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File: 1670385433859.jpeg (128.01 KB, 958x528, 5FAB8548-0B52-4254-BD0A-0A312A…)

No. 1720732

While it’s been a common trend throughout internet history, recently there has been a huge spike of young girls/women falling into the same alt right pipeline young autistic moids go into, but purely for the male validation. This thread is about one of the worst pedobaiters/larpers ive seen, ‘Crimmy’ or real name ‘Crimson’, ranting about this enabling whore, how it is spreading pedo ideologies and how she is pushing this dirty disgusting shit into the public eye now right under our noses. Also her overuse of snow and cringe filters despite being ugly as fuck and just generally trying to look like a kid

Rel is all of her milk links, warning for vomit inducing cringe and gross pedo bullshit, click at your own risk, shes got a kofi where she posts semi nude cosplays but I won’t link because its disgusting!

>Current/old tiktok (2nd or 3rd account because she literally posts borderline cp)

>New tiktok
>Cringe larp loli voice (very very cringe)
>More of the voice
>Twitter full of pedobait and self hating misogyny
>Gross tweets
>Orbiter discord

More general milk and random info:
‘super spoilt full on pedobaiter who has no concept of optics or how bad her fucked up posts are where she literally talks about wanting to get molested, dancing to songs with the word cunny in it while cosplaying as a loli and her orbiters call her their pedobait underage waifu, which she loves. She was also beaten up by a group of black people last year for calling them racist shit online without expecting repercussions. theres about 20 accounts with the same pfp of a lewd loli with the username ‘proudsimpv’ with varying numbers at the end that she interacts with and talks about ‘cunny’ with.

No. 1720739

File: 1670385778032.jpeg (790.64 KB, 828x1338, B922D56E-47CD-4B27-9BEE-D20205…)

She’s had her accounts deleted so many times and still acts shocked, gross filter abusing whore. also does the puffed out cheek thing and thinks shes bonbi

No. 1720767

milk where

No. 1720784

look for yourself nona

No. 1720851

File: 1670400302950.jpeg (40 KB, 572x803, 086CFE17-24D9-4DF0-93C4-7B5419…)

proud is a known pedophile, this was made known to her and she as well as other cosplayers ignored it due to him being 'nice' and funding some of her cosplays, screenshots are of proud being a pedo

No. 1720853

File: 1670400415859.jpeg (Spoiler Image,27.63 KB, 371x803, IMG_4626.jpeg)

more of proud

No. 1720855

File: 1670400868945.png (53.69 KB, 300x718, image.png)

incredibly anti semitic and racist but plays the victim when she faces consequences (gets banned/muted etc)

No. 1720861

Again the same weirdo orbiter posting about Crimmy.
Let me explain the situation for the mods; So basically, this most likely Muncher and his friends. They were super simps of Crimmy (total weirdos) but since Crimmy got a boyfriend (which is not one of them weirdos) they all got mad and since they've been trying and trying to harm Crimmy one way or another. Crimmy isn't a pedobaiter, she constantly tries to keep the weirdos out. But we can't deny her petite built, but that's not her fault.
Thanks mods for closing the other post, you're doing great. This is an exclusively vendetta thread. No milk.

No. 1720862

And btw, proudsimp was exposed THANKS to Crimmy and some others.

No. 1720865

then why does she interact with them and still post pedobait/loli shit to this day?

No. 1720867

dont know who the fuck muncher is, made this because im sick of her catering to pedos literally across all of her platforms and referring to herself as a loli, check all of the links its pretty blatant. r u sure ur not the orbiter?

No. 1720870

She literally doesn't LMAOOO

No. 1720871

Funny how you can get mad over her looking the way she looks but don't get mad over the actual pedos

No. 1720873

File: 1670402787787.jpeg (122.59 KB, 828x443, A4E1FC15-3624-4543-B8D9-30F56E…)

This was today kek, fuck off crimmy

No. 1720876

File: 1670402889441.jpeg (267.53 KB, 828x1223, 41EF3793-5794-48DE-B8BB-31910D…)

tfw also calling out the pedos, this is just undeniable larp

No. 1720877

How is that pedobait. Do you hear yourself? You never a woman to love you, did you? Weirdo.

No. 1720879

File: 1670402995271.jpeg (295.64 KB, 828x564, 862AF9A3-9B8E-49A2-AEE1-413BF0…)

not a scrote i just hate pedobaiters, did u come from her orbit discord?

No. 1720880

Nope, you haven't. You're just orbiting around Crimmy. Get a life creep. Maybe that way you'll get a gf.

No. 1720884

WHERE'S THE PEDOBAIT YOU WEIRDO. It's like if i were a small guy and referred myself as a hobbit. Would that turn me into a Wizardbaiter? You absolute dirt stain.

No. 1720886

File: 1670403252817.jpeg (Spoiler Image,557.56 KB, 828x1121, C3BC1FB2-15BD-43B0-AF53-F71D5F…)

So her retweeting cosplays of a literal loli hentai isnt weird at all? wtf kek you guys r crezy

No. 1720887

File: 1670403478954.jpeg (557.97 KB, 828x1022, AD3A7425-6FD7-443C-A860-1DF6EA…)

This is on her twt im confused, one of her semi old tiktoks she was cosplaying as a loli and used a sound that said cunny repeatedly

No. 1720888

It's clear that you guys don't know what a pedobaiter is. As far as i know she doesn't do any type of NSFW or suggestive content. You're just an obvious hater on unhealthy amounts of copium.(unsaged wk-ing)

No. 1720896

She monetises her lewd cosplays on kofi and has been banned countless times across all platforms, clearly the pedos are to blame but i still find girls who do this stuff pretty nasty

No. 1720899

What lewd content??? What are you on???(ban evasion)

No. 1720900

I don’t know about all the discord people and her groups but I can confirm this is either her current or old discord handle

No. 1720903

File: 1670404989951.png (1.09 MB, 1186x776, pedo freak.png)

never heard of her until just now but went to her twitter and she seems so disgusting. mainly cosplaying loli characters, retweeting nsfw art of underaged characters, retweeting gross racist and misogynistic shit and referring to other women as "femcels" for getting her pedo lewd loli garbage taken down, making loli rape jokes, just an absolute horrid mess of a person. the unsaged (likely moid) wk in her thread freaking out is the cherry on top of it all. is she well-known among incel 4channer/altright types? seems like that's who she is trying to pander to. also here is her making a loli rape correction joke while cosplaying a loli character. fucking nasty racist pedo enabler.

No. 1720908

File: 1670405279265.jpeg (214.38 KB, 828x1181, BDCCD3FA-49E4-44D6-AD4E-17FE25…)

OP here, i’ve been posting her a little recently just bcs she will not stop coming up in my feed because she’s somewhat local to my area. She’s definitely a newfag and the 4channers she knows are just disgusting coomer pedos, I highly doubt she even knows about any of these sites. I do feel a little bad for her but the fact she deleted her tiktok as soon as the wk started posting says a lot, there was a bunch of incriminating shit on there and her interacting with the person in these screenshots:

honestly i want more info on this proud guy, he’s terrifying

No. 1720911

File: 1670405757685.png (52.52 KB, 666x350, death to pedos.png)

there is some genuine pedo commenting on her asuka cosplay thinking she is actually 14 years old… I feel like she must know about 4chan at the very least considering her being racist, pedo-enabling, and supporting misogyny to appeal to these demented scrotes. the sack of shit wk is probably gonna alert her to this thread sadly

No. 1720914

File: 1670406005378.jpeg (382.77 KB, 828x1091, FF587B3A-9379-4001-92C6-D55EC7…)

oh no she knows, i think shes found out recently and started tailoring her cosplays and content directly to them. if you check her ig highlights its just full of gross loli voices and literally pedobait despite wk crying.
Rel, her talking about a child in a movie

No. 1720922

File: 1670406394866.jpeg (861.31 KB, 828x1444, 5D8599B9-C442-4E22-BC0F-E6DED3…)

bcs she deleted all her accounts and gets them banned weekly? fuck off moid

No. 1720927

this is just sad. I hope this is a phase that she grows out of one day when she realizes how nasty all this is, and that the moids that like her for pedobaiting are garbage. can't imagine why she wants an audience of rapey woman-hating racist incel pedophiles

No. 1720928

jannies this is the same ban evading moid can tell because

No. 1720930

File: 1670406815635.png (288.16 KB, 828x1430, IMG_7850.png)

Pedos get the rope! Not sure how you can't see this the only logical reason is that you're one of them.

No. 1720934

he's been through many tiktok accounts now posting the same shock value loli-porn meme slideshow esque content and then getting banned, buys cosplays for minors routinely as well as talking to them in comments or dms in a sexual/flirty way

No. 1720937

you're retarded as fuck, crimmy blatantly panders to pedophiles whether she claims to be 'aware' of it (remember she seems to be unaware about a lot of other shit) or not. don't defend someone you have a parasocial relationship with because you've been blinded by her cosplaying your waifu, moid(sage your shit)

No. 1720939

File: 1670407870095.jpeg (490.06 KB, 828x1404, D5718B44-2090-42E3-893C-26DEDD…)

literally gross do you know how old he is?

No. 1720942

File: 1670408217341.png (125.49 KB, 328x452, CAEFA1B8-DA22-4923-AAFB-008EC4…)

average pedo babble

No. 1720944

what the fuck, the fact he is so dedicated to ban evading for the sole purpose of posting loli shit and grooming minors is extremely concerning. I'm worried for the minors he flirts with and buys cosplays for, he probably gets their addresses to ship cosplays to them which is not good

No. 1720948

File: 1670408554639.jpeg (597.88 KB, 646x1004, 0C56B3D7-7492-4BE4-80E7-5FA0E2…)

if anymore of her orbiters come and try to claim she doesnt do weird shit, explain this.
scrotes are soo intent on defending girls like this its just so pathetic and sums up my opinion of them all.
any guy who likes this shit is 10x worse than she is, cope

No. 1720956

File: 1670409261351.jpeg (313.06 KB, 644x539, 3A2D022A-2F63-4E57-B0F1-C0CE47…)

the moid replying def told her, she deactivated her tiktok and now its back up, heres the tiktok of her literally cosplaying as a loli with the cunny audio
(also shes so gross/catfishy kek)

No. 1720957

File: 1670409281543.png (Spoiler Image,1.07 MB, 1058x1222, filth.png)

not the anon I'm replying to but I wanted to add her retweeting lewd asuka art - keep in mind asuka is 14 and she clearly knows that, see >>1720739

No. 1720963

File: 1670410044627.webm (2.57 MB, 576x1024, ew pedo song dance.webm)

she is probably gonna deactivate again, should upload the video here so there is proof. never uploaded a webm before so I hope this works - she is not cosplaying a loli in this webm but is still dancing to a pedo song

No. 1720966

File: 1670410400057.jpeg (281.37 KB, 578x582, 7CCD812D-4E28-4905-8BB2-932E5B…)

kek im not a weeb so i wldnt know, ty tho, her entire tiktok is just pedo/racism/misogyny post after post, it doesnt even go as far as a month back and her life could be ruined with that account alone. i do not understand this mentality, poor little retard ugly girl

No. 1720967

Probably groomed on 4chan by moids so she pretends to be a "14 Yr old girl". god I wish there are real consequences for women like these no wonder she likes that pedo baiter gura

No. 1720968

File: 1670410872094.png (31.04 KB, 466x194, 17.png)

I was going through it and in one of her tiktoks description she says she is 17?! that makes all the pedos obsessing over her even fucking worse if that is her actual age, a 17 year old posting nsfw loli cosplays and catering to creepy pedophile moids is insane. if truly 17 I think she is/was groomed

No. 1720969

File: 1670410900656.png (60.68 KB, 698x370, racism.png)

here is her saying she hates minorities

No. 1720970

File: 1670410980567.png (93.15 KB, 1040x440, weird altrighter.png)

and her complimenting kanye shortly after he made that weird comment that was supportive of hitler, and being a bible thumper. crazy shit

No. 1720971

File: 1670411042479.jpeg (616.16 KB, 828x1052, 00B08C41-FA94-436A-AFF2-5C80BE…)

shes defo underage w this shit, but come on, isnt she a little too old? i think shes gonna end up like those cows in their 30s who try so hard to emulate how she looked at this age because she won’t get the scrote attention anymore.

also this isnt her setup kek, she has a broken laptop and pretends shes a ‘based’ pc neet

No. 1720972

File: 1670411257888.jpeg (544.37 KB, 828x1319, B5A9C549-25AF-461B-90E5-6FAACD…)

samefagging bcs i worded it weirdly, shes definitely being groomed and while that is sad and awful, her monetising off of it while also shilling her retarded pedo/racism larp is omegacringe. she knows what shes doing.
>isnt she a little too old?
i meant that the underage girls who usually do this public humiliation stuff are usually not bordering on adulthood

No. 1720976

This reminds of another femnazi femcel in the animecore thread.its all fun and games until those moids turn against you. Hopefully she can come out of this phase(sage)

No. 1720977

she might have not known any better when she started getting groomed (I'm assuming she has been doing this since 15-16? idk how long her banned accounts were around for) but after awhile of being around these pedo scrotes and seeing all this alt-right shit she should realize how disgusting it is, I hope she comes to her senses and stops. once she's an adult there is no excuse for keeping up this behavior

No. 1720981

is she albanian, because if yes it then it makes a lot of sense since she comes from a misogynistic culture that also doesnt really allow any creativity or dressing alt in their communities otherwise you get immediately shunned.

But to be honest all of balkan is like that if you dont listen to the same music as them which is mostly shitty folk pub music, dress slightly different which means not looking like a village wannabe instahoe, have different religious views aka you dont align with the two popular religions which are orthodox or muslim, be mixed nationality's or race, are nice (this is a bad thing because people there argue all the time and are very judgemental and hateful so you open yourself up to bullying since they see being nice as a vulnerability),are tolerating of women, gays or darker people, have empathy, have a slight different personality than them which involves not being loud all day or hateful …..you immediately get branded a outcast and shunned.

Balkans are just a shitty place for women and humans in general, and even they move to live abroad to escape their shitty third world countries….they still bring their shitty ignorant behavior even to other countries. They never change or integrate.
The average life goal of a balkan person living abroad is to only get a expensive car so they can go home and flex their car to the other farmers and inbreeds in their country.
Oh and dont get me started on how animals/pets are treated in the balkans……

No. 1720983

nah i dont think she is, i think its just another shitty dogwhistle/larp for her discord men to show she ‘knows geography’ or something

No. 1720984

nope, she lives in australia

No. 1720986

alot of balkan people live abroad. I know a couple of people personally from balkan countries who now live in australia.

Why out of all the flags in the world would she chose that one, also i think its a trend lately for alt-right pedopandering egirls to show their flags/nationalitys because they want to appeal to polfags.

No. 1720987

Albania is le funny meme country right now

No. 1720988

File: 1670413171051.jpeg (491.92 KB, 828x1216, DC278DD5-BDB2-4177-8D7A-1B3B8E…)

> i think its a trend lately for alt-right pedopandering egirls to show their flags/nationalitys because they want to appeal to polfags.
yes this, always albania, poland and germany, or really any european country.
also i’m pretty sure it isn’t her flag considering that isn’t her room

No. 1720989


No. 1720996

>1k+ notifs
>connected to e-sex voice chat

i cant believe these people are real

No. 1721024

>she's not posting literal porn explicitly saying "i am a 10 years old loli and want pedophiles to masturbate to this" therefore she's not pedobaiting
Are you literally 12 and also mentally retarded?

No. 1721030

File: 1670421546313.png (Spoiler Image,1.63 MB, 1280x1816, mesugaki.png)

kek, are the western zoomers calling mesugaki "damn brat"? mesugaki correction is a literal lolicon hentai trope that's very popular right now, picrel

No. 1721073

File: 1670426956507.jpg (123.39 KB, 1139x1080, 1656146768106.jpg)

I was better off not knowing what that was ….god she's too far gone

No. 1721082

why would you post this even censored? wtf

No. 1721083

Her head is shaped like a bean. It's called sex offender phrenology

No. 1721091

Keffels-tier fedposting. Maybe they're going after lc since they ultimately failed against kf. Only a pedo would know about and have even censored loli shit on their pc.

No. 1721094

It's scary how normal these people look, you might see this guy at the store and not think twice but really he goes home and sits on a pedo discord..

No. 1721135

File: 1670431786895.jpeg (838.4 KB, 828x1392, 49692C1F-CAE7-49FD-8C81-733011…)

did not need to see this but it definitely makes sense thats what she was referencing.

puffed out cheeks, and i saw someone in the comments say that the caption is a loli dogwhistle, she uses it across half of her posts

No. 1721158

File: 1670433153098.jpeg (366.22 KB, 828x1142, C08DA42D-BE9F-43BC-B40E-0A6A2D…)

i joined her orbiting discord and there is literally too much to even post here, also she found some of the threads and sperged and got her orbiters to circlejerk and make her feel better about it

No. 1721171

is this shit even allowed on discord? good to know discord is more concerned about people linking college textbook torrents than literal pedo fan servers.

No. 1721178

>she found some of the threads and sperged and got her orbiters to circlejerk and make her feel better about it

oh so its them who kept on bumping this thread with bait. Lol what a retarded cow kek, number 1 things when being a snow cow is to not whiteknight yourself or have others do it because more anons will then dig into your shit especially since you always keep bumping this thread. I guess this is the most attention troon-face hooknosed Crimmy has gotten.

No. 1721234

Why she do the Lori Loon cheek puff face she looks absolutely retarded kek

No. 1721236

File: 1670436400991.jpeg (296.03 KB, 792x587, ED4679F2-D5A6-460A-B7E9-8B661F…)

compilation, there are 100s more screenshots where this came from.
her entire servers larp is that its all a ‘joke’ and that they ban actual pedos. the only actual pedos they ban are the ones who cross the line with their gOdESs crimmy and try to take her from them. i guess shes sorta smart for covering her tracks by saying its a joke but this is literally undeniable, and the guys in her server are definitely not joking about this shit.

i literally couldnt stop cringing at her baity attentionfaggy messages, this girl clearly lacks attention or validation irl, and just spams her orbiter discord with photos of herself or begging for the members to validate her

No. 1721239

What does her real face look like? Every image is filtered and smoothed to hell and back. Looks like under the makeup and filters I’m guessing she’s around 25-28 and likely looks her age without all the shoop. Moids are dumb if they think this is a minor.

No. 1721248

File: 1670436806586.jpeg (129.83 KB, 398x536, 603D333B-CC89-42C6-844C-74E7F1…)

i’m pretty sure she is actually a minor but maybe because of being an anafag she’s gone wrinkly and most likely has too much definition/gauntness for them to believe she was a preteen without the filters/poses

No. 1721255

Holy moley burrito face over here, goddamn.

Nah I think she’s at the very youngest probably 21, it’s still not an HD image but you can see she’s got a lot of texture to her skin and some slight lines in her forehead even though she’s not raising her eyebrows. She also has deep deep lines in her neck that are visible even in the shoopy filtered pics. Thin teens don’t get lines in their necks.

No. 1721263

>Because of how i look i fuel pedos.
Yes im totally sure your prematurely aged face is tempting men,
Absolute kek at this bitch looking exactly the same as the middle aged cosplayers posted here.
She does look a lot older, i wouldnt be surprised if this is the new grift for e-girls to pretend to be younger. Honestly even lori lewd could pass younger than her.

No. 1721266

File: 1670437736309.jpeg (Spoiler Image,338.05 KB, 779x580, 57FCA498-AB3B-42FD-8F7E-D8179D…)

warning for loli ish imagery, i censored it to the best of my ability.
shes @moka, watch her and her orbiters self post again and say this is all a joke as well, kek

No. 1721267

Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Lori Lewd literally looks both less blatantly obviously and less extremely shooped/filtered, and still looks younger than this old lady’s pedi pandering pics.

No. 1721289

I gagged. This is why I don’t post pics of my kids.

No. 1721299

File: 1670440107987.jpeg (654.97 KB, 828x1087, 85B8CB6B-6A9A-4EC4-8505-F28D8B…)

oh yes this is totally not pedobaiting and just cosplay and a joke, yes totally for sure mhm

No. 1721301

this woman is def a actual pedo, if you look at other pedobaiters most of them are more focused on sexualizing themselves and getting money from it meanwhile this woman is too hyperfocused on children just for the sake of it.

No. 1721344

File: 1670442278685.png (11.39 KB, 493x64, 37206191-C990-43FA-A763-CC0798…)

one of her orbiters schizoing abt the thread
>’Peachy likes Crimmy’
you can’t make this shit up

No. 1721396

well the issue is that she's pretending to be a child. the age doesn't matter if she's creating a situation where pedos can think they're sexualizing a child. (that's why ddlg shit is pedoshit) moids being retarded is funny but she's sick to do this.

No. 1721425

File: 1670447507646.jpg (38.09 KB, 564x645, itsher.jpg)

Is it the filter making her look like that? the puffed cheeks? or is her face just deformed
She's literally picrel

No. 1721512

File: 1670453224314.jpeg (217.77 KB, 485x652, DB3955E2-3C8F-4C7F-AA25-3E197A…)

i’m asking myself the same thing. heres a photo of her when she was younger and her chin actually has regular proportions. maybe the braces made her chin smaller? or the retarded puffy face she does is making it look dumb like that

No. 1721520

>Thin teens don’t get lines in their necks.
Not saying she doesn't look older but they definitely do. I've seen some genetic cases and cases where the teen just stares down at their phone all day creating those lines prematurely.

No. 1721531

>your prematurely aged face
Kek I honestly assumed she was bulimic with how puffy her face looks, it reminded me of the shoeonhead skin walker who also gets pedo shekels

No. 1721533

File: 1670454245381.png (130.21 KB, 1256x663, F0C15C04-8DAD-43EE-8902-B6D04E…)

so now shes seen the thread and this is her biiig realisation post. typed like a retarded kid. one of her arguments was
>’i naturally look like this’
if puffing out your cheeks and editing every single photo is natural to her, she’s either coping or just braindead.

as said earlier in thread, she claims its all one big joke, and her server members that are also underage/stupid believe it and dickride her on literally whatever she says.
even when she was trying to defend herself, some of the pedos and creeps were replying with suspect things. but our cow has now realised that she’s got an audience, and refuses to interact. (she still needs the audience and attention, i’d give it a few days)

No. 1721536

Lmao this is the stupidest attempt at damage control I’ve ever seen. “Jokes” sure thing. Fucking sick freak.

No. 1721537

File: 1670454406508.jpeg (304 KB, 788x590, 4695B9D5-618B-41C1-A371-90F897…)

if she truly does think its all a joke, why does she brag about her boyfriend, who certainly looks overage, being in college? at least keep your story consistent crimmy

No. 1721568

>me being a pedo is just a joke.

Please never allow this facially deformed grandma around kids……

No. 1721570

File: 1670456268227.webm (1.27 MB, 360x640, export_1670455592353.webm)

oh boy…
rn shes spamming these in her discord, many funny screenshots kek

No. 1721578

File: 1670456603392.png (290.02 KB, 743x450, RA5TYXl.png)


mfw fas

No. 1721579

>double chin in her body check
Now I'm definitely convinced she's bulimic

No. 1721582

you guys have got to stop diagnosing every with FAS

No. 1721591

what the fuck so is she dating/aka being groomed by her older pedo bf or is the college bf thing a joke? where are her parents?!
these freaks are all definitely pedos and it's not a joke, the loli rape shit was already bad but you don't post photos of actual irl children and make inappropriate comments unless you're an unironic pedophile

No. 1721611

File: 1670458232996.png (4.14 MB, 828x1792, 12E61DDA-A836-47AF-B8FE-AD0345…)

Not sure how old he is but he looks like hes over 18, she is constantly talking about being his loli and him impregnating her. Her tiktok bio is
>’Parent Managed @AbrahamDraitz’
His actual name is Abraham Diaz as you can see in picrel.

his ig: https://www.instagram.com/abrahamdraitz/
His discord is Stargazer#9227

same guy as quoted

No. 1721618

File: 1670458436177.png (74.49 KB, 1057x238, 7E0819C5-3605-4DB2-B775-6E5F59…)

>not even on discord

No. 1721641

File: 1670459248760.jpeg (187.1 KB, 1500x2668, D5859BAE-0D30-4D4A-BF8F-411EDB…)

Im not sure if this is true but the guy in the bottom right corner apparently cleared Crimmys wishlist.

No. 1721643

before you faggot moids whiteknight learn how to post first

No. 1721645

do the faggot wks spamming this thread not understand that doing so only exposes more anons to their retardation & degeneracy

No. 1721659

File: 1670459564206.png (189.09 KB, 610x929, chrome_3hiiEBLFhR.png)

kek im keeping this up for when the pedos inevitably get banned as proof of their degeneracy

No. 1721667

the spam from pedo wks is how I found this thread kek also the pedo moids are probably spamming as a distraction or to get the thread taken down for exposing their pedophilia, since if these guys get found out their life would be over (nobody is gonna want to hire or go near pedophiles and they'll probably get put on some kind of pedo database)

No. 1721673

lol the incel wk dont realize that by spamming or bumping this thread they are literally causing their pedo grandma Crimmy more harm than good by bumping this thread KEK.

No. 1721680

i can't believe this cancerous fucking whore is dipping her grimy racist pedo fingers into danganronpa i wanna a log this fandom already has enough aids
also i hoped the spamming orbiters would at least be funny but these are all shit-tier zoomer memes. you think if they didn't have any reservations about offending people they'd at least come up with something better than what you'd hear in a middle school classroom but no

No. 1721683

File: 1670460214425.png (66.5 KB, 735x573, 570736A0-86C4-4F5C-ABCD-6442C4…)

i think all of the wks started coming after the post about ‘abraham diaz’ he was already freaking out when he first got posted. seethe pedophile. this shit goes deep

No. 1721686

you literally posted his roles that literally says fat nigga and fat faggy, its clearly satire(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1721687

kek a pronounfag in a pedo alt right server - strange

No. 1721690

The plus size tag made me kek

No. 1721695

now it makes me wonder in what deep shit is grandma for her fellow pedos to come here?

No. 1721698

Holy shit. she looks like a hybridised mix of a whoville character with down syndrome and a chimpanzee.

No. 1721701

Would suck if anyone googling his name found out that Abraham Diaz is a pedophile

No. 1721703

File: 1670460710926.jpeg (266.28 KB, 788x489, 890D1708-2325-41D8-A1A1-94E96D…)

‘iTs AlL a JoKE wE’rE jUSt kIdS’
it doesnt matter either way this is just disgusting and i can guarantee half of her orbiters are 100 percent pedophiles

No. 1721707

i mean…even the ''we are just kids'' defense they r using doesnt work, considering they are all either in their 20's or late teens.

No. 1721709

File: 1670460966166.jpeg (503.01 KB, 828x1295, 4C759F80-0414-4ECC-A9C0-EC19FE…)

one of the ppl spamming the thread gave us a new name, not sure how credible? probably isnt but putting it here just in case
‘Luca Guasto’ kings college

No. 1721719

File: 1670461453979.png (153.95 KB, 1227x647, ks0kdk.png)

one of the moids who spammed also gave their discord. luca#0009

No. 1721721

is this supposed to be patrick bateman? looks like great value version

No. 1721722

how did she find out about this thread anyway, i hope no retard cowtipped her.

No. 1721729

she was posted a few days ago and found it then.
ever since her harem have been refreshing /snow/ everyday waiting for their loli waifu to be posted

No. 1721731

one of her pedo scrote wks somehow found it and tipped her off

No. 1721733

File: 1670462341818.jpeg (337.31 KB, 828x977, 55BF2A96-72FB-4F08-B4E1-BC2363…)

Entered the Moids discord. Theyre all in voice chat, this the Moid spamming, kek. what do we think?

No. 1721737

yuck, typical zoomer lolicon chud.
laughable that these r the ppl she gets validation from

No. 1721739

below average polish moid from suburban illinois (schaumburg? … bloomingdale?) with coomer eyes

No. 1721740

spent his mom's paycheck at spencer's kek

No. 1721745

tubby uggo

No. 1721746

I can’t believe how hard you nailed this nonna.
>t. Illinoisfag and Slav

No. 1721747

looks like an inbred chode.

No. 1721748

lmao not him getting mad that we called him a tub of lard that he started spamming, put down the burger porkie.

No. 1721753

obvious scrotes in the thread again, this girl rlly is pathetic sicking her dogs on us because she cant cope with being an ugly catfishing bitch

No. 1721755

File: 1670463847648.jpeg (299.02 KB, 828x965, 4639E02A-C76B-46BB-907C-62C90C…)

KEK this isnt her but why is this exactly what she does

No. 1721757

fat pedo moids are truly pathetic, imagine having nothing better to do except chimping out in the thread and spamming pics of your ugly flabby deformed body

No. 1721759

Looks short, fat and low IQ 0/10 wouldn't!

No. 1721760

File: 1670464212640.jpeg (346.35 KB, 828x1327, FA98CA15-265C-45BB-BF59-E9B925…)

supposed 17 year old ‘non pedobaiter’ talking to her server full of adult men about her ‘innie vagina’ and her superiority to roasties

No. 1721762

File: 1670464396194.png (749.68 KB, 796x717, ijiji.png)

janny was so repulsed just like any normal being would be when they see a pig that escaped the slaughterhouse that they misspelled in a hurry. KEK lmao

No. 1721763

does she realize she's saying all this to ugly loser pedo men that think women in their 20s "hit the wall"? these same incel moids will abandon her en masse in a few years for a younger pedobaiting e-girl tard

No. 1721764

What a hideous looking ogre!

No. 1721765

would rope if I looked like this

No. 1721766

This is just so pathetic. Imagine being such a pickme that you pedopander and roastie sperg like an incel. She’ll be just like Big Shayna in a few years probably if she keeps this up.

No. 1721767

File: 1670465008947.webm (1.52 MB, 576x1024, terrorismlarp.webm)

she worked at burger king recently for a month or two but quit because her retarded zoomer adhd brain couldnt handle having any sort of responsibility.
good for her, pedopandering and getting temporary money from men who wont care about you when you turn 18 is a viable option too i guess.
too bad with her digital footprint she is never going to get a real job if they do any background checks, she's fucked herself for life over this shit, kek its what she deserves

No. 1721768

id hate to whiteknight shaytan but atleast shay was actually pretty in the beginning before she ballooned up, meanwhile this woman is already unfortunate.

No. 1721769

KEK this is such a deep burn on crimtard and you’re not wrong

No. 1721771

File: 1670465343201.webm (878.94 KB, 592x1280, crimtard.webm)

crimtard candid from a year or two ago, literally looks balding and like dobby from the side, ew!

No. 1721773

Her pedophile boyfriend, Abraham Diaz better wrangle his tard, what kind of alpha Chad Patrick Bateman based 4channer lets his gf talk about her super innie vag uwu to a bunch of loser men. Must be a cuck.

No. 1721781

He looks early 20s to me. Idk I think this girl is young but probably not 17. More like 19 to early 20s and lying about it. But I can definitely believe she got groomed as an actual minor. Maybe she started her downward spiral at 17 though.

It's sad, she's basically ruined her life to pander to broke moids. She'll wind up in a worse place than big shaynus by 25. Bleak.

No. 1721784

thought this was a troon fr

No. 1721786

File: 1670466736410.png (215.49 KB, 361x641, chrome_LpwJosUlBk.png)

even after the thread went up she is still doing this spergy attention fag stuff.
i would say her parents didnt love her enough but i'm fairly sure they spoil and coddle her, she's probably crying in her mums bed about this right now.
(she frequently brags in her serv abt lying with her mum in bed, weird)

No. 1721794

File: 1670467220142.webm (692.29 KB, 320x640, cm-chat-media-video-105626a65-…)


No. 1721795

self posting ugly scrote, btfo

No. 1721797

not the low quality ill fitting aliexpress cosplay, that megumin one looks like cheap garbage. calls herself a cosplayer and can't even make her own shit

No. 1721798

File: 1670467612036.png (13.25 KB, 285x138, chrome_DNRSVL1iiW.png)

i sleep at night happily knowing my entire life doesnt revolve around being attractive to pedos and relying on their compliments and presence to feel any sense of self worth.
her and her wks are gonna keep saying there are no pedos but if you join the discord every moid has 19-21 as their age range and some various assortment of loli imagery or cringe mid 20's moid shit like nfts.
the fact she even has 13 year olds in a server with possible men over the age of 22 is fucking disgusting.
nona over and out

No. 1721806

imagine trying so hard to pander to pathetic scrotes, and all they get you is cheap garbage. pandering for plastic.

No. 1721822

you can tell that whoever is posting all these pics is not a farmer as they keep filling in the name

No. 1721825

ye its one of the simps, hes been doing it for hours

No. 1721830

Where are her parents? Kek anon this is clearly an adult female pedophile

No. 1721834

so she's larping as underaged to attract even more pedos to her? what a freak

No. 1721840

You can tell by how insanely edited her pics are. Look at Lori Lewd’s thread - she manages to look younger and less shooped in the pics she posts than this woman. And Lori is 35.

No. 1721854

Any examples of those messages?

No. 1721864

File: 1670473523022.png (384.75 KB, 391x426, sped.png)

the things these uggos do for 10 minutes of attention from fat autistic scrotes

No. 1721870

File: 1670474026009.png (51.49 KB, 469x152, chrome_rsgNwOtUrK.png)

just constantly talking about autistic shit to infantilise herself

No. 1721888

more blur

No. 1721897

For someone trying so hard to pedo bait she sure does have a long, mature horse face. Her features are the furthest thing from neotenous and it will only get worse with age. She's got a long mid face which looks even longer than it is because of her honking beak nose and mile long philtrum in combination with her recessed chin kek

No. 1721899

File: 1670477888428.png (68.42 KB, 155x275, 1593075955095.png)

I'm the retard who replied and I was replying to >>1720972 anyways I thought kiwithesmol was ugly this chick looks like an even uglier older version of her kek. "I just look young and petite, that doesn't make me a pedophile. Hoe please you look like you've spent the last 20 years chainsmoking and chewin baccer.

No. 1721901

File: 1670478004624.jpg (561.56 KB, 1079x1190, Screenshot_20221208-003834_Ins…)

Margo palermo looking ass bitch kek

No. 1721908

KEK I thought this was Layna (Jonny Craig's gf) for a moment

No. 1721913

That awkward moment when ol' marge is one septum piercing away from being JC's "type" kek

No. 1721951

ANON! I literally thought the same thing when i saw her especially this video >>1721767
She resembles margaret more than venus herself kek.

No. 1721969

Wtf that KFC and uniform looks suspiciously familiar what a small world. I won't say where, but if I'm correct rip Crimtard, she's a pedo from what is essentially an Australian ghetto.

No. 1721976

damn that would actually make sense considering how low she's willing to stoop just to ebeg from incel scrotes. according to her twitter bio she's from melbourne, aus so idk if that's where the ghetto you're thinking of is or not

No. 1721980

Damn you must be real miserable to pretend to be underage for these coombrained moids . Glad to know you've cucked yourself for life for some cheap aliexpress shit .

No. 1721996

The suburb I was thinking of is %100 a suburb of Melbourne. I can't believe she has school uniform on her social media whilst pandering to the lowest of society. It's such a distinguishing feature. If I could pick where she's from what's stopping a deranged moid finding her?

No. 1721999

she is certainly not the smartest. but the loser moids that orbit her also seem like drooling retards so chances are low one of them would make the connection

No. 1722000

its not even on her social media, she was posting it today to appeal to pedos. even after the thread was up. maybe bcs her voice is soft? ugh i cant deal w this

No. 1722007

there’s a rope with your name on it

No. 1722008

shut up retard where are the messages saying she should be raped or she should commit? she is clearly pedobaiting and there's a whole thread of evidence on it. if you can't handle the heat stay out of the kitchen scrote. maybe if she wasn't so blatant about her alt right and lolicon behaviour she wouldn't be posted on here

No. 1722009

All of this WKing is just pure unadulterated cringe

No. 1722010

Not Wking but where has she posted racist stuff, i wanna see

No. 1722011

literally scroll up, retard

No. 1722013

if you scroll up there's a bunch of screenshot compilations w her saying slurs/being anti semitic etc

No. 1722014

I see cringe attention seeking and lolicon stuff but i am failing to see racist stuff

No. 1722017

defeats the entire point of anonymity, why would anyone risk such blatant exposure to talk to a moid who's friends w the cow? our points are pretty clear if you scroll up literally at all you can see what people have said

No. 1722019

why would any of us want to converse with a retarded scrote?

No. 1722023

swear down

No. 1722025

say mums

No. 1722028

mailing a bomb to your house as you sit anxiously waiting on my reply. senior moderator trying desperately to find out why people dislike his pedo baiting lolicon waifu. may allah strike you down

No. 1722029

I had a feeling the fact I recognised her uniform would make one of you retards sperg. And it's not a punishable offense if the information was posted of her own volition. But more importantly LC does not condone doxing if I had doxed her the information would've been removed by a farmhand and I'd be permabanned. If you hadn't noticed this is a female imageboard, the only rape threats she would be receiving are either fabricated, or from you degenerate lolicon consumers. Which I'll inform you is completely illegal in Australia so you'd better hope someone doesn't cowtip and report her.

No. 1722034

pedo baiting literally where does that say you are a pedo stupid bitch, no one is messaging you for a reason

No. 1722036

File: 1670496863391.jpeg (318.65 KB, 828x776, 7E027627-483D-4C83-A870-2C3D1F…)

Crimmys never actually agreed with lolicon, if anything publicly anti-lolicon, She just has dumb shock attention seeking “trolling” value humour

No. 1722038

posting pics and videos of actual living breathing children like in >>1721266
and thinking it's funny to make "jokes" about raping them is beyond evil. nobody gives a fuck if she tries to use the "b-but it's just a joke/trolling!" excuse to dodge responsibility, nobody is buying it. she and all the disgusting incel freaks that orbit her are pedophiles. raping kids isn't a joke and never will be. it's not humor you pedo-enabling weirdo

No. 1722040

The child in that picture is just a screenshot of a tiktok, crimmy was literally in vc talking about how disgusting it was and taking real children isnt even funny, she has gone over this a couple times, i dont know why this is being taking out of context. A screenshot of crimmy sending a screenshot of a disgusting tiktok does not mean she agrees with it?

No. 1722042

She's completely correct here but that makes the shit contained within her discord server and the kind of content she posts (aimed at older men) even more concerning. She's obviously not stupid so I hope she realises what she's doing is not only illegal (harbouring images of lolicon), but it's extremely dangerous. Why ruin your life pandering to low quality men?

No. 1722047

maybe if she didn't want to be taken out of context she shouldn't think that saying shit like "I want to rape children" and making loli rape correction posts is ok. defend your ugly pedo cow all you want, won't change the fact she is disgusting. it's still not any better her making rape jokes and dressing up as lolis then sexualizing it, you guys are all freaks

No. 1722048

its like half of her brain was removed and replaced with an attention seeking retard's, how can she say this and then post it, even if its for shock value? still as anon said harbouring them is both stupid and risky, yet she seems to know exactly what she's doing and has some kind of awareness over the fact that she is in the wrong. so strange and retarded

No. 1722054

File: 1670498859911.jpg (34.92 KB, 415x739, images.jpeg-7.jpg)

She's friends with multiple racists and pedos yet pretends to be "woke" by claiming its supposed to be trolling (joking about child rape isn't funny asshat). Hide behind any wall crimmy won't change that you're a pedo

No. 1722055

i dont know how old you are nonna but on tiktok thats a comment reply that she left on someone elses page about them being racist(learn2sage)

No. 1722056

File: 1670499039699.jpeg (99.08 KB, 828x1792, 06FE1FFC-6E1D-420A-9546-74F496…)

‘she hates pedophiles’ ‘she thinks they’re so gross’ ofc she does.

No. 1722060

No I know that. Its just ironic that's it's her saying that kek

No. 1722062

That's either the pedo or troon flag. I suspect in context it's probably the pedo flag kek.

No. 1722064

that's the pedo pride flag, how is "joking" about being a proud pedophile funny? normal people who don't support diddling kids wouldn't find this funny at all, there's no way she's retarded enough to think she can keep relying on the "it's just a joke!" excuse
looked it up and apparently is the map (minor attracted person aka pedo) pride flag

No. 1722065

it's the map flag, or pedo flag as most would likely know it

No. 1722066

so true nonnie, even if it was a bit for her mouth breathing subhuman male fans she has dragged it through the mud by now and genuinely needs to either make amends or bury all evidence of her doing it before it spirals

No. 1722068

I think appealing to those moids has changed her understanding of morality(like how she tried to backpedal when noonas called her out here) . She's become so pickme that she doesn't understand how disgusting it is to joke about child rape as some moids do. I don't care if you're edgey or quirky but if you joke about child rape there's something very wrong with you .

No. 1722074

Can you retards learn to sage

No. 1722091

Wow pointing out how some is a pedo as well pedopandering is so sage(sage)

No. 1722094

She is literally a /vt/ lolicon pickme LMAO
>cute and funny
>brat correction
>Matsuri cosplay
Looking forward to see more milk from this cow, she must have a terrible self esteem that she has to pander to lolicon edgelords so hard.

No. 1722109

No non-pedophile ever uses the word “cunny”, most mentally normal adults full-body heave just reading it.

No. 1722111

Oh yeah, just “le edgy humor” to sit on a pedo discord all day making pedo rape “jokes” about raping actual children to an audience of pedophiles. Totally normal, nothing to see here. I beg you to kys you fucking freak.

No. 1722189

That girl in the photo is Ellie (aka creepyhoarder/shirousa099 or whatever she goes by now.) The lanky lolibait hikineet anorexic retard who tried to say Betty Crocker Funfetti was her special interest. She’s one of those “jojifuku” pedo baiters now. I wonder if she gets off on knowing real pedos save and use her pictures.

No. 1722192

Yeah honestly “joking” about sexually assaulting children is never never never okay under any circumstances and it’s literally never funny. Dead baby jokes are the edgiest you can go without being abhorrent (and if you specialize the dead baby then you’ve gone way too far and fuck you).

No. 1722194

Sexualize, not specialize, sorry for samefag.

No. 1722361

kek i knew that girl looked familiar. it's a shame this menace has to steal pics to attract bottom of the barrel scrotes.

No. 1722535

Getting flashbacks to that one vtuber who used to react to videos of real little girls and then accused some guy of being a groomer

No. 1722662

File: 1670547469605.jpeg (92.72 KB, 640x360, 167DFC60-A1D9-4EF5-9D28-5FA7F2…)

shes also friends with moids who routinely make nazi edits of her with the ugliest photos ever taken which she flaunts on her server or instagram story

No. 1722664

No. 1722683

If shoeonhead had jowls

No. 1722829

File: 1670571414531.jpeg (444.67 KB, 828x810, 368BA095-E2CA-4A94-BBAB-710C57…)

this is all just proof that scrotes dont care about actual attractiveness or personality, they only care about how childish and vulnerable a woman seems, how willing women are to submit to their desires.
blackpilled again.

No. 1722831

Jesus christ pickle…

No. 1722842

Fuck you’re right and I hate it

No. 1722854

File: 1670574173260.jpeg (408.28 KB, 828x1440, 3D5DEFD3-7755-484C-9F0D-E58FCD…)

in this pic and a bunch of other tiktoks shes just doing lowkey racist stuff like making fun of black people and stereotypes, doing a ‘roadman’ cosplay. here she is in her server self posting her tiktoks for attention and literally referring to herself as ‘roadloli’

No. 1722872

Men would fuck a dead raccoon rotting at the side of the road if it had a semi-human vagina attached to it

No. 1722892

File: 1670579140216.jpeg (426.5 KB, 828x1350, AC87C199-CB53-4F58-9C91-84188A…)

kek her pedo discord got nuked because of this thread, good work and good riddance nonnies

No. 1722893

doesn't need to be semi-human, they've fucked dogs and other animals before.

No. 1722897

she'll probably just make a new one and make it harder to join, so that only her circlejerking pedo orbiters can get in. also if that's her in the pic she looks like she's balding kek how unfortunate, no wonder she's always wearing cheap cosplay wigs

No. 1722979

eh i think thats worse sinces he will now try to be more discreet in her new one.

Also someone previously mentioned that she goes to the same school as her boyfriend groomer (they deleted their post). If thats true doesnt that mean she is the same age as him or a similiar age?

No. 1723088

Men will literally fly to a 3rd world country and pay to fuck a shaven chimpanzee

No. 1723150

File: 1670609955484.jpg (67.92 KB, 720x483, Screenshot_20221209-111821_Ins…)

Orangutan* and it was a kid

Her boyfriend flirts with other ethots and follows whores and shitty meme pages

No. 1723151

pretty sure he's in college so that would mean she's at least 18 or likely older

No. 1723214

File: 1670614998924.png (283.22 KB, 828x1792, 45DB8A46-0F28-4015-A87D-CDD37A…)

she has another ig that she seems to be more active on, it's private but look at the sheer number of posts she's made on it

No. 1723282

It's cute how you think a college aged moid wouldn't date a highschooler if he thought he could get away with it. But I think she's over 18 for different reasons.

No. 1723322

erm what? where in my post did I say I think that? all I said was that she's likely an adult if she goes to the same school her bf does since he seems to be in college

No. 1723431

shes from melbourne australia, and everything points to him being either american or definitely not aus

No. 1723558

File: 1670635629987.jpeg (283.4 KB, 828x933, FF57D265-3ADC-4DC7-BAD2-CA8A38…)

i really dont think she has a single clue what shes talking about, everything she says is to appeal to zoomer wannabe 4channers and old lolicon scrotes.
i can sympathise with younger girls who really have no idea what they’re doing and grow out of it, but crimtard literally reeks of letting this larp turn into a lifetime of pedo shit, eventually leading into being a pedo herself.
hopefully shes hate reading this thread and finally makes the decision to stop doing this shit for pedos online, otherwise she definitely has a fate like a lot of the other girls posted here kek

No. 1723593

Someone ask her bf's height and if he comes from wealth.

No. 1723601

"women liking taller men bad" she says to her echo chamber full of moids who only like her for being built like a child

No. 1723617

women who like tall men are all vapid whores, but men who only want to fuck women who act like children just have a 'preference' lmao.

No. 1723645

File: 1670644585494.jpeg (257.51 KB, 828x534, 51CC521A-43A8-4DED-921D-0BDF63…)

apparently 17 and looks like a horse… shoops to oblivion and contorts her face into unnatural ways to look childlike, she only ends up looking more disabled

No. 1723657

Kek I would rather date a tall qt guy than some ugly Mexican manlet >>1721709 basic bitch, he has a berserk profile picture and idolizes Patrick Bateman. It’s like he’s an NPC who’s style is just regurgitation of “cool” edits he saw on tiktok. And he’s a pedo. I guess that makes anyone with an ounce of self esteem who doesn’t sit in a discord sharing pedo “jokes” a shallow bitch. I wonder what goes on in these girls’ minds, do they think expressing dissent for older women will stop them from aging?

No. 1723766

What kind of troglodyte DNA… is this thing supposed to be white, since it is a self-proclaimed "racist" along with its not-white boyfriend?

No. 1723789

Does she ever show her teeth? Trying to figure out if it's only her jaw and chin that are fucked up or if she's doomed below the nose, bitch looks like leafy

No. 1723804

File: 1670662102161.jpeg (165.26 KB, 498x454, 3C8D5E03-7443-4304-8914-88C5CC…)

yeah she had a severe overbite and got braces, shes posted about it. im curious if thats why her chin disappeared? or maybe its bcs shes always overcompensating for the overbite and does the baby faces that it looks non existent

No. 1723806

File: 1670662440477.jpeg (694.39 KB, 828x1385, 798CB3F0-88D1-4D43-B5F2-748EF0…)

No. 1723813

What the fuck are you talking about? Maybe it's true for Montenegro but the rest of the Balkans are fine with women. You only run into problems in villages or religious nutjobs
Alt kids are a fucking epidemic, especially in Belgrade and Vojvodina.

No. 1723816

On a side note, dark skinned people, especially Black people, are seen as desirable and hot. Some Harvard study even showed that the Balkans are the most tolerant to Black people while the Czech are racist
And Orthodox Christians aren't the only ones. You erased Croatia from existence(not-milk, sage)

No. 1723857

oof, she's gonna regret that without the jaw surgery to go along with it, but I can't imagine someone like that ever being in a position to afford that anyway. They'll just shift back from tongue thrusting from an ill fitting jaw.

No. 1723868

unless it was just a cringe pedo joke, not defending but he could be a bit closer to her age

No. 1723878

Ah. No wonder she seeks validation from bottom of the barrel men online.

No. 1724223

File: 1670706115620.jpeg (166.49 KB, 783x347, 8EA2525B-FB03-41DC-8819-46B0A7…)

surprised no one has brought up her fucked up eyebrows, there r better examples in her videos. in some pics u can see the non existent blonde hair underneath and the shitty red pencil drawn on with squiggly lines, its always asymmetrical. side note she once again has privated her tiktok

No. 1724237

Why does her face look so swollen…

No. 1724348

Kek what the hell, her eyeliner sucks ass too. She must've gotten makeup tips from a pedo tranny.
I thought it was shitty editing, but even in this unfiltered video >>1721248 she has saggy swollen cheeks. I've never seen such an ugly face shape as this before. Looking like a new syndrome. Hideous inside and out.

No. 1724659

She's probably just a mouth breather. Ot but if you're predominantly a mouth breather during early development frequently you end up with a recessed chin, an overbite and crooked teeth.

No. 1725448

File: 1670826018534.jpeg (345 KB, 828x940, 4F183469-B51B-4980-9369-8EA3B3…)

lol new tiktok account and she posted this, doubt shes going to stop but are we worrying you crimmy? your posts are forever

No. 1726063

File: 1670899623640.png (499.4 KB, 503x596, ugly.png)

I love how she's hiding her deformed chin in this photo kek.

No. 1726205

Why do they all seem like they are 5 feet tall

No. 1726267

Leafyishere vibes

No. 1726667

Hope she starts hiding her swollen face and fucked up chin in pictures now.

No. 1726712

File: 1670970787448.jpeg (26.21 KB, 120x211, BF8393A7-31EE-4018-93D4-DB4433…)

shes removed her linktree because of this thread, made the pedo discord private and started larping that shes ‘changed’ now. heres an unedited pic where you can see her actual chin

No. 1726717

basically an admission of guilt - if she wasn't a racist pedobaiting freak she'd have no reason to do any of that

No. 1735288

why am I not surprised that she likes cosplaying as the sex pests from hololive?

No. 1795610

why are you crying about someone being "anti semitic"? are you jewish? why do you use some special word that specifically privileges jews over other races? shouldn't saying "racist" be enough? are you jewish?

are you jewish?


No. 1807959

crimmy whiteknight once again, thread wasnt even active for 3 months. here u go crimmy heres your attention!! ive heard you’re still acting like a child and opting to literally buy and use baby toys!!! despite wiping her internet presence clean because of this thread she still cant live without the attention, still gets cancelled bi-weekly for her retarded antics

No. 1808352

Crimmy's bf here, you guys must be really sad spreading lies and trying to go after a teenager. Half of you are morbidly obese and/or hideous looking. The other half are just plain retarded.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1808355

Thanks for bumping this fag now even more people can read about your pudgy faced pedo gf

No. 1808368

shes like 18 and still doing this shit. tradwife larp now, 'christian' to appease you nolife morons in her discord server. she talks in a baby voice, is a year 7 dropout and runs around with baby pacifiers cosplaying as 'lolis'. if she was 15, sure, shes a victim. 16? cutting it close. shes well past the point of it being excusable. shes practically already ruined her life with this shit, so have fun with your retarded vile girlfriend and her disgusting overbite freak

No. 1808686

File: 1681505560774.jpeg (19.23 KB, 640x723, 7DF0B203-3C90-431E-81B5-413935…)

Her head is literally shaped like a bean

No. 1808713

you and your girlfriend look like horse faced speds i really wouldn't be talking about looks lol!

No. 1808744

Being racist online will never change the fact that you are Hispanic, retard. Guts from berserk isn’t literally you. vete a la mierda joto

No. 1809307

File: 1681597851706.webm (1.34 MB, 405x720, rapidsave.com_hips-zyorr10tl00…)

wasnt even aware of this but her pedo orbiters have a subreddit dedicated to her. its basically null and void aside from actual pedophiles reposting her cosplays as they would with an only fans influencers subreddit. its disturbing, and the content she creates for this shit makes me feel sick

No. 1809311

File: 1681598187613.webm (2.8 MB, 405x720, rapidsave.com_vanilla-donvwn1o…)

samefagging but i found proof that she fully erased her internet presence solely because of this thread, she might have also contacted the police because 'im being bullied for posting underage hentaiii!!!'

i wanted to include her femboy cosplays, shes fully convinced a large portion of her retard tiktok fans that shes an actual femboy, even though she larps as a racist/conservative/traditional/christian tradwife. its not surprising though, shes ugly enough to be a malnourished boy

No. 1824910

File: 1683783700013.jpeg (85.05 KB, 828x1301, IMG_0649.jpeg)

isn't loli nsfw/"underaged hentai" illegal in australia? like facing jail time for possessing it type illegal? she'd be the one getting in trouble with law enforcement if she called the cops kek. also some guy on her subreddit claimed he made a doxx video on her but there's a good chance he's lying so who knows

No. 1835573

i know this is lowcow and everything but god you guys are so mean!! do you think making fun of her for her looks is going to help her at all? its so obvious shes being groomed and needs help. obviously the stuff she says is rlly gross but why not try talking to her instead of publicly bullying her? i used to be friends with her and follow her priv insta until she deleted her entire internet presence because of you guys. its not like her deleting her public accounts is gonna stop her from being groomed. its obvious she needs help and you guys are making it worse and hiding behind some sort of moral high ground when its obvious you dont even care about what you are shaming her for. obviously her pedobaiting and racism and stuff was terrible but i dont think she genuinely believed any of that stuff i think she just desperately wanted positive attention and validation and these racist pedo freaks were the only ones who would give it to her. i kind of went thru this a couple years ago from the ages of like 15-16, im 18 now, where these racist guys on the internet were really nice to me and would buy me things, and say i was cute so i would regurgitate the gross racist stuff they would say so they would like me and find me funny. i got out of it and no longer talk to them. i could see crimmy was going thru a similar thing so i was trying to help her a bit and talk to her and be a non pedo creepy racist friend that was kind to her to show her that other people will like her and she doesnt have to be racist to get validation and i think it was working ans we talked regularly and were pretty good internet friends. i feel like if she didnt delete all her socials i could've maybe helped her get better but you guys probably made her worse in the long run. "lets bully this little girl for being groomed by pedos! surely this will make her turn out better!". ik im probably gonna get banned and made fun of this but crimmy if u see this hi its me joker girl!! pls add me back on insta i miss u!! sobbing pls stop talking to these freaks i will be ur friend! u r rlly pretty also the people on lolcow are just mean!

No. 1846854

File: 1686807440647.jpeg (189.22 KB, 828x1586, F86BBD37-E276-4032-B9B0-5E781D…)

censored but there is quite literally a groupchat in her name dedicated to tiktok orbiters sharing basically cp.

she is definitely still online and in these communities lol, just out of the public eye which if anything is scarier, because it isnt for the outward tiktok attention anymore

No. 1847059

An entire thread dedicated to stalking and harassing a literal child, the absolute state of middle age women

No. 1847074

File: 1686849908257.png (50.4 KB, 474x453, Die moid.png)

Imagine cooming over a lolibaiter totally UWU KAWAII cosplayer who has rotted teeth kek

No. 1847201

kek at the scrote saying lolcow is "middle aged women". The pedo coomer probably genuinely thinks 25 is middle aged though.

No. 1847209

File: 1686870080534.jpeg (94.96 KB, 828x895, 20550732-A74D-43D8-AF0F-323CD4…)

newsflash, shes 18 now! even her little highschool friend admitted that crimtards a little too old to be doing this shit, ie; posting literal BABIES to servers full of pedos, dressing up and touting herself as under 13 y/o characters, and being a racist pickme on a public platform where literally anyone can see. if anything we’re just observant !

No. 1848320

>If you think it's weird to be obsessed over a minor that clearly means you are cooming to a minor

Female IQ shining right now, notice how I didn't have to pull shit out of my ass for my statement?(moid)

No. 1848379

wow that's nasty. the y chromosome is a disease, these pedo scrotes need to be placed on some watchlist or registry
I'm amazed she has not yet gotten arrested for saving and distributing lolicon shit, it's very illegal where she lives and since she's an adult she has no excuses anymore

No. 1848407

Imagine thinking being a middle aged woman is bad kek, these girls are gonna spiral when they turn 25

No. 1848712

imagine choosing to rhin your life. she has no future at this point

No. 1856535

sturdychan sent me. I will defend crimmy's honor. I will defend Kay. you have no idea the power you are fucking with. we will destroy you.(necroing the thread = defending cow honor)

No. 1856626

That girl looks well over 18

No. 1870691


While you were laughing at lolcows, I studied the blade!! Lol you sound hilarious!

No. 1870829

what happened to crimson‼️‼️‼️(emoji)

No. 1871017

File: 1690376976658.png (34.16 KB, 1010x418, Proof.png)

GoatCurry Here Ask me questions if u want!(moid)

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