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File: 1669226369857.png (8.38 MB, 3874x2300, 1669201554842.png)

No. 267569

Previous thread

Once Again:
Sage your non-milk posts. Being fat and or ugly, while hilarious, is not milk by itself. Lying/shooping yourself excessively to hide that you are fat and ugly and crying about it when caught is milk.

PLEASE refrain from mini-modding or hi-cowing. If there is proof that a cow is posting in thread, report the post and move on.

Cows in the Spotlight

DDZ / Dee Dee Zeta / Ddnazi / LOC leader (Instagram: revelation_kitty)
>larps as being against predators and fetishists in lolita despite being a former pornstar and working at some gross fetish club (likely still currently works there too along with being in the fetish scene) >>266812 >>267068 >>267081
>known for lurking and posting in these threads: edited herself out of a thread OP before >>265060
>is a member of/involved with some weird degenerate vampire larp cult that may traffic girls – cult has ties with abusers, rapists, and stalkers >>266582 >>266600 >>266609 >>267083
>is friends with known pedophile groomer sainte and interacts with him on her personal fb/ig >>267082
>likely allowed pedo groomer sainte to be a member of her loc group despite knowing how gross he is and her claims to be against degenerates >>267089

Toast / Toast chan / lolicon loving degenerate (Instagram: toastchaaan, Tiktok: toastchaaan)
>scammed people by making a gofundme for surgery and likely used the money to go to japan >>265664 >>265844
>deleted the gofundme >>265681
>currently in japan - speculation on whether she is vacationing or moving there

Melissa / LOC member (formerly lifelibertylolita, Instagram: ghstgrl_0mm, Twitter: ghstgrl_0mm)
>completely unhinged – keeps strange vendetta list of everyone who she believes has wronged her >>263802 >>263804 >>263806
>made and regularly updated a doc with the #seagull discord itas info on it, even added a deceased lolita to the doc with a frowny face >>263787
>friends with nat irl and had some cringey 4chan themed(?) meetup >>263857 >>263872

Zepplis / #seagull discord ita (Instagram: zepplis, LM: Zepplis, Tumblr: libertarian-lolita)
>wanted to post plague-chan/ryudenki to kiwifarms in an attempt to get her harassed >>264788
>may be a regular kiwifarms user with a big post history >>267233 >>267399 >>267401
>more ryudenki drama from the seagull kiwifarmer (who is possibly zepplis) >>267211

Beck / pedo beck / #seagull discord ita / WT snacks girlfriend (Instagram: beckattack, Twitter: everydayalemon, LM: beck)
>dating infamous pedo former 4chan mod WT snacks and has also posted pedo shit herself
>trying to grift for money despite having plenty of expensive dresses to sell/wt snacks having a good tech job >>267330 >>267379 >>267380 >>267381

Hannah / Texlita / #seagull discord ita (Instagram: rosequartzroyalty, Tiktok: rosequartzroyalty, LM: Rosequartzroyalty)
>used to be (and may still possibly be) a religious homophobe >>264347
>speculation that she may have made previous threads >>264815 >>264848 >>265121
>hypocritically made fun of nats sewing skills when she was younger despite hannah being at a similar skill level when younger too >>264923

Rilu / Stacie / LOC member (Reddit: Kyuusei)
>called out for posting in the thread >>265288
>someone posted her reddit account which had pictures of her house in the thread – this triggered her into shitting up the thread (reddit post in the thread was deleted by mods) >>265257
>after being caught posting she had a spergout in the thread and kept bawwwwleting her posts >>265300 >>265324

The following is a list of known members of LOC. LOC is a friend group of edgy unhinged conservative trolls run by the degenerate DDZ. They frequently lurk and post in these threads and will sometimes attempt to derail if milk on them is discussed. Some have privated their accounts or changed usernames after being mentioned in these threads.
LOC girls (and guy)
>DDZ = @revelation_kitty , @misfitkittys
>Rilu (Ri Lu?) / Stacie = @Kyuusei
>Melissa = @lifelibertylolita , @ghstgrl_0mm >>253171 >>253172 >>253210
>Houston lolitas = @kemu_r1 and @frilly_cross >>257397
>@marashinoveins >>257401
>Cassie = @allurecross @bunnakins @faithofcross >>257401
>Nat = @oatmilkchan
> @sleepy_sakura_san , @cakevacuum >>257424 (sleepy_sakura changes her name frequently)
> @mariee.de.princesse >>257429
>Sainte/Olivine/Alkamei = @alchemy_and_gold , @s_a_i_n_t_e , LM = Alchemy And Gold , Suuushi

For the #seagull/discordgate drama see previous threads. Don't ask to be spoonfed information when we just had 3 full threads discussing it. The logs are on a mega zip link.

No. 267575

Garbage thread write up.

No. 267576

Die mad about it, you had hours and hours to make your own.

No. 267578

You sound like someone mad they don't have control over the OP this time or that their name is mentionned. No one did jack and old one is locked already deal with it.

No. 267579

The past 2-3 threads have been nothing but infighting and finger pointing with no new milk. Nothing has progressed, not op’s fault there’s nothing new to talk about.

No. 267580

Considering the end of last thread are people freaking out who is in the LOC list, my money is that it's one of them. I wonder what they're all trying to hide and keep us from looking at or finding out.

No. 267585

That's because we have an influx of newfags that think this is gawker.

No. 267586

LOC is who is posting random people into LOC

No. 267587

If that's the case, then LOC confirmed for bullying Lara out of Lolita?

No. 267588

Not true anon the GFM scam, more info on the KF "doxxing" and DDZ being a vampire goth were enlightening even if old. Powdered milk but it's there if you wade through the bs

No. 267589

nah that's just sp00py being crazy

No. 267590

This is becoming increasingly clear that these past threads have been nothing but vendetta posting

No. 267592

Nat is in there, blindchan. And Lara left lolita so why would she be included?

No. 267593

someone rlly has it out for nat and lara. go touch grass.

No. 267594

no one cares about lara it was literally all highschool shit.

Nat confirmed for cow-tipping.

No. 267596

lara's irrelevant, stop bringing her up for fuck's sake. why do you want to talk about her so badly? there's nothing to discuss

No. 267598

File: 1669229377099.jpeg (206.74 KB, 762x1316, 59620E6B-BB25-4E41-88DB-50DF7A…)

Nat and Lara’s relationship is very milky. Lara had her blocked and Nat kept tagging her in her stories afterwards calling out the block. But then now they’re best friends? Very strange.

No. 267599

File: 1669229412908.jpeg (203.41 KB, 721x1291, 369C9AEC-A9BC-4448-837C-4F6E9E…)

How does no one else find this suspicious

No. 267600

>>267468 This was an accusation. None of the listed people are LOC, it's someone stirring the pot from LOC

No. 267602

typical abusive tendencies
>begs for forgiveness
>posts about her more to get a close up view of breakdown as a 'friend'

No. 267604

lara unblocking her and being nice to her over instagram to get the shit to stop equates being "best friends?" have you never had a best friend in your life or what

No. 267605

its rilu trying to claim she's not loc, either she really isnt or she ha ssomething to hide big time

No. 267606

File: 1669229699443.png (852.39 KB, 828x1792, B24CE027-2E45-415C-B201-363655…)

Wonder what happened to make Lara unblock

No. 267608

She sounds properly unhinged and always did

No. 267611

post some proof then retard.

No. 267612

Anon you can't say anything bad about Nat she's literally an unborn fetus. For real she Benjamin Button's her way into getting younger every time her WK brings her up.

No. 267614

>Welcome to the cult
Proof that this is Nat posting: >>267468
Nat constantly lumping in people for lulz

No. 267616

Nonny I think she means her weird oatmilk thing. Check her story highlights. Whenever someone mentions something oatmilk to her she posts it to her “cult.” Typical narcissist fashion.

No. 267617

So looks like it's confirmed that Nat was the one posting Lara all over lolcow?

No. 267618

tinfoil but the outrageously sexual anon posts about her that were pinned on a discordfag are Nat or her LOC friends stirring shit to take heat off their back some more

No. 267619

Nah, anon. She outwardly claims LOC is a cult here >>267599

No. 267620

>oat milk
>welcome to the cult
>has stories called "Oat lore"
Tinfoil the O stands for oatmilk? Was just going to comment that.

No. 267621

no one would be surprised if Nat is posting gay shit about Hannah

No. 267623

Well the thread is already off to a great start I see. conspiracy theories about oat milk. so milky

No. 267624

just a tinfoil, but does that mean she was part of LOC this entire time despite posting about LOC all over lolcow?

No. 267625

A cow recognizes themselves.

No. 267627

Oat milk is a plant milk derived from whole oat (Avena spp.) grains[1] by extracting the plant material with water.[2] Oat milk has a creamy texture and mild oatmeal-like flavor,[3] and is manufactured in various flavors, such as sweetened, unsweetened, vanilla, and chocolate.

Unlike other plant milks having origins as early as the 13th century,[4] oat milk was developed in the 1990s by the Swedish scientist Rickard Öste.[5][6] Over 2017–2019, oat milk sales in the United States increased 10 fold,[3] and one major manufacturer, Oatly, reported a three-fold increase in worldwide sales.[7] As of late 2020, the oat milk market became second-largest among plant milks in the United States, following the leader, almond milk, but exceeding the sales of soy milk.[8][9]

By 2020, oat milk products included coffee creamer, yogurt alternatives, ice cream, and chocolate.[7][9][10] Oat milk may be consumed to replace dairy in vegan diets, or in cases of medical conditions where dairy is incompatible, such as lactose intolerance or an allergy to cow milk.[5][11] Compared to milk and other plant-based beverages, oat milk has relatively low environmental impact due to its comparatively low land and water needs for production.[12][11][13](derailing)

No. 267629

Yes, it's just as artificial and forced as her.

No. 267631

She loves accusing all the wrong people of bullying her and buddies up with the ones she should be concerned by kek

No. 267634

Bringing this here from the other thread, someone is trying to make a different OP, with DDZ being involved with Saber Tooth hyperbolized to the point of absurdity, which we've already seen happen multiple times any time something milky is brought up with her.

No. 267637

File: 1669230804121.jpeg (89.49 KB, 275x189, 888C6060-4B33-43C4-ADAF-22C0C8…)

Nat’s been part of the LOC forever. Not sure how you all are just now noticing

No. 267638

All the speculation over who is and who isn't in LOC is pointless as fuck. Literal photo evidence everywhere such as this. Stop beating a dead horse and roping people into LOC by association just because someone has brief passing interactions on instagram with one of the members. God damn this thread is desperate

No. 267639

Photos prove nothing but association the same as following people on intagram. The people in LOC have LOC in their bio.

No. 267641

[18-Jun-22 11:07 AM] ghostlie#7579
what does LOC stand for? nat + ddz both have it on their insta bios

No. 267643

It has been established to be Lovers Of Christ in a past thread IIRC.

No. 267644

Sage it was just said it's Lesbians of Christ but they posted that to show nat is LOC

No. 267646

No one but Nat in this group is a lesbian they are obviously trolling

No. 267647

What you guys aren't understanding is that you keep taking the LOC bait. Over and over and over. They love it and you're just doing them a favor by taking everything they say without a grain of salt.

No. 267648

this. every single thing they do or say is a deliberate troll with the intent of it being posted here

No. 267650

This is big "I was just pretending to be retarded" energy.

No. 267651

ayrt are you talking about me or LOC? that's what the LOC does

No. 267658

I think enough people have seen what happens at this point. if you go back through the chat logs, you'll see how much people take the bait

No. 267662

They are desperate to play it off as 'trolling' it's obvious they read here


No. 267665

File: 1669236470926.jpeg (1022.43 KB, 828x1250, 8EB9ED59-9186-48EC-8EDD-3BD5BB…)

Oh absolutely, just look at their recent birthday shit. LLL claimed to turn 18 and Nat says she’s turning 41. They know and watch, even if they claim to not have a hand in any of it.

No. 267667

NTA but it's not as if they just read here. #seagull literally references half of the absurd statements they post on here as fact.


>Over and over and over.

No. 267668

File: 1669236515618.jpeg (483.05 KB, 648x774, ABA8ADDC-1B81-4B82-9B75-403DCD…)

No. 267669

Is it really that hard to screenshot if you have the time to copy/paste? Can we see these cows actually make these posts please.

No. 267671

So tryhardey. I am more and more convinced they have been shitting up past threads to try and hide their asses

No. 267673

It's text files only there are no screenshots available newfag this is proof enough

No. 267675

It does not stand for Lovers of Christ

No. 267676

It’s Lolitas of Christ, I’ve spoken with members and they claim it’s a conservative Christian theology group.

No. 267677

saying she or anyone was "bullied out" is inaccurate and stupid. Have you ever considered that maybe they don't want to be associated or involved in any of this anymore? This shit is straight up embarrassing and weird. Who in their right mind would want to continue in the community after all of this

No. 267681

So bible thumping religious nuts?

No. 267682

Why so agressive?

No. 267686

So something anon can edit before posting is more legit.. Okay.

No. 267687

I mean I get what you're saying but by that logic none of the logs should be considered "legit", since its a text file anyone could have edited before posting, and screenshots of the text could have been edited as well. The channel got nuked shortly after the leak so we don't have the kind of proof you're looking for. If something someone posted seems dubious then search for it in the logs yourself.

No. 267688

Is anyone else noticing a pattern of when things do and don't apply? It's all within the benefit of LOC.
Posting information of discordcunts found on social media, including names and locations? Not doxxing
Posting the same information found the same way against LOC? DOXXING
And now the doc is suddenly no longer valid when used against LOC because "it can be edited" when we openly mocked discordcunts for saying the same thing.

No. 267689

Ayrt and you're being a dunce. I'm saying the opposite of what you inferred. The logs are legit, but demanding people post screenshots of them instead of copy and pasting is a pointless security measure when the text could be edited by the person taking the screenshot anyways. We all have access to the same text file, check there if you think its not real.

No. 267690

I noticed a thread ago. The logs are undisputable truth but as soon as it does not benefit them it has been altered. And conveniently, anyone in disagreement must be from the chat logs. There is a common pattern happening and they are hiding something.

No. 267691

So is no one in the actual discord?

No. 267692

So the chat log file could have been edited after all?

No. 267693

No, anon, I am agreeing with you. The logs aren't likely doctored and yes people should check. I'm just pointing out how other people in this thread are suddenly saying that they aren't proof enough when it's applied to LOC instead of discord.

No. 267699

That's what I've been saying! I'm not trying to argue about legitimacy, I'm talking about how it would be easy to edit overall. If every anon ITT has it, why not just screencap the actual legit file and post the milk only? That wouldn't be anymore inconvenient and wouldn't seem as questionable. Now I'm wondering if the person doing the main updates on it IS editing it too.

No. 267700

Can anons link to the text file?

No. 267706

Samefag, but a better idea would be if you guys just direct link it to the thread OP next time. That why no one has to keep bringing it up since apparently, that's a recurring issue and gets nonnies panties in a twist.

No. 267708

You're all fucking idiots. You need to realize that because we all have the text files, any of us can look up and check if what's being posted here is similar to what we originally downloaded. The ORIGINAL download link chatlog is legit, since all of the links inside the logs WERE working when we first used it the first few weeks. Screenshotting it or copy/pasting faces the same issues, so neither measure matters. just manually check with a legit version from the original download link.

Plus, we even gained most of the milkiest screenshots from those links in the chatlogs too. Stuff from private groupchats they were sharing around.

plz stfu about the logs potentially being edited. I've at least been verifying what's been coming in here, you all can do the same.

No. 267709

Its been spoonfed repeatedly. You were given the tools in this OP already, if you're too dumb to use ctrl+f in threads to find the mega link, the logs will be useless for you anyways since its a complete and uncurated copy of the entire discord channel for 5+ years of discussion, most of which isn't remotely interesting or milky. But here, since you'll be a whiny baby about it otherwise.

No. 267711

You need to calm down. There are other anons ITT who don't know about chatlogs and shit. Don't expect this entire thread to be made up of the same people 24/7.

No. 267714

>since its a complete and uncurated copy of the entire discord channel for 5+ years of discussion
So.. None of this is even new milk? What a waste of time.

No. 267715

Do you have ADHD or something?


No. 267716

if you think about it, it's easier for anons to check for context/accuracy by ctrl+f in the logs. I've done it a few times and found out the context made it worse.

No. 267717

Thanks for the direct link.

No. 267718

How would someone get five years of discussion? A bot? Sounds awfully time consuming for what it is.

No. 267722

Yes, obviously. Why even clog the thread up asking? Did you people wander in from /cgl/ or something? Whats with all the spoonfeed requests.

No. 267723

I was about to say that most people justctrl+f'd their own names, comms, or specific key phrases, but thinking on that it seems like a lot of the initial log posts all had to with Nat, which given more information up thread, really makes you wonder.

No. 267726

I mean it’s clear Melissa and other LOC are using Nat as their martyr, the poor innocent child who was wrongfully cancelled

No. 267729

cept the person posted was doxxed and not involved with the LOC and previously farmers could tell what idiot was posting under the same ip the entire time

No. 267731

Now is as good a time as any to acknowledge that some people adopt an identity or stance solely because it allows them to skirt accountability

No. 267733

>'poor innocent child'
innocent children don't bully people like lara out of lolita

No. 267734

tfw i have no idea what even happened in the discord and i’m too lazy to check, but people in my community are kicking up a stink about having everybody who was in it banned

No. 267737

What comm nonny?

No. 267738

I wish my comm was doing that. We have one of the "heinous" offenders, but everyone acts like the leak never happened.

No. 267739

just be careful around the person if you can at least. avoid them if you can, cause you know they will find something to throw you under the bus over

No. 267741

oh stop. she's been getting shit since way before LOC or nat or any of this. everything probably just wore her down.

No. 267742

we’re a UK comm, most of the main players seem to be US from what i can see so i figured it probably wasn’t a big deal.

No. 267743

sorry to double post, i didn’t see this. what comm are you in? in my comm, people aren’t publicly making a fuss, they’ve been acting normal but behind closed doors they’ve raised it to the mods. i’m friends with a mod which is why i know the situation.

No. 267744

Probably Dallas

No. 267745

also raised it with mods in my community, they are getting side eyed from now on

No. 267746

nah dude there's more communities out here that are about to shadow ban than Dallas

No. 267747

Don't give any other details here to avoid outing yourself, but reply with your comm if you've alerted mods and they've done nothing. People should know.

No. 267748

Didn’t the banned everyone?

No. 267749

Nobody cares about the logs but LOC

No. 267751

very incorrect.

No. 267755

typical discord schizophrenia claiming everyone else that is not on their side is one person or LOC.

why don't you let the people talk about their community reactions? lots of people are talking behind the scenes about this, just like you did in #seagull

No. 267756

no, we’re in the UK

No. 267761

No only 2 out of at least 4 if not more that haven’t been identified

No. 267763

The deflection is so obvious at this point we should just consider it bait.

No. 267767

I think my nearest comm is basically run by one of the heinous offenders at this point

No. 267769

Diff anon but as anon said it
Only 2 were banned and the rest were ignored.

No. 267770

have heinous offender in comm, they aren't getting away with it

No. 267772

I suspect you have this reversed. Personally, I don't care about LOC because none of them are in (or near) my comm and I only ever hear about them on this board, but there are multiple members of the #seagull channel that are in my comm, and it is likely a similar situation for all the newcomers the log leak has brought in.

Can't alert my comm's mods because two of them were in #seagull and it seems the other mods are close with them.

No. 267773

Anons are these the people you all referring to?
Olivia/Liv pastel-princess#0753 AKA @marshmallowbnuy (formerly dreamypastelprincess)
toastchan#4873 = @toastchaaan
rainier#6904 (Rainey?) = @ltracks, @___diarygirl, @ltracksvintage, @theltracks
Hannah ametrine#4707 = @rosequartzroyalty [particularly heinous offender] LM: Rosequartzroyalty
elipri#5757 = @comrade.frill LM: Elina

No. 267774

There’s a comm in my area where the admin was in it, but nobody seems to mind.

No. 267775

pnw comm here, they did nothing publicly maybe some warnings privately (I hope)

No. 267776

Didn’t Toast fled the country for Japan? A ban isn’t even worth it for her if you guys are trying to get her removed.

No. 267779

I mean they’re banning people who aren’t even in the state anymore, I doubt the country matters

No. 267780

Whos not in state anymore??

No. 267852

My comm is ran by one of the discordgate girls and runs in the same friend group as me. She talked about me and a few other members negatively, so most people in our circle know at this point. Don’t think anything will happen though, so I left my comm to avoid her. She works in the medical field, I hope she doesn’t do this to her patients

No. 267861

Elipri is fucking German you retard

No. 267865

I'm also considering leaving my comm. 2/3 of the mods are discordcunts that are facing no repercussions locally.

No. 267880

Wondering if you’re maybe the comm I was talking about in >>267774

No. 267881

What comm is it?

No. 267882

comm mods who were in the discord that i know of:

- spidersona
- mightymage
- lostinafaerietale

not sure how active they were. any others?

No. 267892

There's a list a few threads back if you care to pull that and add them in. It would be more helpful if you had any identifying info.

No. 267894

File: 1669322297048.png (449.13 KB, 1006x566, Screen Shot 2022-11-24 at 3.37…)

This situation is unhinged. Tldr; Autumn/wallpaper chan shit stirs, makes up lies, backpedals when called out by the person she lied about. Gets turned on by the rest of the chat when they realize how far she twisted the facts.

I know this is old logs, but autumn is still in the community. If she's still like this she should be avoided at all costs. I might dig more into her logs because she seems milky.

>Starts with Autumn caping for NaturallyRacist saying she’s retarded and misunderstood.

[27-Dec-17 11:55 PM] opalsauce#4996
She said something about hijabs not being “her cup of tea” in lolita I think and now she’s basically hitler

[27-Dec-17 11:55 PM] wallpaper-chan#9414
like ive seen the drama threads, shes ridiculous and all but ive read it myself and ibelieve her words were twisted, she literally said "ive seen someone use the phrase sand N word before and thats crazy!" and everoyne screamed that she herself used it

>Mica/mightymushroom is mentioned as someone who called NR out, autumn/wallpaperchan claims mightymushroom told her to stop modding egl chat

[28-Dec-17 12:01 AM] wallpaper-chan#9414
literally shes like "thats not what i meant i said not my cup of tea to the girl who said hate" and mica baker or whatever her name is jumped in like NOOO BOO YUO RACIEST AS FUUUUCK FUCK YOU

[28-Dec-17 12:01 AM] wallpaper-chan#9414

[28-Dec-17 12:01 AM] wallpaper-chan#9414

[28-Dec-17 12:01 AM] wallpaper-chan#9414

[28-Dec-17 12:01 AM] wallpaper-chan#9414
dont bully the slow girl for being slow

[28-Dec-17 12:01 AM] opalsauce#4996
Real talk I fucking hate Mica

[28-Dec-17 12:02 AM] wallpaper-chan#9414
shes the one that pmd me demanding i stop modding the evil racist group egl chat

>Mica/mightymushrrom calls her out for lying

[28-Dec-17 02:45 AM] themightymushroom#0518
Hi @wallpaper-chan You sure I inboxed you asking you stop modding egl chat? Like I feel I'd remember that? I'm searching through my messages and can't find anything, when was that and what's your Facebook name, just to help the search as I can't find this message at all and I don't remember sending it. Still catching up, ngl, it's funny af reading people slag you off and not realising I'm just sat here reading

[28-Dec-17 03:00 AM] themightymushroom#0518
Oh yeah @wallpaper-chan don't worry, my bad Autumn. I found our chat!! Yeah I was messaging you about jenna calling Muslims sand ni**ers and your response was kinda typical for you I guess seeing you here in full glory. If I saw this side of you I wouldn't have bothered you expecting you to give a hoot about racist types cos we all have problems right, like why get involved right?

[28-Dec-17 03:06 AM] themightymushroom#0518
Just re-reading our messages @wallpaper-chan and it's such a shame it came to this. You messaged me apologising for the whole frilly free for all farce, and as you reached out to me, I thought you were, I dunno, open, empathetic even. Which I guess is why I felt it was ok to message you about Jenna. At no point did I say anything about you modding the egl chat box or you stepping down. I read our chat log a few times just to see if there was a chance anything I said could have been misunderstood

[28-Dec-17 03:07 AM] themightymushroom#0518
So it's interesting you said that here @wallpaper-chan in a space you didn't think I was in and as such I would have no chance to put my perspective forward

>rest of the chat calls her out for lying, after mighty mushroom defends herself

[28-Dec-17 06:24 AM] wallpaper-chan#9414
I think whatever response i gave about the sand N word thing was justified if you read the rest of what ive said about jennas situation. Didja really need to @ me that many times lmfao

[28-Dec-17 06:25 AM] tigbittyhobbit#1832
now Im curious about what you said

[28-Dec-17 06:26 AM] Cookie Cat#7077
Yeah whats going on

[28-Dec-17 06:28 AM] wallpaper-chan#9414
Like maybe she didnt tell me not to mod? It was a long time ago but i feel like asking not to associate with someone is the same thing, because to not associate her id have to not mod there? Anyway idk. Once again im full turk and jennas never said shit to me and ive read everythin that went down with her and said my piece. I only slept like 3 hours since all this bs from last night so im hopping out again

[28-Dec-17 06:36 AM] Charyb#5508
@ing you a few times seems like a minor complaint vs all the drags against her last night

[28-Dec-17 06:37 AM] Charyb#5508
you should post some screencaps

[28-Dec-17 06:37 AM] Charyb#5508
or @themightymushroom should

[28-Dec-17 06:37 AM] wallpaper-chan#9414
Lol i just meant im gonna see it

[28-Dec-17 06:37 AM] wallpaper-chan#9414
She can, i dont keep fb messages and dont rlly care if what i said was innacurate

[28-Dec-17 06:37 AM] Charyb#5508

[28-Dec-17 06:37 AM] Charyb#5508
so you don't care if you've dragged someone over something you made up?

>mightymushroom posts a ton of caps 9as we all know, the links no longer work)

>Autumn backtracks as Mica continues to post caps

[28-Dec-17 06:45 AM] Spider#8888
Definitely no mention of leaving, blocking, or not associating with Jenna for anyone but herself tho

[28-Dec-17 06:45 AM] wallpaper-chan#9414
I mean the huge rc thread calling jenna everything brought up the cup of tea thing, the n word thing, all that

[28-Dec-17 06:45 AM] themightymushroom#0518

[28-Dec-17 06:45 AM] wallpaper-chan#9414
And i think thats the thread you refered to when you brought up her saying that?

[28-Dec-17 06:46 AM] wallpaper-chan#9414
Sorry for typing so hyperbolicly

[28-Dec-17 06:46 AM] themightymushroom#0518
At no point did I PM @wallpaper-chan asking her to step down. As it's plain to see. But don't mind me, you carry on

[28-Dec-17 06:47 AM] wallpaper-chan#9414
Again sorry, i saw the issue with associating with jenna related to modding with her because id have to not mod there eh

[28-Dec-17 06:47 AM] wallpaper-chan#9414
Anyway im about to miss my bus so brb

[28-Dec-17 06:55 AM] themightymushroom#0518
Saying oh it happened so long ago when challenged makes you look irresponsible at best and desperate for drama at worst. I don't really know many people who delete Facebook messages unless it's an ex or something. shrugs. But like I said in the convo, ironically, I don't like being lied about. I give no shits if a random on the internet doesn't like me, but just don't make up easily disproven lies

[28-Dec-17 06:57 AM] Charyb#5508
I'm incredibly disappointed

[28-Dec-17 06:58 AM] Charyb#5508
that's such a fucking stretch to get anything out of that log like what you accused her of

[28-Dec-17 06:58 AM] Charyb#5508
#seagull-colonic is for drama, yes

[28-Dec-17 06:58 AM] Charyb#5508
but the drama has to be REAL

[28-Dec-17 06:58 AM] Charyb#5508
don't fucking make shit up

>bragging about shit stirring somewhere else the same night “I really started like 3 different shits last night lol”

[28-Dec-17 07:41 AM] wallpaper-chan#9414
It got taken down so quickly

[28-Dec-17 07:41 AM] Charyb#5508

[28-Dec-17 07:41 AM] Charyb#5508
we crafted it so finely too

[28-Dec-17 07:41 AM] wallpaper-chan#9414
I really started like 3 different shits last night lol

>Mods step in, tell the children to stop fighting with the caveat that autumn was wrong for that

[28-Dec-17 08:05 AM] Pepperjack-Kiwi#4528
Alright. I just woke up and it's mostly handled so I'll make this short and to the point then leave it because nothing irritates me quite like things that died being ressurected. And yes, I am aware that I am doing this right now but I would be remiss as a mod if I didn't at least address things.
You are now aware of what company is in this particular thread. Some of you have outright stated you don't like each other. That's fine, you're adults and lolitas are not lovelies. That being said I strongly urge all of you to not use here to air personal background grieviances.

[28-Dec-17 08:08 AM] Pepperjack-Kiwi#4528
Wallpaper-chan and Mightymushroom if you're going to continue this discourse please do so privately. I am not taking sides but I also refuse to allow here to be your battleground. It's one thing to discuss public itas, embarrassing comments, etc. It's another to drag shit out about what who said. And yes, I am also aware that some of it was fabricated I'll get to that in a second.

[28-Dec-17 08:09 AM] Charyb#5508
And I have to reiterate that it's 100% fine to talk drama in here. If person A thinks what person B did is shitty, person B has their own reputation to defend. But if person A is making up something about what person B did, and this is figured out, they are tarnishing THEIR OWN reputation.

[28-Dec-17 08:10 AM] Pepperjack-Kiwi#4528
^Exactly what my last point was going to be


[28-Dec-17 08:11 AM] themightymushroom#0518
Just to let mod chans know my position and why I posted caps. I don't like people spreading lies about me and when it's very easy to disprove those lies I will. I would have had no reason to bring any caps up publicly if people didn't just make up silly little lies about me in a public place

[28-Dec-17 08:11 AM] themightymushroom#0518
But noted mod chans

[28-Dec-17 08:13 AM] wallpaper-chan#9414
Hey its over i apologised. I didnt lie on purpose but whatever.

>Autumn sees that people are posting about her on cgl (gyazo links still work)

[28-Dec-17 03:13 PM] wallpaper-chan#9414

[28-Dec-17 03:13 PM] wallpaper-chan#9414

[28-Dec-17 03:14 PM] wallpaper-chan#9414
i didnt know i ever seemed sweet

[28-Dec-17 03:15 PM] Claradwor#6000
Settle down there voldie

[28-Dec-17 03:16 PM] Aiu#0642
lol was the drama last night really enought for cgl to want caps?

[28-Dec-17 03:20 PM] wallpaper-chan#9414
like i apologized i didnt mean to spread misinfo. i genuinely remembered how it went wrong and i was probably mixing up the entire rc thread with the convo i had all rolled into one
>uwu i totally didn’t mean to lie guise!!1!

[28-Dec-17 03:21 PM] Lala Land#7138
i really doubt it's voldie, she's not in th discord dude

[28-Dec-17 03:21 PM] wallpaper-chan#9414
and it doesnt seem malicious

[28-Dec-17 03:21 PM] Lala Land#7138
idk who it is but they didn't post screencaps

[28-Dec-17 03:21 PM] opalsauce#4996
I understand. Right after you said it I misremembered the cup of tea comment

[28-Dec-17 03:21 PM] opalsauce#4996
It’s easy to do

[28-Dec-17 03:21 PM] Lala Land#7138
by the way my official possition is that i find posting screencaps to be kind of privacy invading so don't do it
> Lala doesn't like when people post screenshots, there must be some good ones of her out there.

[28-Dec-17 03:21 PM] wallpaper-chan#9414
yeah i genuinely feel bad for being a drama hoe too far over the edge

[28-Dec-17 03:20 PM] wallpaper-chan#9414
like i apologized i didnt mean to spread misinfo. i genuinely remembered how it went wrong and i was probably mixing up the entire rc thread with the convo i had all rolled into one

[28-Dec-17 03:21 PM] Lala Land#7138
i really doubt it's voldie, she's not in th discord dude

[28-Dec-17 03:21 PM] wallpaper-chan#9414
and it doesnt seem malicious

[28-Dec-17 03:21 PM] Lala Land#7138
idk who it is but they didn't post screencaps

[28-Dec-17 03:21 PM] opalsauce#4996
I understand. Right after you said it I misremembered the cup of tea comment

[28-Dec-17 03:21 PM] opalsauce#4996
It’s easy to do

[28-Dec-17 03:21 PM] Lala Land#7138
by the way my official possition is that i find posting screencaps to be kind of privacy invading so don't do it

[28-Dec-17 03:21 PM] wallpaper-chan#9414
yeah i genuinely feel bad for being a drama hoe too far over the edge

[28-Dec-17 03:22 PM] wallpaper-chan#9414
lala btw she knows im not voldie she was just trying so say im an asshole edgelord cause she decided yesterday she doesnt like me

[28-Dec-17 03:22 PM] Claradwor#6000

[28-Dec-17 03:22 PM] wallpaper-chan#9414
she knows my name is autumn lol

No. 267895

File: 1669322522576.png (456 KB, 657x687, Screen Shot 2022-11-24 at 3.40…)

here's what naturallyracist actually said
sage for old milk

No. 267896

Wow this is good milk

No. 267905

Asami moon posted a video outing an anon racist lolita in her comm
>hateboner for hijabi lolitas
>offhand racist comments and black jokes
>posted photos with Asami
it had to be Jenna
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXcZb5n_FZA [DL][Archived Copy]

No. 267913

i’ll see if i can find it, thank you anon. i believe all the ones i listed go by the same names on instagram/most social media.

No. 267914

here we go, list from prev thread, though i know it’s missing a few, perhaps those who were smart enough to lurk, or keep the fact they’re comm leaders/mods to themselves.

Mods / Mentors List
>Discord Server ( EGL #seagull) mod = Lala Land#7138
>Discord Server (EGL) mod = wallpaper-chan#9414
>Discord Server mod (other jfashion/artist alley discord) = Sketchbeetleart#0820
>Discord Server (EGL #general) = The_Kraken#0878
>Daily Lolita Mod = alys#0310 AKA @digitalangel96
>Rufflechat Mod = ametrine#4707 AKA rosequartzroyalty (current)
>Rufflechat Mod = ataraxia#7301
>Rufflechat Mod = Spider#8888
>Fairy Kei FB comm = ametrine#4707 AKA rosequartzroyalty
>Closet of Frills mod = jennkitty#3462 AKA @mylesjennifer
>Local Comm mod = Spider#8888
>Local Comm mod = Honeykiwi#1525
>Local Comm mod = MightyMage#8983
>Local Comm mod = meido#2292
>Local Comm mod = diploskull#9930
>R/Lolita mod = Saturn#5252 AKA @peachburger
>Mentor = Chryse#0151 @chryse.planitia
>Mentor = Cake#9854 AKA @abbie_666
>Mentor = raeofhope#0413
>Mentor = Rococo#5833
>Mentor = chockie#3660
>Mentor = zepplis#6640
>Mentor = jellophish#3131 AKA @oceans.tears
>Mentor = ataraxia#7301 (ataraxiaa.dreamwidth.org)
>Mentor = elipri#5757 AKA @comrade.frill
>Mentor = ametrine#4707 AKA rosequartzroyalty (former mentor of nat)
>Mentor = harmlessmonster#7160
>Mentor = rougeaerie#2278 AKA @rougeaerie
>Mentor = kae#4687
>Mentor = sailorrori#2791
>Mentor = Wabbie-chan#4020
>Mentor = pastel-princess#0753 AKA @marshmallowbnuy , DPP, liv
>Mentor = celestial#8008 AKA @bumblebat

No. 267917

holy shit nice catch anon, idk how we missed this. there’s still so much shit in the logs to sift through. it literally has to be Jenna Gray. Mica handled herself so gracefully, when she really didn’t have to.

also, how do you say “POC lolitas aren’t my preference xd!” without thinking you’ll get called a racist? if the coord and person are cute, and you just don’t like darker skin in it, you might have a weird focus issue.

also interesting that she likes to bully skinny lolitas, i’m noticing a pattern…

No. 267918

This isnt even milk, this is so old and NR was already talked about.

No. 267919

you should list which comms they mod

No. 267920

unfortunately, i don’t know which comms they mod, apart from one person who isn’t listed on there as a local comm mod, though i know they are through a friend from that country who is in their comm. i don’t want to out my friend, as the person in question is apparently a notorious drama seeker who will absolutely stir up an entire to-do if she is discussed, but she has been confirmed as a comm mod in this thread.

No. 267923

I'm sorry, but THIS isn't milk??

>defended NR after claiming to have read >>267895

[27-Dec-17 11:55 PM] wallpaper-chan#9414
like ive seen the drama threads, shes ridiculous and all but ive read it myself and ibelieve her words were twisted, she literally said "ive seen someone use the phrase sand N word before and thats crazy!" and everoyne screamed that she herself used it

>made up an interaction completely

[28-Dec-17 12:02 AM] wallpaper-chan#9414
shes the one that pmd me demanding i stop modding the evil racist group egl chat

>got called out for making it up and being friendly in DMs but salty in seagull

[28-Dec-17 03:06 AM] themightymushroom#0518
Just re-reading our messages @wallpaper-chan and it's such a shame it came to this. You messaged me apologising for the whole frilly free for all farce, and as you reached out to me, I thought you were, I dunno, open, empathetic even. Which I guess is why I felt it was ok to message you about Jenna. At no point did I say anything about you modding the egl chat box or you stepping down. I read our chat log a few times just to see if there was a chance anything I said could have been misunderstood
[28-Dec-17 03:07 AM] themightymushroom#0518
So it's interesting you said that here @wallpaper-chan in a space you didn't think I was in and as such I would have no chance to put my perspective forward

>suddenly lovely and apologetic when multiple chatters say the situation isn't cool

[28-Dec-17 03:20 PM] wallpaper-chan#9414
like i apologized i didnt mean to spread misinfo. i genuinely remembered how it went wrong and i was probably mixing up the entire rc thread with the convo i had all rolled into one

No. 267930

These logs have been out for 2 months, really hard not to "hi cow" when we know who the only person who cares is

No. 267931

this isn’t milk retard

No. 267932

As cringey and unhinged as sainte is, continuing to lurk on his accounts and report on him is what brings him back to the boards and shitposting. Just block and ignore him on everything. Engaging just makes it worse

No. 267934

sage your shit newfag. he’s a pedophile, not “cool”, and engaging with his cringe schizoposting brings him back to the boards.

No. 267941

That's Sainte you're replying to just report.

No. 267947

Another attempted derail from Nat and co. /s Do any of these drama has-beens still partake in lolita?

No. 267952

Autumn/wallpaper definitely does. Previous threads have her usernames as @voyeurism.s, @funeralism.s, @nofuneral.s LM: velveteenchemise

No. 268022

I'm not nat, I just found the logs this week and found this while searching my name like I said:
>I know this is old logs, but autumn is still in the community. If she's still like this she should be avoided at all costs. I might dig more into her logs because she seems milky.

No. 268030

You need to learn2read. You missed the part about Nat being sarcasm.

No. 268040

File: 1669407330394.jpeg (706.14 KB, 828x1442, F1113349-AE60-4B0B-A9A5-C381B4…)

To answer OP’s question

she’s getting a bank account and apartment in Japan

No. 268041

Ummmm what? They don’t observe Thanksgiving in Japan at all, it’s an American holiday? The only way it would be observed in Japan would maybe be for military who work on a base in Japan, but that’s not the case with her.
She must have gotten a job teaching English or something. Can’t wait for her to realize that working for 30k a year isn’t very glamorous.

No. 268070

they have a similarly named harvest festival during this time of year. but of course she's america centric

No. 268079

kek who wants to bet she will come back to the US in a year or two when she realizes how shitty it is for foreigners to live there. imo she seems like one of those delusional weebs who idealizes japan and thinks it's some happy anime/jfashion land

No. 268080

Mica left the comm and has a baby now

No. 268086

Have you read the threads. If there were any milk her stalker would've posted it already like they spam in everythread

No. 268117

voyeurism.s has a stalker?

No. 268126

Nayrt, but half of these bitches have “stalkers”

No. 268137

go back to reddit retard

No. 268138

I lasted 1 year and 6 months in Japan before moving to Europe. She’s going to regret it after she realizes how shit the weeb paradise really is. Also, the rate of sexual assault is sky high in Japan, and I don’t get why foreigners ignore this or the constant specialization of minors in Japan. 

No. 268139


No. 268141

This. Japan is great, but boy oh boy do weebs love to be embarrassing and think of the people there as some anime character stereotypes.

No. 268188

The misogyny is crazy there

No. 268253

Where are you getting that she thinks it's a Japanese holiday? She's American and works for American Airlines. Plus flight attendants have to work holidays anyway so maybe she just happened to have work off that day, unrelated to the country she's in. Toast has so many actual things wrong with her but this is the thing you focus on?

No. 268255

The problems are usually obvious to people even when they just visit the country. I dont know why these women move there as if there aren't sexualized teenagers and half naked cartoon women on display everywhere. Plus shes black, does she really think she'll fit in?

No. 268256

learn to read the reply chain >>268040
>was observed on wednesday here
she thinks that a japanese harvest holiday is them observing american thanksgiving.

No. 268266

File: 1669495155813.jpeg (612.56 KB, 1242x1034, 2F2D976A-1D0F-463B-A6D1-18506E…)

Stop trying to derail with toast, no one cares about her leaving the country, LLL however Is back in Texas, let’s see if she will terrorize KSK again

No. 268268

Toast deflection. No one cares about KSK and their catering to fatties. And so what if LOC is Visitibg Texas they’re minding their own business

No. 268274

It says she came to visit family for thanksgiving, so unless they’re actually all sister wives it’s probably not a LOC thing.

No. 268292

Every single social media post someone puts up is not milky, anon. Call us when crazy eyes Mel updates her creepy page of shit people have said about her.

No. 268312

To be fair, her white ass typing in all Japanese is pretty milky.

No. 268326

Toast leaving the country with SCAMMED funds is absolutely milk. Does she even speak Japanese? Never seen her mention it.

No. 268334

You’re on a Japanese fashion drama board. Are you white too?

No. 268336

What does talking about flying home to Texas for Thanksgiving from another part in the US have ANYTHING to do with Japanese fashion? Why does it warrant her typing in Japanese? Why are you so defensive about it, I have to wonder.

No. 268345

Because, you made a comment about her being white and typing in Japanese, but you wear a Japanese fashion. Are you Japanese?

No. 268354

This isn’t even milk. The google translate text is cringe at best.

No. 268459

I respectfuflly disagree her white ass pretending to be japanese is laughable

No. 268473

This thread is complete dog shit. Lolitas have no concept of simple shit like board culture or even what a cow is.

No. 268492

Oh so when scamming loli lover weeb toast does it that’s fine, but when Melissa types in Japanese all of the sudden she’s pretending to be Japanese or culture appropriation? You social justice retards are something.

No. 268495

Have we not all been laughing at toast for trying to immigrate to Japan? They're both milky, anon. How many times do we have to tell you that we can laugh at more than one person.

No. 268496

Maybe Melissa and the LOC crew should make a stop to Japan next after Texas.

No. 268504

Here's yet another example of when something is milky for someone else but it's totally normal and fine for someone connected to LOC.

No. 268523

I think there's a disparity between lolitas trying to make any or every lolita that they dislike or have a vendetta against into a cow, doing just normal shit like going to another state or taking photos with people.
It's obvious that this thread has no concept of cow culture, because the sudden moment someone has a vendetta they get thrown into the fire.

No. 268526

Kek why are you so aggro sounds like anon struck a nerve. LOC is browsing the thread like mad it's so obvious

No. 268527

I do think there's some derail going on here whenever a LOC member is posted but also "literally any social media post from a person you dislike" is explicitly not milk by itself.

No. 268535

pls anon, it's got more to do with the fact this thread has been misaligned with the rules of the board this entire time. no milk = no cow. just looks like a bunch of pissy babies.

No. 268537

Texlitas mad that LOC is enjoying themselves

No. 268545

File: 1669578771367.jpg (671.88 KB, 1080x1460, Lol travel.jpg)

>"shout out to my mom for helping me film this"
I feel like she is actually on vacation, but attempting to immigrate while she is on the trip (which is not going to work in one go). Why would her mom be there? And why would she tag all her posts with "travel"?

No. 268546

is she stupid? you can buy $50 grapes there. this isn't food porn.

No. 268548

In America, you can get a whole bag of grapes for 0.99 to 2.99 USD. I don’t get why she is buying 1809 JPY grapes with the Gofundme money

Off topic
Eating out is a luxury in the United States.While eating out in Japan is common and less expensive, Americans buy at least 1-2 weeks' worth of groceries, which they tend to stock up on. Japanese people buy groceries whenever it is convenient, and eating out tends to be cheaper than groceries. Just something I learned while doing my studies there in 2015.

No. 268554

We Da Best

No. 268558

she thinks these are high end grapes but they are a low end form of them.

No. 268560

in that case I doubt she'll be able to find a job and get a visa to live there, also kek at her using the gofundme "surgery" money to buy overpriced grapes

No. 268570

Considering that she seems to have no education, she’s going to have a hard time. Even English teachers require a bachelors degree, and it doesn’t pay much. Unless she reveals a job, I’m gonna assume she’s on a trip and is trying to pull a fast one on people. Which is weird and dumb.

No. 268571

She could be being intentionally vague so people follow her thinking she will produce more JPN content. We know she cares a lot about followers/clout.

No. 268609

File: 1669596785524.jpeg (261.43 KB, 828x985, A4AF81C6-07F4-4E9D-A9B8-D09775…)

Kek, Oh you

No. 268626

High end grapes? Who does she thinks she is? Flaunting overpriced grapes on TikTok and misusing Gofundme funds.

No. 268739

Her content is shit

No. 268805

ataraxia is a comm mod in southern california.

No. 268807

>She works in the medical field, I hope she doesn’t do this to her patients
Does what, talks shit about them? OT but bad news for you, damn near every medical professional talks shit. Especially if you're super needy or an asshole (or gross). Only the stupid ones get caught breaking HIPAA doing it but I guarantee this happens.

No. 268808

Like cotton candy hime

No. 268841

I just remembered about Victoria Suzanne, she used to be a huge lolcow. anyone know what happened to her?

No. 269003

She left the fashion years ago. Moved to girly nyc pink style, and then didn't renew her old blog's site. Last time I saw her at a nyc meet was a long time ago and it didnt seem like she was in the fashion, just wearing old stuff she hadnt sold

No. 269005

whoops forgot to sage

No. 269054

Texlitas like her sure loves to run up drama

No. 269130

As lulzy as she was, ParfaitDoll had a lot of nostalgia and I do miss it.

No. 269315

Huh? Is this expensive for grapes or something?

No. 269317

Japan is notorious for their high prices, especially fruit. This goes for fruit that's not even the specialty grown ones like square melons or 6pks of extra large strawberries. That's about $15 for those grapes. Just rule of thumb, get rid of the last two digits in the Japanese price, then minus $3 or so. So the 18Y is almost $15 in US conversion.

No. 269385

Kek. You think the ita japan fags are loving their luxury?

No. 269432

File: 1669943961560.jpg (251.57 KB, 946x1433, ddcow.jpg)

>been offline for weeks
>wking herself here then blogging about it
ok dd

No. 269433

yen is really low now they're closer to 9usd.

No. 269434

DD’s got plenty of loose screws but she’s got a point.

No. 269437

This is a imageboard, post the whole thing, we aren't clicking your stupid link

No. 269452

oh my god, at least learn to fucking sage if you’re constantly going to try and stir the pot here. i know your whole thing is being ~edgy~ but you honestly make me cringe whenever i see your name, please fuck off forever and stop desperately trying to be relevant.

No. 269453

anon, you're even more cringe by admitting that you're being trolled with your newfaggotry and susceptibility to this type of trolling.

No. 269458

unfortunately, “trolling” is not a legitimate excuse for being genuinely retarded with a dog shit personality.

No. 269459

>I openly reject our hyper sexual culture, sex work and degeneracy
ok so why is she friends with sainte the pedophile groomer who openly posts loli and other nsfw to his accounts? clearly she is not against any of that

No. 269483

jesus christ imagine getting trolled this easily by a Francis-type persona.

No. 269489

It's still about $14. The produce is expensive. Doesn't matter if a small bunch of grapes is $9 or $14 anyway.

No. 269499

japanese produce isn't actually this expensive, these are an expensive variety, the only thing is these are mid-tier grapes not high end. pione is a cheaper hybrid of kyoho grapes. she could have bought grapes for around 1000 yen, but got these because she confused them for high end ones. even expensive purple grapes aren't as expensive as shine muscats, which can go for 8000 yen. so basically she bought these to be fancy but they're not.
t. japanese fruit fag who regularly buys fancy fruit on my trips to japan. i've tasted a 6700 yen peach from a farm that hand plucks the flowers because they think it makes them sweeter. they're heavenly. sorry for grape sperging. just wanted to add my insight.

No. 269502

Anon those aren't the fancy grapes. These are just grapes.

No. 269513

i literally said that, learn to read. pione grapes are more expensive depending on the farm they're from. that's why these are mid end priced. the lower end would be 1000 yen or so since pione is still a kyoho hybrid.

No. 269541

Apparently I Have to Address Some Things…
It's come to my attention that people (many of whom publicly claim 'sex work is real work') have begun a smear campaign on me for having previously worked in and along side the sex work industry. The reason for their outrage and smear tactics is because I openly reject our hyper sexual culture, sex work and degeneracy, but have previously engaged in it as a working professional. What they fail to realize is the reason I so fervently reject this lifestyle is because I was so immersed in it and I have seen and experienced FIRST HAND the damages and impacts it has on many facets of ones life especially the implications of emotional and mental well-being.

When I first got involved I was a broke college student trying to pay off loans, but I also enjoyed the creative outlet of makeup, costume design and dancing. The creative part is what kept me in it for so long. I could have gone without the hyper sexual aspect, but lamentably it was par for the territory. I was in it for the goth and glitzy aesthetic, unfortunately goth subculture has been co-opted and taken over by fetishism and the lines have blurred between the goth and fetish scenes to the point where there is no longer a distinction between the two. And eventually I more or less became desensitized to it. And I was very able to block out or ignore the highly sexually charged environment. Though I'm grateful to still have had some what of a moral compass while involved and was never into promiscuity or doing any acts that required nudity or sex acts. I just liked to dress up and dance.

As I became more Christian, I realized that even participating in it at a creative level was feeding into an industry that I have come to loathe. I wholly reject the porn and sex industries because they are vile and exploit women and participants like myself who were young and naïve. And particularly exploits women in poverty who wouldn't normally stoop to such behavior but the financial situation they are in leaves them with no room for options. Desperate women will do what they can to try and get by and this allows them to be victimized by such predatory industries.

The treatment of women and conditions of these types of environments really saps the life out you. For example, even as just a gogo dancer and performer, I was regularly groped without consent and sexually assaulted while on the job countless times, by both men AND women. The conversation that was initiated with me was always grossly sexual; being propositioned for sex and prostitution by complete strangers was a nightly occurrence. Swingers and polyamorus couples treating me as an object for their entertainment and trying to coerce me to go home with them. Fetishists thinking they have a right to involve me in their pervasion simply because I am wearing a short skirt and fishnets, so that grants consent for my body to be groped, slapped, whipped and abused without even granting verbal consent. Women shoving their hands in my top and up my skirt to try and perform sex acts on me without me even saying it's okay for them to touch me. And they always had the same retort when I would begin to reject and protest their assault, "Calm down, I'm a woman so it's okay".

The unspeakable depravity that I endured was grating on my perception of self worth. To constantly only think of myself as being valued exclusively for my sexuality and nothing more leads to feelings of absolute worthlessness. And I could go on and on with personal horror stories. There's so much more and so much worse. I'm just glad I had some semblance of Christian morality in regards to sex, though little as it was, I still was able to deny the sexual propositions in exchange for money or status. I can only imagine the terrible roads a woman would go down if she were in a more dire financial situation than I was at the time.

And there was nothing that could be done about the constant sexual abuse because it is normalized in those settings. Sure, someone could be kicked out after the fact, but there is no way of preventing it. And especially since the people in these environments think it's normal behavior to grope and assault a complete stranger. I was just a paid performer and didn't choose which shoots, events or parties I worked at; it was organized by the clubs or event managers. So many times I ended up as entertainment for different fetish events, conventions, private parties etc.

Thankfully now I have another profession in the field I went to school for and it is not in the sex industry nor even semi related to it and I am in a much better place emotionally, mentally, and financially. I don't wish my past on any woman and will always speak negatively of that industry. Women are NOT sex objects and sex work is NOT empowering. Women who are okay with working in the sex industry or industries related to it are continuing the cycle of the sexual oppression and exploitation of women. They are feeding into the coomer belief that women exist exclusively for the sexual gratification of men. Caving to a moid's sexual desire is not empowering, debasing and degrading yourself for money is not empowering. I know better than many of you how true those statements are. I hate this industry and these people because I LIVED THIS INDUSTRY AND WORKED WITH THESE PEOPLE. The absolute depravity that results from involvement in this industry and lifestyle is downright evil and sorely wicked. It sets back the treatment and welfare of women immensely.

And yes, I have worked at events with Isabella. But was never more than a casual acquaintance. I can't say whether she is a victim or what she's done with the Cat Girl Manor is intentional. When I knew her she was a sweet girl and I don't want to believe she would willingly human traffick or pimp other women out. And I know from experience that rumors posted online, especially in forums like lcfs, can be easily fabricated to create whatever narrative. When I was around her, everyone I knew in the scene was there by choice. That's all I can say on the matter because I really didn't know her enough to say more; we were performers at the same events. I was never involved in the Cat Girl Manor, nor did I have a desire to be because it was too hyper sexual of an environment for me.

I don't bother speaking up about my past because I am not that same person and I have long since moved on from it. I have reconciled with my past and no longer take part in the sex industry. I will always speak out against the harms of being involved in any sex work and the destruction that results from the normalization of our hyper sexualized society and will continue to do so. My past was never really a secret either. Scroll down far enough through any of my social media and you'll probably find some remnants of the costumes or events I worked for. But somehow people aren't able to understand why I'm so against this work and lifestyle. Or understand that being involved is what pushed me to speak out so harshly against it. Well now you know. And do what you will with this information.

All that being said, I've changed my social media handles to break the connection with my former work. I honestly never thought I would need to because I didn't think I had stalkers who would be scouring the internet for any relics of milk they could find. But how naive of me to give these unhinged freaks so much credit in being normal, decent human beings who don't cyber stalk people they don't even know. I've also had a private account for months, removed or blocked any members of the online egl community who aren't personal friends, and have been more or less offline for weeks.

I've been done with trolling the community for some time now. It wasn't really doing anything constructive, though it was funny to watch. And that was obviously just a cope. After being stalked, for literal years at this point, it's kind of hard to just keeping taking the high road and ignoring it. At the end of the day I'm still a human being, and flawed just like the best of us, so wanting to deal with the nonsense that's constantly occurring is a natural defense mechanism. Instead of 'getting even' I figure maybe I will get a laugh. Regardless, I'm at the point where I just feel pity for the people stalking me who also can't let go. I've let go and now use that experience as a warning for other women and I'm sure one day you will be able to let it go too. Learn from my mistakes and don't put yourselves in those situations or encourage others to put themselves through what I went through. I hope you find God some day, or just a good friend or therapist if you're not religious. Thank you for reading and may each of you find blessings and peace as I have. "

No. 269546

File: 1669995638651.jpeg (121.04 KB, 1079x717, D2936A84-36EB-4776-AF27-4872AC…)

I read one line and it got boring. As if DDZ thinks anyone word read her shit blog besides the discord seagulls

No. 269547

> The reason for their outrage and smear tactics is because I openly reject our hyper sexual culture, sex work and degeneracy, but have previously engaged in it as a working professional. What they fail to realize is the reason I so fervently reject this lifestyle is because I was so immersed in it


No. 269548

Super boring, yeah, but since the OOP just dropped a link I figured I'd copy and paste her fuckin novel about REEE DEGENERATES before she deletes
She's not even right about that, I don't think most people would care about that if she wasn't also such an abhorrent nazi asshole to people. But whatever, these types will always find some unreasonable strawman to blame for why people dislike them.

No. 269549

>I honestly never thought I would need to because I didn't think I had stalkers who would be scouring the internet for any relics of milk they could find. But how naive of me to give these unhinged freaks so much credit in being normal, decent human beings who don't cyber stalk people they don't even know.
The fucking irony kek. Especially since she and her friends showed up at KSK to troll them in person.

No. 269551

These people will go down in EGL history.
Seagulls, LOC, Deedeezeta, trolling KSK, and all of it.

No. 269558

interesting makes sense why she hates on degen and fetish shit

No. 269559

honestly this is fair. i’m also a lolita who used to work in the sex industry, though i’m not a retard like ddz who chose to use the same handle for her sex work as she did for her egl accounts kek. it’s easy to get sucked into the industry as a young woman with financial issues; i was 18-19 when i did sex work, much too young, and i agree with her completely. the industry is exploitative and evil and you are assaulted and harrassed on a regular basis, and i’m glad she was able to get out and is now making anti-sex industry content, which is so important considering the zoomer trend of glamorizing the shit out of SW. it seems like she’s learned and grown from her experience, and as those of us who have worked in the industry know all too well, it’s a hard lesson. sex work saps you and turns you into a shell of yourself. i dislike ddz and her constant shit stirring and her weird friendship with sainte, but it’s pretty retarded to hold her past against her when she has been vocally anti-degeneracy for years.

No. 269578

That's a fair assessment. I can agree on this.

No. 269581

felt the same way about the sp00py sperg posts, only it was far more unhinged

No. 269596

i think the difference is she's anti sw for dumb culty religious reasons, not because she actually is. she didn't really come to that conclusion on her own, through her own experiences, it was fed to her.

No. 269597

Christianity is also incredibly anti-woman so she just went from one anti-woman space to another.

No. 269604

>talks about her personal experience with assaults and harassments
>not her own conclusions from her own experiences
do you even listen to what you are saying and how retarded you sound?

No. 269605

exactly. these born again types always get obsessive like this as if they have to prove something. she had to become christian to even notice all the issues with it. she was never harmed, or hurt by sw, she didn't even have to get nude. she just finds it immoral. and everything she says about it "harming women" is laced with religion garble. she only thinks it's harming their immortal soul, i guarantee.

No. 269606

>As I became more Christian, I realized that even participating in it at a creative level was feeding into an industry that I have come to loathe.
she's tricking you. she's not some kind of anti sw tranng hating radfem queen, she's religious. if she were any of that she wouldn't be friends with our resident tranny pedo. open your eyes.

No. 269607

This. Degradation and exploitation of women comes in many forms. She’s in a religious institution that’ll force birth on her if she gets raped and pregnant. Or they’ll deny that a priest diddled her kid if she ever has one. How empowering kek.

>It's come to my attention that people (many of whom publicly claim 'sex work is real work') have begun a smear campaign on me for having previously worked in and along side the sex work industry.

Cope. This is a mostly radfem site that doesn’t see sex work as “real work.” She seriously thinks everyone in here who hates her is a discordfag. She should NOT have kept the same handles and names associated with her porn past with her current Lolita handles. I don’t fucking know how she made a call out post on others doing that (which don’t get me wrong, deserve to be shamed) while also doing it herself. That’s the hypocritical part. Googling just dee dee zeta on Google or any social media platform immediately brings up those results. Hardly cyber stalking.

No. 269610

why do you hate religious people so much? nonny are the demons in you seething when they hear someone bettered their life when becoming christian?

No. 269615


Ignoring any of the obvious wking aside, I just can’t take ddz seriously. I still like/support nat, she truly didn’t deserve the bs she went through, but I hope she realizes she doesn’t need this almost 40 chronically online freak as a friend. there are ways to build culture, discipline, tradition, and a sense of community outside of becoming whatever it is that they’re up to.
I’d say spirituality and femininity is based but ddz seems to just be on a pendulum swing and is just reacting to her coomer past.

No. 269617

you're talking to multiple anons. most of us don't participate in abrahamic religions that hate women.

No. 269618

>spirituality is based
get out

No. 269623

booo leave the astrology and tarot girls alone, we’re talking about our delusions, hating men, and hurting nobody

shh nonna u might confuse them with reality.

No. 269624

she means religious spirituality you walnut.

No. 269637

does everyone itt have religious trauma or what? there are other sects of Christianity than just catholic or orthodox that don’t hate women or gay people or goths lol you guys sound like 17 year old reddit atheists

No. 269647

you need to be 18+ to post here.

No. 269655

no i wasn’t but go on.

>thinks any sect of an abrahamic religion is any different

No. 269665

Nayrt and not a Christtard either, but non abramahic religions will oppress women as well because all groups in power oppress women. Religion is a product of an attempt to control society. Personal spirituality is not.

No. 269693

that doesn't matter, ddz said she's christian, her spirituality is christian related and she had to become christian to realize sw is harmful to women, but she means it in a tradthot way, same with the tranny hate.

No. 269695

it’s almost as if i was saying that??

No. 269712

>she was never harmed, or hurt by sw, she didn't even have to get nude.
i really expected better, seeing as this is a radfem site. former sex work anon again, and no, i’m not a christfag; i left because of extreme trauma i suffered in the industry. do you seriously think you have to get naked to experience sexual harrassment and assault? i was a dancer at a topless club, where we were scantily clad but clothed when not giving dances or in vip. i was harrassed just as much clothed as i was topless, because moids have this idea that just because a woman is in the sex industry, she automatically consents to anything he wishes to do to her. i was groped and bitten by men i had not given permission to touch me. i had men randomly stick their hands into my lingerie bottoms and touch my genitals. i had many, many customers bother me all night to give them “extras” aka prostitution. i was followed home and stalked multiple times. i was often degraded and had horrible things said about my life and my body. meanwhile i was 18 and trying to stay off the street.

i don’t know the extent of ddz’s occupation or what she went through. but based on her claims, claims i know firsthand to be very real experiences that are extremely common in the industry and at fetish and dance clubs, she’s right when she says it saps the life out of you. i do believe her, because i’ve experienced it - something the vast majority of the internet warriors who frequent lcf have not. but if you nonnas are truly radfems, if you truly hate the degeneracy of sex work and the trauma it inflicts on women, don’t say gross shit like this again. LOC’s christsperging is embarrassing, and ddz may have had alterior motives in leaving the industry, but to claim that she has no trauma because of her religious agenda is fucking vile.

>inb4 wking ddz

i have no love for her hypocrite nazi dramamongering ass, but that was a fucked and deeply misogynistic thing to say. shame on you.

No. 269733

shes a stupid christfag nazi who deserved it

No. 269735

Wow so radfem of you

No. 269740

>this woman deserves assault because I don’t like her
Do you hear yourself that’s actually insane

No. 269753

learn2integrate and stop blogging.

women evolving to reject systems that harm them will always be based. i just wanna know why ddz kept her handles while shouting at gross moids and ddlgers for doing the same thing.

No. 269755

Why don’t you ask DDZ to listen to herself considering she thinks multiple underage girls who were groomed by pedophile men deserve to be shamed for it

No. 269758

File: 1670061902657.png (53.3 KB, 1228x160, this rule applies to you ddnaz…)

yeah it's weird she kept going by the same alias she used while doing her fetish and porn shit considering she said pic related on her blog. she tells others to make new accounts while not doing the same herself kek. that and her being friends with a pedophile groomer creep yet screeching about outing creeps and degenerates from the community - super hypocritical

No. 269759

This. She was in multiple Lolita spaces online with the same handles while she was still employed at the castle (although all of her shit from last thread says she still is??) and she continues to use the same names and shit to this day. Her coords are permanently linked with her other line of “work.”

That’s what makes me skeptical as fuck that she really had a “omg I was an abused sex worker” revelation, I think she just didn’t think what she did counted as gross fetish shit. Like how does she type that shit out on her blog while doing the same thing at the time of writing it unless she thought she was an exception?

No. 269773

File: 1670075769677.jpeg (62.86 KB, 828x446, DA8235C0-6FB3-4F0B-9896-FBE616…)

Can she explain the sex parties she attended and how she exploited lolita fashion to these freaks

No. 269774

File: 1670076025226.jpeg (476.69 KB, 558x1019, F03890DF-4467-4B5D-80D2-464B09…)

Lara suzannne left lolita apparently

No. 269775

File: 1670076084738.jpeg (531.23 KB, 767x1202, CC4E1A35-6789-4C6F-8008-A08208…)

No. 269791

Good. She seems really happy now. I really hope the best for her

No. 269805

People who emphasize how happy they are all the time while acting unbothered never actually are. It’s cope.

No. 269806

My tinfoil is that DDZ got herself a Christian boyfriend and that's what prompted all this change. She has him linked in her old profile on Insta.

No. 269807

I'm sorry, forgot to sage.

No. 269824

jesus christ newfag vendetta is stinking up the place. you can stop talking to her if you want to, nat.

No. 269830

That's a really weak argument because if that's the case, then everyone online is miserable at all times or are the most sad people actually really happy for some reason to you? You're projecting too hard.

No. 269840

>You're projecting too hard.
It feels more like they are doing the special olympics in assuming how people think & feel. I would almost call this more schizophrenic than projection.

No. 269872

Misogynist comments on a radem board? Hm who could it be? At least try to integrate.

No. 269881

she needs to leave gyaru as well. her ugly shit has never been gyaru.

No. 269883

>being a tradthot is based

No. 269891

but how can she leave gyaru if her ugly shit isn't gyaru

No. 269893

holy mental gymnastics who hurt you

No. 269984

so why do the fucking barcroft video wtf

No. 269990

she's claiming it is. hime gyaru is still gyaru.

No. 270007

so what you're saying is that it's gyaru. thank you for the clarification

No. 270027

Maybe you guys should start posting her in the gaijin gyaru thread then and let them tear her apart instead. This shit isn't hime gyaru but it is no longer relevant to this thread either.

No. 270071

good job yall bullied her out of the fashion pat yourselves on the back i guess. she wasnt even bad or problematic maybe cringe at times but no where near the level of toast. can you actually bully someone out who deserves it

No. 270077

She almost has a point. The issue is the sw industry, but she attacks the girls participating and in many case being exploited.

No. 270079

he would eventually stop if no one responded and just reported his stupid shit.

No. 270100

Why such a strong need to see her get ripped apart more? It's a bit weird anon

No. 270101

toast gets called out on here quite often, why do some of you keep saying that? i’m not saying lara deserved half of the shit that came her way, but she herself just got too caught up in responding/checking the farms which is why her mental health plummeted. Toast may be a l0licon loser but she just doesn’t respond at all hence why there isn’t a huge storm.

people told lara over and over again to stop responding.

No. 270102

please develop reading comprehension, nowhere did i say that kek

No. 270119

they probably are barely even aware of lolita sub styles, itself.

No. 270203

no. her saying it's gyaru doesn't make it gyaru.

No. 270204

yet your defending a tradthot.

No. 270227

Because people on here have some sick fetish for trying to turn her into a bigger lolcow like it's their life's mission

No. 270238

Couldn’t agree more. Lara gets ripped apart for no reason and scamming degenerates like toastchaaan gets no outrage.

It’s because anons are more into body shaming Lara than kicking community sickos

No. 270239

Really says a lot about the people in this community and on this thread. It's more important to hyperfocus on someone's body thabn to stand up against sickos and degenerates. I'd want to fucking leave too.

No. 270244

I’m sure everyone is leaving. Beck, Toast, and the rest of them still plaques lolita and are making it uncomfortable for everyone.

DDZ, Lara, Melissa, Nat and the rest of LOC was just trolling those who were bothering them. These people aren’t the problem with the community imo despite having radical opinions

No. 270248

Probably because they’ll attack people for their views. We all seen it with the autistic Gtfomyegl page

No. 270251

What does that have to do with the over-the-top bodyshaming? I agree with you about being attacked for having different views but no one ever wants to talk about how fucking wrong and obsessive it was to bodyshame her to the degree that she was. It made me sick

No. 270252

Not very pro-woman and radfem of this thread to treat someone who isn't thin like dogshit and their subsequent mental breakdown as some sort of spectator sport. But how can anyone be surprised, this whole god damn community cannibalizes itself time and time again and is rife with hypocrisy.

No. 270262

Toast was only a target in the first place because shes black. It's only after digging and profile stocking was enough milk on her found to justify her being a cow.

There are much more milky lolitas But they all post in this thread so the only cows who get discussed are the ones who aren't here to derail

No. 270265

>Toast was targeted in the first place because shes black

There’s a lot more you’re missing but sure she only got posted bc she’s black

No. 270268

kek, okay toast.(hi cow)

No. 270272

I'm sorry anon, but have you seen the gyaru communities? I know you're probably a lolita with very little idea of even lolita styles, but her shit is more gyaru than the majority of the western community's shit

No. 270273

>this whole god damn community cannibalizes itself time and time again and is rife with hypocrisy.
mentally ill women be like

No. 270274

Yeah no shit, it doesn't make my statement false

No. 270275

yes? I wasn't disagreeing. anon…take your meds.

No. 270320

you do realize there is a no cowtipping rule right? so there is nothing we can do about toast aside from keep receipts of her scamming and being a lolicon, same as with other community sickos. luckily a few of the worst offenders like pedophile sainte and his degenerate nazi pal ddz have either been blacklisted or gone private. hopefully lurking lolitas take notice and stop associating with toast and beck too and the crazy #seagull discord bullies. this isn't twitter or tiktok, we aren't going to doxx people and try and get them fired nor dogpile them on their social media pages.
this is not a radfem board or thread, it's a gossip board. there's always been weight arguments and hating on both fatties and anorexics here and probably always will be. there is even a disclaimer in the op that being fat and ugly isn't milk to try and discourage the weight sperging and vendetta bs but obviously it's not very effective.

No. 270340

jfc the IQ in here. me criticizing christianity and ddz is now defending tradthots? go off i guess.

exactly, like what are we supposed to do? we are still gossiping about toast when she comes up, but it’s not like we’re gonna cow tip. what’s saving her ass is her being quiet and ignoring shit, something lara should’ve taken note of. toast is disgusting but there’s not much else we can do.

sick of people going “why aren’t we talking about t0aST!!!” every time loc comes up. Like ok, start the fucking conversation then if there’s new milk.

No. 270360

>we aren't going to doxx people and try and get them fired nor dogpile them on their social media pages.
I've seen plenty of evidence that contradicts this.. quite honestly with how much the GENERAL lolita threads break the rules of LCF they should quite honestly be banned from this website, because every time someone is posted someone goes and cow-tips

No. 270362

Report people who do and move on. Don't sit here mooing about vague incidents as if it represents the entire population of LCF or these threads.

No. 270395

omfg board rules are no substitute for morals. This thread isn’t for some internet famous cow with tens of thousands of followers this is a gossip thread for a small community who all know each other. If you’re actually going to sit around and let pedophiles be in your comms because you don’t want to be banned from lolcow dot farm, you are responsible for the shitty state of online lolita communities in 2022.

No. 270412

none of us have any control over what others do on social media nor in irl comms - we can't force people to block and shun pedos and fetishists. they have to make that choice themselves. if retards still choose to interact with and enable predators and creeps, especially after seeing some of the proof of how gross they are posted here, that's on them and not on a bunch of randoms on an anonymous imageboard.

No. 270460

it's not as if these threads are actually outing creeps or pedos. this shit is just basically for making up shit that isn't real. it's not even like any of the other LCF threads.

No. 270461

>reeee why aren't you getting the pedos out of the comm!
>nvm changed my mind there are no pedos and everything in this thread is fake
kek doesn't even make sense, you are free to simply go somewhere else if you don't like what's posted in the thread

No. 270465

not the same anon
people troll and joke all the time but its easy to tell the difference just use your socialization skills kek. there's plenty of real milk with caps plus the entire seagull logs.

No. 270467

>not the same anon
oh sorry about that, incorrect assumption

No. 270601

Based nonny.

No. 270715

Reported seagulls members in my comm since they won’t stop showing up to meets. Mod sided with them and had heavy favoritism.

No. 270717

Post caps about any of this?

No. 270775

Post caps and comm

No. 270778

oof sorry about that. clearly the mod is a gull too.

No. 270780

>inb4 hi gull

No. 270797

not the case with my comm, but they are on watch

No. 270814

good for you for trying, that fucking sucks

No. 270970

File: 1670468467718.jpeg (283.61 KB, 827x990, DFE266BC-43ED-472B-9CB9-BD82B2…)

No. 270971

What's wrong with this?

No. 270981

Are you ok nonna?

I’ll never understand how degeneracy is tolerated while things like scalping or not using correct pronouns will get you exiled from comms instantly.

No. 270984

Nta, but what degeneracy? sure, the furry shit is off-putting.. but mediocre art of women naked isn’t automatically sexual

No. 270996

I like the unicorn, it's cute and pretty
but I agree, the female form isn't degenerate

No. 271003

There's nothing degenerate at all. Most of these look good IMO too.

No. 271008

Furry shit is weird, but I like her style. Nothing wrong with drawing boobs.

No. 271045

No. 271092

This is fine and it’s just nudity. Better adult furries than the pedophile anime lolicorn porn that toastchaaan, beckattack, and dollsmeat love to defend/draw.

No. 271135

seethe and mald puritan chan

No. 271157

Her art is cute and no the female form isn't outright sexual but the furry aspect and uploading this to social media with no content warning is sus

No. 271163

Sure, but milky? Idk. It seems pretty bland.

No. 271166

Not you guys so absolutely desperate for new cows because you dumb fucks scared away everyone else. Priceless

No. 271167

Lmao right. The discord gulls, LOC, Lara all left or locked down. Bitches must be bored. You guys, these threads used to last months if not years, its ok to let them rest if there's nothing interesting going on. This isn't not cgl and it won't get pruned if it isn't regularly bumped.

No. 271175

Which salty cow are you?

No. 271178

The one who's been reading these threads for years and knows you don't have to force content. The milk will flow.

No. 271187

we have a lot of newfag shit stirrers in the days recent.

No. 271216

Dude how? What exactly are you insinuating anon, spit it out and stop pussy footing around it.

No. 271271

I hate furries but I don’t see an issue with this. The art is good even if it’s not my taste.

Find something legitimately milky next time.

No. 271284

Yes she has an unfortunate face but let people dress how they want. Ugly women are allowed to exist.

No. 271319

the one posting her is in the image

No. 271329

in what image this is just a reel with only her in it

No. 271346

In the image I replied to dumdum

No. 271352

K who is it then

No. 271375

Was it Texas comm? They still refuse to boot people who were using derogatory words

No. 271424

Read the image anon.

No. 271457

File: 1670632574087.jpeg (353.14 KB, 828x1402, 46AF4DA3-89B4-4C47-8EE5-3CE117…)

She told me she is a kawaii lolita leader in Japan. I can’t trust someone who looks like this. She and Toast Chan should meet up.

No. 271504

Ntayrt but the same is true there if that’s not who they were talking about.
They chose to ignore half the Texas people outed in that chat

No. 271547


Ugh she was the worst and so Fake in the comm. she low key was a huge bully to those she was extremely jealous of, rude, a huge gate keep in the comm. If her and her click didnt like you, good luck.
Ultimately a reason why a few girls left the comm she was in.

Sorry but she was a bully to me until I left the comm, She has a hard online bully game…extremely racist…..over all bad addatude to be "Kawaii"….

I never did a thing to her and was respectful to the comm we were apart of. Hard to imagine her being a kawaii leader when she was awful to alot of people.

No. 271573

She's ugly af and will never be kawaii, especially in Japan. Take that in mind. Sorry you had to deal with this ugly bully.

No. 271574

File: 1670696404144.jpeg (619.47 KB, 1536x2048, AA7F2F15-9612-4361-88F9-187A75…)

Her Facebook is full of her ugly art and nasty selfies. She’s incredibly full of herself and I wouldn’t be surprised if she was a narcissist. All of her “lolita” pictures she posted were her looking like an ita trash fire. She thinks she’s some sort of kawaii icon and is incredibly delusional about her skills in both art and fashion in general. Her gyaru looks are comically bad.

No. 271584

so you're saying morphingangelicvessel is posting her here? what are you on about

No. 271588

She even wear lolita? You're in the wrong thread retarda

No. 271602

She’s a Lolita comm leader believe it or not
She does wear Lolita but she add her own “style” to it

No. 271606

unfortunately, yes

No. 271610


Agreed. She started off with lolita. Poorly done as a matter of fact. She was really offensive to anyone who wore brand, and only favored minority. She made it very difficult for anyone to get along and at one point accused people from the comm posting her to CGL and 4chan because she had horrod cords.

She then moved to different styles like Gyaru….

I feel no one in the com made any posts about her calling her out. The OGs and lolitas who knew what they were doing go run out because of the bullying and became lone Itas.

The Nova comm now has awful issues with troops and pedos. Why dosent she/ or her lolita allies do something about it? They don't.

The Nova Comm has alot of drama but no one dare speak out because of backlash.

No. 271653

Pretty sure the comm she was in was shut down, not because of her but because it was run by a bunch of itas, including her at some point. No one wanted to come to meets.(no sage, no milk)

No. 271766

Literally one of the top narcissist I ever met in the comm. Still have her mutually added on most of my socials and she puts herself too high on a pedestal. Her 'kawaii' tattoo design is not that great, her color choices are very bland and she believes she was a top trendsetter for kawaii tattoos in the states and that's why folks love her in Japan. Kek
She use to make status insulting other lolitas for being 'brand whores' and sometimes sounded kinda racist. Her looks in lolita, gal, literally anything is so bad. Anyone using her as a example of black kawaii leaders are trying sabotage it for all black girls.(sage)

No. 271814

has anyone read her ‘memoir’?

No. 271868

File: 1670812679233.jpeg (180.62 KB, 828x1245, 23D57578-24A7-4E3D-A65E-5AF9FC…)

I wish I hadn’t even read her about me on her website. She’s so full of herself I’m surprised she realizes other people even exist.

No. 271881

File: 1670813883684.jpeg (543.75 KB, 1169x2333, F2658C78-CDBA-4F38-B198-31578B…)

For someone who says she’s been tattooing for 20 years her work is god awful

No. 271912

sailor moon needs rehab.

No. 271913

wow this is embarrassingly bad. is this the finished tattoo?

No. 271964

What on earth? The eyes don’t even match.

No. 271966

What in the Vicky Shingles? This looks two decades old already

No. 272039

i would sue her she put this on my body wtf

No. 272042

This is very random and totally off topic, but I was scrolling back and noticed the “did Hannah make the threads” debate and how the primary proof was that usage of a high resolution pfp. I just wanted to add that if you’ve been updating your tiktok consistently, everyone has been able to download the full resolution pic of people’s profile pictures by just double tapping their avatar on tiktok. The feature has been like that for a year.

Jfc spoiler this next time

No. 272044

Are you retards just blind or clueless? Do you not see bottom left? It's not art of the female form as a figure study, it's blatant furry porn drawn with maximum shine and unrealistic proportions for coomers to jack off to.

How brainwashed have they got you zoomers, that you think this is some kind of female empowerment? That's genuinely pathetic

No. 272048

Ok but more importantly who gives a shit

Who even is that? Why do we care? There are all sorts of porn artists online, why is this one milky?

No. 272054

I agree it's not milk, but people are literally saying it's not degenerate and nothing wrong with it. That is braindead

No. 272055

Because it's literally pairing lolita with porn. Are you stupid?

No. 272056

Yeah, thats dumb too, but still not milky
Oh no have the "lolitas must be lovelies" crowd discovered LCF? At least none of the art is of lolitas, unlike that bug crushing girl.

No. 272071

Yes, because what lolitas really want is for our community to be associated with explicit sexual content any more than it already is with a name like "lolita" and AGPs infiltrating us. Fucking retard

No. 272075

Why would you be a lolita if you cared so much about what people think
>Oh no strangers are going to think I'm an ageplayer sissy
so what? Either you can stop caring and do whatever you want. Or just fucking leave

No. 272087

please ignore wks.

No. 272115

this shit again? are you young or a socially inept NEET? reputation matters to working adults. but go off, you’re so different from the normies and your porn addiction will never have any negative consequences on your own life or others.

No. 272206

Because as the other anon said, our reputation matters to us. Also I do not want people to think I'm a degenerate pedo. There's a huge difference between being stared at for wearing outlandish but innocent clothing vs being viewed as a blatant fetishist who parades it in public.

No. 272344

This. We aren't "lolitas must be lovelies" we're working adults in professional careers who don't want to be associated with degen shit.

No. 272440

Bigotry is so big in lolita now. After the toast, Lor, Beck, and Brandon shit making people especially underage community members uncomfortable
everyone seems to ignore the big issues.

No. 272450

Agreed, we also shouldn’t be tolerating degenerates who defend pedophiles or associate with sex traffickers, like DeeDeeZeeta and her friend, pedophile groomer Sainte who admitted to going after underage girls.

No. 272466

Kind of tired of hearing shit about DDZ. This just seems like more LOC posting.

No. 272471

most people wanted nothing to do with her after her homophobic and racist spergouts plus her being into nazi shit, the befriending pedophiles and going full bible thumping nutjob is the icing on the shit cake. I think aside from her cringe loc pedo-supporting pals nobody else who is into lolita associates with her anymore
nobody cares what you do or don't want to hear about, you aren't in charge of this thread. if you don't want to hear about ddz/loc just ignore the posts about it, or post new milk on someone else to get another discussion going

No. 272514

Then just don't associate with it or post anything you might have an interest in kink-wise with lolita. It's an easy separation. You can't expect people to just assume lolita isn't a frilly-girly kink outside of Japan because unfortunately even kids school outfits are sexualized. You live in a sexualized culture. Just don't involve yourself with the sexualized part of the community that wants to show their bondage and crap. Unfortunately, nothing can be done about sissies since they are everywhere in every culture. I always see lolitas complain about this, but no one ever gives a good solution and the best thing to do is just separate yourself from people in comms and online who do show public interest as adults in other things other than "Lolitas must be precious at all times" type mentality.

No. 272534

we know, retard. That's why we're humiliating idiots who do the complete opposite of that and post their lolita with porn they drew. The solution to get people to stop is to call them a degenerate and denounce them. Not welcome them with open arms. go be a degenerate on your own private time, don't drag the community into it

No. 272562

If they are adults and aren't trying to pander to kids, which apparently you have to be ready for a kid to look at your content at all times as an adult in the lolita community, then what's the issue though? You might as well say any Disney star shouldn't be doing anything they are doing right now because kids might see their twerking and not their conservative counterpart. It just seems like brainwashing about 'lolits should be lovelies at all times' which is some misogynist retarded 1600s bullshit.

No. 272574

nta but what are you not getting about this? it's not an issue because children might see it (that's still gross but more a separate issue with parents not monitoring their kids internet usage imo) but because nobody who actually cares about this fashion wants to have their beloved niche community/fashion (which is also supposed to be pretty modest) associated with and ruined by demented sexpest creeps.

No. 272586

No I get that and that's just stupid. Adults policing other adults on fashion. Then you look over at Japan and they don't give a fuck about rules, including wearing dresses without blouses, but anons reee about that too. Just seems very one sided puritanical for the sake of a pretend larp of an adult as an innocent uwu woman. Grow up, tbh. Literally self-infantalizing and it's so weird. Doing exactly what you guys want men not to do about the fashion which is sexualize the innocent aspect of it, but you play right in to that side as well. People area going to do whatever they do in whatever clothes, but I feel like this line of thinking makes it worse and actually forces more of the sexualization than diminishing it. Seems very self-sabotage. All of women's fashion is ruined by men, lolita isn't special.

No. 272587

oh I see, you're just concern trolling. creepy predatory men and fetishists will never be welcome. they will always be considered disgusting and ousted/shunned by the majority of us. simple as

No. 272590

I'm not trolling.. You don't have to agree with me. I just don't think it makes sense to assume adults as pure and innocent because of a fashion and then when they also post kink stuff, it's a problem, even if its outside of lolita just because it's posted in the same place. That seems so overdramatic.

No. 272593

>making fun of porn addict furries and having disdain for them publicizing their weird fetishes is Puritanism!!!!
Go outside freak, literally no one in their right mind thinks furry porn isn’t weird.

No. 272594

literally nobody is assuming adults are pure and innocent. we just don't want to deal with weirdos harassing and creeping on us, and posting nasty fetish/kink garbage alongside coords draws creeps into the fashion because they associate it with the other fetish crap and assume it's a ddlg/sissy thing. it takes little to no effort to make a separate account just for nsfw degen shit instead of mixing it in amongst coord pics and willingly drawing more freaks in.

No. 272602

File: 1671166873884.jpg (48.72 KB, 480x600, japan.jpg)


I didn't say that? I'm saying expecting adults to have to make separate accounts even though they are an adult, is ridiculous. Lolita itself isn't marketed as a child's fashion. Going out of your way to have to make a separate account because of pearl-clutching, sorry I used the wrong word before which was more offensive apparently, is a lot to project on other people. Japan produces like picrel, so the argument is pretty null and I only ever see this from western lolitas.

No. 272606

dude no one wants to see fetish shit on their feed. how is it that hard to grasp? we want to look at cute girls in frilly dresses that are coordinated well. it's basically marketing to your audience, instead of expecting everyone to be into all these other diverse things

No. 272608

This lmao. Something tells me this is the same covert cow who has been defending piss-chan last thread.

No. 272612

Then unfollow? You're making this more of a problem than it actually is.

No. 272615

anyone posting kink publicly is a freak anyway whether they're a lolita or not.

No. 272616

Sir this is a gossip website.

No. 272617

Yeah and it sounds like an embarrassing self-made problem tbh lol I'm just putting in my opinion too.

No. 272620

A scrote or a zoomer typed this.

No. 272623

This is a gossip website and people are going to gossip about cringy people, like kinksters who post their trash on their public profiles.

And a retard or autist typed this. It takes a specific kind of "anon" to defend kink trash this hard without any self awareness while calling it puritan and pearl clutching.

No. 272704

No one but the autists on there care about something so insignificant get a job and stop pearlclutching

No. 272708

normal Japanese lolitas think furries and going blouseless are ita too, which you’d know if you could read anything they write.

this. OFchans are not getting the point that most people don’t care about their sexual lives, just fucking stop posting it next to your coords, it attracts freaks into our online spaces and irl comms.

No. 272719

kek so if nobody except anons here care why camp out in the thread just to sperg out and whine about it so much?

No. 272831

File: 1671254081026.jpg (184.21 KB, 866x1390, japanese-gothic-lolita-and-fri…)

The same way these girls would be itas to you too probably. Just say you have some weird internalized handmaiden ideal of what lolita should be. You actively make lolita some fetish when you pedestal it like this, that's why men like it so much.

No. 272837

>that extremely ita bodyline dress
my sides! good one 10/10 troll post.

No. 272846

does anyone else find it suspicious how right after ddz was brought up, someone here >>272466 complained about it and shortly after that some sexpest-enabling degenerate starts derailing the thread? very odd
it's pretty obvious you're just trolling, you're not even using the word handmaiden correctly

No. 272849

bait protip: subtler is better

No. 272854

Why are you here? Also
>furry kinkster who finds posting nudes and animal porn art with your face and name attached totally normal calling anyone autistic or jobless
Just say which one of the cows you are already kek.

No. 273139

Good to know kinksters are unhinged thread posters

No. 273158

File: 1671487760613.png (3.77 MB, 1170x2532, 1B20DA56-B2E1-4E46-954E-E3766B…)

petite_tomoyo (that one ita built like a literal fridge) just put an actual ageplay account on her ig story. incredible

No. 273160

she already expressed she was an ageplayer to some members of her comm but people defend her so hard because she's fat.
>tfw i was in her sister comm and watched her eat an entire cake at a meet once

No. 273162

We been knew she was an ageplayer

No. 273171

This girl actually makes me really sad..she seems sweet and like a good person, but is on her way to an early grave. I wish she’d get some help for her health :(

No. 273172

she's not. she's pretty awful and mean. she also has a superiority complex, like most fat itas, and entitlement about wearing replicas.

No. 273264

I think I remember seeing her being interviewed by Victoria Suzanne or another popular lolita blog at the time but that was probably like 8 years ago
How can someone stay that morbidly obese and be okay with it

No. 273434

She's probably doing this for an engagement group

No. 273462

Any updates on the discord gates girlies? Who hasn’t been banned yet?

No. 273506

Not sure about the status of discordgate girlies' local comms because that tends to be internal information.

Liv has fallen off the face of the internet. Hannah is still being ugly and pretending like nothing happened while making cringe tiktoks about how people are jealous of her. Isha quit social media. So basically this all blew over with no real consequence.

No. 273536

Who’s still active in comms? Any names

No. 273542

Isha wasn't in #seagull was she? The only mod from BabylitaHQ was Caitlin505#5468/@abhorrentfrills irrc

No. 273548

I know my local comm admin talked to everybody who had been in the discord about it privately and came to the conclusion they hadn’t really been dramawhores, but just occasionally posting vaguely catty stuff so they got to stay with a warning.

No. 273549

That’s funny. Considering that her comm is filled with drama seagulls and open Cgl posters. The admin of that comm accused one of my good acquaintance of vendetta posting her and now she’s banned from the whole state of Texas comm for false accusations some years ago. Imagine having the time to frame people and having your members stalk and harass threads for you.

No. 273614

Who was this?

No. 273629

Kuroshio is closing how will the texlitas cope

No. 273630

File: 1672430099906.jpeg (342.81 KB, 828x1275, E6B5C644-0B49-4211-AF69-D9DED3…)

kek. screenshots for posterity. I know TX has cheap rent but it’s surprising they even made it this far on crumbling shoes, sweat-stained JSKs and hideous indie monstrosities.

No. 273631

File: 1672430126292.jpeg (576.84 KB, 828x1417, 7C539C8F-2D2D-425B-A230-7DCED5…)

No. 273632

File: 1672430221237.jpeg (193.91 KB, 828x403, 115B2A29-5FE7-4691-B36B-6492C6…)

No. 273642

kek, a mod in my local comm WAS in the seagull discord and nobody irl cares

No. 273688

Kek they’re going to blame deedeezeta and Melissa for this after their recent visit to antagonize the staff there

No. 273694

I doubt that they will anon. They didn't bring up "harassment" at all in the announcement and they haven't acknowledged it in the least.

No. 273702

Which comm?

No. 273704


No. 273725

I’m sure only the ita whales and gender retards are the only ones accusing that it was ddz and Melissa at fault for this

No. 273726

File: 1672522410612.jpeg (569.29 KB, 1170x2110, 5CA0955A-FB72-42EB-8839-5E7295…)

I’m glad ddz and Melissa stopped by ksk. The Texas Lolitas sure loves to rip and destroy brand under their greasy armpits and rolls. Here’s a average KSK customer

No. 273727

Why is everyone who visits there fat and ugly? Something about that shop attracts the most biggest and unfortunate looking people.

No. 273754

Kuroshiro is for fatties anyways. It’s one less of a shop that caters to them

No. 273799

becaude that's who it caters to. Hilarious they've been in the negative for 3 years despite all their scams (+ hiring a scammer) and fake reviews. I wonder if events make them decent money and why they're having a last minute new years one……a month after new years.

No. 273853

That place has been stopped by scammers and hire scammers. Nobody wants to buy their damaged clothes

No. 273920

Did you type this with your butt? What does this mean??

No. 273988

Didn’t the shop owner and staff came on here posting them after their visit?

No. 274035

File: 1672728877621.jpg (234.31 KB, 1080x950, Kuroshirokawhy.jpg)

Kek yes, then added fake 5 star reviews on google after. They must not use yelp cause I just looked and they only have 2 there. Don't have yelp to post the full reviews but the "so much Japanese stuff" I the bottom one is ironic

No. 274070

I Kek’d
They hired shop staff who scammed Brandon when she was stealing dresses from people. Abby Miller or Toycyborg was her name before she transitioned into a fat man. She was couch surfing and begging people for money until Kuroshirokawaii hired her after she was denied hire from numerous places. She’s friends with other scammers like toastchaaan, who came to our meetup in Houston and they interacted before Abby left wearing lolita. Some of us didn’t expect them to be actual unhinges

No. 274091

Not to sound like a wk, but who cares if she scammed old mate pedo he deserves it

No. 274094

Plot twist ddz follows Brandon and sainte. So she’ll defend those fuckers

No. 274095

File: 1672768687016.jpeg (200.14 KB, 828x869, 4B23B931-D6C0-4B9E-BAF1-3DF0E9…)

Shop marketing gags

No. 274096

File: 1672768710178.jpeg (258.49 KB, 827x888, B453A05A-0439-4ADD-B375-AC2434…)

No. 274098

File: 1672768755284.jpeg (194.25 KB, 828x1142, E513F259-C4C2-4F14-8DEA-8801C8…)

No. 274101

File: 1672768844578.jpeg (117.46 KB, 664x1009, 6CCA4BAF-D3F8-4EFD-9F4D-8C8D37…)

No. 274102

hm, pretty niche photo you got there, anon. does 'mpl' ring any bells for you?

No. 274107

File: 1672769152475.jpeg (254.76 KB, 828x1466, 2E9FB76D-9DDC-4927-B413-3322CE…)

No. 274114

File: 1672769783098.jpeg (338.86 KB, 828x1020, 5572D2F0-0FB3-4F5B-ABA6-9242F8…)

The people responsible for harassing a Texas business and posting their Facebook profiles from Google reviews

No. 274115

Well that was fast >>274114
Hit a nerve in em

No. 274130

What did Santa do Bree? The store is closing because it sells plastic clothes for obese burgers and crumbling overpriced 2ndhand. 2 bad reviews 3 years after opening didn't close it down. Typical troon behaviour.

No. 274140

Holy 5head

No. 274145

>shop marketing gags
tbf those girls are hideous, it has to be impossible to get a good pic and they can't edit them without being branded fatphobic. probably helps to sell to fat itas showing their ilk in ads too.

No. 274149

File: 1672778724318.jpeg (86.57 KB, 828x617, E891BAA5-D8C9-4274-A912-990244…)

Malissa said the Kuroshiro Shop was being racist to the black girls in LOC when they visited the Houston store. not a very good look. For Bree and Kaldec to stalk and harass your black customers is a bit problematic. These people should be banned from the community immediately

No. 274151

Are you really this stupid or is a bad attempt at LOC wrath bait?

No. 274154

>Melissa said
Could have stopped right there. Are you really going to take anything that group says seriously?

No. 274155

File: 1672780068890.jpeg (304.73 KB, 828x796, 3D0EB128-08E1-45E7-9292-2AAE3B…)

Original post
Kuroshirokawaii did a racism

No. 274159

That says Vince or Abby Miller not Bree or Kaldec.

No. 274163

Is this also Bree? It looks kinda like the person in >>274149. Sorry for retardation

No. 274167

Man I don't even know if I believe this because Melissa is such a shit fucking source. KSK are definitely at least scalpers and have unethical business practices but I really don't want to take crazy-eyes' side on anything when she keeps a running tally of every anonymous comment that discusses her negatively like some kind of hit list.

No. 274176

Anon these are from before the LOC visit, look at the time stamps. Also who is anyone acting like LOC showing up to troll is anything but unhinged and psychotic behavior? It's cowtipping of the most embarrassing level.

No. 274178

Ayrt, I'll spell it out for you retard. After this >>274107 here KSK left 5 5 star reviews on Google but must not use Yelp cause the only ones are old >>274035. I was looking for more of their reviews but the praise of them having Japanese brands made me kek so I posted it.

No. 274194

melissa is close friends with sainte the pedophile on top of her being totally unhinged, nothing she says should be taken seriously - and ddz has been exposed multiple times for being a racist tard so I doubt the ita loc pedo supporters care about racism at all. not that the lardass ksk scammers are any better but I'm not buying loc trying to cry about racism, they seem to just be shit stirring losers

No. 274205

File: 1672808041444.png (68.42 KB, 708x1018, ks.png)

I'm glad KSK is closing. I was stupid enough to support them when they claimed to be networking with Japanese brands to bring them local but instead they carry mostly western garbage like Puvithel. Their old kickstarter raised $7,301 and says they took out personal loans not business ones to fund the store and wanted private investors on top of the kickstarter money too. So 3 people ruined their credit just to stock Meta? I wonder if they will have to file bankruptcy or if closing will really be enough. No one will miss them, places like that just don't have a market and they've never had enough funding by the sounds of it.


No. 274208

File: 1672808490497.jpg (135.6 KB, 662x1000, bree.jpg)

Samefag no nonny that's not Bree, she's not that fat yet. Pic related

No. 274210

All of that funding just to scalp damaged brand. They could’ve invested in creating their own line with the collaboration of overseas designers and actually buy stock of quality Japanese accessories. They could’ve been the closet child of the west

No. 274211

File: 1672811722534.png (925.48 KB, 635x589, 17FC581A-A886-410F-8749-6A39E4…)

I see Based Melissa already caught onto their scheme of lying on Google reviews.

No shock Bree is dating kaldec. I heard from a group of Texas Lolitas that she was unhinged in person

No. 274212

File: 1672811886028.png (756.98 KB, 639x614, D3F51497-1677-4AD6-A429-1213E0…)

This is all of the ksk kawaii staff

No. 274213

File: 1672811997058.png (683.41 KB, 706x585, BAD6545A-652A-4DD9-AD59-291B9D…)

No. 274216

>weird reddit-tier spacing
>calling melissa the unhinged cow "based"
>reposting old milk from a previous thread acting as if it were new instead of linking to the old posts
seems rather fishy

No. 274231

So this, Vince, is the scammer who was following Poc Lolitas around the store? I’m surprised Loc hasn’t tank their Google reviews yet with that racism incident.

No. 274246

>"Based Melissa"

Hey while you're here "anon", I noticed the cherrymarguerite blog is gone, what's the new url for her unhinged ranting?

No. 274270

seeing how cute nat is and the level of vitriol she's inspired by simply existing needs to be studied.

No. 274271

That seems like something that retard vince would do, and they're right, that does come off as very racist or at minimum incredibly rude. It's super normal for people to walk around the shop carrying an item they intend to buy, who the fuck actively takes inventory of product that is currently on display? you do that when it's very close to close time, not while people are shopping. Also, why would you ask the customer unless you thought they stole it??

No. 274276

Probably cuz Abby is a scammer/theif she assumes other people are too

No. 274281

>self posting vitriol
efame chasers

No. 274282

im appalled by the trauma caused by the loc hategroup. the lasting ramifications of their hatecrimes on the trans members of our community has lead to the shut down of our beloved kuroshiro kawaii. shop staff could no longer sustain their positions due to ongoing suffering to their mental health from the incident and resigned from their positions. the trauma that was suffered was just too much. LOC I HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY NOW IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED! DESTROYING THE LIVES OF WELL MEANING TRANSFOLX YOU STUPID RACIST ASSHOLES.

No. 274286

Ok kaldec

No. 274287

it’s like those studies where seeing pictures of cute animals provokes aggression. jk but the logs did show a few people (Hannah, maybe Caitlin) with deep, pathological levels of jealousy for Nat. and before that she was known for being anti-porn which probably invoked the ire of Liv and the other DDLGlitas.

to an outsider the seagull vs LOC drama all boils down to friend group A vs friend group B. seagull didn’t akshually literally doxx and LOC is not akshual literal nazis. No one really got hurt but everyone took it so seriously. It would make a good plot for a novel.

No. 274288

Who is cait?

No. 274289

Caitlin505 in the logs, that pink hair undercut girl who’s always getting posted to the ita thread. Iirc she was the one who started the big pile-on of removing Nat from every online group and comm because she said troon, kek. Or maybe that was someone from Seattle, I don’t have the logs anymore.
Btw all these names are provided in previous threads.

No. 274291

File: 1672867599881.png (462.19 KB, 296x573, abhorrentfrills.png)

@abhorrentfrills on ig, she runs that babylita hq server

No. 274305

>ita talking extensively about the concept of randos looking under petticoats, complaining about "meetup loitas" and vague commenting about being bullied/"horrible things" done to her in middle school, in sharing her story as An Experienced Lolita

Why even film this.

No. 274307

this literal who has like 5 views, you self posting?

No. 274311

File: 1672876339329.jpeg (329.05 KB, 828x1030, 716E34A7-B755-4A5E-B32D-8F8B82…)

this is the same Cyndie, yeah?
funny how she says in the video that she doesn’t go to local comm meets because she’d be the only married woman and because she doesn’t have any brand, when clearly she doesn’t go because she’s a horribly insecure turboautist. anyone have caps where she talks about the house fire burning up all her brand?

No. 274315

For the love of god, please wash your hair

No. 274316

Selfposting isn’t allowed on here.

No. 274318

File: 1672879853237.jpeg (337.59 KB, 766x1404, 51D0F60B-D6A9-4810-A63E-2F7F25…)

So the Lolita who posted furry porn just posted this. She loves the lolita book too.

No. 274319

>>274318 furry porn next to a coord was tasteless but was this really worth posting her full name? there’s nothing wrong with enjoying classic literature as long as she doesn’t think Lolita is a how-to book for relationships

No. 274323

This is a gossip board, if Angelique Owens doesn't want her name associated with liking Lolita she wouldn't post it publicly on fb. In previous threads she wore a bracelet with her kink on it in lolita too, she openly a degen

No. 274332

you do know you don't have to be a LOCtard to see how weird the hatred of her is right? the jealousy and depravity of the lolita community has already been proven way b4 the discord logs.

No. 274335

nta but what hatred? from what I've seen nobody aside from a few of the seagull discord shitters (plus brandon the creep of course) seems to hate her. she's kind of irrelevant, the only reason she even gets occasionally mentioned lately is due to her associating with the loc nutjobs and infrequent cringey attempts at trolling

No. 274345

OT but Captain Underpants between Stamped from The Beginning and Maus is too much for me

No. 274347

Ok? Lolita is a classic literary work. Are zoomers so puritanical they can't see past the subject matter and see the actual message of the book is NOT "fucking kids is good, actually"?

OT but that updated cover for "Are you there God" makes me irrationally angry. Just shootin off fb messages to God's verified page. You go Margaret.

No. 274350

>the only reason she even gets occasionally mentioned lately is due to her associating with the loc nutjobs and infrequent cringey attempts at trolling
literally this. most of us recognized the only person holding onto it is nat at this point

No. 274351

File: 1672938658597.jpeg (849.92 KB, 828x1023, A7EB2AEC-723E-48FA-A194-0AB285…)

My theory is ksk staff is posting Nat because she tagged them. They must feel some type of way after loc visited them

No. 274358

nta but the thread ‘consensus’ on her back in like, thread 6 or 7 whenever she got canceled was pretty negative, but not really anymore. agree it’s KSK posting her now and they know she’ll respond or the other twansphobic LOC will. time to stop poking the (o)beasts

No. 274361

>agree it’s KSK posting her now
LOC being so transparent about self posting again

No. 274363

So LOC triggered Texas fats and gender autistic and now they want to close their store?

No. 274364

File: 1672945343184.jpeg (141 KB, 828x549, B1A33DF8-E0CB-4CA9-85A3-7B0288…)

No. 274365

The fatties are gonna lose their precious safe place job! How much you want to bet that they’re being paid below average

No. 274366

please, not every opinion comes from a self-posting cow. if this thread devolves into hi-cowing like the past 3 I’m taking a match to all you bitches’ lovely size lady sloth dresses

No. 274367

If she was able to tag them that means she hasn’t blocked them, so they can see her page. Seems pretty cut and dry to me.

No. 274368

Same nona. Nat wasn't in any group pics so she didn't go but was posted with others who didn't go right after someone started posting KSK lards to the thread >>274114

No. 274379

>Isha quit social media.
kek no she didn't, but way to out yourself as someone she blocked

No. 274388

Don't cut yourself on that edge

No. 274389

I think keeping up to date on a minors social media activity is a little weird, but you do you!

No. 274390

nta but you know this website is 18+ not 30+ right? how do you know the anon isn’t college age, you just sound mad they caught you being blocked lol

No. 274406

Isha also wasn’t in discordgate, but she WAS Nat’s ex friend, who she even quotes in the header of her blog. They ran a server together for a while if I’m remembering correctly. People on here are weirdly obsessed with Isha, even though she’s still a minor.

No. 274460

i’ve visited ksk twice and on both occasions one of their sperg shopkeeps was always hovering around while i browsed. i’m white, and i was alone once and with a friend the other time - didn’t seem to make a difference. their staff just don’t have much concept of boundaries and are probably bored all shift with the lack of business. not sure what happened in melissa’s “misplacing” anecdote but it could have just been vince’s autism desu

No. 274467

>nobody aside from the discord ppl hate her
didnt she get kicked out of like 10+ lolita spaces? everyone and there mother had to make a response about her.

this, why are people still fucking hi-cowing? we can bring up discordgate, loc, or ksk without it being one of em. the entire community practically lurks here.

No. 274473

Nayrt but the front runners on the Nat cancellation train were mostly discord lolitas. They were messaging people and posting stories about how Nat is a transphobe. They’d rather defend a predatory man over a girl in the community: the balding lady beard knockoff guy.

They’re both cringe groups with unhinged behavior.

No. 274474

Kek Nat and the discord seagulls were browsing cgl like a bunch of dummies. They had it coming For themselves and creating the most vicious drama in this community

No. 274475

nevermind obvious self posting/whiteknighting which is the most cancer newfag shit

No. 274484

The mods from the Lolita hq lurking and being part of discord gate is funny bc in the server they’re all “positivity <3”

No. 274486

Based on past thread summaries the seagullfags are almost all in high community positions or adjacent to. I dont have the pic but she listed which ones she was kicked from, they probably line up.

No. 274487

cait is the only one that was in the toxic room.

No. 274509

And she wasn’t even toxic in there tbh

No. 274522

File: 1673068287342.png (322.22 KB, 1098x1748, blog.png)

OK sorry for blogpost but I searched Caitlin and Isha in the logs since anons keep namedropping, Isha wasn't in there and they actually go back in forth praising/hating her.

[17-Aug-22 07:04 PM] Caitlin505#5468
They knew each other IRL and were friends, Isha had no idea how extreme her views were, removing Nat's mod role caused Nat to leave entirely and Isha basically ended the friendship

Found this interesting since Isha is IG mutuals with Nat and Caitlin both. Isha's blog [tw: suicide] sounds like losing relationships after the log drop really hurt her but her first post is about not giving into cancel culture and the second is how mean the community is. Did Caitlin lie to seagulls to throw Nat under the bus? In the logs Caitlin makes sure people hate her, even people who barely use social media like below, it's so unhinged. Anyone have tea on what Mat did to make Caitlin this hateful of her?

[17-Aug-22 06:59 PM] Caitlin505#5468
We are just re-re-establishing that Nat talks bullcrap, I've had her blocked for a long time now but this convo sparked me to check her insta and I've got IRL friends still following her

I think I might need to have a convo with them, none are particularly active on insta so I think they just don't keep track of follows

No. 274537

File: 1673081617405.png (10.26 MB, 4295x3000, caitlin505.png)

this made me think so i looked at the logs again and here's what i gather happened. it looks like caitlin called the shots on nat's cancellation, hannah and aiu supported, and isha was kind of a pawn. makes me feel bad for isha, maybe she should've known better but she was barely 17 at the time

1. nat's ex Grace sends the infamous screenshot of her calling brandon a troon, to isha. pyuukin and caitlin also send some kind of caps to isha, unclear what
2. isha shares the screenshot with caitlin
3. isha probably realizes right away she's in over her head and starts regretting it, as caitlin says 'this is obviously tough on isha'
4. caitlin is constantly starting conversations about Nat for a couple of months. nat's name functions as a demon summoning spell for aiu and hannah, who pops in every time to sperg about how she tried to mentor misguided nat but sensei was not strong enough. didnt bother screencapping all this
5. presumably, when the logs drop, isha sees them calling her "annoying" and her server concept "a fucking awful idea"
6. understandably isha is sad about this

No. 274538

File: 1673082189917.png (2.51 MB, 2000x2786, isha.png)

samefag, another low effort collage of them discussing isha. its crazy how little they think before they speak

No. 274539

File: 1673082734341.png (3.71 MB, 3081x2184, lala.png)

and one more thing that's ot but made me think how it could happen to anyone. lala calls some random fujo sus and terfy for using a women-only discord and is frankly quite aggressive to her. like ok we know you're only saying that because you're addicted to lolcow, anti-trans yourself (shown before itt) and desperate to get rid of anyone who challenges your power. the mental pathology.

No. 274573

Ah yes the infamous Nat and Isha beef

No. 274574

So wouldn’t it be Nat’s Ex girlfriend for trying to get her banned? I wonder what Nat did to piss off her dyke ex that would get her to turn to discord seagulls

No. 274576

>A woman isn’t allowed to be in women-only spaces or else she’s a TERF
Make it make sense

No. 274581

>pyuukin and caitlin also send some kind of caps to isha, unclear what
I think it was those Reddit posts people were sharing around and tried to pass off as milk where nat posted on terf Reddit

No. 274585

also maybe a screenshot of Nat going off on a self hating black girl? guess it's fine since it's a black woman demeaning herself

No. 274586

No one else thinks it’s weird or suspicious that a non lolita ex girlfriend just decided to randomly “leak” screenshots to the community? Like what was the end goal?

No. 274589

File: 1673116350024.jpeg (539.1 KB, 828x996, FEE24AE4-5DF5-487F-82E8-8BEA38…)

I think I have an idea why. I looked at Nat’s blog. She speaks about “everyone” in her “past life” which probably includes her ex and former lolita friends.

No. 274591

Samefagbut I forgot to mention this was written on 9/15/22

No. 274592

>I let horrible people into my life
You still have Melissa in your life, Nat. You need to break free.

No. 274595

Kek who was it? Opal seems to be the one going off on everyone

No. 274596

Nothing like her and her crew going into KSK and accusing them of racism

No. 274598

I got the tea
Nat was into ddlg like the discord seagulls and was friends with fetish fucks that she wanted to rp it

[27-Nov-18 11:03 AM] Aiu#0642
earlier, sp00py wanted to know if we can roleplay ddlg-ers in the ita pit to make fun of them and this was met with a resounding EW NO. Then Dolly questioned wtf the BTB channel was for since it breaks rule 4, and we had to clarify that the real BTB is unaffiliated and the BTB channel over there is for gossip. THEN sp00py and Dolly were talked about sp00py's 13 year old friend who is apparently into ddlg and sends titty pics or cleavage pics on the internet and has sex.Then Fuck summoned Birbmom who deleted it all and is hopefully telling them that this server is not the place

No. 274599

Here's them getting triggered off the term "trap".

[27-Nov-18 11:03 AM] Snailu#0713
big yikes!

[27-Nov-18 11:04 AM] Aiu#0642
Ok Kiwi, glad to see Dolly isn't trying to take credit for your server

[27-Nov-18 11:04 AM] Honeykiwi#1525
Trust me Dolly could not have made the Boston comm one

[27-Nov-18 11:04 AM] Honeykiwi#1525

[27-Nov-18 11:04 AM] Honeykiwi#1525
Good to know he had people to terrorize in there though

[27-Nov-18 11:04 AM] Aiu#0642
RIP NH people in that discord

[27-Nov-18 11:05 AM] Aiu#0642
how did spoopy puppy get booted from the happy place?

[27-Nov-18 11:06 AM] Snailu#0713
ya gimme that hot gossip

[27-Nov-18 11:06 AM] Aiu#0642
When I peeked in there the other day, they actually posted some coord pieces, so I though maybe things were progressing for them

[27-Nov-18 11:06 AM] Aiu#0642
but now this….🍿

[27-Nov-18 11:07 AM] rainier#6904
maybe they left because i made a scene about blue waffles

[27-Nov-18 11:07 AM] rainier#6904
my feefees

[27-Nov-18 11:07 AM] Snailu#0713
ur feefees

[27-Nov-18 11:07 AM] rainier#6904
uwu i thought this was a safe space

[27-Nov-18 11:07 AM] Stormy#0692
they were saying “trap” can’t be a derogatory term because some trans person they know has a bunch of trap lewds saved

[27-Nov-18 11:07 AM] Aiu#0642

[27-Nov-18 11:07 AM] rainier#6904
woah now

[27-Nov-18 11:07 AM] Snailu#0713

[27-Nov-18 11:07 AM] Stormy#0692
they shut down that convo quick

[27-Nov-18 11:08 AM] _kurako__#5711
i know so many trans people that use trap and it makes me sad

[27-Nov-18 11:08 AM] Stormy#0692
dang really

[27-Nov-18 11:08 AM] _kurako__#5711

[27-Nov-18 11:08 AM] _kurako__#5711
it sucks

[27-Nov-18 11:08 AM] Stormy#0692
once again grateful for my reasonable friends

[27-Nov-18 11:09 AM] _kurako__#5711
every time i see it i die a little inside

[27-Nov-18 11:09 AM] _kurako__#5711
i've learned to just ignore it unfortunately

[27-Nov-18 11:27 AM] tokkigo#7380
the only kinda trap someone should be is a trap queen

[27-Nov-18 11:43 AM] Prettydebil#3173
Why are you in rc then…?

No. 274601

Typical Opal

[29-Nov-18 06:12 AM] Snailu#0713
sp00py is the worst offender for not posting in the right channel

[29-Nov-18 06:13 AM] Snailu#0713
and she always has an excuse

[29-Nov-18 06:13 AM] Snailu#0713
it’s very irritating

[29-Nov-18 06:27 AM] opalsauce#4996
lol she looks like she belongs on lolcow

[29-Nov-18 06:29 AM] opalsauce#4996
like that one girl who is always doing those faces

mickey? is that her name

shes like a space kin or some shit

[29-Nov-18 06:59 AM] Rococo#5833
Yeah the Lolita guidebook has it

[29-Nov-18 06:59 AM] Rococo#5833

[29-Nov-18 07:00 AM] Rococo#5833
Tho sp00py will probably tl;dr it

[29-Nov-18 07:01 AM] Rococo#5833
Ugh that doll ain't cute

[29-Nov-18 07:01 AM] Rococo#5833
That's some Chucky tier bs

[29-Nov-18 07:16 AM] church of yiling laozu#5048
didn’t someone already explain to sp00py that you can use paypal with a taobao shopping service????

[29-Nov-18 07:22 AM] tuxedosamu#7978
no dont tell her let her suffer

[29-Nov-18 07:22 AM] Snailu#0713
taobao is to harrrdddd

No. 274603

More nat bullying. Highlight these people and their usernames along social media accounts

[29-Nov-18 08:04 AM] opalsauce#4996
In this the year of our lord almost 2019 people still think yumi king knows jack dick about anything

[29-Nov-18 08:04 AM] Rococo#5833
>100% Ali Express thot-kei now

I like how specific that is

[29-Nov-18 08:06 AM] opalsauce#4996
Does anyone remember that creepy video where her old gross husband tells her she’s fat or whatever

She’s trying to eat her three spinach leaves and teaspoon of tuna and he’s like asking her how many calories it is and reminding her she needs to lose weight

It’s one of the grossest things I’ve seen on earth

[29-Nov-18 08:08 AM] Rococo#5833
Oh no I stopped watching her after the mom films me in school in Lolita or whatever

[29-Nov-18 08:09 AM] Rococo#5833
Was it the thumbnail of her in a tub

[29-Nov-18 08:09 AM] Rococo#5833
God I hope she dumped him and put a restraining order that's fucked up

[29-Nov-18 08:09 AM] opalsauce#4996
Yea I don’t watch her either but I saw that one on lolcow a while

I /think/ so, that sounds right to me, but it was so long ago I don’t remember the thumbnail or what the video was called

[29-Nov-18 08:11 AM] opalsauce#4996
He was also weirdly talking to her like she was a toddler or something, very creepy 🤢

[29-Nov-18 08:11 AM] Rococo#5833

[29-Nov-18 08:36 AM] rainier#6904
can we just link sp00py to guides this shit is easily searchable. does she not have google

[29-Nov-18 08:42 AM] Jess#1258
who knows… but it's annoying that she has all these questions that have already been answered

[29-Nov-18 08:52 AM] Rococo#5833
Maybe she did look up info herself at one point and tl;dr it

[29-Nov-18 09:05 AM] Aiu#0642
So shes lazy. GREAT feature to have in someone wanting to do all homemade lolita :]

No. 274616

File: 1673128631202.jpeg (347.39 KB, 768x963, B1852FBA-85F0-4BD7-9CA9-8A9182…)

Behind the usernames

No. 274617

Good god we don't need another collage of discord usernames and pictures. There's been at least 3 others made already on top of Melissa's lists that she obsessively updated. This is getting past repetitive. Stop beating the dead horse. Stop trying to make some mass cancellation happen, it's been months of this being pushed and no fresh milk has happened or come out of it.

No. 274619

Let us not forget predator DDZ too

No. 274624

why is nat complaining about her former friends associating with pedos (aka maps) when she and her lovers of cringe pals are friends with pedo groomer sainte, who recently posted loli rape porn and admitted he was in love with a 16 year old (while in his mid-late 20s)? clearly she and her current friends have no problem befriending pedos so it's odd she's upset about others doing the same

No. 274628

Then post something else or don't check the thread? this is a general thread it's been said countless times. Stop complaining and post milk like saintes pedo posts from this then >>274624 or get over us talking about you

No. 274630

File: 1673140266992.jpg (115.26 KB, 1033x516, 6C9YrX3.jpg)

Not really milky but this retweet from celestial made me kek

No. 274631

Well, at least she is self aware about her and her friends

No. 274636

File: 1673144477141.png (Spoiler Image,1.07 MB, 696x1260, sainte posts loli rape hentai.…)

the pedotroon and his loc orbiters always have a meltdown and start shitting up the thread whenever he is mentioned but here is his loli rape porn post - I knew what it was about immediately from being able to read the japanese text and reverse image searching it for confirmation brought up porn called Omake Hoshino by deadflow (warning don't search this up unless you are prepared to see a loli being raped by an old man). keep in mind he also is friends with minors on his facebook so he posts this pedo shit knowing they will see it, classic groomer behavior.

No. 274637

File: 1673144725333.png (654.77 KB, 1114x940, groomers gonna groom.png)

samefag to add ddz and melissa are friends with him on fb so they see him posting this pedo rape garbage and see nothing wrong with his pedophilia. also here is his first post reflecting on being in love with a 16 year old - I'm assuming he is referring to momo here and he was at least 24 years old when she was 16. he is fully aware this is pedophilia obviously as he admits loving her is wrong

No. 274638

File: 1673144848156.png (929.51 KB, 928x1166, pedo loves 16 year old girl.pn…)

samefag last thing - here he fully admits he was in love with (momo?) a 16 year old girl right after he made the previous post. he isn't even trying to hide the fact he is attracted to minors anymore. of course using a pic of his underaged anime waifu for extra emphasis on the pedophilia

No. 274639

Are they actually friends? Or are they just mutuals so they can keep tabs on him?

No. 274640

they are actually friends with him. at least ddz and melissa are for sure, they wk him in this thread occasionally and talk to him on discord. they have tried to get others to befriend him as well claiming that he is not a pedo and that he is "the most normal trans person you will ever meet"

No. 274642

Wait am I missing something? DDZ hates fetishists and coomers but is friends with sainte??

No. 274644

her claiming to hate fetishists and coomers is all virtue signaling. she has no problem with predators, coomers, creeps, and fetishists as long as they share similar political views to her. she refuses to add sainte to her predator/creeps in lolita blog list too because they are close friends

No. 274645

Has Sainte ever posted anything political? I don't think I've ever seen him talk about anything but his sick fetishes

No. 274647

he has posted some anti-feminist stuff (he really hates radfems in particular, typical misogynist male troon bs), plus religious and conservative stuff yes. he shares the views of the typical incel edgelord "redpilled" 4chan scrote due to wasting so much of his life on 4chan. I don't feel like scrolling through the entirety of all his shitty tardbabble to find the posts but he definitely has before

No. 274648

samefag he is also going through his fb and deleting posts this very moment so he is obviously constantly lurking this thread like the neet loser he is kek

No. 274658

Do we have any hard proof that hes a pedo? I dont doubt it in the slightest having seen his posting but still

No. 274661

you don't need "hard proof" someone is a pedo.

No. 274662

are you daft or just one of his usual gross pedo-enabling wks? a grown man admitting to being in love with a 16 year old girl is as pedo shit. pedophilia is sexual feelings directed towards minors which he is displaying publicly - along with him saving and posting the loli rape porn too (especially since he is knowingly exposing the minors he's fb friends with to that kind of nasty shit which is a grooming technique). stop trying to skirt around the fact this man is an out and proud pedophile - it's super creepy.

No. 274670

LOC sainte X Momo xoxo
No wonder their friendship broke, but why were they friends in the first place?

No. 274671

nobody except momo really knows for sure what went down - maybe he was grooming her while she was a minor? or maybe they weren't even friends but she was nice to him on social media a few times and he just latched on and become obsessed?

No. 274672

How many times is this going to be asked? For fucks sake.

No. 274673

How much you want to bet that sainte has nudes of momo when she was a minor. He’s weird and somehow gets defended

No. 274675

This is a really fucking weird thing to say. What is wrong with you?

No. 274682

um what? he gets defended because the loc losers obsessively lurk the thread to wk. why tf are you thinking about a minor taking nudes

No. 274692

Ngl I’m glad Kuroshio is closing. I first heard of them back in 2019 at the arisu fashion mart pop up. The event was a bit of an ick because despite it being advertised as a Lolita event there where several people selling bdsm stuff and ddlg shit. Anyways the guys working at kuros stand where annoyed bc we asked questions, about the jewelry and what other stuff do they sell. At the time they didn’t have any clothes on display so I can’t speak on the dresses but the jewelry they had looked like the shit hot topic would sell back in 2019

No. 274696

>nat not liking race play was wrong because it was a black lolita defending it.

Worms for fucking brains. also i wanna know which black lolita was defending race play because they need to get kicked the fuck out of BLC or at minimum on the blocked list because ew.

No. 274698

you know why anon, they're a sex pest like sainte, angeleeku, lor, toast, brandon love, liv, rambo brite, celestialfaun, kawaiiqueerdo, who else has been outed for being a fetishist? take your pick, the community is chock full of unashamed fetishists like this and it's unfortunately acceptable to be now.

No. 274715

I know I’m late to the party but
>who has to lose their kneecaps
>I hope she gets punched in the dick
hmm I wonder what the deal is with this Resh person and why they’re so much more violent than the rest of the group

>people who identify as women spam up those boards too
Yes a significant number of the unhinged incels who raid women’s groups to spam gore and CSA images are trannies, well done for noticing.

No. 274749

They met on 4 Chan and interacted on discord

No. 274753

File: 1673232347517.png (777.5 KB, 500x714, wicked.resh.png)

yeah… while we're on the topic of lolicon sainte can we also stop to consider this male who wished violence on a teenage girl? creep

No. 274754

did he wish violence irl or online? if online you should post some caps to archive it here

No. 274760

That's Resh retard, the troon who wished harm on a biological teenage female.
IG too, caps were posted in previous threads.

No. 274767

you must be a bit illiterate, reread the post you are replying to. your reply makes no sense, it's very obvious that is a pic of a male tranny but why no caps of him wishing harm?

No. 274771

ayrt, the caps are right here: >>274537
Resh saying Nat should lose her kneecaps and be “punched in the dick” because she called Resh’s friend, probably also a tranny but who knows, a predator on gtfomyjfash.
male pattern violence fr

No. 274773

so let me get this straight, this angry hulking male troon was in the seagull discord? and the only reason he's alluding to violence is because one of his predator pals got called out? that's very concerning, and based on the cap he was also asking for the doxx of the owner for a jfashion watchdog account too - typical aggressive male behavior going after women for calling out predators

No. 274780

Did anyone get caps of who Aubrie posted around March 2022 or at all? Interested to see what predator friend of his got posted kek. What anon said the seagull troons run EGL: Predator Alert fb page so they can pick who gets posted? Looks like you were right…

No. 274859


>anti-feminist stuff plus religious and conservative stuff

>he shares the views of the typical incel edgelord "redpilled" 4chan scrote due to wasting so much of his life on 4chan

literally why i know ddz is also a troon average 4chan nazi poltroon views

No. 274860

massive man can we stop pretending these guys is woman

No. 274861

not womanlike why keep these sicko men around
very male violence no woman should feel safe with men who want assault on women

No. 274862

This community protects and defends the life out of predators. It’s honestly quite depressing at this point.

No. 274897

In the end nat has won and all these ugly two faced bitches should be shun

No. 274904

think they are all two faced hun

No. 274905

I think nat needs to see her mentioned her the most in the chat

No. 274908

Wonder which predator friend got posted. @wicked.resh is French and said 'she' so it's probably another troon he's defending. I don't think watchdog posted anyone from the French comm did she?

No. 274921

The most? Honestly she’s a blip in the logs. There are a shit ton of people mentioned, she’s hardly the most commonly talked about person.

No. 274939

There’s a few people who is repetitive in bringing up Nat and stalking her since 2018. I hope she blocked them. Can anyone pull up their discord names and how many times they mentioned Nat?

No. 274941

Don’t forget they doxxed her and called her workplace anon


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No. 274942

Make them unhinged whore shit bricks

No. 274943

A bunch of the people in this list aren't even relevant, what's the point in posting this?

No. 274946

File: 1673343784073.jpeg (198.47 KB, 828x1569, BD208390-DED5-48E9-857D-452A68…)

What, the same old list made by Melissa that’s already been called out multiple times? This is tired LOC-chan. Give it up. Nobody cares about this asinine friend group drama. Nothing more is happening, it’s not this groundbreaking gotcha-moment you think it is.

No. 274970

Ok but the question wasn't "who's on the list of people in the discord" (which btw is seriously outdated because a lot of these bitches left lolita entirely after discordgate) it was "who's been mean to poor widdle Nat" … who's also a two faced shit talker but I guess gets a free pass for being like 19?

I know you're desperate to keep this drama alive but no one's said a peep for months and Nat isn't some perfect innocent angel herself, its weird how obsessed you are with her. Melissa was/is too and tends to hyperfixate in weird poorly written rants about discord bitches, hmm.

No. 274972

The desperation to keep drama alive is funny. The community as we knew it is dead. Too many people are waking up and catching onto the bullshit that goes on and everyone's fed up. I give the western lolita community maybe 5 years until it's obsolete kek. good riddance

No. 274993

I don't think it'll be so quickly nonny but agreed the western comm is falling apart. The thread already devolved back into hi cowing and posting old milk, cgl is constantly shat up too, fb, Reddit, discord are just itas etc. Congrats newfags you ruined it.

No. 274995

say you haven't been around by saying you haven't been around. we've always had shit talker groups, but more than the majority of us have understood the toxicity in the nature of them and ban or forbid people from using them to be part of the greater communities. we will survive, just we don't really tend to forget this kind of shit. go back to touching grass with local comms and you'll see how easy it is to evade.

No. 274996

I know multiple (uninvolved) ppl who have either privated or taken a step back from the community bc they (thought they) were friends with one or 2 of the loc or discord girls and sunddenly its this whole shit show feeling forced to pick sides reading horrid things all sorts of ppl have done. Learned this community attracts nutters in every direction. and why would they put themselves at risk just from being part of this community. I don't think it will fall apart personally but God I fucking hope we can all learn to act like adults (yes Ik the irony of saying this on lc)

No. 274997

lolita attracts too many mentally ill girls who coincidentally think their narc qualities are the only ones that matter

No. 275007

Ah yes let’s excuse the milk of a discord community cyber stalking a minor. Stay mad that the milk will forever stay relelvant

No. 275008

Not everyone who is sick of seeing autistic lists and collages being posted over and over is a discord cunt. This is repetitious and we've already had months of talking about the same shit over and over. It's not even new shit. The discord cunts were exposed The community knows what they are.

No. 275010

This lol my fav is the list that's reposted 50x doesn't even fit what's on the spreadsheet posted with it. How many times have we said Inaka Japan isn't real? Either update it or just link the past time it was said, at this point it's just someone shitting up the thread on purpose i swear

No. 275011

Does anyone have anything interesting to say anymore

No. 275012

Blame Melissa for this shitting

No. 275013

You're all responsible, I swear it's the same 3 or 4 people just bitching at each other everyday over the same old milk. Get a room.

No. 275014

File: 1673379332712.jpeg (280.55 KB, 828x933, 1411688D-3CCC-4356-A89A-18B8A4…)

Obviously it’s them or some retarded newfag re posting the same out dated list.

No. 275015

this. LOC and discord is all that seemingly comes to this board.

No. 275016

It's mostly LOC posting themselves for attention.

No. 275018

Says this while there’s a whole chat log of them lurking on loc

No. 275019

lurking =/= posting

No. 275020

I just realized melissa is actually a bit fat kek so it's ironic she was poking fun at the scamming ksk fatties. her arms torso and cheeks are visibly chubby, she should be hitting the gym instead of wasting her time camped out in this thread

No. 275021

It's very obviously a couple members of LOC and a couple discordchans, and the same ones over and over again.

No. 275022

LOC has been shitting on themselves this entire time. all discord is doing is sucking down their shit.

No. 275023

This. I am sick and tired of hearing about both groups. Unless they're actively and currently doing anything milky, I don't want to read about it. Even then I half don't want to read about it because it always devolves into this shit. All the good milk gets buried beneath their slap fights.

No. 275024

Idk I guess I just think the idea that LOC is posting themselves and replying to themselves constantly as some kind of weird psyop is a weird take. I mean I get that people think it's for attention, but attention from who??? The actual 3 people who come to this board??

No. 275025

Agreed. You can't go 2 posts into a conversation about something interesting without someone derailing to sperg about one group or the other.

No. 275026

no one is nearly as obsessed with them as they are in themselves and each other enough to post their friends

No. 275027

anon loc will sometimes whiteknight themselves in the threads, it's obvious they don't like being talked about negatively. just look at the meltdown ddz had on her blog trying to defend herself for her fetish shit

No. 275028

Sainte and Melissa is literal proof. With sainte he loves to harass momo nonstop and Melissa creates lists of where people live. The discord cunts on the other end go out of there ways to hate stalk people

No. 275029

What makes you so convinced it's all them? Just a gut feeling?

No. 275030

nat is the one who canceled dd

No. 275031

Sainte isn't part of their group though

No. 275032

Karma and now they’re on ruins of their own actions

No. 275033

I keep seeing these takes that Nat hates DDZ now. Is there any sauce on this or is it speculation? I know that they were BFFs before.

No. 275034

they're still friends, it's some shit stirring tard making stuff up I assume

No. 275035

Nat canceling her wasn't fake though, they actually hated each other and then became friends after Nat got canceled

No. 275036

No wonder mahou.momo left Instagram. He probably got pissed at her for believing bullshit and now he’s trolling by being obsessive

No. 275037

hate is a strong word for people who are naturally two faced

No. 275038

You say this as though you have personal experience with them

No. 275039

who doesn't have experience with nat at this point

No. 275041

Probably everyone who isn't autistically on this thread constantly tbh

No. 275042

This is why anons always ask for proof of sainte being a creep, we need to document it not keep it to yourselfs. That's how creeps get away with plaguing the community, nobody ever finds out til its too late.

No. 275043

What is your experience anon?

No. 275044

>*everyone autistically in this thread
I think you meant this

No. 275045

you're right, my b

No. 275047

There’s nothing to prove

No. 275048

it has been documented, there's been tons of proof posted already. the only ones still defending him and screeching about no proof are his pedo enabling loc friends. he's also fortunately been blacklisted from most lolita spaces due to his pedo behavior and harassing women on lacemarket, but sadly even some of the creeps like brandon don't get booted despite proof being posted

No. 275049

Ayrt I've asked before so its more then just loc asking for proof. Some of us live in OC close to him and want the caps not just heresay. It's like you tards forget this is an imageboard.

No. 275050

I think they mean screencaps of him harassing somebody in dms or something, everyone knows his posts are fucked up

No. 275051

aren't they in past threads? there was a ton of it on LM before

No. 275052

A tea party with dream and a cabbage patch doll?

No. 275053

so you're just choosing to ignore all the caps that have already been posted because why? go through all the threads and look for yourself, there's been plenty of caps.
there's some caps of him being unhinged in lacemarket reviews in a previous thread. he was also making deranged comments in lm on listings but I don't know if caps have been posted for that or not. some of the proof is on /cgl/ in the archives also, a lot of people on lm refuse to sell to him because of what a loon he is

No. 275055

Yea you can't come say "sainte posted this" then not post caps, he stalks the board and deletes it. Cap and post so there's proof for future

No. 275056

here, an entire archive of him being a freak. there's actually even more than this too. apparently the caps of him posting loli rape porn and admitting to being in love with a 16 year old itt isn't already gross enough for you sickos. took me almost no effort to ctrl+f sainte in previous threads so it baffles me why you can't do the same. no more pissing and moaning about "muh caps! no proof!" - there is plenty of it.

No. 275057

you should really just ignore those anons. they don't want proof, they're just here to bitch.

No. 275059

nayrt, but continuing to bring up sainte and including him in discussion is only going to draw him back to troll. Warn your local friends and newbies to avoid him but leave it at that. Discussing him only brings him back

No. 275060

are you being intentionally dense or what? they're saying to post caps when he does something creepy to back up the statement before he deletes it. we know he's a pedo coomer but if there's no caps it means nothing, anons itt shouldn't have to keep reminding you all to post them every time he does something new. case in point: he changed his fb profile name or deleted because I can't find it.

No. 275062

Im so confused why people keep saying LOC likes Sainte when theyre all TERFs

No. 275064

The local members know about him and don’t need to be spoon fed caps for the hundredth time. Say you’re new or shit stirring a little more discreetly next time.

No. 275066

exactly. and anons reeing about proof are probably either him, or the same anti-drama crew camping these threads defending anyone and everyone who gets posted.

No. 275067

none of the loc losers are terfs because none are radfems. most of them are edgelord bible thumping nutters. melissa and ddz at the very least are friends with the pedo troon.

No. 275068

then why did they get ksk closed down if they're not terfs?

No. 275070

Oh please.I know this is going to sound wild, but the probability of loc personally shutting down KSK is low. Probably 0. I know they’re the boogeymen of the community but not everything is a loc conspiracy theory. No one is taking in to account that operating a business with a physical store front can be expensive. Given supply and demand an in-person store might not be realistic right now. Per their Facebook post they’re going to continue operating online. Sorry for the sperg post but it makes no sense why loc would have anything to do with their store closing.

No. 275071

they didn't. you are giving these hobbyless shit stirring losers way too much credit. ksk closed because nobody was buying their garbage and they were losing money. also exposing scammers has nothing to do with radical feminism nor politics in general kek get a grip.
this. loc doesn't have the ability to do much except get themselves laughed at for constantly being so cringey and embarrassing. there is no way for the ksk store to stay open without any profit.

No. 275072

Goddamn, Melissa is a fat uggo. No wonder she clings so hard to Nat. Nat isn't even ridiculously cute or thin, she just looks good compared to the hags around her.

>Inb4 this post gets added to Melissa's weird "testimonials" page

No. 275073

The entire reason Nat was ousted from her comm was because she called a pedo troon a pedo troon. There is no way I'm going to believe they now like a separate pedo troon . Incredibly stupid tinfoiling kek

No. 275074

I’m glad ksk closed. Toycyborg aka Vince is a scammer and they’re lowkey racist

No. 275075

Are you sure it wasn’t momo who made up the accusations? sarcasm

No. 275076

what's with the nat obsession? I didn't mention her. ddz and melissa are the ones I'm 100% sure are friends with the sainte the pedo, it's not a tinfoil. also kek brandon doesn't even identify as a troon - at least he didn't when nat called him one. he's just an ugly predatory man who occasionally crossdresses.

No. 275077

File: 1673393851037.jpg (797.57 KB, 1080x2187, Screenshot_20230110_233507.jpg)

Melissa was reposting tradwife wojaks from this account to her story the other day

No. 275078

She got in trouble for using the word "troon" regardless of whether the person was trans

No. 275079

is this supposed to be milky

No. 275080

Imo that’s what she gets for associating with LOC. She was probably banned from her comm for that. The troon thing was an excuse.

No. 275081

She got kicked from her community before she associated with loc dumbass

No. 275082

She was also posting on anti troon forums under the same name, it was a pattern of behavior not just one isolated incident

No. 275083

no shit, everyone gets in trouble for using it because troons are terminally online autists and love to relentlessly bully and harass people. this isn't anything groundbreaking or shocking. if you're going to make fun of troons on an account associated with your real identity, be prepared for them to go after you.

No. 275086

Extremely based. Whats the milk

No. 275087


No. 275089

no one knew what LOC was at that point. she got banned for harassing other people constantly or bullying them.

No. 275090

nevermind bragging about harassing and bullying people nonstop. embarassing.

No. 275091

people who HAVE been around are noticing how this shit feels absolutely different from the regular shit talking. Local comms more or less have been crumbling due to the pandemic, irrelevant of the drama too. There are more wearers of the fashion than ever before, yet the quaintness, proximity, and regularity of participation has absolutely died down with newfags. Comms just devolve into smaller friends groups (lol guilty, and i'm fine with that) but the main group is usually dead.

This added with the bigger content creators like lor or tyler (i know i know, they're fucking annoying, but it was something) are pretty much either irrelevant or gone. Lor is still posting, but her style is so so bad now. No more deerstalker either.

Shit is dying for real now. CoF barely gets new posts.

No. 275092

because people get fucking weird from CoF and start stalking other people

No. 275093

harrassing who?? brandon? Logs show she was the one being harrassed and goaded I thought?

No. 275094

trad wojak memes are altlite they are yt supremacist dog whistles

No. 275099

File: 1673397751755.jpg (Spoiler Image,187.43 KB, 1080x1323, TW.jpg)

Tyler Willis: Where Is She Now?
Spoiler because vomit inducing.

No. 275101

can't post it without catching a ban/outing too much, but all I can say is that they are buddy buddy with him on discord and interact with him on ig. at one point they were trying to recruit people to their discord and weren't very smart about it is all I can say. also they are friends with him on fb (which he deleted) and had quite a lot of positive interactions with him there too. ever think it's strange why ddz doesn't add him to her list of creeps in lolita, and why she is one of his few ig followers if they aren't pals? note how in her rant on her blog defending her degeneracy she neglected to make a defense for the caps of her following his ig and interacting with his fb, because it means she'd have to lie and say she wasn't his friend.

No. 275103

I remember a while back someone wanted to start a "terf comm" in the lolita thread on /g/, I'm guessing it was LOC recruitment

No. 275105

there was definitely some recruitment attempts on /cgl/, not sure about that one though

No. 275106

There's one up right now wdym were

No. 275108

kek the one with the pic of an underaged anime girl holding a gun?

No. 275109

What's his ig name?

No. 275110

saintes ig names? he has two: alchemy_and_gold and s_a_i_n_t_e
caps in case he deletes/changes names:

No. 275111

Remember when she bullied someone to relapse on the eating disorder? What good times

No. 275114

terf comm would be based tho

No. 275115

>nat sperging

No. 275116

Thinly veiled LOC recruitment itt

No. 275117

Where can I go to join LOC? I’m tired of my comm and want to move towards a nicer group instead

No. 275118

just start befriending pedos, bible thumpers, sex workers, and unhinged itas - you are bound to run into one of them eventually

No. 275119


No. 275121

jesus her autism stare is so fucking bad KEK

No. 275122

wait where did you find this nonna? and why does this look like semi-fetish gear ?

No. 275126

Why nonny? They're just waiting for you to slip up so they can backstab you

No. 275136

Tyler started out in the industrial goth scene. This is pretty standard clothing for watered down American clubs. It's just a pink version of shit DDZ wears. The lighting even looks night clubby. >>275111 maybe dorian will make a shitty video whining about it. Then again since this isn't their fare, maybe they will stay in their lane.

No. 275137

Nta but it looks like she's at a goth club, which was and is her main fashion afaik

No. 275139

Why Tyler gets a excuse on club wear while dd gets hell and false accusations made on her

No. 275140

Finally DDLG Tyler

No. 275141

This is just her wrestling attire kek.

No. 275145


sayrt, and I've seen her goth stuff on youtube, this just looks really different. and 10x worse.

No. 275146

i think it was more of the saber tooth gang affiliation than the goth club garb. that group was sex industry affiliated (as she has now admitted lol)

this color scheme does scream ddlg lol

No. 275153

Why would she do ddlg in this and not her mountain of ap? Use your brain

No. 275158

Tyler looks like a troon with that vomit pink attire and nipple stickers

No. 275201

remember wen she was decently cute bfore the drag makeup n she would wreck ddlgers n ppl like dildo face harness girl n now she has bcome one of those same creeps i nevr thot i would see her basically bare tits it just like the lor decline wen lor used to b decently cute n then they both just descend into degeneracy

No. 275203

Welcome to the decline of two subcultures. This is what happens when the "at hearts" dominate. People lose their bearings and skill sometimes. Maybe she is adopting the "I'm known" or "i'm old enough to not give a fuck" attitude. Might be good enough for her, even if it looks unflattering, cheap and against things she said she stood for.

No. 275238

did i say she was doing ddlg or did i say the color scheme on those fishnet/leather combos scream ddlg? calm down tard.

No. 275252

The vendetta posting itt is palpable.

No. 275253

Now if ddz wore it you all would be crying

No. 275281

vendetta posting about who? tyler? ok.

hmm pretty sure she has and she admitted it was in the sex work industry.

No. 275285

nobody likes ddz except her loc buttbuddies (and nobody likes them either) so maybe stop coming here if seeing her get made fun of bothers you so much. because of whiners like you it makes it look like she's sending her retarded loc wks to the thread and makes people hate her even more

No. 275286

Yes Tyler, this isn't even lolita. Go back to sperging over LOC.

No. 275289

Stop you’re making ddz look bad Idiot

No. 275291

Some of us outside LOC likes her and thinks she’s incredibly based. She actually says what it is what trans degenerates who plaque the community and discord Lolitas.

No. 275292


No. 275294

No. 275295

Conservative Lolitas be like

No. 275297

she already does that on her own but you're definitely adding to it
that's odd, if she's so based and hates predatory troons I wonder why she interacts with and refuses to say anything bad about pedo sainte? also kek at the embarrassingly bad english, maybe you should study up on vocab instead of wasting time asskissing her

No. 275298

Columbian ESL Chan strikes again kek

No. 275325

DD followers count is dropping tho?

No. 275347

N word droppings

[28-Apr-19 10:41 AM] evasiqe#8696
Yo @꒷⊹˚₊ crybunny ₊˚⊹꒷
Can I call you "my nigga"

[28-Apr-19 10:41 AM] alys#0310
at least a prototype

[28-Apr-19 10:41 AM] harmlessmonster#7160
(i would buy one)

[28-Apr-19 10:41 AM] Chryse#0151
Bitter haggard ripcrip gang

[28-Apr-19 10:41 AM] dedizenoflight#5279
Do it

[28-Apr-19 10:41 AM] dedizenoflight#5279
Do it @cailly

[28-Apr-19 10:41 AM] dedizenoflight#5279
Will buy

[28-Apr-19 10:42 AM] Aiu#0642
I though you said "bitter haggard nipnop gang" at first Chryse

[28-Apr-19 10:42 AM] Aiu#0642
can't read

[28-Apr-19 10:42 AM] Chryse#0151
That too

[28-Apr-19 10:43 AM] Chryse#0151
Hey lala can bitternhaggard be a color

[28-Apr-19 10:43 AM] Lala Land#7138
is it racist for me as an admin to let people say "my nigga" if they are black?

[28-Apr-19 10:44 AM] evasiqe#8696
👀 👀 👀
Too late

[28-Apr-19 10:44 AM] Lala Land#7138
that's how the media does it

[28-Apr-19 10:44 AM] opalsauce#4996
excuse u

censor that

right now

i am the queen of the blacks

u better listen

[28-Apr-19 10:44 AM] Lala Land#7138
it was in fucking quotation marks

😂 (4)

[28-Apr-19 10:45 AM] Lala Land#7138
u hecking

[28-Apr-19 10:45 AM] dedizenoflight#5279

[28-Apr-19 10:45 AM] Lala Land#7138
neurotypical scum

[28-Apr-19 10:45 AM] Lala Land#7138
ooo i got that one

[28-Apr-19 10:45 AM] Saturn#5252
I’m supposed to be productive today guys! Stop it

[28-Apr-19 10:46 AM] Lala Land#7138
wat u gonna do

[28-Apr-19 10:46 AM] ꒷⊹˚₊ crybunny ₊˚⊹꒷#1330
I never said I was prettier or blacker than anybody

[28-Apr-19 10:46 AM] Saturn#5252
Call the coppers on you

[28-Apr-19 10:46 AM] Lala Land#7138
narcolepsy is a neurological disorder beeeetch

[28-Apr-19 10:46 AM] ꒷⊹˚₊ crybunny ₊˚⊹꒷#1330
and no eli I would prefer if you didn’t

[28-Apr-19 10:46 AM] opalsauce#4996
no one gives a shit what you prefer you dumb bitch

[28-Apr-19 10:46 AM] opalsauce#4996
you. are. irrelevant

[28-Apr-19 10:46 AM] Lala Land#7138
u made me choke on soup

[28-Apr-19 10:46 AM] ꒷⊹˚₊ crybunny ₊˚⊹꒷#1330
you’re so hurt oh my gosh

[28-Apr-19 10:47 AM] cailly#5176
I can't tell if she's an expert troll or an actual idiot at this point lmao

[28-Apr-19 10:47 AM] Lady Cocoa#2915
I'm gonna say the n word

[28-Apr-19 10:47 AM] evasiqe#8696
Ok fine
Can I call you "my ni🅱 🅱 a" then

[28-Apr-19 10:47 AM] dedizenoflight#5279
Perhaps a blend of both

[28-Apr-19 10:47 AM] ꒷⊹˚₊ crybunny ₊˚⊹꒷#1330

[28-Apr-19 10:47 AM] opalsauce#4996
shes an actual idiot

[28-Apr-19 10:47 AM] evasiqe#8696

[28-Apr-19 10:47 AM] opalsauce#4996
is it 2009

bc there is a dumb bitch in here using "u mad?" in a 100% serious way

[28-Apr-19 10:47 AM] ꒷⊹˚₊ crybunny ₊˚⊹꒷#1330
why u so angwy opal

mOcKiNg (4)

[28-Apr-19 10:48 AM] dedizenoflight#5279
Lurk more

[28-Apr-19 10:48 AM] Lady Cocoa#2915
It's OK Eli. You can call me ni🅱 🅱 a

[28-Apr-19 10:48 AM] Lala Land#7138

[28-Apr-19 10:48 AM] opalsauce#4996
im genuinely concerned i have traveled back in time

[28-Apr-19 10:48 AM] Lala Land#7138
i'm only allowing it with eli because she is of a dark skinned quality

[28-Apr-19 10:48 AM] ꒷⊹˚₊ crybunny ₊˚⊹꒷#1330
srsly though why are you so particularly enraged?

[28-Apr-19 10:48 AM] evasiqe#8696
😔 ✊

[28-Apr-19 10:49 AM] ꒷⊹˚₊ crybunny ₊˚⊹꒷#1330
everyone else is fairly calm

[28-Apr-19 10:49 AM] opalsauce#4996

again the moron who just got here two minutes ago doesnt know what my whole thing is

[28-Apr-19 10:49 AM] Lala Land#7138
@astropuffer describe ur skintone >:(

[28-Apr-19 10:49 AM] ꒷⊹˚₊ crybunny ₊˚⊹꒷#1330
tell me your thing then

[28-Apr-19 10:49 AM] opalsauce#4996
shut up

[28-Apr-19 10:49 AM] ꒷⊹˚₊ crybunny ₊˚⊹꒷#1330
why are you getting mad at me for not knowing and refusing to explain?

[28-Apr-19 10:50 AM] dedizenoflight#5279
See if anybody wants to call me anything I will accept Texas Toast

[28-Apr-19 10:50 AM] ꒷⊹˚₊ crybunny ₊˚⊹꒷#1330
do you have anger issues or something?

No. 275350


No. 275352

[28-Apr-19 10:54 AM] Saturn#5252
Better come with Texas toast too

[28-Apr-19 10:54 AM] Lala Land#7138
dollar extra

[28-Apr-19 10:54 AM] Saturn#5252

[28-Apr-19 10:54 AM] opalsauce#4996
"spoonfeed me!!!!"



[28-Apr-19 10:55 AM] opalsauce#4996
plz censor jm Crw

[28-Apr-19 10:55 AM] Lilac_Y0#8595
Hitler rules?

[28-Apr-19 10:55 AM] Lilac_Y0#8595
One drop rule

[28-Apr-19 10:56 AM] Lala Land#7138
let people though very much appreciate people that have gotten along so well with us and haven't been here since the server birthing. it was a point made up just after @Saturn posted. Thank you Mama Saturn.

[28-Apr-19 10:56 AM] Lala Land#7138
u don't get excuses for being german about hitler

[28-Apr-19 10:56 AM] Saturn#5252
Thank you Overlord Lala

[28-Apr-19 10:56 AM] opalsauce#4996
this hoe is worse than angela

[28-Apr-19 10:56 AM] opalsauce#4996
"im going to bed now"

[28-Apr-19 10:56 AM] opalsauce#4996

[28-Apr-19 10:56 AM] Lala Land#7138
i'm not the overlord i'm the janitor

🙏 (4)

[28-Apr-19 10:57 AM] dedizenoflight#5279
Opal’s the mod in here

[28-Apr-19 10:57 AM] Saturn#5252
Janitors deserve all the respect. Anyone who thinks differently GET OUT

[28-Apr-19 10:57 AM] dedizenoflight#5279
I feel it

[28-Apr-19 10:57 AM] dedizenoflight#5279
Bless u lala

[28-Apr-19 10:57 AM] Lala Land#7138
if i was the overlord i would get a shitload of respect and probably like, money or something

[28-Apr-19 10:57 AM] Cookie Cat#7077
just FYI but this whole convo was screencapped and posted onto BLC on facebook :/

[28-Apr-19 10:57 AM] Lala Land#7138
instead people just get pissed at me and leave and i have to clean it up

[28-Apr-19 10:57 AM] opalsauce#4996
ok good now we can ban her

[28-Apr-19 10:57 AM] Lady Cocoa#2915

[28-Apr-19 10:57 AM] opalsauce#4996
enjoy your ban, @꒷⊹˚₊ crybunny ₊˚⊹꒷

[28-Apr-19 10:57 AM] Saturn#5252
@Cookie Cat Give us names

[28-Apr-19 10:57 AM] Lala Land#7138
can i get caps

[28-Apr-19 10:58 AM] Saturn#5252
There will be blood

[28-Apr-19 10:58 AM] Lady Cocoa#2915
Imma be like "oh wow it's me"

No. 275354


[24-Jan-19 06:36 AM] opalsauce#4996
Lol fucking Jenna
saying “nigger” is cool

Now look at ur life Jenna

[24-Jan-19 06:37 AM] rainier#6904

[24-Jan-19 06:38 AM] alys#0310
Holy shit random that guy/girl/whatever that posted on RC about the song

[24-Jan-19 06:38 AM] alys#0310
I didn't even look at their profile

[24-Jan-19 06:38 AM] alys#0310
But I regret I did now. I'm living a life full of regrets right the second

[24-Jan-19 06:38 AM] alys#0310
Who's Jenna btw?

[24-Jan-19 06:40 AM] opalsauce#4996
Person in the video

[24-Jan-19 06:40 AM] Snailu#0713
here’s a thought: try harder


[24-Jan-19 06:42 AM] rainier#6904
Naturally Racist

[24-Jan-19 06:46 AM] rainier#6904
So minor rant/ advice needed: Last night i found out that there is a cosplay con this weekend in my town, and i saw on the schedule there is a lolita panel. I message our other comm mod and ask if she is putting the panel on (as she normally runs the one at the other con). She says no she isnt, and that it's being run by a girl who joined our comm 2 weeks ago and wore lolita for the first time at the last meetup (which I didnt attend). I got kind of mad, mostly because she did not post in our comm's FB group that there was a panel or that she would be running it. I asked the other mod to PM her and explicitly state that she cannot use our group's name or any of the pictures from our FB page in her panel, and that she is in no way a representative of our comm. Am i being to harsh>?

[24-Jan-19 06:46 AM] Snailu#0713
are u a mod?

[24-Jan-19 06:47 AM] rainier#6904

[24-Jan-19 06:47 AM] Snailu#0713
then I think ur fine

[24-Jan-19 06:47 AM] rainier#6904
I just dont want some ita spewing a bunch of misinformation and then showing pictures of our members.

[24-Jan-19 06:47 AM] rainier#6904
even though she "technically" joined

[24-Jan-19 06:47 AM] Snailu#0713
it’s totally understandable to not want your comms brand to be misinterpreted

[24-Jan-19 06:48 AM] opalsauce#4996
Yea that sounds fine to me

[24-Jan-19 06:48 AM] rainier#6904
why do people put on panels about things they dont know ANYTHINg about

thistbh (5)

[24-Jan-19 06:48 AM] rainier#6904
and i feel weird that she didnt even bring it up to the rest of the comm

[24-Jan-19 06:48 AM] rainier#6904
we are a small comm. we all know eachother, except her

[24-Jan-19 06:48 AM] Snailu#0713
newbs lov to have a sense of importantance

[24-Jan-19 06:49 AM] Snailu#0713
because they don’t have anything else to validate it

[24-Jan-19 06:49 AM] rainier#6904
I think i know who it is, though the other mod wouldnt name it. she added me on fb and has been posting tons of anti-abortion shit

[24-Jan-19 06:52 AM] rainier#6904
when Tiffany leaves in the spring im going to be the only mod ; - ; i dont know how ill survive

[24-Jan-19 06:52 AM] Snailu#0713

[24-Jan-19 06:53 AM] Snailu#0713
tiffany com to ohio

[24-Jan-19 06:53 AM] Snailu#0713
she was so sweet

[24-Jan-19 06:55 AM] rainier#6904
i love tiff i dont want her to gooo

No. 275362

why do we care if black girls are saying nigga? are they saying ꒷⊹˚₊ crybunny ₊˚⊹꒷#1330 is Naturally Racist?

No. 275363

Seems like Nat was angry over opal letting her buddies use such a term.

No. 275367

we already know the discord shitters casually use racial and homophobic slurs. it's been mentioned dozens of times. why are you posting this unsaged like it's some brand new milk?

No. 275368

that's 2 black girls getting mad over it? Nat wasn't in the chat

No. 275374

You’re a fucking idiot. I’m saying nat posted it retard.

No. 275388

The Twitter Lolitas are going to fume about this weeks episode on discord gate caps

No. 275397

what are you even on about? most sane people have realized nothing more is going to happen regarding the discord gate shit and moved on, it's been like 4 months since the leak.

No. 275399

File: 1673522982260.jpeg (265.05 KB, 827x1266, F5480465-81F0-48DC-A30B-636B0C…)

Hmm like lor shading the discord?

No. 275407

we’ve been over this, crybunny is a different black lolita known as matcha who left the discord after opal sperged about matcha casually side-stepping out of the racist antics, even if it was by a black lolita (although some chatting in the log in those caps are white too). Opal is a fucking lunatic who was desperate for approval. none of this involves LOC for what i know.


this is old milk. i guess the only thing i’m still curious about is who the fuck running BLC was in the logs, but idk if that matters anymore.

No. 275420

Twitter lolitas like Beck who said n word hard r and none of them cared? The logs were barely addressed publicly nobody is willing to put their name on this and get targeted

No. 275422

As cringey and embarrassing as this is, this was already known. Posting more caps of the discord being unhinged isn’t going to do anything else.

No. 275430

Interesting how any time someone is shitting on ddz or melissa too long old ass stale chatlogs from discord get posted. LOC must really earnestly believe the only people who think they're cringe fuckwads are the discordchans and this is some retarded "gotcha". As if the 99% of the global community who is neither doesn't think both groups suck and are sick of them dragging up old drama. If it were actually new milk at least it'd be interesting.

No. 275431

So we can’t talk about Discord racists bigots and LOC?

No. 275434

No. This website is used for only discussing real topics. The derail was pitiful. Try again guys!

No. 275438

Stop with the mini modding

No. 275459

speaking of why does Saint follow Beck and how many other discord or LOC bitches does he follow? why does anyone let him follow them for that matter?

No. 275479

she's not "shading the discord" because there are tons of lolita discord groups

No. 275488

very recently he was following nat, melissa, ddz, cassie/bunnakins too and they followed him back. but it looks like nat and cassie have since removed him so they are obviously lurking in this thread and trying to remove evidence they were friends. not sure about the discorders other than beck
I noticed this too, either a wk appears and starts defending loc/ddz or stale milk/nonmilk gets posted. they are pretty thin skinned for a group that likes to act like shitstirring edgelords kek

No. 275493

if it's new milk sure, but those logs were already discussed and posted.

No. 275500

at this point its all we ever talk about the milk is just so stale

No. 275501

The state of this board is very sad. People are becoming desperate. I'm not a fan of LOC but I don't know why a picture of every meet needs to be posted.

No. 275502

i think she removed sus accounts since going private i followed on my alt & got dropped

No. 275505

seagull claims loc leaked the logs so it's just them shitting up the board vendetta posting cause of it, it's not that there's no milk it's that the cows needing to be milked haven't pissed off the 'right' people and the farmers themselves were outed as cows.

No. 275507

Was it ever actually confirmed who leaked it?? I think we all know the “ddz and her friends” were behind it all” excuse is absolute nonsensical. As much as both groups like to point fingers at each-other, there’s no way loc would be able to infiltrate the discord to leak it. They’re not that sneaky

No. 275508

lol if someone made that up to incriminate LOC it backfired because it just makes them seem cooler

No. 275509

I don't think even the discord seagulls knew for sure who did, it was likely one of the discord regulars who got fed up and decided to backstab the others imo. loc is way too dumb to not make themselves obvious so the discorders would've had proof if it were them

No. 275510

afaik only confirmed leaker was sparklepegasus/knightofst.lily >>274616 but they all still follow her so im assuming she said it was loc and they believed it? maybe said they hacked her account or something? cause that discord screenshot looked pretty legit

No. 275512

people thought it was jessi since her name was highlighted in >>252213
but doesn't discord also highlight the names of users who you have unread messages from?

No. 275513

theres nitro symbols by Saturn and Nosoi's names so this was a screenshot from a server list not a friends/dm list if that what you mean. discord wont highlight a persons name in the server if you have an unread message just your dm list. the way its taken, Jessi was set to 'invisible' and took the pic with a third party app which is why the cursor is showing too.

No. 275515

I thought if someone tags you in a server it highlights that persons name until you read whatever they tagged you in, but I'm not a frequent discord user so maybe I'm wrong kek. if that's not the case I guess she truly is the leaker

No. 275516

If loc leaked it they’d be publicly bragging about it.

No. 275520

dont think it does, BLC and a lot of adjacent black spaces and online groups feel just as dead as the larger ones
other blacklitas are staying in their own space etc. and don't seem to care as much about discordgate aside from twitter wokies

also, probably also old milk but opal is still pretty active with posting coords on social media, is in BLC etc., she's somewhat known in those spaces/her past comm.
kind of felt bad that Melissa/LOC or whatever posted the wrong girls socials for opal (and maybe others, i dont know about evasiq/the random cosplayer or others, i've never seen them. i've been in these spaces a while and we can easily identify each other, there's not that many of us)

i did feel bad the wrong people got targeted but also realized it confirms melissa/loc cant tell black people/poc apart and been taking it with a grain of salt lol

No. 275522

just tested and it just shows a red notif by the channel they tagged you in, doesnt seem to affect the name on the right side

No. 275523

ah ok well I guess jessi really is the leaker, they're just in denial about being backstabbed by one of their own kek

No. 275545

that’s so true. Besides, wasn’t jessi’s discord pfp the only one with a blurred face??

No. 275546

I’m still not sold. I’ve added up the number of names shown and the user count at the top of the list and they’re missing like three people. There are also people in the logs on the drop date that aren’t listed in the online users. I’d say that it’s possible they could be involved and used sparklepegasus as the scapegoat.

No. 275547

this wouldnt surprise me. i think the whole thing was done on purpose just to cause chaos

No. 275555

the last log entry was 9/1 the user list was dropped 9/29 and the logs 1 hour after the users. it's possible it's someone who left around then and didn't have access to the new ones, or came in then and didn't want to be seen in the logs so they cut it off before they spoke. maybe they were biding their time and Jessi dropping the list played into the trap

it looks like a face sticker on the og pic, not like she blurred it for posting. iirc it was her ig pfp too.

No. 275558

What I don’t understand is why she would censor her face, but not her name that was attached to everything. It makes absolutely no sense to go to such lengths and fail so miserably.

No. 275559

she probably just didn't know someone was planning to release the logs and pin on her, not saying she releaased the logs but she is the only confirmed leaker even if it was just names.

No. 275560

she shouldn't feel bad if it was just her, it fed us dramu for months lolol. also showed all of their asses. How much do people wanna bet liv is going to release some kind of statement like a whole year later?

No. 275561

she finally unprivated her lolita account but will probably just be silent like the others. if they don't address it it never happened lol

No. 275562

That will never happen. They’ve all been silent on the matter which is probably the smartest thing to do. Any unhinged statements will be made on a private Instagram story or on a private twitter account.

No. 275581

File: 1673577597650.jpg (90.07 KB, 1080x1078, ddlg vibes.jpg)

This pic of Liv and her balding bf gives me serious ddlg vibes, also ironic he follows so many troons. Is there something "she" isn't telling us kek

No. 275589

this is intensely retarded anon

No. 275597

We got all the tit dropping tea after her strangely weird ex-bestie went around telling us in private messages and was following us for a point. I learned most of it from circles and heard how unhinged the discord and Txlitas scene are in general. With Texas, it doesn’t stop at KSK Shop, where they've been stalking and showing racism toward a few of my acquaintances. Pro tip: never trust Texas Lolitas as they're all backstabbing whores with no life and lolcows. They had the nerve to accuse my friends of being racist and misogynistic when these bitches were saying hard Rs, supporting pedophiles, scammers, and harassing a minor.

No. 275609

File: 1673585899450.jpg (Spoiler Image,195.81 KB, 1080x1080, bigolatmosphere.jpg)

nta but I want to expand on this, because I hope a lot of the people lurking here feel the same way. The obvious vendetta posting is getting annoying. The discordchan and loc catfight is annoying as hell. It's not all that intersting I'll admit, but I'll go ahead and drop some minor things happening in the lolita community, it's not all that noteworthy but it's at least it's not just "no u" 60 posts in a row. but yes, you wont hear about it here because these people haven't made enemies with the same three loc and discordchan losers endless slapfights with one another.

starting off with deterioration of tyler willis. Is this the alcoholism?

Pic attached, jfashionwatchdog, pisschan, and lowee in love are all literal strippers now I guess.

No. 275610

File: 1673585930344.jpg (Spoiler Image,8.05 KB, 355x83, kawaiilowee.jpg)

It seems Lowee has privated his NSFW profile to keep it separate from the public lolita one but still interacts with hypersexual content on his lolita account so, what's the point.

No. 275612

File: 1673585956605.jpg (127.89 KB, 1080x1080, petitetotoro.jpg)

Petite Tomoyo looks like this, and has a "daddy". Text: "Me and daddy being cute clowns together!! 🤡✨💙 I had so much fun this week with them and my heart is filled with warm love and good memories of us together! 😽✨"

No. 275614

File: 1673585999498.jpg (912.37 KB, 750x723, baldman.jpg)

The absolute cocksucking handmaiden behavior on r/lolita rages on. 660 likes… ? I guess this isn't so much reporting on him as it is the general community.

No. 275615

File: 1673586038655.jpg (150.97 KB, 1080x1080, benin.jpg)

A concerning amount of lolitas follow and like cinnamontea's posts, who has a very nice wardrobe, looks like she could fall over and simply pass away at any moment. It creeps me out that her popularity is most likely for thinspo or for people who like the wrong kind of "lolita"…

No. 275617

Who is so triggered to now all of the sudden spam the thread with actual milk

No. 275618

Apparently someone named “C”

No. 275619

File: 1673586450085.webm (8.11 MB, 720x1280, brandon1(1).webm)

I saved the best for last. I present to you, lolita Sailor Moon jedi Brandon "princess story time". You can argue that he didn't tag lolita, but I think it's still relevant. and hilarious, so whatever, here.

>>275617 That are you talking about. That is what Lolcow is for

No. 275621

File: 1673587008238.webm (9.86 MB, 720x1280, brandon2(1).webm)

(Girthy, booming maniacal laughter)

Sorry, massive newfag here I didn't realize everything had to be webms, took a while to convert them. I put the -c- to mean continued so that hopefully I would be able to get this all posted uninterrupted, but oh well. Might take a minute to get them all up.

No. 275622

File: 1673587152131.webm (13.27 MB, 720x1280, brandon3(1).webm)

Part 3/5

No. 275623

File: 1673587359881.webm (7.71 MB, 720x1280, brandon4(1).webm)

This is part 4/5

No. 275624

File: 1673588110804.webm (15.55 MB, 720x1280, brandon5(1).webm)

This is the last part 5/5

So, he mentions earlier he is attracted to the goffic lolita Sailor Moon version of himself in the end, he heavily implies something. I don't know much about AGP but this has to be it, right?

That's all I've got for now. Anyways, there's some slightly fresher things to discuss. Have a great day everyone.

No. 275625

If you have tea please share Nonna

No. 275626

Maybe she’s sick?? Ever since Lara posted her it’s been nothing but obsession

No. 275633

What in the Christian Weston Chandler is this autism?

No. 275636

>tfw nobody screenshoted the now deleted K8 benadryl reel

No. 275642

other than their weird attire this just looks like a group of friends hanging out. is this from one of their instagrams?
I can never tell if she is genuinely mentally deficient or talks like that because she's purposely trying to act like a kid. also looks like she has somehow gained even more weight since last time she was posted, she's basically at deathfat levels now. in a way I almost feel bad for her

No. 275654

I regret not posting it.
It was something along the lines of "if benadryl pink, why bad?" or something, right?
It was very bad taste. Basically telling all her followers that drugs are kawaii.

No. 275672

Melissa posted her, not Lara

No. 275679

K8 has her own thread take it there.

No. 275688

Thank you for all this milk. The thread has been so boring lately

No. 275690

they are here bragging incessantly

No. 275710

Weird non-milk? She doesn't control other people's ideas about her and if she does had ED, she never posts about it

No. 275721

File: 1673637830165.jpg (707.85 KB, 1082x5110, valley0fash.jpg)

She clearly does but I'm glad she doesn't glorify it. Anyway I did think >>275581 was funny, why are so many lolitas partners so ugly?

No. 275723

Non-milk. You even say she has a very nice wardrobe. Maybe that's why she's popular.

No. 275735

now.. what does that name mean?

and jesus to be following that many troons, some of which are porn stars (the TS abbreviation in front of a name is a dead giveaway) is crazy. Liv, your boyfriend is a coomer, run.

No. 275738

holy shit, a lot of the troon accounts are private most likely because they’re subscription access only porn accounts. AKA, you get access to their instagram accounts by being a paypig either on onlyfans or some other medium.

No. 275745

she must have abysmally low standards to be dating this ugly coomer
kek an unattractive troon chasing porn addict, doesn't get much lower than that

No. 275764

She’s got a lot of followers because she dresses nicely, has a pretty face and is a genuinely sweet and kind person. Stay bitter.

No. 275766

what happened?

No. 275767

I’d wager she didn’t quit the ddlg scene like she claimed if she’s fine with her boyfriend following porn accounts.

No. 275774

When Lara got posted and anons were calling her fat, she spiraled into a rant of anorexic lolcow hoes. She then proceeds to post cinnamontea to deflect the fat-shaming nonnies and send hate towards an innocent and well-dressed lolita who happened to be ill.

No. 275775

Make sense. Of course Lara would send her pals to hate on the poor girl.

No. 275778

I hate the ddlg discussion around her. Those posts on her Reddit were from like six years ago, she would have been a minor during that time. Knowing myself how predatory that community is I give a pass to minors who found themselves groomed by that awful community. If we’re giving out the “they were a minor so it doesn’t count” pass to other people, it should be universal. Regardless of what it was. It’s so shitty to see this brought up constantly. I know a lot of lolitas who thought they were into ddlg around 15/16 because they had a weird ex who groomed them into it and they’re all super anti-coomer now.

No. 275782

I would usually wholeheartedly agree if it weren’t for the fact that she also joined in a campaign against a teen (who was around the age liv was participating in ddlg) for saying the word troon lol. also i thought some of those posts weren’t 6 years ago? that number keeps climbing.

it’s always sympathy for them, and none for others. teens shouldn’t be held to high standards, i agree, but liv isn’t a teen anymore and she seems to think other teens should answer to their transgressions. they were mean to other kids by the looks of it in the logs too (other mentees)

No. 275786

Nyart but I think they were from 2016/2017
I also don’t remember seeing her go after nat much in the logs

No. 275788

I agree with this. Because alot of minors were groomed while trying to get into ddlg. They wanted to be like that Binki Princess girl or whatever she goes by.

I've noticed a lot of those kids grow out of that phase years later as an adult.

She also gets a pass from me.

No. 275792

Lara is friends with momo too. Lara went out of her way to pick on a decent Lolita just because her feelings got hurt over a unhinged troll

No. 275793

File: 1673667514206.png (Spoiler Image,4.26 MB, 1888x2124, ig.png)

Can we petition watchdog/jfash to come back to out people like this again? Another lolita wearing it for sw. Spoiler but no nudity.

No. 275797

Weren’t the posts more recent than that? Why are anons rewriting her history? She’s still on a campaign to erase her name on cgl and here. Notice how she isn’t in the thread summaries anymore.

She bullied Momo out of lolita entirely, a roommate at Paradiso and other girls at akon so it wouldn’t be a stretch if she was on the Nat hate train.

That’s the key word here.

No. 275798

Samefag. She posted about it three years ago. Not six.

No. 275799

no but she joined in on the fun, they all seemed to. but yeah to be fair, her ddlg/grooming past was outed before nat’s cancellation by her discord friends.

No. 275801

Isn’t she 20 though? Would make her 17. These are dumb fucking kids, I know I did retarded shit at that age. She hasn’t even been involved in lolita for three years anyways. It’s such a non-issue that OP had to go years back digging through someone’s Reddit history to find that they were involved in fetish play multiple years ago.

No. 275806

Lara and Momo aren't even part of the community anymore.

No. 275809


Now that you've mentioned it, Discord logs on to Momo. All of these ladies appear to be suffering from ED and wish to blame others. It's hypocritical that the seagulls, Lara, Momo, and the rest of them want to attack random lolitas that are skinny (like @cinnamontea) 

A bunch of insecure bitches

[19-Jul-22 06:59 AM] jennkitty#3462
If I ever sponsor DI pls take me out

👍 (16)

[19-Jul-22 07:01 AM] Dif#3371
Man I miss buynosaur

[19-Jul-22 07:10 AM] elipri#5757
Lmao I didn't expect to see momo 🐮

[19-Jul-22 07:10 AM] pastel-princess#0753

[19-Jul-22 07:14 AM] elipri#5757

[19-Jul-22 07:14 AM] elipri#5757

[19-Jul-22 07:15 AM] alys#0310
KEK not the "this page cannot be found" 💀

[19-Jul-22 07:16 AM] Aiu#0642
I think I was logged out on PC to see it

[19-Jul-22 07:16 AM] alys#0310
geez she was really quick from going to omg ily so much bestie 🥺 to blocking me as soon as i stopped answering her messages

[19-Jul-22 07:16 AM] alys#0310
i didn't even say nothing like? 😭

[19-Jul-22 07:17 AM] alys#0310
>Diamond Honey

[19-Jul-22 07:17 AM] Aiu#0642
Nothing of value was lost

[19-Jul-22 07:17 AM] alys#0310
Absolutely lol

[19-Jul-22 07:17 AM] alys#0310
just sad that another person i thought was a friend turned to be fucking terrible

[19-Jul-22 07:17 AM] alys#0310

[19-Jul-22 07:19 AM] elipri#5757
Lmao yea I could only view it cause I open stuff in Chrome first (ig doesn't load it the first time n it's annoying)

[19-Jul-22 07:20 AM] elipri#5757
That was so shallow and weird like ??? so much for being a "friend"

[19-Jul-22 07:21 AM] alys#0310
It really was. I didn't wanna start shit and like for someone else i won't mention i just quietly left once i had sufficient proof of her doings.

[19-Jul-22 07:25 AM] ghostlie#7579
Still triggered from seeing a story momo posted abt her weight like 3 years ago 🤠 brain plz stop thanks

🫂 (4)

[19-Jul-22 07:28 AM] Lise#1908
Wait I can’t see it either

[19-Jul-22 07:28 AM] Lise#1908
Why would I be blocked I don’t know her

[19-Jul-22 07:28 AM] Aiu#0642
Do u have her blocked too

[19-Jul-22 07:28 AM] Lise#1908
Ooooh now I remember

[19-Jul-22 07:29 AM] Lise#1908
Lmao yeah I blocked her

[19-Jul-22 07:30 AM] alys#0310
was it the weird humblebragging story?

[19-Jul-22 07:30 AM] alys#0310
i didn't really check her stories much ever but i remember one that was basically just "i am so dainty and petite and my voice is so soft i am but a widdle fairy 🥺 "

[19-Jul-22 07:30 AM] alys#0310
the fake ass voice still gets me lmao

[19-Jul-22 07:31 AM] ghostlie#7579
I cant remember the exact wording but it was basically ||I only feel good when I'm under 100lbs so I'm living on green tea|| or some shit

[19-Jul-22 07:31 AM] ghostlie#7579
So my brains like ok I must also weigh that much

[19-Jul-22 07:31 AM] alys#0310
we were in /fagl/ together and voiced and every time i was like c'mon we both know your real voice isn't a tiny whisper

[19-Jul-22 07:32 AM] alys#0310
that's a) totally disordered b) bitch why would you put that on your story in public? weirdo

[19-Jul-22 08:19 AM] ghostlie#7579
The only person I know that's my height and that weight momo said is a guy with lupus who nearly died in the hospital

[19-Jul-22 08:20 AM] beck#2603
I think most women above 5'2 are over 120

[19-Jul-22 08:22 AM] Rococo#5833
You mean, patas

[19-Jul-22 08:25 AM] tuxedosamu#7978
but i will say ive known momo for a….real long time, since we were both high school students and i promise you she does straight up sound like that :wheeze:

No. 275811

Omg Melissa was the one who posted it in the first place

No. 275814

I feel bad for Momo I think it's telling how many cute lolitas have left the community the past couple years.
I won't (hi cow) but you should get therapy, didn't you quit?

No. 275815

Momo didn’t leave the community you nonce. Just Instagram. She still uses her discord and is in the OS server. She just left open platforms where people like sainte can harass her

No. 275817

Or weirdos like you.

No. 275819

She privated her accounts
Hard to generate new milk when there’s nothing new to talk about.

No. 275829

Oh ok. Anons should leave nat alone for things she said when she was underage. It’s only fair.

No. 275834

Why are we still bringing them up. Lara was framed for the whole ana-posting BS this was discussed a few threads back. She is not a lolita anymore. Give it a rest

No. 275835

oh and here's a little insider scoop for you. LOC found the whole lara fatshaming thing so entertaining that they inserted themselves into it and posted anorexic lolitas to make it look like it was lara retaliating. It's very telling that whoever keeps bringing this up is trying to keep this narrative going. but sure, keep pinning it on lara even though you have zero evidence

No. 275838

if true it's ironic they would make fun of lara because she's fat when melissa is also fat too

No. 275843

ever heard of projection

No. 275851

this shit is so boring can we bring an actual current lolita up with actual milk jesus christ

No. 275877

ever since the log drop/ksk visit melissa/loc is now behind every post here. the longer you drag this on the more we tire of it like the boy who cried wolf. the unhinged vendetta posting is v obvious to the people uninvolved.
agree, this is what happened to nat and it was wrong then too esp being underage liv should get a pass. I wonder if her current coomer bf is that same groomer though. first post in lolita is 2020 and post with him is 2021 but he's real ugly so I can understand wanting to hide him lol

No. 275878

Her comm still tags her and that’s how people know.

No. 275880

File: 1673718408880.jpeg (202.64 KB, 828x1221, 10FF67B4-2E8A-4877-A6BE-16D381…)

No. 275881

This is why those bible thumpers piss me off, they intentionally "troll" the community in a weird way at getting back of us for rejecting them, like "haha you bitches are so brainwashed I can controll who you dislike". Some stupid moral superiority thing, insisting they are smarter than the average person bc they "know how this shit works" your genuinely just annoying and obsessed and half of us fall for it and the rest see right through it.

No. 275882

Lara is already itt you know posting makes her spiral just leave her alone she's not even in the community any more.

No. 275883

Not lolita. Not milk.

No. 275884

why would you post this a. unsaged and b. someone clearly not in lolita? are you actually that retarded

No. 275904

Go back to posting anorexic bitches .

No. 275914

Same with onlyfans bunny

No. 275918

You are pathetic.. Are you mad that your favorite cow moved on and stopped interacting with lolitas? Are you jealous she’s put her attention elsewhere? It’s okay nonny. Take a breath and go outside.

No. 275920

But she skinny shamed People on TikTok nonna

No. 275921

File: 1673740631379.png (80.18 KB, 275x241, 1664639111074.png)

>quits lolita cause of its uwu booly community
>responds like lightening every time her name is brought up

No. 275922

>[19-Jul-22 08:25 AM] tuxedosamu#7978
but i will say ive known momo for a….real long time, since we were both high school students and i promise you she does straight up sound like that :wheeze:

wow, someone she grew up with seriously sided with a bunch of online trolls? and she even demonstrated how their perception of her was a lie, and she still sided with them? i totally get why the last cute girls are leaving the fashion or sticking to their small irl groups

No. 275925

What small group?

No. 275927

We won’t forget how she was live posting lolcow replies on her story

No. 275929

Liv’s comm is nothing but drama queens. I’m glad momo left it

No. 275930

Didn’t the mod ban them both along with Hannah?

No. 275931

She never left?

No. 275932

Hi Lara("HI cow")

No. 275933

So instead of liv do you think it was her who made up the lies to liv? Because that what it seems like here imo and liv got the blame for drama mongering

No. 275934

Somewhat agree. In the logs liv did like momo and the girls in the discord egged her to believe that momo was behind the vendetta posting. So liv was mislead and trolled by her own discord to believe it was all her behind the leak

No. 275936

But does it explain that both momo and her bestie IRL are seagulls? Liv was definitely dragged in a sick jealous tension of high school besties at each other’s necks.

No. 275938

Wow that’s fucked up if they let her get dragged on here for that long over a lie

No. 275939

File: 1673748815811.jpeg (53.84 KB, 224x275, AD58778B-A813-45A5-84E9-F11849…)

Yes they’re banned. They were removed here >>260573
And in the logs, the discord seagulls is claiming the mod, Jherrica, is a seagull herself and got into it with someone who’s in the circle of ddz. TDLR; she banned a loc her over being a trump supporter from what’s they’re sharing.

Control + F search names

No. 275942

And sainte went over hedged and started posting momo on Facebook and Lcf nonstop

No. 275960

Aren’t all the lover or Christ Chans banned from their comms. So what if she’s a trump support, it doesn’t get you banned unless you’re unhinged.

No. 275967

File: 1673765702692.jpeg (223.07 KB, 826x1099, FF644F9F-F54B-4969-8F2B-A2B896…)

She didn’t leave she’s just rather be left out of it and the drama. Stay mad

No. 275997

Are you one of the L.O.C that went to KSK?

No. 275998

If not LOC, it looks like they're friends with someone who's name starts with Aly that's also in the comm. Gee, I wonder who that could be.

No. 276002

It very obviously says Alyssa Shea, it’s not even scribbled out well

No. 276003

Didn't Momo move to CO to get away from the Texas girls?

No. 276010

Why post this? Are you close friends with momo? And isn’t the person on the far left in the discord leak with liv? I can already see Melissa getting ready to blog about Nat offenders and the people who posted her when she was only a child to get her canceled . 

No. 276022

Typical TX drama whores.

No. 276028

She is but didn’t get banned for favoritism I guess

No. 276045

why the fuck does everything come back to this Nat chick. Genuinely who cares. I don’t understand why she’s the ultimate martyr when she’s a literal who. I’m so over hearing about this asinine drama and the constant WK-ing in these threads from both sides. Everything just continues to circle back around to this nobody and it baffles me that nobody has noticed this yet.

No. 276048

I think Loc is giving back the same medicine these degenerates were been giving out. It’s only gets worse if you’re entertaining them

No. 276049

This person is friends with momo by the way. They had changed their profile pic and deleted the old one after.

No. 276050

I recognize this ita as fuck pfp. Nice job scribbling it out hahahaha

No. 276051

Amisi Toebeans posted this kek

No. 276055

File: 1673817010905.png (2.11 MB, 1344x1294, ew.png)

Holy shit is she ugly

No. 276059

Are you sure it’s her and not the aly that’s scribbled out?

No. 276060

if it were birds_symphoniathat posted it that would say "You" not "Alyssa Shea"

No. 276064

This pfp at the top looks badly photoshopped on in an attempt to frame someone

No. 276066

File: 1673818885480.jpg (257.6 KB, 826x2058, 1673765702692.jpg)

looks pretty legit to me

No. 276067

That claim i would consider, but so far it’s not adding up and people like >>276050 >>276049 are already catching on to who it is. This person is mutuals with momo and aly

No. 276068

Could it also be momo’s high school buddy? I think she’s the 2nd on my suspected person list and

No. 276072

Why is it always the ugly permaitas that are caught shit talking online?

No. 276079

File: 1673823713966.jpg (234.81 KB, 1030x1222, leavemomoalone.jpg)

Some friend you are.

No. 276081

not milk shes not even a lolita and doesnt wear the fashion anymore

No. 276082

What kind of idiot posts a closeup of lipstick on their teeth?

No. 276093

Is this momo’s high school friend?

No. 276111

no wonder she hates momo. All the horse girl uggos do kek

No. 276112

Tuxedosamu#7978 is sketchy

No. 276115

IMO, there are 3 possibilities to the matter. 1. She could’ve shared it, 2. shared the picture with some others, or 3. it’s one of the shitstorm trolls who are in the community but not even from Dallas. There are too many people who claim to be new or visiting but are lurkers because of drama and loc making a hit list on seagulls by creating a public document doxing the gulls' cities to get them booted, so people can keep tabs on the drama source. I think it's between 1 and 3. 

They could be Tuxedosamu but cannot confirm.

No. 276156

File: 1673881959804.png (490.68 KB, 602x597, badshooplol.png)

I zoomed in to see if I could pick anything up from the pfp and what was visible and it's definitely edited. Why the fuck is the pfp over top the green online dot? I have only ever seen the dot over top the pfp. There definitely some shit stirring going on.

No. 276158

There should be a white border around the green and the whole thing is blurry except that pfp. Someone doesn't like this toebean girl.

No. 276164

It was momo’s friend tuxedo and anons has already said this person is still on the like list order but has changed their profile.
>>276049 I want the anon here to post and confirm the person on momo’s friend list.

It could’ve been someone else but I guess Dallas be accusing random people or making up unhinged excuses to the matter.

My guess is that it was posted by the girl in and it got shared.

No. 276166

It’s either toebean, tuxedo, or the discord it was shared with. Or a unhinged lurker outside the comm trying to get at momo which we’ve seen with LOC and sainte lurking on her.

No. 276176

Toebeans is a literal who so it's clearly someone who got beef with her or from DFW to even know she exists. The react and pfp poorly scribbled when it could have been cropped? Get real

I've doubted for a while that #seagulls or loc even post here anymore or lara for that matter. "She's itt" but it's not her typing style. Lots of impersonating going on and this failed troll is more proof of it

No. 276181

Everyone knows about Dallas members because of the liv and momo shit. Heck even anons kept clogging up the thread with a unhinged list full of members social media and where they live thanks to a certain someone.

No. 276183

Tuxedo has always been jealous of her since high school. She’s the one who entertained the drama and shared about this with her friends.

No. 276188

Is there any proof that Toebeans=Tuxedo? Or was that just speculation? I still don't understand what the meet picture was supposed to be of, either. I'm not a texlita so I don't know if anyone in there should be someone I should recognize. To me it just looks like a normal meet picture.

No. 276189

The list that's been said multiple times is wrong and doesn't even reflect the page they post with it? Are you one of the shit posters doing it or just a retard falling for it? It's real low effort bait like the poor shoop to frame the toebean. Did anyone ever find who Tuxedosamu#7978 is?

No. 276193

Theory: Tuxedosamu is not Toebean, but Toebean was an easy target to frame for whatever agenda Tuxedosamu was trying to push with this meet photo.
Toebean seems like a clueless millennial nerd SJW type, doubt she’d be accepted into #seagull and she’d probably think lolcow is a place where you get doxxed like most normies think.
So the question is, what was Tuxedosamu’s goal with posting the meet pic? Was Momo even in that pic?

No. 276194

Honestly I'm more concerned with who is giving out momo's location >>276003 knowing sainte lurks and looking for her, nice one

No. 276209

Ayrt? I said the list was unhinged as it’s full of invalid shit. Read next time before getting heated

No. 276211

Oh please we all know who it is. Seagulls doxxed Nat and called up her job over something ridiculous.

No. 276212

What does nat have to do with this though?

No. 276213

Seagulls like tuxedosamu #7978
spreading things about momo around to get people to turn on her.

No. 276214

Not heated but the shit posting has gotten to me I need to go touch grass you're right nonna
Seagulls aren't friends with momo how would they know personal info on her? Sounds like TX has been working overtime, poor momo

No. 276217


>[19-Jul-22 08:25 AM] tuxedosamu#7978
but i will say ive known momo for a….real long time, since we were both high school students and i promise you she does straight up sound like that :wheeze:

No. 276219

methinks momo has two faced friends who are on this board a bit too much

No. 276220

>Seagulls aren't friends with momo how would they know personal info on her?
how would you know this?

No. 276222


No. 276224

She was in seagull

No. 276231

There is no proof that the discordcunts had anything to do with this at all, let alone tuxedo. The biggest link you have is that one time months ago tuxedo mentioned they knew momo. We don't even know if momo was at that meet or if tuxedo was at that meet. Or even who tuxedo is. "She was in seagull" is such a stupid reach. Why does everything always circle back to discordcunts and the poor martyred nat? It's more likely it's texlitas being their usual messy selves, no discord needed.

No. 276233

this isn’t tuxedo… it says right there she’s 32.

No. 276235

>isn’t a discord cunt
>Texlitas in the seagulls discord

Make up your mind

No. 276236

Ayrt not saying they were the ones behind this just pointing out that she was in the chat at one point

No. 276238

Tuxedosamu isn’t even friends with J who posted the pic, isn’t on the event list or the greater comm page. And momo didn’t go to the meet. I really don’t know what everyone is tinfoiling so hard when there’s really no evidence linking them

No. 276292

No. 277435

Was redirected here after finding out some members in my comm were involved in a massive discord drama. This is why lolita bitches can never be settled. They love to be catty unhinged snobs and act like a Cgl enthusiast. All we’re getting here is 4 chan lolita is upset over 4 Chan lolita. Everyone in the community is side eyeing Lolitas who openly and actively browse 4chan. No excuses to that

No. 277463

Was redirected here after finding out some members in my comm were involved in a massive discord drama. This is why lolita bitches can never be settled. They love to be catty unhinged snobs and act like a Cgl enthusiast. All we’re getting here is 4 chan lolita is upset over 4 Chan lolita. Everyone in the community is side eyeing Lolitas who openly and actively browse 4chan. No excuses to that

No. 277563

wow you must be such a good person! not like the other lolitas huh? sorry you got posted to the ita thread

No. 277568

So you, a person who has never posted to lolcow, decide to come to this brand new site and properly sage your posts? Doubt nonnie. Not what a person who has never interacted with this site before would do.

No. 277570

Wow of course my post didn’t sage properly, fuck me lol

No. 277586

the only people I've seen getting assblasted about lolitas using /cgl/ are annoying handmaidens and itas who are upset about their shit coords being posted to the ita thread

No. 277598

>itas who are upset about their shit coords being posted to the ita thread

tell me you've never really interacted with your community before, without telling me you've never really interacted with your community before. reality is most of your local communities are that and that's the majority, believe it or not.

No. 277608

you make a bunch of assumptions and I don't even have a local comm kek. plenty who have one don't give a shit about local comms either. itas and cows will be laughed at regardless of what comm they are from

No. 277618

if you were actually friends with your comm members you'd realize that they all use it anyway other than annoying itas.

No. 277773

Vendetta-chans have always been a prominent facet of this community. I'm honestly tired of talking and reading about it. Can we either post milk or ignore the non-milk? Shitting up the thread talking about non-milk is why we've gone through 5threads on this one topic.

No. 277775


No. 277781

nta, but I see no hate. Anons are calling out blatant hypocrisy.

No. 277783


No. 277797

NTA and Sure, but they have also been disliked. The behavior is frowned upon by the majority of the community.

Ya'll are mostly in your 30s at this point, what are you doing? Adopting behaviorisms you didn't exhibit in your 20s sounds stupid AF.

No. 277800

blatantly obvious samefag. did you just wake up from a monthlong slumber and decide to respond to ancient non-milk while simultaneously complaining about people responding to non-milk?

the fuck are “behaviorisms”

No. 277806

I've noticed there is one weird eslfag in this thread consistently making low quality posts (I'm assuming it's all the same person) that is always butthurt. you can tell it's them by the blatant misusing of words (like behaviorisms kek), horrible grammar, and also randomly capitalizes words in the middle of sentences. like these posts:
now I'm wondering, are there any cows who aren't from an english speaking country other than columbian eslchan?

No. 277855

These are Amerifags

No. 277879

they're just tiktards.

No. 277920

>lul behaviorisms isn't a word
samefag autistic moron. also ur lumping in many posts, retard.

No. 277931

where did I say it wasn't a word? I said it's a misuse of the word. how do you know it's all different esl posters and not the same one? seems like it's all the same borderline illiterate tard to me

No. 277936

NTA, this is a selective collage of the images I made, and I'm not Melissa. I'm tired of people forgetting this is an image board. Most of you are talking about local people that nobody knows. I agree we probably don't need another one, especially one that's probably cherry picked for whatever vendetta. But, if people are going to talk about random people it would be nice if they included an image every now and then.

No. 277938

Can’t tell if bait or ultimate retardation. Did you even read the Wikipedia definition you linked? ’Behaviorism’ is an old movement in psychology, not a synonym for ‘behavior.’

No. 278021

The discord seagulls really hate when their names and faces get pulled up. I guess they don’t want people to see how shitty they really are and behind the whole shitshow of posting people. Victims like dollsmeat has already shared the discord leak around

No. 278036

File: 1674396374187.png (5.92 KB, 227x43, hmmmm.png)

coincidence? sage for tinfoil

No. 278046

Wouldn't surprise me, the post was obvious bait

No. 278077

>didn't get the context of a post
Oh no.. It's retarded.

No. 278079

The irony in this is most of those people in that photo already were kicked or removed by the time the log was leaked, so the collage was actually made by the discord fucks because it doesn't include the majority of who is active. This is just their shitlist and if you're on it and you're in there, well looks like they don't like you.

No. 278088

>looks like they don't like you.
Tinfoil: this is why knightofst.lily/sparklepegasus leaked the userlist since knew she was disliked.
How can someone with Anna Shipman's education level not know how to spell plague? Has to be a typo she made 1x no way she continually makes that mistake.

No. 278260

this looks like your average con party anon…

No. 278262

I would be so embarrassed if my bf was following a bunch of sw on our relationship photos only account

No. 278284

She’s an unironic age player, it was confirmed a couple of threads ago. Which explains why she has an ugly coomer bf. He’s probably into it too.

No. 278285

>babe we should have a couples account
>babe we need one
>writes a bio that sounds like Yoda wrote it
>Only follows thots
Most halfassed couple account ever

No. 278303

Why does he look like that??? That’s one ugly man.

No. 278361

Are they even still together? Her usernames are wrong and no recent posts

No. 278376

File: 1674502442571.jpeg (89.77 KB, 814x404, BDFFA07B-7D9E-4B7C-872B-FCA6B0…)

So she moves to Japan because she wants to get street snapped. Such a waste

No. 278378

File: 1674502529929.jpeg (454.06 KB, 828x1059, 340E3124-5DEE-42D4-8552-459B49…)

Street snaps are for people with style sensibilities not whatever this is

No. 278384

yo why is she talking esl? is this part of her jp larp? anyway the mask is an improvement to cover the horse teeth

No. 278392

Autistic people don’t have fashion sense. They just get sympathy for looking a hot mess.

No. 278393

>Wears a blue cosplay wig
>shit brand coord
>”why is no one taking pictures of me”

Degenerates tends to fall for degenerates.

No. 278398

Kek. Annoying itas and unbearable lolita should be lovely types.

No. 278399

aside from the brand dress it looks indistinguishable from some cheap aliexpress cosplay, nobody with any fashion sense is going to want a street snap of that

No. 278400

how broad are those mf shoulders??

No. 278403

The stripper heels are so ugly.

No. 278422

It’s whiny posts like this that turn people away. Going into a country and expecting people to bow down to you is such insufferable behavior.

No. 278460

It grosses me out when people lust after being noticed like this/gaining fame. Getting street snapped is a compliment and should happen when someone is just enjoying clothes to the fullest, not when someone is just thirsty for attention.
Also, who is taking photos for her? Does she just tote around a tripod? Will she leave Japan once she realizes people don't kiss her feet for being a foreigner?

No. 278461

File: 1674549579340.jpg (151.53 KB, 1076x402, And there it is.jpg)

Also maybe old news, but NuCarnival is a 18+ male x male porn gacha game. No shame for anyone who enjoys it in private, but I feel like it's embarrassing for her to openly post stuff like this. Especially while she's wearing lolita.

No. 278515

Nonna, have you seen her Twitter likes and follows? She is openly a degen pornsick freak like Lor

No. 278577

I was lucky to be offered a street photo a few years ago in Japan with some friends during a Sakura festival. If I’m being honest, she should try better at coordinating and not focus on what will get her attention. It looks tacky and unpleasant to look at.

No. 278663

File: 1674680478493.png (3.59 MB, 828x1792, 2DA15776-BBCC-44B6-B2F9-889C2C…)

I thought you guys were joking, but WTF is this? 

No. 278670


No. 278690

Does anyone know how she moved to Japan? It seems like she just “moved” there without a job or anything, which is incredibly stupid, especially since she doesn’t speak Japanese. I predict she’ll be back in the US in 3 months when her visa runs out.

No. 278878

check a few threads back. she made a gofundme for a fake mystery surgery that she was incredibly vague about and scammed blmfags into funding the mystery surgery for poor black girl. she then took the sympathy funds and used it to move there. she legit scammed people out of money by faking a medical necessity.

No. 278879

the way her headpiece sits flat atop the broccoli head insights a murderous rage in me. it looks incredibly retarded.

No. 278897

I assumed anon meant how as in “which visa”. The short-term visa (tourist visa) available to Americans lasts for 90 days, and she’s been there a month and a half already. To fuck around longer, they require you to have over 30 million yen ($200K USD) in savings (‘designated activities’ visa) which we know she doesn’t have.
AFAIK these are her options:
- Work visa to be employed in Japan, but that would require someone to hire her.
- ‘Cultural activities’ visas which allow unpaid internships or learning tea ceremony/kimono/etc, but you can’t get paid.
- Find a man and get a spousal visa like Venus Angelic
- Start a business and get a start-up visa. Some people use these fraudulently with fake “businesses”

apologies for the sperg, I wanted to move there once so I looked into all this stuff and it’s been confusing me as well what the fuck she plans to do there

No. 278901

I'm pretty confused too. Her mom was there with her at some point near the beginning, and one of her recent posts said she was "busy with work." I'm waiting for an apartment tour video. Or a "why/how I moved to Japan" video.

Same. I absolutely hate it. The ribbons that you'd normally use to tie it are just stupidly hanging down.

No. 278988

damn quiet community. tyler posted a new vid

No. 279021

A white woman with questionable taste stating the obvious isn't milk.

No. 279340

File: 1674957650209.jpeg (210.06 KB, 1080x2400, B9D8BF33-9892-4681-B7CA-24B6F0…)

Little cat sambo Mammy coord

No. 279341

File: 1674957710321.jpeg (114.04 KB, 458x550, C5B026BE-90F3-49C2-BCAC-24E8C9…)

Kek DD is funny for this

No. 279347

File: 1674958477249.jpeg (546.19 KB, 828x519, 9840F39E-F060-474B-AA63-E8EE1B…)

This is why the Jane Marple print “Little cat sambo” is controversial in the community. Mammy core

No. 279348

Based. Kuroshiro kawaii seems to like the coord.

No. 279352

Obvious LOC derailment. This milk is four months old.

No. 279359

Mr Popo from dbz core

No. 279361

File: 1674966078966.jpeg (38.19 KB, 604x339, 958E0AF2-A802-45BA-80F2-F72DCC…)

No. 279362

File: 1674967576199.jpeg (622.41 KB, 791x436, 148C6E26-42D5-4D33-9A26-267F3B…)

The placement of the bows looks horrible. I can see why this anon had the audacity to call it mammy~kei >>278670

I doubt Jane marple would care. There’s different perspectives on the book and people are too triggered to understand.

“presents one of the first black heroes in children's literature and regarded the book as positively portraying black characters in both the text and pictures, especially in comparison to books of that era that depicted black people as simple and uncivilised.[1] However, it became an object of allegations of racism in the mid-20th century due to the names of the characters being racial slurs for dark-skinned people, and the fact that the illustrations were, as Langston Hughes expressed it, in the pickaninny style.”

No. 279370

Slight stale but still find it funny ksk put dd on their story at all, like are they fudking stupid

No. 279426

same lol my favorite is ksk saying "thanks it was so lovely to have you guys" then come here and cry about being harassed. so which was it?

No. 279427

File: 1675025895246.jpg (163.86 KB, 1080x1552, rambo_brite the fetishist.jpg)

So why is this blatant fetishist still allowed to post in r/lolita and attend FL comm meets? I notice he unfollowed his previous tags so someone tipped him off that he got outed >>>/w/247448 >>>/w/247449

No. 279433

nah this shit is horrible and the book is trash. And the fact that it was written by a white person who thought to name black people slurs as names be fucking so serious right now. this was not a positive depiction of no black people i have ever seen this is sick and disgusting. White people look like rodents in the face more times than not yet have the audacity to draw beautiful black girls like this. This is exactly why they ban AF AM history because I want to A-log so bad right now. Shit is disgusting and that ugly rat faced bitch who wore it well her face is punishment enough. Spoiler that shit for real. I try so hard not to hate white people and then i see shit like this(racebait )

No. 279441

Please don't start a racewar by insulting people's features, nona. I can't stand to see the racism come out of the anons I share the site with to fill up more than half the thread with hate and infighting. I haven't read the book because I feel weird about the controversies and didn't even know there was offensive art in it. I'll take your word for everything.

No. 279444

What the fuck is wrong with you?

No. 279456

>white peoples look more like rodents in the face more times than not yet have the audacity to draw beautiful black girls like this.

ESL much?
Since you’re going there with the race war comment
98.5% of the black Lolitas in the community are itas and annoying like T Chan.

No. 279458

even though its old milk i cant even be mad about bringing up this old milk. this will never not be funny she got them to post her their stories wearing the racist print. probably knowing their sjw fan base would lose their shit. its such a calculated troll move kek.

No. 279459

nice b8 m8

No. 279461

and their fans didn't even care afaik, didn't see anyone talking abt it

No. 279472

the apology statement ksk put out states otherwise

No. 279481

are you retarded?

No. 279483

>be fucking so serious right now
>positive depiction of no black people
>White people look like rodents in the face
>I try so hard not to hate white people
Tiktok really did irreversible damage to zoomers. Your adderall refill is ready for pickup at Walgreens retard

No. 279485

File: 1675058616213.jpg (94.78 KB, 595x394, keked.jpg)

>Your adderall refill is ready for pickup at Walgreens retard

No. 279489

File: 1675066450312.png (885.66 KB, 1200x676, 45B8FCBE-1248-4530-824F-FF2B98…)

That cotton ball head and ita lolita maid coord is really ugly. Walking around jp looking like a cotton Chan is sad

No. 279491

they probably are comparing her to cotton in japan too

No. 279556

cottonball wore it better but at least tchan getting in touch with her with her heritage

No. 279582


yeah so funny/sar

you think its a joke that loc hate group targeted a queerowned business for hate crimes.the staff are so traumatized that they shut down.so funny struggling trans folks cant eat.are you happy now.is this what you wanted you sick people/ser

keep laughing/sar(back2twitter, tranny)

No. 279597

>so funny struggling trans folks cant eat.are you happy now.

No. 279606

>>279427 Lor was right about these sights and the outright transphobia

No. 279613

File: 1675180499368.png (402.14 KB, 900x900, babythebaitshinesbright.png)

No. 279709

Ksk did this to themselves allowing fatties to eat near dresses, selling damaged brands, and being shit talkers.

No. 279715