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File: 1613673554414.jpg (80.44 KB, 693x427, discordhate.jpg)

No. 742657

A thread to discuss everything you hate about Discord and the niche communities using the platform.

Post all your cringe screencaps and stories about Discord users here.

No. 742666

File: 1613674210360.jpeg (95.44 KB, 1078x1101, 44FB114D-C135-4698-AF33-C86412…)

an absolute hidden gem among many

No. 742702

File: 1613676518528.png (1.15 MB, 1242x1640, PicsArt_02-18-11.27.21.png)

All scrote ran discords are trash.
Here's a little number from one I used to be in, the biscuit nosed Peter Griffin who's pushing 300 is the guy who posted

No. 742707

>light mode

No. 742708

I'm on a diet, okay?

No. 742712

Where the clit at

No. 742715

Spoiler alert: he's prolly never seen one

No. 742730

what did he mean by this

No. 742735

Are we meant to see the clit or? Coz there is no clit here. I'm an ex fakeboi and even my clit wouldn't show in this. He knows they don't hang out right?

Squidward nose freak

No. 742751

File: 1613678590826.png (140.88 KB, 1001x620, 123456780.png)

Admin of a lesbian Discord server has to make announcement on why penises aren't allowed in the NSFW channels. A mass exodus of trannies ensued.

No. 742757

File: 1613678845129.png (127.35 KB, 827x686, 62c0043acd113769ea908a4e2e4aef…)

No. 742759

I couldn't care less, this is what they get for being SJWs.

No. 742763

File: 1613679175303.jpg (74.16 KB, 940x626, 1568332639506.jpg)

How do you guys feel about art discords? They're mostly shit because of discords young user base and the fact the people most active on the forum spend way to much time shitting up discord and not enough time drawing. I think a few invite only exist, but they're a pain to get into.

I feel like Discord is an untapped drama mine. Since most of it's private or hard to view public you can't really stumble upon it or share it easily.

No. 742775

Is this retard talking about her barely visible squint-or-you'll-miss-it camel toe? Why do men act like they know women's body parts when they clearly don't?

No. 742779

>mass exodus of trannies
and nothing of value was lost.

No. 742782

Based. Honestly imagine if a FTM went to a gay male discord and posted a picture of her pussy, they would tell her to fuck right off, no explanation or warnings.

No. 742812

i fucking hate autists coming into non-connected servers, the only thing related is the topic, and complaining how they broke a rule and got banned at another server. like, dude, get over it. no one here cares. and they continue to bring it up every 15 minutes how shitty the other is. this happened in the server i frequent recently and we all asked the dude why he cared so much, and he was like "you think i care?" uh, yeah because you're the only one talking about it.
they are the same type of people who have alts and will try to fuck with other members for blocking their main account.
it is not that serious.

No. 742826

I got a warning from discord and it won't even say what for, but it says if I get another my account will be deleted. So how am I supposed to know what I fucking did?

No. 742829

I think they cater more to young or beginner artist who always clog up the art sharing channels with shitty final pieces where people have to lie and think it’s the best thing they ever saw. Your best bet is following an experienced artist on whatever platform you can and see if they have a discord, sometimes they do have people on there who post decent work. I would just say it’s utterly fucked and is littered with lots of hobbyists as professional artists have no time to be on their own discord, it’s a slow boring coffee shop esque discord thing that gets boring after 5 minutes

No. 742839

There's so many tight wads on discord that get annoyed as soon as you slightly deviate from the tone of the server. I've had admins talk down on me and lecture me because I made jokes in response to their comments because it's not acceptable. It can be a really passive aggressive and anal place sometimes so I hate that

No. 742851

I know what you mean. I also hate mods and admins who are so sensitive to conversations happening outside of their "proper" channels. It's true that the channels should have some order and shouldn't end up as disorgnaized messes, but sometimes side conversations just happen and it kills the mood when they instantly jump in to tell you to move.

No. 742887

I feel like a lot of discord users are comfortable with extremely young users, and I feel like it only slightly changed after discord got shit on for the cub and babyfur stuff. I have heard multiple people claim that the benefits of money, "correct" hormones, and other benefits far outweigh the "mild" sexual exploitation going on. I have been using discord very early on shortly after it launched, does this make sense to any other long-time discord user out there? Discord was a legit platform once, now I feel weird even using it. The feds need to do a DEEP clean on this whole fucking program. For fuck's sake, before the babyfur shit blew up on discord's face I would be reporting under 13s in servers I was in and I never got emails back ever? I feel like they only started giving a shit after the feds told them to.
sage for sperging but holy shit I've seen a lot of garbage and drama

No. 742913

File: 1613687727123.jpeg (179.95 KB, 1122x854, 661FD738-456B-415C-9D39-E1A63F…)

It’s disgusting, I’m only using it for a single server I got invited to in which I know everyone is over 18.
I tried joining public servers before, but just searching for anything will always get you +13 bullshit or those thinly veiled pedo paradises that are teens only.
I also don’t get why the fuck is the people that are supposedly older are accepting kids in their +18 servers, i swear they either need a fucking backbone installed or they’re just pedos in disguise.
You get shit like pic related as well, it’s a mayor redflag when it’s supposed to be a fucking mature server, but how are 16 years old retards mature at all? It’s stupid.
I’ve completely labeled discord as a kids’ app unless you’re creating a private server for you and your close friends that are hopefully over 18 years old.

No. 742920

Discord has a HUGE pedo/grooming problem. It's seriously a pedo paradise. Any server that advertises as "teen" is swarming with middle-aged obese neckbeards pretending to be teens. The fact that they allow NSFW content that goes pretty much unregulated since servers are mostly private is pretty crazy. I've seen some fucked up shit in NSFW channels…which children can still access mind you.

No. 742933

I genuinely think that online grooming in general is such a huge problem that it's become impossible to tackle. It's no exaggeration that 1/20 to 1/40 young men these days are probably some form of groomer. I'm starting to work jobs and casually hear that so and so's daughter is 13 and has an older bf on discord that's over 18, it's seeping into real life. I think discord, skype, facebook, etc all know it's going on, and nab the odd serial groomer that is horrific, but they're unable to tackle the vast majority of grooming without dismantling the fundamentals of their apps. Once their audience becomes an older demographic like facebook, they can come down hard, but if the app is "hey fellow kids :)" they probably have to be tolerant of it to survive under capitalism.

There's also the other less talked about side where the groomees are actually seeking out older attention (not necessarily to be groomed, but teenagers in general want to be grown up and hang with adults) and, if discord takes active measures to prevent it, they'll monkeyswing off to another less regulated app. Discord knows this and so they'll perpetually drag their feet on the issue.

No. 743034

File: 1613696931064.jpeg (Spoiler Image,60.43 KB, 750x316, 5B260873-A01C-4F27-B50A-3B6725…)

this is a really old screenshot but damn I had a time where I knew a lot of degens during my weeb years. this guy was some quebecian nightmare who talked about murdering people, he got kicked from servers multiple times, and was even caught spreading women's nudes

No. 743072

I think every big public chat is doomed to this fate. I remember the same thing happening with AIM when I was a tween.

No. 743138

File: 1613707492778.jpg (67.34 KB, 949x453, Screenshot_20201222-162124_Dis…)

Private servers aren't any better

No. 743162

>anon, minutes before banning someone for posting the 100th scat picture in the designated nude selfie channel
Also, a Facebook Hate thread would be absolutely correct and justified.

No. 743251

>Discord was a legit platform once, now I feel weird even using it
idk ever since 2015 I exclusively only chatted and was active in non public discords so I legitimately am not aware of the situation you're talking about
Of course public discords will be infested with kids and creepy adults, that's like the internet standard
I don't see the appeal of using discord in such a way either, every time I looked at a chat of a public discord I died from second-hand embarrassment, even in 2015

I had my fair share of discord trannies and autists though

No. 743292

imagine being this much of a deranged autist yet still not being able to speak your deranged fantasies out loud in full sentences kek. this mf sounds braindead

No. 743320

God I want to punch this retarded sounding motherfucker in his face so bad

No. 743321

>wilts softly into bowl
…huh? Are they rping as a flower or something

No. 743323

'muh fear of abandonment illness' usually means BPD and IIRC the one and only treatment that actually works for it is behavioral therapy that teaches you how to sit with your super uncomfy feelings and deal with it.

No. 743349

Just a blog but a couple years ago someone I knew dm'd me because he had joined a discord server and someone in there was catfishing with selfies of me that were on my twitter, I never got to find out who it was but it made me really dislike discord

No. 743364

I like that but I feel like that would only work if the person saying it had really jazzy sunglasses on when they say it.

No. 743366

Sorry anon I replied to the wrong post and am having trouble deleting it.

No. 743509

damn, I wish a good art discord existed…

No. 743515

Probably not relavent to most Anons on this site, but psychedelic servers are the worst. They're all over ran by libtarded white guys & the only 'females' in the servers are usually troons. Also so much drama for a community that claims to be hate free.

No. 743538

I really dislike how long it takes to delete a discord account. It should be immediate honestly. I need to take a break but find it addictive and know i'll restore my account because the option is there. I tried changing my email by keyboardsmashing and saving it, and then deleting it but you can't, it makes you verify first.
I guess this wouldn't be an issue if I had self-restraint :\

No. 743551

I know this feel. Instead of making your email a keysmash, try using one of those websites that provide you with temporary email addresses that you lose access to after a few hours, but don't write the e-mail down so you can't log in. Or download a website blocker and block discordapp.com for two weeks. I think Discord is one of the worst things for your attention span when you get addicted to it, they designed the app to hold your attention really well, including the two week deletion wait.

No. 743573

No worries, anon!

No. 743593

Like other anon mentioned, best bet is to look for discords associated with some good creators; I'm too lazy to be active but David Belliveau who has a fb group and series of digital painting courses called Paintable also has a server with a fairly high level of people participating, contests, art challenges, overall motivating vibe, you can check this one out.

No. 743702

thank you anon! just deleted my account for good finally

No. 744028

thank you so much for the info anon, I will look it up !

No. 747638

Why is discord so addictive? Skype was never this addictive iirc

No. 748141

Has there ever been a Discord server full of mostly well-adjusted people and not mired in drama? I know it's just a prettier IRC but by god it may be the shittiest large-scale social media platform of all time. It's like all of the Web 1.0 chatroom pedos of yore not only have access to private spaces with real children, but they're respected or at least tolerated members of the community.
The structure of Discord itself sets communities up for failure:
>Because it's a livechat it takes a huge amount of investment to keep up with what's happening in the community
>Level of time investment insures that only the people who have that amount of time to dedicate will form the relationships and community knowledge necessary to be a core part of the community
>People with that much time to dedicate to a discord server tend to be maladjusted children and adult losers
>Maladjusted children and adult losers form the core of the community, normal people get pushed out or idle
>Miscreants end up with mod and admin spots by virtue of participation and juvenile server politics
>Create immense amount of petty drama because they don't know how to cope with minor disagreements
>Server eventually explodes under weight of the petty drama and creates a billion new protest spinoffs
>The cycle begins anew

No. 748280

on top of my head i fucking hate when i want to join a VC i have to scroll up all the way up to the message

No. 748353

the interfaced sucked, it was slow, groupchats were smaller and less fast paced

No. 852599

File: 1626157737878.png (Spoiler Image,308.26 KB, 1315x690, loool.png)

No. 852608

Holy shit this would have been just cringy but the last pic makes this repulsive.

No. 852618

wtf is this

No. 852660

I joined a vegan discord centered around philosophy and debate. Of course after I tried to have GC discussion, I got labeled "drunk TERF" and was kicked out. The fuck. I was drunk, but considering I had participated in debates revolving veganism and anarchism before while drunk it makes no fucking sense. God forbid I criticize troons on discord. No screenshots, it was a voice chat, sorry.

No. 852690

I'd RP with her and tell "Felix" to say the n-word, and that if she was a good Felix impersonator she'd have no problem saying the gamer word to her dom kek.

No. 852830

>if I'm playing trans
I know she's talking in the context of the role-play but that's one hell of a slip

No. 852898

can someone post the full size version of that pic, for a friend

No. 852968

File: 1626193095310.png (Spoiler Image,80.64 KB, 347x288, pewdiepie nsfw.png)

I hate myself for the things I had to google to find this. You better be thankful, nonny.

No. 853699

i can't even begin to describe the sadness i am feeling right now

No. 914449

Sage for obvious reasons

>People with that much time to dedicate to a discord server tend to be maladjusted children and adult losers
yeah, why else are they there lol

>Maladjusted children and adult losers form the core of the community, normal people get pushed out or idle

Be in one long enough (a week) and you'll find so many suicidal people (Bait level, they'd never fucking an hero)

>Miscreants end up with mod and admin spots by virtue of participation and juvenile server politics

>Create immense amount of petty drama because they don't know how to cope with minor disagreements

many are extremely maladjusted virtue signallers (online only, most are too scared to even leave the house besides for work, if they have a job)
Disagreement? of course they get immensely petty and irate. Many also have never learned to be the bigger person and just drop the subject.

Most servers bow to the whim of fakebois and troons. Most servers won't even have an actual troon (no surgery, no hormones) just full of fakebois larping.

Any server that has NSFW and allows minors are sus as fuck and the admins 100% are up to some gross shit.

No. 919313

File: 1632264509706.png (218.33 KB, 852x712, 1894375938532588.png)

how is this scrote making money? even kindergartners draw better than this

No. 919329

mentioned this elsewhere, but I hate the constant popularity hierarchy and people using others as free therapists without giving a fuck about the other person. Also discord pushing you to be available 24/7. It isn't addictive to me, but it annoys me that in order to make friends, I should constantly be online and post witty one-liners hoping to beat others to it

No. 919428

I recently joined an art server that's supposed to be "friendly and inclusive" (you may have seen it in a recent twitter thread featuring a banned user) but the existence of multiple VC channels where regulars hang out and talk/do nothing creates a cliquey environment. Tired of having to ass-kiss and "network" to get any feedback. Everything is fake happiness.

No. 924565

File: 1632736942798.jpg (29.52 KB, 600x569, Cringing.jpg)

this. i found and joined a few small discord servers in hopes that chats would be slower, giving a better opportunity for integrating. in the ones that weren't dead, the only active members there were the 40 year old scrote admin, underage shitposters calling everyone a faggot and saying nigger, schizos rambling on about gods and nonsense, narcissistic eboys and autistic egirls spamming their selfies.
tranny worship is a big theme everywhere. a girl posts a normal selfie and the others start hating on her while her new simps drool. a tranny posts an overfiltered and accessorized posed selfie in wish clothing and anime girl uwu themes and gets hundreds of reacts, admins labelling them as cute in the tags and all around praise.
i joined a few big servers to be around normal people and the user ranking over amount of text sent is everywhere. i joined the voice chats where it won't matter as much, and there was the nlog admin drunk asskissing every other male, making anime noises like ara ara and yamete kudasai. holy fucking shit. every female admin is an attention seeking fattie and usually trans too. there must also be a porn channel in almost all of them, despite it being 18+ only, you can simply click to continue… and there will be the dirty mirror, messy depression room fattie mods and admins spreading their cheeks and flopping their tits out for everyone to see. i get second hand embarrassment and have to leave. most of the time when i brought up a new topic some pickme girl has to spam over it with her flirting or memes for her dudebros. once that pedo admin from the small chat gave a 14 year old girl mod rights because she sent a pretty selfie. this app is reddit crossed with 4chan if that had a chat feature. the servers with only women require selfie, voice and profile verification which still has to wait for months to be available. fuck me by then they'll require fingerprint, dna and birth certificate too. it's not worth it and then the admin who verifies you never says anything about themselves either which has you feeling exposed and vulnerable. local discords for your city or state might be worth it because then there is a motivation for people to act more civil.

No. 928716

Coming in here to complain about non cow, non milk problems with Discord; it is just plain fucking inferior to forums for long form, large amounts of information. I’m talking about gaming communities where guides and other information just cannot be easily communicated or discussed in a chat of more than a dozen people. It’s so fucking stupid trying to follow lines of conversation unnaturally split into different topic channels which fragments the flow of people’s dialogue but it’s even worse having everything in one chat where shit gets buried within a day. Older information simply gets lost and I just cannot understand this “etiquette” about avoiding @ing people as much as possible, like what’s the point of even having it then? I wouldn’t mind at all if someone wanted to @ me about something I discussed a week or more ago but apparently this is frowned on in just about every channel I’m in and DMing people you don’t know is iffy too since that’s sort of crossing the line into being as personal as texting someone’s phone. Fuck Discord, their dumb gamer/niche communities will all disappear into the wind when either Discord or the server ““”owner”” pulls the plug and it won’t be like a dead forum where you can search its corpse for decent information 15 years later.

This isn’t even getting into how awful it is for your privacy, to this day I haven’t provided it my phone number or told anyone my real name or address for those to be datamined to whoever they inevitably sell it off to.

No. 928720

>Also discord pushing you to be available 24/7. It isn't addictive to me, but it annoys me that in order to make friends, I should constantly be online
Yes, thank you, this is the exact reason I cannot be in servers anymore and only use discord to talk one on one to a handful of friends. I swear every server I have ever joined has been full of people who are actually online 24/7 and I have no idea how to keep up with the pressure to always be in chat and in a good mood

No. 934512

File: 1633791918946.png (14.62 KB, 421x215, image.png)

If you've ever wondered why discord bans GC servers but doesn't seem to care about its massive pedo problem and numerous other safety issues, here's a hint. This is unironically how they're trying to attract talent to the company…

No. 934528

Shit, do they pay the same amount to disabled, mentally ill people or parents for treatments/parenting?

No. 934582

It's run by tranny men, so of course they'd make the company into their club for paying each other to chop their dicks and balls off. Think they're paying real women to fix issues that make them feel body dysmorphic too? Hell fucking no.

No. 934623

Do menopausal women get their HRT paid for? Do post-mastectomy women get augmentations or scar reduction? Do skin cancer and burn survivors get plastic surgery? Facial reconstruction after injuries? Dental work?

No. 934637

OH NO NO NO. Discord went full retard.

No. 934652

File: 1633805813988.jpg (79.23 KB, 653x653, 617960cfa3101bf2ed6ca9501f63b4…)

Seeing this after a cancer support group meeting where a couple of members were in tears over how unsupportive their workplaces are makes me want to go postal. I hope Discord HQ gets 9/11'd and may anyone who's braindead enough to pay for Discord Nitro burn in hell for funding tranny mutilations.

No. 934680

What's actually hilarious is that as a long-time IT professional and a programmer I rarely see competent troons working in IT. Some of them can be autistic savants but often in a very restricted, niche field like bit flipping or something, but most of them are insufferable to work with, take "mental health" days more than anyone else and cause constant PR damage on top of being shit at what they do. The oldschool troons might be somewhat knowledgeable about infosec since they all started as leet haxxor script kiddies but all the zoomer troomers know is writing a fetish visual novel on renpy. Imagine trying to attract people like this with a $20,000 dick inversion ticket.

No. 934683

Everytime I see this kind of stuff, I think it's more some marketing ploy "look how nice and inclusive we are~~"

No. 934725

Discord has been full retard for several years if not always, the people who work there are extremely degenerate.

No. 935430

File: 1633909789333.jpg (544.07 KB, 880x728, youtube.jpg)

Our Queen will return with a new mission soon, even within our lifetimes.

No. 935623

File: 1633939420655.jpg (115.45 KB, 1080x1121, IMG_20210910_215222.jpg)

My experience on discord:

1. Every discord has "the clique", a group of permanently online people/mods who dictate the conversation and everyone less popular has to suck up to them to not be ignored.

2. People who overshare their health issues and often vaguepost to make themselves seem so dark and brooding, when no one cares to do mental labor for them 24/7.

3. If it's a scrote discord: there will be a NSFW channel with high school anime girls and degenerate shit

4. If it's a twitter-girl discord there will be ridiculous pronoun salads

No. 935664

Nasim got huge titties in heaven.

No. 965141

Does anyone else want to have fun on the lolcow discord but gets overwhelmed with the constant chat and everything? It's so exhausting. I cannot keep up, I cannot sit on my phone constantly

No. 965145

nobody is asking you to chat

No. 965147

I'm the one that dipped in lolcow discord for 5 seconds and dipped out immediately (not sorry).
It just looks boring than the site itself.

No. 965173

Nobody asked for your irrelevant reply either, yet here we are
Anyway can't you read
>Does anyone else want to have fun
I feel like chatting is fun, I just dislike the discord thing when everyone is always plugged in. I know it's a norm now, but still…

No. 965175

I can read and it’s funny you feel pressured to be on your phone when it’s dead 90% of the time and only active for an hour

No. 965179

Could have told me so, checked it once or twice, and the conversation was wild and fast. Guess I was logged in during the active hour

No. 965181

I hate obtuse anons like you, fucking annoying

No. 965956

lolcow discord is cliquey and it’s the same 5 people who aren’t welcoming

No. 965958

she is mean on the lolcow discord(not your personal army )

No. 966015

Dilate, no1curr about you getting butthurt someone was mean to you on lolcow of all places.

No. 966029

Is this cow

No. 966081

>LC discord is full of cunts
Imagine my shock

No. 1327092

File: 1662321919873.png (783.45 KB, 1440x1806, Screenshot_20220503-033304~2.p…)

There was this one neo Nazi from Minnesota who would constantly call people pedos but liked loli and shota and apparently tried buying CP from the deepweb.

No. 1327099

File: 1662322165653.jpg (126.55 KB, 439x640, tmp-cam-5323145924785762566.jp…)

Here's his photo, he used to go by u/Realistic_North_5284 on Reddit but he was banned for pedo stuff and racist posts

No. 1327658

On the 9anime official discord you get muted for making fun of British people but the mods say whatever they want. I left because they were talking about beating up lesbians in main chat

No. 1327678

Um spoiler

No. 1329397

File: 1662513103729.png (217.43 KB, 462x425, 52b.png)

Kek he looks like the average /pol/kiddy. Reminds me of Sigismund Steinhäuser

Sounds like you should've left sooner

No. 1329403

Scrotes point with one hand and wank with the other, they’re degens.

No. 1329434

Private discord servers for likeminded friends is the only thing working for me. Something bigger and it's Twitter #2 with all the coomers, edgelords, trannies screeching, and general retardation. Art servers are mostly miss. People dump their art without bother to interact except asskissing the top dogs. Adult only servers are full of coomers or developmentally stunted trannies and gendies in their 30s. It always blows my mind finding out they have jobs and children.

No. 1329458

i've spent 15 years on the internet moving from platform to platform as it progresses from one to other but there is something so fucking unbearable about discord. i swear no userbase was as foul? everyone on discord thinks theyre edgy and contrarian but theyre just as normie and contrived as redditors

No. 1329737

>sounds like you should've left sooner
There really aren't a lot of good places you can discuss current season anime

No. 1342010

File: 1663351756228.png (494.45 KB, 1421x2514, Screenshot_20220506-173456~3.p…)

Him wanting someone to poison their mom's coffee

No. 1342049

File: 1663354413525.png (877.04 KB, 1440x2132, Screenshot_20211202-020058~2.p…)

His fetish blog

No. 1342086

I agree the only good ones are small/friend servers. When you join larger servers it's inevitable that a clique will form, you have a sizeable number of users who are online during different times of the day or share even More interests so they're going to move together just like school.
I'm on a radfem gamer server and one of the users got kicked out because she was constantly getting pinged despite removing herself from a certain role and a mod added her to it anyway. A certain clique in the server made fun of her. Something about discord just brings out the worst of people.
Honestly they're as normies as edgy twitter/tiktok/tumblr users. There's this obsession with wanting to be edgy yet being terrified of wrongthink.

No. 1375357

File: 1665845131653.png (487.75 KB, 1421x1625, Screenshot_20221015-104144~2.p…)

His name is supposedly Tyler but he used to go by minish at one point. Here he is on his kingonduty account thirsting over a Tech YouTuber called tripcode!q/7

No. 1444190

He decided to be an ass to me so im telling you he has a five inch penis that he doesn’t wash. And i mean he has cheese in his foreskin. Thank you!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1444385

File: 1670964679591.png (115.62 KB, 477x590, 1665768248677.png)

Made a quick list consisting of some things that annoy me about discord in 2022.

When I first started using it in 2016 the servers were mostly made by (and for) 'nerdy' adults. Now it's full with children.

Official/public servers are soulless. And they're pretty much always run by powertripping mods who will constantly be on your ass in the most passive aggressive way possible.

Communities that start out outside of Discord, then someone suggests making one so that regulars can talk more freely, which in turn kills the initial community.

Most servers have way too many channels. Not every server needs a selfie, pet, vent and meme channels.

Also the roles, why do game related servers want you to assign your pronouns, age range and sexuality to your profile. Who benefits from that besides pedophiles? Speaking of pedophiles, the safeguarding is non-existent. You can join any popular server and find plenty of lonely children who you can then harass or groom.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Trannies are just like jews. You let one in and soon more and more of them will join and make every conversation about them and their cringe interests and how much of a victim they are. Then they will start policing your words and scream transphobia if you call them out for being annoying.

People who are on discord 24/7 and expect you to be the same.

Also everything this nonny >>935623 said

The best way to use discord is to only join private servers about interests that you're passionate about and hope that the users there are normal and that you click with them.(racebait )

No. 1444444

See an interesting server but it's full of children and the mods are 18 at oldest.

Server I thought was about something but turns out it was just the servers "aesthetic".

No. 1444485

Congrats!!!!! Wish it were a better post though….

No. 1444539

I was there when Sigismund became a meme. He was doxed and had videos of him masturbating leaked lol

No. 1444593

why do they keep adding stupid fucking useless features and making changes that nobody asked for? i joined years ago and would've been put off the site if i joined in its current state, it's so unnecessarily overwhelming now

No. 1444597

me too lol he came from gmod nazi larp

No. 1444753

holy shit, pewdiepie actually showed his dick to his viewers?

he's got more balls than markiplier

No. 1444764

No. 1444777

the new desktop font is fucking hideous, did they fix it yet?

No. 1444782

You sweet summer child lmao. I hope you enjoyed that lovely image.

No. 1444947

Did he masturbate with his gangled out arm?

No. 1490143

Ok Tyler/Minish/Realistic_north_5284, go be a pedo somewhere else. I bet you're friends with that pedo Troon spammer.

No. 1499336

File: 1676341104112.png (1.36 MB, 1414x1452, Screenshot_20230212-185250~2.p…)

Him and Ripper aka fergitheoneandonly,the deepweb hurtcore pedo that was stalking plaguedmoth, look alike.

No. 1499372

I read this ages ago and barely remember it so don't take my word for it, but I read on cc that he was one of the reasons Asherah's Garden went down. He raided the site with gore and scat and things like that.

No. 1506931

Yes that's was him, given his track record I wouldn't be surprised if he's another one aside from that Troon that's spamming illegal content here.

No. 1507784

I also wouldn't be surprised if he's the one spamming gross illegal stuff on CC now for it to suffer the same fate as asherah

No. 1508708

Is anyone else in the LC adjacent discord servers? My account got disabled.

No. 1508709

There's too many barriers for me to bother with Discord now, like enter your phone number, captchas after every little action, wait 30 minutes to start chatting, check your email when you didn't log in for a while, etc.

No. 1508712

Are there others besides the official one that’s shut down for everything but announcements now?

No. 1508713

I just made a new discord account last week and I didn't have to enter a phone number. Is this only on mobile or something?

No. 1508717

Every time I look at discord I get the overwhelming feeling that, like actually I don’t need to be on the internet anymore, this is too much I’m done. Not just how it looks or the things you mentioned, it seems to be crawling with degenerates and unstable creeps. stg it’s worse than old chat rooms.
It’s nice that you can basically make free phone calls on it through the voice chat feature but it’s probably just because I’m old that I think that’s neat. I would have never bought a phone if I had that when I was 20, I’d still be on my iPod Touch lel

No. 1508723

Maybe they only do it to users that seem like they could be bots, such as VPN users. Also the phone number can only be used once so if you had an older throwaway account you need to remember it and go manually remove it.

No. 1508726

There was but only for verified users but an admin accidentally let in a handmaiden or a troon inside one of those servers and im assuming they reported the server and everyone else got banned as well

No. 1508729

Oh I see. I never got verified. couldn’t catch an admin to voice verify me, they were only online at like 2am and 4pm in my time zone (judging by their posts) so I gave up. Honestly I prefer /meta/ updates but the site was going down so much I wanted to know what was happening…. Hate discord though.

No. 1588885

More info about about realistic_north_5284
>An incel that used to post on wizchan.
>Would talk about how he wanted to brutally murder his parents for circumcising him.
>Accused people that preferred cut dicks of being pedos when he was a pedo himself.
> Had a whole bunch of disturbing fetishes (Loli, shota, scat, piss) and a Twitter blog dedicated to those fetishes.
>Claimed to be liberal but would call minorities racial slurs.
>Was a juggalo.
>Talked about how he wanted to rape women and how all women deserved to be raped.
>Used deepweb software to spy on his neighbors to see what they were downloading.
>Bragged about hacking into people's accounts.
>Wanted to shoot up a synagogue because of circumcision.
> Talked about wanting to eat human flesh.

No. 1622721

File: 1688282532338.png (6.02 KB, 666x70, 05235f185770d5137d904082d3a07c…)

found in a random emoji discord

No. 1693897

Is also Ukrainian, and connected to atomwaffen.

No. 1693908

ukrainian but circumcised and a juggalo? had no idea both of these things are common in ukraine, or is he an ukrainian burger?

No. 1698611

File: 1694762248963.jpg (333.85 KB, 1080x1421, IMG_20230915_091855.jpg)

I saw her posts about being a POC, then saw her in the selfies channel

No. 1698647

Kek no way reminds me of another anon who called herself spicy white only to post photos with white skin

No. 1698686

>2 Spirit/Bisexual
I thought white people were claiming through historical revisionism that 2 spirit means troons now. Why is it seemingly interchangeable with the sexual orientation of bisexual? lel

No. 1700833

Burger of Ukrainian descent.

No. 1700834

Bitch is whiter than snow.

No. 1741200


How do we feel about this, nonas? The birds down under claim they're going to be using AI.(this is an image board. post caps)

No. 1741263

depends on what they're going to deem offensive in the first place. i bet troon will be on the no-no list. men are just going to change up their slang like they do on other platforms. not sure i see the use of this

No. 1741299

Lmaoo she does not pass for even a quarter. Being queer isn’t enough for the oppression Olympics, you have to be a POC!

No. 1741443

spicy white is just white people who get xenophobia and get called "ethnic" by WASPs like italians, russians or polish people

No. 1741620

Not to be an an absolute retard but what is the invite for the discord? every one I can find around the site is invalid, and I've never even been in it to be banned or anything.

No. 1741645

A good indication that it's high time to leave. Expect to get an instantaneous strike in the near future upon typing out the words 'faggot', 'tranny', 'nigger' or anything of the like.

Discord is fast approaching the final stages of becoming a ultra-hedonistic coomer singularity that is paradoxically a sanitized, soulless quasi-forum without any meaningful discourse.

No. 1741647

why are you using discord like 4chan

No. 1741652

I don't. If you think merely saying any of the aforementioned words is '4chan' regardless of context, you are deluded.

I just don't like word policing, especially when it's platform-wide and clearly limits your ability to express your feelings and opinions.

No. 1741658

i'm sure your meaningful opinions and discourse about gays and black people will be missed

No. 1741665

Perhaps one day you will reconsider your views on censorship when voicing even the faintest of criticism towards the tranny/pedo menace land you a virtual banishment from all social media, but until then be smug by all means.

No. 1741698

Seems stupid. Like the other Nona said, new words will be made up to get around this sort of thing. Site filters are stupid. Also why are you using discord? I think discord will die completely within the next decade it’s not that popular or pleasant. i have an account because I was invited to a server and was curious but I fully expect it to be gone within six months possibly because I ghost possibly because the site or server dies

No. 1741705

Big shitty public servers will not be affected so I don't see them going away.
Niche communities might look to leave, but Discord is a pretty niche program, it's pseudoanonymous and it has persistent chat. Ventrilo, Mumble, TS3, IRC, none of these have persistent chats.

I don't see discord dying due to lack of usage, I do see it dying due to lack of profitability, I do not know if it is profitable, but a lot of popular web services/social media are not profitable.

No. 1741736

>A good indication that it's high time to leave
This was the indication and not the sheer amounts of pedo tranny furries?

No. 1748179

irc has persistent chat if you are even slightly good at the computer

No. 1774541

A person in a discord server I'm in has "he/him" in their bio and makes fan art of their fugly husbando and shares it, and has a really feminine twitter typing style, I had a feeling it's a tif but thought maybe it's just some gay teenage boy or something. Today she shared how being ~twans is so hard because no one respects her pwonouns~, it's definitely a tif. There's some other ones, too. And the server owner is a troon bootlicker despite being attacked by them for using "chaser" in a username, even though it was a reference to a retro anime/song, and not about troons at all. I don't get how he didn't get peaked after that, but he's a coomer so no surprise there.

No. 1779939

Some amerifat faggot in a discord I'm in is upset I said some incels in tech fake being trans for attention or special treatment. I only mentioned that because someone else said he ran into that kind of person in an IT job, and the incel troon detransed once he got fired. I explained it's because they think women have it easier in work so they pretend to be trans for that reason. And the faggot got angry I said that and accused me of talking about something I don't "understand" or "know anything about". I'm so tempted to spam videos of TIM masturbating and pissing all over women toilets and tell him "this is who you're defending". But I need the disord server for piracy and anime related stuff so I'll have to shut up. The guy who started the conversation by talking about the troon at his work tried to change the topic, don't know if he did this to help me because he's also secretly transphobic or something or he felt bad about bringing it up and starting the discussion, but I'm grateful he changed the topic and the faggot engaged with him instead. That faggot was always an extreme wokoid and he gives off lolicon hentai addicted vibes. I want to ask him if he's gonna fuck a tim if he loves them so much but again, I don't wanna get banned. Especially that he's a mod. He pretends to have knowledge about troons in tech when he doesn't even have a job or works at McDonald's or something. And thinks I, the software engineer, don't know what I'm talking about. Hope he gets in a negative encounter with a TIM so bad that he turns Christian conservative.

No. 1809627

bro you just wrote a novella about how you're a massive faggot who uses discord and is sucked into petty drama with a mcdonalds employee

No. 1809633

>big fat ugly stupid smelly worthless american faggot scrote beating his dick to loli porn and defending trannoids
Fuck that, I would go in on that motherfucker and spam videos of trannies flashing people in public. You shut your mouth for a faggot. Be ruthless.

No. 1809694

Don't wanna get banned. He's a mod in the discord server and I need it because it's a piracy group.

No. 1810351

You’re not going to convince him no matter what you share nonna, he’s on the pipeline for trooning out. But you also don’t even need to share anything to peak anyone else on the server anyways, that faggot TRA and troons will do that for you themselves eventually. Sit back and watch one day when someone brings up something they don’t like again and they’ll go nuclear and show their true selves. Or they’ll just start talking about their fetishes and completely disgusting views on being a woman/girlhood out on in the open. Also be careful nonna, I hope you’re using an alt you don’t care about in case that server gets banned because you could be banned too just for being in it!

No. 1811286

>I'm so tempted to spam videos of TIM masturbating and pissing all over women toilets and tell him "this is who you're defending"
vidoes like that would probably just turn him on. men who defend troons gets off to the idea of invading women's spaces

No. 1817161

File: 1702850631635.png (21.11 KB, 1305x109, just comes off as pedophilic t…)

Is it weird that I find this incredibly creepy even though it's a woman posting it?

No. 1817360

No. 1820575

using discord at mid morning euro time always sucks because its evening in australia and all the aussies get on spouting their retarded opinions

No. 1823435

No. 1912663

File: 1709670401356.png (25.56 KB, 703x211, pick me cope juice.png)

I swear to god Sonicofags are the dumbest group in the entire figure collecting hobby

No. 1912807

I never understood why women liked her. Was it just a pick me thing? Her design is clearly for men.

No. 1913221

I'm always wondering whether:
a) these young zoomer girls are actually so retarded or unfortunately brainwashed that they can't recognize fanservice for men because they've grown up in an extremely porn-addled internet
b) they're fully aware of her sexual nature but are playing dumb because it's cute to be innocent and totes unaware of sexual innuendos and extremely sexualized poses and clothing. This degree of airheadedness I've seen in these often underage female loli and ecchi figure collectors is an amazing magnet for pedo males to orbit around them, because it also often implies they'll mimic the same hypersexual behavior irl but play all coy about it.

I wish young female weebs just went back to glomping, squeeing over bishies and carrying around yaoi paddles instead of whatever this is.

No. 1913915

File: 1709767351353.png (49 KB, 564x764, cringe.png)

well, this will certainly make filtering troons easier.

No. 1914257

what kind of videos are you talking about?? Asking because I had my first encounter with a tim in the female bathroom today, which reminded me of this topic

No. 1995773

Anyone notice that brand of person in every Discord server who only hangs out in pubic discord groups to make zingers and awkward jokes all day but doesn't actually have any friends? I don't know how to describe it but they're usually snowflakes too. Any time the conversation in the discord gets a little bit juicy or serious they try to derail with retard uwu speak or fresh one liners stolen from Reddit.

No. 1995833

I know exactly what you mean, the wannabe "only guy in the girl group", I knew one through a (sorry for my cringe) BTS league of legends group

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