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File: 1669118417272.jpeg (104.22 KB, 1200x630, 1_kyjHkSF7oO5iGrMuu_IXRw.jpeg)

No. 1417602

A place full of attention seeking, bra stuffing, body filters, fake stories, elsagate spamming, fake doctors and coomer bait, cringe fuel etc. Anyone else find this side of the internet to be particularly cancerous?

Previous thread >>1291087

No. 1417609

File: 1669119034982.webm (1.7 MB, 576x1024, 1669116796395.webm)

Is this…supposed to be attractive?

I keep seeing women on tiktok duetting him saying how hot and handsome he is…but i just dont see it.
I must be blind, because i think he looks goofy and ugly. And his attempts at ''siren eyes'' just makes him look like some creep at the gas station.

No. 1417614

I can't believe people make money from doing stuff like this.

No. 1417617

I’d spit in his fucking eyes, not in a sexy way

No. 1417620

i just saw a vid this morning where someone was saying they don't get it and there were loads of comments fully roasting him going "he looks like edgar allan poe" kek, i'm guessing most people agree with you but this is another short-lived weird trend

No. 1417635

Burn this video with fire. What the hell is wrong with his hair?
People that find him 'hot' are just stuck in high school phase where they think 'he acts just like that asshole from my romantic school movies'.

No. 1417642


No. 1417644

all of the people in his comment section, the people duetting him and the fact that he has over a million likes.

No. 1417658

File: 1669123361364.jpg (287.29 KB, 680x1137, 1652608943624.jpg)

How to embed youtube shorts
>change the URL from "shorts/" to "watch?v="
Webm always

No. 1417660

"He" looks like a drag king.

No. 1417662

File: 1669123833086.webm (2.82 MB, 480x852, et96CzTZP-37tVGr.webm)

Very hard to not be judgemental of how people process their traumas on tiktok

No. 1417663

File: 1669123881758.webm (973.89 KB, 544x938, uj8zuWnL0drosA22.webm)

No. 1417679

If this was SIL I wouldn't wanna talk to her ever again

No. 1417685

>I also told him that if he ever started to feel sorry for himself, to remember my face
so he can kill you as well?

No. 1417690

I used to have a male friend that looked like an actual upgraded non-balding version of this guy but he was the most insufferable narc dude in love with himself to the point that he never had sex because he's just not interested in anyone else except himself. Kind of creepy how similar they are

No. 1417693

>I also told him that if he ever started to feel sorry for himself, to remember my face
So he can feel even more powerful and important? So he can feel like an even bigger badass for not only murdering someone, but ruining the life of his wife/kid as well? Murderers are sadistic, idk why people think telling them off is gonna make them feel remorse. If he was capable of empathy he wouldn't be a murderer in the first place.

No. 1417702

is this a tif? whats up with tifs dressing like 80s sex offenders

No. 1417703

I can imagine the killer in his cell thinking how pathetic his life is, but then smiling to himself knowing he has changed the lives of dozens of people with his murder and caused untold misery to his victim's loved one's

No. 1417710

no, its a man. Check his tiktok.

No. 1417712

File: 1669129319030.png (74.42 KB, 205x225, no.png)

What an ugly bastard.

No. 1417715

File: 1669129453002.png (818.14 KB, 886x1068, CAPTURE.png)

surprising no one's talking about her username, its literally "the singing widow" and looking it up the first result is her website and various social media account, like she has created an entire online personality and brand, based on the fact that her husband was murdered

No. 1417720

File: 1669129638077.jpg (98.39 KB, 975x600, DD0SjC9WsAIZHLw.jpg)

no fucking way, and then men say women have it easier. This creepy looking fucker that looks straight out of a PSA for stranger danger gets millions of likes and female SIMPS?! I get the Danofagging, i get the banned men fagging, but this diddler looking fucker, i do not. He literally looks like the pedo uncle from Its Always Sunny.

No. 1417721

I understand wanting to make like a "support group" for women who have gone through the same thing as her, but it is weird how she goes about it

No. 1417759

File: 1669133215137.webm (1.48 MB, 576x1024, c1a47a2cd36bc451735913ddc4b830…)


No. 1417764

He looks like a murderer.

No. 1417765

File: 1669133480239.jpg (591.42 KB, 1920x1920, InShot_20221122_170952448.jpg)

The comments……wtf.

No. 1417767

say sike rn

No. 1417769

File: 1669133755873.jpg (100.33 KB, 740x740, 1643591861755.jpg)

i am dying wtf. I am hoping they are just making fun of him, but i doubt so

No. 1417777

I feel these people share the same brain patterns as people who are attracted to paul dano

No. 1417790

"Giggling and kicking my feet" is the most tranny like thing a woman can say

No. 1417798

imagine a woman doing this with an hairy chest, she would get annihilated

No. 1417804

I know I'm late, but this chick is so annoying. She heavily depends on people who don't have enough internet security education and adults who use facebook and advertise their business online.

No. 1417826

Very interesting that he chooses to look like that when he could buzz the hair and lift some weights and look pretty okay. Men are so lazy.

No. 1417831

This is so fucking funny

No. 1417875

why would he TRY when women are praising him despite looking like the michelin mascot anyways?

No. 1417899

This trend of people posting their deeply traumatic life stories while smiling and dancing is all over tiktok and it's fucking disturbing. Not to use a twitter zoomer term but why has "trauma dumping" become so normalized? I'm truly sorry for what you went through, but I don't want to see your horribly detailed CSA story on my page especially without warning and accompanied with a cutesy dance. I just don't.
>giggling and kicking my feet rn
Why are they like this

No. 1417922

one woman duetted him and spoke about how "female gazey" he is. can these straight women just admit they have no fucking standards. "hes so female gaze" and its the ugliest bastard you've ever laid your eyes on. atleast twinky looking scrotes like timothy made sense.

No. 1417953

The whole shape of this guy says ftm but I can't see any top surgery scars

No. 1417954

File: 1669144003321.png (202.83 KB, 313x506, FEMALE GAZEY.png)

i cant get over the fact you can see his bald spot, lmfao.

No. 1418012

I can't get over how some women bend over themselves to praise the most NPC looking dude to break standards and be the cool girl. He looks like he would play the creepy uncle or a teacher in a 90s sitcom.

No. 1418418

File: 1669165918583.png (44.17 KB, 403x240, Skjámynd 2022-11-23 005908.png)

I was looking up choachan and this popped up. How old are the users there? I remember when the kpop critical threads where around and seeing this shocked me a bit

No. 1418420

File: 1669165947057.webm (1.54 MB, 576x1024, ssstik.io_1669165609243.webm)

Here are some of the popular videos

No. 1418421

File: 1669165991176.webm (1.56 MB, 576x1024, ssstik.io_1669165569385.webm)

No. 1418422

File: 1669166014100.webm (1.4 MB, 576x1024, ssstik.io_1669165529156.webm)


No. 1418424

Definitely newfag users on there who thought this was cute. Kpop always spawns retards but this sounds like younger kpop fans who just found out about choachan and imageboards. Femcel got moreso coined on tiktok before it spread into other sites anyway. I feel that anyone who uses that word legitimately is a newfag or underaged. (Not trying to discourage them as they can always learn to integrate but femcel starting become a “thing” because of tiktok)

No. 1418425

how, they are literally simping moids, plusthat board is as tame as you can get. I hope this tard doesnt bring a cp/gore spammer to the site, i swear you cant have any nonretard spaces without the retards finding out and posting about it on social media.

No. 1418428

This makes me glad kpop was kicked off this site.

No. 1418429

they have CAPTCHA on choachan so they don't suffer raids like we do.

No. 1418434

I visited choachan a couple of times because I used to listen to kpop. The user base is so fucking cringe. I think most of them admitted to being regular 4chan users. Also they try to “imitate” degenerate moid kpop posters who jerk off to female idols by writing pervy stuff about male idols. It’s cringe af though and obvious they aren’t actually thinking of them this way. Also even though most of them pretend to be radfems the whole site gives me tranny vibes. And I’m like sure 95% of them are underage.

No. 1418460

Cp still gets posted there despite the captcha. I started going to that site recently. There was cp posted just yesterday and when I posted in a thread to bump it and warn people not to scroll, someone responded by critcizing my typing style, which is a good summary of the site. Seeing blunt criticism of idols/music is nice and refreshing, because most kpop fans will blindly accept anything their favorite group has to offer, but the site reminds me of 4chan 10 years ago when I still went on it, where people think the ruder they are, the cooler they are. Maybe not all the users are like that, but there's a lot of silly nitpicking about idols and other posters

Given how often users talk about breeding guys, and other gay stuff, I think there's a decent amount of gay men pretending to be women, or the fujos there actually want to have a penis. Using feminine terms (princess, waifu) to refer to cute, feminine guys is one thing, but the extent to which it happens there makes me think that any woman trying to integrate would end up trying to act like men who are trying to imitate women.

No. 1418477

He looks like balding rat.
This video is pure chaos.
Female hetrosexuality is a mental illness holy shit.
A lot of the users are most likely people who were kicked off lolcow when they banned the kpop threads for sure.

No. 1418493

>someone responded by critcizing my typing style
It's all in lowercase and no punctation, worst of all typing styles. Reminds me of people posting fanfics and saying quite proudly that their writing style is all lowercase and no punctation.

No. 1418509

This account was made by a scrote from 4chan who is hellbent on getting us raided by newfags and underage posters. He got permabanned and this is his 'revenge'. It hasn't worked so far.

No. 1418514

You are failing to see the point, the uppercase letters, and the punctuation.

No. 1418541

File: 1669174061340.png (1.67 MB, 916x1136, Screen Shot 2022-11-22 at 7.27…)

No. 1418546

me posing with my aliens gfs after i rescue them from area 51

No. 1418742

lmao anon

No. 1418800

thats weird because i used to visit choachan a couple of months ago and there was never cp spammed there, it looks like this is something recent, i guess some of the moids who lurk this site 24/7 saw someone mention choachan here and went to spam that site just like how they spammed crystal cafe when we had our bunker threads there.

No. 1419590

File: 1669265789795.png (497.29 KB, 454x802, Screen Shot 2022-11-23 at 11.5…)


No. 1419597

i think its cute if a teacher sits two students together because he thinks they might get along but ''shipping'' sounds so pedo and gross. This guy and the troon who insulted one of his students for calling him a dude should be fired.

No. 1419600

>ship two students
Who speaks like this?? Man needs to be fired and have his computer checked. I would be highly concerned if I were the parents

No. 1419617

I used to pop in around 2 years ago when it was smaller but lately the boards do feel like every person there is underaged or from twt, or both. I want to shit on and talk about kpop without disgusting lingo about jungkooks bussy. The way some of these women or girls simp for bts and openly use tranny and drag terms is disturbing

No. 1419686

zoomer women are so sexist, its insane. I dont remember fujos/yumes in the 00's/early 10's calling men's asses pussy or men's chest boobs, it's a recent thing by zoomers from being bombarded 24/7 with porn made for men and living in a current society that accomodates to moids fetishes while it shames women, i hate it. I miss when fujos were based.

No. 1419721

Your first mistake was going to btsg, everyone on CCC hates that thread and its posters.

No. 1420470

File: 1669322480123.jpg (367.7 KB, 1284x1753, FiL5HbaVEAA2qHy.jpg)

I don't even have words for this, this is just straight up dystopian

No. 1420475

No. 1420480

>I dont remember fujos/yumes in the 00's/early 10's calling men's asses pussy or men's chest boobs
Because they were too repulsed by women to portray anything related to them in a positive way. Zoomers are retarded, but old school fujos hated female character for getting between their ships and women only existed in BL stories to cause drama and get rejected.

No. 1420486

>it reminds me
a woman is risking her life and womb for you and you're saying shit like this out in the social media Jesus christ, Gabriel, the horns!

No. 1420492

Wow congrats on forgetting and having to be regularly reminded that you're putting another woman through your own pregnancy. Disgusting and sad

No. 1420514

honestly, who cares? if it helped gatekeep gendies and ''cuntboys'' from my yaoi then bring the hating of fictional women back please. The only bad thing people have to say against old school fujos is ''ughhh they hated fictional womyn'' which wasnt even true.

No. 1420518

it must be so traumatic to grow up knowing you were a surrogate baby

No. 1420540

Imagine not only being a woman so down on her luck and in a financial spot you sell your body as an incubator, but also being forced to do all kinds of smart gadget and new age bonding clown shit for the paypig parents just so they get the illusion they're present in the unborn babies life to any degree

No. 1420545

It's already traumatic being adopted out of need, I can't imagine how horrible it must be being a surrogate.

No. 1420575

I would kill my “parents” and sell our house to fund the life of my actual mother if I found out such a thing. No tolerance policy for demons.

No. 1420588


my best friend text me last night saying: "Have you seen this ugly cunt on tiktok looking into the camera? Like he is so fucking rank, he looks like there's something wrong with him. Some pervert/nonce type vibes and there's actual women claiming to fancy him!!! I can't bare this world where we fancy Lewis Capaldi and this tory looking like a pedo school teacher" and I had no idea what the fuck she was talking about til I lurked this thread

No. 1420591

No idea what's the deal with the tiktoker posted, but it must be specially weird if your parents didn't even do it because of some health related reason like a bunch of celebrities are doing now.

No. 1420593

anthony fantano lookin rough

No. 1420735

File: 1669346188165.png (41.2 KB, 1013x240, 1656761471760.png)

not 100% related, but this reminds me of something about I read about the Pinochet regime. that they would torture and many times kill student protestors and activists, but if they were pregnant, they kept the women alive and in good health until they gave birth. Then murdered the mothers and then "gave" the babies to Pinochet's generals' and political allies. like imagine being raised by people who you think are your parents only to realize that your real parents were protestors who were brutally tortured and murdered and the people who raised you were collaborators


No. 1420743

unemployed men need to be hanged.

No. 1420750

Men are truly evil. I feel so bad for these kids.

No. 1421080

Fucking weird and disturbing. I’m imagining being east euro woman listening to some bitch, waving a stack of cash, insisting that you wear strange gadgets and pavlov yourself like some kind of animal. All so she could say that she ~bonds~ with the baby just like she carries it.

No. 1421394

File: 1669413506454.jpeg (776.45 KB, 1170x1046, 779A0C13-7F42-4986-96E0-D6888C…)

How do you turn grooming into something quirky

No. 1421401

Is it supposed to be quirky? I think it's just funny and relatable. As someone who was groomed and experienced this I did laugh.

No. 1421816

Don't want to post the video here but yesterday I had a clip on my front page of a young girl (between 8-10 years old) getting some kind of covid/medical test taken in her throat. The comment section was exactly what you would expect: Scrotes (old and very young) making blowjob/deepthroating "jokes". Some pickmes did it too. And not just a few here and there, it was literally the entire comment section sexualizing a little child. I saw moids (with their faces attached to their accounts mind you) telling this girl to make a twitter or an OF. That's how comfortable men currently are with their misogyny and pedophilia.

Whoever decided to record and post this video deserves to burn in hell too because they know what they're doing. It had over 70k saves too. Tiktok and the internet in general is heaven for pedophiles and everyone is letting it happen. Fuck this gay earth.

No. 1421818

Ok this is kinda real though kek

No. 1421819

Doubleposting. Would post the comment section here but I can't find the clip after reporting it. Here are some examples I distinctly remember:
>Gotta teach 'em young
>She still has a lot to learn
>Hear me out…
>Netflix: are you still watching? Me:
>When she says "I've never done this before":
>Me after getting my math test back:
>She's gonna be a good girl
You know this girl probably has a tiktok account herself and now has to see this. Anyone who says shit like this about a child deserves to be beaten black and blue, I don't give a fuck if it's a "joke". Very funny. Now kys.

No. 1421822

honestly probably works better to make it cringe than to do moral outrage pearl clutching. It takes away the rebellious Lana Del Ray Lolita taboo angle and turns it into cringe Kyle hanging outside of schools with his pickup truck dealing weed, hitting on young girls. Shames the scrotes and makes it unappealing to girls growing up nowadays.

No. 1421824

That reminds me of this really sick meme I saw a few years ago of a little girl standing on a trampoline it was like "hear me out" or something like that scrotes are animals

No. 1421827

There have been some retarded tiktokfags invading the site, you can tell by the way they type, like a gay twitterfag trying to sound funny, an anon in Things You Hate thread said that the influx is due to people mentioning the site on tiktok. Can someone with tiktok post caps, I don't wanna lose any braincells and dig around.

No. 1422926

Ugh this reminds me of a short I saw on the front page of reddit of a 12 year old girl on one of those practise horse riding machines. Again, the comments were exactly as you expect. I don't think it's just tiktok that are making men braver in exposing their pedophilia. I think men in nature are like this and the internet itself is making them feel braver in exposing themselves because a) how many of them will bond over it and b) the lack of legal action will be taken over it. I swear it seems like they are everywhere. If I ever had children there is no way in hell I would ever upload them online.

No. 1426947

File: 1669814844892.jpg (247.09 KB, 1170x2056, 03.jpg)

Nabokov I'm so sorry

No. 1426986

All i can think of is how pathetic it's gonna look on her when she's 50 lmao

No. 1427047

File: 1669822335040.jpg (75.22 KB, 700x736, angry-kittens-105.jpg)


No. 1427112

>as a literacy major

No. 1427121

Lmao stupid bitch. Calling it, coverup within a year.

No. 1427238

>Got any grapes?

No. 1427309

it fills me anger cause how 'nymphette' which describes a seductive adolescent girl, was turned into an aesthetic, enjoyed mostly by young women (and pedos) who are too young to understand the implications of the 1997 film that is the chief source of how this thing became a fetish, in the book lolita was 12 and behaved in a childlike way, but in the movie they aged her a little and changed her behaviour to be more sexually suggestive, in a poorly disguised attempt to justify pedophilia and redeem humbert

No. 1427442

File: 1669843464658.jpg (155.04 KB, 1242x1547, 1669724110425157.jpg)

No. 1427457

Well, at least she's trying, that's better than nothing. Maybe she'll get used to it with time and practice. But if she's a grown teenager or adult that's still a bit worrisome.

No. 1427461

Sounds like bs

No. 1427493

me thinks its supposed to be a joke

No. 1427526

You never know, I've seen worse than that irl with people I interact with on a daily basis.

No. 1427639

anyone else really hate that tiktok text to speech voice?

No. 1427676

i hate the text to speech voice too but i fucking HATE(!!!!) the voice changer effect thats become popular recently even more.

No. 1427677

sorry for asking about this older post, but is that dog in the background alive, dead, or a realistic puppet? I'm really unnerved by it.

No. 1427814

Just watched a comprehensive video of strangek3vin about his racism, misogyny, and male fragility and the fact that some women memed themselves into thinking this gay, fat fuck is "female gaze"-y is beyond disappointing. The ones who praise him are convincing people (and worse, moids) that the avg woman's standards are non-existent. It's one thing to be ugly, but his personality is shit, but these women don't care enough to dig a little or acknowledge context clues. I swear I'm straight, but god do I hate men.

No. 1427915

>cancels out your vote

No. 1428856

File: 1669921819682.webm (4.4 MB, 406x720, wtf.webm)

if this was satire it would be funny but it's not

No. 1428862

girl should eat some forbidden fruit, she looks like she needs the nutrients.

No. 1428888

The message is just regular Christian stuff, but she made this damn near painful to watch.

No. 1429071

Kek who tf keeps a jesus plushie?

No. 1429427

File: 1669953262310.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.47 MB, 576x1024, IMG_5990.webm)

why is she doing that with her tongue

No. 1429552

File: 1669964608210.jpeg (699.5 KB, 828x1228, 725E8F86-4010-49C5-838D-4E3E01…)

right and these are the same moids that start crying and say “not all men”

No. 1429560

Not all men but most of them and, the ones who don’t, don’t give a fuck. So basically all of them.

No. 1429566

I love being full of sin

No. 1429567

I know "cringe" is overused but this genuinely made me cringe to watch

No. 1429569

so this is the power level of jesus husbandofags, i bet that plushie reeks of sin

No. 1429580

The comments are already spammed with "it's a joke don't get offended" shit even though they'd have a mental breakdown screaming "men get abused too" if a woman posted the same

No. 1429606

Sounds like the type of “jokes” that Jimmy Saville used to make.

No. 1429614

she is cringe but I kind of get what she means. I can't listen to oversexualized rap anymore. Hearing men go how much they love to choke a girl with their cock or hearing female rappers bragging about stealing boyfriends (like nicki, queen of pickmes) just isn't fun anymore

No. 1429630

True but as someone who was raised Christian it just triggered bad memories and made me roll my eyes. Half of the time (at least in my experience) you will get shamed for liking a lot of music that isn't even particularly anti-christian. I remember getting crap for liking Three Days Grace and other mostly benign buttrock. Made the mistake of watching a Paul and Morgan video a while back and they were saying how they don't listen to Taylor Swift because her music is "raunchy" now. Like yeah some of it has innuendos but calling it raunchy just seems dumb.

I remember stressing out and feeling bad about a lot of the music I listened to, even stuff like Phantom of the Opera. Visit the website Plugged In if you want to see what I'm talking about.

She's being really vague about all of this though which is good. I think she seems kind of funny/cute but clearly lacks self awareness.

No. 1429639

How is feeling a buzz on your bracelet bonding with the baby that could be in another country?? The baby gets no communication back from them. The baby won't even recognize their voice because they're not talking to the baby nor spending time with the woman who is pregnant. Dystopian indeed. I wonder how it affects the children. They get taken away by strangers immediately and never hear their mothers familiar voice again. It must have some effects on their psyche and development.

No. 1429649

My ex told me he was going to take me camping in the bordering country to us as a treat for completing my degree. I drove down to meet him and all his friends were there packing up their mtb in vans and coming with us. My ex was already drunk and they were taking drugs. I had to get my ex to be a passenger with his friend after we crossed the border because he was acting belligerently drunk and pissed himself in my car. We all ended up getting lost because the guys were all fucked up on drugs and what should have been a 5 hour drive tops was 9 plus hours. When we got to the campsite my ex was fighting with me so I went to bed early. The next morning I found him asleep with his fucking feet in a fire his trainers were burnt. I shook him awake because he was dead to the world. Two other guys were observing us and my ex stirred from his slumber and accused me of kicking him. The next thing I was getting the shit kicked out of me in front of two men that did fuck all to help. I was dragged across concrete my leggings ripped apart and I was lying down and just taking blows to the body. He ended up storming off and I had to drag myself up and sort of right myself. Not one man came over to help me. I didn't know what to do cause I was in a different country in the middle of no where. After two hours of a fever dream I just drove home alone. It was never mentioned again and I saw those people a lot the months after. Men are feeble cunts.

No. 1429730

File: 1669983575229.jpg (379.48 KB, 720x1612, Screenshot_20221201-195544.jpg)

This cooking account and it's…"audience". Basically, this boy gets posted doing cooking fails, seems innocent or even silly, but the more he gets posted, the more he gets hurt (from "purposely" pouring flour onto his eyes and crying to cutting his fingers with knifes) and the more he gets hurt the more hate he attracts, to the point people duet him just to claim to enjoy his pain or to scream at him and comments are filled with the same kind of sentiment.

I do wonder: Where are his parents? Why are they allowing this kid to use knifes so he gets hurt repeatedly? They do read the comments, are they creating this content and setting this kid on purpose? Weird stuff

No. 1429732

Blatant child abuse. That kid is not even a teenager there's no way he's doing this all on his own.

No. 1429740

Not a fan of children but the absolute lengths some people will go to hate on children and be violent about it (I’ve seen males do it a lot more) is really disturbing. They have been doing this with children and animals, abusing them for views

No. 1429748

I'm so sorry this happened to you anon that's so fucked up
Men will act like wives beat their partner as often and as violently but no women could ever beat up a man and drag him on concrete for hours

No. 1429749

its the monkey shit all over again

No. 1429758

>not all men
call it what it is. male pick me behavior.

No. 1429782

Men were the vast majority of pedo-tier comments and reactions, in fact. XY are a disease to humanity.
I thought the same thing immediately, only that monkeys served as "dummies" for the actual thing: children

No. 1429823

File: 1669992285216.jpg (23.5 KB, 301x364, sadsdqwe.jpg)

she looks like a female patrick bateman

No. 1429839

File: 1669993351055.png (189.88 KB, 336x264, me reading the tinfoil thread.…)

You like The Bible? Their early work was a little too new wave for my taste. But when Proverbs 18:21 came out in Tranny-Janny BC, I think they really came into their own, commercially and artistically. The whole book has a clear, crisp sound, and a new sheen of consummate professionalism that really gives the verses a big boost. It's been compared to the Quran, but I think The Bible has a far more bitter, cynical sense of humor.

No. 1429843

kekkk nonnies. i couldn't stop myself and scrolled through her account last night and the comments seriously worried me. there were kids talking about being happy about not having to learn about the big bang in science class because it doesn't fit their beliefs. we have christians too in europe but i don't think they ever became so cult-like? i'm born (?) catholic and my grandfather goes to church every sunday, but even for those people science and faith can co-exist.

No. 1429850

Science and faith can only coexist for people who have very little knowledge of one or both.

No. 1429855

ayrt hm yes that sounds like my grandfather.

No. 1429858

the parents are the one's who are producing this content

No. 1430055

>a short I saw on the front page of reddit of a 12 year old girl on one of those practise horse riding machines
I saw it too and didn't even read the comments because I knew what they'd say. Even if it had 0 sexual comments, you'll see a lot of these posts with little girls really have no reason to get fucking 50k updoots and shit.

There's a very popular reddit clip where a little girl is playing a game with her dad. He tricks her into sitting on a water balloon or something, and it pops under her making her all wet. Tens of thousands of upvotes, and you know damn well most moids weren't sending this shit to the front page because it was wholesome or whatever. Then there's gymnastics girls with those tight bathing suit things, moids will give that shit 50k+ updoots and comment "waoww! she's talented hehe!", dude I know damn well you watched that shit on a loop for approximately 3 minutes.

No. 1430566

I was thinking Robbie Rotten at first.

No. 1430974

File: 1670075859784.jpg (146.97 KB, 1242x1364, 00e68d4ms5851.jpg)

I generally feel there's this open attitude of thinking its alright to make fun of children's appearance, especially children of people deemed "bad" in mainstream liberal discourse

No. 1430984

My parents gave me this haircut for my entire childhood. Glad it was before social media because at least I got to be blissfully unaware of how bad it looked. I feel like little girls don't even get that handful of carefree years anymore when it comes to being hyper aware of your own image.

No. 1430997

Those kids just look unhealthy and way too haggard for their age. You only really see those type of sunken cheeks and eyes in starving or vegan kids

No. 1430999

Same and I unironically have trauma from my mother forcing me to get it, kek.

No. 1431003

they do look haggard as you say, but look at the parents. i think it's just genetic they have sunken/deep set eyes, those features in kids aren't uncommon. i'm more bothered by lack of color in their faces, their lips and cheeks are as pale as a sheet

No. 1431009

they mostly look tired, I'm sure they weren't excited about going to their father's political BS and just want to go home

No. 1431028

oh you're for sure right about that, they look bored as fuck kek why do they force their kids to watch their dad sign papers
i remember trumps victory speech, where he brought out his son to stand through the whole thing in a suit and tie at 3 am, using their kids for wholesome family guy points like that should fall under forced child labour imo

No. 1431167

File: 1670087445393.webm (1.19 MB, 576x1024, 756c25194b45eaac2a8ab1ecd26fe2…)

Gay jabba the hut calls woman a breeder and all the faghags are laughing in the comments.

No. 1431173

The thumbnail was completely gray when I read your caption, I didn't expect THAT when you said "jabba the hut", my god.

No. 1431188

>some woman gave birth to that

No. 1431196

can you link to the comments, I need to see it for myself

No. 1431205

Maybe you don't know this but there are hundreds of parent-run "child influencer" accounts on Tiktok and Instagram where parents sell their children for profit. And the comment sections are filled with pedophiles asking for photos, saying the kids are hot, ridiculing them, laughing at them, etc. Some parents even sell swimsuit photoshoot sets.
So yeah, his parents are profiting from his pain and are very aware of the comments/duets.

No. 1431209

No. 1431222

i hate everything about this. also he looks like brendan fraser

No. 1431376

I feel like tiktok should ban disabled people from using the app because its putting them as targets of cyberbullying.

Literally every tiktok video of a disabled person i have seen is with people bullying them in the comments or duetting them. And its even worse when they are mentally disabled because they wont understand that people are laughing at them.

Like a down syndrome couple showed up on my fyp and all of the comments were ''kill me now'' and all of the comments on one of their accounts was just comments like that.

Where are these people's caretakers? Why are they letting them get humiliated like this?

Pls if you have a disabled relative dont let them post on tiktok for fucks sake.

No. 1431383

How dare you compare that thing to my husbando

No. 1431402

I agree. It would be hard to draw the line as to what kind/level of disability to ban, however. and tiktok was already shadow banning a lot of that.

No. 1431421

File: 1670102641634.png (329.46 KB, 600x520, wakeupnonnie.png)

No. 1431429

didn't they actually try to shadowban them, along with fat and poor people? or at least that's how they tried to reason it.

No. 1431433

I dont think thats true, most people bitching about shadow bans are average looking people who are bland af and not pretty or ugly.

Actual ugly/weird/disabled people go viral on tiktok all the time and get thousands of likes where people are watching them like a circus animal

i busted laughing, i love this.

No. 1431438


No. 1431449

File: 1670103730320.gif (610.4 KB, 200x200, UnpleasantImpassionedDinosaur-…)

No. 1431456

You nonnies are way too funny

No. 1431467

No. 1431558


No. 1431624

Update: His main account got banned on tiktok, he also got exposed for making racist and misogynistic jokes, abusing his past girlfriends, pretending to be gay, he also tried pretending to be another person when he got called out for his other content which he also got exposed for.

(too lazy to post caps, but you can find the caps by searching ''strangek3vin'' on tiktok)

No. 1431795

File: 1670124516611.jpeg (1.14 MB, 3072x3072, 8C85C92D-2D39-4EBF-A98E-C09109…)

I saw this, a girl came forward claiming this fugly scrote has a fetish for making women cut his initials into their bodies and of course the top comment on tiktok was defending his ~kink~

No. 1431857

I'm fucking laughing, the speedrun from fame to cancellation in 2022 is insanely fast

No. 1431899

Billie eilish looking ass mf

No. 1431958

Omg the comments
>Nothing wrong with a man wanting women to cut themselves so he can get hard, it's just a kink yall
Zoomers are fucked, society is so goddamned degraded

No. 1432011

This is what happens when you pull the freedom lever on society for too long and we lose a sense of what's right vs wrong.
7-10 years ago if you heard a grown man say shit like this he'd rightfully be called a nonce and a danger to girls and women. Now it's suddenly just muh kink and apparently no-one can criticise it because porn has infested every corner of our society.

No. 1432017

>male has serial-killer levels of depraved, misogynistic paraphilias
>"that's totally valid! make sure she consents though! <3"
Libfems need to shut the fuck up about consent at this point because their brains turn off once they utter that word. They'd justify murder and cannibalism given that both parts "consented", they're that far gone. Anyone who defends sexual violence in the name of "kink" is mentally handicapped in some way idgaf. How have you made it this far in live without any critical thinking skills whatsoever?

No. 1432018

File: 1670151990519.jpeg (859.62 KB, 828x1436, 3FA8A622-10CC-4A86-9DFA-850AF9…)

he is so fucking insufferable, all his tiktok lives make me gag and the fact he tried to do a ‘bit’ when he was called out for his posts and acted like it was another person and said it was because hes gay and arabic? someone needs to knock this moid down a few pegs.
i can already tell hes going to play all his cringe up as satire because thats what you do when you’ve got no other excuse

No. 1432058

How can some woman find this balding gross moid attractive? Is it just low self esteem? Women urgently need to get higher standards and be less accepting of gross ugly moids.

No. 1432107

if he starts producing more milk (and doesnt fade into obscurity) then someone should make a thread about him.

No. 1432248

ive been following PeachPrc for ages and I remember finding her funny but ive always sensed a phonyness or cuntyness about her

No. 1432678

oh fucking totally, i’m an ausfag and there is something so off about her to me and my friends. also some of her posts and takes are very cringe and seems like shes just trying to relive her youth and appeal to zoomers with no actual sense of what is ‘cool’ to talk about

No. 1432681

She has that autistic Safiya Nygaard body language

No. 1433396

File: 1670255238619.webm (5.72 MB, 576x1024, a0229f8001d89f98b223c455e97310…)

No. 1433397

File: 1670255267090.webm (4.61 MB, 576x1024, 5ade8e392cb505581b306b20965563…)

No. 1433401

holy fucking shit, at least he only destroyed his shit. She has to leave him asap

No. 1433402

What the hell is up with men and punching walls? I'm never letting a man live with me if I have to worry about them fucking trashing the place over video games

No. 1433406

He's obviously a manchild who deserves no girlfriends in his life, but watch the comments be like
>what a bitch, it was his BIRTHDAY
>you cant get in between a MAN and his GAMING, stupid Woman (coffee emoji)
>she should've asked gently for him to be quiet (she did but i dont expect ppl to have the attention span to remember)

No. 1433415

>cant get between man and his video games
Makes me so mad how men have taken over video games, when there are plenty of female gamers out there who dont act like raging autists when they are losing.

No. 1433421

The comments are supportive of her leaving him, but she did share some hilarious duets after it went viral. One dude is defending the manchild saying that a man deserves to be able to scream at video games in the safety of his own home because he can't do it in public and he has to work a job lmao

No. 1433432

males make video games so un-enjoyable as someone who plays league of legends (please no bully). I'm pretty sure if they banned all moids then the game would lose its toxic reputation. you can always tell who's a man because they start seething for no reason. I've had moids throw games because their ego couldn't handle that they weren't the carry. I wish I had women to play this shit game with instead of queueing up with random autistic moids

No. 1433442

please let this be a joke

No. 1433443

File: 1670257877584.webm (2 MB, 540x960, 1611516951315.webm)


No. 1433444

File: 1670257968780.webm (1.99 MB, 576x1024, 1624314304154.webm)


No. 1433446

File: 1670258003299.webm (2.32 MB, 576x1024, 1630318116887.webm)

good for her

No. 1433449

Damn, I would too. She looks amazing. Not even "for her age", just in general.

No. 1433450

That woman is absolutely not 60 kek

No. 1433451

yikes the pick me vibes in that comment section have me physically cringing.

No. 1433452

this one is fake though he used the facetune filter on his girlfriend to make her look older, she is the same age as him.
Pls dont post fake stuff without context.

No. 1433455

>>1433452 is correct, these >>1433446 >>1433443 are fake and just using filter, probably as a dumb joke
this however is sadly real

No. 1433456

That explains things

No. 1433457

Facetune is scarily good

No. 1433519

There's a league for women discord server where you have to verify to enter. They let trannies in though, but they have spesific role for them iirc.

No. 1433533

>they let trannies in though
Why do women keep sabotaging themselves?

No. 1433703

I assume it's also because an actually female-only public discord server would never get past the discord furry tranny jannies.

No. 1433758

File: 1670276019603.jpeg (172.27 KB, 1290x1628, C91900CC-FA65-4524-9EB4-5FA278…)

I’m not taking sides in this but why would you willingly waste money to study the history of Israel

No. 1433762

Historians are so fucking weird they always end up worshipping the country they study the history of, even if it's fucking France (derogatory)
Who cares if they had great architecture ?
Free Palestine

No. 1433775

people who pay to study history in this day and age are retarded. I would rather use that money for books and travel to those countries and experience it myself. It's also the most useless degree ever.

No. 1433793

The idiot spent this much money on learning about a shit hole that only existed for a few decades? Bitch use wikipedia it's free!

No. 1433852

time travel?

No. 1433887

you are terminally retarded

No. 1434021

Sorry but like I can't even feel bad for her, dump him retard he's a fucking loser. Why would anyone put up with this? How would THIS be better than just being single and a little lonely?

No. 1434567

File: 1670338500743.webm (1.88 MB, 320x568, kales_0.webm)

This is what pure online saphic brainrot looks like, a taylor swift stan saying that they (the gaylor truthers) were like Ukraine and Taylor Swift saying that rumors about her own romantic life were weird was akin to her handing Russia a nuclear bomb to end said gaylors.

No. 1434706

File: 1670348663285.webm (1.48 MB, 364x640, 4Kg7Hn4cZiwwQI3A.webm)

>man almost kills his girlfriend by throwing her off a balcony.

No. 1434720

He should be hit with attempted manslaughter charges and be mocked while he cries over it. Piss babies

No. 1434807

I think the YouTube shorts problem got even worse now.
Now i am getting
>Fake sex facts TikToks with sexualised nurses in tight outfits
>Literal OnlyFans promotion, sexual TikToks
I still get something that is actually relevant towards the content I watch (Cooking and Language learning videos along with Japanese content) but seeing this kind of crap pop out after a Short about some Cupcake recipe is messed up. I keep clicking dont recommend this channel but it keeps coming back.

No. 1434810

Youve got to be fucking kidding me.

No. 1434837

they where standing on the 3rd floor wtf that's so dangerous i hate moids

No. 1434866

no. i just studied history for a year enough, to get to know them

No. 1434917

Is this that girl who was obsessed with Jojo Siwa's relationships? She's a fucking weirdo creep, and no one owns the color lavender wtf, online culture is so retarded.

No. 1435336

File: 1670382083930.jpeg (714.23 KB, 828x1189, D17DD3E0-BC15-42E0-BADD-FF7789…)

samefagging bcs i figured i’d move this from /pt/ since its getting clogged and i cant find any active snow threads this could be posted in, see link for more milk on this whore

her account is back up and shes back to full on pedobaiting and posting her ugly fucking filtered baby face for these copy and pasted lolicon accounts w full on lewd lolis as pfps.
listen to link for her gross as fuck larp child voice dude i cannot bear this

No. 1435543

File: 1670393112108.webm (4.2 MB, 576x1024, tiktokdownload.online_16703929…)

>Is this that girl who was obsessed with Jojo Siwa's relationships?
Yes, she's also recently gained an obsession with Jenna Ortega

No. 1435642

they're albanians … no surprise.

No. 1435662

File: 1670405417668.png (449.07 KB, 469x720, yt.png)

Why is everything so weirdly gendered? Female friends watch youtube too. Everybody watches funny youtube clips.

No. 1435667

you're very retarded

No. 1435815

File: 1670423437227.webm (4.05 MB, 720x1280, 1649508380274.webm)

I hated that trend just as much as regular fakebois

No. 1435820

>yassified bimbo non binary slut

No. 1435825

>showing youtube videos
>just a clip from an actual show
do men really think this is the pinnacle of humor?

No. 1435832

it's a woman showing this to her male friends

No. 1435840

Women do this too. Pretty much everyone who has grown up online (like every zoomer alive) does this shit when with friends kek.

No. 1435842

That look like a woman to you?

No. 1435844

look at the pfp ?

No. 1435845

I meant the male putting the video on

No. 1435853

They're young conservatives who only think in black and white

No. 1435863

File: 1670426440454.jpg (340.46 KB, 1442x1250, gE4M2LcNjQA.jpg)

reminds me of this

No. 1435992

there is no hope for women

No. 1436015

>*Yassified Bimbo slut
There, that's what they actually meant, because they're incredibly misogynistic but think gender fuckery allows them to disrespect themselves and other women

No. 1436078

Gen z women are just as disgusting as men. Sometimes on my IG i get recs for women simping for other women, but they do is in such disgusting ways like 'On my knees" and other shit. They are always spicy straights too. Why do we have to deal with this. Objectifying a woman as a woman doesnt make it okay.

No. 1436153

Makes me throw up when they say “I’m no better than a man” or “I’m so gayyy” as a way of complementing thirst traps.

No. 1436209

>if Emily Dickinson was a they/them

No. 1436224

File: 1670438769784.jpg (1.55 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20221207_193635951.jpg)

This makes me sad this disabled couple and the guy's account get hate all the time. Even though they are harmless.
The bullying culture in tiktok really is something.

No. 1436232

true, I think it started off from twitter and spread to other spaces that twittertoids visited

No. 1436354

Zoomers are so repulsive

No. 1436375

what does the 888 tattoo mean ?

No. 1436387

Maybe it's 88 but even nazier

No. 1436420

They're insufferable. We have two sides of NLOGism in our current social climate: fakebois and coombrained spicy straight pickmes. "Yes mommy milkersss I'm looking respectfully omg step on me spit in my mouth YAAAAS i love it when women-" Shut the fuck up. This is fucking creepy.
They post this shit under videos of women doing completely mundane stuff too which makes it extra malebrained. I have yet to see an actual SSA woman doing this much. I guess this is the outcome of non-stop sexualization of women in the media & porn culture. Sad

No. 1436722

File: 1670462519433.webm (2.62 MB, 576x1024, bcc509f804de5cc9589d0267eee7fd…)

People so disrespectful to fast food workers for no reason.

No. 1436729

No it’s an “angel number”

No. 1436769

What do they even want or expect.

No. 1436771

It's not ok. At least I feel comfortable knowing they aren't all like this, but it just goes to show how some young women simply don't have a mind of their own, they just jump from trend to trend and never form their own identity. Calling yourself a "slut" is beyond repulsive, worse than being called one by a scrote.

No. 1436786

I fucking hate these types of teen-30 year olds. Must be nice to harass, shit on, be condescending and rude to minimum or slightly above minimum wage because they grew up upper middle class or rich. They dont understand working a shitty job to help your family or pay for your own life all while dealing with their entitlement. Tiktok, vine,musically, youtube all made it worse to do stupid shit in a local store all for "muh 30-1000 followers and the views man!"

No. 1436811

My jaw dropped. What a disgusting retard

No. 1437217

File: 1670503659746.webm (6.75 MB, 406x720, why_are_men_not_washing_their_…)

Can't touch your asshole, that's the the gayz do

No. 1437223

They understand perfectly, they just don't care.

No. 1437236

That second chicks' voice is infuriating fucking enunciate

No. 1437842

So there is this troll @meangirlsadgirl1 , they comment on every black womens tiktok harassing those women, they also comment on inter-racial relationships harassing the black women and saying their boyfriends are going to leave them.

The account just got banned now, many people think the person behind that account was either a non-black woman or a black/white man.

No. 1437854

and I bet you she stayed with him

No. 1437861

It's funny because they're proving that this is a phase
Though it is worrying to see how many of them went the tomboy/trans phase change into that weird hyper sexual feminine phase

No. 1437868

Why is the first girl outside with just a bra? Why does another one have her nipple almost out? What the fuck is that shitty lipsynching? I feel bad for that worker who got filmed without permission.

No. 1438049

The second girl talks like she has no fucking teeth.

No. 1438067

men are like barn animals. I dont want one in my bed

No. 1438659

File: 1670600796899.jpg (2.68 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20221209_164439154.jpg)

Are people running out of asethetics or things to claim to feel special on tiktok.

No. 1438661

she probably genuinely loves milka chocolate, and the attention that being "the milka girl" brings her even more. not to mention the brand deal opportunities. i wonder if she's gonna try to find a new brand to obsess over in a few months or if shes gonna try to transition into being a normal tiktoker.

No. 1438669

This reminds me I once found a living maggot in Milka Chocolate.

No. 1438677

are you serious?

No. 1438682

this has to be some new form for marketing

No. 1438973

Aw c'mon you guys, she clearly has a lisp or some kind of speech impediment. You can only do so much to fix that especially if you can't afford dental/orthodontic work if it's caused by the shape of your mouth, or a speech therapist

No. 1439172

That's not a wax figure?

No. 1439450

File: 1670645114683.jpeg (1.23 MB, 2418x3398, 7A729A40-94C2-4DBA-BDB8-57C70F…)

i’ve been coming across this trend on tiktok where women are posting this imaginary concept of that their exes are still somehow thinking about them to this day and loathe their wives because of them it’s genuinely pathetic

No. 1439459

>think of me as you fuck your vanilla wife
girl, you are the vanilla wife kek

No. 1439469

This is unbelievably pathetic.
I'm tinfoiling this being true.
True. It only takes death for some women to learn.

No. 1439487

This is so funny, is there a hashtag for all these self-owns?
>your wife is high maintenence, not a whore and prettier than me
Yeah should have kept that one in the drafts

No. 1439500

In the past people would write these cringey feelings in a notebook or anon blog if online, then find it a few years later and laugh about it. Now their face/identity is attached to them and the whole world sees it.

No. 1439541

>what if I had?
Decades of BPD meltdowns and “chemistry” based entirely on instability because you have no real interpersonal skills to offer.

No. 1439804

Why do i always see middle aged women commenting on thirst traps made by young asian men on tiktok.
im not judging though, i think they are based and have good taste. Its just funny.

No. 1439812

Young Asian guys and the stereotypical Chad jock types tend to be cougar hunters so it's probably just women they're messing around with

No. 1439815

its not lol, its thirst traps with thousands of comments and the commenters are all from different countries and continents. Nice try though, you tried.

No. 1439820

my mom… im literally a product of said fetishization. hate my stupid fucking joke life

No. 1439822

Same. Why do all of them have crap shoved in their bras? I saw one where I swear to God she shoved basketballs up her shirt. Are plastic surgeons getting worse or are moids becoming this bad at telling natural bodies?

No. 1439937

>I keep clicking dont recommend this channel but it keeps coming back.
I think you have to report them. When I was getting 'exercise' shorts that were only focused on some girls ass and/or advertising for an onlyfans, I reported every one for being sexual - suggestive no nudity, and then I clicked don't recommend and they stopped showing after a couple of days.

No. 1440570

Idk if it's only like this in the West, but I feel like I have almost never seen a completely normal white/asian relationship. Racial fetishists of any kind are always gross but white/asian relationships always have the weirdest/nastiest motives behind their preferences. Hope this isn't race sperging but its just funny to me lol.

No. 1440617

Kek idk maybe they’re unsatisfied with their moid’s wrinkly old balls and weathered ugly faces and flabby bodies that they just enjoy the neotenous pretty faced buff men who are also exotic looking, Robert could never…

No. 1440788

I've seen a few normal WFAM ones, one of my favorite couples i know irl is actually an Asian guy and black woman, but almost any guy who dates an Asian girl always has to make a song and dance about it and bring it up every few minutes irc. The worse ones are the men in relationships with non-asian women who can't stop bringing up their Asian fetish, like if you like Asian girls so much just date them? Idk why they bother wasting time of women they aren't attracted to "that much" when there's always other men who will happily swoop them up

No. 1441466

File: 1670791860421.webm (6.19 MB, 576x1024, tiktokdate.webm)

No. 1441503

This is kinda autistic lol

No. 1441525

It's pretty harmless, it's being picked up by news sites too though for some reason. Men did show up to tell her she must be very unlikeable and for daring to say the money was not well spent

No. 1441630

But if men bitch about wasting money on dates no one cares to tell him to correct himself

No. 1441732

File: 1670797880459.jpg (449.25 KB, 1200x1448, Grant_Wood_-_American_Gothic_-…)

ive seen her before

No. 1441936

>it's being picked up by news sites
So weird, I keep seeing the same kind of "dating data analysis" from men on reddit for years and never seen these picked up by news sites

No. 1445967

File: 1671051228460.jpeg (156.6 KB, 1170x1201, 121EC86F-FFD2-42EA-A7EC-B2FB09…)

Psychopathic ass eyes

No. 1445979

File: 1671051565187.jpg (58.65 KB, 736x736, sanpaku.jpg)

I thought the same thing

No. 1445987

honestly i want to do this now

No. 1448070

File: 1671181626995.png (178.44 KB, 838x521, Fj6nortVIAMRNfr.png)

well I knew this day was coming at some point, but looks like Tiktok is finally being banned, I wonder if people will has nostalgia for it like they did Vine

No. 1448072

wasnt it already banned? why is it even getting banned?

No. 1448073

Interesting to see the US attempting this before the EU. I hope the EU follows if the US is successful.

What are the chances that tiktok will just rebrand again or pull whatever legal trick to keep it online though.

No. 1448075

I suspect by that time something like Youtube shorts would have taken its place

No. 1448087

This is some next level pickmeism, shitting on other women with moid tier views while also roasting themselves.

No. 1448088

Pretty much. If they can't beat the competition, they can censor it.

No. 1448090

Doesn't seem to be a bill for a full ban, just on government devices.

No. 1448096

Imagine being this delusional, as if any of their exes will ever gaf about them.
She's 'ugly and boring' yet he still picked her and not you lmao.

No. 1449542

it's less about competition and more about the tiktok algo being set to show only dumb and negative content to westerners esp.Americans
not that american social medias don't try to shoehorn american point of views down everyone's throats (it's so blatant on european twitter what gets trending and why)
but they don't want foreigners to do the same to them lol

No. 1452195

it's so funny that the government is giving people work phones and then letting them install chinese spy apps in general, you'd think they'd already have a rule about it kek

No. 1452415

I downloaded tiktok because I wanted to try a filter. I have never used it before. Not even after a minute on the app I saw so many terrible videos.
>A man screaming that Europe is now muslim
>A man showing his two girlfriend, normalising polygamy
>A man removing a woman's skirt on the street
>A minor girl shaking her breasts
One of my friend is chinese and she shows me what she posts and finds on China's tiktok. Everything is wholesome. There is no way China isn't using the app to make everyone's brain melt.

No. 1452420

chinese tiktok is full of propaganda though.

No. 1452421

go on youtube on private mode and on the front page you'll see the same stuff. in the chinese version government filters dictate what to show but i highly doubt they do anything with the us version, that's just what algorithms pick up naturally.

No. 1452426

tiktok is still filtered for the western version, just towards what they view as ccp approved western facing media. certain things get instantly deleted.

No. 1452439

Every time I see those "crunchy mom" shorts I want to punch my monitor and vomit

No. 1452456

You just got an unfiltered fyp. Depending on what content you engage with is how your fyp is going to look later. All my tiktok consists of is funny cat videos, silly memes and feminist/manhate videos. On the rare occasion I get a tranny I block them and say not interested to their tiktok.
All things considered the algorithm is pretty good

No. 1452482

But why is the by default fyp so horrible?

No. 1452636

File: 1671452278391.webm (2.53 MB, 540x960, 1671247652153489.webm)

I really hope this is fake

No. 1452649

Can't you just stay single and not fuck dudes ? Legit don't get it, is it so hard not constantly have a man in your life ?

No. 1452678

I could excuse a teenager because they're easily influenced, but as an adult such behaviour is embarrassing, she should know better by now

No. 1452795

Sounds like a lot of work and all you get out of it is… Watching TikTok videos. Ew.

No. 1452975

Yeah, douyin strictly shows educational, cooking, and art videos to kids and censors any weird content that children might come across.
There was recently an American who made a video about it claiming the different between China and Western content using it as “ideological weapon” when in reality China is just enforcing censorship on their citizens, albeit claiming it’s for their own good. Americans would still lose their shit about it if it was applied here, muh freedom etc etc (don’t ccpfag me please this is just an observation)

No. 1453093

File: 1671479331387.webm (1.75 MB, 320x568, 18E65qGTAgZk44EE.webm)

I don’t understand the issue, if she is in fact the writer of these stories why is it a bad thing to insert for to her to insert preferences into her writing? That’s literally what writers do, also this video skipped over the other Asian love interest in never have I ever

No. 1453104

It is ridiculous that women writers get called out for using her preferences in her stories when men writers quite obviously has the love interest or a character as their personal sexy dummy and nobody gives a damm

No. 1453106

I don't get what's the issue here. She's into white guys, ok and?

No. 1453109

Who the fuck cares? let her like white men in peace!!! It's so fucking annoying that only women get this kind of backlash when men are busy doing those vile blacked memes everywhere.

No. 1453116

>noooo she doesn't prefer the violent incels of her own ethnicity reee
Lmao, let the girl write her fanfics

No. 1453120

This video is so fucking retarded. It's not propaganda or anything, but they're making it out to be so. She's not the issue. If the OP believes black women aren't dating black men because of some TV show convincing them, she needs to literally touch grass. Talk to numerous black men on a deeper level, why don't you? She won't, she's pointing fingers at others because it's safer for her to do so. She's afraid of majority of black men, this is such a projection.

No. 1453139

western tiktok is also censored they just don't do so manually and rely on tags, captions and reports. you're not allowed to post anything about weed for instance, which gets deleted immediately while lewd videos stay up.

No. 1453173

imagine caping for indian or black men lol

No. 1453186

Western tt is full of CCP propaganda too. It’s super obvious from fresh off the boat chinese and immigrant kids whose families are obviously well off because CCP bootlick. They always position themselves as biggest victims in the world, warcrime’d by koreans and japs, C-pop and Chinese food isn’t popular because everyone is so racist! They never answer when you ask how they feel about Taiwan/HK or general genocides.

No. 1453199

this. also i keep seeing videos of chinese claiming korea/japan stole popular xyz thing from china (like anime or school uniforms or stupid pop culture stuff) and chinese people always gatekeep their cultural things from other asians, yet go on videos and speak for other asians or participate in other asians culture and crazy sjws don't see a problem with it because they're racist themselves and group asians together without realizing asian ethnicities all hate eachother.

No. 1453245

You mean like that Xiran girl who writes shitty YA novels based on shitty anime and whines about muh racism when she's a rich girl from a rich family?

No. 1453249

If anything black women and indian women NEED this propaganda. Black and indian women, especially darker women, are always shamed for dating outside their race and i am here for propaganda telling them that it's ok and they deserve to be happy. A lot of these women don't even get attention from men their own race despite being stunning. This propaganda greatly ruins their ego and i am here for it, not here for the sjw pickmeishas crying about it though.

No. 1453607

Donald Glover has a history of fetishizing Asian women and adds scenes like vidrel(which is way more offensive then anything Mindy Kaling's ever done)

No. 1453649

Wtf is up with tiktok feminists preaching radfem ideas unless it’s about trannies. Troons are untouchable for them apparently. If I hear “terf appropriated radfem theory” again I might go crazy.

No. 1454053

What the fuck was that? Black men WISH that black women where screeching like this at them every time they are with a White women. In reality they don’t GAF.

No. 1454506

donald glover has a weird revenge fantasy against black women for being bullied for being nerdy when young

No. 1456790

Has anyone been keeping with the kaliana kay situation?

No. 1456803

obviously they don't wanna get cancelled nona

No. 1456875

File: 1672260081062.jpeg (66.4 KB, 461x679, FA71D1A9-FF31-482C-92C7-4493B1…)

I came across this unholy demon and her baby girls “skincare” routine, including holding her still so she can rub ice on her face, jade rollers, eyebrow gel and q tips in the ear. https://twitter.com/k1ngkitty/status/1608117531470082048?s=46&t=OE4fJVY2KuynhrU2fDScAw

No. 1456911

god this is weird. i bet all the comments on the original video were praising it too. tiktok is a hellscape

No. 1456929

This is totally dehumanizing. She doesn't need skincare. She doesn't wear makeup. She's a growing child. This is just going to give her skin issues in the future and sure yeah THEN she'll need treatment because her mom was using her for brands to notice her.

No. 1456988

this is heartbreaking. Why push this on a child so young?
I don't speak Korean but isn't the point of Gangnam Style to criticize frivolous lifestyles? Anyway kinda bleak that men are into this

No. 1457001

Damn, even babies do not fit the "baby smooth skin" standard anymore? Feels like a toddler's in tiaras type of mom, the ones that have kids just to treat them like literal bio-dolls

No. 1457002

She also has a video of the baby in the bath. At some point you can nearly see her whole body from behind. These people are sick, I don't understand how children are allowed on social media.

No. 1457008

Is this even her kid? I've scrolled her page and there's a lot of cringe college party girl shit/ Harry Styles fangirling posted paralell to her posting this little girls' baby videos

No. 1457287

Kek the cope and projection
Black men seethe and sob in rage when they see black women with white men, especially if she's dark skinned.

No. 1457481

Black men have started putting black women on a pedestal and calling white women ugly subhuman cave dwelling cunts and this and that and it’s typical scrote dehumanisation. Same way that white lefty bois will put “white” in front of their misogyny to excuse it. Scrotes will put one type of women on a pedestal and h then try to pit them against all other women so that they feel special, so that they service the mans misogynist need to see women he finds attractive degraded. So that you are fighting an invisible battle while he continues to disrespect you. Black men who cry and scream about the oppression they face from white women spend their entire lives gooning to their facial abuse on blacked. If you are a white women don’t give them any sympathy. You should have the attitude of “I’ll protect black women at all costs but I won’t piss on a black moid if he’s actively on fire”.

No. 1457552

File: 1672327196603.webm (4.65 MB, 576x1024, CYHLdru-g9I-oMh4.webm)

I'm so tired of this shit. Many young girls fall for this bullshit. Make it stop!

No. 1457558

No. 1457698

File: 1672339109262.jpg (27.29 KB, 404x594, toast.jpg)

be louder, sis

No. 1457755

absolutely based. it's why it kills me when i see women falling for it. the moids who do it need to fucking die tho

No. 1457980

I should've watched this video on mute…

No. 1459630

File: 1672530660595.jpg (322.19 KB, 946x1534, IMG_20230101_050632.jpg)

I hate moids and their shitty tryhard sense of 'humour'

No. 1462574

File: 1672805956437.jpg (256.92 KB, 1225x2048, FhYDYTjXoAEVvwL.jpg)

I thought passport bros was for laughs on TikTok but there are really adult Black men showing off their new passports they got for sex tourism because women in the US don’t want them, lmao

No. 1462576

These images are great for identity theft! Wow jackpot!

No. 1462581

When i saw this on the front page i sighed. It's 100% real. They heard about all those men who get treated like kings in dingy brothels in south america and they finally managed to fill their first ever application without mummys help to get a passport. If it makes you feel any better a lot of them fail in their quest to get their spicy latina waifu and usually get robbed, but somehow it's still black women's fault.

No. 1462583

Ew disgusting

No. 1462593

the same incessant dumb shit is all the app likes, along with clout chasing and mind numbing. it would be nice if people only uploaded their pets but without the dumb ass music over it or the dumb owners voice baby talking to it.

honestly there's only a few people I like on there. the people making realistic wax, the guy who makes fart noises that give his cat zoomies, terri joe, and people who cook well and show you how to do it with recipes, oh and language learning.

No. 1462595

I think they missed the part where they need money. without money they are nothing. with money the women will grift them for things and a green card and ditch them. women are not stupid, they play the game of life with the cards dealt to them.

No. 1462600

Yes, Gangnam is a rich district with high end stores, many celebrities live within their and major companies have offices there. It's not all rich, mainly certain neighborhoods are. This is also where hundreds of cosmetic surgery clinics are located. So you will see a lot of obvious done faces, expensive items and cars, and businessman, it's all kind of shallow. Those woman are called gangnam sisters, but trust me men get work done too.

Ironically psy is rich as fuck, but his commentary really reflects Korean society as a whole especially in Seoul, and in Gangnam.

No. 1462614

there's literally a stream with two obese people and a table covered in fast food and they get donations to eat something. millions of starving people around the world and they pay for fat fucks to indulge. it's worse too because if they can't work for money to but food they would lose weight, and have to work. imagine someone poor and thin is on there hoping for donations to eat, they would get nothing because it's not a show.

No. 1462621

you'd be surprised how far the exchange rate goes and how much some women women are willing to sacrifice to get a green card, a US passport is a powerful thing

No. 1462853

They’re the opposite of radblr it’s kind of ironic. Best of both worlds.

For many “radical feminist” isn’t associated with terfism/gc/anti-trans in most spaces . It’s just used as a “look at how feminist i am!”

No. 1462883

American platforms are filled with American propaganda, what’s your point?

No. 1462978

I hope he dies a horrible death. A lot of homeless woman end up using their bodies for sex because it's the only way to get money. this is sick.

No. 1465562

File: 1673064216187.webm (1.07 MB, 400x720, zhjl8h8QedOcriyB.webm)

What is wrong with coomers(of both sexes), like I even saw some women being upset over this

No. 1465592

File: 1673069183212.jpg (56.12 KB, 785x731, f1076f182f1b8f5af1818afc296676…)


No. 1465616

>taste in women: conventionally attractive woman
>taste in men: another conventionally attractive woman
Wow! You are so queer!

No. 1465667

i think it’s moreso coomers being upset that it’s a woman and not their ideal uwu trap waifu(which due to men’s genetic disability is impossible irl) not being upset that they “aren’t gay”

No. 1465987

lmao that would be me main character is latina and all men are eastern european

No. 1466000

i remember the shitstorm that was sneaky's look irl. Coomers want futas to be real so bad to justify being faggots.

No. 1466431

Marilyn Monroe is one of us.

No. 1467360

All old and balding and busted. How do they think this is a win? Women were raised from birth to serve these scrotes like actual kings, and they still failed so fucking hard that none will touch them.

No. 1467425

File: 1673219716996.png (532.37 KB, 680x510, media_2FFl5_N4WXkAMcgqA.png)

New trend is commiserating over growing up in a household where their parents didn't stock processed garbage like chips and fruit roll ups for snacks.

No. 1467429

The solution is to get a job and buy your own groceries. That girl is definitely at least old enough for a part time job.

No. 1467434

kek americans come up with darndest things

No. 1467441

Fry an egg you lazy bitch goddam.

No. 1467443

Who the fuck puts fairy lights in their kitchen?

No. 1467463

Most of the people were talking about when they were kids, but it's sad how as adults they don't realize it was good thing they didn't have too many of those processed individual wrapped snacks. Gives insight into the obesity epidemic.

No. 1467914

Oh no my parents feed me actual healthy food instead of processed junk. Literally abuse.

No. 1469288

File: 1673411389132.webm (4.31 MB, 414x720, 1670851458026.webm)

what are your favorite ads that you get on Shorts and Tiktok

No. 1469381

What in the murder-suicide…

No. 1469386

File: 1673426748012.jpg (517.69 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20230111-134221_You…)

Wow… what a fashion icon…. this looks like her family said show no scantily clad clothing and she did this

No. 1469407

I don't necessarily hate this kind of "look" but I hate everyone attached to it. It's even sadder when you realise she dressed up for a few seconds of a TikTok. Something about the split dye half-alt community is just so fucking annoying

No. 1469413

If you're too cheap to have crackers or a banana available for your kids don't have kids

No. 1469416

american moment

No. 1469421

No it's not. Why are you being disingenuous? This is about growing up with a mom/household obsessed with being on a diet and never teaching kids how to have a healthy relationship with food, including junk food.

No. 1469423

File: 1673436074341.png (422.45 KB, 510x572, 172829.png)

If by that definition then everyone else in those photographs is also autistic. The human race has advanced to the point of diagnosing people with developmental disorders based on mere photographs, I'm simply amazed.

No. 1469424

Its about processed foods anon if your kid is hungry and they just want candy/chips/sugary cereal then they aren’t hungry they’re just addicted to sugar.

No. 1469514

Actually, is the OP reminiscing about her childhood because if not, why is she making this video? Just to be So Relatable? This is clearly her fridge. She can stock up on many simple ingredients to have as a snack.

No. 1470422

That's "almond mom;" if you live in an "ingredient house" you can still have cookies, pasta, etc. but you have to make them instead of getting processed pre-made food so when you're feeling snack-y it means you just have a handful of chocolate chips or toast. I'm sure the trends are getting mixed up though like how no one TikTok knows the difference between a pick-me and a NLOG.

No. 1470430

You faggots are so annoying. You're all sooo mad about sugar yet still fat. Seethe harder maybe it'll burn some calories

No. 1470832

File: 1673552072513.jpeg (535.27 KB, 781x939, 3AB002AA-0539-4EFF-BC6B-FE7D00…)


No. 1470836

No. 1470874

Hmmm I wonder what was the reason.hmmmmm
All the mucking channels have at best 20 years to live or less kek

No. 1470895

This, I get what the Tiktoker is saying. Never having fruit, yogurt, cereal, juice, crackers etc sucks when you're a kid. Especially when you're tired from school and need a quick boost.

No. 1470909

Holy shit, I saw a few of his videos just yesterday.

No. 1471022

I'm dying so hard at the acting. they're both great.

No. 1471026

They all have massive EDs. I dunno how those channels are acceptable. They are always binging and purging.

No. 1471029

when will faggots realize men dont look like the right? kek. i hate homos so much

No. 1471696

File: 1673615440769.webm (1.22 MB, 220x480, trim.0986D76C-B29F-4A5A-9D57-7…)

Is this edited, cause he looks like the product of generations of gangu inbreeding

No. 1471721

Nah, that's just Big Nik, a troglodyte with a Christian podcast about how weed and feminism were created by the devil for a war against god or something. He used to be David Dobrik's punching bag.

No. 1471734

is he really built like that or is the video edited, Its messing with me

No. 1471836

When are the western mukbangers going to realize that the cute asian girls who make these videos puke it all out after filming?

No. 1471843

not familiar with him but I looked him up and the internet says he has a rare form of dwarfism and is severely disabled, partially blind and deaf, and frequently undergoes major surgeries.

No. 1471868

No. 1471910

ngl I would love a game where you play a female-only gang leader and push around men without getting the usual response

No. 1471923

But this is exactly how the fridge looks like if you grow up in a poor household who only buys processed garbage.
It's the 20th, wallet is empty, everything is eaten up and all that's left in the fridge is expired eggs, ketchup and a pickle jar kek.

No. 1471929

All manlets should've been aborted.

No. 1472465

i wonder when nikocado avocado will finally croak

No. 1473744

File: 1673812022350.webm (3.62 MB, 720x1280, Snaptik.app_704964964951423718…)

A homeless woman in japan went viral on tiktok after multiple people kept filming her having mental breakdowns or crying and uploading it to tiktok.
You can find more videos about her by using this tag #あおいちゃん

No. 1473753

I thought these girls were actually filming themselves eating in the course of one entire day or several days and were editing the videos to make it seem they were eating one giant meal at once.

No. 1473755

horrifying, japanese are fucking shit with mental health. They had a serial killer that just stabbed a bunch of mentally handicapped people and they celebrated ti.

No. 1473761

i could post every video of her i find but i dont want anons attacking me for ''spam dumping''

No. 1473776

I keep seeing these "protect ___ or low gas prices" videos, one of them was gay marriage I think. It's so fucking retarded because the two things have nothing to do with each other, you can easily stand up for both. You know it's just a way to get people to say controversial things. If I saw this midget irl I would probably accidentally step on him and not even notice. Also kek at this little faggot being covered in tattoos and caring about "biblical roles"

>In her stomach

Ah yes because that's where the fetus grows. Men being totally clueless about female anatomy once again.

No. 1473777

I feel bad for her. She needs help. and not be turned into a public spectacle

No. 1473785

I think he meant stomach as in the general area, not the organ for digestion. It's super weird because in English the two words are the same for some reason. I mean, there's "tummy" as well but it sounds like something you'd say if you're 5 years old.

No. 1473787

What?! Why would they celebrate something so horrible?

No. 1473792

probably because the homeless and handicapped are looked down upon?

No. 1473800

>they celebrated ti.
i just looked it up and he's on death row awaiting to be executed, hardly a celebration on him. so what are you talking about?

No. 1473811

Nta, but I'm pretty sure anon meant the general population. The law and Japanese people on the internet aren't the same thing.

No. 1473839

General population and people on the internet is not the same thing either

No. 1473945

General population was the wrong word, but either way the death row thing doesn't refute anything that anon said.

No. 1476975

File: 1674159490185.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1170x2001, 2BBB0360-3974-4FB9-A263-A98BE7…)

this is a facebook reel (which is why i couldn’t figure out how to download it) but still. why would you admit that you’re getting internet clout for being a bitch to your kids??

No. 1477269

rofl what the actual hell did i just watch. male projection when it comes to interracial dating is comical and its almost incredible how little self awareness they have. They wish soooo bad women were even 1/3 as bothered as they are about men of their own race dating women of other races. its such a stupid and controlling thing to even give a shit about in the first place, 99% of the time that level of retardation and entitlement is unique to moids and moids only.

No. 1478328

Is this considered "comedy" for porn addicted zoomers

No. 1478344

this is not tiktok nor is it youtube shorts, retarded subhuman newfag

No. 1478355

This is a compilation of her tiktok videos

No. 1478358

Kekkk calm down

No. 1478362

Phew! I was beginning to think (c)rap-chan was gone but I'd recognize that insult anywhere

No. 1478374

I hate this form of humor

No. 1478378

you're trying way too hard to fit in lol

No. 1479202

i dont like this fat bitch and her forced deadpan 'comedy' at all. coomer jokes are so lame no matter which generation makes them

No. 1481404

File: 1674665079339.jpg (190.13 KB, 720x1294, Screenshot_20230113-152107_You…)

I keep getting recommended this since I watch some cosplay content.but how is this supposed to be hatsune miku? Beside the costume this looks like as if it were man dressing up as miku(she's a woman).

No. 1481487

Ken’s cosplays all look like that. Her boyfriend kade I think is a gender special. They got big for their Mario lore and creative story telling. Not their cosplay skills. Ken kind of has a face like the girl from the menu movie so I think it makes her makeup more obnoxious.

No. 1481678

File: 1674681608740.webm (3.03 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_718854621712569476…)

This has probably been discussed in this thread or past ones, but I’m so damn tired of these type of vids. So fucking everybody is autistic at this point. Yeah I guess this was supposed to be a humorous tok but still, and tiktok keeps showing me these “neurodivergent” vids. Fucking stop. It’s shit that most people do, I eat my burger this way, am I autistic, adhd, neurodivergent? Fuck no. I’m a damn normie, neurotypical. I’m just so tired.

No. 1481943

There's this culture around these diagnoses that means grown adults just substitute them in for a personality. People I know who used to apologise for being late now just blame it on adhd and do nothing about it. I'm going to start therapy soon and I'm going to ban them from diagnosing anything and instead just take behaviours or symptoms i want to manage better. I won't become one of them.

No. 1482865

File: 1674769646336.jpg (61.46 KB, 439x549, tards.jpg)

No. 1482866

File: 1674769779391.jpg (104.53 KB, 795x400, simp.jpg)

Moid jealousy lmao

No. 1482889

—dont want to post for obvious reason—
There's a weird and awful child porn problem on YouTube. I ran into a subsection of playlists of porn and on of them was straight up CP and the comments were filled with references to hey Arnold… Like it was all bots talking about hey Arnold. What is going on?

No. 1482903

I've accidentally run into the same shit too. It's disgusting, but if you happen to run into any again, you can leave an anonymous tip and submit the link to the cybertipline. That way youtube doesn't just scrub it and nothing will happen. I mean, it should be scrubbed but if you report it, it might help stop some of it. I know it's a lot of bot posting but anything might help. It fucking sucks but reporting it made me feel so much better.

No. 1482923

Did you ever watch the YouTube videos covering all this weird stuff? Also the bizarre videos aimed at kids which are violent and/or sexual. They're still prevalent too, my friend let her daughter watch a random YT kids video and the next one was something about a baby getting brains removed or something..The comments also have weird bot activity, that some people think is pedo porn code.

No. 1482949

I've watched a few videos on 'elsagate' content on youtube, but I don't know that much about it. Also, I watch a youtuber chef called Anne Reardon (her channel is called "How To Cook That"), and anyways, Anne did a video on how there are some videos made for children with friendly looking film and images (things like frosting cupcakes, making desserts) and the audio of the video will be disturbing fucked up content. Like talking about murder and kidnapping over these cooking videos. But if you don't hear the audio you have no idea the video is fucked up.

No. 1482951

Samefag, I found the Anne Reardon video talking about it if anyone wants to see it. Sageing because the Anne Reardon video itself isn't cringe, it's the weird elsagate cake videos she talking about.

No. 1482952

Oh I love her, and I love her debunking videos, she's always so sweet and helpful.

No. 1483046

File: 1674788919820.jpg (167.46 KB, 720x983, IMG_20230126_235952.jpg)

Video of a confused girl is full of tifs in the comment section pushing her to transition, and joking about her being in denial, you can call me sensitive but this makes me feel horrible.

No. 1483059

Nah, I don't think you're being sensitive. I think a lot of women and girls want to be treated like "full humans" the way men and boys are. I think so many TIFs, and other people, think that this is wanting to be twans. I think it's insulting the way they can't see the difference.

No. 1483071

Yess. Love Ann Reardon. those videos are so highly disturbing. Parents really, really need to monitor their kids online activies. Youtube is trash to let these videos stay up.

No. 1483081

>Parents really, really need to monitor their kids online activities.
Agreed. Unfortunately for those kids, they're most likely an accessory for their parents. Many parents don't really wanna do the parenting so they let their children watch whatever is out there as long as they shut up and stay quiet. Then they grow up all messed up and their parents ask what went wrong. Letting TikTok and YT raise a child should be considered negligence.

No. 1485547

why do i keep getting biased videos of ukraine immigrants acting entitled on my fyp…..

No. 1485731

because that's just how they are. We have many in our town and they're really obnoxious. Got a martyr complex and everything

No. 1487556

File: 1675232294347.jpeg (710.38 KB, 828x1045, 05A13916-BB94-4973-9958-FDA76C…)

she can’t be serious.

No. 1487558

>white women: might say mean things to you
>white men (actually men of any race but that's beside the point): will literally murder and rape you
Seriously though we all know she just wants to show how much of a pickme she is but make it woke.

No. 1487564

as a teenager I wanted to be a boy too and wanted a boy's body but I had no desire to transition i just resented the fact that i wasn't born as a boy. it had probably something to do with that i hated how girls are treated

No. 1487566

I'm a sucker for their mario lore, it's pretty creative. But this is such typical Miku-travesty. I don't know why zoomers need to either tease their wigs to death, wear some weird corset with their cosplay, or those tacky demonia boots. I guess I should be happy Miku's been able to last this long into the next generation, but damn she took one for the team.

No. 1487567

It's just the libfem pickme version of reeing about muh western roasties, same as leftymoids version of feminazi is to call women terf. They hate women and just want a class to hate, one because scrotes hate that they can't own/control women anymore and they will face social shame, and the women to attract male attention they otherwise can't receive naturally kek.

No. 1487571

>Mario lore
what ?

No. 1487573

I fucking hate the TikTok ADHD community. It fucking sucks to actually have ADHD, it's not cute or quirky, it's not an excuse. My life and who I am as a person is embarrassing and sad and pathetic, I don't ever tell anyone my diagnosis (kek I'm taking about it on lolcow), forgive my self sperg but I'm so angry at all this trying to make it a cutesy thing. It's crippling and I've been ruining my own life since I was a child no matter how much I try I'm still a loser piece of shit. I can't even get my goddamn medication now because of people like this and the stupid pill mill online services, they literally ran out of Adderall. I want to fucking a-log myself, this shit is embarrassing as a full grown adult woman and I know deep down it's my own fault.

I'm sorry nonitas please feel free to call me a lazy retard for posting this here I understand completely

No. 1487604

Hope you get your meds soon nona. I know how much that sucks. Really worried for when I go to get mine refilled in a few days.

No. 1487621

I'm becoming more and more convinced that this whole "look how racist yt wimminz are!!" thing is a psyop designed to attack the few women's rights movements that still are somewhat based in reality. Even on radblr a couple years back there were the occasional braindead takes floating around on how some sufragette born in the 19th century was racist by today's standards (no shit) or how lynchings were somehow white women's fault because they manipulated their men into being violent. Needless to say that rhetoric like this is more likely to just destroy the solidarity women have built amongst themselves rather than help decrease racism. It's divide and conquer, plain and simple.

No. 1487626

Nah i completely understand. My fyp is filled with 'uguu neurodivergent this neurotypical that' (when i never seek out content like that) and even i feel annoyed out of my mind, i can't even imagine what it's like to nonas with actual autism/ADHD. I suffer from very bad OCD and i thank the lord every day that this disorder isn't trendy yet. These retards use some bogus diagnosis (or self diagnosis) as a substitute for a personality trait, remember when it used to be DID all over tiktok? That's old news now, it's all about fucking autism kek. I've even seen a faggot moid on twitter throw an actual PARTY cuz he "finally' got diagnosed with ADHD. I wonder what's next

No. 1487631

Wow so feminist and woke to suck white dicks. I’m sure it’s the Karen’s that are killing WOC. This brand of handmaidens almost disgusts me more than just straight up “boys are less drama” pick-mes. The way they are so fucking blind to how scrotes of every respective race don’t give a fuck about their own women but still expect women to fight their battles for them against other scrotes. Meanwhile benefiting none from it.

No. 1487647

this loser desperately wants a white bf. I have no empathy for brown pickmes

No. 1487666

I understand that sometimes we have differences, but women are generally way, way more harmless than their male version, is she that desperate?

No. 1487671

>I suffer from very bad OCD and i thank the lord every day that this disorder isn't trendy yet
They tried to make it trendy, but unlike ADHD, OCD symptoms are somewhat harder to larp at long term. With ADHD you could easily justify shitty attention span caused by endless TikTok scrolling, but OCD requires you to be obsessive/neurotic with daily "routines" and that's way too much of a hassle

No. 1487685

I remember when they started LARPing BPD, that shit annoyed me so much as someone who tries my best every day to fight the symptoms. I hope you get your meds soon nonas that need them, and some other trend takes over the fake disorder shit soon.

No. 1487800

Kek I think OCD would be really difficult to LARP. I mean a lot of it comes from your literal worst nightmares so people don't tend to want to speak that stuff out loud.

No. 1487860

yeah, my ocd is embarrassing. I literally sound insane. that's shit I only admitted to my schizophrenic friend. .

No. 1488394

i'm glad i found my OCD nonas in the tiktok hate thread lol. this is very OT but i know how nightmarish it is every day and here's to hoping it never becomes a zoomer trend like DID, BPD, ADHD, and autism has. stay strong fellow retards love you

No. 1489421

File: 1675413698461.jpg (121.93 KB, 1062x780, gymcreep.jpg)

I can't post the original video because she had to make her account private because of all the harassment she has been getting but this pisses me off so much. This woman records some old guy being creepy in the gym, in plainclothes just staring at people. Of course some scrote takes issue with this and makes a big video about how judgmental she is, how maybe he needs help or he's lonely- which give me a fucking break he can ask the staff or join the lions club.

No. 1491066

honestly the main reason i get put off browsing tiktok is the stupid repetitive sounds, tons of people reusing the same sounds and it's the same joke every time. or the same stupid sentimental music loop that ends up being stuck in your head

No. 1491151

Or when the copy the exact same joke almost verbatim and with the exact same mannerisms. I know people have been stealing jokes since the creation of the internet but it is so painful how many people will make exact copies of a joke that went viral in hopes it'll get picked up on the algorithm.

No. 1491210

File: 1675567028157.jpg (8.1 KB, 250x245, 1646674046283.jpg)

what is wrong with some parents, I was going through my brother's youtube account(see if he wasn't getting recommended inappropriate) and in his youtube shorts appeared a video of a young girl(maybe 10-12) "dancing" and when I went through her account and most of her top viewed videos were of her and her doing brother doing tiktok dances, her mother was also taking part in these videos, like she has to know that pedophiles are the one's watching her children and sexulizing them

No. 1491212

i dont have tiktok but if i scroll instagram reels too close to bed time (which are basically all tiktok reposts) ill be laying there trying to sleep with a cacophony of tiktok sounds and songs repeating in my head. they should use tiktoks for mk ultra.

No. 1491234

i keep seeing a bunch of idiot zoomers whining about sinophobia in regards to chinese media and fashion, bitching that people keep saying it's korean/japanese when right now china is literally trying to steal japanese and korean cultural exports and manipulating tiktok users into thinking they are chinese. it's absolutely insane.

No. 1491236

Scrotes are always whining and crying about how they’re persecuted by women at the gym for doing nothing. But I’ve never had random old women stand just staring me down and looking me up and down pointing their phones at me, I haven’t had women come up and put their grinning face less than one foot from mine suddenly and say “want a spot for squat?” when I’m not even maxing out, I haven’t had women set up a mat to do sit-ups with their head directly and unsafely right under my ass where I’m deadlifting in an empty gym, or wedge themselves between me bent over on a machine and the wall and stand there looking down at me for no reason, and so on. Women have ALWAYS respected my personal space. And men do this intrusive shit constantly. Constantly. And never to other men—only to young women. But every video online of women standing up to them is met with thousands of moids crying “wahhh so we can’t go anywhere and do anything anymore, women are so hysterical.”

No. 1491276

t. pick me with a fetish for ugly white moids

No. 1491684

File: 1675625943073.webm (488.2 KB, 320x568, 6uBBs2eCma6fFc3c.webm)

This caused a lot of discussion within radfem twitter, apparently these two are about the same age but people find it a bit creepy and personally I can see why, like i'm not the type to accuse couples of fetishizing pedophilia when the guy is significantly taller than his girlfriend but this is a lot more then that, she looks like a 12 year old next to him

No. 1491693

She's clearly very petite. What is she supposed to do, only date manlets, who normally have severe mental issues? She doesn't even look like a child, she looks like a petite adult women.

No. 1491708

I don't think it's pedophilic but I'm still judging the guy, I've met a few moids who specifically go for very short/petite women and it always come across as creepy. But also I've noticed that short women are often attracted to extremely tall men so maybe it goes both ways. The fact that they made this video does make it seem like it's a fetish for them though.

No. 1491722

God, that man is ugly.

No. 1491746

No. 1491748

He looks like a literal caveman. Proof that height doesn't save every man.

No. 1491750

She looks like a grown woman, so people are blind or bitter, but he looks ugly af. I wouldnt want a literal giant for a bf, especially if he gets violent. Not to mention, men that big don't live very long. might be the only benefit

No. 1491766

she looks like an grown woman she doesn't look 12, I could tell from the thumbnail she's an adult

No. 1491768

>she looks like a grown woman!!
And? its still creepy a fuck, don't act like these type of men don't go for extremely small women on purpose, fucking gross

No. 1491788

There's no and, she looks like a grown woman with a petite grown woman build, the video is retarded and nobody is denying gross men like that exist. It's just that she doesn't look like an child and most who see her won't think she's a child. If anything I thought she was a midget.
Nobody is denying anything, just that she doesn't look twelve

No. 1491796

I don't see what the point of comments like this are. Like you can find it creepy or whatever judgements you may have about it, but so what? We know she is a grown adult and consensually dating this other grown adult. Leave it be. What's the aim of comments like this? Do you just want dwarf, short, petite, or any woman you can write off as "looking 12" to just not have a romantic or sex life simply because some internet randos might think it's "creepy"? There are real pedos to be worried about. Deepfake CP is already being mass produced by real child predators. This shit is frivolous.

No. 1491797

It's creepy that you can't tell the difference between a child and an adult woman.

No. 1491818

Omfg, i don't even think she looks like a child either, what i mean is that the weird implications of their relationship don't magically disappear by stating the obvious

No. 1491963

I don't think she looks like a child. Personally, i would feel very threatened by a man that much taller than me. But in the situation many things can be true. It could be a weird ddlg thing, it could be that she has a thing for tall men and was stoked to be picked by him or that she is easy to dominate. It could be nothing at all.
Like anon here said >>1491693 men who would be considered a more "appropriate" height usually have a complex about being short and are usually very deranged. Naturally, my ddlg blinkers were going off because i have seen it glorified so often, but idk how terminally online either of them are. It's hard to judge just from one video.

No. 1492031

I don't get this logic, of course if he got violent he'd be dangerous but so would a man whose average height or even one whose 5'3, most men are on average stronger then women

No. 1492078

What is the woman supposed to do, be a volcel? It's just a conventionally attractive short woman being lifted by a fugly male, it's not like they're in some DDLG gear.

No. 1492089

Taller men just set off my fight or flight more so than short men because the fact that they can easily break my neck is far more apparent. Logically it should be the case of all moids but my instincts are retarded.

No. 1492107

no one is saying she has to date a manlet, just not a guy who proportionally makes her looks like a child

No. 1492126

Implying these women don’t make their whole internet presence about uwu size difference and acting smol

No. 1492281

Wow I didn't know every short woman is the same person

No. 1492291

You guys focusing on his height when you should be focusing on how fucking ugly he is.

No. 1492306

>it's not like they're in some DDLG gear
Kek come on anon, you cannot be this gullible
Nta but who said that? You're taking this too personally

No. 1492355

What was "these women" referring to? Based on the context, it appears to refer to short women.

No. 1492397

stop pretending, it’s easy to tell when it’s a short woman existing, or when bitches farming content, every post is some sort of observation about their height difference. everyone can tell when you’re freaks with a fetish.

No. 1492442

Exactly, and they're so in-your-face about it, it gives me the creeps and their creepy partners aren't helping

No. 1492469

the mikayla lashgate situation is so dumb. Was what she did dishonest and greedy? Yes. But are all of the reactions over the top? Yes

No. 1492472

for anyone who doesnt know what lashgate is.
(Mikayla made a tiktok promoting some mascara by loreal, the issue was that she didnt disclose the fact that it was a sponsored video, she also applied false eyelashes and pretended those were her real lashes after applying the loreal mascara)

No. 1492477

Holy nasolabial folds, batman.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1492484

Kill yourself moid

No. 1492491

Nta, if you think that's something a moid would say you should see /snow/ kek

No. 1492499

People are really having withdrawals after dramageddon. You’d have to be retarded to trust influencer reviews these days anyway who gives a shit. We don’t need everyone to make a fucking video essay about it. Which reminds me I wanted to rant about this dumbass rise in video commentary/essay channels

No. 1492502

nonny nasolabial folds is a meme… we even have a banner about it

No. 1492517

Anon didn't deserve the ban

No. 1492535

shit like this is why I will never be a radfem
they claim to be feminist but then shame girls who have unusual physical traits, like being short, having a "masculine" face, having big shoulders, having small hips (and no I dont mean troons)

No. 1492542

File: 1675718246570.jpeg (51.21 KB, 499x385, 7C080C98-D73F-494A-A3F8-D8A65D…)

Saw an article talking about how pillow face skyrocketed to fame because of her authenticity and all I could think of was picrel

No. 1492573

its pure projection and insecurity of tall women who take their anger out on short women.

Also ironically enough alot of popular pedo-baiters tend to be on the taller side (over 5'6) especially with belle being like 5'7

No. 1492580

A lot of people are on edge because of all that morphe codes bullshit and governments claiming they will start finning influencers for not disclosing their ads. Personally, why even trust a tiktoker for beauty content? You literally can't even see if the product works because there is no wear tests, they don't really do close ups and everything is filters like mad. Personally i do think she is scummy as hell, but most influencers are which is why i don't really listen to any of the major ones and stick to the smaller ones. I don't really care if people want to pile on her because she honestly seems like a fucking bitch anyways, especially after she made a video saying how her high paying job consisting of reviewing bullshit is sooo haaard because she has to go to a meeting that is long every now and then. She has people defending her like mad saying all reviews are fake so hers are ok and all i can think is literally as a viewer what is actually the point of watching this content then? People watch these tiktokers because they expected honesty and when they didn't get what they were promised, they got upset.

Much like the radfems who are making a big deal over the video, you are definitely reaching about all radfems shaming ugly women and probably need an excuse to feel better whilst on a website literally built off shaming a fat woman.

No. 1492645

they clearly mean her godawful voice. that boston accent is not authentic, it’s grating and makes her sound like a 40 yr old smoker.

No. 1492648

I'm 5'3, dumbass. Not everyone who criticizes your cringy antics is a tall, jealous harpy

No. 1492724

I'm 5'4, not even a tall woman, and I too think this shit is creepy. She's like a third his size, it just doesn't seem right to me.

Which radfems are shaming the girl for being short? If anything, I mostly see the male partner and her relationship with him being criticized for, as other nonas said, resembling a DDLG fetish relationship.

No. 1492726

I think mods might have thought this was written as FOIDS(incel term)

No. 1493108

If you don't see how saying "Holy nasolabial folds, batman" in response to normal looking woman where her looks aren't even the topic is not turbo incel moid talk then I don't know what to tell you. Regardless of if it was typed by XY hands or not, whoever wrote it is spiritually a moid.

No. 1493122

There's no way you don't know the meme around nasolabial folds. I'm not even gonna waste my time explaining it, especially when that post clearly didn't seem serious (at least not to me).

No. 1493127

Do you think all very petite straight women should be celibate? The chance of finding a manlet who does not have mental issues is close to zero and it is proven that shorter men are more likely to be criminally violent.

No. 1493141

literally no one is saying short women should date manlets, just don't date guys who are like 3x times your size cause it does look weird

No. 1493142

hate everything about this

No. 1493146

If you're 5'0 then any guy of a normal height is going to look huge in comparison.

No. 1493152

okay then don't go out of you way to date a dude whose 6'11

No. 1493156

That's not true, my cousin is 5'0 and her man doesn't look like a giant next to her, he's average. Extreme height differences are perceived as creepy for a reason, it does look weird

No. 1493160

Nta but who even cares about stuff like this. You can literally date whoever you want regardless of height.

No. 1493165

So… short women should not date tall men because it looks like pedophilia to you?

No. 1493174

If you're specifically asking for 6'13 you have a fetish, imo that's just gross

No. 1493178

How do you know she was specifically looking for a man that tall?

No. 1493193

I mean she has been defending >>1491684 for like 2 days straight, I think she feels identified

No. 1493196

I just popped into the conversation for the first time, not everyone who disagrees with you is the same anon

No. 1493197

Not mentioning his height doesn't stop us from knowing he is a manlet

No. 1493451

File: 1675803048638.jpeg (325.03 KB, 1170x1984, 4195DF75-E023-40CA-8C48-945F67…)

Not even a fakeboy just a retard

No. 1493453

File: 1675803074406.webm (3.23 MB, 576x1024, IMG_6147.webm)

No. 1493464

This is another extremely online thing nobody really fucking cares unless it's twitter or some shit

No. 1493470

As if physicality isn't a huge factor in most het relationships

No. 1493499

Internet laws: If you're a tall man, you can only date tall women. If you're a short woman, you can only date short men. Height-mixing is forbidden.

No. 1493503

You are wrong. If you are a woman of any height you must date short man because if you don't want to date short men you are a bitch and your rejection made me shoot up a school. Look what you made me do, heightist.

No. 1493509

I mean yeah people have their preferences in height for a partner but I've never seen someone be like "if you're short you can't date men who are too tall" or whatever kek. The other anon was right about it definitely being an online thing.

No. 1493513

The argument against extreme height differences is that it looks weird, not that you're a bitch for rejecting moids

No. 1493514

I think women should date scrotes they are attracted to regardless of their height. I don't see why me very short friend should stick with short guys just for the principle of it.

No. 1493515

I hate it too anon ew thanks for sharing but also I wish I hadn’t watched

No. 1493526

Most well-adjusted people don't see an attraction to a woman who looks like, acts, and is a fully developed adult as pedophilia. Normally people see pedophilia as an attraction to children.

No. 1493529

Again, nobody told you to date short guys, just not extremely tall men who are obviously 99% of the time looking for a relationship with you specifically to fetishize you and act creepy

No. 1493538

And who are women who are flat-chested or have small tits allowed to date? Should they be forced to get mandatory boob jobs so their big fake tits help you tell the difference between them and children?

No. 1493541

Scrotes fetisize literally everything and everyone regardless of height

No. 1493754

I agree with the former not the latter, tall men should peruse taller women and should be shamed for dating women who look children next to them

No. 1493757

File: 1675830938346.jpeg (183.94 KB, 735x1273, 9FBAE882-3F6E-4214-8150-936513…)

Lol women on tiktok will really do everything but start dating women
Too many of them claim to be bisexual yet always date shitty awful guys and just project idealized fantasy on him, these green flags mean nothing absolutely nothing he's still a piece of shit

No. 1493759

some of these are really debatable, like I know some pretty misognystic dudes who had sisters and 70% of Muslim moids love cats and we all know what they act like, but I think not being overly online and having a solid group of friends are defiantly something you should look for in a man

No. 1493764

(responded to the wrong post my bad)
>has sisters
that means nothing if he treats them like shit
>sings out loud
that makes him annoying as fuck why would you want that
>asks to wear your chapstick
why can't he get his own? lazy loser
>is weird/off putting
literally a red flag wtf

No. 1493770

Lots of girls think they can build and craft the perfect man ~a written by a woman~ if you will, and they always end up with a shitty manipulative boyfriend because guys just pick up on what they have to pretend to be like to win a girl over kek. The male socialization never fails not even if he has sisters and plays the piano uwu

No. 1493778

File: 1675832368792.jpg (13.53 KB, 441x302, WHEEZE.jpg)

>plays an instrument
>sings out loud
KEK WHAT I can't believe she's serious

No. 1493788

That's what bugs me too. I really feel like a moid saying this, but thinking moids can live up to this fantasy is just setting yourself up for disappointment. I think dealing with abusive and nasty moids in an inevitable part of being a hetrosexual woman unless you become celibate. It just sounds like she will be fucked over by some soft boy on a guitar who makes misogynistic music and has bpd. More women really need to give up on dating.

No. 1493826

Nta but it wouldn't even be weird if they didn't make tiktoks being like "ooh me big tall man with tiny tiny woman" that's why it's creepy. Just date and don't make the height thing the focus of the relationship it's weird.

No. 1493831

I don't get it, is she saying women with pcos are the same as trannies because they need a certain medication to manage the pcos symptoms? And I'm so sick of everything being referred to as a community just so losers like her can try to find little microaggressions and reasons why they're ~problematic.~ Have pcos and wish to lose weight? Well now you're a fatphobe, congrats. So dumb.

No. 1493872

If a woman is shaming other women for being short, having wide hips, etc. she's not a feminist, she's just jealous. Although you can be a feminist and STILL be jealous and insecure but their criticism isn't related to their feminism.

No. 1493878

No one is "jealous" its just people just find the implications creepy

No. 1493897

>If a woman is shaming other women for being short, having wide hips, etc. she's not a feminist, she's just jealous.
Nta but not every insult is born out of jealousy, that's kind of elementary school level reasoning. Is everyone in the celebricows thread who calls Lana fat just secretly jealous of the weight she's put on? lol

No. 1493915

Most anons that call lana fat are wannorexics who are chunky themselves so I don't think your logic is that strong.
Shaming a woman for being short is out of jealousy, shaming a man if he's infantilizing his gf is out of concern.

No. 1493928

First anon here, then literally pick any other example of women calling other women fat or ugly. Some of them are gorgeous themselves and obviously not jealous of the women they criticize. It's just kind of a silly conflation to think every insult is based off jealousy.

No. 1493929

The thing is, being short as a woman is a beauty standard whilst being fat or ugly makes a woman unattractive. No matter how much you cope, a 5'4 woman will always be seen as more attractive than a 5'9 woman. Most men would rather be with the first woman than the second just like how most men would want to be with a skinny woman rather than a fat one.

No. 1493931

>No matter how much you cope
I'm 5'4, what would I be coping about? And I haven't insulted the couple's height difference I wasn't here for that and I really don't care. You can believe what you want but if you really think every time a woman insults another women's body she's just jealous than I think you're either a teenager or have very limited life experience to work with. What about the women calling Eugenia Cooney ugly? Are they just jealous? lol

No. 1493937

Again anachan, you're giving the same examples and yes the girls who bully eugenia the most are/used to be anorexic themselves and most admit they wanted her body when they were ill. Get your anorexia fixed before trying to talk about women's bodies again please.

No. 1493939

>Get your anorexia fixed
Okay now you're just throwing out random accusations to see what sticks. And your reading comprehension is shit if you think I was insulting anyone's body. Keep living in fantasy land that anyone who insults you is just jealous of you, hope you finish high school soon.

No. 1493945

it's not always born out of jealousy per se, however it very often stems from insecurity imho. e.g. if a woman is constantly talking about about other women's weight, she probably have weight issues herself (not necessarily fat though, but an obsession with it, a history with ED etc). of course, if you're just pointing out in passing that a deformed person is ugly, that doesn't necessarily have any deeper meaning, but people who are particularly mean or who are constantly scrutinizing or belittling others obviously have issues themselves or are compensating for something else.

No. 1493953

you're retarded if you think every single person that thinks EC's body is undesirable are just jealous anachans, or that everyone who calls a fat women unattractive is also just a seething fatty

No. 1493972

File: 1675850857385.jpg (43.77 KB, 602x400, 117c83825d.jpg)

5'4 is above slightly average height for most women in the world, its weird for anyone to consider a 5'4 woman short other then maybe Scandinavia

No. 1493975

Why'd you tag me? I didn't call myself short for being 5'4, that's average where I live.

No. 1493976

>5'4 is above slightly average height for most women in the world
my ass sitting here like: huh but that's so short!
>other then maybe Scandinavia
my blonde and blue eyed ass: ah

No. 1493980

Europeans and Americans often don't realize how fucking massive you are, like me and my brother are considered exceptionally tall to the point most people comment on it(I'm 5'7 and he's 5'10 1/2) and that's considered quite tall here

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