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No. 28830

Because it's been 2 days and admin seems to be asleep

No. 28831

Can you fucking ban Romanianon? And all the talk about her. Namefagging is not permitted and her long ass derails are very recognizable. She baits and baits and shits up threads. Please admin.

No. 28833

Admin’s on a resort island in the Maldive that’s how she deals with autists maybe you should try it too. And like you should get banned too coz you talk about h*r. Way to waste a first post. Ignore it and you’re good to go.

No. 28835

There's gore in /g/, be careful anons.

No. 28836

/ot/ too

No. 28837

Schizo in the Ruby Mae and Maeve Ethridge keeps replying nonstop

No. 28838

samefag sperg just doxed one of the girls posted a phone number

No. 28847

Wouldn’t this be thread #4? This site is a mess right now, I wonder if new admin has started yet. The townhall meeting was in November but that’s still pinned to the top for some reason.

No. 28848

Mother had abandoned us. She loves us not.

No. 28849

Can someone please ban the Sims porn sperg in the altcow thread?

No. 28850

the moid asking bisexual women to email him via protonmail is back, he's currently in the threads in /g/

No. 28851

I mean let's just call it a continuation of #3 before new admin comes and makes a new one

No. 28852

Sounds like you're her lmao

No. 28855

For the love of god do something about the weird anon with an unhealthy obsession for HSTS and gay men in the MTF thread, she keeps attacking other anons for telling her to calm her sperg and derails the thread for multiple posts just to write her demented rants about gays that are out to get her and her Nigel and accuses other anons continuously of being trannies. The thread is just 80% her nutty bullshit now.

No. 28856

HSTS troon mad that the tranny thread is not just about AGP hons and we make fun of you too, kek. It's not off-topic to discuss gay trannies in the thread.

No. 28857

You're the one who starts the arguments by getting personally offended over her stupid comments and then neither of you can back down because you're both fucking spergs. I can tolerate hsts sperg because it's at least mostly ontopic, but your pearl clutching is obnoxious as hell please just shut up.

No. 28858

you are both retarded

No. 28859

I would like to once again request Steven's post reveal. He's currently still shitting up the vent thread with NAMAB/akschually you are the men and trannies derailment, psychotic videos masked as condolences trying to fit in and over-the-top insulting and a-logging everytime the romania schizo posts.

No. 28860

/ot is full of tranny newfags that don't know what to post and where…what happened

No. 28866

There’s been a shit thread on a 15 year old on /pt/ for the last day >>>/pt/863920

No. 28867

Why are there no mods here today?

No. 28868

yeah, that would be great so we can laugh, rage and spot his retardation easier

No. 28869

File: 1641746873113.jpeg (124.75 KB, 599x506, 838F2C50-F06B-4EAB-ABD8-2D1A10…)

Why is admin so retarded? Banned for being a “moid” while agreeing that 70% of all men should be killed. Doesn’t that indicate I’m not a moid? Besides it was a JOKE.

No. 28871

which thread was this in?

No. 28872

>2 months ago

The state of this place.

No. 28874

I remember this post. I thought you were a male with a sense of humor

No. 28875

Why is this thread so shit and dead? The last one was hilarious. "I've been posting here for a year, I'm not new!" Some retard checking lc at a family gathering and getting triggered by PT's bum. And of course, several novitiates from the immaculate order of innocents losing their minds over ~literal porn~ of the ass banner.
LC might be in terminal decline for the final time, but we can at least have some fun while we wait for the end.

No. 28876

Can you please put the Taylor R thread back on autosage? It's absolutely infested with spergs who completely refuse to integrate. They won't sage their non-milk posts even when its just nitpicking, tinfoiling, mommy-blogging, or rage sperging. and any milk that might have once existed is now drier than the Sahara.

No. 28877

Unsaged male writing long rants about how fuckable Taylor R is and random anon's fuckability indexes, I think we already know he's ugly with a tiny penis, but I do not come here to read deranged male opinions, ban the scrote
I don't think it needs to be autosaged, it's actually been very active lately with her preggo shenanigans

No. 28879

There's what looks like a link to CP in /ot/, pls delete

No. 28880

Is there a way to autoban everyone who necros just to say "bump"?
Unrelated but sometimes I feel bad for being a dumbfag and wish I could send the jannies flowers or coffee or something (anonymously ofc). But yeah I'm sorry for that time I reported a post for "scrote energy"

No. 28881

kek yeah the whole "why do we have a panty shot as the spoiler image" newfaggotory was insane. Not recognizing PT's ass and being offended by it, lolcow really is just twitter 2.0 now.

No. 28882

Is anyone interested in a dedicated TT Exulansic discussion thread, maybe in Media or ot? She is doing good work but bioscience and semantics stop making sense to me very quickly and I'd love to have a place to ask questions of knowledgeable people, as well as read legit critique people might have (just because i support her doesn't mean i want to fall into the trap of believing everything she says uncritically). I also want to have a place to lurk and read what other people think. Am I alone here?

No. 28883

No. 28884


No. 28885

the unintegrated newfag from /pol/ is back in the trve vikings thread and is shitting up the thread again without saging.

No. 28886

moid in the fakebois thread, constant jewish racebait in the MTF thread. please clear it up and hand out bans

No. 28887

File: 1642279859208.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 36.75 KB, 800x533, 1481150443665.jpeg)

the pixielocks thread is now a doctors office. everyone is talking about their own diagnosis (unrelated to pixielocks) and diagnosing pixielocks of random shit (as if she doesnt get off from being a munchie). its not even a slow thread, she posts shit every other day, i dont give a shit if nonnies think she has diabetes and their personal struggles with fucking bpd that have nothing to do with jill. stfu for fucks sake

it is absolutely useless posting and non contributions, its not interesting and youre not as clever as you think you are. jfc, of course the munchie queen attracts tik tokers to this site its awful. pic related nonnies looking like this

No. 28888

Please autosage this thread. The retards who keep bumping never have milk and its just their personal takes and complaining about the same thing for months, nothing new.


No. 28889

Has anyone noticed how much fucking LSA retards there are in the Celebricows threads. I swear it wasn't this bad in the past year, everything inevitably devolves into sperging about race and black women now.

No. 28890

CSA thread is a mess atm

yes, they’re fucking obnoxious yet they never seem to get banned or shat on for racebait like other anons do. the threads only grow more toxic and more nitpicky the more of them start sharing their stupid takes too

No. 28891

God I know, the words autism, add/ADHD and bpd need to be banned from her thread so these retards can keep themselves from posting

No. 28892

Mods, this dumbass keeps trying to lowkey doxx by showing people where Belle and her friends live and its fucking creepy and not milky considering Belle hasn't posted in 2 years. >>>/w/193603

No. 28894

Please delete all the house photos this sperg posted and they posted her address. >>>/w/193649

No. 28895

Why’d you lock the Yeonmi Park thread? “Best Korea” is an ironic term an a meme. Can you please open it back?

No. 28896

It was just a bunch of tankietards picking apart a sexual violence account. I’m glad it got locked.

No. 28897

CSA thread is full of newfags. No sage in sight and retards are filling the name, email with something else than sage and subject fields for no reason.

No. 28901

Can you please permaban the retarded scrotoid who's shitting up the Luna Slater thread?

No. 28902

Luna thread has devolved into an infighting mess

No. 28903

Reddit thread infighting
Do something about it

No. 28904

Can the vocaloid thread be put on autosage. It's two years old and there hasn't ever been milk yet it's always at the top of the board because it's full of children who don't sage.

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