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No. 48793

context for those who are late and confused about this situation :
> Maintenance for 2 days (19/12 to 22/12)
>No communication of what the admin was going to fix during this maintenance
>Shaymin changed the entire website yesterday, by using the new batch lynxchan code since Vichan is getting old
> /w/ got removed, kpop-posting is now allowed and old threads disappeared
> Shaymin still left original.lolcow.farm for those who didn’t liked the new one
> Shaymin is fed up with the changes and decide to lend the website to someone else (see >>48684 )

After the major change that happened yesterday, several nonnies were left disappointed and we might witness the retirement of Shaymin. But now, we must know how and who will keep this website alive. Did any nonnies already sent their applications to Shaymin ? Will the nonnies create a team for fixing and improve the website ? Any nonnies wants to share their ideas for the future of this website ?

No. 48796

Thank you for making a thread anon!

No. 48797

If I were made admin right now (which I obviously won’t be) this is what I would do
>Revert back to original Code/CSS for now
>Find 2 other people crazy enough to also run this site
>These three people would form the “Core Team”
>No one person in the core team would have the ability to unilaterally make changes to the site. Passwords/logins would be distributed in such a way that if a core team member went rouge the most they could do would be to take it offline temporarily.
>Any major site decision would be done via a 3-way vote between the core team members in a quarterly meeting over text/discord/in-person/whatever
>The minutes of these meetings would be posted to /meta/ to ensure transparency with the rest of the community
>nonnas can propose changes in /meta/, and if there’s enough community buy-in these changes will be discussed and decided on by the core team. The core teams decision would be final though, to prevent these discussions going out of control
Obviously this is quite bureaucratic but It’s the only real way to ensure the site is protected from this kind of rogue admin imo

No. 48801

Thank you for the thread!

I can't really volunteer as an admin but I can volunteer my casual and somewhat HTML/CSS skills. I'm in school for CS so I can pick up any necessary knowledge pretty quickly.

I'd also happily volunteer to do PR if Shaymin decides to stay and doesn't feel comfortable with announcements/wev. I love this site, and really want to see it continue to thrive.

No. 48802

I'm working through the odin project to learn full stack web development, so it'll take me awhile but eventually I can help with some coding if needed - and I'd like to be a farmhand/mod since it seems this site is short staffed. also I'd apply to be admin but I'm sadly a poorfag who cannot afford the server costs so I hope there's some other willing nonas are emailing admin

No. 48804

I like the idea of having a core team, having people managed different areas. Like one would be in charge of communication with users, one with maintenance/coding the site & 3rd I'm not sure what would do? Maybe someone who has legal knowledge or to manage recruiting jannies?

Also I think it would be best for Shaymin to give us a townhall, we haven't had one this year, the lack of communication has been confusing for a lot of nonnas

No. 48805

I doubt such a complicated setup is feasible and I doubt you will be able to keep up that level of red tape for long even if it was.

No. 48807

HTML/CSS Anon here
One nona doing all the code/site stuff is not feasible, imo; that's WAY too much work for one person, trust me. You'll need at least a couple people, preferably in different timezones to maximize the chance of someone being available whenever issues arise.

No. 48808

this is too complicated
you just need one or max two people
one is leader in charge steering site so moderation norms, new boards, etc
other is technical helper to keep site running and implement anything needed
once it's running site should be plenty stable to not need that many people
more important to have multi timezone moderation to delete bad content and stuff

No. 48810

Having a core team is an incredible idea. It's been put foward many times. Something that is very clear from our past admins is that it's far too much pressure to put on just one person, a team of 2 or 3 will ALWAYS be better than one.

Idea brought foward from the CC bunker threads:
>Having a team of tech literate nonnies code a bot/AI to do the heavy lifting for coding/moderating lolcow

No. 48811

i would definitely be willing to be one of the html/css nonas, this is a good idea

No. 48812

personally I'm wary of automated moderation, particularly if it also includes actual user posts and mot just spam/gore/cp detection

No. 48813

you are being embarassingly stupid nonnie i‘m sorry but do you know how hard it is to code and train AI?

No. 48814

this would take years and a lot of money to do that, this website must have the same amount as 4chan users to create this type of bot..

also i wanted to add my suggestions :
>having 1 or 2 farmhands each from different timezones ( US / Europe / Africa / Asia / Australia ), have them verified through voice verification or smthg like that
>put the new layout as beta.lolcow.farm or new.lolcow.farm ; change back the original.lolcow.farm to lolcow.farm

No. 48815

lol no, sweaty. I always know who is tech illiterate when they bring up AI.

Yeah one person is enough to run a site until there's a big problem, then it takes forever to fix because you only have one person on it. Ideally I think the mod team should also be tech literate so they can also handle issues, but that's just my opinion as someone who has experience running websites.

No. 48816

seconding both of these suggestions. makes way more sense to roll out the new site as a beta and slowly work on issues as they get noticed

No. 48817

It's not my idea, it was just something that was brought up on CC when people were discussing options. It's miles better than their idea to enslave someones autistic brother as a coding monkey

No. 48818

honestly that should go without saying; no one who knows how to develop apps/sites would ever just launch a new site without testing it first.

No. 48819

better in theory only, absolutely not feasible in practice

No. 48820

imo there isn't really any problem that can happen to a smallish image board where you need more than one person to fix
as long as you accept possibility of 1-2 times a year being down for half a day if person is sleeping or something

No. 48821

does 4ch use a bot that detects CP or porn in general in SFW and it automatically deletes ?

No. 48822

A lot of sites do. It's apparently a relatively basic thing to use if you're the tech type

No. 48824

File: 1671838721268.jpeg (53.13 KB, 600x443, CDC77F53-6397-4861-AA43-12A8E2…)

Ayrt, and you’re likely right unfortunately. But right now I think someone running lc on their own is a real thankless task. It’s a poison chalice and that’s what leads to a never-ending rotation of admins. I think a group of people who are all equally responsible for keeping the site running would be better for everyone involved

No. 48825

Don't think so. There's three ways
- straight file hash ban
- perceptual hash ban
- use fancy proprietary CSAM detector like Microsoft PhotoDNA, the only way a normal person can use one is cloudflare's free csam scanning option

No. 48827

i think the first thing to do for that is to create a blocklist of words or words pairing in the same sentence that would avoid these spams (such as « lolita pictures » related to cp or some disgusting shit like that)

No. 48828

Yeah, that's your opinion; I'm speaking from actual experience as a web admin.

No. 48829

I've run site solo for years with ~99.97% uptime which is plenty for an image board.

No. 48830

And is it a site with comparable traffic to lolcow? A site that is frequently hit by scrotes posting CP/gore? A site that is a potential target for malicious attacks?

No. 48831

Same fagging to add, and since no one is getting paid, what is the harm in having more volunteers to help run things? It's a thankless job and one that will burn people out if the load isn't shared.

No. 48832

Fair enough, unlike you I don't have experience running a gore/child porn website.

No. 48833

Are you ESL? That's not what I said. Are you a new fag or have you just been lucky to not be online when the scrotes attack?

No. 48834

couple suggs that crossed my mind recently :
>having a sort of bot that detects porn images/pedobear image (was used during cp spam)
>autobanning some words/links that cp spammers used to spam
>OG captchas against spam
>uploading new banners
>having 3 admins : one who takes in consideration of the nonnies’ requests/ communicates + two tech literate
>renewing all farmhands since those lasts one were lazy/revealed some ips publicly
>having volutaring farmhands each on different timezones and different boards
>having some noncoomer ads (like chinese genshin-tier mobile game shit ad) to get at least some revenues on it
>keeping the themes list as it is + adding the option « customizable css » for those who wants it
>working on the design of the home page
>keeping the cute lil cow on the bottom, shame to shaymin for removing it for the new layout

No. 48835

traffic won't impact stability unless it's really inconsistent and your server is undersized for peaks
cp/gore is a moderation problem not technical one (beyond basic file banning system), two programmers won't help
and malicious attacks just have to be dealt with when they come having a second person doesn't really help if your host kicks you off in middle of the night due to false reports or someone is ddosing you

No. 48836

samefag i forgot to add these
>working on the searchbar thing since it’s getting very old
>put /2X/ back instead of hidding it for no reason

No. 48839

The people in the bunker threads on crystal cafe were on to something when they were talking about bots. The difference that could be made by having something that detects and automatically deletes illegal posts would be incredible. It might take time to make but it's definitely something worth investing time and effort in when you consider the pay off

No. 48840

>hiding it for no reason
It had to be hidden because it was attracting too many moid spammers. We get them anyway, but we can't deny hiding /2x/ from moids keeps it clean

No. 48842

It also keeps it clean from any other kind of posting too though.

No. 48847

no, it just has a big janny fleet (something like 50 at a time) that works under a single janitor manager

the full history of 4chan moderators/janitors is long and explosive, but in regards to site owners, there has only ever been 2 in its history. Stability needs a good single admin, constant changes can be lethal.

No. 49042

how did the website look yesterday??

No. 49050

File: 1671863611931.png (14.32 KB, 1252x106, manifesting.png)

No. 49061

I really like the new site but imageboard users never take redesigns well. The original. URL works well enough so keep that, even reddit kept it under old.reddit.com

No. 49068

Me too I liked the new UI. I would have gotten used to it

No. 49069

can I somehow still access this?
is it true it had a kpop board?

No. 49072

File: 1671877806150.png (4.46 KB, 744x476, uwu.png)

I legit hope Admin pulls the plug, deletes it all, wipes the landing page clear and then just adds like an url to crystal.cafe on the main page like so.

No. 49080

not kpop board but kpop posting wasnt prohibited as it should be

No. 49084

according to admin the kpop text was a placeholder, but how were we supposed to know that. here's the post >>48924

No. 49089

To me, it was obvious.. but then I’m an oldfag? /w/ was missing and there’s no way in hell admin would let that shit come back. Some are just more intuitive than others I guess

No. 49092

I really would prefer this over some faggot like Eric having control over the website. I can’t believe there are users and handmaids who would’ve been ok with that instead of the site just going down, and migrating to a new site. I migrated here before PULL was KO’d and I was just fine, still am.

No. 49093

Isn’t cc just full of trannies?

No. 49094

Yes. So? And it’s full of Moids

No. 49101

So full of men, gross

No. 49102

Would anyone be interested if a someone opens a redbubble store with lolcow design to be a source of income for the admin ? (to pay the servers hosts etc)

No. 49104

confirmation tranny was doing gayops with the stupid neocities

No. 49118

Yes because that works so great for other websites. I bet tumblr can tell you amazing success stories.

No. 49119

File: 1671952702215.png (2.24 MB, 1276x1936, 1671908893944.png)

I would love this idea except… what if they just run with the money? otherwise lolcow merch is kinda cute.

Also there's the implication that zoomers on tiktok will start wearing those shirts to be ~edgy~ and we really don't want that

No. 49122

yeah no shirt that would be dumb, but rather some posters and stickers insteadd

No. 49123

Only commenting cos I’ve bought artwork from that place and it’s always so expensive (ukfag), what would you plan on selling? Really good idea though

No. 49124

That would be really nice! I can see myself buying a sticker or a patch. If admin (shaymin or future admin) goes with this idea it would be a good way for her to get some money towards maintaining lolcow. The merch should be injokes or subtle references though, so you can wear them in public without people looking twice.

No. 49133

I've always kind of wanted a "user has been put out to pasture" sticker of some kind

No. 49135

print it urself

No. 49136

ntayrt but why so mean.. if the redbbl store open that would be easier

No. 49138

i liked shaymin’s lolcow gif on the top (even if i would prefer it on the bottom) but i think this one would be better >>>/m/236910

No. 49142

I liked it a lot. My dream would be that logo somewhere, new banners/themes, better moderation and thats it, I love lolcow how it is. But the way people say it's like the site is very old and isn't easy to code. However, people who use imageboards are use to them being a certain way and I wish the jump had been smoother and better communicated

No. 49145

Me 5 i agree with this. I want to give Shaymins new site a chance

No. 49161

The site hasn't worked on my home connection for 3 days… only on the work computers….


Are they still under maintenance???

No. 49200

no just busy w holidays

No. 49279

can someone help me with accessing the website? I'm using https://farmcow.lol/ right now and sitting next to a mirror, how can i get to lolcow?

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