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No. 242317

It's been half a year, we probably won't be getting old /m/ back, so on to the remake.

Originally utaite (歌い手) was a term to describe online artists who covered various VOCALOID songs and uploaded them under the utattemita (歌ってみた) tag the onto video websites like NND and YouTube. Due to its growing popularity in recent years, the term seems to have shifted to include people who cover non-VOCALOID songs, too.

Some questions to get it started, feel free to ignore.
>When and how did you get into it?
>Who's your favorite?
>What's your favorite cover?
>Do you like ryouseirui?
>Do you listen to non-Japanese utaite, too?
>Have you seen anyone live?
>How do you feel about the shift between vocaloid exclusive content and the current broader definition?

Pre/m/assacre >>>/m/170868

No. 242725

I like Akiakane! I don't know if her voice is traditionally "good" (I don't have much of an ear for music or singing), but I just love how raw and emotional she sounds. Plus, I really like her drawings, and she made animations for a lot of popular vocaloid songs.

No. 270966

I miss using NND, watching all those comments telling everyone to stop speaking any other language that's not English.

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