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File: 1673583536784.jpg (469.73 KB, 1633x960, 1673541044493.jpg)

No. 275598

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Venus Angelic Summary:

>Venus Isabelle Palermo aka Venus Angelic is a washed up as-been famous Swiss Youtuber who gained popularity for her doll looks and weeby content back in the days. Her momager Margo created the Venus Angelic brand, dragged her around the globe evading taxes and stirring up drama among the living doll and makeup vlogger community. She married and cuckolded a Japanese fan named Manaki who doesn’t appear online anymore but she is presumably still married to him. Venus faded off into internet irrelevancy for the most part and tries to recapture some amount of attention by uploading random videos every other month and thotting on OnlyFans.

Last thread summary

Recent milk
> got engaged to her sugar daddy, a 45 yo japanese alky named Ken (aka Manager-san or Zaddy). The same she accused of being a pedophile in 2020
> openly committing marriage visa fraud and adultery since 2018
> in and out of psychiatric hospital
> went to rehab last year
> now living by herself
> milkier and more desperate for a visa than ever

+ Most recent milk
> sad empty room tour >>269523
> quit drinking but now addicted to pills >>271081 video recap >>271373 complete list >>271959 some of them has mayor interations >>271390 so either she is lying and she just hoarded everything or she is doctor shopping >>271505
> boring GAMER GURL livestream >>272451
> dead Twitch channel >>272814
> christianity as aesthetic >>272626
> sob childhood story about living in a refugee house, sleeping with Marge and eating cornflakes >>272950
> 2022 recap video >>273193
> should celebrate Christmas with Ken's aunt and 12 yo niece >>272981 >>273009 >>273010 exposing the poor little girl's life to the Internet >>272964
> finally didn't spend christmas with any of them but in a love hotel, most likely drinking with another guy >>273277
> Ken was mad and spilled some tea (we already know most of it here tho) >>273296 >>273298 >>273301
- Venus cheated a lot
- spent a lot of money in host club
- drinking again
- is violent, destroyed his computer and stabbed him with a broken bottle in the past. she confirmed it >>273417
- she threatened to expose his personal information
> and she did. Venus doxxed his phone number >>273303
> Ken had none of it and threatened her to call the police, reaveling she's doing cocaine too >>273304
> Venus replied he is just mad because she didn't want to do OF just one day, implying he's forcing her to >>273305
> Ken posted a screenshot of Venus from an escort site (what a suprise) >>273307
> finally he deleted all his posts and just said he don't want to have anything to do with her again >>273332
> still drunk, Venus enjoyed the drama >>273367
> and they got back together… >>273416
> suicide baited at Disneyland >>273557 >>273595
> spend new year with Ken and his family >>273670 >>273680 >>273773
> Ken apologized for his last posts >>273772
> Venus fried her hair >>274218
> has a shaming kink >>274338
> met Vexxeed at Akihabara in november >>274344
> drunk dancing in an hostess bar >>274357
> Ken threatened with suicide and instead of calling police immediately, V made it public >>274413 >>274457 >>274426
> hE's a MaSTEr mAnIPulAtOr >>274432
> Ken was tired with her shit and her stupid fans >>274536 >>274545
> Venus loves drama, much less after sobering up and facing consequences. Also, muh LEgal aCTiOn >>274646
> "I was panicking" >>274650 going to Tinder anyways >>274434
> apology video >>274795 confirming it was all her fault
> they were together for almost 5 years >>274853
> futur collab with Komachi Nene >>274948
> IG followers number dropped >>275147
> found a regular job >>275160
> Zaddy Ken still doesn't want to take her back so suicide bait n°2 >>275233 >>275316
> Self-harming >>275246 >>275343
> new self diagnosis : DID with an alter named Ana >>275348
> e-begging to finance a stay at a psychiatric hospital >>275349

No. 275599

No. 275600

File: 1673583614797.jpg (766.57 KB, 1072x1955, IMG_20230113_044505.jpg)

No. 275601

File: 1673583654992.png (7.41 MB, 1125x2436, 1673582080134.png)

No. 275604

File: 1673583887045.jpeg (27.4 KB, 176x275, 1673582642656.jpeg)

No. 275607

what a fucking bitch

No. 275629

She's going to blame it on "ana" isn't she? Either that, or she just admit everything she did was manipulation of Ken/her audience, including begging for money. Fucking disgusting sociopath.

No. 275637

funny she put 'trigger warning' on this post but not the other ones where she was covered in blood lol

No. 275643

File: 1673597926296.jpg (50.02 KB, 385x259, scr.jpg)

there is no second personality, there is no 'ana'. she took her 'adhd medication' and benzodiazepines, drank alcohol and knocked herself out. i can't believe her delusional fans don't see that.

but now venus is back, chatting with her followers in the comment section, portraying herself as some kind of wounded animal, while not exactly a day ago she basically emotionally abused her followers and shocked everyone. not to mention it was all because she wanted to manipulate her ex.

she does this alllll the time, but this 'opening up to my fans and asking for their help' pretending she cares is also a way of manipulating her surroundings. it's like those abusing relationships where the husband beats the woman and then next day she makes her tea and asks what's wrong. pathetic

No. 275648

What is it with these younger adults and not being able to take personal responsibility? DID? No, you're a mean alcoholic that gets blackout drunk. Now you've added pills. Stg this bitch will not see 40. Not unless she kills Ash and becomes the next Lich Queen.

No. 275649

lmao whats happening, she flips a 180 every 24 hours. One day she claims to fine, then the next she needs to be thrown into a psych ward

No. 275651

Waiting for Jill and Venus cow-collab. No wonder she dyed her hair blonde kek

No. 275652

how is she not ashamed posting these breakdowns, claiming she's close to ending her life, and then acting like everything's okay the next day? that just proves how fake it is. and people don't call her out on her IG over it

No. 275653

her followers attacked zaddy after venus posted that screen shot of their messages (where zaddy sent photos of himself with the tie around his neck), but no one is attacking venus, even though what she did was 10x worse.

i wouldn't be surprised if zaddy sent her those photos to teach her a lesson, to attack venus with her own manipulative techniques.

one for sure: it seems like venus finds it hard to manipulate zaddy and she is freaking out because this has never happened before.

(they're both pathetic though)

No. 275658

Even two days ago someone commented on his last post she cut because of him lol
Fangelics are blind

No. 275660

Why her fans have no reaction at all to the fact she confirmed Zaddy is Ken and Ken is the guy she said was a pedo?!?! I mean… She just confirmed 100% she has been dating for several years and plans to marry to a guy that ABUSED A CHILD

No. 275661

they would just blame margo for her bad upbringing

No. 275662

But Margo has NOTHING to do with this. I bet you Venus and Ken will date again soon, so Venus dates a pederast (and she KNOWS he is because she SAID that) and fans will say nothing but "ooooh you ase so lucky he got youna cartier's ring"

No. 275664

Maybe wanting ppl to not take her seriously, so if she makes a more serious attempt for real, everyone be shocked and feel guilty?

No. 275665

But if they've been together, dating for five years, he must know what she's like by now, so why suddenly start pushing back now and not before? I think he must genuinely love her or did, to put up with all of that. Or maybe he's a masochist and somehow enjoys all she puts him through?

No. 275669

they've been together for 5+ years (on and off), but the only thing that changed recently is her moving away from manaki's apartment.

maybe he doesn't want to support her financially and wants her to work / earn money. this could easily be the reason why venus is throwing a tantrum, because she was expecting Zaddy to be her sugardaddy and pay for everything.


No. 275670

Things that Venus's retarded fans do not hold her accountable for:

-Sexually harassing Mikan over the phone (And they even bothered Mikan to 'save' Venus when she was suicide baiting.)
-Publicly slandering Manaki to the point he had to erase his online presence.
-Dating a man who she claimed partook in the molesting of a baby.
-Using instagram and her audience to manipulate her fiance.
-Suicide baiting
-Posting graphic ~triggering~ self harm content (They care sooooo much about triggerwarnings and mentul helth!!!)
-Using "no-no" words like schizo, crazy, etc.
-Venus attacking her followers for suggesting she get professional help

But Nooooooooo she is a VICTIM and poor little lost soul who can do nothing wrong because she was ABUSED and that excuses everything! And now it's not even her fault, it's ANA's fault

No. 275678

I actually expect this to happen. It would not surprise me at all. She's probably been talking to Jill.

No. 275680

File: 1673618689615.jpeg (112.77 KB, 828x363, 92BBAE5C-B973-43B0-97C3-E97460…)

The fuck is wrong with her fans

No. 275682

Venus: I drink a lot, I consume drugs, I am mentally ill
Fans: must be Monster drink

No. 275683

I…..no words..

These smoothbrains really think that caffeine can cause people to self harm and abuse people. wtf is wrong with zoomers

No. 275684

this recent post of her self harm, carving his name on her arm, and whining that he 'doesn't love her' is all incredibly childish. she is 25. I wouldn't even expect that kind of behaviour from a teenager. and zaddy (who is much older) is entertaining that, sending his own pictures of threatening suicide. what kind of people are these??

I know venus likes childish/kawaii stuff, but that is no reason to behave like an actual child. and expecting a man to cover all her bills? very spoiled of her. I mean why would he do that anyway. I really wonder what he is getting from this relationship.

No. 275685

Ughhh I hate her fans, they’re such idiotic enablers.
The reason she keeps doing this is because whatever mental health conditions she has as a result of everything are poorly diagnosed and she’s not on the right medication. She is now an alcoholic and her only friend left is her scrotey on and off fiancé who obviously has mental health/substance abuse issues himself. She has successfully pushed everyone else away.
She gets wasted and blacks out, does absolutely abhorrent shit and then doesn’t know how to deal with the guilt and shame when she sobers up, and so the circle begins again.
I’m not sticking up for her here, she’s only got herself to blame, but I’m looking at it perhaps more compassionately. She needs to go to a mental hospital and probably stay there for at least 6 months, preferably not in Japan.
I don’t want to derail about her upbringing but that is obviously the root cause of her mental health problems. Not only that, she can’t just get on a train and go and stay with family, she’s got no one left now.
She’s the usual stereotype for alcoholic women with mental health problems.
Please don’t think I am saying poor venooos uwu here, I’m not.

No. 275687


I understand what you're saying, and you're right. But all of this still does not excuse her shitty and manipulative behaviour, and sharing all of that online.

No. 275691

anon you new here….she already was previously at a mental hospital and did it look like it helped her?
Be fucking honest her only mental illness is narcissism and being a lazy parasite.

Even other sugar babies are more intelligent than her and they have side businesses or get a education because they know they will not be able to rely on a man forever, meanwhile our Venus is out here cutting herself because Ken dumped her and now she is panicking because she has to find a new place to stay in or GASP a job.

If you are new i suggest looking at her threads from the year 2018 to 2023 throughout these 5 years she has scammed her fans out of money multiple times, made startup for things that never were completed, completely gave up and failed at business that she started with the help of others. She is bad at everything even at onlyfans she is bad and goes inactive while still begging for $.

No. 275694

No anon I’m not new.
I’m not trying to condone her behaviour in any way, I guess in a nutshell or tl;dr, she needs the right mental help.
All of the things >>275670 highlights and the fact her idiot fans just say it’s okay Venoos, you’re just unwell is the reason nothing will ever change.

Idk, it’s like Lucinda, she is absolutely fucked but I still root for her cos at the end of the day if she got the right help she might have a decent life. I guess I feel the same for Venus. Maybe I am just too nice!

No. 275698

This is so funny, the next generation is so fucked.

No. 275701

She may be lazy, but she's most certainly extremely mentally ill, not sure why both of those things can't be true

No. 275703

At this point I don't understand the people who rage at Venus anymore. Her influence is extremely small, like a drop in a pond. She's not getting all that much love and support so there's nothing to envy about her situation whatsoever. If a handful of people want to feel sorry, let them. I don't think she's faking mental illness though, she's clearly very sick (mostly BPD with substance abuse disorder, from what I can see) and switches between cries for help and half-assed attempts to get better, and then feeling ashamed and guilty for acting a mess, she goes back to giving her fans false reassurance. Repeat ad nauseam. Rather than faking for Jirai cred, I think she kind of latched onto the subculture because she was already sick and so could relate to the aesthetic and it allowed her to have an outlet and wallow in it. At this point i'm apathetic to Venus's antics and while I sigh and roll my eyes every time she chooses to do something self destructive, I do hope that somewhere along the line she gets serious help and stays off the internet for a while.

No. 275704

Multiple things can be true at the same time. She is
- lazy
- parasitic
- abusive
- a pathologic liar
- a total asshole and shitty person

AND mentally ill. How about that?

No. 275706

Here we go again with this “I just don’t understand why you all are so MEAN to poor Venus” line of crap, for the zillionth time. You’re a persistent and dedicated little shit, I’ll give you credit for that.

No. 275711

Lol you're very distinct with your wording and lack of reading comprehension

No. 275714

File: 1673637031367.jpg (1 MB, 1080x1898, IMG_20230113_200643.jpg)

No. 275715

sounds like something a 13y/o who's trying to be cool and edgy would say

No. 275716

File: 1673637181368.jpg (718.86 KB, 1080x1915, IMG_20230113_200657.jpg)

No. 275717

File: 1673637210560.jpg (165.62 KB, 1064x840, IMG_20230113_201232.jpg)

No. 275718

File: 1673637231281.jpg (322.07 KB, 1080x1259, IMG_20230113_201152.jpg)

No. 275719

at least she's aware

No. 275720

I'm almost starting to believe her lies.. she's saying the exact opposite of what she said like a day ago. so did she take the job or not? are they still together or not? why is she making things up again…

I also feel like she doesn't truly want to get better for a couple of reasons. first, this way she has an excuse not to work. second, she gets sympathy and attention from people. and third, she doesnt really know how to live a normal life or keep a job because she never had one and probably doesn't have any skills

No. 275722

I think its what she's inherited. its part of her genetic makeup So in that respect at least, she cant help it. I dont buy the oh it must be her childhood and abuse, some people have had it far worse and with no help and support from anyone and always been treated harshly and cruel, but still turned out to be a kinder and nicer persn with consideration for others. I'm afraid Venus is selfish, only cares about what she wants, has no real concern for anyone elses well being and only wants someone she can use in some way, because she thinks they may be of use to her and/or she is sexually attracted to them and wants them on a sex level. She doesnt care who she hurts or how she hurts them, but only cares if it impacts negatively on her in some way, as in they resist being used and fight back in some way, then it bothers her because she's not getting her own way.

No. 275727

My reading comprehension is fine. Your repetitive and incessant “Why are you haters so mean” posts are tiresome.

No. 275728

Someone just got her amphetamine script refilled (and might have taken several day’s worth cause she likes being high on speed.)

No. 275732

Is she deleting comments on her instagram because ive seen some comments calling her out for deleting their comments.

No. 275733

"he's manipulative."

Uhmmm bitch I can't think of anything more manipulative than cutting someone's name into your arm

No. 275748

New friends should watch this video from 2018 to understand her manipulative behavior.
-Venus admits she annoys Mikan on purpose and makes it look like she is being bullied.
-Everybody worries about Venus.
-Venus is a victim.
(Mikan is also a cow.)

No. 275749

She makes me sick with her performative “I’ll just keep believing in God uwu” bs.

And none of the “job” stuff makes sense - she posted a story the other day saying she had a job, then posted the picture of herself in bed covered in blood saying she had another interview, now she’s saying she didn’t turn down any of the offers (plural) that she supposedly got. Which one is it??

What a sad life. Nothing about her is real. I wonder if she just used Ken to move out of Manaki’s and then dumped him.

No. 275753

I used to have a friend like that

No. 275756

Can someone give me a brief over view of why her and mikan aren’t friends anymore?

No. 275757

why the fuck does she make her already thin lips look worse

No. 275760

if she dumped him, then why the cutting? lol

No. 275762

She deleted this whole post >>275714
that the comments were under.

She’s a really bad liar, lol.

No. 275765

You can have all the help in the world but it means nothing if you don't want to get better. This commenter seems genuinely concerned for Venus and offers solid advice, but Venus just sticks her nose up at it. She's a lost cause.

No. 275769

As long as I know, Venus asked for money she never gave back. Also used to call Mikan during sex. Mikan said she invited Venus to her home and then she appeared with her pedo bad behavored boyfriend (Ken/Zaddy)

No. 275770

>This commenter seems genuinely concerned
No they seem like someone who put a whole lot of frilly framing around what they wanted to say
>whY donT you Go BacK to sWitZerLand

No. 275771

This is extremely, extremely painful to watch.

No. 275772

jesus fucking christ what a dumpsterfire of a woman

No. 275776


I refuse to click this, but Mikan has such a punchable face, omfg.

No. 275794

Can someone share why Venus is no longer friends with Apricot?

No. 275795

File: 1673667961215.jpeg (278.13 KB, 1125x1045, 549D61BD-4B21-453F-8AA6-AEFBA0…)

New post. Same photo she already posted and deleted so not including it.

No. 275804

They both look like aliens but from different solar systems

No. 275805

she totally knows what she is doing, she is so proud of her mental shit therefore she will never seek help. Now that she's alone (supposedly), she will probably end up killing herself on one of these "uwu mental breakdown uwu" moments by actually hitting a vein while drunk.

No. 275807

No. 275816

File: 1673674362260.jpeg (204.51 KB, 1125x690, FF578A23-1325-4B08-94CB-7E6995…)

“Art style”

No. 275818

>>my art style
The delusions of grandeur rival her mother’s. “My art style” lol Remember when she said she felt sorry for the poor normies that had to work in boring, non-creative jobs (unlike her)?

No. 275820

if this was some other white girl pulling all this shit , calling herself jiraikei and menhara, people online would rip into her for being a stupid adult weeb or cultural appropriation or some shit . But Venus gets a pass to be obnoxious and weird about Japanese culture bc that’s how she copes

No. 275821

she really deflected every question the person asked

this bitch just really need to be 5150ed or whatever the japanese equivalent of it there is.

No. 275822

No, Venus, not everyone with trauma has deranged moments.

No. 275823

So stabbing your boyfriend, cutting yourself and lying is her art style? What’s next? Murder? “I killed Ken. It’s my art style guuuuuuys.”

No. 275824

It doesn't look like it's making her happy though. None of her life choices seems to make her happy. Strange she can't see that. It's an endless loop of self inflicted misery.

No. 275825

She's definitely faked and larped mental illness before, faked therapy and is manipulative. I don't think she feels guilty for anything she's done recently. It's all to manipulate Ken. Not guilt.

No. 275827

two insufferable cows.venus is worse tho
we need a new mikan thread tbh

No. 275828

How did she even get a job so fast? Making a resume takes time. Finding jobs takes time. Getting a call for an interview takes time. There is an interview window with other candidates. One day Venus posts she'll start looking for a job. Next day or two she suddenly landed multiple jobs. An obvious lie, unless she got a job informally through a friend and not the actual work-interview process.

Can you fuck off already? So worried your beloved Venus will leave glorious nipponland and not get to fuck femboys and get wasted at host clubs. Fuck off. Europe would actually be better for her if she was serious about getting better and mental health.

proof she fakes and embellishes for the "jirai cred" and this anon >>275703 is so fucking stupid we're all just hAtErZzZ poor weenoos

No. 275831

<How did she even get a job so fast?
Well, sie didn't exactly get any job. She claimed she got the first, but then later claimed she had a second interview (after she already got the first job) and in the end said she did not take any, because "ken doesn't love her". It all didn't add up exactly.
But we don't know when she started searching for jobs. It can go pretty fast. Making a resume? Can do that in an hour. Finding an job ad, applying? You can get an appointment within a week easily. Venus is pretty fluent in Japanese and unless she is drunk as hell also fluent in English (at least written, her pronounciation has always been horrible, as if talking with a stuffed mouth - But most Japanese people won't notice that) and that alone can be a big advantage, as many Japanese people struggle with English. I always imagined that finding a job that involves translation work wouldn't be that hard for Venus. She could make a decent living with this, but she's too lazy to pick up real work it seems.

No. 275832

I feel like Mikan is doing so much better without Venus than other way around tho

She might be fluent in speaking but seeing her screenshots with Ken earlier, she might not know kanji, also the way he speaks to her sounds a lot like talking with easy words to a child, she might not be as fluent as she pretends to be

No. 275833

The last mikan thread was most likely started by mikan herself, we don't need it ktx

No. 275836

File: 1673697182802.jpeg (849.66 KB, 1170x1725, 0AE538E5-822F-40B5-B8B9-0CFE2E…)

Hmm.. why would Tsuruko give Venus any attention?

No. 275837

File: 1673697189528.png (497.13 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230114-125132.png)

First time in years we see Venus hanging out with friends, nice
I thought she's not friends with Tsuruko anymore?

No. 275839

Is Venus again at her mental illness meme shitposter phase? I wanna puke every time I see her ”funny” memes

No. 275840

Venus has got to be down bad if she's reaching out to Tsukuro because she rarely did that when her and Ken would have a falling out and break up prior. Mana being out of the equation has def made this more entertaining.

No. 275847

Idk I feel like many foreign girls vlogging their lives in Japan act like this. I do find it cringy, but it would be retarded to accuse someone living in Japan and speaking Japanese of "cultural appropriation" just because they use Japanese words or are into a Japanese fashion style lol.

No. 275848

File: 1673701762992.png (1.33 MB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230114-140900.png)

Boyfriend dumped her so she's gay again

No. 275849

"gay" = "merry, lively, happy"
-> "Having a happy time".

No. 275850

She’s at a gay bar anon

No. 275854


I literally cannot fathom why these idiots keep taking her to bars? They have to know she’s a complete out of control alcoholic, no?

No. 275856

They must give absolutely no fucks

No. 275861

Tinfoiling it doesn't make it true. Anons just like to jump to conclusions if they don't see someone with venus.

No. 275862

They don't care. Drinking is so ingrained in Japanese culture that even alcoholism isn't an issue.

No. 275863

Well, Tsuruko is from Aus and I’d say it’s pretty savage to take an alcoholic out drinking kek.
Although she probably doesn’t understand what being an alky is, and Venus is fubar’d.
At least she isn’t on her own carving initials in her arm?

No. 275865

File: 1673711812408.png (10.62 MB, 1170x2532, 4FBCEA00-405D-4364-A258-C85278…)

She posted this on her story so it’s save to say Venus just replied and knew they’d be going out

No. 275871

Holy shit she looks 110% like Margo on this pic

No. 275872

>> Making a resume?
“Making a resume”? She has no resume to make. She has no education and has never held a single job, ever. What would go on this resume, exactly?

No. 275873

File: 1673714609882.jpeg (247.06 KB, 1117x1914, 01802130-D745-46E0-9C5E-150B05…)

You’re happy to see your little Venus “hanging out with friends”? First, Tsuruko has been living in Tokyo for the past 3 years and this is the only time they’ve met up so They’re not exactly “friends” that “hang out.” Second, they’re at a bar- you think that’s a good place for her to hang out? She can’t go to a bar without getting sloppy drunk and embarrassing herself and everyone else there.

Hopefully she didn’t start VIBIN’ again after a few drinks, lol.

No. 275874

File: 1673715333471.jpeg (194.56 KB, 1084x1106, B537A0FA-121C-44EC-9E2E-B29CA5…)

This is how she shows up for a night out? Lol wonder what the unfiltered version looks like.

No. 275879

i think it's because she's just mentally ill

No. 275887

The amount of bars in Japan outweighs a lot of other gathering spots for adults. It's not some purposeful hateful thing she is doing. The tinfoil is so hard here.

No. 275891

I was being sarcastic anon. I’m not sure what you think I’m tinfoiling though?

No. 275895

File: 1673725480609.png (146.69 KB, 720x826, Screenshot_20230114-204343-371…)

Fangelics are trying to reach out to Margo who calls her own daughter an abuser LOL

No. 275897

Face it, the person who knows Venus better than anyone, is… wait for it… her own mother! Almost everything she ever said about Venus,turned out to be true. With the exception of murdering Manaki.

No. 275907

i mean margo isn't wrong kek venus is also a grown adult woman, how can her "fans" be so deluded to do cringe shit like this. fucking teenagers man.

No. 275908

i think i can see the bandage around her wrist.

just imagine these two foreign women acting all kawaii while one of them looks like michael jackson in a wig, the other one has bandages, fried hair and possibly a strong smell of alcohol.

No. 275912

Sage for no contribution, but thank god I’m not the only one who thinks Tsuruko looks like a late-stage Michael Jackson

No. 275916

Any time people reach out to Margo I don't believe it's because they really side with Margo. it's because they like being a part of the problem by trying to comment on either of their accounts calling out to the other one. It's so fucking stupid. Margo is irredmeable. Venus, no matter what, will always be better off without her.

No. 275937

File: 1673747385421.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1125x1631, 6D4CF13B-4EFE-4472-AA81-F847FD…)

That’s fuckin rich coming from you, Venus.

She’s never going to normalize anything to do with getting help because she’s never going to get help. She’s comfortable being a burden demanding everything from everyone at the drop of a hat.

No. 275941

File: 1673750222253.jpg (541.08 KB, 1080x2101, Screenshot_20230114-233336_Ins…)

What is this supposed to be?

No. 275944

Venus is worse than margo in many ways. More dishonest, sneakier and more toxic and disgusting in general. Margo doesn’t have a mouthful of brown rotting teeth, get shitfaced falling-down drunk in public or post videos of herself sucking dick on Twitter, for starters.

No. 275945

Good snap. She deleted it already.
Get ready for more venus bingers ! Have no doubt she will be posting some more gold nuggets of wisdom coming from her ass !

No. 275947

someone has to make a bingo at this point

No. 275948

File: 1673752716121.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1125x1787, E578EF18-6E24-420C-98CE-9144F1…)

No. 275949

Looks like there’s a can of booze in the plastic bag on the chair next to her.

No. 275950

File: 1673753571483.jpeg (201.38 KB, 1032x909, FD223909-7FFE-4DEF-8D43-EACA83…)

That grimy-ass fingernail, ugh. Why is she always so dirty and disgusting? Seriously, what is wrong with her?

No. 275951

So that’s, what, four drinks around her already?

With all those meds she’s on and this amount of alcohol, she’s going to hit liver failure incredibly soon. Speaking from experience. I hope she can stop it before it gets past the point of no return. That’s no way to die. (Two years sober here, so any anons struggling, you can absolutely beat this beast and I love you and be safe. )

No. 275952

Yeah but she supposedly did it in 2 days. Make, search, get call, land job all in that time frame makes no sense, unless she started earlier and just posted it now. Though I'm inclined to believe either there is no job, or she got a job from a friend - no resume, no interview and job search required. That'd make more sense, but who knows.

Because tsuruko is a bitch too. Always thought she should have a thread but she's too insignificant.

No. 275953

At least venus is dressing better. That beige coat looks classy on her, whereas tsuruko looks like a fucking idiot. Knowing her problems with alcohol though, tsuruko should have declined so to not contribute. but i don't they're genuine friends, more like aquaintences so she wouldnt care.

She is an abuser.

No. 275954

Agree and venus actually was better off with margo.

No. 275955

Tsuruko is a student at fashion school and has a relationship.
IDK about her previous life in Australia but she doesn‘t seem to be a flake now

No. 275956

Do you need a resume and all that other stuff to apply for a job in retail or waitressing or some other bottom-tier job though?

No. 275957


If venus even knew how to write a resume, you know a skill learned in school, she could always land a low tier job such as waitress for entry for a first job even tho it would be hard. No way she "lands 2 jobs) on a first try with ZERO experienc in any of the fields.

It would need to be a start up resturant or low tier because most places want people with an education ( high-school a must) and experience.

No. 275959

Yes, waitressing several years ago. There was no resume involved in getting either of those jobs. Things mght be different in Japan, idk.

No. 275962

File: 1673762569324.png (63.26 KB, 720x399, Screenshot_20230115-070135-044…)

Margo is aware of that lol
Sorry for Margoposting but I think it belongs here since it's still about Beenos

No. 275963


Not mad

No. 275964


Looks like a bloody mary. Some people take these after a bender, helps with hangover.

No. 275966

>allegedly threw a knife at an adolescent Venus after feigning suicidal thoughts
>"I barely survived her actions and violence"

No. 275968

they're both shitty but I think venus was better off living with her.

No. 275969

File: 1673769797058.jpg (451.05 KB, 1080x1200, Screenshot_20230115_045653.jpg)

I have a theory where zaddy is probably a pimp and was/is slowly leading Venus into prostitution so they could afford living together and tricking her into thinking they would marry so she would get a visa later on. Her ex which way more decent than this guy or any other healthy partner wouldn't support Venus doing all sorts of destructive stuff that she does and would encourage she getting a real job or growing her already existing youtube channel.

No. 275970

File: 1673769890970.jpg (312.9 KB, 1080x977, Screenshot_20230115_045518.jpg)

No. 275972

And potentially lose an eye?? Maybe more? For all we know, had she stayed with Margo it could've ended in a murder suicide. They're both mentally ill.

No. 275973

What if it was a lie? Margo is a piece of shit I’m aware, and I’m not trying to protect her, but we have to take everything that Venus says with a grain of salt. Venus always makes up lies about others she is fighting with. She thinks if she is behaving badly, the way to resolve it is by pushing the other one down even more. She’s been doing this for years now, but the first time she did it with Margo, we all believed her.

No. 275975

It could be a lie but we don't really know. Seeing how fucked up V is, you just know her living with Margo wasn't healthy. And seeing how Mags behaves online, we know she's fucked up. So it's not far fetched to think that these things could've happened and how it'd contribute to her present behavior (ie: brushing off the stabbing incident with her bf, potentially blackmailing him, etc - all possibly instilled in her subconsciously or not by Margo). I'm more inclined to believe the knife incident with Mags did happen because Venus's behavior has to start from somewhere.

No. 275978

tbh I don't think Zaddy tricked her into anything. Venus, being the self destructive, drama craving psycho she is cheated on Mana. My tinfoil is the first time he threw her out seriously, she most likely resorted to sugaring and prostitution because she refused to get a normal job. I do think she met Zaddy through hoeing and she was so dumb, that she thought those gifts, hotels, and dinners meant he was loaded.

After their first blow out, when she posted the pic of that kid (that might be his) and then accused him of essentially being on some Ian Watkins type pedo shit, she smoothed things over with Mana, but eventually kept seeing Ken behind Mana's back because she was greedy and retarded enough to think Ken was some big baller.

No. 275979

That's exactly what I think. Plus giving her her own place to live makes her also believe he has money. The old-fashioned furniture in there makes me believe this is the house of his deceased parents that he has currently no use for. Venus either is so retarded she really believes he bought it for her or, very likely, she is aware of that but she wants to pretend to her fans she has a rich sugardaddy who can afford buying houses for her. Just think about how she always has to show off her designer goods, which are likely knock-offs and this sad "Cartier" ring that looks like from a bubble machine. She also said they would move together but she lives obviously alone.

No. 275980

Margo said it was her ex that threw a knife at Margo and vnus took the story and lied. I think I saw it in one of her YT comments. I don't believe Venus about that tbh, especially when she's the one out her stabbing her boyfriend. Yeah, she was better off with Margo, despite Margo's shittiness.

No. 275981

Venus is larping as a successful sugarbaby living the weeb dream in Japan while in reality she is a broke, sad whore and all she got for selling her dignity is a middle-aged chubby man with mediocre income who's probably using her for getting over his midlife crisis.

Didn't Margo predict she would end as a homeless prostitute in Hungary. Well, she only got the location wrong.

No. 275984

Did anyone confirm or find the website Zaddy claimed she was working as an escort on? Was that real?

No. 275987

what was the point of this post? Margo is a nutcase but she is right, Venus has suicidbaited so many times now.

No. 275988

File: 1673793643659.jpeg (1.98 MB, 1125x1927, FB8E3F78-0A0B-42DA-94E9-D1C6B5…)

Begs followers for mental facility money.
Goes out drinking all morning and presumably still is drinking. Alcoholics don’t just stop drinking halfway through the day. Now wants to go shopping. I really hope none of her brain dead followers gave her any money. NEVER give an addict money. She’s obviously just drinking it away.

No. 275994

File: 1673796193568.jpg (900.6 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20230115-162007_Ins…)

No. 275995

File: 1673796248912.jpg (294.35 KB, 1200x1819, 20230115_162341.jpg)

No. 276006

>> she really believes he bought it for her or, very likely, she is aware of that but she wants to pretend to her fans she has a rich sugardaddy who can afford buying houses for her.
What makes you think it was bought? I think she’s renting it, possibly paying rent with $ she got in the divorce settlement. Also the lease would have to be in zaddy’s name bc she could never qualify for a lease on her own.

No. 276009

Oh well at least she looks good here. And she doesnt look drunk at all, which is a good sign.

No. 276013


Shut up.

No. 276015

Please tell me you’re not serious, lol. She shopped herself a whole new face.

No. 276016

I hope she means this. But is it true though? Or what she is just optimistically telling herself? You dont get over a breakup that quickly, not if you really love the person. And ehy break up now? I mean five years they've been together, we hardly heard about him in all that time and then when we do and its official, theres then all this drama and break ups. I wonder how he's doing? It looks like he got pretty screwed up by the relationship. I hope he's doing okay.

No. 276037

Venus: "I don't take these jobs because my fiancé doesn't love me.
Also Venus: "I'm so glad I dumped him, he's so manipulative."

No. 276043

Does Venus look to you like someone who understands love? Especially given her childhood? She stabbed her fiancé, then said “shit happens” when someone called her out on it.

He’s no angel either, given that he was a suicide baiting pedo alcoholic dating someone half his age, and he made an insta account just to mess around with her crazy fans and try to get famous by association. They deserved each other, imho.

Also don’t get the Margo worship itt - all three of them are insane, and just because Margo was right about some things doesn’t mean she’s any better than Venus. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

No. 276046

That’s the prescription speed talking. She’ll spiral back down once the prescription runs out which should be in a couple of weeks at the rate she’s eating those pills.

No. 276052


Tsuruko's a borderline pedobaiter with an OF herself and some Kota level shooping going on, but that alone isn't enough to make her a cow by today's standards. I doubt she and Venus are genuine friends, pretty sure it's just for clout, and if anything Tsuruko would want to enable Venus to be even more of a hot mess than she already is in order make herself look better in comparison.

No. 276057

File: 1673817413065.jpg (422.94 KB, 1080x1985, Screenshot_20230115-211617_Ins…)

No. 276058

>> The old-fashioned furniture in there makes me believe this is the house of his deceased parents
Except his mother is still alive, he spent the holidays with her (which prompted a drunk temper tantrum from veenoos.)

I say it’s a rental.

No. 276061


Watch Venus milk this somehow for clout.

No. 276104

I never believed the knife story because of how fantastical she described it. She says Margo threw a knife at her and she ducked in the last second so that the knife stuck into a painting next to her. Sounds like some dumb shit she saw in a movie. What would Marge have to gain from obviously physically hurting Venus? She's not that stupid. She wouldn't do something to get her manipulation target taken away.
Venus im sure endured some shit with Margo but she felt the need to embellish it to make people pity her more.

No. 276106

Maybe that explains why Venus was supposedly scrambling to find a job. Since she has no real job, she can't legally rent and Zaddy was covering it and now she has to. It's also possible he gave her the money to buy it in which case she'll get to stay, even if they break up. Or that even if they break up, he'd cover it for her because he doesn't want her homeless. I've known couples like that when they broke up. Kind of like how Mana let her stay for so long.

No. 276108

File: 1673833799329.png (1.81 MB, 1080x1080, autism area.png)

unrelated but marg also posted this the other day kek

No. 276109

His broke ass doesn’t have the $$ to buy a house, lol.

No. 276127

Maybe there is some truth to the knife story, but it certainly didn't play out the way Venus described it. I once knew a girl who claimed her mother threw a bottle at her - sounds dramatic, right? It then turned out it was an empty plastic bottle which is still not a nice thing to do, but as harmless as throwing a pillow at someone.

No. 276130

I agree with everything you said. But him being a pimp can be also true along with all of that. A common tactic they use is pretend to be a sugardaddy at first and pretend to care and provide to broken and vulnerable women more than what they can usually afford, addicting them into a better lifestyle than they used to be (by vulnerable I do not mean innocent, I mean Venus is completely alone by herself in a foreign country without any family help or even formal education prior to all the mental health problems, so her odds are not great in that society). The way that I saw this guy pretending to care is, appearing in the house everyday to give Venus her daily dose of medication for the day and simultaneously encouraging her drinking. And then they would sell a dream of a life together that those women cannot afford for some reason, and the easiest way out is prostitution.
The possibility of a visa also plays a role in it. I feel something off and weird with them both together.

No. 276131

>ie: brushing off the stabbing incident with her bf

So she did tried to kill her boyfriend? Where can I read more about it? I'm reading this here on and off for months now but I couldn't find the original source to that.

No. 276133

No one said she tried to "kill" her boyfriend, she did get violent towards him though.
He said she stabbed him with a knife and showed a photo of a small maybe 1cm/0,4 inch scar. It was on his instagram and is now deleted. When someoen confronted Venus about it on her instagram she replied "Shit happens" in the comments.

No. 276134

could have been pretty scary since she's probably taller than him

No. 276136

Anyone coming at you with a knife and stabbing you would be scary….

No. 276145

did anyone save the picture? i mean ofc even just pointing a knife at someone is unhinged behavior but a 1cm scratch isn't a stabbing wound.. when venus replied "shit happens" i took it as an edgy answer to fit with her menhera/jiraikei ~aesthetic~

No. 276149

>but a 1cm scratch isn't a stabbing wound

A stabbing wound is a stabbing found. It's literally "a wound caused by stabbing". Not the size iof the wound, but how it was inflicted is what makes it a "stabbing wound".

No. 276150

That screenshot is in the previous thread, I think he said that she cut him with a broken bottle.
Stop trying to make her look like a victim, he was the one getting injured.

No. 276151

I'm glad that her followers are finally starting to realize that she's a manipulator and sketchy af. There are still so many brainwashed enablers under her posts tho, they are even more annoying than her.

No. 276152

It was posted here in the last thread >>273301

No. 276155

yeah that's why i said a scratch, i meant a superficial cut on the skin as opposed to an actual stabbing wound, but i guess we'll never know
thank you! funny how for both of them the first instinct in a supposedly critical situation is to make an instagram post

No. 276157

I think he knew that Venus was going to impulsively post some shit about him on IG, because she was threatening to doxx him, so he posted these things about her in defense, to show that she's mental and to avoid bullying.

No. 276159

Well my mother tried to burn my face with the hot metal of a kettle filled with freshly boiled water, so I smashed the chair I'd been sitting on, threw a leg at her, which hit her in the mouth, making her bleed, so of course I was the horrible evil one and she was the innocent victim. That was and always remained the scenario. Its what narcs do, goad their victims into reacting so they can be the eternal victim and never the aggressor. Nothing is ever their fault. If Margo was anything like my mother I can understand Venus being screwed up, but, I haven't turned out like Venus, so… I don't know, but some will say it excuses her somewhat.

I do think there is a current mindset today that sees all women as vulnerable, frail and weak, victims needing protection, strong women are seen as being like men and often disparaged. Where did this repellant mindset come from? Who put it out there? Men? Been taken up by so called feminists, which is weird as the complete opposite to original feminist ideas. Venus stabs her boyfriend and is violent, but the vibe from some fans and girlies is 'Venus is in danger and vulnerable and needs to get away'. How are they so programmed into this weak vulnerable women eternal victims trope that even when the situation is the opposite they still see it through their programmed thoughts? Weird.

No. 276160

Its not the first time Venus has been playing with knives. Remember the tiktoks where she had a large pointed knife she was waving around? She also once described herself as yandere, so not surprising she acts out the yandera thing either.

No. 276169

Anyone who ever says Venus was better off with her or that Margo has her shit together need serious help. Venus will always be better without Margo. It's either try to figure it out on your own or go back to an abusive, controlling, narc. Venus isn't much of a controlling person, she just tried to be. She's not like Margo in the sense that she holds her ground. Margo fucking broke her god damn head and it's never going to get fixed without years of therapy to unbrainwash the damage that Margo did to her. She brought her up with no coping skills, no mental health care, no anything. Margo will always be the worse of them. Venus is an adult, yes she is, but that doesn't mean the damage done from childhood magically disappears like anons think it does. Especially in a country that wants alcoholism by government standards [laws from the summer where Japan's government encouraged more people to drink] and in a place where women aren't seen as people.

Venus needs to go somewhere like the Netherlands or Germany. Japan, while weeb shit is fun, she needs to get somewhere that cares about mental health and women. how she does that, I don't know. I don't know if she even knows either. Margo is the one that country hopped her, Venus never did that.

No. 276170

From experience, a small cut or 'scratch' is enough to bleed like she did if you cut right.

No. 276175

>>her only mental illness is narcissism and being a lazy parasite.
Finally someone intelligent.

No. 276177


Quit sniffing your own farts, anon.

No. 276180

Quit projecting.

No. 276195

Agree. Her “manic episodes” are her doubling and tripling up on her prescription speed pills, “crippling depression” is coming down when the prescription runs out and “mental breakdowns” are drinking binges.

No. 276197

Do a lot of you not know that a lot of these pills have opposite effects based on mental instability and body chemistry? People with ADHD for example tend to have reverse effects of even simple things like caffeine. Stop tinfoiling it's speed for her. She's an alcoholic.

No. 276199

Go to meta.. They already talked about this.

No. 276210

File: 1673896995711.png (236.12 KB, 860x651, 318-3182599_confusedguyvine-me…)


Ironically, the classic, lazy "no u!!1" defense is the projection here, but okay.

No. 276221

Except she doesn’t have ADHD. She uses that fake dx to get the prescription speed she likes so much. She’s a pill addict and an alcoholic (you can have both.) She likes being high.

No. 276239

FFS! Utter bollocks! Fuck off. People have had it much worse with really abusive childhoods, and still didn't turn out like Venus. As for this skewed idea of she'd be better off anywhere else.. No she wouldn't!
She'd be even worse. trying to start again in some strange place, yeah let her go to Germany, she can work in one of their legal brothels, or the fucking Netherlands, no shortage of drugs to be found there. She can be a fucking dopehead then.
As for Japan not caring about women, that's a joke seeing all the shit that is run specially for women! Who do you think host clubs are run for, if not women? Wives control the family finance, many husbands scared of their wives. Women even have the privilege of having their own train carriages. That could be seen as sexist and preferential treatment in other countries. But no, women by very nature of being women have to be perpetual, eternal victims in the minds of morons who put them on pedestals and see them as weak vulnerable things who can never do any wrong ever. You actually insult women with your pathetic viewpoint. Fuck! These people like you, probably call yourself a feminist too. The original real feminists would be turning in their graves!

No. 276240

File: 1674056593188.jpg (Spoiler Image,772.34 KB, 1179x1236, SPOILER_26E25C25-AF3F-438D-A39…)

No. 276245

Are you okay? They have female only trains because Japanese scrotes use the closeness as an opportunity to grope women. Venus would have definitely been better off if she had a sane mother. Not saying she would have cured cancer but at the very least, she wouldn't be doing this shit.

No. 276247

Is that blood on her underwear…?

No. 276255

Has to be for clout. She wants people to point it out and talk about it.

No. 276257

That's disgusting. So fucking unhinged.

No. 276258

There are so mamy weebs like you in the thread. Japan fucking sucks for women, sexual harassment happens there so much and the police doesn't do shit to any of the moids there. Aso the mental health care in Japan sucks.
>But no, women by very nature of being women have to be perpetual, eternal victims in the minds of morons
Are you a male or something?

No. 276267

I think it's just ripped panties, you can see sweater through the hole

No. 276269

It's obviously ripped. You can see the fibers.. Some of you need to relax with these takes.

No. 276271

what the hell are you talking about? Japan is a hellscape for women. Yes, they have separate trains and even hotels and public baths, but they had to go that far because sexual harassment and assault is rampant. Police actively discourage women from reporting it. Some idiot male posted on how japanese men can just fall asleep in the street drunk and wake up the next morning fine with nothing stolen. Try being a woman in Japan and do that shit. I had a friend living there who was told to move from her unit after a man followed her home and assaulted her. The police are useless.

No. 276273

They have to be male to think Japan is some magical weeb land that treats women well when they cant even own their own property without male approval.

No. 276275

According to Venus he was an alcoholic and got clean. You're just making shit up about him encouraging her to drink when it's obvious he tried to get her to stop and she blew up and has even admitted their issues were due to drinking after lying and claiming he wanted her to do OF. And again, asking her to work is not controlling, especially if she's leeching off him. I don't think he's a good person, but he's not a pimp who "forced' her into OF. Venus has a history of claiming people are "controlling" and "forced' her into doing things she wanted in order to slander them, including with Margo. She even made up "Ana" as an excuse. She's full of shit.

This. She obviously threatened to doxx him beforehand to keep him in check and control him. She's a controlling, abusive pos.

No. 276277

I think that was the case too, until she semi-recently got on all the medications, which I think are fucking her up. She takes meds for issues she likely doesn't even have, due to her doctor shopping. She was doing fine before the meds. She started spiraling once she could no longer leech off of Mana and they split.

No. 276278

And due to her laziness, entitledness, spoiledness and narcissism, having to work, potentially lose a visa that she wanted to have since she was a kid and even commit an illegal act (visa fraud) to get there because she was too lazy to immigrate via skilled worker by getting an education, she spiraled into drinking and then tried out various medications while doctor shopping, which are clearly worsening her.

No. 276280

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if she really posted her stained panties one day, she's gross already.

No. 276281

Margo spoiled her considerably that Venus grew up with a really gross entitlement, like she's above the "normies who work" and thinks she deserves freebies and just wants a caretaker and easy life like Taylor. This is evident in Venus' behavior from way back when she was a teen. So I'd agree and she throws fits and tantrums when she doesn't get what she wants, then slanders the shit out of people she becomes resentful towards, completely ignoring their own needs/emotions/issues and painting them as one-dimensional monsters. Yep, sure sounds like a narc. Margo was probably a narc too and I think genetics play a big role and their callous attitudes. Now she drinks as a coping method for her life not turning out like taylors and got on a bunch of meds that messed her up so imo, she does have problems, although the recent stuff is more narc manipulation/blackmail than actual other mental problems imo.

No. 276282

Lol, most of what you said isn't true. Margo isn't great but you're basing what you said off of Venus LIES. No, her childhood with margo wasn't nearly as bad as she claims. She made it seem like she was a prisoner, on the likes of Britney spears, when she wasn't. Not even close. A lot of the bad stuff occurred AFTER Venus split from Margo and stole the channel. According to Margo, she DID take Venus to mental health professionals, she even suspected Venus might have Aspergers iirc. She didn't just pull that out of her ass. She claims it was Venus who didn't want to go to professionals and this is also believable, as Venus lied about therapy FOR YEARS in Japan, despite having the ability to go. Margo was not as controlling as Venus claims and Margo has already proven Venus wasn't isolated either. Nor was she "forced" into Yt. Venus freely chose to continue being online, on YT etc even upon leaving and becoming "free." Margo's YT story was always consistent, Venus' ALWAYS changed. So no, Venus clearly lied through her teeth. Margo was mostly likely unemotionally available as a parent and I believe Venus when she said Margo nagged her a lot or made her feel like she wasn't good enough, but most of what Venus said is bs, because she disliked Marge and we've seen that Venus spews a web of lies and exaggerations when she dislikes someone OR when she doesn't get her way, since she's clearly been enabled and spoiled in her childhood.

She has said the EXACT same of Mana and various managers and now Ken. No, her childhood with Margo was NOT AS BAD as you claim, and yes, she WAS BETTER OFF with Margo, based off how she behaves now. At least Margo knew how to manage her channel, they were making 80k a year, Venus was set on a path of success, wasn't doing porn and was uploading regularly, not into drugs and alcohol. Venus is lazy and needs someone to manage her. Margo even tried to get Venus to be independent to an extent - based off of Venus' writings in her blog. Although at the same time, Margo was overbearing and overprotective which can hinder independence, but even without Margo, Venus has shown she'd rather leech off people and never take initiative. And as much as I dislike Margo, no, VENUS IS THE WORSE ONE. She has a waaaay longer list of offenses at this point and has lied much MORE. So you can fuck off with your white knighting. And Margo mostly "country hopped her" once Venus wanted to go to Japan. You seem to forget it was Venus' idea to move to Japan and Margo did whatever she could to make that happen, often doing irresponsible things in the process. And yes, Venus is controlling. Have you not seen how she manipulates and blackmails people around her so they submit to her demands? You are so fucking dumb. Margo for sure caused some issues, others are just nature due to genetics and Venus simply being a spoiled asshole, but yeah, Venus was doing better with Margo.

No. 276285

Your spiel is absolutely unhinged, anon.
>You seem to forget it was Venus' idea to move to Japan and Margo did whatever she could to make that happen
I said Margo took her. It's so weird to see anons like you not look at both sides and still not see how a lot of this is because of Margo. You don't have a spoiled Venus without a mother who gave you everything she could you wanted - as long as it benefitted the mother of course. Come on. You can't paint one side of the fence and pretend Margo didn't do what she did at all times because she profited it. Venus didn't even have her own bank account lol She child-starred her.

No. 276287

Those women only areas are because women are treated badly there. Scrote, fuck off.
>because men sexually assault women on normal trains and in public constantly and women don't feel safe in crowded trains that have men in them

No. 276288

ayrt my apologies my eyesight is shit. Once I blew up the picture I could see the rip. Still fucking weird.

No. 276293

can't see it
still see gross bloody underwear

No. 276295

Imagine sitting alone in your room with a tripod and taking these pics of yourself.

No. 276296

Looks like she’s been crying, gross.

No. 276301


You've told way too much about yourself with this little spergout of yours.


I've been saying! This bitch here is a fucking covert cow themselves. I've not seen such a legendary meltdown since the Kota days when Kiki herself graced us.

No. 276302

That doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a gross whore looking for clout constantly. You are the one who needs to chill the fuck out.

No. 276760

It's so common in scrote porn.. Like.. even softcore has ripped clothing. I get it's underwear, but some anons are hyping it up as being worse than it is. It's just another lazy and badly done trope. I don't know who pays for this.

No. 277032

She already did. I think in a live stream a few years ago she had underwear covered in period stains

No. 277045

She already did. I think in a live stream a few years ago she had underwear covered in period stains

No. 277575

You think perverts and gropers don't try that in other countries too? Difference is women aren't able to have women only carriages to escape it. If Japan didn't care about its female citizens, it wouldn't go to so much trouble to meet their demands. Who did that poll recently where it showed how happier women in Japan felt compared to women in other countries? And how the hell do you think it is for women in Muslim countries, kept down, told how to dress, have to have male chaperones, treated like objects? Women in Japan are in heaven compared to that. Certainly Japanese girls always seem happy and cheerful. They have reason to be. Some people here just naturally hate everything about Japan and want to believe stupid things to back up their prejudice. No country is perfect and there's always going to be men who are assholes but compared to Muslim countries where women really are kept down, like by the fucking Taliban, there's no comparison. Imagine a Muslim country where women were allowed to go and buy men to use for sex, just wouldn't happen.

No. 277576

Yup…Have you ever heard about chikan? It's gropinh in the train or bus. Everybody knows about it, but it's not very much done about it. My friend, as a foregin woman experienced it in Tokyo, almost broke the guys hand and guess what they were all screaming at her? "We don't do it like that here!"
Japan can be very hard to understand and adapt for Westerners. Venus did A LOT of shit, I agree. I think mosty because she was just too young and too stupid to understand, that this is not some sweet Animuland. She had this picture in her head, that as a "cute", dolllike foreginer, she will be praised and loved by everyone there. Common mistake weeaboos used to do…even now, when there's so much info avaliable, you just need to search it. Same thing is now happening with koreaboos - thinking they will find their prince from k-drama, they sway to Seoul, to get a punch in a face from reality. Venus is not first, nor last. She just still refuses ro understand, how japanese society works and expects it will magically turn into Hello Kitty.

No. 277584

Scrote, kys. No one gives a fuck about how much you hate that women in Japan have this imaginary entitlement and respect when they don't.
>Certainly Japanese girls always seem happy and cheerful.
This is fucking incel bait.

No. 277593

Unfortunately there are a lot of pictures and it is truly blood. Sorry I know it’s an image board but I feel too weird taking a screenshot of that while she’s experiencing insanity

No. 277602

You're clearly a guy or you've never been to Japan for long enough. Even mothers with kids get harassed in Japan, in a way that the kids might get injured, only because the scrotes are angry that the child is an evidence that the woman had sex and they can't get any. There are also guys who purposefully bump into women while walking, not caring if the woman falls on the ground or not. Women get harassed everywhere, but the definitely not like that.

No. 277604

Wow, she's really so pathetic. I wonder how many of her OF subscribers left, because they expected some cute content, but the only thing they got was shit like this.

No. 277606

Of course Japan is "heaven" compared to Muslim countries, most countries are. Islam is currently the most violent and misogynistic ideology out there. It doesn't make your idealized, anime-like view of Japan true though.
>Imagine a Muslim country where women were allowed to go and buy men to use for sex, just wouldn't happen
Why are you obsessed about host clubs and prostitution and use them as evidence that Japan is great for women and "meets their demands"? You have to be a scrote or severely sexually frustrated to see it that way. There's indeed a whole culture in Japan of paying for companionship and sex but women aren't the main customers. Men have all kinds of "girls bars" and "massage" parlors everywhere, there's also a culture of high school girls and older men going on paid dates. Scrotes are perverts all around the world but Japanese men can be deviant in weird ways, like their obsession for panties, upskirt pics and toilet pics, and people including police don't do much about it hence the need for strict single sex spaces. Honestly your posts read like a moid fantasizing about ~cheerful Japanese girls~, please research about Japanese culture using something else than anime and "happiness polls" lol. You can like Japan without being delusional about it.
Also (if you're the same anon), the whole "wives control finances, their husbands are scared of them!!" is super stereotypical and old fashioned. Isn't the same thing said about Muslim women supposedly owning their husbands money? Again, women taking care of the chores and childcare alone while giving their husbands an allowance for prostitutes isn't some kind of privilege.

No. 277610

Shut up.

No. 277614

Lmaooooooooo this is the most delusional thing I've ever read. These yellow fever weebs that don't know shit about Japan are always hilarious af. But I digress, eventhough this is that troll that keeps coming back, there are actually ppl retarded enough to think this stuff.

No. 277615

The Taito Station in my city has such a problem with nasty ass chikan that they banned men from the photo booth floor. We had to double check the signs to make sure we weren't fucking up translating the sign and even asked a employee cuz we were in such disbelief.

I agree with what you said about Venus, which probably attributes to her drinking problem. She clearly did not adapt well to Japanese culture/properly assimilate into it, which is why she's constantly wasted and in&out of mental hospitals. I also believe the rumor that Mana told her to tone down the weeb shit in public. But she will still stay in Japan because it's the only think keeping her relevant.

No. 277616

>"We don't do it like that here!"

That line made my blood fucking boil but it so perfectly summarizes Japan's fucked up mentality when it comes to sexual assault. The women screaming and trying to get help is more of a nuisance than the man assaulting her. They'd rather you shut up and get raped so the people around you don't have to feel ~uncomfortable~ (oh-nooooooooo!!)

No. 277623

…dude. You're mixing things up. It's not that Japan doesn't care about women at all; but this is too serious topic and this is not the place to explain the issue. I suggest you'll read about it a bit more.
In Japan what matters the most is the whole, not the idividual. That's why there are problems with building in schools, stalking, etc. and they are HUDGE problems. Been there, done that. It's YOU who has to adapt, not society. YOU have to handle things right and not beeing a burden. Your emotions…basically don't matter. That's why there are so many hikikomori.
Venus fall into a trap of beauty and cuteness, like I said before. She doesn't want to admit it. She knows for sure now, what kind of society this is. And! She's a gaijin - even worse. Gaijins are problematic, they want attention, they are loud, they day what they think.I'm guessing that’s one of the reasons she doesn't have any japanese friends - she thought they would be open and bubbly like manga people. Spoiler alert: they never are. If you offend them in any way (even by accident), they will smile and be polite, but never speak to you again. Venus wants to stay in Japan really bad, but I think the bridges for her here are burned already…even if she would try to adapt. News travel faster than light, even in such a hudge city as Tokyo. She May be Lucky and find a job MAYBE as English teacher (you don't have to be native for that, not everywhere) in some smaller city, maybe in "coutrysides", but she wants the BIG CITY TOKYO. Untill she understands, she has to get out of there, there's only highway to hell for her.(derailing)

No. 277624

I guess japanese women reporting experiences of domestic violence at higher rates than western countries is also just “perpetual victim complex” like how all the female oriented solutions are simply optics cause the Japanese govt cares more about how they appear to foreign business than whats actually happening to women in japan which is why police stations also falsely report on cases to keep japans crime stats down like framing murders as suicides.

No. 277625

Those are all just textbook BPD antics. Wouldn’t surprise me if zaddy was cluster b.

Untreated BPD people basically revert to the mindset of a 5 year old during tough situations. Realizing this fact will make understanding insane BPD shenanigans a lot easier and less of a mind fuck.

No. 277626

>>foreigners are loud in Japan and it pisses off the locals

You say it like they should be allowed to be loud and objecting is wrong. Well that is another way of selling Japan as a superior country. Having to travel on public transport with ignoramuses screeching as if the whole world wants to hear them while others are shouting into their mobile phones. Rude and ignorant. You think that is preferable to a polite society? Remember, Japan lives under threat of earthquakes so it is better that the citizens live in harmony as in those situations of disasters, everyone has to work together, so the national harmony makes perfect sense.
Yes of course there are hostess bars and clubs for men, like there is in every western country! The difference is in Japan there is the same sort of thing for women also. So women get to treat men the same way men treat women, using for sexual or emotional pleasure. Japan is the only country providing this service for women. Something feminists should be pleased about, but no, it doesn't fit their narrative of women as perpetual victims. I am a woman and sick of hearing that as one, I'm expected to be thought of as weak victimized and feeble, not all of us fall into that pathetic category or will accept it. Some fucker tried groping me when I walked home one night, more than just a grope, he got more than he bargained for when I turned on him and chased the cunt. People afterwards when I told them were almost annoyed, their attitude seemed to be that as a woman I should have screamed and tried to run, not get angry and be aggressive. I couldn't understand their attitude at the time. I do now. Women are expected to act terrified and fearful, not brave and defend themselves. If you do, it angers men and makes other women feel inadequate and stupid if they were the sort so conditioned by society that they would just act like helpless terrified weak woman, well I was fucking scared but the anger took over and I'm glad because that cunt was scared and would think twice before doing that to any other woman.
Venus seems to fit in quite well in Japan from what we see, she must know a out the chikan, in fact I'm sure she mentioned that in one of her early videos. If she didn't like living there she would leave. She had the determination to leave her mother to go and live there. She portrays herself as more vulnerable and pathetic than she is because it fits with the image she was projecting, but she is stronger and with more steely determination than people like to think.(derailing)

No. 277627

Maybe those people weren't annoyed because you scared him off, but because you act like you're better than women who can't react like this in scary situations.

No. 277637

you need to be permabanned. shut the fuck UP.

No. 277639

File: 1674145006643.jpg (1.2 MB, 961x1353, 1673757034654.jpg)

>many husbands scared of their wives.
Yeah…see picrel
>Women even have the privilege of having their own train carriages.
Because the sexual harassment problem is so bad it was required. Literally a sea of coomer males in Japan, very much how the West is headed too with misogyny up, porn addiction up, marriage down.

No. 277643

>Women are expected to act terrified but I'm a strong woman, I fight back
It's cute and all but men are physically stronger than women and more prone to violence, it's a biological reality, not something that the mean feminists are making up or a mindset.
Just go to a host club in Kabukicho already but stop acting like their existence is a feminist move and make men and women equal, it's a delusional take.
The other anon said that Venus should go back to Europe because Japan has a particularly strong drinking culture and mental healthcare is more expensive, she was not saying that Japan is inherently bad, why did this simple remark get you so worked up.

No. 277644

I can tell you're a white foreigner in Japan, probably 5'7 or up. Try chasing after a guy who harasses you in your home country and see how well it goes. You're only "tough" "not a victim" when the men are your size or smaller. Go chase after a big 6'2" 200lb white man in the middle of the night and report back.

No. 277646


Also your point about hostess bars is deranged. Surely you can see what they really mean? If a woman has to pay to be treated well by a handsome man, it suggests their dating culture is even worse than the west where at least a man will romance you for free. It suggests getting any romantic treatment from a Japanese man is so rare as to become a service. It isn't a thing in other countries because as I said, you can be romanced for free in most civilized places. Paying a man to do that is absurd. Plus if you need sex, again you can get that for free or male escorts have always been a thing. If host bars is your sole reason why Japan is "feminist actually" you understand nothing.

No. 277649

File: 1674147304837.png (400.83 KB, 400x711, Screenshot (56).png)

Ya'll, it's the femboy asian fetishist. Stop humoring them.


oh look, the next part of the cycle where she dreams up some big plan that never comes to fruition.

No. 277650

Japan is a shithole. Would be great to end the derail now and ignore the yellowfeverfag's future posts.

No. 277651

I think they are just a tranny weeb that think they will magically turn into anime girl by gloryfying Nippon

No. 277652

Fuck off you dumb cunt. Don't try to make out that every woman who has been raped, assaulted or attacked by a man didn't fight back and wants to play victim. I hope you're never in that situation because you wouldn't stand a chance. And fuck off with your life story, it's boring.

No. 277653

Why does she think anyone would pay for that, if she did it for "free to join" she could probably farm some engagement on discord server, but if it's paid no one will care

No. 277654

Either way it doesn't matter. She'll never put the effort in to make any of this shit, just like all her other 'great ideas.' Last month she was sperging about making some discord group for video games or something.
She's most likely manic right now.

No. 277655

Preach, so much this.

Hahah it amazes me how confident and shameless she is. A few days ago she was posting pics of self harm, mental breakdowns and alcohol for breakfast, but now she's like 'hey girlies, sisters, would you pay for some recipes and a blog'. She already shares her 'mundane daily stuff' and much more on insta. Let's hope sis makes bank tho. Does anyone know if people voted "yes" or "no" to the poll about financing her stay in a psych ward btw?

No. 277657

While I agree with the overal sentiment, the sento/public baths weren't separated because of assaults against woman or man's behaviour. It was because at the end of the 19th century they feared the west would look down on the Japanese with the shared ones, together with other changes for the same reason like tattoos being made illegal (the tattoo equals yakuza thing came after that, partly as a result of it). Before that, they where actually shared with little documented problem, kinda like how some sauna are shared (which in most places goes without issue too, believe it or not).

No. 277661

More grifting, just like her mommy. Like that ‘fan club’ she started and abandoned, she’ll abandon this one too. Anything but getting an actual JOB, because boring mundane jobs are beneath her.

No. 277663

File: 1674154296121.png (Spoiler Image,29.53 KB, 518x390, Stream_cho_horror_iei_000.png)

Probably cosplaying menhera mc from needy streamer overload. Classic. Its a simulator where you control your streamer gf and she has a "uguu positive persona" online but behind the scenes she is a sad, messed up woman.

No. 277668

File: 1674156503770.png (139.53 KB, 401x605, Screenshot (57).png)

>wOuLd nOn bInArY fOlKs bE wElcOmE?

Why tf would you even ask this. Zoomers wanna be oppreseed so badly.

No. 277670

Another way how to ask people for money. She can't even manage her OF, why would she want to create another account where people would pay only so that she can forget about them? Anyone who gives her any money is stupid at this point.

No. 277671

Wouldn't be the first time years ago there was a mistake in her YouTube video where she showed her soiled underwear by mistake

No. 277672

"Ugu, look guys, I'm so inclusive! I'm going to post it on my story so that everyone can see it!"

No. 277678

If Beenus wants money, she should start LARPing as a non-binary and bring sjw crowd on her. Kek

No. 277681

she did try larping as a lesbian but it was too much effort so she stopped. But I guess larping as a they/them would be easier since you really don't have to do or change anything. I'd say she's doing well drawing in people from the mental illness fandom. She's 1 step away from making DID tiktoks.

No. 277682

Also hate when you blow your nose on the train. If you don't attempt to blend in, you get contempt in return. Japan sounds fun to visit, but terrible to live in as a woman, especially a female foreigner.

No. 277685

Idk. I'm a female and I'm living here and I'm not white. It's not the best but it's not the worst ever. I take the same precautions here that I'd do back home trying to avoid weirdo ass dudes, but I do feel like men here are more braisen because all the stuff discussed above. I've had my run ins with chikan and even been followed home before. It sucks ass but as I woman I've resigned myself to "it is what it is" like moids will be pigs where ever we go.

Now back to Venus. I guess she's trying to be an independent girl boss SHEO again. I forgot this part of her cycle

No. 277686

I’m late to the party but her cringey comebacks to haters thinking she’s edgy, deleting comments… she’s litterally turning into Instagram Margo

No. 277700

I didn't act like I was better than anyone. Just reported what happened, told the police, policewoman treated me like I was abnormal because I chased him off. I didn't think about it, it was just instinct took over. Yes I've always hated the way women were portrayed in old movies, scared of their own shadows, but I always thought that was a stereotype and not true, then found some are almost proud to be like that as they think it makes them more feminine. Encouraged by some useless men as its a way to keep women down and make them seem stupid if they act screechy and hysterical.
No, I've never been to Japan, just always taken interest in it hope to get there one day. What happened to me was some white guy in Britain, taller than me, but obviously a cowardly cunt not expecting a woman to fight back. Like I said, I didnt think about it, just instinct took over. At the time I was already putting up with sexual harassment from some other old man and that cunt who assaulted me was the final straw. Not going to go on about it anymore, but just clearing up those two points which were wrong.(blog)

No. 277702

This is NOT your personal blog. Shut tf up.

No. 277703


No. 277708

>> No, I've never been to Japan

Shock and awe. Yea noooo one saw that coming lmao. You're gonna be in for a treat when you come here to find that Japan is nothing like the delusional fantasies you've posted about for like the last 10 threads. It's always entertaining to see weebs come here and get their animu dreams crushed when they see Japan is a normal, basic ass place, just >>277700
like everywhere else, like McKenna Suman did in 2019.

No. 277712

Insufferable. Stfu already. You sound on par with Venus, but with a holier-than-thou complex.

No. 277728

You're acting like you're better than those women just now. Consider yourself lucky instead of brave, because if that guy had a knife or was aggressive, you could end up raped or worse, dead.

No. 277732

>cow potential level is high
>reads like one of Tsundebolt's fake stories

Imagine being this ignorant about the world and self-aggrandizing at the same time, kek.

No. 277738

This is Venus thread, not yours. Just stfu already

No. 277749

Shitty cartoons have really brainwashed you lot into worshiping and idolizing a random country you otherwise would have 0 interest in.

No. 277760

No, not into anime. Don't watch it. Just always been drawn to far east culture, started with China, prefer Japan, which is how I got into Venus in the first place, more than ten years ago. Just didn't imagine she'd even get there back then. She was still in Britain, then suddenly she was in Japan living. This is why I say she isn't the weak, vulnerable person she sometimes portrays, it takes grit and determination to do what she did. But she followed her dream and got there. The fact she's latched onto the whole menhera thing is maybe good, it's an outlet. And Venus is a lot wiser deep down than anyone thinks.

No. 277761

why are you still here jesus christ
this not the right place for your delusions

No. 277764

It doesn’t make any sense for why these retarded, incompetent, insufferable mods don’t ban this fucker, but they ban :emojis:.

No. 277782

Her mom is the one who made all the plans to go to Japan. Venus didn't. Stfu already because you aren't even getting the facts right. Her mom controlled everything until they got to Japan. Venus is weak and she has no self control/impulse control on top of being an alcoholic who does porn and mixes pills. She wasn't determined to do anything besides get away from her mom the second she could when she was of age and knew she had someone else in line to help take care of her weak ass. This is why she's never been alone. She's always on with someone whether Manaki, her mom, a friend, Ken even if it means making porn that she probably only 40% likes making. Fuck off.

No. 277787

>Stfu already because you aren't even getting the facts right.
>Her mom is the one who made all the plans to go to Japan. Venus didn't.
Venus even said herself that she wanted to learn Japanese to go to Japan, but okay.

No. 277788

But she isn't the one that took herself to Japan. Why aren't you getting this? She didn't plan it, the only thing she planned was who she could meet online to help her escape Margo. Margo otherwise made the plans. Venus wouldv'e gone alone otherwise to see Manaki by herself. She didn't need her mother. She was over 18.

No. 277790

Venus said whatever Maggot told her to say.

No. 277791

Yes, Venus is so wise to have no other plan in her life than to sell her body, and at the same time ruining her source of income with alcohol, drugs and bad hygiene.

No. 277794

I don't think Venus is wise or strong because she has never lived independently, even at 25. She went from one caretaker (Margo), to another caretaker (Manaki), and then to that boomer Ken. She also e-begs because she is not responsible with money and doesn't want to get a job.

No. 277795

I was under the impression that Japan is very ageist, is this no longer the case? If it is, she's hitting the wall.

No. 277802

venus isn't japanese so she's not subject to japanese standards, she's an outsider. she's will never be treated like a normal japanese woman or be pursued by normal japanese men. whether that's good or bad really depends.

No. 277834

>Venus is a lot wiser deep down than anyone thinks.

This anon needs a thread of her own, kek.

No. 277854

File: 1674304781741.jpg (592.61 KB, 1150x1913, Fm8HSweaYAAVTN2.jpg)

New photo. I'm surprised that the collab really happened. Venus' "sultry" look makes her look more like a lobotomy patient.

No. 277856

File: 1674305344160.jpg (51.63 KB, 480x600, 326411324_225332789842376_4853…)

Her lazy cosplays and her lack for detail always make me so angry. She can't even put enough effort to put on that bow properly, it's just sadly hanging there on a safety pin.

No. 277858

As a cosplayer myself I always cringe when I see her sad attempts at cosplaying even the simplest characters…. oh boy. this wig is an insult as well

No. 277859

She looks so ugly I can't, and the cosplay looks painful too

No. 277860

Whether its good or bad, I think its a good sign that she is at least keeping to a schedule of actually doing something she said she would. Maybe she really has turned a corner now. She certainly seems to have got over the breakup with her fiance, at least she seems to be managing it quite well now. Although it wouldn't surprise me if they had got back together or if they did at some time.

No. 277871

don't get your hopes up yet. she's gonna spiral again soon. 3 days of not having a mental breakdown on the internet is not a sign that she has gotten a grip all of the sudden.

No. 277873

That wig is so sad, no styling whatsover. And didn't she put the hair accessories on the wrong side as well? At first I thought that it's a mirrored photo, but the other girl got the hairstyle right.

No. 277880

File: 1674324226677.jpg (804.17 KB, 2400x1080, Screenshot_20230121-185725_You…)

No. 277883

File: 1674324530617.jpg (80.16 KB, 708x533, Screenshot_20230121-190520_You…)

No. 277884

Expectation: >>277854

Reality: >>277883

No. 277887

God, she looks so haggard. Even from the way how they act and talk, the other girl is way more likeable. And why are half of the subtitles in the video missing? Did she translate it when she was drunk and forgot to add the rest?

No. 277889

And the other one looks like a gross blow-up doll. Both of them definitely suit the mid/late stages of porn.

No. 277891

Her look definitely screams "I do porn", but I don't think she looks bad. I would take her over Venus anytime.

No. 277893

She looks as plastic as Taylor does.

No. 277897

she looks so faded in the video there is no way she's not high on same meds.

No. 277899

You’re fucking retarded as shit, nigger. She literally got into Japanese culture and naturally wanted to live in Japan. She went there on her own volition with the help of manaki, but if you want to take responsibility off of this almost 26 year old whore, be my guest.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 277900

Honestly i think Venus seems intimidated and nervous. She is trying to hide her teeth when speaking and seems overall stiff, I’d guess that she is drunk. Also the other girl is overly polite which creates a social distance, hard to explain but her speaking is very… tatemae. Also when she said that when she has bad days, she tends to solve it by sleeping and resting to feel energized, which was said in a way that felt like she knew/guessed Venus’s coping mechanisms and was coming of a bit taunting.

No. 277907

Her hair looks awful. You can get toner at any drug store now… Or is piss yellow the color she wanted?

No. 277910

Again, she can't put on her clothes properly. I don't know if she just doesn't care or if her mental state is so bad that she doesn't notice.

No. 277911

>> Maybe she really has turned a corner now.
You poor creature, lol. You’re brand new, aren’t you?

No. 277919

Why does she look high af in this picture lol.

No. 277925

You are so willfully ignorant. She was into Japanese culture before margo knew a damn thing about Japan. She learned Japanese to one day live there and Margo enabled this by buying her Japanese study books. Venus schemed behind Margos back to live in Japan by using Mana. Margo said she'd prefer Venus to go to school in Korea first and that Venus was having doubts about marrying Mana but enabled the marriage until she learned Venuns wanted to go alone then said no, so then Venus secretly left ALONE to meet with Mana, taking money, equipment with her. That is obviously PLANNED. And no, she did not leave to "escape Margo." She could go anywhere with the YT channel if that was the case. She specifically went to Japan because it's where SHE PLANNED to live because she's been a weeb since childhood. Margo just enabled all that shit, including YT, making questionable decisions along the way and then became an overbearing "momager" once the channel took off. You either know nothing about Venus or are intentionally being ignorant and spewing misinformation.

You are so fucking stupid. It doesn't take "grit and determination" to commit visa fraud and use another human being as a means to an end, then slander and discard them. It takes sociopathy and selfishness to do that. The ONLY thing that I can applaud her for is bothering to learn Japanese to a conversational extent. That's it.

No. 277926

Love how she shows off her bandage almost the entire time when she could have had it tucked away. They both look unrecognizable in the video and the girl on the left clearly has a love affair with facial filler and looks so unnatural. At least Venus' clothing style improved (it looks more elegant that her jirai shit, compliments her better) and her makeup looks improved. Less aegyo sal, less red around her eyes, less blush. She seems really disinterested in the collab though or nervous. Nothing like the badass, edgy, jirai kei girlboss she larps online.

No. 277928

It blows my mind how people can edit themselves so extremely and none of their followers care or seem to notice how each edit looks entirely different. But these are also the dumbasses who said they'd give Venus patreon money right after she said she had money, then whined that she didn't and made up Ana then admit she "really wants to go shopping" then ebegged again. Guess Ken really was covering most, if not all her expenses, lunches, dinners etc and bitch just can't stand not living a lavish life (if what ken provided could be considered lavish).

No. 277929

I think it's the lighting. She had bleached it more light blonde earlier. But maybe it got brassy already. I don't think the color is the issue though, more so the fringe. It's so thick and blunt and widens her face. But being fringeless isn't jApAnEsE enough for her.

No. 277934

Same anon, just to correct this since I forget to mention: Venus and Margo schemed together to commit visa fraud, found Mana, Venus dated him, broke up, got back together, cheated with the Korean guy, then was debating finishing school in Korea or marrying Manaki. Margo enabled this on the condition that she could go with Venus as she didn't want Venus going alone to a foreign country with a guy she clearly didn't love but still, like a shit parent enabled visa fraud. Venus told her she can't live with them (I assume margo was planning to illegally crash in Japan and find a visa hubby herself) but once Venus said no, Margo was against the marriage. Then Venus secretly schemed with Mana, planned a time to leave, stole stuff and left during the day while margo was away. So >>277788 is just factually incorrect. She had planned to live in Japan for a long time, like any weeb. The only thing is most weebs grow out of this bs, but Venus never did. But the point is, Venus planned it, it was her dream while margo just enabled it and if it wasn't for her desire, Margo and her would not have country hopped as much and especially wouldn't have lived in Korea.

No. 277943

File: 1674351995353.jpeg (150.54 KB, 710x1041, D0AA62C1-12CB-4C1E-BDCA-A21CB3…)

>> Venus' clothing style improved (it looks more elegant that her jirai shit, compliments her better) and her makeup looks improved.
Really? Improved compared to what, a homeless hobo? And “elegant”? lol That outfit would be ugly even if it fit properly but here it’s bunched up around the shoulders and stretched out and bulging around her midsection. And the makeup is her typical, eyelashes on crooked and looks like she was drunk when she applied it (which she probably was.) She looks like a beat-up 40-year old street hooker.

No. 277947

Considerably nicer to look at than Taylor though. Much better looking than taylor in actual fact. I know it depends who's looking, but just saying.

No. 277948

Lol that outfit fits her terribly. She keeps squeezing into one-size trendy brands that don't fit her properly. She's too tall for them and the sleeves never reach her wrists. (If you didn't know, most the brands she buys only come in one size, which is made for Asian girls that are 5'2 and 110lbs)

No. 277953

I would have had no idea these were the same two people in the interview chat thing

No. 277960

I thought you had a backlog of TMI ig stories about your many sexcapades with unwashed LA hobos to attend to, spergchan. at least keep this in the taylor thread.

No. 277963

Venus is the one cow I can't hate even when I try. I just feel so bad for her and hope she either gets some real friends or gets the fuck out of Japan before she dies of liver failure, that's the road she's going down.

What are the chances of her crawling back to her mother and moving to Florida? I feel like it's not entirely impossible. She could get medical marijuana and quit drinking/popping benzos/addy. No community mental health center is gonna prescribe anyone more than 1 controlled substance in Florida, but it's likely she'd be tapered off benzos right away and given zoloft or wellbutrin for her supposed ADHD.

No. 277964

She kind of looks like she's missing teeth here.

No. 277966

nonnie don't under estimate the sheer retardation of moids (because that's whose paying for this shit) Porn hoes, OF thots, Cosplay thots, twitch thots, Trad thots, etc , all shoop themselves from hell and back and moids will still throw money at them because they're so retarded they actually think their waifu looks like that IRL. Doesn't matter if the shoop is obvious af or that there are IRL pics showing how they look nothing like the shoops floating around, moids will buy it. Marge looks better than Venus at this point.

No. 277972

>still desperately trying to look japanese
>still looks like a dried up white grandma

No. 277973

It's because all they care about is consumption.

No. 277974

I mean the clothes look fine, her hair is fried and her face is genetics.

No. 277975

She has been deleting negative comments a lot under her two newest posts.

No. 277979

File: 1674376784909.png (1.65 MB, 750x1334, E7700F95-879C-4FFA-9554-10E816…)

No. 277980

File: 1674376852895.jpeg (716.32 KB, 1284x2184, 6C898E79-CDB7-4113-BDAE-42F3A6…)

Here we go again

No. 277981

HE can't stay in Japan? Maybe because of what you did to your kid and she mentioned it?

No. 277982

Wait, what? She already deleted that story, why?

No. 277983

Maybe she realized that almost no one would have noticed his new rampage if she had not posted about it in the first place?

No. 277984

File: 1674379010838.png (Spoiler Image,272.06 KB, 720x1022, Screenshot_20230122-041436~2.p…)

TW Blood, SH

Wonder what he means by 300 contacts a day?

No. 277985

File: 1674379028396.jpeg (Spoiler Image,710.91 KB, 1284x1810, 651A7D65-5500-4B3C-968B-DEE7F5…)

TW beenus cutting

No. 277986

Told you anons it was real cutting.

No. 277987

As much as I would usually be against this type of thing, Venus needs a reality check. She needs to face the consequences of her actions

No. 277989

Maybe he meant that she messages him or calls him 300 times a day.

No. 277990

Ah time for another hospitalization.

No. 277991

File: 1674380126974.png (271.81 KB, 1080x1517, Screenshot_20230122-103437.png)

No. 277992

Is this the slavic alphabet?

No. 277993

It's latin alphabet, are you blind?

No. 277994

Once again. He is using a translator. He most likely meant that Venus can not / will not be able to stay in Japan (do to whatever he's planning to attempt to do). His original sentences in Japanese probably didn't have a subject and so the translator just tried it's best at guess what he meant.

No. 277995

I hope her fans cancel her lol

No. 277996

That’s exactly what he meant.

Haha this so so funny, it’s like Venus getting a taste of her own medicine. I wonder what she did this time?

No. 277997

File: 1674380935102.jpg (63.75 KB, 898x510, comments.jpg)

comments under his new posts

No. 277998

I hope he will succeed at getting her ass out of Japan, but it will probably never happen. His account might get banned soon too.
It's interesting that Venus is still silent, after deleting her story.

No. 277999

File: 1674381128545.jpg (49.09 KB, 656x1027, lol.jpg)

No. 278000

File: 1674381402988.jpeg (153.79 KB, 904x1024, CC9EA74D-5955-4FEF-9023-ECA950…)

No. 278001

He better have some evidence to back all these claims.

No. 278002

But this is a post from January 1st?

No. 278003

It was after their first public fight. The post originally said something like "I apologize for my previous posts"

No. 278004

Hopefully, but not like they're hard to believe for those who know her past kek. Saw her not paying her taxes from a mile away, she's a womanchild.

No. 278005

We all know what she's like, but if he wants to sue or deport her, his word is not going to be enough.

Her followers didn't seem to notice the shitshow yet, because no one is commenting about it under her posts. Or she just deletes it and pretends that nothing is happening. She must've learned her lesson since the last time.

No. 278006

I think when it comes to tax evasion all that is really needed for someone to look into her is a tip. The tax agency can figure it out themselves.

No. 278007

File: 1674382481516.png (421.95 KB, 1080x1566, Screenshot_20230122-111304.png)

No. 278008

File: 1674382534507.png (7.95 KB, 413x108, nekopachi.png)

No. 278009

File: 1674382692923.png (407.47 KB, 1080x1646, Screenshot_20230122-111658.png)

No idea what is kip

No. 278010

While I am really curious to learn more about all of this, sadly Ken's posts don't make sense most of the time. What is kip? She threw her wads? I have no clue what happened here.

No. 278011

She can't go to florida unless she immigrated as a skilled worker or marriage or something. Margo can't sponsor her as far as I'm aware and I don't see why she'd want to. She can go back to Switzerland, but the weeb in her clings to Japan so much that she's literally ruined her life over her obsession with the country. If she really doesn't have PR, it'd be so much easier and less stressful to just live where you have citizenship. OF and YT can be done anywhere for income until she finds a real job. But she's too good for the normie life.

So far the sex work (pater thing) and the stabbing was true. I could easily see tax fraud being true and illegal stay since it's a fact she committed visa fraud to even live in Japan. And the alcoholic relapse has been admit to by Venus. I wonder if the rest really is true and what Venus did to push him over the edge to start posting this again. Was it the 300 calls and cutting images? Or maybe she did something to him IRL like try to fuck over his business or something since she probably has dirt on him and is a narc so I could see her starting it, just like the doxxing, after realizing he won't take her back.

No. 278012

File: 1674384866325.png (34.17 KB, 606x336, nekopachi.png)

He said that it's a train ticket. It would be better if he explained it both in English in Japanese.

No. 278013

That might be all he needs then to get her looked into and if she really is staying illegally without PR, it might be over for her. It's probably for the best if she did get deported. I think once she's forced out of Japan and let's go of her obsession, she can start getting her shit together, just like Margo did.

I can see this as being true. If you guys remember her video about fat people way back with Margo, she fat shamed a lot and treated them like they're horrible. It felt like something beyond just ED and being afraid to be fat. She also insulted "normies" and made fun of girls looks before. She always thought she was better than others, similar to Margo, so I have a suspicion this is true. But I doubt he has solid proof.

No. 278014

As far as I understand, a woman wanted to help Venus to buy a train ticket and Venus threw money to her face and told her to buy a host

No. 278015

Assuming this story is true, I find it interesting how just now it's unacceptable. After Venus doxxed him. I can let the abuse and DV/stabbing slide, as abuse victims often stay quiet or return to their abusers, but if Venus made a habit of mistreating people, why the fuck was he with her for so long and even recently said she was the love of his life? This is also the person who together with Venus, allegedly called Mikan while having sex because it's their kink. Venus must have done something to him IRL, to his family or business to make him lash out like this. Because before all this recent drama, he seemed fine being with someone as horrible as Venus and it really makes me wonder what did she do to him. Or maybe it was just the final straw? Like he just blew up from all her abuse?

No. 278016

I could see that as being true, especially if Venus was drunk and thus less inhibited. She's already shit on fat people, other girls looks and even her fans and normies and those who work real jobs. But I doubt he can prove this with receipts.

No. 278019

Yeah, she can hardly pretend to be a nice person in front of her fans, so I also believe it, but I don't see how would anyone care about his statement when he has no proof.

No. 278023

I'm more interested into her drug use and taxe evasion

No. 278025

I don't need "proof". It's such a weird, random but very specific story that I very much doubt that he made that up.
And compared to attacking him with a knife, tax evasion, illegal drug use, it's not even a really juicy story. I mean, her mother basically told us she was such a psychopath that she killed her hamster as a child - that was quite the story and even turned out to be true.

The bar for things that could shock us or sound not believable is pretty high at this point.

No. 278026

Gonna laugh so hard if she gets locked up in deportation jail just like Margo did.

No. 278027

Like mother like daughter kek

No. 278029

File: 1674392663895.png (60.06 KB, 613x557, nekopachi.png)

Some new comments under his latest post. I can't speak Japanese, so that comment which translated into "let's be virgins" confused me. He also wrote that she calls her Only Fans fans disgusting and ignores them.

No. 278030

Why is he doing this now? I wonder what triggered him?
I know he is probably as unhinged as she is.. so although I’m excited for potential milk this could all be drunken word vomit.

No. 278031

To be fair, her scrotes are gross and I assume most people doing OF secretly hate their simps but just want easy cash. Ignoring them while promising content is scamming and not okay though if she's taking money from them. Like those goodies and video she promised to them in dm and many other things she didn't deliver to them.

Both he and Venus claimed he got clean though. I don't think he's drunk, but something definitely happened. I don't think incessant calls and self-harm images are what set this off. I think she threatened him or something.

No. 278033

Wonder if he'll really sue her. Winning a defamation case for either of them would be too hard and too costly. He should just report her for tax fraud, visa fraud and domestic violence. Or sue her for the DV.

No. 278034

He said that he was the one who replied to the scrotes on OF. Imagine paying for messaging a thot and 45 yo guy messages you back instead and flirts with you.

No. 278042

the worst thing of all is that her psychotic fans dont even care that Venus is harassing her ex by calling him over 300 times and sending him pictures of her self-harming.

Her fans will still make him the villain, interesting how in their heads everyone is the villain in Venus's life.

No. 278044

This is the same guy who supposedly joked about giving head to a baby and suicide baited.

They are both pieces of shit.

No. 278047

OMG LOL the tranny femboy poster moid must be on suicide watch after this, kek.

No. 278053

Not all Asian women are midgets. Might be the norm and expected but there are those much taller. I recall hearing about a female basketball player, Japanese or Korean, and she was 6'2, very unusual even in white and black women but very unusual for an Asian one. So I guess taller Asian women aren't catered for at all in the clothes market?

No. 278057

Um I've no idea who you think you're talking to, but it isn't me. I know what Taylor looks like is all, I don't post in any thread she has on here as I have no interest in her.

No. 278059

Are you for real? Shed end up in a worse state than ever in that shithole. I've followed YegorsTV for years, he escaped america to go and live in Russia and its only now through living there that his mental health has got better. Anyone who believes america is the place to be should watch his videos where he shows the reality.

No. 278061

When is he talking about? She said she is over him, but she was obviously not over him here. She's stalking him here. But it was a while ago, she talked about it then, so why is he posting it now? Looks like its him who can't get over her.

No. 278062

Japanese don't have pronouns so translators often put he for she and vice versa.

No. 278063

who knows if it was true or not. we only know about it because venus posted those stories. we have no evidence or anything. i don't believe anything venus says. every time venus has a fight with someone, she starts talking shit behind their back. she stated he is a pedo but soon after he 'proposed her' and she said yes…

No. 278064

I should imagine by wads, he means wads of money. Dont know what kip means. In england ppl say having a kip, meaning a sleep, but wouldn't be what he meant.

No. 278065

I think they’re doing this together. She still calls him fiancé and encourages her followers to go to his account to see his post that incriminate her and paint her as a bad person.
Venus’ content doesn’t do well unless there is drama. People want to know the next part of this train wreck and they know it, but both are too incompetent to explain it without sounding like dribble.

No. 278066

Maybe Venus thought the girl was trying to make her go away for some reason? Maybe to steal her boyfriend? Sounds like Venus might have felt jealous of her?

No. 278067

Maybe she did something to the girl she was meant to be with over Christmas? Wasn't that a relation of his? Venus had bought gifts for her and everything, then we heard no more about it.

No. 278068

File: 1674408338237.jpg (131.85 KB, 1080x977, Screenshot_20230122-171926_Ins…)

No. 278069

File: 1674408375783.jpg (39.19 KB, 1080x318, Screenshot_20230122-171952_Ins…)

No. 278070

File: 1674408567812.jpg (121.45 KB, 1080x1128, Screenshot_20230122-172720_Ins…)

Wonder if he really taken this to the law? Maybe she finally get kicked out Japan. Strange he put he is bored stop commenting what a odd thing to say like it all a joke to both of them

No. 278072

Can you not read? I said the brands she buys cater to that size. Like ank rouge, amavel, and whatever else she buys. Nowhere did I say all clothing is one size or all Asians are midgets. You're dumb.

No. 278073

Honestly, some of these things just sound like shit he's making up because he's desperate to get her deported ASAP and knows that implying general racism will turn people against her quicker. I'd take it with a grain of salt.

Source? It just sounds like good old fashioned crazy narc slandering to me. We need to keep the facts straight, it's pretty pathetic to go so far as to make shit up or run with unsubstantiated rumors as fact when there's already enough things to shit on Venus for legitimately. It just rubs me the wrong way. As anachronistic as it is, I prefer some integrity with my milk.

This. Just because Venus is vile, doesn't mean we should be desperate to take the side of Margo or Ken.

No. 278074

Yeah, Venus has a history of going on SM rage benders and posting attacks and lies about Manaki any time he tried to leave her. Typical Borderline tactic and exactly like her mother. So I’m skeptical about this pedophile story.

If you think about it it makes her look horrible either way. If it’s true she stayed with him anyway and if it’s a lie, what kind of a vile perverted mind would come up with shit like that? They really are twisted, both of them.

No. 278075


This reeks of a publicity stunt. The verdict of law? He hasn't done shit to make a proper case out of this and contact authorities.

No. 278076

>> Dont know what kip means.
According to comments under the post it refers to a ticket, like a train ticket.

No. 278078

>> when it comes to tax evasion all that is really needed for someone to look into her is a tip.
If he does report her for tax evasion (which I would totally believe she’s been doing for years) she could be really screwed because they’ll investigate her (fraudulent) visa status as well.

No. 278083

Yeah, he's being fucking weird about all this also he did shit too, so I don't know what he thinks he's doing. He's going to incriminate himself as well.

No. 278085

>>racism will turn people against her

What people? Some of her extra woke fans maybe. But aren't we always hearing about how Japanese people are racist, so why would they care if Venus was racist? And I can't see that being racist would be a reason to be deported from Japan, unless it was shown that Venus, as a white person, was racist towards and about Japanese people, which doesn't seem to be the case anyway.

No. 278087

What posts is he claiming she wrote from his phone? Was she pretending they were from him? What did the posts say?

No. 278093

Well, I’m 158 cm which is exactly the mid average heights in Japan. 70% of my female Japanese friends were my height of even shorter. Most of them skinny so yeah, that’s why one size is common there and too big for Venus who is 166 cm tall.

No. 278095

No1curr, stop blogging you retarded newfag. Go read the rules or somethin.

No. 278102

The way some anons go on about Japan deporting Venus like she's Osama Bin Ladin hiding in the mountains of Afghanistan or some shit. Fucking sends me. She's a nobody. She can't even hurt herself correctly. Kek
Look, unless she pissed off a citizen with enough patience and money to deal with Jap cops, she's gonna roach and bunker down, ain't shit to be done about it.

No. 278104

And to that I say, what Japanese fans?? kek. The few fans she has rooting for her on insta are mostly zoomers worried about being discriminated against for being enby demisexuals or whatever. It certainly wouldn't get her deported, but it would get them up in arms since they lack critical thinking.

No. 278105

Fucking this. It's mostly wishful thinking from weebs whom are seething over her bumming around in their dream country.

No. 278106

>Dating pedophile
>Sexually harass friend
>Drunk asshole
>Sex pest
>Post self harm
>Weaponize mental illness
>Milk fans for $
>Lies constantly
>Ruins lives of any1 she comes in contact with

Her fans: I sleep

>"Black people"


No. 278107

“0 days since last incident”

Drama to get ppl talking and get more views on whatever that collab will be with the AV lady . I really wouldn’t be surprised if it were her posting to his account but the posts are too random and incoherent

No. 278108

Borrowed money from Taylor and never gave it back. Possibly did the same to more people.

No. 278109

Haven't yet watched the video. Picture quality very bad. The Japanese woman looks quite big for a Japanese woman. Easily the same size, if not bigger, than Venus. - Not saying that's a bad thing! Saw a comment saying how good, easy and natural Venus' Japanese is. If that is true then she could surely be at an advantage in gaining some sort of quite good work in Japan if she had to? Would be very useful for them to have someone so fluent in both Japanese and English, not to mention German as well.

No. 278111

It’s not “the place to be” but it’s certainly better than Japan when it comes to mental health care. And I’m specifically referring to Florida, which is where her mother is, not all of the US. Florida has a robust medical marijuana program and I think medical marijuana is probably the only hope Venus has for being normal and not dying. She’s an addict and she’ll always be addicted to something, she needs a way to not dwell on all the crazy shit she’s done and just move on. She’s too crazy to ever do that without the help of a chemical, which is why she’s an alcoholic pill head that can’t quit. If she could just be a stoner she’d be so much healthier mentally and physically, but she still would be able to resist spiraling and having mental breakdowns.

No. 278112

wasn't he married and had a family? maybe Venus told his family everything out of spite after they broke up and that's what triggered him?

No. 278113

It‘scnot Venus‘ size, it‘s her body form
I know girls of 5‘8 and 5‘9 wearing them and still looking good. Venus‘ body form however, does not cater to it

No. 278114

Weed-chan, please. Weed isn't going to save Venus.

No. 278116

You're confusing Venus with Dakota you fucking pothead.

No. 278117

>> unless she pissed off a citizen with enough patience and money to deal with Jap cops,
Which is exactly what this is, a Japanese citizen that she’s pissing off. If she is fucking with him with threats, blackmail etc. thinking he’ll cower and back down like Manaki always did, she’s about to get a rude awakening because unlike Manaki this guy will fight back and he will fuck her up. She’d better tread very carefully with him.

No. 278119

No they aren’t, both Venus and Dakota have Florida ties now

No. 278123

>> Florida, which is where her mother is,
Marge doesn’t want her anywhere near her, she hates Venus. Venus out-narc’d a narc which was a big mistake. Marge will hate her forever.

No. 278140

I’m sure if she groveled enough she could be back in her good graces. Seems better than groveling to gross old stinky scrotes in Japan. She could actually have a chance of landing in a somewhat normal relationship in the US, since her dating pool won’t consist of solely gaijin hunters.

I want a Crawling Back to Mommy Edition so bad, nonnas. She’d get blasted for it for a while but ultimately it’s the best thing she could do for herself. It would be easier to find a man to leech off, too. She could spin a sob story about how coming back to her abusive mother was her only option to escape her even more abusive pimp in Japan and easily start a life with some poor bastard.

No. 278148

you anons are overestimating how easy it is to just immigrate to america? she would need a visa first… she has no work, isn't in school, and no romantic prospects.

No. 278157

It doesn't say "Let's be virgins". It says "You fucking virgin"

No. 278160

Nah, just show up at the border, say you’re “seeking asylum” and you’ll be ushered right in.

No. 278161

File: 1674437409503.jpeg (117.94 KB, 1096x1082, 41616619-B8A4-40DC-B53E-340969…)

He wiped his instagram.

No. 278166

Having your visa status dependent on the whims of a mentally unstable 45-year old creep is not being a #girlboss. Bad idea, really bad.

No. 278169

Venus is not going to shape her life around what some anonymous loser on lolcow wants her to do. She is obviously settled where she is and likes living there. She said as much in the latest video, where she's collabing with that Japanese girl.

No. 278174

>> she likes living there.
She lives in a room zoned out in front of a computer screen when she’s not passed out from alcohol or drugs. She could do that in any country.

No. 278175

OR Venus did

No. 278178

She doesn't want to do it in 'any' country though. She wants to do it in Japan. Which is precisely why she stays there!

No. 278179

I'd hate to see her leave nipland as milky as a deportation would be in the short term, her awful life there is where the richest milk lies

No. 278231

It‘s not Venus‘ size, it‘s her body form
I know girls of 5‘8 and 5‘9 wearing them and still looking good. Venus‘ body form however, does not cater to it>>278095

No. 278248

Maybe venus should notify the police about him and his kid again tbh.

No. 278255

She wouldn’t dare. He’d retaliate by reporting her for tax evasion which would trigger an investigation of her visa fraud and she’d be out on her ass.

No. 278256

how is he the one who responds to OF messages when he can't form a single correct sentence in English? why would Venus need help buying a train ticket in a country she's been living in for years? half the things he says don't make much sense and he sounds as unstable as she is, but her situation doesn't look too good in any case.

she is a nobody but this isn't Europe, depending on what she did, there could be consequences if someone reports her. Japanese authorities aren't the type to let foreigners stay illegally and commit crimes (fraud/drug use/whatever)

No. 278261

Does he even have proof she's evading or is he throwing shit at the wall hoping something scares her. Half this stuff he probably has no proof of which is why his chicken ass deleted everything.

No. 278267

nta but japan's infrastructure for that sort of thing is very strong so they'd definitely invest any claims.

No. 278270

Wouldn't they have already been doing that then and Ken wouldn't have to alert them?

No. 278277

>> Does he even have proof she's evading or is he throwing shit at the wall
He’s acting as her manager, I assume he’d know about her tax situation (or lack of it more likely.)

No. 278279

>This. Just because Venus is vile, doesn't mean we should be desperate to take the side of Margo or Ken.
Most of what Margo said has already been proven true so you're a little late with "not taking her word or side" whiteknight shit.

No. 278280

Exactly. It's bad either way. She either made it up to slander him or it's true that he coerced his gf to SA her son and then Venus stayed with him. I still wonder if what Mikan said was actually about them. When she said they called her while having sex because it's their kink and they are sadists. That's the only reason I wonder if the pedo story is true. But likely isn't. Wouldn't be the first time Venus accused someone of being a pedo.

No. 278281

"He" apologized there, then claimed Venus stole his phone and wrote that in his name and after that it was too late for him to change it since they were back together and that'd likely cause Venus to lash out/attack him.

No. 278282

Can she even work in Japan? She immigrated via marriage fraud and doesn't seem to have PR. You can't just find work and be given a work visa after that. You need to be an educated professional and then immigrate legally via a skilled worker visa, business/entertainment visa/marriage or tourist. Her getting a job would be useless if she's lost her illegal marriage visa.

No. 278283

Well too fucking bad. She's a drain on that society and wasn't even born there to deserve to stay there. Hope she gets deported, which will ultimately actually end up being good for her anyway. She clings to a country she fetishizes and ruined her life over it. And what did it give her? A social media account of retard fans reciting "slaaay Venus yaaas queen" and completely burned bridges with literally everyone in her life, some weeb clothes and addiction.

No. 278291

so the tinfoil about her running around on a fake visa maybe legit. Zaddy needs to get that ass deported because that shit would be epic. She would have the biggest meltdown if she got deported and 2-5 year ban from glorious Nippon.

No. 278292

"slavic alphabet" isn't a thing, since certain Western Slavic nations use the roman alphabet, while the others use the Cyrillic. What she used it the roman alphabet. It says "KEN". In Cyrillic is would be "Кен".

No. 278294

Just saying that yeah, Venus is trying to squeeze herself in one-size clothing. It’s unflattering. Doesn’t mean that Asian comes are midgets. Venus is to tall need M-L size to look normal.

No. 278295

Her Japanese is very basic. N3 level at most, Family Mart register is her buggiest shot if she’d try to her a job.

No. 278296

When did Mikan hint at them??

No. 278298

Insanely old milk- but Mikan made a series of tweets heavily referring to Venus. She didn't name drop her but there's nobody else it could have been since her circle is public. The timeline of their friendship falling out matched up as well

No. 278300

Do you want an ass kissing?? No one gives a shit.

No. 278301

I mistook her unnaturally elongated "E" cut for one of those fork like letters in Russian.

No. 278308

Then why even fucking mention it, retard? Who tf cares about who’s bigger “for a Japanese person”??

No. 278310

She complains about her mom emailing her constantly, and now she’s doing it to others. Not surprising.

No. 278312

poor girl. it must have been fun to work with venus after witnessing her mental breakdown and suicide baiting posts on instagram lol.

No. 278322

If she was already doing everything Ken said and anons are saying that Japan is so strict and keeps harsh tabs on non-natives, wouldn't Venus already be in trouble the same way Margo was? That hasn't been the case though, so what exactly is Ken trying to do here?

No. 278327

[Samefag] But this just adds to why nothing he has done makes any sense also Japan would take someone asking others to commit CP more seriously than someone skipping out on a visa for a little while. They are separate sectors, but Ken cannot go to the police or anyone about anything without them checking in to the allegations Venus said about him and his ugly ass doesn't want the whole nation to see his face on TV for peddling and asking people to make CP for him using his own son.

No. 278336

>Japan would take someone asking others to commit CP more seriously
they wouldn't. at all.

No. 278345

Yeah, they do. Have you not seen news from their tv about how often this happens? The sentences aren't near anything they should be, but people get outed all the time and if it's not on tv it's in papers and word travels in the cities. Ken wouldn't be able to go anywhere and like most caught he'd probably take himself out. He's cornered. So many visas so unchecked and they really don't care as long as you aren't causing trouble unlike what anons have been saying. She's not doing anything criminal and they don't take mental health seriously, but Ken's physical actions that we don't know about towards his on and on top of that pimping out his child.. Yeah. They wouldn't care as much as Ken thinks about Venus when they could probably have a whole bunch of CP charges towards Ken. No way in hell this girlfriend thing was a one time thing. Sounds like Ken brought it up to see how Venus would react and probably hoped she'd be in to it like the other girlfriend was. That's how pedophiles try to groom others in to it. Ken is by far the worse of the two right now and Venus needs to get away from him before he's able to somehow implicate her in anything CP related. I have no doubts this guy has harddrives.

No. 278357

it's naive to think they are more serious about their cp problem simply because it gets news coverage.

No. 278358

Do we have caps knowing Ken was actually the father of that child?
I remember the post saying it was " His assistants son" and Ken convinced her to make him CP of her and the son. ( so fuxked up regardless)
But was it confirmed that This assistant was an ex girlfriend and this child was actually his ??

No. 278360

Anon, I said the sentences are garbage.

No. 278370

File: 1674500979479.jpeg (429.31 KB, 919x1480, AF43CD1D-BB64-4C76-B408-8D53AA…)

Yes, the kid’s mother is his ex (maybe current?) girlfriend, not just his assistant. I say ‘maybe current’ because they are still in Ken’s life, how else would Venus have access to the kid (also evidence that he is indeed Ken’s kid.)

No. 278371

Venus should absolutely go to the police if she has any proof or even just a hint. The police would investigate it in Japan, tips are enough. Ken probably keeps taking it down because if I were Venus, I'd threaten that most likely Japan would award me a visa to stay due to turning in a predator and also that would take in the guy's ex.

No. 278375

Um, yes they do care about tax evasion. They take that very seriously. And it’s something that can be quickly and easily verified once it has been reported. Venus evading taxes for the past 6+ years? Big trouble for her, possibly jail time and certainly deportation.

On the other hand, some mentally unstable alcohol and drug abusing foreigner saying Ken (a Japanese citizen) told her some story about something that happened years ago? If there is evidence to corroborate that (big IF) that would get him jailed- otherwise it’s a he said/she said situation and goes nowhere. Plus, as noted before, he would retaliate by reporting her visa fraud, tax evasion, etc. etc. which would not end well for her.

No. 278383

Oh, is this like when Venus said Manaki has been arrested for molesting little girls on the train? She seems to have many pedo fantasies on top of actively pedo pandering in her photoshoots and following pedo accounts.

No. 278387

yes and? my point is that they don't take those claims as seriously as tax evasion or visa fraud. it's not even the same department.

No. 278394

i still believe this is an other made up story by venus. every time she lies she exaggerates the details. liars do this a lot, they share unnecessary made-up details because they think it will make their story believable.

like the time she said margo threw a knife at her. she didn't stop there, na-ah. she said she moved her head and the knife got stuck in a painting behind her!!! this is some tom & jerry level type of shit.

and here she says it was so disturbing it kept her up some nights! well, it seems like it wasn't disturbing enough because she still managed to spend an other year or two with this 'monster' lol.
it was just an other exaggeration to make a person look bad. she does this alllll the time. so so manipulating.

i'm glad zaddy is crazy enough to fight back. we finally see what venus is like behind the scenes.

No. 278395

Almost no one gets away with overstaying visas in Japan, not tourists, students or workers. Idk how they do it, but they have every move of yours on watch when it comes to that. She is probably still married, but since she’s not physically living with Manaki, I guess that’s what Ken is meaning by visa fraud. If she has a spouse visa, she probably also has a work permit, tough her Japanese is not as good as it seems and being a furītā working at a convenience store doesn’t fit her Japanese living doll model dream. I guess she’s only making money from her OF and fan sites, and that Ken uses that money too but it’s not taxed. I believe Ken is latching out after seeing the content with Nene, and that he maybe believe Venus is gonna get more cash now because of this collab and since they broke up he’s not gonna get one cent and therefore wants to sabotage Venus’s “career”.

No. 278396

The police in japan couldn't give any less of a fuck about that even if Venus did have evidence of it. They're notorious for being extremely lax on sexual abuse of all kinds. Real rapists recieve little more than a slap on the wrist there, let alone predators by proxy. They'd be more interested in Venus's taxes.

No. 278397

Much thanks. That's actually horrific that it's actually Ken's child !!!

No. 278402

>> She is probably still married
I think she’s divorced. She said last May on instagram she was “seeing a lawyer about divorce proceedings” (note she doesn’t say who initiated the divorce.) Manaki has been trying to divorce her since 2019 and I think he finally went through with it as of last fall, hence her big public move.

No. 278404


Yeah, why didn't she just get away from her abuser during that time if she felt like she was in danger? All she had to do was leave her one and only source of support, it's not like trauma bonds are complicated things at all that keep people stuck in unhealthy situations. Margo doesn't need anyone's help looking bad.

No. 278408

Which “source of support” are you talking about here? Margo? Venus had no problem breaking those “trauma bonds” and ditching “her abuser” once she had Manaki lined up (and those Youtube bux secured.)

No. 278409

If the divorce went through sometime during or after May (when she claimed to be meeting with a lawyer about divorce proceedings), that means she woulda had 6 months to change visas. This could explain the bus incident and rehab because she was trying really hard to get Ken to take her back. Or maybe she things institutionalizations give her more time to change visas. I live here and don't think this is the allowed, but she was asking her followers for more rehab money a few days ago so like lol. If this tinfoil is legit and shes running around on a invalid, expired visa, she is really pushing her luck picking fights with this dude and running around Tokyo white girl wasted.

No. 278413

I doubt Venus has any concrete evidence, IF that was even true. Venus also said the gf denied it and didn't want to report it (although that sounds like a lie she made up to seem like she cared about the SA after she got called out, I doubt she even has the woman's contact info or cared since all she cared about was a marriage ring for another visa). And of course, if it's not true (likely isn't) then he has nothing to be afraid of in that regard, but she probably has other dirt on him.

No. 278414

lol please, he is not using her money. Ah, yes, the old "everyone is leeching off poor benoos" rubbish. This is the guy who got Venus cartier, bulgari, gucci and LV and actually has a stable job, yet he "needs" her money? What a fucking joke. And also, if it's true he does work on her OF, then some of that money is his or do you expect everyone to build Venus' dreams and work for her for free while she reaps all the benefits? No, he did not lash out over OF or Nene, how fucking dumb can you be?

No. 278416

No where does she state it's his child. Did you not read: it was HIS ASSISTANTS kid who used to be his girlfriend. Where does it say the kid is his? Could the gf not have already had a child before getting with Ken?

No. 278417

Exactly. It was more about going to glorious Nipponland as soon as possible while she's still young than any "trauma." She played that part up, just like she played up her love for Manaki to get away with taking the channel and criminal activity (the visa fraud). I think Venus just didn't like Margo (for good reasons) but wasn't as "traumatized" as she likes to pretend, especially with how calculatedly she left after getting everything she wanted from Marge. I think most of the "trauma" came afterwards, when Margo lashed out, shit talked her and things got dramatic. Like I'm sure their relationship being shit now has left some scars for both of them, but Venus played up the abuse and had no problems leaving said abuser and breaking "trauma bonds" immediately, once her dream Japan life was in line. That's not how legitimate severe abuse and trauma bonds work. That's how opportunism and sociopathy works.

No. 278419

Geez, girl calm down. I’m just saying he is an idiot and addict in some way as well. Doesn’t seem rich or well of at all. When they did OF together, maybe that was a nice small side cash for him, whether he needed that or not. Some for Venus and her alcohol and some for Zaddy and his pachinko’s or what not. Idk. addicts always go all crazy when one cash income disappears, big or small. Not saying he is living of her. Maybe he is as delusional thinking he could get a new career as a “porn” star, but he got kicked out after the break up. I bet all her gifts were knock offs anyway. But he doesn’t seem that bright in the head anyway and could ofc be upset that he didn’t get to be involved in that sad collab.

Whenever he’s all acting up like this, Venus has usually been just motivated to post 10+ stories about the said drama. This is something delusional from this old penis beer belly man. They are so dependent on each other for whatever reason. Typical substance abusers couple. They can trow each other under the bus for bare minimum.

No. 278444

>> Where does it say the kid is his?
Why would the kid still be in his life if it’s not his? T H I N K

No. 278446

>> This is the guy who got Venus cartier, bulgari, gucci and LV
What Cartier and Bulgari, lol. One sad lil LV scarf and a tiny cloth Coach pocketbook is all the swag this poor creature has to show for four years with old penis beer belly man (thanks, >>278419) Seriusly, this myth that she’s being showered with designer swag from her rich sugar daddy is pathetic at this point. He’s just as broke and drunk and dirty as she is.

No. 278448

He also coulda brought the stuff from a resale shop. Venus is so stupid and greedy she just assumed he had bread because of the gifts and dinners. She would have still been hanging with Taylor R around the time she started messing with Ken, and said in a life stream she was jealous of Taylor. She prob saw the scarf and dinners and immediately assumed she was gonna live the sugar baby life like Tay Tay.

No. 278463

Why would Venus write "the kid was his assitant's kid" and not "HIS " kid?
I know Venus' English isn't always the best, but that would be a strange wording when talking about "the child of her bf" even for her.

No. 278464

Maybe because it's his assistant's

No. 278467

I don't get why people assume that he has no money or that the designer stuff she has are fake or secondhand. It's not so uncommon to get an expensive present from a JP boyfriend, for a special occasion. And considering that on photos we've seen of him he mostly had designer t-shirts, he doesn't seem like someone who needs Venus to help with his finances.

No. 278472

that was a different guy, anon.

No. 278474

I don't mean the host guy, if you think I was talking about him.

No. 278475

No it was ken

No. 278477

File: 1674570488676.jpg (516.27 KB, 1080x1970, 1659843695236.jpg)

I just noticed that scar Venus gave him with a broken bottle. She must've done that when they were breaking up then.

No. 278488

That's an old cap from before the mental hospital stay

No. 278493

File: 1674579229882.jpg (73.13 KB, 736x526, ec79f1d58716968b9e02df84b8de6e…)

jirai girls are heavily associated with sugardaddying in Japan and tend to flex wads of cash/designer shit from prostituting themselves on their socials all the time. probably gave beenoos the idea to seek out ken.

Sage for autism.

No. 278500

File: 1674580683249.png (209.61 KB, 399x384, Opera Instantané_2023-01-24_18…)

>>278477Talking about scars, Venus had one on her wrist since december. It looks like a "N", so it's probably the "Ken" carved on her skin. But she's still need a bandage more than 1 month after? What kind of shit both of them are doing? Smell like a fake story made for views…

No. 278501

good lord that is a hundred-dollar bear tshirt. Do we have any inkling as to what Ken does for a living? It's hard to imagine this crazy man baby holding down a real job.

No. 278502

that's not really expensive unless you work retail/fast food.

No. 278503

More, their t-shirts are over 300 USD. He also has Hermes one.
Venus said he has some company, forgot what kind tho.
So no wonder she refused to give him up. No more fancy dinners for her now, unless she finds another papakatsu.

No. 278518

>> expensive present from a JP boyfriend
I guess that depends on what your definition of “expensive present” is. In the designer world a little baseball cap or tiny cloth pocketbook is the very bottom rung. A real SD would be buying designer shoes, bags, jewelry etc. not these sad little knick knacks.

Still no evidence of her having anything Cartier or Bulgari either, is there? That’s because she’s a fraud trying to sell herself as a girlboss sugarbaby with a rich SD. He’s as broke as she is.

No. 278520

with all that money you'd think he'd be able to afford a sugarbaby that doesn't have diseased black teeth and a smorgasbord of personality disorders

No. 278527

File: 1674588601649.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1125x1853, F5CAF43D-68B9-42F5-9223-B4F93D…)

No. 278531

Again with her female retards hyping her up "yaas queen slay girlboss!" in the comments while she only makes posts to milk her male scrotes. It's like this sad cope circle where whores are validating each other for being whores because everyone on the outside is looking at them like "wtf is wrong with you."

No. 278533

If those are 10k yen notes it looks like 100k. So… 750 American/700 Euro. Sorry her snatch isn't even worth a thousand..

No. 278536

What’s the engagement on her OF like now, since she abandoned it for weeks on end? Anyone know how many likes and comments she gets?

No. 278538

File: 1674591028415.jpg (317.84 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230124_150355_Ins…)

Here is her OF current status of how many posts, videos, and engagment.
Word on the street is she hasent even uploaded her collaboration set yet….

No. 278540

The other girl hasn’t shared any of her pics with venus on her insta either, lol.

No. 278542

Blowing hundreds on a t-shirt is fucking stupid unless you are rich, annon. I guess everyone has their thing, maybe he is super passionate about a British luxury brand but I doubt it. That's the action of someone who wants to portray themselves as rich/successful. Same as venus, larping like Anna Delvey for an impressionable fanbase.

No. 278543

One anon says it must be fake, because it's expensive and other anon says that it's too cheap, can you decide? I was just telling them that getting a designer item in JP isn't so difficult, especially if you have a JP boyfriend. The fact that Venus is larping as a sugar baby is a different matter.

She said that the Bvlgari ring was fake. The host guy gave it to her as a part of his scam or something.

No. 278547

i think those are two different anons, and both are fair assumptions. it's easier to find fakes in asian, including japan, especially as a man. and it's also easy to buy secondhand. both assumptions take into account how bad he treats her in general, it's not hard to believe he doesn't think she's worth new items. plus venus doesn't even claim to be into be into brand stuff, so it's not like those are thoughtful gives anyway regardless. he's not considering her tastes.

No. 278550

Oh please, she goes to Miu Miu and Samatha Thavasa was too cheap for her, she's definitely into designer stuff. I'm leaning towards them being new/authentic, because it would be lame to give someone such present without the proof of authenticity. And don't know where you came up with that idea that he's not considering her tastes. Who would get angry if they got a designer item as a present? Poor Venus, getting presents that she doesn't want.

No. 278565

I think their designer goods are from second-hand stores. You can find them easily and they tend to have goods that are at least a year old. People tend to wear the goods once or twice before selling them off, then they can buy the next new trendy thing in the official store. You can get a decent price too for selling second-hand if you take good care of the item and sell it before it goes out of style, which is nearly a year.

I never see them with the newest brand name goods, so I don’t think they actually go to the official stores for their stuff.

No. 278587

This. Resale shops are a thing in Japan and there are lots off them here. Ken could easily be full on Splenda Daddy. And like that anon pointed out, if he was a real baller he'd get a way more attractive sugarbaby as he could afford it. You can smell Venus through the screen she's so badly unkempt.(sage your shit )

No. 278593

>it would be lame to give someone such present without the proof of authenticity.
okay but have you seen the state of their relationship? they have lame and crazier things happening every week. it's possible the items were authentic or even new but imo it's not enough to jump to the conclusion that he's some rich CEO because if he was actually rich and willing to "buy" his gf, why would he choose Venus and behave the way he does

No. 278596

They just did it.

No. 278603

i don't understand why it's so hard to believe they have autientic designer stuff. venus DOES have income she just spends it on useless shit. or do you think her only fans money just disappears?
she always has the newest iphone / macbook / nintendo / nails / makeup etc.

even back then when she lived with margo in a 1 room apartment, they spent their money on starbucks, restaurants and traveling. every single day they posted about their fancy coffee or lunch. their priorities were fucked up.

stop imagining venus has a healthy relationship with money. she doesn't have to pay rent or utilities, she does whatever she wants.

she acts like she is rich, flaunting her LV scarf and designer backpack, while she spent YEARS on a dirty mattress on the floor at manaki's.

zaddy is probably not dirt poor but not rich either. still living with his mum while milking sugar babies does allow him to buy designer shit.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 278635

File: 1674668246278.jpeg (150.7 KB, 773x834, 0367B6F4-1DAD-4202-9E79-29F4A0…)

Yeah, she does have designer gifts. But seeing how she’s a bottom of the barrel, unwashed, greasy and drunk most of the time SB with rotten teeth, she gets bottom tier Walmart sale bin designer gifts. Like this

No. 278636

File: 1674668272698.jpeg (235.08 KB, 1053x1088, D9A0B9A7-A7A5-4CF5-9C17-86DFAE…)


No. 278637

File: 1674668405449.jpeg (180.87 KB, 930x897, D9B44E9C-47BA-446F-ACFF-192046…)

and this. Nothing to brag about, in fact it’s kind of embarrassing given she’s been with this slimy dude more than 4 years and this is all she has to show for it.

No. 278640

OT but fuck - these look like two completely different people. How are her fans so dumb.

No. 278667

What's so embarrassing about getting such presents from your boyfriend and then just simply wearing them? I don't know about you, but I don't think "ew, that's the cheapest one" when I receive such item.

No. 278672

literally, there are so many things to be said about venus but anon chose that? is she living in a palace full of haute couture? it's not my taste either but it's certainly the most popular with chinese and japanese students in my town

No. 278676

It speaks to the fact that this pimp is a broke loser, not some uber-rich baller like Venus wants people to think. That’s all.

No. 278691

Maybe because the lolita clothes she was able to purchase while living with Manaki were literally more her style, more expensive, more exclusive, and retain more value considering they are collectibles that aren’t mass produced in the same quantity as her shitty, ugly, clearance designer shit. Literally downgraded so damn hard it’s enough to give you fucking whiplash.

>itt poorfags who think designer items like that are nice or actual status symbols in any form

You dumb bitches, I swear.

And yes, if my bf got me the cheapest designer sale item he could find, I would be like “ew this is the cheapest one of these” cause that shit is all so devoid of good style as is. It’s literally made to be sold to trashy people who can barely afford it but wanna feel fancy for owning something with pricey brand logos. Actual wealthy people aren’t buying those products, those are literally produced by the designers for the lower classes to consume. It speaks volumes that there are people in this thread who are even vaguely impressed by her sad little designer hoard. A middle schooler whose mom is a low-tier stripper would likely have a nicer collection of designer shit, kek. This is all shit only poor people who fall into some cash purchase.

No. 278713

What great things have you done to be putting yourself on a pedestal like this, nobody cares and you are just like the rest of us spending your free time posting in a Venus Angelic image board, even if you are in a fancy hat or something

No. 278714

Agreed. Their post reeks. Seems so hateful and entitled, not to mention unappreciative and ungrateful.

No. 278715

What’s embarrassing is that in the world of sugarbabies flaunting their designer swag (it’s a real thing) which she very much wants to be part of, the crap she’s trying to flaunt is, well, embarrassing.

No. 278716

>itt poorfags who think designer items like that are nice or actual status symbols in any form
>It speaks volumes that there are people in this thread who are even vaguely impressed by her sad little designer hoard
Literally no one said that lmao, you're just trying to justify your useless rant on designer items. Anons were either saying that Venus is LARPing as rich (so, agreeing with you), or that if she received these items from her bf + they're popular in Japan then there's no reason for her not to wear them.

No. 278717

Disagreed. >>278691 speaks the truth. Venus’s sad attempts to LARP as a #girlboss with a rich Asian “fiance” showering her with designer gifts is pitiful and embarrassing.

No. 278718

Everyone agrees that Venus is trying to LARP, but some of us also find this anon to be insufferable. They sound like a fussy old person.

No. 278719

I don’t like designer shit. If I was gonna be gifted something designer, I’d want it to actually be something nice, not the cheapest shit they sell, since it’s literally all a waste of money to someone in my income bracket. I’d rather it not be covered in logos and actually be, Yknow, nice. Not a big loud advertisement that I’m delusional white trash who thinks they’re hot shit with my overpriced designer garbage only other poor people buy in a pathetic, backfiring attempt at conspicuous consumption. The people acting like Zaddy is totally AKSHUALLY rich are whom my post was directed towards, in addition to the person saying they would be grateful if their bf gave them a shit tier gift lol.

You’re the one who was saying they’d be thankful for a garbage ass uninspired, overpriced gift from an ugly old man, aren’t you? Embarrassing.

No. 278721

lmfao so instead of telling the cops she decides to get back w him? dudes the shitttiest sugar daddy, does that bare minimum & gives her like $100 tops but shes out here still going to bat for some sick fuck. if its true makes her just as sick. stg if someone said anything like that to me i'd be in jail

No. 278722

thats literally probably her rent or welfare ahahaha

No. 278724

wow, I just realized you can see the band aid on her arm from where she cut Ken into her arm in this pic. It's on her left arm. It looks like she tried to shop it but did a shitty job. You can see the edge of it where her arm is bending.

No. 278727

She used to wear Bodyline lmao, you're comparing that to LV? Even 13 yo girls in our lolita community can afford this fashion. There's nothing exclusive about lolita, unless you buy some extra rare piece.

She's not a sugar baby tho, we know that. She's not even flaunting them that much, they just appeared on one or two photos.

I got such presents before and never thought they were trash tier, because I know he would normally not be able afford them and it was just a nice gesture. You would be a shit person to feel ungrateful after that and expecting more, anon. And let's not pretend that most of us would be able to afford this "shit tier" stuff.
For some reason you sound bitter af over the fact that she has some designer stuff. Let her have them, how is that bothering anyone?

No. 278728

My bf has a considerably harder time than a lot of people and if he gets me anything I am happy because it means he cares about me and took the time. Also I’m not an asshole elitist even though I probably have more money than you

No. 278732

No1curr about you or your broke ugly boyfriend… Why is there so much gay blogging ITT

No. 278733

different anon, but does that mean you only want to have rich boyfriends?

No. 278734

Agreed. This anon is speaking facts lol. Venus is dumb enough to think wearing tacky designer garbage makes her "rich", further feeding her delusions of grandeur.

No. 278735

This whole made up drama is bs and boring. I don't know what about a Gucci cap or a LV scarf makes some anons' blood boil so much, but Venus snapping some photos in it and simply wearing it is not drama nor interesting.

No. 278736

anons are just replying to the original designer items and "ew i'd complain if my bf offered me these" blogpost. just in case you couldn't scroll up and see the whole interaction.

No. 278762

Japanese men really do have gigantic bobble heads. Sheesh

No. 278770

That only makes it worse for them to keep the blogpost train going. At least the original anon's post was remotely on topic, bitching about how she's an evil ingrate and you're so kind you'd let your scrote fuck your butthole if he used his Mcdonalds paycheck to buy you a pair of bootleg gucci flipflops is just retarded.

No. 278772

Y'all should touch some grass, this debate is embarrassing.

No. 278774

He's clearly not broke if he has some recruitment company. No one said he's filthy rich, but the point is, he's not some pimp that needs Venus' money, like the other anon suggested.

Because it was the kid of his GIRLFRIEND, whom he was dating at the time. Why don't you THINK.

No. 278776

File: 1674731505128.jpeg (208.75 KB, 726x1110, 992A9BBC-1D31-4D7E-9A03-F75565…)

Fried her hair with bleach for nothing kek

No. 278780

She missed larping as an east Asian too much.

No. 278783

she needs to stop going so extreme in regards to color and just settle on something in between the super dark and the super bleached. Isn't her natural color a warmer brown? That would be a better choice than the super dark she insists on dyeing it.

No. 278792

I thought she went blonde again in order to be more appealing as a white prostitute, kek

Especially considering plenty of broke freeters with shit priorities boast small brand items like these. It really is no big deal

No. 278810

>>You're the one who was saying
No, that was a different anon. I commented on how you sound like you think you'd be too good for any of those lame gifts.

No. 278811

Wow….no words. Who the heck has this poor judgement about their hair. Frying it to hell and back only to be blonde for a couple weeks. Should of just gotten a wig ffs instead of destroying your hair and wasting all that money. I thought she "loved" being blonde and it made her feel girly and beautiful?

No. 278812

Zaddy didn't like it. He prefers a more adult look on Venus so she changed it back to please her wallet.

No. 278814

She at least could have done something fun and interesting with the color of her hair before slapping the black back on. It was light enough to do almost any color. She could of had the pink hair she used to sperg about all the time

No. 278827

She always seems to have wigs so don't know why she didn't just use one instead of messing about with her own hair.

No. 278846

IMHO it's more retarded to keep bitching about something so insignificant as someone's scarf or whatever, but if it will make you feel better, I will pretend that everything you wrote is true.

No. 278855

You would think that after all those years she would at least learn how to do her eye makeup. Her eyes look scary.

No. 278924

Too bad, the blonde looked way better than black-brown. She'll just look more haggard now, complete with damaged hair for nothing. Those lenses are hideous too on blue eyes and that red under her eyes is so unflattering. She tries really hard to follow jirai trends and they don't even work for her. Reminds me of Mikan's desperate attempt at wearing ugly kawaii fashion complete with an ugly miffy bag that 10 year olds would wear. They really just try to force trends and fashion that doesn't suit them because gLoRiOuS nIpPoN. Why Japan specifically has so many gaijin retard foreigners who offer nothing of value is beyond me.

No. 278934

File: 1674779845190.jpeg (255.3 KB, 1115x1115, 98F78EEA-F4C1-4041-AD76-DBC793…)

She literally gives herself a whole new face in her selfies. Like a fictional character she portrays on instagram.

No. 278935

You think, you fucking halfwit. Why would his ex-gf’s kid still be in his life if it wasn’t his kid (or maybe she’s still his gf and Venus is the side piece.) Either way, he’s more than just an ex’s kid, obviously.

No. 278938

>> He's clearly not broke if he has some recruitment company
And this is based on what, Venus said so? Lol she’s a pathological liar. Pimp zaddy is obviously a low-level porn ‘manager’ and photographer, and drunk and dirty like Venus. You’ve seen his picture, right? He’s the male version of her, only 20 years older.

Some of you people are gullible to the point of being retarded, I sear.

No. 278939

Seriously, who are these “oh he’s rich and gives her designer gifts and has his own recruitment company! Venus said so!” commenters? Are they 12-year old instagram followers or what?

No. 278943

Is that so? Thought it would be more likely for ryousangata girls. Jirai is more alternative while ryousangata is mote/appealing to men and much more popular.

No. 278983

I think he might have money but not because of the gifts, but because they bought so many hotels

No. 278989

This, I don't know why so many anons refuse to believe anything Venus says except if it's something positive about her "bf", and they also believe everything he says. Imho they are in a same place mentally and financially because they behave the exact same way (unhinged instagram posts, suicide baiting, doing OF etc). The fact that he is a middle aged man who can't let go of a mentally unwell 20-something yo also says a lot.

No. 279014

Jirai girls are more mentally unhinged, or that's how they portray themselves, so maybe the idea is that they whore themselves more.

No. 279019

Love hotels aren’t expensive at at all

No. 279023

Venus is just, I don't know, a cautionary tale maybe. The damage to her intestines alone has shortened her life. Coupled with unchecked alcoholism and wildly fluctuating prescriptions means her liver alone will see cirrhosis. I don't mean to medfag but this is obvious and sad.
It seems to be a life imitating art instance in the saying "mental health explains, it does not excuse". I understand Japan isn't great with mental health issues, but she has the internet. Use it to educate, do not use it to further spiral.

No. 279024

>>278924 She bleached her hair to the max only to get rid of drugs use evidences. She never planned to stay blonde. The hair bleaching is well used in Japan by people have who have to be drugs checked because your hair are keeping every evidences of a messed life.
Venus was probably on rehab for alcohol AND drug use.

No. 279026

My mom had a lot of friends from the neighborhood who were/are alcoholics. My older brother drank way more than Venus for years and is somehow fine. Depending on Venus' genetics/her not having any other physical health issues, worst that would happen to her is she'll need a liver transplant in her 50's
She'll either wake up or never learn, no in-between sadly.

Cirrhosis wouldn't be enough to scare her, I reckon

No. 279027

But I assume her friends also didn't have an illegal surgery that they almost died from. For Venus, the problem is not just drinking, but also ED, SH and drug abuse, so there are many reasons to believe why he health will go to shit soon if she doesn't get better.

No. 279028

Don't forget the botched stomach surgery, the ED/frequent mukbangs gorging on sweets and spicy foods and drinking large amounts of tabasco. Poor girl is slowly killing herself, she def lost decades of life expectancy.

No. 279029

>>279028 She said she will get her shit together at 30 yo in an old insta post… I wish her a long life because I doubt it will happen.(learn2sage)

No. 279030

Beenos is flexing in her stories about getting drunk with xannies. What a loser. I hope she gets addicted and fucks up her life for real since she thinks it's so cool to be a jirai kei drunk pill popping mess.

No. 279033

To be fair, a lot of people get their shit together around that age, more or less, so I can still se some hope for her. But the consequences of how she used to treat her body will get her one day anyway.

No. 279044

File: 1674819332799.jpg (84.83 KB, 1125x565, IMG_4996.jpg)

she is clearly not trying to look asian guys. what makes you even think that???

No. 279045

i dont like her but i will defend her on this.
Retarded woketards will literally overlook her lying, scamming and abusing and defend her for that but then attack her for asian-fishing just because she is into japanese fashion or makeup, it is dumb and unimportant.

No. 279046

but it's obvious she wants to look asian 100%. but her intention with this comment is to pretend it's not her desire AT ALL to look asian.
following japanese fashion trends is one thing, but morphing your face to look like you are from a different ethnicity is an other.
it doesn't even suit her. she would look waaay better if she stopped trying to look like a 12 years old asian girl - ditched the stupid lenses and found a hair style that suits her face shape. oh and the makeup too.

i remember her asian vs american makeup video, and she looked really good wearing the 'american' makeup lol.

No. 279047

this is the video: https://youtu.be/lAObmnJ-7jY(learn2embed)

No. 279048

do you even hear yourself, you are saying she is asian-fishing just because she is wearing circle lenses or wearing makeup thats popular in japan.

No. 279051

File: 1674821678718.png (439.87 KB, 638x587, Screenshot_20230127-130847.png)

Just look at her photoshoped pics, you can't deny that she's asian-fishing.

No. 279052

majority of asian-fishers try to actually make themselves look asian by giving themselves feline monolids, flatter nose and bigger lips.
Venus has not changed the shape of her eyes except for photoshopping it bigger, she still has thin lips and a white nose.

The look that venus is going for is the ''living doll'' look that used to be popular when she was a teenager, it has nothing to do with asian-fishing. She just hasnt outgrown her doll phase.

No. 279055

Are you being serious? She's been asian fishing for about 10 years now. This shouldn't be a shocking statement. If anyone is the poster child for larping as asian it's her

No. 279059

Not all asian-fishers are trying to get monolids, because not all asians have monolids. She doesn't look caucasian on many of her photos at all and there are people who actually think she's asian and get surprised to find out that she's white. She's literally the OG asian-fisher.

No. 279064

Asian-fishing isn't a thing.
Unless that person claims to be asian or half-asian or some shit.

She shoops herself to look like a kawaii animu. She lives in Japan, of course she isn't going to follow western shooping styles. Of course she is using asian beauty filters. Everyone around her is.

She never claimed to be asian so we can stop with the asian fishing retardedness. If someone is so stupid that they can see this european girl and believe she's japanese, they are smoothbrained and have never been to an asian country. They believe sterotypes that all asians look like kpop stars or anime characters.

No. 279066

>not all asians have monolids
those are South asians meanwhile venus is accused of East asian fishing and they do HAVE monolids.

Yes someone gets it, Venus is already a shitty enough of a person who already has other things to be criticized for so i dont know why some people are hung up on miniscule things like asian-fishing.
It makes me think they are underage and found out about Venus recently and dont know about the huge dolly phase everyone had on the internet a couple of years ago and that everyone in weeby communities was making themselves look like this.

No. 279075

There are East Asians that naturally have double eyelids and yes, Japanese too. Google something about difference between Jomon and Yayoi look.

No. 279082

File: 1674830781170.jpg (3.75 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_23-01-27_15-26-31-602.…)

C'mon now, we're not being SJWs, just pointing out the obvious. She's been trying to look East Asian for years with the stereotypical full bangs, straight jet black hair and brown circle lenses. Most weeb girls don't even go that far. There's a difference between following Japanese beauty trends and trying to look ETHNICALLY Asian. Yeah she lives there, but again most gaijins in Japan don't go as far to "blend in".
Ironically, by trying to look like the most widespread ethnicity in the world - there's like 2 billions East Asians on this planet - she's becoming more and more basic. I understand having a soft spot/being very attracted to another ethnicity, but going as far as denying your actual roots/dna for anothers is… Weird.

No. 279083

The very worst thing anyone can do is to use 'Dr google' to look for 'advice' on any sort of health problem! Any professional will tell you that.

No. 279084

Its just a matter of opinion though. Other people!e are going to think she looks better with the Asian makeup. I remember that video, not going to watch it again, but I thought both sides looked equally good, just slightly preferred the Asian side.

No. 279085

In the top middle picture, it looks more like she's going for the stereotypical 'China doll' look rather than actual Japanese kawaii girl.

No. 279086

>China doll
Yes, she's still trying to look asian.

No. 279087

Don't care. Still looks white. The only person this is "offending" is white twitter tards. Japanese people literally do not give a fuck.
You can make as many collages as you want. Even if she is trying to look asian, who tf cares. I see asian girls shooping their nose to look western, wearing western clothing and doing western makeup but nobody is crying over that.

No. 279096

tell me you're white without telling me you're white. This thread has gone to shit since the pandemic anyway. It's all nit picking bullshit and retarded new fags.(racesperg)

No. 279097

I will never not be freaked out by her mouth. WTF is that mouth. Ive never seen someone so lacking in lips in my life. It's so creepy.

No. 279099

>tell me you're white without telling me you're white.
NTA but the irony lol, it's definitely an American/Western thing to always take offense on behalf of others. They don't give a fuck in Japan, they would not accuse some weeb of "asian-fishing" just because she dyed her hair black and uses the Snow app filters. At the very least, take it somewhere else, you can have that kind of debates and talk about these dumb wypipo on literally every mainstream social media.

No. 279102

Why else would she get black hair and wear brown/black lenses though ? It's not necessary for the "kawaii animu" look. Would she not have a better chance to mooch off some gaijin chaser with her light eyes and hair ? It's shooting herself in the foot. While I agree that the photoshop, bangs and whatnot mean nothing and nobody in Japan is offended by this shit anyway, this particular bit is kinda hard to understand.

Getting into armchair territory here but surely at some point in her life she must have thought about how much easier it would have been if she'd just been born a regular japanese girl.

No. 279104

The comment section in her most recent photo is full of people humble bragging about dissociating and self harming - her constant glorification of being an unmedicated mentally disordered “girl boss” is more dangerous than her unconvincing yellowface bs.

(And if she really seriously wanted to be seen as East Asian, why would she have all those European flags in her bio…)

No. 279137

Alcoholism causes cirrhosis, especially if you add pills (even prescribed). Part of her intestines is gone from a bad stomach stapling coupled with poor aftercare. You NEED these things. I'm not saying she will die tomorrow, but if she sees her 60s, I'd be shocked. Like, if you think this is googling, did you drop out at 8th grade? This shit is basic anatomy.

No. 279139

Absolutely. Prescription medications (of which she is on a ton) actually up the chances of alcoholic hepatitis leading to cirrhosis and kidney failure by a massive amount in an incredibly short period of time. She gave herself a short break and then jumped right back into it. She’s got to be in pain a lot from the mixing of the two tbh. Especially if she’s adding Tylenol or Advil for her hangovers. This isn’t a matter of it, but when.

No. 279148

The irony of that anon crying about newfags whilst racebaiting with deranged twitter rhetoric. Big KEK

No. 279170

File: 1674897549677.jpeg (64.39 KB, 921x1600, venusfraud.jpeg)

Here's Venus basically admitting to visa fraud

No. 279171

Agreed. Both extremes look bad on her and anyone who thinks they look good is just fooled by her edits. Her fringe also looks nasty IRL and only works in grainy selfies. She should go for light to medium brown, possibly dark blonde/dark ash blonde. Not black/darkbrown or bleach/yellow blonde.

No. 279172

Are you stupid? It's HER child and he was her boyfriend. Of course the kid will be in her life and thus in his too because she is in his life. Do you think couples with kids that get together NEVER let their partners see their kids and always handle their kids AWAY from their partners? You are so fucking stupid.

No. 279173

And at the time of writing, it's implied they were a couple.

No. 279174

He obviously has a job and isn't broke. If he didn't, he'd be a bum on the street. No one is saying he's loaded. But your comment is so dumb.

No. 279175

She has tried to look asian in the past. Stop pretending like that didn't happen.

No. 279176

Cause you're the dumbass gay asian femboy anon who thinks venus is so pReTtY. Of course you'd think that.

No. 279179

For those who don't believe she asian fishes… Ima just leave this here to refresh yalls memory.
And btw east Asians dragged the shit outta her for this, so it's not just "American SJWs on twitter."

No. 279180

Learn to embed you fucking twitter newfag

No. 279181

oh go suck a dick like Venus WK fag.

No. 279182

>Everyone who thinks I'm a retard must be wking Venus in this thread

No. 279186

Venus has been Trying to pull of her " half asian" fetish since she started youtube. She has a huge dismorphia about not being Asian. She used filters and edditing just to catfish and it originally got her that attention.

Anyone who says different is 100% newfag or WK. Educate yourself on old PULL.

No. 279188

File: 1674903315606.png (109.81 KB, 476x876, benos.png)

No. 279191

I’m wondering if she’s poking fun at herself, attempting to troll us, or both

No. 279218

As much as I dislike Ken, I really hope he gets her ass deported for real this time lol

No. 279220

I'm here for this shit show.

No. 279255

>Educate yourself on old PULL
I can't believe you unironically said this while calling others newfags. The absolute state of this board.

No. 279305

File: 1674934839223.jpeg (745.54 KB, 1170x1034, 6F2599DD-853C-48ED-8A86-B9B14E…)

Dropped your embed nona. One of the least bad things about Venus imo is her old “asianfishing” days, though. In the grand scheme of things she would’ve been much better off sticking to shit like this, and not what her life has became recently. Even if we don’t all agree that asianfishing is milk (really is debatable tbh, she never lied and said she was Asian just did Asian style hair/makeup trends) we can definitely all agree that being an OF skank is a terrible fate.

No. 279326

File: 1674942176880.jpeg (43.19 KB, 529x656, main-qimg-4016c6c50455b91c613d…)

If she wants to be credible to her audience and look asian, she should try to imitate this cutie. He sure has a double eye-lid but still looks asian overall.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 279327

a Joshua biased, a woman of culture i see

No. 279335

So she should look like a guy…? What about him should she imitate?

No. 279336

a prepubescent little twink? Gross
I agree. She did get a lot of backlash from her "How To Look Half Japanese" video but it certainly made her popular with weeb viewers.

No. 279360

are you dense on purpose anon? She's clearly editing herself to look like a 20 something year old jirai kei japanese girl. Thinking any white autist living in japan doing japanese makeup and larping as a japanese woman via fashion trends isn't asianfishing to some degree is hilarious.

No. 279372

Benus b lookin like strawbabydollys alcoholic druggy ass. Kek.

No. 279379

Hey! Just a friendly little reminder that when talking about people of Asian descent and other minorities we should avoid using terms like he/she!(Hey! sage your shit )

No. 279383

File: 1674983951903.jpg (17.07 KB, 200x200, kekw.jpg)

hey! im Asian and i say shut your American ass!

No. 279384

Why? Is that something you Americans do or did you just made that up? Can't imagine that anyone would find that offensive.

No. 279385


No. 279386

no nona because in their heads asians dont have genders we are just there….existing

No. 279387

>women who live in Japan and follow Japanese fashion/make-up trends are LARPing as Japanese
NTA but what kind of take is this lol. And it's interesting that it only applies to "white autists" because the majority of foreigners in Japan aren't white and a lot of them are also into Japanese fashion (when it comes to younger women I mean). If whities are asian-fishing simply for following the trends that they see everywhere around them in Japan, then the Japanese girls who dye their hair, use contact lenses and stickers to change their eyelids must be "white-fishing" on a whole other level? Or maybe not, and we could do the stop making everything about race challenge.

No. 279391

…wtf ?

No. 279396

What in the american bullshittery is this

No. 279403

I don't know who this is ( who is it anyway?) but he looks Asian. (And yes, does look very cute.) Are you saying he isn't Asian? Some people are half Asian, like Daniel HIMR, and the Asian part of them is more noticeable in some than others. But is Venus really trying to pass herself off as Asian though? People say so but she admits to being European, something she wouldn't do if she really wanted to be thought of as Asian. Some people do have features that could pass as Asian if they played it up. White girls have deliberately tried to emulate Asian eye shapes decades ago, have seen copies of old fashion mags from 1970s when apparently Asian looks was a big thing. Chinoiserie was all the rage and Japanese and traditional Chinese style was the in thing, unashamedly so. Cheongsams were popular too, a lot more so than now where everyone is worried about cultural appropriation, which may have started with good intentions but has got ridiculous.

No. 279406

About her hair… Idk if it has a meaning, but have you noticed Venus is doing the same thing her mother did when she was in Korea? Going extreme with color - from bleach blonde to pitch black or very, very dark brown. I don't remember her having inbetween: toffee, ash dark blonde, red or medium brown. Somebody mentioned once, that Margo was also a " joyfull substance enthusiast". That could really imply that Venus is addicted to more then alcohol.

No. 279412

I'm a burger and I have no fucking clue what that nonny was on about. Don't assume it's American. Chavs are dumbasses as well.

No. 279415

You're completely degenerated.
Don't force your nonsensical shit on us, thanks.

No. 279418

Stop taking the bait and responding to the ~uwu asian femboi~ troon, you idiots.
Report and move on + sage your shit.

No. 279419

Stfu already. You are so annoying with your asian femboy fetish. Die.

No. 279420

Some of them are white-fishing, it's just that nobody cares if it's poc larping as white. The point is, yes, Venus has on multiple occasions tried to make herself look east asian or "haffu." Black hair and brown lenses, making multiple videos on "how to look asian", and shooping her facial features into asian ones, shooping her body more petite as caucasians generally have larger bone structure/build than asians and following all these beauty trends because she thinks it makes her look more asian and also imitating japanese girl mannerisms. We all know Venus wishes she was born asian and is now gaslighting when she gets called out about it as if all the fishing she did in the past never happened. So you can stop white-knighting now.

No. 279422

and to add, a large portion of weebs so obessesed with Japan who fetishize the country and people and move there, do wish they were east asian. It's part of their obsession. So it's pretty obvious that Venus followed a large portion of these trends in attempt to look like an east asian, since she has been obsessed with them since a teenager

No. 279448

And you can stop accusing anyone who disagrees with you of wking, it wasn't even about Venus but about the ridiculous idea that following the fashion and makeup trends of the country you are living in is "larping" as being from that country yourself. Makeup let alone clothing is not enough to change someone's features and make them look like another race. You all really like getting upset over nothing and on behalf of Japanese people.

No. 279466

Are you fucking retarded we're talking about this in the context of venus who has quite literally been doing it for over a decade with the "how to look korean/japanese" videos etc. I truly do not care but denying it is actually hilarious

No. 279468

She may have been but the point that some have made still stands, she lives in Japan so its not unusual that she buys the current fashion trends and the makeup sold for Japanese people. I doubt they are going to have a special market for products geared towards Europeans/Caucasians or anything else. Japan is not a multi cultural country. -Just as well too.

No. 279469

Learn not to bump the thread with your useless infighting newfag.

No. 279470

Again no one ever said it was bad to follow trends and buy japanese makeup it was simply an observation. Getting pissy and bringing up muh poc is not adding anything to the conversation(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 279476

Here let me quote the comment for you
>Thinking any white autist living in japan doing japanese makeup and larping as a japanese woman via fashion trends isn't asianfishing to some degree is hilarious.
So no, this wasn't about Venus, this was about anyone following these trends, which is a retarded take. Hope that helps. Also the "how to" videos have definitely aged poorly but they're like a decade old, Venus obviously do not look or claim to be Japanese despite her obsession with jiraikei and ridiculous filters, and Japanese people do not give a single fuck, move on.

No. 279507

You need to stfu and leave. Foreign weeaboos almost always follow japanese trends to asian fish. Venus is a weeabo and has asian fished, therefore she follows these trends to asian fish. If it's not in the context of venus, then just stfu and stop derailing.

No. 279508

Venus wants to look asian and wishes she was born asian. She has asian fished in the past. If you think Venus "has changed" because the viddeos are old, you ARE a dumbass whiteknight.

No. 279510

NTA, but can we please not spend 100s of posts arguing about whether she has or has not tried to look Asian? Obviously she has tried. A lot of cows have. Move on. It's not a main point of her milk right now.

No. 279512

jfc nobody fucking cares about your opinion on asian-fishing, take it to twitter already. the audacity of accusing others of derailing when you're racebaiting like a retard in two separate comments.

No. 279513

File: 1675101086059.jpg (55.88 KB, 550x825, 000000000000000000000000000000…)

It's not about the products, it's about the way she applies them. Applying tape under her eyes to have the stereotypical aegyo sal like many asians naturally have so her eyes look more asian (funny how she doesn't apply tape to the top of her hooded eyes so more of her eyelid is visible, nope that won't do because asian eyes don't have a lot of eyelid visible. Editing her large ass european nose to look softer and more asian. Editing her large ass face to look more asian. Dying her hair black and often wearing brown lenses. Adopting and practicing stereotypical kawaii japanese schoolgirl mannerisms and adopting them to her personality in order to better larp as a japanese girl she wishes she was and making videos on how to look asian. As for the lip comment, many asians have thin to normal lips, not all are full. A lot of the ank rouge models for instance have thinner lips. A long time ago Venus already mentioned how she wished she had thicker lips and tried to make them appear thicker but quickly dropped that I assume because she thought it looked ugly on her. The thick overdrawn/blended lip is actually more of a korean and "asian baby doll makeup" trend and not a japanese trend. Venus literally copies the Japanese girl in the photo, complete with the "kawaii" lip pressing she thinks is so cute. She'd do the stereotypical large asian baby doll lip if she could pull it off, and the point is she's stated she wanted that and tried it (obviously to complete her asian larp). Of course she isn't going to out right say she's Japanese or east asian as that is easily disproven with her, but she often got mistaken for asian in the past for the way she edits and if you think she wasn't getting off to that, you are dumb. In the context of Venus, a weeaboo fetishizes Japan and asian people, yes, she asian fishes and pretending she has no idea why people would think that just incriminates her more. She gaslights just like her mommy.

No. 279514

File: 1675101327542.png (511.87 KB, 846x612, image_2023-01-30_125535643.png)

At least that post is in context to Venus, dumbass. Pic for white knights denying she fished. Yes, that pic is just "following trends"

No. 279515

God she really is her mother in all aspects. Margo was right about her

No. 279516

File: 1675102269397.png (465.38 KB, 632x780, image_2023-01-30_131107840.png)

Here's Venus semi-recently following Asian baby doll makeup trends. I didn't know merely following trends involved editing all your facial features to stereotypical asian ones. The only thing that's a trend there is the "big eye look" Venus imitates, because she doesn't like Asians naturally smaller eyes and many of the east Asain models that Venus tries to look like adopt this look. Sure, morphing your face entirely is just following trends.(stop)

No. 279523

Jesus nona, there are only so many ways a human face can look? Venus has thin lips - asianfishing. Venus uses makeup to have bigger lips - asianfishing. Venus does aegyo sal, asianfishing. Venus does tightlining and an upturned wing, asianfishing. Venus makes her nose smaller, asianfishing. Venus uses default settings on asian made photo manipulation apps…asianfishing. I think she is an absolute trainwreck but this is really just stupid and hypercritical. To better replicate an “asian makeup trend” or fashion trend you may need to highlight certain facial features that trend more asian, that are still present on other races too - they don’t own the market on both thick and thin lips, for instance. I just don’t see the milk in these asianfishing spergs, she was doing stupid look hafu videos nearly a decade ago, move on. Now she does disgusting porn instead.

No. 279524

Otherwise all European following American fashion trends would be American-fishing, people loving the beach culture of Brazil and wear stuff like that Brazilian-fishing?

No. 279530

Oh my god stfu already, this isn't milk.

No. 279534

File: 1675114665347.png (746.58 KB, 720x937, Screenshot_20230130-223423-069…)

Back to cringy jirai again
Still cannot decide between being poor and asking for money and randomly spending it all on shopping

No. 279538

Following Japanese fashion trends while living in Japan is Asianfishing now? Sounds like something a bitter weeb would say to justify hating on people who live in Japan. Venus doesn’t look asian at all, she looks like a white weeb. I don’t think anyone in Japan would think she blends in.
And I’m someone who “believes” in Asianfishing, but this isn’t really what it is. Jirai Kei is a popular weeb style right now.

No. 279539

I actually see what you mean a bit, but she looks like a white girl who is trying to be asian, not an actual asian person.

No. 279541

>You need to stfu and leave
Spoken like a true twitterfag

No. 279549

She’s sure stopped flexing about her mystery ”fiance” hasn’t she?

No. 279551

I'm the one who usually gets accused of that, but those posts weren't from me. Just saying. So obv I'm not the only one who likes pretty Asian boys. No idea why the fact that people do is such a problem for you.

No. 279552

Ffs, so maybe she just likes Asian looks. So what? Many people do. So she likes the look and is able to look similar, doesn't mean she is actually trying to pretend that is her race. She admits to being European..

No. 279553

Wot u on about? She doesn't even look Asian here!

No. 279557

When has she ever tried to hide it…? She's been openly cheating on her husband, advertising it everywhere even, for years and years

No. 279564

Japan really doesn't care about cheating. It's basically promoted to do it and its expected pretty much.

No. 279566

Well, it's not like she would be able to successfully lie about being Asian/part Asian. If she could, she 100% would. People can do whatever they want, but don't get upset when others think you're a freak for trying to skinwalk a whole race.

No. 279572

Nta but is this really milk? It isn't. This topic was discussed here 3 years ago and her Venuses only actual milk is the fact over how much of a self-destructive and unhinged woman she is. If you want to keep talking about this spoiled milk i suggest going to twitter or wherever you came from. No1curr.

No. 279574

It's not. That's why it's saged.

No. 279575

Because you're the only one who has been shitting the past threads with your asian little boys pedo shit that's why.
Stop lying we know it's you. Now gtfo.

No. 279577

Then it's derailing and off topic.

No. 279578

im confused….wasn't this thread at 1200 yesterday and when i tried to post it said maximum posts reached….what the fuck is going on.

No. 279581

It's currently on topic and the post you replied to was the first I posted on the about the 'asian-fishing'. I think you're confused. Post milk if you want to change the topic.

No. 279583

The sage option isn't some little joker card that allows blogging, derailing and infighting. Cow threads are for cow milk only.
If you want to discuss these things go make a thread in /ot

No. 279596

No offense but it doesn't matter that it's your first comment about it, you're repeating what every other racebaiter has been saying for 4 days straight about asian-fishing bad.

No. 279600

if I have to read one more word of this endless asian-fishing argument I'll kill you all. please penus, do something milky.

No. 279603

If those posts had been from me, I wouldn't say they weren't. The mods can see quite clearly they are not from me. Stop being so fucking stupid. I've seen loads of occasions when you're telling people other posts have been from me when they haven't been and I don't bother saying anything. This time I did. You seem obsessed with me, always thinking some other post is by me when I haven't mentioned anything about pretty Asian males for months and months. The fact is I'm obv not the only one who likes them. Or jpop and kpop bands and even host clubs wouldn't have the popularity they do. If anyone needs to shut up and bugger off, it's you. Find someone else to obsess over. Every time I post anything here now, it's just discussing about Venus, all you ever seem to do is think you're seeing me everywhere. When most of what I post you don't think is me because its just regular on topic posts that I make.(why are you so obsessed with me?)

No. 279604

id hate to interrupt your argument with that other anon but why are you a lying piece of shit bitch male?
Like why are you here out here lying and saying shit like ''oh is it because i like kpop/jpop'' when multiple anons here including me remember when you would randomly post porn images/videos of asian femboys and transgenders jerking off and other nasty shit.
You are a cumbrained moid, also why the fuck you even comparing kpop to the literal trans porn you jerk off.
Just find the nearest bridge bro, stupid ugly fag.

No. 279605

If you keep posting so obviously and talking about yourself, you'll end up like other spergs like pakichan etc.

No. 279612

No one cares, troon.
Farmhands please do something about him.

No. 279615


Do you really think we're all stupid not to recognize your fembois sperging ?? Ofc it's you. It has always been you, stop your schizophrenic pathetic excuses.

No. 279650

No, it is not. Sick of seeing shit on here from idiots thinking something is from me. I haven't posted anything relating to Asian guys for ages and I only ever posted two over a year ago. Do not 'jerk off' to anything as asexual and a woman. You've got nothing else to talk about as Venus is not providing any milk so you're trying to cause infighting and arguments to relieve the boredom. Just stop constantly talking about me then I won't have to say anything and most of the time I don't bother risk g to the stupid bait, but fed up seeing myself being mentioned when whatever it is your whining about is nothing to do with me.

No. 279651


No. 279652

so you look at trans asian porn and dont jerk off on it…?
Umm thats interesting. Very weird, but you do you i guess.

No. 279673

Told yall jirai would be back lol. Legit every time she and Ken are on the outs, she goes back to her jirai phase again.

No. 279690

File: 1675250020413.png (963.81 KB, 720x1198, Screenshot_20230201-121307-719…)

Also why TF are you guys so busy derailing this thread no one posted this pic for a few days now lol

No. 279692

Yeah sure, we believe you…not.

No. 279693

No one posted it, because it's not milk

No. 279705

I lol'd particularly hard at her mouth

No. 279713

Looks like she's dressed for Chinese new year.

No. 279746

Look closer, it's just jirai my Melody hoodie matching headband, once she split with Ken she ran to impulse buy some crap

No. 279749

My God is it that hard to learn to sage your shitposts?

No. 279822

File: 1675337043654.png (724.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230202-122258.png)

No. 279823

Seems to me like it's just easier to keep wallowing in sadness and self-pity if people try to make it look like a cute aesthetic.

No. 279842

File: 1675355139711.png (1.13 MB, 1124x1891, IMG_4466.png)

Now deleted

No. 279843

i think we all know what it is

No. 279844

Shooped one eye big, forgot the other one lol

No. 279855

the crazy chin shoop on the right side has her hair bending and sticking to the contour of it.

No. 279866

Sad to say but this is an actual thing. I went through a phase like that a few years ago when my mental state was at its worst and rightfully so. I'm much healthier now and don't need lazy coping mechanisms anymore, though. She was already unhinged so the aesthetic suits her mental state, but anons can't seem to decide if she's actually mental or just faking it for attention which, as despicable as she is, that'd be a hell of a larp to keep up just for funsies.

No. 279872

It is. Anons don't understand the difference between coping between SH suffers and attention seeking. Venus might be doing a little bit of both, but to put it in a very, simplistic way, it's no different from being sad and feeling cathartic in listing to sad music to get through it. Same way you listen to breakup songs or watch movies like Legall Blonde after a breakup. As someone who can relate with SH, talking about it helps me process the decision even when at the time it's almost like blacking out due to impulse without actually blacking out. That's when the SH refocuses you. I feel for Venus in this aspect and it sucks, but social media posting about it instead of having someone to talk to about it, even a friend who won't go to authorities and doesn't think you're crazy to talk to, would help moreso. I don't think posting this stuff helps, especially because she must know people save the images and laugh at her mental health regarding it. I honestly don't know where she should start to get help because Japan doesn't care about this stuff and just ostracizes people who experience mental health issues and she seems to just start and stop any help she gets. She might take a few years before she realizes she really needs to sit down and go through therapy and stay with it. She most likely has stuff like CPTSD and substance abuse is a big factor for people who have it.

No. 279890

File: 1675371740645.png (436.69 KB, 1080x1532, 20230202_222757.png)

Comments to this picture.
Venus might not be able to have kids. Was this caused by the illegal surgery? No Japanese anchor baby then.

No. 279912

if she has a grain of self awareness she might be saying this just based on how irreparably batshit she is and how her childhood went

No. 279916

Could be her surgery, alcoholism, psychiatric meds, or all of the above that disqualify her from having kids

No. 279917

Therapy doesn't help everyone and can actually make you feel worse when the therapists tell you there's no help for you and they hope you'll find someone who can help but it isn't them and that therapy could make you even worse. Happened to me, more than once, so fuck the lot of them. I feel better through just trying to self talk myself from positive thinking. And I'm in UK where people seem to think mental health care is wonderful, but it certainly isn't!

No. 279919

Could you give more details about your situation? Maybe not here but on /ot/?

No. 279933

Obviously it doesn't. Venus isn't going to get help until she realizes she really needs it. That was the whole point I was making.

No. 279944

unfortunately i forgot to take a screenshot, but there was a comment saying "you're so pretty without makeup" lol

No. 279945

She needs to gtfo Instagram and get some real therapy instead of subjecting her (also mentally ill) followers to her non-existent coping mechanisms and SH glorification. The fact that she’s made it an “aesthetic” means there’s every incentive to keep it up and show it off and none to grow out of it or get better. But in the end, I think she just posted this just to make people itt mad.

No. 279948

Honestly it's better that the therapist admits your situation is beyond their expertise,it's a lot more professional then just continuing to treat you when they are not qualified.happened to me as well and it sucks but most of us have enough self awareness to treat ourselves and better our lives.not Venus tho

No. 279952

File: 1675419466707.jpg (596.5 KB, 1440x2370, Benuss.jpg)

Posted 4 minutes ago

No. 279953

Cringe. Go blogposting somewhere else, tf.

No. 279955

This, thank you. Take your blogs to /ot or /g please.

No. 279956

Anyway, God that ashtray pic… The smell is AWFUL and those ashes look several days old. She's bragging about being gross like it's an aesthetic and it's fucking creepy. She shits on everyone who actually struggles. She seems to do this shit for fun.

No. 279957

Next day: A Swiss Youtuber burned their house down, because the bedsheet caught on fire. Slayyy.

No. 279958

She already deleted most of the caption, leaving only "BIG NEWS TOMMOROW"

No. 279959

File: 1675423884014.png (73.1 KB, 720x351, Screenshot_20230203-123043-790…)

Venus, you already posted the bloody sheets…

No. 279964

She's craving so much for attention to post things like this and then delete the caption. I can picture her watching all the boards talking about her and waiting for a reaction. Sad.

No. 279965

File: 1675428278357.png (669.72 KB, 1125x953, IMG_5200.PNG)

this comment popped up under her latest post

No. 279969

“Meltdown”. You mean binge, Venus? It’s not your fucking mental health causing these destructive “meltdowns”, it’s being black out drunk that’s doing it. Jesus Christ. How can she not see the correlation!? Yes, alcohol causes brain damage but honestly, how!?

No. 279970

idk if this was asked before but what happened to david and her other simps from 2020-21. Did they just leave?

No. 279978

you're in the mood for a ban too it seems, cowtipper. how about don't next time?
this isn't fucking reddit, no updoots here. way to break the one rule of LC, don't fucking cowtip.

No. 279981

sorry :( newfag here. Just wanted to add some milk. Anyway, Venus deleted my comment. Prob because I asked her fans where all their donations go/while she just posts about shopping and shitty life choices.(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 279984

No1curr.just read the previous threads newfag

No. 279985

Ok, I got my answer. I was wondering all this time how did she manage her contraception while being a mess.

No. 280000

This is the dumbest shit i've read all day. Her audience is full of enabling retards who don't understand a damn thing and think that having a baby is going to fix anything for her. Venus is still mentally a child herself and is in no way fit to be a mother, that isn't going to magically change unless she spends several years getting her shit together, and even then I think it's an awful idea. She has no idea how to properly care for herself and no reference for it, much less another human being.

No. 280009

if it helps the account in picrel doesn't really think a baby would help beenos, it looks like a fetish account that just wants to see her knocked up kek

No. 280021

Yeah, “meltdown” and “mental breakdown” are in reality nothing more than multi-day alcohol benders, but that’s not ‘jirai’ or cool. She’s not changing at all. That inpatient stay at the alcohol treatment facility did nothing. She doesn’t want to get sober, she likes drinking. And she can get away with these benders because she doesn’t have a real job she has to show up for, so she can just stage yet another comeback once she sobers up.

Repeat cycle. Over and over again.

No. 280043

So disappointed if shes started drinking again I really thought she had turned a corner and was getting on top of it

No. 280045

You must not have been paying attention for the past 4-5 years. She’s done this repeatedly. She always goes back to drinking.

Please tell me she hasn’t taken up smoking too.

No. 280049

i feel like the only reason ppl tell Venus to go back to Europe is bc theyre jealous bc she lives in the coolest place in the world and speaks one of the hardest languages and they don't lmao. ya'll wish you lived in Japan

No. 280050

If you think Japan is one of the coolest places in the world, you don't know that much about it. There are cool things about it, but it's far from perfect and a lot of foreigners who live there get frustrated and leave Japan.

No. 280051

File: 1675461632474.jpeg (9.06 KB, 275x161, 1594482696005.jpeg)

No. 280053

It’s cool that she speaks Japanese, I won’t lie and say that isn’t impressive or try to be like “oh her Japanese is shit” cause I don’t believe that.

Japan seems like a cool place to vacation but a terrible place to live. Europe is both a cool place to vacation and a cool place to live (not ALL of Europe obviously the Baltic countries and Ukraine and stuff are fucked). I think she should move back to Europe because she’s clearly self destructing in Japan and there’s more support available for her in Europe. The culture of Japan is such that she will forever be an outsider and her status as an outsider means she’ll only attract weird creepy gaijin hunters like zaddy.(don’t take the bait)

No. 280056

She’s been smoking for awhile. There is a photo of her with a cigarette on her IG and she had deleted a photo of her case of cigarettes after it got a lot of backlash so people just forgot.

No. 280058

Didn't Dakota pick up a cigarette habit in Japan too? What's with gaijin girls who live in Japan for a while getting cig habits? Smoking cigs is seen as pretty disgusting and uncool, most young people vape.

No. 280060

Japan has cigs you can buy in vending machines. It's pushed as hard as alcohol over there.

No. 280067

no she should stay in japan, it's clearly the worst decision for her and makes her an entertaining lolcow kek

No. 280068

Gross. Is it common to smoke indoors? Only super extra trashy dirty people smoke cigs indoors in burgerland

No. 280081

That’s a really weird thing to say bc nobody was asking her to post pictures of her bloody sheets

No. 280082

You can smoke inside certain fast food places, restaurants, izakayas, etc. It depends.

No. 280083

Some of us also live in Japan and are fluent in Japanese. I think it's just obvious that Japan isn't doing her any good.

No. 280086

It's normal there

No. 280090

Just shut the fuck up already
Coolest place? You are as delusional as normie European tweens thinking American movies are reality and wanting to move there.
Hardest language? Writing is easier than Chinese, grammar is on the caveman level, it's one of the easiest languages grammatically, so maybe for Murricans it is impressive. Did you hear fucking Slavic languages, especially Polsih? Or Hungarian?(took the bait )

No. 280100

Polish isn't even that hard, it's idiotic trying to compare it to Japanese. Hungarian is difficult, but did you just call it a Slavic language? kek
And don't know where you heard that about Europeans, most of us make fun of USA, it's usually Japanese who think USA is so cool.

No. 280101

>most likely Japan would award me a visa to stay

What kind of fantasy world do you live in?

No. 280104

Nope. America is a joke to most Europeans. Europeans think that Americans are generally dumb, fat, lazy, there education system is a joke ("college" LOL. That's considered like basic education here), there politicans are crazy, they are racists, crazy weapon fanatics, their homes are made of cardboard and collaps at every storm. There is some glamourized notion of some cities like New York or Los Angeles, which maybe some young girls aspiring to become a super model dream of, but other than that most Europeans look down on America and their people.(funny, true, and completely off topic)

No. 280106

No, the Baltics are not as fucked as Ukraine, for one we are not at war like they are, secondly we are part of NATO, where do you get your information from that you think we are as fucked up as Ukraine

No. 280108

Why are you always taking the bait

No. 280110

It's evening in Japan already, what about the big news that she wanted to announce?

No. 280111

You forgot to add they are the worst nut dog worshippers.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 280112

What does this have to do with anything? Go make a dog hate containment thread on /ot/ to sperg about how much you hate dogs or go back to dogfree. Dog haters are just as insane as dog nutters.

No. 280128

Triggered much? because getting banned for this explain how insane the cult worshippers are mostly touching a sensitive part or because you don’t dare to criticize their god even in a place like lolcow where you can say anything even the n word but god help us all if you mention mutts everyone lose their mind. That explains majority of western Americans mentality and their worship. You can’t compare someone wanting peace, clean and quiet environment in a civilized world compared to some narcissistic owners who hate everyone with their barking smelly mutts and shoving it to everyone throat because vomit eating is so cute. You show food to any of them they stick with you that’s unconditional love yea you can be a pedophile with a loving dog with you as long you provide. Banning someone for adding some parts of Americans stereotype ignoring everything anons said and focused only of what i said prove everything.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 280129

Japan is where she wants to be so I don't know why we see these repeated discussions here about Europe. Its worse than Venus stop drinking, no she's started again cycle.
As for ppl like Daddy, how we know he's gaijan hunter? Even if so, Venus seemed happy enough with him and stuck with him for five years! That's a hell of a lot longer than many ppl can manage in a relationship. Most relationships are not matches made in heaven after all.

No. 280130

>Japan is where she wants to be so I don't know why we see these repeated discussions here about Europe
Because the discussion is revolving around her VERY CLEAR visa fraud.

No. 280131

I remember her posting a picture of the colourful cocktail cigarettes by Zobranie. Was quite nostalgic seeing that they're still sold. They used to do, may still do, Zobranie Black Russian, really cool, black with gold tips. Best to stop smoking though.

No. 280132

Didn’t her zaddy said he will expose things or deport her. Off topic but can’t take it seriously when he is called zaddy kek

No. 280133

You're saying it as if their relationship wasn't toxic af with violence going on. And they broke up several times. But yeah, they stayed in an abusive relationship for 5 years, what a fucking achievement.

He did and then he deleted everything. Who knows if it was all talk or if he meant it seriously.

Anyway, Venus was baiting with some big news that she was supposed to announce and the day is already gone. I guess she changed her mind.

No. 280161

Pretty sure they got back together as she’s been all sassy on her IG stories. I say good for them, they can be drunk and dirty porn bottomfeeders together forever, a perfect couple. At least she’s finally out of Manaki’s life, that poor wretch.

No. 280167

>Happy with him
Happy for the visa you mean.

No. 280168

So as long as it's what Venus wants, we're not allowed to talk about it? Are you retarded. Plus, not to mention how she committed a criminal act to get there, used others and is using Zaddy and literally ruining her life just to stay in gLoRiOuS nIpPoN while she doesn't actually need to live there nor contributes anything good to society and is struggling there for nothing that's actually worth it. But you're also the dumbass who thinks she should get wasted at hosts clubs and anyone critical of her sex work is a prude. Fuck off.

No. 280169

Does she really smoke though or just use it for the jirai aesthetic. She's recently admit that mental illness is an aesthetic to her so I wouldn't be surprised. She's very performative and sells fake narratives left and right, just to be the ultimate victim. She makes me sick.

No. 280170

From what I can tell, her Japanese isn't that good. She has even admit that Mana did most of her paper work and real life stuff, likely because her Japanese wasn't on the professional level for stuff like that. She's probably at a decent conversational level but not truly fluent.

No. 280171

Also, I don't think it's cool given she learned it for the weebery and to this day still fetishizes Japan and minimizes it to kawaii aesthetic and menhera. That's all Japan is to her. Learning for those reasons are so messed up. She couldn't even immigrate legally.

No. 280175

File: 1675552399188.png (336.94 KB, 511x893, Screenshot 2023-02-04 231202 -…)

cow crossover

No. 280211

Yikes despise both of them. Of course venus supports this cow.

No. 280220

File: 1675579641153.jpeg (806.62 KB, 1125x1786, 7EA50B53-85B8-4072-8654-AB4D2F…)

She posted a video about “how to keep your boyfriend from breaking up with you” which, in short, says record everything they say so you can cut it together for blackmail. The example used in the video has him saying “I am a pedophile”. She already did that to Ken without doctored audio. Feels like she’s basically admitting she makes this shit up when he tries to leave.

No. 280222

File: 1675585795714.png (654.88 KB, 1125x1699, IMG_5230.PNG)

she just posted this

No. 280223

File: 1675585833260.png (312.64 KB, 1125x959, IMG_5231.PNG)

i google translated what it says

No. 280224

File: 1675587124956.jpeg (640.15 KB, 1125x1640, B0E00B4C-1E9D-4A82-B83F-16EED2…)

Slightly better translation. Is she randomly messaging dudes?

No. 280225

Idk how she thought dating a fugly married moid was a good idea. He would never marry her, let alone leave his wife with a kid. She was being used as nothing but a woman that he could fuck whenever he wants.
I hope one day his wife would see these videos that involve him and Venus, that's messed up.

No. 280226

Isn't it Ken? Judging from the cat avatar. So he really was married and had kids all that time?

No. 280227

I thought so too at first so I double checked his avatar and this one. It’s not the same photo but weirdly close.

No. 280228

Edit: not the same cat*
Does he have two?

No. 280229

File: 1675588158277.jpg (Spoiler Image,380.52 KB, 1080x1937, 1673153948696.jpg)

it's ken. it's the same avatar from the screen shot where he put a tie around his neck and sent it to venus.

No. 280230

Thanks nonnie. Wonder if she shopped it to ruin his image implying he’s a cheat or if he really does have a fucking family lmao.

No. 280231

Even if she did it to make him look bad, she made herself look equally as bad, because what kind of trash would agree to take away a father from their children? Venus is a fucking homewrecker. Both of them are garbage.

No. 280232

Lmao. I figured it would end up like this. I hope this ends in an actual divorce. I'm ready for the "scrambling to get a new visa" era.

No. 280233

And the fact that she still contacts him even after she said she is done with him is so pathetic. What was even the point of sharing that screenshot in her stories?

No. 280237

I don’t think it “escalated quickly”, I think you have been popping pills and drinking and calling him during your meltdowns since the most recent breakup and he’s had enough

No. 280238

She posted this for sympathy and to turn her fans against him even more.

She really is trash.

No. 280239

Agree, her japanese is N3 at most. Explains why Ken writes only in hiragana to her and why she doesn’t have any Japanese friends. Her japanese is cranky and she keeps jumping between formal and non-formal expressions in the same conversation.

No. 280240

yeah, like she never shares full details, she never tells her followers the truth, she just grabs these small details out of context and uses it against people just to make her followers feel sorry for her.

it would be nice if one of her enemies would finally fight back and cause real damage. but venus is so narcissistic it would still not change her view on life unfortunately. she will always be the victim.

No. 280243

I guess blackmailing him was r"the questionable but successful" activity she talked about

No. 280245

And she has indirectly admit that she cheated on Mana with this guy who she knew had a wife and still doesn't care.

Although it's possible he broke up with his wife after he went public with Venus and gave her that ring and the wife took him back after he broke up with Venus cause why else would he go public with her and now wanna keep her from intervening with his family? Or maybe it's not about cheating and she threatened him in some other way like ruining his business so he can't provide for his family or something.

No. 280246

That's gross. I wonder if >>280222 is something she cut together for blackmail. She's so vile, fingers crossed she gets deported.

No. 280248

Exactly. She's posting this to make him look bad for calling her garbage, trash etc but omits the parts where she obsessively called him hundreds of times and god knows what horrible crap and threats she's made against him.

No. 280249

So the tinfoil about that kid she posted being his and him being married maybe true. Not surprised as it explains a lot. If this is the case, then this would also explain why she lost her shit and went apeshit after xmas. He spent it with his wife and child as apposed to with her.

In Japan getting divorced still has a negative stigma, as it will be put on your family registry, your employer will have access to this information, etc. So even if his wife found out he is a cheater, she might have chosen to stay in the shit marriage because of how divorce is stigmatized in Japan. Also saving face is a big part of Japanese culture too, so there's that. The same goes for Manaki not divorcing Venus for as long as he did.

No. 280250

To intimidate him, just like when she hyped a a kids (possibly his kid's) sexual abuse in order to intimidate him (or made it up and hyped it, again, to intimidate him), while somehow virtue signaling and attempting to make herself look like the good guy. She's 100% a sociopath. I can't believe there are people defending her still and feeling sorry. She needs to be deported then fade away into obscurity, unloved and forgotten by the internet. Then she can get her real life together.

No. 280253

Not wking, but she's definitely way above N3 which would be considered being able to do basic conversation. She could be N1 and still struggle with paperwork. For people who like to keep up with Venus' downfall so much, I would think more anons would at least be able to speak Japanese.

No. 280255

Moids lie all the time. I don't think he's happy with the kid as much as he's just trying to reiterate that he doesn't want to be with her anymore. Also Japan does not have join custody laws. After a divorce, the parent who gets the custody has all the rights. They have a one parent rule. The other gets no rights, even if they still want to see their kid. Google it. It's called the one parent rule. Wife might also stay in the marriage for her son to have a 2 parent household. Or Ken doesn't want a divorce because if wife gets custody, he won't get to see/play an active role in his kids life again.

No. 280257

She deleted that story already. Too bad, Venus, we already know you're a homewrecker.

No. 280268


Here's a more accurate translation of the original text:

ゴミはくたばれ 二度と連絡するな




一生、 まんこで稼いでろ、 ゴミ


Screw you trash. Don't ever contact me again.

I'll live happily ever after with my wife and kids.

Stay the fuck out of my way.

You're a middle school graduate, you're a lowlife.

You'll be making money off of that pussy for the rest of your life, you piece of shit.

No. 280269

No. 280275

File: 1675612555229.jpeg (144.38 KB, 1125x541, D2BC6FC5-617F-49D7-B37A-39D430…)

(On her ashtray pic)

It’s the alcoholism, you fucking knob.

No. 280277

>> Edit: not the same cat* Does he have two?
Yes he does have 2 cats. One he got fairly recently and has its own instagram account where he posts pics of it and calls it ‘my queen,’ etc. Same type of cat with similar coloring, just slightly different markings. I don’t remember the account’s name and now it’s gone since he nuked everything.

This is quite a development and explains a lot of things if real.

No. 280282

Why would she even post this? Embarrassing

No. 280284

Exactly, who did she try to make look bad by posting it? Because it paints them both in a very bad light. Maybe she realized and that's why she deleted it.

No. 280290

She doesn’t think things through before putting someone on blast. She has no impulse control when she lashes out like this. Also, possibly some alcohol involved.

No. 280292

>> the tinfoil about that kid she posted being his and him being married maybe true.
I’ve said this all along. Her posting the kid on instagram led up to their big ‘BYE U KEN’ blowup immediately after that. Either Ken or the kid’s mother (or both) told her to keep my kid’s face OFF your instagram, WHORE!

No. 280294

File: 1675617399122.png (2.81 MB, 2048x1536, 47AE4B1E-1331-4C82-8C93-A60711…)

And she responded with an online rage bender (just like she did right after Manaki tried to divorce her the first time, see the pattern here?) It’s a narc injury rage tactic right out of marge’s playbook.

No. 280305

She said she was over him, now it seems like shes not snd really wants to get back with him. If so, it sounds like shes hurting and i do feel sorry for her if thats the case. Emotional pain can be crippling.
Also, dont feel too bad for his wife. -From what i hear, nearly everyone cheats in japan, its practically expected, if everyone does it, maybe his wife does too, having a kid around wouldnt stop her.

No. 280307

You feel sorry for Venus then tell us not to feel for his wife because MAYBE she’s cheating? Lol, anon. Come the fuck on.

No. 280308

You literally just made up an assumption about a person who maybe didn't do anything wrong. Yet we know that Venus did bad things and we should feel bad for her? You can't say that all Japanese cheat. It does happen, but it's definitely not normal and there are still many Japanese who are not okay with it. Your idea is totally messed up.

No. 280331

>>280253 Venus’s Japanese is very basic, which should be N3. Never really heard or seen her use reagular N2/1 expressions or grammar. She is a fast speaker who uses a lot of fillers, but no, she is not above N3.

Which by the way I weird since she’ve lived there for many years.

No. 280341

>You're a middle school graduate, you're a lowlife.
Insult level: Asian.

No. 280342

Lol so Venus is the side piece of a married porn guy the same age as her mother, who seems to be dumping her in a very nasty way (middle school graduate, ouch!) ahaha

No. 280352

eastern europeans are very tidy and elegant people. this is the migrant workers abroad giving us this reputation. they usually are gruff people with nothing to lose, no ambition, hoping for easy western money.
sorry for derailing but this inaccurate stereotype gets on my nerves.

No. 280359

That's what I was thinking, but his texts state they are happy together, which would imply she doesn't know, despite him going public about Venus. Or maybe they're in a loveless marriage for the sake of the kid and have become comfortable with that. Or the wife fears she'll lose custody so just stays with him and he considers that as living happily. But then Venus trying to destroy their relationship makes no sense if the wife knows about her already.

No. 280360

I mean, after a few stabbings and repeated domestic violence, I don't blame him for snapping. Yet Venus jumps at the chance to post it as her "gotcha" moment, stupidly failing to realize she just outed herself as a vindictive, obsessive homewrecker as well as an abuser (because most people don't send messages like that until after they've snapped from years of toxicity).

No. 280362

The genes make up the psycho so it's the same thing. She's so fucking dumb.

And that dumbass anon completely ignores that Venus cheated repeatedly on Mana with Korean dude+Ken and probably hosts and managers and Ken claims she cheated on him too, yet we're supposed to feel sorry for Venus who is a CONFIRMED cheater but not for the wife who MAY BE a cheater. White knight couldn't be more obvious. And Venus isn't in "emotional pain" over Ken. He's a means to an end. A visa hubby and $$$ to her. That's it.

No. 280364

I don't think it's weird because she doesn't study Japanese anymore, doesn't go to school or do professional work there. She just casually converses, say, when she gets groceries or whatever. She said her convos with Mana weren't that deep and there was a language barrier between them as well, so I doubt her Japanese is N1 like the other anon suggested. But in order to learn it at a professional level, you need to study and involve yourself in that world.

No. 280411

so what happend to her "BIG NEWS TOMORROW" from 3 days ago? is it a whole lot of nothing again?

No. 280413

100% attention seeking. Unless you follow venus now on insta, she's only made comments available for followers. Pople who want to make a comment would need to follow account thus causing her follower count to rise after that 2k drop after her last suicide baiting and drama.

No. 280414

The reason I think the wife knows is because of the Xmas fight and all her deranged behavior following it. It's like she doesn't have any ammo to use against him anymore so she's getting worse with her antics. I think that his wife found out, they broke up briefly and Ken being a typical moid, settled for the rebound (Venus) temporarily. But he was low key trying to reconcile with his wife which Venus found out on Xmas. Venus is retarded and narcissistic enough to seriously believe a married (Japanese no less) man would leave their wife and child for her. So imagine what happened when she found out no, he's working it out w/ the wife. She cheated on and left Mana for nothing and her assumed sealed the deal new visa is telling her to kick rocks.

No. 280418

Venus is a POS but come on, how tf is Ken a victim in all this? They weren't living together, he wasn't financially dependent on her, she's not physically stronger than he is - there was literally no reason for him to keep coming back to her/texting her all these years. He's a grown man with a wife and child and he chose to betray them for 5 years to do porn with an alcoholic half his age (probably putting his wife's health at risk in the process). He was also busy making insta posts and suicide baiting. He is fucked up and wrecked his home by himself. He probably "snapped" and talked about his dear family to feel better about himself now that his BS is catching up to him or that he lost interest in Venus.

No. 280419

>> She cheated on and left Mana
Correction: Mana divorced her ass (finally went through with it after 3 years) and kicked her out.

No. 280431

True nonnie true. My b. She def woulda just kept fucking Ken while still having a visa for being married to Mana had he not went through with it and divorced that ass. Now she's so desperate for a visa she cutting his name into her arm and shit, trying to get him to take her back, then raging when he doesn't fall for it posting shit on impulse.

No. 280442

If she wants to avoid comments that criticize her, it's not going to work for long. Some of her old followers will turn on her eventually when she messes up again, which she will.

No. 280460

Haven't laught like this in a long time.
Also, narcissistic pervert at its finest.

No. 280494

I have to be honest here, although I liked Manaki, I do find Ken way more interesting. He needs a thread of his own. Quite a character.

No. 280503

Yeah, Ken is crazy. It really seems like he manipulated Venus a good little bit during all this. He can't complain about suicide bait when it looks like he kind of groomed her into learning to do it herself because if this was happening before Venus's whole cutting and self harm thing, he probably made it seem like because of their dynamic, it's okay and normalized it for her. Japan has a bad history about caring about things like SH too anyway and a lot of media glorifies it. Suicides are basically ignored, so I can see how she'd feel uncaring about it as if it's no big deal.

Fuck Ken. I hope he actually pulls too hard on that tie.

No. 280505

Not everyone needs their own thread. The only reason these people exist is because of Venus. If they got their own thread, there wouldn't be enough and the only sights of him will mostly be through Venus. Don't need 2 threads going at once.

No. 280515

File: 1675713042732.jpg (324.74 KB, 1080x1902, 1673013905054.jpg)

Why do you think he groomed her into it, as if she's not fucked up enough to come up with something like this herself? Her mom was also suicide baiting, it's much more likely that it comes from her influence, combined with her being into jirai and menhera. He's definitely toxic af, but we don't know if he suicide baited before and considering how much Venus likes to share stuff like this, I doubt she would keep silent about it.
While it was happening, she also posted this. Don't tell me it doesn't look like she's sending her followers to go watch his live suicide.

No. 280519

I hope he can recover well from all of this. It sounds like Venus really fucked him over and it's affected his mental health. I know she can't help a lot of what she does but it's a shame when other people get sucked in and affected by it too. I feel sorry for Ken, it's obviously affected him badly. It's sad. I hope he's going to be okay.

No. 280521

What was happening before? He didn't post anything like that until after Venus came out of the drying out clinic recently.
I remember her posting something ages ago saying how her fiance was worried about her and had asked her 'Why are you like this?' after one of her wild, and apparently violent, episodes. She posted that information herself and iirc made it sound a little like this was some impetus to getting herself stable, because of the detrimental effect it was having on him. He's just an innocent bystander in all this.

No. 280523

File: 1675715058499.jpeg (305.62 KB, 1125x2060, 1648395327978.jpeg)

Yeah, I found that screenshot.

No. 280531


>Feeling sorry for a disgusting pimp moid who is cheating on his wife and also has a child through all this very public affair, and promised Venus he would marry her since those posts were frequent for a while

Are you male or just dumb

No. 280538

Hiw about this: they’re both shitty manipulative alcoholics and they both suck.

No. 280553

this omg. venus does enough shit on her own, there's no need to make things up or pick and choose which of her stories you believe to make him look better. she's pretty much a NEET, she doesn't have any more influence on this 40-something scrote with a family than he has on her.

No. 280557

How about neither? Just human. Human enough to care about another person.

No. 280564

cringe. you're literally on venus thread to shit on her or read others shit on her, but you 'care' about the pimp and cheating POS she hangs out with ~because you're human~? please.

No. 280580

Seriously. I'm the anon who made that post and I don't know why anyone ever fucking sympathizes with Ken. Why are people assuming the pimping out his song thing to be false too? I 100% believe the fucking creep doing porn with Venus, especially a fucking adult man in Japan where pedo shit is so rampant, to have tried to get his assistant to touch his kid. It's not crazy to say he convinced Venus to do a lot of porn, not like she had experience beforehand and she didn't shoot with other girls for stuff like this before either. Most of the shooting and stuff had to come from somewhere and who has examples besides a porn ridden pedophile.

No. 280581

She does have influence. If anyone he knows like coworkers, boss, family follow Venus or know about her online activity, she can easily slander him or collect blackmail or whatever and ruin his worklife or family life, just like how she did with Mana so he had to get off the internet in shame. She is actually the one with power in their relationship. If she doesn't have a visa, he could get her deported or report her for tax fraud but that's her own damn fault for being a criminal, assuming she evaded taxes. So you can stop pretending that Venus holds no power or ability to fuck him over.

Because she pulls that bs with everyone. Margaret "forced" her to to YT and be into Japan, Manaki "controlled" her and was "just like her mom", her managers "controlled" her, Ken wanted her to do OF, it's a repeated pattern of LYING. Why can't you just accept that Venus is a lazy sack of shit who was spoiled materialistically by her mom, never worked a day in her life, told everyone she's above working, shit on "normies who work" and admit she wants to live like Taylor (aka: be pampered by a sugar daddy), why can't you accept that she'd resort to OF, which is an easy "job", take some photos, post and profit. She has been lazy and greedy from the start. She was not pimped out, you sound as deranged as that pulltard who only whines about Ken but let's everything Venus does slide.

No. 280583

He's a victim, scumbag or not because she FUCKING STABBED HIM. Being "physically stronger" does nothing when someone is coming at you with a knife and is just as scary. You can imagine all the other abuse, probably emotional that he went through. Just because he sucks too, does not negate abuse he might have went through. And it's not always easy to leave an abuser, especially when they manipulate you, guilt trip and suicide bait. If Ken even slightly cared for Venus beyond just sex or whatever, he might have worried for her wellbeing or that she'd kill herself if he left her. All of that IS abuse.

No. 280584

Anon, I am not going to get into this whole defending Margo crap. Margo was a peice of shit and absolutely forced Venus at times to do YouTube. A few anons mentioned she's complained about having being told to change into lolita clothes before in an old video because her mom wanted her in lolita if she was on camera. Ken is a pos. She is a victim of his in a sense even if she's profiting from it. Nothing you say changes that realistic issue.

No. 280585

Venus suicide baited him multiple times. He's been with her for 4-5 years. He suicide baited her once, that we know of. He could have easily learned this behavior from her. When you're with a toxic person, sometimes you pick up habits that they do as they become normalized to you. Kind of like how Venus picked up some of Marge's immoral habits, like suicide baiting or scamming. And I don't know where idiot anons are getting it that he groomed her. She has repeatedly stated OF was her idea. Based on all observations of her behavior, OF WAS her idea. It's the perfect job for her lazy ass.

A wild Venus white knight has appeared. Why don't you tell venus to tie that noose around her neck too? She's abused multiple people and suicide baited repeatedly. She even callously used a little child to her benefit. Fuck off, dumbass.

No. 280586

why do you "imagine" all the abuse he went through and not the abuse his family or venus went through because of him? we don't know shit except for what venus says in her stories and she only posts the things she thinks fit her menhera aesthetic, hence the "shit happens" comment regarding the ""stabbing"".
>And it's not always easy to leave an abuser, especially when they manipulate you, guilt trip and suicide bait.
again they did not live together and she has no hold on him (financially or otherwise), he also suicide baited and guilt tripped her despite being a grown ass man with a family, stop cherry picking the facts it's getting ridiculous

No. 280587

If he was really worried about his coworkers or family, he wouldn't have dated Venus for 5 years and chose to make porn with her jfc. He was posting cringe shit and mentioned OF on his own account. Imagine thinking that Venus "fucked him over" as if he had no responsibility in all the decisions he made until their relationship finally came to end. And I guess men whose infidelity is revealed by their mistresses are also poor victims who did not want to hurt their families.

No. 280588

It's not defending Margo, it's calling out Venus' lies. She did not start a YT channel because her mom forced her into it, made her a weeb or interested in Japan. And if Venus wants to make money off YT to go to Japan and Margo (stupidly) quits her job to manage the channel to help her, then yes, Venus better put out content. We've already seen that Venus can't stick to schedules or put out content without help. If Margo didn't step in, then her YT channel would have turned to shit. And then Venus would say that Margo was lazy and neglectful like she said about her vtuber manager. He apparently gave her "too much creative freedom" and was lax as a manager so it's all his fault the vtuber business failed. If people manage her, they're "controlling", she even dared say Mana was exactly like her mom, a proven lie. If they don't help, they're lazy, neglectful or haters. If Ken didn't help her with OF, she'd just say he's a slut shamer or unsupportive partner. If he does, he's a pimp forcing her. You are so obviously a white knight.

And so far, all I've seen is Ken being a victim of Venus. She admit to stabbing him, screaming at him, calling him a motherfucker, slandering him, doxxing him, using his? child for her gain, blackmailing him, harassing him, and multiple other abusive behaviors. The only thing he has done so far is whine on social media and share his abuse AFTER Venus initiated doxxing and slander. And he seems to have cheated on his wife, but that doesn't affect Venus emotionally so it's irrelevant.

No. 280589

>again they did not live together and she has no hold on him (financially or otherwise)
Living together is irrelevant. If you have any feelings for someone, it can be difficult to end it with them. You seem to have no idea how abuse or codependency or toxic relationships work. He did eventually snap though and kick her out of his life and seems to finally be done with her. It only took him 4 years. That sounds about right.
And you seem to have only 1 brain cell (being generous here) if you think that him abusing his family somehow negates abuse he went through. Again, we've witnessed a pattern of abuse from Venus, so no, it isn't "imagined" abuse. I cannot believe she admits to stabbing him and you still call it "imagined", just because you don't like him. You sound like that stupid pulltard who has a vengeance against Ken, probably psychologically projecting through Venus.

>we don't know shit except for what venus says in her stories

If you've followed Venus over the years, you'd know that she has zero impulse control and when someone does something to her (legitimate or perceived) she rushes to the internet to slander them. If Ken has repeatedly abused her you would have heard from her much earlier. If she for some reason couldn't bring herself to do that (out of character for her), she would have done so after doxxing him. She didn't complain about him breaking her stuff, hitting her, stabbing her, emotionally mistreating her, nothing, except that they had an argument over alcohol. She even said he cried over her and her alcoholism. That doesn't sound like someone who horribly abused her back. You are the one that's cherry picking and can't even provide examples of this horrible abuse Ken put her through. And since you're clearly a black/white thinker prone to the false-dilemma fallacy, let me reiterate: I do not think Ken is a good person, he's most likely a pos cheater, but that does not negate abuse that the fucking abuser admit to.

No. 280590

samefag, the only thing he's done so far is suicide bait once and she immediately went online to post it and directed people to his IG to watch it.

No. 280591

This is why I believe the wife knew about it. They might simply stay together for the kid or something but are otherwise done with each other. In an OF stream, Venus stated Ken was divorced. It's possible when he said "wife" he meant ex-wife, as even if he was divorced, he has a child with her so she will be in his life. So maybe he didn't even cheat now that I think about it and after breaking up with Venus wants to get back with said ex-wife. It's not normal for a cheater to star in his gf's porn and expose his identity, so there's something amiss there. We don't fully know. And from that message Venus posted, it looked like she was threatening his family in some way so he told her to leave him and his family alone. Maybe he worked something out with the wife, despite possibly cheating. Venus is a fucking scumbag if she's trying to ruin that out of malice since there is a damn child involved.

No. 280592

I don't think anons mean the YouTube started out that way. They keep saying she forced Venus to continue at times when she didn't want to which makes absolutely sense.

And Ken didn't suicide bait? Stop defending him. Wtf is wrong with you?

No. 280593

Wife probably took the kid too hopefully. Poor kid being pimped out by his dad for older women to molest.

No. 280595

>I don't think anons mean the YouTube started out that way. They keep saying she forced Venus to continue at times when she didn't want to which makes absolutely sense.
If that's the case, then that makes sense. But again, once the YT took off and Venus was so close to getting to Japan, what's Margo supposed to do? Just be like, "it's ok Venus, don't post videos for the next 6 months", like her channel would be dead then. And she only put out, like what, 2 videos a week? They were simple videos generally, there wasn't much work involved there. Don't get me wrong, Margo is absolute trash, irresponsible, spoiled Venus, immoral, scammy, overbearing etc but is she supposed to work hard to build Venus her channel and get her to Japan and then just be fine with Venus getting lazy or dropping the doll act that got her fame? Look at what happened after Venus truly lost interest in her channel a few years after getting to Japan. It's practically dead and she switched over to OF because it's easier plus better gains. Personally, I don't think Margo should have helped her with the channel at all or indulged Venus in Venus' weeb dreams and tried to get her to go to college instead and do YT when she's above 18 on the side and if it worked out, then drop college like many famous Youtubers did, but Venus wanted to get to Japan ASAP. At that point, she needs to be consistent.

No. 280596

I honestly think Venus enjoyed only having to post a few times. Seeing her constantly have something to post several times a week as a kid and realizing that even her days off she was filming a vlog to post that her mom was filming of her, kind of sucks. Her social life wasn't there because she was homeschooled, so she most likely had no friends. She probably liked being able to be away from her mom, have a boyfriend, be in Japan, and do things she wanted to do somewhere she's always wanted to go. This isn't excusing all the stuff she's done, but I think not posting constantly was a good thing. Now she doesn't know what to do because her livelihood has always been online and she knows that already an easy revenue for her, good or bad. Why look for a real job when you can make bet-by money through easier means even if your face is shown to thousands of people?

No. 280598

He did suicide bait, but Venus did it several times already, publicly. Anons agree that he's a bad person, but that doesn't mean Venus wasn't abusive. As far as he know, the worst thing he did to her before was tell her that he's not surprised her mother had to control her, because she can't get her shit together. And as mean as that sounds, he was right. But Venus was the one who attacked him physically at least once, doxxed him and sent her army of brainwashed fans after him.

No. 280599

Regardless of how many times, which is why I mentioned he suicide baited in general, is shitty. She isn't worse than him for this.

No. 280600

>stop cherry picking the facts it's getting ridiculous
In regards to your feeble claim of "cherry picking" random stuff I/anons want to believe, it's not cherry picking, it's based on observation and logical deduction. For instance, you claim Venus didn't really stab Ken, she's just falsely admitting for jirai aesthetic, same as screaming at him to pass her the sake bottle. We have multiple accounts from people claiming Venus has violent emotional outbursts - such as from Margo and Ken and even witnessed these outbursts with Manaki, Kitano etc. And we have people taking issue with Venus over her drinking, like Pinkii and the other girls when they had that event. Yukapon shit on Venus and none of them took photos with her. We have videos of Venus drunk, making a fool of herself. We have Venus cutting Ken into her wrist and sending it to him to guilt trip and suicide bait. Ken has what appears to be a stab scar. Ken claims she stabbed him. I don't think Venus' comment, "shit happens" was merely a lie for jirai aesthetic. It's simple logic and behavioral observation. So, no, it's not random cherry picking out of my ass. And it's clear Venus is an alcoholic. Do you really think she lied about screaming at Ken over sake for jirai cred? Really? An alcoholic screaming at someone for trying to get them to quit drinking is that unbelievable to you? That even when they admit to it, you don't believe them? And claim we're just "cherry picking." The mental gymnastics you do to vindicate Venus is amazing.

No. 280601

Peenus hasn't been proven to be truthful. The allegations of Ken and his assistant's kid are rumors with no solid proof. Ken is a piece of shit, but the allegations are most likely slander tactics. And it works too. Nobody knows if what Peenus said is true, but people have harassed him over it regardless. She can just say it and her followers will take it as a gospel of truth. I dislike Ken, but Venus has zero credibility. She's a petulant bitch who will attack anyone who isn't in her good graces. And stop defending her shitty actions based upon her upbringing. She's about to turn 26. She's a stone throw away from 30. This bitch can't hide under a fucking youth cloak forever. She needs to adult up already.

No. 280602

No one is defending her by calling her a victim. You need to get out of the mindset, anon. Just because you can paint a cow as both a victim and an abuser doesn't mean anons are ignoring the shit she has done. Stop making this an all or nothing situation.

No. 280603

>You seem to have no idea how abuse or codependency or toxic relationships work.
>You sound like that stupid pulltard who has a vengeance against Ken
>since you're clearly a black/white thinker prone to the false-dilemma fallacy
Lmao that's rich coming from someone who hates Venus so much that they can't handle the fact that some anons don't feel sorry for her disgusting moid. You also get all worked up whenever someone merely suggests that Venus was also manipulated and codependent. She has no one in Japan and he does. If she's too old to make excuses, it's even worse for him. No one cares that you feel like you know Venus so well because you've been reading this thread for years. She's definitely unhinged but defending Ken is ridiculous, he behaved like her despite having a job and family on the side. And that's literally all there is to it, nobody said that Venus did nothing wrong. You sound like you need to take a break from this thread instead of writing dramatic essays whenever someone disagrees with you.

No. 280604

I also mentioned stabbing and doxxing, but you seem to ignore it for the sake of saying that she's not worse than him for suicide baiting. Now who's cherry picking.

No. 280605

I'm pointing out he's just as shitty. This isn't a contest. If he's willing do bait that, he's willing to do other stuff. They are both adults. if Venus can't be babied and victimed into porn, poor Ken can't be taught to suicide bait by someone half his age. The rules in which anons are applying to who is worse make no sense.

No. 280606

Late but that would be the one good thing she's done in years, killing a pedo.

No. 280607

EXACTLY!! I don't know WHERE the sympathy for him comes from! Anons like >>280601 just assumes the whole pedo thing was made up when it absolutely didn't sound like it and I can see why she keeps wanting to bring it up regarding him because if it was his mother, that's one thing to mention because that would be easy for her to connect it with, but why the hell the assistant? Why the story with it? What about the story seemed fake when there was extra context that wasn't even necessary to still get the point across?

No. 280608

Not that anon but the biggest problem that me and other anons have with people like you is that you will fault everyone except Venus for her behavior, which further enables her behavior.

It looks like we will be seeing a pattern now of everyone who interacts with venus being painted as the villain and venus as the sole victim in every situation.
Just look at how all of her dipshit fans reacted to her stabbing and doxxing him: they all laughed and told him it was just a scratch.

The venus milk train is ongoing soon there will be another person on that train who you will then blame for ''corrupting'' venus and causing her to act like a bad person.

No. 280609

See >>280602 NTA, but I don't understand where you get that people are completely disregarding what she's done. Him being shitty doesn't make her not shitty. Also see >>280605

No. 280610

maybe not you but there was a moron here that claimed ken was the sole reason for venus's behavior and that he corrupted her….weird shit and i think we will keep seeing things like that more when she mets a new person, has a falling out with them, and then her fans brand them as the evil person causing venus to act bad.

No. 280611

she's a proven liar. I don't know why people take whatever she says as gospel truth. No one here knows ken, yet everyone is hating on him because venus says so.

No. 280612

If Ken even did what Venus alleges, she's even more of a piece of shit for protecting him and not saying anything. She certainly acknowledges that it's illegal. But then again, she chose to stay with him. She chose to go back to him. She chose not to pursue it further and get the authorities involved.

No. 280613

He's a man it's not that far fetched to believe he's a ped. Also he's been heavily involved with her for years now, no sane and decent person would want to entangle their lives with someone like that. The ken caping is so strange.


No. 280614

He has a wife and kids and cheated, gave an engagement ring to and filmed porn with another woman. He threatened to commit suicide online as emotional manipulation. These are things we have proof of in pictures, videos and his own texts.
I really don't need anything Venus said on top of that to think the guy is scum.

No. 280617

not you in particular, but it's funny to see anons defending ken by switching between
>she literally admitted to do X!
>she's always lying, stop believing Y happened just because she said so

No. 280626

Reading the opinions here I'm marveling at how ridiculously one sided some of them are.
On one hand anons who think, like Venus' fans, that Venus has not and could not ever do anything wrong and is the perpetual victim, blameless, and if she gets involved with someone else and shits on them, it would have to be their fault. Some anons defend her just because she's a woman and they hate men, thinking they're all pedoes and perverts, so women good, men bad.
Then there's those who see Venus as totally bad and everyone she involved with her victims.
The truth is it's damaged people attracting and getting involved with other damaged people. It would be lovely if Venus could meet a well balanced and kind person who could help her be a better person too, but firstly how would they be able to cope with how she would treat them? How long before they would have enough and want to escape? Secondly someone truly balanced, Venus may regard as boring anyway. Whatever, because she is the person she is, it would not be long before she was finding fault with them and raging about them online and sending her army of followers after them. Would have to be a very strong person mentally and emotionally to be able to cope with all that, on top of how Venus would be treating them as well.
Some anons have mentioned age as though anyone older is automatically worse, but you can't just go by age, you can get reasonably decent people get involved with someone much younger where the younger one is calculating, manipulating and knows exactly what they're doing in using and abusing someone, where the older person has only known how to be decent. Venus does shitty things because she has always done shitty things, attacking her mother violently, who is also a shitty person. Manaki, a bit shitty himself but nonetheless a reasonably decent person who tried his best before it got too much for him, Ken who obviously did have genuine feelings and also tried to help her before he too, couldn't take it any more.
Will be interesting to see who next Venus will get involved with and on what level of bad they will be painted as soon as she gets angry with them over something. Its not really her fault, as if she has that in her, its just how she is. Unless she wants to change, she will just go on being like it. It is just what it is. They are just all players in something we watch unfolding. Pawns in the life of Venus.

No. 280630

And again, where did Venus get all this 'experience' as someone who's been chained to her mom most of her life and never even went to school in public? Ken clearly influenced her for most of her porn. This isn't saying she is forced into porn, but she doesn't know left or right when it comes to what to even film and here comes this gross pedo to take advantage of that under the guise of a fucking producer which is absolutely common as a scam in Japan just to traffic girls into sex work, so men can collect paychecks on top of it.

I wish anons did any research. Ken is clearly one of those fucking gross ass dudes, family or not. Being a skeevy pedophile isn't limited to who a man is.

No. 280631

Sounds more like you're part of the anons who think that it's all or nothing when it's a discussion. Venus isn't absolved of everything she's ever done wrong in life because people are criticizing rightfully some pedophile abuser who took advantage of her, even if willingly, to coax her into certain sex acts because he gets a cut of the paycheck. I wouldn't be surprised if he brought up the assistant touching his kid thing to feel out of Venus would be interested too. pedophiles do that. They hint at interaction to see if someone will bite to indulge them. Like, holy shit. How are some of you so blind because you just want everyone to be a Godsend compared to an OP cow. Ken is worse than Venus, no matter what IMO. A pedophile will always be worse than suicide baiting. Venus isn't do anything to children.

No. 280632

So far out of the two of them Venus is the only one with open pedo tendencies. She openly pedo baited and followed other pedo serving accounts. Her claim that somebody she's mad at is actually the pedo is laughable.

No. 280633

Sage your mindless and absolutely wrong take.

No. 280634

Thank you. I'm sick of these absolutely ignorant takes just for the sake of vilifying Venus. It's also strangely ironic how Ken can be a victim of Venus but Venus can't be a victim of her mom's narcissistic emotional abuse and a POS all at once. She's just pure evil to her core and is faking for jirai cred. While also being NPD and seriously mentally ill apparently? Even though it's clearly BPD, but people love to throw the narc label around until it loses its meaning because narc is synonymous with evil.

And before I get some anon with her crusty panties in a twist screeching "WK!1!1" at me, i'm not defending Venus by pointing any of that out and having a nuanced view of things that isn't painting it completely black or white. Just there's quite a few ridiculous takes here that lack self awareness.

No. 280639

A whole bunch of threads I've noticed are like this regarding cows and it's just so boring to have to wade through posts that sound like they were made by 10-year-olds who just learned they could use the internet to bully a classmate on AOL. None of it is WKing anon, you're fine. I'm pretty sure anons purposely ignore the actual facts just to derail these threads at this point because they just like laughing at the cows even when it's not even an instance where the cow is able to be laughed at. Ken is garbage, I hope his wife takes the kid and runs and Venus leaves him and he finds some nice tracks laid out somewhere in Japan because they have a lot of trains. Clearly Venus was smart enough to not give him any info she can access from the looks of it. If he could, he's have done it by now. All these collabs might be setups by her messaging girls then which means she might be trying to get away from him by trying to find a collab partner to help her out. Right now she has to be reliant on him because she doesn't know how to be alone.

No. 280641

Venus has a history of lying so honestly I don't care what she says.
And anons are very transparent: you defend Venus because she is a young woman and shit on Ken because he's an old man. That's it.

No. 280642

My god, you people and your novel writing.is ridiculous. It’s not rocket science, someone can be mentally ill and a miserable asshole at the same time. You idiots are going to get this thread maxed out with your endless sperging and fighting. Just stfu already, until there’s something new to discuss.

No. 280652

Yup. We don't have to pick a side. They're both awful people, so let's laugh at these two retards washing their dirty laundry on the internet. Simple.

No. 280682

Congrats, you've discovered that this thread is infested with bitter BPDchans and NEETs with unhealthy parasocial relationships

No. 280685

Stop using phrases you don't know what they mean, white knight.

No. 280688

Yes, such a sweet old man pimping out white foreigners in disgusting porn, cheating on his wife, abandoning his child in favor of a public affair with all dirty laundry aired online and immersed in bpd chaos, a fellow alcoholic, literally doing everything Venus does and worse because he is bringing his family into it.
It is definitely just because he is a man that he attracts dislike, not because he's a revolting pimp groomer cheater moid.

No. 280699

Yall know they both trash right? Idk what is so hard to grasp about this. Venus is just a little higher up on the tier because she nonchalantly admitted to shanking the dude.

No. 280703

I'd stab a pedo too. Venus is based if she did the Earth of scum like him.

No. 280707

>On one hand anons who think, like Venus' fans, that Venus has not and could not ever do anything wrong and is the perpetual victim, blameless, and if she gets involved with someone else and shits on them, it would have to be their fault.
Literally where is anyone saying that?
>defend her just because she's a woman and they hate men, thinking they're all pedoes and perverts, so women good, men bad.
No one said that, if anything they've stated she is worse than the pedophile she got involved with because she's enabling that behavior instead of going to the police or at the very least cutting all contact. Why do so many people in this thread have such black and white thinking? Venus is a terrible person who attracts other terrible people, none of them get into that relationship blind, they can see what a trainwreck she is. No normal man would see a bpd headcase who pedo panders in her porn and want to spend time with her if he wasn't headfucked himself.

No. 280712

File: 1675818529719.jpg (Spoiler Image,534.01 KB, 1080x1275, Screenshot_20230207_200716_Ins…)

Ya'll forget Venus is a pedo pander. She has a pedo fetish and like to pretend she is a baby. She is an enabler and disgusting herself.

No. 280713

Ew, gross that it was probably Ken taking the picture

No. 280723

Exactly and where do you think she got the idea from? Ken.

No. 280733

Seriously, get help.

No. 280735

She wrote that she likes to act like a baby when she feels comfortable when she released this set, why is it so hard to believe that it was her idea? Surprise surprise, Venus is trash too. She probably got that idea from being on the internet too much and reading some gross loli doujinshi.

No. 280737

…well yeah they always say that kind of shit to promote their content, they're not going to say they don't like it. from what i've seen in this thread i doubt venus actually likes doing OF. she does anime/pedo pandering stuff because that's what expected from her by the people interested in her content and probably ken too at the time. of course she's also responsible for accepting and playing into it.

No. 280739

Venus is on 23k now, banning people from not commenting unless they're followers is apparently working.

No. 280747

Imagine defending pedophiles. You're disgusting, anon. I'm not the one who needs help.

As if anyone really believes anything thots mean the same way Moo looooves things after trying them once and was so uwu nervous and is a total slut for it now. You use the worst examples as facts.

Twitter/OF/Facebook just had a massive bot purge a few days ago and its been rolling over. Tiktok had one last week too. Unless you can prove she is deleting them all,

No. 280748

Saying you want to stab people and encouraging it is sick, pedo or not.

No. 280751

Because pedos are righteous and should be spared from stabbings. This is some dumb nitpicking. Go outside, anon. We don't defend men who offer their kids up here and saying Venus is based for it is absolutely right.

No. 280757

My God this pedo fight has been going on for over 24 hours kek

No. 280759

Nobody deserves to be stabbed, omg. We don't even know if he's a pedo or not. He's a creepy dude, but you can't stab someone or wish them some injury just for being creepy.

No. 280761

Except pedos.

No. 280762

Gotta agree.. The story is so weird, I don't see how Venus would be making it up and it sounds in line with how guys like that reach out to see if someone is interested too by telling of an instance that was totally not a big deal with me and my assistant and my kid to try to moralize it. Venus didn't bite. I understand what anon means by we shouldn't wish harm, it's in the rules, but I'm with you anons on this about Ken.

No. 280767

Agreed. All the vicious hatred from loons on here towards this guy says a lot more about them than it ever does about him.
Venus was pedo pandering from long before she ever met him. From way back in her early teen days. The bunny lying in grass video from when she was around 14 being just one example. She knew what she was doing. Aided and abetted by Margo who should have known better and not encouraged her, but she thought she could keep things under control and was blinded by the prospect of easy money. And please, no crap about 'but, but Venus was a mere child and as such could never ever have thought of such things'. Yes, she could. And yes she did. Get over it.

No. 280769

You're pretending like her mom didn't have anything to do with things when she was a teen. Some of you are absolutely delusional. Blaming a 14 year old on pedobaiting, when she was actively sought out by pedos, and her mom stood there and basically pimped her out. What's wrong with you?

No. 280771

File: 1675868634990.png (1.37 MB, 1080x1623, Screenshot_20230208-160220.png)

Really tasteful.

No. 280772

At least its not cigarettes. Its just hookah.

No. 280773

It's not like venus stabbed him because he was a pedo, she stabbed him for her own BPD-chan reasons.

No. 280775

Does anyone know if Venus ever hangs out with Kotakoti? Has there ever been a crossover? They were both living dolls once so I feel likethere should be?

No. 280776

What says a lot more about you is the fact that you're defending a pedo cheating on his wife and giving his son to a degenerated woman to "play" with.

No. 280777

I don't know how >>280773 even matters when she probably stabbed him for being a creep to her tbh. We don't even know the full story.

No. 280778

>>All the vicious hatred from loons on here towards this guy says a lot more about them than it ever does about him.

Kek did you got this cringe shit from your psychiatrist ?

No. 280781

Get off your moral high horse. This isn't about random people. This about a specific guy who is a pedo too. Stop derailing because you think people can be saved, but Venus can't.

No. 280784

Hookah is even worse than cigarettes, nonny. Especially if she’s using quick light coals, like holy carcinogenic shit. Also wtf is this, 2010? Who the fuck smokes hookah in 2023?

No. 280785

Kooter doesn’t even want to be in the limelight these days. She’d never willingly allow Venus and all her drama into her quiet life.

No. 280786

I know how hookah works and you get more through it than a pack would, but Japan has a history of opium and hookah isn't seen as dirty there as in places like the US. Even host/hostess clubs have these installed usually. It's just cringy.

No. 280818

File: 1675887454594.jpeg (219.98 KB, 800x1198, 6ECF7BD4-B2A6-49A8-ABC0-45659A…)

She “met a purty girl” at the hookah bar (cringe) Looking at the girl’s instagram she seems to be a sugarbaby. Lives in Tokyo and travels a lot (Seoul, LA etc.) and all her pics are her in upscale restaurants, bars and shoppng areas (like here, in front of Tiffany’s.) Reminds me a lot of Ella Freya’s instagram (and Ken mentioned in one of his outbursts that “Ella was a Dad too” which I thing was his fractured English trying to say she had sugar daddies,)

No. 280820

File: 1675887676394.jpeg (185.32 KB, 814x1312, 44C4E40B-6731-47FE-A7F2-5AA24B…)

Anyway here is Venus’s post about their meeting. I think she might be trying to get another SD but she’s aged a LOT in the 4+ years since she hooked up with Ken and I doubt she’s have any luck getting another one at this stage.

No. 280821

File: 1675888040969.jpeg (317.25 KB, 1014x1535, 206F0366-8AE9-448E-8BF6-CCC24A…)

Ken’s post about Ella “being a dad.” I wonder if he’s ditched poor Venus for good this time? He seems to really hate her in his crazy outbursts.

No. 280824

Are they wildly different ages? Reira looks 10 years younger than Venus. Also if Venus was the one who edited this pic, assuming she didn’t shoop reira to be prettier than her on purpose, then the reira girl must be quite pretty irl too. I wonder why she’s hanging out with a washed up wannabe like Venus in the first place. Maybe they’re legitimately friends with each other and not just clout chasing - I hope this is the case but also doubt it.

No. 280825

I don't think she's trying to get other ones. She literally just met someone at a hookah lounge. You're reading way in to this.

No. 280826

Why is he posting just random women? Is he in charge of shooting all their porn?

No. 280834

It's just a screenshot from a sugar baby site, they're just random women that you can find there.

No. 280836

I live in Japan, for some weird reason hookah has gained a lot of popularity with young women in Japan over the last few years.

No. 280838

She'll get ran through and sent packing back home when the SD finds the newer, younger version just like what happened to Ella. Guess this also explains why Venus died her hair back black. She's probably back to being an escort already especially if she linked up with this chick. Shit since she travels so much, this chick might be an escort rather than an SB.

No. 280841

Jesus I haven't been here since 2017, first thing I see is Venus looks cracked out and old and Margo looks healthy and youthful. I never never ever thought I'd see the day I'd put the words "Margo" and "youthful" together in a way that wasn't derogatory. Sad2me how beenus took her life the last several years, not unexpected, but I for some reason had hope for her.

No. 280856

Same though here was def a crossover point where Venus looked like her mother. Now her mother looks like the healthier one.

No. 280858

Come on, I know Venus lifestyle doesn't do her any favor but soon this thread is gonna say that women ~hit the wall at 25~ or something. Some men are fucking desperate and would definitely entertain some gaijin half their age (even if not long term), Venus mental issues are a bigger problem imho. Anyway we can't be sure that she's looking for a SD with this story alone and she'd be better off without one.
I don't know much about Ella's past tbh but from what I've seen recently she still gets views and attention with her cringe onsen videos and the fact that she was used as a model in a game or something, I don't think she's struggling either.

No. 280859

>just like what happened to Ella

I know this is a Venus thread, but source?? I don't really care for her, but she seemed rather pretty and well put together. I thought she had her lifestyle locked down.

No. 280862

>>men are fucking desperate and would definitely entertain some gaijin half their age
The mouthful of brown rotten teeth would be a dealbreaker for almost any man, desperate or not, I would think. And the perpetually greasy hair too.

No. 280863

Quick lurk, this girl has boyfriend and they have an insta @m.x.r_official. My guess is that she just has rich parents and not SD.

No. 280868

Nope, I think she likes that. She referenced it in a video with Manaki a long time ago when he took her to babies R us and she was looking at infant items and then pretended to be embarrassed about shopping for things. Her fans at the time the time were like “Maybe Venus is pREGant !1” but she is into that stuff, she’s a real creep imo

No. 280890

Is there a reason that people believe all the shit that Venus claimed about Ken, as if she isn't a constant liar? There's a high probability she was lying about a good amount of it, if not ALL of it, yet here you anons are repeating her bs as if it's fact that you saw proven somehow. There is zero proof that he did anything to a kid or whatever else, literally the only "proof" is Venus claiming so.

No. 280891

Tinfoil but Venus is unhinged and most of Zaddy’s posts are actually her

No. 280898

I don't believe the pedo thing. Idk about the other stuff. Venus is a liar, but would have to be an actual retard to call out said 'pedo' while having no problem dating him. Pedo or not, the world would probably be better without the both of them.

No. 280902

Different anon, but I've found Ella's SD in one of the threads here, because some girls were complaining that the old creep is messaging them and then they found out it's her bf. But I don't know what happened next and she doesn't have a thread of her own.
Seems like she and Venus have a similar taste in "boyfriends".

No. 280912

Venus being a liar or not, Ken would have to be some kind of gross degenerate to choose to be with her in the first place. I don't get all the weird wking we're seeing for the old sack of shit. Yeah, she's greasy and disgusting, but so is he. You don't need to pick a side in all of this, they are both absolutely rancid individuals, clearly.

No. 280914

You'd be amazed at how many men want to fuck underage girls / and or Pretend they are. This is a Japanese guy unfortunately. It's a land of pedo shit.

No. 280915

Seriously, it's so common place there they have literal conventions full of this kind of lolicon shit. Literal elementary school age gravure idols are a thing. He's just another sick degenerate old pedo who took what he could get, a pedo-pandering wanna be loli who is nearly half his age. He's clearly a creep, but so is she.

No. 280922

Like men in other countries, in fact all over the world, are not into much younger women. Men if given the choice would usually prefer girls, like gay men would usually prefer younger men or boys. P!entry women, specially if wealthy, prefer younger men, sometimes decades younger. In Japan, the women are able to pay for much much younger men, as in hosts, rent a boyfriend, male prostitutes, whatever. If a woman is unhappy, she can even pay for a beautiful young man to come and cry with her - heard about this on British radio only few days ago - and the men have to be beautiful or it doesn't work so they said on the programme, as well as the ability to be able to cry! The oldest porn star there said she would only do it if they found her a good looking young man to do it with. I don't know why some western countries are so uptight and sniffy about anyone who likes the look of younger people, it is basically Nature. Men are programmed to prefer youth, we don't like it so call them perverts and pedoes, and in Japan a lot of those idols is not necessarily a sexual thing, its more innocent but the west likes to misinterpret, disapprove and act all holier than thou about things they don't understand. Totally sick of seeing all the crap in here from moralfags. Its like being on some strange puritan site sometimes. Its fucking lolcow, nigga!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 280924

>elementary school age gravure idols, lolicon conventions, obsession with school girls, pedo tropes in porn, literal pedophilia
>"it's normal to prefer younger people", "it's more innocent"
indeed it's fucking lolcow, are you lost? go back pedo.

No. 280929

I don't disagree that he's a degenerate creep. We've seen proof of that. What I disagree with are the anons parroting that he's done horrible things to children, and other extreme claims that Venus made with no proof whatsoever. That was likely crazy made up shit she spewed out of a BPD rage fit.

No. 280935

>Men are programmed to prefer youth
Smells like scrote in here.

No. 280937

How pretentious and fucking stupid to speak on behalf of all men and women. Go jump under a bus like Peenus please.

No. 280938

The whole of Nature is nothing except pedophilia in action. Creatures mate as soon as they reach the age of puberty. OMG, PEDOPHILIA! Take it up with Nature. And- Get over it.

Also didn't she say it was the mother who did thingsvto the kid? Not Ken. Also if the kid was just a baby, would he even remember it. A friend of mine at school admitted to me once that she used to mess around with her younger brother when he was a kid. I thought it was wrong but she said, look it goes on, means nothing. So what to do? Not my problem. Her brother grew up just fine, undamaged.

No, just not all women have their heads in the sand.
Not all . Just a very sizable number. The fact you don't like that fact don't stop it being true. Now you go and jump under a bus, along with all the other stupid moralfags who live in cloud cuckoo land.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 280940

Basic biology, just like women tend to prefer "strong" even if its attached to someone that'd beat us.

No. 280941

You're disgusting fuck off

No. 280942

How do you do fellow women

No. 280945

>The whole of Nature is nothing except pedophilia in action. Creatures mate as soon as they reach the age of puberty. OMG, PEDOPHILIA! Take it up with Nature. And- Get over it.

Pedophilia refers to grown up people who have an sexual interest in prepubescent children. PREPUBESCENT. That means they can't mate and there is nothing natural about this.
Men who are into 15 or 16 year old girls? Yeah, we can argue about whether that's okay or not. But that's not pedophilia.

No. 280946

you….need to have your hard drive checked. Go join the scrote suici statistic.

No. 280949

Omg, anon, you’re so right. All men wanna bang younger women. It’s time for us older women to maybe kill ourself or hide away in caves. There are actually men who like older women, even grannies. Stop generalizing all men, you stupid fuck.(sage your shit)

No. 280950

sage, retard.

No. 280951

The only retard here is you. You sage your shit.

No. 280952

yeah, yeah. tell us again how 50 year old baldies raping 4 year old boys is all about wanting to mate with them because biology.

No. 280953

>pedophilia is fine
>anyone who disagrees is a "moralfag" and "cuckoo"

Wow it must be sad to live in your brain. CSA is one of the major traumas in some people's lives, unaffected my ass. You need to recalibrate your brain because there are so many errors in your thinking and rationale.

No. 280956

Why would I jump under a bus ? I'm not a pedo kek. You on the other hand…

No. 280957

If i were Venus and the only people still defending me are tranny pedos….i would neck myself.

Literally the only people lately that come to wk Venus in this thread here are now mentally disfigured men or agp trannys. And even they are dropping like flies and leaving. David and her group of simps from 2020 are gone.

No. 280959


Extremely based

No. 280960

Ban the pedo scrote, please.

No. 280961

Kys plain and simple.

No. 280962

they wont the mods are slow and useless as shit when it comes to w/, just like the other threads in w/, many anons also complain in other threads in w/ about the lack of moderation and when there is moderation it tends to be biased.

No. 280967

>> I've found Ella's SD in one of the threads here,
Which thread?

No. 280969

I really wish this latest glownigger crusade would end soon. fuck off with the pedo shit. go get bombed by an IED in iraq or some shit. I just want to shitpost in peace.(sage your shit)

No. 280970

shes been frequenting that place for YEARS now. way to oust yourself newfag.(sage your shit)

No. 280971

its a place like any other. fuck off.(sage your shit)

No. 280973

>The whole of Nature is nothing except pedophilia
1. This is a wildly inaccurate statement.
2. There are lots of things that happen in nature that are not considered acceptable in modern human culture.
3. You're making yourself sound stupid on top of already sounding like a pedophilic moid.

No. 280987

>"there are cool things in Japan but it's far from perfect"
>"its a place like any other. fuck off."
..? i think that was their point. imagine getting upset just because someone suggests that japan also has issues. the weebs here are something else.

based. even if we remove the "moral" aspect of it, there's a reason pedophilia is a crime in all civilized countries: when children/teenagers are assaulted and made to have sex/bear children, they end up mentally fucked up. it's obviously not viable or "natural", just male degeneracy.

No. 281005

Learn to sage, newfag. You get upset about the stupidest things.

No. 281026