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No. 192752

Cuz we're apparently not getting the old thread back (RIP)

Discuss your fav metal bands, genres, thoughts on the scene etc.

No. 192824

I’ve been listening to the new Powerwolf song nonstop since it came out. It sounds more Sabaton-y than their other songs, which is a little surprising.

No. 192831

Im relatively new to the scene and the music (bands i know and like are type o negative, deafhaven and Poppy). I'm going to my first ever metal festival with my bf soon, we're volunteering for free entry. Any tips/music reccomendations?

No. 192847

File: 1648481531188.png (395.1 KB, 610x402, Zgf6dqTM9WOPE6T3u6VYyQ.png)

Use good earplugs designed for going to concerts and don't use those cheap foam earplugs as you will get permanent hearing damage and tinnitus without earplugs

No. 192871

Kek that reminds me of Cry Thunder

No. 193014

Found a cool new black metal band.

No. 193057

I'm going to see The Ruins of Beverast tomorrow night, my first BM concert in two years, I'm a bit anxious despite being used to this kid of show, the lockdowns have melted my brain so much. This is the third time I'm seeing them, I was disappointed with their latest album so maybe experiencing it live will make me appreciate it (and I also hope Meilenwald hired another guitarist and they won't have technical problems like the last time).

No. 193073

nice, have fun. I only know some of the old stuff but I like it a lot. No idea how I will feel when I finally am at a concert again. I’d love to go to some outdoors festival for that

No. 193079

Thanks! Their old stuff is their best, Rain Upon The Impure is my second favorite album ever.
I actually got to see my favorite band last November but it was at an opera house with seating, tomorrow will be my first "real" concert in a while, god I've missed it so much. I've never been to a festival, I think it's best experienced with friends and I don't have any who are into metal.

No. 193145

u guys know endless dismal moan? if u don't then u should check edm out

No. 193827

The new Meshuggah album is out today (yay), and they made a black metal song.
I think, half of the songs are brilliant and original. I especially like Broken Cog and They Move Below. And this one too even if it's not a song to listen to on its own. On Broken Cog the rhythm froze my brain trying to follow it and the end was so creepy and something I never expected from meshuggah, and on They Move Below, the beginning is so refreshing and beautiful, I expected that would be the entire song and then the vicious part started and I don't know if it's just because of the contrast but it's so extra vicious and brutal and there is not a boring part in the entire 9 minutes.
But the other half of the songs sound good, but they're all "dun dun dun du dun dun dun dun du dun" with different decorations thrown in. They all have a few very interesting parts and brilliant solos from Fredrik but overall I would have liked less dun dundudun. Of course, not every song will be for everyone, maybe someone else likes those parts best. Anyway, I like it better than I liked The Violent Sleep of Reason when I first heard it.
What do you think? Maybe I wrote too much, but I love Meshuggah and I don't have anyone to talk about it with. I hope you decide to listen to it.

No. 194853

Idk how I've never heard of this band. I don't know what kind of metal this is (progressive?) anyways I'm halfway through and I'm liking it. I'm looking to branch out a bit more from the symphonic metal I usually listen to.

No. 194874

Oh man I hope you can listen to all their albums too, I for one think they are all amazing and worth the time, especially Catch 33 and Koloss. I wouldn't know what kind of metal it is either, actually I was just thinking about how people label them but no label is really right I think, it doesn't really sound like progressive metal, or death metal, and certainly not djent. It's a beast of its own
If you like it I think you would like Gojira too

No. 195927

Etxeguiña - Herederos Del Silencio (Full EP Premiere)
The only positive thing I have to say about reddit is that I found about Etxeguiña there and it's now one of my favourite black metal bands even though they've only released one EP so far. It's only 20 minutes long and worth listening to it all, but my favourite song is La Montaña.

No. 197550

OM is better than Sleep. Advatic Songs is one my favorite album. I wish they'd release new music.

No. 197585

Oh I like OM I didn't know they counted under the metal umbrella. I guess prog metal?

No. 197700


No. 199248

Where are my metal nonnies at?

I love Runhild Gammelsæter so much. Also features my favs Stephen O'Malley and Greg Anderson. I wish I could own a physical copy of this album.

No. 199501

Those growls, damn

No. 199723

I have a bit of a hard time listening to this song. When I listen to it I just get this feeling if darkness looming over me. I think it's because I listened this song and music like it back in my teens when I was in a really dark place in my life. Which really sucks tbh because this song is beautiful.

CoF is quite hit and miss for me (mostly miss) and a lot of their albums sound like they could be different genres. But I really think this is one of their best songs, it has the right mix of metal and melody. Saffron's Curse is another favorite of mine.

No. 207857

Love this song, reminds me of Opeth, if you like Opeth, check them out

No. 207876

The new Blut Aus Nord dropped a few days ago and I find it a bit bland, I feel like it's the same melodies we've heard since the 777 trilogy. Also using Lovecraft as a theme so late in his career is weird, it's usually one of those baby's first black metal album concept, especially since Vindsval stated that he wasn't interested in the scene anymore.

No. 207912

>deafheaven and poppy
Great bait.

No. 207987

The fact that she's going with some poser ass moid too kek

No. 207992

The demo and Sunbather were great albums.

No. 208007

Ordinary Corrupt human love was the only acceptable album

No. 208012

I never really paid attention to anything post Sunbather. I got bored of them very fast after that album. I never understood why they get so much hate though. When the demo came out it was very well received and then everyone started bitching about them. That whole hipster black metal era gave us so many shit band though.

No. 208016

Nta but she didn't say they were metal. I don't get how that's supposed to be bait.

No. 208024

It paved the way for all those shitty antifa bands that plague the American scene.

No. 208153

File: 1653163343675.jpg (797.36 KB, 2560x1920, R.5bb9accaf58261200816dd43b168…)

Is anyone else here going to the Rammstein concerts this summer?
I'm so excited, I bought the tickets 3 years ago but the fucking pandemic got in the way! Glad it's finally happening!! They're one of my favourite bands and I have never seen them live before.

No. 208167

Despite considering myself a Rhapsody fan, I rarely listen to any of the albums beyond the Emerald Sword Saga (I guess it makes sense since they changed their name to Rhapsody of Fire after that).
I've heard that Dark Wings of Steel has been RoF's lowest point, and I tried listening to the re-recorded versions of the iconic old songs with the new vocalist Giacomo Voli, but I hated it so much that I couldn't even finish that album (Legendary Years).
But after reading some reviews for their new album a few minutes ago, because apparently they got better, I decided to listen to some of the best songs in Glory for Salvation.
When I listened to the first song, "Son of Vengeance", I thought "holy shit, this is an entirely different band. It has none of the essence of the old Rhapsody." But the next seven songs are actually pretty decent, some better than others of course, and at times do remind me of the early albums. But I still wouldn't say any of them are as good as ESS-era Rhapsody, hell no. Perhaps they're almost as decent as The Dark Secret Saga.

I've still yet to listen to the remaining songs in this album, but I doubt they'll be good.

No. 208209

Oh anon you're in for a treat, they make the best live shows, no other band I've ever seen could match the energy. I've seen them 5 times already, and have tickets for the upcoming concert in my country as well, very excited for it! Hope you're going for a standing spot in the crowd, not sitting, this is where things are the best

No. 208754

There needs to be more minstrel metal

No. 209167

She literally did though hence
>bands i know
It is bait.

No. 209168

No. 209169

No. 209170

No. 209171

Love sludge.

No. 209172

No. 209173

Who's your metal husbando, nona? GO!

No. 209294

File: 1653640368416.jpg (1.84 MB, 1365x2048, 8289-misthyrming.jpg)

D.G. but only when covered in dirt and 5 years ago

No. 209295

By the way you can see his underwear in this picture kek

No. 209315

Who is this? Sorry, not a metalfag

No. 209318

it's D.G. of misthyrming

No. 209372

idk shit about metal.

No. 209405

No. 209474

I wish Varg wasn't a murderous deranged pathetic cow, I love his music. Burzum's best album is Umskiptar.

No. 211316

A classic

No. 211731

I can't stop listening to this album

No. 211767

One of the reasons why I can't stand the more recent Blind Guardian albums (anything past A Night at the Opera) is that I don't like the backing vocals in them. I feel like Hansi's voice has become too prominent in the choruses, it's not as fun to sing along that way. I liked hearing the other guys' voices too, it gave the songs more variety.
Battalions of Fear and Follow the Blind used to be my favorite albums but right now I think I've moved on to Tales From the Twilight World and Somewhere Far Beyond (more the former than the latter); The Last Candle has always been my favorite BG song.

No. 212484

I will forever be sad that I never got to see Agalloch live. I could of seen them in 2009 but my manager would not let me take the day off even if I already had my ticket. It was on a Wednesday night and I always had that day off except that week where my manager decided to be a dick and changed everyone usual schedule without asking. I hate it when I've never seen a band live only because of work. There's so many of them. The Mantle is one of my favorite metal album. I love the vocals and the melodies. It is very soothing.

No. 213258

Kek I saw Gwar recently and one of their stage guys came out wearing a tranny costume with boobs and a dick and the lead singer cut the tits off the tranny and blood sprayed everywhere. Cool shit. They also decapitated Biden and Putin

No. 215984

Beginning of this Xenoblight track reminds me of Freezing Moon.
Tried to see as many live acts as I could last week at Copenhell.
A lot of acts I happened to see were death/trash/hardcore and at times it sounded a little samey.
Some favourites performances for me were Xenoblight, Mercyful Fate, High Command, Konvent, Vried and Devin Townsend. Benediction and Gatecreeper were really fun to see live, but I'm not sure I'll keep listening much. I was a little underwhelmed to see Emperor live, I've had better times listening to their music on my own.

No. 215995

>Mercyful Fate
God I'm so jealous, they only tour for festivals now and I don't go there, I'll never get to see them live. How does King Diamond sing at his age?

No. 215999

They were amazing and King Diamond sang well. I've never heard them live before so I can't compare, obviously vocals change with age but it did not sound strained or off at all. I think he sang some unreleased new song as well, said they might change it up before release. He was really active, moving around the stage doing air guitar and hyping the crowd up in between singing. I think many of the other bands at the festival were excited to see as well, High Command mentioned it during their set earlier and Metallica members were spotted by a viewing area.

No. 216004

volnaya staya made such bangers, id love some more all-female band recs if anyone in this thread has any

No. 216036

Damn that's amazing, you're so lucky, can't believe he is 60 and recovering from an illness. I saw they were going to Hellfest this year as well but there's no way I'm going to this neckbeard gathering, also I unfortunately don't have any metalhead friends and I don't think it's wise to go to a festival this big on my own.

No. 216053

I actually did go on my own for Saturday, and I had a great time. But I understand fully. I was comfortable because I know the area, and stayed mostly sober (only had one small cocktail for Iron Maiden).
Many interactions I had with strangers were polite and easy to end without the other trying to overstay their welcome. Baffled that I dared hug a man for being friendly to me and help another man in need of sunscreen and they both just carried on without treating it like a special moment, I even stayed after midnight. Obviously drunk people were a real nuisance but easily avoided. I hope you can find someone to tag along with you some day! I would not dare go to Hellfest alone either.

No. 216856

anyone have any ABM recs here? i've recently been enjoying stuff like sylvaine, alcest, eldamar, eneferens etc etc etc

No. 216913

Turmion kätilöt has a couple of really decent songs, but way too many with gross coomer scrote lyrics for me to get into them. Fuck.

No. 221387

I have been really digging Once Human. I am not usually into death metal but I think they're pretty good

No. 224509

Okay, another one from Turmion kätilöt. I'm starting to ignore the coomershit like I do with Rammstein already tbh.

No. 224560

I've only listened to metal here and there so I wanted to give some things posted itt a try. I've been listening to this artist for the past hour, really beautiful music. Thanks for introducing her to me!

No. 224912

My album of the year for now, medieval black metal is one of my favorite subgenre.

No. 224983

Woah anon, this was a great find!

No. 225260

Wow, suddenly I like black metal

No. 226340

File: 1659485445498.jpeg (962.84 KB, 1080x1350, 1657292447.jpeg)

Are any nonnies going to Wacken this year? Aside from Powerwolf and Judas Priest this year's lineup looks pretty meh, none of my favorite bands will be playing there. I still hope to go someday though

No. 226431

Holy shit they are still a thing? Will they eventually release the new album they've teased for 10+ years?
You're right, what a weak lineup, a lot of mainstream shit, even Hellfest was better this year.

No. 227146

Idk how it took me this long to get into Unleash the Arches. It's really nice to see women represented in power metal.

No. 227209

>It's really nice to see women represented in power metal
Indeed! More women should sing regular power metal, I mean one of the reasons I like this genre is that it's easy for me to sing along since it's in my vocal range.
Dark Moor (greatly underrated Spanish PM band) also had a female vocalist from 1999-2003, her name is Elisa C. Martín, and seems like a cool lady. I really liked the band's cover of "Halloween", and the songs "Bells of Notre Dame" and "Maid of Orleans".
This vocalist is now in a French symphonic power/folk metal band called Hamka, but I just found out about it so I'm not familiar with them, but from the looks of it I'll probably like them.

No. 230152

Utterly obsessed with Black Magick SS, too bad they are probably nazis.

No. 231908

Same anon as before. I've been listening to this early Dark Moor album, The Gates of Oblivion, it's so good.

No. 231924

File: 1660844910866.jpg (420.95 KB, 2048x1365, brittney01.jpg)

Thanks for the recommendation, whoa the singer is great and she is totally my type too.
>twf no lesbian metal witch girlfriend

No. 233544

No. 239150

Some evil scientist themed metal for Viktor, my beloved moody autistic husbando.

No. 239308

Thoughts on BG's new album The God Machine? I haven't listened to all of it yet

No. 240570

Update but I finally listened to the whole thing. It is really good, I think I like it more than Beyond The Red Mirror. It leans more into the metal sound than orchestral, which is strange that I liked it more because I usually prefer the more symphonic sounding stuff. Track related is one of my current favorites

No. 241505

No. 241506

I need to listen to it more but the first impression is good, I like it less than Beyond the Red Mirror (this album had an unexpected influence on my life) but it's leagues better than At the Edge of Time and the second part of A Twist in the Myth, I like the heavier direction, really reminiscent of Somewhere Far Beyond. I hope they'll tour in my country next year, I saw them for the last time in 2015 and they are a great band to see live.

No. 241719

I honestly love everything metal save for nu metal and black metal which aren't bad at all but not my cup of tea. I listen to a shitton of folk, mainly slavic (usually Russian) bands. Italy also has some cool shit, Rhapsody of Fire and all of that.
I love them as well. As the other anon said they sound like Sabaton singing about occult stuff and fantasy to me which is alright because I love Sabaton too. Some of their recent songs almost made me tear up like a loser. Namely White Friday. I think Sabaton is also fun because listening to them I often learn about historical events or people I didn't know before.

Currently also enjoying the new Windrose album Warfront a lot.

No. 248517

No. 248582

Hi nonnies can you recommend me a female vocal lead metal band? I like metal but I'm still a noob to the genre

No. 248616

Depends on what you're into, off the top of my head Kittie and Arch Enemy

No. 249006

I'm going to my first festival in a few weeks, I'm so excited! I'm mostly going there for Triptykon but there are some other bands I like and it's a great opportunity to discover new stuff as well. Any advice on what to do? It's at a small venue indoor and not a gigantic outdoor camp like Hellfest or Wacken, and since I'll be there alone I won't drink anything alcoholic, so I'm not worried.

No. 249017

The obvious general recommendation would be a band like Nightwish but you probably already know them.

If you like folk you can try >>241719 (Russian), ГРАЙ (also Russian, try the song Mlada to get an idea), Eluveitie (Swiss, they literally sing Gaulish, try Epona maybe) or Almora (Turkish, but they also sing in English, try Cyrano).
If you like more convenient metal with female lead try Epica, Coronatus, Within Temptation, Xandria, Delain or Visions of Atlantis. Maybe Amaranthe too, their themes are more sci-fi (try Digital World for example).

Maybe songs like Nostos would be also for you (see video).

In general there are hundreds of band someone could recommend so the best is that you randomly listen to a bunch to determine your taste. I personally have no specific taste and listen to all subgenres of metal save for nu-metal maybe, so it always depends on the band for me which makes searching harder, but there is also a bigger pool of bands that could work.

No. 249076

I love the song because of my teen years loving it. Things were tough back then but I miss them I think mostly because my parents were still alive and even though things were horrible I didn't have so much stressful adult horror to deal with all by myself. I agree it's one of their best songs.

I love this oldschool white trash metal now that I thought was goofy growing up, funny enough

No. 249248

Idk what kind of metal you are looking for as there are many subgenres. I really like symphonic metal, those bands are probably more beginner friendly. Some of my favorites are Epica, Nightwish, Within Temptation, Lacuna Coil, Amberian Dawn, Xandria. There's Unleash the Archers, a power metal band with an amazing vocalist.

If you want something harsher sounding I'd recommend Jinjer. There's also Arch Enemy (though I prefer the old vocalist the new one is still good), The Agonist, Once Human have some pretty good music.

No. 249254

Kittie isn't metal.

Not metal. And why you would enjoy music by a meth head and serial cheater is beyond me.

Windhand or Brume. Get into the doom.

No. 249255

No. 249256

No. 249257

Old school

No. 249259

No. 249267

Thorr's Hammer that I posted some months ago

No. 249363

Here's another one just for you

No. 249367

No. 249368

Metal gatekeepers can suck it

No. 249369

No. 249370

No. 249372

No. 249401

No. 251173

>I take a ride on my mighty steed
>A steed of finest breed
>And fighting the trolls with a mighty sword
>A sword of magic steel!!
So fucking cheesy. I love it

No. 254601

This song makes me want to kill the husband I don't even have

No. 255664

when you guys make playlists for metal, do you put all the songs together regardless of genre or do you make a playlist for each genre? I have one big playlist but I'm thinking about making one just for power metal

No. 256196

I sort them by theme and mood kek. I mostly listen to black and death, some post too. So I basically throw atmospheric shit in one playlist/head-bangers in other and so on. I have playlists for angry stuff, depressive, black/pagan with Norse themes and of course a workout playlist with the most energetic songs.

No. 257321

No. 257343

File: 1669225447515.jpg (69 KB, 540x633, whatdacatdoin.jpg)

Hi nonnies, I'd like to ask for advice. I used to listen to metal when I was younger but then stopped and got more into grunge and alt rock. Also thought it was childish and cringe for a while after that, sorry nonas
I've been wanting to get back into it for a life but I can't get over the misogyny. How do you deal with it nonas? Obviously all genres of music have some misogyny in them but it feels overwhelming with metal. So many times I came across a band that with a sound I liked just to be hit with shit lyrics like
>rape and torture to all the cunts YEAAAHHHHH I WILL STAB YOUR TITTIES
Well, more or less.
The only metal I listen to currently is Type O Negative which I love but Peter Steele's incel tendencies shine through a little too much sometimes so I try to pretend I don't hear it lol and Portal. Now as for Portal I keep forgetting there are even any vocals there because I can't understand what this mf is saying and my brain registers it as ambient noise. Do you have any recs based on that?
Of and course this is without mentioning the community, all the male metalheads I know have been the most open with their misogyny thus far which scares off from going to live shows. Sigh.

No. 257349

I'm sorry you experienced that anon. I don't really engage with the metal community, so I haven't been through that. I went to a club night once that was playing metal music and I had a great time. I'd say it helps if you have female friends that also like metal. All I can suggest is that you listen to music you want to support, and surround yourself with nicer people. I've been listening to black metal recently. I haven't got a clue what the singer is saying, but for me, the music feels kinda relaxing.
>Peter Steele's incel tendencies shine through a little too much sometimes
How so?

No. 257358

nta but have you never listened to slow deep and hard

No. 257604

I mostly listen to the bands I already know and like over and over and over and don't stray from what I already know regularly. And I don't interact with the community whatsoever which significantly limits the misogyny.

I also feel like certain subgenres are significantly worse than others? Or do I have a wrong impression because I don't "explore" a whole lot?

No. 257609

That's new to me tbh I never met any misogynist metal fans. Male metalers are known to be huge beardy fantasy lovers with jobs who are super chill here despite the loud music they like. I have seen Americans calling metalers edgy but always assumed it was some fundies that never listened to it because the fandom seems to be the opposite of it here.

I guess it depends on the subgenre and place you live in or something. Symphonic metal for example has a huge female fanbase and most lead singers are women too, power metal and speed metal fanbases seem even, but again chill. I also love folk metal I guess this is a genre where you might encounter rightoids, but the fans of it that I am friends with are also chill dudes.
Symphonic and folk metal is also somewhat popular among old people in some Euro countries.

No. 257790

Ayrt I'm from Eastern Europe and I remember metalhead moids being awful as far as elementary school lol. Every metal scrote I met throughout my school years and now adulthood was rly rapey and open about it. Which tbh fantasy scrotes are often like that too. Idk about genres but just this year I had a guy into heavy metal cream himself some fictional sci fi rape scene completely unprompted like it was a normal thing to do. Oh and there was a different one this Summer who stalked my friend. I have yet to find a normal metal moid.

No. 257855

Rammstein released a video to "Adieu" the other day. Confusing video, but it kinda seems like a farewell to their past and possibly the band - considering all the references to previous albums and videos and what happens in the end. What do you think nonas?

No. 258514

I honestly don't give 2 shits about Rammstein.

No. 259706

I'm so jelly that you got to see them live. the bands I like never (and I mean literally never) come to where I live, I have to fly three hours minimum to see anyone who isn't totally mainstream in the US. I hope I'll get to see BG live soon, I saw my favorite band last month for the first time (not BG, although BG is one of my all time favorites) it was so good, unfortunately they only performed for an hour though. I have watched videos of them though and they look like they perform live really well!

No. 259713

I usually have a playlist for power metal, or power metal plus folk metal, another for thrash/death, or simply play everything on my device. Sometimes I'll be in a traditional metal mood as well.
I have a playlist just for instrumentals, and sometimes make ones with certain themes (like Halloween).

It's nice to see someone else talk about Sabaton on here. Maybe one day I'll sperg about them in this thread, I have so much to say about their most recent albums.

No. 259733

I'm a huge fan of Rammstein's music, past and recent, been to many concerts, have all the albums and shit; and can't help but cringe at this video. It looks like they're trying to kill the "old rammstein" but the zombies - symbolizing fans - hold them down and don't let them move on to other things. If they don't like working together and making music and playing concerts why don't they just stop instead making a whole ass video about trying to break free from being Rammstein lmao
They keep implying it's the end for the band for a long while now, maybe it's time.

No. 259739

Ayrt and I got to see them live twice, I'm lucky that most of my favorite bands are European, apparently American bands can't tour here anymore because it's getting way too expensive. Their concerts are so good, they play great, the audience is always insane and they are one of the few bands to have a different set list for each show so you never know what you're getting aside from the hits and the new album's singles. I hope they come to your area in the near future!

No. 259777

I agree with your interpretation but it's strange because they've said in interviews that they love going on tours and performing. And there will be another European tour 2023. So those are mixed messages.

No. 259782

Hard to give up on money. I don't blame them on being tired but I've been to LIFAD tour and to the current one and the energy and dedication really is very different, you can tell. I've also seen Iron Maiden live, another super old band, and they seemed to be genuinely happy to perform; I may be overthinking it but Rammstein guys just genuinely don't seem to be enjoying this anymore.
I also wonder how exhausting this specific tour has to be; it's incredible how it's done (have you seen a timelapse of the stage being built??) and even with what I've said above it's one of my best live show experiences, but it seems so tight on timing, and so elaborate with gimmicks, it's gotta be more tiring than any previous tour and they're all older…

No. 259804

I don't see Till giving up performing and his easy supply of russian girls. Didn't his other project tour get cancelled? I might be wrong on that, don't really follow it.

No. 259995

Can I give a bit of a hot take, nonnas?

I've been to a couple of metal gigs this past week and have come to the conclusion that I actually fucking hate moshing and people who mosh. It's a selfish, aggressive and very, very male way to enjoy metal music. There's nothing wrong with headbanging, there's nothing wrong with jumping up and down, there's nothing wrong with putting your arms in the air, but moshing is the worst and I hate the people (men) that do it.

If I've paid fifty bucks to see a band, I want to see them. I don't want to have my attention dragged away every five minutes because some flabby, out of shape fuck is coming barrelling into my direction because he's thrown himself at another flabby, out of shape fuck and lost his balance and is now threatening to crush me beneath his neckbearded bulk. Worst is when, twenty minutes into a mosh, when they're all sweaty and fucking stink, they insist on taking their shirts off, so we can see their pale bellies, spotty shoulders and sweat-sheened man tits.

And it's always these huge, towering fucking moids that do it, seemingly completely oblivious of or ambivalent of the smaller people around them, usually women, and how someone could get seriously injured by their dumb ass blundering into them, not looking where they're going.

TL;DR - moshing is cringe and scrotey. Discuss.

No. 260088

No, I agree. There's certain bands and venues I avoid all together because of this reason. Partially because I dislike the moshing, I want enjoy the concert from somewhere in the middle without getting into a pit and partially because I don't feel safe in a majorily male audience actively displaying aggressive behaviour even if I'm not in the pit.

I was thinking recently that it's kind of a shame those digital live performances that artists used to do during COVID haven't seem to stick around post-pandemic. Personally I would pay to watch high quality live concerts from the comfort of my own home without having to deal with moid audiences. I'm actually surprised it's not more popular within the genre considering how much of an investment touring is for a lot of bands.

It's a shame how unfriendly the whole genre by large is for women, you've really got to actively curate the stuff for yourself if you want to have a good experience.

No. 260097

This is why I always go through front for bands I love and just go to the sides for bands I'm less interested in. Moshing is also peak alcoholic retarded moid behavior, I went to a stoner concert a couple months ago and for some reason people were moshing, even some other guys were complaining about it.

No. 260205

best music video. fucking kek

No. 260345

moid-tier grossness yuck.

No. 260350

I agree. I never really knew what the point of moshing was supposed to be. I recently saw a band that I've wanted to see for years and near the end of the concert they actually encourage everyone to mosh, it's annoying. I wanted to be up close to the stage but that's where all the moshing was. I just want to head bang and enjoy the music, not body slam with random strangers, most of whom smell like BO like you said.

I remember when I went to a lot of concerts as a teen and I was actually kind of into moshing (not sure why) but I got hurt more than once. One time a guys foot came down on my head since he was crowd surfing and it hurt like hell.

No. 260369

Crowdsurfing is cringe too and it's always the fattest of fat fucks that want to do it.

No. 260454

One of my friends is currently injured from moshing.
I also knew someone who broke his neck crowd surfing. He needed a halo which is where they drill nails in your forehead to support your spine.

No. 260501

Yeah well the whole band is peak moid grossness and their fans are mostly braindead coomers but the music is just too good. Though the fact that they nowadays have two vocalists and that the lyrics are coomerish but sufficiently vague makes some of their songs sound kinda gay kek

No. 260514

I feel like the odd one out of all nonnas here and I genuinely do enjoy mosh pits. I've always enjoyed the aggression you can express without having to be apologetic and the energy it builds in the room. Many of my friends don't enjoy the pit so they either stand on the left/right side or even in the front. I find the front has almost no action if you want to avoid all that. I also don't really drink too much at shows so I'm not some sloppy drunk collapsing on people.

In your experience maybe in your city it sounds fully male dominated. The shows I go to here its always a mixed crowd, and the other women who join in the pit don't seem to mind. Everyone is usually always friendly.

Unrelated but related note, I saw Black Dhalia Murder once and the pit was so crazy I lost my phone. I was able to call it from my friends cell and the guy who found it happily gave it back. The scene is friendly to everyone where I'm from.

No. 260684

I avoid bands with coomer lyrics like the plague.

No. 262553

Any albums of the year?

No. 265306

Idk how it took me this long to get into Ignea, their music is really something else. Also really digging this album cover.

No. 265319

Thanks for the recommendation nona, this is great!

No. 265670

does anyone have some progressive metal recs that are not opeth, mastodon or gojira? I can't listen to those because my ex loved them, I've tried looking myself but any time I search "____ metal band" it just suggests a bunch of random metal bands from different genres

No. 265681

Prog metal is not my favorite genre but maybe Ayreon? I can't stand Tool but they are highly rated so maybe give them a try (although your ex probably listen to them given how famous they are).

No. 265846

Use Metal Archives

No. 267882

All female death metal band. The lead vocalists growls are better than a lot of bigger bands I've heard. Unfortunately most of their songs are pretty short though

No. 267929

thanks for the rec nona, i really like this. listened to the whole thing

No. 270595

New Kamelot single

No. 271499

No. 272858

No. 272912

This song is so powerful, I wish they had a high budget video to match it but still it's amazing how they produce music and videos while in Ukraine currently.

No. 275956

I agree with all of this and I hope Ignea and Ersedu get all the fame they deserve in the future. Ignea is coming out with a new album btw

No. 279939

Not sure which thread to use since all the old threads are back. Anyways, me and my sister saw Fleshgod Apocalypse last week along with 3 other bands I had never heard of (Obscura, Wolfheart and Thulcandra) the other bands were good but FGA were SO good!!! I highly recommend seeing them if you get the chance

No. 288903

Posting vidrel to show some appreciation for non-English bands, I don't know a word of Czech but this sounds really cool. I wish there was more music made in the band members' respective mother tongues anyway. A band from my country makes songs in both English and my language, and the latter almost always sound better because it's the composer's mother tongue and you can hear some thought went into it.

No. 289688


No. 289800

Good vid, nonna but this ain't metal, mosey on over to the Temporal Music thread for discussion

No. 290935

No. 290936

No. 290960

I miss this Mushroomhead so much.

No. 290962

I love Nothing's vocals and Schmotz's keyboards

No. 291838

Celeste new album is great and they are finally coming to my city for the first time this summer.

No. 291846

Since most slam sucks ass this is for my nonnas into slam!

No. 291909

No. 292041

No. 292660

This is because some genres have a lot of crossover with hardcore punk such as sludge and thrash metal. Just stand in the back with all the old fucks, on the sides, or the VERY front. Mosh always happens in the middle towards the front. I always see women in the pit in my location and even though I don't participate, I acknowledge it's just a way to get energy out and is part of the culture. It's like bitching about someone headbanging too hard.

I'm surprised this is the thing that bugs you because there's tons of horrid concert goers that are both men and women but the thing that really bugs me is people not knowing how to navigate through the fucking crowd or adult children who cannot handle their liquor/drugs and pass out or throw up before the show starts. Worst offender ime is women who will walk through the crowd to go to the bathroom, won't dare to push or even TOUCH a man, but will somehow think it's ok to push me out of my spot and rub their hands all over me. I've had to judo strike a few cunts for that and they always back off because they know what they did. Not sure if they see me as competition (sad mindset) or they just really wanted to feel me up but moids are not the only ones to be pissed about. People in general are just really fucking ignorant. The more junkie the crowd, the worse the experience gets. I find people at black metal and groove metal (although that's a very broad term) shows to be the most courteous. Genre's where people are more in their shell or just have nerdier demographics.

No. 292664

No. 292669

And here's some doom with great vocals by a woman. Enchanting af.

No. 293528

Any recs for all-female thrash/death/prog bands? I've been listening to Crypta's debut album and love their sound as well as Fefe's positive and empowering lyrics. They are imo even better lyricists than Schuldiner despite being inspired by him.
Castrator is decent- great compositions, great riffs, love the singer, but while the lyrics are satisfyingly moid-hating they feel so empty. I guess I'm more into poetic lyricism as opposed to "crushed by men I hope they die stick a needle in your eye" or w/e.
It can be anti-scrote or political but doesn't have to be, I just want cool Carcass-tier lyrics.

No. 293721

a classic

No. 293726

this song was one of the first metal songs I'd listen to, it still brings me back

No. 294089

No. 294193

No. 295103

No. 295138

No. 295917

ahhh nonnie I’m so happy to see this here! I was obsessed with zombie ghost train! I’m so sad they dont exist anymore

No. 295918

ahhh nonnie I’m so happy to see this here! I was obsessed with zombie ghost train! I’m so sad they dont exist anymore

No. 296676

Farewell to another legend, Dark Fortress just finished their last tour. Anyone else go? Their sound may have changed quite significantly between the first and last release (Azathoth's melodic black sound vs Morean's classical influence) but they consistently put out great work. Every release was a self-contained concept album with a story which seems to have fallen out of favour these days, you can tell despite their infrequent output the boys put a lot of love into their work. Hard to choose a single song to post, hope someone enjoys this one.

No. 296682

No. 298529

I know this is months and months late, but the best way i deal with the bullshit from the metal community is to simply not interact with them in any capacity. I just listen to the music on spotify and bandcamp and do not engage, granted i still hear about some bullshit through the grapevine. It sucks because metal is the only genre of music that appeals to my angsty side and I can properly engage with on an artistic level. For much of the reasons as you, it's a big reason why I have avoided going to metal shows as well as racism. I personally feel like there isn't a single genre of music that was truly made with specifically someone like me in mind or that i won't be isolated from fanbase, so silently enjoying music on my own is something i am stuck doing.

No. 298581

File: 1685007544478.jpg (107.52 KB, 640x640, tour.jpg)

Hey metal-nonnies, my favourite band Ignea will go on a tour in Europe! They will visit my country and I'm so excited! Unfortunately, the tour is shared with a bunch of other bands I've never listened to: Fear Factory, Butcher Babies and Ghosts Of Atlantis. Nonas have you heard these bands and what do you think of them?

No. 298593

Fear Factory is kind of a butt metal edgy 00s band. But they're probably the band that does it the best. Some of their songs are pretty grandiose actually like Zero Signal or Pisschrist. I think their vocalist is a rape baby, so it influenced a lot of their angst. But he left the band for some reason. so if you see them on tour now, it's not going to be the same band, unless their new vocalist kicks ass. I dunno.

No. 298595

Okay thanks nona, it doesn't sound very appealing (literally). Weird how they tour together when ignea has completely different sound. Melodic metal with female vocals.

No. 298625

No. 298627

Don't let worries about potential shitty people keep you from going to shows! Metal is one of those genres that really tends to lose something in recordings vs live, kind of like jazz or punk. There's something about the energy of a live show that can't be duplicated.

Maybe you could dip your toes in the water by waiting for groups that have higher concentrations of female fans to have shows near you? Maybe it's just the bands I like, but I've never had a particularly bad experience with other metalheads. If anything, they've been more respectful and polite than the average moid I am forced to interact with in public. The worst has been dudes being kind of inconsiderate of others' personal space, but that happens in any crowded venue. I can't speak to racism, but at most of the shows I go to the crowd is pretty diverse.

It is kind of an odd combination, but it's not that uncommon for record labels to group random acts together if they have somewhat similar demographics and it's probably pretty hard to figure out who to group with Ignea since their sound is pretty unique. I think the most similar to Ignea in that lineup is probably Ghosts of Atlantis but the vocal style is totally different.

No. 299537

So jealous you get to see Ignea, they have become one of my favorite bands in the past few months. I live in America so I will probably not be seeing them anytime soon, especially with what's going on in Ukraine right now.

As for the other bands I've never heard of them except Butcher Babies, which I haven't listened to in a long time. I don't remember liking their music but it probably isn't terrible. Anyways, I hope you have a good time regardless

No. 300020

No. 300286

Thank you anon! I might consider doing that. Tbh i am very nervous about going to concerts alone in general, especially since they happen in the evening.

No. 302230

So Kamelot came out with a new album recently. I almost feel like it could have been called "Haven reloaded" because most of the songs sound like their previous albums, especially Haven. I'm not even really complaining since I loved Haven, but I still felt like it could have been more original. That being said this album has some excellent songs on it, my favorite one is Eventide, and I guess it's ties with Opus of the Night which is a sequel to Ghost Opera. As someone who was a big fan of Ghost Opera back in the day the song made me kind of emotional. I wish they would have made an actual video for it hough, not just a lyric video. Missed opportunity.

No. 303426

No. 304226

No. 304508


No. 306236

No. 307823

No. 308320

She's so cool and her uncleans are amazing

No. 308787

Supreme taste nonnie. I've seen Arch Enemy a couple of times and she's so gorgeous irl. I also love the song she did with Nita Strauss, I've been playing it non-stop at the gym.

No. 308788

No. 308999

>Heavy Metal / NWOBHM
>Thrash Metal
>Black Metal
>Doom Metal

>US Power Metal
>80s German Power
>Speed Metal
>Sludge Metal

>Folk/Viking/Pagan Metal
>Gothic Metal
>Grindcore Metal
>Heavier Glam
>Groove Metal
>'90s Metalcore

>Drone Doom
>Flower Metal
>Funeral Doom
>Medieval Folk Metal
>Industrial Metal
>Melodeath Metal
>Tech Death

>Modern Metalcore
>Symphonic Metal
>Brutal Death Metal
>Slam Death Metal
>"Alternative" Metal / Hard Alternative


No. 309013

What about disco metal?

No. 309198

>putting drone doom, funeral doom, and medieval folk metal in low-tier
You're wrong. Bottom-tier and false-tier are all true though.

No. 309456

No. 309812

I'm personally offended you put modern metalcore and symphonic metal at the bottom, that's like 75% of what I listen to kek.

No. 309967

this list doesn't make any sense when you consider that 99% of bands have overlap and don't fall into one genre and are sometimes hard to just narrow down to two or three

No. 314212

Don't "anon…" me I don't care, the guitar solo is actually good.

No. 314907

Anon's a basic poser. Sludge and groove pretty much go in the same category since Phil Anselmo has a lot to do with the making of both of those genres. And both of those categories should be at the very top of the entire list.

No. 314908

God I love you.

No. 321815

I know Epica is perhaps a bit cheesy compared to a lot of other stuff posted here but I'll be seeing them live at a festival later this year and I'm so excited. I can't wait to hear Simone live.

No. 323871

Epica is my favorite band of all time, they have been for 10 years. I finally got to see them live for the first time last year in NY (I don't live there) last year on their tour with Sabaton. It was pretty amazing, that being said I got there only like 10 minutes before the show due to taking the wrong subway, also the line outside was insane, so I didn't get to be as close to the stage as I wanted. Apparently Epica almost didn't make it to that show because their van/bus broke down. Also the concert was only an hour. Simone sounded pretty good, although her voice sounded much higher to me than it does in recordings, but I took some videos and in the videos her voice sounds like it usually does, so idk what was up with that. I really want to see them live again, but IDK when they'll be in America again. I'm so jealous anon, I hope you have a great time at the festival!

No. 324342

that's interesting to hear cause I personally find metal lyrics more relatable on the whole, there's a lot more exploration of themes considered too dark or heavy for other music and as someone with a lot of trauma it makes me feel less alone. I guess it depends on genre as well I like a lot of mixed vocals and go for interesting dynamic sound over heavy for heavy sake. Starting to find more female fronted bands as well with growling and it makes me happy

No. 324466

Eleine's new album slaps

No. 324533


Madeleine Liljestam has the voice of an angel and is such a sweetheart. Shame she botched her face with fillers, she used to look so cute before Eleine.

No. 327772

No. 330816

Out of all the BMSS clones The Gates is definitely the best imo.

No. 331543

Dunno what the consensus is on Cradle of Filth here but I recently relistened to Midian and I enjoyued it more than I thought I would.

No. 345777

No. 347515

Fuck them they´re pro hamas

No. 349721

Been listening to old Therion, gives me so much nostalgia.

No. 349738

File: 1705665535626.jpg (51.54 KB, 412x600, onielar.jpg)

what do you nonnies think about her? i really like her in bethlehem, i genuinely love what she does with her voice, and i really think she added to the band's sound. it's just that i can't get myself to listen to DNS on account of the lame name kek. maybe that's shallow of me. she looks cool though

No. 350414

File: 1705864344678.jpg (702.41 KB, 2560x1829, 02_02-scaled-679709527.jpg)

Nonas I posted ages ago about going to see Ignea live, and I did! So lucky that the band was able to get out of Ukraine, and they all had gotten a cold during the tour but were able to play anyway. They were easily the best band.
God I fangirled so hard when I saw Helle, she is just amazing. Did anyone else see them during this tour?

What the actual fuck? How does a metal band turn pro-muslim terrorism? They know they would be a target right?
Fuck yeah I love Therion so much!

No. 350600

Is anyone else really annoyed by how pro-troon heavy metal circles are? You'd expect them to not be afraid of "controversial" opinions given that they'll happily scream lyrics about murder, war, rape, mutilation, torture, kids dying, satanism etc but the second you imply a man in a dress isn't a woman suddenly THAT's going to far?

No. 350646

Yeah it's strange. Misogynistic lyrics are totally o-kay or get passed off as "artsy and totes not literal" but if some bandmember tweets something about trannies they're canceled.

No. 350752

It's not strange, misogyny and troonism go hand in hand. Which bandmembers have been cancelled, anyone famous?

No. 351548

Wooo nonny I'm so happy for you. Literally listening to Ignea as I scrolled past your post lol. I'm an Amerifag but hopefully I will get to see them someday.

No. 351626

I hope you get to see them on a tour too someday nona! They deserve to get big. And of course, they deserve peace in their country. Which is your fave Ignea song btw?

No. 351709

because the tranny cult is a groomer paradise and a lot of men in music are perverts

No. 351757

Thank you nona! My favorite song of them is probably Mermaids, or it's definitely the one I've listened to on repeat the most. But I also really like Black Flames, Alexandria is another favorite.

No. 351991

Oh Mermaids is great, it's so powerful! Black flame is amazing too. I'm otherwise really partial to their newest album, Helle's growling has levelled up and I like the eastern influences like in Nomad's luck.

No. 354784

Saw that earlier tonight and was glad to see someone mention Symphony X as it is one of the first Metal bands I listened to 16-17 years ago when I started branching out into the different metal chapels.
What are you nonna's 5 underrated metal bands/one man band/solo project? Mine are Symphony X, Bal Sagoth, Dragonland, Seventh Wonder and the last one's a one man band that's very eclectic, David TMX. There used to be Wintersun on that list a long time ago, way before the Time II Album controversy and Ebegging of the band to get to leave their label. But I'm curious to see your underrated bands and give em a listen

No. 358521

Falconer is one of my fav bands, they were/are criminally underrated though unfortunately they're no longer a band. Unleash the Archers, though they're getting more famous. Ignea, they've been discussed in this thread a lot. Aeternam, a Canadian middle eastern-themed metal band. I also think Dark Moor is underrated, though they've been around for 20+ years so they probably have a sizable following, but I hardly ever see them mentioned anywhere. I know there's more, but I can't really think of them at the moment.

No. 358729

God I hope Ministry's new album is good. Moral Hygiene was pretty good, so I'm hopeful.(embed)

No. 360351

No. 360395

>how pro-troon heavy metal circles
Is this an american thing? Here in Europe the metal scene is still pretty conservative and make jokes about people with pronouns and wokie shit like this

No. 360399

>What the actual fuck? How does a metal band turn pro-muslim terrorism? They know they would be a target right?
They cancelled a gig in Israel, the promoter lost lots of money as it was unplanned and not rescheduled. Dani Filths girlfriend is also pretty obvious on the Palestine side so I guess they share an opinion.

No. 360484

>metal scene is still pretty conservative

Since when has metal ever been considered conservative? When I think of heavy metal I do not think of John McCain or Margaret Thatcher

No. 360521

No. 360727

New single from Unleash the Archers. The song/album is about AI. This video was made with an AI generator from art from a single artist. Not sure how to feel since it's not my favorite subject but the song is really good

No. 360742

Last time I went to a black metal show (Wolves in the Throne Room), there was a troon (obviously dressed in skimpy clothes, no women were dressed like him) everyone was eyeing him and making fun of him. He was alone with no friends. I saw him walking to the women's bathroom and women were waiting outside for him to come out.

No. 361771

>The song/album is about AI.
>This video was made with an AI generator from art from a single artist.
AI videos are so fucking ugly.

No. 361955

I think the video looks great, it says it's "Created in Unreal Engine 5 and animated in Stable Diffusion with AI models trained on the licensed artwork of a single artist." Not entirely sure what specifically that means, but it wasn't totally made with AI at any rate, at least it's not like images mashed together with midjourney or something. Then again I'm not super into animation though, I prefer music videos with real people, so I'm usually not one to judge whether animation is good or bad.

But yeah, it's a topic I'm tired of hearing about, I wish they had picked a different one. Still looking forward to the new album though. Hopefully they will make another album soon after. They were on hiatus for a while because the lead singer had a baby last year.

No. 361976

The backgrounds are really nice, but the characters with the constantly moving parts and folds in clothing that move even when they're standing still is going to look so dated in a few years.

No. 363296

File: 1710688780314.jpg (10.68 KB, 225x225, images(1).jpg)

I went to see pic related the other day and it was seriously the best show I've been to in the last year. Any eurononnies who get the chance should see them while they're on tour

No. 366869

I'm not into black metal at all but I kind of want to try getting into it. Any recommendations? No burzum pls

No. 366873

Rotting Christ are decent. Check their song "orders from the dead" as well, it features one of my favorite songs and it's about a genocide the greek people experienced at the hands of the ottmans.

No. 366912

I like Master's Hammer, their vocals especially sound good (all in Czech!)
Oh this is cool, thanks for the rec!

No. 366916

No problem!

No. 366921

Schammasch is my favorite BM band and they are very underrated imo.

No. 367053

Thanks anon, fitting since I've recently gotten interested in the ottoman empire

Awesome, I like the cover

Thank you, I'll check them out too

No. 367059

File: 1712016641576.jpg (414.6 KB, 1200x1271, 1000010082.jpg)

No songs to post but apparently there is a Megadeth manga…

No. 367060

File: 1712016697819.jpg (133.92 KB, 563x756, 1000010081.jpg)

No. 367061

File: 1712016865899.png (1.54 MB, 1079x1106, 1000010085.png)

Apparently this is the cover

No. 367064

File: 1712018270083.png (565.76 KB, 640x419, IMG_5597.png)

Holy shit! I think this is from something called Suicide Assistance or something like that by Kishida Koi. I think the character’s design was based on Dave Mustaine but he was named something else.

No. 367067

File: 1712018869896.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1242x1225, IMG_0667.jpeg)

Samefag, found a link to some auction site that has it listed by googling 自殺志願. Looks like Alice Cooper is in it too?

No. 367178

This looks amazing, I want to read it.

No. 367248

File: 1712080596408.png (96.43 KB, 239x400, 1669726173909.png)

>Metal guy gets his shirt chainsawed off
Muy bueno.

No. 369104

Miserere Luminis

No. 369527

Nta but damn, thanks for posting. I really like this.

No. 369530

Manga husbando Dave Mustaine, hell yeah. Speaking of him, I discovered vidrel happened, and according to the comments, he tried to tarnish Alice in Chains's reputation by printing and distributing pictures of Layne Staley during his hair metal days, so Staley replied with this.

No. 369615

I remember I found out about this back in 2022. I want to read shoujo manga about metalheads so bad, can someone scan it

No. 369618

This got recommended after your video and I can't decide whether it's goofy or fucking amazing. James has a better voice imo but this sounds so much like young Dave it's scary.

No. 369765

Heve you nonas heard of Helvete aka Noseblood records had a huge fire recently. They’re currently collecting on their gofund me. I just wonder if they have no insurance? Maybe the fire is no accident and insurance won’t give them anything?


No. 369766

File: 1712858182731.jpeg (271.49 KB, 828x808, IMG_5876.jpeg)

No. 369767

How much valuable/historical stuff was salvaged? Do we know yet?

No. 369769

Maybe because it looks like it was a fire hazard waiting to happen?

No. 369931

The thing is that Noseblood doesn’t seem to be active on social media themselves so the shares for the gofundme are mostly from bands. So nobody really knows what was saved or what exactly was damaged. I’m gonna tinfoil and say it’s an attempt at insurance fraud.

No. 369994

I would also check out Sombres Forêts and Gris, Miserere Luminis is members of both bands.

No. 370003

File: 1712957776284.jpeg (255.31 KB, 975x960, neseblod1.jpeg)

Looks like they have an instagram. https://www.instagram.com/greteneseblod/
The first floor of the shop is fine and the iconic black metal wall's alright. Seems like they can save a lot of stuff

No. 371555

File: 1713375832467.jpeg (237.45 KB, 828x1472, B56A668A-AC30-40BF-9FA1-076299…)

I think this is the correct one. There are a few fakes floating around but this one was linked by Darkthrone.

No. 371572

This ironically looks like a cover of a black metal album.

No. 372138

I know some people don't consider metalcore metal, but I've been liking the last releases of I Prevail. At least I think they are metalcore.

No. 372146

What other bands should I check out if I really enjoyed Death's album Symbolic? Everything about it is perfect to me, I've been listening to it every day for months.

No. 372510

I couldn't get into their album Trauma and haven't listened to it since. How does the new album compare?

No. 372532

I was just bumping this song today haha I love it and Bow Down the best

No. 372938

I listened to some Death albums and really liked the instrumental, but the style of the vocals is not for me, even knowing that the vocalist was very praised… Maybe check out Morbid Angel? The embedded song is my favorite one by them, but it's not really a metal song.

Well, I'm not that good at describing music but I found that the albuns are very consistent with each other (not sure about their earlier work, i did not get into it), so if you didn't like Trauma you might not like True Power too. Each album got 13 songs, which I think is a lot, some of them fell a bit filler-y, I only loved about 5 songs from each. Overall, Trauma sounds a little sadder than True Power, but honestly most songs would fit into both of them, to me.

No. 372961

If you like Death, you'd probably like Obituary. Their album Cause of Death is pretty good

No. 385174

Probably no one gives a shit but Nightwish released a new single. I don't like their newer music as much as some of their old stuff but I can't help but check it out anyways.

No. 385229

I'm on the same boat. Although I like the lyrics from their albums with Floor, the sound itself is a bit uninspired imo.
Ngl, I kinda miss when Tuomas wrote more sentimental stuff lol

No. 385747

Lol I agree. I feel like they try a bit too hard to be highbrowish with those lyrics and visuals tbh. I wish Tuomas let Floor do operatic vocals.

No. 387437

trying to find all the music i had on an old computer that died recently, finally remembered this god-tier album after searching through bolt thrower soundalikes. i wouldn't consider a lot of death metal bands to be pinnacles of poetic lyricism but these guys are actually pretty good. hope someone else enjoys.

No. 387468

I know Todd Jones is a stupid asshole, but this is my anti-troon anthem

Man this slaps, but the mix is so shrill it kind of makes my ears bleed after a while

No. 389521

Have you guys heard the new Post Human: Nex Gen album by Bring Me The Horizon?
I found it too uninspired, sadly I haven't been enjoying their new stuff for a while now, they collab with great artists and the songs still turn out unremarkable imo.

No. 393666

File: 1718797780245.webp (Spoiler Image,56.3 KB, 600x600, fe366fe404428060c08a11e1b77d0a…)

Yeah, I only liked maybe one song and die4u that's been out for years now. They've fallen off a lot in recent years.
Was wondering if there's any metal groups that do these kinds of guro/obscene shirts like this band (spoilered for explicit sexual gore), but male of course. If any nonnies know anything like that, please tell!

No. 399376

File: 1720544595849.jpg (474.89 KB, 1638x2048, 14195391984820524.jpg)

Do any of you know a BM band that makes music with themes of misandry? Does that even exist? I just want musc with themes of violence towards men kek.

No. 401628

hi nonas im not really into metal but i really like this band their lyrics are fun and cool dark fantasy stuff

No. 401691

Fuck I love strangehouse

No. 401932

I'm drunk and I'm blasting vidrel for the whole neighborhood to hear, I hope they are happy.

No. 401963

File: 1721078089273.jpg (64.22 KB, 750x750, mootal.jpg)

Mfw the metal thread is active again

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