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No. 110858

Read lolcow.farm rules, follow them; don't cowtip, don't post old milk; if you aren't sure if something has already been discussed read the current thread & previous thread at least. If you're a pull refugee: learn to integrate.
We don't care about your views on sex work neither how much money you or your friend makes on OF; so don't waste thread's 1200 replies with thirst, moralfagging and autistic derailing, that's why the last thread got autosaged.

+Previous threads all neatly arranged by most recent:

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+Venus Angelic Summary:

>Venus Isabelle Palermo aka Venus Angelic is a washed up as-been famous Swiss Youtuber who gained popularity for her doll looks and weeby content back in the days. Her momager Margo (a notorious cow in her own right >>>/pt/666399 ) created the Venus Angelic brand, dragged her around the globe evading taxes and stirring up drama among the living doll and makeup vlogger community.

>At 19 Venus away from her mother to marry a japanese guy named Manaki, one of her simps who followed her from a very young age. Marriage reason? visa of course. She did end up into a divorce and made a video badmouthing him, calling him a neet and other stuff publicly on youtube. She also exposed his sexuality by claiming he's asexual, only likes 2d women and never even sexed her (proof may say quite the opposite). That concludes on how nobody thinks she really loved him.

>For a short time, she joined a v-tuber project under the name of MALICE, got a minor role in AbsoMetal theatrical play and was the face of some small media company -which she tried to claim as her own. Needless to say, her performace in all these projects was mediocre at best. During this time, she faked alcoholism, lesbianism, mental problems and suicide baited her followers for asspats.

>After divorcing (or splitting up, who knows) she began posting on IG about "business meetings", hotel rooms, riding cabs, showing off LV and Coach items along odd mentions of blowjobs and masturbation in her IG stories. Later, anons discovered her Pater profile under the identity of "Lilian". An unedited selfie she didn't posted anywhere before confirmed it was indeed hers and not someone else using her pics as a catfish.

>Enters "Ken" her new sugardaddy/boyfriend. "Ken", according to Venuses claims, did illicit things to a child. She made an entire insta story about it instead of reporting to the police saying "nobody would help her with the case". Sketchy? Incredibly. Child in question was posted on her Instagram account and was removed after the drama. There is no follow up on Ken.

>After this episode she crawled back to Manaki's place again and lived in her old closet room during the COVID-19 pandemic.

>At that time, Venus announced her Onlyfans and currently is doing full time OF sex work. She claims that this work path was her "childhood dream" and that she's never been SOOO HAPPY!!! like she is at the moment. Her half-assed R18 content features cheap rental costumes, cheap dildos, cheap love hotel rooms, internet cafes strip-teases, sex toy reviews and so on.

>Enter Manager-san. Either Manaki kicked her out or she's fucking a new guy (aka Manager-san) for a place to stay, it's unknown. Manager-san seems to be the one behind the camera, planning the tip menus and streaming schedules since she's incapable of do something steady on her own.

>Venus went back to her habitual suicide baiting tactic, hoping it would make her worried simps throw pity money at her. The reaction wasn't well received and she had to apologize for it, trying to pass it as a prank. The latest live stream went awfully bad, confusing noises made the viewers worry about what was going on between Venus and Manager-san off camera.

+Recent milk

>Faked going to voluntary check-in into a mental hospital for coomer tips and asspats, upon being questioned by an IG user, she just said "I missed my apointments lol" >>108949

>Constantly bitch and moan about hateful DMs and mean comments, threatening to stop discussing her mental health on social media (oh noes!!!)
>Posting boring, gross, cringy, half-assed videos and lewds as usual(cheap costumes, poorly applied makeup, bad angles and poses, you name it), trying hard to act simultaneously like an edgy cumbrain hentai character and a shy, socially-anxious suicidal helpless little girl.
>(unconfirmed) She may be back with Simpanaki -or at least she has been using her old pink room to take selfies and record her latest videos for a while now.

instagram: https://www.instagram.com/venus_angelic/
twitter: https://twitter.com/VenusAngelic
tiktok: @dollyvenus
fanicon: https://fanicon.net/fancommunities/1857 (inactive)
main youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/VenusAngelic
weeb youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrpLE_Q1iNszN0O9n6V85YA

No. 110902

fresh thread smell, jump in guys

No. 110906


Noice new thread anon. Good stuff.

No. 110912

Hoping the racist rubber lips/"I am a woman you little bitches" sperg who's constantly samefagging and WKing Venus isn't still haunting this place.

No. 110923

Good job OP and thank you!

I hope so too. I'm so tired of him (that's a scrote right?) shitting up every single thread with his "le ebil haterz" charade.

No. 110934

Great thread OP. Too bad the milk is dry. Probably because she ended up a Mana's place again. Which means she has no financial problems and doesn't have to make a fool of herself for coins.

I wonder what happened with the pimp photographer who appeared on the reflection of the TV. Haven't heard of him in a while.

No. 110938

Well, before she thotted out of there she adnitted that she was getting a divorce, and that they were "living as roommates". She put him and his family through hell, but she was still his crush for years and his wife. Probably his first girlfriend as well, and his parents cared about her like family. I doubt they would turn her away if the Mystery TV Man turned out to have been abusive and controlling her accounts (like Margo predicted V would end up with years ago in her rage rants), granted she agreed to calm tf down on social media.

Maybe, just maybe, this shit is the wakeup call she needed and Manaki's parents and him will actually make her get real help and behave like a human being.

No. 110942

You, anon, are freaking delusional. Venus' never gonna get better.

No. 110944

I don’t think that the sexworker-think is over yet… and I am still not sure if she really made it back to Manaki.. this pink room looks in some way similar to her old room, but it looks so small in comparison to her old fluffy-unicorn-pink-hell of room..

No. 110945

Maybe.. she only uses her pink stuff in a small room again.. and that’s why it looks similar like her old room at Manaki’s?(samefag)

No. 110950

Somewhere in her unboxing stream, there was one point where the background reflected in her switch screen, and you could see that TV from the older photo with packing boxes. I think she just rearranged her new room with same plushies etc. And her couch is the same from the TV reflection where Manager-san was sitting to take a photo.
Unless you guys mean she moved again after the stream? It would be stressful as hell to move every 2 weeks.
(I'm really lazy to look for the reflection time frame on her stream)

No. 110975

How long has her Instagram caption said:
"23 y.o Swiss Cheese 🧀🇨🇭living in Japan! 🇯🇵
Cosplay/Gaming/Fashion & Everything CUTE 🎀 except that sometimes Im a troll"

I don't remember seeing that before, but then I don't obsessively check there every five minutes so I probably just didn't notice before.

No. 110977

It didn't say that before, it was like your internet girlfriend with a link to her OF or something. She's trying the cute persona again after scamming simps I guess

No. 110982

Swiss-Chinese? Is she literally pretending to be half Asian now? She's 100% white and has always been a Japanophile, wtf even.

Maybe she isn't back at Manaki's, but someone wants people to think she is. And, maybe all this Chinese stuff recently (the potato chip bag frame, the sexy cultural costumes) is because of TV-san who may be Chinese and possibly running her accounts as her?

No. 110983


Swiss CHEESE, not Chinese.

No. 110984

Swiss-Cheese? Is she literally pretending to be half Dairy now? She's 100% human and has always been a smelly meatbag, wtf even.

No. 110985


Swiss CHEESE, not Chinese.

Are you dense? She's just doing her typical wanna be quirky/cutesy dumb shit. She thought calling herself Swiss cheese would be silly and cutesy, so she did.

…Unless you're being sarcastic, then my bad.

No. 110998

I think you're the dense one for not recognizing an obvious joke.

No. 111001


>>>…Unless you're being sarcastic, then my bad.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯(learn to integrate)

No. 111046

File: 1599072127138.jpeg (220.81 KB, 1123x1069, 84A0BA8F-FE4F-423E-B578-0330BA…)

No. 111047

File: 1599072154200.jpeg (169.57 KB, 1114x1008, D5625CC7-62FD-4623-8ED0-41B71D…)

No. 111049

File: 1599072189639.jpeg (147.24 KB, 1109x793, 4B57E29D-F5E8-4404-B0D0-A099B5…)

OF is getting fed up

No. 111057

that into the deep person is forever commenting on every post of hers telling her what to do and trying to boss her around. in earlier comments he was desperate to be a moderator for her livestreams

No. 111061

Lmao these idiots just realized they've been paying for less of what they could get for free

No. 111099

simp meltdown incoming. This is where she says she goes on a break and nukes the onlyfans stuff after a while, or just straight up deletes fucking everything and plays dumb

No. 111102

>hey gais, it's weenos and today I want to announce I'm staying at the loonie bin indefinitely, thanks for your money enjoy the pubes pics. Bye bye bye boooo~

No. 111127

>nukes the onlyfans
Why would she shut it down when, like her fanclub or offer to win a switch if you subscribe, etc. she can just leave it up unattended and take money from the people who forget to cancel their subscription?
She has not ever given a shit about her future/reputation enough to tie up loose ends so far.
She could just open an account on some new service (and people will sub too!)

No. 111128

>"I'm starting to think that she's not at naughty and sexual as she claims she is."

Why are they only now catching on?

No. 111144


LOL. Are some of these accounts all written by the same person? How come so many of these morons are seemingly illiterate? So many grammatical errors. Is this the sort of people who sub to Only Fans?

No. 111149

What comes after ruining your thot reputation?

No. 111154

They were too busy fapping to her lopsided falsies and her bony butt

No. 111164

Ew, he's probably this rando who used to comment on her IG a lot and was also in her streams. What was his name again?

No. 111223


No. 111270


If you mean that david who use to be in her live streams throwing money at her to abuse herself with alcohol and hot spicy food, he was posting in a live stream of HIMR the other day, can't recall exactly what he said, but he came across as a typical incel. Seemed a bit bitter towards women for some reason. At least that's the impression I got from some of his comments.

No. 111277

the guy who tipped her to drink alcohol on that last stream disaster had a different account though, so there's probably more than one guy like this

No. 111278


The one I'm thinking of, is the one who has a profile pic of -presumably- himself, looks in his thirties, wearing glasses.

No. 111301

File: 1599256147250.jpeg (205.16 KB, 2034x1196, D9DE67BD-D534-4442-BE1E-CF3FEA…)

This guy

No. 111303

File: 1599256198932.jpeg (330.99 KB, 914x1536, 072E1DA8-BB52-4F3C-BF85-D22BF7…)

She loooves David-Sama

No. 111312

File: 1599269666875.jpeg (289.34 KB, 2048x1150, 23A396E0-A42D-40CC-930A-3455D1…)

That little room she’s apparently wormed herself back into (with the abusive Manaki!) and is now filming in looks dirty, dingy, cramped and cluttered. The wall is grimy and the curtain looks dirty too. She’s been living there since when, 2016? It looks like it hasn’t been cleaned since then.

No. 111322

lmao you hate her so much you couldn't even post the main source of that screenshot. Chill a little

I got so used to her omega filtered pics that I felt unneasy watching her face again.
The walls are so dirty wtf…

No. 111330

You expect her to clean her room when she doesn't even clean herself? Venus is nasty, her fake nails are probably super dirty as well

No. 111331

Ok so it's been confirmed she's back with Manaki or not?

No. 111336

We all know where that screenshot is from. It's on the previous thread

No. 111341

File: 1599295431403.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1101x1800, 7950AB1B-4957-4161-87B1-82B9D9…)

Her walls have a wallpaper or texture to them, it isn’t grime. Her space doesn’t look terrible, she just has a lopsided bear and maybe a blanket tossed aside?

No. 111350


That's the one. Always urging her on to do something that could've been harmful to her.
Claims to be a fan, but from some of his comments to HIMR sounds like he thinks all women are just out for what they can get and none are to be trusted. - Strange how that's what many women feel about men too, I guess it just shows that the human race basically sucks and only few people can be truly trusted.

No. 111352


I don't know how anyone can know for sure that the walls are grimy just from looking at these pics, I didn't see anything that looked grimy. How could anyone think it's small and cluttered from just seeing a small part of the room anyway? And she collects toys and plushies so anyone displaying them is maybe going to look cluttered to some people if they don't collect anything or like those minimal spaces look, I'd rather see somewhere with a bit of character that shows the personality of the person who lives in it, rather than the bland, featureless pristine empty space of a fussy minimalist type person.
But I'm confused by that picture you showed, is that a reflection of her in a mirror? Or what is that going on with her arm? Looks really weird.

No. 111359

She looks like a 45 year old Japanese lady who’s still hanging on to her prime days by looking as kawaii as possible

No. 111369

What the heck is wrong with her face?! She looks like a ghost.

No. 111370

The camera is inside a bag of chips. So yes, it’s hard to understand what’s going on, I also had cropped a small portion of the picture.

No. 111413

Was she taking a potato chip… and EATING IT?!
Heh. I agree with your earlier post though. You can't really judge if a space is cramped based on one corner. And even if it was a smaller room, not everyone likes having tons of space. How anyone could think that texture on the wall was grime is beyond me.

No. 111422

As far as I know, Venus has not said so herself.

No. 111437

File: 1599373165609.jpg (585.39 KB, 2048x1692, 20200906_141901.jpg)

Venus new collaboration with a japanese makeup artist @uratominiki

No. 111438

File: 1599373262531.jpg (149.21 KB, 1080x599, 20200906_142126.jpg)

At this point, idk how venus look anymore. She looks different in every picture

No. 111439

File: 1599373454043.jpg (161.13 KB, 1105x581, Screenshot_11.jpg)

June must have introduced him to her. He did her makeup in a video

No. 111452

I think that's a more realistic version of her, because its not her who edited the picture, its him.
She tends to completely change her face when she edits herself.

No. 111453

Idk what it is but she looks so sickly and malnurished even after she got her makeup professionally done? Could also just be his shitty job

No. 111457


Well at least there isn't that really ugly editing here, her chin does not have that hideous narrow point on it and her face as a result looks far more attractive. Why she ever wants to make herself look worse in those ugly edits when her natural face is pretty I don't know, I guess it must be a mental thing.

No. 111483

June looks like young Marilyn Manson

No. 111485

omgg she actually does, that's tragic

No. 111486

she looks so Dutch

No. 111505

File: 1599438336771.jpeg (271.03 KB, 1554x1376, 206BE3F2-4610-440E-96D6-9062CA…)

>>her natural face is so pretty
It must be fun to live in fantasy land. Do you believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny too?

(Unless you think Margaret has a “naturally pretty” face too, because she’s a dead ringer for her mom.)

No. 111508


No. 111510

I know you're trying to justify your onlyfans subscription of her's, but..comeon, it's like calling a crackhead they're pretty when you know that's a damn lie.

No. 111512

Guys. Venus gained her internet fame because people like her appearance. She would have not gained so much attention if this wasn’t the case. She didn’t alter her face as much, back in the days that she became popular. Of course you are allowed to think she is unattractive. That’s totally normal. Actual famous people are seen as unattractive to at least some people. You act like this is black and white but it’s subjective. Personally, I’d give her 7/10

No. 111513


You can literally pinpoint exactly who's female in these threads by that. EWW SHES SO UGLY = I'm a fat jealous girl(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 111514

I honestly never felt she was bad looking, just a bit awkward sometimes and unfortunately resembles her mom. But she’d obviously could be cuter if she took care of herself and wasn’t such an asshole. I think she looks quite nice here >>111437 I think the artist was just trying to make her look more natural and fresh-faced like Japanese idols. Her skin looks better and the eyebrow shape/color compliments her.

Put your chafed penis away, old man.

No. 111516

She gained internet fame because her mom advertised her as the living doll on every platform, like the strange addiction show and newspaper articles. Also she has always shoop her pictures even back in the day with brightness and contrast maxed out. When she appeared on TV, everyone noticed how different she looks.

She was never known for her beauty. I know some people find her attractive, but come on don’t be delusional.

No. 111520

Imagine nitpicking a 7/10 at best lmao

No. 111521

Yeah why are people talking about her appearance it's not like her living is mainly based off her appearance or something like that.

No. 111525

I'm glad this thread is autosaged, milk is stale and the nitpicking is insane.

No. 111526

I'm almost 50% sure she's Dutch

No. 111527

We are back to guessing the nationality of a porn star again. Shit sucks.

No. 111531

Oh god I almost feel sorry for her. This is 100% Margo face.

No. 111532

What’s wrong with her jaw???

No. 111533

It’s her cheekbone.

No. 111535


FFS! Can we stop with the constant back and forth of she's pretty, no she's not, yes she is, no she's not bullshit!

Everytime anyone even mildly suggests that she looks pretty, the resident retards jump in with their rabid protestations and ridiculous accusations of oh you're obviously a man and obviously subscribes to only fans.
Well, I know it must be hard for some of the die hard haters to hear, but some of us here can actually be objective about her looks and can see when she looks pretty and when she does not. And saying one or the other does not mean we are constantly changing our gender and being male sometimes and female at others!

Wtf is wrong with your minds? Are you like fucking five years old or something? Pathetic!

Can we please not mention her looks again unless there is something very dramatic to talk about. Any slight mention of her looking a tiny bit pleasant brings out the resident nutjob from under its stone. If her looks is all anyone can talk about here, then it shows there is actually nothing to talk about.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 111543

>he didn’t alter her face as much, back in the days
She's always been altering her face, along with excessive use of makeup back then. Her eyes are on the smaller side, yet back then she was able to make them look huge with aegyo tape, giant lenses, lashes, double eye-lid tape etc. She's always been deceptive about her looks and that deception is what got her fame, not actually being pretty. She's average.

No. 111546

You're the one constantly bringing up that she's "pretty" any time someone suggests otherwise since the last like 5 threads. Almost no one has ever cared before you came in and started spewing sHe'S pReTtY any time there was criticism, instead of just shutting the fuck up and praising her on her SM instead. That's why anons are now calling you out, every time you try to slyly slip in a "she's pretty and I'm just being objective" bullshit. You're as obsessive as the WK in the LilyPichu thread. It's quite easy to make yourself look good in pictures AND on camera nowadays. If you look at some of her candids, she's as average as it gets. Sure she's not hideous (only on the inside), but she's not pretty either. Lolcow is a place to gossip and trash-talk. Why do you think you can repeatedly and obsessively call her pretty, but no one can call her ugly or even average as she is, without being a "rabid protester or hater." There's clearly something wrong with your mind and you're clearly in the wrong forum.

No. 111548

Agree with angry stranger, who actually gives a shit about her looks? I wanna see the Manaki's house arc conclusion, and the onlyfans abandonment

No. 111555

>Why do you think you can repeatedly and obsessively call her pretty, but no one can call her ugly or even average as she is, without being a "rabid protester or hater."
I'm glad someone bothered to say this.

No. 111576

So..does she even post on OF anymore? I feel like she's trying to go back to cutesy shit on Instagram while on twitter she's still "your internet girlfriend uwu". What the fuck's up with that?

No. 111599

Facial structure changes. I believe she looked her best when she was 16-17. She doesn't look this way anymore. Also her weight changed by alot, she is much thinner and she looked wayy healthier back then. She doesn't look pretty any longer, only Anas would probably think otherwise.

No. 111601

>She doesn't look pretty any longer, only Anas would probably think otherwise.

I don't really get how her face doesn't look anorexic but her body does?


No. 111603

She got fillers. That's how she got her bruise under eyes.

No. 111604

she naturally has a plump face, I guess that's why.

>>111603 You just made me remember there's something going on with celebrities now days, its called Andrenochrome, it makes them get a bruise under their eyes as well.
Its … well, its children's blood. A "forever young" drug. Its real btw. I've researched about it.

No. 111612

Also cheekbonesfillers could give you bruises.

Some of you seems to have forgotten how she looked some times ago? Despite her age, her face was saggy and hollow. She's young, a healthy lifestyle could have made a miracle but it's Venus we're speaking about, the girl who asked doctors to remove a part of her intestines in order to lose weight. Her face can't be naturally this plump with a body so sickly looking.

No. 111620

>Andrenochrome is real and comes from children's blood

Source? I always assumed it was a made up drug from "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas".

No. 111622

there's alot, ill give you 1:
from minute 50

No. 111627

I get that feeling too. She seems to have lost her photographer since she hasn’t done any weird fetishes and the lack of photos online. She’s only productive when someone else is the brain behind the operation.

No. 111638

File: 1599532542091.jpg (193.73 KB, 754x455, vcvc.jpg)

Kinda off topic but question cause it may relate to the whole aesthetic of being a "thot" in Japan or Korea. Does the girl on the right of Venus had surgery to lift her mouth corners up or is this just her mouth?

No. 111639

I think she’s just smirking and keeping her lips closed

No. 111648

She has posted twice in the past week or so. She posted 2 pictures of her sitting on a toilet, with some comment about how she is being potty trained to be a better doge. You had to pay $5 to remove a sticker from the pictures.
She also posted a short clip of her lifting her shirt up to show her bra.

Essentially you pay to very rarely get any content, and most of the content you have to pay extra to see ?!?, or is just additional pictures from a set she has already posted

No. 111649

did she abandon her OF allready?

No. 111653

Fresh milk on her Twitter. It’s gross and I don’t want the photos on my phone so go see for yourself.(this is an imageboard)

No. 111658

File: 1599562090799.jpg (192.82 KB, 720x605, 20200908_114947.jpg)

>>111653 this is an image board either post the pic or don't bother saying anything

No. 111659

it's just food and she eats it, calm down

the whole video was on onlyfans already, I would cap but she deleted it

No. 111661

Nta but what gives you the impression they're not calm? And why would the fact that it's just food detract from >>111653 eluding to milk with no image?

based mods for autosageing this cancer magnet of a thread

No. 111662

>>111661 this is why this thread sucks

No. 111670


There's just nothing to talk about anymore, so people are scraping the barrel.

No. 111672

this thread fucking sucks lmao(no contribution)

No. 111698

Do we know how old June is? She said on Instagram that she's 24, but I can see her being older

No. 111761

Isn’t June 30?

No. 111762

Why the fuck does Venus look already 30 years old, if she is my age? She is probably aware of it, so she photoshops herself so much she looks like an artificial alien.

No. 111770

That’s what years of alcohol abuse and a terrible diet does to you and not to mention her botched weight loss surgery that makes things ten times worse, all of those things ages you like no tomorrow and makes you look you unhealthy

No. 111802

No. 111811

>not to mention her botched weight loss surgery that makes things ten times worse

How exactly did the botched weight loss surgery contribute to her looking unhealthy?

No. 111812


Your gut is very important to your overall health. Her body is probably unable to properly absorb nutrients now. It can also lead to other problems all over the body, depending on the person and how their body reacts. So yes, a botched stomach surgery can definitely contribute/effect your overall health and appearance.
Ugh this video is so hard to watch, you can just see the guy trying to to physically cringe when she tries to make her edgy sex jokes. He even said she looks nothing like an AV actor/model, lmao.. to the point where he straight up refused to give her "sexy makeup"

No. 111813

>Your gut is very important to your overall health. Her body is probably unable to properly absorb nutrients now
>a botched stomach surgery can definitely contribute/effect your overall health and appearance.

So she got surgery in a attempt to look better but wound up looking way worse? So sad. :((:()

No. 111823

She didn't subtitle everything she said, only things to her convenience

No. 111827

File: 1599709499756.jpg (44.14 KB, 596x303, rumple.jpg)

it was shocking how good she looked when she had to un-pose her face to let the makeup dry, only to turn straight back into rumplestilskin one second later when she resumes her wretched scrunching thing she does to try to make her mouth small. what a moron

No. 111830

Holy shit, she looks so awful with her tiny dumbass mouth. I wonder why she tries to make it appear so small when it clearly ages her and makes her even uglier than usual.

No. 111833

File: 1599715692716.jpg (18.17 KB, 1100x57, Screenshot_14.jpg)

According to her Japanese wiki page, she's 24

No. 111835

>she resumes her wretched scrunching thing she does to try to make her mouth small.

How long has she been doing it?

No. 111836

Her wiki also says she has a 63cm waist which is clearly a lie, and the JAV industry tends to fabricate a lot of information they release so her age could also be a lie.

No. 111837

File: 1599717555755.jpg (84.29 KB, 928x588, june lovejoy circa 2015.jpg)

I wouldn't doubt she's 24. She looked 20 back in 2015 (pic reated)

>the JAV industry tends to fabricate a lot of information they release

Like what?

No. 111839

That's cuz she's not even an AV actress. She's a OF scammer basically, another thot in a sea of thots.

No. 111850

>Like what?
age, measurements, etc.

No. 111853

File: 1599732953086.jpeg (180.87 KB, 750x984, 6C592AD6-EEA5-4E80-809A-35B05A…)

She uploaded this photo to Instagram with the caption something like go watch me getting JAV makeup but she deleted it assuming she realized she accidentally uploaded the unedited pic instead kek

No. 111854

Of course her birthday is valentine's day kek
June's porn persona is so obviously fake

No. 111855

lmao I didn't even notice that

No. 111857

That photo is such a shock compared to her edited face. Imagine you're a gullible underage fangelic and get disenchanted by this kek

No. 111858

what is so AV about this make up? kek

there's something so cringe about being a weeb in your teenage years then growing up to learn complete japanese just to end up doing fetish oriented porn. girl problo stumbled upon some hentai when she was like 14 and it shaped her adulthood lol

No. 111859

She is a very ordinary 5.
But the fact that she doesn't accept her real features and constantly edit herself into a Japanese doll makes her unfortunately a 1, because you aren't used to her real face..

No. 111860

I feel like if she dyed her hair anything but black she would so much better…black hair washes her features out

No. 111863


No. 111867


Even the name sounds fake, Love and Joy - Lovejoy. Tho I know that is a legitimate surname, just don't know if it's June's legit surname or if she just adopted it to use for her persona in the industry.

Anyway, should we be really talking about June in here, when it's meant to be about venus? - I guess it really doesn't matter anymore seeing as how there's nothing much else to talk about.

No. 111871

File: 1599739299614.jpg (335.75 KB, 1080x1095, Screenshot_20200910-200212_Twi…)

She's leaving onlyfans for gumroad now?

No. 111878


A finger in every pie. lol Makes sense.

No. 111879

File: 1599742652010.jpg (167.34 KB, 1005x754, IMG_6889.jpg)

So, yes…

No. 111880

No fucking way she's 24. She must be 28 at least, but my guess is that she's actually past 30.

No. 111881

Blonde hair suits her so much better

No. 111883

Agreed, but I wouldn’t believe Venus’s age either if she hadn’t been so obviously young at the beginning of her YT career. Being a big ol ho in Japan must age a woman…

No. 111898

I wish I could upload this video directly but it’s something she tweeted out—a video clip of her grinding on a pillow making what she thinks is sexy orgasm sounds but sounding like a mewling kitten instead.


God, she’s such a fucking tool.

No. 111899

Are these pics what you consider her “looking good”? Just curious.

No. 111901

the expressionless face combined with the over the top moaning really takes the cake

No. 111902


isn't that audio from a hentai she's watching?

No. 111903

Wow, she's really cute when she's not doing that weird stuff with her mouth. It's quite refreshing to see what's under all these kawaii-alien edits and filters.

No. 111904

She’s just so stiff and awkward I cannot wrap my head around the fact that she went into sex work

No. 111916

File: 1599771234968.jpeg (143.82 KB, 656x1113, 50A992DB-DD71-4038-8F16-61A25D…)

RT if u wanna be dis pillow guys!

(gets 35 RTs)

No. 111924

File: 1599779181027.jpeg (84.96 KB, 732x795, E4805D1A-ACB6-4821-AD5D-33A2D2…)

Sorry but this girl with her creepy margo mouth is nowhere even remotely close to being “cute” or “looking good.”(nitpicking )

No. 111927

File: 1599782471199.jpg (Spoiler Image,408.43 KB, 1152x2048, 20200911_080106.jpg)

From her twitter. Does OF get updated as much as twitter nowadays?

No. 111929

No she abandoned it basically.

No. 111931

They're talking about the left pic, when she isn't making that weird grimace.

No. 111933

so you took my image that contrasts a shot of her looking good, to the comparison of her looking horrible, and you cropped the horrible one, and then thought to reply, "sorry this doesn't look good"? What level of ESL or semi-consciousness is this? You stupid fucking cunt

No. 111935

she looks like she's doing the worm, it's so not sexy.

No. 111942

File: 1599793523396.png (Spoiler Image,1.02 MB, 1195x893, 1.png)

not defending her, but this isn't true.

She's posted several times this week with nude or semi nude versions of this pillow set and sent out the full video of the pillow humping (the moans are from the AV she's masturbating to)

No. 111945

Lmao this is so fucking sad

No. 111963

Kek out of her 51.1k followers on twitter only 35 wanted to be the pillow, this says a lot

No. 111989


I have to laugh, someone could post something on here saying how they hated every single thing about her and how they think she's as ugly as sin but that there was just one picture where she looked halfway decent or even just passable, and that would be enough to trigger the "she's so ugly" nutjob to crawl out from under its stone in a frothing rage.

No. 111996

>>the moans are from the AV she's masturbating to)

Thankfully there is no sound on my end so didn't hear any moans. I doubt she's really masturbating though, more likely acting out what she thinks is masturbating.


Why did she have to ruin it by making that crude comment about sucking dicks? Disgusting!
Alright she wants to get into porn, she's very much into porn, okay we all get it, but that doesnt mean she has to make crude comments, and if she does, certainly not in totally inappropriate situations. I wonder whatever that guy must of thought? It was so cringey, he didn't know what to say when she made that comment, it's not like she was making a video w/ Sora, who probably wouldn't have minded and would likely found it funny. she's just letting herself down. No need to come out with crude and disgusting comments just because she is so into porn, not judging her for being into porn but she could learn a lot from June, who seems very professional and I'd be very surprised to hear June come out with inappropriate comments like that in the same situation.

And what the hell is up w/ her chin on this latest instagram post? You could cut paper with it. Either its grown longer and pointy-er or the picture has been edited again. I tried to save it but wasn't able to. https://www.instagram.com/p/CE-S-npAINC/

No. 112004

No one crawls out of the woodwork or gets triggered, you idiots need to stop saying someone who looks like a trainwreck looks pretty because of photoshop and makeup.

This isn't a praise topic.

No. 112013

Just calm down!!!
There will always be people who say she is pretty. I feel kind of stupid to even write this because normally it’s like “there will always be people who think someone is ugly”.

Seriously what’s wrong with you? I mean you are the one with the problem if you feel the urge to write this every time someone dares to write she looks good in some pictures.

No. 112025

File: 1599852149719.jpg (920.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200911-122012_Chr…)

(Imageboard newfag)

Can't believe Venus has abandoned her onlyfans and showed her tits in the first week… sucks to suck.

Anyone have any ideas on what she's gonna do now? She seems to be at Manakis but that can't last forever… kek.

No. 112027

Ew to that concentration camp body

No. 112032

File: 1599860024953.jpeg (376.4 KB, 750x987, 72EA01DF-A590-4F12-90F4-341421…)


>> Anyone have any ideas on what she's gonna do now?

Well apparently she’s turned to god now and getting bored of the whole I’m a slut phase she has

No. 112034

>Well apparently she’s turned to god now and getting bored of the whole I’m a slut phase she has

She could be just cosplaying a Christian. It'd be hilarious if she wasn't and was serious

No. 112036

its a thing from a movie. its not in the bible. its a monologue that a gangster makes up and then says he just made it up to sound badass

No. 112038

> gangster
excuse me you mental pleb, that was spoken by Samuel L. Jackson as Jules Winnfield in the movie, "Pulp Fiction"


I hope bony weenus sits on your face

No. 112041

It's from Pulp Fiction, it's not a real quote

No. 112049

I didn't expect Venus to know about movies/TV series other than anime and hentai.

No. 112050

Cuz she's like a weeb and so empty headed and isn't interested about anything that's not related to Japan(samefagging)

No. 112057

I can't see Venus becoming a pick me kek

No. 112068

Jesus, the difference between June's and Venus' videos are jarring. June talks to the makeup artist respectfully and they were having a nice, casual conversation, while Venus was all about 'So, What KINd of PORn Do YOu IMAgiNe ME sTarRING iN??? hEHehe I'M soo PERverTEd yoU gUYZZZ lOlZ'. You could tell the guy was super uncomfortable the whole time, bless his patience

No. 112069

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Venus must be slightly retarded in some way. If not that, maybe she's just addicted to embsrrassing herself after years of being shamed for everything and paraded around like a spectacle as a "living doll" by Marge. She really does act like those freaks who get off on public humiliation.

No. 112083


I honestly do think now she's going down the road of this horrible distortion as in the following: https://staging.worldofbuzz.com/chinese-girl-undergoes-intense-plastic-surgery-claims-beautiful/

I truly hope I'm wrong, but it seems Venus is not the only one who wants to make themself look ugly, so as it looks like it might be a 'thing' in some parts of the world. Shudder!

No. 112090

Twitter update

No. 112091

File: 1599921704161.jpg (1.19 MB, 2160x2880, 20200912_222111.jpg)

No. 112095

>>112091 That tied bf shirt is an old af trend…
Maybe in 2030 she will catch up and make ahegao faces??
Her ultra edited face is cute, not that uncanny, but still not her face.

>>112068 Knowing how japanese people are, I bet she's actually the first one on treating him like that.

No. 112111

File: 1599928938361.jpg (61.04 KB, 440x587, 005zF1sqjw1ev15z2se5ij30qo0zk4…)

That pinhead snake-lady look isn't kawaii. She looks like picrel.
Why she feels the need to shoop that much when she looks like this
>>111827 naturally is beyond me.

Not a fan by any means and I hope I don't sounds like a WK but yeah, it's just sad at this point.

No. 112118

new vid on youtube, she makes a rape joke in it(imageboard)

No. 112124

the entire video seems like shes reading off of a script while being held at gunpoint

No. 112127

kek this is giving me Kotashoop war flashbacks

This is an imageboard, you know.

No. 112143

File: 1599965757801.png (19.93 KB, 1143x185, ll.png)

She deletes comments now

No. 112144

Always has. Certain words are also shadowbanned (fuck, cunt, lolcow, pedophilia, etc) However, sometimes they don't get filtered, but usually in new videos if you post a comment with a blacklisted word it disappears automatically.

No. 112156

I never really watched Venus’ videos cause it wasn’t exactly my thing but I could see the appeal when it was about cute vlogs or make up tutorials.

I really really don’t see the point in her new ones. It’s boring as fuck, it’s not even funny (she just reads lame hentai memes In a deadpan voice, which is the most awkward thing ever even for funny people), her English somehow got worse over the years, she sounds like she’s struggling to read even the most basic sentences and her baby porn voice is not even good or cute. She sounds like a whiny door hinge.

Not even talking about the click bait title and thumbnail (it’s not even “if you cum you lose” kind of thing she’s looking at, it’s just dumb memes made out of hentai comics panels)

At least with the kawiwi content, she looked pretty happy and upbeat. Now she looks like she’s about to off herself any seconds. She claims she was always horny and wanted to do porn, but these repressed infantilised webs just don’t realise that because they like sex (which is a healthy thing), that means that they’re special hornet sluts who should go full pornstar route. If she never had any money problems she’d have never went to only fans, sugaring route. She’s so obviously not happy with the direction of her “career”. Can’t wait for her to quit doing porn and come back later saying how she was coerced into doing it and was never into that shit.

No. 112158

>Can’t wait for her to quit doing porn and come back later saying how she was coerced into doing it and was never into that shit.

She won't be able to. If she stops thotting, once her OF fans die off she's gonna be left with whichever kawaii weeb fans will follow her trying to emulate her life, but she's getting older and isn't doing anything worth doing with her dream life in Japan, so I think her weeb followers are waking up to the reality of being a white weeb in Japan relying on gaijin fetishists with no hobbies or goals.

No. 112184

It's my screen or her nose is missing in that pic? At least she didn't pose with her legs and arms curled up like a dead spider in this one, I give her that.

No. 112186

I got to 1:57 and I had to stop. The cringe is literally painful. She's so awkward and this "I'm totally sexual" larp she's doing is so out of character.

No. 112199

Finally she poses like a living person and not a corpse.

No. 112201


No. 112204

She's posed and dressed like one of those weird sex dolls.

No. 112213

File: 1600027002452.png (496.8 KB, 595x652, 091320.PNG)

Her new tweet today with Lana Del Rey lyrics

No. 112214

Lol Lana didn’t write that song. Come on now.

No. 112216

That not her song it from a band called Sublime.

No. 112217

Sorry longtime lurker here. Thanks for correcting me.

No. 112250

A lifetime of loathing her mom for making her a living doll, and now that she's free she becomes a sex doll. Haven't seen this scope of poetic irony in a long time

No. 112251

Calling her a sex doll it's so spot on now

No. 112271

Is she trying to be SSSniper Wolf’s autistic little sister? That was awful and a new level of embarrassing. There’s lots of funny hentai meme reaction videos out there but she is totally soulless. Not only does she have no comic timing(like her mom), but she’s clearly skin-walking and not at all acting like herself.

This girl must be a Maguro in bed. I don’t believe for a second that she knows how to enjoy herself or give genuine pleasure to anyone but a sadist.

No. 112279

Wait, why Tf isn’t anyone talking about the video? Wtf happened towards the end there? Was she having a breakdown or something?

No. 112301

Looks like she’s constipated and trying to take a shit and started to take pictures of her face to show everyone

No. 112315

probably because noone wants to read the same shit for the 100th timee.
we get it, you are amaerican, you had abstinence only sex ed, weigh 300 pounds and the only sexual experience you ahd growing up was with your family members.
we dont need to hear it constantly.

No. 112322

Go away, David. No scrotes allowed.

No. 112324

are you talking about this video >>112127 ? at the end when she is saying the meaningless generic filler crap she repeats herself because she forgot to edit it properly to just be one take, and she speaks incomprehensibly because she is lazy and
knows that nobody cares
welcome to venus

No. 112335

>>probably because noone wants to read the same shit for the 100th timee.

Totally with you on that one!

Just how many times are those retarded fools going to repeat the same old same old over and over and over again?

No. 112340

File: 1600085309755.png (691.5 KB, 541x676, Screenshot_2020-09-14 Venus on…)

No. 112341


A new tiktok to look forward to!

No. 112345

and June's posted her video with Venus now.

No. 112346

Can anyone translate?

No. 112347

Top: Forced by her mother to become a doll

Bottom: Looks like a doll; This doll-like YouTuber is in a threatening situation.

This is just probably some Indonesian horror story video. There's lots of videos like these from the Southeast Asian YouTube creators.

No. 112351

Whats that mark on her arm?

No. 112352


Dirt apparently, or so someone said in the comments.

No. 112353

Well, she calls herself a "cum dumpster"

No. 112387

I bet she had taken a previous picture where she was lying along her side, supporting herself with her elbow, and then some sand/dirt stuck

No. 112392

Can someone translate the last moments of June Lovejoy’s video with Venus? Why does she slap Venus in the face?

No. 112393

this reminds me of Daisy Ridleys "I'M ACTING" face except this is Venus' "I'M CUMMING" face

No. 112399

Venus asks her in the video two times to slap her. The video ends with June Lovejoy saying “Thank you so much for coming today” And then Venus responds randomly saying “hit me again”.

No. 112400

Oof i take it back, she's like a corpse still lmao

No. 112419

sorry for OT but what character is she supposed to be cosplaying here? i assume it’s a cosplay anyway

No. 112421

Shimakaze i think

No. 112423

Yeah it's shimakaze, a must for lazy costhots

No. 112447

File: 1600169302431.png (1.02 MB, 677x677, 1.png)

Latest IG. Rehashing old pictures again. Sexy ghost. Never noticed before that the crown has eyes on it. LOL. This sort of thing suits her I think.

No. 112451

It's Boosette damn what year is it. Her upper leg looks like a grandmas leg. So pale and saggy skin

No. 112452

Her leg looks skeletal, I suppose that goes with the ghost look though. I wonder if she's starving herself to look like that? She could do with a bit more flesh on her bones and if she did a bit of regular walking might firm them up too. I can't see how she could ever think those too skinny legs could ever look good. It just appears sickly and unhealthy. I wish she would look after herself better. Silly girl. She doesn't have to have thighs as thicc as June's, but just a little more of them would look so much better and make her look healthier too.

No. 112610

File: 1600300271590.png (267.28 KB, 771x871, Captura de pantalla 2020-09-17…)

With all this Vtuber thing being trendy, I just remembered that Malice persona from Venus.
She deleted all the content but not the Malice channel. Do you think she will return as a Vtuber?

No. 112611

File: 1600300303417.png (750.59 KB, 1530x765, Captura de pantalla 2020-09-17…)

How the Malice channel looks rn

No. 112622

it's always uncomfortable af when two gaijins speak moon together

No. 112638

June finally put subs on this video. Venus was talking about how she really loves to be hit and slapped, I wonder if that's where her bruises were coming from.

No. 112642

You can understand June pretty clearly but Venus slurs her words so much it's painful to hear.

They are so awkward thought. Like there should have been a camera on top so we can see the game, and they shouldn't talk about how they wanna have sex with each other constantly cuz It's obvious lies and the acting is atrocious.

No. 112646

I don’t think it was acting and more so that Venus is very awkward and hard to be around. Not defending the fat porn star, I just felt she was genuine and wanted to play a game with Venus while interviewing her but Venus is too autistic to be able to do two things at the same time. Also time stamp for when they said they wanted to have sex with each other? I didn’t catch that.

No. 112650

no particular time stamp. just the constant:

>kawaii desu ne!

>u naughty girl venus chan
>ouh the pheromones‼
>can u tie me up june chan??

and the "horny girl" acting atmosphere during the whole video.

i didn't watch it completely tbh

No. 112662

June seems so unusually grounded and upbeat for a sex worker

No. 112667

Yeah I thought so too. I dont like any of her porno stuff obviously but she seems sweet. I really hope she cuts ties with Venus before she gets swept up in the dumpster fire that is Venus Angelic I can really see her using June as a scapegoat for when she wants to ditch this “cum dumpster” persona.

No. 112672

How did you finnd her instagram? i think she deleted the account, so she might have been reading this thread. her features were so different. you can tell she has gotten some work done on her cheeks, eyes and mouth.

No. 112683

>Not defending the fat porn star

Is June really fat, or just compared to Venus?

No. 112686

>How did you finnd her instagram?

I didn't. Someone posted here that June went to the same community college as them and took a picture of her at a convention

No. 112687

I (!) wouldn't call her fat, but she's definitely chubby and, yes, compared to Venus she might look fat. But that's not that hard, I mean, Venus is skinny skinny!

No. 112689

shes a little chunky but she looks alive, venus looks like something that fell off a mortuary slab and im not saying that because she's skinny either

No. 112697

File: 1600379993847.jpeg (163.67 KB, 750x978, 0850C6C2-20BD-4997-8E61-F71239…)

She's not model thin, but she's definitely fit.

No. 112710

Her eyes and lips look the same to me. She just lost weight.

No. 112809

File: 1600417739832.jpg (514.21 KB, 971x1298, Screenshot_20200918_161238.jpg)

She did show a pic of her food at some point on insta and it was all like vegan noodles. Training doesn't do much if you can't feed the muscles properly.

Was that fan implying something sexual? "haha I wanna see u lift her" who the hell writes that.

No. 112813

….you don’t have to eat meat to build muscle…there are vegan athletes…

No. 112814

Vegan noodles doesn't really mean much, chickpea noodles are usually vegan and they're very rich in protein.

No. 112830


She certainly presents an opposite view from how the naysayers and moralisers like to say about sex workers being all trafficked etc. They must really hate June. Not saying I think much of sex work, I don't, but it's good to see that people can do it successfully and all the horror stories that the morals brigade likes to present to the world, is not entirely true.

No. 112832


Venus would look a lot healthier if she only put on a little bit of weight, mainly on her thighs. In some of her recent pictures, her legs look emaciated. I cant understand how she could ever think that looks attractive. June could do with losing a little bit of weight around her hips and thighs but even so, she still manages to look good despite being a little on the chunky side.

I wouldn't be surprised if Venus was starving herself, or eating junk food and then purging. Or maybe the stomach surgery mucked up how her body can absorb nutrients. Whatever, she needs to gain some weight on her thighs and maybe walk around more to build up some muscle to firm them up. She doesn't need to go to a gym or anything like that, those sort of places would be probably too stressful and noisy for a quieter, more introverted, sensitive person, but there is so much she could do on her own.

Japan looks a lovely place to go walking in, so many beautiful areas, she's lucky to live there.

No. 112833

it's not trafficking more than it is grooming nowadays. girl probably was exposed to hentai as a kid or something judging by the fact that she was indeed a weeb at a younger age…

No. 112836


Considering the successful ones seem to have natural charisma, work well with others and are able to stick to a schedule, I'd think not.

No. 112846

Wishful thinking anon, benoos prefer the frail anachan loli menhera aesthetic. It's her uwu I'm a unstable suicidal little girl comfort zone and that's all her ego needs, no amount of healthy habits and exercise will give her the kind of attention she's addicted to.

No. 112936

Venus ENUNCIATE your fucking words for the love of god

No. 113053

File: 1600561947084.jpg (122.01 KB, 1411x468, SmartSelect_20200920-023140_Sa…)

Is that a hint that she expects to be someone's "cute" stay at home wife and be enabled to contribute nothing?

No. 113087

yes Penus, last time you were a cute stay at home wife you cheated on your visa husband and ruined his almost non-existent reputation.

No. 113088

File: 1600578724799.png (874.63 KB, 825x1329, Screenshot_20200920-001154.png)

Ok then…

No. 113097

NTA but I like seeing “real life venus” content! I respect her choices but her SW stuff is disorienting because of how much she alters herself, so to me it’s uncomfortable. But l love this picture

No. 113099

It's more of a "I want a girlfriend" post…

No. 113108

She looks fucking psycho in this video. The crazy eyes are unreal.

No. 113110

Being a responsible adult would be committing to extensive therapy, not binge drinking and smoking. Don't be like her tardgelics on insta "soo wholesome grown up boss bitch uwu"

No. 113111

this bitch's eyes are popping so far out of her head she looks like graves disease here

No. 113112

she's starting a manyvids as per the description of that video, she had mentioned she had thought of a better way to do more hardcore content in a previous post, I guess this is the way.

No. 113120

File: 1600605181757.png (1.01 MB, 1314x984, Peenusangelic.png)

New thread pic inspired by the recent video

No. 113122

She's holding them wide-eyed to make them appear larger. She has a weird obsession with her eyes being large (from eye enlarging makeup, to aegyo sal makeup and tape, to wide-eyed looks, to squinting to simulate the appearance of protruding eyes (hers are actually deep-set) to editing on photos and even camera with apps. It's because big eyes are the anime/weeaboo standard, as is having a fringe, straight brows and pointed chin. It's amazing how all her features look different in every picture and video. If you look at her childhood photos though, her eyes are smaller, deeper and almond versus round, her face is wide asf despite her using hair/tricks/angles and editing to slim it, her lips are thin/shapeless and not "doll-like." It amazes me her fans never notice.

in regards to the video, she also has a weird obsession with attempting to convince everyone to support her being a whore (and bitch). She's still so bothered that people don't like her and her content, when she went about it in the worst and most selfish way possible. She's lucky she has any fans given the vile shit she has pulled. Being bitchy and condescending in the video doesn't help.

Also this quote lmao. "life really is about you and not other people" - Venus 2020. Now everything she's ever done makes sense. She's selfish and vapid and lacking total empathy if this is her motto. A true sociopath would say something like that. No wonder she screwed so many people, used her mom as a momager, used her visa husband, commit illegal visa fraud, used a few more managers, scammed fans, sugared, cheated, dated a pedo for money, pedo-pandered, seems to have gotten in trouble with the law recently according to Marge, suicide-baited, admit to making up abuse stories, and even used a child's sexual abuse to further victimize herself etc etc. She's like Gabbie Hanna. Only cares for herself. A sociopath. I hope she gets her comeuppance, so maybe she will one day realize that life isn't all about yourself and using others like pawns. She needs a huge bite out of a humble pie.

No. 113123

The irony is that she unfortunately looks a lot older than her age, just because you edit your pictures and videos to look younger doesn’t mean that’s the reality, she’s just deluding herself if she thinks she looks young anymore and believes everyone sees her as young too which I assure you they don’t

No. 113125

she speaks too much. her actions make everybody believes she's in a very unhealthy place rn. you wanna be a SW venus? stop being so uncomfortable all the time, stop lurking here and don't let your body language show us how you are unwell in your body.

she really wasn't made for youtube… did her speech get worst?

No. 113131

She's supposedly so sexual yet she doesn't even know her kinks and kept dancing around until she could buy time to think of something. It's blatantly obvious this sex crap is just another persona because OF was making her a lot of money, so she'd say anything to play that up. She also said she liked pain as her second kink, yet she supposedly couldn't finish her first time since it was painful. Wouldn't our "hypersexual masochistic special snowflake deviant" like the pain? She's so fake, it's nauseating. And it's such a contrast to June, who actually seems to genuinely enjoy her job so she doesn't have to contradict herself. I think Venus just wants to appear different, quirky and "not like the other girls", along with milking OF for as much money as she can while it lasts. And of course she'll only address the Japanese viewers at the end. Thirsty for the Jap following. I think June is just a tool for her. But I suppose the same can be said about June.

No. 113132

Exactly like Gabbie Hanna who kept insisting she's a nice person, nice to her friends etc. When a person is so adamant about pushing a narrative, it's usually a good indicator that it's not true.

No. 113137

I don't think she loathed Margo for building her channel. She wanted that channel built. She left margo for other reasons, but not because she was forced to be a doll, which she wasn't. It was convenient for her to have someone build her channel and do most of the work, then she can take it and go her own way, because she never liked her mom's personality, which is understandable (not that she has a better one herself).

No. 113141


It is clear enough, read it again, she's saying that she's a girl but she wants a cute stay at home wife! She's not saying she wants to be one.


Poor lungs, Venus. [Hope she doesn't do this often, but oh well, she's an adult, its up to her if she wants to damage her health.]

>>Being a responsible adult would be committing to extensive therapy

Uh, no. Not everyone is American, you know.


I get the impression you don't like her much. lol

Whatever, it's all got so boring.( learn to integrate. Typing like an autist)

No. 113143

It’s comments like these that make me think Venus comes into these threads to white knight herself, but in an inconspicuous way lol people other than Americans go to therapy. What did Venus mean by this comment (thinking emoji) lol /s

Exactly lmfao Venus is supposed to be some horny wittle loli uwu but she couldn’t even answer simple questions about her own sexuality and even when she did they contradicted each other. I don’t think June is using Venus in the way Venus blatantly uses her. For their collab videos when Venus first posted her shitty audio quality video with no effort editing and June shared it and interacted in the comments. Yet June edits a video with Japanese subtitles and English subtitles, uploads it and Venus never shares it. I feel bad for anyone who interacts with Venus in her ~hentai loli meme phase~.

No. 113160

Honestly venus, do you think you can sustain your whoring lifestyle and still have enough followers to survive in 5+ years when filters and make up won't be enough to hide your age? The older you get the less attractive you'll be, never forget that. Time is against you, so better start learning a job that involves your brain and not your soon worthless body before it's too late and you end up miserable like your mom.

No. 113161

Venus could you be any less obvious?

The timing of this comment to defend yourself to a bunch of strangers which is right after you uploaded that video to "silence" the anyone who doesn't agree with your actions… coincidence?

maybe that video was to convince yourself and make it seem like you don't care what people say, but deep inside you really really do and can't live without the validation.

No. 113170

Like clockwork kek

No. 113178

Venus don't forget that once you turn 30 reality will hit in. Maybe for now people keep up with your crappy bitchy personality but after 30 you'll start realizing that people can't stand you anymore and you'll have to deal with your shitty personality all by yourself. Have fun!

No. 113183

Why are the cows always so obvious when they try to defend themselves on here kek

No. 113186

Ikr? They lurk for a long time yet they cannot learn how to integrate.

No. 113213

It's all gone a bit Britney Spears.

Okey dokey. You're a great big dirty whore now. Alsatians, the lot. Sometimes someone is doing you from behind and you don't even turn around to see who it is. Very adult. 10 penises out of 10. Brand = rebranded.

The growth has to start soon, right?

No. 113273


Flattered if you really think I'm Venus, lol. And anyone else here stupid enough to go with that. I was hardly white knighting her anyway, or I wouldn't have been critical of her smoking that whatever it was thingy.

Yes other people apart from Americans go to therapy, but I don't think any other nation is so obsessed with therapy as America is, and to the rest of the world looking on it just looks like therapy is just a way of life over there, rather than something that only some people feel the need for.

>>The older you get the less attractive you'll be

Um, are you a pedo or something? You are saying that only young people can be considered attractive. So how old do they have to be until they can be legally thought of as "attractive" in your view? Afterall, anything under 18 is considered a "child" and not allowed to be considered 'attractive' or your a pervert if you do. So, if 18 is the age as when someone can be considered attractive, that only leaves a few very short number of years until they are considered 'past it'. How sad for the human race.

No, I'm not Venus, just someone bored of there being really nothing much of any interest to be talked about in Venus-land anymore.

No. 113274

Basically Venus is a shell of a person. Money dictates her actions and her personality. She'll chase the coin and change herself accordingly, at least to the public. She'll use people and whatnot. And she makes a fool of herself once more in her latest video. Beyond pathetic at this point.

No. 113276

I'd rather feel insulted if anyone ever confused me with a retarded womanchild who cannot even change a sanitary pad, but whatever floats your boat anon

No. 113277


Just because someone is pretty neutral and doesn't write something straight-up hating her, it doesn't mean they were defending her either. It's just irritating when people read something and actually they've misread it, or interpreted wrongly what they read and then run with their mistake as if what they thought something said was fact. [As in, she said she wanted a cute stay at home wife, but people were commenting as though she was saying that was what she wanted to be, and all because someone made a comment about something they didn't read properly, or didn't understand properly, and I just like people to get their facts right before they start a discussion about it.

But yes, I thought too that if she was truly not that bothered about what people say about her, then she wouldn't have felt the need to make that video talking about it. She should just go on with doing what she wants and ignore what anyone says or she'll never get anywhere if she's always going to be obsessing about what Internet trolls are saying about her, or 'concerned' fans, or whoever. If she's now doing what she truly wants to do, then she needs to have the courage of her convictions and just do it anyway regardless of what anyone says.


I guess money has to be important to most people, the world is structured in such a way as most people have no choice but to care about money. And when someone is alone and having to look out for themself then of course money is going to be important. Unless one can make enough of it so that it no longer needs to be an issue of course, but only a few very fortunate people can reach that enviable position.

No. 113278

File: 1600693140058.gif (1.38 MB, 390x187, cope.gif)

all they're getting at is that venus is ageing poorly and she's not going to get any better looking with her poor diet and alcoholism so shut the fuck up with your pedo shit. yes, most people are naturally attracted to youthful looks, shock. this is particularly true in the line of "work" venus has chosen, in case you werent aware. her life and income rotates around her fleeting looks and she has no plan b. this retard cant even run a livestream without fucking up, do you think she's gonna be responsible with the money she's making now and invest in her future? not a chance

but if it makes you feel better to call people who are just being realistic pedos, you do that

No. 113280

>Internet trolls
White knight exposed. Sex work is bad for her because of all her addictions. And she's likely only doing it for easy money (which will only result in her stagnating as a person and indulging in her laziness) which seems to govern her entire existence, moral code (or lack thereof), ethics etc, so people who are against it, are not "trolls." A girl with mental issues who thinks it's quirky and romanticizes them, shows them off to the internet for attention, has addictions, an immature, infantile "i'm so edgy uwu" personality, an eating disorder, vain to the extreme, extreme editing and so forth should NOT be engaging in sex work. And she certainly shouldn't be pushing this crap via her old audience, given that she spent years acting kawaii for attention and just last year was chest-binding to look like a loli kid. After pretending to be kawaii for so long and amassing a young audience, she can't just flip the switch 180 and promote her inappropriate content to them. But again, she doesn't give a shit about ethics or morality, just the fattest paycheck. She's way too unstable and immature for the sex industry.

>I guess money has to be important to most people
Money being important is one thing. But throwing away your integrity and ethics for it is almost never justified. Using others as a means to an end or tools is not justified. Scamming your fanbase is not justified. Letting money mold your personality is not justified. Dating pedophiles for money (and not giving a shit about abused children, except how you can use them for your own gain) is not justified. Committing illegal acts like visa fraud to leech off someone and be financially secure is not justified. I'm not talking about just caring for money. I'm talking about caring about it to the sociopathic extreme, which is the case with Venus.

No. 113282

That is nightmare fuel.

Is she having some kind of episode or is she just high af in that video? It’s creepy

No. 113283


I got the impression that despite her protestations to the contrary, she was harbouring a lot of suppressed rage in that video.

I wouldn't like to get on the wrong side of her. I could see her going into full psycho mode if anyone upset her too much.

No. 113284

If you can only read a post to its literal meaning, and not suspect any hints, what are you doing in such forums? Venus insta and youtube comments are the proper place for you.

No. 113285

sounds like the same anon who has been sperging about beenOs is sOO pretteyyyy!!!/wHy R u pOstiNg HaTe on bEeNoS thReAd for the past 2-3 threads

No. 113287

>defend Baby Beenos taking nudes in diapers
>"Um, are you a pedo? You shouldn't be allowed to get attracted to minors"
kek what a fucking retard

No. 113288

I thought they more resemble that dude that was snapping at anyone who thought Venus was an asshole for abruptly changing to erotic content with no consideration towards her underage fans. Pretty sure he made comments about “Americans” being prudes and went on creepy rants about child sexuality.

No. 113292

Uncensored porn isn’t allowed to be made or distributed within Japan so I’m so fucking excited for her to get jail time and or deported as a result of showing her put a corn dildo in her raw meow meow online.

No. 113297

Venus made a livestream reading "hate" comments on Lolcow so it's not that far fetched to think that she comes here to defend herself (I'd love to see her posts history kek)

>Long wall of text
>"haters" "resident retard" "pearl-clutcher" "you're jealous!" "she's pwetty uwu"

Ding ding ding! Pretty sure it's the same old scrote derailing every thread since Peenus started OF. And I don't understand why he isn't permaban yet (unless he's ban-evading? Idk)

No. 113312

Do you remember which thread was that she was reading? I want some laughs lol

No. 113315

This made me think that does she use uppers or something? Her wide eyes and getting more shaky made me think that.

No. 113321

So this girl spoke for 7 min straight, and wasn't able to say anything intelligent or deep at all. But she looks so sure that she showed us with her opinions. She honestly makes me feel so easily superior lol, sad girl.

On another note, I felt like she could beat people in front of her with those possessed eyes. I wonder if she's prone to be aggressive…. (I know I'm reaching).

No. 113322

Nta but I remember it was this one >>62881 she commented on the dead hamsters in OP pic.

No. 113335


nudes or gtfo venus kek

No. 113384


if she had any sense, which she doesn't appear to have, she'd stop getting affected by what anybody says about her and just get on with doing whatever it is she wants to do. I bet anyone you can think of who is truly successful just learnt to ignore hate comments from people and not allowed themselves to get bogged down with dwelling on it and reacting to it. They just shrug it off and ignore it, Venus don't seem able to do that. At least not now, in her early days on youtube she always ignored hate comments and just got on with doing what she did anyway, but maybe that was because her mother was controlling things and reigned Venus in if she wanted to react, and at least in that respect, Margo was the more sensible of the two.

No. 113389

She used to ignore comments a while after she ran away as well, but I think she had a more balanced input in negative and positive feedback so she could compensate.
But with her SW phase she gets way more hate than support and is suddenly not able to cope with it.
Rather imature but since she doesn't have anymore friends to confide in, she has to release all her outbursts on the internet.

No. 113393

I actually love Venus. I want to spread my seed all over her sweet little pussy and > i m p r e g n a t e < her. I want her to kiss my > p e n i s < and tell me how > t a s t y < it is. I want her to put her small ass on my face so I can > d e v o u r < her delicious steamy flaming hot shit and I want her to call me a dirty > b i t c h n i g g e r < when I do this. I want to be inside her with my whole body.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 113394

PM her on onlyfans and what's even funnier, you might actually get a chance lmao

No. 113403

apparently she's starting a manyvids??

No. 113441

No matter what new platform she jumps into ,it always will be the same boring poor quality content.

No. 113453

Is this Venus lurking in the thread again?

No. 113467

What incoherent babble. Venus CHOSE to post disturbing and concerning content and videos over and over for years so she frightened an audience who really cared about her. An audience consisting of many vulnerable young girls experiencing troubles of their own. She demanded their emotional investment, created villains for them to target, and urged them to share their own personal traumas in public to pretend she wanted a dialogue about mental health.

But all she wanted was their devoted attention and once people wised up to how she was manipulating them, she is now pulling this “You don’t know the REAL me! Get a life, losers! YOLO” So why did she choose to show the very worst side of herself if she was just going to mock anyone that wanted to help? You post nonstop crazy and suicide bait, while equating healthy adult sexuality with being a mindless human toilet. She is truly dead inside.

No. 113468

NTA but does it seem like Venus is constantly making new platforms/ accounts / etc?

OF is new, she is talking about making a 2nd OF, gumroad (?), new tiktok name, tried VenusDemonic on instagram, manyvids (?), malice, etc. She is constantly seeking fleeting attention, but it is never going to compare to her moment of fame that she had as a teenager.

No. 113479

No way, she can't be this funny

No. 113485


I think people are reaching a bit if they honestly believe Venus is spending time reading and commenting here. It's not that important to her, come on. She might be a loser but she's not that much of a loser.
I doubt the troll was even being serious, just a load of disgusting drivel from just another sad loser.

And people are talking about nothing here because there really is nothing to talk about anymore. Until such time as she does something worth talking about, which maybe she won't. And what then?

No. 113489

She's literally proven she does does.

Why are you trying to defend? You're not gonna get a free OF sub lol.

No. 113490

Venus is someone who cares a lot about what others think of her. So yes, she will be reading here. Plus, she's literally proven she read here, when she 1. used what an anon once said here in her instagram caption and 2. made a video about lolcow and other gossip sites. Fuck off white knight.

No. 113492

Lmao Penus whiteknights are so pathetic

she literally recorded herself browsing her own lolcow thread

No. 113510

She is unemployed with no plans for further education. She doesn't have any skills or hobbies that keeps her busy. She isn't occupied with any friends or families. Her whole 'career' depends on her online presence. Sure let's pretend she is so far-fetched to think she browses lolcow.

Also please don't say she's busy making content. For someone with no other obligations and years of experiences, she can do better. Most of her contents are rehashed bullshit.

No. 113545

because making announcements is easier than follow through with content, that's the pattern we have seen from her. and presumably people sign up on each platform with a paying subscription, wait for content that never really comes but constant new platforms is new signups is repeat income

No. 113567

Is Venus’ reality distorted so much that she thinks she has a job? Or does she have awareness that’s she’s just doing what other people do as side income in addition to their studies/job, or as a small fraction of their work? Ordinary teachers make massive amounts of video content in addition to teaching, as an example. Everyone is doing more online and it makes her seem inept. /kind of a blog rant

No. 113587

File: 1600945059698.jpg (24.83 KB, 373x492, image1.jpg)

No. 113588

those wings are so cute, does anyone recognize them? Are they part of the lingerie set?

No. 113590

her ears look so large wtf and she's getting skinnier by day. Not anorexic my ass.

No. 113596


Picture would be cute but spoiled by too skinny thighs.

No. 113597


No idea but i was so distracted by how awfully skeletal her thighs look, i could hardly notice anything else. She really needs to have thighs a little thiccer if she really wants to look good. Not as much as what June Lovejoy has, but quite honestly, I think June's thighs, even though fatter, look more appealing than Venus's thighs, at least they look healthy. Those awful bony thighs are a complete turn off for most people, surely?

No. 113631

I don't think she's that thin but it's a bad combo of being skinny plus zero physical activity that she's kinda flabby - her muscles just droop off her bones. that's why she looks super thin like she's wasting away. could be hitting the sauce pretty hard/years of it taking a toll on her body.

No. 113640

I know in America we're used to seeing fat fucks..but she is INSANELY SKINNY. Mixed with her shit diet, it does make it look worse, but she is very, very skinny there's no denying that lol.

No. 113661

Can totally agree, although you always have to keep in mind, that she lives in Japan and most of those idols there look just as skinny. Not healthy, no, but it seems to be some kind of beauty standard there. You can see it in clothing, sizes,…

No. 113668

Could also be editing. She's often shooped her body (like thighs, waist, ankles shoulders etc). On some pics she looks bigger, then on others insanely underweight. We can already see she shooped the fuck out of her face she doesn't look like herself, so why not her body? She looks different on every pic and video.

No. 113669

File: 1600978248858.jpg (14.68 KB, 267x395, 789787987.jpg)

No. 113671

File: 1600978272893.jpg (15.89 KB, 264x395, 687668767.jpg)

No. 113672

File: 1600978342005.jpg (21.72 KB, 291x395, 6876786786.jpg)

No. 113673

File: 1600978480952.png (74.64 KB, 226x395, 786876.png)

Not sure if this was posted, but first nudes? "First nudes." Is she actually making such a blatant lie for money? And people dont call her out

No. 113674

File: 1600978573667.png (74.5 KB, 421x395, 5645656.png)

Promoting herself on twitter like crazy

No. 113675

File: 1600978687171.png (69.8 KB, 805x388, 3423432.png)

Apparently she had an editor for one of her videos. Yes, she's that lazy.

No. 113677


Holy fuck how do people look at this and think it looks good? The shadows are so unflattering. You can see her real face (not that it's bad but compared to her photoshop… FUCK)

I am the same samefag anon that said nudes or gtfo and she really posted nudes… kek. Venus confirmed

No. 113678

…Are you looking at the right country? Cuz Actual Idols/AV stars DO NOT look unhealthy lol. Being an Idol is actually a workout.

No. 113708

I think this Video is just partially bullshit.

No. 113711

This picture is so fucking bad and sad at the same time. It almost makes me kind of nauseous.
That white costume/underwear makes the colors of those pillows, blanket and the curtain thing looks like they’re very old or kind of yellowed and greyish-white.
The messy curtain gap on the left side makes me wanna punch her in the face.

No. 113714


I can't unseen it now. All of Venus's photo sets are so half assed…

No. 113715


I forgot to sage my b

No. 113731

I couldn't even get to watch it all. Boring af and I can't even understand her english

No. 113734

it's me or her chin xmelted into her neck?

Every single pic of hers of her SW phase has boring backdrops, lame props and decoration, bad quality looking costumes and lingerie. These might be the cheapest love hotels she can afford.

No. 113735

Do you guys think Venus could be doing drugs?

I'm sure drugs are hard as fuck to find in Japan but not impossible. I just wonder where all her money goes besides the alcoholism. No sage 4 discussion purposes.

No. 113743

She looks like a Ukrainian prostitute.

No. 113746

She's streaming on twitch right now @venusangelicofficial

No. 113750

File: 1601026744062.jpg (62.15 KB, 1044x630, 1234561.JPG)

shes slurping on grape jelly balls and making a mess, its pretty gross really

No. 113755

File: 1601032394668.jpeg (1.12 MB, 3191x3347, 7DEFBAF7-E621-4769-A841-54C693…)

Excuse me but what in the actual fuck is she doing on stream??? It looks like she’s trying to appear smexy while sucking on a grape candy but it just looks awful, I had to close twitch as I was getting strong second hand embarrassment from watching her

No. 113756

is she pandering to the felatio-horse-face crowd? i know everyone here goes "how is this hot in any way?!!!" but that's a popular kink among (japanese) pervs.

No. 113761


Fifty dorrer? Unacceptabur!

It figures people with no real concept of the value of money would charge stupid money for ten photos. Then again they probably get what they ask from other idiots too.

No. 113763

It's not a lack of value in money, it's because they know their simps will pay the money. It's like Momokun charging nearly 60-90$ for subpar heavily edited photos.

No. 113765

File: 1601037950872.jpeg (60.76 KB, 547x664, F3C0399B-4898-4F54-ABB5-C969AC…)

How is she able to stretch her mouth that long? what on earth made her think that doing that stream on twitch was a good idea?

No. 113766

No. 113772

File: 1601047476326.jpg (735.84 KB, 742x466, 9wKFSbI.jpg)

Some things never change

No. 113774

That absolute horror need to be the next thread pic

No. 113776

>trying to appear smexy
yeah… why do you think her 'sexy' expressions look more like she's either totally fake or it's somehow painful? she's like someone who was recently released from their basement imprisonment and has no idea how to make proper (human) facial expressions.

No. 113778

I think the anon who made the pedo comment must think women go through menopause the moment they turn 30. The same kinds of people think women should be killed when they turn 30. Autism + pedophilia = worst combo ever.

No. 113779

File: 1601051541289.png (404.75 KB, 672x367, monke.png)

venus going full monke

No. 113783

Hey come on now, that's insulting. The monkey could never be as ugly as Venus!! kek

No. 113794

File: 1601060392029.jpg (76.28 KB, 224x225, apjezEt.jpg)

Agree, she looks more like that one Plants vs Zombies plant.

No. 113801

She so badly wants to appear teeny tiny by being as skinny as possible (and maybe shopping), but she looks like she is 10 feet tall.

No. 113808

Well maybe that's why she only has 100 views there, and most likely its because an anon advertised it in lolcow. xD

Either that or she is really fucked up in her head. I remember that she said in one her videos with June that she admitted that she wanted to lick a guy's body scent/sweat (without him showering before) or something like that…

She looked damned serious so if that's what turns her on, I wouldn't be surprised that this in her opinion is a turn on as well.

And besides, if she's really a Virgin as she claims to be, then most likely she invents stuff in her head about what she thinks she would love to do irl.

It's funny, she claims she likes it rough in bed but how the hell would you know that for a fact if you didn't even try it. And her first time she stopped because it was "too painful" to her….wasn't she supposed ot enjoy the pain?

Anyways, she's all lies and contradictions, she has ZERO experience in sex and she claims she has all these kinks… yeah….. right.(XD)

No. 113809

No wonder she doesn't shower for days/weeks when she likes to lick sweat off some greasy dudes. Yuck.

No. 113816

>she admitted that she wanted to lick a guy's body scent/sweat

so much for being totemo lesbian 10000% gay and psycho want a stay at home wife

No. 113827

I think it's shooped. Venus is underweight but not petite. She has wider butt/hips/thicker calves/is on the taller side, yet she looks petite in that pic. Def edited.

She's not a virgin, if she was even telling the truth. She said she tried sex with one guy (she would have been married to manaki at this point but didn't refer to the guy as manaki – was prob that korean guy), then with her husband manaki but it "couldn't go all the way in." That doesn't make her a virgin. She also said she "played around" with girls, though I personally don't believe this claim.

No. 113834

When you think it can’t get any worse…
She looks like she’s mentally disabled. I mean we already know she is crazy, kind of, but that photo is the worst.
Does she really think this looks sexy and appealing? More like she got lost somewhere, tired, exhausted and not able to find the next public toilet on her own.

No. 113836

This is hilarious. This picture looks so fucking stupid.

No. 113837

What stream. YouTube? I want to watch that mess kek

No. 113853

File: 1601097614201.jpg (Spoiler Image,41.3 KB, 219x275, 1537743205389.jpg)

like mother like daughter

No. 113865

File: 1601106327653.png (Spoiler Image,295.87 KB, 354x480, 7897897.png)


No. 113866

It was on her Twitch account, but I don't think it's up anymore, unless an anon saved it

No. 113885


Tho in this pic her mother looks to have a better body than Venus, not so scrawny skinny.

No. 113957

omg I thought the same ! As horrible as it is to say but her mom does have a better body than Venus herself hahah ewww!

No. 114026

you know someone is really perverted when they have to constantly remind you of that fact, lol

No. 114037

File: 1601213870271.jpg (Spoiler Image,256.92 KB, 2048x1536, 20200927_213856.jpg)

No. 114038

Do they have to pay to have access? If so, she's probably hoping her fangelics who aren't interested in her sex work will pay as well just to get a chance to talk to her since she abandoned the other discord

No. 114041

no they just have to send her their discord on her onlyfans so she can add them
i guess its to prevent randoms from getting in

No. 114044

Doesn't it seem like she's trying to be a bit like Belle Delphine, with lewd anime theme cosplay and posing on the bed with plushies etc? Or is it just a common e thot girl thing to do idk

No. 114046

nah i'd say its a common ethot thing to do nowadays

No. 114055

oh boy, that face editing

No. 114075

Okey this looks halfway professional but her face looks like a Gangnam Unnie

No. 114082

I was about to say wow, she actually looks decent

No. 114092

I suppose if she is going to immensely edit her face until unrecognizable, this is a little nicer to look at than the skinny/pointy face alien thing she normally does.

No. 114093

Venus do be slaying that $3 lingerie set

No. 114095

File: 1601238284032.png (2.64 MB, 1558x1318, Screen Shot 2020-09-27 at 1.10…)

Little scammer charged $10 for a video of her "naked apron" + "nude apron", saying "I want you to watch me take this apron off", and then there is no nudity (top or bottom). Blatant scamming.

No. 114099

is it the angle? I feel like her face is getting longer and longer. you know how as you age your titties sag? for her it's her literal skull

No. 114109

Can't believe people are still paying for clothed pictures, lol

No. 114110

No one pays for clothed pictures, people get bait and switched by these whores lol.

No. 114116

File: 1601242610573.webm (5.73 MB, 704x480, Screen Recordingq (1).webm)

I wanted to clip this shorter but couldn't figure it out. Anyhow, enjoy watching Venus' face morphing and glitching in a recent video.

No. 114123

she's shooping herself half Korean again

No. 114126

Did she upload only her face? Also kek the face filters are so creepy

No. 114128

half korean or half shovel?

No. 114136

Her whole self was in the video, but the only place where warping happened was at the very top of the video

No. 114138

File: 1601250274454.png (Spoiler Image,416.99 KB, 521x873, 1.png)

I realise you have a simp vendetta because you paid her $10 whole dollars (wow) and didn't get what you thought you were getting but that isn't true at all. This is the DM and you can see her pasties and underwear in the preview she sent out.

This was also sent on the 20th and today she made a doublepost on her timeline saying "nude apron" or "naked apron" which is where the lies are, but it's not a scam.

No. 114139

File: 1601250378860.png (Spoiler Image,904.25 KB, 683x1324, 2.png)

cap of the public post

No. 114142


Not the same anon, but she said she'd take the apron off. Which she didn't. She's also been posting most of her of stuff on twitter for free, but I guess simps are idiots for paying. Some of her simps were complaining that there is little nudity and few posts and lot of re-posts and seem to be getting fed up. Also let's not pretend venus hasn't scammed before. The fanclub was a scam, as was the free switch and probably other stuff I forgot.

No. 114144

She’s a catfishing scammer, just like her mommy.

No. 114145

taking the apron off is exactly what she does do in the video, it's even posted here >>114116

she just has X pasties on and underwear underneath

the only mention of nude was in the doublepost on the 27th, 1 week later. which is the lie as I said

No. 114146

>she just has X pasties on and underwear underneath

Which is a common thing with "nude" with e-thots, it's not nude. No it's not a nitpick either, when you say nude you mean nude.

>the only mention of nude was in the doublepost on the 27th, 1 week later. which is the lie as I said

Which goes with what was stated earlier:

>people get bait and switched by these whores lol.

Pasties normally was done to skirt censorship on thotreon and instagram, Manyvids and Onlyfans allow nudity.

No. 114147

Did she copy pasted her head in both photos or?

No. 114148

Yeah but if she says she'll take the apron off, people are expecting nudes, not clothes underneath, so she's just tricking them and I'm guessing the dumb simps were once again, disappointed with being mislead and wasting their money

No. 114150

her hairy thighs lol

No. 114152

I'm OP, and I did buy it today. $10 is quite a lot given that you pay for her profile and don't get anything for it (beyond what you can get on twitter), unless you pay for these additional things. (So, you pay $6.99 for literally nothing, and then an extra $10 for something that isn't on twitter). Also the clip was really short. Most videos I have bought from others are at least 5 minutes, Venus charged $10 for less than 1.5 minutes.

I do think she is a scammer, despite your arguments. Do you really think she isn't trying to deceive? And asking for money for things that she also posts for free is a scam.

That being said, I pay for drama and train wrecks… so I am satisfied and am not having a "simp vendetta" lol

No. 114153

Oh wow, I didn't even notice at first goes to show how much of shit she actually gives about the few people sticking around for her new content. She has always been a lazy good for nothing ever since Margo I'm guessing stopped doing all the work for her. I mean the fact she doesn't edit her photos very well but has been an online personality for so long is kinda of the dead giveaway for how low her actual skill knowledge is.

No. 114158

Ohhhh I get it now. She included those teeny tiny glimpses of clothing, to make sure that nobody expecting noods acccidentally bought her product. She definitely was not hoping that nude-desiring individuals would pay her

No. 114175

Thank you Anon for your sacrifice.

Venus is truly a scammer and something else. Her jaw shifting in the video is so bad, she looks so cheap nowadays. Is this really all to her life now…

No. 114244

File: 1601317032930.jpg (438.63 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200928-130552_Chr…)

It appears venus doesn't take care of herself(newfag)

No. 114248

Do you mean the outgrown fake nails or am I missing something?

No. 114260


I think it’s about her hairy thigh.
But yeah, nails too.

No. 114266

Haven't checked this thread for a while, this is my fav. Very bug splatted on windscreen-chic, very sexy Venus.

I know she has a lot of creep fans but this was a very ill-advised career for someone so unsexy. The most recent photos in the thread are shooped beyond recognition.

No. 114268

Seems extremely lazy to leave yourself visibly hairy when you are trying to be a kawaii loli animu princess. She really is incapable of putting her entire bony ass into anything she does, everything has to be so slapped together. It is like she has no interests at all, a complete blank slate human being who waits for someone else to project things onto her, and then she halfheartedly mimics those things.

No. 114271


she was too busy airbrushing and shooping her face and collarbones

No. 114273

Don't forget about her long nipple-hair kek. She probably thinks that because Japanese like pubes she doesn't have to take care of any body hair whatsoever

No. 114275


Can some talented anon please make a photo compilation that shows the various faces that Venus has morphed into recently? Like kind of a Brady Bunch style group of pictures.

No. 114301


She has a lot of body hair, especially on the pubis. Oh and don't forget the loooong ass ridiculous hair she had on her tit. That photo is in the previous thread I think.

No. 114303

No. 114305

shaving your arms = taking care of yourself?
i never shaved my arms in my life. and i wouldnt give a shit about whether a girl has hair on hers.
i wouldnt hav guessed what you are refering to in years if i hadnt read the other responses.
you knwo that arm hair has fuck all to do with hygene or health, right?

No. 114307

File: 1601355531643.jpg (469.59 KB, 620x473, AxyfjWm.jpg)

Here you go, anon.

No. 114308

bruh, that bottom right… damn lol

No. 114309

No. 114310

You are the best anon I have encountered. I signed on to see if anyone had noticed my request, and this made my day!

Thank you, favorite anon!

No. 114311

>the many blur

No. 114316

you should rename it to "That Weenus Wench"

No. 114321

File: 1601362184516.png (688.68 KB, 1086x794, 5E89ECE4-E6FA-4F2A-8FEB-3C7DD5…)

I was curious about comparing face dimensions and plopped her skinny face onto her additional faces and tried to align some of the major features (bottom of chin, brows, bangs, etc). [/why do I do thisss]

No. 114337

You can see how uncomfortable she is saying this shit.
Very cringe worthy, she could at least act as if she has fun doing this.

No. 114340

No matter how cutesy she’s trying to sound her voice is just really unpleasant and granny sounding

No. 114348

how long before she realizes that her excuse of a career is nothing short of fleeting. give it a year or two, she'll be a nobody. and then Venus will regret her actions, but this time with big consequences- her nude pictures are out on the internet for everyone to see, which might hinder her future job opportunities, any decent man wouldn't want to wife a girl who's body has been fapped to by countless neckbeards. the process of aging will catch on to her, and she won't be able to use her looks for profit anymore.

knowing how little social experience she actually has, she is very vulnerable to being used and manipulated by shady guys. who knows if she already is. it's very hard to envision a happy ending for this girl, and i hope she steps out of the delusional mindset she is in right now

No. 114361


Must be a form of body dysmorphia, or face dysmorphia? She would rather have an ugly long narrow face with a pointy witchy chin, than her natural, wider and infinitely more attractive face shape.

No. 114364

Her wide face doesn't look so good, looks like a bloated beer face permanently, but it's still better than what she edits

No. 114366

can you read? no one said anything about her arms. they were talking about her thighs.

No. 114387

File: 1601403868130.jpg (285.99 KB, 620x473, CQyUp7x.jpg)

No problem


No. 114388

Bless you anon for your service.

No. 114391

I second that. Also, I shouldn't have looked at this while having breakfast.

No. 114397

File: 1601411234159.jpeg (158.75 KB, 1085x1037, 63F9CEF3-5F32-4EB8-BA04-BD9B81…)

At “the hookah store” looking disheveled as usual, and kinda stoned.

No. 114398

File: 1601411300800.jpeg (78.79 KB, 1061x619, 35A51048-2A1A-4837-AB51-9F0FC6…)

Sucking down giant lungfuls of whatever that smoke is.

No. 114401

Ah, now she's going through the drugs route. "I have never felt this happy before until I smoked a fat one! This is the real me!"

No. 114407

File: 1601420906921.png (2.17 MB, 2138x1330, Screen Shot 2020-09-29 at 4.06…)

"Uncensored" does not make me feel like there is underwear or pasties behind those stickers. IDK sir, I do think there is purposeful deceit happening

No. 114416

The snow filter makes the whole video so distorted, it's hilarious.

No. 114424

File: 1601439380637.png (231.28 KB, 354x332, beenoos.png)

b-but anon, she's SO PRETTTTYYYYY!!!

No. 114434

wtf is wrong with her bottom teeth?

No. 114437

I guess the distortion makes it difficult to see her actual appearance, so she doesn’t have to edit these types of pictures

No. 114448

what do you mean, they don't show here. What you're seeing is her weird parrot tongue

No. 114449

sheesha is just tabaco no?

anyways i can easily see her do drugs in the near future. she's only been going down hill since the begining of the year so.

No. 114459

She changed her Shisha caption to "taken by the owner of the hookah store" (the video?)
Like, in which scenario does a "shy and socially anxious" person like her end up interacting and filming with the owner of a bar? Was the owner the only employee?

No. 114466

It is, but I agree with you. There’s a lot of meth in Japan and it seems like she’s slowly gravitating toward the types of people who can get her involved in that world but not a surprise I guess. What I don’t get is how she ended up there when she can’t even talk to normal people in the street. I wonder if Manager San is friends with this Hookah shop owner…

No. 114476

Not sure about Japan but where I’m from you can smoke sheesha without tabacco and you can choose a flavor like a vape. Without tabacco it’s just like thick vapor, you literally won’t feel anything in your throat.

She doesn’t look stoned to me, maybe a bit tipsy or drunk. Besides, I don’t think she’ll risk her residency or visa or whatever by taking illegal drugs, maybe? She looks alien with that filter and lashes lol

No. 114482

>I don’t think she’ll risk her residency or visa or whatever by taking illegal drugs
Don’t underestimate her stupidity. She already risked both her life and residency with an illegal surgery.

No. 114494

And she's on a spouse Visa but still flaunted her divorce anywhere she could. She's living on the edge

No. 114500

Or maybe that means she got permanent residency already? I remember this was discussed before and she didn't fit the criteria, but you never know.

No. 114505

HIGHLY unlikely she got permanent residency, she literally contributes nothing and does nothing.

No. 114507

She is definitely that reckless but if she were to get that point I would be more worried about her getting trafficked and that’ll be the last of weenus. That’s the worst case scenario imo but I don’t think she is socially adept enough

No. 114526

Jesus I was not prepared for this cringe

No. 114553

Agree with >>114505
She has no stable source of income. She’d never be granted PR.

No. 114564

does this come up in every thread about her?s
if you dont know shit about the process of getting a japanese citizenship, why bring up the topic?
ofc she has it, she probably had it for years, she lived there for a long time and made decent money.

No. 114568

..Knowing the process, no she does not have it. Knowing HER SITUATION IN PARTICULAR, no she doesn't unless she gave an official a DAMN good blowjob that made him feel like he was 18 again.

No. 114570

Ahh, i see we're hitting the drug phase of her teenage regression.

No. 114573

since obviously 90% of you are retards like this guy, who are too autistic to use the internet, here, i copy pasted it for you:
*) Continuous residence in Japan for 5 years
*) At least 20 years old and otherwise legally competent
*) History of good behavior generally, and no past history of seditious behavior
*) Sufficient capital or skills, either personally or within family, to support oneself in Japan
*) Stateless or willing to renounce foreign citizenship and swear allegiance to Japan

"knowing the process… bla bla bla" autistic clown

No. 114580

Sorry but it actually is way more complicated than that. I am sure that summarized the actual requirements, but it is highly more specific than that

Durr, what kind of world do you think we live in ?? Millions of people want to immigrate, it isn’t this easy, or we couldn’t have stable economies.

(For example, a family member is attempting to be a permanent resident in Japan and lawyers aren’t even on the same page about whether or not he meets requirements)

No. 114581

>*) Continuous residence in Japan for 5 years
>*) At least 20 years old and otherwise legally competent
aka the bare minimum

>*) History of good behavior generally, and no past history of seditious behavior

>*) Sufficient capital or skills, either personally or within family, to support oneself in Japan
lol no

>*)Stateless or willing to renounce foreign citizenship and swear allegiance to Japan

Larping as a Japanese little girl does count for this one? Kek

No. 114582

You pathetic coomer. Not only do many of us understand the process far better than you can but we have been through it. Your menhera princess is a shit candidate for citizenship, just like that goblin Mira was. And just like you, Mira copy-pasted the same list requirements here in a feeble attempt to prove validity. If you act like psycho online, “work” sporadically, do not sleep in the same room or even apartment as your husband, your in-laws no longer talk to you, you lost all your friends, and you publicly elude to sex work, you are not getting citizenship.

Immigration does not hand out citizenship without thorough background checks. They will even come to your home and inspect rooms. The process is intrusive and they WILL demand answers about your inconsistencies. Or is that you are crazy enough to think she could earn citizenship independently? 100% impossible. If her income source was listed as YouTube, then they will check to verify both the content and flow of revenue. Obviously, we all know how little she cared about that.

But keep throwing around “Autistic” as insult when you can’t handle commons sense. Venus is a grifter, just like mommy dearest.

No. 114583

Getting PR isn't that simple. I have a friend who's been married for nearly 10 years and still rejected for PR (and their marriage was legitimate, not visa fraud). Due to the skyrocketing amount of marriage visas sought, as well as visa fraud, these situations are meticulously investigated and if you don't have any contributing factor to the Japanese economy or relevant skills, (which Venus does not have), you will likely be rejected. You'd need to have a stable position in a Japanese company for better chances. I'd be surprised if she got PR with Youtube listed as her "job" or when they see Manaki and her slept in separate rooms. If your reason to stay is simply for pleasure or tourism, you'll likely get rejected, despite your spouse making enough or you living there long enough. And there's no way she can apply after splitting – since she has not been living with Manaki, has not had a stable source of income and had gone into sex work, even if Manaki was willing to lie for her. It would be investigated.

Also, consider Venus' behavior when they split. Immediately ran to the Malice manager and when she screwed him over, she ran to Gaku Kitano and falsely claimed his business as her own. She was likely attempting to get an entertainment visa. She publicly lied, pretending to have a business. Also, it should be noted, that you can still get deported on PR. I'm not sure if she has PR, but it's unlikely. You don't just live there the minimum amount of years, apply, bam! Get it then divorce and all's well. Margo has been insisting that Venus was adopted by Manaki's parents, though. If that's true, that could be a reason she has been able to stay.

No. 114584

Generally “being a resident for 5 years” would mean more than just literally existing in a place. Like you can’t just go and sit pretty and get citizenship. Idk for Japan, but for the U.S that can involve:

Residing for 5 years = having the correct type of visa + remaining in the same job throughout those 5 years + the company being based in the country
(Not to mention that the company would need to sponsor your visa)

No. 114586

Thinking about it more, it's possible they could lie though. Manaki says they still live together. Venus does not mention "Venus Angelic" as that would expose her sex work and possibly what she said about Manaki, if dug deep enough. She's not famous to be instantly recognized by Japanese government workers as "Venus Angelic." She claims to be working for Gaku Kitano or her new OF manager doing "book-keeping", or whatever lie they could make up/position they could embellish. If Manaki's parents would be in on it too (don't know why they would at this point), she could have a slight chance of getting PR, but still highly unlikely. The separate rooms would be an issue, what Venus has been doing in Japan the entire time (especially if she hides YT income), living separately, having other boyfriends if discovered, and sex work among other things.

As for getting PR before the split, it's still pretty unlikely, as she only met the bare minimum, did not contribute to the Japanese economy, had no skills and slept in separate room. I don't know if how quickly they got married versus how long they knew each other would also factor in as a detriment.

Also Venus could blackmail Manaki. If he doesn't lie for her, she would lose her residency and at that point, with nothing to lose, she could expose him for being in on marriage fraud. To avoid that, Manaki lies for her or they both go down.

No. 114591

Anyone got the links for uncensored or discord?(>thirstposting over 6 dollar nudes. SAD!)

No. 114600

If she hadn’t publicly slandered Manaki and made a fool out of herself across multiple platforms, and she consistently put out content for her channel for steady income, there could be a small chance to get PR. But not only is it more difficult to get PR these days, right around the point she would have been eligible to apply, she amplified her crazy. Not caring about her channel, constantly making suicide threats, looking terrible, insulting Manaki, saying she was gay and wanted to be with girls, announcing she was in the process of divorce. I don’t see how they could turn in the paperwork together during that tumultuous time.

Besides sleeping in different rooms, they also did not have children, which looks even more suspicious. Officials would take note of that. But it is also very strange that we’ve seen her return to that shared apartment and she is openly doing sex work, which is only permitted with Spouse visa or PR. So maybe Manaki DID submit the paperwork somehow. Then again, there was a time where she seemed desperate pretending to start up a company and also wanted to own a girl’s bar, implying that she was looking to get a visa business manager visa to support herself.

No. 114601

it was probably some kind of job, like a promotion to have ~an influencer~ visit the store and upload pics to their social media. So he owner being there seems normal. She's even in her "dolly" makeup >>114424 and that's unusual effort for her, no doubt it was paid

No. 114604

Then just google Venus Palermo and you'll instantly see the shitshow, it doesn't need to be Venus Angelic to find her antics or special skills. Even Japanese immigrantion can do that much.

No. 114606


But didn't she change her name to a Japanese name? So if she is going officially by the Japanese name she adopted, then it may be more difficult for them to check.

And I remember a video by Daniel Lord, (HIMR) when he was boasting about how surprised he was at how easy it was to get his visa renewed, so maybe in some cases people go under the radar.

No. 114608

Watching her hookah videos on IG makes me think of images I've seen from opium dens from 'old' China, all looked sleazy but strangely appealing and mysterious to my young mind at the time, but obviously the reality was something hopeless and pathetic.

Anyway I've noticed her last few videos on YT have no annoying ads before them at the start, so does this mean her channel has been demonetised?

No. 114610

Nta but I remember we discussed this in the old threads and anons pointed out she posted a story about her renewed Swiss passport and it had her maiden name on it. It's confusing.

anyways, let's say Margo is telling the truth once again; Penus doesn't seem to realize that no japanese name or adult adoption will save her ass if she someday gets in trouble with jp law.

No. 114614

File: 1601566918081.jpg (383.28 KB, 1271x718, lens distortion.jpg)

This is sad anon, get a hobby. Even ignoring the crazy filters and edits you won't be able to align them because they are all taken with different lenses

No. 114615

no, it is not more complicated than that, you pay taxes, you speak the language, you have no run ins with the law and you're set.

how come theres so many christans on this forum? you dont need to marry anyone in order to gain citizenship.
also >>114582 autistic clown

No. 114633

learn to integrate, scrote-kun

No. 114635

i think it was no more than a year ago or maybe even less that she posted about renewing her swiss passport, so re-read that list of requirements you posted, one of them is giving up your original citizenship which she obviously hasnt done. so no she hasnt had fucking japanese citzenship "for years", retard

No. 114640

Fifty shade of delulu. Someone never heard about snow and it shows

No. 114664

Or maybe she did give up on her Swiss residence, and that's why she's stuck in Japan wherever she wants to or not.
Also marg said that Venus gave up on her Swiss residence…

No. 114674

Unlikely. She JUST renewed it.

No. 114680

What part of ‘YouTube and Onlyfans are NOT considered stable income sources’ do you not understand? She couldn’t even rent an apartment on her own with her history, much less be granted PR.

No. 114682

Until Venus shows us a PR certificate or something I think it's safe to say she doesn't have it. I feel like Venus would honestly celebrate or show off if she had PR. She's flashy when it comes to that.

I wonder if Venus is even legal in Japan currently, thoughts?(subjectfag)

No. 114683

Now that would actually be kinda of funny considering she shit on her mom so much only to turn and follow in her footsteps of becoming an illegal prostitute. Literally a like mother like daughter kinda of situation.

No. 114700

holy shit you fucking old english moron shut the fuck up!! nobody cares about your life!

No. 114703

Which would explain why she's always living with someone. We've seen evidence of this in her livestreams and she'd be quick to hide it

No. 114704

>you dont need to marry anyone in order to gain citizenship.
You're so retarded it hurts. Venus immigrated to Japan on a MARRIAGE VISA, so that is why we're talking about a MARRIAGE VISA. She was too lazy to get a bachelor's degree in one of the skilled worker occupations and immigrate like that. She was not eligible for a business visa either. She could ONLY immigrate to Japan on a student visa, marriage visa, tourist visa (and stay there illegally) or entertainment visa. Since she married Manaki she went the marriage visa route and commit VISA FRAUD at that. She didn't get an education, go to school, get an entertainment visa or any other option. And without a marriage visa, she will NEVER qualify to gain citizenship in Japan with her lack of qualifications.

No. 114722

oh, yes, shes there ona marriage visa… according to margaret… also her visa doesnt really matter becasue shes being trafficked at the moment anyways, yes now it all makes sense and i can see that you re not complete idiots after all

No. 114724

ol' margie ain't really the most reliable news source tho, lol. better take whatever she spouts with a bowl of salt

No. 114733

Wait on that, bro. She hasn't given up the pussy yet, it's just tits

No. 114776

Dude, can you pull your putrid dick out of your hand for 5 minutes and type like a human being? You’re calling people idiots and autistic when you can barely string a coherent sentence together. You know absolutely nothing about Japanese immigration. Shut the fuck up already.

Margaret is also the same buffoon that believed SHE would receive a visa through Venus’ marriage. She wildly misinterprets even the most basic information and it hilariously leads to situations like larping as a Jew to get free food and baths because she learned online diploma mills don’t sponsor real student visas.

No. 114780

>larping as a Jew to get free food and baths because she learned online diploma mills don’t sponsor real student visas.
Holy cow I forgot she did that. Then Margo applied for refugee status right after the chabad kicked her out, didn't she?
How long until Beenos follow mommy's steps and became Jewish for free food and showers?

No. 114785

the cat in her room is the real star

No. 114790

Her videos are still starting without the annoying ads at the beginning, so, does this mean her channel has been demonetised?

No. 114793

No, some people can adjust where ads play.

No. 114849

can you type like a human being? you call people idiotsdespite being unable to form a proper sentence, you know nothing about japanese migration, shut up.

here, i removed the useless fillers for you, you re welcome, retard

No. 114851

Proving them right about you

No. 114942

File: 1601907433912.png (138.55 KB, 750x518, image0.png)

Looks like Venus is going to make a second OF account, her simps are not happy about it.

No. 114947

File: 1601907746629.png (224.95 KB, 729x952, image0.png)

No. 114948

File: 1601908208088.png (260.6 KB, 750x843, image1.png)

No. 114951

Ah, so much for the unquestionably accepting community she bragged about having on OF vs the evil original fans who are just being haters.

No. 114954

Seeing how bland and unappealing her content is, surely her concept of "hardcore" is blowjobs and doggy style.

No. 114961

WTF. She's so fucking greedy. She got the Margo greed gene, except she's so much worse. Holy shit, she's not satisfied with people ALREADY paying her MONTHLY plus hiding sub-par content behind additional paywalls, now she wants them to pay her AGAIN on a monthly subscription. I mean, is there any other reason to make a second account? Angry simps is kind of hilarious, but at the same time, they have a right to be pissed. They know they've been getting ripped off/scammed this whole time. They should all just unsub already and watch how quickly Venus' personality will shift again when she realizes she can't make money being an internet prostitute.

No. 114966

I still remember that instagram post she made where she claimed she truly loved her fans and was crying over it LMAO (back then I knew it was bullshit but most of the internet did not see through her bs or understand she was larping as a kawaii anime girl), as well as that video she posted, titled, "no more being a fake." Being a fake is what this whore does best.

No. 114968

Good job alienating your simps, Venus. If you're going to sell your dignity, then do it right at least.
>she was disturbed
I'm not looking forward to Venus' hardcore content, the softcore content is disturbing enough.

No. 114997

File: 1601927597891.png (343.33 KB, 1746x1112, Screen Shot 2020-10-05 at 12.5…)


No. 115001

i actually think by 'hardcore' she just means showing her pussy. there's no way she's going to fuck some guy

No. 115002

the most she'll do is probably a dildo or something. I can't imagine someone who'll want to fuck her AND isn't someone with equally disgusting hygiene as her.

No. 115006

I think hardcore will be ahegao face or w.e, touching vibrator to her clothes, or something else like that, that is only marginally more "hardcore" than her current content

No. 115016

Her friend was probably disturbed by how unsexy and out of touch Venus is with human sexuality. Her approach to sex is almost alien. Like she has no idea what it’s like to feel good or make someone else feel good.

Venus is probably going to choose some other gross kink to display, like face-stretching gear and scat. Nothing that a mainstream audience would want.

No. 115021



Though that would probably be preferable to seeing her get pooned by some slurpy Japanese salary man while she looks awkward and makes unconvincing hentai noises.

It feels grubby enough watching her decline like being in the audience at a late-stage Amy Winehouse show, without seeing her on the job.

Get off the stage, Venus! The alcohol doesn't help!

No. 115026

Assuming she shows her pussy, won't she get in trouble because genitals need to be censored in Japan?

No. 115045

she said in her discord that she won't show uncensored genitalia (male or female), due to Japanese laws. Someone pressed a bit, saying it was okay bc OF isn't Japanese, but she said it's too risky.

No. 115047

OF isn't governed by JP law and many JP OF thots show uncensored just fine and she's just trying to further the fantasy she's some "JP idol/av star."

So if anyone still gives her money they're stupid.

No. 115063

File: 1601969590869.jpg (415.69 KB, 1152x2048, 20201006_153250.jpg)

Venus asking ppl to shave her meow meown on twitter

No. 115069

lmao she'd rather be an internet prostitute asking people to shave her vagina and scamming simps than get a job. pathetic.

also, why does her bellybutton look so gross. it's quite literally the grossest one I've ever seen

No. 115070

yea her belly button is kinda strange looking, maybe its related to her surgeries

No. 115071

File: 1601975366361.jpeg (422.26 KB, 828x1472, 925F4134-C1E6-4171-84D7-A59713…)

Her lower body looks really weird and out of proportions

No. 115072

She most likely slimmed the upper half of her body so the lower half is out of proportion. Or didnt slim it at all and we're used to the slimmed version. She's not "petite" and has wider hips/waist/shoulders/calves. She usually just edits slimmer to look "smol"

No. 115083


Never mind her lower body, I'm more perturbed by the constant mirror images. Unless that text on her top is meant to be reversed? Why the fuck do these Internet 'personalities' keep uploading reverse images? Are they too damn stupid to know how to make it the right way round before they upload it???

And as for the stupid pointed face - so annoying. Why can't she be happy with her natural looks? Most people who want to change their looks, want to improve them, but Venus just wants to make herself look worse because to her, worse is 'better'. Maybe it's indicative of her insanity.

No. 115087


She's insane. Maybe the 'friend' is someone who would be disturbed by seeing a couple kissing.

I wonder if she's saying this so that some people will think she's talking about posting really out there kind of stuff, like rape fantasies, or really violent acts, or gore? Or the tentacle thing?

The mind boggles. She probably wants her subs to think it's going to be something really, really hardcore but will actually be something really lame.

I mean, let's face it, really hardcore that was truly "disturbing" would probably involve something to do with abuse of animals or suggestions of kiddy porn. And I can't see her going down either of those routes and would hope not but it's venus so who knows?

No. 115090

She did get half of her bowels removed and her scar was pretty low placed. It looks like she had extra skin due to missing bowels and everything shifted down and excess skin cut off and sewn below. Hence the weird belly button which looks too low.

No. 115098

File: 1601994890550.jpeg (666.47 KB, 1152x2048, EB4CCA50-F732-4B75-B315-0D9CE2…)

Yeah it is weird, i outlined her body and it’s obvious she just made her waist thinner and forgot about her hips, she clearly does not have a body shaped like this

No. 115100

Uppers in general are big in Japan, something like Molly would explain the constant eye-bulging, hypermanic behavior and her weird high/low cycle where she goes from being a manic pixie dream girl to looking like she's abt to kill herself.

No. 115101

Pretty sure she doesn't have PR, or else she wouldn't have tried so hard to be a girlboss business owner. Do we know if she and Manaki went through with the divorce? She could be living there and paying rent from her OF money, or just fucking for rent, but if she keeps going back to him despite her sad lifestyle never going back to what it was when she first married him, then it must mean she needs him somehow to stay in Japan.

No. 115103

>Maybe the 'friend' is someone who would be disturbed by seeing a couple kissing.
Well, how many friends does Venus have left at this point? June? Whatever Venus made is probably so unsexy that even a literal AV actress finds it disturbing.
It looks weird and shooped, but she's also hiding her waistline behind her arms.

No. 115116

She's literally using her hair to make her face into that pointy shape

No. 115118

Oh look, an idiot who thinks everyone in Asia is yellow. Probably an Amerimutt.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 115120

Maybe she's trying to prevent the "sex worker burnout" that happens after girls take it all off & give the simps what they want by scamming, the cucks can bitch all they want, but they're still paying her.

No. 115143

that's a bit o the background towel on the left and your waist line on the right is stupid as if she were 2D

No. 115175

I’m think she is still legally married and made some kind of deal with Manaki. Except for the comment about him being asexual, notice how she stopped shit-talking him, barely mentioning him at all? He probably told her to keep his name out of her mouth and he’ll play nice. She cannot do sex work without a spouse visa or PR. She definitely would not have qualified for PR after all that has happened, so that only leaves spouse visa.

There’s also this possibility: she said she was going through divorce, despite the ease of mutual consent divorce in Japan. Mutual consent divorce, kyogi rikon 協議離婚 make up 90% of divorce in Japan, especially when there are no children or significant assets involved. So that means she and Manaki are fighting over something and using court meditation to work it out. If Manaki used her mental illness and constant cheating against her, then he would have won divorce easily. So that means she has accusations against him or is denying accusations against herself. Perhaps this is what that “brain scan” business and accusing Manaki of being a NEET was about? During this type of divorce, generally if you have been married at least 3 years, you can be eligible for teijuusha visa to extend your stay. These can be granted for 6 months,1 year, 3 years or 5 years, depending on the circumstances(children, stable job). With that visa, you can work any kind of job, just like spouse of PR. But teijuusha WILL expire and will not be granted again. I can see her getting up to a 1 year extension but not the 3 or 5 year.

The second possibility: she already divorced and got married to pimp-san. You only have to wait 6 months to get married after divorce is finalized.

No. 115213

But wouldn't she have to leave and reenter Japan if she divorced Manaki and married Manager-san? Also doesn't she have to be living with her husband?

Maybe Manaki is somwhow in hot water for the shady visa marriage? When Sheina went down, her visa hubby did some time as well, visa fraud isn't just about the foreign spouse. His family could be keeping helping her to keep him out of trouble with immigration, his parents seem really caring and kind that way.

No. 115221


Maybe pursuing the divorce opened an investigation for marriage fraud, and now they're both working together to avoid fines/jail/Venus getting deported?

No. 115231

>But wouldn't she have to leave and reenter Japan if she divorced Manaki and married Manager-san? Also doesn't she have to be living with her husband?

I believe she would need to change her visa status first, which can be done in Japan as long as her previous visa is still valid(within 6 months). Like change to student visa for a while, as kanadajin3 and other scammers have done. I was wondering if her occasional visits to the old apartment was to throw off immigration. When she bouncing around Tokyo with Kitano’s agency(and sugaring), she was using the story that she was only staying at hotels for work but still lived in the apartment with Manaki. I could see how immigration would buy that story before she did only fans.

His parents seemed like such nice, decent people that it makes me think they would demand he divorce immediately if they knew what was really going on. Nobody would want that to happen to their son. If there is an arrangement, I think he is hiding it from his parents. Before, Venus seemed like a sad, lost person who needed family. So Manaki’s mom encouraged him to be strong and help his wife overcome her trauma. It made sense, especially for Japanese POV. But now, Venus is revealed to be deeply disturbed, emotionally abusive, unfaithful and just plain gross. I just can’t believe his parents would stand back and let this continue without getting a lawyer or something.

From all we’ve seen, it appeared Manaki really liked Venus(even if he was weird) and had expectations of starting a family. I think most Japanese courts would side with him, even if he said he was blackmailed into staying in the marriage. He would have had to do something very deliberate and calculated, like accepting money in return for maintaining her visa, to be suspected of a crime. If he comes off like a poor sap that was manipulated by a foreign woman, the court could side with him. There’s a history of Japanese men winning divorce from foreign women, even coercing the women into divorce, despite the Japanese man being the manipulative or abusive person. The bias will always be for the Japanese citizen.

But if it turns out that their “love story” was all concocted from the very beginning and he never planned to stay married to her, THAT would be wild. He would definitely be in trouble!

No. 115242

Whatever is the case, Venus is pretending everything is fine while still being as disturbing as ever, and Manaki and his parents are nowhere to be seen or heard from despite her being back in his apartment. I can't wait for whatever is happening behind the scenes to come to light.

No. 115276

File: 1602119360250.jpg (Spoiler Image,662.35 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20201008-090959_Twi…)

Her new video on twitter just shows how unhealthy her body looks like nowadays…

No. 115277

she's running a beauty app/slimming app in that though. But I do agree her body is both unfit and unhealthy, app or no app

No. 115278

File: 1602119932862.jpeg (Spoiler Image,157.52 KB, 718x819, D9EE814E-DF16-4663-A736-4DD463…)

Same energy

No. 115279

Is that a love hotel?

No. 115310

Looks mentally retarded

No. 115315


FOR FUCKS SAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, but the back to front writing on the can would make me dislike anyway!

Are people so moronic that they can't make sure a video or image is the right way round before they upload it?

No. 115316

Wtf are you on about?

No. 115321

File: 1602170978958.png (458.05 KB, 416x737, venus.png)

wtf is this pose

No. 115322

looks like she just went to brown town on that keyboard

No. 115323

Is she shrinking her head with these camera apps or is it just the angle?

No. 115324

No. 115332

She's probably recording her private parts here… or pretending to do so.

No. 115334

She shrunk her head and narrowed her jaw. She is so disturbed from editing herself her whole life that she probably can’t perceive how weird and distorted she always looks

No. 115335

nta but i don't get why she does it. it makes her body look bigger in comparison especially her legs in this pic.

No. 115341

She really wants to attract scat fetishists huh… Or she wants to look like a frog kek

No. 115343

she just hasn't selected a setting on her phone and it really bothers him for some reason.

It kinda makes me hope she keeps doing it because of how mad this guy gets

No. 115349

Yeah no..even fetishists have standards. None care for "pretend", especially scat ones lol. You literally have to be doing the fetish to attract that crowd.

No. 115361

Is…is this supposed to be the "hardcore stuff"? I want to know so i can laugh properly at it all

No. 115365

File: 1602192808074.jpeg (Spoiler Image,282.87 KB, 827x956, 4E83B3BD-B873-4F46-8D1B-273668…)

I only see this

No. 115366



No. 115375

I don't know what's worse - her poses or facial expressions.

health/appearance/makeup/surroundings/props aside (lol), she could boost her appeal by just doing better poses and not looking like either a cat being strangled or someone with a chromosomal deletion.

No. 115379

File: 1602203422846.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.13 MB, 1125x2436, EF348145-964B-4A79-8062-1B92AA…)

The face and the stain on the bed

No. 115380

she probably spilled the drink. look at the hand blur and the 'un-posed' robotic facial expression lol this is a candid photo

No. 115381

Some people get irrationally angry about mirrored images, I think we have one here

No. 115384

File: 1602206545526.jpg (348.54 KB, 1080x714, Screenshot_20201009-092308_Ins…)

Venus trying hard not to show her ribs poking out

No. 115385

the can is not open, but yeah it is probably not a big deal.

No. 115386

you're right, my bad. that's even worse then - what's the stains? was it an accident or her attempt at being sexy?

No. 115389

File: 1602209473465.jpg (80.23 KB, 1242x1908, gJhjRUS.jpg)

^This editing is making me go cross eyed. Every single feature has been altered. At least her hair looks clean…

My first thought was condensation from the can or she took it out of an ice box.

No. 115400

What is Venus’ current explanation for all the different rooms and hotels? I thought that very early on she stated she was going to them because they are a better atmosphere for her content… but sometimes it seems like she is just in very standard uninteresting places? Like it would be strange and unlikely to travel to them and pay for them for the photo atmosphere

No. 115418

(OP of pic) Yes everything is edited. Mouth, nose, eyes, head. I am curious about her eyes because they are super dilated in bright lighting

No. 115419

File: 1602230428612.jpeg (117.29 KB, 796x1001, 57077FFB-0988-4474-B7D4-4603D1…)

This is probably a nitpick but I am curious about the wall. In every other picture this is a solid wall of bricks (look above). Did this blur away because of her filters? Or is it just strange lighting?

No. 115420

File: 1602230558935.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1125x2436, 16833C4E-5EE0-437C-8A28-13088D…)

Samefag, sorry. Wall comparison.

No. 115430

Venus is like the most unappealing person ever. She has absolutely zero sexual energy whatsoever. She did way better just trying to be cute or whatever the hell she did before

No. 115434

She actually looks pretty good there. They would look much better if they tried to look Like a German girl instead of some pseudo-Japanese thing.

Where is it from?

No. 115437


The fact that she appears to be so stupid that she doesn't know how to make sure a video or image is the right way round before she posts it. And seeing as how she's been editing videos for years so must know how to do it, it's just sloppiness and laziness on her part.

No. 115438


What a retard you must be to assume that anyone pissed off by sloppiness to that degree must be a guy. As if no female could ever be annoyed by it. The reality is, I doubt many men would actually care about that sort of thing, they just want to see her tits or to watch her doing scat or whatever else disgusting fetish they're into, filthy perverts.

No. 115439


It just looks wrong. When you see backwards print, don't you want to know what it says? Just out of curiosity? But its the fact that she doesn't care enough to put it right that irritates me, I suppose the simps who watch her stupid videos don't care about details like that. But she seems to forget she still has a lot of female fans and some of us notice things like that and wish she'd show some respect for her work and make sure its shown properly.

No. 115440


Yes it's a nice picture of her. She looks appealing and attractive. But isn't this a picture by a photographer and so not edited into oblivion by her?

No. 115442


And in the stupid fucking video, she holds the damn can out to the camera for, presumably, everyone to see what it is by turning it round to show the words written on it, and what? Are we all supposed to hold a mirror up to it so we can quickly read the text before she snatches it away again and nuzzles it down between her tiddies?

I hope that is not meant to be some kind of paid ad for that product, because if so, the makers must be well pissed.

No. 115443


And is that the white watch that friend of hers gave her a while back?

No. 115462

Tbh, I can see why she edits her face now. She has a very wide, masculine looking face. She kinda looks like a dude there. The straight eyebrows aren't helping. People with masculine face shapes and flat foreheads should arch their fucking eyebrows. But anything to look more japanese or follow asian trends for this bitch. Even though she's underweight, it's nice to see her body shape there. She's not this smol petite girl. She actually has some hips and broad shoulders. She looks better when she isn't larping an asian anime girl. She's still bad with facial expressions though. She just has that dead resting bitch face. No wonder she didn't go down the modelling route. It's not her forte.

No. 115463

She also looks better without that stupid fringe there, which again is just another asian trend that all the japan fetishizing jvloggers have.

No. 115467

this is a lot of fanfiction you just wrote

No. 115471

>i am her fan
you might like to try drinking bleach

No. 115538

i kinda want somebody to do some reverse photoshop here lol

No. 115540

File: 1602323369338.jpeg (92.44 KB, 507x878, A0356D23-1F0B-49DE-BD0F-680DE7…)

There you go anon an unshooped version

No. 115541

Samefag, well less edited, I wouldn’t say it’s completely what she looks like but best I can do

No. 115542

you poor naive thing you

No. 115545


I don't see the difference. Anyone, care to explain?

No. 115546

Nevermind, saw it! Her face on the shopped pic was edited so much I almost thought it was her usual face, lmao.

No. 115547


i would have narrowed her forehead and rounded her face too

No. 115563

File: 1602345418781.jpeg (1.21 MB, 3459x3025, C7284679-D88F-47FF-A4DB-4C9182…)

If you compare the 2 pictures you can see the difference in the face

No. 115564

I just feel like I have glaucoma or some shit wtf

No. 115585

File: 1602358691908.jpg (277.1 KB, 2048x1150, 20201010_153842.jpg)

Nitpick but she has that boob tape squeezing so hard to create cleavage that there's a crease in her right boob kek.

No. 115586

…and yet there is still a gap wide enough to drive a truck through.

No. 115587

Eyes bigger, nose smaller, face narrower, waist narrower…also her chin is completely vanished and melted into her neck in both pictures for some reason.

I can kind of see why she has such a distorted view of herself and eating disorders if this fake version of herself is what she's used to on a daily basis. I really wonder what she sees in the mirror.

No. 115588

File: 1602359222049.jpg (184.05 KB, 750x1076, SPOILER_frog2.jpg.JPG)

A few more of the swimsuit photos

No. 115589

File: 1602359250831.jpg (195.12 KB, 750x1123, SPOILER_frog1.jpg.JPG)

No. 115590

File: 1602359297166.jpg (165.29 KB, 750x1031, SPOILER_meh.JPG)

Screenshots aren't mine so they're censored.

No. 115591

File: 1602359362561.png (264.89 KB, 749x862, image0.png)

Comments on the photos

No. 115592

File: 1602359395544.png (181.71 KB, 750x673, image1.png)

No. 115593


…that's so unappealing. these poses make her body look distorted and kinda gross. pencil thighs, sharp af face with a vanishing chin, big eyes. long neck, tiny head… it's like those bad chink shoops

No. 115595

File: 1602359531130.png (248.3 KB, 750x827, image2.png)

No. 115598

What is she even censoring? Even with the stickers, you can tell she’s as flat as a board underneath. There’s not even enough cleavage to use the boob tape properly! And I thought she was proud of her botched surgery pre-pubescent body.

No. 115607

Is she editing herself to look like a baby again? This one looks like she's intentionally trying to larp a toddler again, sick bitch.

No. 115608

Is she using Japan laws as an excuse now? Pretty sure they don't require censoring boobs. And pretty sure OF is exempt from these laws since it's not a Japanese company and is distributed on the internet

No. 115610

She never really stopped doing that, I'd say.

No. 115613

lol daniel is back

No. 115616

Those censors are not from Venus. The reposter censored them in the PULL discord. They said you can only see some parts of her nipples but not much.

No. 115618

ah ok, thanks for clarifying. How come the simps are complaining about censoring in some of the comments though? Are they just referring to her not posting nudes but clothed pics?

No. 115625

File: 1602372952479.jpeg (997.35 KB, 3298x2347, E893F021-00FD-457A-B728-0CFAE7…)

Another one

No. 115635

Yup. Just an excuse.

No. 115639

She didn’t censor her boobs (that was done by the lolcow poster). Her explanation is that she won’t show genitalia based on Japanese law… boobs are a ok

No. 115698

she's definitely photoshopping her legs they look tiny here >>115589 and huge here >>115321

No. 115733

Yep, she's 100% using Japanese laws as an excuse to rip people off and do the bare minimum. Let's put it this way, based on JP laws she could literally bend over and show her butthole right now as long as her pussy is censored and it would be considered "hardcore" but I GUARANTEE she'd never do that.

It's within the JP laws, so why not? It's within laws for her to post topless pics and videos, it's within JP law to show her getting torn apart by 20 men in an hr as long as genitals are censored, but she'd never do that.

Basically she's hoping her simps aren't into JP porn enough to know she's bullshitting.

No. 115743

She's posted loads of uncensored stuff previously though - nips and pussy. She's full of shit, and even her simps know it - I hope they all unsubscribe.

No. 115748

Afaik she never showed more than her nipple anon

No. 115749

She showed a bit of meatflaps, but not intentionally and most anons joked it was just so dirty it was pure black lol.

No. 115751

File: 1602441282770.png (539.33 KB, 815x458, E220B7F6-7532-4614-A901-F631A1…)

Uncensored from a while ago. She also posted that weird closeup of it asking if she should shave it or not (can’t find it in the previous thread, but it’s there).

No. 115752


No. 115755

this is so saddening. She looks really unhealthy in that picture. Yellowish skin, bones visible,… actually not surprising at all, that she edits her usual pictures that much!

No. 115760

es muy mas creatura y goblina. many such cases! she’s beyond haggard at this point.

i love how fucking salty she is that people don’t like ‘this venus’, suck it up buttercup.

No. 115805

File: 1602473461791.jpg (Spoiler Image,89.85 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

This seriously looks like a still from an indie horror film, something that gets real dark. Picrel for scary ass version of what the next frame could look like.

No. 115807

You can go into any mainstream bookstore in Japan, like TSUTAYA, and pick up an illustration book or gravure model photo book depicting content 50x more perverted than what Venus is showing. Like camera shots right in the crotch with a shoestring bikini and boobs totally uncensored. The hentai manga in full display is even worse. So she can legally post just about anything as long as she adds a tiny mosaic or bar to her vag. That’s it. She just can’t convey eroticism and has no creativity at all so she relies on this horrible, soulless “horny” character. If she just stuck lingerie and sexy cosplay like a normal ho, she could have had a thriving OF account. She didn’t have to fail so bad.

No. 115850


The one on the left looks nicer than the one she posted. More proof of how she makes herself look worse. Stupid girl.

No. 115851


How ridiculous, what the hell is the point of censoring that? The sort of thing you can see anywhere, uncensored. What is she meant to be hiding? I don't get it. How daft. gets stupider and stupider.

No. 115852

>>Those censors are not from Venus. The reposter censored them in the PULL discord.

LMAO. So that totally explains it then. That shameful shit-show that was PULL has migrated to a discord now their pathetic platform is dead. Those up their own asses repressed pussies would think that a tiny bit of cleavage was so shocking as to need censoring, when most normal people wouldn't even notice anything anyway until those retarded scum drew attention to it.

No. 115858

File: 1602510931420.jpg (192.56 KB, 717x1099, SPOILER_1.jpg)

Venus posted a what's under my skirt video. Photo dump incoming.

No. 115859

File: 1602510976583.png (3.95 MB, 750x1334, SPOILER_2.PNG)

No. 115860

File: 1602511074311.png (3.97 MB, 750x1334, SPOILER_3.PNG)

No. 115861

File: 1602511121265.png (4.05 MB, 750x1334, SPOILER_4.PNG)

The face filter in these is ridiculous btw

No. 115862

File: 1602511216808.png (4.05 MB, 750x1334, SPOILER_5.PNG)

No. 115863

File: 1602511318621.png (4.04 MB, 750x1334, SPOILER_6.PNG)

No. 115864

File: 1602511434790.jpg (2.15 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20201012_100141936.jpg)

There's nothing up her skirt! She's such a troll!

No. 115865

File: 1602511526532.png (185.57 KB, 739x737, image0-1.png)

Some subscriber comments

No. 115866

File: 1602511583894.png (214.82 KB, 743x792, image1-1.png)

No. 115867

it's like whoever's snapping the photos is just doing it casually without telling her when and she's in various stages of talk, ugh

ha ha! they were fooled! no, not because they thought she'd actually flash pussy but because they're even paying her in the first place!

that's like polishing a literal turd over and over expecting it to turn into gold.

No. 115870

Venus is one of those chicks that think she has enough power to get away with this kind of thing.

If it was any other thot that doesn't scam their pay pigs it would be a cute little "trick not treat!" post for halloween..but venus is literally scamming.

No. 115871

They're screenshots from a video.

No. 115876

I'm assuming they just want to avoid an influx of simps. Remember what happened here when the scrotes landed?

No. 115878


The only thing missing is a thought balloon saying “Yep I’m an idiot”

No. 115879


All I could think viewing those pix posted here is that her hat looks too small for her head. and that her tits look sort of flat and long and pendulous and not a bit attractive.

No. 115881

File: 1602523785383.jpg (68.76 KB, 206x147, h1mq2Gg.jpg)

That's just sad lol

No. 115884

That's why she wears push-up bras.
Have you noticed? you can tell the difference when she wear push up. push up vs reality lmao
They are saggy af

No. 115897

Are you fucking retarted? They censor it so dumb scrotes that want free content won't flood the discord like they did with lolcow. Remember, the derailed and auto-saged last 2, 3 threads? Fucking think before you post about your hate-boner for PULL.

No. 115900

…Are you upset you were scammed by her? It's okay, but we're not a support group.

No. 115905

Man all the photos in this set just look bad. The costume is boring the poses are boring, and the filer is making her face look wonky af and like she has a terrible fever. She really doesn't give a fuck about much of anything besides getting easy money. How she can act like thotery is her one true calling when most of her pics look this terrible is just pathetic.

No. 115907

So she is very lazy good to know.

No. 115908

why are you still here

No. 115910

Learn English

No. 115912

You're so ridiculous it's funny at this point

No. 115913

I bet you have ugly rubber lips

No. 115915

File: 1602555038260.png (157.64 KB, 391x323, mfw.png)

>mfw simps actually expect me to post pucci

No. 115923

Dem ears

No. 115933

she has a lot of hair she puts behind her ears :)

No. 115935

her upper lip does not exist

No. 115939

File: 1602584454060.jpg (Spoiler Image,318.41 KB, 1152x2048, 20201013_182217.jpg)

Free content at twitter again

No. 115941

File: 1602585162631.png (21.19 KB, 598x313, shill.png)

Don't forget the "uncensored at OF!" so whether or not it is or just pasties, pay and find out!

No. 115948

i love how the picture is magically bending in the background lol

No. 115950


PULL was full of moralists who, if you remember, tried to infiltrate here as well, trying to impose their pathetic moral code on everyone here too.

No. 115951


Damn! What did I miss?

No. 115954

get out

No. 115956

nothing it was some retarded ESL autist fan of venus

No. 115961

File: 1602606817658.jpeg (225.96 KB, 828x1504, 7D5D29DF-D22E-4EE9-8A13-548C35…)

Jesus what’s with her arms. She’s skinny fat on her thorso but her arms look super skin and bones

No. 115969


Girl doesn't look after herself properly. I wonder how much she even values herself. I wonder if she ever just goes for a walk? She could do a lot to improve her health and fitness, don't need to go to gyms and all that, but she could at least do the minimum amount of effort to build some muscle tone, she'd feel better too, just some exercise walking in some of the lovely areas Japan has, but it seems she'd rather lead an unhealthy lifestyle.

No. 115976

this is one of the dumbest posts. did you just get here? she hates herself and can't stop hating herself and actively harming herself for more than about 10 minutes. if she ever does and has the clarity to make an appointment at a doctor or psych to address her severe issues, she then goes straight back to death wishing and doesn't show up at the appointment. she said she even deliberately skips it to hurt and damage herself. so yeah the idea of someone in this mindset going to the fucking gym …you dummy

No. 115977

Stupid nitpick but I fucking hate how she gets her nails done, I get it's kind of the aesthetic in Japan but they just look like thick hunks of playdough that aren't shaped to her nail bed and they are never flattering

No. 115983

it was an actual topless picture on onlyfans, I'd post with censor but it would look the same as the twitter pic

No. 115989

File: 1602636877176.jpg (1.48 MB, 2160x3840, 2160x3840_553b3c5836e40f7a75dc…)


No. 115990

File: 1602636898164.jpg (1.46 MB, 2160x3840, 2160x3840_b8d090774603a08c0a1f…)


No. 115991

..These are the saddest tits I've seen in my life.

No. 115993

Yikes. I'd hate to pay for these floppy wrinkly tits.

No. 115995

File: 1602641228450.png (104.1 KB, 246x258, 1565812583672.png)

that red lipstick doesn't do her any favors

yeah, like, if you're going to scam your simps with shooped nudes, at least make an extra effort and edit your tits as much as you edit your face

No. 115996

Those are not wrinkles, they are markings from her bra

No. 115998

did you all forget she showed her bad tits on day 1 of becoming a 'slut'. did her OF paypigs forget? who would have wanted to see more?

No. 116003

File: 1602649676767.jpg (Spoiler Image,89.44 KB, 797x787, 2020-10-14_06-28-09.jpg)

Fucking hell, everything about this.

There is zero effort or thought put into this. That's even more off putting than the terrible pictures themselves.

No. 116004

File: 1602649789735.png (207.72 KB, 429x369, 2020-10-14_06-31-37.png)

Is that a bruise?

No. 116007

Same, they’re tacky af, especially how you can see them all growing off or falling off in some pictures. I think she gets them done to hide her stumpy fingers.

I thought she wasn’t posting uncensored stuff because she’s suddenly concerned about what’s legal or not in Japan? I can’t keep up with her…

No. 116008

File: 1602656384445.png (1.37 MB, 1438x1020, Screen Shot 2020-10-13 at 11.2…)

impossible to tell because the whole coloration is terrible. She has had that same gross color in a few pictures so it might be an edit issue

No. 116009

that or it could be the yellowish foundation she's been using for a while

No. 116011

girl pluck those nipple hairs

No. 116014

c'mon anon, she is just appealing to her Japanese audience with not only hairy vag but also hairy tits.

No. 116016

she has like two nipple hairs, this is so scrotish lol do you really want women to shave even their fucking breasts?
her boobs don't look that bad. Expected a lot worse from those pics where she had them hanging and a whole ass ravine between them. They look normal here, weird

No. 116022

Opening yourself up to demands from thirsty sex pests and mega nit-picks from chubby gossip girls is really the worst thing someone with body issues and fucked up mental health could do.

0/10 totally not worth getting paid to do fuck all.

No. 116025


Um well I did say she didn't need to go to gyms, not everybody wants, or needs, to go to gyms, I've never been in and would probably hate it, all the noise and people, which is why I said she wouldn't need to go to one, I doubt they are ever places where quiet sensitive people would feel at home anyway, but just going for a walk is something she could do, and if she does it regularly she might stop hating herself so much. No amount of time spent going to doctors or talking to psychiatrists is going to stop a person hating themselves, only they themselves can stop that, and one way to feel better is to get out into nature or at least start walking, and i can speak from experience about that, so it doe work. but you have to start, and to care enough to want to, and Venus is still very young and has plenty of time to start.

No. 116026


All I can think when viewing these is that that damn hat just looks too small! But okay, these pictures are better, only she should have attended to the marks left by her bra, that does not look very appealing.


Well, when your mother looks better as a witch than you do! Well at least the hat is on Marge's head properly, Venus's hat just looks like a silly pimple on top of her head.

No. 116037

Are these the DD size breasts she claims to have? Just because you buy DD Size bra doesn’t mean your breasts are that size, she’s a C cup at the very max or a large B

No. 116042

What are you even talking about? Her breasts are so small, I barely see them. As someone who wears D, i can tell you, she's A - B max.

No. 116044


Cup size scales with band size y'all, this is bra 101.

But given how she's built structurally I don't think she has a super small band, so I have doubts on her D+ claim.

No. 116048

Isn't Japanese bra sizing different? Maybe she's trying to pass her jp size as the western DD size

No. 116050

european sizes are also different and she moved around so much she probably doesn't have a clue

I don't see anything wrong with using the sizes from the country she's living in, is she supposed to display a sizing chart?

No. 116054

Didn't she say her bra size is D when she was in Europe? she was also fuller, it was before surgery

No. 116055

Or maybe you just "fell for her trap." People who actually self-sabotage don't go around telling others they self-sabotaged, like Venus did with her "therapy." There have been alleged friends on here and PULL claiming she completely fabricated going to therapy, among other things like cheating on Manaki (which we now know is true). Venus also said her therapist thought someone with her past of EDs etc was perfectly fine doing sex work. It's obvious she makes this shit up when she wants to make excuses or when she wants attention. Also, the whole therapy/brain scan thing likely has something to do with her divorce or whatever legal trouble she seemed to have gotten herself into. She's been real shady the last few years.

No. 116056

Tbh Venus is the first time I've ever seen nipple hair on a girl. I didn't even know we could have nipple hairs that thick and obvious there lol. She should def pluck that shit. It's not scrotish. It looks nasty having a random thick ass hair there.

No. 116057

Yeah, she looked way healthier before her illegal weight loss surgery, that shit really fucked up her body. She will probably have an emaciated look to her body for the rest of whats left of her youth and that is legitimately sad.

No. 116059

I mean if you are gonna work as an e-thot the most strenuous part of your job is plucking unwanted hairs. Just goes to show ya how much she actually cares about whats left of her fans/simps. You think she'd try harder seeing as she is trying to sell this gig as her newfound life's calling as she puts it.

No. 116062

Or just edit and smooth that shit out if she's too lazy to grab a pair of tweezers. The amount of filtering and smoothing she does to her face until looking like a 2d character but leaving everything else untouched is hilarious.

No. 116063

She does edit her body though

No. 116064

ED can create a hormonal unbalance that causes hairs growing at places women usually don't have any or just a few.

No. 116079

File: 1602722326860.jpg (Spoiler Image,219.2 KB, 750x1125, SPOILER_v.jpg)

This is cringey as hell.

No. 116081

File: 1602722468763.jpg (Spoiler Image,232.35 KB, 750x1062, SPOILER_v2.jpg)

No. 116082

File: 1602722629882.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.09 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20201014_204230760.jpg)

She also posted a clip called candy from my pussy, where she pulled candy out of her bottoms. That tattoo poking out looks like one of those fake womb tattoos but I'm not sure.

No. 116083

File: 1602722697601.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.18 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20201014_204257679.jpg)

No. 116084


Nothing like razor burn and poorly shaved armpits to get me going.

Stay classy venus kek

No. 116093

oh yes, totally worth the big bucks. that's what I'm paying for, if you've ever wondered what a 5 o'clock shadow on a chick's armpits look like, there you go. science!

No. 116096

All the hair… she can't even trim nicely or something? And why does she act like she's finegring herself when you can clearly see she's not?

No. 116114

do guys find this kind of stuff attractive??

No. 116130


Some of us do have nipple hairs. I used to have but in time they fell out once I got older. Do some research, it's really not uncommon.

No. 116131


WTF does that mirrored writing say? Come here doad??? Lazy bitch, why the fucking hell can't she put right that stupid mirrored image?

Come to think of it, why do makers of some phones put cameras on them that produce mirrored images? Is it so that people who spend their whole lives staring into mirrors won't feel too freaked out by seeing how they look to other people?

No. 116134

It's because of how phones work, some non phone cameras also produce mirrored images.

No. 116137

"come here daddy"

No. 116139


Not all though, fortunately. It makes no sense to produce them like that. But really though, it is minimal effort to make sure the image or video is non mirrored before you upload it, so there's no excuse for her sloppiniess and laziness. It isn't just her either, that nutjob daniel lord from hiding in my room nearly always shows himself mirrored, but not when showing other things, so it looks like he purposely shows himself mirrored, i wonder if venus is doing it purposely too, as it is so easy to make sure anything is non mirrored before uploading it.

No. 116158

She looks like she is releasing a massive fart

No. 116180

If she's doing sex work and selling her body, she should still remove it, common or not (and it's really not THAT common). Removing it is more professional and shows she put some effort into it.

No. 116184

It's common for sex workers and e-thots to be presentable.

No. 116190

Women including sex workers have body hair. Get over it. Not everyone likes or cares for hairless skin.
As of her small boob hair is really an issue compared to her overall reputation.

No. 116192

Stop being stupid for the sake of playing devil's advocate.

Some people like hairy women, I fucking PROMISE you there's a reason you're not seeing "look at me being so hairy uwu" is promoted everywhere as much as barbie doll chicks are.

No. 116231

I can't believe mirrored-image-chan is still sperging about this days later

No. 116240

At least it's not rubber lips sperg

No. 116242

so do you think she should flip the picture or…?

No. 116245

If she can spend so much time warping her face and body proportions to oblivion when nobody asked her to(and even her simps don’t prefer the wax face), she can at least spare two seconds to pluck out the random hormonal darkened hair growth that people already brought to her attention in previous shoots. It’s about how warped her priorities are. She is intentionally putting her breasts on display and wants to make money off of them, but she doesn’t care about consistency of presentation. If it’s about natural beauty, then she should leave her face alone too. What if it was a big aunty chin hair? Would you say “Leave it. It makes Venus look wise.”? Lol

Just lazy like her mom, though. When Mags uploaded feet pics, her feet were dry and visibly peeling!

No. 116248

that's where she's the same as her mom. they're not thinking of actual how to be better, just the quick buck and how to fix quick buck. they won't invest in things that'll make it better long term like actual hygiene, shaving, etc. but she'd rather do stuff like spend hours editing her face.

No. 116258

I’m generally on board with Venus critiques but it seems like Venus is cool with body hair and prefers to have it. I get people are paying, she could make more money with a certain appearance, etc. But I feel like a huge part of the appeal for Venus is looking the way she wants, and she seems to prefer body hair (which I think is typical in Japan.)

No. 116262

No she's just lazy and gross. Remember this is the girl with greasy hair and period stained shorts and dirty nails. She doesnt prefer it. She's lazy and does everything half assed.

No. 116290


I think the makers of these products should make sure they produce non mirrored images to begin with, or at least make sure they are not the default position.
And yes of course she should flip the pictures.
Unless she prefers to see herself mirrored.
I think daniel lord deliberatly shows himself mirrored and maybe venus is the same. They are so used to seeing themselves that way from all the hours they spend looking into mirrors that they feel disorientated seeing themselves the right way round, in other words, how everyone else sees them in real life. But mirror images are what is most familiar to them and how they mostly see themselves and so they can't bear to see themselves round the right way, in other words, how everyone else sees them in real life.

No. 116295

Body hair isn't that typical and most japanese are grossed by it, specially hair on arms.

No. 116297

It is in NO WAY typical in Japan for women to be hairy, pubic hair? Possibly, but nipple hair? No. Hairy armpits? No.

That's literally just fetish porn which isn't popular even there. Scat/piss porn is far more popular than "mm gimme that tasty hairy nipple."

No. 116305

Maybe she's trying to appeal to the French? It would explain the frogs legs >>115321

No. 116319

>Body hair isn't that typical
Are you talking typical as in "not typically accepted by society" or typical as in "biologically unnatural" because if it's the latter then I have bad news for you.

No. 116321

Typical as in most women tend to care for their bodily hygiene in Japan. Western weebs have gotten far too used to the porn industry of asia to think "lol hairy girl" is common and accepted AND a popular fetish.

No. 116322

File: 1602877905890.jpeg (358.36 KB, 1893x1438, 75BD617B-DEA7-4E0C-A9BF-D58802…)

>> this is the girl with greasy hair and period stained shorts and dirty nails.

Don’t forget those super shmexy crusty lips.

No. 116323

Not typically accepted by society.

No. 116346

Did I miss something or ever since her OF creation, Venus hasn’t done a single lewd thing despite constantly hyping up how perverted she is??

I don’t follow her thread closely or her Twitter, but I know she keeps saying random shit like “I’m so perverted!! I’m going to show you guys something crazy! I wanted to do porn since I was a kid” and then all she does is flash her tits? Maybe her pussy?

The only other thing I vaguely recall is masturbating but only showing her face. Idk it’s all extremely tame to me, I can’t believe her stans don’t realise she has no interest in fucking herself with a dildo at the very least. I mean, good for her if she doesn’t want pictures that are too incriminating on the internet, but at this point it’s like she’s wishy washy and doesn’t know if she wanna go hard or give up.

I’m just wondering why she didn’t just decide to do lewd but not revealing stuff. Whenever she has an idea she reveals this grand plan of hers and it always ends up falling through.

No. 116358

nobody can seem to get it through their heads that she is sub-human level dumb. always questions, 'why did she do this which contradicts that' because she is just spasming one way and another

No. 116374

I mean, the pictures she posted are already incriminating enough. Just think about her vomit/ice cream pics.. yuck. Anyone with a brain will google her and never give her a chance at a proper job. She's done for.

No. 116375

Hun, just Google Japanese gravure or AV. No idol goes around with dark hairs on one boob and untreated razor burn. Peach fuzz and normal hair pattern is fine in Japan but that’s not what anyone is talking about. See here: >>116322 She shows many traits of bad hygiene and lack of care for presentation despite her obsessive face editing. Rather than enlarge her eyes, she should be using the healing tool for those mouth sores. It’s actually bizarre that she leaves that in.

This was the easiest venture she could attempt and yet she does it half-assed again. What happened to “boss babe” mentality and her time management exercises she was promoting? Did she ever get that professional camera equipment for her pimp/cameraman?

No. 116402

Oh definitely. But that’s what confuses me. At this point she will lose her OF fans because she keeps teasing shit that other camgirls do better.

I remember her very first OF pics were actually quite cute, she was in a tutu with a bra or something like that. She could have cashed in a cute internet gf Lolita shtick and managed expectations.
But no she had to be the lewdest, fist my ass daddy, camgirl then turn around and be all shy about touching herself and take a hiatus.

Lol I remember her insta post about how she was going to hire people for her new company and her fans were so excited to potentially work for her. Looking back I kinda pity Venus because she never sticks to anything despite having a good headstart on YouTube when it was taking off.

No. 116432

When she talked about going more 'hardcore' I thought she was maybe going to do the fetish thing of girls in neck braces, and arms in splints, that kind of thing, the whole 'broken doll' fetish that apparently was, or is, popular in Japan. It wouldn't take much effort to do so would suit her laziness.

No. 116444

watch her steal this idea

No. 116603


No. 116627

She looks so fucking ugly in her latest IG post, I tried to save it but couldn't, her chin looks longer and more pointy than she usually makes it look. Probably good for Halloween though, if she's going for the ugly witch with pointed chin.

No. 116680

File: 1603148498474.png (4.2 MB, 1125x2436, F042A537-9EC0-49B3-B38C-9DEEFD…)

No. 116681

(Sameposter): Guys don’t worry, she isn’t a scammer she is just a bit of a slowpoke! Its ok

No. 116685

No. 116709

Yeah,come on guys can't you see she wants you to feel bad for her cause her health is poor. Stop pressuring her into actually delivering.

No. 116722

File: 1603161469954.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1125x2436, BAE37607-E049-4B4E-AAD0-80D761…)

Not sure if a nitpick

No. 116730


I dunno, I think everything from her Quasimodo foot to her vag armpit is pretty gross. If you're going to edit the shit out of your face, why leave your body like this?? It's not even about airbrushing but just posing.

No. 116751

Her skin always looks so wrinkly and flabby and the poses just highlight it. She really must think her body looks good to only ever edit her face or Photoshop herself even thinner.

No. 116763

Lol, what a fake ass bitch. She's worried she'll lose subs so she'll pretend to love the simps just like she pretended to love her og audience. Didn't she say in her freaky eyed video that she only gives a shit about her fanbase "as a consumer?" Didn't she also say she was at her happiest when she started OF? Just more contradictions as usual from this pathological liar. Why does she even bother? She's disgusting.

No. 116764

I guess she has to guilt trip and emotionally manipulate her audience once more, like when she suicide baited her customers then mocked them, because she knows her content sucks and wants another excuse to not post and mitigate as much loss (unsubs) as possible. Just get a fucking real job, Penus.

No. 116765

Also, Margo said she found some writing of Venus' from her teenage years or younger, where she said she was planning to make Margo the star of "a horror movie." If this is true, and ngl, I do believe the kappa on this, then Venus must have hated her for a long while (which I can understand), but it would also mean that she did use Margo to build a channel with the intent to dump her once the money started coming in. Shitty parent or not, that's pretty sociopathic behavior and just highlights how Venus uses the people she comes across - from Margo to Manaki to quite a few managers to "Ken", to the sexually abused kid even, sugar daddies etc. All because she's too good to get a real job. What a pos.

No. 116788


Funny how she can put in the time and effort to make herself look uglier by putting that hideous point on her chin because in her deluded mind she thinks that makes her look better, but she can't just flip the picture so it is not mirrored. What a stupid bitch she is. I do think though it's because she is so used to seeing herself in a mirror, she can't get used to seeing herself the right way round.

No. 116795


She's written so many posts to this effect over the years that it's practically copypasta.

What the fuck did you just say about me you little Fangelic? I'm getting better every day and trying really fucking hard. I'm trained in over one hundred video editing techniques and can use filters to devastating effect. You've fucking done it now, you little bitch. I'm going to put together a regular posting schedule and post new content which will blow your tiny fucking mind. Thanks for all the support. Bye bye boo cunt.

No. 116810

Is that a bulimia knuckle I spot or nah

No. 116812


I don't think so. They're usually closer to the back of your hand, rather than on the side of a finger.

No. 116824

>boo bye bye cunt
Marry me anon

No. 116867

oh great the pointed chin and mirrored image sperg is back

No. 116882

It's as if anon has never taken a selfie before. I don't like Venus, but come on, everyone knows that phones flip images if not almost as always.

No. 116892

NTA but I imagine Venus likes the aesthetic of things being flipped backwards. "Lol I am unconventional and IDC!!!". So stop talking about it, individual anon.

No. 116904

So Margo posted some big comment (someone has a pic on her thread) saying that Manaki is dead. How would she know this tho?

No. 116905

She says that all the time, he's not dead.

No. 116906

I don't think she knows. She just thinks he might be. At first she called it a theory. Now she's saying it as if it's truth. She thinks so because Venus emailed her (Venus also admitted she did) and apparently asked her to fake mental illness for some court case/insanity plea. Margo thinks it's in relation to Manaki because Venus slandered him and got rid of him too. She thinks Venus deleted his social media and made a fake account that looks emo/edgy so people would think Manaki was suicidal. Manaki is no longer on SM. Venus stated in a live stream that Manaki needed to be put down and laughed and trashed him many times. Margo thinks Venus got with the Yakuza and is doing sex work for them to make up for them killing Manaki. Venus emails Margo asking to fake an illness.

It's pretty wild. I assume faking the illness has something to do with divorce, visa fraud or something shady Venus got into, but not a murder case lol. I can kind of see why Marge would think so since Manaki going awol on SM is sus, but it's a pretty ridiculous claim, unless she knows more than she's letting on. Also, Mizuki claimed that she was meeting up with Manaki and that he's alive. Marge is going to look pretty stupid if Manaki ever decides to dispel the rumors. Most likely he just doesn't want to be on SM, is private and not an attention whore like his deranged wife/ex-wife, especially since being slandered and attacked by Venus' fans.

No. 116933

Stale milk

No. 116938


It doesn't matter if they do, the point is that it takes minimal effort to flip an image or video so that it is accurate to what is actually being filmed and anything written reads the right way round. I feel like taking every one of her stupid mirrored images and posting them so they show correct instead of as though we are seeing the image through the eyes of the person who posted it as they are staring into a mirror. I think daniel lord also prefers to show himself mirrored as in his videos everything else appears to be round the right way, until he shows himself and he's nearly always mirrored, and even if the video is non mirrored, he shows himself in a mirror. These people are mentally ill and it's all bound up with their appearance and the only way they can feel comfortable with being seen online is if it is a mirror image.

No. 116940

Seems there are actually phones that flip the image round the right way after taking a selfie, but that some people complain about this because they don't feel comfortable seeing themself as others see them. Pathetic.


Anyway, if you have a choice, you don't have to use selfie mode, it is simple enough to turn the phone round to take it with the usual camera and not in selfie mode, and like some idiots complain about, some phones might show a mirror image while the person takes the selfie but will automatically flip it round the right way afterwards once it's taken.


No. 116949

Tell us more. What type of camera do YOU use (Is it flipped)? Should Venus flip the screen if there are no words in the picture? Why do you think she doesn’t flip them? What are the benefits of flipping them and is it worth the time it takes to do that? Do you think she knows her pictures are flipped? Can flipping mess up her edits? Do you prefer to see correctly oriented pictures?

No. 116959

I only agree with the flipped photo sperg when it's about a photo where you're actually supposed to read the text (like her "Daddy" shirt). It was supposed to cater to daddy idiots but you couldn't read shit kek. Other than that, stop derailing the thread. Venus is lazy, we get it.

No. 117009


I agree, I think it's most likely due to divorce or visa fraud as opposed to murder or some crazy shit like that. I also do believe she's being pimped out by Yakuza but not for killing Manaki.

Venus isn't bright, is a NEET in Japan, whose never had a real job and also is prone to getting herself in trouble. It's not out of the realm of possibility for her to get herself wrapped up w/ Yakuza. Add desperation from Manaki no longer being her human atm and it's like gasoline on an burning trainwreck.

No. 117010

Personally I don't think she got involved with Yakuza. She just found another shady manager like Kitano because she's terrible at managing herself or she latched onto some bf/sugar daddy, but you never know.

No. 117031


IIRC, even her stupid "cum dumpster" pic, the first topless one she did, had a caption written in Japanese that people were supposed to read, but even that was round the wrong way.
Even if there are no words to read, people's faces can look slightly different as no one has a completely symmetrical face, so a mirrored image is always going to look slightly different even on people with the most evenly balanced faces. So a mirrored image seems to me to be just another way of being dishonest, especially with people like venus obsessed with her appearance.


At this point, I'm starting to get worried, so I hope there is some confirmation soon from somewhere that Manaki is actually alive and well. I'm sure he is, at least alive if not well, he might be many things but he's not the devil incarnate, i think venus took advantage of the fact he was crazy obsessed with her from a young age and it probably didn't go all her way or how she thought it would turn out and so she turned against him, but I guess we can't really know anything for sure until someone shows some sort of proof. I hope the poor sap is okay anyway.

No. 117052

Manaki it's not dead. You stole my apricot stated on Instagram that he's alive.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 117246

Why does this thread attract all the worst scrote spergs? First it was the rubber lips guy and now mirrored image guy. Nobody gives a shit except you.

No. 117267


no comment really
"put your fist up my ass" WHAT ?

No. 117268

File: 1603481823685.jpg (370.69 KB, 1152x2048, lol.jpg)

No. 117272

Whats up with her left hand?

No. 117276

i'm questioning the legs lol

No. 117280

i didn't realise she is flashing her tits, i didn't expect them to be that low

No. 117296

File: 1603488798189.jpeg (177.51 KB, 828x1792, D5F94EB5-4AC5-4077-9919-18F388…)

Dude her tiddy is just dangling there the combination with the glasses is total grandma kei

No. 117303

Again with the condom in the mouth… It's so on the nose.
"Condoms are for sex, so it's automatically sexy!!"
Her tits are so sad, if she's actually going to continue this route she should seriously think about getting a breast lift.

No. 117311

Is this recent? I might be wrong, but I think this is from an old set. Is she just recycling old shit now, lol?

No. 117312

Thot 101, charge your simps for the same old shit/recycled theme multiple times a year.

No. 117352

She posted this image on OF on Sept 7 with the caption "Cummy gummy or no cummy gummy?"
She seems especially proud of the set b/c she also posted pics from it on Sept 9, Sept 10, Sept 11, Sept 12

No. 117358

File: 1603506742491.png (939.49 KB, 694x1124, Screen Shot 2020-10-23 at 7.28…)

Oops, she also posted from the set on July 19, 20, 23, 24 with the unique caption "My health is getting better too, recently. Excuse the wait!"

No. 117360

File: 1603506879957.png (455.22 KB, 462x538, Screen Shot 2020-10-23 at 7.35…)

No. 117374

Did you really have to post these? My eyes are fucking burning, what the fuck are these photos. Her facial expressions are so bad and the foot pic..does she really think that's sexy?

No. 117378

She's mimicking stereotypical poses, angles and facial expressions which are meant to be suggestive and inviting in hentai media, but her body language screams the exact opposite. Her unfortunate Margo genes makes it ever worse.

No. 117386

That is gross. I’m dying with laughter that anyone’s paying for/sexually aroused by this bizarre librarian granny clown act.

No. 117388

The blur on her face is so heavy she might as well just get some plastic surgery if she has to blur or edit her face in every image so much. Even other ethots don't wash themselves out so much with the blur tool.

No. 117389

That's some ugly looking feet though LMAO.

No. 117393

Come hither {WINK}

No. 117395

She looks special need in these

No. 117397


Fuck off with your retarded shit for thinking anyone you disagree with must be a guy. The worst scrote here is you! And people do care about mirrored images, specially when they contain text that people are supposed to read!

No. 117399

Seeing as how she's posting so much older stuff now, I wonder if she's growing tired of the whole OF thing? For someone like Venus who starts something full of enthusiasm and then tires of it just as quickly, maybe she regrets starting the OF and feels a bit trapped by it now. People who pay are going to expect regular updates and new stuff not just rehashed old pictures she's done before.

No. 117403

She dug her own grave. This is probably her only chance at a job that pays relatively well. She pretty much already abandoned her OF at this point

No. 117436

what if "Venus" is doing all this "trashy" thing as a persona ? A bit like trisha paytas or Ann frank ..where she just knows that her pics look messy and weird but she does it on purpose ??? (at this point I just can't believe she would post that feet picture…)

No. 117441

What a horrible foot pic, the way the picture is cropped makes it look like its not even her foot but that shes looking at someone else who has their foot in the camera. Also that face what the actual fuck

No. 117447

those outgrown gel nails ewwwww

No. 117537

Why are her photos are so low quality? Does she takes those with a Motorola V3 or what

No. 117547

Hm Trisha pautas is actually quite “smart” and make money with her trashyness
Venus is just a very problematic girl

No. 117561

Lot's of filtering and editing can do that

No. 117627

This pose makes no sense, I don't understand where her butt is in relation to the underwear. Cropping probably makes it look weirder but it looks like she's a contortionist. Her expression also straight up looks like a retarded girl being surprised by a pervert sitting behind her on a metro city bus. And I'm no foot fetishist but don't those guys usually like the soles or something?

No. 117668

that's her ribcage

No. 117687

Nope, if you tilt your screen you can see her blurred nipples behind the stickers

No. 117689

Oh wow. I just noticed them lmao

No. 117702

I see Venus as a challenge, more than anything. Here is a woman who, in every single aspect, is absolutely revolting - her anorexic illegally operated on exterior AND her personality - yet I can't help but wonder what would be like, to plunge balls-deep into her repeatedly.

That's right. Balls-deep. With no protection.

I won't lie, I'm extraordinarily-hard while typing this. I want to grab this… thing… and that's what Venus"Angelic" is, let's not delude ourselves, a "thing"… by the hips and ram mercilessly in and out of her quivering, malformed cunt with the force of a gladiatorial chariot, while she makes stupid faces and contorts orgasmically, unable to control her bodily reactions even if she wanted to.

I would erupt violently inside that corrupt and corrupting womb as though the entire fate of humanity depended on my seed penetrating the foul walls of one of her ovaries, the electrical fusion from this coupling creating the Antichrist, as our combined, guttural, Chewbacca-like roars shattered glass and walls alike around us, the house toppling down while we lay there in a filthy, disgusting mess.

Yeah. I reckon Peenus does it for me.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 117703

What the fuck did I just read???

No. 117704

get out of here, scrote

No. 117719

Same you stole the words from my mouth

No. 117720

rubber lips detected

No. 117729

File: 1603622521511.jpeg (120.83 KB, 750x761, E9E55DFD-6B6C-47EC-8568-0BB825…)

No. 117737

Jesus this thread attracts the sickest weirdos

No. 117741

Glorious. Now this is epic copypasta

No. 117762

File: 1603643443427.jpg (294.11 KB, 2048x1152, 20201026_003149.jpg)

Venus is giving out tips on how to be better at'socks' on her new youtube video https://youtu.be/8d44rHWWr6o

No. 117768

So what happened to her saying she is still a Virgin and never had “real” sex before? oh wait that was a complete lie as everything she says

No. 117776


Yes, that was a typical scrote, not just someone who the resident retard disagrees with, not someone who merely mentioned the term rubber lips twice, or someone understandably irritated by mirrored images with text all round the wrong way.

Anyhow, glad to see that pathetic moronic scrote has been put out to pasture.

No. 117778


Don't forget she lives her life pouring over hentai anime images, and those sort of weird angles showing feet are quite a prevalent theme there, even in the little I've seen, it's a quite common theme. Quite why I don't know, but it is what it is.

No. 117784


It's like this sort of thing is all that she's about these days. It's so off putting.

I've often heard it said that those who talk about it all the time, never actually do it, or if they do, get nothing out of it. I wonder if this is true in her case?

It's like she's trying hard to portray herself as some sort of nympho, but it doesn't ring true somehow.

No. 117786

File: 1603648207864.png (378.69 KB, 504x282, 1.png)

What a stupid thumbnail. Has she got a thing about pillows? Is that how she pleasures herself? She's always showing herself rubbing up against a pillow.

No. 117796

LOl her head is way too small, are these girls so dumb they can't see that snow or meitu filters look like dogshit

No. 117797

it looks like she farts out the 18+ sign

No. 117833

This basically. She obviously does it because she got a shit ton of money at the start. Also she was making 80K as a teen thanks to Marge, whereas Marge worked according to her 12 hours shifts. So she was obviously spoiled with easy money and does not want to legitimately work if she doesn't have to.

As for the thumbnail, she chose that one for VIEWS. If you notice on her channel, the more inappropriate thumbnails or titles get the most views. She's just a complete whore sellout, with no integrity, morality, self-respect (and I don't usually call out whores on self-respect, for instance June seems to actually like her job). But people like Venus are really pathetic and sociopathic. Their life revolves around getting money in any fashion, even criminal (visa fraud, dating pedophile, stealing/lying about a business, screwing over managers etc) and what for? So she can have nice makeup, fake nails, ank rouge clothing? Her priorities are so skewed. There's nothing of substance in that shallow head.

No. 117864

no, she's saying she's capable of more than 18 farts. per how long? what duration? see, this is why your teachers say always include a unit in your measurements.

No. 117905

"most girls want to be guys pets." Venus is such a fucking retard. Can this bitch just disappear from the internet already? She's a self-serving embarrassment to humanity and a waste of oxygen.

No. 117927

She really speaks like someone who doesn’t have sex often and when she does, it’s disappointing. Why is the “dumbest slut ever/cum dumpster” listing a mix of women’s magazine aftercare tips and shojo manga tropes? It all seems like things she actually desires and she has trouble emotionally connecting to someone. I don’t believe she is in love with the guy she is with now.

No. 117944

>>117762 Where is this picture from, I haven't seen it anywhere. Kind of sus.

No. 117992

it's from her twitter

No. 118018


Made my day, lmao.

No. 118061

She claims she's a virgin and tried only once and it hurt too much so they stopped at the middle….

It's funny that she claimed that several times, and still is giving sex tips as if she's a pro, even tho she is contradicting herself. That's how she underestimates her fans' intelligence, she really thinks they all have a memory span of a fish.
What's unfortunate, is that she's most likely right. Her fans are dumber than her/13 year olds so she thinks she's so clever next to them.
I mean, reading her comments on her YT channel makes me cringe. They seriously think she's witty and funny.

No. 118066

What also kinda bugs me is that she never replies to her fans, even tho the amount of comments she has now days are negligent compared to the past.
I saw lots of youtubers with more views than her trying to reach out to their fans and comment back. Not even a simple "Thank you".
She never did that. Kinda says alot about her and what she thinks about her fanbase. She completely looks down on them even tho they made her what she is today.
She is a complete trash of a human being it makes me puke.

No. 118068

She said she tried twice. Second time with her husband, first time with someone else (she didn't say it was her husband so maybe that dude in Korea when she cheated on Manaki). She also said she "played around with girls." None of these constitute being a virgin. She also said she regretted waiting so long to find out the taste of dick and what sex was like, yet in her blog posts she was hesitant to grow up and buy bras. Everything she says is a contradiction. She went along with the lie that the channel was hers and Margo did nothing. Then she claimed Margo as her manager. Then she claimed Margo worked 12 hr shifts, so she could bolster sex work as "above" real work. Nothing she ever says makes sense and is always changing to suit her next "real personality."

No. 118071

I honesty eel like it's toxic advice to say a girl doesn't like to be told straight out "wanna have sex later?" because not everyone likes subtly. As well as saying Tell her that you love her. If you don't mean it why say it? Empty words are worse than being truthful.

No. 118074

In the Primink video, she left a comment plugging her socials. Reaping more followers off a then 5 million viewed (and honestly, heavily biased/inaccurate) video was all she cared about. Yeah, she's trash. I mean, she used/faked mental illness and alcoholism for views, suicide baited, emotionally manipulated her audience, admit to faking abuse and may be faking abuse with her current manager, used ED to make money, dated a pedo for money and used the sexual abuse of a child to further victimize herself and reap benefits, commit visa fraud, cheated, lied and claimed someone else's business as her own, sugared, slandered, scammed, pandered, wished death on Manaki and so much more. I can only imagine the things she's done that are still unknown. Yeah, she's trash. Her life's goals revolve around showing off herself in Japan, in cute clothes, in sexy clothes, seeking validation and asspats via self-victimization. She's stupid. She's uneducated. She's spoiled. She's a leech. But what's important to her is the newest animal crossing! Or that nice Liz Lisa skirt! Or telling everyone how sad/pesudo-quirky she is! Gotta get them nails done and show off that LV scarf and fake, edited face. She's very shallow. What's the point of having all that OF money, when you have nothing else that's genuine and no redeeming qualities?

No. 118080

File: 1603758152834.jpg (324.74 KB, 2048x1152, 20201027_082022.jpg)

Her new video is just total cringe https://youtu.be/BA7-539YpDs
She seems to upload 'unedited' version of pics on twitter. Likely to prove that she does has those facial features to us lol

No. 118081

New Video

No. 118088

Does she really think that ahegao suits her dumbass looks? She just looks more retarded than usual kek

No. 118091

she actually replied to me once in her "misconceptions about me" or whatever it was (this was years ago when she was still an uwu kawaii house wife). Basically she said that a misconception about her is that she's really tall but actually she's only 5'5 and I made a comment about how I was shocked because she looks so tall and seems much taller than other girls. She ignored basically every other comment but somehow found mine to correct me and to tell me that acktually, she's a petite loli.

Sorry for the blog post, just wanted to point out that she does reply to comments but only to people she needs to correct. But yeah if you're just a Venus-worshipping fan she wont give you the time of day

No. 118097

Did she say that those pics are unedited? Because everything she posts is edited, smoothed, filtered etc. Even her "model" work for that Kazz amateur photographer. Interestingly, her photos were the ONLY photos on his page that were grainy/low quality, which must mean he filtered and edited the shit out of them compared to the other models. All the photos were edited but only Venus' were grainy.

Didn't Margo say she was 5'6 or 5'7. She looks somewhat tall, but not super tall or anything. Tall or short though, she's definitely not petite in stature.

No. 118100

>not recognizing a literal copypasta
newfags b gone

No. 118125

This video was so cringe. She is NOT funny. Each video is just cringier than the next. 24 and this is what she does with her life. Beyond pathetic. And she's definitely deleting comments/has certain words banned.

No. 118127

god,she's trying so hard to revive her former 13 year old "I wanna be forever retarded xD uwu" persona

No. 118130

File: 1603779348664.png (269.87 KB, 376x355, 1.PNG)

so kawaii

No. 118155


Marge conversion: 98% complete

I guess cringe views are still views…

No. 118156


I actually thought the video was a vast improvement on the last. At least it wasn't going on about sex and seemed to be getting a bit back to her roots, as it were.

And it was like she was laughing at the whole weeabo thing and laughing at herself in that respect. I'd rather see videos like this than the cringey ones where she is trying to be so super badass shmexy but just appears silly rather than hardcore.

No. 118165

File: 1603817281362.jpg (Spoiler Image,190.54 KB, 750x1134, SPOILER_m.jpg)

She's supposedly moving

No. 118166

File: 1603817422831.jpg (Spoiler Image,206.7 KB, 750x1114, SPOILER_yikes.JPG)

No. 118214

This video IS cringe. She can pretend she's "self-aware" in an attempt to mitigate cringe, but she IS a weeaboo and she IS cringe. Video was not funny nor entertaining. Someone who was self-aware and laughing at themselves, would have actually made something of their life and left behind this asinine, juvenile behavior. She's just one of those people who pretend to act pseudo-nonchalant to feel better about themselves. She's like 24 now. It's embarrassing. Is she going to do this in her 30s and 40s as well?

No. 118215

She must be switching sugar daddies or "managers" again. This is her excuse, along with her oh so poor mental health for not posting. She's such a snake.

No. 118216

It just looks as if she wears giant panties. Schmexy much.
The poses and the angles are so damn bad.

No. 118224


It's quite impressive how she manages to keep idiots subbed with endless excuses and teases that amount to nothing. Unfortunately fucking with creepy internet sex pests may be a bit more of a risk than teenage fangirls.

No. 118225

File: 1603849967651.jpeg (147.43 KB, 828x1485, 55AF725F-B7F6-497E-9A15-62F35C…)

Is that a tattoo? I’ve seen this before in one of her pictures and I’m wondering

No. 118226


Looks like a transfer. Aren't tattoos illegal in Japan? Like filming five women spraying milk from their asses on each other and not censoring their vaginas.

No. 118229

Tattoos aren’t illegal in japan anymore. There has been a recent change in laws too. But maybe it is indeed a transfer. Why would she get something like that.

No. 118230

File: 1603851086959.jpg (Spoiler Image,422.94 KB, 2048x2048, DaDbm-RUwAIsbpG.jpg)

That's a temporary tattoo -a very sad one, at that. These womb tattoos are commonly seen in witch\demon\possession hentai.

No. 118231

Tattoos were never illegal, it was just HEAVILY frowned upon/likely disallow you in places cuz it automatically links you to yakuza etc (especially on women.)

No. 118243

yeah, she has a black face tattoo'd on her chest. pretty hardcore

No. 118247

She starts to look more and more like a Belle Delphine copy. But a worse one.

No. 118248

That’s not what the anon meant. Look at her cooch

No. 118263

is it supposed to look so horrible in real life? Hers just looks like an an angry face

No. 118272

File: 1603891212647.png (Spoiler Image,1.62 MB, 750x1334, 588D3D1B-F9D6-4D42-944C-82B7FB…)

Depends on what one do you choose I guess. Pic related, an overall idea of what these are meant to look like (still trashy, just slightly better than penuses, tho)

No. 118343


The “tattoo” looks photoshopped to me, like a shitty purikura stamp. It just doesn’t look like it’s actually on her body somehow.

Also, that second pic? Her lower half is deformed. Why is her tummy button so low? Her lower abdomen just…ends. She has a blank pointy Barbie crotch, lol. Where is that tattoo supposed to even be??

No. 118372

I think my eyes melted, and I probably lost my hability to laugh for the next two weeks. But at least it is not sad, overfiltered grandma nudes.

I think that's also common in hentai? I highly doubt she has any interest in porn or sex and just copies what she sees

No. 118390

Kinda OT but I find it funny there's a vtuber boom right now and Venus completely gave on on it. If she kept at it she could have been a pioneer of the current boom and made a lot of money. Pretty unfortunate for her

No. 118393

Her voice is borderline incomprehensible (What the fuck is her problem, she needs speech therapy) and she has the personality of wet cardboard. She's never going to make it as a vtuber.

No. 118402

Still pretty frowned upon. A Japanese friend asked me about tattoos recently and told me that she is disgusted by people that have them and that they can only view that person as being dirty. Or another friend who said they wouldn't talk to someone if they had a tattoo.

On the other hand, another friend was curious about tattoos and wanted to get a tramp stamp, so I had to explain to them why that wasn't a great idea. To them it 'so cute!' and not trashy at all.

No. 118404


She's like someone who would buy shares when they were high and sell when they were low, so making a loss. Really though I think it is just indicative of her, that she starts what she can't finish, most likely because all her initial enthusiasm for it dies and she gives up on it. Then she moves on to the next thing, stays with that for a while, but never stays with anything long enough to give it a chance to succeed.

No. 118406


Tattoos are banned in most onsens but allowed in some.
It's funny how some people will accept tattoos all over someone's face and think it's cool, but will look disparagingly at a tramp stamp.

I can see why people would hate tattoos and think they look dirty, some of them do. In fact a lot of them do.
People with an abundance of them can look quite arty, like they are a living art form, but tattoes all over arms, or worse, faces and heads, and everywhere visible, look horrible to many people and I can see why.

Tramp stamps, especially if done quite discreetly, can look good though, and enhance someone's charms.
But really, isn't it a bad idea to have any permanent tattoo as people may likely change their mind in time and wish they'd never had it done? Also when they age, the tattoo will change and not look the same any more and they will regret it for that reason.
There are temporary tattoos and may even be some that last a lot longer and just fade so that they can be redone for as long as you want them.(derailing)

No. 118421

I think she attached it the wrong way! The black squiggles should be arranged on on either side of the heart “womb” to look like Fallopian tubes. Instead, it looks like she attached the tattoo transfer directly as is on the sheet, without cutting the pieces out first. It truly resembles that famous “Why so serious?” Joker face illustration.

That’s the biggest problem. Not only is her work ethic shitty, but her speech has degraded. I remember her first videos after leaving Margaret were very coherent and seemed like her pronunciation vastly improved. But now, she just doesn’t care anymore. There are plenty of speech vocal coaches and English tutors in Tokyo for aspiring actors and professionals. She could also do online courses and watch speech pathology videos to improve her speaking. But she has done nothing but get worse. And before anyone suggests it: No, she is not gaining a Japanese accent. This sounds very different. It may be the drugs or it may be laziness.

No. 118521

File: 1604028147456.jpeg (200.3 KB, 750x1048, BE259CF0-4FC0-4FBE-9D89-C127C1…)

does anybody know what the original caption was on this instagram post? it says it's been edited, and all of the comments have to do with her mental health.

No. 118523

File: 1604028332321.png (1.42 MB, 1125x1948, uff.png)

here you go

No. 118525

Interesting how this post comes after Margo made a similar type of post. I smell bullshit. This is the usual 'feel sorry for me guys, like and sub and fall for my trap to excuse my laziness/scamming etc' and probably to steal thunder from Margo (not that I care about Margo post but it almost seems like she's trying to one up her and is not the first time she makes one of these, woe is me type posts right after Margo, or vice versa).

No. 118532

File: 1604041147298.jpeg (885.97 KB, 1100x1812, E45995FF-9E37-41D5-B360-A323FC…)

I see u

No. 118544

>Despite looking like this

No. 118549


What did Margo say? I don't follow her posts, just keep up to date in here.

No. 118554


Could she even make her chin look uglier and pointier? I hope she does a Halloween video for the witchy season. She's certainly got the chin for it.

No. 118570

She already did kek >>115915

No. 118596

The usual. How she's surprised she isn't dead yet. How she had her surgery for some teratoma, how she paid the storage, how she has a broken heart, getting nasty comments, Manaki disappearing, Venus lying and using people, Venus telling her she's going to be the star in a horror movie, people lacking compassion, contemplating that maybe she (Margo) should die and ending with trying to heal and whatnot. She also mentioned her family apologized to her for believing Venus. Ferenc/Zsu used to make jabs at her in their posts. It's funny how both Venus and Marge have this woe is me whiny trait and go on these epic, long internet rants.

No. 118675

Same energy as Margo's videos. so cringe.

No. 118698


Yes, like mother like daughter I guess. Full of self pity, like no one else in the world has ever had bad things to contend with. Thanks for clarifying. I still hope for both of them that they can develop some proper thought processes and improve their lives, but their lives are still pretty good compared to many, and I can't see either of them becoming better people any time soon.

No. 118735

She did attach it wrong omg! What a dumbass kek

No. 118872

File: 1604275786555.jpg (391.5 KB, 1080x1746, Screenshot_20201102_010647.jpg)

She couldn't make that photoshopping more obvious…

No. 118910

She sliced off part of her face and her left ear. She’s got to be trolling, right? I mean, this is just SO bad.

No. 118917

Her extensions look so bad… if she's getting the big money from OF why isn't she at least taking care of her body? She's so low budget and crusty, I can't believe it.

No. 118927

im really disappointed in this money hungry thotweeb. she just abandoned her fanbase to do the shittiest porn ever and to cater to pedos who have been drooling over her since she was a minor

No. 118943

Pretty good summary description of Venus since August. I feel the same way, it's just a waste of a following built up over years. It's different if a nobody 20 year old starts an OnlyFans and makes shit content, still a bad life choice, but didn't destroy a career she already had.

No. 118950

Those dead eyes man, are we sure she's enjoying herself?

No. 118951

Also compare the quality of her last video. >>118125
10+ years of video-making experience and this is the type of content she releases. It’s just astounding that she is one of the “veteran” YouTubers among the weeb creators and this is all she has to show for it. If you introduced her to someone as a new YouTuber, it would be easy to believe. It’s like she chose to start at the very bottom instead of building upwards from an already steady foundation.

No. 118966


Silly girl, it must be dysmorphia, why else would she want to make herself look worse? It would've been a pretty picture of her before the stupid editing. She has made her face look deformed.

No. 118967

I haven't personally believed that she wants to do this since after the initial sad titty cumdump pic. Every one of her sexy pics looks posed by someone else. Part of me thinks that after some time and more simp scamming, she'll stop doing OF and being "sexy" and come back as a pure loli uwu with a story about how her evil rapist manager forced her to thot out for money or whatever. Calling it now, she claims the OF saga is someone else's idea or she was forced/coerced into it.

No. 118987

Can we get more on this? Manaki's disappearance from SM is the weirdest part of all this to me. Where did Marge get the idea that he was dead to begin with?? And did this Apricot girl ever talk about her meetup with him?

No. 118997

LOL. It would not have been a pretty picture before. Have you seen candids of Venus? She's gnarly like her mother.

She talked about it in a deleted post. Just said they were meeting up and he's not dead. She seems genuine so I believe her. Margo suspects Manaki is dead because his accounts are gone, there's an account where she claims he "seems suicidal" (dark clothing, looking emo etc), and Venus once said Manaki had to be put down and laughed with her followers (sick bitch). Possibly also some private exchange with Venus who emailed her about mental health for a court case. Margo also thinks Venus might be involved with the Yakuza.

Doubt he's dead. Manaki never wanted to be a public figure. That was Venus likely forcing him, given she claims she's "ambitious and eccentric" (LOL) and Manaki is a normie unambitious follower who's fine working in a factory (at least the dude was WORKING hard physical labour something leech Venus will never know) and bitch has the audacity to put him down and shame him. Which is probably why Manaki doesn't want to be a public figure. Venus sent her fanbase after him too and the whole divorce thing. Maybe she also blackmailed him (for instance, if he was complicit in their visa fraud she could take him down with her).

No. 119034

File: 1604385899188.jpeg (522.21 KB, 1125x1353, 8877987F-15FF-404E-90CB-AA244F…)

I wonder what it feels like to go from 7 million likes for being cute on the internet to…

No. 119037

File: 1604386492056.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1125x2436, 4593728C-547F-4A41-8798-7DAD1E…)

… begging more than once to get 100 total people to reshare a picture of you in your panties. That must hurt so badly

No. 119039

Lol that is so sad. She is beyond pathetic at this point. Begging people to like your undies pic is better than actually working, eh?

No. 119043

like the version without stickers is in any way more interesting or enticing. they're barely even hiding anything. how are her male supporters so pathetic?
also wtf is that edit, look at the way her knee becomes a huge blob bigger than her thigh??

No. 119047

>Every one of her sexy pics looks posed by someone else.

I’ve been checking out the costhots she follows and retweets and it seems like she mostly just copies their photo shoots or costume ideas. The most recent succubus pictures seem inspired by Hidori Rose. Before that, Venus seemed to be skin-walking that super skinny “Loli” Japanese porn star that I can’t remember the name of right now. The difference is, all the girls she is emulating have much better posing, camerawork and presence. They also do actual hardcore nudes or sex acts their fan base pays for while Venus keeps pretending she is on the same level. We all know Venus is not comfortable with half the wild stuff the other girls release on a weekly basis, but she so desperate to push an image that is not really her. As always, “This is the real me”, is never true.

Margaret can’t imagine another human not being addicted to social media and public attention. To her, no online attention= death. She also can’t relate to how Manaki could actually enjoy spending time with real family and friends.

No. 119196

File: 1604530829764.jpeg (301.25 KB, 1084x1654, 5D2A3392-E4C1-413E-922B-355E3B…)

She’s doing SO MUCH better, you guys! Brand new Venus on the way!!

Bitch, please. Just fuck off already.

No. 119202

My good lord how many times can this girl say “it’s the new and improved venus guys for real this time!” She says this every month but stays exactly the same or gets worse, it’s just embarrassing now just stop

No. 119209

The pathetic thing is no one is forcing her to say this every time. She could just not say it and either improve or not. Although, on OF,she most likely said it in attempt to retain subs since they were realizing they were being scammed.

No. 119290


Pop psychology recommends not telling anyone what you're planning to do before you've actually done it, as it gives you the satisfaction as though you already have and demotivates you.

Venus is case in point in that.

That or she just needs people to give her a pat on the back every week and has no intention of doing anything.

Actually, that.

No. 119326

She is just lazy and posts that so people don’t forget she exists while she is doing nothing constantly

No. 119332

File: 1604604893562.jpg (290.31 KB, 1080x1445, IMG_20201105_203331.jpg)

I can never unsee this now.

No. 119333


LMFAO, Venus is literally the embodiment of "GO girl!! Give us absolutely nothing!"

No. 119429

I love how stupid her chin looks in all her edited pics she can't even do that simple ethot shit properly. She should just get back with her mom at this point so marg can do all her editing for her and she can keep running around like a woe is me moron.

No. 119431

As a farmer point of view a Marge vs Venus 2: Electric Boogaloo saga would be milky as all hell.
Please, MilkGod and sacred Board-tan, make it happen!

Saged in an already autosaged thread for obvious turbo-autism

No. 119447


So faded it looks like a "not responding" screen.

And that ugly hideous chin. Wtf is wrong with her??? No matter how lazy she is with everything else, I bet she'd spend hours if she had to to make sure she got that ugly point on her chin!

No. 119450


I can see her staring at the screen for hours if her device was running slow, making sure she got the editing just right, or rather, in her case, wrong. Hidious! What normal person wants to make themself look like they've got a long narrow ugly pointy witchy chin?? Oh wait, what normal person? We're talking about Veenus, oh righty then!

No. 119452

File: 1604677060923.jpg (644.5 KB, 1536x2048, venus angelic non mirrored.jpg)


She messes about with the editing to make her face look distorted, so why the Hell can't she just flip the damn picture, specially when there are words to be seen?

No. 119468

Wow didn't even see the choker said VENUS

No. 119470

She has been using it for a while now.

No. 119483

She had that choker since before she started OF which is interesting given she had a pater sugar daddy ad.

No. 119528

Flip picture anon rlly still going off

No. 119533

I doubt anyone’s buying/viewing these shit edits for reading comprehension, anon.

No. 119535


Still better to see something the right way round rather than if you were looking into a mirror.

No. 119546

this is literally the least important thing in the whole mess that is weenus, anon

No. 119589

Isn't venus supposed to be an "uwu gurl gamer"? Then how the heck didn't she get on the roll with the Genshin Impact game coming out? This game is out for like 2 months already and in their first month out, already made 250 million dollars from mobile phones alone. This game is like a true anime-fan-based for husbandos and waifus. I'm pretty shocked Venus didnt hear about this and didn't do anything related to this…

No. 119602

You think weebs are going to fall for chink cash grabs? They're smarter than that.

No. 119608

I've been wondering about things like this myself, Venus was COMPLETELY silent this election cycle. I don't know why she doesn't use her position as an influencer to speak to Japanese people and encourage them to get out and vote?(derailing)

No. 119609

Honestly, I disagree on this one. Idiots like her who know nothing of politics or even life for that matter should not be encouraging others to vote. Most influencers attempt to sway other towards leftist ideology as well (nothing wrong with that but it makes it propaganda if there is a clear bias). At least that's what I see with major celebs. All the celebs who encouraged their fanbases to support blm were incredibly misinformed on the topic and just encourage whatever makes them look good, gets them woke points or let's them virtue-signal. Venus should definitely NOT involve herself in things like these unless she does SERIOUS research first.

No. 119611

How hard would it have been for her to get out on Election Day and do a video on voting in Japan and show how Japanese people do it? I don't know what kind of Corona measures they are doing over there but I have hard literally ZERO about the elections in Japan.

No. 119615

There are a million different things she could make videos. Do you think all social media influencers should make videos about how to vote in their home country, or you just oddly feel that Venus Angelic should have done this?

People don’t care to get that type of information from their train wreck Venus Angelic

No. 119616

Pretty much this, plus she'd just become worse scum trying to profit off a pandemic, like she initially tried on OF. She's too ignorant of these topics. It would be a bad move, like when that idiot Mikan made pandemic videos. Influencers should just stick to their kawaii shit, fashion, vlogs and so forth.

No. 119618

wtf is this shit lol

No. 119620

She's not even from the USA, of all people why on earth should she weigh in on their politics.. Let's just leave that shit out of this. No one cares

No. 119624

No. 119631

What the Hell are you weebs talking about? VENUS DOES NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO VOTE. Only Japanese citizens may vote. This is so irrelevant to Venus. She is just a vapid YouTuber with no education or skills. Fashion and games is all she can comment on until she gets deported.

I thought these guys were talking about the Japanese elections(speaking to Japanese people) but the election cycle didn’t add up. This is like those idiots demanding Venus take a position on BLM. The biggest decision Venus ever had to make is whether to shave her “meow meow”.

No. 119633

Because Japan supported BLM and were even a couple of marches in solidarity. Japanese creators weighed in on the elections as Japan is HEAVILY partnered with the US so it kinda affects everyone.(derailing)

No. 119634

But Venus isn't Japanese. And no one gives a fuck what Venus thinks about politics. She's a dumb weeb and that's all she's good for. Actually, not even that anymore. The only thing that dumb bitch can do anymore is scam simps to giving her money.

No. 119635

Agreed, was stating why someone probably expected "I'm so Japanese I live in Japan I love Japanese culture I'm your Japanese girlfriend" to weigh in lol.

I barely would care about seeing her getting railed by 8 guys on onlyfans let alone politics, that's how irrelevant she truly is.

No. 119644

I don't know where you got this from, but Japan does not support BLM. Those rallies were foreigners enrolled at Japanese universities.

No. 119646

Japan is fully pro Trump. They are actually very angry at the election results and will go apeshit if you dare spread 'fake news' or criticize him, you can look it up on Twitter. Unless she were campaigning for Trump there would be no point in trying to appeal to what's left of her japanese audience with US politics.
You sound like a PULLfag trying to cancel some eurothot for not educating japanese about american wokeness

No. 119647

a couple ~marches in solidarity~ means jack shit, those gatherings happened all over the world, even where i live in eastern europe there was one. but the majority of people in other countries dont give a fuck about blm (why should they), and im sure its the same in japan

do you think everywhere in the world holds elections at the same time the americans hold theirs? why is everyone from burgerland so fucking stupid? venus is a cocksucking idiot, but you make her look smart with this shit

No. 119648

mirror image sperg anon detected. jfc just learn to read mirrored letters, it's really not that hard. also you're literally the only one in the world who cares.

Anyway, as for the citizenship, Margo has stated that Venus had given up her former citizenship for a Japanese one. We all know Margo bullshits and exaggerates whenever it suits her, but I just don't see why she would lie about something like that. If it IS true it was actually a really dumbass thing for Venus to do. What exactly did it accomplish, besides freedom to work in prostitution? Now she's literally stuck in Japan and it's nowhere near glorious kawaii dream, and she would now need visa to actually go live anywhere else lol

No. 119649

There are no elections happening in Japan to make a video about right now and even if there was no one wants to see weenoos talking about it

No. 119652

That anon is baiting. why are you all falling for it?

No. 119656

Stop thinking that the world revolves around the US, it doesn't.

No. 119689

Anons, can we all just ignore the election stuff. It's kind of derailing the thread.

Has Venus been posting on OF? (to anyone who's subbed to her?)

No. 119694

No they didn‘t
Those events were made by chinese

No. 119699

She posted an outtake from her last video, promising hardcore contents for her second account onlyfans

No. 119714

are you dumb? the states just HAD an election!? where do you think the votes come from?

No. 119727

No one cares.

Also thats way off topic. Not everything has to be about the US lmao.

No. 119743

There is no way that Venus is a Japanese citizen. If she's not even getting PR, how would she get citizenship? Doesn't make any sense.

No. 119753

The tards in this thread are more amusing than Venus is now.

No. 119764

Women have the right to vote.
Minorities have the right to vote.
Everyone has the right to vote.

I know these things make you mad, but you just have to accept the truth.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 119765

where did that anon say anything about women or minorities, fucktard. venus doesn't have the right to vote IN JAPAN. voting is reserved for the CITIZENS of a country.

No. 119789

>Because Japan supported BLM

Japan mostly did not. Foreigners and small groups of Japanese in major cities tried to spread awareness but most Japanese were indifferent or simply nod “Yes, that is sad.”

More like, pro-whoever won’t bend to China. I’ve yet to come across a Japanese in real life was full-on Trumper, though.

You, or a couple other dorks, were saying Venus should encourage JAPANESE to vote. Implying she has the right to vote in JAPAN. Now you’re talking about the US elections? Why? She is still a Swiss citizen.

And NO! She does not have citizenship and can not. This is a foreign man’s fantasy. Not even PR is given out like candy. You don’t live here and don’t understand. Remember when Venus returned to South Korea for surgery? Her permission for spousal visa still hadn’t been finalized, which meant there was even less time between her “escape” and when she could she could be eligible to apply for PR. Naturalization could be possible only years later from that date, but she sabotaged any hope for that.

No. 119839


Moving forward influencers and brands are going to be -so important-, I think most young people are now distrustful of the media and news due to their complicity with the Trump regime.

I can't state how much of a win this new presidency is going to be for brands and how much they are going to thrive.

Young people look to their brands and influencers for guidance, to be told how to think, how to feel and Venus needs to make sure that she is ideologically consistent.

No. 119844

Theory: all the mad posts ITT are by the same person. Rubberlips mirrorsperg, now an absurd suggestion that babbling Venus, who currently does OnlyFans full time would be a good political spokesperson for literally anyone.

No. 119845

Yeah this dimwitted mentally unstable basketcase is not and will never be an “influencer,” political or otherwise.

No. 119846

yea haha you sure have a "regime" in usa. dumb burger. and all your media and news seems to hate trump so what are youeven talking about? just fuck off and whine about your piece of shit country somewhere else

and wtf are you talking about that venus needs to be ideologically consistent? venus is vapid as fuck. she doesnt follow any ideology. shes not even consistent with showing her ass, which is the easiest thing ever. she can also hardly be considered an influencer these days. who is looking to this actual retard for her opinions on ANYTHING? no one

No. 119860

Venus has no sort of ideology. No defined morals, inspiration or goals. She admitted she doesn’t have a sense of identity either and tries on different personas. There are far more thoughtful, and most importantly EDUCATED, American YouTubers out there you could support.

When it comes to non-Americans concerned with American politics, those people simultaneously care about their own country’s politics as well. This is hugely significant. When has Venus showed she cared about any political or social issue in Japan? In South Korea? Netherlands? Switzerland? UK? Never. The closest she has come to social commentary is talking about sex shops and kinks in Japan, which is pathetic and narrow-minded. Or perhaps her vague descriptions of mental health care.

No. 119873

>distrustful of the media and news due to their complicity with the Trump regime.
This isn't even true. The left have a monopoly on media, including internet platforms. Can you spew your asinine political rhetoric somewhere else? Biden/Kamala are shit and no better than Trump. If Venus has a semblance of intelligence, she'll steer clear of discussing polarizing topics like these that she isn't even educated enough to talk about, nor is she even (most likely) a Japanese citizen to be able to get involved in elections.

No. 119886

Actually I have to agree with this anon, OnlyFans is rapidly becoming one of the most popular career paths for high school graduates, Venus has so much knowledge, not just of the platform but of cross-cultural sexuality. If she really focussed herself she could become the voice, or icon of a generation.

No. 119887

No. 119888

Knowledge and Venus.. are you fucking on drugs, anon?

No. 119899


>If she really focussed herself she could become the voice, or icon of a generation.

Don't threaten us!

No. 119910


Well your 'theory' is wrong! I care about stupid mirrored images because i like to see things how they are meant to be seen, not like I'm seeing it from the eyes of the person posting the image as though I am them looking in their mirror.
I do not in any way think Venus should be talking about politics, certainly not politics that are not even happening in Japan but another country.

No. 119911


I agree with most of what is said here.
I doubt anyone knows much about the actual truth of anything because the left wing media try to make everyone believe what they want them to believe, and the thought of Venus giving any insightful viewpoint on politics of any description is laughable, but as the world seems to have gone crazy mad I suppose it's not something totally beyond the bounds of possibility.
I would watch with interest if ever she does become a "voice of the people", or whatever, lol.

No. 119918

File: 1605026999155.png (8.5 KB, 235x236, 342.png)

No. 119959

Run along, little troll.

No. 119971

File: 1605061644852.jpg (97.15 KB, 811x680, fractured ass.jpg)

Mcfuckin' kill yourself

No. 120003

Imagine actively seeking out cows who post mirrored images just to sperg about that shit, the milk really do be dry

No. 120014

File: 1605097715202.jpg (116.14 KB, 1080x664, IMG_20201111_132819.jpg)

No. 120027

more shit that's destined to fail

No. 120034

Is being a small business owner something that grants you a visa or an extension in Japan? It's the only explanation I can understand for why Venus keeps trying to start these weird, go nowhere business ventures.

No. 120037

Yes…if it's registered/licensed and provides an actual service.

So no this does not count. She should have done more research or just..attend university, Japan only cares if you're actually contributing.

No. 120059

>attend university
everything venus does makes total sense if you realize she's mentally 6 years old. Some of you were surprised when she first started speaking out of her dolly character so you got this idea she is 'smart underneath'. No, that was a 6 year old doing an impression of a 'candid youtuber'. Go watch any of her honest-style videos again and see that while the tone is right, her actual words don't make sense. A six year old in an adult's body can't fool a university entrance exam the way they fool 12 year old youtube viewers

No. 120064

How did you even find this?

No. 120091

From Wikipedia:

Momonga is a Japanese word which has several definitions:
- Flying squirrels in general
- Japanese for the subfamily and genus of the flying squirrel
- Japanese dwarf flying squirrel species in particular

Sounds about right

No. 120366

This reads like a thirty year old man wrote it, speaking from experience. gtfo! kek

No. 120372

File: 1605292575403.jpg (143.74 KB, 957x1300, paul-reubens-pee-wee-herma.jpg)

looks like this lol

No. 120575

File: 1605411650321.jpeg (152.16 KB, 1044x1344, 40E9E2A0-089E-4718-A1E7-951C97…)

NTA but Venus has less than 50% success rate with lashes

No. 120584

File: 1605414076375.jpg (Spoiler Image,188.1 KB, 960x1706, 20201115_122012.jpg)

From twitter. Again baiting people to retweet her sad picture

No. 120611

You can even clearly see she's wearing a bra under the sticker. At least post a real nude if you're begging for RTs kek

No. 120615

File: 1605431277428.jpeg (416.35 KB, 1125x2104, 990D36F7-0B6D-4AB1-9431-669960…)

Venus annoys me because she is terrible at everything but I think that in her mind she is a professional.

Like, doctors have hard jobs but they don’t whine about it to their patients and they still show up. Teachers have hard jobs but they put a smile on and teach. Physical laborers obviously have hard work but they don’t say “btw it was really hard to build your house so I’ll be back in a few weeks”. But here is Venus “woah is me, sorry that you are paying for nothing but I am a perfectionist and this is just really hard!!lol sorry that you paid for this month, I’m actually doing mental health though LOL. Try again soon, I’ll take a picture next week!”

Like she puts in less than the minimum and expects a “sorry for the lack of content, I’ve been working on things”!” To be accepted every few weeks

No. 120616

LOL I knew she was dumped by her manager as soon as she mentioned she was moving. She was obviously leeching off of him and is now struggling to work on her own. She has not been able to stick with any single one of her managers. The problem is obviously HERSELF, but yet again, she will blame the manager. Also, she is not a perfectionist, that is just another excuse. It's not hard to take fucking photos, no matter what you have going on in your life. I wonder who Venus is leeching off of now? New manager? Manaki? One of her friends?

No. 120618

I wonder how on earth working conditions could have been so terrible, with her still only producing a few pictures a month?

If she is a perfectionist, it applies only to having obsessive dysmorphia and editing her face excessively until she is not afraid of it being seen.

No. 120624

The manager probably wanted to be paid and her to post more content which GASP would involve actually working! Poor Venus-chan! What a bad bad man! /s
She's so fucking pathetic and can't even keep her simps and pedos on board. When will she get deported back to Switzerland to leech off her mom again? kek

No. 120631

Also, separate hardcore OF? Her simps already took a poll and were against that, but she wants them to sub to both and then have to pay extra to get by the paywall like when she hide one of her vids behind a $50 paywall? They literally have to sub to two OFs and two paywalls just to see her content?? Wtf is wrong with her! She really is a shitty coin gremlin scammer.

No. 120635

Is it even allowed to have two OF accounts that cost money to access? I've heard that one has to be free for that to work

No. 120653


Why the fuck do you need a manager to do a 'job' that requires your phone, a tripod and a pair of tits?

I thought the whole 'empowering' thing about being a e-thot is cutting out the pimp.

No. 120714

Kinda surprized she hasn’t started the vtuber thing again now that vtubers are in. She really was ahead of her time since now all other desperate weeb e-girls are making their vtuber debuts

No. 120737

No she wasn't and you already said this earlier anon. Her vtubing was crap and she was not ahead of her time, youtube was already oversaturated with vtubers. Venus is a trend follower, not a trend setter.

She's always had trouble with motivation, organization and time management. Booking hotels, ordering props and maintaining a tip menu was probably too challenging for her given she doesn't genuinely care about OF, just the money, there's no passion there, so it's much easier for her if someone else manages everything and she just uploads edited photos would be my guess.

No. 120738

she only does what the old man fucking her thinks is going to pay off. Her story becomes pretty boring when you realize she's just been doing this for the last several years. All of her 'ideas', and even her social media posts are just when some old guy said to post something. There basically is no Venus

No. 120741

Also, she needs a manager to have a place to live. If she doesn't have citizenship, no education with a real job, no one is going to rent to her. OF and YT are not real jobs. Remember, she lied about Kitano's business being her own, likely for visa purposes. I'm sure she's either gotten another manager in return for a place to live, or is living with a friend.

No. 120764

‘Going through recovery” lol. She’s a fucking grifter and scammer just like her mommy.

No. 120765

It's so annoying the way people like her milk that shit. Just stfu and deal with it. Do your damn job, which isn't even a "job", isn't hard, doesn't require intelligence or creativity, and stop complaining and making excuses. People with real jobs and real stress don't whine as much as her, and they'd actually have reason to, whereas she can sit in her pink little room or leech off a manager and still whine, complain, make excuses and aggrandize all her "struggles" and entire life story. Piece of shit.

No. 120766

>> or is living with a friend.
Shacking up with another shady dude more like. What is this one, #3 or #4 now? I’m losing track.

No. 120771

No wonder she's made that momonga.inc instagram account. She's probably desperate for a visa and tries to act like she's owning some kind of business.

No. 120772

File: 1605482869709.jpeg (380.05 KB, 1155x1536, BACFB114-F108-4869-8D27-9139D0…)

So this creepy “photographer/manager” kicked her ass out, just like Kitano, “Ken,” that V tuber guy and probably at least one sugardaddy did earlier (oh and Manaki too.) She’s just latching onto whatever scummy guy she can grab but only lasts a few weeks with each one before they get fed up with her lazy slovenly ways and kick her to the curb. Watch her come out with some story about how this guy was abusive! just like she did with Manaki, the Vtube guy and “Ken.” This pattern is getting so predictable.

I can’t get over what a lowlife she’s become.

Guess she’s gonna have to pack those boxes back up once again.

No. 120775

And Margaret. Marge is no sunshine and rainbows of course, but I really have to question if everything she said was even true. She never had proof for most of her claims. Manaki was just as bad as Marge, again with no proof, as she laughs at the prospect of his death and even goes on other channels to shit talk him. The vtuber manager let her run her own content, but provided everything for her and he was "bad" for that, Ken was a pedo she "loved" whose kid she sure loved using/abusing to aggrandize herself, she told Kitano and management to "go fuck themselves" and this manager provided "poor working conditions." Her fans have to be willfully ignorant at this point to not realize she is the problem.Who knows how many other people she's used like this.

I am surprised Marge thinks she has citizenship, given her pattern of latching onto others for shelter. Can't wait for the story where Marge claims Venus killed her Yakuza manager and is now on the run from the Yakuza lmao.

No. 120820

She'll have to rent a storage someday soon if she doesn't get a new guy, just like her mother. That's the cycle of life, beautiful.

No. 120863

I don't even believe she had a "manager" at all. imo its another excuse for lack of content from her.
And she really made me LOL!! Bad working conditions??? seriously?? Does she even know what a regular job feels like? I can't believe that there are so many people who think that doing what she does even invest more than 1-2 hours a day TOPS. Or maybe 8 hours a week after booking a hotel and doing multiple photoshoots in there.
And even in those she's so much uglier than the girls she retweets in her own twitter.If it wasn't so sad, it was funny.

No. 120868

The merry-go-round never stops, does it? Everyone bad, Venus victim. Will you pathetic men in this thread finally take a hint that it’s Venus who is the problem and there isn’t a revolving door of identical men doing the exact same things? Stop feeling sorry for an emotional vampire. The story and excuses never change because she doesn’t change. Besides Manaki, I guarantee there had to be at least one guy who genuinely wanted to help her and she bailed when he would no longer baby her.


Bitch, WHERE? She just pushes out polished turds.

Kitano seems to be the only legitimate manager. All the rest are warm beds that she expected to take the place of Margaret. Again, who needs a manager for Only Fans? It’s so absurd.

No. 120900

I guess he (manager) is the one responsible for the black eye, if you guys forgot about that…

Just because someone is lying a lot and exaggerating their stories doesn't mean, that there's never a grain of truth in it.

No. 120901

Saw that live stream and Venus was trying to hide what appeared to be a smirk. She didn't seem terrified like others said. It did not seem like he hit her. More like she was drunk and fell.

No. 120902

And she also admit to making up abuse stories to trick people, so no, I'm not buying the physically abusive yakuza manager narrative. Everyone abuses poor weenos.

No. 120917

File: 1605538460727.jpg (331.48 KB, 960x1706, venus angelic 2.jpg)

No. 120957

You'll be held accountable if the mirrored images sperg comes back to derail the thread

No. 120975

In this example, Venus has intentionally edited her picture to have backwards words. Proving, once and for all, that she does not care about words being backwards and could potentially enjoy it as a “quirky LOL DK” aesthetic.

So, we can agree to never talk about tit again. Right? Right guys?

No. 120983

Fine by me. But tell mirrored trigged anon

No. 121017

Some of you people are so desperate to cling to your “poor little abuse victim Wenus” narrative it’s actually pathetic at this point. She’s a liar, a scammer and a full-time Victimhood claimer just like her mother. Marge has been carrying on about how boolied she is for years. She’s ALWAYS the victim. Her daughter, father and ex-husband were ALL abusive psychopaths!

Why this is at all difficult for some people to grasp is beyond me.

No. 121025

Marge = Venus
It's as easy as that.

No. 121027

This edit wasn't done by Venus you fucking idiot

No. 121034

lmao it has been 2 days already since she promised to remove the stickers from her last photo on twitter and she still didnt do it xD(xD)

No. 121035

No. 121041

look at her twitter, dumb shit? she took the stickers off and of course it's just a bra. A pic of a sickly, fucked up looking ugly retard in their bra, titled "here's your reward!"
con grat u fucking lations

No. 121043

I honestly can't believe that works. How are her twitter simps that stupid?

No. 121068

To me is seems like 90% of twitter activity is just girls liking and sharing each others posts, in order to draw attention to themselves

No. 121073

She follows girls that post full-on spread vag for free and she is here, teasing about wearing a bra on a hotel bed…again…
Such a degenerate perv, you guys! I think that “hardcore” account is just going to be nipple-flashing.

It really appears to be that way in Venus’ case. Venus herself is not generating much genuine interest. She’s less an object of desire and more an object of pity. So many comments are just her cheerleaders, not people that are turned on by her content.

No. 121074

I think she might go as far as sticking a dildo up there, or just pretend to, since we won't be able to tell given it will likely be censored and she will act like she's the biggest degenerate ever. I don't think she'll go as far as June for instance. It's funny how June does way more hardcore shit, but she doesn't pretend she's some degenerate cum dumpster. Venus clearly has no genuine interest in this, aside from money and the ability it gives her to avoid work, so she has to keep telling her audience how degenerate she is to reaffirm the lie. I am not surprised, since girl has been about money since her pre-teen years. She got the Marge greed gene.

No. 121080

>She’s just latching onto whatever scummy guy she can grab but only lasts a few weeks with each one before they get fed up with her lazy slovenly ways and kick her to the curb.

So much for being a strong independent lesbian boss babe who needs no man kek