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File: 1669072676524.png (351.09 KB, 515x595, tinfoil x iasip.png)

No. 1417052

General conspiracy thread. Discussions surrounding government coverups, entertainment industry secrets, predictions, political intrigues etc, are all welcome here.

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No. 1417066

i never post here i just wanted to say i love the pic thread

No. 1417087

>>>/ot/1417001 I always thought that Tails looked up to Sonic and finding out that he couldn't reach Sonic's level and when he realized that he stopped trying and became at his lowest while still comparing himself to Sonic even though they could never be the same as they are different people. Which often happens when people trying to emulate their role models or older sibling.
> I wanna be like him, but that is not something I can do so easily. It's not simply my way, my style, gotta get a hold of my life.
> I've gotta keep going, everything is a brand new challenge for me. And I will believe. Believe in myself, this is the only way for me
I liked that in the end he decided to try harder because he realized that he had different talents and abilities compared to Sonic which was something only he could do and that while it would be challenging he would continue on with him following his own path. With this he starts to gain initiative and confidence in himself to start to help himself and others

No. 1417098

I just hate how much of Tales struggle involves sonic. That misogynistic freak is the cause of a lot of shit for young women who've ever happened to be in the presence of a "SIA" male (Sonic induced Autistic Male). I do see what you mean, but I was thinking about it from my own tinfoil like ways, but this is also a very nice read, from a healthy brain.
This is also a "good" ending for him, where he fights all these negative thoughts and becomes his own person, to help himself and others,
though I promise you, once i go into the Sonic themes, they are all just so self centered, now they bop, "City Escape" etc. but notice the songs not focused on the blue misognst are WAY better.
I'm working on my "tinfoil" about Knuckles, I legit feel theres a "Drake"/Kanye connection, in there.

No. 1417102

Anon, respectfully, what the fuck are you even trying to say?

No. 1417104

I posted something in the last tinfoil thread, about the Tales Theme at the end of sonic adventure. I'm sorry i come off scrambled.

No. 1417113

File: 1669077572996.jpg (6.31 KB, 300x168, download (1).jpg)

Here's the context, I hope it explains it better, then I can at the moment, i posted near the closing of last thread, also I love the thread picture of this one, here it is-

I realized why the song at the end of "Sonic Adventure" Tails run always made me so uneasy and fucking depressed. It wasn't because my favorite part of the game was over. Or me being a sentimental idiot.
This song is literally about Tales struggles with suicidal thoughts, it's literally him writing a suicide letter nobody else will read because he never goes through with it. This is the "good" ending, where he rejects all of disillusions and realizes, I can't be what I am not.
Here are the lyrics-
>When all alone in my chair, I just go about wishin'
Tales literally thinking about suicide in his chair under the noose
>>I wanna be strong, I really wanna be trusted
>>When all alone in my bed, I just go about yearnin'
>>I wanna be cool, I also wanna be like him
this isn't just about sonic, but the "failed male" thing i spoke on eariler, day dreaming to be something else you CLEARLY ARE NOT. Wanting to be as disillusioned as Sonic . But you can't. You can yearn, you can dream, but only few can simply reject themselves from their "place" and you have to be painfully stupid and disillusioned with visions of Granduer (sonic). Tales wants so badly to be that but he can't.
>But that's not somethin' I can do so easily
This is not simply my way, my style
Gotta get a hold of my life
Literally him having a break-down trying to talk himself out of harming himself, telling himself he literally can not be the fucking waste of space that sonic is. It also ties in perfectly to what I was talking about a few days ago, when I discussed Tales and the "Side Kick Effect".
>>I wanna fly high
>>So I can reach the highest of all the heavens
>>Somebody will be
>>Waiting for me so I have gotta fly higher
Him wanting to give in

>>Gotta keep goin'

But backing out at the last mintue

>>Everything is a brand new challenge for me

>>I will believe in myself
>>This is the only start for me

>>When all alone in my sleep

>>I just go about dreamin'
>>I see myself there, having the same adventure

>>If I just follow you, I will not see the light

>>Now's the time to find my way through this life
>>I'm tryin' so hard to be strong
This literally makes me want to cry. I've felt this way before and knowing what Tales represents (The false rejection of manhood/Man childism/Knowing you are capable but being "forced" by life to play second fiddle), it really makes me feel like the whole character is just a mixture of someone's cry for help. Like a long panic attack made into a character.
I wanna fly high

>>So I can reach the highest of all the heavens

>>Somebody will be
>>Waiting for me so I have gotta fly higher
>>Gotta keep going
He thinks death will help him be appericated, he knows he's the most capable, better then sonic, smarter then sonic, but it's almost like the world is literally telling him that he needs to "become" him because it's not his place. Either be sonic, or be tales a "Failed male' or "failed sonic" if you well. Better in every way but still not born blue and misogynistic. In a way, it also perfectly shows how some TIMS are, they feel they are a "tales" but really have a false sense of reality. Their place is to be a male, rather it's a shitty existence or not, trying to be someone else, will end up just like how Tales is right now.
This song is deeper then the campaign.
The more I look into Sonic and SIA (Sonic Induced Autism in males) and these childish characters from games, I realized, it's not just a simple feel good story, it's not just simply, "Character building', theres more to this and I think Autism and depression cannot exist without sonic and sonic cannot exist without it. There's more to this then we'll ever know. There's a reason why autism is attracted to sonic and sonic breeds it.

No. 1417115

ugh sorry anon, i keep flipping up, here

No. 1417140

>I'm working on my "tinfoil" about Knuckles, I legit feel theres a "Drake"/Kanye connection, in there.
Ofc you're also the "Drake" autist.

No. 1417141

this thread just turned into shit full of misinformation and classic sperging and government cleaners trying to derail yhe conversation with garbage. you sure you aren’t schizo trannies from 4chan?

No. 1417145

the thread just starting, can you wait a bit before you start dick hunting? Maybe you should post something, to make it go the way you'd like Nonnie, with all love in the world

No. 1417150

File: 1669079605229.jpeg (19.84 KB, 266x255, 7A619E79-F8C4-41B5-9398-47E12F…)

thank you FBI-chan, you’re right when you’re here we are never lonely

No. 1417157

i went through a long portion of my life where I just consumed, never digusted anything. Now I do and I see a lot of hidden meaning and truths in things.

No. 1417158

digested* I mean

No. 1417178

Who are you talking to? The sonic theorist anon?

No. 1417182


No. 1417183

Here's my no-context, anecdotal schitzotake for you to ponder.
The concept of "take a low-level criminal, threaten them with jailtime, OR become our informant" has been carried over to the internet. It's probably used by police/FBI for "reasonable" actions (see: idiot men like madthad who openly admit to this while running discords for fellow idiot men to chat about their degenerate activities). I also wouldn't be surprised if it's a tactic used by more nefarious groups for less-than-reasonable actions (ie. glowies glowing or neo-nazi internet shit).
Maybe I'm just overly paranoid about that kind of shit, but hey. Kikomi is the Zodiac Killer and Tails is contemplating suicide. We're all thinking big out here tonight.

No. 1417185

I mean, I don't think this is crazy, when they want to take down a big drug dealer, sometimes when they get smaller runners within the gang, they'll threaten them with absurd jail time/look into their past and say, "hey in 2007, you were caught trying to suck dick for poptarts behind a walmart, because of that you are on your thrid strike, if you snith maybe we can work something out"
So I do think within groups of course they black mail eachother or "inner snitchings" if you will. If thats what you are saying. I bet you right now there's some 20 year old cat boy being "threatened" to collect disgusting material for a upperhand (aka, a bigger anon who runs the whole disgusting opp).

No. 1417196

There is an somewhat famous astrologer that overall is a unpleasant, entitled faggot who has the horrible habit of deleting things and trowing fits when he misses a prediction. That alone makes me not respect him in the slightest but this time i was reading his blog and i just knew that he was concealing things. Not because he's too chickenshit to take another L unlike other times, but instead because he knows too much this time and doesnt want to be the bearer of bad news. It's the frist time i see him like that. He's legit scared of talking now and this moid used to love being the negative nancy and ruin everyones expectations,so i think something truly bad is about to happen. Possibly a nationwide matter in the immediate future if i'm picking the signs right (don't worry, i'm a third worlder kek). He also works with politicians and local important people, maybe he saw something it wasnt meant to be seen. This is more of a vent than a theory, sorry nonnies but i didn't wanted to go to the vent thread and be called an schizo.

No. 1417200

The military industrial complex is not only designed to train new soldiers into fighting wars for profit, they are mentally, physically and sexually abused to push out the weakest links or to spiritually break them into becoming blank slates who will not question authority as cogs in the machine. Those who fight back while still in the military will be suicided.

No. 1417201

File: 1669081965165.jpeg (307.56 KB, 1061x984, FF73EE92-DDB9-4F8C-B5C2-A21677…)

No. 1417216

Marines def suck cocks.

No. 1417224

Absolutely wheezing at this pic, bless you talented artists

No. 1417394

File: 1669095615061.gif (2.7 MB, 450x292, 244560.gif)

>from a healthy brain

No. 1417419

Its fucking annoying

No. 1417420

Can someone repost the balenciaga shit from before the trying to hard to be mr metokur sonic spergs hijacked the thread?

No. 1417460

I need to see his tummy.

No. 1417471

File: 1669104515229.jpeg (1.19 MB, 3676x2040, 9946AFB7-FF77-4F20-AFAE-DA60BB…)

I’ll just upload the compilation photos. tinfoil that Balenciaga is sonic sperging to distract dedicated nonnies

No. 1417474

File: 1669104618734.png (3.87 MB, 1444x3477, DD4ECC2C-AF04-4823-A9A1-32D2D4…)

Seriously so weird and blatant. disgusting, will this actually negatively effect them?

No. 1417483

Probably not. They'll just get their rapping puppets to continue to rap about them so their retarded, already struggling followers will work until they're able to consoom their products.

No. 1417487

File: 1669106727335.jpeg (75.77 KB, 640x853, FC226CFE-5265-4C7E-8F30-142C7F…)

Just fabulous

No. 1417497

Hope they lose all their costumers.

No. 1417501

They aren't, I bet you Kim will do a pap run in some ill fitting shit tomorrow. Unless this really blows up its just going to be something that happened on Twitter that was spoken about. Also doesn't Kanye still wear their stuff despite all the drama? Sadly I don't think much will happen.

No. 1417506

I don't know if anyone else had this experience, but prior to this balenciaga photoshoot I had the photographers previous photoshoots recommended to me on tiktok at least 4 times in the past week. Weird shit

No. 1417732

Thanks nonna I’ll just add a couple more layers of tinfoil here…

No. 1417733

Lmao I love thread pic

No. 1417740

Elsie-kun is my new husbando, thank you dear tinfoil thread autist- I mean, artist.

No. 1417745

I haven't lurked these threads I'm a long while but ofc weird delairing spergs show up when nonnas start discussing schemes about pedos abducting children.

Take care anons, this thread is most likely being watched.

No. 1417770

So instead of encouraging conversations by discussing what you want, you start accusing other tinfoilers of some bullshit? It's weird how there's so many posts about wanting to talk about certain shit and it being buried, but nonnies aren't even adding to those conversations. I commented on the balcinga thing I this thread and the last, because I'm interested in that conversation. Stop acting like other people posting tinfoil is blocking something. Be the change you want to see

No. 1417774

nta but what do you think about the sonic sperg?

No. 1417775

Tell me about humiliation rituals. I’m curious and tell me any celebrities who you think have been involved

No. 1417780

Shut up retard. Take your meds if you aren't a fed (doubtful).

Lmao this is exactly what I was talking about, this thread is being delaired.

Seems like anons have hit some nerve talking about pedo brands lol.

No. 1417787

File: 1669134826493.png (1.05 MB, 1178x897, O6zLLsW.png)

Balenciaga has turned off and deleted all of the comments on all of their photos on instagram as they couldn't handle moderating all of their hate comments regarding bondage bears, child pornography court cases and more.
I made this thread and made this image >>1417474 and this >>1417087 post because I was curious about the analysis just like the Sonic vs. Mario and Tails vs. Luigi in the previous thread and didn't want to bring up the Balenciaga fiasco since there wasn't any new information also needed to go to sleep and dumb newfags started to ruin this thread like yourself >>1417745 >>1417780 shows up. Learn to spell and stop reddit spacing, it shows that you never been here before you cretin

No. 1417788

someone give me their favourite tinfoil rabbit holes to go down while I'm in the hospital (I deleted and reposted this to say I'm not trying to derail the Balenciaga shit I just want to read while I wait for someone to explain said Balenciaga shit)

No. 1417794

I am the sonic poster. Who posted >>1417770 and I'm 100% serious about what I wrote. It's in the right thread, I provided my reasoning but I also contributed to the threads on different topics I want to talk about and discuss. It's crazy to me how nonnoes come like. " the literal fbi is trying to stop us from asking about x,y and z" just fucking talk about it.
My tinfoil isn't bothering anyone and I've also commented on others shit. It's weird. And frankly is starting to annoy me because it's really derailing the thread by not posting tinfoil but whining about how "the tinfoil I want people to talk a out isn't being talked about" fucking keep talking about it. I bet I commented more on others tinfoil then the nonnies complaining have.

No. 1417808

I hear about these mostly on lsa from what I get it's
>>forcing scrotes to do outlandish shitt Da Baby and the Diaper video
>>Meek Mills bunny hopping for billionaires
>>the leaking of male sex tapes between male celebrities (usually rappers/or black male celebrities) and troons/men
Female artists being things like
>>clearly uncomfortable and weird changes in personas, either super sexual suddenly or super weird or gender special shit
I can't think of anything else, but it seems that the people that bw use sex a lot to "control" people. I also heard a rumor that some troons get paid a lot of money to make up "rumors" about certain celebs.

No. 1417813

wendigoon has many great videos that end up in me googling shit for hours, like pop his conspiracy iceberg video on and search away. Hope you're doing well, anon!

No. 1417825

File: 1669137248051.jpg (167.39 KB, 1156x2048, bWVkaWEvRmlIVnU1WldJQWNSd1VBLm…)

frankly speaking, I literally cannot comprehend why so many parents are taking their toddlers and kindergarteners to drag shows. drag shows are just male strip shows with more costumes and glitter; that doesn't make it appropriate for children under any context. Why are you taking your kids to drag shows?!

No. 1417835

Why do kids need to go to these things? What is with this push that almost seems artificial to agrue they need to be exposed and it's not that bad etc.
It makes zero sense. Kids have fucking clowns.

No. 1417847

Talking about the Illuminati and plans for world domination is more interesting than sonic tbh

No. 1417850

Chris Brown beating up Rihanna during the Grammy and Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift’s speech at the vmas, as well as other celebrities being put in embarrassing or uncomfortable positions are considered your standard humiliation rituals.

No. 1417858

I promise you that the drag queens and other performers do not want children there either. The parents that bring their young children to these shows are 95% white cishet handmaidens who think they're being "progressive" by bringing their baby out for a night on the town.

No. 1417871

why you so keen on caping for drag queen, even the "good" one's who don't want literal children in their shows, still perform an offensive and sexualized parody of womanhood

No. 1417898

File: 1669141726967.jpg (242.45 KB, 1500x1874, 1669045403649.jpg)

Demna Gvasalia is the creative director of Balenciaga meaning that he is the one that controls the overarching concept of collection and with the summer 2023 the mud show collection he elected not to explain the concept nor the design it self.

>I hate boxes and I hate labels and I hate being labeled and placed in a box. Society, the internet, and the world in general loves doing that, because it feels safe this way.

>One needs to have courage and persistence to truly assume their identity and who they really are. Every day becomes a battlefield to defend this unique identity. And the more you try to be yourself the more you get punched in your face. But how great it is to be different from one another.
>The challenge is to get up and keep walking towards your true self after you have been beaten up and knocked down.
>Fashion loves boxes and labels more than anything. Luxury, not luxury, street, couture, good, bad, buzz, viral, all the same, who cares. Putting luxury fashion into the box of polished, exclusive, and visually expensive is limited and pretty old school. Individualism in fashion is downgraded to pseudotrends dictated by a post in stories of some celebrity of the moment.
>I’ve decided to no longer explain my collections and verbalize my designs, but to express a state of mind. Fashion is a visual art and all we need is for it to be seen through someone’s eyes. Fashion in its best case scenario should not need a story to be sold to someone. You either like it or not.
>The set of this show is a metaphor for digging for truth and being down to earth. Let us let everyone be anyone and make love not war.
All he is saying is that he won't explain himself why he had the idea of bondage bears and children using it.

Balenciaga nor Denma has not made any mention of the backslash they received regarding the paedophilic undertones of the photo-shoot with Gabriel the photographer and seem to either waiting for the crowds to cool down before making a statement or are hoping to sweep this under the rug. I didn't think to check Denma's instagram account yesterday and found out that he deleted every post of his on instagram. With the shoot Denma must have had a say on the models and props as the photos will be used as advert later on as it did, however I think that Gabriel did the paedophilic undertones deliberately as i checked his other works and it seem mostly focused on the working class, differences with third and first worlders. With his works I noticed that he was very detail oriented and there couldn't have been a mistake on his part with papers with the US v. Williams court case as you can see here the yellow sticky notes brings your eye to the paper and not the bag itself.

No. 1417901

Please just say women and go back

No. 1417902

File: 1669141860769.png (5.19 MB, 3066x1441, Screenshot 2022-11-22 at 17-04…)

Adding picrel because I made it and want to share it. However, it didn't fit with what I was saying

No. 1418024

This shit really creeps me the fuck out

No. 1418159

Not a single thread discussing JFK in /x/, /his or /pol/. Kind of weird since today is the day.

No. 1418265

Nonas where can I find a good conspiracy theory YouTuber that isn’t a right wing nutter? >All the rich politicians are evil pedophiles except trump.
I just hate that bullshit.

No. 1418305

Jay Myers Documentaries was a decent tinfoil channel but YouTube being faggots permabanned it so now he’s in bitchute, another YouTuber is Jamie Dlux who mainly focuses on hollyweird pedos and degenerates. From what I’ve seen, they are neither pro or anti-Trump

Side note: took vc long enough

No. 1418338

File: 1669159945676.jpeg (112.68 KB, 1125x305, 92C70060-BEDB-4FA6-AF63-2741D7…)

No. 1418356

This is such a hell world and it’s because of money

No. 1418366

Don't you get it though? You're the Sonic autist. You're the sperg.

No. 1418380

>Establishing a global health tracing and vaccine passport system is important to prevent a future global socio-economic shutdown that could occur as a result of a future pandemic the world leaders say they anticipate.
How will this work when (I'm assuming) any future pandemic won't already have a vaccine ready?

No. 1418391

>You're the Sonic autist. You're the sperg.
No I'm not, I have played maybe one of the Sonic sega game which was years ago before dropping it since Sega isn't popular in my country compared to Mario and the like. I asked the question after listening to the song a few times and trying to remember the gameplay of that Sonic game I played years before and was interest in hearing her out.
You have been bring up the topic again again and complaining at the state of the thread despite everyone else contributing and letting the topic slide. You are the sperg since you keep bringing it up. You have Sonicitis.

No. 1418396

File: 1669164530255.jpg (24.55 KB, 333x500, 41X12wlBqyL._AC_SY780_.jpg)

Well, shit. Since you're mentioning it I wanna rec this book.

No. 1418405

This is just how armies work.

No. 1418410

I have old classmates who went into the military and they seem emotionally stunted or obsessed with the military life. Wanting to be in the military with people over seeing your own family regularly is so strange

No. 1418415

What are you even saying, I just commented

No. 1418423

omg the threadpic is amazing

No. 1418426

Can't you read?
>You're the Sonic autist. You're the sperg.
>No I'm not, You are the sperg since you keep bringing it up. You have Sonicitis.
You have Sonicitis, it's quite deadly for spergs like yourself.

No. 1418438

What is in the water in Colorado? Why do so many mass shootings happen there?

No. 1418444

Leave her alone.
People enjoyed the sonic thoughts and some of them were very on the nose. It gave me personally a lot to think about.
Post what you want to see or gtfo

No. 1418446

What would the correlation be with that killdozer guy with Colorado be too? Just piggybacking off your post because I’m curious

No. 1418447

Why do you guys think they didn't hide the court document? It's very weird.

No. 1418449

You stared too deep into the abyss it's beginning to stare back into you

No. 1418484

File: 1669170383889.png (1.44 MB, 1095x1905, 244324323552.png)

Balenciaga gave a public statement regarding the situation
>they are sorry for offending the public by letting children hold the bags like it's a whoopsie
>two hours later, child abuse is bad!!! We will prosecute the people that did this, which was definitely not Balenciaga or Denma. It was the replaceable staff…
Photo in question that stuck outrage was these two.
Tired and not good at finding thing like other farmers. I'll try better next time
I think the photographer did this on purpose to bring attention Balenciaga bad behaviour regarding children since most of his works are detailed oriented and I doubt that he didn't read the documents since he needs to stage the props for the photo

No. 1418494

i really hope to see we get an update on that "legal action" they claim to want to take, more and more, I see people making empty threats of "legal action" to scare people off or just to shut people up.
Really fucking crazy and sus this shit slid past them, those pictures make me feel sick.

No. 1418533

It's so weird, I kind of understand the first picture with the bored kid just laying there, hell, if they didn't add the bdsm bears and dog stuff, it could be trying to send a message of how some people will get fancy shit from overpriced brands and will neglect their kids to keep an image of being fashionable and cool.
But the second one is super weird, and honestly all over the place because while it continues with the theme of child neglect, since it seems like the kid is just waiting for her/his-?- parents to pay attention to her/him-?- having the bdsm bears makes it fucking weird, why not do something more "child friendly" at least? Like moschino's bear, but I don't know, make a hype unicorn wearing ugly hype frumpy clothes.
Still, I don't understand just why is a fashion brand even trying to sell clothes while showing us stuff about child neglect, just be sexy like everyone else, make some hot models pose with the stuff or some shit, tell us more about the abuse that happens in fashion houses, the eating disorders that models develop, the unethical ways in which everything is produced.
Keep the kids away from the cameras for once, Jesus Christ.

No. 1418543

File: 1669174117595.png (27.06 KB, 515x227, Screen Shot 2022-11-22 at 10.2…)

We should be keeping an eye out on this philosophy. I've been hearing about it more often and it sounds very similar to what the WEF was talking about years ago.

>What is longtermism? Longtermism is an ideology that emerged from the so-called Effective Altruism movement over the past decade, and which claims that influencing the future—hundreds, thousands, millions, and even billions of years from now—is a key moral priority of our time, if not the key priority. The reason is that, as William MacAskill and Hilary Greaves argue, there could be vast numbers of people—perhaps 10^45—living in giant computer simulations running on planet-sized computers powered by Dyson spheres spread throughout the Milky Way galaxy, or beyond. Hence, if one wants to "do the most good," it would be better to focus on these possible future people—e.g., by making sure that they exist in the first place—rather than on, say, helping the ~1.3 billion people currently living in multidimensional poverty.


An in depth guide here about the connection of this to the FTX scandel:https://t.co/Watdl2NrkL

No. 1418551

Q club shooter is a gendie. competition for "Most obvious glowie shooter" is so hard this year.

No. 1418557

is he nonbinary or what?

No. 1418592

File: 1669179538603.png (657.26 KB, 640x1063, 6e8wh4jesv0a1.png)


No. 1418593

File: 1669179569627.jpg (125.77 KB, 640x988, mjsartmo5n1a1.jpg)

also wtf

No. 1418603

File: 1669180774783.png (236.9 KB, 600x608, 8ti96969696.png)

Current pokemon gen is the worst gen. It not only has a bunch of tranny shit, the pokemon are also badly designed. Besides Koraidon and Miraidon everything else looks like a blob.

No. 1418628

File: 1669183444329.jpg (55.24 KB, 723x574, 196-nrt008.jpg)

>multidimensional poverty.
Oh. These are a new terrifying pair of words.

No. 1418682

File: 1669192661367.png (273.82 KB, 828x623, sudoshutdown.png)


These people are unhinged from material reality. Picrel is from one of Nick Bostrom’s papers referred to in OP’s second link. It’s not that I disbelieve in the simulation theory, but rather that I think it doesn’t matter either way. If I stab you, will you bleed? The repulsion for this theory that I feel is positively correlated to how deeply billionaires adore it. Nick is almost single handedly responsible for laying the groundwork that formed this movement of silver spooned worms becoming quant traders to save us commoners from ourselves. Some men find out that time is linear and get fucking offended. Below is the original navel gazing that initiated this rot:


No. 1418723

that‘s not a new word, there’s even a multidimensional poverty index. the dimensions are just health, education and standard of living

No. 1418745

>I think the photographer did this on purpose to bring attention Balenciaga bad behaviour regarding children
>Demna Gvasalia, the creative director of Balenciaga (…) elected not to explain the concept nor the design it self.
I think we will never get an actual explanation but I just can't stop thinking about this; I'm working in advertising with MUCH smaller brands than Balenciaga, and even for smaller brands, in campaigns like that a lot of people inspect every single detail of every single advertising piece created on every stage of the production. Creative director would plan / oversee planning every detail to be displayed and usually would be present on the photo set, working alongside photographer and studio crew on preparing the sets. After everything is done, the photos will be inspected by PR, legal, creatives. There's no way one person could just slip something in; so I find it difficult to believe it could be just photographers initiative. A lot of people knew exactly what's placed. Most likely more than one person worked on picking what text will be printed, where it will be displayed, and how much of it will be readable. It's too many people involved for this to be sabotage. And then, if it's not a sabotage but provocation, then why? It's bad PR only, big part of campaign had to be removed, that's a lot of money wasted. Is it possible that in case of such a big brand even child porn association would end up in positive visibility gain? Since they're too luxurious to be "cancelled"… what would I give to be a fly on a wall in the production meeting and on set.

No. 1418756

“You will own nothing and you will be happy.”

No. 1418813

this relates to what 1418543 was talking about. the fear of civilization collapse and not having the human capital to rebuild it, the pseudo-eugenic fear of the wrong people taking over. Read that article especially the point on how it's always moral to throw money to the super rich for "existential research"

No. 1418848

Terrifying, but cant help but think how ironic it is for June to call them about since she called pedophilia a harmless kink.

No. 1418849

File: 1669213081707.png (553.45 KB, 1140x712, 1669171261846651.png)

well I guess we are finally getting closer to the singularity of one single giant media blob controlling everything

No. 1418852

“Cis”? Are you a troon?

No. 1418864

TruthStreamMedia and ReallyGraceful are good

No. 1418886

Steve Jobs working for Pixar (Disney) was a mistake!

No. 1418888

I hate these simulation dickheads so much. Literal bible-thumper tier stupidity. This asshole might as well be saying:
>Until a refutation appears of the argument presented, it would be intellectually dishonest to neglect to mention rapture as a potential extinction mode.

No. 1418974

It's just a legal gambit to avoid hate crime charges.

No. 1418980

Wasn't EA trying to sell itself to either Apple, Amazon or Disney?

No. 1419410

>this as a vax refuser autist
well that's fine i guess, i can't afford international travel anyway. i will never take the vaccine. all my other hopes and dreams burned up, they may as well burn my dream of travel, too.
i think the mega-wealthy are trying to stop all travel so only they can ever travel (on private jets/yachts). it's not enough for them to have a great life–they have to ensure us wageslaves are miserable and deprived of all niceties.

No. 1419570

File: 1669263937292.jpeg (151.53 KB, 1280x1024, 0B2C805F-C4D0-4CA0-AA27-E21B76…)

feels like a cruel joke .

No. 1419637

What does the tape mean?

No. 1419693

nta but i think anon is pointing out that "balenciaga" on the tape is written with 2 As, so like "baal"

No. 1419827

File: 1669286961877.jpg (312.62 KB, 1080x1080, 308262531_431760608944592_7355…)

Found on Balenciagas facebook photos. What does this document underneath mean? Why is the bear dirty, and what does this represent?

No. 1419833

Document underneath is just the look guideline prepared for the model before runway show

No. 1420427

My best bet is there is some Satanic shit going on in the fashion industry.

No. 1420467

when you say satanic, what do you mean? like, expound upon that please.

No. 1420762

With the bondage, occult symbolism and occasional references to black magic.

No. 1421763

File: 1669442096356.jpeg (46.67 KB, 445x690, 46936EB3-070F-4790-9EC0-70FF24…)

Ok so Here's my conspiracy on the war on animation that is happening right now on Warner Discovry right now.
The newest projects that were delayed or outright cancelled/unrealeased were all trying to be different or be bigger in scope than their predecessors and everything was going alright until the merge happened and came the new CEO, this new CEO has the idea of glorying every franchise WB owns so they all become valuable forever, this is known but what I believe is that the CEO saw these new projects and maybe thought that they just tried to be as different from how the public knows these IPs in an experimental direction, he didn't liked that so he got rid of them to invest on more live action since it's easier to produce and more marketable towards the average viewer but even the average viewer knows that getting rid of all animated projects wasn't right, so he greenlit the most bland, generic, ugly, controversial and just cringe project of all, Velma which is a show that so far has proven to be as alienating as possible, it's biggest problem is that the people behind the show are trying to own those "mean internet people" so hard by making the show as unwatchable as possible and that's not a good plan but the CEO knows this, his plan all along was to make people see the worst big budget animation of all time so he can use it as his excuse to convince investors and the average viewer to no longer support animation made by WB so they focus on live action content.
I enjoyed the new Christmas story sequel they did and put on HBO max so maybe I'm part of the problem.

No. 1421778

I do think its weird, cause from a purely soulless financial perspective this whole scheme doesn't many any sense

No. 1422148

File: 1669489462358.jpg (1.06 MB, 1440x1440, Collage Maker-26-Nov-2022-02.0…)

sylvia plath faked her death and became her "friend" elizabeth sigmund, to whom sylvia dedicated 'the bell jar'.

No. 1422170

File: 1669490223226.jpg (1.36 MB, 1440x1440, Collage Maker-26-Nov-2022-02.1…)

No. 1422219

File: 1669492036698.jpg (1.23 MB, 1440x1440, Collage Maker-26-Nov-2022-02.4…)

No. 1422271

Well don't leave me hanging, gimme the deets! Like why? I don't know a single thing about Plath so I need spoonfeeding here.

No. 1422309

to create a legend? the burden of literary fame was something she didn't want while trying to raise her children? a good old chaos op?

about a year ago i found the research of miles mathis, who covers a lot of fake celebrity deaths (and a lot of other fake stuff, you will see what i mean if you start to read him for yourself). the other day i scrolled past something that mentioned plath's son's alleged suicide at the age of 47, and then the first article i looked at about his death contained the numbers 33 and 11. all three of those are common numerological markers intelligence agencies use to signal an event is fake - 47 being year one of the cia, 33 the highest level in freemasonry, and 11 being chaos in jewish numerology. so that set me on a hunt.

it wasn't long before i was reading assia wevill's entry on murderpedia. wevill was ted hughes' mistress follwing slyvia, and she also allegedly committed suicide and killed her four-year-old daughter in the process. the murderpedia article mentions her visiting ted's house in devon after slyvia's suicide and meeting elizabeth sigmund, "who was watching over the house and had known slyvia well". spidey sense began to tingle and i thought, let's get a look at this elizabeth sigmund. lo and behold. meaning plath's son's suicide and wevill's murder-suicide are also fake.(Miles Mathis spamming this thread.)

No. 1422312

File: 1669496475462.jpg (35.6 KB, 467x524, JCSxrZUh.jpg)

same nonny I'm like picrel I don't know either of this women I'm so curious

No. 1422324

Damn, that's really interesting. I'm gonna look into Miles Mathis. Are you into gematria too? Ever since I started learning about it I've become suspicious of the numbers 47 and 33 and it's insane how much they pop up in the news. Like that subway shooter in New York who fired precisely 33 shots.

No. 1422329

sylvia not slyvia, but the latter is pretty accurate

No. 1422334

you should start with his manson/tate murders paper, since it was so damning to the official story that they had to run interference in the form of tom o'neill's book 'chaos', which tries to sell the angle of manson as some mk-ultra victim, when in reality he was just a ruling class agent/actor like almost every other person you've seen in the news.

No. 1422336

Will do, thanks nona.

No. 1422346

also not really into gematria, there's nothing too mysterious or holy about what intel agencies do, and it seems like there's a lot of planted misdirection surrounding it out there. as mathis says, they're just 'we are here' markers. 18 (chai or life), 11(chaos), 33 (spook dominance), 42 (hitler's bday), 47 (cia year one). 322 brotherhood of death. maybe a 22 and a 44. i see 15 a lot in a lot of otherwise obviously fake events, but mathis doesn't mention it.

No. 1422351

Yeah I'm not fully into it where I'm "decoding" every single word of the news reports, but I've definitely picked up on "calling card" patterns that are just too weird to explain as a coincidence.

No. 1422426

well, i posted the plath/sigmund images to r/poetry, r/redscarepod, and r/conspiracy. post removed from the first two, i didn't get a notification of removal for the last but it doesn't show up. my eyes were confirmation enough, but that seals it.

No. 1422432

r/conspiracy is an interesting place. Anything of merit is usually ignored in favour of arguing about politics. Usually Trump voters vs. anti-Trump people. It's pure distraction. Similar to how /x/ is full of schizo posts now and it's hard to find anything worthwhile on there.

No. 1422442

i know but i figured since that place is such a mess they wouldn't bother to delete.

No. 1422446

Yeah I find it suspicious that it's a complete mess to look at, yet mods are that quick to delete a theory about a goddamn poet. The glow is strong.

No. 1422460

File: 1669504679307.jpg (7.89 KB, 561x349, 20110324__20110325_B02_CD25UFO…)

i don't really believe UFOs are aliens or that aliens have even made it to earth but i HAVE seen UFOs, particularly the triangle shaped red lights. saw them in the crystal clear night sky of rural Hawai'i back in 2005. i want to know WHAT it is so badly!

No. 1422466

Both my nigel and his parents have seen these at different points in life too. Weird stuff.

No. 1422670

Ancient Apocalypse
Yes, antediluvian civilization existed. Yes, academics are refusing to investigate it. For example, underwater construction all around the globe dating from back before the water rose to modern levels, IE the last ice age 12,000 years ago. Every culture on earth telling of a great flood that destroyed the world. Maps in the 1500s based on earlier sources showing Antarctica, knowledge that was lost by the 1800s when Antarctica was "discovered."
Why won't they investigate?

No. 1422679

File: 1669520091662.jpeg (390.75 KB, 1628x1628, 7D7F6240-C95E-4D62-91D2-C4C264…)

>paul giamattis cast listings disappear and he no longer exists
>jim carrey is now credited as paul giamatti under all his movies
>some hours pass
>arnold schwarzenegger now no longer exists and his cast listings disappear

I've never seen the google algorithm do this so I have to wonder whether or not it could be intentional? posted to celebricow thread already but any ideas tinfoilers

No. 1422690

This shit is sickening. holy fuck I keep doubting myself as a schizo then more shit comes out. I have no doubts anymore
This is true. Unfortunately I've stumbled upon other instances but it's this combined with them utilizing something I can only call the pedo gaze. Not that that's all that new but it's somehow gotten creepier combined with what you mention as well as being more blatant with csa themes. I need a long shower. Last thing that's far less consequential but every time celebs are on some carpet getting awards or whatever notice the overarching theme to their outfits. No matter the season, halloween or not it doesn't matter. I thought I was losing it but I'm not. A whole group of people have up top

No. 1422757

File: 1669524272112.jpeg (187.82 KB, 1080x1920, C83AB418-CFE2-4DAE-BFEF-D733A6…)

Nonnies I'm afraid it gets worse. One of the Balenciaga ads features a book of art by Michael Borremans called Fire from the Sun. I highly suggest not searching that in images because it contains paintings of naked little children engaging with/eating? bloodied disembodied limbs, everyone's favorite material.



No. 1422762

bonus bit of info, that book was in the image they posted after taking down the teddy bear ones due to the outrage. I think it's from a whole separate photoshoot. I heard the one with the CP case documents was separate from the children, so this isn't a one-off "mistake"

No. 1422769

Final update: if you finish the Twitter thread that I linked you'll see it also touches on another book in the stack called "The Cremaster Cycle" which has themes not only of Freemasonry and murder, but specifically someone found an image from it depicting a man with his penis removed with a nearby square and compass, men wearing masonic aprons… I don't think I should post any of these images to LC since it's (artistic but realistic-looking) gore but you can find them in the thread. I don't know what the fuck is going on I'm done

No. 1422826

I don't know whether this is trolling like bored ape yacht club tried trolling bougie people, subtle communication for actual fucked up things or that rich people just like hidden messaging type shit.

No. 1422830

Does lolcow tinfoil count? Can we talk about mods and frequent shit posters?

No. 1422838

Truly disturbing stuff. What the fuck

No. 1422855

File: 1669535070576.jpeg (124.46 KB, 828x472, C77B8C21-DDC1-47E0-B5C3-300F9E…)

Found person when browsing a reddit thread regarding the error who seems to be leaving rather ominous comments.

Not sure if they have anything to do with the glitch but they definitely act like they know something.

No. 1422952

I always had a feeling the fashion industry was off since I tattooed a semi-famous designer (not saying who he is or what I tattooed on him so I don't doxx myself) with some satanic symbolism. He was weird and said some pretentious shit that I only half-listened to but I remember him talking about his interest in "dark stuff" and how there's so much "below the surface" that we don't see because it's too dark. Not his exact words but something to that effect. That experience and a few others put me off tattooing. I'm sorta spiritual and feel like inking satanic images into someones flesh is bad juju and I was damning my soul by doing it. Anyway, after looking into symbolism and just surface level stuff about how models are treated I know that industry is evil. Same as Hollywood it eats people up and spits them out. Maybe not even metaphorically speaking if the Marina Abramović rabbit hole is anything to go by.

Please do! I love hearing theories about this place.

Am I crazy or did Carey speak out about conspiracies? Like didn't he have a crazy period with the hobo beard and stuff?

No. 1422988

>Maybe not even metaphorically speaking if the Marina Abramović rabbit hole is anything to go by.
What do you know about Abramovic? I know she's a bit of a crazy "performer" but her stuff can be really suspicious and dark. I remember reading about her making Lady Gaga go out naked in the woods and make her come back by herself (apparently the whole thing is filmed). She also participated in spirit cookings, which I can't tell if it's just a bunch of weird elites pretending to eat humans by arranging the food a certain way, or if it's some weird secretive party where they really do eat real shit. I'm ESL so I'm not really knowledgeable about Hollywood and celebrity scandals but Marina makes me curious.

No. 1422989

File: 1669552562211.png (43.75 KB, 893x290, Screenshot 2022-11-27 133238.p…)

i think it is just a fuck up on googles end, but it sure is strange. when i google jim carrey it even lists giamattis son as his kek

No. 1422997

Nonnie, can you tell more of the other experiences that made you quit? I am geniunely interested

No. 1423166

The shooters dad was on an episode of Intervention(porn, sex, and meth addiction)and a former pornstar/UFC fighter. The shooter changed his name at 16, not because he’s nb but out of embarrassment toward his father.

No. 1423169

Dark stuff is virtually everywhere. You don't have read into fashion modeling or Hollywood to get a glimpse of it. It is overwhelmingly in your own back yard. Human traffickers, sex and pedo traffickers. Wherever men are it exists and infects everything.

No. 1423205

File: 1669567713615.jpeg (47.17 KB, 1280x720, B11D12D4-02D0-4C6E-9540-A95D3D…)

>Like didn't he have a crazy period with the hobo beard and stuff?
he's always been anti vaccine and outlandish and did the "Illuminati" gag on Kimmel a few years ago, but definitely not on anyone's good side. considering what he did to his ex he seems like the celebrity to be involved in deeply depraved shit if anyone

did read a few rumors about him being a high ranking satanist. the church has denied housing him. his connection to sam kininson makes him pretty suspicious

It's still doing it this morning. Arnold is still missing from his movie listings as well.

No. 1423210

I used to work for a fashion designer who actually did some half ass "satanic" rituals before collection launches or big shows, he was and insuffarable wannabe artsy addict faggot though so I don't think he actually knew anything about anything. Didn't even know how to sew, no satan is gonna help with that, sad scrote.

No. 1423223

his girlfriend's suicide note is harrowing.
was she taken out by hollywood or did he actually drag her so deep into his world she took herself out? tragic either way

No. 1423271

That’s what they all are. It’s all for show and mystique. Nobody actually thinks this imagery or iconography is truly some sort of protector or genuine religion for them, it’s just show. Smoke and mirrors to make them seem like anything more than a bunch of losers and pedophiles. It makes them appear more powerful.

No. 1423275

File: 1669571969130.jpeg (24.31 KB, 302x400, FD91720A-7D6F-49AA-B702-DA40E6…)

His mainstay lawyer, Marty Singer (infamous hollywood attorney, his firm also defended price andrew and armie hammer) is notorious for using fixers, who at their worst are glorified hitmen. Per her suicide note his girlfriend knew he had previous lawsuits for stds so wouldn't be surprising if he killed her. She had enough intel to expose him, and she didn't claiming she loved that scrote

The other possibility is that he goaded her into killing herself. he was her last call before she died, on FaceTime no less.

the subsequent lawsuit filed by the family after her death was not dismissed by the court, it was dismissed by the plaintiff. he never disproved he had any stds, just claiming that one document they submitted was faked. he tried to hire on a lawyer who worked on the catholic sex scandal cases to make him look credible (ray boucher) on top of Singer. whatever happened, still believed he abused that woman.

he paid a massive stipend to jenny mccarthy after their five year partnership to shut her up too. none of his exes like to talk about him. this man is definitely into some deep dark shit and I've seen people describe him as having a closet of skeletons as big as weinstein. kind of just want someone to expose his ass. maybe the google hack is a sign, it's the beginning fo the end?

No. 1423371

>his connection to sam kininson

No. 1423425

So the balenciaga fallout was obviously deliberate, but why? i heard luciferians are supposed to "show their methods" either with symbolism or in your face. You could say they were just attention-whoring but every "satanic" reference in those photoshots its so obscure and hyper-specific, i don't really buy it

No. 1423453

File: 1669578294566.jpeg (290.71 KB, 828x578, 058B98E8-024C-42CF-B850-D1BDB3…)

Kinison was a pentecostal preacher turned comedian known for being unapologetically raunchy. during his days at the comedy store the environment was rumored to be extremely dreary, gross and sex laden. he was said to be a satanist. he died after getting into a car crash in 1992

I'm not as versed in comic lore as I should be but it would not shock me considering he interacted with carrey if he led him down a similar path. marc maron I know did not like him and they had a falling out, it's discussed during jim's wtf with marc podcast episode

No. 1423455

File: 1669578404029.jpeg (289.32 KB, 828x551, 6F5C07A6-516C-4A75-A221-89951A…)

Maron in an interview described him as a "satanic warlock"


other excerpt is from an 89 interview with Kinison from rolling stone

No. 1423474

File: 1669579082127.jpeg (777.5 KB, 1155x1076, 5743A9B3-2CA0-472B-BD27-0B42DE…)

Ah so the creative team are the pedo luciferians. Got it.

No. 1423476

ayrt, this is very interesting stuff. i've heard a lot about the store being haunted and other strange happenings, as well as the famous story of sam kinison's car crash, i didn't know about him potentially being a satanist though. anyways, ty for answering posters like you are why i keep coming back to this cursed website.

No. 1423487

Ridiculous, as if they didnt approve everything beforehand and paraded this collection on the runway

No. 1423491

Nothing beyond what's known in this thread; her connections to the elite, particularly Podesta and pizzagate. Her "art" does give me bad vibes though. Just don't trust that woman.

I specialised in Japanese Irezumi inspired art, that was my passion. Although the style is perhaps now more popular than ever in the west, it's still quite niche. So I tattooed a bunch of shit I didn't care for to pay the bills. There's the satanic stuff I touched on, which is quite popular among edgelords. But I also tattooed two Freemasons; like honest to god actual fucking masons. I know this because I looked them both up online and they both were in social media pics on the official account pages. The first one was a dentist, cheerful enough bloke talking about all the charity work they do while I tattooed a square and compass on his chest. He gave me a weird vibe, but I acknowledge that may be my inherent bias towards masons (and dentists). The second guy also wanted a square and compass, said he was told to ask for me by the dentist. Bit weird I thought, any of my co-workers could do something so simple, but maybe the dentist was just throwing me more business since he was quite the gentleman with his manners and giving me a very generous tip. The shop I worked in was literally less than a two minute walk away from the local lodge as well, so it didn't seem too weird the guy would take a recommendation from his friend and go to the nearest shop to their lodge. This second guy was odd though. Saw my Star of David necklace and talked to me about religion, asked if I believe we need one religion to unite the world, asked what I know of Masons and what my honest thoughts on them are. It felt like an interrogation, but again, my bias was here at work so that no doubt affected my perception of him. Two weeks later I got a call asking if I'd do a THIRD square and compass and I just lied and said I was fully booked up. I don't know if the person asking was a mason or an edgelord (not at all rare for them to get masonic symbols although they usually choose the eye of providence) but it freaked me the fuck out and I refused to tattoo anything masonic after that. It was just a strong gut feeling I had to knock that shit off. The other part of what made me quit is the aforementioned bad feeling I got inking satanic imagery into peoples skin. I'm no longer religiously Jewish, but I was born and raised that way and I do belive in a higher power and that there must be some sort of spiritual component to life, even though I can't put it into words. I started having really vivid nightmares filled with religious imagery where I often ended up in hell. A recurring theme in the dreams was being on trial in some way (before Jesus, Judas, Saint Peter, King Solomon, sometimes god himself) where it was shown to them the symbols I tattooed and I was judged harshly for wasting my talent on evil images that allegedly act as incantations. And these weren't just "oh no I had a bad dream" they really were full-blown nightmares, the kind of nightmare that had me waking up covered in sweat with my heart pounding. I tell most people I quit because of back pain and because I couldn't tattoo the art I love enough, and to some extent that's true. But honestly? I felt like my mind and heart were screaming at me to stop fucking about with dark stuff. Occam's Razor says it's my religious upbringing that made me feel that way, and hey, that's probably true. I'm just happy to be able to sleep again at night.

Does anyone have a link to the suicide note? I remember his gf dying and him being a pall bearer(?) but I didn't about the allegations against him.

No. 1423548

File: 1669583903520.jpeg (838.36 KB, 1298x2304, 65CCA3B0-01A3-41BD-A423-5BF766…)

>>April 8, 2013, 6:55 PM
>>You have not thought about the stigma I have to live with for the rest of my life, you have not apologized or once asked is there something you can do to make it better or even felt bad for it. Or even ask me how I'm feeling about it. Instead you did a whole lot of screaming and turned it around on me. Have you even once sat down and really thought how this affects me. I still love you and I believed that you sent that text because you cared about me. I was going to tell my lawyer that I didn't want to go further with it when I realized you changed lawyers and you were
advised to text me. It wasn't coming from you at all, you probably hate me and are saying whatever is necessary.
>>The decent thing to do, what is that? I think keeping quite and private about it when I want to scream from the rooftops is a decent thing to do. You know what I want and it's nothing to do with money. I didn't get a lawyer so I could take your money and I am probably going to get in trouble for texting you, I'm sure you will use it against me but I wanted to say this Thursday. Whatever the lawyers decide to do I don't care. This is what I want, you gave me hsv and hpv, I want you to apologize for it because you care enough to. I want you to understand that however little a thing that seems to you, it ruins a girls life. I want you to take care when you are with other girls and pay attention to your body your actions effect people. I don't want to be disrespected like you have been doing.
>>Before you I might not have had very much but I had respect, I was a happy person, I loved life, I was confident and I felt good in my skin and was proud of most decisions I made. I met you, you introduced me to cocaine, prostitutes, mental abuse and disease. You did good things for me but being with you broke me down as a person Jim. I was promised Jekyll and instead I got Hyde. Because I love you I would have stuck out Hyde all year and done everything he wanted to be with Jekyll for 5 of those but you threw me away when you absorbed anything worthwhile that was left of me.

No. 1423552

Balenciaga is also trash. they're just shifting blame

No. 1423569

File: 1669584840411.jpeg (20.42 KB, 512x367, A77F13E7-B844-42FB-9AEB-B61675…)

Glad to be of service. Carreys so weird that I wouldn't put it past him to be a full fledged occultist. He definitely has a hypnosis over hollywood to keep dragging his zombified form into new productions every few years.

Whatever leverage this motherfuck has makes him virtually teflon. Why is some washed up serial killer looking comic who's no longer palatable so well protected? There has to be something else here.

Carrey also happens to know an infamous Russian oligarch who is mutual friends with Trump and Steven Segal, Oleg Deripaska. Deripaska rose to the top of his game through organized crime. Combine his relationship with both Singer and Deripaska and his longevity in the industry plus not starting from nepotism, add in possible other factors, it's lethal.

Heres her note nona

he was accused of giving her multiple stds, introducing her to addictive drugs, abusing her in general. he rekindled their relationship multiple times after initially dumping her and abused her until she found life so unbearable she killed herself. allegedly.

I heard Carrey has online burners and him and his pr are active on reddit and Instagram in particular. Maybe Twitter. With him playing NEET, god knows what he's doing. There's been a weird increase in articles and news about him the last month or so.

No. 1423611

Jesus Christ, that poor woman… he did all that and she still loved him. Sickens me that he was allowed to be a pall bearer.

>I heard Carrey has online burners and him and his pr are active on reddit and Instagram in particular. Maybe Twitter. With him playing NEET, god knows what he's doing. There's been a weird increase in articles and news about him the last month or so.

That might explain the Careyfags in celebricows and on /g/ kek. Surely nobody is actually attracted to that ghoul.

No. 1423633

It does if you think that the writer's strike never ended. Take this as "shit was never the same again" as in corporate blobs never trusted creatives again and they purposely try to reduce them as much as possible or in the more tinfoily way that most if not all usa modern media is partially or fully written by AI. Animation is expensive and USA isn't Japan who has an endless supply of failedmale neets ready to kill themselves over cartoons nor cartoons are a part of USA's soft power like anime, so is not going to be subsidized or promoted by the government any time soon. Euphoria was more softpowery than any american cartoon in the past decade. If they already have a machine perfectly synchronized to write successful shit like euphoria why bother with animation? I don't think that we are surrounded of Ai media like other schizos, but i wouldn't be surprised if WB si trying to "automated" some things and AI animation would be their mask off moment in a few years.

No. 1423641

Just want to tell you nonnie that you are my favorite anon, always glad to know you are here. I love your Carrey posts and wish you all the best!

No. 1423648

That's what i think too but the human mind if pretty powerfull and if you delude yourself into believing that you work for evil incarnate you are going to act like evil incarnate at some point. Overall it's not people you want around you.

No. 1423651

I'm a former carreyfag, they do exist, but i can't support that man anymore. no idea what I was on a few years ago.

No. 1423661

Yeah I was joking about the Careyfags being a psyop lol. I do find it weird that people are attracted to him though. I can kinda see how he was cute when he was young, but he's got this really weird aura about him. Like the constant jokes and him being "on" all the time is a cover for something.

No. 1423748

>constant jokes and being "on" all the time
IDK. Maybe, and this is just a theory…. depression in general/having a down disposition and general? Many people that make up a lot of jokes and create this huge persona about being friendly/jokey have mental health issues that don't entirely mean satan worshiper.

No. 1423752

I didn't say he's a satanist because he's joking all the time. Just that it seems like a cover for darker tendencies. Read up on his ex gf who commit suicide and the allegations against him, he's one fucked up individual.

No. 1423831

satan worshiper is just a loose theory, but he definitely has his fingers in shady pies. he's known the oligarch since the early 00s after meeting him through a fixer named bob van ronkel and the lawyer since his career boom in the 90s. it's a question of how carrey continues to make money when his newer products flop and he lost a lot of his residuals during the 2008 recession. while $180 million is a fraction of what he was once worth, it's still far too high considering how little he's done in recent years. so what pies is he sticking his fingers in and what does he have on people to keep himself relevant and to have outwitted himself out of the girlfriend scandal.

it's similar to johnny depp and his shady lawyer and pr spin doctor adam waldman, waldman is also connected to deripaska and has served as a russian agent since 2009. deri also has fingers in the pies of the modeling industry and carrey has dated quite a few russian models. russia and that section of europe also has a lot of sex trafficking.

you know at this rate I wouldn't disbelieve he was behind any of his own hype, or his bots or people. the depp case really opened my eyes that a lot of celebrities "hype" is manufactured

No. 1423887

File: 1669603015902.jpeg (205.54 KB, 1125x656, F2039B20-0009-474A-97A5-6B9865…)

No. 1423991

Was expecting something interesting and was sorely disappointed by them stating a stab wound to his side was a… honorary neovagina or something??

No. 1423993

My take on this Balenciaga ad is that it's a very dark form of satire. No one in their right mind would have taken these photos or directed them without knowing the reaction it would get from the general public. This was carefully planned and they knew what they were doing. They weren't subtle about it. The bdsm gear, the baal tape, the documents referring disgusting art, it was all placed there to be seen. It was an announcement of what they want to promote and showcase. I have theorized that they are (in their own sick way) bragging about their pedophilia and the fact that they can and will get away with it over and over. They want you to know they are pedophiles. The punchline is the outcry of the general public. An analogy would be a performance art where an actor pretends to eat a human being then to later find out he wasn't acting and what he consumed was a real human.

No. 1424006

This is obvious to me. It’s annoying and pretentious but that was clearly the intent. Rolling my eyes at all the schizos running with it.

No. 1424053

Samefagging because I feel like sperging more. The satanic symbolism they are revealing isn’t a big secret. Most entry level schizos are acquainted with them.. Even some facebook boomers do. They made it as edgy and pretentious as possible to make the message clear and as vast as it could be. It was never about the money either since the customers of Balanciaga most likely won’t have a problem with it (and might even feel boisterous about using this brand associated with satan worshipping and elite pedophiles because it associates them to the image of power they have or maybe they are pedos themselves and want to support it) and most of the general public will either forget about it or move on because there is nothing the average joe/jane can do about it. It’s Balenciaga who still has that elite image that might even be heightened given it’s association with elite activities.
Some schizos have said that the elite have to reveal their actions or announce their plans as a way to free themselves from some of the weight of their actions (I don’t directly believe in this, just throwing it out here because it’s the schizo thread). Analogy would be a guy telling you that if you enter his property you’ll get mauled by his pitbulls and he will let it happen and you still do it even when you were warned and as a result the blame doesn’t entirely fall upon the pitbull owner. Why would they want the weight of their actions lifted? Something related to karma and energy that I can’t recall at the moment.
Sorry 4 the slightly incoherent rambling lol I’m tipsy

No. 1424085

I could see this. Not the first time companies would've used shock value as a pull. I do definitely think there's trafficking in modeling and entertainment but it wouldn't be this obvious an allusion to it. Some people are just edgy for edgy sake (see kanye killing claymation pete)

No. 1424087

People are just doing too much as always.

No. 1424127

these are the people who probably take their children to drag shows or have their kids be part of them, rebecca walker daughter of the famous Alice Walker talked about how it was like growing in the left wing literacy scene, rebecca was never molested or raped but she had a unstable and traumatizing life living with her mother, no rules, getting taught about sex and kinks by adults, seeing her mother and her lovers casually nude, it was basically a bunch of degenerates who were openly degenerate in front of their children and tried to frame it as revolutionary parenting, her daughter preferred living with her birth father, step-mother and half siblings, over alice's group of hippies in san francisco cause it was a stable and normal healthy environment
the people who made this are ad are simply disconnected from reality,

No. 1424190

Okay? So why are you here then?

No. 1424220

Why is anyone in any thread having discussions with people you fucking retard(infighting)

No. 1424317

I just finished reading about the Manson/Tate thing and holy shit. Totally changed my perception of that event. I've bookmarked stuff on Al Capone, Princess Diana and Steve Jobs to read later. Any more recs from this guy? There's tons on his site and idk where to go from here.

No. 1424458

Because it’s obvious that you’re only here to mock those who believe that not everything is black and white.

No. 1424460

Have you read Dave McGowan’s novels yet?

No. 1424678

there's so much and all of it is worth your time – but for me, when i found his website, among all his big claims the easiest for me to see at first was that serial killers are fake – he has essays on bundy, gacy, the zodiac, the night stalker, btk, the green river killer, henry lee lucas and ed kemper. he doesn't do dahmer, but intel recently did a callback to him in the form of a 'cannibal' named 'kevin bacon' that he covers. from there i was more capable of having an open mind to his other claims, many of which will strike you as outrageous as first because like everyone else not connected to the intelligence community you've been denied the ability to critically understand how the world is run, on purpose, for your entire life.

after you've been reading him for a while, once you see the formulas at play and understand his research method, you on your own will be able to find stuff that even he didn't find. like before i read him no way would i have been able to figure out in my lifetime that sylvia plath faked her death, but now it was the work of twenty minutes.

No. 1424682

his own 'best of fake events' at the top of his essays page is a pretty good guide. 'hidden kings' about the kennedy 'assassination'('s') pairs well with the manson one, because those two (fake) events really set the foundation for our time.

No. 1424686

Anon do you believe that “Mass Shooters” are fake too? Like the entire thing is orchestrated and put into motion and the shooters are trained by the government? I don’t mean the Alex Jones crisis actor thing. The victims of the shootings are real deaths to me of course.

No. 1424709

or actually the 'cannibal' ate a man named kevin bacon, i didn't read it closely because at this point i don't need convincing that a story like that is fake.

yes, i do think all the major mass shooting are theatrical productions of military intelligence. all the stuff about mk-ultra is misdirection, the real trauma-based mind control is the entirety of 'the news'. they are controlling the minds of the entire population who (until now) had no choice but to accept their lies as reality.

it's not in his 'best of' but he has a five-part series on the anders brevik/utoya shootings that is very compelling and in-depth, along with breakdowns of sandy hook, port arthur, christchurch, orlando, aurora, dunblane las vegas, charleston, highland park. that's just off the top of my head. you can't read his paper on the recent club q shooting and come away thinking that's real.

the 'shooters' are not trained, or orchestrated, or tricked by intel/the government. that's the explanation they provide for people who don't accept the events at face value, to keep you from understanding they are actors from ruling class and military/intelligence families.

No. 1424735

or occasionally just AI-generated images who don't existed (dylann roof and adam lanza)

No. 1424764

Sorry if this is obvious, but why would any organization, let alone three, have special signs to signal that something is fake? Doesn't that defeat the entire purpose of faking an event?

No. 1424776

it's for other members of the faking class. for people with access to the media, faking stuff and planting stories is a conversation/battle/game. you want other members of the ruling class to know you moved a piece on the chess board, no matter your ostensible differences about what the peasants should be doing with their minds and bodies and belief systems and labor. you need other fakers to know stuff's fake for the battle to continue.

No. 1424784

Jon and Kate Plus 8 got dragged for the husband chaeting and the mom being unpleasant
Same network who aired them covered up child abuse and more for 19 Kids and Counting
It's just interesting, make of it what you will

No. 1424825

Thanks, nonas. I'm gonna check his serial killer stuff out next, I think. Now it's clicked in my head how COINTELPRO used the Tate "murder" to smear hippies, I can see how alphabet agencies would use serial killers to get funding and keep people afraid.

NTA but Columbine becomes VERY interesting when you realise that multiple students are on record as seeing grown men - not teens like Klebold and Harris - and a sniper on the roof that the feds deny existing. There's also the fact that two survivors were shot dead in a Subway shop just under a year after the school shooting. It is a murder that remains unsolved to this day. Isaiah Shoels parents reportedly had to move because of threatening phone calls too. And that's just the anomalies off the top of my head. As for recent shootings, that one in the supermarket (was it Buffalo, New York?) is suspicious given the footage of his "rifle" that has no muzzle flash and when a woman was shot in the head at close range there was no blood and her face looked just fine. The guy arrested looks different to the guy in the news pictures and IIRC some of the manifesto is literally copy-and-pasted from the NZ mass shooter.

No. 1424836

lol literally any time you see a manifesto you know it's a fake (this includes valierie solanas, i hate to break it to you).(Miles.)

No. 1424844

Always figured there was something off with Solanas, though it's not something I'm well versed with.

No. 1424853

nayrt I read SCUM and it just seemed like there was something missing, it felt very superficial and empty to me

No. 1424856


a term mathis uses often that is helpful in understanding all this is 'blackwash'. if you have an idea you want to discredit in the minds of the population, then you have someone associated with that idea act crazy and unlikeable and extreme in a very public and prominent way. manson was meant to blackwash any incipient cross-racial/cross-class working class or antiwar movements, alex jones blackwashes the idea that tragedies and atrocities that appear in the news are staged/faked, solanas was blackwashing feminism.

No. 1424991

nice to see another nonny here familiar with miles mathis, him and clues forums seem to hate eachother but they have the same views on shit, so that's another good resource for some fake events, the forum is pretty much dead nowadays tho, I learned a lot of interesting stuff there 10 years ago. Them and Mathis were probably the only ones calling bullshit on a lot of these events and deaths back then.

No. 1425000

File: 1669686319519.jpeg (119.25 KB, 1125x566, 6F4D5FC4-A70B-46EB-B016-6F0341…)


Eugenics is alive and well. If you’re a poorfag, you die

No. 1425033

File: 1669687655960.jpeg (68.86 KB, 828x645, DC901E4A-E8C2-49BA-8AB1-E67A32…)

thanks nona. I'm surprised I'm still alive

maybe a glitch in the matrix could actually erase him. wouldn't that be nice. abiding by his psilocybin fueled words that he doesn't exist

No. 1425042

So the latest manifiestos are trying to blackwash the right/the internet? I can't remember the name anymore but not so long ago there it was a 100+ that glowed so spectacularly that it was almost a parody. And the unabomber was an attempt to blackwash any questions about automation

No. 1425071

i listen to a podcast called war mode and they recently talked about carrey taking over some satanic jurisdiction from another notable celebrity, i had no idea what they were talking about or where they got that info but it's crazy to come here and see you talking about it. i'll have to look more into this

No. 1425112

now that i think about it, it may not have been war mode, i don't know where i heard it, but it was last week

No. 1425229

there are rumors he was behind a celebrity blind item about a scrote comedian who owns a club. the club in lieu of cover will apparently solicit nudes from women. there are rumors he is also connected to blind items about a guy who collects and threatens to spread revenge porn. if he is running or involved in club management it's probably under an alias so good luck finding it. nowhere about the locale but presumably somewhere in california

I watched some kinison tonight and it really is creepy how disturbed and obsessed with sex comedians from that era were. after carrey left linda ronstadt and his attempt at a teen movie guy career I guess he also lost his marbles. the fact that maron couldn't withstand comedy store and had a falling out with kinison and carrey allegedly stuck around says a lot

No. 1425286

I'd like to add I never heard about the kinison thing on a podcast, heard it elsewhere. cant remember where exactly

also rewatched unnatural acts tonight noticing carreys voice timbre changed post fame? everything about him is so situational it's ridiculous

No. 1425615

>how disturbed and obsessed with sex comedians from that era were
not just from that era, they still are. apparently kinison was a normal guy until he got a head injury and his personality changed, maybe that made him more degenerate too i don't know. but all the comedians are obsessed with sex and live crazy lives, bill maher has orgies according to hasan piker. then you have d'elia whose dad is a hollywood bigshot and chris is definitely a sex freak predator, you can see it in his eyes, i wouldn't be surprised if he was also into ritual stuff.

No. 1425675

I have always disliked stand up comedians all of them seem like massive degenerates, there's also an actual tradition among comedians called "The Aristocrats" basically adlibbing a raunchy incest joke as a tradition, its been told by numerous stand-up comedians since the vaudeville era, I don't trust anyone who thinks this is funny

No. 1425733

i didnt even think about it that much until you pointed it out, but now i am thinking of all the raunchy sex stuff that is synonymous with "comedy". howard sterns show was very degenerate, and virtually every "comedy" movie has to have pie sex or lesbians kissing, orgy, guy eating dog semen etc. and it's like this cringe frat atmosphere. it's so weird that comedians think just mentioning sex is somehow meant to be funny, even female comedians do this sort of "so i got drunk and had anal and pooped everywhere hahahah lol" and that is just meant to be funny? i hadn't thought about it, but it seems tptb deliberately used comedy to poison the culture because if people think it's just supposed be to lighthearted and fun then their defenses are down. i would have been way more innocent for longer if i hadnt seen movies like american pie and harold and kumar go to white castle, which promote the idea that drugs and all sorts of sexual debauchery are like the holy grail of life experiences.

No. 1425856

File: 1669744274190.webm (2.61 MB, 180x320, the voices of the masses.webm)

>it's so weird that comedians think just mentioning sex is somehow meant to be funny, even female comedians do this sort of "so i got drunk and had anal and pooped everywhere hahahah lol" and that is just meant to be funny?
your post reminded me of this

No. 1425888

No. 1425953

File: 1669747623186.jpeg (32.96 KB, 474x750, 6A816A7E-39C0-4F0B-8682-C10E55…)

>apparently kinison was a normal guy until he got a head injury and his personality changed

this also happened to John Belushi, who had a seizure in highschool and his whole personality flipped. it also happened to chris farley IIRC, some incident fucked him irreparably (people theorize his dad molested him). maybe there’s a link between fat drug addicted comedians and head injuries

No. 1425970

File: 1669748487591.jpeg (315.34 KB, 828x1477, EE6898CC-30D6-4D47-8CA8-9A2E52…)

Chris D'elia was recently accused of harassing and stalking a woman online. She asked for TRO against him. The lawyer tried to claim she was crazy. lawyer is the same fellow who defended Prince Andrew and Armie Hammer and works under Marty Singer's firm. All these comedians, and many hollywood actors use Singer and his firm as their scandal guys. Something about D'elia reminds me of Charlie Sheen. Both slimy nepotism babies.

Lavely & Singer uses fixers. This is all but written in blood, and blatantly obvious to anyone who knows what a fixer is. No law firm has this high a percentage of dismissals related to Hollywood sex scandals without some kind of behind the scenes intimidation. There's a braggart fixer named Paul Barressi who masquerades as a PI who worked for Singer, and he was a student under infamous fixer Anthony Pellicano. pellicano was incarcerated in the early 00s, released after 14 years jail time, and went right back to defending offenders.


No. 1425975

the entire entertainment industry is teaming with psychological problems and drug dependency, also rampant abuse. my guess is that some of them stay victims and implode, but others graduate to become the abusers. farley seemed like a very troubled guy who could only get sex from hookers even after being famous, i watched a documentary on him a while back. i think most comedians are just degenerate drug addicts like artie lange, and there isn't necessarily any seedy connections. but speaking of the entertainment industry and psychological problems, have you ever looked into the britney spears stuff? it's so dark and creepy.

No. 1426137

I wish that anon with the Pete Davidson tinfoils would come back, I really want to know what's behind his constant shilling.

No. 1426245

Same. Something is definitely up with this industry plant. The fact he lost his dad in 9/11 like a lot of celebrities lost someone close to them before their rise to fame sticks out to me.

No. 1426267

This was pure brain rot nona lmao
I thought it was cute to listen to them tinfoil in my bath while I shaved but it really devolves at the end into pure unlistenable garbage. They way they said "ew" at any slightly lesbian reference was delicious cringe.

No. 1426277

there are two more parts of it lol. they are like christian or something so that's why they are like that. i think the videos are pretty good but not for everyone.

No. 1426288

not pete anon but lorne wanted him desperately to be new era snl's golden boy. he pushed him hard. after he dated ariana I wonder if it pushed him into the spotlight as an available pr boyfriend. he definitely seems like a pr bf for hire and that's his new image (personal opinion: he's not that funny and he's not that great an actor either)

itll always be funny to me how steve buscemi was former firefighter who helped out on 9/11, yet he never speaks about it. meanwhile one of petes foundations is his dad dying in 9/11. has anyone actually deep dove to see whether or not it's true

No. 1426303

File: 1669763838211.jpg (63.05 KB, 931x443, SMD.jpg)

I've found mention of him and Ladder Co. 118 in Brooklyn Heights. From a glance he looks legit. He did die at 33, which can certainly be seen as a calling card. But until I've dug up articles from 2001 I won't say for sure that it is. I'll see what else I can find on him tomorrow.

No. 1426334

File: 1669765347245.png (169.92 KB, 357x414, pete davidson's dad.png)

paired with the 118 i'd say the 33 is telling. aces and eights, chai. you give money in multiples of what at a bar mitzvah? and his entry in a book of 9/11 memorials seems like an inside joke along the lines of 'bob christian' being behind the georgia guidestones, 'fiston ngoy' being charged with public rape, etc.

his mom's maiden name is waters, which is peerage, and i'd swear when i looked into him a few months ago i found his mom related to cheneys in public records, but i can't find them now. this is a sign to nonas to screenshot everything.

No. 1426374

What do you think about crop circles?

No. 1426378

fake cia operation to perpetuate the myth of aliens.

No. 1426384

File: 1669768537052.jpg (139.83 KB, 1200x771, 1200px-CropCircleW.jpg)

It's art, I love looking at them.

No. 1426495

Any thoughts on The Simpson’s being open about the starwhackers?

No. 1426673

you could call them… hired goons

the simpsons is very on the money with their references and predictions so this isn't surprising at all

No. 1426701

Yeah, and Family Guy “outed” celebrities way before the #metoo movement. Hollywood as a whole is an inside joke and the masses are barely getting it.

No. 1426719

now i am trying to think of references to people that haven't been outed yet lol. i can't think of any at the moment but that may be worthwhile to keep an eye out for.

No. 1426720

kind of ironic considering seth mcfarlane got outed as an abuser recently. plus matt groening's connections with epstein.

No. 1426721

It seems like everyone in Hollywood was aware of Harvey Weinstein's abuse

No. 1426850

The guilty love to make noise about other predators to take the heat off themselves.

No. 1426967

File: 1669815989806.jpg (341.23 KB, 1080x1843, Screenshot_20221201-004551__01…)

Based as fuck article I can't wait until my communist dystopia starts to follow suit with the US.

>Yet Americans who were unvaccinated were fired, shamed, and ostracized because public health officials refused to acknowledge then what they acknowledge today: natural immunity protects humans. So why did it take a year for public health officials to acknowledge the “textbook science?”

>It’s not an exaggeration to say that billions of dollars were at stake over whether Covid vaccines were mandatory or voluntary, which might explain why Pfizer alone spent more than $10 million lobbying in 2021 and even more in 2020.
>To suggest that something as crude as financial incentives could have played a role (even a small one) in Covid policy might shock people, but it’s important to remember that forcing people to buy or use goods (ostensibly for their own benefit) is a tried and true tactic of crony capitalism.


No. 1427001

Different anon, also just finished the Manson/Tate paper. Very interesting, thank you!
This post reminded me that not too long ago I saw some moid on /x/ talking about how Jeffrey Dahmer was a hoax but that he wasn't going to exmplain it because of glowies and that we should do the research ourselves. He gave out supposed hints which were
>baptism and water motives
>number 7 supposedly, he actually said the size of a menorah but I assumed he was racebaiting
>a poster of one of the recent Dahmer documentaries
What do you think anons?

No. 1427034

Not a single word of that is an "admission" of anything, it's all common knowledge. The point of a vaccine is to give you the same immunity that you'd get from having the disease, without having to have the disease. The benefits of having a vaccine instead of the actual disease are: lower chance of hospitalization, almost zero chance of death or complication, less recuperation time needed to recover, and you don't spread the disease. It's the same reason we have a vaccine for the flu or chicken pox.
Can anyone explain why schizos are so stupid?

No. 1427045

Kek, normies will never see/acknowledge it but we are ran by a satanic ruling class, satanic panic was real, boomers were right in 80's, satanists want to kill and eat babies and children, they aren't pedos in the traditional sense it's the corruption of innocence that gives them their powers, majick is real but you have to do evil depraved acts to harness it. Satanists are everywhere and run everything, joos are just a scapegoat/cover.

No. 1427052

Except that the covid vaccine (as well as the flu one tbh) doesn't prevent serious illness and does not offer any significant immunity. I know people who got seriously sick with covid about two weeks after the latest booster. Calling that thing a vaccine is an insult to science, Pfizer dick sucker.

No. 1427059

The months and months of shaming was ridiculous. I hope some people sued for being fired and/or publicly shamed. I don't normally like to say "sue" for every little thing but these people lost livelihoods and reputations. I remember commenting on a social media post where people were foaming at the mouth over a local school principal who took a group photo with his kids and some of their friends… outside sledding. this was Feb. 2021. When I pointed out no one seemed upset by the tens of thousands of people at the Superbowl that very same month, people were bending over backwards to defend that event and whoever went. The scam was apparent from day 1.

No. 1427074

Nona you're so based.

No. 1427083

true! But you know what makes me angry? These people who call themselves satanist and are part of that one satanist chuch of fedoratipping retards and always want to explain to others that satanism isn't actually when we think it is and that it's about science and criticizing christianity and shit… When in actuality we know what satanism really is and it's not their hipster club. It's like a cheap way of distracting people from the actual problem.

No. 1427087

samefag i meant "what we think it is" not when

No. 1427113

File: 1669827605525.jpeg (128.66 KB, 634x876, 8CE6BCC8-58ED-4635-B19E-E448CF…)


No. 1427168

agreed, although i think the top satanists are juice. many of the occult orders like masonry etc. are based off of kabala.

No. 1427171

Speaking of the satanic panic of the 80s, whether or not the interviewed children were telling the truth about flying or whatever, McMartin daycare was fucked up. The FBI released the blueprints for the place buried inside the FOIA'd info on The Finders Cult. The tunnels underneath were real: they were dug with shovels, they had animal bones littered about them, and signs that they had been recently used. While there was a lot more, the thing that fucked me up the most about that place was that the fire alarms were active, but not connected to the local fire department, implying that they were used as an in-house warning system.

No. 1427184

the kid stuff is so tragic, i guarantee thousands of Ukrainian children have been snatched up for trafficking since the war started, because that's an easy way to get them, from destabilized areas.

No. 1427289

File: 1669836957297.webm (722.35 KB, 480x360, vaporized.webm)

What the fuck is this I'm scared

No. 1427297

Source, any more info? Easy to fake something this low quality.

No. 1427303

It's my deathray that I'm using to exterminate the male race. Delete this before the menfolk find out!

No. 1427336

No. 1427343

a fake video to stop people from talking about satanic pedos

No. 1427363

That's actually a good point. Awfully convenient timing for it to be posted. Like how often we'll be getting to the meat of whatever's being discussed and suddenly there's stray anons in here talking about how shocking it is that schizos are schizoposting in the designated schizo thread.

No. 1427391

do you live under a fucking rock lmao? i swear every vaxtard i knew got covid either for the first time or AGAIN after their special little shots. every day i wake up grateful as fuck that i never took that shit no matter how much pressure, shame and antagonism i received, considering how everyone who took it seems to be slowly falling apart. seeing more and more True Believers slowly admitting things like "i had my period nonstop for 6 months after the vax why do you think that is?" hmmm why DO you think that is?

the injured cannot sue. they get dismissed more often than not and receive no compensation. scroll thru any of the number of @jab_injuries_(insert country) pages on Instagram or pages like @realnotrare, behold the twitching and seizing and crippled and clotted vaccine injured, tell me every single one of them is straight up lying. take a shot every time one of them says "the doctors have no idea whats wrong with me and can't help/refuse to help." why the fuck cant the medical professionals help these people?? oh yeah because it's untested technology! maybe we should have thought abt that before injecting it.

No. 1427406

Men are more susceptible to demonic influence. Their souls and their minds are weaker wich make them prime targets. They are less complete/enlightened than women and they know it and try to enslave us because of their weakness. All Abrahamic religions have been distorted by the devil to create chaos in the human race

No. 1427522

It's a crazy Pfizer shill, don't even bother. I refuse to believe there are still people who genuinely believe this vaccine will protect them in any way after all that happened and is still happening.

No. 1427547

NTA but unfortunately these people do still exist. At this point I think they know it's a delusion, but for them it's a more comfortable existence to think everything was done with good intentions and we're all be ok in the end.

No. 1427572

File: 1669847319720.gif (7.15 MB, 498x498, cat-burrito.gif)

Nonners, I have a great question for you all:
What is the scariest conspiracy theory you've ever seen/read? I'm talking something that made you genuinely fearful, disturbed or made you a little bit scared to sleep later that night.
I want to hear your scary theories.

No. 1427582

That the other planets are god's fuck ups. That earth is where he got everything just right.

No. 1427613

Lol kitty

No. 1427620

Reading and watching tinfoils about the men in black. Nope, not the movies or 90’s tv show either.

No. 1427658

Everything surrounding the Finders cult. There were reports that there were obviously neglected, malnourished and dirty kids living in a van, they were heading to Mexico. The kids were used in ritual abuse and were investigated by the FBI but the CIA took over and the kids were put in CPS and then given back to their guardians, there is not a lot of information about it.

No. 1427660

File: 1669850082057.jpeg (597.19 KB, 1157x1154, 87F7F9E1-20D3-4F08-890D-B25A36…)

I almost admire how committed she is to protecting her image and bullshitting

No. 1427664

This is a creepy one for me too. Anything involving elusive entities about a lot of which isn't known. looking into the hollywood stuff (which honestly isn't that conspiratorial but if you mention it in any other thread they'll flip) makes me a little less scared, but the world is a hellscape

Anything about cults is incredibly harrowing, thinking about how many people died under them. aum shinrikyo stuck with me the most for no reason. There are worse cults but that's the one that clings onto me

No. 1427665

That when you die, your experience of time stands still and you spend an eternity dying, like entering a black hole

No. 1427666

I talked about this last thread, where people talked about how there was a random page in the files about Mc martin preschool and tunnels under the school That shit literally had me pause the video and take a deep breath. Scared the shit out of me.

No. 1427689

In my country, they’re giving old and vulnerable people the covid and flu shots at the same time, to be “more efficient”. I spoke to a woman whose husband’s heart couldn’t take both at once, and his aorta burst. He was in a coma for two weeks and the hospital had to amputate his leg to save him. I’ve had three shots but I still got covid. Everyone I know that had a booster after covid has reacted really badly to it, can’t help wondering if the vaccine messes up your natural immunity once you’ve got it.

No. 1427890

No. 1428217

File: 1669888986739.jpg (160.49 KB, 548x898, FinJZUGagA.jpg)

I don't even know what to say, I wanted to give the benefit of doubt and hope they would say it was “brilliant” in showing how evil and disgusting pedophiles are but no its mostly just a victim play about how poor pedos are mistreated in society, this isn't a tinfoil anymore, they actually want to normalize pedophilia

>Take a deep breath and try to ruminate calmly on the position playwright Bruce Norris takes in his scintillating new play, “Downstate”: that the punishments inflicted on some pedophiles are so harsh and unrelenting as to be inhumane.

>Are you still reading? It’s almost impossible to broad-brush the perspective at the heart of this impeccably acted drama without sounding as if one is advocating some extraordinary level of consideration for individuals who have committed unspeakable crimes. And yet Norris proposes a variation on this proposition at off-Broadway’s Playwrights Horizons: He is questioning what degree of compassion should society fairly hold out to those who have served their time for sexual abuse, assault or rape.
>“Downstate,” directed with exceptional astuteness by Pam MacKinnon, seizes on our reflexive response to these crimes and shifts our emotional focus to the perpetrators. Living together in a group home in downstate Illinois, their movements monitored electronically (and their windows broken by irate vandals), four men of diverse age and backgrounds eke out marginal existences in menial jobs and managed routines..
>as the predators who’ve completed their prison terms are depicted not as monsters but rather as complicated, troubled souls. Felix (Eddie Torres) is a taciturn loner, keeping to himself in a screened-off alcove. Gio (Glenn Davis) is a smarmy operator with a job at a local office supply superstore. Dee (K. Todd Freeman) is a clearheaded ex-stage performer who is fiercely protective of the oldest resident, wheelchair-bound Fred (Francis Guinan), a onetime piano teacher of serene disposition.
>There’s no sweeping under the threadbare rug in “Downstate” of the heinous offenses for which the men have been severely punished. We learn about what each of them has done, and we are in effect asked to judge for ourselves what magnitude of ongoing torment each deserves. It develops here as an agonizing moral question, one that our retributive correctional culture would rather not have to debate. And it is made even thornier by the drama’s most disagreeable character, a victim of Fred’s, now grown up and portrayed all too irritatingly well by Tim Hopper.
>Hopper’s Andy arrives at the home with his misguidedly encouraging wife Em (Sally Murphy) to confront Fred. The playwright cannot hide his scorn for Andy, who has made a successful life for himself as a Chicago finance guy and now seems intent on some kind of purging reunion with the man who molested him as a child on a piano bench. The meeting seems to be part of Andy’s therapy, which “Downstate” implies may be advisable but at this point also suggests that it is an indulgent marinating in self-pity.
>We are meant to note the chasm in Andy and Fred’s circumstances and the perhaps overlong gestation of Andy’s desire for that suspect experience, “closure.” Fred’s loss of mobility came about after he was set upon and beaten brutally in prison. Context is all, for as Andy stumbles through a recitation of his psychic pain and suffering, we have the physical evidence of the price that Fred has already paid. Norris’s juxtaposition in this regard feels cheap. There was a way, I think, to acknowledge the damage that’s been done to Andy without judgmentally minimizing it.
>Some theatergoers no doubt will resent that Norris chose to illuminate this delicate subject in a nuanced way that doesn’t jibe with their own undiluted revulsion. If you suspect you are one of these people, “Downstate” is not for you. For many others, it will be a stunning demonstration of the power of narrative art to tackle a taboo, to compel us to look at a controversial topic from novel perspectives. It’s been the job of drama to accomplish this since the days of Henrik Ibsen, who in plays such as “A Doll’s House” and “Ghosts” executed headlong dives into issues that splintered the foundations of conventional wisdom.
>Ibsen gave us, for instance, the now-classic tale of a 19th-century housewife, suffocating under the alienating control of a domineering husband, and another about a Norwegian household thrown into turmoil by venereal disease. The topics made the playwright both an admired and notorious figure. It’s harder these days to shock an audience into an exploration of an issue with that same degree of flammability. But Norris achieves it on this occasion.
>“Downstate” is proof positive that you can love a play that turns you inside out.


No. 1428233

we definitely have a troon farmhand but I can't prove it
I can smell it

No. 1428242

Something is different. I've seen some long time LC posters getting permabans for weird reasons or no reason at all. Also after the last down time browsing LC causes usage spikes on my CPU when although old my CPU was perfectly fine before.

No. 1428245

I got a ban and called a newfag by a mod, they seemed like irrational as fuck and denied my appeal even though I asked on meta and checked for an existing thread. I'm a regular on the MTF threads and it feels super fucky
something is retarded more than usual up in here, I swear 4chan has more reasonable bans
guess they infiltrated another/one of the last remaining women's spaces.

No. 1428267

there is absolutely a tranny janny here. I got a 4 hour ban months ago for confessing that I hit my cheating rapist ex bf…and I posted it in the confessions thread kek. Got banned for "unhinged blogposting" and of course nonnas were pissed. If said janny isn't a tranny then she is just nuts and on a power trip.

No. 1428275

File: 1669893222880.png (6.58 KB, 576x107, 05540.png)

Saw this redtext post >>>/ot/1427371 where what I assume is the tranny janny, ignores the unofficial rules and puts a Kaomoji on the post which is obviously meant in an joking matter and I'm just speechless at how unprofessional behaviour Lolcow moderation staff should be an example and at least have some lines that shouldn't be crossed. Like why are you shitposting when you could moderate threads and rule breaking, I was on lolcow shortly after this happen and browsed a couple of boards and immediately saw a couple of things that would warrant a ban, I know that there won't always be a redtext it is just that there are so many of newfags that desperately needs to be reprimanded and suffer through glorious hellweek and instead tranny janny does this…
Glad to see that others are also experiencing this, as an "oldfag" I a made post in a correct thread and everything, got banned but other farmers who had been discussing the same topic else where did not.

No. 1428284

Yeah things are changing here, I can feel it. I've always been open about being born and raised Jewish and how critical I am of the religion yet the last time I spoke out against it I got banned for racebaiting. Even other anons in the thread noted it was odd. I've also noticed that infighting and off-topic blogposting is barely punished now. Mods are clearly online a lot to ban people for weird stuff like >>1428267 but won't reinforce basic rules. It's almost like they want this place to tank.

No. 1428290

Same. There are obvious males posting but they don't get banned and sometimes cp and spam threads stay up for hours. And I don't like that pink pill aligned threads get banned so fast, this is a female board ffs.

No. 1428294

yep. it's either moids or worse, troons aka moids larping as women. can't decide which is worse.
also them fucking ignoring us in /meta/ speaks volumes. you have one job farmhands.

No. 1428301

Snail, the CC admin has gone missing according to their /meta/ board. Weird moderation that makes no sense on LC and missing moderation on CC. Maybe LC and CC are getting 4chan'd and having their mods replaced by three letter agencies.

No. 1428304

I've seen a lot of male syntax lately and… nothing happens. You can spot them because they're usually openly bigoted and say meme shit like "never gonna make it". They try posting in the lesbian thread on /g/ from time to time which is laughable when they think saying shit like "I miss my gf slutting me out" is gonna fly under anyone's radar, kek.

Social media is one big CCTV network so it makes sense to me that feds would want to weed out those of us who avoid social media and hang out on message boards and forums. If anyone protests they can just say "but this false flag "shooter" posted on 4chan!" and sheeple will be fine with it.

No. 1428310


that's me!! I'm compiling what I can, it might take me a bit. I didn't bother at the time but now I gotta retrace my steps and I'm finding more and more the more I look. once you see it it's all so obvious.
I might rock up with the info looking like the threadpic though but I'll try and come through! I'll make a google doc or some shit soon.

No. 1428312

That's awesome, anon. Don't worry about it, take your time. I know it'll be worth reading once you're done.

No. 1428338

That…might actually explain things

No. 1428344

File: 1669898817307.jpeg (14.38 KB, 275x231, 1649633408307.jpeg)

ty sweet nona, I was legit laying low 'cause I didn't expect so much interest and I'm paranoid enough to think it was glowy but if it is they already have my info so let's fucking do it, come for me three letter fucks I'm immune to MK Ultra my brain is too smooth

No. 1428359

On one hand, one could see how media manipulates certain situations and has gotten better at doing so. On the other, there’s another rabbit hole about celebrities escorting to the highest bidder whether they’re under mind control or not.

No. 1428365

I know how you feel, this thread has made me mad paranoid before. I think the interest is genuine though due to Pete being pushed so hard, banging half of Hollywood and his dad dying in 9/11 - which is like a conspiracy within a conspiracy. Take care, nona. Remember to take breaks and chill out if you're schizoing too close to the sun.

No. 1428427

Off the top of my head: SIDS is just a cover up for mothers killing their children. I know it's parroted by misogynists and probably untrue, but it still spooked me.

No. 1428489

and "S.A.D.S" is a cover up for the covid vaccine causing heart and blood clotting problems in healthy young people (long story short) but god forbid the truth be told
(sads is SUDDENT ADULT DEATH SYNDROME since the vaccine but yeah totally cool chill neat keen and groovy it's all fine they would NEVER cull us to keep the population under a certain amount and the georgia guidestones have NOTHING to do with it and the balenciaga/kim k shit is not a humiliation ritual at all keep looking down not up there is no truth in plain sight whatsoever)

No. 1428548

I totally believe it. I got the vax because, if not, I'd have to take off without pay, and had side effects from it for months. Fucking ruined my year. My aunt got it and suddenly developed cancer within a year after getting hers. A family friend works at the local hospital and knows a handful of people who've died of "SADS".

No. 1428639

File: 1669913779977.jpeg (873.67 KB, 828x755, E182719D-A112-45E2-8537-5FAE1A…)

re; comics, tinfoil about bob saget

wasn't it known he was a creep and likely cheating on his wife with a sex worker when he died

No. 1428644

i hate how people pushed this vaccine so fucking hard and then acted like you were some sort of nazi alt-right antivaxx demon if you even had any sort of concerns about it. as soon as i read that vaccines were affecting womens periods that was it for me - if it's affecting our periods then you know it's gonna affect other shit and there won't be much research especially if its a female issue.

No. 1428699

it doesn't surprise me that people went nuts over it because "antivaxx" was one of those pet issues that reddit had for years and leading up to the coof there were always stories about a kid getting polio or something because the mom didn't vaxx, it's like everyone was deliberately primed for it. i just find it scary that all those same people talk about trusting the science, but no one was allowed to bring up concerns because it was dangerous misinformation that would kill people. i even remember when people used to be against big pharma but they thought it was good to allow the government and massive corporations to threaten people for asking questions. recently there was an article about there being more vaccinated people who died than unvaccinated, and i went to reddit to see if anyone was admitting that they were wrong and none of the major news subs, or even the subreddit designated for coof stuff posted anything about it or acknowledged it.

No. 1428796

File: 1669920453510.webm (2.15 MB, 320x568, ZIPJZB8jED3d2vuU.webm)

Julia fox made a video about the balenciaga, did a case of whataboutism and blatantly lied while doing it. now i don’t have an issue of people want to bring up the abuses in the Church because i whole heartedly believe they need to be talked about and abusers be held accountable, however i think it was inappropriate here and weird that she wanted to divert attention elsewhere.

No. 1428797

File: 1669920485932.webm (1.5 MB, 320x568, 5z8DSB9eJfH67K--.webm)

she made another tik tok insulting people who say “hollyweird” she’s like “oh it’s just a men problem not just Hollywood.” Like no shit Sherlock, we know, the fact she's unwilling to acknowledge the actual abuse of children going on in her industry and doing just whataboutism really does confirm that she's either a moron or knows about the use and is keeping silent about it

No. 1428861

Of course she dislikes the term "Hollyweird", she's programmed to dislike it. It's no coincidence she dated Kanye briefly, one of the most obvious MK victims (not defending his actions) in recent years.

No. 1428863

i can't believe retards like you are still parotting this bullshit
i had so many people arguing with me and angry at me for not getting the vaccine and then months later they end up admitting they regret it. My whole family + majority of extended family are unvaccinated and none of us have been sick like the vaxxed. My mom used to get her flu shot every year but something about the extreme push with the coivd vax made her question things.

No. 1428892

for me it would be the one that is alternative astronomy and history and religion combined, where they say saturn used to be our sun but the planets moved etc with huge bolts of energy discharge or something like that (and that would explain saturn worship) just the idea that planets could have been in such a vastly different arrangement and the conditions on earth could change suddenly like that and kill the majority etc. When saturn was supposed to be the golden age i think? And then some continue on to say that TPTB are trying to bring back that age or something like that. I think this theory is the electric universe theory + interpreting mythology as history if i remember right. It's fun and scary to think about. Sorry I am explaining it really badly since it's been so long since i read about it.

On the topic of alternative astronomy tho, I also came across the tychos system, like the flat earthers they claim NASA is nothing but lies but they don't believe the earth is flat, but that the astronomer tycho and not galileo had the right idea.

I find the electric universe and static rather expanding universe theories compelling tho, oh expanding earth seems cool too. Not conspiracies i guess … well the scientific field could be full of intentional lies too but my knowledge of these isn't good enough to figure it out.

No. 1428906

The old joke that NASA stood for "Never A Straight Answer" comes to mind when I think about stuff like this. I don't subscribe to any one theory on space as quite frankly I'm far too dumb for this shit. But I do think NASA lie a lot, when has a government agency ever been straight with the public? There's definitely things we've never be told and probably things we'll never even contemplate about the universe.

No. 1428927

Did Shiloh really kill her baby?

No. 1429268

shit tinfoil, but in the US, I get the strange, stinking sense that conservatives have banked so much off the vote of men who hate women that they've become incapable of passing sensible legislation about childbirth, children, and mothers–so, inevitable, almost everything they'll be able to pass is about control. Nevermind that there's been crises in other countries - Soviet Russia comes to mind - as a result of massive amounts of unwanted children being born.

No. 1429272

Questions for Julia..
How you know for sure that no children were harmed during those photoshoots?
How are millions of children harmed
by the Church every day?
And pretty sure that people have been cancelling said Church for a while now.

No. 1429285

File: 1669945532582.jpg (43.07 KB, 720x828, satan summoning his legion.jpg)

I’m the anon who found Sylvia Plath faked her death from reading Miles Mathis. I want to keep banging the drum to get anons to go and read him so they can figure out what’s really going on.

Mathis covers Jim Carey’s genealogy at the end of his paper on the Unabomber. For anons wondering why Carey keeps appearing in major productions every few years despite them flopping and despite him being/having become an unfunny ghoul, it’s because he was born mega rich and connected to begin with and lies about being from a more humble background than he actually is.

Look at that coffin Carey’s carrying in the photo upthread. It looks cheap, not the kind of thing a multi-millionaire would buy for someone he loved. I’d suggest it’s empty, and the funeral fake, and the lawsuit and the tales of his abusing her and her suicide a contribution to what Mathis refers to variously as the men-are-pigs project, the women-are-pigs project, and the split-the-sexes project, examples of which are serial killers, “true” crime, pornography, and transgenderism. White, who was still married to a scientologist (spook project, L. Ron was naval intelligence) named Mark Burton (peerage name) when she allegedly died, is taking an opportunity to fake her death and go pursue another intelligence project. They’re doing a bit for the sexual politics division of Operation Chaos.

Mathis refers to Hollywood as CIA theatrical division west, and ‘the news’ as CIA theatrical division east, saying that when you’re from the ruling families and can act (or are at least beautiful) you go to the former, and when you can’t act you go to the latter (think of Kyle Rittenhouse’s tears or Patsy Ramsey’s grief). It’s not really a big deal to switch between the two — the obvious recent big example is the Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard trial. Why are two multi-millionaires airing the most sordid details of their lives on television in Fairfax, Virginia, two feet from the literal CIA? They’re not. It’s a scripted drama performed for propaganda purposes. And why are you hearing so much about the death by suicide of a supposed nobody makeup artist from rural Ireland? Wouldn’t someone with the power and the means to keep this all out of the press do so (a question you should ask whenever you’re told about the rich and famous acting badly)? Why is White’s “funeral” attended by a former Irish minister? Jim Carey, star of ‘The Truman Show’, is performing in the real Truman Show.

White’s father is referred to as a ‘serviceman’ and a ‘digger’ and her mother a homemaker but the photos of her sister’s wedding in some of the stories on her death don’t look like the wedding of someone from a single-earner gravedigger’s family. There’s also some coy stuff from White’s family about taking comfort in the fact that she and her allegedly deceased father are together again — meaning he probably faked his death too. Articles about her death include a drop-in from LA assistant coroner Ed Winter, who I believe to be the present-day Thomas Noguci, coroner for Sharon Tate and many of the 20th century’s biggest fake deaths.

As for the ‘Satanism’ angle, Mathis argues that belief in the occult has been maintained long-term by the elites as a smokescreen for the activities of intelligence networks and agents. I’d suggest interested nonas read his papers on the Salem witch trials, Kabbalah and the occult, H. P. Lovecraft, Eustace Mullins, Jack Parsons, J.K. Rowling, and Robert Anton Wilson, but it’s a theme throughout his writing. Whenever you’re being asked to consider the occult as a cause of XYZ, you should should replace ‘occult’ with ‘intelligence’ (this is also what’s going on with ‘esoteric nazi’ nonsense). Given what the ruling class has tricked people into believing with their victims’ money, they don’t need to rape children in the name of Satan to feel powerful.

This is what Jacob Rothschild and Marina Abramovic smiling in front of ‘Satan Summoning His Legions’ is about, not the literal devil but the ability of intelligence networks that represent the interests of the owning classes to go out and trick people out of acting in their basic self-interest, even their most basic survival instincts, to control what they see and hear and read and perceive and believe, and thereby steer the outcome of any conflict in their favor. Although, given the nature of male sexuality, I don’t doubt that many ruling class males rape children anyway. There’s certainly no shortage of agents advocating for their ‘freedom’ to buy and sell sexual access to women’s and children’s bodies. But with the Balenciaga campaign and the Epstein case, pedophilia is being positioned as the elite’s real hidden crime because they know it will cloud out the rest of your critical thinking about their true crimes (faking history and the news and preparing the strippping-the-peasants-for-parts-based economy in their quest for immortality and so many other things).

No. 1429288

it’s so scary, but as a mom, it is unbelievably stressful to take care of a baby. In the hospital right after you give birth they show you a video where they explain that you have to put the baby down if you’re overwhelmed and they keep crying and they’re inconsolable and go to another room and collect yourself. You get murderous thoughts when you hear a long lasting scream. ie: thinking “I can’t listen to this anymore! I’m gonna put a pillow over this kid!” Or “I wanna throw him!” It’s probably taboo to talk about but you are also hormonal too so the stress on top of everything else can push you over the edge, so much that the hospital warns you about it. So glad my kid isn’t a baby anymore. I don’t miss those days that much, I like talking to him. I also think I’m a one and done type of gal cause babies are cute and all but just such a hassle! Whew.

No. 1429303

Yeah… the "don't shake your baby" video scarred me. Plus there was a massive "don't shake your baby" poster hanging above my daughter's bassinet. I made my Nigel take it down as it freaked me the fuck out. As often as my daughter cried, I got tired but never felt the urge to be violent or break down. She was a "good" baby, though. Colic babies… I can't imagine. My biggest issue was feeling inadequate and terrified as the hormones left my system. I had SEVERE postpartum anxiety for about three weeks. Insane, terrible dreams about my baby being taken by invisible forces. Even dreamt that I had murdered my Nigel but wasn't in control of myself while the act was being committed. That was scary. Not one single doctor prepared me for any of that.

No. 1429331

glowing brighter than the sun

No. 1429358

The author looks like a crazy eyed pedophile himself.

No. 1429373

File: 1669950940233.png (16.23 KB, 588x173, hmmmm.PNG)

I mean the obvious answer is that he means he was jacking off and ruined his family, as in his marriage, but the way he's melting the fuck down gives me a real bad feeling the less obvious answer is that he was molested as a kid and that ruined family, as in him and his mom, and that's also why he's losing his fucking mind now

No. 1429449

I 100% belive he must've done something to the Olsen twins as well and those "jokes" sexualizing them were probably an open secret, look how they ended up as they got older. Plus they refused to show up for the Full house sequel.

No. 1429460

the olsen twins are doing pretty great though, they never had a huge scandal and literally have more money than ever because their fashion line (the row) is hugely popular. i literally see no reason why they would want to do a full house reboot with or without saget, when they had money already. they also attended his funeral iirc, i like them for actually walking away from acting

No. 1429516

>they never had a huge scandal
nta but i remember one or both of them got some negative publicity in the mid to late 2000s for being anorexic or bulimic and people made fun of them for it. i doubt bob saget did anything to them like the other anon insinuated though.

No. 1429577

File: 1669966634982.jpeg (129.48 KB, 426x597, 7D1F6DFE-1497-4229-B991-46E38B…)

side note I don't think I've seen him have any open connections to some of these comics but I wonder if carrey has anything to do with the boys club regardless. considering he went back to the comedy store for sagets death special (which I can't seem to find on illegal streaming, can somebody help me find it outside of netflix)

I do hear about him and revenge porn though

No. 1429646

IIRC he mentioned his dad leaving magazines like Playboy out in the open when he was like 8 (I think? it was definitely under 10) and I immediately thought that sounds like something a groomer would do to initiate a conversation with a child about sex.

No. 1429648

Samefagging to say this could explain why he was so drawn to Kim initially. She was very publicly exploited by her own mother, on national tv no less. That could've made him feel a strong bond with her due to his own suffering. That being said I am giving him a whole lotta good faith here and he could've just wanted her because of the porn she was in as he's bound to have viewed it prior to getting with her.

No. 1429708

the balenciaga shit is a scapegoat. kanye as a nazi is sacrifice/humiliation ritual.
they made it obvious enough normies would gel on and feel smart like they figured it all out when it's a million miles deeper than they can imagine. they're at the very tip of the iceberg and feeling smug, which is what the elites want.

No. 1429822

More than one. Trannyhands was/is one, but he got too cooky.

No. 1429824

Celebricows is literally /sty/ 2.0. Literal robots roaming free on /g/.

No. 1429827

Lol blaine was never a mod here

No. 1429828

>SIDS is just a cover up for mothers killing their children.
I think so too. Also post-partum depression isn't real, it's just pure regret and anguish.

No. 1429829

The internet is poisoned by bots and AI and I don’t trust having conversations with people online anymore other than irl and talking online to people I know irl

No. 1429832

>this isn't an issue with Hollywood, it's an issue with men
She's right though. Moids who are into conspiracies love talking about how Hollywood is full of pedos, but if they had the same amount of power and access to young teens they'd be right there on Lolita Express.

No. 1429877

>Also post-partum depression isn't real
holy shit i'm glad someone has the same view as me on this. i think ppd can be real because hormones do fuck you up but i'm willing to be a lot of women who "have ppd" are actually just realising the reality of having a child and how difficult it is especially if their scrote isn't pulling his weight in the home or doing the bare minimum looking after his child - which happens way more than we're willing to admit. the massive realisation that this isn't what you wanted/expected and the resentment of your pregnancy child isn't as socially acceptable as just blaming it on some obscure hormonal fluctuation.

No. 1429933

File: 1669999278671.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 102.7 KB, 750x1295, 7BDCD7D0-69F3-4961-A03F-8D8283…)

CEO(Francois Pinault) of Ba(a)lenciaga´s parent company also oens an art auction site(Christie) that sells child sculptures where they have genitals and anuses instead of noses and mouths and other deparved shit. Spoiler because NSFL.

No. 1429934

File: 1669999316808.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 153.8 KB, 750x1294, 7F8C70C8-7272-4C5B-9260-104252…)

No. 1429936

File: 1669999358675.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 83.93 KB, 750x1290, 58DF94A5-475A-4E15-8E3E-CE63C6…)


These people are sick and deprived.

No. 1429941

I’ve seen them too!! Although there were two of them, they moved very “unnaturally”, luke a fly or something. They hung around for an hour or so then just flew away.

No. 1429944

Probably just a glitch? Not everything is a conspiracy

No. 1429946

Theyre just trying to save face. As anons shared above this was not a one off.

No. 1429949

that’s literally run of the mill type of stuff for young women in entertainment. i’m talking about full on britney style meltdown or drug arrests (the drug use for them is just speculation). i’m glad they’re rich girlbosses chilling with their fashion empire rn instead of living off full house residuals

No. 1429950

Lord give me the strength not to a-log. I feel so physically ill and depressed whenever I see shit like this because it reminds me of what a cruel world we live in. If society collapses and it seems feasible that I can get away with murder then I'm going nonce hunting and "artists" like this are on the list.

No. 1429972

File: 1670001043810.jpeg (385.78 KB, 750x1241, 26CBD097-0B09-4A7B-8553-E38991…)

You might find this verse from the bible enlightening, Jesus called them out.
John 8:44-45
King James Version

No. 1429989

File: 1670001595040.jpeg (354.55 KB, 750x1002, 37554CDF-3E30-4E20-A014-E8F76B…)

And also here

No. 1430000

I love how talking about how corrupt hollywood is gives you a TINFOILER label when a little researching shows that the hierarchy involving lawyers and hired goons is very real, but alas. i'm just in this thread knowing it'll get me shit elsewhere

well I'll be damned! it's almost as if it takes uncomfortable underlying problems and confronting them to incite change! and guess what, metoo hasn't done enough sans jailing one uggo producer and one washed up comedian jailed and acquitted on a technicality!

>b-but no we can't discuss the actual intricacies of hollywood

>or any interesting theories
>I have to talk about how ugly and fat said female celebrity is!!

anyway I hope marty singer gets into a fiery auto wreck on the 405

kek does that mean he's going to die soon

I'm not sure whether saget actually touched them or not but they definitely went through some kind of childhood stardom trauma.

as for saggy himself the nature of his death was insanely bizarre. he was definitely with a sex worker or something

I'm sure his degenerate friends knew what he was doing and will never speak on it. Would be funny if one of the comics caved. The whole bore of it all is waiting for one fed up person to talk to topple some dominos!(redditspacing)

No. 1430006

I hate all of this shit equally, it's all equally repulsive, but something about this picture in particular really upsets me and made me feel physically sick. I hate these repulsive nonces so much and I hate people who are saying this shit is just all a coincidence somehow, fuck off

No. 1430041

Its not a coincidence at all nonnie, they are almost full mask off now but the masses are asleep.
Vid related, Disney show joking about loving Satan on Disney+

No. 1430046

Kill all men, kill every single scrote on this planet.

No. 1430067

What a fucking cop out, as if Ghislaine wasnt Epsteins pimp? All of these freaks are pedos, mostly the men but not just the men. Here is a video of Demi Moore making out with a little boy.

No. 1430071

explain this?

No. 1430095

The worst part is that jannies promote that shit. Literal std-ridded faggots talking how much they hate women without trying to hide their male syntax AT ALL and posting their ugly, unfunny memes in out noses and if you call them out you risk a ban. I wouldn't be surprised if the faggots who post there are discord pals with the tranny jannies

No. 1430106

kek I'm not sure I believe this peak schizoposting as there seems to be plenty of evidence that carrey didn't grow up rich including anecdotes from people who knew him as an asshole in school. I could buy him being into some freaky shit but this is excessive. well I guess this is the tinfoil

if carrey is indeed some kind of satanic panic warlock, then I by all means should be dead by now for badmouthing him the way I do. so why am I still alive girlies?? why am I still kicking??

No. 1430107

>I wouldn't be surprised if the faggots who post there are discord pals with the tranny jannies
I'd bet on there being at least a group for the celebricow fags. It's so weird because discussing celeb gossip happens all over social media, they're not doing anything interesting like calling out predators like we do in here. Just regular "omg X is banging Y after breaking up with Z!" shit. Why here? What is it with gay men and invading female spaces? They have this "one of the girls" mentality and it's gross.

No. 1430120

I don't know how many anonymous gossip sites like LC there is tbh. And LC was not a female exclusive site from the start, the original admin was a male. They might be just people remaining from that time. The camwhore threads are 100% infested with males too.

No. 1430128

Also to add to this - there is actually no rule on LC that tells men not to use the site. The rule is:
>Any posters with a phallus, do not come here for validation or to announce yourselves.
So they just can't announce themselves

No. 1430138

It’s hilarious that the rule was made because Males cannot help being male and CONSTANTLY pointing that out in their posts- males are so obnoxious that they had to implement that kek

No. 1430149

Because you are a nobody on an imageboard? As if elites havent had whistleblowers killed? What even is your point?

No. 1430157

depends on how much a whistleblowie knows I assume

No. 1430159

i remember rewatching bruce almighty on dvd a couple of years ago and while i was watching the bloopers i got this feeling that all the cast and crew had to clap and laugh while jim did his "thing" and be like "wow jim you still got it hahaha, you go jim!". it made me hate jim carrey even more, and i figured he is a giant prick and everyone has to kiss his ass or he will throw a fit. now i am wondering if they were all like that because they know he has some behind the scenes power and are terrified of him. he was a complete weirdo on norm macdonald live as well

No. 1430161

I wouldn't bother, you're not gonna convince someone who comes into the tinfoil thread to purposefully nitpick things. They all use the same "bUt WhY aREn'T wE kIllEd?!" line like it's some sort of finishing move and not a simple case of us being on an obscure thread on an obscure imageboard with zero tangible proof. Even if we did have proof, TPTB have now attached so much stigma to the term "conspiracy theorist" that we'd be instantly ignored and written off as schizos. The did it constantly with covid and the vaxx. Anyone asking ANYTHING was immediately labelled crazy and shunned. Herd mentality is incredibly powerful.

No. 1430178

He threatened to kick a puppy on norm that was in the studio and went on some nonsense tangents about numerology, sexuality, and jesus? The "there is no meeee" thing reminds me of heavy depersonalization. the sense of worthlessness when he's not attached to a role. he's like a human black hole

also mocked his own std accusations by asking a crew member to drink from his coffee cup. ick

No. 1430189

The more I learn about this man the more I want him to die of syphilis.

No. 1430216

explain a student found footage student short horror film?

No. 1430227

Its a real video, CERN has owned it but said it was a “joke”. https://www.theguardian.com/science/video/2016/aug/18/mock-human-sacrifice-at-cern-video

No. 1430234

File: 1670012115053.jpeg (22.49 KB, 275x264, cia wardrobe closet staples fo…)

every woman in this photo is an intelligence agent and the stories they're involved in fake/manufactured.

No. 1430239


No. 1430247


lol, then it's certainly an extra sick joke from the sickest jokers around.

No. 1430250

The Bella Janke thing did have me scratching my head given who her parents are, but she's also very convincingly insane. What would she achieve by pointing out that known sick fuck Chris Chan is indeed a sick fuck?

No. 1430251

Right up there with you. Through the power of feminine anger maybe that can be arranged!

No. 1430256

File: 1670012833792.jpeg (92.13 KB, 630x638, 1BE75346-F194-4D55-9716-EED1C5…)

Not to mentiin the giant Shiva(god of destruction) sculpture at CERN . Its all just a joke silly anons!

No. 1430262

Ok so first we need to find a nona who can knit so she can make us Jim Carrey voodoo dolls. I say dolls plural because we need to find multiple anons to send them to so we can stab him in the dick in shifts so he's in constant pain. It has to be a very coordinated operation with anons in different timezones to pull this off.

Yeah that shit does give me pause. According to google there's only 50,000 Hindus in Switzerland so uhhh… what's up with that?

No. 1430269

File: 1670013441073.jpeg (332.55 KB, 1069x1357, DAD9FAB7-4AF3-4D20-BCFF-D8394F…)

No. 1430273

>it's just a metaphor for cosmic voodo science stuff guys! honestly!

No. 1430275

ok thats scary af

No. 1430282

haven't done a deep dive into all of them, but they're collected in that image for a reason. but:

riley june williams – http://mileswmathis.com/jan6.pdf
lindsay souvannarath – charged on valentine's day with a gamble as in proctor& and has comical boilerplate alt-right social media presence
brenda spencer – a spencer-churchill, dukes of marlborough
anna devlvey - an op to trick you into thinking the elites are easily fooled while actually they are fooling you about everything
isabella janke – parents are known spooks, she's just gone into the family business. chrischan is actually performance art/chaos op from, the bit about his mom being a descendant of anne boelyn and francis weston i think is true and i'd guess she was more than a secretary of whatever it's claimed at old dominion energy. dad's "military communcations". the jankes are probably connected to one of the forgotten fake patricide cases of the 80s, the case of richard and deborah jahnke.
andrea yates – all the major women-killing-their-children stories are faked, anons are right that post-partum depression is partially a meme. see this ted talk about diane downs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_6vDLq64gE
this is actually a spook repurposing this peerage actress' bad acting as a sign of psychopathy, having fun telling you how to detect a lie when actually she's selling an actually really bad one and is a psychopath herself as are all these people, though not for the reasons claimed. makes it easier for them to sell more bad peerage acting.

No. 1430286

Shiva is literally the god of destruction(not only that but destructiin none the less), the dance her depicted performing on the statue is the dance of destruction.

“of Shiva's dance are the Lasya (the gentle form of dance), associated with the creation of the world, and the Ananda Tandava (dance of bliss, the vigorous form of dance), associated with the destruction of weary worldviews—weary perspectives and lifestyles. In essence, the Lasya and the Tandava are just two aspects of Shiva’s nature; for he destroys in order to create, tearing down to build again.”



No. 1430287

they're both acting, chris didn't rape his mom, isn't "trans" and isn't in jail. it's an elaborate bit.

No. 1430288

how do you account for Elizabeth Sigmund already having an established life with a husband and kids before Sylvia became her? do you think she murdered the real Elizabeth and none of her family could tell the difference?

No. 1430294

where's this evidence of an established life? all i found was a backstory delivered when she was in her old age.

No. 1430295

i'm not accusing plath/sigmund of lacking creativity.

No. 1430299

File: 1670014524609.jpeg (15.51 KB, 194x259, AAE2B014-F2EA-4C3B-B863-B7DD9D…)

Made me think of this. The Beast 666 as he referred to himself loved Yoga and hinduism, weird.

No. 1430311

And this freaky shit then?

No. 1430321

Dumb question perhaps but what do you guys think about schizophrenia? Like is it legit? I ask because I'm diagnosed with it but a big part of the diagnosis process was basically being quizzed on the "conspiracies" I believe in, and when I stated that anti-psychotics, SSRIs and the like fuck you up worse than what you take them for I noticed the shrink make a LOT of notes about that. I do hear auditory hallucinations that I think are people communicating with me (telling me I'm a bad person, to harm myself, kill myself, I'm being gang stalked, etc) but the low frequency sine wave conspiracy rabbit hole might indicate that a lot of people get targeted with this technology and it's even in music and other media. I have straight up seen shit that ain't there like a goat man opening up a black hole in my living room but the fact that so much of diagnosis relies on me not believing in mainstream lies irks me. Also the treatment is just them drugging you so you're such a zombie you can't string together a coherent sentence, let alone have vivid thoughts or hallucinations.

No. 1430334

File: 1670015675706.jpeg (303.77 KB, 828x953, F3D6A5FE-9C77-4A6E-9515-208C2C…)

A bunch of crypto billionaires & millionaires have been found dead, one made a tweet (picr) and a day later he was found dead, drowned.

No. 1430337

File: 1670015731005.jpeg (577.99 KB, 828x1207, 50605C28-1828-4922-94BD-6E90A8…)

No. 1430341

File: 1670015817448.jpeg (658.29 KB, 828x1438, E029EBAF-3515-4670-96F4-98A940…)

No. 1430349

No. 1430360

No. 1430363

Just Cern joking around as usual. Theres also this guy joking about them summoning demons, hilarious.

No. 1430370

There is a kid I know who I believe was never really cuddled with as a baby, he’s a little shit sociopath who bullies other little kids and animals. His mom doesn’t even like being around him. Would rather have a psychotic mom shake a baby than have it turn into that.

No. 1430372

Skip to around 7 minutes if you have shit attention span, or speed it up

No. 1430375

Cringe, Christianity is a sham, women did not come from a man’s ribs. Women are the ones who give life out of their uteruses.

No. 1430381

I always thought she was based and cougarpilled.. damb(bait)

No. 1430386

I feel like there's part of me that's secretly clairvoyant but I can't nurture the energy under my mental health atm. its a plague of mosquitoes swarming at random. weird things have happened to that man the last nine months, all I can say, his asinine will smith comments cost him his "career"… unless it's all just another setup. he looks like a dead man walking so I figure he probably won't live more than the next ten years combining his substance abuse and diseases

jury's out in my mind on whether anything I feel like I've predicted is a coincidence or not. that is what scares me.

I have trauma, psychosis and a tendency to dissociate, but it doesn't always activate my paranoia. an action has to trigger the uneasy feeling. remember, early female psychiatry relied on hysterics and was grounded in sexist assumptions about women. the human mind is curious. if anything a traumatized woman is likelier to sniff smoke where there's fire

while I don't buy into everything posted itt it's not irrational to assume hollywood or government agencies have coverups. absolute power corrupts and men in power thrive on their extortion of women and children. they prey on what they consider the weaker.

No. 1430394

I also have trauma, I'm diagnosed with PTSD. I think you're right that it does put us in a position where we're more likely to pick up on things. My whole life I've trusted my gut reaction to people, if my gut tells me something's off with them then I avoid them and the amount of times I was proven right is kinda freaky. Like, I'm also autistic so I should be very bad at reading people but there's just something in me - something probably stemming from that trauma - where I can read most people like an open book. Men especially; but working out that most men are shit is hardly a gift. It's just statistically very likely to be true kek.

No. 1430403

What is that I’m not watching that for an hour

No. 1430407

Anon upthread is correct that aliens are a CIA hoax. This guy trying to sell us on beings that are like "lovecraftian great old ones" who "see us as we see an ant" is just describing the way the psychos who rule the planet see everyone else. The definitely have a drawing board plan and the hubris for some kind of fake alien invasion and this guy is partially just trying to soften people up for it. Also trying to scare you with AI making you irrelevant which is also at bottom hot air. Do you really think Sam Harris and this fat canadian nerd know the future?

More on H.P. Lovecraft as an authority on anything: http://mileswmathis.com/lc.pdf(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1430409

Opening ceremony for the Gotthard tunnel where Cerns 27 km circumference Large Hadron Collider is located. Its some demonic shit.

No. 1430441

> Ba(a)lenciaga
We’re not in lipstick alley, learn2spell

No. 1430459

File: 1670024048716.jpeg (28.39 KB, 248x203, 4BCE7269-4963-474C-8F4B-7B20C9…)

That rabbit hole is hella deep but these people use Satan and other demonic beings for their own purposes, it’s not a psyop imo. Who knows what really goes down in those trillionaires’ eyes wide shut parties

No. 1430470

You fucking retard. Get off this thread unless you have something useful to say. It was a play on how they had Baal tape in the bondage teddy bear campaign.(infighting)

No. 1430473

Samefag, honestly just don’t post again, please. >newfag I bet ayrt has been here longer than you and contributed way more. If you don’t what you’re talking about don’t speak.

No. 1430479

I could buy Bella Janke since her dad’s a glowie, maybe the chick who stole Nancy Pelosi’s laptop and maaaybe the chick who hated mondays but Andrea Yates?? All that bitch did was drown her kids in the tub because muh postpartum depression and not wanting to be her husband’s gestation vessel, that’s not very glowie.

No. 1430489

by the way nona if you're the meme upthread I also experience hallucinations on and off. when I was medicated I discarded my ssris. they are clinically shown to help few patients. mood stabilizers and a non invasive anti anxiety were a vast improvement, but then I lost my insurance. ssris poisoned me from a young age but I was lucky to chuck them for a few before I lost my marbles!

in early march I hit rock bottom. during a psychotic self mutilation fit I conjured an audiovisual hallucination of jim carrey. by that point I had inflicted an awful lot of damage. he tried to berate me to death. nobody would have found my corpse for days had I caved to the illusion's demands. every crevice of his face and his body projected like an otherworldly evil. It took all the power I had not to choose death and I had to yell to drown out his sneering until my throat was hoarse. it was so real. it was awful beyond reproach or repair

I kept running into coincidences surrounding him until the oscars incident. so it was pure catharsis to see his downfall, but it will never sit right. I look back with mental clarity, a disfigured body and mind, and it does not sit right.

Some things I guess we'll never know. I hate that fucker.

No. 1430491

I hope ariasposter anon kicks your ass

No. 1430496

You sure like shilling for this faggot, don’t you? Dude’s probably a disinfo agent spilling half-truths like Alex Jones

No. 1430525

>chrischan is actually performance art/chaos op from, the bit about his mom being a descendant of anne boelyn and francis weston i think is true and i'd guess she was more than a secretary of whatever it's claimed at old dominion energy. dad's "military communcations"
I don’t think the glowies forced Chris-Chan to fuck his mom, next thing you’ll tell us is that Chris isn’t retarded and is ackshually a sooper sekrit agent doing research on Chan culture to bring the internet down - or “cuttin’ it down!” as the late Bob Chandler would say.

No. 1430529

File: 1670027422585.jpg (346.34 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20221203-002347_Chr…)

No need to be rude. It was referencing this, obviously.

No. 1430531

Some kiwi scrote is probably lurking here and laughing his ass off as we speak

No. 1430553

I'm not a kiwiscrote and I'm laughing. I almost want to believe it, but what would anyone gain setting up Chris chan performance?

No. 1430555

Aleister Crowley had connections with L. Ron Hubbard and Gerald Gardner (founder of Wicca)

No. 1430556

I don't know let's ask Miles Mathisfag if there's a pdf about chris chan kek

No. 1430570

My tinfoil is that the Miles Mathis shill is Miles Mathis himself posting his shit here

No. 1430580

Yates' maiden name is Kennedy, and her mother is a Koehler - the wiki for the name Koehler lists an industrialist, a general, a naval officer (navy is home of intelligence), and an investigator on the Lindbergh kidnapping, which was also fake, among many other notables.

One of the major projects of the ruling class is destroying religion, any mass morality that would interfere with the commodification of everything. Writing a story where Yates is a victim of religious morality poisons it in the viewer's mind.

No. 1430587

And also with early rocket engineer Jack Parsons.

No. 1430595

What are your thoughts on Neon Demon? Is it just a metaphor on how rookie models are chewed up then spit out as soon as the elites are done with them or is there something else sinister that they’re open boasting about?

No. 1430601

A bunch of models from foreign, especially European nations are likely sex trafficked and forced into escorting

No. 1430627

Kek sex traffic is very real, immediately be wary of someone who tells you it isn't. It's less about white vans and more about CPS, any looks-related industry, and grooming.

No. 1430696

What are your guys’thoughts and theories on this video. Last time I looked into I couldn’t find a lot on it. Just that the police were called and they took her back to her apartment but she sounded like she was hysterical and saying “my baby!” And bloody and bald… this is jut… disturbing.

No. 1430697

turns out brittany venti was the one to spot the balenciaga shit and shoeonhead ran with it? the fuck June

No. 1430698

File: 1670044449191.jpg (26.13 KB, 275x275, 1659871267276.jpg)

my girl jodi is a queen how dare you

No. 1430700

debunked. it was a performance artist thing.

No. 1430778

That much was obvious, he shills his site several times

No. 1430783

File: 1670054912527.jpeg (323.72 KB, 750x607, E7B6EDFD-4D1A-4D95-85BD-E6D344…)

How ironic. Its referencing this you fucking smooth brain, go back to LipstickAlley yourself or atleast try to keep up.(infight)

No. 1430828

File: 1670061159104.jpg (178.43 KB, 1063x537, women won't date me reeee.jpg)

I'm quite certain it is Miles. Check out this incel tier complaint from his article on Ted Bundy. While his Manson/Tate conspiracy holds water, a lot of his serial killer work is based on "ackshully most men aren't this evil, only glowies are bad and they don't want you to date men (like me uwu) and be happy!" which is just plain retarded. Every single woman in this thread will have at least one story of an evil moid they've encountered that was undeniably real and not a fucking psyop. This is probably the only way women will talk to him tbh.

No. 1430832

Im sorry but wtf is he even doing here, except for spamming links to his own site? Which goes against the rules might i add “This is an Imageboard”.

No. 1430836

File: 1670062261245.jpeg (70.54 KB, 750x354, CED4C2F6-5437-43A7-AFFF-AE7903…)

So they are indians involved that very much know what Shiva represents(destruction of the world and rebuilding it again), that just further sements the point that its fucking strange does it not? Also adding to the weird mock ritual they performed right infront of it as a “joke”.


No. 1430842

He's probably shilling all over the place, looking for new conspiracy theorist communities to do so in. Report him next time he shills or if he backpedals with "I'm just a fan!".

No. 1430944

I swear men are controlled by their dicks

He sounds like every typical dude
>catcalling isn't real
>women in workplace bad
>she won't suck MY dick

No. 1430959

File: 1670074267078.jpg (33.26 KB, 400x400, good grief.jpg)

>looks like this
>thinks it's the CIA's fault he can't get a date

No. 1431019

Cant find the document about celebrities but did find the one about Mercury in retrograde and had a hearty laugh. Don't know what the schizo is on but whatever it is is strong

No. 1431114

Yeah, the guy has an entire section on his website dedicated to pictures of himself and his family with his real name and personal info. If he really was the only one exposing the truth as he claims he would know better than that.
What about the girl who stabbed her host boyfriend?

No. 1431126

The funniest part of that paper is when he claims Bundy was an attempt to ruin the image of 'the good looking white male' kek

No. 1431137

I read his Manson/Tate paper and its literally him throwing every goddamn thing at the wall and seeing if anything sticks. He's like, "All the Manson Girls were gorgeous! They're actresses!" when most of them were average bordering on homely. "Manson, Polanski, and Sebring were short! Thats gotta be something, right?" Half his "research" is him picking low-resolution photos from the 60s and saying, doesn't this look kind of weird? Why is it weird? Because they're 50+ year old photographs dude. Dig through your old family photos and see how inconsistencies in your grandma's ears there are.

No. 1431186

I also find it nasty how he's claiming cat's death is fake. the reason why carrey wouldn't pay for an expensive funeral box was because he never loved her.

its an insult and what she underwent. what was admitted was just the truths that are left unspoken about these actors abusing civilian women into mental ruin. there's also drugs galore and degenerate antics happening constantly. circle of life in the industry is brutal. so this poor normie makeup artist enters the industry full of starry ambitions and then is entangled with a degenerate coomer comic who robbed her of her love for life

he may have murdered her with his bare hands or had her whacked for knowing too much. he's got his fingers in some unsavory pies to keep himself afloat, given his relationship with the oligarch who is known for criminal activity and he's known since the early 00s, where his reputation began to seem too clean, sans the anti vax stuff.

he was known for sexual harassment as far back as 1998, but the publication attempting to publish the allegations was thwarted at the height of truman show. he was too big a star to take down back then, but plentifully opportunity has arisen in recent years and nobody has taken it

his team pays journalists to write articles about his peak films, they also use bots, likely russian in origin, to both upvote positive engagement and bury detractors. carrey is not the only celebrity who does this. this is a new age pr technique that was unmasked thanks to johnny depps team and adam waldman flagrantly admitting it

No. 1431218

How hard can this guy tell on himself? Those women were using Manson/Bundy as an excuse to get away from a creep. Look at his papers and see how many of them claim a woman's death was faked. He's trying to claim women's savage murders at the hands of men never happen, its all a ruse to make women distrustful. And who's the real victim? Nice guys like him. He's a pathetic misogynist.

No. 1431261

File: 1670093633535.jpg (11.15 KB, 246x300, chad kroeger looking motherfuc…)


No. 1431678

File: 1670117771622.jpg (143.68 KB, 966x1500, iwanttobelieve.jpg)

does anyone have any recs for UFO/abduction/alien documentaries or books? i'm having a hard time finding anything serious even though i know hard proof and documentation is out there. not interested in starseed or new age shit and i don't want to watch another retard sperging about how he was abducted and aliens jacked him off and harvested his sperm (unless he's got proof ofc). or if anyone have any info on aliens in general and wants to lay it on me that would be great. i have had personal experience with ufos myself if anyone is curious.

No. 1431712

File: 1670119178518.jpg (34.97 KB, 316x475, 50124774.jpg)

No. 1431713

Kanye saying very offensive shit like “Hitler was a gud boi” and “black people chose to be slaves” is one of his attempts at breaking out of his programming as tptb are the ones pushing pc culture onto the masses. Not defending him nor do I agree with his actions but those were my two cents on his current situation.

No. 1431773

serious responses only on the tinfoil thread nonna

No. 1431897

File: 1670133633262.jpg (526.23 KB, 1080x2951, milessite.jpg)

No. 1431945

this is the only relevant comment itt so far. It's weird how people still believe this goofy shit, at this point.

No. 1431980

This motherfucker has got to be a glowie or a group of misinfo agents using the Miles Mathis name as a brand of sorts. Interesting detail I saw mentioned when I did some surface level digging was that his initials MM become a 33 when rotated. Schizo thing to fixate on, I know, but what are the odds?

No. 1432205

Any thoughts on current spiritualists that are very popular? Eckhart Tolle, he did an interview with Oprah. And all kinds of fuckboys who talk about spirituality but in a very water downed way, very populist. Jim Carrey had a spiritual phase too. Really makes you think.

No. 1432224

The spiritualist phase is a PR move for a lot of these people. The rich cannot be zen when they are narcissist dolls up to their eyes in consumption. Either it's a PR reinvention or a recruitment tactic of some sort, but who's paying clownass for his spirituality, unless he uses it as a segue to convince you to attend his $10,000 art show to buy his $60,000 blood canvas painting?

A lot of celebrities have been so ravaged by substance abuse and drugs that they reprogram themselves by stealing a new personality every few years. Either someone around them or a role written for them. It's designer mental disorder kek

No. 1432303

Belief in the Great Replacement. How common is it in your country? Two thirds in France, according to research.(dogwhistling)

No. 1432383

>A lot of celebrities have been so ravaged by substance abuse and drugs that they reprogram themselves by stealing a new personality every few years.
I'm a recovering addict and now work with others and this is very true. It can be a new personality like you said as we tend to cope by telling ourselves that the "old" us did the bad things and we're totally different people now. It can also be a blatant attempt at drug replacement. For me it was a mix of both with born again Christianity, but I've seen ex-junkies cover most faiths and spiritualities with their sober fixations. I do have a hard time buying celebrities pulling this shit though; at best it's an attempt to sanitise their image so they can make some money again but I think others like Carrey might be seeking redemption or perhaps even trying to appear like less of a threat. Then of course there's the Kabbalists and Scientologists who do interviews and tell you it's totes cool and trendy! Nothing shady to be seen here!

No. 1432427

Its real but the reason i dont know. I think a reason some people are freaking out is because of people like Barbara saying shit like this(video related) but at the same time wanting Israel to be a ethno-state. Its a bit sus since she is a Zionist, so rules for the? What is the purpose?

No. 1432441

Spirutalism(lets be real its hinduism) is anything but woke, people are starving and denied help in India because they belive that poor people deserve everything bad(karma) that happens to then because they were “bad” in a previous life, tourists have been shamed for trying to help these people by hindus in India. I mean its judt the religion for them when you think about it, people like this see poor people as useless eaters most of the time and that we deserve it, very “hindu” of them.
>>1432205 Good question, hindu practises are being shilled hard in the west for some reason but packaged as something else (Yoga as an excersice fx, when its a deeply spiritual practice)

No. 1432503

As someone who watched him for a long time I don't think carrey looking for redemption. I don't think he feels guilt at all. When the lawsuit concluded he took down all posts related to his girlfriend's death including his "tribute". Appealing to the herd as a non threatening art boy seems to be the goal, it's the abuser's playbook 101. If he were at all less narcissistic and less stupid he wouldn't have challenged Will Smith enough to be roasted in public for it, unless that was also premeditated!

Actually a good point. It's used an excuse by the successful to say fate favors them and then gives poor saps the idea they'll succeed if they abide by them. Then those hopefuls are crushed when nothing happens. I find manifestation and astrology fun and sometimes accurate, but spirituality and religion as a whole is definitely not bible and won't guarantee success in life. Very few people ever succeed according to their aspirations

No. 1432505

I think its real to an extent but only part of a larger plan, destabilizing european nations and creating a population that can never unify against a greater power

No. 1432519

File: 1670188869535.jpg (573.67 KB, 983x1068, hercules_buddha.jpg)

Its also worth noting that hinduism and still has never been one unified religion, what most westerners get is a sect mostly found in the Ganges region, its similar to how diverse buddhism was(and still us)
for e.g Hellenic Buddhism, that was at one time the state region of modern day Pakistan and Afghanistan, picrel is Hercules depicted as a guardian of the Buddha

No. 1432760

aliens are not a myth by a long shot. I can't respect anyone's opinion who says nonsense like that. I've been studying the topic for over a decade. it's 150% real.

No. 1432767

Linda Moulton Howes' two books: Glimpses of Other Realities volume 1 and 2. All of Dr. Karla Turners books.
Not sure if I've shared this before but this site: https://bibliotecapleyades.net/default.htm
is great for fans of conspiracies of all kinds.It's not a modern site so its set up is rather old fashioned, but it's huge and you could spend days just clicking on links, going down rabbit holes. Tons of alien/ufo topics there, plus all kinds of other "conspiracy" topics.

No. 1432815

A few k pop male-singers have been going to the Middle East recently to concerts and stuff. My theory is that they are being used as rentboys for the Arab elite. I thought these guys preferred white western women, not Asian fem pi’s but as they imply in their shitty religion; rules are for thee and not for me!

No. 1432821

middle eastern men (esp from wealthy gulf states) are memed on by other arabs for being closeted gays. the rampant sexual abuse of poor expat male students by male gulf nationals at schools is a “secret” that everyone knows about but no one gets punished for

No. 1433069

I believe they probably do abuse boys from other countries, that's likely a fact but I'm sure they can't afford to fuck kpop singers who have higher netwroth's then most of them combined

No. 1433175

File: 1670230745005.jpeg (484.93 KB, 2587x1752, C3241217-190B-4621-B766-B2773F…)

Of course she says this. She's one of them.
I'm so sick of pedo enabler reddit atheists (in this case satanist) redirecting to the already well-known crimes in the Church. As if we can't care about both. As if one isn't using the other to distract from themselves

No. 1433188

Kpop stars dont make shit, they are udually in debt to their companies.

No. 1433200

Like the other anon said, those idols don't make shit and they're also pretty much owned by their companies and have to do whatever they say. Kpop is very much a political tool, just like Hollywood is, maybe even more. I 100% believe that renting them out would have either political motives or be a way for chaebols (which pretty much control the industry) to secure their business deals.

No. 1433203

also the creative main stylist responsible for the child BDSM photoshoot was a woman

No. 1433205

NTA but I wouldn't be surprised if the abuse was filmed and leveraged against the stars. It's a common tactic in Hollywood allegedly and Korea seems ahead of the curve when it comes to being ruthless as fuck with it's entertainment industry.

No. 1433206

File: 1670238160229.webm (3.93 MB, 432x242, 1_4933749458287461320.webm)

>What is the scariest conspiracy theory you've ever seen/read?
That the world is ran by satanic cultists, vid rel. It honestly explains so much - like why the media is trying so hard to normalize pedophilia, why the government seems to actively fuck us over in so many ways, why the legal system doesn't care about the little people, why little kids go missing in such shocking numbers, why satanic imagery is prevalent in all forms of media, why freemasonry has satanic elements the higher up you are, etc. I could go on and on. And what's most disturbing to me is the human farming aspect of it. There's been countless interviews with people who escaped these cults, and it's all just so disturbing what they have to say.

No. 1433207

And just some background on the vid: that's Ted Gunderson, former head of the FBI. You can watch the full interview here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/ceWauVhJUVx0/

No. 1433214

File: 1670240061307.jpg (159.69 KB, 712x850, 1-s2.0-S0092656617300181-gr4.j…)

There's this theory that the "uncanny valley" originated as an unconscious fear our ancestors developed for an already extinct species, a "being" so dangerous and eerie humans still fear its features to this day. Apparently, this thing kinda looked like us but something was very off, maybe because it wasn't really a human to begin with

No. 1433219

I don’t feel the uncanny valley thing at all. Anyone else?

No. 1433220

Samefag but scrotes with facepubes give me the ick more than hyper-realistic robots.

No. 1433224

The uncanny valley effect is not limited to robots, things like corpses, dolls, weirdly animated 3D models and deformed faces fall into the uncanny valley too

No. 1433226

This is it for me too. I've been into conspiracies since I was about 12 and I've always heard about Satanists but never fully believed we were ruled by them. After so many years of them popping up in so many conspiracies, I think it's unfortunately true. It was after reading about Haut de la Garenne in Jersey that it hit me. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jersey_child_abuse_investigation) The whole island of Jersey has rumours of Satanists living there with weird fucking statues and ominous gatherings, and the fact that the police there were so corrupt they had to bring in officers from mainland England to investigate things was not a good sign. Not that the other officers did much, of course. There were bone fragments found on the premises, cupboards with handcuffs that were said to be used for solitary confinement, a fucking PIT OF LIME in a room, but hey! Totally normal children's home stuff! I felt physically sick reading what the victims went through and how some reported it decades prior. I feel like the police waited for a lot of the perpetrators to die tbh. The investigation was nothing more than a vanity project so they could say "hey, we tried!".

No. 1433227

Yeah and none of the things you mentioned are as bothersome as facepube scrotes

No. 1433230

No. 1433342

I heard a way to describe schizophrenia is having the inability to keep your closeness of people to under 100. If you don't have that ability, your brain is overloaded to function properly. Hence why the internet is filled with so many schizos, likely because they gain too much knowledge about anybody and everybody of interest. The schizos obsessed with celebs and will believe anything they read, even if it's not from the celeb themselves or a reputable source. Many shamans from back then were actually schizos because they had the knowledge of "all". Any spiritual or conspiracy connections to schizophrenia are simply because many have this knowledge they keep a hold of.

No. 1433426

Wait could you please elaborate more nonny? I found this theory intersting but I dont fully get it

No. 1433427

I remember this and what was weird about it was that how it completely disappeared from all media reporting. One day the media was reporting on bone fragments and milk teeth being found in the cellar and interviewing survivors and the next day it was being reported that it was nothing suspicious and it all had an innocent explanation.

No. 1433470

Would love to get a further explanation on this too.

I know some schizos and it’s weird how they all talk about conspiracies. Carl Jung said that once a schizophrenic patient citied an ancient text BEFORE the text was discovered. Maybe they crossed the border and have access to the ultimate truth and not their own truth anymore or something?
I list some stories I was told from schizophrenia patients for anyone curious. 1. They hide cameras in my home to make me crazy. They choose me because I’m a drug addict and no one will believe me. 2. they sa’d me as a kid and filmed it and they play the video on national tv it looks like a regular horror movie. And Disney stole my movies I would be rich but they stole it and now I’m poor and everyone thinks I’m crazy.
I’m sure there is more I have in my head but memories are blurry as I myself was in schizophrenic conditions at that time.

No. 1433569

Last I remember hearing about it in the mainstream was the use of sniffer dogs being criticised because they didn't help much with Madeline McCann's case either (which is odd because what they found in that case heavily implicate the parents). It's so brazen of TPTB to just take it off the news like that. Like damn, they're not even trying to hide what it was, it's went straight to the memory hole.

AYRT and I'm gonna be honest with you, nona. I'm thick as pig shit and I don't fully understand the concept you're talking about but I would genuinely love for you to elaborate on it because I've been looking at my "illness" from a different perspective lately.

When I was hanging out with weirdos I met on /x/ I heard the "crossing the border/piercing the veil/lifting the curtain" thing a lot. There was this one guy with schizophrenia who actually believed we were shamans. He says it's a power that goes back to the ancients and we're "seers" and all this stuff. I guess in a similar vein to autism it can make people more analytical? But I ain't no shaman. I also got told by another schizophrenic that she and I were "chosen" because we were drug addicts as it makes us unreliable narrators. I think it's interesting how that's such a persistent belief. I know drug use can trigger psychosis but it's odd how so many of us arrived at the point of "oh it's because people won't believe me". Another patient told me they got ripped off after inventing the can opener and to this day I still feel bad for laughing at him but it was so outlandish and bizarre. A lot of people have that belief about SA assault though, not the national tv part but the belief that it was filmed and will be used to harm them in somehow. Cameras in general are a huge source of paranoia, I think living in such an age of technological advance is hugely detrimental to schizos. With CCTV and smart phones and 5G and the internet it's just too much. Maybe I should be living thousands of years in the past as a shaman. Telling my fellow villagers that our goats are about to conceive and we should gift the neighbouring village a male kid to avoid conflict or whatever. Maybe that would be the most calming kind of life for my brain to handle.

No. 1433680

Interesting how the story are all so similar. Some schizos had religious things going on and somehow these were the one who got the most medication. I remember someone who talked about his theory that Jesus went the middle way and that we as normal people we go too far left or too far right. To see it yourself you close your eyes and go a few meters and if you go in a perfectly straight line you are Jesus. He told that the doctors and that got him zombified even more. Scary shit.

No. 1433711

AYRT, oh yeah when I was hospitalised I realised early on do NOT mention religion or they'll mark you down as being even more crazy than what you actually are. It's hard because I was raised in a strict religious manner and I have some schizo ideas about Christ myself. Honestly I think the healthcare system is overrun with reddit atheists who are very… spiritually sanitised? Idk how to explain it, but they have no sense of wonder, no desire to ponder these things. Anyone who does they label as a zealot. I agree with the guy you mentioned. Going too far right or left is bad. I've seen it myself in my volunteering work, those whose veer over to left or right become more interested in debates and how they appear to both those they agree with and those they don't. They metaphorically strut about like a peacock. In that way, left and right are mirrors of each other; they simply read from different scripts. Walking straight is a good analogy of what we must do. One foot in front of the other. Keep your balance and help anyone you can. Don't get big-headed and thinking you're a philosopher or you'll lose your balance.

No. 1433729

Thank you for sharing your experience that is helpful to get over my own experiences. I thought I was Mary. Another patient saw me and started crying because he saw Mary. Luckily I never trusted the doctors and told them nothing. Psychiatry is as bad as it was years ago, maybe not everywhere but I got the whole 70s horror movie psych ward experience. I hope it makes sense one day. I’m sure there is more to schizophrenia than just being out of one’s mind.

No. 1433787

You're welcome, nona. Likewise, thank you for sharing your experience. I don't mean to provoke you, but I think I can understand why you would be seen as Mary. You give out gentle and caring vibes. I honestly think it's more productive for us schizos/schizo adjacents to share our experiences and put the pieces together ourselves. Psychiatrists will never be able to study this condition enough in college to understand something that is so vivid, all encompassing and hard to put into words. I also had a bit of a horror movie experience; the drugs usually make people worse - be that zombifying inquisitive minds or making people go over the edge and go full bat shit crazy - and it's terrifying to experience. I'm not being hyperbolic when I say that I think it's genuinely quite traumatic to be hospitalised for psychosis. I'm quite certain there's more to schizophrenia too, and it's something I'll probably be trying to work out for the rest of my life. I hope your journey is going well and I hope you are coping with it. It was very interesting and thought-provoking to hear your similar experiences. Take care, nona. ♥

No. 1433803

File: 1670278365779.png (1.37 MB, 1335x1278, uncanny_valley.png)

I get a grossed out and sick feeling looking at obviously inverted people. It's probably just another made up cover for that.

No. 1433922

MGS 2 is one of the first things that redpilled me when I was a kid and it's scary how relevant this game is after 20 years, especially in comparison to other games. Also MGS 2 was supposed to include a scene with twin towers being destroyed but they cut that content right before the release when 9/11 happened. I believe 'they', whoever they are, speak to us through various kinds of media, it's like predictive programming, but also a way to make fun of us, because they know only a few will see the true meaning behind those things, and it will go over most people's heads

No. 1433929

So you admit it, Kojima is truly a god of narrative!

No. 1433933

Based nona. MGS2 was 100% predictive programming with that part. I'm tempted to schiz out fully and replay the series trying to gleam what hints at conspiracies I can find. I think trying to understand Kojima's writing would send me back to the psych ward though, kek.

No. 1433956

What is inverted people?

No. 1433960

Disgust and uncanny valley are two different things though.

No. 1433962

Uh oh
Also there's a lawsuit against Web Archive. And old articles (like just few years old) disappearing.

No. 1433966


No. 1433985

File: 1670287789937.jpg (672.88 KB, 1058x1331, IMG_20221206_012331.jpg)

Things that make you go hmm

No. 1433993

Wow just like in Promare

No. 1434006

If this is wayback machine they've always fulfilled takedown requests, this is why archive.is or whatever their current url is are superior

No. 1434207

As others have pointed out, Hollyweird is becoming more open about their degeneracy and are those occult references I see? How fitting that they named it Babylon

No. 1434216

Noah's ark, like the ancient astronaut theory suggested

No. 1434425

Looks like it's boring and about nothing. Why is it so hard to make a movie with a coherent story and purpose, instead of making that amount of le "crazy", le "funny" random scenes you can just put in the trailer.

No. 1434428

Forgot to add, Pitt is a shitty actor, always has been.

No. 1434907

If there is common themes around delusions is because the delusions themselves are an attempt to reconcile with reality. Braindead schizophrenics can't write, talk in sounds and walk around in places. Schizophrenia is real but just as in autism there are levels of it, and there are a lot of people very interested on muddy the waters. The same thing that's happening with autism right now it happened to schizophrenia 50yrs ago.

No. 1434938

Samefag and let me explain. When the people in charge want to expand categories you have to suspect shady things. There it used to be subtypes of schizophrenia by type of delusion. But now it's all the same. The beggars who bark in the street and the /x/ posters have the same diagnosis as if they were the same thing. When a category becomes so big and vage it becomes meaningless. And you can trown anything you want on it, because it doesn't mean shit. I've seen actual survivors of gangstalking being diagnosed as schizophrenic because they feared that it would again (Spoiler gangstalking is very real and it happened in plenty of places. Just google around whatever country you want state terrorism. That's literally gangstalking. And that's the tip of the iceberg)
Schizophrenia is real but it has lost its meaning. And sometimes they even trown some victims of fucked up shit because no one cares anymore.

No. 1435069

There's a really important case about voting coming to the US Supreme Court tomorrow from North Carolina called (Timothy) Moore vs (Rebecca) Harper. And just a few days before Moore County also located in North Carolina had that attack on their electric grid. This timeline is glitching, can't just be a coincidence.

No. 1435319

Does anyone else buy the theories of ‘Arkanacide’ or ‘Clinton body count’? Surely they’re just crummy politicians and nothing more not really

No. 1435366

File: 1670383053298.png (2.01 MB, 1024x875, hormone_fuckery.png)

Doing super cool "wizard alchemy" while pregnant to masculinize a female embryo/fetus or feminize a male one. It's how you get in the club (any of them). When it happens naturally I don't call them inverts though. Maybe the ones who hang out here would share more about it?

introductory video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdLPe7XjdKc

Dr. Seuss is one of the most illuminating occult writers of the 20th century, for some reason. I just looked up his 'real' name and it's an an anagram for "storehouses" so probably just documenting the times.(learn2embed)

No. 1435619

Didn’t he drove his wife into suicide just so he could be with his side hoe? Fuck that guy

No. 1436693

Daily reminder that a Grand Jury is NOT a more important jury, it's just a way for the government to cover up shit. It sounds fancy but it's not. Grand Juries happen behind closed doors and the special prosecutor determines what evidence gets presented. So if the special prosecutor for whatever reason wants to make a bad case, they can just choose not to present evidence.
This whole episode is great where Nick Bryant talks about the Franklin Scandal which includes Satanists, pedophile networks, and the FBI/CIA running all of it to blackmail people.

No. 1436703

I wish my TV would stop spying on me

No. 1436714

i feel you on this, except with basically every electronic near me. i'm so fucking done with it, i just throw my phone in front of the speakers and crank the volume of whatever i'm listening to. i flip the bird in the general direction of every spycam in my house. voyeuristic fucks.

No. 1436723

Regina fuck off back to name fagging on the foxdick farms tranny.

No. 1436728

This is the tinfoil thread not the schizophrenia general. Obviously there's overlap but come on girls

No. 1436847

File: 1670471903751.jpeg (193.98 KB, 717x873, D9829A20-44D7-48B5-8DC3-46D6B6…)

And we should feel bad for this fucker’s country getting wrecked, why?

No. 1436855

its not his country hes protecting, its oil and personal interests. he'd easily have most of his country die for it if he could, all while playing the victim and demanding billions more in aid

No. 1436864

Why did so many people try to convince us he was hot btw? Did I imagine that weird fucking era?

No. 1436868

idk but now the ukranian army is posting videos of soldiers doing the pokemon dance so it's time to stop giving aide

No. 1436869

Nope, go back a couple of unconventional attractions threads and it's all there.

My question is that there are so many countries being invaded and wrecked by westerners and corrupt officials they buddy up with yet nobody cares about them… oh wait, we all know why everyone only cares about Ukraine.

No. 1436884

I bet those were glowies posting to keep indoctrinating us in their propaganda that Zelenskyy and the elites are the good guys.

No. 1437117

Never heard of this term before, mind sharing any links to discussion about “inverted people”? I tried to look up on conspiracy subs yesterday but haven’t found anything. Maybe there’s something else elsewhere.

No. 1437258

I think they meant intersex people

No. 1437406

The only reason Westerners care about it now is because your government wants you to care. You don't care about Ukrainians "just because they are white" - if that was the case why didn't anyone bat an eye when the war in Ukraine actually began in 2014? Why doesn't anybody in burgerland know anything about NATO bombing Serbia? It's all about USA justifying its horrid military spending and painting a convenient picture to braindead burgers.

No. 1437426

File: 1670516360303.jpg (29.51 KB, 564x376, 1666558830250.jpg)

I asked a while ago why new-yorkers are so weird (ime) and got no answer but I think the answer is simple. NYC specifically is a humongous city and many important people live or frequent there. It would make anyone with any sort of predisposition to mental illnesses insecure, which metamorphoses into illusions of grandeur or finding unhealthy ways to soothe their ego/differentiate themselves

No. 1437428

samefag but this ties really well with my belief that cities are dangerous because they're breeding grounds for proliferating amoral behavior

No. 1437435

but then again, I have also seen and heard of bizarre stuff middle-of-nowhere, fly-over-state fuckers do. I guess people are just weird and bad for no reason?

No. 1437443

My wife was partially raised in New York and said it's truly a concrete jungle where people are animals. I'm prone to mental health fuckery but it always gets worse if I'm in a city. There's something about the mindset in cities, most people are cold and disinterested. Like, I'm disabled. I use a walking stick and before that a wheelchair and city people will just barge past you for no good reason. No "sorry", no concern, no nothing. Pure selfishness runs through these people's blood. I don't believe every person in a city is bad, but I think if you stay in them too long they'll fuck you up one way or another. I do wonder if it's something to do with nature because since I started camping and doing more stuff out in nature I've felt my mind healing. It's gotta fuck us up on a caveman level to live the city life.

No. 1437487

definitely true. i'm from a pretty large city, but it's not as densely populated as say, los angeles, or new york. also our economy is based upon agriculture. we don't have much "culture" (no art museums, hardly any concerts, and any program in our high schools that's not dedicated to the trades is severely underfunded). i visited a friend of mine in berkeley and i was stricken by how fucking annoying everybody was there. i literally told my friend that it must be that all of these students felt as though they were "hot shit" when they were back home, but now that they're students in the bay area, they're just desperate to differentiate themselves from all the other pieces of "hot shit". people do insane shit to feel special.

No. 1437495

Sorry people treated you that way. It's supposed to be a staple there (never personally been, only met people who were from there). But it's not just the rudeness. All of the people I've met from nyc were narcissists and/or wanted to make themselves be/feel more important than they were. It makes sense in a city full of renowned/ascending people where nobody cares about you people like that are bound to be the end-result I guess. It would almost make me want to feel bad for them if it weren't for the off-chance it's just a coincidence. One example is a guy wanting to have 80 something children from many different women and donating his sperm. And they're all weird in that similar vein, sexually and psychologically deviant. Not in a quirky way. I don't want to say all city people are like this either, but it does make me wonder how many of the middle-of-nowhere crimes I know of were committed by people that moved from a city. Just from a quick google search, David Koresh was from Houston, the 4th largest city in the U.S. He was the cult leader of Branch Davidians

No. 1437506

I should have said men instead of people tbh. I think the effect of cities on women is the same but more benign and manifests in obnoxious behavior, but not gross dangerous ones.

No. 1437678

That's the transvestigation anon, she (? (I hope it's a she) explained herself a few times in the last 2-3 threads. Even if not 100% sold on her theory i think is interesting and maybe a bit true. Not that i think that you can slap a paint drawing in a photo to determine if someone is a tranny but that the elites worship androgyny and do werid rituals.

No. 1437719

Thank you, it’s a curious theory.

Personally I see the tranny stuff is definitely connected to this. Like, they strive for some “holy androgyny” but achieve cursed results of course,

Androgyny has been a topic of various myths and philosophical ideas. But it seems like it was never to be taken literally, it is rather a metaphorical reference to balance of “feminine” and “masculine” psychological traits, inner balance, achieving state of balance and development. But of course this was also taken by sexual deviants and those who want to develop through abuse of others and exploitation.

And of course there is a thing, if someone thinks of an “ideal” human state, should other things be sacrificed to achieve that state faster? Certainly some dubious occult practitioners would like it that way. That’s just my personal take on it. That they are so fixated on their ideas of higher state they will not stop from any weird stuff to get there.

No. 1437724

No worries, nona. You get used to being a second class citizen pretty quick if you're visibly disabled. There are some lovely people left out there, but I've noticed they're usually older. Not to sound like a boomer, but kids these days have zero fucking manners. Like it actually astounds me the shit I see kids get away with in front of their parents. Good point about men though. City women are still kinda dickish but they're not like, full blown psycho mode. I used to think as an autist I was at risk of becoming uncaring and cold like a man, but even us female spergs have something in us, that… idk, basic human deceny and empathy - even if it's not much empathy, it's still there. The Y chromosome truly is a worse disability to have, kek.

There's definitely something weird going on with the elites and androgyny. Doesn't baphomet literally have tits despite being referred to as "he"? The devil being MTF would make a lot of sense tbh.

No. 1437900

bringing this here before I cop a ban in celebricows
as soon as I heard of the "news" I was suspect, because she's obviously part of the new world order agenda with this shit

No. 1437917

what is even happening

No. 1437942

transhumanism agenda. depopulation/forced infertility. making children wards of the state 1984 style. the great awakening, a great cull.

No. 1438027

File: 1670545549337.jpg (258.1 KB, 2000x1334, wp-content-1.jpg)

I don't want to post this in a conspiracy thread because this is not a conspiracy it's the actual truth but I know if I posted this in the vent thread anons would tell me to go here instead so here I am face recognition AI technology is harmful for women because
>It makes it easier for men to create revenge porn and deep fakes of women
>It makes it easier for men to track random women down and stalk them
the goal of those programs like picrel is to train these AIs and make them better at recognizing faces so it will be easier for them to do those things I mentioned earlier. It's horrifying that I'm seeing so many women playing around with these AIs. Are they not aware that in the end women are the ones who will get harmed by this?

No. 1438048

It's impossible to stop the technology so you might as well have fun. Also yeah all scientific development backfires on us, this has been the case since agriculture. Go anprim mode

No. 1438055

And you realized it just now?

No. 1438154

americans (like from the continent) are short because of too much fruit consumption

No. 1438176

No. 1438182

the greta replacement theory supposes only people of European descent are capable of fighting against the elite while the darkies would keep quiet and blindly obey the elites. I mean, look at modern history and modern decolonization.

No. 1438187

im middle class american and have met adults whove never had a kiwi, pomegranate, or grapes

No. 1438193

this is the problem with deepfakes. Even if you are a normal, monogamous woman, you face can be recorded and captured onto an ai model and your face face is now in porn. It's a humiliation tactic

No. 1438194

File: 1670555985545.jpg (192.78 KB, 828x621, Apache warrior.jpg)

nta but I think she's referring to the fact that due to nutritionary restrictions pre-Columbian natives were far shorter then most Europeans, it was only those natives who were in the central plains who had accesses to a more protein rich diet that were quite tall
for e.g the average male apache was noted to stand at 5'3, which was short even for the time period, while the average Lakota man was comparable to a scandinavianin in terms of height

No. 1438197

It don't think it supposes that specifically as far as I could tell, it is predicated on the idea that multiculturalism brings inherent disunity within Europe. (Although of course it will often attract people who do suppose themselves superior). It's just divide and conquer with a different paint job. Naturally it's easier to assert control over a population when that population either has an extreme sense of nationalism, or a complete lack of. But that doesn't mean there won't still be cases of unity between different peoples because their enemy is greater than their differences. Honestly in my opinion it explains why the unfettered immigration is allowed to continue in Europe. London's English population is literally a minority in their own city at this point kek.

No. 1438204

yes and the reason deepfakes works so well is because normies keeps playing with AI programs. Those AI programs are training programs for deepfakes and other hate crimes against women disgusted as fun tools

No. 1438234

It's why I stopped posting my face online and drifted away from all scrotes I used to be friends with a long time ago. Fuck that shit. A popular ASMR YouTuber discussed this.

No. 1438259

we need to put men down and it needs to be a serious talk

No. 1438264

File: 1670562958701.jpg (112.47 KB, 400x338, oh_mother.jpg)

It's a big club and you have to be some kind of gender bender to get in. That can mean intersex, inverted or just being an old fashioned tranny. If you see the symbol of the phoenix, owl, laurel wreath, snail, lion, unicorn, sun, crescent moon or caduceus you can bet it's Magna Mater Tranny Club.

The ones who live among muggles have genitals matching their declared sex. So if you grew up with them like I did, you wouldn't know they were any different until you both reached adolescence and they became unpleasant, weirdly competitive and arrogant liars. Being friends with an invert as a child is similar to dynamic between characters in "The Fox and the Hound" or more recently, "Let the Right One In". It's great as young children but eventually very confusing for both invert and muggle since they're spending so much time with a person of the opposite sex, who has the appearance of having the same sex. As much as I find the off-batches unappealing, they do turn out beautiful sometimes or at least we've been conditioned to see them that way. I'm irrevocably attracted to female-presenting Jessica Paré-looking inverts due to where I'm from in Canada and who I grew up with and not very happy about that. Also invert families can use a lot of topical hormones which are terrible for muggle children so not great hanging out there all the time.

That's meee. Although inverts do imitate my posting style sometimes to make my claims sound even more bizarre. You can't judge a club member by skeleton alone anyways. It's probably more like 1. Use of symbolism 2. Physical qualities and 3. Family background/career.

It started off that way but now muggles tend to be the ones actually seeking balance, enlightenment and going through the descent/ascent procession that originally connected their "illuminated" ancestors to the Goddess. Or more recently, the supremely talented artists, actors, musicians, poets, storytellers in general that united the so-called sacred and profane. Most inverted children could never approach these concepts beyond intellectual reason because they've become a spoiled and spiritually blind class.

I keep coming back hoping that my muggle crew will have broken free from worrying about silly invert-planted feedback loops. Most of their rumours are just sheep-herding. I agree it is necessary, especially with all these males around. However I know anxious nonnies hang out here and I don't want them to be stressed all the time, the way I used to be. I don't recall Cybele being the goddess of low-effort, non-stop lies and bullshit? I wouldn't want to be represented by lying and increasingly unappealing trannies. Let's step it up a bit, holy shit guys.

No. 1438268

Jesus christ, I feel horrified for her. I can't imagine how unsettling that must be. I hate moids so much

No. 1438286

isolation and oversocialization are two sides of the same coin, they both mentally fuck with people a lot and alter their behavior

No. 1438292

So you're saying people do alchemy to mess with their physical characteristics and look more androgynous? What exactly does this alchemy entail, like taking hormones during pregnancy or something else?

No. 1438316

high altitudes cause strange mental fuckery + lots and lots of guns + political extremism on both ends

No. 1438323

I am now ruing the time I used faceapp

from what I heard from someone who works with AI, image AI and video AI typically segment pictures into fragments and don't save the full photographs to where users of these programs can access them, mostly because it would take up too much space. Not that im sure I believe that…

No. 1438338

I live in the southern part of the US and the natives are tall.

No. 1438356

She keeps saying this is happening to "people." People, people, people. We know damn well who this is happening to the most. WOMEN.

No. 1438608

Am I crazy or is it weird that Nick Carter gets accused of raping a disabled fan in 2001 after his brothers death? Like Aaron was insistent Nick raped him as a kid and then he dies mysteriously and suddenly this 21 year old allegation surfaces. Idk what's going on but it's almost like they've pissed off the wrong people or they're being sacrificed (metaphorically in Nick's case) for something.

No. 1438613

i remember seeing this posted in a male chan where the incels were making fun off this and saying they were going to make more deep-fake porn of her just to spite her.

No. 1438953

File: 1670615631095.jpeg (450.09 KB, 1571x590, 13076F57-D320-4243-8F50-CDBD50…)

wow it's almost as if his small flock of stan sheep became aware for five seconds that politics are entirely performative to the misogynist who killed his girlfriend

No. 1438989

Aw man.. it just makes you want to cleanse the society from these monsters. We'd have so much more resources, space, oxygen and mainly a good time… if the incels were gone because there's so many of them.

No. 1439012

If I want to be androgynous and sexy, can I do the magic trick too? We need to know more

No. 1439014

Well they’re not the only people capable of using computers. Looks like someone’s dad is getting gaped tonight!

No. 1439017

nta, unironically good idea

No. 1439094

This sounds like skitzo ramblings, sorry.

No. 1439115

That's because it is.

No. 1439117

Yeah. The whole thing makes no sense. The transvegitation theories creep me out. Wasn't one of the transvegitation anons here revealed to be a moid

No. 1439224

Yeah, I think he’s back given the recent posts

No. 1439237

Meta tinfoil: what if the miles guy is the same as transvegitation moid

No. 1439243

invert is an old term for gender nonconforming gay people, before trans was a concept. Some hated how it medicalized it, others were grateful there was some sort of term for themselves at all (see Radclyffe Hall). It was also a somewhat unfortunate and necessary step towards acknowledging that (gasp) sex between women does happen, which people didn't want to accept before. They thought women without the presence of a man were practically automatically asexual.

No. 1439257

Has to keep up the ~any pronouns~ act. She definitely knows.
Wouldn't be surprised if they got off to it. I have an idea, but it'd sound like a fedpost.

No. 1439309

NTA but what's your idea? I'm a schizo about deepfakes to the point that I deleted all social media and only have one picture for my Linkedin. I think we should make some fake program to digitally undress women, then collect the identities of whoever downloads it, and put them on a publicly viewable list that pops up whenever a name is searched. Too many moids face no consequences for these things; if we outed them for who they are in private so they couldn't get jobs and look others in the eye then they'd maybe consider changing their ways.

No. 1439467

ok i fr never considered anti-vax shit or whatever,,, but i;m starting to think back on the past two years and feel like shit is not good.
like my dad, he had clean bill of health his whole life nothing wrong. just months b4 covid vax came out he received clean bill of health for his heart–no signs of any blockage etc. whatever. they told him he had the heart of a young man. he's been a vegetarian/vegan his ENTIRE LIFE! never eats red meat.
and then he got the jab early 2021, then fall of 21, had a literal near heartattack which required 3 stents to be put in his heart.
also various other ppl his age he knows have also had this bizzare heart attack think almost happen to them, requiring operations.

and for me personally, ever since i had the vaccine– my period has been excruciating every fucking month, at one point i thought i had appendicitis, but apparently it was ovarian cyst. like i've been reading how this shit has fucked up everyone's menstrual cycles so bad. i never had such painful periods until recently.

noone in my family caught covid until this year 2022. its just so suspicious to me. i feel like we're not being told the truth.

No. 1439472

It's not surprising that celine believes and supports all that shit with how brainwashed she was in her childhood

No. 1439475

I'm not a tech person at all, but is there any way that someone could make their own search engine and have it run separately from all the other shit? Like that reddit dude did with amazon allegedly?

No. 1439510

File: 1670651529555.png (2.97 MB, 1000x1599, invert_baby.png)

It's not new but I can't tell you how long it's been going on since who knows what our real timeline looks like. When you learn to read their symbolism and identify Magna Mater, you'll see it everywhere, past and present.

Not mess with their physical characteristics, fundamentally change who they are and should have become. They don't write down the recipes or ever speak publicly or even out loud. It's communicated through images, like Splendor Solis by Salomon Trismosin (1532). This guide can be interpreted and meaningful to anyone under the cult umbrella but inverts have family to guide them through it.

It likely started when alchemists began inducing freemartinism in female fetuses by taking testosterone. Then eventually, preventing males from forming penises. So we're talking about a female being born with a penis and raised as a boy or a male with underdeveloped genitals being raised as a girl. The males with vaginas are prob a more recent development and created with a weakened strain of birth defect drug thiamine. That's just a guess though, thiamine seemed like a mass experiment to benefit inverts, when you know how they operate.

Some are born "naturally" or free from outside intervention via a family line of inverts. Natural freemartins are born to some families genetically. This can all be verified in other mammals. If the family is illuminated/legion as well, they'll be revered by those who achieved balance through artificial means. The most important breakthrough in Magna Mater world has been allowing inverts to go back to their intended sex but I'm not sure if that's legitimate or to scare off muggles. They never let it end up well.

The inverts here are doing their usual "maybe she's a moid" routine so I guess we're getting close again. This is what I mean when I say their generation completely lacks creativity and good storytelling. The new gen thought they shouldn't have to entertain us, why bother? We'll just keep their cages rattled indefinitely, who needs to make an effort?

No. 1439555

i found her children's birth records and her marriage record online.

No. 1439646

NTA but KEK, I had the same thought. Miles Mathis has published PDFs about JFK and Henry VII being secretly gay so it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if he was into transvestigations. inb4 I'm called an invert. It's called poly cystic ovary syndrome you nutjob.

No. 1439647

Samefag but it's Henry VIII, not VII.

No. 1440003

Quick question, do you think everyone who is famous is from those families? Personally i think there are a few muggles hanging around the arts, to maintain the illusion of social mobility and whatnot. "This man/women lived in poverty until One Day the Universe rewarded their talent and tenacity" You can distinguish them because fame fucks their heads— they're completely alone surrounded by aberrations of nature that sees them as shaved monkeys. However, if one of their sons make it i suspect they were initiated too. Idk anymore, the present is bleak, but you're also right that they're getting more retarded as generations passes by. We too. But when the last smartish elites die possibly the whole west will explode.

No. 1440123

All videos theorizing about 9/11 have been deleted, now there's only videos " debunking " them

No. 1440150

Must be the Miles moid or another older moid then, given the lingo and thinking any woman who doesnt look like barbie must be a man.

No. 1440156

Do you often talk to yourself? Muggles? Is this the Harry Potter universe or what realm are you operating from?

No. 1440158

Bitchute nonnie, jewtube censor everything

No. 1440169

I find it interesting how they insist that the detractors are inverts; usually people posting their tinfoils here don't care if people disagree with them. This thread is fucking pozzed now but the schizo in me wants to know why… did we strike a nerve? I'm pretty sure Miles Mathis (not saying mugglechan is him) is a disinfo agent… we realised he's posting here and then we're hit with atypical schizo posts and glorified transvesigation tinfoils. Something's going on… I can feel it in me tinfoil hat.
Or it's just moids being moids, kek

No. 1440351

Just moids being moids, in this case a mentally ill geriatric one

No. 1440484

I like this question, the normal ones are more interesting to talk about. I get sick of analyzing the famous ones, although I do wonder if their caste doesn't get the early/in-utero inversion, maybe to add dimension to their art. You've probably seen the transvestigator images of tucked penises and upside down dildos in actor's pants. Also the fact that they admit to using fake genitals in movies since that's teasing the truth. I think that adds to the tragedy of their characters in film to inverts and they used to believe that suffering led to great rewards. Now they'd rather use their energy and hidden talents to compose hours-long video essays excusing their lack of work ethic and traditional sensibilities.

They absolutely do live among us and will allow muggles to enter pretty much every industry for the reasons you've mentioned. Muggles work among inverts in most professions, even film/tv. Where would inverts be without muggle hand/body extras? kek

In the past few generations became fully integrated, though they might always have been present in every muggle class and culture. There's a good chance you have invert friends or acquaintances and where you live determines what type of inverts you'll meet most often. I live in a university town so the inverts I've known are academic types but there are tons of rural and farmer inverts around too. They can be friendly, arrogant, aloof or very needy, I find they're really difficult to get rid of after you get to know them.

They seem to enjoy having a plebian companion and will always be the friend updating you on the news cycle and wearing current trends (worshipping famous trannies as well). I'm not sure if this is where the concept of a "handler" comes from but they definitely keep an eye on us and each other.

Although the majority of university professors are inverted, elementary and college have a pretty good mix of both. The silent generation put a lot of consideration and effort into blending muggles and inverts harmoniously but also recognizing each other's strengths and weaknesses.

Inverts are the ruling class so it is fundamentally their responsibility to maintain a healthy balance whether they "feel like it" or not. If this responsibility is no longer appealing or worthwhile, then time to surrender it back to the muggles imo. I believe the upper echelons have already figured this out. I've mentioned Brian Williams impromptu farewell address in other threads but posting again as this appears to be an authentic criticism and appeal to stop whatever's next. As the old "peacock" (phoenix) dies in ash, the new era is reborn.

The commoner inverts are in denial about this but the ruling class think there are too many of them. Not us, we've already been reduced. They've been allowed or encouraged to live like 1950s muggles with 2+ children and larger prioritized homes. That incentivized them for a while but obviously turned out to be a big mistake and the pyramid is top-heavy. During the last industrial revolution, muggles were encouraged to breed but everyone was better off, evidently. Inverts tend to be pretty flat and self-involved as a "culture", so they don't really make a society thrive, inspire innovation as they lack whatever "spark" muggles provide (that they deny).

They've become comfortable, overly-trusting and complacent. Probably why so many of them took the vax without question, assuming it was a muggle psy-op. Even with escalation of chronic illnesses, they still don't believe they were duped. Conspiracies have always been endless rabbit holes, meant to give plausible deniability to various invertisms, like "lizard people". Even controlled opposition inverts took the vax lol

tl;dr: Check out local office "About us" pages for employee group photos. The physical differences become a lot more noticeable as we age with them.

Not sure if muggles are allowed to be doctors or politicians though but those tend to be more obvious for some reason. Canada's House of Commons is pretty hilarious for obvious inverts.

No. 1440587

No1curr faggot

No. 1440618

File: 1670730152411.jpg (313.6 KB, 835x1351, societay.jpg)

My detractors should remember the beloved parable of the Eagle (Phoenix) and the Crow. I copy and pasted this from an invert's motivation site so I'm not sure if this is the version you guys get as children so please correct whatever you disagree with. If any muggles reading this are interested in other invert childhood media, please check out the awful movie/series "The Phoenix and the Magic Carpet". They remake that one a lot.

The Parable of the Eagle and the Crow:
The only bird that dares to peck an Eagle is the Crow. He sits on his back and bites his neck. The Eagle does not respond, nor fight with the Crow;

it does not spend time or energy on the Crow. It just opens its wings and begins to rise higher in the heavens. The higher the flight, the harder it is for the Crow to breathe and then the Crow falls due to lack of oxygen…

Learn from the Eagle and don’t fight the Crows.

Just keep ascending. They might be along for the ride but they’ll fall off. The people who are talking behind your back or using you as the subject of their gossips are like the crows. They love to ride on you to rise higher but they will never keep up with your level of excellence.

Anyways numberfag nonnies know what's up, inverted or muggle. My posts are truthful and the numbers always prove it.

No. 1440934

You’re a tranny-loving faggot who loves to suck cocks

No. 1440972

Most accurate tinfoil ITT.

No. 1441245

File: 1670783867793.jpg (24.89 KB, 640x480, mild_douche.jpg)

Well it looks like I took the air out of the invert storytime thread. It's nice to see you lads behaving like your authentic selves again. Aggressive, unpleasant and with sex always on your mind. I guess since you're being so lovely, I should also share how inverts get nasty bacterial and yeast infections constantly, beginning in adolescence. If you've ever had a friend who just always seems to have a smelly vag or yeast issue, it might be an invert. They do shower, so it's some kind of hormonal disruption related to being boy-girls.

B.O is a HUGE problem for them too and sometimes smelly feet. I've known a female-presenting invert who could clear the room taking off her jacket and we were always aware of her vagina, due to the smell. The odor doesn't seem to bother them, the way men don't care if they stink.(XY FAILURE)

No. 1441261

Same for moon landing. All Google searches yield only debunking articles. Not suspicious at all.

No. 1441554

I bet you’re responsible for posting cp, now kindly fuck off

No. 1441626

File: 1670795510882.jpg (101.8 KB, 500x426, dont_lurch.jpg)

44/55 - you know what that means kek
- or maybe you don't because your generation are pretty much esoterically illiterate. I guess the Inverts That Be figure it'd be a waste of time, considering their plans for you.

Also must suck when you can't rely on group rejection and censorship to stifle criticism from lowly muggles. Anyone reading this can see your reactions are weirdly aggressive and hostile. Accusing me of being a pedo is pretty standard invert behaviour, and this is what I mean when I say you guys have become both lazy and boring.

Since I was only answering questions to begin with, why not learn from me and take the eagle path? Why completely shut down other tinfoil discussions? You're goading me into responding because you want to derail the topic.

I was very happy to ignore you all and only respond to questions but everything always shuts down when I try to participate in this thread and share my invert stories. If finishing schools still existed, you guys would be a lot more welcoming and convincing too.

No. 1443750

I believe you nona, I enjoy your little truth drops. that's what this thread is for?
these replies telling you to fuck off is the strange thing to me.
(are you drake-is-a-woman poster? if so hey girl same lmao)

No. 1443966

File: 1670936547900.jpg (18.18 KB, 264x400, 1156392458_small.jpg)

Seeing the list of directors and big name actors who defended 120 of sadom, was the thing that convinced me that Hollywood is completely filled with perverted rapists at the top
and I don't buy the bullshit cover that the film was a genius critique of fascism that we plebeians just cannot understand, It was glorified torture and abuse porn

No. 1443974

It disturbs me more that they used actual minors in the movie

No. 1444090

If someone is willing or even worse, enthusiastic to write or film that, it can't possibly be totally innocent art. The writer or director had to get off to it.
We all know the elites are degenerates who commit incredibly depraved acts because they can (and because most of them are male). WHY would you ever need to portray it in such great detail?? That's the difference between pure criticism and legal extreme pornography disguised as art or a political statement

No. 1444173

Holy shit, I never cared to read more about this one, just knew that it's a degenerate movie, went on wikipedia right now and wow, it's exactly as anon said, torture porn, unless wiki summary for some reason chosen to not mention the plot. They didn't even bother to give characters names, in a true porn fashion. Did any of the actors, specifically female ones, spoke about the production after? I looked up a few and none of them had any career after; and it's a pretty common thing to happen especially back then for young actresses getting so scarred by their first big movie experience to remove themselves from acting altogether.

No. 1444177

Also, can you share that list, of people defending the movie? I can't find it by googling

No. 1444229

how is this even a conspiracy theory at this point when heart issues were a noted side effect? Pretty much all medical interventions and pharmaceutical drugs have side effects, but somehow it's crazy to suggest rushed vaccines from companies with poor reputations that have hid problems with their products in the past. Even if it was the perfect vaccine there will always be people that have side effects or complications but criticizing any vaccine is like blasphemy and people are afraid to do it because they will be labeled antivax. There are so many stories of various products on the market that were harmful but the data was suppressed until eventually they went to court about it and paid the fines… only to do it again. Most recently i read nightmare: women and the dalkon shield. The people involved hid and manipulated results, had an interest in population control, were upset they couldn't test their product in africa, implanted the iud to women without their consent, dismissed the women's complaints etc. So many good books out there about medical malpractice, shitty companies etc but people trust all this shit blindly.

No. 1444232

there's actually obnoxious pick me women in some conspiracy groups i joined that are obsessed with transvestigations, i was in a discord server like that and this middle aged woman in there was obsessed with nitpicking various models and actresses and comparing them to herself and declaring them all men and saying anyone that is attracted to them is gay and then posting pics of herself to show what a real woman looks like. Truly insufferable.

No. 1444239

pretty much all the search engines are absolute trash now, they give me the opposite of what i search for, pretty much only the approved mainstream sites, and if i exclude words to avoid those then it somehow can't find anything. They used to work so much better and have only gotten worse and worse over the last few years.

No. 1444257

File: 1670957499553.jpeg (211.66 KB, 1500x2254, 40330263-C249-4ABB-BD34-929D06…)

So why is Salma Hayek married to this ghoul Francois Pinault? I’m not into celebrity worship but how does she not know what her husband does?

No. 1444310

don't forget actual children(they aren't tortured or abused on screen but they still witness the torture porn)

No. 1444314

>Did any of the actors, specifically female ones, spoke about the production after? I looked up a few and none of them had any career after

This is all that I could find
>Many of them have since perished after the film was shot such as Susanna Radaelli in December 2021, Giuliana Melis back in September 2016, Bruno Musso sometime in the 2010s, Antonio Orlando in the late 80s of a reported car crash, Sergio Fascetti in Lazio, by drug overdose in March 1992, and Lamberto Book shortly after his 50th birthday. Many of them were seen as erotica stars and thus, weren't allowed to participate as 7th art actors anymore. Some of the actors that are still alive are ashamed and wish not to speak about their experience and have since returned to anonymity after shooting a few other Italian movies or Salò itself, or have disappeared without a trace.

>Franco Merli was interviewed in 1989 and said he and his fellow cast members had a lot of fun in-between shots but everything was done quite quickly and there was little time to think about what was happening. Born in Sicily, Franco was 18 when the film was being shot, and that year (when he was being interviewed) he worked for a company that enabled LPG installations on cars. After Salò, Franco found it difficult to find any work film wise, though it was never his intention to become an actor in the first place. In 1976, he was cast as the transvestite prostitute Fernando in Ugly, Dirty and Bad and 3 years later had a minor role in The Imaginary Patient before leaving the industry for good, and returning to Sicily

>Renata Moar was born in 1955 and was pushed in the spotlight at age 18 by her Mother. Described as vague and mysterious, in 1977 she starred as Klaus' sister in Nazi Love Camp 27, and modelled for the Spanish magazine Interviu. According to her artistic agent Tony Askin, Renata's boyfriend regularly beat her, and she was an avid consumer of illegal substances.
>Olga Andreis was a model located in Milan who portrayed the female victim Eva. After Salò, she starred in two 2 more films and continued her profession before moving to Sardinia where she lived in 'a real paradise' for a decade. Subsequently, she moved back to back to Milan to take care of her family, and resides there to this day. She recalled that Merli, though he was courted by Pasolini several times (and according to another actor, slept in his bedroom), actually attempted to court her. But she never gave in.
>Antinisca Nemour was born May 31st, 1957 in Milan, Italy. She was a model and in a film before Salò, which she was in at 17. Antinisca acted up until 1978, with most of her roles involving her body. In 2010, she starred as herself in the archival footage Video Nasties. She had a daughter named Sara in 1985 and currently lives in Bologna working as an assistant.
>Dorit Henke is a German actress and the oldest victim on Salò at the age of 21 (she turned 22 whilst the film was being edited). Henke was born on June 19th, 1953, and during the 70s she posed for a number of Italian and German magazines, as well as starring in several teenage erotica films. After finding herself without any work, she gained attention for dating a Playboy, and after the relationship concluded she married an Italian, became Dorit Cappelli and Mothered a daughter.
>Maurizio Valaguzza was one of the contributors who you will recognise dancing at the end with Claudio Troccoli, who asked Maurizio his girlfriends name. At the age of 16 (a rough estimate because he was born in June of 1958), Pasolini saw a picture of Maurizio in an agency and, having already done theatre, called him for an audition. In 2012 he was interviewed by Paolo Bonacelli about his Salò experience in a documentary called the 121st Day, directed by Alessandro Avellis. According to a few websites, Valaguzza was a publicist who has wrote and starred in several plays. He has a son, grandchildren, and lives in Monza e della Brianza.
>Ezio Manni is a Roman, who was born on May 23rd, 1955. He was skilled at baseball and hoped to make a career out of it before meeting Pasolini when he was just 16-years-old, in 1971. Pasolini, who was described by Manni as a 'great soul', informed Ezio of knowledge and Italian culture, and subsequently, they became companions. He was also the romantic partner of Tatiana Mogilansky after comforting her whilst she was in tears. After Salò Ezio returned to anonymity until 2007. That year, he gave an interview about his Pasolinan experience and then again in 2019 to help make the French book "Mort pour Salò", where he, Umberto Chessari, Marco Lucantoni and Maurizio Valaguzza were interviewed by journalist Benjamin Berget.
>Marco Lucantoni was the first victim in Salò who you'll remember as the initial victim who tried to escape. 6′0 in height, Lucantoni was born in 1957 and began acting in 1970. He appeared in over 6 films before studying architecture at the Sapienza University of Rome. After graduating, Lucantoni began working for the cargo and freight company, DHL where he was employed for many years. In 2000, he immigrated to Florida and 14-years-later, moved to Ohio where he currently works for a company called Free. He and Umberto co-starred in Mino Guerrini's 1974 Professore venga accompagnato dai suoi genitori as students. Lucantoni was Matese and Chessari was Tuturno.
>Claudio Troccoli, one of the collaborators in Salò (who you'll remember spat on one of the daughter wives, Tatiana's face), now works as a carabiniere. He was 17 when starring in Salò.

No. 1444361

I read the book this was based on (120 days of Sodom by Marquis de Sade) when I was in my late 20s. I can honestly say that it polluted my mind. I was disturbed by it for months afterwards, and can honestly say I wish I'd never read it and would NEVER recommend anyone else to do so. The film seemed mild in comparison and if you've ever seen it, then you'll understand how utterly depraved that book was.

No. 1444366

I wonder if there's someone hacking or toying with google right now. Just a couple days after the Paul Giamatti, Jim Carrey, Arnold Schwartznegger hack, there was another mistake where it was incorrectly referring to a shark or some kind of animal as algae. Either somebody is fucking with the articles the google sources pull from or someone is hacking their actual systems to display misinformation

No. 1444395

File: 1670965271630.gif (4.3 MB, 640x502, E2E38FA2-E07F-4911-AD77-6E35F4…)

No. 1444396

Thanks anon, good job finding all this. I'm glad at least some women managed to get out of it and live relatively normal life. Poor Renata, i've read about her role and it's one of the worst; it's just devastating her life went like this, all because her mother wanted her to be famous so badly. It's awful.

No. 1444410

Because she doesn't care. If she had a strong moral compass she wouldn't be a celebrity.

No. 1444432

Yandex is the best alternative i have found for now, stuff i search for actually comes up.

No. 1444538

Have you tried the page experiment? eventually after 15-40 pages google doesnt show you anymore content, even though initially it says there's more than 6 billion results or some shit like that, it can only show you about 200. It doesn't matter what you search either. I recommend you try by yourselves anons, it's a big wakeup call. At this point I'm using webrings more than search engines.
Can confirm, yandex is the best for image reverse search and for piracy.

No. 1445369

10 years since Sandy Hook. Did they ever figure out why that turbo autist did it?

No. 1446170

Was probably a govt patsy just like that kid who shot up the elementary school in Uvalde

No. 1446396

They killed twitch, but why?

No. 1446596

what do you mean?

No. 1446732

Are you spooked of every sci-fi CGI or just this one?

No. 1446745

Are you fucking serious? Most anons on this site transvestigate too

No. 1446749

Ellen Degeneres' DJ

No. 1446961

No we don't, Drake-chan, just you

No. 1447575

The world/internet/technology has been getting more monopolized and spiraling faster to a NWO/one world government, yet people in my social circle are more bent out of shape and foaming over some "racist" AI stolen cartoon art generator. Geotracking, facial recognition, and apps that harvest all your info are okay but stolen anime art is GOING TOO FAR kek

No. 1447585

The same people behind the "racist ai stolen cartoon art" are behind everything else. People are pissed because these mega companies are compiling stolen data and images which yes includes drawings which are some people's careers and livelihoods. Have some fucking empathy

No. 1447601

>The same people behind the "racist ai stolen cartoon art" are behind everything else.
Exactly, and thats why i don't have empathy for those artists. They didn't care about technology going too far until some generic AI art generators came along. I'm an artist who has profited off my art and know first hand that we always get the shit end of the stick.

No. 1448133

File: 1671188139474.jpeg (11.57 KB, 275x229, 62652656.jpeg)

(sorry if this has been posted before)

I have a tinfoil that people deliberately confuse the behavior of underage characters in order to bewilder the impressionable young men that consume said media. Ellie from The Last of Us is a prime example (I was literally her age when the game came out (14) and I remember thinking she was cool and looking up to her like I would a big sister, despite us being the same age – I know she was raised in an apocalyptic scenario but that doesn't change the fact that she is a kid). I know people cast adults as teens to avoid hiring child labor laws but it is possible for people to learn to mimic a child's behavior. In the first Walking Dead game series, the VA for Clementine was a grown woman who studied the speech patterns of children and (imo) accurately replicated the naive, hesitant speech patterns of a shy child. I know that people cast adults as children for practical reasons but there's no reason for me to believe that they don't benefit from people consciously or subconsciously "aging up" minors via media depictions.

No. 1448432

>>1448133 I'm confused. Do you have an issue with adults playing minors or minors acting older than they are in media?

No. 1449833

Nta but I think she means that the adults who voice child characters don't usually try to sound like children and that combined with the way they're written creates the impression they're older and more 'mature' which could be deliberate.
I don't like the way she(?) is phrasing it though.
>Impressionable young men
What, you mean children? It wouldn't matter to them. If you mean older teenagers and young adults then no lol. People at that age know that children are children and don't just get manipulated by video games and tv to think 14 year olds are sooo mature. I can get behind it being deliberate as means of normalizing creepy behavior towards kids or whatever but this isn't the case of
>poor impressionable young men uwu

No. 1450871

this is what i've been saying this whole time, all of this shit is just a way to humiliate women. this was always the goal, it's not a side effect, it was always the intent. i hate the future and i hate how inevitable all of this is, i hate feeling watched, i wish i could have been a young woman in the 70s where none of this shit was a problem. giving the average male access to cameras and advanced technology was a mistake that we will never be able to make up for, fuck the future but there is no escape, this is the world we live in now. schizo rant over, but seriously this shit is fucking terrifying.

No. 1450889

>In the first Walking Dead game series, the VA for Clementine was a grown woman who studied the speech patterns of children and (imo) accurately replicated the naive, hesitant speech patterns of a shy child.
Telltale games suck ass, anon. And that's not tinfoil, that's fact.

No. 1450993

you should be euthanized for badmouthing minecraft story game.

No. 1451319

Ik what you mean nona but women in most countries in the 70s couldn't even open a bank account without a man's permission or go to college.

No. 1452831

If we are to believe that the Clinton’s are murderers, then why didn’t they suicide Monica Lewinsky?

No. 1452833

Not necessary, because most people kept seeing Bill as a Chad and instead blamed her for being a "whore". Who needs to orchestrate a suicide when misogyny is so strong in society, that the woman will be "cancelled" automatically.

No. 1454046

I'm anticipating another wave of pedophilia acceptance soon. The abundance of porn leaking into every day society and the emphasis on teenage girls being sexually desirable is alarming. Then you also have "gender affirming surgeries" and shit like hair removal for women being perfectly normal if not encouraged.
The whole "consent" argument too. They're saying kids have informed consent to lop off their breasts now…what's next? All you need is informed consent to shag adults? It's really worrying. Nonces are everywhere and once you see it it's impossible to forget it.

No. 1454282

It’s just another facet of men never taking responsibility for their actions. ‘I was manipulated into being a degenerate, it’s not my fault so don’t penalise me!’

No. 1454474

nta but I used to see women’s social media pictures being deepfake’d on /b/ so I thought I was safe if I didn’t have social media. well nowadays moids just have no problem taking pictures of you in public; literally some fucking autist in my class did that while I presented a project and then tried to arrange for better quality photos of me later on under the guise of some weird class photo even though we’re in grad school. why must they be so fucking entitled? I mind my business, don’t have a social media, don’t even talk to this scrote because he’s a weird incel autist and yet he has to potentially fuck over my entire life and career just to create some doctored photos of me to jerk off to because his phd autist brain isn’t wise enough to just imagine the person you want to masturbate to. huh funny how that works.
like I said, I have no social media and do my best not to attract attention. so are women not supposed to leave our house if we don’t want to be digitally undressed now? I fucking hate this world and moids. covid should have actually done some good and killed these mentally disabled apes off.

No. 1454484

This also massively worries me. It reminds me how I heard of arguments saying that paedophilia is either a sort of orientation (socially unacceptable) or something like a disorder, so these perverts have no choice to be that way. Personally I feel paedophilia is nothing more than absolutely evil desires, desires based on a need to harm others (in this case children), children who have different position than adults and even though it might be related to some psychological useless, I think all propositions of therapy for pedos are massive bullshit. We should care for mental health care for people real issues, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, DID, trauma, whatever, all except rapists-to-be.

This also enrages me how some will say that “as long as a pedo doesn’t offend it can be managed”. Bullshit, it’s not “let pedos never offend”, they will always want to offend, they just hide it. I don’t believe in shit like “non-offending” ones because that’s the same rhetoric the pedo groups used to justify their actions.

No. 1454485

The fact that society is so oversexualized and that violence and mistreatment of women and children is normalized will only fuel this.

Luckily, most people hate pedos (and rightfully so) but it disgusts me how some people will try to argument that even though socially unacceptable, this is a sort of orientation or whatever, some unchangeable trait. Well, to me it seems a bit unchangeable but in a way that we shouldn’t accept it, we should eliminate those who have it, don’t let them harm anyone.
(Samefag - continuing, post too long)

No. 1454487

Even some months ago I argued online with a moid who said that if I don’t believe paedophilia to be some orientation-like trait, it must mean I deny science. Little did he care that the same scientist would probably back the trans agenda. Science has been used to support racism and misogyny - this doesn’t mean whole science is wrong as a concept but that we need to see if something is pushed to serve an agenda, like discrimination or normalizing dangerous behavior.

It reminds me some sentiments that maybe we’ll see gender reaffirming surgeries in the same way as lobotomy is viewed now and I really hope it will be that way. Idiot never cited his sources either but just knowing there are out some “scientists” willing to justify just a bit something as evil and unthinkable as “attraction to children” is deeply sickening.

It would need to take a matter of time, groups of interest, lobbyist, like the trans thing but… paedophilia should never be normalized and anyone who dares to think it’s something more than a sick pornsickness desire to harm children (even in any miraculous cases where porn consumption wouldn’t be involved) is also a danger to society.

I also feel like all the people, mostly men backing shit like such “research” have something to hide as well.

(Samefag + sage but I also wanted to add this and my post was too long - the end of my long ass message that was intended as one post)

No. 1454504

Paedophillia is not a sexuality, it’s a paraphillia, and paraphillias usually come in clusters. In almost every case, a paedophile will have some other kind of sexual fixation, usually one involving sadism, beastiality or dominance. The majority of scientists agree. The only thing that’s changed recently is that homosexuality is no longer seen as a paraphillia.

No. 1454533

Only pedophiles think pedophilia is a sexuality. You're right, science and psychology sees pedophilia as a paraphilia aka a mental illness.

No. 1454654

>The only thing that’s changed recently is that homosexuality is no longer seen as a paraphillia.
This makes me think about how homosexuality, specifically and exclusively in males, is often accompanied by pedophilia. Weren't they the ones trying to include pedophiles into the LGBT community in the past? Or maybe it's just males being degenerates no matter what. Male sexuality is so malleable and memeable it's hard to tell what's a paraphilia and what isn't for them.

No. 1454718

I keep seeing men say "Tory was going to expose the label on live that night! They got him before he could!! Megan lied!" That faggot would've just screamed whatever secret he knew in court if he was serious about it, but he wasn't. And why that night after the party anyway? Why not before? Was he full of shit?

No. 1454806

Also I hate tech. Bf was playing with his vr headset while I was on my phone browsing. He looked at me and saw it was scanning my face. Should I put tape on the camera now?

No. 1454829

File: 1671951435863.jpeg (53.06 KB, 680x439, IG post.jpeg)

Ayrt and it's about the celeb thing between Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez. Tory is an abuser though, so I don't know if he was just bsing and being a tard.
>Should I put tape on the camera now?

No. 1455563

Sounds like me. If I'm an invert, how did I get my ovaries that work perfectly fine?

No. 1456519

she is a farmer. that's my tinfoil.
I know you're here beetch show yourself

No. 1456538

Has she collabed with Vangelina before? Pretty sure she’s a farmer too.

No. 1456539

File: 1672231811821.jpeg (93.35 KB, 900x900, C34095AB-3F10-4525-A6FF-7DA3CD…)

Samefag but while we’re talking suspects, I think Unnatural Vegan (picrel) either could be or would be a farmer.

No. 1456547

If this bitch is here I wanna give her a big FUCK YOU for helping Freelee and Durian ruin Jennifer Faulisi's last few months alive. She had terminal breast cancer and just wanted to live out her last few months in peace with little pain but these three fuckheads made a bunch of videos calling her a fraud and a scammer and this bitch said "oh if you really wanna help jennifer you wouldn't donate to her psuedo science treatment center." And then the donations stopped and Jennifer died in her apartment, in pain, and with the internet thinking she's a scammer. Hope that weighs on this bitches mind every single night.

No. 1456555

god i hate that balding, retarded bitch

No. 1456562

She does seem the type to come here to defend her Nigel and how she's not like the other mothers.

No. 1456622

vangelinaskov edits for her! she did videos on Lori and Lori fucken blocked her haha! I'll attach vid but I guarantee they are among us
I like them both so I'm not mad I just hate the farms being shown in this light and inviting newfags.
again, I like them both and neither are milky I just hard suspect and don't want to hi cow

No. 1458201

File: 1672402604773.jpg (155.84 KB, 729x812, baldchinlet.jpg)

I was so happy when I first heard he got arrested but now I feel like something is off. Keep in mind that Tate's father was a spook. Why the fuck is the pizza is the foreground of the video. When people said the pizza chain is what identified him I was expecting the box to be in the background somewhere not in the middle of the shot. Idk, it just feels too ridicoulous that a pizza box is what got him busted (that is if he even gets any sort of punishment instead of a slap on the wrist. There was a thread on /x/ about this that got deleted very fast and the scrotes there speculated that it was meant to stir up his fanboys. Wasn't Greta a plant too, anyway?

No. 1458208

I don't think it's that deep. He was openly bragging about being involved with organized crime. He thought that with his connections and money he could get away with it. Could Tate be tied to spooks? He could be. But he was very dumb on social media and that lead to his downfall (Thankfully). His dickriders are trying to paint his as some martyr but he's full of shit. People also overestimate the power and money Tate has. He was just a sex trafficker that had money and a following, just someone slightly above the average joe to the real elite.
Another way to put things is that they used him to create division (he probably was aware of that but since it made him money he didn't care) and promote extremism furthering our current chaotic social climate. I don't think this was just to stir up his fanboys. The details from the investigation still haven't been revealed so we will have to wait.

No. 1458223

i haven't watched the video but based on what i've read i think the pizza box being in the foreground was because he was bragging he wouldn't recycle it, dunking on greta's whole thing which he started by tagging her and telling her that he had x amount of cars that make crazy emissions or whatever

No. 1458236

you forgot that tate is a colossal retard

No. 1458358

I'm glad there's rich brats like Greta to soak up harassment so these people don't focus on real activists.

No. 1458412

File: 1672422197427.jpg (48.84 KB, 564x575, 52e3cffaeb88193f4d1ec1f19464dd…)

My tinfoil regarding this is that Andrew Tate is a massive autist. The way he speaks just stinks of male autism, and I feel like his sperg obsession is about cigars, cars and this really specific mid-2000s obsession with super macho things. He would have easily posted something like picrel in 2013 Instagram wih a really sepia-toned filter over it.

No. 1458859

I hate this smug cunt, the only thing she does is cherry pick and quote “scientific consensus”. And yes, i could definetly see her having been a farmer in the past.

No. 1459483

File: 1672519740503.jpeg (139.47 KB, 1080x1179, 6C00B7AB-6A30-49AA-871C-539B9A…)

omg why hasn't this been posted bitches

No. 1459487

what a desperate grasp at relevancy

No. 1459510

offtopic but this is like the third time i've seen a farmer call a woman a cunt or a bitch in the past hour, can we cool it with the misogynistic slurs.

No. 1459520

>No pictures of his corpse
>"""We disposed of his body""""
Osama Bin Laden wasn't killed by the CIA, he was very ill years prior the strike and very probably died of some random bullshit,

No. 1459575

The illuminati made him be racist?

No. 1459597

It's probably male. He's been doing the same thing reeing about bulldykes and cunt feminists in snow.

No. 1460049

Stop being a snowflake, some women are cunts, your choice feminism can go fuck itself.

No. 1460093

File: 1672588734154.jpeg (50.26 KB, 621x618, 6701BE5F-160F-42A2-8D8C-0A9B4F…)

nah you're right. not a man
i do it with my bestie, we likely desensitized ourselves to the word. thanks for calling it out.

No. 1460185

I started dating a guy and we had a fight over covid, he took two shots of vax, I told him about all the sudden heart problems in people who took the vax and had no heart problems prior to that and he just laughed and he told me he knows people who died from covid and how this is a serious thing and he said that I developed such "thinking patterns" that nothing would get through anyway. I hate normies.

No. 1460187

You're lucky he didn't break up with you yet because I would lol

No. 1460194

Lmao please actually die of COVID you retard

No. 1460197

I will break up with him first because he's not only a normie believing in propaganda but also a sexual pest
NPC reply

No. 1460198

Nta but you're sucking Pfizer and moderna's dicks so fucking hard and sloppily and none of them even say thank you. They keep telling you to inject yourself with objectively shit vaccines, you do it and you keep sucking. Such good boys.

No. 1460201

Kill yourself Nazi.

No. 1460202

Get out scrote.

No. 1460204

No. 1460205

>not wanting to take a vax that can literally make you infertile makes you a nazi
I'd say it's the exact opposite lmao

No. 1460207

>It's bait to hate someone who's infected thousands of others due to their own selfishness.
When you kill yourself it'll take months for anyone to notice you're gone.

No. 1460209

Stop double posting you moid faggot.

No. 1460214

What double posting? You're a schizo

No. 1460217

Anyone who ever got attention on social
media bought it. Nobody becomes famous by accident, those are the original viral videos from before social mediums were monetized and the content might be well known but the people are. Like Charlie bit me, that was viral and they are not famous. Justin Bieber was one of the first celebrities promoted as "social
media star" to celebrity and there's plenty of others who aren't celebrities but really tried by paying to make themselves viral. Not a single damn one grows organically, they come from upper middle class and paid for views and trending, their parents did, they work in media or entertainment. Seriously. No one is going to grow "organically" it's a myth. You make yourself look famous and popular, to bring in curiosity, then you create drama to keep attention, negative news is still news. Now instead of celebrities using agents every other person does this with social media to make a buck. Damn annoying.

No. 1460221

> make you infertile
Is it bad?

No. 1460222

That guy was an actual prostitute for closeted celebrities and sold coke, got in too deep and ran away. He lives off dirty money. He acts like a farmer now because he won't show his staff that does everything, kinda like how his underpaid makeup workers decided to rob him, deservingly because he sat on his ass blowing coke and men while they worked in that factory making low quality products.

No. 1460223

>Vaccinated people don't infect others
>Being rendered infertile and maiming women isn't bad
Kek keep going you're a funny moid

No. 1460226

I regret I read this, I hope it's not true

No. 1460244

Tate father was not a CIA agent(he made that up to seem cool) his dad was a translator and a mediocre chess player

No. 1460283

I cannot imagine having such a twisted, deranged and unjustified hatred towards 50% of the population, these fuckers hate the people that gave them life, women are not even dangerous nor prone to crime like men, why the fuck would you despise them like this? Shooting someone's genitals? wtf?? how do you even get to that level of mental corruption?

No. 1460443

choice feminists are the ones trying to reclaim sexist slurs retard

No. 1460815

I only ever bought one of his pallettes and a pot grinder from him but the quality of both was good. Has it gone downhill in recent years?

No. 1460884

Scary shit

No. 1460934

his "im joking and lieing" video is TERRIFYINGLY similar to Isaac Kaapy's video of the same nature right before he was killed.

if you don't know the story of Isaac Kaapy it's told very well by trisha twyman who was also murdered for uncovering the celebrity blackmail secret mystery school pedophile crap


the whole original video unfortunately was wiped from the internet. but this live reaction recording remained.

No. 1461087

File: 1672686050934.jpg (1.74 MB, 4500x3000, 74313ae5b4.jpg)

The James Somerton video has me fully convinced that now Hollywood is going to use "woke" rhetoric to shill ugly moids and accuse any women who aren't attracted to ugly moids as being racist for only being attracted to "euro-centric" beautfy standards, like Hollywood and twitter have been trying to brainwash all of us to accept that this short flabby mexican with badly grown facial hair is any attractive or appealing

No. 1461095

Not related to Hollywood directly but once I said I didn't get how Beyonce could stand her ugly as fuck, much older, serial cheating husband and she told me that she doesn't think Jay-Z is ugly (fair enough, beauty is subjective) and that people think he's ugly because of racism and eurocentric beauty standards. I tried so hard not to laugh because girl, he's so fucking ugly! There's nothing salvageable in this guy, and there are a shit ton of much more attractive black men all over the planet that you might as well be insulting black people as a whole and indirectly call them ugly as a whole.

No. 1461098

But Hollywood has always been shilling ugly moids.

No. 1461105

File: 1672687000070.jpg (164.91 KB, 1920x1080, pa0Mq5rGm2QnzdpFmugTu4Mghf.jpg)

depended on the genre, films marketed for males had gruff male leads that men could gravitate too and films marketed towards women had hoy guys but nowadays its either about being subversive or inclusive, these people hate us and purposefully fuck our perceptions of reality

No. 1461108

File: 1672687276218.gif (5 MB, 540x400, tumblr_7337c02c3aaf426cec78273…)

well damn…

No. 1461175

There are recordings from all over the world of animals walking in circles for hours or even days, not just sheep, but also insects, reindeers, goats, horses and even orcas. Mass hysteria, reaction to environmental stress or to magnetic fields shifting due to sun activity? Some also tie it to biblical signs

No. 1461256

>China allows international travel at the peak of its current covid spread
>UK signs 10 year partnership with Moderna
>Moderna opening new plants in Australia, UK, and Canada
Now I took the 1st vaccine but was honestly too lazy to get any more or the boosters and I'm glad i didn't because all this shit is so insanely suspicious. why? the vaccine is killing some people, and I get the financial gain of it but I also scratch my head at it because I believe big corpos want to enslave us and build more company towns. how can they if they shill a product that's crippling and killing the public?
It's so insane how they're gaslighting us on this shit. especially when people were like, where did this come from! And the video of the woman dropping a briefcase in a place where covid began spreading, and the professors/spies who were involved in covid were all memory holed. Normies just ignored it and blamed bats or some shit when the few of us who were following it before it became a pandemic knew it was made in a lab. What is their plan nonnies??? This is all so evil

No. 1461267

To continue society's trust so they can keep licking the boots of the government and their corporations. Blind trust and consumerism helps the economy, it brings in tax dollars to fill full pockets of elites.
We're penalized for not trusting and refusing to borrow. We are threatened to lose our jobs and are fined up the ass for not complying. They want to keep us poor, they want to keep us in their pockets, and they want to make sure we can't find a way or work out a plan to survive without them.

No. 1461275

Yall still talking about fricking COVID?? Don't you guys get tired who gives a damn it's been years

No. 1461295

I get why people were reluctant to get Covid shots considering America’s history of doing tests and trial runs on unsuspecting patients. And I definitely understand why minorities were super reluctant.

No. 1461306

Lol stfu no1curr
I was about to get it but what lost me is people being way too forceful about it, demanding unvaccinated to be lynched and shit and treating them like they're second class citizens, even after fauci and the companies admitted vaccines never had or will stop the spread and people still kept having witch hunts for unvaccinated, all within a couple months was super suspicious to me. Anything THAT forceful will never be good news to me

No. 1461314

Idk about his face but zoom out the guy has a pretty nice body with nice big thighs and Bara teddies

No. 1461382


really late but yeah nonny, it’s been proven to be side effects of the vaxx. I believe there is a paper out there that links the jab with myocarditis and other heart diseases. nevertheless, it could also be covid itself. personally I had two shots and never had any side effects but when I got covid that shit seriously fucked me up in the head. I had nonstop panic attacks for days on end and I just wanted to kill myself to make it stop, and on top of that I also developed pvcs. my heart is clear though. I recently got on meds and that has made it much more manageable and I’m recovering but, yeah, it might’ve been the vax or asymptomatic covid. covid also causes myocarditis and heart issues lmao

No. 1461397

I'm from a European country and didn't get any sort of vax. I was incredibly, immediately suspicious. My suspicions were made deeper by my understanding of history and how actual, lethal epidemics look like and play out. For all intents and purposes Covid is on par with the flu, and were it not for the media nobody would even notice it. The flu itself kills a certain amount of people every year since forever, but add a bit of spin to that and normies will be convinced it's a sudden new occurrence. The same applies to Covid. I was however shocked when I found out most americans take regular flu shots, since to me that is obscene. Only very old or sick people take those here.

Anyway, during the last year I've seen people who took the vax and the boosters get repeatedly sick - with covid. And many people unprompted told me that since they took the vax they get constantly sick. Meanwhile everyone who didn't take the vax never had such problems and those who even got covid were up and running quickly. EVEN IF ALL THAT IS BULLSHIT the simple fact is the way the governments and media acted is unacceptable and that the whole thing was about totalitarian control. That's what it boils down to and that's what I think covid was all about.

And if you haven't figured it out yet - the media is advertisements. The news is ads. The governments and Pfizer paid them to run "ads" for the vax, they just call it "news."

No. 1461428

File: 1672716207670.jpg (61.23 KB, 634x384, 63881043-11452871-Pfizer_is_ch…)

No. 1461433

Does this say people paid $130 for the covid vaccine? Bruh. It was free.

No. 1461434

>she told me

No. 1461436

>Pfizer is considering charging between $110 and $130 per dose for its COVID vaccine when the U.S. transitions to a commercial model in 2023.

>your taxes spent at a premium =/ free

No. 1461447

Yeah taxes aren’t free but the tax spending is already shown there so

No. 1461479

File: 1672720875996.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1600x1066, 198A2DB0-B42E-4CDE-850B-A7C15C…)

Football man Damar Hamlin is in critical condition after a tackle. Medical staff administered CPR for 9 minutes on the field but supposedly when he was taken to the hospital he had a pulse. No update on his condition in over a hour. Twitter is having a conniption with vaccine injury claims. No one seems willing to address that American football is a pointlessly dangerous sport.

No. 1461481

Not a tinfoil, this has been knows for a like 30 years now, American Football players, pro-Wrestlers and Boxers are number one for CTE rates which fucks them up for life

No. 1461483

looks like blunt force brain damage to me

No. 1461484

File: 1672721574814.jpg (582.01 KB, 1284x1712, 8004e16794.jpg)

>Bara teddies Bara teddies Bara teddies
SHUT THE FUCK UP, he's a pudgy man who couldn't be bothered to lose weight and you've been meme'd into liking pudgy dudes and be convinced fit men pectorals are the same thing as moobs

No. 1461493

I saw a bunch of people say it was heart related, he did need CPR and defib. If he got hit in the chest at the wrong moment it could’ve caused his heart to stop. I’ve seen brain injury in football and when those fall down they tense and their arms curl up. Frightening shit

No. 1461509

Arms curling up is a reflex, but yeah that's a sign of brain damage. However, given that this guy was vaccinated and that shit can induce myocarditis…

No. 1461539

Sounds like something a glowie would say…

No. 1461574

The tinfoil is that it’s related to the COVID vaccine anon

No. 1461585

>For all intents and purposes Covid is on par with the flu, and were it not for the media nobody would even notice it.
No it's really not. I nearly died from it in 2020 and was sick for 3 months straight. I've never had a flu for that long and tht was as intense as covid. People would have noticed because of hospitals in many countries not having enough beds for everyone even way before that. My master's thesis was about that and I think I predicted that something like this would happen just a few months before 2020, if a retard like me could so can anyone else.

No. 1461598

Same nonnie, me and bf got it in early nov. We’ve quite literally been sick since and we’re just getting over the hump. This on top of a hard med. abortion have left me totally out of it at work and in life.
I feel for you and hope you’re doing better!

No. 1461633

This. There's not enough muscle mass and too much fat. Moids find it easier to lose fat and gain muscle so there is no excuse and yet this is still being shilled as attractive.

No. 1461758

We are overdue for some serious magnetic shifts on this planet. Personally I feel this decade is going to be when it comes to a head

No. 1461760

Most of my friends and even 50 yo people I know were only sick for a week during covid. Are you severely obese or suffering from other illnesses(like diabetes) that you are unaware of? You two should both go to a doc and get your stuff checked that's not normal.

No. 1461801

Yeah, it is. I'm sorry if you had a bad experience but there are plenty of researchers and even some governments now that are saying covid has become less lethal than the current seasonal flu. Now I agree that the first strains of the desease were a lot more dangerous and people were unprepared, even if the majority of the population still got it without knowing it ( so asymptomatic/barely symptomatic), but the covid that's going around now is basically another virus. I had covid twice, one during the first waves and one during omicron phase, both times I was ill for about a week only, just like many other people I know.

No. 1461917

File: 1672768648995.jpeg (161.92 KB, 828x573, 6916BDC5-5E15-4992-B9EA-FDA396…)

the numbers speak for themselves.
also notice the lack of spike during the BLM protests where people were yelling and packed like sardines.

No. 1461919

File: 1672768726289.jpeg (64.47 KB, 828x475, 75CB1825-7E51-4B8B-8659-3FAB64…)

No. 1461927

i guess i should state my point sorry:
how is it possible that my brother gets omicron covid and his live in girlfriend gets sick with exactly the same symptoms and one one tests positive for covid, both vaxxed exactly the same days with the same batches and all. i believe their test was a comprehensive lab hospital test. also same concept with my mother and her live in boyfriend. how does one person get sick with covid and then the other is negative for covid.

No. 1461933

File: 1672769405081.jpeg (227.37 KB, 828x930, F4ABECE0-C357-4287-8F8B-23F052…)

samefag: sorry.
i believe the tests were faulty, the anitigen and PCR. the flu went away i propose because the covid tests (which were the only tests most people cared to go get) we're falsely reporting covid when perhaps it was flu or rhinovirus.
-picrel: Tanzanian President tested a goat and a paw paw in May 2020. He conveniently passed away in March 2021 after everyone forgot.

No. 1462024

I have a tinfoil that asexuality as an orientation is a sort of means of brainwashing. People who don’t have need for sex for real, indifferent to that etc. seem much more difficult to manipulate because they wouldn’t respond to various manipulation methods connected with social compulsions associated with sex. They’re capable of being more critical of various things in society. The modern understanding of “asexuality” as defined by the LGBT/queer communities is flawed and designed to confuse the young and insecure, to make them search for a group they would belong to (aka: the “loving” queers). The idea behind making it a separate orientation or a spectrum is weaponized to further sexualize teenagers and confuse anyone who has identity issues (kinda like trans acceptance), wants to belong or unfortunately fell into the queer nonsense. Speaking of sexualization, it’s like validating the anxiety of teens who think something might be wrong with them due to not being obsessed with sex and relationships (as society is misogynistic for example), so they will feel the push to find their label and orientation, identify as “asexual” when they’re still young and not adult yet so they have lots of life experiences before them.
For people who would be the genuine asexuals (I don’t like that word but will use it to simplify), it can be alienating experience because at the end of the day they’re getting lumped with queers and silenced in a fake community that is supposed to be made for them but won’t accept anyone who dares to question the illogical identity bullshit.

No. 1462141

They are making it so obvious by killing prominent people near the end of the year.

No. 1462159

You're putting way too much thought into it. Zoomers self-identify as asexual because they want a minority label, just like how some of them are trying to pass off PCOS as an intersex condition and innumerable other examples. It's literally that simple

No. 1462197

>trying to pass off PCOS as an intersex condition

No. 1462395

I was surprised by how many prominent people died during the last and first week of the year. Crazy

No. 1462445

Gotta get their year-end sacrifices for the next solstice is my guess

No. 1462451

I saw anons complaining in the Canadian thread about immigration, and I know it's a dead horse here in the us, but it just reminded me of something my aunt told me.
She lives in the boonies and drove out to some rinky dink town and saw literal Africans out there. This is in a state that is nowhere near the border, in a small town with no job opportunities you would have to drive for miles just to find a store. You cant tell me these people weren't fucking trafficked. And we know the government knows theres more people being trafficked, and they dont give a shit. They more than likely have their hands in the pie.
Like when they told border patrol to release the kids they detained bc BP couldn't find legal evidence of them actually belonging to the adults they came over with. Theres already corporations looking only to employ illegals, so they can pay them meager wages, and the gov is allowing this shit to happen. You cant tell me the gov doesn't want this country to become a damn third world country with only the corporate elite having human rights.

No. 1462461

Can I have a quick rundown of who you guys are talking about? I only heard about Barbara Walters passing.

No. 1462463

>You cant tell me the gov doesn't want this country to become a damn third world country with only the corporate elite having human rights.
Canada allowing mass amounts of people to move here while ignoring the shortage of doctors, housing crisis, and rising homeless population makes me think this as well. Also it's nice seeing a fellow Canadafag say "the boonies" lol, I said that to a group of burgerfags once and they looked at me like I was speaking gibberish.

No. 1462539

Off-tinfoil-topic, but where were those burgers from? Boonies & boondocks are pretty common slang words in the south.

No. 1462554

Oh I thought "boonies" was a Canadian term, my bad. Most of the burgerfags were from Seattle, maybe they just hadn't heard the term before cause they were West Coast city boys lol

No. 1462564

For the love of all that is fucking holy can you retarded fags go to 2X?? You have a WHOLE BOARD dedicated to your autism, leave this one thread dedicated to conspiracies alone PLEASE

No. 1462568

Thats fucking terrifying

No. 1462844

That is not 2x discourse or autism. Get over it. She made a comment on disgusting men shooting women specifically in the genitals and didn’t say anything wrong or extreme. She asked how you could hate 50% of the population, women, so much. Valid question regarding the op post. Chill the fuck out male lover.

No. 1463064

Emmanuel Macron is gay and his 24 years older wife is just his beard. You know I'm right. He's one of the very few French presidents who's not a degenerate or a serial cheater.

No. 1463101

>oh no she's hating moids
Go back.

No. 1463139

Scrote or pick me detected. Fuck off.

No. 1463190

File: 1672863742964.webm (2.94 MB, 320x240, 1672770741728728.webm)

Daily reminder there's a hole in the north pole

No. 1463210

File: 1672864732910.jpg (22.16 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-949525692-612x612 …)

Veganism was pushed not only as a marketing tactic to genuinely brainwash people into thinking that dehydrated ground-up soy is somehow "healthier" than meat, but it was also pushed to make a percentage of the population weak, vitamin-deficient and frail. We are omnivores, there is no reason to be vegan and deprive yourself of any animal-based foods unless you're somehow allergic to all of them. And to be reasonable here, no you shouldn't be eating processed red meat 3x a day and eating entire blocks of cheese, but at the same time there are specific nutrients that you acquire from meat/dairy that are hard to get from vegan diets.
It's only a matter of time, and it's already happening in some areas, before they start shoving minced insects as a replacement to meat, Snowpiercer block style. Everyone should be far more focused on more ethical ways of farming instead of pretending like your avocados that were shipped overseas are somehow more healthy and environmentally-friendly.

I've also noticed way more women turning vegan than men. I wonder if this is partially down to women feeling more guilt socially and feeling like they constantly need to alter their diet through trends and fads.

No. 1463212

One thing I don't understand about vegan diets, is why aren't actual viable options like potatoes, turnips and cabbages ever pushed, why does it seem focused on soy beans for some reason

No. 1463222

There is no ethical way to sustain billions of people with meat. In many countries there's not enough (unpolluted) earth to raise grass-fed cows and shit, it also takes more time to produce "ethical" meat (although there's nothing ethical about raising an animal just to kill it imo). That meat would be more expensive and even less people would be able to afford it. Idk, there were religious/philosophical movements that discouraged from killing and eating animals and predated modern western white veganism. It's not a new idea, although I agree it may be pushed by certain people who want to save "ethical", good quality meat for themselves and force plebs to eat bugs. Doesn't mean veganism itself is bad. One does not exclude the other.

No. 1463224

nta, because those aren't exactly high in protein and the first thing people bring up is "protein tho". Soy beans are pretty high in protein and versatile. Like if you're just going to remove meat from your diet, you do have to make up for it with other high protein foods. Good luck getting enough protein and calories from fucking cabbage. Only retards like Freelee try to do that. Btw it doesn't have to be soy beans, you can do all kinds of beans, legumes, lentils, whatever. Or seitan, that's great.

No. 1463228

Based carnivorous Stacey. Also women need meat more than men, same reason we are encouraged to take iron, etc.

No. 1463229

there is no ethical way to sustain billions of people period especially under capitalism , and eating leaves and suplement pills is not gonna go well with said billions

No. 1463230

Because stuff like tofu is easily accessible, cheap, versatile, and has good nutrients.

No. 1463235

The amount of pollution created because we have to import things from other countries makes being vegan irrelevant

No. 1463242

Most vegan food that I've seen people eat is such processed garbage anyways. Not a single vegan I know shops at a farmers market where it would actually benefit anyone other than giant corps (who don't actually care about the earth or treatment of animals).

No. 1463243

Of course, but there are still levels to it, and labor which produces dead objects from dead objects is often fucked up but it's way less fucked up than labor that requires killing of billions of animals, often not even adult ones, who suffered in terrible conditions, to produce resources. Also, people who work in slaughterhouses are often fucked up. Many suffer from ptsd.
This will never be "normal" kek

No. 1463246

File: 1672866189011.jpg (6.33 KB, 300x168, download (2).jpg)

I've gotten more into the environmental studies of my field (I like animals and nature ugh) and while I obviously see the dangers of negative externalities in mass production and consumption, I cannot help but think that environmentalism can be used to guilt trip women in particular–creating this Orwellian end goal that the WEF has previously published that we will own nothing and be eating Soylent but we'll all totally SO HAPPY doing it, right nonnies?! Idk it's a slippery slope and I will never understand why we put the fault (like taxing) on the modern day low to middle income consumer or the local fisherman in my field; it feels like academia is bought by the Fortune 500 or something to pursue such counterproductive and worthless solutions when I know that the people who write these papers are also smart enough to consider taxing producers instead.

No. 1463253

What I don't get is why being a vegetarian isn't a more popular option when the topic comes up. I hear about veganism way more and about vegetarianism way less than 15 years ago now. Like sure, you don't need to eat meat on a daily basis but eating is way easier if you allow yourself to eat eggs, cream, butter, etc.

No. 1463255

Brazil is the biggest beef exporter in the world, the locals don't even benefit from it, rainforests are destroyed so they can raise more cows to sell the meat to other countries. If people didn't eat meat at all we would at least had more rainforests and less pollution lol

No. 1463284

>gay scrote
>not a degenerate

No. 1463286

A massive amount of rainforests chopped down in Brazil were also for soybean production lol
Demand needs supply no matter what the item. People can't keep pretending they're helping without truly caring about where their food comes from. Even things that say their "sustainably" sourced are barely meeting criteria because the companies make their own rules.
If everyone had a garden or shopped local and stopped being overconsumption assholes maybe we wouldn't need to import and tear other countries apart.

No. 1463288

Still less terrible and degenerate than dying of a heart attack in your office because your secretary gave you a blowjob.

No. 1463296

I wonder if it’s because people are catching on to how weird it is to be vegetarian for ethical reasons but still consume dairy. You can make the argument that eggs are a waste product and as long as you take good care of the hens it’s fine, but dairy requires forcibly impregnating a cow then taking her calf and killing it (aside from a few kept to continue the cycle). If you can support that, why not just eat the damn cow as well?

I’m not vegan but lactose intolerant, and dairy free alternatives have got so much better and more widely available in the past 5 years. My diet isn’t a chore anymore. I’ve only heard awful things about vegan egg alternatives though, so cutting them out would be hard.

No. 1463305

nta most of that soy is fed to animals though

No. 1463313

almost none of the soy is used by humans, it's a fodder crop fed to farm animals because it's cheap as hell. vegans are not killing the earth no matter what anti-ag propaganda you've read.

No. 1463374

There was a period of time were I didn't eat dairy and eggs and I tried some of the vegan alternatives. Some of them were tasty but I was clearly eating super processed chemical shit. Some products made me feel like shit (nausea, cramps, bad stool) so I just stopped eating them, but without some vegan dairy or egg alternatives there's not a lot of variety of food that you can eat if you're an average person who can't spend $5 for an imported fruit.
Also if you're an woman with an average income a vegan diet can become unsustainable pretty quickly, not to mention that I feel like young women and children really need some meat.

No. 1463409

Wait what's the context here? Where is this video from and how do we know it's real? I hope it is though because it would be cool

No. 1463412

No way lol, who was that?

No. 1463423

Because soy is the only plant food that is high in COMPLETE protein, not denying that its shit for you but that is thelogic behind it.

No. 1463428

Which makes no sense anyway since it isnt anywhere near to their natural diet. Unfermented soy isnt healthy for humans or animals.

No. 1463511

consumerist veganism, any diet really, is so bad for you. it's extremely processed. i incorporate "keto" food into my diet due to hereditary diabetes and i probably only buy like 2 things labeled as keto, everything else marketed as keto is aboslute shit. i eat regular shit like chicken and broccoli and onions like a normal human should.
i've tried keto protein bars from aldi and i had the worst bout of diarrhea in the longest time from a single bite. i can't believe it's marketed that way. the horrible amount of artificial sugar in that was disgusting. i don't get why things need to taste nauseatingly sweet.
the only people who buy most keto labeled foods are looking for quick fixes, people with eating disorders trying to lose so many pounds a week and then going back to their regular deep fried oreos, sugar smacks, and potatoes diets once they hit 120lbs and then have to reach out to another extreme diet and go "NOTHING IS WORKING"

No. 1463518

Men hating women isn't a conspiracy

No. 1463520

I don't tell people I'm a vegetarian because I always get the lecture about how dairy is worse and I should know better. I just don't enjoy meat but I would still like to live a normal life considering animal byproduct is in nearly every food except fresh fruit and vegetables

No. 1463884

No shit. But >>1460283 was making a comment, very tame at that, in regards to what anon thought was a conspiracy against women. And >>1462564 was tripping about it saying it needed to be in 2x and it does not. You can say something against males without having to be in 2x.

No. 1463930

File: 1672932424346.jpg (161.54 KB, 1200x675, pesticide_exposure.jpg)

>vegans are not killing the earth
Yes they are.
Veganism will kill the earth quicker than anything else.
>importing vegan foods dumps more CO2 and petrochemicals into the atmosphere
>importing vegan foods also causes food poverty in the poor countries where the food is grown
>soy and palm oil are common vegan food ingredients that are huge cash crops so rain forest is destroyed so they can be grown for profit
>artificial fertilizer used in crop production cause soil degradation and poisons water sources
>herbicides and pesticides are are toxic chemicals that are carcinogenic and teratogenic, they cause cancer and birth defects in both humans and animals. The image shows dead chicks that died due to deformities caused by crop spraying.
The solution for diet sustainability is to eat seasonally and eat what is produced locally.

No. 1464173

how is veganism in particular "killing the earth" when 80% of all soy farming crops are crops dedicated to feeding and sustaining US animal agriculture? all of that destruction of the Amazon for soy is way more accredited to sustaining factory farm cow diets for Ameritard carnivores than anything else.

most of what you've listed as being blamed to veganism is accredited to ANY imported crops or vegetables/fruits from other countries. vegans aren't the only people who consume imported fruits/vegetables or imported soy, which again, is mostly accredited to feeding factory farmed animals.
while yes, your point is true about the solution for diet sustainability to eat seasonally and locally is true, trying to say "veganism is killing the earth quicker than anything else" and then listing talking points that only further prove how damaging industrial animal agriculture is for our planet is a laughable argument to make to followup your point.

if anything, refusing to contribute giving money to an industry that factory farms animals en masse via normalized species rape and slaughter as a whole helps the earth more than anything, again, considering all of that soy imported to the US mostly is used to sustain the dead bodies I'm sure you have 0 issue stuffing your face with so long as the animal is killed "locally". you do realize if your neighbor or your land has ever used a ground fertilizer or weed killer like jumpstart that most likely you're still eating carcinogenic and teratogenic chemicals anyways right? eating local won't solve that.

No. 1464196

this has to be the most braindead take I've read on this thread inawhile and it's the fucking tinfoil thread lol. please for the love of god stop fetishizing folks like liver king and read an actual book or academic study on the dead bodies you're so proudly trying to justify gorging yourself with.

veganism has existed since the dawn of human beings themselves. plant based diets have existed as far back as some of the earliest human tribes. a neanderthal or prehistoric human had way closer to a plant based whole food diet than a carnivorous or modern day diet by 80%+.

no matter how much mental gymnastics you're trying to do to make eating the factory-farmed dead body of an animal fed soy (where 80% of worldwide soy is produced to feed factory farmed animals) and pumped with cross sex and artificial growth hormones, it will never be healthier than eating plant proteins, no matter how much modern day alpha male tradwife propaganda has convinced you folks are "brainwashed" into eating plant proteins humans have ingested for milennia.

how the hell does 100g of plant protein make one weak, vitamin deficient and frail when it contains the same if not more vitamins and proteins than the equivalent 100g of Burgerland dead animal flesh? this myth of "there are certain nutrients you can only derive from dead animals that one can't get from eating just plants" is just that, a myth propagated mostly by the chuds behind 'got milk' and other government subsidy earning dairy conglomerates who have convinced the American public that vegan diets are unsustainable which, by any bare minimum knowledge of how nutrition works, is incorrect. Choosing to not eat factory-farmed dead bodies gorged with soy anyways isn't "depriving" oneself, it's mindfully choosing to 1. either not contribute to mass rape, suffering, and slaughter of entire species and 2. choosing not to poison ones body with anything that screams when it's killed or is pumped with growth hormones before being slaughtered in a dirty factory farm.

newsflash burgerlander: people in other countries and other cultures have eaten insects for protein for milennia now as well. it isn't some overarching conspiracy, tard, it's a natural form of protein for some people just as valid as you find eating a factory farmed hormone pumped ground up bodies of 100 cows in a patty is "natural" or consuming pig lower intestines wrapped in a butthole as a hotdog is "natural". just because you grew up in the West where eating cows/pigs is normalized but eatings dogs and bugs isn't doesn't mean it's some overarching conspiracy when plenty of humans haven't looked down on that protein at all due to their own projections.

hell, if you eat seafood in the US, you already are consuming normalized insect protein. lobsters were originally viewed as the cockroaches of the sea until a propaganda campaign by fishermen in the US during the american revolution convinced the public that instead of being gross poverty food it was a delicacy. same thing with shrimp, whose literal anal sacks are visible and eaten when they're consumed.

also, ever consider women are more empathetic to the struggles of the idea of mass rape, subjugation, and slaughtering of entire species than men who glorify destruction and 'warrior' mentality are? ever consider it has less to do with your own projected ideas of "diets and fads" and more to do with women recognizing a correlation between the mass rape and consumption of entire species via literal "rape racks" and how that could be seen through a feminist frame of lens? god I wish you had enough functioning braincells to read "the sexual politics of eating meat" cause it would blow your mind how much male propaganda you're regurgitating to defend eating your chicken nuggets. just say you don't care about the mass rape and torture of entire species at the hands of men and move on.

No. 1464296

sadly you're retarded. human beings have eaten meat since the dawn of time. 100g of plant protein has completely different nutritional value compared to 100g of animal protein. also big agra destroys an insane amount of life to cultivate the amount of monocropped vegetables and legumes necessary to produce 100g of plant "protein." the loss of life involved with large scale monocrop agriculture is unjustifiable. grass fed free range beef is the most sustainably sourced nutrient dense food for human beings available here on planet earth. try eating some. seems like you mean well so i sincerely hope you can see the bigger picture with all this

No. 1464300

>how is veganism in particular "killing the earth" when 80% of all soy farming crops are crops dedicated to feeding and sustaining US animal agriculture?
Don't even bother, there are literal paid ag shills crawling all over even 4chan and there's a good chance the person you're replying to is one, given the talking points and images queued up specifically for them. They always dodge when someone brings up that most soy is used to feed animals lmao

No. 1464311

File: 1672951561806.jpg (38.34 KB, 750x749, highland-cattle-calves-12.jpg)

this is the real tinfoil, ag lobby is the biggest in america and has propaganda everywhere, especially the dairy industry who spend billions trying to get people to drink puss filled breastmilk from cows fed sex hormones rather than almonds and water. you remember that huge meme about bacon a while ago? where everything was bacon themed and bacon was the manliest thing ever? yeah that was a confirmed animal agriculture psyop, they admitted to it. people who HURR DURR VEGAN EAT QUONIA I EAT COW I VERY NATRUL I VERY SMART for free are idiots, you can get paid for doing that shit. but these tards are not worth arguing with since they are either a) literal paid propagandists or b) literal sheeple. these are bleak times for us enlightened v*gan nonnas.

No. 1464315

Doesn't soy contain a sex hormone?

No. 1464316

soy contains phytoestrogen, named because the molecule looks similar to estrogen in structure. it's not a sex hormone, it just has a name similar to a sex hormone, and even if it were a sex hormone it would not affect you because you are not a plant. milk is full of sex hormones that can actually affect you, however.

No. 1464317

Why didn't the surving roommate of the Idaho murders call 911 after seeing a figure dressed all in black approach her and then leave out a back door at 4 AM? That whole case seems fishy.

No. 1464319

>liver king
>how the hell does 100g of plant protein make one weak, vitamin deficient and frail
Plant and meat offer completely different nutrient and protein profiles. you lot literally have to rely on b12 supplements and you think that shit is healthy? even vegetarians want nothing to do with you kek
>newsflash burgerlander
I'm not even american, you sound obsessed with americans though, maybe you should seek some help for that
>male propaganda you're regurgitating to defend eating your chicken nuggets
I'm an ex-vegan, don't eat chicken nuggets and my decision to eat meat doesn't make me a victim to male propaganda, it just means i easily achieve muscle mass compared to you and also have a more varied diet kek. I buy my animal-based products from local small farms too. Take your b12 and move on faggot.

No. 1464322

Entrance into the inner earth

No. 1464326

>completely different protein profiles
plant and meat both contain all essential amino acids. the levels vary. but unless you are eating exclusively lettuce or are literally anorexic, you will consume complete proteins. you are retarded and have no idea what you're talking about. even sites that are basically misinfo like webmd still admit vegans can get all necessary proteins from plants, you have no excuse.
>i'm ex vegan
translation: 'i was 'vegan' for two hours in middle school after watching an earthling ed video then quit when i got hungry and now i pretend that makes me an expert when people disagree with my retarded and misinformed opinions'
>b12 deficiency
most people w a b12 deficiency are meat eaters. everything you say is so easily disproved it's sad. you have no interest in actually engaging in conversation about real conspiracy. instead you're interested in blogging about your love of the meat industry, as if that is not the most normal and basic belief shared by every normie that gets their news from facebook and cnn. i hope you are being paid for this because the idea that you might be sincere is scary as shit. run along cheesebreath.

No. 1464332

Kinda funny considering I was vegan for 11 years but sure, some unhinged anon on a website knows my history and life better than I do apparently? I have no idea how you can send this post and say "meat eaters are the most deficient in b12 aychually" when the best sources of b12 are from animal products you fucking moron. You're throwing a load of accusations about me that are based off absolutely nothing kek, carry on seething

No. 1464338

wait until this tard finds out the reason why meat is high in b12 is because animals are artificially supplemented with it and we originally got b12 primarily from the dirt on vegetables kek

No. 1464364

File: 1672955469733.jpeg (93.92 KB, 607x800, ALF.jpeg)

god thank you. these arguments are pointless. we should just chill and eat our tofu while the meatoids endlessly seethe over how beyond burgers are a literal bug meat snowpiercer psyop or whatever they're upset about this time. direct action is what truly matters, arguing with meat eaters online does nothing.

No. 1464407

That won't convince someone to stop eating something. People still eat candy and it provides no nutritional benefit.

No. 1464471

Why are you people here if you’re just spreading nwo propaganda, I bet you guys look like and aged like shit without proper nutrients other than muh vegs and beyond tofu.

No. 1464530

>factory farming
I never mentioned factory farming because I agree that it's barbaric and needs to be banned. Some countries that aren't the US have much stricter animal welfare laws and US anons need to remember that not every country has a meat industry that is based on torturing animals for profit. Factory farming is a whole issue on it's own and yes it does huge amounts of damage to the environment. The solution is not to go to the other extreme because the end result is the same. A cow, sheep or pig in field doesn't require additional feed and does no damage to the environment. Leaving a field to pasture is a traditional method of replenishing soil after it has been depleted by growing crops. To be sustainable agriculture needs to be a balance between livestock and crops. That's how humans have practiced agriculture for thousands of years.

>veganism has existed since the dawn of human beings themselves
Yes and the humans that were vegan are now extinct. Eating a meat based diet is what allowed modern humans to evolve from apes because the nutrition in meat is essential to brain development and intelligence.

>it will never be healthier than eating plant proteins

It is because even soy which is the only complete plant protein is deficient in the amino acids needed for the human brain to function. Soy has low levels of Tryptophan which is needed for mental functioning. No society has ever existed with soy as it's main protein source. East Asian countries that eat a lot of soy do not eat it in isolation, they also consume eggs, meat, fish and dairy.

>how the hell does 100g of plant protein make one weak

As I said above plant protein is deficient in the nutrients needed for brain functioning and development. It's why vegans exhibit so many symptoms of mental illness. It's because their diet is chronically deficient in the B vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are needed to synthesize neurotransmitters and hormones. High meat diets such as keto, paleo and carnivore are known treatments for disorders as PCOS and many neurological illnesses. Wanting to force women to eat a plant only diet is outright malicious as it would lead to an increase in hormone disorders and a decline in mental health.

>either not contribute to mass rape, suffering, and slaughter of entire species

Again just because your shithole country doesn't have animal welfare laws, it doesn't mean that everyone consumes cheap meat from tortured animals. Even in the US there are farmers that practice traditional, pre-industrial animal husbandry. Instead of destroying the natural world through toxic chemicals so you feel good about eating glyphosate soy sold in plastic, you should campaign for higher animal welfare standards.

Deficient vegans keep bringing up the same arguments to the point that it's not worth writing new posts or posting new images. Also I have addressed this. Most of what animals are fed is chaff that is not edible for humans. Food intended for humans sells for far more money than animal feed so why would any soy grower sell it as animal feed when they can make more profit from selling it to vegans?

The agriculture industry is dwarfed by petrochemical companies that would profit most from veganism. Vegans are nothing but shills for Bayer and Dow Chemical.

No. 1464558

File: 1672971394848.jpeg (262.16 KB, 1024x1024, AA8BA48E-296C-40A2-A562-0B3F01…)


epic pwn no cap

No. 1464574

The video is literally gone from the internet I’ve been searching for hours. I remember watching it in 2019 that’s insane. It had been reuploaded multiple times and they’re all gone

No. 1464597

File: 1672976637894.jpg (955.72 KB, 2036x3051, 1672937196915.jpg)

the ruling class uses social issues to distract from class issues.

No. 1464604

Yeah but like who took the video and where exactly is it located? lol

No. 1464608

Correct. It's a distraction.

No. 1464642

Wait the isaac kaapy video of the turkish bath filled with children? If I remember an anon in an old celebrity hate thread posted a webm or it was one of the anons in a past tinfoil thread. If you search isaac kaapy bath on twitter you can see people posting screenshots or the full video and talking about how Tom Hanks may have been involved with his disappearance. I remember anons talking about it and how everyone sorta just brushed off how a director like him was found dead in route 66

No. 1464670

File: 1672985870376.png (45.83 KB, 646x499, gdsfg.png)

Why is the mainstream left so focused on Drag Queens and willing to defend what are essentially men doing a mocking display of womanhood, literally willing to die on the hill of kids seeing sexual drag shows

No. 1464724


No. 1464781

Because they're retards who assume any omnivore (the natural human diet kek) must be some deranged obese american carnist who shags factory farms for a living. Extreme vegans rely on accusations to make people feel bad. Soybean Soldiers seethe every time.

No. 1464819

They’re desperate to prove they are “progressive” but are still deeply sexist and homophobic. So they view the world in a lens where gay people are a novelty and a flavor of “weird degenerate” so they “can’t tell” what’s not okay because all of it deep down makes them uncomfortable. It’s intentional ignorance to ignore their own biases and issues since that would make them uncomfortable. It’s why they’re okay with spicy straights too but not actual gay people.

No. 1464842

Is that all you care about is how someone looks? Kinda ageist and I sense some internalized dehumanization.

No. 1465098

Cope, seethe and dilate vegfag

No. 1465104

File: 1673030960244.png (60.09 KB, 168x275, 1648466229619.png)

No. 1465124

File: 1673031618606.jpeg (105.18 KB, 1200x568, 179C2766-4587-4337-BACF-224E15…)

No. 1465125

Lmao i got confused, one of the replies was trying to gotcha non vegetarians about B12

No. 1465131

File: 1673031825102.jpeg (189.26 KB, 1024x888, DC2E3DF0-CD7D-41D8-8671-A5B2A8…)

No. 1465276

My theory is that in order to be sustainable life forms on this earth, we were never meant to have chain businesses or market dominance. It's hard to conceive of what the world would look like but I fully believe the healthy state of things is just existing and buying/selling in your local economy. International and long distance production and consumption will always favor bigger producers who will minimize costs and fuck over human health and the earth for short term profit maximization.
This is a really shitty general theory I have as someone who studies this and I don't think I can empirically prove it kek.

No. 1465300

I love you.

No. 1465391

I would agree with you. Humans lived sustainably for thousands of years without contaminating themselves or the rest of the planet. Now look at where we are. Humans have essentially disturbed the balance of nature and have come closer to destroying themselves than ever before. Within one hundred years, billions of tons of toxic chemicals have been released into the environment, areas of the earth are uninhabitable due to nuclear radiation, major rivers are too polluted to sustain life and the oceans are dying due to microplastics. Humans are killing themselves and the world around us so a few people can make massive profits.

No. 1465439

Yes, you said it much better than my OP kek. Do you think there’s anything we can do? I tend to think it is hopeless and that the degradation of life and planet earth will continue to increase no matter what policy we try.

No. 1465658

I agree. Additionally it's also harmful for the local population to be in competition with talent from infinite miles away because of remote work and outsourcing. It's anti-community. We end up with dead towns. You can do everything right and still end up spinning your wheels in this society when decades ago you would've been handsomely rewarded

No. 1465661

I miss the days of isolationism. The U.S. used to have a booming textiles industry.

No. 1465663

200% my thoughts every time a boomer says "Just walk in and tell the manager you want a job" as if nothing has changed in 70+ years.

No. 1465664

File: 1673081734659.jpeg (346.91 KB, 660x936, 02C9095E-EE5C-4E7E-96EB-340897…)

Food for thought. Also, apparently the site was taken down because of her article. Be mad, glowies!


No. 1465666

I feel like a lot of America's problems would vanish overnight if the current "ruling" generation all just died.

No. 1465677

Eating meat (real food) is what made us human, and it is no coincidence that in every culture and race on the planet the ruling class eats meat while the serfs or slaves eat vegetables and other low energy stuff that keeps their bodies and minds perpetually stupefied and submissive, since they're essentially always starving. Within a generation or two of this worthless diet you have created a perfect slave class.

Eating meat isn't just right, it's of the utmost importance and one of the defining features of humanity. Only lesser apes are herbivorous, and people destined to slavery. If you and people like you want to be slaves, do so. But I will have nothing to do with that. The saddest, most miserable thing you're doing is when you try to justify your slavery as being "moral." Go be "moral" all you want. My children will rule over your children like kings, and they will be worshiped by yours like they're gods. Basic eugenics baby.

No. 1465691

>and it is no coincidence that in every culture and race on the planet the ruling class eats meat while the serfs or slaves eat vegetables and other low energy stuff that keeps their bodies and minds perpetually stupefied and submissive
The most based take on this so far lol

No. 1465694

>Eating meat isn't just right, it's of the utmost importance and one of the defining features of humanity. Only lesser apes are herbivorous, and people destined to slavery.
I'm pretty sure pretty much every ape will eat meat? Several also will make spears and hunt.

No. 1465706

>that in every culture and race on the planet the ruling class eats meat while the serfs or slaves eat vegetables…

they were also incredibly unhealthy because of it. europeans frequently suffered from salt sickness due to eating preserved meats and what little greens they did get during the winter. the wealthy always had a variety of illnesses from eating poorly and decadently, sitting on their asses all day, that you just did not see in the working classes: gout, cancers, liver issues, obesity, diabetes (even though they didn't know what it was at the time), you name it, they had it. i don't think there's anything wrong with eating meat, but you really need a varied diet.

plus, poor people had no other choice but to eat vegetables or offal, when they could get to it. and now people, rich people at that, eat the kinds of things they used to and pay good money for it, so who is getting the last laugh at the end of the day?

>Eating meat isn't just right, it's of the utmost importance and one of the defining features of humanity. Only lesser apes are herbivorous, and people destined to slavery. If you and people like you want to be slaves, do so. But I will have nothing to do with that. The saddest, most miserable thing you're doing is when you try to justify your slavery as being "moral." Go be "moral" all you want. My children will rule over your children like kings, and they will be worshiped by yours like they're gods. Basic eugenics baby.

this entire post reeks of scrote.

No. 1465711

Nta but that is from overconsumption, you said it yourself they were obese and sedentary. That would make anyone unhealthy, vegan or not.

>this entire post reeks of scrote.

Yeah that last part gave me major scrote vibes but I didn't want to say anything cause I thought the first part was based lol.

No. 1465713

Hehe yes he definitely is NOT diddling little boys. Definitely not

No. 1465719

nta also the Dutch mainly became so tall and big within a century due to mate selection for height iirc, had very little to do with diet and there was even a famine in between. Before that, there wasn't that much of a height difference with the rest of Europe. That anon's kids can eat as much dairy and meat as they want, but you just can't outrun (wo)manlet genetics.

No. 1465786

Nta but I remember the video with the little girls in the bath (it had a checkered black and white floor iirc and the girl filmed was carrying something with water in it) and just trying to understand what the fuck was going on… there is no good explanation for it. How does that video not make people question shit? It was so creepy and sinister.

No. 1465826

I don't think the situation is hopeless and believe that most of the damage done to the environment can be reversed, even if it would take decades or in some cases hundreds of years. Returning to traditional farming methods such as field rotation can be used to restore depleted soil, forests can be replanted and environmental remediation technology is already fairly advanced.

What is lacking is the will to do it. Humans are destructive but we are also resilient, inventive and capable of solving almost any problem we find.

No. 1465846

File: 1673102194319.jpg (41.83 KB, 602x367, main-qimg-1b56f06f321227e4f3f3…)

okay then why are Germans and other northern europeans taller then most of the world ?

No. 1465864

>In a paper published in Nature, the researchers show that northern Europeans seem to have a stronger genetic link to a particularly tall nomadic population from the Eurasian steppe who came to Europe around 4,500 years ago. Because of these genes, northern Europeans are still tall compared to others on the continent
>They found that historic natural selection on both height and BMI has created genetic differences among different countries
>The association was stronger for height than for mass - about a quarter of the variation in height and eight percent of the variation in BMI could be explained by regional genetic characteristics, the team found.
because of genes over a period of time, selecting based on height for partners etc

No. 1465886

Eating a variety of food including dairy and meat definitely helps with growing taller.
In medieval times the ruling families were as tall as nowadays people while peasants were at most 160cm. Most famous example being Charlemagne ("Charles the Great" literally means tall and not just powerful) and his sons who were all over 190cm. Meaning back then you could tell by looks alone whether somebody had money or not, noble people walking through the streets really looked very different than the rest.

No. 1465891

You can still find the video of little girls in the bath in Mouthy Buddha's materials on bitchute. Here you can see it around 6:54 minute. https://www.bitchute.com/video/eD4T0p3mI5NZ/
But I would recommend to watch the whole video. I remember how Tom Hanks disappeared from social media for a while after accusations and now he's back and he makes new movies and people behave like nothing happened, just another nothing burger kek
Also I'm wondering where is Buddha 'cos he haven't posted a new video since june

No. 1465897

Back then Charlemagne and others actually held themselves to the dietary restrictions of the church, so you can already assume that they won't be eating meat for about half the year. There are more fasting periods than just Lent, way way more. Meanwhile the peasants didn't hold themselves to these restrictions.

No. 1465902

yeah that doesn't go against what the other user was talking about, Europeans are taller mostly cause of genetics and not just 100 yeas of breeding and meat

No. 1465909

I think field humans tend to be taller than mountain humans anyway

No. 1465921

>thinking rich nobles held themselves to rules
>thinking poor peasants could afford any meat
even priests were known for shaping meat into the shape of a fish and telling themselves god won't notice that they sin lol

No. 1465923

Didn't Tom Hanks move to Greece? And the people were incredibly suspicious of him and calling him a pedophile?

No. 1465970

That's why I said meat actually, because the actual rule is no animal products at all during fasting, but Charlemagne did order dairy products, but he did not order meat during fasting periods.

No. 1465989

They were but no one talks about it anymore, he never made a statememt, he still gets new roles etc. It's crazy that one actor, be it a B lister, called another one a pedophile and there's no official statememt about it

No. 1466028

It could be due to milk consumption. Notice that countries with a higher percentage of lactose tolerance are taller.

No. 1466960

Veganism is specially bad for women due to greater need for iron. Most vegans are women, women are more empathetic and are more willing to weaken their bodies because of feelings for animals. It's really sad. Humans are natural omnivores and nutrients are more bioavailable in meats and animal products, theres no getting around that.
Just because americans tend to have shitty fast food diets doesn't mean we don't need ACTUAL healthy meat like chicken breast and beef liver

No. 1467129

I was watching this conspiracy video on youtube about portals opening up in national parks, as an effect of CERN experiments or some shit, and in the middle of it I got an ad of a mobile game and it showed a guy entering a magic portal, I think it's called Hero wars. Later I was watching another conspiracy video about scientist trying to revive giants/nephilim and there was an ad for the same game showing me a giant woman holding a tiny human. Just, what the fuck. I don't even believe in the shit in these videos but ads popping up so thematically lined up with them is weird. The ad was showing only one scene from the game and every time it matched perfectly with the topic of the video, which makes it even weirder

No. 1467136

I thought it was common knowledge that mobile phones track online data and adjust ads to match. Like I didn't think that was a tinfoil, or am I incorrect nonna here?

No. 1467140

AYRT, totally agreed. Just had a heavy period and I'm cooking up a nice beef steak to get that iron in. I am all in support for finding better methods and more ethical ones in regards to farming and agriculture but at the same time women need to eat the foods we're naturally meant to so that's why I think veganism is now just complete bs unless you're genuinely allergic to meat or dairy etc. When I was vegan, most of the other vegan women I knew were always sick to some degree, were consistently exhausted and looked visibly malnourished myself included - inb4 the "ur not doing veganism correctly then" bs. It's just pointless trying to reason with most of them about it because if you even propose the idea that humans are natural omnivores and meat benefits women you get called a Carnist McBurgerfag Meatshagger for stating basic facts. I noticed a few similarities between the tranny cult and extreme vegans in that there's no nuance or realistic outcome to the situation.

No. 1467165

but we don't ACTUALLY need chicken boob or cow liver. you said it yourself, we're omnivores. not obligate carnivores.

No. 1467169

They show ads that seem relevant to the videos content. I think you can play with the settings in your account though. I get pretty much nothing but gambling app ads no matter what I watch. I think it defaults to that when you ask google not to cater ads to you. I don't gamble.

Was the video about national parks talking about the amount of people who go missing in them?

No. 1467187

I always suspected this

No. 1467223

Sorry for the blogpost, just to illustrate the situation I had zinc, B12 and iron deficiency despite tracking my food even with a food scale to maximize protein and macro input, I was regularly going to doctors for checkups and had a personalized meal plan. Apparently I don't absorb it well from vegetable sources and even my B12 supplement had to be from a specific more expensive brand because the cheaper ones weren't helping. Every time I fixed one thing, something else would fall apart. I was constantly gassy and bloated even after 9 months of eating like this. It's just not sustainable for a lot of people. You can't reason with them, they've let their emotions for animals and believing they're saving the planet take over reason.
I genuinely feel worried for women who follow this lifestyle for a long period of time specially if they aren't getting regular health check ups or are ignoring possible health issues due to moral concerns.
There's just no way to sustain billions of humans in a global capitalist system whether they're eating vegan or omnivore period. Someone else mentioned Brazil in this thread and I actually live in the country and I can say that most of our imported meat that comes from rainforest destruction goes to China, Emirates Arabs, etc… so a white american with superior complex isn't doing shit to help the rainforest in particular and they love to mention the rainforest. My country is deep in political corruption and that's why the rainforest situation happens and veganism won't change it, not unless you convince billions of chinese people and arabs to become vegans as well and completely stop buying brazilian meat. lol
Honestly at this point it really has become a "you'll eat the bugs and be happy" situation ,the elite will keep eating meat (remember the world cup was just now and there were people eating meat that costs the same as a brand new car) and we'll have to content ourselves with Soylent stuff, industrialized burgers and insect powder supplements if you want something else other than legumes, fruits and vegetables which are great but can't sustain a human being on their own.

No. 1467279

Honestly? If we got rid of shitty fast food chains and hyper processed fake food there would be a huge improvement already. Less shit food, less demand for shit food that needs to be made fast and in huge quantities, better diet for us, less pressure for factories and slaughterhouses. Idk it seems bad to blame this on average women who need certain foods to be healthy and not worry about rich fuckers and millions of obese people asking for processed shit fast food meat they don't really need.

We're omnivores so we ACTUALLY need both meat and vegetables/fruits. Being omnivores doesn't mean that you can avoid eating entire categories of food (just like you can't only eat meat). Can we survive off of plants for a long period of time? Probably, but you're not going to be healthy, especially if you're a woman and you don't have access to specific types of vegetables/fruits/supplements. A human can't sustain themselves with a vegan diet, especially if they're young and active.

No. 1467293

What do you guysthink about this classic? I'm still leaning more towards the idea that it's not a prank. Also it's strange how this video doesn't show up in YouTube search anymore, it's harder to find than it was years ago

No. 1467334

nta, but the way you're describing humans makes it more sound like you think we're opportunistic carnivores rather than omnivores. There's no such thing as an obligate omnivore. There are plenty of vegetarian and vegan athletes (including powerlifters and strong(wo)men), fit and active people. This isn't the 70's anymore where you can rely on the frail old hippie stereotype of vegetarians and vegans. You can say it's more difficult or that there are more caveats, but that it's categorically impossible for everyone is nonsense.

No. 1467388

Look into Michael Aquino, he’s a high-ranking military general/spook who founded the Temple of Set. He and his cronies also performed Satanic rituals on kids.

No. 1467408

I remember this! But I thought it was established that aliens were not hiding in Area 51

No. 1467577

File: 1673238467838.jpg (30.1 KB, 389x495, lavey.jpg)

most Satanists were just a bunch of edgy LARPers into BDSM, talking about how edgy and cool they were cause they didn't care about morality or sense of shame

No. 1467596

I don’t really believe in this but the depopulation theory could be true. If you think about it, natural disasters kind of are a solid way of depopulating the world considering the majority of people who die are the poor that can’t afford to get away ahead of time. Covid-19 (another theorized measurement of depopulation) on the other hand was pretty indiscriminate in eliminating social classes considering the vaccine doesn’t do shit to protect us, there’s hardly any cure or treatment that works, and people who had money and had traveled seemed to have gotten it first in 2020.

No. 1467618

Earlier I was on /x/ and there was an anon making threads pertaining to Michael Aquino gov docs he specifically requested and obtained. His name gets dropped with some pretty significant events. So much so, that it was either literally hundreds or over a thousand pages worth of info. I haven't fully looked into it but highly recommend checking it out if it's still up.
>lul theyRe just lArPeRs duh
Did you ever consider that's what they want you to believe? That it's just a superficial philosophy they like to play around with rather than a legitimate cult that is actively working against the public and sacrificing children? Obviously they're not going to outright say how deep they're into this stuff unless it's subliminally through media (groom you into thinking it's only fiction). Highly encourage you and anyone else who believes it's harmless larping to go down the Ted Gunderson rabbithole.

No. 1468490

File: 1673339081971.jpg (680.71 KB, 944x3592, 111.jpg)

Reminder that Andrea Dworkin condoned pedophilia and bastiality
she and her associates were malcontents with a chip on their shoulders that misread history, misrepresented the truth & the majority of women have rejected it.

No. 1468493

NTA but since they used his photo, Anton LaVey was truly a LARPer. He drew "inspiration" from The Munsters ffs kek his entire schtick wasn't actually about Satanism but instead rebuking Catholicism. Now for people like Aquino, it fits to say that it doesn't matter if you believe it in or not; what matters is that they do.

No. 1468546

I hate the idea that removing taboos makes us more free. What about having some things or some times in life that are free from being about sex? Are we never free from sex? I like sex but I also like chocolate and if every fucking meal was chocolate people would rightly call me sick.

No. 1468594

Crazy these people who think everybody thinks about sex all the time and everything we do is connected to sex because they themselves have it that way in their brain. You just can't explain it to them that the rest of the world isn't this obsessed.

No. 1468795

I feel Elon Musk is getting the Scientology treatment, which is why he's backing down on so many things and losing so much money so quick, but acting like nothing is as wrong as it is, for example; making statements such as his son being kidnapped. Scientologists will find their way into your home and interrupt your internet and phone signals to mess with you. I'll never forget when Chrissie Carnell went after Danny Masterson, Scientologists killed her dogs and tracked her down for years, she's moved houses like 4 times and they find their way in. My guess is Musk pinched a nerve eliminating top cp tags on Twitter.

No. 1469382

sorry for zero contribution but does anyone know anything about the children of god cult/river phoenix? i’ve heard people say that he’s not blood related to joaquin but that his parents were others in the cult. on another note, how did so many people from this cult like rose mcgowan and the phoenixs’ end up in hollywood film production? any info at all is appreciated

No. 1469387

My guess is it was probably another glowie project, like Jonestown

No. 1469520

I know this is old now and this is just my opinion but if you need to take supplements, many people fail despite being very careful and you aren't able to raise a child off of a vegan diet, then maybe it's not the right diet.

No. 1469866

this thread moves so slowly. where else do nonas get their conspiracy fix?

No. 1469889

i get what you're saying but…segregation in the us ended in 1964, that's less than 100 years ago. obviously "racism" was going to become a point of discussion after it stopped being considered the normal thing to do.

people are still, also, campaigning against the ruling class. and race issues and class issues tend to go hand in hand anyway, most poor people are black. or were

No. 1469892

>race war does not threaten their profits
well i mean to the contrary, it does and it did. slavery was extremely profitable for the southern us. i am pretty sure it was so profitable that southern states waged a war over it (slavery) being outlawed kek

No. 1470168

Slavery also existed in the north in the US, but people focus more on the south. Look at sundown towns still being so prominent in the north. people who owned slaves in the first place were rich.