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No. 159989

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+Venus Angelic Summary:

>Venus Isabelle Palermo aka Venus Angelic is a washed up as-been famous Swiss Youtuber who gained popularity for her doll looks and weeby content back in the days. Her momager Margo created the Venus Angelic brand, dragged her around the globe evading taxes and stirring up drama among the living doll and makeup vlogger community. She married and cuckolded a Japanese fan named Manaki who doesn’t appear online anymore but she is presumably still married to him and living together. She has faded off into internet irrelevancy for the most part and tries to recapture some amount of attention by uploading random videos every other month and thotting on OnlyFans.

+Recent note-worthy milk:
>Joined AA
>Got beat up in the street by 3 men while drunk and on xanax
>On an enormous amount of pills
>Banned from a hotel chain for trying to commit suicide in their establishment
>Passed out on stream while eating a hamburger
>A self proclaimed ~witch~

instagram: https://www.instagram.com/venus_angelic/
Witch instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rebeldollatelier/?hl=en
“Momonga” (e-girl “business”) instagram: https://www.instagram.com/momonga.inc/?hl=en
twitter: https://twitter.com/VenusAngelic
tiktok: @dollyvenus
fanicon: https://fanicon.net/fancommunities/1857 (inactive)
main youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/VenusAngelic
weeb youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrpLE_Q1iNszN0O9n6V85YA
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/venusangelic

No. 159995

File: 1625964617918.jpeg (269.26 KB, 1472x1145, 7ACB4DF1-B1DE-43BB-A5AD-D76802…)

Thanks, anon.
So what in the unholy hell is the deal with her hair? She’s back in the unwashed greasy-haired rut she gets into from time to time I guess.

No. 159996

File: 1625964810937.jpeg (212.6 KB, 1178x1164, 05D60A22-296C-4353-B803-D4D610…)

And despite being totally satisfied with her “high resolution 100% unfiltered” (yeah right) pics these days she pulls her hair down over her face constantly.

No. 160023

That eye tape makes her look like she has missing chromosomes, and she sounds like a knockoff vocaloid. I can’t understand why people watch these streams…

No. 160027

japan is hot and humid af in summer and it fucks up your hair, especially when you're an anachan westerner who dyes your already weakened hair

No. 160048

File: 1626003074207.png (1.75 MB, 1759x992, 000090.png)

A few more notables from the "confessions" stream:

-The second person she talked about is Taylor, according to the screenshot. She hates her because "she has everything I want." Basically a rich husband who provided everything for her so she could larp as a kawaii anime girl for years in Japan. Imagine all the time she was "friends" with Taylor, she secretly hated her and was jealous, but pretended not to hate her. That's who Venus really is. Venus is truly a scumbag and the same as Margo. She hasn't changed from when she was little and bullied other girls. She's got the same nasty genes as Margo. I think even if she was adopted and grew up with a different family, she'd be a scumbag. And her solution guys? To work harder. She worked HARD guys. This girl has never worked hard in her life. She's never even had a real job and her YT content is a joke. It's not hard work to stream, edit a shitty video or flash your tits or do a cosplay. She's an egocentric person who thinks she's all that but pretends she's humble and self-actualized.

-She called herself an enabler, which is interesting because recently Margo has been called an enabler here. She still lurks, steals what's said about her here and then applies it to herself, in order to victimize herself.

-She reads books in 1 day because she has "obsessions" and spends $700 a month on books LMFAO. Ever since an anon called her out a few threads ago as being vapid, she's insisted that she reads books A LOT. I remember shortly after that was posted, Venus posted a story about a poetry book she was supposedly reading kek. Seriously. She really wants to come across as smart; not being seen as intelligent must be one of her triggers, and no, she does not read $700 worth of books a month. She barely reads, this is obvious. I mean, manga doesn't count, Venus.

-She shit on a company she "worked" for. Obviously either the vtuber or Gaku Kitano. Of course they're all abusers that use and underpay our world-famous youtuber (eyeroll). And you guessed it, it's Margo's fault. Margo is the reason she sought out this company and they used her.

-She finds her current boyfriend annoying and she resents him (not sure if referring to Mana or some random guy). Of course this is Margo's fault for making her judgmental kek. She also called Mana her "husband" and not ex-husband, so if it's not Manaki, then she just admit to dating someone while on a marriage visa. In her Yandere stream a bit back, she said she had no boyfriend.

-She hates this guy who tries to make her his girlfriend (it seemed like she was talking about HIMR but I could be wrong) and gave him her contact info, but wants him to leave her alone. Then don't give him your info, but of course, this too is Marge's fault.

-Her notes on the left side mention "not paying back Taylor" and "not paying back David." David might be that scrote she gave a shoutout to.

-She did really bad tarot reading. She just went online and read what the ace of pentacles is supposed to represent to a guy who said he left his toxic family, then regurgitated verbatim. She literally just said he'll have financial opportunity which is part of what the card symbolizes, because she couldn't tie it into his family situation. She said some other bs but it was really bad.

This was not a confession stream. It was a pity me humble brag look how much of a victim and how self-actualized I pretend I am. She was looking for an ego boost and "yaaasss venus slay you're so brave" type of comments, along with views. That's why she did this stream. It was not to "help people" like she claimed.

And her fans are brain dead. Despite calling all their comments shit, they still praise her and ignore that she even said that. This girl gets praised for posting a very obviously edited photo, but without a filter. She literally gets called "brave" for that. Her fans are morons.

No. 160052

>Got beat up in the street by 3 men while drunk and on xanax
If that's true, I bet Venus did something to annoy those guys. The same way she did something at her bar event with Yukapon and those other girls back when she was with Kitano, except, these guys, in return, hit her. I don't think men just randomly approached her and punched her. She must have done something. Not that it's okay for them to hit her, but of course she'll leave out any info that makes her look bad or like an instigator. And she still hasn't corrected her fans who think her old OF manager punched her. She must really enjoy that they think he's a violent abuser. Because telling people she was drunk as fuck and probably passed out or something doesn't make her look as victimized.

No. 160053


She looks rough as fuck and that under eye make up needs to die

No. 160054

>She also says how she feels she has to take care of everyone because of Margo KEK
Just to elaborate on this, she basically said Margo was a nutjob to the point of not being able to function, so Venus had to "take care of her", but this is obviously bullshit. Margo might be mentally ill, but she can function. Margo was clearly the caretaker who did all the work, such as paper work when they travelled, went on vacation, managed the YT and interviews and finances, Margo paid the bills and called the bank and landlord and even put together the furniture, evidence of the latter on her old posts on IG. Venus was, at least physically and materialistically taken care of, spoiled even. Manaki also did all her paperwork in Japan, provided a free home, drove her places and took care of her, yet she has the nerve to claim she's an enabler who takes care of others and feels an obligation to do so. I can't tell if she's just a malicious liar (to which she admitted) or if she's also genuinely delusional, just like her mother.

She sounded a lot like a narcissistic. From my experience with narcs, they always go on long martyr rants about "how they sacrificed everything for everyone, how they try to please people, how everyone abused them" and this is literally what Venus did. She supposedly sacrificed for all her friends, gave them money and everything but they weren't appreciative. There was so much psychological projection and her brain dead fans gobbled it all up, even after she called their comments all shit and said she doesn't have mental illnesses for some reason.

No. 160055


No offence but didn’t Taylor suck up to Venus to basically leech off her followers? Taylor is a boring bitch who’s had it on a silver platter from day one. She’s shagging that asian ugly bastard to keep the lifestyle. Venus saw that and was envious no doubt but I think anyone would. Plus she was used for her following.

No. 160056

I mean, Taylor is awful, and may have used her for her following, but out of all of Venus' influencer friends, she did seem to genuinely like Venus to me, unlike, say Mikan. And Venus used Taylor for content and blogs as well. I just think it's kind of gross to secretly harbour resentment for her because she succeeded at the weeb dream, while pretending to like her the entire time.

No. 160057

venus vids with taylor are the nicest she did in years (e.g. the barbie cafe one). i remember that back then everybody praised taylor because she treated venus like an actual good friend, hoping this would somehow help venus get better/happier/more social…and now this

No. 160058

Japanophiles will always be jealous of each other. I remember there was some cake cosplayer who would talk shit about both her and Taylor on public twitter. Times never change

No. 160064

File: 1626005390594.png (3.66 KB, 293x36, 14325.png)

lol'd at this comment in her livestream

No. 160065

for years the people rooting for her wished that she would find some female friends but then claimed that everybody who tried to hang out with her was only using her
yeah, now we know why it never worked out, she probably hates all other women

No. 160067

What did Taylor do for her, really? I watched all her videos during that time and to me it seemed like Taylor just adopted Venus as some kind of side project, to “save” her. Taylor probably gained a lot of viewers who were Venus’ fans and all she had to do was hang out a few times and film it. Based on what I saw I would say that Taylor is that friend who only spends time on you while it benefits her and she’ll drop you when that’s over. She was quick to unfollow and disassociate with Venus when she started her OF stuff, or at least it looked like that. They were very unlikely to be real friends and it all seemed rather fake from T’s side. At least with Mikan it was clear they didn’t connect cause she doesn’t perpetuate the ”I get along with everyone” personality like Taylor. I don’t blame Venus for resenting Taylor in that way.

No. 160071

You do realize that Venus very publicly connected with these people to use them too, right? She made lot's of money using them as content for her videos.

No. 160073

Look how shit her content is when she's not vlogging with her "friends" or using Manaki, as well as her views.

No. 160075

you're acting as if she was forced to do this and as if she somehow only found out later that taylor used her, when in reality these are two adult women who agreed to film some content together to benefit off each others fanbases (like millions other youtubers do too). and taylor wasn't exactly small/unknown back then either.
if this is reason enough to resent somebody…
it's obvious that there isn't a single person venus doesn't resent, she'll always find a "reason" to feel mistreated, she's simply completely antisocial.

No. 160080

So what happened to the "sex diary" stream? She kept on teasing it in the previous stream but seems to have forgotten.

No. 160097

We know Taylor is a vapid self centered bitch too, but damn, that's low even for Venus standards. That's only one of the few friendships she had that seemed "genuine"

No. 160102

Yeah okay I guess you’re right. It does seems like she is just looking for ANY reason to resent people, like the stupid bit about some dude who asked her out. Is she just doing it for the heck of it? To fill her dumb diary? It’s interesting that she singled Taylor out, out of all the people she’s collabed with.

No. 160104

Venus made it seem like she looked to Taylor for advice since she never had older people to talk to about things. I think Taylor really did care about Venus hence why she loaned her money, but It’s messed up Venus is so entitled she thinks it’s should be her not working and getting by on mooching off people. Love or hate Taylor at least she had a job and played her cards right.

No. 160108

>> japan is hot and humid af in summer and it fucks up your hair,

That’s grease, not “the humidity.”

No. 160110

>> From my experience with narcs, they always go on long martyr rants about "how they sacrificed everything for everyone, how they try to please people, how everyone abused them"

That’s Venus to a T and also Margo. I’ve been saying this for years now. She’s a mini-Marge. In some ways she’s even more repulsive than Marge because of how sneaky and fake she is, and how she continues to use and shit on Manaki. Sitting on her ass in Manaki’s apartment that he pays for, talking about her “current boyfriend”? What a nasty conniving little cunt.

No. 160123

She owes people money. On the right side page, it says “Paying back David” and “paying back Taylor”. She’s not rolling in dough like some people seem to think.

No. 160131

also gifting her jewelry, flying to japan either to visit her at the hospital or to celebrate Benoos' birthdays together, taking her to fancy cafes…
Wonder what Taylor thinks about this,huh.

No. 160140

File: 1626024791763.jpeg (35.77 KB, 374x359, 320EC46D-5DA1-4774-9B6A-81BB2E…)

Her teeth are turning brown again.

No. 160141

fuck off scrote

No. 160143

A lot of reaching here.

Venus needs to understand she needs actual help and new friends. I think she inadvertently blames her mom for a lot of things because that's what you do when you've been in a toxic relationship with your mother since forever.

She also needs to realize doing porn is messing with her mental health even more. I think she was hypersexualized since very young and that's now what she thinks she is. That plus she's obviously attention hungry.

Overall, I think Venus isn't really dealing with her problems. She needs good people around her and better professional help, not drugs.

No. 160150

Being a mentally ill hikikomori larper is sooo kawaii ne

No. 160157

>new friends
implying she ever had any…when she herself says that she hates everybody who ever spent time with her

No. 160161

This is pure, unadulterated idiocy. No person with any self-respect would share any of this online, but she freely exploits her own mental issues for $5.00 superchats and admits she resents everyone around her while writing in her fake little journal about how she’s afraid to be alone. How she manages to still have anyone in her life is a mystery to me. But she’s happier and healthier than ever, you guys!!

No. 160167

File: 1626029247344.jpeg (86.98 KB, 376x640, 8B61CBA6-68A5-48A4-B994-46254B…)

I have no words.

No. 160187

New moon crazies huh.. Funny how things like that didn't happen before she became a witch. Suddenly things just start happening with a new identity.

No. 160188

Samefag but what the fuck has she been doing for those 6 months that by now she hasn't learned about the moon? The whole witch thing revolves around that crap.

No. 160191

File: 1626032470231.jpeg (288.4 KB, 1784x1150, 82606051-6976-438F-B51A-684CDA…)

So she’s basically holed up in her little bedroom hoarding crap she buys on the internet (candles, incense, crystals, herbs, tarot card decks etc.) indulging herself in her latest whim, entertaining “boyfriends” online (probably OF pervs who pay extra for ‘special’ pics,’) zoning out in front of the computer and occasionally recording herself while she does so, feeding off the love you Venus! comments. And that’s her being “the best version of myself that I can be” to quote yesterday’s 2 1/2 hour stream. Oh and she’s WORKING HARD too, you guys!

What tf is this, a Hello Kitty tarot deck? And why does she insist on drawing a clown mouth on her face exactly like Margo does? It’s creepy and gross.

No. 160195

File: 1626033386750.jpeg (105.13 KB, 1007x748, 3055EF80-869F-4695-8057-9538C8…)

Does she think this cartoon Halloween witch’s hat is what real witches wear? Is she that retarded? Or is that the ‘dry humor’ she claims to have?

No. 160198

She didn't say Taylor specifically though, she said person x for most of the people, but she did clearly show journal so we can see it says Taylor and is the second person on her list. I'm sure she shit on other people too. For instance, she said she paid for dinner for some unknown girl just so she could "buy" her love and it didn't work and now she hates her. Then she went on a rant about how she's a giver and enabler and gives all her money to people, which is just a blatant lie. Guess she doesn't like being called a leech. We all know Venus is selfish and Venus puts herself first.

Venus has always looked down on "ugly" people and fat people, so it's probably legitimate, but maybe she's just doing it for content and views. The way she titled her stream and the thumbnail felt very Onision attention/view seeking to me.

No. 160203

>Venus has always looked down on "ugly" people and fat people
Well, she called her fans "ugly fat weeks"

No. 160204

For a “lesbian”, she sure has a lot of boyfriends.

No. 160205

That eyeliner is tragic

No. 160206

i just got reminded of her ''bpd lesbian daddy choke me'' phase

No. 160211

>I think she was hypersexualized since very young and that's now what she thinks she is.
No. She did OF for money, not out of hypersexualisation. She is LAZY and wants EASY money. It's as simple as that. Once she learned of the OF trend, she jumped on the bandwagon, which is what she's been doing since the beginning. Looking for easy ways of making money. In her own words, she's too good for a real job. She even changed her Margo story, claiming it was what she wanted all along. You are falling for her bs.

No. 160212

Some of the notes on the right also say, "lying purposefully", "being unproductive" and "having another mental breakdown." Her writing is really messy and hard to read though.

No. 160217

What I can make out of the right hand page -
Being hated by ???
People thinking I’m weird
Being unproductive
Having another mental breakdown
Dying painfully
Getting very ill
Wasting time, not ??? being productive
My future
Talking to people
Being left alone
Being left out
Not paying back David
Not paying back Taylor

No. 160218

The one above talking to people, might say "my recovery or memory" not sure.

No. 160219

I can blame my crazy on the moon yay!

Just when you think she can’t get any worse if I can’t drink I might as well get high on xans.. not sure that’s how sobriety works Venus

No. 160221


noooo !!!1 its PRESCRIBED for her ok shes MEDICAted and trying her best and totally not fucking high and a fucking disgusting embarassing mess !!!!111 shes in recovery… the moon will help her :)

No. 160222

I'm starting to think she is some kind of cult leader judging by how her fans worship her

No. 160225

"Being hated by someone"

No. 160228

File: 1626036894151.jpg (314.29 KB, 832x492, Screenshot 2021-07-11 at 21.50…)

No. 160281

Surprisingly, when she asked viewers if they were looking forward to that, it seemed like no one was enthusiastic about it at all. Maybe she was offended by that?

NTA but Venus did admit on an old stream that she uses too much hair oil to smooth out her hair in the summer so I wouldn’t doubt this is what is going on now.

I was truly hoping this willingness to confess her bad traits would also help her realize that she has become a clone of the very person she hates. Not just similar, but exactly the same. She blames her mom for instilling toxic viewpoints about other people, but then attempts to justify everything she does and paint herself as a victim just like her mom. We can take any event in Margaret’s timeline, or any accusation she has made, and apply it to Venus. We could play a game of “Who said it?” and either woman would be the correct answer.

No. 160283

File: 1626053113156.jpeg (32.66 KB, 249x289, 4AD78F75-9788-4266-87CE-7F1785…)

>> she uses too much hair oil to smooth out her hair
No, this is not “using too much hair oil,” it’s her not being able to keep up with the most basic hygiene—she stays greasy, dirty and unwashed for days at a time. This is nothing new either, she’s been posting pics and videos of her dirty oily self for years now.

Look at her grimy raggedy-ass fingernails in her most recent stream for fucks sake. She’s a slovenly mess. Why she continues to post shit like this is beyond me. It’s like she has brain damage from years of binge drinking or something.

No. 160286

File: 1626054418103.jpeg (20.05 KB, 340x216, D73A0947-F8CC-46ED-BA2E-1E436F…)

Like this, for one example. There are countless others of her looking like she’s slept in the same clothes for days without showering or bathing (you’d know this if you’ve followed her for any length of time.)

No. 160314

Lol. Calm down, please. I was just throwing out what she had once said in response to someone asking her about it. We all know she is unhygienic but this is something she said she also does. A layering effect of funk, I guess.

No. 160341

All her witch "accessorry" look like this, like she has no clue about wiccan culture, but watched some anime about fantasy magical girl witches. It's clear this is more a fashion/decor-trend than a lifestyle for her.

No. 160346

I think when she walks off eating streams for a bit, it's to throw up whatever she ate. I also think her mixing medications with alcohol might accidentally lead to an early death-or maybe intentionally, it's clear to see that she goes very up and down about being alive. I don't believe at all that it's just all for attention. Maybe sometimes sure, but sometimes she means it too. I wish Manaki would come out and say something-anything. Their situation is so confusing. Another confusing thing is how she was so into sex for periods in her life. I would guess when she first met Manaki to anger her mother, when she was escorting, and then again for onlyfans although the onlyfans could have been 100% forced which would explain why it was all so bad.

I wonder often if maybe when she was escorting if something terrible happened, like catching an STD, getting pregnant and having to abort it, or being tricked and assaulted. For a moment she was on a happy high hinting and almost even bragging about escorting or having a sugar daddy like crazy. Then it was quiet, followed by a severe spiral, followed by the slow crawl back to Manaki's place (if she ever left anyway). I wonder what caused that. Maybe it was just one sugar daddy and he dumped her and that's why she feels so much resentment toward Taylor since for Taylor it all worked great.

No. 160347

>She really wants to come across as smart; not being seen as intelligent must be one of her triggers
She's the spitting image of her Mom in that regard. Remember when Marge told everyone that she was a high IQ Mensa genius? Lolcow farm remembers.

No. 160354

File: 1626081903512.jpg (9.91 KB, 316x160, 0909809.jpg)

She's like Margo in regards to suicide. Never forget she said this.

>Maybe it was just one sugar daddy and he dumped her

And never forget the kid and his sexual assault which she exploited and showed no remorse for, or the fact that she knowingly dated an alleged pedophile, so she could virtue signal and bolster herself. Or letting her audience think Manaki is a massive abuser, or that her manager punched her. But yeah, keep on feeling sorry for her. I'm sure everyone abooses poor venoos, left and right, everywhere she goes. Aboose everywhere.

No. 160360

Yeah, no wonder Venus didn't go to her birthday party. She didn't give a crap about her.
And even if Taylor was "using Venus for views" she tried to keep contact with her when she moved, and the fact that she gave her money too it doesn't really scream "leech" to me, more like the opposite.

I'm surprised that she feels like admitting to be this shit as a friend/gf/wife/everything and still play the victim card because it's all margo's fault.

Does anybody remember when the aunt was trying to support Venus? She even bought her ugly merch but Venus just ignored her.

At this point is pretty clear that she is a complete retard

No. 160371

Hmm Taylor giving Venus money… I remember when so many people said she became so lonely she had to buy friends, like that assistant lol. I wonder why she gave Venus money. In any case, Venus is incapable of having friendships and Taylor somehow missed all the clues in advance.

The witch cosplay shit is just fashion to her, she literally called it fashion when she put that poll on her story of “what do you like more, jirai kei or witchy fashion” or something like that.

No. 160388

I can't help thinking that Venus really shouldn't be giving tarot readings like this to vulnerable people online. That third card in the reading she gave to some poor guy who had got out of an abusive relationship, was not a good card, and she must of known this, but she tried to play it down and said something different, probably out of kindness at not wanting to unduly worry him, but I think it's a bit dodgy giving readings like this to people who may be in a vulnerable state and I don't remember him actually asking her to give him a tarot reading or to actually do anything, but she lit a candle and made a big deal of it, which was nice, but I think she should not have done the tarot reading.
Also, at the end of the stream about telling people's futures, she said she had to stop because it was mentally exhausting so it maybe is not helping her to do this. also it could make people feel guilty for tiring her and making her feel worse too. And of course there are going to be people who say she turned it round onto herself at the end to make herself a victim and to make people feel guilty deliberately but I don't think so, it's just that she's isolated and focusing self inwardly because she spends so much time alone, it's not bad to spend time alone if you're a true introvert and can cope with your own company, but if too isolated, not good, she needs to just get out a bit sometimes too, though it was good to see her looking more like herself but she needs to learn to put herself first and not care so much about pleasing others because that is what she seemed to be doing in her latest streams. And she admitted to being a people pleaser, but it's time to please herself now.

No. 160410


I wonder why she held it up to show people? She must've known that people would be able to see what it said.
Also, if it's meant to be her own private journal, presumably for no one's eyes except her own, then I wonder why she writes in it in English and not in her own language? German? Whatever, English is not her first language, and I know she's fluent in it, but wouldn't she write in the language she thinks in, which would be her first language, not her second, surely?

No. 160415

Because she wants attention. If she didn’t want the public to see she wouldn’t have showed it. She knows what she’s doing, she’s not dumb

No. 160429

>> about telling people's futures, she said she had to stop because it was mentally exhausting

Lying is mentally exhausting for her? News to me. Besides, nobody can tell the future. All these tarot fortune telling things are a con, aimed at vulnerable people like that guy. Her stream chats are full of people like him who will believe anything, so it won’t surprise me at all if she starts charging for these readings.

I thought the same thing. She writes in English as poorly as she speaks it. Why write a your personal journal in a language you’re not even comfortable in, and then show it on screen? Unless, of course, you want as many people to see it and read it as possible…

No. 160434

Do you guys really think Swiss German is her strongest language at this point? Not trying to challenge you just genuinely wondering what language she is most proficient in these days, I can’t imagine she is speaking her native tongue much

No. 160440


No, but wouldn't she think in the first language she learned? That stays with you even if you don't use it much anymore, and in anything you wrote for your own eyes only, like a private journal, then you'd surely write it in your own language? Specially something private like a diary that no one else is supposed to see. And from what I know about witchy stuff from back when I flirted with it a bit, anything you write in it is meant to be just for your own personal use. It does look like she wrote it in english as meant it to be seen and understood by the most people, so maybe she did always intend to show it in public, i dont know what to think much anymore, she's an enigma.

No. 160443

Her therapist or the AA group she might have joined could be in English so she choose to write in English?

No. 160456


There's also a huge difference between speaking and writing. A lot of people who move to other countries and don't interact with their native language as much struggle writing in that language later on

No. 160459

She literally admit she doesn't give a shit about her fans. No, she does not feel "guilty" for giving them readings. This is purely for herself, content and she will likely try to make money off the witchy crap in the future (she is already streaming it and using it as content). You are foolish, anon.

No. 160461

As someone who knows 3 languages, I sometimes dream in English and even type for myself in English even tho its not my native language. So, its possible, especially if she uses English daily.
Maybe she's comfortable with it as much as her native language.

No. 160462

File: 1626115318390.jpeg (69.72 KB, 360x640, DD1AEDB9-7E83-4C90-9675-3C756A…)

Dumb pic from her Twitter. She also posted teasers for a gamer girl set. It’s predictable and not worth posting.

No. 160463

If she goes for the psychic route I'll be very very disappointed.. I mean I already am but that'd just make her the bottom of the barrel shit human being

No. 160464

You would think she would know how to pose by now

No. 160465

Oh she's into buttplugs? Why does it look like it's too low though.. Is it even in?

No. 160467

Idk if you have a special kind of ass but that’s where most people’s assholes are

No. 160468

I've just never seen these on anyone. I just assumed she'd fake that too because why wouldn't she. She doesn't strike me as a kinky person at all.

No. 160477

Wearing a small buttplug for a few pictures does not make her a kinky person. At this point it’s part of the cosplay girl gone OF starter kit.

No. 160488

Eugh… those furry tail butt-plugs are disgusting. The ass-hole stench and lube probably soak into the fur. Shouldn't anything intended to go up your butt be made from something NON-POROUS and EASY TO SANITIZE ?????

No. 160490

My thoughts exactly. And knowing how much venus cares about her hygiene makes me wonder how well she'll take care of that tail plug..

No. 160491

Her hair is horrible in this picture. She retweets a lot of other cosplayers/OF girls, and next to them, her pictures make her look like an aging wine aunt fooling around in someone’s basement. She hardly gets any engagement on her posts, she buys the cheapest costumes, she doesn’t do makeup or pose properly, or even brush her hair for her photos.

Please just give it up, Venus. It’s embarrassing.

No. 160510

I speak swiss German and from what I've heard, her German isn't the best. I would be surprised if she could, say, read a medical textbook or write a professional resume in German. Her German has likely gotten worse, although she did once say she thinks in German, so who knows. Her written English is pretty good, at least vocabulary wise. Spoken, not the greatest. She also said Manaki did all her Japanese paper work, which means her Japanese is probably not that strong either, aside from conversational stuff, so not surprised she wrote it in English. Plus, it's for her audience. She had already prepared this stream in advance.

> And she admitted to being a people pleaser, but it's time to please herself now.
Lol please. She has been doing this from the start.

No. 160525

>Got beat up in the street by 3 men while drunk and on xanax
where can I find this?

No. 160564

why would you want to see her get assaulted?

No. 160566

She’s streaming right now in her witchy-poo outfit. There are 183 people watching.

No. 160568

When she did that video about the languages she can speak I can assure you that she speak Swiss German as good as English and it's more difficult to write in German than English.

No. 160569

She’s glueing shit to the top of a jar. This is allegedly “casting a spell.” Her room looks like a hoarder lives there (well that’s basically the truth.)

No. 160571

Why does she walk like she has a broom up her ass like that?

No. 160573

Forgot to mention, a few streams back, she shit on her grandparents briefly but said she would give them a chance and I think talked about going to the West, probably to see family.

No. 160576

File: 1626146618969.jpeg (432.21 KB, 1976x1169, F062E717-2E60-4A47-BDE1-4CFA2D…)

She keeps tottering and wobbling around the room looking for something, in her bare feet.

No. 160577

No. 160578

that room is so small

No. 160579

File: 1626147134677.jpeg (366.71 KB, 1683x1146, 46862398-63BE-430A-9081-ABA005…)

She has subtitles turned on for some reason which is hilarious because the algorithm can’t understand anything she’s slurring.

No. 160584

File: 1626148455236.jpeg (433.24 KB, 2029x1173, 50BBEB0D-4360-41DB-9833-AB5172…)

“Spell casting” with a glue gun. So witchy!

No. 160586

due to personal reasons, i am loving this new phase of hers. i wonder how long shes gonna keep up with this

No. 160589

hopefully not long because it's super cringey and fake. she's mostly into the aesthetic of it anyway.

No. 160591

File: 1626150755219.jpg (62.15 KB, 341x325, 0789879.JPG)

I like how this person is telling this to Venus as if she's going to care. If it fits the aesthetic, she's going to use white sage. She does not give a shit about the planet. It's funny how this poor soul seems to think otherwise.

No. 160604

It’s autistic arts and crafts time! I can see this whole thing derailing whatever progress she made - she’s going to slowly quit her therapy and meds in favour of making jars of melted wax and twigs and praying to low-res pictures she printed off the internet.

She already admitted on her witchcraft insta that she the “new moon crazies” were another mental breakdown, and that praying to Hekate “made her feel better”.

This shit is dangerous for people with poor mental health.

No. 160605

At around 43-44 mins in, she claimed to be practising for a year. Funny how 6 months suddenly becomes a year.

No. 160609

If she really believes in this bullshit she's gonna have a rude awakening sooner or later and have a mental breakdown over that..

No. 160654


But the person in the comments is talking from the point of view of being in America, Venus is in Japan so where is she going to find a native seller? Presumably the poster is referring to a Native American seller of sage. Can't be many of those in Japan. Unless she expects Venus to take the trouble to search online for one.

No. 160655

For people commenting on her hygiene, dirty fingers, whatever, isn't that just because of suffering from depression? That sort of thing doesn't really always matter that much when you're depressed. She's still a very beautiful girl even when she looks a bit disheveled and untidy and unwashed, and as people have said, it's extremely hot and humid in Japan in summer and people can't be washing and freshening up every five minutes.

No. 160656


She's in Japan though, so wouldn't Japanese be the language she has to use the most? I wouldn't of thought she'd have much cause to use either English or German in her daily life.

No. 160659

I wonder why Venus resents Taylor for "having everything I want"? Like what? I tried to watch a few of Taylor's videos back in the day, but there was nothing about her that made me want to watch her and I had no interest in her at all. Her looks don't appeal in any way, she's just nondescript, Venus is way better looking, but I know that's just a personal viewpoint, but honestly can't see why Venus, or anyone, would resent Taylor for that reason of envy, resent her for being annoying and irritating maybe, same with Mikan, though I find her more tolerable and her content a little more interesting than taylor's, but again, a personal view.

No. 160673

Because Penus (and Margo, too) expected Manaki to be some company owner or a rich heir living off their parents' wealth or whatever as long as he could fund the luxury lifestyle both snakes always thirsted for, without asking nothing in return.
But instead, her Prince Visa Charming turned out to be some awkward weeb factory worker doing night shifts, living in an apartment provided by his company and whose family lives in rural Japan. No wonder why she resents Taylor's lifestyle: rich husband who can afford more than trips to mcdonald's and toys'r'us.

No. 160688

>Venus is way more attractive than Taylor
>random Mikan stanning
>holy fucking run-on sentence


No. 160690

>> She's still a very beautiful girl

Lol. Only in your dreams and the (highly edited) pics she posts.She was cute when she was younger, never remotely close to “beautiful,” and is aging rapidly and badly thanks to her shitty genes and even shittier lifestyle. And she looks more like her mother the older she gets. Unless you consider Margo “beautiful” also.

And “a BIT disheveled”? How about looking like a homeless hobo who hasn’t had a shower or even combed her hair in days? Anyone else looking like that would be skewered and rightly so but stans like you continue to make excuses for their precious princess. It’s sad.

No. 160700

Taylor never has to worry about where her next meal is coming from. She can eat luxury meals while Venus can only afford konbini food and that sad omurice she made. Taylor’s man can take her on luxury trips and they live in pretty big homes. Venus was shifting around from love hotel, to manga cafe, various men she met and then back to Manaeki. Need I go on?

Venus wants to do nothing, but look cute. She thinks she’s above a normal job and thinks she should be handed everything and looks down on others she thinks are beneath her when really she’s beneath everyone else. That’s why she resents someone like Taylor who has things handed to her, but really she worked for it. Hate her or not, Taylor worked and earned a paycheck. Venus wants the same paycheck without having to do anything.

I mean Venus could have had everything Taylor had if she just married Mr. Yan, but she was more concerned about looks.

No. 160704

> same with Mikan, though I find her more tolerable and her content a little more interesting than taylor's, but again, a personal view.
Mikan, pls log off

No. 160706

File: 1626201623412.jpeg (13.76 KB, 227x222, EDE55E38-F623-448D-9510-FC612C…)


Are you advocating that a 16 year old should’ve married this creepy ass man who was well into his 40s at the time he was looking for a child bride for his contest?
I’m pretty sure it wasn’t his “looks”.

No. 160707

Hoping anon was just joking with that, but…I have a hard time believing that even Mr Yan would not have dumped her broken ass by now.

No. 160709

File: 1626201991363.jpeg (29.55 KB, 233x300, FF47C404-3FE3-42CE-A3E4-9EE8CF…)


Mr. Yan requested that Venus came by herself (which her mom had no problems prostituting her out) and no doubt tried his hand at wooing her. Manaki is a pos but to even suggest that Venus should’ve settled for this freak is disgusting.

No. 160724

>No, but wouldn't she think in the first language she learned?
Actually no, some people lose their first language after living abroad for a long time. And they start thinking in their new main language. Venus has mainly used English and Japanese for such a long time that her Swiss German might be weak at this point. Maybe she thinks in English.

No. 160737

It’s a joke. Since Taylor married an older man with his own business and Mr. Yan was an older man with his own business.

No. 160738

File: 1626212990071.jpg (Spoiler Image, 274.82 KB, 1536x2048, f2mba5spaj701.jpg)

i just know that someone who wrote this looks something like this.

he is too autistic to understand anon. He (and the other wk scrotes) are here to fap to the occasional onlyfans leaks that get posted here and sperg from time to time about pwecious Penus.

No. 160741

File: 1626213888783.jpeg (22.89 KB, 222x300, 11EDF75F-C324-4F64-AEB5-58D2CE…)


Or the joke sucked. Only someone deranged would find a creepy ass man trying to marry a 16 year old funny.

No. 160752

It’s obvious at this point that she’s not serious about her “recovery” as she streams while clearly under the influence (of alcohol/opiates/benzos/who tf knows) on a daily basis. She’s going through the motions of a 12 step program only because it was mandated (she admitted it was “forced” on her in a stream) either by Manaki as a condition of allowing her back in the apartment or, more likely by a Japanese court (Margaret has referenced several times Venus asking her for medical records for some sort of legal process and her “only doing one month in a psych ward.”) Maybe the hotel chain pressed charges, or she was busted for public drunkenness, or who knows what. If she is being monitored by anyone (probation officer or w/e) it’s only a matter of time until she’s busted for violating the conditions of her release (maintaining sobriety.) She clearly does not give a fuck anymore.

No. 160753

lol it's not trouble to order stuff online from outside of Japan. It's simple. Come on.

No. 160754

It just looks like she's waiting for her health to decline more. I get the feeling she would just double down on staying in the unit with Manaki and paying with disability payments or the equivalent in Japan. She seems miserable but very comfortable doing benzo arts and crafts while getting online attention and living in her little world in her bedroom.

No. 160755

Fuck off already, pointy chin sperg.

No. 160756

Well if Venus wanted that life, then she should have found some rich old Japanese businessman. It's as simple as that. She probably married Manaki to get to Nipponland asap in the hopes of then latching on to some other richer Japanese national, but that has of yet not worked out. She seems to have had some sugar daddies though, that even gifted her a LV scarf she showed off.

>And “a BIT disheveled”? How about looking like a homeless hobo who hasn’t had a shower or even combed her hair in days? Anyone else looking like that would be skewered and rightly so but stans like you continue to make excuses for their precious princess. It’s sad.
Exactly. And it's interesting how she's "too depressed" to wash her nails or hair, but not too depressed to put on cute outfits, do her makeup, decorate her room and make it "aesthetic", put in lenses and under eye tape or set up her camera and start streaming. But just showering and cleaning nails is too hard. Venus has always been kinda dirty, depression or not.

No. 160758

I don’t think she’s paying anything in the way of rent to Manaki, just leeching off him cause she has nowhere else to go (no “manager” to shack up with) and he’s allowing it bc he’s a spineless cuck. She has enough $$ from OF and YT to buy toys and all the “vitchcraft” crap she’s been hoarding, and junk food, makeup, clothes etc. but that’s about it.

No. 160778

does anybody know what happened between mikan and venus?

No. 160787

She's streaming now. Just more rubbish about the moon she pulled out of her ass.

No. 160789

Based on the thumbnail she's gonna be doing some readings.. Can't wait for this witch bullshit to be over.

No. 160800

File: 1626232825069.jpeg (42.17 KB, 547x263, 1626024791763.jpeg)

Venus is way more annoying than Taylor and more annoying than Mikan in regards to weebness/cringe, whereas Mikan is more annoying for her contant outright bitchiness. And Taylor is definitely better looking featurewise and healthwise than Venus, although she did go overboard with cheek fillers now and looks like an inflated balloon now. Your constant rehashing about how you think Venus is the prettiest thing ever makes you sound like a fucking scrote.

No. 160801

File: 1626233877915.jpeg (407.19 KB, 1868x1140, 45443094-19F3-4C4D-83B0-01B231…)

She has yet another deck of mystical magical cards. No readings, just a lot of rambling, stuff you’d find in a google search which is about the level she displays here. Keeps pronouncing ‘Pisces’ as “piss cuss.” Looking dirty and grimey as usual (why are her teeth brown?) She’s just so odious to me now.

No. 160802

Venus' face truly is unfortunate especially when compared to others

No. 160803

I was thinking her teeth were kinda brown from her lip stain, but they can't be brown like that every stream. She must be drinking a lot of coffee or neglecting teeth hygiene, which is surprising given she can still get all dolled up and styled, but not clean her nails or teeth.

No. 160806

This is so boring. Please just be done with this phase already…

And she’s wearing the same dress she wore in the last stream, gross. The difference between her face in the screenshot and the thumbnail is insane, I don’t get how anyone thinks she is pretty anymore.

No. 160807

I disagree. Let her LARP as a witch for all eternity. It's funny and cringy

No. 160811

File: 1626242752286.jpg (28.17 KB, 475x493, pepp.JPG)

I'm more and more convinced that her fanbase negatively impacted her life even more than Margo. I mean sure crazy mom & cie but had she grown up without her enabling fans she wouldn't become as shit. Meanwhile if she grew up with a functioning family but with the same fans the result probably wouldn't be that different.

No. 160816

Well, at least appearance wise she is definitely starting to pull off that witch-look. Yikes.

No. 160845


Why cant people get the fact that appreciation, or not, of a person's looks is purely subjective. You say black, someone else says white, you say cold, someone else says hot. Whether anyone prefers one look over another is down to personal point of view, nothing else.

And in the example you showed here, I definitely prefer how Venus looks, but the difference between me and you is that I am stating just my own personal opinion, not putting something out there as actual fact. Constantly stating your own personal opinion about someone's looks as though that opinion is actual, definite fact instead of just an opinion makes you seem retarded.

No. 160852

In two recent streams, Venus said she was an alcoholic before she had even started drinking alcohol. Did she mean she was born one? That at age 3 or 5 or 7 she was an alcoholic? Perhaps she means that once she'd had her first drink of alcohol that would be enough to make her into an alcoholic because she was born with the genetic factor that would cause this? That must have left people wondering how could she be an alcoholic before she'd even started drinking?

No. 160853


Margaret indulged her and most likely encouraged her in her interests, maybe because she thought they could both benefit from it financially.
But then again, suppose she had discouraged her and tried to stop her from pursuing her interests? Venus could say she had been a bad mother for stopping her from doing what she wanted to do. She's still saying she was a bad mother but she'd have even more reason to say it if Marge had never allowed her to do what she wanted.

No. 160854


Quite frankly, I'm not surprised she has contempt for her viewers, they hang on her every word and most seem to believe everything she says, despite her admitting to being a habitual compulsive liar.

No. 160858

Random thought - she clearly goes outside to places (that latest photo on her insta was taken at some kind of escape room in Tokyo), so why no videos or pictures of anything that’s not her room? Or even stream with the curtains open? When is the last time she made an actual video rather than a 2 hour stream of nothing, anyway?

It also bothers me that she never addressed passing out on that stream before. She just carried on like it didn’t happen, and nobody asked about it.

No. 160860


I think people may have asked about in in the immediately following stream, but the mod (Benjamin something or other but using girl profile pic in spite of having a guy name, not relevant i guess but just sayin) was deleting and banning anyone who was asking if Venus was alright.

No. 160861

Weird how she kept promising she was going to do her sex diary as that was what "everyone was wanting" I think she said, but then she never did it and never mentioned it again. I wish she would, it would maybe be more interesting than all this pseudo witchcraft stuff.

No. 160862

>> she never addressed passing out on that stream
She did, she laughed it off as “I fell asleep with a total derp face lol” and said she was just “tired.” And that nutcase mod is still falling all over himself insisting Venus is FINE, JUST FINE and quit asking about it!

No. 160863

Didn't watch the stream in question so I don't really know in what context she said that, but I'm guessing she was referring to how addiction is said to have a large genetic component. She's trying to put the blame on everything but herself, every time she picks up a bottle she's making a conscious decision to fuck herself up.

No. 160880

>> what happened between mikan and venus?
Venus went to stay with Mikan for a few days a couple of years ago. Mikan posted something about ‘getting home from work every day and Venus was just playing her little videogames all the time’ and never wanted to do anything. This was around the time they stopped being “friends.” Later when Venus posted one of her suicide baiting instagrams Mikan posted ‘please stop demanding me to help Venus, I have problems of my own and you’re stressing me out even more’ and something about Venus not trying to help herself.

In other words, Venus is an emotional vampire and exhausting, and spends all day every day zoned out in front of a computer screen. And now Manaki is stuck with all that, the poor cuck.

No. 160892


Venus has seemed a lot better in her last few streams, but admittedly I haven't sat through all of it as not that interested in her witch phase, but I suppose if she's talking about something she's really interested in, with encouragement from her fans, then she would be. Maybe in a while, she'll be posting a video about when she used to be a witch.

As for Manaki, no one even knows if he's there, there seems no sign of him being there, or no sound of him either.

Is his place out in the country? Is that what she means by her house in the country?

No. 160900

huh? you don’t have to sit through all of her livestreams to know she is doing terribly. i mean she passed out during one last week ffs and on top of that she also looks sickly (that isn’t even me being catty, she legit looks ill). idk if ive ever seen her so bad before.

also i don’t give a fuck about manaki and have little sympathy for him but I think if she is in that apartment that is more than enough proof that he is there as well. venus has no social capital in japan and cannot legally rent her own apartment, which means she has to attach herself to a host (like a parasite) in order to have a place. i doubt manaki could afford to rent another place with his factory worker salary.

No. 160906

nta but taylor is objectify way more attractive here. Her skin looks healthier, her hair looks healthier, her teeth look cleaner, and even her eyes don't look dead. This isn't about 'fashion' or 'style'. I think taylor's fashion style is really boring and basic, venus's style is more what I like but regardless you can't deny taylor looks better here because she looks healthy.

Unless you think looking unhealthy and sick is pretty, in which case lol.

No. 160908

I think taylor's style is objectively better because she dresses maturely and does her makeup nicely. Venus dresses like a fucking weeb and does that gross aegyo makeup/tape shit and that ugly blunt fringe that doesn't suit her. Taylor has better features, look cleaner and has better style, boring or not.

No. 160909

No matter what Margo did or didn't do she would spin it into abuse. Margo's not the greatest, but you really can't win with Venus. If Margo didn't let her do YT, Venus would say she didn't support her dreams/let her grow. If Margo allows it, she's "using" her. If Margo had her medicated for adhd, she would call it abuse, just like she calls lack of medication abuse from Margo.

No. 160910

She did address it, she said she fell alseep because "her fans comments were all shit" and only 1 fan seemed offended, the rest continued to kiss her ass.

No. 160911

>> Venus has seemed a lot better in her last few streams
>>Venus is a very beautiful girl

I don’t know what some of you anons are on lately, but when she finally commits suicide or dies from accidentally mixing alcohol and drugs, it’s people like you who will be all “Oh, but she was fine! She was so happy! Why would she do such a thing…?”

You’re not supporting her recovery by pretending everything is fine - actually the opposite.

No. 160913

I don't think she'll intentionally ever commit suicide, she's like Margo in that regard, a suicide baiter: she literally made that OF post about enjoying worrying others. But she might accidentally fuck herself up with her meds and alcohol, would not surprise me.

No. 160914

Venus is too old to actively be blaming her mother for anything anyway. Margaret is no doubt a cunt with a personality disorder but Venus is away from her now and needs to take accountability for herself

No. 160915

She will most likely die from an accidental overdose and I have a feeling it will be sooner rather than later. Obviously I hope I’m wrong and that she has a successful recovery but like… let’s be realistic given what she has shown us recently

No. 160917

Her meth junkie teeth are probably rotten due to an incredible lack of vitamins etc, besides poor hygiene, her surgery and all that obvious contributing shit she consumes already.

No. 160921

>> Is his place out in the country? Is that what she means by her house in the country?

Are you brain dead, anon?

1) Manaki’s apartment (where Venus is currently holed up) is in Yokohama, not “the countryside.”

2) There is no “house in the countryside.” That’s another one of Venus’s lies (like that ‘Company’ she formed when she was LARPing about being a boss business lady. And the girls’ bar she was going to buy with all that $$ she had rolling in, remember that one?) And so many others.

You’re embarrassing yourself being so gullible that you believe this shit.

No. 160984

File: 1626317369660.jpeg (308.81 KB, 750x815, 12F1CE9C-AF3C-4358-8C48-78227B…)

She’s going live at 11:30

No. 160985

This sounds absolutely disgusting.

No. 160989

File: 1626319115222.jpeg (363.5 KB, 1285x1271, 7A6FFEC9-547C-4F3F-89C0-2D4259…)

So this ‘cheese hattogu’ is a fried cheese corndog or some shit, apparently. This is gonna be gross.

No. 160994

File: 1626320365374.jpg (2.86 MB, 4128x3096, 20210715_053320.jpg)

Watching our crusty granny on TV screen is a surreal experience. This time it doesn't look like she slept with makeup on for two days though.

No. 160995

Damn, I thought this was Margo

No. 160998

“Just a second, I’ll be right back…” and the stream freezes. The creepy mod assures everyone (all 130 watching) that she “just had to do something really quick.” Gee, what could she just have to do in the middle of a livestream?

No. 161000

Oh and now she’s back but “needs to end the stream now.” And it’s over.

No. 161002

I really don't get the fascination you have with this girl. I'm just as bad as anybody with other lolcows, and Venus' mom is certainly a lolcow, but Venus just seems dysfunctional. Given how she was raised, I don't see any way she wouldn't have issues. I just want her to get help, get a psychiatrist or a therapist, and go back and get a real education. It seems like her abusive mother left her without the foundation that would allow her to function normally in society, so she needs to get that foundation now.

No. 161003

lol stfu

No. 161004


Not you defending her narc of a mother. Venus’ abuse was openly documented for the whole internet to see, it’s not exaggeration that Venus made up. We all saw it.

No. 161005

shes funny and cringey and also very stupid and unstable

No. 161007

Probably to throw up whatever she ate, if anything. I don’t know why she eats so much takeout…also, 130 viewers isn’t that many…

No. 161010

Venus definitely embellished her "abuse." I do believe she felt guilty/inadequate, but I don't believe she was forced to pump out videos, forced to do YT (hey look she's still doing YT! You'd think she'd have ptsd from the trauma of being forced and stop), sexualized against her will (Venus herself said she wanted to be sexy), beaten and battered, was the primary caregiver (lol), isolated (Venus even left during the day without Margo knowing meaning Margo didn't keep tabs on her all day everyday and Margo has photos of Venus with friends/family and school mates), or "pimped out." Margo was literally against the marriage with Manaki, but Venus lied in her Manaki video and claimed she was forced. If Margo lets Venus marry Mana, she's pimping her out, if she's against it, she's controlling. But what mother would let their teen daughter go to a foreign country ALONE with a man she barely knew, and could barely talk to given her Japanese was terrible whom she was only marrying for a visa anyway. As an overbearing parent, of course Margo wouldn't allow that, and it's not even unreasonable, but a good thing she was against it. But Venus, of course, will omit the visa fraud or cheating on Manaki, anything that makes her look bad, so why should I trust her highly one-sided narrative of her life when she's been caught lying and contradicting things?

Margo is a bitch, confrontational, probably invalidated Venus and was definitely overbearing (which we witnessed) which can stunt kids, but Venus definitely makes her out worse than she was, and outright lies, like in her Manaki video. Venus paints everyone she doesn't like as the worst abuser, same as Margo. They become one-dimensional characters in her deluded narrative. Manaki, her boyfriend sugar daddies and managers are all abusers. She even lets people think her manager hits her. I am not defending Margo per say, as I don't think she's a good person, I'm just calling out Venus' BS and out right lies/contradictions.

No. 161011

If Margo let's Venus go to Mr. Yan, she's "pimping her out." If she doesn't, Venus would claim she's being isolated and kept from opportunities. Venus can spin anything she wants into abuse, like the adhd shit. It's not like Margo totally ignored things or she wouldn't have said Venus had aspergers. I also recall Margo doing good things for Venus. Like sweetly/calmly defending her in that interview where Venus got called horrifying, I remember Margo buying her everything she wanted, lying about all her issues and defending her from the public, wanting her to go to Uni in Korea, quitting her job to help Venus grow her YT so she could go to Japan and live her dream of larping as an anime girl (irresponsible and enabling, but I truly think Margo meant well). When people say she solely wanted money for herself, that's just painting a one-sided narrative. That was probably a factor, but I do think she wanted Venus to be happy living her dream life as well, at least while they were on good terms.

So no, I don't buy everything Venus says, especially when it's riddled in contradiction, without proof and she says the same shit about anyone she doesn't like. Most of the worst shit with Margo "for the whole internet to see" happened after Venus left and took the channel, like the incessant shit-talking or Margo coming to their apartment, not before. But Venus is the one who put out the running away video which triggered Margo to make a defence video and then the incessant shit-talking began. Venus could have just left and simply said her mother and her are on bad terms and left it at that, instead of uploading videos on it. Maybe Margo would have shit-talked a little less if she wasn't getting incessant hate messages from Venus stans, but who knows. Margo enabled the shit out of Venus and was too overbearing, that is evident. The rest is a matter of interpretation and both women speak of each other in the most one-dimensional way, to make themselves each look like the ultra victim, so no, I don't trust Venus, especially when she said she likes to make up abuse to worry people. That does in NO way mean Margo is good, just that Venus played up her alleged abuse.

No. 161012

Omg calm down anon lol

No. 161013

Godammit, Venus is going to love your paragraph about her

No. 161014

I am calm, anon. And I was in no way saying Venus didn't have shit to deal with nor am I saying Margo was some flawless parent. For instance, Margo allowed Venus to dance on nico nico or post the "wow they're huge" thumbnail. That's why I said she's an enabler. If it's true that Venus dreamed of being sexy as a teen as she claimed, Margo enabled that so they could earn money, and that's wrong. Margo has done plenty of wrong or irresponsible things, such as even allowing Venus to do YT before she was 18. And yes, I believe Margo on that because her story was always consistent and she said that even back when the internet loved her and thought she was a "cool" mom, so she'd have less incentive to lie about it.

My point is that Venus paints Margo as some one-dimensional demon who only ever wanted to torment her and all of Venus' actions (including resenting ugly people as an adult) are Margo's fault. It's fucking ridiculous. I had a narc parent and understand the emotional shit they put you through, but I'm also capable of seeing my narc parent as a person with their own struggles. Not everything they did was out of pure malicious intent. Some of it was just out of ignorance or what they genuinely thought was good. And I'm also capable of recognizing all the good stuff they had done for me, and old enough not to blame all my own faults on them. But Venus, no. Margo is just a one-dimensional malicious demon who only had her to torment her and everyone should feel sorry for Venus. Manaki and her managers are also the same, very one-dimensional. She's never gonna get better with her attitude. She IS Margo now.

No. 161017

Wrong Farm anon

No. 161043

File: 1626348502586.jpg (91.78 KB, 720x875, 20210715_054538.jpg)

No. 161044

File: 1626348525442.jpg (192.99 KB, 1080x1036, Screenshot_20210715-114908_Twi…)

No. 161047


No, but Venus still has more attractive features and nicer shaped face, (when she's not distorting it with edits that is!) In her last two witch streams, she definitely looks healthier too and seemed a lot more together and cheerful. She's always going to be up and down, like most people are to some degree, the girl is trying her best and that is all anyone can ask. I'm not interested in the witch stuff but if it helps her then that's fine by me, I want her to be well.

No. 161049


Have you just come from the Margo thread? Look, Venus is seeing a therapist and takes meds for her mental problems, and if she wanted to get an "education" then she would, and how would that benefit her anyway exactly? It depends on what she would want to do with that education.

No. 161051


Venus is not stupid, she knows what she's doing and she plays people. She hardly stopped talking about her mother in her 'confession' video recently, she knows people will now go after Margo again with greater intensity after hearing that.

I remember Sora the troll being very impressed with her after the videos they did together and saying very admiringly that she is more of a troll than he is and he also said she understands Japanese perfectly well, which makes it seem a little odd that as she lives in Japan and would be speaking Japanese more than any other language that she would write her private journals in English, a language she'd have no reason to speak much unless on Youtube, where most of her fans are English speaking, so it almost looks like she always intended her journal to be seen publicly anyway. She knows what she's doing is all I'm saying, she's not as stupid as some people like to make her out to be.

No. 161053

What in the absolute fuck.

…I don’t know why I’m surprised by this, after everything.

No. 161055


Seriously it's crazy how y'all overanalyse her language usage man. While it's highly likely that she indeed wanted to show that shit off; all of your explanations are just stupid. I'm multilingual with German as my native language and I regularly think and dream in English, as well as writing in my diary, notes etc. This is incredibly common.

No. 161057

This was a nice stream. She looks very nice and her actions are very charming and graceful. She's a lovely girl, I don't get all the bitchiness towards her, just seems like jelousy a lot of the time.

No. 161058

No. 161059

Still level of wk-ing. I'm starting she's some cult leader

No. 161066

I'm invested in Venus because I've been following her since the beginning. She's not very milk-y though, just some cringe shit here and there. I'm still hoping she will get her shit together, although I doubt it will happen. In fact I don't think she will still be alive in 5 years unfortunately.

No. 161071


I would say an obvious self-post, anon, but who knows… I skipped through the live, she is not "charming" at all, she looks like a grandma - makeup, clothes, voice and all. Also, she is not "graceful" either, her hands are shaking, not gonna speculate on why. With the background music she chose, it's a total snooze fest.

No. 161072

Are you Benjamin, her mod?

No. 161073

Nice sarcasm, anon

No. 161089


Exactly what I was thinking, she has zero energy and therefore, obviously, unable to deliver any. Dry and boring as shit; the usual miserable circus.
V, we know you're not sophisticated at all but at least play some fucking music, you sloppy slug!

No. 161090

that's disgusting wtf

No. 161093

So are y’all just gonna ignore Mikan spilling all the tea on sweet little Wenus (such a lovely girl!) I totally believe every word of it btw.

No. 161095

lol you really don't understand how people without credentials would benefit from getting credentials? Really?

No. 161096

File: 1626365306282.jpeg (401.61 KB, 1313x1827, A332A738-EC23-41E6-8778-1C22B1…)

More Mikan tea

No. 161097

same, English is like a second major language in German-speaking countries, especially if you watch movies or consume media in English

No. 161099

They have mutuals, though? Venus doesn’t have any friends left…and I’m sure Mikan has cut off more than a few people since getting with Yasu and leaving Bunka.

No. 161117

All of you guys debating her language and education make this thread really boring, we actually got decent milk

Venus calling Mikan while having sex is so disgusting. Who does something like that? What a gross person. And then sending a message with a happy emoji to Mikan afterwards is sick. I would feel violated if that happened to me

No. 161118

Where did she say about the smiley face? Is there more info than these screenshots?

No. 161122

In the first post Mikan said that Venus said “because my sugar daddy is a sadist” and then an upside down smile emoji. But actually I think I was wrong on that, and the smile was actually from Mikan. My bad. ( >>161043 )

No. 161124


Yeah, the whole concept of having and respecting boundaries is alien to her. She admits to being socially awkward but having this sense of entitlement while lacking basic cognitive empathy is a typical narc move.

No. 161128

File: 1626378403279.jpeg (25.92 KB, 275x214, 30ACDF30-7E09-4D06-A619-60542E…)

We seem to have an influx of 12-year old fangelics lately who are brand new and just can’t understand why their princess would be disliked!

Mikan said this happened just before she started at that fashion school, so summer of 2019. The last post she liked on Venus’s instagram was 7/31/19. That would be after Manaki had kicked her out and started divorce proceedings, and Venus hooked up with that creepy Cambodian “manager” who was engineering her Big Comeback. Venus was drunk all the time, livestreaming drunk from a bare little room with her tiddys out. And Forming A Company (which never happened and was never mentioned again.) The ‘Venus Angelic, Desperate for Money’ era.

No. 161138

File: 1626379994613.jpeg (362.88 KB, 1398x1241, F724579D-2B93-479E-A696-F4E5A5…)

Gaku Kitano, the party planner headquartered in Cambodia, lol. He organized that disastrous fan meetup where like 6 people showed up and a few bar events where she proceeded to get sloppy drunk embarrassing herself and everyone there. How she glommed on to that shady character is anybody’s guess.

No. 161150

Her whiteknights are really on another level, somebody in the Mikan thread also basically called her attentionhungry for tweeting that.
When in reality this is crossing so many borders, this absolutely can count as sexual harrassment.

I know that it's never gonna happen but I seriously wish Taylor would dish out too, god knows what kind of lunatic shit the people around her had to witness.

No. 161163

Nobody is going to speak out until one big name weeb exposes venus and they all hop onboard with their stories. Right now, if anyone says anything, they get shot down because "weenoos is the victim of her evil mother, how dare you say such a thing!1!"

Though idk, if taylor or Mikan did call her out by name, I feel like people would side with them given they have a way bigger following (V has almost 2m subs but lets be real, maybe 5% of them actually watch/follow her still.)

No. 161176

Ot but I always think it’s rich evans when I see this banner kek

No. 161203

Taylor averages 21K views/day according to SocialBlade. Venus despite her recent activity and 1.8M subscribers only gets around 15K/day so yeah, many of those subs are inactive. And Mikan, with only 295K subs gets almost as many views as Venus, averaging around 14K/day.

No. 161214

1.8 million followers is actually super embarrassing when you are only getting 10-20k views. I mean I’m sure a lot are inactive accounts… but there’s got to be a ton of subscribed people who are just disinterested in her

No. 161216

Of those, I’m sure quite a few are only there to watch her fall apart.

No. 161217


You mean people that think you psychopaths need to be medicated? Just because someone isn’t here regurgitating your nonsense doesn’t mean they’re a white knight.

No. 161220

1.8M subscribers and she only seems to get like 300 people during her livestreams…

No. 161242


Mikan is a bit of a shit for posting this.

No. 161243

But venus isn't a bit of a shit for doing what she did?

No. 161245


At least the music was consistent in this stream. And some of it is the exact same relaxing jazz music that HIMR uses in his Cooking With Daniel segments.

But did no one notice that in some of Venus's recent streams, the audio is really weird? In one, the music was only heard [and really bitty and scratchy at that] only when she spoke and when she wasn't speaking there was still audio in that you could still hear sounds, but the music only became apparent when she was speaking. Also in another recent stream where there was no music, every so often there were strange 'tinny' sounds which made me wonder if there was someone else there somewhere in the apartment, [maybe Manaki?], so I don't know what's going on with her audio set up, but at least it seemed more normal in this video. I like the relaxing jazz music she plays, I find it calming to listen to so don't see why some people have a problem with that, it's just down to personal taste, there would be little point in her having fast or raucous music in her streams as it would be very difficult to hear her and would not be at all relaxing to listen to.

Another thing was that in this stream, something seemed to occur when she was away because when she came back she seemed kind of scared, idk but that's how it seemed, like she was worried about something going on offscreen but she was trying not to show it.
I didn't see the actual live, only watched it after, and I don't know anything about how live streams work but how was it edited or how was she able to stop and start it again in the same stream? Is there a simple pause option when doing live streams?

No. 161255


It's something between the two of them that should have stayed private. Mikan is horrible, I hope Venus has nothing more to do with her after this.

No. 161259


Agreed. Too many people here just come across like bullies. Venus is vulnerable, whatever anyone thinks of her, and to want to see people harass and bully her is just cruel and unnecessary and says more about the people wanting that than it does about anything Venus has done or hasn't done.
I can find fault with her if needed and she can be exasperating with her level of low self esteem and seemingly self loathing which is so pointlessly destructive, but it's mainly herself that she is hurting by being so down on herself for no reason, like she thinks she's fat but is really skinny, her dysmorphia, it's so frustrating to see, but I can also praise her when praise is appropriate, but some people will just hate her no matter what.

And that's another thing that can make it so tedious here, anyone who mentions something slightly critical of Venus gets accused of "hating" her and at the same time, just slightly praise her or give her some credit for something or speak even slightly favorably towards her over anything and you get accused of being a scrote or a wk, it's just stupid and how can anyone have a reasonable and rational conversation when that level of nonsense is displayed?

No. 161261

Yes, and yes - they’re both horrible people in this situation.

Then don’t post or read here. Problem solved.

No. 161286

Crazy-Marge and Venus tended to buy fake subs back in the days, if my memory serves me right. Could explain that abysmal sub/views ratio.

No. 161306

>> I hope Venus has nothing more to do with her after this.
Mikan cut Wenus off after that incident (like everyone else in her life except the poor cuck Manaki), so problem solved! Your hope has come true.

No. 161310

>> when she came back she seemed kind of scared,
Are you really trying to rev up the Poor Abused Venus Looks Scared! I’m so WORRIED for her! narrative again? Give it a rest. Even KF has abandoned that one.

No. 161321

Why does speaking out about being borderline sexually harrassed make you a "horrible person"?

No. 161329

Wicca are not real witches. Wicca started in the 1950 so a dude could get laid.

No. 161330

Wow, what a friend.

No. 161340

>you psychopaths need to be medicated
>Mikan is a bit of a shit for posting this.
>Mikan is horrible, I hope Venus has nothing more to do with her after this.
>Too many people here just come across like bullies.
>to want to see people harass and bully her is just cruel and unnecessary and says more about the people wanting that than it does about anything Venus has done or hasn't done.
but also
>uwu Venus is vulnerable!1!1

as far as i know farmers and mikan are neither ana/mia alcoholics who date pedos, lie about getting abused and suicide bait on the daily, nor is this thread even about them?
can't you see how craycray you sound by dishing out however you want against everybody but venus, but at the same time also going mad over an already autosaged thread on page 3? venus has done more shit than several other cows combined, we aren't the only place on the internet criticising her, get over it.

No. 161346


No, you guys aren’t the only one criticizing her but you are all the most unhinged with your vitriol. Venus is nosediving to a point of no return and all anyone can do here is laugh at her and continue to say “Venoos was abusive!! Especially to Margo and Manaki-Senpai!!!!”

No. 161368

Lie about being abused when her sugar daddy is apparently a sadist and has since been drowning herself in alcohol, alienating everyone in her life.

She called her while getting fucked by her sugar daddy? Probably drunk as hell?

At this point I see a deeply troubled person. A deeply flawed one too, yes, but troubled.

No. 161369

The flippant way she’s talking about it…two years later. It may be “borderline sexual harassment”, but she’s clearly not taking it as seriously as you are, anon.

No. 161377

>she’s clearly not taking it as seriously as you are
100% this at all the people writing essays about being deeply worried about troubled vulnerable peenus
if an adult stranger doesn't want to give up their daily dose of booze + e-whoring + suicide baiting then there's nothing you can do about it

No. 161379

If you want to save poor sweet little princess Benis be our guest, but trying to act holier than thou in a imageboard devoted to gossip and criticism is quite hypocritical of you, anon-chan. Maybe the other farms suit your needs better.

No. 161399


No. 161404

Can you imagine calling a friend while having sex with your partner? That isn’t in the realm of possibility for most people, because it’s disgusting and mean.

Maybe Mikan is a bitch for sharing it online, but let’s not blame the victim here

No. 161413

Imagine coming to lolcow just to defend poor wittle weenoos lol. She doesn't need her enabling wk here, she needs you in her streams and insta posts, go feel sorry for her in her actual social media, not here.

No. 161416

This. That was some hentai levels of cringe.

No. 161418

I am sure people who were close to Venus have much more milk to spill, for example, the fact that Venus cheated on Manaki while having a sugar daddy and now she's still with him, and is still telling everyone she has a BF?
I do think Mikan is suppressing the more interesting facts about Venus..

No. 161420

I’m interested in what June Lovejoy would have to say, though she’s not the type to spill tea. She was really pro-Venus for a while and then just…fell off the face of the earth. I think she doesn’t follow Venus’ ig account anymore.

Most of Venus’ ex friends have actual lives and have moved on, it seems.

No. 161422

Pretty much, that seems to be a thing in japanese porn too, actresses doing mundane stuff while an old geezer fucks them. Yuck.


No. 161426

Yes i am also interested about this.
I don't think that Venus is a victim like she tries to show her fans.
I remember June tried to help Venus, and somehow even Venus succeeded pushing even her away. And June looks like a very nice person too.

No. 161438

File: 1626471776467.jpeg (299.65 KB, 750x422, 0DBCB6B6-9B86-4C2A-A8EE-21DEB8…)

this is the whole stream…..basically talking slow and slurred as per usual. At one point humble bragging about how adhd is seen as a super power. It’s so hard to listen she keeps taking forever to finish a sentence. And everyone is just praising her.

No. 161448

Is that mf Yuriko "Horse" Tiger LMFAO, why do all weeaboo gaijins group together? It's because natives can't stand them?

No. 161451

I wish she would stop with the undereye bags shit. Why can't she see how awful it looks?

No. 161462

was she really pro Venus, or just professional

No. 161496

File: 1626483478324.png (353.99 KB, 464x495, Screen Shot 2021-07-17 at 10.3…)

Venus was doing a mukbang and then went to get some rice. She paused the stream and came back looking really depressed and awkwardly said she was full and couldn't eat anymore.

She also said she'd never been high before

No. 161501

>> Is that mf Yuriko "Horse" Tiger LMFAO,
Yep, sure is. And the other two are some burlesque dancer and a porn model. Cause that’s how sweet lil innocent Wenus rolls.

No. 161502

>> humble bragging about how adhd is seen as a super power.
Yeah she’s a super special snowflake, totally not just a greasy alcoholic NEET.

No. 161551

>something seemed to occur when she was away because when she came back she seemed kind of scared
>came back looking really depressed

She’s barfing up everything she ate, anon. Other times, she is refilling “coffee”. Nobody is standing in the hall during every single stream, berating or hurting her. She is likely doing something that is weird and she doesn’t want her fans to see.

I got a tinfoil hat theory of my own: she’s holed up in that room all the time and looking paranoid because someone else, like a roommate or renter, also there. I can’t see Manaki, or Venus especially, paying all rent by themselves. (You still pay part of the rent in company owned apartments)

No. 161552

She said she couldn’t go to the conbini anymore because she would be tempted to buy alcohol, so why is she doing a “convenience store mukbang”? All she ever eats is junk, she’s probably malnourished on top of everything else.

And why so many streams lately? Two in one day??

No. 161553

She hardly ate anything to throw up - I fast forwarded through the stream, and almost all of the food is still on the table at the end (except the bowl of rice that she kept moving off camera, iirc). She took 15 minutes eating that lollipop thing at the end, and still hadn’t finished it by the end of the stream, even if she was talking in between.

No. 161582

From her adhd stream:

- She allegedly got diagnosed with a questionnaire lmao. Just a quick questionnaire and they pumped her up with meds.

- She loves having adhd because "people with adhd can do things those without it can't." Uhh, no Venus. We all know you want to be a special snowflake, but it doesn't work that way. Anything a person with adhd can do, a person without can do, but not the reverse. Adhd person can't focus as well, for instance. The way she talks about it is so gross. It's just another quirk to her "personality."

No. 161583

Why can't you see Manaki paying it by himself? He's been doing that since before he met Venus, why would he suddenly a third party for that?

No. 161584

In one of her last streams, she said she got high off xanax. And those bar promos she's snorting shit. How are her fans this dumb to still support her? She lies constantly, admit she lies habitually and calls all their comments shit, and they STILL worship her??

No. 161585

Weebs want giant protruding anime eyes and are insecure to have small eyes. This type of makeup and under eye tape looks even worse in person. They also need fringes and straight brows and to act fake cute. Also, where is half her eyebrow?

No. 161589

But what I don’t understand is that on one side she is an arrogant, spoiled, selfish piece of shit who thinks she is too good for a normal job and doesn’t give a shit about hurting other people when she wants something ….but at the same time she also hurts herself with her unhealthy lifestyle, drinking, that stupid surgery…and so forth.

Her manicured hands are too delicate to get dirty but at the same time she ruins her body and health?

It’s like having high self- esteem and low self- esteem at the same time?

I don’t get it.

No. 161590

Oh yeah, but Venus isn't the horrible one. Wks are so annoying. Mikan didn't even name her and her fanbase is not gonna even think it's Venus, given how YT and IG think she's faultless and innocent.

Just leave already, chin-chan.

No. 161592

I feel like she would do hexing curses against people who have wronged her or some vodoo doll shit

No. 161593

She's pretty stupid anon. It doesn't take more than 1 brain cell to write something in English you deliberately want your English audience to see.

She already stated in 2019 that she thinks in German.

No. 161600

Funny how this didn't make it into her "confessions" stream.

No. 161604

This is the boyfriend she had that had a little kid, the one Venus posted about leaving him because he was very creepy

No. 161620

More like he left her and Venus took revenge saying he's abusing and pedo

No. 161624


You seem to think all those posts were written by the same person. They're not. Just sayin.

No. 161626


So it really is too much to ask that why can't there be a more reasoned debate here instead of just being so black and white, and either for or agains't? It's not just a case of either you love her or hate her, she's not Marmite! Balanced people here can see both good points and bad points to say about her.

No. 161627

The David she owes money to is the one who funded the girls’ bar (I think) and threw a lot of money at her during streams in the “Desperate for money” thread.

No. 161629


I don't follow Mikan or hardly ever read anything on her thread so when actually did she post this? Is it recent or was it like about two years ago?

It does make Mikan look bad, as it sounds like Venus was just trying to reach out to a friend for reassurance and advice and support but mikan was too selfish to give her that.

No. 161631


Why? What did you say?

No. 161632


Why the need to criticise her for this? She's doing something nice here, trying to help people.

No. 161634


But didn't she do a live recently with dirty fingernails and I remember seeing a video where the tips of her fingers looked stained with something dark that I wondered if she'd been doing some gardening or planting some plants into some potting soil/compost in some pots, or maybe hair dye was on her fingers ? Anyhow I did notice that and wondered if she was aware. I guess hair dye would be a likely explanation if she hadn't used gloves to apply some, if she has, it does't actually look like her hair is dyed right now, but if she was wearing gloves that had holes in the fingertips that let some of the dye in, that would stain her fingers like that and then it stays there for a few days until it wears off in time.

No. 161635


Maybe he demanded money that he donated to her mukbang stream trying to get her to eat more and more hot spicy food when her fans were advising against it, and she took their advice and didn't eat any more of it. but that is just a wild guess and probably completely wrong, but unless he actually lent her some money, i can't think of anything else, and anyway, it may not be even the same David, it's a very common name.

No. 161636

It's recent, she posted it like two days ago.

No. 161639


I mean maybe he demanded the money back that he donated to encourage her to eat more, but when she didn't, maybe he just wanted the money back, but I doubt it's that, like I said, but just a thought.

No. 161641

File: 1626526301228.jpg (487.67 KB, 2160x3840, 20210715_122251.jpg)

Why did you leave out the actual milk though?

No. 161642


It's to give the smile effect. it makes someone look like their eyes are smiling, like they're happy. Maybe it's more important in Japan where ppl are more responsible about wearing masks, so if their eyes look happy it's considered a nicer look. I actually think it looks cute and I like it, but each to their own.

No. 161656

Anon obviously can't read

No. 161658

Can't you scroll up a little more

No. 161659

Me too. It looks silly on people with non-Asian features to me. She is already prematurely aged, I would imagine avoiding anything that makes highlights your under eye bags should be avoided.

No. 161663

kill yourself you total moron, instead of spraying us with your "thoughts"

No. 161676


Telling someone to kill themself for merely having a viewpoint you don't share and which seems to trigger you for some reason, makes you look so completely deranged and retarded. What a sad person you are. Now go and take your own advice and do the world a favor.

No. 161680

> telling people to kill themselves for having a differing opinion is so pathetic wow you must have a sad life!
> ends rant by telling person to kill themself.

nta but this made me laugh

try not to get so worked up over a washed up neet guys lmao

No. 161691

File: 1626536431107.jpeg (239.21 KB, 2045x1144, 686A5322-63D5-469B-B46F-3D4BC4…)

So unintentionally ironic, this NEET giving out advice and life tips like she sees herself as some kind of role model or aspirational figure. Such delusions as she sits in her cluttered little room all day, the same room where she sleeps on a mattress on the floor, taking naked pics of herself to post on OF, entertaining internet “boyfriends” and ordering junk food and posting sad little streams of herself eating it. 24 years old with no education, no job, no irl friends to hang out with and no plans or aspirations to get any of those things. Her only aspiration is to “make more videos!” and “post more cute pics on instagram!” and she doesn’t even manage to do that.

Who else do we know that sits in a cluttered room all day with delusions of grandeur about herself and her life? Oh yeah, that would be her mother.

No. 161694

Its ironic, when she was with her mother she was doing much better in every aspect in her life.
I'm starting to think living with her mother wasn't as bad as Venus tries to make it sound.
Venus is the type of person that needs to be led. She's like a sheep and she needs guidance. Her mother gave her that.
Now that she has all freedom in the world to do whatever she wants, she fails miserably. She doesn't have the mental capacity to be the manager of her own business. And Manaki obviously isn't the type of person who can help her with youtube. I also don't see him the "manager" type. There's a reason why he works in a factory.
And all the other "managers" she had (for a example her sugar daddy) were probably even more toxic than her mother.
Unfortunately, some people don't know how to deal with freedom. Venus is one of those people. She needs to be told what to do, otherwise, she won't do anything by herself.

No. 161697

That’s because her mother didn’t teach her independent living skills.

No. 161708

>> her mother didn’t teach her independent living skills.
She’s had 5 years to figure that out. She has no desire for “independent living skills” but hey, go on blaming Margo for everything this NEET does, forever and ever.

No. 161709

File: 1626540191960.jpeg (774.63 KB, 1153x2047, E646B488-0CE7-4671-AE8E-4BE8EA…)

Taking “shmexy” pics of herself in her lil bedroom.

No. 161710

File: 1626540275083.jpeg (699.42 KB, 1172x2047, 5EBAFF0F-05A6-48EF-9B60-484E01…)

I guess she has a tripod set up in there, lol. Wonder how many she takes before picking out the ‘best’ ones.

No. 161711

What happened to her bed? Has she resulted in selling her stuff to get more money? Her room seems like a shadow of what it used to be before

No. 161713

Would you want to have Margaret as a mother? Be honest

No. 161714

Funny, I don’t recall my parents (or anyone else) ever ‘teaching me independent living skills’ yet I somehow managed to figure it out.

No. 161715

I’ll be sure to get a medal engraved for you sweetheart. Congrats

No. 161719

Yep. Some people manage to swim when they are thrown into the water. In Venus's case, she drowns and blames everyone else besides herself. She is feeble minded, and weak in nature.
The hardest thing she did in her life was escaping her mother, and even in that case, she needed help from someone else.

No. 161783

lmao the fucks wrong with you
having an abuser control you is not "better" in any way, she wasn't even allowed to have friends under margos care. The fact that venus happens to be trash all on her own is partly due to that exact abuse you think wasn't so bad, it's not that she's "the type of person who needs to be led", she's just a mentally ill person with a traumatic abusive past who now needs years of therapy to become ok again

before i get accused of being a wk, venus past is not an excuse and her clownery is her own doing, js it's in no way a surprise she turned out this way

No. 161794


Seriously, V is an entitled, miserable shitbag but a shitload of anons in this thread are just relativizing parental emotional abuse/neglect and mental illness (shit entitled fuckers do).
You can hAtE on V while still having some common sense. :^)(: ^ ))

No. 161804

Have you seen her latest live streams? She admitted herself that she thought she was better than everyone else, especially people uglier than her. Ofc she never had friends, with or without Marg's help.
Venus still could do whatever she wanted even if she was abused by her mother. She still was pampered and got everything she wanted.

No. 161879

Exactly. She left at 18. She had some of her most formative years (her late teens and early twenties) to live independently, to party it up, to make friends and go out and do anything she wanted. Instead, she chose to move to a country she's not a citizen and leech off Manaki, where she has to depend on him to rent a property, do her paperwork, taxes, pay bills, drive her places and all those adult things.

She could have went to Switzerland where she's a citizen, found a property, did a viewing, enter a contract with a landlord, make a resume, do an interview and get a part time job (at least 2 days) and do YT the other days, do all her paperwork and taxes herself, deal with the bank, pay bills and all that adult stuff. But yeah, no. Venus preferred to latch onto someone else (Manaki) who did all the "adulting", instead of doing it herself. That's on her. Not Margo. Some people live their entire twenties with their enabling parents (like Eugenia) and don't leave at 18. Venus is responsible for developing independent living skills and she CHOSE not to.

No. 161882

Samefag, forgot to mention, but Venus has also said she "wants to be taken care of" and she wants a life like Taylor who has elbow-san provide everything for her. She does not want to be an adult or independent.

No. 161885

We don't have a problem with balance, we just have a problem with you, incessantly insisting how she's the prettiest and stanning her. If you wanna talk about how pretty and victimized she is, then why are you on a fucking gossip thread meant to expose people? Seriously, just leave this place and go to her social media and be like the rest of her fans.


No. 161886

She's not trying to "help" people. She's already admitted she doesn't give a shit about her fans multiple times. She makes money streaming and posting videos, did you forget that? It's easy content. She also wants to seem knowledgeable. Ever since an anon called her out as stupid, she's insisted she reads books and tries to seem knowledgeable. She literally said she spends 700 a month on books and reads a book a day lmfao. She's also said she's an intp (yeah right), but if she really is, it would explain why being called stupid really triggers her.

No. 161889

You are a white knight because you're completely embellishing her past with Margo, such as "not allowed to even have friends" and making it solely black and white, in precious Venus' favor.

No. 161910

are you actually autistic, ​what part of it is "embellishing"?
things we have a fucking record of:
- margo kept moving not only town but country, dragging along venus so she could never make friends
- venus stated she wasn't allowed to talk to others online and her mom did most of the early social media monitoring and posting in venus name (hence some of her very earliest drama)
- all of her public interactions were with fans/followers, no friends or mutuals to be seen on any platform
- until the "ran away from home" ordeal there were no casual photos or videos of venus with a friend ever published anywhere
- the few things published with someone else present were either:
1. stuff like manaki pre-marriage, awkward as fuck and it was clear to any non-autist that they weren’t actually close in any way
2. posted by margo, like when she took a photo of venus in bed with a korean guy claiming she was “cheating on manaki”
- after "running away" venus suddenly started making videos and posts with others doing “friend” things (actually mostly leeching off each other for views)

margo made a parody music video of her own daughter as revenge for her leaving her, then claimed venus was gonna kill manaki, then that it was manaki who was out to kill venus. margo is fucking insane - my only fucking point was that there is no wonder venus is the way she is

No. 162122


Agreed, Maggot is a textbook narcissist. Growing up with/being raised by a narc you're damned to end up being a trainwreck, you either absorb your parents' psychopathology or end up being fucked in a differently.

No. 162123

>She's also said she's an intp (yeah right)
Acting like getting intp on horoscope for people who watch big bang theory means shit

No. 162125

Exactly this and THANK YOU.

Venus is not some robot who had ‘x’ adolescent experiences programmed into her brain therefore was automatically destined to become what she’s become, 5+ years later. She’s not the brightest bulb but she does have a functional brain and the ability to make her own choices. She has chosen to be an alcoholic leeching NEET and has no aspirations to be anything else. As long as she has a bed and an internet connection thanks to her doormat enabler she’s good. And that’s not “Margo’s fault.”

No. 162142

Venus and Margo didn't even move that much until Venus' YouTube took off. She's lived in Switzerland until she was 12ish and then lived in Tenerife for 3-4 years. Venus went to regular schools in both countries. She even used to write blog posts about school back then. It's mostly her bitching about the teachers and the other students because of course she thinks she's better and more intelligent than all of them. Only the Chinese kids were worthy of hanging out with her because they are kawaii asian desu. You can blame Margo for a lot of shit, but if Venus would have wanted friends, she could have had them.

No. 162147

File: 1626593041585.jpeg (777.5 KB, 1231x1201, 3DF85A5E-1BB3-4093-BDD7-850182…)

Venus tried to have friends and Margo ruined it because she felt like either a.) Venus was too good for them or b.) she saw them as competition. In the past someone mentioned meeting Venus and wanting to talk to her but her narc of a mother appeared out of nowhere and took her away, a-la-Gypsy Rose.

If Margaret controlled her social media and every other aspect of her life, how exactly is she supposed to socialize and make real connections with people? Don’t be dense.

No. 162152

I mean if she was going to school her mom wasn’t there. I’m sure her mom made things hard but Weenus is really awkward and probably has always been on the internet too much to act like a normal kid and make friends at school

No. 162159

Can you all please stop with that shitty debate?
Both are cows and there's no need for us to take a side. We are casual observers, here to point and laugh.
Yes, Marge is a massive narc but she's pretty boring these days. If you want to bring up old curled milk, go to her thread in /pt.

No. 162161


I agree with >>162159. Mommy dearest didn't accompany her to school. Even if you have a fucked up home life and can't really have any friends over, you still spend half the day at school and there is absolutely nothing stopping you from at least being nice to your classmates. Again, she went to school normally until she was 14/15. Before her YouTube channel took off, Marge was also working full time. Didn't Venus even use that as one of her arguments when she was justifying becoming an e-thot? Her poor mommy had to work so many hours at a jewelry store and she didn't want to be exploited like that? I somehow doubt a single parent working full time and sometimes even overtime would still have time to shield their child from any human contact.

She claims she never had any friends period. If she was too arrogant to talk to the commoners in her class, that is entirely her own fault. Her life became a shitshow after the move to London, I think we can all agree on that, but Venus and her stans act like she's been locked up for her entire childhood and that's simply not true.

No. 162175

File: 1626612529877.png (117.84 KB, 790x467, Screenshot 2021-07-18 at 13.47…)

venus not having friends was her own fault. maybe if she wasn't so judgemental of others she might have made friends

No. 162180

Well, that blog entry aged well.

…she can’t even get a job cleaning toilets now, lol.

No. 162188

Looks like Venus’ only public friend right now is tsuruko

No. 162189

>>the same room where she sleeps on a mattress on the floor,

Well, it may have escaped your notice, but people do tend to sleep on a mattress on the floor in Japan. I've done it myself. Very comfortable actually and at least you can't fall out of bed when turning in your sleep.

No. 162192


Well at least this pose is flattering and is reminiscent of one of those 1950's glamour shots. Her body looks good here.

No. 162196


If you don't love everything about her, then you obv hate her, and if you don't hate everything about her, then you must love her. That is the rule.

No. 162203

>>Her life became a shitshow after the move to London,

So would anyone's after living there!

No. 162231


She could make money selling some of those used ones after. Always going to be men who are into wanting something like that.

No. 162233

I couldn't believe how useless she was at playing Human Fall Flat. It can't be that difficult surely? She literally couldn't get anywhere with it.

No. 162238

thanks captain obvious, except anon's point was that Beenos' lil pink room used to have actual furniture and other kawiwi crap in her older videos & pics. Now all she has is a sad matress and dollar store wire racks hangin on the wall

it would be amusingly ironic that all these normie schoolmates she trash talked back in the day have everything she doesn't: normal lives, loving families and sucessful jobs

No. 162241

She can't have friends because she just considers women as rivals and men as wallets. She tries to fuck both them to obtain what she wants.

Judging by her diary, boys tried to date her as a teen so she had friends or at least she wasn't all alone

No. 162257

She said she'd play a horror game next time but she hasn't. You'd think she'd at least have tried to play Pien, seeing as she was going on about the concept of it on IG.

I wonder if she has a Tor browser. I wish she would download the uncut version of Sad Satan and live stream herself playing it. I'd love to see her reaction to that, and it's not like it's difficult, it sort of just plays itself.

No. 162294

I thought she left him, as the posts on her stories were of her luggage with a text describing that she finally got courage to leave.

No. 162338

sage for old milk (just to refresh her wk's memory)
A few days before posting her famous "bye u ken" stories, she posted a picture of a kid with "COMING SOON" as caption. To me, it was a menace of trashing her SD online (or reveal what he did to this kid) if he broke up with her or if he didn't do whatever she wanted. Venus tends to bash people when things don't go her way, she proved it multiple times with Manaki.
Anyways if what she said about him is true and she left by herself, it wasn"t because he was a pedo. I suggest to search a bit for the screenshots in her old thread

No. 162432


Have you .. ever dealt with a narc mother? Lol. Your biased assumption seems to benefit your idea of Venus but taking a blogpost that we can’t confirm that Margo didn’t write herself doesn’t mean that Venus lived a normal life.

Her mom was in control of all of her social media growing up. I wouldn’t be surprised if Margo was larping Venus’ life most of the time. I can only play imagine how she might have poisoned Venus’ mind to make her rely solely on her for everything. On top of that, I wouldn’t be shocked if Marge would tell her everyone else is jealous of her and is pretending to be her friend, sowing those seeds of mistrust and making her paranoid of anyone that wasn’t her mom.

But these are all things I’m assuming based off seeing all of this playout over the years.


No. 162446

I can’t really imagine a child writing that

No. 162480

File: 1626680108572.png (62.21 KB, 934x200, Screenshot 2021-07-19 at 08.34…)

she was fourteen. i think it's very believable that she wrote that. her writing style is quite distinctive

No. 162483

and if you point out margo was a bad influence on her you're a wk

imagine simping for fucking margo i can't

No. 162532

oh my god don’t you guys get tired of the “margo bad” “no venus bad” bullshit debate? you’re really shitting up the thread with this old rotten milk, just shut up already you fucking losers

No. 162535

I can. It's textbook teenage behavior. Early adolescence is super awkward. Some of your classmates might be buying makeup, reading fashion magazines and chasing after boys while you're still playing with your dollies and freaking out about your body doing all kinds of weird shit all of a sudden.
Lots of kids, especially nerdy weaboos, have a hard time fitting in. They cope by convincing themselves that everybody else is stupid and they don't WANT to make friends anyways. The blog post seems really arrogant if you read it as an adult, but many adolescents feel like that at some point in their lives.

Admitting that you didn't have friends because you were an angsty teenage shithead requires some self-reflection though so let's just blame Mutti instead.

There is absolutely no proof that any of the crazy shit - Marge controlling Venus' accounts, ruining her friendships etc even happened before they moved to London and Marge became a full time momager.

Again, she went to normal schools alone for at least 8 years while her mother worked. If she was unable to make any friends, tough shit, but lots of teenagers go through that.

No. 162559

File: 1626712769549.png (Spoiler Image, 3.57 MB, 1242x2226, 1AEFC931-C34A-4102-9215-415365…)

Woah anon, we didn't know Margo was still in control of Beenos social media until last year…or were you too eager to wk this hoe you forgot to check your facts first?

No. 162561


First of all, we knew that Margo controlled her account eons ago. She has said it plenty of times and we did not “just find out” last year.

Second of all, tell me what 14 year old is writing about menopause in a blog? I’ll wait.

I can’t believe having more than half a brain cell is considered being a WK.

No. 162584

>14 year old write about menopause
Menopause isn't some super obscure secret stuff lmao. Did you had your first sex ed lesson at 30, anon-chan?

No. 162605

To me it reminds me of Margo’s writing style in that it loosely strings together a bunch of weird topics for no reasons. Bad marks —> boohoo Venus —> girls wanting to text about boyfriends + menopause —> scandalous pregnancy event + pub toilets

Why would someone write this? It’s a weird train of thought that’s a lot like Margo.

We can’t really know for sure, anyway.

No. 162615

Not really.
She's implying that the kid in her class is a dumb slut for doing teenager things like texting boys and sometimes not paying attention in class, so obviously she's going to end up being a teen mom working shit jobs to make ends meet.
The menopause thing may seem random and not make any sense, but may I remind you that this blog post is from the mid-2000s when "rawr purple dinosaur xD" was the height of comedy and all you really had to do to get views on YouTube was wear a Halloween costume and yell "I'm a banana" over and over again.

No. 162629

File: 1626730852808.jpeg (27.58 KB, 480x360, 411EACA6-1850-492A-9060-75E660…)


Did I say it was something obscure? Normal teenage girls aren’t worried about menopause at age 14. It just seems to be the concern of a middle age woman like Margo.

No. 162633

Does anyone remember back around 2014/2015 (it was literally right before Venus ran away), Venus had a private tumblr blog and I'm guessing Margo somehow didn't know about it, but she was sadposting a lot on there about how life is stressful and sad. A lot of fans would reply the typical supportive messages, but I had a feeling even then that it was obvious to do with her mother.

No. 162644

No. 162646

Anon are you autistic, a scrote or you just don't have a sense of humor (or all of the above)? read again what >>162615 said

>middle age woman like margo

Margo was 30-something back then. Pretty sure that's not "middle aged" in any way (her looking haggard enough to be mistaken for a middle aged woman is a whole different matter, kek)

No. 162648

Can you both shut the fuck up please? Anon you literally sound both obsessed and retarded

No. 162686

File: 1626753824660.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1284x2283, EAABA7B9-C3B7-496F-A08E-827468…)

Sorry anons if this is a dumb question but does anyone know wtf she means by this? I’m honestly confused.

No. 162687

samefag. Asking about the “highlight substance abuse” not the menhera knock off fashion. Is she saying to romanticize abuse for the sake of the style? Or is she just trying to be funny

No. 162688

She's saying the other girl is so premature that she's skipped adolescence and adulthood and is about to hit menopause. It's literally the next sentence in the blog post: "Why are girls nowadays so premature? Even if you're 13, you can still play with a Babiwawa. Or maybe try to look like a Babiwawa." Nobody in that household was concerned with menopause when this was written. It's a joke.

I don't understand why people stan Venus so hard that they can't accept she wrote a douchy blog post at the ripe old age of 14. Teenagers are dicks.

No. 162697


she's just attentionwhoring, you know, the usual.

No. 162770


Personally, I don't care either way who wrote it, but looking at it objectively and dispassionately, it does not look like Margaret wrote it. Her writing in English is far more difficult to understand, whereas Venus is much much better writing in English and easier to understand what is being said.

No. 162772

On the Japanese convenience store mukbang video she did recently, Venus said she was on medication for psychosis, but not which specific pyschosis, and also that she was on medication for bi polar disorder, but I don't recall her ever definitely saying she's bi polar, she just reaffirms having ADHD , it looks like she's getting labelled as having all sorts of 'disorders'. Wouldn't anyone who went to a doctor and described their, maybe quite normal variation and range of mood swings, end up being labelled as suffering from this or that disorder or other? It seems a shame she couldn't have found an alternative way of helping herself with her moods and mind problems. i.e. she said she can now think in "straight lines" instead of words being backwards in her mind, something like that, but that could be a symptom of extreme anxiety.

No. 162787

File: 1626791648502.jpg (667.86 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20210720_170856_com…)

Well well

No. 162788

File: 1626791703159.jpg (819.53 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20210720_170909_com…)

No. 162789

File: 1626791779171.jpg (867.31 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20210720_170916_com…)

No. 162790

File: 1626791835956.jpg (847.3 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20210720_170922_com…)

It's ok, she will feel even better

No. 162793

??? There is no way a doc would give someone that young 3 antipsychotics a day. I mean WOW. With 1 alone you could basically sit on your bed doing nothing but staring in the void.
She is clearly attentionwhoring as usual.


No. 162796

Shit is crazy. She's either doctor shopping or being treated by someone incredibly incompetent/indifferent.

She has a different diagnosis every month and takes a fuckton of pills: Antipsychotics, mood stabilizers, anti anxiety pills…

I don't know how you could be okay with taking all that medication when it doesn't even do anything to improve your quality of life.

No. 162799

Seems fake. She'd doing this for attention. She may have issues sure but she's playing them up a fuck ton

No. 162801

File: 1626795404175.jpeg (470.92 KB, 1087x1903, 407ABAAB-825F-421B-A036-0E641A…)

You forgot to post this one, taken and posted during her “breakdown.”

No. 162803

‘Hey guyz I’m having a super cute breakdown but don’t worry, I took cute pics of it! And I’m MUCH BETTER now! Oh and I have bipolar AND psychotic dissociations, not just ADHD! Now please tell me how worried you are about me and how brave I am.’

-Venus, inspiration for the mentally ill

No. 162815

Not to armchair but isnt this textbook borderline?
Poor sense of self, thus changing identities (Jirai, Witch, Whore, weaaboo), shopping sprees and impulsive behaviour, breakdowns, no friends
Venus please stop trying to be relevant with ADHD lol

No. 162817

You can have bipolar, bpd, and adhd all at once

No. 162819

Being in a manic state while posting on social media is such a bad idea, she needs to log off for awhile

No. 162824

On one of her earlier streams in this current “burst” of streaming, she mentioned that she is only diagnosed with adhd but is given medicine for other things. She sounded a bit unsure about it, but I think that’s the situation

No. 162825

“Black and white thinking” is also a core criterion she demonstrates or borderline. For example, she is unable to see Manaki as “a guy with flaws” - he is either “super cute greats husband” or “abusive, just like my mom”.

No. 162826

I…she can’t even go to a pharmacy and get her own pills by herself?? She’s 24?!

And what does she mean by “highlighting substance abuse”? Maybe she’s talking about the can by her feet in the first screenshot, probably she gave in and bought alcohol from the conbini.

No. 162828

That could explain why she passed out during the stream with the hamburger ? I honestly can't decide if she did it on purpose or not and it bothers me

No. 162831

Finally someone said it, thanks man. Especially ADHD commonly appears co-morbidly to BPD or vice versa and I actually think this is highly likely in VA's case

No. 162834

>hey gais I didn't believe you would worry this much unu
Lmao Beenos you're acting as if your fanbase isn't eternally worried about you

No. 162843

Anon don't be stupid. It's 100% possible

Also as someone with bpd, ADHD and bipolar that included psychosis I can empathize with Venus on this one- it's possible to have all of those and be heavily medicated for all of them at such a young age (thought I'd put that to rest now before everyone freaks out and has an armchair diagnosis session detailing the thread like always)

No. 162844

I have schizophrenia + bpd and if I had to take 3 freaking anti psychotic pills + a shitload of other meds, I would turn into a vegetable. Antipsychotics are so difficult to take, I can't imagine being stuffed with 3.

I highly doubt she is that heavily medicated, to me she exaggerates it for attention purpose…as usual.

No. 162852

Like her mother, it sounds like she has a toxic stew of mental illness diagnoses going on, in addition to substance/alcohol abuse. Marge has long displayed traits of bipolar, schizoid, narcissistic PD, paranoia, obsessions etc. etc. although she’s never admitted to any mental illnesses it’s clear she has many. Venus is unfortunately manifesting multiple mental illnesses and at a much earlier age than Marge. And she continues to treat them flippantly, like some kawaii SM movement (jiraikei, landmine girls or what the fuck ever.)

Not promising.

No. 162854

>> she can’t even go to a pharmacy and get her own pills by herself?? She’s 24?!
She stays at an infantile level of helplessness, attaching herself to people who will take care of all those messy details like paying rent, bills, going to the pharmacy etc. so she doesn’t have to. She’s terminally stunted

No. 162855

She keeps talking about “mental breakdowns”. Are these psychotic episodes, or panic attacks, or…what? That’s really vague.

Is she even taking any of that medication? Because these “breakdowns” seem to be happening quite often recently (she had another one at the new moon, iirc).

And why, in the middle of one of these episodes, was her first thought “Better take a pic for Instagram!”??

No. 162856

>Banned from a hotel chain for trying to commit suicide in their establishment

Please feed me I'm dumb, did I miss this???
When did this happen? Are there any posts?

No. 162858

>> She keeps talking about “mental breakdowns”. Are these psychotic episodes, or panic attacks, or…what?
Some of them (in the past) have been multi-day alcohol benders.

No. 162865

check last thread

No. 162880

sage for blogpost but i have bipolar and even taking one anti psychotic and two mood stabilizers is so excruciatingly exhausting that i spend my time asleep and can barely even function. it would be more believable to me if venus was on ONE anti psychotic and maybe two mood stablizers but to think she's on three anti psychotics is just too much. i guess maybe if the doses are low but i think one anti psychotic with medium to high dosage is enough to treat mental illness, anything more than that, well, i agree with the anon upthread, you'd become a vegetable.

No. 162903

You're the second person who has experience with anti psychotics who commented on how its unfeasible that she's taking 3 anti psychotics a day in this thread.
She is lying. Its so dangerous to get more than 2 anti psychotics, so 3?!

No. 162910

>> She is lying
Venus lying? Shocker!

No. 162914

samefag, just wanted to add that having a mental breakdown and at the same time having a high (happy high) is not feasible, cuz I actually asked someone about it who experienced a mental breakdown, and its the other way around; you don't feel like you're high, you feel like your mental state is dying. You literally feel like you're dying. Just try to somehow imagine the worst mental thing u ever experienced and imagine it taking over all the time. Its like worse than death. So its hard to believe that she had a mental breakdown. She most likely was high from her drugs or something, because mental breakdown doesn't feel that way.

No. 162916

you are right. idk abt venus but in my experience having a mental breakdown and psychosis felt like being on a bad trip and dying at the same time. it was horrifying and i could not even use technology properly.

No. 162921

I’m embarrassed to say I had some sympathy for her before this. What a pathetic plea for attention. She really does get off on this, playing up what an uwu broken girl she is and feeding off people’s concern like a fucking vampire.

No. 162922

Dude, one can't even breathe correctly or even stand up, let alone unlock a phone, open the camera app and take picture. IF she actually had a breakdown, she most likely took the picture after, but i can´t believe anything a compulsive liar like her says.

>>162921 I feel you anon. Been there, done that. She just likes to be treated as an uwu poor dolly victim.

No. 162923


She's a shame for people with real psychotic problems. Not only she romantize mental illness like she lives in some early teenager anime but she does discredit people suffering from it too.

I'm truly a hater of hers for this and I don't care what wk/scrote will say I'm not gonna change my mind. She's like Eugenia Cooney she hurts people with her shit.

No. 162927

Samefag >>162921 and I couldn’t agree more. For every person flaunting a disorder or a bad childhood on social media someone else just buries their problems deeper for fear of being perceived as another attention-seeking twit.

No. 162928



No. 162937

Sooo…she brought a can of alcohol in the midst of her breakdown? That was it, she just gave in? Or am i missing something here?

No. 162939

Gotta love how she made sure that lil coach bag from ex sugardaddy-san is showing

No. 162942


The major problem is not really Venoos, it's the brain dead gullible fans. The more I experience the internet, the more my faith in humanity is leaving my body. People have no fucking braincells and it's astonishing

No. 162948

Do you mean the can next to her back pack? How do you know it is beer? She did reshare a picture of a pack of beer but it wasn’t her picture

No. 162949

She said in a stream that she has to avoid going to the conbini or she is tempted to buy alcohol.

Above poster says that her so-called “mental breakdowns” have often coincided with binge-drinking.

Based on everything we’ve seen so far, it’s probably Strong Zero. I haven’t once seen her drink cola or any other canned drink that wasn’t alcohol.

No. 162951

I live in Japan and I can barely get any medecine that works, shitty dosage very controlled and I’m not talking about the therapists that do jack shit. With adhd you can only get one month of supply and only specially registered doctors can prescribe concerta (also it’s 100% getting banned soon) I have no clue how she is getting all that.

No. 162953


You have no clue how she gets that because she's obviously lying

No. 162954

You can have a "breakdown" while manic. Mixed episodes exist. I've personally had one - you feel amazing and horrible at the same time, leading to agitation and escalating regularly.

The understanding of mental health in this thread is such bs. I was on two antipsychotics and two mood stabilizers at the same time, it's not unlikely someone could be on 3. Can we move on from this topic?

No. 162955

Either she abuses her meds and takes them all in a short time and the rest of the month spends her time as a basket case or she's lying.

No. 162984


Omg you people. If you people haven't been functioning on 3 antipsychotics, it doesnt mean no one can. I, myself, have been on multiple antipsychotics, mood stapilizers and also on benzos at the same time(it was because multiple shit doctors that didn't care at all), and i have been somewhat functioning young adult at that time.

But also, yeah if Venus has 3 antipsychotics, how you can even say that
>she couldnt even function?
Well she isnt fully doing so. She has been passing out, doing stupid shit in streams and ig posts, trembling and looking ill/sick. So maybe, just maybe, she once tells the truth?

I'm trying not to blogpost, but i'm also telling about my past medications like couple of people are doing in this thread.

No. 162986

“sAgEd FoR bLoGpOsT bUt…”

No one gives a flying fuck what meds you’re on you crazy bitches.

Obviously meds that work for someone else may not work for you. Your experience is exactly that, YOUR OWN. You can be on multiple anti-psychotics at once, that is not unheard of.

Anyway I think it’s cringe af when people use their mental illnesses for attention on social media, I wish she would log off for awhile.

No. 162987


Except the fact that we're talking about antipsychotics, which are brutal no matter what. It's like saying taking arsenic would kill you but not your neighbour if both of you'd take it.

With that dosage, Peenus would not even be able to take a simple picture.

And crazy bitch yourself.

No. 162988


She also said on one of her streams recently that she knows nothing about the drugs she takes, she just takes them. I found that admission (if true) sort of horrifying.

Please, Venus, value your damn self enough to do proper research about anything you're going to put into your body, whether it be medication, food, drink, or butt plugs. Don't want any nasty reactions from anything if it can be avoided. Better to be safe than sorry!

No. 162991


LOL. Is that borderline criteria also apply to many fans of Venus and quite a few of the anons who post here? If you don't hate Venus, you actually love her and are a wk, if you don't luurvve her then you must hate her.

What is it with people who practice black&white thinking? Are they all borderline? Most, reasonable, and rational people know that life is never just black and white but all various shades in between and can change like the weather according to many different factors. It must be so exhausting to be around someone who thinks that way, I quite feel sorry for Manaki. If he's still around.

No. 162992


It did look kind of like she was doing it on purpose, because she was pissed off at the comments she was getting, but idk.

No. 162993


She gets fed up with all the r u ok? comments and her mod bans them so I don't know how she could ever act surprised at anyone of her fans being worried.

No. 162994


But there isn't just "psychosis". There are many different criteria of psychosis. Venus never specified which psychotic illness she's being treated for.

No. 162997


I think Venus uses terms like #mental breakdown' flippantly. Like people who are a bit obsessive about having things in order, tidy etc, or lined up in neat rows, and they'll say they are OCD, which is annoying to people who really do suffer from OCD because these people who just throw the term out there for the slightest thing, actually diminishes the meaning of it in the eyes of society as a whole, which is not good for genuine sufferers as they get labelled as the same as all these, often vacuous people who constantly misuse the term.

No. 162998


Buries their problems deeper. True. Exactly what i do, afraid to talk about anything and when i've tried , haven't been taken seriously, so then I bury it even deeper. I've beleived Venus so many times. because that is how stupid and naive I am, and like to believe in people, but it's hard to take her seriously at times, and a real mental breakdown is not something she would want to record or would even feel like recording if she was having one.
I hope she never truly experiences a real one, for her sake. I wouldn't want her to go through that.

No. 163001


So that's what it was. I gotta be honest when I first saw the picture and looked quick when it was smaller, I thought it was her bra she'd taken off and thrown down in the middle of the street. Doing something like that would constitute a more believable version of a "mental breakdown" that what she really means, which is just lack of willpower!

No. 163003


To be fair, I don't get why people constantly blame her, her fans are responsible for how they feel. Half the time they want to see her as some tragic heroine princess figure who 'needs' to be saved, and no doubt see themselves as one who can 'save' her. It fits with their idea of her. And how they want to see her, maybe because some of them have only recently seen some of those daft videos people have put up about her to get views for themselves about her being 'forced' to be a living doll. They want to keep her as that, their dolly princess who needs saving, in their minds. -look at how most of them were reluctant for her to talk about her sex diaries when she obviously wanted to, because that wouldn't fit with their illusions about her that they've built up in their minds.

I notice that on her Instagram page she has written "Life as Venus. Not your doll." So it looks like she's fed up with being labelled so and wants to get away from it, and she has been trying to for years, which is why she started the Malice character.

No. 163004


She was drinking an 'energy' drink in one of her gaming streams recently, the oops wrong thumbnail one, and she more than once said she was ordering something and then a few minutes later, it was there. I wondered if they have a remarkably quick and efficient delivery service there in her area of Japan or whether she has a conbini next door who comes round with her order like they are her personal servants, or whether she was getting Manaki to go and get her something, like it was already in the house. Maybe he is there all the time and acting like her butler. Only we never see him.

No. 163005


She said in a recent stream that she'd lost her meds. But not long before that, in a room tour or a video about bags, i can't recall
which, she showed a large pink bag she keeps them all in so she can't lose them.
Theres so many inconsistencies in everything she says.

No. 163007


Aah, idk, I once heard about a man who owned a coffee shop in London and had Turkish coffee with strychnine in it on a daily basis, and had developed such immunity, or resistance, or tolerance, not sure what word, to it, that he could drink a cup of strychnine with no ill effects. This was told to me by a reliable person, professor in something or other, so I believed what he told me, that he had actually witnessed the man drinking it, and that he always put it in his coffee which was apparently not that unusual at that time, whereas anyone else just having a tiny amount, would be lethal.
I couldn't find anything about it online, just the following article. http://www.human-existence.com/blog/?p=332

No. 163008

File: 1626878387205.jpeg (480.86 KB, 1087x1903, 588F1124-9CC5-488D-91B2-3F65EC…)

>>I think Venus uses terms like #mental breakdown' flippantly.
Exactly. This whole #jiraikei #landminegirl thing she keeps hashtagging and LARPing is a Japanese style trend that includes “mental breakdowns.”

“Jirai Kei is a new emerging fashion style in Japan, created recently in 2020. The style features mainstream fashion trends, but with a small, slightly rebellious, but still cute, twist. It is similar to, and pulls heavily from, previously existing Dark Girly fashion.”

“ Jirai Kei (地雷系/じらいけい) translates to "landmine-type" and is derived from "jirai onna" which is a degoratory term that refers to a type of a woman that has a high tendency to have violent emotional breakdowns.”


All the cool girls are “having breakdowns” and “abusing substances.”

No. 163012


I think Venus is not an ugly girl (rather average imho) but all those kawaii/dark/whatever fashion trends do not suit her anymore. Maybe that's because her face has two big wrinkles around her mouth and it makes her look much older.
She would actually look better if she acted like a healthy adult woman and not adopting fake personas.

No. 163013

I got a feeling she's already dropping her witch IG

No. 163016


Japanese fashion trend, exactly, but still her pathetic (mainly western) fans obsess and worry over their princess constantly, because they just don't get (or don't want to get because it doesnt fit with their image in their heads of her as an eternal victim that they must 'save') that it is just a trend that she is currently into.

No. 163018

File: 1626882393152.jpeg (40.24 KB, 1125x719, lx8bOVh.jpeg)


No. 163019

That she “lost” her meds sounds like a crappy excuse. Unless she keeps a month’s worth of antipsychotics, anti anxiety and ADHD drugs in one bag that she then took out with her and left on the bus or something, lol.

No. 163021

Yes, jirai-kei has already been discussed plenty. The fact that it’s an existing trend doesn’t make the behavior any less shitty or bizarre.

No. 163022

She lost them in her body

No. 163023

I feel like the antipsychotics could be like, take more as needed. So, she could end up taking 3 on a bad day, 1 on a good day. But it’s the same medicine.

Idk if antipsychotics can work like that, but I’ve definitely known people to take “2 or 3 anti anxiety medications” on days they needed to take more “as needed”.

No. 163032

I know at least quetiapine can be taken as needed, it’s not unheard of. But if she’s describing multiple doses like they’re 3 different meds to make herself sound sicker that just annoys me more.

No. 163036

>> The fact that it’s an existing trend doesn’t make the behavior any less shitty
That’s my point, the fact that she’s trivializing whatever mental illness(es) she may have, or maybe even exaggerating her symptoms trying to be hip and cool by hashtagging and LARPing a fashion trend makes her behavior even more shitty, not less.

No. 163044


Can this armchair doctoring stop? Ofc it can be 3 different medications. Haven't you people really heard of people taking any different doses than those?

This is getting ridiculous.

About Venus, has anyone seen her mention any of her pets anywhere? Or seen those cats that has been seen in other streams or videos? It's just weird that somethings show up once or twice and then she just drops it and it's never hear again. I understand it's the normal Venus, but can't she just stick something by now?

No. 163045

She doesn't have any pets. The random cats she would occasionally try to pick up during streams that all absolutely hated her guts were the pets of whoever she was fucking/shacking up with at that time.

No. 163053

I miss that sad orange cat that showed up in one of her streams, judging silently from the sidelines. I guess it had a lucky escape, though.

No. 163083

These cats weren't hers and Manakis mother adopted the hamsters

No. 163091

Dunno why all of you keep going with the meds discussion when obviously

A) She is lying about taking 3 or more because Venus is a compulsive liar, which she agrees on it
B) She is taking them for recreational use, because Venus is and acts like druggie (the streams, behavior, etc)

Neither option helps Venus look better or excuses her antics

No. 163111

File: 1626907977410.jpeg (16.14 KB, 340x215, 29EA4E5D-3095-494B-A405-1499BD…)

Poor cat. Marge used to do this all the time too, grab an unsuspecting cat or dog to pose with. The poor animals always looked like they wanted to run away.

No. 163157

Utter nonsense.

No. 163177

And when her fans ask on stream if she's okay, they're going to get banned and called unreasonable. And I think Venus is just embellishing temper tantrums as legitimate mental breakdowns, just like she embellishes her childhood. Funny how she has so many now that she's a jirai girl and one with the moon cycles. She's also bipolar again. She clearly has an imaginary doctor. The mental ward was her only legitimate treatment.

No. 163180

I wonder if this latest “mental breakdown” was in actuality ‘falling off the wagon’ i.e. yet another alcohol binge.

And lucky Manaki, dealing with this nutcase back in his apartment and his life. Oh well, he took her back so any sympathy I might have had for him is out the window, gone.

No. 163183

Regarding the meds: Maybe there are people out there who actually have to take that many, but apparently Venus doesn't even have a proper diagnosis and is just popping random pills. You'd think that whoever is treating her would want to find out what is wrong with her first before drugging her up.

No. 163227


But why would it though, when you consider that she lives in Japan and is influenced by Japanese fashion trends? Just trying to see the bigger picture here. I mean, it's not actually her fault that most of her fans seem to be English-speaking Westerners. She lives in Japan, she's into the whole culture of trends and fashion and whatever is going down over there among the young and trendy people. You can't really expect her to turn her back on all of that just because most of the people who follow her are in the West.

No. 163230


She was getting really pissed off in the "wrong thumbnail" stream because people were playing doctors in the live chat, (can't say I blame her as it is really annoying) she was playing Animal Crossing and said she was collecting grass because she was angry about the comments.

The Benjamin mod apparently asked her about her sexual orientation and she said she had no trouble answering that and said that she used to think she was bi sexual, but that she now knows she isn't, she said she's pansexual. Not sure how long it will be before she changes that, sounds like she's still 'finding' herself.

She doesn't have any of her own pets, though she did pass off one of the cats as her own, there was also a small dog in one of her streams about the same time as the cat was appearing, though she made no reference to it being there and totally ignored it the whole time it was there, and I seem to recall she only acknowledged its presence by complaining about the fact it gave a little few barks at one point in her video when she was talking and it annoyed her. I really hope she never gets any pets as she is not the right sort of person to look after them. Quite often she'll get comments from people asking if she's going to get any pets, like they want her to, and I wish they'd stop asking, seems like silly kids who give no real thought to anything or people who have no concern about animal welfare.

No. 163235

Why is she annoyed about people “playing doctor” when she makes entire videos and posts and streams and talks about her mental issues constantly? It’s like she thinks her followers are bots, not real people who will ask questions.

And I don’t believe that she’s bi or pan, or even questioning. She mostly mentions boyfriends, husbands, sugar daddies, all men. The yuri photo shoot with June Lovejoy never happened. I’m surprised she hasn’t asked her insta followers yet which orientation they prefer her to be.

No. 163240


It's super obvious she's faking bisexuality to appeal men. That's an old trend after all. And she always tried to do this as far as I remember (see her earlier pedobait vids and old milk I won't bring back).

She also sounds like those male hentai artists who never touched a woman in their life and talk about sex. Remember the chopsticks caption ? Any real man here who had sex before knows that putting qtip-like stuff in a girl's vagina will have no effect. Only virgins will think the opposite.
I mean wow, she sounds extremely cringy when she talks about sex.

No. 163249

Given how much she likes to pull sob stories out of her ass, I suspect even the mental ward thing was another lie and she was there just to visit her "friend". Who knows.


>she sounds extremely cringy when she talks about sex

This. No wonder why the sex diary stream didn't happen.

No. 163252

File: 1626968952495.jpg (Spoiler Image, 303.23 KB, 1152x2048, 20210722_234835.jpg)

From twitter updates

No. 163253

File: 1626968977767.jpg (Spoiler Image, 360.89 KB, 1152x2048, 20210722_234840.jpg)

No. 163257

There is truly nothing behind her eyes. Woof.

No. 163258

Her body proportions seem weird in the second pic, like her heard is so big. It makes her look like a child with boobs

No. 163263

File: 1626972345938.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 308.42 KB, 748x1341, 097B2C28-E40A-4A9C-BF37-62EABE…)

She’s a real witch guys and this photo of her shoving a broomstick up her vag proves!!11!!1

No. 163268

She’s holding a remote shutter release in her hand. How sad to be doing this in her room, on the floor, on her unmade bed, by herself. Even Manaki doesn’t want to help take her sad nudes.

Also, she forgot to edit that mark off her leg, whatever it is.

No. 163273

is she wearing her panties the wrong way round? the label is sticking out in the front

No. 163274

Is this a throwback or something? Because she has short hair now.

No. 163279

there's so many things wrong with this from an objective standpoint. She says she's a witch but then does OF content wearing 'sacred' items, putting a broom up her vag which is comical as fuck on top of that, and then wearing panties that have a cross? If she was seriously a witch she wouldn't do any of that. It's so beyond obvious it's just surface level 'witchy' that fits a look or what she googles. At this point even a die hard fan can tell something like that, if they are even fans of her outside of her OF content.

And obviously she's not a witch and it's bullshit attention/another identity phase, but just wanted to point out how shallow this witch identity of hers is.

No. 163284

hahahhahahahahahahaha what the actual fuck is this

No. 163286

File: 1626975571016.png (Spoiler Image, 199.03 KB, 412x375, 32456758674532.png)

spoilered for crotch close-up

what the hell is even going on down there? it looks like she just photoshopped the broom in between her legs and it's not really /inside/ of her, the outlines of her legs look all wobbly too

the cross detail struck me as well, it's clearly just a roleplay shtick for her and I'm not even sure if her audience likes the witch persona as much as the kawaii weeb persona but they'd suck up anything ig

No. 163287

Nooo girl ahhh this ain’t it… yikes

Has she gone full frontal yet? I hope she doesn’t get to that level

No. 163288

File: 1626975802116.jpeg (279.84 KB, 1976x1383, 9AD387A5-8C81-4A25-AA62-7B6F7F…)

Then there’s this Halloween costume “witch’s hat” she wears.

Also her ‘I’m mentally ill, guys!’ persona complete with “mental breakdowns,” manic/psychotic/dissociating hashtag #landminegirl hashtag #jiraikei

She’s a particularly nasty little Borderline, that’s it.

No. 163291

Surely that's what she's going for

No. 163293

What the absolute fuck

No. 163294

File: 1626976120951.jpg (37.23 KB, 736x718, affa0042aa3b4a79a52e810f6699b4…)

"Supplementing my mental health journey with spirituality"

No. 163298

kek at the censored nipples. She wants to do porn but doesn't have the guts to even show her tits

No. 163302

File: 1626976876681.jpeg (416.7 KB, 1868x1140, E4E71D1F-8B79-49DB-AC91-B8F2FE…)

That broom has a half-length handle (it can be seen hanging on the wall behind her in her streams). I think she’s just propped it between her legs for some reason.

(Doesn’t explain anything else about this shitshow of a picture, though…)

No. 163305

this should be the next thread title

No. 163310

Oh and don’t forget hashtag #substanceabuse too. #landminegirl

No. 163313

is that a tampon string on the left?? oh god wtf

No. 163314


I have never loled so hard in my life. What the absolute fuck.
This is the most discount homemade porn one could ever come across.

No. 163317

She has no fucking imagination…this is the most basic witch porn ever; shoving up a broom(?) up her vag. Can't she AT LEAST be creative ?

No. 163318

Might be the broomstick string, as it has been shown hanging from the dollar store racks in previous streams >>163302

No. 163319


Roflmao can't wait to see it again
all dirty in the next stream

No. 163340

Why does her face looked like those queen elizabeth oil paintings???

No. 163358

So no more photoshoots in cheap hotel rooms? Now it’s just Wenus and her tripod in the little pink bedroom where she’s been planted for most of the past 5+ years, courtesy of Manaki the biggest cuck of all time, and no plans to go or do anything else, ever. Pathetic.

Wonder what happened with that creepy photographer dude?He seems to have dropped poor Wenus.

No. 163373

Wouldn't be surprised if she owes him money too

No. 163394

is it two elbows or one elbow and one sad tit or what lol

No. 163403

She already said on her discord (or kyrie said she said can't remember), that the working conditions were "poor" and she left him and has no manager. Then she got with Kyrie to do the mononga crap. Basically, (surprise surprise), she called her ex-manager/photographer abusive, like everyone else she accuses in her life.

No. 163407

It's not "trendy" in Japan to trivialize mental illness, except with mostly weebs and online culture. Like go to Japan. You will not see many menhera girls or jirai girls out and about, so Venus living there is not an excuse as she barely even has friends, mostly just influencer friends. It's mostly normal people in Japan and some fashionable people in Harajuku.

No. 163438

Maybe it's some dirty nasty ass broom. Waiting for the bladder infection and vaginal fungus posts

No. 163500


She's going to say the broom was abusive

No. 163542

Is Venus doing any proper porn vids or just scamming her OF subscribers with a photo set in her room every second week? It feels like she doesn't even care about it anymore

No. 163547

I hope she is scamming them hard, OF users deserve to be scammed.

No. 163554


she never did 'proper porn' and likely never will because she is a) lazy and low-effort, b) she lacks confidence, c) she thinks she makes enough money off roleplay lingerie shots with one censored titty out and that there's simply no need for her to full-on masturbate in front of a camera. she knows her 'supporters' suck it all up because they've been lusting after her since she was a teenager, if they didn't like her content, they would just unsubscribe.

No. 163556

I wish she went full moo someday

No. 163575

and that time she "masturbated" on camera it was just a close up of her face. The only time I've seen her gullible simps have an epiphany about being scammed was the trick or treat photoset lmao

No. 163580


Eventually got through to the end of this very boring stream. I really don't know why she ever bothers putting up gaming streams, like she's a full on gamer girl an all, when the reality is she's like someone who hasn't got a clue. All videos I've watched featuring games being played, admittedly not a load of them, but still, and the game always gets played through and finished, not here, she never even got started before her character got killed off, and in her Human Fall Flat video she never gets past the first part and couldn't get anywhere in the game. I've never seen such a level of ineptitude in a video meant to be live streaming a game. If she wants to upload gaming videos then she needs to become proficient at the game beforehand so she can finish it or at least get through a good part of it, her attempts are embarrassing to watch, and she gets too distracted by whatever is going on in the live chat, and alright i know she has adhd, but even so. it's really annoying for anyone watching who is trying to follow the game.

And calls herself a witch or a wiccan and she can't even draw a simple pentagram or remember what it looks like. Utterly ridiculous how she was trying to create a pentacle shape in Animal Crossing on the garden but couldn't even do that.

No. 163582


Her face looks stupid and gormless, but at least her body looks good here so i guess that's a step in the right direction.

No. 163584


FFS, why couldn't she make sure the label wasn't showing on her thong?

No. 163590

>>Also, she forgot to edit that mark off her leg, whatever it is.

Maybe it's purposely shown. She has admitted to like having people worry about her.

No. 163592


She said in a stream last week that she was going to be getting hair extensions and getting her nails done at weekend, so if she took these pictures this week, that's probably it, but doesn't look like she got her nails done after all.

No. 163593


When she had to give up with trying to create a pentagram shape in her garden in Animal Crossing, she made an upside down cross instead, I think because someone may have suggested it in the comments and she thought it was a good idea, but after a while she deleted it as she thought it would upset Christians who might start complaining about her.

No. 163596


Like Hiding in my room Daniel, she's probably now taken to shoving things up her ass, he had his spatula, she has her broomstick.

No. 163597


She likes to tease. In one of her mukbangs recently, she was obviously being very suggestive with the sucking and licking she was doing, though saying nothing sexual so her gullible and very innocent fans probably wouldn't have caught on to what she was doing, but any man watching would probably have noticed and knew what she was doing.

No. 163603

Oh so that's where she draws the line

No. 163622

>> Is Venus doing any proper porn vids or just scamming her OF subscribers with
Of course she’s scamming, she’s a scammer just like her mother. Skating through life putting out the least amount of effort possible, rent and bills paid so all she has to do is pull in enough $$ to keep her in junk food and toys. Plus she probably has more than one OF perv that she corresponds with privately, providing ‘exclusive’ pics for tips (she bragged about her “current boyfriend” in one of her streams.)

I do wonder if she’s paying taxes on any of this income, or if her clueless ass even files tax returns at all. If not that’s one more thing she deserves to be deported over.

No. 163654


"in the right direction"

No. 163827

Sorry for nitpicking but what’s going on with her thighs? What’s with the abrupt change in thickness on the top and bottom of her thighs??!

No. 163831


No. 163862

This is what skinny-fat, untrained thighs look like (my thighs look like this when I don't workout) especially from this unflattering perspective
it's probably not a result of her shitty editing as the other anon suggested

No. 163869

Okay but why is her batshit mom also posting witchy stuff on insta and starting a kickstarter for tarot cards including images of Venus?

No. 163870

Sorry for the ot but what exercises do you do for your legs?

No. 163871

Gotta cash in on her daughter of course, that's why

No. 163875

This isn't pull

No. 163887

Just waiting for someone to bring this up on one of Venus’ streams. Wonder what she thinks about it.

No. 163898

Agree with the other anon, she is skinny because of her eating issues, but she is soft and kind of doughy because she doesn’t exercise. Her body is just made of fat, very little muscle

No. 163900

I don’t know, but I do know that Margo’s Kickstarter and tarot card things started at least a couple months before Venus’ witch phase

No. 163926


Do us a favor and stfu please

No. 163941

margo's shitty tarot cards are old milk

No. 163988

What's there to think about? Margo has been doing it way before Venus. And according to Venus she "always" wanted to do it since her mom was into it (but this is probably a lie because she says that for every quirk she picks up.

No. 163989

Probably a mix of editing (she has often edited her thicker ankles/calves thinner) and being generally unfit.

No. 164000

Margo tries to one up Venus every time she enters a new phase. She's still convinced that she's the "real" Venusangelic because she used to manage the channel. When Venus first made her OF account Margo posted some pics of her gnarly feet along with a rant about having thought about taking sexy pictures too, but "tasteful" ones. Now Venus is a Tumblr witch so Mutti is too, but more witchy!

Agreed, it looks like she has a little bit of flab in between her thighs and that's why they look so bumpy. She sits around all day every day so she has very little muscle tone.

No. 164044

Reminder that Margo has her own thread.

No. 164048


Yes and wasn't this kickstarter scheme of hers abandoned like ages ago? The tarot cards she was going to sell are really old news and she was going to do it long before Venus started talking about tarot. IIRC Margo said something about not wanting to sell them anymore because they should be giving positive vibes, and that as they had images of Venus in, they would have negative vibes and she had not considered at the time, but only thought about it afterwards and so that is why she abandoned the project. But maybe she never got enough interest so couldn't get enough funds to get it off the ground? I don't know, but it was abandoned anyway, so she's not selling them.

No. 164049

>>Margo tries to one up Venus every time she enters a new phase.

Except that in this case it looks like it's the other way round, because Venus only started expressing interest in tarot after Margo had already started her kickstarter with the tarot cards and already withdrawn it. It's not the first time that Venus has posted something like having a dig at her mother in relation to something Margo had recently posted. She obviously still watches everything her mother does, and her mother still watches everything she does, they are inextricably bound by bad blood and crazy genes, they probably understand each other better than anyone else in the world could ever understand either of them. In some strange way they probably still need each other and after all, a mother & daughter bond can never really be broken.

No. 164082

Have to laugh at Venus, after doing quite a few cosplays like it was something she was really into, someone asked her on one of her recent streams if she did cosplay, and she said something about no she didn't do cosplay and wouldn't be doing any as she's not interested in it. It's like how when someone asked her if she's on tiktok and she said no she doesn't have a tiktok account. Does she actually forget or just pointlessly lies? Most of her fans who've followed her for a while must know that she had a tiktok account, she even has a video on her youtube showing some of her tiktoks, and most of her fans who follow her on ig know that she did cosplays. Why doesn't she just say that she used to do cosplay but doesn't want to now as she's lost interest, and why not just tell the truth and say that she has, or at least had, a tiktok account but just doesn't post there now? Why the pointless lies? Or the stupid evasiveness about telling the truth about something that anyone can see is true and there is no reason to lie about anyway? She's so stupid. I guess if she can't be bothered with something anymore, because she's lost interest in it, then she'd rather pretend she has never done it or never had it because she just can't be bothered to even talk about it.

No. 164109

I don’t understand why she stopped using tiktok. Surely she would have more fans from using that. It’s more popular than instagram amongst the people she wants to appeal to.

No. 164117

File: 1627253470379.jpeg (486.76 KB, 828x1466, 8369DC9F-FDC2-4901-8A66-259C2E…)

…get rid of the dollar store shelves??

No. 164118

File: 1627253501290.jpeg (124.31 KB, 825x1443, B932C010-7E22-4941-91C4-36E8C7…)

Lmfao I can’t

No. 164123

The pink haired one is Yukapon, isn't she? Has she become a porn model or burlesque dancer? I only know her sordid history of old men, underage pee videos, and chasing the weeb idol dream. I thought she was trying to be a rapper now?


No. 164140

It's obviously photoshopped…-_- and its SO EASY TO DO SO.
Are people really that stupid in here that they think she will shove a whole broom into her ass? common…

No. 164141

You're overthinking too much. Believe it or not, but there are people who think differently than you. Which means, she did all those stuff but it wasn't significant enough for her to call it a cosplay, as much as it was significant for you to call it a cosplay.
I mean, She's obviously a compulsive liar, but in these stuff, I don't think there's a reason for her to lie.
So I think she forgot she did cosplay, or doesn't count these as cosplay but more like slutty outfits.

No. 164146

File: 1627268118344.jpeg (320.04 KB, 1874x1150, C2238C58-CB8C-4099-9ADC-6D633D…)

Wenus in her witchy room casting a witchy spell from her ‘grimoire.’ Cause she’s a real witch, just look at that witchy hat!

No. 164149

Nobody thinks she did that, and it’s not a photoshopped broom, it’s just really short (as an anon already showed). Don’t use emoticons

No. 164176

No. 164178

inb4 goth venus

No. 164187

Everytime she says she's a witch, she reminds me of those old, wrinkly witches from animated disney films and not the cute witchcore she wants to be.

No. 164190

Same. She looks so old, what the hell.

No. 164209


Paint the walls black. And the ceiling dark blue and stick the moon and stars stickers on.

No. 164210


She did quite a few cosplays, and hardly any slutty ones as I recall.

Her successful Demon Slayer cosplay, for example, was very well received, as were most of her cosplay pics.

A little while back, she asked her fans on Instagram, should she do more cosplay pics or herself being 'real'?, something like that.
Quite a few said cosplay, but most answers said be yourself, and so that is the way she went, posting more edited pictures of herself being 'real'. Only then of course she promised not to use filters anymore, so she hardly posts at all now on there and instead she's posting mainly on her witchy account where she posts pictures mainly of things in her room, and hardly any of herself.

And remember when people started griping at her about posting sexy pics on her Instagram and you couldn't look at the comment section without having to wade through all the irritating prudes moaning on at her about it and saying she should open a new account for 'that sort of thing', and so she did, but then the new account disappeared and she said it was because Instagram didn't allow her to have more than one account, remember that?

So how come she's 'allowed' to have more than one account now then?

No. 164211

File: 1627301379914.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.48 MB, 2160x3840, ekfj;pwjf.jpg)


She started out being a cute witch. Look at me guys, I'm a witch! LOL.

No. 164235

She just keeps accumulating more and more crap indulging herself in her new ‘hobby.’ Her little room must be bursting at the seams.

Who else do we know who hoards crap in a little tiny room? Oh yeah, that would be bad mommy margaret. Just one more way that Wenus is marge 2.0 (and there are many others.)

No. 164255

Gotta fill the void somehow. She doesn’t have much else in her life… no meaningful relationships, no fulfilling career, no passions… just some pretty clothes and a hoard of witchy trinkets to help her feign a temporary personality. So empty

No. 164259

why would she post this… The warping from the photo frame by her face is so clearly obvious.
Not to mention her anachan arms and tits look really bad here.

No. 164288

File: 1627334271866.png (9.31 MB, 1125x2436, 1C11B4F6-44F3-414B-B240-23315D…)

She isn’t doing “porn videos”, but I think her OF is fine. It’s pretty low key and she only posts once per week - but she is at least honest about that now. It doesn’t seem like there are a lot of subscribers anymore, and I cannot imagine that she spends more than 5 hours on content each week. Some of her sets are cute but there’s also a lot of weird witch things, and a couple followers that like to wait around and complain

No. 164306

File: 1627337181102.jpeg (363.68 KB, 1114x1072, 15A2B9BB-37AF-4013-A7D7-47225E…)

Are her bangs really that greasy? And those sad extensions that she doesn’t even try to blend in with her (dried-out strawlike) real hair? She doesn’t seem to give a shit anymore, just goes and sits in the same spot on her little mattress on the floor in front of that purple curtain, stares into the camera and clicks the remote shutter. What a pathetic sloppy mess.

No. 164308

File: 1627337495755.jpeg (1 MB, 1125x1977, 655674AF-26F0-4A5C-A352-BAFA3C…)

Do you guys believe this? This is something she wrote in her bio, not something OF is displaying on her page. I feel like maybe it was true for a hot second when she made her account, but not now

No. 164341

OF puts that there automatically, so she didn't put it in her own bio. Iirc she even used to be in the top 0.1% of creators at some point.
Somehow every thot seems to be in the top 1% though and it's not quite clear what numbers they're even comparing. It could be money earned, content uploaded, clicks on profile, overall traffic and comments,maybe a combination of all of the above etc.

No. 164344

File: 1627360986768.jpeg (271.13 KB, 1125x1566, 0771F179-7374-4FF7-95BC-DAFF8E…)

Are you sure it’s from OF? If you search it with the emojis used, it is unique to Venus’ profile, and I don’t see that on other more famous profiles. I know at one point she took a screenshot from her end that said she was ranked highly, but this text looks like she just typed it into her profile

No. 164362

It's absolutely the case that she typed it in, since it's actually part of a sentence that continues on!
>🎖 This page is in the top 0.5% of OnlyFans creators 🎖
>To be a bit more specific, the content ranges from…

I think people are having doubt because at one point a year ago it did seem to be a separate thing from her text, if I recall. But now it is definitely part of the text.
Also since it's extremely obviously not a true statement about her page

No. 164383


Her lipstick looks wonky. And is this picture edited? I thought she was stopping all of that.

No. 164415

And the sentence doesn’t even make sense.

I wonder how many subs she lost. She hasn’t put any effort into OF for months now (if she ever did).

No. 164425

We all knew that. Brain dead anons on here thought her OF made her a millionaire dumbasses.

No. 164429

She’s constantly buying shit. “Witchy” crap, pink gaming PC for playing games she doesn’t even enjoy, new Doc Martens that she was wearing in her latest mental breakdown insta stories.

But she has no job, hardly any OF subs left, she can’t make that much from live-streaming herself nodding out.

Only an idiot would throw money at this flaming dumpster fire of a human being. Neither Taylor nor the other person will ever see their money again.

No. 164435

Buying useless trinkets is all she ever does, so of course she has enough money for it. I'd be surprised if she paid rent. She also never really goes anywhere or does anything. Probably doesn't spend much money on her convenience store food, either. She just sits at home and buys things.

No. 164500

She escort or a hostess. I bet the three guys who beat her up on the street was guys she was drinking with.

No. 164502

Weebaboos are fucking retarded. All are jealous of each other when they all live a shit life. A reason I don't fuck with them all are snakes. Who the fuck is jealous of Taylor? She can get replace anytime by Tom. She has nothing to her name, no property, no degree, nothing to fall back on and no business. Thank god her family is rich because she would be in trouble.
She has been with Tom so long and too dumb to make a name for herself. She'll end up like Larsa pippen soon.

No. 164521

File: 1627422103800.jpeg (131.17 KB, 1185x1230, 43586180-DD89-4AE6-9F39-32CB09…)

Is this picture edited, seriously? Yeah, it’s massively edited, anon. This is what her face looks like w/o editing.

No. 164585

>the three guys who beat her up on the street
i guess you're new to venus. she makes things up. 'some people beat me up' is like, a cliche at this point, as a story that psycho retards tell for attention. jussie smollett shit

No. 164708

Venus still probably makes around 5k per month which is way above the average wage in Japan and she probably does not pay for rent, I think she has bad spending habits to be honest.

No. 164721


Well she looks better here. Human and relatable. God knows why she edits herself, the edits are horrible.

No. 164726

Those lines around her mouth are tragic esp. for someone in her 20s. Shitty genes strike again.

No. 164741


I think you're confusing lines with just natural shadows, lol. No ones face is completely flat and would look really weird if there were no little dips and curves.

No. 164783

Even kids have lines like that, it’s a normal face thing

No. 164814

She looks find to me in this pic. She’s 24 now, she’s not gonna have the face of a teenager lol. She doesn’t look mad old tho or anything. She sucks as a person regardless.

No. 164816

File: 1627514236455.jpeg (26.54 KB, 340x340, E16481FE-F561-44CD-8669-04A957…)

It’s not just “a normal face thing.” She has creepy margo mouth.

No. 164837

She doesn't look fine for someone that's selling their appearance online. You can say everything about OF sex workers/streamers, etc. but at least those girls do everything to keep their face & body at 100% bc that's where they get their income. Venus looks dirty and unkept, honestly at this point only an idiot would give money to her. Tunefaced girls are everywhere and are more younger and funnier.

No. 164869

anon learns about nasolabial folds

No. 164879


I don't know how you guys look like but those mouth lines are pretty big. Rarely seen anyone that young having those.

No. 164904

Not more nonsensical crap about her looks. And the endless comparisons of a daughter to her mother. Margaret is not exactly ugly, so…! And Venus is better looking than her mother. The main problem she has is with lack of confidence. She never seemed to have this lack of confidence a few years ago so I don't know why she's developed it now.

No. 164906


If only she would embrace the beauty of her natural face instead of turning away from it and posting pictures of herself looking like a long-faced scary looking alien. She's a fool.

No. 164914

File: 1627565755762.jpg (115.66 KB, 378x600, Venus angelic cantsleepatnight…)


I think this is where she takes her inspiration from.

No. 164933


Your opinion.

No. 164964

Shes absolutely faking but your comment is just wrong lmao witchcraft isnt a religion its a belief system. People from all major religions can practice witchcraft and still call themselves Christian or whatever. Also, sex magic IS a thing and theres plenty of real witches using OF for it. You have no idea what youre talking about lmao

No. 164978

File: 1627597096969.jpeg (323.66 KB, 1089x1621, A6CF2B43-8B1F-4C43-AF74-212FC4…)

Does she have little piles of her hoarded crap (her “altars”) scattered throughout her little room, I wonder? And where does she put it all?

That room must smell like rancid junk food, b.o. and cheap booze.

No. 165008

File: 1627611618215.png (Spoiler Image, 1004.96 KB, 537x955, uwu.png)

No. 165016

imagine the magnitude of the regret her OF subscribers

No. 165017

No. 165018

Jesus this is bleak. I cannot believe i used to be jealous of her life.

No. 165019

Her nipples are lopsided.

No. 165022

Of all the things to leave unphotoshopped… I know most women don't have perfectly symmetrical breasts but this just looks freaky.

No. 165024

Is this a desperate attempt for clout?

No. 165027

No. 165029

Nah those degenerate scrotes are probably into futa/kawaii girldick kek

No. 165030

Nightmare fuel

No. 165047


I love to get pegged and all I see there is 0 sexual energy

No. 165055

Who cares? Scrotoid with pedophilic tendencies (many of them waited for ~uwu spicy content~ since her living dolls days) deserves to be disappointed and scammed.

No. 165076


So, is she meant to be a chick with a dick, or just playing with a dildo?

Has she photoshopped her breasts and did a bad job, because surely no one has nipples in two completely different places and how come they're so colourless and pale?

Her head looks all wrong, ears look too big, face looks too long and bottom lip looks droopy, unless she's put her lip colour on all wrong and gone outside the line of her bottom lip to try and make it look like she's pouting, only it doesn't. She could surely do so much better than this.

No. 165078


I'd be more concerned about her lighting all those candles like she showed recently. She's clumsy (by her own admission) and often stumbling around either because she's merely clumsy, or more likely, drunk or on something, maybe her medication, or a mixture of both. If I was Manaki, I'd be worried about her lighting all those candles in case she sets the whole place alight and it goes up like a bomb. I hope he checks in on her regularly to make sure all is safe in there. That's if he really is still there, as we never see any sign of him, or anything to even suggest his presence. I seriously wonder if she is living there alone, probably she isn't, but you'd think there would at least be some small sign of him being somewhere around, even like a slight noise from somewhere else in the apartment.

No. 165083

not a joke. But they seriously are into it. I dont understand wtf is wrong with the guys of our gen, but they are heavily into futa.

No. 165104

Lol ahw actually tried to fake sticking a broomstick in her vag by just resting her clothes crotch on top of the handle. The same length ia visible in the Twitter pic as in the ss.

No. 165112

I’ve been wondering about this too. It’s so weird that there is not a single hint about him/anyone else living in that apartment. Very strange.

No. 165119

Her nips look exactly the same in that witch nude that was posted a couple of days ago… >>164211 one is lower than the other, but it looks worse face on. No wonder she always hid or censored them.

No. 165122

it's normal for nips not to match though

the pic is giving me "is gonna troon out soon" vibes since she's already mentally unstable as fuck, who knows

No. 165124

If she passes out after lighting candles like she did during that burger livestream

No. 165165

File: 1627677651568.jpeg (259.1 KB, 750x416, 714E84F5-37DE-4073-851F-12057D…)

Some new pics from her Twitter.

No. 165167

File: 1627677676159.jpeg (134.54 KB, 701x1012, 99EDDAA8-8160-44A2-AF27-C27E5A…)

No. 165168

File: 1627677725501.jpeg (609.76 KB, 750x1108, 1850D5A3-528A-47E0-B485-2CB36F…)

No. 165172

She'll follow in the footsteps of shayna soon kek

No. 165173

sex traffic victim vibes

No. 165175

worst, with her shitty editing she looks like an underaged sex traffic victim.

Did the Venus of 3-4 years ago, shortly after her escape from her deranged mother, ever thought she would end up like this? like imagine living a hellish child/teenhood, moving to your supposedly dream country to start anew just to be on a loveless marriage, prostituting yourself online for pedo's breadcrumbs, no friends and future…

No. 165188

shit is very sad. as abusive and terrible as she was maybe she wouldn't have fallen off this far if she'd stayed with her mother. who knows. im not defending her but was her "escape" worth it in the end? i dont see an inspirational woman in venus, i see a washed up youtube has been living a very bleak future/present. i truly do hope she ends up in a better spot and not dead soon. im not saying sex work is the end of the world or anything but..shes not good at it. idek what else to say.

No. 165193

OF was pretty fond of the purple buttplug set. The plaid one does scream “underage”, but I think the way her brain is hardwired, she likes to look like that. I wonder if she hates being 24

Anyhow I imagine she did get an “attention high” when she started OF, but at this point I can’t imagine it being fun anymore. Everyone has already seen her tits and edited face and there’s not really many people paying attention to her

No. 165205


I remember liking Venus as a kid. It's pretty weird, seeing her lopsided titties like this. Would have never guessed a OF saga for her.

No. 165216

I'm always surprised by the weird photos she's ok with posting. Sometimes I feel like she has BDD with all the edits she does but then she posts her tits looking in different directions and this one where she looks about 20 kilos heavier all of a sudden due to the bad angle??

No. 165217


She wouldn’t have ended like this if she had an actual support system. She was set up for failure.

No. 165218

File: 1627698580954.png (Spoiler Image, 2.64 MB, 1697x955, holyangles.png)

No. 165227

what the fuck is this

No. 165228

She constantly poses with toys like this, but if she wanted real OF money, she would actually show herself using them.

It makes me irrationally mad that she does these weird poses with blank expressions in lingerie from the 100¥ store, like she’s learned nothing from all the other OF cosplayers she constantly retweets. They have nice costumes, nice wigs, photographers and sets and fun captions, and they look like they enjoy what they do. Makes this lazy bitch look even more low effort, and I pity the scrotes who pay for her “content”. I don’t know why she’s bothering anymore.

At least she’s giving the witch crap a rest.

No. 165232

She did use it but only showed it “in use” in 2/37 pictures for $50. No pics because I’m a coward and don’t think that is legal to do

No. 165240

Gross, I’ll take your word for it.

I bet those 35 other pictures were just her doing the same old thing over and over on her unmade futon - awkward poses, bored faces and weird foreshortening of various body parts.

No. 165241

File: 1627716074660.jpg (214.95 KB, 720x910, 20210731_081900.jpg)

She edited this image so weirdly it looks like she is digging into a cushion. Also, sad to see her life ending like this and using alcohol as a coping mechanism. Hope she gets out of this runt and starts taking better care of herself.

No. 165250

Omg I'm so sorry but the position, the sickly pale skin, the dead eyes, ​the glasses, the weird cervical collar-like turtleneck… this looks like a disabled granny trying to be sexy

No. 165259

You can see her feet and hand in the back holding the remote for the shutter

No. 165267


You guys see everything wow

No. 165271


Yeah the cervical thing really look like a grandma is posing

No. 165297

her skin looks like stockings

No. 165299


So is this like a "Granny is an invalid" look she's going for here?

No. 165300


Bedridden granny.

No. 165301


Marginally better. At least she looks younger here.

No. 165302


Dreadful. Her face looks distorted and strange, and not in a good way. Her ear looks like it's nowhere near her face, like it's detached and just stuck in her hair extensions.

If she had that stupid bit of hair pushed back and away from her face, she wouldn't look so bad.

And that droopy bottom lip contrasted with non existent top lip does her no favors.

No. 165304


OMG, droopy lard tits. Horrible.

No. 165311


I almost wonder if she'd had some sort of surgery on her tits and they gave her a totally different sized nipple on one breast and put it on much lower than the other. Surely no one should have nipples looking like that? I think old women find their nipples spread out a bit and get lighter in shade, whereas young women seem to have darker areolas but these here seem almost as pale as the rest of her, like on very old women. You'd think she'd at least put some makeup on them to look a bit darker and more appealing. and I've never seen anyone with one nipple so much lower than the other one as this. It's horrible.

No. 165315


So you're buying into all the Veenos escaped from her horrible mother shit then?

Does anyone remember a video called Venus Angelic Buying Subs Scandal, or Venus Angelic 1 million subscriber fraud? Something like that, I can't find it anywhere now. I can't remember who did, but it told what seems to be the real truth about what Venus is really like and what she always has been really like.

No. 165321

Pretty sure her nipples have just vanished due to the massive amount of blurring and filters she uses.

Please tell me that’s an edit…it looks like an alien is about to burst out of her chest…

No. 165347


I remember her saying she had a fetish for glasses, so I guess this picture is probably sexy and attractive in her eyes and probably turns her on looking at herself, but this would put anyone off even if they were feeling horny to begin with. What a horrible, unattractive spectacle to assault our eyes with. WTF was she thinking? It's almost like she deliberately self sabotages everything she does.

No. 165368

She better off staying with her mom until she got her foot through the door. Dumb weebs was applauding her for escaping her mom and moving to an unknown country with a pedo; with no money. She was destined to fail. She has been in Japan for how many months? And been sitting on her ass buying useless shit no goals or future in mind.

No. 165377

>> And been sitting on her ass buying useless shit no goals or future in mind.

I remember early in her marriage, she was showing off all her therapy notebooks where she wrote about her recovery, she had people around her, she posted pictures of the meals Manaki cooked, showed her textbooks for studying for the JLPT. She used to have goals, a life outside of being mentally/physically ill. She at least seemed to want to get better.

Then she posted that picture on insta with the “I’m psycho and gay” caption, and it all went to shit after that. Now it’s all low-effort porn, getting drunk behind the conbini and 3 anti-psychotics a day. I almost can’t think of these as being the same person, unless she really was always like this under the surface, or this is some hardcore rebellion against her former image.

No. 165379

Everyone knows that Margo was a piece of shit who abused Venus during the time she was with her, that Venus grew up to be a clone of her mother doesn't excuse that abuse and frankly explains why today she's a failure of a human being.
Of course, that doesn't mean that Venus has no responsibility given that she is now an adult that should work out her issues and think before taking any decisions but with a childhood like the one she had. she doesn't have a good starting point

No. 165383

Even before that she was starting to show cracks on her life.
Like, I'm pretty sure this was when she underwent her illegal surgery and was mia from her social media from time to time only to come back like nothing happened. Plus, she, at that time, was pretty active on insta lives and making weird semi-erotic clickbait for her videos. IMO everything went down the drain because she was hanging up with the wrong internet crowd (enabling her eating disorder postings, Taylor and co. friendships and clickbait) and with the surgery that most likely messed the last mental wellness she had

No. 165386

She doesn’t even bother to set foot outside that little room anymore, does she? Let alone outside the apartment. Just plants herself on that mattress, stares into the camera and clicks the remote shutter.

Lazy fuck.

No. 165387

Why did she shoop herself one torpedo tit and leave the other unshooped?

I need answers

No. 165388

>> Sometimes I feel like she has BDD with all the edits she does but then she posts her tits looking in different directions
Or with greasy unwashed hair, brown teeth, ragged dirty fingernails, crusty mouth etc. She has a short circuit in her brain wiring for sure.

No. 165400

>> She wouldn’t have ended like this if she had an actual support system.
Oh boo fucking hoo. First, she had support systems. She had Manaki’s family and her own family in Switzerland and Hungary who tried repeatedly to reach out to her. Second, plenty of people grow up with much more and worse abuse than she did- homes with alcoholism, drug addiction, domestic violence, actual sexual abuse etc. who grow up and make something of themselves despite all that.

She had everything handed to her on a silver platter in her dream country in Japan- a secure visa, rent and bills paid, a doormat ‘husband’ who asked nothing whatsoever of her in return and indulged her every whim, a thriving Youtube channel and a loyal and adoring fan base. She squandered it all and became a lazy porn grifter. That’s on her and no one else.

No. 165410

>with no money
She had a lot of money when she left for Japan but she spent it on that surgery. She could have it back if she continued to make videos

No. 165424

For God's sake man, can you shut up for once already? I mean how can you comfortably talk about psychological issues while clearly lacking BASIC education on fucking psychology? We all know Venus is a stupid shitbag (surprise) but it doesn't change the fact that she's mentally ill and it also doesn't change the fact that mental illness ISN'T FUCKING LINEAR. "Other people have it worse" wow genius anon. You just relativized mental illness and invalidated everyone who struggles with their mental health just for experiencing different trauma/experiencing trauma differently lol.

No. 165425

Are you some blinded religious dumbass who doesn't believe humans are individuals because everyone must serve God and get aroused by Jesus? Go read a real book. You just sound as stupid as Venus.

No. 165473

Not OP but why are you reeing about religion? Post didn't even mention that? Guess even on anon forums atheists have to out themselves lel.
Lots of triggered MUH MENTALZ!1! posts going on, I can see the farms is back to creeping on here.

No. 165477

No. 165488

Lol are you some eDgY brat being bitter/in denial of your own mental health who's overcompensating by trying hard to look like a sociopath or were you just born with the silver spoon?
Margo acts like that as well, find some comfort in her threat

No. 165490

Lol yes I am some eDgY brat being bitter/in denial of my own mental health who's overcompensating by trying hard to look like a sociopath. Or I am the other thing you said about religion. Jk I’m a different anon, but you are a weirdly intense person

No. 165497


Quit derailing, learn to sage, go to therapy

No. 165498

File: 1627806730621.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 907.81 KB, 1284x1308, 6646FA99-F163-4239-AD2E-2C640D…)


Tell me more about how Venus’ support system was more than enough when it was made of her pedo fan husband and his family in a country that’s not her own. I would love to know how Venus would’ve gotten the help she needed in a country that has a high suicide rate and pretends that mental illness isn’t a thing. Please, enlighten me. Tell me more about how she’s ungrateful and that her documented abuse isn’t online, that she had the perfect childhood and wasn’t raised by a narc mother who saw her as her golden goose.

Does anyone who had a good childhood go through this sort of shit like pic related willingly? Because she was just lazy and didn’t want to work? Or was it because the intensive therapy she needed wasn’t available to her? Dear god, get a grip. Hate Venus and hold her accountable for her shitty actions but you cannot deny the evidence that still exists online that proves she lived a shitty childhood.

If her mom didn’t have sole custody of her or she had gone back to Austria or wherever her dad’s side of the family had been instead of seeking an escape through a visa marriage that Margo initially was against because it didn’t benefit her, she would’ve never ended up like this.

No. 165519

You forget that Manaki told her he didn't want her to have surgery so she went online saying how bad he was that didn't want her to be happy and told her that if she did the surgery they would never had kids so everybody sided with her against him and she got that surgery and she sold the pictures on the daily mail.
She portrayed him to be this monster when she wanted the surgery and it worked. She had a support system but decided to do what her family do best: lie and leech.

No. 165528


Nobody is saying Venus didn’t have a difficult childhood, or that it wasn’t a factor in how she is living now. Manaki tried to stop her going for that surgery, but she chose to go behind his back and do it anyway.

But as lots of other people itt have said, there comes a point where you can’t blame your childhood anymore - you have to take responsibility for your present situation and go to therapy and do the hard things that are good for you.

She’s a grown woman with her own mind and enough agency to do what she wants with her life, and if that involves illegal surgery, numbing herself with alcohol and staying in her internet hug box, surrounded by enablers like you, then so be it.

But don’t infantilize her and justify her bad choices by implying that all she is and ever will be is her shitty mother and shitty childhood. She has the power to change things for herself, just like everyone else.

She just chooses not to.

No. 165532


WTF u talking about? She was indulged in her every whim and was given everything she wanted. The mistake Margo made was in spoiling her and giving in to her. It couldn't have been easy being the mother of a child who would have hysterical tantrums and become violent and aggressive if she didn't get her own way.

No. 165536

>>3 anti-psychotics a day.

Well I don't know but she was being urged to see doctors from every angle all around her from fans who were acting like they had her best interests at heart, probably because most of them are on something and don't see why anyone else should escape, so she took all the supposedly well meaning advice from these morons, and now look at the result, 3 anti psychotics a day and she acts like a drugged up zombie as a result.

No. 165540


It might be a bit difficult to go out and about in Japan right now, what with the virus rampaging everywhere, the olympics and all, and isn't there a state of emergency over there as a result of the virus? So maybe that has something to do with it. But then again, someone did ask her recently on one of her live streams if she would do more vlogs out somewhere in Japan, and she said that no she wouldn't because she likes to be private.
Speaking of her live streams, she's obviously lost interest in doing those at the moment, she said she was having hair extensions and her nails done a couple of weekends back, so she got her extensions but no nails done, and so maybe she has been going out but because she likes to be 'private' she hasn't recorded any of it?

No. 165543


You're buying into all the one sided crap about her. Her and her mother are both damaged and probably if you knew them, quite unpleasant individuals.

Hate how some people will have reasonable childhoods, not terrible, not wonderful, but they turn out like Venus and blame it all on their childhood and the whole world sympathizes, but someone can have a far worse childhood, denied anything and everything they want, put down all the time, constantly criticized, blamed for things they're not good at, reviled for things they are good at, but despite a loveless and cruel childhood, they grow up to be conscientious and caring, might not be a great success at anything but stay away from medications and tried and gave up with therapy as it doesn't help them and screwed them up more, so they learn self help to help themselves and are not selfish and forever going poor me, I was hit and shouted at and abused, and then molested by old man at 11 years old but took it as oh well that's what happens, but still didn't turn out like Venus, and the reaction of people in the world, kill yourself nobody cares about you, and how dare you admit to suffering more and yet not turning out the same, we will forever say "poor venus". - Fucks sake!

Some people had worse childhoods, suffered more, but still turned out to be less selfish and destructive but seem somehow hated for it, and some people had better childhoods but turned out devious and selfish and the whole world feels sorry for them and blames it all on their upbringing.

No. 165555

As several anons repeatedly said it… a shitty childhood just does what childhood generally does - directly impacting adulthood in terms of personality (yeah, invisible stuff like emotional neglect qualifies as shitty).
It's never a justification but simply explanation. Venus constantly avoids taking responsibility and accountability by always refering to her disorders and not herself as a person; as if the disorders are separated from her like something she cant control. And this is the point - she is the only one in control, since control isn't about being "balanced" or "healthy" but simply about being the only one responsible for her own life, logically.
I highly doubt that she only suffers from mood disorders and ADHD (maybe co-morbidly, if anything), there's most likely a cluster b personality disorder going on. Those are extremely difficult and last a lifetime so if she doesn't receive constant, proper behavioural- and psychotherapy, she will keep on pushing her suffering onto others, harming people emotionally and it's no ones but her responsibility to prevent this.

No. 165557

lmao anon if doormatnaki locked her pasty ass up so she couldn't hop on the first flight to SK to get her innards butchered, you'd be screaming abuse anyway.

No. 165562


>Manaki told her not to get the surgery.

Who cares what Manaki told her not to do? What she needed was therapy, not some guy telling her “you’re beautiful without makeup”. Do you think someone whose perception of beauty and self worth that was warped by a narcissistic parent is gonna know that someone is trying to help them? I also don’t know why you anons are so hung up on her not listening to pedomanaki who could’ve done the right thing and helped her go back to Europe if he truly cared instead of wanting a cute barely legal wife with no actual real world experience or life skills.

>She sold those pictures to daily mail.

I wonder who showed her that was profitable? Oh yeah, Margo selling their story to Strange Addictions or obsessively trying to get The Sun to cover their story. It’s like that was a learned behavior.. from her mother.


>Weh, other people have had it worse and so did I!! Venus has no reason to be the way that she is!!

I literally said that Venus’ actions as an adult doesn’t excuse her but just because you were able to get over your trauma, doesn’t mean that everyone functions the same way. Sorry that your life sucked but quit applying your own life experiences and then saying “I had it worse! She has no reason to be like this.” It just feels like the “trauma olympics”’where people are only allowed to act out if they had it worse than you. Human beings aren’t a monolith—everyone process what happened to them differently.


Anonette, the lack empathy or understanding you have is gross. Why should she listen to pedomanaki? We all know you’re jealous of her living the weeb fantasy and being ungrateful for not having a Japanese husbando. Maybe if her self value wasn’t tied to her appearance or how thin she is, she wouldn’t have tried to get that surgery. Just a thought.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 165566

If she likes to be “private”, then why is she on YouTube and putting her mental health issues on blast all over the internet? Nothing she ever says makes sense. Either be private or suck it up and do what you have to do to make a living off YouTube, you can’t have it both ways…

Also, she forgot again about the whole ethot/gamer girl thing she was trying to do. She really can’t be consistent with anything, why would going to therapy or taking her meds be any different?

No. 165585

>>just because you were able to get over your trauma,

Please quit assuming that I "got over it". Nowhere did I state that, because it wouldn't be true. I never got over it, I just have learnt how to live with it and not allow it to define me, with no help from anybody. Constantly dwelling on it and re-living it is no help but that's what many therapies do.
And Venus didn't even have any real trauma, only what she inflicted on herself with the unnecessary surgery. She had a cosseted childhood with a mother who indulged her and allowed her to do what she wanted, and if Margaret had refused to allow Venus to go down the living doll route, Venus would say that was abusive and controlling and how traumatic it was to be refused to be able to do what she wanted. I've followed her story since before any of the shit hit the fan, back when she was with her mother and making videos she quite obviously enjoyed making, history has been rewritten to suit an agenda.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 165592

Stop it man, you just sound entitled and bitter (and shallow for your one-sided thinking). You're just projecting your own experience on others, as well as the bitterness you feel towards yourself. And this is not uuuu brave, it's entitled brat behaviour.

No. 165595

Do you even know what trauma is by its definition? Or most importantly the huge and central fucking role trauma plays in the psychopathology of personality disorders for example?

No. 165598


>Don’t assume I got over muh trauma!!!!

Then quit applying your shitty life and how it turned out to someone else’s. No one cares about you blogging your issues.

It’s doubtful that you were a fan because it seems like you’re assuming Venus was just a spoiled child instead of one that experience an exploitative childhood. Who are you to say her trauma wasn’t real? Does she need to be whipped with a stick to experience real trauma or live in a crack house because mental abuse isn’t enough?

No. 165599

Thanks man, the "wItHoUt AnyOnEs HeLp¡¡¡¡" anon sounds like coming straight out of an emo forum where they validate each other by the severity of their mental illness lol.

Also, >>165585
it's really obvious that you "helped yourself" because everything you say is extremely self-centred und unrefracting.

No. 165609

Weird how someone can have a real shitty childhood, in being blamed and accused for ruining their mother's life for daring to be born in the first place, hit and bullied, abused, never allowed to have any interests of their own but still expected to do well and be blamed when unable to cope with the abuse, but venus is allowed to do what she wants, encouraged in it even, but because of her psychopathy, she just runs off and leaves her mother with nothing, because that is the sort of person she is, uses people for her own ends, and can sit back complacently knowing there will always be idiots who believe every lie she tells, despite her admitting to being a compulsive liar. No one believed Margaret when she first told her side of it, and I didn't believe her either, but I do now as do many other people too who have had the wool pulled away from their eyes. I used to identify with Venus, thinking we shared similar traumatic pasts, but hers was indulged and cosseted compared, and her mother was certainly not a saint, but at the same time definitely not the ogre Venus has made her out to be. They are both shit for human beings that much is true, but all this venus is 100 percent victim is crap. And most people with a brain can see that now.

No. 165613

>>lmao anon if doormatnaki locked her pasty ass up so she couldn't hop on the first flight to SK to get her innards butchered, you'd be screaming abuse anyway.

True, just like if Margaret hadn't let her do the living doll thing when she wanted to, it would be ooh poor venus couldn't do what she wanted. She was lucky she had a mother that encouraged her in that shit, it may have been because she thought she could exploit it financially, but at least Venus was allowed to do what she wanted, not made to suppress any interest she wanted to pursue. She made Manaki sound like a controller because he didn't want her to get the surgery, but the fact he didn't want her to was because he had the sense to see it would be harmful for her, not because he was trying to control her which is what she tried to smear him for.

No. 165619

File: 1627843107263.jpeg (16.71 KB, 168x300, 64C58674-EEC5-4E62-A057-D3468C…)


Do you lack basic reading comprehension? No one is expecting people who lived a shitty life to not be shitty people. The argument here is that you all think that Venus was the one who caused all of these problems while ignoring the shit Margo actively did.

Just a quick recap in case you forgot:

>Isolated Venus from her family out of pure spite, became a stage mom and controlled Venus’ social media from an extremely young age.

>Got into fights with other online creators and started a flood of drama that was mainly orchestrated by Margo but everyone blame Venus because she was the face of her channel.
>Posted CP because she was siding with the man who groomed Yukapon because she saw her as Venus’ competition.
>Threatened anyone who criticized her or her parenting with police involvement (laughable at best).
>Constantly moved, made it difficult for Venus to befriend people her own age and monitored any and all online communication Venus could’ve had with others in the same realm.
>Allowed her underage daughter to cater to pedophiles while she lived off the income Venus was bringing in, especially after they went viral (and do not try to say she did this of her own free will. If that’s all you ever know and no one tells you it’s wrong, how is Venus supposed to go against her mother’s wishes? Especially if you have a narc mom who will gaslight you or guilt you into doing it.)
>Exploited every chance she got to make her daughter famous.
>Tried to marry her off to the creepy asshole who works for body line.
>Tried to marry her off to pedonanki but only was against the marriage once she learned that she wouldn’t be able to live with them or live off his income.
>Accused her of sleeping around with men by taking a picture of her daughter in a bed with some guy for lord knows what reason. That picture has always been weird.
>Locked Venus out of her youtube and accounts that had money out of spite because Venus sought refuge in one of her pedo fans to escape her mom’s insufferable clutches.
>Went on a year long hate campaign crying and talking about how homeless she is, threatening self harm, accusing Venus of throwing her stuff in the bin, etc.
>Continues to posts unhinged content, posing as the mom who would never do anything harmful to her daughter while ignoring that every shitty thing she ever did is documented on the internet for everyone to see.

And this is just barely scratching the surface. Do you think anyone who went through that is going to come out okay? Especially when she has no life skills, no social skills and only knows how to survive by selling the same thing she has been since she was a child. She’s a product of her environment and while some people make it out on top, a lot don’t and end up where Venus is or worse. Just because she’s in glorious nippon, it does not mean that she’s mentally well or getting the help she needs. Bad people can be victims too and to ignore how she got here just because she’s doing questionable things as an adult is kinda stupid.

No. 165620


>She was lucky mom exploited her on the internet!!! Venoos is spoiled!!!! She had everything!!

Venus is treating Manaki the same way she probably saw Margo treat any man that was in her life. Can you imagine the shit she probably said about her dad growing up and giving all the insane reasons why they can’t be with their family in Europe?

Also Anonette, do you feel this way towards child stars that were raped or assaulted by the people in Hollywood? Like at least they were rich and got to do whatever they wanted because their parents exploited them. All that trauma is outweighed, right?

No. 165621

The amount of insane whiteknights here who seem to sleep on this thread 24/7 ready to defend Penus like their life depends on it because remember ''penus is a poor innocent dolly who can do no wrong and everything is evil margos fault''.

Get a life and maybe a job so you wont have to pay for Penus's onlyfans with your welfare money.

No. 165624

File: 1627845467239.jpeg (608.95 KB, 750x1118, 820E293E-E869-4589-9555-23078A…)

New pics. She has wine, champagne and Adobe Photoshop on her Amazon wish list, lol.

No. 165625

>>Talking about Venus' glasses fetish
>>"What a horrible, unattractive spectacle"

No. 165644

Venus is a stupid asshole, has been a lost case since forever and people stigmatizing mental illness are dumb as well and should get spanked lol

No. 165646

Can you all shut the fuck up about Marge ffs. It's impossible to lol at this retard's pathetic OF photos without you sperging about Margo. Go to her thread or back to the farms. You're literally just repeating what has been said thousands of times

No. 165679

>Why should she listen to pedomanaki?
Anyone with a bit of common sense would told her the same. Why do you think the surgeons she emailed refused her request, except the money hungry doctor who later was jailed for the death of one of his patient? Think about it, anonette.

>you’re jealous of her living the weeb fantasy and being ungrateful for not having a Japanese husbando

I don't even like men but ok

No. 165705

Honestly, are you retarded or what?

Even if Venus was a demanding and insufferable child, you do you think raised her to be like that. Most of her disgusting personality comes from her narc mother but Venus decided that instead of changing and become better than Margo, she would be her mirror

No. 165706

Do you want us to give you a hug or something, fag?
Go cry about your shitty life at twitter, there people might give a fuck. Seriously, self-pittiers that beg for attention in a cow's thread should end themselves.(enough)

No. 165718


This falls under the same category of “just quit being depressed”. Pedonaki could’ve told her “uwu plwease don’t do this Venus” but her body dysmorphia is so bad, she was going to do it no matter what.

No. 165721

Venus is a toxic chaotic with a martyr complex(read super cow who thrives off negative attention and being a perpetual victim). No matter where she goes or what she does in life, she will intentionally fuck it up. She will make it go left in the most dramatic, over the top manner possible. That's why the milk ain't drying up.

Margo has been out of her life for how long now? Venus managed to get away from her mother via milking a visa out of a soyboy. Yea Manaki doesn't scream Cookie Thumper, but by all accounts he treated her decently. She couldn't make her self a victim having a healthy relationship and normal life so she chose to: ruin her marriage by cheating, get romantically involved w/ men who treat her like dog shit, shit wreck her friendships, have no solid source of income or housing, and drink her problems away. She does all this so she can get attention via sympathy from dumbass whiteknights.

If you've followed Venus's antics up to this point and still whiteknight her, congrats, you've reached peak levels of retardation.

No. 165734

You know what else is depressing? your lame bait excuses for poor wittle Penus, scrote-kun. If 50 (according to Venuses own claims) surgeons around the world told her she's not eligible for an extreme bariatric procedure (only done to morbid obese patients, no less) because 1)she doesn't fucking need it 2)it would be unethical to perform it on a healthy thin young woman, then idk maybe reconsider your priorities and look for other approachs to treat your ~body dismorphia~ instead booking the first shady clinic that came up in google search?
Anyways, if you came here to wk Venus senpai hoping she will notice you, her OF or YT comment section might be the best place to do that.


No. 165746


Do you think that every person who doesn’t call her Penus and hopes she never gets help for her issues is a scrote? Nowhere did anyone say that Venus is absolved of any wrong doing that she’s done in her adult life, but your fantasy that mean ol’ Venoos is the one who was abusive towards her mom and a spoiled brat that got to live the Nippon dream only to squander it!!!! has no basis in reality. You can be critical of a person and still have empathy for how they got there in the first place.

Body dysmorphia is a hell of a drug and just because you’re too stupid to understand that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. If you watched just ten minutes of Botched, all of those people didn’t have anything wrong with them but that didn’t stop them from engorging their lips to insane proportions and rapidly changing doctors that wouldn’t inject them with more plastic. On top of that, living in a country that has a very pro anorexic diet culture for women probably didn’t help her case. People with eating disorders can’t be reasoned with, so of course she’s not going to listen to a doctor who tells her she doesn’t need the surgery.

You NLOGs need to get a grip. The way you talk about Venus makes her sound like she is Onision-tier manipulative when she’s someone who has no impulse control, an obvious addict/alcoholic and takes a cocktail of pills that are prescribed to her in a country where they don’t take mental health seriously.

Has she done shitty things? Definitely and she should be held accountable for that. However she is a product of Margo’s abuse and didn’t become this way because she was just a petulant child.

No. 165752

is that a used condom under her left thigh??

No. 165753

>theres plenty of real witches
>real witches

lmfao gtfo retard

the sperging about real witches and whether Venus is a ~real witch~ or not is so super fucking retarded that it hurts to witness autism as hard as this
like get a life kiddo

No. 165756

Looks more like a crusty old bandaid to me.

No. 165757

>3 anti-psychotics a day

to end this, especially in people with bipolar disorder or severe ADHD it can absolutely be possible.

mental illness isn't like a headache were you pop in a pill and it works for every kind of pain.

some pills never work, some pills work contrary to what they are supposed to do and a few pills work good. there are also patient who go through quite an amount of different pills and pill combinations and nothing seems to work.

she clearly is severely impulsive and has reoccurring manic episode. antipsychotics aren't only for people with psychosis or schizophrenia but also used as a tranquilizer since they don't have the same potential to make the patient addicted.

I also don't remember how much intestines exactly were cut out and how much of her intestines is left but she doesn't have a fully functional gut. You know, your digestive system, the location were every pill is digested and then absorbed by the body to some extent. this is different for nearly every patient although there is some baseline for every drug.

so drug absorption could be heavily disturbed for her, so pills don't work to the same extent they are supposed to.

>You'd think that whoever is treating her would want to find out what is wrong with her first before drugging her up.
you don't seem to have a lot of experience with psychiatric evaluation and treatment.
it is absolutely possible that whoever doctor is treating her is just trying to drug her up.
how would you find out what's wrong with her actually? psychiatrists don't have magical tools, all they do is ask questions and maybe if they put in the effort hand you some psychological questionnaires, that are ALL based on self-assessment, hence relying heavily on the patient giving the answers.
maybe she was also evaluated at the psychiatric hospital, but if you want to give a certain impression to nurses and doctors you can absolutely manage to do that since you're not monitored 24/7.

No. 165765

you have your own site dude no need to come here

No. 165768

Uhh lol it's just the garter (?) on an ugly office lady sheer stocking. You can see it on the alternate side as well.

No. 165787


>>poor venus, eternal vicctimm, boohoo.

People come here to have a laugh, not see excessive white knighting and hand wringing such as in your obsessive ramblings.

And remember one thing, Venus, by her own admission is:
a. A compulsive liar, and
b. Loves to make people worry about her.

What a wonderful combination and what a delightful person that would be who exhibited those 'qualities'.

Venus would most likely have turned out devious and scheming, even if she'd had the best childhood that anyone could wish for, because, quite frankly, some people are just born that way.

And all your obsessional white knighting of precious princess won't endear you to her because she's a masochist so to get her to like you, you'd have to treat her like shit, but she's not going to like you anyway no matter how much you white knight and make excuses for her, so you're wasting your time on that count, but rest assured she'll be loving the thought of you spending all that time wringing your hands on her behalf.

No. 165796


Will you shut the fuck up already, you pathetic retard!

According to you, everything outside of a shitty person is the reason for them being a shitty person, It is nowhere their own fault and never could be, it is always the fault of something else, society, parents, men, someone said boo to them once and traumatized them, poor things.

You could take two people who'd had the exact same upbringing and everything identical in their lives, and one would make different choices, one might end up in bad situations as a result, so according to you, everyone should feel sorry for that person because they made bad choices but oh it wouldn't be their fault, as for the other one, well let them go and kill themselves because how dare they make better choices despite everything else being the same, and so prove people like you wrong!

No. 165799


Uh, I thought psychopaths couldn't be treated.

No. 165801


So at least she got her nails done now then.

Don't know why this insane white knight is in here going on at considerable length about how hard done by they think poor penus is, she seems to be living the life of riley.

No. 165805

enablers infantilizes people with mental illness and act like it you have a chaotic childhood you are meant to be like your parents. Venus is free like she likes remind everyone (“not your doll").She had choices and she chose the bad ones ; everything is not related to Margot. I doubt people are this compliant with Luna Slater despite she likes Venus (BPD, bad parents, addict, scammer). Why isn't it?

No. 165806

they came here when venus did her youtube(where she has the most orbiters) video reacting to lolcow for pity points.
And they havent left since then and are sperging here 2+ years.

Such a shame her threads used to be normal before.
Most of these spergs are here because they cant afford her OF too so they camp out all day here waiting for anon to post OF pics.

No. 165807

dont reply to the whiteknight, they are two posts away from writing a whole essay on why penus is angel reincarnated

No. 165813

File: 1627918364885.jpeg (94.48 KB, 433x640, 370D0A62-9D13-4CCE-8E2A-93CF37…)

No. 165821


LOL, what a ghastly picture. So much for the not going to be using any filters anymore, knew she wouldn't be able to stop herself and she was never going to keep that promise.

And oh yes, venus, we made it through another day, so brave! Now where's our fucking medal?!

No. 165834


So is that alcohol she's drinking, or an energy drink? or maybe something else?

She posted something on a story, something about her therapist doesn't find her gross, or something, I can't save stories so couldn't post it, not sure what she meant by it and why she'd think her therapist would think that but oh well.

No. 165835

A message to all the white knights/people who for some reason are triggered by negative comments about Venus:
This site is not for you. This site is full of negative people that just come here to point on someone else's misfortune and laugh at them.
Im not saying I am a saint but I do try not to reply here, although I do read. I guess you do the same as well.(shut up)

No. 165841


I'd get back to just reading, if I were you.

Not everyone here is negative, some people will see the teensiest tiniest critical comment about Venus and go crying into their hankies that ooh you hate her, boohoo, and others will see someone say they hate her but once about a million years ago, they liked one thing about her for one day and they will get accused of loving her and being a white knight. But between those two extremes, most of the comments here are pretty reasonable and realistic rather than negative, and also can be quite informative on dishing dirt on something cows like venus might be trying to hide.

No. 165848


>This person refuses to call her Penus and doesn’t see that she’s the actual manipulative one in every situation!!! Penus is evil!!!!!

Explaining why someone is the way that they are isn’t white knighting. Not everyone who browses this site is a bitter weeb nitpicking Venus’ lopsided tits.

No. 165850

Lets agree to disagree. This is a gossip site. There is nothing positive about that. Criticizing at every small little thing a person does, is not positive in any way. If you want to delude yourself into thinking that there is something positive about lolcow, then go ahead. lol. Who am i to shatter your illusion.

No. 165859

its part of religion like any other. you wanna tell us that Christians and buddhists arent real either? kek. With that being said, ayrt was right, she's faking all this for clout, undoubtedly. its been discussed to death tho.

No. 165899

>> Can you all shut the fuck up about Marge ffs. It's impossible to lol at this retard's pathetic OF photos without you sperging about Margo.

They’ll still be squeeing and reeeing about how it’s ALL MARGO’S FAULT 5 years from now when Wenus is about to turn 30 and is still sitting on that crusty little mattress taking naughty pics of herself for OF and doing nothing else and still going nowhere. REEEEEE MARGO!!1!(autistic infighting)

No. 165908


You can explain whatever you want, I'll never ever believe she takes 3 AP/day. Especially coming from such a compulsive liar like her.

No. 165923

How's being 24 "turning 30" though lol
But yeah, she's probably going to break her habits when she's in her 50s or 40s (if she didn't kill herself before or something), wrinkly and lonely, and starts the typical new life chapter of regrets.

No. 165932

You should do some reading comprehension exercises. Fucking idiot.

No. 165937

They said in 5 years Venus will be about 30, and made a prediction.

No. 165946

This is an official warning, this thread has been almost all extreme nitpicking, infighting, vendetta, and whiteknighting. If you suspect vendetta or white knight, just report and do NOT reply.
Auto sage has shown no improvement, If you guys can’t get your shit together the thread will be locked and subject banned. Bans will be more harsh after this message.

No. 165965

I'm sorry almighty emperor, I shall pay for my crime and I voluntary take the punishment, shame and humiliation. Shall I expect the fellow hobos to throw the "WK" stones at me now for misreading and writing something that could come across as something in Venus' favour? I will take it.
I already smell the fishy body odours she and her fan base absorb(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 165970

Venus would be devastated if she came here to lurk only to see that gossip has stopped in here and that her source of twisted validation is now gone

No. 165973

Anon you have been here all day and haven’t saged any of your comments. Give it a rest and learn now to be here. Those might not all be you, but still.

No. 165983


She's returned to once again leeching of Mana temporarily. When they get into another fight where he ends up throwing her out again, she'll find a new dude who'll treat her like shit so she can continue to victimize herself. The milk ain't drying up with this moo moo anytime soon.

If Mana's soyboy beta simp ass would grow some balls and actually divorce her, that'd be some serious milk.

No. 166036

Sorry if I'm behind the loop, but I was looking for that Vexxed video on Venus, but it's not there, only on Margo's channel. Does anyone know why he deleted it? And when?

No. 166042

File: 1627997361516.png (Spoiler Image, 1.54 MB, 1696x954, Venus angelic.png)

Posted on KF. At least her face looks okay here and not distorted all out of shape. But what is that weird mesh thing she's wearing? Not dissing her, I actually think she has done okay with this picture.

No. 166103


No one has nipples in two different places? You'd be surprised

No. 166107

she really had a chemical lobotomy didn't she

No. 166148

While it might come across as more "decent" compared to her other pseudo erotic catastrophes, she still hasn't figured out any
flattering angles and how to look or actually be natural on camera, a.k.a posing. She looks so terribly stiff since she doesn't move a lot.
It's so extremely obvious that she is so obsessed and hyperfocused on her face and body and image/how she wants to appear to others, drowning in the shitload of identical selfies that she takes during one "session". Her distorted perception will always prevent an actual decent outcome.

No. 166159

these 'erotic' photos she posts are just…sad. i cannot believe anyone can find it sexy or decent because it's just so pitiful.

No. 166183

Sorry to sperg about you… but are you the same person?? or are there just multiple people who aren’t saging their posts? I’m pretty sure you have been here every few hours for more than a day lol

No. 166224


Mmmm, not sure. I think those awkward sorts of poses appear quite frequently in a lot of Japanese soft porn pictures, manga and the like, and no doubt Venus absorbs a load of that so it will all be influencing her and it just looks like she tries to replicate some of the poses.

No. 166235

I have lol (quarantined having the rrrrona) I'm sorry about that though, will do better so the discussion can go on, just as Venus' inspiring lifestyle.
>>166042 So brave of her for using only 999 filters plus face shooping, instead of 1000 filters plus face shooping.

No. 166260

File: 1628099103476.jpeg (281.67 KB, 1080x1723, A06E15EA-05A2-45E5-A3FE-BF16C6…)

Think she needs more anti psychotics if she’s still this delusional.

No. 166275

More like she needs to lay off them. Meds that alter brain chemistry fucks up the brain. Surprise much ?

No. 166298

> I have never seen a hater doing better than me.

Well… How do we start? Hahahaha does she even have haters? And even if she did… I don't think any hater would be a neet leeching off a spouse like she is.
Poor Venus, as delusional as her mother, this kinda proves the point that is wasn't just Margo hating on other girls back in the day, Venus also hated other girls but of course used her victim narrative to blame evil mommy for everything. Thanks for confirming you were also behind the bullying Venus~

No. 166326

I'm sure her haters don't eat hairy pieces of food that fell to the floor AND record themselves doing it on a livestream.

No. 166342

She… she really thinks she’s relevant enough to have haters? At best she’s got a few retarded anons/kiwis arguing about whether she’s ugly as sin or just average. She’s clearly not of sound mind.

No. 166351

That caption made me laugh! I'm sure the comments are already filled with ass pats from her walnut-sized brain fans. She thinks she's so unbothered with the haters? As if she doesn't lurk in gossip sites with anons nitpicking about her awkward soft porn posts 24/7.

No. 166363


Well if she's never seen a hater doing better than her, then she must be talking about people she knows or who she knows hates her, or who she thinks hates her. If she's talking about anonymous people online, like in here for instance, well how would she know if anyone is doing better than her or not? And what would make her think that someone actually hated her anyway? Someone merely criticising her awful edited pictures for example is not hating her, just hating how she distorts herself unnecessarily and how she makes herself look in those edits, which is worse than how she looks naturally. To complain about that is not hating her, it is just hating what she does to herself in images and exactly what she does to herself in those images just confirms that she hates herself or she wouldn't do it.

Unless she's talking about people who have come out and openly admitted to hating her or have been hateful towards her, but it sounds like she's just trying to have a dig at people who have criticised something about her that she's done, maybe someone has called her selfish or a user or something? Why doesn't she make it plain who or what she's talking about because it just makes her look silly and bitchy.

No. 166364


Well I agree but she had so many people constantly saying that she should be seeing doctors and that she should be on medication, mainly because so many of them are on something themselves and want everybody else to be on something too, that she listened to their advice and now she's firmly stuck in the big pharma trap and doubt she can get out of it easily.

No. 166371


I pwn da haturz…hurr durr…I'm a YouTube starr and a LivIng DoLl…also I look half Japeanse…kawaii desu ne!

No. 166381

I think we can safely say that Venus is the only person in the entire history of humankind who has done that lol

No. 166389

She's apparently doing a live card reading tomorrow. Most likely going to be shitfaced and have 0 clue what she's doing per usual I.E. some milk worthy moments.

No. 166398

Boring. I want her to summon Manaki with a ouija board.

No. 166409

Anon you made me fell from my seat, that is very hilarious! Or imagine her casting spells and curses on him like how traditional wicked witches do(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 166420

You did a good job anon

No. 166433


I really am seriously concerned about Manaki. I hope he's alright. Venus seems like she could be quite ruthless towards somebody, especially after some of the things her own mother has said, and some of what people who have been involved with her have said, like Mikan. Venus is the way she is, and I suppose she cant help it, but I hope she hasn't done anything really bad to Manaki. It's such a shame it turned out the way it did between them, they seemed such a cute couple, but Venus maybe can't sustain a good relationship. Or maybe it's just that Manaki really does just want to be out of the public eye but I wish there was some definite confirmation that he's alright.

No. 166434


Why has she got to lower herself like this?

She must care about what they've said, [whatever that is, don't know what set her off to make this post] or she wouldn't be reacting to it, she'd just ignore it if she really didn't care.

No. 166438

Remember everything that Margo used to accuse Venus of when she first ran away, and we used to all think they were delusional lies? Every single thing she said about Venus ended up being true. And then Margo claiming that Manaki is dead? Idk. People are saying it’s not true because Tsuroko supposedly said he’s still alive but how the fuck would she know

No. 166443

stfu about her edits already, holy shit you never stop, chin sperg

No. 166447

It was the apricot girl that confirmed he was alive and that she had plans to spend time with him. She seemed the most level headed of anyone associated with Venus

No. 166448

Well I think Manaki should be fine if he's not fired from his job, his current house is provided by his company, which Venoos and Makani are still living in. But tbh he's the one offering a spouse Visa to a Youtuber he never met in person before (I'm not saying all Youtubers are crazy or psychotic), he should've see it coming, he probably knew what's going on with Venoos and Margo, even just a little bit, but still decided he should save Venoos's ass?? And now he could not kick her out or report her to the government to get rid of her, becuase if the government found out this whole "marriage" is to help Venoos get her Visa to stay in Japan, Manaki is pretty screwed as well. I can't wait to see how much more trouble Venoos is about to cause lmao.

No. 166450

I wish he could end their marriage and just say that it didn’t work out. But I imagine she has leverage and some proof he did visa fraud. He made a stupid mistake but good grief, can you imagine having Venus stuck to you?

No. 166458

Looking back at it it’s hilarious how the beta orbiters on here actually couldn’t acknowledge that Venus seems fucking autistic. This bitch craycray.

No. 166462


I was about to say the same thing.

The simple fact that she adresses her haters shows how much it affects her.

No. 166485

Did anyone catch the oracle reading livestream? It was funny hearing her try to bullshit her way through the readings - someone asked her if they will recover from something that happened to them. Venus picked a card called the blue moon, and said something dumb like, “just like there is a chance of a blue moon every month, you too will have a chance to recover from your misfortune!”.

Uh, okay.

She then went on to say that the next card was telling her that person was people-pleasing the wrong people and that’s why whatever happened happened to them, and that they were critical, reserved and “worrisome”.

I really hate that someone like her is “advising” people on their problems. She’s only going to screw with vulnerable people because she wants to larp as a fucking magical girl.

No. 166490

lol Venus I think you forgot that you are in your mid 20s, this isn’t cute or whatever you are going for

No. 166492

She should just use a magic 8 ball

No. 166494

That'd be funny actually. She could make a parody of her lifestyle. At least it would be something new.

No. 166503

File: 1628288393149.jpeg (351.72 KB, 1092x1768, CB4EA7E5-D686-4FC7-9022-7C8703…)

She’s “more active,” you guys! Does she expect mass rejoicing on hearing this news? And what does “more active” mean, anyway? Apparently it doesn’t include getting up off that mattress she lives on.

Maybe it means getting dressed, sitting in a chair and turning her (low-quality) camera on while she mumbles about her Tarot cards. “Dis one is Toe Russ. It means you are stubborn..,” etc. for 2 hours or so.

Such Activity! Yay Venus!

No. 166505

File: 1628288814813.jpeg (322.44 KB, 1876x1167, 1CFF3EBF-1A0D-4047-9D76-9726D4…)

Mystical magical witchy girl streaming amidst her hoard. Still playing with matches (lighting candles, burning incense etc.) again which in her usually inebriated state makes me nervous. She’s gonna pass out one day with candles burning and burn that apartment down.

No. 166520

Her room looks so cramped and gloomy. I just don’t understand why she is staying there. I can afford better with my conbini salary. Just move your ass and get a job jesus.

No. 166524

>> I just don’t understand why she is staying there.

Free rent.

No. 166534

Ngl i kinda dig her look in that picture, but like anon above said she should go out and witchcraft some bitches instead of playing with candles and spiritual miracle carboard drawings

No. 166545

>I just don’t understand why she is staying there
she hasn't find a new SD yet

No. 166554

When I was in college in Seattle my rent was $1,100 and my apartment was similar to hers but 1 bedroom, ugly carpet, no dishwasher, etc. That was several years ago so prices are much worse now. Honestly it isn’t a bad place for “seattle”… but there is literally no way she is actually in Seattle with her swimming pool, river poodle walks, building concierge, etc.

No. 166559

wrong thread anon

No. 166565

Venus is really pretty but she needs a better lighting then the computer scene as it not very flattering

No. 166566


Putting a pretty ribbon around a poop will not make it prettier.

No. 166574

don't give her ideas. she would totally pull a Luna Slater and burn down something for pity point

No. 166577

>> kinda dig her look in that picture,

Have you clicked on it to see it full-sized? >>166505
Try it.

No. 166587


Sheesh, nta, but give it a rest already! We know you don't like her face, no need to keep banging on about it every singly fucking time anyone says the tiniest bit of complimentary thing about her appearance. I think she looks okay here too. Get over it.

No. 166590

Here's the video. No way can I sit through 2 HOURS and 15 minutes and 41 seconds of that! I scrolled through quickly on the scroll bar and she barely alters position for the whole time. It's surely not that good for the circulatory system to be sat in the same position for that long? I notice she looks to be wearing something more interesting in the actual thumbnail. Clickbait again.

No. 166603

The thumbnail pic is some OF teaser from her twitter.

No. 166607


If you have low standards well that's your problem.

Who watched the whole thing…? Not passing out this time ?

No. 166631

It's just the chin sperg rehashing the same old. Most people know Venus is not "really pretty" and looks busted af in candids and higher res videos. Just that one anon can't give it a rest.

Stream was pretty generic, she kind of just bullshitted her way through the readings. Some were just laughable like >>166485 said.

No. 166633

She said she set her altar on fire once. Not sure if she's just lying though.

No. 166640

Phones record better picture than whatever potato Venus has downgraded too

No. 166688

>inb4 we find out chinsperg is actually that unhinged stream mod

No. 166689

She uses her macbook camera. Those are notoriously bad potatoes with their built in webcams.

Oddly enough there were several streams where she used an external webcam and the video quality was significantly better.

Like her Nintendo switch streams where she stalls and goes “What do I do?” Every 15 seconds. In between turning into a drooling zombie for minutes at a time or somewhat playing the game and sometimes sipping alcohol from a seemingly bottomless coffee mug.

Manaki probably helped her with those ones just like her “new” room tour a few months ago.

No. 166690

I forget if someone posted this but she claimed they were divorcing because he’s “dead weight”(embed)

No. 166692

I have no words. He has a family and a job and friends, and HE is “dead weight”? Cope harder, V.

Still waiting for her to suddenly remember her titty streamer GaMur GUrL persona exists. She can’t play games sometimes and be into witchcraft sometimes and like jirei kei sometimes, she can only be one of these things at any one time. Seems quite BPD like to me.

No. 166693

Jesus Christ, I knew she met with Kizuna AI but I didnt realize she tried to have an intervention. Venus obviously scrubbed all traces of meeting her besides a brief clip where she sits down at the bar with Kizuna.

No. 166694

She might have been an okay variety streamer that way but going from other anons and her history, she probably is autistic since the bpd speculation turned out to be accurate.

No. 166695

Good find! Never saw that one before.

The entire time she’s talking about Manaki, she’s probably actually talking about herself…

“I want a divorce but he doesn’t!”
“He’s a deadweight NEET!”
“He quit his job and does nothing all day!”
“He won’t record unless I buy him yakiniku!”

If any of that were true, then why not tell the truth on your own channel when it happened…

Also…she loves cooking and “can cook just about anything”?? Last thing I saw her “cook” was boiled water on potato chips.

(That nervous hand waving thing she does is also really annoying…)

No. 166709

Sorry for being an annoying minimod but please don't engage with the same ol' ~Penus is ugly~ sperg. Report them for nitpicking/derailing and move on (That's what I do everytime but alas, they still there. Maybe they're using a VPN…idk)
We're on the verge of having the thread nuked so I think it would be better not entertaining spergs, wk and scrotes.

No. 166740


Well I agree, but they are just so really annoying. Every time anyone says the tiniest little bit of praise for how Venus looks, I cringe, because I know it won't be too long until the "she's ugly" retard will be in there with one of their annoyingly stupid and predictable comments.

No. 166745


I've seen this before, I thought Venus had posted it on her own channel. I don't know if it's still there, can't be arsed to look, but I did a quick translate courtesy of google on the comment thread that venus started, if anyone's interested:

Venus: 楽しかったし心もスッキリしました。
It was fun and my heart was refreshed.
I'm going to see you again, mom! !! ❤️

Then some comment from someone called:
陽気なボブ。Cheerful Bob.:
The person himself! I support you!

Then a comment from someone called aa a:
Good luck with Vinas
I'm glad I met Ai-chan!
Poor husband fucking bastard

[That made me LOL]

Then A.I.Channel commented:
I'm waiting ❤️

Finally, this one made me LOL too:
弁護士 女 斎藤優子 仮名 学籍’ Lawyer Female Yuko Saito Pseudonym School Registration commented:
Venus さんと結婚したい I want to marry Venus

She apparently claimed in the video that Manaki only wanted her to be like 'Youtube Venus' and not 'real' Venus.

Yet they're still together??? I still have doubts if he's really there.

I know that just about nearly everything Margaret ever said about her has turned out to be true, but I drew the line at Venus killing Manaki, I just don't buy that at all, unless if it was in some way so that it looked like he did it himself or died naturally, but I'm sure that as he has family there would be some investigation, so he must be still alive but maybe not living with her. And didn't Margaret claim somewhere later that she never meant it literally?

No. 166762

Wow. No wonder Manaki completely wiped himself off the internet. She completely trashed his reputation in a super public way without him being able to defend himself. This is so manipulative and nasty.

No. 166765

Yeah. She kept promising to make a video on her own channel about her divorce, but it never appeared. But this? Slandering her husband in his own language, so he himself could understand everything she was saying, and all the commenters saying what a piece of shit he must be. She destroyed his reputation. And even if it was true, it’s still insanely nasty of her.

…so how is she still living in his house now?!

No. 166768

lmao what do you mean everything Margo said was true? Because that woman is crazy and accusing people of plotting to kill each other left and right

No. 166822

File: 1628471829554.jpeg (97.07 KB, 576x1024, 8AF4D3C0-5D6A-447A-AF93-4C688E…)

>> She completely trashed his reputation in a super public way without him being able to defend himself. This is so manipulative and nasty.
Yeah she’s a hateful lying little bitch. And still leeching off that poor cuck to this day, sitting in his apartment bragging about her “current boyfriend,” doubling down on her lies about him (that are all projection as >>166695 pointed out) and taking sad little pics of herself for her dying OF. Just a really repugnant person on so many levels.

Speaking of her OF, she really doesn’t give a shit anymore apparently.

No. 166823

File: 1628471923820.jpeg (101.72 KB, 576x1024, A2538CD1-AA89-4722-8F54-F7AD68…)

Can’t even be arsed to get up off that crusty mattress.

No. 166828

You sorely underestimate the power of pussy and japanese culture.

No. 166837

>> how is she still living in his house now?!
I think she guilted him into letting her attach herself back onto him with suicide threats. She needed a place to live after whatever shady dude she was shacked up with kicked her out and she ran back to that poor wretch Manaki crying about “I’ll be homeless! I’ll have to kill myself!!” And he caved. They’re the perfect BPD couple, manipulative little bitch and her mark.

He’ll never be rid of her. He’s screwed.

No. 166858

The fucking OTT animu girl mannerisms makes it even worse.

No. 166870

Agreed. It's just disgusting how instead of growing her channel and her audience through her own talent, she used that opportunity to prop herself up by bringing Manaki down.

No. 166879


Everything she formerly said about Venus, that Venus denied and everyone saying how evil her mother was for saying it, all turned out to be true.

No. 166880

OT but is Kiwi Farms down?

No. 166882

File: 1628517433454.jpg (94.03 KB, 576x1024, E788MmfVcAM4HoC.jpg)

She claimed her witchcraft is not Satanic and only 'good' witchcraft, that is 'white' and not 'black' according to her, yet she wears the inverted pentagram, which is supposed to resemble Baphomet and is associated with Black Magic and certainly meant to be the darker aspects. I doubt she even knows, she's so dumb about so many things.

No. 166903

not disagreeing with you nonny, I'm sure she's dumb and doesn't know the difference between anything, but I've only seen those types of dresses with the inverted pentagram.

No. 167007


Well if she's serious about being associated with 'good' or 'white' magick, you'd think she'd know that inverted pentagrams or pentacles are associated with the other kind and that she wouldn't want to wear it for that reason. So she's either too stupid to know, or she knows and doesn't care, even though by wearing it, it seems to be giving out the opposite impression to what she claimed about following white magic. So either way, it doesn't make her look that good of a person. But I don't care either way, it's quite a nice outfit, but just saying. I don't think she's that serious about the witchcraft thing anyway, I think to her, it's more of just an aesthetic.

No. 167010

Pretty sure she’s just being eDgY with that outfit, it’s no deeper than that. Her scrotes have been asking her to wear more “witchy” stuff on Twitter.

No. 167033

>> don't think she's that serious about the witchcraft thing anyway, I think to her, it's more of just an aesthetic.
Just as “serious” as she is about her issues with mental illness, addiction and recovery, reducing it to a style trend and hashtag #jirai #landminegirl and using it to get attention. That’s pretty disgusting too.

No. 167058

Well it looks like she purged her youtube channel. Its gone now.

No. 167067

She is also still spamming her OF link on twitter

No. 167117

What are you talking about? Her channel is still there.

No. 167128

They're probably talking about her video talking about her issues with mental illness, haven't checked tho.

No. 167316


Maybe Manaki is letting her stay in his apartment while she shits on him because he's helping Immigration investigate her ass? Sheina's visa husband was the one who reported her, and apparently unless someone involved tips them off they don't get "caught" typically. Manaki's only option to not be her simp for the rest of his life is to get rid of Venus and expose her as the hesrtless BPD narc she is. I can't imagine things going on the way they have for the last year for another 3-5. Venus will continue to escalate as people get bored with her basic shit until she's doing full on JAV, or maybe next she'll start a harem of other abused weeb girls trying to whore their way into Japan to scam money from.

No. 167331

>harem of other abused weeb girls

ah yes, the sere method™, the one old hag whore who's some how still in japan and no one knows how.

Most likely this will happen once she's completed whatever mandatory thing she's being forced to do right now (meds etc)

No. 167350

You don't get banned from Japan unlessa JP national rats you out, typically. Sere is still in Japan because she plays her role as a white gaijin whore, and she was never trying to pretend she was in Japan by any other means than whoring unless she was trying to move away from whoring and then failed back to it. She does what is expected of her and is too trashy and drugged out to realize she's waating her life and her kid's life by staying there just to fuck JP creeps and post about being in Japan.

It really feels like Japan somehow creates this weird bubble mentality in the foreign women that move there to model/escort, they destroy their own lives and broadcast it proudly while pretending to be soooo happy to love in a safe, modern utopia like Japan. What is it about Japan that makes women like Sere, Venus, Sheina, Arisu and others want to loterally become prostitutes there VS in their home countries??

No. 167351

>It really feels like Japan somehow creates this weird bubble mentality in the foreign women that move there to model/escort

That's because there really aren't that many other opportunities for foreigners. Nobody wants to hire them because of the perception that foreigners can't actually speak Japanese, and having a gaijin working at your store "looks unprofessional" because they stand out and "Aren't one of us!!1!" hurr durr. Gaijins are reduced to a fetish that won't ever fit in. Ever notice the extreme lack of non-japanese people in the Japanese public eye? Obviously yeah, for the most part it's because they're super homogeneous, but there's still a lot of prejudice against anyone with less than 100% pure Japonayz blood

No. 167352

Right, but what I'm asking is- what is it about Japan that makes them want to move there and become prostitutes when they aren't willing to do it in their own country? Moving to Japan to be a whore seems like a giant, unnecessary step in the process. Japan doesn't treat them any better than their home country would, they absolutely don't have the resources or language abilities needed to live there independently. What's the appeal of doing it in Japan when the Japanese see you as a whore, when you could be doing it at home? None of them aside from Venus even seems into anime or current tends for years now anyway. Like "Japan" is some kind of status move?

No. 167360

Anime. Kawaii uwu culture. That's literally it.

Living there is a huge status symbol in the weeb world

No. 167369

>or maybe next she'll start a harem of other abused weeb girls trying to whore their way into Japan to scam money from.

That'd be her fake business Momonga Inc.

No. 167430

cos cunts like Taylor R are out there hiding their sugar daddies and tricking girls into thinking you can make a living off the back of odd modelling gigs you'll get as a mediocre looking Westerner

No. 167448

>muh diversity

Even niggers know that homogenous societies are the most effective and efficient .(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 167449

Is that even still around?

No. 167450

Well she repeatedly tells her viewers to not be like her. Like in her yandere larp video where she looks like a vampire.

No. 167456

Not you thinking Japon is God-tier with it's awful work culture, degenerate view of sex and abysmal birth rate. gtfo weeb.

No. 167472

ah, tell me more about how little u actually know about the dysfunctional japanese society, retard(sage )

No. 167478


There are plenty of reasons for why someone would want to move to Japan. As to why they'd want to move there to become whores, that is something I can't answer as don't understand why anyone would want to become a whore anywhere unless somehow forced into it, but each to their own I guess. Maybe some women like being whores for some reason.

No. 167504

It's like they think it isn't exactly prostitution in Japan because of the "white pedestal" fallacy. White foreigners come to Japan bc in their minds, they're more "valuable" in a predominantly Asian country and convince themselves they'll only have to fuck clean, classy rich Japanese guys with white girl fetishes who will treat them like princesses. In reality, they get treated like any other Asian whore, but by the time they realize how utterly delulu they were they're in too deep to do anything but lie and pretend to live the life they thought they were going to be living. That's why Sere is the only whore to stay in Japan for so long- she kept getting married and popping out hafu kids until she could stay, and she's been dutifully whoring since day 1. She serves a purpose without pretending to be better than she is, that's why the Japanese leave her alone, she isn't worth their time.

No. 167566


As a foreigner who lived in Japan for awhile, I can attest to this. I've seen this kinda shit playout. The vast majority of these broads wind up having to fuck/playcate the egos of the creepy old ugly ass dudes for money. These type of white foreign chicks who believe the white pedestal fallacy come flocking to East Asia thinking they're all gonna end up like Taylor R.

And if I'm keeping it real, Tay Tay's meal ticket isn't attractive at all. Venus admitted she's jealous of Taylor and always wanted her kind of relationship. With the way Venus shits on her friendships, I am actually surprised she hasn't thrown herself at Tom yet; especially considering she's rumored to have tried to get with her "friends" husbands/boyfriends in the past.

No. 167611

Remember when Venus got married to Manaki and all the embarrassing stuff that followed on here. Anons wishing them "Ganbatte!" and the cringey banner that was put up wishing them good luck.

Turns out a deeply mentally ill person marrying someone she can barely communicate with doesn't actually make her any better. Funny that.

No. 167612

>Right, but what I'm asking is- what is it about Japan that makes them want to move there and become prostitutes when they aren't willing to do it in their own country?

Alienation. They feel alienated in their own countries. They usually don't have good relationships with strong friendships, family bonds etc. Combine that with an image of Japan as a land where you never have to grow up and it's a toxic mix.

I have my own theory that weeabooism functions as a form of soft grooming in the same way K-pop does too. But I don't want to waste time writing it all out. Suffice to say all of my friends who are normal or have a mild casual interest in anime are all married to people back in their home countries whereas all the extreme weeaboos I know are highly promiscuous, have countless failed relationships/situationships, are often doing OF etc.

It's crazy to me as someone in my 30s how nerdiness went from being associated with socially awkward people with STEM degrees to BPD weeaboo prostitutes. I'm going to try and keep my kids away from Japanese and Korean media tbh. It seems like Asians can enjoy it normally but it grooms white people, particularly white girls, into becoming UwU kawaii glorified prostitutes with no life ambition.(derailing)

No. 167622

I think it's okay for kids to watch cartoons like Naruto or Sailor moon or "tame" stuff like that, just don't let them watch the hypersexualized waifu crap. Anime in general has a very misogynistic view of women for some reason, but there's definitely healthy options like Gibli movies and whatever. You just don't want kids watching stuff that normalizes sexual assault as humor and panty shots as normal, that's what will fuck up their view of sex and lead to thotism(derailing)

No. 167631

I highly doubt that Japanese/Korean media itself causes those "problems", troubled teens rather use them as a catalyst.
So you better start getting educated on psychology and keep a good eye on your kids instead of trying to excessively control their environment like that - if you don't want to become a magg0t 2.0(derailing)

No. 167633

I don't think getting lost in Korean pop or anime makes your illness any better. Escaping into a reality where you construct a mythical el Dorado overseas obviously isn't good for you. There's a reason so many weebs/cosplayers are porn hoes and literal whores.(derailing)

No. 167651

Quit derailing and focus on Venus.

No. 167655


But she's still living in glorious Nippon. Sure she's homeless most of the time, jobless, selling pussy to creepy old dudes w/ gaijin fetishes, has no friends, severely underweight, xan'd up and a full blown alcoholic; but she lives in Japan! She's fulfilled her weeb destiny of living in Japan, so she's totes successful. ←- Venus/ her weeb fans&white knights thought process.

If Mana actually divorced her and got her ass deported, she'd be doing the same shit in Europe. It's just no one would give a shit because it's not Japan related so weebs don't care. I mean look at Dakota Rose? She's still trying to front like she's still living in Japan for clout. Alot of these gaijin cows know that living in Japan is the only thing still keeping them relevant.

No. 167682


Absolutely true.
Reminds me, did she really changed her name to Minako something to fit in the japanese society or was it another compulsive lie ?

No. 167744

File: 1629036043162.jpeg (303.16 KB, 750x996, DAA58F87-E935-4BF4-9B83-220686…)

In response to “What kind of pictures would you like to see more of?”, lol

No. 167745

File: 1629036081889.jpeg (343.76 KB, 750x768, 94673A86-5789-4BF4-BEDF-DDBCE7…)

Looks like a Real Doll…

No. 167746

File: 1629036116231.jpeg (550.17 KB, 750x1109, C6913C7D-79A0-4AE2-BB0C-DD2F7D…)

No. 167747


Oh that's horrible. Why does she look so soft and flabby? She's really skinny but has no firmness of flesh which you'd expect to see in a young person.

No. 167749

because she never exercises and has a shit diet, duh

No. 167753

Couldn't even clean up the sticker papers before taking a picture, she's so lazy

No. 167766

Yall really do underestimate the effect her weight loss surgery has on her entire health and appearance. Your gut is one of the #1 factors of your overall health. She can't absorb nutrients properly. Plus her eating disorders and alcohol abuse have effected the elasticity of her skin. She has old lady skin, droopy and pale. I mean look at her boobies, they are practically that of a Granny's. She used to look way healthier when she had more weight and before the surgery, at this point I'm not sure if these things are reversible. She could improve by eating a good diet and exercise, but she will never be able to reverse the effects of that botched intestinal surgery :((:()

No. 167767

What is that gross pink dick robot next to her??

No. 167789

She's the textbook example of 'skinny-fat'

No. 167792


Well maybe, but it's also probably because she just lays around all day in her room and not really doing anything where she's using her muscles. If she's somebody who does not naturally have an athletic build then she really needs to move to get some firmness. If she had inherited a more athletic build she could get away with it as even minimal movement would give her some firmness. Her main problem is that she's lazy and wants everything easy. Eating properly according to her body type and how she wanted it to look, was not good enough for her as that would mean she would have to give some thought to it and be disciplined, she wanted to be able to eat as much stupid junk food as she liked but be almost skeleton thin at the same time and she thought that weight loss surgery would mean she could eat loads of junk and still be stick thin. It's her laziness and gross sense of entitlement that has caused this. Her flabby body just looks horrible.

No. 167824

What the anon said is true the weeb and kpop culture is weird that it affect the stans to become mentally disturbed and it’s better to avoid being part of those two, just check youtube comments you will see it’s always weebs or kpop fans tend to be the worst in every comment section mostly now they ruling the internet.

No. 167867

It was a picture set of her adding more stickers to herself, so it make sense for the paper to be there tbh

No. 167918

100% poetic justice lol. And it’s so ironic that her whole “shtick” was about looking underage, and now she looks almost twice her age. Very ironic indeed.

No. 167928

Imagine how she's going to look by 25 and 30, she's gonna become a PS/filler addict desperately trying to look younger and telling everyone under 20 about how she used to be THE Venus Angelic, kawaii princess of the internet while some new spoiled teen coopts her old schtick and does it even weebier and uwu.

No. 167931

I feel pretty sure some anons called this rapid premature aging years ago after she revealed her weight loss surgery and the resulting complications, then immediately started binging junk food and cooking wine because her kawaii fantasy life was unraveling thanks to running away to get illegal surgery after being told not to by many people.

Damn, that one event really was her point of no return, wasn't it?

No. 168028

>She apparently claimed in the video that Manaki only wanted her to be like 'Youtube Venus' and not 'real' Venus.
1. Did not want Venus to get unnecessary surgery to remain more thin/doll-like
2. Did not want her constantly wearing lolita every time they casually went out (aka: did not want some token doll, but rather a real person)
3. Started YT because of her pressure. Venus wrote an email to Margo once, complaining Mana was reserved, a follower, a copycat, conventional and she was speshuul and eCcEnTrIc on the likes of Trump. She didn't accept him as he is and wanted him to be weirder, wear makeup, dye his hair, do YT and so forth.
4. Manaki was constantly berated (on camera) and ridiculed by Venus, who clearly did not accept him for who he was, but she has the audacity to claim he didn't accept her.

She is psychologically projecting super hard. It's more likely that Manaki got fed up with her narcissism, emotional abuse, emotional vampiric nature, her using mental illness as a personality quirk, her drinking, manipulation, being cheated on and having to do everything for her (work hard labour, pay bills, do all her paperwork, drive her places, pick her up) while all she did was some shitty cooking and YT vids. She tries to paint Manaki like Yumi King's Splenda, when that's clearly not the case.

No. 168033

Ah yes, saint Venus was sooo generous, willing to let Manaki use her world- famous YT channel for success, but he was just an ungrateful demanding little neet! LMAO. This is a joke. Entertaining what are likely more lies, if one of the worst things she can say about him is that he was lazy (one of her OWN defining traits) and wanted Yakiniku as compensation, that is just pathetic. It's already been disproven that Manaki quit his job when he got with her like she stated, given he needs to work to rent and she made multiple references to him being at work. If he actually did quit around the time Venus made her slander video and lived off savings or family help, still gotta love how Venus has absolutely ZERO empathy (neets usually have serious mental issues: maybe he was depressed, anxiety issues, tired, lost, physical issues working hard labour etc), while demanding EVERYONE and their mothers have empathy for her slew of fabricated mental illnesses and life problems. Also gotta love how she left out the fact that she USED him for an illegal visa, used him to do all her paper work, cheated on him, pressured him to be "more eccentric" and start Youtube, shit-talking him with her mother for not being special and unique enough. Her ugly smug face the entire time is gross.

Venus: "living alone is easier"
also venus: has never lived independently and used her husband and sugar daddies and maanagers to do all her "adulting" for her and for couch surfing. She even paraded someone else's business and job as her business and "work", at the time she filmed that. Insufferable.

No. 168038

while the surgery is definitely going to have bad effects on her body in the future she's still young and you're either over-projecting or a scrote. If a granny had boobs that firm and non-wrinkly she'd be overjoyed, they look like malnourished ana-chan boobs, not like aged old boobs. and "pale"? show me a single picture in which venus wasn't pale as a ghost to begin with.
She is a trash person but the projection of some anons here make me roll my eyes hard, some of y'all need to touch some grass.

No. 168053

NTAYRT but you're crazy if you think having BOTCHED surgery to remove part of her stomach and intestines isn't going to effect her health negatively, especially with a post-surgical lifestyle of almost constantly binge/purging processed junk food and cheap alcohol while staying up all night and sitting on her computer for hours at a time. Her health is so much more than just her complexion, she's scrawny and boney since the surgery and that was her goal with getting it. Before the surgery Venus always bragged about being able to do shit like the 100 nugget "mukbang" challenge without gaining weight and posting body checks like the thigh gap/collarbone coin roll shit when it was popular to do so. Venus fucked her body up and it shows, it's gonna continue to get worse as well because she has not been taking care of herself and doesn't seem like she will start any time soon. The weirder and sicker she looks, the more pity-views and morbid curiosity clicks she gets from people who would otherwise have left her behind. As long as she can keep pretending to be too sick and mentally ill to get her shit together, Manaki will probably take care of her and let her destroy herself online for attention. She looked so much better before that surgery just in her face alone, and don't forget that it wasn't even all that long ago that she got it.

No. 168072


Don't forget the filters she uses to make her face look even skinnier. Her face looked better before because she was younger for one thing and didn't use to use so many filters back then, her face doesn't look so skinny and haggard when she films a video, but her body is really soft and unattractively flabby despite being too skinny.

No. 168092

>Calls anon a scrote
>Goes on a defensive rant for peenus

Pick one anon.

No. 168098

>still gotta love how Venus has absolutely ZERO empathy (neets usually have serious mental issues: maybe he was depressed, anxiety issues, tired, lost, physical issues working hard labour etc),

This is a great point. NEETs are more than just lazy. If Manaki was indeed a genuinely good guy trying his best to help his sick wife, I guarantee he began having real mental problems of his own after all this bullshit but Venus could not empathize, only put him down. Plus, Manaki is an ex-fatty. I don’t think Venus ever thought his feelings were as valid as hers. Even by Margaret’s original account, she said he was hard-working, protective and traditional despite his lack of education and rumored abuse. I don’t believe a total flip flop to lazy, entitled NEET is possible in someone like that unless they encountered serious mental trauma to bring them back down.

Does anyone remember that IG post of her stating something along the lines of “If they don’t accept your asshole side, they don’t deserve you”? And then her fans showered her with praise like it was sassy instead of a very disturbing thing to demand of your partner?

No. 168116

Manaki did everything Venus wanted him to do for her, he was the perfect doormat simp. Venus has been controlling him since the day they met, andnshe knew the moment she met him that he knew nothing about the real Venus or the real Margaret and that she could use that to her advantage as a manipulative narc. Manaki was perfect until he told her to grow up A LITTLE in public and not to have the surgery. Venus didn't turn on him until he started telling her no. Venus has been candid about what a sack of manipulative shit she is from the beginning of her breakdown, but because she hides behind acting kawaii uwu and infantalizing of herself when shendoes something fucked up, her stans lick her ass while she lays around promoting a horrible lifestyle and pretending to be so many things she's not. Venus is a rotten, spoiled abuser who hasn't ever tried to really hide it, she just overcompensated by acting innocent and kawaii so she could pretend not to be responsible for the consequences of her actions via playing cutesy baby retard who dindu nuffin. Venus' kawaii persona was always just a cover for her true rotten Mini-Margo ways.

No. 168117

>Venus is a rotten, spoiled abuser who hasn't ever tried to really hide it, she just overcompensated by acting innocent and kawaii so she could pretend not to be responsible for the consequences of her actions via playing cutesy baby retard who dindu nuffin.

Adding to this, that's why she cycles from snarky baddie to helpless uwu baby, the uwu kawaii shit is just a mode she snaps into when she realizes she's about to get wrekt for doing or saying something fucked up, so suddenly she goes "Guys!! I did this thing bc I'm depressed and a bad person! I just wanna drink and post nudes!" It's like a cope, like she tries to make herself seem so much worse than what she actually did before she gets really called out for it so that nobody really knows how to respond other than to roll their eyes, sigh and wait for her to do something else fucked up. Like her goal is to overreact to prevent any kind of other reaction to her behavior she doesn't want.

No. 168124


She's so predictable these days.
Her usual phases :
-> "I'm doing better guys!"
-> Girlboss (fuck everyone/haters) -> Drunk livestreams/videos
-> Damage control (accusing alcohol/meds/random mental illness for the mess,saying she stopped drinking or she was uwu ABuSEd by someone and she cut ties with them now) "so what of contents do you want?"
-> dispears from Internet
Rince and repeat

She's so has-been now, even gossip forums don't care about her anymore

No. 168154

What happens to these types once their online attention fades? Straight up prostitution?

No. 168176

Either they fade into obscurity or they have kids and the performance shifts to being a "cool"/"good" mom who is lowkey trying to use her kid as a self insert avatar for a redo of her youth. "Social media is an addiction" is no joke, people who dedicate time to keeping up an image or persona never really look happy or healthy, because they aren't. They're hollow people.

No. 168180

>she just overcompensated by acting innocent and kawaii so she could pretend not to be responsible for the consequences of her actions
Too lazy to look up the screenshot right now but yeah you're right anon. She shamelessly admitted doing that in one of her emails to mommy dearest (One can get away with anything as long as one has a cute face something along these lines)

Yukapon, Himezawa & Co. would be great examples of it. They had to resort to sex work/sugaring for a visa once they fame dwindled.

No. 168265

Holy shit then the Margo cycle would be complete. She would literally become her mother through and through

No. 168277

Good thing Manaki already decided not to have a baby with Venus or else she would be using her kawaii hafu baby as a prop instead of whoring out now.

If Manaki doesn't let her leech off him for the rest of her life, Venus will eventually end up back with Margo no matter what. She alienates everyone she meets, including her husband and his parents with her selfish asshole behavior and she no longer has the name and money from being Venus Angelic since she joined OF. Even Margo's shady tactics won't be able to salvage her image after everything V did to herself since marrying Manaki. She won't go to school or get a job on her own, so if Manaki gives her the boot she has nowhere to go, no income and nobody to crash with. Without Manaki, she couldn't even stay in Japan, and she was only living in South Korea because she and Margo joined a language school to be closer to Japan.

No. 168298

weirdly enough, she might have stayed relevant longer if she had stayed in korea since that is where the asian fetish trend has shifted to

No. 168342

File: 1629331048615.jpeg (60.36 KB, 1228x227, 2B7897B7-EC57-4F62-A709-43C5C5…)

This says it all about what a failure she is.

“Wut content do you wanna see, guyz?”
- 11 comments, 27 likes

No. 168355

This is the only good life choice Doormatnaki made ever. The poor baby could've had the same fate as the hamsters: either dead or adopted by the Okadas.


No. 168361

I think Venus's personal obsession with LARPing a hafu lolita schoolgirl escort would've eventually won out over her need to be relevant online. She's always been stuck on Japan, and once she got there and got everything she wanted she destroyed it all in under 2 years just by being vain and spoiled. She might even be worse off if she had stayed in Korea, since she started getting better right after leaving Margo. I don't see her spiraling any less in Korea than in Japan considering kpop culture vs. kawaii culture are both horribly toxic in their own unique ways, yet follow the same basic "wannarexic quirky uwu nymph" pickme formula. She would have been blowing her OF money on more cosmetic procedures to look younger again.

No. 168391

Brittany Venti made another video on peenus. It's fairly accurate for the most part except she tells all of Venus's "abuse" stories as absolute truth.

No. 168410

The only thing that "happened to" or "went wrong" with Venus is she exposed her true nature. Margo spent Venus's entire life moving around, homeschooling her and letting her play anime girl online since before she hit puberty, and she made sure to help her curate her Venus Angelic image to help hide her selfish spoiled narcissism. Margo isn't perfect, but there's gotta be a reason Venus seemed okay until she was free of Margo. Once she married Manaki, moved to Japan and got everything she ever wanted without Margo in the picture, suddenly it all vanished and she turned into the pile of shit we see today. I think Margo got a bad reputation for being the mother of an abusive, lying narc with a decade long internet presence of gullible, negelcted young followers willing to take her word as gospel as long as they can self-insert into her kawaii fantasy life and pretend it's all real and not a marriage/pedobaiting scam.

No. 168412

The question shouldn't be "what happened to Venus" but "what did NOT happen to Venus that should've happened in order to prevent most of this", and that would've been a loving parent who puts in the effort to socialize their kid instead of isolating and spoiling them and getting them proper treatment for their autism/aspergers. Also going to therapy on their own behalf because narcissim isn't a good look, especially on a parent.

No. 168422

Except Manaki and his parents tried giving all that to her & she wiped her ass with it and them, despite the fact that she can only sit on her lazy ass in Japan because of them.

Everything that happened to Venus happened to her because of her. It's her own fault, she was coddled and warned her entire life yet still thinks it's cute to be a fuckup and insult people for not babying her the way she wants. She's getting old enough to change but isn't, and has shown that even with access to literally EVERYTHING she claims to need or want (therapy, support, loving parents, husband, friends, her precious YT channel), she still won't work or do anything but perform for attention online. Venus Palermo's only problem is herself at this point, she shat on every opportunity she had to change her life for the better.

No. 168456

She doesn’t have any friends, or a real husband either for that matter. Manaki is her enabler and mark and meal ticket, nothing more. There’s no relationship there. He’s being used by a particularly nasty little Borderline.

Oh and she doesn’t give a shit about her Youtube channel either.

No. 168467

Yes, all of that is relevant now, but I meant back when she first escaped Margo and started spiraling. Despite having fuckloads of support from Manaki/his parents, her jvlogger friends, Taylor (and even the farm was kissing her ass back then), she still chose to get the surgery for shallow, bullshit reasons which showed Manaki and his parents her true colors and whete her priorities lie. She had every chance to make her life whatever she wanted but instead chose to just sit down and expect everyone around to help her live in her fantasy bubble where she's some beautiful, innocent princess newly discovering herself. Venus worked hard to get where she is now, but back when she first split from Marge she had the ability to blame every bad thing on her mom and walk away with a clean slate. Now? Even Margo couldn't have ruined Venus as well as she ruined herself.

No. 168478

Well, OF announced explicit sexual content will not be allowed stating October. Let's see what other scam scheme Penus comes up with.

No. 168481


that only means pics with cock and vag doing it, venus doesnt even show her bald meow meow

No. 168499


Even her vag would be ok.
From what is know only Masturbation, Real/simulated Blowjobs und sex will be against the rules.
I don't think that gonna affect her.

No. 168502

The OF thing is a lucky strike for her. She can just say her platform won't allow her to show her pussy, do nudes or whatever, the thing her fans have been waiting for forever..

No. 168508

If she was smart she should make a few actual porns. Jack up her price, and when OF banns the porn she can walk away w her $$$$$

No. 168514

Not long ago Penus posted a set of her wearing split panties and a mini vibrator over her crotch. Idk if that could be considered masturbation by the new rules. Either way, >>168502 is right. Another excuse to not deliver content to her simps lmao.

No. 168521

That's because her nest down there ain't bold lol (that's so nihonjin of her ofc)

No. 168602

Bit confused by this announcement. I don't belong to OF because not interested, but I thought from what had been said here and by certain protesters on her IG that the whole point of OF is that it is porn. So what will be the point of it if people can no longer post porn there as I thought that was the whole point of the site anyway.

No. 168614

It wasn't designed for porn, the thot exodus(tm) turned it into a porn site a couple of months after its launch.

No. 168615

Venus has created another Instagram account. https://www.instagram.com/ero.cute/

She seems to be doing quite well with it so far.

I hope they don't delete it though, as didn't she say once before that when she tried opening a new account on Instagram for lewds that they wouldn't allow her to have more than one account, something like that? She's got three now though, so I hope they don't get funny with her about it.

No. 168624

The same old pics she has posted over and over again on other platforms. Why even bother?

No. 168625

Why does she need yet another account for this stuff when her OF is basically dead, she doesn’t take YT seriously, and her Twitter barely gets any engagement? Now she has three ig accounts that she won’t keep up with. Well done, I guess…?

No. 168626

File: 1629481785959.jpeg (674.85 KB, 750x1108, FCD29FB1-412D-41D5-A600-27BBAA…)


No. 168627

Algorithm gaming maybe? Maybe enough people blocked and unfollowed Venus, plus her content is all over the place so maybe she's making these new accounts hoping to use the algorithms for exposure of her shitty content nobody already wants.

No. 168648

I don’t think Venus is smart enough to have that in mind. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s trying to promote her OF now because her money is running dry. Didn’t she scam some guy out of thousands of dollars months ago? It’s about time she needs more money again especially when she’s buying so much junk for her new hobby.

No. 168651

She's trying to lure new "whales' so she's sticking with the "pre-teen" stuff. For some reason only the fked up people with fked up tastes in porn tend to give much more money than x100 regular joes combined.
She knows her algorithm (I bet this information is provided in websites like OF just like in youtube) and where the money comes from the most much more than us. We can only speculate..

No. 168676

File: 1629505690746.jpeg (264.4 KB, 1021x1665, 0FE5D2DB-BD54-4ADA-BA5E-E62F2C…)

Does she ever get her lazy ass up off that mattress or is she permanently affixed there?

No. 168677

She's been online since before she hit puberty, and algorithm gaming isn't a new thing. You can literally google it, plus I can't imagine she isn't at least as tech savvy as the rest of her age group since it looks like she mostly interacts with people digitally.

I think she's still trying to go back to being who she was- a cute girl doing random little fun things to amuse herself, but with a big online following. Except npw she isn't cute, nothing she does anymore is cute and the kids young enough to be into her aesthetic have weebs their own age to follow who don't have an OF and all Venus's drama and baggage.

No. 168685

Damn, even Shayna's dirty carpet and dollar store Xmas lights seem high effort in comparison.

No. 168707

It’s different though bc Shaynus is all about being a bimbo with sugar daddies buying her things, whereas Venus seems chill to be a OF user whose content is in a cramped Japanese apartment. Venus is at least more genuine about it, and does not have the delusions of grandeur that Shaynus has

No. 168713

She's not algorithm gaming, she's just not giving people what they want or ask for. That's literally all it is.

No. 168721

Venus thinks she's cute enough to earn money by posting lewds nobody wanta to see that are just thinly veiled social media posts with some nipple. She destroyed her persona by doing OF so now it's the only thing keeping her afloat. She has 0 "chill", she's just too scared to show her pussy and already tried fucking for personal gain and failed thanks to how she treats people vs what she expects from them. Venus is spiraling down slowly but steadily, and her only appeal to anyone but a creep is her physically being in Japan and having access to kawaii toys and junkfood. Literally, Venus does nothing that any other weeb hasn't done before in their home country, yet Venus knows that the crazier she acts (within reason) she can force doormats like Manaki to take care of her while she lays around all day every day. That's why she only ever has a problem when she's not getting what she wants, andnwhy her content is trash. It's all about watching Venus LARP as a Japanese teenager reliving her youth with her Japanese visadaddy enabler and never facing any consequences for any of her actions (which really she hasn't bc she just cries "muh mento illness!" And starts hurting or vauging about hurting herself. She's not as crazy or dumb as shr pretends to be, she's just a lazy rotten sack of shit pretending to be cutesy and uwu because she's really a snake.

No. 168743

I mean in terms of backdrops for their photosets. For someone who fancies herself as a kawiwi weeb dolly, white cold light, crusty black bedding and cheap lace curtains ain't helping to make her awkward poses and dead stare any cuter or appealing.

No. 168745

sure jan

No. 168751


Maybe she thinks she's going to be losing out if OF bans porn, (seems like defeating the objective when that is basically what it's for, but whatevs) and maybe can make a bit of money off IG, not sure how though, but still.

I don't know why she doesn't revive her Tiktok instead of pretending she doesn't have an account and acting like she never did have one. That made no sense, why act like she never had one? She's still obviously got one, just been inactive for a while, she needs to resurrect it, she was ahead of the game there but then once everyone else jumped on, she just abandons it. Makes no sense. Weird. But I guess that's her thing.

No. 168752

I will be making a Premium Snapchat! So exciting! More news coming soon ❤️

No. 168776

Will it last longer than a week? Kek

No. 168789

It'll last until it gets leaked, then she'll abandon it and move on to something else.

Sites like OF that blow up then shut down rapidly do so because of trashy thots like Venus using pedo-adjacent and child themed aesthetics while selling nudes and lewds/porn, while making the BS excuse that it's fine if it's 18+. It's not, that's why any major site that allows lewds/porn and has a huge userbase of aging pedopandering uwus gets nuked seemingly out of nowhere- it attracted too many actual pedophiles enjoying the content thar actual minors were then trying to copy inappropriately.

No. 168805


Yep, this same thing happened to tumblr and now it's on life support. Twitter has literal pedo's claiming they're under the lgbtq umbrella (maps) and a shit ton of gross pedo bait porn, yet does nothing. They must really like their $ at Twitter.


She'll abandon it until she gets into another blow out w/ Mana and he kicks her out for the 9204857834th time. She'll temporarily have to make quick, easy money again via thotting in order to pay for places to stay. She's been on this loop for awhile now.

No. 168885

>>it attracted too many actual pedophiles enjoying the content thar actual minors were then trying to copy inappropriately.

Don't get that, 2 reasons make that not add up, for one thing I thought pedoes only liked young kids, not women pretending to be young kids, wouldn't that knowledge alone be enough to put off real pedoes? Second reason, how could actual minors be copying it when Only Fans is for 18+? Anyone younger wouldn't be able to join the site to even see what was there.

No. 168913

Naive. Most pedos are into young looking adults

No. 168950

I mean, so ¿is there a possibility that venus may have pedophile tendencies?

No. 168960

this might be the funniest post i've ever seen. this should be a banner
>Erm, no, paedophiles means into adults sweety.
Anon, what is the term for people who are into actual kids then, if you could enlighten us?

No. 168980

Eh, no. Pedophiles are actually people who are into prepubescent children. That's pretty much the very definition of it.

That's why it's even kind of stupid to call, for example, a 30 man who is dating a 16 year old girl a "pedophile", like many people do. No, that's a dude who is into extremely young women. (And I am not judging whether that's wrong or right. It's just not the definition of "pedophile") A 16 year old is physially basically a young adult and not prepubescent.
From nature's point it makes sene for men to be into women whos bodies have matured enough to propagate, even if these are only 15 or 16. But prepubescent who haven't even gotten their period can't. That's why it's so wrong and sick and per definition 'unnatural" for men to be into prepubescent children.(derailing)

No. 168988

I believe ephebophilia is the term for being into teens and pedo is for prepubescent kids, but actual pedos/ephebophiles can additionally like child-like looking adults because it's legal and sort of fulfills their attraction since they look underage, and this leads to an "if it looks underage, does it even matter if they're not?" type situation. Basically, what's the difference if someone looks 12 but is actually 20 to the pedo?

No. 168989

She wasn't "ahead of the game" lol. Her tik tok sucked

No. 168990

I am sorry, but you kind of sound scrotish. 16 is a child, and I am saying this as a Eurofag where the age of consent is 16. Peoples bodies mature at around 21, while peoples brains mature at around 25. A 16 year old is not super fertile uwu~. She actually has a much higher chance to die in childbirth from complications. Derailing, but this needed to be said

No. 168991

She deliberately edited her body and proportions here to look "loli", because her real body is womanly - boobs, bigger hips, calves, ankles, shoulders, combined with posing with plush toys, so yeah, gross.

No. 168993

File: 1629706713182.jpg (20.69 KB, 300x241, 000876786768.JPG)

As long as she can still make money on OF, Venus doesn't care and is likely happy if OF only allows lewds or mildly explicit stuff like titties, since she never wanted to do hardcore stuff anyway, she just wanted fast, easy money.

Probably alternatives to OF and she doesn't want to risk her main account getting banned would be my guess.

No. 168994

Let's be real, Venus edited and used just as many filters back then too, when she was a teen. She's always been a catfish. And her face does look haggard when she films a video, especially in ones where she isn't in control of the camera. The higher res, the worse she looks. What you see in her live streams is a manipulated image. It's not hard to do these days.

No. 169026

>>Eh, no. Pedophiles are actually people who are into prepubescent children. That's pretty much the very definition of it.

Correct. Unfortunately the term has become so corrupted that idiot people will say it about anyone who is a few years older than someone they go out with, if you're 18 and going out with someone of 25 some morons will call them a pedo. It is only meant to be someone who is into kids under the age of about 11 or 12, teens are not pre pubescent and many 11 and 12 yr old girls have started their periods so are not even pre pubescent anymore and probably would not be that attractive to a true pedo. I was 11 when I started my periods and it wasn't uncommon as I wasn't the only one.


Eeuugh, you sound like one of those morons who believe that everybody should be classed as "children" until they are age 25. People of 16 are legally allowed to have sex with anyone of their choice, and therefore seems wrong to regard them as children as it is horrible thought to think of children having sex, so it's wrong to think of young adults as children just for some stupid notion of control hiding behind a smokescreen of 'child protection'.(infighting)

No. 169038

You definitely sound like a scrote. This isn’t the place for you.

No. 169041

File: 1629736363513.jpg (500.82 KB, 1152x2048, Venus.jpg)

1 of 2. I've done what Venus is too stupid to know how to do and flipped the image so it is being seen the right way round. Why post something that is meant to be read because it has actual words on it, but post it mirrored because you're too stupid to know how to make it right?

No. 169042

File: 1629736498273.jpg (Spoiler Image, 510.65 KB, 1146x2048, venus 2.jpg)

Looks like we're back to the editing, or some semblance of it, her face looks weird here anyhow.

No. 169043

Her underwear looks painfully tight digging into her hip

No. 169045


Why has she got the plushie hanging out of her mouth? Is that supposed to be sexy or something? And even here you can see how unattractively flabby her thighs are even though so skinny. Why can't she post better proportioned pictures? This looks like long head and her legs too far away from the camera so all out of proportion, It's not attractive,it just looks daft.

No. 169046


Stop trying to silence anyone who has a different viewpoint to you. This isn't the place for moralfags, so not the place for you!

No. 169048

Bc she probably stared at it for so long that it felt off and distorted so she flipped it the other way around lol
Also she provably took it with her selfie camera and she's used to her fake mirrored version

No. 169049


Oh look I'm veenus, i'm just a teeny tiny baaybee, and i'm so sillyyy, because it's cuute, haha and of course i don't know how to flip an image because that would mean i would know how to do something and that might mean i appear less cuute because men like me to be silly and not know anything and being stupid means i am cuuuter! Just so everyone knows.

No. 169050

Godammit do you feel threatened because youre a stupid guy in your 20s or 30s trying to date kids not older than 18? Gtfo and keep on crying while masturbating on Venus' pics or something

No. 169054

So what is this premium snapchat thing she is latching onto now? It's not something i ever engage with so don't know how it will benefit her to start that. From what I've heard, only fans is not banning nudity, just explicit sex, but i don't go there either and don't care either way but it seems like they're going to be losing a lot of money as probably the main reason a lot of people sign up to it is for the stupid porn aspect.

No. 169055


Is this recent, or an old pic? It doesn't look like her place.

No. 169074

It's old, or at least from an old photoset.

No. 169167


Learn to read, and to comprehend what a comment actually says before you reply to it. You just sound retarded.

No. 169168


She must have a load of old pictures all ready to upload onto her 'new' premium snapchat. How will she make money from that? Presumably it's a paying service.

No. 169170

File: 1629809225832.jpg (1.19 MB, 2300x2048, v2.jpg)

Haven't seen this pic before. Quite cute I suppose. I think she honestly prefers how she looks mirrored which probably explains why she insists on always publishing reversed images. She maybe spends hours staring into mirrors so is not used to seeing herself how others see her. She looks just as good when the image is the right way round so don't know why she doesn't just put it right before she posts it.

No. 169177

Yeah, notice the long ratty hair. It has been shoulder length from a while (more or less around the time she crawled back to Mana's apartment) + taken at hotel rooms so no way these are recent.

No. 169284

She's posting free pictures that people on OF had to pay for. They must happy to know this

No. 169285

All thots do this, this is why you don't support paying for porn.

No. 169287


100% sounds like something a retarded pedo would say lmfao

i'm not into LITTLE KIDS i'm into BIG KIDS, get it RIGHT

fuck off scrote, literally no one cares

back 2 venus pls

No. 169348

Guess what, no one cares about your personal
opinion either.(sage)

No. 169357

wonderful contribution
sage your shit retard(infighting)

No. 169397


She did get hair extensions recently though, but yes those pics are old.

No. 169399

I don't get why she needs so many paying accounts. Surely people aren't going to sign up for everything when she just posts the same pics she's posted on the other platforms? She's got Only Fans, which shouldn't impact her too much if she only posts nudes as it seems they are only banning outright porn, [and why they want to hurt their revenue stream by banning it seems odd, not many people are going to want to sign up to it to watch cooking videos, unless the people doing the cooking are nude I guess] and she has Gumroad which people have to pay to see, and now Premium Snapchat. I wonder why she doesn't have a Patreon account like many Youtubers do?

No. 169404

Just sat hear with radio on and they announced on the news that onlyfans is suspending their plan to ban explicit content because of a backlash against them doing it. So seems people like Venus and HIMR will be okay after all.

No. 169434

Wasn't it just a publicity stunt to stay relevent

No. 169436

Onlyfans…is beyond relevant my guy. It's literally pop culture to say "do you have an onlyfans?"

No. 169502

Hate this world we're living in

No. 169513

We literally live in a normie world [bruh]

No. 169520


Learn to sage your shit.

I don't know which one is the most stupid, OF banning porn or suspending their decision now. That platform is losing what's left of its credibility.

No. 169559

>yaoi hands

No. 169576

File: 1629987016913.jpg (Spoiler Image, 210.94 KB, 2048x1364, E9qU-k_VgAIw58K.jpg)

Nice to see she can post a decent picture. At least her body looks good here and not all out of proportion and emaciated.

No. 169577

Her ero cute account on IG looks to be down. Not sure why that would be, unless she's deleted it again, now that she doesn't have to worry about losing out on Only Fans now that they've stopped their silly notion of banning porn.

No. 169683


Men are something else because idk why tf they pay for her OF when there are way better looking bitches on the platform. Venus looks like the chick from The Ring.

No. 169712


No. 169713


Believe it or not, a lot of people like the Sadako look. It's all just personal taste.

No. 169714


Is this another old picture, btw? Or is it new? Her hair is longer here but she did get extensions done recently.

No. 169723

>> Nice to see

“Nice” for whom, you and the other fans of this catfishing grifter? Have fun with that, anon.

No. 169729

Anyone know what's happened to her "ero cute" account on IG? Surely she wouldn't just delete it just cos her OF content is not threatened now?

No. 169737

Yes, all the thots that panicked and set up alternate accounts etc got rid of them.

No. 169825

Degredation fetish is real, fam. Scrotes love watching a woman they think is trash dance and pose to please them. Men couldn't and wouldn't improve, so they just lowered the bar down below the floor to age-regressing pedo-pandering egirl filth like this.

No. 169827


Take the hate elsewhere and stop shitting up the thread with it.

No. 169828


Why not just keep the accounts once they've started them? Anyway on Venus' instagram, the ero cute account is still linked, just doesn't go anywhere. You'd think she'd delete it or at least give an explanation to her fans about why it's gone.

No. 169831

What if IG deleted it bc too many accounts?

No. 169865

Yeah they were both dating 19 year old guys there lmao. You just know that crazy woman whored her out

No. 169866

For real. A lot of those women get their asses beat like crazy in Tokyo.

Apparently she also got beat up according to the description?

No. 169901

Did someone on here say she's tech-savvy? Venoos is streaming ACNH right now and can't even delete her own save data without extensive help.

No. 169903

Hate? Hate for disgusting scrotes with degradation fetishes? lmao piss off you idiot, and stop telling people to "stop shitting up the thread" when you're doing the exact same thing with infighting.

Anyways, looks like she's doing another yawn inducing stream where she attempts to be a gaymer and produces the most boring content imaginable. It's just her fumbling around in AC while occasionally saying "ummmm"

No. 169904


Do they do that? I know that once before when she got fed up with outraged types going on at her about her lewds on her Instagram account, she created another Instagram account specially for the lewds, but then it disappeared soon after and she said it was because Instagram wouldn't allow her to have it, but she's had the witchcraft account up for a while now and they don't seem too bothered about that as it's still there, though she hasn't posted anything on it in a while, maybe because she's lost a bit of interest in it by now, but it's weird that her ero cute account was up and she was posting on it quite a lot in a short time, but as soon as Only Fans reverse their decision to ban porn, her new Instagram account is closed apparently. I don't see how it would have affected her much anyway even if Only Fans had gone through with their decision because from what I've seen in here, she wasn't exactly posting real porn anyway, just nudity and they weren't going to ban that.

No. 169907


It's still listed on her main Instagram page. But the link goes to Not Found, "the page may have been removed" text. What she playing at? She could at least tell people and explain, it's like she just doesn't care. Looks so unprofessional.

No. 169908

The stream is as horrible as usual. Instead of deleting her savedata she deleted the whole game and re-downloading would take 3-6 hours lmao. Why are her streams always so unorganized and bad? She's now downloading Youtube for…reasons? She comes back with this stream and has a new streaming layout but she's just as dumb as usual.

No. 169930


That's her thing tho. To be stupid.

No one can be as stupid as Venus appears to be, specially for someone who has been using computers and uploading videos for as long as she has. She probably thinks being stupid and acting brainless makes her appear cuter.

No. 169933

They do, you can have one account for selfies and one for art but not two or mlre to post pictures of yourself.


So yeah, IG deleted it & she hasn't been lucid or cared enough to edit her bio yet.

No. 169955

That's a Barb Chandler Stare, haunting

No. 169995

This is new. She put things in her most recent OF post, and also advertised a $50 video with this setup

No. 170020

She does. Remember, back when she was 13 she said "I just wanna stay cute and kinda retarded forever!". She really does have a major DDlg complex, it's like she wanta to go back and redo her youth with a stable parental figure coddling her but it doesn't work bc she's a disturbed adult woman.

No. 170053

I'm done. She's leaving medication. As someone who has been medicated for 4 years for depression i absolutely know how damaging is to leave medication without your doctor's agrrement. I completely understand medication side effects sucks. But everytime i tried just went WRONG.

My point is, please, don't tell your young fan to leave medication and just do "what gives them fun". If we are taking medication is because we don't have energy or motivation to do anything fun or functional

No. 170055

lmao, calm down. She hasn't been as seriously medicated as she's claimed to have been, and I'm sure stopping whatever pills she may have been taking isn't the worst thing she's currently doing.

No. 170070

Don't worry about this bitch, anon. We don't even know if that prescription ever existed in the first place, given how much she lies. Wasn't one of her former friends who said Penus faked going to therapy?
But I agree with you, that's a nasty thing to say to her young gullible audience.

No. 170074

she's been heavily medicated she showed the pills on camera. She took like 3 antipsychotics daily and Strattera too. That's heavy medication.

No. 170089