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File: 1678121559774.jpg (47.07 KB, 500x500, EasternEuropeMap-56a39f195f9b5…)

No. 1516175

Discuss anything pertaining to Russia & Eastern Europe.

No. 1516190

File: 1678123045306.png (180.4 KB, 640x813, wiz3dw7nzqia1.png)

I just have this funny picture and wanted to post it (not OP)

No. 1516198

I thought the other guy was nikocado

No. 1516203

File: 1678123878776.jpeg (310.2 KB, 1170x1560, dfdfdfd.jpeg)

Rye bread is top-tier. It should be more popular so that places outside of my country make it. I'm feeling the withdrawal symptoms kicking in and NO, whole-grain is completely different and inferior as a substitute.
Kvass is also the superior bubbly beverage.

No. 1516213

File: 1678124734726.png (485.58 KB, 1024x1024, 1678025823043.png)

any Moldovan nonnas here?

No. 1516258

File: 1678127254702.jpeg (94.2 KB, 659x638, DB28CCF9-FB97-4A28-84BB-BA4E60…)

slovenian nona here representing!

No. 1516262

Solčence zahaja

No. 1516265

Why the segregation? The eurofag thread is barely active to begin with

No. 1516267

why though ? how does one even get that brain rot and delete your post before it gets reported and you get banned

No. 1516268

File: 1678128081129.jpg (61.56 KB, 586x500, k6p9p7wynfga1.jpg)

Croatian anončica reporting in
Or are we too mittelojropa westoid?

No. 1516270

This as well, lack of activity is fucking up this site and we need more board threads until we can get the amount of users back up

No. 1516273

Eastern Euros have fuck all in common with Western Euros

No. 1516274

It's a meme on the balkan internet that slovenians are western femboys. You can see it in many mainstream youtube videos if you search it up.

No. 1516275

Anon why are you doing this to me, now I'm craving slightly toasted slice of rye bread with butter sprinkled with salt, but I'm pretty sure I can't have it because of diet but fuck it I'll buy it tomorrow anyways it's going to be your fault if my stomach doesn't like it
Also a sip of cold kvas in summer is heavenly

No. 1516277

File: 1678128361491.png (637.81 KB, 680x483, ua_.png)

any Ukrainian users here?
reveal yourselves

No. 1516281

File: 1678128464699.png (463.71 KB, 515x619, pkds2sr2oaka1.png)

I am sorry, but we are not the same

No. 1516284

tukaj pa ne kar ne živim v slovenije

No. 1516286

File: 1678128654705.jpg (14.89 KB, 299x168, download-_3_.jpg)

OT I have always felt the majority of "balkan memes" were actually created on and shared by westerners who wanted to act edgy, like I don't doubt there are fucked up people in the balkans who have their own meme language but 99.9% of normies in my country don't care for memes and its just 1% of overly online people who make and these are also dispoara and westernized

No. 1516287

File: 1678128657199.jpg (46.48 KB, 690x387, Zibrov-1-690x387.jpg)

Добривечір nonka

No. 1516289

Ayrt I don't disagree

No. 1516290

Oh, there's definitely a subgroup of /pol/ or war-autists who are like weaboos for the grittyness of this area and eastern europe. A lot of them are diaspora trying to cling to some kind of identity.

For example there's these kinds of "meme" videos when people would beat the shit out of you for playing some of these songs in the wrong place. How the fuck did 4chan edgelords turn "remove kebab" (od bihača do petrovca sela) so popular that I even heard the acordeon music in a random gaming video as a meme?

No. 1516296

>remove kebab
blame the retards that played the remove kebab song on Chicago PD's radio frequency. Oh, and that guy who shot up the mosques in NZ

No. 1516300

how's life in Ukraine?
Hopefully you aren't too close to the frontlines

No. 1516303

The remove kebab meme like many of the Balkan memes actually originated on krautchan, a German imageboard and then spread. 4chan was majority American users, krautchan mostly Europeans. I don't think the Burgers even know enough about the region to make memes about it.

No. 1516304

You would be surprised. There was a burger who killed a cop and went living in a forest for a month. He was a serbiaboo and imported serbian cigars and bought a former war uniform.

No. 1516306

the song was popular way before the nz shooting

No. 1516309

File: 1678129593279.jpg (388.3 KB, 1080x1485, IMG_20230306_200524.jpg)

Sorry for samefagging, here's the story. /pol/ and /int/ on 4chan regularly like making "fun" of the yugoslav wars and genocide because it was so close to europe and in the news, it's just like ukraine today sadly

No. 1516311

After the NZ shooting it gained a huge surge in popularity though. Also I heard somewhere that the song lyrics are mis-translated

No. 1516317

>4chan regularly like making "fun" of the yugoslav wars and genocid
Why are they like this?

No. 1516344

I wish the rest of the world would just leave my country alone and forget about it. Dumb tourists and digital nomads exploit my already corrupt Balkan shithole and treat it as their personal Disneyland while locals struggle on abysmal wages, and the few young hopefuls who leave this god's asshole to maybe have a better future somewhere with non-corrupt education end up bullied and discriminated against because of our geopolitical situation 30 years ago like they can personally do anything about it.

But most of all, I wish death on spoiled westoids who make our complicated past and suffering of normal people who did nothing wrong into a meme or aesthetic, even though they bully and shit on these same people when they meet them irl.

No. 1516354

File: 1678131152032.jpg (26.25 KB, 900x450, 8b6ef9bcac9aebda98dc1ab48bfc31…)

What's the consensus on this guy?

No. 1516356

File: 1678131295470.jpg (37.63 KB, 565x680, cpcxlzsudcf91.jpg)

I don't know him, but he looks like the average middle aged slav

No. 1516360

First time seeing marichka here, makes me mildly suspicious the whole thread is bait

Anyways here's to more bonding and shitposting and less infighting. Cheers

No. 1516363

File: 1678131641654.png (2.91 MB, 1439x2397, Screenshot_20230306-134003.png)

I originally only knew about him from when him and his girlfriend(?) smuggled a kitten out of Cuba. I found out on here a last month that he was a scum scrote who forces himself on women in the countries he travels to and is all-around a not great dude. I am sure I'm missing more to the story. his name is something like bald and bankrupt or something. posts travel vlogs on YouTube being a weirdo. you get secondhand cr¡nge watching them.

No. 1516365

is that bald and bankrupt? all bald moids look alike to me, i have the so called bald-blindness. anons have said he's a sex tourist and pest

No. 1516367

his Russia travels were interesting to me before I found out he was a pickup artist and a massive creep. on top of that he was banned from entering Russia again so now I especially don’t care about him

No. 1516372

File: 1678132072203.jpg (142.15 KB, 640x680, ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ)~.jpg)

Does he have a thread on here?
I watch his videos regularly and have never heard of this stuff

No. 1516375

Czechia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Poland are not Eastern Europe, shit thread.

No. 1516390

Eastern Europe Was the Friends We Made Along the Way

No. 1516394

any Israelis here?

No. 1516396

they wish they weren't, but they are.

No. 1516407

For cz and sk I think they’re a mix of eastern and western euro. Especially Czechia being right in the middle of the western/eastern border and being a part of Austria and having German shit forced onto them for so long. They’re all still Slavs tho and belong itt

No. 1516408

File: 1678133749897.jpeg (255.79 KB, 800x1257, 8579C3FE-5897-432A-92A7-0DD58B…)

No. 1516409

File: 1678133773896.jpeg (229.94 KB, 1000x930, AD2439CF-545F-45B8-8916-C59AA5…)

No. 1516413

What is this
Not a Slav
Is it a Hungarian

No. 1516414

What tool is this?

No. 1516479

File: 1678139432187.jpg (236.63 KB, 1200x900, 82mbr14opma644ucn1x8j2ul2yrnbz…)

I'm not! since the April, but even then I wasn't too close to them. So my life is more or less ok, and in the cities that are far from the frontlines it's almost the same as it used to be, on the surface. Only there's a curfew, occasional checkpoints, Czech hedgehogs sometimes somewhere in the streets, people walking around discussing the news and political matters which is still a bit bizarre to me (I mean that everyone is basically on the same wavelength and it's easy to relate to a rando), and air raid alerts ofc (that don't necessarrily mean missile or drone attack but occasionally we get those too). We'd get power outages for a few months since October but it's been a month since the last one if I'm not mistaken, and it's not dark in the streets anymore (the street lights weren't working at full force or not at all in some places, so people were walking with flashlights). Idk it might sound shallow but that's how life is where it's safe and comfortable, and it's pretty calm for now as opposed to aforementioned October and following months with those massive air attacks.

Also there's this new subculture of teenage weebs that look like picrel and meet up at the malls to have mass brawls with football hooligans, gopniks, and migrants from Caucasus and it's a big deal in Ukraine and Russia now. They call themselves PMC Ryodan, and initially, allegedly, such a group of teens was seen beating up some gopnick bullies that harassed them in the mall in Moscow. In Ukraine specifically, they claim that PMC Ryodan is a project of FSB and is basically Russian PSYOP. They're being hunted down by police in both countries. I honestly kekked at the way they described them in the news: "teens with long hair that wear black loose-fitting clothes" - so basically every second zoomer is a "ryodan"? Must be tough to be a slightly alt teen nowadays

No. 1516488

No. 1516490

Salutări, soră!
Wow, there are two whole moldovan nonnas here

No. 1516492

No. 1516504

>teenage weebs that look like picrel and meet up at the malls to have mass brawls with football hooligans, gopniks, and migrants from Caucasus

Damn zoomers are savage. In my times we weebs were biggest loosers who everyone made fun of

No. 1516508

Your wartime youth subculture is superior than my wartime youth subculture. We had Dizelaši, whose main pastimes were getting drunk listening to turbo folk and stealing Air Nike from kids on the street.
Anyway, stay safe! Good to hear you're doing ok over there

No. 1516516

Not if the other one is missing a leg

No. 1516518

is the guy in the middle holding boxers? is that a flex? like, even the underpants are dripped out sort of thing

No. 1516927

I have a Ukrainian online friend who says that not much has changed for him other then things getting really expensive but he's worried about being conscripted since he's 16 1/2, I'm really worried about him as well
do you have male relatives also about to be conscripted ?

No. 1516941

It’s a Czech politician as is the one above it

No. 1517040

imagine being western bootlicker who votes for EU shit to wreck our countries constantly. especially poland has the worst complex about not being western enough when we should say fuck it and stop being abused by krautoids

No. 1517085

File: 1678191261403.jpg (14.03 KB, 500x500, 7lxs5x0a5r291.jpg)

I'm gonna have a fried egg with rye bread thanks to this thread tomorrow

No. 1517161

File: 1678198552883.png (Spoiler Image, 1.25 MB, 1279x901, CAPTURE.png)

Can an Ukrainian/Russian nonna explain this? one of my mutuals retweeted some pro-Ukrainian account(@reshetz) which posted this photo of alleged pro-Russian separatist children without the caption "Just guess what this russian brand is advertising", the pic appears to be of young children(a very young boy on the right and a young woman/teen girl on the left) Like, what's the context, and what was the account trying to imply?


No. 1517172

If y'all aren't Eastern Europe, then why do you get the same shit quality Western food imports we do, and Germans, Austrians etc get yogurts with real fruit instead of food coloring? Call yourselves what you want but self-hatred ain't gonna make you less Slavic, and it sure as hell isn't convincing westerners

No. 1517226

File: 1678203834006.jpg (363.11 KB, 431x486, 20230305_180456.jpg)

I feel so weird seeing slav zoomers who don't know how to pirate. As a kid I was buying pirated CDs in bosnia and learned how to apply cracks to games. Now I even see a lot more weaboos, anime has become fully normalfag- there's boku no hero academia funko pops in my town of 10 000 people and I see kids watching crunchyroll and having demon slayer shirts.

Not gatekeeping or being snobbish, it's just wild how times changed, then again I am poor and had to pirate everything.

No. 1517257

did you read the comments under the linked post? i think it is explained clearly. it is technically an advertisement for socks but they made it heavily political propaganda + socks

No. 1517271

No, that's the slovenians. By the way, how are you surviving inflation?

No. 1517323

I developed an addiction to baked goods and apples because they're the only thing I can afford for cheap

No. 1517339

Fr. I was teaching 9-13y.o. kids english a couple of years ago, and it surprised me how much all of them were into anime. I wasn't a weeb but watched anime occasionally, and it was such a niche interest back then (except for the times when everyone watched Pokemon or Sailor Moon in primary school when it was aired on tv). It was funny when they instantly started explaining what is anime to me, just assuming I'm too old to know lol

Thanks nonna! It's interesting to learn about local subcultures. Dizelaši seem similar to gopniks. Listening to turbo folk rn haha

Kek I guess so

Well, none of my relatives between 18 and 60 were mobilized, and I haven't heard about such cases among my acquaintances, except for those who went by their own will either in territorial defense or army (not everyone was accepted tho). Judging from your friend's age, he's still in high school/college, is he going to enroll at a university? As far as I know, full-time students aren't mobilized.

That's a Russian brand that makes author clothing "with national-patriotic, monarchical, and church-orthodox symbols", and it's advertisement for their socks and t-shirts too I guess. I've seen something similar months before and it's been mentioned in the comments - their previous/older line of clothes was named Je Suis Donbass, and many people were bewildered by commercial photoshoot back then, too. They like to shoot children in mini shorts for some reason, people find it pedophilic and weird, I think that was the author's implication as well, nothing specific.

No. 1517340

>baked goods
Look at this bourgeoise, being able to afford butter and other ingredients for baking

No. 1517377

I still pirate everything nona. The times of (pirated) CDs were so romantic. There was this little store, absolutely inconspicuous, at the local biggest book market, owned by two alt dudes that could recommend something and turn it on for you. So many steps to simply find something new, and yet I miss the whole process hehe. It's so easy now but the magic is gone. I especially appreciated MP3 CDs with whole discographies and sometimes other bands of the same genre, and those would cost 2-3 dollars. I didn't have much pocket money but what I had was enough to buy something new once or twice a month.

No. 1517448

? Half of these countries do get better quality goods kek sucks to be you

No. 1517465

File: 1678224310837.png (538.78 KB, 589x551, castle.png)

So what's everyone's opinion on westerners who idealize Eastern Europe for being more "based & trad"? I'm not really a tradwife type but my country keeps importing every stupid woke american fad and we are already painfully naive bleeding-hearts to begin with. So I lowkey envy Eastern European people because they seem more normal and grounded.

No. 1517498

Based & trad always seems like codeword terms for sexist and homophobic to me. Or what else do they mean?

No. 1517567

Low wages and harsh life keep tender snowflakes and their ideas away. Being
> painfully naive bleeding-heart
is a privilege granted by social security. You may disagree "muh country is shit and xyz is shit and government greedy stealing money reeeeeee!" but you have never been, not even poor, but a median-income person in EE country. To care about outsiders you need security guarantees and a lot of spare resources.

No. 1517808

What are Slovenian women like?

No. 1517829

I feel like westerners just see us as cheaper fuckdolls. They have this illusion similar to the illusions about asian women being mail order brides. I have noticed men importing western incel logic here and I hate it, in yugoslavia people made a big deal out of international women's day (8 mart) and my dad still respects those traditions and gets us all flowers, but zoomer boys act like Andrew Tate.

Yeah, I know international women's day was imported from russia basically to celebrate female workforce but I still find it sweet. I'm not idealizing older generations, every generation has its bunch of lowlife wife beaters but with the internet I noticed post-2000 kids are just copying the culture they see online. They had a black lives matter protest when our biggest group of immigrants is asian…

No. 1517836

that's a very accurate description, the talk about you with the same regressive stereotypes as they do with asians just with white bodies

No. 1517837

Also with that last part I mean that asian workers are abused and starved in factory work camps but people will sooner stand in solidarity with a country across the ocean

No. 1517839

I'm from czechia and I'm sorry ukrainanonnies but your scrotes fucking suck. I've never been assaulted by anyone but Ukraine scrotes that immigrated here. Just a few moments ago some ukrainian-speaking scrote straight up grabbed my leg and knee when I was waiting for a bus, half a year ago two of them went and grabbed my ass and run away shouting shit at me. They also catcall the most. Is that normal in your country or did we get your trash? I'm starting to understand boomers being so against immigration. Shame we can't only help women.

No. 1517882

Not Ukrainian but why the fuck these moids are not fighting in the war? Feels like if you are 18-40 and male you should be definitely defending your country right now instead of squatting somewhere else.
I am glad my town only got female and children refugees, I wish only females and children got granted refugee status overall tbh moids have no business leaving their country if it's at war. Also they cause most if not all issues anyway. Last year I helped with some Christmas event for Ukranian refugees on my city hall and there were only women and kids, it was amazing.

No. 1517886

No way tu iš Kauno….

No. 1517896

I feel like the one that grabbed my knee today might have been right under 18. Shocking how young scrotes start being degenerate.
The odler two might have immigrated before war, they usually do road work or construction here, or they could have feigned illness or whatever to cross.
Ukrainian women are great though.

No. 1517939

File: 1678266570416.png (572.46 KB, 740x910, unknown.png)

you bet

No. 1517997

damn i thought lolcow is pretty niche and no way there's a possibility that we have lithuanian nonas.. well thats awesome lol

No. 1518035

retarded of you to assume the post was written by any of the nations mentioned

No. 1518048

Rye bread is good, but I always feel like it turns into a heavy solid clump or a stone in my stomach.
>team whole-grain for life

No. 1518169

Any Bulgarian nonnies here?

No. 1518477

File: 1678313089014.jpg (92.7 KB, 1140x620, kyiv cake.jpg)

Idk anon, you probably mean there's no trans hysteria or something, and while I agree that it's good and hope there won't be anything like that in the future, sadly, it goes hand in hand with a general lack of progressivism which is a result of lower quality of life: there're always other issues to deal with. People don't go crazy with human rights activism and wokeness because overall situation with human rights is worse compared to West.
Regarding idealization, so far, I've only seen western scrotes and alt-rights that praise Eastern Europe for all the wrong reasons, and it's mostly based on stereotypes and generalizations anyway, plus, they tend to lump EE countries together, so, I suspect, they basically refer to Russia, its anti-western rhetoric and laws regarding "gay agenda" and domestic violence, which fucking suck, or think that its conservatard/domostroy freaks, like Sterlingov and Dugin, represent common sentiments among the population.
I don't really see what's so trad about EE countries. I'm too lazy to look into statistics, but I doubt that there're much less divorces or single-mother households in EE, so it's hardly the last bulwark of family values as some people think. In Russia, they even joke that there're already lots of same-sex "couples" with children, implying there're lots of single/divorced mothers that raise children with the help of grandma. It's not that different in Ukraine, as far as I can judge. Pretty sure there're also highest numbers of children that end up in orphanages (in Europe) and more child abuse in general.
Wouldn't say that people are much more religious here, too. In Ukraine, I feel like only western part has more religious people, both orthodox and catholic, which doesn't necessarrily mean they're raging retrogrades tho.
People are more sexist on average for sure, more lookist toward women, more homophobic, but I feel like there's been a gradual shift in views towards more progressive ones in recent years, even among older generations. Still, people in general are very different but I'd say only a minority has truly traditional views, and I've never actually seen a "trad" family or a woman that strives for such life. Yeah, there're pick-mes just like anywhere else, there're women that put up with various shenanigans and abuse from men because of poverty, low self-esteem and poor boundaries, there're women that do most cooking and cleaning on top of working full-time - not because they enjoy it, but because they were tricked into believing that their husbands/bfs are inept and helpless. Still, they're just regular women, not tradwives from someone's wet dreams.

We have our own flavor of wokeness here in Ukraine though, hehe, people criticize and condemn Russian culture now (which I can understand, ok) and many Russian-speaking ones fully switch to Ukrainian, which is also ok, but it makes some of them haughty af. At least that's what I see on the internet. Some of them feel morally superior to Russian-speaking Ukrainians and ascribe ridiculous beliefs and opinions to them, basically stating that they're pro-Russian. Such attitude, strong desire to lecture others and virtue signalling reminds me of twitter woke culture. I don't really talk to people irl and I just hope it's not that popular among "thinking youth".

Damn nonnie, I'm sorry. It's hard for me to say how normal it is though, but yeah, it happens. I'd get catcalled and grabbed much more when I was a teen, it doesn't happen that often anymore but some men love to violate physical boundaries by making "gentleman gestures" (and react like idiots when you try to avoid it) and think it's really important for you to know what they think about your looks. I don't usually hear anything vulgar but it's all just really uncalled-for. From what I heard, our teen scrotes can be pretty handsy (although I don't remember anything like that in my high school, thank god).


Z vosmym bereznia, nonnie and other nonnas!
Picrel is what my mom and I got for it from my dad. We're more into this kind of flowers.

No. 1518559

Omg I'm going to Lithuania in a few months… I should buy a cow print top to wear to signal that I'm a farmer kek

No. 1518600

THERE'S MORE THAN 1 OF LITHANONS HERE!?! OMG I thought I was the only one… kaip smagu! Gyvenu užsienyje, taip norisi susirast draugių bet čia lietuvių nė kvapo. Atsibodo pastoviai angliškai kalbėt

No. 1518767

Kolkas mes dviese manau čia hehe bet kaip fainaiii ahhh

No. 1518906

File: 1678355171159.jpg (91.44 KB, 1470x1040, 1539127890718.jpg)

Aš taip pat, smagu rasti lietuvių had ir kur esi. Pradedu pamiršti kalbą, kartais liūdnai jaučiasi.

No. 1518924

File: 1678356776682.png (838.74 KB, 710x674, pirate meme.png)

My replacement 10TB torrenting stratchdisk came in the mail today. The old one died after I forgot to ventilate it so it was left running at 70 degrees + for the last four months, lol. Can't wait to pirate another $25,000 worth of content.

I will pay for nothing, and I will be happy!

Pirate stacies, huzzar

No. 1518926

File: 1678356970360.png (46.96 KB, 1200x789, bulgaria.png)

No. 1518937

File: 1678358260566.png (516.73 KB, 1920x2182, Coat_of_arms_of_Lithuania.svg …)

make that three :3

No. 1518941

čau more

No. 1519381

Is this hello or hell no

No. 1519406

four, kas daugiau? greetings to all kaunanonitas in particular.

No. 1519414

Eina sau, fainaaa!! Tuoj užkariausim lolkarvytę, haha
Reiškiasi turime viena kitą palaikyti, anonyte! Jeigu nieko prieš, galiu paklaust kur dabar gyveni? Labai toli nuo Lietuvos?

No. 1519416

Nea, aš Alytaunonita lol

No. 1519445

It's hello I'm pretty sure

No. 1519814

Darom Kauno meet! kiek kam metu btw? visad jauciuos per sena but lolcow…

No. 1519830

Thank you! I wasn't sure haha
Здравей бг нони

No. 1519845


No. 1519848

I thought those flat 'pancakes' was an exclusively American thing?

Top kek.

Super smart. Mind you, I only met one.

>They had a black lives matter protest when our biggest group of immigrants is asian…
This is how astroturf works.

No. 1519863

File: 1678439370775.png (32.23 KB, 250x250, mgvanl-250x250w.png)

Netoli, Anglijoje. Neturiu kur/pas ką sugrįžti tai nebuvus atgal jau virš dešimtmečio. Pasiilgau Kauno!
prajuokino haha
Nėra tokio dalyko kaip per sena, negalvok taip!

No. 1519894

File: 1678445601339.jpg (377.64 KB, 1000x666, beer-image.jpg)

cheers from your slovak cousin!

No. 1519934

Russia is Europe but uncanny valley, liminal space Europe. For sure it is not an Asian culture, nor does it have a a defined cultural/civilizational identity of its own (neither Asian nor European), like Kavkaz or Turkey. Anything in Russian history and culture that predates the USSR is European in nature. Civilizationally speaking it is a European culture whether it wants it or not.

No. 1519953

I wish more Slavs realised that the only way for us to be prosperous and treated with respect is to align with each other. Our cultures are almost identical, our languages are basically dialects of proto-Slavic. Ukrainians are fucking retards for resisting "annexation" and trying to align themselves with the EU. EU will never recognize them as equals, westoids will never respect them. All Slavs are essentially Russians. Russia is the purest Slavic country, Russia is the mother of all Slavs and Pan-Slavism is the only way forward. We need a Pan-Slavic union, not the EU or any other shit. America is not our friend, neither is Germany and the EU. Russia is the only country we should be aligning ourselves with.(khorosho, gandon! racebaiting)

No. 1519972

What is Asian in Russian culture though? The tea drinking? Taking off your shoes when you enter the house?

No. 1519987

File: 1678456084736.gif (24.02 KB, 237x225, gtfo.gif)

Fuck off moid

No. 1520007

File: 1678458029537.jpg (128.51 KB, 714x939, varškėčiai.JPG)

O, kiek lietuvių!

No. 1520008

Weird take. Russia is a vast country and naturally different parts of it have different culture. But it's not like theres no defined identity at all, there's just a variety to it

No. 1520016

Do you feel like your taste in men (or women) differs from the western farmers?

No. 1520030

Well, what's European in it then? Considering that we were pretty closed off from Europe before Peter the great and are still decades behind European progress to this day

No. 1520035

I didn't say it was a European culture. I asked what Asian influences there are in the culture.

No. 1520084

File: 1678464640565.jpg (257.79 KB, 1140x1361, il_1140xN.4647400178_if0d.jpg)

lithanons itt, are picrel any good? i shan't ask about the pussy or dick flavored ones.

No. 1520093

The WHAT now

No. 1520103

File: 1678465122231.jpg (1.31 MB, 4000x3000, gagxkg32ptia1.jpg)

ok i guess i shall ask then

No. 1520375

I know this person is a retard but i heard people discuss panslavism before, even if it wasn't envolving russia it's not a good idea. What i understood from folktales is that slavic tribes split for a reason. We maybe speak the same but we all want something different in life, that's why we made so many different countries… and it's okay. It wouldn't make sence to change it because the repeating fractal of time would make us split again anyway if you excuse my psychonautism. I think we should befreind countries on goals and values not genetics.

No. 1520378

Their system of government - tsar/emperor. Shameless colonialism to this very day. Very Chinese.

No. 1520379

Fuck off, Russian bot.

No. 1520382

No. The preference for anime boys knows no borders.

No. 1520389

I don't know whose worse in this story, 13 year old diaspora edgelords making reddit memes or the literal trannies that got offended and shut it down

No. 1520391

Well, I do like some body hair on men but only if they have a nice muscly torso. I also like women tall and thick.

No. 1520396

I've been looking forward to a thread like this!

No. 1520403

File: 1678477587379.jpg (51.48 KB, 600x516, 55a2a58ae8bec1afca20477fd24f85…)

kakuv e shansaaaa

No. 1520528

Not really, but how can you tell when specifically western farmer posts a picture though. Would be interesting to compare knowing nationalities of posters

No. 1520563

do they make you show your passport to buy those
We had limited edition of local (ukr) chips for men and women - "manly" and "tender" in blue/pink bags, first taste was meaty, and the second one was sour cream and dill or something like that. I thought it was quite ridiculous, but pussy and dick tastes for chips make sense to me tbh

No. 1520567

anon please please please try to find a picture of them. that is hilarious

No. 1520617

curious, what are they holding?

No. 1520631

the national pride of bulgaria - YOGURT

No. 1520688

the pink soup ones are really good, i think the best of chazz brand, but i got pretty pissed off when they released the dick and pussy flavored ones for 10 euro per bag lol. quite moid-y behaviour

No. 1520692

Drink of the Gods

No. 1520746

Hahaha kolko valnuvashto! Bqh sigurna che she ima bg nonita

No. 1520764

File: 1678523946713.jpg (93.87 KB, 650x541, 850496286457.jpg)

Its a thing of the past, Eastern Europe is fallowing in Western Europe's steps at a fast pace, demographic situation has become irreversible, the generation that was supposed to make children emigrated. The EU is going to finish what USSR couldn't accomplish with deportations, cultural genocide and extreme poverty.

No. 1520775

I think it will depend, even with third world countries the upper class has become more and more insufferably westernized and out of touch with their own nation, but to the reality of our economics results in the masses still remaining similar with superficial western influence(mostly music and aesthetic, plus no one knows how the war and clear Russian threat will change the path of the mono-culture of the region as a whole

No. 1520776

Bulgarian looks like my drunk texts full of typos (am croatian)

No. 1520793

How did you find lolcow, nonnie? (other eastern european anons please answer too!)
Ponekad bi baš htjela da znam više hrvatica s kojima mogu shittalkati lol

No. 1520800

NTA but I used to browse /cgl/ in 2011 until the drama ban and then found out about lc some time later, I skipped the stamina rose phase and I eventually found myself on here, maybe through PULL.

Imaš jedan discord server na crystal cafe friend finder threadu koji ti je nekako pun hrvatica i imale smo jedan meetup u Zagrebu ako te zanima. Planiramo se opet naci sljedeci mjesec.

No. 1520803

I was always into internet gossip and naturally it led me here. I'd always google "name" + lolcow to find dirt on people I didn't like kek. And you?
I ja, makar me malo strah balkanskih nonnica

No. 1520806

Oooh, nice. Nisam nimalo blizu zagreba ali možda provjerim discord.

I found it via 4chan and permanently moved here, for the better lol

No. 1520810

>NTA but I used to browse /cgl/ in 2011 until the drama ban and then found out about lc some time later, I skipped the stamina rose phase and I eventually found myself on here, maybe through PULL.

haha isto kao ja

No. 1520823

Вечір в хату, нона.
Same, but with Ukraine lol. So many people found out about my country after 24.02 and now anyone need to give their shit takes about EE politics. I know a lot of very good people who help my country, which I'm infinitely grateful for, but there are also a lot of guys who treat the whole war as if it's some TV show where you pick one side and fan over it (NAFO and Western Ztards alike). Like, calm down, dude, it's not Star Wars, people are actually dying here.
Next time just pepper spray him or kick him in the balls. He would be too much of a pussy to tell the police he was beaten by a woman. On other hand, I have a story to tell about how I was creeper on by some nasty dude. So, I was walking by the hospital, but found some dude sitting near by with his head in his hands, just squatting on the ground. I thought it was weird and asked him if he was okay. He told me he was hit and now felt terrible and wanted to get to the hospital and he was lost. I told him I can walk him there and talk to the doctors. All was fine, I let him lean on my shoulder and we went there, talk to the doctors, but at the last minute he starts acting normal, as if nothing happened at all, and says he doesn't doctor's help. I was like, uh, okay, whatever, I'm going home. I went out quickly and noticed he is following me. I tried to walk even quicker and he was following me still. Eventually I stopped and ask what the hell was his problem, so he started very persistently asking for my number. So I run away from him through an unknown neighborhood until he lost me.
Phew, that was one annoying scrote. And he faked a head injury to stalk me.
Fuck off, really.

No. 1520824

so do you have any relatives fighting in the war, are you worried for their lives ?
I had relatives that fought in my country's war but it was a minor conflict, this is a full scale war

No. 1520834

My father is a little bit wrong in the head and has multiple unhealed injuries to serve. It's genetical, lol, cause I'm bipolar, so I can't serve too (I entertained myself with an idea to serve in the army too, since I'm a doctor and can at least shuffle papers at Dnipro, but I need to be near a trusted psychiatrist to keep myself in check, and I think bipolar people are not able to serve in the army anyway). My brother was from Mariupol and he told me a lot of horror stories about this place, but he has a "bronya" from his work place, so he is safe. My uncle, who is an orthopedic surgeon, got into military as a surgeon, cause he really wanted to get experience dealing with that sort of injuries which is actually very valued.
Outside of that, I usually deal with injured soldiers from the frontlines who get sorted in our clinic from Dnipro and Odessa. My field is internal medicine though, so we mostly get guys with concussion or something similar.

No. 1520837

ah cool, didn't know this! cheers anons

No. 1520840

still I pray for your and their safety, my father was talking about how this conflict will change everything cause this is a "true war" other then a glorified border skirmish that our country had, in the past 75 years of conflict between my nation and India only 5000 soldiers have died
he's an ex-military officer and says the war in Ukraine will change everything and we are already seeing its effects

No. 1520901

Hahahah hello croatian nonnie! I get it, sometimes i feel the same way for other slavic languages. We normally use the Cyrillic alphabet but i can see why you would feel like like that when we use the latin alphabet.

Hello nonnie! This is actually the first and only board i have used. And i lurked in the crystal cafe bunker threads a little, when the site was down. I'm almost sure i got here when i here when i was searching about the woman faking heterochromia, Sarah something i don't remember her name, googled her, started reading at PULL and someone shared a link for her thread here but at first i didn't get how anything here works lol but then i heard about dasha and mine and after googling them i got here and never left. I was fascinated and disgusted and yet i couldn't stop reading haha

I have mostly lurked, but i've posted some relevant screenshots in a few threads

No. 1520903

File: 1678544668158.jpg (753.87 KB, 1366x768, f3e586ae5f59252efeaa390de70397…)

Haha here it is, nona. The "female" chips are dill and butter, not sour cream though (very important clarification)

I don't remember what exactly I was looking for, but it was related to Shoe. I probably started getting her & Co more often in my yt recs so I wanted to learn more about them, got lc in the results and looked into some other threads and found them amusing too. I would always follow a couple or more personal or mildly popular cows, but started getting sick of the old ones and had no one to laugh with at them anymore, so it was nice to find a board like that, moreover, many nonas here have similar tastes and worldview and it was easy to relate to them. Really liked that it's not male-infested as other imageboards: never used those for this reason.

Гей-гей, нона!! Нарешті ще хтось з України! Дуже круто, що ти допомагаєш нашим військовим і не тільки. Щодо Маріуполя, це пиздець як важко і боляче, можу тільки уявити як твоєму братові. Іноді, проїжджаючи вулицями Києва, мимоволі уявляю як тут відбувається те ж саме, і хочеться плакати від люті. Сподіваюсь, що у тебе, брата та ваших близьких все буде добре ♥
Curious to know how you found lc too, if it's not a secret hehe

No. 1520912

Лол, дякую, що нагадала про ці чіпси. Ніби артефакт з минулого. Я якраз купила собі пачку сухариків флінт і згадала, що раніше в них ще були якісь фішки, пазли і приколи. В мене була ціла купа цих піратських фішок і здається вони були мерчем для піратів карибського моря. Взагалі мене оці всі чіпсони і снеки переносять в кращі часи, коли найбільшею політичною проблемою в нашій країні було те, що азіров знову якусь смішну фігню сказанув.
>Curious to know how you found lc too, if it's not a secret hehe
I actually was a Kiwi Farms regular before, but the atmosphere there started to turn me off. I think it's a big problem with "free speech" sites, that we get a lot of people who get driven off from mainstream social media for all the good reasons. The occasional but very noticeable autism leaks from the autistic thuderdome really annoyed me, so I left KF for good for LC. Although I still browse some threads on my favorite cows. Unfortunately, Chris' you-know-what drew a lot of people who really turned me off from the website.

No. 1520948

I came here because of the one and only Lillee Jean and i gotta thank her for that, i appreciate this site. It has so much beauté in the freedom and even if we fight sometimes it still feels like home.

No. 1520952

>Взагалі мене оці всі чіпсони і снеки переносять в кращі часи, коли найбільшею політичною проблемою в нашій країні було те, що азіров знову якусь смішну фігню сказанув.
Тааааак! Тепер часто згадую про усілякі дрібниці з тих і давніших часів, і просто тупо хочеться повернутися в ту безтурботність. Про фішки щось подібне пригадую, так. Для мене один з найприємніших спогадів це коли під кришечками коли, фанти і спрайту можна було знайти приз і це часто була безкоштовна маленька пляшка будь-якого напою. Такі кришечки траплялись дуже часто і ми з сестрою потім загрібали купу тих напоїв, лол. Таких атракціонів щедрості більше не буває
>I think it's a big problem with "free speech" sites
Yeah, I agree. It's a shame idiots ruined KF for you

No. 1520953

I saw LeafyIsHere's video rant on Onision back in 2016, googled Onision to find out more and ended up on his thread in /pt/

No. 1520957

I also found it through Onision drama back in 2016-ish

No. 1520989

File: 1678552856961.jpeg (25.29 KB, 490x400, EADA2271-A46B-418F-968E-CED804…)

One more of us I fear.. Într-un ceas bun nonnitas

No. 1521003

>So what's everyone's opinion on westerners who idealize Eastern Europe
There should be a program where they kidnap them along with ameritard russiaboos drop ship them in my shithole and we get to switch passports

No. 1521022

No please, we don't need slavaboos here. Let them rot in their moms basements.

Really, slavaboos are the worst. Think lolita girls who like to larp as teh trad Russian princess. But the moids are even worse. Fucking hate orthobros who switch to Orthodox only to own libs. What, just regular Catholic church is too unrefined for you? Fucking poser. Bonus points for reading Dostoyevsky, listening to Tsoy and Kino and thinking that drinking kefir makes you special. I have a fucking aneurysm when I see one in the wild.

No. 1521024

Your post reminds me just how isolated I am from any slav popculture. Here in the south our musical scene died and there's not really any movies or shows. The most slav thing I did in my life is participate in kolinje.

No. 1521036

>Here in the south our musical scene died and there's not really any movies or shows.
nta but samefag absolutely nothing going on where I live either. everything is even more expensive too because inflation because war kek

No. 1521044

At first I thought that kolinje was something similar to kolyada, but after googling it I'm like "oh whew, okay". I didn't live in the countryside but I went hunting with my dad, so I know a lot of stuff about butchering and cooking wild game and also how to clean guns and care after them. Still shoot terribly though.
Yep, the prices are killing me too. I barely can afford groceries now, buying some fancy stuff is out of question. I wanted to start reading paper books a while ago, but after looking at the prices I'm thinking that e-books are better anyway (and they are free if you "buy" them on libgen kek). Also bananas are fucking expensive. I bought like a kilo of them every other day before, but know it's like a luxury food. Same with eggs and any meat that is not chicken.

No. 1521049

WTF is this.

No. 1521057

So any of you worried your nations will fall into dictatorship ? My nation possibly might be getting taken over by the military

No. 1521059

What country are you from?
I'm more worried about WW3 or some major economic crisis or even whole society collapsing, Bronze Age style. The future is looking bleak for sure.

No. 1521080

File: 1678559968162.jpg (56.84 KB, 1280x720, ffe3cebeefd126ab6c30acaafd4f54…)

God I hate it so much too


No. 1521090

should have mentioned not from EE, but from Pakistan and things aren't looking good here, though its been 20 years since the last military dictatorship(and it was a hands-off dictatorship as well) so don't know how'd the current generation would react
just curious regarding Eastern Europe since Democracy is declining globally and poorer regions/regions near conflict zones tend to become dictatorships faster

No. 1521104

it is annoying when people think that russia is white and slavic. we have a lot of different nationalities living in the country. other than that, i have no opinion on them. i dont think that many people idealize it to be honest

No. 1521120

Keep safe, nonnie. As I said, the whole world is going to shit with each and every day. We all have all the reasons to worry of what will come next. Although I wouldn't say it would be far worse in third world that in first world. Let's face it, we lived in a shithole for our whole lives, what's the point of whining that it would more of a shithole? If you are clever, you can survive anything. Dictarships, wars, carpet bombing, famine or whatever. I know a lot of people who survived in absolutely extraordinary circumstances and they weren't some crazy survivalists, just ordinary people. So, honestly, whatever. The most important thing is thinking about your security and making a good plan in case everything will go to shit.

No. 1521135

dictatorship is vastly different, cause it's an entire narion being run based on the will on sometimes just one man or a small group of men
Shit actually happens in dictatorships, both good and bad, you just you get a decent leader in charge

But it's like you said, it's either collapse or dictatorship

No. 1521214

File: 1678569433371.jpg (83.34 KB, 800x534, deroony.jpg)

Had these for dinner. My love

No. 1521228

Sometimes i fell like i wouldnt mind a good dictator. Someone who can give a country a goal..because what i see now, the problem of democracy is the lack of a bigger goal. One party wins and tries to work on their goals, fine, but the goals are always small and short term. Next couple of years another party wins, destroys the stuff the first party did and sets up completley different goals. We never get anywhere really, there is no focus.
The goal in my mind should be an economic goal, to be a country that does one special thing on a big scale and you need more than 4 (or something like that) years to establish that.

No. 1521236

I ain't no slavaboo but man I love all your weird sodas that we don't get here in the states, like tarragon and birch beer. Except kvass, I really can't stand kvass.

No. 1521291

a lot of people around me in croatia hate everything serbian so i just wanna write that i love serbian movies and art and i am really dissapointed at croatian television how shit so many of our shows are like južni vetar is not really my taste but it's a million times better than whatever is playing on nova tv

No. 1521310

I don't hate Serbia and I have family there, but I think that for my generation (94-96) everything is a total blank and I find that kind of interesting. Like, we were not taught a single thing about serbia in school and teachers avoided everything local because they didn't want to get accussed of propaganda. My own family is just apolitical and experienced enough bullshit from all sides.

Also for croatian nonnies: I think Krleža was a total piece of shit incel and there aren't many people I can complain to lmfao
>was seething at Zagorka and insulting her
>all his fucking mommy issues in his novels and him killing off any mature woman
>Povratak Filipa Latinovića = mommy issues the novel, peaking at his portrait of his mother as a whore

No. 1521535

I agree to an extent, liberal democracy is not the end and all and be all, its just a system enforced by the american world order
Dictatorship has issues but forcing "democracy" on nations that don't have the basic building blocks for democratic principles never works out right

I think some period of dictatorial rule is required for a nation to have foundation and stability at least, then you have democracy

No. 1521553

>One party wins and tries to work on their goals, fine

They don't even do that. A political parties only concern is re-election and maximum embezzlement while in power.

No. 1521570

This is case for most of the world, its just different parasites fighting each other over who can the most blood from the nation

No. 1521634

I hated Krleža so much in high school when I had to read his books, although at the time I thought it was because I wasn't much of a reader and was a lazy student kek. Gospoda Glembajevy felt pretentious with every second phrase being in french or german. Čisto izdrkavanje. Povratak Filipa Latinovića, as you said, mommy issues the novel and I was bored to death with Filip's internal conflict. Also the fact that we were taught how his mother was evil for kicking him out for sleeping with prostitutes even though she herself was a prostitute and she "ironically" took him to church… Čak mi je i esej na maturi bio u vezi te knjige

No. 1521700

Wow I didn't browse lolcow for a while and now we have an east euro thread, that's neat.
I guess I can rant here, I'm from an ex-yu country and I feel like we have just been in a steady decline ever since we gained independence. Our govt is literally just an endless rotation of leeches and thieves who just want to take money and havent invested anything for the betterment of the people, and my people are so dead inside because of it. Literally I've been to serbia and bosnia and even you guys there have more spirit and hopefulness than we do and my country is just slowly eroding until nothing will be left.
The saddest part is I love the place and I would love to live in a village near nature somewhere but I feel like it's pointless to have that goal since my country wont even exist for much longer.

No. 1521711

I love these so much, if I had to pick one thing to eat until the end of my days, it may be them

No. 1522039

File: 1678649741417.gif (155.11 KB, 480x480, hf.gif)

Anon, I always say the same thing!

No. 1522665

File: 1678711789003.png (43.7 KB, 500x400, 1337378035383.png)

I am not a nationalist, and I met many absolute retards from my country who are sexist and racist brutes. But on the other hand I am tired of western sensibilities and the way cushy upper middle class essayist youtubers talk over us and how zoomers are more focused on importing american politics than beating up the politicians who stole millions from the european union that was supposed to help the citizens.

My bf's family moved around a lot after the war so he doesn't feel like he has a country and when our online friends on discord are being stupid he just doesn't listen to them. But I feel annoyed when some chick is ranting how buying hogwarts legacy is wrong while I have to worry about my parents healthcare.

No. 1522728

Be blunt with them. "Its nice that your biggest worry in life is people buying a game about being a wizard." And if you have to make it personal "…while im over here, hoping my mom and dad dont fall or get sick because the country im in isnt luxe enough to have them covered. I wish my biggest worry was discouraging people from playing a harmless videogame." Then leave. Forcing yourself to listen to them will compound your sorrow and stress.

No. 1522857

Are there any Romani farmers here?

No. 1522863

I'm not Romani but I would like to share this awesome Romani style song with lolcow

No. 1522866

I like this one, some may know it as Đurđevdan

No. 1523233

I think this sort of brain rot is only prevalent on big cities. I don't know any westernized libs from smaller places. Also I see people like that only in upper-middle class families. It's very ironic that any liberal influencer who shills for that sort of stuff is usually very rich and probably learned that stuff from foreign universities where they studied, thanks to mommy's and daddy's money. If not, they probably work for some foreign company or at least have a lot of money to travel abroad regularly. At the very least, they are usually some hard-core NEETs who spend all their free time on western websites like tumblr and learnt all that stuff to blend in, forgetting their local culture on the way. Like, seriously every libfem is like a fucking alien who was dropped in Eastern Europe by a saucer and now they try they best to blend in.
Ironically, neo-nazis who are usually very anti-western actually have a point. The irony…

No. 1524275

Einam į pasimatymą, nona <3

No. 1526640

File: 1679137113549.jpeg (47.79 KB, 600x600, 145C532F-542B-49FD-9B78-95B5DC…)

Thank you Bulgaria!!

No. 1526648

Good thing is you can just be tell them off and majority will applause you.

No. 1526703

Haha you are very welcome anon! I don't make cheese/сирене but I'm always happy to see my country mentioned because of something actually nice, we mostly get mentioned for being the first ones - but in the worst statistics kek like corruption or suicide rates

No. 1526772

I appreciate that Roma/gypsies exist, no matter what problems their communities may sometimes cause. We need more individuals that give the government and social norms the big, fat finger with a 'fuck you' smile on the face. Being asocial and unswayed by the majority is what should be valued in this day and age.

No. 1526773

>give the government the big, fat finger
They literally always vote for the ruling party, every election

No. 1526808


>but in the worst statistics kek like corruption or suicide rates

I will never get this. Bulgarians are bent on talking about their country like it is a third-world shithole. Last time I visited, I literally had a woman on a train vent to me for an hour straight about how bad it is there, the moment she heard I live abroad. They should just be dropped off in India or Zimbabwe and see how much of a "shithole" their country is then. They are so sheltered and idealistic when it comes to their view of other countries that it is embarrassing and the reason why their situation at home will never improve.

No. 1526867

Except the social norms they give a middle finger is not attacking innocent bystanders, not catcalling women and not stealing

No. 1526901

File: 1679162928600.png (38.12 KB, 384x599, 384px-Black_White_N.png)

Why does it look like N

No. 1526905

File: 1679163078642.jpg (18.17 KB, 640x360, AIassbitch.jpg)

you typing this

No. 1526929

Ah yes gotta appreciate incredibly mysoginistic communities

No. 1527849

They pull girls out of middle school and force them to marry

No. 1527879

What is this post even? Roma suck dick to anybody who gives them free money, that's not antisocial or admirable that's just stupid monkey behaviour. The problems they cause matter way more than them being edgy to make some antigoverment point.

Sorry had to edit it… stupid small phone

No. 1527931

File: 1679217351453.jpg (54.11 KB, 720x607, Screenshot_20230319_104526_Chr…)

I ment from the EU countries kek I'm sure there are worse countries. Here the corruption is very bad, it's in every government branch and they steal as much as they can. The place is beautiful ofc but it's telling that for years the biggest foreign investments in the country were money from Bulgarians living abroad, sending them to their families. Everyone has someone from their families living abroad. Here you could make somr business, make it work, make it profitable and then the mafia will come and tell you this is our business now and if you don't want to sell it on loss to them, they will start sending you and your family threats or they will light it up on fire. Mafia, prosecution and the government are very intertwined. Here the labour is very cheap, the taxes for corporations too and yet almost no big company wants to come here - there is a reason.
Though, i do have a lot of rights, compared to women in other places, i work monday to friday, i almost don't spend money on anything else than necessities, haven't been on vacation since 2014, my salary isn't the lowest, but isn't the highest either and I can't even buy a parking spot in the neighborhood i work in and that isn't even the most expensive neighborhood.
For reference, yearly i make around 6600 euro, after the taxes, the parking spot is 25 000 euro, not to mention if i wanted to buy an apartment, ofc they are more expensive. And I'm 30 almost

No. 1527946

File: 1679220700357.jpeg (53.64 KB, 771x657, 1f8b0c19-acb8-446b-96fd-65b470…)

honey, i've shrunk the politicar

No. 1527947

>yearly i make around 6600 euro
wow I had no idea that the salary gap between EU countries is that big. I make that in around 3 months and my salary is way below the median.

No. 1527959

Where are u from anon?
Bulgarian lev is 1.97 for 1 euro, so i roughly calculated that, i get 1100 leva montly (after taxes) and once i again i should say I'm not even considered poor by our standarts, but as i already have said, that money goes mostly for utilities/food and that kind of stuff. I hate shopping anyways, so i shop only like when I'm in a desperate need of something, i buy clothes very rarely, lol my first cousins live in the us and i actually wear a lot of my female cousin's leftovers (in the sense that her mom buys her a lot of stuff and sometimes i get the ones she didn't like) and stuff like that. I'm very happy and lucky that i live in an apartment owned by a family member, so I don't have to pay to a landlord and such. Don't get me wrong, i have money for the necessities, i eat, pay the bills and have roof over my head but i definitely understand why people go abroad - as i mentioned i have family in the us, by the us standard they are probably around lower to middle working class (something like me here) and yet their ability to buy/do stuff is way bigger than mine, if that makes sense. I understand why that many people leave and i too understand why foreigners think people here i overreacting - it's very nice if you come here on a vacation, it's a beautiful country, seaside, mountains and a lot of other beautiful sights, relatively safe country too, cheap for foreigners, nice for a few days, but when you are born here it is a different story. I have talked with a lot of bulgarians living abroad and they always express they want to come back living here, but it's not viable to come back and keep living the same lifestyle as they are used to living abroad.
Not to mention the inflation rising and the fact that my salary isn't rising, like at all.
I get the sentiment that this isn't the worst situation, i can admit that, but also i have to restrict myself from buying anything just so i don't fuck my budget

No. 1527962

Never seen a westerner take any kind of interest in eastern europe or know enough about us to stereotype EE women.
Western zoomers and millennials especially have no knowledge whatsoever about eastern europe, nor are they curious to learn. They're obsessed with east asia though as asian elements are a huge part of zoomer and millennial culture. Where the hell do you all meet those western "slavaboos", most westerners can't even name a single eastern euro country

very true about the incel rhetoric eastern euro men are adopting and it's annoying as fuck. They all worship andrew tate like he's the second coming of christ even though andrew tate is a westerner that talks about things that have nothing to do with us KEK. Not only dad but Tate came to eastern europe to exploit it and these cucked romanian boys worship him while he prostitutes their girlfriends/sisters

I'd say eastern european women have it the worst when it comes to men: they're the most unattractive, it's considered "gay" to take care of yourself as a man, theyre not pretty to begin with but they also let themselves go and go bald and fat, they're extremely entitled, they're incel-minded, misogynistic as fuck, embrace western douchebag ideologies like andrew tate, just all around awful. Western men are soy boys but you can find some decent attractive men among them. Not the case here

No. 1527965

I'm the Bulgarian from before and can confirm that here guys think it's gay to take care of you and almost every guy i know has had a "beer gut" since the middle of his 20s

No. 1527968

I wrote the post you quoted and I'm Bulgarian too
Bulgarian men suck

No. 1527970

to make matters worse, eastern european women are taught to take care of themselves from a young age, the importance of being a beautiful woman, no "fatphobic" western narratives here, so you're competing with swathes of extremely attractive women for the VERY few attractive men

No. 1527973

Zdravei Noni! I wasn't sure if you are romanian or from another country kek. But what you wrote is completely true, i stand behind your opinion, definitely seeing more and more incels (or at least sad guys adopting the incel point of view) and i can't believe how man doesn't see their hypocrisy or at least how deluded they are.
Few days ago, on twitter one guy said women don't take care of themselves and i was like what?? From everyone i know, mostly women take care of themselves, men rarely do anything, they just whine about women having a few kilogrammes more… But men have ridiculous beer guts and yet they always cry about "having standards" bla bla and "the wall"

Само за пример скоро разбрах, че Михаил Билалов е на годините на майка ми, аз си мислех че е поне на 70 top kek

No. 1527983

Damn sis, hate yourself less. We still have the tradition of flower gifting and worship international women's day since commie times.

No. 1527994

Slavaboos definitely exist, but it's more of an online edgy teen/young adult thing. You (used to?) have tons of them on 4chan, you also had the trend of teen girls posting aesthetic commie block tiktoks while molchat doma plays in the background.
It's more of a strictly online niche. It's usually tied to politics in some way, conservative trads will love eastern yuros because of our pure catholic/orthodox values and virginal beautiful women and tankies will love us because well we all used to be commies. Funny memes about removing kebab, adidas tracksuits, war crimes…

No. 1527998

March 8 is pointless, men are so annoying on that day. Like giving flowers to women is proof that they are oppressed by the matriarchy.

No. 1528016

Yeah and moids don't give a shit. Last week I heard some old scrote on the bus talking on the phone to someone 'joking' and laughing how instead of flowers he should give his wife a beating.

No. 1528027

I've actually encountered a Scandinavian who had a fetish for "slavic" women so there's that

No. 1528031

>the importance of being a beautiful woman
Unless by 'beautiful' you mean presentable and wearing clean clothes?

No. 1528049

I fucking hate it when muricans write something like "lol i don't understand a single word of this song but i vibe lmao" I really want to kill these people with a hammer.
Fucking muricans can never know what Молчат Дома sing about.

No. 1528053

Scrotes who fetishize easter european women should drink poison and die. They are basically the same kind of incels who think that asian women are docile waifus who will treat them like gods simply because they are moids from western counties.

No. 1528062

I'm from Finland so from the wealthy end of EU. I make around 2100 euros a month which is above the minimum but still not a huge amount as your average one-bedroom apartment in Helsinki costs approx. 800-1000 a month and most people living alone will have to spend at least 250 euros on food, nowadays maybe more with the prices rising. I'm living in a student condo with a roommate and thus am able to save more money, but I know for a fact that even most students these days want to rent a solo apartment.

Sorry for being a tourist in this thread, though geographically speaking Finland is way more in the East than most countries considered East Euro, I guess we're not really viewed as part of EE by others, either. Finns are super sensitive about this due to being the biggest ass lickers of the CCCP while also being a democracy back during the Cold War, so if you really want to upset Finns you just have to refer to Finland as Eastern European kek.

No. 1528068

File: 1679237110083.jpeg (5.5 KB, 206x245, jelena karleusa.jpeg)

no, not that anon. But there is a specific look thats popular there. Lots of fillers, kardashian/drag queen aesthetic, bleached hair and some of the tackiest clothes. Twig skinny body with fake boobs.

No. 1528079

File: 1679238386638.jpg (135.04 KB, 1920x1080, [mottoj] Asobi Asobase - 06 (B…)

Does any russian nonna know about this site, holywarsoo? I thought it was really cool, kinda like russian lolcow, but damn. Why is every single woman there either a radfem-hating libfem handmaiden or a fakeboi? It is full of women constantly trying to defend scrotes and their degeneracy like they are trying to impress moids but there are about two actual scrotes on the entire forum (and I kinda think those are tifs as well).
I fucking hate eastern european fakebois. Especially those who are older than 15. I can't believe I had to witness two of them irl. I feel sorry for those women/girls and loathe them at the same time. There is no woke crowd to impress so they clearly do this because they hate themselves and other women.
And also, I kinda like how nobody cares about eastern eropean culture/folklore, otherwise we would have to deal with retarded burgerfags larping as "uwu milashnie commie girls" and obese tifs claiming there are trannies in eastern european folk stories.

No. 1528080

I've interacted with a local fakeboi only once. The entire time he was stroking his barely-existant vellus-like leg hair

No. 1528082

>barely-existant vellus-like leg hair
I keked out loud
Please don't do this when you are talking about a tif

No. 1528083

Don't police my speech like some tranny

No. 1528084

You do know that fakebois = girls larping as boys right? This is why they are FAKEbois

No. 1528085

I know and I'll call them however I want to call them dear internet stranger

No. 1528088

You're either trolling or you're genuinely retarded(infighting)

No. 1528089

For not speaking the way some imageboard rando wants me to speak?
Lol who do you think you are(infighting)

No. 1528122

NTA but are you lost? Came here from twitter or something?

No. 1528136

File: 1679244207828.jpeg (6.95 KB, 272x185, images.jpeg)

Calling transsexuals of any kind by their birth gender is a new western culture wars phenomenon which I want no part in (the culture wars that is).
This for instance, is Kleopatra, "the Balkan Prophet". She is a mtf who had a popular divination show back in the 80s and 90s before those were banned.
People called her a freak, a quack, a weirdo, but no-one ever called her a "he".

No. 1528184

Not Russian, and not that familiar with holywarsoo specifically, but I'm not a fan of russian-language spaces in general, I mean even predominantly female and/or feminist, including radfem. Such communities often have their own local freaks, extra unhinged ones, and the atmosphere in these places makes me feel ill quite quickly. I think partially it can be due to the language, foreign language might actually work as a barrier that make everything more neutral, whereas you're much more sensitive to your first one… but I also never felt comfy in those places. Like they're more aggressive or something. I haven't been to libfem or any fem spaces since ~2016 but I remember them as extremely restricting, god forbid you say a word from the War-and-Peace-long list of offensive terms which include something like "idiot". As for handmaidens, unfortunately, it seems like Russian/Ukrainian/Belorussian women tend to be more sympathetic towards men, even GNC women and lesbians, which has always been so frustrating to me. And I'm not even that radical.

No. 1528200

I'm Ukrainian and stopped frequenting Russian websites around 2014-2016, but from what I remember VK feminist spaces were… something else. You had absolutely crazy libfems and queers who tried to introduce gender-neutral language conventions which were broken as fuck and didn't work at all because Russian is a highly gendered language, so what they did looked like a freak show (does anyone remember this public group called something like "equal" or something like that? They used those stupid мозгодрочи_ла_есса or something. Shit is wild). They were usually the butt of a joke and had very small user base but also attracted a huge hatedom and hate groups were way larger than SJW groups.
Radfems were pretty boring. Very small groups who mostly posted boring academia stuff and the traffic was very low. You would be very lucky if you can have a small chat in the comments. Lots of polilez types and a lot of women tried to adopt dyke look, which felt as forced and try-hard.
Of course, some larger groups existed and they leaned towards radfem. The one I remember was called "men are nor needed" (МНН, if I remember it right). It was pretty based and the admin knew how to get traction on the internet, so it was both informative and funny (lots of memes, actually funny memes), good community and so on.
But yeah, it was pretty shit all things considered. A lot of really crazy people, outright repulsive women and "no fun allowed" types.
The incel rhetoric also became popular during this time. Some sort of cargo cult around western alt-right too. So a lot of feminist spaces went to shit quickly cause they were raided by haters. Groups that had poor moderation went to shit very quickly or became "no fun allowed" heavily moderated types. It all looked very bleak.

No. 1528211

peak female rage and sorrow: the song. nothing I've listened to in english compares.

No. 1528246


>The place is beautiful ofc but it's telling that for years the biggest foreign investments in the country were money from Bulgarians living abroad, sending them to their families.

Alot of them aren't even doing that anymore. The ageism towards old people there is insane. The hospitals are rundown shitholes where they literally just send them to die. I was sent to one when I was 12 for a kidney issue and I couldn't stop crying to go back home. The nurses were all really fucking rude and did not give a fuck. I think the attitude and rudeness of the people are a much bigger problem than the corruption imo. Maybe my family and I have gotten desensitized from being abroad, but every time we go back everyone seems ruder and ruder. I had literally every woman anywhere I went look me up and down judgingly, multiple rude encounters with store owners (i.e. дръвчане) and other people in public. American fake politness is cringe af but at least you don't have to deal with people wanting to make a scene in public everywhere for no reason other than that they're miserable. It's Karens and Steves, but if you made a whole country out of them. kek

>Though, i do have a lot of rights, compared to women in other places

Yes you do, so don't take that for granted. You can literally take a coffee break at a nice cafe with great scenery compared to a woman in corporate America that can only drink shitty company-brand coffee in a shitty office that she is not allowed to leave for. Don't take that for granted nona.

t. am Bulgarian

No. 1528250


I agree with this. Bulgarian men are cute when young but they tend to age like ass. Веселин Маринов is very rare among Bulgarian moids.

No. 1528296

>public group called something like "equal" or something like that? They used those stupid мозгодрочи_ла_есса or something
OMG YES, I've thought about it just before I started typing and forgot to mention this insanity with "inclusive" endings. It was Equality, but I remember the same thing in "check your privilege" and a couple of other similar groups. Equality was probably the worst because it was egalitarian, not specifically feminist, so there were active male members and troons too.
Oh yeah, I remember it too, it was all right. I previously remembered only some radfem groups that were weirdly misogynistic but I can't recall the names. I also remember reading somewhere that some of such groups appeared to be full of vata after the war started, while some of the more popular feminists (that would write in Wonderzine or some shit) seem to be more preoccupied by Ukrainians and the rest of the world being too russophobic and Russians donating to our army (because even though war is wrong and yadda-yadda it's apparently immoral to wish us victory since it means more russian soldiers will die. immaculate logic). Can't say I'm disenchanted (wasn't enchanted in the first place) but still it's pretty ironic and bleak.

No. 1528322

holy shit i love you nonna nobody understands me like šemsa does

No. 1528385

File: 1679262010235.png (11.28 KB, 482x800, pakskaru.png)

>not a huge amount

No. 1528421

Late but someone posted sources for all that on one of the youtuber threads a while ago

No. 1528734

>eastern european women have it the worst when it comes to men: they're the most unattractive, it's considered "gay" to take care of yourself as a man, theyre not pretty to begin with but they also let themselves go and go bald and fat, they're extremely entitled, they're incel-minded, misogynistic as fuck
kek yes even my straight friends outright acknowledge 99% of our scrotes are unkempt and horrid looking. Even those who look decent in their teens mostly hit the wall in their mid 20s.
true. the average ee couple is a greasy skinnyfat turbomisogynist with a bad haircut and an attractive woman wayy out of his league

No. 1528735

>Funny memes about removing kebab, adidas tracksuits, war crimes…
I will commit the war crime if I see one more «сука блять» comment under any vaguely eastern europe related media

No. 1528757

kek I know what it sounds like but literally everything is like three times as expensive here. the only more expensive country I've been to was Sweden

No. 1528786

Plenty of countries where >>1527931's annual 6600 doesn't even cover a roof above one's head, there's just no sense in comparing salaries between random EU countries by just their hard number only. Wish people would stop doing that just to go WoOooh that's so low/high!!

No. 1528798

It was just banter, nonnie. But I do have a friend living in Helsinki and between her and myself in Tallinn, neither of us are making over 2000 a month. And I would say we're both pretty well off even with the cozzie livs.

No. 1530914

I want an adorable picture like the amerifags have for our next threadpic! No more lame maps for eurofags (no offence OP)

Please give suggestions
We can do cute, right?

No. 1531008

File: 1679562507992.png (144.62 KB, 1440x810, 1505363111932.png)

I can't stand cajke.

Old shit like 90s turbofolk and Lepa Brena's Miki Mićo is great, but everything modern is just broken autotune. Feel free to prove me wrong, but I just fucking hate the EeEeEEeEeE misused offtune vibrato, the instruments are ok.

No. 1531027

moldovian nonnies, how do you feel about the war , how are things in Moldova?

No. 1531038

I kinda miss when turbofolk was just blatant translations of Greek pop songs by Despina Vandi and Anna Vissi. I don't even like modern Balkan folk but that was at least bearable.

No. 1531221

Does anybody here know about ШКЯ/Eva Morozova? Everything she does is a pure masterpiece and it's sad non-russian speakers can't understand this pure splendor. Also, she is a gnc queen who doesn't wear makeup or dresses AND doesn't call herself a gender special. You can't have this on the English internet anymore.

No. 1531226

I don't speak Russian (I'm south slav) but I had one of her videos in my watch history…the mystery thickens.

No. 1531240

File: 1679587071802.jpg (83.15 KB, 1032x661, EG2384cWsAEqYBV.jpg)

Just found out Eastern Euros, especially Hungarians, Slovaks and Balkaners, have the highest colorectal cancer rates in the world and now I'm panicking. Why do you think this is, and how can we prevent it?
Not a shitpost (pun not intended), genuinely spooked

No. 1531241

We can easily prevent all sorts of cancer by dying young

No. 1531242

funny you say this because just yesterday i went to the doctor because of severe pain in my olon
turns out i have a huge gas bubble and IBS, but I already knew about IBS part
I eat retardedly healthy, sometimes it's just bad luck/genetics but eating healthy, small to moderate sized meals and eating SLOW + exercising helps a lot
i also take probiotics , need that good gut bacteria

No. 1531243

funny you say this because just yesterday i went to the doctor because of severe pain in my olon
turns out i have a huge gas bubble and IBS, but I already knew about IBS part
I eat retardedly healthy, sometimes it's just bad luck/genetics but eating healthy, small to moderate sized meals and eating SLOW + exercising helps a lot
i also take probiotics , need that good gut bacteria

No. 1531270

I drink so much yoghurt I am only half human, half a lactobacillus colony.

No. 1531271

Same. Whenever anons comment on people having white tongues I remember that I ate yoghurt and feel self-conscious.

No. 1531289

funny you say this because just yesterday i went to the doctor because of severe pain in my olon
turns out i have a huge gas bubble and IBS, but I already knew about IBS part
I eat retardedly healthy, sometimes it's just bad luck/genetics but eating healthy, small to moderate sized meals and eating SLOW + exercising helps a lot
i also take probiotics , need that good gut bacteria

No. 1531341

File: 1679592984554.jpeg (53.98 KB, 680x668, 2DA73765-0F50-4C57-8B81-6842D3…)

>how do you feel about the war
I was a child when Crimea happened and I remember I used to worry about it spilling over nonetheless, if only I knew.. A few months back I saw a car with ukrainian plates and bullet holes in the back. A side of my family is from Ukraine, (which is the case for lots of us) and we still haven’t heard from them since last year. I worry if Russia invades us as well there will be no way out, Moldova is not Ukraine after all, from the border to the capital it’s 3 hours by car. I still check the news daily, very stressed. (sorry for cringey ramble)
>how are things in Moldova?
A few people I know fleed to Romania & europe in general since the start of the war, but that’s for those who can afford it. Nothing much in the sense of military escalation, just bomb threats, russian backed payed protests and the 30% inflation. With 200MDL you used to walk out the grocery store with a full bag, now it’s just 3 or 4 things, which doesn’t sound bad bad but bills are horrible atm even with state compensation.

hugs to ukrainian nonnies, you’re in my thoughts almost every single day

No. 1531355

My heart hurts for you that you can write something so emotional and then worry you're being cringy. I hope you and your family remain as safe as possible

No. 1531602

Known her since the skype video hehe, I watched all her videos then and was delighted to find a woman that just has fun and doesn't care. I like her sense of humor.

Nona, it's not cringy at all, it's natural that you're worried. Even though it's fucked up that you have to worry over such things at all. Anyways, I hope everything will be ok.
>hugs to ukrainian nonnies, you’re in my thoughts almost every single day

No. 1531664

File: 1679615547642.jpg (135.42 KB, 960x1247, Maya.jpg)

any other rus/ukr-jew farmers? first-gen western dwelling, isreali or still in ru/ukr

No. 1531741

File: 1679625742106.jpg (26.91 KB, 540x540, ShotType1_540x540.jpg)

genuinely shocked to see nonnas from slovakia/czech rep. i really wish i had lolcow friends irl

No. 1531873

we're with you in spirit

No. 1531876

File: 1679652785463.jpg (51.57 KB, 894x507, 61a1SlNHArL._AC_UF894,1000_QL8…)

I love kabanos. I bought some korbáčik too and have been snacking on the combo.

No. 1531975

I just don’t want to make it like i’m somehow having a worse time than nonnas in active warzones.
Thank you ♥

No. 1532026

yeah first gen isreali, and you nona?

No. 1532139

I love me some kabanos with steamed sauerkraft. Goes great with mashed potatoes too.

No. 1532505

Odjebite iz moje močvare
(Fuck off out of my swamp)

No. 1532518

I will be visiting Budapest for a week in april, do anyone have suggestions on what to eat and what to visit? Also various suggestions

No. 1532531

They have a pretty bridge and architecture, but that's all what comes to mind. Hungarians don't like English and Euros in my experience, just like Italians, but younger people are more friendly.

No. 1532547

Lmao I'm the anon 6600 euro anual earnings and i acknowledged that I don't have to pay rent bc i live in an apartment owned by family. If i had to live renting, i would probably be still living with my mom. I live in the capital and I'm sure here the rent is the highest and i already mentioned that a fucking parking space (not in the most expensive neighborhood) is 25 000 euro. I'm pretty sure my earnings are low lol and yet I'm not considered poor or anything like that. I think those numbers speak for themselves

No. 1532908


the thermal baths are super famous. havent been there myself but if I do thats on the top of my list.

No. 1533078

visit: Gellért Hill and Citadella, Castle Quarter (you can easily spend a day there, it's beautiful and has so much interesting stuff), Városliget (also has a bunch of famous stuff to see), Szent István Bazilika, Normafa Park (try the rétes/strudel there) from there it's a small walk to János Hill/Erzsébet Lookout

it's not Budapest but Szentendre is like 45 minutes away by train or tram and the Old Town and Riverside parts are really beautiful. Esztergom and Visegrád are also great but they're farther away and Szentendre is better imo

for food i don't really have places to rec, Kürtőskalács/Chimney Cake is nice if it's freshly baked, in a restaurant i would recommend pörkölt (pork or beef stew) and halászlé (fish soup, really great) over goulash/gulyás cause gulyás is really just a mid tier soup

avoid: Váci utca (really crowded and annoying, massive tourist trap), parts of the city that are very run down and aren't safe, not validating your ticket on public transit bc i've seen inspectors single out tourists specifically, leaving your stuff unattended bc people steal all the time

No. 1533120

I just want to second other anon's Gellert Hill recommendation! I loved the hike and the view is 100% worth it

No. 1533266

Danube is still so narrow in Budapest, as someone whose city is also on the Danube I loved crossing the bridges and noting how short the bridges are there. Hard to believe it's the same powerful river. I stood on a bridge and spat in the water, thinking how my spit will make it home before me.

No. 1534175

File: 1679940615265.jpg (122.14 KB, 568x800, 1576296531143224420.jpg)

Serbianons, is Лепа села лепо горе worth watching?
Also just curious, what do you think about Emir Kusturica and his films? I watched a few over 10 years ago (and I was basically a different person then) and remember having mixed feelings about them (even though I liked Живот је чудо), I suspect it'd be even more difficult to watch now. I'd definitely not rewatch Завет.

No. 1534199

File: 1679942094050.jpg (238.08 KB, 1080x1080, cute-cats-cuddling-illustratio…)

Oh fuck yes we have our own thread, had no idea. Happy to see so many of us here

Makes me wonder if that one childhood friend could be here, she was the only other woman that I knew that actually liked playing video games and similar stuff… until she got engaged at like 17-18 and moved away. Damn I miss her

No. 1534810

Croatian anons, how much are you earning?

I've been making 7-10k kn (900-1200€) and still can't find a place to live on my own. It's insane how high the prices are and I don't even own a car or have debt

No. 1534816

That's a fucking decent salary, definitely above the average. Zagreb and the coast are just overpriced, you could take a credit and buy a house or flat in a smaller city with 10min commute to work. There are a ton of people moving out or selling their parents' houses, it depends on the sector you work in where you could find a decent paying job.

No. 1534823

I don't watch movies lol
My friend worked for Kusturica as a makeup artist on set in that little village he built, she loved that job, she said the pay and conditions were great
That's all I know about that

No. 1535018

File: 1680018632366.jpg (65.27 KB, 960x541, image2.jpg)

How do you feel about the culture gap about politness? How gossip is seen in eastern europe vs the west for example

My family and friends would talk smack and there would be no hard feelings, if people disagree it's laughed off and I felt comfortable. Western rules on social media are kind of choking me
>nooo you can't say that so directly and openly!!!
>if you disagree about one thing people consider you an enemy
>too many censored words, and I don't mean slurs, I mean like rape,kill,death when discussing dark news

No. 1535267

Reci u kojoj si branši da se prebacim

No. 1539419

File: 1680454530595.jpeg (51.39 KB, 641x397, F7F22BC0-7FA5-4052-97A2-E68BBF…)

Recently Polish internet users have discovered a FB group called 'i love my Polish heritage' populated exclusively by 8th generation Polish-seppos who have never been to Poland and it’s insane how touchy and obsessed with 'rudeness' these people are. Correct their laughably bad spelling as politely as possible and tell them it’s in fact spelled 'gołąbki' and not 'gloumpkies' or whatever they came up with today and they will scream and cry about how rude and mean you are.

No. 1540125

Kek, the people from the diaspora that I've met IRL who come here and put effort into understanding our culture and language have all been nice people who want to research their family history without claiming some kind of identity, but there is a specific kind of unseasoned American who acts like this online. They don't understand that they can LARP as whatever they want in burgerland but in the "old world" nobody cares that their grandfather's third cousin once removed was born here. Speaking the language is literally just the baseline minimum for belonging to an ethnicity, incredible that this can cause so much drama for them.

No. 1545079

File: 1681108874435.jpg (34.5 KB, 360x456, D8MPbv8.jpg)

reminder to my fellow czech and slovak nonnies: do NOT open your door to anyone today. i forgot what day it was and had to face a drunken neighbor with a whip just a couple of minutes ago. i would maybe let it go if there were kids present but it was just him, an adult male.

No. 1545080

All diaspora cunts act like this. When I see the subreddit of my country on the main page and the americans larping as Finnish on it makes me want to remove myself from this planet. I don't understand how a country can be so ignorant about their own roots while trying to imitate someone's else identity. Just enjoy your burger, country music or whatever the fuck you have in US. You don't have to larp being Irish or whatever the fuck else to ascertain your white identity or whatever the fuck you are seeking from this.

No. 1545093

the scots call their brand of these people styrofoam scots

No. 1545100

i just saw a group of gen z looking guys camp on my street with like a dozen of buckets. i thought younger gens were already past this silliness. how am i gonna walk my dog?
also good luck to polish and hungarian nonnies today

No. 1545101

Damn, they'll whip you? Here in the north it's just kids asking for candy but a couple of nonnies reported being too anxious to open anyway kek

No. 1545103

Still can't get over the fact that Веселин Маринов was mentioned on our basket weaving forum kek didn't expect that kek

No. 1545207

I guess this has something to do with "white people have no culture" thing in America where they think that being just a white guy is boring, so they try to dug out their family history to see if they are Irish, Pole, whatever. Which is stupid honestly. You are American, not European. It's not our problem that you were memed into thinking that being American is boring.

No. 1545222

>white people have no culture
Which is just stupid because it's not possible to exist without culture, even if they don't mean it literally.

No. 1545229

White americans have culture but so much of it is rooted in colonialism and sometimes, racism, that they want to remove themselves from it and adopt other people's cultures. They find it hard to defranchise these things from their own culture. It is honestly pathetic.

No. 1545334

Name one thing in white American culture that isn't rooted in colonialism, sexism, racism, etc. The whole culture is rotten and needs to be exterminated.

No. 1546021

american niggers don't have the culture either and they take random parts of african nigger culture (equally garbage and subhuman) and communism and crime to feel better. i saw so many american nigs obsessed with random african countries(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1546027

let the burgers have fun instead because for past 10 years nigger 50iq commie grifters enabled by kike controlled govt and media told them are evil for literally nothing and supposedly even the poorest have some evil "privilege". all commies, kikes, bugs and niggers need to be exterminated.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1546044

prime example of american culture right here kek

No. 1546045

No. 1546047

>even arguably rock was invented by black people and copied by whites
if anything blacks are carrying american culture hard the entire time. what music white americans did? country music that only has 2 chords and sings exclusively about beating your wife, crying about how things were good back then when your ancestors had plantations, how city people dont get it and alcoholism? lmao

No. 1546053

imagine being a fucking handmaiden for niggers. their "contributions" are worthless anyway(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1546054

>handmaiden of niggers
you realize some of them are women too? are you retarded or just musically ignorant?

No. 1546055

You lose all conviction using that term tbh. Hateful.

No. 1546070

Transcom, projekti na njemackom dobro placaju, ali opcenito je robija, vecina kolega ode nakon 1-2 godine

No. 1546096

who the fuck cares about America, Americans and their culture in the Eastern Europe thread. We're not even on the same continent. I for one care as little about American culture as I do about Bangladeshi or Maltese culture.

No. 1546245

Anyways speaking of americans today I found out some american company is buying out my country’s government so they can have free reign to take people’s land, cut down forests and mine and also apparently force people to work 60 hours per week… rip my dreams of moving to the cheap empty countryside i guess

No. 1546246

americans have the midas touch of shit.

No. 1546258

File: 1681228371028.jpeg (208.78 KB, 1280x1230, 1640600504410.jpeg)

Please don't be Serbia please don't be Serbia

No. 1546279

File: 1681231425831.jpg (49.63 KB, 564x734, 91f22f036e1fc423c3c56dc0fbf6a0…)

Anons, do you actually feel like a part of your culture/people? Do you appreciate your culture, either traditional or popular, do you think you share mentality, values with your countrymen? Do you really like your country and plan to stay here or would you move to another place if there was such an opportunity?

No. 1546291

Didnt you guys stop rio tinto from mining? You could probably stop these guys too.

it’s macedonia anyways

No. 1546302

File: 1681234139819.png (505.03 KB, 741x1055, 95254477_2102134359932285_7395…)

For the time being, but it's only a matter of time until the final boss of retards that is governing our country does some back alley deal with more foreign investors. Air quality here is shit, water quality is also shit, our reputation is terrible thanks to awful people managing the country for as long as it existed post-Yugoslavia, and we're mostly owned by China and oil Arabs anyway. I honestly don't hold much hope for us.

No. 1546312

File: 1681234947598.jpeg (46.18 KB, 414x725, 2EDE9C7F-D3BC-4AF5-88F0-CECBB8…)

>Do you appreciate your culture, either traditional or popular,

Kind of? I enjoy learning about the different traditions my country had and about the history, but I also feel like many other countries have more interesting ones. A lot of culture and intellectual tradition in my country was completely destroyed by WW2 and commies.

I did order a 1930s folk costume shirt yesterday and I’m going to wear it.

>do you think you share mentality, values with your countrymen?

TBH nah, they’re either retarded rightoid conservatives who think the EU is coming to turn them gay or equally retarded libs who overperform shame for not being born French or German and try to out-West the West.

>Do you really like your country and plan to stay here or would you move to another place if there was such an opportunity?

I would stay if there were high paying jobs, but I’m a STEMlord in a field where there are only minimum wage academic jobs and a handful of industry positions with like 150 applicants per job opening.

I’m going to miss the low crime rate and feeling at home tho. I don’t want to deal with the stigma of being an Eastern European immigrant which westoids completely don’t get (a French girl claimed once I was going to be welcome everywhere cause I’m white kek)

No. 1546365

Anyone here a first gen immigrant? What was your experience like?
>My parents had a comfy life in eu, decide to move to west to seek a 'better life'
>Mom convinces me to not worry about friends because 'in the west, all children will be of different backgrounds so you won't be different'
>Believe her
>literally move to bumfuck nowhere, Wales, uk.
>Both parents instantly surprised we are all treated like shit second-class citizens
>Mom, who used to be a researcher, cries herself to sleep because she is treated like shit, payed minimum wage
>Dad, who used to be a math teacher now works minimum wage at a factory where he is spat on by coworkers
>both hate each-other for moving and beat me as result
>get bullied in school by english teachers and pupils
>other foreign kids hate me for not being catholic
>never develop social skills
>forced to only consume uk media to 'assimilate'
>native language skill regresses, too ashamed to speak it anymore because i sound like a retard
>growing up is lonely, eventually move out and go to uni in england where people are mildly less racist
>extended family ashamed of me for being 'westernized'
>british look down on me for being foreign

As a result I get a feeling that I will never belong anywhere, anyone else feel like that? You would think that grown-up life is better but the comments never stop.

No. 1546369

Where are you from? I guess Romania since you’re Eastern European but not Catholic?

Also I’m so sorry, that sounds horrible. It’s exactly why I’m conflicted about moving to another country and having children there.

No. 1546371

File: 1681241205773.jpg (19.39 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

I think we have couple of different groups in here with different values and different intellect with it. I am part of one group of people and absolutley don't get the other group's mentality. I think we have a big connection to nature so that's what i love and do all the natural stuff i can i don't do traditions other than shit with nature. I wanted to move to England all my life but in the end i decided to stay here and buy a house, i'm planning to make it into a farm and just try to survive whatever goverment throws at me. I think it kinda sucks everywhere so why bother leaving.

No. 1546388

no I am polish, my parents tried to be progressive and raise me without religious influence

No. 1546401

File: 1681243681018.jpg (34.99 KB, 563x535, fuck this place man.jpg)

Not really to all points. I am almost completely out of touch with Serbian media. I stopped following politics (watched a satirical show for news for a while) during peak Covid, and for years I catered all my sm to not show me any location based content. So in a way, I'm already not living here kek picrel. I'm only staying on the basis of - better the devil you know, than the devil you don't. But the older I get, the less I like living in this shithole. I might leave one day. But maybe just moving to the countryside will be enough "getting away", that's what I keep telling myself.

No. 1546494

File: 1681252748165.jpeg (107.21 KB, 750x864, 0E5AFEDF-2067-4974-B687-6944FA…)

longstanding slavic tradition

No. 1546547

i'm polish too and i feel like you that i will not fit anywhere too, but that might just be the autism. Though I guess from observing others, you will be always othered to some extent, people are more accepting if the country is doing well but as things get worse economically etc and more immigrants come you can feel the vibe change, even with the more accepting people. Everyone is fine with shitting on eastern europeans anyway since it's not considered racist it's a safe way to let their negative feelings towards immigrants out. My polish is terrible but i still have an accent in english that makes me easy to spot as EE.
You ever run into moids that think EE women will be the perfect obedient bangmaids? Even heard some say you don't need to put in effort just get us some mcdonalds and we will be super grateful because we are so poor, but with the local girls they have to put in effort. Also met someone who asked if we have roads and shit.. Now if you come back to poland the men here will think you are a whore because we're all so "liberated" in the west.
Most of the EE girls just hang out together, but i was too foreign for them by the time more people immigrated, and then there are those who will avoid any other EE's in their friend group and act weird about it. I moved back recently tho and it's even worse, maybe because it's a small town, but they assume you think you are superior to them because you lived abroad and dislike you for the shit they made up about you in their head. People are just so fucking tiresome everywhere. I feel even more disconnected here and don't even know how to talk to people, making friends seems impossible.

No. 1546728

I'm not an immigrant but had a chance to travel for some time and held some jobs in other countries. That chauvinism is very real. That sucks, cause my country goes to shit with every passing day, and even though I like it here, living in Ukraine would be difficult for the next 10 ten years minimum kek. I have friends who lived in Poland for 5 years or so now and they all had a pretty decent jobs, so it's not like they are some uneducated and rude people, but they are absolutely hated in Poland. I experienced same stuff in other countries.
This really sucks, cause I'm finishing my medical education this year and doctors are being payed like shit in my country. In EU at least, my colleagues are treated as humans and get decent pay. I would rather get shots in other countries, but I heard fist hand that patients would refuse to work with you and insult you in your face.

No. 1546922

Fellow med student who wants to work in another country, why are your friends hated in Poland? I heard the Polish were retardedly discriminative towards immigrants but didn't know it still existed. Do you have any other countries on your mind? A lot of doctors I know prefer moving to Germany or England maybe you can consider those options?

No. 1546942

I am too bummed our pagan shit got lost in history, it was apparently more female focused.

No. 1546952

Yeah, well, Polish people notoriously dislike immigrants, which is ironic cause they also migrate to Germany and other countries where they are treated the same way. Can't blame them though, the sort that works in other countries is a… colorful bunch. You have good hard working people yeah, but also a lot of outright bydlo.
One of my childhood friends is an opera singer who works in Poland currently and she said that she hates it there because people treat her differently. Another guy worked as a doctor there and he said that patients don't want to have him as a doctor. Another guy is a med student, and he is bullied to hell and back by his peers. That sort of stuff.
Personally I consider England cause they have a shortage of doctors after brexit, so plenty of work there. I already know some English, so it wouldn't be a problem to renew my degree there and improve my English somewhat. If you speak German, it's a great choice too. Personally I think Slovenia is a nice choice too. Idk, it comfy and cheap and it's easier to learn another Slavic language.
But if you ask me, going to another country is a major pain in the ass, you should consider that you would need to work nonstop, even harder than when you were getting your degree. Getting a part time job is a must too, on top of your studies. Even better if you can travel there with a bf or a family member and they can support you. I don't know any person who moved to another country alone and managed to become a doctor there. Personally I'm too burned out to work my ass off everyday in hellish conditions. But it's still more preferable than staying in my homecountry and get salary than can barely cover my basic needs.

No. 1546970

I don't get how a country that has so many emigrants itself treats immigrants poorly. I work in a town with the largest concentration of polish people on our island. My work place may as well be considered a bilingual company. The thing I have noticed with the polish workers is they openly talk shit about over here and a lot of our culture. Even the ones who had kids over here make fun of their children's accents in work and complain about how they sound speaking polish. We had bad snow here and I innocently asked one coworker how their drive in I used the phrase was the snow bad at home or something and I got this angey rant about how here will never be home. Then bitch, why live here lol

No. 1546985

Same nona, I'm glad that at least when we got christianised they couldn't weed out all the traditions and there's little things we do for holidays and solstices and seasonal changes that obviously predate christianity. Also in old folktales and legends you can see how many of the creatures are spirits of nature. I still really wish I could know more about it, in my country especially we only have small fragments saved and maybe the only way to know more is to read what people from other countries have written about it, and also some academic writing on it.

A while ago I read about a nearby village's easter traditions. They played a lot of games while celebrating for three days, some just for the women and some for the men and some mixed. A lot of them seem to have roots in fertility rituals and mirror the cycle of growth and death. Also games where men and women could announce they're together or would get married. Some of them were even quite vulgar lmao. I don't remember all the details but it was interesting to see what people got up to for fun and for the holidays.

No. 1547037

They hate immigrants because they have a superiority complex, they hate the countries they immigrate to because they have a superiority complex.
How your coworker reacted even though you were just being thoughtful is definitely shitty though.

No. 1547046

>I am almost completely out of touch with Serbian media
I am completely completely out of touch with Serbian media. It's just necessary for mental health protection.
>maybe just moving to the countryside
Have you seen the countryside? It's dying. There are no young people, no jobs, no schools.

No. 1547072

>emigrated as a (late) teen
>wouldn't have done it if my parents weren't dirt poor or if they had connections, or if i had any job prospects (read: maths or IT degree)
>parents can't afford paying for degree so IT and maths are out of the question, and i can't do well enough in entrance exams to go for free
>sadly i'm a languagefag and my uni is really corrupt, so i drop out and move abroad
>worked for a few years as a cleaner
>went to uni here, people were racist
>even the most "liberal" LGBT+ etc people would say deeply offensive shit to me
>got a local boyfriend, called his "mail order bride" a lot, both his friends and classmates avoid me
>always called a dirty russian (there is a local slur for russian people, that was what they called me), even though i'm not Russian in the least
>one professor made me cry and called me a war criminal (I was not born when Yugo wars were happening)
>had to change my last name so i could get a real job, was very sad when it actually worked
>before then people gaslit me for years, saying it was because my CV was bad or other innocent reasons that i couldn't get hired
>eventually score job and learn local language enough to not have a noticeable accent
>missed out on cool student life and other young person experiences because of immigration and xenophobia
>have trauma and mental issues
>people in my hometown are jealous, family i never see asks for money i don't have, but i can't relate to people here either because i've become too jaded and bitter from years of eating shit
>don't fit in anywhere
>wish i was just born rich and got to stay back home

i feel the same way as you, but i can't go back. the only time i felt real happiness was as an exchange student in france. everyone there was equally jaded and i wasn't treated like a circus freak.

No. 1547073

File: 1681301278266.jpg (172.62 KB, 1200x630, cozonac-1.jpg)

any romanian nonnies here?

No. 1547110


No. 1547309

I involuntarily get second hand information about certain celebs or politics, otherwise I really am ignorant of what's going on around here, but yeah I agree 100%. And regarding the countryside dying, yeah, I know, but I'm asocial as fuck and don't want to start a family, and my job is digital. So all those points are really a non-issue. I get how most people would be turned off though.
I was going to make a joke about you summoning her but realized she's back while typing.

No. 1547491

>I was going to make a joke about you summoning her but realized she's back while typing.
I'm pretty new to these threads, what's this about?

No. 1547617

nta but i have it the same, hate people love silence of coutryside. Friendly neighbours are a bit annoying but you gotta do some interacting in case you needed their help. My only fear is goverment raising taxes so much i can't support myself with the digital work, and they are threatening it for some time now. It's a really stupid way to get money for the state, they want everybody to be an employee and not free.

And hello to Romaniaanon if she's here i hope you find some time to chill and calm your mind

No. 1547631

I wish all Slavic nations used some kind of panslavic language so we could all understand each other 100% like anglo nations do. Though I know it is a pipe dream due to nationalism. I am Croatian and people still get butthurt over Serbo-Croatian.

No. 1547651

Anglo nations were all under England's rule at one point; original spoken languages there were different and they're either completely eradicated or in the process of being eradicated right now. Sorry to go all "akshually" on you but language is an important part of nation's identity and culture and there's nothing good about being forced to use the same one when we're not identical. For what it's worth slavic languages are still similar enough it's not that hard to learn the basics necessary for communication

No. 1547681

File: 1681332893131.jpg (112.23 KB, 564x773, 7d34b6a3e9c81ffe9d2223c55bd8ea…)

I think about it sometimes, too, and there's an Interslavic language that even allows using both Cyrillic and Latin alphabets. I wouldn't want it to substitute national languages but it would be cool if it were more widespread. It feels a bit weird to use English to understand each other perfectly when our languages are so similar.

This reminded me of something I wanted to ask Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian nonas: how things were with Russian during ussr times and after them? Afaik many Russians moved to your countries, but did locals have to learn Russian and use it, well, everywhere? Just curious because your langs are so different

No. 1548105

We still can understand each other somewhat when using spoken language. With writing, it's more difficult cause we can use Latin or Cyrillic alphabet, good luck understanding that. But otherwise no, it's cool how we are all slavs but have different customs and languages, it makes every country unique. Anyway, I'm really dislike panslavinism, cause it looks like low key imperialism, considering that it's usually paddled by one nation that wants to assimilate the others. Not cool.

No. 1548116

Why do people get butthurt? All neighboring languages just sound like dialects of the same language, like British and American English. It is a very common view where I live that it's dialects of the same language, except Slovene and somewhat N. Macedonian. It's not like I struggle to understand my grandma from Lika when she speaks.

I don't see why saying we speak the same language is bad and why people get mad. Many families where I live are basically little Yugoslavias made of people from different ex-Yguo countries.

No. 1548117

File: 1681373487635.jpg (52.41 KB, 500x500, cebb06378d05e1b4d4d99f7dda07b4…)

Russian was taught in school in USSR and still is to this day. A lot of Russians live in Lithuania, and from my experience they are very arrogant. They expect everyone to speak Russian and will refuse to speak Lithuanian even if they know it. Old scrotes like to waste everyone's time by harassing staff members to speak to them in Russian, before giving up after being told 10 times that the worker only speaks Lithuanian. That's just a small example, though.
Fun fact since I don't see it mentioned anywhere, but since pretty much everyone spoke Russian in USSR it was considered posh to speak Polish. My grandma spoke Polish with other ladies when meeting up, and my mother picked up a bit of Polish too because of that.

No. 1548129

I think it's the opposite, that nationalism is what stops panslavism from ever being a thing. All the blooshed that has happened between us, like in ww2 or the yugoslav wars, before that and nowadays is what stops us from ever being united. We all have our different customs and things but it's obvious we came from the same people and haven't diverged that much yet. In an ideal world our unique differences would be acknowledged and cherished yet united we would have a much better chance to thrive and take care of our lands and interests. As it stands now all our smaller countries are up for grabs and exploitation from the larger powers, our resources will be drained by them while the people mostly want to leave/have already left.

No. 1548132

It's all true, but I just don't want my country to be part of Russia and be ruled by a president for life. I still like our political system even if it's flawed.
I think an economic and military union is more preferable, but without any of that panslavinism whack.

No. 1548183

File: 1681388920054.png (225.8 KB, 1194x649, Average__Balkan__Couple.png)

Nonas how do you feel about your country's average man? I'm romanian and I noticed a lot of guys here will treat you like a princess when they're pursuing you but when you get together with them, they become very careless and avoidant, and almost always put their problems in your lap as well. A lot of them also get pressed because they think they should be "the man of the house" and when they obviously can't support you financially 100% they will treat you like shit. I've seen this in many of my friends' relationshis as well. I've also dated other eastern europeans thinking the grass is maybe greener on the other side but oh boy, I noticed a lot of them have mommy/daddy issues - which isn't necessarily a problem, not everyone comes from a good family, but they never address their own mental health issues at all.

No. 1548232

I feel like they never want to work on their mental health too. They know they have a problem but just think it's the cards they got and don't even think they can change their fate. Also czech men = toxic masculinity towards eachother when it comes to alcohol. If you're not a tough guy who can finnish the bottle you are a pussy. Men always need to prove tjemselves to other men, it's fucking ridiculus. Zoomers are more normal in this though so i have hope for future generazions.

No. 1548236

I really like how tall men are here
I think they're objectively hotter than men elsewhere, I think that of our women too though

No. 1548255

File: 1681393967741.jpg (153.54 KB, 1080x1961, Screenshot_20230413_155014_Fir…)

I've been trying to start therapy again and take it more seriously but the prices are off putting. I know everything has become more expensive but 1h used to be around 20€/150 kn max but now it's all doubled lol

How's it looking in other counties and countries?

No. 1548345

Cjene su ti tako i ovamo u CG i RS.

No. 1548353

I think this is moid mentality problem, I'm bulgarian and most guys here are the same as what you have described, but I've been kinda terminally online for years and i think in the US isn't that different, judging what I've seen shared from different woman on the internet and mostly American ones on reddit

No. 1548357

> Nonas how do you feel about your country's average man
Ukraine. One word: ew.

No. 1548432

Hello fellow Czech nonna. I have similar feelings. Also I think they’re very misogynistic and it’s passed on them from previous generations. Their idea of Women is that they belong in a kitchen, they like shopping and gossiping and their opinion is of very low worth. But they usually let you know this through snide remarks, not saying it openly .When women express dissatisfaction they see it as hysterical and emotion driven nonsense. The objectification is also present. The young men are a bit better though. most of the older men are sometimes creepy especially towards teen girls, but somehow very meek. They usually harass only with words. But it can be scary anyway.
What I find insulting is the charges for rape and the way a victims are treated here. Everyone seems to blame the woman for this, even at courts. Really saddening thing.

No. 1548438

I don’t know how it works where you live, but if you have a universal free healthcare, you should be able to get a therapist for free. Where I live you just need a referral from your general practitioner. Or from a psychiatrist. The waiting times are brutal though. I got lucky, I got a referral, searched for a psychologist, found one and she was available in 3 weeks for me.

No. 1548499

Mozda tvoj grad ima psihološko savjetovalište za mlade? Ako si ispod 30, trebalo bi bit besplatno, bez čekanja

No. 1548501

Locals had to learn russian in the shit union although extreme russification did not start until the 70s. In addition to russian being taught in kindergarten, books, TV, etc being in russian, due to the amount of russians imported into Latvia and Estonia (less to Lithuania), it wasn't possible to get by in most places without russian. After we regained our independence it's been a lot of shit trying to get the russians who live here without speaking the local language to learn it. More than 30 years after the ussr and some of them still get upset when customer service doesn't speak russian… Although I found that if I talked to them in russian with the stereotypically slow accent they suddenly realized that they could speak Estonian after all and then we communicated without problem lol.

No. 1548503

salutari sora mea!
>they never address their own mental health issues at all
lol I can confirm this for all the romanian guys I've known/dated
what's worse is that if you tell them you're seeing a therapist they think you're probably crazy or emotionally unstable and will think less of you, it's so retarded that wanting to improve yourself emotionally is seen as a bad thing
>tall and hot men
sign me up nonnie, what country?

No. 1548509

Kek I once traveled to UK through Lithuania and that check in lady told me she didn't speak Russian and started act annoyed all of the sudden. So I proceeded to talk with her in English. I needed to leave her for a sec, and when I returned she asked me to show my passport. It was Ukrainian one. For some reason, she started speaking perfec Russian. You guys are based beyond belief.

No. 1548511

Whoops, forget to add that it was in Kaunas airport. She worked for the flight company here.

No. 1550833

Ok so I live in a different country but my parents are originally from georgia and have some circassian. Probably some greek too but not sure. Am I European? Asian? Middle Eastern?

No. 1550941

>Twig skinny body
>posts karleuša

No. 1550943

File: 1681642362446.webm (2.07 MB, 1072x1632, XRecorder_Edited_13042023_1340…)

Happy Orthodox Easter nonnies!! How are you celebrating today? What are some traditional meals from your home country?

No. 1551097

File: 1681658859422.jpg (143.92 KB, 949x545, 51543_pecenje-shutterstock-548…)

Happy Easter! I'll visiting my parents with my siblings to exchange eggs and stuff our faces of course.
On the menu today we have salads as mezze, there's the classic Russian salad (which Russians call differently), a salad with leeks and mortadella, a salad with chicken and walnuts. Then there's (meat and rice) stuffed peppers, prebranac (oven baked beans), and, naturally, roast pig (+horseradish). It's not a celebration if at least one pig doesn't die. Oh and also some pita and cornbread (proja). And the eggs obviously. I'm sure I'm forgetting something.
I usually have leftovers for the entire week after holidays, and we make similar meals for Easter, Christmas and Slava

Pic related, pig roast, I love how the outside is crunchy and the inside melts in ur mouth

No. 1551099

Also, I spent an unexpectedly long amount of time trying to find a passably good picture of anything I mentioned to post, and I am forced to conclude our food looks like shit. Didn't notice that until now.

No. 1551151

File: 1681665137077.jpg (120.26 KB, 1280x720, kulajda madafaka.jpg)

Thats ok what matters most is that it tastes good

No. 1551154

File: 1681665510765.jpg (189.7 KB, 1210x800, pobrane.jpg)

I didn't know that the 'Russian salad' (here called 'vegetable salad') was so widespread and that it was eaten in Serbia too.

I'm sorry but I think it's one of the most gross meals in my country's traditional cuisine, it looks like it got already chewed and eaten once. I have very non-fond memories of being forced to eat it as a child kek

No. 1551157

File: 1681665743907.jpg (18.77 KB, 236x354, e60f1c80adfe2d9d403951fd29392a…)

samefag i'm high as fuck and i'd love to eat some mushroom soup!!! Mushrooms are so great, How many of you like mushrooms? I love them the most in a cream soup or sauce like that with estragon. Tastes like a kiss from a beautiful forest witch.
yeah looks almost like czech christmas salad. Canned peas in white stuff is evil.

No. 1551159

Happy easter! Me and my siblings went to see our grandparents and had some lamb, and did the traditional egg fight (kucanje). Your feast seems lovely though

No. 1551242

Nta but I hate it too. Here we call it the french salad. I do know there's some differences between russian and french salad though, one uses meat or apple etc. but the general idea is the same.

No. 1551305

Well judging by the replies concerning the staple Russian salad, it's not even that, kek
I don't care, I just came back and brought a full bowl of it, to me it tastes like mother's love

No. 1551322

Why isn't Greece considered part of Eastern Europe ? They're poor just like the others now.

No. 1551324

They're too south to be east

No. 1551379

File: 1681678225288.jpg (40.24 KB, 720x720, 269703070_3162602754027751_679…)

My mom made some of that yesterday, it's traditional for us as well and it's disgusting in my opinion, we call it boeuf salad lmao. Still not as horrendous as the meat-in-gelatine which is a traditional Christmas dish.

No. 1551389

File: 1681678744013.jpg (Spoiler Image, 25.03 KB, 640x320, f8e285bd55769e962c9c370a14414f…)

I think that's called aspic in English, and though I am a russian salad aficionado, I'll never put that in my mouth, it literally looks like a horror movie prop

No. 1551399

I used to be really put off by aspic too, I was encouraged to try salmon in aspic though and I found it kind of refreshing. Like the salmon tasted so light maybe because it wasn't bogged down with a sauce or marinade or frying or anything…all it was interacting with was the gelatine which tasted citrusy, the other things in the aspic were lemon slices and diced carrots and sprigs of dill. A hardboiled egg too but I avoided eating that.

No. 1551539

File: 1681692543715.jpg (32.41 KB, 610x250, 82733_18001827_612.jpg)

Happy belated Easter nonkies!
I stayed at home with my parents, and the only couple of traditional meals we had were paskas (easter bread) and aspic (I don't eat it). There were boiled eggs of course, dyed with onion skins. Paskas didn't turn out that great, most probably because we used dry yeast instead of live one, so dough didn't rise that much and bread was kinda… harder than usual I guess? still eatable but not superb. Also I went to shop last moment so the rainbow sprinkles were all bought up and I took m&ms for a topping, it surely didn't make it worse kek although it felt iconoclastic.

Ukraine, can say the same regarding mental issues part. Emotional management is really shitty, I'm not even saying anything about anger, I feel like a lot of men are so, so sensitive and touchy, and easily upset by some mundane crap or just almost any small thing. Neither can they manage it internally, nor at least externally just to be mindful of others and not spoiling their mood. And it's such a pile of bull that they're allegedly brought up in a way that makes them stoic or whatever so you have to create a safe space for their emotions or something–I feel like majority of men whine, moan, and sulk too easily and eagerly, and you actually have to show that there're limits and it is, in fact, really annoying. They just expect you to give them shoulder to cry on and cheer them up by default, even if you don't know each other too well. It's mostly true for millennials though. I don't interact with gen z guys so idk how they've been brought up but many older guys definitely were coddled too much (if not abused) and it's the root of many problems. Girls are not coddled like that, and that's why there're lots of cases when a woman turns out completely normal regardless of upbringing but her brother is a complete mess, a lost cause and/or a total douche.
I feel like there's a subtype that's not that rare among older men and is quite positive, it's hardworking family men that seem to respect their wives and daughters (and other women). I actually encounter such guys relatively often and they do seem nice and wholesome. I might be wrong but I feel like they either grew up in countryside or spend most of their time there, and they have their part of chores that they actually do (either that or they have a nice job they're good at). Not saying that all men living in countryside are great ofc, moreover, some places, households are just squalid and it's miserable there so naturally there're alcoholics and other crappy motherfuckers.
Anyways, just like Bulgarian nonna said >>1548353 a lot of things could probably be said about men in general, regardless of the nationality. Nevertheless, some of my girlfriends and just women I know that have been abroad (I've never been there so I personally can't compare) said that Western/Southwestern European men are generally nicer in comparison, and the main difference is that they're not as demanding, especially when it comes to appearance. So ours are pickier despite not looking that great on average (and looking worse than Western European men). I remember one of my girlfriends telling about a German guy that was shocked by misogyny of Ukrainian and Russian men lol, especially because of them being such slutshamers. I'd expect Eastern European men to be bigger slutshamers than Western men, even Americans. Not only men tho.
That's a lot of rambling, sorry for that kek

No. 1554266

I don't really like mushrooms except for chanterelles, but I really like going mushroom picking. I just hand over my mushrooms to my friends when I'm done, lol.

No. 1554417

Depends on where you live if you never lived in Georgia. Otherwise you'd just sound like these cringe Americans claiming to be 'Norwegian' 'Polish' 'Irish' or 'German' because their great-great-great-grandma emigrated from there.

No. 1554542

you're retarded

No. 1555912

does it matter? whatever name you stick on it doesn't change what you are. you sound like an american, so obsessed with labeling, categorizing and identifying when you could just be and let be.

No. 1558236

Anyone know where to get dbt/cbt treatment in the balkans?

No. 1558237

don't know about your country but there's a few weed shops in belgrade that sell that type of thing.

No. 1558238

Having family from both Ukraine and Russia I have no support for either Ukraine or Russia. Russia is a religious authoritarian hellhole that wishes it could surpass the western world in colonial power, the U.S. and Western Europe is actively funding nazi soldiers in Ukraine. The same ones that would have thrown my great grandparents in a mass unmarked grave. So if anyone asks me why I don't talk about it even though I have family that had to escape from Ukraine I just shrug my shoulders. I hate war and I support no one. I love Russian culture and history, grew up in a soviet cultured household, wish I could visit this part of the world every day but understand that just wont be possible.

No. 1558239

I'm talking about dialectic behavioral therapy KEK

No. 1558240

lmao sorry nonny i had no clue, mental healthcare here is so bad that i've given up

No. 1558308

Last year people had to bury their close ones, neighbors, etc. in makeshift mass graves and random places in the neighborhood because occupation and active battles made it impossible to make it properly, and that's while rashists were burning people alive in their houses in Mariupol because they wouldn't even allow firefighters and rescuers to go near them. Mariupol theater is one huge mass grave where many people that were hiding were buried alive under the rubble and then everything was filled with concrete and later (after concerts and dancing on the bones) just demolished completely, just like many other buildings there. The whole cities and villages are erased from the face of Earth, children are stolen by their parents, people go through filtration camps while their flats are taken over by russian soldiers, girls and women are raped and killed on the occupied territories and there's no police or anyone to care about it, moreover, it's likely done by russian soldiers so surely no one will investigate, people get kidnapped and tortured, people become homeless because no one is going to give them new houses (but there's an option of buying flats made of shit and sticks at Moscow prices), no proper healthcare on occupied territories, infrastructure is bombed in attempts at throwing free territories back in medieval times, museums are robbed, etc.
BUT there's a minority of neonazis among Ukrainian soldiers that anon thinks would do something to her ancestors in the distant past. Let's stay objective, it makes them equally bad, and USA and Europe are totes immoral for providing military aid.

No. 1558316

Once I saw a reuters article following one of these avoz battalion soldiers around calling himself Adolf I knew Ukraine was a lost cause. Don't worry Anon I'm not a Putin supporter and very aware Russia has its own neo-nazi's. Eastern Europe suffered a brain drain a long time ago, anywhere east of Poland or the Czech Republic is hopeless.

No. 1558322

Hi Anon, while Israel is certainly not located in Eastern Europe I have both Jewish and Russian parentage. That means I have a Ukrainian Jewish father and half sister that fled Ukraine and a Russian pravda reading mother (lol). Things are contentious for us especially because Russia guilts us for not supporting their war effort and Ukraine is sticking SS stickers to their helmets. Its why I just stopped reading about it even though it effects me closely (My half sister had rockets fly past her apartment in Kiev). If you have Russian Jewish parents and you ever want to travel to Eastern Europe I recommend Poland and most west-EE countries they shouldn't be too openly anti-semitic and you can learn about your history there.

No. 1558685

neonazis are always there where is a war, because they like to fight. I'd much rather neonazis put their lives for mine, than some normal men. It's a win win.

No. 1558785

I feel like my ex is trolling me, I sent a funny video of someone trying to read words in a foreign language, a joke between us because we speak different languages, and he posted something showing the sign to exit the country, and then a photo with location in Ukraine, then nothing. Like I know you did not just head on over there this is just what I get for sending a funny video huh

No. 1560099

Bulgarianons I don't think there's hope for our politics…

No. 1560107

Why are you sending your ex jokes? He's not interested.
Also was this an online relationship? This sounds like sone interaction youd only get from a discord moid, you dodged a bullet.

No. 1561969

File: 1682714944778.jpeg (45.38 KB, 640x631, Fu0ROecWwAEFbnt.jpeg)

No. 1561979

File: 1682715943250.jpg (276.72 KB, 1696x812, d7qoewj7zrda1.jpg)

Just this one ticket bro and I'll be a millionaire over night
Just this next bet
Just one more
One more and I'll be a millionaire

No. 1561987

I'm the Bulgarian nona, the bar is so low… Men expect us to be their personal therapists, sex slaves, maids, basically their moms, but with the fucking added, to be looking and dressing like bombshells at all times, never to be in a bad mood, to work, keep up with the house work, cook and so on. There are some normal ones, but i feel like that most 'normal' ones are guys that had good moms and/or sisters and bc of that they understand that we are people too. And we all know the standarts for men and women are vastly different, even not in a relationship, as you wrote - men are always treated like toddlers.

Kek i thought that was about weed too. Sorry nona, can't help - I don't know, i just wanted to say that this made me chuckle

I feel the same anon, it's

Same here anon, casinos and people addicted to betting everywhere

No. 1561996

That's so weird. I've only known one very bulgarian woman, she was super nationalistic and into her culture so I thought rest were like her.
She was visibly kinda chubby but cute, never did her hair, never wore makeup, always wore basic clothes and never tried to appeal to the male gaze. It felt like she didn't ever try to fit beauty ideals because she knew her worth wasn't tied with her beauty even though she wasn't unattractive naturally.
She also never cooked aside from when she needed to and never tried to get male attention. She only cared about her studies.

No. 1562022

File: 1682720378464.jpg (39.59 KB, 593x582, aoleu.jpg)

Romanian here too (saluuut) and I agree so much with you, altough I would also like to add other things about our men here:
>they expect you to look like a pornstar, but without botox ofc
>you have to put up with one of their addictions, either alcoholism, gambling or smoking (if you don't smoke). There are some (altough pretty rare) cases of moid potheads too, zoomers mostly
>a lot of them still think that basic grooming makes them gay
>even tough they pamper you with flowers and gifts, they still find a way to reproach for that - "my shoes are worn out and I still spend money on you" (this is when they buy you a Milka kek)
>a handful of them will call you either a golddigger or a whore if you choose someone Western European over them
>axe and str8 perfumes

No. 1562046

I said men expect that, not that every woman is doing all of that. I personally have always valued being comfortable vs looking/dressing fashionable. I rarely do my hair, haven't painted my nails in 10 years, from last year i put make up on when i go to work bc the lack of sleep shows… But i do only basic eye makeup + brows bc i hate hearing wow you look tired/sick. My style is kinda tomboyish and i have had guys mansplaining to me how I should put make up or dress more feminine and that i would look better. I don't give a shit. And i can't cook either and I've been mocked and insulted about that by both women and men. According to them, every "proper" woman is a chef without a pay, after her normal work hours. And no matter how good you look, if you don't want to fuck with some dumb moids, they start calling you ugly, a whore or a prude

No. 1562261


It's not as popular but there is a similar discussion thread муренач on 2ch's /dev board. I'm mostly unfamiliar with the people they post and find them boring most of the time though, so I'm not sure if it'd fit your tastes. Unfortunately, the board is unundated with scrotes and the current mods aren't planning on implementing a no moid policy rule on there making it so shitty filled with racebaits and incelposting

No. 1562291

You're based for not giving in to the weird ass beauty standards. I'd understand simple makeup and shit but some men expect you to look like an Instagram hoe with fake nails, extensions, heavy makeup, etc. which really looks cheap if you use those in your day to day life.

No. 1562296

File: 1682755027622.jpg (143.5 KB, 570x811, F6V3VkAIocwG.jpg)

What are your thoughts on Western leftists who argue that Eastern European countries after World War II were not truly communist? I would like to hear from both pro-communist/socialist individuals, as well as those who do not support these ideologies

No. 1562318

File: 1682758978451.jpeg (66.33 KB, 960x488, FujoqeKXsAIqzf5.jpeg)

Thank you nona! I believe we should be allowed to be comfortable and u try to do that!

Pic not related - Boyko Metodiev Borisov is a Bulgarian politician who served as the prime minister of Bulgaria from 2009 to 2013, 2014 to 2017, and 2017 to 2021, making him Bulgaria's second-longest serving prime minister to date.

No. 1562319

Straight men will pay thousands of euros for 1 NIGHT with a prostituted woman, this is what you get for settling for milka chocolate. The service you provide is priceless & he knows it.

No. 1562322

We have "Russian salad" in turkey too, we mix the mayo with yoghurt to make it milder. Or at least my family does.

No. 1562323

We have it in Bulgaria too, we usually eat russian salad around Christmas time/new years eve and actually this is my favourite salad - but only the home made, the ones in the stores are fucking gross, they don't even remotely taste like the real thing.
When my grandma was still alive, we used to do a big batch of salad at home, with pickles that we made (not home grown, but bought and put in jars to ferment or however it's called) and it was always delicious

No. 1562331

i feel like it's a meme. Even some people here say the old: "But commusnism isn't bad, what you experienced wasn't really commusism." I think the real commusism they have in mind can't exist, i wish they realize and stfu about it at last.

No. 1562339

romanian here too, that picture is pretty accurate but funnily enough most couples I know the man doesn't look like that, but he has that super generic bland romanian face (ovalish , some facial hair etc) and is skinnyfat
>a lot of them still think that basic grooming makes them gay
this one is so true it hurts, a close friend is a Fitzpatrick 1 and he has so many moles yet NEVER uses sunscreen.
Don't get me started on moisturizer, they think that's gay as fuck… but ofc a woman MUST be wrinkle free and look as young as possible! They're super oblivious to how much we invest in skincare and maintaining our looks

No. 1562456

Tips for finding good therapists/psychiatrists in this hell hole? Every single one I've been to just lets me vent for an hour or tries to put me on bc/zoloft. It's like they don't teach cognitive behavioral therapy in school, unbelivable.

No. 1562464

You're still trying, huh?
Just go to the weed shop, that's the closest thing to mental health services we have

No. 1562490

File: 1682781444351.jpg (99.76 KB, 1080x795, ewww.jpg)

That pic certainly looks like a 40+ age range couple, but the ones in their 20's and 30's look like you described indeed.
>but ofc a woman MUST be wrinkle free and look as young as possible!
Fr fr, reminded me I forgot to mention the pedo tendencies of a certain category here - the ones in their 20s who go for minors in highschool and the ones in their 30s and 40s going for barely legal girls which reminds me of that one controversial tiktok couple where the girl is only 18 and her now husband is 42 iirc (picrel) and a lot of people in their comments consider this shit normal on the principle that their parents and grandparents had this type of age gap and they were happy yada yada (when divorce was forbidden kek)

No. 1562522

File: 1682784185436.jpg (40.65 KB, 613x553, мужичьё.jpg)

Yeah nona, agreed. They might not directly demand any of that, and most actually won't I think, but the resentfulness, passive aggressiveness, and various remarks will be present nonetheless. I've known some quite unsightly men that nevertheless managed to be serial monogamists with much better-looking (ex)girlfriends, and they still had a lot to complain about, and would cheat and/or initiate breakups at least half the times. Not that there're no reasons to complain when your partner is hot, but theirs were just ridiculous most of the time and only showed their worst sides. It's like being a person and not fitting into the ideal they've created in their mind is something they have to put up with, endure, and then they feel like they've put too much effort for nothing so they can be nasty and petty about it because they're apparently victims no matter what. At the same time, the more flaws of theirs you accept the better, it's like you always have to prove you're capable of unconditional love but it won't even be appreciated because it's never enough. Meanwhile, no attempts at holding themselves to higher standard and improving as a person.

>Eastern European countries after World War II were not truly communist
What countries were/are truly communist then? heh
Afaik, every communist country claims they're only building communism, EE countries had years to achieve it and yet it didn't work. Were there any examples of successful attempts? I personally know only shitty examples, so it's hard for me to see communism as something that offers bright future. For me, it's associated with the violation of human rights, rampant propaganda, and censorship in the first place. I also feel like many things people are used to wouldn't exist under communism, and people love to have nice things, various means of entertainment, and freedom of expression.

No. 1562543

Sounds like polish moids. The men here are so fucking ugly with such good looking girlfriends. I've lived in Sweden and have been to Netherlands, the guys are so good looking. I envy western women

No. 1562600

Anon, I'm from another country and this might be an obvious suggestion, but have you tried looking for forums related to mental issues, where people share their problems and discuss meds and stuff? People often discuss therapists and psychiatrists as well and can recommend someone good, that's how I found mine. If there're no such local forums maybe there're threads on Twitter or chats in Telegram that can be helpful. Plus
>It's like they don't teach cognitive behavioral therapy in school, unbelivable
I don't think they do?.. I mean, every psychotherapist has a particular specialization, and if they weren't trained to apply this approach specifically and didn't choose it is their main approach, then they won't really help you as you want. So either look for recs on forums, twitter, telegram, or google CBT clinics/centers in your city/country.

No. 1562642

File: 1682789421969.jpg (206.75 KB, 1600x1130, Mugshot of Joseph Stalin held …)

The problem is that these statements are made by sheltered Western intellectuals who lack firsthand experience with what real violence is like. By contrast, many communist leaders, Mao and Castro, for example, didn't win because they were better dialecticians, but because they were skilled military commanders who could use populism to gain support from peasants. Similarly, leaders like Ceaușescu and Saddam came to power through their use of political violence and the size of their armed forces. While there may be university professors who understand Marxism and communism on a theoretical level, they do not possess the same level of physical power and influence as those who have military or political backgrounds. In fact, even intellectuals who become involved in violent movements, such as the Shining Path and Khmer Rouge, can be transformed by the realities of warfare and become hardened soldiers or thugs. It is believed that Pol Pot became psychotic during the Cambodian civil war, leading him and his followers to become more aggressive and devoted to each other, ultimately leading to the horrific atrocities committed under his rule.

No. 1562762

No country was ever really communist. Real Communism as described in theory was never achieved. The communism as we experienced it was more an autocracy than anything else. Do you see what the self proclaimed communist countries are doing or were doing in the past? That’s hardly a communism. They just implemented some aspects of it, that benefited the ruling party.

No. 1562805

okay, does that even matter? People need belief, hope, and purpose in their lives, even if it's false. Without these, what's the point in living
It's hard to see the point in anything without a cause or a reason to strive for something better. Therefore, it is crucial for individuals to hold onto and nurture these values, as they allow for growth and fulfillment in life.

No. 1562834

That's what those academic types studying political philosophy miss: it comes down to sheer strength of will, and whoever comes out on top. I'm talking about mental fortitude, mind you. Since the sixties, not one Western philosopher can match the strength and tenacity of a farmer in Afghanistan. The type who is willing to lay down their own life, and even the lives of their entire nation, for a cause greater than themselves. They possess a strength that puts every single Western academic and student who spouts off about revolution to shame. To be honest, I doubt any of them have even made a fist

No. 1562850

> the ones in their 30s and 40s going for barely legal girls
yeah because women apparently expire after they hit 25, surprisingly that's when the brain is fully developed, so I guess they do want to manipulate the younger women (many such cases here where highschool girls run away with human traffickers/drug guys because they're soooOooo in love with them )
it's honestly sad and pisses me off
I've seen some cute zoomers tho, I wonder how people with react if a 30 year old woman would get a 25 yo boyfriend,since the opposite is considered normal and men are even encouraged to have a high age gap to their partner
>your pic
EW WTF, that's wrong on so many levels

No. 1562886

I agree that people need a purpose to build something . Whatever it might be. My grandma lived through WWII and was lured into the idea of a communism. She and her generation (born 1930+) genuinely believed in it, they applied to the party to be a member. They were building things. And Became disillusioned by it later though, when their friends and family were being persecuted for no reason. But none of it matters. It was never a genuine communism as was described as it should be. No country declaring it is communist is really communist.
Communism is an hypothetical concept and was never achieved by anyone.

No. 1562890

I agree that people need a purpose to build something . Whatever it might be. My grandma lived through WWII and was lured into the idea of a communism. She and her generation (born 1930+) genuinely believed in it, they applied to the party to be a member. They were building things. And Became disillusioned by it later though, when their friends and family were being persecuted for no reason. But none of it matters. It was never a genuine communism as was described as it should be. No country declaring it is communist is really communist.
Communism is an hypothetical concept and was never achieved by anyone.

No. 1563173

I think "the expiration date" here varies so much that it gets paradoxical.
On one hand, we girls are told to have our own money and never depend on a man and never rush things like marriage, the later, the better and on the other hand, people pressure you with "y no boyfriend, you should get married tomorrow or the day after tomorrow", all that after you hit 20 (in my experience). Don't get me started when almost everyone in your circles has a boyfriend and some of them start bombarding you with "oh, but it's so niice, why don't you have a boyfriend? I have this friend, I think you'll like him", and assume there is something wrong with you but it's usually the ones who beg their bfs for the bare minimum, so I don't care that much anymore.
>I wonder how people with react if a 30 year old woman would get a 25 yo boyfriend
The older generations will condemn that, on the principle that boys mature slower than girls and that she's someone who steals his precious youth (ironic, isn't it). I heard someone who is in their 50's talk about a couple they know (their age group) where the wife is 2 yrs older than her husband and considered her geriatric in comparison.
As for zoomers, quite a lot of them like the idea of dating a woman 2-5 years older than them. Mostly still drop her after some time, usually when she wants marriage and kids or just commitment, the ones who stick together are some of the cutest couples I know (both zoomer and millenial couples). But generally, this type of couples is still taboo

No. 1563474

Women should go for men their age and younger. It's moids who expire past 25 and the wall is such a cope

No. 1563480

Men with partners 4+ years younger than them deserve to get cheated on

No. 1563491

The main thing men forget when they claim that women expire.. most men never have an attractive day in their life. Young or old. They never had looks to start with and then they still go downhill from that low starting point.

No. 1563544

>Never seen a westerner take any kind of interest in eastern europe or know enough about us to stereotype EE women.

The only stereotypes I've seen about us is "hot and submissive", "mean" or "age badly".

The age badly pisses me off the most bc they don't even know how we age, they just think of the babushka stereotype. I was on a nina dobrev post on reddit and everyone was saying she aged badly because she's EE. Bitch what? She got surgery that doesn't suit her. People can't find our countries on the map but they know all about how we age apparently.

No. 1563550

im 25 and already not interested in men my age or older kek. i refuse to date anyone that doesn't take care of himself as much as i do, or doesn't look as young as i do.

No. 1563564

No. 1563586

Everyone would age badly if they had fought in a war in their youth only to be married off to some misogynistic deadbeat, have 10 kids and be forced to cook and clean and take care of both their elderly parents on their death bed.

They take as an example poor women who had extremely difficult lives and laugh at them for not looking like Jane Fonda. In my family, the women who aged like shit were the ones who had awful lives and no money. The ones who had it good look great.
Also, call me crazy but my goals in life aren't looking pretty and being a decorative plant to some balding scrotum so I don't care if I end up looking like a busted aunt.

No. 1563841


I saw some westerners on tiktok shitting on old EE women for their looks in the comments of this girl who does videos on Mordovian history, in which she responded and politley told the commenters to stfu and it's so sad and infuriating to see.

To them, it doesn't matter these old women got through so much abuse, birthed many children (she didn't want most of the time), had and still have shit diets due to commies and respectively low pensions and worked like horses in the field/mines/factories/childcare, in-laws care, moid care, only to get nothing in return basically and all westerners can say is "just slather sunscreen on uwu". God, they are so pathetic and they wouldn't last a day under these conditions.

Also, based, being a decorative plant for said scrote will drain you. Speaking of which, they don't even know plants need to be watered kek

No. 1564027

File: 1682898031441.jpeg (73.05 KB, 930x930, FZpOmrOWQAI6wRI.jpeg)

Sadly almost every giy who has ever hit on me is at least 10 years my senior.
And i believe the wall is a concept, invented just to negg us and make us feel bad. I'm 30 and not to humble brag, but i look ok, I'm fit, while 99% of guys my age are with beer guts, looking rough bc you know, moisturizing and taking care of yourself is gay and will turn you gay.
I'm Bulgarian but this is true here too.

We all know, on average women look way better and age way more gracefully than moids. Not to mention the disparity in standards between women vs men.

Pic unrelated

No. 1564330

bulgarian here too. idk if we age different to others but the girls here look young (i think bulgarians tend to have a cute type face), whereas the guys look good until 20 kek when the caveman genes kick in and they suddenly look like grizzled 45 year olds.

im not gonna maintain my youth forever through moisturising, sun screen, good diet, fitness, etc, and yes naturally good genes bc women DO AGE BETTER, while some moid fully lets himself go, gets a beer belly and loses his hair at 21. i heard an old moid tell his wife and female friends that women's skin ages faster "for some reason" and giggled like he was superior. i wanted to punch him. has he ever looked in the mirror?

i wish it was more normal for women to go after younger men. cos the only thing they're good for is their looks and that fades at FUCKING TWENTY.

No. 1564475

File: 1682948785766.jpg (67.42 KB, 800x450, deformacionnyj-tip-starenija.j…)

That's a popular topic in cosmetology, types of aging. The "desirable" types are ones where you get a little bit of wrinkles and your eyes and mouth corners get a bit droopy, etc., and the most undesirable one is a deformation type or something that changes the face shape–apparently it's more common in Slavic women and this type is even called "Slavic" sometimes. I've seen some young girls and women being afraid of aging like this and planning surgeries and other shit ahead, which is exactly the intention of all those articles and videos.

That surely is ridiculous, especially when you talk about women that went through soviet and post-soviet times: hard life changes your face, and it's not like everyone was supplied with good skincare products or cared about it at all. So meaningless and futile to fret over looking old when you ARE old, damn. And yeah, that's when men will never moisturize or dye their hair to cover greying.

Btw, speaking about age gap, surprisingly, I know quite a few examples of couples where a woman is 5-10 years older, and I don't know ofc what other people might be saying about it, but I don't really hear any talks about such cases. However, it's definitely not normalized because most men would want someone younger, even just a bit, and women were memed into believing that younger men (or even of the same age) are "less serious" by default or some shit, which is just… come on… like a grown-ass man looking for a teenage/early 20s gf would be more serious.
I was often approached by men in their 30s and older when I was a teen and sometimes still am by those who visibly are at least 10 years older which just pisses me off. Although I'm nearly 30 myself so it's hard to tell if they're actually older which is even sadder.

No. 1564488

wow i've never heard of "slavic type" it doesn't make sence to me at all though, i don't see any women who's faces change so drastically around. Maybe only alcoholic women on the steet? All the women in my family and community look the same just older. I don't know if we're blessed but women in my family don't get wrinkles until like 70, they just get a fatter and slighty droopier eyelid space that's it.

No. 1564493

Women in my family tend to look really good until about 65, and then rapidly shape-shift into full babas over the next year. We're all poor and fat though.

No. 1564516

and that's actually pretty good. looking good until 65? hell yeah. of course you're gonna look like a babushka at 65.

everyone ages and i feel stupid and shallow to talk about it so much or like it's some awful thing, but i only bring it up bc westerners think EE women hit 30 and turn into headscarf wearing babushkas with a walking stick.

No. 1564568

I think it only has to do with weight tbh, plus some people have plumper faces even despite the weight (and then gravitation happens to them), and some people's skin is more prone to sagging I guess, and it must be more visible on weaker jawlines/chins. Also I'm pretty sure some endocrinological conditions play the role, too, like hypothyroidism. I've definitely seen it, but either on 50+ y.o. at least slightly overweight or 30+ but obese women. When they try to scare you with this type, they usually show photos of old, probably postmenopause overweight actresses, while the ideal is Nicole Kidman most of the time, but well, she's younger and she's not just normal weight, she's fit (and even her jawline skin sags a little). It's a scam basically, that makes some women think they'll be rapidly turning into bulldogs once they turn 25.

No. 1564826

I believe it's genetics+ weight + how much you take care for yourself, i have forehead wrinkles (which everyone in my family has had) since i was 25… i started graying at the same time, i still have only a few gray hairs, I'm 30 now, but they are multiplying. The forehead wrinkles aren't that much worse but they are still here. And I'm very skinny and from some time (idk how much exact) I realised my face lost volume and i kind of look like one of those celebs that have had buccal fat removal and i hate it. I can't believe people pay to look like that. And yet i still look relatively youthful, compared to my Bulgarian moid peers

Reposted bc of a typo

No. 1564906

Heh anon, you probably have quite an expressive face. That's what I always think when seeing wrinkles on women's faces and it instantly makes them more likable in my eyes. I've also had a couple of fine lines on my forehead since I was 23 or 24, and it used to bother me, but now that I'm almost 30 I stopped caring at all. It just seems normal and appropriate. I feel like having grey hairs in your 20s is quite common, known quite a few women that had them since early/mid 20s, and it always seemed like such a neutral thing. Better than hairloss anyways hehe

No. 1564928

File: 1682978891857.jpg (40.5 KB, 800x450, my fucking soul.jpg)

give it to me straight nonnas, 30+ . are there any chances to find a decent man who's not balding and is into fitness
Encountered so many weird and entitled men and I'm so tired

No. 1564980

Move to a western country where men are fuckable

No. 1565590

Anybody else hate slavic pickme culture? My mom was like “I cant believe this woman called the police on her husband for molesting her daughter, thats snitching” like ????
Im really glad I dont have brothers tbh.

No. 1565629

you could find a young scrote and try go groom him into being a half way decent man.

No. 1565639

I think you miiiiight have to accept the balding part anon

No. 1565640

same in my country, this huge age gap shit is so normalised through books we read in high school, those stories might as well be lolita. and the age of consent being 14 there means that a 34 year old scrote hitting on teen you would think he is in the right. i thank my family for being feminists and strict, otherwise my emo ass would have ran away with some online groomer. meanwhile when i was 14 i was dating a 18 year old scrote and he was already ugly as fuck. because like many girls, we been memed into thinking we are grotesque unless we look like cgi anime characters. my 1st weeaboo boyfriend was only 18 with a receding hairline, belief that "gym is just for gays" and a chest so lacking in muscle that his natural bellyfat looked like a beergut in contrast to that, and he was literally trying to grow a neckbeard because he thought that was masculine.
seriously, they have better stamina and better looks, more energy to do things and have fun. scrotes are only better older if they have significantly more money and are spending it on keeping themselves fit and on keeping you in the relationship. go for a younger moid and don't think about trying to change one to care about his skin or hair, they will act like children throwing a tantrum, it's very pathetic.

No. 1565643

move countries

No. 1565661

I agree with the other anon, that all sounds normal. And think about how much forehead wrinkles men have lol. They have deep ones literally from childhood.

No. 1565672

>the ones in their 20s who go for minors in highschool
I had actual middle school classmates (so 11-14 year olds) bragging about their 20 something boyfriends and their families just approving it. Honestly I was weirded out about it even then but every time I tried to question it, and I was not even blaming the girls, but the men, I was accused of being ugly and jealous that I couldn't get a "hot" (they never were ofc) 25 year old boyfriend.
>we girls are told to have our own money and never depend on a man and never rush things like marriage, the later, the better and on the other hand, people pressure you with "y no boyfriend, you should get married tomorrow or the day after tomorrow"
Not even fully EE and both sides of my family are like that lmao

No. 1565737

oof if i think about it creepy scrotes are all around. My cousin dated a 28 yearold when she was 15 and her mom didn't seem to mind. He even went to a holiday with us. They broke up because she was starting to be too mentally mature for him. Yuck. Also another funny story with a different 28yearold moid, he was our highschool teacher, very cute but he started to date my classmate who was 16 or 17 and gave her herpes. They broke up because "his old girlfriend woke up from a coma"

No. 1565796

Anon you're only 25, you're being too critical over your looks. Women lose babyfat in their twenties and the well defined face usually suits most women more, you have the cheekbones people pay for, it's definitely a good feature.
Forehead wrinkles depend on how much you raise your brows, I knew girls and guys who had them at their early teens. It doesn't really matter much unless it's super deep and even then you can just train yourself to not lift your brows too often.

No. 1565819

File: 1683022999811.jpg (20.23 KB, 480x360, tigaie.jpg)

Like other nonnitas said, go to a WE country.

Besides being more well kept and pleasant to the eye, there are higher chances of WE moids of treating you better and have a better life mentally and financially speaking too. Now, I don't blame EE moids for the financial part, as we all live in this shithole, but my god, they treat you so bad when they are broke. I encountered recently a few moids that memed their soon to be fiances that wanting a ring is golddigging as they have a strained financial situation. I wish I made this up.

The amount of times I've been told that I'm bitter, ugly and jeleaous for finding those couples weird I would've been rich by now. And they are similar in their traits too - the girl is vulnerable, from an abusive family with a bad financial situation and the moid is someone who barely graduated highschool, usually has a job that unfourtunately has shit pay (waiter, bartender, supermarket worker) and drives the shittiest BMW E46 car that has chipped paint and is dying every passing day (most likely it's not his car anyway) but flexes it because it's BMW (we call these cars frying pans here). Picrel is the best representation I could find, not my exact description, but similar.

No. 1568148

No. 1568597

fuck, that's exactly my face, i can already see it coming…

No. 1569179

File: 1683364311916.jpg (175.99 KB, 1080x719, bomba1.jpg)

Thank you, Anons, you are very nice, you made me feel better so thank you for being so supportive! And I'm actually 30 now, but I haven't changed that much since 25. And yeah, I'm way too expressive, maybe i should try training myself to not raise my brows that much as one of the Anons suggested kek

And now on another note
I'm a Bulgarian anon and allegedly, kek someone tried to kill the bulgarian general prosecutor (which is corrupt as hell and a pawn put at that position, so noone would bomb him) and it's funny but a little bit sad at same time kek bc if anyone powerful wanted to kill him - he would be dead, it wouldn't be just an attempt.
Bulgarian mafia knows who to call, if they really wanna kill someone via bomb, last 30 years we have seen that.
And not to mention all of the discrepancies in the info from officials, fishy all around.
And the fucking bomb wasn't even attached to his car, it was next to the road kek
pic related is where the bomb exploded and the media can't stop parroting that it was a "very professional job" top kek and I actually wrote this a few days ago but i didn't post it bc i fell asleep kek but since then, they've changed the official version multiple times. Shit show all around

Pic related - the "big" crater from the explosion

No. 1569208

File: 1683370515983.jpg (19.71 KB, 336x428, Fmp4w2LacAAZBQC.jpg)

Remember being a 14yo weeb going to anime events and had dude in their 20s tell me 'hahaha you're finally legal' once I turned 15yo, one of them trying to talk me into having sex with him. Another dude that lived in the same town suddenly did write me on facebook soon after my 18th bday inviting me into his flat to drink a beer and celebrate.. I won't even count random men in their 30s and 40s bothering me in public and trying to hit on me, fucking hate it here

Which country would you ppl recommend? Now that I am finally having a good job so I've got savings to see places I am also feeling like it might be shitty there as well

No. 1569245

File: 1683373748067.jpg (141.83 KB, 1080x1613, nu.jpg)

I also think the way we dress matters too, almost every 35+ lady I know from my grandma's village got memed hard into wearing headscarves and grandma type of clothes because other flattering and cute clothes will make her look like a prostitute according to their husbands and other babushkas there. Sometimes it happens to the ones from towns too. I believe the stereotype originates from people from poor villages and since westerners don't bother researching more well off places, ofc they think that we poof into babushkas at 30.
I hate seeing this type of blouses (also the feather print, couldn't find a pic) on any woman, be it young or old, it's so unflattering and ugly.

When I was 19 - 22, I was getting mistaken for a 15/16 yr old quite often and the amount of moids who either told me "yess, you're legal" or backed off once I told them my real age makes me concerned for the future generations of girls and women (some of them called me a baba too).

No. 1569967

I can't stop thinking about the massacres in Serbia. Two huge tragedies in a row, just absolutely heartbreaking.

No. 1569968

>slavic pickme culture
I think your mom is just a retard.

No. 1569973

File: 1683445687398.jpg (28.6 KB, 590x393, aHR0cDovL3d3dy5ibG9nY2RuLmNvbS…)

>not balding
yes! you can find one that's already bald!

No. 1570005

File: 1683450728857.jpg (33.99 KB, 720x631, 96643567.jpg)

It's Mother's Day in Lithuania! Does anyone else share this date?
Happy Mother's Day to everyone! Su Motinos diena!

No. 1570016

File: 1683451804503.jpeg (28.36 KB, 474x316, dgfjdsjf.jpeg)

You know what? I'm actually really excited for when I get old-old. I definitely plan to wear the pretty headscarves my aunties and grandmas passed down to me. I'll probably be the weird grandma that goes on walks to greet the birds and doesn't know how to use a solar flying scooter to visit my grandkids, but who TF cares. Grandmas are free from societal expectations and they have nice grandma social circles. Their life is so aspirational to me (aside from when they get infirm and don't have anyone to care for. I want to adopt all grandkid-less old ladies. It's my dream!)

No. 1570018

File: 1683452098605.jpeg (32.26 KB, 474x276, dfdfere.jpeg)

Su Motinos Diena!! Pasiilgau savo mamytės. Per toli gyvenu kad susitikti, bet kiekvieną dieną susiskambinam. Taip norėtųsi ją apkabint šiandien!!
Mums reikia lietuvių lolkarvyčių grupčatą pasidaryt, dievaži. Norėčiau su jumis kada susipažinti… Jeigu jūs irgi norėtumėt, aišku!

No. 1570019

File: 1683452495149.jpg (50.24 KB, 560x420, greencat.jpg)

Are Bulgarian people generally speaking a bit negative? The Bulgarians (male and female) that I have dated would often neg or put me down. Is that a way of being affectionate?? Because I think they came of as rather rude.

No. 1570034

File: 1683454449850.jpg (184.13 KB, 1200x900, WhatsApp-Image-2023-05-04-at-2…)

Same. I'm so shocked and it's hard to comprehend that something like that happened here. I hope it never repeats but I feel pessimistic.

No. 1570039

I'm pretty sure it will repeat. Someone did the unthinkable, so now it's not unthinkable anymore.

No. 1570042

Oh I didn't know it's not internationally the same….here in Latvia it will be on 14th, you spooked me that I missed it nona

No. 1570045

Nta but nah, that's a thing that exists. Maybe they can tone it down for CSA cases bc this is just satanic, but overall "stay hush if he beats you/someone is raped, that's only our bussiness" Is the height of the slavic pick me culture.

No. 1570061

File: 1683457874293.jpg (204.15 KB, 1067x800, 1.jpg)

As a Bulgarian - yeah, most people here are negative but there is a difference between being negative person as a whole vs putting people down or negging. I'm negative as hell but i still try to be a decent person towards others. The people who put you down or negg on you are pieces of shit. I've experienced that too (only from guys, I'm het) and i believe they do it bc they feel intimidated (i hate that word but I can't think of anything better to explain) and bc they don't feel good enough they need to make you feel bad too. But not everyone is like that

Pic not related

No. 1570088

I heard a conversation today in the bus about this, and something I didn't know: apparently 40% of the population owns guns which were leftovers from a war. There seems to be a push from the government or something to inspect and confiscate all weapons owned by individuals.
I hope they do, what happened is a huge tragedy. I hope it never happens again.

No. 1570105

Some years ago the gvt made an appeal to everyone to return their firearms, no questions about their legality asked. Some people did return them, most didn't.
It was wild right after the 90's, everyone I knew had tons of weapons including grenades, and one guy kept enough explosives in his home to blow up the entire block.

No. 1570118

I agree with you nona, pretty sure it gradually changes for the better but victimblaming is normalized in our culture and it kind of creates this vicious cycle where you'll keep such instances a secret, fearing the reaction of other people (and lack of reaction from those who are supposed to defend you), but you live among these same people and it inevitably affects the way you think, too. Men just shift the blame, and women might be so afraid of getting raped they try to distance themselves from victims, like it doesn't concern them at all, and create this illusion for themselves that there're certain rules that prevent this kind of thing, so if you don't know better it means you kinda had it coming, which means you don't deserve sympathy. At the core, it's just shame and fear, and it leads to lack of empathy because a woman wants to completely repress thoughts and feelings surrounding this topic instead of putting herself in victim's shoes or reliving her own traumatic experience. (Not saying that's how everyone thinks ofc)
And as for snitching, I have a suspicion that it goes back to soviet times/past in general, kind of a "genetic memory" in some people that makes them think that jail is the worst and too much even for those who did something bad. Although modern jail in slavic countries isn't like scandinavian either, so… anyway it just seems like a really outdated line of thinking. Some mixture of fear of losing the "breadwinner", extreme loyalty to your husband, and lack of empathy/projected vulnerability and shame which imo is often a reason why mothers can be awful to their daughters.

No. 1570224

File: 1683477946864.jpg (90.31 KB, 433x650, photo.jpg)

Honestly, while I'm sometimes anxious for the future, I am looking forward to becoming a babushka too. Like you said, they are free from societal expectaions and as a result, they are so honest, sometimes ruthless and they have a certain warmth to their caracter too and I love it so much.

No. 1570289

File: 1683480110789.jpg (144.31 KB, 660x751, babushka-cats18.jpg)

Thank you nona for your reply. I hear that Bulgaria ranks low on the happiness index, so it makes sense that a little negativity is ingrained. So maybe that's why they would focus so much on negative things too. (Im also het btw, i dated the girl not realizing it was a date kek). Well, on the positive side, my Bulgarian ex was more passionately romantic then the men in my native country. He would cook for me and even baked me a terrible birthday cake…

No. 1570409

File: 1683488411965.jpg (1.17 MB, 1440x2560, Snapchat-598015167.jpg)

You are always welcome, Nona, i love that this thread is still going and again, that sucks that you were treated this way and yeah, even the fact that we are low on the happiness index doesn't excuse that type of behaviour, you deserve to be treated way better, I'm sure.
I'm not particularly happy either but i still don't take it out on other, and being mean to your girlfriend/boyfriend just shows they were shit people.
At that point I'm convinced that most moids, no matter what nationality, don't see us as anything more than an object to lust over and that's sad. But there are some normal ones too, kinda rare, but they do exist…

No. 1570419

i still wonder why kraut cars, especially bmws, are status symbols in eastern europe. even old beaten up ones. it's literally same in poland, young guys flex their old bimmers. i see so much of beaten up e36s around all the time

No. 1572423

I think for one, it's the thinking that everything german is good quality and back in the commie days, it was harder to smuggle german goods, but it was worth it in the end, compared to other commie block goods.
And another reasons might be this saying i heard a couple of times: "your money should be euros, clothes from Italy, car from Germany and your woman from your home country" or something like that

No. 1578314

File: 1684165443968.png (15.68 KB, 1049x583, firefox_vqdHWvC0Hj.png)

I'm sorry Slovenia, but you have the worst flag
We need some redesigns

No. 1578320

File: 1684166108411.jpg (Spoiler Image, 132.55 KB, 1024x683, 4378084233_780e40799c_b.jpg)

Czech flag is best

No. 1578364

File: 1684170298774.jpg (42.38 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 1580935

Unrelated but kind of related,A
any anons planning to go to pride in Zagreb?

No. 1581052

I might swing by, I'm interested in seeing how things will go this year. They already put tranny flags near HNK kek

No. 1581884

File: 1684527344141.jpg (120.39 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20230519-231135_Chr…)

Lmao the plot thickens
For anyone interested in what's happening in Bulgaria

No. 1581894


No. 1582400

They have 3 tranny flags up and 1 pride flag. Fucking gross.

No. 1583881

Dnipronona, how are you? Worried about you, hope you're ok.

No. 1587878

IDK about Dnipronona but I'm fucking lost after today's news. Sometimes I want Earth to be hit by an asteroid so we die like dinosaurs and there would be none of that gay shit. I'm a doctor so news about hospitals being targeted always crush me and I want to cry.

No. 1588067

Oh, if you're Ukrainian, I could've referred to you actually, I've only just realized the anon (also a doctor) I was talking to is probably not even from Dnipro and I just misread/misunderstood her (or your) old post. Well, if it's so, I'm relieved that you're safe. But yes, today's news are absolutely devastating and I agree about asteroid… not that it's something new, it's definitely not surprising as there were other horrible things happening but it's still just pure evil. I can only hope it won't launch a wave of hospital airstrikes.

No. 1589214

File: 1685195483547.jpg (174.28 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230527_165055_Chr…)

No. 1595026

File: 1685701751419.jpg (2.47 MB, 3000x4000, based women in my city more li…)

Whoever she is I would love to meet her.

No. 1595036

based, I haven’t gotten around to buying cans but I always keep a permanent marker with me so if I have time to kill and see a drawing of a dick on a wall or other typically male shit I can write some man hating or feminist stuff over it.

No. 1595696

File: 1685784279184.png (166.08 KB, 1170x1370, IMG_6174.png)

wtf nonnitas?? at least westernoid males have the decency to pretend they don’t think as such….

No. 1595698

File: 1685784343006.png (143.38 KB, 1170x1348, IMG_6175.png)

No. 1595699

File: 1685784444722.png (147.83 KB, 1170x1715, IMG_6176.png)

No. 1595707

File: 1685785859027.png (151.63 KB, 1170x1236, IMG_6177.png)

i am a romanian so that means 1 in 2 males from my country openly stated that if i or any other woman were to be raped it would be justifiable and “it isn’t even that big of a deal”. i am done. from this day the basic decency and politeness i afforded men i happened to encounter in day to day life is gone, no i don’t have a fucking lighter (not for you at least), or a cigarette, no i will not give up my bus seat cope grandpa, idgaf what you’re carrying or if it’s heavy, you’ll have to put it down and open that door yourself with your big male muscles because i’m not holding it open for you, no i don’t have a spare leu and no i won’t give you directions or whatever else either, from this day forward fuck all this shit, because if not just passiveness on my part then i will go out of my way to be selfish and inconvenience you (male population out of which 55% think that rape is comparable to something like theft)

No. 1595709

File: 1685786216058.png (175.6 KB, 1170x1632, IMG_6178.png)

and i encourage my fellow nonnies to do the same thing to the best of what you can at the moment and invest your leftover energy in fellow women or whatever else you like to do. at least this you can see, as eastern european men aren’t even trying to hide their disdain for women so there is no cope you can try to make…

No. 1595740

You do realize that this wasn't only asked to men, right? Probably the question also included if you're already dating and stuff and normally couples don't ask "do you consent to having sex"? each time so it skewed the answers. Would you as a woman say you'd need to ask for consent from your bf before having sex? If no, you're also one of the %55. Don't trust these polls without seeing the choices for answers.
Though Romanians are usually retarded for the most part, both their men and women so I'm not surprised they got the highest rate.

No. 1595764

Can any Serbanons give me advice on what the current situation is like? I’m backpacking through Europe and am going to be transition through Serbia by bus on my way to Greece and have heard about some of the civil unrest. Should I reconsider my travel plans. I’m not going through Kosovo if that makes any difference.

No. 1595783

be for real… i’m sure women voted more empathically so if anything we skewed the percentage to the lower side
+ i am not in danger of being raped by a woman, inb4 “but women can rape other women too !!1”, female rapists make up what? 2% of all rape cases
>Probably the question also included if you're already dating and stuff and normally couples don't ask "do you consent to having sex"? each time
no need to be obtuse on purpose, the general topic is clearly of violence and sexual abuse of women, besides if what you say were the case wouldn’t the results be even a little more even
>Don't trust these polls without seeing the choices for answers.
hard not to when i know what the social attitudes in Romania are but i understand your point
>Though Romanians are usually retarded so I'm not surprised
truly a curse to be romanian

No. 1595787

LOLing at the UK.

No. 1595792

Are you stupid? Of course both taken women and men voted that you didn't need consent to initiate if you're in a relationship. That's just how normies think. Do you ask your boyfriend if he consents without touching him? Romanians really are stupid.

No. 1595972

You don't need to explicitly say the words "do you consent" or even "do you want" to ask for consent. I'm sure the study is not referring to literally saying "do you consent" or some other type of verbal affirmation, but to the act of willingly accepting it and participating in it.

No. 1596051

Ty nonna! More and more sure that’s a scrote, such weirdly aggressive replies and for what…

No. 1596624

File: 1685878613598.gif (255.19 KB, 500x337, kys moid.gif)

Happy pride month to the troons in my country shaking shitting crying on Twitter rn because the terven government called them up for military duty

No. 1596630

nonna you need to post this in the manhating memes thread, pls

No. 1596632

It's fine to travel through. There are anti-gov protests once a week, but they're totally peaceful, it's not like France if you were imagining something like that.

No. 1596635

crononas, what's a nice city near rijeka i should spent 4 days in? i want to lay on a beach and swim and eat good food. not much else is needed. i'd rather stay in a smaller city because i assume it will be cheaper and quieter.

No. 1596640

Among actual towns with around ~10k people you have Opatija and Crikvenica, both are popular destinations for short stays. Smaller places like Malinska and Novi Vinodolski are alright too although I've never been there myself but I have friends whose families have been staying there for years now and they're happy with them - especially Malinska but it's on island Krk so I don't know if that's too far away for you. Krk is connected to the mainland with a bridge and there's bus lines that go there from Rijeka.
Honestly price wise I feel like almost all places are similar nowadays except for the biggest tourist towns like Dubrovnik, Split, Hvar, Brač that are a step above. I was staying in absolute bumfuck nowhere last year near Zadar and prices for restaurants were the same as in Zadar for example (if we ignore the biggest tourist traps in Zadar) so I fear there isn't much of a difference.

No. 1596643

thanks nona! it doesn't actually need to be a town/city, a village or whatever is fine as long as it is on the coast. i just want to swim and chill for a few days. will google all of your recommendations!

No. 1596648

File: 1685883407288.jpg (135.41 KB, 800x533, 320206-opatija-plaza-lipovica.…)

No. 1596654

File: 1685884200253.png (30.11 KB, 620x400, muumi_mustikkavadelma_lakritsi…)

How safe it is to travel to Finland through a plane right now? I want to travel to Helsinki this summer.

No. 1596660

why would it be unsafe nona? go and have fun

No. 1596682

No, Moomin pirates are shooting planes down rn

No. 1596684

oh no, not the moomin pirates!

No. 1596685

Just don't wear anything neon green, finnish people kinda feral about that color right now

No. 1596700

This is such a good ide, what do you usually write?

I feel like I'm one of the few people who dislike Opatija. Was there last year and it's incredibly boring and full of old rich people lol

No. 1596701

I guess because there were huge airport strikes in Europe last summer.

No. 1596715

Like other nonnas said, it may be other women too or talking about being in a relationship, since the question is pretty vague (and I agree to a certain extent).

If we exclude those theories, I think both me and you (I'm Romanian too) know what type of people said this (y'know communities where dancing around a bloodstained bedsheet is the norm or isolated communities like in coutrysides and even the women from said communities perpetuate this shit or the self hating, but that's pickme-ism for survival tbf).

No. 1596718

that's exactly what i want. i want boring with nothing to do except sit on a beach, swim, and eat fish.

No. 1597798

99.99999% of men everywhere agree, some just learned to lie. I'm glad they're still retarded enough to say it to your face in eastern europe, at least you know to run for the hills. A lot of the women have absolutely retarded opinions too, I'm constantly shocked by the shit they think is acceptable to say since i lived away for a long time.

No. 1597858

Just travelled to and from Helsinki with no issues. Country is lovely and chill, hope you go for it and enjoy your travels anon!

No. 1598652

Drag story hour has come to Czechia now, i hate that we always have to do what the west does no matter how weird it is. We're so fucking insecure to be in the west!

No. 1598677

File: 1686060174165.jpg (55.06 KB, 741x357, iMR9CSYTtEP.jpg)

I posted this in another thread, but its like modern left-wing has internalized the conservative label of 'degenerate' and embraced it, ignoring the fact that most people find this shit offensive and gross. they become a RW's biggest ally by acting like this in public.

No. 1598822

I'm from France and I saw a documentary on French people moving to Eastern Europe. There were different types; whole families, single men, women, even an old boomer couples, and of course far-right activists. They mostly settle in Hungary, Romania and Poland, but also Bulgaria and others. Previously Ukraine too, much less now obviously.
To be honest, life here does seem appealing, everything used to be cheaper, housing especially, many cities are cleaner and safer. I visited a few places as a tourist and I would not mind moving, although I am fine where I reside.
That was not on the documentary, but I have also heard stories of disillusioned Eastern Europeans going back there because Western Europe, while certainly wealthier overall, sucks in many surprising ways.

No. 1598827

samefag, but when I say "used to be cheaper" I mean ofc it still is, but it's nothing like 10 years ago and it still goes on (but we have inflation here too)

No. 1599507

You'll be okay as long as you wear an outfit in the colours of the Swedish flag, talk in the most cartoony Swedish accent, maybe have cute Sweden-themed pins on your backpack and accessorize with Kalles kaviar. Also mention that Pippi Longstocking is much better than Moomins whenever you can. They absolutely love Swedes over there (trust me bro)

No. 1601578

Dr Alice Evans is a nutjob I wouldn't trust anything she posts.

No. 1601590

File: 1686298692714.jpg (195.22 KB, 955x1024, E36A20B1-F0A2-435E-A1D6-23D82E…)

Best EE countries for campervanning? Basic or limited facilities are fine. I don't like having to stay at too many campsites. Which countries are most strict? Any recommended routes?

No. 1601642

new left champagne socialists who are mostly college kids of rich parents love degeneracy and by this ruin any wide support for them. all western middle class and rich leftists i knew were fucking degenerates who never worked a day in their life and are out of touch with actual poor and working class people. it became same over here, full of useless people with useless degrees, at least in my country because left party apes western irrelevant issues and no wonder their target electorate is voting PiS instead

No. 1602664

That's why I hate our LGBT organizations. They try to parrot western talking points but don't realize that our country is far more homophobic than, say, Germany. So instead of starting with "you know, gays are normal people, just like you", they go balls deep into "there gazillion of genders and we should let kids decide if they want to have life-altering surgeries". Maybe you guys went to far and should start with something easier, no?

No. 1602775

Not only the LGBT organizations, but also the feminist ones imo, they are trying to be so hip that they can translate English posts and articles and think they are superior with that. It's again, spoiled brats who never worked a day in their lives and never thought for themselves for once, because other people did it for them.
I saw once a post from one of those "aesthetic activism infographs" accounts and one of their first posts was that one theory where fatphobia is rooted in racism which people lost their minds over on tiktok back in 2021 I believe.
Girlie, we have issues with DV, human trafficking, many women living in poverty, general attitudes towards women and you tell me that fatphobia is the biggest issue here? I can't with the american posts translators, I swear.

>So instead of starting with "you know, gays are normal people, just like you", they go balls deep into "there gazillion of genders and we should let kids decide if they want to have life-altering surgeries"

My main reason of refusing to associate with the local LGBT associations and the people involved in them anymore, even though I am part of the community. Besides most of them being rich spoiled kids, being knees deep into genderspecial stuff, they also seem to excuse shit behavior from gay moids and TIFs/FTMs imo

No. 1602887

File: 1686412195038.jpg (72.1 KB, 1200x675, allatra.jpg)

Do you know any sectarians personally? I might be wrong but it feels like some post-soviet countries are infested with charlatans, (paranoid) schizophrenics and just extremely impressionable people in general. It's so easy to encounter someone who believes in multiple religions and other esoteric stuff down to spirits like domowiks. The lighter version of it is just someone who talks about "energies" and the Vedas and true femininity and masculinity. Those might also attend lectures of some fucking relationships gurus. I was wondering how widespread it is in Eastern Europe in general.
The question was inspired by a recent encounter with seemingly normal, regular man that believes in god, satan, incubus, succubus, anunnaki, some ancient devices that could "turn off" a person like a tv, and other shit. He also believes a woman's soul is either in her uterus or vagina (he didn't say, just made a vague gesture), and apparently, we can control things with it, for example, some special kind of UFO. And it's not even a fruit of his sick imagination, it's just an AllatRa sect's lore. They also carry out some kind of "scientific" experiments (like resurrecting a chicken or something). I asked him, doesn't it seem suspicious to him that they obviously have a lot of money. He said: "Do I think it's suspicious that people who work hard and try to send a message and carry out important experiments EARN lots of money?", lol. Its leader emerged from Donbass, they're apparently prorussian (at least had been more open about it before 2013-14), support panslavism, described some perfect human that'll save the world whose biography is similar to putin's, support Trump (even though they're environmentalists?). Meanwhile, in Russia, it's believed to be an SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) project to destabilize Russia. And it actually has/had SBU guys among their members, although pro-russian ones, and, surprisingly (or not? I just had no clue), some other Ukrainian politicians, possibly including our first president, a couple of mayors, Nadezhda Savchenko (former pilot that fought in war in 2014, that was later captured by russians, and a former deputy) and Irina Vereshchuk (minister of reintegration of temporarily occupied territories)–at least they gave interviews to the sect. Its office is also situated in Kyiv Pechersk Lavra territory for some reason, which only recently was the FSB lair. I've heard of some shit that's related to the sect but only just learned about the sect itself and the connection between all this stuff. It's apparently related to the old sect White Brotherhood and also Russian pulp fiction about accidental time travel (popadantsy). Their videos are something though. Picrel, they just sit like this, the guru spews some abstract nonsense in an extremely mellow manner while the ladies (one of them is an annunak with reptilian eyes) listen to him, nod and smile and contribute just a bit, they act like androids and remind me of the Poppy's older videos. The guru, like a true Donbass businessman, wears a golden chain and a couple of signet rings. Oh, and the ladies (there're more) apparently engage in lesbian orgies that he sometimes join and it prevents some horrible disasters from happening. Peculiar, huh

No. 1602892

>Vulva-controlled UFO
Finally a religion offering something substantial

No. 1602899

The 'cult' stuff was very popular in the 90s, following the fall of communism. Not sure about now.

No. 1602924

kek great post.

No. 1603594

Чудовий пост, нона. Ти можливо вже бачила це відео, але якщо ні, то глянь. Мене цікавлять всі ці дивні секти, але я думаю, що зараз вони менш популярні. Наразі всі сектанти погнали в інфоцигани.

No. 1605658

here’s a good vid on this if you understand russian)

No. 1605725

That's an interesting topic but I personally love political nutjobs better. I know that in Russia there is a group of people that call themselves "citizens of USSR". They are kinda like American sovereign citizens, except they believe that USSR never fell and modern Russia is, in fact, a financial company that was registered in the UK and has no right to exist. They think that Russian passport is a sham, so they keep their Soviet passport (if they were born before 1991). They also don't believe in Russian laws and so think that the government can't tax them. So they are usually arrested for tax evasion. The citizens of USSR also believe that banks are a scam, so they take huge loans get rekted for not paying back. They have a government of sorts, with their own KGB, ministers and parliament. Everyone can become a member of government, like a minister of health or a governor, if they give all their personal info (like passport scans. Passports of Russian Federation btw, which is weird, since they think that sorts of passports are a sham) and pay a small fee of a 15 000 rubles or so (dunno how much it is). One of the "presidents of USSR" was some dentist who got arrested for taking a huge loan from a bank and not paying it back lol.
If you think it is not funny enough, they believe that USSR stands for "Union of Slavic forces of Rus". So also some religious mumbo-jumbo thrown in.
There is a wiki article if you like to know more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Union_of_Slavic_Forces_of_Russia
The article is even more hilarious cause there is some serious religious fuckery thrown in, something that I didn't knew before. A great read.
I gonna write some more on КОБ next time, cause they are real wackos too lol.

No. 1605747

kek we have something similar in czechia now. I didn't care too much to read deep into it but those people belive Czechoslovakia is still real and Czechia and Slovakia as countries aren't. So they destroyed their IDs and think law doesn't apply to them since they are Czechoslovakians. Something like that. I guess they learned it from russians.

No. 1605755

>Hi, my gender identity is Czechoslovakian, and my pronouns are not/paying/taxes

No. 1606396

It matters a little. I've never been to America but I feel like if I did go there the people who have lived there a long time but remember they're from the same place as me would immediately try to help me and get me a job and place to stay. I know people who move to elsewhere in Europe will always help newcomers if they're from the same country and getting a job from a Facebook group by people like that can be easier than from a company at home. It can be funny if someone like that visits back home and can't speak their own language correctly anymore, but it's better than ending up as just an "American". Who do "American" people have to feel a connection to?

No. 1606733

kek I've met some both in person and on the internet.
>and pay a small fee of a 15 000 rubles or so (dunno how much it is)
that's actually a huge amount for most russians, the average salary in most cities (excluding Moscow and SPb) is around 20.000~25.000 rubles and for pensioners (the main audience of these scams) that fee is an even larger amount to handle (average pension is 10.000 or even less).
these "USSR witnesses" are also labelled an extremist organisation by the FSB. some orthodox christian groups say they have characteristics of a cult.

No. 1611921

Nonnie…my sides…ahaha

No. 1615734

File: 1687552372105.jpg (36.75 KB, 564x685, 1408a85d262bb78e1ab1a3ac2c2ac6…)

moscow how u doin

No. 1615742

your post reeks of twitter tbh.

No. 1615756

oh so you still have service there, cool

No. 1615802

Okay, nonas, are you team Wagner or team Shoigu?

No. 1615803

jaded but still scared. my ex-bf and a good friend is currently in jail (political charges), so mainly scared for him, at least we can leave SOMEWHERE if shit gets realer

No. 1615829

Both for maximum damage. The two are a match made in hell.

No. 1616239

Looking for Russian nonas to discuss the fucked up shit that's about to happen. Your thoughts on what will happen in 1-2 week? Full-scale new civil war? Idk, I planned to visit parents in August, now I am like a bit confused

Ну это пиздец, девочки, так сказать.

No. 1616247

wow i also plan to visit in august. not really sure what you're talking about because i'm so detached from the news, let me get back to you about that.

No. 1616249

Didn't wagner kill a bunch of people in Africa?

No. 1616262

They have recently pushed a law which allows to recruit from prison almost against the will of those behind bars. This is basically going to kill business of Prigozhin. Russian forces has recently "mistakenly" bombed Vagner's position, so last night Prigozhin turned Vagner against Putin.
Check lentach on Telegram

No. 1616269

There is a third force - RDK - and they are waiting to make their move. Just saying. Things are getting more interesting.

No. 1616284

Shit their leader is no joke

No. 1616290

i feel cautiously optimistic

No. 1616337

File: 1687609750937.png (16.4 KB, 1067x305, 356363544_989349825424922_9448…)

I hope they take each other out, together with Putin and his buds.

Also seems like Belarus might start their own coup now that Russia is distracted and Luka is out of the country.

No. 1616352

I mean, the revolution is long overdue, but 1.I still hate the idea of those new retards getting the “throne” and 2.I don’t think they’ll be able to do anything worthwhile (mb the troops might finally get back tho). Still really hoping they take out Putin

No. 1616364

File: 1687611448148.gif (469.01 KB, 220x220, laughing-serious.gif)

me, at first laughing at the shitshow but then remembering all those nuclear warheads that i perhaps don't want ending up into insane war criminals's hands, especially as someone from neighboring country to russia

No. 1616372

File: 1687611620506.jpg (29.02 KB, 600x442, IMG_20230624_140012_804.jpg)

At least the memes are good and we are having a good laugh while the world is at the brink of nuclear annihilation

No. 1616375

I was going to visit russia next week and I'm kinda terrified of what's gonna happen.
Not feeling much hope, I really dislike both russian government side and the prigozhin side, literally a giant douche vs turd sandwich situation (так сказать, что то хуйня, что это и я в рот обе эти хуйни ебала). I hope that prigozhin is lying about some of his plans (like going back to war with ukraine after it all or about him still being loyal to putin) and that also he will not become some sort of real political figure, fuck that.

Короче соберитесь вот все эти правительственные уебаны в одном месте и взорвитесь умоляю нахуй

No. 1616380

how are the tankies coping with this

No. 1616393

How western right wing Ztards are coping with this?

No. 1616404

honestly i've never understood how can both of these sides see that their ideological opposite has the same exact utopian nationalism-by-proxy projected ideological allyship image of russia, just with different politics, and not ever stop to think that perhaps they both are nothing but reflection of some sort of psyop.

No. 1616412

The situation is nuts. Do you anons think Wagner has a chance to successfully carry out a coup?

No. 1616416

I'd say 50/50, depends on if the anti-kremlin force also joins and how many soldiers from the RU army have joined/will join and it's hard to say what's truth and what's propaganda at the moment. If Wagner lose the civil war they still have gotten word out about how the war is based on lies which might demoralize more of the army, and Putin's poor handling of the situation might (hopefully) have diminished some of the support for him from any eventual fence sitters and, again, more demoralization.
Either way we can hope that Russia will be too preoccupied with this situation to keep up the war in Ukraine for a few months.

No. 1616419

File: 1687617407940.jpg (108.15 KB, 677x600, IMG_20230624_114207_929.jpg)

Yeah, well, their column already reached Moscow oblast and iirc they crossed 400 km or so with zero resistance from ru army. Moscow is defended by some cops while Wagner are professional soldiers with great experience of urban warfare. Plus even though most russians are spineless cowards, Wagner is extremely popular amongst the people and they will see some support, so it's not like they can't take the power as long as they btfo the Moscow garrison.

No. 1616429

There might still be a power struggle if they topple Putin, but let's hope all of these warmongering idiots take each other out.

No. 1616467

One has to have no dignity or pride to side with Wagner.
I have no love or esympathy for Putin but in this case I hope he uses Novichok against the real threat and not fucking Navalny. Prigozhin is way worse than Putin.

Бля, нона, это прямо полный пиздец. Какие блядь у нас все конченные во власти, если они думали, что ещё более ебанутый дед с армией из бывших зэков в качестве союзника - это хороший план, блядь. Конченные.
Не знаю, что делать.
Стартовали злоебучаю нахуй не нужную войну и выбрали себе просто "наилучших" "генералов". Долбоебы, Господи. Надеюсь, какой-нибудь самоотверженный силовик ёбнет новичком по Пригожину, а у Путина разорвётся сердечко от испуга. Win win situation.

They have destroyed a lot of roads to Moscow, I wonder if Prigozhin is really that much of a threat that they are taking such measures. Am I about to witness "Siege of Moscow, 2023"? Hope no

No. 1616544

Lmao, it was the biggest nothingburger ever. What a pussy.

No. 1616545

I guess it's over.

No. 1616546

Thanks for the blue balls, Prigozhin…

No. 1616548

So who's gonna repair the roads to Moscow now? And bridges?…

No. 1616550

Anyone's else telegram is not loading at all? I can't access it for 15 minutes now.

No. 1616551

Nothing like that but I am not in Russia

No. 1616559

No. 1616567

I am so confused idk what to believe. Priggy should know that he's reached a point of no return by calling for civil war, even if they negotiate both he and his family will now have a marker on their heads. It would be foolish to just shrug and pretend it was nothing now, hell if they struck a deal and got Shoigu's head on a platter it will make Putin look weak - especially after his speech this morning.
Is it for real? Is it a psyop? Is it propaganda? Nothing has even happened and it feels like we're stumbling around in the fog of war. Nothing makes sense.

No. 1616576

Mine's been really slow today, everyone was checking the news obsessively

Prigozhin was allegedly talked out of it by Lukashenko. One source I saw claimed it was actually not Lukashenko but Alexey Dumin, and he's going to be the next minister of defence. Idk. Prigozhin said that he doesn't want spilling russian blood and that Wagner's going back to the camp site.

It's really weird. It was meant to be serious though, wasn't it? I mean, they've already managed to contribute to the demilitarization of Russia and russian aviation bombed the fucking oil depot. I don't believe there'll be no consequences for Prigozhin and Wagner in general. Plus some wagnerites are pissed now.
Guess the liberation of Belarus is off now as well, not that I had high hopes for that… but still. Sigh.

No. 1616583

>It was meant to be serious though, wasn't it?
It has to be, the cost of this mess is too big to just go "IT WAS JUST A PRANK BRO LMAOOO" now.
I'm going to repeat myself with what I'm gonna list here, but it's a whole mess and I'm trying to sort out my confusion while I'm at it:
1. As said previously, Prigozhin is as good as dead even if he agrees on a beneficial deal. He knows it. His men knows it. Anyone with a brain knows it.
2. Infrastructure is destroyed, people have reportedly died, airforces have been shot down by the Wagner group, Putin and his buds have fled Moscow looking like the rats they are.
3. If any deal was struck, it just shows that Russia's leadership are willing to negotiate with terrorists, which not only greatly damages Putin's whole strongman stick but also shows Russia's buddies that Russia is a) easy pickings if they decide to turn on them (it's pretty much common knowledge that China is salivating at the thought of having them as a vassal state) and b) not to be trusted. The fact that Wagner group is recognized terrorist group everywhere else is a big deal.
4. It also shows that Putin is weak enough to get shaken up by this attempted coup that ended up being nothing. This will be another crack in his image as a strong, reliable leader.

No matter how you twist and turn this, Russia is catching a very embarrassing L on the world stage with this. If this retreat is real we will probably have fanart of Putin in a maid dress serving coffee to Prigozhin circulating the web in a few hours.

No. 1616593

А сколько разговоров то было - граждан очка, русня убивает себя хихи хаха

Ну и че с ебалом теперь?

No. 1616601

Урус, ебало на ноль

No. 1616620


No. 1616652

Well, it seems to me like this is only the beginning.
From what I've seen on the news, P*tin is ready to pardon the dude who offed 13 pilots, shot down multiple helicopters and a plane, threatened to take Moscow, and marched 25k convicts through the country unimpeded. The 'measures' taken by the MoD were laughable. Police cars and a bus, lmao. Wagner passed all the checkpoints, removed all the obstacles, etc. What happens now? Who the fuck knows. This is bad for Russia. The system is wobbling.

No. 1616658

Forgot to add: as you probably suspected, everyone here is Ukraine is laughing at Prig and Pu both. What a clownish coup attempt.

Also place your bets: do you think Prig is going to survive until next week?

No. 1616659

This also proves that Russia got all their troops in Ukraine. There are no backup to speak of, no secret elite force, nothing. Putin was put in a situation where he had no choice but negotiate. Even if the Wagner group didn't bring a full-on rebellion with this coup, they probably sparked some fire with the anti-Kremlin groups by proving Kremlin isn't only weak but can also be negotiated with. And if the rumors of some mercs in the Wagner group are annoyed by this turn of events they will probably attempt to join the other forces (if they survive leaving, that is).

No. 1616665

File: 1687638239472.jpg (23.09 KB, 400x400, d4c760e2baf52e7f0a463cdde42c80…)

>убито 13 пилотов, вероятнее всего не только
>6 вертолетов и один самолет сбиты
>нефтебаза подорвана
>дороги и мосты разворочены
>ликующие ватаны, империалисты и прочий кал с мест сегодняшних событий заработали птср
>великий лидер пыня публично soils his pants
>все в очередной раз видят, что великая держава не способна защитить даже свои города
>кучу военной силы отведено от фронта
>русня отступает на юге
Лично моё ебало блаженно, что с твоим?

No. 1616667

File: 1687638411520.jpg (131.35 KB, 1080x845, luka_no.jpg)

Hold on, what is this shit?
>Peskov says Prigozhin promised to leave for Belarus and stay there
Is Prigozhin allowed to take the mercenaries who remain under his control to Belarus? Does Wagner still exist? Why Belarus? What's he gonna do there? Has Shoigu really won?

No. 1616675

Who said that Putin fled to Saint Pete?
I get it, it's an internet meme but are there people who actually believe in the 'grandpa and his bunker' joke? New Ogarevo and Putin most likely but nothing more

Didn't they bomb Wagner's military vehicles?

Серьёзно? Хохлокремлесрач, девачки? На лолкау? Борд не попутали?
Кстати, хуй знает, "русня" и "хохлы" - это racebaiting или что-то другое? Какой у нас аналог?

Но честно говоря, я таки готовилась к пиздецу. Я хуй знает, они же оба ебанутые. Удивлена как Лукашенко как то блядь опять умудрился возыметь хоть какой-то политический вес и выступить в качестве миротворца. Вот же живучая изворотливая тварь.

No. 1616677

File: 1687639522928.png (25.91 KB, 1023x497, uhm.png)

Last part of this post didn't age well in just a few hours, but it's still pretty spot on considering the current confusion

No. 1616681

They also announced that those who want can freely leave Wagner and join Russian contract military forces. It's a kek.

No. 1616685

Okay, here is my take:
Bunker ded didn't want to loose his face, so he struck a deal with Wagner, probably giving them what they wanted. EXCEPT, he got Prigozhin in exchange, and by that I mean that he was turned into a political prisoner in Belarus where he probably wouldn't be able to access his troops. Wagner, meanwhile, will be disband and their soldiers will sign a contract with Russian WoD. In short, Prigozhin took a huge L.

No. 1616687

>giving them what they wanted
And that would be…?

No. 1616690

Does the first sentence in the pic imply that Ukraine = Russia?

Second that question

No. 1616693

Here's another thing: Prigozhin exposed the people ready to REALLY oppose Moscow. (No, the Twitter liberals don't count.) The regime is going to delete them and become more stable.

No. 1616694

Schizo tinfoil theory: Prigozhin is going to replace Luka.

No. 1616703

точно рейсбейтинг, хотя не, нациобейтинг(?) если такое вообще есть
poor rostovchans who gave wagners food and drink. it's probably recorded on camera with all of their faces
also why did some of the opposition members call for supporting prigozhin, he's a warlord ultranationalist, i know that at this point they think anything is better than putin but this is insane

No. 1616705

>poor rostovchans who gave wagners food and drink.
Who gives a shit lol, I wasn't talking about those guys. They were happy when Prigozhin came, they were happy to see him leave, they have no opinions and bear no significance because they don't carry weapons. I meant those who joined the bumrush to Moscow or publicly approved of it as police officers/army/guard/etc.

No. 1616710

Okay, this low-level baiting is getting out of hand. Can we go back to trashing ugly eastern euro scrots please?

No. 1616711

>something interesting is discussed for once
>"um lets go back to the boring shit"

No. 1616714

Yeah, it's just two anons having a passive-agressive slapfight with a dash of pol baiting. How is this interesting?
Anyway, you know what this thread lacks? Poles. It's not an EE thread if we don't have our polska nonnies hanging around. Maybe we should make a meet up between us and watek polski?

No. 1616717

What slapfight? The posts above discuss what happened in Russia because it's honestly baffling how Prigozhin just left. I don't see any baiting.

No. 1616724

>frantically trying to change the subject
aw lmao

could it all be one huge costly setup? i know the russian army is busy in ukraine, but that little resistance does not look believable. also kadyrovites just parked near rostov and had 0 confrontation with wagner, the fuck? something shady is going on.

No. 1616766

Someone suggested it might have been a set-up to set up 25k troops elsewhere and invade from Belarus side since where they were at it's difficult to get to Kiev or something

No. 1616773

But that wouldn't require this much effort. Have Luka fake a coup by the evil Polish Anglo-Saxon NATO Banderovites, send Wagner to "help". Boom, you have Wagner in Belarus.
Nothing about this makes any sense, which makes me think we're missing a crucial piece of information.

No. 1616985

No, I think it's just saying Russia was expected to conquer Ukraine because it has a bigger army that technically should've been able to do it easily. (disregarding the fact that a large part of their funding goes directly to corruption kek)

No. 1617100

Exactly, personally I think they don't even need an excuse for that but if they did they would do some half-assed shit and lie. That was just too messy and chaotic and pretty humiliating for Putin. If it were a setup, it would rather be to sabotage the war and/or his regime.
I believe Prig was following his own pursuits, considering his conflict with russian defence that's been going on for a while now. Just recently he wasn't really happy about the requirement to sign a contract with the ministry of defence. I think he also understands that they might want to get rid of him. Whether he was in collusion with someone or acted on his own, I suspect that retreat wasn't part of the initial plan, and it was quite an idiotic move because it's likely he'll still be killed. He was probably promised amnesty for outing everyone who was willing to collaborate and undermine the authorities. I guess Luka gets something out of it too. Could it have something to do with all the statements by the Belarusian volunteer battalion and opposition? Maybe he counts on Prigozhin and wagnerites to help him stay in power? I suspect he can't really trust his own army. There's no evidence that they might actually turn against him but well, he can still be paranoid as all dictators are. Plus someone told there's someone in his circle ready to betray him, but I have no idea where this info comes from and how reliable it is. This could be too tinfoily, but I'm pretty sure Luka is paranoid about Putin too and maybe hoping that Wagner will kinda ward him off after what's happened? Belarusian border is way closer to Moscow.
Also, once again can't be sure if it's true but I remember just recently a Russian army guy accused wagnerites of giving info about Russian troops positions to Ukrainians, and last month there was something about a leak in the news–Prigozhin supposedly offered info about Russian troops positions in exchange for Ukrainian soldiers' retreat from the area around Bakhmut. I guess it shows he's not loyal to Russian government and especially its army (and yesterday's events only prove it), and I'm not sure if he would collaborate with Ukraine directly but he could possibly collaborate with RDK and Free Russia Legion and/or, most likely, with someone in Russia who wants to get rid of Putin. So there's a little possibility his choice to retreat wasn't idiotic and it actually was part of the plan, it was just meant as a sabotage that uncovers weak spots and propaganda, makes Russians scared of possible war on their territory (so they might stop dreaming about the territories of another country), and irreparably damages Putin's image in the eyes of many Russians and allies. And if RDK was involved, it could give them valuable info for future further invasion. But the first theory seems more plausible to me tbh.

No. 1617254

File: 1687710349879.jpg (42.37 KB, 604x528, IMG_20230619_170619_710.jpg)

With Prigozhin's antics with forgot about another pressing matter: that is, Budanov (UA chief of intelligence) stated that Zaporizhya atomic station can be blown up. Now, I think Budanov is a hack and an attention whore, but this stuff was hyped up for the last couple of months. Do you think it's true?
FYI, this atomic station has more reactors than Chernobyl one and the radioactive fallout has a chance to be more wide-spread than the previous disaster.
Mainly because of that I think it's a lie since who the fuck would shoot themselves in the foot like that.
Thoughts? Pic unrelated.

No. 1617267

>russia is going to take crimea
>I think it's a lie since who the fuck would shoot themselves in the foot like that.


>russia is going to launch a full-scale invasion
>I think it's a lie since who the fuck would shoot themselves in the foot like that.

>june 2023

>russia is going to blow up the Kakhovka dam
>I think it's a lie since who the fuck would shoot themselves in the foot like that.


>russia is going to blow up a nuclear power plant
>I think it's a lie since who the fuck would shoot themselves in the foot like that.

[you are here]

No. 1617275

File: 1687712047360.jpg (67.61 KB, 1280x1252, IMG_20230614_125413_236.jpg)

Yeah, I mean fuck that huge radiation cloud that gonna cover Kuban and Crimea, everybody knows that Russians actually gain super powers when exposed to radiation.
And the only person who talks about it is Budanov who slowly mutates into Arestovich 2.0 (but he was correct about Prigozhin (?) and the Kakhovka dam, I gonna give him that).

No. 1617281

It's not going to be as bad as Chornobyl because ZNPP is much better at containing radioactive shit, plus its reactors are not running hot. Additionally, ZNPP poses no threat of Iodine-131 exposure because the reactors were shut down a long time ago and the isotope had enough time to disintegrate. The catastrophe will only fuck up the UA territory. Sadly.

No. 1617820

Theories as to why Lukashenko had to step in to stop Priggy? Maybe Putin is sick and dying?

No. 1617839

They say Prigozhin wanted to talk only with someone important, and yeah, pretty sure Putin is sick but he's also a chicken.

No. 1618569

File: 1687845457689.jpg (74.08 KB, 800x533, chechenec_krym_izvinenie.jpg)

>A chechen man without a beard.

No. 1618570

I find that "putin is so sick he is dying I swear bros" cope stupid. How old is he anyway? 70 something? He is as healthy as any old fart that age can be. All that botox is just fooling you. Have you seen an old person anyway? They always cough and make weird noises and act retarded.

No. 1618603

Yeah like >>1617267 said Russia has been going full scorched ground lately. They would probably rather nuke the entirety of Ukraine just out of spite to win the war even if they lost everything they originally desired from their lands. Russia is run by mentally ill boomers detached from reality so they're completely unpredictable with what they do.

No. 1619062

moids growing out their moustaches and beards like in your pic look like they've just eaten a pile of shit. facial hair is gross overall

No. 1624510

File: 1688488622116.jpg (38.07 KB, 640x360, BacipTv5BtO8PH9bcn9iiAdyf8jxR1…)

Як вам нове іпсо за 30 гривень?
I'm sooop ready for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, girls.
But for real, I'm so tired of this shit. I think I should do a digital detox because reading news that swing between "the end is near, we all gone die, guys, I swear!!!!" to "we gonna win any day now, guys, I swear!!!" makes me feel exhausted.

No. 1624517

Samefag, forgot to add that I highly doubt that even a direct missile strike would as much as damage the power plant, at least the parts where all the nasty radiation shit is kept. Those plants are built to stand against all sort of damage. But that sort of anti hype is just journos being greedy assholes as usual.

No. 1624809

At first I thought this was a conspiracy theory like the biolabs thing. Now I'm getting worried.

No. 1624898

Getting a bit worried too, and very shady news sources yesterday said it'll be Ukraine who'll blow up the plant (what the fuck? it'll hit all of Ukraine including Kyiv). Don't really believe it but we have some reasons to be worried about it.
I also remember watching the nuclear plant livestream a year ago here when the Russo-Ukrainian war threads were active and everyone freaking out about Russians possibly damaging the plant.

No. 1625057

The Zaporizhka nuclear plant is built to withstand military attacks. All of the power plants in former Soviet Union are. Everyone is scared because of Chornobyl, but that was a very rare event, when lots of mistakes happened that day and enabled the catastrophe. Besides, Zaporizhka has a vver reactors as opposed to Chornobyls rbmk, which all have their own containment capsule. It’s very safe. Even the Kachovka explosion wasn’t fatal although the water from it is the main source of cooling for the plant. It’s gonna be ok.

No. 1625116

Tinfoil, but since Russia claims that the power plant is on their territory they can make a claim that Ukraine destroyed it and since it counts as an act of nuclear terrorism, they can know use nuclear weapons against Ukraine. Thoughts?
I had a tour in one of those "biolabs" when I was a student. It's literally some shitty lab manned by babushka sraka and her pals and they do shit like taking rabbies samples from dogs or borealis from ticks. One hell of a biolab, I tell you.
OK, actually it's an open secret that USSR was developing bio weapons back in the day and there still lots of labs scattered all across the ex ussr that contain really nasty shit, like very resistant strains of plagues and the like. I don't know if they do any sort of research now, but they exist in Russia and probably there some still operating in Ukraine. But I think most of them just contain their old samples and collect newer ones. I had a prof in my uni who was a member of the academy of sciences (it means he is a top level guy, if you didn't knew). He worked on bio weapons and still researches bio terrorism and bio warfare. He told us all sorts of freaky stuff about that. That most global powers are still developing bio weapons and the risk of some plague used as a weapon is very high. No connection to covid though.

No. 1625123

yes that's exatly their plan.

I hope these global powers learned from covid though, releasing new plague would be stupid because it would kill their own people too anyway. Viruses don't choose, they can get to any society no matter how closed off it is.

No. 1628159

I'm planning to watch Dead City (walking dead spinoff) because the main bad guy seems to be a croat. They actually seem to call him "the croat" in the show too?

Part of me is happy that our existence is acknowledged and that for once Serbs aren't the bad guys, but I'm fucking tired of easter europeans being the bad guys in almost every show. Or the mad scientist/prostitute/meathead/drunk. I'm not the only one, right?

No. 1628173

Slavs in USA need to make a movement like other non-anglo ethnicities.

>hey!! your movie is slavist!!!

No. 1628220

File: 1688832165741.jpeg (211.95 KB, 750x455, IMG_3491.jpeg)

Fed up with Slavs being portrayed like this in westoid movies lol
I don’t remember an Eastern European woman character in any Western European/American film that wouldn’t be either portrayed either as a classless bimbo, a cleaner or a pathetic idiot, or all of these at once

No. 1628255

i think we are just too IDGAF to do anything about this. You wont see slavs making a scene about people portraying our cultures or people inaccurately like other cultures/people do. We're just like "Reatrded americans will retard". Though it sucks a bit in a way i think being cool and above that is still better. They don't know us, they don't get us at all, and that's why we are more free because we're in the shadows unnoticed mostly. I don't want western media portraying us at all because they don't have the brain capacity to get it right. When they portray us badly nobody really cares anyway it just fades away.

No. 1628962

This is retarded and it reeks of western pomo brainrot, but you'd catch me dying before I give westoids a shred of my attention, let alone care about what they put out.

No. 1629227

Didn't Ukrainian government went after Emily in Paris because they portrayed the Ukrainian girl as a thief? That's something I guess…

No. 1629234

I hate westoids' portrayal of slavs, but I hate it more when Eastern European creators decide that those are cool, actually. And than they make the absolutely retarded tongue in cheek shit about the mafia/Russians riding bears/crazy soviet science etc.
I don't know if you noticed but there is some small movement of people that think that this shit is mad funny. Take Atomic Hearts, for example. A pure, unfiltered autism about klyukva made to appeal to westoids. And people actually eat this shit up.
I really want our people to get that this stuff is not funny and is mostly a negative portrayal of slavs. The fact that westoids think that we are all crazy meatheads/bimbos is not good.

No. 1632169

I’m so mad at western politics trying to influence our country’s. There’s an ongoing debate about gender Id laws and trans surgeries and changing sex to gender and obviously the ones opposing it are the church and conservative parties. We don’t even have gay marriage and abortion legality is fickle but no gender is what’s important. It’s just a stupid battle between closeminded religious people and stupid ass people who want to seem woke. We lose either way.

No. 1632178

Unpopular opinion but as much as I hate the war and Putler, Ukraine is run by clowns and attention whoring cows who love EU money more than their own citizens.

No. 1632185

File: 1689201348631.jpeg (44.39 KB, 838x178, IMG_0133.jpeg)

The whole war is 1000% a proxy war.

Sad that most people don't know about this creature. Heavy handed in a lot of foreign policy, including helping create the Taliban.

No. 1637727

It's a real wonder that a Polish guy doesn't like Russia and thinks its geopolitical role should be weakened, so shocking.

No. 1647177


Enjoy the safe pasture in the most based country on the planet.

No. 1671475

File: 1692605082722.jpg (2.87 MB, 3344x1902, 314909.jpg)

I'm working on studying and eventually moving abroad from USA to EU (Either on student visa or work visa once earned). I'm currently trying to decide between Finland and Estonia. Any advice on which one is better for a mixed race solo female? I'm a very solitude driven person and I'm just tired of constantly fearing for my life in USA with all the guns and murders here so I figured I should just pack it up and get out while the gettins good. Wherever I go, I intend to stay long enough to apply for citizenship if that counts (I know for Estonia that would mean giving up American citizenship which is not the most ideal). Also besides these two, are there any other places nearby that I should consider too? Thanks in advance nonnies

No. 1671533

There are proposed changes to laws in Finland that will make it harder to get citizenship, plus you already need to pass a language test. Finnish is notoriously hard and (no offense) I've never seen an American who doesn't have Finnish parents learn it past the basics. Taxes are also very high compared to Estonia.

Estonian visa requirements are very low, they are very open to foreign immigrants (with money) and if you start a business you can get a visa really easily, you don't even have to live in Estonia. Plus if you're American you can really use that to sell yourself and seem more legit, you will automatically be seen as more trustworthy than entrepreneurs who came from Pakistan, Bosnia or Romania. It sounds mean, but I'm just being honest.

No. 1671621

The language test is only for citizenship, not for migration, though. Plus Estonian and Finnish are very closely related and would probably be equally difficult to an English speaker, plus Estonia also has a very strict language test for citizenship. In any case, living in either country long term without learning the language is not sustainable and will leave you with scarcer job opportunities and isolated from society.

Estonia is a lot cheaper but also way more conservative, especially when it comes to gender roles ime. Finland has better social security and higher wages but finding a well-paying job without knowing the language is going to be difficult. In any case nona, hope you can find an option that suits for you!
(t. Finn)

No. 1674721

It's time to put out tinfoil hats on, nonnies! Thoughts, speculations and milk will flow.
Personally I think that Prigozhin was killed by Putin, it all makes too much sense, but I still think that an operation by UA intellegence is still possible

No. 1674724

I'm sure it was Pu. Ukraine would benefit from Prig stirring the pot.

No. 1674727

More and more people (Wagner, etc.) say Priggy and Utkin are dead. Rest in piss if true. There's also an unverified crash site video making rounds, lots of crispy meat visible.
This is why you should always finish what you started. Prigozhin died for nothing. He should have at least attempted to take Moscow.

No. 1674728

Tbh, I feel like that this version would line up perfectly if we believe that Putin actually imprisoned his generals, so it can be suspected that he tries to take out his opponents. Which is… uh, too tinfoil-y? Also I still don't believe that UA is capable of taking down a VIP jet, since their recent operations were mostly blowing up windows in Moscow

No. 1674734

Came here to see I am late to post about Prig's death

No. 1674737

>since their recent operations were mostly blowing up windows in Moscow
not really, they've been blowing up fighter jets too. much more productive, if you ask me.

No. 1674743

oh shit, hold on. what if the wanker pmc try to avenge priggy? do you think that would be possible?

No. 1674744

I also think it's interesting to note that Lukashenko personally promised Prigozhin's security. Interesting how it would affect Belarus.

No. 1675210

File: 1692836889959.jpg (950.02 KB, 849x1200, 158966161272.jpg)

No worries, it didnt sound too mean at all! I have a Finnish friend who's been teaching me via voice audio exchanging to make sure my pronunciation and learning so far is correct. Foreign Language used to be my major before switching to tech, so I don't struggle when it comes to languages. I think I heard that Swedish can also count toward their required language, but I don't see myself using that language much so I think I'd like to stick to Finnish, even though I'm leaning more toward Estonia. Either place I'd be happy with.
Ok, noted! Did not know about conservative thing. Will definitely keep that in mind moving forward. As said, I love languages anyway, so to me that part is just exciting-the thought of not only learning, but actually getting to use it. Thank you very much nonnies!

No. 1675335

fuck i missed everything, i wake up and there are hundreds of news posts in telegram channels
not really imo. they are indeed devastated by his death but i don't think it'll go anywhere

No. 1675785

Whichever you choose (if you end up moving) I can recommend visiting the other. The Helsinki-Tallin ferry is only 2 hrs so it's really nice and cheap to do a one-day sightseeing trip for example.

No. 1676121

>clown doing clown things
Are you new to Luka?

No. 1676203

File: 1692913514106.webm (4.47 MB, 640x360, JGQIIZCHMp45oIxA.webm)

I had a Romanian mutual who once talked about how the far right-winge in her country used communist era imagery with monarchic symbols, and you could find priests singing praise for communist dictators. At first, I thought she was exaggerating a bit cause I couldn't comprehend that, but then I saw this vidrel recently and realised she was really telling the truth.

No. 1676619

File: 1692946548861.jpg (51.91 KB, 347x400, image.jpg)

You misunderstood, I didn't mean the language test. I meant that their citizenship requirement is 4 years of residence if you know the language now but they want to change it to 10 years.

>Estonia is a lot cheaper but also way more conservative, especially when it comes to gender roles

I disagree, there's a lot of trad Russians but I've never had any issues here as an openly gay woman. Tallinn and Tartu are very open-minded cities with lots of foreigners. Plus if anon wants to she can learn Finnish and get a job in Finland without all the red tape with an Estonian passport too, since we're in the EU. Getting an English-speaking job here is also easy if you live in Tallinn since the tourism industry is huge.

t. pehme kiisu

No. 1676622

ayrt, we can agree to disagree, but I feel like there's a stronger pressure in Estonian society for women to be mothers and adopt a more traditional role. I also get mistaken for a man (I dress very masculine but have long hair) all the time every time I go to Tallinn, which never happens in Finland, and I feel like there's a covert pressure to be and act more feminine.

No. 1676682

File: 1692954678724.jpg (393.74 KB, 1078x1325, 042c718de62cb35.jpg)

Mind you while the Church was suppressed under Lenin and the early stages of Stalin’s rule, Stalin started promoting the Orthodox faith especially during the periods when the Soviets fought the Germans.

No. 1685191

One thing that Western communists don't realize is that modern day Eastern European communists are VERY conservative. IDK about Romania, but the late Ukrainian communist party mostly relied on old farts to vote for them, so they obviously covered pretty conservative topics and were pro-religion, anti-gay, anti-vax, what have you. AFAIK Russian communist party is very much the same. I don't know how popular communism is with young Russians (here it's universally hated), but it's mostly Soviet boomer ideology (at least in my country). So a young communist is a rare sight and they mostly copy their older peers (like Dmitry "Goblin" Puchkov), so they adapt pretty militaristic, conservative brunch of leftist ideology. Stalinism is by far the most common leftist ideology in the whole of ex-USSR, while neo-marxism and Trotskism is somewhat hated. I think your typical tranny leftist redditor would be pretty dazzled by his Russian peers, cause they are pretty much American boomer conservatives except they worship Stalin and not… uh, Trump? J. Bush Jr? Whatever.

No. 1685199

In my country communist was never in power its associated with ethnic nationalists and separatists, its functionally Nazi ideologies with just terminology difference, similar case with most Arab communists as well, they are all ethno-nationalists

No. 1685200

File: 1693652582541.jpg (38.08 KB, 640x640, 20230730_000735.jpg)

Any Latvianonas itt?

No. 1685211

File: 1693654633549.jpg (97.12 KB, 532x399, Stalin Icon.jpg)

That's nothing, a top official from the Russian Orthodox Church literally stated that Stalin would have been a great bishop and church leader.

>Joseph Stalin could have become a good Church leader if he had graduated from the Seminary and had not left the Church, the Educational Committee of the Russian Orthodox Church suggested, according to Interfax-religion.

>"He had the ability to manage, have a global vision, and make strategic decisions. If this man had not drifted away from the Christian tradition (or if he had not been pushed away), and his ability to make strategic decisions and global worldview would have been intertwined with Evangelical morality and the memory of the need for mercy and forgiveness, then Stalin could have been a very good leader - both the Church and the state one," said Archpriest Maxim Kozlov, Chairman of the Committee.
>This was his answer to the question whether he would have excluded Iosif Dzhugashvili from the Seminary in Tiflis had he been a lecturer in his time.
>According to the priest, God wants to save everyone, and the opportunity to grow to the spiritual level of a Saint is given at birth.
>"We are not Calvinists who believe that some are pre-determined before death and others before salvation. Consequently, Stalin had the potential to considerably large growth," said the representative of the ROC.
>He noted that the more gifts a person has who has departed from God, the more notorious their collapse is.
>"Remember the same Leo Tolstoy - the measure of his talents and the measure of worldview collapse and squalor at the end of his earthly path. This is also the case - if someone could predict in advance who will become Iosif Dzhugashvili, and thus would be able not to lose this man, it would be worthwhile to make efforts of the best teachers of the Russian Church to guide him in the right direction,'' concluded the Chairman of the Education Committee.

No. 1687336

File: 1693836802570.png (325.1 KB, 600x606, Screenshot.png)

Historically women were only conscripted when it was do or die, even super patriarchal Japan, conscripted women as a last defence force.

No. 1687366

At this rate I'm starting to believe this is a strategy to literally kill as many Ukranians and make as many of them flee as they can. At this point most Ukranian women and children are living in other countries and they'll most stay there and get assimilated considering how much slavs hate themselves and feel better not marrying their own kind. This war wakened both ukraine and russia which again I think was the main motive while also screwing over countries the Russians and Ukrainians fled to. A couple of days ago, a slav refugee killed an indian tourist in my country of example

No. 1687386

Slavs are racist as fuck. How are you an asylum seeker still engaging in white supremacy. Mental illness

No. 1687476

File: 1693844516515.webm (3.06 MB, 480x270, IvxbbvNQ97bCmoXK.webm)

I don't think it's specifically against the Ukrainians, rather they are just being used as pawns to harm the Russians. The same thing happened in Afghanistan, where modern Jihadism was created just to bleed the Russians. They are doing the same thing now, training thousands of open white supremacists, Islamists, and Nazis who now have combat experience and knowledge of modern guerrilla warfare, and of course new terrorist groups will be formed cause of this.

No. 1687529

Considering how the west doesn't give them weapons that might actually end the conflict, it might be true.

No. 1687603

cause its not about winning, its about bleeding the Russians and hoping they collapse

No. 1687610

Slavs aren’t 'racist as fuck', they just don’t gaf about race in the way Westerners do because they have no colonial past.

No. 1687778

Every Slav country looks down upon whatever Slav country is perceived as less white than them, not to mention the treatment of Roma people.

No. 1688284

>Slavs are racist as fuck.
Good. I'll take that over Germany's immigration stance any day.

>the treatment of Roma people
Yeah, like leaving them the fuck alone, unlike what other countries historically did.
>In 1545, the Diet of Augsburg declared that "whosoever kills a Gypsy (Romani), will be guilty of no murder".[16] The subsequent massive killing spree which took place across the empire later prompted the government to step in to "forbid the drowning of Romani women and children".[17]
>In 1660, the Romani were prohibited from residing in France by King Louis XIV.[19]
>In 1710, Joseph I, Holy Roman Emperor, issued an edict against the Romani, ordering "that all adult males were to be hanged without trial, whereas women and young males were to be flogged and banished forever." In addition, in the kingdom of Bohemia, Romani men were to have their right ears cut off; in the March of Moravia, the left ear was to be cut off. In other parts of Austria, they would be branded on the back with a branding iron, representing the gallows. These mutilations enabled authorities to identify the individuals as Romani on their second arrest. The edict encouraged local officials to hunt down Romani in their areas by levying a fine of 100 Reichsthaler on those who failed to do so. Anyone who helped Romani was to be punished by doing forced labor for half a year. The result was mass killings of Romani across the Holy Roman Empire. In 1721, Charles VI amended the decree to include the execution of adult female Romani, while children were "to be put in hospitals for education".[20]
>The persecution of the Romani people reached a peak during World War II, in the Porajmos (literally, the devouring), a descriptive neologism for the Nazi genocide of Romanis during the Holocaust. Nazi racial ideology put Romani, Jewish, Slavic and Black people at the bottom of the racial scale.[30]

No. 1688302

As usual, lolcow tinfoilers read some random twit and don't even bother to check what's it all about.
Ukrainian doctoranon here, all female doctors and nurses were registered for military service since forever. I was registered even before the war.

No. 1688308

I'm not a slav but they're racist. Every slav man I know talks about being superior because of their whiteness(although they're probably not even fully white) while lusting after any brown, asian or black girl. They also put down romanians and stuff because romanians tend to be darker but objectively, romanians look kinda Mediterranean to me while most Russians and stuff look like white asian mixture.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1688334

Are you a butthurt Romanian? Or you are a westerner who feels sorry about muh roma. Well, fuck gypsies. They are the worst. They abuse and kidnap children, live in absolute filth and organize ethnic mafias. They are hated for a reason. When people say that they hate gypsies they mean that kind that forces their kids to bag for money, which is clearly child abuse.

No. 1688345

What's wrong with that? I already posted about being a ua doctor before. Or do you need a photo of my diploma?

No. 1688356

No I'm not Romanian, I happen to live in a country that has a lot of Ukranian and Russian refugees that literally are more destructive than any other refugees I've ever seen. You can't go and cry so western countries accept you as regufugees just to turn around and shit on your own kind and other ethnicities because you feel a false sense of superiority.

Also don't pretend that Russia and Ukraine also don't have huge rings of child and human trafficking. You can't blame a random country when both Russia and Ukraine are known for kidnapping their own women and girls just to sell them off or sometimes pimp them in other countries after kidnapping them. Didn't Ukrainians and Russians try to kidnap the women who were trying to flee from war when war was just starting?

No. 1688359

Nta but identity/namefagging isn't allowed.

No. 1688360

So you are a butthurt westerner who never saw a gypsy with her own two eyes. Got it. Please leave, this thread is for eastern european anons.

No. 1688362

Wow, thank you captain obvious.

No. 1688366

You asked why anons dislike it and I answered. Someone as stupid as you being a doctor is just proving how shit slav education system is.
I had one Romanian and one Russian ex. Try again.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1688370

KEK. Be careful, she's stupid enough to attempt.

No. 1688374

Having a slav ex makes you eastern european? Okay.
Listen, this thread is for discussion of all things EE for EE anons. Why you barge in andstart a stupid infighting?
Also you just hate slavs for some reason but than get mad about gypsies. What's that all about?

No. 1688387

I didn't get upset, you just lied about a group of people committing crimes that are actually committed by your very own men(statistically speaking).
>Having a slav ex makes you eastern european?
Thank god it doesn't. Why would I want to be another ethnicity or race? Your people are notorious for doing that though by dying their hair, getting nosejobs, facial and lip fillers, etc to mimic nordic or germanic women. Meanwhile some of your men preach neonazi stuff although Hitler notoriously disliked slavs and preferred Asians to them, further making the racist slav's nazi/superiority obsession more hilarious.
I'm fine as I am.

For the slavs reading, I'm obviously not talking about majority of slavs. There is a vocal minority that as I said does most they can to alter their appearance to fit other country's natural looks just to look down on romanians who literally look like their pre-surgery pre-hairdye etc. selves.

No. 1688391

It sounds like a butthurt Ukranian man who's upset people think their racist beliefs are stupid, kek. Imagine having your country fall apart because of war yet you're here shitting on random gypsies because they're one skintone darker than you. Some anon wrote about how people who are unhappy with their country and have inferiority complexes can turn out to be supremacists to cope, this sounds like the case here.

No. 1688512

Fuck off, troll. You're clearly here to start a culture war. Funny how the mods tolerate something like you when they ban people for nothing. All your claims are bullshit, btw and you're careful not to reveal what country you're from for fear on being called on that bullshit. Just kill yourself or die of AIDS.(alogging)

No. 1688513

Blah blah blah. Have more luck on 4chan, clown.

No. 1688754

File: 1693953996790.jpg (1.47 MB, 2304x1577, 20190530dox.jpg)

Do you have Jews in your country? Have you met one? What was your experience?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1689011

I'm originally Georgian born and raised in another country. Happy?
>Just kill yourself or die of AIDS.
It's quite sad that both of these are reasons people in slavic countries like yours commonly die from, mainly because of medical negligence. And yet you have no issues casually bringing those up and wishing them on people you disagree with.
Normal. Though I was shocked at how pale jews were as I was accepting them to look more levantine/arabic. Jewish women were very pretty.

No. 1689182

This fucking thread never disappoints. Bravo, anons, you turned everything to shit as usual.

No. 1694920

peremoyemkostochki is just Pro-Ana Scumbags for underage ruski girls, I hope no nonita unironically lurks there.
I've first seen it mentioned on here in a pro-ana scumbags thread some years ago, saying it's a kind of a russian proana lolcow community. It's much worse though, lots of pickmes, handmaidens and other women with horrible degrees of internalised misogyny.

No. 1695056

Technically me, but I moved to Russia.

I'm a rather shut-in, so take what I say with a grain of salt, but from what I notice young Russians are all assorted "fuck the authority, embrace freedom" kinds. Some are just edgy teens, some others have post-Soviet trauma and detest everything Soviet-related. The only few young communists I met seemed like they have massive personal issues and traumas that they project onto politics, with desperate attempts at identifying with the group that actually goes against everything they believe; basically, they came to communist ideas as an attempt to criticize and seek refuge from mainstream politics, only to be disappointed and disenchanted with how fucked up, misogynistic, racist, etc your average Russian commie group on VK or elsewhere is. But yeah, other than that, they're pretty rare. Russian communist party is a Soviet boomer ideology as well.

On a related note, western communists and tankies confuse and creep me out. I'm still not sure if they're truly that detached from reality, or they're like troons, intentionally filter out information that doesn't suit their narrative. I told them various stories about my Russian-speaking side of family and hardships they had to face both in post-tsarist Russia/very early RSFSR where more distant ancestors of mine came from and what they have seen in other republics, including Ukraine, and they just didn't care. Asked, "well, it wasn't THAT bad, though? Well, they survived at least?", with an implication that it was all just a misfortune that had nothing to do with communism itself, but bad apples that were later executed anyway. It's surreal. I also stayed around when the war started to see what they will talk about, but it all could be boiled down to "Ukrainians are Nazis, so it's okay to wreck their shit", so I think they're the lost cause.
What also caught my eye is how they count clearly brainwashed opinions as trustable sources. I see Russians as a whole, especially boomers, suffering from some form of collective trauma that pretty much blurs their vision: they were fucked up by Soviet regime, but still blindly support it. Western tankies count this support as "legitimate". Yet another similarity to troons IMO, just like all these clearly distressed "I got a botched frankendick/rothole surgery and have to do billion revisions also I will never orgasm, but no regretzzzzz 10/10 would recommend" are passed as legitimate proofs to support troonism, these "50%/60%/60% -orwhatevernumbertheyput- of old ass post-Soviet citizens that survived to this day miss Stalin" as a genuine indicator that Stalinism is good.

No. 1695820

nonichka, why did you move to russia? can you come back to latvia? not mad, just genuinely interested why would you do that kek

No. 1696051

As she said, she is latvian only technically, she's actually a russian. Since collapse of soviet union a lot of russians got themselves and their kids a latvian citizenship, but they still speak russian and don't intend to assimilate, partly due to hopes of another invasion. But now, because of poor performance in recent invasion at south-west border that hope grows thin and some return to motherland.

No. 1702436

File: 1695189643812.jpeg (42.93 KB, 500x454, 16FFFE3D-585C-45D4-966A-0D393B…)

any romanian nonnies ITT?

No. 1702454

me, where are the hot romanian men? why is the average romanian man so goddamn ugly when we have so many beautiful women? why is everyone sporting a hideous beard and haircut?? by 20 they already look 30

No. 1702473

kek sa stii, am vazut multi care arata chiar bine (dar si mai multi care arata ca pula), depinde si pe unde stai
>why is everyone sporting a hideous beard and haircut
doamne da vad o gramada cu haircut ul ala fade + haine de roadman.. oricum sunt ultimii terminati astia care arata asa lol

No. 1702599

I need a vacation. What parts of Slovenia are nice and not too expensive?

No sage because this is super important

No. 1734757

me and I came to these thread to whine about the stupid weather
30 degrees outside WHY
GIVE ME 10-11C while I stay cozy with a blanket
nonna please don't get me started on that stupid fucking beard
why do almost all men look the same? it's like they're copy-pasted
>avreage height
>that dumb fade haircut
>stupid beard
no ty

No. 1739204

It really sucks to be a Westernized Russian. I don’t like Russian politics, I don’t like what happens within Russian society and I obviously don’t like the war, so I naturally want to side with the West. But surprise surprise, the West hates my guts for supposedly not being active enough in dethroning Putin and establishing democracy. It feels like a lot of people just sort of flew off the switch with their prejudice.
And I understand that what happens in Ukraine is horrible, and that it fucking sucks, but I feel like Ukraine will win, and everything will be good for them. Eventually. While Russia is not fucking salvageable, it’s going to be a shithole for as long as I live. There is literally no hope.

No. 1739247

Sorry but you deserve it your country is literally a warmonger and probably shouldn’t exist(bait)

No. 1739266

Why do I deserve it? It’s not a superhero movie, I cannot take out Russian government single-handedly. It was fucked up before I was even born.

No. 1739284

No. 1739321

File: 1698296539271.jpg (8.27 KB, 310x163, 2Q==.jpg)

Anyone remembers beon? It was the shit for me back than. So much good memories, wish we can go back to that unapologetically cringe fandom stuff.
My first narusasu yaoi, first 2edgy4you male stalkers threatening to doxx me, trolling Winx fangirls, making edgy and ugly page themes etc. Good shit.

No. 1739338

You’re not the victim here, people call Americans stupid and make fun of 9/11 all the time but if you do it to a Russian it’s bad all of a sudden. Anyway if I were you I would change my name, I would be embarrassed to be from a country that’s only known for alcoholism and wifebeating.(infighting/bait)

No. 1739413

File: 1698304992486.jpg (794.38 KB, 1452x1936, wabi6kgejpg61.jpg)

Don't reply to the baiting Yank.

Anyways, have you nonushkas switched to the Slav Blanket(tm) already? It is time.

No. 1739432

never had one myself but whenever i would sleepover at someone's place who had it, i had such a good sleep. they're so heavy they put me right to sleep.

No. 1739440

I want one so bad but they are a bitch to clean which is a big problem for me. I sleep with my dog in my bed so any blanket that can't be easily cleaned from fur is no good.

No. 1739490

>the West hates my guts for supposedly not being active enough in dethroning Putin and establishing democracy.
в основном это бургеры и прочие, которые не могли даже найти украину на карте год-два назад кек, но политика других стран им очень интересна, у них нет аналога мема "барнаул, алтайский край" (заменить барнаул на любой bumfuck nowhere town)
>Russia is not fucking salvageable, it’s going to be a shithole for as long as I live.
сейм, мне стращно за права женщин блять

No. 1739501

Проблема в том, что на бургера "барнаул, алтайский край" не сработает, т.к. по мнению бургеров для них любой пук в какой угодно стране имеет большое значение. Я даже хз как это объяснить, но для них любая новость имеет большую личную значимость, так будто это касается лично их.

No. 1739514

> политика других стран им очень интересна
Ну да, это все храбрые воины интернета. ИРЛ люди так себя не ведут. Лучшим способом справиться с проблемой будет просто выйти из твиттера.
Но с другой стороны, мне кажется, что такое отношение может навредить в долгосрочной перспективе.

Если что, я сейчас не про то, что все все русские невинные, словно овечки, и никогда ничего плохого даже в мыслях не имели. Нихуя подобного, идет пиздецовая война. Но мне кажется, одно дело ненавидеть людей, которые это делают, подбадривают и развязывают, и совершенно другое - выпускать не прогулку своего внутреннего ксенофоба и орать про народ рабов и то, что хороший русский - мертвый русский. И я не про украинцев сейчас совсем, потому что ну, хоть мне и обидно читать про русню, я могу сложить два и два. Я про всех людей из отдаленных стран, которые реально понятия не имели, где находится Украина, но теперь внезапно вспомнили все тезисы пропаганды 80х и упиваются своей ненавистью. И как бы ладно, ну ненавидят и похуй, но это уже в законы пролезает. Вон тема с Евросоюзом и женскими трусами, лол.

> мне стращно за права женщин блять

Мне тоже. С этой домостроевской хуйней могут и аборты запретить.

No. 1739519

Guess what, I don’t think it’s good to call Americans stupid, and I definitely don’t think it’s good to make fun of 9/11. But then again, there’s being called stupid, and there is being called a sub human ork.

Also, riddle me this. Why people don’t think that all Americans are horrible, irredeemable people after their democratically elect president decided to use Agent Orange in Vietnam? If this is not true and not all Americans are horrible - maybe it extends to other people as well?

No. 1739525

Germans and Americans wishing death on someone from whatever the West decides is a "bad" country yet painting themselves as these virtuous progressive do-gooders makes me kek. They don't really see the irony in it.

No. 1739528

скорее, если это касается отдаленных белых европейцев, поэтому украину поддерживают крупно, а израиль/палестина/афганистан/другие справляются сами
>это все храбрые воины интернета. ИРЛ люди так себя не ведут.
потрогать травку можно, но физические атаки на русских экспатов в других странах происходили, хоть это и продолжалось недолго
>могут и аборты запретить
к этому все и идет, экстренную контрацепцию уже будут продавать только по рецепту с сентября следующего года (пока этот рецепт получишь, пройдет 200 лет и она уже будет неэффективной + врачи (особенно в госполиклинках) могут наговорить хуйни и не выписать рецепт, а топить за плодячку, даже если тебе 15)

No. 1739529

Hey.. Why is Latvia here? I.. I thought we were Northern Europe….

No. 1739531

Being Eastern European isn't shameful and calling yourself Northern European doesn't change the fact that the Baltics and Finland were once part of the Soviet Union. You are Eastern European because you were on the eastern side of the Iron Curtain. Simple as.

No. 1739533

>and Finland

No. 1739537

Well, I guess I don't mind that since now I can even more justifiably shit on non-European moids for appropriating vodka, cyka blyat and other "eastern european" stereotypes.
I just noticed this and.. I bet you're not in Riga. I just know it. Every time I spot someone Latvian online in the most random of places they're always from Ogre or Limbaži or something KEK

No. 1739538

No. 1739540

>Soviet Union
>The Grand Duchy of Finland, also translated as Grand Principality of Finland,[a] was the predecessor state of modern Finland. It existed between 1809 and 1917 as an autonomous state within the former Russian Empire.

No. 1739543

you're so fucking dumb

No. 1739544


No. 1739547

Lol then stop acting like subhumans? Though pretty much all recent history seems to suggest that’s not possible for you. And that’s probably because America has some redeeming qualities and cultural contributions other than swearing in CSGO.
Implying you have to be American to hate russia when every country even tangentially related to russia hates them and for good reason.

No. 1739549

nta but americans denying people who aren't russians hate USA is always funny to me, so delusional kek

No. 1739552

Slavs are niggers of Europe as in they're pretty much disliked by every other group unfortunately.(racebait)

No. 1739555

Nah that’s russians, other Slavs are cool

No. 1739560

Don't reply to an obvious bait
It's the same butthurt Georgian nonna who got dumped by her ugly Russian bf and now she went on a personal crusade and shits up this thread. Which is ironic, because people don't think highly about Georgians either.

No. 1739585

Lol no. I’ll narrow it down for you though, I’m from one of the countries russia has fucked over. Good luck!

No. 1739591

Тоді це крінж, сестра. Не виливай свою лють на нонніт ітт, борда вже засрана срачами по саме не можу.

No. 1739671

Wait I'm Georgian and I had a bf I mentioned here as Russian because I didn't wanna give too much personal info but he was from a small slav country instead and I was the one who dumped him. Why are you rewriting history?
Also most people who dislike Russians and Ukrainians do so because they're one of the countries with the highest human trafficking and prostitution rates. Of course a country with heinous crimes against women will be disliked in an imageboard that has female majority.

No. 1739682

So am I, the Russian nonnas didn't personally send your grandma to the gulag and didn't choose to be born there. Don't be a retard child who thinks in black and white, there's enough war in the world already. Take it out on someone who actually deserves it. Go to Thailand and yell at middle-aged Russian moids there idk.

No. 1739687

>Also most people who dislike Russians and Ukrainians do so because they're one of the countries with the highest human trafficking and prostitution rates
And your solution is to attack random young women on said female majority imageboard for being born somewhere you don't like, even though they're the most likely to be victims of said trafficking?

No. 1739736

Your people were a bunch of savages before Russians colonized you. And you hate them so much, interesting. You should be grateful instead.(bait)

No. 1739748

Go away you fucking personalityfag

No. 1739897

nonnas, не будем о плохом! let's talk about our favorite things non-eastern europeans won't get. here's one of many of mine - DJ Spizdil. why? because there is no english-speaking equivalent of "spizdil" that sounds as funny as it does… and literally any of us could be DJ Spizdil since we just have to take a hardstyle track and speed it up KEK

No. 1740349

>Of course a country with heinous crimes against women will be disliked in an imageboard that has female majority.
Georgia also has high rates of sex trafficking as well as a booming surrogacy industry that exploits its poorest women. I’d say that Georgia must be held responsible for it’s crimes against women. Like any of our countries are feminist paradises, what’s the point in lashing out at other women on a female imageboard? We’re not the ones doing the trafficking…

No. 1740372

I wasn't the anon who made the Russian hate post. I dislike slavs as a whole group and don't discriminate based on country(bait)

No. 1740374

>dislike slavs in general
Is it okay if you explain why?

No. 1740400

File: 1698386629345.jpg (30.7 KB, 945x505, IMG-20231023-WA0037.jpg)

and.. i guess other Baltic nonnas too..

No. 1740408

nonīte…. ir deviņi rītā (es braucu uz darbu vilcienā)

No. 1740416

omw maziņā, tiekamies Purčika maķītī (tu maksā)

No. 1740443

During Cold War Finland was firmly under Soviet control, while they kept a free market system, their external politics were completely controlled by Soviets (good example is that they recognised Baltics as legitimate part of USSR), and their internal politics were also massively controlled by USSR, arguably they didn't have free elections, Kekkonen kept winning with a hilarious majority in their electoral college.

It was certainly more Soviet than Yugoslavia was, even Albania post 1968.

No. 1740451

>During Cold War Finland was firmly under Soviet control
you're fucking retarded

No. 1740453

I know for a fact you're either american or russian because it takes being from a warmonger shit country like yours to not understand what being actually neutral means.

No. 1740454

un es sēžu lekcijā par vidi, vides mārketingu un marazmu…. 3. kursā uztaisīja prezentāciju par Rail Baltic, kur piemin tikai divas reklāmas. Amazing. Education.
dieva dēļ tikai neņem čīzīti…. tie labāki hesītī. t/c ozols hesītis best, ja kas.
ja es šodien dotos uz INTERNETA KLUBU PLANĒTA, vai kāds mani tur atrastu? somebody..? any.. body…?

No. 1740464

If you were neutral that would mean that you actually think that Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia were legitimately parts of USSR and were not illegally occupied.

No. 1740472

>if you were neutral you would have to agree with x
being neutral also means choosing to not give an opinion to not anger your warmonger neighbour. an imperialist will never understand that, they think compromising is submitting.

No. 1740481

>being neutral also means choosing to not give an opinion to not anger your warmonger neighbour. an imperialist will never understand that, they think compromising is submitting.
Amazing how Sweden didn't have to do it.

Being neutral means being like Switzerland and Sweden and doing internally and externally as you see fit. Not having your politics and elections controlled from Moscow. Your military used Soviet standard gear, you drove Ladas, you were under Soviet grasp.
Paasikivi and Kekkonen must have been wizards to keep you out of USSR, let you keep a free market economy, and have free movement with the West considering you lost two wars in less than a decade to the Soviets.
I don't see why this is a problem for you, it's historic fact, you ought to be proud that you were only a partial Soviet puppet and not like Warsaw Pact countries or even worse Baltic countries.

No. 1740484

it's almost like Sweden doesn't share a border with said country and that's the reason it's not even bothering to get on NATO kek

No. 1740488

Interneta klubi vēl pastāv? Ko tur vispār dara 2023.jā? Turpina kapāt HoMM3 uz vlan? Vai izspēlē Warcraft 3 local katku ar kluba aliņu vienā rokā? Kas tur notiek?
LV NONAS, ejam šodien uz maķi, tad vakarā braucam uz Arēnā Rīga spārdīt pītersona fanus!!

No. 1740491


Not a very important distinction in this context, your politics were run from Moscow, that's the important bit. Or was Kekkonen really the most popular Finn to ever live?

No. 1740493

nu, es tur eju, lai skatītos, kas notiek sabiedrības zemākajā slāni; nevēlos attālināties no mūsu vīriešiem un viņu interesēm! kas, ja es kļūtu par deputātu un pat nezinātu kā pārstāvēt league of legends un dota 2 kapātājus?! it īpaši tos, kuri līdz 23:00 sēž ss.com ar 7 alus pudelēm uz galda.
ja kas, tagad vēl ir Hype World, kaut kāds klubs pretim Unicon Cafe un, protams, Planēta. pirmie divi šogad atvērās, značit kaut kas notiek.

pavisam nopietni, domā šodien tikties? varētu jau, bet tas būtu labi, ja 3 dāmu saiets, lai gan tas arī nav slikti! un ārā vēl tik romantisks sniegs!

No. 1740494

>Paasikivi and Kekkonen must have been wizards to keep you out of USSR, let you keep a free market economy, and have free movement with the West considering you lost two wars in less than a decade to the Soviets.
almost like they could do that because soviets had no real control. like they already knew we would rather throw it all and just die like Winter War went than become Russian.

>Your military used Soviet standard gear, you drove Ladas

we also exported random manufactured goods to Soviet countries, does that mean we had control over it? ever heard of having good trading relations? we exported goods to Russia right until Russia decided it wanted to annex Ukraine, while virtually importing nothing from Russia because all it offers nowadays are shit goods and crap weapons and anything manufactured here is virtually superior in every way (even weapons, i.e. Sako, Valmet, etc.). russians ate finnish goods up because they were better quality. sadly we never actually made commercial cars so some people drove Ladas, but we also drove western brands too. it's called free market, something Soviet Union was butthurt Finland had but couldn't do shit about it.


unironically the most popular person because he seemed to know what he was doing with Russia. keeping them out of our actual business while doing asinine shit like "banning" (not even a real effective ban btw) certain american movies kek. he did exactly what Russia wanted to hear and we told you to shove it once Soviet Union dismantled because the nuclear threat was dampened. there's not a single finn that will say Kekkonen was bad save for a few tankies that thought we should've joined Soviet Union or fascists that hated he was friendly with commies.

I also never denied the influence of Russia on Finland, but to say we were under control of Soviet Union is fucking dumb because if they had so much control I would be speaking Russian to you right now. alas, we joined NATO now so cry about it, Ryssä-chan.

No. 1740496

>Your military used Soviet standard gear


>Most people don’t know that Finland never received any official license or transfer of technology from the Soviet Union, instead, they bought some “Type 3” AKs in Poland in 1956 and reversed engineered the weapon adding features like aperture rear sight, tubular stock, and three-prong flash hider. The first version of the Finnish AK was called RK60 and its successor, RK62, became a primary service rifle of Finland.

literally stole the tech of one of their most popular products, made it better and they did nothing about it, surely "under control" of Soviet Union kek

No. 1740511

> līdz 23:00 sēž ss.com ar 7 alus pudelēm uz galda
Pilnīgi kā mans sencis Ziemassvētku vakarā <3
> pavisam nopietni, domā šodien tikties?
Nu nē, lol get a grip girl
Un sniega šodien vispār nav nekāda vairs…

No. 1740531

ja tu esi no Rīgas (vai Jelgavas), es noteikti jau esmu tevi vai tavu senci uz ielas sastapusi, ar sniegu vai bez.. godīgi sakot, es no interneta dzīvē pazīstu veselus 2 cilvēkus - sievieti no Discord (Latvijas Eņģeļi… es nekomentēšu tālāk.) un Bardaka (beeeet mēs ārpus Bardaka iepazināmies.).
kā tu justos, ja sēdētu pieturā, un tev blakus sieviete lasa lolcow'ā par Šeinu? es nošautos, godīgi un no visas sirds sakot.

No. 1740537

American hands wrote this post

No. 1740550

>Amazing how Sweden didn't have to do it.
That's because Sweden was an imperialist country and barely shares a border with Russia, while Finland has 1400 kilometers worth of it. Moscow had no political control over Finland, the only "control" came from most of the foreign market money coming from Russia since as said our products were far superior as we possessed a fairly unrestricted access to western knowledge that they didn't. People didn't want to anger Russia (or East Germany) and ruin the business. That's what all countries did.

>Your military used Soviet standard gear

Nope lol, like >>1740496 said it was based on their tech but vastly improved.

>you drove Ladas

KEK Lada and other Soviet brands were considered pieces of shit even during the soviet era, the most popular car was Saab, a Swedish brand. Other favourite was Fiat, an Italian car brand. Third was Skoda from Czechoslovakia, not the Soviet Union. So you're just talking out of your ass, I don't know where you're getting this "Finland was a soviet puppet state" narrative from but tell your sources they're miserably wrong.

No. 1740871

>That's because Sweden was an imperialist country
In the 1940's…?

No. 1741061

two words: Sviestu Ciba. tas ir wordpress bāzes, jau kopš kkada 2002. gada eksistē. man liekas, ka tas ir vienīgais kārtīgi vecais latvju forums palicis, pie tam diezgan aktīvi katru dienu lietotāji schizoposts vai diary ieraksta. Bet man liekas vidējais vecums ir 28-50 gadiigie LOL

http://klab.lv/ Vērts paskatīties "Latest posts", vnk kek

No. 1741067

pārpratu - man likās interneta klubs, kā forumi, bet sapratu, ka domāju irl neta kafējnīcas. Kautkur Vecrīgā Kalēju ielā ir.

No. 1741545

Thanks, nona. Having said that…

> whatever the West decides is a "bad" country

Russia is genuinely a bad country. It got fucked pretty much right after the USSR collapsed. There is no free speech, there is no independent TV or independent media that was not pushed out of the country. We have tons of resources and we don’t get anything from the government because it was all privatised by oligarchs in the 90s. Domestic violence is not a criminal offence. You can be put on terrorist list for posting a stupid meme. You can get 10 years in jail for non-violent protest. And I haven’t even started on the fucking wars.

You don’t know who I am, and you don’t know how I act. I’m also - surprise! - not responsible for all of the recent history, and I was not able to chose where to be born. People like you are exactly the reason I felt the need to vent in the first place.

No. 1741548

Тут кстати ФАС проникли в пролайферскую организацию и опубликовали об этом статью. Это пиздец.

No. 1742004

I've asked the mods to deal with the problem, but they are yet to take any action BECAUSE THEY'VE BEEN INFILTRATED BY RUSSIAN PAID TROLLS.

No. 1781155

File: 1700565400996.jpeg (29.98 KB, 649x378, F_USDI7XkAApgvK.jpeg)

Nonnas from Baltic States; what do you think our situation is? Latvia got a gay president and recently legalized same-sex partnership, meanwhile in Lithuania a politician got his shit revoked for being "homophobic". Most of the news from Estonia is just them furthering themselves towards Nordic countries and trying to scam Latvia with railways.. Again.
Apparently somewhat recently in LT two girls got released for "cannibal" murdering another girl.. But they were never cannibals; this is like the Slenderman killer girl shit all over again. Anyways! Let me know how you nonnas are doing, I want to know your outlook on the news cause I'm feeling black-pilled…

No. 1781579

not from there but the info is interresting thanks

No. 1781649

Latvia's future is looking most grim, pandemic and the last two elections exposed just how braindead our remaining people are, i want to run away too. I feel like living in a slave plantation.

No. 1781757

I'm really sorry, nonna.. If you're from LV, can you explain what's going on with your people right now? People around me in Joniški seem OK, can't say so for the rest of places, tho' because I live so close to the border I've met Latvian tourists too. They say something about our medicine being cheaper and that their medicine prices are in the cosmos, right?

No. 1782945

Our government committed injustice upon injustice, failure upon failure, but we no longer protest anything, media is controlled by government, referendums are made impossible, our dwindling, demoralized, stupid population will be debt slaves until we perish and get replaced.
I went to Lithuania last summer, everything is cheaper there, less russians also, ordering šaltibarščiai gets you a side-dish of potatoes, it was delicious and cheap, thank you.

No. 1783234

NTAYRT un zinu, ka rakstu latviski, nejau angliski, bet tev tik pamatīga taisnība. ik dienu šeit jūtos kā "katargā". šī valsts ir pazemīga un zemiska savā nebeidzamajā agonijā. šeit nevar dzīvot, gandrīz jau izdzīvot pat nevar, ja tev nav paziņas, sakari un "labi vakari". ienīstu visus šos NPC un Lauku Sētas dalībniekus, viņu kroplīgās atvases - gan krievus, gan latviešus, mans naids jau sen vairs nediskriminē.
un, nu un, ka prezidents gejs? nu un?? diez vai lietuvieši zin, ka pie mums homoseksuāļi tikai nesen partnerattiecības var reģistrēt, bet kopš PSRS beigām pusbrālis ar pusmāsu var apprecēties? un vai viņi nojauš, ka pie viņiem ir lētāk tikai tāpēc, ka nodokļi zemāk? ka viņi Latviju priekšā ņēmuši ir? speciāli mahinējuši ar plāniem un budžetiem, lai tur, kur "sadarbojas" ar Latviju, vairāk piepelnītos un mēs vairāk maksātu? peteņkoferi, caurdirši un pizdāboli (tas tā, lai viņa nevar pārtulkot.).

No. 1783513

File: 1700690846642.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1170x1642, IMG_8070.jpeg)

Very interesting, thanks anon.

No. 1783553

File: 1700692422508.jpg (57.25 KB, 521x299, dafugdidijustread.jpg)

No. 1783574

Tried to get a better translation from DeepL.
>and I know I write in Latvian, not English, but you are so right. I feel like I'm in a "catharg" here every day. This country is humble and vile in its endless agony. You cannot live here, almost cannot even survive, if you do not have acquaintances, connections and 'good nights'. I hate all these members of the NPC and the Homestead, their deformed offspring, both Russians and Latvians, my hatred has long ceased to discriminate.
And, so, the president is gay? So what? I wonder if the Lithuanians know that here homosexuals can only recently register their partnerships, but since the end of the USSR, a half-brother and half-sister can get married? and do they have any idea that it is cheaper here just because taxes are lower? that they have taken Latvia before them? have they specially manipulated their plans and budgets so that where they "cooperate" with Latvia they earn more and we pay more? cocksuckers, cocksuckers and cocksuckers (that's so she can't translate).

Top kek

No. 1783580

Samefag, can't delete the post, but the second part was supposed to be a quote in greentext too.

No. 1785901

File: 1700774632171.png (4.47 KB, 477x31, DPamihXV.png)

found my new fav tag on ao3

No. 1786492

File: 1700815631203.png (95.25 KB, 1322x447, DPamihXv.png)

Here's the fic btw.

No. 1787092

At that point just make a jew WW2 AU or something because the premise of that fic is just insane.

No. 1793415

Tu par sito?
Bla, es ahujela kad to izslasiju. Kads sakars? Izardija visu Rigu un Lidostu un tagad sadi pajebali bus? Ahahahaha WTF? Un tagad tas ta muzam staves??? Kadus kreditus mes aiznemsimies sim?

No. 1797296

File: 1701539439495.jpg (55.2 KB, 500x500, 16321003b96eef3e2fab6da8511910…)

>es ahujela
I love that chrome translated it as "I gasped"

No. 1801358

Just some thinking…I was waiting for a very long time for the old communists to just die off so we can finally start changing our country for the better. The old people always made it difficult (and some still are) in goverment and in personal lives for things to change, they were plain mean, stuck in their ways, snitching to the police and climbing into asses of people in power so they can feel better than everybody else. Now the communists are way less than they used to be. They are starting to die yet nothing is better. I realized that the behaviour i had connceted with the communist-hailing elderly is not only theirs. That specific "Communism" i had in mind is a state of the soul, not just a stale old movement that brainwashed a generation of people. The young people hate the old times as well and think they are better than the old people, but they behave just the same only hailing for the new goverment, for the new people in power and they keep snitching and assclimbing just as much. They don't see the flaws in the system because for them it's "we are not in the communist times so it's great, be greatful. Everything is perfect and if you have a problem you are retarded nazi." or whatever.
I just came across one such person that would gladly turn his best friend to the cops for growing weed. This guy also said he would love the a bus/tram ticket controler (only the most patheticly egomaniac people do these jobs here). Then he proceeded to say he wouldn't kill Putin because nobody deserves to die because "he's moral". And this sort of a person keeps saying on and on how he hates the communists and loooves the new goverment and EU yet he behaves just like the stereotype of the perosn who would succeed in the old times.
I guess the idea is very pesimistic for the future, we haven't moved anywhere from the 80's seems like we are going backwards.

No. 1801515

You're correct about this. I think the term "intergenerational trauma" would apply here. The environment you grew up in doesn't 100% determine your life trajectory, but it definitely leaves an impact. Unless you have some native intelligence already, it's really difficult to develop a different mindset from your immediate family (sometimes extended family has big influence, too). So, you can, as typical youth, "rebel" against your parents, but what's at the core of your system, what you picked up during the first years of your life, is there to stay forever to varying degrees. Personally I was raised by my grandparents, both of which are mentally ill due to the horrendous conditions they had to live in when they were younger, and they just couldn't cope with raising me. They fucked up my mom's life, and now they're fucking up mine. I am pretty sure I ended up with a personality disorder because of it, although I've yet to see a specialist. The only reason I'm not doing as poorly as my mom was doing at my age is Internet.

This goes very, very deep. As you've said, it's at the soul of the people. Ghetto mentality is well and going, still. And what's more tragic is that when we hear our governments complaining about decreasing birth rates, they're mostly talking about the lower classes. They need the bottom of the barrel workers, their drones, to be produced. So… sludge produces sludge produces sludge produces sludge etc. etc. Children and grandchildren and, in most cases, great-grandchildren of kolkhozniks suffer greatly. Somebody has to break this chain. Usually it's the women, but not every woman has a choice or the resources to be self-sufficient. And even if they do, they might get the Orbán treatment. It's quite hellish.

No. 1801564

Are you middle class or working class? Just curious

No. 1801608

Working class.

No. 1814490

File: 1702709829132.jpg (440.38 KB, 1000x724, cover.jpg)

There is still one more week of pretending to be a vegan, but good Christ, I want to eat a shawarma right now.

No. 1814821

Why do you pretend to be vegan? libby friends?

No. 1814890

No, it's fasting before Christmas (idk if it has a better translation)

No. 1823159

Czech nonas are you okay? How's the situation looking so far?

No. 1823181

Is it called "post" by any chance?

No. 1823213

I am so bombarded by death for the last couple of years that it doesn't affect me at all. One girl i know had a friend teacher there and the friend isn't responding so she must be pretty stressed out. Our media put it all out so there may be some copycats in the future. Some school attacks were happening i belive since mid covid, it definitely happens more often than ever before but they were small.

No. 1823388

samefag the killer most likely killed a man and a baby in a forest near Prague. It happened couple of days ago and nobody knew who did it.

No. 1823423

Da, nonna

No. 1823430

romani? hehehe

No. 1823442

bleah cine a inceput trend-ul cu fade-ul merita pedeapsa capitala

No. 1823655

Singurii tipi care arata decent sau chiar hot sunt gay din pacate

No. 1823837

File: 1703223101253.jpeg (140.13 KB, 956x895, GB5BENoXAAAF4Wz.jpeg)

I'm okay but my friends have lost their friends. It was a shooting at the humanities faculty so history, art history and so on. It's so tragic, 14 students dead, 25 injured (10 heavily). We never had a tragedy like this and we all felt like our country was very safe… The killer was some pathetic edgelord, wannabe Russian who was inspired by a recent Russian shooting. He also killed his father and probably killed a young father and his 2 months old daughter in a forest a few weeks ago. Police evacuated one building but he went to shoot in another.

No. 1823863

Fade-ul nu e un trend chiar nou, dar l-au ruinat bombardierii și majoritatea din ei nici nu îl au facut cum trebuie kek

No. 1823875

File: 1703226920815.gif (1.45 MB, 500x463, 5697914_963f8.gif)

No. 1823898

File: 1703230324003.gif (2.33 MB, 500x500, 9678292_9d9af.gif)

do all eastern european nonnas have their own version of boomer coffee time glitter memes?

No. 1823986

File: 1703234878497.gif (2.27 MB, 500x500, 9156456_b1fe8.gif)

Pretty much yes, don't forget the a blessed day/week/month/sunday ones with Jesus, other saints or even cute animals.
i would pay 20€ to have my blingee aacount so I can make shitposts in this format kek

No. 1824014

File: 1703236634652.gif (253.27 KB, 160x160, 660882766_1075739-3518487847.g…)

i miss these types of gifs, what a nice to be alive it was back then.
This year's christmas is the most depressing christmas yet.

No. 1824080

File: 1703242218911.jpg (23.04 KB, 640x400, fun.jpg)

I dearly miss blingee, it's a shame you can't make a new account anymore, I lost mine many years ago. I'm sorry to hear that your Christmas this year is depressing so far, wish I can come over with mulled wine and a sleigh so we can do picrel kek.

No. 1824132

File: 1703249792973.png (1.29 MB, 713x891, Screenshot_1.png)

Hell yeah we do

No. 1829342

File: 1703621594304.jpg (175.91 KB, 828x1792, IMG-20230729-WA0007.jpg)

(pic unrelated)

No. 1829356

This is incredibly pathetic. Turks have done far far worse than Russians in history and you never catch them begging to be accepted by westerners or apologizing for who they are.

No. 1830065

>I just came across one such person that would gladly turn his best friend to the cops for growing weed.
To be honest, I would do the same. Drugs are evil shit, on par with child porn - doesn't matter if they are 'soft' or 'hard' drugs. Every junkie needs to fatally overdose and every drug peddler needs to spend years in prison.

No. 1830066

>Turks have done far far worse than Russians in history
[citation needed]

No. 1830082

Then I guess just own being Russian and tell them to fuck off, they’ll never accept you either way as evidenced by this thread. No point trying to be the national equivalent of some sweaty nice guy.

No. 1830114


Not to mention stuff like jus primae noctis, rape and abduction of christian women en masse etc. The two don't need to be compared imo but ottomans were a plague upon europe.

No. 1830162

Where is your evidence that one was worse than the other? I can post Wikipedia links as arguments at you too:

No. 1830194

I'm not that anon so I'm not even claiming that one is worse than the other as evidenced by me saying
>The two don't need to be compared imo

It's just interesting that turkish atrocities largely go ignored nowadays.

No. 1830295

You buy far worse drugs because your doctor tells you to. Weed is plant not a drug. If one is a retard and abuses herbs then he deserves all the problems he gets but majority of people know how to use herbs, luckily, because the goverment is working very hard to forbid all information about the effect of any plants. Even camomile cant be sold for its healing effects. So then people like you start to exist who think weed a is drug and are scared of a flower. Very ignorant.

No. 1830355

Hate to say it but check threads of notorious potheads like Shayna Clifford and you'll see how weed makes you genuinely one of the most retarded members of society and all the yap about medical usage is thrown out the window with just THE amount of fuckers who've permanently fried their brains on this shit. Personally know 3 people who back in 2015 were rather clever and after smoking weed quite a bit they've turned into morons who can't comprehend basic concepts and watch shit like H3 podcast to stimulate what little is left of their brain matter.

No. 1830433

File: 1703704205343.jpeg (44.72 KB, 549x507, 53055593-8774-4362-8B25-4A02FC…)

merci nonnie dar prefer ceaiul

No. 1830439

stiu ca nu mai poti sa-ti faci cont de blingee, nu-i asa?

No. 1830447

samefag da okay nu mai poti sa-ti faci alt cont… trist. stiu ca exista alte website-uri asemanatoare, ca PixMix sau LunaPic, deci macar atat

No. 1830485

No point in explaning it further to you nonna until you further your horizons, if ever, about how it is in the world instead of couple of people you know and youtubers. Nutcases will always be nutcases, they would just choose a different poison if they didnt have weed but the brainrot is in the person not in what they consume.

No. 1830544

I know these are often just a joke/satire and I don't eve have fb anymore, but seeing these posts always makes me irrationally angry kek

No. 1833785

>Weed is plant not a drug.
So is cocaine, your point?

No. 1835264

File: 1704048261431.jpg (20.33 KB, 440x315, Petarde-440x315.jpg)

Hey Balkan nonnas, everyone enjoying the bombing tonight, uh, I mean firecrackers/fireworks? They're going off every few minutes in my area, and apparently some kid got his fingers blown off a few hours ago a few towns over. Happens every year to some poor neglected retard with fuckass morons for parents. I don't think the cops/government will take this stuff seriously until some kid literally dies. Is this thing common everywhere around here or is this just in my particular crevice of the shithole? Apparently people's pet rabbits are just dropping dead from the noise. I hope everyone is keeping their pets safe and inside in the upcoming weeks.

No. 1835279

Just scrolling by, I'm from northern Europe and that shit is a nuisance here too, all over the country. Retarded boys getting hold of fireworks before christmas even, firing it at others, injuring other children, and of course blowing up their hands like the idiots they are.

No. 1835352

I'm in Eastern Germany, people here get illegal fireworks from Poland or Czech republic because it's not a long drive from here to the border. There's been a few dumbasses that started already by December 27th, and since yesterday night there's been fireworks going on.It really started to pick up the pace by 5pm. It feels like I'm a war zone.
People having balconies doors open and people returning home to a burnt apartment here before, it's the same bullshit every year. I miss the city organized fireworks I'm used to in France.

No. 1836003

File: 1704115246227.jpg (45.77 KB, 800x800, 086264.jpg)

Haven't been home in ages, but I'm amazed picrel is still for sale. Why is this shit not regulated?

No. 1837625

I think we have way more serious issues than "we can't grow weed uguuu~". All drug addicts I know all admitted to starting with weed kek

No. 1837629

Talking about the kid from Osijek? I feel like there's less firecrackers than when I was younger, but still too many.
I went to celebrate new years in zagreb though and the sheer amount of firecrackers being blown up was insane. I don't even know why they're a thing, I wish the less dangerous stuff was more popular (the shit that can't blow off your hand) but that doesn't make grenade tier sounds so it's not as fun to kids. I haven't been keeping up but haven't there been some regulations made regarding firecrackers?

Technically speaking, most people start with cigarettes. Never met someone that smoked weed that didn't smoke cigarettes beforehand, aside from like 3 people including myself.

No. 1837635

Yeah, don't know about pet rabbits but my grandma nearly had a heart attack from all the brats from my building throwing those from their balcony. She's been jumpy since all the wars and so have the rest of my family members, me included. I really hate those brats. They also break bins and benches in my nearby park. We had a solar charging station for phones installed some time ago and it was broken by the next morning.

No. 1837645

Moldovan nona here with the same problem. We have two or three kids with different injuries now. Firecrackers are even illegal but no one gives a fuck. Police comes when called but not every time, and our retarded impotent citizens prefer to eat shit and stay blind to the problem. Pathetic fucks

No. 1837720

File: 1704293656006.jpg (592.42 KB, 985x1016, p1710252-1710252_-1_-1_600095.…)

In Czechia there's an increasing amount of people vehemently against fireworks and petards. People are talking about how fireworks hurt animals, make them panic and die by running into cars and walls and stuff, and how it also upsets people with disabilities and now newly also the victims of the recent shooting, also it puts additional chemicals into the air.
Only people who like the fireworks are uber normies who don't think much and boomers, sadly there's a lot of them. People are trying to push a petard ban and firework regulation laws but there's still a big amount of people continuing the tradition. Still I was surprised when most of my friends shared anti-firework posts this year.

It's crazy when on the Czech side of the internet everyone and their mother is shitting on fireworks being a useless waste of money that's bad for environment and then I browse international stuff and there everyone loves it and brags about their country having the biggest firework show ever, granted it's usually the biggest environmental destroyers like US, Indonesia or Emirates.
I also agree that fireworks are kind of useless and petards are for retards. One firework show per city should be enough and I'd love a petard ban.

No. 1837721

Since they've banned them in Croatia there are less of them, but they're more powerful, as expected since now they come from illegal sources, and nobody will buy weak ones illegally. Ban was idiotic as it is unenforceable, we're in Schengen and they're legal in some Schengen countries, plus Bosnia, and you can get an AK across that border.
Also firecrackers were illegal in Yugoslavia yet everybody used them, my dad explained to me in great detail how he used to make the explosives for them.

Opium is also a plant product, no chemical processing needed.

No. 1837809

That's correct and people have been using it for thousand of years until historicaly recently. Limiting people's freedom towards plant usage is evil. If they stop treating people like dumb sheep, they will stop behaving like dumb sheep. Freedom is experiencing and learning the experiences and when goverment is banning you from learning about the nature around you, lot is wrong there. You become the goverment's pet not being able to go to the garden

No. 1837824

>Government regulating opium is bad
Why potheads are always like this and then whine when people call them druggies

No. 1839226

>Government regulating opium is bad

kek I guess all those doctors that handed out opiates like candy in the US were just promoting freedom then

No. 1841533

You won't reach enlightenment by becoming a junkie kek

No. 1841691

Croatian nonas you have an hour to take down the christmas tree

No. 1847070

File: 1704923275766.jpg (47.92 KB, 800x450, crying.jpg)

I have a friend up in Kaliningrad I really want to meet (we've been planning to meet up for the past 2 years, but our plans kept getting delayed) and now that we finally more or less both have the money, we realized that EU and Russia would rather nuke each other than allow tourism again. More politically inclined nonnas, what do you think about this situation? She said that we might have to meet up in Belarus, but, to be honest, my russian is really shit and I would feel out of place there..

No. 1847148

One of my new work colleagues has her grandma in Siberia she wants to see since COVID is kinda over now too. She told me when she looks into flights from the EU to Russia and vice versa, she looks into flights via Saudi Arabia or Qatar and then to the closest town to where her grandma lives, so with connecting flight basically.
It's probably not cheap (which is why I don't know if my colleague will visit her grandma this year) but that might be you and your friend's alternative. Good luck nonna!

No. 1849295

There’s tons of airlines that fly to Russia just not European ones. She can get a connecting fight through the Middle East or Serbia, if it ends up being imbalanced cost wise you can split the bill. If my family can still get there from Australia I’m sure you two can still meet.

No. 1849306

Russia didn't close its borders to EU citizens, you can drive into Kaliningrad for sure, so simplest solution is to get to Poland, get a car and just drive to her. You just need to deal with getting a Russia visa, but it shouldn't be significantly harder than before the war.

Visa same as above, problem with flights is that direct are gone, and connecting ones are charging an arm and a leg because they can. Though if you make it non connecting, but two separate flights, it might be cheaper. For EU citizens, Serbia and Turkey are probably currently the best options to look into.

No. 1849353

My father always predicted that this would come. He said that this peace was an illusion, only held up by American might, and that the natural order of hostilities would return.

No. 1849354

Damn, your father is an Americaboo

No. 1849362

quite the opposite in-fact

No. 1849825

Train/plane to Belarus, or plane to Turkey, also I do not think that a nuclear war will break out (naive + optimistic + whatever), and at least Kaliningrad is one of the nicer places to live in rn. I see cars with EU plates pretty often but idk if all those people are dual citizens or just EU citizens, so I do not know whether you can come here (you probably can). Have a hug nonnie.

No. 1854695

Nonnas how are you feeling about all this war shit? A friend just sent me some links that Germany is preparing army or some shit and that documents were leaked that Russia will invade baltic and Nato states. I just wanted 2024 to be a semi normal year ffs.

No. 1854753

If they invade my country I'll just kms

No. 1854759

>documents were leaked that Russia will invade baltic and Nato states
Is there any more info about this? I've seen some info about my country's army changes but cannot find anything about the leaks

No. 1855281

If my country ever gets invaded, I'll roll in the army so I can kill myself with their guns. I'm not willing to go through rape like my grandmas and great grandmas did when USSR invaded.

No. 1855423

I just don't know if they have the balls to fuck with nato, it doesn't seem like it to me, but i'd also like to know more about the documents. 2024 wont be normal anyway sorry. It'll just be weirder and weirder.

No. 1855587

Germany is trying to get conscription going, but it's political suicide, they're trying to make up for low recruitment numbers.

Odds of Russia attacking are very slim, as they're occupied by Ukraine. Though if we looking at the information coming from the West, they didn't manage to replace stockpiles sent to Ukraine, while Russia is currently outproducing the West when it comes to armaments by a factor of 7, if Estonian Ministry of Defence is to be trusted anyway.

No. 1855595

File: 1705333737585.png (601.84 KB, 1400x1538, Ru Nato.png)

he sent me a link to this article and attached image
Nato kept poking Russia throughout the years from what I understood. Ukraine shit was just the final straw.
>Odds of Russia attacking are very slim
The west (USA) wants conflict with Russia, nobody expected a war yet here we are, so it makes me really paranoid

No. 1855613

I am not worried, from everything I see the West doesn't have the resources to fight a war right now, they don't have the manpower and they don't have the materiel.

If US congressional reports are to be believed, their nuclear arsenal is in question.

No. 1884629

I just looked up prices for apartments and I want to fucking vomit. 40 m2 for 600€ without utilities.

How are people affording this? I'm in croatia and the average salary seems to be 700-800€ unless you want to kill yourself with work.
I'm being threatened to be kicked out so I'm doing my best to find something but wtf… A lot us got laid off in late January so I also need a new job.

Would it be better to move out, use my savings for rent (I got around 5k €) etc and then find a job? I just feel fucking hopeless

No. 1884660

>The west (USA) wants conflict with Russia
how? russia started it.

No. 1884799

You're in one of the bigger cities? Zagreb is pretty much hopeless with rent prices right now. It has over half a million empty apartments just collecting dust. Unless better laws get introduced (lol) to both protect landlords from getting squatters and to also tax house owners heavily for having empty properties I don't think anything will change drastically. We're fucked, especially considering the general political atmosphere at the moment.
Honestly if it's possible for you, move back with your parents and go apartment and job hunting at the same time, so whatever comes first.

No. 1884837

I should've made it clearer, sorry. I live in a small town near Varazdin and do live with my parent and she's threatening to kick me out.

I guess all I can do is wait and hope that someting pops up like you said

No. 1884886

>Nato kept poking Russia throughout the years from what I understood. Ukraine shit was just the final straw.
Anon, your post is almost a month old but have you watched recent interview with putin? Not that he said something new there but it's the most recent reiteration of what he's been saying prior and throughout the full-scale war. This Nato thing is meant to be a deceptive rationalization for gullible or not fully informed people that prefer this one "logical" explanation (because it perfectly aligns with their worldview where only America/West can be bad/imperialistic/etc) yet somehow manage to ignore so-called "denazification", occupation of territories (which russia doesn't plan to give up) and bunch of lies surrounding it all, including "protection of russian-speaking people" that didn't need protection (that's why the whole thing started btw, "we don't leave our own" shit). The final straw was seeing that Ukraine prefers EU over EAEU Customs Union and doesn't want to repeat the fate of Belarus, thus ruining Russian-dominated panslavic utopia. putin is not a reasonable person that only pursues national interests, he's a machiavellian megalomaniac.

No. 1884920

Prices in Romania are so high and the wages so low. Also, sucks to be disabled. This is nightmare fuel.

No. 1886039

On the topic of disability kek…I sometimes wish i had the mental strenght to get a psychiatrist and just tell him all my schizo shit so i could get at least the sweet sweet lowest disability payment in czechia. My "disabled" friends are chilling. It pays your full energy bill for a month and you still have something left. Both of them got it for mental health, even though one has severe artritis and nerve pain from a beating from an abusive ex and the other literally died and came back. Weird how it's easier to get disability for depression than actual physical problem. It took them like 2 years of psychiatrist visits though so i just can't imagine doing that. I still envy everyone who has the disability payments.
Like one day i was on a train with a guy who was loud and annyoing as fuck and said he has a disability payment for adhd and social fobia. He sure wasn't afraid to yell across the train bothering everyone, social phobia my ass.

No. 1886712

Amazing how you managed to come up with this baity story about a random anon you know nothing about.

Answering whole 5 months later, but if you're still interested, my reasons are extremely personal so I can't really go into details, but in short, that's where flow of life brought me (long before the invasion, if you're wondering). This may surprise you, but major part of it is financial reasons, which can be summarized by exiting the "I have five lats to feed myself the whole week" kind of poverty back home and currently building a second house. I'm not sure if I want to go back, initially I wanted to, but the current day events seem like by doing so I will only lose the life I managed to build here. In the long run (think decades from now) I don't exactly plan to settle in, but I'm also not forcing things to come. Who knows what kind of opportunity the world will present me later, maybe I'll move to a third, fourth, fifth country in future? Another reason why I don't want to move out just yet is rather cheesy, but I made some friends/connections here that clearly needed a friend like me, so moving away right now, when they didn't completely heal and didn't find more friends or built a family, feels like I'll leave some truly great people without a support network. Especially not now, when they feel completely defeated by the new laws and society as ssa individuals.

No. 1886987

wish i could talk about romanian celebrity cows sometimes there's so many mentally ill and unhinged people here…

No. 1887922

OH YES nonnie! it would be really nice if we had a romanian cows thread in snow. who do you want to talk about in particular?

No. 1890386

File: 1708087286238.png (830.5 KB, 941x524, image.png)

Good night, sweet prince.

No. 1890389

this is so fucking depressing, i'm not his fan or anything but holy shit i'm so done with this country

No. 1890900

I fucking hate how drinking problems especially in moids are so normalized here. What saddens me is how many women from older generations defend that so much and go "teehee, he's having a little glass of alcohol, it's normal" whenever another woman brings up how she hates that her husband or boyfriend drinks. Wanting a sober partner that can talk coherently and isn't abusive when drunk isn't some kind of outrageous standard, jfc.
Eastern European pickme-ism is on a whole another level and sometimes even worse that Western pickme-ism kek. If I ever get attached to a moid, I'll never consider men from this country, fuck this shit.

No. 1897441

File: 1708612561879.jpg (149.04 KB, 960x624, east-european-comic-con-239137…)

Anybody going to East European Comic Con this april?

No. 1897443

His wife is incredibly brave for continuing his legacy and standing up against Putin. I fear she won't be around for long. Also I still cannot believe noone assassinated Putin yet

No. 1897683

It's nearly impossible, the only person who really had a chance was Tucker LOL. No russian is going to do it from the inside.

No. 1897813

File: 1708630029380.png (26.51 KB, 361x600, Screenshot_1.png)

Croatian nonnies, we're the second most prolific eastern eu posters on lc, how come? I probably make up at least 20% of these IPs, but I know there's at least 3 of us kek

No. 1897867

with how many of us are left in the country if all of us put in a ballot we can make hdz a thing of the past

No. 1897879

actually I think you're the third because of Poland

No. 1897881

then comes Romania and then Croatia. wowie

No. 1899986

File: 1708792856713.jpg (778.72 KB, 1920x869, retardacija.jpg)


nončice popizdit ću. imaju vremena postavljat plakate o jadnim twans osobama a o mizoginiji i homofobiji neće ni pisnut.

No. 1900853

File: 1708845663932.png (84.71 KB, 800x230, Capture.PNG)

Nisam iz Zagreba, koji vrag?
Ovo im je iz izvještaja o aktivnostima u 2021.

No. 1901092

pa jebote ko da je radfem pokret u hrvatskoj toliko jak i moćan da ih ugrožavamo. ima više silovatelja i ratnih zločinaca u hrvatskoj nego radikalnih feministkinja. veća im je prijetnja neki rendom gaser nego iti jedna žena. stvaraju probleme gdje ih nema, doslovno 90% "feminističkih" i lgb(t) grupa ne samo da ih prihvaća, nego im i liže čmar ko da su sam bog isus.

No. 1901096

File: 1708875090307.png (30.84 KB, 1434x261, Screenshot_4.png)

Ubija me ovo "prijeteljice/donatorice", naravno samo se žene gura da se brinu o rodno zbunjenim retardima

No. 1901295

Svi navijači su im veća prijetnja, ali s njima se neće kačit, oni će im ipak otvorit lubanje, lakše maltretirat žene.

Ako im pogledaš izvještaje, potpuno uništavaju jezik, glagolski pridjev radni ne koriste niti sudjelovali, niti sudjelovale, nego sudjelovalie, i tako za sve.

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