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File: 1586005405692.png (219.74 KB, 566x278, venus angelic lolcow pic.png)

No. 87866

Previous thread > 76241

current events:
> Venus has turned to sugaring to sustain herself since her youtube revenue has dried up but that didn't last long as her sugar daddy had enough of her shit and left her so she's now back with leaching of manaki (her husband she said she would divorce)

> Realized she needed to stay married to manaki to be able to stay in japan so now refuses to divorce him even though she has said they are not together anymore

> Promoting "body positivity" but edits her photos to oblivion

> Most if not all of her "friends" have now ditched her and don't associate with her anymore due to her being an awful friend

> she's currently doing sponerships after her sugar daddy left her but puts absolutely minimum effort into them

> made a video with sora the troll consisting of oh so funny sex jokes that only a 12 yo would find funny

> Crawled back to manaki and is now living at his house after her sugar daddy couldn't deal with her anymore.
> Still edits her photos to the point of being unreconisable irl.
> Atempted to be a tiddy streamer but failed.
> Aparently she's a famous cosplayer now according to tokyo creatives video with her?
> Tries her best to look like a teen japanese girl UwU.
> Constantly says she will stick to her upload schedule but literally never does

instagram: venus_angelic
twitter: @VenusAngelic
tiktok: @dollyvenus
fanicon: https://fanicon.net/fancommunities/1857 (inactive)
main youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/VenusAngelic
weeb youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrpLE_Q1iNszN0O9n6V85YA

No. 87867

made a new thread since no one else made one, i'm trash at making threads, sorry if i missed anything in the intro

No. 87870

Previous thread >>>/w/80406
Yeah you did miss some things.
>>Posted that picture of that boy on her instagram without his or his parents consent and revealing his face to thousands of people.
>>Later she made a story about that boy claiming he was molested and that Ken encouraged it. She still stayed with Ken even after knowing what happened and her breakup with Ken didnt seem related to the molestation thing and it looked like she was just using the molesation thing as ammo.
>>Disgusting livestream with unwashed and uncombed hair and with gross huge skid marks on her shorts which looked like shit/period stains.
>>Made a weird instagram post implying that Manaki might be into trans/men and then deleted it.

No. 87875

thanks for making it anyway anon when no one else did

No. 87881

I haven’t check her thread and years and I’m cackling at her downfall. I bet she will try gravure next since sugaring went south. Shes almost as worse as her mom, I thought she would be the one to change herself around but nope.

No. 87882

Nvm I lie, but it was during tha same day she collabed with Sora-san, based on her outfit

No. 87887

With her extremely slurred speech its impossible to make a good commercial with her in it, you need people to understand what’s being said, nitpick but I’ve always thought she has a cackling witch sounding voice

No. 87888

This is the finished commercial and yes it’s as atrocious as you thought, screaming and acting hyper like an anime girl because that’s what she actually thinks japanese girls act like, it’s embarrassing

No. 87894

Im surprised no on is talking about her youtube views.
Most of her youtube views are 20k to 100k views.
She is really becoming irrelevant huh.
Better make up another sob story Vebus before you reach 10k views lel

No. 87900

File: 1586039396688.jpeg (422.56 KB, 1389x1962, A7B8C212-66A1-49D3-9224-96798B…)

Her total Youtube views are 25,000/day. I’d say she’s achieved irrelevance.

No. 87902

File: 1586040174047.jpeg (294.61 KB, 1851x1066, DC07D776-3B1A-4AE3-966B-9C5276…)

That video is so bad. The film quality is atrocious and her trying to act like she’s having FUN is laughable. And she looks like shit.

No. 87903

File: 1586040301901.jpeg (224.29 KB, 1597x1156, 760A7439-33F6-45C1-9643-A284BD…)

And then at the end she invites camera guy/manager-san/whoever into her hotel room

No. 87904

File: 1586040424446.jpeg (422.81 KB, 1755x1150, D2A0FE1A-BAF4-4822-A1E1-8F9ED4…)

And jumps on the bed to model the outfit she bought on her Super Fun shopping spree.

No. 87905

File: 1586040696550.jpeg (226.61 KB, 1835x1004, FAA02DF4-EB7B-4018-B054-6780BF…)

Manager-san (or whoever) probably enjoyed it though.

All in all another extremely low-budget sad little gig, like everything else the’s tried to do since her “comeback.”

No. 87910

She is desperately trying to stay in Japan and grabbing any opportunity she can get to land bland & ordinary advertisement work where she gets to act like a cringy tourist girl with broken English, which she thinks her followers actually give a shit about when they don't. The views aren't even reaching like they used to.

No. 87911

It looks like she's trying to revive her youtube channel and/or sell her embellished pity story as drama always helps her views/make money.

She's collaborating with Sora. She also collabed with Kizuna A.I, a bigger youtuber than her. She contacted vexxed (he tweeted about it). She contacted Primink etc. She's clearly trying to get her name across YT as much as possible and is thus using people as a means to an end. She really disgusts me.

She trashes Manaki once again in the kizuna video by the way, despite either living with him again (or using his apartment) to film that video, if it's not actually an old video she just edited now to confuse people. Sora claims they are still together though (visa fraud).

No. 87912

No. 87914

> She trashes Manaki once again in the kizuna video
Would you be able to explain how? The video is all in Japanese from what I can tell.

No. 87917

About that…

From previous thread:
>we’re just friends u guize, she’s happily married!
>”Venus is actually a troll irl!!!!” uwu~
>reveals that after collabing with Venus, he went home and whacked it to Nicki Minaj

No. 87925

She tells Kizuna Ai that she wants to get divorced, but Manaki doesn't want to, and that he quit his job to become a Youtuber but is lazy and hasn't done anything, and is currently a NEET.

No. 87931

Sounds like that should be the opposite.

No. 87932

Can't believe how bad her English pronounciation is… the way she said "imagined" is hilarious.

If she wants to stay relevant or gain views, she shouldn't whore herself out to other youtubers and instead make videos for her channel. She's such a lazy bitch.

No. 87934

She's so vile that she would go on another channel to shit talk her husband yet again. Why does yet another audience need to know? Is she making money from this collab? She is such an asshole. I don't see manaki running around to the public trashing her. Also, there is documented evidence of Manaki working, as well as Venus admitting she herself, is a neet (she had to have been for years when she was in her pink little room), so it's incredibly hypocritical to bash your spouse for something you yourself are guilty of. She has zero empathy and is a pathological liar. Even if it was true Manaki was currently (very recently) a neet, that lifestyle often involves depression/anxiety, but I guess only Penus' (fake) mental issues are what matters and it's only okay if she is a neet. No one else's psyche matters. She also admit to being married in the video, and admit to being with "Ken" elsewhere. Why has she not been reported to immigration by now? I am honestly shocked that no one cares she's committing illegal visa fraud.

I also still can't get over the fact that she used alcohol to "look cool". She used it as a prop in her slander video so people would assume she was drunk and dismiss her vile actions. She used it on stream intentionally showing off the can labels, then made that emotional rant about "giving up alcohol and pills" and rising from the water like a dragon" bla bla bla, making her problem seem so severe, only to say she did it on stream so she could attempt the "e-girl" life. And no one calls her out for that? It's the same when she fake diagnosed BPD and started acting it out, just like how Kenna uses autism to be special. This is why I never even took her Marge story seriously. She's always wanted attention and pity and aggrandizes everything, she is so untrustworthy and I can't believe she would use mental illness and addictions for sympathy-grabs. But then again, she also doxxed that kid and used a molestation story so she could share her third, woe is me abuse story. Bitch should be cancelled, yet her YT rep is fairly good and her followers oblivious.

No. 87935

>and that he quit his job to become a Youtuber but is lazy and hasn't done anything, and is currently a NEET.
lmao who is the one who pressured him into doing YT (i bet she also suggested he could quit his job if he got enough followers), then when he starts doing Youtube she publicly slanders him (the lolita dresses, treating him like an idiot on camera, the slander video) and sends her rabid fans after him until the dude gets off social media, only to slander him as a lazy neet who quit his job for YT and won't even do it now because he's not as ambitious as our hArD wOrKiNg gUrL bOss

No. 87942

>Even if it was true Manaki was currently (very recently) a neet, that lifestyle often involves depression/anxiety

I’m glad you brought this up because there is no way Manaki is mentally well after all the shit she has put him through. If he quit his job and refuses to do anything anymore, it’s because Miss Emotional Vampire destroyed what was left of an already low self-esteem, sad man. I wouldn’t be surprised if he started gaining weight again and now she hates him even more. Why else would he refuse to divorce her despite her looking like 50 year old banshee and always cheating on him with nasty old guys? He must feel like garbage. There’s nothing cute about her anymore and she has all the power in the relationship. He could have easily ruined her yet he hasn’t said a single bad word against her. What’s even more fucked up is that Margaret said he was abused and sexually or gender confused when he was younger, so Venus is eagerly taking part in bullying an abuse victim/sexual minority, just like her mother did before.

Then what happened to child molester Ken? He just disappeared as well and has no online presence at all?

No. 87945

She gets away with so much shit it's actually insufferable. Venus has no problem destroying the lives of the people closest to her as long as she get what she wants. Married, not married, getting a divorce, dating abusive men, escorting, sugaring, shacking up in Manaki's apartment, hotel hopping, living in different places every month; bitch is definitely committing visa fraud and I'm awaiting the moment it all goes downhill for her like it did for her equally insufferable mother. It'll catch up with Venus eventually.

No. 87946

Wtf is with all the Manaki stanning going on here? Did you people forget he's like 30 (and that he used to be a creepy stalker of teenage Venus?) He is definitely more mature than V though and can make his own decisions about his work and life.

No. 87947

Oh we've not forgot that and know he's an insecure & lonely simp who's now Venus's eternal manipulated doormat because he's desperate to keep hold of his loli waifu idol who he worshipped for years. We're pointing out how much of a narcissistic cunt she has been towards him and he's only her visa ticket. Dealing with narcs is hard work regardless of age or maturity. Once they have had a huge impact on your life, it's hard to escape it and their endless web of guilt tripping tactics to keep you close.

No. 87950

Despite that, I don't think he's some evil person that venus tries to portray him as. He helped her a lot. He genuinely seemed to care about her, beyond just being an obsessive fan, as did his family. I doubt he's perfect, no one thinks that, but venus is (as usual), embellishing things to make others look much worse and her much better. Manaki hasn't publicly slandered her, yet she is still doing it (and making money off it).

>Why else would he refuse to divorce her
agree with your post but we don't know if this is true. maybe he is divorcing her and she is just lying? or she threatened him and has dirt on him? or she manipulated him into feeling guilty/sorry for her and taking her back? she's the queen of narrative manipulation so it's hard to tell.

No. 87970

I don't really like him either. All this is karma heading his way for wanting to bag the white kawaii youtuber who turned out to be a monster because he fell for her outward appearances without really knowing her. Boo hoo.

I felt a wee bad for him when Venus was peak unhinged. Especially after the gastric bypass fiasco and her crusading against him on social media, but what did he do? Take her back.
So whatever bullshit is happening at this point in his life is entirely on him. If she's as bad as she is then he's a fool for continuing to stay, we can only assume he must get something out of it and it must be a creepy complex.
Good men don't isolate and marry women youtubers with mental and social issues by themselves in foreign countries, and then drag out the relationship long after it's over because they can't let them go. It's bizarre at best.

No. 87993

How tf did she managed to collaborate with Kizuna AI lmao

No. 87999

>Good men don't isolate and marry women youtubers with mental and social issues by themselves in foreign countries. ‘

What the Hell? He married an adult and gave her a family and a stable home for the first time in years. She even admitted that he was the one who encouraged her to make female friends and hang out with them instead of him. Yeah, don’t marry girl’s you barely know, especially Internet idols, but he didn’t isolate her or do anything but spoil her in the country she always dreamed of living in. All her issues manifested on a timeline that is typical of abuse victims and those with mental illness. He didn’t cause that and he certainly didn’t deserve abuse from her and her fans. Stop infantalizing her and taking some kind of sexist glee in her being cruel to people. Unless you can prove otherwise, we have more than enough evidence that Venus is a manipulator who preys on vulnerable people and exploits the kindness of others. If you want to get angry at someone being inappropriate with teenagers, look at what Venus is doing to her very young fans. She has been directly vulgar and inappropriate with kids online while you only have your imagination when it comes to Manaki’s history with Venus.

No. 88001

Dude I fucking dislike Venus and I never whiteknight her. But I also don't stan desperate scrotes who marry their pretty princessu anime dolls from the internet like fucking creeps. He's a creep.
>he tried to introduce her to family and friends!
She still didn't know anyone when she got there. That's still isolation. Without the context of Venus this wouldn't look good. A man asked a woman to marry him, move to his country where she will not receive citizenship, without anything to her name besides a whimsy way to make money online, and some promises that she could talk to his family and friends with no guarantee they would like her or get along.
I'm not saying Venus wasn't manipulative or didn't have motivations, I'm just telling you that Manaki was already a mental fuck before any of this shit happened and what we're seeing now is just a more obvious manifestation of him being a mental fuck.

No. 88013

File: 1586139419749.jpg (298.94 KB, 720x992, 20200406_041428.jpg)

If I didn't know any better, I'd think that's an old woman posing awkwardly for the camera.
Her mouth, the wrinkles and overall her forced smile don't do her any good

No. 88022

This dude is the most autistic person I've seen in a long time

No. 88044


I agree with this. Manaki provided a lot of freedom and opportunities for Venus. He did everything and more to provide for her, like that time when Margo was stalking Venus. I think Manaki is a victim more than anything.


Well.. Venus wasn't forced into marriage. She could have stayed in Korea, but she wanted to live that cushy life in Japan. Venus chose that 'isolation' life.

I really don't think Manaki took her back. Venus knows she can say anything and everyone will take her word for it. I'll believe it when I see it.

No. 88045

I find this collaboration cringe ironic considering she once wanted to overthrow Kizuna (to be the most subscribed) by switching her main YT account into her Web Idol account.

No. 88060

You implied he caused isolation, but she had already been living that way with her mother the entire time. Her opportunities actually expanded in Japan and she sabotaged it. Many of us have started lives in unfamiliar new countries on our own or have international marriages where we also had to adapt quickly in the spouse’s country, like in Japan. This isn’t unusual and it’s not inherently creepy. It’s just a chance you may have to take and if you only have your husband to help you at first, it’s not always instant gloom and doom. Who else did Venus have besides her mother and when was she going to learn to be independent? Uncertainty about fitting in or making a living would be the reality wherever she went and she was already used to adapting to a new culture and language every few years. Venus has no roots. I don’t understand what the ideal situation should have been for her given the circumstances or how Manaki is a bad person for wanting to help her.

Believe me, if there is true dirt on Manaki having a dark past/being an abusive dick or if Margaret finally releases those sleazy crossdressing gay personal ads, I’d be here for it and wouldn’t argue against proof! But all I’m seeing is accusations that Manaki was just a perv after easy pussy when it was clear that he wasn’t getting any, Venus was a biohazard half the time and the poor sap didn’t even get a honeymoon with his own wife. All I’m saying it had to be more than (nonexistent)sex and Loli waifu has been dead for a long time. It also seems like his family, who so readily embraced Venus, may have put major pressure on him not to fuck up his “only chance“ at getting a wife.

> Manaki was already a mental fuck before any of this shit happened and what we're seeing now is just a more obvious manifestation of him being a mental fuck.

Yes, no doubt about that. He most definitely was mentally damaged, weak and socially stunted before he met her. I’m pretty sure Venus has a lot of humiliating shit she’s holding on to. It’s just the insinuation that he was initially predatory or a man without merit that I disagree with. I feel like he did the best he could and genuinely cared about her before getting in over his head. It’s more like “Dude, we told you so.” rather than “Haha, that’s what you get!”

No. 88111

>> She tells Kizuna Ai that she wants to get divorced, but Manaki doesn't want to, and that he quit his job to become a Youtuber but is lazy and hasn't done anything, and is currently a NEET.

She’s still selling that (easily disprovable and transparently pathetic) disgusting lie? God she’s even more vile than her psycho mother, and just as big of a leech.

No. 88112

>“Haha, that’s what you get!”
I don't see why not considering that's what people tell women who wind up worse off from enabling selfish men. Sorry anon I'm just no #teamManaki, I really don't like either of these people.

What parts is she lying about? Genuinely curious.

No. 88142

Apparently venus wasn't even isolated when with marge (though marge did stick to her like a parasite in public). according to marge, venus had school friends, they played together and sunbathed or something, marge said she has pics but has yet to share this proof, so still waiting for that if it exists. venus also had a blog, where she talked about school and shit-talked her classmates. She went to korean language school as well. she wasn't really isolated like she said in her slander video (which she started saying after reading her threads). however, they did travel around a lot, though moving to korea/japan was what venus wanted and wouldn't have happended if venus didn't have weeb dreams. but i agree, her opportunities did expand in japan, and manaki did NOT isolate her. that other anon is just dumb or trying to spread misinformation because they dislike manaki.

>What parts is she lying about? Genuinely curious
you're either being willfully ignorant or you don't follow venus/these threads. in order to sustain a marriage visa, manaki had to be working. Venus repeatedly stated that manaki "was at work" in her videos. she talked about their different sleep schedules due to his work hours. she once stated in a shrine video she'd like to be independent (aka: she was dependent/leeching off manaki). she stopped doing youtube and had no other job being a neet herself, thus was obviously being supported by manaki, who was paying the apartment, car, insurance etc. Yet she said he was a neet after moving with her. Flat out lie. Same for quitting his job to do YT. If he's currently a neet (like very very recently), that is possible. either way, she was/is a neet herself, and thus a vile hypocrite. venus called manaki a pedo, berated him in videos, trashed him to her mom and fans, then made a video publicly slandering him. that video, makes me assume that manaki had dumped her and she was lashing out because her visa/weeb dream was put in jeopardy. there's no flat out proof for the first claim (manaki doesn't want to divorce), but given the extensive amount of lying venus has done (even more than marge), I'm not taking her word anymore. what's worse is she could have some kind of dirt on manaki so he feels forced to stay with her (so she can keep spousal visa) because he knows she can just make another video on him, thus venus could be telling a half-truth.

No. 88147

File: 1586268485548.jpeg (152.48 KB, 750x1084, AC55110F-D6B8-463B-BCB6-B5AD75…)

Is she…. not wearing clothes in this photo

No. 88148

File: 1586268787404.jpg (275.32 KB, 1080x1236, IMG_20200407_161234.jpg)

Reposted. She's finally gonna sell nudes huh

No. 88150

She's come full circle. Now she's really her Margos successor.

No. 88151

Disgusting. That babyface shoop, plushie and her sad skelly granny body. Can't wait how her wk gonna defend that…

No. 88153

File: 1586269365924.jpeg (55.04 KB, 750x421, 648579AD-CBAE-4410-AE9A-6C0A6B…)

Who’s she trying to fool? She edits her face to look like a little girl but in reality she looks haggard and it’s even more disturbing that she wants to look underage while posing in slutty poses with no clothes on

No. 88154

She probably wants to become Belle Delphine 2.0 or something.
I wonder how her VISA business will develop if she does go the onlyfans route… could that be considered sex-work and thus nullify her VISA? I sure hope so kek

No. 88155

Kek she can just point japanese officials to idubbz "See?! Many guys in relationships are fine with their girl having onlyfans, isn't that right Manaki?!"

No. 88156

Is she currently at Maneki's place? Is he the one taking that picture? I have some questions.

No. 88157

The camera could be on a mini tripod

No. 88166

Maybe her manager took it.

Gotta hand it to her though, she's been a bit boring of late, then she posts a picture that gets everyone all riled up. It's hardly a nude though, so don't really see what all the fuss is about, and hate to admit it, but she looks good, though I know saying that is hated by some. But just being truthful.

I liked the video she did recently with the old guy talking about the glass, he was so cute and sweet at the end when he said "booh bye bye hoo" I loved that old guy.

No. 88169

That's true. Honestly it's been pretty boring. Yeah I agree it's a nude but it's nothing that significant except she's starting to become mini-Marge. It's really just a wait-and-see kind of thing. Sora's a huge autist though. I wonder if it would be worth it making a thread on him.

No. 88171

>> she looks good

The photoshop looks good. This is not how she looks, it’s a fictional character.

Some people have short memories.

No. 88173

I notice all the cows who were thots mostly offline, have now become thots online after the lockdowns. They can't meet their sugar daddies so they just operate their thinly-veiled sex work in full view on their main accounts instead.

No. 88179

I don’t care at all that she posted a nearly nude picture of herself, she can make her own decisions. I just find it disgusting that she made herself look underage and childish, posing with a plushie and making some dumb baby face. Photoshop or not, it’s just gross pedo bait posted by a narcissistic attention addict who really should be making better choices by this point in her life.

No. 88182

she's just pandering to the japanese audience, same reason why Dakota shooped herself into an adult baby

No. 88183

Pretty sure her Japanese audience is minimal at best…seems like most of her followers are teen girls or borderline pedos.

No. 88191

>> posted a nearly nude picture of herself,

I bet you anything this is how she’s been paying the bills since visa hubby dumped her and her ‘Company’/Youtube Comeback failed- she’s doing gravure/soft core porn. And now she’s starting to get cocky about it, hence this lil tease.

No. 88192

File: 1586309159212.jpeg (147.94 KB, 1082x905, ED0F4928-C04B-40B3-9CF2-9F154C…)

Like this Louise chick she followed on IG around the time of her alcoholic disaster of an ‘Idol Event’ last summer. (And still follows btw.)

No. 88194

File: 1586309249057.jpeg (Spoiler Image,549.87 KB, 1057x1698, 99758F94-28E5-40AE-B06F-85C9FD…)

Weenis’ IG buddy ‘Louise’

No. 88198

…lol isn't that gemma cruel? From veckii cruel's idol group or whatever

No. 88200

Yeah, that's the Cruel Angel's girl. She got into AV pretty soon after they went no where if I remember correctly.

No. 88201

>It also seems like his family, who so readily embraced Venus, may have put major pressure on him not to fuck up his “only chance“ at getting a wife.

The entire thing makes me feel so sorry for Manaki, last time I had heard of Venus before I saw her newer threads here was when she made a video with him answering some fans' questions about her relationship with his mom, where they called the poor woman, Venus thanked her for some omiyage, and it was just so cute and heart warming to see that after the entire running away from Margo nightmare.

But now this. How does someone even fuck up that badly?

No. 88210

Apple doesn't fall far from the tree I guess.

No. 88212

Looks like a selfie to me.
She was probably naked in bed, thought she looked cute and uploaded it.

No. 88235

Yes, I think you're right. And she does look cute. I really can't see what all the fuss is about. (Some hilarious posts on PULL about it, never seen so many prudes all together in one place. Just why are they so prudish I wonder? They need to get a life and stop obsessing over what a young woman chooses to post on Instagram like it's some sort of crime to post a pretty, and a slightly suggestive little picture, that is actually really cute and upbeat, and not boring like some of her pictures on there recently.)

Has anyone seen videos by Cotorich? She has a slightly ambiguous past yet has certainly done alright out of it.

No. 88237

ok camgirl

No. 88239

I'm not a camgirl, LOL. I don't think there's anyone would want to see me. Not young enough.

No. 88246

>posing naked with a teddy and shooping your usually haggard face to look underage and posting that mess to the internet is 'cute'
>a lc user who's likely in her early/mid 20s says she's too old for anybody to be interested in her naked body
Fuck off with your gross pedo opinions

No. 88258


Literally a Japanese peados wet dream

No. 88259

Catering to the loli fetish loving creeps I see. If this is the path she's choosing to take, I gladly await the milk that'll come along with it.

No. 88273

Not sure if I can appreciate the slutshaming itt. It's not that much of a slutty photo anyways, you can't see her naked.

No. 88276

Well she's already being suggested on joining OnlyFans. Plenty of cliche weeb egirls trying to be jailbait on there who do the bare minimum and show just enough for pervs to jack it to, which is right up her street.

No. 88282


The creepy crowd has always been her target audience. It was more subtle back then, but now she's being more obvious.


It's so sad that she is stooping this low nowadays. She could have lived a comfortable life if she put in the effort to maintain her audience. She wants to get her fame back, but I don't think it will happen.

No. 88290

Stop vicariously living through Venus, then. That was Margo's job.

No. 88294

File: 1586418329390.jpg (465.12 KB, 720x1086, 20200409_094457.jpg)

She's really going down the only fans route now huh…

No. 88297

It saddens me that she is going down this path. She had a great cushy life with a patient, fully providing husband. And she ran away from that to become an ethot instead. Why…

No. 88298

Funny she went from binding to this kek

No. 88302

We shouldn't feel sorry for her anymore, she's had so many chances, took none of them and instead chose to go down that route. This is no longer because of Margo, this is 100% her own fault.

No. 88303

Honestly don't know how anyone can genuinely think that looks good. It looks so fake/edited and the tongue hanging out looks so nasty. Not to mention, that she shooped herself to look infantile holding a plushie, yet sexualized. It is creepy and disturbing. Especially when you add the fact that her audience is mostly kids/teens and some pedos. That makes it flat out gross. It's even more disturbing that she occasionally posts lewd pics, then goes back to kawaii posts as if nothing ever happened. She even went as far as doxxing a child's molestation and even justified it with "being in love", then goes back to posting kawaii. It's beyond creepy. She's a creep like her mother, and this lewd in particular reminds me of Margo's in the pink nightie.

Now I know that back in her days with Marge, it was Venus' idea to post sexualized thumbnails, especially since she continued upon leaving (anyone remember the close up of her crotch in a white nightie captioned: sleep is innocent?). Either that, or she didn't care, so long as she got attention/money. However, Margo, as the adult, obviously should not have allowed it, but she's a thot herself.

I wonder if she has a new sugar daddy or is testing the waters to see the reaction and if she can make buck with these kinds of posts. Or maybe this narc just needs some attention once more.

No. 88304

she had so many chances and she fucked up every time and farmers are still insisting that she is the victim,,, too fucking much.
she should be held accountable for her questionable actions and people should judge her all they want.

No. 88306

why be sad? She's finally providing us with some milk

No. 88309

Looks like these chest pieces for cosplay not like real tiddies

No. 88310

Now that she's tinkering with e-thotting again after claiming she was done with it(probably in light of idubbbz gf scandal for attention), who else thinks she's going to become a fake, severe alcoholic again for show? Im surprised more ppl don't talk about this and pull still thinks she's a severe alcoholic. But she admitted to using wine as a prop in her ex-husband slander video, and not being drunk. She also admitted in her "lies, drama depression" video, the reason she drank on stream so heavily was she was trying to be an e-girl (basically fake, for show). A long time ago she admitted to liking "some good booze" but not to the point of being a severe alcoholic in danger and even her mother never made that claim to my knowledge. What makes this worse, is she made a heartfelt (fake) pity post under a waterfall, talking about how she doesn't want to disappoint her fans she loves and will try her hardest to stop her alcoholic addiction and be brave blah blah blah the usual attention-seeking ~heroine of her own story~ bs. I don't know. I just find this so despicable to trick your fans about severe addiction. She probably laughs at all the sincere heartfelt posts while pretending to care. Or did she lie when she said it was for show? (somehow I doubt it). I hate how her fans on YT buy her fake narrative. I feel so sorry for them, if they don't follow her on gossip threads and regularly on insta, they will never know the manipulative asshole that she really is.

No. 88311


She looks plastic, lol. Meitu/PS, push up bra, circle lenses, white eyeliner (but no other eye makeup??)…if only she put that much effort into studying or getting an actual job instead of lamely cosplaying as an OL…

No. 88312

And as always never without her standard greasy bangs and fried ends.

No. 88313

Her fans losing their shit about how she's showing skin is actually hilarious. They can't cope she's turning into a thot.

No. 88315

It’s been 3 weeks and she still hasn’t posted her Sora collab video where he trolls her with Japanese dirty words. Second thoughts, maybe?

No. 88316

File: 1586432378523.jpeg (27.87 KB, 334x445, A3DAF65A-515C-4BA1-BF54-E65230…)

Starting to look like one of those creepy mask cosplayers, tbh

No. 88318

Margaret did accuse Venus of being an alcoholic tho

No. 88319

Gah her hair looks SO bad in that last pic. How does she manage to make it look greasy AND dry at the same time?

No. 88320

Spraying some product on her dry ass hair to try and make it look healthy again, like maybe a keratin spray or conditioner.

No. 88330

gravure not AV

it's still pretty 18+ rated gravure for sure, but it's not AV and isn't sold as such. She's recently stopped posing nude as well for her weirdly popular DVDs

No. 88337

Gemma Louise is now working at Seventh Heaven under the nickname Scarlet. Maybe Venus will start stripping with her buddy?

No. 88342


Venus will probably end up like Sere

Piles of hafu kids, drugged up, living in a dodgy back street apartment in Tokyo and constantly drinking of booze alas porn

No. 88343


Can I ask everyone

Why do all these girls go to japan and become either porn stars or Loli bait models?

No. 88349

Why are you making it sound like fun?!

No. 88350

seek help

No. 88353

There are plenty of white girls who move to Japan and become English teachers but they keep a low profile and aren’t e-famous weebs who get their tits out in Instagram.

No. 88354

Remember when Maggot posted nudes? Like Mother like daughter lmao

No. 88355

It's a weird weeb dream to go to Japan and be adored as a kawaii anime goddess, so western "models" pretend they are wildly successful at doing so which builds a western fanbase. A kind of lifestyle vlogging/blogging, like the shit-tier artists who are popular on Youtube. The idea of succeeding massively while being average is alluring.

Anyway, once they turn up their career options are limited.

No. 88356

I should add, the risk is people not knowing it's fake and expecting to be a popular model or star, and then realizing there is no real work. But they are too ashamed to admit they failed, so they stay and it's time to make money by other means. Venus staying in Japan is baffling when it seems to be so unhealthy for her, and yet.

No. 88358

Besides the obvious reasons (quick cash, no need for education/work experience, having admirers…) ,

I think in some cases they didn't intend to end up in porn or prostitution, but were eventually pushed there from modeling. I've read some stories where (Japanese) girls applied to be a model or underwear seller, but the agency kept repeatedly asking them whether they want to to porn since that's obviously where bigger money is, and so some of these girls eventually stop saying no and give in to these offers.

Not saying this is the case of Venus ofc. But I can see this as a reason 'why' for some.

I'd just like to remind everyone in case they've forgotten, that "either a hoe or an english teacher" are not the only job options for foreign women in Japan.

No. 88359

>living doll thing failed
>modeling failed
>being makeup/vlog/outfit youtuber failed
>virtual youtuber failed

ready for the era of Onlyfans Venus? Ya'll think this will fail as well

No. 88361

pretty hot, would fuck her senseless(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 88363

So, what happened to the cat she got while moved out? Pretty sure Manaki's apartment didn't allow cats. Did she dump it on somebody like with the hamsters?

No. 88364

It was never "her" cat, she was likely staying with some guy and thought throwing pussy would be enough rent to keep here there longer while she drinks and aleeps all day.

No. 88377

File: 1586511739595.jpeg (490.61 KB, 827x1145, B3631B49-4FCC-447F-AD05-77C583…)

Here it comes
You predicted it

No. 88378

>I'm actually considering doing an OnlyFans
Like that wasn't her original plan in the first place lmao

No. 88379

why not? if there's demand for it and she likes doing it

No. 88382

Gross, but if that’s what she wants to do with her self and her life, she’s welcome. She has no personal boundaries whatsoever, and selling herself as pedo bait online will only destroy her mental health and self-esteem further in the long term. I don’t want to look at the comments, but I’m sure everyone is encouraging her, which is sad. Those people are not your friends, Venus.

No. 88383

Since she only does anything for three weeks max, she'll upload some pics and vids and then forget she ever signed up.

I wonder if Venus is severely ADHD and nobody bothered to check that since they were entertained by her ten second attention span.

No. 88384

She’s literally beyond help, and her orbiters are idiots. Most people explore these aspects of themselves in committed relationships, not on the fucking internet.

No. 88385

(anyone remember the close up of her crotch in a white nightie captioned: sleep is innocent?).

No. Never saw that. Anyone got a picture so I can make up my own mind?

No. 88386

File: 1586523050823.jpg (88.64 KB, 557x500, Screenshot_20200410-141814_Ins…)

from pull

No. 88388

Jesus christ weenos I'm mostly in your side but don't pull this "teehee I'm dumb selling nudes isn't sex work!!" bullshit on people.

No. 88389


I feel sorry for her. She thinks her fans care about her, but they're only rooting for her to make bad decisions. If anyone has her best interest in mind, they would tell her to get her mental health in check. Then again she treats her fans like shit anyways.


Sounds like she wants to deny that its sex work. Oh Venus.. You're not in any position to feel you're above sex work.

No. 88390

I don't feel sorry for her. She chose this road. She wants an easy life, getting money from being a cringe egirl on YT and now on Only Fans. She's an adult, not a teen anymore. The "Margot abused me that's why I'm fucked up" excuse has been overused. She doesn't care about her "fans", she wants to be known like she always did. People told her a MILLION times to get help, put her mental health in check and be a better person but then again, she doesn't want to.

No. 88396

Didn't other lolcows who eventually went full fledged camgirls also start out by deluding themselves that it wasn't sex work? I remember people like Momokun saying the same thing but a couple years later and now she's finally taken off the clothes to do nudes.
Venus is gonna be just like her mom, some homeless vagabond bouncing around shelters and men in order to survive while occassionally acting pathetic on the internet for money.

No. 88397

Weenus doing an OF is going to be milky af if she goes through with it. Cmon and do it already! You’ll earn a few bucks and most importantly attention for degrading yourself online

No. 88399


apart from being milky af I think doing lewd shit is the most successful thing she can pull off at this point. Her doll shit is gonna draw in lots of incognito pedos.

And let's be honest: it doesn't matter if she does sex work because she would never work at a normal job anyways. Way too used to the easy cASH life lmao

No. 88405

What really confuses me is how she tried to keep her sugaring/escorting private but she has no problem talking about onlyfans….does she think onlyfans is less embarrassing?

No. 88406

Can I get a quick rundown on the whole escorting/sugarbaby thing? I've been out of the venus loop for a while

No. 88407

The amount of "yaaaaaaaaas qweeen slaaaay" In all of her IG comments makes me want to puke.

No. 88409

It really is like watching a car crash in slow motion. Damn we were rooting for you at some point venus.

No. 88415

Maggot once again was right.

No. 88417

>random jp dude tweeted her Paters (sugaring app similar to tinder) account.
>anons confirmed it was actually hers when noticed it had a selfie she didn't posted before elsewhere before.
>Talked nonstop about ~business meetings~ and sucking cocks, posting selfies riding cabs, and showing off hotel rooms, brand accessories and dinners she could never afford with her dwindling yt income.
>Later she moved in with a guy named Ken, allegedly after Manaki kicked her out.

No. 88421

File: 1586565264233.png (1.37 MB, 1536x2048, 3267DAE9-1CB6-4FC4-ADA2-55B6EB…)

If this is real she’s charging $6/month


No. 88423

I think she’s been doing online porn/nudes for months, if not OnlyFans than any of the hundreds of other options. I think she started last summer, after Manaki kicked her ass out and her delusions about ‘forming a COMPANY’ fizzled out. She needed fast easy cash and this beats getting a real job, plus it pays better. And posting nudies for $$ is less yucky than having to fuck old men.

No. 88426

someone would have found it

No. 88432

$6 a month…? She won’t keep it up for a month, lol. And of course, she used a photo of kawaii plushies for the background to the page where she will post pictures of herself posing as an underage child. She is messed up.

No. 88434

Haha. Remember how she played dumb, then claimed it was an account impersonating her and had her “lawyer” go after them? Ridiculous.

What’s really crazy is that she could have made a living simply out of being a normal cosplay model. She already had the fan base so she could get sponsorships for the costumes/props and mostly spend money for a photographer, which could easily be paid for by something like Patreon. But if she wouldn’t even take this easy way, how is she ever going to consistently put out monthly erotic photo sets? She neglects everything associated with her brand. Her channel, her private chat, the fan club, that merchandise line,

No. 88443

File: 1586606245470.jpeg (667.45 KB, 1080x2280, E2140F88-B830-4DE4-B104-A5A070…)

From pull

No. 88450

>not forced to do this
A laugh in the face to everyone who thinks making a cringy weeb youtube channel was her mom's idea.
>inb4 that one anon calls me out

No. 88451

This is very cute, maybe getting the sexual attention of pedos directly will fulfill her like other things haven't. She's been pandering to them for years, I find it hard to believe her fame as pedobait didn't make her develop a bunch of fetishes.

Here's hoping she'll keep it up, and that someone will leak them (I legitimately would subscribe, but don't have the money to spare)

No. 88452

Why do you want to subscribe even…?
I honestly don't see her go fully naked but she'll do semi nudes if that forks in money.

No. 88453

that level of photoshop/facetuning….whew chileee

No. 88454


Tbh, I hope that this backfires. I think it’s going to take something horrible to happen to her to finally make her see the empty pathological mess her life is and do something about it.

Btw, doesn’t her (absent) father follow her insta? I seem to remember they had some interactions through there way back, but I might be wrong.

No. 88458

She already got an illegal operation because of her being a nutjob what more should happen to her? Human trafficking?

I think she’s going in the direction she’s ultimately supposed to be. She just a cow who will end up being a camgirl

No. 88459

It's sad she was already kind of doing this indirectly through her mother forcing her. Except it was the doll thing pandered towards pedos. I'm surprised she didn't start this or a patreon sooner, actually. Even if it wasn't gravure.

No. 88461

I expect this picture is on quite a few destops now, it has the right proportions, Maybe she had it in mind that people would like this on their desktop or as a screen saver ?

No. 88464

No, but her grandfather on Marge's side follows her and so does Marge's sister

No. 88468

So her family members are potentially seeing this in their feeds. Ugh.

No. 88470

That's their own fault. The account is mostly for her audience, not her family anyway, so if they see these that's all on them. I'm kind of glad she's going into this because she will have a good size audience for it. $6 - $1 for transactions will give her $5 per sub. She just needs to make sure she does taxes because shit like this piles up fast per month and she probably already has other creeps, like Manaki is/was, waiting to jump into her DMs and sugar baby her. She will have a loooot broader reach through OnlyFans than just Instagram and I already see cosplayers liking the post supporting her and once they start sharing she's got money. It seems frail and waifish is back in style right now for a lot of dudes.

No. 88475

It's a cute picture, the easter theme is adorable, composition is good, colors are good, her shoop is good, and it is only slightly suggestive. Shit is very kawaii, nigga. Definitely one of the best stuff she put out in a long while, not sure why she hasn't leaned much into the sugary kawaii aesthetics, they suit her well. We all know it's because she's a lazy bitch

No. 88477

File: 1586633542189.jpg (195.18 KB, 2046x1146, index4.jpg)

guess this is one of it

No. 88478

>I'm not forced to do this and I feel confident!
This will age like milk. Someone cap this.

No. 88479

File: 1586638788548.jpeg (72.48 KB, 444x681, 6BC24CCE-C5BF-4F18-8364-D270F5…)

The sad thing is that without massive photoshopping and filtering, like this one >>88443
you can see she’s really not cute. At all.

Plus it’s shitty quality and she looks stupid.

No. 88490

When you think about her wasted possibilities and the image she used to display on internet, it's pretty funny to learn that she has an onlyfans account now. She's perfect for this that being said, I can't imagine her doing something else at this point. Anyway it's venus, I haven't seen her doing something consistently in years and she always decides to rebrand suddenly I wonder how long it will last this time. But yeah, easy way to have the attention and money of what remains of her audience (creepy men)

No. 88497

I feel sorry for the teddies that have to take part in this. They could've gone to a home with a normal child in it, but instead they got to be props for a lewd gravure photoset. RIP these stuffies.

It's got to the point where I'm honestly bored after seeing every half decent looking girl on the internet pivot to online sex work. Just get a normal job.

No. 88498

Cut forward to 6 months from now when she's naming some random Japanese sugar daddie who forced her to do sex work! And rapes dogs! Here's a photo of a dog he's raped! And then deletes it all five minutes later.(tinfoil)

No. 88507

Her skin looks awful in this, jesus. She's already really pale, why is she making it worse? She looks like a ghost

No. 88519

Lmao she really took the bait! I said she would do gravure 7 days ago if all else fails and she did.

No. 88530

I was thinking the same, she looks like a corpse

No. 88534

File: 1586689080760.jpg (145.69 KB, 1080x1075, Screenshot_20200412_115659.jpg)

She swapped her onlyfans link to a business email? Guess she realised having that as her first thing wasn't very good.
Not that the literal pedobait of lewds on her Insta are any better.

No. 88535

she can get some advise from lorena

No. 88543

File: 1586702154452.jpg (176.36 KB, 2048x1152, EVO552GUcAAYEQa.jpg)

I wonder who took these pictures, doesn't look like she could have taken a selfie of this, maybe a camera on a tripod? Oh her manager?

Also, bear with me here, I'm a bit dense about these things, but what is the real difference between her paid for fan club and an only fans? Aren't they both paid for and both only for fans?
Maybe the fan site meant you paid a subscription for like a 3 month time or a year and maybe the only fans means you have to pay to see each individual image?
Did anyone here ever get to see any of the content on her fans only site?
I wonder if anyone will ask for money back if she just abandoned the fan site? (good luck with that I guess if they do as can't see them getting any refunds.)

No. 88544

And I hope she took those flowers , fake or otherwise, out of the bath before releasing the plug to let the water out or they might stop the bath up.

No. 88546

Did a quick scroll through and seems like nobody posted this cosplay video?

I'm sad that Venus is going this route. I'm neutral about her so I don't really care about her personally, it's just that I'm sad that people in general cannot live up to their potential.

No. 88549

Yes you can really see how crap she looks in that commercial she did. The potato nose and scar on her cheek really stand out.

If she doesn’t want to get a nose job she should at least learn to do makeup properly. You don’t just slap on some ghostly white foundation and powder and call it a day. Use some contour and blush. Contour that nose, girl. At least try to make it resemble your shooped pics

No. 88550

Hurry up and go full bimbo so we can get this morbid curiosity over with and move on with our lives! The suspense is killing me.

No. 88581

Insta bans account with links of onlyfans. You can't post it in your profile.

No. 88596

She doesn’t understand how turning to sex work as a last resort is degrading? But I’m setting my expectations too high for someone who claimed she dated a pedophile and knew about it the whole time

No. 88601

It was already posted in here
>>87912 learn to scroll little bit slower thanks

No. 88622

File: 1586730792254.png (418.69 KB, 934x406, 09676786787678.png)

She doesn't think her fans care about her, and she doesn't care about them. she wanted to do an onlyfans after hearing about anisa and was testing the waters to see the reaction, only to pretend she suddenly wants to do it because her fans suggested it. manipulative bitch as usual. she wants to do it b/c she's lazy for easy money and has had easy cash since her teens. she has 80 likes on her content and it costs $6.99 to view. pretty sure she'll stay consistent if it makes her a lot of money and is easy (taking pictures is literally the only consistent thing she's done) since yt is too much for her these days. Plus according to her alleged friend, she's been cheating on manaki and living as nothing more than a "roommate" for a visa obviously, so it's not surprising she's looking to capitalize on sex work. she's been sugaring/thotty for a while after all.

not the same anon but searched for it and found it. it wasn't super close up but the focus is on her body and subtly sexual. it's nothing like what she posted now though. i also found a pic where she made mana wear her dress which was weird and he was getting some bad comments. i checked her yt thumbnails and there are some sexual ones upon leaving her mom as well (like the one where she's sucking a candy but censored it to look like a penis, or the playing with "toys" one etc). showed her undies in some vids as well (but might have not noticed, who knows).

No. 88623

don't forget used and doxxed a child so she could sell a THIRD "abuse" story and pretending to not know what sugaring even is. she does understand.

No. 88624

File: 1586731823324.png (620.16 KB, 931x589, 003423423432.png)

also found this one (but when she was still with her mom), which it looks like she's wearing underwear? but pretty sure, given that she's leaning her hips back, this crotch close up was to show off a (fake) leaning back+ editing massive thigh gap instead of being outright thotty.

No. 88625

You underestimate the power of thots and selfie sets. Timers are their best friends. This looks like she did it.

No. 88626

File: 1586732104034.png (466.89 KB, 595x555, 0043223432.png)

No. 88627

She's going to be one of the few that's active, if she gets popular enough, so can actually fit into the really cute Asian lingier they sell because these skinny fat and fat cosplayers have them stretched so far at the seams.

No. 88630

The farmhand that marked this as tinfoil obviously missed that it was satire on the Ken tell-all fiasco she already did a month or two ago, where she posted a pic of a child on her feed with the caption "coming soon" and then wrote Instagram stories about how her sugar daddy Ken apparently assaulted the kid, deleting all evidence of these posts shortly after.

No. 88632

r u ok anachan?

No. 88633

Well heaven knows if those cosplayers got half of their stomach stapled off like her they could.

No. 88635

Yeah I know her size is due to fucked up reasons, but she will have a real easy time finding cosplays and outfits a lot of people can't and right now waifish and frail seems to be the other extreme popular again right now aside from thick still existing but everyone is apparently thick.

No. 88637

We can all tell you're male and waiting desperately for those nudes by all your recent posts ITT.

No. 88639

I'm not, but thanks. I'm actually looking forward to her jumping on OF for the same reason Moo is. This tends to turn people desperate and what I'm saying is she has a better chance at getting neckbeard bucks by being able to fit all the costume lingerie that's sold cheap that a lot of people on OF can't wear properly. The only other that's I can think of who wears all those costume sets are Hidori Rose and Rocksylite. There are very few top tier OF girls who look like her. She does have a good chance of making good money through this if she panders to this demographic is all I'm saying.

No. 88640

Where does dog raping factor into this?

No. 88642

That lifestyle she has seems to be really stressful tbh… she's not even sugaring, she's just leeching and stays there as long as they provide a roof and food for free, and she makes a lot of promises and talks about new "BIG" upcoming projects to keep them around for a while, you can see most of her friends were really excited to meet her and hang out at the beginning but after a couple of months they kind of go silent about her.

No. 88644

it's exaggeration in the same vein as her claims about ken obviously? what's with the butthurtness about that post on here lol.

No. 88673

File: 1586764424961.jpeg (55.81 KB, 382x679, EVZHYy2VAAApbxq.jpeg)

someone shared these on twitter

No. 88674

File: 1586764479379.jpeg (52.22 KB, 382x679, EVZHcdBUwAAJPWY.jpeg)

No. 88675

>when your onlyfans is less lewd than your ig

No. 88676

why would anyone pay six dollars to see her paint eggs while making a dumb face

No. 88677

Nitpick but she didn't even bother to put on her bra correctly just look at that holder

No. 88678

There’s actually very strange warping below her left (our right) cup. What effect was she lazily trying to do? Enlargement or slimming?

Venus, put up a cute sheet in the background or something. Those ¥100 shop racks on the wall look like you’re messing around in a Daiso.

No. 88680

it's the end of some of her hair, if you look at the hq pic on the guys twitter which i did for god knows what reason

No. 88684

Her cuck fanboys are extremely desperate and are without a doubt hoping she goes full lewd soon enough. They'll enjoy the content for now because they're seeing slight titty cleavage and then they will expect more, like they all do.

No. 88685

She doesn't seem like she's trying.

No. 88686

Fair enough, I noticed it was there before, but the link wasn't working

No. 88690

File: 1586792963382.jpeg (124.63 KB, 750x798, C54AF910-CC4B-4060-9455-76220E…)

Oh Venus, this is not going to stop your onlyfans photos from getting leaked, they are already being plastered around the internet

No. 88691

File: 1586793899212.jpeg (58.27 KB, 959x354, C8387831-1538-4498-BBBC-5B275F…)

Sadly comical comment on Weenis’ IG: “Cuteness is in my genes!”

No. 88692

File: 1586793956149.jpeg (166.5 KB, 1031x1051, BD0D42A3-B8C8-4D77-9055-39053B…)

Weenis’s genes:

No. 88693

So really her onlyfans is just like another version of her fans only fan club? I mean okay she put some food pictures on her fan club didn't she? and maybe that appealed to some fans, don't know why, but still, and it looks like this is just pictures of her, but doesn't look like she's posting ay porn, which I'm glad about, for her sake, but everyone was freaking out like she was going to be doing porn pics on there, but all this looks entirely innocent, which is good, but on the other hand, the people who want to buy pics from that site maybe are expecting something more like porn? Oh i dont know, i hope for her sake she can make a go of it, she has to live after all and not easy to make a living for anyone who is not already wealthy enough they don't have to care.
Maybe if she can make enough from this to begin with, she can invest money wisely and make a living off the interest? Whatever i'm glad to see she's not doing porn.

No. 88694

Venus truly is clueless about being a creator on this website. OnlyFans subscribers are relentless. They will leak photos & videos regardless. They pay the fee, get what the want and will share that content just because they can. Countless costhots have stated their disappointment with it happening to them time and time again yet their fanboys continue to leak everything. I can't see her lasting long, it'll be only a matter of time before they start demanding more explicit content. They'll get bored of her "tame" and generic photos soon enough.

No. 88695

I think this revolting image is more porn than anything Venus has posted herself, and sorry don't know how to post just the picture itself without saving it on to my computer and i just dont want it on there, makes me cringe, I don't mean Venus,but that guy, wasn't this the guy that hangs around in Times Square? Well at least he won't be able to go around doing this to girls now. I know it's all only meant to be , innocent, but i still think its cringy.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 88696

File: 1586795288301.jpg (289.53 KB, 1152x2048, 1.jpg)

I mean no one could call the pictures that Venus are posting porn, like this one, just a cute picture of a girl with a plushie. nothing pornographic about it at all. I hope the people paying for content don't get disappointed because they expect more, I think these are cute pictures, but can't see why people would really want to pay for them.

No. 88699

Also who is taking these? And takes the lewd ones?

No. 88701

Most thots do everything with timers, lights, and tripods. It looks like she is doing the same and that goes for the bath photos.

No. 88703

well, she is a scammer. she knows full well what kind of stuff onlyfans is for, so unless she jumps onto the full on ethot train, this proves she is scammer once again

No. 88704

>Her cuck fanboys
But does she even have many of those? I feel like most of her fans are teen girls (or haters who pay out of curiosity). After she dropped that first gross picture many of them even asked what's wrong, saying that this isn't her style, probably being genuinely worried. She really doesn't deserve their love and concern.

Didn't she say that onlyfans isn't sexwork? That's exactly what Moomoo said too in the beginning "It's only lewds!"…

Whose face is that? Looks like a facetuned chinese girl, who do you think you're kidding Weenus?

No. 88705

she looks fat(anachan)

No. 88706

Is this bait?

No. 88707

They may not comment on her content but they hide in the shadows. Look at how many likes she has on her OnlyFans page already. She has plenty of perverted cuck fanboys and she knows how to pander to them.

No. 88709

Go eat a burger, anachan.

No. 88710

so everyone is getting an onlyfans nowadays huh

No. 88711

I agree despite some obvious landwhales telling you otherwise, but I think in part it’s because she’s wearing things too small for her so it’s making her look larger than she actually is by squeezing her and creating rolls and spillover. She’s definitely gained some weight recently though.(nitpicking)

No. 88717

>obvious landwhales
I'm literally underweight. She's a lot of things, but she isn't fat. Cope.

No. 88725

>I'm literally underweight

Sure Jan. Sucking up to Weenos and blogposting will get you nothing here.

No. 88732

Go back to your anorexia containment thread and stop derailing the thread

No. 88736

Can you stop trying to minimod everyone else in the thread?

No. 88753

This. I don't want this thread to turn into edgy PULL where every comment is some remix of "She's fat" and "Has she gained weight? Will she gain weight tomorrow? Guys, I've circled her stomach. Do you think it's bulging? It's flatter today than yesterday, must be photoshop". It's autistic and milkless, and calling people fat for noticing it just makes you look delusional.
Anyway, any chances of Manaki ever returning, or is it safe to say he's gone for good?

No. 88754

Holy fuck can the anachans fuck off already? Ya'll aren't contributing anything to the thread and you're just infighting. Go be mentally ill somewhere else

No. 88755

At this point the people complaining about anachans are doing more derailing than the actual anachans.

No. 88758

File: 1586839482265.jpeg (112.74 KB, 840x906, B6F0BBC6-97BE-4FC5-922A-9FDF4A…)

Weenus thinking she’s cute and adorable is as pathetic as her mother thinking she’s a sexy momma. They’re both goblins and delusional as fuck.

No. 88770


I would pay for her onlyfans if the photos were unedited. I’m sure she looks like Margo in kawaii clothing. I love me some of that nightmare fuel.

No. 88785

File: 1586875518824.jpeg (69.86 KB, 750x466, C24713D7-E8AD-4418-91B4-12AA68…)

Is Vivi her new alter she has made up or something?

No. 88790


probably her new sex work name, since it sure looks unprofessional af to do porn under your real name, like moo for example. And maybe she wants to keep a door open if she randomly feels like quitting all of it because muh mental health problems etc etc I feel better now new start yadda yadda

No. 88793

Why choose a sex work name if her handle is still venusangelic? Everyone knows it's her, she'd have to create a whole new instagram account for "Vivi" to work.

No. 88796


idk, maybe she tries to rebrand herself as an e-thot? We will have to wait how she will handle this entire onlyfans persona. She has been always confusing and changing things back and forth so idk…

No. 88802

She can't go by "Lilian" anymore.

No. 88830

>under your real name
She literally doesn't even have a real name. venus Angelic certainly isn't it but binatan okada or whatever she's registered as in japan? made up. 'Palermo' is made up for glamour.
Even though her real name is venus it's already a porn name. venus was the goddess of sexual allure and temptation. Naming your kid that is already abusing them since it's clear you have a certain vision for them.
Like btw nobody can be fucking surprised about someone called 'venus angelic' doing sexual work. especially if they remember this actual girl didn't 'start on yt' she started dancing on nico for salarymen's with show panty comments streaming across the screen.
The kiddy audience va channel has just been a long sidetrack from her natural born course

No. 88835

>Naming your kid that is already abusing them since it's clear you have a certain vision for them.
that's ridiculous anon. some people just like the name. it's not like marge named her crapbag or something. come on.

she was really underweight then, but you're forgetting the fact that she also shoops her body. her hips are much wider for instance than in that pic (your bone structure doesn't change no matter how thin you get), as are her calves, behind and her broad shoulders.

No. 88837

all that shoop but she didn't shoop her giant manhands or that gnarly thumb

No. 88838

her lips are super blurred too, especially when you look at her marge hands. the way she warped that one side of her jaw looks really weird too, and smoothing your face/body but leaving out the hands. people actually pay for amateur garbage edits? from what is pretty much a catfish?

No. 88841

>some people just like the name
some people don't think, true. and some people are wily schemers like margo who think very carefully

No. 88851

She named her Venus / Isobel after the bjork songs because she’s a big fan. It’s not that deep.

No. 88852

i think the name is a little silly and prissy but wtf is this pornsick worldview? venus is the goddess of love and beauty, not just lust. and some people have wholesome associations with angels, because they're fucking angels. i think it's a little creepy to hear a stereotypically feminine name and automatically assume porn and strippers and sexual abuse wtf.

No. 88861

>if they remember this actual girl didn't 'start on yt' she started dancing on nico for salarymen's with show panty comments streaming across the screen.
Completely misrepresentative. Come on, anon. Don't twist up storylines just to make things more scandalous.
Also, see >>88851. She was named after the songs "Venus As A Boy" and "Isobel". She said this on her Formspring years back.

No. 88866

>she said this
OHH she SAID so! Venus SAID, you guys, so…

No. 88868

Are you okay? You're saying you have a better, more accurate source than the words of Venus and her literal mother? Lmao.

No. 88869

never mind, you guys are right it is kind of shocking that sweet, down-home Foxy Heaven from the child glamour skirt show is doing Porn now.

No. 88870

Please get well soon.

No. 88876

File: 1586945264546.jpg (36.84 KB, 926x290, venus.jpg)

oh maaaaan

No. 88882

File: 1586946996743.png (Spoiler Image,796.01 KB, 844x881, uh.png)

cropping out the picture to make it seem more scandalous than it really is?

True she'll be stripping out of it eventually but that's probably just a way to have something to post every day

No. 88885

i still can't believe how much she's editing her face with those apps. i honestly don't see how people believe that's her actual look. and to pay for these shitty pictures??? she's not putting any effort into them, like she doesn't even have a proper camera or setup to begin with…

No. 88886

for all the criticism she's probably just using a phone or snow app and not really editing anything herself.

If everyone else is doing the same she has to be the exception and post makeup free acne pictures? come on

No. 88887

But I like her name

No. 88888

i mean if she is asking money for 'special images' she should at least put some effort into taking them… the leaked photos are no different from the ones she is posting on ig. if she wants to make money out of this she should at least try. she could take proper photos just for the quality and then edit them in PS. i mean she has the time right? i don't mind her going towards this direction but at least she should offer SOMETHING for those who pay.

No. 88891

make your mind up, first she shouldn't edit, now she should edit, but only in a specific way that you like?

No. 88895

What in the homeschool prom hell is this dress?

No. 88896

It looks like a property dress to me, cropping how so?

No. 88900

noooo. what i'm saying is she should definitely put more effort into the images she is asking MONEY for.
she could take photos with a dslr and still apply filters if that's what she likes.
i still believe she could find a better way of editing that looks more realistic, but oh well.
i do believe she could make pretty good money this way, but she is just too sloppy from my opinion. No way she can compete with the others who have better quality photos and proper setup. this is just pure scam. but this is just my view, don't kill me lol

No. 88906

>she should definitely put more effort in since she's asking MONEY
So sick of reading this comment for every cow. Dipshit, if the masturbating old men don't like what they're getting, they won't pay!

No. 88908

And i don't suppose the masturbating old men will be bothered about whether or not she's edited her hands or the shape of her thumb, as someone commented on earlier up, most people are not going to wonder about if she's edited her hands or not, most people probably don't even think about if she's edited her face, they just want to see a nice picture.

The picture leaked here is a perfectly nice picture, but not what anyone would want to pay to see, so maybe it's just a tease, like a taster and a promise of what is to come, as long as they keep paying, but she will only be able to make some money out of it for long if it turns out to be empty promises.
I hope she has thought this through properly, because they might eventually expect her to post full on nudes if they get fed up with the coy, teasing type of pictures.

No. 88909

*but she will only be able to make some money out of it for long if it turns out to be empty promises.

edit, I meant, of course, she will only be able to make money out of it if she posts more than just this and she won't be able to if it looks like just empty promises.

Sorry for any confusion there!

No. 88910

I feel the same way. She was found to be following and liking many gravure models and erotic content for years. Not all those idols are perfect or without editing but look nothing like this. Even foreign idols like Gemma Louise still look like herself and not a paper doll. If it was always something Venus wanted to do, then she could have at least learned something from her favorite models and put out content that is better than her typical potato camera selfies. Maybe she needs to work with a real photographer but this editing she has going on will not benefit her if she wants to make good money.

No. 88928

If she really wants to make money she should sign up as a photo editor or a as a photoshop editor because look at how talented she is at completely editing and filtering her face and body.
Just compare how ugly and homely she is in real life and candids and compare it to her edited instagram pictures.

No. 88935

What the hell is erotic about that dress? Lmao

No. 88939

her edits are bad tho. cheap snow/meituu like edits. i don't think anyone will be paying her to edit their pics.

No. 88972

professional editing != some cheap beautify SNOW or meitu filter on your phone camera.

I just don't understand why anons keep suggesting she do this or that as a job, (like being a translator or whatever) when it is so obvious she isn't going to be anything else than some sort of 'entertainer'. Considering her personal history, it's all she's ever known. Even her mom was a hoe (not shaming, just pointing out).
Not only V doesn't have proper education/experience, she obviously doesn't WANT to 'have a normal job' otherwise she would already.

No. 89013


I think she looks like a healthy (in every way) version of weenus. So at the end of the day, she really is not special and is even a lame version of other people.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 89015

Is that Ella Freya? Lol

No. 89017

someone on pull posted this podcast with venus as guest
(how did they ('Sryut') find out about it? hmm)
which i haven't listened to so dunno the milk but when i saw who it was i was laughing:
The guy Kirie who is the host is the person who occasionally has popped in here to spill that venus fucked her vtuber manager and a bunch of other embarrassing shit for her. He also is one of the discord worms that joined her fanicon and said ages ago in the lolcow discord that he fantasises about meeting venus irl and will someday wrangle his way into her life.
I remember him saying he couldn't give his source for his goss without getting his friend (tsuruko) in huge trouble for telling him venus dirty laundry so, funny to see Venus on his podcast now

No. 89018

She's pulling that "teehee I'm so innocent and prude I've never been sexy before" bullshit again. $6.99 a month to see her in a dress that doesn't even show a hint of tits which was taken on a phone with filters slapped on is pathetic. She hints at revealing more and her male fans will demand to see more. Onlyfans is no place to jokingly string your followers along and not deliver the goods, which we all know she's good at doing. Venus is delusional if she thinks this will be successful in the long run.

No. 89019

why are you guys so intent on misreading the caption? what she means is 'yes, i'm not nude, just wearing this dress - but i will get nude as time goes on'.

No. 89021

Sauce on the whole Kirie drama?

No. 89024

just lc discord. search venus to read his ongoing vagues. some older stuff's gone.

No. 89050

All this has me convinced that Venus does need someone micro managing her life like Margo did. I mean, not Margo obviously, but someone else responsible. But what manager is going to live with one of their clients and not fuck/abuse them. Seemed like she was doomed for failure from the start

Venus left to her own devices ruined her own career, life and is now moving to being a low ranked e thot when she had such a huge first step

No. 89055


I don't think she could have done any better with her internet fame. She got famous from a trend and became irrelevant as the trend died. If she had anything to offer her audience, they would have stuck around. Or she could have saved the money from her dolly phase and fucked off from the internet. Unfortunately she's as stupid as her mom. This is just an inevitable outcome.

No. 89069

If all she needed was a handler then she would have been perfectly fune and happy with Manaki still. The reason she isn't is not because she just needs adult supervision and support like a dependant, but that she doesn't want to do anything that doesnt make her feel like a princess on a pedestal for sitting on her ass online all day. She only makes posts and is active when she's not getting exactly what she wants, and now we know from the 2 years Manaki gave her everything that she will never be happy in any situation where she isn't allowed to do anything and everything she wants without any repercussions.

Sadly, that isn't how real life works. Venus thinks she can use sex appeal and cuteness to get through life but she doesn't realize that every day a cuter, younger weeaboo joins YT and IG without even a fraction of all the drama and shadiness Venus has on her now. She's on the cusp of aging out of her pedo niche, and her weeb fans can't afford to support her lifestyle of doing nothing ~in Japan~ for the rest of her life.

Even Dakota Rose spiraled down when she refused to keep her attitude and humblebragging in check, and look at her now- she was with one pf the biggest international modeling agencies getting everything she wanted on a silver platter, including the lies that she was doing it all herself & all natural pushed for her. Dakota got way more from Japan than Venus did and still lost it all from being a lazy, entitled bitch. Venus will end up the same way, just obviously she'll broadcast it more than Dakota did because Venus likely doesn't have any managenent or handlers to answer to that give a fuck about her image anymore (except maybe Sora).

No. 89072

She could have done the laziest thing ever and just stuck to doing vlogs of her Japanese hubby like Rachel and Jun or any other whit vlogger but couldn't even do that cuz she decided she was too good for him when in reality she deserves a lot less. Well that's what she has now

No. 89100

Sora no longer mentions her in his live-streams and seems to have moved on from that. He now only cares about expanding his content and getting more views, reasons being he got bored of sexually harassing and paying off some chick on discord and their friend.

Not only that but it’s been almost 3 weeks since they promised a collab on Venus’ channel and nothing’s been uploaded since then except the commercial and glass video

No. 89113

>>She got famous from a trend and became irrelevant as the trend died.
EXACTLY THIS. She is a irrelevant has-been who was only popular while the doll trend existed and when being a weaboo was popular.
The doll trend died and so did her youtube career and all the weaboos moved on to other things like being a koreaboo or egirl stuff.
Poor Penus-Venus is just one of the many forgotten has-beens who have no quality content to offer and only had a short span of fame due to latching on to a trend.

No. 89122

File: 1587137229882.png (249.02 KB, 1400x680, Prettyprincess.png)

If venus "aged-up" her content back in the day and dropped the "booh bye bye booh" shit and just did anime/manga reviews or japanese lessons or something she could've stayed relevant but shes a pretty princess who doesn't know how to run her own life

No. 89124

she did age it up in the sense that she tried to attract pedos.

No. 89134

What happened? I figured Sora would drop Venus quickly (it's obvious that was a fuck-for-collab deal, based on how defensive they were about it before anyone ever asked), but what is this about him (her?) harassing or paying people off?

No. 89142

He made videos like these: https://youtu.be/sM488PK_3lU harassing som girl on discord for “teh lulz” in the beginning. Then, members including the girl ran away from him when he logged in so he told the truth to “discord girl” that he was sexually harassing her for views and some of the mods knew which is why he wasn’t blocked in the first place. He continued harassing her afterwards for views.

She and another dude named “apple guy” then starred on some of his videos and live-streams and were paid for it, this became taxing for Sora as he wasn’t getting his cut of the money he originally made after his channel blew up so he ragequit YouTube for a month and the last video he made on them was hanging out in Tokyo.

Now it seems he wants nothing to do with them either despite being on good terms.

No. 89152

File: 1587158693413.png (29.15 KB, 617x289, kirie1.png)

for the record i believe Kirie's claims about venus cheating on manaki with the vtuber manager were made up, since Kirie too is some zero-views-tier twitch thot's 'manager', and an incel, so i think it was his fantasy, along with other very fantasy like musings he vagued, unsourced.

No. 89163

That donut chick was part of the faggy anti-o community on Twitter, js

No. 89166

these were the claims >62174
They refused to provide proof because "venus would slander them and call them a fake friend" as they put (sound familiar?). And on pull an alleged friend of a friend said venus was faking therapy completely and self-diagnosing (she's taken wording from lolcow directly so i bet that's true).

how do you know kirie was the one who posted on lolcow? you literally have no proof, it could have been anyone.

No. 89167

>venus is broke and has lived off of Manaki for a bit now.
>she's bringing this up now because Manaki wants a divorce (he has brought it up before)
>If they divorce Venus can't stay in grorious Noppin
>they have been nothing more than roommates for a long time
>venus has cheated on Manaki a lot
>Manaki has at least tried to get some side action after he got to know all the times she has cheated on him
>venus berates him whenever she gets the chance
>last I heard he's started to stand up to her, which caused her last major breakdown
>manaki is a weirdo neckbeard, but he's not evil by any means
>venus has burned almost all her friendships - by cutting those out who call her out/trying to sleep with them or their spouses/not showing up/fucking up their income
>there recently was an incident that could paint venus as margo v2, the only reason it hasn't come out is because the person targeted doesn't want drama

No. 89168

>Yeah she doesn't even own her channel anymore… well she might have it back now. She makes zilch from it. As for entertainer visa? You need a manager company for that, she had a huge fallout with her manager earlier this year because she tried to fuck him. She also crossed him over big time in business matters.

No. 89169

In a live stream, venus blamed the manager for malice failing because he "let her do whatever she wanted" and apparently went to china. it does indeed seem that venus fucked him over. given that she sugared and had a pater ad, i'm willing to bet she tried to fuck him too. gaku kitano might be the same thing. why else would he work with a washed up girl with no business skills and let her lie and claim his business as her own?

No. 89173

>how do you know kirie was the one who posted on lolcow? you literally have no proof, it could have been anyone.
Well, he wrote it on discord. Later someone posted the same claims in the thread. It doesn't matter if someone else pasted it into the thread because he posted it in the discord under his own name, lol. He has edit-deleted his spicier posts but you can infer where they were from the conversation around them.
When I posted that this podcast host had 'spilled' things about Venus and now she was on his very podcast, I should have been more clear that it wasn't to imply "therefore they were probably true". It was more like, look an incel who made up insider goss about his waifu for his jollies (as I said above, he said she fell in love with a manager because he considers himself just such a manager) unfortunately has now tricked Venus into collabing.

No. 89178

Not to white knite, but the "let her do whatever she wanted" doesn't sound more like she was expecting some type of guideance but he threw cash at took off?
Maybe the guy saw her as an actual youtuber, due to all the time she has invested on the internet, and decided to be her manager since (in his idea) it was easy cash. And/or knows shit about youtube.
It's not the first time an incel blames a woman of whoring around. As if it was more easier than doing actual work or paying with money for something. In fact, that's their whole point of view about women.
Venus has at least tried, with evidence, to get a daddy. But not every male who gets in contact with her fucked her. At least I hope.

No. 89181

The malice thing failed because it was cringe. She built up and audience of women who watch weeby dolly make up japanese videos then switched to vtuber shit? Who the fuck watches that except incel dudes and twitter anime avatars

like look at this one clip I found https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2maf47wYFU
the mouth doesn't move, character makes strange movements and facial expressions..

No. 89201

Did you just spew that info out of your ass?

No. 89203

(directed at the photo) There was a photo of venus sleeping around with a korean guy when she was supposed to be in a relationship with manaki….so she def knew about sex from a long time ago.
Amazing how gullible her fans are.

No. 89205

Hey im making a new video about venus, can you link me all the new milk that she has said and done about manaki.
Greatly appreciated,thanks.
- Poseidon(spoonfeeding)

No. 89206

Well, Margaret actually replied to a follower that the cheating went no further than kissing. She also seemed to have knowledge that Venus was still a virgin for a long time after already being married. She is not innocent, but I do believe Venus has a completely warped view of what is normal sexuality, how relationships work and what is acceptable behavior. Just look at how she has such a safe and secure option with Doormat Manaki but she chose to sabotage that and pursue ugly old men while simultaneously queer-baiting fans.

Dude, this current thread doesn’t take long to read. Scroll up.

No. 89207

Yeah im reading,i just dont want to get anything wrong thats all, since i havent been up to date with her.

No. 89221

This youtuber made a video about the whole venus/Margaret drama a few months ago and in subsequent videos he's said that marg is filing a lawsuit against him or something. Does anyone have proof ?

No. 89228

can you pullies fucking catch up. Marge admitted that was herself in the photo not venus.
>>89201 these greentext walls >>89167 >>89168
are old over a year old, this person >>89166 pasted them and tried to point to them. The idea is these are what someone says Kirie said because Kirie wrote the same in the lc discord. However everyone is now frothing that oh venus does cheat, even though Kirie's shit is made up self-insert fanfic just like this uwu my innocent baby shit >>89152.
and you >>89205 >>89221 fuck off nobody needs any more videos where a retard regurgitates half the story

No. 89231

While I agree with you on the other points, Marge never admitted that it was herself in the photo. There was a private DM leaked where Marge was mentioning that people thought she had staged the photo herself, but in her usual Marglish, mangled what she was attempting to say.

No. 89234

omg, pulltards capping the discord: the spicy comments are deleted, i already wrote this for fucks sake. what was in them was just this
btw……. if you want to know about Kirie maybe you should ask Sryut

No. 89256

Not sure if tinfoil, but SoraTheTroll is currently doing a YouTube livestream and someone asked him, "what does cum taste like?".
He responded that a female YouTuber, whose name he would not disclose as it could ruin her career said that she told him it tasted like "raw egg". Considering Venus probably never had sex with Manaki since he's *~totally gay~*, I wonder just how much old Japanese men she's given BJs to for sugar cash.

No. 89257

>could ruin her career
well that rules out venus

No. 89258

She's still pulling the, "I don't do sex work, I don't know what sex work is teehee, what is sex?" facade and I'm pretty sure that her orbiters view her as innocent. Plus I don't think Sora has collaborated with any other popular female YouTuber hence most people in the stream pointed to Venus.

No. 89260

Her career is already been ruined so there’s nothing left to “ruin”, only her dignity.

And wow, Sora was really that desperate. Ew.

No. 89262

why u repeat my joke back to me lol

No. 89263

Oh shit!

Lol mee stoopid

No. 89293

Marge NEVER admitted it was her. And I don't remember Kirie making those exact claims in green text that an anon posted here before.

Also Venus had a PATER ad WHILE married. She OBVIOUSLY DID cheat on Manaki. She sugared. She dated Ken. She wanted to experiment with girls WHILE married. So fuck off with this Venus didn't cheat shit. She obviously did. She married Manaki for a visa and committed marriage fraud just to get to stay in glorious Nippon. She never loved him and constantly berated him. Of course she'd cheat on him.

No. 89294

Does anyone have screenshots of the things he posted? I've never seen them before. She still cheated though, or attempted, given >>89293

What about the alleged friend on pull who said venus faked therapy/mental illness? Was that him too?

No. 89295

What does it matter who said them? The claims turned out to be true. Venus cheated/tried to cheat. She sugared and had a pater ad. There's the korean dude as well, which was never proven that she didn't cheat. We also know Venus leeched off manaki and was broke. We know she berates him, we saw it on her videos. We know she burned a lot of her friendships. We know she had a falling out with her vtuber manager. She slandered him in a live stream afterall. Don't know if she tried to sleep with him too, but pretty much everything written is true. Along with the post on pull – where venus was self-diagnosing mental illnesses to use as excuses/sympathy.

These allegations came out before we knew of a lot of these things as well. If Kirie found out from tsuruko and said it, that doesn't mean it's not true.

No. 89317

File: 1587383546502.jpeg (291.25 KB, 691x1214, 7ABA7AC6-7A16-4845-A139-6960C7…)

People are paying $6 a month for this preschool bullshit. MY SIDES.

No. 89319

Does she have any straight female fans though? I have a hard time believing anyone would give her anything unless they were thirsty and simping for her pedobaiting content.

No. 89323

What the fuck is she doing, who would pay for this?

No. 89324

i love how she is turning covid into sex and money

No. 89327

i sure hope you like it. wouldn’t want you to be a massive hypocrite, say, by buying covid supplies from essential retailers who don’t pay their workers living wages? oh wait.

stop moralfagging.

No. 89329

sage for sperging about masks but in order for cotton/DIY masks to be effective, don't they have to follow certain guidelines? wearing a t-shirt around your face won't do much to protect you

No. 89330

She's not good with this OnlyFans stuff. Every posts she made is just underwhelming.

No. 89331

Simps will put up with it for a month, but if she doesn't start posting more risque shit soon they will go send their money to some other thot on there. I don't know what her strategy is with this, is she just dumb?

No. 89336

I have two theories.

Theory number one is she's trolling. Her sense of humor is autistic af and she told Sora she'd be interested in both sexual humor/sex work and trolling. Maybe she's getting a kick out of seeing for how long she can blueball her fanboys while simultaneously making a quick buck. Once she gets backlash she'll either pull the mental illness card or claim that she was just not confident enough to go naked after all because muh body image issues uwu, and all will be forgiven.

Theory number two is that she wants to milk this for as long as possible, because once you've shown off all the goodies you need to get creative or do some deviant shit to keep people interested, and we all know Venus doesn't do effort.

No. 89342

Venus' latest instagram post pretending she care about corona when she never followed quarantine makes me sick. What she's actually doing is USING the COVID situation to try and get more sex work only fans content. She made a mask from a shirt and specifically cut out the portion to show off her tits. How tf is that helping anyone? You need a class 3 mask or respirator, not a fucking shirt cloth, that is useless, and promoting it to your audience like it's a good/safe idea. Fuck this bitch already. Fucking hate her for trying to profit off covid or the sexual abuse of a child and her "abuse" stories. I can't believe she still has fans, even on pull and kf, when less vile people like kenna get ripped a new one (yes, kenna is sadly less vile than venus at this point).

Also pull STILL believes that venus made an impulsive decision to make an onlyfans based off her fans suggestions lmao. She obviously was PLANNING it since hearing the anisa/idubbbz drama, so she posted that DISGUSTING infantile nude photo to see if her audience would be okay with it/willing to pay. Yet, pull actually thinks her fans gave her the idea. What the fuck is it with people always making excuses for this vile bitch? She's as untouchable as Marzia at this point. All she has to do is recycle the same (fake) abuse story and she's vindicated for everything. What a snake. Can she just disappear off the internet already?

No. 89343

Aight whos gonna leak her nudes(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 89344

No. 89346

She doesn't care about anyone but herself. As long as she gets the money she wants, she doesn't care if her young, impressionable audience thinks homemade masks are safe and then they get corona/possibly die. MONEY is the only thing that matters to her. You said it yourself, this is a person who was willing to doxx a child and turned the story around into some pity/victim me me me act. She's used mental illness for pity/views and family drama/fake abuse stories. She's a trash human being, I genuinely think she's worse than Margo in her greed, but we can look forward to the semi-near future when she gets too old and then no one will vindicate her for her scummy behavior because she's not "cute enough" and no amount of editing will help her.

No. 89347

like 10 people just posted as if the ig photos are the ones going on the onlyfans when the caption specifically says they're not. Did some kind of retard bus just pull up?

No. 89348

>if her young, impressionable audience thinks homemade masks are safe
its a prop for her lewdy cosplay you absolute fucking berk

No. 89349


I don't know why anyone would want to pay for this shit. Countless girls are younger, prettier, and put out more content than her. At least some of them pretend to 'care' about their subs.

I honestly don't think she'll bare it all any time soon. Maybe one day she will snap when some trashy old man dumps her ass and she bares it all for attention.

No. 89350

LOL.. You make it look like woman in her 20's is not that attractive
She even looks younger. But in terms of beauty she was always pretty average. Venus is definitely heading to damnation… In country like japan.

No. 89352

she only looks younger in her shoops and not say >>88758

No. 89356

Yeah you're right. You can't just use a single layer of fabric with two strings and call it a day.


No. 89360

Imo it's autistic to get mad about this.
That post was obviously NOT meant as a tutorial on how to protect yourself from a deadly pandemic. People have been making and sharing Coronavirus memes for months. There are videos of people fucking in hazmat suits, this is basically the same thing. The pandemic is claiming/ruining lives but laughter is how people cope with shitty situations.
Go ahead and give her shit for how little effort she puts into something she gets 6 bucks a month for. An ancient shirt with a hole in it is hardly sexy. But clutching your pearls over this is really unnecessary.

No. 89369

Since there is currently no thread about this dude yet somehow decides to get involved with Venus in the first place, his latest video is a reaction to one of his songs being covered by a possible weeb.

He was more disappointed that there were no dirty commentary in her video than his praise over her singing(offtopic)

No. 89370


yup, she's not making a lot of money out of this either but you all expect her to produce some professional photoshoot without equipment or money to buy any, $6.99 from 100 or so fans a month won't cover that.

Another misconception is onlyfans is some kind of treasure trove of porn, most professionals use it as a paywalled advertisement for selling patreon sets or snapchats and don't actually show anything, they blur it out or censor it and charge anything from $50 to $200 to unlock the content.
Even regular girls who do post nudes in their onlyfans use it to sell further stuff.

So if Venus is only going to be posting extra pictures from her Instagram on her phone, so what, many others are doing the same thing.

No. 89372

Comparison with Marzia is soo unneeded tho.

No. 89373

Ugh just who the fuck is this guy?

No. 89374

stop posting this tard

No. 89375

Can't escape the pewd/marzia wks no matter where you go online huh

No. 89377

We're everywhere ;)(;) no1curr)

No. 89380

This is gonna be just like that ‘fan club’ she started and abandoned a couple of weeks later. Collect dues/subscriptions from a few gullible losers then stop posting any content once she gets bored. She’s barely posting anything on this site even now, right after starting it. And there will be no explanation or reason given when she does abandon it either - or refunds to the poor slobs that got suckered into handing over their $6.

She’s a shady scammer just like her mommy.

No. 89411

Putting up a white bedsheet behind you to hide your shelves and random crap does not make it a professional photoshoot. Venus is not some random beginner-level instathot either, she made a career out of being cute so you'd think that after 10+ years of making money off her cute pictures, she'd have the equipment or know-how to take classier pictures than Margo in her goshiwan.

No. 89415

Venus posted a link to some podcast she was on in her instagram story. I couldn't sit through the whole thing because it was so fucking boring- but what I got from skimming it- They kiss her ass about how she is so ~smurt uwu~ and ~awsome n' chill~ & also talk about boring shit like cooking and corona all while Venus fumbles and says "um" every other word.

No. 89423

Wasn't this what was posting on pull a few days ago? Anyway, don't know why so many ppl think they all love her and make excuses for her there, from what I've seen, they don't like her much there, no more than here.

Now, it looks like she might be upping her game a bit, she posted this on her story:

"Ok I decided to pull through with this and let the world know that I'm a degenerate (◕▽◕✿)
We need to heat up the feed with hot pictures So, I thought about coming up with a theme for each day of the week! Below are some ideas of my own But since this is a place for all of us, let me know what kind of themed days YOU would like to have!!

Some ideas
→ One special, designated panty day
→ A boob day, showcasing interesting and unique uses for, well, boobs. Like, oolong the bunny, but boob version, you know?
→ Socks, stripper heels, pedi, something something cute and sexy with feet
→ Aphrodisiac testing!
→ I want to put out more ideas but I'm scared that a portal to hell will open where I crash into the abyss of all the rotten souls and will have to pay for all these sinful thoughts so I l'll leave the rest to you lol"

No. 89427

Just checked her instagram, she's taken off her youtube link and only got the only fans link now.
++++++++++++++++Vivi 🌸
❤️Business/お仕事の依頼 ↓
💜 Only F@ns ↓

I thought it was meant to be against the ig rules to post links to onlyfans, or publicise them, at least that's what some have been saying, I'm not interested enough to know or care, but still..

No. 89430

i guess she is aware that her youtube is dying and flopping considering she cant even get 50k views on her new videos kek

No. 89435

It is, but unless it gets reported nothing will happen.

No. 89436

>pander to ALL the fetishes while roleplaying a 13 year old hentai character!
>destroy any shred of a reputation you have for quick cash and attention

I won't know until it's all over which downward spiral was better, Venus's or Dakota's. Probably Venus because she has less handlers protecting her image.

No. 89437

>>from what I've seen, they don't like her much there, no more than here.
There’s still a hardcore group of “poor abuse victim Venus, I’m SO WORRIED about her!” over there. Smaller than it used to be but yes there are gullible soft-hearted souls who are still suckered in by her ABUSE b.s.

No. 89458


Sounds like she's too lazy to come up with good ideas on her own. I know how exhausting it is for you to use your brain, Venus-tan~

No. 89460

I can't decide if she's tryinf to pander to every niche, has no real idea what she's getting into, or both.

No. 89470

Possibly both. I wouldn't be surprised she looked at other OnlyFans creators content for ideas and thought "I'll do all of this!" when this is new territory for her. Venus doesn't have a clue and won't have any idea on how to deal with oribiters hounding her to see more than just some innocent bit of cleavage.

No. 89471

I don't really think venus needs to do full nudes. She's a pretty girl in photoshop and doing more risky stuff but not full nude isn't a bad idea.

This will only work though if she never does full nudes.

No. 89475

I wonder how long it takes before she start posting full nudes. Is it just me who has seen this coming for years?

No. 89477

File: 1587508966984.jpeg (132.18 KB, 750x577, 24436119-C05A-49EB-BA59-27D589…)

this was posted under her onlyfans post on ig. that’s tsuruko’s boyfriend, so i guess that friendship is completely over now?

No. 89478

ugh it's so obvious that she isn't comfortable with her sexuality like some fifteen year old who just discovered masturbation and thinks it's so sinful and dirty and it makes them a minority for having such "degenerate" urges
peenus, own up to it. you are twenty three and suck off sugar daddies on a regular basis

No. 89480

Imagine getting salty over your 'friend' making a OF account and going through with it. Venus has no decent friends to begin with, either they use her as a stepping stone for e-popularity or visa versa. The only one who seems to support her on the path to becoming a thot is PeachMilky.

No. 89481

i mean venus has the mentality of a 13 year old. and with her constant bawwing about depression and issues with alcohol/impulsive behavior i'd be worried about her trying random sw/lewd stuff.

No. 89490


No, I predicted it from when she first got the Japan and stayed with Manaki.

I knew it wouldn’t last because their relationship was just freakish anyway. Venus has always had issues and her mother is a nut job. I kind knew she’d end up doing kyabakura work or porn. They always do.

No. 89491

The thing that baffles and bothers me after looking at the people defending Venus over on Instagram.

Sure it’s her body and yes people do sex work. Yes Venus is an adult. But at the end of the day, what the fuck is her future? She’s no qualifications. No schooling or probably even no savings. Trying to keep a dodgy marriage visa and for what? Living in a shitty apartment somewhere in Tokyo, doing nothing day in and day out. Sat online all day and getting drunk. Married to a man who doesn’t even want to know and have no family around and friends who just want to use you for online status.

Well, that’s some life.

No. 89492


She’ll be in porn soon. Give it time this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Once she’s about 25 Venus will be on pornhub taking it off some fat yellow eyed sake breathed rice chip toothed salary man for a few hundred to get by on rent.

Well still be seeing the same bollocks off her fans says it’s her body and choice. They don’t know shit and just believe that by pissing away your future for internet new age feminism shite is the way forth.

Get a fucking job Venus.

No. 89493


Desperate white weebs would fuck him too simply because he’s Japanese and they’re so average they’ll take any generic Japanese man just so they can brag about it online for asian fever status. Sad.

No. 89495


Those people don't have her best interest in mind. I feel like people are just egging her on for her own self destruction.


I bet she'll get with some trashy guy who supports her career choice, because no decent self respecting guy will want to date her. She will think he's the best guy ever while he mooches off her money. When she runs out of money, he'll convince her to do porn. Then she will do it out of love.

No. 89496

if she really is in visa trouble or divorced, she won't be doing porn

it would give them cause to deport her or deny her a new visa

stuff she makes herself maybe, but not AV unless the company sponsored her for a visa which I don't think is common at all

No. 89504

Some of you think she will go the HC porn route. But my guess is this:
She will, rarely, upload a half-arsed picture with her cleavage out, while continuing to tease with "more layers will disappear, I'll totally post something super lewd you guys, just wait" but she won't. She needs to tease the idea to make betas hold on to the hope of seeing some nudes. But they won't be coming. And then she will abandon it, like she does with everything.

No. 89506

No. 89515

He's not bad looking at all tbh. Just extremely autistic. There's a lot of truly ugly ass Japanese dudes out there that even weebs wouldn't touch

No. 89516

lmao 6.99 from 100 fans every month is MORE than enough. She already has expensive cameras and camcorders and editing software. There is no excuse for her to post crap quality no different than her insta for 6.99. Bitch is lazy and wants quick cash. If only fans pays well and requires a few pics/editing (which she already does on insta), she will continue it. If it doesn't or she has to put in too much work, she'll drop it.

I'm guessing you're not familiar with the shit Marzia has done? And the comparison is necessary. She wraps all her crap under a fake, infantile, cute, innocent persona that is nothing what she is really like. Same as Venus.

No. 89517

they lost me at "hyper-intelligent" lmao

venus is average intelligence at best.

No. 89521

i love how every time someone's telling her to stop or it's sex work she is using the same emojis with the eyes and water droplets lol.
like trying to be all innocent but she knows exactly what she signed up for.

No. 89523

off: can i have a link please, i really want to read into marzias drama

No. 89526

File: 1587545681289.jpeg (541.85 KB, 1060x1125, 2C85765D-7473-4A32-AF8E-791159…)

Still no Sora video as promised, I have a feeling they didn’t collab on her channel due to fallout reasons

The magic of filters and wearing tight vests or loose clothes (pic related)

No. 89532

Anyone got the latest OF pic?

No. 89533

She's seems successful & good enough to be able to manage herself tho; having her own brands (clothing, jewelry
pottery). And bonus for living a good life + marrying the love of her life.

No. 89543

A poster on pull, (male apparently) claims he joined, but that her pix are no different to what she posts on ig.

No. 89551

File: 1587569854827.jpeg (203.58 KB, 750x1148, 5CAB955F-4C34-4389-A537-142153…)

Venus needs to be careful or else she’ll get her instagram removed, they don’t allow onlyfans links in the bio, other accounts have been banned by people reporting them so she better take that shit down if she wants to keep her Instagram

No. 89552

I think she actually knows that already - she had her link in her bio before but removed it because of that, so no idea why she put it back…

No. 89554

Wonder if ppl are going to report her insta for the link?

No. 89555

Even if they did, not sure that Insta really cares that much about it to do anything, and especially not now with fake COVID news all over the site.

(Not that there’s anything explicit or erotic about her OF account anyway, lol.)

No. 89556

How long will she posts just regular photos till people are annoyed she hasn't posted Anything she promised?
How many months will ppl throw money at her untill they are fed up And unsubscribe?

Can they get money back for false advertisement from Venus when she has them all buy the blue balls.

No. 89557

I bet the reason why the video of Venus and Sora will never happen because they had sexual relations, and I'm sure both are cringe about it and don't want anything to do with each other.

No. 89559

Venus probably tried it, but Sora wasn’t interested because she’s so ~happily married~.

Or because she’s a dumpster fire of unmanaged mental health issues.

No. 89571

"Happily Married" I bet that won't stop him from atleast getting a BJ from her, or wanting one. I dono just the way he was in his videos with her, seemed he crushed her big time.

No. 89574

In the end of the day her fans is the biggest problem for enabling this behavior/mentality >>89477
I've even smelt that when the xiao drama occured

No. 89575

He was whiteknighting her hard and during that cringy collab they filmed, he literally laughed at every single thing she said. Raw footage of that meeting must have been awkward af without all the edits.
Wouldn't surprise me if they shagged, at this point Venus is so fucked up that she must think sex is the shortcut to anything she needs at any given time. Need a visa? Sex. Need a manager? Sex. Need money? Sex. Need a collab? Sex.

No. 89596

File: 1587592001873.jpeg (163.84 KB, 309x500, 211BDAFC-116A-4526-A5BD-0EB01C…)

One sample of Weenus’s attempt at OF - unwashed, sloppy mess in her jammies. Can’t be bothered to even comb her hair or get dressed. In other words, half assed just like everything else she does.

No. 89597

Her cucks are getting ripped off, this is just bad lmao. They actually think they're going to get quality "sexy" content from her…

No. 89607

File: 1587596191166.jpg (25.71 KB, 600x449, DAMN_CLOTHES.jpg)


No. 89610

Why does she do that stupid hand thing, like shes a cat? grow up you stupid degenerate its not cute with dirty ass hair and old face.

No. 89613

>that plumbers dont wear ties reference


No. 89615

Sora is a self-admitted incel who only ever had one partner, years ago. So I have no doubt he would've went for it.

No. 89617

That's not even half-arsed. That's quarter-arsed at best. Even worse than I expected. Wtf?
I bet her simps will regret spending money on her onlyfans.

No. 89618

They'll probably keep paying her because they honestly think she'll show more skin in time. She's teasing them like she always does and won't deliver. Cheap ass selfies won't cut it for long.

No. 89624

Welp, if she doesn't show something for the people soon, I have high doubts she will have people pay for next month. And then it will be abandoned like the FanClub.

How much do you think she made from that, just to give it up.

This is just a quick buck trick at the end of the day unless she actually gives what people are expecting and paying for.

No. 89625

She also has a toe thumb and it freaks me out.

No. 89627


Jesus christ, I've shown more on my Instagram and I aint even got OF

No. 89637

Is it true that we've never seen Venus's father because Carole Baskin be fed him to tigers?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 89641

there's going to be a wave of garbage posts from randoms who are searching for leaks of her onlyfans and can't help themselves pooping out a little test post while they're here

No. 89644

Sora is currently doing a murk again livestream, if you wanna ask questions about Venus you gotta pay up since that’s how he answers.(offtopic)

No. 89645

Mukbag* shit autocorrect

No. 89662

File: 1587627936233.jpeg (75.82 KB, 750x1334, 2A39A944-DE07-4914-A04B-C4D413…)

She took her onlyfans link away yet again, either Instagram keeps removing it or she lurks here and saw the post about it being not allowed and reporting her account

No. 89668

No one cares about this fucking dude, can y'all PLEASE stop posting about him unless it's related to Venus?

No. 89672

Honestly, what is the point of this picture? Am I missing something? wtf? I mean, come on. It's just, nothing. What am I even looking at? this is on Onlyfans??? People are paying to see…. what, exactly?

Gotta hand it to Venus, I think she knows what she's doing and is capitalizing on the idiots who she knows are drooling at the thought of seeing nudes or semi nudes and it's like she's laughing at them for it. Stringing them along to get as much money as she can out of them before she abandons it altogether.

No. 89673

Pure tinfoil here:
I think the next picture will be showing more flesh… To keep those paying fans interested.

Show a bit of flesh, tease that more layers will come off soon… Post a lazy picture in pyjamas to rake in some money without needing to do anything… then post another picture showing a bit of flesh to keep those paying fans,and keep the easy money coming in.

No. 89674

File: 1587638595194.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1242x2032, Venus in pretty bra.jpeg)

Okay, someone on pull posted a screenshot from a video from of. that was pretty, she was wearing a pretty bra. So maybe the videos make up a bit for what is lacking in the pictures.

No. 89675

And her face looks really pretty here too, and not edited either, being from a video. Overall, this is a really pretty , appealing image.

No. 89676

>and not edited either, being from a video.
You can alter/filter videos, anon. It's pretty obvious she has filters on the video, though ngl she does look cute in the still.

No. 89678

…right, not edited at all.

No. 89681

What drama is that?

No. 89690

It’s called Snow app and she’s clearly using it there.

No. 89695

Venus wishes she looked like that.

No. 89698


it may be a 'nice picture' but it is not 'her face'. it's a fantasy face. enlarged eyes, v shaped jaw and shrunken nose, it's the most basic fucking filter of all those face tune apps, for pics and videos and whatever. it doesn't even look like her wtf.
please refer to pic on the left in the first post of this thread

No. 89699

File: 1587658660783.jpeg (273.44 KB, 1871x962, 8A9D6E26-E856-48F8-8A3A-BD1D99…)

I’m sorry but that photo is extremely edited, if you compare her real face with this photo you can clearly see this, she’s not fooling anyone with bad blurry editing

No. 89700

File: 1587659227958.jpg (94.9 KB, 1200x404, sdfsdfdsfsdf.jpg)

these are better photos of her (from yeaaaars ago) but still she looks nothing like the one on the right

No. 89701

So she's thotting it up in Manaki's apartment once again. What a fucking simp.

No. 89704

File: 1587660111683.jpg (256.56 KB, 339x597, 4jgosKb.jpg)

This is more real. Wheres her boobs?

No. 89705

i wish she wasn't trying to look japanese… i remember the video where she compared american and japanese makeup, and she looked so much better with the american one. like waaaay better. circle lenses look so bad on her. so as the shaved chin while her face is originally rounded…

No. 89706

She really does look like her mom…

I think she was binding her chest back then, but it’s probable that she was wearing a push up bra in the leaked OF pics.

No. 89707

That's from her recent video in the glass shop. You can tell shes not binding.

No. 89708

yeah she is really getting there. by the time she turns 50 she will look worse than margo.
margo looked pretty good even after giving birth to venus. but venus did shit and she's already looking older than her age. i guess drinking and getting a part of your stomach removed doesn't help either.

No. 89709

With all the booze, the stomach surgery and just not caring about her body… yuh I can see her looking worse than Margo when she's in her 30's. She's a grown woman so I can't put all the blame on Margo but she never learned how to take care of herself in a healthy way. She was doomed from the start

No. 89712

File: 1587662094316.jpg (156.5 KB, 1568x768, angelina.jpg)

i mean here is a picture of angelina jolie that i edited using the snow app…

No. 89715

Tbh, I wondered how she managed to get modelling work, sugar daddies and whatever else when she looks so completely different irl than in her photos.

No. 89727


I don't think she had anymore modelling work since she ditched Margo. Correct me if I'm wrong. Venus is incapable of managing her brand and herself. She doesn't have to be super attractive to get sugar daddies, but I don't think she's charismatic or sane enough to keep one around. Honestly considering the amount of people falling out of her life constantly, she's probably secretly batshit crazy. If she didn't fuck up on so many opportunities in her life, she wouldn't need to open up onlyfans.

No. 89737

File: 1587674630676.png (90.06 KB, 1286x511, Untitled.png)


Aside from the obvious blurring / smoothing / softglow on the skin, that's mad how otherwise unedited that looks without a comparison. Yet it also takes ten years off.

Also, nobody posted the lolworthy caption that went with that raggedy onlyfans pic? Bets on how long this lasts?

No. 89738

She's a hopeless cause. This is embarrassing. If she thinks that's being a degenerate then she's in for a wake up call when the cucks begin requesting to see her vag.

No. 89757


It was already posted, not in a screenshot form though, it was just copy-pasted

No. 89760

because they can't make it as an english teacher and have no other employable skills.

No. 89780

Yes, that was me who copy pasted it earlier. Sorry I can't find a way to do screenshots here, I have tried.

No. 89781

I like the first two pictures best, the one with red hair and especially the picture next to it, that one (2nd to left) looks the best as she looks just pretty and natural in that. I prefer her natural shaped face though, not the narrow pointy chin look, I don't know why that is a thing.

No. 89783

Because Anime. Venus is a weeb, she wants to look like her favorite Yuri fap material. Big eyes, small mouth, straight eyebrows and a pointy chin.

No. 89784

It's HIGHLY edited. You can run facial blurring, lightening, smoothing, slimming apps, you can change your facial features shape/size etc, mess with contrast, hue, saturation, filter and so much more, and penus has done all of these things. She looks super fake and plastic there. Not even close to "pretty".

She's only successful due to her husband. She steals art and screws over smaller artists. She's a covert narc, materialistic, greedy – for fucks sake she sold her used underwear just to get money and sells gifted items for outrageous prices. Her pots/drawings are elementary level/plagiarized and she doesn't make the jewelry/website and many other things. She's all me me me. Read through her threads on guru gossiper. They have plenty on her.

No. 89807

>and not edited either, being from a video.
holy shit my sides. i could understand if this comment was from even 5 years ago, but damn anon, facebook messenger calling videos have filters now.

No. 89814


stop being black

No. 89816



No. 89822

Haha, unique uses for boobs. Like what, can you tie em in a knot, can you tie em in a bow? Throw em over your shoulder like a continental soldier.

No. 89900

She mentioned oolong the bunny so I'm guessing she's going to stuff random things down her cleavage and take kawaii uwu pictures, never taking off her bra. Such degeneracy. I bet all her fanboys will get Anime nosebleeds and not be disappointed at all.

No. 89926

File: 1587841227504.gif (4.13 MB, 500x368, 47e.gif)

Oh you had me laughing

No. 90103

Haven't a clue what she's going on about in her latest story. Something about ten something or other, maybe someone can elaborate?
Also her latest ig info: Venus
Your Internet Girlfriend (`・ω・´)❤️
Business/お仕事の依頼 ↓

It changes all the time.

No. 90108

>Haven't a clue what she's going on about in her latest story.
She meant it looks like tentacles on the teddy

>her latest ig info: Venus Your Internet Girlfriend (`・ω・´)❤️

what happened to being “happily married”?

No. 90116

File: 1588004003245.gif (2.05 MB, 450x253, source.gif)

Its now been 8 months since Venus' alleged friend posted milk here. Since someone reposted it on this thread,I thought I'd go through was the milk spoiled. Original Anon brought out 13 points, so ill go through each one.

>venus is broke and has lived off of Manaki for a bit now.

Her being very broke turned out to be true for sure.

>she's bringing this up now because Manaki wants a divorce (he has brought it up before)

>If they divorce Venus can't stay in grorious Noppin
>they have been nothing more than roommates for a long time
These three have some anecdotal proof, her getting an onlyfans, her moving out, her lesbian phase etc… I say this is 50% proven.

>venus has cheated on Manaki a lot

No proof this far I think.

>Manaki has at least tried to get some side action after he got to know all the times she has cheated on him

The boob tweet anyone? Where she spent a long time before vaguely "clarifying it", only after he had deleted all his social media. I'd say this is also 50% proven.

>venus has cheated on Manaki a lot

No clear confirmation.

>venus berates him whenever she gets the chance

Well this we already knew and had seen in her videos. So this one is 100% confirmed.

>last I heard he's started to stand up to her, which caused her last major breakdown

>manaki is a weirdo neckbeard, but he's not evil by any means
These are hard to prove, but she has been having a lot more breakdowns lately. So I guess her old method of venting frustrations is gone. Could maybe imply she used to take them out on manaki? I don't count this as verified.

>venus has burned almost all her friendships - by cutting those out who call her out/trying to sleep with them or their spouses/not showing up/fucking up their income

This one has some proof. Like Venus telling that Manaki told her she needs friends, since she has none. Tsuruko confirmed she nad Venus don't talk private affairs anymore and she has no idea what is going on with Venus >>82338 Also as OP states, Most if not all of her "friends" have now ditched her and don't associate with her anymore due to her being an awful friend.

In other wortds this one is confirmed to be truth too.

>there recently was an incident that could paint venus as margo v2, the only reason it hasn't come out is because the person targeted doesn't want drama

This is probably her sugaring/prostitution fake company. This lines up with "paint vanus as margo v2", as Margot got kicked out of Korea for being a prostitute. So the comparison is eerily accurate.

>Yeah she doesn't even own her channel anymore… well she might have it back now. She makes zilch from it. As for entertainer visa? You need a manager company for that, she had a huge fallout with her manager earlier this year because she tried to fuck him. She also crossed him over big time in business matters.

This turned out to be true. Though Venus claimed the manager fucked her over, and not the other way around.

tldr, 8/13 of original Anon's claims have been verified 100%. Which means I would classify this milk as having been an actual friend of Venus.

No. 90117

To continue my post about the friend being Kirie, I doubt that. The things Kirie posted lacked some of the claims that anon made, the greentexts weren't the only things that were spilled. There were also the PULL posts; Kirie on the other hand confirmed he got the information from a friend of Venus who was done with her shit. More likely that anon saw him spilling the tea, and then saw Venus lying about her situation and decided to spill since they knew they weren't the only one posting.

Kiries tea didnt allude to any of the spicier details. For example, he never mentioned the "paint her like Margo", i.e. her fake prostitution business, nor did he mention that she has had fallouts with most of her friends, nor the therapy shit. Kirie continued to whore out the information for ages on the discord and revealed he didnt know Venus, instead that he had heard it all from a girl who Venus was creeping on.

>No point. Venus will eventually call me out, say I'm a liar/using her/not a real friend and provide the proof for me. I'm not the only one done with her shit.

Inb4 this is why Venus stopped sharing private details with Tsuruko, because she suspected it was Tsuruko.

No. 90145

The only problem I have with this and that this person could've easily read her threads to begin with. Aother anons were speculating this stuff before this anon made the post. We don't have proof it was this person specifically and it seems Venus cut a lot of people out of her life and not just stopped sharing info with this one person specifically. Anyone who has been in these threads or around lolcow make baseline assumptions like this as well which is tinfoiling until proven later one months later which is what has happened. I don't think this Tsuruko deserves this credit.

No. 90159

File: 1588024368241.png (1.56 MB, 750x1334, 7E0DC5D6-404A-41AF-8FC8-AA6500…)

Who wants to see the “full version” of this idiocy? It’s not sexy in the least.

No. 90169

Apparently guys love stupid faces so it will sell.

No. 90170


Regarding the drama, in Margo's insta she said something a while ago around the pages that Venus committed a crime against a minor and that she wanted her help to make up some papers to cover up the incident by pledging insanity and not getting in trouble, or something like that.

No. 90189

File: 1588041007295.jpg (65.32 KB, 907x347, nothing.jpg)

she is going to make funders rage so hard with the way her classic drawn out "announcements" of insubstantial shit is carrying over to her only fans - Like the above countdown to a new update but the "update" was literally going to be revealing "themes" - this dumb ass shit.

No. 90194

File: 1588047129197.jpeg (330.77 KB, 999x1536, FEF7E348-6C96-435C-8559-DD93CE…)

“starting this Friday, May 1st 11PM Japan time!”

Reminds me of this: “streaming every Wednesday- Sunday at 9PM!” (never happened)

No. 90195

File: 1588047287580.jpeg (294.3 KB, 982x1532, 5F4D744E-BD7E-4FDB-8DB1-5A749B…)

Or this one: “News and updates every Friday, Saturday and Sunday on my Youtube channel!” (also never happened)

She’s such a pathetic lying scammer.

No. 90196


She recently posted a "tips on concentrating" post on IG which cemented the idea she is ADHD for me. Her behaviour is absolutely one of ADHD person, like she is on the extreme end. If you have ADHD and aren't interested in doing something you will not do the thing. The short interest which then drops off the planet. Making a schedule for yourself when you're ADHD is utterly pointless since you can't guarantee you'll be interested in doing the thing a week from now.
She always gets a new manager who suggests a schedule for her that she is not gonna be able to do. In fact she's better off accepting it will be random, she would make a lot more content that way.

No. 90198

no, you don't need ADHD to be like this. you just need to not give a shit and not mean what you say

No. 90202

>venus has cheated on Manaki a lot
I'd say the pater ad and dating "ken", while Sora saying she's "happily married" is proof enough. Saying she wants to sleep with girls as well. And the old cheating drama in korea with what looks to be venus cuddling with some dude – given the pater ad and sugaring, I could see this being more true now, but not proven.

> Aother anons were speculating this stuff before this anon made the post.

Not really, aside from the friendship stuff, when venus stopped posting about certain people. I don't remember ppl making claims about cheating or fucking people over in business matters etc. The faking therapy thing posted on pull was speculated here however. I remember ppl saying she was cycling through mental illnesses/excuses, though not sure if it was before that post or not.

No. 90205

>This turned out to be true. Though Venus claimed the manager fucked her over, and not the other way around.
Of course she's going to say that. She likes to slander people. Even her alleged friend in here was afraid of that. Apparently he "fucked her over" by allowing her to post whatever content she liked, yet she also said she only did malice to see what starting a company was like, followed by it was "always her dream to have a media/advertising company" (LOL), which indicates she never planned to stay with said manager and was just using him, while he invested time and money in her.

No. 90207

don't worry about schedules, her whole account will be abandoned in a matter of days. She thought she might get enough subs of the bat to make it worth crossing the rubicon of open nudity, but she got 100 subs. $500/month after OF cut is not enough relative her hooking and sugaring so she is going to bail and keep her body's value up for hooking

No. 90210

File: 1588050145814.jpg (34.91 KB, 611x467, cringin.jpg)

the greentext wall is different from what kirie said, he said (If I remember) that she hit on the manager and he rejected her causing venus to go into depression. it came after here but it's deleted

No. 90235

File: 1588083922034.jpeg (1.92 MB, 1242x2234, 76DFEE92-C327-4503-96F6-2F8D68…)

Yep here it is

No. 90237

File: 1588086266262.jpeg (1.37 MB, 3464x2293, 182D0FEB-DFB2-44E5-9AAF-2F907D…)

Ok so she uploaded the pic on the left then quickly deleted it and uploaded the pic on the right which makes her look skinnier and her eyes are different, I don’t think she’s fat I just think that pink dress does nothing for her figure, makes her look like she’s shaped like spongebob

No. 90238

She spaced out her eyes and angled them downwards to look more azndesu.

No. 90240

File: 1588087519205.gif (113.95 KB, 241x412, videotogif_2020.04.28_12.22.32…)

No. 90241

You can really see the difference in the eyes with that gif plus she clearly made herself thinner

No. 90242

she even alters the already altered picture even more. And her tiny boobies are back!

No. 90243

anyone can share the newest 2 onlyfans posts. its so hard to find her leaks jeez

No. 90247


there's no huge mystery here, the bra is padded like 90% of all Japanese bras, so they look bigger when she wears one. You can see it clearly in the video, she isn't hiding anything.

It's relatively hard to get unpadded bras in Japan, my friend had to import some when she lived there, otherwise she was embarrassed as she ended up looking massive

No. 90248

I’m confused. She really thinks people are going to pay to see this shit?

No. 90249

Its so fun and quirky everyone will want to fork over all their cash.

No. 90250

Yeah they will. I get farmers don't think these are worth it and they don't look like they are from a logical financial perspective, but guys buy into these specifically to see these girls even though there is free stuff all over online and paid onlyfans with better quality. It's the specific person doing it that gets them off. Thats why people pay for shit like Moo's photoshopped ass too and ugly as hell Penny Underbust. Degenerate dudes will always pay. It's not some secret. They just have shitty taste.

No. 90254

I can’t unsee the thickness of her elbow compared to the width of her body in the edited post

No. 90255

File: 1588094011729.png (240.37 KB, 750x1334, D477C5E4-4D14-4769-8AE0-243039…)

Girl, there is no way you have a d-cup anything, and you can’t even afford rent, never mind plastic surgery.

No. 90256

Most probably a "Japanese D Cup". Remember that most of their clothings are much slimmer. Normal sized europeans for example have difficulties finding clothes that fit in Japan.

Especially with bras as they insert a lot of padding!

No. 90257

Fat ass? girl your flatter than a pancake

No. 90258

Its been almost a month with this Onlyfans shit and it hasn't been milky at all. I'm so fucking hype for when she actually starts posting shit

No. 90259

literally the same

No. 90260

Her captions read like weeby early 2000s livejournal posts, so much secondhand embarrassment…

No. 90261

Same! There’s nothing “degenerate” about anything she’s done so far, just cringe

No. 90262

She can claim this because of Japanese cup sizes so yeah, she is technically a d-cup at least where she is and the brand of bra she is wearing.

No. 90265

Okay, I understand. Maybe D is much bigger than that where I’m from, but she looks more like a padded B to me. Either way, imho she doesn’t fill that pink dress well, and the way she’s squeezing them together in the derpy face pic looks almost painful.

No. 90266

To break it down to US standards, a D in Japan is close to a large A or small B in the US. The band sizing only goes to about 28 - 30" largest and average most US women wear a 36" D-cup. So yeah, she's about a large A in US standards, so the difference is extreme.

No. 90267

you all are shitting on her but i bet you all are also super excited to see her serious shit is she ever posts any

No. 90268

to see the trainwreck of photoshopped out the ass photos and the inevitable drama surrounding her when she quits it like she does everything else? yeah I'm excited

No. 90271


Shitting on her!? Oh hun, she was already covered in shit when she got here.
Hold on…you need some TP Babi?

No. 90274

Did you forget her surgery scars

No. 90285

Bra size is really dependent on your proportions. There isn't one single amount of breast in ounces that is a "B" or a "D" cup. Also, the majority of women wear the wrong bra size either because they measured wrong or they can't find the right size in stores.

No. 90286

File: 1588099753233.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1242x2200, A81AFDBF-0FD3-41D6-941D-8A2103…)

No. 90287

File: 1588099809728.jpeg (1.69 MB, 1242x2192, F1AF0383-A4BA-4CC6-AB88-D6E15D…)

New OF leaks

No. 90289

The point of these backless sweater dresses is to show the back for fanservice, nobody gives a shit about the front unless you happen to be very busty and your tits leak out from the sides, which she has none of. She is completely useless.

No. 90290

File: 1588101162281.png (108 KB, 564x542, endmylife.png)

How do you fuck up noodz this bad?

No. 90291

I literally thought it was just a really ugly poorly-fitting sweater, so thanks for educating me, lol.

No. 90292

If she wants to be truly ~uwu degenerate~, she should just put it on backwards and be done with it. So boring.

No. 90293

File: 1588102144434.jpg (70.33 KB, 800x800, virgin-killer-dress-light-blue…)

No problem lol. Seriously this is the most boring OF content I've seen anyone do. At least act like you give a shit about what your simps want.

No. 90294

just out of curiosity what does Babi mean also by tp you mean toilet paper right? im new to this place trying to learn the slang

No. 90295

god bless you brother thanks for the leaks(male)

No. 90296

I’m speechless. What a complete and utter fail her version is…

No. 90297

She never said she was going nude did she? She's literally just doing fanservice and low quality at that, but I don't think she ever mentioned using OF for nudity.

No. 90298

Now she looks like a D cup in any country. I don't know how some of these chicks are trying to say well shes a D in japan, Sure she is guys

No. 90321

She implied lewd content to hype up her fans as usual and this is the terrible result. She has the equipment to make quality content and her attempts at being "sexy" in just phone selfies is pathetic. Venus is always talk, no action in her glorious scamming ways.

No. 90322

Why is she shooping herself so thin when she’s already skinny af? I could cut myself on her shoulder in this photo, and I can see the bones in her arm in the other one…

No. 90324

She didn't even bother to crop out the distortion caused by snow on the right of her head… Veenoos get your shit together girl

No. 90327

File: 1588105165065.png (243.84 KB, 500x278, E70EE391-9524-4ED6-BBEB-07079F…)

>D sized cup

No. 90328

The more I read it the more I think she is going to put these inside unworn cups. She will probably try to put stuff in her cleavage but I feel like she's playing on her words.

No. 90329

I don’t understand any of this. She’s been married and had relationships, and yet her sense of what is sexy or attractive is so…out there and weird. She’s got to be trolling, or trying to play up to some “everyone’s internet girlfriend! But still totally inexperienced and virginal!” persona.

No. 90334

y'all must be dudes - she very well could be a D cup but that genuinely means nothing without the band size; a 32d is equivalent in cup volume as a 36A. So a person with 36A boobs and a person with 32D boobs have the same sized boobs, just a different sized rib cage.
I'd guess she's probably a 30D based on how skinny she is - which is equivalent in boob volume to a 34B, which is actually the small end of average
>these anons are clearly not women bc that's not how bra sizes work

No. 90338

File: 1588110157011.jpg (38.4 KB, 366x640, cup size quick guide.jpg)

Just so we can shut the fuck up about the cup size, if she's a D cup her band size is gonna be really small, and she conveniently left out the band size part so that she seems bigger than she really is. Also most women are wearing the wrong size bra or have no idea how actual bra sizes work so I have no doubt those anons are women because when the average person hears D cup they immediately think about bit tits, not "oh she probably meant 30D"

No. 90340

D in japan is one to two cups smaller.

No. 90341

by relationships you mean..
manaki the simp and paid dates from Pater (probably japanese old dudes who are the absolute opposite of sexy)? how is she supposed to develop a sense of what is attractive or sensual with that kind of experience?
My take on why venus fails at 'being sexy' it's not the way she takes pictures or not wearing the right clothes, it's her stunted development that's oozing out of every picture or video, combined with those desperate, unnatural attempts to look cute. Don't forget also looking unwashed. Sure people have all kinds of tastes, but one has to be a massive creep to be attracted to that. Luckily there are enough of those in japan lol

No. 90354

She’s got to be on some kind of trainwreck spectrum of mental damage. I don’t know how else to explain the shit she continues to do, year after year (and no, it’s not BAD MOMMY’S FAULT.

No. 90355

File: 1588118821298.jpg (98.48 KB, 379x647, noideawhatimdoing.jpg)

OH NO NO lmao
she thought… she actually thought when people hide parts of the picture it's just.. random parts of.. just a normal picture lmao
I can't believe she is this dumb, she is doing this on purpose so people unsub and she can close her OF without too much fuss because she decided it's not worth it

No. 90356

english fucker, learn it

No. 90357


Does anyone have access to her OF and can read the comments that people are leaving on it? I'm curious what the people paying for this stuff actually have to say

No. 90358

THat's a lot of tinfoil to unpack, anon. Tbh, this way of hiding photos even goes for bikini girls back in the 80s when they aren't nude. Shit's been around forever. you can see in the picture she's covered. You have to be a real special idiot to not look at this and see her boobs are covered. I don't see her shutting her OF down any time soon.

No. 90359

File: 1588120609031.jpeg (230.95 KB, 2027x1142, 85F3436F-636C-4811-B0E0-38E8A1…)

Hey how about that new video? She’s rocking that ‘haven’t showered or changed clothes or stepped out of her cubicle in days’ look again

No. 90360

>that grease

No. 90361

File: 1588120777308.jpeg (271.72 KB, 2037x1144, 067E2F9D-5ABE-4786-A00E-901A1D…)

DIY Underwear Mask Hack! (Seriously, how many days straight do you think she’s worn those fuzzy jammies?)

No. 90362

File: 1588120876430.jpeg (224.31 KB, 2011x1152, 51A882AF-2105-466A-9530-DA36D8…)

“…or you can just put a pair of panties on your face and den…SNIFF!” HARHARHAR

No. 90364

>you can see in the picture she's covered
yes that's why it's dumb and not enticing anyone to the OF, you fucktard

No. 90374

>being this mad.

No. 90377

See >>90250

I get farmers saying its shit, but she isn't trying to get our money. Dudes will pay for the ugliest, fattest, most grotesque people. you give them way too much credit.

No. 90399


Not worth capping and editing out the names but it's exactly what you think:

"So sexy!"


"I wish I could pull this off!"

"Can't wait for more! I'll send more tips when it's payday!"


"Feet pics pls"

And the usual bickering / white knighting.

I should've saved my morbid curiousity money and had a month of Netflix.

No. 90401

File: 1588161481958.jpeg (1002.84 KB, 1242x2212, 74550F3C-E35E-45A5-8A2B-69C928…)

Yeah it’s just full of thirsty dudes lol

No. 90402

File: 1588161603219.jpeg (965.17 KB, 1242x2118, 3C94C73B-9F2A-448F-B335-C21216…)

Also kek at this guy, if you make of and don’t think people will leak your content you’re delusional

No. 90404

So not only are there simps funding her shit tier OnlyFans, but dumbass fangirls who think she's a slay queen.

No. 90409

Who is the girl in the pictures here?

Showing Venus how it should be done! lol

No. 90411

Looking more like her mom every day. Then she posts these warped Snow edits >>90286 and believes she actually looks like that. Even shooped herself a poorly done "thigh gap" by making that little dark space near her crotch ever so slightly bigger. Blur brush tool everywhere so no one can tell where she used the liquify tool to warp herself.

Is anyone else even peeping the anatomy of this edit >>90287? She pushed the space between her arm and side so much in that it makes her torso look triangulated. No one is shaped that way Venus, sorry you think you're so fat.

No. 90418

her nose has grown lol

No. 90419

I threw up a little bit…some of those commenters come off as being at least middle aged, bleh. No woman in her right mind actually wants that kind of attention. I think it’s only a matter of time before she actually shows nudity - those guys will persuade her to do it eventually with their vile flattery, and she will take the bait like the attention-starved little girl she is. She’s an idiot.

No. 90420

At least wash and get dressed to film your videos, jeez. Why is she wearing a full face of makeup but also pyjamas that look like she’s been wearing them for weeks??

No. 90421

The famous Palermo's "Penis Nose" signature kek

No. 90424

what are you talking about? of course she wants that kind of attention, those gross old men are the ones who will actually buy her content

No. 90425

It's "natural makeup" intended to mislead men who are too retarded to realize she's wearing some. Like she just rolls out of bed that way.

No. 90426

Her hands are huge

No. 90429

No idea, but you'd think Venus would research on how "sexy" cosplayers and egirls do their job when it comes to making profit from their looks.

No. 90432

This absolute muppet, being mad he had to pay 6bucks for shit that someone can see for free. A true "fangelic' representative.

No. 90441

anon. those "bikini girls" would cover the parts in the bikini to make the pics look implied nude. that's what it's for, implying nudity or hiding actual nudity.

No. 90444

At least now (didn't look before), the OF caption with the sweater failshots is saying they're a 'preview' so she is maybe less guilty of being ignorant of the sweater's usage and moreso of dragging her teases out

No. 90454

Perhaps, but in the “preview” pics you can see that it doesn’t even fit her properly - it’s kind of hanging out under the arms. She doesn’t really have the figure for it. She can either eat and work out and have a sexy body to show off to internet freaks, or she can photoshop and WL surgery herself into an ironing board. She can’t have it both ways.

No. 90456

>She can either eat and work out and have a sexy body to show off to internet freaks,

Remember all the times she told her followers that she was for real going to start eating healthy and exercise? Wonder when she will ever start…

She naturally has a very nice frame and proportions so a simple daily exercise routine and not eating garbage would give her a such a nice body for legitimately cute photos. But she never chooses the easy or logical way!

No. 90467

File: 1588252255075.jpg (35.59 KB, 675x675, download (5).jpg)

Even the pic of the plastic mannequin wearing it, looks sexier than Venus can manage.

No. 90469

well hers doesn't have a hole in the front so you are just off in your own world now

No. 90470

File: 1588254684978.png (3.4 MB, 750x1334, E73717DE-9185-4173-9FD9-C8668A…)

Oh boy I can’t wait for this

No. 90474

thin hair sickening

No. 90480

She's not even going to answer the questions. She will probably answer the "which do you prefer? Thigh highs or knee highs" type questions and then make stupid baby babble noises for the "are you escorting?" questions before saying "NEXT QUESTION"

No. 90481

Her facial features are almost gone, it’s so whited out…

No. 90482

Oh please. She'll skip all the questions about escorting, Paters, her sexuality, her sexual history in general and everything else that will trigger her because she'd rather act like a clueless innocent virgin uwu.

No. 90483


Inb4 she has people tipping $20 to receive the full set which shows 5% more skin.

No. 90484

I answered a comment on her insta a few months back agreeing to someone talking about how fucked up she is and got banned within minutes. She has no shortage of retarded followers!(bragging about cowtip)

No. 90489

that's kind of what onlyfans is though, you pay the subscription just to see what's in there then the content is usually released via tips or in dm's. I've seen some people charge $200 for one video and show only teasing or censored images in the feed.

I think it must not pay as well as patreon so people use it as advertising mostly

No. 90507

Can somebody explain to me what exactly she did with her stomach? I mean her weight loss surgery.

No. 90515

It’s been discussed to death in these threads. Can’t you find it on your own instead of asking for spoonfeeding?

No. 90516

She already explained it in one of her videos

No. 90542

She had a form of gastric bypass surgery, where the doctor also removed 120cm of her intestine and gall bladder.

No. 90543

So I'm guessing now her acholic streams are over?

No. 90549

the OnlyFans means the thread is going to be rapidly filled with newfags asking dumb ass questions about the old shit like above. If I May be so bold, I to propose to just ignore all such questions. Not reply to them at all. and then the thread, maybe, won't be bloated with tired re-runs

No. 90567

plus it's made this thread pretty nasty all of a sudden for a /w/ thread, the thirst for OF leaks is making them all show up

No. 90568

It's just a different version of the same dress, only more sexy, (or more crude, depending on your point of view).
Thing is, if you're going to wear something like this, you need the confidence to wear it successfully. Any hint of self confidence and it just looks awkward, and wrong. And Venus has always seemed like someone who doesn't have much confidence in presenting herself this way. I remember her mukbang video where she was wearing the pretty Chinese style top and she seemed to be awkward and feeling uncomfortably self conscious instead of carefree and sexy. If she wants to wear the virgin killer dress, she needs to really be confident enough in herself to be able wear it without looking like she feels self conscious and awkward, she needs to own it, the sexiness, not be all coy and awkward. Look at the girl in the original ad, she looks like she's embracing the sexiness in herself, any hint of embarrassment in someone wearing this and it doesn't work well at all.

No. 90569

Any hint of lack* of self confidence

No. 90570

What I'm trying to say, how can Venus, with her lack of self confidence, that she has often talked about, hope to wear something like this if she intends doing it in a coy and innocent kind of way, it won't work to give the effect she probably thinks it will, it takes a certain kind of person with real inner confidence to wear something so blatantly sexy and make it look good and not just tacky and wrong or just embarrassingly awkward.
I hope that she can now have enough confidence in herself to be able to present herself how she wants if it is more sexy, but she needs to really feel it and believe in herself.

No. 90576

I honestly don't know why she is doing this. Is she really this fucking broke and desperate? She clearly does not enjoy exposing herself, or else she'd show at least some skin. Sad. Is this really better than waiting tables or going back to school?

No. 90577

She craves attention. She has nobody close to her in her personal life and to fill the void she continues to go downhill. She gets involved in things she clearly doesn't enjoy for the sake of money because she's too entitled to get a normal job. Venus lives a very lonely, lazy and sad existence in Japan & she'll cling on to anything that gives her a sense of purpose. Joining OnlyFans was incredibly stupid because she lacks the confidence and doesn't understand anything about being remotely "sexy". Her simps and underaged fangirls are the only ones who remotely "care" in some way. Without the Internet and her social media following, she has nothing.

No. 90580

she looks more and more like like margo all thw time. that has to drive her nuts. having a crazy BPD mom who you look exactly like is a headufck.

No. 90583

i don't think she has low self-confidence at all

No. 90589

>edits all photos
>removes photos and reedits them for not being edited enough
>had an illegal weight loss surgery because she felt fat
>grew up expected to be famous and all the pressures by her absolutely fucked upbringing

yeah, you're right actually i'm sure shes fine

No. 90629

lmaooo I know ur joking. she literally butchered her guts to lose weight.

No. 90636

>She naturally has a very nice frame and proportions
Are you serious? She has broad man shoulders, giant hands, weird thumbs/fingernails, wide hips, wide but flat ass, thick calves (thick as in big boned, not fat). She just edits her body on cam/pics. She's pretty big boned in general and has a marge bod – the proportions really aren't there, whether she's stick thin or a healthy weight. And for lewds, her boobs/butt aren't thicc enough, so she'd end up having to edit those larger – you don't just grow larger boobs from exercise. I don't think she has a good figure at all in regards to modelling or lewds.

No. 90645

i dont think she was "expected to be famous". i mean, margo did take her to that beauty pageant and things like that, which maybe influenced the desire for fame/attention in her, but venus choose to start youtube b/c she was interested in japan (a subculture to be precise, not actual japan), showing off herself in japan, easy cash and "being known for being cute" like all the other weebs. girl has always wanted easy cash and attention, just like her mommy. genetics is a powerful thing. And i don't think fame was expected of her since she didn't do much as a kid aside from the pageant and be an extra on some swiss show. if it was expected, marge wouldve had her doing waaay more fame-seeking stuff in her early childhood and marge didn't even want her doing youtube in the beginning, which is then a lot different from "expected to be famous".

No. 90657

>trying to convince a simp their waifu is ordinary

Margo put venus on the webcam at 3 years old spouting her coached ambitions: 'venus singer, venus actress venus photo model!'

No. 90689

She absolutely was under pressure to become "famous". Like anon above me said, there are recordings of V at age three saying she wants to become an actor, model etc. No normal three year-old even knows wtf a model is. That was 100% Marge.

They were also both extras for the Swiss film "Ready, Steady, Charlie!" when V was about 4 so Marg did attempt to push Venus into the entertainment industry as soon as possible. She probably wasn't very successful though, until they discovered YouTube and struck gold.

Doesn't really matter though. Lots of millenials had shitty childhoods, the only thing that makes Venus unique is that her mom was stupid enough to document all of it on the internet, and V looks cute in her edited pictures so people pity her.

Girl is 23 and should have realized by now that you need talent + luck + connections to make it big. She has zero talent. Her weird brittle old lady voice is like nails on a chalkboard, her English is barely intelligible, she has no social skills or charisma because she was raised on Anime and has no idea how an actual human is supposed to behave, her dancing is meh, she can't act (unless it's pretending to be a ditzy Anime girl) and she has no idea how to be sexy either. She used to look cute from a top down angle when she blurred out her nose but her looks are fading fast thanks to that botched surgery and a steady diet of junk food and alcohol. And she lives in a country were 25 year-old women are already considered ancient. If fame hasn't happened yet, it won't happen. Especially not if she keeps alienating everyone she has ever worked with. Her reputation in Japan has got to be shit at this point.

It's high time to realize that maybe picking up a textbook and studying something useful might be better than showing your ass to strangers on the internet for money. I don't know why she's so hellbent on not doing anything useful with her life. A little bit of routine and a sense of purpose would do wonders for her mental health too.

No. 90690

You sound like a scrote, anon.

No. 90691

nah, men dont notice most of these things

No. 90694

you're right except
>picking up a textbook
we've been over this, she is dumb to the point of mental incompetence. Basic objects of cognition like a fucking subject for speech or an argument, are absent. She is as coherent as someone waking up from anaesthesia. She can only marry the next Ken

No. 90702

yeah i get it, she has body dysmorphia but still NO ONE is forcing her to keep her online presence. she made really cringy videos in the past, she had the confidence to post them so as the 10000 selfies you can find of her. she is not afraid to talk in broken english / japanese. she is completely ok with posting pictures of greasy hair and unwashed face. she is confident enough to talk shit about manaki and accuse people of being pedophiles.
i'm not saying she is the most confident person on the planet but please…

No. 90706

She's selective. She's usually most confident in being a manipulative cunt and that's a fact.

No. 90712

Just curious, did she actually stick to the dumb theme days she mentioned? She said she would start them yesterday, but did she actually post anything? Would be hilarious if she forgot about them before she even started…

No. 90713

leak gods please help us lowly sheep(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 90717

You're retarded if you compare V to a tiny little Asian woman. Her bone structure looks perfectly normal for a central European. She even still has tits despite starving herself. Her only issue is that she sits around all day and compensates by not eating right. If she started exercising and eating more protein she'd probably have a nice body. But that requires effort so it's never going to happen.

You don't need super high self-esteem to upload videos and selfies to the internet. You always have control over what you upload so people are only ever going to see the very best of you. No bad angles or crooked teeth. You can hide everything you hate about yourself. Feeling ugly because you have acne? Delete that shit, everyone has blurred skin on the internet!
Instagram is a limitless source of pity and compliments. People without self-esteem love that. Venus' fans kiss her ass no matter what. Why bother washing her hair? It will get her more pity points if she poses with empty vodka cans and doesn't keep up with her personal hygiene.

You'd think a person with okay self-esteem is not dependent on a stranger's approval. They definitely would not play up an addiction and mental illness to get pity from people on the other side of the globe. And they absolutely wouldn't sell seminudes for 6 bucks a month.

At this point it's impossible to say how smart she would be if she gave a shit. She acts like an Anime ditz because she doesn't know how people are supposed to behave. Her jumping from one conversation topic and giving up on every project after a week is very ADHD but she'll never get therapy anyways. She's stunted/childish because again, people grow when interacting with other humans and Venus refuses to do so. It's not like you have to be a genius to get a degree in the first place, you just need a good work ethic and consistency. Which again, she doesn't have NOW, but you can absolutely learn how to learn.

No. 90718

She may be confident in doing the stuff she was doing previously, but this going into full on sexy mode, I think she wants to do it but it is sort of out of her comfort zone and she has not displayed the required self love and inner confidence that she probably needs to be able to carry that off successfully, if she tries I'm afraid she may just come off as awkward.
i hope she can achieve what she wants to do, but there are men who will encourage a girl to look and dress and act sexy because they (the men) like to see that and get off on it, but they will then call the girl a whore for it, because that is their mentality, they get turned on by a girl looking and being sexy and for some reason then feel contempt for her, and expect any girl they were involved with to be a virginal saint who they would go mad at if she ever dared to look sexy, I've seen some of the comments on some of venus' ig from some of these weirdos recently, pouring scorn on her for daring to look sexy , saying how she'd gone down in their estimation, while admitting they watched porn, but didn't want Venus going down that route because then they would have to think less of her, and if she is not expecting that sort of thing from men who she thinks is probably just going to love her more for being sexy, it may make her mental health worse. As in spite of what anyone says or thinks of her here , I think she is vulnerable because of her fragile state of mind and I really do want her to be well and happy, so if she wants to do this, I hope she will not be affected by any negativity that may ensue, I hope she can thrive on it and at least make a bit of money for herself.

And can't understand anyone who says she has not got a nice figure, she looks perfectly fine, I haven't seen broad shoulders or whatever, and anyway I'd rather see broader shoulders on a woman than narrow sloping shoulders like a bottle, that is ugly. Women look better with slightly broader shoulders than the narrow practically non existent ones that some have.

No. 90720

>I really do want her to be well and happy
>I hope she will not be affected by any negativity
so fuck off to pull. that's your home, are you too good for your home?

No. 90725

Stop trolling. I don't post there and don't want to. I'm not one of the people who blindly worship Venus, no matter what she does. I can soon find fault where it's needed, but when someone is vulnerable as she appears to be mentally, I don't wish for them to be made even worse, maybe you do, but I don't.

No. 90729

File: 1588429928317.jpeg (181.84 KB, 749x986, CE130271-B081-4EF4-9151-CCADE8…)

Does anyone have a screenshot of the photo she posted then quickly deleted a second later before she posted this one instead? It was the same pic but different, also why does she keep deleting photos right after she uploads them? Does she post the wrong photos or something by accident?

No. 90731

It’s a cute picture, but it doesn’t look like her in any way, shape or form…

Where is the surgery scar I’ve heard people mention? Is she editing that out, too (along with the nasolabial folds)…?

No. 90732

She’s probably uploading the pre-edit pic by accident, then replacing it.

No. 90733

The bridge of her nose is completely erased, lol

No. 90734

File: 1588433170017.jpeg (412.51 KB, 2048x2048, 83B0C63D-267F-486E-B31A-4BB805…)

I did a crappy side by side with the video still

No. 90735

I think the scar is lower than that, her panties are covering it.

No. 90736

lol yeah her face doesn't even look like a real human face. also can you see that sharp angle on the right side of her face?
she made her face so small and pointy her ears look huuuuge.

No. 90737

File: 1588433984634.jpeg (503.72 KB, 2668x1109, 2339F174-AD02-4EAF-98AC-993A98…)

Reminds me of the time she blurred her face to oblivion in the Taylor pics, she removes all her lines and features to look like she has a flat bridge-less nose and face

No. 90738

The fact she feels the need to edit so much proves her lack of confidence I guess.
But then so many people seem to edit their pictures into oblivion. Does anyone on social media actually upload real true to life images of themselves?

No. 90743

File: 1588437702470.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.78 MB, 1242x2032, D86E9131-6B15-4FE7-BC0E-3C2BF6…)

The OF pics

No. 90744

File: 1588437727668.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.69 MB, 1242x2024, A016EE48-7EB1-4D1D-B56A-7663DC…)

No. 90745

File: 1588437758881.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.69 MB, 1242x2105, 34CB35BC-9265-436F-B49F-C28436…)

No. 90746

Oh my god the left image has me rolling, she kinda looking like yumi king (gag)

No. 90747

Wow she really edited her face crazy in that one she looks not like her self AT ALL…. Jesus. Like those Korean insta girls with crazy face edits.

No. 90748

The joys of the internet. Never before has it been so cheap to get a completely new face.

No. 90749

It looks like she’s in a closet too lol why doesn’t she go to a comfy looking place.

No. 90750

File: 1588438558739.png (Spoiler Image,163.47 KB, 857x883, 1.png)

a closet sized room isnt too bad for japan

you missed out all the fun comments

No. 90751

File: 1588438584632.png (Spoiler Image,74.26 KB, 813x461, 2.png)

No. 90752

File: 1588438649931.jpg (136.88 KB, 570x1014, 1571406863859.jpg)

Her simps actually think she looks like that. Jesus christ, it doesn't even look like her.

No. 90753

File: 1588438706366.png (Spoiler Image,113.91 KB, 860x771, 3.png)

peter in toronto is forever telling her what to do and probably left the tips

foodgeek is another one..

No. 90754

Peter in Toronto sounds like a fucking predator. Creepy degenerate. Yet this is the sort of fans she attracts and doesn't acknowledge it.

No. 90755

File: 1588438965128.jpeg (635.81 KB, 3153x1599, 82167D38-5190-4ED8-9188-E5B8B0…)

No. 90756

That Margo nose has been blurred to oblivion. She really doesn't like looking like her mother, unfortunately she's going to be a clone with age. For someone in her early 20's she looks terrible.

No. 90757

“Peter in Toronto” sounds like the worst kind of misogynistic trash.

No. 90758

I wonder if she will get crazy plastic surgery, she looks really scary in that screen cap. shudder

No. 90760

LOL “learn how to speak venus “

No. 90766

She doesn’t need plastic surgery, filler at most since her face is sunken in nowadays but what she needs is a healthy diet, shower & skincare and to stop being a raging alcoholic lmao

No. 90768

Oop yeah i meant like filler sorry, that alcoholic thing is such a weird.. like thing of hers. Weird she’s trying to be as youthful as possible but still drinking alcohol when it’s super bad for skin and makes you age.

No. 90775

people are paying 7$ to get heavy edited pics of softporn…
like ??????

No. 90779

yeah, low effort at that. but I’m not shocked, horny men are like so low iq.

No. 90787

Especially ones who clearly get off to jailbait looking content, which Venus panders to.

No. 90788

so she turned her IG account into some lewd profile and pretends her young female fans are now lewd creeps and she ignores 95% of her fanbase and friends, who are not thinking positively of her decision.
Venus destroyed her YT account and now she is doing the same to her IG. I really want her to consider this. If she posts nudes some day, she might not get her visa renewed and everything will go down. But hey, some insta thots told her it was a good idea, which she agreed to.

No. 90791

Yeah I was actually a fan, and like reading through this I don’t like her as much anymore it’s just depressing. I also think she’s just becoming her mom. It happens a lot. Sadly

No. 90793

They don't really care that it's just softporn, those fanboys are creepy as fuck and essentially pay for a one-sided internet relationship with a hot girl they found on Instagram. The internet is full of free porn, but they don't want that, they want intimacy with Venus and nobody else. It's gross as fuck.

Men are also ignorant as fuck. They don't understand filters or how content on the internet can be manipulated. It's current year and there are still guys out there who argue that their waifu MUST look like their pictures because she has videos on her profile and moving pictures can't be edited. That's how fucking stupid they are.

No. 90794

She's already had fans tell her since she's posted more mature content they've been getting a more lewd Instagram feed. Not entirely sure how it works, but Venus is not caring about her main fanbase focus at all. If you're going to be a thot, at least make sure your fans aren't essentially kids. Dumb bitch.

No. 90795

truly I hate men (off topic) Simps don’t understand the concept of no makeup until they start living w a woman, or even then they don’t understand regardless.

No. 90797

The sad thing is that it's not even just losers who have never lived with a woman before. Some dudes compare their girlfriends to instahoes because they think these women are 100% real, they're just so amazingly beautiful and rare that you never see anything like them IRL. Men are not expected to edit the everliving shit out of themselves or wear a layer of warpaint, that's why they're so fucking clueless.

No. 90799

She looks like Yumi King's husband on the right lmfao.

It's just a play of her's like "heehee I look like a loli but I drink because I'm a mature woman!"

No. 90802

She doesn't look like a loli at all though, she looks too old and fake to be one.

No. 90803

She's being so rude to her fans in the insta comments

No. 90804

Her simps probably think otherwise. Because of how petite she is, they probably picture her as a innocent teen gravure girl who's of school age or whatever weird shit that gets them off. Disturbingly that does exist in Japan and the demand is out there, so Venus knows what she's doing.

No. 90805

Screencaps of her being a bitch who can't take criticism. That's her biggest flaw and when she becomes sarcastic you know she's having a Weenus episode.

No. 90812

So our lil Weenus blew right by the T & A and got down to business with some open leg crotch shots. So much for her wide-eyed innocent “Sex work? Who, me?” act. She knows exactly what she’s doing and who her audience is.

No. 90814

reee all you want but this is the truth: Not shopping that cavernous navel is a terminal oversight. literally feel nauseous instead of aroused

No. 90816

I thought I was the only one who thought her navel looks hideous kek. And I feel like it's way too low? Her photos just seem off, probably because they're so heavily edited

No. 90817

File: 1588466424421.jpg (198.65 KB, 1080x783, 20200503_023938.jpg)

No. 90818

File: 1588466449956.jpg (136.98 KB, 1080x608, 20200503_023950.jpg)

No. 90819

File: 1588466472177.jpg (108.72 KB, 1080x545, 20200503_024002.jpg)

No. 90820

File: 1588466495379.jpg (467.12 KB, 1080x1546, 20200503_024013.jpg)

No. 90821

File: 1588466570551.jpg (281.52 KB, 1080x1212, 20200503_024024.jpg)

Sorry for spaming. I'm on mobile.

No. 90822

Wtf does her fucking eating disorder have to do with her constantly promoting her onlyfans, she's fucking nuts

No. 90823

Doublepost but the : "Read some books! Educate yourself like me!" is so Marge-like.

No. 90828

She definitely goes a bit overboard with the editing. But to be fair, that doesn't look like her either. Very unflattering and unfortunate screenshot.

She really needs to do something about her background in her OF pics. It just looks lazy.

No. 90830

people keep posting that she should get a better background with these weird premises like "getting 600 a month she can afford it". wtf are you talking about she, is surviving only by the charity of her ex being put up in a room, and made a porn page out of desperation. She will get ~500 at some point this month which has to cover her whole living expenses. Or are you suggesting she has 'other income' in which case why invest anything in the OF. Someone on pull even wrote "she's 23 now she can afford it" lmao cos when you're an adult you just.. get a salary

No. 90831

Wonder what posting porn on the internet will do to her visa (if it is already in question due to divorce/marriage fraud.) Wasn’t “lewdness” what got Marge busted in SK?

No. 90832

Literally just taking the pictures without all the distracting mess around her would improve the background, simp

No. 90835

it's so easy to identify the simp posts, it's the ones that either try to encourage her to be 'confident' or are patronising instead of sneering: 'oh, venus'. Me saying she is wretched broke is neither of those so, let's not be cringe, ok?

No. 90836

File: 1588474149265.jpg (463.67 KB, 1074x1500, _20200503_034357.JPG)

Multiple the amount of fan subscribers she has with her standard month fee, taking into account of the different payment plans she also has & the small percentage OnlyFans take from their creators. She's making easy money taking tacky edited to hell and back selfies for her simps. Venus isn't going to up her quality any time soon now she's seeing instant $$$ signs for only a fraction of the effort.

No. 90839

AFAIK, it's rare for white thots to do pedobait shit, because even they are uncomfortable with it. So she definitely has a niche appeal going for the market of men who want to see non-asian pedobait girls.

No. 90840

what the fuck are you on? ignoring the obvious racebait, what you just said is completely wrong and delusional

No. 90843

Are you going to explain which part you think is "wrong" and present evidence or no?

No. 90844

are you really telling me that the bitches into ddlg and shit are demisha, fatiha, nyugen and kameela. are you really telling me that most of these pedobaiting hoes aren't fat, white women/teenage girls in the suburbs? really?

No. 90845

I said it's rare, not nonexistent. As opposed to a place like Japan where youth/little girl shit is openly considered sexy in the mainstream and not just in fringe kink communities.

No. 90846

those aren't e thots tho

No. 90848

File: 1588482120151.png (3.53 MB, 1044x1568, BE861E0F-BB5C-42C5-B415-A44BAB…)


No. 90849

I wonder what people who edit their photos this much are thinking in their heads while they do it.

No. 90850

Agree. Can't see the "petite" body the simps claim she has.

No. 90852

belle delphine

No. 90853

When? I see her do Dva and other regular thot shit, not little girl panties and plushies. Unless I missed it.

No. 90856

she did exactly that kek

No. 90857

The weird thing is her looks would improve so much if she gained weight and worked out to keep the body toned. Her face looks like it belongs on an emaciated grandmother.

No. 90861


I'm guessing these are going to drop off a cliff as the months go on - especially if she keeps pushing her luck on the effort-to-reward ratio.

No. 90871

500 x $6 per month = $3000…that’s more than most people get working full-time professional jobs, and she can’t move out and get her own place instead of leeching off the ex? Can’t use that to go to school or “read some books”, as she said to one commenter? Can’t even make a decent background for her shitty lewds?

No. 90873

I doubt ALL the money goes to her, surely OF takes a percentage.

No. 90874


nta but even then she could at least get a one room apartment at this point to continue with her thottery. Makes me really wonder how manaki feels that his ex waifu is doing soft porn in his apartment, which I'm sure he still pays rent for. What a doormat kek

No. 90877

Doesn't look like they're divorced so I'm sure he appreciates his marriage visa fraud committing waifu being a thot on the side and he has no say in it all.

No. 90880

Well, she is lazy. And getting money fast so she’s probably not gonna do a thing cuz it’s weenus we are talking about.

No. 90884

she is somewhat petite, just not next to that skeletal dobby, kek. she's not the smallest and most petite person out there, but i would still consider her petite for a central european at least and her being an annoying weeb doesn't change that

>inb4 simp

nope, just not an ana-chan

No. 90885

i'm sorry but even for a central european she is not petite. she is just average, normal. currently she is very thin but you can still see she is not the petite type, her bones are huge (she is like 170) so as her palms. she has wide shoulders too.
she would look way better if she put on some weight and worked out, currently she looks like a skeleton with weird proportions.

No. 90886

No, she’s most definitely not petite for a central european or a european in general. Her height is around 170cm which is far from petite. A petite woman would be around 155cm.

No. 90887

Who the fuck cares about what Venus' bodyfat percentage is.
Even when something worthy of discussion is actually happening in Venus' life, you're still obsessed with the most boring nitpicking. Are you the same anons that only bump Shayna's thread to talk about her pussy? This isn't a health and fitness forum and nitpicking isn't milk.

No. 90888

ah shit i misunderstood, sorry! i thought of petite as in slim despite of height and not as in short and small in general

No. 90889

she's had over $250 combined worth of tips over the last few posts where she showed a lot more, I dunno it seems to be working very well and she still hasn't even shown anything

that's pretty smart

No. 90890

the whole character of venus is based around her LOOK so why the fuck you're surprised people keep bringing that up?

No. 90891

First time posting here, and jee whilikers some of you come across as jealous ugly fatties… While i understand the interest in the drama of venus's life (mother issues and such)… the endless negative comments on venus's appearance are just so cringe… it is so painfully clear that these people are so unhappy with how they look and are so jealous because men will pay to see venus's tits… look i get it… I'm sorry that your ugly hangers aren't monetizable … But dont take it out on someone else… go for a walk and eat a salad… You come across as a pathetic no life loser.

You have only your self to blame.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 90895

loool sure

No. 90896

First time on a imageboard? We're all a little crazy here ;D haha see I forgot the "N" in "an" before the word imageboard even though its a vowel. You just got trolled! see you on the boards, kid…(;D)

No. 90898

You know for a fact YouTube will be put on the back burner now she can make money essentially just taking no effort selfies that are just enough for her simps to fap to. No wonder why she's "happy" with how her Onlyfans is going, this is the ultimate way for her to make easy money while being a lazy sack of shit.

No. 90899

File: 1588524658971.jpeg (23.99 KB, 441x302, D71457ED-37B5-4696-A881-B0881B…)


>Calls us all ugly fat hangers but in the same paragraph says we all should stop saying negative things about her appearance Because it’s pathetic

No. 90900

File: 1588525807414.jpeg (192.39 KB, 746x927, BDA2390F-F9B8-45B6-91A2-C9632A…)

There she goes again dejecting pictures again after a second of posting them, also I legit thought this was an old lady she posted before I realized it was her

No. 90901


No. 90902

she's not confident in doing sexy stuff but like other brain dead chicks it's all she can think of and she's getting easy money for posting panty shots. It's not like she has any other talents like others have said.

No. 90903

File: 1588526042452.jpeg (1.19 MB, 3313x2132, 129E826C-AD1F-4F9A-A084-5002E1…)

(Same fag) She replaced that with these 2 pictures instead

No. 90904

In quarantine back in her neet room at Manaki's apartment I see…what an absolute doormat he is.

No. 90910

showing off her nintendo switch on every pic just to keep the gamer girl persona

No. 90911

File: 1588528604456.jpeg (401.75 KB, 1715x1536, 2AD7B175-E21D-4897-9AEF-543BBF…)

>>due to quarantine I now have to stay inside a lot so I got new pajamas

Except that staying holed up in her little room wearing the same jammies for days on end is her norm and has been for years, as demonstrated by numerous videos in the past.

So stop pretending that this is something new since the pandemic, Weenus. Oh and consider tearing yourself away from the video games long enough to wash your hair once in awhile.

No. 90912

I'm glad to see these are quite tasteful pix. I was afraid she was going to be posting porn pictures, but these are just cute.
It's good that she has the confidence to do this, and at least it is a way for her to ear some money. People have been urging her to get education, to get a job, whatever, for ages, as a way of earning some money, like they had her best interests at heart, now this way she doesn't have to.

No. 90913


No. 90914

File: 1588529444293.jpg (26.08 KB, 412x304, 1573429911957.thumb.jpg.0a38f2…)

she should include these pictures on her OF

No. 90915

Her simps would just be saying "imagine the smell"

No. 90916

People like this are so annoying tbh on pages and social media. Even without it being Venus. These fans have this obsession about what content they say you should put out and it's controlling and seeing them piss about onlyfans gives me a kek. These chicks look and sound so insecure to see someone trying to be sexy because it's impedes on their uwu esthetic and 'why I followed you'. Venus seems better off without coddling fans like this too, but the neckbeard she will realize are a whole other creep.

No. 90917

Every time I see Venus in pajamas and read about how long she's been wearing them, I'm able to smell how disgusting she is; BO, pee, ass, braps and shit maybe some cheap body spray she used to try and cover the smell.

No. 90921

Damn, she's ugly without all the filters

No. 90922

at least she washed her hair in the strawberry pic ones

No. 90923

I know right? She's acting like she's some hard working extrovert who now has to stay inside & is taking it easy. Venus has been a shut in doing nothing productive all day, everyday, the whole time she's been in Japan. She's been pampered and nothing about this is new. She sure is riding that coronavirus wagon.

No. 90928

tbh you can easily find better fap material photos on google than on her only fans page… just type in 'venus angelic body' and you can find pics of her wearing bikini, tights, cropped tops with shorts etc… she looked more decent as well.

No. 90933

Type “sage” in the email field so you don’t bump the thread with your stupid bullshit

No. 90936

that's what i mean. you can just google her name and find better photos of HER than the ones on only fans.

No. 90938

Pretty sure she's underaged in most of the older photos of her in bikinis and crop tops. Fap material for paedophiles more like.

No. 90940

She can still recover from this if she doesn't stick to it for too long. The photos aren't grossly explicit, and they fit an "erokawaii" theme. She can play this off as a time when she was trying to appreciate her own body and quit repressing her sexuality if/when she goes back to non-sexual content.
With any hope, she'll ignore the spergs ITT who were screeching that she's "scamming" her simps by not posting full nudes (as if their dumb asses are owed anything, or like she'll suddenly become admirable if she busts it wide open for a bunch of creepy neckbeards).
Then again, she might just go down the Margo path, become an escort and ruin her life even more.

No. 90941

yeah that's for sure, so as 90% of her OF followers. and she knows that, that's why she's trying to look like a toddler; surrounding herself with plushies, sucking on candies etc. it's so so bad… but this has been going on for sooo long. margo knew what audience to aim and taught venus how to be a pedo-bait and make money out of it.
just remember that cover pic of one of her videos where the title says 'they're huge!!!' and the pic is just a close up on her boobs… but there were other instances too.

No. 90947

Don't forget that is $3000 USD so after conversion into Yen it is worth a bit more and for Japan, that is above what most University graduates would be earning.

No. 90949

wtf am I looking at rn? Period stain?

No. 90950

is Japanese income really that low??

No. 90953

Unfortunately yes. It doesn't seem Venus understands basic menstrual hygiene very well or cares about looking after herself. It's not the only time it's happened either.

No. 90955

Its a fucking shadow you retards? And I the back that's literally a shadow from the pants folded and creating another shadow. Holy fuck. Seriously, use your brains. She's not that fucking stupid.

No. 90957

Outside of Tokyo the cost of living is much, much lower. People in tech and health are going to be making much, much more. But it is a lot more than what office workers, public teachers and some low level health jobs do earn.

No. 90959

It isn't beyond the realm of possibility.

I once dated a girl who would free-bleed onto her own clothing or wherever she was sitting. Bad hygiene ran in that family, her sister would use menstrual pads but just drop them on the floor when she was finished with them.(no1curr)

No. 90963

No need to be so angry and triggered anon. Imagine thinking Venus isn't "that" stupid. She's on lolcow for a reason.

No. 90964

why the fuck are you telling us this weirdo

No. 90968

>She's not that fucking stupid
Oh boy. You haven't been here long.

No. 90971

oh nooo this poor dude lol. his waifu is soiled and he can't process it

No. 90972

I'm surprised she can still even have a period with how underweight she is.

No. 90975

It's almost like it's impossible for grown ass women to be unhygienic. Oh wait, that's not the case. You can literally tell Venus has poor skills in that area from all of the unedited photos of herself. Even in her recent video she looks greasy & her pyjamas look like she's worn them for a week straight. There's no excuse for it.

No. 90977

she's 5'7, which would be enough of a let down for her pedo fans that are convinced by her little girl act.

No. 90978

Because the person I was replying to is under the impression that someone cannot possibly be that filthy.

No. 90987

lmao what a cuck. He's working his ass off to pay the bills while others jerk off to binatan's lame pics

go back to KF

No. 90998

i bet venus didn't care though, as long as she made money. obviously, marge as the parent should not have done that (if it was her idea) or allowed venus to do that if it was hers, but still, venus didn't give a shit, just like she doesn't now. she just wants money, as easily as possible. i bet she laughs with contempt at people genuinely worried about her (however, a fake, lying, manipulative, vindictive, slandering, child doxxing, attempting to profit off a childs sexual abuse, self-aggrandizer, mental illness exploiter/faker/profiter, scammer, cheater, family drama exploiter who uses others and doesn't give a shit about her fans, only money doesn't deserve genuine concern. She repeatedly trampled on people's concern or used to to profit.

i don't see how posting these pics is going to hurt her. she doesn't give a shit about anything except easy money. and she's already milked, exploited and aggrandized her family drama, mental illnesses, even faking therapy/illnesses and shared so much crap that is forever documented online. she's already done so many vile things she cant recover from, so these pics dont really matter in that regard. If some irl person found her gossip threads, she'd be done for, nudes or not. and she is a scammer. one guy still can't stop payments for the fan club she abandoned and she ignored all his public messages. if she says she'll keep "removing layers" and hypes up her nudes, and then doesn't deliver, she IS SCAMMING them. and she's already escorted and cheated. The only way nudes could affect her is in visa related matters. It could expose her marriage fraud, as could the ken thing. no idea if she has PR already though.

lmao what a bitch. the only "books" she's read are her yuri mangas. i remember someone called venus vapid on here and said she doesn't know anything and she immediately made a post about a poetry book she was "reading". she's so asinine.

No. 91000

Honestly it's pointless to argue with any simps that defend Venus. Those people are stubborn shits like antivaxxers, unable to process anything that doesn't fit their narrative. They're just as bad as Venus. Anyone who practice good hygiene can see Venus is a greasy slob.

No. 91001

why the everloving fuck would mana let her come back to the apartment? anyone have theories? maybe he's getting part of the paycut here or she's actually willing to fuck him now or what?

No. 91002

sexualizing children's underwear and toys is so tasteful and cute uwu

No. 91003

there's nothing that indicates these are children's underwear, but the toys thing is weird.

No. 91004

it's adult underwear that is specifically made to resemble children's underwear, if you really can't tell. that's not what normal adult underwear looks like.

No. 91005

Venus manipulates people. Wouldn't be surprised she's put the fear in him and are remaining a "normal" married couple on the side so she can stay in Japan. He has no social media prescene anymore and her fans dislike him heavily after she told them how "abusive" he was.

She's got him wrapped around her little finger. Insecure and weak men will do anything for pussy and to be given attention by a female they idolise. Venus went from living in questionable rooms to hotels for months. Now she's back in the exact kawaii uwu magical girl room when they were "together". She probably got close to being on the streets and Manaki like the doormat he is took her in out of care.

No. 91006

it's literally just a strawberry print, chill out.

No. 91009

Funny how now that she needs her kawaii uwu image again, all of her supposedly serious issues with alcohol disappeared. Just like her crippling depression and suicidal captions, all left in her BPD psycho gf days. I guess having an OF brings more attention and money than exploiting mental illness.

No. 91011

They are so demanding in the comments, asking for different poses and "thank for leaving a tip"

No. 91018

call me a wk but I just find it amusing she's making this much money (I saw a post above that it's a low wage? but that would be more than enough for one person to live without worrying about anything in my country) by taking pics whith some bare skin, face edited to hell and back, and idiotic men are eating it up like pelicans fish I mean… power to her lol. Those guys deserve to be scammed, fucking thirsty tools. I don't blame her for editing, why be honest with your saggy alcoholic face if blatant uwu edits bring money from ape brained dudes? Honour or what? Just fucking con them. Unpopular opinion I guess.

But she won't be able to keep it up, right. They will get frustrated/bored and leave. At some point if she wants to keep the onlyfans money, she needs to show boobs and holes. That will be the true "no coming back" route. This is the first of her random ideas that brings actual money, so maybe she'll stick with it. Wish I could fast forward a year from now just to peek where she ends up.

No. 91021

yeah you're right. but don't forget this is her first month on the site, most people signed up to see what she's going to be like but i'm afraid she will loose followers as time goes by. maybe she doesn't want to get fully naked and for now it seems like it's working, but i doubt people will keep paying her if they see no change over the months. maybe she will earn enough money for a month, or 6 months i don't know but it won't last forever and then she will have to make a decision. and that's when she's gonna go into porn because she will have nothing else.

No. 91023

It will get stale though, Venus isn't creative or interesting enough to keep dragging out a paid, private tease forever. People will get bored with the same uguu animu poses in tacky outfits showing the same swatches of skin on a loop.

No. 91025

>down to business with some open leg crotch shots
She's wearing panties, anon, it's not like she skipped T&A and is posting her vag wide open. Don't be ridiculous.

No. 91026

And the inbreds that pay these girls on OF will expect more explicit content. They're already demanding as it is, reminding her to "thank" them for the tips, like it's mandatory she does more for them because they gave her extra cash which means they're entitled to it. Soon enough they'll demand there to be vag & ass they want to see up close, this kawaii uwu girlfriend gimic won't last long.

No. 91027

the perennial 'farmer's fallacy': whenever it seems certain that, of a cow, "her fans will get sick of it/wise up"… they won't

No. 91028

new faces in sex work always get an influx of subs. i would assume penus knows this from her pater ad days? only the most pathetic of scrotes will continue to pay for her OF. she will abandon it and continue to leech of manaki.

idk if it's been discussed but did he let her move back in bc of covid?

No. 91033

go back to KF"

I don't post to KW, or Pull, just because someone makes a comment about Venus that is not full on hate towards her, does not mean the poster making the comment is from either of those two forums. Just saying.


So, does "adult" underwear have to be just plain black, or maroon, or dark grey? or what?? Define "adult" underwear. Some people like pretty patterns on underwear. some people don't wear any underwear anyway, (Vivienne Westwood has admitted to such for one). Gawd, this is so silly, to dictate to what you think is "adult" underwear . If it is made for adults, then it is for adults!


I hope she can deal with those type of disgusting attitude men, they are utterly vile, who the hell do they think they are!? Types like need putting down in their place, the sort who pays for sex with prostitutes and treats them with contempt , when really the problem is their own attitudes towards sex and their desires, so any woman who arouses it needs to be punished in some way, or owned and controlled, vile the lot of them. I hope she can just off load them, so what if they pay? They don't bloody own her. Creeps!

No. 91038

Seriously. A lot of stuff, unfortunately, through Asian countries make adult clothing with feminine or childlike prints. Not to cater to pedos and shit, but because aesthetically the cuter, childlike prints are supposed to be more feminine and girly and uwu. It's the moa bullshit that's taken over the past 15 years and then the thots on top of it who use it in actual gravure in those countries. Its a staple. Its not Venus trying to pander.

No. 91039

Just want to add, hentai and lewd works, not from real humans, are usually what makes these clothing pieces happen. It has literally nothing at all to do with pedophilia and don't try to say it is. Most of it falls under costume with the real lewd stuff, which we will probably see Venus buy eventually for cosplay reasons but it will be bad cosplay. Patterns are not age restricted.

No. 91046

anyone who posts todays onlyfans post gets a prayer from me. in any religion you wish to im fluent in arabic and english and i know some hebrew

No. 91047

Agreed. I like cute patterns, doesn't mean if I wear some that I'm thinking about trying to attract pedos. Nothing could be further from my mind. I just like those sort of pretty patterns because they are cute and look nice.

No. 91054

I realize that some dudes or whatever will come to lolcow to see the OF leaks but can you just keep it in your pants and lurk? Why you gotta post this cringe

No. 91057

Disgusting scrotes like you make yourselves so obvious on this website. Fuck off

No. 91061

Seriously dude its disgusting be silent they ll do it sooner or later shame on you go to a leak site anyways you worthless paramecium

No. 91063

pfft get off your high horses gentlemen ur all hre to either shit on her or to check her leaks u all are scums lmfao imagine being on lolcow and having integrity(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 91064

this thread is starting to remindme of the lilith devis thread…and i dont mean that in a good way.
So many whiteknights,spammers and horny scrotes.

No. 91065


You sound like a greasy incel

No. 91066

Talking about family shit can be excused as just showing your life as a public figure, warts and all, to help others cope. It can end at "I was in an abusive, rough situation - and I do have mental issues", and most of the places she'd probably want to be accepted would probably hand-wave it and ignore people here and on PULL because "jealous, fat liars".
Nudes, on the other hand, turn you into a porn star and destroy your image. Like you said, it'll fuck up her visa, too.
>one guy still can't stop payments for the fan club she abandoned and she ignored all his public messages.
Honestly, good. Hopefully, it was that British pedo who left weird comments on everything.
>if she says she'll keep "removing layers" and hypes up her nudes, and then doesn't deliver, she IS SCAMMING them
I don't remember her ever saying how many layers she'd remove, or promise to get fully naked. If they expect something they're not entitled to and pay money for it, that's their problem.
Besides, it's not like posting nudes will make her respectable. It would just be a new low. Her escorting in the past was kept relatively under the table, with some level of deniability. If she went public about it, it'd be 1000% over for her.
She's probably self-destructive and dumb enough to do it, but I kind of hope she isn't. Watching her is like observing a trainwreck. If this fizzles out, if she's smart, she'll find a way to make money without humiliating herself.

No. 91068

guys lets not be too rude dont get me wrong i know this is an imageboard but no need to be too extreme love to all hope you have a blessed day(ban evasion)

No. 91072

>Nudes, on the other hand, turn you into a porn star
She would never be considered a star..

>I don't remember her ever saying how many layers

On a site that is more often than not used for nudity it is heavily implied and I'd be hella bummed if I were to pay and it didn't go in that direction. Personally I don't really care either way, I'll happily live the rest of my days without seeing her naked, but that is what people are paying her for and she knows it.

No. 91073

File: 1588627830827.png (520.32 KB, 888x894, smugfrog20.png)

Blow it out your ass.

No. 91078

>>it's not like she skipped T&A and is posting her vag wide open. Don't be ridiculous.
Yeah but her crotch is what she’s displaying wide open with her legs spread and that’s what she’s focusing on, covered or not. Sorry if it makes you sad that your little Weenus is flashing her vag on the internet.

No. 91080

this is like something a kid would say

No. 91081

For real. This thread has really started to go to shit in the past couple weeks.

No. 91097


Jesus she looks so different. Very potato faced.

No. 91099


Oh, Venus. You stupid fuck.

I love how she tries to use the whole 'educate yourself more uwu' bollocks. She doesn't like being called out so she twists it because she does not want people figuring out she's a lazy cunt who doesn't want to gain a proper life and wants to just wither away, in the dark of some dodgy apartment with only the glow of her nintendo lite screen accompanying her.

It's a sad reality to be quite honest and for someone at 24 years of age almost, it's just shocking.

God help if she ever has a child. That'll be fucked too.

No. 91100


I actually worry about my generation sometimes. The DELUSION.

No. 91101


An endless loop of infinite margos…

No. 91103

She'll carry on with OF to also prove a point. "Look at me! I'm defying everything my haters said when I started making lewd content, I'm going to be successful so deal with it". Narcs sure do despise criticism, even if it's constructive. They always end up becoming snarky and sarcastic because they're flawless in their minds.

No. 91116

Is there one cow who ends up successful in fucking Japland? Its like a routine with these weebs. Go from vantan, beg money, date creepy fucks to get visa, and last hope escort. It never works out. What in the hell veenus was doing the last 3 yrs with manaki? She paid no bills and could've saved up money. Idk she could've had a side job tutoring in english, swish, japanese and shit. Bitch lazy as fuck. Only wanted to move her ass when her visa was on the line and visa hubby didn't tolerate her anymore.

No. 91121

She lived the pampered life with Manaki, just like she did with mummy Margo dearest as an only child. Venus was a spoilt child now turned into a spoilt adult, which are the worst. Her entitlement and ego is off the charts, so she will never improve. She is too good for any job of any kind, she is afterall the one and only VenusAngelic who's famous & everyone loves her. It's her way or no way and the world revolves around her.

No. 91153

If she did what everyone here and on pull have said over the years, like get off the internet, stop posting, get a regular job etc, and all that, well if she did that, this thread would die out for a start and it would be one less thing for people here and any other forum to talk about. so wouldn't that defeat the object, in that you all like to talk shit about people and gossip about them? Not saying it as a critical statement, just saying. Don't y'all like it that she gives us all something to talk about?

Anyway, she definitely seems happier since starting her only fans thing. I suppose she can string it out for a while before they demand to see more than just the cute pix she's been posting, (haven't seen everything as not joined, but from what's been posted here), so at the moment, she's probably doing alright.

No. 91155

She is happy right now because she's high on validation. The female stans are yas queening her hard, all the men kiss her ass, she's having a field day being cunty to her fans on Insta and she makes 3k a month with low effort selfies.
Her mental issues have gone away overnight, her drinking problem has sorted herself out, she is no longer a Yuri lesbian because she figured out she gets more attention when she pretends she's a hypersexual deviant. She's in for one hell of a surprise if she thinks what she's doing right now is super lewd or scandalous. Can't wait how long this new identity lasts.

No. 91156

Whenever she gets a huge dose of asspats, suddenly all of her "problems" disappear. Then when things don't work out for her how she wants them to, suddenly they reappear like magic. This OF path has gone straight to her head and since she's now back in her sickly uwu pink room with no responsibilities; everything is great in the world of Weenus.

No. 91157

It will last until her subs drop for lack of nudes. She has surgery scars she has to hide.

No. 91158

>She has surgery scars she has to hide.
I mean her belly button looks a bit blown out but that's basically it. If you're referring to her gastric bypass there probably won't be scarring because those are done by laparoscope. They would've only made incisions in her belly button and maybe one or two someplace else on her abdomen which wouldn't take much to shoop out with a Snow filter.

She's gonna get away with this until she can't anymore, and then she'll find the next thing to pander to for the simpbux. I just hope anons who were stanning her before can see she's no different than her mom.

No. 91160

She could always replicate her mother's iconic nude airport mirror selfie. Following in her footsteps one step at a time.

No. 91162

I have to admit that was a good picture though, I mean it showed just what a good figure Margaret had, for a woman her age and everything, I know she's not exactly old in that picture but she got a lot of stupid comments from people saying it was disgusting, just because of her age and that she's a mother. I mean come on, someone doesn't stop being a woman in their own right just because they are someone's mother, and say what you like about Margaret, she certainly has a nice figure and looks good in that pic. I mean credit where it's due and everything.

No. 91172

It's sad that so many people seem to think a scar is something to be ashamed of. Venus' is a reminder of poor decision making but it's not like she's disfigured. If she shows it off she'll be praised for being confident and body positive. Nobody is going to care.

No. 91178

i hope it's manaki's lol

No. 91179

I used to stan her, I really thought she was a victim and I related to her in a way. But seeing that she really is a terrible LAZY person. I do not stan.

No. 91184

I do believe she WAS a victim. However since Marge was her mother I just feel that shit rubbed off on her permanently. Marge was a perfect example of someone who shouldn't have bred.

I mean there might have been hope if someone else raised Venus? But Venus's dad was a dead beat and she kept her daughter away from her family. How would you turn out if your only influence was Marge? You would be an asshole too.

No. 91187

>What in the hell veenus was doing the last 3 yrs with manaki?
removing her guts and playing and pretending to be a lesbian

No. 91195

Nope it was the opposite. I was rooting for her and I come back 2 yrs later to see Venus doing the exact thing Margo doing? Huh?? Bitch knows 3 languages, claims she was in school and Manki payed for all
her shit. It’s no way she just sat on her ass all day. Venus asking for a divorce was laughable Venus has more to lose than manki. I recall she doesn’t have a car, visa loss, house, money saved up, or a decent job. She would be dumb to divorce manki. She would be a world traveler with Margo at this rate.

No. 91196

Beckii Cruel?

No. 91200

She was unsuccessful too. I think taydigger, and Arisu if that’s her name who likes all pink is the only ones who were successsful.

No. 91205


Venus was perfectly capable of redeeming herself, but she wasted her opportunities. There's plenty of people who were raised by narcissists who escaped that lifestyle to become a normal person.

No. 91208

Most of those people also don't have a YouTube channel with a million subscribers as a safety net, the support of hundreds of thousands of strangers all across the internet, and a husband that provides them with housing and everything else they might need. Nobody gives a shit about what you went through if you're not kawaii and popular. Amberlynn arguably had a shittier childhood than Venus and everybody makes fun of her every time she brings it up because she's fat and nobody gives a shit about her. Venus sat in her little pink room for three years and did exactly nothing apart from posting about how much she wants to kill herself.

No. 91214

Beckii was kinda successful until her parents got too greedy

No. 91215

when she was beckii cruel with the Japanese agency they released one photobook, like two DVDs and a single which sold 849 copies total. she was also on japanese TV around 3 times.

the dad being greedy or overconfident was when they left the agency and all that dried up in Japan, just self released singles in the Uk and UK convention visits

No. 91216

you know how to sage even thought it's your first day in the thread? She said the scar is like a smile that goes from one hip to the other

No. 91232

File: 1588720141084.jpg (21.79 KB, 395x173, dMQHlKN.jpg)


No. 91241

…a leash? What an absolute cringe fest.

No. 91250

File: 1588723774371.png (Spoiler Image,93.31 KB, 851x651, 1.png)

they are now turning on each other in the comments

No. 91251

File: 1588723884585.png (Spoiler Image,170.77 KB, 861x893, 2.png)


kat sum asks about her feet in every post in uwu baby talk

No. 91252

File: 1588724023292.png (Spoiler Image,154.15 KB, 849x841, 3.png)

pretty sure they're reading this thread too

No. 91253

So Fangelics vs. Simp Degenerates essentially…

No. 91257

nah, its simp degenerates v degenerate simps

No. 91260


What was the pic that sparkled that simp fight?

No. 91261


its this >>91232 one the last post

No. 91268

File: 1588729628455.jpeg (1.76 MB, 1242x2196, CE604844-C46A-4812-8D4D-9C7B3C…)

I mean she posts this ofc her comment section is going to be full of degenerates

No. 91271

lol how is this sexy?
She looks crosseyed and slow

No. 91272


Not even sexy in the slightest. She's trying so hard to make an ahegao but failed horribly

No. 91274

(samefag) just noticed that she's drooling. What the fuck

No. 91277

it's because she's trying to bite the whip and do aegyo at the same time

if you flip the image you can see the metal part of her collar says venus

No. 91279

this is like the margo selfies all over again

No. 91280

Just as expected it to be. This is embarrassing to look at. Absolutely nothing about this screams "sexy".

No. 91282

I think the idea was to be "I'm dumb and got caught tangled in this whip" and thats why her eyes are crossed but it just looks silly. What I want to know is, did she buy this stuff for her OnlyFans content or did she already own it from before!!

No. 91284

to be fair the comments were asking for the ahegao from the beginning, so that's why she's attempting it

it doesn't look new, especially if the collar has her name on it

No. 91286

Supplies from her Paters escorting and sugar daddy work stash of course.

No. 91288


Does anyone else think her face slimming is making her body larger in comparison?

No. 91289

File: 1588738478277.jpg (529.04 KB, 424x948, bp8H4PF.jpg)

Are those marks on her arm… bites?

No. 91290

No, those are the marks you get from your skin pressing on things. Looks like she leaned on a table or a chair or something. Look nothing like teeth marks. I get those from sitting on hard surfaces or when at my desk.

No. 91291

She's leaned on something that's left marks on her arm. Bite marks don't leave lines, come on.

No. 91292

The "leash" looks like it's been used more than just for a simp shoot. There's markings where the leather or pleather is wearing off & the crease lines show where it'd be handled the most.


No. 91295

Fucking Peter in Toronto keeps nagging about her giving him something for his tips. He seems like an extremely creepy fuck

No. 91297

there's not though?

No. 91298

File: 1588744820390.jpg (90.1 KB, 499x594, bruh.jpg)

This will be peter when venus inevitably fails to deliver on the extra stuff for tippers and/or quits onlyfans in a few months

No. 91300

At this point I almost wonder if she has just hired an actress to do her photos. I feel like the only thing this face has in common with her real face is the eye color. She really is doing Dakota-levels of editing and it's so sad. This insane culture of editing must really teach girls to hate their faces these days

No. 91302

File: 1588745400871.jpg (55.95 KB, 291x523, vvv.jpg)


No. 91303

File: 1588745517102.jpg (86.23 KB, 921x505, vv1.jpg)

No. 91304

File: 1588745599427.jpg (51.2 KB, 875x345, vv2.jpg)

No. 91306

File: 1588745653506.jpg (Spoiler Image,752.04 KB, 1080x1545, 20200505_231259.jpg)

well, that didn't take long.

No. 91307


She has a nice body, but this is a really unflattering picture, and also, just kinda sad.

No. 91308


Geez. She could have milked the simps way more before she flashed her tits lol

No. 91309

Is this depressing as hell to anyone else? She's deriving her only self worth from whoring herself out. Screams borderline to me.

No. 91310

that was pretty fucking quick
and this makes me sad as hell
but bitch did this to herself

No. 91311


And it's not even sexy at least. What a lazy picture.

No. 91312

she just looks very miserable

No. 91313

Yeah I know what you mean. I also can't help thinking that she probably just has an unhealthy relationship with sex and feels ashamed simply for being a normal grown ass sexual being. I can see why having that adult toddler image would make you feel like a failure for being your actual age inside. But I mean, this is not the solution my girl

No. 91314

>I fantasize and do things only Satan could fap to
What the fuck could you possibly be thinking about that would be that bad. Like if a bitch told me this I'd think they were into fucking puppies or something equally as bad.

Well fuck. I honestly thought it would take her like, at least another month before she posted nudes. I thought she was gonna pander to the lowkey fetishes like feet and shit before she got to showing tits. Cant wait to see what the simps have to say kek

No. 91315


And also what margo has to say

No. 91317

i thought she was way bigger than this at this weight, going by her frog swimsuit video. damn was she padding even in her daily mail 'i'm dying' pics. hard to imagine anyone getting off to this, (subject matter and presentation). and to think creeps have been rubbing their hands with glee after following her for years. haha this is it

No. 91318


She's really going there huh.

No. 91319

Okay, I thought that it's something in this context, but she went there really quick.

No. 91320


I think the most depressing thing is that she finds her self worth from these thirsty men. We know she's dumb as a brick, but this is some brain dead shit. Those men don't give a shit about her once they have their fap material, just like her sugar daddies. They will become more demanding and eventually move on to fresh meat. Should have stayed in school, Venus.

No. 91321

File: 1588749927178.jpg (11.71 KB, 300x250, venus-palermo-1.jpg)

I like how she's making it sound like she quit her innocent dolly gimmick because she couldn't take ~living a lie uwu~ anymore, and didn't just enter sex work because she tried and failed to save her career. lol.

pedophilia, tentacles, tentacle rape, tentacle rape x pedophilia, etc. the typical content hentai manga websites offer alongside the more harmless ones. it's why weeb dudes into anime girls are more disgusting and dangerous than the average simp jerking off to an edgy ig thot. these guys fantasize about non-human bodies going through belly bulges, monster impregnation, and other forms of torture purely by accident. they secretly long for their irl gamer onlyfans waifus to suffer or submit to them at least in some way. i mean, that's literally what ahegao is lmao. braindead through sex and usually after putting up a fight.

they're not stupid. they're aware venus destroyed her career and is doing this out of desperation and a need to make money to survive. they're fanboys, they lurk lolcow and pull. and they are beyond turned on by the fact she's sunk so low and is in denial of it. that's why they're willing to pay for these shitty overedited nudes.

they're not paying for her friendship or pedo waifu fantasies. they wanna see their beloved 14 year old living doll destroy herself. that's what's actually sad, is that she thinks her haggard ass is as cute as the onlyfans weebs and costhots thriving on ig right now.

No. 91322


Armchair psychologist here, but I'd guess she's spent so long having it hammered into her (phrasing…) that the most important thing in the world is pleasing online 'fans'. Fans are critical and fickle… If you hinge your self-esteem on pleasing them, you're in for a bad ride.

The old way was by cultivating this one-dimensional living-doll weeaboo persona of someone who is completely innocent and does little cute things. Then this dropped out of fashion and she's been scrambling for what she equates to self-esteem and affection ever since.

Now the creepers have provided that and it's going against everything she's ever been taught - that acting cute and childish is what people (mother / YouTube fans) want. She started showing an adult side with the brief off-the-rails phase which people latched onto, and she noticed. Yes it was a car crash, but in a way just some teenager shit we all did that she never had the opportunity to express. Now she probably feels she has to ratchet that up to please the 'adult' fans, instead of balancing that side of her into a complete person as a healthy person would.

There's probably a whole other bunch of problems at the foundation at well, but that seems to be the crux of it. Getting the fuck off the internet and finding a source of affection that doesn't ask you to change yourself would be the best course of action, but it's hard to get out of that hole when you're in it.

Inb4 "rah rah whore, prostitute, liar, manipulator" etc. etc.

Yes, welcome to child abuse and untreated mental illness.(Armchair)

No. 91323

Nah you can see they're pretty saggy, she just blurred out the creases to look flat. The shape of the right titty gives away that she has the breasts of someone busty who was almost chubby at some point and then rapidly lost weight.

No. 91324

the sign reads "my pssy is for cumming inside"/"my pssy is a cum receptacle".

No. 91329

The downward spiral of Venus has begun. Holy shit lmao.

No. 91330

In all seriousness she needs to realize the majority of her fanbase are young Weebs who don't want to see her thot content & just want what they became a fan of in the first place. It's just nasty and tasteless. At least keep it separate.

No. 91332

>uwu I'm such a hypersexual degenerate I fantasize about sex all the time!
>posts boring unsexy tit pic
>has been sugaring/fucking her managers for ages

Can't tell anymore if she's just that stunted or if she's putting on the shy virgin act to pander to pedos. Either way this is really uncomfortable.

No. 91333

She's so lazy that she didn't even bother to flip the photo, which takes two seconds in the most basic editing app

No. 91334

Possibly both. When you look at other OF content by other thots it doesn't come across as sad & desperate. Venus however has made a discovery she can make good money this way to fill the void in her lonely life. This won't end well at all and the creeps will want more and more.

No. 91335

Man whoever that was that said venus's fall from grace was reminding them of that depressing K-ON doujinshi where their lives go downhill after peaking was spot on. This just seems sad and pathetic. I mean does she even have any real friends left after this.

No. 91337

File: 1588753867567.jpg (1.51 MB, 1920x2560, 20-05-06-09-26-40-009_deco.jpg)

One of her "friends" or whatever you want to call it referenced a fucked up hentai manga known as "177013" on one of her Instagram posts not long ago.

It's looking to turn sour and it's only the tip of the iceberg with topless shot.

No. 91339

maybe i'm just retarded but this looks so sad and empty… like it could very well be a photo set of a sex trafficking victim or something. even moreso with her 'cum dumpster' sign but you know she has a 'sick and twisted' mind so she would probably take this as a compliment lmao

venus just keeps getting more and more depressing to read about

No. 91340

File: 1588754402827.jpg (202.83 KB, 1078x1036, _20200506_093859.JPG)

Venus is back pedaling so hard on this. She's looked for "normal" jobs? Is in talks with her therapist? She couldn't make it more obvious she's been lurking here even more and is trying to prove a point.

No. 91341

Yeah, that's tsuruko's bf apparently. I don't remember if venus and tsukuro ever released their collab video or whatever, but I'm pretty sure they hung out at least once lol some "friends". I wonder what the stale tea between them really is.

No. 91342

yeah she says this is something she enjoys the most, but she just looks dead in the eye, and the whole setup is just so depressing with those cheap paper decorations hanging in the back lol.
i look at this picture and i don't see how this is sexy; she is stuck in that small room, she won't even leave her bed. her husband is probably next door, fuck knows why he is not kicking her out.
it's just so miserable she's been in japan for YEARS and this is all she could came up with.
at least her living situation was sorted but she is just a broke eastern european slag leeching of her 'husband'. well done

No. 91344

this is not backpedalling at all.

No. 91345

>I don't want to get a "real job", there is no room for creativity!
>Makes money by posting bland, boring and uninspired tit pics to the internet

Sure, Weenus. Also, fucking shady "managers" does not count as getting a job.

No. 91346


So she's too good for those basic retail jobs, but she's not qualified for anything better because she has no education and speaks like a turd. I wonder what therapist she talked to? Some online armchair therapist? Or an imaginary one? Who the fuck would tell her that posting nudes will make her grow as a person?

No. 91347

Well..like Mother like Daughter

No. 91348

She's clearly being tipped good money to degrade herself and she's claiming it to be just her sexual empowerment uwu. You can't fool us Weenus. You went from a childish "teasing" list of tame lewd photo ideas and then soon as the simps suggested more value for their money, you caved in.

No. 91349

So her tits look saggy and her face looks like she is about to cry. I guess this is what satisfaction, growth and creativity is suppose to look like.

No. 91350

this has go to be the most simp thing i've seen in a while. What's the context? Some mod didn't know she had a husband and stopped supporting her?

No. 91352

How the fuck are her boobs so saggy at her age?

No. 91353

Prefacing this with "A Hoe Has Been Born!" is hilarious. Venus is giving off an extremely opposite image of what she's trying to portray. Unless it's purposeful and in a few weeks were going to see her post photos of herself in a BSDM leather catsuit, holding a whip, and using a man kneeling in a diaper as a staircase to show off her stilettos. Who knows what this will bring …

No. 91354

Anyone else think she’s been crying before taking the boob pic? Her eyes look very bloodshot.

No. 91355

I thought the same. She can put on this "I'm so happy and love expressing my true sexual self" persona all she wants but the pressure her creeps are probably putting on her, mixed in with her shit mental health and a failing YouTube career with absolutely nothing else going for her, she knows her existence is a miserable one. The only thing keeping her going is simp money and validation from them.

No. 91356

This. Plus many people with BPD have a weird concern with anything sexual (promiscuitive, reckless, extreme,…)

No. 91357

File: 1588757477877.jpg (297.79 KB, 720x918, 20200506_102752.jpg)

No. 91358

jesus fuck i haven't checked up on venus since she ran away. wtf happened???

honestly, she could come back to switzerland and study whatever since her father is actually obliged to pay for her first tuition/apprenticeship whatever… i know she doesn't speak with her father but there are literally so many ways to get help here and study and have a good life

it's crazy how she chose this route and tries to sugarcoat it whew.

No. 91360

Dont wanna tit sperg too much but are her breasts this saggy because of rabid weight gain and loss? Because theyre way too small to be genetically saggy at her age

No. 91361

I think she felt a bit of power from this OF success and it got into her head too much. What's she's doing now is manic af, business-wise it's the worst move. She definitely should have waited longer before dropping the bra.
It's pretty sad to see how it gave her ego and self-worth boost. And she talks like she's some sort of sexual degenerate while she describes normal human horny mood lol. How fucked up must she be to not realize, to be completely detached with that side of hers? It's obvious there's no "therapist" she talked with about that, because it's impossible a professional would let her believe she's some closeted kinky crazy slut because she "thinks about porn" sometimes.
Let's take bets when will the panties drop. At this point I say next week.

No. 91362

I'm betting tomorrow, or the next day. I think her simps will validate her so hard that she'll ride that high and go fucking nuts.

No. 91363

Many have already said that she looks sad and like she's been crying and I think that's pretty accurate. It's her first real nude and she didn't even do her make up or anything, just took this awful unflattering photo and destroyed her whole internet persona. I mean, if you post a nude (that everyone's aka her OF simps) been waiting for, I'd put in more effort? Maybe? But it's Venus we're talking about kek

No. 91364

she wouldn't have to be in japan to do all this so why is she still there???
i honestly don't understand.
she used to make videos of japan and japanese things so that made a little sense, but now?
she has no friends, no job, she doesn't go out, she could be anywhere else basically.
why still japan?

No. 91365

She showed the titties far too soon. What she was doing was working until she saw major bucks if she reveals the goods now instead of teasing the incels. We're going to be seeing alot more than this without a doubt, and soon. She's on the ultimate high and will crash & burn at some point.

No. 91366


Well, she did put in the effort of shooping it to oblivion, like that huge nose of hers is gone.

No. 91368

If I were one of the pathetic simps who actually pay money to see her shit, I'd feel so fucked over right now. She really NEVER sticks to any schedule whatsoever, huh? I can't believe she ditched her stupid daily themes before they even began

No. 91369

kek at the easter decoration she still has in the background. Newsflash, it's already May.

No. 91370

>why still japan?
why not though? It's just a place where she lives. This reeks of pulltards' "I would have used my time in Japan better" bleh it's just a country

No. 91371

Because she's got a VISA that she doesn't deserve. She deserves deportation but Manaki's too much of a wimp to alert the authorities.

No. 91372

File: 1588759088087.jpg (1.57 MB, 1920x2560, 20-05-06-10-37-05-750_deco.jpg)

From a living doll; to a living hoe. It is actually just sad at this point. She's reached peak bottom and there's no turning back.

No. 91373

I wonder if her family still follows her on Instagram I believe her grandpa and aunt were following her previously, yikes.

No. 91375

Yes, premature sagging is a common side effect of yo-yo dieting. The faster the gain and loss, the more stress on the elastin and collagen.

I’m afraid she’s going straight to porn and fetish after this. This was so fast and she’s trying so desperately to shock and titillate while knowing nothing of normal human sexuality. She could have milked her followers for a very long time with cute bikini and ero cosplay like Japanese gravure idols do. Improve quality and maybe afford a professional shoot with photo books or merch. It wouldn’t have been difficult! But she is already at this point and has the business sense of a paramecium.

Her idiot female stans will be like “Yaaasss queen!” when she’s shoving her hamsters up her ass.

No. 91376

She has had a lifelong ed anon…

And you can have saggy tits at any age

No. 91377

Ok but this is kinda funny because I and along with most of us here thought she wouldn’t get this far. At this point she’s winning from margo in terms of being a cow, she’s younger. Haha I will repeat myself again for the 3rd time in total but it’s very relevant but lol @ you all PULLtards who WK’ed her years back.

And her tits aren’t saggy wtf.

No. 91379

I'm surprised crazy Margo hasn't reported it herself yet, unless she enjoys watching her daughter's demise in Japan while she lives it up in Switzerland.

No. 91380

Link of that doujinshi btw?

No. 91382

Nah, most thot moms don’t want their daughters to be thots. Admittedly she’s butthurt but she’ll sperg about it again in broken english with “i told y’all i told y’all insert schizo rants
This bitch and her mother needed family therapy and a new personality, they’re both way too retarded to cut off each other like that.

No. 91383

Huh samefag but I see anons here imagining crying eyes, it’s obvious she’s set the glossy eyes filter too bright, it makes people look teary.

No. 91384


I don't see the teary eyes, just some eye bags but it's not a crazy theory that something must have triggered her to be so reckless. Maybe Manaki is cutting her off? Some sugar daddy bailed out? Or maybe she just snapped for no reason?

No. 91385

maybe she just got drunk

No. 91386

Have you seen her unedited face? She’s not ugly but she’s this constant crying potato face like momsie.

No. 91387

nobody is talking about tears, it's redness etc. look at the pic zoomed out and it's cleared it's a fuckin dark mood - looks like she has a gun to her head. not that I think that is a theory. nobody was saying that

No. 91388

Like others have said, she probably describes the normal feeling of horniness and is into the usual degenerate stuff that weebs are known for. This and typical pick-me behavior because she takes her self-value from male attention. But male attention is difficult to get these days as the OnlyFans market is huge. So she claims to be "not like other girls" and "such a sl00t, ready to do everything hihihi".

No. 91389

Wouldnt surprise me if Venus jumped on the theory of being forced into it, just in case she changes her mind about posting nudes (for when the thirst gets too strong and people are demanding more and more)

I am expecting her to turn around, talk about some secret relationship we don't know about and how she was forced to post those pictures, while claiming she feels free and happy.

No. 91390

She will probably make a video saying how Manaki forced her to take the photos and say things she didn’t mean. It’s an easy exit-strategy for her since Manaki is already seen as the main villain by her stupid fans.

If at that point Manaki won’t report her ass to the japanese authorities then I really have no words anymore.

No. 91391

The idiot probably doesn't even know. She chased him off social media and at this point he probably doesn't care enough to check her accounts and see what she's doing. He probably lets her crash with him out of pity because she has nobody else and that's it.

I'm sure he'll find out soon eventually when one of his colleagues shows him her tit pic asking him if that's the crazy gaijin he married.

No. 91392

File: 1588765653287.jpg (102.45 KB, 923x578, EW9TbTaXsAciXoQ.jpg)

Damn this is depressing.

I think you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn't blame Venus' upbringing for this new chapter. I get she's very much traumatized from everything that's happened to her and deals with mental illness but it's sad that she has her whole name behind this photo. Not even trying to xX kink shame or slut shamexX but this is one day going to haunt her once she gets over this mental hump in her life.

I really don't see her being invited to hosting events or doing plays after this, unless it's niche porn stuff but how long can that last?

damn bitch you could have just done regular modeling

No. 91395


She didn't really have any invitations to events or modelling jobs before all of this, plus I don't think she wants anyway. She has to put in the effort to make herself look presentable, and she has little control over how she looks in videos. OF allows her to stay at home and manipulate photos as much as she wants, plus she gets her dose of validations. At this point, I think she's way too addicted to the high of validations.

No. 91396

it's normal for people who've been abused to be into fucked up shit, sadly she thinks that's just her natural sexuality and probably spends way too much time watching porn

No. 91397

>getting your tits out on the internet
>making it this underwhelming

I don't get why she didn't do a cute pose or anything, this is incredibly low effort. Also stripping off this early doesn't bode well with the escalation of content the pervs will demand.

No. 91398

>you could have done regular modeling

No. 91409

I doubt she planned to do this. She's not even wearing any makeup in the tit pic and didn't bother removing the rough edges from the piece of paper she is holding. Probably rolled out of bed today, read some comments and got salty about people either not believing she'll go through with it, or got bullied by her simps into showing her tits.

No. 91410

True, I can think of only two, and one was cancalled, but it could have been things to use to get more gigs until she was a stable personality.
Japan will always have a hard on for any white woman who's not fat, she could have realistically done mainstream print modeling imo.

No. 91412

Ed + no exercise

No. 91413

Why has no one asked or questioned what’s written on the note tho

No. 91414

so much for being a totemo gay lesbian uwu uwu

No. 91416

It has already been discussed and she translated it herself in the post.

No. 91417

Those are some sad ass looking tits.

No. 91419

She's probably into loli/shota or bestiality shit
Not surprising since loli shit has been kind of what she's always been skinwalking as? Also, note how easy it was her to say her ex's partner "gave head" to that little boy in the picture instead of saying he was abused. It was a bit jarring. I think she's just as pornsick as just about any weeb NEET.

No. 91421

>real jobs doesn't have room for creativity :'C

lmao Penus, that's not what a ~strong independent kawaii girl boss who needs no man~ would say

No. 91425

Fuck, I'm normally neutral about Venus but the latest updates have just been so depressing. I wish she at least had someone in her life that could advise her. Dare I say it, I wish she had an ACTUAL manager. If she wants to do this, I think that's fine but the girl is so bad at business, I'm worried about how this all ends. I can't believe she didn't milk this lpnger, she could've made bank if she played her cards right. I really do believe she felt some sort of pressure to prove how sexual she is, when she didn't have to.

No. 91426

File: 1588773429664.jpeg (Spoiler Image,159.36 KB, 1080x1460, 5D822D3B-1273-4A42-9498-BBBD11…)

Jesus fucking Christ.. excuses excuses excuses with weenus, I just wanna barf honestly. It’s not that fucking hard to get a real job. Many people do it everyday.
Like it’s so cringe how she’s trying so hard. Next she’s gonna try selling nudes via animal crossing QR code’s, some other girl has done it already.

No. 91427


私のおま♡こは中出し専用です = My pussy is exclusively for cream-pies

No. 91428

OH MY GOD… GAG…. what is this for?

No. 91429

Wow. I definitely didn't see this coming. I don't think there'll be any coming back for her as a public figure after this, unless she plans to open herself up to all sorts of direct abuse by becoming an actual porn star or prostitute.
This is probably the worst timeline for her. I feel bad both for her, and the few actual fans that looked up to her (ie younger women who actually enjoyed her content and cared about her, not creepy men).

No. 91430

You know a cuck paid her good money to hold that sign up and she went along with it. It was clearly money driven. There's no reason why she'd do this for free.

No. 91431

File: 1588775316732.jpg (377.01 KB, 1280x858, tumblr_mw5r1t1RLl1r76gowo1_128…)

Venus. I know you will read this because I know you lurk in here. Please, stop doing this to yourself. This will only hurt you long-term and you won't have anything to gain from it. You know this is a form of self-harm and we know that as well, you don't actually enjoy this and you're only doing it because you need money, you are very depressed and mentally disturbed and you think there is no hope for you out there in the world other than hurting yourself through self-inflicted degradation.

You probably also became addicted to pornography and now as a result of that you think you are a pervert but you're not a pervert, you're just a disturbed girl that has found a form of coping in porn.

Getting more and more explicit sexually on the internet will only ruin you more and more and your future prospects at healing yourself mentally and living a normal life. This doesn't empower you and you know that, if you want to make money from onlyfans just do lewds and try to be as little degrading as possible. There's a difference between posting naked pictures on the internet where you say you're a cumdumpster and posting cute pictures in lingerie.

A lot of people on here don't hate you and empathize with you because a lot of users have had to deal with trauma and mental illness too.

You don't have any friends right now and you probably think degrading yourself to men online is the only thing you have left but it is not. Try reading on CBT, stop drinking alcohol, try to milk this onlyfans thing as much as possible with showing as little skin as possible. You have posted your tits but it can get worse than this, don't post full nudes and don't start masturbating. Try getting medicated in Japan for your mental health if that's possible, post more Youtube videos, try getting a hobby and try reaching out to people.

This is definitely not too late. You can get worse than this, don't let that become a reality.

No. 91432


it doesn't seem like it to me, she had been talking about rewarding people who had sent tips on another update this week, this is probably something she wanted to do quickly so wrote something dirty.
if what she's writing about doing it for free is true she's simply getting off on it and enjoying herself and doesn't care anymore


that's fine but this thread isn't nice about venus at all, especially recently, so I don't think she's going to buy that everyone here suddenly cares about her

No. 91433

File: 1588776068544.jpg (160.85 KB, 1440x1440, Ahegao demon girl.jpg)

I had never even heard of ahegao until I read about it here just now in relation to Venus, LOL.
Now I see. The Internet is good, I learn something new every day.

No. 91435

This really saddens me… I went on and off Venus but started really following her around the time all of the stuff with Margo was going on. We’re also the same age.

I came from an abusive home myself and saw a lot of similarities with our situations. I was in awe when she ran away and really looked up to her. I admired her for how strong I perceived her to be at the time.

About a year later, I myself found the strength to leave my abusers and ran away to another country where I had my partner of 5 years. A couple years later to this current day I am very happy and we are successful together.

A part of me considered Venus’s actions to be significant in my decision to leave, as beforehand I was too scared. I just didn’t see it possible to escape such a situation. I had fantasised over the idea since childhood but always thought I’d be stuck. When she did it, I realised it was possible.

Same age, did the same thing, and we’re in two completely different places today.

My heart is broken that she’s turned into this and after reading up about all the stuff she’s done, I can no longer support her.
She needs serious help and unfortunately, there’s still a bit of a stigma on mental health in Japan.
I don’t know where she’s gonna go from here.(nobody cares)

No. 91436



Front row in right margo with Venus sitting in church

I didnt know they were in the movie

No. 91437

I think maybe if she was laying down at looking up at the camera would have been a better picture to start off with, but it could be she's still finding her way around on there and still learning, but this looks quite amateurish. What happened to the pix of the virgin killer dress she was going to post herself in? Surely those two dreay ones from the front weren't the only ones?

Anyhow, I'm really intrigued what she means by the worst kinds of porn that only Satan would fap to. Whatever can she be talking about?
Either she's so naive and innocent when it comes to that sort of thing, that she thinks if she is into even mild bdsm, it is very, very bad, it being the opposite of her goody two shoes angelic image and all, or, maybe she is into necrophilia, bestiality, or full on kiddie porn, or something that most of us could not even conceive of, the mind boggles. So please tell us, Venus. Curious minds want to know.

No. 91438

If women like Dakota can still get jobs, Venus could if she had taken care of herself. Are you that one anon who acts like you have to look like a 4ft tall loli Real Doll to be considered attractive in Japan? If you go to the adult section of a book show or adult store, you will see all types of genres with body types that would not be considered particularly stunning or fit in the West. Same thing with Akiba idols. Only thing Venus really would have trouble with is how badly she aged her face, but her body could be fine.

She’s calling herself a cum-dumpster, anon. How empowering and feminist!

I’m finding it really hard to believe that Manaki could still be living in that apartment while she is doing this, but then it wouldn’t make sense for her to live in an apartment that size by herself and she wouldn’t be in stuck in that same room all the time. Maybe they just share the apartment but don’t talk? I don’t think it’s as simple as Manaki being a doormat. It could be he can’t go back to his parents for some other reason.

No. 91440

Yeah, and the blacked out name was Amouranth, pretty sure she has a thread on this site or did at some point. Shes just a typical dumb bimbo too which makes it worse that this guy thought he had a chance

No. 91442

File: 1588779613921.png (61.33 KB, 635x586, menes were a mistage.png)

She looks so cute on the left

why venus, why?

No. 91443

File: 1588780291741.jpg (Spoiler Image,320.04 KB, 581x837, Blankmemepeenus.jpg)

Blank meme

No. 91444

She’s underweight, if she gained 10lbs they’d probably look a lot different

No. 91446

File: 1588781684742.jpeg (Spoiler Image,141.96 KB, 750x1080, 60DA708A-CA03-443C-89D4-B275F1…)

No. 91447

Her tiddies look so sad. I can't boner up to this.
Really, not making it up. They look saggy and sad.
This is such a bad angle, I hope…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 91449

Note paper says
My p*ssy is your private cum-dumpster.

I wonder why she chose to write it in Japanese like that. Her fanbase seems to be mostly Caucasian. The characters are so dirty too. Could have forced herself a little more or choose better paper.

I'm thinking she's trying to get closer to her Japanese fans by writing in Japanese on twitter? Just did a quick peak. I don't have twitter so I can't tell if it's working at all.

But in the end it might not resolve to anything. I mean, Onlyfans isn't big in Japan and the plateform is English, and I want to say Japanese won't go as far as onlyfans for foreigner porn. Also maybe because you gotta get a membership and it's also just softcore images… On top of that Venus isn't an idol.

She could potentially get hired as an AV actress, or work in a soap. But if she's on a visa, it wouldn't do her any good if she's trying to get a permanent status in the country.

But if I were her, I wouldn't try to ruin my reputation in Japan like that. Japanese pornstars (especially women) aren't like the cool feminist pornstars in Miami. Also compare twitter accounts. Most Japanese men just won't subscribe or show love to this, as they could be perceived as perverted if it was known at work or in the household. They still get most stuff physically like dvds, which is much more private. Although it isn't like it used to be, Japan is still a very prude society. I had a friend who did soap in her college years to pay her tuition and happened to know about the industry. Most of these girl keep a low profile, are rejected from society, for sure their families… Even their managers don't really perceive them as human beings. My friend said she had all these guy "friends" who in the end didn't really mind about her personally, just saw her as a sex toy.

No. 91450

File: 1588782268883.jpg (Spoiler Image,378.89 KB, 578x832, efwegwe.jpg)

No. 91451


This peter dude is maybe the same guy who found his way to lc a while ago. Same creepy pedo vibes.


No. 91452

I think the tits are fine. It's the whole pic that's the problem. If she looked more cheerful and perky and didn't just lied in her cheap kawaii covers and still Easter decorated room, it would be much much better.

That's the thing with candid/softcore, you reeeeaally got to update places, environment and poses and get creative with angles. Could be hard though; looks like she lives in one of these tiny apartment rooms.

No. 91454

honestly i can see men liking this. especially weebs will go crazy for this kind of style

No. 91455

>My p*ssy is your private cum-dumpster.

This is way exaggerated, that's not what it says. It's simply "My p*ssy is for cream pies only".

No. 91456

>Subbing here means that I offer value, it means that I can make people happy
So much for empowerment, how utterly depressing. She needs help, she's literally ashamed of having an adult sex drive and thinks she's so worthless that being objectified gives her a life purpose.
I honestly hope this is an act for her followers that want the uwu spoiled loli gimmick because otherwise it's too awful to see

This, it's so sad

No. 91457

They’re just classic deflated anachan tiddies. I see her getting implants in the future tbh. There’s room for fat there, but since her body wasn’t getting fed, it ate her tits instead. Luckily she has cute tiny nipples to make up for it.

No. 91461

doesn't need implants anon. lots of natural boobs in the porn industry that looks this way when inclined or in doggy position. But i'll agree she'll need to work out and eat better.

No. 91462

She's lost around 2k followers on Instagram since her OF kicked off and no doubt will continue to lose more. She's permanently damaged her VenusAngelic "brand".

No. 91464

She didn’t need to get her intestine removed either but here we are.

No. 91465

Her fanbase is such a mess. it's like: japan enthusiasts, cosplay fans, perverted weebs, underaged girls, guys who are only in for fap, random middle eastern and other foreigner dudes that leave comments in their own language..

No. 91466


she doesn't care, the 500+ or so of her pool of fans that came from instagram that subbed are giving her much more money than anything she gets from a sponsor, who would be offering work that she can't even do right now anyway because of lockdown

No. 91468

Quite a leap from "why is onlyfans considered sex work? Teehee" to showing tits right away, wearing a leash and talking about your pussy and how depraved you are.

No. 91469


Yeeah, me too. Maybe on top of that, also being managed by her mom or other people her whole life could have made her this way. Or not lazy but ignorant of the business part and not really persistent. Not the determined type. She doesn't seem or act like she could bare being her own manager. Probably relied on other ppl too much back when she was doing youtube and trust that they would know how to do better content, which was btw not the case (sound being too often terrible and lame camera work). Probably was too shy to ask for better quality from them. She doesn't seem like she has much charisma or will to ask anything from anybody. Just watching the voice acting video. just a 2 min vid with her only replying "Hai" to the voice acting teacher or whatever. No question whatsoever. Nothing that makes it interesting. Some people just aren't meant to be an entertainer i guess.

No. 91470

She says a lot of shit, don't believe everything.

No. 91471

She was raised to do that and have the mindset, have that perception about the use of her body. But in the end, the decission to not do it it's hers, she failed. She scaped from Margo who wanted to marry her and sell her virginity and in the end she has done it herself. The sad part is that Venus is intelligent and you can create your own job, it doesn't have to be sexual.

No. 91472

My thoughts exactlyyyyy. It's so annoying! Really trying so hard to justify her need for lazy money while there's probably a bunch of well intended fans out there messaging her how terrible her choice is and how it doesn't suit her!

Also it says in her apologetic instagram post about her first nude that she spoke about it before to her psychologist? hmmm

No. 91473

>>she thinks if she is into even mild bdsm, it is very, very bad
She’s said she’s into BDSM in the past, I think it was in one of her Q&A livestreams.

No. 91474

She's not coming back from this, she always cried as the victim and her fans always stuck with her despite all of her questionable and obvious lies. You can't cry victim forever then do stuff like this

No. 91475

How long till the "I was forced into this lifestyle and I'm so ashamed of myself" story when I wonder…she's going to blame her thot dream on someone eventually.

No. 91476

Her supporters are blind and cringey.

No. 91477

Making fap content for creepy thirsty simps is so empowering and amazing; who knew?

No. 91478

I'm surprised someone remembered that
I'm not happy to see it but from the way she jumped from lewds to topless so fast after getting some attention she's heading in that direction for real. I hoped she had at least done some research on pacing by looking at the careers of girls like Belle Delphine but it doesn't seem that way.

No. 91479

She went from white to Asian. I didn't really notice but seeing the comparison now, gee

No. 91481

Imagine being yourself in a lonely room taking mediocre candid cropped head to waist, then shopping the hell out of your face features. ugh, i can only imagine turning 30-ish or aging and trying to forget those awkward years…

speaking of which, isn't she a little late for sex work? Turning 24 this year or something?

If she ever does professional work everyone will see her face & body isn't the same right?

No. 91483


Is Belle doing something else now?

No. 91485

There is a slim to zero chance of Venus being a model. She pissed away all her chances.

No. 91487

Her chances of ever doing professional work will be poor. Venus should have stuck to being a gravure costhot. The market is there for it, kawaii over edits sells and still provides the content the incels want. But no, she went full out nearly nude. Nobody is going to want to hire what they see as a whore.

No. 91488


I meant like, erotic pictures of actual porn videos, can't really edit your features like you can on an iphone when it's photography or video..

No. 91489

Yikes… At this point she's reversed Yukapon. So sad

No. 91493

My bad anon. Valid point. She looks like her mother and has rough features when not edited to look nothing like herself, so to work in the professional sex industry is a massive no go for her. She can't hide behind any filters.

No. 91495

yeah, sex work will never be empowering. Venus so lazy she resorts to lazy onlyfans, then maybe make an excuse. She’s going to regret it. I can’t believe I used to support her. Really gross.

No. 91496

Right? I think she’s trying to appear “hafu” with her edits now

No. 91500

I'm all up for OF thots doing their thing for good money. You can tell the ones who have confidence and who enjoy what they do, amazingly they even have respectful fans who know where they stand. Venus on the other hand is just sleezy, disturbing and everything about it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. It's just tragic in all forms.

No. 91503

Belle was hot enough and had a nice figure so she could carry showing everything except nipples, bagina and ass. She also had a personality and was a troll who did fun stuff to mess with her fans like the pornhub videos or bathwater. You could say Venus is -at most- cute and I don't think she is famous enough to carry teasing photos forever and theres no way she would be able to have the kind of interaction with her simps like Belle did

No. 91504

What the hell is a soap? Something like dorama?
And what's up with the Japanese dudes would not follow her on twitter… y'know you can just make a seperate account? Which is something especially Japanese do a lot to keep their interests private or seperate them?

No. 91505

File: 1588794108197.jpg (Spoiler Image,852.11 KB, 581x837, JLhPaPb.jpg)

No. 91510

Lbr, Margo had a knack for finding trends and getting Venus in on it right before it took off. Venus was doing those food challenges and mukbangs right when they started to take off. Her YT career was solid. Then she split with Margo, which on a personal level was the right choice. But on the professional not so much. It was clear from her content after that, she really had bk idea what she was doing or how to garner new fans and so on.

No. 91511

NTA but a soap in this context is a "soapland" aka a bathhouse brothel.

No. 91512

I’m not gonna judge her decision based on it being a shameful thing to do or that it ruined her life/career but I am judging her for how stupid she is for posting a nude so fast vs continuing to tease for a while, Venus if you actually wanted to be creative and put effort into your onlyfans, showing titties wasn’t the right thing. Teasing/gravure sells for SO much if you’re a cute girl on social media, dudes don’t care that you edit your face or body and it would’ve been a while for your “fans” and newly acquired followers that only want lewd content to push you to nudity, but you already caved in, and for what? An extra 200 in tips and some subs? Do you think they will keep subbing if you only show tits and your genitals? Because that’s really delusional. People will get bored of you posting the same content, and if you go back to gravure they will complain that you don’t post nudes anymore and that they’re wasting money. So guess what’s gonna happen? They’re gonna push you until you end up doing some disturbing fetish thing or shove stuff up your ass, she could’ve done much more on onlyfans but I guess showing a titty is creative kek. Good luck dealing with all the creeps you will need it

No. 91513

I love Venus and I support her new direction. If she was interested in sex work all along, I'm surprised she didn't get Mana in on it with her. She convinced him to wear makeup and start a yt and insta account.

No. 91514

Delusional as fuck.

No. 91515

simps can't let a girl just be, worry more about your own pathetic lives.

No. 91516

join her onlyfans and stop lurking here for freebies

No. 91517

Not delusional and my life is amazing. I'm just a fan of Venus. People who put people down without knowing them are the sad delusional simps who will never amount to much bc their entire life revolves around other people's lifes

No. 91518

Incoming simps and Fangelics to defend their thot tragedy, how sad. Couldn't make it more obvious. Or maybe it's Weenus herself seeing as she lurks here.

No. 91519

Wrong again. This page I stumbled accross. Never knew it existed. I just googled Venus name and found this page. Saw all the mean shit you guys write. Especially about how saggy her breast are If you aren't a gay male or a female, you wouldn't give a fuck about how low her boobs are. They don't look saggy, you're just alone, bored, and jealous. The fact that there is an entire feed about this one person is hilarious. You don't have anything better to do with your time. I'm not Venus. Her english sucks lol.

No. 91520

You're only deflecting and recycling previous insults but you're a mindless sheep

No. 91521

I'm just bored and I feel like talking shit to people who talk shit about someone who isn't even in the chat.

No. 91522

IMJ if she was right in front of me on my bed dressed like that, wtf do you think I'm doing. Obviously I'm going to tear that shit up :D If you say otherwise, you're probably gay(Whiteknight)

No. 91523

Yup, most people here can't even do better than her. They're jealous cause they worse off.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 91524

this is wrong in so many ways, ew

No. 91525

There's plenty of things better in life than being a forever alone & depressed wank bank with no family or friends who gets naked for degenerates for the sake of money.

No. 91528

File: 1588798232203.jpeg (Spoiler Image,58.45 KB, 569x336, EE1B7543-3150-4B93-9627-D2C714…)

No. 91529

At least learn to fucking sage before you decide to derail the thread with your simping and infighting

No. 91530


now only edit it into banner size and put it in the banner thread and we have a follow up to the "good luck!" one with mana-tan that aged in the absolute worst way lol

No. 91531

I'm very convinced she took the word of people here or on PULL who were going on about how the simp money would dry up soo fast if she didn't post nudes ASAP, how she was somehow "scamming" those poor little neckbeards/pedos, saying she needs to invest in professional-looking photos, etc.
Just the dumbest shit from anons who weren't even the simps buying her content (though, their opinions would honestly be worth even less if they were the simps, they take what they're given), and also didn't wish anything good for her.
Now, she's basically gone off the deep end. I wonder what'll happen with her visa, at this rate.

No. 91532

You have no idea who you are defending. What she is doing is totally messed up. She still visits therapist and she is poor afraid to lose visa. She is totally desperate and acts like she wants to be porn star. She is just desperate to save some cash. Do you know how many sex workers wanted to have normal job and they can't? They do it to not end up on street or they have to support their child if they are single moms. They pray to have normal life. Her pictures do not even look like she is enjoying it. When you enjoy something you put effort to it. Supportting concerning behavior is not something to be proud of.

No. 91533

File: 1588798567457.jpeg (319.28 KB, 1070x1443, 684FEDE6-DA36-4F6F-A500-2539C5…)

Found this in the comments. Probably why there’s morons coming into this thread.

No. 91534

Venus has been doing everything her mother did and wanted her to do, the circle has been completed.

No. 91535

And probably more where that came from because they want to see the leaked content for free or in general just talk a load of shit.

No. 91536

That explains the recent influx of newfags

No. 91537

They come here to defend her.. Lol.. How pathetic… I cringed enough reading "empowering" comments.

No. 91541

this seems correct to me, none of the OF people were saying that stuff, except later on when a few made obvious comments regurgitating what was said in here.

she's currently over $400 in tips for that one picture and who knows more in dm tips

No. 91543

i am 100% sure most of them are here thanks to reddit >>91357

No. 91547

Anon you are just as cringey with your…autistic … typing…

Seriously can all the pullfags, scrotes and instagram fangelics in this thread learn to integrate.

No. 91550

Her mother didn’t want her to do this tho

No. 91551

Am I the only one who's super curious as to what her mother thinks of all of this? We already know Marge has posted her own nudes before

No. 91552

For that amount of money she will definitely continue posting nudes.

No. 91554

I'm curious as well. Margo hasn't talked about Venus in a while and she made almost all of her videos in YT private.

No. 91556

Marge was mortified at the prospect of Venus growing up and being a feminist. Marge herself whored herself around VISA hopping for tax evation and unemployment - she was using Venus as a tool to get out of that. She didn't want Venus to become her, she wanted to live through Venus as the innocent, sexy dolly girl she never was. Venus becoming a cheap Onlyfans whore holding a piece of paper calling herself a cum dumpster means everything Margo worked for went to waste.

No. 91557

The last time she talked about Venus was when she went on this long schizo rant about how Venus killed Manaki and asked her for psych records claiming she has mental problems so she can plead insanity in court. It was quite unhinged

No. 91558

"it was also shocking when she said I will be ruined, loose my Husband and be forced to go to Hungary, despite not knowing Hungarian, and become a homeless prostitute…"

this was also said in her 'how i ran away from home' video

No. 91560

Kinda funny how what Margo says ends up being true

No. 91565

Deep down she's proud of her, of course.

No. 91566

A lot of what Margo said has turned out to be true.

No. 91568

What the fuck. I actually didn't expect this at all. I thought she would just tease the simps forever with barely suggestive stuff.

Now I feel really bad for her. Yes, I know she's not an uwu innocent princess victim, but this is just sad honestly. She can never go back now, she will forever be remembered as an online prostitute. I guess Margo was right about that one.

No. 91569

Considering Manaki's abscence and her moving into his flat again, maybe this has some kind of truth hanging onto it? Not the murder of course kek

No. 91570

Maybe he let her mive back so she wouldn't have to cockhop for a place to sleep & went to stay with his parents while he works on divorcing Venus?

No. 91577

Manaki’s parents live in far northern Japan, several hours away by car. His job is in Kanagawa prefecture where the apartment is. He’d have to quit to go back to his parents’, I doubt he’d do that.

He must know what she’s doing, he’s clueless about SM but he’s always followed her on IG. His parents too. He must be mortified. She’s basically shitting on him doing all this so publicly.

I wonder how doing online porn might affect her visa status? Surely this shit must be frowned upon in Japan. With her porn plus public drunkenness plus visa fraud plus having no legitimate form of financial support it’s hard to believe she won’t get her sorry ass deported.

No. 91578


You're as sad as Venus is tbh

move along

No. 91580


She WILL definitely end up in porn. It'll start off a grauve and then eventually in another year she'll be fucking 10 faceless salary men on screen.

It will NOT surprise me at all

No. 91583

I think the whiteknights are contributing to her bad decisions as much as the 'haters'. She's a narcissist like her mother. They think highly of themselves at a god tier level. The pity party might be giving good advise for her best interest, but she doesn't want your pity because it hurts her ego to admit her faults. In fact, she's probably acting out even more to prove everyone wrong. She will only change and grow on her own terms. The only way she will change is when reality slaps her hard, which might happen when immigration deports her out of the country.

No. 91584


If she does she'll get deported pretty fucking fast.
I wouldn't be surprised if she goes into porn though.

No. 91589

File: 1588816623877.jpg (40.35 KB, 609x301, womp.jpg)

it's so funny because literally 20 times over the last 5 years she has posted a vid or ig caption that says something about finally being the real me, finally letting myself blah, blah blah - there's always been this brick dumb yas girl comment set that buys into it but now it just looks like an absolute parody. its not though because these are other whores invested in their meme

No. 91592

It's comical the these girls who go "yaaaaaaaaaaas slay, such queen energy, earn that coin" act like providing material for simps to jerk off to is some sort of grand achievement. Nothing more empowering than becoming a sex object that sad men would happily fuck in all holes given the opportunity.

No. 91597

If she is still on her spouse visa and they are still married and live together (its a requirement) its not illegal for her to do sex work on that visa.
However I doubt she’s paying taxes on her OF income

No. 91598

Please let's just show this girl love. She might be dealing with some things, and if its depression, you know as well as I do there is a high rate for self harm or worse.

I don't believe leaving nasty comments to her will help, nor cheering the behavior on necessarily.

This is something she must figure out on her own.(whiteknight)

No. 91600

Tbh I was still holding out hope that she would turn her life around, but after catching up after like 3 months I’m just sad and do not doubt she’ll do porn, if she hasn’t done it already.

Everybody deals with shit. We don’t all go into sex work because of it. If Penus wants love she can find it in the comments simps leave her.

No. 91601

This place isn't for showing Venus any love for starters. We know she's a mentally ill narc with a bad attitude on a ego high and is going downhill quicker than expected. Venus only cares for Venus, not what anyone else has to say.

No. 91602

I don't understand how so many people can have so many excuses for this girl. Always blames her mother or something else. You people are pathetic how you believe anything she says.

No. 91605

dude go to PULL if you wanna support weenus, she’s a lazy narcissist and a compulsive liar. She’s not a victim anymore get that through your head, people have shown her love but she chooses the fastest way to make a dime.

No. 91606

It has nothing to do with age. One can have saggy tits even as a teen. It's natural for some people.

No. 91607

Seriously and it can happen to any size chest too. Comes down to genetics and sports. Not even wearing a bra all the time matters. Bras have literally no bear on how boobs are affected by gravity. Titpicking.

No. 91614

i'm sure he doesn't know because she look like she's hiding in a fucking closet kek

No. 91615

I’m pretty sure he does know. He’s always followed her instagram in the past, I doubt he’s stopped now. Especially after letting her back into that apartment.

No. 91618

File: 1588825745099.jpg (Spoiler Image,31.07 KB, 658x466, IMG_20200505_013928.jpg)

No. 91619

But wouldn't that be a red flag for migration to investigate -soon or later- a marriage fraud? Moreover with plenty of online evidence about Penus talking about divorce and sugaring

No. 91621

God this post is infuriating. She's not doing what makes her "feel the most happy" or "living by her values". She's doing this for quick, easy cash. Probably hoping to become the next Belle Delphine and then cash out when she's a millionaire. Yet she just has to play on the poor stigmatized sexworker, I am empowering myself bs. No Venus. You just want money. And no, you wouldn't do this shit for free, you pathological liar.

>What the fuck could you possibly be thinking about that would be that bad. Like if a bitch told me this I'd think they were into fucking puppies or something equally as bad.
You do realize she's just pretending to be hypersexual to make more money on OF, right?

She doesn't find self-worth from them. Her OF post is just a way for her to make money. Make the simps feel special. Pretend she's oh so grateful to the simps. Appear relatable. Make more money. Onlyfans really shows you who venus is at the core. She's a SELL OUT. She would do anything for quick, easy money. I don't think she wanted to post nudes, but rather, was curious to see how much it could make her. It's not really what she wants to do per say, but it makes her good money. She has no principles nor integrity and could never be trustworthy. She would sell out her loved ones if the price was lucrative enough. Hyper-greedy people like her are sick.

Keeping it separate would mean that she couldn't use Venus_angelic to sell her nudes. She'd have to start anew without advertising it on instagram. Just shows you, once again (as if it wasn't evident enough), she does not give a shit about her fanbase. Just the most amount of cash she can squeeze out of them.

No. 91623

actually anons, she kind of has bulimia boobs. they aren't really saggy, more like deflated. not trying to be mean about your boobs if they're saggy, but her's aren't really saggy.

No. 91624

Which leads me to believe she probably got permanent residency already

No. 91625

They kind of are saggy, though most boobs at that leaning forward angle would be. Plus she's underweight and it's evident she lives a sedentary life. Her body has always looked unfit and flabby, nothing wrong with that from an aesthetic point, but if you're trying to make a living selling nudes, then you might want to tone up eventually and gain some weight (it looks to me like she ran a slimming app on her face and body to look even thinner though). That pic is edited.