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File: 1651014179780.jpg (110.07 KB, 611x491, 1648390743790.jpg)

No. 209369

+Previous threads all neatly arranged by most recent:
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+Venus Angelic Summary:

>Venus Isabelle Palermo aka Venus Angelic is a washed up as-been famous Swiss Youtuber who gained popularity for her doll looks and weeby content back in the days. Her momager Margo created the Venus Angelic brand, dragged her around the globe evading taxes and stirring up drama among the living doll and makeup vlogger community. She married and cuckolded a Japanese fan named Manaki who doesn’t appear online anymore but she is presumably still married to him and living together. She has faded off into internet irrelevancy for the most part and tries to recapture some amount of attention by uploading random videos every other month and thotting on OnlyFans.

+ Last thread summary
+ Recent milk
Venus deliberately provided some new milk because she obsessively reads here. The livestream :
https://streamable.com/fcvmfx [deleted]
https://streamable.com/kjro00 [delected]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59wxhWDNCaw [DL][Archived Copy]
> said she was at her "countryside home" but later said she's 15 min from Manaki's place
> it's boring to drink at home ; at least she gets company in bars and clubs
> proceeds sitting alone at a karaoke
> on her 4th shochu already
> only eats sweets and mcd everyday
> her new bf gave a ring but she wants a wedding ring from him for her birthday
> "I'm distancing myself from witch craft, shit's fucking crazy dude"
> gave the middle finger to Manaki
> said she would kick the shit out of manaki and fuck him with her feet or a glass
> he stole her money (aka asking her money to pay the rent) and he is a hikikomori NEET >> 193092
> he doesnt work for 2 years, only playing video games and drawing. He also doesn't take out the trash or do anything at home
> mentioned he did more “illegal stuff” but won’t say
> has voice recordings of Manaki saying she has small boobs / ass and telling her she isn't a ''real'' woman >>193096
> ''divorcing is so difficult" sight*
> she wants to "fucking go home and kill her husband"
> good news, she can move during the divorce process and she is now searching for a new place
> “I do things that I don’t wanna do…without showing emotion…on autopilot…I’m providing a service.” (speaking about YT, OF or maybe something else)
> admitted her OF is lazy content
> she can't do prostitution because she's an christian
> Manaki's mother called for new year and Venus told her about his situations, making her cry
> he would rather commit suicide than moving back to his parents' home because of his pride
> she doesn't stay with him for visa. She can stay without him for some reason or just go back to Switzerland
> showed money and said "do I look like I need help?"

+ Most recent milk
> anons agree that her story about divorcing being difficult is bullshit >>194310 and she was just projecting really hard during that livestream >>194472
> had a very belated coming of age ceremony >>194884 >>195128
> created a new TikTok account >>195465
> flaunted expensive items and fancy restaurant meals >>195897 >>195465 >>196006 >>197673 >>198093
> displaying her alcoholism, again >>195906 >>196472 >>197909 >> 201037 >>200063 >>203234
> doesn't go to AA meetings since 02/14 >> 199724
> no engagement ring for her birthday
> dated a host >> 196138 >>196257 She said she would make a video about it but never did. Guess he just broke up with her and she planned to slander him online
> Marge still claims Venus killed Manaki 3 years ago >> 193983
> new Christian phase >>199141 decorated her Bible with rhinestones >>199170
> made a poscast with HIMR >> 197187 >>197194
> scamming her OF suscribers >>198875 >> 201480 : no updates for weeks >>199727 >> 205682 always has issues during her livestreams >>198908 old or boring contents >>198634 >>201669
> still decided to increase the price >>201199 >>202287
> did a livestream naked during which people encouraged her to drink >>200063
> her career as an e-thot is going down >>196917 so she decided to make hardcore contents >> 198827 the very few subcribers she has want to see her get fucked >>198877
> people asked porn and for once, she delivered >>200134 >>203279
> uncensored porn being illegal in Japan, Kyrie posted the videos for her >>200336
> some of the videos she posted is from a long time ago but seems to be with the same guy >>200663 anons also recognized Manager-san's place >>200296
> Manager-san and Ken = same person? >>200591
> Venus may be the "friend" who called Mikan during sex >> 200611 and Mikan, that "friend of a friend" who spilled tea here years ago >>200612
> someone showed her sympathy and Venus posted her nasty reply in her story, admitting getting high on "prescription meth" >>202245
> also posted edgy videos of her dancing with a knife, pouring wine on herself or even featuring Jeffrey Dahmer >>202523 >>202539 she also posted them on TikTok >> 202607 >>202668 of course, they got delected >>202653
> despite showing alcohol on every pictures, she said she has relapsed and "jumped in front of a bus" >>203234 >>203235 confirmed by Kyrie >> 203466 anons are really doubtful about the seriousness and the circumstances of the accident >>204241
> all this happened because she couldn't be herself: A NERDY GAMER GIRL!! >>203509 >>203510 >>203511 >>203512 >>203513 >>203514
> allegedly full of wounds >> 203763 but only showed her injured hand - milked it for sympathy >>204123
> "full blown mental and physical breakdown" >>204393 still capable to let everyone know that she needs to wait for medicine that she overdosed on >>204849
> shared a text conversation about often passing out in Manaki's room, probably testing the waters to make SA allegations against him >>205140
> talked about her current boyfriend >>203574 >> 203575 and started complaining about him being aBusIvE >>205665 >>205673 >>205674
> this anon saw the future >> 203292 more self harm incoming for her young audience to see >>206605 >>206608
> posted a edited picture of her at ER >>206604 no trace of her previous bus jump on her face
> just had "an accident" but she'll be back from hospital soon >>208332

instagram: https://www.instagram.com/venus_angelic/
Witch instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rebeldollatelier/?hl=en
“Momonga” (e-girl “business”) instagram: https://www.instagram.com/momonga.inc/?hl=en
twitter: https://twitter.com/VenusAngelic
tiktok: @dollyvenus (inative) @venus_angelic @venusangelic_official
fanicon: https://fanicon.net/fancommunities/1857 (inactive)
main youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/VenusAngelic
weeb youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrpLE_Q1iNszN0O9n6V85YA
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/venusangelic

No. 209389

File: 1651022516000.jpeg (292.61 KB, 800x1417, F5378AA0-2303-4313-9D5B-EAEB9B…)

…Aaand she’s back! Lol’ing about being in the psych ward, hahaha

No. 209390

File: 1651022605261.jpeg (186.64 KB, 857x1473, C1C6BE4C-DE3B-484F-9EB9-801D17…)

2/6 (so hilarious!)

No. 209391

File: 1651022640610.jpeg (208.52 KB, 823x1463, 24FE4265-FFFA-4E14-92E3-E26E75…)


No. 209392

File: 1651022765429.jpeg (178.3 KB, 830x1464, 709B361C-03B6-4496-8B10-D8BC90…)


No. 209394

File: 1651022876743.jpeg (149.08 KB, 839x1456, C2D808A6-013A-4391-A25A-D6B8C5…)


No. 209396

File: 1651022973606.jpeg (180.62 KB, 847x1502, 19AF04A3-F518-4646-8C2E-33CB9E…)

such a delightful sense of humor! Manaki must be so happy she’s back.

No. 209400

this is presumably copy pasted from whatever subreddit or whatever that she gets her menTal iLlneSS memes

No. 209407

Well they didn’t cure her of her attention seeking. Idk how she isn’t embarrassed by showing everyone how desperate she is to be payed attention to

No. 209408

File: 1651032447142.png (1.61 MB, 1242x2208, 2E63D681-E817-4B7B-8BFE-C45715…)


No. 209409

File: 1651032520467.png (5.45 MB, 1242x2208, 4F38D7C4-2F59-414F-9F9C-19C453…)

No. 209497

She's delecting comments telling her to get help

No. 209500

This is an imageboard. Show comments vs her deleting them. No1currs about your unsaged info. This is an imageboard.

No. 209528

It’s hard to tell if she’s really loosing it or if it is her dark humour or if she really is going insane or even attention seeking

No. 209556

File: 1651096364768.png (1.65 MB, 1242x2208, 3BE626DC-F1AA-478A-9A09-04560A…)

beenoos can’t help but act like a hoe to complete strangers
it’s so embarrassing

No. 209582

File: 1651110810968.jpg (112.9 KB, 1193x814, 3.JPG)

Video's kinda funny, the song, lol.
Can't post the actual vid, you have to click on it on her IG. Good to see she seems a lot better anyway.

No. 209589

It’s not “funny” and I doubt she’s “doing a lot better.” She’ll be back to her old drunk grifting ways, just like she has been for years now. You keep cheering her on though, like all her other clueless IG fans (go ahead, tell her how brave she is and how pretty she looks too!)

No. 209594

She's just attention seeking. First she claimed she was hit by a bus but only showed her wounded hand, then she had her totally srs suicide attempt that she posted kawaii edited selfies of and now she's bitching about how she ended up in the nuthouse for telling people she wanted to die and how it was not comfy enough for her.

She looked absolutely fine in her ER selfies just a couple of days after supposedly jumping in front of a bus, was in no apparent distress during her cutting episode and now is upset that people did not coddle her enough at the mental hospital.

How this bitch still gets any sympathy is beyond me.

No. 209598

She gets sympathy because she suicide bates her audience which is comprised of weeb teenie bopper minors and "she's like this because of her abusive childhood so we need to be sympathetic toward her!" morally righteous fags. Anyone w/ half a functioning brain just laughs at this bitch.

No. 209607

Couldn't agree more with you anon

No. 209608

So she’s doing the Patrick Bateman ‘vibes’
I have no doubt she has mental issues but she clearly thrives on getting attention from it. Guess Marge never gave her attention as a child

No. 209627

I wonder how she feels knowing that taylor took a trip to the ER to have a child with her cash cow and then there’s her going to the ER cause of her lame suicide attempt?

No. 209636

>> Guess Marge never gave her attention as a child

I think she gave her too much attention, but too much of the wrong attention, like focusing on what ability she might have or how she was developing and her appearance, and that was part of the problem, that sort of nitpicking on one's appearance and abilities, or lack of, when growing up can be very damaging.

No. 209651

Waow! Venus Chan finally got Cartier! Hope she has a chance to wear it during her visit to the ment.. errrr luxury five star location!

No. 209674

Dude. Taylor was born into an upper middle class family, had a normal childhood with loving parents and grandparents, has modelesque genetics, (unlike Marge who passed on the broad faced Neolithic farmer genes to her daughter) she has a stable personality. Of course she is “wife material” for rich Asian guys.
Venus on the other hand was abused from the childhood and repeatedly chooses to broadcast her mental illness instead of quietly checking into a mental hospital or getting regular help. She drinks on top of that which makes matters worse.. she is the prime target for Asian sugar daddies to exploit. I really hope at least she is using protection and doesn’t catch STD’s.

No. 209692

>> abused from the childhood
This “abuse” is greatly exaggerated. Oh, Bad Mommy moved her around too much and said mean things to her, ohmigod the ABUSE of it all! Give me a break with this shit.

No. 209696

yeah ok but venoos said she’s jealous of taylor and how she got everything she always wanted, hence the comment

No. 209719


Got to disagree with you about Taylor's looks, you might think she's all that but not everybody would. I don't find her face at all interesting or desirable, I might not like Venus much as a person but I vastly prefer her looks over taylor's anyday. Taylor just looks like nearly everybody else you see around, typical american look, nothing of any real interest and instantly forgettable.

No. 209722

Sure. But even so, looking normal or average is still way better than looking like venoos, who looks old and sick due to her cringe lifestyle

No. 209729

The simple fact that Taylor isn't a raging mentally ill narcissist like Venus is why she was successful in getting her sugar daddy to wife and impregnate her. Before alcoholism and skipping showers, Venus was pretty and did the same "kawaii weeb pedo bate" asthetic as Taylor, Dakota, and all the other living dolls that flocked to Japan to fake the weeb dream life online for attention. So I'm pretty sure Venus's behavior is what drove off any potential sugar daddies. Mana is a doormat who can't get laid to save his life apparently, and even he got fed up w/ her shit

No. 209744

but you can't put aside the fact she was already literally married before she started looking for proper sugar daddies. that can't have helped

No. 209760


I agree. Yes, Venus had a difficult childhood but this does not excuse all the shit she has done in the past. Many people went through a difficult/abuse or painful childhood and a lot of them made something out of their life. Venus likes to play the victim and she lines using her „abused“ childhood as an excuse for her lifestyle. If she really wanted to change something in her life then she already could have done it by searching help etc.

No. 209769

File: 1651229551753.png (565.09 KB, 750x1212, IMG_6194.png)

No. 209770

File: 1651229579166.png (406.73 KB, 1077x1089, Screenshot_20220429-013313.png)

No. 209773

She's 25. 25. Talking like this on the internet.

No. 209774

No. 209822

Idk what there even is to compare between Venus and Taylor.
Venus looks like a sickly grandma and Taylor looks like her face was pumped full of filler to the point of looking alien-like and puffy.
Neither of them look good anymore to me, although I did think they looked pretty before the plastic surgery and fucked up health

No. 209977


Can anyone explain this? What is it supposed to mean? I don't get what the message is meant to be. What is she trying to say or imply?

No. 209996

The only retarded reason I can think of is that it has alcohol. Seems stupid enough to match Venus though

No. 210017

Just the same crap she used to brag about in her menhera/lesbian/meds&sex addiction phases, but now with alcohol.

No. 210024

Her suicide ideation is definitely aggrandized to fit an aesthetic, just like all the "abuse" she aggrandized. Once she adopted the menhera style she started claiming she cut, but we never saw any cuts on her body. She wore a bandage one time, started making posts like, "F me daddy or I'll kill myself" and talking about helium tanks and even cosplayed the menhera girl. Not sure if menhera involves drinking, but she started showcasing alcohol in her streams during her menhera/sexy thot girl phase. She even admit that the wine in her Manaki hate video was a prop to "seem mature." She was drinking well before menhera and jirai phases but didn't showcase it because back then she was larping a kawaii weeb girl, so although I do genuinely believe she is an alcoholic, her showcasing it once she adopted menhera and then jirai, does not seem like a cry for help, but merely showcased for an aesthetic. She made sure to hide it in her kawaii phase. Once she shifted to jirai, all her issues: alcohol, cutting, suicide, mental breakdowns suddenly escalated, are extra embellished and publicly showcased, because that's what this aesthetic is about. She even posted a picture giving her "haters" the finger. Super typical of jirai girls.

Which is why I think she isn't genuinely suicidal, but doing it for the aesthetic. It's not a "cry for help" from someone who is on the verge of ending themselves. She had almost zero injuries from supposedly jumping in front of a bus. She obviously embellished the incident, maybe almost getting hit unintentionally while drunk and falling over and then embellished that as an intentional suicide attempt. Cutting herself and snapping photos while claiming to be in a hallucinogenic state also sounds fabricated. If she was in such a bad state, she wouldn't even consider snapping photos. It reminds me of the time in her menhera phase where she posted a carefully edited selfie with some suicide bait caption. When anons pointed it out, she posted a less flattering image with a helium tank caption to seem more believable. Also why would you need to snap photos if you're genuinely trying to die?

She is again embellishing for the aesthetic. And people seem to forget she quite literally admit to making up abuse and suicide bait stories. I thought that was sarcasm at first, but it's clear as day it's true now. She still has issues, like most cows, but this suicide stuff is not legitimate. Just like all the abuse she claims to have faced from everyone. She embellishes. She is just like Marge in that regard.

No. 210034

>it's all for the aesthetic
I agree and I think that this is an angle that adds some subtlety to the Marge abuse blame vs. Venus' responsibly for herself debate (which shouldn't really be a debate, just a discussion, since people have spent thousands of years wondering about free will etc., we're not going to solve it here).

The angle is, rather than Margo's potential abuse making Venus a 'bad' person, the beliefs that Margo instilled in Venus from the start are behind the problems. Beliefs that could be like
>All there is is your appearance (and aesthetic)
>All life is is a thing where people who like your appearance give you money
>There is no 'truth' except your image
etc. It's possible that Venus can not conceive life as existing when you aren't seen. If you were just doing work in a room/office by yourself for example.

If you ask Christian people why they think there is god they say "look at a tree in the wind, you can just see God working there, it's obvious", if you ask atheist people why they don't believe in god they say "look at a tree in the wind, you can just see there's no room for a god to be working there, it's obvious". Because these are the lenses of belief from parent's instruction that shape people's whole engagement with the world.

I think telling Venus that if she switched off the internet and got for a part-time job at a business, she wouldn't cease to exist, might be like trying to tell one of the above people that there is/isn't God in the moving tree

No. 210038

and btw beliefs do change when you experience something that doesn't match it. and venus experience so far has probably just enforced the Margaret 'Palermo' lense

No. 210042

>>If you ask Christian people why they think there is god

Exactly, and it's also an explanation for all the brainwashed muslims in the world.

No. 210060

File: 1651311124025.png (7.02 MB, 1170x2532, 4EF9FD8A-F498-47BB-AFF4-9EF51A…)

Venus: I stopped drinking 3 weeks ago
Also Venus: my 17th day of staying sober
Maths 💯💯💯👏👏👏

No. 210061

She's so proud of her "alcoholism". I bet if she wasn't in Japan and could access more hard drugs she'd make those a quirky personality trait for herself too, were she addicted for real or not.

No. 210095

If she wasn't in Japan, she would just be Luna

No. 210096

Her “drinking career” is a LOT longer than 2 years. More like 10. She’s been binge drinking since she was a teen. (and no being a long-term drunk is not cute or cool like she’s trying to make it seem, it’s nasty and ugly.)

No. 210104

Japan endorses alcoholism

No. 210180

No. 210197


Excuse my ignorance, but who is that?

No. 210201


Well if it's the fat bitch called Luna that I found when doing a search, I don't really see the connection but I wanted to say something in relation to >>874909 in her thread but it seems it is finished with, but honestly…

How the actual fuck can anyone be proud of being so grossly overweight? She'd look alright if she wasn't so fat. Her top half isn't so bad, but below the waist, ugly.

I don't really see any relevance between her and Venus though, but I don't know anything about her so I suppose there must be some connection ?

No. 210224

File: 1651380118635.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1242x1692, FA45E021-39E7-4B60-BC01-B0EF46…)

~sober and healing~

No. 210229

she was drinking listerine…? holy shit
RIP any stomach health she did have left

No. 210233

I have a feeling she's lying about some things she has done. Sure she may be an alcoholic but drinking listerine.. Doubt it.

No. 210240

Drinking mouthwash is a tactic alcoholics do when they can't get their hands on other alcohol. But from my own experiences in Japan, mouthwash doesn't seem to be all too common to purchase.

No. 210241

She's just playing this whole alcoholism thing up to gain pity and sympathy and to excuse her shitty behavior

No. 210251

I wonder what AA anon thinks of this. If 17th days are her record, her AA sober witch was complete bullshit

No. 210301


Isn't everything she says complete bullshit?


She could maybe try isopropyl alcohol, it's realy cheap on amazon, I've bought it before for it's proper purposes, not to drink, but it's 100% so she'd need to dilute it first with water or fruit juice, and at least she'd be getting some nutrition from the fruit juice.

She could have tried methylated spirits, but I think they have put something really unpleasant tasting in it nowadays to discourage recreational use, (the spoilsports, always trying to nanny people and put a stop to their fun) but Venus could bring meths drinking back into fashionable use if she could find some without the added nastiness.

Quite honestly, I don't know why she hasn't ever tried to get a job as a hostess, she'd get to be bought drinks for all the time, though she probably wouldn't be able to maintain a reasonable appearance and wouodn't be able to keep herself together enough to do the work. Maybe she already tried it and failed? but if she could keep it together it would be an ideal occupation for her and she could make a lot of money.

No. 210330

Or idk, she could just drink regular alcohol like wine and sake if she wants to drink? What are you talking about kek

No. 210340

Why would she go through the trouble of mixing isopropyl alcohol and fruit juice? What situation would she be in where she would have to resort to that, instead of just buying her normal alcoholic beverages of choice like she always does? The only time she's away from alcohol is when she's in the nuthouse, where she obviously wouldn't be allowed to concoct that ghetto shit you just described

No. 210379

Isopropyl or rubbing alcohol is not safe to drink. It’s not the same as drinking alcohol and can really damage anyone who drinks it. Ofc addicts will resort to it in desperate situations but I’ve heard families of alcoholics rather give them actual drinking alcohol and not that other shit.

And about alternate jobs, I always wondered why she didn’t get some sort of certification to teach languages since she seems to speak many? Instead of going down the hoe path

No. 210383


I only mentioned that because of the talk about alkies resorting to mouthwash if they can't get alcoholic drinks for some reason and because she made some joke bout Listerine. Though I don't see that any alternative would be easier to get than just normal alcoholic drink anyway, but just thinking if she's desperate and needs something in stock. But she'd really have to remember to dilute it first.

No. 210386

>Venus makes an offhand joke with a generic alcoholic meme she got from the first page of r/aclymemes or whatever
>cue 20 posts about how you need to dilute hand sanitiser if you want to drink it
Stop being like this you freaks. Stop fucking espousing on whatever you feel like and pretending it's on topic

No. 210416

I won't believe a single word from that compulsive liar anymore.
100% sure she's still faking for attention. Rinse and repeat.

No. 210418

Definitely. Especially these hand sanitizer, disinfectant towel things.. She's just trying to be quirky and edgy.

No. 210482

File: 1651507495759.jpg (293.82 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20220502-150639_Ins…)

No. 210511


Yes, but tbh, talking about alcohol alternatives is more ONtopic for this thread than the endless discussions that have gone on here, at length, about schools in Swissland, education and diplomas in Germany or whatever and the state of health care there and other boring shit like that. None of which applies to Venus in any way, only in the minds of those who try to make it so.

Venus is all about drinking, sex, and living in Japan. But anytime any of those subjects get touched on in any way there are screams of off topic, whereas the boring shit about study and schools which do not apply to Venus and never will, are considered on topic here.


No. 210514


All she's realy being is boring.


OMG, she's become literary.
She'll be doing book reviews next.
As if she couldn't get anymore boring.

No. 210610

And you repeat this every thread, shut the fuck up already, you shit these threads up as much as those "go back to Switzerland" people and your writing style sounds like the person who was posting gross bondage porn…fuck off faggot

No. 210612

This person has a unique writing style where they write multiple paragraphs to state 1 thing. Multiple sentences repeat the exact thing stated in previous sentences. Please solidify your thoughts so you say them 1 time, anon.

I am maybe overly sensitive but I am tired of this poster repeating themselves like they are writing a 4th grade essay. I teach in elementary school so I pick up on this repetitive style quickly. It isn’t effective writing for a 10 year old. You’d get a C. Just say your thought 1 time or go away. You shouldn’t be writhing essay here anyway

Also you are a weird perv

No. 210617

I would recognize this retard anytime too. Here we go again.

I lol'd hard…a new phase maybe ?

No. 210798

Is she really an Alcoholic? I mean yea she drinks a lot but would a real alcoholic be okay after just 3 weeks? I don't think it's that easy.

No. 210803

My guess is that she is not. I think she drinks to get away from the life that she clearly doesn't enjoy, not because muh physical addiction. You'd convince me she's an alcoholic when she's still drinking once she has no other reason to want to be out of her mind. So, probably never lol

No. 210823

Same goes with her 'hallucinations'. Nobody would take selfies/snaps/IG stories during psychotic decompensations.

No. 210827


Snowflakes have been trigg-erd I see.

>>My guess

We want facts, not ur guesses.

>> I think she drinks to get away from the life that she clearly doesn't enjoy,

Because no one could ever possibly enjoy a life living in Japan, right?!

Venus drank before she ever lived the life she lives now and she'd most likely drink if she started living a different life, even if she lived it in the "oh so superior" {not} western world!

Some peeps just like to drink, end of.
Venus pretends to have more of a problem with it than she does to get people worrying so that much is right.
As to whether she's an actual alkie or not, it depends on who is making that judgement and what criteria they use to make it.(infighting)

No. 210828

youre a fucking sped who needs to quit writing novels here

No. 210849

Counting down the days until she posts about Red Scare podcast.

No. 210856


Truth hurts.

Just calling out bullshit when I see it. And I see it quite often here.
Far too many sweeping statements and assumptions being made. Stop doing it and I'll stop commenting on it. Simples.

No. 210868

Why are you even here? you're a lolcow yourself

No. 210893

retarded japan obsessed chan is so oblivious to how dumb and self obsessed they are. Could easily make a case for a thread herself.

No. 210895

File: 1651708619078.jpg (369.83 KB, 1080x1895, IMG_20220505_015547.jpg)

No. 210896

File: 1651708654280.jpg (778.88 KB, 1080x1583, IMG_20220505_015345.jpg)

No. 210897

File: 1651708735646.jpg (211.25 KB, 1080x574, IMG_20220505_015854.jpg)

No. 210898

File: 1651708756367.jpg (385.75 KB, 1080x1898, IMG_20220505_015405.jpg)

No. 210899

File: 1651708808079.jpg (349.97 KB, 1080x1884, IMG_20220505_015426.jpg)

No. 210900

File: 1651708830223.jpg (269.32 KB, 1059x1777, IMG_20220505_015508.jpg)

No. 210901

File: 1651708857322.jpg (313.25 KB, 1080x1726, IMG_20220505_015528.jpg)

No. 210906

what fucking age are we living in where someone things 'no makeup but snow filter' is worth seeing. oh the computer did change the size of my eyes and the shape of my face completely, but i don't have mascara, so…?

No. 210913

You're 25 venus…

No. 210915


They're not hot, only in your disordered mind, venus.

No. 210916


Never knew her real eyes were so washed out looking. Not nice.

No. 210917

It's the filter, makes everything on her face look washed out

No. 210920

Anon we don’t need to see every single fucking inane thing she posts on her stories. Okay? Thanks.

No. 210922

ignore this retard. Since that's the only actual activity from her there is, I'll gladly take it over infighting

No. 210933

(Anon didn’t say anything about Japan, you nut)

No. 210949

It’s an image board…

Keep calm and take your pills, sweetheart.

No. 210950

Sage goes where ?
Japan paedo cow is becoming more and more hilarious. Seriously considering a thread rn.
Peenus is cringier than a 12yo going through teenage rebellion at this point. Wait until she reaches 40 if she's lucky enough, we're not done with the kek yet.

No. 210960

what bs have you called out? all you do is post your taste in ugly men and gay porn, your juvenile japan obsession and autistic rants like >>210301 about mixing juice and isopropyl alcohol in response to some shitty JOKE venus made. waaah, the powers that be discourage people from drinking methylated spirits which are fucking poison…you probably hate the warning labels against huffing glue too huh, you fuckin brain damaged retard

you do deserve your own thread lmao

No. 210999

Pretty sure that's a gay scrotoid (porn-obsessed, keep writing essays on farmers being stuck-up prudes and snowflakes)
Report him like I do, hopefully he will be permaban.

No. 211013


You can be as sure as you like because that only reflects what is in your own mind, it doesn't make it true. You write the script about what you think someone is like merely because they don't fit in with your own worldview.
I'm female and don't even watch porn but you go on believing what you want and I'll go on making fun of you for it, and I'll go on pitying you for it too, because I do, you poor ignorant soul.

No. 211168

File: 1651802123222.jpg (170 KB, 1291x518, sense.JPG)

It's not often, if ever, I see something in Kiwifarms that makes much sense about venus, but this post here they've got spot on. About quite a few points that get routinely trotted out as if as if, she only needs to do this, or that, or whatever, if only she was in europe or america, or wherever, her mother did this or that, whatever, same old same old, props to this person for writing something that actually makes fucking sense.

No. 211191

This is gonna be chopped full of sage: At first the only reason I thought she should fuck off back to Europe was because she's a NEET in Japan living off of a scam marriage visa, and anyone who knows anything about Japanese visas knows that this is astronomical levels of retardation. Her options as far as getting a, degree or entertainment visa so she could get sponsored employment are like -9000% at this point.
But then I realized this is Venus. She's a lazy cow that thinks she's too good for regular 9-5 jobs. So, the fact that she's in deportation limbo (hinging on if Manaki finally grows a pair and divorces her ass) means nothing because she's never been trying to lead a stable, comfortable life in Japan. The country is just a playground for her to leech clout off of because minor tweenie weebs, who don't know anything about Japan outside of kawaii aesthetic, anime, maid cafes, and hello kitty, eat whatever she does up. Like that retard from the last threat talking about being jealous of this dumpster fire trainwreck's life just for the simple fact she's living in Japan.
If Venus got deported and was stuck living in Europe for a long period of time, she'd fade into obscurity, just like all the other Gaijin cows who couldn't reenter Japan during lockdown (see Briana Slaughter or Dakota Rose for details) and were stuck living in not Japan for over a year. It was hilarious to see how fast their weeb fans stopped caring about them when they couldn't flood their feed with being in Japan anymore.

No. 211200

>Her options as far as getting a, degree or entertainment visa so she could get sponsored employment are like -9000
Why do you even mention these things? Who said this is what she should want to get?

No. 211225

No girl on the internet says I'm 'female' kek. They'll say I'm a woman, or I'm a girl at least. You sound like a shitty incel AND you just sold yourself, gay pedo japan tard.

Suuuure you know everything and we, ignorants, know nothing. Certainly, certainly.
The more you spread your science, the less you know kek. But we're all projecting, yeah yeah.
Truth hurts like you said.

Standing ovation for that anon. A shame 99% of her viewers completely lost their brain cells and won't open their eyes.
Sad for them, not for us.

No. 211347

I’m not the other anon, but I tell people I’m a female, as well as a woman or girl depending on what I feel like saying, you dumb cunt. Grow up. :/(:/)

No. 211364

File: 1651921791920.png (255.24 KB, 700x700, 1650964817920.png)


Shut up you sperg, stop derailing the thread with your autism.

No. 211377

You’re the one acting autistic.

No. 211391

She is engaged now and said she will post about that on onlyfans. Wonder when she will actually divorce mana, in Japan women can’t remarry within 6months after divorce so what will she do with her visa during that time?

No. 211398

File: 1651935855192.jpg (98.47 KB, 687x1212, 02039002.JPG)

Now Venus says Marge convinced Mana to marry her, but I clearly remember she said Marge vehemently opposed her marrying a factory worker but she loved him, blah blah blah. Her story on anything changes every fucking time she opens her mouth

No. 211400

She has been saying that for a long time: her mother forced her into it, and she opposed it. I guess her mother opposed it at first and then got convinced after a while.

No. 211412

I can't imagine Marge encouraging Venus to marry anyone, because marrying Venus off would result in a loss of control over her no matter what, and why would Marge have wanted less power?

No. 211414

File: 1651943995622.png (885.14 KB, 828x1792, CDF436BA-04A4-47FC-A2B9-490DA1…)


No. 211422

File: 1651948150635.jpeg (239.85 KB, 808x1329, 3D8E2854-F3C9-4CF6-B0B8-E62F7B…)

Bwahaha. Has she found some gullible desperate old Japanese mark to give her a ring and a new spouse visa? If so (and I really hope it is) the entertainment value will be astronomical.

No. 211425

So now she is saying that marg convinced mana to marry venus and she wanted out so she agreed. WTF! a new lie about the marriage again. First it was "my mom hated he was a factory worker" "I escaped so we can marry" "my mom didn't want me to marry mana" jesus. People still think venus was abused? unbelievable

No. 211470

Old news. She literally did a video/stream reading her own threads and we've been knew way before that too.

No. 211509


It's hilarious how they always assume somebody else is me as soon as anyone says something reasonable, they're just trolls basically, they only want people who agree with them, that is you have to hate Japan and Japanese people and you have to think that Venus is the ugliest thing that ever lived, if you say anything not rigidly adhering to that restricted and limited viewpoint they start arguments, report you and try to get you banned. I ignore most of it, until it gets too ridiculous to ignore, then I say something and they go ballistic, it's quite funny really, and very predictable.


They're either extremely autistic or just like to start arguments and troll, which derails, they then accuse the one they picked on of derailing. I can only shudder in horror at what they must look like because all that amount of hate can't be coming from a good place.(integrate)

No. 211512


Even if she has a fiance now, there's no guarantee he will stay her fiance long enough for her to be able to obtain another marriage visa. Can she really take that chance? If she goes through with the divorce and is unmarried, how can she risk that the guy won't marry her and then she would probably have to nip across to Korea for a weekend every six months on a tourist visa or whatever it is people do who want to stay in Japan with no real reason other than that they like it.

No. 211515

>> “I ignore most of it”
>> constantly sperges about this

No. 211517


She relys solely on scam marriage visas to stay in glorious Nippon so she would most likely do exactly what you wrote. But this engagement definitely accounts for the "Im sober now guise" because she's clearly trying to convince this simp she's not a raging alcoholic basketcase.

I guess Mana finally went through w/ the divorce. That's prob why she went on that tirade during her livestream talking about wanting to kill him.

No. 211527

I wonder if her new fiance is her pimp

No. 211547

Roflmao I was thinking the very same

No. 211550


'Wow those meanies are so hateful they must be ugly irl and have a sad life1!!!' megakek.


Once that guy will have had sex with her 2 or 3 times she will get dumped, because she clearly doesn't know how to keep a man.

No. 211551

I wonder what it must be like to mary Venus? To be engaged and your partner “jumps in front of a bus” overdoses on prescriptions and alcohol, and goes to inpatient.

(I think individuals who love and support their partners with mental illness are wonderful… but with Venus it seems somehow impossible to actually love her, and trust she loves you back?)

No. 211576

It's incredibly exhausting. Every time you do something that displeases them or things don't go their way, they will engage in self-destructive behaviors to spite you/get pity. One moment you're a saint to them, the next you're the enemy. It's upsetting and stressful in the beginning because you still care about that person and you're terrified that they might harm themselves. Eventually you start seeing through their bullshit and it just becomes frustrating. Then you either put your foot down and remove them from their lives or develop anxiety/depression because of all the fucked up shit they put you through.

I bet her gigachad fiancé is the same poor bastard she called a motherfucker and abusive/insane (don't remember which one and can't be arsed to look it up) during her suicide baiting saga. I also bet they're not actually engaged and she's still shacked up with Manaki.

No. 211578


Manaki is that you?

Because this is legit what happened with Manaki. At somepoint he finally realized she was an abusive substance addicted psycho. Cows like Venus don't change their ways. After this new visa is valid, she'll be back to her antics and probably talking about how this new guy is a big meanie who mistreats her.

No. 211584

I feel like this suicide baiting was for forcing her current bf to propose her.

No. 211590

>>Once that guy will have had sex with her 2 or 3 times she will get dumped, because she clearly doesn't know how to keep a man.

Well they've probably already had sex much more than 2 or 3 times as it seems like she's been with this one for a while. As for how long it will last, will be interesting to see.

No. 211591

>>and trust she loves you back?)

I doubt she'a actually capable of experiencing what it's like to actually truly love another person.

No. 211594


I once had a suicidal boyfriend, I told him if he really wanted to do it, he would make sure next time and that it was just attention seeking, so he made sure and offed himself and made sure I was the one who found him, I guess he thought I would feel guilty for evermore, but I didn't, I was over it in six months, actually met someone new the same night right after it had happened and transferred my affections to him for a while.

The point I'm making is that people like Venus need to realise that if they did off themselves, thinking that someone is going to be devastated and be guilt ridden for ever, they won't, they will get over it and find someone new, somebody else who might not be suicidal, in my case, that wasn't the case as the new boy made a suicide attempt too but not nearly as serious, I must attract those types, but whatever.

But if Venus is thinking that if she did it, it would show them and make them pay for ever in guilt, it wouldn't, so she needs to stop with all the crap and value her existence in the world and not be dependent on anyone for anything because right now she is too dependent on just about everyone, her husband, future husband, any friends she has, Japan, and her viewers and followers, she needs to only be dependent on herself.(no1curr about your suicidal scrote)

No. 211595

File: 1652034723566.jpg (41.05 KB, 651x278, 1.JPG)

Aw bless! LOL

No. 211596

File: 1652035059870.jpg (42.47 KB, 587x455, 2.JPG)


And the responses. I totally agree with the peeps who tell the moron to stay off the internet, but as she then goes on to say she's seventeen years old and therefore not a fucking kid, stop whining about not wanting to see lewds because of your fucking age!

It's about time they stopped thinking of young adults as being kids anyway because it's ridiculous when everyone knows they are sex obsessed anyway, at least most of them and actual kids wouldn't be like that.

But as to her posting journal type stuff on her OF, isn't that going to piss off people who have paid to join it and they won't want to see journal type content unless that too features nudey type stuff.

No. 211610

who cares about some random fucktard? are you going to post screenshots of all 9000 other idiots from her comments as well?

No. 211613

Holy shit anon you sound like a total sociopath. Telling a suicidal person to go ahead and kill themselves is one of the worst things you can say to them. You should have just cut him out of your life completely, and gotten a restraining order if needed. What you did instead was horrible and you should absolutely feel bad about it.

No. 211614


Stop making generalizations, not everyone think or feel the way you do fortunately

No. 211615

Who cares?

No. 211643

they're showing that venus is still in a position of inappropriately overlapping kiddie bullshit and being a porn performer. This just reminded me that venus old uwu i'm baby makeup/craft videos are still up and probably getting a few views, from kids I guess who then like her and end up seeing her socials with her stupid porn links

No. 211658


Funny, I've not seen much sympathy or understanding for Venus on here, in fact most have got no time at all for her, "suicide baiting" etc and she's been told to get on and do it and that people who say they will, never do, what hypocrisy to come on all holier than thou when someone out of exasperation tells someone to do it, obviously not beleiving they will, just like what Venus does but no one cares about that.

No. 211662

I honestly don't understand how anyone with a functioning brain still feels sympathy for Venus at this point. It's painfully obvious that everything she does is for attention and to cause drama. She thrives off shit like suicide baiting and all the teenagers in her comments telling her "they're worried about her " and shit. Don't think for a second none of this shit isn't calculated, because this bitch would die if she had to live a stable, normal, mundane life.

She's exactly like her mother. Marg could block Venus, delete her emails, and move on with her life. But she doesn't. Instead she runs to the internet to post the emails so her retarded fans can talk about how "mother knows best" and make her a martyr in her comment section.

The only thing I give Venus over Marg is she hasn't brought a child into her sideshow. Other than that, they're both mega Moo Moos.

No. 211683

File: 1652094007130.png (959.23 KB, 1125x1953, IMG_3452.png)

No. 211684

File: 1652094037375.png (706.2 KB, 859x489, unknown.png)

No. 211685

Manaki will finally be free!

No. 211686

what is it

No. 211687

Hope he doesn't have to pay her alimony or anything like that. He deserves totally untied from this abusive leech

No. 211690


I hope there will a close saying she can't badmouth him online because when the divorce will be done, she will like crazy.

No. 211691

Is alimony a thing even without kids?

No. 211698

can a person really just jump from one marriage visa to the next without any consequence in japan? wouldn't that look suspicious or like fraud?

child support and alimony are different things, so yeah. idk if alimony is even a thing in japan though.

No. 211723

I think she has to wait 6 months
minimum before she can get another scam marriage visa.

No. 211733

Yes in Japan women have to wait 6m before they can remarry, and you can sue your ex husband even without kids if they cheated on you and you have evidence. But she was the one who cheated so she can’t go with that.. the problem is her visa, it won’t be valid after the divorce so she has to change it or leave the country once

No. 211744

>>The only thing I give Venus over Marg is she hasn't brought a child into her sideshow.

Well she has plenty of time to do that,she's only 25, women can get pregnant up to around 50 even without ivf, my mother did at 45 when she thought she was 'safe', so Venus has plenty of time to get pregnant, even if her body is not exactly that suitable, Nature doesn't always care about that, if it did, then drug addicts and alcoholics would never be able to get pregnant, or severely disabled or mentally ill people, but they do, so she could still get pregnant, unless she's sterile, which is a possibility given what she did with the illegal surgery, but no one knows for sure if she is sterile, they just speculate about it.

No. 211746


That's awful. She looks like an old witch. Has she gone back to the horrendous editing, or is her face really like that? No one's face ends in such a sharp point, what is wrong with her if she thinks it does? It's not attractive, jut ugly.

No. 211747

>>what is it

A witch and a giant panda.

No. 211752

>>her visa, it won’t be valid after the divorce so she has to change it or leave the country once

I don't see they'd make her leave the country at once, especially if she's actually officially engaged to be married to another Japanese citizen.

If she has to get another, different kind of visa, she would surely have the sense to get that sorted out in advance? And then wait until she can apply for another marriage visa.

Given that she insisted she was lesbian and now seems not to be, I wonder if things would be different with her if gay marriage was legal in japan? Maybe if it was, she would be marrying a woman for a visa? It seems odd that she was so definite about being gay, but never gives it a mention now.

No. 211753

Oh happy day! It’s the dawn of a new era. This is gonna be so, so good.

We should start a betting pool- how long before this “fiance” bails? I give it 6 months, tops.

No. 211754

If this dude wises up and bails she is fucked because she cant stay in Japan and will have to try and get a new scam visa from outside the country. NGL this would make for hella milk cuz she was turbo sperge

No. 211756

In one of her stories recently {I can't screenshot stories on IG, in case anyone says this is an imageboard} she said something about she is the most femme femme girly girl imaginable or some stupid shit like that, and I just cringed.

Venus is such a bad example for any young females following her and influenced by her.
I don't mean the pron thing, but she seems to have this horrible idea that to be feminine she has to be stupid and incapable of anything. It's like she embraces the idea of weakness and submissiveness and thinks that is the ideal way for a girl to be, when it is just repulsive.
Women are not naturally like that but are often conditioned into it by the subjugation of men.

Venus needs to find out women can be fierce and strong but still girly and feminine, all the stupidity she tries to emulate is so irritating and annoying and I can't see anyone except the most inadequate man is going to find that attractive.
She will only attract losers trying to be control freaks if she keeps going with that little weak female shtick.

No. 211768

Cry about it. No one cares about the bitch prostitute Venus.

No. 211791

yes, shouting how GAY GAY GAY you are and then dropping it forever would be odd from anyone else, but not Venus. She's an established liar who will do/say anything for attention, so it's perfectly in character for her.

Her retarded followers eat shit like that up. That's all that short lived phase boiled down to: Attention. Of course she wouldn't marry a woman even if it was legal there. 1, she's obviously not really into women (JEALOUS of other women is more accurate) 2, there's undoubtedly far more gross idiot men willing to take her useless ass in. No need to waste time pretending to be lesbian, when she can just convince one of the gross old men she brags about fucking for Cartier to marry her like she's apparently done now

No. 211800

File: 1652123948134.png (12.12 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_7323.png)

No. 211801

Wanna bet this marriage will never happen (so this divorce)?

No. 211803


Is that extensions? In the back view she posted of her new hair recently on ig, some fool in the comments section was praising her and asking: How come her hair stays so lovely and healthy? She replied she didn't think it was but she said nothing about the fact that it is not even her own hair but mainly false.

No. 211811

Her fiance is most likely just her pimp. Like her "manager" used to be.

No. 211816

Does she not wash her fringe?

No. 211820

Ken/ manager-san/ current fiancé They're most likely the same person

No. 211843

what is it from?

No. 211846

Did she ever post that relationship update?

No. 211855

Her most recent OF post was April 20 lol

No. 211861


Do you mean where is the picture from?
It's on Insta, liked by LovelyLor, no less.

If you mean is it a cosplay of some anime or something, then I've no idea.

No. 211867

I think it's a trend in Japan. Whenever I come across some japanese post on IG, they have greasy looking bangs.

No. 211884

I think it was the opposite. Venus wanted to live in Japan so bad and not wait, that their only option was visa scam. Marge supported it with the notion that she could tag along (and probably find a Japanese national herself or stay in close proximity abusing tourist visas until Venus can sponsor her). It makes sense she'd want tag along, as no mom would want their kid going alone to a foreign country with a man they shittalked to their own mother. Marge also said Venus had second doubts on the marriage and was considering studying in Korea and Marge supported that too. Basically, Marge enabled her. Venus wanted to live in Japan and Marge found her ways of doing so. Venus finally decided on marriage but told Margo she couldn't come along. Marge was vehemently against the marriage afterwards (which honestly makes sense as again, no mom would want their teen kid moving away permanently to live with a foreign man she barely knew in a foreign country she barely spoke the language). Marge also disliked Manaki after Venus shittalked him to her, but enabled the marriage provided she could stay in close proximity to Venus to keep an eye on her. But it definitely ended with Marge being against the marriage, so Venus claiming it was solely the idea of, arranged and "forced" by Margo is a lie to suit her current situation. Remember, this girl said you can mold reality in anyway you want and as long as you act "cute and innocent", people will side with you.

No. 211887

How can we know for certain she doesn't already have PR? Venus said she didn't need Mana to stay in Japan. I assumed that was just a lie, or she meant that she snagged another gullible visa husband, but is there any chance she actually did get PR? Marge keeps saying she got it through "adoption." Is that viable? And why would Marge randomly think that unless perhaps Venus emailed her and told her that? I am assuming she doesn't have PR simply because she's pushing for this dude to marry her so fast.

No. 211890

The gay thing was so she could have an excuse for getting divorced from Mana conveniently after enough time past where she could technically apply for PR. It was to distract from the illegal visa fraud and no one could judge her then. But she didn't stick with it. She then went for the "he's abusive just like my mom and everyone else in my life" narrative.

No. 211895

>>Remember, this girl said you can mold reality in anyway you want and as long as you act "cute and innocent", people will side with you.

Which is exactly what happens and will go on happening as long as she can keep it up, but it will be difficult once her appearance has aged so much it belies any cute and innocent act and will just make her look ridiculous and a laughing stock if she still tries to keep going with it once her youthful looks have gone.

No. 211896

While I agree Venus' view on femininity is stupid, when you say:
>Women are not naturally like that but are often conditioned into it by the subjugation of men.
That's not really true. Mainstream psychology states that women are both more agreeable and conscientious than men in regards to the Big Five Personality traits and their brains also produce less testosterone according to biology, therefore that makes them less competitive, aggressive and more submissive. If they weren't naturally like that, the "conditioning" you speak of would be largely ineffective. I am not saying women are weak or stupid, but definitely more submissive and less competitive on average than men. It's part of the reason why there are so few women CEOs compared to men, despite westernized feminists espousing the idea that it's all the ominous "patriarchy's" fault and "discrimination" is the only reason for any of womens woes.

Venus thinks behaving the way she does is both "kawaii" to fit her old kawaii aesthetic and "badass" to fit her newfound jirai aesthetic. Neither were ever good examples for her young fans. She is lazy, takes the easy (and illegal) way ie: fraud marriage, online sex work snapping a few pics here and there instead of actually going to work, having responsibilities, a schedule etc, depends on others, feels entitled to lavish things, all adulting is done by Manaki, her managers, fiance etc. She is inept and low IQ because she wants to live a life being taken care of. She even admitted this, rather than apply herself. She's been living this way for so long, it's probably too late for her to learn how to be an actual adult.

No. 211897


Really everyone's different, I've known women who look very masculine in appearance but are quite meek and mild and not competitive or aggressive in any way, but I've also known women who look very feminine and or sexy and yet are extremely aggressive, picking fights with people and also very competitive and combative towards anyone who stands in their way. I do think conditioning is a lot to do with it too, but some people are just the way they are because maybe they were born that way.

No. 211898

Are we really having this “does she have PR” discussion again? No she does not, she’d never qualify for PR. Here are the first 3 requirements you need to satisfy to get PR:

- Good behavior and conduct (no criminal records or traffice offense, payment of taxes…)

- Having sufficient assets or ability to make an independent living (stable job, enough savings…)

- Satisfying all the requirements to maintain the current visa status (maintaining an appropriate job in case of a work visa holder, maintaining a stable marriage in case of a spoues visa holder for example)

She fails all three, obviously. Then there’s this one:

- Having paid taxes and contributions to the official Japanese social security system during the required period and respected the payment deadline at all times

Has she been paying taxes on her online income all these years? Doubtful. Plus there’s a ton of documentation you need to provide:

- Having submitted all the required notifications (change of employers, change of company address etc.) to the Immigration office

Tax records, income records, etc. etc. It’s a ton of paperwork and hoops to jump through. She’d never be able to do all that, she can’t even remember to take a shower and put on clean clothes half the time.

So no, she does not have PR.

No. 211916

She managed to get her new hair look ratty in days. Wow. Good job venus. Take a bath and brush your hair once in a while.

No. 211934

I bet Magro will bring back the "Manaki was murdered long ago by psychopath Veenoos so that divorce is another lie".

No. 211982

Ok so let's review. Some of you are critic with that minor asking if her of will content porn… I'm a full grown woman and if I was a Venus' fan I wouldn't like to see her putting a corn vibrator on her vagina!!!!

Does anyone know if she updated all that gossip shit on her of?

No. 211986

Almost forgot. All that shit about being a girly girl femme was about cutting her hair short.
Venus, darling, I know you read this, I usually have my hair short bc I grow it, then I cut it and I donate it to make wigs for kids with cancer and I swear you have never smelled a more feminine femme girly chick in your fucking uwu life. So think before you talk

No. 212018

Bruv why are people pressed cause she said that? Some people here are lolcows like her lol

No. 212044

Can't wait till she starts crying about her new man

No. 212069

Yall know she about to make up all kinda lies about Manaki.

No. 212072

Right. She’ll have no receipts and will blabber and make incoherent sentences so you can’t make out what she’s saying half the time.

No. 212074


What I don't get is why she said she's going to talk about it on her OF. Surely, that's not the place for it? I mean I don't go to OF but if I was paying to go there to see what Venus posted, I'd be right pissed at only seeing things to read, unless she's going to be putting pictures with it, and even then, people will expect proper OF content.

If she wants to write a journal, she can do that on IG or FB, OF is not the right platform for that, unless she intends to put some shmexy pictures on there with it. - I bet most of it will be made up anyway.

No. 212075


Oh just thought though, she might be uploading it as videos and being shmexy in them. I don't go there so forget that you can post vids there as well as pictures.

No. 212076

As it's Venus I'm talking about, I expect she knows that so many people are interested in her private life and she thinks she can make some money by cashing in on that by putting stuff on her OF and thinking that people will probably pay for that. but would anyone really be interested enough to want to actually pay to hear about that? I know I certainly wouldn't and I can't believe hardly anyone else would either. I mean, why would they?

No. 212109

You guys are shilling conspiracy theories about marriage visas but let me tell you: You can get PR after 5 years of marriage. Even my friend with no Japanese skills & basic English, no job history in Japan was granted a PR after 5 years in Japan.

No. 212123

That's nice for your friend,but I still think its obvious Venus doesnt have permanent residency. She doesn't act like someone whose visa status is secure, she acts desperate to stay in Japan. Hence why she has been hopping from dick to dick searching for someone new to marry, oh and don't forget failed business ventures like Momonga. Plus, why else did she rage about Manaki so many times? Probably because she has much more to lose than him in a divorce: Her visa. And he was definitely holding the threat of divorce over HER head all these years, not the other way around.

I guess she's feeling confident about this new guy marrying her. Of course, I'm skeptical about whether they'll finally go through with the divorce, but hopefully they do, cuz I wanna see this fuckup torpedo another scam visa marriage into the ground

No. 212144

She’s choosing to talk, if at all, on OF because you have to pay to read it. She’s just hoping those of us who follow her for drama will pay for her OF to see what she has to say on Manaki. Its stupid but so is she.

No. 212153


Well I won't be paying to read the shit, most of which will probably be lies anyway, and I doubt that many people will, at least not enough to make a great difference to her bank account, if she even has one.

As she's such a liar and likes writing fiction and drama, why the hell doesn't she write a short novel, or write her life story so far in a published book? She has enough stupid gullible fans left who hang on her every word and worship her like a goddess so they'd be sure to buy it, specially if she loaded it with pictures of her, edited of course, lol.

No. 212155


Don't know about the visa laws but just had a thought, what if she married an old man and he died soon after, what would happen to her visa if she was relying oh a spouse visa? What would happen to anyone relying on that but then became a widow or widower before they had been married five years? Would they be kicked out? That would be harsh for anyone genuinely grieving, but can't see Venus would ever grieve for anyone.

No. 212156

Did you miss where I posted the requirements for getting PR in Japan? It’s not just handed out to everyone who has lived there for five years. You have to APPLY for it and meet all the requirements, which are many, most of which Venus fails to meet. Not even close.
It’s here-

Since you seem to have a problem with reading comprehension, here they are again:

- Good behavior and conduct (no criminal records or traffic offense, payment of taxes…)

- Sufficient assets or ability to make an independent living (stable job, enough savings…)

- Satisfy all requirements to maintain current visa status (maintaining an appropriate job in case of a work visa holder, maintaining a stable marriage in case of a spoues visa holder for example)

- Paid taxes and contributions to the official Japanese social security system during the required period and respected the payment deadline at all times

- Submit all the required documentation (change of employers, change of company address etc.) to the Immigration office

Tax records, income records, etc. etc. It’s a ton of paperwork and hoops to jump through. She’d never be able to do all that, she can’t even remember to take a shower and put on clean clothes half the time.

Do you get it yet, >>212109 ?

No. 212158

Yeah it’s stupid because at least With YT she will be getting paid per view and everyone will want to watch. Nobody is going to want to pay her out of their own pockets to read lies since she never has proof of anything to back up her claims.

No. 212161


Yea it's stupid but I mean it's $6.99 for some decent milk. Her lifestreams definitely don't disappoint for those who are in it for the lolz.

No. 212204

are raging because venus could have what you want so bad but thought was out of reach? because that anon showed it's not actually hard and you yourself listed things off of which, if you were just married and not working, you would just tick 'not applicable'.

No. 212208


There is not such thing like PR in Japan. Everyone know that…

No. 212209


she will be automaticly expelled form Japan…

No. 212215

The only thing “that anon” showed is how clueless they are about PR in Japan. And yes >>212208, PR is a real thing in Japan. Here’s a link that talks about it-


No. 212216

Oh right, just say “not applicable” to everything and they’ll totally give you PR.


No. 212219


Im agree with the anon above me


No. 212223

Venus wash your hair challenge

No. 212259

so if someone never worked, you think they're going to need so submit forms for
>change of employers, change of company address etc.

No. 212304

If somebody never worked they wouldn't fulfill the rest of the requirements on that list, now would they?(derailing)

No. 212308

>There is not such thing like PR in Japan. Everyone know that…

Bummer. The Immigration Services Agency of Japan seems to not know that!

No. 212309

Are you seriously such a zoomer or something that you've never heard of a housewife? No really are we trying to talk reasonable with someone who's underage and doesn't understand that
>paid taxes
means paid taxes that you owe if you earned money - it doesn't mean you randomly have to pony up some money as taxes when you don't have your own income and are supported by someone else. Was this what you meant - or what possible other thing on there do you think is invalidated by (nominally) being a housewife for 5 years?

No. 212319

Its obvious she doesn't have permanent residence, get the fuck over it

No. 212331

This isn't true. After a spouse's death or in the case of a divorce she'd have a little while to report it. After reporting, she would get a grace period to decide what to do. In that time, she'd need to either leave the country or get a different (non-spouse due to the 6 month rule) visa.

No. 212348


How long do tourist visas last? I thought HIMR guy once said his tourist visa was for six months but that seems quite a long time for just a tourist visa.

No. 212365


3 months

No. 212421

For point 1, as far as we know, she has no criminal records, traffic offenses etc (aside from the illegal surgery and visa fraud) but immigration wouldn't be aware of that and is unlikely to investigate Venus' social media.

For point 2, does she actually have to hold a "real" job herself or can it just be Manaki with the job? Does YT count to immigration? She and Mana probably did have some savings.

For the taxes, again, does it count her taxes, independent of Manaki, or can it just be Mana's taxes? Immigration would unlikely be aware she has a YT channel. And there's always the possibility she did pay taxes on YT. We can't be sure.

I doubt she has PR either, since it's supposedly difficult for even legitimate couples to get with stable jobs each, but was just interested if there's even the slightest possibility she could have gotten it.

Exactly. Her OF scrotes don't care about her life updates. And her OG fans on IG care about that. But because she's so greedy to make money, she will once again, not give a shit about her OG fans who are the reason she even got a semblance of influencer status and try to monetize anything and everything, thus catering to the scrotes. Except she's not really catering to them. Does she think her OG fans will buy her OF just for updates? She is such an ungrateful bitch. Just like when she shoved sex work in their faces hoping they'd buy her OF.

No. 212430

Point 1, the criminal record: There’s public drunkenness (many times) and pornography, for starters. She’s promoted her porn openly on her Twitter and Instagram accounts. And she’s pubicly referred to episodes where she was banned from a hotel chain for disruptive behavior and got into an altercation while being drunk on the street. Manaki’s had to go out at 5am to fetch her drunk ass from a karaoke bar at least once that’s been documented, and probably many more times.

That requirement doesn’t specify absence of a criminal record only, it states good behavior and conduct as a requirement.

Point 2: Specifically states Ability to make an independent living - the applicant’s ability, not his/her spouse’s. Also I’m pretty sure Youtube and OF do not qualify as stable jobs.

Point 3: paying taxes- again, refers to the applicant’s tax history, not their spouse’s. The whole point of PR is whether the person applying for it meets the criteria independent of their spouse.(derailing)

No. 212436

>the applicant’s ability, not his/her spouse’s.
This is your interpretation of a translation by a retard with an axe to grind. Perhaps not the best basis to start your logic from

No. 212447

Shes uglier or just as ugly as lori and just as fat. If i ever saw venus irl id blow that hambeasts head off. Hope the slut overdoses

No. 212448

Get over it, weirdo

No. 212452


I don't know anything about Japan's visa requirements or pretend to know, but surely if she's married to a Japanese citizen and it being normal over there for wives to stay home and control the family's finances and allow the husband to have some spending money, then if Venus had taken on the role of a typical wife in Japan, she'd be in charge of the household so why would she have to have requirements to have a job to support herself while married? From what I can gather the wife is the one in charge of the household and controls everything, which is probably one reason or maybe the main reason why so many girls actually have an ambition to marry because they know they will have all the power that way. So if Venus had that role, as wife, that would be classed as her occupation, so I don't see any further need to have some sort of outside job to satisfy some visa requirement because the role of wife would be seen as her 'job' in the eyes of the authorities.

No. 212453

Who the fuck is lori? Not everyone lives on these forums to know who the hell you're talking about, so if you're going to compare the object of this thread with the object of another, then at least say more about it than just one name because there's thousands of loris in the world.

No. 212456

You actually don't need a stable income to get a PR visa. If you're applying for PR via the 3 years of marriage route, your spouse's income is enough (assuming it's stable).

If she wasn't officially convicted of a crime it doesn't matter. Also, small offenses such a public intoxication, traffic violations (speeding, etc) can usually be forgiven if a fine is paid.

No. 212503

One of the internets ugliest faces and even worse bodies. She needs to hit a gym or stop eating shell b deathfat in a

No. 212532

Manaki has quit his job around 2018 so I doubt their income is stable

No. 212552

You mean Venus lied that he has quit his job and started living off her.

No. 212571

What are you people not getting here? You need to be able to support YOURSELF financially (and document that extensively) to qualify for PR. That means YOUR income, not your spouse’s, and yes you DO need to have a stable job.

I swear some of you are brain dead.(derailing)

No. 212587


Please, stop it. Many foreign housewives (me included) got their PR.

Housewives are considered dependants and their pension/houken/taxes are lumped with those of the husband, they don't pay it themselves.

The only requirements that would be Venus' responsibility are a)no criminal offence and b)having at least a 3y spouse visa (you can't get pr if you have a 1y visa)(cut the PR sperg)

No. 212588

There is a provision for unemployed spouses of Japanese citizens to get PR. They have to go through the application process and submit all the required documentation plus a written statement from the spouse affirming that they will suppirt the applicant financially. I’m doubtful she had the presence of mind to do that in between her alcoholic binges, blackouts, psych admissions, etc. but it’s possible.

Either way if Manaki goes through with a divorce this time she has two weeks to inform Immigration. If she still has a spouse visa it will be revoked in 6 months, don’t know what the effect on a PR would be. I doubt a mentally unstable alcoholic purveyor of online porn is the kind of PR Japan is looking for though.

No. 212590

Oh, i have no clue if Venus does even KNOW the requirements herself, i was just pissed at anon spouting bullshit regarding PR.

If she has PR, she can divorce to her heart's content, it won't have any effect on her PR.
If she hasn't, she's a bit fucked. Even if she doesn't inform immigration of her divorce/remarriage, they'll catch on it during her next visa renewal and renewal won't be given. She wouln't be super fucked like with overstaying, it would be easy to correct but might take some time/money -especially with the corona stuff.

No. 212600

So this is the thread that seethes fangelics?

No. 212607


There is no PR in japan. And Pinas does not fulfill even a minimum percentage of the requirements to have a stable visa in Japan…(enough)

No. 212661

>There is no PR in japan.

Again, tell that to the he Immigration Services Agency of Japan.

No. 212673

I’m so proud of how far she’s come! She’s a responsible adult.

No. 212680

Let's be real if she has PR, she wouldn't have been stuck with manaki for two years

No. 212695


Please can we put this to bed now. Dogan recently got PR after applying for years so it certainly is possible, but maybe not that easy. It's even possible, though very rare, to get citizenship in Japan, though I doubt Venus would qualify, haw haw.

No. 212696


Note that it states that if someone is a spouse of a Japanese national, as Venus is, or even a spouse of someone who already has PR, then they are not required to have to conform to points 1 and 2, so Venus seems safe as long as she stays married.

One thing puzzles me is how people can go to Japan to retire, that is old people can go there to live permanently, I guess if they have enough money they can?

Whatever, Venus has no worries according to that very useful information so there need be no more arguments on that score, just because it pisses some people off that her life in Japan is secured.

No. 212707

>> if she has PR, she wouldn't have stuck with manaki for two years
That plus she can’t afford to live there on her own- she lives in that apartment rent-free. Despite her flexing like a big-time girlboss high-end sugarbaby her small income is just enough to keep her in spending money to order crap and toys on the internet.

That’s exactly what was already said in >>212588
So thanks, Capt. Obvious.

No. 212709

It doesn't "piss me off" if her visa is secure, it's just where is the fun in that? its more entertaining to watch her flounder. isn't that why anyone comes to this site, to laugh at crazy people fucking up in life? I don't hope the best for Venus in her visa status, her relationships or anything else because then she'd stop being funny

No. 212711

Where is the video she said would be uploaded on the 11th?

She is so unprofessional it hurts.

To be successful at anything she has tried to insist she does, like a businesswoman etc, she would need to be reliable, keep to a schedule if she's promised one and be good at time keeping.

She'd never get away with being like this in Germany where they are sticklers for precision and efficiency, I thought Japan was as well, but maybe not quite as much, but then again, she hasn't been successful in her ventures so that is why probably, but it's so annoying to see her say something definitely, but it never appears.

No. 212747

Anon, it's porn. Not a real job and certainly nothing professional about it in the first place

No. 212759

Not necessarily. Doesn't she need a real job to rent? She does yt and OF, no one would rent to her based off that, PR or not, so she would need Mana for a place to live, right?

No. 212760

>berating the air because you're left without your porn

No. 212761

Samefag, would like to add that it is suspicious that she stayed married to Mana as she could have divorced and still lived with him now that I think about it AND she scrambled to find sugar daddies and middle aged men to marry immediately after her fallout with Mana so based off that, I'd bet she doesn't have PR.

No. 212777


Not porn. A Youtube video, I thought she meant a new Youtube video.

No. 212779

Indeed, she announced a new YT video. I was curious and checked her YT, too. But there is no new vid

No. 212794

There is no new youtube video and she's been quite silent on Instagram (not that she posted much besides memes in her stories anyways). Probably lying drunk under a bridge somewhere. I didn't expect her "soberty" to last long enough to even make a video about it.(Though I am sure the "I am all better now"-video will come anyways at a point, sober or not)

No. 212803

Try keeping up with the cow you are posting about you dumbfuck, no one here is thirsting for her porn, she said she'd post a youtube video

No. 212810

File: 1652608316606.png (2.28 MB, 910x1674, tiktok.png)

Suddenly "active" on tiktok again though

No. 212843

I’m pretty sure she hasn’t washed nor combed her hair since she got it done

No. 212850

True. Only thirsty retards wanted to see her naked. Once they saw her first topless/pussy pic, they lost interest because her body and content are plain boring. That's why her porn career never took off.

No. 212892

File: 1652648651081.jpeg (1.7 MB, 1150x2110, 6956875C-F97B-4CA6-80CA-2275A1…)

Lmao who is this content even for? She looks like a troon larping as a 14 year old girl, but doesn’t know how to dress

No. 212895

File: 1652649306760.jpeg (402.74 KB, 1119x2186, C80D45A0-1A2A-461E-AD33-34910C…)

There’s no way she’s taking care of herself if she couldn’t even clean up her hair for this. I don’t know why I’m disappointed, I guess I had a tiny fragment of hope that she could pull off the sobriety thing

No. 212900

Looking exceptionally greasy and unkempt, still planted on that mattress on the floor in Manaki’s apartment despite claiming to have a “fiance” and “getting a divorce.” So where’s this “fiance,” anyway? What about an engagement ring? Anything??

What are the odds this fiance and divorce are never mentioned again, like that Company she was forming (updates every Wed. and Fri. on my Youtube!)?

No. 212957

Even with that extreme filter anyone can see how Fucked she looks under it skin texture wise. She grew older which is natural for European women to age quicker compared to other races. Yet she just looks unhealthy af

No. 212959

I just assumed because that poster writes like a male and who the FUCK would actually be complaining at this point that Venus didn't deliver something that was ""announced""… This is fucking VENUS

No. 212960


If that other dude has any working braincells or a shred of common sense, he noped tf out already. Since she's back at Manaki's, I wonder how long until he gets tired of her drunken escapades and throws her ass out for the 57942938573948th time.

No. 212966

Exactly my thought. And her hair actually looked so well taken care of and shiny in that photo from the hair saloon. How can you turn that into greasy rags within a couple of days?

No. 212984

File: 1652695191736.png (847.75 KB, 1125x1722, IMG_3799.png)

No. 213013

Who wants to bet she'll soon become a porta potty ?

No. 213024

We’ve seen her being dirty and greasy a lot of times so apparently, shedoesn’t have good hygiene habits. So much for someone who wants to “recover” can’t even take care of basic hygiene.

No. 213054

>>I just assumed because that poster writes like a male

"Writes like a male". What??? That must be one of the most retarded things I've ever seen said on here. How the actual fuck is anybody asking why a promised YouTube video didn't appear is "writing like a male"? What that even is anyway. I just assume that most people on here are females and the occasional male hoping to see nudes that they're too mean to pay for on her Only Fans.
Sexist bigotry is or should be a thing of the past, this is 2022 for fuckssake.

No. 213057


At least she's trying. Give her some credit for that. I don't see why she has to be put down every single time she tries to get back on track. it's obvious she's not going to manage to get it all together straight away but at least she is trying.

No. 213081

>I don't see why she has to be put down every single time she tries to get back on track.
How new?

No. 213087

You seem to have us confused with the Wenis Angelic Cheer Squad. Hop on over to her instagram for that, dear. You’ll feel much better over there.

No. 213097

Her lastest dance on Tiktok is terrible. I wish I could go back in time and unsee this

No. 213115

Literally the stuff of nightmares. Who thinks this is cute?!

No. 213145

File: 1652749778745.jpeg (2.08 MB, 1125x2064, 40AE5E0F-1D28-4C2A-9546-01E9F1…)

She’s back with this fantastic content on OF

No. 213146


At least she's doing something. I feel sorry for her, it can't be easy struggling with all her inner demons and still trying to be creative and productive. Yes, nearly everyone on here likes to find fault with her over everything, but what are you all doing with your lives? It's not exactly creative or productive coming on here and bitching all the time, at least Venus isn't doing something negative towards other people like that.

No. 213147

I get your point, but I am comfortable being negative about her OF bc she false advertises and I pay money for it. Kind of a natural consequence imo. I also don’t think she is a very nice person, she probably does this shit too

No. 213148

she wouldn't look so dismal if she didn't try to clamp her mouth into that stupid little shape

No. 213169

You're subbed to her OF? Pls post the video about Manaki, I'm dying to see

No. 213174

>but what are you all doing with your lives?

Uhm, not jumping in front of busses, drinking alcohol till I pass out in front of a camera and doing porn.

Was this a serious question? Because with Venus the bar is so low, that I have doubts anyone here fails to do anysthing more productive with their lifes.

No. 213177

What an incredibly low bar. You must be new because she's been at this shit for years and getting worse at it. Fucking productive? She can't even be bothered to wash her hair before getting half-naked for lazy ass nudes. Only thing she lives for anymore is baiting fools like you for pity, this bitch is 25 and has never worked a normal job and doesn't want to. Don't even get me started on her 'creativity'.

No. 213194

As if bitching on lolcow is the only thing we do in our entire lives, kek. Idk how posting pathetic porn selfies is being "creative," but have you even looked around lolcow…? We have tons of extremely talented artists, musicians, writers and all around very creative people. Just because we come here to gossip for entertainment purposes doesn't mean that drunken whore e-fame hungry prostitutes like peenus are "#winning!!"

No. 213199

I wouldn't have said it better

No. 213220

>at least Venus isn't doing something negative towards other people like that.

What all the other nonas said is true, But as well, you're wrong even on this. You forget that venus regularly makes shit up and lies about AWFUL THINGS about everyone around her all the time. She uses and abuses people until they drop her.
>Completely used manaki and ruined whatever online presence he had by saying vile things about him.
>Called managar-san/ken a pedophile and made disgusting pedo allegations against him
>Used MULTIPLE FRIENDS for attention/fame/money (Doesn't she still owe taylor like 10k or something?) Have you not noticed every person who's come in contact with her has dropped her?
>Mikan literally outted her for being emotionally abusive and calling her randomly while being fucked by her sugar daddy and when asked why said said it was because he found it hot? Also invited him to Mikan's house without her permission which is dangerous.
>Margo was a terrible person and mom no doubt, but I'm sure there's been a lot of lies that venus has spinned to make herself more innocent.

And that's to name a few.

Venus goes out of her way to say vile shit about everyone and manipulate everyone. She's literally said people will believe whatever she says as long as she's 'cute'. She's extremely toxic and negative, how do you not even see that.

No. 213227

>> Venus isn't doing something negative towards other people
As others have pointed out, she’s destroying Manaki’s life, for one (as her latest selfies show her drunk ass is still parked in his apartment.) He gets to come home to an apartment reeking of cheap booze and this leech either passed out or hungover, lurking in her hoarded-up little room on that crusty mattress on the floor. So miss me with this “she’s only hurting HERSELF” shit.

No. 213237


I'd rather do nothing than porn though

No. 213274

fuck, posted in the wrong thread. Sorry!

No. 213286

get the fuck annon

No. 213324


She's hardly doing real porn. Venus just does gravure pictures mainly, just a tiny hint of actual porn content in a couple of videos, it's not like she's an actual porn actor like June Lovejoy who everyone seems to have no problem with for doing it. And I don't have any problem with June either, but she does real porn content, Venus doesn't but to hear how some people talk on here for what little she does, you'd think she was really into real hardcore stuff, I don't get why people think Venus doing a little bit of soft porn is terrible whereas June does real porn and gets no complaints about it.

No. 213332

I think it’s because while June seems to be serious and professional about it, Venus mostly takes bad photos with bad editing, in cheap costumes and a lot of the time, not bothering to wash or brush her hair it looks like. She doesn’t seem to have any respect for herself, so why expect other people to have it?

No. 213335

I think what people are offended by is how lazy and sloppy she is. Now she’s back to filming herself on that good old mattress on the floor in her dirty little lair. That and her laughably bad editing. Oh and the greasy unwashed hair too. She can’t even be arsed to keep herself clean.

Again I ask- what happened to her fiance? The divorce? And did her photographer dump her too, that she’s back to filming herself in her little rats nest?

No. 213343

I think it is what the other anons said, + how much Venus hyped up her content (calling it “hardcore” constantly, saying it would make satan blush, etc). Like you said, her content is in reality soft porn.

June seems professional and less of a train reck, so is not going to get the negative attention Venus gets.

No. 213344


That's not the reason the prudish crew whinge on about it though, they look down on her for doing anything porn related because they dissaprooove of it, when as most people can see, she hardly does real porn anyway.

No. 213355

File: 1652854485732.jpeg (568.23 KB, 1170x1708, 1C0AD0DF-4E1B-4421-8DBF-26CBDF…)

🦋(Addicted to smoking)
Venus: Is this my new ✨aesthetic✨? 🤓📖🫱🏻

No. 213357

Lung cancer is SO kawaii and in right now!

No. 213358


What in the world is "real porn" for you? What is "not real" porn?
She is making videos sucking dicks and showing stuff into her vagina. What about this is not "real porn"? Are you one of thes peeople who think sex is only sex with male genital into female genital penetration, so porn is only porn when you see two people fucking?
The very definition of porn is something "that describe or show naked people and sexual acts in order to make people feel sexually excited", so yes, Venus is doing "real" porn.

No. 213372

No offence but now that you’ve mentioned the definition of porn, I can’t help wondering how many people are really turned on and masturbated after watching Venus’s porn lmao

No. 213373

No. 213380

Exactly. Some of you are so desensitized to porn that you can see a video of a girl shoving a vibrator up her pussy and say "Yeah… this isn't REAL porn. It's just suggestive soft gravure," Like give me a break. What is REAL porn to you guys? Double anal penetration with facial abuse? Maybe lay off the internet for awhile. She makes porn. Even if it's shitty porn, it's still porn content. No need to sugarcoat it.

No. 213393


Are they those Sobranie cigareettes? It's a long time since I smoked but used to sometimes smoke Sobranie Black Russian ciggies and they also made these adorable looking ciggies like a rainbow in the box. Whatever, she shouldn't really be smoking, but is it any worse than other addictions like alcohol or gambling? Actually yes, to answer my own question, it probably is, because you can affect other peoples health by making them breathe in 2nd hand smoke. Those ciggies are pretty though, no doubt about that.

No. 213396

>>Are you one of thes peeople who think sex is only sex with male genital into female genital penetration, so porn is only porn when you see two people fucking?

No and no.

>>The very definition of porn is something "that describe or show naked people and sexual acts in order to make people feel sexually excited", so yes, Venus is doing "real" porn.

But none of what Venus does has ever made me feel sexually excited and watching people having sex wouldn't either, so ?

>>how many people are really turned on and masturbated after watching Venus’s porn lmao

Not me, for one. Porn, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder and to my eyes, most porn is repulsive. That doesn't mean though that I sit in judgement on those who like it or those who do it. People need to get off their high horses.

No. 213399

Just because it doesn't turn you on (as it should as a normal person) it doesn't mean it isn't porn. Venus can call it gravure or use terms like "AV idol" but it is porn.

No. 213402


Porn can be an art form or it can be ugly like most of it seems to be, but because I know most of it is ugly and unappealing, I don't seek it out or watch it, only very occasionally have I looked for anything specific, not to feel turned on, but to see someone attractive, which is rare to find as most porn is ugly. I like June Lovejoy but don't want to watch her porn, I just happen to think she seems a really nice person. As do most people on here it seems, as despite doing real porn, June does not get slagged off for it the way Venus does for doing far less.

As for the definition of porn being something that is made to turn people on, what about things that turn people on that are not meant to but do for some people anyway? How come that is not also regarded as porn? Youtube stopped allowing foot videos showing pedicures I was told, because some people were using them to get turned on watching as they had foot fetishes. I don't understand feet fetishes, seems really weird, but the point is people can get turned on by anything, so by the criteria described anything and everything can be classed as porn depending on how it makes someone feel watching it.

Quite honestly though, why is it of such concern to anyone else what people might get turned on by? Like for example, Youtube stopping videos showing feet or putting age gates on them when the videos were never intended for foot fetish people anyway, why are people so bothered by somebody somewhere getting turned on by something? Has the world gone truly mad?

Why does the idea of someone getting a bit of pleasure from watching something cause so much disapproval from other people at the thought of someone getting pleasure from it?

In Victorian days, people got turned on by ankles and the age then was so puritanical that even piano legs had to be covered up, which sounds so ridiculous and stupid and paranoid, but things are getting almost as bad today, with the uptight paranoid and restrictive attitudes of some people and fundamentalist religious groups in the world, hypocrites all.(shut up)

No. 213415

>bloated bulimia hands

No. 213460

Why does she have to make all of the bad life choices? I wonder if she feels physically unwell constantly due to her diet/drinking/this

No. 213465

File: 1652918601882.jpg (123.99 KB, 675x900, Y0QfjtP.jpg)

>Porn can be an art form
>Quite honestly though
>Has the world gone truly mad?
Certified moid moment, but reading this 19th century philosophical soliloquy about porn with picrel in mind was a source of many keks

No. 213483

Anon, I find you really interesting. You are the only anon that I can identify easily from your writing style. I always know it’s you. I am so curious about who you are, what demographic, etc. Sorry, I know that’s weird.

No. 213484


I remember what those are called now, Sobranie Cocktail. It's nice to know they still make them after so many years. I still preferred the Black Russian though, they looked so cool and I used to sometimes smoke them through a long black cigarette holder. I can imagine all the followers copying Venus now and starting smoking, she's such a bad influence to "young impressionable" people, hee hee.

No. 213491

Can’t speculate on her sobriety but this surprised me. But some of us do lie about our time… which is not super nice to do because we have rules around participating in meetings if you’re actively drinking. I have never spoken to her one on one though, so I have no idea. But I’ve heard she’s back, so that’s good.

She needs to stop posting about her sobriety when she has so many followers. It makes her life harder and it stigmatizes alcoholics. Relapses happen, but this many people don’t need to know about it!

No. 213493

How does one begin AA if they are actively alcoholic and there are rules about not meeting if you have been drinking? It seems like a hard expectation for someone to have already stopped when they begin?

I don’t sleep unless I drink alcohol and I have no idea how to get better /fmlblog

No. 213499

You can be in AA and actively drink, you just can’t talk in the meetings until you’re at least 24 hours sober. It’s a low threshold, but some people will not be honest and talk anyway. It’s not helpful for people trying to get better to hear from people who haven’t had a day without alcohol. If 17 days is the longest she’s been sober then she might have broken that rule, but again, I have no idea.

If you want to get better, I encourage you to reach out to your AA group. Or other recovery groups. They really help.

No. 213514

File: 1652939091239.jpg (89.72 KB, 446x788, Venus.JPG)

I don't blame her for keeping quiet about what has helped her. Trolls just want to ruin her life, she's got wise to them.

No. 213518

LOL what a joke. If she didn't want people knowing about it, she wouldn't go on social media to mention it AT ALL. And no one has ruined her life except herself. She's perfectly welcome to STOP lurking her threads if she's bothered by what she reads.

No. 213519

Never forget this is a grown ass woman who capitalized on a child's sexual assault like the sociopathic opportunist she is.

No. 213520

She's flaunting her 1k mcm bag, she probably got from a sugar daddy. Mini Margo.

No. 213521

Not just that but she did fuck her mom over (no matter how shitty Margo is), she fucked her vtuber manager over, fucked Manaki over, cheated on him and used him, exploited a sexually assaulted kid, fucked Gaku Kitano over, messed with some of her friends (like Mikan and calling her while having sex with her SD), shoving porn and pedo bait on her IG following where her porn never really belonged in the first place, scamming people multiple times (fake giveaways, fanclub with a dude who couldn't cancel his subscription). I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting along with myriads of incidences behind the scenes. Sora ghosted her for some reason too (probably a good one).

No. 213522

LOL. She admit to trolling online too. And when she was a pre-teen she had a blog where she regularly shit on other girls. Not to mention all the actual horrible and illegal stuff she's done like >>213220 mentioned and labelling everyone she gets close to "an abuser." She's even trash-talked and called her new bf an abuser.

No. 213524

I wonder why she doesn't move in with the bf. If YT doesn't count as a real job, she can't rent a place herself, but you'd think if he was her fiancé (aka new visa), he'd let her move in with him and she'd be taking her photos there.

No. 213531

She's been a public figure online for well over 10 years now, if these "internet people" are capable of ruining something for her maybe she should try growing a thicker skin. Most of her comments are ass kissers who still believe she was a poor abused little girl forced by Marge to make her shitty youtube videos anyway, so she has to be actively seeking out criticism for it to bother her

No. 213534

Islam conversion when?

No. 213535

It's like the paedos trying to explain that "passive people attracted by minors" is not paedophilia. Likewise, porn is porn.

No. 213543

My guess - Her "fiancé" is just her sugar daddy probably too ashamed to admit he has a sexual relationship with her in public, yet alone let her move in with him. There is really no sane other explanation why a woman would live with her ex-husband instead of her fiancé. He might even have promised her to marry her, but that's never going to happen.

No. 213548

File: 1652962998627.jpeg (479.1 KB, 1125x1978, 20D2A693-E78A-4CA2-BAF0-A6840F…)

Look, what we have here … she looks good (compared to other pics in the past). Her hair is brushed and it‘s a nice picture.

No. 213554

“Another thing ruined by internet people”
Oh she can just shut the fuck up, she loves posting everything online so people will worry about her.

No. 213558


None of that makes her that much different from the average person, nobody's perfect and Sora probably got freaked out because maybe she wanted to get it on with him and he was scared.

No. 213561


One persons porn is another persons idea of filth. And there was someone in here saying someone just liking the look of a middle aged man who by way of his Asian race just naturally looks young must be a pedo for liking the look of him, like all the Asians who look a lot younger than white people of the same age must be pedo baiters, stupid extreme views like that don't reflect any reality except in their own minds.

No. 213562


Well done Venus. I hope you see this. We don't all hate you here.

No. 213577

Yea no one is perfect but calling someone while having sex with a guy is gross, and posting about a kid getting violated to your thousands of followers? That is far from a normal fuck-up…This bitch is weird and nasty

No. 213597

How is she going to say religion didn't work? She barely did anything with religion aside from use it as an aesthetic. She did nothing of substance and she's going to blame the internet for that? Because the internet sees through her bullshit? What a dumb bitch. Decorating some kawaii bibles, cosplaying as a witch and hoarding daiso witchcraft items is NOT practicing a religion. You don't need to spend a dime to authentically practice something. She is the only one who ever ruins anything herself. But of course, eternal victim Venus always needs someone one else to blame. Really, what a dumbass. She is so stupid and entitled.

No. 213599

And worse still, we have a white knight anon here blaming the "internet trolls"

No. 213605

Are you fucking stupid? Using someone for a visa and slandering them to millions, fucking your parents over, labelling ALL your managers as abusive, inviting a SUGAR DADDY to your friends house, cheating repeatedly since you were a teenager, EXPLOITING a sexually abused kid and labelling your sugar daddy a pedo IS ABSOLUTELY NOT anything close to what an "average" person does. Venus is toxic and vile. A terrible human being. Gtfo of here white knight. It's obvious that's what you are.

No. 213610

This might have been taken the same day she had her hair done though. Also she looks about 10 years too old for that bubbles dress, even with all the facial editing. It looks like something a 15 year old high schooler would wear.

No. 213618

Or Sora saw through her bullshit, that she uses people, labels them abusers when they don't give her what she want and then slanders them online. Yeah, but you keep white knighting her because she acts "kawaii" and edits her face. This is the same girl who makes up abuse and even suicide attempts like jumping in front of a bus and told people she likes to worry them with suicide bait. Yeah, keep defending this piece of shit. Most of us here have the attention span greater than a hamster and remember. And just because something is old, doesn't mean it still isn't valid. Venus hasn't changed her selfish disposition and probably never will. She is her mothers clone. Just like her.

No. 213624

>it‘s a nice picture.
It's not even a nice edit, let alone a nice picture. She looks inhuman and emotionless and her skin is so blurred, eyes enlarged and head shrunken way too much.

No. 213628

adding to this, she has lint in her hair and that pancake thing looks like a ballsack

No. 213630

Or her "fiance" is a married man with kids and she CAN'T live with him. I wouldn't put it past Venus to do this. Since she is a sociopathic opportunist who only cares about herself.

No. 213650

Where do I find the story about Venus calling Mikan during sex? Did she admitted in a video or something?

No. 213651

Doesn't Sora come from a wealthy family? If so, I wouldn't be surprised she tried to fuck him

No. 213659

Mikan herself said that on twitter. there's screenshots a few threads back where she talks about that phone call plus "a friend" who tried to bring a sugar daddy to her apartment. of course she didn't SAY it was Venus, but it was obvious who she was talking about

No. 213664


Pedo nonna japan tard is back guys, brace yourself for we are all projecting and stupid

No. 213666

She’s been doing this shit for years now, this exact same shit. “I’m feeling much better, guys! Look, I went out today!”

Followed by “yay Venus! so happy for you! I was so worried!” comments which she laps up like a cat with a saucer of cream. It’s an endless loop that’s been playing for 6+ years and it’s nauseating at this point

No. 213702


You talk like you're someone who believes in religion yourself.

But I hope you're not a religious person because your attitude stinks.

What was it? Let who is without sin cast the first stone? Something like that. Religion is meant to be all about peace and love and FORGIVENESS. I don't see much of that around here, and Jesus loved Mary Magdalene, a prostitute.

Venus is trying to move on and away from her problems, but some people just want to keep her stuck within them and not let her forget about any misstakes she's made and don't want her to move on from her past because they find it entertaining to laugh at any missfortune she brings on herself.

No. 213712

>because they find it entertaining to laugh at any missfortune she brings on herself.
I assume your posts are trolling, but if not, if you are for real, can you please honestly answer: Do you or do you not understand that 'entertainment from laughing at misfortune people being on themselves' is the sole purpose of this site?

No. 213736

Anon, your place is either in the church or mental ward, not lolcow.

No. 213752

File: 1653040049602.jpeg (147.92 KB, 414x674, bru.jpeg)


No. 213753

She’s a drunk, she’s probably bruised like an old banana every day from stumbling into shit

No. 213757

some people also just bruise easier, i do, i think especially if you're pale it is more obvious

No. 213788

It IS in a suspicious place, a spot where someone would grab you to restrain you. But, she was just at the hospital, it could be from an IV or something. Or it's literally nothing.

No. 213807

Malnourishment and vitamin deficiencies result in skin bruising easily. And we all know she has a shit diet and organ damage at the same time so there you have it. No milk.

No. 213819

"What was it? Let who is without sin cast the first stone? Something like that. Religion is meant to be all about peace and love and FORGIVENESS. I don't see much of that around here, and Jesus loved Mary Magdalene, a prostitute."
Did you know that Christianity isn't the only religion?

No. 213826


Let's be honest here, most 'normal' men would not turn down the chance of sex if it was up for grabs, it's more likely Sora would not take a chance with whoever offered it, because he's the way he is, he's admitted he doesn't have sex with anyone, and only once ten years ago, so something a little odd there to begin with. Not slagging him off for it, it's up to him, but just sayin.

No. 213830


Well seeing as muslims believe in killing people for being nonbelievers and will be rewarded in heaven with fifty virgins or some sacrilegious shit and forcing women to go around in ridiculous and restrictive garb in attempts at control, I'd hardly call that a religion at all, unless blanket misogyny can be called a religion.

Judaism might talk about an eye for an eye but is basically based on peacefulness and some Jewish people don't regard it as a religion at all.

Buddhism is all about peacefulness, and religion generally is about goodness, but sitting in judgement on people, and being vengeful and wanting to harm people because they don't fit with whatever strange moral compass they've transgressed in the minds of the so called 'religious' is not, or should not, have any place in any religion; if it does, it should be dammed as hypocrisy.(religion sperg)

No. 213843

Why the fuck is your retarded ass still here then??

No. 213845

And why the fuck is your retarded ass replying to old posts and not saging your shit?

No. 213846

Because I can and will, bitch ass. You’re not gonna do a damn thing about it. Your copycatting ass didn’t answer the question. Retarded cuck.(lol calm down)

No. 213849

That's right, I didn't answer the question and you're not gonna do a damn thing about it, retarded cuck

No. 213850

I stand corrected. You really have no original thoughts at all because of retardation. You some pussy AND intelligence.

No. 213895

nta but I'm pretty sure the thread's on autosage

No. 213910

>Well seeing as muslims believe in killing people for being nonbelievers and will be rewarded in heaven with fifty virgins or some sacrilegious shit and forcing women to go around in ridiculous and restrictive garb in attempts at control, I'd hardly call that a religion at all, unless blanket misogyny can be called a religion

Totally, every single one of 1 billion muslims world wide want to kill non believers…
Mate if you ask the average muslim about the virgins or similar shit, they usually have no idea lol

>Judaism might talk about an eye for an eye but is basically based on peacefulness and some Jewish people don't regard it as a religion at all.

A lot of Israelis aren’t religious, yeah. But Judaism is DEFINITELY a religion.

No. 213917

Ignore that anon, he doesnt know what he's talking about.
Islam killing non-believers?
Judaism with an "eye for an eye" rule?
and buddhuism being "pure good" -
The Free Masons adopted most of their signs. prob more than that as well…
And the Free Masons are far from being pure good.

No. 213924


Firstly, I'm not a he, secondly I don't recall hearing about other religious faiths, at least not in this day & age, killing people in the name of their 'religion' and holding the world to ransom with terror threats like what has been happening for a few years now since 9/11 and before. That was my point.

Secondly, you don't need to tell me what crap free masonry is, I've witnessed first hand the corruption and conniving duplicity that goes on with those scumbags so I'm with you on that.

Plus, I hate to mention it, but the man with the mustache wanted to do something about ridding the world of freemasonry and we all know how that went.

No. 213950

Stop derailing with your religious shit and get back to Venus for fuck's sake

No. 213951

As does a sedentary life and lack of sleep, although Venus likely does sleep enough so that one isn't an issue. Lack of nourishment eventually leads to heart problems and weak veins/arteries/capillaries. Venus probably bruises very easily. I know someone who was so unfit they'd bruise from just standing too long and we know Venus is in bad physical shape.

No. 213952

I like how you call exploiting sexually abused children "a mistake" or labelling everyone who doesn't give her what she wants "an abuser" and smearing their reputation "a mistake", as if she somehow didn't know any better. Newsflash: she did know better and she didn't care, because at the core, she is selfish, greedy, entitled and sociopathic and extremely money driven to the point she will ruin other people to better herself. I bet you don't extend the same sympathy to Margo because Margo isn't "kawaii" enough.

No. 214202


Nonsense, I'm not one of the margo haters. The point I was trying to make is that healing from mental problems is not done in a straight line, there will be dips and troughs and people will not find it that easy if they keep reading negative and hateful comments about themself online by people who can never forgive and forget and just want to keep them embedded in the past.

No. 214204


No. 214230

Venus might have mental issues but she's not out right crazy. She is aware of right and wrong and is mentally capable of making decisions. She freely CHOOSES to harm others to better herself and HAS NOT changed. She doesn't care about being a better person ethically and has not made an attempt to do so. Wanting to better her depression is a whole other thing. No, she does not deserve forgiveness for the harm she has caused others until she is both genuinely sorry and rectifies those wrongs (which she never will).

No. 214295

Take your religion hate somewhere else you try to insult extreme religious people but you stand out to be the extremist atheist wannabe. Shut up and stop filling the thread with your opinion, no one cares about what you think is a religion or not. No one asked you, this is Venus thread.

No. 214303

I’m not religious but your types make us like angry atheists take your hate somewhere else you are worst than those you complain about to bring it here in venus thread show you are obsessed or something and btw 9/11 was an inside job by bush you retard so he can go invade Iraq. You are late in the party. Once again stop talking about yourself, we don’t care about your thinking go cry somewhere else with your community anon. You are ruining the thread.

No. 214480

>>9/11 was an inside job by bush

Level of insanity high here today I see. LOL.

No. 214486

Lol mods yall on airplane mode or something?

No. 214522

Religions, fucking up everything included lolcow threads since humans exist

No. 214539

File: 1653301887033.png (1.36 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_7429.png)

No. 214540

Venus' new edgy sense of humor is so lame. Also if they both spill tea it'd be 2 cups but I don't blame her for not knowing how to count. She didn't even finish school.

No. 214625

Her sense of humor is outdated.

No. 214627

Missing her witch era with the live tarot readings. Never forget when she passed out on live with a burger in hand kek

No. 214631


She only latched onto witchraft because the alcky group she went to wanted her to acknowledge a "higher power" -and quite how that is supposed to help her or any alcky overcome their addiction is debatable - but it didn't work for her, so she tried Christianity instead and that didn't work either. Heaven help us if she ever converts to Islam and wears complete body covering, and decides to off herself while taking out a load of other people as well in one of their acts of terror.

Maybe she should become a devotee of the Goddess Kali, if she has even heard of her, which I doubt. At least it would be a strong, female image for her to take on board, instead of seeming to want to be a weak, submissive, simpering wreck which she often appears to be.

No. 214632

If you know so much, then tell us what really happened, professor.

No. 214648

le 2 girls 1 cup xDDD wow hilarious and edgy xDDD

Her humor is so cringe, it's like she's stuck in 2014

No. 214659

How can we tell if this is Venus or not? Show actual proof of this being her. Why not?

If it’s not Venus, why do you post it?

No. 214701

You must be new here, Venoos loves to share screenshots of her unfunny chats.
Go to her IG, she posted it on her story, it's still up.

No. 214707


Like I mean everyone knows that bin laden was entirely innocent and just a fall guy, right?

No. 214711

I’m not new here, you condescending cunt. :/(newfag)

No. 214712

Venus had posted a story recently about doing meditation, I can't screenshot stories, but didn't she try meditation before or am I imagining that? It might help her though if she does it properly, the trouble is she might find it hard to just sit still without fidgeting and not be able to still her mind enough to make it work, but I hope she can gain something of peaceful feelings and make it work for her as it might help her to think more clearly. And it might help her to keep to her schedules so videos get delivered on time once she's promised them.

No. 214724

You have way too much confidence in Venus by believing her that she will meditate in the correct way. She probably would just take a pic of her meditating, caption ‘Hi guys I’m doing better now, meditation is my new belief now uwu’ and then disappear for few days, later updates her ig story like ‘sorry I got hit by an airplane’ or ‘I was in the PSY ward sorry for the lack of updates! New post on onlyfans next week’ then proceed to disappear again. Kek.

No. 214740

I will never, never ever believe that she didn't 'passed away' on purpose. Her acting is so insanely bad.

No. 214741

If thats your definition of good, then better go live in weebestab

No. 214749

File: 1653389131260.jpg (57.58 KB, 700x700, a6p0NVVD_700w_0.jpg)

>sorry I got it by an airplane

No. 214793

File: 1653410956724.jpg (840.78 KB, 1080x1775, IMG_20220524_184645.jpg)

No. 214797


People can have many false starts and failed ventures before they finally make a success of what they do. It doesn't help when someone is in the public eye and the public's expectations have been lowered by past events, as is the case with Venus and her exploits.

No one expects her to succeed at anything now, but she might surprise you. I hope she does.


And this is good to see. It might be another thing that leads nowhere and she might relapse, but she might continue doing better now and I hope so. I still believe in her and think she can do it.

No. 214812

You need more help than venus does. Holy shit, how can someone be stupider than a pile of bricks

No. 214814


Who are you replying to? There's no post with that number, it looks just the same as when I checked in here earlier, there's nothing missing and the only extra post is yours.

No. 214826

Venus flaunting her engagement ring as she dances badly on tiktok

No. 214827


No. 214888

File: 1653444826798.png (4.27 MB, 1242x2208, 3C5C7367-6628-4025-85FB-86758E…)

From her Instagram story, showing off what looks like a cheap ass ring and dancing like a retard

They’re obviously replying to you. You’re the only one ruining the thread with your delusional WKing

No. 214889

File: 1653444952026.png (5.68 MB, 1242x2208, 7B1F47BA-2BA0-4319-9B6B-1FDFAF…)

No. 214897

File: 1653450177070.jpeg (52.33 KB, 741x609, 3BF006BA-955E-4E26-8A57-534903…)

This ring she’s sooo excited about, lol. Doesn’t even have a stone of any kind. Is that the best she can do, really?

I do hope the poor guy goes through with this marriage though, if only to get her ass out of Manaki’s apartment and hopfully his life at last.

And she looks like a demented goblin.

No. 214900

Considering the number of Japanese people who are given/wear engagement rings is low (like really low), it might just be a wedding band.

No. 214901

You can literally see it has a huge stone but size isn’t right so it just rolls. Isn’t it the Cartier one she made opening video about. Wow, but still lives at Manaki’s..

No. 214902

I’m the anon that posted the pic where it looks like a stone on the ring but that’s actually on her stupid nail. I also thought the stone was on the ring.

No. 214903

File: 1653452649658.jpeg (133.62 KB, 816x1424, AA354F0F-4974-4F0A-A5D0-9C1714…)

Nope those fake stones are glued onto her fake nails, not on a ring. You can see that clearly here.

No. 214904

Wow you are actually right !

No. 214908

The mods here are retarded as fucking shit. Go kill yourself, faggot cunt.(ban evasion)

No. 214909


No. 214910


They're not replying to me. I never made a post with that number. >>214795

No. 214935

I feel like I know exactly what Venus is experiencing. My partner and I just got married but we don’t have family or friends (similarly to Venus). It is such an awkward situation to make a huge life change (marriage) without having friends and family involved. Venus feels awkward and is making silly videos to deal with it. She can’t do a wedding with friends and family because she is alone

No. 214951

You claimed to not be a newfag yet use emojis, and then try to prove your not a newfag just by saying gamer words. You smell like a newfag from a mile away.

You say that like she's marrying the love of her life and not some random dude from off the street who filmed her crappy porn for her OnlyFans. This is another visa stunt since she's divorcing Manaki. She's jumping around retardedly because she roped in another sucker for a visa.

No. 214961

Why are you so obsessed with a post number? Stop wasting space you weirdo.

No. 214971


I was just pointing out a fact. Why is it so important to you to let untruths remain?


To Venus, her audience, her viewers are her family, so it makes sense that she is showing them, because she knows they support her and are happy for her and are glad to see her happy. She deserves to be happy after all she's been through. Suffering from mental health problems is no walk in the park and too many people here are so hard and cold hearted, almost bordering on psychopathic with their thirst for vengeance on a mentally ill woman for a few misstakes she's made in her still very young life.

No. 214991

Clearly not, faggot, since I’ve been since 2018. Kill yourself. :/ :/ :/ :/ :/(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 215031

Stop sperging, who gives a fuck about a deleted post

No. 215072

>To Venus, her audience, her viewers are her family

LOL, what?

No. 215114

Venus did have success before. She wasn’t the largest YouTuber or anything and she was late in the sponsorship and merch train, but she fucked herself on that. She screwed everyone over and is a wannabe porn Star now.
It’s not like she has the drive or brains to end up successful.

No. 215121

File: 1653505753204.jpg (304.27 KB, 1080x988, IMG_20220525_210836.jpg)

No. 215140

Thanks for reminding as, the admin of the internet.
I have no clue what she's talking about, BUT:
There's something called free speech?

No. 215145

Just her trying to be edgy and upset people, yet again. Yawn. Sad bitch.

No. 215165

She was totally drunk in that one

No. 215166

You keep trying (and failing) to turn this into a Venus Angelic hugbox. You’re a dedicated and hardworking fan, I’ll give you that. Now how about you trot on back to her instagram comment section with the rest of your little buddies?

No. 215174

I dont see any lols here to milk so far she’s just struggling, being a bad person or not shes just crawling through a bad quality life

No. 215205

>>There's something called free speech?

Not any more there isn't. There used to be, but not now. Try saying the word nigger in public for a start, and see how long before you get arrested for 'hate speech' even if there was no intent at hate. I was amazed to discover that people in my quiet little town used to have black dogs or black cats which were quite innocently named Nigger, with no one turning a hair over it, and not called that in any way to intentionally cause offense to anyone, but today somebody somewhere would pretend to be truamatized if they heard of such a thing as that.

There should be free speech, that way people can be more honest and then you know where you are and people with vile viewpoints and prejudices can be reasonably argued with instead of everyone keeping their prejudice to themselves so that other people can be fooled by them.

As to what Venus is talking about here, I haven't the least idea other than she appears to be a little teensy bit annoyed with Americans on 4chan. Why waste her time going there, it's all mainly trolls anyway.

No. 215206

I don't know why she keeps changing her bio. She's taken off the "European residing in Japan" line now. But I was more amused to see not only Lovely Lor but our Daniel of Hiding in my Room fame openly following her now. June Lovejoy's name has been missing for quite a few months so it looks like she gave up on her. I don't follow any of the other loons, like mikan, so don't know if she still does.

No. 215207

File: 1653529927647.jpg (19.84 KB, 487x197, Capture.JPG)


Just in case anyone says imageboard.

No. 215239

File: 1653543360746.png (6.47 MB, 1170x2532, 0370EEC3-C486-400B-9939-0C90F5…)

This video was really uncomfortable because I think she is trying to look giddy excited about getting married, but she is by herself taking TikTok’s and trying to twerk, and it gives off “fake happy” energy

No. 215240

File: 1653543435365.png (6.07 MB, 1170x2532, 450D6E4A-F643-4BC1-81E1-0CAC04…)

No. 215244

The whole dancing looks stiff and awkward

No. 215248

I'm sad to report that she totally nailed the kind of skanky dancing that trashy Japanese woman are fond of.

No. 215254


You don't need a big family and 1k friends to get married, just saying. All you need is the right partner who truly loves you, which Venus doesn't have obviously.

No. 215255

She can't move sensually she never could

No. 215256

Did she already delete it?

No. 215258

File: 1653564058476.jpg (573.67 KB, 1080x1886, IMG_20220526_132024.jpg)

Of course she did

No. 215314


Did someone else film it though? Or did she film herself?

No. 215316


I don't check her tiktok, I wonder why, if she deleted it? There doesn't seem any reason to delete that.

No. 215343

Shit I’m too late I wanted to watch this mess.

No. 215401

I'm legit confused wtf is she talking about here?
venus anti es-jay-dobbie-oos arc?

No. 215409

She's just trying hard to be edgy. But as usual, she's very late to the party

No. 215417

Really? She’s just thrusting hips left and right and taking up a lot of space, she would knock someone over if she wasn’t dancing by herself lol.

No. 215455

Does Ella has lolcow form? If she does can someone link hers?(newfag)

No. 215479

shes talking about the gun-debates after that man killed those schoolchildren.
Apparently talking about that is being a ''sjw'' to venus…..

No. 215481

these retards are here ever since she made that video reacting to lolcow and ever since then here sperging everyday.

No. 215499


I wouldn't think there was much to discuss other than America's horrible bullying culture in schools where anyone other than moronic sports jocks are considered targets for the vile bullies. Nothing excuses what this kid did, but he was bullied for something he couldn't help, his slight speech impediment and the fact he wore eyeliner. America's bullying culture should bear some of the responsibility when quiet sensitive people reach the stage where they've had enough.(derailing)

No. 215505

Stop defending a literal child murderer. Those kids didn't bully him.

No. 215520


The post clearly said Nothing excuses what he did. He was bullied by kids when he was a kid himself, not the ones he killed obviously and he was wrong to do what he did, but it's clear he was mentally unhinged by how he had been treated. And a lot of that is down to American culture.

No. 215530

You're in a Venus angelic thread making excuses for a guy who killed kids. Reevaluate your life.

No. 215537

Bullying is everywhere the problem is guns, if there is guns in other countries it can be the same and even worst in some countries

No. 215539


'I've been bullied during my schoolyears so I'll kill little innocent kids to get my revenge'

But yeah, it’s clearly the bullies' fault. You have to be either seriously brain damaged or a lawyer to find him extenuating circumstances.

No. 215541

Sickos always trying to find excuses. Many people have been through things that’s how life is but no one goes after killing others. There is no excuses no matter what.

No. 215543

Who hasn't be bullied anyway. We would be all mass murderers then.

No. 215561

A venus angelic supporter also making excuses for a school shooter, Venus sure has some interesting whiteknights, if she eats shit you will say eating shit is normal too i guess.

No. 215568

many kids in my country got/get bullied, I got bullied my whole time from kindergarten until the end of school, I never would have killed other people, not even my bullies. We also don't have access to guns in my country, the people that did school shootings here where those with parents which were allowed to own guns. Gun control would solve the problem of school shooting better than armed security because, guess what, if there aren't guns at home you wouldn't get them and the majority doesn't own guns when they aren't allowed to keep.(enough)

No. 215571

stop replying to the wk's thats why they keep roaming this thread.

No. 215601

Her audience are nothing more than money to her. That's it. This retard white knight is so annoying. Keeps trying to pin the vile things she's done as "mistakes." It's not a "mistake" when you repeatedly and KNOWINGLY harm others for your OWN GAIN. That is called being an opportunistic, unethical and overall bad person. Depression or adhd or whatever she claims to have is not an excuse for that and does not make her actions "mistakes". Stop minimizing the shitty actions she intentionally did to make herself look better.

No. 215615

Did Venus ever get the gun she wanted? Wasn't it a Kalashnikov assault rifle she had on her wanted list?

No. 215617

Without wishing to derail any further, how many more mass shootings will it take in America for people to start questioning what is wrong with American society and culture that causes this? It is just too many times for it to be just down to guns being too readily available, they are, but that isn't the only reason by far.(what are you doing)

No. 215623

Am American. You make a good point. The problem is that guns are part of our culture. Like people will literally call it “gun culture”.
It’s disgusting and I hate it so much. 100% will homeschool my kids because I’d rather them have an atypical school experience than be dead or traumatized.
Anyway, back to the topic at hand. I think it’s hilarious how Venus is all “wE dOn’T cArE aBoUt YoUr PoLiTiCs” while simultaneously drawing attention to said politics. She only put that up to boost engagement and be controversial, mostly because she has no original content anymore. She’s in the countryside. She could talk about ANYTHING to do with that… the history of the town she’s in, the local nature like animals or plants, any tourist sites she’s visiting… but no, Venus once again is boring with low effort edginess.

No. 215762

File: 1653769442135.jpg (106.68 KB, 851x1080, 20220528_124939.jpg)

Same vibes

No. 215765

lol that person watched too much anime.
Only in anime this can be a thing, when the girls love the "bad boys" (for example Sasuke from Naruto).
But irl ITS TOTALLY different. If you're scared for your life, you dont friggin care about this stuff. All you care about is surviving, not having sex. lol

No. 215781

Soooo school shooters are ultra-chad now ?

No. 215803

Civilians can't own guns in Japan

No. 215836


See no relevance whatsoever to that piece of nonsensical crap and the post you refer to.

Also whoever wrote that garbage is mental, as well as it being in totally bad taste in light of recent events. nothing to laugh at, disgusting.

No. 215842

Only truth hurts and I see someone has been triggered

No. 215851

Can we go back to Venus? Thanks my dears

No. 215852

Someone needs to repost that awkward dance

No. 215957


No, making stupid posts laughing at the murder of children needs calling out. And there was no truth about young kids getting sexually aroused by a gunman charging into their classroom moments before he killed them. Someone here trying to make a sick joke about that is hardly any better than the perpetrator.

No. 215958


Maybe no one recorded it?

No. 215986

I doubt no one recorded her shit

No. 216036

You can find it on KF

No. 216076

I hope all you know that killing little kids is wrong and if any of you suspect you may shoot a kiddo, please report at your nearest police station.

Now, back to Venus, I just saw her dance videos and I just thought "oh Venus, why, Venus?" No shade, just… Why, Venus????

No. 216097

If she know before, she better marry Mr. Yan while she can hahaha

No. 216103

I doubt even Mr Yan wants her smelly ass anymore

No. 216105

(Sorry, who is Mr. Yan?)

No. 216113

Creepy owner of Bodyline who tried to get an underage wife from abroad by holding contests. Venus won one of them and went to Japan to model for Bodyline.

No. 216116

Did anyone see Venus’ new dancing videos in her Instagram story? Would it kill her to smile even once? She looks so miserable as usual, not sure how anyone is meant to get enjoyment from watching her content when it is so obvious she gets none from creating it. It’s from her tiktok if the story isn’t up anymore.

No. 216122

File: 1653914304773.jpg (499.29 KB, 1080x2009, IMG_20220530_143521.jpg)

Still at Manaki's place. She only has a few comments, all positive. I wonder if she's delecting negative ones

No. 216125

File: 1653915994398.jpg (390.57 KB, 1280x1280, P0.jpg)

Adding a Mr Yan photo. Oh Venus, he could have been all yours

No. 216126

>>216122 She does delete them, I remember seeing some negative ones before.

No. 216140


There were quite a few negative comments on her ig calling her out for her 'political' post when I looked in there yesterday. I haven't checked back to see if they are still there.

No. 216141


The irony is that Mr Yan seems to be precisely the kind of guy she goes for these days. at least appearance wise. If only she cuuld of met him today, match made in heaven for both of them. Tho Mr Yan would probably be looking for someone younger again in a few years.

I wonder what he's doing these days?

Also, not sure if he would of stuck with Venus, even if she'd been willing back then, as I recall him saying something about she had bad body odour and was really smelly.

No. 216150

Yeah they said she made the clothes smell so bad they couldn't sell them. Kek. She's always been a filthy little goblin.

No. 216207

How does she not realize how ridiculous she is ? I feel embarassed just by watching the screenshot

No. 216208

>>216150 omg I never thought she smelled like roses and bubblegum but neither I expected she was so neglected as a teen… Her mum could have made her take a shower

No. 216212

Hahahaha Venus marry the mole! He's blinder than a bat, but at least his eyes are blue!!!! Call Mr Yan!!!

No. 216214

Fuck, WHAT is this weird alien filter she uses on all her tik-toks? It looks so uncanny. It washes out her face, distorts her nose, chin and mouth, and coupled with the tacky giant circles lenses it looks especially bizarre.

No. 216254


I thought she went there without her mother, though I could be wrong.

She addressed the issue at the time and said the weather was very hot so she sweated a lot.

No. 216277

I can't believe she's still at Manaki's place. She got that """Cartier""" ring! I'm about to believe Margo and think maybe Venus killed Manaki to get his things for free…(unsaged shitposting)

No. 216285

>I'm about to believe Margo and think maybe Venus killed Manaki to get his things for free…
What "things"? It's not like Manaki was a rich dude with a rare art collection.
His apartment isn't paying its rent on its own.

No. 216292

She posted some new videos on Manyvids recently. Her ahegao video kek

No. 216293

File: 1653995892940.png (445.45 KB, 1170x1736, IMG_1224.png)

No. 216313

Watching her new video. Omg her hands shake like A LOT.
Ok. Not only the hands, her whole body…
The video is kind of funny, I can see maybe she is trying to make a video as she used to do.. but it makes me a little umconfortable

No. 216321

yt video or manyvids?

No. 216332

YouTube, she posted a new video acting cringe and talking about her TikTok videos and how she makes her OnlyFans content.

Boring video.She seems to be using some kind of filter, her face looks blurry and too bright.

No. 216333

She still slurs her words. I wish she learned to speak properly and I'm blaming margaret for that. She's trying too hard to act cute and "relatable" in between bouts of acting normal. Annoying as fuck. And the editing.. Lord, please, someone teach her how to edit audio properly.

No. 216334

Only butt picks at her of? Didn't she said she was going to upload news about "manaki and her life now" on of? Venus give us the milk, u liar!

No. 216337

To think back then, people thought she had a lucky escape from Mr Yan. Now people are probably thinking it was Mr Yan who had the lucky escape. I bet he thinks so, if he's been following her all these years to see how she turned out.

No. 216382

File: 1654028954446.jpeg (275.27 KB, 1962x1149, D071594F-2C2B-4E91-992A-61ADBF…)

Has she addressed the question of why her grifting ass is still planted in Manaki’s apartment, on that crusty mattress on the floor, given that she claims to have a “FIANCE” and is “seeing a lawyer about a divorce”?

Anyone? (She’s still wearing that dimestore “engagement ring” too.)

No. 216401

My guess is the sugar daddy might be married, possibly with kids, or he just lives with another woman and/or kids so she can't stay with him. Otherwise, if they're actually engaged it makes no sense for her to film at Manaki's.

Cringy OnlyFans ad. No thanks to anyone but the scrotes who give this grifter her free, easy money. Posted content her OG fans, the fans who are the reason she even has an OF following wouldn't give a shit about seeing. I think she loves money even more than Margo loves money. She's truly a soulless, rotten sellout, her only interest is money so she can decorate her body and buy useless material goods. I am genuinely shocked she still has YT and Instagram fans.

No. 216402

She's not even good looking under all the editing and lighting and filters and looks nothing like she portrays. My guess is that is the sole reason people still follow her. It surely isn't for her "charming" personality or morality or creativity or intellect or skills. Because she has none of that. Filter + Japan is all she has.

No. 216405

I think a lot of people follow her for the train wreck, and some follow her misguidedly hoping she will revert back to the post-Margo, pre-OF era of charming videos about life in Japan. She’s so bitter and empty now, it’s sad to see but at a point it was definitely her own choices that brought her here. Id be curious to see the demographic breakdown of her followers, I’m sure she used to have mostly women but now I bet it’s a lot of scrotes enjoying her fall from “grace”

No. 216428

I feel like she said that to get some of us to pay for her OF, that way she would make money without having to suck nasty dicks or record more sad solo porn.

Because I see no reason for her to post relationship drama on a platform for thirsty scrotes. They pay to see tits and pussy, none of them gives a fuck or even knows who Manaki is.

No. 216446

File: 1654040534345.jpg (156.01 KB, 720x1007, Screenshot_20220531_183935~2.j…)

Why is she always 10 years behind on memes? She claims to be an internet goblin yet posts shit like I can has cheezburger

No. 216475

Because she's a boring normie trying HARD to be edgy

No. 216489

>Why is she always 10 years behind on memes?
Well to be fair 10 years ago was when she was the most popular/famous and when she kept up with the trends.

No. 216496

File: 1654058961537.png (Spoiler Image,9.51 MB, 2048x1536, 9048C281-6D53-464E-82FF-6A841C…)


No. 216497

File: 1654059018204.png (Spoiler Image,9.94 MB, 2048x1536, D39A27BF-2F1F-4386-AC61-6D42A6…)

No. 216498

File: 1654059122117.png (Spoiler Image,10.19 MB, 2048x1536, 72FAF77E-7E2A-4EBB-AB75-34AE1E…)

No. 216509


That rotten tooth still active.
And the editing on the bottom one makes it look like she has herps with a bad makeup job.

No. 216512


Now this is just fucking ugly. She needs to take tips from Tao. number one host at Black Diamond Club on how to do it properly. There's pics of him doing it all over Kabukicho and he looks a helluva lot prettier than venus.

Or at least get her to watch some old belle delphine videos on how to do it and look sexy rather than just plain stupid.

No. 216522

What is " AHEGAO"? Pretending to have a stroke? O.o(O.o)

No. 216524

Fuck, the mouth herpes is still going strong.

No. 216527

File: 1654073784839.jpeg (142.17 KB, 828x458, 5BF009FF-05DC-4BAC-8B18-06A3C9…)

The perfect ahegao doesn’t exi…..

No. 216529

She’s far from normie, anon. Normies know what memes are and keep up with them to a certain degree. This woman is an extremely mentally ill weeb far from normal

No. 216531

I used to work as a geriatric care worker and she genuinely looks like a toothless elderly woman who died in her sleep. It’s disturbing.

No. 216533

File: 1654074953011.jpeg (574.9 KB, 3146x1622, 7E1FA5FC-FCE9-41B6-994D-D82857…)

Also she’s back to using the snow app to oblivion again, so much for the stopping the extreme editing phase she went through

No. 216537


I can totally relate, fellow anon. Now I'm scared to see Weenos at work.

No. 216540

Samefag but let’s face it venus only looks young when she edits her pics and vids, in her candid shots she looks older than what she actually is

No. 216541

The new season of walking dead looks good

No. 216542

File: 1654082445204.jpg (67.47 KB, 1170x1287, FUDTQscacAAFUZn.jpg)

from her twitter

No. 216549

What on earth is happening to the side of her mouth?
Similarly, what is up with the edges of the collar?

No. 216555

>>216533 she doesn't look thaaaat old without filter (maybe 30-30something), the problem is she wants to still look 15 while doing porn

No. 216567

Voting for next thread pic lol

No. 216639

File: 1654104728946.jpg (59.21 KB, 660x799, Lovelyschoolgirlahegaoface.JPG)


I think this is what she's trying to emulate. She's even wearing the school uniform look.

No. 216642

File: 1654105425876.jpg (85.15 KB, 649x812, Tao 9.JPG)


No one really looks that good doing ahegao. Not even Tao and he, unlike venus, is really beautiful when he is not doing this…

No. 216644

File: 1654105568629.jpg (31.67 KB, 686x386, Belle delphine ahegao.jpg)

Belle Delphine is the only person I've ever seen do ahegao and make it look good and a bit sexy.

No. 216645


So… what was it?

No. 216648

>>What is " AHEGAO"?

Come on! I take it you're having a laugh and trolling, but just in case you're not…


And THAT, my dear, is ahegao.

No. 216650

This doesn't look "good" you scrote. It looks retarded and only coombrains like you could look at this and think it's "sexy."
Stop posting your disgusting fap material you moid. Nobody cares what you touch your tiny weener to.

Can mods ban this asian boy fetish weirdo already?? They have been shitting up the past two threads


No. 216662

> This doesn't look "good" you scrote. It looks retarded and only coombrains like you could look at this and think it's "sexy."
KEK that made me laugh so much anon

No. 216666


You're the weirdo who needs banning. What I'm talking about here is on topic to what venus is doing. You, on the other hand, just can't bear to see anything that offends your puritanical viewpoint and thinks that anything desirable is 'bad'. Plus you assume that anybody with a normal sense of what can look good and sexy must be a scrote. You're deluded. And hysterical. Screeching for the mods because you just want to see post after post of "sexy is eeevill, and unsexy is good and virtuous and anything that says different must be banned!" Fuck off already, weirdo!

No. 216690

Venus posted video of her sucking dick on her Twitter. It has been there for 6 hours already and has only 3 comments, 7 RTs and 43 likes. Imagine being that pathetic.
I would like to know ho many people actually pay for her videos, because so far it looks like almost nobody is giving shit about her adult content.

No. 216698

Her kawaii career tanked when shit started going down with her mother and she could never recover from that. She got lazy and the quality dropped, probably because her mother wasn't there anymore to push her to do content and help her. She had gotten used to the lifestyle of easy money though so she's now desperately selling herself online. It's really sad and pathetic.

No. 216720

File: 1654116046455.png (43.04 KB, 773x423, lolo.png)

She posted a poll, but took it down eventually, because most votes said "no"

No. 216737

Looks like she was caught mid sneeze…

No. 216759

not even that anon but there's multiple nonas here begging for you to go away or at least shut the fuck up about yourself. All you do is talk about yourself and your weird fetishistic opinions about japanese guys. It's cringey and weird and it's borderline obsessive. Anyone here can see who you are because you type like a 14 year old autist. Your posts are also barely about venus but about you and your opinions. Can you even breathe without thinking about yourself for one second?

jfc please mods do something.

No. 216762

You are a cringe weeb and you should't be here because you're a lolcow yourself. Posting some dude making a dumb ahegao face insn't being on topic. It's just you being spergy about "muh azn boisss!!!11"

No. 216770

well, it is a repellent, repulsive video. I can enjoy porn but as soon as that video loads the first frame I get liveleak vibes instead of porn. Something about the way its filmed

No. 216777


Venus is trying to do ahegao and failing at it. At least those pictures are showing her how it should be done.

No. 216780


How come some of her videos are pixelated and others arent? I thought porn wasn't allowed on twitter anyway?

No. 216825

Ok peace everybody! No need to fight!
Venus is doing "ahegao porn", but she looks more like a sneeze orgasm.
We all know others do more perfect ahegaos, there is no need to show them here since it can be disturbing. I'm not afraid of porn but ahegaos make me uncomfortable.
Also, if anybothy doesn't know what an ahegao is (weird, you learn it 5 minutes after entering internet), you can search it and juzge Venus'one

No. 216827

>>216690 I've seen this video before but it always give me the drunk/high poor girl forced to suck it vibes. She… Doesn't look like she enjoys. Come on, if you like penis, penis can be fun, and if you are recording porn don't act like you are there forced and hating every second

No. 216843

Nobody looks good nor sexy doing aegaho, just plain stupid imo.
And reproducing hentai codes irl is cringe.

No. 216844

Pedo jp nonna again ? Oh ffs

No. 216845

What a degenerate comment

No. 216858

No, actually I really never heard of it. And no, I am not clicking on what appears to be a porn video link.
It sounds like some term made up in Asia and not everyone here is a weeb.

No. 216884


The only reason ahegaos make me feel uncomfortable is because most people doing them just look stupid and not at all erotic. But thank you for at least a reasoned comment.


Maybe she was deliberately going for that effect to appeal to the people who are into it.


What a judgmental, intolerant moralfag comment. It is perfectly acceptable and okay for anyone to like ahegao and at least Belle does it right.

No. 216888

>>I am not clicking on what appears to be a porn video link.

Well no, I mean, the world might end and everything. It wasn't actual porn fyi, just a girl making ahegao face.

>>It sounds like some term made up in Asia and not everyone here is a weeb.

Just curious as to why you follow a Venus Angelic thread? You do realise that Venus resides in Japan and is probably the biggest weeb on the Internet?

No. 216899

Drunk in this one too. Did she already give up on getting sober?

No. 216904


Are you seriously surprised?

No. 216920

File: 1654183332496.jpeg (48.16 KB, 661x394, 34229FB3-37CF-4C11-BD54-7FCC5A…)

From new porn vid, so smexy

No. 216925

File: 1654183621201.jpeg (63.63 KB, 828x460, ED9ECD14-4521-498F-9F62-D00120…)

Also this, is it just me or does it look like she has no teeth?

No. 216927

It does look like she has no teeth. Could her teeth be really small and that affects her speech too? Maybe that's why she sounds so damn retarded.

No. 216930

Her teeth are normal. She just goes out of her way now to hide them because they're rotting. Go back and watch her old videos, she doesn't push down her upper lips when she speaks.

No. 216940

>>216920 she looks like she was choking with a peanut

No. 217031

Dead-body aesthetic

No. 217037

File: 1654206065033.jpeg (49.33 KB, 485x580, CA095D63-7296-4866-9CAC-386958…)

Calm down on the editing for the love of god

No. 217039

>>217037 Is she Venus or is this a meme???? for the love of the Sanrio uwu princess kawaii

No. 217070


So what else is going on in this video?

She looks okay here. Ive certainly seen plenty worse looking people.

No. 217071


Maybe she's trying to appeal to necrophiliacs.

No. 217072


Well edited or not, this is actually a nice picture, I'll give her that. She looks good here.

No. 217073

>doesn't look human, skin is almost monochrome white.
>eyes are different shapes and sizes.
>literally looks like a snake.
>looks good

nonas please get your eyes checked regularly.

No. 217074

nicepicture anon strikes again

No. 217076

>>doesn't look human, skin is almost monochrome white.

So? You never heard of art?

Art doesn't have to look like ultra realism. It's just a nice picture. I don't care if it's Venus or who it is, even if it was amber heard bitch, I'd still think it was a good picture because of the image I'm looking at in it just looks pleasing to behold.

And if she looked like a snake, she'd have scaly skin and a forked tongue. And snakes are cool anyway, but no she doesn't look like a snake here, that's just dumb.

No. 217078

Can “she looks good here” be a meme we use for Venus’ horrible pics, or is that stupid?

No. 217082

please go away japan anon, you always have the dumbest of takes and opinions are are always so fucking wrong.

No. 217091

Why do some of you get so triggerd by someone having a diff pOv to your own? Not everybody is going to have the same outlook or opinion and what anyone finds attractive is pureely subjective anyway so it's stupid arguing over something like that. One mans meat etc.

No. 217101

it's because it's just YOU spouting YOUR OWN opinions. Everyone obviously fucking finds different things and people attractive but you seem to be so fucking retarded you think everyone cares about your dumb opinions on people in a thread about VENUS. Go post your comments in the husbando thread or something, this isn't the thread to constantly horny post, you literal egomaniac. How the hell can you be so dense???

No. 217105


WTF? All we ever see in here are ppl giving their opinions on what they dislike about Venus, and nitpicky posts about her appearance. But as soon as anybody praisies her for anything, even when it's justified when just once or twice she posts something a bit better than usual, the nitpickers can't cope with it. You're mental.

No. 217108

ShE LoOkS gOoD hErE
You’re a persistent little shit, I’ll give you that.

No. 217119

At this point I'm convinced you're autistic. Only someone with severe autism wouldn't be able to pick up the social cues of knowing when to shut up and stop talking about themselves so much. Why do you think so many anons here can instantly tell who you are simply by how you post? It's not because you're just posting your opinions on Venus. It's because you keep posting about your weird fetish with Japan and stuff barely related to Venus. You come off as very selfish and egocentric. Do everyone a favour and either learn to assimilate with the other anons or go away. You're really really annoying.

No. 217126

Nta but thank you anon. That person annoys the hell out of me, with how they feel important enough to always make the topic about themselves. I’m a sped teacher and it isn’t work hours

No. 217130

Why are you guys always fighting when I get up? XD
Venus CAN look good. She is not ugly, I started following her years ago bc her looks were cute and I liked her videos and so did a lot of people.
But even if she looked her best now, she looks sick, she looks like she needs help (no shade), sometimes she looks like she is having a stroke because she needs her drugs (alcohol, or pills, os whatever). I really enjoyed her last yt video, and I said so here in this thread, because it remembered me her videos from 2016 and that was the reason I started following her, but I cannot say "oh she looks so good" because she doesn't look ugly, but her hands shake SO MUCH.
We should not say "oh, this is art, she looks soooo good in this porn video she just made" if she looks like she is being raped (don't saying she is, just saying she acts like that). I cannot say "oh she looks so pretty" when the photo is so fucking edited it is CLEAR Venus has a self image disorder.
Don't clap other people's mental problems…(XD)

No. 217134

sage your alogging ffs

No. 217139

>calling venu's crappy edited photo art
anon what are you on

No. 217145

Belle's aegaho looks stupid af. And Venus looks like a dead fish.

Also give us back texan children and take pedo asian loving nonna.

No. 217179

File: 1654263024239.png (284.49 KB, 619x673, Screenshot (17).png)

Hell, I'd even take rubber lips sperg over this retard at this point.

Gah, I haven't checked out her twitter in awhile but it looks like a lifeless porn bot got hold of it. At this point she's not even a person anymore, just warm-up jerk off material for sick moids. Imagine selling your soul only to get 1 comment and 30 likes.

She really went from a Bubbly kawaii influencer for girls to a photo lost in a scrote's 500GB porn folder.

No. 217180

the fact that she's putting all her content on sale says she's desperately trying to get people to buy her terrible porn and judging by the amount of likes on her OF/manyvids posts it says she doesn't have many subs

No. 217211

File: 1654271325051.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.2 MB, 3252x2792, 6B7CD1F2-1632-4DE0-8861-AA57EC…)

How is it possible to look both skinny and fat at the same time? Is she using a filter that just makes her look so strange? I’m genuinely curious

No. 217216

>>Why are you guys always fighting when I get up? XD

It's because the unwritten requirement here is that you have to hate Venus and everything about her and think that she always looks ugly and you have to hate Japan and everything about it and you have to have some uptight religious attitude and strong dissaproval of anything a teensy bit sexy and be judgemental and vengeful towards anyone who doesn't have the exact same hate filled opinions as repressed feminazis.

>>Venus CAN look good. She is not ugly,

They don't like seeing that said here and they will try to shut you down for saying it.
It's simple really, the resident nutjobs just don't like seeing any opinions that don't match their own.

No. 217226


It's the type of body she has. She hasn't been blessed with a naturally athletic body and probably never uses her muscles for anything much. She probably never even carries any heavy shopping bags. If all she ever does is lay around in her room all day & eat junk food and drink booze then it's bound to reflect in her body.

No. 217243

It's alcohol bloat.

No. 217244

I hate that Penus "danced" to Megumi no Hito. I listend to Koda Kumi a lot back than and can't stand seeing her pathetic ass wobbling to that song lol

No. 217258

That bra does her no favors when it's so damn big and she has a flat chest.

No. 217274

You forgot to take your schizo meds today anon.

No. 217283

>> She is not ugly,

Except she is though. Unfiltered she is unpleasant to look at. And she is ugly on the inside as well which is even worse.

No. 217287

File: 1654287363527.jpg (190.4 KB, 877x995, IMG_20220603_221521.jpg)

Trafic side profil

No. 217288


So I take it she ain't getting much outta the divorce from Mana (that is if she's not lying about that too, considering she's still on in his apartment).

No. 217299

The top is way too large on her

No. 217311

What >>217226 and >>217243 said, plus the fact that she was indeed a bit on the chubbier side for quite a while before getting weight loss surgery and becoming severely underweight because of the complications.
Also, her belly button is positioned weirdly low (possibly due to excess skin) which makes her abdomen look bigger than it probably actually is.
Plus, the editing probably didn’t do her any favors either.

It’s not you guys not agreeing with people saying she’s ugly. It’s you spergs going out of your way to WK her at any given possibility, shitting up the thread over and over again.
If you feel like saying how she’s pretty to you, go comment it on her instagram pics, OF posts or twitter.

No. 217327

The only good thing about that monstrosity of an edit is she doesn't really have the aegyo puffy eye shit which all the weebs who go to japan get with makeup or tape or editing. Everything else is atrocious.

Japan anon knows Venus reads here and is probably hoping by complimenting her photos and talking about Asian boys, she'll cater to his/her fetishes.

She doesn't look fat there. I think it's just we're used to heavy editing where she slims her waist, hips, ankles, shoulders and face to look more uwu loli petite, and in this tik tok, although there is editing, it's less extreme. She just has some broad body proportions which is different from being fat. She also doesn't and has never done much physical work, meaning she lacks muscle mass and gets the "skinny fat" body as a result (aka: thin and untoned with no muscle mass, not actually fat). She has almost no muscle mass in her legs and arms for instance. The bra is also giving her a flat chested look, similar to when she used to chest bind, which accentuates her shoulders and waist there.

No. 217338

Soooooooo what happened to the self-harm suicide attempt? I haven't seen any scars after those photos. She had a big bandage on her face and I don't see even a slight mark.

No. 217344

File: 1654297950651.png (202.83 KB, 441x724, IMG_0537.png)

No. 217355

The scars disappear when she moves, and I can't see them in the other videos. Do filters remove scars?? Is she using a filter that gives you scars?

No. 217382

>Bubbly kawaii influencer for girls
She never was that. She always was a freak in the freakshow. She got viral view from her kawaii makeup video from people going "what in the fuck am i looking at". A set of very, very deluded or dumb little ESL kids did think that she was what you described, and enjoyed her terrible, garbled, empty videos. But that's for them to regret.
There is no need to create this idea of her being 'good' at one point to make the narrative of a tragic downfall.
It's more that she was sustaining a channel views-wise without any particular effort. Some that kind of luck lasts a lifetime, but Venus' happened to run out

and remember: Put on marge's webcam at 3 years old saying "Venus, model. Venus actress." (what kind of people do you think were watching?), and at 13, dancing in skimpy outfits with salarymens' "bounce!!" sliding across the screen…it was ALWAYS (and people knew this, said this) going to be one of only two things:
Being famous for nothing (viral+luck), or "spit out the bottom of the porn industry"

No. 217391

>>Trafic side profil

"Trafic"??? Was that meant to say "tragic"?

To be fair, everyone has less than flattering pictures sometimes, even the most beeautiful people don't always look good from every angle and Venus doesn't seem to have much of a defined jawline so her chin does not form a nice looking right angle with her neck.

No. 217417

Wait, so she never did the Manaki explanation on OF and just went straight back into sexual content?

No. 217420

Wait, she didn't deliver something she promised? SURPRISE! How absolutely unexpected. Not like Venus at all…..

No. 217424


Please do us a favor and kys, if your shit brain can at least understand what it means

No. 217426

No, it's because people like you and japan nona keep shitting up the thread trying to make it about YOU. No one gives a fuck about random retards wking venus. It's just that you guys keep making this thread about japan guys or something completely irrelevant and start injecting your weird creepy opinions about everything.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but you guys are literally talking about yourselves over and over and over. It's so annoying.

No. 217430

I think this video speaks for how all anons feel about you, Japan anon

Could the upper "scar" be from her wax play? These "scars" honestly look drawn on and they shouldn't even be that visible on a low res camera with a filter. They look too prominent.

No. 217436

File: 1654338379281.jpg (1.15 MB, 4280x3030, 1654010477392.jpg)

>porn is fantastic and empowering, am I right fellow ladies?
> Look! Here's my fap folder with cute AZN bois. Tee-hee! So ladylike!
> Shut up you repressed feminazis, stupid prudes and ebil terves! Suck my girldick!
>UwU SW is real work
>I'm a true & honest "female", I swear !

I'm not a big fan of throwing [hi scrote] accusations toward fellow nonnas but yeah, it smells like unwashed frankenvag in here kek

No. 217437

>>217216 in fact, I got banned for 12h for the comment saying Venus is not ugly but she is not ok so we shouldn't clap her looks, so you were right(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 217438

>uptight religious attitude and strong dissaproval of anything a teensy bit sexy
she literally posts videos of herself sucking her bfs microdick are you ok?

No. 217447

And yet all of her commenters on social media were and still largely are weeb girls. You're retarded if you think only moids are watching her. Young girls didn't know she was shit at makeup, they saw a girl making videos about the Japanese shit they like. 1M people didn't subscribe just to laugh at the weirdness, those people usually watch one video and move on. Go back and look at the comments from her old videos, there are thousands of positive comments from girls. Someone doesn't have to be "GoOd" to have fans. And for 2010 YT standards her videos passed.
And still her recent comments are all "Omg I used to watch you and thought you were so kawaii, what happened?! Are you ooookaaay?"
Just cause you're too Einstein for Venus doesn't mean everybody is.

No. 217454

Great news, she just promised on IG she is back to streams on OF talking about her shit

No. 217503

File: 1654372606651.jpeg (817.5 KB, 1170x1207, FF58D756-BA1F-46A6-8006-69EB85…)

She has faked so many bruises and other things they they can’t be real.

No. 217505

I know it's been said but homegirl really needs to throw that awful swimsuit in the trash, it does her NO favors. The top is literally cut like those giant granny bras.

No. 217514

File: 1654377927684.jpeg (131.52 KB, 1226x1280, EBFDC5CD-8800-420F-A502-A7050B…)

It also doesn’t help that she wears things that are 10 times too small for her

No. 217528

Her OF is $4.54 a month. It was $6.99 a year ago so I guess this is fitting since her looks good down the drain with every freshly failed relationship and mental breakdown.

She looks so sickly pale and fucking gross idk how anyone finds her attractive. How does her hair look dry af and greasy at the same time.

No. 217564

No. Just no.

She looks like zombie prostitute.

No. 217567


Yep, I've been here long enough to know it mainly people who are filled with hate and hangups and will throw any kind of untrue accusations at anybody who is not filled with hate and hangups like they are. It's sad really, I feel sorry for them.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 217582

This is fake, bruises of cuts aren't black
wow is this image new? Her body looks terrible and bloated. Why her bellybutton is so low?(learn2sage)

No. 217585

Do you have any idea that scabs are dark, anon? Those are wider than just normal cuts, so those are/were deep. Scars from dark shadows in the crevices of cuts if they are real.

No. 217609

botched surgery

No. 217619

yes it's from her new porn vid that she cosplayed as tifa, same vid where these are from >>216920 >>216925
i cant tell if she's just gained weight or that the alcohol is making her super bloated

No. 217621

New video about her alcoholism. If I just saw this video I'd think she's getting better but after the previous one where she tells her fans to look up her porn… no

No. 217623

File: 1654425888669.jpeg (62.35 KB, 650x570, 090D6A75-938D-474F-AAA8-490AB1…)

How many times can she possible do this video about improving herself? This is the millionth time she’s said this and no one is going to believe her until she actually does it because her words mean nothing at this point, I’ve lost count on how many Insta posts she’s made about this

No. 217624

I bet her the fans that are her age who used to watch her during her doll phase are very disappointed now. Why can't any "influencer" grow up to be a normal human being and continue doing content rather than turn into porn?

No. 217633

I would think she's getting better after watching this video too but it is Venus. Someone should make a compilation of her all "I'm doing better"'s.

No. 217634

She looks like a beaver that has worn out its teeth

No. 217652

Can someone who is subbed to her OF please record the Livestream she said she would be doing today?

No. 217671

All of her new TikTok videos are giving me "grandma trying to be sexy" vibes, that's how awkward she looks. And her boyfriend is recording most of it, I would die of embarrassement.

No. 217677

Holy shit that was so awkward

No. 217687


Venus posted on one of her stories recently that she has thrown away a lot of the crafts she had made in recent times so she wouldn't be reminded of her alcoholic days. It makes sense but it probably upsets a lot of the people who were so pleased when she started her witchcraft phase. (I guess that fan never got her witch jar then? Or whatever the thing was that Venus made and never sent out.)

The thing is, no one is going to recover from alcoholism on their first attempt, maybe not 2nd or 3rd times either. I believe she can do it this time. I know I'm probably the only one here who does, but I still have faith in her. She sounded totally believable in this video.

No. 217695

File: 1654456580882.jpeg (246.13 KB, 828x1532, 72323D31-4375-415C-939E-EA569D…)

The hideous wrong sized bikini doesn’t help either as well as she’s acting like an enslaved sex worker being forced to shoot videos or she’ll get beat

No. 217698

She looks like she has kwashiorkor

No. 217700

I'm fairly sure it's alcohol bloating which I'm pretty sure goes away after time when you stop drinking but I could be wrong

No. 217701

I wouldn't be surprised if it was protein deficiency since she fucked her digestion system up with that botched surgery and has an awful diet.

No. 217735

I think her belly button might be so low because her incision was infected and probably not closed the best, either. As a result it pulled her stomach skin downward. Maybe they removed some skin, as well? Like a tummy tuck. In actual tummy tuck procedures they'll sometimes remove and relocate the belly button completely or else it will be absurdly low on the abdomen.

She's definitely not fat, just bloated with a lot of damage to her body from the ED and drinking. Hopefully it's reversible or at least able to be improved with diet and exercise, but she has to be willing to do all that so idk if she ever will.

No. 217743

So did she do that livestream?

No. 217756

Does anyone know the name of the beauty apps she’s using. I know she’s using snow app but that can’t be the only app.

No. 217758


I think you're reading too much into it. I haven't watched the video, but this picture isn't that bad. How do you know her bikini is the wrong size? It doesn't look too big or too small but seems to fit her normally so I don't see what you're going on about here.

No. 217762

Why is she even posting this. She's already established she doesn't give a shit about her fans and all they are are $$$ to her. She's also established she likes worrying them and suicide baiting and making up abuse. I like how she says she loves her OG fans there after Pull was talking about how ungrateful she is. I guess this video is simply easy content for easy money.

No. 217763

And she's back to wearing that hideous under eye tape and makeup. It always makes her look so hagard, even under all the lighting and facial smoothing manipulation.

No. 217768

File: 1654485625466.jpeg (205.24 KB, 1170x2207, 5A780C3B-E5AA-4CC9-8F57-F36B0C…)

The bruise on her arm looks like she edited it into the video as it looks pretty wonky

No. 217780

She only loves the og fans because she rose to fame thanks to them. Now they're getting nothing.

No. 217781

Wtf is under eye tape? I tried searching it but I don't think it's what you meant

No. 217786

File: 1654508319445.jpg (53.06 KB, 515x620, EyeBagTape-BP_01.jpg)

I guess this, it's what Japanese girls use

No. 217791

I live in Japan and have never seen this in my life. What a strange thing to do to your eyes. I've seen eyelid ones but this shit looks crazy.

No. 217793

It's an aesthetic based on looking sickly and mentally ill.

No. 217852

Naah, it's also a korean trend called "aegyo sal". It's supposed to make you appear youthful and cute.

No. 217857


It's to create 'smile eyes'.

Someone here on lolcow is obsessed with always going on about it and mentions it at every opportunity.

I happen to think it can enhance a look, but I haven't said so before because that particular anon gets solely triggered and goes ballistic.
You have to have a mainly one sided viewpoint here and hate every look Venus attempts.

No. 217872


Anon you made me laugh so hard

No. 217874

People nitpicking the way makeup is used, when it's shit like this that has been around for almost 3 decades now, needs to go back to tumblr. Real makeup artists don't give a fuck and use things like this, all around the world, for makeup looks and desired effects.

No. 217882

Someone needs to tell venus she's doing it wrong. It makes her look horrible!

No. 217892


At last! Reading something that sounds sane and sensible on lolow. Thank you.


In your opinion, never forget that! Others think differently. Not everyone is going to share your view. That is just how the world is. If you cannot cope with people having a differing view to you, you need to assess why.

No. 217897


Venus looks like the crackhead version of just about every look she's done these past 3 years. No amount of photoshop can erase the fact that she looks malnourished, sickly, greasy, and just all around unattractive.

It's not because she's unattractive either, it's just she stopped taking care of her appearance once the bank of Manaki closed his simp account for good. Go look through her insta yourself. Every since she cheated and left Mana, her appearance has been slowly but surely going down the drain. The last time she looked good was after her sugar daddy (or "Ken" whatever the fuck she was calling him) told her to kick rocks, right before she started doing OF for pimpsan.

No. 217905


Of course she's not going to look as good as she did a few years ago. She probably wouldn't even if she had looked after herself perfectly well. She wouldn't look as good as she once did, for the simple reason that she is older now. And she is European not Asian, and, as everyone knows, Europeans age like milk, that is, they go off very quickly. It's not hard to understand, it is just genetics.

No. 217912

Yeah anon, the rotting teeth, perpetual alcohol bloat, ED, no exercise, and illegal surgery coupled with vitamin deficiency is alllllll those sour European genes! She aged 20 years in 5 years because she's white, duh! It's not hard to understand, you're just retarded.

No. 217915

retarded racist japan anon back at it again about how superior japanese people are I see.

No. 217929

File: 1654549683738.png (Spoiler Image,756.56 KB, 1088x562, uh.png)

I'm surprised no one talked about this video. She looks like some creature from Witcher.

No. 217931

File: 1654549847369.png (Spoiler Image,612.87 KB, 1089x609, uh2.png)

I'm failing to see what's supposed to be sexy about it. She and her fiance are into some weird shit.

No. 217934

You will never be Japanese, stop hating yourself

No. 217961

I think she's just running out of ideas and coming up with stupid stuff to avoid doing the more degrading disgusting shit moids want. Because yeah, there's nothing sexy about smearing finger paints on yourself while fumbling around in a tub. Your scrotes aren't asking for this, Venus, they want to see you beaten, humiliated, and violated in every way possible. Then they'll move on to the next whore that opens a new account on OF, erasing all their videso they have of you to make room for new ones. It's all so empowering!

No. 217971

That lighting (or lack thereof) is really not doing her any favors

No. 217987

Best part is, her Onlyfans poll said as clear as day they want more content of her being fucked by men. She's literally, as usual, avoiding doing what people want.

No. 218001


I can tell that this person has never been to Japan or Asia in general because they think all Asians are kpop oppa bois or someshit when in reality half the population looks like feet just like how it is everywhere else in the world. I've lived there and will be again soon. I'm sure other anons who've been or are currently living there can confirm this. Japan's not that different from the rest of the world.

That anon has to be a troll or a middleschooler. The only reason I'm going with the ladder is because they write like a 13 year old. That being said I think we should just ignore it. It'll get bored eventually if you ignore it.

Now back to Venus. She looks like she went to EDC and is tripping on a bad batch of molly, yet somehow this looks good and we are just hating according to some anons.

No. 218018


Wasn't this a thing a few yrs ago? I recall Belle Delphine doing something similar.

No. 218024


I've seen it said many times on here about how Venus is in a country where people don't age as quickly as europeans and how bad it will be for her when she sees people around her the same age as her but who look years younger, so don't try and act like nobody here has ever said the exact same thing. And it is fact that she is older now, so is not going to look as good as before, even if she had never done any of the damaging things she's done to herself. Plus the fact that some people can do all Venus has done and even worse but somehow still manage to look younger and better. Not that I think Venus looks that bad anyway, but to hear some of these idiots go on about her looks as though she looks so bad and they can't understand why she doesn't look like she did a few years ago, she's older so is not going to look the same.

I swear people here argue just for the sake of it.

No. 218037

I think it is perfectly valid to choose not to do that.

No. 218043

>"Hey guys what kind of content do you want to see me do?"
>Everyone overwhelmingly chooses content with sex with men
>"Here's a video of me playing in paint!"
Don't ask people what they want if you're going to ignore it. I don't even consume her content and even I know it's a shitty way to go about business. She's not big enough to get away with this kind of thing.

No. 218048

Your brain has to be as rotten as Peenus's front teeth to make such generalizations.

Bitch I'm EU, 47y female and people are thinking I'm 25.

No. 218050


Ultra kek she should definitely be added to the Witcher 3's bestiary

No. 218056

How can you be so dense you don't see how racist you're being. Typical weeb retard.

No. 218058

Uhh, aren't you a bit old to be gossiping about a 25yo thot on a forum? I don't like Venus, but I can't imagine actively hating on someone online when I'm close to 50.

No. 218060

There are many Japanese who don't age well and many Europeans who still look good, because of good genes or they take a good care about themselves. Most Europeans just like to get a tan, that's why their skin can age faster.
I also don't understand why should looking older be always unattractive, but ok. In Venus' case it's definitely not an age that makes her look worse.

No. 218073

Right. Age is def not making Venus looks worse. It's abundantly clear the downward spiral is but some ppl are too retarded to grasp that Venus is a certified moo moo. Her downward spiral is 100% due her dumpster fire behavior and choices. We are here to roast cows not be the morality poice and virtue signal about why roasting her appearance is bad. If yall fags wanna do that, join the PULL discord or go to Kiwi Farms.

Venus looks like a tweaker now. How that's supposed to be considered good looking idk.

No. 218076

Damn bitch. I hope I never become a near 50 year old women trashing girls decades younger than me. Smells like mental illness. Get some help.

No. 218078

cope harder

No. 218086

Wait, so trashing women online is okay when you are young, but not when you get older? Please explain this logic to me. You seem to think you have some kind of free pass for shitty behavior and are critizising other people for the very same thing you are doing.

No. 218097

No. 218098

Ew, time to put down the wine grandma and go to bed.

No. 218100


Don't you worry men don't call me grandma but mommy, maybe I should teach Peenus how to please them

No. 218101

vomiting. scrote alert.

No. 218102


Ohhh you're shocked, sweetpea ?
Here, have a bucket.

No. 218105

Jealous of what? To be so unhappy with your life at 47 that you have to trash on someone decades younger? Oh, I'm dying of envy.
We may be doing the same thing, but at least we can grow out of our embarrassing behavior, unlike you.

No. 218106

It's a man. So no wonder.

No. 218108


I'm used to be hated by young girls, especially when I steal their men heehee. I'm perfectly happy with my life as long as I'll have cocks, sweetpea(scrote)

No. 218109

You’re one foot in the grave Ma’am

No. 218110

Ok, you lost me there, you're definitely a troll. If not, that's really sad. You're literally the same age as my mother kek

No. 218111

At 47…? How sad that you think so. I pity you, you'll be a boring woman if you're lucky enough to reach your 50.
I still have plenty of years ahead to have fun with my never-aging cute face and body.

But don't mind me, sweetpeas. Go on. Amuse me with Peenus' fresh milk.

No. 218134

It is actually an old video from when she started OF. She is recycling old content as ever

No. 218148

Venus looks bad because of her habits. Of course gens play a role too. And that anon sounds more like a troll it anything so ignore it.

No. 218158

that anon was a scrote/male trolling. I wish the retards in this thread stopped engaging with spergs and trolls.

No. 218171

How sad is your life even? You come here to spread your delusional nonsense and try to derail for a long time already. If I wouldn't know it better I would say you are the future venus visiting us here.

No. 218187


There's always going to be exceptions. A woman I know is in her 70s but looks 10 yrs younger, but when she was in her early 50s had a boyfriend 33 yrs younger because she looked decades younger, but when she started the menopause at 53, she said she aged about 30 yrs practically overnight and even though she still looks younger than she is, it's by a very much slimmer margin than it used to be, and she's European, of English and Austrian heritage so of course there are always exceptions, but generally speaking it is well accepted fact that Asians age better.

Venus has said she prefers men twice her age, so if she's lucky as time goes on, they will both end up looking about the same age, because if he ages slower and she ages quicker, they will reach a point where they don't look that different in age to each other.

No. 218188


It isn't racist to be stating facts, don't be stupid.

>>aren't you a bit old to be gossiping about a 25yo thot on a forum?

No need to knock that anon for their age. Theres no need to be ageist. This is 2022, we don't want to be restricting what people can say because of what age they are, there is already enough limitations on what people can or can't say in the world. Plus there is someone of 77 who follows Venus, but then she likes her and thinks she is a "sweet girl", but i'm just saying, people of any age can follow someone online and I don't see the need to knock them for that, only if what they say is stupid.

No. 218202


This made me LOL. How people make wrong assumptions in here.
The irony is I'm born female but often wishes I was male, not because I admire masculinity, I don't, it's repulsive, but then so is womanliness which is equally repulsive, and I can't stand most women anyway, whiny bitches, but when I see beautiful Chinese femboys jerking off in videos, it makes me realise I'm not quite as asexual as I previously thought I was. But no, I don't generally watch porn, as, like I said, asexual, male and female genitals are equally revolting to me, but at least with the Asian femboys that haven't transitioned, they still have flat chests. And dicks, but I only like small dicks, because, like I said, asexual. So I hope that explains a few things as just because I do not disapprove of Venus doing porn, it does not mean I'm someone who seeks it out or watches it on a regular basis so stop making assumptions as it just makes you look stupid.

And no, I'm not into transsexuals either, especially non-Asian ones who never look that successful anyway once they've transitioned, but then so many real women are built like tanks anyway so…

Point is, just because I don't think porn-related content is evil, does not mean I'm into it myself, I just am more tolerant and not full of hate towards anyone who does it, even though generally speaking, I dislike humans enough to be called a misanthrope, but I do feel very sorry for the poor Chinese femboys as the government there is intent on inflicting repulsive ideas of masculinity onto men trying to make them all macho freaks, so I do feel empathy towards people suffering under such regimes and people in the west as you obviously are, have no idea what it must be like to have to live under such scary restrictions, but I can feel for people even though I don't think much of the human race, destroying the planet etc, but stop with the assumptions just because you do not understand someone else's point of view.

I don't feel the need to hate Venus or what she does, even when she does stupid things, she's no worse than all the self righteous bigots with their holier than thou attitudes.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 218223

Mods tf fuck yall doin lol >>218202 out here sperging tf out and derailing like a mofo.

No. 218226

You know why the chinese government wants their men to behave like "machos"? Because sissy boys are weak in the head.
In the past, before this whole transsexual brainwashing was even in, who protected the family? Those "macho" men.
Now days, nobody can protect the family, that's what the ccp wants.
So go on, you're the perfect example of a brainwashed young western person.
The ccp loves you. As long as you stay in Europe and dont spread your brainwashed ideals to the chinese people.

No. 218229

this is why venus did that lolcow reaction video so her most unhinged fans can come here and flood these threads with whiteknighting,sperging,derailing and general retardation so people wont focus on her milk or cow behavior's. its been almost 3 years and her deranged fans and spergs are still here (and they still dont know how to integrate), they have ruined the quality of these threads.

No. 218233


Right. Venus out here posting live streams of her in a cheap hotel bathtub covered in paint wearing a dollar tree flower crown looking strung out to all hell but we got retards writing walls of texts sperging about their cringe yellow fever fetishes and shit. Didn't she do a video reading her PULL too? One thing I could give PULL was they were good about IP banning retards and WKs

No. 218239

the pull and lolcow reaction were both in the same video.
Her retard fans were unable to sperg in pull because the way it set up is that you need to have a account and your first couple of posts need o get approved by the moderators before anyone else sees them but here its different and even after 3 years they cannot learn how to integrate, it really shows the ''intelligence of'' the people still supporting her.
Also does anyone remember when these threads used to be filled with old men defending her, i remember one of them posted themselves here and when we looked at his account it was some pedo.

No. 218284

File: 1654629888678.jpeg (204.07 KB, 1676x1162, BF293E02-DF8E-4C31-BA0C-256F8B…)

>> once the bank of Manaki closed his simp account
No, that account is still open.

>> Ever since she cheated and left Mana,

Her grifting rodent-toothed ass is still parked in his apartment, on that putrid mattress on the floor, rent-free (as she continues to ramble and brag about her mystery boyfriend/fiance that is somehow absent from the picture.)

No. 218303

File: 1654634133918.jpg (358.95 KB, 1080x1911, IMG_20220607_223316.jpg)

No. 218305

File: 1654634157959.jpg (224.14 KB, 1079x1904, IMG_20220607_223250.jpg)

No. 218307

File: 1654634254345.jpg (144.37 KB, 1080x1683, IMG_20220607_223702.jpg)

No. 218308

File: 1654634284091.jpg (266.99 KB, 1080x1901, IMG_20220607_223223.jpg)

No. 218311

>>218284 she just said on IG her boyfriend is a Leo so he loves attention.
I bet the boyfriend do not exist or he is a pseudo-pedo +50

No. 218326

I bet he's a major down grade from Manaki looks wise.

No. 218371

File: 1654651625653.jpg (61.21 KB, 789x461, Our Queen.JPG)


From what I've seen there are loads of Chinese people furious and upset about their government's trying to force this issue causing mental health problems, already been a suicide over it. It is cruel and unnecessary. People can't help what they are like or who they like. There are plenty youtube videos of gay boy Chinese couples who both look feminine compared to the repulsive macho types. This policy is based on fear. Fear of something different to what the old men in gov want. That is the real reason they are trying to force outdated stereotypes onto its citizens. I bet they would frown on women who they thought were "too masculine" too, but if women were stronger, which they could be if they built up some strength, then they would be perfectly capable of "protecting" the family too! And last time I looked, this was 2022 not the Stone Age when we had to worry about sabre toothed tigers and savage tribes of neanderthals coming in. What the gov is doing is a dangerous backwards step. Those poor people.

No one is stopping macho men from being macho if that is how they want to be, Not all women will like them, but plenty of gay men will.

Women have been conditioned to be meek & mild, staying at home looking after kids. Sexist.

Women can fight if they have to. Girls have trained in martial arts, even been movies made about it, "The Bride With White Hair" being one. But maybe the gov is thinking of teaching girls how to be "feminine" i.e. be weak and pathetic and afraid of everything and hide behind someone else, as maybe that is how they think feminine traits are. How would that help anyone?

Why is the Chinese gov so afraid of a few femboys that they have to practically declare war on them? It just makes the authorities look weak & pathetic that they are afraid of a few femboys.

All we ever hear in the west is how China is bad for "re-educating" Muslims, well I agree with the gov about that. They are doing some good trying to protect the world from potential terrorists, but an army of femboys pose no threat to the world. But if the gov is so scared of sissys, what does that say about them?

You cannot change peoples' natures by force and bullying. You can't force people into being something they are not if it is not in their nature, all you will do is drive them to hide their true natures and build up simmering resentment and mental health problems.

Sorry for any derailing, but that ruling in China is oppressive and cruel and when good people stand by and do nothing etc. No one has to read what I say, they are at liberty to bypass and ignore, and I shall say no more about it, but I'd be failing in my duty as a good person if I sat back and said nothing in the face of such injustice in the world.

Anyhow, back to Venus, she has posted a new picture on her Insta and no one can say it isn't an improvement on what we have seen of late.(derailing )

No. 218372

As long as she remains shacked up at Manaki’s place I’m gonna assume this “fiance” is some internet perv/OF fan who’s gassing her up with promises to ‘marry’ her and she’s dumb and/or drug-addled enough to believe it.

No. 218374

>>Venus in bathtub with paint etc. Why aren't we talking about it?

We were. But what more can be said on that?
There's not much to talk about regarding Venus at the moment. She's stopped drinking and is doing well, so not providing any milk.

>>dont know how to integrate)

The problem is, by integrate, you mean not having any opinion different to the majority, that is not integration but subjugation.

No. 218375

Let me guess…you think ShE lOokS gOod HeRe, right?

You fucking sperg. Why you haven’t been banned is beyond me.

No. 218378

>>this is why venus did that lolcow reaction video so her most unhinged fans can come here and flood these threads

Yeah yeah I'm sure. Venus is not at all stupid like you all try to make her out to be. Never underestimate the power of Venus. She commands an army of loyal and faithful followers and supporters who will always defend her, even though she is perfectly capable of defending herself if she wants to. All hail Queen Venus.

Well really, I am being a touch ironic here.

I was here before Venus even did that video expose of PULL, I hardly ever commented back then, but sometimes something is so stupid someone just has to speak out.

And what if Venus is true to her word and stays sober this time? There will be no more drunken antics to talk about and laugh at, so what then? There will be no point in keeping these threads about her going.

No. 218380


This was the guy she started seeing in late Jan early Feb when she was flexing those gifts and dinners. If nice dinners and flowers is all it takes to get her to believe he loves her, gonna wife her, etc, then she is dumber than I initially thought.

I would not be surprised if he's an old dude whose married and has kids like some of yall are guessing. It's very common in Japan for companies to send employees to live and work in other prefectures away from their families for a long periods of time. There's even a term for it.

I know we gotta take Venus's claims with a grain of salt, but it would be milk of epic proportions if she pushes for the divorce, voids her scam marriage visa and then this guy refuses to marry her.

No. 218381

File: 1654653098002.jpeg (Spoiler Image,802.21 KB, 952x1655, 08DFBFFF-434B-41C4-AD4C-AAD505…)


No. 218382

>>A pedophile is a dickhead who is sexuality attracted to kids.

I've pointed that out more than once in here, but they have changed the meaning of the word to make it mean whatever they want it to mean. Even liking the look of a middle aged man who looks two decades younger than his age will get you labeled a pedo by some of these fools.

No. 218383

She literally dressed like a baby in a thong and Facetuned her face and eyes to look more childlike. She isn’t just playing dress up, she wants to look like a sexualized actually young person

I’m not going to debate the concept of pedophilia (or more likely autopedophilia), but she contributes just as much harm by actively creating this shit and putting it on a porn sight (that she also advertises on social media that is for kids. What harm do you think a young kid might experience for seeing this content?)

Plus she is clearly fixated on pedophilia and had brought it up more than a normal person would

No. 218385

>>Fuck yourself, retarded bastard bitch.

Tell us you're a middle schooler without telling us you're a middle schooler.

No. 218386


No. 218388


Pedos are not going to be attracted to an actual ADULT dressed as a baby! I don't know why this gets trotted out every time.

Anyway, Kathy Kat did a new video recently asking Japanese women about the ideal body shape for women and they all chose skinny and one said skinny but soft like marshmallow, so maybe that explains why Venus fits that criteria? It is by her choice because that is the desired body shape for girls there. Not saying I agree with it, but it could explain why she makes no effort to have a more toned body.

No. 218389

Also why does this one anon care so much about how other anons define pedophilia lol touch grass wtf

No. 218393

I didn’t call her that, you are just obsessed

No. 218395

lmaooooo this is why I am here. Idk what's more tragic: Venus's OF content or her 13 year old wk weeb fans getting triggered and having a meltdown in her threads. lolcow is comedy gold.

No. 218397

I wish Venus would do more ASMR videos. I am listening to this one now by ASMR Spring. If only all anons here were to listen to this regularly, they would feel more relaxed and calmer.

No. 218402

… see ya wouldn’t wanna be ya

No. 218423

Not sure if venus is soft as a marshmallow out of edits but kay

No. 218430

Its useless talking to a brainwashed person such as yourself.
So many nonsense you spit out in here, is unbelievable.
There is a difference between a man and a women. There's a reason why we're different.There's only like 0.000001% of people who a born "different" and they REALLY are "men born into woman's body" or vise versa. Most of us are normal. Man and woman, both have different roles to play.
This is not sexism, this is science. if you don't believe me, go read scientific articles.
And Islam isn't about becoming terrorists, its such an ignorant and stupid thing to say!
Anyways, by no means im protecting the ccp, they are evil incarnate.
But you're talking about suicide? Most suicides in China are women, not "fem boys"

No. 218438

K guys, if you are a grown adult and you like girls dressed like a baby, wearing pacifiers and dippers… Maybe you are not attracted to -kids- but you are attracted to -kid's things-. If the reason why you are attracted to a woman is because she looks childlike… You smell like a pedo to me. Maybe you never touched a kid, but you are attracted to their things and please don't work in a school
Let me guess… All you saying that is not pedophilia… An older boy told you that you were really mature for your age when you were 17 and he was 40???

No. 218441


Yeah honestly pedophilia is at play. There is no way that Venus takes sexual pictures in baby clothes just to be kawaii, especially on a porn page, and especially when she strategically edits out all signs of aging. Gross, regardless of whether she is a pedo herself. She knows who she is creating it for because they communicate to her.

I got pulled into “ddlg” shit online when I was 16/17 and the number of deranged horny men who wrote messages like “wow you actually look like a kid!” “Are you sure you are 16? You can be honest if you are younger!!” Absolutely has wrecked my mental health in relationships. I cannot accept that a man can like me now that im of age. It is a sickness. I am sure Venus had this same issue x2000 since she developed her understanding of male desires when she was a 13 year old dancing on the internet for pervs. Sad. But she doesn’t have to indulge them, and that is on her.

No. 218460

File: 1654682701826.png (2.35 MB, 750x1334, 3A2C1AEC-39A5-4B79-AD5B-A3C5D2…)

Where’s ya new hubby, Beenos?

No. 218461

File: 1654682725741.png (2.24 MB, 750x1334, CC346D3E-920D-405D-9A73-6C250D…)

No. 218462

Wow he really is a doormat if they're in this good terms after everything. I thought they were actively avoiding each other.

No. 218464

Next chapter: I love my husband, Mana-san is the best?????
We will see

No. 218466

>>218462 they're still living together. Maybe Manaki doesn't know everything she said about him (avoids Venus online), maybe he is that kind of man so good they're dumb, maybe he knows everything but it's a "plan to make him annon again"… Idk

No. 218471

this is why it's such waste of time to analyze her different lies.
>b-but how does this new announcement square with her having a ..
it doesn't because both that thing and the new thing are made up. stop fucking taking information that comes from her as being related at all to reality

No. 218474

>she's older
She's 24 or 25 for fucks sake. I'm her age and people assume I'm a teen. You must be a kid if you think 20s is old

No. 218477

No one gives a shit dumbfuck

No. 218478

You’re still here like everyone else, so you’re not better, bud.

No. 218479

I bet he has no idea what she's saying about him online, she's such a snake. Same as when she called her fiance "motherfucker", he probably has no idea and then she continues acting cute in front of him. So fake.

No. 218499

why do you special needs retards all type like you are in sped reddit.

No. 218504

That anon pukes about 20s is a whole dimension change in appearance, the fuck how old are you even?

No. 218506

Thinking text formatting is a reddit thing says more about you than you think.

No. 218512

File: 1654698334751.png (1.04 MB, 1125x2436, ABBF7C1D-6229-451F-8128-386EE4…)


No. 218526


What??? English not your first language?

No. 218527


She's sober now, so maybe it's easier for him to get on with her.

No. 218530


No one has brainwashed me, I observe and come to my own conclusions, but you are wrong. Ignorant people like you who champion and attempt to reinforce harmful and restricting stereotypes is what must be changed in the world, to protect the people who are suffering because of the harm it is causing to them.

No. 218531


So what about people who like cute things, but who find kids intensely annoying and irritating and off putting? What about people into wearing Sweet Lolita fashion? The amount of ignorance from some anons here is staggering.

Tell you what, let kids wear nothing but brown sackcloth, and leave the pretty cutesy things to the adults who like and appreciate them. That way, cute things are no longer associated with brats, only with grown up people who like cute things. And I don't mean dressed like a bawling baby, because there is nothing remotely cute about stinking piss and shit which is what I associate that sort of baby wear as being full of.

No. 218533

File: 1654703229490.jpeg (Spoiler Image,136.38 KB, 804x828, 248F3DC6-14BF-49A0-BEE8-5AC32C…)

Who actually buys these videos? It has to be her og fans because I can’t imagine who else would genuinely want to spend money on these

No. 218534


Maybe they should. If people were less stressed out, they wouldn't be so raging angry in here all the time. If Venus sees it, it could give her some good ideas on how to do a successful ASMR video herself. she was good at it when she first did it, but her later examples were not as good as her first attempt, but if she tries again and gets it right this time, she could be very successful at it. But I guess then, there'd be nothing for people here to laugh at her for.

No. 218535


Well at least her legs look good here. A decent size and not too skinny. So that is a hopeful sign anyway. For her health I mean.

No. 218543

Venus stopped being a bitch towards him cuz she's happy and in good mood in general, cuz she found a new husband so she's prob nice to Manaki and he's a doormat so he's going along with it, cuz at last there are "good vibes" at last in the house.
He prob is happy as well cuz Venus wants to divorce him at last so now he's free from her

No. 218562

Fiance-san is manager-san, pimp-san, whatever-has-been-san. They've been together for 4 years. Or Venus lies

No. 218568

I'm not talking about cute things, I'm talking about f*king kids' things. Let me help you:
Sweet lolita- cute, kawaii
Pacifiers- for kids. If you are attracted to this, you are a weirdo
Pinky upsy daisy delicate gurl-cute, kawaii
Dress like a BABY- for kids. If you are attracted to this, you are a weirdo

It's not that hard unless you are -16 yo, darling anon

No. 218581

Her fiancé is Ken

No. 218584

I was reading and think wow anon you are right until you said the potential terrorists part then you are no different than them. You can’t force people to follow your ideology just because you believe in something or not. Re educating is putting innocent people in concentration camps and raping the women injecting them with unknown injections, using them as experiments and list go on, yea 1 billion of people around the world are potential terrorists. What should we do with school shooting, mass knife killers, rapists and list go on. You don’t even live there or know those people so don’t talk about stuff you don’t know anon, there is atheists like us who believe in freedom not forcing others things because we don’t like something or else make you no different from anyone you complain about.

No. 218590

Do you know that some people hate those type of videos and can’t stand those sounds, it can be more triggering opposite of anything relaxing mostly those who whisper and make sounds with their mouth or nails or sounds while eating. I don’t understand how people like that but we know that brains and people function differently.

No. 218594

>>218581 yeah right. So take that, "Venus is not making pedo baiting" anon, she is still dating and will marry a guy she, SHE, not us, S H E said was corrupting his own son (if I remember it well)

No. 218600

Oi shayt

No. 218682

File: 1654724948942.jpeg (332.43 KB, 930x1118, 1588987987089.jpeg)

Leaving it here from "BDSM era" thread because we should NEVER forget this

No. 218701

>it's illegal
rancid milk, but.. sure it is illegal. just interesting how this is the first and only thing to come to her mind instead of being disgusted to the bone.

No. 218711

wtf are you trying to say?

No. 218723

it's the same whiteknighting sperg whose been shitting up this thread since it was created. i get the sense that it's a moid doing it

No. 218726

These old bitches think everything is unacceptable if it wasn’t brought up before their time. That’s why I stopped trying to argue with these fags.

Everything someone likes is valid if it isn’t illegal. They don’t understand that.

No. 218727

Do something about it, bud. You are the only retard I see. Kill yourself.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 218733

1.-That’s being a pervert, not an “asshole”
2.-If I’ve heard of someone doing that, I would think “holy shit that’s fucked up!” Not “Wait that’s illegal”
3.- Why did she post the child in the first place? I remember the picture and her saying something sexual about someone “coming soon”. But I might be wrong, was a while ago.

Seems weird to me that the dude told her “I used to make my ex gf do things to this kid” and her first thought was “I’ll share the picture of this child molestation victim for all my followers to see”?

No. 218734


I don't regard myself as an actual atheist but the problem with extreme fundamentalist religious people is they have a definite agenda to inflict their way of thinking on the entire world and have no qualms about killing people to do it because they are convinced they are right. Not really sure how you sort out people like that while trying to be fair about it, when they wouldn't be to unbelievers, but I guess that is why people elect politicians. Not that most of them are much good half the time.

No. 218736


How do we know it's the same guy as that one she called Ken back then? Are people just guessing?

No. 218748


No. 218756

Tinfoiling. I think some anon put 2 and 2 together in the previous thread after she posted her last BJ vid, claiming it was "new content". The room, outfit, her nails etc matched an old insta photo she posted, during the time she claimed to be with the "asshole Ken" or something like that.

There was also tinfoiling about that kid being his and not his ex girlfriend's as she was claiming. If she has been with this same dude the whole time then yea, Ima go with the he's married and has a wife&children angle some of yall are guessing.

No. 218764

>I don’t know what an opinion is

No. 218771

And again no ones gives a shit about your opinion. Stop derailing. Same with those other anons talking about mental health and religious views.

No. 218777


The only thing Venus is successful at is being a trainwreck.

No. 218778

Based on this, and some of the videos of this guy doing porn with Venus, he is a massive creep goes too far being kinky. There’s the pictures of Venus with a sign that she is a “cum dumpster”, some pictures in her OF of her on the toilet looking like it is humiliation play, and one of her newest porn videos features the term “humiliation”.

This is a dude who takes kinks and his interest in being dominant and doing “humiliation play” too far, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he abused his previous wife into doing terrible things as part of their relationship dynamic (i.e. the situation with this kid)

Venus obviously needed to make it seem like she was done with him after the post about his predatory behaviors, but has been with him the whooooole time

No. 218807

The fact that she even tried to rationalize GIVING HEAD TO A BABY as love tells how fucking stupid she is. For the sake of the child I hope this is just her extremely shitty edgy humor

No. 218823

This proves how much she is an idiot. If it is true, she's the accomplice of pedophile for "love". If it is false, she didn't realise she made up a lie that depicts as so

No. 218824

It's not confirmed that her fiance is Ken, anon >>218736 and others, but we have some clues:
-She said on IG yesterday that Fiance and her dated for 4 years before proposal
-4 years ago =2018. On 2018-2019 we had Ken's scandal, manager-san's scandal and she iniciated on OF and porn
-idk but her porn videos seems to be with the same guy
-Ken was married. Maybe that's why it took him 4 years to propose
-Ken/manager-san were sugar daddys. She said her fiance is 45

Also, I visited old posts yesterday. Some anon guessed who Ken was on FB and that guy can be totally be Fiance (he is STILL married and seems to be ok with his wife. That's the only think that doesn't suit), he has the same hairstyle that the storie Venus updated yesterday (the one with that drawing of her and her fiance)

No. 218827

Why do you always rage and tell someone to off themselves everytime someone tells you to stop sperging, this is some edgy 13 year old behavior but you are probably between the ages of 35-50 considering the Venus age-demographic of her male remaining fans which makes it even more pathetic. Stop ban evading.
she doesnt even read here except for that one time for content, she focuses more on echo-chambers like kiwifarms and instagram so you can go there and contact venus you schizoid and quit posting in this thread.

No. 218829

>Some anon guessed who Ken was on FB
Screenshots please

No. 218830

File: 1654781399806.jpeg (Spoiler Image,148.64 KB, 1458x826, 86F4D402-D292-4ED9-AABF-CC8FB7…)

She censors her feet but not her vag

No. 218831

Where did they shared his FB? And why do they think it might be him? He might not even have FB (it's not so common for Japanese, as I heard)

No. 218837

I think that's just what most men in Japan like. Or at least what hentai shows.

No. 218861

>>218831 >>218829

Last part of this thread If I'm not wrong (maybe a thread before or after, but it was at the bottom part, in a photo). Some anon discovered who the manager could be (I think it's just speculative but I could see lots of pictures and events together)

No. 218863

File: 1654785664211.jpg (607.85 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2022-06-09-16-40-36…)

Sorry, just found it (it's at the thread I said)

No. 218869

Sorry for the multi reply (yeah I'm the same anon from the other 2 post) but WAAAA
no more expeculation:
Venus an Fiance are opening a YT channel

Or Venus lies…

No. 218873

Never gonna happen.

No. 218889

I really don't think gaku Kitano is her fiancé

No. 218897

No. 218913

The fact that Venus never stayed with him all those times Manaki threw her out (all the cheap hotels )the fact that she's STILL in Manaki's apartments on that nasty mattress instead of living with alleged boyfriend is also leading me to believe that her fiancé pimp Ken san is married. It's totally up Venus's alley to be having a long term affair with a married man. These kinds of moids rarely leave their wives, but Venus will believe all the lies he tells her because she's dumb af as we were saying earlier.

No. 218924

She meant she loves him, not that him doing what he did to that kid was love…

No. 218957

You are stuck with that KYS sentence while people only say stop sperging on this thread. You either are a wk or really stupid or just a underaged kid who trolls. Or all above. Either way stop using vpns to bring your ass back here.

No. 218961

Mad. Lol, kill yourself.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 218975

I’m sure he threw a “promise ring” to her while being married, and doesn’t plan on divorcing. She just wrote something like “can’t wait to meet my fiancé after a week!!”
I’ve lived in Japan and I know how busy ppl are but also how commonly guys like that cheat like this, plus she is still living with Manaki.

No. 218990

Not sure if the fiance was the one recording her Japan shrine travel video, but if so, the man we saw in the reflection of the glass did not look like Kitano. Of course Kitano could have lost weight and changed his hair, he had a facebook I haven't checked, but I also doubt its him. I do think that Venus was sucking his dick though, why else would have Kitano allowed her to parade HIS BUSINESS as her own?

No. 218991

If she has a fiance, I think she will so she can copy Taylor. Remember, she's so jealous of Taylor, she said she hates her. She would love to be able to make content like her with a sugar daddy. I think she will do it.

No. 218994

She obviously got into an argument with the dude, he probably initiated a breakup and she, being vindictive, either made up that story or exposed him, not for the sake of the child, but to elevate herself and also get revenge. She even hyped it up with "coming soon" and the picture of the supposed kid, using him to likely try and intimidate "Ken."

No. 218995

Venus had a few managers she publicly talked about. There was the vtuber manager that one of her alleged friends came her and said she tried to fuck and sonehow screwed over his company, which Venus later claimed turned to ruins because "he gave her creative freedom" in regards to content. Either people "control" her or they are "too lax". She always has an excuse to blame-shift. She had Kitano, whom she never mentioned and anons sleuthed out his FB. She couldn't mention him because she was stealing his company and pretending it was her own startup. She had one supposed OF manager who later on discord claimed she left because of "poor working conditions". This new guy may or may not be the same person. Then there's "Ken" who may or may not be any of the aforementioned. There was a host she claimed she dated as well. And her photographer used to come to her live streams and was a little to "familiar" with her, so she could have had some type of relations with him as well. He would call her "pretty" and "cute" and "the best." It was inappropriate for professional interaction.

No. 218996

She didn't stop being a vindictive bitch to him. Those posts are mocking him. Just earlier she posted a text of someone claiming Mana could have raped her or "pushed that p" when she said she was unconscious in his room.

No. 219008

File: 1654813320227.jpg (316.33 KB, 1080x1417, Screenshot_20220203-113711_Ins…)

Ken was before her OF manager and they're mostly likely the same person. Also she never dated an host (too poor for that). She just spoke about her bf (now fiancé)'s "stupid host hairdo" and ever people jumped to conclusions. She thought she could milk it and shit on him in the same time but they got back together before

No. 219011

File: 1654813409005.jpg (290.17 KB, 753x1348, IMG_20220610_002303.jpg)

You can see here the host hairdo

No. 219020

It's weird how Venus talks about her boyfriend/fiance but she doesn't talk at all. A few months ago we knew she had a boyfriend we never heard of, that's ok, but Venus is not the kind of girl who keeps life private. And now they have been dating 4 years (while she overshared other affairs, also 4 years and 2 days ago she was happily living her best life with her Mana-san) but 4 years and she never ever mentioned her boyfriend 20 years older than her.
Venus loves talking about her life, her love life and her sex life.
Reminds me of that time she changed all Manaki's videos to "dada challenge with my (ex) boyfriend" to change it again to "(ex)boyfriend now husband".
She always overshared EVERYTHING, so I bet her fiance doesn't exist or maybe he's a new affair

No. 219039

File: 1654817633750.jpg (23.75 KB, 332x628, IMG_0455.jpg)

No. 219040

If she really dated this guy for that long, she was still using Mana for an illegal visa in 2018 so she couldn't mention him. She also never mentioned Kitano nor the pater ad. If Ken and this bf are the same person, she ONLY mentioned him when they broke up, to slander him and/or spite/blackmail him with the child abuse. It's disgusting that she even resorts to using innocent children for her own gain.

No. 219079

File: 1654823605495.png (1.51 MB, 1242x2208, 067307D3-6950-491A-86F3-15BE7D…)

looks like “love” is blind cause peenus, you fall into the same category; you don’t even know wtf water and soap is, always look crusty and dirty sitting on that mattress on Manaki’s house, you ungrateful piece of shit

No. 219086


To be honest tho it seems there is always going to be somebody who would get trigerd by anything nowadays, it's how the world is now. I don't suppose anyone who hates those type of videos would be bothering to watch them anyway. I don't like mouth sounds much and can't stand some sounds like skin rubbing like hands rubbing together it really sets my teeth on edge, can't stand that, and I don't listen to hardly any ASMR videos apart from ASMR Spring and she does mainly the tapping and mic scratching and a bit of whispering, and she's really good at it.

I'd never even heard of it until Venus did her introductory video on it years ago, and really i'd like to thank her for it as her first video on it really did cause tingles and none I've seen ever since has managed to, I just find them relaxing but hardly watch any except the ones by Spring. I think they help far more people than they annoy and no one would watch anyway if they didn't like it. but so many anons here seem to have anger issues and I genuinely thought listening to something like this might help them.

No. 219089

>>Venus obviously needed to make it seem like she was done with him after the post about his predatory behaviors,

If it is the same person, which we don't know. It it really is the same person then it shows that Venus was being quite calculating if she pretended she'd finished with him, because it would be like she knew people would disapprove after what she'd said about him and didn't want people pointing the finger at her and judging her as bad for not finishing with him.

No. 219090


Wait a minute, you do know you are replying to two different people here I hope.

No. 219091


That's a sweeping statement about most men in Japan. Hentai is made up and not real. All men are not like that, some are worse, many more much better, they are people who are all different just like anywhere else.

No. 219093


Apparently nearly everyone cheats in japan and women more than men..

No. 219096


Wasn't someone she was involved with, meant to be on a business level, a Cambodian guy, not Japanese? But Kitano sounds like a Japanese name. There have probably been numerous men she's been involved with in different ways.

No. 219100

Chill with the #NotAllMen.
It just seems like Japanese men are into the weird stuff. I don’t know firsthand of course. But there’s two japanese youtubers that make videos about culture in Japan, including sexual things. One mentioned for example that japanese men prefer “young innocent girls instead of mature adult women” (He really said it like that) and another made a video with a porn star, she said local men are into a lot of fetishes.

I got disgusted when I searched for Japanese porn… porn in general is gross but it seemed like theirs is weird and often fucked up. I would say 90% of it has women acting like they don’t want it, humiliation and fetish stuff. I know porn doesn’t really mean that the population do that, but still, why does it exist then?

No. 219102

>>There was a host she claimed she dated as well.

When did she say that? I don't remember her saying anything about a host, only that she had asked her fans would they like her to do a video going to a host club, and when some wanted that and later asked her about it, like would she do it, she said no because she could stay at home and buy her own booze and lie to herself, for much cheaper. I remember thinking it was quite a witty remark from her, all things considered.

Also, loads of women may think they are "dating" a host, but the reality is, it is not an actual real relationship, it's just the host doing his job and making money for the host club and hopefully himself.

No. 219103

No. 219108


Ah yes, I remember that now. It sounds like she was just talking about it as just as anyone going to a host club would say, because they have to choose which host they liked best and then they keep in touch and try to get the client to go back, and I doubt she meant she actually properly dated him as in him being her boyfriend, only someone she had paid for. I knew she'd said something about a video, but then she never made it, and when she was asked about it, she made that remark I mentioned earlier.

No. 219114

File: 1654827530323.jpg (142.58 KB, 678x661, 0000.jpg)

No one gets triggered and most anons don't comment on her makeup or aegyo/silkworm eye look, or at least not that often. You are the one who is triggered enough to whine about it at one random mention. You are probably also the anon who shits this thread up with, "sHe'S sO pReTtY" all the time. And while we're on the topic, aegyo sal MAKEUP can look good, but only in photos and when it's very subtle, like how Koreans do it. Venus on the other hand uses extreme amounts for the "jirai" look and uses tape that damages her eyes and causes wrinkles. Makeup artists don't use the tape at all. And yes, Venus just looks bad in it. It makes her look sickly and haggard, not "enhanced." But she could smear shit on her face and you'd still go on about how she's so pretty and looks good.

No. 219116

File: 1654827591488.jpg (68.68 KB, 800x336, 000000.jpg)

As opposed to

No. 219118


Let's just analyse this picture for a moment. People say she's dressed like a baby here but she's really not. She's wearing grown up underwear and stockings. Even the thing on her head looks like the headdress from a maid costume. So to say that she's wearing babies things is inaccurate.

Then, what about the men who like to wear diapers? (Nappies if you're in UK) I doubt they wear them because they think it looks sexy or turns anyone on, it's just something they do for a comfort level thing, because it makes them feel safe and cared for, and yes there are probably some who wear it because they have a kink but I hardly think anyone is going to look at them and feel turned on by them. If they are, it's not because they are wearing baby things, but it's because they are attracted to that person anyway and in some cases it would probably make someone feel less interested because it looks so stupid.

So if anyone got turned on by seeing Venus dressed like that, it would mostly be because they find her attractive anyway, not because she is trying to emulate dressing like a baby. It definitely would not mean they would be sexually attracted to babies. There is a very big difference between an adult person and a baby.

An adult dressed as a baby is still an adult and being attracted to that person and even maybe liking to see them dressed that way, is not going to make someone start liking to see babies dressed similar, if they had no interest in babies before, (and most people don't) they are not going to have an interest after just because they have seen Venus, or anyone they like, dressed like it, and to suggest otherwise is just plain daft.

No. 219123


It is all just different peoples opinions and it seems the only opinions that counts here are any that agree with yours.

I mean why does it bother you so much to know that there are people in the world who think Venus is pretty? There are plenty who do. It's all just people having different opinions and liking different looks.

You might as well say, only blue is nice, or green is ugly, and anyone who says different is wrong or insane or trying to cause trouble.

Because that is what it is like in here with all the endless back and forth discussions about her looks, of she looks pretty, no she doesn't, yes she does ad infinitum.

No. 219128

File: 1654829865098.jpg (Spoiler Image,764.23 KB, 861x1386, 0.jpg)

So according to her stories, her bf runs a recruitment agency, where they employ temp workers. And she met him while shopping at miumiu.

Someone posted screenshots on kf if anyone is interested. Plus this new nude picture.

No. 219146

Men in to watching women humiliate and degrade themselves. Thats a good 99% of men.

No. 219158

Wow I'm so dumb, I thought she naturally had those bags. Has she showed that she uses that tape?

No. 219178

They only explain for retards like you. If you have a very high opinion about that pedo baiting goblin, then wtf are you doing here? Half of you act like Kayne West and Fishs(d)tick.

No. 219179

Does someone remember when was that she posted a story about going to the lawyer to sign the divorce papers? Before or after the alleged suicide attempt?

No. 219180

Wait did she really edit scars on her arms or has she put a filter on to remove them?

No. 219181

These look much better compared to the eyebag ones although these are awful pictures too. But at least she looks less like a an old goblin.

No. 219194

Anon I can smell your autism from here. You're such a fucking annoying sperg

No. 219196

Oh yeah I'm sorry yeah, she says "baby beenus" and has a pacifier because that's what adult people do. I knew a guy that told me he turned on with pretty girls dressed like Germans on 1945 and now I know that only means he likes pretty ladies, just like people who are sexualy attracted to baby beenus… I see, they don't like the baby part, only the beenus part.

I'm being sarcastic, anon

No. 219217

I watched video few times and the scars go from dark noticeable to vanished completely same with the bruise in the same video while she was spinning and returns to the same position they didn’t re appear

Other videos she posted with the same bikini there was no marks at all and she visibly had her forearms on display and then again in newer uploaded videos nothing not even a scar or a faint mark

Hard to say if she did edit the scars on for the video it might been a filter covering it up but why wouldn’t you cover it up completely at the beginning of the video too. To me it looks like she generally has edited them in for attention. Unless she posts another video with it I find it hard to believe that they are real.

No. 219240

It's a ploy to get fetishist to buy the content. It's the dumbest and oldest trick thots use.

No. 219246

Can you please stop derailing? There's plenty of threads on /ot and /g where you can discuss these kind of stuff endlessy.
Cow threads are for milk/cow discissions, and not for your long boring ass essays, opinions and blogs.

No. 219247

You can't stop can you?

No. 219280


She's probly trying to appeal to the feet fetishists.

No. 219430

Way to go to point out the obvious.

No. 219460

It's probably the derailing autist, you can tell from the reddit spacing

No. 219479

File: 1654959564536.jpg (521.85 KB, 1080x1933, IMG_20220611_165715.jpg)

No. 219480

This feels illegal to look at kek

No. 219492

Why is she always trying to avoid saying it's porn on onlyfans? Does she want her underage fans to join?

No. 219498

>>This feels illegal to look at kek

Why? It's just a picture, maybe not the most flattering pose, but there's nothing going on it it, is there?

>>Why is she always trying to avoid saying it's porn on onlyfans?

R u saying she says on OF that the other site is not porn, or that she says that OF is not porn? I don't sub to OF & don't watch porn.

Actually from what I have heard OF does not have to be porn, it's just that some people put it on there, and a little while ago, it nearly had none but they had to change the rules again to allow it or they would have lost most of their custom.

Face it feminist folks, porn is popular.

Anyways, how come there is actual proper porn on Twatter? A Chinese account (one of many) has some person, boy or girl can't tell which, dressed up as a schoolgirl with their hands tied up to the ceiling and someone off camera poking at them with a stick and then they start pissing what looks like a puddle of milk, not kidding. How the hell is that even allowed on there? There might not be nudity involved but that would be less disturbing than something like that which just seems cruel for no reason.

Plus there was under hashtag bestiality, dogs humping humans, I know some dogs will do that anyway but this was obviously done deliberately to film for such reasons.

Not to mention all the Asian girly boys with their dicks out, including one in a dress walking along in daylight in a street in Japan openly masturbating and leaving a trail of spunk behind. Now how is that even legal to do in a public place? Pardon me for being confused but how is that okay, when Venus just posting a few pictures in a bikini is classed as full on pornography and must be condemned? It just seems like extreme double standards. If Venus had done any of what I've seen recently on Twatter, I could maybe understand people saying it's porn, but she's done nothing like that.

No. 219500

What. Tell us on what drugs you're on if you think Venus never did anything close to porn. Her OF has lots of pornographic content even dick sucking videos. You are surely not even 18 and probably same person who tells us go listen asmr to relax. Sure, you are so relaxed that you forgot what pornographic material is.

No. 219503

Guys let's just don't mind this anon, them is just trolling. OF has no porn content but last time I checked, sucking dick videos and nudes were considered porn for this society

No. 219504

>>219498 Bro, wtf, what's wrong with you? Why did I had to read that?!?!? Pornography is pornography, the existence of weird pornography (I was happier before I knew the porn you like. Also what that guy you say did is not legal) doesn't make "normal pornography" less pornography

No. 219507


I don't watch porn, and don't go to OF, okay giving a blojob is porn if it's shown, but people complain about Venus just for showing a nude pic or one in a bikini, and some of what is on Twatter is just hard to understand how it can be there when it is not even a porn site, I clicked on it innocently because I didn't understand what the hashtags were for as they were written in Chinese and there is no option to translate hashtags on there, it was only once Id copied them into an external translate site I found out they were for bestiality and other things that seem odd to say the least that they are just freely available on there. Venus is not doing any of that from the things I've read in here, apart from giving blojobs which seems to be just a normal thing, and plenty of those of Twatter including a Chinese girly boy sitting on her brother's face, or at least she said it was her brother in the translate while he is playing with her dick, so how is what Venus does considered worse than that? That is what I don't understand, how she is constantly vilified for what she does when there are are worse things readily available for anyone to see on sites like Twatter.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 219509

TL;DR stop shitting up the thread with your retarded rants

No. 219528

>muh porn, muh azn bois, abloobloo feminazis, pearl-clutchers and prudes
Shut the fuck up troon. No one cares about your disgusting porn habits. YWNBAW and we don't want you here.
Please farmhands, can you please permaban that gross scrote?

No. 219548

File: 1654996324176.jpg (68.55 KB, 816x621, Venus.JPG)


You're the one who needs to be banned here. It is impossible to have a reasoned discussion on anything without you jumping in with your lies and accusations in attempts to cause infighting and trying to control what anyone can talk about here, no matter how much it relates to what Venus does.
If you had your way, nothing would get said here except how wonderful Swissland is and how Venus needs to be there and how eeevill Japan is and how Venus is "obviously" a pedo, even though everyone knows none of that is true and just your warped mind.

Anyway, I'm pleased to see that Venus has apparently turned her life around and is sober, and also posted a lovely _unedited_ picture on IG. But I guess that will displease certain people who only ever want her to do things they can complain about.

No. 219549

nta but you realize there's multiple girls here wanting you to go away right? You're constantly writing blog posts about yourself and your opinions and I honestly don't know why you aren't banned yet. Whoever called you out on being a scrote/troon is 100% right.

No. 219550

Imagine actually believing anything venus says lol. Oh guys she sure turned her life around with this 1 picture

No. 219551

File: 1654997310813.jpg (77.44 KB, 574x450, !..JPG)


I actually wish I was a troon as then i woudl have a penis and could look like one of the beautiful femboys I admire so much. And ahem "girls", don't make me laugh.

Anyway, moving on, I take it this crap here is from mental Margaret? I'm surprised no one has mentioned it yet. As mental and deluded as the hater on here and still obsessively saying the same old shit.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 219556

you legitimately have a mental disorder or have a learning disability. I hope you can find help some day.

No. 219563

Penus is posting her OF links on Twitter like crazy, she even changed her user name into $6.90 0F⭐️. Talk about pathetic, she can't even get new subscribers without turning into a spambot.(emoji)

No. 219565

File: 1655008056965.png (97.43 KB, 757x819, 00.png)

No. 219566

File: 1655008700844.png (817.59 KB, 953x835, 000.png)

Her porn videos also have a pathetic number of views and likes, considering she has been spamming with it a lot in previous days, even had 50% sale on it.

Her new vid is awkward af, she just can't act sensual at all and the lighting doesn't do her any favor.

No. 219568

File: 1655009362518.jpeg (380.24 KB, 1365x2048, 42DFE8C2-783D-4C7A-AB7C-049336…)

Damn… how desperate and pathetic can she be? I almost feel bad for her.(not milk)

No. 219570

If her fiance really has some humiliation fetish, then I'm sure he must love to see her steeping so low.
Do you think he's getting any money from those videos, as their co-creator? I wouldn't be surprised.

No. 219579

I don’t care if people say positive things about Venus, idc about her going to Switzerland, I don’t think it is possible to know if she is a pedo, I don’t dislike Japan. But this anon is so annoyingly obsessed with talking about themselves and the same 5 topics constantly and it is really stupid/annoying. Like stop talking about yourself

No. 219581

You literally were sperging and definitely must be one of the nonas who been doing this for a very long time already. Go drop your phone and watch porn lich king

No. 219585

Anyone notice how she starts doing OF and porn shit again whenever pimp fiance san is back in the picture? If she doesn't do a vid w/ him/the couples channel or whatever thing she said she was gonna do I am 100% gonna be on the he's married and not leaving his wife tinfoil train. As of RN he only seems to hit her up for sex and fulfilling his fetishes.

No. 219586

She's not exactly a trophy wife, I will be surprised if he really marries her.

No. 219588

New vid. She talks about why she created OF and how she feels about it, but we all know that this whole video is just another of her desperate attempts to promote her page.
"You guys, I'm talking about my private life on OF, go there and give me more money!"

No. 219589

I think it's against IG rules to promote porn/OF on Instagram so she calls it "fansite". So much for not promoting porn/sex work on her IG like she said she'd stop.

Except it is edited. Her gowls are completely gone and her eyes look enlarged. I would guess she turned on beautycam features on her cellphone before she snapped the photo so she can technically claim it as "unedited"

No. 219591

"If my fans don't like it, new people will come along" That's how grateful she is for her fans that are the reason she can even make money on OF. And I like how her story changed YET AGAIN. Nothing of the "dreamed of being sexy since I was a kid" bullshit. And calling people worried she's being forced as "ridiculous" is hilarious, given how she aggrandized her time with Margo, pretending she was literally forced into everything and selling that narrative to them, so of course they'd worry she's being "forced" again. But they're "ridiculous" to her. She is such a sociopathic asshole.

No. 219593

She feels people are "victimizing" her and she "doesn't understand why" KEK. What a manipulator. She's truly vile. She knows exactly why and this video is just another OF promotion masked as an update video.

No. 219599

The same person who confessed that she likes to make people worry about her on purpose, she's unreal..

No. 219612

Does the number of views indicate how often people bought the content? Because if that's the case, venus makes up to 50.000$ with a single video. O.o

No. 219613

I think the number of views is per click, but doesn't show the number of people who actually bought it, otherwise the number of likes would be higher.

No. 219615

She looks like grandma in her coffin in the Sukumizu thumbnail
..Like she’s having a seizure in the Ahegao video
..like she’s about to fall asleep mid dinner in the bunny costume video
Like a medical mystery in candle wax play video

Anything but sexy.

No. 219616

She's so delusional. She talks about doing porn as if it's some deep beautiful positive thing and as if the perverts that watch it are supportive fans. If you told me she's in a cult I'd believe it.

No. 219617

she will end up killing herself.
there i said it.
anyone who think she doesn’t absolutely hate doing onlyfans is retarded. her fans especially.
there’s no more hope for her and idc what happens next.

No. 219625

"My OF fans are like my family."
No, Venus, family doesn't fap to each other.

No. 219638

ddl this video. she is going to delect it

No. 219639

You are mentally fucked as same she is and I hope your stinky ass won't show up again here. You are that anon who has been doing this shit about fembois since last thread and keep coming back to derail one way or another. Fuck off with your yellow femboi fetish because genuinely no one gives a fuck. Go 4chan or some shit you lost sheep.

No. 219641

Its funny that she's still insisting on the narrative that she loves doing OF.
She already admitted in some drunken livestream that she hates doing OF.
She's not convincing anyone with her lies.

No. 219649

Why reply to a retard that posted 11hrs ago and has been banned? Just ignore the idiots

No. 219669

Venus being on her natural habit. Lying, being manipulative

No. 219728

File: 1655065975687.jpeg (Spoiler Image,236.06 KB, 1088x1632, FC116D70-5F94-405B-8ED3-70C60B…)


No. 219740

Lmfao she actually became a spambot

No. 219802

File: 1655075641868.jpeg (102.51 KB, 1061x826, 73058EBB-FE17-4F19-A8A1-E42E86…)

Yeah, as >>219589 said that pic is obviously filtered (but “not edited” though!) The lines around her mouth are gone as well as her rapidly developing jowls.

She’s counting on halfwits like >>219548 to be too stupid to notice and believe every word she says.

No. 219812

She looks like she has down syndrome or something. Her shooping to look "Asian" just gets weirder and weirder with each shoot kek

No. 219816


Nitpicking again. Apparently, it is a no no in here to be giving personal OPINIONS but that is all anyone does here really. The thing is though that all the opinions have to match, and all have to be negative, as soon as anyone gives a positive opinion, then "opinions" aren't allowed as they are not milk. TF is wrong with some of you?

Her new video is honest and straightforward, and she is well presented and sober. The truth is no matter what she does or how well, nitpickers and haters will still go on doing what they do, it says more about them than it does about Venus. One person in the comments wrote a really accurate comment about how repressed so many people are -mainly because of religion- and beleive that feeling sexual desire is wrong and yet it is good for people, it is all the repression and what that causes that is wrong, they also said they think the world is improving on that, but they wouldn't think so if they saw some of the comments on here, like anybody who finds another person physically attractive is a pervert, and Venus for daring to post some attractive pictures is degrading, but none of that is true, it is just repression and opinions of people who for some reason think that sexual desire and liking how someone looks is wrong. Please evaluate yourselves and question why you have those views and the reasons behind them. because it is wrong and not normal to feel like that over something harmless and just nice. Venus makes a lot of people happy with her content, and it's good to see her being so positive in this video, why do people just want to look at negative aspects of everything?(moralfag)

No. 219817

File: 1655084547419.jpg (404.32 KB, 2448x1632, FVBLOuoUsAEQ-Vc.jpg)

I wouldn't want to follow her on twitter because she always posts so many retweets of annoying women, or at least she used to, maybe she will stop now. At least her latest batch of pictures is artistically done and they look quite professional. The one in the white wig I think is older and is one of the better ones, but this one from the latest batch is so much better than the over edited stuff she was putting out a few months ago.

No. 219822

Anons, it's very simple. The person evaded 4 bans now while writing in their "who, me?" faux-naive style. So, it is a troll. So, do not reply. Do not argue with them or even read their posts.

No. 219832

tinfoiling here, but do you think her self harming was partly an attempt at coercing her boyfriend to propose to her ?

No. 219835


Yes lol. 100%. She's a covert narcissist. This is the kind of narcissism where the person seeks admiration and attention like others narcissist, but they engage in shaming, blaming, gaslighting, manipulation, and all sorts of emotional terrorism to get their way. They are also extremely sensitive, dismissive, and completely shutdown when someone doesn't back down and attempt to hold them accountable for their toxic shitty behavior. That's why this bitch sperges via fullblown mental breakdowns every couple of months. Eventually life (whether it be ppl or consequences not going away)just starts holding her accountable via not giving her what she wants for being an absolute pyscho dumpster fire train.

No. 219837


she's got a lot of damsel in distress tendencies that she feeds to her audience and people around her and it's worked in her mind to the point it's on autopilot. I feel like with her citizenship at stake, she'd be desperate to do whatever it takes to stay. If he shut her down or didn't act quick enough for her, I could see why she's pulled all these stunts. I still think she's being talked into adult work because it's an easy money grab and relies on her fears that she's a "failure" if she can't make the kind of money she made online at her peak

No. 219841

I don't think adult work is easy money… She still has to do things (record videos, edit them and upload, just like she did when she just did YouTube), she has to work on publicity and she has to carry the weight of Margo being right… It's not so easy, so idk why she stopped doing normal yt and started in adult videos. Is the same amount of work for maybe less money

No. 219843

You forget that she's an alcoholic. being an alcoholic makes you even less productive than usual, now that she's trying to be sober again, she's being more active in social media and she also said she wants to do Vlogs on her youtube channel. I don't think this will happen but it will be a good start for her if she'll really do it.

No. 219844


She has an established fanbase that were eager to buy from her, so it was easy extra income when youtube wasn't pulling in the same money as before. it's not like a new model starting out with nothing. she's used to filming, editing, uploading, and promoting. Plus she's got her boyfriend helping, so she's not just on her own for all of it .

No. 219845

I still don't get why she is like that. She had the opportunity, she was famous, she had a good YT channel, she had the audience… If she was clever, she would have keep on doing makeup videos and vlogs, she could have done publicity, she could have even opened a twitch channel and I'm sure she would have more money and better reputation.
"But, but, I'm I grown adult now, I'm not the living doll anymore…" Alright, so we are, but we don't usually do porn. Adulthood is much more than sex and pervertion. Adulthood is about reinvent yourself

No. 219846


Her mom wanted her to stay a kid so she's doing all the things that feel like the opposite

No. 219847

We all know the photos are edited helle back and forth. She looks nothing like any photos she posts. I don't know why some people come here to say "She looks decent on this" pic. Every single time. You guys are same like those wks and nonas on this thread.
She is nothing but a npc in oblivion at this point. Both personality and Appereance.

No. 219849

> If she was clever,

No. 219850

She's something between Oblivion npc and those prostitutes from GTA.
Her face on those photos is so flat as if she ran over it with hot iron, how can someone think it's good editing? And she has no chin on some photos, she looks like a turtle.

No. 219852


It's pretty clear that Marg was one of those "living vicariously through your child" controlling helicopter moms who did all adulting and decision making for here. Like you say, she was making good money on YT and could have ran away from Margo sans having to use Mana for a scam visa. I think it was a combination of "my mom used to do everything for me, so idk how to be a properly functioning adult and don't wanna learn how" and "this is my 1st taste of freedom away from my mom, so ima go cray and do all the stuff I couldn't really do when she was controlling everything." And this is the end result.

She's not intelligent and doesn't think things through. She is compulsive. There are far less retarded ways get a visa to live in Japan as a foreigner. She never weighed those options so now she's paying the price.

No. 219853

>than the over edited stuff she was putting out a few months ago.
As if this isn't overedited. Her face is a blur.

No. 219854

File: 1655106013103.jpg (55.02 KB, 1146x675, 0000000000000000000000233233.j…)

No. 219859

Your opinion is irrelevant same as her existence.

No. 219866

Idk about that, she started acting even more like a toddler after leaving. Literally acting as a "little" in videos

No. 219870

>>219846 and so did Miley Cyrus after Hannah Montana era. But now she is a real grown adult, she does her shit and she is still millonaire

No. 219888

Mr Yan was the first one to talk about marriage visa and immediately she met Manaki at Disneyland. Talk about a coincidence

No. 219902

So they (Venus and Fiancé) got a name for their channel… Are we REALLY meeting her prince charming?

No. 219904

File: 1655124328286.png (4.1 MB, 1125x2436, EB0985D6-3647-46ED-B2C1-72669D…)

Wait.. who was she with during the cat pics? From way before? “Ken”?

No. 219905

She has been with her fiancé-san for at least 4 years (she said it took 4 years for him to propose), so they started dating on 2018, so yeah, that is why I think ken, manager-san, pimp-san and the fiance are the same

No. 219906

we've already been able to see his disgusting 60 year old brown 2 inch dick and 4 inch pubes

No. 219912

It might be Ken/manager. If it is, that's really fucked up, considering that he made his ex sexually assault her underage son (I wouldn't be surprised if it's HIS son as well) and who Mikan thought of as a dangerous man and didn't want him in her apartment. What a wonderful guy! They're both trash, they're perfect for each other.

No. 219919

>>219912 seems the kind of guy every mother would love for her daughter…
Wait a minute…
Venus, is this for Margo????

No. 219943

What if the "fiance" she mentioned is actually a host…There's a J-Drama called '明日、私は誰かのカノジョ' that is really popular recently, the main character fell in love with a host, and because every time they do a 'champagne call' it costs thousands of dollars, the main character has to do sex work so as to earn money quick, which allows her to visit the host more often. In Japan host culture, the hosts will lure customers with sweet talks and act like boyfriends in order to keep customers coming back. So I'm not surprised if Venus 'imagined' the host as her finace, the ring though, might be just a gift from the host which Venus see as engagement ring. (Hosts often ask customers to "marry" them as sweet talks) If they're really engaged, why aren't them living together?

No. 219945

I don't think venus is THAT dumb, honestly

No. 219951

She mentioned that she dated a host, so it's possible that she really is that dumb. I heard it's not uncommon for girls to think that the host is interested in them, because he is messaging them often and so on. I doubt that it's her current "fiance" tho.

No. 219956

I think she is THAT dumb honestly

No. 219968


The guy she's with is far too old to be a host. Unless he's one of the lowest rent ones available. They are not called host boys for nothing! This old man is no host. I guess he could of been one when he was young so would know how to sweet talk, but unless he's one of those very rare older hosts who still manage to look about 20 yrs old then he won't be a host, and we've seen enough of him to know he does not look young. So no, he's not a host. Plus Venus is not that stupid, really not, she knows full well how hosts operate and what it's all about.

She is into older men now, but probably as she gets older herself, in time she will start looking for much younger boyfriends.

No. 219974


I've tried to work out just what it is about Venus, but I can't. I've followed her exploits for over ten years and have tried so many times when losing patience with her to stop following what she does.

Back when she did mukbangs and seemed to be damaging herself with wolfing down too spicy food, egged on by people like David throwing money at her to eat more of it, almost like he wanted her to harm herself, I used to lay awake unable to sleep for worrying about her, so for my own sake, I determined to let go of caring about her. But she pulls me back in every time. There is just something about her. I don't even like women generally speaking, but Venus is different, she is the only woman I like.

I know I'll never meet her and she'd never care about me, but she has something, a magnetism or something, some quality that can keep people transfixed and coming back for more, even if she could be quite dangerous, there is just something about her.

I wish I knew just what it is. I don't want to have to be caring about someone I don't know and will likely never meet, but she has somehow got me hooked and no one else can do that, only her.

No. 219983

File: 1655142006399.jpg (902.12 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2022-06-13-19-39-54…)

Not a photo without a bruise, a scar, a mark… She needs help or she want her fans to think she needs?

No. 219993


Look up covert narcissism and you will see that it reads like an About Me page for Venus. Especially when you look at it in both her (many) failed relationships/friendships and trainwreck life choices context.

All these cows are some variant of narcissist and that's why we can't look away. You've prob followed Venus's antics and wonder at somepoint "how tf did this person even make it to adulthood? How tf is this person not dead yet???" It's just fascinating to see these trainwrecks navigate life in a way that most ppl don't. They're like a really trashy reality tv. It's free entertainment.

No. 219994

You need help if you care so much about a person you don't really know.
She doesn't even know you exist and she doesn't care about you.
Anyways, there's nothing special about her. The only reason why people come back "for more" is for the drama cuz she's a complete train wreck and its hilarious.
Just like the anon above me said, like a reality TV show

No. 219995

You're looking into it too much, some people just bruise more easily.

You have a really shit taste in women.

No. 220001

>>You have a really shit taste in women.

But I don't have 'any' taste in women. I don't even like women. Nothing about women interests me, I've always got on better with men, it's only Venus, she's the only woman I like. I tried to forget about her but then when she changed direction and got into doing the more adult stuff, it drew me back in and made her more interesting. I don't subscribe to her only fans, I don't care about the porn stuff she does, but the adult pictures added to the kawaii stuff she does gives her an added dimension and makes her more fascinating, maybe because it's an odd juxtaposition. i don't know what it is, I just know she keeps me interested in her and I worry about her wellbeing.

No. 220005


I'm confused about the cats. She's showing this one here with the ginger markings on white, and also there's the white fluffy cat, but there was another fluffy cat, didn't she say it was called Cream when someone asked her its name? So that means there were three cats. So who did the other one belong to? Also, there was a small dog too, it annoyed her once when it barked in the middle of her video and that belonged to a guy who owned one of the fluffy cats, so that coould of been her fiance or the other guy, don't know who he was if the one with the bad thing about the kid, or someone else. It's not clear who any of them are because Venus doesn't make it plain, i guess it's no one's business but her own but as we are discussing it here i suppose it's alright to wonder.

No. 220014

That is most likely from the wax play she did and also, she is unfit and lives a mostly sedentary life. This makes your heart and veins weaker and you bruise more easily.

We don't actually know if that accusation is true. Nor do we know it's Ken for certain. Pull thinks it is. But the cats were back during the time she was with Kitano and during the time she posted the pater ad. Based off the porn blowjob video having the same dude in in every time, it's likely the Ken person as that is who she mentioned dating at the time, but she could have been dating more than one sugar daddy at the same time and only used footage of her current bf in the porn vids), so there's a chance it isn't Ken. I think it is Ken, but not 100% confirmed.

No. 220015

She claimed she left Ken (more like got dumped) and Kitano and then later claimed she left her OF manager due to "poor work conditions", which is Ken/Of person are the same, they broke up at least twice. I'm not sure if her first OF manager was him. But maybe she lied about switching managers. I don't think she'd just do porn with some random dude though. She wouldn't have the guts unless it was someone she was close with.

No. 220032


No. 220033

Can someone ban this shitty autistic person with their derail? Thanks. Imagine being so desperate to come back with a new ip while your ass has been kicked by now several times.

No. 220045

Everytime I check this thread it's just an autist writing a novel

No. 220048

Darling… Just don't. Just stop here. For you, for us

No. 220053

Hey mods can yall do something about this? This is clearly a troll and is posting someone elses pictures on here.

As for Venus, I'm on the Ken tinfoil train. The timeline is too much of a coincidence.

No. 220061

>she has something, a magnetism or something
it's called you're a simp

No. 220073

There are two cats. The cream one is the white one. The picture was just lighten

No. 220081


What did I miss? There's a load of posts missing. Was it funny?

No. 220083

File: 1655171127915.jpg (26.49 KB, 551x479, Cat.JPG)

>>There are two cats. The cream one is the white one. The picture was just lighten

I thought she said its name was Cream, which seems an odd name for a cat, but I'm sure she said that was its name. The cat shown earlier has got a lot of orange on it, I can't find a white one, but this old picture is of Venus with the cat she said was called Cream, it has pale ginger markings on white, so that cat is still around then if this is the same man she's talking about?

No. 220092

Nope. some random pictures of a random girl that has nothing to do with Venus

No. 220094

File: 1655178207467.jpeg (636.57 KB, 1170x2532, AAE4801B-D5EF-4439-B391-0FF2EE…)

I think these are the same cat, and might be why people thought there was a 3rd cat? It looks whiter but the markings are in the same spots

No. 220095

This idiot slices off half her lower face in her pathetically bad editing. Who does she think she’s kidding? (Oh yeah, that would be morons like >>219817, aka the “she looks good here!” mental defective.)

No. 220096

Her lower face is just behind a strand of hair, she hides her jaw behind hair a lot

No. 220098



And she, he, or they? One needs to get those pronouns right.

No. 220104

>>> Who?
>>Who else am I talking about…

You never talked about anyone, just posted a picture of someone of indeterminate gender. And very plain looking at that.

No. 220105


Adda D Bell? Is that supposed to mean anything to anyone here?

No. 220106


So this one is the cat that was staring so hilariously at what Venus was doing in her mukbang video. The one she said had the name of Cream. She was posting back then from a drab looking room with a picture on the wall behind her, the same as in the later video she did when she wore the Chinese style top. It seemed like it was somewhere she was living at the time, so that was her boyfriend, but then she moved hack in with Manaki apperently ?

No. 220108

I think she got back to Manaki's at covid times… Does anyone know if there was like a law or something in Japan that said "everybody should stay at their homes, not anyone's home, during covid quarantine"? Or maybe they just broke up and come back

No. 220110

Would appreciate if a mod could delete those photos of people whos photos might have been stolen and used now without their consent. You literally have mentally issue to act like this for whatever Degenerate reason you have. Someone, take the phone away from that sicko.

No. 220111

Agreed. Also, sorry to the girl in all the photos. I can’t imagine you deserve this random bizarre harassment by this psycho.

No. 220119

File: 1655202965151.jpg (287.82 KB, 1080x1955, IMG_20220614_123501.jpg)

Little message from V for us

No. 220120

Says her who is a dumpster case.

No. 220121

Replace shittalking with suicide baiting and it fits her.

No. 220123

This doesn't even make any sense. How's she still so bad at English?

No. 220126

I supposed before Venus reads lolcow often, now for me it's confirmed. I've been around daily for 1 month and I've seen Venus talk about old topics mentioned now on this forum. So hi Venus? How are you doing? Invite us to your wedding since we are so important

No. 220130

No one is forcing her to lurk on here, she is choosing to go on here and read her thread, that’s on her and no one else, she has the option to not do that but instead lurks on here then complains about it, please grow up and get a grip of yourself Venus, not everyone is going to say nice things about you online when you do questionable things

No. 220132

Yeah V, you get to act like a trash fire on the internet and people should "onwy giv you huggies and headpatz!!"

If you didn't lie so much, become a porn grifter who exploits weak men, suicide bait your audience and scream for attention every 2 seconds, then maybe people wouldn't talk about you. You're so deluded and self-absorbed you think you can act like a retard and only get praise. If people talking about you bothers you so much, then fuck off the internet.

No. 220158

>>If people talking about you bothers you so much, then fuck off the internet.

But then how will she get the attention she desperately craves? This bitch would die without attention from randoms on the internet. This shit is like a high for her. Makes me wonder if yellow fever Japanophile retard anon was a sock puppet or Venus's pimp fiancé san attempting to defend her because she linked him to this. She's clearly been lurking again recently like yall pointed out.

No. 220160

Was thinking same about that anon sperging hard. Could been from Venus side afterall it does fit that Apes around her would do such degen shit.

No. 220161


I wondered if it ws male, kinda looked like it. Anyway they could of posted a picture of themself, they made another post after w some weird name, adda d bell or something bt I had to go then so dont know if they posted anything else.

No. 220162

>>220158 I'm a little confused since in last month we had Japan fan anon, kink anon, school mass shooting anon, last one the weird photos anon, and idk if they're the same person. Maybe we should try to use names here for a while xD(xD)

No. 220166

File: 1655226420155.jpg (17.12 KB, 739x415, 12-02-18-images.jpg)

I've been tinfoiling over the same theory. Asian boy-lover anon started to shit up the thread at around the time someone linked a venus porn video from some shitty OF leaks forum.

I thought they came from there, but now i believe venus has told someone or many people subscribed to her OF about this thread (through private posts or DMs) and they come and sperg out every so often.

No. 220167


I know what she's like and believe me I've really tried to stop caring and tried to wean myself off her but I can't. I know she could really be an actual psychopath like her mother says because she seems to have no conscience about hurting people, even towards that little kid, but all that, everything she does is what makes her who she is, and who she is is what makes me love her, I can't explain it. I don't follow any of those other cows and don't care about any of them. Like I said I don't even like women, only Venus. She's different and has something all the others don't..
I just wish I knew what it was, and I wish I could stop loving her but I can't.

No. 220169

>>220166 you're right >>220167 hi lovely Venus lover <3(<3)

No. 220171

Gulag time

No. 220172

Take your meds and stop reading your thread, Venus.

No. 220174


and the fact that the tard anon kept defending Venus's looks despite her looking like a tweaker these days. I could totally see one of her retarded delusional moid WK cuck fans coming here to sperg up the thread at her digression. It's painfully obvious since she posted about shit talkers a mere 2 days after >>219816 couldn't find a way to evade ban since they haven't been back yet.

No. 220178

Get some help.

No. 220179

File: 1655231498096.jpeg (236.41 KB, 1068x1436, ACAD56C3-2363-403F-BEE4-09B120…)

>> Her lower face is just behind a strand of hair,
No it’s not a strand of hair, hair doesn’t bend at a sharp angle. That’s this sad basketcase ‘editing’ by slicing off a section of her face. And she’s done this before, btw. Which makes the sheep bleating about “how good she looks here” even more pathetic.

No. 220181

No. 220196

Narcissistic projection. Her and Margo are one and the same. Margo blames her family and ex and daughter. Venus blames her family (Margo), her ex (Manaki) and all her bfs/sugar daddies/managers additionally and would likely blame her future child if it did anything similar to what she did with Margo. Venus shittalks Mana, her mom, her managers, her boyfriends, even Taylor. All in her adult years. She used to shittalk school friends in her blog, and clearly she has not changed. I think she also shittalked fat people if I remember correctly. Maybe Venus should take her own advice. And even though Margo is a horrible person, what she wrote here >>219551
isn't wrong. I wonder which comment triggered Venus? Valid criticism hurts. Cry more, bitch.

No. 220198

Also, it's very evident from this post that Venus is pretty dumb and/or manipulative (not that it wasn't evident before). It's usually stupid/manipulative people who think others give valid criticism because "they're unhappy" or "they're just jealous" or "it says more about them than me" or they imply the criticizer is "angry" or "spends all their time doing it", all of which are just ways for the criticized person to invalidate and dismiss what could actually be valid points. People here and the pull discord have made very valid points on her shitty behaviour. Even out right hate doesn't necessarily mean any of the above points Venus has said over the years and in that post (except for maybe anger). For instance, someone who was sexually assaulted and saw the posts where Venus used a sexually assaulted child to bolster herself and get revenge, might hate her after that because only a shitty person would do something like that. It doesn't mean they get a "high" or "they want to feel better about their shitty selves" or anything. It's about recognizing malicious behaviour for what it is.

No. 220201

Agreed. Keeping silent when you see that a person is doing something wrong/harmful is parallel to not doing anything when you see a crime happening infront of your eyes.
She has many young girls following her thinking she's a saint and its not true at all.
She is a very bad influence to her young fans. And she knows most of her fans in instagram and youtube are young girls.
She is very toxic and manipulative.
People need to realize that.

No. 220206

You can literally see the piece of hair under the cat's paw anon stop being a retard

No. 220211

That photo is old

No. 220226


Hang on, where does she say that is for lolcow? It's pointless just assuming she's talking about here when it could be any number of forums, even some of the comments she gets on Youtube, which she referenced in one of her recent videos. There's nothing in this to say she is talking about us. Or even if she is, it wouldn't be only here, there's Kiwi farms, she use to have a thread on Guru Gossip and still might for all I know, I understand Pull have a discord which I don't go to but Venus may have found a way to see what they post there. Apart from all the above, they probably talk about her on Reddit and 4chan, not to mention she also gets shitty posts on Instagram sometimes too, so it's assuming a bit much and being a bit egotistical to think she is only directing that comment to here.

No. 220228


Yes but she can do all of that and still command total devotion in many of her followers.

I can't think of anyone else who could.

No. 220231

Look again, retard. The section of her face above the cat’s paw in >>220179 is not her hair. She sliced it off in a comical effort at editing.

No. 220232


Now this is the kind of thing that is so stupid about some of the people here and it's this sort of crap that derails. The fact that this has just been turned into a hate forum, when it is not meant to be, it is just meant to be somewhere to laugh at what cows do, not to completely hate on them, but that is what goes on here, all the time.

Venus is eevil, Japan is eevil, nudity is eevil, sexiness is eevil, a bit of mild porn is eevil, anyone who tries to be reasonable and give a reasoned debate about any of that just gets called a scrote, accused of being a pedo, accused of being Venus herself or someone she has 'sent' to do her bidding.
Just get real ffs.

The people who hate are so fixated in their opinions and so deluded they can't conceive of the fact that not everyone is going to be full of hatred for everything and in agreement with them and because of them being unable to cope with that, as soon as someone just mildly and politely disagrees or has a different opinion about something or a point of view about Venus or how she looks that is different to theirs, that is enough to cause raging hysteria and cries of scrote, troll, killyourself, whatever and if the person they are attacking quite reasonably and calmly defends their position against untrue accusations, then they start screaming for mods to ban anyone who disagrees with them.

The reality is if the haters were the ones to be banned, then it would be possible to have a balanced discussion here where people will quite naturally have different viewpoints, like in normal everyday life, without unbalanced people screeching for anyone who disagrees with their rigid opinions to be shut down. It never used to be so bad in here, but it's the haters so totally intolerant of anyone with a different POV to them, even people who come here disliking Venus but just not completely hating her get accused of being a wk. It's ridiculous.

No. 220238

The thing is, you think people hate you because you don't hate Venus. People tried to explain to you sooo many times why they dislike you, but you refuse to understa.d
You're also delusional that you think that you're "the voice of reason" in here.
I guess its true what people say -crazy people usually aren't aware they are being crazy/delusional/have wierd opinions.

No. 220239

Awww the retards back. >>220232 coming through the wall of wk sperg text. well it was a nice 2 days while it lasted.

No. 220240


Ikr? Imagine being so retarded as to come to lolcow multiple times to WK and be the voice of reason? That's like going to 4chan and telling ppl to stop being racist and using slurs. I pity the poor thing. WKing over Venus AND completely missing the point of this form. literally no braincells. Has to be a moid or a 13 year old.