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File: 1670996967036.png (101.23 KB, 890x568, Pizza-2-900x675.png)

No. 1445041

>no racebait or bait of any kind.
>report and ignore bait instead of replying like a idiot.
>pineapple on pizza is delicious.

>Previous thread- >>1432539

No. 1445047

File: 1670997224817.jpg (91.38 KB, 900x690, 1334509.jpg)

hello fellow farmers.
My unpopular opinion is that i think Kevin fits the ideal of the female gaze. I think he is so sexy with his siren eyes sanpaku. He is kind of ethereal looking, like a fallen angel, a perfection among perfection, his confidence and the way he stares at the camera makes me giggle and kick my feet while fangirling.

Now i shout out from the rooftops THIS IS WHAT THE FEMALE GAZE IS SUPOSSED TO BE ABOUT.

No. 1445048

File: 1670997266944.jpeg (147.99 KB, 946x2048, Fiws8hPXoAw3qLj.jpeg)

oh wow anon please spoiler that, i just saw that and got so horny

No. 1445050

File: 1670997320877.jpeg (13.54 KB, 420x301, 43CF02AB-BDD0-42A3-BA0D-E8A1E5…)

i meant to make a new version of this thread last night but then i got lazy

my unpopular opinion is that it's find to hard decent images for the thread pic

why does he look like a balding walmart version of kurtis conner

No. 1445052

I think black painted nails are ugly unless the black is used as an accent.

No. 1445056

File: 1670997648445.jpeg (6.98 KB, 168x300, download.jpeg)

Look see yourself, he has a head full of hair. His hair looks so soft like its made from silk.

No. 1445058

I would love to viciously batter him over the head with a metal pole. But only from behind, so I don’t have to see his face.

No. 1445067

File: 1670998469983.jpeg (56.4 KB, 523x640, 18B6E9AC-75DA-4B37-A7B2-F8D7BC…)

Bumping to get that horrible rat bastard off the front page

No. 1445070

File: 1670998595067.png (391.09 KB, 599x613, 427 (1).png)

No. 1445071

File: 1670998630805.jpg (57.73 KB, 815x958, download (9).jpg)

My popular opinion is that I hate kevin.

No. 1445073

i would rather fuck my celebrity hatefuck and get diseases than fuck kevin

No. 1445075

The only reason people find Kevin unattractive is because he’s a white man with asian features

No. 1445076

File: 1670998801476.jpeg (284.76 KB, 644x450, 3DC7A3BB-0503-4156-81AA-88E06A…)

You are causing me to have extremely violent urges that I am struggling to control. I’m not going to tell you to stop because it’s a free country, but just know I am now looking at Pallas’s kittens to help cleanse the rage you have invoked in my soul.

No. 1445077

Ok so now it’s racist to think an ugly white man is ugly? I think you’re trolling.

No. 1445078

Oh so being short with a little mustache is asian..?

No. 1445080

File: 1670998939763.jpeg (168.17 KB, 896x726, 36A7626B-A08F-431C-A290-D1D4C2…)

I’m sick of seeing his face everywhere. I feel raped just by looking at him.

No. 1445082

how the fuck does he look asian, he literally has big sapanpaku eyes with a double eyelid, there is nothing about him that looks asian.

If you are a white moid who is ugly as shit just like Kevin then just say that, but dont resort to racebait you little bitch.

No. 1445084

Let's not fall for the bait ladies, it's clear the kevin person is just a troll trying to derail everything, it's not even funny at this point, just annoying.

No. 1445085

>round head
>thin but pudgy body
>oblong eyes

He’s not ugly just has stereotypically asian feature which throws ppl off

No. 1445087

um im not the racebaiter, i did make the kevin posts but the anon currently racebaiting saying he looks asian is not me.

No. 1445088

what the hell are you talking about none of that is a asian feature and neither does he look asian.

Wait a minute are you the same retard from before that was calling random anons pedos for being attracted to kpop men?

No. 1445089

File: 1670999338137.jpeg (5.77 KB, 168x300, download (1).jpeg)

But he is so pretty though.

No. 1445090

I said he has asian features. I didn’t say he looked asian.

No. 1445091

File: 1670999469489.jpeg (90.33 KB, 826x642, 26558BFC-7327-4565-8253-CD0FE7…)

No. 1445092

What’s the fucking difference? Just accept you said something dumb and move on.

No. 1445094

For example khole kardasian has black features but doesn’t look black

No. 1445096

your examples of why you think him having asian features is him being fat and having a round head >>1445085

Just admit you were either trolling or retarded and move on.

No. 1445098

>goes in unpopular opinion thread
>gets offended by unpopular opinion

No. 1445101

because yours wasnt a opinion, it was obvious bait.

No. 1445105

If that opinion is “you’re racist for not wanting to fuck a white man, because he’s a short, skinny fat slob. Just like all Asian men. That makes him Asian, and you racist for not wanting to fuck him” then yeah I don’t care if I get banned I’m calling you retarded.

No. 1445106

depressed people need to stop being depressed.
Like you say you are depressed…..okay not my problem if you dont want to be depressed then just be happy.

No. 1445107

I didn’t say anyone is racist I said he has asian features which might throw some anons off. He doesn’t have a strong jaw, tall height etc he has a similar features to bobby lee

No. 1445108

same goes for anxiety, if youre feeling anxious then just feel calm like its not that hard. Like stop being poor.

No. 1445109

No. 1445110

I support eugenics.

No. 1445112

A lot people are depressed because they are single. I got a bf and stopped being depressed.

No. 1445114

In a way you’re right. When you’re single you focus on your own problems and in time fix them. With a pet moid you have a whole new set of problems to distract you!

No. 1445116

File: 1671001522363.png (250.31 KB, 400x400, besties.png)

I still can't believe he got a selfie with a real, live Pallas cat!

No. 1445120

til paris hilton uses lc

No. 1445126

Sanpaku eyes are very pretty but only on women. Men with sanpaku eyes really are all psychopaths though.

No. 1445134

Large intricate but still cohesive tattoos >>>>>> stick and pokes everywhere

No. 1445139

Being under 200 pounds is incredibly overrated. The eurofags on here who get incredibly offended by americans enjoying their delicious fatty high caloric sugary cuisine are seething because they are too poor to afford industrial factories to make an abundance of snacks and prepared foods. The euroPOOR anachan fears the mighty bulked up americhan

No. 1445141

You need to be fucking committed or get the most invasive eye exam possible because there is seriously something wrong with you, im against lobotomies but for you i’d make an exception. “Female” gaze, bitch no! I am a female and I am averting my eyes he is so hideous it actually makes me homicidal. So female gaze is a balding faggot who is misogynistic and racist and looks like the inside of a septic tank? Get real or kill yourself. I know you’re probably baiting but even then all of my points stand.

No. 1445147

I love fat women

No. 1445150

Yeah, I wish, in reality Europe is getting more obese every year

No. 1445152

I know you're being sarcastic but can someone tell me if all the women on tiktok/twitter saying he's handsome are being serious? Is it a big inside joke that I missed? Or do other women really honestly think this toad is attractive?

No. 1445153

Is this unpopular? I haven't met anybody who thinks looking like a scribbled highschool desk is cool besides teens

No. 1445155

I think at first he was riding some kind "body-pos" wave of young girls wanting to support someone obviously quite unfortunate looking, but since then he's mostly just being clowned on, and that's what keeps him in the limelight

No. 1445158

aryt thank you for explaining

No. 1445159

I think the girls were just trying to be nice, then he got exposed for having retarded fetishes and abusing his former girlfriends so now the teenage girls are back at what teenage girls are best at, bullying kek

No. 1445166

Honestly tiktok is so full of assholes, men who hate women, men who criticize women, men who make fun of women, that they will support any guy who seems to be on their side. I don't think it's about how he looks.

No. 1445196

Not gonna lie, i’d love it if the beauty standard for women was being overweight. There’s so much delicious food in the world.

No. 1445199

I can get behind this sentiment

No. 1445214

men who become nurses, preschool teachers or whatever, just want to be in an environment where they're the only male in a harem of women. they're just acting out their patriarch gorilla larp fantasy. not saying men in male dominated professions are any better though.

No. 1445246

True. I'm a teacher, most people pursuing this career (I would say 80%) are women and unsurprisingly, the only moid in our class turned out to be a massive sex pest, he absolutely loved being the only XY defect in the area and used to sexually harass random women, to the point he almost got into deep shit a couple times. Males should be banned from these type of careers, yet society rather risk kids and women's safety

No. 1445263

this holds true for multiple male high school teachers i knew. the only one who was distinctly not weird was a guy who didn't actually wanted to be there, and was only a teacher so he could coach the football team kek

No. 1445308

File: 1671025512469.jpeg (187.01 KB, 1020x1200, keanu_river.jpeg)

My unpopular opinion is that I fucking hate the term "female gaze", especially when women are applying it to their individual, niche preferences. Something about trying to fit women into a box clearly made for males(why would you try to make a term that negatively describes male sexuality, fit women's sexuality in a positive way) is weird enough, but I only ever seem to find "female gaze" used to describe ugly ass men; or things that are just utterly unsexual. If ugly men are your personal preference then you do you, but I am so tired of seeing 5000 word essays on that try to flip some woman's low standards as actually totally a good thing, and apparently I'm supposed to feel the same.
Men can have their stupid gaze, they're literally cavemen obsessed with sex, designed to only like tits and ass. Women are people and individuals, our preferences are just more complex, and that's a good thing.

No. 1445316

nta I feel like my sexuality isn't all that complex

No. 1445328

I think the female gaze is less about the subjects themselves and more about the framing and "lens" something is in

No. 1445329

I keep seeing "the female gaze" being applied to pure soy and nothing else, or really light faux-romantic mxm stuff like pic in your post. Boy bandesque corny teenage girl tiger beat poster shit is not "the female gaze".

No. 1445342

Right. Nothing is attractive about a twink.

No. 1445357

Yup. People always use "female gaze" to describe ugly ass scrotes or abusive treatment from men.

No. 1445358

Exactly, it is a film term describing a woman's point of view.

No. 1445371

Like a Sophia Coppola movie?

No. 1445375

It's a very teenage phenomena, young girls are attracted to it because they unconsciously associate it with being more receptive, sensitive, and non-threatening. Grown women who are still interested in this sort of thing are often in a state of arrested development or haven't had real life experiences with men, and tether fantasies to this idea that some pretty and soft think is more wholesome or attractive than a masculine man. It's also a generally unobtainable standard unless they are transitioning or taking hrt, or they are still under 25, and that's being generous. There's a reason tiktok Gen z straight men are wearing nail polish and twinkifying themselves and it's not because they're somehow different from typical men. Wolf in sheepskin etc.

No. 1445378

It's not this deep. Hairy, burly men are just fuck-ugly to me. Same reason I don't want to fuck Shrek.

No. 1445380

The female gaze doesn’t exist

No. 1445382

Nobody is saying you have to like hypermasculine men though. What's abnormal is being obsessed with only surged up kpop frontmen that are in their early 20s when you're over 25, whining about how nobody looks like young leo dicaprio and swooning over pics of celebrity men when they were 17-19 years old. You're either a sad virgin or a hebefile.

No. 1445385

There are too many scrotes in the world proselytizing about what makes a sexually attractive man and talking down to women about what is "better for us" to like. They need to accept that they are forever locked out of understanding what a "female gaze" would even entail, and all their attempts to push us into what they personally see as the "right" direction fall apart when we get the chance to speak.

No. 1445386

Nta but more options exist other than twinks and shrek like men lol

No. 1445388

Adults know that but anon is either 20 or inexperienced with real life intimacy lmao

No. 1445390

I didn't accuse you of anything lol. Your weird pathologization and annoyance about all women not having your ideals is just that: Weird. I don't have any delusions of an actually handsome moid being a "good" person, I just think the males typically pushed as "masculine icons" are unattractive.
>You're either a sad virgin or a hebefile.
This is testerical, imagine raging so hard that women don't want to fuck a certain type of man that you sling insults. Cope and seethe.

No. 1445393

Most girls who like 18-25 yo male icons are in the same age group as those men. Only old expired males get this mad over teen girls liking teen boys.

No. 1445394

Didn't this exact discussion happen a couple of days ago can we pick something else to fight over

No. 1445395

I like masculine men, dislike twinks, and I still think you're being retarded. Women liking youthful-looking men will never be pathetic or sad like men who like younger women. It's not the same thing at all.

No. 1445396

This isn't true though, there's nothing wrong with young women liking women their age. I'm talking about this weird image board phenomena where women continue to spend about soybois when they're pushing 30. Idk why we are suddenly pretending that this sort of woman doesn't exist because they are integral to imageboard culture, probably from all the 2D they've consumed. It isn't raging or coping or seething to point that out, idc what they do I just find the pathology obvious.

No. 1445397

Notice how nothing in the post you're replying to said anything about twinks specifically. Literally only moids with balding heads and rapidly depreciating sperm counts type out think pieces and rants reeeing about women pereferring youthful men. You wasted your glory years (if you even had them), it's time to face the facts.

No. 1445398

It isn't, and I never said it was.

No. 1445401

> It isn't raging or coping or seething to point that out, idc what they do I just find the pathology obvious.
You just had a meltdown calling any women who don't like what you like (or what you literally are) sad virgins and pedos, kek

No. 1445403

I'm not saying I speak for all SSA women, but I've noticed that a large portion of us are really into older women and I have no idea why. Being into younger than you is extremely are ime.

No. 1445406

How is that a meltdown… I've been on lc for years and just made an observation without any aggressive verbiage. You're assigning meaning and passion to my post it didn't have.

No. 1445407

NTA, but this is true in my experience. I personally like youthful men and (masc-leaning) older women. Not sure how that one would fit into the angry anon's "soyboi" armchair diagnosis.

No. 1445409

First anon you're replying too, the convo was surrounding twinks and the anon said she didn't want a "shrek" type of man, so I just said there's more options between the two extremes. Relax lol, why are you so mad

No. 1445411

NTAYRT but maybe it's because you said liking those kinds of men makes a woman a "hebephile". It really doesn't, you just sound very sad and copeish.

No. 1445412

You know what is just like soo crazy and would probably blow your mind? I can know and acknowledge that men are disgusting sex pests and predators while also saying "sperging about how soyboys are superior means you're a teenage girl or trapped in 2D fantasyland" You are the one who is angry about that

No. 1445413

You're expired and will never be loved. Women can't love bald old useless men who spend their time crying about some random teen girlies thirsting over teen boys.

No. 1445414

Gen z thingks disagreeing with them is having a melt down

No. 1445417

Nta but not everyone who disagrees with someone's love of twinks is a man

No. 1445418

Because actual women aren't angry about what other women like. If some like more youthful-looking men and I don't, that's more older men for me. If some like older-looking men and I don't, that's more youthful-looking men for me.
There is literally only one demographic who is so emotionally invested in young girls not liking a certain type of male that they type out seetheposts and start bashing women about it.

No. 1445424

You're schizophrenic and writing fanfic but I bet that dopamine blast is hitting you so good kek

No. 1445425

Who's "sperging about soyboys being superior"? All anyone said is that they like what they like. It's like you make up people and opinions in your head to attack and frame others as because not every woman likes what you think they should.

No. 1445428

I wasn't angry though I was just saying there's more options than twinks and shrek, I agree with you, I don't care what type of man the nonas want it's all preference and I have no reason to be angry about that and I'm not. I don't know why you tagged my benign comment to begin with

No. 1445430

We need to come up with a solution though, because if everyone wants an older woman, how is that going to work?

No. 1445431

Can you read? Not once was anyone in thread accused of that. The post is literally just about a current online phenomena, and even lolcow has experienced this as early as last month with an avatarfag that would sperg about bishis. Why are you getting so defensive over something that was just an offhand discussion about the memeification of the phrase the female gaze

No. 1445433

>Everyone's a zoomer, a pedo and schizophrenic for not agreeing with me
>Totally not mad btw
Maybe stop raging like a man and recycling crotchety middle aged man copes as if they're fact.

No. 1445435

>You're either a sad virgin or a hebefile.
That was the implication.

No. 1445436

Gen z isn’t a generation that actually listens to what is being said or grasping concepts. Their main goal in any disagreement is to be right and for you to stop talking. They don’t understand the difference between anger and having an opinion. This is why the anons and mods on here are so stupid now.

No. 1445437

pretty sure this type of infighting has been here from the start but ok

No. 1445440

Infighting is fine imo but y’all don’t even read what’s being said most of the time you just jump straight to calling ppl troons or scrotes because you want them to stfu

No. 1445441

>I called women who don't have my opinion sad virgins and nonces not because I'm mad, but because that's just my opinion, you're just a zoomer so you don't get it!
This mindset only works when you have excessive testosterone and aggression problems. Ironically, you'd probably have to be a zoomer fresh off 4chan yourself if you think millenials and older people run around trying to attack each other and sling pedo accusations for not sharing the same taste in partners.

No. 1445442


No. 1445443

Why are you so upset if it doesn't apply to you? Not once did I say anons here do it, it's an observation. Not a single post claims girls shouldn't like men their age. You hyperfixated on a single portion of my post but are ignoring that I was also talking about men now purposely twinkifying themselves to appeal to young women, I'd say the term queen baiting and female gaze are in the same jurisdiction of retarded trends that involve straight men pretending to be fruity to appeal to young girls and disarm their defenses. Really interesting topic that can be discussed without so much aggressive pushback.

No. 1445446

>you like something I don’t like that’s an attack to my character!

Typical zoomer mentality kek

No. 1445449

Yeah, like the person mad about 18-25 year old women liking 18-25 year old men, kek.

No. 1445451

And this is your problem. You’re a zoomer and you didn’t read what was said. No where did anon say that young women liking young men is a problem.

No. 1445453

I like both younger cute looking men but also older rugged looking men, anyone else the same? I also like younger rugged men and older nerdy cute men.

No. 1445457

How am I upset? I'm just pointing out the obvious. Multiple people in the thread have said that it's not as complicated as you LARP it is. Women just like different things, it's that simple. Young women especially like men around their age. Straight and bisexual women are allowed to enjoy multiple kinds of male beauty. You sperged about sensitivity, wolves in sheep's clothing and paraphilias, and you've been at it for a while now saying everybody must be a teenager, mentally ill or a virgin to disagree kek. Just take the L.

No. 1445459

Samefag but I should specify by younger I mean like 21/22 and older before anyone calls me a pedo lol

No. 1445460

before it was just constantly calling each other fatties iirc, which wasn't much better. How are you doing anything different by accusing everyone who disagrees with you of being a zoomer? It's the same behavior but with different terms.

No. 1445461

Are you not a zoomer?

No. 1445462

Yeah, I also like a few different types of men, as long as they're attractive.

No. 1445463

I'm the original anon and when I made the post I had a certain type of terminally online woman in mind and the post you're replying to wasn't even me. Now you're just flinging shit when there are multiple anons itt. Yes, the small niche demographic of women pushing 30 that go out of their way to post pics of 17 year old Leonardo dicaprio and Bjorn Andreson and call it the female gaze are hebefiles.

If you are solely obsessed with men who look like teenage boys as an adult you're a hebefile yeah. Does not mean I'm saying women can't like men their age lmfao. It's an internet niche that can be annoying to observe, but it still exists. Also I don't think women who do this are predatory I think they're 2D obsessed shut ins who don't have experience, yes. I also think the adult women who were obsessed with Justin Bieber or 1D when they were young teens were weird and creepy too but again it's just a niche and doesn't account for the majority of women. It's just annoying terminaly online weebs, and we literally just had a hebefile sperg like a month ago kek

No. 1445464

>Y-Y-You're a zoomer!!
Kek, peak zoomer mentality to just repeat themselves and not be able to respond to anything actually being said. Millenials aren't this embarrassing, personally speaking. Maybe take your Risperdal and have a time-out.

No. 1445466

Nta but they still do that in the scumbags thread and celebricows lol, also calling eachother anachan and the old "hi cow" accusations

No. 1445469

NTA, but can you at least learn how to spell "hebephile" if you're going to throw out strawmans?

No. 1445471

No, because I'm having a casual discussion about a small group of women and not on a soapbox claiming girls are pedophiles for liking people their age. I just hated the fuck out of that Bjorn Andreson sperg and all the little freaks like her who think they're being subversive by saying teenage boys are peak lol.

No. 1445474

There's a weird rash of zoomers who see themselves as "not like other zoomers" and start infights incessantly, dragging age into everything. I have a feeling they're just 23 to 25 year olds terrified of aging and trying to cope by leaning too hard into thing and sperging out about their agemates constantly.

No. 1445481

inb4 a 25 year old starts trying to convince me they're not a zoomer and insisting Gen Z starts in 2011 or something lol

No. 1445482

I like kpop but idk how anyone can stan boy bands or find them cute because they are always trying to act cute and baby like on screen when in reality that’s a 22 year old man who has probably sexually assaulted numerous women and calls his fans ugly. I can never get past how scrotes really act in real life to stan one.

No. 1445484

Take it to choachan or twt, newfag. No one cares.

No. 1445485

You cared that’s why you responded

No. 1445487

Bjorn Andresen isn't even a "twink", that's a child. Get help

No. 1445490

When did anon say anything about twinks in that post?

No. 1445491

Because they are young or naive. Thinking a man who hypergrooms and tries to look young and wholesome can't be a predator is peak retardation

No. 1445493

Oh my God that was my whole point you dumb bitch KEK can you even read?

No. 1445494

Even when I was young I couldn’t bring myself to seriously stan idols. I just assumed they would call me the n word and I’m probably right kek

No. 1445495

true, really not that much has changed (and imo the mass peakening from years ago was a good change). Yes, sure I notice some of the coquette migrants from TikTok or the ones who think this is just 4chan but make it female. Those usually get bullied away when spotted though.

No. 1445497

Their whole argument is complaining about women liking twinks, it started from this post: >>1445342

No. 1445499

You clearly conflate the two. Again, get help.

No. 1445500

Just like not every anon is a scrotes not every anon is the same person.

No. 1445502

Now you're being deliberately obtuse. I don't consider children twinks, I was facetious using the word because its memed around by women online where it doesn't apply.

No. 1445504

No you're just retarded

No. 1445507

People who waste money on the nail salon are idiots. Just used press ons.

No. 1445508

There was literally an anon that would avatarfag Björn and sperg about how soft bishi twinks or whatever are superior, if you don't know the context of what's being said you don't have to jump to conclusions

No. 1445509

You were being facetious while everyone else was talking about actual twinks? So, you derailed with something unrelated because you remembered some autistic avatarfag?

No. 1445514

>not the same anon

>I'm the original anon and when I made the post I had a certain type of terminally online woman in mind and the post you're replying to wasn't even me.

Original anon (again, replying to a post about twinks, which was in response to an image of two adult scrotes, nothing about child models or whatever):
>It's a very teenage phenomena […]

>You're either a sad virgin or a hebefile.

The backtracking is ridiculous.

No. 1445517

You are trying SO hard and doing an olympic-level reach that does not apply

No. 1445519

Who was talking about that poster or agreeing with them until that anon brought them up?

No. 1445520

Press ons have a completely different feel to them and you know it

No. 1445522

Sure Jan

No. 1445524

In the first reply I accidently @d two different replies, which can be seen again in the response I made to the reply I put directly under it. So no, I wasn't backtracking–I was not the anon in any of tve zoomer posts, I'm new to android and hate the lc interface with it. I don't have to backtrack when I was just making a casual observation and explained myself several times, you just want to argue.

No. 1445526

>using sure Jan in 2022

No. 1445527

Women are over the age of 23 who like men who look like young boys and act like teenagers are creepy(you’re a hebephile live with it)but I kind of wish we lived in a world where it were acceptable for women to like younger guys too. For example pdiddy has a harem of 20 somethings and no one brings up his age. It’s so odd that I have friends who would date a 40 year old man but would think it’s wrong if a woman did it.

No. 1445529

>having friends that date 40 year olds.
What the hell is wrong with zoomers

No. 1445532

File: 1671034100545.gif (5.4 MB, 540x410, 1666294431272.gif)

>Nonas are being retarded in the unpopular opinions thread again

No. 1445534

There isnt anything wrong with liking younger men as a woman. It only becomes an issue when you are only attracted to people who look like teens and have what are essentially mostly teenage exclusive prepubescent features.

No. 1445536

Im in my late 20s but I still think it’s odd for a 28 year old to date a 40 year old because a 40 year old woman dating a 28 year old man would definitely be called weird

No. 1445537

not sure where you live but that is not the reality where I live. no one would care or think a boy was being molested even if there was a huge age gap, they would just make a dumb joke about him being "lucky" as long as the woman is somewhat conventionally attractive

No. 1445538

>So no, I wasn't backtracking–I was not the anon in any of tve zoomer posts,
I'm not saying the zoomer anon is you. I'm saying the "hebefile" and "teenage phenomenon" observation posts are, meaning you're either still maintaining that women who like twinks must be the same as the insane Bjorn poster, or you're just bringing that poster up now to make your take look less retarded.

No. 1445541

>t. zoomie

No. 1445542

That's just because young women get mad when men their age date older women because they feel threatened and jealous and don't know how to express or conduct themselves like adults yet, especially give how youth obsessed Gen z are thanks to everything being ran by pedophile moids

No. 1445543

This and I also hate how people can be weird about liking hot older women or call them hags even though they’re definitely not while “daddies” aka old deformed looking balding fucks like mads mikkelsen, Benedict Cumbervatch etc are fawned over

No. 1445544

You ARE a retard because I am repeating again that they aren't actually twinks, twitterfags just call them twinks and I used the term sarcastically. Youre just on the defense and want to argue.

No. 1445550

Benedict Cumberbatch is very ugly. Anglophilia is a mental illness.

No. 1445554

Yeah, "sarcastic" while everyone else was being serious and no one was talking about anything even resembling what you were. That makes sense. Anyway, women can be attracted to whatever kind of moid they like, older or younger (adult), simple as.

No. 1445556

Are you this annoying and autistic all the time or are you deliberately going out of your way to beat a deadhorse and hyperfixate on the word twink

No. 1445560

This I agree with. Women are so forgiving to moids' looks, but the moment a woman has a wrinkle or a line, she's automatically a "hag".

No. 1445561

I haven't watched those but Portrait of a lady on fire is a good example.

No. 1445563

No. 1445566

I think this makes sense. Female directed films would fit into that definition, but even that's a difficult thing to fully define, since so many of them are taught and shaped through works by male creators.

No. 1445569

nta but I'm legit breaking my brain about the liking older women issue.
If majority SSA women like older women, who is going to be the older woman to fulfill the fantasy?
Every time I see the female fantasies thread I have to think about how when I'm an old butch, I'll probably still be into older women. I can't imagine that changing. I think sometimes younger women already show interest and it's not like younger women look bad or anything like that, but even considering it would make me feel like those scrotes who prey on younger women. Differing maturity levels are an issue too and I understand that older women see me the way I view younger women. I'm probably making this more complicated than it has to be.

No. 1445572

Late but I think my anxiety would spike up if I ever get into a relationship kek.

No. 1445573

Kat Blaque's videos are okay.

No. 1445577

I've always thought it's weird that grown women are expected to be these fountains of youth without a single sign of old age up until their 40s, while if a man doesn't look absolutely hit at 30 or even 25, people infantilize him and equate him to a child. I've seen moids seethe at other moids and call them "faggots" for being only slightly muscular with a slender frame, not having a beard, not balding, no beer belly, etc but (IMO) all those things are just called putting a modicum of effort in. If getting some cardio and/or taking care of one's skin is still too much for a man to be doing, why are we, as women, expected to do all those things as a baseline? If that's supposed to be "looking like a teenager", then why is it normal for women to try to look like teenagers? Why do we get shamed when we don't do that? The double standard is fucked up to me.

No. 1445579

I don’t think it’s a women thing but more of a straight people thing. Gay men are expected to be in shape and fit or they get ignored and bullied by other gays. Straight women on the other hand don’t really have standards for looks meanwhile straight men do.

No. 1445592

Going off this, I think women need a word for attractive, skinny men in their early 20 that isn't "twink". It was coined by/for gay scrotes, plus it confuses some people and makes them randomly equate literal 12 year olds to guys like >>1445308.

No. 1445594

Cyberpunk is a really dumb genre and is visually very unappealing

No. 1445602

What about it don't you like?

No. 1445607

I agree, it's extremely tacky and gaudy. Cyberpunks and goths often look like they smell of a Party City it some kind of factory in China.
Done one in a while for a festival or event can be very cool though, but as a day to day style choice idgi.

No. 1445610

Nonna, where do you see cyber goths dressing daily like that? Haven't seen one in a decade and I had multiple acquaintances who were into it.

No. 1445612

samefag, I'm exaggerating with the time period btw, but I mean I haven't come across anyone doing it daily at least in recent times

No. 1445613

Same, it seems largely dead. I think a lot of subcultures have slowed down or died out.

No. 1445619

Kek, my frame of reference is stuck in 2010-2013 when I was a part of my city's rave so yeah it's not really all to common, I don't even see it frequently at festivals anymore. But yeah that was my opinion at the time which hasn't been renovated since

No. 1445621

Love how the two of you worked together with anon#1 deleting her post after anon#2 replied to it already, leading to #2 deleting her own post and replying again after #1 reposted it.

No. 1445624

Not the anon who replied, but I've done that so many times, kek. It keeps cohesion. Also, it's a pet peeve when I open a thread and see that people have replied to deleted posts. Feels like I missed something.

No. 1445632

File: 1671038092621.jpg (231.16 KB, 1500x1500, 71Rz4galPJL.jpg)

I miss everyone. The (cyber)goths, the emos, the punks, the lolitas etc. Even if people were maybe cringe or it didn't look great, it was just much better than whatever is happening nowadays.
I've never been a proper cyber goth, but when the pandemic hit I wore an old cybergoth gasmask thing for shits and giggles once. Younger zoomers were in awe and very approving kek.

No. 1445643

Ayrt, I love that you did that! I saw some pictures online of people using their gear as masks and it was very cute. I agree with your other response as well, as an oldfag I miss the scene so much! I feel like the popularity of social media as it changed to a mobile platform killed subculture and homogenized alternative fashion.

No. 1445662

2022 has been the worst year for gossip sites/forums
Seriously, regardless of how much happens it feels the quality of the posters, the fun and vibe has went down the drain.
>constantly getting raids
>now with retarded moids who badly pretend to want actual conversations. It creeps me out how they can slink their way into random shit
>no fun allowed, even in threads meant to be goofy
>retarded infighting
>weird mod


>90% pick mes/males
>constant random hate towards interracial relationships to the point it takes over whole threads
>fake black woman/people
>seriously the pick me shit is so annoying
>Para social relationships


>gay ass Troon war was more annoying then entertaining.
>user base is obsessed with black men/people despite 90% of the cows/topics being non black people
> Null is cute but kinda retarded And hypocritical
>all the threads are full of random rants/topics.
> alot of chasers
> "blank could've been a kiwifarmer" talks

In general it just seems everything sucks. I pray for better days in 2023.

No. 1445664

I seen a lot of smug euroshits (and some Canadians) on twitter, reddit and similar flex their superior healthcare system and post pictures of medical bills after surgeries or giving birth in a hospital. I don't know who upvotes those (probably other euroshits and Canadians) but I hate it. It's so fucking rude.
For some reason they seem to expect Americans or people from other countries with bad healthcare to congratulate them and praise them in the comments. Whatever for? You didn't do anything, you were literally just lucky to be born in a time and place where you can get that. And instead of donating to a charity that helps poor rednecks in Oklahoma or literally just shutting the fuck up, you post pictures on the internet to brag about having a good life in a rich country.

Would you go to a slum in rural India to film a mukbang in front of all the starving kids, you morally bankrupt retard?

No. 1445666

I forgot to mention
>shameless stans/shills/cleaners
On lipstickalley. That site is like 4chan but instead of the Fbi watching/posting, it's teams of random celebs posting/watching

No. 1445667

Agree. People had their own clubs and cliques, but at least they had identities. Now zoomers latch onto anything, call it new (when it's not) and then 'core' to the title. I hate them so much. unoriginal little shits.

No. 1445670

I see Canadians and Europeans say their healthcare system is great but then complain about how bad it is so I'm not sure what to believe. Maybe it's just different for every country.

No. 1445671

Agree. Neither does misandry.

No. 1445682

I dont get that either. it's like eating a big steak dinner in front of a homeless person's face. Ok, your health care system is free, but you pay insane taxes and people are still being forced out of communities because of the wealth gap. On top of that, you have troons everywhere, and mass children's graves in your country, Canada.

No. 1445691

I agree because male gaze is not about specific media but patterns that are found in the overwhelming majority of media, the way men dominate the arts and entertainment scenes and creating content with a male audience in mind.

No. 1445694

Even when a show is supposedly women centric, they still find a way to make it about men and men's feelings. It's extremely frustrating, but we as women need to break from these patterns in art and media.
if i have to watch on more show where the female mc is assaulted, i'm gonna scream.

No. 1445698

Prepared to get called a scrote but I'll never understand why women who wear low cut tops that shows a lot of cleavage get upset when people look (even just glance) at said cleavage. I just don't see the point of it all. I don't like people looking at my boobs so I don't wear low cut tops, I can't understand wearing something that is designed to show off my boobs when I wouldn't want to show them off. And no I haven't ever gotten told off for looking at someone's boobs, this isn't personal.

No. 1445704

I guess eu who flex it are the ones from the first world, rich countries? I am in a small generic central/eastern european country and healthcare is shit here. It is free only if you have a job and your boss is willing to provide you for it, otherwise its 100€ a month. But in the end even said "free healthcare" is a dogshit quality, doctors are sick of everyones crap because of their low salaries are refuse to work let alone care about their patients. My general doctor always adds additional fee to each visit despite doing nothing but giving me a permission to visit a different doctor. In the end the only good doctors are the ones thay work in private clinics because they actually care, cuz of obvious money.

No. 1445707

Exactly, female gaze is not about any individual's personal tastes in characters but rather putting more women in charge of creating, curating and reviewing media and breaking the patterns that come with catering to males as the default audience.

No. 1445710

I don’t think this is scrote like, I agree. I’ve been listening to an old radio show and the female host talks about her big boobs not infrequently and loves to show them off but will sometimes chastise one of her cohosts for looking??
I’ve heard that the wait times in Canada are ridiculous though

No. 1445711

Most women's clothing is made badly. like anything low cut, see through etc. I have to alter low cut tops so they wont show my boobs. and agree, if you have them out on display, full victorian era cleavage, people are gonna look.

No. 1445724

File: 1671041181240.gif (5.96 MB, 480x360, cybergoth-dance.gif)

ayrt honestly I'm kinda done being a mature normie and want to wear some of my old gear again more often. Just risk retards taking pics of the cringe. Life is too short.
I think how easily you can buy alternative fashion has homogenized it. People used to complain about hot topic, which was already a step in that direction (but not fully). In my country that never existed, so you either had to diy, order online from a specific alt website or drive hours to some obscure overpriced goth shop. Nowadays you can buy alt looking things in any normie shop or order it cheaply from aliexpress, probably with -core moodboards with links to where you can order everything from. It's so cheap they hop from style to style, never sticking around long enough to form a community. Or get tips from the community, or you feel alienated so then you seek community.
On one hand I might just be a jealous oldfag that people nowadays have an easier time being alt. I have taken some advantage of it myself too with some cool trousers I got fairly recently. On the other I do think it kills creativity and individuality or any form of community when it's this easy.
The whole music aspect has been divorced from it too, which already happened before and it's not necessarily the end of the world, but this is just really extreme.
I think the people saying it's great and the people complaining aren't the same people. Usually the people saying it's great are too busy thinking they're better than the Americans, to realize there's still room for improvement and actual problems in their country or worrying developments. It's a heated and dividing topic.

No. 1445732

File: 1671041734578.jpg (31.69 KB, 334x400, e02814579d31248204062838d01803…)

I was talking about cyberpunk fiction like the video game and anime and shit like Blade Runner, not Cybergoth fashion or music kek, Cybergoth stuff is based as hell

No. 1445741

>Would you go to a slum in rural India to film a mukbang in front of all the starving kids, you morally bankrupt retard?
The bleak truth is that many secretly would

No. 1445748

>Cybergoth stuff is based as hell
never thought I'd see this sentence don't mean that negatively

No. 1445753

File: 1671042767833.jpeg (422.95 KB, 2203x2937, nQV8N51.jpeg)

I mostly meant smug Scandinavians with that comment. Like picrel who posted it in r/images. Some copypasted comments from the thread:
>Post it in r/pics or r/USA for teasing.
>Swede here.. we did not pay anything and we stayed 2-3 nights and got some nice meals every day.
>I didn't even get a bill when I left the hospital in Canada.
Right? I know our healthcare is dogshit. I literally live in the Bible Belt. It's where I was born and I can't afford to move somewhere else. How is that our fault or something to laugh at?
The rightoids seething over taxes are stupid but I don't blame them when these people are openly mocking us for getting shot and dying because we can't afford to see a doctor.

No. 1445758

I'm just nostalgic and edgy

No. 1445763

Not a Scandi, but I think my country has jinxed itself with smugness. So busy with dunking on the Burgers, that they didn't notice insurance companies saying recently we're going to be paying Burger prices soon, but without the option of being able to throw extra money for better/faster services or being able to find a better doctor if yours sucks. It doesn't matter if it was good a decade ago when it's turning to shit super fast.
let's be edgy and nostalgic together

No. 1445768

Every country is going to be different because they have different governments, systems and funding, even within countries there can be regional differences. In the U.K. there’s this attitude that “at least it’s free, even if we have to wait months/years and the care is subpar it’s free” but the NHS is now collapsing from underfunding. I haven’t been able to access a dentist for 6 years as all in my area are full. I’ve needed surgery for 4 years but my case is always rejected due to lack of funding despite doctors agreeing it’s necessary.

For medical emergencies it’s okay (though you may be waiting for an ambulance/ in the emergency room for hours) but for some long term issues, you can end up in a similar situation to an uninsured American.

No. 1445783

at least bongs admit the care is subpar and it's not normal you have to wait for so long, instead of shaming anyone who complains and wants to get help for something which won't immediately kill you.

No. 1445881

Lol. Incoming rant, I moved to germany from latin america. German public healthcare is not good if you have anything even SLIGHTLY complex. It's fine for broken bones, obvious illness, etc. But if they can't immediately see it, they will just dismiss you. It took me a whole year to get diagnosed, and I had to figure out the disease myself with google and also find a doctor who knew about it.
I am also not allowed to get private insurance because I don't make enough money. So here I am, paying for public insurance with my salary and not using it, and paying out of pocket for private doctors which are very expensive.
German doctors also have no delicacy and the public ones are especially bad. Private doctors in latin american are super nice to you, listen to you, are emphatic to your pain, etc. I have had only 1 good experience with public doctors, and it was a dentist who was not 100% german.
My sister in france also has had bad experiences with doctors. She has had to spend hours in emergency waiting rooms. One of her friends got hit by a car while on a bike and had to wait like 8 hours.
I would rate european public healthcare a 5/10.

No. 1446099

Idg women who date scrotes they think are ugly but get offended if that same scrote also finds them unattractive

No. 1446101

I feel like this post is describing a specific situation.

No. 1446102

Did this happen to a friend of yours or something kek

No. 1446105

america has the best food because of it be a melting pot.

No. 1446109

which city do you live in? I am also an immigrant in Germany. I think the best way on public insurance is to be admitted to a clinic or hospital for the issue. Can be difficult of course.

No. 1446113

>rates european healthcare
>only has experience with 2 out of tens
don't bunch us together lol

No. 1446124

Oh, same in the Netherlands. If you say anything about it, you get dogpiled for it though. Public healthcare isn't a thing really, there's mandatory insurance with a deductible that is increasing every year. So everything is technically private, but it's run like it's public, with long waiting lists, gatekeeping and bureaucracy.
Even broken bones get regularly missed by GP's, because people (mostly women and girls) are assumed to be exaggerating and aren't examined properly or referred for an x-ray. "Just have a paracetamol", "sleep it off", "don't whine so much". Which is how I've ended up with a permanently fucked arm since childhood, which can only be fixed if it would be broken again, because I walked around without a cast for way too long and they didn't bother setting it straight. I know I'm not the only one.
I still used to be a retard who would defend the system and join in with the stoic seeking-care-shaming. Then I actually spoke to immigrants from second world countries (including Eastern Europe) and heard that they're actually getting better care and changed my tune. They don't have to pay as much money for healthcare, but get better and more empathetic doctors, even though they have even less resources than such a rich country. Cuba has the best eye doctors in the world iirc somehow, nobody would expect that.

No. 1446136

The only way to know a scrote likes you is if he’s super hot and other girls like him or he’s rich. You really don’t know a man’s true character unless he’s hot or rich because you don’t know how he would act if he had options.

No. 1446186

File: 1671061335570.gif (863.75 KB, 258x258, ad955d9b1fdc3a887599fc9dce3c5e…)

marie from aristocats isnt cute. she looks more like a character designed to mock cute cartoons rather than a character that was designed with the intention of being cute. her bows and eye lashes are just too goofy lookingcan we please get merch of the other characters from this movie? because they where actually cute

No. 1446188

File: 1671061720518.jpg (79.14 KB, 736x736, 5367d1b1e3299292e51c61b4884aea…)

Marie got popular in Japan because she's a cute white girly cat, I remember there being all kinds of things with Marie on it in the 2010s, even Angelic Pretty dresses. I guess this also came to the west for some reason, but I was never fond of the character, I like the black kitty better, he's super adorable. I feel the same way about tinkerbell tbh, I remember there being sooooo much merch about her before but now it's all gone. Next character they did was Stitch and his gf Angel.

There's also Chandu, from the Tokyo Disney Sea park. He's a little tiger. And Dufy the Bear. Those are cute too.

No. 1446191

File: 1671062016709.gif (1.39 MB, 500x302, photofunky.gif)

I think she's cute but I was never crazy for her even tho that was my favourite Disney movie as a kid, I guess my fave was Berlioz

No. 1446192

older women would date younger if the sugar momma aspect wasnt apart of it. Men don’t mind paying for sex from younger women because they don’t care if the woman they fuck finds them attractive but having to support a man financially throws women off.

No. 1446205

You can tell now if he lives vicariously through someone who is rich and or hot.

No. 1446206

Berlin. Unfortunately I don't think my condition is severe enough to be hospitalized. The chronic pain does make me suicidal tho so maybe I should look into that.

Yeah I also know a guy from NL and he told me it was not very good either.

No. 1446216

go to a neurologist in berlin for chronic pain. 177 clayallee is a good one for public insurance

No. 1446222

I didn't grow up in Japan but I did remember seeing her on a lot of shirts in the 00's. many the girls in my class had one
>I like the black kitty better
good to see some berlioz love in this thread. he was my favourite too
ive always found it odd that berlioz was named after a composer, toulouse after a painter but marie was named after marie antoinette. it just botheres me that they couldnt come up with a female artist. either they all should had been named after royalty or they all should had been named after artists this is just inconsistent

No. 1446226

…marie curie

No. 1446230

File: 1671063094262.png (152.63 KB, 2000x3500, 4F744A16-7441-4F3E-AC91-5870BE…)

Hello Kitty is the superior Sanrio character, and Doraemon is superior to all Sanrio/San-x characters

No. 1446326

I constantly see left-leaning people online caping for shoplifters and it pisses me off. "If I saw a woman stealing diapers at the store I work at I would simply look the other way!!!" You should do this for self-preservation and to avoid doing more work than you are paid for – but it is asinine to feel you are morally superior for ignoring shoplifters. People shoplift diapers because they know they can either conceal more expensive items inside them, or resell them. Someone "forgetting" to scan her diapers at checkout is one thing, but at the store I work at people usually steal diapers by the cartload. No woman with a baby at home is stealing a CART FULL of diapers, the fuck? She would just make them herself in times of need. Career criminals short the stock of diapers/formula at stores that actual mothers rely on, usually due to accessibility. Additionally, people will cape for people who shoplift nonessentials because "Fuck corporations, those companies have too much money anyways!" I agree that the corporations have too much money and theft doesn't hurt their bottom line, but 1) you are actually making the workers' life more difficult by fucking up their inventory, especially stores that get a lot of online/pickup orders, and 2) stealing nonessentials is just another form of brainless consumerism. Congrats, you got a lipstick you'll never use or some dumb TikTok toy for free. You were still enticed by shit you don't need and now it's sitting around your house gathering dust.

No. 1446346

Truly an unpopular opinion here, i feel like I get attacked for feeling this way. I'd rather people who feel the need to steal shit just look into organisations that will give them what they need for free or dumpster dive. A lot of people who this shit get caught eventually and it's not worth it, especially if you have kids. I don't really care if anons want to steal one lip gloss from sephora, but if you really want to get back at these corporations the best way to do it is to not consoom and show your disinterest in their bullshit by just leaving it to gather dust in the store thus eating into their budget. I guess stealing would do this too, but it still shows to them that there is interest in the products nonetheless. Besides, most of the shoplifters i knew had hardcore hoarding issues and were surrounded by hoards of shit they don't need or use. But god forbid if you ask them for it, kek, they are hypocrites. I also wonder if they would defend those crazy videos where those guys go into cvs with they bikes and wipe the shelves clean.

No. 1446349

She is the best sanrio character, sanrio need to stop giving so much attention to mymelody and kuromi. Hello kitty is a versatile lady. I don't care much for doraemon but my dad owns gucci shoes with his face on it and he has no idea who or what doraemon is lmao.

No. 1446367

Straight men who are dominant sexually are just enacting their hate and disdain for women and labeling it as a kink.

No. 1446373

Your dad is based, I myself am tempted to buy one of the replica Gucci Doraemon bags kek

No. 1446524

Leftists are entitled losers who think everything should be handed out to them for free by the government. This also reminds me of this one video that went around of reporters confronting fare evaders in the subway and people were praising them. I mean… I do that too lol, but at least have some shame.

No. 1446525

do it. gucci deserves no money. I bought one replica that i use for every day wear since it's just the og design and it was only $100. fuck gucci.

No. 1446526

I got attacked and downvoted once on the starbucks reddit because someone made a post about their tip jar getting stolen by a guy. So many comments were saying he probably needs those tips more than the workers and to look the other way. I said 'hell no, we work hard for those tips. stealing is stealing' and got downvoted. Extreme leftists and alt right are pretty much the same with their extreme views.

No. 1446598

This is just a fact

No. 1446626

File: 1671092554459.jpg (71.26 KB, 800x533, man-opening-car-door-woman-sit…)

Chivalry is fucking annoying. Maybe not so unpopular here, but I think most women just let it be, since it's not actively hurting. It's treated like you're only annoyed if you're an "unreasonable, arrogant feminist" in my country, but it's not that I feel in any way insulted, it's just so fucking unneeded. Like this week, one dude made me go all the way to the back of the elevator and then made me get off first, because of some kind of "ladies first" gentlemen LARP. A dude I met up with literally stood still and refused to go through a narrow pathway in front of me, even though I was waving at him to do it, because he can't possibly walk in front of a lady. It just lead to us dancing around in place for a minute, even though he could have just walked through. One short time fling got mad because I didn't wait for him to get the car door. I also had an ex literally grab my arm and yank me to his other side because of the retarded sidewalk rule. It's not polite, it's not attentive, it's a fucking autistic LARP women have to play along with

No. 1446629

Its annoying because men cannot properly execute things like opening doors or the "ladies first". Whats supposed to be a seamless action that shows you that they are thoughtful and smooth instead ends up making them look whiny, unsure, and flat out stupid.

No. 1446638

File: 1671095803395.jpg (6.65 KB, 225x225, chococat.jpg)

i agree with you, but chococat is also top tier. wish they'd make more merch of him instead of badtzmaru's ugly FUCK ASS

No. 1446641

Why do they even make badtzmaru stuff? WHO buys it? Always hated him even when I was a kid

No. 1446643

Yeah, the weird thing about american health care to me is that they charge people for life-threatening emergencies, and they have to argue with insurance companies for their life-saving medication. Reading shit like people not asking for an ambulance to be called because of the financial burder is insane to me.
When it comes to generic, non-emergency health care, public healthcares usually fall short. They're overburdened, full of cynical employees, everything moves as a snail's pace and they'll usually throw some canned treatment at you if they won't outright dismiss you. I had to get dental care and decided I don't want to go private since all the treatments would add up to a lot. Well, the dentist I ended up visiting just filled my tooth right up without giving it any canal treatment, slapped that bad boy and said "you're good to go" and when I asked if there was anything else to fix, she asked "do you have any other cavities? no? then go". It was a giant cavity too, so this filling will probably last like a month before giving out and I'll have to go into private care anyway.

No. 1446645

one of my coworkers who has epilepsy asks us not to call the ambulance and call her husband if she has a life threatening seizure spell. she'd rather wait 5 extra minutes for her hubby than have to pay $2k for an ambulance. this country sucks

No. 1446651

How would a righter justify someone stealing tips though

No. 1446667

>Why do they even make badtzmaru stuff? WHO buys it?
me I love badtzmaru

No. 1446702

Thanks nonnie, I definitely will check this out.

No. 1446835

The only thing that matters in this world is money. Family? Gone. Relationships? Stupid. Friends? Aren’t shit. Only thing that’s going to be there for you is yourself and your money if you save or earn enough of it, and can buy you whatever you want and even happiness because you can be as secluded from humanity if you’re rich/wealthy. You can even buy a new body with it or upgrade your own with plastic surgery so people can finally stop calling you ugly. Money is freedom, that’s why most people don’t have money cause that would mean people would be able to do whatever the fuck they want kek

No. 1446841

I think crooked teeth can be kinda cute. not like majorly fucked up teeth, but a few slightly crooked teeth. In Burgerland so many people people I grew up with had braces as kids. My parent's were never gonna pay for that though so maybe this is a bit of a cope, however, my top set are remarkably straight considering I've never had any orthodontal work done.

No. 1446860

Money can't buy you meaningful human relationships. It doesn't matter what clothes you have or how many surgeries you get if you are empty inside.

No. 1446865

Money can buy therapy, meds, money allows you to travel and meet more people, I don't necessarily agree that money is the only thing that matters but it opens up the door for everything else; and a lot of problems that are not related to money can be solved with it.

No. 1446868

Money can help me buy food and invite my friends over for a meal. This is so stupid

No. 1446871

nayrt, money makes most external problems easier. But all the money in the world won't help if you're an empty sadsack with no passion, direction, or loved ones. Those can't be bought even with access to the best therapists.
t. knows too many miserable rich people

No. 1446876

Autism is not underdiagnosed in women, in fact it's likely overdiagnosed nowadays. Women are not retarded like men are and being a weirdo loser is not autism.

No. 1446882

ayrt it opens doors yes, but it can't fix your personality or replace immaterial things. It's better being miserable in a mansion than in a 1 bedroom apartment but at the end of the day you are still miserable.
This is what I'm saying.

No. 1446883

Truth. I just assume anyone with a similar background (age, schooling, etc.) either was discovered as a child or is lying about autism. It's too hard not to get flagged by the school system, even if your parents don't send you to a therapist for diagnosis.

No. 1446887

Why do female psychs think I'm a sperg, but male psychs think I'm just a traumatized woman? First sperg mention was via CPS because I dared to complain about male violence.

No. 1447079

File: 1671125763319.jpg (73.42 KB, 786x732, japan-sanrio-little-twin-stars…)

I was about to agree, but then I remembered Little Twin Stars. They're the cutest Sanrio characters and also have one of the best merch imo.

No. 1447083

Males view you as a damaged woman while women view you as a woman who has a psychological disorder.

No. 1447091

well, yeah I am damaged. How can anyone know my weirdness is tism and not just from early childhood and later trauma?

No. 1447097

nta you're not damaged, just ill or traumatised by shit you most likely didn't deserve to have happen to you. don't feed into that damaged trope

No. 1447099

Tbh, stealing is an iffy subject for me and it personally depends on the products taken, but generally I argue for diapers the fact there's so many mom's who end up with too many diapers and other things they will hand them out for free. It's so easy to ask for help, especially with regards to your baby, online and locally. I have been in so many free cycle communities and people will just post on the daily how they have 30 gallon bags filled with baby stuff for dibs.

No. 1447100

Your behavior either fits the autistic way of thinking or doesn't. A mental health professional is the only one that's gonna be able to tell autism and post traumatic behavior apart.

If you don't have an obvious sexual abuse or physical abuse history and your parents/relatives are antisocial or weird you probably have autism.

No. 1447109

I was poor growing up so I know where you're coming from, but the one thing money can't guarantee is being born in a nice, loving family. I've met many rich kids with awful parents who will never know what it's like to have normal parents who support them and want what's best for them. That shit affects your whole life, from your personality and how you interact with people to what things you choose for yourself.
Sure you can get therapy, but it can't fix who you become when you've been raised in a certain environment. You can learn how to be functional and cope, but you will still have shit parents you can't speak to.

I'm so incredibly jealous of people who did get to experience such a thing, my parents are traumatized boomers who used me as their personal trauma vessel so my childhood and teen years were dogshit. I have hella money now but it doesn't undo what's been lost to time.

No. 1447111

No I mean like brain damage from actual physical shit kek.
I have an obvious physical abuse story starting from infancy and my parents are very anti social, (diagnosed) schizo and addicts. Which is why it's kinda weird they immediately jumped to sperg, when there are literal court documents detailing this and how my mother lost custody very early on. Of course being raised by a scrote and not having a mother fucks a girl up too, cannot be socialized female properly. Most recent professionals say they don't know where the sperg diagnosis comes from, that it's more likely PTSD. My thinking is more schizo than tistic.

No. 1447127

I can't diagnose you but you don't type like a autistic. You probably have some trauma that's hindering your judgment and behavior. I hope you find a therapist and a nice support group to help you. You should change therapists until you find one that understands you instead of giving you a random diagnosis.

No. 1447155

NTA but I'm curious, how can you tell if somebody has an autistic typing style?

No. 1447229

I don't know how to explain it but autists usually write more like men and act weirdly confident like they're better than neurotypical(normies) because they assume normies are devoid of empathy and feelings. Autists also usually don't have traumatic backgrounds like anon does. She's not a broken woman, she's just someone who needs help coping with her past and I hope she manages to find the right people

No. 1447233

File: 1671132072822.jpg (159.56 KB, 1252x1600, Murakami-Haruki-2012.jpg)

His books are shit

No. 1447235

And more importantly he’s fat and ugly.

No. 1447240

>because they assume normies are devoid of empathy and feelings
Funny how they clamor this all the time yet they're the ones who actually lack this

No. 1447260

I've been told I write like a man before though (wasn't here), but I guess some GC environments can get very "everyone is a man except me" sometimes kek.
I do feel better than "normies" in some ways sometimes, but it's complicated. Some stuff does feel beneficial in patriarchy; I'm glad I never felt empathy for men and that I'm oppositional and norm breaking. Yet at the same time in an ideal society without patriarchy, it would actually be harmful to be unhinged like me. And I do wish to have more pro-social behavior around women (which I do). Like I don't envy other women when they express being very people pleasing and not choosing for themselves often enough, but I don't think that automatically makes me objectively better than them. Hope that makes sense? Ideally nobody would take advantage of nice people.

No. 1447284

Nah you're right. It took me too long to realize this too. As a young little weeb, I discovered him from hype around 1Q84. I got the book but never even finished reading it. I did read and finish Underground, Kafka on the Shore, and Norwegian Wood though. Underground is good and I stand by this fact, but it is only good because it is a piece of non-fiction and his usual weird bullshit doesn't have a place in it. I loved Kafka because it was my first time reading a book with a fun presentation (i.e. even/odd chapters being from a different pov until their stories converge together) but Norwegian Wood was… not good. Wind up Bird Chronicle was a slog that I couldn't get through, was assigned Wild Sheep Chase in college and couldn't read it, and only got about 100 pages into 1Q84. But I kept telling myself he was good because I was a weeb huffing copium like I needed it to live.

Then in college I had assigned readings from other Japanese authors and finally accepted Murakami is shit and his books are a waste of time.

No. 1447442

>Then in college I had assigned readings from other Japanese authors and finally accepted Murakami is shit and his books are a waste of time.

hit me with some recommendations NONNY

No. 1447608

You shouldn't name your daughter anything that rhymes with man, dude, guy or any other related word, including in your native language if not English. Especially if it's in a country which approves of trooning out. Kids are cruel and will take advantage of that possibility and it can have worse consequences than let's say a century ago. It's not funny anymore when Marianne "the man" starts to wonder if she really is and the school runs with it. Yes it's retarded but we're in retarded times.

No. 1447618

People don’t mature with age they get worse also any mental illnesses, insecurities and delusions you had when you were young are going to get worse after 25

No. 1447636

The reason people get upset about pineapple on pizza is because when you have a pineapple pizza, the pineapple juices soak into the rest of the pizza and so it’s still pineapple flavored even if you remove the pieces. Don’t like pepperoni on your pizza but someone served it to you anyway? No problem, pick them off. Don’t like mushrooms on pizza but that’s all that’s left? No problem, pick them off. But if the only pizza choice is a pineapple pizza, your choices are to eat pineapple pizza or to go hungry. This makes it inherently a bad choice for groups (unless the group unanimously likes pineapple on pizza), but if whoever’s ordering likes it then they’ll often make a large part of the overall order pineapple pizza. This leads to frustration and resentment from the people who don’t like pineapple and have had their pizza options reduced or eliminated entirely. Similarly, if the amount of pineapple pizza isn’t proportional to the portion of the crowd that wants to eat it, then there’s a good chance that if you go back for another slice, the only choice that’s left is the pineapple pizza.

No. 1447640

>atomic bomb
>top of a green afro
>fly agaric
>entire garlic clove
None of these belong on a pizza, that's my unpopular opinion. Fuck you if you put leaf on pizza.

No. 1447643

Some of these are okay if it's not overdone. I fucking hate "meat lovers" that is essentially a heart attack on a crust and ofc it's always ordered by moids who think they're too much of a man to order something that doesn't taste like straight up meat grease

No. 1447645

Leaf? You mean basil? I fucking hate you, anon.

No. 1447646

>manchild taste


No. 1447760

My sister's name is Amanda and she would ALWAYS get teased with people saying "a man, DUH" which is probably why she goes by her Chinese name a lot now.

No. 1447761

I don't have too many since I actually didn't do a lot of my readings, but off the top of my head I remember particularly enjoying:

>Snakes and Earrings by Hitomi Kanehara

I remember a lot of my readings just feeling like the "assigned readings" you just do to do (or not do lol), but I basically read this entire book in one night. Easy read and I really enjoyed it. The author was only 21 when she wrote it, and it won two prizes (Shōsetsu Subaru Literary Prize and Akutagawa Prize)!

>Kokoro by Natsume Soseki

A real classic. I read it every year and every time I finish I think "wow that was depressing as fuck" kek. I actually didn't read it when I was supposed to, but I started reading it every year after I graduated. I can't remember all the background I learned but it deals with the transition of past Japan/Meiji era vs modern Japan and having all that background really adds to the novel. Wouldn't blame you if you don't like this book though. I forget the context, but my professor also told me there's doujins of two of the characters (Sensei and K) and I found academic papers supporting the idea of a homoerotic subtext being there by analyzing specific passages and the language used in the original Japanese text kekkkk. I've never read it in Japanese though, so I can't attest to this myself.

>Sea of Fertility Tetralogy by Yukio Mishima

A series of four books. I was actually assigned "Confessions of a Mask" in college but also didn't read it at the time (it's on my to read list though!) and another reading from Mishima, so that's how I found out about him. I found out about the tetralogy while reading a review of Evangelion funnily enough, so I decided to read it. I really enjoyed it, and discussed it in the book general thread in m. I'm not very articulate but I really enjoyed the discussion points other nonnies made. Mishima himself is a really interesting character too. If you didn't know, he was a huuuuge nationalist and attempted to stage a coup, but after miserably failing he committed seppuku, and his beheading was botched kek. I also think it's interesting that Confessions of a Mask, which put him on the map, is told from the perspective of a gay man. There's speculation Mishima is gay/bi, but regardless of that, I'm very surprised that Japanese society, in 1949, was so receptive of the book and its subject matter.

I've tried to read Dazai and Akutagawa but they weren't my thing, but I want to try again one day lol. I also have The Memory Police by Yoko Ogawa on my to read list. Apologies for my rambling and so many old dead authors, they're all the basic bitch classic authors. Hopefully you'll enjoy at least one of these books! Maybe other nonnies have more modern recommendations.

No. 1447836

What are more examples of names like these?

No. 1448170

Call me a femcel or a schizoid or whatever, I don't care, but I don't understand what's so unrealistic about telling women to avoid men altogether, not dating is like the easiest thing ever.

No. 1448182

Ann, Anne, Jan, Leanne, Mandy, Manuela, Samantha, Shenai, Skye, Gertrude, Jude etc.

No. 1448195

Since virginity is only a stigma for men, only (coping, incel) men think being a virgin is an insult or stigma for women. Not only do they project their own stigma, they hate even thinking about virginal women outside fantasies because it reminds them that there are vaginas in the world they will never touch. Makes me kek whenever they try to push virgin-shaming here.

No. 1448197

anon…to be fair ive met more women who were judgmental of virgin women then
I dont know why people get so mad when women chose to be celibate.

No. 1448201

Women who talk down about shorter women who attract tall men put a bad taste in my mouth. It really tells me how a lot of straight women’s priorities are especially when they are very insecure and have misconceptions floating in their head, you have to make fun of a woman who happens to be another moid’s preference even though taller women are heavily revered as the beauty standard as modeling, clothing/fashion, even personal perceptions are positively geared towards tall women because I’ve never seen a tall woman constantly stereotyped as “smol” “docile” “feisty” “angry” or overcompensating as much as a short/average sized woman is. If it makes them happy to suck up so much male validation dick, men do like tall women because it would likely give them tall children, and tall = ubermensch in eugenics terms to a lot of retarded humans. Just wish women would just fucking stop tearing each other down for a man you are going to have sex with for only 5 seconds and he gives you that thousand yard empty stare in bed instead of cuddling you, FUCK MOIDS

No. 1448202

I haven't really met women like this (there was maybe one, but she was very mentally ill), but tbh I'd class women like that as pickmes, or mild-regret types who cope that sex with a moid made them more knowledgeable about the world (which means that there has to be something wrong or sad about women who haven't done the same).

No. 1448204

then consider yourself lucky because ive met alot of women like that, ironically enough both the conservative and liberal women i know shame voluntary celibate women.
Conservative women get mad when they find out you arent doing it for men, they are okay with it if they think you are being a virgin for that special male to plow you one day, but when they find out you are doing it for yourself and have no interests in men or dating then they get mad and throw the lesbo/traumatized/youll find the right one/ugly/loser accusations at you.

No. 1448212

>he gives you that thousand yard empty stare in bed instead of cuddling you, FUCK MOIDS
So specific yet so true kek. I think women of all heights look amazing so idk why we need to nitpick on height when it's one of the few things we can't control.
>“smol” “docile” “feisty” “angry”
This pisses me off to no end, slightly OT but whenever a moid uses terms like this towards a short woman I instantly want to chimp out and rip his face off. It fills me with the primal rage of my female ancestors. I am 5ft tall and received a lot of these jokes especially when I was younger, the thing is if you get angry at those words and tell him to stop people will just laugh at you so you can't win either way. I am almost immediately distrustful of men over 5'10 for this reason too, plus the fact so many taller men fetishize short women thanks to them generally having internalized noncery and a porn addiction. I also hate the women who do the same thing and fetishize the fact that they are petite/short - it's actually a shit way to live, most clothes don't fit you properly, you can't consume as much calories in general unless you are muscular, men look at you like a sexualized child and you constantly have to look up to men to talk to them which is humiliating. So many every day scenarios have to be adjusted if you are very short. The only reason people are obsessed with it is probably because they are pornsick freaks who associate small woman=sexier.

Anyway, pardon my dwarf sperging, I think my general point is that 99.9% men should be eradicated from this planet and women should form a based global colony with varying heights. The tall women can pick the best apples from the trees and I, as well as the rest of the short women, will burrow holes into the dirt and forage underground for sacred seeds and nutritious protein-dense worms. The 0.1% of men left can live out their days in flea-ridden Testosterone Huts at the outskirts of the colony and they can fight amongst themselves over the last remaining 30-second Jordan Peterson Youtube Short.

No. 1448215

Everyone wants what they don't have, I think that applies to all sorts of physical things. A lot of tall women want to know what it's like to be cute short girls, and a lot of short women want to know what it's like to be model-type tall girls. The former group does seem to get almost spiteful about it, though.

No. 1448216

Sometimes when I read these types of posts I wonder if I just live in another reality or something.

No. 1448218

Assuming they weren't moids I've seen some anons here get all huffy over husbandofags, there was one in a relationship advice thread a few months ago who wouldn't stop calling volcel women "bitter" and "being happily single is just cope". Normie women in general have some weird (mostly unvoluntary) contempt towards celibate women, a co-worker was talking about a teacher she had in college and for some fucking reason she had to specify she was a spinster, I had to bite my tongue not to answer I'd be one of those dreaded spinster too kek. Even my mom who's apparently fine with my celibacy can't help making digs at unmarried childless women.

No. 1448219

tfw my personal cow from IRL(28 years old) is taller than me and she unironically wears sandals everywhere during summer and spring to seem shorter. what a weirdo.
i remember Ariana Grande would also wear oversized hoodies and crouch irl to seem shorter on photos. i don't understand why some women are like that, you cant change your height and there's nothing wrong with that.

No. 1448222

>wears sandals everywhere during summer and spring to seem shorter.
what? how would sandals make you look shorter? sandals are perfectly normal during summer too?

No. 1448224

The last paragraph of what you said reminds me of moids saying if women were to rule we would be in mud huts even though we all know if men had no women around they would descend into an incarnation of the dirtiest man alive who refused to take showers and they would likely all get AIDS and die because they are sexually impulsive as fuck kek, would be the saddest shit seeing moids coping by building sexless “female” robots just to stick their nasty dicks in to fill in the obvious gap.

No. 1448225

nonnie not to seem mean but we all live in the same reality, we are all awake but it doesn’t mean we are all aware or observant of things

No. 1448230

I think you interpreted my post more literal than I meant it.

No. 1448235

Tbh it weirds me out when their "gotcha" is men dating a shorter woman = pedophile, like what the actual fuck kind of cope is this? Moids honestly don't care about women's heights, they eternally piss themselves if they're shorter than other men, but would date a taller woman with ease. Also why does it even matter about who's dating a random moid. They're more upset specific moids aren't dating them and it's retarded.

No. 1448274

The thing I don’t understand about height is if I were a man I’d get roasted for being tiny but as a 5’6 woman people act like I should join to wnba

No. 1448281

It's almost as if females and males have different anatomy and historical genetic pre-dispositions

No. 1448283

I feel like most anons are unironically pickmes. They say they hate men but then sleep with bottom of the barrel men without any sort of emotional attachment or e-date discord fatties hoping it ends up well.

No. 1448284

I agree it's cringe to treat dating men in any sort of competitive manner but
>would date a taller woman with ease
lol no, no man would ever give a shit about how tall a woman is for anything casual, but when it comes to actually dating and bringing you around to meet their friends and family, a lot of moids absolutely avoid women taller than them because they don't want to "look shorter"

No. 1448285

Naw fuck that. I feel like people think women should be 4’11-5’4 and men 6’2+ with no in between.

No. 1448288

tbf that is considered tall for most women in the world, especially if your asian

No. 1448289

I don’t feel that dating losers makes one a pick me, desperate and stupid yes but not a pick me.

No. 1448290

I used to have the same mindset when I was younger. Then I woke up and hate men for putting us against each other.

No. 1448293

if you're attractive they don't care.

No. 1448302

And then they internalize those men's opinions and start policing other women, raging at them for not sharing them. This can range from opinions on certain body types for women, even to what kinds of men that other women should be attracted to, and they never seem to stop and think if it's just some scrotoid bullshit they're perpetuating.

No. 1448318

I feel respect for manwhores lately. Sure they’re manwhores, but on top of attractive they’re honest about it instead of pretending to be something they’re not for the entirety of their lives like virtually all males.

No. 1448328

A lot of people would be happy in life if the just settled for being mediocre. Yeah you might not ever make 200k a year or whatever but you can be hood rich and at peace.

No. 1448331

I'm a pickme for women.

No. 1448371

I almost wish I could be a pickme. Being proud of picking up dirty socks, instead I can barely feign interest in men, but I also don't have much going on in my life, making me feel like shit. At least pickmes are proud of their shitty conquest and defend that shit with their full chest.

No. 1448386

cheap energy drinks are tastier than the fancy brandname ones

No. 1448388

I'd like to be respected more than I'd want to be like a top1% earner by this point. I don't know why studies say women care less about prestige than men, because I'm constantly fucking seething that I get no respect. not an OF girl before someone accuses me kek

No. 1448997

File: 1671237513753.jpeg (52.78 KB, 739x415, 204B5C27-4871-42C7-923B-0F879C…)

>Anyway, pardon my dwarf sperging, I think my general point is that 99.9% men should be eradicated from this planet and women should form a based global colony with varying heights. The tall women can pick the best apples from the trees and I, as well as the rest of the short women, will burrow holes into the dirt and forage underground for sacred seeds and nutritious protein-dense worms. The 0.1% of men left can live out their days in flea-ridden Testosterone Huts at the outskirts of the colony and they can fight amongst themselves over the last remaining 30-second Jordan Peterson Youtube Short.

No. 1449212

File: 1671244248320.jpg (120.26 KB, 1200x946, download.jpg)

Will was right.

No. 1449246

is this unpopular on here ? dudes who make sexist jokes deserve nothing more

No. 1449247

it would be based if will wasn’t a homosexual and a cuck. but the action in a vacuum was based

No. 1449267

The hood sucks so much. Too many shitbulls just wandering around unchained and too many people having domestics just outside your window. And also, too many power tripping people related to organized crime who will start drama because they don't like your rubbish being out a certain way or don't want you parking on that side of the street.

The reason to make it in life isn't the money, I couldn't care about that. Work is high school 2.0 gossiping drama for lower class dumbshit jobs, where people antagonize each other just to pass the time. I hate driving home with a broken down car and being left wondering if it's going to fail the next registration test. If I one day have kids, I want them to at least be in a safe neighborhood without having the risk of them getting hooked on drugs or being mauled by a shitbull. I couldn't care about the holidays to France every year of the cocktail parties or whatever else yuppies get up to, I just want to live away from garbage.

I live in a country a lot poorer than the US though, so maybe your perspective is a bit different than mine.

No. 1449269

I feel like only men into """comedy""" got assmad at this. Surely it wasn't very polite and it was high key embarassing and a career killer but yeah. I hate scrotes who make fun of women.

No. 1449285

I feel like us autists would be happier if society would just let us be NEETs/part timer loners. It's a total projection that we're not happy this way.

Every autist that's allowed to just play animal crossing at her Grandmas, read books and pitter around the garden is happy. All the ones that have taken the propaganda and try to be functional just end up burned out and miserable.

No. 1449338

patron saints are christfags way of coping with the fact that they cant have cool gods, goddesses and deities for everything

No. 1449347

Uh pretty sure most people are miserable and burned out and would be happier if they could just not work and enjoy their hobbies, it's the people forced to financially support them who would be unhappy.

No. 1449353

So you deserve to laze around your whole life because you're an autist and therefore better than normies who have to work? Why do autists think they deserve more while having very low emotional and mental intelligence compared to most nonautistic people? I knew a mentally disabled man and he managed to work and live on his own while most "high function" autists magically struggle to do so because they've been babied their whole lives.

No. 1449356

Twitterfag/Twitter should be redtexted, it's losing it's meaning. Anyone who says anything nonnies doesn't like is a "Twitter fag" instead of someone with a different opinion. Not someone "yalling twaw" up the place

No. 1449360

I generally like all dogs, though I think some breeds shouldn't be continued for ethical and safety reasons. That said, "dog hate" obsessives who drag their neurosis into every thread and conversation are disturbing.

No. 1449368

First thing I thought of. Everyone has their own place in society and that includes working and making contributions. I'm sick of my tax dollars being put towards the support of mentally ill adult-sized children

No. 1449373

Autistic people don't like when people treat them like children and then want to be treated like children.

No. 1449439

curly hair looks better than straight hair and wavy hair sucks

No. 1449441

visibly cope

No. 1449445

It looks better, maybe. But it’s such a pain in the ass to take care of.

No. 1449450

i have straight hair but sport a buzzcut idk what you mean lol

No. 1449452

Every person that looks good with curly hair looks even better with straight hair. If that weren't true, the straight hair industry wouldn't be as lucrative.

No. 1449454

This is just straight up not true.

No. 1449455

NTA but this is weapons grade cope.

No. 1449457

I'm from Brazil. I have naturally straight hair and literally almost every girl I know who has curly hair uses some chemical product to make their hair straight. I think that apart from some specific places like Africa, in all other regions, straight hair is considered more beautiful and companies make a lot of money from it.

No. 1449462

I think this "curly hair are more beautiful" is on the same grade of "brown eyes>>>green/blue eyes" or that "aquiline noses are beautiful". The best way to deal with these insecurities is to accept that women have the right to be ugly and not to lie and say that a disney witch nose is pretty.

No. 1449463

In that case, hair curlers, volumizing and perms wouldn't be lucrative, anon. Straight hair is easier to take care of, but not necessarily more beautiful.

No. 1449465

Except saying that you think certain noses, eye colors or hair types are beautiful isn't a necessarily lie. What a weird post.

No. 1449467

>curly hair and brown eyes are the same as a disney witch nose
>no one can like brown eyes more than green or blue eyes, and no one really likes aquilline noses
I'm tired of some anons' femcel-tier BDD shit. Please get help, not even joking.

No. 1449472

>hair curlers, volumizing
I think this is more wave hair than curly.
I swear I didn't know what that was because I've never seen anyone do that to their hair before until I saw the film of the legally blonde girl who was arrested because her alib was to go take a shower but she had a perm so she couldn't have taken a shower. I think that because it's a probably American-only thing, it shouldn't be as lucrative as straightening products.
Saying that you like certain ugly characteristics is different from lying and saying that they are better than actually beautiful ones.
>no one can like brown eyes more than green or blue eyes, and no one really likes aquilline noses
I never said that. I said it's wrong to lie and say those traits are better than having a perfect nose or straight hair.

No. 1449473

You guys infight over literally anything, even stuff that can be boiled down to aesthetic preferences

No. 1449474

Gosh you are insecure..

No. 1449475

File: 1671263573042.jpeg (24.93 KB, 477x465, 451AF7E8-979A-4616-A363-1956DE…)

first person shooters are the worst type of video games. the color palette is always the same (variations of beige, brown, and grey), the screen and menus are crowded, never beginner friendly, and they are way overhyped for what they are. i never understand people who are super fans of first person shooters because they're always flipping their shit when they die.

No. 1449476

To some people, they actually are better on an aesthetic level, sorry.

No. 1449477

Maybe I'm just retarded but I always found first person shooters to be confusing and I have less awareness

No. 1449478

File: 1671263831885.jpg (122.64 KB, 1280x720, eleBITCH.jpg)

>the color palette is always the same (variations of beige, brown, and grey)
>never beginner friendly
The fuck did you just say?

No. 1449483

File: 1671264206371.jpg (5.05 MB, 3072x4096, curlyvsstraight.jpg)

debatable because straight hair tends to dim people's light being so…..flat and lifeless

No. 1449489

Not all FPS games are Call of Duty and not all players only do competitive PVP.

No. 1449491

File: 1671264761857.jpg (56.67 KB, 720x720, dsasadsasa.jpg)

if you really thing this first cavewoman hair is better than the second one you are coping and idk what to tell you. and btw taylor swift looks way better with straight hair(bait)

No. 1449492

For me it’s the opposite. I don’t understand why someone would ever play something like LoL or Dota over any FPS game. I like being able to control and practice my aim. It’s more fun and interactive.

No. 1449493

Nta but cavewoman??? omg some of you are headfucked

No. 1449494

It’s so weird how self hating you people are. Her retarded slick wig looks way worse and I have straight hair myself. Calling colored women’s natural hair “cavewomanlike”doesn’t make you sound like a huwhite aryan queen but rather a mulatto that ticks the white box when applying for fast food industry jobs.

No. 1449495

The "flat and lifeless" thing has always been my hang-up with straight hair. For me, curly hair is associated with liveliness, youth and a sort of "angelic" appearance. I think it works especially well on women who have soft, more classically feminine features. Straight hair is more severe and can be a little stilting, which probably works for those with more angular, strong features.

No. 1449499

Is this like…you grew up thinking having naturally straight hair at least put you a point above everyone else, so now you feel like it's being taken away and you're being attacked whenever people have a preference for curly hair? Get some self-esteem, nonna, holy hell.

No. 1449509

File: 1671266043674.jpg (381.89 KB, 1584x2256, eb94ca53f5b35aa50be3e1ae45828c…)

yeah i also associate curly hair of any texture with angels because its often seen in art revolving around angels

No. 1449512

kind of OT but Swift looks crazy in both of these lol
I swear that's a straight hair wig and she has mega extensions in the curly one

No. 1449513

I agree but it depends on if we're talking 4A-4C hair or 2A-3C which is actual coils rather than kinky. My wavy hair sucks it's not a beautiful curl pattern or super straight.

No. 1449515

I never said that I was the example of a aryan queen, I'm just saying that this type of hair is ugly and that idealizing obviously unwanted characteristics is a big cope. And I don't take offense at being called a mulatto because that word isn't even a curse word in my country lol.
I don't feel that my rights are being taken away. Opinion of chronically online people is not the same as that of irl people. Adriana Lima would never be the supermodel she is today if she kept her cavewoman hair
>curly hair is angelic
>blonde kids with straight or wave hair
lmao. I'm going to stop here before the racebait accusations.

No. 1449516

None of those anons but are you done? No one cares

No. 1449517

>I’m going to stop before the racebait accusations
>cavewoman hair

No. 1449518

Can anons not respond to racebait for once in your lives? Just report it and move on.

No. 1449520

File: 1671267453329.jpg (122.26 KB, 543x550, toddler-girl-curly-hair-2.jpg)

? Many children of all races are born and grow up with curly hair. It's seen as "angelic" because of cherub art, and because it looks soft and "innocent". You sound incredibly hurt, and truly chronically online.

No. 1449526

File: 1671268006825.jpg (57.4 KB, 800x800, long-haired-man-being-electroc…)

she dont looks like a cavewoman for obvious reasons but she seems like she had a eletric shock that made her hair like that. still not pretty but you nonnies gonna argue with that for the sake of being woke or for having this type of hair.

No. 1449527

I think sinking a lot of time into videogames and media made for children/teens as an adult is fucking weird, and I hate how common this state of arrested development is

No. 1449529

>still not pretty
Can you like, never post here again

No. 1449532

Now you're even insulting toddlers' appearances for the sake of this cope? You are either completely brainbroken or just the worst kind of /pol/ scrote. No one is "woke" for liking pretty hair, touch grass.

No. 1449537

twinsies, though I'm not doing maintenance since it's a bit too cold for that in winter. I don't understand why straight hair is automatically seen as more beautiful than curly. What's the point of straight hair when it's thin limp straw?
I can't help being attracted to women with curly hair and big noses, to me they're beautiful. Symmetry and health are objective beauty standards, but things like nose size or hair type is subjective. Curly hair isn't objectively ugly, there have been trends throughout history where curly hair was the standard. Same thing with noses, there has been a period from the renaissance to about 1900's where big noses were the beauty standard in Europe.
>which probably works for those with more angular, strong features
It doesn't, it just makes things look worse. I always felt like having long straight limp hair made me look like a tranny. Short hair gets more volume and due to contrast can actually bring out the more feminine aspects of a face with very angular, strong features ime. I actually get compliments on my face when I have short hair, meanwhile the long hair was like a straw curtain hiding cheekbones, if I didn't wear it in a ponytail permanently.

No. 1449538

File: 1671268916744.png (1.03 MB, 1097x805, nea.png)

The irony is that when you Google "realistic cavewoman", most of the results are the exact opposite of who and what that anon is screeching "cavewoman hair" at. Projection is a bitch.

No. 1449541

File: 1671269267172.jpg (99.81 KB, 1170x1320, FUvQOMsXsAEYBN7.jpg)

please stop responding to racebait, nonnies. You're better than this

No. 1449548

I unironically think blue eyes are usually scary asf unless the person with them has a pretty eye shape.

No. 1449549

File: 1671270155380.jpg (70.91 KB, 587x587, 1660009855192.jpg)

I fucking wish that was true. Straight hair is so convenient but it looks like shit on my face frame to the point even others noticed it. It's because curly hair is so voluminous.

No. 1449551

This and it takes a lot of continuous effort to give straight hair volume or you have to go for a perm

No. 1449553

It depends on the person, some people look better with curly hair and brown eyes than others. I'd kms if I had blue eyes and blonde hair even though that's the beauty standard, because it would look weird as fuck on me even though other people look beautiful with those features.

No. 1449575

For real. I want to straighten my hair permanently and just be done with it, but I look so bad without any volume. I would need everyday blowout, which is just as time intensive. I'm just stuck having to take care of my hair to make it presentable, but at least it looks amazing when taken care of - randos stopping me in the street to admire it and shit.

No. 1449577

Most of these very rarely affects actual beauty though, eye color, hair texture, etc will do nothing for you if you're already ugly. An ugly brown eyed girl is going to magically turn pretty because she got blue eyed, an ugly curly haired girl isn't going to turn pretty because she straightened it. If people are claiming they like certain features over the other it's more to fit a certain "aesthetic" than what's beautiful or not

No. 1449591

File: 1671275067627.jpg (43.86 KB, 600x887, ByMwkryIMAA-31H.jpg)

>What's the point of straight hair when it's thin limp straw?
All hair that is not healthy will be ugly. Healthy curly hair is prettier than thin straight hair but healthy straight hair is very above curly.
>I can't help being attracted to women with curly hair and big noses, to me they're beautiful.
at least you know you have bad taste.
green/blue are the beauty standard. anyone who disagrees with this is chronically online.
But hair with volume its not the same as curly hair. You can have wave hair that would frame your face without looking like you have a bird's nest on your head nonny.
you are right. zooey deschanel for example dont look so good with blonde hair. but these type of people its like the exception thats prove the rule.
>but at least it looks amazing when taken care of - randos stopping me in the street to admire it
do you live in a place where most people dont have curly hair? im asking that because when my mom would work on a poor school the mulato kids would praise her hair even through it didnt have much effect on where i live since most people here have pretty hair too.
>Most of these very rarely affects actual beauty though
megan fox would not be as pretty if she didnt have green eyes. adriana lima would not be gorgeous with her natural bird nest hair.

No. 1449594

You don't look like the girl in the picture. She has a cute face and she'd look cute asf even if she had brown and curly hair.

No. 1449599

File: 1671275597132.jpg (64.55 KB, 640x734, 93866e9ac421664350252b3d751544…)

An unkept bird's nest could easily be straight or curly lol, plus Adriana Lima gets her hair curled all the time. It's the groomed part that matters not the texture. Also Megan fox with brown eyes looks just like Jennifer Lopez or Cindy Crawford, both are just as popular if not more popular than Megan fox. You sound like a white girl seething about how eurocentric beauty standards are dying

No. 1449602

File: 1671275731679.jpg (71.72 KB, 480x768, CpGdzLZXYAEWEnE.jpg)

Adriana Lima got discovered and kicked off her modeling career when she had her natural super curly hair kek do your research

No. 1449605

File: 1671275795253.jpeg (213.9 KB, 2000x1000, 2640F75E-FAC3-4351-818A-312374…)

Hey look you’re right. Elle Fanning is just cute.

No. 1449607

She looks cuter with brown hair imo, that tone of blonde is kinda ugly and fake

No. 1449608

ofc i dont look like ellen fanning if i looked like her i would not be arguing with you right now.
>she'd look cute asf even if she had brown and curly hair
yeah but not as cute as with blonde and straight hair. im not saying that curly hair cant be pretty. im saying that this straight hair is uglier than curly is a cope. you nonnies can argue all you want on the internet but the beauty standards will be the same irl.
>Also Megan fox with brown eyes looks just like Jennifer Lopez or Cindy Crawford
yeah but like i said before she doesnt look as beautiful as megan fox with blue eyes. brown eyes, curly hair and etc can be pretty in addiction with other characteristics but will never be above blue/green eyes and straight hair.
>about how eurocentric beauty standards are dying
in your dreams. even on the most cringe anime sections of internet the white standard is still the norm (belle delphine and etc)
i did my research. im brazillian, born and live here. but she dont use her natural bird nest anymore because its clearly ugly and looks messy and dirty
she looks like a fairy in blonde hair and a normal library girl and definitely not a celebrity with brown hair.

No. 1449609

File: 1671276223424.jpeg (231.31 KB, 1290x2121, petras.jpeg)

You, as a a HSTS troon with internalized racism and actual caveman hair (ie straight hair), have no business nitpicking biological women and children from anywhere in the world. We know your hatred for curly hair and insults on biological women and girls with it aren't just rooted in racism. It's because it makes your square jaw and manface that much more apparent to the world. Tons of trannies push this cope and try to shill straight hair as much as possible.
You know what the kinds of racist white people you worship, the ones who live white-majority countries, even the USA, say about Brazil? "We don't want to end up like Brazil, mixed and full of trannies". Even the tranny in pic related, who might be at your level or even higher, thinks he's superior to you (and you probably agree). Stop bringing up the names of women you could never be or match up to. Your male pattern baldness, cheap favela Barbie wig and broad gorilla moid body will never be equated to Elle Fanning, Adriana Lima, Kelly Rowland or Taylor Swift with any hair texture.

No. 1449611

>We don't want to end up like Brazil, mixed
Anon you sound like a racebaiter yourself lol

No. 1449612

If you're not upset why do you keep trying to instill in everyone's heads that straight blonde hair and blue eyes reign supreme? Are you one of those moids trying to give women an inferiority complex? Plenty of people would happily pick jlo over Megan fox, in weeb circles they idealized Asians or hapas at the very least for the longest time, almost to the point where if they found a white celebrity attractive they'd make up a rumor about how she was part Asian even if it wasn't true (Katya lischina for example). What's your obsession with trying to make women feel like "deep down, you'll always be second best"

No. 1449613

Pointing out that even retarded white racists don't like retarded Brazillian racists doesn't make me one. It just makes me observant. I'm mixed myself.

No. 1449615

I come from the land of of straight, blond hair and blue eyes and I prefer curly hair and brown eyes and so does a lot of people here. It turns out that exotic is kind of beautiful where ever you go.

No. 1449618

>Tons of trannies push this cope and try to shill straight hair as much as possible
I've never seen this? Where does this happen, genuinely curious? Or do you mean some tiktok hsts or whatever having straight hair, isn't that just trendy now?

No. 1449619

Oh it's just thinly veiled racebait, nevermind. I hope you'll get picked or if you're a moid, join the suicide statistic.

No. 1449622

eye colour and hair sperging is so ridiculous, why is it so difficult to accept that some people really do think curly hair or brown eyes are prettier? it entirely comes down to personal preference, i like brown eyes most but accept that a lot of people see something in blue/green eyes that i just don't. meaningless conversation

No. 1449623

Racist and or moid would be my guess. It is just so out of touch with what the general population thinks about beauty so it has to be bait.

No. 1449624

I've never dated a moid without brown eyes. To me, brown eyes are so much prettier.

No. 1449625

Beauty standards scam and always has been. Back in the day every straight haired white woman was told to curl her hair for hours or else she'll look like lazy, dirty, oily commoner. Curling hair is still popular, dark hair colours are constantly in fashion to sell box hair dyes. American women are told to straighten hair and look like sorority girls, because you have big percentage of non white women who are clients for hair straightening and bleaching.
Last year messy hair and perm were trend, next year guess what's the trend? Slick straight hairstyles. It's purposefull done so gullible women spend large sums of money for large changes.
Body type trends are the same, but cycle is slower.

No. 1449626

Kek same here. It hasn't been anywhere near this except among preppy rich white guys in the 2000s. I also think the internet demanding everyone believe there's a beauty ideal supreme is stupid and gives people a complex. I have a big ass, big tits, red hair and pale skin and for the longest time and gave me this retarded superiority complex that brought out the worse in me and I actually thought I could do whatever I wanted and I was immune to any sort of criticism revolving around my looks… Boy was I wrong. Anyone who insists the world exclusively has eyes for a any few sets of features is dead wrong and needs to touch grass.

No. 1449627

I've seen trannies attack women of certain races and talk about how their natural curly hair is "masculine", trannies with naturally curly hair talking about straightening it because they think it'll hide their features better, etc etc. IMO it goes hand in hand with the heavy drag-looking IG makeup and obviously fake porn star ass implants that have been pushed all these years. It's to help men pass more easily as (pornified) women, and they have to downplay or outright shame anything that stands in the way of that.

No. 1449629

I agree, they look so much more lively and inviting. >>1449605
In both of these the women look much better with darker eyes, piercing blue eyes just give me a cold demonic feel and makes a face look more sharp and depressing

No. 1449630

>HSTS troon
no why would a troon explain his point of view here? if i was one i would just post cp here and would not maintain this dialogue. and every line that you wrote acussing me of being a moid you wasted your time
>internalized racism
maybe but i like brazil even with the ugly poor people and troons
>caveman hair
like i said before i have pretty hair not curly
>Tons of trannies push this cope and try to shill straight hair
never saw it? and lurk snow sometimes. i dont think straight hair have anything to do with troon agenda
>You know what the kinds of racist white people you worship, the ones who live white-majority countries, even the USA, say about Brazil? "We don't want to end up like Brazil, mixed and full of trannies"
girl its the truth. where i live most people talk bad about brazilians too but there are good ones, its mostly the poor and degenerate people that ruin brazil reputation
>favela Barbie
lol i loved this nickname
>you will never be Kelly Rowland

No. 1449631

>even on the most cringe anime sections of internet the white standard is still the norm (belle delphine and etc)
Belle delphine is mostly known with pink hair and dark brown eyes, wtf are you on about kek

No. 1449632

Sounds like some terminal stage of twink disease.

No. 1449633

>greentext post full of coping and seething
41% and dilate, btw Barbie is a biological female. You are a defaced GI Joe lol

No. 1449634

Are you a self hating Brazilian? Because that explains a lot.

No. 1449636

No. 1449637

The looks sperging that's been going on recently from people like you is almost unbearable, it just reeks of BDD and it's annoying as fuck to see. We get it, you're insecure about yourself and find some sort of meaning in life by nitpicking your own appearance, but don't project this onto other women. I guess I can't be surprised given the nasolabial folds saga here but I really question the sanity and mental health of any woman who is willing to think very deeply about the texture of someone's hair, or the colour of their eyes etc and then assign some sort of value to that.

This is a stereotypically male mentality to obsess over the individual features of women this much. You are no different from the trannies that come here and call tall women "big bitches" (and tbh there is a good chance you are a tranny but I'm willing to entertain otherwise too). If you are genuinely getting this upset over the appearance of women you should be seeing a professional for some assistance with your mental health. It's not normal, and the fact that you have non-curly hair does not make you pretty, or a better person in general.
So, in general, if you are a tranny here's the solution: take a shower, dilate, then kill yourself. If you are actually a real woman, you can do this instead: shower, unfollow r/vindicta, and then go make a doctor's appointment for body dysmorphia.

No. 1449639

That's how I clocked this poster, I noticed he actually sounds just like them. It's almost exclusively trannies that go on about these irrelevant details for hours and make them out to be the entire world, and he probably gets a kick out of trying to give actual women his brain worms. Little things like hair texture, color and even certain types of eye makeup and miniskirts become full-blown hyperfixations for them. Actual women can just curl or straighten their hair whenever, depending on what they like and what compliments their natural features. It's not a huge deal when you're a woman either way, and everyone can see that you are. It's all just fashion and personal taste. For crossdressing men, it's another story. They don't have feminine features, so they can't afford to play around, especially not the poorer trannies who work as prostitutes and try to avoid getting hate-crimed by homophobic men. This is a lifestyle for him, he's just using this "Straight hair is definitely pretty girl hair, not just my cover-up-my-male-features hair, curly hair is for ugly bitches, I am pretty, cis women are ugly" to help himself cope, and every post talking to him like he's an actual woman probably just adds to that.

No. 1449640

>It turns out that exotic is kind of beautiful where ever you go.
yeah because its exotic not because its the beauty standard. if a mixed woman go to a small city on scandinavia even through everyone would praise her hair and skin she would be seem only as exotic and animalic by people and not really like a normal girl that is beautiful.
>I hope you'll get picked
its not about mens opinion. if it was about mens opinion about this topic and i said what men think of "exotic" woman (i have a brother) you all would a-log me.
no! i actually like where i live but this specific group of brazilians are very agressive and animalic what ruins brazil reputation unfortunately
>you're insecure about yourself and find some sort of meaning in life by nitpicking your own appearance, but don't project this onto other women
you could say that about the curly hair>>straight too through. you guys are ashamed by society for having undesirable traits and then try to downplay women who are the beauty standards.
>unfollow r/vindicta
actually the only thing you said that is right. vindicta was good before now its infested with self hated mixed people.
>they look much more inviting
lol this is so backwards. yeah i love the confidence of woman with cavewoman hair! be who you are!

No. 1449644

She looks angelic either way but the blonde doesn't look good because of her roots.

No. 1449646

People like you ruin Brazilians reputation with your creepy obsession about looks and your not so hidden racism. The prettiest guy I ever dated was a Brazilian. He looked like Pharrell Williams (4c hair and beautiful brown eyes). He turned heads where ever he went, except in Brazil where he was seen as lesser because he was black. South American racism is something else unfortunately.

No. 1449648

File: 1671278490219.png (719.69 KB, 792x861, caveman.png)

>I-It's curly hair that's cave-tier!
Today I will remind him

No. 1449649

The schizo tranny is literally spamming CC rightnow with racism sperging, so I wouldn't be surprised.

No. 1449655

>you guys are ashamed by society for having undesirable traits
>vindicta was good
You are a lost cause, see my suggestions in my previous post. The fact you're really thinking this hard about having muh desirable traits is honestly just really sad, and as someone who used to think similar to you I can only look at your posts in pity - not out of empathy so much as I just think you're fucking retarded and need to go outside.
I hope you learn to love yourself regardless of your appearance one day, you aren't superior because of your desirable-trait-sperging. People look at you and feel sorry for you. They pity you because they're able to have fulfilled, happy lives knowing they don't even think about what traits make them the most fuckable/beautiful or not.

No. 1449656

this actually made me laugh. a moid would never say that they prefer blonde dyed hair on women mostly of them have this opinion here >>1449644
>He looked like Pharrell Williams
race aside he is still ugly.
>except in Brazil where he was seen as lesser because he was black
no because if he really was like pharrel williams he was ugly
lurking cc makes you more troon that i arguing about beauty standards

No. 1449657

I hate being one to "hi cow" but Romanianon? Is that you?

No. 1449658

It's actually sad that your only good feature is straight hair which any woman can easily get in ten minutes.

No. 1449659

Curly hair, dark eyes etc not undesirable, please just get therapy and some self confidence.

>its not about mens opinion

You quite literally parrot the bullshit moids spout and then try to sell it off as general opinion.

No. 1449661

>a gay tranny who uses hair dye/wigs to try and trick straight men into assfucking him supports hair dye
Not surprising

No. 1449664

I actually don't think it is. Romanianon wasn't sane, but she definitely wasn't a racist. Plus, she only really got into arguments about beauty as a whole package deal, not things like hair or eye color.

No. 1449669

Pharrell is not ugly unless you are a racist. Check your eye sight and/or opinions about black people.
This is just a racist, white Brazilian who thinks that Brazilian beauty standards are universal She (or he if it is a HSTS moid) needs to get out more and leave their country once in a while.

No. 1449670

Since when are puddles of shit and coarse frizzy pube hair beautiful lmao. And all these mixed race mutts in here? They don't know what they are, who they truly belong to and wish they were either one or the other instead of mixed because their identity is confused.

>>1449658 It's sad you even have to spend 10 minutes everyday straightening your hair so it doesn't look like a wild unruly pube bush. Be careful not to get crabs in that giant fanny of yours. Shave your head, put a wig on and shut your mouth.(racebait)

No. 1449671

Ooooh she's mad lol

No. 1449672

File: 1671280554795.jpg (379.22 KB, 1080x999, IMG_20221217_133444.jpg)

Autistic people shouldn't have children. Well, no one should have them, but especially people with disorders (I still laughed at picrel kek)

No. 1449673

"she" lmao

No. 1449674

Racist Brazilian it is. Stay forever seething that you will never be European.

No. 1449675

Aaand the larp is dropped already lmao. The XY strikes again.

No. 1449677

Romanichan is probably how this tranny wishes he looked. Romani is an average euro woman with straight hair and blue eyes kek.

No. 1449679

File: 1671280881783.jpg (83.42 KB, 648x648, why_are_you_reading_this.jpg)

Has very little to do with health. You could never use a hair dryer, never dye it, never do anything like that and still have it turn out like shit. Keeping straight hair looking nice actually takes effort and is high maintenance too. It can still get frizzy and straw looking, if you live in a country with extremely dry air and a lot of wind. I've asked women I know with pretty straight hair what they do for it and even when they naturally have straight hair, it was too many steps for someone as low maintenance/lazy as me. So I keep it short. I thought there was something wrong with me, when actually all women are struggling with the climate, but they are willing to put in (to me) admirable herculean effort.
>at least you know you have bad taste.
I don't have bad taste just because it's different from the taste of mostly retarded scrotes around me. Since when do scrotes get to decide what good taste is? There are so many different beautiful women on the planet and imo you're missing out if you can't appreciate that. Every day I'm amazed, while you're seething.

No. 1449680

I naturally have straight blonde hair, tardlet. Something you autistically obsess over when normal women like us don't spend five minutes a day thinking about.

No. 1449682

File: 1671280958959.png (Spoiler Image,581.15 KB, 533x862, b3.png)

No. 1449684

Ugly. Could be shaved though and used to knit a jumper I guess just like wool from a sheep.

No. 1449687

guys this anon is not me. my english is not that good and i dont thing curly hair looks like pubic hair? at least not my pube hair
romanianon has black hair eyes and light tanned skin. idk what are u talking about

No. 1449688

Afros are so pretty, especially when they are well taken care of.

No. 1449689

>seething incel attacks beautiful models
Many such cases

No. 1449691

No. 1449692


No. 1449693

No. 1449694

fortunately. at least here in brazil theres no muslim moid comunity like there are in europe.
the nose of the second one could smell colors, sensations and pheromones

No. 1449696

These bitches need a weave, need a wig.

No. 1449697

No, you just have black people and you treat them like shit because you are racist. It's nothing to be proud of.

No. 1449698

Only trannies need wigs to try and hide their male hairlines. Too bad about your male shoulders, bone structure and ugly face though.

No. 1449699

You need to be castrated. YWNBAW.

No. 1449700

i said that aquilines noses are ugly and this is not a black characteristic. you are just trying to bring in your woke twitterfag agenda on me
they dont need a wig. they have the right to be ugly.

No. 1449702

>Dats rayciss
Ok eurofag bend over to get fucked by the nigger dick and let all the economic migrant criminal rapist nigger muslim worthless eater scum fresh off the boats in that not even their own country want.(male)

No. 1449705

this is kinda the true but you are saying in a horrible and vulgar way. stop trying to make me look bad.

No. 1449706

File: 1671282249475.webm (2 MB, 640x800, 68ce383bd1c54cf3cefffdaa9c1ea0…)

Imagine getting angry at the sight of beautiful women, couldn't be me.

No. 1449707

i'm sensing some anger here!

No. 1449709

Stop replying youself

No. 1449710

"noses I've been conditioned to find ugly due to racism and eurocentric beauty standards are UGLY you woketard twitterfag kekk" shut the fuck up retarded 4channer, crawl back to the cumstained incel hole you crawled out of and learn to sage stupid faggot

No. 1449711

File: 1671282410114.jpg (58.03 KB, 500x683, 62f6bd217112d1d1a81767320f0353…)

True. Must be a miserable and sad existence thinking that way.

No. 1449712

Okay angry black woman(XY chromosomes)

No. 1449713

They look like trannies

No. 1449715

im not replying to myself this anon is probably a angry mixed nonny with the true things i said and is probably sperging to make me look more agressive and moidy than i am. i dont think black women should wear wigs, they can do what they want. and i definitely dont think european should be raped wtf.
at least you agree that they are not the beauty standards.
she could hide a saxophone inside that hair

No. 1449716

File: 1671282709945.png (3.49 MB, 1920x888, t3_.png)

No matter how much you samefag, pretend to be different people and bash women who are black, have brown eyes, have curly hair, have aquilline noses, etc, you will always be a pathetic failmale.

No. 1449717

Do you draw furry porn, anon?

No. 1449718

Bitch's wool is invading my personal space. Bich needs a wig.

No. 1449722

yeah try to cope and invalidate my opinion because you cant accept the truth
she cant wear a wig with this type of hair.

No. 1449723

if your lover cheats on you, it's their fault. not the fault of the person they cheated with. blaming the third person is just a pathetic cope.

No. 1449725

Your opinion is stupid and racist and you are going to have to live with other people calling out your stupid opinion. People are calling you a moid because you are behaving very moidlike. Having internalized misogyny is common in women but it is still not a pretty sight and neither is blatant racism.

No. 1449726

File: 1671283089233.png (249.07 KB, 351x465, ddd.png)

They look so pretty. It's always so funny when trannies claim black women look like them. They really pray and hope that the earth's population doesn't have eyes.

No. 1449727

Black women are committing the ultimate sin by looking very female. This hurts the moid and the troid.

No. 1449734

>make me look more agressive and moidy than i am
You're so obvious you tranny

No. 1449735

Not capitalizing your first words makes you seem like a whiny teenager immediately. I really fucking hate this zoomer trend, which app did it even start from?

No. 1449736

Agree. The only time I was cheated on I remember if anything.. feeling worried about the other woman. Because I knew his pattern by then. I wondered if I had any moral obligation to warn her but theres no way of doing that without just coming off as a bitter ex. Never hated her. And I never knew for a fact that she even knew he had a gf already. In the absence of info I gave her that benefit of the doubt. I think its more likely he lied to her too

No. 1449737

File: 1671283619710.webm (1.73 MB, 720x720, 451a3d5958be7511568c14d5595245…)

If I'm not careful I'm going to waste my whole day looking at hot black women. I know it's a cliché and I'm probably looking at it with rose tinted glasses, but sometimes I wish I had experienced the 70's.

No. 1449738

I just get jealous when I do that. It is not my fault that I was built with pancake ass and bad skin.

No. 1449741

We really cannot expect anything else from males. They've always associated black women with masculinity or animals, it's not even a surprise to me that the tranny variant of male, which is naturally self-victimising and hasn't faced any sort of struggle in life, will try and compare themselves to black women.

No. 1449742

If women were more aggressive, assertive and much less fearful of men, they'd actually be able to put men in their place. Moids only understand one language and that is violence. If women learned to lose their fear of the brute physical force of moids and were more aggressive, and knew how to physically fight and defend herself against him, scrotes would learn to respect women as she presents as a formidable physical threat capable of either causing him critical harm or death. Girls and women are socialised to be passive and docile and to discard behaviours that are deemed aggressive as this is seen as an undesirable trait in girls and women and conflicts with the stereotype that women are nurturers which society pushes onto women. Which is funny because we all have feminine and masculine energy in us and should draw on both equally, not just the feminine energy.
Aggression is necessary to fight against the control scrotes want over women.

No. 1449743

File: 1671283960884.jpg (97.48 KB, 1528x800, shutterstock_409779178.jpg)

I dislike the whole "cats are feminine, dogs are masculine pets" discourse, and every theorizing around it. The people who write full armchair theories about it, on either side, are probably huffing the same gas Freud did.

No. 1449744

And still slave owners and colonizers knew exactly what a woman were when they raped black women.

No. 1449746

I feel like literally only two groups (cosmetic industries, trannies) benefit from attempting to flatten beauty down to ticking a list of boxes, rather than health and overall harmony in a person's features. Troons are against natural beauty because they can't attain it, and it gives them too much to worry about. Companies are against it because it makes it harder to sell mass-produced garbage with false promises of beauty. Actual women just end up suffering from BDD and wasting money because they think they're ugly if they haven't spent money on certain products and surgical procedures, (only for those same industries to later try to sell them their old features back as trends shift).
I think this is especially true in Brazil. The surgery industry dominates there, and there are so many unhinged trannies, it's ridiculous.

No. 1449749

its the madonna complex. ive seen this happen. these undesirable traits are not the beauty standard but some moids fuck dump them because they are seem as exotic/slut while the pretty woman is put on a pedestal.

No. 1449750

Not to racebait but are you guys white kek

No. 1449751

I'm white, but I can always appreciate beauty when I see it.

No. 1449752

It's funny watching this fight go down as a bitch with alopecia. I'd kill for curly hair, or straight hair, any hair at all really lol

No. 1449753

>the pretty woman
You mean the more "chaste", respected woman? It's weird to think of that as a synonym for "pretty". Pretty women get treated like whores and called jezebels all the time.

No. 1449754

This is why I believe only women should have access to guns and self-defense weapons. Also why women should be weight training/making themselves physically strong. It doesn't make you immune to scrote violence no but it would sure as hell put some of them in their place if they knew you've got a gun and have some physical strength behind you. There's actually a bonus to this nowadays too: testosterone levels in men are falling thanks to most of them being low-muscle mass porn addicts, so this is the perfect opportunity for women to reach their peak physical potential. Not only that, but being physically strong improves your health a lot. This still doesn't change the biological difference between us unfortunately but most men nowadays are either roided out HGH gut freaks who can't walk up the stairs without having a heart attack, or they're dad-bod porn addicted redditors with no muscle at all.

It's disappointing looking at the outcome of moids actually: they could have used their retard strength advantage to become valued protectors of women and children but instead they chose to become our natural predators by subjecting us to extreme sexual and physical violence. They failed their first basic task on this planet and if that doesn't tell you how fucking retarded to the core they are, nothing else will. They couldn't even contain the natural human aggression to use it for the greater good, instead they constantly chimp out and kill eachother and also subject women and children to their inability to control themselves.

No. 1449755

the hatred towards NLOGs is one of the reasons why so many GNC women troon out

No. 1449756

>The surgery industry dominates there, and there are so many unhinged trannies
fact. but the troons here are more rejected by society than some other countries like usa or canada.
by pretty women i meant a woman who fit the beauty standards
i had a friend that was bald. its not your fault anon.

No. 1449757

I feel like alot of autistic women already opt out of motherhood. The thing that bothers me is non tist women.. who have a child and the child turns out to have pretty severe autism. Like mute autism. A lifetime of them not being able to communicate their needs and being frustrated by it. And yet they have another baby.. and they get another severely autistic child who'll need a lifetime of care too and who'll struggle. I know 2 different women who are in that situation and I can't help but constantly (silently) question why they rolled the dice and had another kid anyway. Anyone can have that happen once but.. wouldn't you stop then? Its such a gamble and your hands are already full as it is.

No. 1449758

File: 1671284643654.jpg (23.59 KB, 563x316, 7d1d371ea9aded3d586e59a5a22484…)

I'm just envious of the shit tier scrotes who are with them and unappreciative of them. I'm on cloud 9 though because a black Stacy is apparently interested in me. I'm so afraid I'm going to fuck it up.
As white as it can get.
Bald women can be hot too.

No. 1449759

I would say that the hatred for NLOGs is a reason for why autistic women troon out and that is sad.

No. 1449761

You have to go back.

No. 1449763

File: 1671284731659.jpg (24.76 KB, 680x359, 7e6.jpg)


No. 1449764

I agree, sadly. Not being exactly the same as others is so often miscontrued as thinking you're better than them, when that's not even the case. It's depressing.

No. 1449766

Yeah like, I had 6 year old girls telling me I'm weird and not wanting to play with me, only boys wanted to play with me, no surprise I started to identify with them over time

No. 1449767

Those girls are not NLOGs, the label is just unfairly applied to them by others

No. 1449769

reported for racebait.

No. 1449770

why are u trying to make me look bad using this type of meme? seriously kill yourself. even if you actually agree with me and are not a curly hair big nose larping. you are vulgar.

No. 1449772

This is my nightmare, I even posted some time ago about lurking and reading subreddits like regretfulparents and so many of these women not only are abandoned by their trash moids but also have to take care of children with severe tism.. but you know they themselves are lost to retardation when they keep having children after having one tard and rolling the dice again

No. 1449773

I'm straight so I'm not even interested in women like that. I just hate to see evil moids trying to tear them down.

No. 1449775

File: 1671284986169.jpg (107.03 KB, 1200x1200, EqDmXjzU0AEFY8f.jpg)

>Dats raycisss y'all(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1449776

i would never go as down as to use this type of meme. reported for racebait

No. 1449777

What's the point of the "omgg stop making me look baddd" samefag posts when those are your opinions regardless? No one is fooled, you won't become the new romanianon.

No. 1449778

I lucked out because I found feminism (real feminism not libfem shit) pretty early on. Always been proud on my unconventional womanhood since then.

No. 1449779

I was bald once and it was awesome. I hope you rock your baldness anon.

No. 1449780

Okay wokecel

No. 1449783

Agreed. Aren't women naturally better suited to guns, too? I don't remember the details, but it had to do with center of gravity.

No. 1449784

its not my opinion to use pol memes. that anon is trying to make me look moidy because she probably got offended by what i was saying not because she actually agree with me. tbh lying to make themselves seems like a victim of white imperialist is usual for them. im sure this anon is a curly hair.

No. 1449785

This is peak retardation, I hate it too.

No. 1449786

You literally are a /pol/ meme, leave already.

No. 1449788

same, you are either a bimbo or a NLOG to most people and i hate that. Thankfully i grew up and now i am comfortable being a GNC terf that hates men and loves TF2 yaoi.

No. 1449789

You are just as bad as the race baiter with your /pol/ influenced race science.

No. 1449790

Will one of the baldchans ITT come and hold me? I'm very lonely.

No. 1449791

It's so funny how you keep being like "no no, that's not me! I'm not racist!" and then proceed to say something racist.

No. 1449792

also, samefagging, but i am surprised its still being used as an insult even here. I remember getting called an NLOG because i said i was into a niche genre of games and i thoght the pink gamer girl aesthetic was forced and ugly.

No. 1449793

im not. a pol moid or someone that is larping as a pol moid like this one >>1449775 would use these graceless type of meme and argument that white women are better because of labia color or something like that. im not saying anything like that im saying that pretending that beauty standards dont exist is stupid.

No. 1449794

Does it even matter? This is an anonymous imageboard no one will even know which anon you are next time you post, unless you keep saying stupid shit and calling children ugly

No. 1449795

I've been called a NLOG because I don't care for beauty routines and the color pink.

No. 1449797

Me too pls

No. 1449800

kitten heels can be cute

No. 1449801

i have DID and im struggling with my alters right now. one of my alters is a pol moid.

No. 1449803

You've literally been bashing women for having opinions outside what you think the standard should be for hours, posting /pol/ garbage and repeating "But it's okay if you're an ugly curly-haired big-nosed darky, just no one try and pretend that's pretty, or prettier than what i personally like and/or have, ok? And no there's no way you genuinely think that, it's all just copes and woke shit, ok? Btw that baby is fucking ugly because her hair doesn't look how i think it should". Mentally ill tranny/moid horseshit, fuck off.

No. 1449804

File: 1671286156108.gif (1.82 MB, 1024x576, finding-nemo-gifs-5cMuBr.gif)

>racist moid has been baiting for over an hour
wake up tranny jannies i do not not pay you for this

No. 1449806

File: 1671286203988.jpg (61.27 KB, 564x846, 47a60fbe52f7c9563cc7c6c04a47b7…)

nta I wonder whether I have some TiF logic, because I always hated wearing pink, but I'm okay with it if it's in a gnc way

No. 1449807

I think I'm the only bald anon in this particular thread. But I've seen a few others kicking around ot and g and I always feel a solidarity with them lol, and yes I'd gladly hold you nonas ♥

No. 1449808

Same. I literally don't care anymore, if a woman calls me a nlog we definitely don't have the same interests and worldview so it's not like we could be friends anyway, no one loses anything

No. 1449810

File: 1671286329382.jpg (61.42 KB, 736x552, 8d169b030b7703118096b9281aa37d…)

maybe you just hate the childish connotations of pink. Same reason why i hate pink gaming set ups, because they look so childish and tryhard cute, but if the set up was black with dark pink it would look amazing

No. 1449812

i'm right tho. everything i said are facts and you know that. i said nothing wrong only express real opinion based on science.

No. 1449813

File: 1671286404773.jpg (52.37 KB, 900x584, squidward.jpg)

tranny jannies when someone is being racist and baiting for hours vs tranny jannies when it's time to "accidentally" ban the wrong ip and make cringe reddit-esque redtexts on posts

No. 1449814

Girl, you've made the same point a hundred times and get continously baited by the very /pol/ moid razzling you. Take your two braincells, log off, and get a normal job instead of twitch streaming. Or I guess go off, and see you on /snow/ in a year

No. 1449815

File: 1671286482690.jpg (22.15 KB, 828x588, EmAnqs3WoAANhU7.jpg)

>i said nothing wrong only express real opinion based on science

No. 1449817

The annoying thing about being gnc is that other people can constantly point out how you're not uber feminine, you're not a walking stereotype, you don't like 'insert thing thats popular amongst women' but then if you say the same about yourself you're considered cringy for acknowledging it.

No. 1449819

And that you're letting other woman down by not liking conventional femininity.

No. 1449820

Then it's as we've said. You're the deranged /pol/ moid or troon, and there's no point in samefagging to deny it. This is boring now, please hang yourself by your decrepit ballsack or just make an exit bag.

No. 1449821

sorry for your cancer lol(baiting moid)

No. 1449822

I'm the opposite, I don't like hot pink. But I like pastel pink with red/purple/other colors

No. 1449825

NTA, but if you even go beyond not liking it, and are critical of it because it seems entirely unorganic or counterproductive, you just get accused of "shitting on women". Like I didn't know women=products and behavior, I thought that was exactly how troons think about us.

No. 1449829

Unfortunately the idea that women = performative femininity is very common with other woman. It is all so tiresome.

No. 1449830

Why do some of you feel the need to ruin a nice moment

No. 1449831

It's probably the same racist moid seething, not an actual anon.

No. 1449832

Pretty sure it's the baiting degenerate, just report it nonnie

No. 1449834

File: 1671287299777.png (477.56 KB, 614x462, 8e1e6e498a59440a2a1b939cc1d1a7…)

>maybe you just hate the childish connotations of pink
Yeah I guess so, it often reminds me of the fully pink aisles of a toy shop, but not always. You make good points.
Exactly this. It's like you're not allowed to point out the elephant in the room that you're literally different, which doesn't mean you think you're better than everyone else. Like do I really have to pretend I'm exactly the same and had the exact same life experiences as a straight feminine woman had? People also get it the wrong way around. They think the harsh feelings a gnc teen girl gets as a result of being shunned or bullied are the reason she's gnc in the first place, as if she started dressing that way because she hates other women. Instead of just feeling shit for being shunned, being petty as a result and saying some stupid shit in retaliation. I also hate that comic where it almost puts the responsibility on the "nlog" for having to get over her "bigotry" towards conforming women, when that just makes no sense. If people weren't automatically bigoted towards anyone who doesn't conform to the norm and especially to lesbians, you wouldn't even get the concept of a "nlog" in the first place. Like yeah of course it's a bad and petty attitude to have, but fixing it doesn't automatically make conforming people like you, because that wasn't even the original reason they disliked you.

No. 1449846

It's scary how women identify other women with literal objects. One of my female coworkers criticized another girl for wearing "male" pants and "male" jacket and she literally said she doesn't "look like a woman" and I basically jumped at her and said that women are not biologically programmed to wear certain clothes and make up and not wearing stereotypically feminine clothes doesn't mean a woman doesn't look like a woman and her way of thinking is just stupid, and she was just staring at me dumbfounded for a few seconds and then just muttered "ok but I still don't like it" lmao

No. 1449847

Gnc autist here, proud of you for not internalising misogyny in a world that puts girls in boxes.
>GNC terf that hates men and loves TF2 yaoi. also thanks for that little embellishment kek

No. 1449848

>I also hate that comic where it almost puts the responsibility on the "nlog" for having to get over her "bigotry" towards conforming women, when that just makes no sense.
I feel this. It's as if they think girls aren't encouraged to be conforming and shun or actually be cruel to other girls who aren't the same. As if it's all just the natural state, and if you don't play along, you're doing something wrong.

No. 1449860

I hate to say this but girls have actually treated me worse for being GNC than boys do. To moids I am invisible, to women I am a failed woman.

No. 1449868

File: 1671288574831.jpg (152.75 KB, 800x800, unnamed.jpg)

Pink is such a misunderstood and misused/bastardized color in my opinion, too much of it can be overwhelming, specially when people use it in the childish or hashtag girlboss way. The color itself is fine and I do love it, I love big pink sweaters, it's one of the most comfiest looking colors out there for me. Maybe it's just the hyper femininity and association with capitalistic girlhood that I hate, like, I'll take a comfy pink sweater but not a frilly pink dress if that makes sense? That's just me though, nothing wrong if people like frilly pink dresses. It's just been so pushed onto me that now I'm like "no thank you". Idk if this makes sense sorry.

No. 1449871

Outside of certain contexts, I hate it when people use the word "fuck" to refer to sex/having sex. It disgusts me.

No. 1449874

Nta, but same. Also my mom was kind of mad that I wasn't like her, but my father has never had an opinion or w/e

No. 1449875

Love you both from another GNC lesbian autist.

No. 1449881

I was going to 100% agree with you but then I remembered men have also treated me like shit for not being stereotypically feminine because I'm not a fuckable option to them. I feel like the whole thing here is, it's not a matter of what gender a person is but how sexist they are / how respectful of other's looks they are. Hence why trannies also treat GNC women like shit.

No. 1449890

It's weird to me, because when I was an awkward gnc high schooler, men treated me a lot worse than women did. There were girls that didn't like me and were obviously confused, but they were just as cold to conforming girls either if they weren't in their cliques. While the guys went out of their way to do mean pranks and call me a man.

No. 1449893

I treat being GNC as a spectrum, and I feel like I do have my girly sides but I honestly don't like most hyper feminine shit out there. It bothers me and I consider myself a tomboy. I just hate not fitting into an ideal box sometimes, I am too tomboyish for the girly girls but too girly for the real GNCs. Idk what the point of this post is but I just wanted to write it out.

No. 1449900

There is a lot of truth to that.

No. 1449901

the baiting moid got banned, now you retards can finally stop replying to him. Gawd the mods need to start banning people for taking bait again.

No. 1449902

Well they are right about one thing: men should be obedient, subservient, and loyal like dogs.

No. 1449904

I'm wondering where you nonnies grew up, I grew up in ex-yugoslavia and most girls didn't care about performing femininity hardcore in childhood and teenage years, and I got along with them just fine. It was cool to play video games, smoke, spit on the street, get in fights and engage in typically aggressive male associated behaviour, but maybe that's because I grew up in a working class town kek. Typically girly girls were kind of the posh minority that got made fun of. Then in later high school years it all kind of equalized and everyone stopped giving a fuck.
It's mostly boys that ignored me and treated me like subhuman because I looked like one.

No. 1449906

No one is replying to that moid anymore? chill

No. 1449907

Men haven't treated me badly over it but they do assume that I'm gay (I'm not) and they have conversations in front of me that no woman wants to overhear. As if there's no woman in the room when I'm there. Idk why my look would make them think I'm cool with hearing this shit. Even if I were gay.. I'm not gonna be like "ah yes, using women for sex is my fave pasttime too!" or "yes I think 13 year olds should be legal"

I'm still a woman and I'm still horrifed.

No. 1449911

Whenever men see me as "one of the boys" (I don't go my way to present myself like that btw, I just have a blunt personality) they always end up talking about women in the shittiest ways possible too. It's so freaking wack to me. I used to pull up with it too because I like pussy (am bisexual) and was like "haha funny" but now I've matured and I'm too pinkpilled to really give it a pass. It's so annoying to me now.

No. 1449912

We need a hellweek, no make it a month.

No. 1449913

That's simply not happening, sorry. This website is barely moderated, we've been begging for a hellweek for almost a year and no response. This is why so much of the userbase left.

No. 1449915

The most pinkpilling shit ever is when men treat you as one of the boys and you get to hear what they really think about women.

No. 1449920

For real nonny. It really is an eye opener.

No. 1449924

nta boys/men left me alone because it has always been a tradition whenever I went to a new school to just beat up the first guy who made a big problem about it. Since they usually would start to show signs they wanted to get violent. Girls would just shun, which is less in your face and I honestly didn't mind being left alone. I guess it's mostly become a problem actually as an adult. In extremely female dominated workplaces, being shunned and then being blamed for bad teamwork, is a bit of a double whammy. Like I had an interview where the man wanted to hire me, but the woman was practically kicking him under the table and saying that she didn't think I would fit in there. He was confused because I have great credentials and he said she was being silly and that he would take responsibility for me. Meanwhile when women interviewed me for a job at a more male dominated workplace, they were happy with me and saw me as someone who could push back well against the men together with them. It's like being nonconforming is seen as not being able to be a teamplayer by a lot of women, which I get the logic of and they might have a point. Or maybe it was lesbophobia. Either way, it's fucking annoying.
I don't think I've ever really entertained the lockerroom talk. It always felt disingenuous, being "one of the boys" is always with an asterisk. Hasn't stopped men from trying to relate to me though or trying to become my friend. I never got the point of sleeping with or dating a woman and then shit talking her behind her back, what the fuck kind of logic even is that? You chose her? Why are you so ungrateful?

No. 1449930

File: 1671291109958.png (315.89 KB, 2000x942, lego.png)

>I'm wondering where you nonnies grew up, I grew up in ex-yugoslavia and most girls didn't care about performing femininity hardcore in childhood and teenage years
I feel like hyper femininity was super hardcore introduced to us from early childhood in the 90's and 2000's in capitalistic societies like north america. I remember so much sparkly and glittery pink shit for girls being pushed down my throat. It didn't take too long for me to hate it, I remember being in 2nd grade of elementary and already being fed up with it. Contrast with this ad for LEGO's in the 70s and yeah, the capitalistic sexism really got weird for us.

When you take in account that most millenial and gen z grew up like this, it makes sense why the tranny movement would become so popular later on. Or the whole goth girl vs girly girl shit. And your typical NLOG crap, too.

No. 1449938

>nta boys/men left me alone because it has always been a tradition whenever I went to a new school to just beat up the first guy who made a big problem about it.
Freaking based, I wish my mom let me do this. My dad who was always ok with my GNC-ness always encouraged me to do so. But my mom always wanted me to be a girly girl. Anyway, me being an autist did make me hit a boy at some point in my life, but that just made me an outcast at school and fucked up with my child psyche kek. I'm so happy you were able to punch them so freely.

No. 1449963

I'm in a very "balkanic-minded" central-european country. Girls weren't performing hyperfeminity with very complex makeup looks like zoomers today (it was mostly just comicly overdrawn cat eyes), but those who didn't dress femininely or have pretty faces were still called lesbians as an insult behind their backs.

No. 1449971

Yeah, I have no mother and my father encouraged me to just solve things with violence, it's a wonder that I didn't get in trouble more than I did, other than being sent to the school therapist several times. I bet they wouldn't have sent boys who got into fights to the school therapist, they would've just gotten a "boys will be boys".
Female family members did try to get me to do and wear girly stuff, with the highpoint that my aunt freaked out at her wedding (because I wore a suit) and wanted to send me back to her country to go to a special school where they teach girls to be "ladies".
At some point my father also realized I'm one of those icky women he hates so much, somewhere late in puberty and he suddenly wanted me to start conforming and performing femininity. I felt like a male transvestite crossdresser for trying on a dress and trying to put on make-up in the privacy of my bedroom. Then when I actually went outside while trying to be feminine, I got asked whether I'm a tranny to boot. I guess because I wasn't socialized female properly (didn't learn how to perform femininity) and looked really uncomfortable and obviously had no idea what I was doing, a fish out of the water, I looked like an AGP tranny. In combination with even back then having a large skeleton and also muscle from sports, I guess it just looked weird. So ironically enough I feel like a man whenever trying to perform femininity.

No. 1449982

This thread makes me wonder if hitting boys is some common female autist experience. I had a fistfight with a boy when I was eight.

No. 1449987

I've never gotten into a full-fledged fight, I just used to hit one boy whenever he started attentionwhoring or talking during class. And yet I never got into trouble, teaching just kept letting me hit him for some reason lmao, thinking back it's pretty fucked up

No. 1449988

File: 1671293600265.jpg (84.66 KB, 862x872, Motherless.jpg)

I'm not autistic, just retarded because of being raised by schizo single father and being motherless.

No. 1450003

I can wear dresses but I draw the line at make up and high heels. I look like a clown in make up and you can't run or walk properly in high heels.

No. 1450005

ayrt I only did it for a while, then retreated back into being butch and haven't looked back. The only way you can convince me to put make-up on or shit like that, is if it's for theater kind of stuff (because the lights wash everyone out), or maybe if I ever got a gf who wanted me to cosplay as some anime character. I would only put on a dress and heels if I'm going as an AGP for Halloween, I saw another butch who did that and it was kinda based.
>I just wish my mom wasn't super pushy about these things and let me be a full on tomboy growing up, it would had been based if I just never gave into the pressure.
I think women are pushier about it, because they don't want you to get shunned and they know about the consequences. They think if you just accept it and learn to do the feminine stuff, you'll be happier for it in the end. Which is a reasoning I get, but that doesn't make the pushing okay.

No. 1450019

>ayrt I only did it for a while, then retreated back into being butch and haven't looked back.
Based. I'm happy for you.
>I think women are pushier about it, because they don't want you to get shunned and they know about the consequences. They think if you just accept it and learn to do the feminine stuff, you'll be happier for it in the end. Which is a reasoning I get, but that doesn't make the pushing okay.
In a sense we're also conditioned since birth to think this is ok and most media and products marketed to us have the pushy message in them. This is one reason why I don't watch most movies made for women, they're almost always written by men anyway. There's always some character who isn't stereotypically feminine that they want to change into a girly girl and they always pain it as a good thing instead of leaving her alone. It's all so tiresome.

No. 1450023

I hope all butches know how important theý are for us gnc straight women. Seeing non-conforming women who didn't give a shit about men did wonders for my self esteem as a teenager.

No. 1450030

>This is one reason why I don't watch most movies made for women, they're almost always written by men anyway. There's always some character who isn't stereotypically feminine that they want to change into a girly girl and they always pain it as a good thing instead of leaving her alone. It's all so tiresome.
I get your point, agree and same. It's a one-way ticket to being called a nlog by libfem types though. I get there are women who shit on those movies because they're trying to appeal to some guy, but that doesn't mean everyone who dislikes those movies does for the same reason.
The feeling is mutual, gnc straight women are important to us too.

No. 1450039

I'm also a balkanon and I think it depends where you grew up. Girls in my town were a weird mix of feminine and not. They wore girly clothes, long hair and jewelry but also arranged fist fights in the schoolyard when they had beef with each other, smoked and mouthed off to teachers a lot.
They still bullied girls they didn't like for different reasons. I got bullied because I dressed like a tomboy and liked anime, and by boys because I was an ugly nerd - so basically not a person in their eyes.
In high school boys just ignored me instead, but girls were catty, mean and always talked shit behind my back because I was weird and 'pathetic'. I actually had to move schools because of it. I got cyberbullied over curiouscat and when I posted photos of fun stuff I was doing, many of them commented on my pictures laughing at me for trying to do anything at all. Baking was cringe, knitting was cringe, having a blog was cringe, wearing [insert clothes here] was cringe. I still have bad self esteem and hate going out in public because I feel like everyone sees me as pathetic.
I read an article that mentioned gendered marketing of toys first appeared in the 80s and got bigger over time because it was a way to sell twice as many toys.

No. 1450099

File: 1671301062392.jpg (5.21 MB, 3072x4096, curlyvsstraight2.jpg)

damn if i knew my unpopular opinion was going to cause racebait for hours i would have kept it to myself, but anyways my new unpopular opinion is that curly hair is not appreciated enough these days like all you ever see is 50 inch straight hair and it's flat AND boring

No. 1450104

It's not your fault you triggered the /pol/ tranny, anon, don't worry, kek. I love curly hair too, it's so beautiful.

No. 1450107

File: 1671301528019.jpg (160.64 KB, 1052x862, Kidman.jpg)

Curly hair is sexier and more playful imo, it's sad that almost every naturally curly celeb decides to straighten it. It makes someone suddenly look way more business-like and cold.

No. 1450109

As someone with naturally straight hair, I agree. My hair does not hold a curl no matter what though, and believe me I have tried everything, so I just embrace it as it is. I haven’t tried to curl it for a long time.

No. 1450111

File: 1671301942688.jpg (272.42 KB, 1200x1778, Nicole-Kidman-Portrait-of-a-La…)

I love her hair so much.

No. 1450118

File: 1671302121683.jpg (4.02 MB, 3072x4096, curlyvsstraight3.jpg)

last example i made, katy looks good with shorter hair too

No. 1450129

When I checked /ot/ this morning you were infighting about curly hair and now over 10 hours later you're still infighting about curly hair. You're all fucking embarassing.

No. 1450134

That's not what's happening, anon.

No. 1450142

I don't see an infight I think you are just retarded

No. 1450145

you knew what you were doing because this same discussion happened like 5 threads ago
get an original opinion

No. 1450150

NTA but there wasn't really an argument there, because there was no weird racist sperg or troon attacking women.

No. 1450155

Not necessarily related to Katy Perry, I think she looks good with both, but my unpopular opinion is that some women just look better with short hair.

No. 1450343

File: 1671311871371.jpg (6.32 KB, 128x128, asexual pride dante.jpg)

DMC4 Dante is sexiest Dante. Wish they also gave him (and Vergil too, if not also Nero) a British accent in English, apparently Kamiya initially conceived him as a "British man" and it would have been very funny. Actually I think Dante and Vergil should have had different British accents.

No. 1450345

Is it really an unpopular opinion? I thought all his designs were equally popular, more or less.

No. 1450354

File: 1671312396478.gif (1.28 MB, 245x300, dante air kiss.gif)

I like them all, even post-wall 5 Dante, but 4 is just perfect IN MY OPINION THIS IS AN OPINION THREAD

No. 1450364

Harrison Ford is an overrated actor. "He never got any training, he used to be a carpenter!" I don't care, it's like he's just being himself in every movie, while everyone acts like he's amazing. There are actresses with way better actual skills who are relatively underrated and in comparison are forgotten about with age.

No. 1450367

imagine making your whole identity about your race, kek. get a hobby.

No. 1450378

I think his appeal is that he's always cast as the stoic macho character that doesn't take much skill to play

No. 1450383

I know it's an opinion thread, but I remember when DMC4 just got released and the high number of inappropriate doujinshi and fanart I found of Dante from that specific game so I was wondering.

No. 1450387

I see, it just seems that most fans I've personally met prefer designs from the older games. Anyway no one is wrong and ADAB (All Dantes Are Bootylicious)

No. 1450402

Not every single anime, manga, comics or game franchise needs live action entries. Movies or shows, adaptations, alternate universes or spin-offs, I don't care, I'm really fucking tired of live action shit that never does the original any justice. I also hate it when story driven games get additional lore in non-game form, why not just put it in a game, especially if it's relevant enough to the games. That being said the only good video game movie ever is Ryū ga Gotoku: Gekijōban but that's only because it's directed by Takashi Miike and just so fucking wacky it just works even for the wrong reasons. Or maybe Uwe Boll's movies too in an ironic meta way. Yes, I do hate capeshit in case you could not tell.

No. 1450405

DMC4 Dante is literal perfection and I will defend you against anyone who disagrees

No. 1450447

They should just merge the cat and dog threads into one and let chaos unfold. It would be hilarious.

No. 1450451

The majority of shoujo manga work very well with live action, some being pretty much on par or better than the manga. This also held true for the one webtoon live action I watched, the live action was actually better than the source.

No. 1450472

Some things can actually be blamed entirely on mental illness, i don't understand how people rage towards individuals who clearly lost their grip on reality a long time ago

No. 1450505

it's never the people who truly lost their grasp on reality who're like "B-BUT I'M MENTAWWY IWW PWEASE BE NICE TO MEEEEE YOU ABLEIST SCUM"

No. 1450539

natural boobs look fucking ugly and fake ones are superior

No. 1450554

gotta try harder next time buddy

No. 1450556

File: 1671322887887.jpg (197.67 KB, 1152x1351, 20221103_030638.jpg)

No. 1450558

sorry about your moobs bro

No. 1450564

File: 1671323438187.jpeg (145.25 KB, 1280x720, BB298901-5253-40D3-B95C-581B17…)

Homemade food will always be better than anything you can buy at a restaurant and anyone can cook whatever is sold at literally any restaurants, but most people are just too fucking lazy to do so.

No. 1450566

I think most people know this

No. 1450570

Harrison Ford is one of those actors that I always confuse with other actors. I have trouble distinguishing him from Kiefer Sutherland and Kevin Costner. I may just be mentally deficient but he has one of those faces that is kind of forgettable

No. 1450579

File: 1671324419230.jpg (194.83 KB, 886x416, 20221217_184249.jpg)

A good example of this is housebunny. The zeta members were much better before they were bimboified

No. 1450583

Are strip clubs even fun to go to?
Honestly I wonder who is even the primary consumer base for the live action entries. I play Monster Hunter and I was so disgusted by 5 seconds of the movie trailer that I never looked up more about it ever again.

No. 1450586

File: 1671325105964.jpg (137.88 KB, 540x566, 20221217_185731.jpg)

Men are just upset that women can rock baldness far better than they can

No. 1450588

cause they murder ppl

No. 1450596

This shit happens to my gnc sister. She dresses masculine and has male friends. One of her male friends literally told her about one of his sexual escapades and grossed her tf out.

No. 1450606

I also feel this, I feel like I let other women down by not liking romantic comedies and sweet little pretty glittery things. Performative hyper femininity sucks so much.

No. 1450607

so true.

No. 1450608

Kek nonas I’m a woman. Literally every man I have asked thinks natural is better. I’m just bitter mine are wide-set east/west boobs and I feel like they make me look like an actual retard. Like genuine down syndrome looking. I want fake ones, I think I’d have way better self esteem.

No. 1450610

who gives a fuck about what scrotes think? get help

No. 1450616

I mentioned they think natural is better because I was getting called a scrote for my opinion. When I have the opposite opinion of the scrotes I know

No. 1450620

>These posts are so fucking childish. Why do I keep coming here
you are free to leave fam

No. 1450626

File: 1671327234563.jpg (75.95 KB, 750x1000, flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x1000,f…)

>I'm invalidating all of your experiences, you're a bunch of imageboard weirdos who make up fake conflicts in your mind to argue about because you're insecure and make up reasons to hate yourself, and then project that hatred onto other people. You're fucked. You're all fucked.
Thanks you won't be missed
If a bunch of women talking about their personal experiences is so annoying to you then just block this website and fuck off

No. 1450628

I think… when they deep fry things in a big deep fryer in a restaurant, it tastes better than home-cook fried food. But a restaurant deep fryer is just a superior tool. Don't eat a lot of deep fried things but when I do I buy it at a restaurant.

No. 1450630

Kek nonnie. You have to keep in mind there are a lot of posters here who are literal teenagers or have a teenage mental age from not going progressing very far in life due to autism. They're just LARPing.

No. 1450635

people having different life experiences means they're larping now? Kek wtf. Just because that anon has been lucky in her GNC life it doesn't mean the rest of us haven't had troubles with men/women and how people act toward us. Don't be silly now. If anything that anon is the immature one.
>That never happens!
>Because it has never happened to me it means it never happens!
>It's all from TV!
>You're all fucked you imageboard weirdos!
>I'm invalidating all of you!
Yeah that sounds totally mature sure.

No. 1450641

everyone move out we have the definition of maturity here. Stop infigthting and move on dude, stop using lolcow if it makes you this upset for real don't pop a vein over some random posts

No. 1450644

Not everyone goes through the same though? I remember when I first started posting online in my early 20s about my experiences with strangers randomly making massive insults about my looks or other horrible experiences-"there's no way this happened, you made it up." "People don't care in real life!" I don't anymore mostly, but it sticks with me.
Some communities, areas, families, and friend groups are more anal than others. Also, it's mean of me to say but some people pull off GNC more naturally. I've seen a super traditionally feminine looking woman start dressing androgynously and people got extremely weird about it, making constant off-handed comments without her fashion even being brought up.

No. 1450648

What kind of people are you spending time with that it is in any way remarkable that you don't like pink glittery clothing or romantic comedies? Most adults can choose who they spend most of their time around so it seems a little odd.

No. 1450650

nta, but you know that liking pink glittery clothing and romantic comedies isn't the benchmark of femininity? Most women probably don't have a deep passion for such things either.

No. 1450651

>Keep pissin yourself and bending over backwards to blame other women for your insecurities fuck face.
Are you sure you aren't the teenager one here?
Conversation was civil until you chimed in with your "I'm invalidating everything you say" crap.
Maybe you should stop invalidating other women and their experiences, no one was other blaming women. The post you mistook for 'blaming' simply says that GNC women feel as if they fail other women when they don't perform femininity, it never said that women are at fault for every single problem they have. It's two completely different feelings. I don't know how you can completely misread something, but then again I know some anons like you simply like mistaking things on purpose and starting infights for no reason. I am not surprised in the slightless.

No. 1450653

Say whatever you must, but it doesn't make the comment that anon made any less immature. Live and let live dude. If some GNC women feel bad about pinky glittery things so be it, I don't know why that anon had to chime in and take it absolutely to heart. She self inserted into a chill conversation to call people 'fuck faces' and 'imageboard weirdos'. Infighting is so unnecessary.

No. 1450654

That anon is literally just trying to infight. Please ignore them nonnies

No. 1450686

My little sister who is seen as the prettiest one has curly hair. It makes her look angelic.

No. 1450697

No u

No. 1450705

I wish I were born a tall pretty boy instead of a woman

No. 1450713

wish granted but only if you date me

No. 1450717

>male pants
as if women cant wear pants. we fought for that shit in the 60s, ffs. It's so odd to me since women can wear both dresses, pants, skirts, suits and still look beautiful and feminine, but when men try to wear skirts and dresses, they look like gross monsters.

No. 1450719

100 percent. Women look better when they arent bimbofried and dragged up. I think dressing up doesnt have to be about fake everything and 10 lbs of makeup. You can be simple and still very beautiful.

No. 1450732

it makes sense. it's basically tif mindset, i want femininity but i don't want the femininity expected of the female sex

No. 1450817

I think that childhood obesity is child abuse and parents who are feeding their kids a diet that makes them obese should be subject to some kind of punitive thing— I don’t know what, I haven’t fleshed this idea out that far

I know some of its genetic but i don’t believe all of it is and I think if you feed a child a diet that’s causing obesity it sets them up to be obese for the rest of their life and that’s a really shit thing to do to a person

No. 1450896

Canadians are not actually nice. They are passive-aggressive and suspicious people. They give off incredibly weird vibes

No. 1450898

No. 1450899

samefag, but to add to this: they also think they're smarter than the average American, and act smug because of it, but really they have the same level of intellect, or maybe less than that of burgers.

No. 1450904

>solve things with violence
I have a strange feeling this could be a part of the reason why people avoided you. just a hunch.

No. 1450908

Kind of related but all male Canadians I've met online have this weird obsession with american politics and it's all they talk about

No. 1450910

I feel like its so strange to think a person's own group of people are more intelligent than another's. We're all autistic in our own way. Us burgers just happen to be a VERY special breed of autistic kek.

No. 1450914

THANK YOU! I’m so tired of the whole kind canadian meme. They’re assholes

No. 1450920

They let their own government pass a law that lets them euthanize disabled people. They're the most sheep-like people on this planet.

No. 1450965

If you want to live an alternative off the grid life style, or be a nomad, or live in a van and travel the world you shouldn't bring kids into it. Children need socialization, they need to be around peers and in education. It's basically abuse. They never had a choice or a shot at normal life.

No. 1451001

Farm type stuff is fine but the vanlife folks are literally abuse. Especially the ones where the parents have a big private room and the children get zero privacy and coffin sized bunks and no room. I've reported families to states before because most states require families to have 3 children max per room and an appropriate amount of privacy

No. 1451002

well ive learned since yesterday that "get a job" is an unpopular stance to take towards perma-child "adults" in order to address their entitlement.

didn't go back into the thread where people initially got upset, but saw the same nonnies in the dumbass shit thread talking about how offended they are to be told such a thing, then i wake up today to an entirely new "antiwork" thread. absolutely hilarious. i wish all those nonnies a very nice "get a job" and goodnight

No. 1451004

if they are dumb enough to think that a nomad/van life is a good way to live, they are dumb enough to bring a child and pets along it.

No. 1451057

Every time nonnas mention anything similar in regards to "well you should probably be trying to be in some form of employment and stop depending on your parents even if they are not good people" you get bombarded with shit as if you haven't just spoken common sense. They always crawl out of the woodwork to defend their choice to be entitled and lazy and act as if you are some mega work-hustle capitalist sympathizer for saying that if you're in your 20s onwards and still choosing to mooch off your parents then bitch about them online, then you should probably be trying to earn your own money so you can get out of there. This is what happens when people have no shame and victimize themselves too much. It's really embarrassing.

No. 1451095

its annoying to see them try to take some sort of moral high ground for not working when its incredibly entitled. id be embarrassed, knowing how hard some people work, to declare myself above that, even on an anonymous image board.

there was a period in my life i was too depressed and unstable to work, i understand how it happens. but during that time i felt devistated that i was unable to work to provide for myself, i didnt defend my unemployment as some triumph over wage-slavery.

No. 1451099

File: 1671363701557.png (2.45 MB, 2418x1566, pretty-lady-sitting-in-her-car…)

Cutting people off when they slight you in any way you deem is too much needs to be normalised. I'm tired of all the people giving excuses like "oh theu were just showing they cared", "It wasn't that bad".
If you haven't live it then stfu.

No. 1451101

There's a reason people post in the vent thread when they could post in the advice thread.

No. 1451108

I think it's just choosing between two evils honestly. Yeah education is fantastic and socialisation is necessary but society we've come to accept as "normal" isn't that great either, it's just slaving away doing some unnecessary job for hopefully enough digital coins so you can buy food from a concrete box. I don't know. Not to be all doomer capitalism is bad but I think it's worth not mindlessly assuming our "normal" is the best option either. Then again there will never be a perfect living situation.

No. 1451130

I'm excited for AI generated music to improve. I want to watch all those wealthy Top 40 scrote producers and lyricists who creep on women shit themselves over their derivative, garbage music being duplicated in seconds by random people, exposing their lack of talent to the whole world and tanking their value.

No. 1451147

not gonna happen, because unlike with art they fear the music labels, and are training the AIs on copyright-free music.

No. 1451168

Let's wait and see

No. 1451170

nta I think people haven't really learned though. Sure you're allowed to wear trousers, from the women's section. With shitty pockets, shitty fabric and more expensive. If you wear clothes from the men's section, it still gets a negative reaction. People will fall over themselves to say "but you can get it from the women's section, you can get the BOYFRIEND FIT". I fucking hate that concept btw
>In fashion design, "boyfriend" is a style of women's clothing that draws heavily from corresponding men's garments. Boyfriend style clothes are designed to be looser or boxier and tend to be oversized - giving the appearance that one is wearing their boyfriend's clothing.
With all due respect to straight women, no I don't want to signal anything like that. Why are you only allowed to wear more masculine type of garments, if it's still in a way men are encouraged to sexualize it and heavily linked to being straight?
"But you're a woman, so you have to wear women's clothes, they're the only ones which are supposed to fit you" are we suddenly going to cape for retarded designers or pretend that there's an universal female bodyshape? The fuck are us flatchested inverted triangles supposed to do, when everything is shaped like a trapezium with built-in boob room, but none for shoulders? Especially when some shops have gone in some retarded fahionova direction or whatever the fuck that was called. You don't have to be male to fit in a sweater or shirt from the "men's" section or in trousers. I don't have to or have to want to look beautiful and feminine. It's okay to be a handsome masc woman. That doesn't mean I'm saying I'm exactly masculine like a man, but it's like this nonna said in another thread that a mint green is a bit blueish in comparison to other greens, but still doesn't fit in with a row of blues.
It's like I prefer to wear the clothes associated with the blues, to emphasize my greenness, because if I wear clothes associated with the greens, it just makes all the blueishness standout. This sounds completely schizo if you don't understand the context, but that's ok. It's the same way how I'm convinced that short hair makes my face look more feminine, even though people have this retarded idea that short hair makes women look more like a man. Contrast makes different things stand out.

No. 1451225

I find maltese dogs cuter than most cats

No. 1451230

I dislike it when people put a space before a question or exclamation mark. It makes me wonder what kind of thought process (if any) is going on that makes them write that way.

No. 1451248

they literally say they cant do much about it and thats why no one is talking about music AIs lol

No. 1451268

I'm a 5'9 19 year old girl with a 4'11 28 year old foster sister. I don't talk down on short girls, I just wish I had their height since I was bullied for it and compared to men, especially for my body and features, and it was worse because everyone was shorter than me where I live. A lot of my insecurities stems from being groomed as well, and seeing how much men favor young girls. I get insecure since I have a stocky body.. I could never wear feminine clothes without thinking I look like an orc. I wish men's attractions did not make us go against eachother like this or make us insecure. I only dislike it when I see pedobaiters (like belle delphine) do it lol.

No. 1451272

Conversely, every australian ive met was very funny and nice

No. 1451285

nonny absolutely cant relate. australian hands wrote this post.

No. 1451292

>Canadians are not actually nice. They are passive-aggressive and suspicious people. They give off incredibly weird vibes
this, they always end up lying, talking behind your back, or some similar thing

No. 1451294

>there was a period in my life i was too depressed and unstable to work, i understand how it happens
Me too nonna, I hope your situation is better now.
>i didnt defend my unemployment as some triumph over wage-slavery.
The moral superiority regarding it is what pisses me off, the whole "Oh I'm far too good to work in a factory or in fast-food part time" like bitch no you aren't, you are not too good for any job just because you enjoy doing art and want something more, and by saying that you're just directly insulting people who work those jobs like they're brainless peons or something. Life is not easy like The Sims where you leave school and land some dream job, most people have to graft from the bottom unless they're born into a rich or comfortable family. It's like they don't want to see the nuance in the situation because they are so hellbent on feeling superior because they're not a "wagie". This also applies to people who simply live to work and feel superior because of that, but I've seen a massive hypocrisy on this site in particular where it's fine to call someone a "wagie" because they have to work but if you call someone lazy and entitled because they leech off their parents then suddenly it's not acceptable.

There was a time when people would be ashamed to do this shit and that's for a good reason - because it is genuinely lazy and entitled to expect everyone else to cater for you. "I didn't ask to be born" sure but neither did anyone else kek. I don't like the current working society we have but at the same time people should genuinely be embarrassed and ashamed if they're acting like children and mooching off their parents. It's such an online mindset because if you tried to say this shit around people irl and in irl situations they would laugh at you. In my country we call them "dole dossers" because they just sit around on the internet all day, claim benefits (not disability) and then whine about how society doesn't bow down to their every need.

No. 1451295

I think part of your post is projection. Whenever someone says they don't want to work retail because it is soul sucking, they immediately start attacking them. It's not that they feel superior, but that they can't deal with the job itself in that moment of their life. That's how I see it. Most of the wagie shit I see happens right after someone tells them to just get a job without understanding the situation

No. 1451298

>you are not too good for any job just because you enjoy doing art and want something more, and by saying that you're just directly insulting people who work those jobs like they're brainless peons or something
Nah, I don't think that's the case. I don't think these anons mean to insult retail nonnas just because they don't want a retail job. It's just different people, different lives

No. 1451299

the people who work soul draining jobs are in dire situations, migrants and being exploited, they are not in the same situation as most neets who are depressed because they know they will never be able to life off their hard work like their parents. No one is looking down on them, but on the society who only thinks a person has value when they are generating money for the richest. People are entitled to hate living, specially when most of our time in earth is wasted working so the rich people can actually enjoy this world.

No. 1451313

I'm from a 3rd world country, have autism, am in a dire situation, and need money, but I still want to get paid for what I studied in college. I feel so upset when I see my brother and peers getting paid for the same thing I got a degree for. It's normal to want more in life. I don't think retail jobs are bad, I think they do have dignity. I just think it would be a shame if I studied for nothing. I also had a teacher who despite being clearly on the fringe spectrum of functional vs non funcional autism he still got a very good livable job that I want for myself. It's ok to dream, shoot high, and not give up. Imo.

No. 1451316

It's very weird double-think where they don't think their mothers and fathers or whatever guardian wouldn't want to pursue meaning either, or to have comfortable savings or extra money to discover hobbies they'd have after an empty nest, because "they chose to have children" 21-30 years ago kek. It's very solipsistic.

No. 1451327

File: 1671371194950.png (375.59 KB, 750x674, aaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaa.pn…)

I think we all think that at some point, actually. This is why millenials and gen z aren't having children. No future in a world where labor is not well paid.

No. 1451331

i think everyone knows that when you have children you are taking a risk, not everyone is going to love their parents and bend down and clean their asses when they are older. I am not their slave and i have free, and unlike them i didnt give myself a lifelong responsability.

No. 1451388

It's almost as if neet no lifes who spend their freetime sexting on discord can only feel better about their failed lifes by mocking people who work for min-wage. Hmm…

No. 1451390

This. Or mocking anyone who disagrees with them.

No. 1451401

I don't know about you, but if I had a female only imageboard, I would wecome both neets and wagies, and it would be very cool. I wish we all were friends. I'm tired of neets being mocked as much as I'm tired of people infighting about wage slaving jobs or whatever you might call it.

No. 1451405

Tayrt and I agree. Neither should mock one another but since neets usually feel bad for not working, they tend to mock wagies here.

No. 1451411

Engineer moids are insufferable, and they can't cope with their mythic bubble of self-importance being burst. In my coutry the biggest technical college was proud of the high dropout rate and low grades, taking it as proof of how hard the material is. Well ever since more women go into electric and chemical engineering, suddenly the grade averages are much higher and the dropout rates and delays in finishing the degree went down significantly. So the material wasn't the problem, it was lazy as fuck moids not studying. Now they reee about the admission requirements being higher too, because women bring much better scores from their maturity exams, and often speak 1-2 languages already too.
I've never met an engineering student moid that didn't also think he was also a master of mathematics, statistics, psychology, economy, film studies, philosophy, and politics. Shut the fuck up, Steve, go draw a blueprint

No. 1451414

This is the only female take. The NEETs vs wagies thing is clearly just moid trolling because they have to make everything about them and being superior to someone else for some god forsaken reason and they have zero nuance to anything they say and no capacity to perceive other people as existing separately to themselves. Moids are freakish, no wonder they have to spam porn to feel emotions.

No. 1451415

To be honest I feel like both factions are at fault. Some of the NEETs mind their business and then get dogpilled. I dunno, I think both instances are equally wrong. I wish everyone just didn't infight anymore goddamn. It's all so tiresome.

No. 1451418

I agree so much with you, I don't think any real woman out there truly "wants to feel superior" to others in an imageboard. It's a very male thing. Just live and let live, let peple have their jobs and neets ruin their lives I don't care anymore.

No. 1451427

I feel it'd work out if people stayed "in their lanes" so to say, and didn't feel to insert themselves everywhere. This might actually be an unpopular opinion, since it is a "us/them" mentality, but third wordlers don't need to tell first worlders what their lives are like, and vice versa, celibate anons don't need to react to threads and questions pertaining to an active sex life, and vice versa, and then the same for neets and working adults, and insert an infinite amount of demographies on opposite ends of a scale. Or even when you think the other one's a retard, just bow out and leave them to it.

No. 1451431

Sorry but I hate posts like this because it's like you guys can't believe that women could ever dislike other groups of people, and all we do is frolic together in flower fields while holding hands and singing songs. We have a bunch of x vs. y fights on here, the NEET vs wagie stuff isn't any different.

No. 1451434

It's not even moids necessarily, there are unfortunately plenty of women like this. I don't think it's productive to dismiss any retardation as like "oh it's just a moid" sure a lot of the time it is but not always. Women can be retarded too.
Fully agreed. Met plenty of workaholic hustle grindset female wagies in my previous jobs and I've also met plenty of spoiled entitled NEET daughters throughout my life. I wish I could say this was limited to the XY Deficiency Disease but it's not unfortunately kek.

No. 1451438

You can hate shit but not infight for hours in multiple threads at a time, everyone is fed up with it. We don't want to frolic around on a flower field, we just want this website to be usable.

No. 1451443

>Met plenty of workaholic hustle grindset female wagies in my previous jobs and I've also met plenty of spoiled entitled NEET daughters throughout my life
The problem here is, there's multiple types of people that fall in between those categories and everyone has a different reason to be x or y, but the way people in this website see everything in black or white thinking and jumping to conclusions. You can't just attack someone out of nowhere for no reason just because they said "I have a retail job" or "I am currently a NEET". People also forget some NEETs don't want to be jobless forever.

No. 1451446

How does infighting make anyone male? Sometimes males do troll and cause infights but honestly most of the time it's just us (at least on /ot/).

No. 1451448

File: 1671377078410.png (458.32 KB, 735x827, 1669870654348.png)

>I feel it'd work out if people stayed "in their lanes" so to say, and didn't feel to insert themselves everywhere.
Honestly this is the MAIN problem that the lolcow userbase has and why everyone is dropping out citing infighting as the main cause. Everyone should just stay in their lane and not self insert into shit no one asked them to.

No. 1451450

Sorry nonny but maybe you misread my post, I didn't call you male. I simply said: most of the userbase knows that indeed women can hate shit, it's just a matter of infighting being very fucking annoying in this website. Most users are so fed up with it that they're leaving.

No. 1451451

>every woman has the same opinion
this is incel mentality

No. 1451454

Nta but men come and troll this website, no one knows if the "women" you're replying to, the ones infighting, are actually men. It's whatever though, let's not devolve into this argument because like always it ends up in hours and hours of everyone calling each other male.

No. 1451456

Of course women can dislike other groups of people, but women are able to understand that other people can have different life experiences to them and someone being a NEET or a wagie isn't inherently bad or good. I feel like only a moid would not have that capacity and see posting on an imageboard as some kind of competitive event to win. Maybe there is some autism involved.

No. 1451458

>Of course women can dislike other groups of people, but women are able to understand that other people can have different life experiences to them and someone being a NEET or a wagie isn't inherently bad or good.
Well then we both agree.

No. 1451460

I understood your post anon. I agree that anons should infight less, I'm just talking about the original post basically calling anons male (or saying they have "male takes") for having their own opinions on another group of people. I just hate when people automatically jump to the male shit.

No. 1451463

>I just hate when people automatically jump to the male shit.
Oh okay, sorry my bad, I hate this shit too.

No. 1451464

Aint calling anon a moid but this way of thinking that every nonny has the same opinion about different things is so dumb and kinda incel. Idk if its because some nonnies here dont meet a lot of women irl but i study in a female-dominated college and theres so much retarded women as smart women too.

No. 1451466

It's not about having the same opinion, it's about not attacking someone like a rabid dog for being different to you, so that you can feel superior to them on an imageboard kek.

No. 1451468

Unpopular opinion but idk what the hell the anons who say wahmen can only think x are on. From my experience women's spaces have always been full of "drama"* and infighting. So are male spaces, but in a different way. I think women's spaces have more of that nice, open, helpful chill vibe than men spaces, but we still don't have any Universal Sisterhood of Field Frolicking.

Women aren't a fucking monolith, there are loads of women who do not understand nuance or have empathy like that. There are stupid, retarded, mean and aggressive women. And they have every right to be that way. You can call them stupid or debate their views, but that does not make them male.

*kek I know I sound like a NLOG but idk how else to word it

No. 1451471

File: 1671377904943.jpg (37.53 KB, 564x467, 607bcd24fc9927b482f7378d4aa4d2…)

thank you for standing up for the rights of aggressive retards

No. 1451476

File: 1671378100970.png (322.37 KB, 507x369, me and nonnie.png)

you must be an aggressive retard too. now, let us commence a 200-post battle and ruin every thread in existence to decide the outcome of who is the most autistic and retarded. i will start: you are a tranny/fat/moid/shaynus/trannyjanny/pakichan/romanianon/silly stinky baby.

No. 1451486

Exactly. I don't know how some nonnies don't realize how internalized misogyny this is.

No. 1451491

do we really need to defend infighting like this though? be retarded all you want but it's fucking annoying. From one retard to another.

No. 1451496

File: 1671378930835.jpg (32.04 KB, 827x465, nonnies-and-me.jpg)

I've also been accused of baiting or aggression when I try to suggest solutions or encouraging someone to take a fight against their problem, and the next thing I know the nonnie starts talking as if I just shot her dog or called her a slur or something, maybe even across threads. If we want to be very stereotypical, problem-based thinking is moidlike, so I'm just an NLOG Supreme.

No. 1451499

No. 1451500

Kek I love you guys

No. 1451507

Everytime I see this I think the fat boy is how Josh is shaped irl right now

No. 1451532

i really need nonnies to make more gay ass josh fanfic it was so funny with that gif and everything kek

No. 1451553

He's lost a bunch of weight tho, he talks about it on his podcast and he's shown videos of him stepping on the scale.

No. 1451560

He's like 230 something. If he was a woman people would be calling him fat fat fat death fat. He also hasn't shown the scale in a while. He did lose weight but he's still fat.

No. 1451565

and i dont mind the fat even if I'm a reformed Josh luster. Just saying though

No. 1451567

Please anons, stop the Josh simping

No. 1451570

Are you having a stroke nonna

No. 1451571

I've never given Josh a cent.
My unpopular opinion. Any woman who gives scrotes money even if on Twitch are simps and the scrotes are thots. Josh is a thot who sells himself. I'd never.

No. 1451580

of course im lazy, i was a chef for years and i am so tired of cooking. who cares what us fatties do

No. 1451582

File: 1671384531647.jpeg (42.22 KB, 505x147, 1655597589018.jpeg)


No. 1451915

Leggings have a purpose but it's not to be worn exclusively as pants. Please wear structured bottoms at least sometimes.

No. 1451920

No. 1451927


No. 1451928


No. 1451932

agreed only libfems wear leggings and based radfems wear pantaloons.

No. 1451937

kek agreed. tinfoil: it's men who are pushing the pro leggings agenda. years ago women would wear sweatpants when lounging but then suddenly they ditched those for tightfitting leggings that puts your ass in focus. its just very suspicious

No. 1451939

leggings look stupid as pants and they give me a wedgie, not even comfy.

No. 1451944

True only a certain type of woman wears leggings for pants

No. 1451948

i hate leggings i don’t understand how people say they’re comfortable, even expensive leggings feel disgusting on. i’d rather wear joggers, you can even get nicer ones that can look nice and not like pyjamas

No. 1451949

I'm guilty of doing this kek, insulated leggings are much warmer than jeans. Though I always wear them with a long coat so it looks like I could be wearing a skirt or something underneath. Personally I think thick leggings look alright, but I don't like the super thin ones where you can see the underwear outline through them.

No. 1451986

I usually only wear leggings as pajama bottoms (insulated ones) with an oversized shirt or sometimes when I'm lounging in the house under a oversized hoodie. I see more elementary school age girls wear them out in public than any teen or woman by me.

No. 1451993

File: 1671401372437.jpg (63.45 KB, 650x950, 3befc9883766ee3922dfc046331bfb…)

The only types of leggings I hate wearing are the thin ones that show your underwear and also these ungodly external-asshole booty scrunch gym leggings. Uncomfortable as shit, and look stupid imo.

No. 1452012

women that seethe about leggings are always budding or full blown nlogs, they literally cant cope with a woman wearing comfortable clothes without inventing a headcanons about how women that wear leggings are immodest, slutty and desperate for attention like an incel moid
>NOOOOOO you need to spend 60$ on jeans that all have different sizes so you need to go in and shop in public and try on a ton of different sizes to have a pair of pants that doesn't fit comfortably if you ever have any period bloating or eat any large meal at all! IF YOU CHOOSE TO WEAR BREATHABLE FABRIC ON YOUR ASS AND IT MAKES YOUR BUTT SHOW YOU'RE A PICKME SLUT, TRASHY, AND FAT!

No. 1452016

NTA but leggings aren't comfortable when you're bloated

No. 1452017

File: 1671402773013.jpg (36.23 KB, 1064x1004, Screenshot_20227785.jpg)

not this shit again…also the best trousers to wear when bloated are oversized mom jeans with the buttons undone over a big jumper.

No. 1452018

I feel like leggings being comfortable wear is some kind of gaylighting campain. I've never had any problems walking or sitting around in jeans that were my size, even after lunch

No. 1452021

Loose clothes are infinitely more comfortable than unbreathable skintight leggings. I think it's more of a problem that women feel like they need to look attractive when trying to be comfortable.

No. 1452027

Leggings aren't comfortable.

No. 1452041

Leggings are more comfortable than skinny jeans, but that's it, loose fit jeans, sweatpants, skirts, etc., all more comfortable.

No. 1452046

I am so confused by the leggings conversation, I have a lot bloating and gastro issues yet have 0 issues with leggings but maybe it's because mine are soft and not some tummy control extra tight ones? Anyways my unpopular opinion is that sports bra > bra with underwire

No. 1452047

I hate the way the elastic fails over time and they start creeping down your legs like a pair of too-large tights

No. 1452072

That's true, but my hip to waist ratio is so fucked that I never have a snug waist so maybe that's why I'm confused and other nonas are just wearing them very tight all around? I do have sport leggings and I don't know how people just hang around in them, the material isn't comfortable for lounging at all

No. 1452119


No. 1452132

Same, i don't understand. My leggings fit me wonderfully and are incredibly comfortable. The ones i have are very thick and very stretchy. I think the most bizarre thing is that people are trying to say stiff denim jeans, high waisted ones at that, are more comfortable… no. Plus if you have thicker thighs, they do not last due to friction so what's the fucking point? I'd had too many jeans rip in places that can't be repaired, not worth it at all. Jean in general are fucking ugly if they are not skinny, at that point i literally might as well wear leggings and not deal with the fact most jeans have terrible inseams.

No. 1452163

Forgive me for I am not sober. My feminist side agrees with you, my lesbian side has to admit it does something to me when seeing it. Sorry, I try not to look.

No. 1452209

I don’t think Travis was a pedo, Jodi was just crazy and killed him
But I also give no fucks about men being murdered by women since they do it so much more and I think Jodi memes are funny

No. 1452223

Statistically speaking many men are non-exclusive pedos and/or other sorts of freaks. Every one of them has skeletons in his closet. If he's not a pedo, he's probably still pressured women into sex. Having a clean conscious would be an exception.

No. 1452232

AI art hate is cringe. I'll always love it and support it. The people that claim "50% of artists have already lost clientele" are bullshitting and it's all anecdotal. I can steal a picture and sell it too, without the use of AI.

No. 1452275

He wanted Jodi to cry "like a little girl" in bed

No. 1452276

This would be a popular opinion anywhere but on here.

No. 1452287

File: 1671424048300.jpg (128.2 KB, 720x540, Ow1sck3coo1_1280.jpg)

unironically me

No. 1452288

Anons know that… it's just a meme

No. 1452291

It's true anon. This is not a radfem site and not all anons subscribe the man hate… just look in /g/ it's not really a theory. But imo the women who complain the hardest about men are the ones who won't leave them alone. It's pathetic.

No. 1452306


>>Calmly written post


No. 1452311

File: 1671425836759.jpg (63.12 KB, 832x832, 1671367316621098 (1).jpg)

I personally think artists should have the least sympathy for their industry being automated, because they disproportionately make out their trade makes them uwu speshial and a deep passionate feeling soul. These types had zero sympathy for working class people being automated out by robots from the 70s to now, and acted all smug with the belief that once robots do everything then humans will do the art.

The artists against AI art are literal luddites, plain and simple. At least the original luddite textile artistans were trying to support families and the like. These people are just crying because they lost their furry art commission paypigs.

Most modern artists were being handheld by software anyway for digital art. If they're really that concerned about purity, they can always grab the paintbrush and do oil painting.

No. 1452314

They ruined society, they deserve the hate.

No. 1452317

The only thing I like is the sidewalk rule, my ex would swap sides with me occasionally and it's always because he noticed cars splashing or noticed some meth head lurking the storefront we were entering before I did. It did make me feel like he cared about my wellbeing and physical safety (we lived in a shit part of our city with a high homeless population though). It helped that he knew how to fight lol if a frail or cowardly man did this for me I would find it embarrassing. All the other things though I agree with, you should open doors and such only if that person has their hands full or otherwise needs help, and you should do it for everyone. You know half the men who do this shit would walk right in the house and not help their mom open her door or carry stuff in kek.

No. 1452320

I love my discord e-bf so much.

No. 1452323

Reducing artists to furry art shit is just fucked up for so many reasons.

No. 1452332

anons are retarded and have the most ignorant opinions about art, what else is new.

No. 1452335

It's the unpopular opinion thread, retards. Cry elsewhere.

No. 1452338

>You can't disagree because this is the unpopular opinions thread!!1!

No. 1452341

I've been here since 2019 and the userbase/culture changed and I'm confused. It's very "no disagreements allowed" and I think that's… both good and bad at the same time, but mostly bad because it feels like kindergarten.

No. 1452343

Having an unpopular opinion is different from knowingly lying though

No. 1452360

>blablabla I'm a mean girl lmao

No. 1452363

People CAN and WILL disagree in this website, it's just so stupid when people act retarded towards others for no reason though.

No. 1452369

it's pickme behavior if they act above other women

I agree, I also see some people dissing lc as women only talking about men when it isn't true depending on the thread. Even then, they would never apply the same standards to 4chan or 8chan. It's also become so normalized to go on 4chan that I feel like lc is more stigmatized but we didn't have massive revenge porn leaks like the fappening or a few live suicides.

No. 1452381

File: 1671432757813.gif (1.9 MB, 498x498, ff9dbf041a3a404184cce237cd7ea5…)

No. 1452384

retarded twitterfag spotted.

No. 1452385

you must be new

No. 1452387

Proof yet again that the userbase has left and now we're being replaced by twitter retards that think being a mean girl is funny.

No. 1452388

nayrt but looks like you are kek dont post kpop

No. 1452389

Kpop is banned, newfag.
>inb4 but the bunker and kpop spam uwu
those were special occasions retard. There will never be a bunker ever again. This is a dying website.

No. 1452391

Ok I'll relent and integrate. Ill start posting my own blood clots and discharge instead

No. 1452392

>kpop and and thinks all art is only furry commissions
The twitter brain damage is too strong

No. 1452394

>stop being mean
And I bet you're a shaynafag(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1452396

File: 1671433305941.jpg (51.76 KB, 643x1200, is this bitch dumb.jpg)

No. 1452398

I have never visited a shatna thread in my life. Stop projecting

No. 1452399

this is so obviously an infighting troll

No. 1452400

Don't even act like most of you ""artists"" on here aren't specifically hunting those juicy furry commissions. If profit is the most important thing then yeah AI art is devastating.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1452418

everyone point and laugh at the retard who can’t draw

No. 1452419

I like christmas trees with just ornaments. I think garland takes away the individual ornaments which are usually accumulated over time.

No. 1452438

Maybe very cheap denim is unstretchy, but normal/high quality jeans can absolutely stretch well around thighs and bottoms, and be comfy as hell

No. 1452513

I like plain trees.

No. 1452572

File: 1671448091568.png (320.6 KB, 596x647, FDCaczvxz.png)

The idea that the real villain of The Devil Wears Prada is Nate and not Miranda is the most libfem take conceivable. Sure Nate is a bit incentive, but Miranda is a self important snob, who abuses her position of power over her employees and treats everyone around her like they're shit. Fuck Miranda Priestly!

No. 1452577

Go back to /ic/ to jerk off to your generic disfigured big titty ai women

No. 1452600

i agree. if you can be beaten by a computer program that simply draws from what already exists you are obviously doing something painfully generic. also- at this point AI art is littered with fundamental errors in anatomy that any one with a decent grasp on the fundamentals of drawing would never make.

ps yeah that's a super boring drawing… we have had 100+ years of interesting art… there is art on subjects aside from drawings of sexy ladies and muscle men drawn quasi-photorealistically. if you're threatened by ai, expand your subject matter, expand your style, expand your media.

No. 1452635

Andy was a terrible character too, she took decisions and acted surprised when there were consequences, at least Miranda knew the bitch she was.

No. 1452652

They don't want to hear it, but you're basically right. I do think there are some issues in actually selling AI art, and the shitty narc techbros harassing artists about this make me rage, but that's a different rant altogether. I don't have sympathy for those who find the time to yell the loudest about this topic when their own art was never actually good enough to make a living off of, they're largely unskilled hobbyists who draw fanart and occasionally get commissions from friends of friends, and they haven't had a single thing they've ever drawn used to train AI. Most of those people aren't actually threatened in any real way by AI art, and I don't think even they believe it's actually taking money from them. They're just having breakdowns because they already feel inferior to more skilled artists, and now feel even further "mogged" by AI. It's petty and juvenile.
Also, I feel like there are people who purposely spread disinfo about how AI art works to either drum up emotions or make more people paranoid about it than they should be, but that's just a tinfoil.

No. 1452659

Yeah no most of the chatter is due to ai essentially stealing art to create. Doesnt matter how easy it is to replicate an artsyle its just that the content in which these sites are taking from are an infringement of sorts. Now let this have been a music AI…
Its all obviously data farming that uses gullible and smug fucks like you to feed it

No. 1452662

Ok. Anyway, I don't give a fuck about generic coombait artists.

No. 1452665

The yaaas girling from libfems with this character makes me extremely uncomfortable, they remind me of my ex coworker who bullied me for no reason except being a "rival" woman.

No. 1452667

Saying Luis Miguel is the Latino Frank Sinatra is a disservice to Luis Miguel. Luis Miguel is a million times better singer than ol' Frank and that's it. Frank had the vocal range of a dog's chew toy.

No. 1452674

Plus, even the "anti-AI"/"protect artists!!!" thing is literally a grift backed by NFTcucks, just look into the "Copyright Alliance" team. Shit is ridiculous.

No. 1452680

nta it’s not about coombait artists it’s technically about every piece of art that exists in digital form

No. 1452684

Those "nlog and Stacy are now dating" comics suck ass. I remember the harassment that "weird" girls went through back in the 00s and it seems unfair to expect them to like more normie women when these were so malicious towards them, hence the existence of these panels in the first place. Not everyone is going to get along, and drawing them kissing and shit seems kinda insulting and like sugarcoating the issue, imagine someone shipping you with your bully

No. 1452695

Clothes from the men's section aren't always more boring than from the women's section.
Times have changed and I've noticed the patterns are just much better, more creative. Not just in shirts, in underwear too. I'm sorry, but I have never seen some of the patterns I got in men's boxers in women's underwear. They may be out there, but probably cost an arm and a leg and I'm not willing to pay for that. With shirts and buttonups I'll be finding the wildest, most psychedelic patterns or even some cute ones. Then I go to the women's section and it's all polka dots and stripes or solid color and my back doesn't fucking fit.
I also don't get the complaint about the lack of different types of textures and fabrics, the only fabric that is missing is usually the shitty thin ones.
I do still wear some stuff from the women's section (like a windbreaker), but I don't understand why people act like you're missing out if you mostly shop at the other side of the store. Half the labeling of clothing is arbitrary and makes no sense and could just as well be labeled "unisex", the only difference is that a lot of shitty quality stuff is dumped at the women's section, making it a drag to wade through and designers have never heard of "inverted triangle" women.

No. 1452702

All women should be pirating media, as the majority just helps men profit. The only things we should be outspending men in are things created by women, or industries that will listen to our demands. Copyright law only really benefits large corporations.

No. 1452706

That type of comic is good beacuse I'm fed up with the theme of women being pitted against each other. Yeah maybe it's not realistic but even more so we have enough NLOG-ism and bullying IRL to not also perpetuate it in fiction. And maybe it could inspire at least a few to think for a moment that we don't always have to be against each other

No. 1452709

Unisex clothing is a scam to sell men's clothing to women.

No. 1452711

What an excellent reason for me to continue pirating. Fuck paying moids.
I agree but for me it boils down to being the world’s dullest cliche, just because they’re ‘opposites’ doesn’t mean they attract.

No. 1452712

Instead of doing the boyfriend fit or unisex cope it's cheaper to just hop over the imaginary fence for a minute, but it gets everyone up in arms. Fought for the right to do what was considered cross dressing, wearing trousers, just to be boxed in again.

No. 1452735

The fence isn't imaginary, if you know anything about clothing construction you know that garments are cut and constructed different between women and men because duh, we have different bodies. A coat cut for women for example is going to look off on a man because of the (mandatory: generally) smaller and rounder shoulders. It's not a "women can't wear X!!!" situation.

No. 1452738

NTA but, This is true but there are ways around this for women wearing men's clothing if you're willing to spend the time (time, not money) and figure out what cuts, lengths and sizes work for you. It won't work for all women unfortunately. But it is undeniable that the construction, materials and practicality (ex, pockets deep enough to hold more than lint and some air) on men's clothing overall is superior to women's. It more of a luxury in women's clothing ("working women" or "country women" type lines) to have materials that are thick, well made, have pockets, etc.

No. 1452747

Yeah and when like I said in my OP, you're an inverted triangle and got some linebacker shoulders, everyone will gaslight you that you HAVE TO wear women's clothes, because it's obviously made perfectly for every woman's body, even if you're tearing at the seams on top and swimming in fabric at the bottom. Going up a size and doing the "oversized" fit cope, doesn't fix how it's like you said, always constructed for tiny ass shoulders. If you say you fit just fine in men's wear, it's immediately like you're suspected of being a scrote (at least online) and irl it just doesn't compute in their head because they can't imagine that women could be shaped differently. It is an imaginary fence in my experience, because the main objection in my experience is that it's a woman wearing something that she's not supposed to, because one is labeled "women's" and the other is labeled "men's".

No. 1452789

Based take. Us women need to preserve our money for more important things. We cannot fall into consumerism like moids have. The only reason they want to earn more money is to spend frivolously on retarded shit. The government loves when people spend on stupid shit. Elites hated when the working class discovered basic investing in GameStop stocks and they tried begging to the wagies on national television because they realized they can't go on 90 vacations a year anymore. Kek. Save up, ladies. Retire early if you can. Pirate, pirate, pirate!

No. 1452798

Based. It's sad because women are way more likely to be moralfags about pirating, when it should be the opposite.

No. 1452823

Agreed. Men have always profited off women's free labour, it's time to turn the tables.

No. 1452842

File: 1671466529275.jpg (4.77 KB, 183x275, suit_man.jpg)

I hate suits. they all look the same, its everywhere and yet belongs nowhere, and ignores local cultural mores and fashions. Truly the uniform of the soulless elite.
The suit destroyed male fashion all over the globe

No. 1452848

File: 1671466768981.gif (2.78 MB, 253x236, 1486591776907.gif)

I want to disagree(because I find suits sexy) but honestly you're not wrong.

No. 1452852

File: 1671466949283.jpg (221.03 KB, 800x1184, 1555698549798.jpg)

I think suits should be allowed to exist but other cultural clothing should be given a chance as well, like the chokha

No. 1452863

But they are hot and give men a nice defined silhouette. Otherwise most male fashion is too shapeless and boxy.

No. 1452870

File: 1671468183549.gif (480.57 KB, 480x360, cat in mouf.gif)

Men who refuse to eat pussy don't deserve to have sex with women. This should be the mainstream opinion on this subject.

No. 1452871


No. 1452872

Agreed. Men who are grossed out by eating pussy are not men, just pathetic children.

No. 1452875

NTA but what is sexy about them? They cover almost every inch of the male body (so great if you don't like the male body I guess) and have no decorations. Boring and unsexy.

No. 1452876

Agree. Any man who doesnt eat pussy should be branded like a scarlet letter. Fucking cowards. Worse are the women are are okay with this but still suck their dick. Have standards.

No. 1452883

Like I said, they are fitted. They accentuate the shoulders and natural v-taper a man has. There is no other piece of clothing that does this for men, because men's fashion is expected to be shapeless. Also, ties are sexy because you can grab onto them and lead your moid around.

No. 1452900

File: 1671469388291.jpg (442.79 KB, 800x3650, Good-fitting-suit.jpg)

Real suits are tailored to a man's body. If they are tall and have a well tailored suit, it makes a huge difference. There are so many different types from the colors, to the fabric choice and lapel size. I'm sorry but i hate cheap ugly rented suits, but the art of tailoring is beautiful.

No. 1452972

Men who don't eat pussy must be gay. I won't accept any other conclusion.

No. 1453005

> I see more elementary school age girls wear them out in public than any teen or woman by me.
That's kinda concerning

No. 1453009

Evolutionarily speaking it makes much more sense for women to have very high standards for men looks-wise (and not only) while men have to settle with whoever pays attention to them than the other way round.

No. 1453021

based and correct, moids love to come up with all kinds of "evolutionary theories" to justify their various shit, yet never want to acknowledge that looking at basically any animal species with high sexual dimorphism, the males are the flashy looking ones for the purpose of attracting a mate, the fact they managed to culturally flip this shit on women is in and of itself unnaturally oppressing us

No. 1453048

Think the girls on tumblr really need to popularize an alternative to calling themselves asexual that would just mean "I have no desire to have sex irl" because it really feels like at least 90% of anyone I see calling themselves asexual VERY clearly has sexual feelings. I don't understand how all these "asexual smut fanfic writers" I see don't experience extreme cognitive dissonance from calling themselves asexual. Think it would probably also lead to plenty of increased awareness to the fact that misogyny is likely the reason towards most of these girls' distaste for the idea of having heterosexual sex irl if they were able to openly admit in the first place that they don't have a lack of sense of sexuality, just a lack of desire to personally have sex

No. 1453069

ntayrt but agreed. Idk why some anons let differing opinions make them so mad and they're usually get pissed over the dumbest shit

No. 1453092

>I see more elementary school age girls wear them out in public than any teen or woman by me.
I used to wear them a lot in elementary school. That shit was ugly as fuck because my mom always bought the worst prints possible and I looked like a clown, after that I only wore jeans out of spite. But at the time in the late 90s and early 2000s I don't remember leggings being so tight or sexualized, otherwise I would have never been allowed to wear them to begin with. I think what was more trendy and seen as sexy for women were crop tops and low rise trousers and low rise miniskirts.

No. 1453095

I kind of get it from people who only watched the movie but if someone told me they read the book and they also think Nate is the villain and Miranda is a strict but fair boss they'll need to go a mental hospital asap. The bitch was actually crazy in the book, I wanted to beat her ass.

No. 1453140

I read the book before watching the movie and I remember how disappointed I was by how mild the movie was, less cynical and Miranda felt like a totally different character, Meryl Streep is a great actress but I always thought she was a weird choice for that role.

No. 1453144

Miranda was kinda shit but Nate was straight up a bitch. He threw a fit when she couldn’t celebrate his birthday because she had once in a lifetime chance for her career. Demonstratively waited sitting on a couch in dark just so he could throw it in her face and make her feel like shit. Like how old was he, any normal adult would just celebrate with her the next day.
She gave up career that she liked for him, ideal ending would be her working in the industry but for someone else.

No. 1453177

I agree, anon, and I was tired of the "belle has stockholm-syndrome"-ification of this movies messages in pop culture reviews. Miranda is the perfectionist Andy was scared to become, a potential version of herself she had to either accept or reject. Nate was just a whiny boyfriend, and he didn't deserve an apology.

No. 1453181

I hate the Calvin & Hobbs comics, they are trying way too hard to be super smart and I'm wary of any media that has some kind of "adults are boring retards" message.

No. 1453210

I hate to say it but there are rare people who peak in their early to late teens. For example Alicia sliverston peaked at 14-16 and for some reason lost her shine at 18. Around that time her career went to shit because she didn’t have the same look and everyone thought she was fat by 90s standards. It must suck for people who peak physically really young.

No. 1453248

This is the first unpopular opinion that made me seethe, haha. I grew up with Calvin and Hobbes, I was an only child and a weird, precocious little girl who used to imagine my stuffed fox was my best buddy like Hobbes. I was also kind of a troublemaker and had trouble with daydreaming in school, and hated when adults would talk down or pander to me instead of talking to me like an adult. It was the first comic that made me feel very “seen”, kek

No. 1453270

>ai essentially stealing art to create.

Humans copy styles and draw inspiration in the same way kek. It's why Picasso said "good artists borrow, great artists steal". People only got anal about copyrights and not stealing ideas over the last 130 years when capitalism got in full swing. Go back to Shakespeare's time and plots and characters were free to use in whatever way you wanted. Most of the great literature we have is basically fanfiction, like the Aeneid.

It's only greedy corporations and twitter artists that care about "OC DONUT STEAL!!!".

The industrial revolution with textiles proved that mediocre and cheap always beats out expensive but time consuming.

No. 1453283

can you give it a rest already?

No. 1453297

I definitely peaked when I was 14. I don’t think I’ll ever get that skinny again. Effortlessly.

No. 1453300

Her quoting a psycho like Picasso like a priest does scripture made me kek.
It's very toxic but I kind of agree. I was a bear all my teen years, yet it seems like very briefly after I lost weight I was plain–and I quickly started looking extremely haggard. I loathe saying this because it's so vain.

No. 1453302

You missed the tongue in cheek humor of the picasso quote.

Inspiration is not theft. Ai is not inspired it quite literally is based on the copying of already existing art. Not for studies but for product. Oc artists and companies no matter how greedy employ artists who work hard for their craft.

>The industrial revolution with textiles proved that mediocre and cheap always beats out expensive but time consuming.

Perhaps that is true but what you seem to forget is that their is still a successful market for the latter.

>Go back to Shakespeare's time and plots and characters were free to use in whatever way you wanted. Most of the great literature we have is basically fanfiction, like the Aeneid.

>Go back to Shakespeare's time and plots and characters were free to use in whatever way you wanted. Most of the great literature we have is basically fanfiction, like the Aeneid.

You're right, and guess what? All art stemming from those ideas have their own unique qualities not by pure luck but through effort and true personal quality.

I may paint like picasso but I will never be him.

AI may copy me and it very well may be me.

No. 1453306

The Aeneid was state propaganda to justify atrocities

No. 1453308

The problem is AI is not a person, it has no intent and just randomizes and spits out images like it's taught to

No. 1453309

The AI is literally just drawing "inspiration" in its own way, it's skimming through other art to see what it can draw from, and combines what it perceives into a new product. The same way humans do, except it draws on millions more pictures. There's nothing unique and special about how humans do art. To get to a unicorn you first have to have seen a horse and a horn, and then combine the two concepts.

The whole ludditism comes from the fact that artists think there's something magical and special about their "inspiration". There isn't, it's turning out to be a mundane thing that machines will be able to replicate.

It will soon have an aesthetic sense of its own due to people selecting the good looking images it generates and the bad looking ones that get rejected, and being able to see what gains traction and what doesn't.

No. 1453313

>being able to see what gains traction and what doesn't.
So it will make more pretty instagram glop that gets views but has no meaning

No. 1453318

No, it's not the same way humans do, because it's just a bunch of code. If it would take inspiration in the same way artists do, it would actually understand what it's copying and not fuck up simple things like anatomy and texture.

>It will soon

Two more weeks /ic/ bro kek.

No. 1453321

Luddites were right about some stuff and it's retarded to still try to use "Luddite" as something derogatory. We know better know about the consequences of a lot of tech. I'm not an artist btw

No. 1453333

But anon, do you not want every website flooded with incomprehensible generic AI trash in the same way chinese garbage resellers spam markets?
I love having to waste my time digging through several pages to find high quality/handmade/actually good things/artists!

No. 1453335

We could clear out animal shelters and feed the homeless at the same time.

No. 1453336

Didn't know Satan posts on Lolcow.

No. 1453338

ai can't have inspiration you nutjob

No. 1453347

File: 1671493343486.jpg (7.98 KB, 240x240, download (12).jpg)

What the fuck are you trying to imply

No. 1453361

This but the opposite.
I’d rather feed the abandoned animals the useless addict/rapist scrotes that the homeless usually are

No. 1453399

Do you work for skynet? you sound braindead trying to compare organic brain and human beings with ideas to cold, coded machines.

No. 1453475

I finally watched The Goonies and it was just okay

No. 1453502

Ah yes, the psychopathic thoughts of autistic transsexuals and pedophiles.
Wouldn't expect anything less

Indeed, Autistics are little Satans sir. They are cold, stupid, rigid and inhuman just like the computers they worship so much.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1453545

where do these redditards come from?

No. 1453547

AI is not a tool to artists anyways, its future use is going to be by companies to cut off artists.

No. 1453550

They come from 4chan, discord, youtube comments, kiwifarms, lostmedia forum and this website….

No. 1453553

True, but AI art is so labor intensive right now , it isn't even AI art really. It indirectly plagiarizes are and spits out a few hundred pics based on specific human input text commands, then the human needs to choose the best picture and fix rendering errors etc.
Pathetic, stupid and Dumb.

No. 1453603

Which is funny, because the people who use it do it for instant gratification. The time those techbros spend tweaking prompts etc, they could just invest in learning to draw better, but they want results as soon as possible like the well-conditioned consoomers they are.

No. 1454006

I can get behind a lot of what Kanye said, but he's too irrational to present a decent argument without saying other horrible shit

No. 1454255

>lostmedia forum
What's going on there? I have some surface level interest in lost media, didn't know the community was obnoxious.

No. 1454317

he's batshit but sometimes he's right. he's a less funny, less on-point azealia

No. 1454319

God bless the mothers who pull out their bare boob to breastfeed their children in public without using a cover. Not for the moids, but for the fact she's not apologizing for the fact her child exists and is growing.
Too many fucking parents have this need to say sorry to strangers because they're out in public with their kids. I hate society so much. What's there to be sorry for? For the fact you're raising a person who's going to grow to be an adult like you one day? It saddens me to see parents grow to become insecure because nobodies around them are annoyed of the fact a child exists in their vicinity. You were once a child, why do you dislike them so much? I dislike projection from insecure adults.

No. 1454395

Too much positivity is a bad thing. For example if you’re 16 dying from cancer it should be ok to be a angry miserable ass bitch but people still keep up this “I’m strong and positive” shit no matter what.

No. 1454483

Being blonde isn't that big of a deal. There are white brunette women who cry like retards about blondes being the beauty standard as if they can't just dye their hair in an instance. There are girls like this even on here and they'll literally fight for their life defending blonde hair being the beauty standard as the sole reason for their body dysmorphia.

No. 1454505

>You were once a child, why do you dislike them so much?
Yeah, and I'm sure I was insanely annoying to people sometimes. Other than the breast feeding thing, the minimum polite effort a parent can do is apologize when their kid bothers people and tell the kid to leave them alone. It's part of socialization and a lesson kids have to learn.

No. 1454510

>You were once a child, why do you dislike them so much?
I don't care about public breastfeeding but I'm not going to pretend I like children just because I was one decades ago, I don't even hate them I just want nothing to do with them.

No. 1454534

Most childfree people are autists who are jealous they no longer can get treated and spoiled like children. Most autists here admit they wanna stay at home, play video games and draw their whole life instead of adulting so it's not shocking that their jealousy for children makes them seethe. Their autistic behavior and mood swings get made fun of meanwhile a toddler with the same behavior is seen as cute, their autistic brain can't compute this and they turn to hate the children that get loved for the reasons autists get hated for.

No. 1454536

Bad take anon

No. 1454537

It's unpopular opinions thread. Everyone knows most childhaters are autists who act like children themselves, you too are too autistic to explain why I'm wrong and just say "bad take" like a child would to something that makes them feel bad about themselves instead of coming up with a logical explanation.

No. 1454542

Not ayrt. I see where you’re coming from (although I don’t necessarily agree), but I don’t think there’s a correlation between people who react negatively to public breastfeeding and being childfree. I’m an oldfag and I think the world is so oversexualized today that people feel awkward when seeing a boob, even if it’s used for its literal purpose.

No. 1454543

Nta but childfree =/= child hater, redditors are not representative of people who don't want kids.

No. 1454546

Their negative reaction is probably because there’s usually a child when someone is publicly breastfeeding.

No. 1454547

I think some women make a show out of it and they want somebody to say something to them and feel like a victim and have a story for their mom's group online. Realistically nobody cares but don't expect me to want to watch I'll make myself scarce
Also some parents will loudly and OTT gush over their children in public to get people to pay attention to them or comment on their kid because they are lonely it's called babystalking. I run into it all the time because I'm a woman and people think I will compliment their baby or child. Which I find funny and also sad

No. 1454548

Nice bait

No. 1454549

You're right, I don't have anything against childfree people. My post was about child hating women/men who call themselves childfree, bully kids and then act like children themselves. Most childfree people outside of online spaces are %100 normal, child haters on the other hands are always weirdos.

No. 1454557

I hate darkmode anything, it never looks good. I feel like only gamer moids use it.

No. 1454559

I personally hate light theme, I loath using Wikipedia and Ao3 at night.

No. 1454560

I don't like how they look but they're so much easier on the eyes than when everything looks white on a screen. I legit had a horrible migraine for a year straight at my previous job because all the software we used were super light and we couldn't adjust the screens on the desktops at the office.

No. 1454562

I feel you..no joke used to work overnights under horrible bright flourescent lights that were just way over installed- felt like I was under a microscope with no escape. Had to start wearing those yellow tinted glasses for night driving indoors due to headaches. Everyone thought I was trying to hide being stoned but I straight up couldnt take it anymore.

No. 1454563

The only reason why I didn't get these glasses was because I found a much better job somewhere else, and now I don't have to deal with bright lights giving me headaches anymore. But maybe I should look into it anyway, just in case.

No. 1454623

This is definitely an unpopular take but I think some of your lives might get a little bit better when you no longer have the option to use social media anymore? It’s literally an explicit, disgusting shitshow no matter what site you’re on. Social media wasn’t made to be consumed by children and young teenagers and even though I know this site is mostly made up of oldfags, there are still gonna be 2 or 3 babyfags who will see this post and disagree - which is to be expected because most of you have had a phone in your hand since you were like 8 years old and don’t just find gratification from scrolling and typing because it’s actually part of your life, so it makes perfect sense if you don’t feel prepared to get the fuck over it. I’m not sure where I’m going with this other than you’ll be perfectly fine without social media, the way a very heavy portion of the world is. Sure it might make you sad or disappoint you in the first few weeks after it gets shut down but…if lolcow.farm going down somehow triggers your depression or agoraphobia it seems like you have way more issues than just an internet dependency.

No. 1454637

My life is definitely better because of social media. I got to learn and see things I never would without it and find out there’s something more than being ghetto trash.

No. 1454786

I'm a late zoomer but I never used social media because I was too busy being an anachan to have a social life or be online. It's a completely alien world to me but if I had used social media (especially with all the pro-ana content) I think I would be a lot worse. Seriously, when you've not used this stuff and then start using it, you see how weird it all really is. It's a hyperreal world of mirrors and makes my feminist heart cry.
I'm fine with retard but I draw the line at ghetto.

No. 1454955

Hard agree. Without social media screen time would be drastically reduced as well.
I have a little voice in the back of my head hoping this site gets the plug pulled because I'm addicted and it's really the only site I spend time on. If it's gone, I'll use the computer to check my email and financials and to look up things. I don't have any other websites that I can or want to spend a significant amount of time on.
I'll miss the cows like hell though.
>especially Shayna

No. 1454966

based opinion. i started to cut out social media from my internet time and I've been much more productive. Instead of revisiting the same 4 sites to check for updates on interactions, I'm doing other things. I've gotten back into trivia loading my brain about video games i like and watching more informational content. It's freeing.

No. 1455693

I can't stand it when anons refer to their own boyfriend/husband as a Nigel. It's so cringe to me and this is coming from someone who is in a longterm relationship. I dislike the term as a whole but it can be useful in some instances.

No. 1456221

File: 1672168799225.jpg (376.65 KB, 996x778, what-is-ube.jpg)

Ube sucks and is overrated.

No. 1456223

taro is better

No. 1456225

Its just an ugly name and it's basically the online version of "hubby", anytime I see anons use it unironically I just assume their boyfriends are pathetic.

No. 1456245

Lolcow is the one thing I'm still trying to keep away from lol. I've limited my time down to an hour and thirty minutes per day and I barely hit that mark, but other days, maybe once ever two weeks I'll release that limit to indulge while catching up on a new thread I haven't looked at for a month or so. When you set limits, you sometimes will limit it excessively without realizing it. I had a Home screen that was pretty minimalistic and I had to type out apps I wanted to look at instead of just simply tapping it, it made it so much easier to stay on task. I'm definitely going to activate that home screen again.

No. 1456248

i feel the same with any unironic usage of stacy/becky too. like oh my goddddd log offline and talk to real people i beg you!!!

No. 1456257

Prison doesn’t need to be bad or a punishment. It should just be a place to keep dangerous people away from the public.

No. 1456260

Most moids who claim to hate single moms would be rushing to be the next step dad once they see an ATTRACTIVE single mom

No. 1456265

This shouldn't be an unpopular opinion considering how high is recidivism rate in case of prison systems that seem to choose punishment over rehabilitation

No. 1456267

File: 1672176670527.jpg (47.44 KB, 460x690, d.jpg)

Damon Albarne was a reverse butterface

No. 1456269

Unpopular opinion… why should we pay taxes to keep dangerous people away from the public and instead eliminate them as they should be? I don't want my income taxes to support pedos from getting fed and shelter on a daily basis when there's people who aren't pedos out there starving because high taxes are ripping them away from being eligible to afford shelter.

No. 1456271

I wish I had a bunch of cats to name Stacey, Becky, Chad, etc.

No. 1456298

people who don't eat any vegetables should croak earlier

No. 1456305

is this unpopular? i thought it was pretty much fact that him in his 20s was like the sexiest a man could possibly be

No. 1456326

He didn't have time to work out he was too busy smoking heroin.

No. 1456337

The irony is the ones who don’t eat vegetables are usually the ones with flawless skin and aren’t fat

No. 1456359

Maybe in your teens and early twenties when your metabolism can be very forgiving. By the time your peers are a bit older, it becomes extremely apparent who has a healthy diet and who doesn’t.

No. 1456361

Surprisingly in the United States, it actually costs taxpayers more money to execute a prisoner than to just keep them in a state of miserable, bare bones living conditions for the rest of their sorry lives. Parole should be eliminated for all sex and violence crimes though. Should be an automatic life sentence, no comfy perks in prison, and zero chance of parole.

No. 1456363

In what planet???

No. 1456365

Who said the state has to execute a pedo?

No. 1456371

Being over 25 as a woman is better because we honestly don’t get judged as harshly for our looks as younger women do. I swear people just made it their personal mission to let me know I was hideous etc but as an adult people don’t fuck with me anymore. As long as you are well dressed, decent teeth and aren’t obese people take it easy on older women but people expect young women to be extremely hot. A lot of times you’ll even get hyped up as being a milf just for having an ok face and body.

No. 1456379

It's because you're either invisible to moids or they just fetishize you being older and therefore are more forgiving towards features that would be considered unattractive on young girls. They do this to almost any "type" they fetishize, Asians, fat girls, MILFs, alternative girls, etc. I've seen men straight up berate beautiful young girls with a tiny bit of acne, small boobs, frizzy hair, etc just to act like a woman who has these same features but is their "fetish" is the next Aphrodite

No. 1456380

I don’t think it’s just moids though, it’s women too. Being hot is associated with being young so if you don’t look pretty, like you’re “supposed to” when you’re young you’re going to get shat on by men and women but people kind of lighten up on the beauty standards as you age because they expect you to look like shit anyway.

No. 1456383

If you want to wear comfy jeans just measure your waist with a clothing tape measure and then buy yourself men's jeans. They will look ugly but they will be comfy, well made, and good for working in. I had a tif phase a while back and I got men's jeans from a trans clothing drive thing and even though that phase is over, I've never looked back on women's jeans, they are hot garbage.

No. 1456386

True, men who tend to go for young girls tend to also be more manipulative, distant or straight up abusive which is why they have zero trouble telling cute young girls how ugly they are or what's wrong with their appearance. I also think they believe young women are all confident Stacie's like in movies and porn and are fine with being insulted and need to be ripped apart to "humble themselves" you see this a lot on social media where anytime a woman calls herself attractive men will foam at the mouth and jump through hoops to remind her she's not

No. 1456397

i think BPD is grossly under diagnosed in men and that it's over diagnosed in women because usually it's just plain ptsd but we all know how women aren't allowed to feel anything other than horny and chipper

No. 1456414

File: 1672212152782.png (746.51 KB, 720x1693, Bpd.png)

Unfortunately only the aggression men display is focused on instead of looking at the whole picture.

No. 1456448

Childhood is one of the worst part of your life because you're dependant on adults who can fuck you up in several ways, you're more gullible and can't make your own decisions, and even with a happy childhood and loving parents you still have zero autonomy and have to follow them everywhere no matter how much you hate it. Paying taxes sucks but at least I have my own money and place.

No. 1456461

File: 1672221696049.png (293.08 KB, 600x784, s.png)


No. 1456465

I read somewhere before that they tested it on a general population of UK men and like 90% could fit the criteria for ASPD, but because it's the norm for their behavior, it's not seen as clinically significant. You only have to slightly deviate from stereotypical behavior for a woman to get slapped with a personality disorder in comparison.

No. 1456498

Since when are we even allowed to be horny. Even some anons act like other anons/women are selfish just for wanting orgasms and should just enjoy sex because it's "loving" and also get mad at women for having sex outside the bounds of long-term relationships.

Also not disagreeing with you, bpd is probably under diagnosed in men.

No. 1456505

Yeah not long ago a woman wanting sex was seen as a symptom of hysteria, nymphomania, hypersexuality etc.
Even when you remove the male aspect, you still get treated like there's something wrong with you for just wanting sex with women, not necessarily dreaming of your future wife one day and for wholesome reasons, but just wanting to fuck and not feeling like a vibrator is a good replacement for that.
A hookup or casual relationship is still not equal to masturbation and there's still a form of intimacy, responding, being able to give not just take. I agree orgasms are important and all that, but like a vibrator can't give a hug, physical contact and some people prefer to give.
I don't think it's selfish, if for you the orgasm is the most important thing, but if it were for me I probably would never have sex and just stick with vibrators (but it's not so).

No. 1456651

Ayrt and yes it's a popular opinion that his face was gorgeous (which I agree with) but my point is that his body sucked and now that I saw him shirtless I'm less attracted to him (him in his 20s that is). Never saw anyone say that about his body so it's unpopular. Not that it matters much but can you imagine if it was a woman? She'd have been torn to shreds. But then again pretty faces on men are quite rare we have to take what we can get yk.

No. 1456696

If the movie Babylon kept everything the same but just changed its title I bet it would be making more money. That title sucks.

No. 1456725

Men that are soft physically are probably also soft morally or mentally. Gym bros can be douchebags, but on the other end of the spectrum, if a man shies away from lifting weights he’ll probably shy away from other hard work too.

No. 1456744

People who only watch TV in their downtime are pathetic.
>ah, a day off work, time to watch an hour of ads and whatever oversexed politically shoehorning globohomo show is on atm
>come be sociable and watch tv with us instead of having hobbies and going out!
>your phone ruins your attention span! (true) you should watch tv where the ads change every ten seconds, that's miles better
Do people just stop having hope, dreams and self respect when they get older? This seems to especially be an older millenial-boomer problem.

No. 1456748

>Do people just stop having hope, dreams and self respect when they get older?
>t. older millenial

No. 1456763

Gyms are a display of vanity, specifically when it comes to super muscular men, they're hardly ever a sign of being able to do hard work.
All of the most capable hard working men in my life (there aren't many kek) that I know have shied away from lifting weights, but they're able to be their own plumbers, electrical technicians, know how to take care of plants etc.

No. 1456767

Everything’s starts becoming over run by young people the older you get and you’ll be judged by people your age and younger for leaving the house
>can’t go to the bar or club because that’s for young people and omg you’re an alcoholic loser trying to be young again!
>can’t go to the gym because some zoomer will probably post your unfit body on tiktok as a joke
>can’t engage in most hobbies because the zoomers and old people will accuse you of being a pedo for existing around young people

Once you’re over 30 it ain’t much to do other than inside hobbies or tv

No. 1456769

Same Sage and I forgot you can’t really be into fashion because if you wear anything other than business casual you’re a whore trying to be young

No. 1456776

People who have no long term friends are incredibly sus. I know things come up but people like that usually have driven everyone around them away with their terrible behavior

No. 1456779

millenials are just either too depressed or too busy with their - usually - very young kids to have energy for anything else. All these things you've listed hardly ever happen IRL no matter how much you see them online

No. 1456786

I don’t have friends because I was bullied at a young age and never learned to have close bonds with people now I just see everyone as disposable and the moment someone pisses me off or I get bored I ghost them

No. 1456789

Sure you do you, I'm not even saying it's bad but that it's not an indicator of a hard working person

No. 1456792

Good friendships are really 99% luck, right place and the right time. Most people are just self-centered users and make bad friends.

No. 1456799

Some people are just semi shut-ins, tists or have something similar.. shit that doesn't make them an ass but still leaves them prone to being more isolated. I'm understanding if theres a reason like that

I dated someone who had none of those things tho, he was functional but had no friendships. Turned out he was definitely an ass. He'd turn on people and make it his mission to get revenge over small shit or even imagined wrongdoings against him. I had to be so nice and civil during the break up because by then I'd seen that side of him and I knew he'd stoop to low levels if he had any ill feelings as I exited. Man could hold a grudge for years. People who have too many enemies are sus.

No. 1456801

I've tried to make friends, but the moment I stop making the calls or organizing every meeting, they won't take the initiative to call.

No. 1456804

I’d be a porn sick delusional coomer/sex addict if men looked as good as women usually do. I kind get why men love sex and porn because if I could go on tinder and there are 1000s of men I’m attracted to who will be nice to me I’d be a whore.

No. 1456808

Maybe you need to look at your personality

No. 1456809

This is why being a lesbian is torture too. So many beautiful women, but finding anyone else who is SSA is like a needle in a haystack. I'd be a slut if I could be.

No. 1456815

I think I creep people out with my anxiety, it sucks. But most people with friends in my small town fuck each other’s boyfriends and stay friends and there was this one dude who was doing fentanyl with his friends and he overdosed and then his friends left him there so most friends are fake imo

No. 1456824

If they already have a old circle of friends or a partner, people don't feel the need to put in any work because they have a safety net. I do not have that luxury, but I also don't want a friendship that's one-sided, or people that only hit me up when they need something from me.

No. 1456830

I agree to some extent but it's not always 100% the case, people naturally drift away with time and other circumstances might not help. I don't have any friends from before college because I constantly moved when I was a kid and keeping contact was impossible as it was before mobile phones.

No. 1456850

i kind of agree. i have 2 long term friends from childhood that i rarely ever get to see or speak to because we dont live close by anymore, but i know we'll always be friends and can always count on each other for support.
i think making new irl friends (not just work acquaintances) as an adult is incredibly hard and i feel awkward trying to spark up new friendships, like im intruding. i wish i had an irl friend to do fun girly things with

No. 1456860

Agreed, I have two long term friends and I keep them dear to me. I think anons expect you to keep many friends for a long time and think you have to hang out with them all the time, but that's just not true.
One of my long term friends I catch up with her at least 2 times a year and it's like we talked a week ago. It's realistic, not "You should hang out with your long term friends with any amount of free time you have, it makes you look suspicious if you don't." Lol

No. 1456924

I never moved around as a kid but I'm from an expensive city. I hit an age where I knew a mortgage there was impossible and that I'd have to make a big move (and take a big social hit) if I ever wanted to buy a house and not just endlessly sink money into overpriced rent in a city with alot of issues anyway. It was a pretty big move in the end. Fast forward a bit and nearly everyone I know, friends and family have moved too but they moved in all different directions.

If I take time off work and make a trip I tend to prioritize seeing my dad while hes still alive. I can't do what alot of people do and say just make one trip 'home' to catch up with everyone in one general place. I thought that would happen til everyone else made their own moves.

No. 1457011

A lot of men ain’t shit these days mainly because of boy moms

No. 1457017

No. 1457183

Boy moms + libfems trying to convince women domestic violence is kinky, women should be breadwinning/paying everything because liberation, and letting men be emotional/claim to be oppressed

Men were always shit but now there's a new breed and since there's so many different ideals for them no matter what a woman does she will be bashed for it

No. 1457185

This. Constant socialization online has burnt out people from normal friendships. Unless you're super extroverted it's a pain to maintain friendships since everyone either ignores or expects you to constantly text no in-between

No. 1457222

fucking absolutely. so many guys i've dated have had the loveliest, albeit doormat pushover mothers. so sweet and would never think of not giving them everything no matter what fucked up horrible shit they do or how much they cost them loss of reputation, legal fees, emotional turmoil, etc.
i always envied the fuck out of these men for having such seemingly amazing mothers. but not ONCE have i ever seen a mom go the lengths for a daughter that they regularly do for sons. i hate it here.

No. 1457234

Most women don’t want to fuck their bfs or husbands because they don’t actually find their husbands attractive because they date for “personality” and In the end both people in the relationship suffer. It’s perfectly understandable for a man to be irritated by his partner who acts like sex is a chore or doesn’t fuck him for months.

No. 1457243

Interesting. But so many men are just bad at sex, even/especially the attractive ones, that no matter how you pick them there's no winning.

No. 1457273

IVF should only be legally available for lesbians. Most consumers of it are idiots who have shit tier moid dad's obsessed with "having a legacy" even though they're just some guy or it's some old moid who will end up causing the baby a ton of issues since god already told him his genetics shouldn't be passed down

No. 1457299

Most women don't make love to their bf/husband because men only want piv and it makes nothing for those women. When will men understand that women orgasm from stimulation of the clitoris?

No. 1457303

tax system in this country is broken

looking for a job in dubai so that i don’t have to pay £500 a month in taxes to subsidise some single mother smoking weed all day in a house i could only dream of affording

No. 1457305

I absolutely cannot fucking stand 'nonna' and it makes me feel bad because so many of you use it but it just sounds so cringe and 'soft' like 2013 tumblr 'im a smol bean' speak, or like someone deliberately came up with an extremely patronizing 'girl' version of 'anon' for a parody or something. Also it's too close phonetically to mama/momma. I will always hate it. Sorry. Nonny supremacy.

No. 1457311

Nonny sounds worse tbh, reminds me of tranny. Just say anon like a normal person.

No. 1457316

i prefer nonna BECAUSE it means grandmother, its so cute. we are all each others grandmothers…

No. 1457318

I've always liked nona (with one n) most because it's anon backwards and I pronounce it like you would pronounce the word for Italian grandmas.

No. 1457320

File: 1672307270828.jpeg (538.96 KB, 828x811, 1C497812-5127-4E4F-B09D-E2E72E…)

Nonna and if I’m feeling spicy nonners supremacy.
I like it because it differentiates us from image board scrotes.

No. 1457321

File: 1672307456281.jpg (79.87 KB, 768x576, Nono.jpg)

i propose calling everypony naughty noonoos

No. 1457322

nta I enjoy having our nonnasensical silly nicknames

No. 1457326

Lolcow users are the ultimate NLOGs (although most people probably already know this). I always laugh so hard when people here call relatively normal women NLOGs while circlejerking about how weird and different they are from "normie women" (kek normie is a NLOG term too) for liking anime and manga

No. 1457327

i have seen the opposite, obvious beckys trying to larp as stacies on the anonymous finnish crotchet forum

No. 1457328

Both happen but at least those people aren't trying to insult the people that they claim they're trying to be. The anons who call other girls "NLOGs" literally couldn't be less self aware kek.

No. 1457337

Every girl is NLOG because every girl is beautiful and unique like a snowflake.

No. 1457352

A lot of them are embarrassing zoomers here from TikTok who are convinced this is a special snowflake underground basket weaving forum. They're typically fixated on the idea of being the female version of /r9k/ males, and take their memes too seriously.

No. 1457371

I think as soon as the term NLOG/pickme became a meme on Tiktok with zoomies, it lost its meaning.

Before it was reserved for women like shoe0nhead who publicly degraded themselves for males, nowadays NLOG/pickme is every girl who tries to be a bit "different" or quirky.

No. 1457372

I don't get what's so wrong with refusing some compliments, especially if it's about something you don't care about.

No. 1457379

Trans men are hot. If I could find one who didn't attach themself to the whole trans political agenda I'd be happy.

No. 1457382

I wonder how much of the baby thread is larp. We have anons who admitted to larping as a mom, we have the troon who pretended to be a breastfeeding mom, gloworm anon, the "everything used to help moms is to sell data and you're all stupid" anon, what even temps moms with young babies to come here?

No. 1457384

What do you mean? Was this a spelling error or something? We live in an antisocial world as it is, don't scare women out of giving each other compliments lol

No. 1457389

I'm constantly hearing about how millennials and zoomers don't want to become parents anymore, this is why I'm surprised by the amount of anons here who are mothers or plan to be.

No. 1457390

This is retarded. A few insane men that come here to larp do not represent all of LC. Why do any of us come here? The reasons are never ending. Mothers are still human; they have reasons just like every other woman on here. Becoming a mother doesn’t mean you actually have to forfeit yourself.

No. 1457391

I think we will never be able to unprogram ourselves out of unreachable beauty standards. People might not be outright mean to someone who does not fit them anymore but everyone will still look at the standards set by mass media as "the beauty".

No. 1457395

Anyone who listens to “mass media” for what they should find attractive isn’t worth anything and does not live in the real world

No. 1457411

Who knows. This site is mainly used by older gen z and millennials since we're the only ones who stuck around when the site was at its peak. At the same time I do remember years ago anons would swear up and down they're all billionaires and shit

No. 1457412

any man who is into kardashian insta model type women is probably low iq

No. 1457413

We have some older anons in here too. the average age of this site must be around 24.

No. 1457415


No. 1457416

>>I don’t see mothers as people and expect them to stop being women and be boring adult robots when they have children.

No. 1457419

Thank god someone else saw through their bullshit

No. 1457420

I hate to say “this has been scientifically proven” but it has kek

No. 1457480