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No. 245729

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Venus Angelic Summary:

>Venus Isabelle Palermo aka Venus Angelic is a washed up as-been famous Swiss Youtuber who gained popularity for her doll looks and weeby content back in the days. Her momager Margo created the Venus Angelic brand, dragged her around the globe evading taxes and stirring up drama among the living doll and makeup vlogger community. She married and cuckolded a Japanese fan named Manaki who doesn’t appear online anymore but she is presumably still married to him and living together. She has faded off into internet irrelevancy for the most part and tries to recapture some amount of attention by uploading random videos every other month and thotting on OnlyFans.

Recent Venus shenaniganss:
> Working on herself, totally for real this time.
> Went to rehab, kept saying everyone there basically loves her and they are her friends.
> Was considering making OF content while at rehab while because she doesn’t want to “beg for money” from her fans.
>Back to her Jirai kei posting
>Back to editing her pictures, unedited pics phase lasted just a few weeks despite all the support from her WK.

instagram: https://www.instagram.com/venus_angelic/
twitter: https://twitter.com/VenusAngelic
main youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/VenusAngelic
weeb youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrpLE_Q1iNszN0O9n6V85YA

Sex work links:
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/venusangelic
ManyVids: https://www.manyvids.com/Profile/1004017225/VenusAngelic/Store/Videos/
Gumroad: https://venusangelic.gumroad.com/

No. 246222

File: 1662611486003.jpeg (1011.72 KB, 1242x1992, 0083C120-24B3-443A-9319-8DA839…)

So marge was right and Benoos is autistic?

No. 246235

She better not have taken an internet IQ test/ I highly doubt she took a standardized IQ test like Stanford Bidet for instance. Random internet IQ tests are complete rubbish an often inflate scores. Like average IQ people will score 130-140 and think they are so smart. My guess is the "development test" is also an internet one.

No. 246241

File: 1662618869511.jpg (37.13 KB, 285x319, evn.jpg)

No. 246242

>Stanford Bidet
Oh, I think I saw a video with her doing something with one

No. 246250

Kek nonna, I love you.

No. 246256

What were the other medications she’s on, it cut off at Seroquel

No. 246390

File: 1662661754640.png (57.39 KB, 329x842, image_2022-09-08_192844912.png)

the entire text

No. 246409

I never post so I’ll take a red-text for medfagging/armchairing if I deserve it but holy shit 600 mg is a LOT, particularly 4 weeks into treatment. I know Japanese OTC drugs are sold in smaller dosages for more $/¥, but if that’s a true 1:1 potency per mg to what’s handed out en masse in western wards… that’s about 3x as much as it takes to knock out your run of the mill bipolar 1 patient in an extended manic episode. Even 50 mg in the day would make most stable bipolar people too drowsy to function, but that’s about the mid day psych ward dose for anyone with mood instability in the US at least. Guess it’s not so much of an arm chair as I’m not saying “wow, she must be so bipolar” so much as “wow, her baseline must be completely fucked if enough seroquel to poison a child doesn’t knock her out.”

No. 246436

Ah thank you. I was afraid there was more anti psychotic prescriptions for her, 600mg of one on top of another, damn(learn2sage)

No. 246465

I just assume she's lying for attention. To seem more jirai kei.

No. 246474

File: 1662687843143.jpeg (82.53 KB, 625x498, E99FDB15-F0D5-4639-A7E1-BE8ACD…)

Venus Palermo, catfish queen

No. 246475

File: 1662687876699.jpeg (322.65 KB, 1865x1310, A978AFC0-8B54-4279-AB27-11278E…)

No. 246479

Does she suffer any life long complications from the illegal stomach surgery she did in Korea?

No. 246497

this. i have no idea why so many anons take what she says seriously.

No. 246498

I know i'll get labeled as a WK for posting any opinion that isn't shitting all over Venus, but I hope she makes a sincere effort to get better. Some anons in here seem like they don't want to have to exercise critical thinking or empathy, so it's easier for them to claim Venus just happens to be some horrible person with no reason whatsoever behind it. They really don't want her to get better or improve her life because they'll lose one of the few things that gives their own empty lives meaning, and that's almost more pathetic than Venus herself. Don't get me wrong, a lot of what Venus did was disgusting, and even if she did get better I don't think it excuses a lot of the things she did in the past that hurt other people unnecessarily, but I can't hate the fact that maybe she's actually trying to get better in some way going forward.

No. 246509

It's not bad to want that for her, but let's be realistic. She has one m.o., take care of me I dont want any responsibility. She will tell any lie to get to that lifestyle.

No. 246546

Absolutely. It's been discussed before in previous threads more in depth but basically, her body cannot absorb nutrients properly and your gut health affects every other part of your body.

From WebMd:
Studies show that the balance of bacteria in the gut microbiome may affect your emotions and the way your brain processes information from your senses, like sights, sounds, flavors, or textures. Weight loss or gain may be caused by bacteria overgrowth or lack of nutrients. You have skin irritations. Some skin conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis may be related to gut issues.

It will have more drastic effects once she starts getting into her later 30s, she still has youth on her side for now (and even then, it's already showing signs.) Add to that her liver damage from drinking (Heavy prolonged drinking can also cause permanent brain damage,) and large consumption of intense pharmaceuticals…idk if she will live a long life unfortunately.

No. 246578

Kek 25mg is enough to knock you out if you are around Venus's size. It's unsafe to basically move on that dosage. 600mg is insane. I wonder how much Risperidone she is really taking since that can be very neurotoxic quickly.

No. 246591

No. 246599

Drinking also completely fucks with your gut flora, so that just compounds it

No. 246643

Perhaps that's why she lacks Dopamine, together with her depression, she doesn't have enough >>246498
The problem is that she is the type of person that needs to be controlled. You can see, that when she's in a faccility with organized programs, she's trying hard, but the problem is when she'll get out.
imo her fiancee is toxic for her, he's encouraging her doing OF, which she obviously hates, and I don't think she'll be able to continue with that type of content sober.
They had an idea making a new YT channel, I think that sounds better if he'll help her, cuz she simply can't do things by herself and needs encouragement. I also think she'll never try to study and find a regular job, most of her life revolved around social media so she won't change that so fast.
But if she'll stay with that man she'll spiral downwards all over again. It seems he also has addiction problems (alcoholism) and he's not doing anything to change that. She'll return home to find a still-drinking man and this can easily trigger her drinking back.
She can't be locked forever in this facility so she has to change her life completely. Anything that makes her want to drink - she has to avoid. This includes her fiancee and her OF.

No. 246644

She did not take the stanford test. Margo was the one who took a mensa test. Mensa isn't like the standford one though. It's easier.

No. 246645

Such a narc. "I'm working the hardest" Me me me, everything I do is the best blah blah blah stfu Margo 2. Also, now it's evident she never went to doctors before. She was definitely self-diagnosing and lying about "seeing a therapist regularly" back when she made YT videos.

No. 246647

Will you stfu already. you are so annoying, complaining all the time about "mean old anons". Why are you here? Kiss her ass on her sm.

No. 246650

Venus clearly doesn't hate OF. She loves making money doing the bare minimum, which of allows for her. Sure, she's not passionate about it, and no, her fiance is not making her do OF. The one hobby Venus stuck to was taking/editing photos of herself. It's so obvious OF was/is her idea. Enough with this "abusive fiance forcing poor weenos to whore herself out." She's addicted to instant gratification and is mega lazy and also "above real work like the normies"

No. 246651

He's also not responsible for her drinking and apparently they both have addiction issues. Why aren't you berating her for not helping him? For all you know, she got him to start drinking with her. Why is everyone responsible for Venus and has to mollycoddle and hand-wring her but she's not responsible for anyone. You wk's are annoying.

No. 246654

I didn't say he forced her, he encourages her, and its hard for me to believe she likes showing p0rn of herself sucking dick.
Maybe editing those cringy sexy pics she has no real problem with…
Kinda hard to believe a 20-something year old will make a 50 year old man to drink.
You're giving her too much credit. She's far from being smart and manipulative enough to do something like that.
Obviously he had this problem before her, and I didnt say he turned her into an alcoholic, they most likely encouraged each other's drinking. I agree, nobody's here to blame, besides themselves.
The problem is that she's trying to be sober and he's not. That's fact.

No. 246662

samefag, ofc that nobody's responsible for her. Not even him. She's a grown up child, she can never manage alone. Im not wk'ing her, I'm stating an opinion. She needs someone to control her if she wants to get better. Like a babysitter…I don't think she'll ever grow up

No. 246744

Lol you people are so gullible. There is no “fiance,” there’s just some sleazy porn-adjacent old dude who hangs around with her when he’s in town and hits her up for sex. There will be no marriage outside of Venus’s fantasies. The guy doesn’t even want to cohabit with this mess, much less marry her.

Bu oh, Venus calls him her fiance so it MUST BE TRUE, right? I mean she’s totally not a compulsive liar, not at all, so it must be true you guys!

Pitiful, just pitiful. You’re like newborn babies, just brand new to believe this fantasy life she’s dreamed up for the ‘gram exists anyplace outside of Venus’s alcohol-soaked brain.

No. 246791

Didn't Marge say that Venus already drank heavily while they were in Korea? So, before any manager-san or "fiance" were in her life.
Maybe she had exaggerated the seriousness of the situation, this is Crazy-Marge we're talking about after all, but given the turn of events, maybe it was true?

No. 246927

Yes, one of the first accusations marge threw out there after Venus left her was “she drinks until she passes out.” Along with “has an eating disorder” which turned out to be true too. She’s been binge drinking for a good 10 years already, since she was a teen.

No. 247020

anon, a lot of us would like to see her be better but she continues to sabotage her own self, time after time after time. she’s been given nearly every single opportunity one can ever be given to change her life and every time she manages to fuck it up somehow by being a neurotic, mean ass piece of shit. yeah she was abused by a raging narc but she’s turning into one herself (arguably even worse than her mum) so, it’s hard to feel sympathy for her when she’s hellbent on destroying herself and degrading her body in front of the whole goddamn internet. i could understand feeling sorry for her if she showed glimpses of redeeming qualities like empathy or genuine kindness every now and then but she never does. she is genuinely an awful fucking person and she gets away with it because of her shitty upbringing and simps like you who haven’t seen her in one of her abusive binge drinking episodes to naively crusade for her. she isn’t going to fuck you dude and she’s never going to get better so put your sword away and find someone else who deserves it cause she definitely does not.

No. 247748

File: 1662946995761.jpeg (546.93 KB, 1242x1292, 7787C8B3-25D7-4D10-8427-8C2020…)

Part of me hopes she actually does it so the next thread can be called “Escape from the Psych ward edition”

No. 247754

File: 1662947586118.jpeg (838.66 KB, 1242x1457, 7631194A-A2A0-4CFB-AFA6-FCBDEA…)

Story is milkier than usual

No. 247774

Attention seeking and retarded as usual

No. 247885

This was me, 3 years ago. I used to root for her and hope she'd get better. Then time and time again Venus took one step forward only to then immediately jump on the shinkansen and go a mile back again. I still want her to get better, but I have no hope left so I can only roll my eyes and watch the train crash.

No. 247887

Of course she's not getting better. She's a deeply traumatized woman who was used by her mother as a cashcow, got used to having her body commodified for money so of course she got into onlyfans so quickly, she was taught to do that since she was a child, and never learnt shit about human relationships. She still has no actual support in her life besides men who use her time and time again or people who try to help her but understandably get away when she snaps because no one wants to really put up with the hot mess she's become.
It's not entirely her fault, actually most of it isn't her fault. But the sad truth is that she ended up like a lot of CSA/abuse/neglect victims: a shell of herself trying to cling to life without knowing how an relying on every bad coping mechanism ever. She acknowledges she's self destructing. I just hope she doesn't end up as bad as bad as brat-grrrl who got brain damage.

No. 248109

I just googled brat-grrrl and I remember her from tumblr! What happened to her? How did she get brain damage?

No. 248221


Failed suicide attempt

No. 248339

As retarded as posting it online is, I've been to a suicide ward (in a country that values mental health a lot more than Japan seems to do) and it sucked so bad that leaving really did feel like the sane option. Locking people in doesn't actually in any way improve their mental health, they're just temporarily "protecting" you from hurting yourself.

No. 248698

Hope this doesn't count as blogposting, but back in high school I was given seroquel for bipolar and it helped my insomnia as well. I was on 1200mg nightly. 600 is a lot 4 weeks into treatment, but not unrealistic. I was started on 300, moved up to 600 after only a month.

No. 249444

“deeply traumatized” my ass. Raised by a Narcissist does not = deeep trauma. Bad Mommy moved them around alot, used her YT $ as their main source of financial support and said mean things to poor delicate Venus, oh noes! Well guess what, millions of people had way more abusive upbringings than that and didn’t end up literally becoming an even worse narc abuser than their narc parent. Not to mention she’s had way more opportunities than most to get help to deal with her shit and get her life on track and has squandered every last one. But keep rooting for her though - she’ll disappoint you every time, trust.

No. 249505

File: 1663331806553.jpeg (446.26 KB, 750x1187, 0185B4CF-D0D1-4881-A3FA-CE26EB…)


No. 249507

You can clearly tell he is a greasy alcoholic. No wonder she goes to host clubs as a cope over the way her "zaddy" looks. Doesnt he have a kid and married? Married men will never divorce their wives for the sake of a mistress, don't know what does she want from him.

No. 249514

So why don’t you go live with “Zaddy” then? I mean since he’s your *fiance and all. Why stay posted up in that stinky lil room at Manaki’s when you have a FIANCE?

No. 249518

what the hell is on his shirt? If it's an anime girl I'm going to puke

No. 249520


>raised by a narcissist does not = deep trauma

Not only is what you say completely incorrect, but not everyone reacts the same way to trauma. Dismissing verbal/emotional abuse as "mean things said" just shows that you care more about your vendetta against her, so much that you're willing to overlook Margo's abuse. Also your last line about squandered chances shows you're pretty jealous. How pathetic. Seethe and cope you hateful little weebshit kek

No. 249541

Neckbeard vibes. Bet his mask covers his pube like facial hair & acne combo.
Man, Venus even you can do better!

No. 249565

she tried to sell her to a saudi businessman as a child, anon

No. 249571

I'm curious, never heard about that episode but sounds very plausable lol. Was it mentioned in one of her livestreams or what?

No. 249572

When was this? Do we have proof? This is the first of hearing about this situation. Something venus said?

No. 249576

Damn is this not common knowledge anymore? I guess it has been like 10 years shit, iirc Margo inadvertently revealed it in an interview or maybe just one of her own videos, but there's no way I can find a source at this point

No. 249581

So she left Doormaki to end up with this fugly Otaku? Venus, what a downgrade, even for you lol

Nta but if I remember correctly, it was something Venus mentioned after she ran away from Maggot.
Allegedly her Mom tried to sell Venus' virginity when she was a teen or something.

No. 249586

Honestly, without all the editing, she's pretty fugly too, let's be real. He seems about in her league, looks wise anyway.

No. 249587

She did not. She let venus model for mr.yan and didn't go with her and mr. yan turned out to be a creep. She never "tried to sell her virginity" as far as I remember. She did however mention it in one of her posts when ranting. I forgot why, maybe when she was ranting about asexuality and how venus married mana for a visa.

No. 249588


I thought it was fairly well known by now that those raised by parents with a cluster b personality disorder are at significant risk for developing cluster b personality disorders themselves whether through genetics or living environment/upbringing. It's no surprise that Venus developed BPD while being raised by an NPD psycho like Maggot, so saying that plenty of people suffered worse abuse and none of them turned out like Venus is an extremely ignorant and poorly informed opinion when there's been loads of studies done on this sort of thing.

No. 249589

Makes you wonder what kinds of parents margo had. Also, not same anon but there's a difference between having mental issues and being a fucking asshole. Venus is a mega selfish opportunistic asshole. Her "mental illnesses" are not the reason she is an asshole. Don't conflate the two.

No. 249592

>who was used by her mother as a cashcow
Love how you ignored the part where venus came up with the idea to do youtube to make money and live in japan and enlisted her mothers help for that so you could write your ridiculous venus fanfic on here.

No. 249594

Tbf, Venus might have drank one time and passed out, maybe she wasn't a full on alcoholic that early and Margo exaggerated, but she was at least a social drinker and had drinks here and there. It's also possible she really was an alcoholic then and just hid it until she needed it for menhera/jirai aesthetic.

No. 249595

How do we know he isn't trying? He doesn't need to be locked in a rehab centre to be trying. We also can't be sure he's an alcoholic himself. Remember, venus also called him a pedophile, if he's the same "ken" from before, she called mana a pedo, an asexual (like it's a bad thing just like her mother did to her), called mana abusive and made obvious lies about him and even lied about margo to make her life with her seem worse. So can we really trust that he's definitely a full-blown alcoholic who's never made an attempt to better himself?

>hard for me to believe she likes showing p0rn of herself sucking dick.

She doesn't. But that doesn't mean the bf is the influencer of OF. She likes money. Easy money. YT videos take too much work for her. Laziness/greed for money and snapping photos and editing, which she did for free for years on IG is what lead to OF. She feels "above real work" and has blatantly stated this while putting the "normies" down. She used Margo to make easy 80k a year saying "boo bye bye boo" in a cam while margo did the brunt of the work. She's been spoiled since at least her early teens. Margo wasn't stingy on the money. She bought her everything she wanted, and unlike margo, venus didn't have to work 12 hour shifts in a store to make that easy 80k. THAT is why she does OF. Remember when she was charging 5k to meet her scrotes and they film her videos? THAT is how lazy and greedy she is. Her boyfriend is not the reason she does OF.

No. 249597

If this guy really is "Ken", I wonder if his wife/girlfriend of his child knows about Venus? Venus repeatedly cheated on Mana and was apparently with this guy since 2018, so clearly she has no morality and doesn't care about being the "other woman" and ruining a family and child's life (but then again she used said child, plastered his face online and exposed supposed sexual abuse just to make herself look good) so it's not surprising. It explains why they don't live together either. If the dude was divorced or not in a relationship with the wife/gf, then surely they'd be living together by now since he's her supposed "fiance" and "manaki is sooo abusive". Venus is truly soulless. A visa husbando caretaker is more important than messing up a family dynamic. Wks will justify that with "her traumatic upbringing."

No. 249610

Oh look guyz, I haz Boyfren!

God what a little slimeball she is. Cheating on her marriage with her spouse visa, not only that but flaunting it on SM. If Immigration gets wind of this her visa-scamming ass will be deported so fast her head would spin. And would “fiance” step up to help? Lol no. And she knows Manaki the human doormat will never do anything, that’s why she feels comfortable enough to pull this shit.

No. 249611

Yeah, no. “Mental illness” did not make her slander Manaki or her managers. It did not make her slander her bf. Or even Margo. It did not make her commit visa fraud or cheat on others. It did not make her scam people. Lie about abuse. It did not make her act crass and rude and edgy and adopt a performative jirai personality. And it certainly didn't make her exploit a supposedly sexually abused child or accuse both her exes of pedophilia or dress up as a baby for sex content. It didn't make her greedy, selfish, opportunistic and generally a bitch.

Try again.

No. 249635

Use your eyes, it's a Burberry t-shirt with a bear.

No. 249699


she knows nobody is gonna tell the truth to immigration

No. 249713

This guy is a total idiot, now that he's been revealed, she's def not gonna hold back on giving him the Mana treatment. He had all those opportunities to cut ties with her after seeing all the crazy shit she's done.

Atleast Mana found out she was crazy after the fact. Imagine being so retarded as to literally think" during the 4 years we've been together she's accused me of being a pedophile to her thousands of SM followers, is a raging alcoholic, tried to kill herself multiple times, is constantly in and out of pyschwards and rehabs, but I can make this work!"

No. 249741

I used to work with a former prison guard and she’d always have to tell inmates that it doesn’t matter what their parents did it all comes down to the fact they made the choice to commit crimes. Venus is no different. Once you become an adult all the choices you make are yours.

No. 249759

And it certainly didn't make her being careless and abusive with pets. Remember the hamster saga ?
They were cramped in a shitty little cage and she supposedly "dumped them" at her inlaws as soon as they weren't kaweewee anymore.

I wish the hand wringing WK stops writing these long ass fanfictions in every thread. It's always the same armchairing shit and adds nothing to the conversation.
Venus is a shit person, just like Mommy Dearest but nobody's trying to excuse Marge crazy behavior (or any other cows with awful parents) with that same ol' ~muh shitty upbringing~ stuff.

No. 249792

File: 1663610865293.png (687.18 KB, 558x698, 0.png)

She is being offensive to look edgy again.

No. 249798


No. 249819

You can tell she was pulling down the shirt so she could show her cleavage lmao is she being cringe on purpose

No. 249820

literally never heard of anyone who suffered from schizophrenia keeps talking about themselves being in "schizo era" kek

No. 249822

She's living her Girl, Interrupted fantasy.

No. 249824

She wishes she was insane. She's just a Narcissistic Self proclaimed Acholic. Not even worth the definition of "crazy"
Venus can't handle crazy.

No. 249825

So this means she's diagnosed as a scyzo now? I remember that in her last post she said they asked her to do another test about this.
Does it mean she's "officially" a schizo?
Well then, that's her dark humour trying to laugh out her situation.
I would've as well tbh, if I was in her situation. cuz that's kinda of a big deal…being in that condition.

No. 249835


Most likely no. She's just being an edgelord attention whore because her followers will believe it.

No. 249836

To be fair, a lot of what she does is performative. She has never legitimately tried to kill herself, as far as we know. She went to treatment twice. Not "constantly in and out". She lied about therapy for years. Her alcoholism seems somewhat legit, but seriously blown out of proportion for jirai cred. Still, if this dude is the same one as "Ken", he is stupid for being with her, as 1. She will never love him and simply use him, and if he just wants to bang, fair, but she'll never contribute much more than that and 2. She WILL slander him to her audience, unless maybe he's rich af with connections that could fuck her over IRL or something and she doesn't dare cross him.

No. 249894

Any actual mental health professional could tell you that's bs, anon. Mental illness is not a choice that people make. Deciding not to get help (like Venus over and over) is their own choice, but the mental illness itself is not.

No. 250010

It's cringe but using the term schizo isn't offensive and no1curr about it except the same people offended over the word spaz. Surprised that the woke audience she garnered with her prostitution saga aren't jumping all over her for it.

No. 250019

File: 1663688896918.jpeg (113.39 KB, 739x1600, beenos.jpeg)

No. 250020

File: 1663689045047.jpeg (102.91 KB, 739x1600, Halal venus.jpeg)

someone on the older thread said we might have a muslim Beenos phase…

Halal Venus soon?

No. 250022

It won't last longer than the witch and christian phase she had. It's the new religion of the month. She really is just like her mom, grifting off different groups of people for convenience.

No. 250024

Anon…. no.

No. 250025

It's only funny when it's kanadajin.

No. 250053

oh boy, Muslim Venus here we come

No. 250078


Everything she's been doing is actually a part of the BPD playbook, so to speak. The substance abuse, the slandering of loved ones, allegedly lying about abuse, infantilizing oneself because they're forever mentally stunted and looking for someone to fulfill the caretaker role that their birth parents didn't or couldn't provide usually due to abuse or neglect… hence why a lot of BPDfags are into DDLG, too. it all adds up. A lot of anons want to believe she's just downright evil and spoiled with no explanation, but there is a very clear explanation for her behavior. That's really all I take issue with. It's awful behavior but it didn't spring from nowhere.



You keep throwing around buzzwords without actually understanding their meaning, it seems. Nobody's making anything up except you who seems to think someone stating the facts hurts your narrative about Venus or is akin to WKing.

No. 250127

Has she ever heard of off-label prescribing?

No. 250135

I would also note that some BPD flags develope the need for being a parasite due to coddling vs. Real Life being a shock to their system/ability to manipulate as well. We've seen this in other cows. OT but necessary to point out even though Venus is a classic bpd chan. The rest of the post is spot on good run down, anon.

No. 250140

I think some of the things you mentioned, like the slandering stuff, are more NPD than BPD.

No. 250160

There's a problem in here, I can't make it understand correctly cuz English isn't my first language but lt me tryto explain my idea of it - if a 10 year old kills his parents because he's mentaly ill, makes him a victim of his own illness?
I mean, If these "doctors" decided, then yes, he is, but, and BUT is the most significant thing here - most people don't care. they just don't. they see you do bad stuff - they judge you cuz of it. they don't care about your circustances or your "bad life", cuz..lets be real… most of us had "bad" lives. that's called living. But not lot of us has this "urge" just to be so "evil", I know, its part of the mental illness but you just cant blame everything on illness.

No. 250731

>> looking for someone to fulfill the caretaker role that their birth parents didn't or couldn't provide
Her childhood up until age 8 or so seemed pretty normal though. She had a stable home in Switzerland, went to school, had friends and they were in touch with extended family/grandparents, aunts, cousins etc. 2005 is when marge started going off the rails and yanking Venus all around the world (2005 was their 8 month stay in Thailand while marge got certified in various kinds of Thai massage. Venus was left to fend for herself in a strange country where she didn’t speak the language.) That’s when it all began. After Thailand was Tenerife, etc. when Venus was uprooted over and over and isolated from other family. But she did have a stable early childhood.

No. 250853

File: 1663917685754.jpeg (776.72 KB, 750x1143, D73467D6-30A9-4905-98C4-6F9A13…)

No. 250954

Marge, is that you? 14 year olds cannot give informed consent. "She came up with the idea" she was a child and you are stupid. But go on and give your car keys to a 14 year old because they came up with the idea. Fucking idiot.

No. 250955

Anon i honestly don't think someone who does that to their kid was ever normal even if it outwardly seemed that way. Sage because this is just speculation and of course we'll never know for sure.

No. 250972

She wanted to do jpop dances and begged her mom to allow her to upload to YT. Marge might be a bitch but she was probably just trying to make her happy and allow her to pursue her hobbies. Marge shouldn't have supported Venus' dream to live in Japan though but she wasn't forced into anything though. You are the fucking retard.

No. 250973

>fend for herself
lmao, what a joke. Moving around has its pros and cons but despite that, she wasn't isolated. She did go to public school until like 16 I think.

No. 251143

How is that offensive?

No. 251172

Marge defiantly is no saint and lived vicariously through Venus once she hit a certain age. That's obvious. But Marg has been out of the picture for how long? Yet Venus is still running her life, at full speed, into the gutter. Bitch is a grown ass 25 year old woman, not some minor teenage girl. Her mom is not responsible for her shitty life decisions as an adult. I honestly don't get what's so hard about grasping this.

No. 251179

she was definitely isolated to some degree as a kid. when she lived in the netherlands i saw her at a con once. no one could go talk to her because marg would tell everyone to leave (and we were all 15 year olds so we listened ). ive always wondered what happened to her but nothing great it seems

No. 251201

Ngl, trauma has triggers. Margo or not. She needs long term therapy.

No. 251203

>Her mom is not responsible for her shitty life decisions as an adult.
She is tho. The BPD and CPTSD that Marg inflicted is what causes Venus to be that way. Ahe would have been a totally different person w/o the abuse.

No. 251216

kiwifags really don't understand you can hate margo and venus. venus is still a trainwreck, regardless of who's fault it is, but margo had a huge effect on her. hell, she had an effect on her simply by being her mom, and her only parental figure. acknowledging that margo is fucked up doesn't mean that you need to like venus more.

No. 251224

Not really. People with mental illness still have the capacity to understand right from wrong. You cant tell me that venus exploited a child because she was vengeful against her ex because "mental illness", same with slandering manaki or using her mom and mana to move to japan and then when mana was no longer useful, slander the shit out of him. There are so many nasty things she has done that are not excused nor explained by mental illness. She'd do these things even if margo was decent. She even lies about the severity of her life. This is calculated. this is not some mentally ill unaware girl. If she's really an alcoholic and it's not played up for jirai aesthetic or has depression and cant keep a schedule, things like that are understandable. The rest is not. She is just a trash person. She'd be that way even if mentally well, just minus alcoholism or depression. The excuses anons try to make for her is appalling.

No. 251226

Adopting yet another "mental illness" she clearly doesn't have for jirai aesthetic and using the term schizo so lightly like that, you can't see what the problem with that is?

No. 251237

How is it not? She is using a mental illness to describe her feeling and because it fits her style.

No. 251265

She'd be a different person because the abuse shaped her, not sure how different she'd be, but if margo was actually a decent mother she would have at least attempted to correct her daughters more toxic traits, instead of create an environment for them to flourish in. That's basically what people are saying when they place blame.on Margo. She was a worse case scenario mother who created a worst case scenario daughter. It's own Venus to recognize she needs real change now that she's an adult, but anyone with eyes can see how she got here.

No. 251292

>> People with mental illness still have the capacity to understand right from wrong.
THANK YOU. This girl has a functioning brain. She is not some automaton that is programmed to do xyz* because she had xyz* input. She’s making choices to do shitty things. You can be mentally ill and be an asshole, it doesn’t have to be one or the other. She’s both.

No. 251293

>She’s both.
She is not mentally ill. She is just throwing herself into that role because she doesn't know what else to do.

No. 251300

Nta but anyone capable or motivated enough to do that is mentally ill, just not the way they're trying to portray for attention.

No. 251304

>hurr durr kiwi
Anon, just because people are talking about margo doesn't mean they gaf about venus. You can talk about how margo fucked her up without getting mad that you think this means people are defending venus. This mentality that if you aren't only talking shit about a cow 24/7 youre suddenly a WK, shows the intelligence of some of you anons. No1 likes venus more.

No. 251305

do you know how to read, retard?

No. 251351

All of that is stuff that someone with BPD would do, yes. Venus has a particularly severe case of BPD that has gotten worse and worse over time bc she never got proper treatment for it. No one is "making excuses." She does awful things but this is the reason, not bc she's just evil or whatever you're trying to imply.

No. 251380

>anyone capable or motivated enough to do that is mentally ill
It's not clear what specific actions you're talking about, nevertheless if you factor in stupidity, cluelessness, carelessness, drunkenness and the fact that half of what she has 'done' is fiction by her, then mental illness isn't needed at all.

No. 251420

>just throwing herself into that role because she doesn't know what else to do.
Learn2read I was directly referencing what you said here when I replied. If you don't consider larpers as their own special kind of mentally ill that's good for you, we agree to disagree.

No. 251489


This. A lot of people here clearly have no knowledge or experience with mental illness to be able to know how it influences people's decisions. Pointing these things out isn't defending or being sympathetic to Venus especially, some of us just can't stand certain room temp IQ anons running on nothing but a hateboner and false equivalencies. I suppose for them they're thinking of mental illness as an excuse and not the explanation it is, and feel that it threatens their justification for shitting on Venus. Ironically they seem to be moralfagging on a gossip site in a roundabout way, but clearly they don't give af about any of that if they're here.

No. 251502

Thank you nonny

No. 251815

Yeah yeah mental illness sucks but you can still get better if you want to, unless you have some shit like Schizophrenia.

I have BPD and I don’t act like a retard. She just has to delete social media to stop being an attention whore and study DBT to stop being a piece of shit.

It doesn’t matter if Japan doesn’t have the best psychologists, there’s fucking therapy online. As long as you can pay for it, location is no excuse.

If she has time to lurk here and other sites to find haters, then she has time to read up DBT and be less shitty. There’s free material online, or she could buy a damn workbook.
Zero sympathy for her. She has no excuses.

No. 251838


And I commend you for being dedicated to your wellness, but BPD is somewhat of a spectrum and notoriously hard for treat. Like Bipolar, it can be managed and one can learn how to cope and avoid triggering things, but it's not just poof gone after a while. I think that Venus isn't too far gone to put in the work, but when she recently checked herself into a clinic for substance abuse, people claimed it was all done for attention and to fit an aesthetic. She didn't need to be live streaming during it, but she took some initiative at least. Time will tell if she makes progress or falls off the wagon again. Which, is unfortunately common with substance abuse.

No. 251861

You dont even know if she has bpd. And second, no, that does not make her exploit a child's sexual abuse for her own gain. Stfu already, dumbass

No. 251864

Again, being "mentally ill" does not explain >>251224 . Doing such things are simply done by ASSHOLES. You don't have to be 'mentally ill' to do these things and plenty of non-mentally ill people have done things like these. So no, it's NOT an explanation for these specific actions, and so yes, you ARE simply making excuses.

No. 251865

>people claimed it was all done for attention and to fit an aesthetic
Lmao, found the covert wk. If you don't think the recent posts she's been making from the "loony bin" is for attention and if you don't think she is playing it up for jirai cred, you are fucking wk. All her "mental illnesses" started being shoved in our faces the moment she adopted menhera. You're both a retard and a wk. Stfu already.

No. 251956

You sound like you have BPD yourself kek. So much unnecessary rage. Go outside.

No. 251984

The only unnecessary thing here is the people that keep making excuses for Venus.

No. 251987

ikr. Its like saying that all people that do bad things in this world is due to their illness so its not their fault.
People for example who have faith in a God like Jesus or whatever, usually try to be good people, and it doesn't matter if they have mental illness or not. They just know that its important to be a good person.
If Venus cared about that, she wouldn't have done half the things she did.
But she doesn't care being a good person. She's selfish and entitled.(learn2sage)

No. 251992

Beter late than never, but risperodon is also an anti-psychotic and quite a heavy one. 6mg of that is already the max dose. 600mg is the absolute daily max for seroquel/quetiapine. So she is taking multiple antipsychotics, and I'm not sure about how they react being mixed like this. On someone who needs it, anti-psychotics aren't necessarily drowsing depending on the reason for getting them. That seems an insane high dose for "depression and alcohol abuse" tho, especially since quetiapine is only in specific cases used for depression when anti-depressants aren't an option. Speaking from experience with both meds, the label with info that cone with them, and my doctors' explanations.

Which makes me wonder what if she gets a worse episode. On a lower dose they would slowly and controlled raise the dose temporarily, but shes already on the max + another extra…

No. 251995

Just to make a point. 2mg risperidon in 2 doses of 1mg at a time made me too drugged to get out of bed in the morning being late for school. I had to switch back to 1mg because of that. The 6mg max is for heavy schizophrenia making you pretty much completely drugged.

So she's lying for sure. No way she has 600mg quetiapine + 2mg risperidon a day and functions like normal posting online and doing better. Especially not in 4 weeks in which case they would still be monitoring and adjusting where needed, not even to think they have to built it up slowly so at best she would just have her first dose of that amount… No way that's done already and they're only adjusting those other unnamed (the rest) meds on top of that like she claims.

No. 252004

Such an uber cool schizo grrll hashtag #jirai

No. 252088

I'm not sure if I'm doing this right it's my first time. So excuse me if I'm doing this wrong and educate me.
So…I have BPD myself and grew up with an abusive narcissist mom so I can relate to Venus' situation somewhat BUT she's older than me and still doesn't get her life together, it just pisses me off that she is acting like she's still 16 and rebellious…Like if she REALLY wanted to get better she would be off social media for a while, do therapy for some months and maybe then come back once progresses are being made. Therapy can take in such cases many years, like mine does and what she does in the "rehab" is contraproductive, stupid and she doesn't want to get better at all but milk attention from her countless sob stories. She wants sympathy, nice words and she doesn't care how much her reputation suffers from it. I hope she can get a grip at some point in her life before it's too late.

No. 252154

god the amount of blogposting in this thread is aids. No one cares about your BPD please stop.

Anyway, venus got discharged from the mental ward today. Wonder how long it'll be before she starts drinking again and starting this entire bs all over.

No. 252170

This is an image board, post screenshots instead of just updating us

No. 252180

I don't care if you care about my BPD or not. Other people might be interested because they don't suffer from BPD and can't sometimes understand why Venus acts the way she does. Ofc not all her actions are bc of BPD and she has an own personality etc. but BPD can lead her doing even dumber shit than she already does.

I also believe that she is going back to drinking, doing nothing, fishing for good and negative attention, etc. She is def in a downward spiral and it's hard to break out of these. Especially when you don't want to but still expect things to "go better". But even if they did, it wouldn't satisfy her.

No. 252182

File: 1664486930781.jpg (462.11 KB, 1080x1728, Screenshot_20220929-232538_Ins…)

best idea of her ever

No. 252270

this is not pull or the mental illness board
the thread is about venus not you

No. 252331

Honestly though? She has clean hair, clean and appropriate clothes, not too intense face shooping, a caption without sperging… this is about as healthy as she is gonna get, so congrats I guess.

No. 252337

I hope she chops off those fried ends. I think she would look better with a shorter face framing cut and some layers. I thought she recently cut her hair super short to get rid of damage but it already looks like that? >>252182

No. 252358

Blogging is against the /snow rules, newfriend. Take that to /ot.

No. 252386

So she went in 4 weeks from bottom of the bottle to living on multiple heavy antipsychotics with more unnamed meds still being adjusted, to in about 20 days after that being stable enough for long enough to be discharged?

I'm guessing she just checked out since she came there voluntarily, so she can brag about how well she did until her next breakdown. She does look much better than before tho. Hopes she keeps it up but wonder for how long as I highly doubt she got effective treatment in that short amount of time. It just makes me think stronger she made half of it up to sound worse than it was.

No. 252468

Uhh okay, good for her I guess?
Hope she's visiting the Dentist next to fix whatever's left of her front teeth.

No. 252521


Nah she's on her way to "zaddy's" (barf) to convince him to marry her and fix her "hope Mana doesn't go through with it" visa problems. When he doesn't for the 57337473th time, it'll be back on Strong Zero and another milked filled attention seeking breakdown.

No. 252524

File: 1664598752190.jpeg (396.71 KB, 819x1426, AB93F725-8FC3-4D58-88BB-3193E5…)

Nope, she’s back in her hoarded-up cubicle in Manaki’s apartment, on that mattress on the floor. Which is where she’ll be as long as he continues to allow it. She’s going nowhere and will continue to go nowhere, and she’ll go back to drinking again within weeks if not days because she has fuck all else to do all day every day.

No. 252526

File: 1664598939936.jpeg (139.94 KB, 1172x755, 8376AB69-E9F4-40BE-9529-EBDB72…)

>> not too intense face shooping
Still pretty intense. This is what she looks like irl without shooping.

No. 252598

And she's beyond drunk/ mixed meds with alcohol

She can't function her OF unless she's obliterated for that liquid courage and gets the edge off before she sloppily degrades herself.

Just think how amazing she could be if porn was actually something she wanted to do. Not something she has to destroy herself to get content out because she can't do it sober

No. 252608


Not saying I feel bad for her or anything, as this was all self induced. But now that she posted her Pimp Ken san, I can see why she can't do porn sober. Now we got a nasty, greasy, ugly ass face to go with that tiny dick and hairy legs from the porn videos.

These western weeb chicks kill me cuz they all think they're gonna come flocking to East Asia and be worshipped for their Western beauty features and end up like Taylor R (even she pulled a 2 on a good day. He's ugly af) when in reality they are only able to pull low quality, 4's on a good day. I think its hilarious that this guy is a major downgrade from Mana. He's exactly what she deserves.

No. 252921

Didn't she claim at the beginning she'd stay there for 3 months?

No. 252965

Taylor chose the old uggo because he's a millionaire. She definitely could have pulled hot men if she cared about looks more than money. Sharla, Rachel, and Grace all pulled Asian husbands who were better looking than themselves. Whiteworshipping is def a thing in Asia, don't pretend like it's not.

No. 253125

Well, white Fever is a thing in Asia but Venus is rotting inside and it's also clearly showing on the ouside, which makes it hard for her to pull a Taylor or find a decent looking Guy (unless she's paying for him lol).

She had her go with Manaki but ruined it. Sucking that gross micro dick is the best she's gonna get, that's her life now. And she chose it herself.

No. 253376

why the fuck are ppl so quick to believe her shops and filtered posts. she looks like a haggard eastern european whore irl from drinking damn near every day and eating junk food

No. 253456

>> why the fuck are ppl so quick to believe her shops and filtered posts
They’re gullible and low-IQ. “ooh, she looks so pretty here!”

No. 253655

>not too intense face shooping
ok anon.

No. 253656

Longer hair would look better because it would help slim her face. shorter hair just accentuates that and makes it look even bigger. Her fringe needs to go too, it never looks good except with extreme editing which is like 99.9% of her uploads.

No. 253698


I know white worshipping is a thing here. I live in Asia. I'm more so talking about looks. These chicks think they're going to pull the best looking kpop oppa femboy husbando sama just for being a basic white chick in Asia, but the reality is the vast majority pull a bunch dudes that look like feet at best or get whored and tossed to the side (like Dakota Rose) at worse. Venus is definitely the ladder.

It's hilarious that this greasy, ugly, MF is getting her to blow him on camera and make all sorts of low budget, humiliating porn. To think, all this because she thinks she's too good for a 9-5.

No. 253717

File: 1664801667661.jpg (41.34 KB, 347x346, IMG_20221003_115644.jpg)

No. 254242

this doesnt look like manaki's place. Can one of the nonas verify it better?

No. 254273

I’m here to thank the person who posted the last post on mikan thread by telling me venus thread because i could not find it. I said thanks there but the thread was closed so the person reading this, i thank you for replying me.

No. 254276

You‘re very welcome :)

No. 254506

It is her usual bedroom at manaki's

No. 254587

ty nona, it's kind of insane she's still living with him while having a drawing of ken or w.e with her like that out there.. lol

No. 254699

I mean, she sits in that room making videos lying about him and taking naked pics of herself to post online. She’s fucking vile.

No. 254702

Yep, the same room she’s been planted in for the past 6+ years. She’s latched on to him like a tick.

No. 255017


There have been so many different spins on the Venus and Mana story from both Marg and Venus, idk what to believe. I usually take Marg with a grain of salt, but at this point, the "Mana charges Venus for the scram marriage visa" tinfoil train seems legit.

No. 255083

Risperidone will also make her gain weight rapidly. If someone with an eating disorder needs an antipsychotic it’s a good idea to give it to them as a weekly/monthly injection that can be veirified because they will quit the moment they start to gain weight if they’re taking pills. And they know how to vomit pills, too.

No. 255923

Asian white worship is generally just the reverse of men in the west having a fetish for "exotic" races, you get the same kind of balding, nerdy, old and gross men who shun the local women for not being into them kek

No. 256241


I can confirm you she is NOT schizo, not even 1%. On the other hand, she's crazily narcissic and would do anything to get attention. Pathetic.

No. 256648

Not “a spin” on either one of their stories but the real story is apparent from observation over the past few years. He’s a cuck enabler and she’s a parasite.

No. 256900

Good news! Venus is out.

No. 256907

Well if it's true that people were constantly screaming then I don't expect that place to be good for anyone

No. 256910

ofc the first two questions she reads out are about how much it costs lol

No. 256915

the way she talks the entire video, she’s covering her upper teeth and it makes her move her mouth weird…did the black tooth get worse?

No. 256923

She's sooo shaky, is she on something or is this withdrawal or what? Like her hands/voice are shaking so much

No. 256926

>I hope she sticks with
Anon, how new? Be honest with me.
She's always shaky because she's a literal drug addict and alcoholic, so yes withdrawals plus she's probably drunk while recording it.

No. 256930

So the rehab worked veeery well if she's already drinking again

No. 256932


tl;dw - its a Q&A video about her time inside the ward, 27 minutes long

> she was inpatient for 1.5 months

> how much does it cost? treatment is expensive even if you have insurance, but you can take out a loan or pay in instalments (she doesn't say how she paid for it)

> any scary moments? not really, just surreal/uncomfortable, she mentions disassociating a lot and messed up stuff going on with other patients e.g. other people there were very unwell and screamed all the time, there were meth addicts who paid for it with sex work etc. and were clearly abused

> for some reason she apologises for swearing after she says the word "shit"

> how was the support team? she says it was great, she had a doctor, a nurse and her fiancé help her. if she wasn't doing well they'd adjust medication, explain how medication was expected to affect her to put her mind at ease etc., and help her talk through her emotions and understand her behaviour

> she mentions in terms of support outside the facility that she is reconnecting with her Hungarian family and between them and her fiancé she is feeling well supported

> did they treat her different despite being non-Japanese? she says not at all, mentions the doctors spoke English and would explain any complicated medical terms to her in English

> reiterates again the staff were extremely kind and polite and treated her like a sick person who needs help and not a junkie

> does Japan have bad mental health care? she doesn't know if that's true, but supposes it might be based on the suicide rate. she talks about menhera making talking about mental health less stigmatised in recent years.

> she thinks that people not getting the care they need may be because the type of hospital isn't right. tells a story about the last time she tried inpatient but went to a private retreat that was basically for stressed/burned out people with depression and not people with personality disorders/addiction etc. so it did nothing for her and she left ASAP

> how to get admitted to a Japanese mental health hospital? call your city ward and ask for a translator and then explain your situation and they'll hook you up with a hospital

> she didn't get into the hospital that way though, she wanted to kill herself and cut her throat but then regretted it immediately and called her boyfriend for help, he called the emergency services but the police turned up as well and she had to spend the night at a police station in a safe room. she doesn't recommend injuring yourself to try and get hospital admission due to this being an awful experience

> did it help? yes, she's been out 2 weeks and has been living a balanced life, not doing anything too crazy and not craving alcohol. she's doing the AA 12 step plan.

> what's the food like? basically always soup, rice, a main dish, dessert and tea. its traditional Japanese food and tastes good, and there is some variety

> there's also a convenience store on the ground floor of the hospital where you can buy snacks if you want. if you snack too much your doctor will tell you. she snacked a lot but her doctors said it was probably good for now, as alcohol has a lot of sugar and your body craves the sugar as well as the booze when you're quitting so sugary foods can help reduce cravings

> any strange dreams? no but she lucid dreams more

> what substance was the most popular in the addiction ward? OTC stuff like cough medicine, and meth

> she was the youngest alcoholic, and there were very few female alcoholics, at the AA meetings its mostly 40+ year old men
> she says she felt out of place in her addiction, alcoholism doesn't usually escalate that quickly, "but yeah… life's funny"

> what was the most helpful thing about the program? being able to go to the nurse station and talk to them. talking helped a lot, they gave her better coping strategies. talking to her doctor and visits from friends and family also helped.

> how was it adjusting to outside life again? at first she was overwhelmed, but after sleeping on it she was back to normal

> can you choose your own meals? no

> what decides if you get discharged early? your doctors and nurses have a discussion about your progress and offer to let you leave early if you are doing well enough inpatient wont provide additional benefits, but they leave the door open because addiction is a life long fight and you can come back if needed

> closing statements are for other addicts in japan or elsewhere, she's praying for them, urges them to get help and says not to try and quit cold turkey because its dangerous

> finally says this isn't a comeback video, just an update to stay in touch, she plans to do a come back video on November 1st

No. 256949

Genuinely wishing the best for her.
She’s been through a lot.
Good luck to her.

No. 256952

thank you! im not keeping up with her, so shes living at manaki's but 'her fiance' is a different guy?

No. 256954

She has like 3 at this point. Fiance, Manaki and a "bf"

No. 256960

A fucking whore is what she is.

No. 256973


Genuinely wishing her to jump in front of a bus again(a-log)

No. 256980

What "bf"? When did she mention him?

No. 256981

Her previous saga before the mental ward arc, during the rent-a-escort days a month or two back.

No. 257047

She’s clearly not drunk anons. We have already established and Venus has confirmed herself that the tremors are from withdrawal/medication. Learn 2 read.
Thank you nonnie, I could not sit through all that!

No. 257050


Sounds like the most earnest attempt she's made to get better yet. I don't expect a sudden 180, but I hope it leads to something better than the past 7 years or so of trainwreck that has been her life.

No. 257055

>Learn 2 read.
>so yes withdrawals
You quoted a post that listed withdrawals. So probably take your own advice, nonnie.
Yeah unfortunately we know this never lasts, when she needs pity money she'll be back on the cycle.

No. 257061

so she is in touch with her hungarian relatives, wonder what marge thinks about that lmao

well, overall the video is less deranged than the content she was making before she went it

No. 257064

That made me wonder something. Venus mentions in the video that meth is popular in Japan… I wonder if she's secretly using? Would explain the black teeth.

No. 257082

Meth is super easy to get here so I wouldn’t be surprised. Not saying she is or anything, but I’ve seen a lot more ‘put together’ people here who do stimulates almost daily so I could see it for Venus.

No. 257092

She has not been through "a lot". She had family issues and mental health issues. Left her mom to live her dream life in Japan. Spoiled materialistically and had everything she ever wanted. Leeched off a dude (and continues to do so) because she is too lazy to work and wants a caretaker. She's been hand-wringed online with ass pats left and right for her fabricated and embellished life story. If you consider having crappy family dynamics and mental health issues as "being through sooo much", then pretty much every human on earth has "been through so much".

No. 257093

I kind of hope that's the case, because she has been leeching off of him since she left home, so him charging her would be him getting compensation for taking care of her all these years and making her Japan dreams a reality. It'd be the least she could do after using and slandering him. Plus I wonder how many mental health issues Mana developed after spending YEARS with this bitch. This bitch who has no sympathy for his potential mental health issues and just calls him a lazy loser neet and brags to his mom how pathetic he is to the point his mom cries. Only Venus' mental health matters and she invalidates everyone elses. He better be charging her.

No. 257097

In the update video she said that after she got out of the hospital last time, they gave her meds which made her worse.
It seems to me she started getting worse as soon as she started seeing doctors and taking stuff they gave her.
I was worried that might happen as people can get worse after getting involved with medical profession for their mental state.
At least it seems she's got better help this time.

People asked if help is bad in Japan for that sort of thing and she said she doesn't know why people think that unless it's because of suicide rate.
She never mentioned Manaki at all so maybe no one asked about him, or if they did she didn't want to answer.

No. 257100


certain mood stabilizers are known to cause some pretty bad hand tremors. She seems like she is being heavily medicated, which would explain this.

No. 257101

Venus seems to be someone with no morals, doesn't care who she hurts or how much she hurts them, has no scruples, no qualms about using even a kid in her online validation attempts. I think she'd use anyone and destroy them without a care, being a truly wicked person but hiding behind her cute persona.
And I'm afraid to say that's what makes her so alluring and attractive. She's fascinating. People love a bad girl and Venus is bad, and rotten to the core, but that's why some people love her.

No. 257111

>>Spoiled materialistically and had everything she ever wanted. Leeched off a dude (and continues to do so) because she is too lazy to work and wants a caretaker. She's been hand-wringed online with ass pats left and right for her fabricated and embellished life story. If you consider having crappy family dynamics and mental health issues as "being through sooo much", then pretty much every human on earth has "been through so much".

THANK YOU. This “poor little abuse victim” grift she’s been shilling for years continues to rope in the gullible and simple-minded, even now when her shitty character has shown itself time after time.

No. 257113

imagine being so new that you haven't seen this part of her cycle before and post shit like you all are posting

No. 257127

If someone feels attracted to her knowing all this, they have a shit taste and shouldn't brag about it. I think most people who like her don't know that she's such a bitch or try to make excuses for her.
This. Venus was just a spoiled brat who turned out to be a spoiled crappy adult. That's just who she is, it's not because she "went through a lot". I know someone who used to be starved and beaten by their parents and they still turned out to be a genuinely nice person in the adulthood. People just try to blame her personality on her past and mental illness, so she can never take an accountability for anything and if they do get mad, she's like "uwu, internet is scawy" and never ever says "sorry, my bad".

No. 257142

how do we know she's not nice in real life? She posts dumb crap to her fans, but her fans are the wretched pieces of shit

No. 257146

Someone who openly admit to suicide bait is a garbage human being, period.

No. 257147

She has the fanbase she deserves kek

No. 257149


Venus alluring/attractive and fascinating

I snorted so hard I dropped my phone

No. 257152


I wouldn't be surprised if this was true because like the other anon said, meth is easy to get here in Japan, especially in Tokyo. It thrives due to shit like over work culture.

Meth is also still popular in my country. Ever seen a tweaker before? Cuz considering the rapid decline in Venus's appearance and mental state these past 2 years meth would explain alot lol. Especially the porn stuff cuz meth makes ppl hypersexual. Marg did claim on insta awhile back that Venus told her she was on meth in an email. Doing something retarded like trying meth is right up her alley.

No. 257155


Venus is not hypersexual. At all.

She's just playing a role to appeal thirsty retards to her OF.
Remember when she claimed to be a 'lesbian'.

Her porn is hilarious. Awkward. Clearly someone with 0 or very few sexual experience.

No. 257156

If she was a nice person, she wouldn't use a molested child to get back at a guy who dumped her and she wouldn't publicly slander Manaki and brag about making his mother cry and the list goes on.

No. 257157

but for all we know, she just made all that up

No. 257158

Nonnie, no. If you want to be a newfag, that's fine but do your research. We LITERALLY seen it happen.

No. 257173

lol, no you haven't. You've seen venus' posts. Oh, no, wait - you were there when the "fiance" did that thing, I forgot. And you verified that he's a real person, with your own eyes. You LITERALLY saw it happen. Except you didn't

No. 257174

If she did lie about the child abuse, that would also make her a horrible person.

No. 257176

We've literally seen her publicly slander Manaki AND Ken/fiance. If she made it all up, then that's even shittier, especially the child abuse thing, as the other anon mentioned.

No. 257275

Yeah, he's not a real person, except he's on her photos and on her caricature portrait, oh and also we know how his dick looks like, but he's totally not real.

No. 257290

Venus whiteknights are weird. I understand people that simp but why wk cows that don't care for you.
It's just someone trying to white knight for her for some odd reason.

No. 257294

Honestly, she looks like someone very easily guilt tripped because her entire life she's been hold to a strange standard of purity. She comes off as so ashamed about everything. She's in Japan and a weeabo, she shouldn't be ashamed of SW I am not saying she should do actual porn but she can definitely make a lot of money off OF if she rebrands correctly while also making Youtube videos. She looks so ashamed and dependent that's why people slander her, she could make a lot of friends, I think she needs connections, but real ones or even being featured on other Japanese Youtubers. She seems so ashamed of herself but I understand it in her situation but I feel like her real suffering is low self esteem and having been placed all her life to this standard of a living doll of high purity. She could make a lot of interesting videos and make a lot of moneyz on OF nobody cares honestly. I want her to have more confidence and she should get out of Manaki's. Manaki's doesn't fit her, he seems dumb and retarded, this boy seems more empathetic and open minded. Manaki seems autistic and it can take a toll on you being around someone like that, it drags you down.

No. 257300

This bait

No. 257322

What drugs are you on anon ?

No. 257357

Can I just say how totally ridiculous this whole “Fiance” fantasy is? Dude doesn’t even live in the same city and has no plans to live with her, let alone marry her. And she’s living in her happy little pretend world where she has a FIANCE”*

It’s really kind of pathetic, or would be if she wasn’t such a leeching scumbag.

No. 257361

>>257294 must still be locked out of her little KF Venus Angelic support group. Bummer.

No. 257444

either KF was shut down again and ppl from the venus thread are flocking in, or venus told her OF subs about this thread again. Might explain the outpour of wk's lately

No. 257468

KF has nothing to do with her whiteknights occasionally having enough blood in their head to defend her. (It's back up btw) so yeah, it's her sending the troops.

No. 257474


You are kidding right? Must not have been following her that long or know her history. Poor you for falling to her poor victim me party. Do yourself a favour and get educated.

No. 257475


Megakek like those tard incels are going to stop people hating the shitty ugly cunt she is.
I can already see the OMG UR JEALOUS U FATTIESSS.

No. 257477


Stupid people are often gullible.

No. 257479


They just want to see her pussy anyway and wank off. All the blood drainage to the brain makes then stupid as fuck

No. 257509


Retardation. Anyone who WKs for Venus and pays for her OF are certified retards.

No. 257524


I would understand it if Peenus was a pretty or sexy girl. She is neither and a shitty person on top of that.
It always amazes me how incredibly retard thirsty incels can be

No. 257549


You really give yourselves away as underaged, edgy newfags thinking that you're right on the money using buzzwords you hardly know the meaning of, hoping something sticks. I would wager to say that you're at least somewhat jealous and resentful of Venus and her wasted opportunities that you totally would have utilized differently. There's no reason to be this fixated on her with such vehemence daily. We know you don't give a shit about morality otherwise you'd display some emotional intelligence. At the end of the day what she does really doesn't fucking matter- she's not stopping you from chasing your dreams of becoming a beloved pet gaijin tarento with a real Japanese boyfriend/lover, adored and loved by the Japanese society which you hold in such high esteem for some reason. You all take this shit so personally so it's definitely more than just "umm I just think she's a really bad person u gaiz! unlike me who would've been successful and loved by all and totally wouldn't have fucked over my POS mother". Get your shit together and go for it, the borders are opening, nothing's stopping you except maybe lack of funds and motivation which explains why quite a few of you waste time here. Venus is shitty in a lot of her ways but don't act like you're much holier. The hypocrisy is astounding.

No. 257553

OK venus ! KEK(hi cow)

No. 257562

u tell them venus!!(hi cow)

No. 257588

You make good points. I never understand why ppl are so down on Venus for doing OF. Although I don't indulge in porn watching, even I can see that what she does is very mild porn related content.
It doesn't ever look like anything hardcore. I've heard of really horrid porn content but not seen any of that from Venus. Though admitedly I only see leaked stuff as don't sub to OF.

Agree. No one is going to love everything about Venus but the amount of hate is just tedious and mainly unjustified.

No. 257589

File: 1665506759827.jpeg (34.78 KB, 594x495, images - 2022-10-11T184541.462…)

No. 257590


See guys ? I told you retarded incels would tell us we are JeALOUsS of WeEn0ss


No. 257591



No. 257593

So the Janitor mods here just watch the wk’s nuking this thread

No. 257594

You give away yourself as a stupid, gullible little neckbeard living in his mom's basement lmao

No. 257598

You do realize that some people are naturally malicious for pleasure, or are you new to the world anon ?

No. 257618


No reason to compare trauma. Venus has had her fair share of trials and tribulations, which were made worse by her internet popularity. Yes, people go through "worse" and come out "better" but usually abused children turn into abusive adults one way or the other, because they aren't given the tools needed to deal with their trauma. Idk how therapy in Japan works but she's wishy washy so it won't work until she's ready. But it's pretty clear to see how she got where she was. Margo taught her to sexualize herself for money and live off men, so that's what she's doing.

No. 257677

File: 1665527719126.jpg (386.39 KB, 596x596, 1000_F_14161739_Cw19HhDnZZeT5L…)

Venus WK, you have just been challenged by the nona WK.
I'll have you know that the vast majority of nonas are happy healthy skinny queens and I won't stand for your slander against them. How dare you compare their beauty to this granny prostitute burn out alcoholic. Benoos could NEVER. You are JEALOUS that the ethot you give money to turned out to be a gremlin and now everyone around you has more money.

Retract your statement right now or the consequences will never be the same.

No. 257680

this is the cringeyist fucking shit

No. 257705

>> (It's back up btw)
It may be back up but a lot of users are still locked out. Josh deleted everone’s accounts and you have to have access to the email you used to originally sign up to get the code to reset your password and log in to your account to post.

Long story short, we’re seeing an influx of homeless forlorn KF users looking for a new home to handwring about Poor Venus. I.e. >>257549 >>257588 and >>257618

No. 257707

>> I never understand why ppl are so down on Venus for doing OF.
People are “down on Venus” because she’s a shitty person, not because she does OF.

No. 257734

I'm down on anyone who does OF.

No. 257773

People followed her for cute stuff, not porn. Especially shitty one. If only she was doing a good job at it

No. 257775

She gets outta rehab and the 1st thing she does is read lolcow and then sends her retarded fans here. Priorities.

No. 257811

Well that's ur problem then. Seems like ppl can make good money on there.
The only thing I'd wanna see tho would be pretty Chinese and Japanese she males. Lots of them on there apparently.
No need to be so prudish and disapproving about a few sexy pictures, no one forces anyone to go there and look at it.
Can't understand these people who want to shut down the world just to suit their own prudery. Anyone would think must a load of fundamentalist religious nuts.

No. 257812

File: 1665586714128.jpg (65.49 KB, 563x403, 20221012_165708.jpg)

She's now from Austria, too?

No. 257814


I see no evidence of that. It just seems there's a few more rational people here occasionally.
Why does the default position have to be you've got to full-on hate Venus to be allowed to say something on here? Not total hatred towards her and you're out. Why?
Some of us can laugh at her, find fault with her for a lot of what she does but don't feel hatred towards her and can actually see reason to praise her sometimes. That is just a sane,reasoned,and reasonable viewpoint.
I don't get the one sided it has to be hate or nothing or we want you banned. How can there be reasonable debate on anything if only one sided point of view is allowed?

No. 257816

tranny chan is back!! ive missed u soooo much!

No. 257876

because people who compliment venus just say it once and they don't argue like idiots with the other idiots who nickpick venus. Except you, because you're a wk.

No. 257904

We see her for the shitty person she is behind her photoshopped pics and wide-eyed innocent persona she puts on. That does not = “hate,” dear. It’s realism. You and your incessant “why are you people so MEAN to poor Venus??” arguments are tiresome and boring.

No. 257955

File: 1665634124166.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1242x1738, 75A6917B-1751-4110-A5A3-7368B3…)

Looking like Dakota Rose

No. 257973


I wanna say quit cappin but yellow fever Japanophile Boku no Pico tranny anon at least makes me lol with their completely untrue weeb generalizations about Japan. These Peenus WKs are just pathetic.

Also I think it's hella sus that same anon dissappeared around when Venus got admitted, but now that she's out, they're back. Clearly this is not Venus because they can write coherent English sentences, but its def one of her dumbass Wks she sends here. Yall think it's pimp Ken san?

No. 257980

wasn't she always?

No. 257985

No. 257991

File: 1665655714981.jpg (96.76 KB, 660x660, hF7FB2DDE.jpeg.jpg)

>Peenus is out of rehab
>The ~muh soft AZN fembois~ WK troon is back too
Coincidence ?

No. 258024

i see she's gone back to over editing her photos, also yikes to the wrinkles under her eyes due to aegyo sal tape, i hope she stops that before it gets worse

No. 258043

File: 1665676638495.jpg (627.18 KB, 1080x1475, IMG_20221013_175210.jpg)

Totally agree with your Tinfoil.

It's hilarious that Marges edited pictures look good compared to Venus shit. We all know that both of them look like Goblins in real but Venus editing became so worse over the years.

Is there anything this lazy ass Bitch can do right?!

No. 258047

So venus can copy margos narcissism, but not her washing and combing her hair. Real shame.

No. 258074


She erase the post again…

No. 258079

No. 258108

NTA but there was nothing "ESL" about that post just because 'erase' was used instead of 'erased.'

No. 258110

that's esl

No. 258132


Well, sorry, I may lack a "d"…(sage your shit)

No. 258153


Roflmao wtf is this shit

No. 258244

you're also a newfag who can't sage.

No. 258280

If I were driving and the person sitting next to me was taking selfies of themselves, I would cringe

No. 258283

what's your damage

No. 258288

I thought people add those flags according to where they live/have been born + ethnicity. She is gonna add the whole world map on her profile soon

No. 258368

Second this. Being able to see her for being a shitty person doesn't mean "we hate her." The wk anon who claims to be "rational" is also the same moron who claimed to be in love with Venus and calls her alluring for being shitty. Yeah, very rational. It's amazing to me how pointing out someone's shittiness that they try to conceal via a cute/innocent/victimized mask somehow equals to hatred or jealousy or we spend our whole lives on here posting. Ridiculous coping from the wks.

No. 258371

>Margo taught her to sexualize herself for money
Not really. I used to think that until Venus corroborated it's not true, just like a lot of the shit she claimed she's been through isn't true and is just embellished. Venus said she was soooo traumatized when her mom said if she doesn't finish school/work/do YT she might end up a prostitute on the streets. Then when she starts OF, she says it was always her dream to whore herself out/be the dumbest slut/be sexy. Margo recently even found some selfies VENUS TOOK when she was in her early teens that were pics with her cleavage out. Pics of her trying to be sexy. Which I think is pretty normal for a teen to do (experimenting with their sexuality/sexiness), but Venus had us believe it was her mom who "forced" her into this kind of behavior when all she wanted to do was be kawaii, then goes around and says she wanted to be a sex worker all along but couldn't because her family was against it/slut-shamed her. Always the victim in her story. No matter what.

No, Margo didn't force her to sexualize herself nor to do YT. She did that on her own (I bet the wow they're huge thumbnail was Venus' doing tbh), then when it was convenient and she needed support after taking the YT channel, blamed Margo as "whoring her out" and then when she wanted to do OF as she saw a lot of money in it and needed support, she admit she wanted to be sexy all along (I doubt it was when she was a little kid like she said, that's just embellishment as usual from Venus, but as a teen she probably did want to be sexy but simply wasn't confident enough, the sexy selfies being evidence of that).

I don't believe that Margo "forced" her to sexualize herself, since even Venus has contradicted that story, but Margo sure as hell could have done more to prevent her from doing this stuff – for instance, posting the cleavage thumbnail. Margo probably didn't care because she had access to all of Venus' accounts and could monitor Venus' conversations or she wanted to let Venus express her sexuality, as evidenced when Margo took her bra shopping in her early teens

Margo's still shit but that's not why Venus is doing OF. I'd argue she does OF because Margo spoiled her. Venus was a teen doing nothing of value but showing off clothes/putting on makeup saying boo bye bye boo in front of a camera and making up to 80k with this easy work. No way someone so privileged/spoiled would ever want to work a real job after that. Venus has always for as long as I can remember been extremely vain and into herself/looks. The one hobby she never gave up is taking massive amounts of photos and editing them. OF allows her to do both of these. Avoid real work, take photos and make buck. That's why she does it. Not because of Margo or her fiance, as some want to claim to make her some victim led astray once again. Also, if the fiance didn't support her OF, she'd just claim "he's abusive/controlling/slut-shaming" and if he does support it she'll just call him "a creep/groomer/user who forced her into it." She always finds a way to make herself a victim and vilify those around her.

No. 258372

Samefag, reread this post and realized you didn't say she forced Venus to sexualize herself. So I'd agree then. Either Margo was okay with the occasional sexy content like the cleavage thumbnail because that stuff gets views/money or because she wanted to let Venus express her sexuality, or both. But it's still not why Venus does OF imo. Venus does it because she's allergic to real work due to never having to do said work.

No. 258408

File: 1665781971880.png (934.26 KB, 1186x695, image_2022-10-14_171010836.png)

I like how the images featuring her edited face are so grainy compared to the food pic. Also what work? It's amazing to me that she considered snapping pictures of her naked body or cosplay pictures as "returning to work." Making a Yt video talking in your room or posting edited photos is NOT work. But I guess she needs to delude herself like this because being a grifter leech who is 25 and never worked a job hurts her pride too much. So she goes around larping as some hardworking innovative girlboss kek. What a joke.

No. 258454

Don't waste your time; this thread is populated by BPDs who don't have a sense of what a normal upbringing is like and think Venus was blessed because Margot cared about her and toted her to glorious nippon (i.e. used her as a meal ticket) and didn't beat her. They don't understand that getting carted around the globe and exploited on youtube as a child will probably fuck someone up because they have no sense of what a healthy childhoof actually is.

No. 258463

Well I did get beaten, my mother took offence at the slightest thing from as long as I can remember. My father too, when he was around, was violent for nothing.
I' d prefer to have had Margaret's version of parenting than what I had. At least Venus was able to see the world and not be afraid to travel.
You'd think I would be an alcoholic or be a shitty person not caring who I hurt, but I'm nothing like that, but would go out of my way to help someone. My point is just because my parents were shitty doesn't mean I have to be too and I'm not.
Venus was lucky if she never got beaten or treated to really damaging emotional cruelty and abuse such as some of us had to endure.
Some people are just born the way they are and would turn out the same regardless of upbringing.(stop with the blogposts)

No. 258505

I don't like competitions of sorrow, but I agree sometimes it's hard. You see her and people like her spiraling over things that could have been alot worse. You got fed? Your existence beyond getting the shit beat out of you was acknowledged? No sexual assult before your age hit the double digits? Sounds like fucking Disney land.
Here's the problem. Some anons don't get that both Margo and Venus are shitty bad people. Neither one's fault at this point. Margo is shitty because,.. duh. And Venus because she's an adult actively making bad manipulative decisions. Is she mentally ill?, probably, it would EXPLAIN her continued state. It doesn't EXCUSE it. It never does. Side note. Nonny, good on you for not continuing the cycle. You're a brave girl and should be proud of yourself.

No. 258575

File: 1665851324140.gif (323.65 KB, 200x200, 200.gif)

No. 258577


Everybody is different, some people can be badly hurt for insignificant things, while others are undestructible. What is wrong is hiding behind mental illness or personal story to excuse shitty behavior.
And what’s even more repulsing, manipulating people by playing the 'kawaii mentally ill victim'

No. 258602

don’t you girls have a diary for this?
im here to read about penus

No. 258615


No. 258692

Her face looks bloated af lately.
Also, how fucking gross is to call someone you're dating "zaddy/daddy". She doesn't call him "fiance" anymore?

No. 258710

Back to her stupid 'cute' sugarbabe persona again kek.
Wait a few more years, she'll keep on spiralling down and that promises a lot of fun.

No. 258711


Thanks mods for doing your job for once

No. 258723


A few more years? psst when her "zaddy" gets bored of her sloppy, greasy, terrible bj's and breaks up with her again, she'll be back on the Strong Zeros and shooped to hell fuckboi hosts. I give this a month tops. It's clear she has "mental break downs" every time this guy tells her to kick rocks. Just another emotional manipulation tactic to make him feel bad for leaving her. But he's a retard and deserves it. He had plenty of outs to get away from this crazy bitch. But like most moids, he stayed cuz bjs.

No. 258750

Bet she can't even give bjs properly.

No. 258751

We've literally seen how she gives blowjobs. You don't have to bet.

No. 258753

File: 1665926850212.png (3.4 MB, 750x1334, 55C4A62C-EC45-4B96-B810-4E3BE7…)

literally look at her story really quick. posted the same pic twice, with “good morning” written on the second one.
now look this may sound over the top but, as a girl whos on insta 24h of the day, and im sure she rewatches her own stories, how did she not notice this?
ill tell u why, its the drugs/meds/alcohol.
u know how druggies lose decorum / stop caring abt appearing in a certain way?
out of character story posting like this makes me think she’s still drinking. this is the pic but before it it’s the same one without the text.
she did not “just make a mistake” i think she just doesnt care/doesnt realize, and its been up for 15hours. i dont have to tell u how much girls care abt having nice looking ig stories.
anyways spazzing aside, she added a “spicy content” arrow to her linktree, guess she needs to pay for the rehab stay

No. 258755

Venus should shack up with some Canadian dude or a burger from a legal state and become a stoner. Would be significantly better for her health than being a drunk, while still being a great form of escapism.

No. 258786

That eyeliner is tragic, for a former "makeup guru".

No. 258788

She was a teen and not that good even back then, because she was a child.

No. 258872


Her hair is always so fucking greasy

No. 259037

Blurry, overedited pics and unwashed hair again, I see. Is she back to booze yet or is it too early to ask?

No. 259042

She's prob mixing booze with her meds like >>258753 is saying and doesn't even realize she's deleting and reposting. The guy she's w/ now looks like then standard alcoholic who spends his days glued to a pachinko machine. Lets be real, their "relationship" is prob them just getting drunk and high together.

No. 259162

You shouldn't blogpost but I do agree. People seem to underestimate nature and just think it's nurture at play 100%. I know siblings who grew up with one parent and one of the siblings ended up a copy of the abusive parent who never raised them. I think even if Venus wasn't raised by Margo she'd still be shitty, manipulative, selfish etc. She has Margo's genes after all. She may not have ended up with depression or turned to alcohol, but those two issues are not what make her a manipulative and self-absorbed person to begin with.

She's not exploited if she wanted to do YT to get famous to be able to live in Japan. I do think Margo was a pushy "momager" though, but let's be real, Venus needs to be pushed to do things and if Margo invests so much time/money/work in the channel to help her Nippon dream come true, then yeah, Venus better be posting shit and taking it seriously.

No. 259201

File: 1666060695821.png (482.58 KB, 1164x1500, image0.png)

No. 259218

looking at her face here looks like this is some trafficing victim shit

No. 259219

Lol, $50 for 3 minutes of trash.

No. 259243

File: 1666076881873.jpg (628.07 KB, 2560x1440, FfMfj9QX0AAtUu_.jpg)

If I didn't know it's Venus, I would think it's some femboy.
She should ditch that wig and those contact lenses, it doesn't suit her at all.

No. 259245

Who tf would pay $50 to see only her face. She doesn't want to show the rest, because she's afraid that everyone would see how she's just lying there like a dead starfish or what?

No. 259246


Wow. It really would not kill her to exercise and tone herself. Flabby rolls are unflattering…her tits are already sagging so bady…

Pretty much lying there like a dead starfish is what she'd be doing.
Making that's hedius moans sounding like she's getting oblitrrated by a non existant huge cock.

She can be Patrick from Sponge Bob with that pink outfit at this point.

No. 259248

To be fair, most people would have fat rolls in this position, but those saggy tits look sad.

No. 259249

waiting for anons who are subbed to her of to tell us how bad this was

No. 259250

I hope nobody will, because that would mean financially supporting her. No matter how much I would like to laugh at her shitty porn, I despise her too much to give her any money.

No. 259254


Moids like the one's who were here WKing her before the mods cleaned house.

No. 259256

it isn't available to them unless they pay $50 more. so I have no idea why anyone would subscribe

No. 259268

File: 1666086272889.png (104.75 KB, 300x244, 1666060695821.png)

How can her mouth be that ridiculous kek

No. 259280

ohhh thats how it works?
i see why she added the arrow then to her linktree, just to make it even more visible, i guess hundreds of people left over the past 5 months

No. 259291

If she hadnt posted anything for a long time & lost subs then she's got some making up to do in content to try and get them back, or get new ones.
She needs to up her game though.
It seems she only does mundane stuff. Where's all the really perverted stuff she boasted about doing? I only read in here to find out what she's up to on onlyfans & I'm sure it woulda got a mention here if she'd done it.

No. 259299

Everything she posts is basically the same thing over and over again, with bad quality, cheap costumes and shitty editing, especially compared to OF creators like Hidori Rose and the other girls, who actually put some effort into what they're doing. I hope more people will get tired of her and unsub, because at this point she doesn't deserve the money, unless she starts trying harder.
I think she should just give up and find a normal job, because she's just bad at this and can't even post consistently.

No. 259303

Venus makes me feel better about myself which is the only thing I like about her anymore.

No. 259421

It has been said already but she doesn't seem to care anymore about anything she uploads.
I mean look at her Tifa cosplay, it screams "I have never played the game but she is a popular character lol".
Bitch couldn't even tell where Nibelheim is.

No. 259459

File: 1666142927116.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1170x1684, 11809C46-6106-4609-90AD-580692…)

No. 259467

How come her hips look so bulky there? Is it the angle, how she's standing?
I mean she's not fat but sort of looks to have quite a matronly shape there.
It's not flattering. She should pay attention to how she stands and presents herself.
Maybe stand more upright instead of hunched forward, then she'd look more streamlined.

No. 259474

She's always had wider hips/calves/shoulders/face/hands and feet. She just edits and manipulates angles to look smaller and probably didn't edit that image as much as usual. She edited the shit out of her face there and is probably trying to go for a more "womanly" look for that image than smol kawaii loli stuff she usually does.

No. 259475

File: 1666148795087.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1242x2214, 1744C604-E896-499E-BE26-460C14…)

Reusing that greasy blurry pic… couldn't she take another damn selfie?

No. 259476

and ditch the aegyo eyebags too. The wig looks bad because she pulled it too high up on her hairline so the fringe doesn't get in her eyes instead of just cutting the fringe. And of course she's back to doing sex work at Manaki's place.

No. 259477

Everything sexual she does just looks unsexy. I can't imagine someone getting hot over that pic

No. 259497

She mentioned that she was do a “HQ” shoot which sounds like someone else (with a better camera) was doing the pictures. I imagine she didn’t have as much control over the angles as in her normal selfies and this is closer to what she actually looks like. I also think she gained weight in rehab (I think it looks fine) and is probably figuring out how to photoshop her image and maybe navigating what she wants to look like in her pictures now.

No. 259499

If she likes to edit her face so much, she should photoshop herself some chin and lips, so that she doesn't look like a goddamn turtle.

No. 259502

File: 1666159240615.png (717.28 KB, 654x843, Bez názvu.png)

The number of likes and retweets on her Twitter posts is tragic.

No. 259513

it's been edited at the waist and other places, thats why the strings on her stomach seem to be stuck to her, in the original pic they woud just bridge from her stomach to her breasts in a straight line. the bump on the elbow shows where the waist has been edited. often the body editing ends up making the person look weird and bulky if it's not done by someone who knows what theyre doing

No. 259522

of course she cosplays as the pornsick loli pedobait one

No. 259523

This bitch wants so badly to look Japanese, but she just looks like a haggard baby Margo.

No. 259585

File: 1666205061589.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.08 MB, 1170x1447, image0.jpg)

Beware of Venus with a mouth gag, showing off her wonderful teeth.

No. 259594

File: 1666206230887.gif (1.1 MB, 220x122, roflmao.gif)

Oh ffs

No. 259597


If you look closely you can see the photoshopped pixels on her front teeth. And even with that they look awful.

No. 259599

Edited af. And badly on top of that.

No. 259613

This is genuinely a nightmare fuel

No. 259615

File: 1666209890778.jpg (211.73 KB, 950x988, 1666205061589.jpg)

Happy early Halloween guys.

No. 259620

>> she has "mental break downs" every time this guy tells her to kick rocks. Just another emotional manipulation tactic to make him feel bad for leaving her.

Same exact tactic she uses on Manaki and how she continues to be planted in that room, despite having a fiance/zaddy*

This dude doesn’t even want her in the same house as him, let alone marry her delusional ass.

No. 259629

this is easily the saddest thing ive ever seen.
this is like actually what sex trafficking victims look like when theyre forced to pose for pictures.

ive sperged on this before and got rightfully clowned by anons but shitt WHY keep doing this? she has the means to go back to europe and maybe accumulate some money the right way and then fuck off to nippon again?
yes she likes japan and “living easy” but shes been killing herself there for the past three years, she cant keep doing this for 50+ years more.

legit just 3 years in europe to get her life back on track, then she can go back to jp to lead a normal life.
she should be planning this now especiallyyyyy after seeing what those girls are going thru in rehab.

the self destruction is intentional and conscious at this point

No. 259634

What's the fucking point of resecting your whole intestine if you keep on heavily photoshop your body ?

No. 259646


She would need motivation to better herself, she doesn’t have it. She lives off attention and toxic shit.

How does living in Europe would get her life back on track in just 3 years? She only knows how to be a lazy, manipulative whore.
Knowing how dumb she is, if she became a whore in Europe she would probably end up being trafficked or full of STDs.

Also let’s say she magically becomes less shitty, goes to Europe and fixes her shit. Then how could she go back to Japan? During the time she leaves, maybe Manaki would stop being a loser and try to get a divorce. Then Venus won’t have a way to stay anymore.

No. 259649


Agreed. At this point it's just hopeless.

No. 259651

>> the saddest thing ive ever seen.
Know who I’m sad for? Manaki, having this creature latched onto him bringing endless shame, humiliation and misery into his life.

No. 259664

That's not closer to how she looks lmao. Her face is super edited there. I also don't think she gained too much weight. More like just less shooping. In her tiktok where she wore the pink bra in the pool, she looked bigger too. Then posts some more tik toks where she looks super slim. You can't gainlose weight that fast. She's just always been bigger boned and just edits her body smol. She doesn't look like she gained much body fat than usual imo.

No. 259665

File: 1666226766056.jpeg (104.72 KB, 1811x1200, B754F75C-621F-49C7-B73B-3D331C…)

She reminds me of this type of fish

No. 259667

She's not going to give up easy money. Margo and her are both coin gremlins. Venus arguably worse, because at least Margo did at some point work hard in her life (12 hour shifts, hospital job, even managing YT was more than Venus has ever done in her life). Venus is going to milk OF, hoping to make as much money as she possibly can. And it's so easy too. Spend 1-2 days a month taking pics, edit on snow/meituu or get a photographer to edit it and then just upload a backlog of pics whenever, doing fuckall with her life. She will never give that up.

No. 259670

File: 1666227859907.jpeg (2.18 MB, 1170x1949, 10CCB3AF-9CE3-44E9-AFC4-B11215…)

I think she is gaining weight too. I don’t think it looks bad but she looks more soft and I’m surprised she’s showing these pictures given that she idolizes being skinny so much

No. 259671

why does she look like she has bottle rot on her front teeth

No. 259677


After all the crazy shit she did to cultivate a spoopy appearance, a little more weight will actually do her some good. If she incorporated a healthy diet and exercise routine it would be relatively easy to maintain a good figure.

No. 259678


I don't see why she can't get her shit together in Europe and just take frequent trips to Japan. She doesn't have to live there, it's clearly not for her.

No. 259716

Is 'Europe' the new Japan? A magical land that cures all problems when you land there? Otherwise what the fuck does europe have to do with anything?

No. 259723

Nah, I think she definitely gained weight, her face is wider than before, even in her newest video.
Alcohol belly.

No. 259727

This needs to be a new banner

No. 259728

I’ll get my ass to Europe rn if that’s the case lmao

No. 259729

Europe is nice tbh.
Thank you anon, I wasn't planning to sleep anyway.

No. 259732

Because she has a family in Europe and has no one in Japan, only her "zaddy". Maybe people think it would help her to reunite with them.

No. 259734


If Venus went back to Europe, this would most certainly be the outcome. She's just in Japan for the clout because dumbass weebs who don't know Japan's is shitty just like everwhere else are her fanbase. I think if she ever got deported, she'd bring back Koreaboo Venus and try her hand at bring a hoe there.

No. 259741

Estranged family, she doesn't even know them. They're just people who happen to share some of her dna and they're under no obligation to take care of her in any way. Would you jump of excitement if a long lost second cousin came back as a washed up addicted e-whore and expects you to coddle them while she films sexy tapes for horny moids in your guest bed room?

No. 259764

Her body literally looks the same as in her pool tik tok though. So did she really gain weight or did she just stop abusing the filters so much?

No. 259765

File: 1666273843305.jpg (121.79 KB, 1080x2400, 23131.jpg)

Venus would look much better if she had Sancty's hairstyle and light brown color. But that's not "jirai kei" enough for her.

No. 259803

what on earth is going on with her front teeth? does she smoke? they are rotten

No. 259812

she's deleted her venusangelic_official tiktok account but she still kept the videos from there up on her instagram

No. 259822

Either smoking, drugs or to much alcohol sugars
Anyone know if she’s a user?

No. 259951

File: 1666304785701.jpeg (147.86 KB, 750x553, 9B9A0234-0720-426C-A4CC-8C8033…)

a CUMSHOT? oh i am SO paying for that! that’s so perverted and freaky and crazy!

didnt she say she would be raising her price to 10$ btw? forgot how long that was, but ive never seen it actually happen

No. 259955

>Pay $6
>Still have to pay $50
She's not attractive enough let alone good enough of a scammer to pull that scam off.

No. 259975

File: 1666309350121.png (3.75 MB, 750x1334, 7EE3D5F4-223C-4CAB-BCC1-5BB448…)

new story & post

tagged as #egirl

No. 259987

>>hashtag #japantravel
>>sitting in her cubicle in Manaki’s apartment

this fucking dumbass.

No. 259989

File: 1666311925532.jpeg (302.4 KB, 2048x1536, 2AE8F217-864E-4096-B5A9-A297BE…)

Even with a mask covering her face she looks greasy and haggard next to this girl. Who, btw, doesnt mention or tag Venus in her post, and none of the 5 comments do either.

No. 259997

Her shoulders look fine, its her hips that's the problem. That 'womanly' look just makes someone look older and dowdy.

That's horrible. What was she thinking? It's just ugly.

That's an improvement.

No. 259998

Sad for her. If she had a bit of muscle would be better. Wouldn't look so soft and marshmallows. Not a good look.
And someone needs to tell her, heroin chic is back in! At least in Europe it is.

No. 259999

Europe is nice? Doesn't it depend whereabouts you are? There's some right shitty places in Europe. Backwaters with horrendous poverty and nothing at all of interest going on.
At least in Japan there's loads going on and appears more cheerful with all the cutesy stuff everywhere.(derailing)

No. 260000

Soft and marshmallowy that should say. I got to find a way to turn off auto correct. I didn't even know it was set to it.

No. 260031

It seems that her "zaddy" gave her a new present, I noticed that necklace on several photos now.

No. 260082

Banned kek.
And yes Europe is nice and interesting, dumb cunt.

Is she for real ? Who is thirsty and incel enough in the world to pay that much to see her ugly granny face covered with cum ?

I love how she exhibits her ring there. I'm excited to see this guy dumping her in a few weeks.

No. 260083

Japan still has ghettos, probably where weenus frequents lol

No. 260088

Yall just ignore the Japanophile troll. It's blatantly obvious they're trolling.

It's also evident by now that her zaddy gets his freaky fetishes fulfilled and then dips. This is such a trainwreck.

No. 260131

>one of the highest suicide rates in the world

No. 260185

Rules: love Europe = fine!
Love Japan = banned.
Weird that. Reason? And logical one. Not just well everyone here loves Europe and hates Japan. God the xenophobia here is cringe.

Anyway, the number of times we hear that shit here 'Venus should be in europe' No she fucking shouldn't. She'd be in an even worse state there, with nothing of interest around her, at least not of interest to her.
Japan is her home and where she wants to be. And being there, she's surrounded by Japanese people,she wouldn't be in Europe.
She speaks Japanese fluently and fits in there quite well, to think of uprooting her to make her live anywhere else and think things would improve and she'd be happy is just mental.

No. 260193

did trannychan improve his writing?
cause the writing is concise but what is being written is retarded

No. 260203

File: 1666368922042.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1242x2289, 60EF0296-25A8-44BF-8E94-283349…)

No. 260204

File: 1666368943417.jpeg (513.96 KB, 1242x2465, 428B44E4-DFDF-4671-8546-B2EC5C…)

Reusing that greasy selfie once again

No. 260209

2. “is rather expensive video was very expensive” +
+ 3. reusing the same selfie for 200 different things

she is mentally not here anymore. i feel like im watching a snuff film, i need to look away.

No. 260217

File: 1666370951034.jpeg (117.68 KB, 953x1280, 83458B3F-572C-4C01-8159-A45F6A…)

I have never seen a more dead face in my life, why would she expect people to pay to see her look like this

No. 260259

I'm sure it's been said here already but the kind of moids who are interested in Venus's content are likely disgusting freaks who specifically have sought out a former underage eceleb who's fallen majorly from grace. They want to see her humiliated and sad. It's disturbing, but I don't know if she's even aware - I mean, probably given she knows all about jirei kei and stuff, and she's playing it up. But if a scrote wanted to pay to watch a pretty girl do uwu animu porny shit, there are a hundred OFs they could subscribe to where the girl is prettier, or better presented. But those girls don't have a history of being a much more 'wholesome' content creator. it's the degradation they're likely getting off to.

No. 260268

Not a thought behind those eye

No. 260381

Perfectly legible. Something wrong with your eyesight, or, more likely, comprehension skills.
You've obviously never seen a real dead face then. I have. Looks nothing like this.
So much imagination from people here, and assumption making. Good thing you're anonymous or you'd seriously be embarrassing yourself.
You have no idea of the calibre of any of the people who Venus attracts.
Far too much speculation!action here..People want to hear facts about Venus, not just massive assumptions and fiction from random anons.

No. 260389

>Good thing you're anonymous or you'd seriously be embarrassing yourself.
Take your own advice kek

No. 260424


It's like she's going out of her way to look like a sex trafficking victim. Christ. I guess the bottom of the barrel moid pervs go for this. She did dress as a sexy baby before. That in itself tells me the kinda freaks that pay for her stuff. Like her "zaddy" (anyone got a better name to call em, cuz its so cringe just typing that) is into some weird ass shit.

No. 260435

His name is ken

No. 260439

"She fits in there quite well" Did you ever see her with some Japanese friends? If I remember, I've seen her with only ONE girl and the rest were foreigners.
Well, good to be surrounded by Japanese people, but not be able to befriend them by all those years she has been living there.

No. 260440

She definitely looks like she’s on drugs

No. 260452

Is there any real evidence for that? She just once typed "bye u ken" in the middle of some contextless garble and people picked up on it so she went with it

No. 260454

Ignore the japanophile pedo retard. All he can do is typing shit.

No. 260468


Do what >>260454 said and ignore. It's just a lost retard Peenus sent here to derail the thread. Ppl on this thread have actually lived or currently live in Japan. I do myself. Anyone who actually knows about Japanese culture and not yellow fever Japanophile weeb retardation knows why Venus has no Japanese friends and why no Japanese person would want to be caught dead with Venus the way she is now.

No. 260479

She wrote a lot about him, calling him ken, in her diary

No. 260484

Do you have any screenshots?

No. 260485

File: 1666447627686.png (376.88 KB, 591x388, Sans_titre.png)

No. 260513

She did a Reddit ask me anything about 4 months ago that i found today and people where confused in the comments asking who she even was, I think she expected more people to know who she was but the post she made only received 18 upvotes and not much interaction, she also made a post in the r/raisedbynarcissists sub Reddit about her mom

No. 260515

Screenshots, nonnie? This is an imageboard.

No. 260516

File: 1666462147407.jpeg (76.59 KB, 828x495, 26D0EA05-AB1D-4DDF-89A4-9D1CF7…)

No. 260518

File: 1666462265858.jpeg (309.91 KB, 828x1261, 25C4EC5B-38BC-4021-8FA8-07C396…)

No. 260520

File: 1666462404656.jpeg (243.29 KB, 828x1123, 45EB7DCF-8C1D-4076-A85F-2A774D…)

No. 260521

File: 1666462522426.jpeg (106.86 KB, 828x693, 582E3341-E77D-4291-80D2-F30F8A…)

No. 260522

File: 1666462618465.jpeg (49.88 KB, 828x306, 05F73751-92F0-4F9D-B613-7A5CB0…)

No. 260525

dang. the amount of upvotes is depressing. just like the number likes she gets on twitter.
i never thought this would be her end.
was a big fan as a kid. wtf

No. 260529

That's really tragic, doing Q&A for people who don't even know who you are.

No. 260530

File: 1666466805530.png (48.61 KB, 383x458, penus.png)

2 Million on Youtube? Venus, don't lie to yourself, 1,78 is still quite far from 2 mil.

No. 260568

Idk having “2 million” on YouTube and getting the amount of interaction she gets now is more embarrassing than a flex

No. 260569

File: 1666481417829.jpeg (772.91 KB, 1170x1147, FF250AE4-4906-4786-84AF-67E6B6…)

She did a peeing video but the people who are into that won’t even like the video because the camera angle and her hair blocks the entire “action”

No. 260572

Lol, yep it's the strategic thot shit that's basically scamming people.

No. 260576

“the last video where my bf fucks me is rather expensive video was rather expensive”
Drunk (or drugged) posting. Especially since she didn’t go back and correct it. And the pic of her with the unfocused eyes looking in 2 different directions is obv. drunk and/or drugged.

I don’t even feel bad for her anymore. She’s a self-destructive parasite spreading nothing but misery.

No. 260577

File: 1666484083418.jpeg (336.39 KB, 823x1446, 1D0AC1EE-B8FF-4537-8165-CD25BB…)

Posting this on instagram, trying to lure her (many very young) followers to her porn site, calling it a “fan site” with “spicy and cute cosplay,” is vile.

No. 260578

>> her "zaddy" gave her a new present,
>> how she exhibits her ring there
Both of these look like dollar store junk.

No. 260580

What's with all the moral faggotry?
Most of her fans are most likely over 18 anyway and even if not are probably teenagers not little kids, and we all know what teenagers are like. Ffs anyone would think some people have never been randy teens thinking about sex stuff all the time. To see some of the comments it makes me wonder where the prudes come from when Venus has been known for sexy stuff for years now.

No. 260584

Oh right, only a “prude” would object to instagram followers being directed to a “fan site” with “spicy and cute cosplay” that is really an Onlyfans with videos of their instagram idol sucking dick. And trying to squeeze as much $$ as possible from said dying porn site. Nothing offensive about that!

Fuck off.

No. 260590

how to stop checking this thread?
she disgusts me but i cant look away?
can i be banned forever like for the rest of eternity? i promise i wont ask to be unbanned.
need to distance myself from her misery or it’ll rub off on me MODS IM BLOGGING PLEASE BAN ME FOREVER(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 260596

No. 260599

Like dick sucking videos are hard to find or something. Really? Easy to find any of that shit if that's what someone wants to see. I don't but obviously some people do, seeing as porn is the most searched for thing on the internet.
Anyone would think it was something very rare that is out of bounds to nearly everyone except just a select band of people. Its readily available and easily found for anyone at all who chooses to look. Its not like Venus is directing people to outright banned stuff, its all just very tame stuff that she does anyway. Even I can see that, never seen anything thats shocked me in anything I've seen from her on here and I'm someone who doesn't even watch porn.

No. 260600


Lmao no contact my ass. Not defending Margo at all, but she posts screenshots of emails Venus sends her every few months. It's usually around the time Mana temporarily throws her out and Ken breaks up with her. This bitch lies about everything.

No. 260610

Why do people always reference her “very young” followers and act like she has minors following her? She hasn’t been relevant for a very long time and everyone that liked her from when she was relevant is probably 25+ at this point.

No. 260612

It's called common sense, nonnie. Most of her pushed Youtube content is still her old stuff, stuff that'd attract younger people and given today vs even back when she was relevant, many have IG/Snap etc. The old fanbase is older and moved on (or guys swarming her dogshit porn) but young kids didn't cease to exist just because you grew up.

No. 260613

nobody is watching her fucken youtube videos in 2022

No. 260619

And she spammed her porn on reddit, uploaded a nude and her posts got removed or no engagement kek. She was just using it to market.

No. 260622

I think she was going for the "sexy and alluring" look her but it didn't work. Reminds me of Margo's lewds kek. I think Margo was 25 too when she failed at the sexy face.

No. 260623

Found the scrote.

No. 260628

Can you just fuck off already? You're the same retard who is in love with venus, thinks she's attractive for exploiting a child and being generally sociopathic, thinks she shouldn't move to europe and instead should get wasted at hosts clubs because "it's better to have an interesting life" as if that's even interesting, who defends her sex work and calls everyone prudes, wants venus to do porn with asian femboys and thinks she's sooo pReTtY.

No. 260646

Venus's fans are mainly minors because new teenage weebs find her old content. The rest are old fans who forgot she exists so didn't unfollow and a bunch of nasty ass dudes that are into "down bad and desperate for money" porn.


Allow me to reiterate. Ken is into some weird shit. This dude is nasty af. Fucking Mana could not have been that bad. This guy got her pissing on camera. I hope she doesn't go the scat route…

No. 260649

Analytics and algorithm literally says otherwise You do not equate to thousands of others seeing her old stuff.
She'll go the scat route, just not on OF. It's a very common fetish these days and less taboo with SWers than even 2 years ago. It's unfortunate but it IS an untapped market for "bigger names"..

No. 260651

File: 1666530899496.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 467.15 KB, 1635x985, C646798A-AC9B-4601-9C0E-387C3D…)

Girls got a 5 o’clock shadow going on and poop on her butt, looks like she’s already going down that road but I hope she just didn’t wipe probably or something

No. 260677

Oh Lord I have never loled so hard in my life. Everything cracked me up in that pic.

No. 260678

I doubt that's poop. Regular porn actresses bleach their assholes and Venus doesn't.

No. 260679


She looks stupid

No. 260700

File: 1666540637738.jpg (Spoiler Image, 250.49 KB, 354x611, Orgasm Death.jpg)

This is how she looks when she's "orgasming" or "in pleasure"..she literally looks like she's dead.

No. 260743

Bet she's faking it anyway.

No. 260799

sorry Nona but Venus is an old lady to these minors and she isn’t relevant. They don’t care about her ancient weird Japan videos and eating snacks from 2012 or whenever

No. 260836

That's an unfortunate angle. For someone who claims to watch so much porn, you'd think she knows what the best angles are.

No. 260841

File: 1666555869336.jpg (1.11 MB, 4096x2299, FfMit-7XEAIh3pL.jpg)

She just posted this on her Twitter page. That look on her face is unfortunate.
Also, showing off her SH scars is soooo sexy.

No. 260848

She needs to learn how to shave properly. Nothing bur cuts, razor burns, stubble, missing spots!!! So smexy……

No. 260853

slash marks on her arm I see, why does she edit her Instagram photos but leaves her paid sex work photos unedited? would have thought she would put some effort into the content she charges, unless her fans find self harm cuts and hairy nips attractive

No. 260854

File: 1666557666768.jpg (627.33 KB, 1043x1233, Screenshot_20221023_134050.jpg)

No. 260861

Still in that grotty Minaki room I see…living the OF dream.

No. 260868

Not sure what I'm looking at, is that a hairy nipple?

No. 260880

Some people can’t shave regularly no matter what they do. She’s probably one of those people and she just needs to get waxed or laser hair removal if she wants to be consistently hairless. But I doubt she could afford either.

No. 260895

I think those are from back when she was suicide baiting. When she cut then snapped photos then supposedly cut her neck but no scar and the image looked fake and then said she was trying to die but no one who genuinely wanted to die would even bother to snap and edit self-harm selfies. She's so trash.

No. 260896

This is an older photo right? From when she had those ratty blonde extensions. She's just using old content it seems. I like how she pretends she "works so hard" but really just spends one day snapping shit and then uploading it for the rest of the month, doing nothing of value

No. 260901

>This guy got her pissing on camera
"He" did not get her pissing on camera. Stop pretending that Venus is only whoring herself out because some dude manipulated her into it. She is GREEDY AF, just like her mommy and allergic to actual work. THAT is why she does this. And Ken just enables her. Whether he's into weird shit or not is irrelevant. Venus would be doing OF without him too.

No. 260914

I doubt actual children wat
ch her videos, as in really. Young. Kids. Teens are all sex mad and sex obsessed anyway so if they saw her sucking someone off, they'd be lapping it up.

No. 260916

Yeah that's right coz any woman with a less uptight frigid attitude than you just has to be a man. Fucking pathetic!

No. 260918

There's more explicit stuff on Twitter for free. And people actually pay for this?

No. 260940

She's Hungarian. It's also in close proximity to the Balkans so there is probably some admixture going on that contributes to her pigmentation.

No. 260957

>> dick sucking videos are easily found for anyone at all who chooses to look
That’s my whole point- these instagram followers are being directed to what she calls a “fan site” wihere she advertises “cute and spicy cosplay.” That is not what those who fall for her unethical advertising find if they do in fact check out the “fan site” They will be confronted with their youtube idol sucking dick and fucking her “bf.”

That’s a sleazy slimy way to business., but then she’s basically a scuzz anyway so it’s 100% in character.

No. 260964


At no point did I say Venus was being manipulated or forced. He's not forcing her to do anything. I do however believe he is merely suggesting the acts filmed based on whatever freaky shit satisfied his needs. Venus is so lazy, I find it hard to believe she actually thinks of these (nasty ass) concepts/ideas for the crappy porn. Plus whenever they break up, the uploads come to a grinding hault and resume when they get back together again.

I'm sure Venus doesn't even think twice when he makes the suggestions and is more than willing cuz she thinks this will get her decent money and a new scam marriage visa.

No. 260966

If you want to understand why venus comes to these terrible concepts for her shoots you should take into account that she has clearly done reading of shitty wikihow/fiverr-written articles about "how to succeed at onlyfans" with dotpoints guessed by some kid in india. That's why she does stuff like pasting the "[emoji] top 0.1% of onlyFans [emoji]" in her description (except she got greedy, the other failtards trying this put 'top 5%') because this is a "hack" that "increases subs" (probably!). and other ideas from wikihow shit is like "vary your appeal" by doing lots of different dumb fetishes because you can accidentally hit on the head what one group wants (probably?!).

No. 260970

File: 1666610787635.png (Spoiler Image, 412.39 KB, 600x487, Haha.png)

Word on the streets is this was a bait post to get people to unlock her latest video as she sent everyone the succubus vid (without a preview) to unlock, she tried to bait fetishists of all people, that's how low she's sunk. Picrel.

No. 260987

mini Margo

No. 260990

That Margoface is glaringly visible here. She didn’t filter it out (esp the mouth area) as much as usual.

No. 261042

File: 1666643324484.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 498.73 KB, 1836x1043, 223ADCF8-50F8-4648-AB5D-451809…)

She looks like she’s in pain

No. 261044

File: 1666643406754.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 386.73 KB, 1240x1078, 6FF44239-4633-4411-B0DF-CAD0E1…)

Maybe back pain with the way she’s posing, gives me grandma vibes

No. 261056

"A fart is coming out, zaddy!"

No. 261059

There's no way she's posting these thinking it looks sexy, or does she not care anymore? She looks so stupid.

No. 261068

Ah yes, we're all "frigid" and "uptight" if we don't encourage Venus' porn work and we're just jEaLoUs HaTeRssss. Cope harder, scrote.

No. 261073

File: 1666649176375.jpg (19.48 KB, 321x75, 34244.JPG)

She even goes as far as trying to lure random redditors to her porn by claiming it's "cute doll content." She's actually worse than Margo and no you're not a prude. That's just trannychan defending Venus because they think hosts clubs and sex work makes for an interesting/fulfilling life and they're still hoping to see her fuck Asian femboys. Moron has been here for like the last 10 threads and is like a rectal irritation that simply won't go away.

No. 261104

>like a rectal irritation that simply won't go away
Kek I am dying

No. 261107

is shaving like that a trend in japan or is she just incapable of swinging the razor near the labia? looking quite ratty, above and below..

No. 261195

judging by how her armpit looks like, I think she just doesn't know how to use the razor properly without cutting herself, so maybe she decided to avoid that area.

No. 261256

That inflamed blister on her foot from ill fitting shoes… so sexy

No. 261258

What is even happening here? It looks like she tries to suffocate herself.

No. 261259

File: 1666719021071.png (Spoiler Image, 601.56 KB, 595x793, lol even.png)

Probably from this shoot, which I assume is from the same time as the pee video she never sent anyone that tipped/subbed.

No. 261274


Venus angelic going out sad as fuck. I used to watch her a lil weeblet this kind of actually hurts to see.

No. 261276

i find it really strange how she never edits her 'professional' photos properly. you see her insta posts and you can tell she is using filters and all sorts of beauty apps to try to remove anything that's less appealing or to completely re-shape her face and body.

however, when it comes to her photoshoots, the pictures are never edited enough (hairy nipples - legs - ankles, blisters, brown teeth, cold sores, etc.). she could easily remove any of these, but she decides not to?

i have this feeling she has nothing to do with the photos.
i just can't believe she would post some of these pics if it was up to her. especially knowing how insecure she is.
(i know she had the drunk live streams etc. where she looked awful, but that's a different story altogether.)

ken must be a pimp of some sort, who is basically trying to sell her like a product (using shitty marketing techniques) to make money out of her. he is most likely the 'photographer' as well, maybe he comes up with the ideas too. he is basically a replacement of margo (except he fucks her lol). venus can not function without someone telling her what to do.

i don't think venus is forced to do this though. she probably thinks it's her only opportunity left.
but ken is possibly a loser too… i mean who the hell would want to work with venus?(sage your shit)

No. 261285

Holy shit I missed this when I was catching up on her. Is she just wandering around outdoors in panties and shoes??

No. 261291

File: 1666730896175.jpeg (1.23 MB, 2553x3327, C48CE222-40F1-4411-B21A-46C0BB…)

No. 261295

She has a degradation fetish

When you see how she went downhill since she is with Ken, you miss Manaki. Bro is a doormat but at least he isn't a deviant. He wasn't even interested in her sexually. She just had to be friendly

No. 261298

Said this almost 10 threads ago when she started all this OF shit and anons went feral over the thought of that because it sounded too 'scrote', but I literally think she does.

No. 261311

Yeah I’m certain she does

No. 261336

top tier tinfoil. It could also explain why he seems to disappear at times, must be "managing" other girls

No. 261375

I think she kind of does but it's just another way of self-harm

No. 261378

Venus is really fucked up. She hates herself but she has a big ego. That's why she clings to her past fame and always wants us to believe she's rich

No. 261396

She looks old even from the back.

No. 261398

Her body looks horrible. There's absolutely no muscle definition anywhere. Her arms look soft and squishy instead of being firm and toned and her hips are wide like an old granny's and her back looks rounded instead of nicely defined.
If she went out into that forest hiking some more and tried using her muscles more so she's using them like lifting some weight or pulling herself up on an overhead branch or something, that would surely help her to get a better looking body?.if she has a more attractive body, that would help her OnlyFans work, if you can call it work as there's not much effort involved in it.

No. 261399

God forbid a woman has wide hips. Is some tranny jealous?

No. 261402

NTA but scrote, that isn't their point let alone needing to call them a tranny. We get it, Kiwifarms is still gone, this isn't the place to WK a cow.

No. 261403

For a female board this place sure is misogynistic. Imho venus' body has nothing to do with her shitty personality.

No. 261406

>Claiming wk and scrotes is autistic
>Anon calling someone a tranny for no reason
You can't make this up.

No. 261407

It's just very trannyish to complain about a woman having wide hips. Screams tranny jealousy. I didn't mean anon might ACTUALLY be a tranny and honestly I don't even care. My point still stands, god forbid a woman has wide hips.(stop)

No. 261410

File: 1666800922792.jpeg (9.06 KB, 275x161, 1594482696005.jpeg)

No. 261411

Fine whatever, the scrote tranny or whatever got me.

No. 261429

I highly doubt your body is any better. Your personality is obviously just as shitty and your body most likely will always look worse Venus’s.

Tranny. Fucking abhor you transgenders.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 261432

Ok ESL, calm down.

No. 261433

Only a tranny or anachan would say that a female having wide hips is a bad thing.

No. 261442

There is no ESL here, limp dick tranny.

No. 261444

>There is no ESL here
>Sentence structure was atrocious and clearly ESL.
That's the definition of ESL. Don't worry, Kiwifarms will be back up soon, go WK her in their backup.(infighting)

No. 261449

Thinking that you know better than everyone else is immature faggotty thing to do. Grow up. Since you think you’re smart, go ahead and “correct” my sentence, cunt, while you’re at it.

Knowing you, you most likely use kiwi farms, so stop putting your insecurities onto me. At least I’m a real woman.

No. 261450

>being bilingual bad
>women with wide hips bad
wtf is wrong with this place

No. 261451


No. 261452

Nothing wrong with being bilingual, being an absolute retard, though, take it to 4chan or KF, especially when it's to whiteknight a cow.

No. 261453

No one is whiteknighting venus learn to read. We're critizising a tranny for being an absolute retard.

No. 261461

Could we just all ignore this and get back to Venus

No. 261473

She doesn't have a degradation fetish. That content likely does better than her "normal" content so that's why she does it. Money over morality or dignity for her. She doesn't care if random people online who are nothing more than text on a screen she gross shit she makes, as long as she makes cash. She isn't some victim who hates herself soooo much, she does this as punishment. Fuck off, white knight. She's a greedy, lazy bitch, it's that simple.

No. 261475

>He wasn't even interested in her sexually
If you believe her bullshit about him being asexual and only into anime girls, you're a retard.

No. 261482

>ken must be a pimp of some sort, who is basically trying to sell her like a product (using shitty marketing techniques) to make money out of her. he is most likely the 'photographer' as well
Kek, what a joke. Venus is ALWAYS some victim being USED by everyone everywhere. You just can't accept she's lazy and greedy for money, she's a coin gremlin, doesn't want to work a real job and even said she's "too good for that like us normies", but of course you have to make the most ridiculous tin foil that she's essentially being sex trafficked. This is what happens when kiwifags invade the farm. And one of her photographers is actually Kaz Takahashi. He at the very least does her cosplay shoots. He also came on her stream acting very "unprofessional" with her. No doubt she lead him on, as we know Venus isn't professional whatsoever herself and uses people any way she can.

No. 261483

Venus was also working with Kyrie for the longest of time, so why don't you add him into the sex trafficking ring you tinfoiled as well, dumbass.

No. 261543

Never said having a degradation fetish makes her a victim. She gets off on being humiliated and she forces all her audience to being part of her sex play.

As for ken, I don't think he isn't her pimp, she is doing it willingly but you can easily tell she isn't in her right mind and somehow he takes advantage of it

No. 261554

My god I think it's the same retard sperging about hip-waist ratio in the photoshoppers thread.

No. 261557

TF is wrong with everybody here?
Why are you all arguing?
Does everybody hate everyone else hete? Is hate the gold standard?

Firstly no one was white knighting Venus.
Secondly, all everyone does here is hate on her looks, including what her body looks like, so what is new?
Seriously, what's different this time? I don't understand why everyone is so mad.

No. 261559

* here

No. 261562

>>Kiwifarms will be back up soon, go WK her in their backup.
KF is dead, the tranny hit squad killed it for real this time. Those refugees have nowhere else to go to handwring about Poor Venus so they’re congregating here. Lucky us.

edit: >>261557 is exhibit A with this “Why are you haters SO MEAN to poor Abuse Victim Venus??? All you ever do is hate!!” crap.

No. 261648

You can't reason with these people, they can't even comprehend a simple written text.

Anyway, can we get back to Venus? These "tranny, wk, incel" fights are boring.

No. 261669

File: 1666875557405.jpg (Spoiler Image, 360.07 KB, 593x400, Beenus.jpg)

>Venus doesn't have a degradation fetish!!
Also Venus:

No. 261674

She never looks like she enjoys it. Like many people here have said, she looks like a trafficking victim.
It was probably the scrote's idea and she thinks fetish content will sell better than her usual boring unsexy shit

No. 261685

Venus doesnt make anything on Manyvids, her rank there is 11k, which means less than $100 per month, so why would she bw successful on OF with the same type of content,

She is lying about the top 0.5 %(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 261687

All ethots claim to be in top% to lure in simps. The ironic thing is, you can be topx% just by having 1 good month at the start.

No. 261691

She's so wide now. I thought that she might've been doing stimulants in addition to her over consumption of alcohol (because of her horrible teeth), but the weight tells me she's just a drunk.

No. 261701

This guy's toes. Disgusting

No. 261714

> Yum, some old fart feet on muh face, so schmexy and uwu !

Peenus, tell your scrotoid to cut his toenails, they're gross.

No. 261715

How is some old man’s crusty toes on her face sexy? who’s paying for this content? Who!

No. 261745

I hate feet in general, but damn, that’s a particularly hideous looking foot

No. 261955

She doesn't "get off to it". It's just easy money to her. And again, saying she isn't in her right mind and is being taken advantage of, IS you saying she's a victim, which she isn't. OF was more than likely not even his idea. She DOES NOT want to work, and wants to be as wealthy as possible. No surprise she did OF. It's not some coping method, some degradation fetish cause she hates herself sooo much, she's not manipulated into it. She saw an opportunity for easy money, money even easier than YT and took it. She's like HIMR Daniel. Kind of sociopathic rather than emotive and this is just money for her at the end of the day. Concepts like morals/dignity mean nothing to her.

No. 261956

Do you not realize that that is simply content for her, to make money? She's trying to do the grossest fetish things like Belle delphine, hoping it will get her talked about. She'd love to be belle or nikacado. Does not mean she "enjoys" it. She's literally even said this in her Manaki slander video 2 (at the bar).

No. 261959

You're pretty dumb if you think doing something equates to loving it. That's black and white thinking, ignoring all nuance, for low IQ anons like you.

No. 261962

nitpick but I hate that hair color on her. It's too overpowering for her facial features. She should just go back to her natural, non-vibrant medium/brassy brown. Dark brown and filtered dark brown to vibrant medium-dark brown are not her color.

No. 261966

No one is asking her to do this or begging for the content (you can LITERALLY see this through data and comments), so I don't know why you're trying to defend something that supports the argument she may indeed have the fetish.

No. 261988

not that i think you're wrong, but "venus said it" is not a good reason to believe something

No. 262032

File: 1666927188783.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.44 MB, 2722x3629, 20221025_060220.jpg)

Its daft because shes not fat, but her body looks soft and flabby.
I'm not saying she should be religiously doing workouts in a gym but if she at least did the right kind of exercises for specific muscle groups, she could tone herself up.
Idont know who this girl is, just some random post I saw on Twitter but this girl is a good example ohow its possible to look, obviously she must be doing exercise or she wouldnt just be blessed with such a perfect body naturally without doing anything but theres no flab on her.
I know Venus wouldnt be able to look as good as this, but with the right exercise she could certainly improve herself, even with the alcohol, she could still offset some of the effects with weight bearing exercise and look less flabby.
You can put a spoiler if you like, I didnt as its only a girl in a bikini, not porn or anything.

No. 262040

this girl is hideous and looks like a tranny

No. 262071

>how to say you're male without writing 'i'm male'

No. 262090

Legit took me a minute to realize she had arms

No. 262093

You know not everyone finds this attractive and the average farmer doesn't care this much about women's bodies right?

No. 262096

Looks like a prepubescent boy body.
Another pedo.

No. 262099

Why are you so pressed about her flabbiness?

No. 262112

what's your obession with flabbiness? that picture you posted looks like a prepubescent little boy, I can't believe you're calling this a perfect example on how a woman should look lmao. downright creepy.

also: of course venus' body is flabby, she has an eating disorder after all. eating disorder = heavily fluctuating weight = flabbiness of skin. not that hard to understand.

No. 262149

Fucking gross. If I had to choose between banging Venus and this chick, I’d choose Venus a million times over, even if she got multiple times flabbier.

No. 262174

You just exposed yourself as a scrote.
That girl resembles a child, and that’s what you consider a perfect body? fuck off

No. 262176

>That girl resembles a child
>Trying to out others as scrote
NTA but, how is that "a child's body"? You know how many fucking asian women have that body type and are in their 40s? lol. Don't get upset over someone baiting you that you clearly bit.

No. 262196

TIL petite = child's body.

No. 262198

File: 1666978525351.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 241.59 KB, 828x1413, 930FC641-25FF-4D1D-A95A-68CF9A…)


No. 262221

before clicking on the pic I seriously thought it was an 11 year old or something. She has a baby face, very slim body and a flat chest. Only an scrote would say that’s a perfect body for a woman.

>You know how many fucking asian women have that body type

yeah and that’s why creepy scrotes and all pedos are obsessed with SEA.

No. 262245

It's see-through lingerie. And this body type is gross. This girls looks like a twink.

No. 262280

No wonder wide hips were a no no too, that's a sign of a developed adult woman..

No. 262284

File: 1666995694812.jpeg (140.28 KB, 797x1411, 984092D5-004E-434A-A4CA-71D52E…)

She’s basically just using her instagram to advertise her “fansite” (crappy disgusting porn.)

She’s such a scuzz.

No. 262288

She seems to be so desperate for those new subs. Probably only few people are willing to pay for her shitty porn.

No. 262296

File: 1666998409505.jpg (Spoiler Image, 465.43 KB, 409x884, Dumb Beenus.jpg)

Lol, she doesn't deliver on "tip to get" posts, she's thinking she's big enough to scam people.
On a diff forum people have been stating her "tip whatever" post (picrel) no one has received anything.

No. 262304

Ngl, besides her face, she actually made this type of outfit look decent. I see thots try and buy these all the time and the cutouts are almost impossible to pose with. Too bad she looks like a hostage again.

No. 262318

What exacly is “impossible to pose with” about this? Plus she’s just standing there like a doofus, no extra special posing going on here.

No. 262319

I really don't get where they're coming from. The girl just !books well toned and with the physique of a fashion model, even healthier than some of those as just well toned rather than bony and i.ll looking.
Anons seem to be declaring that any adult woman with a body type like this should go without any thought of a loving relationship as only pedos would be interested, which is ridiculous. She looks Latino of some description maybe mixed with Asian. I think she has a lovely figure, but then I'm a woman and straight and don't feel any attraction to womanly shape bodies.
Venus could never achieve this body as she has a more flabby body but she would
look better if she put some effort in.

This does indeed look better, but mainly because she is using the well-known trick of holding her arm down against her side to hide the widest part of her, so giving the illusion of having narrower hips than she actually has.

No. 262325

We would recognize your weird, creepy long-ass talk miles away.
Samefagging to give you more credit won't help you you know?

And MEGAKEK @'I'm a woman and straight and don't feel any attraction to womanly shape bodies' you are NOT a woman and we can easily tell it. The way you insist and take us for fools is laughtable. You're just another disgusting PEDO guy lurking on the internet, end of story.

And that girl with the teenage boy body actually made me threw up in my mouth a little bit.

No. 262328


I prefer women with wider hips and big thighs I can bury my head in, so Weenos is not gonna get my money with this boring pose and floppy ears. She could at least stick her butt out to show her curves but she chose to stand up like a stickman.

No. 262329


Sorry but no. The strangest thing is how you assume anyone who doesn't think the exact same way as you, whatever that is, must be a scrote.

And talking of scrotes, here's one right here! - Either that or a disgusting lezzo.

No. 262331

Pedo + homophobic combo but I'm the scrote roflmao.

No. 262333


You clearly haven't noticed that you are the only one thinking the way you do here -minus all your samefagging which you'll deny ofc.

No man with a normal brain will fap to prepubescent male bodies

No. 262345

Do the world a favor and kys ffs

No. 262347

Re-read. It's about cutout outfits.

No. 262357

Have no clue what you're on about re samefagging.

What would you know about men with normal brains? Or even men's brains anyway seeing as this site is meant to be all women?
So either you're a scrote, and couldn't possibly know what's in all other men's brains anyway,or you're a woman who's a lez and definitely wouldn't know about men's brains or even other women's brains and making those kind of sweeping statements makes you look retarded. The point is Venus would improve her prospects if she had a fit athletic body instead of letting herself get flabby and so unfit looking.

No. 262362

I can't wait for the day when enough people report her for scamming, so her acc gets closed and she will be forced to find a normal job that she oh, wouldn't do, because she's better than us normies.
Or they could at least stop giving her money for free when they realize she doesn't deserve them.

No. 262365

You said it here ten times already, we got your point and nobody except you cares. Venus is flabby, she should exercise, I'm not a scrote, blahblah, stop spamming this thread with the same shit over and over again.

No. 262384

this thread became like a retarded child fight, stfu already

No. 262385

File: 1667045158686.png (404.99 KB, 603x574, Venus Deleted.png)

She's starting to delete posts people tipped on now lol, noticably, the ones with less than 100+ in tips.

No. 262386

File: 1667045225117.png (15.42 KB, 597x684, Deleted 2.png)

No. 262393

Yeah from what the forum said I grabbed these images from that sounds about right with the sudden cosplay pushing.

No. 262399

Onlyfans does not allow urination videos of any type, is she doing this for so long and didnt even read the rules? She is retarded.

Report her kitty urges dumb post to OF support.(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 262496

Idk what you are all talking about, I tipped and got this the next day. It wasn’t instant but she did send it

No. 262508

Going by the many reports from the forum these pics were grabbed from. 1 person getting something is an exception, not the rule.

No. 262611

File: 1667126677840.jpg (22.05 KB, 593x220, Spooked.jpg)

I mean, she clearly got spooked after probably lurking around and seen people are beginning to report and show they're being scammed, lmao

No. 262647

Can anons post caps of not getting content aside from just saying it? I haven't seen anyone post scrotes complaining and off site ones aren't trustworthy because no one can validate they tipped or were subbed to begin with (which is what they do a lot of the time just to get free content by claiming they never got it through monetary means).

No. 262649

>because no one can validate they tipped or were subbed to begin with
This literally doxes you, no one falls for this.

No. 262653

No it doesn't. I'm asking for if anyone has screenshots of scrotes complaining and using the site messages as proof as most legit people who complain that I've seen on OF do. They usually show they didn't get a message through caps, not random on Reddit and porn sites just complaining. None of that is verifiable. I hope anons aren't taking obvious scrotes and larping farmers on those sites as real proof. That would be embarrassing. Also, for all we know one person tipped $200 and the other $16 is from someone else, so technically only 2 people would've gotten it >>262296 . Same thing here >>262385 How do anons know someone didn't just tip $30, but somehow there's 70 complaints on Reddit? Math isn't mathing and without some sort of real proof they didn't get anything in messages, I'm not believe what anons say. It completely kills milk legitimacy.

No. 262681

>Beenus lurks around
>Beenus asks people if they didn't get their content
>All of a sudden someone is gungho about "not believing random anons and want proof they interact with her
>Kiwifarms still down
Kind of adding up here.

No. 262773

File: 1667171378159.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 513.84 KB, 1179x1276, A42EB572-64A0-46B5-A04D-C051E8…)

Here is the video in my message box, you can see that I have access to the whole video. Idk why she would selectively send it to some people but not others, so if someone is missing content it was probably an accident or she was just slow. Nobody has complained in the comments on OF

No. 262798

on this post from yesterday, lol. This poor schmuck continues to lose and fail. hashtag#Karma

No. 262829

Kek maybe it's a 5 head strat process of elimination so Benus can start figuring out who's leaking her content to LC?

No. 262846

This is what I'm thinking, especially based on posts like this: >>262653 and her sudden wonder if people didn't actually get anything like so: >>262611 it just all kinda makes sense lol.

No. 262848

I think the point is that it's like going into a store and just saying you bought something vs actually buying something. I'm not Venus and I don't give a fuck, however, I wouldn't take the word of any guys who say they bought anything from any thot because they pull these scams all the time. You anons really pick and choose who you don't put your fingers in your ears for in this thread, don't you? People did this on Patreon too and even on Etsy.

No. 262850

Some people do it, some do not. Creators also can curate a situation to try to catch who leaks content thus you stupidly showing your interaction gives you away, which is why no one (smart) will in a way it can be linked back. It's just highly amusing when KF went down, which has a known Beenus hugbox, we suddenly get people wanting to defend her.

No. 262855

That's not what would happen though. Anon is going zero to 60 by assuming anyone would DOXX themselves by doing this somehow lol

No. 262864

File: 1667203028536.png (941.37 KB, 1231x826, ig.png)

She keeps promoting her "fansite" on her Instagram more and more often.

No. 262865

Every post and almost every story is just to promo her onlyfans. Bleak. Also she has gained a lot of weight.

No. 262867

And her tips/likes/comments doesn't budge past what she's had for the last year.

No. 262875

She should quit doing her shitty "porn" and go back to youtube.

No. 262881

She seems to be so desperate with the promotion lately, as if OF isn't paying her as well as she thought it will. At this point she's just embarrassing herself for few sad likes and bucks.

She looks like she's starting to have a double chin here.

No. 262883


Youtube became too much effort for her once she hit the bottle hard. Plus she's still trying to get a ring from pimp Ken san. Having degrading sex with him on camera will surely result in a new scam marriage visa in her mind.

No. 262895

>Also she has gained a lot of weight.
good, she's always been an anachan

No. 262952

It looks like there is absolutely zero muscle definition anywhere in her body. Zilch. Just none. Just soft and squishy like a marshmallow. And not only is it vastly unattractive it is very unhealthy too. If she really values her health, and her OF 'career' then she needs to work on getting her body into shape. She probably has one of those endomorph physiques which is bad for her but she's always going to have to work on it to stop it looking too bad. She'll never have the type of athletic body like the girl shown earlier but she could definitely see some improvement if she built up even a small amount of muscle. Obviously I'm not talking about large muscles, that's not attractive on anyone, but a more lean, firmer physique would benefit her in so many ways.

No. 262963

File: 1667237605078.jpg (232.81 KB, 1079x585, Screenshot_20221031_133217.jpg)

Her eyes are either super shopped under her glasses, or she did one of the worst makeup jobs ever.

No. 262978

Ah yes, back to that crusty mattress on the floor in that poor wretch manaki’s apartment. Where she will remain planted like a human barnacle as long as he allows it (i.e. forever.)

So inspiring.

No. 262994

Begone, scrote

No. 263021

Weird stream where she plays unpacking at 240p without saying a word.

No. 263022

Happy Halloween my nonnas ! Don't forget to report the sperging troon. HWNBAW

No. 263043

Don't know about gaining weight, muscle weighs more than fat, and she hasn't got any of that. Its most likely out of condition flab. Probably because she's too lazy to address the problem.

No. 263051

Another of her attempts to become a kawaii gamer girl. She sucks at gaming, she sucks at live streams. What is she even trying to achieve here, her youtube channel is dead.

No. 263190

The funniest thing is how its probably only you haters on lolcow who bothered to watch it. Some of us didnt. Life's too short to waste on shit like that!

No. 263205

Why would I watch it.

No. 263210

>The funniest thing is how its probably only you haters on lolcow

Says the person who is using lolcow

No. 263211

Anon is WKing Peenos and talks about wasting time megakek

No. 263212

I'm fuckin dead. This needs to be the next thread pic PLEASE.

No. 263240

Second this. The title could be "pissing in the woods edition" or something.

No. 263285

File: 1667349301837.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1242x2188, EDB01E1D-157D-47D6-8BE2-18CF0F…)

No. 263298


"All by myself"

Uh huh, sure

No. 263322

Kek 5 weeks is way too soon to say she's capable of living on her own with all those mental health problems

No. 263324

I know her wording here is weird, but I think she might mean as far as paying for it all.

No. 263344

This women can not afford a 2 story house by herself, why would she still be at manaki’s living on a mattress on the floor if that was the case. what she means is she’s persuaded manager-san/Ken to let her move in with him finally. Venus lies a lot so I would take what she says with a grain of salt

No. 263351

File: 1667389293982.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1242x1804, 271C777F-A1F8-4E2D-ACA5-0FD2F5…)

Venus u ok?

No. 263352


Pimp Ken san is a certified splenda daddy and is most likely still living in the family home. The fact that he's pulling bitches like Venus, who think he's a "sugar daddy" or "zaddy" tells me all I need to know about his income.

There's a chance that kid she shared a pic of is his, so maybe he's divorced. Who know.

No. 263356

It's okay Venus, you can admit that you're moving into your boyfriend's house.

No. 263377

File: 1667399020454.jpeg (754.36 KB, 1242x1404, E25DDDC4-8BD7-4140-90B8-CCCF76…)

No. 263402


It's like reading a bad manga with poorly written/designed characters

No. 263416

long time lurker, i haven't posted before in her threads since most of her milk is provided thanks to the OF etc subscribers.

for the french speaking nonnette, alinedessine, (quite a lolcow herself, but that's offtopic) made a documentary about venus. she defends her during all the video

>venus was a victim of her own environment

>margo is ill herself
>margo being right about venus about her ED and alcoholism doesn't make venus any less of a victim

i feel like she's not read the same threads lol (even if she shows them). she even goes as far as saying
>"good for her if sex work is making her more confident!"
>"i love how ghetto the new venus is"

honestly i feel like she's skipped all the part where she looks deeply unhappy or in the control of Ken to follow the narrative of "venus is pretty much doing what miley cyrus has done when she hit her twenties"

with that said, although i disagree with aline (especially her sex work is a good coping mechanism that "doesn't harm anyone" claim), i genuinely hope venus could bounce back on her situation like connor murphy has done in his own situation - or just accepts to disappear off the internet and live a normal life with her relatives in hungary

sage for OT

No. 263422

As always they miss all the tea

It is a smart move from Venus making him a public figure. Now if he does something she doesn't like, she can't send her army to attack him

No. 263428

you see it in her video how she's scrolling the threads here that ACTUALLY expose her tea since she covers her OF saga.

so it means aline actually chose not to mention this tea and i think it's quite misleading.

she says at some point
>"she's been through bullying even when she was just doing cute and kawaii fashion"
>"she's now claiming to be happy being an actual biatch that will make plenty of money now!"
>"good for her!"

she's missed the point but hasn't missed the tea. it's maybe because she's a libfem though.

No. 263440

I wasn't expecting much from this youtuber, still disappointed

No. 263470

A few mins on lolcow is not the same as sitting through a long and boring video.

No. 263472

j'utilise lolcow, juste pas le thread de venus parce que je m'en fous, mais je suis tombée sur la vidéo d'aline (qui est elle aussi une lolcow à la limite du Onlyfan d'ailleurs) et j'étais curieuse. bon la vidéo était clairement orientée et j'ai voulu me faire mon avis donc j'ai commencé à lire des threads mais c'est super long. C'est quoi le lait hors: c'est une mauvaise amie et une fille en manque d'attention qui couche avec des vieux pour se sentir vivante ?

No. 263481

nonnie we speak in normal here, begone with your French nonsense

No. 263483

Though it's not something I'd want to do myself, I think it's wrong to assume sex work always harms everybody involved in it, from people doing it to people watching it, no exceptions. This isn't true, but some people insist on putting that out as though fact.
Meshida did a video on this sort of thing, comedic but made good points, namely certain influential women who are feminists get laws changed to make it harder for AV companies to operate because they think clamping down will help women but it ends up harming the people they are trying to help. Road to hell paved with good intentions is often true.

Also, as Meshida pointed out, these feminists have a very rigid viewpoint that any woman involved in AV work has to be mentally ill or a victim, usually both. They cannot conceive, and refuse to believe that any woman would be involved in it unless one or both of those two things. And yet that isn't true, as we've seen with June Lovejoy for one.

No. 263486

Get the frogs out!

No. 263499

File: 1667413229552.jpeg (51.04 KB, 445x251, CE5E8080-A796-48E9-B66E-ABD89E…)

No. 263508

File: 1667413738621.jpg (4.84 KB, 320x180, feur.jpg)

No. 263526

Long story bro. Visa mariage, ruining manaki's reputation and life, exposing minors to SW and self-harm, accusing ken/zaddy of being a pedophile but still dating him, being mean to nice followers, calling Mikan as Venus was having sex with ken, fake giveaways, scamming people, borrowing money never give it back…

No. 263535

She clearly has scrotes who pay for that shit or she wouldn't be doing it if there was no money involved. You think she does it purely as a fetish while making zero gain from it? You're even dumber than I thought.

No. 263540

The facial editing to remove nasolabial folds and wrinkling where her double chin is and all face texture makes this even creepier looking. As no ones face would look like that from that angle.

No. 263543

Zero respect for the fans that made her have any internet relevancy at all. She's just a money hungry coin gremlin. Soulless and sociopathic. No amount of money to spend on hair, nails, shitty jirai clothes and useless trinkets is worth exposing yourself as/becoming a soulless pos.

No. 263544

Why would she not send it? It's not like she loses anything by sending a digital image or video to some scrotes. But if she doesn't do it, she might lose some scrotes. Makes zero sense to scam them like that.

No. 263545

you sound like the gay asian femboy anon. the one that perfects venus to be a sociopath, use others, go to hosts clubs and starve herself. gtfo.

No. 263551

She's still insisting on being a GaMeR gIrL? I guess because it's easy and what cool jirai girls do. Sad how everything she does is just a trend she latches onto and everything is just something she can "show off" to the internet.

No. 263553

If this is true, obviously paid for and arranged by Ken. Why does she insist it's "alone" as it it was all by her work and she's soooo independent, when she literally let the public know about Ken? And if he's not living with her then he def must have a wife/kids and/or other girls on the side. No way she got a 2 storey home, all on her own when she doesn't even have a legitimate job. And even if Ken faked something, like letting her "work" for his company, she still did not do this on her own. This is like the "real" business she had aka Kitano's business and all the "investors" she secured, aka Kitano's investors or gross scrotes on pater.

Also, did she just admit Manaki was taking care of her? She "couldn't do this" due to mental health and was cooped up at Mana's while whining and complaining she does everything and takes care of him. She just stupidly exposed her leech nature.

No. 263554

Definitely not LOL. Ken covered this, for sure. She also claimed to have had a start up all by herself, insinuating she covered tthe costs a start up takes, when it was just parading Gaku Kitano's business that he worked on as her own. She did not pay for this, especially when she was begging for donations for her treatment facility stay. Unless you mean to say she's had money the entire time and was just scamming people all along and staying with Mana to use him to save on rent money?

No. 263555

Does anyone remember which thread the pic of the kid venus exploited was in? We've seen ken and the kid, so could compare them to see if he resembles Ken at all

No. 263557

She better not be saying venus is also a victim of ken, manaki, kitano (probably doesnt even know about him), the vtuber manager or claiming she was forced to be a doll and hates the public spotlight like other videos claim. Just another useless biased primink-like video

No. 263563

You forgot stealing another person's business and claiming all her managers and everyone in her life (mom, mana, boyfriends) are abusive and changing her narrative with her mom (ie: forced to be sexy then slut shamed then wanting to be sexy and also claiming her mom worked hard and 12 hour shifts when before it was leeching off her) and her mom trying to stop her marriage with mana and being mean to him, became her mom forced her to marry an abuser. Holy fuck the makers of these videos are always so willfully ignorant just to perpetuate the victim narrative and excuse Venus' selfish, trash personality.

No. 263566

she claimed she was forced into this doll play and never wanted this attention
however she said

>"kids from abused homes tend to seek people romantically who'll abuse them in a same fashion, i don't know Manaki so i'll never be able to say it"

No. 263570

She's never gonna learn how to cope healthily. People always forgive her when she fucks up ; the more pitiful she is even more attention she gets

No. 263571

He's dressed as Venus's career

No. 263573

File: 1667420650434.jpg (1.08 MB, 1046x2220, 1580590375088.jpg)

So, he finally has IG. I wonder what his reaction would be if somebody sent this screenshot into his DMs.

No. 263581


No. 263582

She talks shit on all her relationships, every single one of them, she is a terrible person which is why she can only get gross old men to date her

No. 263583

File: 1667425681588.jpeg (110.03 KB, 715x462, 70B1B154-FED6-4049-BBD8-FD2996…)

Her face looks weirdly swollen and bloated here. Same greasy bangs and brown teeth though.

Regarding the “two story house,” she’s probably renting a room in someone’s house, like in 2019.

No. 263585

Greasy bangs, brown teeth AND ratty unblended hair extensions. What a prize!

I’m happy for Manaki though, FINALLY getting this greasy gremlin out of his apartment. He’ll have to have that room deep-cleaned and fumigated though.

No. 263586

He can rest for now, she's going to be back at his place very soon

No. 263587

>>haven’t had a mental breakdown in 5 weeks!
“mental breakdown”= drinking binge (“mental breakdown” sounds so much cooler though)

>>packing is SO exhausting!

What tf does she even have to pack though? Her clothes, desktop computer and hoarded trinkets and crap, that’s it.

No. 263607

File: 1667442755099.jpeg (1.72 MB, 4096x3072, EDC3F71B-811F-4BA3-A043-8C72AA…)

off topic but I’ve been trying to figure out what venus reminded me of lately.

No. 263620

Is there any proof whatsoever that this guy is Ken? She went through several men, like the guy with the cat for example who had a different body shape than this current guy. Why do people assume it's Ken and not a yet another new guy?

No. 263621

this is america, speak english

No. 263627

don't disrespect noh masks like that!

No. 263628


If you look at her video on Eugenia Cooney and you know Aline's drama, you'll quickly understand how portraying people being talked about on the internet being victims is a way to portray herself as a victim (she literally cries about being harassed when she faked a dick pic being sent to her by an another YouTuber that made a video about her, she even got him locked up for a year)

Gotta love the whole YouTubers acting scared about gossip threads on the internet but using them as material to make videos about lmao

No. 263634

Which guy with the cat? This guy also has cats, one of them appeared in her stream few years ago.

No. 263635

She got someone locked up for a lie she made? That's messed up.

No. 263638

It has already been proven long ago

No. 263639


I wonder what immigration would think about her living with her boyfriend and not her husband who she has a visa stating she's married to. Again it is amazing no one has reported her to immigration. Like how Sheina Wong got busted and not Venus is a miracle considering Venus has essentially told the world she's on a scam marriage visa.

No. 263640

This like those videos about her. Nobody dares to say a thing because she's a poor victim and that would be mean

No. 263642

I garantee she will marry that Ken guy to still live in Japan because when you divorce you have 14 days to let immigration know and you will no longer have permit to stay in Japan, you have to file for a new visa in order to stay in Japan, or like Venus is doing going down the route of yet another marriage visa, manaki is probably refusing to stay married to her so she quickly got in engaged to this Ken guy out of desperation for when manaki finally files for divorce

No. 263645


The only thing that makes me thing Mana may have finally filed for divorce was the fall she had aka "jumping in front of a bus" and the stint to rehab." It makes me thing she got really desperate for a scam visa or was trying to stall the process. I mean, it's possible that if he filed and it was processing, she still could legally stay in the apartment. That being said, her and this Ken dude are on and off frequently. The Ken saga is gonna make for decent milk.

No. 263646

File: 1667478468422.jpeg (109.67 KB, 828x420, 1150B493-8FDB-4377-95DD-336ADA…)

She shouldn’t even be living in Japan at all right now with a marriage visa, manaki and Venus do not live together and haven’t done for a very long time, this is visa fraud if I’ve ever seen it

No. 263679

Visa scamming just like her mommy. Just one more example of how she’s margo’s clone.

No. 263723

Maggo is suicide baiting again. She first put up a comment about how she is going to kill herself, and repeating every argument of hers, dead Manaki and everything, now Instagram removed her post ofc, but she's bitching about how she's allowed to be boollied, but "can't even say goodbye".
She also mentions Venus being disowned not only by her but also by her father, no idea how reliable a source Maggo is on that, though.

No. 263725

i-ma-ge board

No. 263744

File: 1667495952184.jpg (317.56 KB, 1076x1940, Screenshot_20221103-181532_Ins…)

Sry, was my first post and had to read up in the instruction manuals first. Here goes.

No. 263780

Marge’s outburst was in response to the latest clickbait ‘Poor Abused Venus’ video on Youtube (see >>263416)
People are spamming her instagram posts with “You’re a monster!” etc. comments. So marge is freaking out because BULLIES! Venoos wants me DEAD!!

Oh and Venus has gained 2K more instagram followers from this, a fresh batch of clueless sheep to stroke her ego and who know nothing about what she really is.

No. 263786

File: 1667500197047.jpeg (638 KB, 1242x1971, 868C668B-0168-4E1F-8F92-486B6D…)

No. 263825

Venus is not really moving or moving in with Ken. She was bullshitting everyone. Her insta post about a move was in regards to her YouTube comeback which was her playing that silly unboxing game.
Don't let yallselfs get dooped away like that.

Also if I'm not mistaken Ken is also married. Venus is a side Chick for this guy.

Both people would need to get a divorce, which is a process, more then likely Venus can't stay in Japan for 6 months if this happens. Where would she go for 6 months during the process? And who knows if Ken actually will get a divorce to be with Venus. That would be the heartbreak is Venus doing all of this and then can't end up back in Japan.

No. 263829

I know we've all been saying/thinking ken is married. But my question is, how does his wife not know about venus or what's going on? Venus is literally too mentally unstable to NOT harass his wife or do something to mess with their marriage. Also when she's drunk and having a rant about ken, she's never mentioned him being married (I think?), which is weird because she's willing to say shit like 'ken manipulated his assistant to suck her sons dick!' but won't say 'he's also cheating on his wife with me! teehee uwu' when she's in her revenge mode?

Like does his wife know that he's cheating and doesn't care? Does she not really know? Does she know but is using him for other stuff (money)?

No. 263847

> manaki and Venus do not live together and haven’t done for a very long time

Uhm, but they do? She has been living together with Manaki all this time, even though she has been dating someone else for years. It's a constant topic in her threads.

No. 263854

File: 1667506961524.png (332.87 KB, 753x512, 1.png)

new vid on her manyvids

No. 263863

No wonder her mother wants to kill herself

No. 263869

Wow she actually filmed herself riding an old guys crusty nasty dick, never thought she would end up in this sad sad situation, I feel genuine dread on what the future holds for her, out of all the other lolcow weebs she is truly the saddest

No. 263881

No giiirl. This looks tragic.

No. 263887

File: 1667512291659.png (249.38 KB, 500x501, every-day-we-stray-further-fro…)

From the aliexpress quality polyester "lingerie" to "uwu am a succubus" setting to her unfortunate looking body to her riding her ol' perverted "zaddy"… I have no words. This is like watching a train wreck after another

No. 263939

i don't think she is being forced to make these videos but she clearly wants it to seem that she is

No. 263949

it also looks like she's taking a shit. Damn she is flabby

No. 263959

>> riding an old guys crusty nasty dick,
Micro dick at that. Lol and YUCK.

No. 263960

Better that than a fucking repulsive huuuge one! Dicks are fucking ugly. Don't know how anyone could ever think otherwise.

No. 263989

The size is quite normal for an Asian guy, your expectations on dick are just too high.

You sound like you're too young to be here.

No. 263997

She didn't say she disowned her, it's in response to Venus being "adopted" by Mana's family. No idea where Marge got that idea but she claims that's how Venus stays in Japan. It might be in response to Venus calling Mana's mom "mom" one time in a video or Venus told her something in an email about adoption. But apparently the dad did. This might be new or she's just repeating the fact that he wasn't really present in her life to make it sound more dramatic.

No. 263998

the first french anon literally linked the video first. but aline's audience is full of they thembies who are 14-16 yo, so they're naive because they're young and have just watched the video and nothing else. it has to do with that more than the fact they're french , also because aline is REALLY good at making people look like victims even when they're dipshits, i mean, she's done that about herself.

No. 264001

Didn't she make a video about Eugenia cooney without mentioning she lets pedocriminals be mod and harass minors because they were "nice" to her?

No. 264005

Literally every Venus coverage on YouTube is like that though. They all use the "abused girl forced to be a doll by evil mommy" narrative because it sells well. The comment section knows nothing about Venus so it's all "Poor wittle Peenus she did nothing wrong!!" Because people can't be arsed to do an ounce of actual research.

No. 264006

she had but even then she's made eugenia cooney look like a poor victim who was too busy to sort out her own life and AFTER ALL she's made an apology so we can "forgive" her.

with Venus she's done the same sort of tactic to fit in her "poor victim" narrative while claiming to be neutral.

just like >>264005 said, it's not just her it's every sort of "drama covering" chanel love to give a black and white narrative and don't actually say the facts.

i wish we could have more Geno Samuels who just treat lolcows as a research subject without making things spectacular or dramatic like Aline or TRO would do. (putting audio effects of her reading buwwying messages to make the viewer feel overwhelmed especially, i find it vile)

I'm very tempted to go on /m/ and ask to make a french lolcow thread because at this point we'll derail too much

No. 264010

Imagine how much of an evil cunt you have to be to fake a dick pic to ruin a guy's life.

No. 264023

Honestly I can't wait for her new WK to come here and see all the shitstorm she caused. Sounds promising.

No. 264063

>A French lolcow thread
As a fellow baguette, yes please ! I created one about Weeb milk many, many moons ago when /int was still a thing and I'd love to read on ~Made in France~ cows whitout having to lurk jeuxvideos.scrote

No. 264111

Seconding the idea of a french lolcow thread. There's a lifetime supply of cows on YouTube alone.

No. 264130

this weekend I'll prepare a profile op green text for a few vaches à lol and I'll ask on /meta/ where to create it (i misstyped for m lol)

/end of french off topic-ism

No. 264138

I'm a hetwoman and I find both cunts and dicks gross and repulsive. I don't know which is most revolting out of the two.
At least with vaginas they are hidden away out of sight usually, and small dicks even though still ugly, are nowhere near as gross and offensive and just downright hideously ugly as larger ones are.

No. 264142

Too high? Lmao. Just have preference for something more repulsive more like.
Thank goodness Venus is not with someone with the usual sort of vile massive genitalia that whores male & female seem to like sucking in gross out porn.

No. 264176

Doesn't matter if it's small or big, her videos would be sad and pathetic either way. Also it's funny how some of you are so triggered by dicks.

No. 264202

File: 1667597124685.jpeg (785.63 KB, 1440x2560, 4EC02CCB-012E-45FC-AFFF-DE2AC3…)

What is going on with her body? It’s like a man’s body that has a girls face photoshopped on it

No. 264203

Even her face here is giving me ladyboy vibes. That cheap wig is not helping.

No. 264204


made the op just now, it's rushed nonnies, but let's move any aline related bs there

No. 264206

found the asexual.
Also, no one cares. This isn't your personal blog.

No. 264207

Go back to tumblr

No. 264222

You’re obviously a little child, and it’s normal for little children to think genitalia is gross and icky. But being on this board is a no-no, you’re too little, wait until you’re bigger and then you can gossip with the big girls okay?

No. 264226

File: 1667603061808.png (Spoiler Image, 818.94 KB, 532x395, Screenshot at Nov 04 23-58-50.…)

zaddy should really clip them toenails

No. 264228

Thanks for spoilering this shit I gotta go vomit now. God even the nicest feet are gross, but clawed hairy old man feet? Venus I hope you’re getting really nice gifts and a huge allowance cause ew.

No. 264230

File: 1667603766183.png (Spoiler Image, 3.91 MB, 2244x1184, Screenshot 2022-11-05 at 0.14.…)

i know this is old, but i'd like to share what venus is saying in the gawr gura blowjob video:

sniffs cock
"smells salty and sweaty… you know you should take more showers… i can help you with that too… you have to be nice to me… i guess i can help you, clean up your… little… dick first…"
starts sucking

No. 264232

File: 1667604196973.png (Spoiler Image, 3.7 MB, 2276x1176, Screenshot 2022-11-05 at 0.17.…)

also there was an other video where she smeared chocolate on her body and it looks like shit

No. 264234

File: 1667604235248.png (Spoiler Image, 3.59 MB, 2270x1178, Screenshot 2022-11-05 at 0.19.…)


No. 264235

he is sooo filthy, his dick looks brutal too, with skin tags and weird growths.. not to mention that huge bush with the white hairs in it lol.
so so bad, i would be on valium too if i had to suck that cock lol

No. 264236

She’s clearly working her way into scat porn, she’s already done pissing porn, she’s either doing more gross porn because she’s desperate for money or zaddy is making her do this disgusting shet

No. 264252

>she’s either doing more gross porn because she’s desperate for money
she would have made and could still make, a lot more money if she just did something sexy instead of this bizarre shock shit. I think she can't do that because being sultry, seductive etc has energy to it, which isn't compatible with her malaise.

No. 264269

She never did any of the stuff she talked about as only Satan would fap to. Seeing as how there's a limit to what realistically could be done, I can't think what she might of been thinking of. I think bestiality and necro stuff is illegal,and so is cp obviously, unless she was thinking of doing something involving that kid, but surely even Venus would know that would be against the law, that is I presume it's against the law in Japan too?
The only thing she hasn't done is being a dominatrix but that would probably be half hearted and wouldn't come off right if she tried. But then she'd need a better looking partner than zaddy, and considerably younger, so unless she got one of her host boyfriends I can't see that happening, and even if it did she'd be all limp wristed about it.
She could maybe do some gore porn, I don't know if that's illegal or not, but it should be, because horrible, but idk, still curious what she might of had in mind when she talked about the Satan stuff.

No. 264275

Her teeth are fucking BLACK.

Hiw absolutely disgusting.

No. 264276

File: 1667616583721.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 270.47 KB, 1700x972, 21DCD3C1-ACD4-4BD4-9C09-542946…)

THIS is who Aline and her little friends are idolizing and lovebombing, lol. If only they knew..

No. 264282

No. 264303

File: 1667624541713.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 441.77 KB, 1179x719, D143C962-20CD-4BF5-9B47-46EF5B…)


No. 264304

File: 1667624566400.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.02 MB, 1179x1243, 62DC580C-62B4-4DC6-A048-37B9BB…)

No. 264314

Imagine finally escaping your narcissistic mother to live in Japan, moving in with Manaki and being able to make a living from ugu kawaii youtube videos. But you end up like this.

Honestly scary and sad, don't drink alcohol and take care of your mental health nonnas

No. 264316

She got 3k new followers since that Aline video, they're all brainwashed. I wish someone could make a video about her that mentions all the fucked up things she did too, instead of always portraying her as a poor victim. I think there was one video like this, but the comments said that it's so insensitive towards her kek

No. 264320

What the actual fuck roflmao
I'm dead, how doesn't he realize how ridiculous he looks ? The pose, the sad belly, everything.
I didn't know you could laugh that much in an adult movie

No. 264321

This. It's absolutely necessary.

No. 264322


My bad, he got locked up for harassment not the dick pic and fake screens. Just wanted to set the record straight, even though the things she did are fucked

No. 264325

It looks like he is built to be a skinny Asian man type with not much of a muscular build; but then he has the beer belly. Probably Venus will look like this, just my prediction.

No. 264326

No. 264332

oh god, this is like those bad porn intros

No. 264333

File: 1667646432139.png (1.13 MB, 1604x648, Screenshot 2022-11-05 at 12.02…)

in some of her videos you can see the cut on her face and the bandage on her arm. zaddy must be a very caring man if he was ok filming her like that.
this pic is from the 'chubby bunny' video

No. 264334

Whats with bpd bitches and cutting their neck like this? It's always the bpd ones who do this but they never do it deep enough to actually hit the artery to bleed out.

No. 264336

File: 1667646781411.webm (3.26 MB, 301x494, Video 05-11-2022, 11 03 38.web…)

I am convinced she's high on meth when she records her porn videos, she titled this vid (Making out with myself)

No. 264337

Either she is high or she thinks the look she gives is shmexy

No. 264343

Nah, I don’t think so. She’s not twitchy enough and her pupils aren’t big enough for her to be on speed.

No. 264345

porn is just not working out for venus. there is literally NOTHING sexy about her. the way she is talking, moving and looking into the camera is making me so so uncomfortable. it's like she is mentally and physically handicapped. her movements are not smooth and erotic, she is like a fish flopping on the ground. the fake 'kawaii' voice is making everything worse. she is not ugly or anything but porn is bringing the worst out of her.
i can't believe her fans think THIS makes her happy lol.

i wish she never stopped her vlogs, she would have proper sponsors by now. she just missed the whole 'influencer' era. but i guess this was the easy way.(sage your shit)

No. 264357

No. 264385

This needs to be the next thread pic. Really shows how much she loves herself

No. 264398

she's putting these royalty free tracks under her porn as well. inspiring business music, cringy moans and fafalina with ingrown hairs all over, hilarious.

No. 264404

She is absolutely drugged up in the video where Zaddy is a forest rat. She looks and talks and moves likes she’s half asleep, like she used to do in her live videos when she was really drunk and could barely talk, and fell asleep while eating McDonalds

No. 264413

I always said if she just would have known to stay in her lane, work with Manaki, and focus more on expanding her content to exploring things in Japan versus just weeb content, she would have made bank/be stable. She could have furthered her career, gotten an education, or maybe even studied programming, she could have made it big. She and Manaki could have been a power couple, but nah she wanted to be a crazy immature idiot.

No. 264416

no she couldn't have. she went down this path because this is her personality. she'd have to be an entirely different person if she did all the things you said.

No. 264423

Power couple… ok
Yet some things are correct. Her content could have stayed “cute” and she would done better. This whole porn shit ruined not only her career but herself too. Day by day it gets worse. She doesn’t realise it’s not only alcohol that messed with her but her porn job too.

No. 264429

lmfao u made me laugh nonna thank you !

No. 264448


I agree she could of been where Mikan is now except far more successful because in addition to the weeb make& clothing vids, Venus is also into anime and games which draws in hella Japanophiles. Mikan just does cheap cringe fashion of what weebs think Japanese women dress like. There will always be new weeaboos. She could a just kept appealing to the same market with minimal effort.

No. 264456

File: 1667698808108.jpeg (331.59 KB, 1443x1366, 3AE5F1FE-09A2-4A14-A11C-882C99…)

Speaking of nasty nails
How about these grimy dirty fingernails. Why is she ALWAYS so dirty and greasy? I swear these two are a perfect couple, both physically repellent and lack even the most basic hygiene.

No. 264459

File: 1667699278961.jpeg (205.81 KB, 547x665, CCA9961E-A405-41BD-8B72-DA0091…)

This doesn’t need to be spoilered. Show “Zaddy” in all his glory.

I can smell him through the screen.

No. 264460

The spoilering was a joke. It’s too unsightly, etc.

No. 264462

True, he is disgusting. That hanging belly is especially killing me. And he looks like he stinks.

What a catch.

No. 264475

>Her smile and optimism gone

No. 264476

wow, that is a textbook example of an alcoholic beer gut.

No. 264486

I'll never believe she really fell asleep with the burger. To me she faked it on purpose to look like a poor abused sex traffic victim. She loves to lie and manipulate people but too bad for her, not all of her public lost their brain.
The pose and the feet, too. Plain grotesque and ridiculous. He looks retarded and cringy.

No. 264489

are you implying it's just for attention? This argument is always so weird to me. As if it matters, it's like when being emo and cutting was a thing and people online would make jokes about "silly emo, go up the street not across the road" for the right way to self harm if you want to bleed out. Self harm isn't always about wanting to commit suicide and even if she wasnt trying to cut her artery, she's still cutting herself, even doing it "for attention" with no intent of dying is a mental illness in itself. And if you don't think so, ask yourself if you'd be okay with risking cutting an artery on your neck just for show, just for a bit of internet attention. You'd answer no hopefully, because you're not mentally ill

No. 264494


It is comical how ugly this dude is. There is nothing "zaddy" about a greasy, small dick, hairy, fat old dude. She's so dumb to trying to flex like this dude like he's a baller and got serious bread just because he treats her to a basic cafe meal and love hotels. How much you wanna bet those gucci scarfs came from a 2nd hand/reuse shop like 2nd Street?

Huge down grade from Mana. If I were him, I'd be lmaoing at how bad karma is fucking Venus. Getting her deported would be petty revenge given where she's at now.

No. 264503

File: 1667746604772.gif (496.2 KB, 500x341, tumblr_madghtZUsa1rx8lgjo1_500…)

Imagine the rancid smell when they are fucking. Absolutely revolting.

No. 264508

File: 1667748879701.jpeg (416.98 KB, 1540x1540, CD49037C-EA6D-4641-BBD7-220614…)

“Power couple.”

No. 264517

File: 1667751499452.jpeg (458.21 KB, 1905x1569, F94D1348-9755-422F-97A6-CDDC1C…)

Zaddy and Venus have matching body’s

No. 264521

She hasn’t referred to him as her “fiance” for awhile now, just “Zaddy.”

No. 264524

Definition of ‘Zaddy’: an older man "with swag" (charisma) who is attractive and also fashionable.

This>>264459 is not any of those things. In fact he looks like an unwashed alcoholic NEET, iow a male version of Venus. A match made in heaven. Two kindred spirits.

Wonder if the reason he won’t marry or even cohabit with her is that he lives in his parents’ basement?

No. 264545

She looks like esther

No. 264554

He looks short, I wonder how much taller he is than Venus

No. 264555

Fucking scary. Also, in the Video of rat Zaddy, he asks Venus what his duck tastes like and she says “salty”. I guess that’s something they talk am about a lot

No. 264573

It's just for attention. To make people worry "omg Beenus dont kill yourself" when that shit wouldn't kill her. Yeah it's sign that you're mental, but it's attention seeking behavior and cringe af

No. 264595

The average height for Japanese guys is 5'6-5'7. Doesn't look any shorter than that

No. 264599

Still short!

No. 264602

Yes because heaven forbid any woman should be (gasp) taller than a man!

Says who? Who says men have to be fucking giants? Her bf looks unappetizing but there's nothing wrong with his height from what I can see, or his dick. Honestly sometimes think we're back in the 1950s to see some peoples opinions, where all men must by over 6ft, have dicks down to their knees (like fucking yuck!) and be older than any woman he gets involved with, well can't fault him for that! and must also earn considerably more to keep little wifey at home in the kitchen.
God, haven't we moved on from those archaic stereotypes? What the hell was feminism even for?

No. 264607

All anon said was he is short. Also, Venus likes feeling tiny and uwu and I am sure would prefer a larger height difference

No. 264609

File: 1667787575359.jpeg (960.96 KB, 1242x1498, A843A8C2-00E2-4D98-8E68-533CBB…)

No. 264612

You seem overly upset and invested in defending men against anyone who comments about their height or microdicks. What’s your deal? Why such hurt feeelings?

No. 264614

why have you forsaken me

No. 264615

No, just can't bear constantly seeing the propagation and reinforcing of outdated gender stereotypes that most feminists have been fighting against for decades.

No. 264616

Are you a manlet or a pick me. Only pick mes care about genetically inferior men

No. 264634

What feminists are fighting against the natural het female preference for dudes who aren’t manlets/dicklets? Kek

No. 264636

Anon was just pondering if he's shorter than venus and didn't even say anything derogatory about it. It ain't that deep anon. You sound so offended, someone might mistake you for a short scrote. kek

No. 264638

She said his height is 180cm or so.

No. 264639

Is he not washing his dick that it keeps tasting salty?

No. 264642

she's cosplaying a character that is 11

No. 264643

How tall are you anon? This seems like a touchy topic

No. 264644


Not going to lie. I am a hairdresser and really dig the short hair look here.(unsaged bs)

No. 264646

You are really impacted/offended by people slightly mentioning height or dick size, but are a okay with calling a man with a bigger penis “yuck”.

No. 264655

Stop fucking replying to the troll! Six fucking replies to the person that writes just to wind us up and has been banned over 20 times. No wonder they always come back, you stupid cunts can't control yourselves and keep biting

No. 264656

>defending Marvel Fitness
He's also a shit stirred drama-hungry whore with a terrible scrotey community.

No. 264657

Knee-length giant cock yummmm.
Of course, feminism has to change some women (wait, a LOT of women as we all love a big cock) sexual preferences.
You're completely retard. As much as tranny-chan.

No. 264658

If only someone could show her surrending baguette community a link to all the lolcow threads. Would be delicious.

No. 264663

(Fr here) They wouldn't read it and think we're just haters

No. 264674

I apologize for the boomer question, I'm probably really behind with the times, but I was always under the impression that porn made in Japan had to be "censored"?
Or is that only for physical published works? I guess what I'm wondering is if she is breaking some kind of rule or could get in trouble for posting these things.

No. 264680

Apparently a former mod on her discord posted her videos from outside of Japan or something, so she doesn't get into trouble.
The thing I'm wondering about is.. does she even (properly) pay her taxes? Probably not kek

No. 264683

File: 1667825852134.png (50.59 KB, 736x443, image_2022-11-07_135750865.png)

we can thank Aline and her french wk for these comments on veenos's unpacking game stream, ultrakek

No. 264689

5'8, not quite up to fashion model standards but considered quite tall for a female. Let's just say the type of men that anons here appear to find desirable are a complete and total turn off for me, and have got pretty fed up with that sort hitting on me, thinking I'll be into them and then they get pissed off because not understanding why I'm not.
I'm heterosexual but I just don't like the type of men that other women are traditionally assumed to like. I like guys the same height or even a little shorter than me. I'm not prepared to be the 'little woman' to some stupid macho type just to assuage his pathetic fragile ego and because it just isn't my type. Venus is in Japan and I think she said once she's 5'6 which is not that tall for European white women but taller than a lot of Japanese women or midget Mikan, but she's not going to be that tall compared to most Japanese men who to me would be an ideal height.(derailing)

No. 264697

File: 1667841198756.jpg (9.98 KB, 270x275, 1665200504391.jpg)

Don't take the troon bait, sweet nonnas.
He's at it for months with his ~muh superior femboi tastes, porn is great and liberating, you uptight terf~ and was banned many times. Report him and move on.

No. 264700

Wait for me while I go vomit.
Fuufuu~~ suicide bait is kawaii and you fell for it uw<~~☆

Yeah right. Absolutely the nicest person on earth.

No. 264704

Right, everybody on here has to be on the same page and all think with hive mind or you're out. Right.

No. 264711

Seems like you finally got it.

No. 264742

>> hairdresser and really dig the short hair look here.
So you like this photoshopped fantasy person who does not exist. Thanks for sharing your brilliant commentary with us.

No. 264759

>> veenos's unpacking game stream,
An hour of her zoning out in front of a computer screen. Pretty sure that’s how she spends most of her days, so why not just turn a camera on and record it (or as she calls it, “dissociating” which sounds so much cooler.)

No. 264891

File: 1668042846093.jpeg (298.01 KB, 1242x2516, 5895AD74-4C3B-4FBE-B99F-C2A10C…)

No. 264900

It’s not that deep. She’s been posting memes on instatory all day. It’s what she does, sit in front of a computer entertaining herself all day every day, like a true cubicle-dwelling NEET.

No. 264902

So just an echo chamber then.
Not really a forum at all.

No. 264908

Memes just don't exist to you anons or something? How is this milky?

No. 264952

It's an imageboard and I think anon was joking. There's a difference between having another opinion and playing contrarian for the fun of it taking up posts in a thread.

No. 264958

There's a difference between discussion and replying to a ban evader deliberate troll just taking up posts in a thread.
Shut the fuck up with replying to the troll!

No. 264963

Looking more & more like Margot each day

No. 264969

File: 1668080660661.jpeg (631.86 KB, 1434x1241, 063DC242-7A89-4FEF-8B1E-47C266…)

She looks like someones grandma trying to be sexy

No. 264978

But no ones playing contrarian for the fun of it.
Its just the fact theres some anons here (or the same one pretending to be more) who all seem to have exact same opinions who can't bear to see any opinion not in exact alignment with theirs and try to shut up people who think different by calling them a troll and wanting them banned.
Imagine if real life was like that. It would be an insane dictatorship. So why does anyone want it to be like that here? That's all.

No. 264979

Its the glasses make her look worse. She admitted to having a glasses fetish - if its true - but they don't look good on her. Not at all fostering. This would have looked better without them.

No. 264980

* not flattering, why the hell this thing auto corrected to fostering, God knows

No. 264989

She posts things like these and yet still continues to act just like Margo. Does she not realise that the way to be unlike her mother is to be FUNCTIONAL? Or is she just too lazy to get her life back on track?

No. 265009

>>264978 = Middle-aged refugee from KF who just keeps trying to talk sense into these LC meanies, what’s WRONG with kids these days why will they NOT listen to reason!?

No. 265011

Sociopaths have zero insight into these things, they operate in lizard brain mode.

No. 265034

File: 1668107937923.jpeg (172.39 KB, 773x1317, 7A0381D9-E8F9-4F0E-872B-6A6915…)

At least she isn’t stick thin anymore but I’m concerned about her bloated appearance, is this due to her binge drinking alcohol again after rehab?

No. 265048

She looks like a tranny in that pic.

No. 265056

That thigh is photoshopped mad

No. 265063

The last thing you will see before she suffocates you with that pillow

No. 265079

Her head looks tiny compared to the rest of her body. Peenus Wreckgelic, Queen of angles…

Also I don't think she's back to booze (yet!). Might be the snacks she's having instead plus meds.

No. 265117

File: 1668125399456.jpg (530.09 KB, 1080x1916, Screenshot_20221109-075004_Ins…)

Yeah, her entire Instagram feed has been a treasure trove lately. I've been meaning to screenshot more of them because they're so good, but picrel is personal fav from the other day of her ramblings

No. 265141

>> been meaning to screenshot more of them
Please spare us.

No. 265219

Does Venus have any talent or anything thing she’s good at? Sex work and poetry aren’t working for her since since she’s not very good at them, what job/career could she do? I can’t think of a single thing this woman is actually good at, she’s only mediocre at everything

No. 265222

She could probably get some sort of entry level translating job or something else related to language. She used to seem more capable to me than she does now. I’m not really good at anything either and I’ve still found ways to be useful to society.

No. 265227

Yeah, she has a talent, you can hear her amazing singing at karaoke in her stories right now

No. 265232


Being a narcissistic pyscho and certified trainwreck are her only talents.

No. 265354

File: 1668201469161.jpeg (772.29 KB, 2311x3327, 312DE4E0-7E31-43E5-93BB-9FA32F…)

I am truly speechless, she posted the top screenshots to her insta story then 10 minutes later she posted her drinking alcohol on her fb page

No. 265371

I think that's just an old photo, not that she started drinking again.

No. 265391

Damn , would it kill her to learn how to style her shitty wigs? For someone who used to dress up and cosplay, she can’t be bothered to adjust the wigs for photos. The snow app can’t do it all Venus.

No. 265398

>For someone who used to dress up and cosplay
not really?

No. 265445

She full on looks like a TiM in this pic kek

No. 265499

Because your opinions are almost always shit, like "venus is soooo pretty she looks sooo good/she should have sex with an asian fem boy/ western men are gross/ sex work is so good for her/she should go to hosts clubs unlike the boring normies/being sociopathic just makes her more loveable/stop telling her to go back to europe! [insert the rest of your garbage opinions].

No. 265501

kek. At this point it'd do her well to be as much as she can as Margo. At least Margo works and actually knows what hard work is in comparison to Venus, despite all her other shortcomings.

No. 265506

especially when she pretends that she wanted to kill herself, only to make sure to snap photos and edit them before uploading. like someone who wanted to die wouldn't even bother with that crap. she also made up the bus story. she claims to have intentionally jumped in front of a moving bus only to walk away with a scrapped hand, as we found out later. she's messed up, but she is not suicidal. she does it for jirai cred and attention and it's just pitiful and disgusting. she's a horrible person.

No. 265508

>study programming
KEK. No. She isn't smart/logical enough nor dedicated enough to do something like that.

No. 265636

File: 1668361608019.jpg (372.16 KB, 971x1397, Screenshot_20221113_184538.jpg)

Those legs are shopped or is her leg just that bumpy?

No. 265659

I thought at first this was a nice glam picture, but the wig is just plonked on top of her head, the parting not aligning with her own. It looks so wrong and amaterish.

No. 265666

She badly edits herself so a lot of her photos looked deformed and warped, but Venus does have a lumpy body also

No. 265783

a MtF kek (Trans Identified Male)
"A Trans-Identified Male, or TIM, is an unfavorable term used to describe transgender people who were assigned male at birth (AMAB) but don't identify as male: such as trans women.

It is typically used with the intent of insulting and discrediting trans women as unfeminine and delusional, especially since its acronym, TIM, is a male name."

No. 265789

File: 1668427031200.jpg (941.7 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2022-11-14-12-50-47…)

No. 265793

She moved into zaddys house then, guess he’s the next person she’s going to leech off instead of being a normal independent adult

No. 265794

She says that she will be living alone, she didn't mention him at all

No. 265795

And we all know she is lying, she is moving into zaddys house, she cannot afford to live in a 2 story house by herself, if she could then why would she be borrowing money from Taylor and all her other friends, YouTube isn’t giving her an income anymore so she only has her sex work to rely on which doesn’t bring in much income either

No. 265796

She has no job, she's a foreigner, no landlord would want her

No. 265807

Damn, she really moved. This makes me wonder: for how long did she live with manaki? Five or six years?

No. 265809

She's still in Japan with an illegal visa, she isn't getting alone as a foreigner.

No. 265820

How much you wanna bet those 4 boxes is the sum total of ALL her belongings? About to turn 26 years old and she has nothing.

Oh well, at least her ass is finally out of Manaki’s apartment. Now he needs to have that bedroom deep-cleaned and fumigated, move to a new one-bedroom place, get an unlisted phone # and cut off all contact with her. Let “zaddy” deal with her dtinking binges and ‘breakdowns,’ see how long that lasts.

Do it, Mana. DO IT.

No. 265833

looks like she just switched bedrooms lmao. but honestly wonder if it’s moidaki moving & taking her w him, or this new zaddy bwahaha

No. 265835

File: 1668455055766.jpeg (396.75 KB, 1536x2048, 9DA769D6-036D-4E34-A22C-A33145…)

Venus editing herself to look like an aborted foetus, also is she pregnant? Why is her stomach so big in the past dozen photos she posted(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 265838

File: 1668456552264.jpeg (473.98 KB, 1721x1449, 5C09FA3F-A44F-4943-A8CD-55F7D4…)

This is SCARY. Not just the alien fetus face but look what she did to her arm. Lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 265839

It always amazes me how she's unable to fix the straps on her clothing, she has it like this on so many photos.

No. 265894

File: 1668478640027.jpeg (2.12 MB, 1179x1939, 988B7DD6-EB85-452B-8E83-854327…)

>> pregnant

No. 265906

Honestly might just be the beer gut but I think y’all are onto something. Her boobs looks like their filling out more too & it doesn’t look like a regular getting fatter way. Sounds bad but I’m down for a weenus mom arch though lmfaoo I’m awful

No. 265923

File: 1668497683848.gif (2.91 MB, 1536x2048, Belle fag editing like a retar…)

Belle-Fag, fuck off. Stop editing cows and trying to pass it off as them editing more than they already are. You are so unhinged.

No. 265924

It's fucking edited you idiot.

No. 265929

The edited face in the original is still creepy-looking, no matter how you look at it.

No. 265930

Anon edited it and pretended Venus made that edit. What the fuck is the point? They've done this in other threads too.

No. 265943

File: 1668505568017.jpg (1.38 MB, 1983x2644, Photo 15-11-2022, 09 39 43.jpg)

Venus needs to calm down on the editing this is terrifying

>>265894 I hope to god she isn't pregnant and that is just a bear belly, pregnant sex worker edition next

No. 265948

This is old picture from last year. People on OF are paying for nothing

No. 265956

oh god i hope she's just fat

No. 265962

Its edited

No. 265975

File: 1668522800538.webm (15.62 MB, 1080x1920, 10000000_174471751924677_22083…)

No. 265977

File: 1668523177217.jpg (1.11 MB, 4096x2299, Photo 15-11-2022, 14 28 28.jpg)

She's reposting all her older pics but none of them look like the same person because her editing style has changed a lot from edited to oblivion to what her real face looks like

No. 265978

Did she just crawl out of her crusty bed? At least put something other than pajamas on when you're out in public Venus

No. 265981

Post source too please, so we know where these are from like Tiktok, insta. Clearly not her OF lol

No. 265992

That won’t play for me, all I get is a broken link symbol.

No. 265995

It's from her Instagram story

No. 266044

File: 1668539897909.jpg (45.75 KB, 735x412, oh-no-cringe-weird-cat-reactio…)

> JPop aidoru uwu
'Member when Peenus announced she planned to take singing lessons and record a single ?
I'm glad she dropped that like everything else…even Magro's shitty music is better.

No. 266057

Voice of an angle. Absolutely no notes missed. Perfection.

Oh, I wish that single could happen.

No. 266063

Oh yeah? Remember when she begged her subscribers to GIB MONY! to 'save' her from the industry? We're dealing with untapped raw talent here.

No. 266065

File: 1668544920752.jpg (1.22 MB, 1080x2248, Screenshot_2022-11-14-17-15-27…)

Looks like crusty mattress is gone… At least for now.

No. 266067

Don’t know what the vid is cause I have safari & it sucks lol, but I found another video of weenus breaking eardrums (not sure if it’s the same srry if it is lol)

No. 266082

Hopefully Manaki burned it. This pic is her “new place” which I’m guessing is a room she’s renting (like last time she left, in 2019.)

No. 266097

I am assuming "zaddy" set this up. It makes no sense for a girl who has a fiance to finally leave the apartment of her visa husband only to move into a two storey house "on her own". Not sure if on her own means she did it all by herself (kek) or she literally lives alone. Neither make sense. And if true, that definitely means "zaddy" has a wife or something keeping him from moving in together with her.

However, most likely what happened is Venus is lying, just like she lied about having a business. First off, if she's renting the place, how can she rent, given she doesn't have a real job? The only way I can see that happening is if zaddy gave her some fake position in his "recruitment company." If so, Venus is not independent and did NOT do this on her own, and is lying because being dependent is one of her triggers, as is being seen as dumb, poor or fat. There is NO WAY Venus got a real job as Venus Palermo, made a resume, sent it in on her ow, attended an interview, landed a job and now works regularly so she can now rent a property. If she's not renting, then she purchased it. Again, how? All on her own? Did she manage to scam a shit ton of scrotes with offers of 5k to come meet her in person like she was once advertising? She was literally begging for
donations for rehab earlier. Was that a scam and she had money all along (would not surprise me tbh)? But again, if it's purchased, her fiance did it. She might actually live alone, though that makes no sense if you have a fiance, but clearly this is the finaces doing in terms of he's renting or he purchased it and helped her move. She just wants to be seen as a girlboss sooo bad and not the lazy leech she actually is. No one believes she lived with Manaki because she's so kind she wants to help him pay rent. And no one with even one braincell should believe she did this all on her own. Though I do assume she saved a ton of money leeching off Mana, but not enough to buy a house.

No. 266098

Looks like she went overboard with the meitu slimming tool to me

No. 266115

She wouldn’t have to sign a lease or get qualified as a tenant if she’s just renting a room in someone’s house. All she’d have to do is answer an ad on Craigslist or something for someone with a room to rent. You’re overthinking this.

No. 266139

Wow, blast from the past. Thanks nonette.

No. 266153

Maybe she is sleeping with the house owner in exchange for staying in one of the rooms.
Zaddy isn't doing the most for his 'princess', is he? Imagine having a gross fat sugar daddy except he only buys you shit from daiso.

No. 266178

File: 1668614532763.jpg (939.32 KB, 1080x2248, Screenshot_2022-11-15-17-05-51…)

Looks like she has access to more than one room. This one has different floor. Also… guitar? Doesn't look like it belong to her.

No. 266207

File: 1668619178190.jpeg (302.31 KB, 735x1334, 2BD97B97-0BDD-4EEE-9123-8F38DF…)

Housemates have access to the entire house.
She’s trying to flex as a homeowner in addition to successful business owner/#girlboss and high-end sugarbaby with a rich #Zaddy.

This thing is not a Zaddy, for starters(stop reposting pics)

No. 266236

What even is this picture? If she wanted to stick it to the haters, she'd at least post a picture of a table and chairs or a wall, or…something that looks like part of an actual room that adult human beings live in. Not what looks like a gross old blanket and an air bed with no context.

(And yeah, I also wonder whose guitar that is…)

No. 266257

This looks like one of those pillows you sit on when you have hemorrhoids

No. 266275

Whatever reason her living situation has had to change, "buying a house from onlyfans" is a big meme (from 5 years ago, where her meme-head is at) so she probably thought this narrative would bring her a few clicks and maybe a few more simps, the same as she thought that typing "top 0.1% of onlyfans creators" in her description would make her seem like a good subscription

No. 266276

I'm pretty sure this is a travel pillow, Anon.

No. 266297

Yes this is a super odd picture to post, you can’t even see anything. It’s like 1/5th of an air mattress or mat or something ??

No. 266335

You're right. I hadn't considered that. But it still makes no sense to co-habit with some random and pretend she is on her own/did it on her own when she has the fiance.

Looks like she just outed herself as living with somebody because Venus definitely does not play guitar.

No. 266372

Not how Japan works largely, unfortunately, especially to a foreigner because the JP resident can get in trouble if said foreigner has a fucked up Visa situation.

No. 266387

Next chapter: Venus the singer with her guitar yaaaaaay she is soooo better now, so mature, yay luvher
(Im kidding)(next chapter after: you learning to sage your shit)

No. 266399

File: 1668700663454.jpg (1.19 MB, 1080x2248, Screenshot_2022-11-15-17-05-20…)

Born makeup guru.

No. 266406

So you’re saying nobody in Japan ever rents out a spare room in their house for a little extra $$, ever? And anyone who rents anything, in any type of shared housing must go through an extensive vetting process first? I find that hard to believe.

No. 266407

>So you’re saying nobody in Japan ever rents out a spare room in their house for a little extra $$, ever?
In a lot of areas in Japan, no. These are places tourists rarely go.
>And anyone who rents anything, in any type of shared housing must go through an extensive vetting process first?
If by "extensive vetting process" you mean they look into who you are and your legal status, yes. Japan is literally known citizenship and moving/renting being a huge deal. This is why it's hard to believe venus just shacked up with some rando somewhere, it's far easier to believe she moved in with 'zaddy'

No. 266414

you can easily rent a room from another gaijin in larger cities. It is actually pretty common practice, especially if the person owns the property. I've got friends who own their own home within the greater Tokyo area and rent out space. I don't know what that other anon is talking about.

No. 266473

We all know she lives with Ken. She did the same appropriating Kitano's business

No. 266480

Thank you. That’s what I thought.
We don’t ‘know’ anything about who Ken is or who her current fat greasy ‘boyfriend’ is either. It has been awhile since she’s referred to him as her fiance though so that fantasy might have evaporated. Now he’s just the ugly 40-something guy she does her sex videos with.

No. 266538

Ken is zaddy, it has already been debunked

No. 266552

I do not know where you live, but where I live, in an European country, if you went to rent out a room in your house, you have to go through the exact same legal setup as if you rent an apartment. There is no difference. I would not understand why it should be different in Japan. Even from a logical point of view: Would you rent out a room in your house to anyone, without asking for any kind of credential, at least about a stable income?

No. 266631

>> if you went to rent out a room in your house, you have to go through the exact same legal setup as if you rent an apartment.
Seriously? Where do you live in Europe, Albania? And who enforces this, the Craigslist police? You’re trippin.

No. 266641

Ironically up until last year it was rough to buy land or houses as a foreigner in most parts of Japan (I know you people only think tokyo and akihabara are the only places there) so no, you don't have to be in Russia or whatever middle eastern country you want to list, you literally just have to know people aren't always talking about the main tourist traps of Japan, especially when referring to non-tourists.
>And who enforces this
If the person themselves are renting, and they choose to rent out extra space, the landlords do have a say so in what goes on, like any country.

No. 266700

not to derail more, but I also live in Europe and no one does extensive screening for roommates. People can request you are a student, have a job, are a woman, but there's no vetting process like when you want to rent a flat in, for example, Berlin (not saying Germany, because I only know how hard it is for housing in capital). It's not hard to rent a room, really. I imagine it's like that in most places.

No. 266711

File: 1668852473593.jpeg (260.71 KB, 1176x1651, 14289D39-8610-4188-8C9B-DF23F0…)

Okay I thought those were neck pillows but they are for this video of her humping the

No. 266712

File: 1668852578957.jpeg (193.39 KB, 1179x1690, 977BF9A0-1B8A-49F3-8462-FEB664…)

In the video Zaddy (I hate saying it) is there and he moves the camera and you can see some of the unit. Lots of open doors so it looks like they have privacy and the place to herself (or themselves)

No. 266718

jesus she's fat. good lord

No. 266720

she looks like that ugly riddler actor some nonnies are obsessed with kek

No. 266725

The difference between her filtered pictures and her candids have always been huge but damn…

No. 266729

She's bloated, not fat. There is actually a difference.

No. 266731


She has literally no upper lip, thus on this photo her teeth look like (strange and discolored) upper lip. Creepy af.

No. 266733

This image is giving me tuna vibes. Actually venus’ whole lifestyle is screaming tuna vibes.

No. 266740

This looks edited again.. ngl.

No. 266751

Her hair looks so greasy, she looks awful here

No. 266801

File: 1668889275256.jpg (619.62 KB, 600x832, Not Edited.jpg)

NTA but here's another cap from the video.

No. 266802

its not, i checked the video and its real.

No. 266820

Aren’t these pregnancy pillows?

No. 266824

Yeah, although I suppose someone could enjoy them (kek) even if not pregnant. I think Venus is trolling us since people started speculating pregnancy

No. 266867

Tinfoil but a lot of women with substance abuse issues will seek immediate rehab if they become pregnant.

No. 266879

Literally false they absolutely do not I work in a field that sees A LOT of newborns with positive drugs in their meconium women do not seek rehab when pregnant

No. 266909

Obviously there are babies with exposure but the people who birth kids with positive exposure are different people from the people who stopped ?? But good for you.
There are center specifically for pregnant women and many offer same-day starts. I doubt it’s the case for Venus (but I guess we will see).

No. 266910

some side sleepers use them too. but ya she's probably trolling us.

No. 266914

File: 1668938969985.jpg (613.52 KB, 1078x1580, Screenshot_20221120-210854_Ins…)

From … "Zaddy"'s instagram account

No. 266915

Wow he really did her dirty

No. 266918

Couldn't she even glue on the missing nails??
She looks horrible

No. 266920

Wtf, that girl has no chin.

No. 266923


She beat af without them filters. Yikes.

No. 266945

I don't think these are pregnancy pillows. >>265894 This is edited firstly. Secondly, she isn't even using it in the right direction and these aren't even pregnancy pillows. That's like calling a neck rest a small pregnancy pillow because of the shape. Body pillows like this anyway exist for non pregnancy. I'm going to assume none of you have laid on these either and actually realized it does fix your sleeping positions, it seems like such a bad tin foil to say she's pregnant and anons are falling for it.

No. 266946

Does "zaddy" edit her photos? Her skin is 100% smoothed in this one and her eyes look weirdly enlarged, like with the meituu app. It looks more like her but kind of odd too?

No. 266949

Ken is most likely "zaddy". If Venus is being honest about dating him on/off for the last 4 years and that she only had 3 official bfs then it lines up with the timeline plus the same peepee in every video

No. 266950

She isn't fat at all. Her dress is crumpled around her midsection. She looks like someone who just woke up and didn't comb their hair,shower,get presentable, so she looks kind of frumpy. You must be the moron who thinks it's wrong for women to have larger hips and thus Venus is "fat'. Hate to defend her but she looks more unkempt than fat.

No. 266952

And everyone's face looks fatter when you pull your chin in and set a camera to take photos at an under angle. Some of these posters aren't here for milk.

No. 266965

What is that eyeliner…

And why do they only take photos in that one room? Kek at her “new home” that is one unfurnished room filled with body pillows.

No. 266990

her face is so bloated wtf

No. 266995

she's not fat, but she is untoned and flabby aka skinny fat. Working out takes some focus and Venus never really like working out. That and other anons are right, she's really bloated. Being an alcoholic does bloat you
as for Venus becoming better? I wouldn't hold my breath.
There is no point about talking about "What if." It's better to be rooted in this reality. Venus was raised by Margo, already had some mental issues before, was always a bitch because that's the only way she knows how to survive. She knows what's right and wrong but thinks doing wrong is easier. There is no improving. She was groomed since she was a child to live a sex workers life, it's literally all she knows.

No. 267001

It is not “all she knows,” you fucking moron. She has a functioning brain and the power to make choices. She “knows” perfectly well there are many other choices and ways to live. She is not some programmed robot doing X because it had Y input.

You are an idiot.

No. 267008

Also the pfp is the same poor traumatized cat from a few threads back

No. 267009

File: 1668978361092.jpeg (226 KB, 802x1173, 4B0D84A9-B6A5-4E7E-9097-31A119…)

Intriguing that all this is happening at the exact same time that Margaret is claiming to be married to some guy in Florida.

No. 267010

File: 1668978430219.jpeg (262.08 KB, 813x1206, 1274492D-72D4-4E71-8238-6DB40F…)

Who drives a Harley and a big-ass pickup truck(Margo has her own thread)

No. 267011

File: 1668978624395.jpeg (249.33 KB, 807x1195, E105A62C-4E88-464E-806E-5D3F3B…)

And is a real “Indian” (Cherokee) with an Italian last name.
(Posting here because her thread maxed out months ago and up to now she hasn’t done anything to warrant starting a new one.)

No. 267012

Didn't Margo say she was going to be killing herself not 2 weeks ago lol

No. 267013

I’m guessing the 77 in his instagram name refers to his birthdate hich would make him 45. A yucky gross 45 with a gut that hangs over his belt buckle.

No. 267015

File: 1668979707529.jpeg (103.44 KB, 927x927, 78ABB2C5-DD61-4F10-8BF9-E0FAAE…)

It sure does look like the same cat from back in 2019-20, when she left Manaki (or he kicked her out) the first time.

So NotAZaddy is the same scummy guy as back then.

No. 267016

So he is ken. Dates, cats, even her nailpolish on his grimy dick prove so

No. 267017

The photo might be edited but it is exactly as she posted it on OF. It could be there is some distortion from the camera angle. I’m surprised she posted it

No. 267038

>> looks like someone who just woke up and didn't comb their hair,shower,get presentable,
So her usual then.

No. 267052

I like how there's a comment saying the fiance posted her "so unkempt" photo to embarrass her. Aside from missing press-on nails, she doesn't even look unkempt in that photo. It's just that her fans are so used to her catphishing/edited photos they just can't accept she's actually not very good-looking naturally and will never be the anime girl/hafu/asian she shoops herself into.

No. 267055

>She was groomed since she was a child to live a sex workers life, it's literally all she knows.
Stop making up fiction anon.

No. 267057

Margo's gotta flaunt her "zaddy" too lmao. Although to be fair, I do remember her vaguely claiming she had a boyfriend waaaay before Venus came out with her fiance but she didn't flaunt it until Venus did. I wonder if he's a visa husband/fiance or they both live in Switzerland and are just vacationing in America. Margo should also keep that hair/makeup style and lay off the filters. She looks ridiculous in some of her other edits.

So Venus doesn't care to marry a "pedo who SA'd his son" because "lOvEeEeE". I guess it doesn't even keep her up "some nights" anymore, or she just made it up because she's a scummy bitch.

No. 267060

File: 1668992009243.jpeg (59.19 KB, 652x512, 70BC816F-AD44-4290-8267-80F2E2…)

Well he’s won the prize. Now they can be scummy and greasy and drunk together 24/7. What a pair.

No. 267080

not that anon but if you allow for a little looseness in the meaning then it's true. Margo raised her with a specific vision of her being a 'starlet' (you have seen the vid of Venus on the livestream at three years old saying "venus: Singer! venus: Model! venus: actress!", yes?) but with, I'd be certain, the implicit back of mind knowledge that should real fame not 'take' then there is the "demi-monde" life, precisely that which Venus now inhabits.

No. 267090

Yeah while she wasn’t literally groomed, her brain developed constantly exposed to the concept of being famous, etc. And even when she was only 11-12 doing her dances live, there were tons of men commenting in Japanese perverted things. Her brain is messed up (but she is still responsible for her actions)

No. 267096

Why does she have meth teeth? Does Adderal (or whatever prescription amphetamine she’s on for her “ADHD”) make your teeth turn brown like that? Wtf?

No. 267110

It’s definitely not adderall as it’s totally illegal in Japan. I think you can only get concerta or vyvanse which don’t cause that. It’s probably just bad hygiene or the alcohol

No. 267114

She has her own thread. Fuck off about Margo.

No. 267115

Anons don't understand that she's also a child star in the way that she was raised. She might not have been on TV shows and everything, but she was programmed to think a certain way and to act a certain way when a camera is on or when she's in front of certain people. That absolutely developmentally fucks you up.

No. 267116

Post the original.

No. 267121

I'd say it's worse than just child star though because those parents are typically not prostitutes themselves whereas Margaret always was some kind of semi-prosti, so child star would maybe in a bad case get pushed to 'do what it takes' eg casting couch, that would still be in the parent's mind dismaying, whereas for margo that was like a happy/normal fallback

No. 267126

I'm trying to remember there was a video a long time ago where she was trying to put Venus in slightly more revealing clothing and Venus told the camera by herself that it didn't really make her feel comfortable, she wanted to wear dolly clothing instead? I don't know if this is just a dream I had or something but I remember watching a video about that. Or maybe it was the reverse and Venus was the one that wine to wear tank tops or something.

No. 267129

No, she totally looks unkept there, so I understand that comment. Her hair is greasy, some of her nails are missing and her eyeliner is way off on that photo. It's definitely not a look that you should post on Instagram, as it's very unflattering.

No. 267130

Idk how on my iPhone, it only lets me take screenshots.

No. 267145

No ADHD med would do that, remember when she said she was attacked and punched in the face by a few men?might have dameged her teeth…or she does hard drugs by smoking which isn't likely

No. 267146

Or if you have a eating disorder and get sick often and don’t brush your teeth after the stomach acid can ruin your teeth

No. 267149

Do you really believe that she was attacked? It's probably as much true as her "jumping in front of the bus".

No. 267153

Now it's time to sit back and watch her do the same shit she did to Manaki to this clown, except it'll be way worse. How long until he's breaking up with her and she relapses again?

No. 267154

Spergy things I remember, in order
>venus begging margo to let her start a youtube channel
>margo was against it because of weirdos/pedos online
>venus saying she was uncomfortable with "sexy" stuff (she found bra shopping embarrassing as a teen) and wanted to wear doll stuff
>margo was the one editing videos, including sexualized shots
>in a post japan video (when she won some modelling contest or whatever) an old japanese man joking(?) about marrying her she said she just put on an innocent smile saying something like "i'm too young for that"
>later insinuating that video was entirely scripted by margo
>margo saying venus cheated on manaki in korea by posting a picture she took of venus in bed (clothed iirc) with some guy
>venus saying she never even had sex with her then (ex?) husband manaki (they tried twice but failed)
>venus saying she "always wanted to be a slut/whore" since she was a kid

No. 267159

Yeah. Margo groomed her to slowly becoming more sexual through adolescence. Disgusting.

No. 267174

File: 1669053417520.jpg (323.69 KB, 1080x1870, IMG_20221121_185553.jpg)

No. 267177

>she said she was attacked and punched in the face
More likely a result of her bulimia and staggering around in alcohol haze induced bruising. Venus never misses an opportunity to turn something into a victimhood performance.

No. 267230


>actually she’s the most beautiful girl in the world to me

I thought that was a really sweet thing to say, and for a second I was even happy for her…

…then I remembered that he’s 20 years older than her, his dick looks like a dirty toe, and they make internet porn for a living.

Oh well.

No. 267242

Holy shit can someone make a new Margo thread? Where in Florida is she supposed to be?

No. 267249

Hasn't Venus spoken about having family in the us lately

No. 267250

You don't really believe that's what "Zaddy" wrote about her, do you?
I'm convinced that the account is managed by Venus herself like she did back than with Manakis.

No. 267253

File: 1669074104013.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.12 MB, 4096x2299, 8F04F435-9B4D-4F39-AC47-222395…)

Her Twitter is a dumpster fire.

Underarm razor stubble is sooo shmexxy

No. 267255

File: 1669074267238.png (1.65 MB, 2048x1536, 4915962C-4FE8-4BF3-A880-D0934F…)

“DM me i wanna buy”

No. 267258

Why does she look like she smelled something bad lol

No. 267259

Ouch, looks like she’s trying to shave too frequently. Some European chicks with dark body hair have pili multigemini affecting their armpit, pubic, and even leg hair. It makes frequent shaving pretty much impossible without cutting yourself, people with it have to let their hair grow for usually a week+ before they can safely shave the affected area - and sometimes the hair is too thick to be safely shaved at all, depending on how many hairs are in each follicle.

She should really consider getting waxed or sugar waxed.

No. 267265

That is so normal tho, maybe you're too used to over edited p0rn idk, but there's nothing wrong with it
I don't like venus and all, manipulative af, but you guys have mad standards when it comes to woman's bodies

No. 267266

She looks normal, honestly
I don't see what's mad ugly in this picture, she looks aight

No. 267267

sounds like you don't know how to shave.

No. 267270

I don't shave I just groom it??
Anyway, you guys are picking on the silliest things, how she looks is really not the issue(sage your shit)

No. 267274

Seriously guys here picking on the color of her asshole, like geez, you guys are too used to mainstream porn where the girls bleach their ass and stuff
Going for looks alone I could do her, as long as she is clean

No. 267300

>> as long as she is clean
Are you new here? Venus and her “zaddy” are equally greasy, sloppy, unwashed and look like they smell bad. Actually now that I think about it they’re the perfect couple.

No. 267301

File: 1669085557232.jpeg (760.33 KB, 1464x1420, 6C072992-530E-47B8-A824-52C190…)

Crusty lips and brown teeth, yum!

No. 267311

>>later insinuating that video was entirely scripted by margo
She also said margo was against her marriage with manakai then later (when convenient) margo FORCED her to marry manaki. Why do you believe the bullshit she says? She also said her mom was against sex work and she got slut shamed, but before that when she was larping as a "kawaii" girl, margo forced her to do sexual stuff. also margo found selfies VENUS TOOK, including the "wow they're huge" selfie. That was not margo forcing her to take those, as people used to think. obviously, margo still allowed some covertly sexually suggestive content, probably because she had access to all of venus social media so no pedos could end up manipulating her, but she didn't "groom" venus. And taking her to go bra shopping when she becomes a teen is not grooming either, nor is encouraging her to grow up a little bit and be independent. Margo is obviously shit, but grooming is not one of the things she did. especially if it's true that venus was into sexual stuff as a teen, like she said. Venus pretty much contradicted everything she initially said about margo when it suited her new narrative.

keep spewing fiction, anon.

No. 267312

Wait, how was margo a prostitute? Where are you getting that? She was a single parent and had boyfriends, and I guess was sexual at times. Her worst stuff I remember was posting that nude to get attention, which is obviously messed up but at that point she really lost it after having the internet suddenly against her and did a lot of crazy shit. Or are you referring to the massage business she had in Korea? Is there any proof of her whoring herself out back then? She doesn't like that venus is basically an internet prostitute now and didn't want venus to become one, so it'd be really ironic if margo was indeed one the entire time.

No. 267314

>Going for looks alone I could do her
I wish I could unread this. Even if venus was perfectly clean and kempt, there's just something gross about her, and I mean physically. Not sure what it is exactly, but she is just gross and unappealing in every way. Even her sex work is so awkward and bad.

No. 267316

File: 1669093048838.jpeg (429.63 KB, 1340x2047, FF72E5A4-84F3-4B13-8945-C2A7C3…)

Plus there’s this old video that she posted on her Youtube channel, calling it “my first porn.”
(Site won’t let me link it for some reason.)

No. 267318

Looking back there were many videos of her licking ice cream, etc. that were low-key sexual. This is not something new for her.

No. 267321

She kind of gives off potential pedo vibes. I wouldn’t put it past her if she eventually is accused of pedophilia.

No. 267322

"Clean" is scrote-speak for not having STDs. Has nothing to do with actual hygiene. The moid is saying he'd stick his dick in anything that isn't outright diseased.

No. 267323

File: 1669096027643.png (362.58 KB, 437x563, NO.png)

>doing my girl Gambler this dirty


No. 267340

>Why do you believe the bullshit she says?
ayrt literally no one believes her at this point, I was just recapping some inconsistencies in what she/margo's been saying about her sexualization that i remembered. i'm not the anon who brought up grooming

No. 267355

I mean, she did post photos of herself dressed as a "sexy baby". You must be pretty fucked in the head to think that is a good idea imo

No. 267364

No1currs about your waifu shit.


Guys probably are. The phallic shaped object being eaten by a girl/woman thing is very real and disgusting. Men will sexualize a pencil and equate it to their dick. Also this candy specifically did that marketing.

And there was a video about it. It was when they were living/staying in a top story flat somewhere.. The video was so long ago. Anons sound like they weren't here super early or watched all her content.

No. 267367


The "old Japanese man" who wanted to marry her was Mr Yan who used to own Bodyline. He wasnt Japanese. He's Chinese. Wasn't he from Hong Kong originally?

No. 267369

Depends on who's looking. No one is going to think a baby is sexy just for seeing an adult dressed as one.
There are fat old men who dress as babies. Its weird but I guess they get some sort of comfort from it.

Its todays woke climate that get so freaked out and snowflakey over it. It never used to be a big deal until recent times and mainly from America. Which is hilarious given that America is the nation that gave the world such gems as the adverts for Love's Baby Soft perfume! Look up the original ads and videos if you want proof

No. 267370

It obviously isnt only men who buy into the phallic symbolism or you wouuldnt see so many women doing what Venus is doing, and suggesting, here.

No. 267384

At the time it was. Did you not see any meme stuff about this candy anywhere?? The marketing is just that too.

No. 267416

Like this one, from 2014. Obv. long before she met “notaZaddy.”

No. 267488

It's cringe that she's still acting the same way as when she was a teenager, maybe she thinks that it will make her look super funny and quirky.
Comments are turned off, of course.

No. 267500

I seriously believe she is mentally stunted in some way. Recently she did a post or video (I can't remember exactly) talking about how quirky and weird she is because she is 'obsessed with memes.' Then she proceeded to spout off a bunch of ancient memes (Over 9000, troll face, firin' my lazer, that kind of stuff)
It's like her brain is stuck in 2010

No. 267508

I mean severe alcoholism can cause brain damage. That paired with the INSANE amount of seroquel she was purportedly taking likely stunted her further.

No. 267522

File: 1669219562218.jpg (Spoiler Image, 363.63 KB, 595x336, So sexy...lol.jpg)

This is sad.

No. 267525


Ugh, she looks homeless and desperate. This picture screams: "we just met at the train station but I can be your cumbag for some pennies if you like".

No. 267526

Everything about this picture is so damn unsexy.
At least take off your socks.

No. 267527

Do they even have any furniture in that place? Even a bed?

Also she looks absolutely miserable in every pic since she moved. You’d think she would be excited to furnish and settle into her new place with her “zaddy” but apparently not. Which leads me to wonder what it was that prompted this move and whether it was voluntary on her part. She mentioned being busy with packing and “documents,” what could that be? Divorce documents, visa documents or what. And she hasn’t referred to “zaddy” as her fiance for quite awhile now All this makes me wonder.

No. 267531


Suits her great but the look is not complete. If only the socks instead of black were white-but-yellowish-gray it would be perfection.

No. 267532

This is just shit content, I can't believe people are paying for this.

He mentioned on his IG that they are trying to make that (marriage) happen.

No. 267534

File: 1669222773606.jpg (192.79 KB, 1080x1452, IMG_20221123_175644.jpg)


Someone knows when she supposed to reapply for her visa?

No. 267603

The grainy quality of the photo and the way she's thrown about on the floor screams "kidnapped girl locked in basement"

I'm not saying she has a bad body or there's anything wrong with her, she just doesn't have a porn body or know how to pose herself to give that illusion even. I can see a boyfriend or husband being happy to see this kind of picture but an audience of porn-brain zombie coomers? Nah, they don't want this. I have to believe the only ones paying for this like to see the destruction and downfall of a kawaii youtuber.

No. 267622

File: 1669230212581.jpeg (305.56 KB, 1837x1270, AB1F40BE-7D23-4B2F-96AF-38E996…)

These nails look like the ones she had in May 2020 right when she opened her OF.

No. 267626

File: 1669230355987.jpeg (235.29 KB, 1292x1329, D6CB8F1B-7B4B-4F86-83C8-C2F6E1…)

She keeps posting pics of herself with multiple nails missing.