also self diagnosed with multiple personalities and all her alters look exactly like the members of Dir en grey, has a shitty art degree, makes nsfw bad art, traces a lot,
Makes bad cosplays but I don't think she is obsessed by getting into anyone's pants since most ftm troons are autistic women whose were sexuality abused and are scared of actual sex. Also the same way some bangyas are troons or wannabe lesbians bi girls who are always saying bragging about their lesbianity while hardcore thrusting over asian dudes.

No. 130247

File: 1609681265782.png (836.76 KB, 1188x906, Screen Shot 2021-01-03 at 8.35…)

Edgelord malice mizer fan is a uygher genocide denier meanwhile being a he/they tranny, living in a western country, can't speak Hokkien or Mandarin, and doesn't seem to realize Jinping wouldn't send her ass to the death camps too. If you scroll through her feed its just endless retweets with 0 critical thought.

No. 130248

File: 1609681438042.png (134.97 KB, 1188x688, Screen Shot 2021-01-03 at 8.43…)

local edge lord discovers Mao and makes it her whole personality

No. 130308

File: 1609711090850.jpg (1.41 MB, 2172x3862, 20210103_180409.jpg)

Australian zombie hero: Kayla Hamilton /Keilen / @AussieZomboid (tw)

I got really good laughs with this Aussie (as she calls herself) until got a second handed block, cause never interacted with her. Obsessed with Kaoru (dir en grey) proclaiming that she's his female versions (didn't know that Kaoru is an overweight poser)

Says that has been a metalhead since always, but classify every loud band as heavy metal (yes, the less loudness subgenre)
At 30s and acts like a teenager, always harass Kaoru like he's her best friend (and Joe Yokomiso)
Those questions are from Kaoru's blog, she's always been making stupid questions until Kaoru himself apparently got tired of her.
Kayla can't stand anything even she's trying to be famous so bad with a shitty blog, YouTube/twitch and 363774 accounts on twitter.
Also, she swears that she's a great guitarist like Kaoru Ofc for 10 years, but barely can play, she's looking like she got the guitar like two days ago.

Just another white single woman with Asian fetish, but God, SO CRINGEY.

I swear can write a whole thread just dir en grey cringe fans.

No. 130340

I have always tinfoiled that it was Chantrea Johari.

No. 130442

anyone here see all of the drama that unfolded in 2019 on twitter when gazette artist mittilla was exposed for dating an underage fan? shit was wild. sixth guns defending her left and right despite the evidence posted.

No. 130508

I did and fangirls always ARE completely blind, their fav always gonna be an innocent angel despite homeboy is shitty person like Kyuho lol

No. 130544

yes. occasionally she mentions it and she’s lies about what happened

No. 130577

yep. and on top of that, gazette fans are utterly hopeless lmao. their worship of mittilla is weird to start. they act like she's literally the only talented artist in the fandom.

yikes. probably paints herself as a victim for sympathy points. like sis, you knew how old that girl was. for anyone unaware, she tries to defend herself in the following thread: https://twitter.com/mittilla/status/1139543746465415175 also links the exposé which has the age proof, etc.

No. 130868

Just saw a confused sub 18 ebegging money to tits chop and of course she is a fujoshit and DEG fan(imageboard)

No. 130871

This is an image board.

No. 130993

post the caps retard

No. 132023


Clearly DEG fandom needs a whole thread. Absolutely nobody is sane there lol

No. 132276

She and the girl were both really open about it. The CLUBGAZETTE girl helped trick that girl’s mom into letting her spend time with Mittilla

No. 132422

wtf can you elaborate?

No. 132580

They had been lying to her mom about how old Mittilla and her friends were. They all said they’re in their early 20s. Gracie and her mom came to NYC for the GazettE show and CLUBGAZETTE and Mittilla went out with them for lunch and told her mom they’d all be going to art galleries so her mom went back to their hotel. But CLUBGAZETTE dipped so they could be alone

No. 132854

yikes that's gross on so many levels. amazing how they've gotten away with this so long. but when you've got 90% of the fandom defending and enabling your pedophilic tendencies, i suppose it's easy to.

No. 133423

She’s not a pedophile, she’s a rapist

No. 133470

wait did she actually have sex with that girl?

No. 133528

She denies it but it was clear from their behavior that she did. They would write erotic fanfics and exchange nsfw drawings out in the open on social media. It was clear that they had a sexual relationship outside of their public social media as well.

No. 133770

fucking disgusting. yet people support and enable this sort of shit.

No. 133930

All the fandom people like CLUBGAZETTE and Dimskies were rabidly defending her because she’s a good artist. They acted like laws don’t apply to her because the girl was almost 18.

No. 133953

So the girl was 17? How old was the girl grooming her?

No. 133956

but there's other talented artists in the fandom (like mysano, for example.) why do they defend mittilla so much?

they were together during the last gazette world tour in 2019. the girl was 17 then, but they started dating long before that. according to her twitter, mittilla turned 30 last month.

No. 134020

So a 28 or 29yo and a 17yo? And she was grooming her online at 16 or younger? Yeah that's fucked. I was wondering if maybe it was like a 17yo and a 20yo or something, but this is clearly super predatory.

No. 135394

File: 1612054424667.jpeg (150.36 KB, 750x873, BC0848A4-F2C0-4804-9D95-E99A3D…)

Kek… is Cherry a bit… mentally handicapped?

No. 135396

Bv sucks but why post about it on fb?

No. 135437

how the fuck do you misdiagnose BV? either she was retarded and didn’t explain the problem right or she just never went to see a gynecologist until recently.

No. 135490

A shame it's not covid that she got, damn. Hopefully someday!

No. 136208

Kou is now shopping around for a visa husband so she can get PR…

No. 136210

Any proof? Screenshots?

No. 136307

so she can stay in japan and continue to stalk uruha? gross

No. 136401

How come that Mana stans are always cringey? Are there more of these retards where you found this one?

No. 136597

She’s pretty bad. I mean she legit calls herself Kou because she thinks Uruha’s real name is Kouyou. Try telling her that’s not how to read the kanji and she will freak the fuck out.

She and Inu Ash have been trying to meet the Gazeboys for nearly a decade now. They hop on business class flights to attend as many VIP meet and greets as they can because they legit think he is gonna fall for them, they book rooms at multiple hotels to make sure they get to stay at the one the boys are at, etc. Back in like 2016 or 2013, Kou was that girl who waited on the floor they were all staying at to ambush them for signatures. She only got one from Ruki before staff asked her to leave.

No. 137650

@Anon130247 please keep in mind that the person you posted about on Twitter is 14-15.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 137663

lurk moar faggot

No. 137922

How the fuck does Ria not have corona yet?

No. 138751

any tea on elizabeth? she fucked kei i still cant believe how nasty

No. 138756

drop a username bro i’m curious about who this is

No. 138789


Elizabeth sugar aka (sugarhoneyicedtea, sugarhoneypie) she made her twitter private does anyone have her new one and her new insta? kek

No. 138827

Is katie still married to that younger guy? Is he still cheating?

No. 139039

This is very likely cherry & co trying to cover up the fallout that’s about to happen regarding her and her friends dumping her. Be on guard for cherry trying to shill for herself, she will shit up this thread with vendettas for old enemies and random girls since she got everyone’s attention with her recent bacterial vaginosis stunt and is now embarrassed and friend-less. Katie and Elizabeth drama is almost a decade old now, rotten long life milk is being used as a cover up for fresh milk, there is no new milk regarding these two. New events are occurring and everything is going to be revealed soon. Aimi and cherry are no longer friends, Stevie and Cyn have found out cherry was lying about Tashiana “leaking her nudes”. Yes that’s right! while you were all sleeping Cherry falsely accused YET another person of leaking her nudes. All of them have discovered she’s a liar, and have left her. Cherry’s chimp out is incoming.

No. 139487

File: 1614258882585.jpeg (695.81 KB, 1170x1433, 2CD91CC2-06A6-458C-93F2-4F8E16…)

says the girl who got an STD from a bandmen

No. 139498

Isn’t this the high school drop out who overstayed her tourist visa and blamed it on corona? Then got a sugar daddy to pay for language school so she could stay in Japan to stalk bandmen?

No. 139602

Is this your personal vendetta tinfoil or do you have proof?

No. 139606

Not that anon but it was posted on tanuki, no concrete proof though. She is a mess with or without STD but also underage.

No. 139618

No. 139654

Curious on how she's dealing with the callout, she did lock her twitter but the account is still up so she doesn't seem to plan on deactivating or doing anything in particular about it (likely won't publicly apologize either, the damage is already done anyways). Could anyone who follows her twitter or is friends with her on fb share what she's up to?

No. 139681

She deactivated her Facebook too

No. 139687

File: 1614457088625.png (3.64 MB, 1242x2208, 7FF3B26A-3033-4F41-8D5F-76F033…)


It’s still up, it’s been a day since she’s posted it seems but the only thing she deactivated was her fb.

No. 139719

Wow she is absolutely not sorry at all, in complete denial of ruining multiple peoples lives

No. 139726

>doesn't know what she did wrong
Can she … yknow,… read the room?

No. 139727

He’s still cheating, a girl on tumblr was posting his pics talking about how much they love each other

No. 139728

Hi cherry! Still can’t believe you fucked old man dick for brand and willingly stayed at Dada’s house and modelled for his brand and now turning around and saying he raped you, are you going to claim all men you willingly slept with are rapists now that no one likes you? We all know that “boyfriend” that wanted to kill you was just a boy toy who got money stolen from by you

No. 139730

Instead of reflecting on why she feels the need to sexually harass minors and other literal criminal activities she just doing a “blocking out the haters ( ˘ω˘ )💅🏻“ sounds like some nice self care, right next to smoking weed with her cat. I wonder why her cat is sick and she is begging for money again /s

No. 139732

any milk on elizabeth?

No. 139733

Hi Cherry, she doing great in trade school while you sit on your fat ass blackmailing dudes and killing your cat xoxo

No. 139739

"Hi cow" is dumb 100% of the time, but even dumber when the person anon asked about was named in the doc for revenge porn/stalking. People have been talking about Elizabeth too since the Cherry doc came out.

No. 139746

People have been talking about Elizabeth since they've started talking about Cherry, it's all old milk. Lurk harder, >>139732 - anon, don't ask to be spoonfed.

No. 139759

Cherry has now been telling everyone that it was a girl named Tashiana(?) That leaked her nudes, not Elizabeth, she can’t keep her story straight anymore, who tf wants to see her ham planet nudes willingly

No. 139794

Apparently some of the stuff in the doc is stuff that cherry made up to cancel people and hasn’t been verified, I’m pretty sure it’s referring to the nudes leaking story a year ago, and so far Cherry has changed her story about that multiple times and accused 3 seperate people, Tashiana, Elizabeth and Kira who all say it wasn’t them. Dada rape story also isn’t verified as true, I don’t care what the doc says, if there’s no screenshot to verify the allegation then it can’t be proven as true. If Dada is innocent for example and Cherry was lying (something she tends to do a lot) then that’s just really irresponsible and can ruin people’s lives

Sure there’s plenty to talk about though if you want verified allegations with screenshots beside them, plenty of those in there that are real information. Unfortunately for Haru, having a document with real information with unverified information right beside it kind of discredits the whole thing.

Anyway isnt it interesting how everytime cherry is mentioned, someone deflects to talking about Cherry’s enemies. Gee I wonder who that could be. And everything old is in this thread, search for it yourselves you idiots

No. 139796

Cherry claiming Dada raped her was such a dog move, she stayed with him her entire holiday and ditched her mother, lapping up all the attention and gifts, and then when she left she stole his stuff and then made false accusations about him, she also joked that her ex friends who confided in her about sexual harassment were liars when she first got called out, she’s so gross

No. 139797

Cherry always smears everyone she has a falling out with and pretends to be a victim chan. She’s too faced as fuck as well, laughing at her current friends while they dote on her. If you’ve ever interacted with her, no doubt she’s shit talked rumours about you to others or blabbed about your bandman hookups to randos. It’s a pattern that she always does. She’s doing it to every one of you. Use your brains if you’ve got them

No. 139801

If you go back to her Facebook during that time that she went to japan she’s constantly bragging about her “boyfriend” who we know now was Dada, and then switched suddenly returning to America. If it happened in Japan, she’s pretty vocal so you think she would tell everyone right away instead of bragging about him and waiting. it is really suss.

If Dada is innocent then I’m officially done with this comm and it’s stupid call-out posts. You lot believe known liars too easily and also harass bandmen so easily. It’s extremely selfish and dumb. And the PC cancel culture needs to stop and only be applied when actual evidence has come out. You can’t just ruin people’s lives over some bitch playing the victim card. There are some real psychopath bangya that exist you know

No. 139803

She pulled a really dog move when she was cancelling people for leaking her nudes too, if you remember the posts on Facebook Aimi and Emi (on behalf of Cherry who can’t fight her own battles bc she’s a widdle baybee) were like sorry guys we have no proof they did it or who did it but these people are terrible anyways so go after them >:(

That was so filthy

No. 139805

"mY bOyFrIeNd Is A rApIsT!!!" but wants a visa from him lmao

No. 139806

Someone derailing with Elizabeth banging Kei but forgot Cherry wanted a piece of that STD pie after they stopped being friends, hope ya catch something if you go there sweetie

No. 139807

I can’t believe Cherry got $500 for her “dying cat”, who is that fucking stupid to give it to her? Well, let’s just wait 2 weeks time and oop here comes the Mercari parcel. If she was threatening to go to the mental hospital if she didn’t get money, can’t we all just let her go there anyway?

No. 139808

If you come here after stupidly giving your money and then reading the callout post, I suggest doing a bank chargeback. Don’t let her have a single cent. Don’t do anything nice for her ever. She will use you like a filthy toilet rag and wipe her stinky punani juices all over your wallet

No. 139809

Anyone who is dumb enough to give her money deserves the Darwin Award

No. 139814

I don’t like this chick and don’t mean to defend her at all but she is rich. Her family is rich she doesn’t need a sugar daddy she is a spoiled child. Besides sugar daddy apps need your ID for verification so they would see she’s underage

No. 139816

You guys really need to learn to read. It doesn’t say she’s underage just that she dropped out of high school at some point.

No. 139819

If she's really underage stop talking about her, we're not supposed to be discussing minors here

No. 139825

the way she clears her twitter and ig and changes her aesthetic/her name is weird as fuck. what is she trying to hide?

No. 139828

It's common bpd behaviour (she said herself that she has bpd).
Also learn how to sage, this is not milk.

No. 139831

Please refer to the post directly above yours.

No. 139860

cherry had her twitter just locked before but now it’s gone

No. 139875

She is underage though, genius. She's tweeted about it multiple times.

No. 139876

It's because she lurks here and saw that farmers are following her kek

No. 139902

Cherry is not underaged she’s 20 turning 21.

No. 139903

They're talking about this >>139487 chick

No. 139914

post caps

No. 140109

Haru is biased as fuck and still believes Cherry's lies, it's ironic they posted the callout with a lot of false information

No. 140220

Post screencaps of proof it’s false?

No. 140268

File: 1614824499040.jpg (93.12 KB, 680x679, dSE-10v0.jpg)

Haru said that "Elizabeth was 100% for sure guilty of leaking Cherry's nudes" but then there's screenshots of a conversation between her and someone admitting it was 'Masaki' aka the dude in >>78503 that she scammed $1500 from

And that her being raped by Dada was "true", but if it was, as usual, she would've gotten her attack dogs to make callout posts and not stayed at his apartment the entire holiday, but instead she willingly stayed with him and ditched her mom, went on dates and talked about how much she "loved her boyfriend and wanted to marry him" and watched to model more for his brand, until he was apparently talking to other foreigners and then she stole some of his stuff before she left

No. 140269

File: 1614824749035.jpg (22.53 KB, 224x275, 1593220796975.jpg)

Her and Aimi purposely set people up to make them look bad when Cherry knew who did it, what a psycho

No. 140280

File: 1614835986095.jpeg (112.47 KB, 736x725, 785EE63E-DA8D-41BC-82D6-7BE3A6…)

That doc is a bit messy but it it’s confirmed Cherry leaks peoples nudes

No. 140287

Just because Haru told you to shut up on twitter doesn’t mean you should come here whining trying to call him a liar kek
There isn’t even any proof the screenshots are Haru’s anyways.

No. 140293

looking at the post he put up, the commentary is all his, the photos are screenshots people have sent him, but still, he's also making bold accusations and it's not the first time he's turned on people he was friends with, looking at the top of this thread

No. 140682

isnt she like 16 and buys eyebrow shavers from FamiMa to cut herself while she drinks strong zero, all payed by mommy and daddy ofc lmao, big yikes

No. 140692

Post receipts? This is an image board.

No. 140696

Being an edgy teen is not milky, stop with the unsaged vendetta-posting the girl's not relevant

No. 141547

honestly I’m done with all of these little girls who hop on every bandmans cock and then brags about cheating on all of them and using them to get pregnant and for attention. But that’s just me. ‍♀️(don't use emojis)

No. 141551

Don't be vague anon, drop their @'s

No. 141597

Didnt think about screenshotting it, just saw her pop in in this thread and commented on it. It's every now and then on her insta, mostly the private one now I guess.

No. 141598

Sorry I called you out

No. 141669

no one's gonna talk about the other cherry ? because honestly YIKES

No. 141670

Learn to sage and post receipts yourself anon. "Yikes."

No. 141674


No. 141675


No. 141676

File: 1616015992016.jpg (124.84 KB, 1080x715, Screenshot_20210317_221600.jpg)

nah this person
really the desperation is real
She has every vkei fan blocked tho and only want bandomen attention :D

She keep making twitter polls for bandomen to vote on but usually they're question like
Would bandomen love me and my polls? why are bandomen sama not following me back ect
when they dont vote she goes crazy and call them asshole or suggest they get anger management therapy and shit
girl has ISSUES

No. 141678

I don’t know. I think all of them are kind of gross. These poor bandmen are minding their own business and doing what they love and all these thirst girls are just jumping on their cocks.

“I’m such a whore, I’m taking to all these band men”

Reality, doubtful.

And even if it’s true. They probably want more discreet lovers/girlfriends who are not going to obsessively post daily for attention.

The desperation is strong in these young girls.(integrate better)

No. 141679

ma'am, that cherry is 35 tho
she do be acting like she's ready to jump on any cock as long as it's a Vkei band member tho
the way she RT any living bandoman
going with very greasy cringy comment
also always claiming she -of course- wanna go to their live or buy their merch.
but when a band she retweeted HEAVILY makes their merch available overseas she's still not supporting/buying … like never ever

No. 141680

It’s all cringe. I’m going to count any female that desperately goes for validation, attention, ect

With the fantasy of these bandmen in their heads. Not even actually caring that they are an actual human underneath it all. Not just a Japanese, bandman, that will give them whatever fantasy they have played out in their head

as in fact, children.(integrate better)

No. 141710

Please learn how to respond and sage anon. Welcome to the farms tho.

No. 141712

Can you sage your shit and learn to integrate

No. 141733

Please go talk to your therapist.

No. 142143

File: 1616435838707.png (559.83 KB, 1006x1412, dumbass gya.png)

I dunno man, if you talk to bandmen like that you kinda deserve it

No. 142158

Like what, anon? What did the poster do? That catfish they mentioned is a whole lolcow on their own.

No. 142326

I think they mean sending nudes and stuff to random bandmen? It is pretty cringe behavior, but it's kind of a perfect way for a creep to take advantage and catfish. Some of these girls are so desperate they don't care if the bands are legitimate. I remember the the old Mixi days. kek

No. 142335

From Where Do You Know They Were Sending Nudes? Delulu

No. 142384

Why else would it be "dangerous" to interact with some random catfish on IG, anon? If you don't think some of these girls send nudes you are "delulu". Just look at Cherry and the others earlier in this thread. kek

No. 142392

Not Everyone Who Talks To Bandomen Sends Them Nudes In That Instant. Cherry Is A Whole Special Case On Its Own Anyways. "Dangerous" Can Mean A Lot In Those Kiddies Words, Don't The Twitter Kiddies Like To Exaggerate Anyways?(newfag)

No. 142476

The kiddies like to exaggerate but too many admit to sending random nudes to bandmen as well. It is the perfect way to skeeve. I’m not condoning it when I say that in anyway. But with how many girls post about how they send nudes to bandmen, I’m honestly surprised there hasn’t been more catfishing.

No. 142480

Obviously not everyone, but some definitely do and that isn't limited to Cherry. Either you are new to vk drama or you're being weirdly defensive anon. kek

Also Maybe Learn How To Type And Sage?

I mean some of these girls send nudes to non bandmen too. Just look at the old gaijin hunter threads. Kei got a ton of gaijin pussy and he looks like a bloated auntie outside all the makeup.

No. 142546

cherry seems to have deactivated her fb/twitter again, real good timing after she got all that money for her cat lmao

No. 142736

Kou (_vague_illusion) had to move to Aochi after getting fired from her cafe manager job for stealing money from the register lmaoooo

No. 142754

Why'd she do that?

No. 142830

isn't she rich? why is she stealing money?

No. 142884

i always lamented not having any friends into vkei but seeing all of this twitter bullshit makes me feel i dodged a bullet

No. 142902

Post receipts

No. 143074

twitter bullshit like what

No. 143075

all the shit mentioned here, of course. i wouldn’t have saged if i had something new.

No. 143169

What is Kou’s real name? What even is her new job?

No. 143219

It's not like anon will ever post receipts anyway. Your guess is as good as any. kek

No. 143304

I believe her name is Shelby

No. 143966


No. 143991

>tries to infight with a 8 day old post
>doesn't sage
Nta, but did their post really rustle your jimmies that bad, anon? kek

No. 145098

That girl @vanishingpulse_ on Twitter managed to figure out where Hazuki would be one day then legit followed him to the building and spent an entire day tryna get to him

No. 145113

She’s like suuuuuper crazy and vain. Like she totally thinks Hazuki notices her whenever they play a live and she won’t ever stop talking about how he has a bottle of wine she gave him in his kitchen. I’ve like never seen another lynch fan whose so arrogant and deluded.

No. 145146

show evidence or gtfo

No. 145193


I smell a samefag here. Keep your shitty vendetta out of my fandom, thnx. In fact weren't you that problematic bitch antagonizing her in her askbox or whatever a few months back, salty that you couldn't renew your visa or whatever and projecting like hell? I can't be arsed to remember your s/n after you deleted fucking everything in shame because you're not as sneaky as you think you are, but you're quite the cow yourself, if I recall.

No. 145253

What happened????

No. 145755

Man I loved Velvet Eden way back in the day so reading this shit about Dada is both hilarious and surreal. I knew he had issues from the time VE broke up but reading the extent of it is wild. Any more old school (like pre-Gazette era) VK guys that are confirmed wack?

No. 145780

kisaki, but this has been established long ago lol

No. 146042

File: 1618887047510.png (120.5 KB, 540x761, 20210419_234220.png)

Anyone wants Ryutaro nudes? Brought her this and will send it. Guess she isn't that far of doing onlyfans shit.

No. 146276

how broke is this tard

No. 156315

File: 1623981943636.png (65.75 KB, 540x507, 20210617_225855.png)

And now she's schizophrenic, apparently. Schizophrenia doesn't work in that way, but sure girl of course you're mentally ill, no one can deny it

No. 156376


No. 156462

There are no context, replied that to herself in an kyo's drawing. I guess just trying to get attention, maybe it's just anxiety but as she's edgy calls it schizo

No. 156497

File: 1624076832204.png (45.58 KB, 540x405, 20210619_012528.png)

Why MM fans always are fucking weird?

No. 156499

Plastic tree fans have a brain cancer

No. 156500

File: 1624078209496.jpg (101.63 KB, 1080x624, Screenshot_20210619-134409_Twi…)

No. 156515

can you twitter tards sage?

No. 156522

MH retard, please

No. 156567

tbh these newbie to vkei twt be like eeeew this dude has a feet fetish …. this is relatively ok
yall so innocent lmao

No. 156586

>expecting men to not be gross and degenerate just because they look like kawaii anime boys

No. 157000

File: 1624420667525.jpg (602.73 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210623-125401_Fac…)

Hail to the drama queen

No. 157047

>>157000 I don't know the context but japs are fucking racists even towards another asians. Poor weeabo that discovered that Japan isn't like an anime kawaii desu lol

No. 157049

God I’m so sick of Umi’s bullshit. She loves playing the victim

No. 157225

No. 157626

Umi just wants Japan to love her ugly dusty ass I get tired of her constantly crying about how awful life is as if she has it worse just because she’s poc. Give it a break.

No. 159431

sounds pretty based to me

No. 159714

because it is

the fact that nitpicky shit like this gets posted here in the first place is proof that sensitive minors from vk twt have found lolcow

No. 164346


No. 164350

thanks for the useless bump retard

No. 164451

No problem

No. 164694

File: 1627480673912.jpeg (170.37 KB, 1145x591, E0E120DF-71C9-4DC8-9A04-BCE492…)

Acme’s holding another fan sightseeing trip, can’t believe some of these desperate bitches are gonna drop $600-$1000 just to be near them
I was looking at the info for the trip and LUL do you think this was set in place because Umi got trash talked for her last “sightseeing with Hal-kun!!!” sperging on FaceBook?

No. 164714

Back in the 90s Velvet Eden days Dada associated with legit drag queens like Vivienne Sato and such which lead me to believe he was gay at the time. Pretty weird.

No. 164902

i thank the entertainment gods that these stan twitter whores get featured here

No. 164903

stan twitter is just a list of wartime human shield volunteers

No. 164976

I feel this rule is just for show so they can drop money faster and feel safer with their ""uwu precious bandoman"" wont know who the gossipers are if they seal their identity well making it quite a useless rule for this whole trip

No. 165140

Does she realize that Oda Nobunaga was considered not only a fucking eccentric psychotic weirdo but wanted Yasuke around to SCARE THE SHIT out of his opponents? Japs were fucking terrified of Yasuke. And even the unusual Nobunaga ordered Yasuke to scrub his skin to make sure it wasn't dirt.

Is this ignorance the result of that Netflix show? I never watched it but I wouldn't be surprised if they sanitized it and made it look like Japs worshiped the ground Yasuke walked on and now we have black American weeaboos idolizing something that never was. Sorry I'm a history sperg so this couldn't make my eyes roll any harder.

No. 165186


That’s true.

Racism was a thing and this didn’t include white people. Let’s face it Asians just don’t like dark skin.

No. 196328

guess Vkei fans are still creepy and off putting. Left the scene because of them many years ago.
I watched an Instagram live of a band member, the foreign fans were embarrassing.
They flirted with him in a really extreme way. He was a bit uncomfortable with that and ignored most of it.

No. 196870

spoiler that shit

No. 196871


No. 196872

File: 1644434913283.jpg (Spoiler Image,87.09 KB, 1080x616, Screenshot_20220208-200201_Twi…)

She's fucking gross

No. 196873

File: 1644434952686.jpg (Spoiler Image,89.55 KB, 1080x653, Screenshot_20220208-201707_Twi…)

No. 196875

File: 1644434995614.jpg (Spoiler Image,338.45 KB, 1080x1553, Screenshot_20220208-201219_Twi…)

No. 196877

No. 196879

Someone from her followers he fought with her on the tl it's old

No. 196885

It’s another Cherry, anon
Both are insane and desperate for chasing vkei dicks however lmao

No. 196922

Good for the weebs I say. At least they're keeping the 2000s alive unlike you retarded cringe normies

No. 196924

File: 1644457888070.jpg (3.91 KB, 190x200, 1643662944008.jpg)

Everyone in this thread:(sage your autism)

No. 197126

Is actual Cherry still around though? I think it's likely that she just made a new twitter account.

No. 197209

She's missin.she hasn't posted since her nudes got leaked here

No. 198988

>I swear can write a whole thread just dir en grey cringe fans.

do it

No. 200088

Reida (dimskies) and a girl named Sarah (gazettecrocs) apparently drove a girl to off herself by harassing her so much now they keep messaging the girl’s mom on Facebook pretending they were her friends so they can post the screenshots in a group chat and laugh

No. 200092

screenshots or sage

No. 202231

Y'all keep teasing but never post the milk

No. 206469

There's this stupid bitch on twitter that's @/honeyvanity and they are always bitching about vkei fans and their looks, beliefs and stuff and sexuality lol fuck(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 207045

There's no such user anymore, dumbass

No. 207098

Wut no way. It's probably the same one and why are you calling me a dumbass wtf hoe

No. 207101

guessing she meant h0neyvanity

No. 207109

Do you know them?

No. 207126

This is an image board, post milk or learn how to sage. No one cares about your vendetta

No. 207130

yeah she’s a 30+ year old cunt living at home with mommy who starts drama because she’s an insecure retard but not much else going on there kek just block her

No. 207215

Minors aren't allowed on this board

No. 207466

Source? Her bio says 22

No. 207484

my bad anon i realize now i was confusing her with a different vkei twtfag that is similar

No. 207486

Makes sense(learn2sage)

No. 207927

File: 1650419536063.png (3.5 MB, 3309x3583, h0neyvanity.png)


She has a lot of issues. A while back she started drama with the the manadaily_ account and posted their grandparents obituaries in a groupchat full of minors.

No. 208693

Foreign vkei fans are grosser than girls from tanuki boards.

No. 208959

File: 1650878642235.jpg (218.26 KB, 495x355, FBmbbGf.jpg)

She criticises others for trivial things. The girl has a jealousy problem. Tama-chan plays herself up as important because she is the organiser of a convention and can bring Vkei bands to Switzerland. She should learn proper English first, then Japanese, before she criticises other people.

No. 209577

I hate foreign American fans, they stan bandmen like they are kpop idols. >>208693

No. 262623

File: 1667132834140.jpg (80.68 KB, 1080x597, Screenshot_20221030-132110_Twi…)

Is this girl milky? She keeps stealing jp gya cheki pretending it's her with Kazuki, I doubt she has ever actually met him.

No. 293922

File: 1682274680214.jpeg (80.7 KB, 750x999, IMG_6506.jpeg)

It seems that Dania the 40 years old midget is back in Japan for her annual vkei dicks hunt ! kek
The bar is so low, Japanese dudes really will fuck any desperate foreigners so I don’t understand how bangyas uses this as something to brag about and show off

No. 295308

File: 1683081970947.jpeg (115.57 KB, 720x960, 1221820E-1CFC-4B39-83FF-A5DB91…)

Watch out umi your crew is getting stolen from you by this person. I don’t understand why so many fat middle age women are attracted to Vkei bands.(learn to sage)

No. 295309

File: 1683082096173.jpeg (128.5 KB, 1080x1350, 9380A148-9D6D-4BB5-A7FE-1A704E…)

She thinks she is the height of Japanese fashion. Goes my batty5corpse on Twitter Aka allibat. Huge Vkei stalker fan(learn to sage)

No. 295315

From this picture alone I decided I hate her. She probably has a midlife crisis and knows she can’t get men in her country. Stars are supposed to be nice when you meet them so I guess she figured that out.

No. 295321

who cares, that band is full of poorly dressed uggos too kek

No. 295367

You sound oddly jealous about this nobody's contact with some no1curr faggy bandmen. Is being a fuggo milk now? Can someone post some actual milk of her being a stalker and not just her being another lameass stan paying to meet some circus twinks?

No. 297330

File: 1684543827930.jpeg (80.57 KB, 828x657, 038298F2-E1D3-43D7-BA71-463B0F…)

Alibat, complaining because her mom thinks she has too much stuff (it’s all Vkei and weeb stuff). Moved into a new apartment that is all paid for and now completely complains her mom is bothering her by helping. She’s not young so it’s safe to say her mom is elderly. Making your elderly mom do all the work is not a good look while you sit in your hoard. She then posts an Amazon wishlist for strangers to buy her more stuff

No. 297331

File: 1684543912261.jpeg (162.51 KB, 828x1285, DA080124-4632-4725-9488-B0A787…)

It is too funny not to post

No. 310936

File: 1698453401608.jpeg (557.53 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_5058.jpeg)

Alibat is at it again. Begging for money when she just blew it all on VIP tickets to an anime convention. Oh and she’s fat and can’t stand on her own so she is calling out AWA for ableism. 1/5

No. 310937

File: 1698453446661.jpeg (303.97 KB, 828x1273, IMG_5062.jpeg)


No. 310939

File: 1698453560163.jpeg (233.53 KB, 828x1240, IMG_5061.jpeg)


No. 310941

File: 1698453691082.jpeg (201.46 KB, 828x825, IMG_5060.jpeg)

4/5 she used her friends connections at Fake Star to get special treatment for fatness. She also is gonna be in a folding chair at a standing room concert. Visual Kei baddie if I ever saw one

No. 310943

File: 1698453806462.jpeg (69.62 KB, 828x297, IMG_5059.jpeg)

5/5 bonus
Give her money cuz she spent all hers on concerts, airplane rides and hotel.

No. 310971

This is standard practice for literally all concerts. People can't bring wheelchairs or whatever into the standing section because 1) it's a huge safety hazard and 2) it takes up the same space as 2-3 standing people, which means some customers who already bought tickets would lose their spot now. There's nothing "ableist or discriminatory" about it ffs.

I never understand this type of begging. These situations are literally what credit cards are for. Charge it now and pay later. Why does it seem like no begging cow ever has a basic credit card to use?

No. 311340

File: 1698837379222.jpeg (134.9 KB, 1179x458, IMG_6605.jpeg)

Is she not mutuals with that other jiluka fan who couldnt get to AWA and had to go disney before having a meltdown kek

No. 311348

jiluka fandom is full of milk. she literally sees them every live in japan, i think she can afford to miss one.

No. 311349

File: 1698855041352.jpeg (239.83 KB, 1284x514, IMG_1244.jpeg)

No. 311362

File: 1698874273510.jpeg (315.78 KB, 1179x1374, IMG_6354.jpeg)

it’s surprising seeing her interact with alibat asking for information when she knows who to contact as she hates rubab and speaks badly of her

she is also super toxic towards new and minor agefans and scams people with her sales so i don’t recommend buying from cissi at all

No. 311363

damn she really scams people? do you have any more info? the same people seem to buy from her regularly

No. 311372

Fat people are so fucking annoying. Not everything is about you.

No. 311377

File: 1698899882704.jpeg (244.09 KB, 1179x1677, IMG_6616.jpeg)

>>311363 i had to ask my moot again but apparently cissi was refusing to answer then blocks, while still selling that is so suspicious and bad so i worry for those newb buyers desperate after the con

No. 311381

File: 1698905925413.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1179x1986, IMG_6620.jpeg)

Who going to tell her kek 1/2

No. 311382

File: 1698906077773.jpeg (153.01 KB, 869x1086, IMG_6618.jpeg)

>>311381 posted to her priv her disgust for the plastic bracelets handed out at AWA like a true cow cissi will literally chat shit 24/7 about the new jiluka fans she is trying to control . . . the self entitlement is sky high 2/2

No. 311386

She also will talk about "mer autism" constantly and is ""self diagnosed"" so not autistic, just wants sympathy kek

No. 311389

If you try to disagree or point out how wrong she is, you are instantly ableist along with handful of other excuses and slurs. called rubab and their friends ableist bitches because they did just that kek

share the milk

No. 311392

File: 1698939967869.png (234.7 KB, 864x798, 1000003404.png)

No. 311393

File: 1698940045998.png (321.59 KB, 864x887, 1000003410.png)

No. 311410

File: 1698953100195.jpeg (46.74 KB, 828x207, IMG_5192.jpeg)

More 1st world problems from her

No. 311411

File: 1698953161103.jpeg (313.8 KB, 828x1330, IMG_5196.jpeg)

Yes she just went to a concert out of state and wants to go out again on another trip.

No. 311412

File: 1698953254449.jpeg (271 KB, 828x1294, IMG_5197.jpeg)

3/3 before this post she complained how bad life was. Someone bought her an overpriced doll who she said she will pay back. But just admitted in another post to not being able to pay people.

No. 311413

Kek. 50+ crappy raver bracelets for a band that played last.

No. 311414

File: 1698953783608.jpeg (283.83 KB, 828x1326, IMG_5201.jpeg)

Autism you say? Maybe they are all this way.
I’d be so grossed out if this was my fans. The state of her tongue

No. 311424

File: 1698963432469.jpeg (478.02 KB, 1538x2048, IMG_6635.jpeg)

same person kek gross and unkept trying to keep relevant by being autistic and hard done to

No. 311425

File: 1698963471051.jpeg (44.06 KB, 360x270, IMG_6636.jpeg)

No. 311434

Amazing how these people find each other. Also I’m sick of girls thinking messy hair equals Vkei style

No. 311436

dw they blame the parents for their disastrous looks and unkept appearance(learn to sage)

No. 311504

She's so insanely ugly and looks like she smells so bad.

No. 311510

What throws me off is her small lips. I’ve never seen that on a human. It’s so odd

No. 311511

File: 1699049530510.jpeg (86.96 KB, 828x263, IMG_5217.jpeg)

Well she has admitted to wearing the same outfit for days at a convention. So your assumption is pretty spot on. I’m sure at her size she would smell.

No. 311512

File: 1699049726129.jpeg (245.33 KB, 828x745, IMG_5216.jpeg)

Here is another pre-con meltdown I missed. She still got her way in the end. And according to the screenshots she made all her room mates mad. She was the victim in all of it! Wasn’t her fault she was so entitled.

No. 311513

File: 1699050508200.jpeg (145.99 KB, 828x598, IMG_5219.jpeg)

The audacity. I found out she can’t pay people back but two days after this past event she’s going to Vegas for another band? Also reading her page she dumped pet sitting on her family. But charges 25% if someone cancels her pet sitting.

No. 311514

File: 1699050864250.jpeg (173.43 KB, 828x788, IMG_5220.jpeg)

Moving on to new cows. “Japan lover” seems so odd to have in a profile. Says she’s German.
Anyone have experience with her?

No. 311625


No. 311631

File: 1699152676265.jpeg (304.62 KB, 1179x810, IMG_6726.jpeg)

Precon meltdown, why all the autistics having meltdowns and making it everyones problem

No. 311632

File: 1699152866654.jpeg (252.5 KB, 1179x1383, IMG_6727.jpeg)

also some fun milk, why is this brainless adult always starting fights with minors and then acting so targeted when they respond kek
censored the minors username for reasons but iykyk

No. 311774

She creeps on minors? Wow. Anything for that efame I guess

No. 311784

File: 1699312305517.jpeg (138.47 KB, 828x995, IMG_1555.jpeg)

she misgenders sena and treats him as a troon when he’s never said anything about him being trans. embarrasing behavior
it’s ridiculous. imagine being a 30 year old woman calling a random 14 year old a bitch. cissi please log off and get a hobby outside of schlicking to sena

No. 311787

File: 1699313305237.jpeg (61.6 KB, 827x558, IMG_1548.jpeg)

imagine someone saying this shit to you unprompted. poor sena, i’m surprised she’s not blacklisted from lives

No. 311788

File: 1699313748254.png (131.21 KB, 828x335, IMG_2494.png)

tweeted this during awa weekend. sure jan, he’s totally thinking about texting you a random ass fan back instead of their debut performance kek she’s so parasocial with him it’s terrifying

No. 311789

She has his number? How? If he gave it to her I’m sure he regrets it now. This is unacceptable behavior. Leave the man alone. So creepy. I wonder if he knows she thinks he’s trans

No. 311795

i don’t know, she does translations for his youtube so it might be for buisness. i really hope sena doesn’t know, a lot of people are weird because of how he dresses saying he’s a troon or femboy, not just cissi and he’s not safe from moids too

No. 311796

Don’t most Vkei fans know this is a fashion? Not a gender special case

No. 311798

File: 1699316615660.jpeg (230.14 KB, 828x1243, IMG_5302.jpeg)

Ali is Pokémon reselling now

No. 311800

they should, it’s funny how cissi calls everyone panpi but she doesn’t understand this simple fact

No. 311801

she doesn’t have his number or email it’s all by insta msg and his little thumbs up reaction to having ignored her pointless msg. she calls it txt to make herself sound like she’s something to the common folks

she did send rubab promoter email to Sena however and trying to ride on that ‘look look ma I did that m’(learn to sage)

No. 311803

i’m wondering who rubab is? i don’t know them so please explain more

No. 311804

File: 1699321086746.jpg (713.96 KB, 1080x2168, Screenshot_20231106-193707_Sam…)

Know this person named
Nathalie Matsuda @/beautifulparade from Germany living in Japan for 11 years married with Japanese Husband with her 2 kids also she is obsessed with Jiluka also too friends with Cissi(this is not milk, sage it)

No. 311815

File: 1699343450313.png (694 KB, 864x958, 1000003696.png)

>>311804 goes to lives more frequently than taking care of her own kids which oldest is 11 youngest is about 8 or 9

No. 311816

No. 311819

From what I saw on her Twitter, she actually does seem to care for her kids, or do you expect her to non-stop post them and about them on Twitter?

No. 311824

jfc… Vk really is dead compared to the late 90s and early 2000s. This is creepy.

No. 311825

Older vk fans do. I think newer ones are just braindead from too much twt and gender politics in america, trying to pass that into Japan. Men have always been men in vk, inspired by glam and goth. I have no idea how this would ever be an issue, but you know how most gen z is now.

No. 311887

File: 1699405551827.jpeg (214.01 KB, 1179x481, IMG_6759.jpeg)

newer ones? cissi is a sad old relic in the vk fandom and now currently trying to push she/her on to sena so of course the younger fans are going to be confused and brainwashed by some “number one” self proclaimed fan like cissi
but she constantly mocks the trans community like a clown she is (btw cissi falls under the special trans umbrella because she wants more things to complain bout because being a woman is hard but being a trans is even harder)

No. 311888

File: 1699407587064.jpeg (205.91 KB, 827x1240, IMG_5337.jpeg)

Please come forward if you roomed with Ali. Tell us what happened. Looks like she really pissed people off She is now begging for new roommates for another con even though she seems to be broke

No. 311890

I'm confused if you're defending trannies or not. Being a woman is being harder than a clown tranny

No. 311898

Terry Hall crossover? Could you imagine if they fell in love?

No. 311932

what does she do for work? she goes to concerts an obscene amount

No. 311950

Why does she keep buying tickets before even securing a room?? I hope she doesn't find one, she sounds way overdue for a reality check lmfao

Very likely living off her mom's money and/or disability checks, instead of pushing herself further in life she'd rather shove her nose up bandmen's assholes(sage your shit)

No. 311978

File: 1699481937527.jpeg (250.83 KB, 828x1080, IMG_5410.jpeg)

Something is going down

No. 311980

File: 1699481981796.jpeg (238.27 KB, 1020x2048, IMG_5411.jpeg)


No. 311981

File: 1699482083999.jpeg (239.95 KB, 1020x2048, IMG_5412.jpeg)


No. 311984

File: 1699483179910.jpeg (357.12 KB, 1179x1559, IMG_6995.jpeg)

Carol is the same kiss ass who’s trying to derail that thread by now bringing Cherry up in the replies lmfao try harder! funny they keep saying it is all lies / fake but have you seen the amount of screenshots ? how tf you gonna fake that ?? gullible as anything
maybe she should grow up, being 30+ and all that this is so embarrassing

No. 311987

Kek. For awhile this thread was dead. But these girls bring the drama just by being themselves. Going to concerts is a luxury and these girls just expect people to pay for them to go because they are the biggest fans or whatever. This is teenage behavior

No. 312014

File: 1699510534693.jpeg (83.94 KB, 1179x534, IMG_6979.jpeg)

Girls? plz they’re full grown adults lmfao

anyone got any deets on this if she from chile why is she using austria embassy? would be funny as fuck if she was an illegal in japan(spoonfeeding request, not saged)

No. 312331

File: 1699924726513.jpeg (66.98 KB, 828x234, IMG_5666.jpeg)

Shouldn’t you save for a hotel room for Katsucon? Why spend 5 dollars on expensive coffee? If I was struggling to pay people back I wouldn’t be wasting it on coffee each time I go out. Is anyone in the Vkei community good with money?

No. 312834

File: 1700518037859.jpeg (135.62 KB, 828x905, IMG_6268.jpeg)

Looks like her concert plans are no more. She’s begging people for more money and rooms. When it was clear no one wanted to room with her after the drama she started last event.
Maybe she could room with Terry Hall kek

No. 312836

File: 1700518157392.jpeg (222.45 KB, 828x806, IMG_6269.jpeg)

This is really funny

No. 313047

Lolll just get a job

No. 313080

She has a job. Pet sitting. Kek

No. 314071

File: 1701622046980.jpg (340.27 KB, 1080x1741, Screenshot_20231201-140105_Ins…)

It seems like MiA ex mejibray has really gone off the rails as of late, first ramen stock made from his own bones to supposedly getting his nipples surgically removed because interfered with his guitar playing, and now he's in an AV
I thought this guy had a micropenis, did he get surgery for that too? kek

No. 314606

he photoshopped his penis anon
look at his index finger(sage your shit)

No. 314628

jfc, Mia really is the cow that keeps on going. He's so creepy.

No. 314648

He truly is unhinged

No. 314968

Is there any weeby Westeners who are known for fucking MiA?(Spoonfeeding request)

No. 314984

Can that "bangya happening" account just fuck off?
Literally we don't need to give hateful coward people an anon outlet to go off about other people(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 315013

Buck tick did a live stream last night on youtube, but I missed out. Now the video is private. Anyone catch it?

No. 315032

i mean what do you think this thread is kek

No. 316553

File: 1703799840420.jpg (342.66 KB, 1080x2168, Screenshot_20231217-232658_X.j…)

Anyone know Miki closest friend with Elizabeth Twitter user bassist_elf & mk098a He block me past weeks ago(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 316603

File: 1703821819871.jpg (50.13 KB, 591x777, image.JPG)

you seem weirdly desperate for this person's attention

No. 316676

File: 1703896036545.jpeg (158.3 KB, 720x1011, IMG_1250.jpeg)

Why are you so obsessed with people you don’t even know?

No. 316677

File: 1703896084316.jpeg (80.06 KB, 720x690, IMG_1251.jpeg)


No. 316976

This girl is strangely obsessive over people in the vkei community (or loosely in it) and always brings up years old milk from cows that aren't even really around anymore. Trying to stir an empty pot I suppose

No. 317003

File: 1704250805118.jpeg (280.34 KB, 1179x1502, IMG_1587.jpeg)

You brag about people not blocking you but cry and rampage when someone does(this isn't milk, sage it)

No. 317357

File: 1704683047348.jpeg (1007.1 KB, 1179x1481, IMG_1996.jpeg)

If you want a real example of gaijin gya who left her children alone because she wants to woohoo with bandoman - here’s the milkey milk
38(?) yo creep, Japanese gya calls her “gaijin baba”. Annoying and ugly as fuck, she don’t even know that her midget crush has a girlfriend, so she’s melting in her fantasies about marriage with bandomen. She claims her crush is wearing her accessories and definitely happy to talk to her (if someone would be happy to talk with gaijin who barely speaks japanese and obviously has a crush on you, ew)

No. 317451

And he’s still working part time at that concafe in kabukicho… nothing new. Saw him a month ago

No. 321973

Vkei fans like that are just delusional making everything a sexuality not to mention half of them are minors still into BL and the anime weeaboo era. They don't understand Japanese Culture they are like those Americans that think japan is rainbows and sunshine.

No. 321974

She probably has done drugs that fat whale(double post, unsaged)

No. 321978

File: 1709441920798.jpg (827.3 KB, 2303x4020, lolwut.jpg)

yep kek she complains about not being able to go to japan but has dropped hundreds on trips and merch. it’s not that hard to save especially since she later claims she’s wanted to go forever. i feel for the taxpayers financing her cheki

No. 321980

File: 1709442538178.jpeg (868.46 KB, 4095x2733, autism.JPEG)

props to zyean for tardwrangling her KEK

No. 322034

Just get a credit card like everyone else does.

No. 322297

File: 1709770986991.jpg (499.52 KB, 1080x2168, Screenshot_20230728-190502_Fac…)

Cherry still has FB account
it's been 3 years she's gone on social media
But always blocks to everyone(ban evading newfag)

No. 323465

Get a job Caroline

No. 323492

Anon had a job already for 3 years at restaurant

No. 323493

No. 323512

She looks like she ate the chekis

No. 323513

How do yall know is her?

BTW I'm the one who shared her pics here did they get deleted Kek

No. 323543

I would be embarrassed to be this fat in Japan.(sage your shit)

No. 323596

Why is everyone going to Japan for spring this year spending thousands of dollars on their trip going see vk lives(sage your shit)

No. 323619

Guess it's cheaper to fly there? Idk ..it's pretty the best season to go there too. Are the ppl who cancel bandmen going lol guess not(sage your shit)

No. 323714

finally one chilean going home if only that sena cow would go

No. 324368

not during spring, it's the biggest time of the year to travel so it's more expensive

No. 325059

Anyone know about that fat ass who goes to Gackt lives and stalks him all the way to Malaysia. She takes the whole front seat that whale(spoonfeeding)

No. 327933

Bitch if you are going to a concert at least fit on that damn chair! XD(XD)

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