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No. 49127

Previous : >>>/meta/47621

No. 49130

File: 1671966460591.jpg (14.48 KB, 867x67, 1671965716575.jpg)

Dear shayna admin, can you please update the banners before you freeze the website out? and take out the pork chop one. Please…

No. 49134

someday we will be free

No. 49140

I can't be the only one noticing all the weird shit around the Shayna thread? Unsaged dumb shit, "radfag", the stuff in /ot/ it comes off like a samefag.

No. 49143

I'm pretty sure reports don't do anything right now

No. 49144

they must be spending their time with their family reeeeee we need neet asocial farmhands

No. 49146

I just wish she'd give an update, when will lc be fixed, at least let us have a month together

No. 49147

maybe I should apply but then again I'd probably ban anyone insulting one another because I hate conflict, so no, I shouldn't.
eh she should spend the rest of the christmas doing her own thing, better that then an explosive burnout (like what almost happened). lc isn't gonna die.

No. 49148

>maybe I should apply but then again I'd probably ban anyone insulting one another because I hate conflict, so no, I shouldn't.
this is what this website needs tho

No. 49149

Agreed x2

No. 49150

Unironically yes, I have a feeling she doesn't mean disagreeing but the overall hostile shit slinging and that's all this site ever really needs to worry about.
Its a lot funnier with the infighting allowed everywhere however.

No. 49151

I just wish she'd admit oldmin never left and shaymin is just a cover. Everyone knows by now anyway.

No. 49152

I don't buy this tinfoil. The previous admin took plenty of shit from the userbase and some of it was really hateful. The only time she snapped was when she closed /2X/.

No. 49153

Can we please be able to embed videos and social media posts by just sharing the link like on lipstick alley with this update

No. 49154

this was posted on cc but Elaine or Blaine or whatever posted a faildox on kiwifarms about some rando : https://kiwifarms.net/threads/lolcow-farm.11942/post-13999401 report for retardation

No. 49156

if it is shaymin, I just wanna say I appreciate that she listens to JOJ and Scarling.

No. 49157

Hehe Awww. It’s literally some random person they just based off personality and other surface level stuff tho kek and a nonny went through the zip file and there is nothing of value there either. It’s a faildox

No. 49158

I don't hit others when they're down, full disavow. Looks like what Elaine had in her server that gets leaked everywhere tho.
Merry Christmas

No. 49159

This site isn't working on my home connection but it does at work… hmm

The dns error message comes up…

Is the site still undergoing the maintenance???

No. 49160

It’s going through DNS propagation and should be coming back soon for all nonnies soon

No. 49162

Pure unfiltered cope to censor information. Why are you, a nonnie, larping as admin to gaslight people into dismissing a post?
Let people make up their own minds rather than just crying faildox like Dynastia and every other scrote who got MAD over their shit dropping.

No. 49164

This is all off a first name and random information. Nonas in the bunker threads on CC mentioned Blaine talking about this faildox on his streams.

No. 49165

I can't use lc on VPN on my computer but I can use broken kiwifarms but I can't access kiwifarms on mobile but can access regular lc

No. 49168

there is absolutely no one fucking here ever since the disaster. This place is like a ghost town. I know some nonnies are having issues accessing the site, I wonder what percentage that is? It's seeming like most people have packed their bags and given up.

No. 49169

Yeah it doesn't make sense to dox someone throwing in the towel unless you actually think you're sure of it. Good luck though.

No. 49170

There's a reason I didn't pursue or put out more information three months agomainly knowing the admin would melt down like this, seems to be confirmed that kiwi account is Elaine's.
As such all the information is false on record, it's a complete faildox founded on information I purposefully falsified.
Merry Christmas.

No. 49171

Blaine doesn’t even know what day it is nonnie he wouldn’t even be able to faildox let alone actually dox are we talking about the same Blaine???

No. 49172

Elaine is actually a competent doxer when she’s not snorting lines of coke. Blaine is a schizophrenic tranny and I feel like Elaine gave up on KF during the leaks anyway

No. 49174

Totally not Elaine or Blaine

No. 49177

Yeah but Blaine wouldn’t have come up with that himself anyway so it doesn’t prove anything other than him either sending round someone else’s information or sending round someone else’s fail dox he coulda got from anywhere

No. 49178

IP addresses of farmhands sounds pretty serious…?

No. 49181

There is no evidence this happened post screencaps or btfo

No. 49186

The confidence you have to talk about things you clearly don’t understand lol
Second hand embarrassment is real. Please stop larping as if you actually know what you’re looking at lol

No. 49191

> Elaine is actually a competent doxer

No. 49192

I am the anon from the CC thread. The "LCF.zip" is something Elaine has been passing around for almost a year if not more than a year. I don't have any inside info but what it looks like is one of her skript kiddie friends ran some kind of scan and found files that were left exposed on the server. Nothing was hacked. There is nothing useful there. Years old IP addresses are of no value whatsoever. The only thing I learned is that Admin was a vim-using Stacey.

No. 49193

File: 1672040618656.jpeg (56.4 KB, 523x640, CE2EFBD9-1DBE-470B-83FD-0EFA90…)

Cp spam

No. 49194

They genuinely can't access and since admin said it will fix itself in a few days, they're probably waiting it out. Apparently it has to do with Internet providers.

No. 49195

File: 1672042114654.jpg (18.7 KB, 900x123, lcad.jpg)

No. 49196

I haven’t had access since the 19th. I turned on a vpn even. No luck. It only works when I’m off wifi. I’m just now realizing. Wtf happened

No. 49197

does she expects the new admin to fix the ip accesss issue ?

No. 49198

She said it will take up to three days for lc to start working normally for everyone. She only reinstated lc yesterday so there's still like a day and a half left

No. 49199

oh that's good actually, could you find the screenshot of her saying that

No. 49201

could someone post the link to the lolcow discord? i can't access the link on the top of the page

No. 49203

>refuses help all year
>screeches at anyone who tries
>"oh wow, much help, so positive"

Honestly, I'm glad it's ending. We went from ghost admin to oldmin and people thought it would mean positive change. Old/shaymin promised to bring lolcow back to the good old days then immediately fucked that up. Anons policing each other and bullying newfags or the unintegrated? Absolutely not. Only admin and her clique of friends installed as farmhands may have any power. So things started to break down quicker. And with all the farmhands being buddies, it meant that any mistakes (or vendettas) were dismissed and it was obviously users that were the problem. Disagree with that and old/shaymin would start talking about post histories as a flex. And of course, the lynxchan debacle. Spend three years supposedly getting things ready and then completely fuck it all up. And sure, maybe choosing the most retarded time of the year to do it was an accident. Or maybe it was a real convenient excuse to throw yet another tantrum about the users and blame everything on them.

tl;dr we started with a moid and ended with a power-hungry bpdfag.

No. 49204

And I didn't even mention all the fun stuff like red text on bans being used like 5% of the time, so people had no idea if the report feature was actually doing anything and no guidance on what was OK.

No. 49206

>the site is going to die soon no matter what
It's weird how people fall for easily disprovable misinformation like this.
Anyway can you provide proof of most nonnies being banned or warned by the mods when they police one another? I'm afraid that I don't understand because I see disagreements
constantly and yet usually only the most deranged ones get banned.

No. 49208

shaymin has indeed fucked up but believe it or not it is not the end of the site, we have gone through worse. don't buy into tranny gaslight propaganda.

No. 49209

Anons literally complained about sperging mods when redtexts were used a lot, it's lose/lose I guess

No. 49211

I miss when newfags used to get ruthlessly bullied by other anons for the lack of integration. Now you just get told to "calm down" by twitterfags who run rampant here except for a few threads. Oldfags feel like a minority now but it's not like moderation can control the demographic of users here except for policing their behaviour. I also wish some of the most derailed threads had a little clarification post from admin or a farmhands (like they used to) so anons would stop going in circles with accusations and infighting. However I don't think the site is going to die over something as trivial as this. It's more likely to continue morphing into a shadow of it's former self than anything.

No. 49212

I'm sure you are you pathetic cow. kys

No. 49213

Tranny posted a thread in ot.

No. 49214

Shaymin didn't fuck up. Everything was going as it should. The new site software was working with a few issues that she was fixing. All that was required was for anons to be patient and the new site would have been functional in a few days. She is being screamed at and blamed for things like DNS propagation that she has no control over. The collective IQ of farmers is now in the gutter and we deserve what we get.

No. 49215

>>>/ot/1455990 Bait thread

No. 49216

>>>/ot/1455944 Another one

No. 49217

CP IN /m/

No. 49219

its been a fucking week this website is left unmoderrated this is annoying

No. 49220

Cp still in /m/…

No. 49221

haven't been able to access lc until now (only with mobile data). This post sums up everything I feel p much.

No. 49222

moid spam in /ot/ WAKE UPPP

No. 49223

No offense but there is no real reason for DNS propagation to take this long. I'm not shitting on any of the administration but to keep yelling "propagation" at everyone who's still miffed that the website is unaccessible a week after the initial "propagation" is retarded at best and trolling at worst.

No. 49224

I don't buy it either because if it was old admin she would know by now that fucking up like this would get her hung and quatered. I also don't think we actually had any huge technical issues while under the old admin? Some short downtimes sometimes but nothing major like we've had with this one. Old admin seemed to at least somewhat know what she was doing with the technical aspects of the site. This new one is ridiculous and the statements and replies she keeps giving are very reminiscent of the 2X debacle which makes me wonder if Shaymin isn't part of the people pushing the oldmin tinfoil

No. 49225

It's drawn and quartered. Reading your post made me embarrassed for you.

No. 49226

kek over one ESL mistake? you sound sensitive

No. 49228

I think most people are pissed because she didn't communicate any of that

It's actually hung, drawn, and quartered or drawn and quartered so neither of you is wrong just one of you forgot a step, now stfu and stay on topic.

No. 49231

I never said she was required to communicate with people, just that is likely the reason people are upset; no one likes being in the dark.

No. 49233

no it's just that most of europe can't access lc right now so the conclusion you can draw is that eurofags are the worst posters


fuck the users? didn't shaymin already say the dns is finished propagating in the last thread? and when people said it's still not working she called us retarded and said it's an isp thing? even though you can still use farmcow? so how is it?
it's true that she doesn't owe us anything but neither do we. lolcow wouldn't exist without its users

No. 49234

gtfo blaine

No. 49235

hey tranny, you both suck how about that

No. 49238

lolcow.farm is still down for me. farmcow.lol works but it needs to be mirrored. Are things going to stay like that as long as we don't have a new admin?

No. 49239

So is anything being moderated right now? Not sure if the sites safe to scroll or if I should just stick to my threads for now.

No. 49241

Honestly fucking wish we could do something about it. It’s sick that shit can be posted unmoderated and the mods are “annoyed” so they just keep that garbage up. It’s not a funny game, it’s actually shit that needs to be reported to the fbi and removed. But some fking farmers were rude so I guess it’s fine to have that sick shit up. Ugh. If that’s how it’s gonna be I’m not even against pulling the plug.

No. 49242

The issues were supposed to be fixed today, how long is it supposed to take

No. 49243

Honestly, I think if the mods/admin won't remove it or do anything about it, WE can report it to the feds, can't we?

No. 49244

Yeah but we also don’t have any ips/info other than the pics, if it comes up obviously report it to the fbi aswell but it’s fucked it’d even get to that point. We shouldn’t have to be traumatizing ourselves, it should be dealt with considering what it is.

No. 49245

Lot of tranny psyops going on about wanting to "pull the plug", they can't even change up the language they use.

No. 49249

So your solution to a website that's broken to half of its users is to just tell them to leave? If the internet wasn't working people would be complaining about it so idek what point you're trying to make.

No. 49251

lmao pull the plug is the word shaymin herself used, thats why were using it. not everyone is a tranny, we’re just sick of actual troons/moids shitting up the site w cp. it’s gross & it’s sick and they honestly deserve to be locked tf up with the key tossed far, far away.

No. 49252

I don't want to see that shit either but why not leave, say your leaving even, vs suggesting to take the site down? That's why it sounds like tranny psyops. He literally is trying in collaboration with Elaine to take down the site. Giving those two a win would be intolerable.

No. 49254

go be fat somewhere else you bring no value anywhere blaine

No. 49255

I'd rather a dozen Elaines than one tranny

No. 49257

Trust me we all want the site to stay up. But if it becomes just a tranny cp haven because there’s no moderation, one nonnie leaving isn’t going to make a difference. I don’t want a “competition” I’d rather keep our site alive and safe but there’s also so many victims. Seeing it is already traumatizing for us, but those are real children being harmed. mods need to shut it down asap even if they don’t wanna mod anything else. Like I’ll take dumb infighting and unsaged posts as long as the sites safe.

No. 49259

I am with you on it being traumatizing. I am a CSA survivor and every time I see it I have the most intense fight or flight reflex that I can't get out of sometimes for a couple days. But if anything it shows you the nature of trannies: get told to fuck off and he's not one of the girls and this is the result. I will never let him score a win by doing this and will do anything in my power to keep this site or it's successor alive. It is that important to me. There are so few female spaces.

No. 49261

Samefag here, but I agree w/ >>49259. btw I worded it bad but I meant have the mods shut down the cp asap not the site lol. I wanna keep the site up, but as a safe space for us.

No. 49262

the quick replies and the navigation arrows for the top and bottom of the page seem to be broken though

No. 49263

File: 1672178506830.png (130.38 KB, 869x630, Screenshot 2022-12-27 17.00.54…)

you can also go to developer tools (Ctrl+Shift+J) and disable the 'transform' css under 'elements'

No. 49264

samefag ctrl-shift-J in Chrome I forget what it is in Firefox something similar

No. 49265

File: 1672178876625.png (83.45 KB, 480x280, C2Pk6WUWEAI55Fv.png)

even better, this one keeps the navigation arrows and the quick replies working. thanks!

No. 49266

F12 works for firefox

No. 49267

I've made several sites and did Linux server administration and I've never had a site DNS take this long to propagate! At most a day.

No. 49268

same, anon, I've never heard of it taking so long, makes me really wonder wtf. Incidentally accessing the site works beautifully from my server (but the site is useless via lynx(browser) over ssh), but not my home PC, also works fine from my phone.

No. 49269

No. 49270

does anyone have a new link to the discord? the link in the banner isnt working.

No. 49271

see >>49202

No. 49272

That post isn't here now.. even tried "find on page" and nothing…. hmm..

No. 49273


No. 49274

File: 1672192616284.png (145.71 KB, 1080x1040, Screenshot_20221227_195026_Fir…)

what did I get permabanned for on mobile? all my posts were deleted but I didn't break any rules and it said it was for no reason. mobile data gives me an ipv6 address, did that have anything to do with it?

No. 49275

>All my post got deleted
They do this when they suspect a tranny or moid. It seems like just yesterday when they used to leave shit up and just red text (I get the deletion when it's just full on spam). Those were simpler times.

No. 49276

agreed, or if their post history is full of bait that anons won't stop replying to.

but I'm neither of those either… can post hand and tampon pix if mods need, have mercy

No. 49277

Did they change the character/word limit? I've been trying to post in a thread on /g/ and it's only 339 words long, and yet I keep getting the message "Body is too long."

No. 49278

It's the only way to know.

No. 49281

It worked but I have to do it whenever I open a new page. Can I make the setting permanent for the site?

No. 49282

Sure pay me two installments on 19.95.

No. 49284

The access issue was supposed to be fixed by yesterday, what's the hold up

No. 49285

I just found about famcow.lol and it’s the only way I can access the site. I don’t need to mirror it though or safari does that automatically

No. 49287

I'm interested in picking up the site. I have some experience. Who and where is admin to talk about database and things? On success it will run on lynxchan as if nothing happened.

No. 49288

contact her then

No. 49289

they must have, same happened to me when i know i’ve posted stuff just as long before

No. 49290

lolcow.farm is still not working for me but farmcow.lol works fine now. Thanks admin.

No. 49291

Shaymin the issue was supposed to be fixed by yesterday

No. 49292

I think the mirroring was at least temporarily undone because I just opened it with firefox and it's not mirrored for me either.

No. 49293

matrix and discord link are 404

No. 49294

Clear your cache and try getting into lolcow

No. 49295

nta but i always use incognito mode and lolcow dot farm still doesn't work

No. 49296

Email: administration@lolcow.farm

No. 49297

Yeah this is the only way I could get in.

No. 49298

cp in /m/

No. 49299

File: 1672245774562.gif (1.81 MB, 500x281, 19B0A3D6-5C26-4DD1-805D-5B54AA…)

Cp in pro ana scumbags thread

No. 49300

we have to wait fucking hours to get rid of cp this is fucking ridiculous at this point

No. 49301

The issue still isn't fixed yet, how more long will it take

No. 49302

It's never going to be fixed, this sites been abandoned.

No. 49303

a new admin is coming

No. 49304

it is known

No. 49305

is it seriously still up?? what the fuck?

No. 49306

All she had to do was sweep and communicate, that was it. It's insane to take a step back and think about what actually did happen here.

No. 49307

cp has been up in the pro ana scumbags thread for 5 hours. seriously wtf are mods playing at

No. 49308

and also /m/

No. 49309

I think 2-3 users have claimed the have emailed shaymin and said the had the qualifications to run it

No. 49310

Saw claims that they sent the poster info to the FBI finally after saying they did it months ago, going to lose a scapegoat but it's worth it for the CP to actually stop.
If they did that which I honestly doubt at this point, it's been all talk and no walk since the start of the new staff regime.

No. 49311

>finally sent it to the fbi months later
so LC is run by chris hansen now?

No. 49312

In that he chronically fucked up getting actual pedophiles yes lmao

No. 49313

>the only time she snapped
are you new?

Except that the point of the tinfoil is that she created a strawman - and a shayfag at that - to take all the blame. And in technical aspects, she was clearly useless. Spent a year telling us lynxchan was underway and almost ready then stopped talking about it. Couldn't fix ban issues. Couldn't fix site issues. Had the same spergouts using the same language as shaymin. Never understood why people pretend oldmin was anything but a cow with a bad case of dunning-kruger.

Well, that's a surprise. Admin seemed so competent and communicative all this time.

No. 49314

I noticed this too, but why implement such a change?

No. 49315

Same. This is why most threads are so slow. Anons who weren’t on CC might not even know about the farmcow mirror and can’t access lolcow at all.

Also, since shaymin is looking for a new admin I was just thinking if we could create a poll for what the userbase actually prioritize. Questions concerning:
>what we want from an admin (communication or a more behind the scenes admin etc)
>what change should be prioritized (catalog search, banners, moderation in different time zones, redtexts, a report system with more emphasis on quantity of reports etc)
>what each anon would want to contribute (no donation, small donations with rewards, donation without reward etc)
>what anons think would keep the scrotes and newfags out (less politics, less normie threads like celebricow, hellweek more often, a harsher report system etc)

For me it was completely unnecessary to give lc a whole new look. It created more problems than solutions and attracted scrotes from other imageboards to fuel this dumpster fire of a situation. The focus should be on the report system and the cp in my opinion.

No. 49317

>For me it was completely unnecessary to give lc a whole new look
I don't think some anons seem to understand that the new site wasn't to give it a new look, it was so we could have better moderation and better site functions overall. That was the whole point, but I guess that's admin's fault for not explaining. It just happened to have a new look because it's a different server/engine/whatever you call it.
There was a word limit on new lolcow too, like 5000 characters.

No. 49319

The current limit is way less than 5000, I think 1500 actually.

No. 49321

File: 1672271410197.jpeg (35.72 KB, 362x261, 4B325724-BE3F-4D8A-BBCB-CC8454…)

Aw just saw admin’s resignation post. Thank you for trying shaymin!

I think a lot of this can be avoided if the next admin actually dares to communicate and ask for help. No person should feel like all of lolcow is on their shoulders, I think many anons would be willing to help with decisions and coding if communicated properly.

No. 49356

Was there any word about this? It’s useless when starting a new thread.

No. 49357

>For me it was completely unnecessary to give lc a whole new look
I'm assuming anons upset about the layout are not coding nerds, the image is the easiest thing to change. The colours can be changed in a second. That was literally the main thing people disliked and the quickest fix.
The idea behind using a newer software was to offer more protection against raids.

No. 49404

I disliked that it looked like new pull and was more welcoming to newfags with the sage function being even easier to use. If I didn't wake up to tumblr/pull with no explanation it wouldn't have been an issue for me as long as threads were transferred. Kinda makes you worry when you've had no explanation that the person steering the ship is trying to dock us at kpop island. No hard feelings towards admin, a lot of anons just didn't know what to think.

No. 49411

Is anyone else having difficulty with connecting to the site? I can't connect using normal wifi anywhere anymore. The site only loads when I use a hotspot or mobile data.

No. 49426

Changing the appearance is trivial. What mattered was ensuring that the site software was working, captcha was functional and that anons could post on the site. Then the appearance could be changed to resemble vichan. There are already image boards using lynxchan that look exactly like vichan. Anyone that couldn't handle the excitement should have just gone outside and touched grass for a few hours instead of having mental breakdown.

No. 49430

/2X/ is back from the dead, never thought she would do that lol

No. 49436

seriously, people are really focusing on the wrong things here. who gives a fuck if the site looked different? why the hell does it matter if it looked like pull, like this is some sort of juvenile competition? why is that even important here? it wasn't like we couldn't change the themes or that we wouldn't be getting the original theme back; it wasn't even finished yet before people started going apeshit on the admin and jumping out of windows. it was actually kind of embarrassing watching all this happen in real time. i mean god fucking damn, i tried not to get too irritated about the screeching but the fact that people are still moaning about "muh themes" is driving me up the wall. i would rather the site looked totally different and not have to deal with cp and gore spammed all over the board than it be the same bullshit we've been going through for the past couple of years. i actually stopped posting here for a long time because i was sick of seeing graphic cp or women with their brains blown out at 2 in the morning when i am not prepared for it. there's nothing wrong with a little change here and there, we can't stay stuck in the past forever, especially when we're dealing with software that is not even recommended for use anymore by the people who made it.

No. 49449

Anons were too worried about looking "girly" (whatever that means) or like PULL/choachan to realize how much a new site could've actually helped

No. 49450

Racebaiters in PT and W

No. 49452

Men from r9k posting in the Dumbass shit thread

No. 49454

Cp in /m/

No. 49455

cp again on the front page wake uppp

No. 49456

Cp in snow

No. 49458

Still cp in /m/

No. 49459

File: 1672336163466.png (86.91 KB, 686x526, 778.png)

Cp in /Snow/ for almost 30 minutes, where the fuck are the mods?(why did you post it, Blaine?)

No. 49462

the lack of moving over threads was the biggest issue for me. and not being able to view the site, like many other anons. Themes are irrelevant, agreed. Security is paramount. But continuation and being able to reference old posts were things I never thought shaymin planned to take away from the users and it was a shock when that happened.

Also a lot of users find holidays stressful and taking away our community at that time probably made them upset. It's a time for venting and posting in /g/ and /ot/, for our little movie nights - all of that is part of lolcow too. Why fuck up the site right when anons might need a place to go? When we might be dealing with misogyny at home or arguing with family about Dylan's womanlarp? It's very odd.

No. 49463

yeah, I want to know also. I'm afraid to go to snow

No. 49464

its gone!!

No. 49473

She said that she would move over the cow threads, and if there was a enough demand for it (which I'm sure there would have been), the off topic threads too.

No. 49477

and reopen /int/

No. 49484

omg yes i totally forgot that

No. 49485

idk where else to post it but KF deleted the faildox of shaymin off their thread about lcf

No. 49487

why does my post on friend finder have '(blaine)'(also Blaine)

No. 49488

Blaine why are you pretending to be 18 years old?

No. 49489

i legitimately am not blaine nor know anything about him

No. 49490

genuinely upset that you nonnies think i'm a tranny

No. 49493

Are you using a vpn?

No. 49497

Tbh I think it might be Elon or someone he is paying or whatever could be planting the cp to get this place shut down. He's doing anything he can rn cuz he's a paranoid terminally online nutjob.

No. 49500

what a retarded take.
All I want for Christmas is a lolcow with captcha/better security protections.

No. 49501

Anon you're schizo af

No. 49505

No. 49510

File: 1672408747500.png (81.97 KB, 1235x387, F3480895-5827-4046-A5C7-C240CD…)

The revisionist newfags who pretend shit like picrel never happened… maybe if the new admin team can get involved in less retarded discord drama we can have a functioning site

No. 49512

you’re part of the problem you insufferable newfag

No. 49514

Ily anon

No. 49515

CP in /m/

No. 49516

CP in /m.

No. 49517

It’s cp on the front page, pls remove it

No. 49519

cp in /m

No. 49520

Why the hell is there more and more cp on m? I saw it last week and it made me vomit out my lunch . Please can the admin moderate better ?

No. 49521

Going off 'omg everyone using a VPN is one person' logic it must be hard to run a website when you and your staff all have rampant, unchecked and unhinged full blown easily diagnosable schizophrenia.

No. 49523

while the site isn't going to literally disappear, it is dying. but that's simply because the entire internet is homogenized as fuck. tiktok and tumblr posters are actively ruining the site and not integating or learning proper etiquette and they are making it impossible to use. i attribute all of the recent overly aggressive posts to newfag tiktok or tumblr posters because they treat posting here like they're sending hate dms to people they're "canceling" on social media. immediately alogging, moving goalposts, ignoring legitimate criticism, all the same as shitty callout posting. it's no coincidence that /w/ and /snow/ have the highest level of infestation, since cows on tiktok and tumblr constantly namedrop the site. now, i have been here for years and seen the site evolve into a more female oriented site, and this is not that. we're basically being raided by those kinds of users bringing homogenized hostility to the site. that coupled with awful trannyposting and CP raids is killing off the actual userbase (me included) and it's very sad. i feel like in a few months the site will be dead if we don't get a good mod to bring the site back on track.

No. 49525

Scrote in ftm thread.

No. 49526

Agree completely. Having been here since the beginning, I rarely come to the website these days because a lot of the shit you're referring to. I think we need new software and mods that give a shit, which would also probably be more possible if they had better tools to protect themselves from raids.

No. 49527

File: 1672439668319.jpg (138.3 KB, 612x900, FlHAFYoWIAAk7r6.jpg)

Is it true that lolcow now has a word limit and can you please get rid of it? the funniest copy pastas and unhinged shit comes from the longer posts, also a lot of wordy anons are excellent at giving advice in one post and just having to split it would be retarded and unhelpful all around. It's not like the scrotes who spam us use big ass wall of texts, they often only post like a link or whatever

No. 49528

yes, plus it will also make thread OP summaries look shitty

No. 49530

Agreed. It's annoying having to read a post broken up in three. What is the point of this word limit?

No. 49532

just to see us suffer

No. 49533

I have a friend and she can't access the website but I can, are the problems still going on?

No. 49534

they must be, because even /snow/ has slowed to a crawl. I can't remember ever seeing a time where there had been no posts on there in 1-2 hours.

No. 49535

Scrote posting in mtf thread.

No. 49537

Wow, a character limit. Thanks for implementing something literally no one asked for instead of fixing one of the shit-zillion actual problems with the site.

No. 49539

I think we should have a newfag thread like this https://choachan.cafe/ot/res/1251076.html#q1251076
To help the newfags.

No. 49540

No, that'll discourage them from lurking and figuring things out on their own (which filters out the decent ones from the worst ones imo).

No. 49542

-Add rules for 2X on the rules page
-Take the pinkpill thread thing out of /ot/ rules

No. 49544

It doesn't take long to figure out how to quote or sage or delete, there's no need to make a new thread showing newfags how to. What's stopping them from lurking? Having a thread like that will encourage newfags to avoid lurking and instead bring over their retardation from other sites without trying to understand this one.

No. 49553

Plenty of anons still cant access the regular lolcow.farm link, nice to know we were right that the DNS propagation was just a scapegoat lie and lolcor will stay dead until a new admin takes up the mantle and meanwhile we got…an unmirrored farmcow.lol, 2X visible and a word limit? Even in the endgame there is no communication outside of the bare minimum and cp left staying up for almost days.

No. 49556

Scrote still chYmping in snow mtf thread.

No. 49557

That's what >>49152 is referring to. She had enough of being called a troon for trying to contain the infighting on /ot/.

No. 49558

It’s annoying as fuck. Had to split a new post over comments cause I didn’t want to use pastebin or whatever. Shaymin or whoevermin get rid of it for the love of god. Don’t let the character limit be you legacy. That would really be the cherry on a shit pie.

No. 49560

Some retarded moid keeps reeing about muh ebul femenists!11!!! in several /snow threads. Easily identifiable based on his reddit spacing.

No. 49561

That was pre 2X closing. Doesn't seem like she's learned anything from that experience though considering one skim through here and obvious staff on anon yelling tranny blaine (seriously who?) at anyone who criticizes her.
Hey admin, we don't fucking care about your retarded beef with Blaine or Elaine. Nobody fucking cares about faildoxxes and kiwifarms. Focus on running the fucking website you actually own.

Inb4 tranny blaine

No. 49564

CP on front page

No. 49565

kys cp spamming tranny

No. 49566

Yeah who is this Blaine? All I know is Erika the tranny who did a better job at jannying the site without a broom than she did with one to such an extent the insane bint accused everyone of being said person and surely they must be a CP spammer right?

Far more likely the prior admin had CP on her computer.
>>49565 this one def has pornography of children on his computer.(Blaine)

No. 49568

Yeah, he’s been shitting up both tranny threads a lot.

No. 49570

An anon in the Venus thread in /w/ keeps going on about how they want Venus to kill herself and that she deserves it and they have been wishing it daily on her. It's fucking weird and pretty sure it's Blaine fucking around in /w/ again.

No. 49573

No but it sounds funny so for once I won't blame you for being wrong.

No. 49583

kpop thread in /m/

No. 49585

No. 49589

No. 49591

>Kuz was driven out of Russia for being a pedophile.
>Nothing but claims without receipts.

No. 49596

File: 1672517715077.png (51.78 KB, 1055x588, 2022-07-21-14825.png)

"I have PTSD"

No. 49597

>No PFP in the email
You do know I could easily have Albert Einstein say whatever I wanted right? If it's actually from the email it claims to be it should have the same PFP that would show up for Null or anyone else who received an email from it yet it does not. Why is this?
It's staged, he's been caught staging shit forever but this is just going in circles of months old things.
A circle jerk that we are both participating in.

No. 49598

Cp in ot

No. 49604

>She had enough of being called the troon for trying to contain the infighting on /ot/.
Lmao, says a lot.

No. 49609

Tranny baiting in mtf thread.

No. 49611


No. 49612

You're responding to him.

No. 49613

Reminding nonnies of the time he was confronted by plate gang for posting cp. He defends himself so pitifully, I would almost feel sorry for him if he didn't spam cp and wasn't a cancer on every site he joins.
>you're not important
>no u
He wants so badly to be important kek. It's so obvious.

No. 49615

So haven't been here for 3 days now on account of family stuff, are most of the issues fixed yet
like is lc finally accessible to other nonnies ?
has there any been any update by shaymin for a new admin ?

No. 49616

the regular and original links still aren't accessible for me, only the flipped farmcow one.

No. 49619

File: 1672545236393.png (332.9 KB, 710x1458, discord.png)

still not accessible to many nonas.
shaymin has not updated with details. probably not much happened except vetting more mods and looking for an admin, especially with the holidays (but obviously I don't know). discord pretty quiet, it's a group chat now.
it's pretty quiet here, half the users right now are acting out or actively trolling but maybe it's just easier to see because things are slow, I don't know. moderation is slightly slower than usual, maybe it's just the holidays.
Probably best to go back to spending time with your family or read a book or something to be honest.

No. 49620

Admin shouldn't even bother and should just let the site run out. It's for the best. She should go enjoy her life.

No. 49621

Nooo I like the site. She said she was looking for a replacement admin, I hope she finds one. But yes she should quit if she hates it, just out of regard for her own quality of life.

No. 49626

she has founds tons of applicants though

No. 49627

We don't know that.

No. 49628

>A lot of volunteers have stepped forward, so I'm positive that we'll find a great new team

No. 49629

They also mentioned farmhands. Volunteers doesn't mean site administration head.

No. 49630

kys moid/discord tranny/cow

No. 49635

I know you guys are busy but can someone start doing something about the lack of sageing? It's in such high quantities it's getting obnoxious.

No. 49636

seconding this, its been the worst in /pt/ and /w/. sage is almost never used in venus' thread, she's always at the top of /w/ despite no milk. i can understand why that thread was autosaged in the past.

No. 49637

Baiting scrotes in the unpopular opinions thread.

No. 49638

Cp on /m/

No. 49639

Cp on mtf thread

No. 49640

Cp first thread on m

No. 49642

There's gross shit in snow, lord, I hate fucking scrotes

No. 49643

Still up

No. 49644

Tranny bumping a bunch of threads in /w/

No. 49645

So Shaymin is gonna neglect her duties till a new admin comes ?

No. 49646


No. 49647

Retard back in belles thread editing her photos and making autistic, zero claim collages >>>/w/273823 Right in cue with their usual herpes spergout

No. 49650

Why have farmhands ignored our reports and left a kpop thread open in /m/ for two days. half the userbase can't even access the site and now farmhands let kpop on, maybe to try to revive the user count since everything has been slow as fuck around here since the fuckup?

No. 49651

faggot from choa using racial slurs in the kpop thread

No. 49652

Please ban this shitty thread already

No. 49653

They usually don't work during the weekends, at least that's when i see reports usually go unnoticed aside from raid posts deleted.

No. 49654


why couldn't we at least get a couple of functional jannies out of shaymin… the bare minimum…

No. 49657

how are they able to see raid posts but not other rule breaking posts?

No. 49659

they think you're gay and cringe i'm afraid

No. 49662

File: 1672664771002.png (10.52 KB, 901x103, 1672653817750.png)

choachan is raiding.

No. 49663

it isn't even funny anymore, I'm pretty sure I haven't seen a single post banned or deleted for 12+ hours. the mods are depressingly incompetent, at this point I don't know why I still bother using this dying website.

oh great, the kpop thread turned into an unreadable cesspool far beyond salvaging by our oh-so-diligent mods immediately, reminding us all why they were banned in the first place. who could have forseen this?

No. 49664

good job making that post and then coming to post it on here to try and cause infighting. you were successful because farmers are retarded. anyone that has been using ccc for more than 3 minutes can tell that that poster isn't a ccc regular from the way they type

No. 49665

File: 1672675962001.png (89.97 KB, 1042x444, yikers.png)

>Farmhand promoting the lolcow kpop thread on choachan
top fucking kek

No. 49666

went to check and its real lmfao https://choachan.cafe/ot/res/2048775.html#q2049297 what is happening to lolcor, are we really starting the year off with endorsed kpoppie raids

No. 49667

apparently it's a farmhand so that makes sense kek wtf is this autism

No. 49668

highly doubt its a actual farmhand considering anons have trolled multiple times by using the mod link.

No. 49669

samefag though a lot of the posters in that thread seem male. I remember a nony on cc saying that choachan is being taken over by males and its become annoying to use because of that

No. 49670

>I remember a nony on cc saying that choachan is being taken over by males
>on cc
lol. lmao even

No. 49671

so either way it's an anon from HERE obviously trying to stir shit and you retards can't help yourselves but eat every single bait hook available to you. tragic, sad and a little bit fat. farmers have become so unhinged that you troll yourselves harder than anyone else, don't even need help anymore.

No. 49672

disgusting shit on Snow, top of the page, I hate scrotes

No. 49674


No. 49675

the anon who posted the lolcow link on choachan called the users "gaypops" and was standing out like a sore thumb because farmers don't know how to larp. nobody is shitting up your retard threads but yourselves. this site is only active currently because of this too so how the fuck is anyone trying to get farmers over to there? which farmers? one tranny and 2 schizos who can still use this place in between the CP? get a grip kek

No. 49676

yeah that was definitely a ccc poster and not just another lolcor retard like yourself trying to stir shit up

No. 49677

ok then go back to ccc with only one active thread. Whats the point of staying here.

No. 49678

lc currently has 0 active threads (if you don't count this one) so i guess we're more alike that you'd think

No. 49679

why do you think anyone is staying here? the kpop thread just got locked (by you? kek schizo farmhands). tell me if any other thread on here gets more than 3 replies in the next 5 hours maybe your reverse psycho retard raid has worked and you have poached some activity

No. 49680

youre mental. thats all i have to say

No. 49681

Idk why anons (or one anon) are acting like farmers are the ones who care too much about about choachan when the only time it gets brought up here is when k-popfags (Who admit they use choachan) get told to keep it on that site. Not to mention the time they started spamming k-pop shit over here. I also looked and they're getting banned for "forcing lolcow drama".

No. 49682

Nta but I love your energy.

No. 49683

>The only time it gets brought up here
>Implying you guys haven't been seething about the place for months now
>Implying you didn't bully your admin into quitting because they used the same software as choa
the obsession is unhealthy ladies

No. 49684

>Idk why anons (or one anon) are acting like farmers are the ones who care too much about about choachan
while your site was dying because of inactive moderators and cp raids, you were complaining about the dead kpop thread (that farmers revived by raiding it with non-kpop posts kek) acting like it's the biggest problem lc has

No. 49686

why are you there

No. 49687

I just saw that you were doing this same sperging in the dumbass shit thread. Just go back to your site and stop trying to force k-pop threads anon, then you don't have to see farmers complaining about k-pop. Simple, right?

No. 49688

what are you even talking about? if you're going to be a farmer and accuse people of schizophrenic theories then at least provide screencaps. don't you guys have an imageboard rule

No. 49689

File: 1672678876010.png (16.87 KB, 1747x107, kek.png)

not that anon but here, now go back to your shithole

No. 49690

Not their dumbass shit thread, I meant ours kek.

No. 49692

that's not me but the fact that you think you can tell who is who on a site with 350+ users posting in the last hour says a lot about the fragile mind of the farmer so that anon had a point kek

ask your gay mods if i've been posting in there.. oh wait.. they don't talk to you anymore.

No. 49693

>350 users posting
me when i lie.

you mean in the past 2 years the total of users that have posted KEK.

>ask your gay mods

what are you 12? well your brain probably is.
Im a kpop fan too but you sound very retarded and underage, basically the reason why anons here hate kpopfags.

No. 49694

File: 1672679355249.png (4.19 KB, 273x325, me when i dont know how imageb…)

No. 49695

>350 users per hour
>only one thread is active
>that thread only has 5 posters max

somethings not clicking here….
Eitherway done giving you attention.

No. 49696

are you gonna shit your pants and accuse the choa admins of hacking their stats and daily graphs now too because you're just THAT fucking retarded? cope about your dying website i guess

No. 49697

if lolcow is what happens when you have more than 1 active thread with max 5 posters then i suppose choachan is lucky

No. 49698

not like the other kpop fans…

No. 49699

nobody is coping you literally have only one active thread and there are only 3-5 posters here and anyone with eyes can see that, please tell me how i am coping??
You have a shitload of threads and boards and all of them are dead except for one , you seem very angry over anons saying your inactive site is inactive. Maybe go to your site to complain about it instead of arguing here, maybe it would be more active.

No. 49700

How old are you? If you're 18+ and still into kpop you're a loser, lmao.

No. 49701

3-5 posters there.

No. 49702

um ok?

No. 49703

is that shit off of snow?

No. 49704

you're coping by making statements that are easily disproven. the 12 stages of grief are difficult so i will let it slide this time but just know that you are a tech illiterate retard and 12 year olds on a pink website will outlive you. very sad

No. 49705

>ignoring the screenshot showing the pph

No. 49706

i'm 12 what is this

No. 49707

I think so, yeah. Not on the frontpage at least.

No. 49708

this is what happens when you spend your whole day beating off to plastic talentless idols who view you as a cashcow.

Youre talking about different things (the number of people visiting your site and just lurking) and im talking about the activity of posting on your site which is almost dead. Yeah you got alot of lurkers especially with the site being mentioned here while the kpop thread was still up, yeah you have alot of lurkers, still doesnt change the fact that its you and only 3 other anons posting in that site about how you want to suck a idols microdick.
Give it a rest fat bitch. (inb4 you sperg over this, your community calls others roasties so dont try to pull that card)

No. 49709

aigo the malding

No. 49710

that's not how any of that works and that is not how PPH stats work kek you need to stop before you embarrass yourself any further

No. 49711

jsyk PPH means post per hour not "lurkers per hour"

No. 49712

>call others roasties
That’s definitely the male posters

No. 49713

Has anyone tried ignoring the threads they don't like instead of going in it to argue and therefore bringing attention to it and bumping it? I'm just wondering

No. 49714

NTA but if your board is so active, maybe stay there?

No. 49715

saying this over a word you dont like when this place gets spammed to shit by moids on a daily kekekek
i would but i wanna see how far you can go with the schizo coping

No. 49716

post where the majority of those posts per hours are coming from. I dare you. I wont even say anything because you yourself know its from the dumbass thread where the same anons post over and over again about how they want to suck hyunjins or hanbins cock. Lmao now its even worse because 90% of that shit is from the dumbass thread. Thought it was actual genuine users but damni knew it was too good to be true considering the only one active thread.

No. 49717

nonny the term roastie was literally made by males, it’s referring to women’s genitalia in a derogatory way

No. 49718

The idiots think they've 'reclaimed' it, somehow. But that's a discussion for another day.

No. 49719

they use the term roestie on their site, honestly i dont know what they are doing here but i guess they get bored from time to time considering their site is dead with only one active thread that is used a spam thread by the same 3-5 anons and then these retards want to tell us their site is active lmao NO bitch.

No. 49720

we want to be here to witness the downfall of lc

No. 49721

it's really hard to decipher this post but you can just go on there and see posts in other threads? do you need medical assistance btw?
i know i'm just saying edgy teen girls saying roastie is less moid than cp, gore and scat spam in between kfers pretending to be "femcels"

No. 49722

Then you're just obsessed and embarrassing. Please just keep your generic pop music to your own website, that's all we ask.

No. 49723

you legitimately sound underage and uneducated. not doing the farmer image any favors

No. 49724

tbh this they keep feeding the kpopsperg by replying

No. 49725

nobody is posting any kpop grandma its time to go to bed

No. 49726

I think this is it for me. Watching lolcow die such a slow an agonizing death, starved of over half its userbase by errors, ignored by the farmhands, and raided by kpop retards is too painful. I was hopeful at first that we could turn this around, but I think shaymin’s fuckup was just too big to overcome. I love you nonnies. We had a good run.

No. 49727

you cant decipher a simple post but are telling someone to get medical assistance, braindead bitch go back to your dumbass thread on choa and spam over 50 posts on whose cock you will swallow and then say the site is active.

No. 49728

the seethe kek

No. 49729

>still malding

No. 49730

That person sounds like a 16 year old HSTS tranny who's feverishly liveblogging on his Twitter account about dabbing on the "terf roasties" on lolcow, just ignore him. Bro will be listening to "become korean" subliminals and crying for the next few hours.

No. 49731

it's 2023 don't you guys have to come up with some new creative insults at this point because the "everyone is a tranny" shit is stale as hell

No. 49732

dead site calls for dead jokes

No. 49733

Ignoring the kpop/tranny, thank you mods for deleting the shit from before.

No. 49734

me thanking myself on anon for doing nothing

No. 49735

they do sound like a terminally retarded gay man and they keep misusing words.
coming from the faggot himself who is using repetitive stan insults.

No. 49736

keep posting about it and accusing everyone of being a man it'll make you look unbothered eventually

No. 49737

you should hook up with the schizo troon, im sure he will be desperate enough to touch you and get around your BO stench.

No. 49738

did this really make you so mad that you're telling women to fuck a pedophile that spams this place with child porn? take a breather

No. 49739

Looking at meta, admin, I don't blame you. I know I've said it a few times, but I bet some of your most enjoyable times the past few months has been the time away not having to monitor or be bothered to admin this site. I hope you find someone, and if you don't, don't worry about it. It's just an anonymous website where none of these people even have accounts and there's other websites that can host and post what is posted here. It's okay.

No. 49740

Oh god I'd never fuck any of you sick freaks you can't even replicate human behavior.

No. 49741

trust me no one would touch you with a ten foot pole.

No. 49742

Oh Elaine would actually be able to sue us if there was accounts lmfao

No. 49743

File: 1672682281689.gif (997.74 KB, 315x214, A43.gif)

I can't trust you,I just got laid.

No. 49744

So shaymin is gonna let lc rot until she finds a new admin to clean up her mess ?

No. 49745

If you expected different your skill in observation is akin to that of a rock.

No. 49746

File: 1672685998576.jpg (43.71 KB, 1080x1079, 1672675505805.jpg)

Can you please redtext the kpop cesspool on /m/?

No. 49747

and also redtext and permaban the retards who spammed shit

No. 49748

mods can you please redtext my infight so i can show my friends i won the fight? ignore the spamming tranny that's secondary obviously

No. 49749

Who's this dawn girl that everyone's talking about? Is she the one raiding with kpop shit

No. 49750

>raided by kpop retards is too painful
cp, gore, scat, nikocados asshole, all fine. but KPOP IS TOO FAR

No. 49751

porn spam on /ot/

No. 49752

Gay scrote spamming his Nikacado fap folder in ot.

No. 49753

First time I have been unlucky enough to see nikocados disgusting asshole on /ot/
Somehow I always thankfully miss the porn spam.

No. 49755

Sure, ignore the other 2/3rds of the sentence to start an infight

No. 49756

don’t take the bait nonny that’s literally all they want

No. 49757

No. 49759

Of course not, don't be silly. She's going to keep fucking with it and breaking things until it goes down again. Then she'll come back, blame the users like she always does and tell us this is why we needed a whole new site.

No. 49760

Put your farmhand tag on and try again.

No. 49761

File: 1672770058064.jpg (370.04 KB, 1080x969, Screenshot_20230103_102016_Chr…)

Jfc, thank you farmhand. This whole derail was insane.

No. 49762

derailing in moo's thread about her new boyfriend. anons keep arguing that he's worse than moo, cause he's male and obviously wking her.

No. 49765

It's her boyfriend. Scrotes will always be worse than cows. Especially this greasey fuck. Stop defending him. He's immediate relation to her. Not like her friends.

No. 49767

Thanks for reusing the farmcow page.

No. 49770

you keep saying this and you keep being wrong. you're defending a rape apologist.

No. 49773

I wouldn't mind radfems if you stayed out of the cow threads

No. 49775

I feel like half the man-hating I see now is performative, it's just what newfags think you need to do to qualify as a farmer like we're some kind of collective consciousness. They're both trash so sperging about how he's emphatically worse cause muh penis is a weird hill to die on given how much we know about Moo.

No. 49776

I agree, its grating and gives off underage vibes

No. 49777

k retard

No. 49778

fucking this

No. 49779

scrote spamming cp in m

No. 49780

File: 1672816582773.jpg (55.87 KB, 720x227, kek.jpg)

Whenever someone says there is too much manhate, I remember this. Never4get. Manhate has been a part of the site since it's inception, as can be seen in ancient threads we have mentioned in the other hidden boards. Manhate in cow threads is natural, as long as it's thread related (shitting on a scrote discussed in the thread as a typical degen XY, VS randomly bringing up XY degeneracy unrelated to discussion). Newfags cape for scrotes more often than indulge in manhate, as we see with troons, twitterfags, dying-site infestations, and obvious newfags coping about needing to be kind, etc.

No. 49781

Nta, but cow posters are retarded in comparison and just sperg about cows being fat and unattractive, especially regarding moo. Pointing out the 90% crime statistic isn't whiteknighting and it's brain dead to pretend otherwise.

No. 49782

moid spamming cp in snow

Samefag, how shocking complaints about pointing out scrotes degeneracy happens the moment cp is spammed. Not suspicious at all. Picrel is always true kek.

No. 49783

CP in snow, pls report it to the authorities if you guys aren't doing it already

No. 49784

CP in /m/ too

No. 49785


To quote two hidden posts of anons discussing how manhate has always been an lc thing:

This is already 2.0, first thread from 2015 hit limit >>>/ot/21625
Male made thread crying about misandry, got ridiculed by everyone >>>/ot/37179
2015 thread shows consensus dislike of sexwork and knowledge that legalization does not work >>>/ot/8230
There are more fragmented threads with similar sentiments. But yeah suuure it’s the sudden invasion of evil tumblr/reddit feminists, and not grievances against the male breed is a female condition.

I think this was the first formal "misandry general".
Even before that, I remember there were anons who talked about not liking men in passing, which is probably why even the OP of this linked thread is basically a venting post, rather than some sort of feminist boogeyman invasion.
But sure, everyone is just Reddit. The true essence of Lolcow is being angry at people for not liking trannies, and not wanting people to discuss pregnancy or having female anatomy because that's "Karen" behavior, I guess. What a sad state.

No. 49786

>just sperg about cows being fat and unattractive
So why do you read and post in those threads if you're such a good feminist?

No. 49787

The problem is not manhate in general, it's only a problem when you whiteknight a female cow for no other reason except "well the other cow is a man"

No. 49788

File: 1672820348095.jpg (42.67 KB, 564x564, 5784d00650b2cc89f973e1eaa0e160…)

I don't think majority of the userbase has any issues with manhate, just went its brought up on a thread that has barely anything to do with men or radical feminism, like I wanna make fun of fat weebs and not much else

No. 49789

manhate isn't causing any problems. we have enough problems right now with the site. we have REAL problems. you guys need to get some priorities and stop worrying about and ragging on fake issues rn. manhate has ALWAYS been part of this site. if you don't like it, go to KF.

No. 49793

did you read my comment, no one has an issue man-hate, just when its brought up in cow threads that have nothing to do with men

No. 49796

Fujo derailing fujo cringe thread to seethe about yumes.

No. 49798

I didn't say there was too much, I specifically said a bunch of it is clearly performative. I'm not going to stop you from venting about men where relevant (I do so myself pretty often) nor did I state that general man-hating is a relatively new phenomena but I appreciate how vehemently you defend our right to do so.

This is my point. The moid could very well be worse than Moo. But considering how much we know about the cow, and how little we know about her scrote, it's a little ridiculous to read at this early stage.

No. 49802

pedo scrote >>>/ot/1463039

No. 49803

he's samefagging on the same thread

No. 49804

is the site constantly freezing up and loading forever? It's only happning to me on lolcow. Am I the only one? I'm on my computer and every other site works fine

No. 49805

same here, when I press the up and down arrows in mobile it’s choppy instead of smooth

No. 49806

like at times I can't even interact with the site at all. It just freezes up and then said it stopped responding, the site is kinda dead rn, so am I the only one expereincing this? It's not on any other site.

No. 49807

did you not read about anything that's happening? the site is dead because most of the world can't access it outside of farmcow and it's probably slow and laggy because there's obviously something broken in the server

No. 49810

Male in tradthot thread.

No. 49811

Shaymin please give us an update, what's gonna happen and are you gonna fix these issues or is the admin going to be the one to fix it for you

No. 49812

It's almost like LC needs new site software or something.

No. 49813

There's a lot of race bait all over the site

No. 49814

I'm honestly tired of the overly aggressive radfems. They actually bring down a lot of threads.

No. 49815

You are taking something someone said and taking it to a whole new level of complaining. Good for you if you hate Moo so much more than everyone else in the world, but her scrote seems just like her and just as shitty. The fact you're allowing someone saying "Idc, I hate him more" and you're complaining about it still is absolutely insane. You're acting like this puts Moo in a good light. Anons hate her scrote, he's ugly, grotesque, and will most likely use her. They can hate him more because he's a scrote if they want. You don't need to nitpicking someone's opinion because you're so desperate to defending Moo as being worse.

No. 49816

File: 1672879449787.png (42.34 KB, 1864x597, really.png)

No one was even defending Moo. Anon is just so, so mad that someone said they hate her boyfriend more than her. If you hate opinions this much, kindly fuck off lolcow. We don't need proof and shit to personally hate some random scrote more than a cow. Moo is still a POS. No one is denying that, but her scrote is a fucking creep and personally I hate him more too. I hate Moo, but really sucks to suck when a dude is taking advantage of you in general. Doesn't mean I feel bad for her, it means I hate this douchebag asshate like every other man that exists more.

No. 49817

Racebait in twitter hate thread.

No. 49820

File: 1672881477856.jpg (30.08 KB, 389x259, 3.jpg)


No. 49823

Honestly I don't even care I just skimmed the thread, read the sperging about how moids are always worse (true but irrelevant) and posted my opinion here and then responded. I genuinely don't care about this argument anywhere near the level you think I do, I just wanted anons to know I'm not against man-hate in general since a few of you got pretty rabid. Threads didn't used to get derailed by this kind shit because we had an active moderation team. We have /2X/, /ot/ and the mtf thread in /snow/, I just think there's a time and a place especially when cow threads are evidence not conjecture based. If that's such an issue we can agree to disagree, it's not that deep. An offhand comment shouldn't send you guys spiralling this is an imageboard kek.

No. 49824

If it's not that deep, why care? Just move on. No one was derailing except you complaining in the thread about it. Could've just ignored anon's opinion on the scrote too since he's dating the cow.

No. 49825

Red alert (nonnie nonnie nonnie) 4chan is nonfunctional and boards are getting blanked (cgl was fine and was pol, DO NOT GO ON /b/ POSSIBLE CP), expect a lot of scrotery if it's not better soon.

No. 49826

this is like picking up the morning paper and reading that all the animals at the zoo have broken out and are en route to residential areas

No. 49827


No. 49828

samefag it's back, people are saying it was a massive raid of CP

No. 49831

don't insult beautiful creatures like that. I would be delighted to have some emancipated zoo animals roaming the streets. This is more like when a decrepit building gets demolished and roaches move to nearby domiciles

No. 49832

File: 1672907535479.jpg (62.15 KB, 475x722, bincat.jpg)

cp in /snow/ & /m/

No. 49833

scrote spamming cp in snow

No. 49834

CP in snow!!

No. 49835

there's been CP in snow for 3 fucking hours you lazy tranny jannies get to work

No. 49836

I love manhating but agree that some newfags are trying to be edgy and cool like that, might be because tiktok is also like that. I hate men and I love when nonnies discuss hating men, but something like calling everything scrotal (like the innofensive pc98 drawings that do not depict nudity) has always been a problem and now it's way too retarded. Anyways I welcome man hating but please not in the tiktok girlboss or tumblr """"radfem"""" way

No. 49837

deeply disagree, it's not the cow threads they should stay away from (I like their insight) it's the more inoffensive media threads that they shouldn't be pissy about. Just learn to get along everyone please

No. 49839

What are you talking about, I haven't noticed this.

No. 49841

>but something like calling everything scrotal (like the innofensive pc98 drawings that do not depict nudity)
aren't those drawings from porn games though..

No. 49842

scrote trying to bait on the Art Salt thread, he's been spamming wojaks and other 4chan scrote imagery >>>/ot/1414660

No. 49843

Scrote in the Shayna thread

No. 49844

Ew why does that thread always attract annoying moids?

No. 49845

NTA but that doesn't mean they like or endorse the actual porn. They aren't even posting NSFW, from what I saw? I wish newfags would just go back to twitter or wherever they spawned from.

No. 49846

i never accused her of endorsing it or even posted in that thread, why am i being called a newfag/twitterfag?

No. 49847

Spoken like a true newfag.

No. 49848

i have been here for years but now i'm suddenly a newfag just for acknowledging the orgins of a game. i don't think the anon was a scrote or anything. that's like calling someone a newfag for saying "x series was intended for y".

No. 49849

>Been here for years.
Prove it.

No. 49850

you know i can't do that anon

No. 49851

Alright you pass the test, I apologize as you're clearly not a newfag who would have gotten mad over such a silly thing.

No. 49852

Same really. Manhate is fine. I don't agree with radfems on a lot of things but they sometimes provide interesting viewpoints. But the aggressive ones end up assuming everybody uses radfem definitions and ideas when most people don't, and you get derailing fights where nobody's even using the terms for the same thing. It's frustrating to see it happen on repeat, even if it's not that important overall.

No. 49855

There's a retarded moid sperging about Ai in the art salt thread in /ot/ it's been going on for HOURS and stupid anons keep interacting despite it clearly being male

No. 49856

this, farmhands pls wake up and start handing out bans to all the retards engaging with it.

No. 49857

>clearly being male
Christ, you newfags are so retarded that it's insane. You ever wonder why other imageboard faggots come here to bait/troll? It's because lolcow has become commodified and turned into an "all-female" safe haven for normie-adjacent dipshits like you who don't know how to react to trolls and get offended faster than a Redditor at church. I'm not a male and your """radfem""" brand of autism only shows how horrible you are at clocking anons' biological sexes. None of you probably even remember a time when lolcow wasn't shat up with speds who launch into moid accusations at the drop of a hat, and you should honestly go back to Twitter/Tumblr/TikTok or whatever normie shithole website you spawned from.

No. 49858

Preach it.

No. 49859

>don't know how to react to trolls and get offended faster than a Redditor at church. I'm not a male
Nta but this is confusing me kek. Are you admitting to being the troll in the art salt thread?

No. 49860

Come on nonny. You know better than to engage with it.

No. 49862

I don't even fully know what's going on in the art thread right now so idk what to believe lmao

No. 49864

Ay, you've read me correctly.
Just know that there were multiple pro-AI anons in the thread, so not every response was mine

No. 49865

just a moid seething hardcore about how easy it is for women to clock him and proceeding to write a sperg essay in meta about evil radfems (???? which is completely out of the blue and unrelated, another clear indicator of underlying moid rage kek)

No. 49866

Well then you're a pretty shitty "troll" for admitting that you were "trolling".

No. 49867

I don't really care, the damage has already been done, and I've already kek'd all of my keks. You guys were getting boring anyway, I'll just wait until the next throng of newfags decides to wolf down some tasty bait like Nikocado at Chick Fil A

No. 49868

The schizotroon is what's going on.

No. 49869

not enough repetitive anime avatarfagging and too coherent to be him imo but not like it matters, a moid is a moid is a moid

No. 49870

I'm not writing an essay about radfems. 99% of the self-proclaimed "radfems" of this board have never even picked up a single piece of feminist literature a day in their lives, and that's part of what makes these "nonnies" especially retarded. You're too much of a newfag to even understand half of what I wrote, hence why you decided to glom on the "radfem" snippet and ignore the other 80% of my post. Just say you fell for the bait and go back to Radblr

No. 49871

File: 1672982186800.png (15.95 KB, 633x758, male..png)

all that because of getting reported on a thread made for that? damn what a retard

No. 49873

Reported for being a moid. Enjoy your ban ♥

No. 49874

Why the hell are any of you engaging with the troll after it slipped up? Have I taught you nothing?
I'm too busy dealing with the wonder bread guy falling into my lap

No. 49875


No. 49877

literally no one was responding to the retarded ai baiter but he kept spamming his ugly wojaks fishing for bait. If you use wojaks you are a moid, they are the cancer that plagues imageboards and its not a shoker they started appearing around 2014 when the internet became unfunny and cancerous.

No. 49878

Is the fujo cringe thread in /ot/ being moderated at all? Constant derailing by newfag fujos and also while Paki-chan is funny, she is personalityfagging all over the place.

No. 49881

Are we reading the same thread? The only reason the baiter kept posting was because anons kept responding to the bait, and this shit happens every time. It's delusional to pretend that anons are "girlboss"ing it and recognize bait when they see, because the reality is that these infights keep cropping up because many anons are not good at recognizing bait and engage with the troll.

And in any case, wojaks existed before 2014, so everything else you said about the Internet becoming "unfunny" doesn't make any sense.
>if you use wojaks you are a moid
And you are retarded if you sincerely believe this. Wojaks are apart of imageboard culture now and you should just get over instead of thinking that you're some incredible radfem by posting on a website dedicated to criticizing nasolabial folds.

And for what it's worth, most oldfags would agree that lc was a lot better before 2018, and particularly 2014-2017, than it is now, so whatever was happening on other imageboards is irrelevant.

No. 49882

You must be over the age of 18 to post here.

Peak LC was 2015-2016 for sure. It's sad to see how far it has fallen. Not sure when the rot set in but I think a lot of us still clung to hope through 2019. We'd just had ghost-admin and then oldmin/shaymin turned up and seemed like such a breath of fresh air at first. We wanted to believe …

No. 49883

wojaks are shit for moids, they are starting to get banned on 4chan too despite ''BEing PaRT of tHE CUltUrE'' because they only attract moid newfags and are literal cancer. Rage comics are ib culture too but no one uses them anymore because they are reaction images instead of boogeymans used by newfags to try and potray anons as people they dont like instead of having an actual argument, literal moidshit. Also, only moids use radfems as a boogeyman, you are probably the goreposter who always blames the radfems for the ''decay of the site''.

No. 49885

NTA but who the fuck are you and why are you suddenly the one who decides which shitty internet memes are assigned to which gender? You sound like a damn troon.
Anyways they get banned on 4chan because they're being spammed by retards like the moid you're talking about. Anons on here using the "Babe" wojak or 50 other iterations of some tranny wojak and its subgroups doesn't make them moids. It's never been overused or run to the ground on LC so maybe shut the fuck up and stop trying to force everyone else to live up to your arbitrary internet femininity standards.
I'm so tired of farmers like you. Radblr was the absolute worst thing to happen to this website. We didn't know how good we had it with the twitter boomer radfems apparently.

>you are probably the goreposter who always blames the radfems for the ''decay of the site''.

Truly sad that even on its deathbed you retards can't see that your incessant autistic nitpicking of anyone who tried to volunteer for this site is what gave goreposters and trannyschizos the in they needed. Are you alone at fault? Nah. Are you a big reason? Absolutely. Cope and seethe.

No. 49889

Kys blaine, you will never be a woman, you will never be an artist and you will never be a farmer.

No. 49890

Kek at you including me in this. I'm not Blaine and accusing everyone of being him or constantly mentioning him with "kys tranny" is gonna do nothing but make the anons you wrongfully accuse annoyed as fuck and Blaine happy and giddy that you are STILL giving him attention. Congrats. You're a fucking monkey.

No. 49891

cp spam in /m/

No. 49892

quick everyone lets spam "kys tranny youll never be a woman" at it for 20 consecutive days. this is how we defeat the deranged pedo troon obviously

No. 49893

No amount of spamming cp will shut anons up from calling out your y defect. In fact, your typical moid rage reaction only makes your y defect more obvious, other than how easy you are to clock in the first place.

No. 49894

shaymin has really left us to die

No. 49895

ok blaine

No. 49896

Imagine unironically saying this and thinking you're doing some vigilante justice by giving the attention starved tranny exactly what he wants and therefore bringing him back over and over again. Maybe you really are Blaine though kek certainly type like him

No. 49897

File: 1673026982302.gif (1.93 MB, 498x280, podawful-jesse-ps.gif)

Yeah it's official, I get all the attentionberries.
I ain't gotta do shit anymore, never had to spam shit, just rely on a teenage admin to fuck up and shit the bed.
Thanks Shaymin, you let me ruin this site.

No. 49898

Ive been paid for my art, y'all really don't know me for shit and there's a reason for it. Only newfags ever dug into me, oldfags knew exactly what I'd do cause I'm not the first to take advantage of retards like you who thump their team above their own ability to process information. See the post above, you helped me ruin this site, I couldn't have done it without you in particular. Thank you.

No. 49899

lol go in his kiwi thread to see his art it’s bad

No. 49900

The art is tricking you into dragging me up so often it drove off the staff.

No. 49903

Yes I'm the most lied about and complained about so no I admit only to being the most annoying, it's not an admittance to the libel which you levy forward again based off nothing which further showcases how I did exactly what others claimed I'd do, use me as a spook to drive off the current staff cause the site was going down regardless. It's adding fuel to a pre existing fire really, the thing would have fallen apart anyways under such a management that could be so technically inept.

I only started hastening the downfall after shaymin lied about me and never provided IP. I don't even really need to go to CC for people to claim I post there, it's how I found out about that site actually, people claiming I posted there.
It's a heel position against someone who decided to use me as their boogieman, shaymins choice I decided to make as annoying as possible to teach her it's a bad idea to scapegoat everything onto one person.

No. 49904


No. 49905

someone tell these moids we can see old posts and 'oldfags' didnt post wojaks/pepes or were this obviously moidish either

No. 49906

alternatively, no one tells these moids anything and everyone shuts the fuck up about them like the lolcow gods intended

No. 49907

File: 1673050460341.jpg (34.43 KB, 500x499, EC871elWkAAp5Sm.jpg)

No. 49908

It's literally just the schizo tranny making shit up and upvoting himself.

No. 49909

Retard in shayna thread

No. 49910

No that's chaochan retard.

No. 49911

you are correct

No. 49912

When the fuck did this become reddit?

No. 49913

yeah something weird has been going on in the new thread. someones not integrating and i have a sneaking suspicion its shane being mad he got talked about

No. 49914

I noticed this too, way more moid posts and defending shayna in that thread. It only happened when he was being name dropped

No. 49916

Any updates on the discord ?

No. 49917

Anyone know if there's a new pixielocks thread? If there is, I can't find it anywhere.

No. 49918

No new thread, been trying to post one but I keep betting a "body too long" no matter how much I shorten the text to only have her description and meet the alters. Guess thread creation is bugging out.

No. 49919

No. 49920

Thanks for trying nonna

No. 49921

CP on front page

No. 49922

it's on /snow/ btw

No. 49923

File: 1673111574982.jpeg (66.2 KB, 395x432, offwithtthehead.jpeg)

Porn spam on /m.

No. 49924

Cp on /m/

No. 49925

porn on /snow/

No. 49926

Lurking this thread until its gone

No. 49927

I'm not even sure where to ask this because the discord doesn't even seem like it's being used for it's intended purpose anymore, but why is the site still not working for some of us? I thought it was supposed to only take 2-3 days for dns propagation after the site was reverted back.

No. 49928

cp STILL on /m/
its been 2 hours

No. 49929

Cause even on her exit our current admin has to make sure she upholds her reputation of shit tier communication and this site has been abandoned until they find a new people to pick up the mess thats been left after attempting to “update” the site.

No. 49930

She changed her named to "turtel" on discord and removed her profile pic (I guess moving her account? I don't know) and there hasn't been any update in a few days so idk.

No. 49931

Kek There definitely were a lot of moid posters around in 2014-2016. I'd say it used to be even moidy-er than it is now, but also because it wasn't cool to be a radfem back then
Moids were not (and still aren't) explicitly banned back then. The rule for not announcing yourself as a scrote didn't exist until around 2018

No. 49932

>Changed her name, removed her PFP and hid.
She's straight up went for smokes without picking a new admin, that's hilarious.

No. 49933

>She changed her named to "turtel"
I will always see her as "shatmin"

No. 49934

Use farmcow.lol

No. 49935

That's what I'm posting on, anon.

No. 49936

Shaymin shat the bed and refused to clean up after herself, leaving behind a mess for the next admin go deal with if we even get a new admin

No. 49937

File: 1673124506680.jpg (100.43 KB, 632x500, 663x9i.jpg)

Farewell lolcur

No. 49938

Yeah I don’t get why so many anons are sympathetic. Why do a site overhaul if you noticed that you couldn’t do it? Instead she left us with the regular cp but this time with an added word limit and having to use a mirrored version to get to the site! The fact that we even have people who applied to be admin after the shit that she left us with… it can’t be sane people applying for this mess.

No. 49939

File: 1673149562598.jpg (48.63 KB, 492x437, Vani-1639.jpg)

So I realize now that right now is contentious time and I shouldn't have made that joke considering the state of things and raids we are having, I get it
lets hope things can go back to normal soon

No. 49940

Some sort of tranny is in the Grimes thread.

No. 49942

WTF is going on, its never bee this bad

No. 49944

File: 1673157899297.png (1.13 MB, 1024x898, troons.png)

Men simply cannot fucking blend and post like the most obvious deluded retards of all time.
I still can't get over:
It's called "loli", it's not "literal child rape",
>and it's part of signalling you are in the in-group of 4chan oldschoolers who aren't like the other girls – like me.
>she likes loli like I do, and I'm a gay woman (a male troon pretending to be a woman who trooned out from hentai coomsomption)
>she dated a troon so she obviously is bisexual!
It's fucking picrel and my sides are in orbit.

No. 49946

yeah but its never been this bad

No. 49947

Thank you. The “grimes is a lesbian” anon won’t let it go even though every time she/he rehashes the retarded reasoning about how a notorious e-girl pickme collecting lolicon makes her attracted to women, like 5 different people come in to argue against him/her. I’m too autistic myself to tell if it’s a tranny or an autistic pickme woman.
Hmm, I wonder which autistic pickme woman would have a vested interest in proving that grimes is a real and valid oppressed lgbt…

No. 49948

Idk I don't think it's that specific pickme, I think it's a run of the mill troll/homophobe

No. 49949

grimes board on reddit mentioned this place several times…and i wouldn't put sliding past s0me ppl

No. 49951

Kek, it has to be a troon. Thinking lolicon is a lesbian thing and saying she's 'queer' and that dating a man pretending to be a a woman makes grimes gay, coupled with the 'I'm a girl 4channer and we use loli to signigy we are not like other girls' while claiming to be in their 30s (mentioned they were the same age as grimes), it has to be male.

No. 49954

No-one gave a shit about radfems then because they were able to contain themselves and not go full retard. And no, the rule about scrotes goes back further than that. It was a very different atmosphere because no one gave a shit most of the time. Moid popped up, report and move on. None of the Everyone I don't like is a moid / tranny reeeeee that happens now.

No. 49955

Still wondering if the fujo cringe thread is being moderated at all, there is an even more epic derail today.

No. 49956

Stupid moid bumped an old thread in /snow/

No. 49957

racebait thread in /pt/

No. 49958

Blaine you weren't even around back then, shut the fuck up with your psyops you ugly tranny.

No. 49959

It's been two months, can it get opened up again like a janny said it would get?

No. 49960

petition for the shaynatorium to be reopened in /ot/

No. 49961

yes, seconding this

No. 49963

CP on /m/

No. 49964

Cp on /snow/

No. 49965

File: 1673198415251.jpeg (18.72 KB, 400x314, eyebleach.jpeg)

CP on /snow/ too

No. 49966

cp in snow
im done using lolcow for a while fuck this. it's gotten so much worse recently it's no longer worth it.

No. 49967

Blaine: online
Cp: up

No. 49968

Yeah, its obvious the site is barely moderated and shaymin is just letting things happen while she gets a new admin and get to fix her mess, can she at least bothered to do her job

No. 49969

Cp on /m

No. 49970

can admin or w mod help create the new pixielocks thread instead of only popping up to defend some sperging posters in love with w cows? A few of us have tried to make pixie's new thread and we literally can't

No. 49971

Someone always says this which really gives away it isn't Blaine btw.

No. 49972

Well a janny swept a few comments here instead of the CP, even more obvious now….

No. 49973

Lmao cope Blaine

No. 49976

Exactly my question.

No. 49977

kek, sorry, but is the nasolabial folds banner new? I don't remember seeing it before.

No. 49978

was mine too, until the post got randomly deleted by the mods of this site.

hey, why do you leave up cp while deleting Blaine's shit? why do you leave up pornography of minors, like surely that should be the first thing deleted and not posts you think are Blaine.

No. 49979

File: 1673226014125.jpg (256.74 KB, 1080x1132, Screenshot_20230108_165923_Chr…)

Retard is derailing in the /w/ Taylor thread again. They won't let people have their own opinions either and keeps infighting with them. Anon is special.

No. 49981

Why not just make a new one?

No. 49982

this anon is a whiny baby who wants to minimod various /w/ threads and says her(?) opinions are facts. Others are able to handle disagreement, just not our weeb-loving minimod. Also samefags and denies it.

I'm not the poster she quotes, just seen it a billion times in that thread, in jvlogger's thread, in some others…

No. 49983

No, it's not new.

No. 49984

One of the farmhands is passing CP and sweeping it after someone they tip off grabs it, that way there is no direct connection for authorities to go after.

No. 49985

lol wat

No. 49986

File: 1673231510310.jpeg (355.33 KB, 827x1662, 1663433521526.jpeg)

And blaine STILL cannot resist the urge to accuse farmhands and admin of being a pedo without evidence. He says this every. single. time the cp is brought up. Nice try blaine but you'll never integrate.

No. 49987

I feel like pedos would do their gross pedo things a “better way” than this, it’s just retarded gayops

No. 49989

not reading the cap but don't assume pedos are smart at all

No. 49990

It's clearly retarded gayops.

No. 49991

Why is everything so fucking clown, the MTF would have 150+ posts if lolcow was running normally

No. 49992

yeah, why IS everything so fucking clown?

No. 49993

You do realize that the threads are there for people to also put their opinions in right? I don't know why you're arguing with people in a thread just because they don't think someone looks like crap when you do. This is why it's not allowed to post knitpicking photos.

No. 49994

Look what's had to be done for the pixielocks thread. wtf. the new word limit is forcing nonnies to separate the op info into multiple posts https://farmcow.lol/w/res/274761.html#274761

No. 49996

Shaymin has forsaken us and /w/ still exists, curse this gay earth

No. 49997

This is an imageboard, can you share photos too? That's not even a proper thread link, so I personally don't want to click it.

No. 49998

>That's not even a proper thread link
it is tho, are you ok nonnie

No. 49999

File: 1673243464239.png (485.24 KB, 1316x2546, j.png)

Farmcow can't link posts properly which is why it doesn't look like a normal link. Don't know why you don't want to click the link but here's caps

No. 50002

THANK YOU to the Nonna who made that thread finally. I tried so many times and gave up because I couldn't get it to be short enough. You are an angel

No. 50003

A-logging tranny in the Luna and Vicky threads

No. 50004

they've been camping out in lunas thread for days and i've seen nary a redtext

No. 50005

It's because he is the pedophile who spams it.

No. 50006

any updated if shaymin has found at least a potential new admin

No. 50007

nta but learn how to make crossboard hyperlinks or get out

No. 50008

the usual method of doing it doesn't work with farmcow anon, why aren't you getting that

No. 50009

could we get a temporary autosage on the current elon and grimes thread it smells like rot over there

No. 50010

NTA, but I've not had a single issue with >>>/boardhere/ links.

No. 50011

Can i make a crafting thread ? For example showing off papercrafts? Repaints? And just general creativity of our noonies?

No. 50012

cp in /m/

No. 50013

There's been a few craft threads that never really took off because it's not wise to post personal pics. I think this is the most recent one, semi-active still: >>>/m/204096

No. 50015

cp in /m/ and some tard decided to respond

No. 50017

File: 1673283112597.jpeg (64.26 KB, 1080x1039, 920279BE-41E8-4BCC-A168-30D90B…)

Is Blaine still here? The FBI was investigating him previously, he could very well be arrested as he claimed to have swatted Marjorie Taylor Green and has posted cp to our site numerous times. Anyone know what’s the deal?

No. 50018

Moid spamming cp in m

No. 50019

Where is the screencap from?

No. 50020

Looks like alogs.space

No. 50021

For the love of god PLEASE clean up the tranny spam in the Tuna thread. Where the fuck are the mods?

No. 50022

Seconded. Not sure if its just the Tuna thread or the entire site now but everything is a fucking cringe mess kek.

No. 50023

They’re in Shayna’s thread too, ffs farmhands do your job, this is ridiculous

No. 50024

No idea but I think a full scale investigation is happening because this isn’t the only person who has been in contact with the FBI in the last few months. I’m so excited anons this is great!!!!!!!

No. 50025

It’s all unsaged a-logging, reporting it doesn’t seem to do jack, what the fuck is going on

No. 50026

This is Mike forging documents again and the agent he impersonated has been alerted.
Nothing will come of this, I was cleared back in July.
the fbi investigates any claim made whenever and wherever. Fyi.

No. 50027

new luna thread needs to be deleted and remade, the thread is shit and absolutely fuck knows what's going on with the insane unsaging sperg ranting about 'female scrotes and moids'

No. 50028

If you’re referring to the OP being shit it had to be made like that because the new character limit is preventing anyone from making new threads properly ffs, deleting it won’t change anything, mods just need to delete all the spam

No. 50029

Farmhands I BEG OF YOU PLEASE DELETE THE TRANNY SPAM. And ban the tranny.

No. 50030

the only thing credible was the mtg claim which they couldn't tie the other account to me based on username alone so it dropped because of course it did since I wasn't the first to make that joke either, not by a long shot. Something like 2,785th investigated they said lmao. They're never finding out who actually vanned her and they know it.

Someone let me know when you have an admin who can printscreen an IP log to back up their claim and I'll take the child porn libel more seriously half of you have been called me by her so it's pretty much only you chronically bitching about me anon who actually believes it at this point. Everyone else is too smart.

No. 50031

Ban this one too I'm bored.

No. 50032

Actually there's CP in /snow/ that should be cleaned first.

No. 50033

cp on /m/ for over 2 hours now

No. 50034

Cp not getting taken down please please do something about it

No. 50035

The pixielocks thread is full of Twitter/TikTokfags so it's not surprising

No. 50037

ban the samefag talking to themselves in the luna thread pls

No. 50038

And you think they’re done with you? How cute, Blaine Gaven Ross. You’re done for. Get ready for prison and life on the registry. If I were you I’d kms because your life is absolutely over. It’s only more miserable from here on out.

No. 50039

I know they are because they can easily monitor what you download with information obtained from your ISP, that's why I don't fear, nobody can hide from them and I have nothing to hide.
Continue to be mad and delusional, I'm sure you're not just performing sunk cost fallacy over being so objectively incorrect, right?

No. 50040

Spam in almost every board.

No. 50041

Pages upon pages upon pages of Joshua Conner Moon autism in /m/

No. 50042

Please put in a captcha so that way bots cant spam like they are doing now

No. 50043

File: 1673296493294.png (591.61 KB, 864x1525, Screenshot_20230109-213324.png)

uh, /w/

No. 50044

You’re the one spamming that Josh is a kid diddler in rage right? It’s so obvious that what I said made you go ape shit KEK

No. 50045

blaine is mad and he's spamming /pt/

No. 50046

We're being raided

No. 50047

josh spam on /ot/ trannies mad

No. 50048

Pretty sure he's been baiting all over these past hours. Plus the cp not getting taken down.

No. 50049

Moids’ favorite argument tactic is projection, just remember that! Blaine Gaven Ross pretends to be as cool as a cucumber itt but he’s freaking out and now trying to blame cp on Josh of all people.
Blaine—You are going to jail; multiple people have spoken to agents in the last few months. Your crimes must be pretty serious based on how interested and persistent the agents have been, hmm…

No. 50050

Is that possible without the transfer though?

No. 50051

Moids’ favorite argument tactic is projection, just remember that! Blaine Gaven Ross pretends to be as cool as a cucumber itt but he’s freaking out and now trying to blame cp on Josh of all people.
Blaine—You are going to jail; multiple people have spoken to agents in the last few months. Your crimes must be pretty serious based on how interested and persistent the agents have been, hmm…

No. 50052

One of the other male cow boards have been talking to a tech dude in his county too even if the FBI doesn’t pan out . Blaine is fucked. His name is going to start to flag investigators for coming up too many times.

No. 50053

It's all over /snow/ as well. Maybe admin could disable thread creation until the autistic retard calms down.

No. 50055

I doubt admin is here to do that

No. 50056

This absolute faggot has completely demolished /2X/
That is exactly why I told you retards it would be a bad idea to unhide /2X/

No. 50057

It's all over /snow/ as well. Maybe admin could disable thread creation until the autistic retard calms down.

No. 50058

why is josh's face spammed on snow? Just when i thought my day could'nt get worser

No. 50059

I think ALL anons should send more FBI reports for the tranny pedophile faggot Blaine Gaven Ross who is undoubtedly spamming our board atm. Get him behind bars and we won’t have this terminally online, jobless incel harassing us constantly. He is clearly lashing out rn because he was probably the one posting those disturbing “jailbait” cp pictures yesterday and now he’s in a tough bind because the feds who are spying on him totally caught it HAHAHAHAHA.

No. 50060


No. 50061

For fuck’s sake mods, why the fuck are you just redtexting spam instead of deleting it? The state of this fucking site right now

No. 50062

report him to the antioch illinois police department too, they have information on him and have been dispatched to his house before

No. 50063

Why the fuck are the mods redtexting spam instead of deleting this? This is embarrassing

No. 50064

Blaine and Elaine taking their hatred for Null out on a site completely unrelated to him is surely convincing me that they are not totally insane fucking schizos who should be gassed.

No. 50065

Are we back?

No. 50066

There’s moids on this site and I don’t like it

No. 50067

I think he just stopped spamming, I don't see anything being deleted

No. 50068

File: 1673305414666.jpeg (33.23 KB, 200x202, CFC2CF9A-3A4C-451E-BC31-F7B8A7…)

No. 50069

I just screen capped this to show staging and asking others to make false reports like I always do so when they show up they leave.
Get angrier and more unhinged about automated spam CP bots which hit plenty of sites long before I was ever at them.
Genuinely thank you for blatantly asking others to file false reports, it really helps me shut things up.

No. 50072

wow guys sure glad we allow vpns still!

No. 50073

I get what you mean but I can't even view the site without a VPN. The whole place is just busted.

No. 50074

were people unable to post? I saw we got raided

No. 50075

File: 1673307558963.png (4.12 KB, 572x143, 1673299403026.png)

Have you tried farmcow?
Posting was freezing at 100% for a bit https://crystal.cafe/b/res/208656.html#208720

No. 50076

I’ve been using farmcow.lol, its the only way i can view the site

No. 50077

/pt/ looks insane rn even the Luna thread has entered the retard zone

No. 50078

And I bet you got called a troon for not being an idealistic retard.

No. 50079


No. 50080

Dear tranny,

Joshua Moon doesn't own lolcow farm. He own kiwifarms. Posting about him being a fat pedophile doesn't mean anything. Go shit up kiwifarms.

Yours truly,

No. 50081

The spam was clearly through a bot which couldn't hit an account site which is why the catalogue was filled faster than someone could actually post. The images and words used are a bit in line with slander I've seen of null elsewhere.
Yes I think that was it's actual intention rather than some weird attack on Josh. Wish I knew what they slid.

No. 50082

>Elaine faildoxes admin again
>Boards are spammed calling null a pedo as if he owns lolcow
Oh god oh fuck it's happening again

No. 50083

At some point in our discord a bunch of moids from a different server came in and started spamming gore and a bunch of other shit. Idk much about discord or how it works, but that makes me wonder if it was a bot or just a bunch of people working together to raid us.

No. 50084

On which board? I don't see any missing, but I doubt a raid could do that. Sure it was a lot but look how many threads we have on boards like /snow/.

No. 50085

Wait so does that mean they deleted threads by spamming them out of the catalog? Or do they reappear if the mods clean them up?

No. 50086

If a group raided the discord they've likely been the ones raiding the site for a while, it was always too much for a single poster to be responsible.
It's only going to be the oldest and likely only going to make it harder to find, it's not well thought out but either is spamming over an open source application like discord.

No. 50087

There is either a retarded troll in multiple threads thinking they're funny by writing about wanting to fuck cows, OR it's a moid. Either way, jannies we need some help because nonnies can not help but to reply to the bait.

No. 50088

samefagging to say I see it in Luna thread and Shayna thread

No. 50089

And it’s being redtexted instead of deleted so the farmhands are clearly aware of it but are just incompetent

No. 50091

This isn't 4chan.

No. 50092

unhinged cow mad about being posted is shitting up the pro ana scumbags thread

No. 50094

They weren't loading even when I was on the page for a while, but thanks for your autistic 2 cents.

No. 50095

wtf seriously. yesterday two posts of mine I made on mobile were straight-up deleted. I'm not Blaine nor using vpn (just cell data) and they had nothing to do with anything controversial (one asked why on earth cp was being left up so long). And yet, now the whole board can get spammed with nullpix and mods just redtext it? wtf.

No. 50096

Farmhands constantly misidentify people.

No. 50097

Shayna thread unusable. It's just retards trying to bait and infight and some nonnies taking the bait.

No. 50098

Thanks for saying that, bc it started to feel personal yesterday. Especially since they are clearly not even looking at post histories when they do that shit. It would be clear as day if they did. I never ban-evaded or broken serious rules or used a vpn.

But if you say anything about that here, it's usually a chorus of "farmhands knoooow" and "why would they do that if you aren't Blaine?" and crap. I mean it's so weird that some anons truly believe farmhands are infallible. I can live with my posts being deleted yesterday but I can't lie, it pisses me off that women here now get accused of being a pedo and/or tranny just for posting via cell data. But whatever

No. 50099

Those women get a bit too riled up to keep their logic about them as there have been plenty of people accused of being Blaine. You also have to remember that it is very likely the farmhands themselves claiming they are infallible.

No. 50100

make it stop

No. 50101

I just want to lurk and laugh at cows in peace after work… but at this point I'd almost be willing to help with mod/jannie/whatever the role is delegated to helping clean spam shit just to maintain my own sanity…

No. 50102

It's literally been 7 hours, how the fuck have you still not deleted this crap yet

No. 50103

unspoilered porn in many threads now, I don't want to look at it. I reported a few and then stopped bc it's everywhere. Pretty sure it's a cow, not a kid, but it's disturbing that no one seems to be actively working on deleting the spam and porn tonight.

No. 50104

forgive me for any naivety,
i know the admin search takes priority, but is there a lack of jannies as well?? i'm more than willing to help delete the unhinged moidposting if only temporarily. i have too much free time at work. this is getting out of control

No. 50105

I think its elaine, just before it started someone pointed out one of elaine's new accounts? IDK I don't really keep up with shayna stuff.

No. 50106

>Elaine got control of the site.
Actually this explains everything.

No. 50107

Yeah it’s Shayna Clifford, the spammer is now posting pics of her in other threads too

No. 50108

It has to be elaine, their speech pattern sounds broken

No. 50109

Why would Elaine return? Her thread has been dead on both here and kf…
Not saying you're wrong, just confused why someone would want to bring attention back to themselves again.

No. 50110

Sorry, autocorrect. I mean Blaine, i think the tranny is the one spamming shayna pics

No. 50111

So you think that scizotroon is going to jail for posting cp so he's going out with a bang?

No. 50112

That makes more sense… I don't think I've seen much Blaine spam since the kiwifarms threads died down, so I guess we're due for it. Least it's just Shaymu, ironic with Shaymin announcing stepdown.
Ultra tinfoil: it's actually shaymin herself reeing at how nonnas reacted to attempted changes and such.
Am still offering to help delete spam as a trial position… I've 2 monitors and am just floating on my Raft on the main.

No. 50113

Scroll up in this very thread for why I tell ya I haven't meme spammed in months or just OD on more copium like the crazed nonna above you who's been shrieking about me being jailed for over a year for the porn that has just as much evidence of her spamming as their is of me.
If you get an admin that libels others and throws false accusations around like a teenager will then I'll go back to spamming. Shayna's vagina really isn't shocking nor funny to spam, it doesn't disrupt much it's akin to the guy who spams cado's ass on a few other sites.
Nah you all get to deal with whatever this is and whoever just stole the admin spot on discord(see other thread for details).

I'll continue watching this site die tho and I'll eagerly take credit for anything I did do like sending dog shit to whoever ends up getting doxed as everyone fights for power.

No. 50116

We all know you're the one posting cp here almost everyday blaine and your autismo speak and gives you away everytime. If I were you, I would just kill myself instead of wasting your life fitting into where you will never belong and trying to be what you will never be. If you're actually being investigated it might even be better than jail. Do it.

No. 50117

Lmfao I can see you deleted to retardedly add someone else in and I think that sums up just how bad you are at identifying others and their motives. I'm sure you'll find a friend one day don't worry, then you'll be like me and not worry about fitting in but the individual enjoyment that comes in the moment.
Or you'll keep letting hate get you worked up into a frenzy where you're blinded by your own hubris, who knows, I'm not God.

No. 50118

Blaine or no Blaine, I want to thank whichever janny has been cleaning recently. I've been reporting what I come across.

No. 50119

The anon of 50112 is not Blaine.
I'm the one who commented about being a lurker earlier and just want to laugh at cows in peace after work.
The Raft comment wasn't meant to be Blaine esque cryptic, I'm literally playing The Raft on my main monitor…

No. 50120

It's not someone else, it's you samefagging like you have been already redtexted for several times. You can't even pass and fit in on an anonymous imageboard. You are an ugly pedophilic man spending his time on earth spamming his gay nikado and black man scat porn and child porn folders and deluding yourself endlessly to the point you are literally talking to yourself because no one else buys it. This must've gone on for quite a while, so you're probably fundamentally broken and unable to ever be fixed. Your best option is really to kill yourself.

No. 50121

Lol calm down.

No. 50122

She's insane I'm sorry she conflated you into this mess.

No. 50123

Have an admin pull ips if you're that convinced.
I'm posting from the same Verizon phone as I've posted with since I found lolcow during the Soren threads.
Blaine supposedly uses vpns to avoid bans.

No. 50124

Can you delete all the spam from 2x please, its been a whole day and its still there

No. 50125

Nta but they've done it to me before too.

No. 50126

Just went through the first 4 pages and did a fresh report, hopefully janny sees it.
Thanks again, whoever is helping clean up.

No. 50127

Elaine in discord

No. 50128

kek she's so fucking retarded it makes me want to vomit

No. 50129

I don't have discord, what am I missing?

No. 50130

She's likely in this thread then as well but what comments seem clearly unhinged? Lol

No. 50131

in the second discord Shaymin made (linked on the top of the page) moids raided it earlier in the day, and now Elaine has joined it and is just being retarded, threatening a user who she has a vendetta against, saying racial slurs, being a pickme, saying stupid shit, etc. it’s very odd times here on the farm

No. 50132

>being retarded, threatening a user who she has a vendetta against, saying racial slurs, being a pickme, saying stupid shit, etc.
Unfortunately this describes quite a few of the posters on this site as well.

No. 50135

Post caps

No. 50136

Can anyone kick the mods out already? I've been yelling and crying for hours

No. 50137

I meant the moids** and on discord. I'm too tired for this. Thanks

No. 50138

I just checked and the moids are at it again. Needs moderation. I'd happily volunteer, but it looks like Shaymin has checked out again

No. 50140

File: 1673330866993.jpeg (78.39 KB, 828x198, AA1840F8-702E-4B81-B274-123201…)

she was in voice call and she recorded it and she’ll upload it on her YouTube or whatever. Idk if should link her YouTube cuz I don’t want to give her attention

No. 50141

File: 1673331087041.png (401.21 KB, 828x1792, 456D9950-E6A8-471C-AC30-0F2E14…)

No. 50142

This is honestly so boring it's not even worth mentioning, just more of the same old shit. She craves attention so bad. Kick out the scrotes

No. 50143

yeah it was painfully cringey to listen to. All the discord mods seemed to be asleep (it is 1 am where I am)

No. 50144

One of the cows sperging in the proana thread

No. 50145

Mods why the fuck the spam on pt still not deleted after 10 hours

No. 50146

Are the mods dead? This shithole is worse than cc now.

No. 50147

The spam threads are still there.

No. 50148

File: 1673345860310.png (103.82 KB, 320x287, 1671648219422.png)

So are they just never going to be deleted, is that where it's at? How many farmhands do we have anyway? I'm sick of looking at his ugly fucking face whenever I use the catalog

No. 50149

Pls hide the boards that used to be hidden. You know the one.

No. 50150

Unhinged rambling in the coquette thread. Smells of moid larping as a radfem.

No. 50151


No. 50152

Also why does everything load so slowly?

No. 50153

because lolcow is burning

No. 50154

Plenty of Joshua Moon threads spam, at least in /ot/.

No. 50155

No. 50156

That's male logic for you, at least it's not "if I'm going down I'm taking you all with me"

No. 50157

wait, is he really ?

No. 50158

Lol she's not one of our cows she's just jealous of them for some reason and wants to be one

No. 50159

Popular tinfoil says there's between 1-3 active jannies, and I honestly believe it at this point.

No. 50160

Why do mods tolerate misogyny in Yumi's thread? >>>/w/274824

Seriously, fucking ban these people who just want to shit on her for allegedly cheating on her pedo ex. It's so sick.

No. 50161

No you moron the cops already prosecuted someone from here for false reporting on me too. The FBI knows who sent the CP now however but don't expect them to move for months because bureaucracy sucks.

No. 50162

Cheating happens and he was an adult lolicon fetishist, probably DMing and liking other girls who look barely legal to satisfy his disgusting self. I'm glad she cheated. The way people victimize cheating is crazy imo. Anons have such a weird purity obsession on lolcow.

No. 50163

Show proof of the FBI. You can, its not a C&D. Also legally, as this is a US site, the site isn't legally held accountable for users posts like CP. There a SC case coming up that might change that, but the site isn't liable at all for retarded posters. Also how would anons be reporting other anons?

No. 50164

yeah, calling her a whore should result in a ban, full stop. Misogynistic shit.

No. 50165

Post what? The conversation we had two months ago in person? I just know what they told me and know they're dragging ass in what they said they'd do or there wouldn't be a bunch of CP shat everywhere yesterday.

No. 50166

I never said the FBI was going after this site as far as I know they're not at all, there's zero reason to.
Samefagging to clarify that.

No. 50167

>retarded women the fbi isn't after me I'm no longer under investigation for obviously being the one who spams the site with cp, BBC porn, The Black Problem
>show proof then
>u-uhm actually we talked in person so I can't provide any proof, you're just going to have to take my word for it!

No. 50168

Got any proof it was me? Feel free to open up contact with the FBI and set their feet on fire about this, I'm not the one who did it so actually contrary to your belief;
I've been reporting it too.

No. 50169

Why are you guys entertaining the troon? Ignore him like a retarded child and he'll go away.

No. 50170

File: 1673375121872.png (794.8 KB, 1868x1268, 42c.png)

No. 50171

He may be talking to himself again anyway.

No. 50172

What did she just say, why is your reading comprehension level so low?

No. 50173

I said you will never be a woman, you will never "blend" and you will never be anything but a genetic dead end failure.

No. 50174

This whole thread is functionally retarded.

No. 50175

He's heard that a million times by now you're not saying anything new, we know he sticks out like a sore thumb so stop feeding him the attention he's coming here for. Report and ignore. Fucking newfags

No. 50176

Apparently not often enough.

No. 50177

She's saying you have no idea how to deal with trolls.

No. 50181

Pls let us have a shaynatorium for shat memes …

No. 50182

an inshayna sylum?

No. 50184

I would never visit another shat thread again if this happened. Pls admins. I’m addicted to the autism in that thread kek

No. 50185

Cp in /m/

No. 50186

Also in /snow/

No. 50187

File: 1673423001150.jpg (7.62 KB, 259x195, index.jpg)

Schizo trannies spamming CP be like

No. 50188

CP in snow

No. 50189

seconding this, reported a CP thread in snow

No. 50190


No. 50191

Pedo keeps bumping his own cp

No. 50194

i asked the admin to remove it, i think it's finally gone rn

No. 50195

Its on the second page of /m/

No. 50196

gone too

No. 50197

Can someone just take the backend away from quitting admin, why the fuck can I suddenly not access the site without a proxy?

No. 50198

Ah, correction, I can only access meta. Everything else 404s. Why'd you have to fuck with something that's worked for a decade admin what the fuck

No. 50199

still on the second page of /m/ jfc

No. 50200

Can we please put a "has to be accepted by admin" option for new threads? /ot/ still has all the josh moon spams, and I can't read the site in the morning anymore without seeing cp

No. 50201

that would be a good idea

No. 50202

That's probably not possible with the old software.

No. 50203

File: 1673453747885.jpeg (111.36 KB, 768x1365, img-5168-png-1672747247.jpeg)

Requesting new YouTube general thread so I could post about picrelated.
Jenna Marbles and Julien got married.
And some parasocial fan broke into their house.
>“Today someone broke into our house. A woman, that we don’t know, entered our home unannounced. Upon her entering our back door, I immediately subdued her with OC/pepper spray and was able to lock her out. I called the police and she was apprehended and arrested.
Jenna, the dogs and myself are all safe. While this person is a complete stranger to me, they have been harassing me at my home throughout the last two months.”
>According to TMZ, law enforcement sources claim that police were called on Monday to the couple's San Fernando Valley home after a fan showed up.

No. 50204

Nikocado porn on /ot/

No. 50205

Fucks sake dogshit spam is full on, get on with it?

No. 50206

infighting in the shaytard thread

No. 50207


No. 50208

How the fuck does this get worse daily? Where is the bottom?

No. 50209

No. 50210

No. 50211

retard in both the shayna and tuna threads again. they always start with hostile text posts and then begin spamming images

No. 50212

And the mods are fucking redtexting instead of deleting the spam, GET YOUR FUCKING SHIT TOGETHER. Especially because Shayna’s thread is about to be locked

No. 50213

your website is fucking dying and being spammed to shit with child porn and probably not getting a new admin until it dies next month and you are still sperging about shaynas vagina and mods not cleaning up thread #38499 of your autism. amazing. this place is amazing

No. 50215

Are there mods that could delete the spam or are you just gonna leave it up

No. 50216


No. 50217

That's on Shaymin as it's quite clear the only active staff is merely a janny and doesn't have the permission level to delete and may not have the ability to moderate certain boards like /meta/ at all.

No. 50218

Shaymin is a cow

No. 50219

giving jannies different perm levels is the most retarded decision ever. why would this be a good idea on a board as small as lolcow? it works for 4chan because every board has a completely different culture and set of rules but that is not the case for lc.
give the jannies permissions for every board and let them all delete stuff. it is ridiculous that with a skeleton crew the admin still nerfs their abilities. complete shitshow decision

No. 50220

Preaching to the choir.
Has been since that thread nuke kek.

No. 50221

The shayna thread has filled up because of the retarded spam, right during her breakup. I know the janny can't delete the spam but can we give jannies permission to do that? This was a milky moment that's now on pause because of the spammer

No. 50223

wtf why can't mods delete or spoiler this, I'm so livid this is still here in meta

No. 50224

Attention seeker in the celebrity cow thread posting her own boobs. Please delete it mods

No. 50225

sorry farmhands I accidentally reported the wrong post for hi cowing pls ignore

No. 50226

Can somebody please tell me why i have to put up with spammed child porn that's left up here for hours, but the moment a Shaynatorium thread comes along …. BANNED . Like, c'mon !

No. 50227

what is going on? The influx of twittertroons and the “spicy straight zoomies” derail/infighting is going to be the downfall.

No. 50228

Fuck that then we'll never see a new thread ever again

No. 50229

any updates on discord ?

No. 50230

In addition to the stomach-turning cp on this site, I wish I could return to the time when I didn't know what Nikocado's poop chute looked like.

No. 50231

I take pleasure in the fact that no matter how much the tranny shows his y chromosome by spamming the most disgusting things, we will still always build places just for us women, away from men. He will never be accepted since he will never be a woman and all the seething and chimping out in the world won't change it.

No. 50232

Blaine we all know that's just you commenting about yourself.

No. 50234

Why would he say the truth kek, he desperately wants to be "our pet tranny", for us to shut up and stop pointing him out and then went he on to the current moid rage after we told him to fuck off. In fact, he gets so triggered by the truth, the chimping out sometimes happens right after he gets rejected - again in typical moid fashion.

No. 50235

I think the people who call you Blaine are actually trying to be nice by not wanting to admit that farmers are really this daft and don't know how to stop taking bait

No. 50236

There’s a dumbass lose in MTF
>>Cellulite is a deformity!!!! And you’re fat and lazy if you have it
>>actual breast deformity that can cause life complications let me condescendingly tell you and blog post religious level rants about how it’s not.
Please ban them ♥
The derail is strong

No. 50237

I think you should kys cp spamming tranny.

No. 50238

I love the janina but my shaytourim thread was banned/deletes In like 15 mintues and i got an 11hour ban

No. 50239


No. 50240

lmfao janina, I like it

No. 50241

Kek janina

No. 50242

Probably a good reason

No. 50243

File: 1673540820027.jpeg (125.61 KB, 1276x806, E747D863-C6C0-41DC-AE61-7156A4…)

Cp on /m/

No. 50244

In /snow/ too

No. 50245

File: 1673540874718.png (797.82 KB, 662x798, 9D4F0F37-39EB-47C8-94A1-A4C9F0…)

The scrotes are back

No. 50246

Is something going to be done about the hundreds of duplicate threads shitting up /pt/?

No. 50248

No wonder since nikado and you have a 9mm dick. rope yourself like a top g

No. 50249

why are men like this ?

No. 50250

best thing would be to just ignore and not give attention at all. when you take the bait they just keep wanting more and more reaction from you nonna

No. 50251

At least the tranny is admitting he's a scrote

No. 50253

>Mtf have a higher chances of pedophilic deviance
>post cp and gore
The joke writes itself kek

No. 50254

come up with something new faggot

No. 50255

sorry im just a bit nuts thats all

No. 50256

File: 1673555878845.jpeg (7.58 KB, 83x255, 1FA593E0-F7EA-425D-9759-20AC79…)

The irony of a soyshitter saying this KEEEEK

No. 50257

File: 1673555996884.gif (79.24 KB, 381x147, REPORT AND IGNORE.gif)


No. 50258

why is there so much spamming everywhere?? Where are the admins

No. 50260

File: 1673557219686.png (36.11 KB, 1044x201, discord.PNG)

Admin added rules and verified some people. I guess she's reverting it from a bunker to a general lolcow discord cause we see how well that went last time…
The only update on the site is picrel. I still don't get why we have to scrounge through discord for anything. It's basically the usual, ignoring problems with the site and responding on discord instead of /meta/.

No. 50261

File: 1673564632596.gif (6.68 MB, 268x200, 1671752290577.gif)

It's so fucking annoying how every. single. site update is always posted to the discord and not the actual site it concerns! It makes zero sense! Nonnies using discord do not represent the lolcow population, there's a reason this site is anonymous, why would we break that anonymity for discord? She's filtering news by those who use discord and those who don't and it's fucking stupid. What is /meta/ for anyway? Posting bait? No it's for news/updates and discussion about the site. Why won't they actually make use of this board and post updates here where the actual userbase can see it? Fucking ridiculous this site is in flames I can't even believe this. sorry I'm seething right now but it's justified

No. 50263

File: 1673565448847.gif (53.34 KB, 96x96, k.gif)

>faster communication
Making nonnies play messenger posting caps of what tiny morsels of news we receive back and forth isn't faster communication, what? If the discord must stay won't farmhands at the very least post news in /meta/ as well as discord? It takes literally 3 seconds to copy and paste something. How is it they can't do that?
>Sounds like you got banned from the Discord
I've never used groomcord in my life and I never plan to because I like to be anonymous. If I didn't want to be anonymous I'd be on kiwifarms or whatever login site to discuss milk instead and tolerating their problems. I'm just so sick of discord being used for updates instead of the actual designated update place for the actual site for the actual users. This happens to every site now it's so exhausting

No. 50264

This is the complaints thread, not an update thread.

No. 50265

Nta, but are you stupid? That anon is complaining about how poorly managed this site is. And if posting updates bothers you then address the staff who expect users to relay messages for them.

No. 50266

Idk which post got deleted but if anyone's defending the discord, they should know that it's filled with people who don't even use lc lol

No. 50267

Farmhands can't make an update thread? I never said updates should be posted to this thread. (speaking of: the discord forces anons to post the updates here effectively turning this thread into the complaints-updates thread which is another reason to post updates to the actual site) I said they should be posted to this board, to /meta/. Are farmhands incapable of making a thread for updates? God knows we need one because nobody knows what's going on. I'm complaining right now, I'm complaining because farmhands need to address updates to their userbase and not discord's userbase.

No. 50268

i think the real issue is that there are no farmhands left outside of the discord. it was very very clear 2-3 people who brown-nosed adminchan (before she deleted her account) were active jannies and banned whatever talking points they liked. in addition, the whole splinter secret discord have generally dictated ok "talking points" and moderation moves made by the team as early as june 2022. these people are not true farmhands like we used to have.
i cant blame shaymin because i think theres no help outside of these people, but because they're so incredibly parasocial and opinionated, the purpose of lolcow– logging the cows actions and keeping a record of what they do– has been lost. either with time or through this misuse of the discord.

No. 50269

I'm saying that this isn't an update thread, so checking here in general, outside of complaints, would be moronic.

No. 50270

>I never said updates should be posted to this thread I said they should be posted to this board, to /meta/
I think you're misunderstanding replies, what I'm saying is there should be a separate thread for updates. I'm arguing against posting updates from the discord here. I'm saying farmhands should post the updates themselves in a thread created to post them. This board /meta/ - site discussion is created for more than just complaints about the site, it's for everything site related including updates. It's not against the rules for farmhands to make their own thread specifically for updates. The existence of the discord and farmhand's weird dedication to avoiding /meta/ and posting updates in the discord and only in the discord does nothing but forces nonnies to use this thread for updates anyway as seen upthread so farmhands should make their own thread for updates they can post themselves and not as screencaps. If you think that updates should be confined to their own thread quote >>50260 because nobody you quoted indicated that they're saying this should be an update thread.

No. 50271

Yeah. There should be a separate thread.

No. 50273

File: 1673569924295.jpg (141.51 KB, 613x644, FaceApp_1673212784549.jpg)

I'm admitting myself to Stink Ditch Academy's Shaynatorium on account of being diagnosed as clinically inshayne due to lack of fupapa snuggles, pink wine, and Uber eats gift cards. Doctors orders are 90 days; a day for every pound shat has gained since being with fupa. See you later space cowboy ..

No. 50274

File: 1673572155171.jpg (47.64 KB, 359x428, Picture2.jpg)

Day 213: I think the natives have finally hit their breaking point after living under a broken system run on the reliability of a 19 year old, I'm shocked it took this long. Still no sign of a competent replacement and so I remain in this bizarre place for further study into the nature of mankind when their society crumbles around them.

No. 50275

No. 50277

Cp in /m/ in the manga thread

No. 50278

File: 1673593442462.jpg (60.58 KB, 474x622, f794359d207ac160ede2b3f58f375f…)

Cp on /snow/

No. 50279

File: 1673593719846.jpg (127.52 KB, 1080x1080, 62d52b0fa1b95493ddc1159a7b45dc…)

Cp in /m/ and /snow/ bumping off front page

No. 50280

I was reporting a dumper signing their post with -c- thinking it was a signature but it turns out it's just a newfag who shortened continued to -c- kek sorry farmhands

No. 50283

Still there!

No. 50284

File: 1673601631872.png (36.83 KB, 1274x254, s.png)

nonnies, soymoids are trying to raid lolcow. report any soyjaks you see

No. 50285

>it’s down

No. 50286

the text in picrel made me disgusted beyond limit
stupid pigs

No. 50287

can one of the venus threads in /w/ be deleted theres two and anons are posting in both ?

No. 50288

>I-i-I'm not admin, I swear! ♥
Fucking teenagers, man.

It makes perfect sense. oldmin/shaymin started out with a clique of friends for staff and discord was their hugbox. As we know, she always had a thing for following post histories and singling out users that pissed her off. Pushing things over to discord makes that easier with usernames, etc. Most of staff actions over the past two years have been trolling as revenge because *'min realised she couldn't fulfill her dream of making this her autistic kingdom. (the first townhall she did was not long after taking over and introduced at least two new boards as well as other changes … and of course, it was on discord.) She was a newfag from PULL or somewhere similar larping as an OG farmer and people took way too long to realise. Now we reap what she sowed.

Best post KEK.

No. 50289

why do you type like a newfag?

No. 50290

there is a cp thread in /snow

No. 50294

nta but why do you think it's a newfag? seems like a good post to me.

No. 50295

It's likely the autistic pedo tranny again, judging by the timing of cp spam, him calling admin a teenager like in >>49897 and the fact that he is the one who got his post history checked and was rightfully singled out the most.

No. 50296

I am so fucking disappointed, cp has been on /snow/ for 10+ hours now
like what is this shit ?

No. 50297

moid in the vent thread

No. 50298

Janitas be kind, why can't we have the Shaytourim?

No. 50299

This. Please let us have the shaynatorium back.

No. 50301

why do they type so retardedly

No. 50302

Cp in /m/, a scrote has been lurking for some time posting pedo-y shit and infighting.

No. 50303

Because they are retarded. Like actually retarded.

No. 50305


No. 50306

Why are Shaynaheads on timeout

No. 50307

So with Shaymin gone, did any of the mods quit too? I just notice /w/ no longer has as much redtext as it used to.

No. 50308

The discord is dreadful, full of kids spamming pictures and talking like 12 year olds. At least it gave me some laughs when a 15 year old announced their age proudly, and another newfag said how she doesn't have a lolcow account kek
Boggles the mind how they can find a small discord invite but can't read the rules

No. 50309

the 15 year old said they found the link on tiktok and immediately left after someone said they shouldn't be there. it was also while we were getting raided by males. but lol @ "lolcow account" discord user

No. 50310

>Official lolcow discord caught grooming minors.
This is the end.

No. 50311

Fr why can't the shayheads have nice things it'll unclog the thread if there's a place to shatpost

No. 50312

Offsite groomcord servers always end up with someone being groomed. It's only a matter of time. Which is one of many many reasons why lolcow discord is a fucking stupid idea. It's not even useful for downtimes because the vast majority of nonnies go to cc for news and discussion anyways.

No. 50313

shayheads are actively discriminated agaisnt on lolcow.farm. We cannot have our Shaytainment Zone, we cannot be free of the Shayckles that our lords have put us in. It's kinda sad. Also some weird spammer is in Shay's thread and some others on snow.

No. 50314

…. I called someone a retard for not using the world femcel properly so they replied to me in the Luna thread and then somehow made their way to the Shayna thread specifically (the only other thread I've been using since the interaction a few minutes after I posted there) kek spooky

No. 50315

They are spamming it everywhere, I feel like it's some weirdo who hates we talk about certain cows, it's weird the behavior always branches from Shayna or Luna's thread with the weird spam, maybe it's some scrote attracted to them

No. 50316

/snow/ is being spammed by some scroony. address the non saging autismo

No. 50317

File: 1673658732632.jpeg (50.75 KB, 607x431, 7E68C312-380D-437C-BEE1-C0D1B7…)


obsessive male in shat thread again

No. 50318

i feel that its anons in those threads that respond to bait more often

No. 50320

porn spam threadpic in /ot/. thank you in advance for clearing it farmhands!

No. 50321


males chimping out again with weird thread

No. 50322

the nonas(if they werent samefagging) that defended the obvious ai scrote from the art salt thread can go fuck themselves now

No. 50323

Okay, how the fuck does misogynistic shit like this not get redtexted and banned
but some minor alleged «derail» in another thread gets a ban?

Can some mod seriously look at Yuhan's thread and ban the people advocating for children to bully and shove a toddler to teach him a lesson? It's so fucked up in that thread. I feel like at least one man is posting in it, what woman wants a toddler hurt by older kids?

No. 50324


I’m on mobile so idk what this is but yeah more spam

No. 50325

No. 50326

Can the ability to post a video in an OP be turned off? A scrote posted some weird porn in snow but it can't be hidden because apparently videos don't hide.

No. 50327

Fucking kek

No. 50328

The discord is awful, it's just a bunch of retarded zoomers. My complaint: admin (?) and farmhands should be updating here on /meta/. It's unfair to subject people above the age of 18 to this autism. I beg of you.

No. 50329

Wtf is going on and most importantly… Why?

No. 50330

Soyjak raid due to extremely inept management who locked a thread about the owner.

No. 50331

Day 1 9f politely requesting the Shaytourim or Shaynatourim

No. 50332

No. 50333

Schizo tranny spamming and trying to sell it as a raid from some obscure imageboard he has beef with, for the 4th or 5th time, because he's mad the related thread he used to post in got locked.

No. 50334

Some weird AI-generated porn/gore (?) image on the catalog of /ot/

No. 50335

I know it's not a great thread but there's more bait than usual in leftcows right now. very scrotal.

No. 50336

Troll on /pt/

No. 50337

Wojak posting tranny calling women trannies and saying trannies pass better than women in elon grimes thread.

No. 50338

There are derailers going on about rape in the celebricows thread and it's super annoying

No. 50340

I'm not even shaytourim nonny but give shaynafags their shaytourium. Even shayfags deserve a place to shatpost

No. 50342

Redtext white

No. 50343

That troon is in the Kiwifarms thread, also If it comes back can we get moderation? It's full of clear Josh white knights who clearly don't come to have conversations and retarded racist scrotes.

No. 50344

Petition to not have another Kiwifarms thread as all it does is attract mentally ill schizo trannies and various KF splinter site scrotes to this place.

No. 50345

Thread limits reached time to make a new one since you're the only one who cares anymore.

No. 50346

I don't care enough to make a new one, so hopefully it dies. People talk about the celebricow thread attracting retards, but as one of the few anons who actually post about Kiwifarms, I notice that thread attracts some retards as well.

No. 50347

Thats cause it's mostly scrotes who post in the KF thread.

No. 50348

it's really gross to be sucking a grown man's dick like that as a man, seriously. Very gay I hate it because I'm one of the few who wants to talk about the site but they come wagging their dicks, "Shut up troon, this aint a-log josh thread", Shut the fuck up nobody has to like his racist fat ass to watch his streams, use his site or talk about him.
I hate it and I am annoyed about it. If it's not the troon it's some scrote whining

No. 50350

a new kf thread isn't worth dealing with the retards it attracts. If you bring up any negative thing about null no matter how small, josh simps swarm in and accuse you of being an onionfarmer, or troon or whatever they decide will shut down the conversation faster. you can't say anything about null that isn't clearly sucking his dick, it's ridiculous. and then there's blaine baiting and samefagging everywhere. there really shouldn't be another kiwifarms thread unless there's relevant drama like the keffals saga, and even then it should be autosaged.

No. 50352

Agreed. It's probably one person or two. I find it so gross and weird, to imagine some scrote larping as Josh's "terf girlfriend' Saying his "Dick works" and "he totally really has a girlfriend" that shit is odd.I knew it was fucked up when someone genuinely was trying to agrue Josh isn't racist and I'm like, 'yeah, this thread is fucking retarded". Why can't scrotes/or kiwigirls go to kiwifarms? We dont have to like Josh over here,It'd even be cool if they came to talk. They don't offer anything. Blaine's retarded ass needs to go to jail. That thread doesn't need to exist unless something happens. I want them to leave and not plague the site any further

No. 50353

that "I'm his terf gf" thing was so cringe and embarrassing, most embarrassing thing I've ever seen in that thread. it can't have been our users doing that, at least I really hope it wasn't because god I cringe just thinking about someone sitting on a computer typing that out, ironically or unironically. the kf threads were probably the most cancerous threads to happen on lolcow recently especially when the keffals drama went down and unintegrated kiwis flocked to lolcow and the kf thread with their retarded takes and weird gay simping for null.

No. 50354

I joked about the terf gf shit, and shitpost but you could tell the ones claiming he was a feminist weren't joking, fan girls or some shit thank god I was saved from that life and realized what a asshole he still is

No. 50355

you should know that I can tell it's you when you post, reformed joshfag nonny. The way you type is distinctive and you often bring up that you're reformed. I am glad that you have self-respect and no longer simp for his fatass but you should stop bringing up that you're reformed so much because it de-anonymizes you

No. 50356

you are right, god bless sweet nonas

No. 50357

I love your shitposts though, please don't ever stop making them ♥ you should just say that you're a reformed joshfag a little less because that's the biggest way I could tell you apart in the kf thread and in the cc bunkers too

No. 50358

awe kek if you are shit post Joshfag you gave me good laughs. I could tell what shitposts were yours in the kf thread

No. 50359

Would it kill you guys to evenly enforce rules

No. 50360

Derailing in mtf thread about hating astrology kek.

No. 50361

kek she redtexted everyone but the actual derailer

No. 50362

Hi, I've been using lolcow for about 5 hours now and can't help but notice how fucking dogshit the site is. It takes 10 aeons to load everything. The posts, the images everything takes too long to load. It's annoying. And I feel like there's overlap between the boards, but that's not a big problem since there's not a lot of them.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 50363

Wow a real newfag! things load okay for me except catalogs and long threads, which is normal. maybe it's your wifi? Good luck complaining to admin though, nothing's going to be done about it because she's gone radio silent.
>there's overlap between the boards
What do you mean by this? also I'm curious, if you're a real newfag how'd you find lolcow anyway?

No. 50368

I found it through Tik-Tok.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 50369

File: 1673755810295.jpg (143.21 KB, 2481x1719, 111.jpg)

No. 50370

Leave bitch

No. 50371

File: 1673757111648.png (48.88 KB, 372x275, 1672483828146.png)

No. 50407

Someone mentioned it somewhere (don't know I was searching the web, as you do). About boards I mean posts overlap. I have a feeling that this could also go there and that there. But it's just what I got from a quick scan.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 50409

That was Blaine pretending to be Josh's girlfriend.

No. 50410

It was clearly someone trying to poke fun of the Josh gf speculation in the thread. I can't believe some of you thought that was a fangirl trying to actually do a LARP. That was Blaine or some other faggot making a joke out of it.

No. 50411

Lets be real, the only reason she no longer simps for Josh is cause he didn't reply to her DMs, lmao. Imagine being so pathetic.

No. 50412

I know nothing is going to be done about it but off topic period product discussion in the mtf thread. It’s starting to feel like there is more off topic stuff than actual milk.

No. 50413

It's on-topic since Always is now more obviously sponsoring both tranny influencer cows and tranny indoctrination at foreign schools and nonnas merely mentioned alternatives.

No. 50415

It's actually insane for period products to sponsor tranny influencers, like isn't the point of shilling a product to your fans who may believe you actually use it?
Also on-topic and wholesome imo

No. 50416

Please go to kiwifarms

No. 50417

No. 50418

Nta, go back to reddit then clearly you were there first.

No. 50424

Does Blaine wanna post his resume here so anons can at least help find him a job?

No. 50425

I can do that without a resume, he's the perfect candidate for a position as professional suicide statistic.

No. 50427

Was our discord deleted?

No. 50428

god i hope

No. 50429

so half the month is over and I know shaymin has gotten tons of admin applications but do we have any actual updates on the situation ?

No. 50430

why the fuck am I now getting Error 1020 while trying to access lolcow dot farm on mobile? Used to work just fine an hour ago. At least farmcow dot lol still works.

No. 50431

ok now it works again. wtf was that

No. 50446


No. 50449

CP in m

No. 50461

File: 1673890080996.png (253.06 KB, 1142x870, mirror.PNG)

Did lolcow become mirrored again for some of you? I had some issues with it being mirrored when the site was down some time ago but haven't had any problem since then. But now it's mirrored all of sudden?

No. 50462

that's because the regular link works again. see >>50432

No. 50463

Its on mobile

No. 50469

cp >>>/m/269192

No. 50472

theres a new one created by shaymin

No. 50479

The site has been extremely slow for me in the last day. It takes forever to load threads and images and I get regular connection timeouts.

No. 50481

same here. I was using the mirror before and it worked faster but still slow.

No. 50487

Me again, the site is still extremely slow.

Also why did it randomly die for a couple days?

No. 50529

We're getting spammed with Josh shit again in /ot/

No. 50530

elaine is angry and spamming

No. 50532

Someone spamming Joshua threads in snow

No. 50546

Please … now the /w/ is full of spam threads

No. 50547

Same in 2X

No. 50548


No. 50549


No. 50550

Spam threads on ot and snow

No. 50551

Site is unusable at this point.

No. 50553

Spam is over so please delete those threads.

No. 50554

we both know that's not happening

No. 50560

So… it the happening spam ever going to be deleted?

No. 50566

File: 1674094591001.jpg (507.7 KB, 1024x768, worlds-angriest-cat-a-02.jpg)

/g/ and /m/ are basically unusable, mods pls delete the fucking spam

No. 50574

what happened to the donate button? im feeling charitable (kek) and want to throw a couple bucks towards the site if i can

No. 50576

Is there a reason the site is so slow? I'm not very tech savvy so idk what's up

No. 50577

why is everything fucking crawling? what did you guys change behind the scenes and why does it always get worse and not better?

No. 50579

It's on the second page of meta, for some reason.

No. 50582

Best to ask on discord.

No. 50583

why is the joshpocalypse not being deleted

No. 50586

Cp in /snow/

No. 50587

It's in /m/ too.

No. 50589

Ceeepeee in /m/.

No. 50591

Since spam has been up for like 10 hours at this point, it seems clear to me that you need more moderators on non-burger timezones. Could you please open applications in some other form than Discord? I would've liked to apply but the email went inactive and there's no way I'm getting on groomcord.

No. 50594

I think admin and mods communicate all the important stuff on discord so it seems like a requirement

No. 50603

Can you please delete the Josh Moon spam threads? They're making a lot of threads inaccessible, both on a page-level and within the catalog.

No. 50604

someone in m is oddly acting like a moid….are the spammers back?

No. 50605

The weird anime girl pic one that says "noona"?

No. 50608

is the site super slow for anyone else? i’m in canada

No. 50609

I'm in Finland but yeah it's slow as shit for me too

No. 50610

it is for me too… also…i feel some scrotes are among us , theyve been spamming very weird stuff in snow and m

No. 50612

What's the point of complaining ITT if literally nothing anybody says is addressed by admins or even mods?

No. 50613

Can mods please clean up /m/? Just came back from its catalog searching for a particular thread and it's clogged up with a bunch of Null spam.

No. 50615

/m/ is still filthy and full of thread sliding josh troll threads are you just going to leave it that way

No. 50618

Boards are all clogged up with the same spam threads still

No. 50619

farmhands please delete the 100s of Josh spam threads clogging up the catalog in /w

No. 50620

It's every board but yes please. I don't want to see that faggots face everywhere anymore

No. 50623

That's why the sites so slow btw.

No. 50628

The site feels unusable with how slow it is,please just fix it already.

No. 50629

File: 1674161432899.jpg (65.44 KB, 405x446, squad.jpg)


No. 50630

problem is that they shouldn't, everyone over relies on discord and not everyone wants to install that shit. a group email would work fine to communicate issues with mods and admins and you lose out on applicant nonnies like >>50591 by being an unprofessional retard.

No. 50634

clean up in aisle shayna please. some retard is going full moidbrain about dogs

No. 50642

it’s still very slow and the replies aren’t working properly properly for me.

No. 50656

are we dead?

No. 50733

It's just so weird to be running this site but also refusing to communicate about this site on this site. Also discord is shit.

No. 50736

only running applications through discord is like asking for every mod to be under 25 years old. please do zoom or something and just get someone older women on the mod team.

No. 50737

>non-burger timezones
it's weird they can't get non-burgers since shaymin seems to be on discord during euro hours, and the discord is the most active during euro times with another slight bump during aussie hours. burger hours were kinda slow on discord when I was there.

No. 50748

Eh, reminds me of when they made the poll to keep or close 2X and included a "trick question" that asked what your favorite cow reveal was and had put Chris-chan in there. Then a post was made on meta dismissing all votes to keep it open by people who had voted wrong on that question and said they weren't true farmers so their opinions don't count. I'm sure they think farmers are all ungrateful shaynafags and the ones who talk to them on Discord and suck up to them are the real farmers

No. 50769

I remember that, actually the question was who your fave cow was and there were like 3 options. Which meant if you didn't care about any of those few and then randomly choose the "wrong" one your opinion was dismissed. Dumb.

No. 50771

moid derailing in m (craft thread). keeps bringing coomer topics in unrelated threads

No. 50772

can we please take the remilia/crypto gossip out of the leftcows thread? it's off topic. it's like one leftcow went to one urbit party and talked about urbit for a couple months and now remilia's whole stupid fake self-posting drama bullshit overtakes the thread constantly even though they have zero new interactions with the leftcows. remilia doesn't even run urbit, they gave dasha's agency a Milady and it was 100% a publicity stunt to get people interested in their stupid NFTs.
I'm sure some nonnas genuinely like to gossip about remilia but they need their own fucking thread.

No. 50773

You gotta give it up at this point. This site is abandoned. You're screaming into the void

No. 50777

File: 1674235108819.png (2.42 MB, 2000x2500, 1648504274683.png)

cp in /m/

No. 50778

ceepee on /m in the papercrafts thread.

No. 50779

File: 1674235526724.jpg (347.84 KB, 680x680, 1467998748873.jpg)

cp in /snow/ as well. this has been going on for too long, why won't it stop? Can admins do nothing?

No. 50780

They can hand over the information to the FBI like they've been asked to but according to the agent I was able to contact they have yet to do so.

No. 50781

i knew it! that was a moid i was speaking to. kek he got triggered when i called him out for larping a woman kek

No. 50783

nonny the cp has been posted in random threads for months. I remember it was posted in the dano thread once even though it was inactive for a few days at the time it was posted. I don't believe the cp poster actually uses lolcow and posts anything besides cp. The 2chan anon and the coomer anime pic they posted and the hentai figure they own is suspicious but I very highly doubt the cp was posted by them, even if it was in the same thread

No. 50784

god being on this site is making me lose brain cells…. nonny.. you do realize i was the one posting the sculptures? the moid was bringing in weird coomish topics to the thread , and the coomer anime figure?( a bootleg covered up figure?) …yall are retards

No. 50785

For what it's worth, the figurine nonnie doesn't seem like a moid, she comes across as a not completely integrated zoomer. The stickers especially (kuromi, sonico, kanna etc.) are well liked characters among zoomer pickmes so I think she's just new and too used to male spaces. Although mods will be the final judge considering they can see the whole post history kek

No. 50786

well i was in animecore ..and it was cringey kek . although i wish mods did more because its hard to attract new noonas who are actually interested in the hobby but turn away because of the moid being weird (i wish the clay nonny came back i liked her crafts )

No. 50791

i will donate my hard earned cash if one of you cleans the fucking boards of that Joshua Connor Moon spam. the boards are practically unusable, PLEASE fix it for the love of god.

No. 50793

Pretty much all the frequently used threads are bumped back to the top by now. Are you talking about a specific board?

No. 50794

>clay nonny

No. 50797

Nta but it's still making the site load slowly, it's not just about finding threads

No. 50798

NTA but ninja'd
>>50797 is right

No. 50799

I will genuinely donate a generous 6$ to the ko-fi if the joshpocalypse is cleaned up. Lolcow is slow as shit and I hate looking at his ugly mug in the catalog. Surely admins won't say no to bribery

No. 50800


No. 50801

File: 1674265091340.jpg (652.76 KB, 1080x1931, Screenshot_20230120_173745_Chr…)

Its just endless scrolling in /w/

No. 50803

Same, except i have $300 i can donate. Admins pls

No. 50804

I have eleventy billion dollars for this as well!

No. 50805

Jesus CHRIST how are the jannies this fucking incompetent. You click on a spam post, then you hit "delete." Real rocket science right here. You can even set it up to detect phrases common in spam, or IP ban spammers! Wow, it's almost like admins should have a fucking clue before they take the job.

I wish that for once, just ONCE, we'd get an admin who gives a single fuck. Jesus Christ. Moon is a retarded moid but at least he can keep his shitty forum online and spam-free. This is embarrassing.

No. 50806

if the new staff won't do anything they might as well not be here at all, it's the same problem as last time. 3 new admins and not a single one can clean up? not even one little biddy crumb of admin? nothing? or at least give the janitors permissions to delete if they don't have the ability (i'm pretty sure they used to tho)

No. 50809

Stop using that word and integrate retard

No. 50810

Nta but oh this is funny kek

No. 50811

You are claiming the people calling you out about the hentai shit are moids? Ok then

No. 50812

Nta, remove the log in your eye before worrying about the thorn in hers.

No. 50813


No. 50814

we say retard here.

No. 50815

OK… Nonny :)

No. 50816

File: 1674289072452.jpeg (13.57 KB, 651x471, images.jpeg)

You're not even trying

No. 50817

File: 1674289488884.jpg (6.7 KB, 275x270, 1648229473335.jpg)

Sorry nonny

No. 50818

Let her use whatever term she likes, noona sounds cute.

No. 50819

noona is a kpop/choachan term

No. 50820

Noona is “older sister” in Korean, it’s kinda cute

No. 50821

get out

No. 50822

Calm down, people are allowed to use terms that you don't like, are you going to try to dictate what every user says and doesn't say? Get over it, you sound like a newfag

No. 50823

It's been three days now, how come nothing has done about the Joshua Luna posts yet ?

No. 50824

i'm a different anon. fuck off back to /ot/ with your retarded takes. >>50819
she's one of those "there's no board culture" dumbasses. no use arguing with her.

No. 50825

Yeah I know that but you're still trying to tell her to get out for using a word you don't like, it's lame. Calm down, why are you so mad over nothing? I hate this new influx of farmer that have the same vibe as 2016 sjw's who used to get outraged over very benign things. Touch grass

No. 50826

the one who made omori fiigures, i wanted see her mari statue

No. 50827

File: 1674293812338.gif (1.67 MB, 498x378, cute-kitten.gif)

not any of those anons

nonny, is janina still ok? I liked janina.

No. 50828

Nope nothing outside of ~board culture~ is going to be accepted with this spaz

No. 50829

>doesn't want people to integrate
>calls others newfags
The ironing

No. 50830

what does it mean tho? like is it a term for sisters in a language?

No. 50831

integrate or leave. your shitty attitude is why boards like /w/ are clogged up with tiktards and sjws. you're also trying to force people to adhere to what you like but if you didn't agree with it you'd feel the same way as other anons. kpopfags don't belong here, feel free to go somewhere they do.

No. 50832

Huh? I don't even know what you're on about I don't use /w/, and I'm not a kpop fag I think that user is just Korean. Some of you need to chill tf out and take a day off. I don't know what I expected other than shit reading comprehension and projection though, everyone always says meta is where all the spergers who make lc their entire personality hangout.

No. 50833

>thinks that user is korean
anon, either this is bait or you're underage/too stupid to be on the site.

No. 50834

>still arguing about kpop

No. 50835

Koreans can't use lc? Are.. are you stupid?

No. 50836

does your mom know you're on an adult's website?

No. 50837

NTA but I think if that poster was really korean she would've confirmed or denied it by now, she's still posting in other threads.

No. 50838

im not(i am asian tho). i thought it was slang since most people use it . so i thought it was a endearing way to call other women so i used it .

No. 50839

Generic comeback to try to hide the fact you think Koreans can't possibly be on lolcow, lol embarrassing

No. 50840

i didnt know it was so debated here , like calling other people anons?.

No. 50841

what the fuck does being asian have to do with anything? it still makes you sound like a koreaboo.

No. 50842

Silly nona, don't you know you have to use the language that the super cool alpha nona's picked out for the rest of us? Thank god we have these top tier autists to lead the pack. The userbase has really declined over the years, all that's left are the spergers

No. 50843

the site fucking sucks right now, we need to promote site and board culture to keep it from getting worse.

No. 50844

Maybe you're getting it confused with nonna? Never seen noona used outside of kpop fandoms.

No. 50845

You're taking this way too personal, she's asian so she's using asian slang. Do you not leave your house or something?

No. 50846

asians aren't interchangeable you racist piece of shit.

No. 50847

No. 50848

go play white savior somewhere else

No. 50849

Oh yes it's much better when autists sperg over a choice of wording and then never shut the fuck about it. Please, tell us more on how you and your ideas alone can fix the site.

No. 50850

Boring bait. Unless you really are that stupid. Also, not white.

No. 50851

Not all asians use the same slang.
It could at least potentially discourage tiktokers and the like.

No. 50852

wait does nonna mean something else? i didnt know . no wonder .

No. 50853

her being asian has nothing to do with whether or not she can use korean words, this is twitter sjw logic. the real issue is kpop fags will start coming out of the woodwork because they call eachother that.

No. 50854

>Not all asians use the same slang.
That's not what I said? She said she was asian, so I'm assuming she's going to use asian slang because people use the vernacular that they grow up around. If she was british and using british slang I'd say the same thing. Are you dumbasses really trying to get your panties in a twist calling a tame comment racist? This site is a shitshow, and getting offended over nothing is quite literally the opposite of board culture.

No. 50855

ayrt is clearly a tiktoker or from twitter by the sound of it. like i said before, if she didn't like it, she'd be doing all the things she's claiming we're doing, especially given she's been vehemently fighting against us. she's also sperging out. it's ironic in a way. i am sick of the site being shit.

No. 50856

asians don't all live in korea you racist retard. you sure are defending her pretty autistically. you're a kpopfag aren't you?

No. 50857

Again not what I said, learn some reading comprehension.

No. 50858

wow, you're sure upset for someone making assumptions to defend kpop retards.

No. 50860

is there a lc lore somewhere so i can read up on it? i genuinely didnt know the difference between nonna and noona (i thought maybe it was a misspelling) . i dont want people mad over a mistake

No. 50861

Suggestion: Permaban anyone under 25

No. 50862

many anons who use pet names are /ot/ only users, so you're better off asking there, but nonna started as an alternate spelling of nona, an anagram for anon.(it's also a slang in the UK i believe, don't quote me on that). noona is korean for older sister, but the term males use, it's also used by korean men as slang to their female friends and by male (and koreaboo female) kpop fans as a term of endearment towards female kpop fans and band members. so the only people on the site using it are koreaboos because korean girls don't want to speak like men randomly.

No. 50863

thank you for clarifying it!

No. 50864

you're welcome! there's no issue with anon based petnames in my opinion, but if noona is being used in the korean sense, it's clearly koreanboo related or adjacent to them in some way, which is an issue. that's why anons had a problem with it.

No. 50865

an anon misspelled janny in meta and a couple of us loved it

No. 50866

there's 800 other things more important but this anon is in Yumi's thread just to infight and post retarded one-liners. Clearly the same person who did it before, never has milk or contributes something about the cow, only wants to insult nonnies:

This is possibly the same person, talking about Yuhan having sexual feelings for her toddler son (a Jocasta complex). Anyway how does that shit not get redtexted? >>>/w/272110 You need to show anons that shit like this is disgusting and doesn't fly here.

I guess I am glad the scrotey comments about her being a whore and her only future being a docile wife to a widower got deleted but you know, redtexting serves to show anons what kinds of posts are not allowed here and why.

No. 50867

anon, stop with your retarded tinfoil.

No. 50868

it's extremely obvious you're
you already got called out by anons and you were infighting as well. stop replying to things you think are infighting and just report and move on. and mods shouldn't leave malepost replies up to begin with, but anons who are infighting aren't men just because you don't like them. this minimodding is really cringy by the way… just report and get over it.

No. 50869

>tfw noona anon was outted as a tranny lolicon in an /m/ thread earlier
i hope whoever was defending him feels foolish now kek.

No. 50870

I was just saying what it was I didn’t condone the use of it on here or anything kek

No. 50871

well you don't even actually know what it means, the anon using it was a tranny, it's the form of the word used by men.

No. 50872

…what? The replies you linked have completely different typing to them. The only thing they have in common with that anon is being in lowercase. They don't have the space before punctuation and they don't have weird grammar. For the record I dislike the use of "noona" too because it sounds kpoppy to me but I doubt that's her ITT.

No. 50874

Not trans.Just a girl who was too into animecore(realize it was stupid and grew out of it) and that was me asking what noona meant(that was my mistake). I'll try to integrate more so I'll won't cause any misunderstandings.i havent been in much women oriented spaces so I guess I type like a moid perhaps.

No. 50876

i'm talking about the anon you were replying to on /m/ who was using it.

No. 50878

Anons who run here to whine about anything on /w/ are newfags complaining about posts they don't like. She's complaining about lack of milk(and is probably the anon those posts she linked are replies to) and complaining that mods deleted moid bait of all things, despite that being the standard. And then she treats all the posters like the same anon, and thinks moid bait should be kept and redtexted as a warning, to who? Newfags on /w/ are cancer.

No. 50879

I think that is the ”noona” anon

That anon gives me major troon vibes. If it somehow is not one it’s painfully autistic and VERY underage (like 13-15).

No. 50882

How does calling out newfag behaviour make someone a man?

No. 50884

anon is baiting, don't respond to them. they've been doing this all over the site and are unhinged as fuck.

No. 50885

It's the tranny, he still doesn't know what namefagging actually means.

No. 50886

he's also the one defending lolicon on /ot/

No. 50890

File: 1674313456092.gif (1.31 MB, 320x180, talking-to-a-brick-wall-gif.gi…)

So when's the new admin's introduction coming? They said in the discord it would be "soon" but it's been days and I see nothing. Are they just going to be shaymin 2.0, never show themselves or interact with the userbase to the point where anons speculate about your entire existence? Can we actually have admins who are present and exist for once? What's the point of even complaining if we're just speaking to a brick wall

No. 50894

Jup, seems like you're right lmao, be sure to report him.

At least the jenny death one seems very active on discord and even responds to things said here. It makes sense she or the other admins aren't responding directly, if they don't have the admin label yet.

No. 50896

has she responded to anything recent?

No. 50897

File: 1674315247101.jpg (25.2 KB, 1230x102, 1674077788658.jpg)

I'm not in the discord but this was the last cap discord nonnies posted. If anyone who's in the discord can cap anything she posted recently and post it here that would be great

No. 50898

Currently she's mostly talking about the topic of discord verification, since she's as far as I'm aware, an admin that's mostly in charge of the discord server

No. 50899

So what was happening to the site while it was down, if not ownership transfer?
I know there won't be an answer, just wondering I guess.

No. 50900

File: 1674315806700.jpg (267.84 KB, 1076x1237, IMG_20230121_164300.jpg)

kill yourself child porn spamming tranny

The last posts are her verifying anons in the discord but regarding this thread, she posted pic related.

No. 50901

File: 1674315924172.jpg (89.93 KB, 1080x405, IMG_20230121_164435.jpg)

also this as explanation why the discord verifications are only sporadic. I think it sounds quite positive.

No. 50902

seems like oldmin's feelings were hurt and she stopped doing anything with it. i don't blame her. who would want to keep putting time and effort into a website where the users act like entitled children and treat you like shit all the time.

No. 50903

They're still giving me two year bans as a heads up to the lurkers.

No. 50904

There might be other things going on at the moment, but since the last time lc was down ive noticed the load time for pages is down significantly. Can anything be done to boost site speed please? it takes forever to load a new pages or thread

No. 50905

As much as I disagree with how shaymin handled things I can understand why she resigned. A huge portion of lolcow's userbase is unhinged and autistic. There are daily infights lasting 50+ replies over petty irrelevant bullshit, cp is posted on the regular, raids from other sites, moid infestations, etc… Nonnies say she was 19 when she first became admin, I can't imagine being so young having to deal with all that.

No. 50907

I dont know either, but my guess is that maybe they encountered an error while trying to transfer the website ownership. So it didn't work, both the website and the transfer kek. They would also have to change the finacial data, and the ownership of the kofi page and lolcow email address (if the later isn't somehow included in the website). And when they transfered the ownership of the website to one admin, that person would have to get familiar with the settings and then give admin rights to the other two.
All of this also needs to happen when all of them, including shaymin, are online and available at the same time.

No. 50908

anon, stop with your retarded tinfoi

No. 50909

wasn't about kpop anon.

No. 50910

yay racist tranny is back again, watch his spam stay up for 5 hours

No. 50912

>All of this also needs to happen when all of them, including shaymin, are online and available at the same time.

No. 50914

in what part of the post did it refer to Blaine

No. 50916

I’m talking about the post you’re quoting

No. 50920

So are the Conner spam threads just never going to be deleted oooor what?
There's still hundreds of pages of it

No. 50922

The site is running too slow

No. 50923

I'm wondering if they have no one on their end with permissions to delete threads, but that wouldn't make sense since the CP threads get deleted or have those only been posts inside existing threads?

No. 50928

She claimed to be an oldfag who was here from the beginning. She knew exactly what she was getting into and was still excited to take it on.

No. 50930

People are always excited for new stuff that they get to be in charge of until they realized what there is to it. This place has been insufferable the past 3 years alone. I don't blame admin for not wanting to deal with it and instead enjoy their life lolcow free.

No. 50931

Why are you tards still pushing this Oldmin thing. We have 3 beautiful cisgendered women as our Adminas now!

No. 50932

"She" even sounds like a tranny.
>lolcor bebe… the natural way of the known universe
As comprehensible as a schizo Blaine post.

No. 50933

No she didn't?

No. 50934

You type like a teenager who's just discovered babby's first imageboard

No. 50935

bitches think you need to access the matrix to give someone the login to an admin account

No. 50936

I think she misunderstood the lolcor bebe meme to refer to lolcow itself rather than a black and white baby goat

No. 50937

A true and honest user of the farms! Glad to have ((her)) on board!

No. 50938

Moid in the Nofap /snow/ thread.

No. 50939

Celebricows too, derailing with pro-pedo arguments about how naked children belong in "art and everywhere" trying to start infights with stupid disingenuous moid arguments.

No. 50940

About 4000 pictures of Null and Ethan Ralph too in case you decide to fix that one

No. 50941

The tranny-sperg is back in the tinfoil thread

No. 50942

Mods the conspiracy thread got hijacked by a tranny, can you please lock the thread and let women remake it? Thanks


No. 50943

Fixed thread link

No. 50944

Like she said just as comprehensible, she's just dumb.

No. 50949

Cp in m

No. 50950

cp in snow

No. 50951

Cp on snow

No. 50952

Soooo when are the mods going to remove the josh spam? It's been days

No. 50953

I'm beginning to wonder if it's actual CP or just young-looking adult actresses shooped to look younger or something. I feel like if someone actually had CP, they wouldn't be drawing attention to themselves by constantly spamming it on the clearnet. I could be wrong, though.

We all know not only that Blaine is the one who usually posts this shit, and because he's retarded his dox are readily available on KF. You'd think he'd be more paranoid of someone calling the feds on him for having CP.

No. 50954

>We all know
No honestly we have shaymin's word and no post history.

No. 50955

This specific cp that gets posted at 7am CET almost every day is a bot. I've seen it on other imageboards too. No doubt there's men and trannies posting cp as well but usually it's not an advertisement type of post.

No. 50956

Since we've got a bajillion admins now, if the obvious selfposting in Erin's thread continues can we have post reveal 2.0?

No. 50958

It doesn't matter.i don't want to verify a cp image it's just disgusting.also troon porn in snow threads aswell.

No. 50959

There's an influx of bait and moid posts highlighting words with cursives, like the pedo one in the celebricows thread. Just wanted to point it out.

No. 50960

Is the tranny weeb pedo who keeps posting their bad sculpts and generally spamming the papercraft thread in /m gonna get banned or have we become a sanctuary for the new generation of sonichus? They’re obviously setting up camp in that thread and nobody is doing anything about it.

No. 50961

The tranny baiter is here again.report him and don't reply.

No. 50962

Maybe he's evading or /m/ farmhands aren't that active. Or they let it going for a while because he seems cow-ish with the ugly crafts, coomer shit and pigfilthy background.

No. 50963

It's like they read how to post in /meta/ and are desperately trying to integrate by using constant italics and bold text. You'd think they'd notice no one else bothers to do that kek.

No. 50964

I don't think anyone has gotten banned in a while

No. 50965

Please learn to put a space after a period. Like. This. Not Like.This. You are extremely identifiable.

No. 50966

Could Blaine maybe not be directly posting it but submitting this sites url to the bot? Might explain how he has alluded that time to "testing the jannies" but denies literally posting CP.

No. 50967

can we all just collectively agree to stop talking about blaine

No. 50968

No because as far as I remember this bot has been spamming lc before his lc crusade started. He's not really to blame for all the negative things that happen here, and tinfoiling like this really gets him off

No. 50969

When are you going to do something about the josh threads? They're making the site a pure hell to navigate through

No. 50971

seriously they've been up on /g/ for 4 days, is it that fucking hard to delete some threads?

No. 50973

Jannies have confirmed that he posted link with a pedobear image, which looked like the same style of links posted with cp. He's also a chronical liar and known for posting cp on other places too. His whole sperginging started being visable when he had a fight on here, with a moid imageboard admin were he also spammed cp.

No. 50975

File: 1674412366580.png (1002.54 KB, 1178x2061, 1658732947764.png)

>moid imageboard admin were he also spammed cp
That's soyjak.party. The admin of that site (kuz) actually put out a 1000$ bounty for info leading to his arrest. Blaine HATES him because of this. And on alogs.space someone made him angry and he started spamming cp there as well, but I don't have receipts on that right now

No. 50976

File: 1674412663927.png (325.09 KB, 1078x1059, k.png)

more on this

No. 50978

Yes, that's what I meant. Thinking about it, that's probably also why he tried to blame his spam on the soyjak website for a while. His kiwifarms thread seems to be more in-depth about it and I remember them mentioning more websites where he is unwanted, but I'm too lazy to go through his thread.

No. 50980

I know kuz is a pedophile and groomer, I'm not saying he isn't. But saying that because kuz is a pedophile the caps don't contribute anything is dumb. As admin kuz's main goal is to keep up his site (which is questionable anyway) and it would be in his best interest, pedophile or not, to get someone posting cp on his site arrested.
>without a single actual post history reveal
He uses vpns for everything so IP is unreliable, I don't know the specifics of revealing post history so I don't know if they could use something like browser cookies or hardware specs or something… If admins could ADDRESS THIS AT ALL, EVEN IN DISCORD we could gain some knowledge on this.

No. 50982

the only reason the tranny doesn’t like kuz is he wanted to date him and kuz turned him down or something for other trannies lol

No. 50983

You are talking to him. No one else would give a shit to defend the tranny this hard, sperging about post histories and "shaymin's word". Just ctrl+f the former and you'll see.

No. 50987

File: 1674422710893.jpg (31.15 KB, 731x553, 51b5b40831ead98e11bdc077e31d28…)

The spam will never be deleted.

No. 50988

I fucking hate it here rn

No. 50990

At least they're deleting the CP (I hope) but why not the Josh spam? Are there just so many threads to delete in one go? Did they make a dent at all?

No. 50991

>so many
*too many

No. 50992

There's a button that lets you mass delete posts in one go so no it's not that. Now you can think about what the real reason might be

No. 50995

It's usually IP based, the tranny or whatever probably learned from having his previous posts mass deleted. The fact that the spam happened so fast is also an indicator, usually you have to wait at least 30 seconds to make your next post. He probably used a spam bot that circles through proxy ips.

No. 50996

Kek at you still keeping this up for the 10 retarded farmers who haven't caught on yet. Get a hobby

No. 50997

I hope whatever shady website you got your bot from gave you a trojan.

No. 50998

Ok Spooky

No. 50999


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 51001


No. 51002

Love how I was so correct you replied twice, sperging about another new rando who is supposed to be making your posts. You definitely are retarded enough to catch a virus from it, so enjoy.

No. 51003

Can't strugglepost yourself out of this one I'm afraid

No. 51006

Do it and stop shitting up the thread then. I don't fucking care about any of these stupid people but if anyone's sitting on proof of cp then call the goddamn tipline and have done with it or you're a pedo and an enabler yourself.

No. 51007

Mike pls

No. 51009

report it, I think the ones I've reported are getting deleted, but there's so many pages of it.

No. 51010

can i, pet your dogs, please, or your, cat, please

No. 51011

Can a farmhand please reign in the room temperature IQ twitterfags shitting up the gyaru thread even further? I'd call it bait but that'd being giving them too much credit.

No. 51012

please. they're cancer.

No. 51016

File: 1674465912106.jpeg (23.39 KB, 320x320, F11F8D7E-A525-46A8-BB48-88EC98…)

are we ever going to get an explanation as to what is going on with the board? where did you all go? did shaymin/newmin/whomin get arrested by the fbi or something? was the admin team kidnapped by aliens?

if you’re going to abandon the site, why not just close it down so it isn’t spammed? why is the josh spam still up (last i checked)? and why do you guys only reply to posts outside of lolcow that criticize the admin, but not posts on the board directly? like, make it make sense. we just want answers. even if it’s to say you hate us all.

No. 51018

Please just use discord. It's where all the cool kids are.

No. 51020

its because whatever demons that infiltrated the site are discord kittens and don't know how to get tab out of discord.

No. 51030

nta but what is the point of having an anon board if we're all using Discord? It isn't hard for Shaymin to type "I hate u kek" in Meta and tap out like

No. 51031

Sorry, I feel like I've missed something. Why would Shaymin he arrested by the FBI?

No. 51032

she wouldn't be, anon is just a retarded tinfoiler.

No. 51034

It's the cp spamming tranny trying to pull another round of "it's not me posting this, it's x"(in this case utterly retardedly blaming it on the staff). Just report him.

No. 51035

well it could be blaine, or elaine, or even ihm. but also some anons are dumb enough to think they can get arrested for CP being posted since it's on a site they visited. who it actually is is really a toss up.

No. 51037

IHM doesn't hate shaymin. She wouldn't care enough to be posting tinfoils here, she's too busy alogging kirt and hotwheels and trying to will herself back to 2009. The discord screencap was just her raging after being denied admin because she's a cow.

No. 51040

>he shows up 5 minutes later after we speculated, rambling about some literal whos no one knows and then straight up revealing himself to say it's totally not him
kek everytime, I guess that settles the question. I agree with you though, but I guess it's anons who aren't that familiar with imageboards.

No. 51042

she was also bitching in the c.c bunker thread and posted an extremely cringe email she had sent her. she also came here after the first "scheduled but not really" downtime to complain. she's a sperg with no life.

No. 51043

Troon Axe wound posting on /ot/

No. 51044

The fuck is going on with admins theres more cp raiding and troon porn. This site is a shitshow

No. 51047

File: 1674494706533.png (49.35 KB, 223x367, 1662226921647.png)

Some tranny is bumping it now, please clean it janinas

No. 51048


delete thread thanks

No. 51049

cp threadpic in /snow/

No. 51050

File: 1674497605258.jpg (608.82 KB, 500x750, 1647368378979.jpg)

CP on /snow.

No. 51051

is the TIM thread auto saged or something now? for a couple days i’ve had to jump to page 4 to find it, when it’s typically the first thing i see on /snow/

No. 51052

Just google search it.

No. 51062

I was just about to ask something similar. Its been 8 hrs since #97 hit max posts and there's usually a new thread that gets made quickly. My paranoid ass was thinking mods put it on autosage or are preventing a new one being made.
NTA, I tried the search bar. No new one's been made at least.

No. 51063

So have the mods completely left this site for dead? Nullspam is still up and the site's slow to finish loading. Expanding images takes forever now. Especially spoilered ones

No. 51075

Wait so they can’t get the login to the site so they don’t have admin/moderator permissions or what? Does that mean LC is 100% unmoderated right now? Why was the site handed over before the logins were given to the new team? This is all sloppy and concerning and a pretty bad first impression. Hopefully it’s just technical errors and this isn’t a peek into the next few years of LC.

No. 51079

>Does that mean LC is 100% unmoderated right now?
No nonny lol, there's been more redtexts and deletes than there was before the downtime. The cp used to be up for hours not so long ago but it was deleted after 20-30 minutes today. Still a far cry from what it should be but it's better than before. Nobody has any idea why the josh spam isn't deleted and neither admins nor farmhands are giving us any explanation as to why. It feels like the site is in flames right now and it's all made worse by the fact that the admins stubbornly avoid having anything to do with the site and hide out in the discord.

No. 51084

It is unbearable to use this site with the slowness it loads

No. 51086

They don't have permissions. Shaymin didn't transfer ownership so far.

No. 51096

how do you know?

No. 51099

she said a few days ago mods are locked out bc of the spam >>50900 she can’t update on here because she doesn’t have admin title and shaymin hasn’t transferred anything. such a huge mess.

No. 51125

No offense farmhands but can we have some redtext for anything other than sageing? You're not exactly deterring newfags if you redtext someone for sageing when they're actively infighting, baiting, or blogging to their hearts content.

No. 51129

What if shaymin fucked things up and now everyone is locked out of the admin control panel?

No. 51137

Normal shaymin behaviour tbh

No. 51139

That doesn't make any sense though. She could just get a farmhand to post. Anything with a staff tag on it would be enough.
Interesting that a former mod apparently called them out on their excuses and now all the josh spam is suddenly gone.

No. 51145

>Interesting that a former mod apparently called them out on their excuses
Wait, where?

No. 51146

Make of it what you will >>>/meta/51064

No. 51148

Nta but tbh I do not buy that post at all considering that anon was clearly one of the anons shitting up that thread with incomprehensible infighting, calling everyone a tranny/admin/farmhand, and no actual proof for whatever they're talking about.

No. 51149

File: 1674539385156.gif (1.61 MB, 472x360, giphy (3).gif)