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No. 174930

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+Venus Angelic Summary:

>Venus Isabelle Palermo aka Venus Angelic is a washed up as-been famous Swiss Youtuber who gained popularity for her doll looks and weeby content back in the days. Her momager Margo created the Venus Angelic brand, dragged her around the globe evading taxes and stirring up drama among the living doll and makeup vlogger community. She married and cuckolded a Japanese fan named Manaki who doesn’t appear online anymore but she is presumably still married to him and living together. She has faded off into internet irrelevancy for the most part and tries to recapture some amount of attention by uploading random videos every other month and thotting on OnlyFans.

+Recent note-worthy milk:
>Joined AA
>Got beat up in the street by 3 men while drunk and on xanax
>On an enormous amount of pills
>Banned from a hotel chain for trying to commit suicide in their establishment
>Passed out on stream while eating a hamburger
>Self proclaimed ~witch~ using Halloween props for Wiccan altars, doing tarot readings without knowing the actual arcane meanings and giving shitty advice to her stupidly gullible followers.
>Talked trash about her former employers and admitted owing money and being jealous of Taylor in a confession stream.
>Posts pictures of her having a ~mental breakdown~ behind a convenience store, making sure her brand bags and new shoes are showing in each of them.
>Spends thousands of yen in witch clothing but doesnt invest a single cent in getting her teeth fixed.

instagram: https://www.instagram.com/venus_angelic/
Witch instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rebeldollatelier/?hl=en
“Momonga” (e-girl “business”) instagram: https://www.instagram.com/momonga.inc/?hl=en
twitter: https://twitter.com/VenusAngelic
tiktok: @dollyvenus
fanicon: https://fanicon.net/fancommunities/1857 (inactive)
main youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/VenusAngelic
weeb youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrpLE_Q1iNszN0O9n6V85YA
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/venusangelic

No. 174934

I audibly gasped when I saw this. What the FUCK happened to her (and her teeth????? Holy fuck)????

No. 174954

Where was it mentioned that Venus got beat up by 3 men while being high on Xanax what the fuck?(sage )

No. 174959

Great job making this thread OP!

No. 174962

I've never seen her looking so haggard and that's truly saying something

No. 174967

File: 1632955764397.jpg (55.43 KB, 390x327, 500px-Jacquouille.jpg)

No. 174972

Damn. If you compare her to her wannabe doll era… she surely destroyed herself completely

No. 174974

I noticed her teeth in one of her newer vids. Actually thought it it could possibly be makeup or something like that. I wonder if its the result of getting beat up. She seems so lost, was hoping she was getting better.

No. 174977

Maybe her front teeth are dying. It's a thing, not quite like a cavity but her shitty lifestyle, medications and people punching her maybe killed her front teeth, they tend do darken and decay over time.(sage)

No. 174978

Did drugs fuck her teeth up?

No. 174979


I can't seem to find any info on her getting beaten up while on Xanax, but I saw somebody else mention it before too. Anybody have the rundown on what happened? I can't find any info on it?

No. 174980

Unless she ate something black, her teeth are turning black because the blood supply is cut off. The tooth is dying due to lack of nutrients.

No. 174982

File: 1632964019964.png (5.21 MB, 2532x1170, E99CCAEF-3470-4588-9577-1F9E5C…)

Check her Youtube. She really looks like shit.

No. 174985

I also want to know! wtf?!

No. 174988

I've noticed she has that shadowing on her teeth whenever she wears that lip tint? Could she just be getting the tint on her teeth cause they don't always look like that?

Also, despite being super thin in her latest video, her face still looks super wide/bloated? Even covering it. Is her face just that naturally wide or is it binge drinking or something? She'd look objectively better if she had a nice proportioned oval shape like Margo (hate to compliment her) or Beyonce. I'm surprised she doesn't contour her cheeks given that she already contours her nose and is so insecure about her face.

Her latest two videos, apart from being lazy and looking haggard, were actually decent. She's not acting overly bubbly/kawaii/thotty/edgy/wannabe funny or anything. Just being normal, while interested enough in the items she's describing. She's def a fullblown narc though. The way she couldn't stop staring at herself in the camera in her clothing hall vid is a dead giveaway.

No. 174989

She briefly mentioned on a stream once (think it was drunk confession one). But we have no way of knowing whether it's true (aside from a bruise she had but her reasoning for it could be made up given she already admitted she likes making up abuse stories to worry people), and if true, we don't know the full story of what lead up to it or whether Venus is just aggrandizing yet another situation, like she has pretty much every other situation. Knowing her, it's probably made up. She still let's people believe that her OF manager hit her and only told people on discord through Kyrie that she left that manager due to "bad working conditions", but if her xanax story is true, the bruise wouldn't be from the OF manager. But she doesn't care who she makes look like an abuser, as long as she gets to remain poor aboosed venoos.

No. 174991

In her video “dumb things I did when is drank”

Just after minute 26(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 174996

People with eating disorders tend to lose their teeth from purging or lack of nutrients.

No. 175017

>Is her face just that naturally wide or is it binge drinking or something?
Both. She always had a bit of a moon face, but she also looks bloated. It could be medication rather than drugs/alcohol.

No. 175023

She does have a wide head. I met her at a anime convention once years ago, noticed in the pic afterwards that her head was like twice the size of me and my friends regular sized heads, despite her being anachan skinny.

No. 175032

Here was her teeth 4 years ago
Quite the dramatic change

No. 175033

this, or it's red wine/alcohol weakening and staining them. she probably has a brownish black tongue, usually a tell-tale sign. she has all the other symptoms like a bloated face/bad skin and does drink a lot so I assumed it was alcohol and a sugary nutrition-less lifestyle.

No. 175037

Teeth turn black when the blood supply to them stops and they die. While poor hygiene can aid the procress of tooth decay, that alone is usually not enough for tooth decay as bad as in Venu's case - especially not at her age. Dental trauma is more likely and maybe it does add up with the story of some guys punching her? Though her just falling on her face while being drunk as fuck would do the trick just as well.

Whatever is causing it, I don't get why she is not getting it fixed? There are plenty of ways to do it, like veneers or dentures. Sure, they are quite pricy, but seeing how much money she spends on clothes and bags, she should have enough money for that?(sage)

No. 175045

Well with how drunk and a mess she is currently, she can't get a job to stay in japan so it wouldn't wonder me that she is still married on paper to that creep manaki. Japan would kick her out by now if they were divorced UNLESS she finds a job to stay there which as mentioned at her current state it's impossible(learn2sage)

No. 175046


I think some of you have got so used to seeing the horrible pencil thin face she has been exhibiting on Insta for so long now, and maybe you like the more western face shape, i.e. long and thin, Venus is lucky in that at least her face is more naturally like the shape of Japanese girls faces, which should please her seeing as it looks like she would like to look Japanese, being so in to the make up trends and styles and everything. I don't share the view of Margo looking better, she's never looked better, for many reasons. Margo isn't ugly but not extremely pretty either, no one has to like Venus to see that she is naturally pretty, but her lack of confidence that didn't seem to exist a few years ago takes away from her attractiveness and makes her appear less so, it's only the black tooth that detracts from her appearance in her latest video, it was a pleasant surprise to see her looking more like her natural self and not the ugly distorted image she likes to portray in her face tuned pictures.

No. 175047


It wouldn't surprise me if she's painted something on it on purpose, she's got a weird sense of irony and it could be a way of saying fuck yoou, because she knows people will notice and comment on it.

No. 175054

Oh please don't start AGAIN the conversation about Venus' physical apparence.

Venus is not and never was ugly, but she is/was not especially pretty (like in a dolly way) too. She is a NORMAL woman who can be a bit cutish in her good days. END.

As much isis it good to see her without all those filters we can say she looks like a dirty mess now tho

No. 175056

Some of the comments on her witchy outfits video are mental. What the hell does this one mean?

1 day ago

No. 175058


Reading this comment here made me wonder if she's done a giveaway again but then not bothered to send anything out?

Luna Jane
17 hours ago
Hey venus! Just wondering about the witch jar~ not sure if its still happening? Thanks again for choosing me in your recent giveaway <3 have a pleasant week ^_^(post screenshots)

No. 175061

I think her teeth look like that for a variety of reasons… malnutrition due to her surgery and bad eating habits, alcohol - the list is long. Since she displayed an ongoing struggle of taking care of herself, it wouldn't surprise me that she skipped tooth brushing as well.

Or maybe she wanted to accomplish that gEiShA lOoK

No. 175065


I actually thought that too bc Jirai and shit, you know lol
You could shit your pants and call it jirai though

No. 175083

I think that's the one thing I really feel bad for her about, the surgery. That actually damages the rest of her life. She can't eat enough, even is she tried, to keep weight because she has to wait for her small stomach to even process what she's already had. I get the surgery was her own idea, but that just sucks. She didn't think long-term, but the doctor also botched her [cut off more than normal when these types of procedures are requested, which they are still common].

No. 175086

Does anyone have the pictures or source to

>Posts pictures of her having a ~mental breakdown~ behind a convenience store, making sure her brand bags and new shoes are showing in each of them.

No. 175088

File: 1633019942988.jpg (193.64 KB, 500x901, 1626791648502.jpg)

No. 175093

I also don't blame her for the (botched) surgery. It was the doctor's irresponsible decision to perform it without a (psychological) check up, on a mentally ill anorexic. It's illegal for a reason.
But of course she's still responsible for this decision as well as any further decisions and she can't blame anyone else for it. Like, she can't blame anyone for her decision to not being in fucking psychotherapy.
She will NEVER receive a proper psychotherapy in Japan due to the language barrier.

No. 175094

Watch her be all “I’m so poor! I don’t have any money and I’m having another mental breakdown!!”

…that’s if she ever responds to that person at all.

No. 175102

I think venus does sex jobs to afford all these expensive stuff. She has no official job and it's clear she doesn't work. Maybe her onlyfans does make a proper amount but if that isn't the case, she surely does some sexwork offline too.(sage your nonmilk)

No. 175121

maybe she's bloated from purging?

No. 175180

is there any language she'd be able to receive proper treatment in? Her english is still poor, she seemed to only speak swiss german with her mom for at least like 10 years, her japanese is at best on the same level as her english etc

No. 175193

>extensions don't blend in because of the unkempt and greasy, undone, frizzy hair
For fucks sake, it takes 15 minutes

No. 175199

File: 1633092824987.jpg (122.36 KB, 1355x617, Look-Like-a-Korean-Girl-Brandi…)

Therapy in swiss german would be ideal for her, or at least german or english. She does seem to have a good level in Japanese but since its so different from germanic languages I don't think she could really express herself from the bottom of her heart, if that makes sense. That's why she should go back to Switzerland or wherever she's a citizen and get a western therapist. Her stay at that japanese clinic didn't do shit, I don't get why weebs like her and Mikan insist on staying in Japan and get japanese only mental healthcare. I know Japan is her passion and all but when your passion prevents you from getting much needed care its time to ask yourself maybe it got out of control. I think her obsession with staying in Japan, fucking jap dudes and trying to look like a completely different race may be linked to her mental ilnesses, like a form of escapism from her mother's years of abuse if that makes sense. It's been her shtick as an internet celebrity and livelihood for so long its time she stepped back and asked herself who she really is beyond Japan and kawaii culture.

No. 175201

Swiss German isn't a language, it's a dialect and everyone still speaks and writes in standard German, so she could easily get a German-speaking therapist who does online sessions. She could probably get one of her simps to pay for it, but honestly, even trauma therapists are woefully sheltered when it comes to real life shit. I don't think any normie therapist could genuinely help Venus. It'd all boil down to "quit the internet and find meaning in real life" but we all know that's never going to happen.
That's another reason why it makes sense for her to stay in Japan. Switzerland is a fucking village, she'd be bored to death with zero stimulation; she could move to Germany which has a massive alt and weeb population, but then what? Befriend some other weebs, try to do OF together, inevitably fall out, repeat. Right now she can live as a ~cute broken NEET in Japan~, that's the last appeal she has. She can't lose that.

No. 175202


This. Plus I don't know why peeps go on so much about therapy like it's the be all and end all of everything. It really isn't and can actually make some people a lot worse, so their whole personality can fragment and they can have a complete mental breakdown which they sometimes never recover from. Some people really are not helped at all by therapy, but made worse, but for some reason that fact appears to be always hushed up.

Anyway, Venus has often talked about her therapist, if she really has one or not is besides the point here, but it sounds like she has been seeing a therapist therefore having therapy, Just because she pursues interests that some peeps don't agree with or who feel is not normal, does not mean it's not right for Venus. It seems to be helping her to some extent and she'd probably be a lot worse if she didn't have those interests to keep her occupied.

No. 175203

>Switzerland is a fucking village, she'd be bored to death with zero stimulation
There's cities like Zurich, Basel and Lausanne that have a decent night life, the issue with Switzerland is that it's expensive as fuck, no way she'd be able to afford life in Zurich. Germany would be a better option for her, true. But as you said, she's not looking for a better life, and Japan is the last appeal she has.

No. 175208

Japan is expensive to live. Especially for people like Mikan or Venus kinds. It should be a holiday destination otherwise you end up in a small hole like them called flat. Imo it isn't worth to live in a "surviving" way than rather just live in your own country a more comfortable affordable life

No. 175215

Also I'm pretty sure there are financial helps and free therapy for mentally ill people in Germany or Switzerland.

Venus said she is pretty adapted to live in Japan but it seriously don't feel so. She has no job (outside SW), no family (outside a guy she married for Visa and his family) and the few friends she may have are probably toxic af. She has no education and she isn't even fluent in Japanese.
Japan has a lot of appeals but nothing healthy and constructive for Venus

No. 175227

Correct me if I am wrong but isnt there a support for students in Germany? Could she get it if she moved to i.e: Berlin and actually work for her future? Or she can't because she is swiss?

No. 175228

I mean money support, sorry for double post!

No. 175261

Sought through the past threads, but couldn't find the source for

>Banned from a hotel chain for trying to commit suicide in their establishment

While it does sound really interesting. Does anyone maybe have the link?

Sage for no contribution.

No. 175267

You obviously have no clue about the importance of metacognitive therapy. Do your research, edgy anon. You can't deny science.
And she's a native German speaker, of course metacognition/psychotherapy in her native language would improve the quality on every single level. But since her English skills are actually quite good (fuck off her accent), this would work as well. Her Japanese is way too mediocre to actually express herself properly (at least what she showed off in her videos throughout the years).

No. 175270

There is support for students, it's called BAföG but it's difficult to get, it often is an exhausting process due to German bureaucracy and you have to reach out to your parents for it because the BAföG centre needs their information (income etc) and signatures. The maximum monthly pay is 500€ which is barely enough to survive (this is what I got some years ago with a 300€ rent lol). You still would have to consider working part-time after school/university and not everyone has the emotional/psychological/physical capabilities to do that.
You also have to pay it back partly as soon as you have your own income.
Though I think if Venus got a school/uni place in Germany, she maybe could apply for student BAföG with the school's/institution's confirmation but I'm not sure about this part

(Of course I'm aware that Venus is far from capable of getting this done but it's not her fault for once, the system just isn't very supportive if you're poor or struggle with money due to capitalistic structures)

No. 175277

>> another reason why it makes sense for her to stay in Japan. Switzerland is a fucking village, she'd be bored to death with zero stimulation;

Oh please, she seldom even sets foot outside her little pink bedroom. She could live in any country doing what she does, which is sitting in a room in front of a computer screen all day.

>> Japan is expensive to live.

Not so much if you have a simp who lets you freeload off them rent-free.

No. 175280

File: 1633131232196.jpeg (31.87 KB, 340x298, 4CE54F3E-78DE-4E31-BBA4-B415BF…)

>> Could she just be getting the tint on her teeth cause they don't always look like that?
No it’s not lip tint and yes, they do always look like that, lately at least. It’s a combination of crappy diet and crappy hygiene (and possibly purging.)

No. 175282

>>all pieces she showed are at least ¥8000.. there is no way she is not doing some side work…
¥8000 is $72 USD, not some huge fortune. But yes I think she’s doing some “extra work” to buy all her toys and crap, she mentioned something about her “current boyfriend” in her confessions livestream. Probably some online OF perv who pays for ‘exclusive pics’ or maybe cams. Some sleazy grift because that’s how she rolls these days.

No. 175293

Unless she stitched it up again at the hospital like she kept asking her followers if she should, her stomach is NORMAL. Stitches removed. She's just missing a portion of her intestines, which affects nutrient absorption.

No. 175294

Why are you still here pointy-chin/round face sperg? Western faces are not "long and thin" dumbass. Oval faces do not equal oblong faces, like social repose's ugly face. Most oval faces are egg shaped and the ideal face shape. Round faces are nice too, unless they're TOO round, like Venus', in which case it looks bloated (and possibly is actually bloated from purging/alcoholism). Overly round faces look fat and ugly, as do overly oblong faces. Stop trying to paint every westerner as having an oblong, thin face, just because you're obsessed with round faces.

No. 175305

Holy shit, if this is really tooth decay she's going to be so fucking sorry. Legit, I hope she's saving up for thousands of dollars in dental repairs.

No. 175309

Bafög would be impossible to get for her, because

1. She can't go to german university because she doesn't have the "Abitur" - the highest school eductaion in Germany which you need to go to university. And Bafög is only for universy

2. she would need the full cooperation of both of her parents (you only get Bafög if your parents don't earn enough money, so they would need to fill out forms. I don't think she can get hold of her father and doubt her mother would cooperate)

3. She dosn't have German citizenship. While there are some expectations to get Bafög in Germany if you aren't German, I don't think she meets any of the requirements like having lived in germany for a long time

So, no, that's not an option for her.

Also, there is no free therapy for mentally ill people in Germany. Some people always think that health care was free in germany, which it is not - we just have a mandatory health insurance, which costs you several hundred Euros per month.

No. 175310

That's one hell of an OP image…What the hell, man. Does she have a serious addiction problem?? But I dont see any marks anywhere else on her body..could this really be her going downhill fast over that surgery? Her hands are shaking so much that whole "fashion" video. I dont think its for attention. Like I get that she's an attention whore, but at a certain point you have to realize maybe you really are watching someone in a dire situation. and no I dont mean that in the sense of someone should come save her, poor her-I mean it in the sense of I think she needs to be seen by a hospital. Forget mental health-her body is clearly going through some sort of withdrawal or deficiency issue. Give it another couple months of not being looked at and she might be facing something as serious as an organ failure of some type in the future. I hope she sees a doctor and a dentist soon. or even that she's making it all up. I'd much rather find out it's fake than have this idiot just straight up die.

No. 175311

File: 1633155057296.gif (1015.26 KB, 390x260, v.gif)

Her hands were so shaky.

No. 175312

Nah, she's faking, notice how only one of her arms is shaking a lot, the other almost doesn't move, she's so focused on one arm that totally forgot about the other, she has shaky arms but in a normal level, not this.

No. 175314

It's like she's always telling her viewers "look at me I'm being abused and ill uwu look at mi shakey hands it means I am sick pls pity me". How vile of her.

No. 175325

You can apply for student BAföG for abitur as well but you're right, it's not that easy if you're not a German citizen. As you said, BAföG does not include health insurance.
It would be too much to handle for Venus without a social support system.
Even though I think she'd be more comfy in Germany, the whole process would be so much easier in Switzerland of course. But it's clear that she doesn't give a shit about her well-being and life quality anyways.

No. 175328

oh my god, you're totally right. Does she actually think it makes anyone feel sorry for her? She just looks like a druggie

No. 175330

Are you saying she's trying to fake parkinsons? One arm shaking doesn't mean she's faking it, it's about the muscles being used so only the arm she's putting a strain on shaking makes sense. All you need to do is lift something semi-heavy and you can get the same effect for a day or so.

No. 175336

I don't think she's taking it but she's clearly showing herself miserable on purpose.
When you're feeling unwell (like her burger stream or that sad tour room) or you're dirty, logically you don't chose to make a video.
It's not like she makes money with her YT channel anymore and I doubt showing her nasty teeth will bring her new OF subscribers

No. 175337

not parkinsons just general 'frailty'/mental illness. she fakes it all the time and makes it really obvious on the camera and ignores that each video has 3500 comments saying are you ok you're shaking are you ok.
Don't try to make up some rationalization like muh lifting. You are currently biased toward giving her the benefit of the doubt and like so many before you, you're going to regret that

No. 175338

> missing a portion of her intestines
where did you get this total bullshit from?

No. 175339

I was going to post this exact same comment she fakes her shaking disorder constantly unless someone brings it up and it will always be just one hand or her head

No. 175343

I'm sure everything she disappears from Internet, she's doing perfectly ok and when she's sick episode she thought "quick I need to put it a video!"

No. 175345

File: 1633177677665.jpg (246.67 KB, 1061x608, IMG_20211002_142201.jpg)

Same anon>> for exemple, she took this picture in an escape game (Shinjuku I believe). She was clean, doing a video about this place could have been fun. Nope, she did a tour room looking like a dead grandma, having nothing interesting to say. She didn't even cut the part where the cameraman didn't know where to film, giving the video a creepiest vibe

No. 175347


yeah seriously she had surgery to remove a portion of her intestines. She posted a whole video about it. I think she got the procedure done in South Korea?

No. 175348

File: 1633179103955.jpg (248.96 KB, 1080x1145, Screenshot_20211002-135134_Chr…)

No. 175350

That's ancient milk anon, check the older threads. She got illegal weight loss surgery in SK 4 or 5 years ago, got half of her stomach stitched, in the process the quack surgeon removed a portion of her intestines and gall bladder removed for no reason.

No. 175351

>>You obviously have no clue about the importance of metacognitive therapy.

Well tell that to the psychiatrist who told me that fact. Being that not everybody is going to be helped by therapy and some end up worse as a result and some will have complete mental breakdown which they could not recover from as the traumatic results can be too severe for their mind to cope with. That is what he told me when I asked if there was some people who would, or could not be helped by any therapy.

No. 175369

Long ago, an anon went here and PULL who was "a friend of a friend" (Most like Taylor or Tsuruko) spill the tea about Venus trying to fuck her friends'husband and also lied about going to therapy. Venus never went to actual therapy so it wouldn't work. At least, it couldn't be worse than the 12 steps of AA she hardly followed

No. 175372

She kinda looks like trying to look miserable on purpose so all oh the fans she has as left over feel sorry for her. Her unpacking and eating snacks while shaking is another victim attempt. Nothing new(sage)

No. 175378

Clearly faking. Hand tremors are different from arm tremors, plus the other one is completely fine. Venus, no one is gonna pity you.
Do y'all remember when people used to comment under her videos "omg your lips are so tinyy like a doll??" No shit sherlock, she doesn't have lips at all, goddamn turtle mouth.

Aside from nitpicking, Venus is in heavy denial, she's living the weeb dream but it's stuck there since she jeopardized her family in the west, she's all alone since Margo cut her off from the family and she doesn't even try to contact any family members, what a stupid, sad life.

No. 175379

By looking miserable, her viewers are taken hostage. They worry so they can't stop watching her videos because it would be mean to let down someone sick. They even can't express criticism or doubt

No. 175385


Well if they can't even cut out YouTube videos they're as mentally ill as penus.

No. 175392

Sadly many are. That's why she's toxic, giving shitty life advices(learn2sage)

No. 175401

Bafög is set up so the cooperation of the parents is not required and enforcement of the student's legal rights is transferred to the public administration. In case of parental noncompliance the student will get money immediately anyway on a preliminary basis.
If you have problems you can just go and talk to someone. They are very friendly and helpful and know what to do.

Aside from being ineligible for various reasons, I seriously doubt Venus has the brains to go to trade school, let alone university. She can hardly string two sentences together, and I'd be surprised if her German was any better than her English or Japanese. She hasn't lived in a German speaking country for too long.

Even if she was eligible and had enough brain cells left, she hasn't shown even a hint of desire to do anything with her life in years.

No. 175402

Both Parkinsons and essential tremor disorders start in the hands and can progress to the wrist and arms. Essential tremor is the most common neurological disorder. I have it and it looks exactly like hers.

She has hours and hours of video where she is shaking, there is no way she could constantly be doing it on purpose.

That said, it is probably true that she shows it off to look Ill and make people worry

No. 175403

I've had tremors too and I didn't look like an old lady in some care unit. She fakes, she even made videos with half eyelashes glued and such. She craves attention and she's desperate for it

No. 175443

She received (admittedly unethical) bariatric surgery, it sounds like gastric bypass where they literally stitch people's stomachs into small little sleeves–she was warned not to binge since the stitches would pop, but she binged–and also remove the intestine as part of the malabsorbtion mechanic of the bypass. There's a reason why gastric bypasses are only offered as a last resort and typically only to morbidly obese who would otherwise die in a single digit amount of years if they don't immediately drop weight. It's done by limiting the volume they eat and how much nutrients they can bypass from being absorbed by the intestine. Long term bypass patients often medically suffer even if they successfully lose the weight because of the devastation it reaps on their bodies. Better than being dead sooner? Surely.
The gallbladders of these patients are often simultaneously removed as a precautionary measure because rapid weight loss causes gallstones. That's why they did it to her and I can't imagine what the meltdown would have been like if they had left Venus to develop gallstones on top of giving the surgery to an eating disordered retard who didn't need it.
She doctor shopped around until she found a bastard with so little ethics to do it, and telling that she found this shit in South Korea where they're calling 90 pound adult women fatties. She's absolutely ignorant because she had the idea that weight loss surgery was a quick fix, and look, it wasn't even worth it since she's so bloated from her eating disorder. Sucks that the consequences are so harsh for someone who's mentally ill, but she's far from a victim.

No. 175446

Can confirm all this, I have a formally obese family member who got the bypass surgery and while it definitely saved them from their over-eating problem, it did make life more complicated because even if they want to, they CAN'T eat more than a few bites otherwise it's very uncomfortable and can also fuck the entire thing up. They also did have gallstone issue which looked pretty damn painful to go through. It's very very very important that these people eat in a way that gives their bodies the nutrients that they'll be missing from having such a heavily restricted diet. They can't even eat and drink at the same time, it has to be one, and then a few hours the other.

Now that I think on all of this, Venus has been eating such garbage all this time since then. Normally people who've had that procedure have to take a bunch of supplements to make up for what they can't eat anymore, but I don't think I've ever noticed any bottles of such in the background of any of venus's videos. I still think she's showing signs of serious health issues. I get that people hate her and think everything she does is for attention, but its kind of like people who seethed over that Mel Thompson makeup lady. There were comments for days about how she was just leeching money and lying about her illness problems/symptoms for attention/shopping money and then she straight up died like a week ago. Ofc now the complaints are that she should have been more forward about her health as if she wasnt that entire time but you get what I'm saying. I don't think Venus is as big a mastermind as some of you are making her out to be, I think she made an irreversible mistake that's coming to get her faster than anyone expected.

No. 175460

Yeah she's definitely not ready for uni as of now. She said she's a middle school dropout, right? I think getting into a good hospital/mental health facility for at least a few monthes then getting her high school diploma would be great first steps towards healing and stability.

Exactly, you'd think after such a
life threatening surgery she'd eat very healthy to not further the damage, but she did the exact opposite: binging on snacks and sweets, purging, alcohol, hookah, also drugs probably. Because her stomach size and body were never a problem to begin with, her eating disorders are. Stomach health is a huge mental health factor too, no wonder she's such a mess now.

Venus, since we know you lurk here: it's never too late to start anew. Sure recovery is hard work but you already dodged a bullet by leaving your mother, why stop here? You can still be into kawaii/japanese stuff while healing, studying and working in Switzerland. None of us can do it for you or want to pity you, but if you can't do it for yourself, do it for what you love the most.

No. 175462

Talking to venus is like talking to a wall

No. 175464

True. She's pretty self-aware. She knows what she's doing is wrong, why and how it could be changed, but never don't do anything right.

Her fans probably told her what you did a million times. I'm sure even Manaki did

No. 175465

Didn't she say she's masochistic ? Could be she has a degradation/humiliation fetish, that's why she's always showing herself miserable(sage your nonmilk)

No. 175481

Yawn, it's all got so boring here, what with the endless talk about uni in Germany and revisiting her weightloss surgery which has been done to death like about a trillion times here. She's not going to uni in Germany, or probably anywhere else, kek, get over it.

And if she's as sick of reading "she should go back to switzerland", boring, yawn, as I am, then I'm not surprised she's in a state.

Wait until she does something to actually talk about, rather than all this boring shit.

No. 175482

hundred percent this is correct
stale old rotten milk

shes not faking hand tremors, it a well known side effect of the meds she is on
whats the big deal about that?
i blame arseholes from PULL for al this over dramatic claims(sage)

No. 175491

File: 1633276070027.jpg (724.95 KB, 1710x4644, XUOoN0r.jpg)

I think anon meant ¥8000 each, which makes a considerable amount given the number of pieces she bought.

Since I had some time to waste I went and check how much she spent
>Ank rouge bag
>Ank rouge blouse
>Ank rouge top
>Rojita blouse
>Honey Cinammon dress
>Secret Honey blouse
>Secret Honey skirt
>Secret Honey lace top
>Secret Honey black skirt
¥7590 (This one was shorter than the one Venus bought though but it gives an idea of the price she paid for)

I didn't check the accessories' prices. All of those clothes makes a total of ¥62,610 (=$563). That's quite a pretty good amount for a NEET to spend. There's no way her Youtube income allows her to spend that much, so yeah, either SW or sugar daddy.

I wonder how much time this will last tho, if she let her teeth rotting away and keep neglecting herself. Who wanna pay to see this??

No. 175492

She has been far long enough on those meds for her body to be used to them. The tremors are fake, and she's the biggest attention whore the internet has seen.

No. 175495

She also said she doesn't take them anymore

No. 175500

$563 isn't a heck of a lot of money though by sugar standards. I don't believe she makes enough herself to afford that. Without going too ot I've seen sex workers behave the same online; when they're not on socials acting depressed about how broke they are either because no one is subbing or because their OF/IGs were taken down, the next thing they're doing is pridefully boasting about a $300-$600 haul that they freely admit their sugar daddy bought. They want their audience to selectively forget how pathetic they are to keep pretending that being a whore is working out for them.
It's really sad, and the last thing she needs is more clothes and accessories when she barely goes outside. Hope they'll give her enough money for crowns, implants, and heaven forbid dentures.

No. 175504

563$ is a month rent in Europe often even japan so it is actually a lot, not sure about other places lol. Venus actually doesn't seem to shop often but rarely. It could be she saves up too to afford those things, no matter the income source. Or her family in eu sends money.

No. 175509

>563$ is a month rent in Europe often
What country? What kinds of apartments? This hasn't been my experience at all and I want to move now lol

No. 175519

Even if she saves money, I'm sure she could use this better. Like paying her debts…
I confirm, in Europe, you can have a nice little studio for this price

No. 175520

Does anyone have an estimate of how much passive income she has from onlyfans? I'm sorry if that was calculated somewhere, I didn't see it while skimming threads, but IIRC she had a substantial number of subs when she started out.

>in Europe
Europe is an insanely diverse place income and cost wise, in some cities 560$ buys you a place on a park bench, in another you get a well situated three room apartment.

No. 175524

Her teeth are black, she has no education, and she can’t even do the basic stuff like feed herself properly or shower on a regular basis. She looks like a corpse, and she can’t speak clearly in any language. I can’t see any man giving her $560, even if she was offering IRL sexual services.

No. 175555

I wonder if her sudden interest in dressing darkly has to do with the shame of having undeniably fucked up teeth now that she wants to hide. I went and combed over her videos from 4 years ago to now. The pattern I noticed was that overtime, she stopped being comfortable showing her teeth in the thumbnails(6 months ago to be exact is when she stopped altogether vs prior she showed her teeth in them every once in a while). She also started a habit of pointing the camera in an upward angle so that when she talks, her upper lip is covering the majority of her front teeth. The only time she'd expose them was when she was eating probably under the potential excuse of "well, I was eating so of course I had something on my teeth".

The worse her teeth are, the more she begins to lean into the dark and gloomy look and smiles wide less. 6 months ago in her "EASTER FEAST at Bunny's Bar!" video is when you can very first see it starting. This is around the same time she starts posting about being jirai and sad and depression before spiraling into the drunken miserable failure of a witch she is today. Teeth problems also generally hurt quite a bit, so that probably isnt helping with her eating issues unless her nerves have already been completely killed off by now which is possible. The front ones look pretty damn dead.

Venus is very critical to herself about her looks which ironically makes her take care of herself worse. Her fucked up teeth clearly were humiliating her-she went to some lengths to hide their discoloring until now since by now it's become too large to hide well anymore. I just wonder why she still won't see a dentist..

No. 175562

File: 1633322040415.jpeg (22.21 KB, 427x312, Captura web_3-10-2021_232559_l…)

by the very god reminds me of that little biter with rotten teeth

No. 175569

Looks like her front teeth could be dead. Her teeth roots could’ve died inside, and the blackness could be dried blood in the teeth, if that was the case she would need endodontic treatment inmediately, to clean her dead root canals and avoid blood infections. Teeth can die if she fell on them when she was little or something similar.(medfagging)

No. 175575

Venus has eating disorders and is alcoholic. No wonder her teeth are decaying. As the teeth die they get that black colors. Must be from purging/vomiting and poor dental hygiene. I doubt that she could do anything about it now

No. 175580

That sounds painful af, she couldn't possibly be eating candy and drinking her sugary energy drinks like that

No. 175584

Waow, what a train wreck she has become. I think what she portrays online is a mix of reality and attention whoring. She must be experiencing the side effects of the meds she’s on, but she doesn’t refrain from highlighting that on social media with hashtags like landmine girl and menhera kek. She enjoys the attention, by whatever means.

No. 175585

JFC that’s horrible and sad. Implants are expensive af in Japan, hope she saves up enough to get them fixed.

No. 175586

Implants are fucking expensive everywhere, she can wear dentures/a prosthetic device though (it's a bit less chill but cheaper and she'd have better looking, functional teeth again)

No. 175600


+ the plethora of other comments here from anons obsessing about her teeth and looking at it purely from a western perspective.

You lot do make me laugh. Venus is in Japan, she is heavily influenced by Japanese culture and alternative trends and really really into anything and everything Japanese. Knowing Venus isn't it much more likely she is blackening her tooth purposely? https://cvltnation.com/ohaguro-and-yaeba-japanese-cosmetic-dentistry/

No. 175601

more than this fixed in the Japanese culture is more for its hygiene as not bathing for example, it looks more emaciated than before with bad condition.

No. 175602

No, anon. Her teeth are totally rotting, she's not blackening them on purpose because if she did she'd already told her followers all about it.

No. 175603

File: 1633362941708.jpg (419.32 KB, 1929x796, Geisha.jpg)


Further, too many people here hung up on the idea of western culture and western 'beauty' standards. Despite the west trying to inflict its standards for everything on the rest of the world, it is nice to think that maybe, just maybe, some cultures are resisting.

Maybe she really has got a black tooth because she fell on it or got knocked, who knows? But maybe also she is doing it purposely, either to worry people or because she has heard of the practice of tooth blackening as a form of beauty and thinks she'd try it. She doesn't always tell her followers everything and she knows they notice everything, so she would be aware that her black tooth was showing in the video and would likely have edited out those parts if she didn't want anyone to see.

No. 175604

File: 1633363056508.jpg (156.11 KB, 500x710, ohaguromany.jpg)

Maybe alternative Japanese fashion has revived the practice, who knows?

No. 175605

But her teeth are not all black. Why'd she do only her front teeth and not all of them? And why do just the teeth and not larp as a full time geisha? I bet she just fucked them up by accident and doesn't care. She's a nasty gremlin>>175603

No. 175606

She's not aware of anything at this point, she doesn't care. She's drunk and all drugged up, her dying teeth being visible to her yt viewers are probably her tiniest concern.

No. 175607

Anon I live in Japan and the yaeba bs is just expired news from ten years ago. It used to be a niche look for Akihabara tier neets. Young people nowadays care about the appearance and health of their teeth and regularly visit a dentist. There’s no way she is doing this on purpose.

No. 175608

File: 1633363295618.jpg (82.74 KB, 475x680, tumblr_m21an4rZfO1r8vrhxo1_500…)


Well this girl here looks pretty good. And this one's not a geisha, just looks like a modern alternative look. Maybe Venus is just trying it out and hasn't got it quite right or thought she'd just try it on one tooth to begin with to see how it went down. She seemed to know what she was talking about in the vieo and wasn't acting out of it, so who knows?

No. 175609

I can personally attest for the cost of implants due to a birth issue necessitating them as an adult. At least in the US, it can run you at least 40-50k. Dentures are a few thousand dollars for a good set. Or you can get dentures that snap in to a few implants for an in-between cost. But that's not taking into account the personal cost of healing times, and they would still require just as much hygiene as real teeth (focusing on the gums and tissue instead). Again, I don't know what it's like in Japan but dental insurance covers only a fraction of that so it would be out of her reach unless she just got dentures or something.

No. 175611

Y'all sound so dumb for thinking she's painting her teeth black on purpose. Venus is a weeb but not to the point she'd dye her teeth - it doesn't suit her girly/jirai-kei/menhera aesthetic nor are black teeth a popular trend in general. Also she's trying to adapt to both japanese and western beauty standards, she just doesn't know her teeth are rotting (or she's deliberately ignoring it). A drug addict who walks around with THAT hair and face can't be expected to take care of their teeth.

No. 175612

IIRC, Venus has always had that tooth looking a bit more set in than the others, or something going on with it at least. Maybe it really has just given up the ghost now? Whatever, I guess she could always revert to this practice and claim she did it purposely to revive an old tradition, she has been ahead of the times before and seemed to practically start certain trends so she could latch onto this if she hasn't done so already.
https://historyofyesterday.com/the-japanese-teeth-blackening-culture-3f320759f118 It also is apparent that small mouths are attractive unlike the massive letter box or horse mouths that are considered attractive in western culture.

No. 175614

>from anons obsessing about her teeth and looking at it purely from a western perspective

Because teeth can impact your health about as negatively as being overweight does. Just because you're ignorant about the subject and don't know how tooth decay can lead to bone loss in the jaw, blood infections, and cardiovascular problems doesn't mean it's something the "west" made up. You must be privileged if you don't realize the destruction that a mouth full of rotten teeth can cause.

>s-she's trying to look like a geisha guys!!
LMAO, cope! But at least you gave Venus a cowtip to disguise the decay from this point forward. Can't wait to see the retcon, although I don't know how she's gonna afford and upkeep painting her teeth everyday.

No. 175615

Are there really people here thinking she dyes her teeth on purpose ?? Roflmao

No. 175616

haha please clearly the teeth are rotten is not because of another Japanese vanity it is because of bad concern towards your teeth!!!

No. 175618


You've obviously never heard of the drill and fill mentality that existed and probably still does, where dentists would drill perfectly good healthy teeth in kids to put fillings in, that would later cause problems in always having to be refilled etc, so making work for dentists, [with perpetual fillings always having to be done when the old ones came out, which they always seem to with time] helping the profession and all. This is something I've researched and spoken to loads of people who had good teeth but left school with four or more large fillings which they had endless problems with since, and yet the unfilled teeth never caused any problems or needed any more fillings. Too many of those people to just make it coincidence. Also I know people who never go to dentists, some have good teeth, some have bad teeth, some of the ones with good teeth have heart problems, but none of the ones with bad teeth do, so… can't say for definite that your statement is true, though of course the dental profession would want everyone to believe such.

No. 175619

1.Blackening teeth was a (rare) practiced in Japan prior to the Meiji era, it's not a fashion trend in 2021.
2. In this practice teeth were fully covered in a color of glaze-like lacquer, nothing like it looks on venus.

Stop trying to make this some obsucre "fighting western beauty standards" Japanese trend, it's not.

No. 175621

Regardless her teeth are so rotten that they're black. Fillings? No way, she's going to lose those teeth so she'll either have to get bridges, implants, or dentures.

No. 175624

Some of you seriously think she painted her teeth black to look like a geisha? Are you crazy?? You’re giving her way too much credit if you think she’s that culturally aware.

It’s more likely that she binged and purged all that French candy she showed off in the previous video, then didn’t clean her teeth, lol.

No. 175625

File: 1633376242395.jpeg (210.97 KB, 2048x1358, B4BC34F2-0346-417E-82DC-BF0CD2…)

Her recent Twitter pics are much better quality. Maybe she has found a new pimp…sorry, “sugar daddy”…

No. 175627

This one admittedly is much nicer than the stuff she was seen in the few last times. But Venus just fails hard at this porn thing, it's like she isn't really cut out for eroticism at all. She'd do much better going back to alt-fashion photography and then taking it into artsy directions or something. Nonmilk sage. It's just refreshing to see a piece of non-horrid non-shit content.

No. 175628

File: 1633377721666.jpeg (163.17 KB, 744x1123, F8C0701F-8278-49F7-B799-9784FF…)

I went back to look at the candy video (teeth were black in that vid too), and noticed she was wearing a ring on the engagement finger. She’s wearing it in some of the recent more professional photos, too…

No. 175633

Stop schitzo posting, she's not faking it and it has nothing to do with western mentality-are you a gremlin who never brushes their teeth either or something?? Anyone knows the health dangers associated with fucked up teeth. Hello, that's right in your damn head. The most important part of your body aside from heart and lungs. You start having infections and problems in your mouth, you're asking for big major trouble.

I swear a cow could have their arm cut off right in full view and a couple tards will insist it was fake and the blood was just ketchup and the subsequent stub they have for the rest of their lives following is just an optical illusion. Venus's teeth have been rotting for 6 months. Literally check through her videos. It starts off light, small, and barely noticeable and then steadily gets larger and darker over time. If she were doing it for attention, it'd just be abruptly dark and likely ALL dark. The fact that she was half trying to hide it in the beginning shows that its not for attention. Dummy probably hoped if she ignored it, it'd just go away somehow.

No. 175646

ngl venus looks like shes gonna be KOd in 3-5 years

No. 175670

File: 1633397439183.jpeg (96.64 KB, 856x874, F3665306-898D-42D3-A83F-760144…)

Her teeth have been on the decline for awhile. This was 1 month ago. Quality is bad so it’s hard to get a good look, but her mouth has looked weird and dark for a long time

No. 175677

that fucking nose shadow is so funny

No. 175681

>I swear a cow could have their arm cut off right in full view and a couple tards will insist it was fake and the blood was just ketchup
This. Some anons are way too paranoid.
Sadly I agree. I don't think Venus will see hear 30th birthday. She needs to take care of her health ASAP

No. 175688

File: 1633405386996.jpeg (32.7 KB, 340x243, EA195029-21D8-4A6D-A9C2-9E33A3…)

Her teeth have been dodgy for years, this is nothing new. It’s just getting worse over time. (Pic is a screenshot from a video 4 years ago.)

She was still cute back then, her looks have really nosedived overall, not just her teeth.

No. 175701

That’s her right hand anon

No. 175702

Sounds like paper thin lip cope. There’s a difference between a horse mouth and a well proportioned mouth with actual lips. Venus on the other hand has the unfortunate Marge genetics resulting in a weirdly shaped mouth with super thin lips.

No. 175704

She is aging badly as well, seems like her genes don't do her any good. On top of it she fills herself with all kinds of junk food and alcoholic stuff. Who knows maybe she is a junky. Teeth can turn black from drugs too and fall off eventually but everyone thinks her venus only pukes and drinks alcohol thats it. Sure

No. 175708

they look fine here?

No. 175715

Well… people often underestimate how hard it is to mentally break free from a narc and abusive parent and having no support network on top. People expected Venus to start anew right after ditching her narc mom and fleeing to Japan, but sadly that’s not how mental health and trauma works. That said, she kept making mistake after mistake that exacerbated her already frail mental health, contributing to the deterioration of her physical appearance. Focusing on her trauma should have been her top priority but she went on and got butchered by a scammy surgeon instead. Now she rides on her current bizarre appearance and mental health issues to attract the last bits of attention from the internet with hashtags like landmine girl, menhera etc. to attempt turning her miserable condition into some sort of fashion style.

No. 175716

Young Marge in her early twenties was fine, she looked like a regular, fresh faced young woman. She didn’t always have those unfortunate nasolabial folds. The current haggard appearance of Venus is mostly due to her alcohol consumption, unhealthy diet, possible drug related issues and not being able to absorb any nutrients because she’s butchered by an illegal surgeon in Korea.

No. 175721


No. 175742

You underestimate the fetishization of white girls japanese men do. You definitely don’t need to be that attractive as a white girl to find a sugar daddy in japan (or any asian country for that matter).

No. 175744

That look is far from modern. Looks like something from the early 2000’s.

No. 175745


They do. It's just her teeth, how they are. Nothing wrong. It's part of her uniqueness and is nothing bad.
Honestly, I watched the video again last night that the image that starts this thread was taken from, and I can't find the part in the video where her teeth look like that image shows. I looked very carefully and it just looks like a shadow where she has a slight gap between her teeth and the ones either side of the gap angle inwards slightly, so causing a shadow under certain lighting. If her teeth were as bad as certain anons here were saying, then it would be overall, but apart from that one region, all her teeth look white. Plus in that video she seemed more like her old self, she was coherent, and her make up was applied fine, her eyes looked bright and healthy and she did not look ill at all, I think some people are seeing what they want to see.

No. 175746

Anon she literally drifted off with a burger in her hand mid video

No. 175747


Not in her latest video, which is the one I'm talking about, the witchy clothes haul.

No. 175749

Stfu kek

No. 175750


The way she always posts reversed images, even when something has writing on it that's meant to be read, is so annoying when it is something so easily and effortlessly put right. It's no wonder some people get confused about what finger a ring is on.

No. 175753

File: 1633444949351.jpg (16.62 KB, 411x288, IMG_20210929_125714.jpg)

Sure, Jan

No. 175754


You've just taken one image where the shadow is more pronounced, you must have really obsessively scrolled through that video to find that one still.
You're always here trying to prove that she looks bad by grossly exaggerating things into unreality.
No one has to love her to see that she is nothing like as bad as you try to make out. She didn't look wonderful in the video but she looked quite cute and more like herself, and that is hopefully an upward sign that her health is improving.

No. 175757


That's a nice picture. I wonder who the photographer is? Or if that is a hotel bathroom? It doesn't look like the one in her and Manaki's place where she filmed herself in bath once before.

No. 175758

And you're just deluded. Or course, I had to carefully scroll through the video, she doesn't open her mouth while speaking or smiling. Because her front teeth are f black. It's not a shadow or else. Deal with it.

No. 175759

Not saying it's venus but sounds like venus defending her rotten teeth and calling those crackhead teeth "unique"

No. 175763

Her teeth are dying and you're saying that's totally normal and her uniqueness?? What the fuck is wrong with you?

No. 175765

This kind of person is worse than any haters. Venus could look the worse and do the stupidest thing, they would encourage her. This and those who consider her for an perpetual victim, no wonder Venus is who she is

No. 175766

Buy yourself a pair of glasses

No. 175769

She probably buys next year something around 600$ again, not so soon again. I find the clothes pretty overpriced for only few pieces. She isn't rich and who knows where she got money to afford buying expensive stuff, sw / sugaring is one option for sure and saving up what she gets financially. I would go with that money to a dentist , as per usual weenus making weenus decisions, we know it from all these years how her decisions are.

No. 175770

Lame bait

No. 175779

Probably the same anon from the previous thread who called her "gracefully and charming" in one of her trembling grandma livestreams

No. 175803

Anon even if she visits a dentist right now, they will recommend her to get at least two veneers, if not implants. At least. The cost will be a bit over ¥60.000. She’s in a dire situation. I don’t care how she makes her money but she has to set her priorities straight and save up for the sake of her dental health.

No. 175808

She also has wide shoulders, wide hands and big knees. Being anachan skinny only accentuates this.. I can also tell she is bow legged, happens when the thighs lack muscle so they can no longer support the knees. Her posture is pretty bad from what I see during her streams too. Girl has a big frame, she has to accept that and workout to gain the amount of muscle weight to support that. But first she has to fix her mental health issues to do the right things for her physical health… When she finally pulls herself together, she will have a log joint and tooth pain.

No. 175840

nta but 60k yen is not a lot of money (especially considering that teeth are kinda really important part of one's health)

No. 175874

I was just kidding anon, since her clothing haul cost about 60k.

No. 175904

She looks like a 48 year old Brian Molko here.

No. 175906

Her teeth used to look normal. Most people's teeth aren't perfectly white, and if you wear super white doll make up, your normal colored teeth will stand out in a particularly bad way.

Aren't the pictures mirrored?

No. 175926

>>Her teeth used to look normal. Most people's teeth aren't perfectly white, and if you wear super white doll make up, your normal colored teeth will stand out in a particularly bad way.

A dentist once told me that teeth that are naturally very white are actually weaker and that teeth that look more yellowish may not please the person who has them, but are actually much stronger. Anyway I don't think that everybody in the world is fanatical about having bright white perfectly straight rows of teeth, except Americans. I'm reminded of that episode of Friends with Ross using teeth whitener which gave him fluorescent white teeth that glowed in the dark, very funny episode that was, hilarious.


>>Aren't the pictures mirrored?

I think most pictures she posts are always mirrored. Even when she is holding something with text on that the viewer is supposed to read. It's so simple to make sure the image is not mirrored before she uploads it, I think that even if the image was the right way round to begin with, she'd probably reverse it anyway because she's so used to seeing her mirrored reflection from constantly looking at herself in a mirror that she likely feels she doesn't look right in pictures unless it's showing her the mirrored image she's so used to seeing from staring at herself every day.

No. 176073

Apart from the teeth, it doesn't help that those eyebags she draws on or tapes on, age her horribly and makes her look granny like. What is it with her insistence on following Asian trends when they look like shit on her?

No. 176074

It's probably taken by Kaz Takahashi. He was in her streams before acting very "lovey dovey" with her. Which I'm not surprised, Venus likely hit on him first, like she has with other managers, in order to use them for personal gain. Although, she usually tags him when she takes a photo with him, on her IG at least, so who knows.

No. 176075

I think her teeth are just stained, not completely dead and all she'd need then is to go get a dental cleaning, which shouldn't be horribly expensive.She wouldn't even need whitening, which is a waste of money imo, as it doesn't last long. She could definitely afford a cleaning, if she can buy new clothes.

I would assume it's from her OF, but she does have a new sex worker camera man. She probably makes some passive income off her old YT videos as well. There was that club she scammed viewers with and one guy couldn't unsub and probably still hasn't, though that wouldn't be much.

Marge said she has a high school diploma and we know Venus was contemplating between studying in Korea and committing visa fraud and chose the latter.

No. 176077

>Normally people who've had that procedure have to take a bunch of supplements to make up for what they can't eat anymore
She already said she takes these vitamin supplement drinks in a video. I don't know if she keeps up with it though.

>what they can't eat anymore

I don't think you guys understand how her surgery works. She had her stomach stitched and portion of intestines removed, which affects nutrient absorption. She had her stomach UNSTITCHED and wanted to restitch it in the hospital in Japan and kept alluding to doing so but never said if she restitched it or not. If she didn't, then she can eat ANYTHING she wants in any amount. It's just that she won't get the full nutrients because she's missing intestines to help with nutrient absorption.

No. 176078

This. And she also eventually admitted she went to the mental ward only because she was forced to, yet kept pretending for years she was seeing a therapist on the regular.

She only looks "clean" because she edited herself. She tried to pass the pictures off as authentic, but they're not. Also, her eyes look creepy af there.

No. 176091


I don't know the law in Japan, but to force someone into the mental ward you have to fill up a shit ton of conditions. I doubt, HIGHLY doubt she was legally "forced". Maybe it was family pressure.

No. 176098

>portion of intestines removed
you said this before too but i'm pretty sure that it's fake news. last I remember from the details vid, nothing was done to intestines

No. 176108

No. 176124

And you were proven wrong before. People showed you screenshots of her Daily Mail interview that proved she has part of her intestines removed - 120cm of iot. Already forgot that?

No. 176148

Idk anymore, I highly doubt the mental ward ever happened, just like "I'm going to a therapist guise!! They told me doing sex work is OK!!!" She casually said she "missed" the inpatient appointment + the body language in her pics with the "mental ward friends" looked like she was just there for a visit.

Read the old threads for fucks sake.

No. 176155

File: 1633623105168.jpg (Spoiler Image, 428.47 KB, 718x1086, 20211007_170956.jpg)

Poor attempt at trying to be sexy everything is weird the facial expressions, outfit(boobs), and editing style of legs. She just isn't cut out for this type of lifetsyle she was way better at being kawaii japan style.

No. 176169

Welp, costume quality-wise it's a small improvement, for once it isn't the cheap Donki lace garbage she loves so much.

No. 176178

Like anon said, she's not made for erotic content.

No. 176188

The outfit is nice I guess, but she looks so uncomfortable. Like she doesn't even want to do this shit. What kind of disturbed coomers are fapping to this?
I agree, she should stick to the kawaii stuff, that's what made her "famous" anyway.

No. 176200

File: 1633637853326.jpg (428.47 KB, 718x1086, 1633623105168.jpg)

this that is between the legs looks like a scar

No. 176205

this has been answered hundreds of times already but that's the scar from her stupid/illegal/botched stomach surgery she did in korea to lose weight. It's a very nasty looking scar.

No. 176230

i’m pretty sure it’s from donki lol i saw that hair pin there too.

No. 176257

She looks so stiff, as if she's being held by a cardboard.

No. 176277

Is this enough proof for the anon who thinks the surgery was just fake news?

No. 176278

There ARE quite a few English speaking counselors and psychotherapists in the Tokyo area. Hell, I just googled to see if there are any German speaking ones, and there are as well.


Someone needs to forward that link to Venus, or maybe she will see it when she is lurking this thread.

No. 176288

> thinks the surgery was just fake news
Oh, so you just misread my post. I was saying that I though the surgery was on her stomach and not intestines. I remember her gallbladder also being removed for unknown reasons but I didn't remember intestines being additionally impacted. Maybe I remembered wrong. But nobody is saying the surgery didn't happen

No. 176304

I'm not saying that's not the truth, but the scar looks a lot like the ones you used to get due to appendicitis before they improved the method with that snake thingy.

No. 176305

yes, the doctor also shortened her instestines so she wouln't digest completely.

No. 176328

File: 1633698511343.jpeg (20.39 KB, 349x544, images (4).jpeg)

Reminds me of those corpses held stiff by a head rest during post-mortem photography.

No. 176334

She looks terrified here. Is she trying to make people worried or is she trying to appeal to whatever sick fetishes Japanese incels have?
I have to say tho, creepy old Japanese men love this sort of thing. Yikes.

No. 176336

This looks like some forced pedo shit, gross and uncanny

No. 176339

Is it just me, or does the face look photoshopped in? It doesn't seem to be at the right angle and doesn't seem to have the right size. This looks like she took the face from a completely different picture.

No. 176340


Bloody hell, that's awful. She looks like she has a poker stuck up her back to keep her up straight. And what is up with that facial expression? Is she meant to look a bit sinister or something? because it doesn't come off that way, just looks ridiculous and ludicrous and comically stupid. Red lipstick doesn't suit her either, it's very aging. Also with her hair stuck down either side of her face like that, it makes her face look long and narrow and therefore much older than she is. Terrible, just terrible.

No. 176342


FFS! Shut the fuck up!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 176343


Who knows if the image is even the right way round? Even if it started out that way, she's likely to reverse it as she only likes seeing pictures of herself like she's used to seeing in a mirror. So that scar could be on the other side.

No. 176344

>Someone needs to forward that link to Venus
Do you think she can't operate google? Truth is she does not want help. She had a big support system and every opportunity since she got away from Margo, and she did and continues to do everything in her power to get worse. People need to stop trying to take care of her. I'm sure you know people in your social circle who are more deserving of help than this emotional vampire.

By the way, why do so many people claim she had no support system? Always "It's so hard for someone without a support system to deal with trauma uwu"? She had IRL friends, money, a husband, his family, an family she could have connected to, and a large fanbase. That's more than most people have, especially if they have a traumatic upbringing.

The most pathetic thing is that her body looks like that of an old woman, so I don't know which pedo would be into that.

No. 176345

>>why do so many people claim she had no support system? Always "It's so hard for someone without a support system to deal with trauma uwu"? She had IRL friends, money, a husband, his family, an family she could have connected to, and a large fanbase. That's more than most people have, especially if they have a traumatic upbringing.

Many of us have had traumatic lives and absolutely no support system except what exists within ourselves, Venus has had overwhelming love from her followers online for one thing, and real life friends, most of whom she's screwed over it seems.

>>The most pathetic thing is that her body looks like that of an old woman, so I don't know which pedo would be into that.

I doubt any would be, but the people who like to say she panders to pedos can't let go of that.

No. 176349

Maybe she had a lot of people surrounding her at one time, but she had no genuine relationships based on a strong foundation.
Her husband was an adult fan who was simping for an underage influencer. Her husband’s family? Japanese are known for keeping face and avoiding controversies and I doubt they would offer any heartfelt advice about her mental health. They could ignore her problems or misguide her into Japanese mental wards that are notorious for ineffective treatment.
Her “friends”? They’re just other weebs living questionable lives in japan, barely making enough to make ends meet. All those other weebs had a plethora of problems of their own.
And finally her fans… have you checked the comment section in her videos lately anon? It should give you some idea about the average Venus fan. Those people can’t even support themselves lol.

No. 176351

You can make anything look bad if you try to, and most of what you said is speculation on your part and taking one single aspect of a thing and declaring it's wholly bad because of that.

No. 176355

Counseling in Tokyo for foreigners actually sucks. Most of these counselors only came to Japanese because it’s all so cool with this anime and sushi. They don’t give a fuck of their patients, just as Japanese counselors and psychiatrists don’t give a fuck. She better quit drinking and exercise daily. Would do her better than wasting ¥10000 per session.

No. 176360

>> most of it is speculation on your part
Pretty much applies to 90% of what’s posted on lolcow on a given day

Seriously, go check some of the comments on her YouTube channel kek, it should give you some idea of how miserable or naive her “fans” are

No. 176361

She doesn't even have to exercise daily lol i reckon a couple of days a week for someone like her should be fine

No. 176368

This is years after she burned her channel to the ground.

No. 176369


Poor, poor Veenos. Sob boohoo. The perpetual eternal victim. We must all feel sorry for and pity her. No one has ever suffered as much or been through so much, and :sob: no support from anyone. How could anyone even conceive of existing in the world without any support, because everyone has that, don't they? Well except poor dear Veenos of course!

For fucks sake, how much longer are people going to go on making endless excuses for her?

No. 176371


This is not on Twitter. At least it's not there now, I've scrolled through and can't find it. When did she post it there?

No. 176372

Anon I’m not making excuses for her. Sorry for blog posting but I was abused as a teen, by my own dad, sexually and emotionally. I did somewhat have a support system of a strong mom and close friends so I eventually got over my mental health issues but it’s not easy. My quality of life has never been merely close to that of my friends who have two supportive parents. I know I was a fucking mess for years, and I was pretty self destructive. Watching Venus is like watching a horror movie for me. It’s this uneasy feeling of knowing she’s going to creep into the wrong room and make the wrong decisions.(this isn’t your blog)

No. 176375

The photos look just weird af as usual and for sure it's not pedo content. Pedos are attracted to teen bodies aka in puberty , petite , small , simply opposite of venus. Venus look like a healthy woman if she stops pandering to looking uwu cute, stops over using alcohol and what else shit she is on. Not everyone has to look like a teen in their twenties, if they do it's rare and considered lucky. Nothing wrong to look like your age.

No. 176428

no1curr. don't come to the thread if it's so disturbing to you. write in a diary instead or something jfc.

No. 176456


Well ive been abused too as a child, a teen and as an adult, with no support from anyone except what i could dredge up from within myself, and it never made me turn to drink or drugs or self destructive behaviour (as in surgery for weightloss that wasn't even necessary in the first place in Venus's case) or hurting others, even though i hated myself and was never how i wanted to be and hated the attentions from men who were only interested in me just because i was young, and it is partly because of all that that i lose patience when people constantly make excuses for Venus, why should she be seen any different from other people who have suffered abuse and trauma and why shouod she be treated like she is oh so special and far more precious than anyone else who has suffered?

Excuse after excuse gets made for her, and yet other people who have been through worse do not always turn into the shitty human being that she has, i used to have hope for her to improve, but it's run out, she hurts people, she can't even fulfil her obligations she's made to pay people for work done for her and to send out giveaways she's promised to some of her fans, she does the dirty on those close to her, Manaki is and never was a saint yet she remains happy to sponge off him and still slag him off to anyone who'll listen whenever she gets the chance. She has no integrity and no conscious. She doesn't care who she hurts, and that is the difference between Venus and a lot of other people who may have been through far worse than her but have still turned out to be better people and more decent human beings even though they had no support from anyone.

No. 176457

I agree. Some people who had traumatic childhood has self destructive behaviour, some doens't (and it doesn't make their lives less tragic).

Venus has a chaotic childhood (to me probably less she's portraying it but whatever) and she has mental illneses and self destructive tendancies. For this she could deceive pity.

The thing is she uses her health as a shield for having no accomtability for being the shitty person she is. Mental illnesses are verystigmatized and people like Venus make it worst. Like if you're suffering from ADHD? BP or else, then you inevitably egoist, lazy, a scammer, a thief… (the list would be long)
And more importantly, she makes it seem like you can't bettering yourself.

No. 176469

Because of Penus, a lot of people TRULY suffering from mental illness/abuse aren't taken seriously, but seen as attention whores instead. Same goes for her suicide bait. True suicidal behaviors are left unhelped because of old looking narcissist like her.

It's truly what makes her so fucking, freaking ugly.

No. 176472

Scrotes will fap to literally anything, but it's honestly sad to imagine how the very fact that she looks uncomfortable will turn them on

No. 176477

I like the saying "Your mental illnesses are not your fault, but they are your responsibility."

I agree, I've been through things myself and normally have empathy for people who have been abused, but having been abused is no excuse for being a terrible person. You can be an abuse victim and a worthless abusive person yourself at the same time; the two are not mutually exclusive.(blogging)

No. 176513

Thanks, mods

No. 176514

Can y'all STOP blogposting ffs ???
No one cares about your "traumatic" lives fragile bitches

No. 176668

Manaki's family literally told Manaki to be more empathetic towards Venus when he said he'd divorce or not have kids with her to get her to stop the surgery. He obviously said that, not because he's some controlling asshole, but because he cared enough about her to try to actually stop her from doing something so stupid, otherwise he wouldn't have done anything and if he was superficial and wanted his thin little doll, he'd even encourage it. And he was rightfully concerned on the impact it could have if Venus had kids. But his parents seemed extra empathetic and understanding when Manaki was upset to find out that Venus went behind his back, so your assertion that she had no one is completely flawed. She even had friends showering her with gifts and giving her loans. And her childhood "trauma" was highly embellished. Remember, this girl LITERALLY SAID she likes to make up abuse stories and suicide bait and EVERYONE in her life (mom, husband, managers and sugar daddies) are abusers. All of them. Use your goddamn brain and see her for the liar she is.

No. 176669

>I doubt any would be, but the people who like to say she panders to pedos can't let go of that.
Are you forgetting she literally dressed as a baby in a sexual pose on time?

No. 176670

Stop fucking mentioning her "long narrow face covered by her hair" EVERY fucking time, chin-sperg.

No. 176711

I don't get it either, isn't her face the exact opposite ? Bloated ?

No. 176728


Shut the fuck up about her face! Some people love long narrow faces, some don't. Get over it.

The problem venus has is that she wants a horse face when she has a cat face.

I'm more interested to hear about what she does. Not the constant griping about her face.

No. 176737

Black market money. They took out a couple of her organs that she did not consent to for black market money.

No. 176786

There's no use of a gallbladder for black market. You can't liver perfectly well without one (so I do)

No. 176787

the surgeon removed her appendix and gall bladder and a large section of her intestines

No. 176831

The surgeon just decided to redecorate her inside because he could. She wants we remove a section of her intestines ? Let's remote the useless parts liuke gallbaddler and appendix too !

No. 176832

He likely removed her appendix and gallbladder to help cover his tracks. Removal of the gallbladder and appendix are super common surgeries, and any following surgeons might discover her illegal weight loss procedure and try to report it.
OR he thought the illegal weight loss procedure would cause a higher chance of appendicitis or gall bladder attacks, idk.

No. 176833

Her teeth, hair, and makeup are so scary. Where does she get the money to shop from?? Why doesn't she spend the money on fixing her rotten teeth? And how is she allowed to live in Japan for so long with no job. She barely posts videos anymore! She never uploads anything with friends anymore. She is a total mystery at this point!

No. 176837

File: 1634088649099.jpeg (729.64 KB, 1125x1390, F1F249AE-263A-421B-90A6-DB186A…)

“One of my employees”

No. 176854

She is most likely still legally married, on paper at least, so she doesn't need to have a job to stay.

No. 176859

Probably still married on paper so she can stay without finding a job. If she was divorced from manaki, japan would want her to find a job to stay. Who knows, it's been years she is married so maybe she has a japanese passport already?

No. 176861


You stfu prick. Who do you think you are ? Cat face lmao more than pufferfish face.

No. 176913

I need to give Myself time off wait I mean employee

No. 176915

You never know she might have a secret job working in a cafe or something? But she streams often and has a only fans a lot of people normally forget they are subbed and still end up paying with out realising, I remember once on a stream years ago she mentioned about the vending machines with the used underwear maybe she contributes to that??? Just a theory

No. 176919

She most likely has a photographer at least. She isn't taking these nicer pics herself

No. 176949

Didn’t ask. That’s what Venus herself said so ask her you cunt.(calm down)

No. 176968

This is lolcow, people say things even if you don’t “ask”, and you are strangely irritated

No. 176979

Hasn’t she been in Japan long enough to be get her Japanese citizenship? I guess if she got divorced she couldn’t run back to her “abusive” husband ever time she had no where to go.

No. 176982

She doesn’t post videos with friends because she doesn’t have friends anymore! Penus or her brain dead fans basically chased everyone away.

No. 177000

You mean a tripod stand and a timed camera

I highly doubt she has any employees she only takes one ‘professional’ looking photo once every few months rest are clearly done on her bed , either that it’s one her soyboy simp boyfriends

No. 177016

>>Because of Penus, a lot of people TRULY suffering from mental illness/abuse aren't taken seriously, but seen as attention whores instead. Same goes for her suicide bait. True suicidal behaviors are left unhelped


>>This is lolcow, people say things even if you don’t “ask”

Plus, reading some of the recent comments one would think that a basic requirement to write in understandable English was not necessary here.

>>You mean a tripod stand and a timed camera

>>I highly doubt she has any employees

I suppose it's not beyond the bounds of possibility that she might employ people from time to time to do certain things. Though whether she actually pays them or not would be debatable.

Truly though she shouldn't need any employees. Everything she does, which isn't much, she could easily do herself. Either she talks about "employees" to make herself look like a super professional online personality, or she really is that incompetent and can't do anything herself so has to employ people to do simple tasks that anyone else could do themselves. But, don't forget, she lies. So you can't believe anything she says anyway.

No. 177031

If she really has employees, she needs to fire them, because they are doing a shitty job an whatever it is they are doing. Everey teenager with a cellphone has more professional looking content.

No. 177048

She's so much in debt how the fuck would someone agree to work for her, knowing they wouldn't get paid ?

No. 177083

She has absolutely no idea how to be erotic but this outfit is rly nice, I give her that. Would buy if I knew where it's from.

Is this another love hotel or what, my old apartment in japan had glass tiles exactly like that in the lobby. I hope she's not photoshooting in some apartment lobby.

No. 177088

Living doll turned pretty much to living nightmare at this point

No. 177095

>> the rest are clearly done on her bed
She doesn’t even have a bed, just a mattress on the floor in her little cubicle in Manaki’s apartment. (But she totally has employees though!)

No. 177111

>>he doesn’t even have a bed, just a mattress on the floor

That is normal in Japan.

TBH, I used to have my mattress on the floor before I bothered to get a base for it, but I actually found it really comfortable. (I'm not in Japan though. I wish!)

No. 177196

her "employee" is probably this gaijin hunter photographer, Manaki or a sugar daddy

No. 177448

File: 1634529729914.jpeg (222.89 KB, 1510x851, 2F1D2221-7EA4-494C-B171-8EB08F…)

>> That is normal in Japan.
I don’t think this “bed” is by choice though. More like she’s a broke ass moocher living like a hobo (the “bed” where she does her “photoshoots” in the bottom left.)

No. 177463

True, though it's usually not with normal matresses, but with futon matrasses, which are thin and get rolled up during the day to save space in a small room.

I think in Venus cases it might be simply that she's too lazy to roll it up and put it away during the day.

Buying a bed frame shoudln't be the problem considering she can spend more money on clothes than a cheap bed frame would cost.

No. 177476

If she can spend 600$ on clothes, she can get a proper mattress.

No. 177506

Well, I have to correct you in some points.
You don‘t need „Abitur“ to study in Germany. You also can study with „Fachabitur“ or through a distance school.

Yes, its hard to get BaFÖG, but its so much easier to apply for BAB. Its for young adults who starts a apprenticeship. The gouvernement pays for your rent and of course 400 to 500€ for your monthly spendings. It only works though if you live alone, without support of your parents.

But what If Venus can’t work or study? Well, then she would get ALG2 also known as Hartz IV. People with mental ilnesses who can’t work, will get a medical certificate. The government will pay your rent and also 450€ per month to live. Normally the medical certificate applies for one to two years, then Venus has to redo the certificate If she still can’t work due her mental health.

Last point! If you can’t find a therapist in Germany, then you have the option to show your efforts in searching a therapist to your
health insurance and then they will pay for a private, expensive therapist.

Btw, If you live in Germany, and you have a health insurance, therapy, clinics & psychiatries are free for you. You only have to pay 10€ for food per day.

No. 177507


Please stop taking up all this space with some subject hardly anyone else is interested in and doesn't apply to Venus and her life in any way.

No. 177508


Thing is though, she might be perfectly comfortable sleeping on the floor. I know I was and that was just a normal mattress. The only reason I got a base for it eventually was because totally fed up with people going on about it, the advantages of it is you can't just keep sweeping things under there out of sight when you have no space for them so you think oh just put it under the bed for now, then things stay there for years and you can't find something you want without having to crawl under the bed. In Venus's case I think it's probably more hygienic that the mattress is just flush with the floor, because I dread to think what junk and germs might accumulate under a bed if she had one with legs so that she could store things under it.

No. 177540

Lass gut sein, Anon. Venus has not even one single reason to live here and she never said she wants to. Pretty sure there are a few countries with good healthcare she could go to if she really wanted. She can barely speak German like a normal person, if you think this is why she should move here you gotta try harder. Selling witchy nudes from kawaii Nippon is what she wants so just stop with the what-ifs

No. 177544

If you look back at previous threads before she broke up with Manaki, she used to have a bed in that room. It was gone when she moved back. He probably sold it or something.

Besides, as other anons have said, it’s normal to sleep on a futon on the floor in Japan. It just looks like some flea-infested dog bed when she does it because nothing Venus does is tidy or clean or properly done. Her floor is probably filthy.

No. 177569

She could make a career from being a language teacher

No. 177587

"She could make a career"

Maxi kek

No. 177599

Honestly I think she’s high asf on adderall. She says she has adhd, which is super easy to fake & get a prescription for. The staying up, not taking care of herself/eating, doing weird manic shit, huge pupils, all stuff you do on that especially when the sleep deprivation hits. Xans to sleep & come down, Addys to stay up and do wack shit, booze cause it doubles the effects. :/

No. 177600

Adderall is illegal in japan and can’t be prescribed. She’s either been on Concerta or Vyvanse. And you can’t really just fake this in japan. Their process is pretty strict and they are very careful with giving stimulant medication to anyone.

No. 177601

I didn’t know it was illegal, so you’re right it’s prolly something else/similar. Could she maybe carry a prescription over from another country though? Knowing Margo she prolly had that kid on everything the minute she could

No. 177602

As far as I know, it’s also prohibited to bring it into the country on prescription from somewhere else. Not impossible I guess if you are lucky but I don’t think she has those connections. You can’t just post it to japan and hope it arrives. It’s probably a mix of the other legal ones in japan plus her bad life style plus alcohol.

No. 177610

Just…what? Can she even speak one language fluently? Her english and japanese are horrendous.

No. 177617

Am I the only one who feels like Venus is a lost cause and there is no helping her at this point?she will always have the victim mind set. I find with a lot of YouTubers/tv stars/famous teens who have had popularity in there early life like Venus did as a pre teen they always fall into a dark wasted life and they will never be as happy as when they were on top and can never gain it back. Like someone said Venus had so much potential she could of become a English speaking teacher or even a Japanese teacher or Korean or any the other languages she knows. Or even daily life in Japan vloging she could of done so much better then what she has become today it very hard to watch her now it’s like she clasping on to nothing and she knows it but she to drunk to even have the energy. I think she thrives of being the victim but it get her into shit one day and she will have nothing not even a home, no fans left nothing. She needs someone to help her shake her out this and get her back on her feet cause she won’t do it alone.

Her English isn’t bad she just chooses to sound worst ever video or live stream she has ever done she puts on a fake accent and slips every time or starts talking normal, I think she thinks it cute but it is not

Back when I first watched Venus I thought she was going to be another bekkicruel who got super famous in Japan I think they even tried to be friends at one point. (Unfortunately beckii made a statement saying she had bad depression saying she been low since her fame days but she still thriving now) I just don’t get how Venus let her self get this way it’s just annoying to watch sort yourself out for god sake

No. 177621

Not to mention you have to learn a shit ton of things beside the language itself if you choose to become a teacher. Penus can't even speak her mothertongue correctly, how pathetic.

No. 177626

>had so much potential
why do morons always say this? what is the basis for saying she "had potential"? Because she learned rudiments of Japanese?

No. 177628

Scrotes, anon. Scrotes. They always have 3 IQ.

No. 177630

I meant she had potential to do a lot she had a good following like I said she could of became a teacher a daily vlogger she used to say she loved cooking she could done videos about that too, even become a makeup artist or model with a following like she once had she could of gotten loads of sponsorships I seen smaller channels then her get sent boxes of makeup and clothes for free but instead she chose to sponge of others and wallow in self pity. She defo had a chance to do a lot with her life.

No. 177634

She wasn't even good at makeup

No. 177647


::yawn:: Boring, anon, just boring.

No. 177670

she could have literally just enrolled in a japanese language school and made her videos about stationary, her class, could have filmed herself working on her homework and shared her progress + the occasional going out with friends video. like Mikan did before she fucked it up and dropped out

would have easily had 3 years of vlogging material and an audience to eat it up too. self improvement and productivity shit became popular online soon after, could have build a whole brand out of it easily

but that would have required work, oh noes!

No. 177690

Have any of the white weebs who made it to Japan ever had any IRL friends? It seems like they only want to go there to use the country for sets and props to use in photoshoots for social media, then they spend all their time online and indoors ignoring everyone and acting too important to be bothered.

I feel like weeabooism and the desire to live in Japan from a young age as a kawaii anime pickme is something only neglected and abused young people who never really had IRL friends or a future to enrertain them, so when they move to Japan and get followers they just sink into their imaginary online bubble world where they feel unique and special & ignore real life until they end up failing back home.

Have there been ANY white weebs who stsyed in Japan past their popularity without popping out a kid? Bc it seems to me like Japan really has no need for young, unskilled foreign internet junkies so it puzzles me why a new crop ends up moving there every year?

No. 177718

If you look at all the gaijin costhots there, no, they don't have friends. Look at Yuriko Tiger, Venus was at an event with her, she just sits at home all day when she's not whoring out in cosplay for middle aged men. Japan uses them as props to make money the same way those weebs use Japan to peacock on instagram. Mikan herself only has her boyfriend and Tsuruko is all alone now. I feel like once there, they ghetto themselves and fail to blend into society, I can see them all moving back once they hit 35+ if they don't marry some salaryman.

No. 177722

this anon almost has a point because while I usually think Venus was always too stupid and addled and morose and self-destructive to ever capitalize on the million followers she fell into, you can ask - are the rest of the thots who became rich, any less stupid than her?
In the end though the answer is yes, they are less stupid because they manage to push their impulses down under at least one layer of cynical calculation. Venus cannot do that. Every single action she takes is just something that unconsciously feels like something to do. She has no functioning rational thought. Sometimes she tricks people on her by saying what her 'rationale' is but she's just pretending. Actually listen to her describe her plans one time. They're babble'

No. 177736

*people on here

No. 177737

Nobody else who escapes from a genuinely fucked up situation and has mental issues because of if could even dream to get that much love and support.
She had a good source of income that required very little effort and allowed her total flexibility, popularity and a pretty well-known and established brand, a husband who was a total doormat and let her do whatever she wanted for a very long time, parents in law that accepted her into the family and cared about her, love and support from thousands of people and absolutely no obligations to contribute anything to society. She had all the time and money she needed to improve her life in so many ways. Go to the gym to stay in shape like a normal fucking person instead of tearing out her guts, taking lessons and learning proper Japanese, going back to school/university, getting some job experience etc. Instead, she went drinking, fell out with a bunch of unstable white weaboos and became a hoe because that was the path of least resistance.

No. 177774

>source of income that required very little effort
>a husband who was a total doormat and let her do whatever she wanted for a very long time
Sounds like a recipe for losing yourself exactly the way she did? I.e. no boundaries, no actual way to learn lessons about life etc. Anyway enough of your jealousy, it's boring.

No. 177781

She also said she had a company and studio which was all arranged and owned by Gaku Kitano and she said she was a bookkeeper (which is obviously not true) and at most an embellishment of her shadowing Kitano at his company and she said she had "investors" which again, would be Kitano's work or sugar daddies (Kitano was possibly a sugar daddy too).

No. 177782

get some help.

No. 177783

Wouldn't say it better.

No. 177788

Not the concerned anon but stop with your "z0mg ur just jealous!!!" sperging, that's ridiculous. Who would be jealous of such a lowlife woman lolol.

No. 177791

They're not jealous of her current state, but the reason they fret that "she had so much potential uuer"is because they are thinking "If I had been in her position I wouldn't have wasted it! its so unfairrr"

No. 177797

She has a big Social media platform so yes she had more options than the average person. With the money she was making she could have gone to school or something, became a model/cosplay model etc even do what taylor r did and get a rich sugar daddy/boyfriend or husband.

No. 177798

You think social platforms give more career/life opportunities than the average ? Kek. Wake up. Real life isn't the internet. The only opportunity it gives is the risk of ending up committing suicide.

No. 177800

>became a model/cosplay model etc
well. she did do that

No. 177801

Used well it absolutely does actually youtubers have used their platforms to get brand contracts/modeling/journalism/meet famous/create contacts.

No. 177802

Especially with reality tv etc most of them start of as influencers on social media and got casted that way.

No. 177807

And past 30 everyone forget about them. Great career.

No. 177808


Sage your shit retard

No. 177811

You forgot the fact that they end up whoring themselves desperately to get that tiny bit of attention because nobody cares anymore.

Long live social medias, destroying people since 2004.
Your level of idiocy is alarming if you believe social platforms give woman a lasting, healthy job using their physical appearance.

No. 177816

I never said that you did. All I said was that having a big social media platform gives you more options than the average person which is a fact of course anything has it downsides but obviously she is much better of financially etc than the average person. Even doctors/dermatoligst/teachers etc and people in other credible fields are making personal social media platforms to increase income etc because most people see its benefits. Used properly a big social media platform can open a lot of doors. Most women who are beauty influences use their money to make businesses/invest/gain access to rich men/people if they're smart.

No. 177821

You don't know her financial situation and I HIGHLY doubt it's ok kek. At that rate,she's going to look 60 at 30. Guess she's not smart.

No. 177822

Stfu dear lord you re boring af(infighting)

No. 177827

Your arguments - "you're dumb" "you're boring" replies from someone who doesn't have enough comprehension to create valid arguments or has lost an argument.

That's exactly my point if she was smart she could have done something better with herself and her platform.

No. 177828

y’all are fkin annoying. who gives af what she looks like? Yes some ppl find her cute some people find her fugly, but we’re talking about her insides where she’s ugly as all hell. ppl have sex with fkin pool noodles cause they think that’s hot, so stfu w personal preferences n gimme some milk :(((:()

No. 177830

>>she could have literally just enrolled in a japanese language school and made her videos about stationary,

LOL LOL Are you for real? Would be as boring as fuck. A video watching paint dry would be more interesting.

People would rather watch her out getting drunk and swearing and being abusive because that would be more interesting.

No. 177831


Yep, yep. This thread has got so fucking boring with all the retards in here. Desperate to find something to talk about even when Venus herself has done nothing new to talk about. Just wait until she does something worth mentioning. Fuck!

No. 177832

File: 1634748124634.jpg (149.51 KB, 720x473, 20211020_174109.jpg)

No. 177833

File: 1634748146060.jpg (Spoiler Image, 333.06 KB, 709x1073, 20211020_174124.jpg)

No. 177857

They grew

No. 177947

The thread is on autosage so, calm down.

No. 177965


The fact that her bra is up high, makes it look as though her titties are down on her waist. Unfortunate.

No. 177988

It looks like she's wearing those silicone breast suits

No. 178015

Not flattering….her boobs look like they are sagging.
They do look bigger. But it could also just be Photoshop for all we know.

I don't see how the bra like that is sexy, droopy boobs down to the stomach is just not smexy…

No. 178067


Honestly or if all her pics this one isn’t that bad lol, but I think the bigger boobs is prolly cause she’s using a tight bra to push them down so all the fat gets shoved under the bra making them look bigger.

No. 178205

fuck off scrote

No. 178252

She looks "fat" in those pics, like, not skeletal, I guess her stomach just got big again. And let's not forget, people with that kind of surgery for weight loss tend to loose the teeth kek, so, she will get fat and tooth less, her worst nightmare, I thought she could not get worse but every time I check this tread is some big shit.

No. 178296

fuck off anachan

No. 178300

She isnt fat. LoL
Het body is thin but flabby, h
She probably has atrophied muscle mass since she only eat instant noodles or fast food, beer and soft drinks. or kawaii sweets
Xd fuck ana and mia(learn2integrate)

No. 178315

she's not fat wtf is wrong with ppl in here…good luck having thin stretched stomach in the second pic unless you're an anime character. She simply doesn't know how to pose in a flattering way…
and in the first pic how tf is she fat? she barely has fat on that ass, her main problem is that she doesnt have muscle…at all

No. 178344

This looks actually good if you cover her face with your hand.

No. 178345

>>she's not fat wtf is wrong with ppl in here

Yep. I often ask myself the same question. No way is she fat. She looks okay here apart from the weird angle. Would look better without the bra or at least not have it pushing her boobs down like that.

>>This looks actually good if you cover her face with your hand.

Nothing wrong with her face here. The pose is not good, but her face looks fine. Honestly, no wonder people think there's something wrong with some of the people who post on here.

No. 178367


Her face is fine but that expression isn't exactly sexually appealing… That's what the anon above meant imo

No. 178464

Girl if she’s fat, I must be obese holy fuck

No. 178479


I guess some people like the coy but come hither look. Doesn't that particularly appeal to the Japanese market?

No. 178482

Seriously man, Venus is just doughy/"skinny-fat" because she's lacking muscle mass due to her trainwreck lifestyle. She's neither fat nor fat-looking.
Looks like >>178252 got lost, someone pls shoot this anon back to their cringe ass pro-ana forum

No. 179273

Her face looks edited af compared to her body, so yes it looks off. Her boobs are probably edited too

No. 179275


That even sound sad…

No. 179277

File: 1635473062746.png (13.95 MB, 3700x2116, kkkkk.png)

Yes,absolutely ….

No. 179372

this aged well kek

No. 179376

I think the secret surgery was the ending of the relationship. I would be fuming if my partner got it done behind back and to a shitty unreliable doctor. I used to feel sorry for her but not anymore

No. 179462


I wonder what she’s doing all day?

Just sit and stare at the walls? Isn’t she lonely and bored to death?

No. 179469


It sometimes looks like she keeps going doing whatever it is she does in private with the money she makes from her online activities and then when it starts to run out or she needs some more ready cash, she does something else online to generate a bit of fresh income.

No. 179478


You mean like a expensive hobby or just spending the money foolishly for clothes, nails and cute things she loves so much?
If that’s the case wouldn’t she upload pictures about it on Instagram, like she always did?

No. 179486

Most of it probably going to the hobble housing she sharing in and the hotel rooms/clothes/cosplay/small things that hopefully make her feel better [like treating herself so getting her nails done or actually having something not 7-11 based]. I don't know how much she is making from OF, but considering her following to begin with and that she does nude, I'd say she's generating a generous amount of US to JP.

No. 179494

Keep in mind that even when she posted a lot, you still only saw maybe 1% of her existence. I imagine she does some typical things, and probably spends a lot of time online (not doing Venus Angelic things) or video ganes

No. 179576

Venus can't string a sentence together, she was never gonna be an escort for a rich client since they will be seen in public+interact.

Social media is very clearly a fasttrack to mental illness, sexwork, poor health etc. It's unusual to see someone social media famous and thriving consistently for years, the same way celebrities tend to crash and burn. Celebrity is bad for the soul and innately unhealthy and antisocial. It is not an opportunity.

No. 179577

You sound like the whores coping in the Belle Delphine thread. Access to rich men? Start businesses? Absolutely delusional, please actually study what happens to social media stars rather than projecting your unproven wishful thinking. To be in Venus' thread while bleating about the benefits of social media, how blind do you have to be.

No. 179590

>> but obviously she is much better of financially etc than the average person.

Do you really believe she is well off at this point? Did you watch one of her last Videos?

No. 179598

File: 1635680235408.jpg (Spoiler Image, 274.95 KB, 960x1706, za86d498tr4jty98l4u89498g4d86v…)

Seems she's still active on OF, she even posted not so long ago a very disturbing vid fucking a dildo on the wall, I wouldn't recommend watching it though

No. 179619

.. I was curious and googled „Venus Angelic P*rn“ .. you can find a video where she is handcuffed on a bed.. and you can see a person who stimulates her with an vibrator.. she has no panty on.. the full program. You can only she the preview pic of the video, but it‘s clear what happening.. I don‘t know if this vid is part of her onlyfans

No. 179642

No. 179666

That‘s her income now: doing porn. No sugar daddy .

No. 179676

i want to hold her and protect her from all you psychotics in this thread(whiteknighting scrote)

No. 179685

Idiots like you are what drove her to this extreme, having someone tell her she's doing great and shouldn't listen to criticism is NOT going to help..

No. 179688

Money is what drove her to this, my dude.

No. 179705

Exactly, incels like that giving her money

No. 179708

What ya all going on about? She enjoys porn. It's no biggie. Let her get on with doing what she wants with her life. None of you anonymous people on the Interwebs have any right to be telling her what she should be doing with her time. Just coz something seems right to you, doesn't mean it would be to someone else with different ideas. You get on with living your own lives, and Leave other people alone to live theirs how they choose.

No. 179709

You will never fuck her, no need to defend her like this…

No. 179711


I don't want to fuck her. I don't have the right equipment for a start, being female an all.

And I think you might be getting me mixed up with >>179676 . That wasn't me. Just saying.

It just gets a bit tedious coming in here and seeing people telling others how they should live their lives. Everybody has different experiences and different lives and so make different decisions about what to do with their lives. We're just here to watch and observe, and be entertained, not to dictate who someone else should live.

No. 179712


*how, not who. Obviously.

No. 179727

what the fuck is this photo?? so shmexy..

No. 179735

Gross and vulgar. I'd rather fap to her mom before she gained weight.

No. 179746

Is she fat again?

No. 179748

You're mistaking sexy and trashy

No. 179775

Lol like a happy ending would be possible when you become a drunk e-whore with rotten teeth and missing intestine parts.

No. 179783

i found the por video easily and she IS wearing panties. however after the guy is putting the vibe on her you see her cu and she actually squirts a bit, i never expected that!

No. 179791

Then why aren’t you posting it?

No. 179797

find it for yourself

No. 179800


sage goes in the email field scrote

No. 179839

Thank you, just what I expected.

No. 179851


There isn't anything. I looked, all there is is her name being used in other videos. including one woman covered in tattoes, not venus at all.l

No. 179852

kek someone's desperate to see venus' porn. just sub to her OF and be done with it.

No. 179855


No, just curious to see the video anon was talking about. But it looks like it doesn't even exist, or they saw somebody using the same name as venus, as there's a few using that name. If I had any real interest in seeing her so called porn videos, I'd join her onlyfans, but I'm not into porn, it does nothing for me. It's just morbid curiosity.

No. 179862

File: 1635793126177.jpg (Spoiler Image, 145.13 KB, 300x214, pUpzZX0.jpg)

It's locked behind a registration, and upon registering it's a private video to be only seen by friends. I don't think this came from her OF though.

No. 179865


So is this the same as what was described as easily found online? Because something that can only be seen under registration circumstances is not something easy to find.
So is it the same thing, or are we talking two different videos here?

No. 179870

That thumbnail is hilarious

No. 179874

File: 1635796510193.png (Spoiler Image, 460.85 KB, 642x362, venus.PNG)

The video is from her OF according to the watermark at the bottom right.

No. 179875

so she finally showed her pussy online huh

No. 179888

she looks like she's crying. but that could just be trying to be like jav

No. 179906

So she does post porn on her OF then? So her OF page is not a total scam then I guess.

No. 179909

its not behind a hidden membrs thing, anyone can view it
i viewed the whole thing myself yesterday, no login or signing in.
the thread has all her OF stuff, and some images have to be signed in to get, but not this vibe pro*
you must watch it to see her squirt

No. 179924

She “squirted” like 5-6 times in the video, so it wasn’t realistic. Sometimes she would release a small amount of liquid like 20 seconds after the previous one. I don’t think it is squirting. I didn’t post about this video bc I assumed I’m one of very few OF followers who paid for it so I’m easy to identify. It cost $50

No. 179925


Just post the damn link if it's really there. It's not hard to do and would at least prove it exists for anyone to see, which at the moment is debatable.

No. 179927

No. 179928


An image search just brings up some French porn site with pctures, and this is just a picture from what i can tell, no video. Wonder who's arm that is? Manaki? kek. Girl or some Japanese dude? Nice smooth arm for a guy anyway.

No. 179929

File: 1635821514896.jpg (Spoiler Image, 47.37 KB, 532x790, Capture 1.JPG)

And coz I'm not averse to posting images: here's one, 2 more to come.

No. 179930

File: 1635821628935.jpg (Spoiler Image, 55.3 KB, 509x830, Capture 2.JPG)

And sorry but her uneven nipples really bother me.

No. 179931

File: 1635821756629.jpg (Spoiler Image, 139.68 KB, 1266x842, Capture 3.JPG)

Bloody ridiculous. but haven't we seen this before?

No. 179932

these are just random old pics from the only fans - why are you posting them?

No. 179934

>obviously not venus
>stamp on the video says 'Tinna Angel'
>just assumes everything that comes up related to googling someone is them
how retarded is this fucking anon?

No. 179936

No. 179938

why are you posting powdered milk anon

No. 179940


I'm not trawling through scuzzy pornsites trying to find something that doesn't want to be found. If you know where it is, just post the link so we can go straight to it. Ot it doesn't exist. Proof is needed here.

No. 179943

No. 179944

Ok but like is it me or did she get her boobs done?

No. 179948

anon. Fuck. you. okay? Do not fucking link to things that don't play, or don't work

No. 179949

Japanese like when the girls are crying in their porn? What fucking twisted kinda perverts are they?

No. 179962

ok here is the video where she squirts, scroll down until you see her laying on a bed

No. 179966

If she did she would've gotten her uneven nipples fixed kek

No. 179968

She looks so uncomfortable and awkward in the squirting video. What kind of fetish do you have to have to be able to fap to that?

No. 179969


No. 179970

men get off to degradation, resistance, humiliation and pain of women all the time just fine

No. 179979


Keep your shitty generalizations for yourself thanks

No. 179994

Stop coming here then you scrote

No. 179995

I wonder how long she will be able to do porn with her permanent injured body and her unhealthy lifestyle.

No. 179997


I'd rather see sexy pretty boys in those situations. Just saying. but yeah, there's something arousing about someone you find attractive being a bit, you know, scared and afraid, it's not like it's real.

No. 180000

You're the scrote, braindead incel scrote.(literal scrote)

No. 180002

Not my cup of tea

No. 180011

File: 1635871165486.jpg (Spoiler Image, 141.52 KB, 1028x782, Venus Angelic squirting.jpg)


Why has she got black tape bound round her legs? What is that supposed to do? It doesn't look sexy and isn't it bad for the circulation?
I really don't see what anyone would like about this sort of thing, apart from the morbid curiosity value which is the only reason I can think of for why anyone would want to watch someone squirt.

You can see a bit of her squirting in the ss I've taken here. You can thank me later.

No. 180012


ps. And at least she looks healthy here, so I think all the old pussies worrying themselves silly over in Kiwi Farms can go fuck themselves.

No. 180027

Funny because I'm a girl and clearly you are an incel that only comes here to nothing else but to jerk off

No. 180029

I liked her better before her japan era. Especially now she's just horrible. Why does every female content creator who young people can look up to turn to porn?

No. 180044

It's a bondage/bound forced orgasm fetish video. That's just why.

No. 180047

Wtf how can she afford two massage vibrators?

No. 180048

Even here you can see her darkening teeth

No. 180049

It’s clearly dark piss not squirting I watched the video and yes she was crying in vidoe

No. 180051

Sometimes it can be rented in love hotel

No. 180056

Like those bitches in Jav porn? Or really crying with tears and everything?(another scrote)

No. 180058

She was never a person anyone could look up to

No. 180065

Very fake crying watch the video yourself looks like eye drops at beginning and forced fake crying with no tears coming out scrunched up in pain face sort of thing

No. 180066

Her best era was when she lived in Netherlands she glowed up so much and did quality grown up videos but idk what her person life was at the time

No. 180085

its not dark piss at all
have you ever squirted yourself?
it is not dark piss colored

No. 180086

Ew, that black rotten tooth from OP pic can be seen here too.

No. 180111

I know squirting genuineness is always debated, but I really doubt she squirted 4 times in 4 minutes (may have actually been 5 times, don’t want to watch again to count)

No. 180122


It looked like clear colourless liquid, not like piss. And it comes from lower down. Piss would come from higher up, from her uretha, this is liquid coming from her vagina. I know next to nothing about squirting and the mechanisms involved, don't even know if it's pleasurable for the one doing the squirting, but wouldn't there be a name for the gland or whatever it is that causes it?

No. 180128

Well maybe not as a role model per say but she used to do nice albeit kind of bad tutorials and cute mindless garbage content that didn't really harm anyone. What a glow up she had..

No. 180129

I suspect that was the height of her ed since she lost a lot of weight, but she looked really good and mature. She should've stuck with that. Not the ed but the style.

No. 180130


>there's something arousing about someone you find attractive being a bit, you know, scared and afraid,

Men just like the idea of getting unattainable women, the more afraid, ashamed and in pain she is the more unattainable. Since men are easy to get, this particular fetish is lost on many women, the hottest scrote that exists will still be down for a one night stand at least, so the idea of someone unattainable being forced into sex just isn't a thing for many women.

Basically scrotes making do with the reality they exist in where most people find them disgusting and don't want to fuck them, but make it sexy.

No. 180131

That's definitely piss, men are so dumb to fall for the squirting meme

No. 180132

There is no gland that causes it, and piss can be light or nearly colorless if you have drank enough during the day and pee frequently. Women's piss comes out at weird angles, not like a forward direction despite our urethra (tiny piss hole) being located at the front of the vagina, it tends to come out around the middle or lower down due to the angle of things.

(Spelling it out since there are clearly scrotes in this thread who I wouldn't expect to know this)

No. 180133

Tell me you're a scrote without telling me you're a scrote.

No. 180146

Ikr the first ‘squirt’ where she began shaking was wee greenish yellowish colour you can see it clear as day
It’s very common in porn girls drink loads fluids before scenes to appear they are squirting. So no shame there.

>>180122 If you know nothing about vaginas don’t say anything
>>180131 Thank-you finally someone has a brain

No. 180151

So now that she’s doing straight up porn I wonder what’s the next step. Obviously her OF followers will get bored with standard stuff over time when it’s not novel and curious anymore to see Venus Angelic having sex on camera. Will she wander into the obscure fetish territory? What about after that? What will she do when there’s nothing left to entertain her scrotes with?

No. 180152

I'd love to hear her mother's thoughts on all this but she's not able to form a coherent sentence either so I imagine her just crying and screeching in her bedroom

No. 180166

Asking the real questions, lmao!

For anyone interested: for a woman to squirt, you have to put your fingers in her vagina, to stimulate her from the inside. That's how all the videos who have real squirting show you how to do it. Squirting is the result of a gland inside the vagina being stimulated. When you see a woman "squirting" from a vibrator that's placed on the outside, or from anal, it's fake… Saged for non-milk. Also some hard tinfoiling that there was a bit of self posting going on.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 180189

I feel like I'm watching something illegal, like some kind of prisoner being tortured or a girl being trafficked, plus her pissing is also sad as fuck, looks very humiliating and her being tied like that with her fake crying…oh boy….
It's not hot and I know jav people get off by this but how is this sexy? She doesn't even enjoy it, complete silence and the wand not even moving. Jesus christ, if before I was mildly irritated by her claiming to never been this happy, never seeing haters doing better than her and such, now I feel dirty just by watching this.

No. 180194

File: 1635958591076.png (Spoiler Image, 428.45 KB, 637x356, deadfish.png)

kekk she's like a dead fish(spoiler)

No. 180195

Squirting is piss, retarded scrote. Women do not ejaculate.

No. 180202

Then where the fuck is squirt stored in, scrote? Squirting in piss, women don't have balls like your kind, that's just a ruse men like to believe, they would even call shitting "logging" to believe they made a woman orgasm. Stop.

No. 180203


Well, I'm one of those rare women then who do like the idea of seeing pretty, cute boys being like a little afraid and shy and I haven't analysed why, I think it's just the aesthetic. I like cute guys, not great burly manly types who are all dominant acting, I find them a complete and utter turn off.

No. 180204


I have a vagina of my own but have never squirted from it or had piss come out of it. But then I tend to be asexual so it doesn't get much activity down there, but on very rare occasions if I see a really cute boy who is the right type, I can get a bit lubricated quite naturally but I don't squirt, lol.

No. 180206

According to New Scientist information, presumably a reliable source, they claim some women produce a substance mainly piss from the bladder, but others produce an ejaculate aligned to the male prostate fluid, from the skene glands in the vagina, or something, i didn't even know we had these glands. Some of what the article says:
Two women showed no difference between the chemicals present in their urine and the fluid squirted at orgasm.

The other five women had a small amount of prostatic-specific antigen (PSA) present in their squirted fluid – an enzyme not detected in their initial urine sample, but which is part of the “true” female ejaculate

PSA, produced in men by the prostate gland, is more commonly associated with male ejaculate, where its presence helps sperm to swim. In females, says Salama, PSA is produced mainly by the Skene glands.

No. 180208


There's a video, but for some reason the powers that be are so terrified by the thought that women can ejaculate that you might not be allowed to watch it.

No. 180209

Okay, here's a proper educational video for anyone who's interested and this one's not age restricted.

Still don't know why the establishment is so terrified of female sexuality, or rather, females actually throwing something out there because of arousal instead of just passively taking it in.(squirt-sperg)

No. 180253

How is this talk even relevant, real or not she's just pissing the bed in some hotel for petty cash, that's her life now..

No. 180272

File: 1635985577723.png (27.29 KB, 546x283, adhdmeds.png)

i see scrotes are still shitting up this thread.

sage for no milk, but looks like she's cutting back on her ADHD medication too. wish she was more serious about developing healthier habits because it would seriously help her lol.

No. 180276

Venus posted that 9 weeks ago. Shit's already been talked about back then, stop with the old milk

No. 180278

The worst part of her blah blah bullshit posts is the fucking fake little "Have you ever,,," as if she's going to read the drivel that her toddler fans burble back

No. 180287


I see that Daniel of HIMR is also going in for healthy food now as well, It's weird how these two seem to coincide with similarities between them at times, even down to using the same jazz music in their videos. I so wish they'd do a collab.

Anyway, good for Venus, it sounds like she's making wiser choices now and caring about her health, which is good. Being a drugged up medicated loser is not a good look on anyone, no matter how cute they are.

No. 180289


She's posted pictures of herself before holding a whip, which could lead anyone to think she might be using it at some time on some cute guy, with her being all dominant, which would be nice to watch for some, but then she uploads other stuff where she's just all passive and submissive like some half dead victimm.

Why doesn't she find some cute and pretty boy to dominate in one of her videos? If she looked in the right places, they wouldn't be hard to find, she's in Japan for fucks sake, she's surrounded by cute boys, could be spoilt for choice. Even Manaki being tied up and dominated in some way would be good to watch, after all he's reasonably cute still, so maybe Venus could embrace her dominant and fierce and wicked side sometimes instead of the helpless pathetic hostage, I know she's trying to appeal to a certain demographic but there are loads of guys who are masochists and would like to see her being all sadistic.

No. 180292

Wow this fanfiction

No. 180296

File: 1635997193271.jpg (81.22 KB, 648x777, 1.JPG)

She's getting it on with Gudetama.

No. 180297

Been a minute since I heard good milk on Venus. Looks like she's wrapped up in another pimp san.

Lmao. Bruh, she's an alcoholic NEET in Japan with no friends, family, stable income or place to live. She's not a professional porn hoe. We are way past the sugaring and attempt at becoming a pro hoe phase. This is selling pussy to bottom of the barrel pervs just to be able to buy booze for the week.

No. 180306

AFAIK femdom is not appealing to most Japanese men, which seems to be her target audience. Never seen it much in JAV. In contrast, the crying, weak, submissive girl being forced/raped is extremely popular

No. 180309

Imagine being the next customer in that room..

No. 180310

Whet fo u want to eat

No. 180325

What rock do you live under, femdom and dominatrixes are freaking huge here. Probably even bigger than in the west. I'm constantly surprised by some of the manga, with things like dudes wearing dog collars and girls holding riding crops, that's out for display in stores here.

No. 180337


Bring it on! Pretty boys having their necks squeezed might be a thing too. Although I'm not sure about some of the pictures coming out with what looks like painted on bruises or red marks supposed to be where hands have grabbed them.

No. 180362

What happened to her mc Donald’s Live Stream where she fell asleep with a burger in her mouth?
There’s only a 43 min long Video of that Live Stream on her Youtube Channel without that part where she fell asleep. Anyone know where I can find the original stream?

No. 180385

Here's the bit where she passed out.

No. 180387

Really? Guess I'm out of the loop. Years ago when I enjoyed watching JAVs, I couldn't find any… just sooo much rape content instead

No. 180512

japan is one of the top producers of adult content, there's literally something for everyone.

you need to work on integrating better, you come off very underage. why are venus threads like this?

No. 180526

You were probably looking in the wrong place. In addition, all the major cities usually a dozen or so S&M bars, and probably even more back in the economic hey-day.

No. 180533

Wtf is going on in this thread why do we need to know this

No. 180565

File: 1636133495448.jpg (58.24 KB, 538x670, Japanese boy hot.jpg)


If only Venus could feature a cute boy like this one in her videos would add a more interesting dimension, if she had him all tied up or something. I'd even join her Only Fans to see that.

No. 180566

She needs to step up the OF game. It's srly so lack I can't stand it. She follows creditable porn fetish contents, she sees what they are doing, and I don't know why she can't find herself doing this.

If she got a skinny little sub boi in her videos that would be amazing.
Be wants to out on the innocent victim fantasy ( that she can't even pull off)
I honestly think her being a Dom would absolutely make it better.

No. 180567

>>If she got a skinny little sub boi in her videos that would be amazing.

>>I honestly think her being a Dom would absolutely make it better.

I'd definitely sign up for that.

No. 180584

Anonymous now No. 180582

You aren't all the type of people who follows her OF. They're male scrot and they are mostly into girls being humiliated. A very few are masochistic.
She mimics what she sees in JAV because they must be into.
Also, let's be real Japanese men have no reason to be interested in her contents. She's unknow there, the quality of her contents is mediocre, she is not especially pretty (she often looks unhygienic) or exotic. If she still looked like she did when she was in Netherlands, maybe… I'm sure Japanese me can easily find other white ethots who do what Venus does but a million times better.

No. 180597

No one wants to associate with a haggard witch like her

No. 180603

>> good for Venus, it sounds like she's making wiser choices now and caring about her health
Yeah I’m sure she’s totally making healthy choices holed up in her hoarded-up rats nest drinking cheap booze, eating kombini junk and making bottom of the barrel sex tapes in grungy hotel rooms. How brand-new ARE you anyway, to fall for this shit?

No. 180605

File: 1636150608202.jpeg (64.69 KB, 807x517, E6A825BC-35E8-4498-A4E5-7279A0…)

Still rocking that brown front tooth I see. Guess it’s completely dead at this point? So classy and schmexxy.

No. 180610

its adorable how you think anyone wants to associate with a haggard loser like Venus.

No. 180615

Can you stfu, thanks

No. 180616

Just this usual troll in the thread

No. 180622

>>Anonymous now No. 180582

Okay, what have I missed? Where are all the comments gone you're referring to? And, why so many comments missing?

No. 180623

can we just light this thread on fire?
the anons are more milky than venus at this point

No. 180625


Well wouldn't that be better for a sub boy?

Too many vids with ugly old men humiliating pretty young women. Be nice to see a pretty boy getting some dom treatment from a haggard witch with a tooth missing. -Not that I'm agreeing that Venus looks like that, but still.

No. 180628

Ditto. AMWF femdom is hard to come across, I'd pay

No. 180630


Well let's hope Venus sees this thread and does something about it. Seeing as how the only thing she is probably really interested in is money, she'll be likely raking it in if she can fill a niche in the market for this sort of thing.

Could she do it though? she's so useless at just about everything she does. But I'd really love for her to do something like this and make it good.

No. 180648

I'm loving everyone agrees she needs to change her style and srly flip it.
She can srly make so much $$$ if she switches it up.
I'd rather see her putting those fake plastic rings in some Bois a$$hole then shoving it in her own.

No. 180651


What’s wrong with you?

No. 180653

brainrot. and as if venus could ever get a guy like that kek

No. 180654

Why are anons even coming up with their own gross fanfics of what they want and what they want Venus to do? Jesus christ.

No. 180657

There's a scrote invasion.

No. 180679

Who the fuck cares about your fetishes fuck off from this thread. The person who is a dominant or femboi here having fantasies

No. 180684

Why don't you just go tell that to Venus instead to pollute this thread with your fetish

No. 180689

>>femdom and dominatrixes are freaking huge here. Probably even bigger than in the west. I'm constantly surprised by some of the manga, with things like dudes wearing dog collars and girls holding riding crops, that's out for display in stores here.

Nice. I could do with some of that. Got any names of some of those manga?(offtopic)

No. 180691

>>I'm loving everyone agrees she needs to change her style and srly flip it.

Well apart from the prudes in here trying to shut it down and prolly wanting everyone to go talking about her face again and how ugly or not ugly it is. Yawn. It's nice to have something more interesting to talk about and speculate on.

>>She can srly make so much $$$ if she switches it up.

True. The question is though, is she competent enough to be able to do it.

>>I'd rather see her putting those fake plastic rings in some Bois a$$hole then shoving it in her own.

Same. If she started doing that sort of thing, it would definitely motivate me to sign up to her Only Fans. After all, she started off by appealing to mainly female fans so it's time she started making some of them happy again.

No. 180693

>>The person who is a dominant or femboi here

You mean persons. There is obviously more than one here who would like to see Venus go down that route. You miserable prudes who just want to go yakking on about hate hate hate all the time don't get to dominate and control what gets talked about here, even though you like to try. It's about time we had less of your types, shitting up the thread with your uptight misery and had something more pleasant to talk about instead and fun. That way peeps can look forward to coming here.

No. 180697

>>the prudes in here trying to shut it down and prolly wanting everyone to go talking about her face again

Or about how she's a sex trafficked vicktim and how she 'needs' to be furthering her educayshun and go back to fucking Switzleland, boo sob hoo.
Anyone who wants to continue to shit up the thread with that sort of crap can just hop over to Kiwi Farms, it's all the boring shitheads over there ever seem to talk about, that and how distressing it all is to see Venus squirting blah blah, like the waves of disapproval are palpable from the uptight prudes over there.

No. 180699

shes lazy af and probably feels she makes enough with the effort she currently puts in, so what would motivate her to do content like that and find someone willing to do it with her? she couldnt even finish her collaboration with june lovejoy, evidently she drives everyone away.

and actually, she dominates a japanese guy everyday: its her spineless bitch husband that let her crawl back to his place even after she talked shit and lied about him to everyone

No. 180702

>>and actually, she dominates a japanese guy everyday: its her spineless bitch husband that let her crawl back to his place even after she talked shit and lied about him to everyone

She ought to use him in her videos too. He's still cute enough to look good tied up, or something. LOL.

No. 180726

Pleasant? Venus doing porn and motivating her to do real porn with some pretty boy is pleasant? wtf????
She is doing fucking porn now.
No matter what she does, is terrible for her. for her mental being.
Doing these things will are bad. Porn is bad. No matter what kind of "porn" she does.
If you really care about her so instead just tell her to stop doing all this shit.
god… people in here are so gross, I don't understand why I'm still reading here.

No. 180731

File: 1636234839968.jpeg (30.49 KB, 340x211, F28E2E0A-3B5D-4778-AD8C-7B0008…)

Q&A time on OF!

Q: do u swallow?
A: actually I used to work at a sperm bank. I got fired cause I drank all the…material


No. 180732

File: 1636234915930.jpeg (38.8 KB, 340x216, DE05835B-8A32-4152-8931-4B076E…)

“Is dis de part vere I do veird poses an shit?”

No. 180733

what the actual fuck is going on in this thread.

Anyway, it's neither here nor there, because deep down we all know Venus will half ass her way through everything she puts her mind into.

Whether it's the "prude's wet dream" of Venus getting education and a normal job, or the "super sexy mommy dom Venus", none of it will actually happen lmao

No. 180736

i found the vibe/squirt video, but i cannot find the apparent porn video where she fucks a dildo stuck to a wall. anyone have it?
i am interested because she always said she is a virgin because her hymen was too tight and sex was only painful.
has she finally lost her hymen to an unanimated object?

No. 180737

just admit you want to jerk off and understand nothing of a woman's anatomy, good god.

I wish mods would clean up this thread there's so many scrotes circle jerking here to their fantasies and not enough milk.

No. 180738

i am a woman you silly tit

No. 180749


I posted it in her thread on kiwi farms, should be last page>>180736

No. 180750

the fact you think you can "lose your hymen" says otherwise. fuck off already.

No. 180751

it is 404 now, can you post it here?(thirsty scrote)

No. 180754

>>people in here are so gross, I don't understand why I'm still reading here

Go to Kiwi Farms. that will probably be more to your liking, You can all be outraged together. I don't personally give a shit about porn and find most of it totally revolting, probably because I'm completely asexual, but if other people like it and enjoy it, that's up to them. I don't have any problem with people liking porn if that's what they're into, they're not harming anyone just sat there watching it are they?

No. 180755


She didn't even fuck the dildo IIRC, and it was one of the stupidest videos I've ever seen. Pathetic and boring.

No. 180756


There's annoyingly retarded people here who assume anyone who appears to have the teensiest little bit of interest in seeing something even remotely sexual, must be male and they think they can shut them up by throwing the word "scrote" at them. One of the best things about this site is that there is not too much of irritating prudery going on, and seeing as how venus is making a living from sex related activities, it makes sense if people talk about it in this thread because that's mainly what venus is about these days. Just ignore getting called a scrote, it happens all the time here from the retarded uptight brigade.

No. 180757


Both sex videos are still on KF, I have the one you're asking about playing now in the background. It's the 4th post down from the top of page 103.

Plus apparently Venus messaged Daniel wanting him to join her in a podcast, yay! I'm longing for them to do a collab. Maybe Venus will put on her strap on and fuck him up the arse, then he won't have to keep sitting on that male torso sex doll thing he's just recently acquired, job done!

No. 180762

wow these are so unsexy it hurts
it feels more like stumbling on a snuff video on limewire

No. 180767

I think her black tooth is actually a tooth fracture (possibly from getting punched in the mouth by someone?). My brother got one after a fight and had to get an implant. It looked almost identical to what Venus has.

sage for possible blogging

No. 180769

Epically awful. She lays there motionless like a dead fish with her crotch out front and center, making little mewling noises as a floating hand randomly jabs a vibrator at her lady parts. Then she suddenly squeaks and looks to be peeing.

Does she do this on purpose or is she really that clueless about what actual porn is supposed to look like?

No. 180771

I have no words.
She is terribly awful at ero/porn content. I feel like watching a granny on a younger unhealthy body playing with dildo shit without actually fucking it.
Her mental health will go downhill at the speed of light not a single doubt about it

No. 180772

"I'm a girl"

Lmao yea sure you sound like a thirsty truck driver. Scrote.

No. 180773

No thanks. I don't want to see boys that look like girls in my porn.

No. 180775

"My vagoo is too tight just like a 12yo and I cannot have sex yet"

Anon don't tell me you believe her pedo-pandering cheap facts ?

No. 180795

Am I the only one confused by this picture? It looks like her leg comes out of her shirt sleeve

No. 180796

Your seem to have never seen JAV. Many JAV would merit the exact same description as you wrote here. She's going for the same thing (stupidly, as her OF audience is white over-40s/reddit betas) the difference is that the implementation was not pulled off

No. 180799

what the fuck are those granny glasses jesus. i always roll my eyes at farmers calling any cow a hag but she legit looks the same age as her mom,

No. 180802

It has become critical at this point good god

No. 180814

Scrote ^

No. 180824

>>it feels more like stumbling on a snuff video on limewire

There are no 'actual' snuff videos. Don't be retarded.

No. 180827

>>is she really that clueless about what actual porn is supposed to look like?

My dear, there are many different kinds of porn, most of which is gross and repulsive to asexuals like moi, the only type of porn I'd be interested in is something really way out there weird, not counting necrophilia and bestiality, or milky tits, or chicks with dicks, or any of the usual kinds of bizarre porn that people think is oh so edgy, but is really a total turn off for me, but like I said, asexual, so not gonna be turned on anyway by any of this stuff, but if you only watch a certain type of porn you'll probably think it should all be like that, and Venus is trying to appeal to a certain demographic who likes that sort of thing, like I don't get foot fetishes, but each to their own, the problem with Venus is she seems incapable of pulling off anything she does successfully, it all looks amateurish, the only thing I will say is that from the few leaked porn videos from her only fans, the quality is so much better than the awful quality she usually subjects us to her on her regular videos on her youtube channel. Why the heck can't she upload her youtube videos with the same better quality as what she obviously puts into her only fans? Ok i get it, she is filming herself for youtube and someone else does the filming, apparently, for most of what else she does, not that I've seen it but guessing it must be better quality or there would be complaints galore, but really, she should try to improve her youtube videos. She never used to make her youtube videos such bad quality so why now?

No. 180828

>>what the fuck are those granny glasses

Venus has admitted to having a glasses fetish. So I guess it turns her on more to be wearing glasses. Thing is though, they don't even suit her. Some people look good in glasses, Venus isn't one of them. -Some people even look better in glasses, like Zane Holtz did in From Dusk Til Dawn, but Venus does not look better in glasses, she just looks unattractive and dowdy.

No. 180832

>>her mental health blah blah

I don't think so, she's doing what she wants. It seems porn is about the only thing she's really interested in and the only thing she's actually stuck to.

When she first started doing Only Fans content, people were saying she won't keep it going consistently, but she has.

I don't ever see anyone telling June Lovejoy that she shouldn't be doing porn, and June obviously enjoys it too, so why do people keep saying Venus shouldn't be?

Venus might be doing a different sort of porn to what June does, and not so professionally executed, but it doesn't mean she's not enjoying it.

Plus, Venus has said she likes playing masochistic roles so is heavily into that it appears, she loves portraying herself as a victim and likes making people worry about her, and she maybe gets turned on by thinking people are worrying about her, I'm sure she admitted as much, so obviously all of those aspects are going to come out in the porn she does.

She is a manipulator of people's feelings and people who make comments worrying about her are playing into her hands.

No. 180839

>>No thanks. I don't want to see boys that look like girls in my porn.

You do yours, and the rest of us will do ours.


As for this boi here, would like to see him, or one like him, wearing a pink babydoll nightie and getting fucked in the ass by Venus with one of her dildoes. Or her strap-on would be even better. Show me porn like that and I'd be interested.(no1currs)

No. 180840

No one cares about how you want to tell everyone you want lady boys in your porn you watch. This has nothing to do with Venus and it's turning into fanfiction at this point.

No. 180841


Lady boys have titties usually and are trans, and that's not what I want to see. And so you don't know the difference and don't know what you're talking about. And if Venus reads in here, which she likely does from time to time, and sees this and it gives her ideas, I've done her a good turn, because plenty people will love it and it will be loads of milk to talk about in here. So there!

No. 180842

You knew exactly what I meant, anon. Now you are just being autistic for the hell of it.

No. 180843


No, I'm being precise.

No. 180856

I agree you're annoying as hell.Go tell your marketing advices to Venus.

June is professional with an healthy lifestyle and friends. Venus is a lazy mentally sick addict with no stable relationship. She might enjoy sex (good for her) but encouraging her doing porn is irresponsible. How long do you think her career will last? She ages like milk and scrots will lost interest in her, just like her usual YT/IG followers. Also it's no like she's investing wisely the money she gains, like an education or therapy. She just needs easy cash right now to continue her unhealthy and shallow lifestyle, probably hanging out with all kind of shady people.
Toxic positivity/enabling really does as much harm than haters. Her porn is everywhere in the Internet a she won't be able to find a job or maybe a normal partner. When I imagine her future, either she dies or she ends as the cheapiest prostitute.

No. 180857


Maybe she'll marry Daniel Lord.

Y'all are so negative. Let the girl live her fucking life, stop trying to manipulate and control. Always looking on the bleak side just because what she's doing doesn't fit your pristine ideas of how you think people should live and behave.

No. 180865

No one gives a shit incel , begone

No. 180868


Stfu! You are annoying as hell. Both of you.

No. 180878

Nice novel. So she’s purposely doing dead fish porn to appeal to that niche, is that it? Right.

How about this: she’s lazy, clueless and sloppy. That seems a morelikely explanation for the pathetic dreck she’s putting out.

No. 180884

No one was even mentioning June, retard

No. 180893

Here, retard >>180832

No. 180896

How long until she starts turning tricks on the street?That’s the next logical step in this progression she’s on. Will she bring customers back to her little pink bedroom? Why not, she takes schmexy OF pics there and bragged about her “current boyfriend” in a video from there. Maybe that will be the tipping point for the poor wretch Manaki to finally kick her out for good.

No. 180901

File: 1636335507655.jpg (75.57 KB, 684x556, ..jpg)

I miss seeing Manaki in her videos. I wish she'd bring him back. He was quite cute.

No. 180905

You do realise that she hasn't quit OF yet because it's her last resort, right? She has no education, no working skills, her youtube channel is basically dead and she's already shown herself naked on the internet. There's nothing left for her, other than doing porn. And considering she could've done better after running away from her mother, this outcome is pretty sad. So how is her doing porn good? She's just digging her own grave at this point.

No. 180906

Anons are saying to take your fanfiction elsewhere. It had nothing to do with June. Stop derailing about wanting to fuck bishoujomen and wishing Venus would collar one of them for you to watch fuck. Get out of here.

No. 180908

his hand seems similar to that pic:

No. 180909

>>youtube channel is basically dead

It doesn't have to be. There is plenty she could be doing on Youtube but she chooses not to. If it's nearly dead it's by her choice, because she doesn't bother that much with it. Because her heart isn't really in it and her real interests lie elsewhere. If she wanted to she could still be making a good bit of money from making Youtube videos. but she prefers to make porn videos instead. not because she has to, but because she prefers to and because she wants to.

No. 180910

File: 1636339868446.jpg (102.12 KB, 1033x583, Cute little rodents.jpg)


If you wanna see more of his hands…

No. 180912

we can assume she already did that (not on the street, but - with clients) from various things not least having horrible herpes around her mouth

No. 180918

Well she had a profil on an escorting site so… But how long before she ends being actually pimped?

Everybody believed that "Manager-san" did and she never denied it, as being beaten by him as well (her under-eyes bruise was actually caused by being beaten in the street when she was drunk).
To me, it was just a petty revenge. This often happened to Venus'boyfriends when they break up with her or doesn't do what she wants, like with Manaki or even those pedophilia accusations with Ken. Bashing people online is a habit she inherited from mommy.
However the difference between Manaki/Ken and Manager-san is she doesn't even have to bash him online, her brainless fans imagine themselves stories where she's always the victim.

I really don't believe it's his hands. Poor guy is too hung-up for that. My theory, judging by the better quality of her latest pictures (who is kinda similar to her first ones), either she's back with Manager-san OR she fucks with this gaijin hunter photographer

No. 180959

Just ignore that faggot who tries to derail here with his wattpad fantasies

No. 180963

File: 1636386096141.jpg (394.26 KB, 1070x1879, IMG_20211108_094011.jpg)

Venus not sending a giveaway reward (i don't remember hearing about this, must have been on a livestream or something)

No. 180964

File: 1636386120922.jpg (353.52 KB, 1080x1927, IMG_20211108_093932.jpg)

Ditto with replies

No. 180966

As usual, she messed up again and ended up shitting on her viewers. She looks so creepy in the video screenshot too

No. 180970

File: 1636388497039.png (861.56 KB, 598x808, f7fdce99e2c296dd83f19813e25ce1…)

Another private account you can subscribe to, bet it will be quickly abandoned like all the others

No. 180971

Holy shit anon that color was painful to read in, please next time don't post pink screens.

Anyway, why are people still giving her credit? She's going inactive anywhere and just announced on insta that she wants to make a private account to show her Speshul Life in Japan

No. 180978

File: 1636390748964.png (8.08 MB, 1242x2208, 184FC6E6-7034-49ED-97E0-6B10D2…)

She already abandoned the idea, here we go

No. 180979

Damn, that's pretty impressive!

No. 180980

She did the giveaway on her witch insta account

No. 180982

File: 1636391079544.jpg (168.47 KB, 1080x741, IMG_20211108_180443.jpg)

No. 180985


That user made a post about it on Venus's Youtube a few weeks ago asking if she'd sent it. Maybe Venus did send it and the post being what it is now with covid an everything, maybe it just hasn't arrived yet because delayed, or maybe they delivered it to wrong address, it happens a lot in my area.

No. 180986

"isn't working very well"? Girl, you pretty much only posted the link less than an hour prior to that.
I am pretty sure when she asked her community about whether they would join a private insta account in the post prior to that and most said yes, they didn't have in mind that they would actually need to pay for it, so she probably wasn't met with the same amount of join requests that people saying they would join, but she didn't even give it an hour…?!

No. 180987


When I first saw the video with the vibrator I wondered if maybe it was Manaki holding it, he is still her husband after all, and then seeing the picture of his hands in one of his earlier videos, they do look similar, but don't a lot of people just have similar hands anyway? I mean if it's someone around the same age and of the same race, they might have similar hands.

Manaki said back then that he loves everything about Venus because she understands his personality.

No. 180994

Girl needs money very

A lot of hands looks similar and I don't they does here. The hand with the vibrator looks bigger and less delicate than Manaki's

No. 180997

She shouldn't really come up with ideas when she's having a manic episode

No. 180998


I couldn't watch that whole video, she's apologizing for the blurry quality, because she's not used to using her new phone yet. What a load of crap. How many years has she been making, filming, editing videos now? Have to be ten plus, and her 'other' videos are not this awful quality. Why does she have to be so damn useless at everything she does? I'm wondering if it's done purposely to annoy people.

No. 181002

Which is always.

Filters alone probably don't do a good enough job hiding how crusty she looks, a bit of blur will help

No. 181003

I buy the she didn't know how to use the new phone-story. Obviously the auto-focus is not working like intended. But any sane person who makes their living from posting content online would have re-recorded that video after seeing that it's basically 90% just blurry images. But Venus is so freaking lazy she can't be bothered to just re-record a 13 minutes videos of her showing cosmetic items to the camera. That's too much effort for her. Oh, these "hard working" youtubers….

No. 181010

Stop making up excuses for her, whiteknight. She's done several giveaways that ended up being a scam (the Animal Crossing switch one she then later used for an unboxing video for example)

No. 181022

NTA, but they aren't whiteknighting. They are stating a fact considering COVID has fucked up the mailing for a lot of countries and this isn't about the Animal Crossing Switch thing.

No. 181025

I'm really curious though if these people can post receipts from Venus saying they won because Venus does have a lot of hate followers who would absolutely pull the fake "I won" card for sympathy without actually even getting notifications they won anything. I mean it wouldn't be that hard to prove on her side if this is true.

No. 181029

Now that's a reach

No. 181038

File: 1636414384085.jpeg (201.58 KB, 1082x1615, 87BCFB07-3E9C-49E9-92E0-FCC201…)

“Isn’t working very well” = has a grand total of 60 followers 8 hours later.

She does take after her mommy, doesn’t she? One failed scam effort after another.

No. 181054

She'd be better off making a free OnlyFans and only sending out rewards through payments on there.

No. 181110

You're cringy af with your shitty tastes

No. 181112

Doormat-san is not cute. He's fugly. No way I'd see his autistic face between my legs.

No. 181121

She did this years ago too with these strawberry earrings and necklace like 6 years ago? In the video she did makeup for glasses and at the end announced the giveaway with them, I remember seeing a comments saying someone never got them. Pretty sure every giveaway she ever done is fake

No. 181141


Go back 2 devianTART

No. 181162


I doubt there's many, if any, would want to see up between your legs, ewww! Fuck off outta here.(retardation)

No. 181163


Add to that all the money making schemes she's tried to start over the years. The money she wanted for her to go to a school in Germany, the money she wanted to release a record, I'm sure there's more.

No. 181166

Can we all maybe stop in fighting, dial back the off topic fetish talks??? And just simply comment on the milk posted as the board was intended. Thank you.

No. 181345

File: 1636573363724.jpg (64.24 KB, 1010x673, Venus.JPG)

Oh well, a nice picture at last.

No. 181354

ehh.. she should try thinner brows for a change. the blocky asian brows don't suit her

No. 181359

No. 181360

>nice picture
it loos like a dude wearing a latex mask

No. 181361

kek someone actually said she looked elegant. this was the most awkward video ever.

No. 181362

What a fucking ghoul lol - lighting not helping. And that parody of a dance

No. 181367

File: 1636583619757.jpg (355.27 KB, 1080x1606, IMG_20211110_232801.jpg)

Probably her ”employee” and the one responsible for the better quality of her latest pictures

No. 181379

File: 1636586392737.jpeg (29.61 KB, 265x303, 3F273067-3C31-4316-9446-97E48D…)

He’s not her “employee,” he’s a small-time photographer (3K instagram followers) who takes pictures of small-time ‘models’ and model wannabes (June Lovejoy is another recent customer on his instagram.)

Also why is her face so bloated here? She looks like a pufferfish. The guy couldn’t even photoshop her into looking normal, let alone good?

No. 181381

File: 1636587475854.jpeg (278.2 KB, 1096x1633, 96EFD1F4-18CF-438D-B178-22D9BD…)

Here’s an equally unflattering photo from last April. The guy’s work is mediocre at best and his instagram photos get maybe 2 or 3 comments and 130 or so likes.

June Lovejoyy is a repeat customer too, it seems. That’s the caliber of his models.

No. 181385

she should return to blonde. way more flattering

No. 181395


Anyone know what the song/music is she's used for this video?

No. 181396


No, ok, I've found it. Mitski. Nice song.

No. 181397

File: 1636596871042.jpeg (29.58 KB, 340x288, 56F09DD1-9D87-43BE-9D7E-E54462…)

Dis my sexxy face you guise

No. 181400


No. 181402

Don't say that she already shaved almost all her eyebrows

Yep but not a platinium one, a warmer blond like she had in Netherlands. She would be more popular as a blonde in Japan.
Also girl needs some sunlight. Even if white skin is a beauty criteria in Asia, Venus just looks like a corpse. UV makes your skin age indeed, but it's too late for her anyway. Being this pale just makes her look like a Grandma even more. Add to that, she must have a serious vitamin D deficiency with her botched surgery, shitty diet and indoor living style

No. 181453

bulimia is strong with this one

No. 181471

Mega kek, banned.
These eyebrows are a disaster. I used to prefer the very first eyebrows she used to have when she was younger.

No. 181472


To me it doesn't look like her at all

No. 181473

You mean the piss blonde she had back there ? Really ?

No. 181474

Even I would take better pictures. >>181162
I actually want to see between ur legs anon.

No. 181497

The color looks better on her because it doesn't so poorly contrast her sickly looking skin, but damn that wig is awful. She looked best IMO back when she used to dye her hair and eyebrows blonde. She looked more german and less like a weird pseudo-asian larper.

No. 181501

File: 1636637819654.jpg (55.93 KB, 390x390, 098438d93656976db4f5637dcd1d28…)

Still better than looking like Sadako

No. 181506

Your opinion.

No. 181508

Her hair will dry and fall out tho. She never kept it nice when she bleached it continuously. Even the photo ^^^ you can see how stringy and dry it is :((:()

No. 181516

Sure they are. I was just speaking about the colour. No doubt she won't be able to take care of it anyways, she can even wash her hair properly.
She changed her hair colour numerous times the last two years and wore extensions,add to that her botched surgery/shitty diet/whatever substance(s) she's taking, her hair are fucked. She needs to cut it short and let them breath

No. 181518


Oh well she'd better go back to having those then, if that's what you prefer.

Ha, as if Venus would ever give a thought to what some loser thinks her eyebrows should look like!

No. 181520


She'd still look good here whether her hair was black, red, or blonde, simply because she's younger here. Of course she's going to look better.

No. 181538

File: 1636654180358.jpg (132.19 KB, 1080x1667, FB_IMG_1604521532657.jpg)

True but still, she would look less dead.

No. 181566

Also probably the one who helps her with her porn content on onlyfans

No. 181583

Nah let’s be honest, she can’t even wash her hair regularly. Bleached hair needs some minimal care routine. She can’t do it.
If it looked best in the past, it wouldn’t be the case anymore in her condition.
Hope she’ll not add any chemicals to her hair while she can’t take care of it so it will stay on her head. She definitely doesn’t need a even more fucked up hair to add to the whole mental breakdown look.

No. 181621

Literally what the fuck. What part of that sounds thirsty. I can easily tell you're a man

No. 181671

Yeah I'm a man, thanks I'm glad you pointed it out. As for you you're a girl sounding very masculine lmao. Go remove your tits maybe ? It'll fit you more. Truck driver.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 181672


Anon said it : she was younger and healthier. Which is not the case anymore. Nothing fits her now that she looks that a granny junkie.

No. 181703


I prefer her natural, dark hair. And it would just get damaged if she dyed it, she would have to bleach it first which is even worse, her hair is naturally dark.

No. 181729

I think she needs a side parting again fringe just looks greasy on her. Hair can look very pretty tucked behind ears

No. 181872

File: 1636762420645.png (5.42 MB, 2436x1125, 0FBC594C-5402-4ED8-A5B2-C11EE2…)

Something about her appearance in her newest YT video seems off

No. 181883

Her nonexistent jaw?

No. 181905

It's her clothing, skin texture, expression and the way the lighting is hitting her face it kinda makes her look like an old woman. Plus, the shape and length of her bangs isn't helping either.

No. 181942

She looks awful now even when she's trying to look more decent. What happened? Where did her skills to doll herself up disappear?

No. 181991

Lack of filters shown a lumpy neck

No. 182019

She should stop trying her makeup like Asians does it, especially the jirai kei one. It makes her looks even sicker and doesn't fit her features.

Also don't you think her nose weirdly grows bigger this last years?

No. 182026

Not really it just a un photoshopped picture if comparing these two pictures >>181538 >>181872
The one with blonde hair is a shopped picture I remember when these pictures came out they all were blurred and it’s a upright eye level photo , where the current day one just a different angle below and lighting and lack off filters/pshopping

Could also be the fringe, facial hair like fringes can bring out other features and make them more pronounced as it makes noses the main feature of the face as rest is covered. But I agree with other Anon >>181729 the fringe needs to go it doesn’t suit her face shape

No. 182047

Her nose wasn't like this in her vlogs from three years ago but I agree those pictures were probably photoshopped. From the beginning it was hard to how Venus really looked like

No. 182052

The main things that make her look dreadful here is a combination of the red lipstick, which is very aging on her, and the way she pulls her hair down over each side of her face which makes it look like she has a narrow face which is also very unflattering and aging, also the too thick eyebrows don't suit her either. If her hair was back off her face more and yes, a side parting too, would make her look much prettier, and younger again.

No. 182102

Venus has in overall has a rather big nose like her mother margo. Why it "looks" so big is simply because her photos are edited hella back and forth. What you see is her unedited nose.

No. 182117

I think her funny ears are more terrible than her nose lol

No. 182138

File: 1636855759039.jpeg (37.07 KB, 518x457, 3D3D5772-334C-4DB4-B46F-2D996D…)

The teeth

No. 182140

I don’t understand the bullying of her nose and ears, she can’t help the way she’s put together. By all means critique her for her choices and things within her control, but the shape of her nose and ears? It’s just petty.

No. 182143


Welcome to lolcow. I agree with you btw, but I'm afraid there are those here like that. I dread to think what they, themselves, look like, lol.

No. 182145

>Look at me I'm cute and adorable, give me money!

I'd agree with you if she wasn't who she is. She can't accept that she doesn't look all that great, but she clearly knows it seeing how she edits

The swamp monsters here doesn't profit from being UWU on OF, they know their place

No. 182149

I think everyone wouldn't care less about her face if she didn't photoshopped herself all the time and if her 'career' wasn't based on her appearance.(learn2sage)

No. 182169

People shit on her looks because they don't like her.

This is a valuable lesson to learn in general: Just because someone is criticised for something doesn't mean that is actually why they are criticised, usually it's just some innocuous thing that nobody would even think about if they weren't looking for a way to abuse someone.

No. 182170

Just watched the video and she shaking her hands but it not consistent, is she faking it for attention? I can’t even tell anymore

No. 182173

Aging is more genetic than anything else i know tons stay on sun all their life and look better than those who hide from the sun. Sun is needed as long don’t stay to much on it. Venus looks unhealthy and her skin is one of the main issues..

No. 182185


Maybe she's going for the 'pale and interesting' look.

She said in one of her videos that she doesn't like being in the sun. Maybe the one where Mikan and that other girl took her out for her birthday and she was falling asleep at the table.

No. 182197

You still here pullcow?(infighting)

No. 182221

It doesn’t work that interesting look at all for her. She felt sleepy because sun can make you relaxed it’s necessary to have a good quality of sleep at night as well idk how her logic thinks sometimes

No. 182238

Yes I am. Are you still here, too?(infighting )

No. 182255

You're both cringe, hush now.

No. 182284

File: 1636946569601.png (904.38 KB, 1004x649, 546545680008.png)

New video, who's she with?

No. 182286

Probably that photographer kazztakahashi

No. 182295

Trying to be objective, she doesnt look that great. I have no qualms shitting on her because 1. Shes an abusive piece of crap who went as far as exploiting a child for her own gain among the VERY long list of horrible, selfish, manipulative things shes done and 2. She has shit on a lot of people herself

No. 182296

Also she has a horrible style. Always trying to make her small deepset eyes look huge and protruding with tape/makeup/lenses/editing, her obsession with that ugly fringe, blush directly under her eyes for the jirai look, obsession with being anachan, cutesy clothing that often doesnt suit her etc (though in her defence, her style has at least improved from the nile perch and lolita days to an extent).

No. 182297

A narrow face is not "unflattering and aging", I cant believe you are still here complaining about that shit. Stfu already. Oval faces are the ideal face shape, get over it.

No. 182298

Her natural hair is not dark. Med brown at darkest, which isnt what i consider as "dark" when someone says dark hair.

No. 182299

She looks less dead there because shes edited into a completely diff person. You cant really compare her old pics as they were almost all over edited, face and body and skin.

No. 182309

File: 1636972665924.jpg (90.51 KB, 1080x1620, FB_IMG_1636972521671.jpg)


No. 182311

File: 1636972742346.jpg (Spoiler Image, 67.73 KB, 1080x1620, FB_IMG_1636972524113.jpg)


Both from her fb page. She's been more active there lately

No. 182313

waardenburg venus

No. 182337


Ok need to say this photo is one of the most flattering she ever uploaded I’m surprised! Well, body wise at least, her ass is looking damn fine for once

No. 182350


That's a nice picture. She looks really good here.

No. 182351


You really don't like her, do you? No one would ever have known that. Wow. Can you just give it a rest with the constant nit picking about her looks, how many years has it been now and you're still here plugging away.

No. 182352

yeah because with all the editing it doesn't even look like her lol

No. 182362

I mean, the second one I’m really shook, her posing made her body look very attractive, it took me a minute to pay attention on the edits on the face, but compared to what she already posted it’s definitely an upgrade. She doesn’t seem scared/weird uncomfortable expression and body language, no weird posing making her look completely bizarre. Just regular OF chick. Not the regular deep web kinda shit she can go for sometimes. Hope she learns what works to look attractive finally (for the fact it could be worse let’s be honest)

No. 182370


I don't care about the editing, whatever editing it is. It is just a nice picture, her face looks a nice shape here and not like a pencil for once.

No. 182381

Doesn't even look like her. Some anons here…

No. 182386

>> yeah because with all the editing it doesn't even look like her lol

>> Doesn't even look like her. Some anons here…

And? Some people like the picture. Get over it!

No. 182405

the camerawork on her latest video was sooo incredibly bad. especially the pan over the ocean. i work at a broadcasting company and we would not put that shit out and would probs fire the cameraperson lol venus wyd

No. 182409

Why does she always look as she just ate a lemon or she's looking at the sun, shit's ugly

No. 182413

File: 1637019447229.jpeg (31.72 KB, 340x274, 9BB3FF95-1531-44A9-AFD6-DCE5BA…)

She looks like a little ankle biting creature that lives under a bridge. And that black tooth cracks me up every time.

No. 182419

>>shit's ugly

In your opinion. Other people here think otherwise. Get over it.

No. 182420

Here she looks completely different from the photos she posted on FB.
The way she smiles is just creepy. Why does she always make Her lips shape look like that

No. 182424


FFS, just do one! The constant nit picking is really really tedious!(infighting)

No. 182428

That's the black from her teeth? I thought her lips were just closed

No. 182430

The constant white knighting is annoying. This is not a fanpage.

No. 182438

File: 1637038785706.jpeg (8.47 KB, 124x128, E741168A-D128-4DF3-8994-C6901E…)

Yeah, that’s her black tooth. I love that irl she looks like an actual goblin.

No. 182467

You’re sharing your opinion over someone else’s, as if your opinion is valid and matters more. Get the fuck out of here cuck.

No. 182519

Can you stfu? Who cares what you shit like and what not. People are stating it doesn't look like her so go throw your shade somewhere else riffraff

No. 182542

>strangely irritated
Because most of you are so damn retarded and mentally deficient.

No. 182545

Stfu up no one wants to know what you think about something you don’t care about. Deal with it and ignore it.

No. 182569

Seriously wtf?

Getting mad over someone pointing out that people have different opinions?

No. 182572


Stating out that in reality she doesn’t look like she does in her pictures is ok. Stating it out over and over and over again is what’s bothering people.

No. 182619

Yes, it was my opinion, retard, but since you're a whole retard, if someone doesn't state that beforehand you automatically think it's a fact. Now fuck off.
anyway, venus has really thin lips and her expressions are awkward as fuck, she doesn't look invested nor involved in anything she does, ah yeah the half awake expression in so sexy in a cheap devil costume

No. 182620

Well I guess some of her fans just come to this thread for free OF contents. And got mad for whatever reasons.

No. 182693

Few people seem wk's here obviously and try really hard to infight in this thread. Just ignore them

No. 182702

You’re hopeless.

No. 182723


Calling out nit pickers is not white knighting. Learn to know the difference.
There are supposed to be rules against constant petty nit picking about her looks here, but it's all we ever get from the same obsessed loony over and over again.

No. 182732

You know you are derailing the thread too, right?
Come on, you don't have to respond every fucking time either.
Report them for nitpicking and move on.

No. 182879

File: 1637123242208.jpeg (54.31 KB, 650x649, D0794159-0026-480E-84CA-80854D…)

She looks so creepy these days. Shit tier photography too.

No. 182887

Edits aside, the vibe from this picture alone is so much better than the previous pictures she took in that dingy ass room of hers. Good for once

No. 182892

We’re not nit picky her looks. Some of us think she looks weird in pics and because it’s the opposite of what you think of her, That’s why you got mad.

No. 182915

Yeah, liking her or not, it was an improvement. Hope she understood how to do stuff and keep it going like this

No. 182945

I've not kept up to date with the latest Venus shenanigans and seeing her look even more like her gremlin mother these days is just unsettling. Year by year she's going downhill.

No. 182961

She's trying way too hard

No. 182966

It's quite obvious she's being used and abuse for who the fuck knows, mentally ill or not. Sometimes I feel strange about venus, I pity her for growing up unschooled and with Margo but she had all the time to get actual therapy and still acts like a child online. Idk why she wants to stay in Japan so bad, Japan obviously has no possibilities for her aside becoming a cheap whore, do her family hate her so much that no one is showing support? She should move back to europe, speak her own language and stop grasping at straws to survive. When the first tooth will come off, she will realize she's decaying and can't do nothing.

No. 182976

You’re not much smarter yourself, bud.(infighting )

No. 182978

The arguments over her face go way back because she used to try and convince people it was her real look.
After years of doing this she's been called out, and so now it's raged into people nitpicking over everything she does photoshop wise….and when you do actually bget to see her real face, of course she is going to look different.
She holds her mouth a way and speaks a certain way to try and convey the look she is trying to convince people she naturally has, from her mouth position, to the hiding the angles of her face and nose.

Doing OF was HER IDEA. I can't imagine her husband pushing any of this on her. I infact feel he's still trying to help and she give him hella hard pushback.

After moving to Japan her " dreams" of that kawaii desu princess life was asked to "chill" because her husband I'm sure, was trying to show her Japanese people are not living anime.

And when this happened that's when she hit her problems. Acting out, stoped doing videos, stoped her other fashions and basically three a huge tantrum because she was asked to chill when in public.

It's not like she could not still dress dolly and do her videos….
But she wanted a LIFE and she thought Japan would save her and her reality has been shot.

Her OF is now her thing because it's EASY. No editing, no worrying about anything else except relying on amateur photographes to help her out.

The issue also with the of now is it's hard to edit her face and body in full…( correct me if I'm wrong ) so years after trying to convince the world she looks one way, her pron is saying other wise .

Her choice of dark lighting and harsh shadows cover he less desirable looks, and now she can't hide in the shadows and need to face another reality, which is her actual appearance.

All again. Not so easy.

Now tie it in with her "mental illness"…….
All she needs to do is absolutely LET GO of what she is trying to hold on to and just move on with a different chapter in her life.

Hard to do as well consider this work is all she knows.
If she went back to making video content I'd be a fan again.
Now it's just sad seeing her do this because it's all just a huge road of more self distruction.

No one is making her do it. She has no gun pointed to her head, she's not being pimped or blasted full of drugs and booze before her adult content.
She chooses to drink and abuse meds. No one is forcing her.
I'm sure it's also hard finding just ANY guy to do the work he's doing for her. The vibrator videos, the soft porn that's been released now…..

Venus follows e girls , and sees what they do, and refuses to go in a better direction that is more appealing.

I do not feel bad for her and I have a hard time believing she's been in a "trap with pimps and being hoed out" …..I'm sure she wishes this was the case so she can have another " oh pitty me more party"….. Tho I also don't see this stoping her from lieing about it tho. It's all about the clicks these days and views. Whatever attracts the audience and keeps people talking…

No. 182982


I tried watching this video and just gave up. I thought it was going to be a good one as it looked so promising, but the camera person should be sacked, not even a stabiliser on the camera to stop the shaky movement, I could not watch that. So disappointing, And so unprofessional. I also haven't been bothered to watch the blurry video before this one, where she's showing some of her bags, or something. I am in no hurry to watch it to even find out, a few seconds of the blur was enough to put me off.

The outside video could have been so good, if not for the shaky movement, for goodness sake, get a stabiliser for the camera.

No. 182988


Not to mention the dreadful sound. The audio was terrible, the music, which didn't even need to be present throughout the video was too loud and drowned out her voice, as did the background sound from the outside surroundings.

She really needs to try harder with her videos, and for someone who has been making, quite good and successful, videos for as many years as she has, there is really no exucse.

No. 183063

Damn, fuck this place..

No. 183074

Some people in this thread have some serious issues. That shit freaked me out so much, good thing it's gone.

No. 183076

What the hell even just happened anyway?

No. 183078

That was insane… I want to unsee

No. 183079

some fag from b/ invaded the thread with cp.

No. 183086

horrible, I kept reporting so it would get deleted faster

No. 183087

I highly doubt her own family despise her as much as she and her mother have led everyone to believe over the years. Venus is just another generic narcissistic white weeb girl who still thinks she's got it big in the grand land of Nippon while doing sweet fuck all and expects handouts from anyone & everyone she can get close to.

There's fuck all there for her and she lives a miserable lonesome existence in a cramped & dingy bedroom in a country that couldn't give two shits about her wellbeing. She has no business being in Japan at all, yet she's so persistent to stay there because those Japanese sugar daddies must be the ultimate jackpot in her pathetic life.

No. 183093

What happened?

No. 183096

Someone posted cp to this shitsite.

No. 183132

Her Hungarian family did show her a lot of support, publicly, on instagram. Her grandparents and her aunt. But they deleted their accounts at some point I think. She is definitely not hated by them in any case, I seem to recall Venus even confirmed that she was in contact with them one time. I just wonder what they think of her current state.

No. 183151

Be glad it was just "mild" stuff..

No. 183184

In case you didnt realize, she edited it. Still a better pic than usual, but not what she really looks like. Her ass is flat and she has some cellulite and her overall body is flabby and unfit due to her lifestyle.I am assuming her photographer edited this since its better quality than venus' snow/meituu edits

No. 183185

Agreed. I think its the round face/pointy chin sperg. If she posts a pic with an oval or vshape jaw, they go ape shit pointing out how ugly and overedited and "oblong" it is. If she posts a pic with her rounder/bloated face, which is likely that way from alcohol and purging, they go on and on about how "pretty" she is, even if she looks a disheveled mess with a black tooth. It has been like that for many threads now.

No. 183228

yes I started crying wtf was that ))): why did i need to see that i hate this place())):)

No. 183242

There’s nothing “mild” about child p*rn :/ Fucking weirdo.

No. 183263


Seems to have happened overnight for me, so I never saw anything. What exactly did it show because my mind is getting overloaded with curiosity and probably imagining something far worse than what it actually was.

No. 183273


Don't be such an idiot. There's all different degrees of it like there is with anything. Then there is the fact that people themselves have different ideas and criteria, some people will say that a person just a few days away from their 18th birthday is a "child", when to most other people a child is like a small kid and not a young adult. So it depends what it was and to those who haven't seen it, nobody is saying what it actually was, so we are guessing. I highly doubt it would have been real cp because that is illegal.

No. 183281

I saw it only for a few seconds before I clicked away and restarted my computer lol so idk if it was real or not.
But it was babies and kids like age 5 holding dicks is what I noticed

No. 183295

Jesus Christ!!! People wtf is wrong with you! CP!!! Fuck off with that shit!! No one wants that here …ever…

No. 183297

>don’t be such an idiot
You’re absolutely retarded, bud. You’re normalizing the fuck out of cp, and pretending that it’s nothing, so obviously it was you who did it, retarded fuck. I’m not reading anything else your retarded ass says anymore, bud, so save your retardation for the next cunt.

No. 183324

Are you guys still here? I need to know if you are or not. Tell me ASAP.

No. 183337

It was definately illegal and was up for about 15min. The children were of really young age (around 6 maybe, some even younger) and you could see dicks and adult hands. Very disgusting, first time I ever stumbled over real cp.

No. 183338

Stop talking about cp and detailing the fucking thread.

No. 183351

Don’t expect people to stop you fucking retard. This is the internet, people do what they please.(male)

No. 183353

.. wow .. there was the creepy pedo bear again… disgusting!!

No. 183371

Is there ANY more news about VENUS ANGELIC?

No. 183374

With her new fancenter account, she made money so no need for her to post.

No. 183380

Venus love the attention negative or not. We will see something soon.

No. 183381

Fuck this site for banning

No. 183382

I meant child porn, not sure why it auto corrected.

No. 183388

I'd say I hope you'll get caught for it some day but that probably won't happen..

No. 183391

You’re retarded. I’m talking them banning me for the word “bud”, you retarded imbecile.

No. 183392

Honestly let karma do the work on the CP poster because that shit is in their devices. Prolly unprotected since they are uploading it to a reg site in everyday world.

I'm no expert but CP is nothing to take lightly and hopefully they get caught somehow or another. If they have one they have more. And it's littered on their devices even if they delete it.

Hope they have fun getting a new phone/ device if that's the case. But srly…. Karma on that bullshit.

No. 183399

Sure thing bud

It's disgusting for sure, but he's clearly protected and it's not like anyone here has reported it to any kind of authority that could actually do something about it.

No. 183412

How about you try to do something about it fuck face. I hope you’re not a nigger. I’m all the way in Germany, so you can’t do shit.(racebait)

No. 183417

I think some of the retards from that forum where venus' OF videos are found might have overstayed here lmao, shit started getting weirder as soon as anons began to post links there.

No. 183421

I'm white and have blue eyes, most germans these days doesn't. But I also don't care enough to do anything, it's not my problem. Gute nacht

No. 183432

Ooh, wie süss! Schade, Niemanden interessierts.

No. 183434


Well that's disgusting for sure. I assume it was real dicks then and not just dildoes?

The thing is, what has it got to do with Venus? I mean why was it posted here? In relation to what?

I even wonder if it was Venus herself who posted it, trying to get the site shut down?

No. 183437

>I even wonder if it was Venus herself who posted it, trying to get the site shut down?

That would be fucking hilarious, but no, clearly not the case

No. 183440


This video could of been good if not for the shaky camarawork and godawfull audio.

I wish she'd do more videos like the one where she went to the bed cafe.

It would be good if she did a video visiting that Yaoi cafe, like Akidearest did, those boys there are so cute and that is the sort of thing that would fit well in Venus's channel.

No. 183442


Started crying?!! For fucks sake, are you 6 years old or something?

I didn't see it and it sounds disgusting and in completely bad taste, but to say you started crying is just incrediby retarded.

Did it have anything to do with Venus though?

No. 183443

>>That would be fucking hilarious, but no, clearly not the case

How would you know though? How would anyone?

No. 183444

What's even funnier is the anon who restarted their PC

Because why the fuck? That's just insane. She's special, but I doubt she's that far gone

No. 183447

Na und wenn bin ich margaret oder venus? Wass unterschied möchte es machen? Du kannst tun nichts für das cp, ja?

No. 183451

Solid argument actually

No. 183458


Well there was only one picture in Sad Satan but they found the woman in it and she's in prison now for a long time. Which seems a bit extreme seeing what it was, but there you go.
American and UK laws. They try to control everything that goes on anywhere in the world.

No. 183468

File: 1637290508776.png (760.4 KB, 645x1074, veenus.png)

To get back on topic, I hadn't looked at her insta this month but now I did and this caption is just hilarious! But I have to admit the newer stuff is actually a big step up, shitty by other standards, but still better

No. 183474


Really old milk, was talked about and talked about, yawn.

No. 183480

Just trying to get the thread back on track, sorry if that bored you.

No. 183483


There's no need, I'm just pointing out that it's old. Just wait until there's something actually to talk about, there probably will be soon enough.

No. 183561

Stfu with your cp drama. It happened and got deleted. End.

Venus will forever be doomed with how low self esteem. Either she will disappear like belle delphine or go under a knife

No. 183598

Then stop bringing it up already??? People stopped talking about it hours ago, so why the fuck do you contradict yourself and bring it up again??? You people are severe mentally retarded.

Venus, Margaret, wenn du versuchst, die Seite herunterzufahren, gute Arbeit. Hoffentlich wird es funktionieren. Ich helfe Ihnen dabei!(wk-ing)

No. 183724

I have no idea what this ban “wk-ing” means, but this retarded shitsite is so easy to bypass what is the point of banning people? Retarded mods.(ban-evading sperg)

No. 183726

Who is the new cuck taking photos and videos of her while out and about? Given the camera work is of poor quality and not her 'usual' sort. She has no friends so it wouldn't be one of those being her personal slave.

No. 183758


FYI, wk-ing = white knighting.


I even wondered if it was Manaki, but who knows? Her camera quality has been consistently bad for quite a while now though, but a stabilizer would have sorted out the latest video and made it more watchable and she should have done something about the audio too, could hardy hear her for it, the overlying music and background sound, plus the fact she sounded even more slurred than usual.

No. 183765

File: 1637431177660.jpg (122.8 KB, 1413x953, V.JPG)

Her last few images liked by lovelylor, lol. Thought Lor couldn't stand her at one time. Wonder why she likes her now? Especially considered with most other people it's usually the other way round.

No. 183768

I noticed this as well. I love Lovely Lor, she's cool w me in the j-fashion community as far as keeping it real.

But her recent likes with Venus is odd, I must agree. Not alot of Lolita's like Venus because of her very false portrayal of Lolita and the "dolly lifestyle"

Venus doing what she did in her " dolly lolita" phase is what caught my attention to her.

My fear one-day is Venus is actually gona do some kiddy dolly lolita porn. Which is something as a Lolita is not meant to be seen as a sex object or male fantasy.

No. 183773

Her photoshopped photos start to look more weird each time. Whoever photoshops her needs to learn how face proportions look lol(sage )

No. 183775


And even more odd that Lor still follows Venus, after all the furore caused a while back by Lor following a Trump supporter who she got loads of (unfair, imv) backlash over, which made Lor make an OTT video over it, which then caused her to fall out with that friend of hers, Scarfing Scarves or whoever, I don't really keep up with all of them, but it seemed a lot of fuss about nothing, so surprised that Lor still openly follows Venus and likes her pictures on Insta.

No. 183778

File: 1637438596439.jpg (54.69 KB, 646x817, V A.JPG)


Now if only her video quality could improve too.

No. 183779

Asianfishing sooo bad

No. 183796

The fuck. Where the fuck venus looks like this? She got completely photoshopped into a asian person

No. 183801

Hey, retarded fucking mods, it’s not white knighting if I don’t give a fuck about Venus and her mother, only when it comes to taking down the site. Think! It’s not very hard.(ban-evading sperg)

No. 183810

What the fuck is going on with her eyes.

No. 183827

File: 1637464226000.jpg (39.25 KB, 960x640, ecdl.jpg)

I wonder if it's the same photographer as filmed the recent hot springs video?

No. 183828

File: 1637464325940.jpg (34.25 KB, 960x640, ;;;.jpg)

Looks like a nice room.
Love hotel?

No. 183837

I feel pretty sure that lolita porn must have already been done by the Japanese at some point. Probably at the height of it's popularity.

No. 183844

You know you right. I remember seeing adult videos in Japan of girls wearing specifically Baby and Angelic pretty.
( I actually saw alot of werid shit tbh XD no office but Japanese have some really odd taste)

I would not be surprised if Venus did Loli porn tho.
She's half way to semi suggestive pedo crap anyway, which is extremely unsettling.
Which is why I don't follow or watch her OF content.
I find her work down right borderline disturbing when we really get down to it.

Didn't she even do one posed as a baby dressed in a bonnet? Binki and all?

No. 183868

File: 1637490303280.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1105x1652, 9058AA2D-26CB-49D7-B10D-5475EC…)

I find Venus’ OF content to be scary AF and not erotic

No. 183877

Not erotic at all.
And it's nice to see I'm not only one who sees how ….unsettling it is.
Next thing I'm honestly waiting for is her to admit she is into age play and CP fantasy's.

No. 183878

Not even admit. I think her OF clearly displays it….

No. 183879

That photo srly does no justice for her…..
That wig looks so cheap, and she just puts her hair Infront of her face to hide the fact she's Photoshopped herself so much you can't even recognize her IRL.(sage your shit)

No. 183889

> Next thing I'm honestly waiting for is her to admit she is into age play and CP fantasy's.
She already admitted that like years ago.

No. 183890

She couldn't make it anymore obvious she lurks here daily now she's claiming she isn't "Asian fishing".

No. 183901

Using autism (“sperg” specifically) is extremely low, but not surprising you retarded mods who don’t know how to secure their bans enough to stop people from from ban evading, but okay. Be retarded. I’d rather be autistic than retarded you retarded fucks.(stop sperging)

No. 183912


Okay, I have to ask, why? Taking down the site? For what reason? What is it that bothers you? Serious questions.

No. 183913


She wouldn't be the only one. Isn't that quite a common kink?

No. 183918

I saw that too on Instagram. But if you had a form about you people chatting shit wouldn’t you check it? I know I would.

No. 183921

If I was an insecure narcissist who feeds off being an insufferable cunt yes. I'd be obsessively checking, which most of these cows do, especially Venus. What makes her remarks comical are how snarky she sounds. Talk of Asian fishing must of hit a raw nerve and her fans defending her must be blind as shit.

No. 183924

Why are you even trying to talk to me about this? You’re in no place to ask my personal reasons for anything.(ban-evading sperg)

No. 183937


But I am.

I can and I did.

If you don't want to tell me, that's fine.

No. 183940

File: 1637521796819.jpg (838.83 KB, 1437x2346, Screenshot_20211121-120925_Ins…)

Displaying her alcoholism

No. 183943


At least it's not mirrored, lol. We can actually read what it says on the can!

No. 183951


Why does she even care what anyone thinks? Why would it bother her? Let them think what they like, they're going to anyway, no matter what she does.
The fact it bothers her proves how insecure she is.

No. 183962

Waiting for the "my mom forced me to Asian fish years ago" to cover her ass when it's evident in her edited to hell and back photos over the last few years that she yearns to be Japanese, just like she did during her 'living doll' phase. We all know she looks like a goblin that lives under a bridge with a rotting teeth thanks to her shit tier Youtube videos.

No. 183976

File: 1637530498380.jpeg (6.02 KB, 108x128, 41455A20-6665-40BE-8091-D2B4F3…)

What the actual fuck, lol

No. 184029

Piss off already Weenus.

No. 184030


Sieg Heil!

No. 184080

File: 1637598770949.jpg (346.58 KB, 1080x1585, IMG_20211122_173148.jpg)

What the fuck is going on with her elbow??

No. 184087

I'm guessing you're obese, because that's how elbows usually look when you bend your arm like that

No. 184102

Just so you know retarded mods, you’re still trying too hard with the sperg shit, AND you’re deleting my comments for literally no reason, so I obviously got under your skin.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 184104


I killed myself a long time ago. I am the undead.

>>Don’t make me bring back the children.

Bring it on! Let's have fun.

No. 184105

File: 1637606841153.jpg (55.23 KB, 640x960, 257715315_461643715322386_4600…)


No. 184109

Tinfoil: i think venus's everlasting white knight just added cp to his/her arsenal to try and bring down the thread for good lol

No. 184110


Maybe. But he seems to be all talk and no substance. I told him to bring it on, but I'm still waiting. And bored now.

No. 184112

and anyway, wouldn't bring down the thread as no reason. It would just make them vulnerable to being traced if they uploaded the real deal.

Anyhow, I'm outta here. Until Venus does something of note, there's nothing to see here.

No. 184134


Tell me that you're dumb without telling me.

No. 184167

haha is this an actual unintentional classic pointy elbow spergpost?

No. 184222

What's with people here throwing around the word sperg like confetti? Are you sweating hard when you talk about it or what's the obsession. Tell me about it luvs.

No. 184238

It's the only thing they can say. How unfortunate.

No. 184266


It's like watching a robot trying to replicate human emotions lol, plus she always looks high as fuck, anyone who jerks off to this is a psycho.
She could make a living by being a Jvlogger, sad.

No. 184283

Even becoming a stereotypical e-girl showcasing her weeb life in Japan on TikTok would be a better route. Instead she's a washed up and emotionless void trying to be the Youtube 'star' she once was. Everything about her content is just tragic and screams desperate to have a purpose in life. Even her OF sets.

No. 184342

fr, left for a couple weeks & I come back to this shitshow. I’ll never get a new hobby

No. 184362

Don't forget the people here calling each other spergs and shit instead of posting milk about Venus.

No. 184364

It's interesting how other weeb cows that have been mentioned here who are living their kawaii desu dreams in Japan like her so-called "not Asian fishing" post on Instagram. Birds of a feather really do flock together.

No. 184411

>>Birds of a feather really do flock together.

No shit, Sherlock.

No. 184502

I got arrested and released on bond. Beat that, faggot.

No. 184562


Can females be faggots? Mmmm, will have to think about that one.

Anyhow, glad you're okay, I was worried.

No. 184612

If I call you a faggot, you’re a faggot to me, faggot.(infighting)

No. 184613


Probably because there is no milk to post. And it's boring.

No. 184614


So, our love affair is over then?

No. 184622

I didn’t tell you to love me. That’s your fault.

No. 184625

Shut the fuck up already. If it's not about Venus no one gives a fuck
>>184622 >>184612 >>184502
And fucking sage your derail shit for the love of fuck

No. 184628

Aww, someone got mad. How cute! How about you something about, bitch. Do something.(samefagging)

No. 184629

How about bring milk if there is any and if there is not then shut the fuck up?

No. 184648

Still mad. Your problem.(infighting)

No. 184658


Oh come on, we need some entertainment here with nothing else going on to talk about.

And, for the record, I always sage everything, I guess you're talking about my partner in crime.

Oh well, it's been fun…

No. 184679

This isn't pull you retards

No. 184704

Have any of you seen this TikTok video talking about Venus? They get almost all the facts wrong and it has tons of views ! It’s making Venus to be a victim again like always

No. 184705

There is even a part 2 where she gets more facts wrong

No. 184706

Why is she holding that can like a retard

No. 184708

surprise surprise people spreading false information about the kawaii victim dolly queen, sigh..

No. 184709

Gullible e-girls feeling pity for the narc queen once again for clout are the worst.

Never fear, because someone is doing the lord's work on this TikTok profile. Covering the fucked up things Venus has done with no "uwu poor girl" filter ie Manaki being arrested because he was sexual harassing schoolgirls April Fool's prank, her mysterious ex boyfriend "Ken" with the child she was told was abused as an infant, the years of Asian fishing. The real shit.


No. 184753

You’re no different than pull, so don’t even think that for a second. Kiwi farms either.(derailing)

No. 184754

It is different but obviously not a good place for you and your mental health.

No. 184756

The shit she’s pulled with Manaki is foul and vile. The smearing, lying, degradation and visible contempt all while continuing to leech off him for a visa, free rent and a meal ticket.. She’s the lowest of the low, worse than anything margo’s done by far.

No. 184775

Doesn't help he is the biggest cucks of all cucks who longed for a 'living doll' while he was a fan boy of hers and then reality hit their perfect kawaii uwu relationship. Easy to exploit and manipulate is an understatement. Doormaki is a better name for him. He'll do anything for Venus, literally anything.

No. 184784

>>He'll do anything for Venus, literally anything.

Do you actually know that for sure, or is it just surmising and assuming on your part? I mean it might well be true, but then again it might not be, and it could just be a situation that suits them both.

No. 184793

We aren't even sure he was really a fan. Maybe it was just a lie from Margot and Venus to make their ”love story” less sus

No. 184797

idg the randoms always wk her on tiktok or youtube, you know damn well she would be « canceled » for asian fishing if she were still relevant today.

No. 184848

File: 1638111012635.png (1.31 MB, 1079x1732, Screenshot_20211128-093233.png)

Back to fishing for ideas because she can't come up with any her own.
She asks but won't do a single suggestion.

It's sad knowing all along her YouTube success was attributed to her mom managing the account.

She will never find a replacement for her mom I think, no matter how hard she tries. Her lack in ever hiring a manager outside her mom is just not gonna happen.

The comments are full of cute ideas if Venus actually wanted to do them.

But what she really wants is more ideas for her OF content. The comments are all of tutorials and kawaii things around Japan.

Unfortunately ven, you gotta get creative somewhere in your life and have an original idea.

No. 184869

well, now she can't create contents about Manaki or any other J-vloggers so she asks for ideas regularly to her fans but doesn"t do anything regarless.

No. 184877

Whatever you might think of Manaki himself is irrelevant. It’s her treatment of him that says everything about what a shitty person she is.

>> it could just be a situation that suits them both.
I doubt having a drunken leech planted in his apartment “suits” him in any way.

No. 184905

She was the most creative in 2010-2012. Too bad she’s dry and boring as fuck now.

No. 184910

I also feel kinda bad for him, especially how she talked about manaki in the interview with kizuna ai, yep dear veenoos you have done NOTHING WRONG it's all the fault of the others

No. 184930

>giant head
>tiny baby arm
That's what editing while drunk and on medication does to you

No. 184966

This thread is now boring af

No. 184971

^^^ Yea boring like Venus

No. 185377

File: 1638459286230.png (1.12 MB, 1079x1732, Screenshot_20211202-103326.png)

Even her latest if post with her Liz Lisa dosent even seem origional. Black boots on contrast to the black thy straps….
….come…on now…

The cardigan is adorbs tho

No. 185384

this isn't venus though?

No. 185395

No not Venus, but she is wearing it in her current insta post.
Still similar to the model style.

No. 185396

how about posting a ss of her insta too next time?

No. 185405

>>184848 not to be hateful but I still
can’t get over how big her and Marge ears are, like it just looks so out of proportion for Venus.
Anyone know if Venus still got the stretched ear lobe piercings she got back when she lived with her mom? I always got the feeling Maggot pressured her into it.

No. 185411

It's already posted

No. 185460

“Adorbs”? lol that thing is ugly. And cheap too. $76 USD. Where would she even wear the tacky shmatta she keeps hoarding, she never leaves her cramped little bedroom, let alone that apartment.

No. 185463

nta but that's your opinion, other nonnys might disagree. Also $76 USD isn't '''cheap''' no matter how ugly the sweater. It's not a designer sweater but it's no 10 dollar aliexpress tier shit that other thots wear.

She obviously buys cutesy shit because she likes it but also I think the guys she's trying to bait to sugar baby/escort like that stupid ass cutesy shit as well so it fits that aesthetic.

No. 185464

>And cheap too. $76 USD

Damn princess, that's pretty pricey for an "uwu かわいい look at me" sweater. I find sweaters over 50 expensive af for what they are

No. 185480

Nah you can buy sweaters at that price at dozens of online catalogs. They’re a dime a dozen (and not ugly like the one she posted.)

No. 185494

Your comment basically says “you can buy sweaters at $76 for a dime a dozen”

No. 185513

am i stupid or those 2 sweaters are different? the pattern on venus looks kind of cheap, the bow lacks details and the pockets don’t have the heart things.

No. 185544

File: 1638565381945.jpg (85.01 KB, 500x600, 54662685b_26_d_500.jpg)

They're different, every j-brand has those now since they're trendy. I think Venus has this one from Swankiss and not Liz Lisa

No. 185608

thanks anon, it sure looks like it. the liz lisa one looks better imo.

No. 185783

Nta but cheap also means “tasteless” or tacky, which I think it’s what the other anon was going for instead of not expensive.

No. 185799

That anon said cheap and listed the price, taste had nothing to do with it

No. 185825

Sage for sperg; but I hate this kind of fashion. I find incredibly tacky when they try to pass clothes with cheap plastic things (pearls, in this case, as it looks like) as something luxurious or even worth more than 50 USD. It’s a thing that a lot of Japanese brands do and ugh.

No. 185839

>>This thread is now boring af

Totally. The troll was more interesting than this.

>>Yea boring like Venus

She's gone from doll to dull.

No. 185843


No. 185855

Another video for the anti Asian fishing crowd to pick apart. Generic and boring as always.

No. 185864

Can the new video be anymore boring …omg…come on…

No. 185927

Girl is trying so hard to hide her teeth

No. 185937

File: 1638774572049.jpg (61.44 KB, 958x696, peenus.jpg)

This new photo she posted to insta is sooper flattering

No. 185945

Idk if she's really bad at applying blush or bitch just got another black eye.

No. 185960

She can't even glue her eyelashes evenly lol, one is drooping down to her cheeks

No. 185987


Isn't that what she always goes for though? I mean how many times have we seen people say that exact same thing about her before?

I'm seriously wondering at this point if she does this on purpose knowing people are going to notice and comment on it.

No. 186000

She’s not a makeup/beauty guru, no one cares anymore if her eyelashes are wonky
She probably just does YouTube videos for “fun” or to kill time once in a while at this point since most of her online presence now is to a completely different public in a completely different platform

Wake me up when there’s milk but it kinda seems she learned how to keep the true milk to herself and max people will have to talk is about her drunk lives (but hopefully not)

No. 186008

Lol no matter what you say on this thread, people will put you down and say no one cares bla bla. Well maybe I do care because it's 2021 and bad makeup was supposed to be long gone and etc. Like always this site dude "Don't say this don't say that".. well if you expect anything new or exciting from Venus, then this thread is long dead anyway cuz there ain't gonna be anything new.

No. 186070

File: 1638842944417.jpg (65.62 KB, 794x541, a.JPG)

So - according to Venus "Lots of holiday goodies are coming on OF this month! ❤️"

I wonder what level of cringe worthy boringness this will be?

No. 186115


I don't know where to start.

No. 186121

sorry。 i have binasu body left over。 i try to make pose for still make money to substriber。hard to make alive looks with photo-shop。

No. 186135

There is no way of saving them now. She got the London Look

No. 186211

Tis the season to be a generic Merry Christmas OF thot that thinks their festive sets are so original and unique which sums Weenus right up.

No. 186244

File: 1638919550386.jpeg (178.85 KB, 1493x1099, E17BC93A-61C7-4791-81F2-1E4225…)

What’s wrong with its eyes??

No. 186274

File: 1638923087311.jpeg (492.53 KB, 1200x1789, 7A7DD0FF-D2F2-4A8E-94A1-34FE49…)

No. 186290

shes trying to pull off the japanese bugs life sized eyes look with the contacts and forcing her eyes wider than they are

No. 186293

That is scary accurate

No. 186310


I bet it will be boring tame shit.
So much for the oh so risque shit she was promising a while back. What was it? Something so depraved it would make Satan blush? Yeah right. Still waiting for that.

No. 186323

^^^ I remember as well.

No. 186342


I loled way too hard to this

No. 186380

This is disturbing…and more accurate than it should be. She's trying so hard to be 'kawaii' still and now just ends up looking like the Ju-On trying to look alive again. There's so many video ideas she can work with in Japan OUTSIDE and she chooses to stay in that ratchet ass room like a dungeon troll instead.

No. 186428

>> chooses to stay in that ratchet ass room like a dungeon troll instead.

Ahaha, dungeon troll is 100% spot on. Plus there’s the ever-growing piles of shit she keeps buying and hoarding in that wretched little cubicle.

No. 186516


Motto she needs to learn is, never promise something you can't -or won't- deliver on.

Maybe she intended doing something with that boy but pulled back on it when she saw how people reacted to her showing him? I think she said something about something exciting coming, but then it all died after the backlash happened from too many people online.

No. 186542


Kek I don't even remember her keeping a promise.

No. 186574

>Motto she needs to learn is, never promise something you can't -or won't- deliver on.
Why? Has there ever been any consequences for her non-delivery? No

No. 186628

She didn't even send that giveaway and she erased the winner's complaint>>180963 >>180964

No. 186705

an upload video of her trying to talk to her dad. Damn she looks so much different now…
Even her expressions are more livelier there.
Now days she looks like a dead fish…
so unfortunate(learn2embed)

No. 186729

File: 1639105950732.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1112x1742, 8BAD5FB6-2C87-4ABE-A552-F3D45A…)


No. 186731

nobody cares. this is not a fansite

No. 186737


Is that really Venus? She looks very young here, and much improved obviously. Filters, I guess.

No. 186746

If you think this is improved, you are probably a pedophile tbh. This looks like a kindergarteners face has been pasted on an adults body. It’s fake looking with really gross intentions

No. 186754

i swear none of her bras fit, they are all too big and make her boobs saggier than they are.

No. 186755


You guys took the words out of my mouth.

No. 186758

And margaret is back in the game…or something like that

No. 186795

She should skip on the sweets, alcohol and energy drinks next time and buy a fitting bra instead

No. 186799

This looks like it came straight out of remini. It's probably because the original photo being extremely edited, making it blurred and grainy so she has to make everything look "clear" but in an uncanny way.

No. 186813

The video is hilarious…what the fuck ! I'm sure she has her Cali lawyers are the "real deal"

No. 186833

>>pedo pedo pedo crap blah blah

Rubbish. No snotty nosed little brat I've ever seen looks like this. Filters or not, she does look good here. Anyone with any sense can see she's not a little kid. Get real.

No. 186883

Idk I think she looks like an uncanny child with and strange elongated adult body. Of course no child actually looks like this, she doesn’t have human proportions… but I imagine that Venus prefers pictures where she looks like a kid

No. 186892


She may do, and probably does, but any true pedo would be right royally put off by her grown up adult woman's body. People are always trying to look younger than they are which is why there is a multi billion dollar beauty industry in supposed anti aging products, torturing innocent animals in the process with horrible cosmetic and products experiments, so the fact she is trying to make herself look younger and therefore better is not surprising when just about the whole world is doing the same. It's just that Venus takes it a little more extreme, but it looks more like she's just trying to look cutesy and kawaii which is prevalent in Japan, it's their thing, nothing wrong with it, it's just how western people tend to view it because of their obsession with everything must be pedo related when it usually isn't. It's just a different and cuter aesthetic, and probably completely innocent, but viewed through western eyes, full of suspicion and hostile imagination, it becomes something else in their minds.

No. 187053

This is an old video Marge reposted 6 months ago where she seems to be coaching Venus and having her retry a dance a few times. Can anyone translate starting around 2:00?

No. 187062

Wow that's some awkward dancing..

No. 187064

I remember Venus way back in the day doing dancing videos for contests.
I specifically remember the black cat one.

Venus really was into the "idol" thing and when she could not become an idol, that's where it really started going down hill for her.
If she can't have her way then destroy herself.
Which is sad. She has skill and energy and I still see no reason why she can't achieve all she wants.
She's just upset she's now to old for this sorta thing ( by Japan's standard)

No. 187066

I can imagine Margaret wearing her enthusiasm down too being a momager, making her do videos if she necessarily didn't want to? Just speculating here not saying that's what happened.

No. 187073

stuffed bra?

No. 187075

Doubt it. She gained a lot of weight at one point.

No. 187094

>>187053 >>187064
I wonder if it was her dream was to become big in Japan or if it was her mother’s dream? I think considering she was just a normal girl she did end up in a few tv shows and magazines I think she did well but Japan standards are so tough and if your over a certain age your done for it is really sad. But she not to old she 25? She could of made it big on tiktok and done loads of Japan videos even if she wasn’t popular in Japan she could of still made a name for herself but yeah she kinda destroyed that

No. 187103


Cringe intensifies

No. 187122

I think it was her own dream. She was ready to leave with a stranger to optain a visa.

No. 187124

Oh please it was her dream from the start and when her mother got wind of the possibility of her making money off being a YouTube Weeb with connections in Japan she was instantly right behind it. Example; the Bodyline modelling saga. Venus wanted to live the uwu kawaii Nippon dream while Margo saw her kid as a cash cow to milk further until it ended how it did when she finally left to be a NEET with Manaki.

And now here we are.

No. 187125

It was Venus dream to be a Japanese icon.
Her mom tried to make it happen but Japan has very strict rules, regulations, and standards.
If Venus didn't make it then, she will never make it now.

I don't understand. She wants to be Jfamu, but dosent release any content in Japanese.
If she wanted a Japanese audience why dosent she go for it? She speaks Japanese….
Everything she ever put out should have been in Japanese, or atleast Japanese subtitle.

All of her videos look like they are target for the western viewers. It makes no since.

Does she even have a Japanese audience?

No. 187148

How good is her Japanese anyway? Her English is pretty poor, and I haven't heard her German in ages, but I doubt she used it in years, so it should be abysmal.

No. 187165

It used to annoy me cause she would speak perfect English & normal voice in her 2014-2016 live streams but then on videos she would have this forced voiced and pretend not to know how to speak fluent English and act like she didn’t know words or how to say them to appear cute. I can’t imagine she spoken German for a very long time most likely doesn’t have anyone who German speaking around her anymore, she probably starting to forget.

You have a very good point for someone who wanted to make it big in Japan she sure doesn’t bother to appeal to Japanese audience. I never thought about that before.

No. 187175

Could possibly have a Japanese audience on OnlyFans etc with some of the gravure style content she releases, but her YouTube doesn't cater to them at all. Venus loves the idea of living it up in Japan, but actually working hard to get a large Japanese following? That's too much effort for our half assed cow.

No. 187177

If she really wanted to get a Japanese audience, she would stop with the black hair

No. 187184

She wants to pass off as a Japanese person.
She has no interest in the Japanese except just looking like a half white half jap.

That's why he has body issues, and filters her face beyond recognition.

No. 187192

Venus has a video explaining jirai kei, i can't watch it all but at least the quality is better and she is explaining it quite well and seems coherent, probably because it's a subject she's interested in so is more invested in talking about it.
She said in the comments she will be making an ASMR video on Wednesday, I shall look forward to that as I have always thought her ASMR videos were good.

No. 187196


She can hardly say a sentence without having to read it, and sounds like she’s reading the Wikipedia page for jirai kei

Also why the fuck is no one saging

No. 187198

Video is meh compared to her old work. She srly hates editing her videos and it shows.
She had mentioned it a few times wanting to hire someone to do her edits because she loathed doing it.

I feel this is a big reason why she went down hill. I think she has enough ideas to deliver the goods. But has no patience to put in the " work" part of what is essentially fun for her.

No. 187199


She definitely had some notes for this one. You can see her clearly reading off something. I don't find this video to be very informative for the trend tho.
While she talks about it, not much left to it.
She could of done better.

No. 187208

I wonder if Margaret was the one editing her videos in the past

No. 187232

This video is terrible. Her makeup is atrocious. The music is so loud you can't hear her voice. She doesn't want to open her mouth so you can't even understand what she's saying.

No. 187234

File: 1639322552768.jpg (239.1 KB, 949x766, Screenshot_20211212-162134_Sam…)

Wtf is that? It looks horrendous.
Even Lillee Jean Trueman has better makeup skills than her.

No. 187237

Notice how her editing was decent when she had someone to rely on (for free)? Margo definitely did it in the past and Manaki probably helped with the content she made during their relationship. Now since she's clearly alone and has nobody "close" to her, she can't edit for shit. Then she wonders why she doesn't get the views she once gained at her peak.

No. 187249


Her biggest problem is that she's so damn lazy.
She's basically a complete and utter pleasure seeker, and can't be bothered with anything, even if it's connected in some way with her interests, if there's not some actual pleasure associated with it while she's doing it.

No. 187290

I mean….that certainly was not always the case. She seemed to be very strict and serious about things like studying language (despite what a lot of anons say, her Japanese is fine.)

I think she has just become more lazy in the recent years, probably due to her declining health and mental health. (Seriously, that weight loss surgery has probably taken an extreme toll on her body.)

No. 187314

Her make up looks disgusting. She looks worse by the day.

Isn’t this thread auto saged? it doesn’t show up on the vloggers list for sure.

No. 187330

>>187314 I know, it was somewhat bearable after foundation and concealer. I fucking howled when she was applying blush and the eyes makeup = yuck.

No. 187347


She is/looks waaaay too old for this shit

No. 187359

Can't wait for her to reveal this has all been an elaborate ARG. She has no makeup skills, no Photoshop skills and no acting skills. It makes no sense that she would willingly go into this profession until you realize how lazy and scummy she really it.

No. 187414

Her lips are so nonexistent it looks like someone put red lipstick on some labia minora

No. 187567

File: 1639448331566.jpeg (185.41 KB, 1294x1043, AF9602E8-ED94-4EB9-8243-7BFEC6…)

It’s even worse with no makeup.

No. 187576


It doesn't help that the wig is hiding parts of her face and dragging it down making her look like an old woman here.

No. 187582

Which is why there's no doubt she'll be doing porn in the near future for profit (besides what we've seen leaked from OnlyFans) because let's face it; no effort is required to make it and degenerates will love it regardless of quality. She's not made much very NSFW content, but it'll reach a point where her YouTube 'career' can't be successful any longer and she clearly doesn't care about it anymore. Her videos reek of desperately wanting to remain relevant and be like other Jvloggers. Every year she declines further in a country that couldn't care less about her existence at this rate.

No. 187595

imo that whole jirai getup doesn’t fit her, it’s just look so cheap. it always reminds me of the costume section of donki.

No. 187603

Next thread pic

No. 187606

Doesn't the Hitachi wand vid she did count as porn? Unless you just mean PIV specifically. Idk if she can comfortably have sex with her organs being all fucked up/missing

No. 187628

She looks like one of those stereotypical crazy babushkas who tell your fortune in the streets.
She could at least try to brush off her mom's ugly genes, but she's too lazy to even look clean.

No. 187657


Anon you killed me rofl

No. 187659

Which is exactly where she’d end up without the poor cuck who continues to allow her to leech off him. (Or a street prostitute, more likely.)

No. 187756

>>Idk if she can comfortably have sex with her organs being all fucked up/missing

She doesn't actually have to have penetrative sex to do porn. Unless she's using her dildo strap on thingy to penetrate someone else, preferably a nice boy's ass, that would be worth seeing, but there's different ways of how a girl can be doing sexual activity without actually having intercourse. Use your imagination. So her missing organs wouldn't come into it or need to be a problem.

No. 187801

Now the spergs about "bruises" on her face can stop. She's just bad at blending, no one is abusing her but herself.

No. 187816

File: 1639577302431.jpg (34.38 KB, 793x299, Screenshot_20211215-150630_You…)

Now she likes mean comments. Wtf ? Is she that retard ?

No. 187830

This channel is not Venus's

No. 187852


No new milk…?
Where are the trolls. This is becoming boring

No. 187857


Yes the trolls were more entertaining but as soon as they appear, the uptight prudes here go ballistic and scream so they get banned.

No. 187887

Her face shape there is the least unflaterring aspect in that photo, chin chan. Her skin looks bad makeupless and thats with good lighting plus what I'm assuming is facial smoothing on her cam. But then she also looks bad with the jirai makeup, aegyo tearbags don't suit her, neither do circle lenses or artificially enlarged eyes. And the blush is a tragedy.

No. 187888

Is she that desperate to fake large eyes when she has no tearbag makeup/undereye tape, that she always does that exaggerated 'wide-eyed' look? Jfc.

No. 187904

Translated the Video: No Milk, so skip if not interested

Can't understand the first thing she says at 2:00 bc her voice is very low but could be "shit/crap".

V: "(crap/shit?"
M: "Again?"
V: "That was crap"
M: "Again?"
V: "Okay, again!"

In the End of the Video Marg just says shes turning off the camera and you can't understand Venus bc again clearly.

For anyone interested: Before 2:00 Margo warns her that her skirt was to far up while jumping. After her 2nd try she compliments Venus saying it was "brilliant" and she can but doesn't have to try again. Venus just asks if she should do it again. Also Margo makes some suggestions when Venus comes close to the camera that she could add this before/after the dance. Idk what Marie Anoinette has to do with this dance tho.
Tbh sounds like a very normal conversation between 2 people given the context.

No. 187905

ignore the bc again. I meant "You can't understand Venus clearly"

No. 187912


New video, I'm not into her ASMR stuff and the noises were annoying but at least she looked significantly better in this one (still tried hard to hide her teeth). Idgaf if she abused the blurring filter, as long as it doesn't look like she got punched in the face.

No. 187917


I'm glad she's returned to doing ASMR, despite her saying once before she wouldn't do them again as she didn't enjoy them and had no interest, I guess she changed her mind again.

I think she's really good at ASMR, and at least she kept to her schedule she promised of doing an ASMR video on Wednesday, I'd forgotten tbh, so glad that she's done it.

No. 187924

You again? Gosh stop projecting your own fantasies on everything. Jfc.

No. 187929

File: 1639630881369.jpeg (154.85 KB, 483x949, C7917B0B-ED62-4DD4-86AD-E286A1…)


Idk what the fuck you two are on about. She looks like a sleep paralysis demon shaking and munching sweets? I was genuinely creeped out by her appearance and movement here

No. 187930

what a surprise that the person who keeps saying she looks good and makes good content, doesn't know how to use the site. It's not a fansite, cunt

No. 187948

I just pointed out that she looked better compared to her Jirai Kei video and that made me a fan? Get a life.

No. 187958


The loving femboy tard is back on lolcow. Brace yourself.

No. 187959


Seconded, she looks like some sort of plaster face demon waiting for you under a bridge

No. 187976


The video was actually very relaxing to listen to. So I guess in that respect, it worked.

No. 187983

I swear people who love to hear videos like her slurping and eating sound like they love to listen to soft dick sucks too.

No. 187985

Yeah, you have to be pretty fucking autistic to like even well thought out ASMR stuff. This I don't even know..

No. 187999

File: 1639694132672.jpeg (123.61 KB, 1170x998, D414AE4E-69E0-4A54-B217-D56D56…)

>> like a sleep paralysis demon
lol so true. Other times she looks like a literal goblin.

No. 188003

She couldn't make it anymore obvious she's back permanently in Manaki's apartment as she only films in her troll dungeon bedroom and nowhere else.

No. 188861


I'm curious to know who was doing the filming.
At first I thought she'd set the camera up and was doing her own filming, but then it zoomed in on the table and scrolled along, do they call that pan and zoom? (I'm not up on filmspeak, the terminology used.)

There's a few things I don't get in this video.
I don't get why the camera went in for just a blurry close up of the table edge and stayed there for ages, specially when the video wasn't very long anyway. -It was very short for an ASMR video. Plus, it seems like loads must've been edited out of it, for no apparent reason that makes any sense, one minute the table was loaded with snacks and then it just seemed to jump into it being empty because she'd eaten all the food, so if it had filmed her eating it all, (which surely was the whole point of the mukbang video?) then why was so much of it edited out?

The haphazard editing seemed all over the place as well and made no sense either. Very weird.
I wonder if it was Manaki who was doing the filming? If not, he seems to be alright with her letting someone else in there to his place to do the filming.

And if she doesn't do the editing herself anymore as she hates it apparently, then whoever did it was either having a laugh at her expense or is just totally incompetent and has no idea.

What with the weird filming and editing, it looks like either she's self sabotaging or someone is just clueless or deliberately did so much bad to reflect badly on her.
I am mystified.

No. 188887


Ugh now I’m paranoid this is like the video tape from the ring and we will all die after watching? Speaking of plaster face sleep paralysis demons

No. 188888

File: 1639737657046.jpg (6.76 KB, 592x320, Kayako-the-grudge-14298553-592…)

Now that you mention it…

No. 188889


Those enjoying the sound of people eating/munching are clearly not normal, sorry not sorry.
At least the sound of slurping dick can be hot.

No. 188910

It's as close to real dick she's gonna suck online.

No. 188933


She talks a lot, still can't even show her vagoo online nor do decent porn.
Where is that thing Satan faps to ?
What a wimp.

No. 188934


How the fuck do you suck real dicks online, anon.

No. 188952

So, I'm part of the abnormal people who like to listen asmr, and I'm one of the worst kind of horny bitch… but that… It just made me feel cringe, I think it fits more in a horror asmr than a relaxation one.

No. 188963

No milk here but
Hi again, I'm actually the owner of that account!
And I had a feeling I would find you here again, and I see that you were actually looking at the comments since you saw that post, and that I deleted it like 5 minutes after I liked it, you really cared about it didn't you! And I'm the retarded one here since you don't understand that it's a channel that doesn't belong to venus (something said like 10000 times)
plus…was it necessary to harass this girl's account just because you didn't like what she replied to your comment?

No. 188970


Matter of opinion. Ewwww yuck!

No. 188990

No. 188992

nobody cares

No. 189090

Sorry if this has already been discussed but I can't find it anywhere… I wanted to know if/what Marge has said in regard to Venus's OF account. Did she ever make a comment about it?

No. 189124

Stop praising her looks so maybe once in a blue moon she will realise this whole kawaii mantara mentara shitera doesn't fit her at all

No. 189307

File: 1639941611436.jpg (445.27 KB, 1080x1725, IMG_20211219_201154.jpg)

Venus went on a Twitter rant, speaking about seeing a priest. Sure Jan

No. 189315

What drugs does that priest consume? I want them too

No. 189359

Sounds like she's trying to cater to the religious kink market and it's just not working.

No. 189376

yeah I think this is supposed to be some kind of character/fantasy. I don't think she's intending this to read as being about her real life. She reads other thots lewdy story posts and she thought "I i'll do the same thing" but she forgot that nobody's gong to know what the fuck she's talking about because she hasn't built up this persona. Her awareness spans like one minute and anything outside that is just a blank

No. 189402

I remember when she was calling herself an onapet or whatever and appealing to the scrotes with the whole hentai sexually repressed virgin stereotype. I take everything she says with a grain of slat wouldn't surprise me if she purposefully says things that seemingly came out of left field to confuse people or get attention.

No. 189403

About the asmr video, just watched it… I couldn't understand almost anything she was saying, as >>187912
said, she's trying sooo hard to hide her teeth (so yeah, her teeth are rotting) she had the ear microphone thing the other way around, when she was on the right side of the video, the audio was on the left, that's annoying, the video cuts a lot so i had to look back which candies disappeared, she doesn't show all the candies before eating them and the fact that she wouldn't show herself eating the star shaped candies, the jelly like candy and idk what other candy was very annoying, if she didn't want to show her teeth, why an eating asmr?
Her mouth looked dirty from the start and the constant shaking is not relaxing at all. Shit video like all the others.

No. 189428

eh? I thought she was a witch? Since when does she go to a church and what denomination is she going to? Priest is mainly a Catholic title role,
I don't know much about other Christian denominations, but I do know that Catholicism practices confessional and would absolutely NEVER condone Thot and prostitution behavior. AND, the Catholic church is very globally uniform so it's not like Japanese Catholics have different morals or teachings. She must have phrased it in a way that the priest misunderstood, or he's most likely old and doesn't understand the concept of OF. Since when does she believe in God? I vaguely recall her mentioning that she is agnostic or something along those lines.

No. 189431

Most likely the whole story is a lie.

No. 189441


Aren't there Shinto priests? IDK anything much about how any religious things operate, but I think people other than Roman Catholics can be called priests. There can be high priest and high priestesses of witchcraft practices too can't there? She's so full of rubbish, I can't take anything she says seriously anymore.

No. 189444

Even if she saw a shinto priest, why'd she mention "confessions", "going to church" and dressing modestly? Those aren't typical aspects of shintoism, sounds pretty christian or perhaps even muslim to me.

No. 189449

Exactly and that's all narcissists do is lie. They tell the most elaborate stories when their attention seeking needs are not being fulfilled enough. Like every other bullshit story Venus comes out with.

No. 189476

Sex workers post fake things like this on OF and Twitter all the time, as like sexual fantasy things for their followers. I think that is what this is, Venus is just bad at it and it wasn’t obvious

No. 189496

It's not a lie because it's not even meant to sound true. It's meant to read as fiction, but she doesn't know how to write so that doesn't come across

No. 189595

Hahahaha, the comment about people worrying about her getting bad theet for eating sweets, they are already rotten and she saying that just eating this in a while will not make her bad, when all she eats is trash food,just pan, noodles and beer, obviously this people don't follow her at all. This is plain hilarious(Emoji)

No. 189611

File: 1640105079351.jpg (272.58 KB, 2048x1358, venud.jpg)

Maybe nitpicking, but what the actuall fuck is this? How can anyone think this is erotic content that needs to be postet?

No. 189626

she should start saving up for veneera instead of spending her money on clothes, makeup and kawaii food

No. 189631


Surely this can't be something any idiot would pay for?

What with how stupid Venus seems to be she probably regards this as the kind of content that Satan would cower from. Stupidest shit ever.

No. 189633


Heaven help us if ever she becomes muslim, who was that other loon who did? Kanadijan or something like that? Not someone I ever watched or followed but I heard stuff about her being a nutter.

No. 189637


I hope it is a lie. Anyone who would seriously have to go and see a priest of any kind to ask how to live their life, doesn't deserve to have a life in the first place.

How weak and pathetic would you have to be to have to do that?

But it is venus we're talking about, so it wouldn't surprise me if she really was that useless and pathetic, and not even pathetic in a cute way, just stupid, irritating and boring, but I really hope it was just something made up, but it's still stupid anyway. She's getting more worthless and useless and just really, really boring.

No. 189652

so she saw a pic where a girl licks a toilet seat and she's like haha sure i can do that but she didn't understand that the air near the sink water is not the fucking same as the toilet seat??

No. 189662

Nobody cares about your opinion sweaty athiest-chan. Go sperg about how you want Christians to die someplace else like reddit.

Anyway, Can anybody confirm or deny if she is still routinely posting to OF? It'd be slightly remarkable if she has actually continued to keep up with it this long given her track record of dumping things days after she announces/starts them. From the pictures posted her, she seems to be at least occasionally uploading, but is it enough for the paypigs to continue to subscribe or is the audience dwindling? Basically I wanna know if her OF is crashing so she can move on from the thot saga (wishful thinking, here.)

No. 189671

what can she do besides thotting? it would be great if she could pursue a career and get an actual job, even if it's public/community college but idk about how the system is in Japan. She can't count on her youth and sexualization forever, as some have pointed out she may have to become a street prostitute if she doesn't get it together, I don't hate her actually and sympathize a bit with !certain aspects of her background

No. 189672

ok there Nietzche, not everyone has to lack belief just because you do bruh

No. 189674

> useless and pathetic, and not even pathetic in a cute way..

what the hell does that even mean anon? there is no such thing as pathetic cute, are you the fag that spregs about your ladyboys or some shit??

Lorena watch out! Future Kabuchiko Queeeenn! Kek

No. 189677

>>it would be great if she could pursue a career and get an actual job, even if it's public/community college

Fuck off with that shit. She's boring enough now without becoming even more so. What do you think we're here for? Not to talk about how great her 9 to 5 is that's for sure!

No. 189678

nta but there is a “good luck” banner for Venus here for a reason. There was a time where a part of the users of her thread where actually hoping she would get better after she left Margo, but here we are…

No. 189680

File: 1640140202713.jpg (42.52 KB, 888x229, a.JPG)

What's with the stupid name change on her twitter?

No. 189682

File: 1640140348509.jpg (46.93 KB, 800x438, b.JPG)

Way to go girl! Hope you get what you want.

No. 189694

File: 1640145472774.jpeg (159.58 KB, 1125x1713, C17D8184-D3F3-4B6D-9DAB-F35585…)

Every week or so she posts 1 “free” photo set and one PPV, that is usually a short video or another photoset. Usually for $10-$50. It’s all really awkward in my opinion.

Usually she gets 30-50 likes and a couple comments. So it’s a much smaller base than before, but I think everyone left actually likes her. She doesn’t get comments from annoyed subscribers anymore

No. 189697

its a tarkov reference.

No. 189707

It's S.T.A.L.K.E.R, retard

No. 189714

We're not a bunch of a-loging idiots waiting for the cows to badly hurt themselves or shit like that. If someone depicted here is able to clean up their act and stop producing milk, we would jump onto the next cow for entertainment. Simple as that.
Wishing harm on a cow is 100% cow behavior.

No. 189720

Thank you for saying this. That other unhinged anon needs to seek therapy.

No. 189732


Yes, but i doubt she knows that. Likely she just got into the whole slav meme sphere or started watching life of boris

No. 189755


Who said anything about wanting anyone to badly hurt themselves? -No one that's who.
But we are here for entertainment, not to hear boring shit about someone getting some dead end work placement that would probably do them more harm than good anyway, by slowly killing them with boredom.

Venus has already said, more than once, that she could not cope with doing some boring job. Some of the evangelising straight laced types on here, (and why are you here anyway? On Lolcow? Really?) would have her do something that would actually make her feel worse, just because in your 'right and proper' minds, you think it would be 'good' for her. It wouldn't! Because that is not the type of person she is, and uptight strangers on the Internet thinking she should be a conformist because in their view that is the only way to find happiness are just sadly deluded.

No. 189756


Would be hilarious if Venus was planning on going out on a killing spree. She'd certainly become famous overnight then. Her desire for fame and her prayers answered all in one foul swoop.

No. 189761

how is doong whatever she has been doing any better than pursuing a career? she's having a hard time and is mad confused (why would she go to a priest and also be a witch)

No. 189779


She's a compulsive liar, by her own admission, and jumps onto any trend or fad whatever takes her fancy at the time, so how can you believe anything she says about anything much?

She's not the sort of person to have the self discipline, determination and dedication, and certainly not the motivation, to do what she would have to do to get a regular job, she obviously doesn't want that, and because of the type of person she is, it wouldn't make her happy if she tried to do it. So I don't know why people persist in going on about it.
Just because it might be right for some, doesn't mean it would be right for everyone.

I would say there's a lot of very creative people who have made a success of themselves despite being self destructive a lot of the time and plagued by negative thoughts and it would have killed them trying to live a normal life and they wouldn't have been able to manage it if they'd tried, but Venus doesn't seem to have any real talent for anything much anymore, if she ever really did, which is debatable, the only thing she's even half good at is the sleazy stuff, so let her get on with it and I hope she can make enough money from it to be able to invest wise enough to live off it. I think she will continue to just muddle along in her own way, with ups and downs, just like the rest of us.

No. 189788

You mean it would be hilarious to watch her totally fuck that up as well

No. 189904


She obviously would fuck it up in some way, she wouldn't even be able to get that right.

Not that I'm suggesting she should go out and do such a thing. Obviously. lol

No. 189936

File: 1640238830841.jpeg (589.3 KB, 1125x1942, 8337EBB8-E7B1-467E-BD45-636C13…)

Hm.. this sancty-girl posted a picture with Venus two days ago.. Venus looks normal… and pretty. Does she only use ugly pictures of herself for her own account..?

No. 189970

Sancty leeches on bigger people as per usual because her dorito face can't get a follow base without smuggling herself among people like mikan and now venus. Venus looks indeed more healthy here compared to her own photos. Weird

No. 189982

Ayrt. I'm sorry, maybe I express myself badly (ESL tard here) but I think that wishing for a cow to crash and burn is weird (a-loging is against the rules for a reason) except maybe for horrorcows like Chris-chan or Onision. But it's just my humble opinion.

Anyway, Penus is too much of a lazy narc and will never take a real 9 to 5 job so it's just weird fanfictions at this point.
She's pretty much a carbon copy of Mommy Dearest (living in a cramped little room, raging alcoholic, religious LARP…etc) and there's no turning point in sight.
Merry Xmas in advance fellow farmers.

No. 189995


Well it's hard to tell what she really looks like as you can't actually see much of her, she's all covered up and she's making a funny face, but maybe because it's not her picture to muck around with, her face dysmorphia is not getting a chance to edit it into oblivion.

No. 189996


No one here is wishing for her to crash and burn, just not agreeing with people who want her to disappear into living a 'normie' life she would not be happy with anyway, is not wishing for her to crash and burn.
Anyway, there are definitely people on here who exhibit more than just a small amount of schadenfreude when it comes to Venus, but I'm not one of them.

No. 190023

The picture is definitely edited. Still looks better than usual

No. 190144

She is cat.

No. 190176

File: 1640319181759.jpg (Spoiler Image, 150.9 KB, 1209x924, BDSM Asian Slave Boy Tied Up A…)

>>> useless and pathetic, and not even pathetic in a cute way..

>>there is no such thing as pathetic cute

I have to respectfully disagree with you there. I agree Venus would not be capable of managing it, but there are some who can definitely appear in a pathetic way but are still cute. The boy in this video for example, appears a poor pathetic victim but no one could say he isn't cute and he still is cute despite what is happening to him. So he's pathetic and cute at the same time. That is how to appear pathetic in a cute way.

No. 190181


Who is he anyway? Total cutie.

His wrists and knuckles are bandaged, I hope this is all consensual and he's not being forced into it. Is the Japanese porn industry properly regulated and looks after the people in it? I think June Lovejoy said it's good. I dunno though. I don't much like porn. Which is why I don't generally watch any.(samefag)

No. 190242

Wtf stop with your disgusting fantasy this picture is gross and disturbing don't post that

No. 190290


This is Lolcow, porn related things get posted here often from what I've seen. It's nothing unusual. Maybe you're too young to be on this site?

No. 190294

Lol, toyou are aware this is a thread for a budding pornstarlit ….

This is a perfect example

No. 190297

>>you are aware this is a thread for a budding pornstarlit ….

I don't know why Venus doesn't get properly into the industry. It would be a career for her, of sorts, but I doubt she would have the determination it would need to keep to doing that properly, it might be porn but I'm sure they have proper schedules and timetables to keep to. She already knows people who are in it, so there should be some kind of work she could do there.


>>This is a perfect example

Totally cute and totally pathetic both at the same time, Venus would never be capable of it.

Does anyone understand Japanese? I'd like to know what was being said there. I did feel a bit sorry for that boy, I hope he's looked after properly. It would be good to see something else with him in but I wouldn't know how to find anything. I'm really not into porn at all. [Too many women, and too many ugly gnarled men, revolting!] This was different as not the usual gross fucking, and the boy is just so damn adorable and cute.

No. 190298

Adorable AND cute?!?! Amazing!

Also, many of the above posts read like they are the same person, responding to themself to agree.

No. 190305

This dumbass and not Venus related bullshit picture should still be put behind a spoiler.