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No. 1402110

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No. 1402566

File: 1668036367266.png (37.85 KB, 805x370, d323fe1b471e377b140b83cf3e0bb0…)

damn no shit it's like straight couples are represented everywhere lol these tweets are always so dumb

No. 1402597

They want "I'm bi but I've been with my nigel for 15 years and we're both turning 30 next week" representation

No. 1402763


Not exactly Twitter created content but this pornsick incel moid freak really stalked a non-straight girl he used to work with so that he could make her straight again and posted about it. He's really directly parroting online incel talking points to the cops he's confronted by who are surprisingly being reasonable about the entire interaction. He's so fucking creepy I hope he necks himself soon.

The way that he brings up BDSM porn and rape fantasies to justify his sick desires makes me want to vomit.(imageboard)

No. 1402803

bisexuals are just straight people with porn addiction

No. 1402807

I've known many supposed bi women and only one actively dates both sexes and has been with her current girlfriend long term. The rest are just spicy straights who love to complain about "bi erasure", yet are unwilling to even date women because "men are easier". Two of the so-called bi women I know are married to scumbag men who check their phones for other guy's numbers and other possessive manchild shit, and make excuses every time I suggest they get a divorce.

No. 1402840

Wouldn't it just be a hetrosexual relationship? Unless the character has established gay relationships or tendencies how tf is someone supposed to know if a person in a hetro relationship is bi or straight? Brain rot.

No. 1402842

>queer people

Makes it sound like she doesn't want to say lesbians. Why would gay people be invested in a bi character's straight relationship? Nobody wants to clap like a seal for you and Nigel

No. 1402843

Minor sperg on something that kinda irks me, but I wish people would stop treating bisexual as if it was its own relationship category. If you're with someone of the same sex, it's a gay relationship. If you're with someone of the opposite sex, it's a straight relationship. Nothing "queer" about a woman dating a man, and there's nothing special or brave about it either. It's just kinda annoying, cause you never get called slurs for dating a man, right? There's never any risk of a hate crime or discrimination if I did that.

No. 1402858

Bisexual is literally the default sexuality until puberty. Not choosing anything is not a crime but lets not pretend is a whole new thing. Bisexuals in straight relationships live as straight, bisexual in gay relationships live as gay and there is no such thing as a bi relationship

No. 1402861

The tweet was stupid, but why does any topic about bisexuals bring out these kind of spergs. Like seriously, what the fuck are any of you saying

No. 1402862

the other two replies are dumb but >>1402807 is right in that most bi or "bi" women mostly or only date men. it shouldn't be controversial to admit this. i'm bi and before i slept with a man for the first time people were always surprised when i told them i'd only been with women

No. 1402868

I'm not going to argue about it because what would be the point (I feel like there's already been millions of discussions about the same thing on this site already) but that post is as stupid to me as the other 2.

No. 1402991

how can you have a sexuality before puberty wtf

No. 1402994

sorry nona I posted the tweet no hate on bi people I just hate posts that act like being in a het relationship is revolutionary when its the fucking norm… Just ignore the bait posts they're not worth your time

No. 1403029

File: 1668067877552.jpg (152.14 KB, 1080x545, IMG_20221109_200852.jpg)

Oh my fucking god twitter, I sound like a conspiracy nut but I believe it keeps pushing me tranny tweets because I'm a woman leaning left

No. 1403032

File: 1668068208310.jpeg (89.46 KB, 1243x1192, BDC70693-E989-40F8-BF51-76565E…)

Twitter verification 2.0 is going well it seems

No. 1403040

He went to jail? I need to know more.

No. 1403042

File: 1668069043993.jpg (34.6 KB, 591x140, XUF2GNf.jpg)

No idea why he was arrested and nor do I care but it's interesting how people are losing their fucking minds over this scrote being placed in a men's unit, even calling it a human rights violation, while he says this. He doesn't even believe his own charade. You hit like a dude because you are a dude, and therefore belong in a dude's prison. 1+1=2.

No. 1403050

File: 1668070273131.jpg (190.69 KB, 1080x757, IMG_20221110_095045.jpg)

There's more too
These numbers are sad

No. 1403056

>male troon placed in male facility
they're setting her up for serial rape!!1 this is a HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION! the men will rape!!
>male troon placed in female facility
>what about women's human rights?
oh so you're trying to say all trans women are rapists? transphobia! misandry!
They don't even pretend to hide the double standard anymore, fuck these people to hell and back.

No. 1403059

File: 1668071248652.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1 MB, 828x1628, E1220412-5F64-4637-AFCF-9BFB10…)

I ain’t gonna lie kinda wild they’re putting this w men lmao

No. 1403093

When he's not posed he looks like any other asian twink, either way read this it's straight from the horses mouth >>1403050

No. 1403110

You think that at 5’3 with breast implants and a bbl that Nikita Dragun belongs placed among men?

No. 1403117

NTA but it is kinda fucked up. I'm reading that he walked around a hotel naked and threw a water bottle at a policeman, they really put people in jail for this kind of minor thing? Or am I missing something in this story. I know he's already released but it's still weird, I'd think at worst a person would be arrested, spend some time at the police station and have to pay a fine.

No. 1403126

File: 1668080892000.jpg (53.5 KB, 828x855, YdMDfFP.jpg)

"Placed among men", as if he isn't one himself. You think his shortness, boob job an BBL give him a pass to be housed with women?
He refused to follow the rules of the hotel, the staff called the police on him for disturbing the peace, walking around naked and intentionally throwing water at them and it looks like he tried to mess with the police as well. I guess he was drunk as fuck and acting a fool. He's a piece of shit anyways so I have zero sympathy with him. Pic related.

No. 1403134

If I was an inmate and a faggot showed up to be my cellmate I would strangle him in his sleep with the bed sheets.

No. 1403159

Kek let's see this faggot "hit like a dude" in a men's prison where he fucking belongs. This might be the only time he comes close to feeling what women feel every day among men like him.

No. 1403460

yes. he's a male.

No. 1403468

By this logic, might as well put all men who are weaker or shorter than other men in women's prisons lol. What could go wrong?

No. 1403484

and it's not even like Nikita even looks like his real life pictures, in the mug shot and the video zoom he sounds like a scrote, looks like one and like he lost a lot of weight.
He'll probably be put in the troon section. Also not our fault he wants to act out, I don't get why nonnies feel mad? A woman hating troon, probably high out of his mind, walked around naked showing people his bits (or remixxed Bits), then threw something at someone.
don't do crime if you don't want to go to a male prision.
Nothing about it is fucked up to me.There's short manlets with big asses or man tits all the time in jail anyway. I know that if Nikita was sent to jail it'd be like "Damn he's not going to have a good time" but thats why you don't do dumb shit.

No. 1403485

I fucking hate musk but am I the only one that finds these dramatic tweets funny?

All I do on twitter is posting my fanart and following 1000 other fanartists that are mainly from Asia. I never had any issues with twitter or experienced fandom drama, there are no algorithms either if you use it properly and I don't see ads to begin with so I see no reason to leave.

It's not a good place for art since it has no real tagging system but as long as the artist I follow won't move away I don't give much of a shit.

No. 1403496

File: 1668104964595.png (57.82 KB, 650x506, 56.png)

Twitter subhuman literally cannot fathom regional dialects existing in a large country

No. 1403497

That's why they are annoying. It's not about relationships, they want to belong to a minority because everybody else does the same but they are married to a person of the opposite gender for 30 years so the only label they can come up with is bi because they considered a woman (or guy if it's a guy) good-looking once.
The bisexuals I know just enjoy both, gay and het romances and never talked about representation unless it was them complaining about a lack of gay romances because they ARE rare.

No. 1403502

File: 1668105552806.jpg (66.09 KB, 674x370, FJxmuohXoAEutVM.jpg)

I genuinely and unironically wish it was prohibited by law to have opinions on a different continent. N-Americans in particular are the worst people on Earth saying the dumbest shit and legit believing that every country that wasn't the US, Canada and maybe the UK was but a meme. You can literally not say anything without one of these dumb shits coming into your replies assuming you were American because the sheer idea of other countries existing is foreign to them.

It ironically happens particularly with self-acclaimed woke people who will literal categorize your country and the country that genocided your people the same because you both have a similar skin color which is the only thing the US seems to be obsessed about and the only categories Americans know is "black" and "white". If they are really really woke they might have heard of "Asians" too.

No. 1403507

I think it's a joke anon lol

No. 1403509

some anons have sympathy sorry we are not lashing out at him like moids or wishing he gets raped.
If he was AGP i wouldn't care.

Either way this isnt even important since Nikita got bailed out from prison and they arent even there anymore.

No. 1403514

I think there's a little bit of a middle ground between not wanting men in women's prisons and wishing rape on someone, anon.

No. 1403522

long story short he got arrested for walking around naked by a hotel pool and was acting erratic and threw water at the police and security guards.

No. 1403532

thats fucked up.

No. 1403534

As if other asian males aren't short? Stop being a handmaiden

No. 1403543

>he walked around a hotel naked and threw a water bottle
That's way more than enough for a man like him to belong in jail imo.

No. 1403550

File: 1668106622532.png (323.98 KB, 640x644, Screenshot 2022-11-10 135140.p…)

Have you not seen his mug shot? he looks like a man. It wouldn't be any different from putting soft looking man in jail. I do believe that they would probably still need to separate him from the regular men though, which is what they promised they would do for him in the court hearing.

It wouldn't be so bad for the fact that the vast majorities of americans have NEVER left their countries in their lives and never will. They need to own that fact about themselves and shut the fuck up on subjects on other countries unless they have been there or done the research. On the same hand i do think that it's retarded that non-americans get so emotional about US politics as if it affects them when some of them should be focusing on stuff going on in their owns countries instead of crying about trump. I also understand the american politics is shoved down everyone's throats and in a way it would give the illusion that it's more important to non-american citizens then it actually is.

No. 1403574

Do you realize that all kinds of men get raped in prison? Why would you privilege one type just because he's short with fake tits and a fake ass? Maybe your real problem is with how male prisons are run, and that isn't an issue of "Just move all the less strong males to the women's prisons, they'll never cause harm!!".
That's not "sympathy", that's just putting the burden on women for men's actions.

No. 1403579

this if you are worried about the state of his asshole/neo-vagina, then the issue should be he should be in a different section of a male prision. Nobody's gonna pretend a scrote with breast implants and a fake ass, whose 5'3 isn't going to get sexually assulted or bullied or picked on. The solution should'nt be he should'nt be in a male jail, he should be in a section of jail for mtf troons or at risk males.
Whats kinda funny is that if there's a section like that, half the troons will probably be AGP trans like Chris chan or some shit. His ass should'nt be in a female jail. Also does this confirm he has his hotdog instead of a man made hot pocket?kek

No. 1403582

File: 1668107579485.jpeg (131.91 KB, 1080x934, D15B7F6C-4FEA-4C5A-9E8D-43D4C6…)

Wonder how long this takes to shut down. I know they ban impersonators but it takes time, after a lot of people already saw their posts

No. 1403588

Even if you did this, they would all rape each other anyway, kek.

No. 1403591

So, did Musk really think that renting checkmarks was a good idea or did he want to destroy the checkmark system in a roundabout way?

No. 1403595

We didn't start the fire, It was always burning, since the world's been turning
We didn't start the fire. No, we didn't light it, so how can we fight it.
>>Scrotes rape eachother in jail regardless of if they are TIMS or not
>>YEs Nikita would be at risk more then the average scrote.
So what can we do? Also, it's not like he's going to prision, the scrote it is already out. My thing is why do female jails have to have scrotes because shit men started?? Make a whole nother jail for them, sure they'd still do what scrotes do, but "female jail" should'nt be a issue. Even if Nikita did go to jail, just because he's gay and small doesn't mean he's not a danger to women. Violence is still a issue, he says he still hits like a scrote.

No. 1403596

You can always tell that these "people" are perpetually online, they think their small twitter echochamber is an actual example of real world thinking. Just because your friends tell Rowling to kill herself 5 times a day doesn't mean she's "popularly disliked in the modern zeitgeist".

No. 1403604

I wasn't disagreeing, he should absolutely stay in scrote jail. But people love to say mtf aren't sexual offenders, but just throw them all together in one unit and I bet they would be all sexually harassing and raping each other.

No. 1403606

>It wouldn't be so bad for the fact that the vast majorities of americans have NEVER left their countries in their lives and never will.
I thought the same. They pretend that every US states was a totally different culture because people state X are slightly more religious and louder than those of their own state or have some dialect as if this wasn't the case for every single country in the world.

I still say that there is a fundamental difference between Germany and Russia or India and Serbia that cannot be compared with some variations of dialects or regional varieties. But they will unironically call you offensive if you say so, but at the same time call Africa and Europe a country. It pisses me off, most people there and here killed each others till some decade back or are still fighting wars. Americans don't even know what war means unless they choose to be soldiers.
I am not trying to imply there were better and worse countries, my point is just that it's hurtful and ignorant to erase and ignore all history and identity and culture by claiming that Poland, Italy, Ireland and Russia were the same because they are ""white"". The whole white/black bullshit is only a thing in the US where nationality isn't a thing because everybody is American anyway and most of the colored people are already there for 300 years.
>On the same hand i do think that it's retarded that non-americans get so emotional about US politics
Agree, it poisoned the whole internet. And honestly I know Trump is an asshole and I can't stand this corrupt racist either, but IIRC he killed less foreigners with drones and wars than many of the beloved presidents US leftists are praising and that's the thing I care more about. Related, I remember that some lesbian Iraqi artist was accused of racism by some twitter users because she talked about issues in her own country instead of virtue signalling about BLM, it baffled my mind how people could be that biased and blind.

No. 1403644

He still got a dick and balls, probably just inverted.

No. 1403965

Not your fault anon. You're right, I should've just ignored it.

No. 1404734

What? Anon, you will have to make lists now and see all posts by new, and if you follow 1000 artists it's gonna be too much to catch. The "algorithm" pushed posts with a lot of likes/rt to the "highlights you missed" but now it will push blue checkmark posts which will damage artists

No. 1404749

File: 1668143474324.jpg (505.52 KB, 1080x1827, IMG_20221111_061053.jpg)

I don't get why they compare everything to 9/11 as if it's the worst thing ever

No. 1404751

i hate that guy

No. 1404766

Is he really comparing a fictional superhero movie villain to a terrorist attack as if merch and branding is a foreign topic??? He’s so fucking annoying, his videos are edited so autistically too it’s hard to watch them for more than 20 seconds, then again I don’t care to hear some adult mans drawn out opinion on a Disney movie.

No. 1404769

Is this not a joke?

No. 1404772

He's apparently an asexual autistic zoomer with a girlfriend, so it's hard to tell

No. 1404774

File: 1668144374909.jpeg (69.56 KB, 636x382, ACD7B7A9-B6A1-4A48-8D26-4BC1C5…)

and we all know that americans definitely don’t do stuff like that…

No. 1404777

I don't think it's hard to tell anon. It's definitely not supposed to be a serious tweet.

No. 1404778

I watched some to learn about cartoons/movies I missed in the last ten years but youtubers who have 20 other people editing their content for free give me red flags
Not to mention a lot of his first world problem opinions

No. 1404779

It was apparently serious and he deleted the tweet

No. 1404781

Wtf, is he trying to revive the Mr Enter 9/11 joke?

No. 1404791

It's still up

No. 1405396

File: 1668187036518.jpg (242.02 KB, 1237x904, tumblr.jpg)

This shit is so funny because anyone could've seen this coming. People were literally saying they were going to do stuff like this when it was first announced. Even tumblr is making fun of them (probably because so many twitter users were trying to move over there).

No. 1405403

I hate how they pretend to be quirky while also being predatory capitalists. God I'm so glad I left Tumblr

No. 1405425

Kek, tumblr is really acting like it wasn't bought out by yahoo.

No. 1405432

>>ha ha we're so quicky, pay us money for verifivcation, ha ha because we're so quirky

No. 1405485

yahoo hasn't owned tumblr for awhile

No. 1405543

File: 1668193172919.jpg (103.53 KB, 735x449, 5545.jpg)

No. 1405556

The person who posted that is yet another obese, trashy kpop stan.

No. 1405566

I thought some of them liked Dworkin and insist she’d be on their side now because her “life partner” was trans or whatever.

No. 1405581

File: 1668195526386.jpg (88.58 KB, 754x384, rapist.jpg)

he sounds like a rapist

No. 1405595

Sex positive folks quickly turned into annoying libfems who will disappear when it comes to any other women's rights other than being a hoe and abortions and now it's mostly rapists and child molesters

No. 1405603

this, seriously. what the fuck is even "white". it's ridiculous. effectively americans blame poles, armenians, ukrainians, italians, and bulgarians for slavery when none of them had anything to do with it, because they have pale skin. americans really look at ukrainians and armenians and tell them, "you're pale, therefore privileged oppressors." like can everyone grow the fuck up and learn history. back in 2005 we never heard about race anymore and everyone was happy. now it's nonstop racial provocation and dripping venomous hatred. twitter massively fueled this race baiting nonsense.

No. 1405647

How is there not a "clinical" side to it, a bunch of men use condoms and a bunch of women use plenty of different birth control options you can only get at the doctor's office or in a pharmacy, and there's the risk of STDs in general.

No. 1405672

gen z are like, teens to young adults. why would someone older want to police the sexuality of a younger generation? let them crave consensual sex with each other in peace.

No. 1405673

>back in 2005 we never heard about race anymore and everyone was happy. now it's nonstop racial provocation and dripping venomous hatred. twitter massively fueled this race baiting nonsense.
Glad I'm not the only one who noticed this. It seems like people were starting to get along until people on social media came along and ruined everything and politicians and journalism started to eat it up once it crept into real life. I blame tumblr as it started this whole mess. Oh and don't ask anyone to learn history because then everyone would have to learn that whites were enslaved many times and that's how the word "slav" came to be.

No. 1405683

I was a baby, too young to remember 2005, but I know we’d be happier if we stopped using politics as an excuse for prejudice. I mean there are actual problems right now- slavery is still happening, there is plastic accumulating in the ocean, money is going to wars against our interests and globalisation is kicking a lot of us in the ass

No. 1405688

KEKK anon…

No. 1405795

seriously, and people knew what satire was kek. i hate the culture wars bullshit but it's unavoidable these days, everyone is constantly groveling/apologising or demanding that from others, it's unbearable. even on this site i see these attitudes creep up and it just reminds me of how the old world is dead, 2015- brought the age of anger onto us all and there is no going back. i sound like someone's boomer uncle but it's true, and everyone else can feel it.

No. 1405855

who does?

No. 1405880

Twitter is really a weird place to be right now. For some reason I’ve been suspended like 15 times even though I’ve never been asked to delete tweets/posts or been restricted for 24 hours/7 days like other people have? I’m really not sure what the fuck is going on

No. 1406123

How do you guys think Tumblr will change as a result of the Twitter exodus?

No. 1406136

tumblr has never actually profited on trends or profited at all. i started using the site in 2010 and i cannot tell you a time tumblr has changed something for the better. the only real "changes" tumblr has made was the porn ban which literally killed a significant fraction of its userbase.

sure, some twitterfags will use tumblr, but tumblr corp is too retarded to make money out of that.

No. 1406138

How will fandom change? Will all the toxic people go back to Tumblr?

No. 1406139

Aside from tumblr, where the fuck are all these twitterfags even going??

No. 1406140

Apparently some are trying to go to Mastodon

No. 1406146

Are they really leaving though.. I think it's all bluff.

No. 1406153

Like the other anon said, Mastodon. But the CEO seems like a manchild drama queen and the servers are an issue if you follow people internarionally

No. 1406155

Honestly, I think Instagram would be a better Twitter alternative. It's very easy to use on mobile.

No. 1406207

KEK but when trannies go to women's jail, beat and rape their female inmates, non of them cries about it on twatter. Fucking idiots.

No. 1406221

File: 1668250349862.png (62.02 KB, 650x438, 72.png)

seen a lot of twitter users talking about moving to reddit

No. 1406273

I just wish all the normies, tumblr rejects, brands and the politics obessed retards would leave twitter, that would make the platform way better by default.

No. 1406282

only the trannies and furries would be left

No. 1406291

WordPress 's parent company, Automattic

>Manchild drama queen
Post milk

No. 1406300

their leaving as well, one YWNBAW is enough to send them to panic attack and the fact they can't report or delete us would be their end

No. 1406302

I consider trannies and furries part of the "tumblr rejects" because the overlap is huge. What would be left would people who post about specific topics like hobbies, or cooking, travelling, sports or pop culture, etc., artists, and normal people just keeping up with their friends and family without being forced to use their real names like on FB. And I also separate normal people and normies. Normies are a parody of normal, mentally sane people imo.

No. 1406351

No. 1406404

If I put on fuzzy ears and a tail buttplug, does that mean I get hired to be in the petting zoo?

No. 1406410

lmao the internet has ALWAYS been rife with racebait but only now it's suddenly bad when it's sometimes white people on the receiving end too. racebait sucks in every direction but most of you are only particularly offended at one type which makes you literally no better than the twitterfags you whine about. be consistent at least.

No. 1406821

I think so, too. The people who left Tumblr were the most terminally online of all of the userbase. They're too addicted to what Twitter has to offer them in terms of being able to spam pointless posts and easier brigading and blacklisting.

No. 1406907

File: 1668290671360.jpeg (824.66 KB, 1170x2105, 74369AE4-B2D8-499F-9372-FB70F8…)

Having a life doesn’t mean I have to believe men are women

No. 1406923

The thought that someone who doesn't fall for alphabet soup politics must be some sort of neet is such an obvious projection. I'd love to burst the troon bubble in that many people who have lives also know that gender specials are all bullshit.

No. 1406926

>lmao the internet has ALWAYS been rife with racebait

Any oldfags feel like giving their perspectives on this? IMO racebait is very different from 'offensive' jokes about race which, from what I gather, were much more common back in the day. To me the difference is that it's become the mainstream zeitgeist that if you're white you have something to apologise for, regardless of whether you're even american or not, it's not just jokes about white people. i'll stop here bc i don't wanna get banned but that's just my 2 cents.

No. 1406940

It's funny, because I stopped giving a shit about being nice to trannies online as soon as I started university and looked for jobs and started working, precisely because nobody irl who has their shit together and no ulterior motives gives a fuck about trannies' special feelings. Meanwhile, two friends of mine became a TRAs because they became neets (not out of choice and one of them got a really nice job recently) and they started seeing shit about this topic online because they had nothing better to do that scroll down twitter and insta. You're right, that tweet is pure projection.

No. 1406942

The hilarious thing about this is if trannies got a hobby away from the internet (that doesn't involve cooming) they would not be trying to "transition". All the troons I know were internet addicts who couldn't stop watching porn for more than 2 seconds

No. 1406945

I remember back in the day I used to always get kicked out of stickam chats because I’m black. If you were a black person you pretty much had to hide your race online to have anyone even talk to you.

No. 1406948

>IMO racebait is very different from 'offensive' jokes about race which, from what I gather, were much more common back in the day
Yeah back on 4chan in the mid-late 2000s it was mostly jokes about black people liking watermelon and basketball. That said I don't think the increasingly vitriolic racism on there was due to white privilege becoming a talking point, it got worse with r9k/the rise of incels because their main beef with non whites is white women fucking them. Then it turned into /pol/ and devolved into straight up nazism.

No. 1406949

>everyone was happy

No. 1406954

I'm 2005? I certainly was.

No. 1406967

>Yeah back on 4chan in the mid-late 2000s it was mostly jokes about black people liking watermelon and basketbal
that's what i'm saying, that's not the same as making it an irrefutable fact that all white people are guilty and have something to atone for. i don't give a shit about the jokes, white people jokes are often really funny, it's just the narrative that's being pushed that i take issue with, as well as all the double standards that come with it.

No. 1406970

File: 1668294371631.jpeg (31.53 KB, 500x500, FhN3Vl5X0AE2042.jpeg)

stfu amer*can

No. 1406980

>white people jokes are often really funny
You don't have to lie.

No. 1406984

I have never heard a race joke that was funny, nor have I ever heard one not based on stereotypes I've only observed on TV.

No. 1406988

some of them are, when they're not low effort "white people bad" moralfagging jokes. idk like dave chapelle dunks on white people a lot and i find some of his jokes funny, shit like that.

No. 1407012

There was very little racebait outside of 4chan. It's more that internet humour in the 2000s was extremely edgy. There was race based humour, this could either be self deprecating or targeted at another race, religion or whatever. People were a lot less sensitive back then and could take a joke.

On 4chan it was mostly confined to /b/ and was more about being anonymous and being able to say what couldn't be said in public. That's why nigger, kike and faggot became so widespread on 4chan. Some of it wasn't hateful and was done for ironic reasons like anons calling each other "my nigga". The joke being that 4chan was mostly white nerds. The /pol/ being obsessed with jews started out as ironic shitposting about 9/11 on /jp/.

>I don't think the increasingly vitriolic racism on there was due to white privilege becoming a talking point
I would say it was a factor. I remember coming across white privilege and SJW bullshit and being completely floored that anyone could genuinely believe something that retarded. A lot of people that were neither racist nor privileged found themselves being attacked for simply being white. Gamergate was also a huge event that forced the culture war into the mainstream and drove even more people to the right.

No. 1407033

Growing up I was friends with a lot of edgelords, and none of the shit we said was ever malicious in intent. That's what bothers me, people reading too deeply into people just saying stuff for lol's and trying to project muh deep social justice narrative when it's literally just trolling. Hopefully the pendulum will swing and we will maybe go back to people being able to discern jokes from nazism, but I have little hope of ever seeing that kek.

No. 1407043

File: 1668296582381.jpeg (207.48 KB, 1170x587, 78959E57-83A8-4AAF-B5EB-502420…)

So Gallagher (watermelon-smashing dude) died and woke Twitter comedians are rejoicing because he apparently made some vaguely racist or homophobic jokes late in life. I’m probably in the wrong here, but I feel like when old people start saying bizarre or offensive stuff at age 70+, I figure their brains are deteriorating and they aren’t as sound of mind as they used to be and the weird shit they say shouldn’t be taken personally, idk

No. 1407047

This one's too easy KEK

No. 1407062

Oh yeah Chapelle's good at them

No. 1407084

Some anons will keep ignoring this because it fucks up the "boo hoo the sjws MADE racism happen" narrative, but I know exactly what you're talking about. The internet was always full of racist shit and hostility toward anyone who was visibly not a certain race. You couldn't even play as a kid with a dark-skinned character in certain games without getting racist harassment, you'd purposely be excluded from MySpace groups and bashed over your race in other communities, and don't even get me started on what a cesspool Twitter was in the early 2000s with people shitting on black women. I don't personally engage in harshness toward white people (I think it's all kind of played out), but I definitely have trouble shedding a tear because some schizo on Twitter said "white people bad". If "It was all just jokes and edgy humor" when it was about non-white people, then cool. Enjoy the current era of brand new "jokes" where it's not just the darkies being the punchline. Let's keep it the same both ways.
Also, I don't know why some people are pretending only Americans are racist, as if we haven't all been exposed to mentally deranged Balkan scrotes barking about how much they hate blacks and browns from their decrepit post-war village where pretty much everyone's the same color anyway.

No. 1407086

If this happenend, I wonder if lefties would start giving a fuck about the harm that gender self-indentification causes

No. 1407092

well here's my proposition: why can't we have an internet where everyone shits on each other equally? also it's not just one schizo on twitter, but the mainstream narrative that is being taught to young people, even outside of america, through media.

No. 1407100

Oh wow. I used to watch his stuff on tv as a kid. I didn't know he passed. I feel like we are in a shitty era of people celebrating other people's deaths online and openly and it really rubs me the wrong way.

No. 1407103

Lmao ikr reminds me of Fotouh Al Sahlam, she called Mexicans “dirty spics” even though she’s darker than most Mexicans I see kekk

No. 1407106

>why can't we have an internet where everyone shits on each other equally?
That's already happening. Both Twitter and /pol/ exist, except /pol/tards sometimes actually go out on mass killing sprees. I don't really want to see an "equality" to that part anytime soon, so I think one is a bigger problem than the other.
>the mainstream narrative that is being taught to young people, even outside of america, through media.
In my personal experience, this isn't really true. I'm not American, and I never see certain talking points outside of the American internet. The whole "mainstream narrative" thing seems massively overstated. I do see Finns go on about gender bullshit sometimes, though.

No. 1407112

Nta but I assumed gender stuff was bigger in Finland because when I scroll past the thread it seems like they're always talking about troons/ftms (as far as I can tell, of course). I think one time a Finnish anon also said that's what they were talking about when another anon asked.

No. 1407125

not american either and i'm still surrounded by that rhetoric, maybe we just run in different circles/age groups.

No. 1407253

literally who

No. 1407275

Isn’t that that mad photoshopping girl on snow that’s married to the mde guy w pre surgery/shoop babies

No. 1407277

Right now, I have to hold back my true feelings, cause if I expressed them it'd be interpreted as racebait.

No. 1407282

It is, I checked. I don’t even follow that thread besides what is on the front page but goddamn, I hate ot that’s literally all the site has become. Pt is dead cows are dead might as well delete those 2 boards

No. 1407284

You can't just say that, now I'm curious. Try your best to say it in a friendly way

No. 1407295

For them it was edgelord and harmless but I bet it didn’t feel that way to the 14-16 year behind the screen

No. 1407335

tbf it was because you were white kek. I still remember how pretty much every one who wasn't white was ALWAYS treated like the other on the internet and completely reduced to a stereotype, they weren't allowed to have their own identity. At least the race bait is evenly distributed now, that's why i always roll my eyes when nonnies here cry about people being mean to white women on the internet like a lot of the same white women getting upset weren't laughing at memes dehumanising women of other races. I think being called a Karen once by a random on the internet won't hurt you. Imo i also think the EU people were just as responsible for race bait as US people, if not, worse than any white American for the sheer fact that they tend to feel comfortable about being racist because they never see non-white people anyways. As a black woman i see so many horrible things being said about black women all the time by numerous groups of people all the time, I just think people complaining about the white people jokes need to grow a thicker skin and get over it.

No. 1407341

Agreed. Also, the same people who were acting a hot mess online back in 2004 or whatever, now claim their bullying was just “kids being kids and we didn’t mean it”. How the fuck was I supposed to know you weren’t being really racist and you were just joking?

No. 1407365

Personally I never bullied anyone online, I just made edgy jokes and no one cared or gave a shit it was a lot of fun. >>1407012
This anon gets it.

No. 1407373

Yeah fun to you. Did any poc tell you that your joke was funny?or was it just other white people?

No. 1407374

I've met more non-whites through 4chan than anywhere else.

No. 1407375

I have never met a non-white person who goes on 4chan who didn’t seem mentally off and had some weird complex. That goes for Asians, Indians and black people. I bet they were the type of people who really wanted a white gf and would act like male pick mes to get it kek

No. 1407380

Oh this is delicious. None of my friends were white KEK and none of us were american, also 'poc' makes you sound like a twitterfag you can say minorities LOL. None of us felt the need to shit and cry over jokes because….. they are jokes.

No. 1407381

Pretty racist of you to assume that the only reason an asian, indian, or black person would use 4chan is because they want to date white girls, and not because they enjoy anonymous discussion.

No. 1407387

I didn't use social media back then so I didn't know about this, but damn this would've made my depression and suicidal thoughts way worse if I experienced back then. People were and will always be fucking animals from being 3edgy5me racists dressed up as kids' jokes to the depraved fucks trying to get men into women's spaces.

No. 1407389

Race or gender was never mentioned because we were a group of people from an anonymous anime discussion board that wanted to translate manga. It was only later as we become friends that we discovered more about each other. This was 12-10 years ago and still speak to some of the people I met back then.

No. 1407390

You are still the same person you were back then. The fact that you are upset about being told you have white privilege just means you can dish it but can't take it.

It was pretty brutal. I'd say it wasn't even just limited to racism though, I will never forget when some girl on gaiaonline posted a pic of herself to be rated and people tore her to shreds because she was a weird weeb with faux locs and somewhat questionable fashion sense. I always felt bad for her, but she was very naive. In general the way older men talked to young girls was nasty and that's literally the one thing that hasn't changed in the slightest, but at least now we can call them out for being creepy for initiating contact. I also remember something that was more recent on tumblr where people were defending rape being called a snuggle struggle or whatever.

No. 1407393

She can't even fathom a world where everything isn't distorted by the prisms of identity, a lot of my internet friends were the same. We legit didn't ever talk about race or sexism or whateveer the fuck we just had fun and played vidya regardless of what skin color we had and we all amicably teased eachother without it ever being a "thing". I'm pretty young so these memories aren't even that old, which makes the current state of the internet even sadder to me, bc I can remember that things weren't always this way up until recently.

No. 1407398

>Race or gender was never mentioned
nta but are we just going to pretend the whole "tits or gtfo" phrase wasn't a thing on 4chan?

No. 1407401

I went into the stickam room and they roasted me for a bit then kicked me out. It’s one of the reasons that even now I don’t feel comfortable even posting on normie sites like instagram or TikTok. No one really gets why I’m like this because it was so long ago and few people experienced it I guess.

No. 1407402

>You are still the same person you were back then.
Yes I am still the same person, just older kek that's how aging works. When did I ever profess changing/repenting for my childhood/adolescence? Typical cancel culture mentality at work. Also I don't give a shit about my 'white privilege' because I am not american, so try again next time.

No. 1407405

My country's /int/ threads are just a bunch of self hating mutts and few pedophiles who keep avatarfagging.
>How the fuck was I supposed to know you weren’t being really racist and you were just joking?
The entire not having bad intentions excuse is basically asking you to be more considerate of their indifference.

No. 1407406

Okay but I'd still take shitty moid jokes any day over the Orwellian nightmare that is the internet today.

No. 1407407

Yeah this is why you act stuck up and self absorbed. Same bitch from the early 2000s whose mad she can’t act an ass online anymore.

No. 1407408

>implying only Americans can be white

No. 1407412

So you are telling me that not only are you white, you have also never read Orwell? Disgusting.

No. 1407413

Not every board was /b/. The anime boards had a lot of women. I even met other women through 4chan. Where do you think the original userbase of LC comes from?

No. 1407414

i'd rather have neither and stick with lc. besides, some of those moids went way beyond jokes and into flat out harassment towards women

No. 1407415

>you have also never read Orwell
are you retarded or did you just not read my post?

No. 1407418

>mad she can’t act an ass online anymore
So you agree, there is an active effort to limit free speech online?

No. 1407421

If you need to say racist jokes to have a laugh maybe you just aren’t funny? You would think after a decade your old ass would have developed a sense of humor

No. 1407425

Bold of you to assume my age, I'll keep it ambiguous so that you can stay guessing kek. If you are against racist jokes, then you should probably be consistent and start cracking down on the 'transphobic' jokes on here too, oh wait, free speech is only good when it works with your political agenda and doesn't hurt your feelings.
>inb4 troon, I am a radfem(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1407428

nta but free speech doesn't exist and never has.

No. 1407430

Nta but are we really comparing racism to transphobia

No. 1407432

You're being pedantic, when I say free speech I mean the maximal capacity of fredom of speech that we can have in society, obviously true freedom of speech will never exist but there is a certain degree of freedom that is possible.

No. 1407434

you are either a zoomer who has no idea what they are talking about because you were a fetus a decade ago or you’re an millennial whose mad she can’t live her glory days of being a mean bitch online and passing it off as a joke. Which one is it?we all thought onision was funny in 2008 too doesnt mean he was lol

No. 1407436

Yes we are because to the eyes of the average twitterfag they are the same thing. I'm just saying that if we have to stop making jokes because people get offended by them, then all offensive jokes need to go.

No. 1407437

So no argument?

No. 1407440

Like I said. If you need to say “rawr XD nigger” to have a laugh then you are retarded and need to grow up at this point. Retards don’t need freedom of speech.

No. 1407442

okay, censored speech has always existed. you're the one being fucking pedantic. speech has always been censored. you just sound like you're arguing against reasonable censorship because you've realized that any group can utilize it. unless you legitimately like racism and sexism.

No. 1407443

I also like that you assume what I find funny based off of your shallow ideas of what humor is. You still haven't refuted my argument and still continue to push the retarded idea that people you don't like should be silenced, which makes you no different from twitterfags.

No. 1407446

Because Im sure your since of humor was the same “lol nigger XD” humor everyone has back then. It wasn’t funny and we don’t need it back.

No. 1407448

>unless you legitimately like racism and sexism

>inb4 troon, I am a radfem

If you can't see why banning jokes you don't like and equating offensive humor to literally being a nazi is a problem, then I have lost all hope in this world. I am against all forms of censorship, whether it's twitterfags or old christian pearl clutchers screeching about rap music.

No. 1407450

cyberbullying isnt real, just close the internet dumbass

No. 1407451

Ok then close the internet and you won’t have to deal with the fact that it has changed. If you feel you are being censored that’s on you because it’s your choice to be online.

No. 1407455

kek this. anon sounds like a retarded zoomer with her "don't like it don't look" attitude.

No. 1407460

>If you feel you are being censored that’s on you because it’s your choice to be online.

>be me in 1950s russia

>want to speak out against the government
>write a book about it
>get thrown into gulags
>"uhmmmmmmm if you feel you are being censored try not to write books"

Problem solved.

No. 1407462

>waaahhh stop joking about my race
>it's ok when i joke about other races though teehee that's freeze peach
>btw not being white is the same as being a tranny!!!
I don't say this as a rule because it can isolate other nonnas, but you're too embarrassing to take seriously. Karen shit.

No. 1407464

I'm so embarrassed on your behalf

No. 1407465

didnt the nword get unbanned thanks to Elon though? the only reason why edgy zoomers love spoutting the nword is because retards like yourself shit their pants when they read it, it's the easiest form of trolling. There is a reason why its only the nword slur and not sword, or cword, other races dont give a shit and understand they are just trying to get a reaction out of them.
tl;dr: you made the nword ''funny'' because you react to it every single time.

No. 1407471

Well you just said that cyber bullying isn’t real so I should get off line, therefore cyber censorship isn’t real and you should get offline too. You can easily get off line and continue making your edgy jokes with your friends and family irl.

No. 1407472

Idc about white women jokes, they don't bother me as long as the people making them aren't hypocrites who get mad when jokes about other demographics are made. You are making yet another asusmption about me because I challenged your point of view.

>btw not being white is the same as being a tranny!!!

If you actually made the effort to understand my argument, you would get that I was simply pointing out that there are a lot of people who see this site as being 'transphobic' and would like to see it gone, and they follow the same logic that you do.

No. 1407473

NTA but go ahead and try calling any non-self hating Latin-American person the "s" slur and see what happens to you, kek.

No. 1407475

>chink isn’t considered a slur
Ok go call an Asian person a chink and see how they respond kek

No. 1407479

Personally I don't make that many edgy jokes and I don't really use racial slurs in my day to day life, but I believe that it's wrong to try to ban other people from doing that.

No. 1407487

File: 1668314649618.png (681.94 KB, 1170x996, latinos.png)

you clearly dont know shit about hispanics

No. 1407493

Yeah, look at her thinking there are non self-hating Hispanics lmao

No. 1407494

Ok hispanic anon can you tell me what the s slur is I'm very confused.

No. 1407495

Nta, I think she means spic?

No. 1407496

No. 1407497

I said non self-hating for a reason. Many do exist, sorry for you anon

No. 1407498

I am sorry we actually have real problems and we dont get baited by edgy 14yos on the Internet

No. 1407499

Ah thanks

No. 1407501

No. 1407502

You sound like the embodiment of fedora. Imagine thinking people not entertaining your 12 year old tier obsession with racial slurs is comparable to being thrown in a gulag.
Only a retard would fall for the "Ok other people don't like transphobia, you're the same as them if you don't let me racesperg" cope. In fact, actual trannies say it because they are, in fact, racist.

No. 1407503

You would think it would be the kids online acting like that but it’s usually the adults and then they end up getting fired or kicked out of university.

No. 1407504

The baiter is also in the unpopular opinions thread kek.

No. 1407505

It's a hypberbolous analogy meant to illustrate how ridiculous that anon's statement was, you shouldn't take things so literally. Also I don't personally make that many race jokes so I don't know why you're making this about me when it isn't, it's bigger than that.

No. 1407506

imagine defending big corpos because you cant take someone saying a mean slur on twitter. I don't use social media and i am not the original anon, but i am tired by twitterfags expecting to be coddled on every site. I hope you are just baiting or you are going to have a terrible time here, newfag.

No. 1407507

File: 1668315186790.jpg (205.17 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (2).jpg)

No. 1407510

If you feel the government has too much control over the internet log off. Like you said the internet has nothing to do with real life it’s just a bunch of 12 year olds.

No. 1407513

File: 1668315406637.png (42.99 KB, 1372x232, lolcow.png)

I'm genuinely shocked at seeing this type of rhetoric on an ib of all places. It literally says freedom of speech friendly in the description…

No. 1407514

>it's bigger than that
Nah, this is a cope. I can say fuck trannies, fuck scrotes and fuck whatever else is bad without screeching "nigger" or any other racial slur, or sucking /pol/ dick. In fact, I've done this many times, and it's worked out very well for me. If this is impossible to fathom for you, I'm sorry, but you have terminal moidbrain.

No. 1407515

Why is bait-chan so offended by being called racist?

No. 1407516

this post glows

No. 1407517

But even low cow is not freedom of speech. It’s even more strict than Reddit and 4chan.

No. 1407521

Racebait/racism is a bannable offense here that's enforced regularly, I'm not sure what you're shocked at?

No. 1407523

It went from fun twitter mass exodus talks and deviantart using dead artists' art for their AI to being femchan. I don't like discussing race on lolcow because realizing who you share the site with can be sad.

No. 1407524

I'm not saying that we have free speech on lolcow, I'm saying that I thought that the description would attract a different userbase, that's all.

No. 1407525

The DeviantArt stuff really came out of nowhere to me. I really think they could make the site some sort of archive and start something new, or rebrand.

No. 1407526

I'm freely calling racists racists

No. 1407527

Sorry, it’s not 2003 anymore. Time to grow up.

No. 1407528

If you think that this is what 4chan is like then good luck if you ever do decide to go on there kek. Not everyone who is pro freedom of speech is a racist /pol/tard, some of us can just see the bigger picture.

No. 1407529

Are you ok with scrotes being able to call women bitches, whores and spread pedo shit online? It’s all free speech.

No. 1407530

I think scrotes should be able to say what they want (provided that it is not threatening someone's life), but pedo shit should be banned since that's against the law and it is abuse of children. Idk why edgelordery is being equated to pedophilia because that doesn't even need to be debated imo. I don't like sexist jokes and I don't like misogyny but I have to be logically consistent, and besides banning sexist jokes won't stop them or sexism it will only make things worse.

No. 1407532

The people complaining about not being able to racebait here just want this place to be full of edgy, retarded scrotes like KiwiFarms is, kek. They just had their fifteenth Twitter account banned because they're addicted to the dopamine rush of infighting over dumb shit, being needlessly hostile and getting responses.

No. 1407536

No one's complaining about not being able to racebait, if I wanted to do that I would just use kiwifarms or some other chan like you said. The original debate was whether the internet was better before or today.

No. 1407538

It made things worse for you but shaming racists and sexists has definitely made real life better for me

No. 1407540

Shaming/arguing with someone is not the same as censorship. You have every right to call a moid a retard for being sexist, I do it all the time.

No. 1407541

I don't even want to ask you what you think the bigger picture is. You may not have an answer. Please stop trying to hawk your ideology that people who say and do racist shit aren't racist and that there are more "important" things to worry about, because those things probably aren't important to other people and you're tired. Take a nap, femchan.
I came here to avoid the kiwifarms and chan undesirables, but the pickmes from those boards migrated. Can we all make an effort to ignore her?

No. 1407542

And they should for sure lose their jobs and opportunities every time they say something dumb. I don’t say dumb shit online so I’m safe.

No. 1407544

Okay but my fundamental argument is that there's a big difference between people being stupid/joking online and actual racism, you might disagree but that was my perspective in the context of the old internet/new internet debate. I also don't post on kf or 4chan, you can try to incite others to ignore me because you don't like my opinion but the fact of the matter is that I have a right to one just like you do. I hope that you can understand the implications of banning all offensive speech online and how that actively works against the feminist cause, because that's the bigger picture that I'm referring to.

No. 1407546

>Idk why edgelordery is being equated to pedophilia because that doesn't even need to be debated imo.
Nta but it's common for male edgelords to make pedo 'jokes' or act like pedos 'ironically' even if they're not posting anything illegal (half of them end up eventually doing something illegal anyway). even outside the internet too like bob saget, the singer from MSI, james gunn etc.

No. 1407547

Samefag, forgot to mention that this board literally emerged from 4chan, so you might be in the wrong place if you're looking to avoid channers.

No. 1407550

You must be the most retarded newfag/zoomer on earth to think it makes sense to equate /cgl/ to the rest of 4chan.

No. 1407551

>Okay but my fundamental argument is that there's a big difference between people being stupid/joking online and actual racism
NTA but there really isn't. Especially places online like Twitter where you might not get the nuance.

No. 1407552

But you have to go on American sites and will be banned when you act up. Stay mad.

No. 1407553

Pakichan, you are unironically racist. You will never be white. You will never fuck Varg. Your brother is delusional and will also always be brown. White nationalists will never accept you. Don't try switching to your half-Nigerian biracial coquette rap-hater alter ego after reading this, by the way.

No. 1407554

This site is still nothing like 4chan or even our sister sites though. Although some anons also use 4chan, it's very different userbases.

No. 1407555

That's true but that anon said 'spreadinf pedo shit online' which I assume refers to cp. Moids who make pedo jokes are retards and gross but at least it makes them more obvious so that we know whose hard drives to search kek.

No. 1407557

What pakichan's brother do?

No. 1407558

I'll say it again: Pakichan, you are unironically racist. You will never be white. You will never fuck Varg. Your brother is delusional and will also always be brown. White nationalists will never accept you. Don't try switching to your half-Nigerian biracial coquette rap-hater alter ego after reading this, by the way.

No. 1407559

Fair enough, but I still think it's somewhat relevant, imo there is still necessarily a little bit of overlap between userbases, but I would agree that in general the people here are not /pol/tards etc…

No. 1407560

KEK she's back

No. 1407561

He follows white supremacist/misogynistic Twitter accounts and LARPs that he's "truly" white or something. She's talked about it before. They're both deranged and self-hating.

No. 1407563

you keep up bringing up that one shitpost I made as if it was my life, you are a strange fat american who I feel has some form of vandetta against me, what did I do that it seemed like to I wanted to hurt you,

No. 1407565

File: 1668317414476.jpeg (44.75 KB, 700x675, 7567_4789.jpeg)

here we fucking go

No. 1407568

Go to /r9k/ and become some white neckbeard's mail order bride, leave us alone already.

No. 1407570

all i'm saying is that it's pretty fucked up that armenians were recently genocided and no one knows or gives a shit about it.

No. 1407575

>calling someone racist
>telling them they will never be white in the same post

No. 1407576

You cannot change your race, or your sex. It's not racist to know this, and also remind others.

No. 1407586

am i retarded for being confused at both of these posts?

No. 1407589

deleted my posts cause I didn't want this bullshit for the 100th time but yeah that was my point, in my country and many other regions that's the way it is, people outright talk about genociding other people and being racist and that's just the way it is, that is racism and no one cares

No. 1407590

File: 1668318692921.jpeg (224.73 KB, 1349x902, CB90D7CE-78E4-4966-A7F6-92DC0B…)

Spotted a tweet about this airplane collision at Dallas and all crew are dead. Many of the top comments are just making jokes aside from this one, and then the reply underneath it trying to justify it. Maybe it's just me but I just don't see the humor in a horrible accident

No. 1407600

Off topic but how do two planes just collide like that (pls no bully idk shit about planes), since it's an airshow you'd think there were rehearsals right? That video was very scary it's crazy how fast that type of thing happens.

No. 1407601

Did you just really unironcially compare an imageboard banning racist slurs to the USSR and think you did something?

No. 1407603

I'm redirecting you to what i said here >>1407505, it's a hyperbolic analogy, I regret ever assuming that people on here can understand figures of speech.

No. 1407604

Samefag I'm retard i wrote hyperbolous instead of hyperbolic pls ignore my mistake I just realised this now

No. 1407606

Really old planes, the smaller plane has low visibility in the cockpit is what I’ve heard so they had no way of seeing how close they were or that the bigger plane was right under them in their path.

No. 1407607

Ah fuck that's horrible.

No. 1407610

Wow that makes it even worse

No. 1407612

30 year old white women arguing for the right to say the n word online. Honestly get a job, kiss a boy or a girl, post something positive at least, do something, anything else. 2008 is over and you're not an edgy emo teen anymore, that phase is dead and its humor is dead and no one thinks racism is funny, fucking grow up.

No. 1407615

Are you going to repost this 30 times? It's not about the "right to be racist" I feel like myself and other anons have tried and failed to explain this to you over and over so this is going nowhere, please try to use reading comprehension next time.

No. 1407617

NTA but you lost, get over it. I don't need to simp for racist scrote bullshit to speak my mind, retard.

No. 1407618

That was the first time I've posted in this thread, calm down Becky

No. 1407619

I might be wrong though and I lost where I read that so I just removed it because the other comment is most likely correct. I know I said don't take my word for it but don't want to spread misinformation anyway

No. 1407621

There are no 'winners' and 'losers', that's your black/white (I mean literal black and white not race) binary thinking, there are only different opinions. If you think that being logically consistent is 'simping for scrote shit' then I hope that you enjoy the day that sites like this one get completely wiped off the internet for wrongspeak. You couldn't suck off big tech harder if you tried.

No. 1407622

Idk you posted the same post twice >>1407612 and >>1407609 that's what I meant by that

No. 1407623

tips fedora

No. 1407624

Nta but you think you're way smarter than you actually are

No. 1407626

I really don't I've called myself a retard several times ITT, I just believe that being consistent in my beliefs is important.

No. 1407628

>muh logical consistency
You're right to call yourself a retard. Every living person on earth has biases, and I don't owe anything to misogynists or racists. They would never fight for my rights, especially if big tech was supporting them, so I refuse to be a slave to theirs and I give no shits about their fake "plight".
I don't give a fuck about "le edgy jokes" either because I'm not a child. Literally never seen someone get fired for "just making a joke", it's always the unironic freaks.

No. 1407630

we understand figures of speech yours are just mega retarded

No. 1407632

It's not about owing anything, it's about how, practically speaking, we can keep places like lc and other gc spaces up in an environment where people being offended is enough to get websites taken off the internet. IMO actual nazi shit should go and incel forums that call for real life violence against women, but what nearly happened to kf should be a warning to all of us tbh. Anyways, I don't hold the ultimate answer to this debate but I just wanted to share my thoughts. You're right that every person has biases but they shouldn't get in the way when people are trying to legislate what should and shouldn't be allowed on the internet (not referring to lolcow's rules, referring to actual governments etc), that's just my 2 cents.

No. 1407634

Restricting speech on one subject can to be used justify restricting speech on another subject. Some countries have laws against "hate speech". What is hate speech differs by opinion. What if troons get criticism of trannies banned as hate speech? What if moids get criticism of men banned as hate speech? It's better just to have free speech as a protected right. It let's bigots openly out themselves and allows people to say what needs to said.

No. 1407636

>IMO actual nazi shit should go and incel forums
Somehow you're able to fathom how hatred against Jews and women should be censored, but not… hatred for black people?

No. 1407637

>What if troons get criticism of trannies banned as hate speech? What if moids get criticism of men banned as hate speech?
They literally already do, see Twitter and Reddit. We make our own fucking sites like we are now, rightfully keep them out, and we owe nothing to the trannies and other men who hate us for not being male or white.

No. 1407638

I assume Nazis hate black people, right? Since you're going to nitpick, I guess you could re-phrase that as extremist far right forums that call for real life violence against minorities.

No. 1407639

This is what I'm saying, the implications are not looking good for us

No. 1407642

>It's not about owing anything, it's about how, practically speaking, we can keep places like lc and other gc spaces up in an environment where people being offended is enough to get websites taken off the internet.
Allying ourselves with edgy scrotes and dying on the hill of "Let moids say nigger!!!" won't help, just bring men/pickmes here and put us in the crossfire for their sake. And then our own enemies can insist we're conservative/tradthot retards.

No. 1407643

nta but how much would your life improve if you got to say the n word online? why is this so important to you? lmao, racist always make it a big thing about “muh free speech” when they just mean they want to be freely hateful and not get criticized for it

No. 1407645

You know this very site could get called an "extremist website," right?

No. 1407646

To me this conversation is not about lolcow in particular, it's about the intenret in general.

I literally don't use that word but sure, keep trying to pin me as 'racist' because you have no good counterargument.
>not get criticized for it
IMO you should be able to criticise all you want, just not legislatively ban certain words and pursue legal action against people for them.(derailing the thread to death)

No. 1407648

Extremist as in actual racism and ties to real life killings/shootings which nazi and incel forums do have, but even then that definition gets kind of iffy so I see what you mean.

No. 1407655

lolcow banning the n word does not count as “legislatively banning” it’s not illegal in the world or any country to say the n word it’s just not allowed on this site, websites are allowed to make their own rules, and sure you’re not racist but defending a racist slur that is only used to insult and degrade people

No. 1407656

My god, this is still going. And racist-chan is still racist.

No. 1407659

Did you literally not read my post
>To me this conversation is not about lolcow in particular, it's about the intenret in general.
Lolcow can ban it, doesn't matter idc, but this conversation started with a debate about whether or not the internet race relations were worse before or today. By legislatively ban I mean governments fining people for hate speech and ISPs being bullied out of hosting websites because people don't like or agree with their content.

No. 1407661

Go to Mastodon or look into other options of building your own space if you're so against muh big tech. KF is still around, and the attacks on it were about offending other white men, not the n-word, lmao. Stormfront is extremely racist, advocates for race wars and remains undisturbed, so maybe your priorities are misplaced.

No. 1407663

>Twitter-hate thread
>just devolves into infighting about completely unrelated shit no1curr about
>unsaged retards shitflinging for hours
>some anons try to reel back the conversation to something vaguely on topic
>but lmao no

No. 1407667

First they came for the racists, and I did not speak out, because I was not a racist

No. 1407670

Fair, sorry for derail but this topic really interests me so I tend to sperg out.
I agree that people should build their own space and I'm very interested to see how those new platforms develop in the future. KF is still up (by the skin of its teeth), but there is an active effort to make it less accessible to normal people. I just don't think that the only 2 alternatives should be super lib left platforms or literal race war shitholes like Stormfront, and I remain convinced that there is an active effort to polarise people, which ties into the original discussion of if and why race relations have gotten worse thanks to the internet. I will now stop derailing so there, hopefully this clears up my arguments.

No. 1407680

There was never a time without a dominant paradigm.

No. 1407683

I think that we should probably move this conversation to the unpopular opinions thread since this is moreso about politics/society in general.

No. 1407803

anon every site that doesn’t enforce such rules gets overrun by stormfags because they need to compulsively spread and shove their shit into everything with the intent of converting people to their retarded views. It’s hard-wired into their ideology. This has nothing to do with “banning freedom of speech” it’s a necessary measure to prevent cancer that’s been learnt from experience.

No. 1407895

File: 1668345175347.png (253.17 KB, 652x962, Sc.png)

>Man punches woman with full force
>twiter:wooo karen gets owned
now I will admit she was being combative and she slapped him first but this was a man who clearly larger then her and a hit like he threw could have almost killed her, its not something to joke about

No. 1407896

Men routinely admit that they walk around WAITING PRAYING that some woman smacks him first so he can chimp out on her. Men barely contain their desires to rape and beat women in broad day light.

No. 1407903

sad their were many women in the comments praising that hit

No. 1407915

Men are meant to combat each other and sabertooth tigers. Most would be culled by other men and nature. They direct their ychromo deficiencies at women now.

No. 1407920

>Typical cancel culture mentality at work.
Kek, read this in Ben Shapiro's voice. No one here is telling you to feel guilty or bad for being white by the way. Is it this hard for people to realize other people that aren't them have much different experiences in life?

No. 1407925

the cracking down on spergy racist shit also coincided with the alt right antifeminist shit losing popularity and it becoming uncool to be antifeminist. YouTube &co were inadvertedly extremist racist antifeminist hubs notorious for leading normies down pipelines without having to go to stormfront. Some of the safespace shit goes too far, but it's funny how only the reaction to racist shit is being blamed for "worsening race relations", but never the thing being reacted to; the unhinged ubiquitous racism at the time. It's like scrotes complaining about worsening gender relations, because it's not popular to be a pickme anymore and types like Andrew Tate get run off the internet now instead of making it big like a decade ago. It's just the pendulum swinging back and forth. The racist antifeminist era is coming back at some point, those nonnas have nothing to worry about.

No. 1407943

This is why I don’t feel bad for cocky moids at bars who end up getting in fights with the wrong psycho who stabs them to death. what kind of pussy ass scrote punches a small woman so hard she falls over and yes you can die from being hit in the head like that. Imagine how salty moids are that they have to celebrate our pain through these blatant abuse videos, they’re so retarded to escalate violence all the time

No. 1407952

>YouTube &co were inadvertedly extremist racist antifeminist hubs notorious for leading normies down pipelines without having to go to stormfront
not before like 2015/2016 it wasn't, it's only now that i ever get rightoid shit recommended to me. "the racist antifeminist era" is what we are living in now, i remember reading a statistic that zoomer moids are much less sympathetic to feminist causes than their predecessors, and in my opinion that's largely due to the rapid polarization we have been seeing on the internet. i hope the pendulum swings back to the middle of relative normalcy like things were before, but angry people click too much and are too profitable so social media companies will never let that happen.

No. 1407955

people just don't understand how dangerous a punch to the head can be, if you hit someone in the right place or they fall over you can literally kill them. moids just don't care tho and will continue to screech about "equal rights equal lefts" because a woman giving you a light slap in the face is totally the same thing as kicking her in the head.

No. 1407961

Meanwhile they will fight like their life depends on it if a cop shoots a moid who attacks them or if a woman kills her abusive husband. They only understand what excessive force means if it's happening to a man, meanwhile if you're a woman and you shoulder check a man while walking away you should prepared to be curb stomped until your head comes open and anything less is inequality

No. 1407968

>not before like 2015/2016 it wasn't
June was part of the same clique as Sargon, and the other YouTubers at the start of the pipeline. Now they have lost popularity and don't get recommended as much anymore, so I don't know what you're on about. Things only went in a more antiracist feminist direction after Trump's election, in direct reaction to him winning. The insane misogynist sperg out with AH JD case, including the unhinged thumbnails, were a direct callback to that era. YT used to be full of anti feminist hate compilations, trying to paint feminism as the cringiest thing on the planet and it worked. Every retard could get a million views by just shitting on feminism. Big Red is literally a meme from 2013? So yeah, before 2015/2016 it was, very very much so. There has never been relative normalcy, it has been going back and forth like this at least since like the 50's.

No. 1407973

Fuck I hope Elon buys Reddit or Tumblr next.

No. 1407985

moids never have been and will never be sympathetic to feminism, censorship isn't the answer for that because as evidenced by the rise of andrew taint they will still hate women either way.

No. 1408003

Andrew Tate was run off the internet extremely fast, so I don't know what you mean. Even without censorship from companies, cancel culture is pretty efficient. Yeah it can be shit since it's a loose cannon, but it was actually great to see everyone collectively agree that Andrew Tate is a loser. Meanwhile a decade ago he would've been the next big thing. Those scrotes were having their reign since the 90's with PUA's having whole tv shows and books, to then immediately infecting YouTube.
>moids never have been and will never be sympathetic to feminism
Yeah I don't give a shit. What matters more to me is that it's not cool anymore to be an antifeminist pickme like June and that it's seen as cringe to be antifeminist. It used to be a cardinal sin to believe the patriarchy was a thing and women were holding up signs explaining why they don't need feminism and how scrotes are actually super duper oppressed and needs men's rights activism. Even scrotes have become less overt, because they realized they can't get laid by being openly overt misogynist wannabe pua's anymore. I don't care that it's superficial, because I'm not attracted to them so I don't have to deal with them in that way, but at least they're not clogging up my online experience as much anymore.

No. 1408008

File: 1668356523336.png (96.11 KB, 605x392, Screen Shot 2022-11-13 at 11.1…)

The insane projection and coddling trans people get despite their vicious misogyny towards us.

No. 1408009

ok and yet 15 years ago roe v wade was still standing. glad empty virtue signaling is enough to keep you pacified, but imo i'd rather have a world where people are honest and ruffle eachothers' feathers than one where people hide their true nature while continuing to try to send women back to the kitchen. andrew tate was run off the internet because sm platforms (like twitter pre-elon musk) are publicly owned and need to make money and they realised that andrew tate was making them look bad and lose money, it's that simple, and they will do the same for any feminist that isn't with the gendershit.

No. 1408012

You think Roe v Wade overturning is directly related to this and not how they have been chomping at the bit to get it overturned since it has been a thing?
>andrew tate was run off the internet because sm platforms (like twitter pre-elon musk) are publicly owned and need to make money and they realised that andrew tate was making them look bad and lose money
It makes them look bad, because guess what, the popular opinion changed. A decade ago it wouldn't have caused them to lose money, because consumers loved the antifeminist pua mra shit.

No. 1408021

File: 1668357334150.jpg (282.92 KB, 1080x1714, ew.jpg)

if twitter is going to give you notifications from accounts you don't follow could they atleast make sure the tweets aren't about troons cooming

No. 1408022

>You think Roe v Wade overturning is directly related to this and not how they have been chomping at the bit to get it overturned since it has been a thing?
and you don't think that the culture wars (2016 FEMINIZUM DESTROYED vs libfeminist genderspecials) have helped radicalise young men into somehow being even more hateful towards women than their fathers? the popular opinion changed but somehow sexual violence is completely normal because it's kinky, women do not exist, and reproductive rights are in the garbage bin , so explain how it's beneficial to women that we are now no longer allowed to speak our minds freely without getting scrubbed from every platform, look at what happened to any of the gc/pinkpill subreddits and tell me that women have it soooooo good on the internet now because our feelings are protected from andrew tate. to link this back to twitter, elon musk buying it will change the platform for better or for worse, and i would like to hear what some nonnas think about that and the impact that it will have on women.

No. 1408024

does twitter notify you for accounts you don't follow? i have never used it but wow that's retarded, you'd think that the whole point of notifications is to see if people are interacting with your posts.

No. 1408042

The best thing Elon musk could ever do is ban troons from talking about troon things. Maybe they'd deprogram if they had to think about normal people things.

No. 1408063

don't these "people" realise that it's extremely sad and pathetic to even go on twitter just 5 minutes post orgams? I'm sure they don't realise how fucking embarrassing that is

No. 1408067

Instagram puts “suggested posts” into your feed. It’s content from people you don’t follow; I think it’s similar. Although you can hide suggested content on IG not sure about Twitter’s notifications on random accounts.

No. 1408074

What happened to GC/pinkpill reddit isn't a net negative because women SHOULD have our own fucking platforms and not be at the mercy of literal tranny mods/admins. The only downside is that the subreddits weren't fully archived, which seems like an intentional thing with Reddit. It lets them censor people even more easily. I'm very happy to be on Lolcow, not having to share a board with retarded neanderthal scrotes who bash women, post coomshit and racism everywhere but shit themselves crying whenever anyone insults men or going on about the "poor, innocent" white people who can't attack black and brown people without getting backlash anymore and why trans girls are "valid" and superior to bio-foids or whatever (ie the current state of 4chan, and sadly, /cgl/ since they have scrote/tranny mods).
The solution isn't to beg for the tranny mods to be nicer to shithead scrotes on their big sites, it's to get better at building and securing our own pro-women spaces, and we don't need to share shit with them.

No. 1408083

IMO the basic concept of twitter and the 140 character limit make it flawed for political discussion, it should have stayed a place for jokes and other stupid shit, self righteous retards ruined it.

No. 1408093

Brands and politics have ruined the entire internet, not just twitter. Just thinking about it annoys me.

No. 1408095

yeah me too, it's just sad to watch.

No. 1408099

File: 1668363451680.jpg (37.71 KB, 1200x507, FhQpfDBXgAEPTGp.jpg)

I hate Musk but the blue checkmate debacle is funny as fuck and makes twitter much more enjoyable.

None of the official comic artists and writers I follow ever had checkmarks anyway so I wouldn't have a problem if all of the former checkers left. Most of them are annoying youtubers and overhyped celebrities.

No. 1408100

I saw on twt earlier and someone said 'I hope the dems win so we can finally have trans rights' and then they mentioned women's rights second to last. Like how to trans rights take priority over women's rights??

No. 1408101

Me neither and I especially hate it when it's obvious sociopaths trying to justify it by claiming that one of the dead people was someone belonging to a group they personally don't like or something. People that do this are always the whiniest most childish bitches themselves that claim that someone calling them stupid on the internet was more traumatizing than the world wars.

No. 1408102

>trans people dont affect my life
>trans people taking up space in women's bathrooms,lockers and now women only sports.

No. 1408103

Can someone explain what Trans rights even are at this point? The right to have 9 year olds segregated and drugged?

No. 1408108

It can always happen, see catastrophes like Ramstein or Lviv. I think the "pierced heart" choreography they did in Ramstein got banned worldwide after that accident. Just fly a few meters to the right or be a second too fast or too slow and you might smash into another jet, it's always risky.
It doesn't if you use it correctly (on a PC with add-on).

No. 1408109

It confuses me when they do this because most people I see talking about this are women that identify as trans but they care more about this than the abortion ban which can fuck them over if they ever get raped or have some accident while having sex.

No. 1408111

you'd be surprised how many TIFs have no idea they can still get pregnant while on T

No. 1408116

Getting a serious "I don't know, why don't you go take up knitting or something" vibe

No. 1408119

>be a lesbian
> can't find a normal woman on the dating apps
>all my spaces are genderqueer central
>be called a bigot for not wanting to have sex with a male

21st century sucks

No. 1408125

sounds fake asf

No. 1408134

worst part guy just sitting there does nothing. tbh this is why i carry a knife. if you feel the need to do something like this to me, you dying

No. 1408144

Trannys are so pathetic, imagine making this shit up because you're too much of a scrote to just say the usual "they're just silly hysterical women". Also we all know it's the troons who have this exact reaction once they get out of their internet echo chamber.

No. 1408153

Do they not realize that being a “terf” is about more than trans people? Most women who become interested in radical feminism don’t just walk it back. It’s pretty impossible to close your eyes to injustices women face once you’ve opened them.

No. 1408154

I don’t understand why people think other people give a shit about their masturbation habits. Just do it and move on with your life.

No. 1408157

Troons know very little about feminism in general, I've noticed.

No. 1408190

Bystanders are cowards, people straight up ignore women being raped or murdered in front of them. Moids in casual situations excuse misogyny and violence to seem cool to their bros. And careful with knives as self defense because they can easily be used against you if they see it coming.

No. 1408256

There was a woman raped on the train in philly and a group of moids didnt call the police and some even filmed it. Women needs rights NOW

No. 1408281

File: 1668376514162.jpeg (388.1 KB, 1170x1172, EEF73FC2-D302-4415-9604-90EFFE…)

God I wish that were me

No. 1408294

Plus size influencer/esthetician baiting for engagement from chubby chasers. This is just a typed-out thirst trap kek

No. 1408357

And I wish I couldn't relate.

No. 1408361

The warning against using knives or weapons in general for self defense is a myth. Scrotes spread it to encourage women not to be weaponised.

No. 1408383

me too kek

No. 1408395

This might work for getting to know people of a different sex, race or sexuality but it won't change somebody who has accepted you can't change your sex.

No. 1408419

File: 1668385107439.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1170x1997, FEF996CD-3DB7-467A-9C69-6EC567…)

“personal house slave” is a fucking elf
>overwatch player

No. 1408437

File: 1668386792833.jpg (229.49 KB, 1280x1437, tumblr_ou6zx7cXKD1wos2v6o1_128…)

OW community is either
>incels and pickmes
>SJWs and trannies
I remember how RedKatherine started getting bullied by just drawing picrel. Thats how it all started.

No. 1408449

Long range is way better, like pepper spray or a gun, most women wouldn’t want to be in a situation where you’re close enough to do hand to hand combat with a man and then he may be able to grab it or pin you if you’re smaller or less experienced. Knife fights are some of the most dangerous situations and realistically when you stab a psycho they might not even notice at first because of adrenaline and rage. Stab victims have said it just feels like getting punched when you don’t know what’s happening.

No. 1408456

I agree, but in many countries you can't get pepper spray or guns. Knives are of course illegal as well, but they are much easier available which is ironic on its own. Better a knife than nothing at all.

No. 1408461

Notice how he doesn’t link to the article and every one still takes him at his word.

No. 1408487

I thought that was heath from monster high kek

No. 1408516

Politics is just what creepy old people use to get young people to talk to them. Seriously. And it's getting out of hand. Oh, their child doesn't want to spend time with their fat, miserable ass? Well, who knows, maybe tomorrow the country may not be here, it is their child's moral obligation to listen to 3 hours of them spitting out schizophrenia related to what they parsed last time they skimmed their biased news site of choice! We should just ban them from voting. After all, they're not going to be around to see the aftermath anyway, and all it does is make them bitter and red in the face

No. 1408761

Back in the 2012-2016 era, there were so many "tumblr cringe" "liberal cringe" "epic libtard gets owned" "feminist gets put in her place by conservative chad" compilations and if you watched even one of those videos, you were about four clicks from watching shit about the "jewish question" and "whites are being replaced by icky muslims"

No. 1408772

The thing is that all of that is astroturfed bs that has nothing to do with the old internet. The internet used to be a fun place for jokes and information (and unfortunately moids sharing cp), it was not as politically charged as it is today. That's why people uncover old tweets made by people/public figures and get mad, it's because they don't understand that the internet and real life weren't so linked back then. The internet was just a fun tool, not a way of life like it is now.

No. 1408783

house elves are literal creatures. why the fuck would you look at them and equate your race to them? same thing with the gringotts goblins. it's so bizarre.

No. 1408785

>not as politically charged
it was still full of unhinged racism, misogyny, pro ana shit, pedo's prowling on all the kid's games and spaces, extreme right wing forums everywhere etc. That is still political, just the kind of politics you're seemingly okay with. Not being able to say retarded is retarded, but I don't miss the endless nigger jokes or Onision tier humor. Sure I miss the niche angelfire websites, but if you go off the surface web, you still find the same shit you used to on the old internet, including entire websites dedicated to carrots and other random shit. Or forums used by repressed Chinese journalists. What is actually killing the internet is that everything is owned and bought up by the same companies and that it's all about self promotion now, not sharing stuff about interests you like. The politics is only a tiny little aspect of that, because it's only relevant in how it's used to market yourself. Or that you can only find irrelevant SEO sites full of ads on search engines now, including DDG, so you can't even search for interesting sites and info anymore. Not that casual racism is now seen as cringe and that the time of "only men are on the internet" jokes are over. It wouldn't even be a problem if you said retarded shit online, if you weren't a retard and attached your public name and image to it, like actually back in the day when you just didn't do that and it was heavily discouraged to not be anonymous. People linked it to real life themselves by attaching their name and image to it.

No. 1408787

Stick to fucking ACNH then. Jesus.

No. 1408812

File: 1668417530893.png (260.92 KB, 448x378, bateman.png)

>just the kind of politics you're seemingly okay with
nice assumption there, but it's a fact that there was much less virtue signaling and other related sperging online 15 years ago than today. i do agree that we need to encourage anonymity or at least pseudonymity online, people are way too comfortable putting all of their personal info next to their face and their shitposting/political takes.
IMO the politics are more relevant than just marketing yourself (although that is part of it), it's also about creating engagement on platforms by encouraging outrage posts and the subsequent fighting that always results from them. twitter is the epitome of all of these things, people will really associate their full government name, face, sometimes even school/workplace with their sperging, it's impossible to have rational discussions on there because it's not designed for that.

No. 1409628

File: 1668488964566.png (63.86 KB, 641x454, TcxMDk1NDY1LnBuZw.png)

zoomies are trying to claim that dan povenmire(creator of Phineas and Ferb) was a victim of child abuse, cause he revealed Ferb's relationship with vanessa was based on his own experience dating his older sister's friend when he was a teenager

No. 1409640

The literal definition of a party pooper, let the other user enjoy making himself in harry potter in peace without having to take a humanities course, jesus.

>but it's a fact that there was much less virtue signaling and other related sperging online 15 years ago than today
I feel like anon was trying to make to make that point when she accused you of agreeing with the political climate of the past internet. I do think that the demographics have changed the political climate on the internet due to the internet being increasingly available to people outside well off white westerners, as well as a general increased sentiment in younger people of not wanting to copy the mistakes of their parents which is honestly where i believe sjw culture comes from.

No. 1409727

sorry for ot, but I hated that show as a kid. I always thought Phineas and Ferb were annoying little shits and Vanessa was unfairly portrayed in bad light, although she was just doing the reasonable thing trying to prevent her idiot brother and his retarded friend from blowing the house up.

No. 1409746

huh? I remember her being trfy, what happened?

No. 1409747

You’re thinking of Candace, Vanessa was Ferbs’ love interest.

No. 1409750

technically speaking despite being the title characters weren't the protagonists of the show, they were the plot devices

No. 1409759

File: 1668502856449.jpg (407.45 KB, 1269x1308, tw.jpg)

they're saying lesbianism is trans now but any lesbian that disagrees is a transphobic cis that needs to read wittig

No. 1409762

File: 1668503573996.jpg (46.7 KB, 529x445, tumblr_e4146359416b61db4f11cef…)

I'm just really happy about all of this tbh

No. 1409774

i honestly don't like musk, but once you understand he's a troll with more money than he knows what to do with a lot of stuff around him makes more sense. what's that meme where it's something like, "i'm going to create problems for no reason!"

No. 1409778

File: 1668505089360.png (47.89 KB, 555x353, Screenshot 2022-11-15 at 09-36…)

apologies for covidposting in the year of our Lord 2k22, but i am so tired of how retarded everything is.

and i mean everything–at every level. every conceivable stratum of social relations is currently characterized by being fucking retarded, and it makes me want to pull my hair out

No. 1409802

It's not particularly about twitter, I don't get why you're complaining here. I also don't get what's so retarded about advicing people to wear masks during winter to avoid the flu and covid because as far as I know nobody likes being sick.

No. 1409813

File: 1668507177506.jpeg (521.59 KB, 1242x1762, 5BC10A35-B715-4B99-A2F4-96488B…)

why won’t women validate me for the bare minimum go go ga ga

No. 1409815

Paper masks don't stop anyone from getting covid because a covid virion is too small to be filtered by a paper mask. Anyone advocating for their use is either clinically retarded or has invested in PPE companies.

No. 1409816

Yes, this is what happens in country like France, but troon right activists are obviously not content with it because ~~transwomen are women~~

what is it that makes tumblr brand humor so irritating and cringe?

>arabs are white
>white hispanics aren't
Ok americans

No. 1409836

He didn't talk about just covid though. There are a lot of other diseases out there that get worse during the winter.

No. 1409842

Sage for doubleposting, but troons in France are already complaining that they can't choose their doctors to be allowed to start transitioning and change their ID paperwork despite everything being paid for by public healthcare. I wish they'd shut the fuck up or drop dead.

No. 1409856

File: 1668511719532.png (184.82 KB, 609x461, scrote.png)

>How can I make this about me?

No. 1409859

your only a woman if your sexuality panders to men?

No. 1409863

the fuck is MAID

No. 1409865

Medically assisted instant death iirc, Canada has made euthanasia legal

No. 1409874

These are the same accounts that constantly make fun of the ADHD people saying they NEED to use instacart. They don't accept other people infantilizing themselves but think it's okay when they do it.

No. 1409875

god i wish i lived in canada

No. 1409887

File: 1668514413091.png (411.33 KB, 1280x1437, tumblr_otr4s4HlYm1td5vf7o2_128…)

thats an edit by a gendie. this is the original image.

No. 1409894

File: 1668515159703.jpg (121.43 KB, 640x820, monique-wittig-962445.jpg)

This isn't really a new sadly, a lot of radical feminists argued something similar in the 70's, that lesbians aren't actual women, they transcend the western idea of womanhood by their mere existence cause cause something something pretentious bullshit, this is what happens when you let obvious retards lead your movement instead of actually caring about real issues

No. 1409911

what i hate about bystanders the most is the female ones because when they get home they post on their social media how they are such feminists and repost news articles saying stuff like ''how could this happen'' and then when they get into a situation where they see another woman being assaulted they do nothing.
No ones asking you to sacrifice your life to save another woman but atleast have the decency to silently call the police or some other security.

No. 1409915

i wish these retards understood that ''coping using comedy'' is ONLY for people who went through that or the people close to them and NOT for strangers like them.
If you are a stranger making posts like that you are not coping kek, you are just a degenerate asshole.

No. 1409981

The only time I witnessed something the guy nearly killed me with his care late at night because he was too busy beating up a woman while driving and he saw me and tried to run after me when he saw me grabbing my phone, I didn't dare call the police and I wonder if that womank sometimed

No. 1410061

stop wasting your energy. this is a site primarily used by white women

No. 1410090

define white

No. 1410113

Literally this. I was watching LumiRue's twitch stream out of curiosity and she said she was working at a rape crisis center and another guy working there was being sexually innapropriate toward her and seemingly stalking her. When I asked why she hasn't reported a male acting like that at a crisis center, she jumped down my throat saying "What do you want me to do about it??!" ummm how about practice what you preach you dumb they/them piece of shit lol

No. 1410292

We are never beating the /pol/ allegations huh

No. 1410293

File: 1668538206494.jpeg (133.61 KB, 1170x1007, 8C143CAB-B64C-41B9-838D-066519…)

Women are doomed

No. 1410295

I wish this mommy trend and mommy kink trend would stop. Males really get coddled no matter what huh

No. 1410297

go to LSA if that bothers you so much kek

No. 1410307

>everyone who isn’t white is black

No. 1410308

you're responding to a post from 3 days ago about racism towards black people…

No. 1410309

It's our resident scrote (or pickme) who thinks the site is Twitter because he can't racebait. Those autists are literally only capable of thinking in black and white.

No. 1410312

How far gone are you as a woman to post about wanting to be a maid/chef for random trashy students like it’s a relatable feeling? Obviously they’re feeding themselves fine if their trash is just pizza boxes, most college guys are lazy and waste their parents money on delivery every meal. Pathetic, go volunteer for people who actually need assistance if you feel like such a nurturing mommy! If only there were trends for men to want to contribute any value to women’s lives but all they feel like doing is consuming and cooming.

No. 1410334

That twitter user is just a pickme craving attention. She's probably fantasizing about getting young hot college dick when I guarantee you those boys look like super fat or super skinny fresh out of high school fugly walmart slobs.

No. 1410338

File: 1668540245395.jpeg (898.56 KB, 1170x1847, 1958B063-046E-41AB-9007-69B6A6…)

It gets worse

No. 1410341

>if that womank sometimed
n-nonna? did someone catch you?

No. 1410343

>pissed his ex's couch
That is so not the drama

No. 1410344

Holy shit lmao the “piss part is true.” fucking killed me lolll

No. 1410347

omg I hate this pick me bitch
She's a tranny caper too so not surprising she likes coddling worthless males

No. 1410350

Iirc she defended one of her pedo friends a while back but the tweets were deleted and I can’t find them anymore

No. 1410352

She actually did cook for them and ended up freezing it because she couldn't deliver it to them. I would 100% get it if she was doing it just a friendly new neighbor gesture (you know how neighbors might greet you with home made food) but she's doing it to take some kind of responsibility for how they eat and that's so weird to me. If it was a group of girls ordering door dash everyday I feel like she wouldn't have cared as much, because we're just expected to know how to cook.

No. 1410353

File: 1668540788933.jpeg (77.71 KB, 1032x620, 4F8D9664-3242-49F3-9007-08F6C1…)

No. 1410355

That actuallyautistic pig owner will forever he a pickme handmaiden she’s always been like that lol

No. 1410356

Not sure about the context but if someone hits they deserve to get hit. I would always hit someone smaller than me as well if they start it. I was bullied too much in my life to deal with that shit.

No. 1410358

It was a man hitting a woman you retarded faggot.

No. 1410362

I didn't see the aftermath of this, I would bet she delivered it to them and they were like "ok thanks" and after she left they threw it out, young moids would 100% take processed fast food over a home cooked meal, especially if her cooking is bland.
When you think about it aside from her being a colossal doormat pickme, imo she's kinda out of line by telling complete strangers how they should eat.

No. 1410365

File: 1668541611252.png (1.48 MB, 1075x1636, Screenshot_20221115-113804_(1)…)

Holy fuck it gets worse.

You basically described why this tweet is so weird. There's nothing wrong giving out homemade food to your neighbours but her intentions are kinda sus

No. 1410367

Apparently she deactivated so I can't take a screenshot, but after this she claims people calling her a pick me are being transphobic, even though she's not a tranny

No. 1410369

how old is she, are these actual young men she was cooking for

No. 1410370

kek are you sure about that? I didn't want to sperg but I was sure from the profile picture I was looking at a man who became his own goth gf

No. 1410372

File: 1668542164886.jpg (302.65 KB, 1439x1980, tweet.jpg)

She didn't deactivate. Some people were calling her a troon, picrel is one.

No. 1410374

I thought the exact same lol because of the tranny aesthetics but unfortunately she is a woman

No. 1410383

if you're aware that mostly white women use this site and you dislike that, why don't you just use another site? i will never understand this kek

No. 1410384

i wonder if they even ate it. personally if some random person i'd never met gave me food i wouldn't eat it i'm too schizo and paranoid kek.

No. 1410393

Holy shit shut up already

No. 1410397

this shit actually looks fucking nasty. and yes i can cook. and yes i realize most people can't. but jesus, just get them a subscription to hello fresh or something. this looks like it tastes like prison food.

No. 1410408

kek I was thinking the same thing
>I can cook for you silly boys!!
>throws a bunch of hamburger and onions in a pot and calls it a day
A casserole would be more impressive than literal poverty food

No. 1410409

She reposted many hateful quote retweets, seems to be enjoying negative attention. I wouldn't be surprised if this whole story was fully made up just to get this kind of reaction

No. 1410422

what are all the white lumps?

No. 1410439


>"i dont think they cook"

>"i am feeling such a strange motherly urge to feed these boys"

All about this is cringy af. These are clearly grown man who dont know how to cook or do basic home chores bc their mothers did everything to them.

No. 1410446

File: 1668546873184.jpeg (147.48 KB, 1242x692, 8F295904-975D-40AB-B56D-A095D7…)

saged bc this is a stupid question but. why isn’t donald trump back on twitter yet since elon musk owns it now? Freedom of speech and all that
He was so funny

No. 1410452

At least make cookies or something tasty, seems patronizing and weird to make a dinner for people when you don’t know their preferences. They’re young adults, not 5 year olds they can google a fucking recipe if they cared. I’d never eat meat or something from a stranger either even if it was a nice gesture. Like ok thanks but do you actually think after eating from Dominos all day a young moid would be like “oh wow I sure do appreciate this plain meat and veggie wholesome meal”

No. 1410454

agreed if a neighbor just randomly brought me food unprompted and we had never met or talked I would be a bit weirded out and throw the food out most likely.

No. 1410470

Handmaidens getting mistaken for trannies is the funniest thing ever to me I’m sorry

No. 1410471

Yes, hilarious.

No. 1410473

There’s already more stigma about food cooked at peoples houses because of poor hygiene and the whole covid thing only made that sentiment worse. Some people are even picky about their own families cooking adding in most people have pets with hair everywhere and god knows what else. That effort would be more suited to a soup kitchen where people actually need food, those boys probably laughed and said KEK THIS FREAK BITCH MADE A WHOLE DINNER FOR US WTF BRO

No. 1410488

yeah, viral illnesses. i dont mind if asymptomatic people want to wear them, but theres not much of a point. it doesnt protect from transmission via droplet nuclei, which get spread by symptomatic people sneezing and coughing. now the government is just using them as optics bc everyone will forget were a first world country if we dont show off how many rainforests we are decimating

No. 1410489

And the few quote retweets that don’t like what she’s doing have 5-10 likes, compared to all the scrotes praising her. Twitter users fixate too much on these minor disagreements.

No. 1410507

lol i just caught some kind of virus. still not taking the jabs, common colds have always been a thing. media loves to catastrophize about the seasonal flu now.

No. 1410518

i just want to say those masks are HORRIBLE for the environment. they aren't just made of paper, they have plastics in them which will take 2000 years to biodegrade. if people only used the reuseable cloth ones it would be one thing. but i can't step outside without seeing the disposeable masks littered all over the ground. i happen to be an actual environmentalist, not a twitter one. masks are flawed policy and an environmental catastrophe. especially when people started wearing TWO or even THREE fucking masks. i saw it in the wild. now we have billions of these masks littered all over the place that will be around for another 2000 fucking years leeching microplastics into the groundwater and farmsoil.

No. 1410537

I swear I didn't have a stroke when posting kek, I meant that a guy nearly killed me when I was crossing the street and that he wasn't paying attention when driving because he was beating up a woman and I wonder how she's doing now because I couldn't call the cops. The guy got out of the car to beat her up even more and tried to follow me when he saw my phone.

No. 1410566

File: 1668552904168.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1170x1039, 29F6035E-4991-44D0-A80E-1B4FEF…)

You do realize that VS still sells lingerie and they used to sell tracksuits back in the 00s too right…

No. 1410570

The one on the right just looks like the PINK side of the store. VS is still super dark and lingerie focused on the inside. They do have lots of pajamas at xmas though

No. 1410574

im guessing this tweet is talking about the fatter mannequins and not the clothes, that's the only explanation i can think of

No. 1410592

I just went to the mall a few days ago and the VS had Christmas shit on display and I remember teasing my boyfriend saying go get that and it was some red lacy poofy lingerie even more sexy than the first photo. Further in the store is actual clothing and casual stuff even in 2000s I got pajama pants and shit from there, it really hasn’t changed much besides being more inclusive in their advertising because of trends and trying to branch out because people realize spending 20 bucks on a panty made by prison labor isn’t that cool.

No. 1410598

It's just not even true either.

No. 1410620

people just love to make up a false reality to get mad at. cortisol addiction is a curse.

No. 1410684

File: 1668563403446.jpeg (3.33 KB, 56x67, F7AA00E0-7921-485B-96A7-A9283C…)

i would have slipped in cyanide

No. 1410884

knowing how much of a literal retard she was, its more then likely she would have poisoned herself

No. 1410885

they're not for preventing the covid from escaping, they're to slow your spit and other bodily fluids from your mouth, retard. every time some antivaxxer/antimasker freak says this shit i die inside because you're missing the point. you're basically saying not to use bandages on wounds because they're not 100% effective.

No. 1410886

And I die inside every time I have to explain the obvious that if a mask isn't going to stop a covid virion or any other virion from getting in, it's not going to stop them from getting out either. Yes masks do provide a barrier to spit and mucus but the problem is that when someone with a virus sneezes or coughs, the virions are aerosolized.

No. 1410894

what do you mean "getting in"? It's meant to be worn by people who are sick to prevent them from infecting others, not the other way around. And again, it's not just about covid.

No. 1410908

File: 1668586983388.png (80.44 KB, 935x573, firefox_V2wn8pNEyn.png)

twitter is kinda cool sometimes

No. 1410918

It's so bizarre to me how we currently live in one of the most misogynistic social climates in recent years and a lot of women seem more subservient than ever.

No. 1410936

Those guys can enjoy her food while watching Andrew Tate together

No. 1410948

Lmaoo are these bitches really doing a retvrn to tradition on some cheap vs lingerie oh no muh cultural decline muh consumerism

No. 1411060

File: 1668603512494.jpeg (474.97 KB, 1053x579, 57B3A7F9-0105-43F6-A26F-D67C21…)

pickmes in 2022

No. 1411064

I mean 75% of Americans are overweight so showing lingerie on a size 0-4 mannequin isn’t really realistic is it.

No. 1411068

No we dont. We put it in shepherds pie mince but that’s it. Idk why I’m even correcting you I should just shut up but I hate it when people ruin a good bolognese or chilli with fucking carrots.

No. 1411088

I would be so embarrassed to look back at a phase like that.

No. 1411107

yeah let's kill mentally ill people who's mental illness's symptom is that they think they need to die what a great idea

>but their life will never get any better!

yeah let's kill mentally ill people who's mental illness tells them that their life can't never get any better, obviously a person suffering from depression has a objectional view of their life and future with no influence from their mental illness at all an can give informed consent to dying

No. 1411117

It’s not even teenage girls going through this NLOG phase, it’s grown women in their 30s

No. 1411124

Life is getting objectively worse for average people. The whole "best time ever to be alive" period has passed and now we are seeing declining quality of life, declining life expectancy, declining health outcomes like increasing maternal mortality, and it requires more hours of work than ever just to keep a roof over your head and feed yourself. There is no sign that any of this will ever get better, let alone get better within our lifetimes.
Though, the solution is obviously to kill the rich, not their victims.

No. 1411156

Byproduct of troon madness. Body autonomy for the mentally delusional and that. A few years for now we will be doing lipo on anorexics.
Obviously trannies are pawns and not the puppermarstes this is 100% the elites fucked transhunanist nonsense but it's all the same school of thought

No. 1411204

File: 1668618349138.jpg (59.03 KB, 608x680, wtf.jpg)


No. 1411217

Abort all male fetus. They can stay mad because at the end of the day women don't need men to give birth.

No. 1411297

A lot of women don't mind it or don't like it but actively want to go through it to have a child, he's proving how male he is right now. And I saw this as a woman who hates kids and doesn't want any.

No. 1411301

if trannies aren't jealous then who's idea was it to come up with uterus transplant surgery

No. 1411317

Sounds like cope to me with the way they fill subreddits and twitter with whining about how they’ll never be able to get pregnant. Not to mention it seems like over half of them have a breeding fetish in which they’re the ones being impregnated.

No. 1411332

ultimately it's down to their coomerism and lack of empathy for women. women endure childbirth because they want to make a family and have children to love and raise. troons fetishize pregnancy because they refuse to fathom how painful it is for women and what a monumental sacrifice they make for the sake of love. troons just fap to it because they have male brains and porn addictions. no troon would be self sacrificing enough to endure childbirth for the sake of creating life.

if a troon ever had a child, it would be for the purposes of raping and grooming the kid. no coincidence they all also have pedophilic and incestual fetishes, also from overdosing on internet porn. it almost makes you nostalgic for back in the day when "fetishes" were for hairy bush or blowjobs.

No. 1411364

>dinky ass hole
Remember to dilate, sir. Your rotting axe wound is closing.

No. 1411460

File: 1668633088033.jpeg (514.66 KB, 1170x1347, 285ED7BF-C19E-43FA-B552-BD1E32…)


No. 1411462

He's seething so hard kek, you can see it literally in the writing.

No. 1411464

probably just skimmed wikipedia article list of countries that send aids to ukraine or something.

No. 1411469

Woah experienced the same thing nona. Its weird looking back now and realizing how fucked up that is.

No. 1411475

She's ukrainian nationalist (the little rune next to the name) and/or a troll; I'm still mildly confused about a nationalist considering EU "the good guys". Explains Poland being "the bad guys" though, if it was about ukraine aid, poland wouldn't be in this section

No. 1411476

> send aids to ukraine
kek I read this a different way

No. 1411482

where is the uk? also I bet we would be in the bad guys because colonisers uwu

No. 1411487

File: 1668635291917.png (33.3 KB, 585x222, twitter.PNG)

Maybe I'm just missing something here, but I don't get this tweet. I agree with the sentiment that you don't need to have kids to have a family, but why do people need every phrase or term to include them? People talking starting a family doesn't have to also refer to or include people who don't want children.

No. 1411499

Ah yes sending your moids to rape and murder brown women and girls is very funny uwu

No. 1411503

People on twitter are so obsessed about being included in every single scenario, damn

No. 1411517

Israel being the good guys

No. 1411561

jfc no one said she can’t call her family a family what is wrong with these people

No. 1411572

File: 1668641222743.jpg (42.35 KB, 500x280, 1511752898117.jpg)

uh huh

No. 1411636

>if a troon ever had a child, it would be for the purposes of raping and grooming the kid. no coincidence they all also have pedophilic and incestual fetishes, also from overdosing on internet porn. it almost makes you nostalgic for back in the day when "fetishes" were for hairy bush or blowjobs.
Amen to that. Now everyone acts like bjs are 100 percent a given in any sex. and the man can also stick his dick in your ass. I remember when anal wasnt a real thing anyone spoke of, now women are degrading themselves for men.

No. 1411772

for most of the world, the UK is america's 51st state or an overseas terrority, barely anyone see's a distinction between you two

No. 1411799

Through a historical lens I'd say it's the opposite, though as someone who's from neither place I personally
>barely anyone see's a distinction between you two
really don't agree with that one. Saying that about the US and Canada would've made much more sense.

No. 1411802

>barely anyone see's a distinction between you two
>the US and Canada
And even if that was said, it would be wrong, because if you spent any amount of time in either one, you’d know Canada is the boring one.

No. 1411804

again for most people, even EE you guys are the same, you speak English and both of your countries bomb, loot and kill

No. 1411807

samefag, we use the word we use for Americans and British people, Angrez(a corruption of the word Anglo, but literally means Englishman)

No. 1411822

nta there's such a big cultural difference between UK and US that I prefer burgers somehow over bongs. Please just tell me what is wrong, instead of doing the stiff upper lip routine and then crying 6 months later about the most autistic nitpicks you've been collecting this whole time and holding against me like some sort of war crime. At least burgers are more in your face and will just complain, though the midwest can do the fake niceness routine too.

No. 1411931

I'm sorry to boost your bubble anon but I've been in both countries and you can see that they're heavily blended together. Different food really doesn't change that UK and USA go always hand-in-hand with international politics and media narratives

No. 1411935

>Croatia being one of the good guys

No. 1411971

holy shit, is that some 15yo weeb that has never been to those countries? If she knew what its like to live in Latvia and Estonia, along with a bunch of other 'good guys' countries she wouldn't have put anything there.
And implying japan with their pedophilia and women mistreatment at work is good, I am not even gonna talk about south Korea…
What an idiot.

No. 1411976

I think this ranking is solely concerned with these countries' reactions to the Ukraine war, not what she thinks of them in general. But you're still right, this person is a moron nonetheless.

No. 1412113

File: 1668700396776.jpeg (103.21 KB, 1242x411, F9DDC872-EA78-44F6-BFBC-BFC44A…)

No such thing as polyamory you’re just a cheater.

No. 1412116

Clearly a joke just as every other tweet from this account

No. 1412131

>good guys
>first one is Amrca

No. 1412303

That’s a troll account pretending to be a tranny.

No. 1412309

File: 1668710828766.jpeg (219.85 KB, 1170x714, 63D3E124-24F6-49E6-9240-D9DADC…)

Why can’t you just draw yaoi of them like a normal misandrist

No. 1412340

File: 1668712516635.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1170x1168, 75DDE587-4C37-4BEC-AE47-425177…)

There’s no yumejo cringe thread so I’m posting here. I’m scared.

No. 1412343

cringe female nerd
based female nerd

No. 1412344

Post it in the South Park thread on m

No. 1412345

i respect her. i had a small towelie shrine when i was 10

No. 1412347

File: 1668713137977.png (313.47 KB, 520x477, 1644422927256.png)

also, samefagging. A yumejo cringe thread sounds amazing nonna, learning about weird husbandofags is my passion. Please someone make one i have way too many images of crazy husbandofag shrines.

No. 1412418

It would get stale fast, other then autistic women making shrines to their husbandos there wouldn't be that much content

No. 1412506

File: 1668720049945.webm (5.72 MB, 640x360, nylWX342nl39qKu5.webm)

I genuinely wish to know what was her headlogic when she made this and why she would ever post this after a certain point

No. 1412519

>dear president Vladimir Putin, crawl inside my vagina for warmth

No. 1412531

File: 1668721228961.jpeg (908.64 KB, 1170x1532, D1F94859-6C49-4AF4-BB00-6BDAA6…)

Gimmick account purge when

No. 1412536

File: 1668721620340.jpg (147.41 KB, 850x478, 5fb27c4f85600a6d293b3c2d.jpg)

Imagine blaming the war in Ukraine on Putins mother, like I posted this previously but 4 of the worst human beings who caused mass deaths and suffering, all had loving relationships with their mothers
Mao, Saddam, Stalin and Hitler, all had saintly religious mothers whom they loved greatly, they also had physically abusive fathers who beat them like dogs(maybe Putin had a similar life, who knows) but blaming putin's behavior on his potentially apparently unloving mom is fucked up,

No. 1412560

This is my first time actually watching this and holy shit, I had no idea it was some spoken word bullshit. Jesus Christ.

No. 1412631

What a Queen

No. 1412636

The mastodon thread was locked while I was away so I wanted to say that if you want to use twitter on desktop and you don't want to see ads, recommended accounts or posts on your tl, download the "better twitter" addon, or use tweetdeck.

No. 1412650

No fucking way

No. 1412652

Putin's mother is actually an interesting story, his parents were both (as was pretty much everyone) involved in immensely traumatic and fucked up circumstances during WW2 in Leningrad, his mother was a factory worker during the siege and his father was a personal cook to Stalin and later worked for the NKVD probably killing people. They both lived until the late 90s. However, there is another woman https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vera_Putina who is still living and allegedly his birth mother who gave him up from an abusive household and those two adopted him.

No. 1412787

File: 1668742644041.jpeg (592.31 KB, 1170x1659, 24664FED-ECE4-477F-9F60-101DF2…)


No. 1412866

hope silicone fags get pwnd

No. 1412869

reminds me of how true crime people looove to blame mothers of rapists and killers, serial ones especially

No. 1412954

so its actually sinking now right?

No. 1412955

I am glad its dying buy why does it have to die now?! I just made an art account

No. 1412958

Where are they all going? tumblr???? ig?

No. 1412959

To apply for a job i hope

No. 1412963

this reminds me of when people blamed ariana grande for mac miller's suicide

No. 1412964

NOOO Im gonna miss the japanese artist/ tasteful western artist that post exclusively to twitter

No. 1412981

File: 1668763775056.png (150.4 KB, 598x818, Screenshot 2022-11-18 at 09-28…)

damn boy were you just frying chicken in there

No. 1412984

No. 1412990

>(serial) murderers: his mother is the problem
>rapists/sexual assaulters: the victim is the problem
>school shooters: the girl who rejected him and/or his classmates are the problem
>abusive/cheating/murderer husband: the wife is the problem
It literally never fucking ends. I used to watch a youtuber back in the day who would always blame the mothers of the men who were catcalling her or disrespecting women because she didn't "raise them properly". A female youtuber, mind you. A level of pickmeism and retardation that left me speechless.

No. 1412994

File: 1668764909347.png (80.99 KB, 616x398, Screenshot 2022-11-18 at 09-48…)

mothers of autistic kids get this too. there was a whole "refrigerator mother" thing in the 90s

No. 1413011

I feel like, if anything, most boy-moms are not cold enough with their sons. They baby them and coddle them and make them believe they are the world's most specialest boy and that no one can ever say no to them, so once they hit their teenage years and someone rejects them they chimp the fuck out and everyone acts shocked and blames the mother.

No. 1413012

No. 1413058

“Refrigerator Mother” should actually refer to how ‘tismo sons see their mothers. He will rape you when you stop giving him chicken nuggies and it’s not your fault. Put him down and have another child.

No. 1413062

Right? All the boy-moms you’d meet are overprotective and defensive over their sons and even show more affection than with their daughters it’s just a lazy excuse to blame the woman for a man’s action as always
If maternal care really affected as much as they claim, then half the women would be mass shooters and murderers

No. 1413095

Is this why today i woke up to a mass panicking about twitter closing up for good?

I personally don't believe it but is there even a risk of this happening for real?

No. 1413106

Late but this lmao. The internet really got me hating americunts more than ever, fuck them and their temperature room iq opinions, i went back to browse the internet mostly on my native language and the lack of their presence is so fucking refreshing specially if you are trying to have a serious debate about something. Their takes genuinely bring down the quality of conversations I'm not joking.

Also holy shit they are so misogynistic in ways i could not imagine before i was fluid in English. Like for real the nasty shit American men spit about women so casually is something I very rarely saw before in my own lenguage, it's like it's hyper normalized to them to despise women to the point is subconscious already, i don't even know how to describe it, genuinely what the fuck is going on in that country. I feel bad for the normal American women whose dating pool is made up of these fucking vermin.

No. 1413145

i dont go here but is twitter actually dying? i am so happy

No. 1413149

Twitter going down and Elon Musk going down with it is the best possible timeline.

No. 1413153

i hope this bring backs forums, but without the cringe genderspecial autists

No. 1413161

Wonder what the replies are.

No. 1413165

>too young to remember 2005
you have to be 18 to post here

No. 1413175

I don't believe for a second Twitter is dying, it all reads like a publicity stunt. And I definitely don't believe a large enough amount of people is actually leaving to make a difference, most are bluffing and are loving the drama, the hating and the blue checkmark trolling. But I'd love to be proven wrong.

No. 1413183

If it really happens then rip, I follow some artists I really like, the trick to make twitter enjoyable is to remove adds with addons and follow non-americans who post specifc things instead of random retarded people.

No. 1413186

Yeah I mostly follow Japanese/Korean artists so my timeline has always been pretty chill, never got any retarded American discourse so I'm not freaking out about Twitter going down.

No. 1413191

i tried to find the original tweet and what the fuck is wrong with this person? i've been scrolling for three minutes and it's still on tweets within the last 12 hrs. do they sleep? eat?

No. 1413196

Well a lot of people who are in their early 20s were like 5 in 2005. They could be like 19-23 now. I’m in my 30s but I really don’t remember much of my life before age 10.

No. 1413208

this is art

No. 1413472

Same nona, same. The only thing twitter has been good for to me is the artists.

No. 1413502

File: 1668801843076.webm (13.29 MB, 606x1080, twitterhq.webm)

Someone was projecting their thoughts on Elon Musk over the entrance of Twitter HQ from a neighboring building around 18 hours ago.


No. 1413503

Would be better if they weren’t calling him a “karen” but no sexism is too much to ask

No. 1413532

I need to get glasses or something because I thought this said elon musk entered twit HQ through an underground tunnel leading to a neighboring house kek

No. 1413667

It's dumb how so many people are defending this, the problem isn't that she decided to do a nice thing for her neighbors but that she framed it as some kind of feminine urge to coddle grown men.
And in return they those guys fixed their own fence, lol.

No. 1413761

File: 1668817999939.jpeg (145.53 KB, 1170x1640, AAB908A9-2D26-4C01-A8C7-4E852B…)

Elon has unbanned Andrew Tate & Jordan Peterson

No. 1413768

i don't have any pity for these pampered manbabbies. i've been downsized from several jobs and didn't get any severance pay or unemployment. they've been making six figures for years, they should have enough saved to be able to fucking retire by now, except that they waste all their money on funko pops, gadgets, eating out, and gimmicky bars. they thought the gravy train was never gonna end. the dumb fucks should have saved their wages up instead of blowing it all.

elon is based for shaking out the twitter bugmen nest. they're weak, lazy, and entitled.

No. 1413830

did he photoshop his head wider

No. 1413856

his head looks like an inverted toilet bowl
shiniest porcelain

No. 1413894

File: 1668828687267.jpg (111.95 KB, 591x601, 1667592046856.jpg)

>Jordan Peterson and Andrew Tate got unbanned by muskrat
>Nick "I take pictures of men while they're sleeping" Fuentes still banned even after opening champaign and singing praises of Muskrat
Oh my sides.

No. 1413955

File: 1668837420570.png (548.75 KB, 648x900, Screenshot 7.png)

Misogyny against struggling mothers but make it woke

No. 1413959

I'd rather he unban trump tbh because at least whilst he was problematic, he made people laugh. These two bozos are just boring and i want to beat them with crowbars.

No. 1413960

A rightoid could have easily made this.

No. 1413961

File: 1668837815114.png (192.13 KB, 590x623, wp.png)

Now this is on the news. I remember a while ago people were hating on right-wing media for stories mocking how zoomers find certain emojis awkward/rude, which were just based on 1 reddit comment. This is similar outrage bait but from the other side. 99% of users liked what she did and the 1% who disagreed are being blown out of proportion.

No. 1413966

>Nick "I take pictures of men while they're sleeping" Fuentes
Where is this from?

No. 1413968

I think their logic is that since rightwingers nominally are pro-families, being anti-family would be a more woke equivalent

No. 1413973

Off topic but now that she took off the troon aesthetics, I kinda hate how I find her cute lmao

No. 1413976

This fuckbag is quite cunning. Most of his smarts is learned, but the main thing is he knows how to be a compulsive liar and Push-Pull and change up his words, values and arguments to mean different things according to different situations, Tate's main front is to "Be Water", nice appropriation of chinese culture, but stick nearer with the "law of the jungle" hard-right base. Don't ever trust that he might not be as hateful or antiwoman as he is.

No. 1413979

Andrew needs his ears pinned back, his face shortened, jawline rebuilt, eyes cut bigger, stronger cheekbones. Also get a lousy toupé at least.

No. 1413993

the thing is Andrew Tate doesn't believe anything, in another reality he easily could have been a "leftist" in the same mold as Hasan, he says whatever gives him the amount of attention

No. 1413997

File: 1668843112366.jpg (53.45 KB, 661x296, muhfamily.jpg)

are right wingers even pro family? They're just pro nuclear family, pro miniature dictatorship where the patriarch gets full discretion to abuse his wife and children. They don't see the inlaws as actual family and want there to be moral outrage of them encroaching on his freedom if they want the wife and children to be actually safe. They don't actually love family, they cannot even fathom living together with parents, grandparents, aunts etc. They're pro isolated individualistic miniature patriarchy masquerading as a family. They cannot even fathom the pressure family gives and how even if you don't have kids, you might work for your family's benefit anyway, since that is still family.

No. 1414002

that's why I said specified nominally, most can't live to the expectations they expect for others, of being a breadwinner

No. 1414007

>nice appropriation of chinese culture
Thanks to Twitter I can no longer tell if you're joking

No. 1414181

File: 1668866321113.jpg (99.96 KB, 1063x661, IMG_20221119_085502.jpg)

Elon is going full retard today

No. 1414186

File: 1668867026351.jpg (296.16 KB, 1080x1437, IMG_20221119_150636.jpg)

Sorry, but this frustrates me so much
He's trying to appease advertisters but unbanning misogynist redpillers for the sake of "free speech"
if you search the recent bitcoin/ftc collapse, all you get is crypto shilling blue checkmark accounts

I don't care about twitter as a platform, but media has started using it for announcements and quotes from celebrities and in countries like Japan it's the main source of online news. Twitter is unpopular in my country, but this is creating such a toxic shill environment, I hope it collapses.

No. 1414187

don't hate me but I actually support this, my hatred of troons and neoliberals exceeds my dislike of Musk

No. 1414189

The thing is that I feel like terfs and radfems will get censored as "hate speech"

No. 1414195

not really, most radfem accouts even nowadays barely got any attention, they only get attention when troons dogpile and accounts banned

No. 1414233

File: 1668870071807.jpeg (314.58 KB, 828x958, FC82E5AC-7281-425E-AD7B-0205FE…)

ladies if you don’t bathe 3 times a day everyday you’re a stank hoe. as for moids well it doesn’t matter if they haven’t wiped between their ass cheeks since their mothers did it for them, everyone knows it’s natural for women to constantly smell of heavily perfumed artificial products. if you let yourself smell naturally for even one second you’re not a proper woman!!

No. 1414240

He is so fugly kek. Looks like a shaved ape.
The way I thought a right-wing account posted this before I checked. They really are the exact same.

No. 1414242

I agree not showering everyday is gross but men naturally smell worse than women.

No. 1414245

Women don't even stink that much if they wash properly. Moids on the other hand will stink even 2 hours after showering because of testosterone and them just not washing their ass even if they're in the shower.
Also these women are projecting. Most people I know that are obsessed with not smelling and always looking "clean" don't wash their asses after shitting, let their skin rot under heavy makeup that makes them sweat and put on a ton of perfume that reeks after the first 5 minutes of applying it.

No. 1414253

what, why did you vote no, i like shitposts from trump

No. 1414275

So you'd rather have more men be radicalized by redpill shit just to make the twannies feel bad
Wow fighting the good fight anon

No. 1414294

that's not how it works retard. Women will still be the most affected by anti abortion and anti women laws in general. I hate troons too, but we need someone who isn't extreme right or left.

No. 1414297

Women dont need to shower every single day unless they are working in the coal mines or something. Just washing your face every morning and night is fine. wtf
is this the sexism myth that you cant wear the same panties twice in a row?

No. 1414305

>same panties twice in a row
Isn't that because of discharge? I have dry days, but mostly there's transparent discharge

No. 1414311

he's right though. mombies are really entitled. if you're that crazed and time pressed to get your fucking coffee, make it at home. it's not really cute to go around thinking the world owes you something and that rules don't apply to you just because you did something that 99% of the human species has done. and don't call not wanting to put up with entitled bullshit "misogyny" because she's sitting right there hating on other women.

No. 1414340

It's not like gender criticals and feminists would be gaining anything from this, because they aren't the demography Musk panders to.

No. 1414361

File: 1668876408640.jpg (768.23 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2022-11-19-15-28-05…)

Can we talk about what load of bullshit his claim is? How do you censor negative/hate speech?

Twitch has tried for a decade and their attempts have been flops, you can have banned strings of letters but people who spam racist slurs will just use emoji and symbols.

What counts as negative speech? Any hating on big corporations? Can anyone report even an innocent person for hate speech and get them silenced?
The idiot is not even hiding how he wants to manipulate the narrative on twitter.

No. 1414368

There's books about what hate speech is and isn't, go read one

No. 1414388

I wish all the gendercrits would get that through their heads, I’m sick of them saying how based musk is for allowing right wingers to say trans jokes sprinkled between their hatred of democrats and women’s rights. The enemy of your enemy shouldn’t be your fucking friend, especially when they want to take your own rights away because they think you’re just a bitchy whore or a Karen.

No. 1414396

This ragebait has been around for fucking ever and the only time it comes up is to start a discussion about how they hate moms because “all they did was get nutted in” so they shouldn’t be treated with respect. It’s a silly photo from like 20 years ago but they act like it’s the sole mindset of mothers to expect special treatment.

No. 1414397

Anon, are you retarded? You missed the point, there's no way to write an algorithm that can reliably ban hate speech.

No. 1414422

The image is obnoxious but moms are such a defenseless, easy target. Everyone thinks they're idiots who got themselves into trouble and wanted kids just for ego and deserve no leave or help. It hurts especially when feminists do this, fighting for women protective rights should also include moms. I love my mum

No. 1414428

what part of that justifies moms cutting in line and looking down on everyone else like rules don't apply to them and theyre the queen of england? you're not special for having a kid. most of humanity has or will have kids. rules apply to you. i don't feel empathetic for a bitch who walks in the room and immediately looks down on me and expects me to give way to her entitled demands. i'll throw that coffee in her bitch face.

No. 1414433

1) i doubt that actually happened 2)You have weapons grade autism. But here in civilized society people usually give spaces to pregnant women and mothers with babies because it's safe to assume that they're tried an vulnerable. Also the less they're here the less annoying is the baby/kid for the rest.

No. 1414436

I’ve never seen a mom cut in line with their “mom pass” kek it’s just a joke because raising a child is tiring, this post has been around for fucking ever and everyone loses their mind every time it’s shared

No. 1414441

wait what the fuck does free speech have to do with abortion laws? free speech isn't a left wing or right wing concept, it's a human right that we should aspire to have.
>inb4 "no one really has free speech free speech doesnt exist!!!!!". notice how i said 'aspire', it's an ideal that is essential for any modern civilization to thrive.

No. 1414444

Any time that i see someone SEETHING at the concept that mothers are vulnerable i know they have a deep mother wound. Can't conceptualize mothers as people because that would mean humanize their own mothers.
Maybe it's because their kids are autistic and can't establish a proper relationship. The autism comes frist and the werid relationship comes second. Anyone who actually was next to an autistic child know how unpleasant they can be.

No. 1414448

A lot of autismo kids (males) are usually mad at their mothers for stopping breastfeeding and changing their diapers and dedicate their whole lives to return to that state. Sometimes they succeed. Neurotypical males feel like this too, but their mental structure avoids acting out so it's not as viseral.

No. 1414451

Elon Musk is called apartheid Clyde for a reason. He's an altright scrote who only wants free speech for him, but not for others really. Which is common with all the alt right scrotes who claim they just want free speech. Free speech as a concept is great, but these types use it as some sort of retarded rules for thee not for me dog whistle. First they say they just want free speech and next they suddenly say women should stay at home and only pop out kids, it becomes obvious they don't give a shit about freedom.

No. 1414458

ntayrt but it's nice listening to bbc world news headlines at 5am when they're devoid of trump

No. 1414472

everyone knows that elon musk is retarded, doesn't negate the importance of free speech. also your argument makes no sense, there was almost no censorship online 15 years ago and now there is censorship up the ass but 'alt right' anti-woman conservative sentiment is rising despite it.

No. 1414476

File: 1668882064322.png (894.86 KB, 1068x1402, Screenshot_20220715-090149.png)

From his time with Jaden, America First's treasurer, where totally straight Nick Fuentes would take pictures of Jaden and pass them around.

No. 1414504

i'm not letting you cut in line just because you have a kid. get the fuck over yourself.

No. 1414507

>she's sitting right there hating on other women.

No. 1414510

nta but at my retail job years ago it happened all the time regardless of the kids' ages. I even had a woman trying to give me her baby's used diaper in my unprotected hands because she wanted me to throw it out for her in the changing rooms' trashcan which is only for paper. And a shit ton of women would push everyone with their strollers on purpose to have more space including employees. They acted like they could queue with heavily pregnant women, old people and physically disabled customers to buy their shit faster. No, fuck the entitled mothers who start shit with everyone.

No. 1414511

reminds me of some bitch at my old job who, if we got to leave early but had to pick who would leave early, would go "i have a kid" in a bid to make it seem like she's the most worthy of leaving early.

No. 1414518

Men who torture animals for their worthless manchild experiments and make their profit off of apartheid and child slavery can never be based lol

No. 1414519

retail worker nonnas get it.
"you're 22 and slept 10 hours last night, get to the back of the line"
are you daft? right the fuck here. what do you call that? she's a nasty hateful bitch with entitlement issues who treats others like trash. and you defend her.

No. 1414521

Fauci tortured beagles to death. He put beagle puppies in a constraining box and let fleas eat them alive slowly. He severed their bark box so they would suffer and die silently.

No. 1414523

That sentence says nothing about women kek. You're getting worked up over a joke image from years ago of a woman you don't know.

No. 1414525

>you're getting worked up
projection. you're the one jilling yourself to the poor oppressed woman who shat out a kid like 48% of the human species has.

No. 1414538

well he's running for president again, that won't last for long.

No. 1414542

Yes. He and Musk can burn in hell and get assfucked with no lube forever. Throw in any other evil fuck, especially the E. Euro, French and Belgian ones. What's your point? "If you don't support MY piece of shit moid, you must support this OTHER piece of shit moid"? Some of us can live and think without a rich, decaying subhuman male's dick in our mouths, you know.

No. 1414558

I don't give a fuck about Twitter, but the more people harassing this man, the better. Inshallah Elon Musk will eventually be tortured to death for every act of exploitation and abuse he has facilitated on the destitute. Pornsick /pol/tards with daddy issues, drug-addled, autistic techbros with flatlined empathy, and delusional, social media addicted pickmes who think their hundredth banned Twitter accounts and "triggering muh libs" are the important matters in the world seethe and cope forever.

No. 1414621

only redditors like elon musk, if you actually went on 4chan you would know that they hate this guy just like everyone else.

No. 1414624

>reeee stop bullying /pol/
Nope, fuck 4tran, head on back there. They have their tongues rooted firmly in his asshole "b-because he triggers le lefties who disagree with mee". No one with a brain gives a fuck about any of that shit.

No. 1414629

i don't give a shit about defending /pol/ kek but you're just saying bullshit that you pulled out from your ass like it's fact.

No. 1414634

Go check the archives for yourself, or don't and keep raging.

No. 1414653

File: 1668894256223.jpeg (359.29 KB, 1170x1251, 5F1AD6F1-EC7E-408A-9CA0-1D7E49…)

Seems like a lot of women left. 9:28am UTC is 1:28am California time. Can’t blame them.

No. 1414654

File: 1668894328487.jpeg (660.38 KB, 1170x1137, B58CBEF4-33BF-49C5-B47D-CCF9C9…)

soyboys don’t get hard over female characters in a children’s game challenge (failed)

No. 1414685

They're ugly as fuck and their 3D models don't help at all, this specific type of pokemon fans is beyond help.

No. 1414695

Nothing about these 2 pictures scream sex??? Coombrain attacks again.

No. 1414697

Cool so I guess woman = sex and not a person. Like really theyre just standing there and he says it’s horny, moids need to be banned from the Internet for a few months

No. 1414699

I'm fucking tired of the
>Twitter's gonna die tonight!
>next day comes
>Twitter's really gonna die tonight!
>Next day comes
>Twitter's gonna-
Rinse and repeat. Someone make it stop already.

No. 1414702

You do know people just pretend to like Musk to get you angry and have you reply to them, right?

No. 1414708

I don't use Twitter, meaning I don't interact with his fans, so no. I do notice they often stray here, get triggered and reply angrily to anyone who says anything bad about him, though. The Grimes/Musk thread gets them particularly mad

No. 1414719

Who the fuck does that?

No. 1414725

me lmao but also musk will turn 41% into 100%, he based

No. 1414727

>he based
Sorry, fat bitch babies with tranny sons aren't based.

No. 1414729

Nonna… it's called trolling…

No. 1414732

Since we are adopting pet retards, I'll say his son is the based one for trooning out and pissing him off.

No. 1414766

File: 1668903167943.jpeg (874.64 KB, 1170x1801, A8F26769-E118-455D-A0AE-7FABF3…)

That’s a very philosophical way of saying you’re a faggot

No. 1414771

..Did he ever stop to think that it was removed because it's supposed to be a family friendly movie

No. 1414773

Samedag but why is he getting offended on the behalf of superheroes like they're real. "Superheroes have sex too!!!" like shut up.

No. 1414786

I can't stand Elon but I agree with you on the part with these funko pop-manlet-tech-bros finally being knocked down a peg or two

No. 1414790

Did anybody bring up dc covering margo robbies asscheeks in post because her original shorts were considered too short?

No. 1414797

This reminds me of that "Everyone is beautiful and no one is horny" article that went viral where the author talked about how Captain America is attractive but he shows no interest in sex and how that's part of a grander scheme of society to make a natural feeling seem unnatural. Why won't people understand that current superhero movies are targeted 8 year old boys and that's why they lack sex. These woman/manchildren would rather make up insane conspiracies rather than admit that they are too old for these types of movies

No. 1414807

The fucking stench of that room whew

No. 1414817

Maybe stop looking at children's media

No. 1414819

An adult demanding children's movies to cater to their adult sexual desires is always very suspicious

No. 1414823

That was two different studies. And he didn't perform them, he approved the funding for the one that 'debarked' the dogs. The other one with beagles in boxes was not funded by the group Fauci was in charge of, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. The money came from another group. There is no need to make shit up.

No. 1414832

It was removed cause moids can't handle dick. Same reason they air brushed out Brandon Routh's dick in his Superman movie, they edited out Batman's dick from that one comic, and why you never see a man with visible package in any of the r rated superhero movies. They need every man to look he's a Ken doll.

No. 1414865

tbh as a lesbian id rather not see dick either.

No. 1414867

yet every woman in these movies struts around with perky bubble bazongas. moids go out of their way to ruin female pleasure by destroying manservice and the female gaze. just like in anime with one and only one relevant male character and a harem of women. modern men cannot tolerate competition, modern men are coddled weak little babies. seeing another man's package would make them suicidal with insecurity and envy. men need a sterile safe space where they will never be confronted by the reality that males of every species must compete with other males for female attention. yet women tolerate having honking booba shoved in our face 24/7 and are never allowed to complain.

men need SHOVELS to the face. yes, you wussy little faggot, the actor's dick is bigger than yours.

never watched any marvel movie btw, just generalizing. also anime needs DICKS. stop the boobs. i want PACKAGES. luscious bulging packages. i want as much detailing on anime dicks as goes into anime boobs and anime puffy vulva.

No. 1414894

Calm down fujocoomer. Sexualizing more men in media does not equal female liberation.

No. 1414963

you know its possible to be against both, I don't want kids to see visible breasts or men with erections in film

No. 1414970

i hate the entire superhero genre but even i saw Watchmen and that movie had a character that was just a big blue naked penis for half of it

No. 1415121

I agree with you queen. We need more bulge.

No. 1415155

>also anime needs DICKS.
You know that shit will be censored, right? Unless you buy Europeans official translations of recent BL manga. And for editing movies to remove actors' bulges… Don't they already have accessories to prevent this? The type that ballet dancers wear to hide their dicks and balls on the stage?

No. 1415158

women?? my mental image of twitter/fb/etc. was always a room full of techbros

No. 1415167

These women willingly put genitals in their mouth. We're all not clean.
For me, I want to see more toned hot male tummies. Sick of seeing hard abs and skinnyflab.

No. 1415212

Watchmen was written by Alan Moore and he hates superhero shit, it was meant as a critique of the superhero genre. Btw iirc there was a radfem cameo at the beginning of the comic.

No. 1415217

It does not, but as a fujoomer, I want my sexualized 2D drawings amd I want it now!

No. 1415242

Elon is very pro-israel and pro-ADL how is he altright

No. 1415275

File: 1668943666082.jpg (1.14 MB, 720x10474, f64f784e-77e4-4d81-83c2-2cadb0…)

Alt-right male user who likes to hit up TiFs and claim he can fix them. What's worse, also claims to have a wife and children but still replies to e-thots and OF girls' posts with perverted comments, and claims in different tweets how all his kids are grown up and yet he still has one 8-yr old son and his wife is pregnant in one other tweet.

WTF. Do some mental lonely males like to LARP like that?

No. 1415305

women who say shit like this will then go on to date the grossest smelliest man who's dick smells like rotten cheese and put that in her mouth/vagina.

No. 1415310

the two tifs in the beginning are underage, thats creepy.
Also i do believe the marriage part since some women are desperate and will marry any garbage they can find.

No. 1415393

You’re a queen and I agree. I don’t even necessarily care about seeing dicks, I just want to see men whine more because it’s funny how they can’t handle shit.

No. 1415603

File: 1668966542343.jpeg (349.86 KB, 1400x1400, 3C9FDFBF-2B0D-456D-A7D6-2F2C07…)

Kek I remember moids throwing a fit over picrel

No. 1415629

I don't know shit about comics but isn't this guy supposed to be a gymnast who can easily do backflips? Him having a body like that would be realistic in that context.

No. 1415638

File: 1668968445490.png (165.99 KB, 900x1112, E1vdJJmUUAAg_c8.png)

>tfw dick grayson will never sit on me
why live

No. 1415642

I want to take a bite of it.

No. 1415647

OT but anyone else feel that the obsession with butts(both men's and women"s) has came out of nowhere, like pre-2016 I don't remember anyone expect people who listen to rap care about butts that much

No. 1415652

Quality men wouldn't be intimidated by this, they would be motivated to work harder.
Stop hanging around with subpar men.

No. 1415653


No. 1415657

As a long time Batman reader, Dick grayson in his Nightwing attire has always had a fantastic ass. Moids stay seething.

No. 1415659

I think it's just because "thicc" was in, and coomers (both male and female alike) gravitated towards things like butts.

No. 1415660

File: 1668969815926.jpeg (320.29 KB, 1170x1015, 5E9DA3A1-CCFA-4811-9BCA-AE69E1…)

My head hurts

No. 1415661

women like male butts, especially in comics and anime was a thing. We're just not as vocal about it as men with their openly fakku shirts

No. 1415663

I'm all for growing gems in labs because the countries are being exploited for them, especially children.
Meat however, can be sourced locally and humanly, but go off vegan-karen

No. 1415664

I assume the suffering means the exploiter works in poor countries?

No. 1415668

That "reason" is Azaelia Banks coined it lmao funny how things spread

No. 1415671

I mean, the problem with meat is more than being “humane” aka still involving death of an animal and the related environmental impact. Local and humane means nothing, like what are they going to do use a softer bolt gun to shoot into their brain or let them have a final meal before butchering them? If I bought and raised a dog to eat it and shot it in the head would it be humane and would there be no backlash because I gave it a decent life? Wow sure sounds legit to me and not just marketing tactics to make people feel absolved of their guilt.

No. 1415672

Most people don't eat local, humane meat though

No. 1415681

>meat can be sourced humanly
no it can't if you believe killing animals for their meat is inherently wrong. before you scream at me i am eating chicken nuggets while posting this.

No. 1415767

File: 1668976659212.jpeg (326.19 KB, 1170x1007, C29F199A-C264-4EF5-9790-710CBF…)

The pick-meism is off the charts

No. 1415791

File: 1668977740160.jpeg (267.67 KB, 828x1201, 182DC2DD-3705-4A03-A031-0877C8…)

This was one of the recommended posts for me after looking at a random news post (I don’t have an account) like wtf I know these troll MRA type of dumbasses exist but the comments were fucking insane and retarded insinuating that women don’t have skills or the ability to hold jobs. It was genuinely sickening, I hate social media it really makes me want horrible things to happen to a certain portion of the population (in Minecraft)

No. 1415797

Idk about 3dshit but I second the notion that anime needs more packages/bulges. I've lost count of the amount of times I've seen nipples poking out of shirts but its still considered "sfw" on a technical basis.

No. 1415802

I hate that they always blame women, when the people that actually censor the internet are troons. Gamergate, drop kiwifarms, jk rowling, etc. All troons, but they never talk about them, because they know they have the power to pull the plug if they dare to go against the cult.

No. 1415905

nta but i don't kek. don't really see the appeal tbh.

No. 1415910

I wanna play with his ass like a pair of bongos

No. 1415916

Is there any reason why I should believe Twitter's previous workers didn't know how to code?

No. 1415924

Dumb post, but Wahlberg is definitely a piece of shit and it hardly ever gets talked about. It’s not like he simply called someone a slur or said something mildly racist as a teenager, the dude brutally beat and tried to murder multiple people. He only wanted a pardon for his attempted murder conviction so he could get a liquor license for his restaurant and make even more money. He really hasn’t publicly acknowledged the brutality and racism of his crimes either, just the usual “oh I’m a different person now” bullshit. No idea how he has a career.

No. 1416058

File: 1668991816641.gif (1.01 MB, 234x176, tumblr_n34nreFrzV1rdmdixo1_250…)

When is this crazy bitch gonna get knocked up and leave the internet

No. 1416105

kek, she keeps talking about how a woman's value goes down the longer she keeps off having a child, and yet she hasn't gotten pregnant yet. Interest

No. 1416113

The 2nd picture was at 1:30am on Saturday morning (Friday night). It's not noble to spend so much of your life at work like that. If the gender ratio actually changed since a lot of employees quit, I would be happy that women value work-life balance.

No. 1416141

I really don't, I have never thought about men's butts in my life

No. 1416166

File: 1668998814921.jpeg (644.31 KB, 1284x1287, 00D01BD3-EFFA-42E9-BA68-CD8BCF…)

Kek I thought the original interaction was funny because the Korean user misunderstood the “choose your fighter” meme
But then I saw this QRT and it turned into a different argument, I’m not sure how I feel about people who draw male gazey women (or even dress as such, its not exclusive to art) and try to say you’re the one at fault for seeing it as sexual. The korean user didnt even imply that femininity/sexiness is degrading, she pointed out that being dressed that wouldnt work for fighters

No. 1416168

They're drawings. Who cares.

No. 1416175

>They're drawings. Who cares.
Legitimately braindead opinion

No. 1416200

go back

No. 1416207

File: 1669002350822.jpg (Spoiler Image,27.36 KB, 540x540, 0ff442dcc5d2d77202b8035bb0a900…)

This kind of take bothers me. Whether she intends to or not fact of the matter is her art is heavily appealing to the male gaze. She sells pin-ups of sexy idealized female bodies in her store and who else does that appeal to?

No. 1416230

ive always wondered if men in other first world, "progressive" countries were still as hateful towards women as american men are, from what ive heard it seems to be a resounding no. Obviously misogyny is everywhere, but like, when i tell you it is fucking BAKED into every males mind in america from birth, and its especially disheartening when you look at how much advancement is being made in other fields of progressivism. Would you mind me asking where ur from?

No. 1416240

File: 1669003993267.png (1.32 MB, 1068x1084, Screen Shot 2022-11-20 at 8.12…)

actual facebook boomer tier humor.

No. 1416241

guys she didnt immediately get down on all fours and voraciously suck his dick while massaging his feet at the same time for merely cleaning his own house. god women are so fucking evil.

No. 1416242

51 year old man.

No. 1416244

mmm trad larp handmaiden posts and self pitying misogynists in their comment sections releasing all of their pent up rage and blame towards women in their replies randomly. always.

No. 1416264

idk if theyre still there but there literally used to be two decently popular subreddits dedicated strictly to defending chris watts and brian laundrie, and blaming their partners for their actions and even portraying them as the actual victims. ive seen multiple videos defending brian as well, filled with comment sections of men defending him. ive also known someone in person who thought chris watts was the victim/"his wife drove him to do it". They used the pregnancy reveal video as "proof". That, and i quote, "she kept getting herself pregnant and babytrapping him". Their exact words.

No. 1416279

File: 1669007630269.jpeg (112.34 KB, 720x1234, 011A9C1F-5E44-4AED-B734-7B50B1…)

logic is gone

No. 1416288

This is so tasteless

No. 1416297

I hate this stupid bitch. She has gotten more and more malicious and nasty as the years have gone by. I wish she would take her own advice, quit her job and be a good example to us by shutting the fuck up and shitting some kids for handler. I never feel bad when tradthots and pickmes get what's coming to them, they are not women to me.

No. 1416300

If this guy doesn't shut the fuck up, I swear i won't be surprised if he goes full hotep and starts slamming abortion or brags about all his baby mothers and calls black women breeders.

No. 1416305

Women like her always sperg about fertility rates and trad shit online because they’re somehow too batshit to hold down a moid. They’re pissed even losers won’t shack up with them so they project it onto every other poor woman.

No. 1416309

File: 1669010688389.jpeg (276.95 KB, 1170x1223, 5E1B3A2B-DE85-4016-BB5C-34BDB5…)

Omg he’s a they/them AND a “therapist”

No. 1416311

Idk who he is but he’s right in the first tweet. It fucking sucks to be born into poverty, every poor person knows their child will suffer. But It is by design, the elites hope the uncouth and unwanted of society won’t reproduce out of such guilt. It very much includes non-black poor and disabled, anyone who can not effectively contribute to the meat grinder.

No. 1416326

File: 1669011927836.png (237.1 KB, 889x767, GPGGc3z.png)

americans cant go one minute without referencing a marvel movie

No. 1416332

You just sound mad a marvel movie was referenced in the first place, it's just one tweet, jesus.

No. 1416348

File: 1669014585345.jpg (80.11 KB, 989x916, 2bzhd24ksd591.jpg)


No. 1416358

Why are people expecting every ESL online to be perfectly fluent in English and aware of unfunny jokes/memes? Reminds me of Hudeku Kamiya reminding people on twitter that he'll block them if they send him stuff in English to insult him after the whole voice actor debacle and people made fun of him and blamed him for the harrassement he got because "he should have said it differently" bitch he's ESL, you want him to write a thesis to explain why he doesn't want to broke his NDA or what.

No. 1416366

Is it really the male gaze if she's a lesbian tho?

No. 1416375

holy shit…… it’s just like that one avengers movie…………..

No. 1416377

Jasmin Darnell has a bf nona lmao, she's just a perverted autist

No. 1416383

Okay but I still wouldn't call it the "male gaze" if a woman is drawing it and in one of the replies she said she's bi. The argument that bi/lesbian women are perpetuating the male gaze by drawing women they think are attractive has always seemed schizophrenic to me. You can't "perpetuate the male gaze" and be a woman. By definition, the male gaze means a man is looking at a woman, not women looking at other women. This is also why women can't "objectify" other women like men do. I stg this is why male gaze as a term should've stayed in film theory instead of people applying it to "everything men happen to find attractive". Should she just not express herself in her art bc some moid somewhere could fap to it? That's not her fault, it's their fault, and that's the point I think she's trying to convey.

No. 1416394

I saw this. I like drawing sexy women, but that artist gave HEAVY male gaze and pick-me behavior. You just know when something sexy is drawn by a woman for women.

I hate this fuckwit so fucking much. I keep getting redpill misogynist tweets since the changes on my feed and I want to abandon twitter, but my favorite korean artists are keeping me, ugh.

No. 1416397

I like how Lauren's baby is not even one fucking year old and she's still constantly on social media sperging about women. So trad and submissive, having someone else feed your child while mommy makes her money on the internet!
This miserable bitch was probably rage tweeting about feminism from the delivery room. Follow your own advice for once and get off social media. You have no business being there by your own logic.
Zoomer scrotes eat facebook boomer memes up like nothing else given they're either a) sexual or b) misogynistic. They're malebrained to the max.

No. 1416406

File: 1669020966933.jpg (131.39 KB, 1080x937, IMG_20221121_095334.jpg)

Twitter just suggested me to follow Ben Shapiro.

Call me a paranoid schizo, but there is no way in hell that recommendation makes sense for a ~20 year old woman in Europe who just follows anime news and musicians.

No. 1416407

>Ben Shapiro
>follows anime
I'm so sorry, it probably thinks you're a troon, nonna.

No. 1416408

I only follow cooking channels and normie shit, literally nothing that would suggest a political leaning and conservative MRA garbage is all over my recommended on social media. The algorithm is designed to suggest that stuff and no one can convince me otherwise.

No. 1416409

File: 1669021653458.jpg (418.49 KB, 1080x1256, IMG_20221121_100627.jpg)

No. 1416414

It might be some kind of "default" recommendations because they don't hace enough data on you. I have local news, football players and politicians recommended to me (as in, specifically from my city) despite using the app in english and asking for japanese trending tags, and I only follow other European and Asian artists who sperg about video game husbandos and yaoi. I think I've messed with my privact settings just enough to avoid personalized bs on my tl, maybe that's also your case.

No. 1416422

Plot twist: it does make sense

No. 1416427

I am a misandrist, so maybe they want to fuel my hatred for moids.

No. 1416438

File: 1669025966685.png (76.88 KB, 652x539, Screenshot 65.png)

I despite western liberals so much, its like we need to convince them that worse misogyny outside the west even exists. this law is still in practice in Iran(cause Iran is an Islamic republic that does not allow a virgin woman to be executed so she has to be married and then raped first) this was also a law in my country and I didn't learn this from islamophobes, I learned this from my grandmother when I was 12 and she lived through that era

No. 1416440

How and why is she trying to defend Iran's policies when Iranian women themselves fight them - and die doing so? I guess they're islamophobic too

No. 1416442

File: 1669027176263.jpg (38.55 KB, 500x233, persepolis image.jpg)

Campist brainrot. The West = bad, ergo not-West = good

No. 1416461

Why are they always like this? Shoe is the same. Meanwhile ultra feminist handmaidens like Lindsay Ellis are married and have children. Its so funny.

No. 1416465

File: 1669039890718.jpg (286.52 KB, 1080x876, IMG_20221121_120729.jpg)

Anime lol

No. 1416466

the comments are so sad. i wonder just how many men around me act normal in public and then go online to screech about how all (white) women are lazy privileged whores who only drink coffee, never work and are the worst thing to happen to earth…

No. 1416470

i don't support transitioning but that's actually a cool outfit

No. 1416475

The AI on twitter is just so bad, there's nothing related to anime in that post and they do that shit all the time with all the topics they suggest. You'll have half naked OF girls in bikinis in the "video games" topic because the caption is a copypasted sentence mentioning a nintendo game or whatever. It's not as bad as instagram but almost.

No. 1416478

File: 1669042031987.jpg (797.25 KB, 1060x1666, Uvxno45.jpg)

I fucking hate people like this. Bring up Islam around any western liberal woman or diaspora muslimah in the west and prepare to hear the most delusional, retarded and desperate cope you can think of.
>muh western media brainwashing
>first religion to give women rights!!
>in islam women are the queens of the house!
>culture =/= religion!!
Moids (muslim or not) in the comment sections laughing their assess off while these fools justify and glorify their own oppression. And notice how it's never women who actually live in these countries who say this shit? Yeah.

No. 1416481

doublepost but another thing these women often bring up (in a really snappy way too) is that women in the US "don't even have bodily autonomy" and should therefore be quiet about the allegedly nonexistent misogyny within islam. I don't have words for how evil that "comeback" is. And the defense is never there for Christianity, of course. Since there are no woke asspats to be gained.
These people are hesitant to say that women are female and think they'll be comfortable with islamic ideology of all things fucking kek

No. 1416482


No. 1416483

Not her squinting her nose the WHOLE TIME to make it skinner…. baby girl you’re going to give urself a headache

No. 1416485

Christianity anf Islam arr two sides of the same coin, Christianity doesn't enforce its bs on others as much as it used to in most countries but if it could? It absolutely would. I don't get westerners born and raised into Christianity and hating it trying to defend Islam for this reason. I just don't get it'

No. 1416493

Here's the thing, structurally speaking Christianity is a flawed religion, and I mean that in a good way, Judaism and Islam have supplementary theological texts that help fill in spaces, the Talmud, the hadiths and various commentaries on these texts, plus language, jewish remain Hebrew while the Islamic texts remain in 7th century Hijazi arabic
Christianity has translations of the bible whose meanings have been mistranslated and misinterpreted since the beginning, I'm not a Christian and both are equally made up imo, but Christianity has the aspect of Cultural flexibly that Islam lacks

No. 1416503

File: 1669044169777.png (44.31 KB, 127x184, man hands.png)

lol he tried to photoshop his man hands

No. 1416504

Original poster, while these people make me angry(I really want to smack them) I can't blame that much, they are products of American liberalism, which is done by espousing the traditional battles for civil rights and presenting themselves as the sole defenders of morality, of progress and the future of our world.
american liberalism fights for absolute stability and it's almost obsessive with the way it tries to present itself as the only "sensible" choice. It's a moderate force at first sight but a soulless one as it a the natural evolution of capitalist society, It just paints itself in rainbows and green to trick gullible people into supporting it.
and that is what these people and that is what there society made them into

No. 1416524

You’re a moron. If you think the male gaze stops being the male gaze once a woman does the same exact thing, then you have nothing but a libfem’s surface level understanding. Read a book

No. 1416531

Honestly should just be masculine gaze, because the enjoyment of exaggerated pornographic femininity is strictly a masculine trait.

No. 1416539

NTA but I think you can draw curvy sexy women, the factor that determines male/female gaze is if the woman is in control, if the woman is a fetish object etc.

No. 1416543

I really don't want to derail, but maybe read up on countries that were historically used as the barrier protecting europe from muslim invaders. Women would tatoo christian and pagan symbols on their hands to scare/deter the foreginers and the locals merged their pagan beliefs into more acceptable christianity, but didn't follow all the rules. They also worship Mary much more in those regions.

No. 1416555

interesting, do you have any more information about these sects, cause the the Quran mentions this sect of Christianity which Islam considers the most sacrilegious, in it God the father, Jesus and Mary are worshipped as part of the trinity
You can imagine the idea of a woman being equal to God was pretty reclusive towards Muslims

No. 1416560

I come from a muslim family and I was borned and raised in Europe so I know all that stuff already. My post is from my own personal point of view as a young woman who had Islam shoved down my throat since birth, and as someone who knows Christian women from traditional families who had to deal with more or less similar shit. It's less about historical stuff and more about how religion has an impact on our daily lives. Seriously sometimes I read shit about Mormons online and want to laugh at them for having no life and I then remember I'm still a virgin because I'm too worries about being in huge trouble for having a love life out of wedlock.

No. 1416568

It's mostly stuff I know from a friend in bosnia, their biggest sanctuary is devoted to mother Mary

No. 1416575

thank you

No. 1416598

File: 1669051264599.png (659.65 KB, 637x956, pure autism 1.png)

I fucking love that Trumps is disinterested in coming back to twitter so Elon is firing all the cylinders on his autism and is trying to meme him into coming back

No. 1416600

File: 1669051291132.png (415.15 KB, 640x797, pure autism 2.png)

Embarrassing. Just embarrassing.

No. 1416608

do you think he makes them himself or is he reposting these?

No. 1416611

File: 1669051925468.jpg (415.13 KB, 1080x1643, IMG_20221121_183024.jpg)

Chinese and Korean feminists are based. I know attacking other women is low, but I respect the energy to just tell somebody you find annoying to kill themselves.

No. 1416615

Not sure if I am sheltered, but I find it very fucked up for a CEO of a billion dollar company to post shit like this publically?

Yes, moid CEOs would go on pedo tourism in thailand, politicians too, but usually the mockery and acting like a monkey is reserved for lower staff while you need to keep your "reputation".

No. 1416620

I'm repeating myself but I hate white anglos who only speak one language and who assume people from completely different ethnicities and continents and cultures have to be fluent in English. She "understood" her English perfectly but didn't even notice the Korean girl is ESL? I have to laugh. Now she's acting like a poor little victim. I didn't even disagree with any of these two girls before but that one is obnoxious and retarded. She's saying her pinup art with bare titties aren't influenced by the male gaze too, just lol.

No. 1416627

File: 1669052645499.jpg (565.26 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2022-11-21-18-42-29…)

Doubleposting but kek, look at the reply to the tweet. Of course she's call the korean a "bootleg" feminist. Feminism is apparently about mentally ill men and drawings.

No. 1416632

lool of course his name is cummings

No. 1416642

Eh I don't think telling a woman to kill herself(even if she is a retarded gender special) is ever baed

No. 1416652

By god this man looks demonic…

No. 1416727

File: 1669057598916.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1170x1791, 109E5507-1F7A-44C1-A42F-CDFD45…)

Why do moids think it’s funny to take sneaky photos of women

No. 1416728

what's the context here?

No. 1416731

oh noo shes buying a snack, women are so weirddd

No. 1416732

File: 1669057805123.png (134.75 KB, 1080x540, Screenshot_20221121-110745_(1)…)

Looks like they're accusing anyone that doesn't agree with their brand of feminism as terfs now

No. 1416740

do these people even understand the concept of touching grass and logging off? she's the one who started by responding to a small twitter user just because she criticized her.

No. 1416769

>go outside to buy some clothes for yourself or a present
>errand done but you're kind of hungry on your way home
>go to the nearest store to buy a banana to eat on your way home quickly because it's tasty, filling and healthy
>some retard takes a picture of you without permission and posts it online without even hiding your face to make fun of you for doing something basic and normal
This shit makes me want to go back to being a hikikomori to be sure I'll never have to deal with this but I have bills to pay, unfortunately.

No. 1416776

>You’re a moron. If you think the male gaze stops being the male gaze once a woman does the same exact thing
Can you explain how a woman can have the "male gaze"? That's not what male gaze means in theory, it's not a sociological theory it's a film theory about how male directors portray female actors. It sounds like you're the one who needs to read a book. Tiktok has convinced you the male gaze means "perpetuating things men find attractive". Do you mean just doing or appreciating things men happen to find attractive at the moment? Doesn't labelling nearly everything "the male gaze" mean constantly being worried about what men will jerk off to and deliberately moving away from things men find attractive just because? Sounds exhausting but you do you

No. 1416783

The korean girl didn't even criticize her, she just took a repetitive joke out of context because she didn't get the reference, asked a normal question and said normal things and the artist lost her shit.

No. 1416806

So fucking annoying. I hate how you can’t even eat a banana without a scrote trying to make some kind of deal about it. You know his ape brain was like ha ha woman buy nana so she can masturbate with it or whatever other gross perverted thing. I always break or bite a banana if I have to eat it in public just like I’d break their nasty dicks in half with my hands.

No. 1416823

I thought he said that in a "omg a customer who's not buying 100$ worth of food in one go, lol so weird lmao"

No. 1416865

You’ve obviously never read basic radfem theory

No. 1416882

I've read most radfem texts and clearly you haven't… the concept of the "male gaze" isn't from "radfem theory", it's from film theory like I said

No. 1416895

The 15000 protestors thing is also true. It’s not that all the protestors already went on trial but the parliament did vote for tougher punishments for them including the death penalty.

No. 1417249

File: 1669084674173.jpeg (236.02 KB, 1242x870, A5E0EBCF-26CA-4867-8CCB-4FD4DF…)

Say what you want about tumblr and its cringe but this is literally so true..
been using tumblr for the last two years while only scrolling twitter occasionally, everything is just so chill and laidback on tumblr lol who would’ve guessed that tumblr would be cool again

No. 1417253

Tumblr is singlehandedly responsible for the rise of wokeness and it's still very much that so no it's never been good and never will be. Just because twitter is shit doesn't mean tumblr is good.

No. 1417259

Sure, they were the powerhouse of tumblr in 2014 maybe. but seriously check it for yourself now, it’s much easier to curate your feed and control what content you interact with easily and there’s plenty of good/insightful users on there
Also radblr is pretty big

No. 1417262

I've used tumblr since 2010, it still very much has that climate and tumblr has always generally been better than twitter functionally but the culture of the site is just as bad. Rad-everything is bigger now because troonism has become bigger so there's more of a backlash.

No. 1417275

File: 1669085792971.jpg (28.02 KB, 420x247, brandsew.jpg)

I hate brand accounts

No. 1417278

I cant believe they're really sexualizing periods i pray that a moid wrote that and not a woman

No. 1417279

can you recommend me some good radblrs to follow/lurk on

No. 1417281

Ugh same and it all started with that Wendy’s twitter account, it unleashed corporations hiring 19 year olds as social media interns. Duolingo is the absolute worst

No. 1417283

This joke is stupid but definitely not moid tier or "sexualizing periods"

No. 1417287

File: 1669086741924.jpg (73.84 KB, 768x1024, 1643852602246.jpg)


No. 1417288

who the fuck approved this? Glad I don't use tampons. wtf

No. 1417292

Seriously considering making a bunch of fake defective product claims(photo evidence and all) and posting them to twitter just to spite these interns. Even better if I can make them as fake as possible but they can't clown on me because that's bad pr so they have to do the whole "so sorry ma'am we'll try our best to rectify this bla bla" spiel when I send them a picture of tampax tampons that came from the store pre-soaked in blood

No. 1417296

I like how anons can reveal insane government conspiracy information and be buried and forgotten but everyone dog piles and pearl clutchers a tampon company for making a dumb joke

No. 1417319

Judaism is still all kinds of fucked up. The best of the lot (and that's not saying much) is Roman Catholic Christianity cause it had the protestant reformation which started Western Christianity on the path to eventually ditching the most of the extreme sexist bullshit in Christian. Judaism still has the orthodox sects which are misogynistic trash. Even the worst evangelicals aren't as bad as them.

I specified Roman Catholic Christianity cause I have no idea what the deal is with Orthodox Christianity.

No. 1417331

The Catholic Church is a global pedophile ring that excommunicates children who get abortions but not the men who raped and impregnated those children.

No. 1417333

…I have no idea what this tweet means and I've read it 6 times.

No. 1417342

King Charles III moment

No. 1417344

They mean that men are in women's dms meanwhile tampax tampons are inside women's vaginas.

No. 1417346

Shut the fuck up we can be angry that a company who makes products for WOMEN, not retarded gamer boys, wants to sexualise their products.

No. 1417349

This has got to be the most stupid take ever. Plenty of women make jokes about tampons being inside of them kek. Go to libfem Tumblr if you wanna cry this bad(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1417351

This has to be a troon/scrote. And if you are a handmaiden fuck off too, no man is going to give you headpats because you try to larp as le edgy kink positive edgy gril. A tampom company making gross sexual jokes isnt the same as a retarded pickme doing it by themselves.

No. 1417352

I don't fucking care anon, for one i have never heard a joke like that coming from a woman, only women complaining about moids thinking women get off using tampons. If anything this kind of humor is right up the ally of lib fems whores. I don't find edgy shit like this funny and you are not going to gaslight me into finding retarded moid level humor funny. Go back to 4chan.

No. 1417358

File: 1669091671828.png (28.41 KB, 300x291, thumb_kimberly-biggkim-period-…)

Anyone who has had a deep enough friendship with another woman knows for fact other women make gross sexual period jokes all the time unless you're in a mega Christian group. If anything the people who sound like troons are the ones acting like tampon companies making dumb jokes have some evil intentions behind it. Let women live not all women want uwu pure conversations and nothing else. God forbid women have a sense of humor different than yours

No. 1417359

oh. well. that's a bit… is that really an advertisement?
her i like.

No. 1417363

Nta but "Rub blood on my head like I'm simba" isn't sexual just gross funny, while "we're inside them and you want to be inside them" is gross sexualisation of a product that should be seen as neutral because it's design to deal with a natural boddily function. Women can sexualise themselves but not companies making products for women, that's pretty wrong to sexualise a natural function, like people who sexualise breast feeding. Degen and dehumanising to women, simple as.

No. 1417367

File: 1669092244747.webm (8.47 MB, 640x360, R4c8fsHGCjLO8qQb.webm)

vidrel is recent video in Taliban controlled afghanistan where 2 women are lashed and beaten for the crime of listening to music and singing(which Islam explicitly forbids and considers a major sin, like its literally stated in the Quran) this what Islam in practice according to the Quran is
also what makes this even sadder is this from Nuristan province, a region up until 150 years ago didn't follow Islam until they were systemically ethnically cleansed and murdered and forced to convert

No. 1417377

It's literally a joke about period sex. And you seriously think women never made jokes about "tampons being up a vagina and men aren't"? No one's going to magically start thinking periods are sexual because of one joke. This tweet has literally changed nothing outside of enraged farmers who seem to be misdirecting their anger.
>that's pretty wrong to sexualise a natural function, like people who sexualise breast feeding. Degen and dehumanising to women, simple as.
There's literally a TikTok trend of women showing their dinner table and posting "everyone here has sucked my titties" kek. I would barely consider it sexualization until they implied the actions are the same thing, all they did was point out that tampons are in a woman's vagina, and that's where men wish they were. It's not saying that tampons are periods are sexual at all. Similar to breastfeeding jokes, the women pointed out their breasts were sucked on for different ones, one sexual and one not, that's not saying it's the exact same. Either way, just let women live. This is a harmless joke especially compared to the rampant misogyny on Twitter(ip hopping to defend yourself)

No. 1417382

Are you on some brand social media team's payroll kek

No. 1417384

File: 1669094259242.jpeg (8.8 KB, 338x149, descarga.jpeg)

Is it supposed to be like a gus fring image type joke? i know the "we are not the same" joke is older but companies just joke about what is popular at the moment and the gus meme is fairly recent
It reminds me of those 4chan jokes kinda

No. 1417386

I hate them so fucking much its unreal. The more moidy a religion is the more unhappy and fucked up we've become. Ever since insecure scrotes completely killed the concept of the Goddess, all these monotheistic "hurr woman sin" religions have made us fucking miserable and threw us into one dark age after another.

No. 1417387

Retard, women making jokes about themselves and companies making degen sex jokes about their customer base is not the same, nor is it a joke about period sex, "You're in their dms" is referring to trying to get with someone while "we're in them" is literally talking about being inside them, cope all you want, theres no reference to period sex, only the idea of an object being inside a women and the retard company trying to make it seem sexual. You have to be a mega retard to chimpout for multiple hours because anons said that said joke was degenerate and moidy while sperging about puritans because anons shit on it for being degenerate. Sorry sperging tampax shill but no one buys your shit products anyway since pandering to troons.

No. 1417388

i knew that Always pads are better

No. 1417389

listen as much I hate Islam(and I do hate Islam) you have to stop applying this Foucault based mindset towards it, no one person or group invented Islam to be the way it is, it came as an evolution of some heretical non-trinitarian Christianity and arab culture and hundreds of millions of people genuinely believe it, there is not even 1% of doubt in their minds cause Islam is a "perfect" religion(in terms of structure and doctrine) it can survive a thousand years without any significat change

No. 1417428

ntayrt but you are definitely being the sperg here, you sound outrage drunk, especially when declaring anyone that disagrees is a shill tranny over a crass tampon ad. you seem very desperate to be upset about something. also kekling at the tattling to /meta/

No. 1417445

File: 1669100590082.jpg (497.83 KB, 1080x1866, IMG_20221122_080053.jpg)

Why do you think I would care about men's football? I don't follow a single sport. Still trying to radicalize me.

No. 1417450

Check you settings and remove all your default topics. I bet they added that one to your account because it's the new big event so advertisers are "subtely" trying to push everything football related in front of everyone's eyes.

No. 1417452

Everyone shitting on you but they overlooked the most retarded comment ever made
>I don't fucking care anon, for one i have never heard a joke like that coming from a woman, only women complaining about moids thinking women get off using tampons. If anything this kind of humor is right up the ally of lib fems whores. I don't find edgy shit like this funny and you are not going to gaslight me into finding retarded moid level humor funny. Go back to 4chan.
What does it feel like to be completely devoid of joy and humour? Also you really aren’t as woke as you think you are, calling women whores for talking about our bodies.

No. 1417453

Oh definitely, but I find it fascinating how hard the algorithm changed after Musk's changes. Not sure if he wants to enrage people to get more interactions on the site or to push more anti-woman, anti-gay politics. Probably both.

No. 1417456

>Sorry sperging tampax shill but no one buys your shit products anyway since pandering to troons.
Are you sure you’re not a moid or a shill? Because it’s not like women can just stop having periods because the companies pander to trannies. A real woman would understand that.(bait)

No. 1417473

Theres other tampon companies that probably don’t pander to troons? Women can choose to support other companies and other types of products so all because we don’t support trannies doesn’t mean we’re automatically forced to give money to shit no matter what due to our periods lol

No. 1417475

This has got to be the weirdest reason to accuse someone of being a moid, there's other tampon brands kek
Hell I've never seen tampax in my life

No. 1417480

>get posted for dressing differently than what a normie is used to seeing in their bubble
>get posted for simply being with your bf/gf and captioned "me n who" or whatever retarded saying
>get posted for being out while dressed comfy
>get posted so others can jerk off to you
>get posted for simply asking the creep to delete the pic/video of you
>get posted because you're in the background of someone's SM post and they aren't smart enough to at least blur/cover your face

No. 1417492

Brands need to shut the fuck up. Not funny, not relatable. Never buying tampax, not using THEY THEM INSIDE THEM UGUU U KNOW LIKE PEEPEE tranny plugs. Seems to be that those the customers they want.
And yes I'm fucking triggered. Not even menstrual products are for WOMENS HYGIENE. Everything is for male sexual desires.

No. 1417498

>The best of the lot (and that's not saying much) is Roman Catholic Christianity
There is no ‘best of the lot’ and even if there were it sure as fuck wouldn’t be catholicism.

No. 1417502

grew up catholic, 13 years of catholic schooling. this is UNTRUE. catholics are some of the worst imo
proper pedos. like, I have family members who are victims of priests. genuinely what the fuck sort of person thinks roman catholic anything is good. it's fire and brimstone shit. in their eyes you're just another sinning brick in hell's basement, don't give them any credit.
sorry to sperg but wtf nona no

No. 1417512

>I like how anons can reveal insane government conspiracy information and be buried
What are you referring to here?

No. 1417542

File: 1669113600777.jpg (90.61 KB, 1200x604, 20221122_110133.jpg)

No. 1417544

Is this real? Why would tampax advertise to incels?

No. 1417545

Just scroll up a bit anons >>1417275

No. 1417549

If being uncomfortable with a product that's supposed to be for women, making jokes catered to men when there is still stigma surrounding tampons and virginity…makes someone a libfem…than i rather be that than a piece of shit tradthot/scrote like you.
Also anons here really need to start gatekeeping the word libfem here so retards like you stop misusing it.

No. 1417576

Anon legit sperged for multiple hours because anons said the joke was in poor taste and moidy kek.

No. 1417578

>shitting on tampax makes someone a troon/moid because women have vaginas
>ree don’t say tampon companies should cater to women and not make retard twitter sex jokes
>multiple anons shit on post while single sperg goes on for hours.
Mental illness or bait? Twitter fag, this thread is to make fun of people like you. Someone is triggered from being called a troon for their retard takes kek.

No. 1417579

I assume it’s the troon infighting considering they’re sperging about hatting twitards in the twitter thread.

No. 1417581

>everyone disagreeing with you
>only one anon disagreed, pretty much everyone else agreed
>realised only they disagreed so samefagged agreement to defend self
Mega kek. Who knew the tampax account manager browsed lc.

No. 1417583

Samefagged, I wasn’t even the og anon calling you a retard kek, just also called you a retard later and you coped we were the same person.

No. 1417647

File: 1669121974912.jpg (73.53 KB, 720x767, 7bfd951d-8d31-4515-b576-4003cb…)

>redpill moid who hates feminism and especially when women point out how "men rape a lot" and "are aggressive" and "don't treat women like people but window dressing props"
>Also a denier that there are bad men, when see advice on how marriage is a trap for women or men cheat, lies and tries to counter it weakly.
>'Respects' only tradthots and writes them nice messages
>One of the tradthots he associates with (Po), revealed he's pimping women on the downlow
>Believes that women should get married even though he's a PUA dickhole, and that woman's purpose should be to worship, fear and serve men, if not they're not bowing down doormats they're not "respectful". And men should have their wants and needs served by women but men don't need to let women have some freedom for her own hobbies, wants and needs too.
>Also believes in male superiority and "men are better than women"

How do they keep on cruising with this?

No. 1417657

There are a lot of accounts like this. One that keeps popping up for me spouts things like how women are the embodiment of chaos and how women’s tendency towards empathy is disguises a fascist nature. I just find it fascinating how much projection and hypocrisy these men are exhibiting.

No. 1417659

his background is literally the "gen-xer after the divorce" pic from that synthcool video

No. 1417665

>One of the tradthots he associates with (Po), revealed he's pimping women on the downlow

No. 1417687

What was revealed? I missed it fill me in

No. 1417699

he sounds fat

No. 1417722

File: 1669129729925.jpg (303.29 KB, 720x1425, Screenshot_20221122_Twitter.jp…)

Good, it's back now. I swear it wasn't there the other day.

No. 1417742

>>1417502 ayrt
It's not a good thing. It's still crazy sexist and covers for pedos. It's a hive of scum and villainy. It's just less sexist than Judaism and Islam right now. That's it.

tl;dr Only when it comes to sexism, the Catholic church is slightly less horrible then Islam and Judaism. It's still bad on everything else.

I'm sure what you went through was horrible, but I also feel sure in saying that you didn't have to legally have your husband's or father's or brother's permission to travel, get a job or go to university. You don't have to wear a hijab or veil or cut off your hair when you get married and wear a wig for the rest of your life. You can actually be alone with men who are not related to you. If you are on a period, you are not considered impure and your husband is allowed to touch you. And if you want to divorce a husband, it's done through the legal system, and you don't need to get your husband's permission to divorce him and then get a religious leader to sign off on it. And if you go to church, you don't have to sit in the back of the church, behind a curtain, or in a basement, or in a parking lot, while men sit in the front. All of this is shit muslim women and women in orthodox judaism have to deal with and christian women, even the ones who live with sexist families, don't, even though Catholicism, and Christianity in general, is still sexist.

I like to acknowledge when orgs become less shitty then they used to be. But that doesn't mean I think that it's good now but someone always takes it that way.

No. 1417756

yeah, like I am aware that Christianity and specifically Catholicism have major issues, but its not even slightly horrible to any sect of the religion of the arab pedophile

No. 1417783

Depends on where you live I guess, the Middle East and some specific countries are super strict compared to others like in some African countries, and then it also depends on you own family and community.

No. 1417816

The Christian girls I grew up with weren’t allowed to go farther than grade school math because all they needed to know was to count measuring cups in cooking for their future husbands. You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.

No. 1417819

Stop derailing, I'm a different anon from Europe and a majority people here are catholic and women outnumber men in terms of university degrees.

No. 1417820

hi pakifag, can you please stop derailing every thread you're in with your sperging about how much worse you have it than everyone else? no one cares

No. 1417821

what country or region ?

No. 1417822

File: 1669137114011.gif (17.88 KB, 220x206, ED2A35AC-0899-444E-A8AC-62A127…)

if Pakichan is here, that means my gf, Romanianon, is somewhere around here…

No. 1417823

Ah yes because I have a different exp I’m derailing. That’s cool, you don’t sound like a hypocrite at all.

No. 1417829

Bible Belt south. Rural small towns. Places so small their counties not towns.
>>girls got pulled out to homeschool because they weren’t allowed to learn higher math, their husbands will manage the money
>>no other religious books or even green cleaning. My grandmother was even one of the book burners.
>>pulling coding books for girls off those same shelves back home right now.
>>wouldn’t let me be alone with a boy or man. Needed a chaperone. Threatened to beat any boy with a stick.
>>no trick or treating will let the devil in
>>carry that rape baby it’s your fault for being a whore
>>jeans aren’t for girls.
>>stay sweet
>>women should be seen and not heard
>>blood is thicker than water and god wanted it so let your family member molest you
Etc etc
And it keeps going.

No. 1417832

here's the thing, your case is still very much cultural and an exception in your civilizations, in our country it is the norm and anything else is an exception, like I assure you(and I do not mean to cause offense) but your upbringing would be liberal by the standards of my country

No. 1417834

I was the one who stated the original discussion and it was specifically about Islam

No. 1417839

You realize I can argue the same back. You’re moving goal posts. Instead of arguing Christianity is better just acknowledge both are sexist and built in sexism. We can argue your same point about Islam by moving to a different part of the map, but stay in your bubble.

No. 1417853

that's terrible. women are treated so horribly even by their own families (who are 50% WOMEN themselves!) meanwhile boys are little princes and are allowed anything and given the world. and men have all this privilege and they're still useless retarded goblins who couldn't figure out how to wash their own socks if their life depended on it. the only way men can get ahead is by kneecapping and enslaving women. what a pathetic excuse of a gender.

i actually like catholicism but "christians" do a horrible disservice to Christianity. If you read the bible none of this woman-hatred is even in it, Jesus treated women equally to men. it's just bigotry using religion as an excuse. Jesus would be first in line to beat up misogynists.

No. 1417857

did you not read what I was trying to say, Chrisantiy is rare cases like yours can be worse and that's the point, Chrisantiy is an internally flawed and inconsistent religion, since the begging its been filled with mistranslations and misinterpretations, that's why it can take so many bizarre forms throughout various cultures and in history
you can have white nationalist Christians and Black Hebrew Israelites because Christianity because of its deficiency's
the retarded laws in your small town are merely personal interpretations but they don't have scriptural base in Chrisantiy its self

theologically speaking Islam is a perfect religion, it has everything for society, small and large scale and remain consistent in all forms, and has rules for anything you imagine thanks to supplementary texts(that have more scriptural grounding then bible) from the way you should go to the bathroom, the method a land owner should collect taxes, how to treat your wife/wives, how to treat your slaves, the correct method and direction of shitting, how to cut your nails, correct method of drinking water and well literally everything
Muslims across the globe have more similarities in how they conduct daily life in terms of religion then Christians do in the same states

do you understand what I'm saying ?

No. 1417859

>The Christian girls I grew up with weren’t allowed to go farther than grade school math because all they needed to know was to count measuring cups in cooking for their future husbands

Not everyone lived in the bumfuck of Ohio, anon, not every Christian raises their children like that kek

No. 1417872

And not every Muslim man is honor killing his daughter.

No. 1417876

>> "A woman shall not wear anything that pertains to a man, nor shall a man put on a woman's garment, for all who do so are an abomination to the Lord your God."
Keep telling yourself that. The Bible is rooted in sexism and easy to interrupt the way the churches I grew up did. I wasn’t even sent to any of the communes. Those were worse.
Just because Christians don’t follow not cutting their hair doesn’t mean it doesn’t tell them what to do.

No. 1417886

Males of Reddit account got suspended, I’m not familiar with it but apparently posted screenshots of troons and a troon posted celebrating getting it taken down. But hey Twitter is so cool now with all their free speech, oh wait why is it only free speech when it’s misogynistic who could’ve seen this coming

No. 1417895

you have to be doing this on purpose, how do you entirely miss the point I was trying to make, maybe its because I'm esl but please I ask you to re-read my post, and understand what I am trying to say

No. 1417896

Redditos are all about free speech too until women want to have a community for themselves or call out misogyny. Then those subs are nuked without hesitation. Unsurprising considering they're run by trannies.

No. 1417904

My point is Christians don’t have the power Islam has in the Middle East. That’s why they’re divided and scrambling. There are laws and other cultures here that keep them in place. Your arguing it’s the religion itself that’s better I’m telling you it’s not. Read the goddamn book and don’t trivialize women talking about their religious abuse like that women above who went to Catholic school for your point. The religious fanatics are the ones backing abortion bans in my country and taking women’s rights and it’s spreading.
The actual Bible hates women and was written by sexist pieces of shit who changed things and made women into prostitutes for their own purposes. That’s the book the religious crazies are following. Not the Ten Commandments the “good Christians” remover from Sunday school. I’m not going to agree with you.

No. 1417911

I have actually read the bible(to compare and contrast) but again did you read what I said, because I explicitly said the exact opposite and the POINT I WAS TRYING TO STATE TO YOU was not that christianity is theologically flawed, not inherently good or better but having weaknesses that can be exploited
also didn't you claim you lived in the american south(which is famously very protestant) why are you mentioning Catholicism so much

No. 1417914

You're arguing with Paki-chan, this kind of exchange always happens. The root of all this is that she minimizes other people's suffering. Islam is indeed a horrific religion, but she doesn't like to acknowledge that Christianity is shit at its core as well, because she likes the idea of a trad conservative western white man. She also mocked American anons who were depressed about Roe v Wade being overturned and said they deserved it because Pakistan is worse for women.
Again, I'm not trying to say Pakistan and Islam are not terrible, but this is a major issue with her (on top of her being racist toward non-white women). It'll never end.

No. 1417916

Oh fuck alright thank you anon. I’m done

No. 1417925

by god, I can acknowledge that I was combative and insensitive in the past, but you are all very much ignoring what I am trying to say and not even reading it, I was the one who started conversation about Islam and the point Was trying point was a scriptural and theological consistency that Islam has over other religions, the only other religion that rivals it is Judaism
that's all I am trying to say right now

No. 1417944

In good faith I’m going to point this out to you. You’re still combative. You’re dismissive of any one else’s points even when it involves trauma. I understand Islam has a United front and it’s texts go back but every religion has its justifications and you’re wrong that the Bible doesn’t have all the rules laid out. They do, the Christians choose not to follow the ones they don’t want. The same Christians forcing 8 year olds to have children will cheat in their marriage even though the Bible says for them to be stoned. Picking and choosing the Bible sections to follow is how the different factions of Christians divide. Which testament, which book. I get your point, but half your argument is grand standing and wrong and we are not going to agree.

No. 1417956

File: 1669144031177.jpg (90.43 KB, 584x356, Sahih Bukhari.jpg)

I was being "combative" cause you frequently ignored 99% of what I had written and just focused on stuff that I had never even said, also like your "books" in the bible are tiny, you have an old testament and the accounts of the gospels and that's the bible, If Islam was just the Quran, then Islam maybe would have turned out similar to Chrisantiy
Picrel is Islam, everything you associate and Muslims themselves associate with Islam comes from the Hadiths(the collected sayings and doings of Muhammad and his companions) and these aren't opinions or commentary texts, these have an actual standing with in Islamic canon(much stronger then bible's existence)

No. 1417970

I hope pakichan never stops trying to warn women on LC about Islam because if you live in Europe, it's your future.

>If you read the bible none of this woman-hatred is even in it, Jesus treated women equally to men. it's just bigotry using religion as an excuse. Jesus would be first in line to beat up misogynists.
This. When I read The Bible I was surprised because all the awful things Christianity does to women aren't there. Rape is condemned in both the Old Testament and The New Testament. St. Paul instructs husbands to not beat their wives and Jesus preaches against hate and discrimination. There's also a lot of prominent women in The Bible, such as Ruth and Mary. Christians, especially Catholics, venerate Mary as the mother of the son of God, yet the religion is used as justification to harm women. After reading The Bible it makes no sense.

No. 1417971

You’re doing it again. No one is arguing that with you. Fantastic you have more holy books. Killing anyone or raping anyone for a religion is fucked. No matter how many books you have, have a good day pakichan

No. 1417974

File: 1669144534517.jpg (1.01 MB, 2000x1360, 34_akaj-vf.jpg)

these are the important texts, the authenticated Sahih Bukhari texts, about a six big meaty volumes worth, my grandmother had a collection and a single one was about the 2/3rd size of my torso
but there are library's worth of others, those one's are usually about Muhammad's companions and family members, and there are multiple volumes about them as well and see unlike the apostles of Chrisantiy, the Shahab(companions of Muahmmad) are stated to be the greatest human beings who will ever exist in human history and there aren't 12, like their are over 50(ENOUGH ALREADY!)

No. 1417991

Just squeezing in this convo, but wouldn't everyone that's already on LC already know that Islam is bad? We're not like the general population.

No. 1418029

holy shit what is this derail. pakianon at it again huh

No. 1418317

I recently started reading the New Testament, and for real, Jesus was really radical for his time, especially with his opinions about women and how he treated them equally. He even had a woman follower, Mary Magdalene.

No. 1418487

I wish retards would stop trying to shill christianity as ~super feminist~ whenever islam is brought up. All religions are bad, either go atheist or shut up.

No. 1418518

well I mean its not that complicated, the old testament is an exaggerated(but still mostl;y historical) text regarding the origins and history of the Hebrew people and their states, the beliefs and mentality you are going to find in the OT is the mentality of bunch of iron age Semites
Jesus is complicated however, cause he and his apostles never had real power, he was just a popular jewish preacher who was murdered by the roman state and somehow some way in his death his cult spread to the internal and border regions of the roman empire, I guess people liked the idea of a god that would die for them, it was a comforting thought maybe

No. 1418537

>Rape is condemned in both the Old Testament and The New Testament.
You think it's condemning rape to sentence a woman to death if she was raped in a city and to sentence her to marry her rapist if she was raped in the countryside? Why make up these lies about the female characters' importance and veneration? None of these scrote-worshipping religions have anything to offer women at all.

No. 1418639

This is retarded and you didn't even ban me kek. Even mods are unstable and can't believe there's other people who exist who disagree. Everyone's laughing at the moralfag pearl clutchers here on other imageboards though kek. Can't believe the site famous for doxxing teenage girls for shoplifting now wants to pretend like they're the goddesses of morals over a distasteful joke that will be forgotten or buried on Twitter.

No. 1418640

by god give it a rest, it was a dumb tasteless joke

No. 1418643

That was originally my point kek that it was a dumb tasteless joke, but I go off for the day and come back to anons shitting their pants, claiming I'm multiple other anons and that I'm "sperging for hours" even though I basically disappeared the entire day. We can all agree it was a dumb joke and maybe inappropriate for the company to post but the unhinged reaction is stupid especially when there's much worse things to worry about and so many people are saying extremely misogynistic things on Twitter that is getting buried.

No. 1418661

Looking at it now Christianity doesn't seem good for women but in the time of Jesus it would have been. Christianity banned prostitution, ended polygamy and concubinage, condemned violence against women and freed women from needing to wear a head covering. It was radically progressive which is why so many men fought against it and eventually took control of the major branches of the religion.

You haven't read The Bible or you would know what happened to the tribe of Benjamin. Obviously the treatment of raped women in The Bible isn't acceptable but it introduces the concept of rape being wrong which at the time didn't exist. Women's rights in the west wouldn't exist without the foundations put forth by Christianity. Look how women are still treated in regions where Christianity wasn't the dominant religion.

No. 1418663

again its complicated, you can use Christianity to justify anything cause of the way it is, it did have mass appeal with poor people, slaves and women of all classes, its that, its recorded that Helena mother of the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great was the one guided him to Christianity
one factor that Western Christianity had that really helped in the spread of what we can consider women's rights were nunneries, a space for only women where they had access to knowledge and learned to read and write

No. 1418680

I'm just talking about Jesus the man, not the shitty religion

No. 1418691

File: 1669193637533.jpg (66.06 KB, 594x654, Twitter-Japan-Trends-Admitted-…)

No. 1418694

same thing happened with Pakistani twitter, I think every other day something political related was trending or being reccomnded, and there were many many arguments, but in the last few days or so its been calm really, I no longer get pollical discourse about Shebaz Shariff being an american cocksucker or Imran Khan being a chinese cocksucker, instead I'm getting people talking about movies, historu, nature, just regular enjoyable stuff

No. 1418695

File: 1669194026777.png (82.04 KB, 688x382, Twitter-Japan-Trends-No-Longer…)

No. 1418700

File: 1669194385146.jpg (148.63 KB, 1026x1718, Twitter-Japan-Trends-Changed-E…)

No. 1418719

why are they pushing kpop?

No. 1418727

>she is getting ratiod now
Oh no. Anyway, I wonder how my own country's heavily politicized twiter sphere is doing.

No. 1418738

Glad there’s more uplifting shit recommend now but kinda sad that they were pushing feminist shit… because Japan honestly still needs feminism to combat the rampant pedophilia, rape and so on. A few years ago some top medical universities were shown to give boys boost in entrance exams because they didn’t want there to be more female doctors. Not sure how to feel about feminism having to be pushed like this, because it’s wrong but Japan can be such a sexist shithole still.

No. 1418763

File: 1669205940712.jpg (581.42 KB, 933x933, 1669196062992.jpg)

It's not like the issues an Americanized Twitter moderator would be promoting would be actually relevant to regular Japanese women, it would be more like shit like picrel

No. 1418820

Anyone who browses jp twitter knows that this is a schizo post reddit is pushing, I've seen it on discord.

You get character birthdays and anime episodes trending in the top 10 every day, there used to be promoted news articles that have been removed now. There is no evil feminazi scheme, begine tranny.

No. 1418837

So that's one more piece of evidence that trending tags weren't trending and they were spots by advertisers then? I'm saying this because while I can imagine twitter employees pushing political shit on us for various reasons I can inly imagine kpop shit was because of money.

No. 1418862

I think the feminism they're talking about is libfem shit with focuses on non issues like manspreading and other topics only relevant to people with rich lifestyles, not the based feminism of femicide and reproductive rights.

No. 1418897

I honestly believe that twitter would stoop to that level.
Does this mean that twitter royally fucked up a whole generation and the entirety of social media because “make people angry” is a profitable model.

No. 1418899

Wouldn’t the second largest twitter user base be Canada?
It’s very sad how much power twitter had in general

No. 1418909

I can't read japanese at all, but yeah probably that, if anything at all, even in the western side of the internet scrotes will have a melt down over being told to not sit like idiots in public transport, am I really supposed to believe feminism was being pushed among Japanese? Women are shamed into shaving their heads for much less.

No. 1418920

It reads:
Tokyo Trans March on December 11th:meet at Shinjuku Central Park at 13:30, departude at 14:00

The Waifu Float is based on theme of solidarity between transgeder and allies!


Basically a rally fro troon rights made by troony ex-pats who will be joined by westaboo japaneses. I wonder how it'll go

No. 1418935

>Does this mean that twitter royally fucked up a whole generation and the entirety of social media because “make people angry” is a profitable model.
Yeah but not an entire generation it's not as influencial as FB or insta. It did influence the right people who are super vocal though. I mean we've been in the cyberpunk era for a while now, people sometimes criticize Disney for trying to creat long term fans by marketing to them from infancy to old age, now the vaste majority of social media are like that are they don't exist for just entertainment anymore. It's so bleak…

No. 1418993

File: 1669226066257.jpeg (757.76 KB, 1125x1390, 01EA8801-CE90-4A1E-BA94-C2D57E…)

Religious moids making excuses for themselves as usual.

No. 1419027

File: 1669227791096.jpg (41.33 KB, 1079x662, 99myp55q16s61.jpg)

always relevant

No. 1419227

Don't come now, there's a huge dumb bi-lesbian discourse and some drama about a misogynistic lesbian kek.

No. 1419844

File: 1669288893450.png (16.43 KB, 587x168, antifa.png)


No. 1420056

Still waiting on that Vaush ban

No. 1420416

File: 1669317977952.png (798.21 KB, 651x1656, Screenshot u.png)

I hate pick-me's so fucking much

No. 1420430

File: 1669318995095.jpg (33.61 KB, 827x283, Jgyubibon9139.jpg)

No. 1420441

>there are lesbians that dress up in men's clothes and have masculine hobbies
>thus lesbianism is inherently trans
I cannot wait for society to realize that trannies belong in mental asylums and not among the general public.

No. 1420448

Even with all those filters she still looks like an ogre kek

No. 1420456

She reminds me of Erin.

No. 1420458

File: 1669320968414.png (204.02 KB, 514x577, unknown (4).png)

Sports, piss beer, and tits.

No. 1420459

Canada only has 38 million people so no

No. 1420529

File: 1669326815047.jpg (70.57 KB, 593x576, rwrw.JPG)

I hate so much how people like the first bitch in the link are steering up hate against powerless harmless artists for clout.

I refuse to believe that they genuinely care about racism and the people that make these accusations are always white women, usually white US women. She just wants a trophy for searching and finding issues in other people's works if you stare hard enough.

None of these online warriors of justice have ever argued with or attacked a single nazi, they are way too coward for this. They just snap at artists who are minorities or women themselves and endanger them by stirring up hate against them. The rightoids will clap to this.

No. 1420533

Kekk how did they manage to brainwash a hood nigga

No. 1420534

what is she even angry about? that old scientist were white? was the artist supposed to black wash them or what?

No. 1420537

>a hood nigga
he likes anime he was just larping

No. 1420566

She probably doesn't know that either.
If I am nice I would say she wanted to see black inventors and scientists too, there are some, but they aren't as widely know as Einstein or da Vinci and the artist even said it was commissions and gifts for others, so if anything she would have to blame the people that asked for these scientists.
It's just a cheap method to virtue signal, I hate people that do call outs, it's almost always just some jelly artist dogpiling rivals or good for nothing wokes that farm likes and followers to post their fundme later.

No. 1420581

People give leftoids too much attention and consideration, this is why they feel entitled to harass people until they give in. We're just supposed to tell them to fuck off.

No. 1420623

Not even a white women but trust me all men think this way of women regardless of race, even the most disenfranchised women are deemed spoilt princesses. I've seen men talk about how amazing and feminine white women are only to turn around and start beating and raping them like they do with women their own race the moment they earn their trust. I am lucky to be a black women because at least men are honest about how much they hate us.

No. 1420626

He's probably middle class and larping being poor.

No. 1420695

File: 1669343024412.jpeg (234.03 KB, 1262x2048, D4E12F26-A983-45DB-8269-257235…)

Kinda based tbh

No. 1420702

My first thought after seeing this thumbnail was that she is incredibly based.

No. 1420709

FUCK emperor Constantine that puta

No. 1420801

belongs in the internet ramblings thread

No. 1420802

I don't get it unless this is something wokefags believe.

No. 1420813

she's just an insane schitzoid on tiktok, who believes that
>Ancient Rome never was a ploy by the catholic church
>Latin did not exist
>Alexzander the great was a woman and Hephaestion's mother

she genuinely seems mentally ill and I think is just ranting whatever makes sense in her mind

No. 1420835

American hands typed this tweet (not dunking on Americans or anything, but it's something they might come up with).

No. 1421014

File: 1669387006261.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1242x2324, 4DEAF0D6-6923-49EB-A2D2-80CB3A…)

What is with this retarded twink and his obsession with being 19

No. 1421078

File: 1669394504811.png (122.08 KB, 650x1026, Screenshot 6.png)

>Gay men stop being pedophilic challenge(impossible)
context two teenage boys made a dumb tiktok video and adult gay moids can't help but not make sexualize gross sexual remarks about them.


No. 1421090

Did any of you follow slitthroatz? Her tweets were cute and mostly really innocuous, I noticed she stopped posting for like a month and today her account is finally down so I @ searched her name and it’s just full of some creep basically harassing her and whining about her and holy shit it’s so creepy. He has absolutely no real life examples, just jilted complaints about her being a “femcel hunchback that represses all sexual thoughts” over and over—which basically means she turned him down and now he’s throwing a huge fit and calling her names for not having sex with him. Why is his account up but hers is down? I hate men.

No. 1421093

I don’t understand the hate for him. He doesn’t go out of his way to be popular so he’s literally just a 19 year old tweeting—nothing special or inflammatory. Whenever I see hate for him it’s always by bitter jealous mid-20s+ that are angry he gets engagement but they don’t. What the fuck has he even done wrong, everyone is retarded and annoying when they’re 19. He isn’t even that bad.

No. 1421108

>bitter jealous mid-20+
I’m 21 lol and no one over 25 is jealous over him. I don’t care enough to hate him but he is clearly annoying and unlikable, besides you can tell he gets off on this weird fantasy of being ~soo young~ he’s always in someone’s replies saying he’s 19 it’s just a weird obsession at this point
After all, he is a gay moid and they’re the most degenerate sexual deviants

No. 1421112

don't bother with anons who ree about age like that, they're too moronic to have legitimate conversations with.

No. 1421124

More apt to believe it’s moronic to cry about someone who is barely an adult acting like someone who is… barely an adult. You all pretend you weren’t annoying at that age which is bullshit.

Note how that wasn’t at you and was referring to twitterfags. Crying over a 19 year old acting like a 19 year old is so stupid.

No. 1421134

File: 1669399634169.png (32.73 KB, 595x267, fss.png)

No. 1421346

File: 1669410882702.jpeg (386.93 KB, 1170x782, F9F82D21-26FC-4AB6-A818-C19997…)

Why was this a promoted account

No. 1421349

i would gnaw her face off, roman emperors were cute boys with cute miniskirts

No. 1421357

Roman emperors were obese faggots who raped their prepubescent nephews

No. 1421463

In your yaoi, maybe

No. 1421736

File: 1669437247497.jpg (542.09 KB, 707x941, Stop.jpg)

I’m so tired of these kinds of posts

No. 1421799

its always the same fucking retards that stutter when they talk with a stranger outside

No. 1422463

File: 1669504842232.jpeg (988.67 KB, 1170x2092, 8A25A37B-D5F7-46EB-B2F0-721014…)

I agree you should snitch on male cheaters but
>married men are fetishized

No. 1422465

What he said makes sense, pretty sure yes just saying there's a certain type of men and women who have a thing for fucking men who are married or just in a relationship

No. 1422469

Yeah but “fetishized” isn’t a word I’d use. Men aren’t sexualized by society.

No. 1422480

Gay men don't fetishize and sexualize certain types of men?

No. 1422481

I swear to god my social media feeds have been absolutely BOMBARDED with "okay but acktchually, Islam is feminist!!!" bullshit propaganda. I have no ties to Islam at all and I keep getting these "I love my hijab" and "get your facts straight about Muslims!" videos geared towards women, it's weird as hell

No. 1422482

Gay men sexualize any type of men, they are like animals.

No. 1422486

this one is funny because it sounds like a self-aware genderspecial who is making fun of the fact she uses the lgbt community to get attention

No. 1422487

Gay men fetishise straight and especially married men like hell, they’re obsessed with cucking women. I’ve heard my gay friends brag about it countless times.

No. 1422489

They are. Gay men fantasize about sleeping with straight women's husbands, a lot of straight women love the idea of stealing another woman's man and being a homewrecker, etc etc. In a lot of cases, men are seen as more desirable just for being married.

No. 1422499

File: 1669507759025.jpeg (305.59 KB, 1194x837, A5233A6F-3A0E-4996-AA10-1F7B02…)

update kek

No. 1422515

>we yadda yadda we reflected blah
You're a fucking brand. I'm glad they got pushback but god I wish they'd all just delete their accounts. So sick of this larping bullshit. Larping as people, larping like you care about anything beyond sell product

No. 1422527

is it true the manager of the acc ended up being a troon?

No. 1422553

File: 1669512169975.png (208.31 KB, 497x741, Sorry if this is content for t…)

I don't know the female tiktoker mentioned but why would "actually women are childish sometimes!" be a gotcha. Dylan is still a man.

No. 1422554

I’m still boycotting. They can try to sell their products to trannies.

No. 1422561

I don't get why they keep pushing the stale shit of humanizing their dumbass companies when they don't even have a fucking mascot. Wendy's hurr durr smug waifu with funnee tweets was a one time hit that got boring after the second tweet.

No. 1422688

File: 1669520411017.png (106.34 KB, 606x550, grindr.png)

People are making up fake back stories to defend him

No. 1422734

File: 1669522586755.jpg (246.65 KB, 1080x914, 0gIg1ez.jpg)

Scrotes being scrotes, reminder that scrotes commit acts of terrorism when women don't give them attention.

No. 1422739

There will always be people who get off being the other woman/man. But some married men are bolder than single men, menaces to society

No. 1422753

>get off social media

No. 1422761

all of that projection to cape for a fag cheating on his wife lol maybe married men ARE fetishized.

No. 1422842

File: 1669533481302.jpg (386.2 KB, 1170x1943, 6.jpg)

is twitter dead yet im tired of hearing about it. die already

No. 1422886

Anon you don’t understand; men NEED social media. How else are they gonna psyop young teenage girls into settling for their busted mugs and beer bellies? How else are they going to badger us to give up our lives and become breeding vessels for their half witted goblin children?

No. 1422889

i miss when moids died in wars

No. 1422915

File: 1669542372371.jpg (409.23 KB, 1080x1620, IMG_20221127_104327.jpg)

He's a male character and referred to as "he" by other characters in canon lol

No. 1422921

Say I suffer from internalized misogyny or whatever, but I just love shitting on ugly fat women like this.

No. 1422923

isn't he just an okama?

No. 1422932

ofc it had to be a tmnt 2018 fan and with a sperg donny avatar

No. 1423086

>RoTMNT donny pfp
why does that character attract literally the worst wokeoids

No. 1423087

File: 1669559548784.jpeg (59.89 KB, 960x900, Fik5-3eWIAMDv_a.jpeg)


No. 1423088

They turned him into a literal autist, kek. Donnyfags like myself got absolutely btfoed by that retarded choicd, you cant have any cute nerdy characters anymore without them having the tism.

No. 1423089

Brit really are Americans of the old world

No. 1423097

File: 1669559903485.png (279.92 KB, 597x604, 1664805021734.png)

this isn't even a fan headcanon btw, he acts autistic in the show and the creators confirmed he was supposed to be autistic

No. 1423103

God what a fucking awful show, it had great animation but it was absolutely wasted on such an awful, boring, agenda driven show. Cant get over how they botched the characters and turned character traits into "mento illnes bb". I am so fucking glad it got cancelled. I hope the seth green reboot gets cancelled too. I am so angry because it could have been a really good 2D tort show with female gazey tones, but its impossible to have anything good nowadays.

No. 1423104

File: 1669560282899.png (172.02 KB, 640x595, B61CD71E-127A-4733-87EB-ADEF7C…)

No. 1423108

tbf the original was also cringe imo, "boo hoo attractive white guys are mostly interested in white girls and not me" and yeah I get that sucks at times, but its the worst tragedy in the world, most regular well adjusted people prefer the group they belong too

No. 1423112

I hate burgers as much as the next eurotrash but this is embarrassing. I feel like English football fans always act like dicks towards the opposite team's fans

No. 1423155

File: 1669564099621.jpg (226 KB, 1080x2168, 20221127_163207.jpg)

Idol twitter is a flaming pile of shit, a translator got cancelled for having small age gap fanfics on her ao3 (that's pedoshit!)

So now we can't ship any characters aside the designated same age gay ship and they are only allowed to hold hands and be pure babies?

No. 1423158

I hope someone uploads a clip of it on YT or something

No. 1423159

English football fans are the worst.

No. 1423163

One of the weirdest things to me about this is how TRAs on twitter were calling women who felt uncomfortable with the tweet terfs. What did the tweet even have to do with trans, are women not allowed to say they dislike being objectified now?

No. 1423235

It's cuz after the porn ban all the degenerates left and went to twitter, which is why it sucks so much but Tumblr is kind of cool now. Although that might change after twitter dies. They might migrate back.

No. 1423249

kek english people are so trashy

Trannies are so euphoric to be ~oppressed~ by women that they can't handle it when we complain about something that has nothing to do with them

No. 1423270

>female gazey tones

No. 1423450

File: 1669578223705.jpg (Spoiler Image,255.89 KB, 311x382, DXSQqaO.jpg)

They're so fucking dumb. He's very obviously meant to be a stereotypically feminine gay man who calls himself "sis" the way James Charles does, not a "trans woman". The other characters even refer to him as an okama. These people really want you to look at picrel and call him a girl with a straight face. Insufferable
You can just tell all of them are TiFs. They're as clockable as TiMs.

No. 1423510

File: 1669581328658.png (2.52 MB, 1624x750, hajime.png)

the funniest part is that in the english translated game they all claim he's referred to with "she/her pronouns" which is literally not true. every story i've read with him in it has the characters calling him what he is: a male. picrel is one of the chars talking about him

No. 1423672

File: 1669589819042.jpeg (77.39 KB, 720x1028, 0287482B-721B-4ABB-ABAB-2931B8…)

no zoomers arent prude they just realized how abusive bdsm is

No. 1423676

Tbh I’m glad the whole “sex-positivity” movement is dying off among zoomers. Maybe I’m just optimistic but it gives me hope.

No. 1423677

ensemble stars has an english release?

No. 1423679

Judging by the username and profile picture, this is definitely some perverted gay moid trying to excuse his crippling porn addiction lol

No. 1423692

File: 1669590389095.gif (2 MB, 200x200, 1640021007449.gif)

What did he expect from the most stupid and annoying category of fans known to mankind? It's so well-known that English football fans are mentally ill apes that even a whole pokemon game has characters based on them. Actually, is there anything worse than an English football addict?

No. 1423695

I'm glad as well, but on the other hand there's extreme witchhunting to cancel anyone for anything. You liked a sexy drawing of a male character? Oops, that character is 19 and you're 25, you're a pedo creep. (I legit saw these takes on twitter)

No. 1423702

I don't see what it had to do with zoomers, normie millenials and gen X would agree with that statement.

No. 1423708

they made me want to fuck turtles but can you blame me

No. 1423718

This is a satire account lmao

No. 1423724

it does! released in june iirc

No. 1423743

downloading right now, kinda sad i didnt know about it, probably missed bunch of stuff

No. 1423767

You’re just making shit up kek. Besides that sorta thing doesn’t exist outside internet discourse.

No. 1423769

I think that’s just your autism.

No. 1423771

its okay nonna! its still really early on in the game thankfully. the only thing you really missed are a few event cards but in a yearish you'll be able to buy them in the coin shop

No. 1423783

>they made me want to fuck turtles but can you blame me
Yes. Yes I can. I one hundred percent blame you. And those designs are horrible. Jesus. (And Splinter is fat? Wtf.) I have never been so glad to find out I show I just learned about has been canceled.

No. 1423792

File: 1669596907331.png (1.23 MB, 875x751, china.PNG)

Dude, they're pastel colored horses why does it matter? I get why people (including myself) would prefer a more diverse lineup, but the replies are literally acting like they're whitewashing even though they're fucking horses.

No. 1423796

It’s one line of shitty plastic toys that all of these minors can’t afford anyways. Don’t buy them and move on