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No. 92122

Previous thread: >>>/w/87866

>Weeb from Switzerland who rose to viral fame by her "dolly" looks, lolita dresses and circle lenses

>OG cringe content
>Controlling mother who operated her Youtube channel, who she eventually "escaped" from and started a new life in Japan
>This had steadily nosedived, from nonsensical babbling videos, quitting youtube to become a cartoon character Malice.exe, then quitting that to start a "business" (while suspected to be a sugar baby), making a few sponsored Youtube videos and collabs, then quitting that to start an OnlyFans. It's basically a mess of announcing new projects before abandoning them weeks later.
>Interspersed with drunk karaoke livestreams, posts about her mental health, advice for fans, and opening fanclubs which she stopped updating after a week
>Suspected of being an escort or sugar baby due to a Paters profile, posts about painful sex, and frequent taxi selfies. Some sugar daddies include mysterious "managers" like the infamous Ken (pic related)
>Casual Manaki slandering posted on Instagram, including implying he was a pervert and or had threesomes with crossdressers
>Now divorced, or maybe still living with him, nobody knows
>Takes pictures and video in kawaii broom cupboards, and reposts old photos so nobody is sure where she resides
>A popular pro-Venus sympathetic Youtube video garnered her many new fans, due to only focusing on the Margo escape story and glossing over all the recent events

>Started an OnlyFans to be a creative free individual, instantly swarmed by perverts. Dropped her first sad nude within days, rather than leading her perverts along with implied nudes and lewds for years as is current practice.
>Most of her female fans are appalled, shocked and disappointed, expressing such in hundreds of Instagram comments which she dismisses
>May be revealing an intentionally pedo pandering side to herself, by posting that she had wanted to do this (this being posting nudes on OnlyFans) since she was a child, dubious story about manager Ken being involved in assualt of a minor, accompanied by swiftly deleted photo of a child on her Instagram, and intentionally shooping her face to look more childish
>Frequently posts about what a deviant she is, first nude includes a caption in Japanese about being a cum-dumpster

instagram: venus_angelic
twitter: @VenusAngelic
tiktok: @dollyvenus
fanicon: https://fanicon.net/fancommunities/1857 (inactive)
main youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/VenusAngelic
weeb youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrpLE_Q1iNszN0O9n6V85YA

No. 92131

about the pedo stuff: i really dont think venus is a pedophile, I'm pretty sure venus has a daddy/ddlg kink, I guess that's pretty much guaranteed when u repress your sexuality for so long and act like a toddler for so long instead. she even said she has a BDSM kink and ddlg often (not always) goes hand in hand with BDSM, just my opinion but I wouldn't be surprised at all if she gets turned on by a grown guy that treats her like a child. about the child like looking photoshop and lingerie: I guess she's trying to cater the japanese market because this loli stuff is what's working there, especiallyif you look ~dolly uwu~ like her. also, when I myself was lingerie shopping in Tokyo I realized its actually harder than you think to find nice adult looking lingerie and not stuff that looks like it could be worn by toddlers with boobs.

No. 92133

She made up a "joke" about Manaki being a sexual predator towards school girls on public transport, spoke about a young boy being sexually assaulted by this "Ken" and now claims she's had these sexual thoughts since she was of kindergarten age.

I'm sure it's just a kink of hers.

No. 92137

but how do you come from her saying that she's had these feelings since she was a child to the conclusion that she must be a pedophile? that's what I dont really get. I got the impression that since she recently discovered her sexuality, which she was ashamed of for a long time, and is confusing being a sexual being with being hypersexual - which she's now even more exaggerating to cater the OF creeps. and I'm also convinced she watches waaay too much porn and reads too much loli hentai lol. I guess she's in that phase right now where u just discovered dick and can't think of anything else which is pretty normal but she obviously doesn't get it

No. 92143

This bish annoys me as much as the next person in this thread, but the “Beenoos is pedophile!!!1” stuff is just too much. Having a kink, or being traumatised from possible sexual abuse is one thing, but apart from this Ken thing (which might have just been a delusional lie to smear her ex anyway), there’s no evidence she’s actually done anything.

She’s milky as hell these days anyway, we should just enjoy it without straight up inventing shit…

No. 92145

Shes the one giving notions to this pedo stuff not anyone else. She's like giving hints about it,so defenders give it a rest. Here she says "only then to fantasize about…absolutely every genre of porn you can find." and the since i was 5 bull just to name 2.

No. 92150

not defending here at all, there is just nothing to back up the pedo allegations, acting hypersexual for OF creeps doesn't count. as the other anon said, there is so much going on with her right now, no need to make stuff up, its already entertaining enough

No. 92153

> also, when I myself was lingerie shopping in Tokyo I realized its actually harder than you think to find nice adult looking lingerie and not stuff that looks like it could be worn by toddlers with boobs.
Yeah, because only toddlers can like cute colors and patterns and adult women should only like things that are considered sexy by men. Give me a break.

No. 92154

but that's the thing, there's nothing new here
venus hasn't posted anything in days and 1 maybe 2 people are selfposting to fill up their time with old drama and tinfoiling

we can be sick of this shit, it's not whiteknighting or defending venus

No. 92155

i was reffering to the anons who used here kawaii lingerie as an argument that she is a pedo. read the old thread ffs

No. 92157

No it came mainly from some fucking retard on pull who posted their pathetic theory on there which someone then saw fit to repost here, the sooner they really do "crashandburn" the better!

Anything to talk about should really come from facts relating to what Venus does herself, not post after post of speculation coming from this one idiot on pull.

No. 92159

These threads are all over the place, so confusing, the old one is still active and still able to be posted to, and now there is a new one that has been discarded, and now this 2nd new one.
Wouldn't it be better to delete the discarded 'new' one and just concentrate on this one now? And lock the"Sugaring" one so it can't still be posted to?

Anyway I hope people will stop going on about the pedo speculations unless there is something actually concrete to go on, like I said earlier in the old Sugaring thread, imagine the outcry from the screaming snowflakes if Kate Bush were to release "The Infant Kiss" now instead of back in the day, the outrage that would ensue and the accusations, and towards the acting in the film that this video is based on, "The Innocents", which is actually an excellently acted ghost story and a classic film, this would not be 'understood' in this day and age, and the word 'pedo' would be being thrown around everywhere by the sort of people who are saying it about Venus.

No. 92161

stop posting that video retard.

No. 92165

Please, all this baseless talk of Weenas being a pedo is nonsense and far fetched. She is probably surrounded by pedos, which is the real problem. And kids do have a humping phase, discovering biology phase etc. (not to be confused with pedos) although they wouldn't grasp the whole thing or know the details.

No. 92166

More importantly, I hope Venus gets a grip and ends this Fans Only bs right away. I kinda want to slap the senses back into the heads of everyone complaining about her poor schedule management skills referring to the missing new images she promised.

No. 92167

hi peter(hi cow)

No. 92169

peter who lol?

No. 92170

i think anon is talking about "peter in toronto" venus top OF creep

No. 92171

he's the one who's always asking for rewards for his tips lmao

No. 92173

ah gotcha. Makes me sad to be reminded :(

No. 92174

really wondering if she's done already with OF. she's most definitely a lurker on here and I wonder if the comments about her tiddie pic being posted way too soon are the reason why she hasn't posted since then. maybe she realized she made a big mistake not toying with the creeps a bit longer. after all the promised sneakpeaks till friday and regular, improved schedule pics by friday are all missing, and no activity on her insta (except for edited pic descriptions as always)

No. 92176

Well, if anything though, Venus is a pedo enabler whether she intends to or not - photoshopped to oblivion and demeanor in general.

No. 92177


Honestly, I hope so. Maybe it was the reality check she needed to her greatest yet manic episode.

No. 92178

as said before, she lives in japan, its only natural that she's catering the japanese market and loli is (unfortunately) a big thing there.

No. 92179

me too, although I'm wondering what is left for her to do now? will she go back to her regular innocent YouTube stuff as if nothing happened or will she completely disappear off the internet?

No. 92181


She could spare her fanbase out of this at least. All those kinds are either horrified or cheering her till the end thinking this is the "normal" because their worldview is not only undeveloped but also screwed up thanks to Venus and the like. What a model. And she may be lazy and unskilled and all that -but- actually I believed she was smarter than how she acted, so she knows it very well just giving what -peter- wants is a form of enabling.

No. 92182


No. 92186

No idea, I hope she gets a flight to Switzerland and take care of the social benefits and enrolls to a class, waits tables or opens a cutesy boutique or something. I mean okay, I get it, she likely has bipolar disorder -but- she wouldn't be the first, and she could I don't know, try? than just give up? I don't think there is anything for her in Japan. As for her fanbase, youtube - i dunno - maybe starting my life anew could be a new direction (wishful thinking).

No. 92187

Also I was checking older pictures of her and Margot together, Margot is a narcissist and she is crazy and an abuser, -but- I don't know, maybe Venus was more protected then and Margot made a good agent? I mean she is hell but who does Venus have besides Manaki which she screwed over? Some of her friends have more sense than her, true, but they have their safety net, family etc.

No. 92188

It was only intentional twice, the other times was the reply box still keeping it in the Youtube link, and I just didn't notice when posting a new comment, so sorry about that, it wasn't intentional the other times.

No. 92190

Well, sorry to disappoint anyone here who was hoping that this 'Peter' guy was me, but nope, I'm a woman and don't subscribe to Only Fans as not interested in paying for nudies, even of Venus.
I don't know why anyone would think anything I said was indicative of this Peter guy anyway.

No. 92191

causee..normalizing the book Lolita?

No. 92192

yes, going back to switzerland would be the best for her, even tho her family there isn't that keen on her, but it's where she grew up after all and where she doesn't need a visa or something. she could also come to germany and work here, she speaks the language after all. anyone still have the video where she calls her gandma or something in switzerland and the person tells her in german that they all dont want anything to do with her anymore?
and you're right with what you wrote about margo, she may be batshit crazy but at least venus seemed protected, healthy and had a clean social media presence

No. 92193

we were just trying to bring a lil humor into this bleak ass venus thread

No. 92194


No. 92195

Will people please stop with saying she should go back to Switzerland. It's not going to happen, not unless she suddenly does a complete u turn and decides to, and I can't see it happening.
how many more times are people going to say, "She should go back to Switzerland, get a 'proper' job, etc,". It's not going to happen, And if it did, we wouldn't be here talking, gossiping and speculating about her.

No. 92196


yeah, she will def go down the sere/lorena route. Just hoping without any kids.

No. 92197


Well I thought that was next :)
Such beautifully written though. Honestly, I don't know what to make of art with the viewpoint or made by creeps. Sigh.

No. 92198

this thread is basically just newfags at this point

No. 92199

Anon. Like this was juicy gossip at first, but then she decided to post nudes and it is so grim now.

No. 92200

^-^' busted(^-^')

No. 92201

do you come here because you can't say nigger on PULL?

No. 92202

she decided to share her kindergarten comment after posting topless. its like those pedo thots after cultivating an incel following sharing their pics from childhood. she knows what shes doing. retards focusing on the wrong thing.

No. 92203

Just checked her and I am mindblown. Seriously, this can't end well. I think all sugaring worked only for Taylor and they seem to be genuine, mature, dare I say -loving- albeit lacking chemistry couple now, but for others future is bleak. I noticed Kato landed a good job recently. If Weenus had any sense left, she could have done the same, but it is not like she has Kato's modelish features.

No. 92205

So edgy, much wow.

No. 92206

who's kato

>doge meme
>in 2020
9gag is that way, sir

No. 92207


I think anon means Kota/Dakota Rose

No. 92208

That’s one of the saddest things I’ve ever heard. She wasn’t even doing this stupid lewd stuff at that point, why would her grandma say that? Sorry, haven’t seen the video, don’t want to.

No. 92209

Kotakoti/Dakotakoti, Dakota Rose…basically an ex doll, used to shoop her face till she turns into an alien lolita doll, living in Japan doing modelling.

No. 92210

Venus does this all of the time. She drops a bomb, disappears for a few days, carries on with something else and repeats. She probably reached a mental health high, the high wore off, she's hit a massive low and then she'll return.

No. 92211

the way you're talking you either are a massive neckbeard, an incel or a cringy 17 year old

No. 92212

good lord, the twitter fags are at it again. at least have the decency to sage your retarted shit

No. 92213

y’all wanna try fucking saging sometime?

No. 92214

lmao busted, I guess incel it was

No. 92215

been on the venus threads for a long time btw, someone just had to break it to guys like you that talking like this is cringy as fuck. sorry I hurt ur feelings incel

No. 92216

>is on an imageboard
>calls imageboard culture cringy
>thinks that ppl who browse lolcow.farm are incels
this is what happens when u drink listerine folx

No. 92217

nta, you say you’ve been here for ages and yet you still haven’t bothered to integrate, for fuck’s sake shut up

No. 92218

sorry for appropriating your culture lmao. sorry that I have to be the one to tell you that just because you're a regular on imageboards doesn't mean you have to talk like a complete dipshit

No. 92219

Possibly has to do with Margot. It is sad. I remember the video, though I don't really remember the details. Venus managed to pull off a funny/awkward video out of plain family tragedy -lol. I suppose she was calling her dad but her grandma answered the call.

No. 92220

ok nigger faggot

No. 92221

Fantastic start to the thread!

No. 92222

at this point, having the thread put back on auto-sage would be a blessing. this is ridiculous.

No. 92223

thanks babe. sorry again for the cultural appropriation :( must be hard realizing not everyone who visits imageboards talks like elliot rodger AKA frustrated mentalcels

No. 92224

Too right . Come back "Sugaring" thread, all is forgiven!

No. 92227

ok nigger faggot

No. 92228


No. 92230

could you write me a paragraph about how you're so much better than weenus?

No. 92231

Get this shit outta here. Please.

No. 92233

If we're going to derail the thread, we might as well have some fun!

No. 92234

i already want this thread nuked.

No. 92237

nah sorry can't rn, but at this point I'm just praying for venus to post another nude on OF so that the thread can go back to regular business. sorry to the incel I hurt, I'm gonna stop now

No. 92238

same, dude. same.

No. 92239

Moving on, just looking at the caption on Venus only fans page, (not the pix, can't see any of them) but the caption where she says she will post Friday, I think she may be saying a week Friday. It's just the way it's worded made me think that maybe she meant a week on Friday, meaning a week from then, so that would mean from next Friday not the one just gone. If that makes sense, or maybe I'm reading it wrong, dunno, but if that's what she intended, would explain why she posted nothing yesterday, that people are going on about.

No. 92240

What I mean is, a week from yesterday, meaning perhaps she means she will start posting from next friday on the oNly fans thing? Oh Gawd, I dunno, I'm just trying to move it on here from all the shit posts.

No. 92241

you can delete your post y'know

No. 92242

Yeah, I guess I probably should have deleted the first one, I wish some of the others would delete some of theirs.

No. 92243

If she does well on this only fans thing and makes quite a lot of money from it, I'm wondering if that means she will be living off that for a while, and so then not bother to post anything again until she feels she really has to?

No. 92245


Genuine question, why do you bother posting your random thoughts here? Do you know about diaries?

No. 92246

I;m just passing time at the mo, and trying to get the thread back on track. Don't worry, I'm stopping now, lol.

No. 92253

>she's not a pedophile she's just into ddlg
>implying they're not the same thing

are these kinksters trying to defend themselves lmao? if you get off to flat chested girls in binkies calling you "daddy" in a high pitched voice with a mooth, labia-less vagina, you're indulging in a legal outlet for your pedophilia.

>she's not a pedophile she's just traumatized and into ddlg!

>implying most littles aren't mentally ill victims of abuse trying to cope through their trauma while a sadistic pedophile indulges them

venus is the one who said she was into the kind of porn only satan would be into. she's the one who's been pandering to pedophiles since she was 14. she's the one following a lewd model who photoshops her face to look like a child. she's the one who called an infant being sexually abused as "a baby getting head" and then shrugged it off lmao. venus is a pedophile, it all checks out. sorry all you creeps into ddlg are in denial.

No. 92255


I mean you can repeat this in every thread until the end of time, she's not shopping her face to look young, she does look young. again there are plenty of underage looking adult stars in the USA who play up their looks and make hardcore porn too

No. 92256

they didn't, it's old drama, people on PULL brought it back up again because there's genuinely nothing to talk about and now that snowballed into venus is a criminal who needs be deported and other fanfic anon thought up

No. 92258

>there are plenty of underage looking adult stars in the USA who play up their looks and make hardcore porn too

What's your point? A woman who looks younger than 18 doing porn as a child and stepdaughter after bleaching her genitals and removing her labia to look prepubescent = pandering to pedophiles, people who are sexually attracted to children. Except Venus doesn't have a manager pressuring her like a lot of girls in adult porn do. Venus is just a lazy pedophile pandering to her audience of pedophiles by engaging in the loli kink she's already into. Most weebs are into tentacle rape and loli. She isn't even naturally young looking. She looks 30 and has saggy big tits and photoshops to look younger and flat chested.

No. 92267

Her tits aren’t even that big, they’re just sad and saggy. She really fucked her body up. Huge scars and saggy tits? Such a kawaii rori

No. 92269

File: 1589057864393.jpeg (253.27 KB, 1014x1536, C21683B2-B7DB-4747-B419-602A27…)

Not much of a stretch to think she just ~might be into kiddy porn after casually posting about “giving head to a baby” and sexualizing her 5-year old self. Who the fuck does that unless they’re a perv?

Weenis been dropping sly sneaky little hints about what she’s into for a long while now, posting/deleting and then disappearing/ignoring questions about what the fuck she was referring to. Like this from last year along with many others.

These latest little outbursts fit the pattern.

“fuck me hard daddy”

No. 92272

I’m tired of this pedo fanfic shit, can someone like, take a screenshot the comments from the OF topless post, I’m just really tired of this.

No. 92273

The world doesn’t revolve around you. People can discuss milk you don’t like.

No. 92274

you should have kept her nude boob pic from the previous new thread, but just put a big black bar on her body under the paper she was holding up to make it totally censored. "Sex worker edition" seemed more impactful that way

No. 92275

sexual abuse is just as far fetched as pedo tendencies imo.

No. 92276

She said she would scratch her schedule and post NEXT Friday, not this one (may 8th) but the next. I don't think she'll stop posting and give up 3k a month that easily, but we'll soon find out.

No. 92277

She made that video in an attempt to make Margo look bad for some random reason (as if Margo already didn't look bad). She put red makeup around her eyes, didn't edit out her eyebags to make a distraught looking thumbnail as clickbait to prey her audience's kindness, she faked her shaking and put her hand close to the camera so you could see it. Basically, she used family drama because she knew it would get her views and money and continue the victim/pity narrative. She doesn't deserve pity for that. Why can't you people see the manipulation? She talked about the house her dad was selling or something after the grandma trash talked Margo a bit and the grandma,(who obviously is older and has trouble understanding) thought she was just calling to get stakes in the house, given Venus contacted them suddenly to use them as content for her Youtube, and she ended up hanging up on V.

No. 92278

that's the problem, there is no milk

you've just been bored at home for 3 days and wrote yourself a story using old ken drama

no other comment was of any interest since the last time I posted about it, the only thing they are really doing now is posting stuff very similiar to >>92276 meaning they're lurking in here too.

it's been 3 days, there's no obligation on her part to post every day if she scrapped her schedule, others on OF post irregularly.

and she won't lose any money because everyone has already paid, but she'll probably receive her first monthly balance from all the subs and tips so far over the next few days

No. 92279

NTA but your tinfoil is not milk.

No. 92280

In regards to the pedo stuff, I don't think there's anything wrong in discussing the possibility, so long as it's not paraded around as fact. I'm pretty sure Venus is making up this hypersexual stuff for money, as she usually does and deleted her comment because she has a blog post that proves she was lying, along with drawing attention to possible pedophilic tendencies. That said, I wouldn't be surprised if she watched loli hentai where underage girls were violated by tentacles, monsters etc, which wouldn't make her an outright pedo but it's still disturbing.

Also, about her super entitled, above everyone else comment in regards to "real" jobs… if that's how she feels, then why did she throw her vtuber manager under the bus and blame him for being a bad manager and malice not working out? She literally said he was a bad manager because he let her post the content she wanted. Bitch, don't you want "creativity and growth?" This is a direct contradiction, as with her vtuber manager, she had full control over her content and "creative" endeavors. She's such a fake.

No. 92281

Believe it or not I haven’t been in the discussion about Penus being a pedo or not. Why don’t you pull the sticks out of your asses and stop crying about people discussing things you don’t like? Her pedo pandering most certainly is milk.

No. 92283


I remember that video, first off she wasn't calling her grandma but her father, granny was just the one who picked up and secondly she didn't tell her they didn't want anything to do with her, she didn't really tell her anything, you could tell she was just a confused old lady and ended up thinking it was some phonescam so she just hung up eventually

No. 92285

Sorry sweetie but that's still ain't milk lel. At least you learned how to sage now!

No. 92286

All of my posts have been saged, and >>92273 was my first post remotely about the conversation unless you want to count >>92267 for the “rori” comment. I’m sorry anonymous culture is so confusing to you and that you’re acting like an enraged retard over people having a discussion.

No. 92287

Sure buddy, we believe you. So, how's Kenna's thread going? I heard she made a typo in her latest insta caption.

No. 92288

You know that if I was just samefagging all of this the mods would call me out right? Quit acting like a newfag and take a time out before you give yourself a stroke.

No. 92290

Lol, suddenly throwing all these terms so you can pretend that you're an oldfag.

No. 92291

I’m not pretending that I’m an “oldfag.” I’m telling you you’re acting like a retard and a newfag. Not to mention insanely paranoid for insisting over and over that I’m someone else. The OF milk really has brought out insufferable retards like you and tons of WKing.

No. 92292

I hate to minimod but could you stop? The thread is already shit.

No. 92293

What milk? There's literally no milk. And how am I a white knight? You're just throwing meaningless words now.

No. 92294

I didn’t say YOU were a WK, just that the OF milk brought out WKs. Learn to fucking read.

Why? This entire thread has been shit from the start. Mods should lock it.

No. 92295

Learn how* to fucking read. And now you should learn how to write. This is the second time someone asks to lock a thread today. Sweet.

No. 92296

Dafaq is going on here?! Where are the Mods?

No. 92297


Do you really need to defend your honour as anons?


They have given up. I would too if I had to deal with these kind of people.

No. 92298

>here before the thread got locked~~~

No. 92299

I normally wouldn’t but this entire thread has been shit and I’m pretty fed up with the newfaggotry the OF saga has brought.

No. 92300

The mods came to ban the spergs but they didn't autosage the thread?

At least you tried.

No. 92302

Thanks, im nothing but a moth to this dumpster fire kek.

No. 92303

lmaao we did it reddit!!

No. 92305

>at least venus seemed protected, healthy and had a clean social media presence
Yeah, "clean" videos like this, the one where her mom filmed her at 12 or 13 pretending to be a bunny and moaning, and the Nico streams where she's in a Japanese gym uniform/bloomers.
Stop this Margo revisionism. She made Venus the horrible person she is today.

No. 92306

i think we should judge venus when she does bad things but not about her onlyfans carreer. women nowadays are allowed to engage into camgirl stuff, grandmas.

No. 92307

Went looking for the new thread. Didn't know the thread would've gone to shit this quickly lmao.

No. 92308

shes 13 here?

No. 92309

Same anon, forgot about this shit, too.

No. 92310

its kinda weird when she moves near the camera and the fat in her tighs jiggle lmao(15 year old spamchan)

No. 92312

Yeah, lol, I'm so glad she got surgery to stop jiggling like a lardo.(nitpicking)

No. 92313

File: 1589067458942.jpeg (216.99 KB, 1078x1036, 0E188311-2E92-43DD-85B7-C9E3FC…)

Because she deleted most of this from instagram and ICYMI, here is the full caption where she talks down to people who have boring, noncreative ‘real jobs’ and says her therapist approves of her posting topless pics.

No. 92314

this was already posted in the last thread

No. 92315

I'm pretty sure she was 14 or 15 in that stockings video. She had brown hair when she was younger than that.

No. 92316

NJM must be salivating right now

No. 92317

And she swiftly changed the description as soon as it was posted in the thread here at the time. Weenus is sloppy.

No. 92318

you shouldve said it earlier now i feel bad for being horny lol(15 year old spamchan)

No. 92319

What the fuck even happened to these threads? I want to talk about Venus, but the low quality is getting harder and harder to ignore.

No. 92320

do you have videos like that when she was younger?

No. 92321

Pedo alert. Mods clear this thread up, it's an actual disaster.

No. 92322

It seems like you're projecting, although anon shouldn't have asked this question. Spoonfeeding is against the rules, and so is bumping a thread with no milk.

No. 92323

Mods have given up on this thread

No. 92332

Speak for yourself, you just bumped this thread idiot.

No. 92334

Probably a sperg trying to get the thread locked or in autosage.

No. 92336

It seems that some people are trying to derail on purpose (OF pedo-fans? Pulltards? Venus herself? Who knows?)
Please don't engage with them. Report and move on.

No. 92337

I saged my post, unlike you.(stop this derailing)

No. 92340

Ban the newfags too while you're at it. Smh

No. 92345

What the fuck is happening in here? Did someone post about this thread on one of Venus's posts or some shit to cause an influx of these retarded newfags?

No. 92346

4 days and she didn't post any "sneak peeks" so far. Wonder if she will abandon her OF anytime soon like she did with her fanclub. At this point I would even appreciate her lazy ass.

No. 92348

Probably, and I wish people like the anon above me could gtfo.

No. 92349

You're apart of the problem. Move on and stop derailing, report pulltards as needed.

No. 92350

Maybe she's already having regrets after posting her topless picture.
Seems like she is/was going through a manic phase. Regret will probably strike when it's over, maybe it already is.

No. 92351

Even better if she's not just lazy but actually regretting it, but to be honest I don't think she is. Or she's planning some fucked up excuse how she was forced into it lol

No. 92353

Venus is always the victim

No. 92354

how do you report

No. 92356

Venus is bound to spill some milk soon enough. When she goes quiet, you know something is brewing in that narc brain of hers.

No. 92358

Wtf is this video

No. 92359

Anyone care to enlighten me why exactly reddit keeps being mentioned? I tried searching but nothing came up

No. 92360

We might've been raided by reddit ?

No. 92361

Someone posted to /r/Instagramreality about Venus from that embarrassing documentary about "living dolls" that was made when she lived in the UK, comparing how she was then to now which the users couldn't believe it was actually her. When it was brought to light that she's now on OnlyFans, links to this thread were made and it blew up.

No. 92363

Big if true. I think it's adorable that she does this.I juts want to say that if she is a pedo that never tells anybody and hinting at it would be something we'd all rather do that just flat out saying is she is or not.

No. 92365

File: 1589082644990.png (564.98 KB, 1292x253, doj.png)

The Decline of Venus, shown in pictures.

No. 92366

Lord she looks grown as hell in the 5th pic and she was only what? 21? I can't imagine the level of photoshop that goes into editing that into a flat 2d face. she must hate herself.

No. 92368

File: 1589083083834.png (2.61 MB, 3088x624, doj2.png)

Bigger version.

No. 92370

She peaked at image 3, how sad is that?
Not saying in a pedo way. At that time her career was rising, she had good quality photos, there wasn't a lot of scandals yet, her mom and her got along enough that they could make videos.
Honestly if she embraces her lewd side she can take off again with OF

No. 92372

Ngl this is pretty sad. I've been following her since her early YouTube days and seeing the fucked up mess she has become is a real shame. Doesn't pay to have a spoilt and abusive childhood while doing nothing actually productive to be the better person later on in adulthood.

No. 92376

File: 1589086077307.png (294.21 KB, 573x559, download (2).png)

Found this. Despite everything I still feel bad for her-not surprised shes like this with the upbringing shes had.

No. 92379

Considering how much she shoops herself to look asian, I'm really surprised Venus never claimed to be "transracial"

No. 92380

But I thought years ago early in her "career" she did, but maybe i'm confusing her for another "living doll"?

No. 92397

File: 1589099190069.png (69.95 KB, 308x521, njm.png)

I wonder what NiceJewishMama would think of all this.

Don't forget that Margo then "rivaled" this with her own video calling the same grandmother, pretending to be the police and threatening her. Name a more iconic mother / daughter duo.

No. 92406

Not really, but she used to say her mom "raised her as a Japanese" because they slept on a futon and cooked Japanese food at home. Apparently that's enough to fully immerse yourself in a foreign culture. Sleep on the floor and eat sushi.

No. 92408

not to forget that she does have other family members who attempted to reach out to her.I wonder how they feel about this new saga

No. 92409


skeletals leave

No. 92411

Thsi is so sad… honestly she should have stayed with Margo, this girl is unable to support herself in any way.

Not sure if they even know and even if, there is not much they can do. Margo kept them away from Venus so they are complete strangers to her. She doesn't care, they simply don't matter to her.

No. 92414

The relatives were from Margo's side of the family, so I don't really blame her that much for not taking the opportunity, since she was doing a bit better then and might have thought that she had her life under control. Also the relatives seemed kind of attention hungry, and her own dad was more concerned about Venus' money rather than her as a daughter so it makes sense to be skeptical. Now it seems to be too late for both parties - Venus doesn't want to leave Japan and I doubt the relatives would want an alcoholic mini-Margo taking nudes in their house kek

No. 92422

Her relatives were reaching out to her after she left marg and so they wanted to talk to her I seriously doubt it was for attention or money hungriness. Also marg has been uploading all kinds of pictures of venus with her family so, how was this girl isolated kek! Makes no sense to believe any shit venus spills out of her mouth, she just says all of this for sympathy. Oh guys I was isolated I never knew what a human was before I left. sure venus sure

No. 92423

Tired of it too, people not liking her is one thing, but to spread malicious rumours is quite another and dangerously damaging, I know where it came from, that spiteful bitchy retard that calls itself "crashandburn" on PULL. The sooner it does just that, the better.

No. 92425

No. 92426

What the FUCK is that thumbnail?

No. 92427

re tentacles etc, I wonder if she has ever seen the movie Possession (I think Isabelle Adjani was in it) where a young woman makes love to a strange tentacled monster? Then there is a Latvian movie called "The Spider". Trailer posted on YT. All this could be good to get her creative juices flowing , may give her some good ideas for piccies for her only fans. Which will then give us here plenty to talk about.

No. 92428

What the fuck did I just watch

No. 92429

She's super mentally ill. Sexual deviations are actually a result of mental illness, depression, childhood trauma etc.

No. 92430

Well…"This is the real me" wins.

No. 92431

She jokes and smiles about how it would be a good hentai if she was forced to take those pictures, yes because rape and sexual assault is so funny hehe

No. 92432

She said she likes Boku no Pico. So, pedophile Venus confirmed?

No. 92433

The thumbnail makes her look like the people in the Blackhole Sun MV. Creepy as fuck

No. 92434

File: 1589121086362.jpeg (107.53 KB, 750x742, 587E3BCD-59F7-474A-9431-FA05F9…)

>“do you eat the booty like groceries?”
>“no. i eat booty like a rabid dog.”

No. 92435

I think she means to start posting again next Friday.

No. 92437

why didn't she comb her fucking hair
why is she doing this (bpd)
why is her comments section filled with retards

i said this last thread but all she needs to do is call up daikichi amano and get to work at genki-genki

No. 92440

the boo bye bye boo shit at the end lol.
she just trying to reinforce herself she did the right thing. i can't believe the comments i read under the video tho.

No. 92443

"I always wanted to take a picture looking like the dumbest slut ever"

Now I'm concernd about the pictures she will upload on her OF. You don't have anything more left but opening your legs, after alreading declaring yourself a cum-dumpster…

Does she really have to humiliate herself, if she really needs to do this?!

No. 92444


She couldn't even look at the camera, her body language is speaking totally different than what she wants us to believe.

No. 92446

I'm not like OTHER girls I have SEXUAL thoughts I got to the porn store and I'm the ONLY girl there UWU I am SUCH a degenerate TEEHEE.

Shut the fuck up.

No. 92448

She’s already pretty close to looking like “the dumbest slut ever” with her crappy edits and substandard “lewds”.

That said, I think she deserves to lose more followers. She’s throwing her established fanbase down the toilet for what is probably a symptom of a mental break.

No. 92449

She mentioned she lost her virginity at 19, so I'm assuming she and Manaki did have sex, unless she was already cheating on him at the time.

No. 92450


I just wanted to mention this. She barely looks into the camera, always down like she doesn't people to look into her eyes. Everything about this video shows how ashamed she is. I guess she tries to flight forward but she is really desperate to keep her ~uwu kawiwi weenus angelicus~ persona alive while thotting on OF. Homegirl knows that there is no return from this and that she has to make this work somehow because this direction is her future now. She also never liked that many comments of a video. Everybody is cheering her there while on Insta people are tearing her a new one lol.

Some e-thots can make it work because they are into it or can act like they want to be your "Internetgirlfriend" but not venus. Fuck, even dumbass Moo could tease her cucks for two years and get mad cash from then until she went full nude. What an idiot.

No. 92452

File: 1589124711315.png (518.9 KB, 1596x1510, Screenshot 2020-05-10 at 17.31…)

degree in clinical psychology? seems legit… 0.o

No. 92453


wrong thread, newfag. Margo has her own thread, post it there.

No. 92455

Anon, thats not how sex works

No. 92457

Not gonna moralfag but my you should kill yourself. Putting the grown whore next to the innocent venus is absolutely shameful, why is this even allowed?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 92458

Anon…you have to let things go and admit that the Venus rebelling wasn’t good at all.

No. 92460

This new video isn't even age restricted, which means her teen fans who just wanted regular kawaii content will see this shit show. Reported it, please do the same

No. 92462

Venus mental breakdown in 3,2 and 1…

No. 92463

actually it is

No. 92465

For those doubting the pedo pandering, another piece of evidence for the pile

New video, only one minute in, she says
>I always wanted to do something like this
>My family is into slutshaming
(Er, we'll just ignore the high heels and etc videos and streams Margo made her do huh)
>didn't lose my virginity until I was 18, no 19
>So I just spent an immense amount of time
>For most of my childhood and youth I was thinking about porn (indecipherable)

She might say plots, this video is just as garbled as usual. She also suggests losing virginity at 19 is super old, or maybe that she spent an immense amount of time looking at porn, it's a shitshow whatever she's saying.

Wo, I thought anon above was joking but the next part is literally this post >>92446

No. 92466

She looks so uncomfortable and awkward talking about this awesome thing that she supposedly is really super into…if anything, she looks guilty.

19 isn’t an unusual age to lose your virginity, yes women watch porn, no you’re not the only one. I stopped watching because it was cringy.

If she lost her virginity at 19, then why is she behaving just now like she only discovered dick? If she wants to drop all the kawaii stuff, if she’s not interested in that anymore, then there were a million other ways to gradually cultivate a more mature image, she didn’t have to open her legs to the internet on day one (or film the video about her talking about her sexual preferences with a plushie on their lap, and her stupid kawaii mannerisms).

No. 92467

You forgot to include the pedo pandering proof…

No. 92468

Her talking about the taste of dick, just sounded so wrong, and crude. and so much for her liking girls more, shouldn't she be talking about the taste of pussy instead?

No. 92469


Typical narc. Their special snowflake I'm so much BETTER than the rest, I'm not like the OTHERS, I'm unique look at ME front is so predictable.

No. 92470

Talking about dick taste and her audience is mostly young gullible and clueless Weebs, how cute.

No. 92471

It's the video linked here >>92425

No. 92472

>For most of my childhood and youth I was thinking about porn (indecipherable)

Reminds me of her deleted tell all when she said she didn’t know what it felt like to get horny until she married manaki she just says words, I don’t think she even knows how to tell the truth(emoji)

No. 92473

>If she wants to drop all the kawaii stuff, if she’s not interested in that anymore, then there were a million other ways to gradually cultivate a more mature image, she didn’t have to open her legs to the internet on day one

I think he hasn't really realized yet that managing an OF will be mentally taxing and she'll eventually have to put effort into it if she wants to make money that way. Personally, I think she's way too naive and blinded by the recent attention and dosh she's gotten.
She didn't choose to put out more mature content on her Youtube since she already knows that it's gonna be work.
I'm not too familiar with Venus, but that's the impression I got from reading about her / watching her videos for some time now.

No. 92480

File: 1589131567183.jpg (17.63 KB, 621x135, nonono.jpg)

You mean people like this UNDERAGE person?

No. 92481

>>"I always wanted to take a picture looking like the dumbest slut ever"
I heard that as the dom-est slut ever. She’s said she’s into BDSM in the past. I wonder if she’s been doing porn for awhile now and is just now coming out into the open with it. She just happened to have a leather dog collar with “Venus” on it, a leash and furry handcuffs handy for her OF debut, I bet she has more.

All this time I’ve been wondering what she does all day every day with no job, school, family or friends…turns out she’s been watching porn, a lot of it. And possibly making porn too.

No. 92483

What. The. Fuck.

No. 92484

Pretty much. And people here called it tinfoiling.

No. 92486

File: 1589132995288.jpeg (256.8 KB, 1984x1146, 407D2B7B-90E6-413F-9221-3D2E38…)

“I eat the booty like a rabid dog”

No. 92487

Oh come on, that's daft! A lot of people are into that anime, it doesn't mean they are all pedos. Stop reaching.

No. 92488

Look up Boku no pico anon, I think you'll come away with a different perception…

No. 92489

She didn't say she liked it. Quit reaching, she clearly wants attention and a reaction.

No. 92492

Boku no Pico is literally about a child gettinwg raped and then raping other children because of the trauma from the first rape.

No. 92493

She made it sound like she not only likes it but loves it, quit being a white knight

No. 92495

So what?
Go back to PULL, honestly. Going "yes yes" to a few questions where she's trying super hard to appear comfortable with being sexual doesn't mean she loves it.

No. 92496

>Tfw you're not even that anon
Should've ntayrt kek, all I saw was someone implying pedophila is a reach in regards to Boku no picu. I mean can you blame me? Personally no clue whether she said she liked it or not.

No. 92498

She called it "boku YES picu" so yea she infers that she loves it.

No. 92500

Well, it WAS tinfoiling until we got evidence

No. 92501

I can't get over the:
>lots of people are into that anime
Like who, absolutely degenerate coomers with pedophilic fantasies?
And then the:
>Go back to PULL
Implying there's anything wrong with people who find it disgusting… Someone's either feeling very angsty today or is a typical Venus fan, kek.

No. 92504

Even if she’s trying “super hard” to “feel comfortable with being sexual” I don’t think saying you like animated child rape is really the way to go.

No. 92505

This girl clearly has emotional problems and went through years of abuse from her mother, but honestly, at this point I think she's just trying to figure out how to make her life work. Doing porn isn't the ideal way to go about it, but at least she's trying to figure out how to make a living. I'm concerned that eventually she'll look back and regret it - having a history in porn can be limiting to a person's professional career. But at his point her life has been such a depressing struggle that I'm just hoping something works out for her.

No. 92506


I knew the comments would be "ur body ur choice" and all that other feminist bollocks

I dont care if she has an OF.

But what else is she doing with her day?

Many girls who have cam jobs or whatever else DO other things. You can take a pic of your tits and yes, make money.

But what else? Because I am not being horrible here, in 10 years time from now, tit pics aren't going to benefit her future.

Sorry. But…

No. 92507

Its also a meme to talk about it, say you watched it, joke that people should watch it..etc. Have you guys never been on the internet until today?

Venus being hypersexual as an adult going after adult males to get them to give her money does not make her a pedo. Those guys however paying her to look childish are.

No. 92508

Honestly, I am not convinced, she herself says that her family was prudish and she wasn't allowed to express her sexuality blah blah. I think she is just being spoiled, self-centered and entitled. I mean what is her idea of teenagers even? She was a teen in Korea. I think she just wants to show that she has the control by owning her new personality and she lives for the shock value at this point.

No. 92509

>not gonna moralfag
>proceeds to moralfag
Do you get this triggered when people compare child stars to their fucked up adult selves? It's to show how far she's fallen, so not showing her innocent side would defeat the whole point.

No. 92510

I don’t give a shit, you do not put a baby pic next to a naked whore.

No. 92511

Go fume on PULL about it, it's literally the same person

No. 92512

One video on YT: "Boku No Pico (Full Length PG-13 film)"
It's just a quite boring, usual type of Japanese anime, which many people like, no way are they all pedos just for liking this.
I also watched, endured, the resume in 13 minutes of it, posted that here if anyone can be bothered to watch it, actually from what I recall hearing about it before, I thought it was a love story about a precocious 8 yr old girl who was determined to get with her 32 yr old teacher, or something like that and it was meant to be a comedy, really not into all that anime thing, pretty boring to me, but can't see, in any stretch of the imagination that real pedos would be that interested in sitting there watching this for hours on end. Honestly!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 92514

Plz note, to avoid confusion, the title of the video "Boku No Pico (Full Length PG-13 film)" is not the video I posted, I just posted the title of that to show that it is rated at PG 13 which it would hardly be rated at if it really was some sort of cheese pizza for a real pedo to jerk off to!

No. 92515

Boku no pico is just a dumb meme, as others have said, and we know she’s a mentally stunted edgelord who also reads here. She’s living for the drama (since she has nothing else in her sad, wrecked life to live for).

No. 92516

>I am not convinced, she herself says that her family was prudish and she wasn't allowed to express her sexuality blah blah. I think she is just being spoiled, self-centered and entitled.

I have to really disagree. For most of her life her sole caretaker and role model was her mother, Margaret Palermo (>>>/pt/666399), who's a physically and emotionally abusive, mentally ill, possible hooker who's a notable lolcow herself. The years of abuse have been well documented on this site, though I'm embedding a video that summarizes the whole thing (which I might get banned for posting, but w/e).

I honestly don't know how anyone raised by Palermo could wind up normal or well-adjusted.

No. 92517

She ended up this way because of Margo grooming her toward it since childhood.
Leaving was a good choice because Margo is crazy and abusive, but Venus didn't seek help, so she ended up completing the programming regardless. Margo didn't take much issue with pimping her out to Mr. Yan, for fuck's sake, and she wanted her to be with Manaki for the marriage visa.
I don't get how you're not seeing this.

No. 92518

adding to the virginity thing, she replied to the comment (sorry, can't screencap at the moment)
>It's not a bad thing, I'm just annoyed at myself that I spent such a long time wondering what d3ck tastes like
just… ew

the thing she liked so many comments and replied to bunch just shows she's really insecure about this and needs reassurence. But I don't agree with the "boo she looks so uncomfortable" comments. She's as awkward and weird as usual, nothing special

No. 92519

Correction: Agreed that Margot is a narcissistic/toxic mother and she has abused Venus - albeit I believe in ways that are not sexual (except for some controversial videos that might bait pedos - in the tones of Britney Spears's that coming of age magazine cover)

No. 92520

What is that Mr. Yan story again?

No. 92521

Same girl who decided she was lesbian a couple of months ago.

No. 92523

edit: She (Britney) was not coming of age yet legally.

No. 92524

Are you the same person who posted >>92159 across this and the last thread, with multiple long-winded posts? Why are you so defensive about anything to do with pedophilia? Leave already. Your posts aren't even funny, just off-putting and vaguely creepy.

No. 92528

The icky feel is real. I feel like I need to detach myself from Venus drama because of how creepy the discussion has become.

No. 92529

File: 1589141815095.jpg (86.68 KB, 635x596, 1387752501902.jpg)

She won a "modelling contest" from Bodyline, and Margaret sent 16 year old Venus off to Japan on her own to do photoshoots with them.
Mr. Yan, at this point, already had a reputation for asking his models to marry him, and he reportedly insinuated that she should get married to him so she could get a visa for Japan. When asked what kind of girl could win Bodyline's contest, Mr. Yan replied "Pure".
Other shit happened in that time, but it's a bit too long to go over. She uploaded a whole video about it, they responded with a story of their own accusing Venus of being a fat liar with bad body odor, etc. Just a mess.

No. 92530

You don't need to announce your departure with unsaged posts, anon.

No. 92533


Thanks Anon, this is some news for me to process. That being said, I do remember the said contest from that episode "My Strange Addiction" I'm a Living Doll. It seemed they put some effort into it and Venus was super excited. Also, it is not uncommon for cosplayers etc. traveling to Japan as contest winners, I remember Anzujaamu won a cosplay modeling contest but it was probably just a show up at the Tokyo Game Show. I will give the benefit of the doubt though, perhaps Margot wouldn't have sent her if she knew - besides Venus says she taught her to defend herself, then they wouldn't bash him and spill his dirty laundry if this was okay with Margot as well. Bad parenting, yes, but it might not be intentional. A lot of models go through shit at a young age too, unfortunately, but it is not like their parents knowingly send them off for them to be abused.

No. 92534

The effects of the surgery in the 5th photos, tbh, makes me feel so bad for her hating her body so much at that point. I know Japanese are very vocal about pointing out weight. I don't doubt Manaki and even strangers would mention it here and there. She wasn't massive by any means either. I think after that everything just went to hell mentally with her self worth wise. Kind of makes sense to be that validation with her OF makes her feel better after fucking her body so bad. I hope she does fix her quality though because if she can get a gravure photog in Japan to shoot, she would absolutely make good money. Especially with their professional editing.

No. 92535


Despite everything she's fucked either way. We can't keep going back to her childhood. She's 23 for fuck sake. She's in charge of her own life now, she wants to do grown things, so treat her like she's grown.

If this OF thing all fucks up and she starts crying about it in another two months time she will ONLY have herself to blame. No one else forced her to sign up to OF. She wanted to do this, let her make her own mistakes. When it goes wrong I'll have no sympathy.

No. 92536

I feel this too. Its really cringey to see people holding her past against her. Shit is almost 10 years old. The girls commenting on her posts about 'OlD VenUs' need to grow the fuck up too. Half her stuff was forced on her by her mom and had no actual childhood. The uwu pastel stuff isn't something she is interested in as an adult and as an adult she wants to show her tits. She's a costhot now. She gets to be talked about and treated like one.

No. 92538

File: 1589144881651.jpg (466.72 KB, 844x431, JPwZwRb.jpg)

>"Boku no Pico? Boku YES Pico"

Uhhh… Kinda worrying…

No. 92540

Its a meme anon. Im pretty sure Venus knows what BnP is and she's kidding.

No. 92541


I mean I too am sure she knows what BnP is, but this joke involves pedo shit

No. 92544

someone post her most recent onlyfans pictures, i cant find them anywhere(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 92546

>Not interested in kawaii stuff
>films video holding a plushie

She doesn’t know what she does or doesn’t like, does or doesn’t want. She has no identity as a human being, and this is just another attempt to pretend she has one.

No. 92547

Not even a costhot like other cows here, she's just a cliché OF thot, simple as that. I don't think her fans stuck in the past will ever get over the fact she's not their kawaii living doll idol anymore and she's gone down the trashy path.

No. 92548

Someone SENT that to her. Hows that her fault and everyone knows what BnP is. She's not a pedo for knowing what it is and joking.

No. 92549

This. Boku no Pico is just an old ass offensive meme from before the internet was so pearl clutchy. I don't think she actually likes it, she was just joking. So many underage PULLtards in this thread screaming pedophilia for even just placing two pics together.

The hentai she mentioned though is not even hentai, it's just snuff gore manga. Weird choice.

No. 92550

Seems average thotty kawaii though. She's not trying to peddle her 16 year old uwu persona and plushies aren't just for kids?

No. 92552

Honestly my dudes, wtf are you all watching? creeped out
Venus said she likes the said hentai for aesthetics only.

No. 92554

The threads are moving so fast…
>re: Venus saying she was interested in sex work since she was in kindergarten
That's simply good ol Venus planting the seeds for when she'll eventually gets tired of doing OF and moves on to the next thing because "I suddenly realized that I was actually groomed and therefore none of this is my fault, btw next week I'm going to do [insert whatever], that's my true calling!". Maybe she'll also add a name of who supposedly hurt her this time, for extra pity points by her blind wk.

Margo is a shit mom but Venus wasn't sexually abused and while Venus is psycho enough to not care about child abuse victims, she isn't attracted to children either. Venus' type is simply whoever she can use for money and as a scapegoat.

No. 92555

Eh, more like she had that Catholic style or idol from jpop or pop upbringing. She probably had to learn about sex on her own because margo said some bs to scare her to keep her cashcow at the time 'pure'. Repressing kids like that usually has this extreme effect. Not saying Venus cant make her own decisions, but none of this seems surprising.

No. 92558

I don’t really think you can excuse it with “it’s just a meme” when she shoops nudes/lewds to make her look like pedobait. If she wasn’t already pandering to pedophiles then yeah, sure, shitty meme from almost 10 years ago so edgy and funnay. But it’s not as harmless as you WKs want to paint it.

No. 92559

idk what you're smoking but boku no pico is literal hentai

No. 92562

You sound extremely autistic. She's an adult, pedos dont look at adults and get excited in any capacity because they arent children. It doesn't encourage it either. The people who argue this need to complain more about adult babies and BnP is fictional, anon. No one is in danger or baiting anything. Literally was 2 seconds of the video.

No. 92565

Can you stop it with the WKing/pedo defending? It’s really disgusting. Thinking pedophiles and those who pander to them are scum isn’t “autism.”

No. 92566

No one is trying to WK. You cant pedo bait when you're not even bait. If an adult turns you on and you're a pedo, that makes no sense, anon. Trying to paint Venus as this is a huge reach and is as stupid as calling anything racist that doesn't favor you as a poc.

No. 92567

anon is so desperate to push their own pedo narrative that they're just going to reply enraged to everything anyone says, reasonable or not. just ignore

she posted lingerie pics today and no interesting comments so far, mostly supportive

No. 92570

I was doing you a favour, if something interesting comes up I'll post it. I don't have to help you but I have been this whole time.

No. 92571

Are you intentionally missing the point or are you really that stupid? No she doesn’t look like a loli irl but she sure tries hard to shoop herself into one and keep up the act. It IS in fact WKing to keep defending her gross pedopander bullshit.

No. 92572

Venus is just another example of child stars gone bad, even if she was just a small one

No. 92573

just fucking listen to her talk and watch her mannerisms? that in combo with everything else literally screams pedo bait. NO she is not underage but she does everything she can to appear that way for sick people to "legally" beat off to an ultra childish 'costume' on a fully grown woman. god damn you WKs are annoying af, like what is the point of this thread at this point?

fyi adults with baby/diaper fetishes are fucked too, just because we aren't talking about it in this particular thread doesn't mean they aren't..?

No. 92580

260 posts and 0 milk. lock the thread already

No. 92581

because anon claims spoonfeeding and wont post but feels free to say there is new content.

No. 92582

or people like you can just quit posting since you just want free OF content

No. 92584

learn to use image boards for fucks sake, who the fuck are you replying to tard

No. 92585

>>92584 aww sorry for hurting you virgin feelings. Too bad you can't afford the $7 to pay for the only fans so you have to beg for it like a faggot

No. 92586

Not going to lie, I have wanted some nude leaks of Venus for quite a long time, so at least that's finally being delivered, but there's also a morbid curiosity for watching this train wreck spiral out of control. There has been a seriously lack of delivery with nudes though. Is the 1 titty pic really the most revealing one so far? Disappointing.

No. 92587

i literally replied you for the first time, i haven't begged for anything. go read the board rules.

No. 92588

>>92587 you go read them, you're violating themselves faggot

No. 92589

File: 1589155039580.jpg (18.49 KB, 275x206, 1541685448186.jpg)

just say you're a newfag, it's ok

No. 92592

I've seen a lot of armchair psychologists throwing around diagnosis and while Venus is certainly suffering from some sort of mental illness I haven't really seen anyone mention that she is most likely suffering from Histrionic Personality Disorder (HPD).

I used to know someone who followed the exact same pattern as Venus. She had divorced parents, an overbearing mother, was raised as a secluded wonder child, basically consumed nothing but anime and smut.

Every time this girl would meet a new group of people she would entirely warp her personality and behaviours into whatever would give her the most attention from them.

Not long before I had met her she was hanging out with the lesbian crowd on campus and had 'come out' as lesbian to them. Then after meeting me she dumped all that and created a new persona to appeal to me.

Meanwhile her online persona was very uWu and she ran a fairly successful tumblr blog around that, along with another gore tumblr and anorexic porn tumblr (these came a bit later).

Did I mention that she was also studying under a scholarship? Well she had an argument with her mother, dropped out of university and started working as a stripper to support herself. Well, support herself wouldn't be the right word as stripping became her new persona.

One thing led to another and she was doing escorting and flying abroad to do porn.

Oh and just like Venus, this girl thought that any normal work was below her, she had awful personal hygiene, and despite the uWu kawaii fashion and dolly make-up she would wear in public, when she was at home she'd be holed up in her (unwashed) bed eating snacks and flicking her bean to lolis on 4chan.

Histrionic personality disorder (HPD) is defined by the American Psychiatric Association as a personality disorder characterized by a pattern of excessive attention-seeking behaviors, usually beginning in early adulthood, including inappropriate seduction and an excessive need for approval. People diagnosed with the disorder are said to be lively, dramatic, vivacious, enthusiastic, and flirtatious.

People with HPD have a high need for attention, make loud and inappropriate appearances, exaggerate their behaviors and emotions, and crave stimulation. They may exhibit sexually provocative behavior, express strong emotions with an impressionistic style, and can be easily influenced by others. Associated features include egocentrism, self-indulgence, continuous longing for appreciation, and persistent manipulative behavior to achieve their own needs.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 92595

>this or that 'personality disorder'
They're all the fucking same! They all do the same shit and are just dickheads in fact

No. 92597

Nothing is even wrong mentally aside from probably depression. She is a low self-esteemed girl who grew up sheltered from sexual shit anhdthat literally lead to this. Now she's basic Japthot. Her content is literally japanese targeted who like the uwu girlfriend youthful look and is girl as fuck because its kawaii. She is just a thot. Dont try to diagnose her.

No. 92599

A lot of behaviours may be similar but they are not in fact the same.

There is a difference between growing up sheltered from real experiences and having your only contact with sexuality come from hentai-smut.
>>She is a low self-esteemed girl who grew up sheltered from sexual shit anhdthat literally lead to this.
>>Dont try to diagnose her.

You are doing exactly that yourself.

Seriously, if you've dealt with people dealing with HPD it is extremely easy to recognise their patterns of behaviour and what is driving them.

I've worked in education for a long time and spent a lot of time with mentally ill and mentally unstable students from Autism spectrum, BPD, HPD, Schizophrenia to Bipolar and even states resulting from drug abuse. I'm not handing down a medical diagnosis but she is very clearly exhibiting everything that come under HPD.(armchairing)

No. 92600

>seriously, I've
shut up retard, every idiot thinks the cow is their one thing they experienced

No. 92601

It’s a hellhole of a thread but nice try whiteknight

No. 92608

Anon, we know it's an "old" meme. And ngl Boku no Pico is a weird hill to die on, kek.

No. 92613

File: 1589167607992.jpeg (209.7 KB, 1762x1128, 5EE3C064-754C-41BB-8213-D0CD4C…)

Hairwashing is for losers stuck in boring noncreative “jobs.”

No. 92614

I'm calling it. She really is a pedo

No. 92617

Any further pedo nitpicking will earn you a ban. Move on.

No. 92620

>folks here share Venus's view of loli hentai and ddlg but don't want to count as pedos
This is absolutely true of the site userbase but I don't actually see much of defending going on. Someone is just pushing it the case too way ardently like chill out.. this site is for laughs(move on)

No. 92621

I cant wait for this to blow up in her face. This vid is so cringe, lookin like she has a gun pointed to her head. lol she doesnt exude this empowerment her fans keep saying.

No. 92623

She made that video to justify all that shit for herself. She's desperately trying to convince herself. It's all "fake it till you make it" words of affirmation.

No. 92624

This video is the complete opposite of someone who's confident with themselves sexually. She mentioned now having 800+ OF subscribers. So Weenus can make out she's had this side to her for years all she wants, but we know her ego has tripled in size thanks to easy simp money and that's all she truly cares about. There's hardly any effort needed in being a sloppy thot, which is right up her street.

No. 92627

she would have done better with dudes if she maintained the uwu front. The type of creeps who are into her don't even like sluts they like 'd-do you guys like this?'. She's supposed to be innocent but instead she tried for hehe i relate to you guys because i'm nasty and predatory too. Well i dunno it still worked i guess

No. 92628

does this confirm she lost her virginity to manaki? she acted like she was still an innocent virgin for most of the time she was married…

No. 92629

are you implying that anyone who has kinks or fetishes, which is most human beings, is mentally ill/traumatized? uh

No. 92633

nothing that Venus personally says will ever confirm anything

No. 92634

And everyone will say she lost is some other way anyway, so no reason to keep arguing who or how she lost her virginity.

No. 92635

She's even promoting her OF on YT. How gross and opportunistic and a big, giant, girthy finger up her fans asses. She will sell out and lie, anyday if it means 800 subs at 6.99. Also, what happened to not knowing what it's like to be horny, said in the slander video? Now it's "I fantasized about porn but was slut shamed guyssss, I'm still a victim of control, my mommy didn't let me be a slut as a little kid/teen, but before that she was "forcing" me to show off my tights, make a boob thumbnail, go to Mr. Yan etc". And let's not forget the bra blog post she made –where she said buying bras is 'sooo shameful'. Why did she write that if she was truly into porn & being slutty? Was she just pretending it was shameful, so she cold seem "retarded/cute", like she said? She can't even blame Margo, because Margo urged her to accept her "puberty" bod, as she said. Yet now she says she was a victim of slut shaming. Always the fucking victim and despite evidence against her, none of her indoctrinated fans question all the contradictions. That said, she's definitely pretending to be hypersexual, for them sweet OF bucks. I can't believe even anons on here believe she's a rabid sexual due. She will not give this up and continue to play up this sexual deviant act, like all her other acts, until she gets rich, then she'll dump her OF. Or die trying to get rich.

>he’s throwing her established fanbase down the toilet for what is probably a symptom of a mental break
No, it's due to her greed for money. 800 subs means like 5k before OFs cut and taxes (which she probably isn't reporting).

No. 92641

That is a disgustingly biased video that Venus had Primink upload, just like she had Sora whiteknight her ass in one hour long stream. She even emailed Vexxed, but he never publicly said what she wanted. Probably make a video on her. So take that garbage video that was already posted before and your white knight self to KF and pull where you can worry about poor sexually repressed/slut-shamed Venus who was simultaneously sexualized.

>she wanted her to be with Manaki for the marriage visa.
Yet venus said her mom said she'd delete the youtube if she married Manaki. Then she said she was forced to marry him, when she was slandering manaki and lying to make up a second abuse story. It had nothing to do with justifying visa fraud she was complicit in and blame shifting. Just like the pregnant comment. It was to blame shift. True or not, Venus deliberately revealed that (and probably played up a random, insensitive comment Margo made to her one time as a joke) to blame shift and take heat off herself at the time. Why can't you get it into your head, that she's a lying, manipulative snake, as bad as her mother, who plays up her "struggles" and "trauma" and contradicts everything when convenient. I knew the 'it was all margo' fags would come pouring in.

more proof she's lying about dreaming of being sexual as a child and a victim of slutshaming. Remember her "life long dream to own a media/advertising company" when she was parading Gaku Kitano's business as her own? Back when she needed to sell the "hard-working, girl boss image."

No. 92642

>Not sure if they even know
They def know. After Zsu deleted her first insta, she made another using the name of her dogs and continued making jabs at Margo. She said something like "only cows are found in the fields with mushrooms" when Margo went mushroom picking. She was most likely translating Ferenc's posts too. Ferenc seems to have deleted his insta or changed names. He had a lot of posts bashing Margo and even one rant that included venus.

Zsu kept making public posts, rather than dm her. Why make public posts asking to skype? She probably wanted to piss Margo off and got a high when KF idolized her. She's just like Marge/Venus – grown ass adult ranting and making jabs via social media. So is Ferenc. They're all the same. Also, venus started the isolation talk after pull/Kf kept assuming she was isolated. I bet she doesn't have a therapist, she just reads KF and steals what they say when it suits her.

No. 92643

>more proof she's lying about dreaming of being sexual as a child and a victim of slutshaming
Don't forget the homeless prostitute comment that traumatized her and was too difficult to talk about uwu. If sex work really was her lifelong dream, then you wouldn't think the prospect of resorting to sex work would have bothered her as much. Or was she just pretending to be traumatized to demonize Margo, since it was convenient at the time?

No. 92644

It doesn’t matter what Venus said. Her words don’t have any ounce of truth. Venus is a slut for attention. Period. She will be anything you want as long as she gets those subs or likes. She also loves to get involved in controversies like being on strange addictions and other shit over the years. There’s no doubt she’s a sick fuck, but I wouldn’t trust anything she claims.

No. 92647

File: 1589187232699.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 18.32 KB, 500x124, Vebnus.JPG.107ca5652f202bfc940…)

No. 92649

The same girl who claimed to be lesbian lol

No. 92650

Ok, I checked all this pedo spec, and it seems it was Margot's cryptic insta posts that has lead to this along with that kid's picture. She also said she kept using girls (unclear) but it sounds like she means Mikan and Ella as she used them to not have a proper address. Then she "speculates" Mana is dead also because allegedly Venus asked her to back up her story of mental illness to present to court to get away with crime using mental illness as an excuse (case unclear but "Venus's pedo case" wording is used and also Margot speculated a case relating family matter is only opened if someone is dead in Japan), she never actually claimed she killed Mana (only speculation as all Mana's accounts are gone and Venus edited a 2016 instagram post to tag Mana's new fake account which was created in 2019 (this is really suspicious btw! Wtf). Margot is aware it is speculation) so I think she deserves more credit - she might be a little not right in the head but she is not delusional as many people obviously are. TLDR, could Venus be stretching this whole new persona to fit to her story of mental case???!! Also, could the post about the kid be altered to point at the kid's mom when in fact it was Venus who did it because Ken asked her to? Margot is crazy but she often tells the truth, the wild stuff she speculates gets lost in translation and the fans' rewording.

No. 92652

if mana is dead and venus went to court for it she definitely wouldn't still be in Japan lmao. also it would be all over the news because the japanese go crazy for real life yandere cases that involve cute girls

No. 92654

also it's not true that all of manakis accounts are gone. @manasenpai is still up, just not active

No. 92655

sorry but this whole thread is turning into a venus-yandere-pedo fanfic(samefagging)

No. 92656

you just tried to draw a bunch of unrelated irrelevant AND fake info into .. something? stop

No. 92657

In what way did you translate what I wrote to Mana is dead? It is Margot's speculation and I don't think it is the case, still super suspicious that all accounts are gone. Manasenpai is a fake one created in 2019, Venus is said to link to it by editing a post dating 2016, super weird for other reasons than Manaki being dead.

No. 92658

Criminal assumption is on her being around or involved in an environment of pedos(move on)

No. 92659

I just think this is all for the shock value but trying to put Margots claim of Venus wanting her to cooperate supporting her case of mental illness. Or maybe just a doctor asked her if she has family history on BPD shrugs

No. 92660

wrong. the posts on @manasenpai go back to early 2018. and I still remember this being manakis account before making a new one called @manarosenrot

No. 92661

>>92365 Anyone else here miss the ¨old¨ Venus? She used to look more cheerful and now she always looks so sad. In her latest video she sounded sad and drunk.
>>92647 Her once again trying too hard. She needs to just stop. The only people supporting this, as she likes to call, newer version of herself are idiotic teenagers. All of her older fans are calling it out for what it is.

No. 92662

also, before venus pressured manaki to show up in her videos he had zero online presence, venus always helped him with his video and photo descriptions because manaki doesn't speak english. since they broke up it's only natural that manaki isn't active on his english-based social media anymore, doesn't mean he's dead lmao. also, venus is still in Japan thanks to her spouse visa, which would cease to exist if manaki was dead

No. 92663

No. 92665

Again, I am not claiming he is dead. Anywho! Then let me interpret what Margot's insta relating V's pedo case (word by word) might mean.. I think she might mean that there is nothing Venus could do because unless someone dies japanese police will treat abuse as family matters, maybe in reply to fans who questioned why Venus didnt report this. Then what Venus might have trouble with could be financial, probably she didn't fulfill the obligations of a contract or something?

No. 92666

> Then let me
no! shut up with this stream of unsaged garbage

No. 92667

How ironic on what needs to be saged Anon.

No. 92668

forget Venus not even being in Japan, she wouldn't even be posting if she were even SUSPECTED of a crime here. Japanese police don't play when it comes to foreigners and crime. They jail people and can hold them for a long time with no contact to loved ones. There was a story a while ago about a Finnish girl who got taken in for supposedly having drugs (all false). There had to be a whole online campaign to get her out and the embassy got involved.

I can't believe people would even entertain Margo's delusions. Not even trying to defend Venus, but that shit just wouldn't fly in Japan. If Venus were involved in a crime of that nature or even anything close to it, she wouldn't be posting.

No. 92669

You are wild, I repeated myself 3 times already that you are misreading what I have written, I can't honestly if you don't have the capacity of understanding even when it is repeated 3 times. You are also super ignorant on anything relating law. Financial matters and contracts, loans do not lead to deportation UNLESS you are proven to be a fraud (= repeatedly charged with similar cases) Now stop derailing the discussion.

No. 92671

you are talking to yourself

No. 92673

what kinda dumbass even entertains margo’s bullshit. both cunts lie all the time. quit playing detective, youre terrible at it.

No. 92674

At least I am keeping on our subject of Venus, while you seem to have this fascination about other anons, aka me, looking to pick a fight. Would love to hear your brilliant, oh so worthy milk anon. Margot was entertaining the idea Venus has a secret surgery in Korea by a butcher surgeon, and viola, she was telling the truth. Also the other claims relating her relationship with Mana, and the timeline of Venus's time in Korea or Margot's time in Japan are in check. Honestly, there is no reason not to believe her when she says Venus asked for family history on mental illness around the fucking time Venus says she has a PET scan of her brain for BPD, so fuck off please.

No. 92675

THIS! Anyone who actually believes that woman is equally nuts. Yes, some of her accusations came out as the truth, but Manaki isn't dead nor did Peenus kill him, for fucks sake.


Also this thread has become so annoying, stopp bitching about your stupid assumptions and get over yourself!!!

No. 92676

Learn to read Anon.(learn to sage, newfag)

No. 92678

youre not keep the thread on topic, we were on getting track before your margo crap. the current topic is venus went topless in the sloppiest way possible, and is desperately convincing herself she isnt a trainwreck. shes building an ‘uwu dirty before diapers’ persona full of lies and contridictions because she has zero sex appeal and wants quick money she will probably spend on stupid shit, most certainly not therapy. she seems to have no friends irl since shes so invested in wow’ing her teenage fanbase.

thats the current topic. now venus is claiming she will post again on OF a week from now. Will she this time, idk, brush her hair?

No. 92679

File: 1589201220864.jpg (485.07 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200511-144710_Ins…)

No. 92680

Didn't she say she was working with an Photographer or something in her latest Video?

They would atleast recommend you to take a shower before taking some pics unless she's not using her tripod, because seriously this girl is just a pathological liar.

No. 92682

I wasn't trying to be funny, just sick of seeing the word "pedo" thrown around by screaming snowflakes with absolutely no basis for it except in your own fevered imagination.
people who watch these boring as fuck animes might be retarded but it is no way 'proof' they are pedos , I've even seen people accused of being that just cos they watch Sailor Moon for fucks sake! Real perverts are hardly out there jerking off to cartoons.

Are you one of those morons who see it everywhere? Until Venus admits to something like that herself or is accused of something, I don't want to see idiots constantly throwing that accusation around at her, she may be many things to complain about, but I don't believe that about her, and people saying it are just doing it to sensationalise, and I'm not the only one here sick of seeing it.

No. 92683

Hahaaha, yes, better go, cos it's obviously not populated by virginal untainted minds here. Snowflakes could get traumatised and need lots of therapy. Poor things.(Admin warned to stop this)

No. 92686

Enough with trying to diagnose Venus with whatever personality disorder she may or may not have. She’s clearly an unstable, manipulative, lying snowflake so lets just keep it at that. Let’s just stay talking about her pathetic behavior like we always do.

No. 92687

I give it two weeks before she abandons her only fans account. It’s going to be about a mont of no content and then she will post the periodic nude photo that was lazily done. Wouldn’t surprise me if her next nude will involve her looking greasy and unwashed.

No. 92688

If she doesn't keep up the nudes her simps will quickly lose interest. She already showed her tits with a sign about her pussy quick enough and they will expect that more often. No cutesy lingerie and half assed snaps will keep them happy for long.

No. 92689

The weird thing is definitely the fact venus bothered to go through ancient Instagram posts, and change the Manaki tag to a fake account she made.

I wouldn't take Margo seriously though, when Venus was sick in hospital about a year ago (iirc) Margo was speculating Manaki poisoned her. It was an eating disorder and stomach problem due to weight loss surgery that put her in hospital. Marg just makes up whatever she feels like, sometimes it'a true simply because she can make a decent guess at what Venus is doing as they share similar personalities.

No. 92694

its been way longer than a year since venus was hospitalised for her botched surgery

No. 92697

I did the tour through these threads (reverse downfall) and you're right, it was two years ago. I have no sense of time, clearly.

Ref: >>>/w/30581
So we've gone from "Manaki poisoned Venus"(2018) to "Venus killed Manaki" (2020) in unverified claims by Margo.

No. 92698


So what exactly did she post?

No. 92701

Samefag, you can reallly see how much bullshit her "I was a sexual deviant this whole time" act is if you read the end of >>>/snow/286133 thread circa her hospital visit, look at the photos and Instagram posts from that time. Fuckin' where Venus. She's just uses whatever trends she can latch onto to make the easiest money possible. Her story will change again once the simpbucks run out.

No. 92703

Please, just pay the 6 bucks and stop bumping the thread, thirsty incels

Sincerely, literally everyone else in this thread

No. 92704

It makes sense tbh to have a strong urge of sexuality when you're forced to be uwu for cameras and YT. Marge probably scared her with stories about what would happen if she had it and probably Googled shit herself and got6 obsessed with the stark contrast between moa/kawaai and tits and ass out. I think she has actual interest in being sexual to a degree, especially at her age.

No. 92706

Just to add that her having legit interest doesn't mean she's going to put out quality but shes pandering to the look that Japanese guys fond over when girls get naked. The ultra girly, uwu, but degenerate type. She's not pandering to US and EU fags here. Just like you have Blac Chyna cashing in on the bimbo fetish guys or like Stephanie or Vivka.

No. 92714

speak for yourself next time.

No. 92715

the thirstier and angrier you get the funnier it is to not post it for you

No. 92716

Honestly I would pay those 6.99$ to her cheap ass and spread her pics just for the fun of it, but you need a credit card to subscribe, so no. Not happening I guess.

No. 92724

Still no milk, this thread has become so boring…

No. 92725

go pay for it thirsty boy(continued newfaggotry)

No. 92727

File: 1589232723500.png (Spoiler Image, 338.49 KB, 397x707, 1.png)

As I said it's nothing milky, not even a bad picture

No. 92728

File: 1589232755390.png (Spoiler Image, 377.28 KB, 395x706, 2.png)

No. 92729

File: 1589232908613.png (Spoiler Image, 268.66 KB, 640x1690, 3.png)

The comments too aren't that interesting either as I said, but they're all pretty similar, so here are the ones Venus liked.

The main thing people are wondering about is what she's going to do with the paintbrush.

No. 92730


Posing with a stuffed rabbit sure is "sexy" and "lewd".

No. 92731

Probably tickle stuff or write/paint on her body. Its another Japanese specific hentai fetish. Most of the shit she is doing is the specific guys in japan who lust over moe/petite uwu girlfriend types who do lewd and sexual shit. Going to be getting a lot of this stuff.

No. 92732

She's still pedo pandering. Fucking sicko. Anything for a quick, easy buck. Money matters more to her than decency and empathy. We already saw it with the doxxing of the kid. To me, pedo panderers, who willingly contribute to the issue are just as bad as actual pedos. Imagine exploiting the pedophilia issue to profit off of. Utterly reprehensible.(pedo sperging)

No. 92733

The only thing I can really contribute to this is she has made over $5176.80 or ¥551,315 in her first month.

That's adding up all the tips and removing OF's 20% fees, but she will have an unknown amount of tips in her DM's from guys like MK, and not accounting for any chargebacks.

No. 92734

>>Posing with a stuffed rabbit
She’s holding the bunny over her scar.

No. 92736

why just not shop it out? or is she too lazy to do that?

>>92728 her nose edit on this one is ridiculous. She turned herself into Mikan

No. 92738

No wonder she looks down upon normal jobs when she can make that much money for snapping a couple photos a week posing in underwear. Fuck, I have a normal 9 to 5 office job and make way less than that.

No. 92739

she will probably never go full nude then. dumbass puts her body on display, proclaims her pussy is a creampie paradise, and will never deliver the goods. i dont see her OF lasting long. she at least looks better than her pic, she probably did that on her dumb highs.

No. 92740

Her left arm did |

No. 92741

Sex sells and always will, which means very easy money. No wonder why Weenus chose to do OnlyFans. YouTube is much too hard work for her now.

No. 92742

Those are just the "sneak peeks" she promised to post before her "better content" is ready. Seeing how she got herself off after posting her first nude, it won't be the last one.

No. 92743

My guess is Venus is playing up this hypersexual deviant act, in the hopes she can become the next super rich Belle Delphine, then when she gets enough money, she'll drop the act and do whatever tf she wants, maybe even give up being on camera. It's pretty obvious she didn't dream of this since kindergarten. Did she say that hoping people would think she was sexually abused? This OF stuff is just her 50000000th new persona. It's possible in middle school or teenage years, she liked hentai or loli or regular porn, but obviously that's not something she'd share with her family… no kid does. They fap privately and that doesn't make her a victim of slut-shaming/sexual repression, and this also contradicts her "not knowing what being horny was" when she needed to sell the forced narrative to her audience. So maybe some of the suggestive content she posted with Margo was actually what she wanted, which would vindicate Margo to quite an extent. But then she went on her own and continued the kawaii stuff. Margo shared notes where she said her dream was to be famous for being cute and make 6 figures. Was she genuinely interested in the kawaii stuff, or did she continue it because it was trendy and made her lots of money? There's also her blog post. Was she pretending bra shopping was sO sInfUl and acting shy/retarded because she thought it was cute? And that's what she wanted to be seen as, or at least act that way to make money/build a brand? Or was she genuinely not interested in that stuff and growing up and is just selling her 975959949 lie at this point?

Venus even said she emailed Margo on her brain scan post to use it for pity points, yet anons still don't believe she even emailed her and marge is making everything up. I believe her when she says venus emailed her about mental illnesses in the family, which may have had something to do with the psychopathy Marge claims is on the fathers side of the family, but "killing" Manaki is waaay too far-fetched. She most likely pissed off/screwed over the wrong sugar daddy, Manager, Ken or whomever and needs an excuse at worst. I doubt she'd email Marge just out of curiosity or because she needed family history for her (fake) therapy sessions. I do genuinely think she is a sociopath however. She's as money hungry, fake and sensationalist as the Paul brothers and they admit to sociopathy.

No. 92744

File: 1589235403800.jpg (18.51 KB, 634x423, 4BEFC6EF00000578-0-image-a-9_1…)

the scar is lower than that. you can't see it unless she takes off her panties

No. 92745

I'm curious, why are anons like >>92732 & >>92512 being banned for mentioning pedo pandering? Isn't that what she's trying to accomplish with her pictures, photoshopping to look like a baby, holding teddybears, looking kawaii and innocent etc? Seems like a legitimate issue and not just sperging?

No. 92746

>>92745 the mods, atleast one of them is a Venus White Knight, its been showing in both threads now.

No. 92748

>>the scar is lower than that.
She has more than one scar. She’s had 3 major abdominal surgeries, the weight loss one where part of her small intestine was removed, a second procedure to clean out the infection from surgery #1 and a third to reroute her stomach and other organs after the sutures from surgery #1 split open. Many scars. Hence the bunny (at least until she figures out how to edit them out.)

Look at the awkward way she’s holding the bunny over her lower abdomen.

No. 92749

Pretty much >>92746

It offends them to think that poor widdel weenus is a disgusting pedoshill who baits nonces with poorly photoshopped pictures so they ban anyone who discusses it

No. 92751

Is it me or those pics are super boring and not even sexy?

No. 92752

I mean.. Better than the topless one honestly

No. 92754

its boring lazy content made so they she feels ok because she atleast posted

No. 92755

They do have a strong yosuga no sora vibe to them so I think she's really trying to milk the loli and even incest crowd. But yes, boring and lazy

No. 92761

Those comments are disgusting and she even likes some of them. She should at least have some sort of sex worker marketing technique like Belle Dolphin. You rule the simps, you never let them rule you or it goes bad.

No. 92762

>So maybe some of the suggestive content she posted with Margo was actually what she wanted, which would vindicate Margo to quite an extent

Right, she has continued to follow the same path Margo set out for her while ostensibly "escaping" from her. I don't support either of them, but this current path paints them as equals rather than enemies.

No. 92764

Queue sperging about how these photos aren't lewd enough, claims that Venus is evil for editing her face and holding a bunny, and that she needs to have a HD camera shoved up her asshole while she's in a contortionist pose ASAP, or else her simps will see the light and she'll be rendered homeless.
This is boring to those of us who aren't attracted to her, not to dumb, horny men, lmao. They will keep paying for content like this, and the topless picture will keep them hopeful for a long-ass time even if she never delivers nudes.

No. 92765

she started off going topless and lives for this attention. she already ruined it

No. 92767

She's pandering to a different demographic of guys.


No. 92769

We're on /w/, being a weeb is normal here, cutesy isn't the same as pedo and we really don't need multiple anons sperging about how the way she has styled herself for the past ten fucking years is loli bait. We get it, you don't need to bring it up every fucking time, she's not gonna change her style

No. 92770

File: 1589246080452.png (Spoiler Image, 2.43 MB, 1079x1733, Screenshot_20200512-081157(1).…)

Nothing new or interesting, except of one picture. It is likely that most of subscribers going to quit next month

No. 92772

Honestly, I don't even see that much of a problem with her having an onlyfans the only problem is the fucking cringe video she posted and that teribble "uwu I'm a cumdumpster"pic

No. 92773

As cringe as this is, if she walked it back completely one day I'd probably forgive her. I thought this was gross but then realized she never was allowed to have a normal edgy teen phase.

No. 92774

holy shit their apartment must be so fucking small or she's literally only allowed in that one room

No. 92776

>> she never was allowed to have a normal edgy teen phase.

That lame excuse is wearing thinner the more time that goes by. Weenis has had over 4 years to get that “edgy teen phase” out of her system. What she’s doing is not a “phase,” it’s her true colors as a crazy asshole coming out.

No. 92779

File: 1589249115569.png (70.73 KB, 715x754, 7874293797.png)

Her fans are so dumb. Brainwashed by her years of lies. I feel sorry for the really young ones who are victims of her though. First her mom "forced" her to be sexualized. Then it's her mom forced her to act 'super childish'. Then she didn't know what being horny really was because her mom never taught her. Then she dreamed of it since kindergarten. Then she was a victim of slut-shaming by her family. Then her mom forced sexual pics. Then Manaki was abusive and evil. Then she lives in his apartment again. Ridiculous. I even doubt her first abuse story now. She just makes shit up when it suits her narrative and to deflect from her own shortcomings, then changes it. She's just trying to manipulate her young fans, preying on their emotions so they don't unfollow her. Once again, she's proven that money comes before all. She will doxx, pander, manipulate, toy with emotions and expose children to her sex work – anything so long as the coin gremlin gets her shiny coins.

No. 92780

There's a difference infantilizing yourself while posting cute content and infantilizing yourself while posting nudes/doing sex work and then exposing your underage audience to your sex work.

No. 92781

Her fans are really stupid, even I see on PULL its ridiculous. Venusim gay guys,I love pssee* some of her fans "omg me too yaaas queen finally venus is gay woohoo". venus "i love d3k,and i had dirty mind since i was little girgle" her fans "omg me too venus yaaaas queen finally someone like me" Wtf?

No. 92782

File: 1589250006420.png (63.51 KB, 553x811, 2146293797.png)

No. 92783

In regards to the victim of 'slut-shaming' narrative… I can't believe she's trying to put that on her family. Like what is your mom and rest of family supposed to do? Allow you to post your tits online, escort, do porn, have sex as a preteen, child etc? Like that's not slut-shaming. That would be her mom/family actually being responsible for once. And let's not even get into the numerous contradictions in her new story. She is such a bitch, always spinning things to turn her into some victim heroine of some fabricated story she invented to aggrandize herself.

No. 92788

>hiding in my room
What a crossover.

No. 92790

Typical Weenus in a nutshell though. Always the victim no matter what. Nothing is her fault, it's everyone else's fault. When she doesn't get her way, she throws a tantrum like a toddler and spins everything around to make her look like the hero. She's a narcissistic cunt.

No. 92792

I fully expect them to fuck now.

No. 92793

I mean her mom could have you know, not exploited her child's body online to live vicariously through her for all those years. I remember the living doll shit. How else is a pubescent person supposed to understand sexuality when your own parent is like "dress all provocatively and make weird noises, etc on camera" but I bet once Venus actually asked like normal sex questions her mom exploded and called her a slut or whatever. We don't know what happened behind closed doors with her growing up, but I guarantee its enough to give anyone a fucked up perception of sex and sexuality.

No. 92796

there's already something established between them, many of her simps are 'from' the himr discord. someone on an ig live asked her years ago do you know daniel from himr and she went 'omhgggggggggg "i have to end the stream now lol"'

No. 92797

If we're to believe what Venus recently said, that it was her dream since Kindergarten, then how do you know all of that was Margo's idea and not Venus' and Margo just let her do what she wanted? Also, her bra shopping blogpost directly contradicts what you're saying. Venus literally wrote: her mom urged her to accept her body when they were shopping for bras. Venus was the one who wrote: wearing and shopping for bras is sooo shameful and that she doesn't want to grow up and prefers acting retarded and shy because she thinks it's cute. Was she faking all that and hiding her "sexual deviancy" from her mother who seemed totally okay and even urging her daughter to accept puberty and growing up? Why would she get slut shamed then? That's complete bullshit. Just her millionth persona and fake story she needs to sell to make money. She's making 5k a month. She'll say anything and discard all her loyal fans to go in this new direction.

No. 92798

she also said he was her fav youtuber, along with kanadajin, which she later contradicted by saying she doesn't even watch other youtubers.

No. 92799

Also she told everyone she has 800 OF subs because being seen as poor is her biggest fear. She said that once, so she flaunted that number to her audience. Being seen as poor triggers her. She's a greedy sack of shit. Back when she was escorting and room hopping, I remember her flaunting a years old dior palette and a LV scarf one of her sugar daddies or Ken probably bought her

No. 92800

She does have that many though.it has nothing do to with admitting you have money or not.

No. 92801

>If we're to believe what Venus recently said, that it was her dream since Kindergarten,
You really believed that?

No. 92805

i really dont understand why people keep taking ANYTHING this manuplative cunt says as truth, or even just possibly. She is always always lying, always making up a narrative where shes always a victim. shes now crafting a persona for OF. simple as that. she knows there are pedos amongst her simps and doesnt care; at least two from her livestreams confirmed to be crossovers from HIMR discord, fantasizing kidnapping japanese schoolgirls to rape them. i think their names are david and caesium, they were the ones giving her the most money. so venus figures pandering this shit = more money, and adds in empowerment for the tumblrina crowd so both crowds have a reason to stay. Its all about money now. sex sells, sad sells, broken bitch sells.

No. 92807

>Its all about money now. sex sells, sad sells, broken bitch sells
You just described basic sex work.

No. 92810

if you read the rest of what anon said, you'd realize they don't believe it

Actually it does. Tell your audience how many subs you have is telling them how much you make before tips and since no one asked her, she was obviously showing off so people can know

No. 92811


I could be more sexy than her by just putting on my grandma's pajamas. Honestly I feel bad for those who pay 7 dollars and are getting… that lmao

No. 92814

Thats how thots manage promoting their work. Its not so much of a brag, especially her bringing it up since she started and suddenly there were that many. It makes total sense to talk about it and I like hearing OF bts stuff and if she talks more about it Ill be more invested. Thotting is one thing but Im curious about her bts with it and how OF will treat her. She only has to wait 7 days after a sub to withdrawal money and it can only be taken out in sums of $20 if anyone wonders

No. 92816


So she can't take all of the 5600 dollars at once?

No. 92817

No you can. I didn't word that right. Has to be minimum of $20. I wonder what her gross is before taking taxes out. Venus should look into quarterly taxes to help keep tax confusion for her a little as possible unless Manaki is handling it. I don't think she is smart enough to handle her money herself but I also really don't think she should let other people handle her money again.

No. 92818

$20 is just the MINIMUM amount she can take out at once fucktards. She can take it all out once the 7 days from a sub passes.

No. 92819


Learn how to use the site newfag

No. 92821

using it fine jelly fag(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 92824

File: 1589271657346.png (1004.65 KB, 1222x396, vv.png)

off topic, but how do we know she's still at manaki's flat?
we haven't seen much apart from the walls and the bed really, it could be anywhere.
i've been comparing her room tour video with her current backgrounds and except the bedside table, it looks nothing like her old room. maybe she managed to find a new place that's just as cramped as the room at manaki's?

if you compare these two, the bedside table is still there, but the desk is missing. the posters are different. the door is on the opposite side. that shelf unit she has with the easter deco wasn't there before. it looks like she just bought them to create some storage space on an empty wall.

No. 92832

What really puts me off about her is that she makes $5000 a month by posting lazy underwear photos while at the same time she constantly paints herself as the victim who ~struggles in life so much~. Like, fuck, many hardworking people in jobs that are essential for society can only DREAM of income like that.

No. 92834

Par for the course for shitty sex workers. Most sex workers do lives or private shows. Venus is only selling sets of pics bc I bet she can’t handle not using all the filters and choosing the perfect shot.

Most guys shell out money to SWs for a personal experience or to interact with them over live. But Venus is too chicken shit and her ego is too fragile to do these things bc you have to have a tough skin. Guys will come into your chat just to be mean in hopes of getting a rise out of you.

Main point: this is lazy af and any guy could find superior lewds from a someone with less “fame” and resources for their sets.

No. 92835

surprised no one has posted this. or i missed it with all the wks and scrotes clogging this thread

No. 92836

>learn2scrool newfag
This was already posted

No. 92837

Since she didn't move to Japan/Korea until she was a teenager, she can't have been exposed to much porn/hentai before then as she was born in 1997 in Switzerland/lived in Germany, UK, etc, not Japan. The sexualization/pornification of the western internet is new. Western internet in 2002, when she was 5 aka kindergarten was very very slow, there were no streaming platforms, and there wasn't sex positivity/people becoming SW straight out of school as of now. There's no way a 5 year old had easy access to hentai on western internet 2002. Nobody even had mobile internet until about 2010, when iphones became popular, she was 13.

She's rewriting the past for the convenience of her simps.

No. 92838

It's here, this thread is infested with scrotes >>92425

So all the milk gets buried under "any new pics pls post"

No. 92840

That yukky luna comment is weird since the op didn't link the website (either here or Twitter) yet the yukky luna account kinda replies like a PA. I wonder if it's just a weird fan or someone connected.

No. 92841

File: 1589291446335.jpeg (988.38 KB, 1242x1243, 983977FE-F8FD-40D0-B9F4-617D67…)

What is this editing?? The right side of her face looks like a perfect sideways obtuse angle or like the fucked up SM Crystal animations

No. 92844

File: 1589292282666.jpg (33.21 KB, 330x360, 20200512_100332.jpg)

First thing I thought of, shes going for boxhead mode

No. 92846

Isn't it a bunny from Marge store?

No. 92848

Anon, people are teenagers for seven years. Four years is not that long a period of time.

No. 92849

All I see is Pixyteri "I'm pooping"

No. 92850

Learn to sage dumbass

No. 92851

I feel like people who are over analyzing Venus's choice to do only fans and blaming her mom are missing the real picture.

It isn't because of trauma, it isn't for creativity, it isn't because she's sick. She's lazy and like every girl who thinks they're too good for work she's selling T n A. It's really that simple.

No. 92854

Showing tits, vag and ass is the easiest job in the world, yet ethots make it sound like it's such "hard creative work". Weenus doesn't like producing decent YouTube content anymore because it requires her to actually be productive. Why spend a week making a video that reaches no more than 30k views when you can hold a sign topless talking about your cream pied pussy for instant cash? That's her in a nutshell. A lazy sack of shit.

No. 92855

Most girls dont do lives and shows right off the bat. You gotta give her time with this shit anon. She went fast but at this point tits are just tits. If she does insertion shit, Ill lose it, but literally how sex work like this works is just photos or little clips/gifs and guys love the mature look for than real HD stuff. Its the whole 'uwu girlfriend' vibe and she's milking it well imo. Japanese dudes love this shit.

No. 92856

amature look not mature. She's not playing up MILF stuff. I don't think she can ever tbh.

No. 92864

>>Someone SENT that to her. Hows that her fault and everyone knows what BnP is. She's not a pedo for knowing what it is and joking

Sad to say there are some moronic snowflakes out there who think that sort of thing is total 'proof' of someone being a pedo! smh lol

>>To me, pedo panderers, who willingly contribute to the issue are just as bad as blah blah on & on,

I thought pedos liked real children, not young but obviously grown women, that alone would put off a real pedo, just stop with the nonsense. So boring.

>>The only thing I can really contribute to this is she has made over $5176.80 or ¥551,315 in her first month.

I hope she's going to have the sense to save up a lot of money quick and earn enough to buy herself somewhere to live, so she won't have to rely on anyone else for a home, she won't be able to make money when she's older, unless in very rare cases i suppose some could, but most couldn't, it's a young person's market.

>>No wonder she looks down upon normal jobs when she can make that much money for snapping a couple photos a week posing in underwear. Fuck, I have a normal 9 to 5 office job and make way less than that.

Which i suppose is why so many people are raging at her, you can hardly blame her for making money this way if she is able to. Not everybody would have the nerve to, but that is not her fault, but she doesn't need to look down on people who don't have the nerve to do it.

>>the Paul brothers

Well, there's an idea for her, she can go to the suicide forest and discover Manaki's body.

I think everyone wants to see that, they are a match made in Heaven, or Hell.

Dunno, that video with Margaret and her being interviewed where the interviewer woman was being really rude and Margaret said she's rather Venus was into being a living doll that to go out getting drunk, and it was stated quite definitely that the doll thing was all what Venus herself wanted to do and that Margaret just supported her in it. I guess we may never know the full truth.

No. 92865

That Caesium guy was the one who turned up at HIMR's house and his mum let him in, while the sister was in the other room with a phone ready to call the police.
David used to donate money on Venus live streams urging her to eat more and more s;picy food, but I don't recall him being memtioned in connection with HIMR. I doubt any of the fools who say stuff about schoolgirls etc, would ever have the nerve to do anything in real life.

No. 92866

Who posted her tiddies pic first? Was it here or Kiwi Farms? As it happens I saw it on KF first but that was only because I looked there first, I don't post there but I do look at it sometimes, and I was surprised to see it there.

No. 92867

No one knows. These were all uploaded in multiple places, not just gossip, almost immediately. People were perched, ready to grab and post. Thats why Venus had to make a video about it. It circulated fast.

No. 92868

I'm puzzled as to why anyone would have to spend their hard earned cash to buy the stuff she posts, only for them to then give it away for free.

No. 92869

To make it unnecessary for others to buy it and rob her of revenue. And by consequence “cheapening” her value.

No. 92870

Are you both dumb? Boku no Pico is a meme in weeb community, everyone are suggesting to watch 'boku no pico' whenever a person asks for new anime to watch (sort of way to do rick roll) or if a person asking for sauce, the other one would say Boku no Pico. No one actually likes it, everyone knows how fucked up this fujo fanatsy yaoi is and are just laughing at it lol

No. 92871

So people who hate her are willing to spend money on her pictures, with making her less valuable? Oh well, makes sort of sense I suppose.
Getting to the thumbnail of her latest video, I'm surprised she allowed that very unflattering close up image of her face to be shown, where she is looking perplexed at her titty pic, her mouth looks so ugly in that and she looks quite old in it, not the type of look she wants to portray at all I wouldn't have thought. It's almost like she does the opposite of what she intends to do at times, like she's deliberately self sabotaging.

No. 92872

Because the overwhelming amount of people actually paying vs the cappers, is too much. Everyone can find shit for free and yeah there are better bodies than Venus, but they are paying because of the specific interest in her regardless of what other free stuff is online or paid with better quality. Guys don't care. Thats what makes all this so easy.

No. 92873

pathetic kids can't afford $7 lol

No. 92874

It's pretty much obvious that she distorted the picture for a more dramatic look, Anon.

No. 92876

More like pathetic kids waste $7 on this train wreck

No. 92878

ugh, this is really making my stomach turn. I really hate her boku no pico joke. it was horrible, the young fans saying that they are dirty minded, the creepy fans asking her to wear a wig that she used to use. this is all absolutely disgusting I hope her instagram gets banned. the mix of young fans and old creepy men is really bothersome. and its fucking normal to lose your virginity at 19. God the amount of mental illness.

No. 92881

Oh yes, the old “she’s just going through an edgy teen phase bc she wasn’t allowed to by Bad Mommy” excuse. She’s even bleated this herself on her instagram, probably after reading it here or on PULL. It’s bullshit. She’s about to be in her mid twenties and won’t be able to depend on gullible fools like you believing it much longer.

Smearing and spreading lies about her visa hubby while at the same time leeching off him isn’t “a phase.” Scamming her way through life while putting the least amount possible of effort into it isn’t “a phase.” It’s her being a toxic leeching liar, just like her mommy.

No. 92882

File: 1589307453723.jpg (19.58 KB, 340x198, gross...jpg)

she's trying way too hard and obsessing with this sex/perversion shit.

No. 92883

Remember that she was dirt poor before this, except when some of her Yt vids did relatively well and she got some extra cash. That's why she was leeching off Mana and probably Ken and Gaku Kitano etc. This is her first month of making good money. It may not last though. Once simps get enough pics or get bored since there are only so many nudes you can post before it gets dull, they might unsub. Only the hardcore ones will stay so her income is pretty uncertain atm.

how do you know she "was never allowed" to have that phase. Even with her mom, she was fake af on camera. Who knows what she was like off camera. Such a lame ass excuse, and not all teens even have these edgy phases. And let's not forget she's had years after leaving (during her teens) to "have that phase"

Exactly, and exploiting the 'empowerment' card

No. 92884

Oh dear Peenus Cringelic… this girl is just too much.

No. 92885

well she's trying to find herself that's what your 20s are about. Still, she's going to cringe so hard in a couple of years when she changes again.

No. 92886

>I thought pedos liked real children, not young but obviously grown women, that alone would put off a real pedo, just stop with the nonsense. So boring.
Then you probably have no morality or integrity either. Pedo pandering, which is a legitimate issue (just because you're lazy and want easy money) is wrong and disturbing. Clearly shows she's a sociopath, if she's going to act as pedo bait and has no problem exploiting inappropriate things for money. She is as sociopathic and cold as Daniel (HIMR) – no wonder she admires him. And yes, fuckers like that are just as bad by contributing to the issue, and not only that, exposing their young fanbase to it and manipulating their feelings to keep them subbed. Yeah, merging a fanbase of underage kids and creepy older pedo guys is totally okay. If you think it's fine, then there's something wrong with you. Go back to KF or Onlyfans, whiteknight.

Exactly!! I can't believe anons think doxxing a child's sexual abuse and using it to bolster your own fake abuse story, making up abuse stories left and right and exploiting them for money, smearing your husband, cheating on him, pathologically lying, leeching and using others, exploiting and manipulating your fanbase, faking mental illnesses, faking personalities and making an OF and all the other shit she's done, is all just "some edgy phase she was never allowed to have". Anons just can't seem to accept she's a shit person. It's not a phase.(stop)

No. 92887

>I thought pedos liked real children, not young but obviously grown women
If they could find actual underage teens/kids and it wasn't illegal/could get them in trouble, then they probably would. If you think infantilizing yourself to cater to these types of creeps is okay, all because shes a sellout for money, then that's messed up.

No. 92888

Everyone was 20 at some point but majority of people don't end up in sex work while finding their true self lol
She's just a lazy dumb bitch trying to be edgy, nothing more than that.

No. 92889

Finding yourself isn't about jumping on trends and recycling personalities every few months to make money/as aget quick rich scheme. She's not trying to find herself.

No. 92890

Her replies are pretty hilarious tho. She's quick with them.

No. 92891

normal people dont make onlyfans to find themselves. she is very mentally ill.

No. 92892

if you replace hilarious with cringey, then yeah

No. 92894

Everything is cringy to you guys. Fuck, lighten up. She's doing pretty well right now and she is making fun of herself at the same time for doing this shit. This is the best entertainment she has given TY or socials on years. Best case was during the hospital time which was worse case scenario for her. She's going to be acting and sending shit like a normal hot but at least she's going with it instead of trying to take the moral high ground like Momokun and acting like she's too good for it.

No. 92895

stop defending weenus, did you forget shes always making up a new personality? shes always lying. jesus christ.

No. 92896

I'm not saying is ok, im sorry if I didn't explain myself correctly. What I meant was she sees as a journey of self discovery and embracing her seuality. And in a couple of years she's going to realize what it actually implies.

No. 92897

Im not defending her. I like this content over her fake lolita persona that got shitty and old 3 years in and you could tell she hated doing it around 17. Lying or not, this is her best content lately. Not saying her quality is good, Im talking milk wise and her keeping relevant because under posts are tons of cosplayers following her now and thots and she might blow up bigger tbh. That means she will have money to hire for actual gravure shoots when Japanese photo venues open up. if she is trying to do with shit solo she isn't doing horrible awful atm.

No. 92898

its not going to last. and she shouldnt be proud of having a porn addiction or being a pervert like its somethin unique. and venus is lazy. even with her lucky enought to get even bigger. shes not gonna be smart with what she does. shes already losing followers. and shes comfortable with shitty/low effort snow edits of herself cause she can make herself look asian. ill be shocked if she even follows her weirdo pervert schedule she made.

No. 92900

Isn't doing horrible awful? Best content? Are we in the same Venus thread?
I don't know about you but posing nude while calling yourself a cum-dumpster isn't really an achievement but oh well, standards I guess.

No. 92901

Shes losing lolita obsessed followers who are girls who think someone her age should still be acting like she was at 14. These adults need to grow up too and sound fucking pathetic whining about Venus doing OF. She's gaining male followers. Not to say she should be proud of that as they are creeps though. Imagine is she asked for cum tributes like Moo. Jesus. Im curious as to how deep into things she will get and how quickly. Im not shocked by tits.

No. 92902

NTA but she needs to embrace finding a good therapist and getting help instead of throwing herself in sex work and hurting herself even more. Not talking directly about you, but I realize that our society is very sex positive now and we have to kowtow and okay any and everything sexual, but for people with the issues she has,she needs legit real therapy. Fuck, she needs to truly love herself.

No. 92903

No one said anything about standards and Im talking about milk, not quality. She got a lot of attention during the hospital stories and now she's getting attention for this. Inbetween these there was watered down milk. Now we have actual content-content to look forward to. You're nitpicking what Im saying.

No. 92904

I wonder if somehow this will mentally help her meet in the middle after a few months. She sorta feels more normal, not just because of OF, but just normal. Yeah she has issues, but she seems more her age now. She cant keep up the uwu lolita shit forever. Wasnt expecting this out of nowhere though. Like 0 to 60, but it might kind of normalize a real personality for her and she did say she was seeing someone.

No. 92905

Turning to sex work is a desperate, last resort for people who are broke and have no skills. Can she afford a therapist? Idk how it works in Japan

No. 92906

if shes seeing a therapist then she needs a better one. especially one that deals with stunted personalities and porn addiction.
Personally i think you can still like lolita stuff and be an adult, Just be mature and normal. But thats something venus cant do because she has mental illness and attention starved. She doesnt know how to do anything normal.

No. 92907

Not like she can get a job properly in Japan as a non-native. She's bound as a housewife which is her only reason she's still in Japan.

No. 92908

It's embarrassing how many anons are implying that her doing porn and changing her "image" is mature. This is what edgy teenagers think.

No. 92909

She pretended to not understand what OF was about when someone mentioned sex work on Instagram and is now acting like a special snowflake because her dark sexual aside as suddenly been awakened, making it sound like she's the most unique thot out there for craving dick. If anything she's just like Moo, they're both narcs who become snarky and sarcastic cunts when called out for their shit. In their minds they're always "better" than everyone else, look at ME, nobody else can ever be ME.

No. 92911

There is lolita model who is over 30 and is nurse too. I think shr is more mature than what is Venus doing. Why is lolita fashion considered childish when it is just victorian inspired clothing? Being thot and posing with toys and acting underage to get attention from old pedos is nothing to be proud of. Now there are fangelics here from Instagram to try to defend her.

No. 92915

She can't even make meme jokes without it being because of mental disability. The thing is dudes are under the impression girls don't like porn. This is why so many thots 'Im not like other girls' brag even though every girl says this shit. Doesnt help media paints women as prudes. It was mentioned before but her naivette about all of this is to attract a specific crowd. Its for guys who want the uwu girlfriend aesthetic but she's secretly a huge slut. She lives in Japan. He crowd is that creep NEET bunch and as we can see from her subs she's hooked them. Thats why they are so invested in her low quality mature stuff. It feels down to earth to them when in turn its just her shit quality on purpose.

No. 92917

because when you're mentally stuck at 15 years old, sex is considered inherently mature

No. 92918

No. Im referring to her fans obsessed with her lolita fashion living doll life.

No. 92919

I assume anons are referring to the other kind of lolita, not lolita fashion., since obviously Venus’ way of dressing up has nothing to do with the fashion. The fashion also doesn’t have anything to do with sex so there’s no reason to bring it up in this discussion.

No. 92920

Its mature for anyone under 25 basically or anyone who lacks sexual experience aside from fucks here and there. She doesn't know her busted body, I think shes actually trying. Lying or not about why she wants to do this she seems to be trying. She just started so her quality is garbage but like I said earlier she has money to hire photogs who do sexual gravure of old idols when you're allowed to go to venues again. Venus at least knows how to set basic stuff like this up.

No. 92921

why would it be the other lolita, she was always known to try being a lolita doll or whatever. the whole dolly thing was her schtick. Doesnt make sense if it were to be about the lolita(book).

No. 92928

She has never worn lolita fashion. She has always worn generic weeb fashion and pedobait/ageplay clothing. Can we please not mix lolita fashion into this.

No. 92929

No one is wearing ageplay when they are underage anon and she did wear lolita and even got hired for a small time for Bodyline. You must be new.

No. 92930

She has, she wasn't a regular Lolita, but she definitely wore it from time to time before dropping it completely for the look she goes for now. For fuck sake she even modelled for Bodyline when Mr. Yan was behind it.

No. 92931


Wtf, did you live under a rock? You must be either 10 or 60, cannot tell. There was definitely a lot of online porn and hentai available in 2000-2010. The „pornification“ of the western internet (lol what) is nothing new kek

No. 92932

You even had stuff in the 80s when the internet was very very new. Even live roleplay games with digitalized women was the type of westernized video game porn that existed. Anon makes it sound like sex is new to this decade.

No. 92934

I'm pretty sure she had several BTSSB/AatP stuff when she was still publicly with Manaki.

No. 92935

File: 1589321184783.jpeg (71.61 KB, 728x526, 487BD44F-8B44-4D32-A8A9-56B4DD…)

It’s not enough to blur and filter her face into oblivion, this idiot chops off half her lower face to give herself a pointy little chin but leaves sharp corners in there. Yeah, that’s some quality content all right.

No. 92937

She literally modeled for Bodyline lol

No. 92939

shes going for the hentai manga girl next door look, point features are a must! forget the proportions

even in the recent video she made she posted the erotic manga she likes and it seems like shes trying to look like the characters (massive eyes pointy features super tiny mouth) i think she sees her self in them.

also looked into the manga artist venus claims to like, draws lots of guro and nazi comics as well. hm, kind of weird, but im not shocked.

No. 92941

File: 1589323374277.png (203.19 KB, 341x600, tumblr_mpwnt665S31qz7hseo1_400…)

She used to wear Lolita clothing, then when normies started finding out about her and judging based on the name of the fashion, she and her mom doubled back and started saying "This is NOT Lolita, this is Venus' own special fashion - Dollita", kek.

No. 92942


Anon, this new thing will have her in another year or so on Pornhub. She'll be a spunk dumpster for old salary men and then probably in a ditch somewhere if she carries on too.

But I can picture her leaning towards 30 with some host club boy's hafu baby, living in a shanty apartment, playing with herself on camera all while ageing like curdled milk, no friends and just wasting away behind a camera.

No. 92943

Anon sounds like one of the normies to not know that she started the whole dolly thing by getting compliments her mom and her said on the streets when they'd go out like this.

Whats with the obsession about hafu kids? Do you realize how shitty you sound? Its a fucking child. She's not out there trying to get kids because she's fetishizing Asian babies, anon. You're looking way too far into the future about her. She might do porn eventually or touch herself, but you make it sound like she will within a year be doing BDSM chained to a toilet JAV. She won't have to do that shit when half nude photos alone are raking in tons on money is just a week and a half.

No. 92949

File: 1589325162939.jpg (48.8 KB, 375x600, 1349579215961.jpg)

I found this screencap of her responding to a Tumblr ask back in 2012 or 2013. I thought it was interesting, considering we're still unsure whether she's "always wanted to do this" (but was slut-shamed by her family) or not.
High likelihood her mother took that photo, by the way.

No. 92950

Looks like she tried to do the whole surrealist mannequin photo thing that was popular around that time, but eh. To be honest I think those are probably clothes she wanted or bought. Its rare to see her in clothes around this time like this because her mom was always around her and making her dress up. I wouldn't be surprised if she always had a secret stash or trashier clothes around.

No. 92953

Margo and her were jumping on trends if it made them money, o matter what it involved. I personally wouldn't say that's proof that she wanted to do provocative stuff since little. They were chasing the cash, just like now, whether it was Margo's idea or Venus'. Margo def took the photo though. And (to humor venus' recent assertion), if Margo was willing to take photos like these and take her bra shopping, then how, exactly was she a victim of slut-shaming? Was Margo supposed to take full on nudes of her underage daughter or what

No. 92960

shes definitely going after hr mother way of getting money, just doing whatever is trendy and making money rn. this is why I think she choose of, cause is kknda popular. I just hope she has a plan, like, after saving some money she can start a small business or study something that allows her to make her own merch and sell it, or something like that, I just hope she has a goal

No. 92961

>>92960 She already tried selling merch a while ago that got abandoned too.

No. 92962

Needless, longwinded explanation coming up for those willing to believe Venus' ridiculous lies.

There was plenty of porn in 2002, but you couldn't just hand a child an ipad or a phone and one hour later they accidentally wandered onto some porn site, which is very possible now without parental locks. Everything was disconnected, search sites were shit, internet speeds were shit, there was no Youtube or Twitter or easy ways for people to fall into sexual content. (These things appeared around 2006 when Venus was 9, not kindergarten)
You had to use only a laptop or desktop. So a child online pre 2010 (no smartphones/ipads) would have to manually look for porn on a desktop pc/laptop, no chance of accidental discovery via social media, literally would have to type porn.com or whatever - which is not something any 5 year old back then would intuitively do - or know what to look for. Or dream of being a porn star. All things she has said/posted/implied in the last week.

If somehow she knew all about it and was interested <10, that would mean Margo had littered the house with porn stuff and led her to these, at the time, non-intuitive sites. Remember she didn't go to school or have friends either, her only contact was with family (again according to her)
So the implication she was downloading hentai at 5 years old suggests Margo led her to that, refuting the slut-shamed stuff. Remember the internet was so slow then watching videos was not particularly viable and would take a long time to download a short clip.
For Venus' claims to be true she would need either to have read (at 5) hentai left around the house, or left unattended for many, many hours in front of a computer/laptop all day to allow her to download and watch multiple porn movies and be thinking about "porn plots" all day.

In summary, nothing Venus says adds up and she changes her story depending on where the money is coming from. It's pretty obvious she's lying and only coomers want to believe this story. A child, who only contacts family and has no life other than that, somehow intuituvely loading up porn sites in 2002 on the tortoise-speed internet and downloading porn all day? It's pretty obvious what kind of people would be invested in that story being true.

Source for Twitter/Youtube
>Jack sent the first message on Twitter on March 21, 2006, 9:50 p.m. It read, "just setting up my twttr."
>After opening on a beta service in May 2005 YouTube.com was trafficking around 30,000 viewers a day in just months of time.

No. 92963

>for those willing to believe Venus' ridiculous lies.

Anon, people can speculate stuff. Not everything is concrete but I don't think she never had interest in this when she was literally dressed up for years on end and pranced around, whether she liked it the whole time or not, like a uwu doll. It's not crazy to believe she is actually into some of this stuff. No one has a gun to her head and I think she's making up a rationality because people are demanding that there MUST be a reason she is doing this. I think it's hard for money but I also think she likes the attention, of course. With her hospital visits and issue with her not liking her body, this acceptance from people probably makes her feel good too. Stop getting pissed not everyone agrees with what you're taking away from all of this.

No. 92964

Just to add, any kid with internet access most likely has tried looking up porn or parts of their body because kids are curious. If you're lucky you get a parent who tells you early on how kids are born. Kids aren't watered down autistic adults who don't know how to be curious and google shit themselves. Even in the 90s it was easy and Id be shocked if venus never had something like Limewire installed in the early 2000s like everyone did. Why is this idea so crazy to you that she never looked at porn and if she did it's because of these crazy scenarios only? She had a phone even. Nokias could google porn and hentai. Pornhub can be used through almost anything.

No. 92966

saged for blog posting but i remember in 2001/2 as a weeb child i googled sailor moon and there was porn on the first row of google images. the internet was a lot less moderated back then. it was easy enough for a kid to find porn by accident.

No. 92970


>Even in the 90s it was easy and Id be shocked if venus never had something like Limewire installed in the early 2000s like everyone did.

>In the early 2000s

So when she was 3-5 years old she was astute enough to download a filesharing program and search through the text results to find the specific porn terms she was looking for?

Imagine being this invested in the concept some internet girl watched porn at 5 years old in 2002.

No. 92971

Yeah but one hentai image accidentally discovered =/= spending hours intentionally downloading multiple movies to be obsessed with "porn plots" and even dream of becoming a porn star at 5.

She can barely string a sentence together yet people take her nonsense as gospel every time.

No. 92972

Many of us believed that 15 yr old Penus dressing like a hooker was Margo's idea. Perhaps it wasn't at all.

No. 92973

you click on that one image which leads to a site full of them. it’s not as obscure as you think. you’re too sheltered anon.

No. 92974


Coming from someone who was 10 in 2000 I don't even think I knew what the fuck porn even was so I doubt baby Venus did tbh

No. 92976

I love how venus shit on manaki because he's not an "ambitious hardworking girl boss" like she pretended to be and look what shes doing… internet porn, which allows her to snap a few pictures then return to her hardworking life of being a neet

No. 92978

Everyone is being strangely literal about her claim that 'I wanted to do this in kindergarten'. To do 'this' doesn't mean upload from her smartphone to Only Fans dot com on the internet.
It means be an adult/'glamour' model ogled by men. it's not a new phenomenon
This is just part of "venus spielerin! venus fotomodel!"
>Margo shows toddler venus actresses and models: Look you vill be famoos like zis.
Venus sees or Margo shows something like a page 3 girl Margo: or like zis too

btw does anyone know if a toddler referring to themselves in third person like that is weird or that normal?

No. 92983

I used to work in a preschool and it's fairly common.

No. 92986

It's the "ogled by men" part that makes people pause, I think.
Every (girly) little girl wants to be a pretty model/actress/singer or whatever, but they're not thinking about being thirsted on by males. They just want to be glamorous and lovely.
Venus already has had a share of everything a little girl would dream of (being a living doll, pretty clothes and hair, travelling the world, having an audience, even singing), so the glamour part is out. She's already done it.
For her to say this in reference to something like OnlyFans, on the other hand, is either her dishonesty and insincerity leading her into unintentionally saying something very unfortunate, or she accidentally revealed something a little bit more sinister about her upbringing. Either way, she deleted the comment, so she probably knew how bad it sounded.

No. 92987

Seems more like every social person online when they do something different from their original characters or when they grow up. For Venus it sort of feels like she keeps changing her story until one seems good enough for people because they are demanding she has a reason for doing this and it must be a mental disorder and this and that and this and that. Fuck, I don't blame her for making up whatever possible to get people off her back, but it makes sense to have interest as a kid but not like she could ever really mention it or talk about it or show it because Margo was always around. Even when she got married and shit, Manaki wants a submissive housewife who was a dolly character. He didn't actually give a fuck about her as a person. All this makes sense to me. She gets control over it because its her body and she's making money herself. All this probably feels amazing to her and feels accomplishing. Not to mention the attention its giving her when she hated herself so much previously that she had a 1/4 of her stomach sewed up.

No. 92988

It’s really not that deep, >>92987. Weenus wants fast easy cash. That’s it. You’re overanalyzing this and armchair diagnosing. She’s a lazy grifter like her mommy. It’s in her DNA. End of story.

No. 92991

LOL TY for the info anon, thats crazy.

No. 92992

This seems the most accurate to what actually happened. Page 3 and Glamor models were very popular/mainstream in the 90s-00s, especially in Europe.
I think some people want to believe it was a lot more sordid than that, for their own nefarious reasons, but that sounds a lot more accurate to what Margo would do. She was treated as a literal doll to help get Margo rich/famous, classic stage mom.

If it was as sordid as Veenus implied it would've meant Margo was grooming her for cp/child prostitution, which didn't happen, and conflicts with the also bullshit uwu slutshamed narrative.

I don't doubt kids nowadays have much greater access to explicit content, it's kinda a problem, but things were very different 18 years ago.

No. 93003

File: 1589345451934.png (8 KB, 316x161, 344342.png)

>I love your money so much ❤️ Thank you for the comments on the new video!!

No. 93005

yeah keep on manipulating your audience so they continue following you, when you dont give a shit about them and have proven it repeatedly. worthless skank.

No. 93009

She didn't say her mom fed her pron and shit. She basically said that there was stuff her mom wouldn't let her get involved with and yet she was underage and already had dudes sending her creepy shit and probably not all of it involves how adorable she is. Look at the NicoNico livestrea she had that one time. Everyone on there was harassing her to do lewd shit aside from those praising her. She probably had that constantly. She said nothing about her mom grooming her for CP or anything like that. She's literally just doing OF.

>armchair diagnosing
You didn't seem to read anything. No one was diagnosing her with anything here.

No. 93010

Whats the manipulation aside from trying to find a story people are happy with so she can just do what she wants without people thinking she retarded or mentally disabled or being forced to do OF? She's delivering on her posts, obviously she doesn't have a good camera so this quality is expected. Aside from her stories as to why she wants to do OF, she's not scamming anyone through this.

No. 93015

she said her FAMILY slut-shamed her. And I wouldn't be surprised if she starts saying she was groomed, just like she took isolation, infantilization, age-regression and various mental illnesses straight from KF/Pull/lolcow, then claimed her imaginary therapist said so.

You clearly haven't been following venus or you're a whiteknight

No. 93017

If she wasn't allowed to try and be sexy and Margo would yell at her for it, it makes sense though that she would be slut shamed by her because she wanted to do stuff outside of being a living doll and making her mom money. We rarely, rarely have photos like >>92949 throughout her younger, under Margo life. It actually falls in line with what she is saying. She didn't say that she was beat or anything malicious because of it. Her tone in the videos kinda sounds like that, but nothing she actually described is traumatic. She explains having to hide interest in skimpy clothing and sex.

No. 93019

Her mom was still trying to force her to wear lolita and be a living doll past 18. That's creepy as fuck anon and does sound like that she kept trying to make her appear younger and younger when she was obviously growing older.

No. 93024

Margo took that picture and it's a sexual picture. How is that "hiding her sexuality/interests?" or slut-shaming? And as someone else mentioned, Margo took her bra shopping too and 'urged her to accept her puberty body'. There was no slutshaming going on. Venus made up this whole hypersexual act to manipulate people, as usual. If she really was interested in hentai or fapping at some point, of course she'd hide that from her family. Every damn kid does and they don't cry slutshaming afterwards. A narcissistic always makes themselves the hero or the victim of their imaginary story. She's a liar.

No. 93026

I was referring to when venus started chest binding and pull starting saying infantilization and age-regression, and then venus started rolling with that while claiming her imaginary therapist said so. And that forced to be a doll narrative is bullshit. Marge is a creep but Venus even wore lolita after ghosting her mom.

No. 93029

It could be like this. Margo forced her to pull the living doll shtick and wear slutty clothes to get views and money because it benefited HER. But when it comes to Venus's actual sexuality like dating, wearing sexy clothes for herself, Margo forbid it and called her a slut.
Remember that interview where she covered Venus's ears? I can't find it now because it seems to be deleted but I'm pretty sure there was a part where she said girls who wear short clothes are sluts and whores or something like that.

No. 93030

Exactly. Like I'm not trying to whiteknight or anything, but its not exactly out of the scenario that this isn't all on Venus. She was treated like a kid past puberty by her mom. She didn't have her own sense of style after she left because she wasn't allowed to really wear outside what her mom took photos of her in. It honestly falls in line with what she has explained without nitpicking details to make it seem more deep an nefarious than anything is and still holds Venus accountable today with how she's made this.. whatever thing she's into now. I'm glad to see her wearing, outside of content, more adult clothing. Stuff that actually suits her age and stuff. Not saying she can't wear lolita as an adult but hasn't looked to enjoy it as much as wearing to try and figure out what fan base she still cares about.

No. 93033

If she admit to dreaming of being a slut all her life, then how is she being "forced" to wear slutty clothes for views? You'd think she'd looove doing something like that and having her mom be okay with it. And the blog post venus wrote still contradicts that, as that had nothing to do with their youtube and was part of her personal life, not camera one. I don't buy this new act when she:
1. has consistently demonstrated she's greedy as hell
2. has consistently lied
3. has consistently fabricated personalities when convenient to suit her agenda

Venus didn't wear the dolly stuff she wore on camera at home. She picked her own clothes. She had a bunch of normal clothes, along with dolly for youtube and some sexy stuff. Even the french interviewer where margo covered her ears asked if she always wears dolly clothes, and margo and her got pissed and claimed she did (bs) when there were so many pictures of venus wearing non-dolly normal clothes. She had her own sense of style after leaving. She enjoyed lolita/dolly/kawaii fashion for years after leaving Margo. That style wasn't forced on her. And it was only recently, when she got with Kitano, that she changed her style. She wore the dolly shit literally for years after leaving Margo.

No. 93034

Are you not reading the parts where anons keep saying she might be saying all this and coming up with different stories because people, like you, want to insist its something else until you are happy with something she says? She keeps changing it because she doesn't know what people want to hear and they want some kind of reasoning besides her just wanting to do it because she's 23 and needs money. It's not that wild. Every girl who does this shit has to try and justify it because people hate thots and think they must have daddy issues and other shit wrong. Maybe she does actually just want to be a huge fucking slut without reasoning.

No. 93036

Even the PULL users can see through her bullshit!

from pull

>the kind of person who is ok with "pedo-baiting" aka helping normalize and even glamorize the sexual grooming and abuse of minors, is someone that has nothing to offer for me to follow.

>What are the messages she is sending to her young fans?

>1. ANYTHING is fair game if it pays your bills.

>2. Youth, thinness and beauty are the only things that matter for a woman, get them even at the cost of your own life.

>3. There is a timeline you are supposed to lose your virginity, a type of (non-granny) underwear you are supposed to wear etc.

>4. It's either you exploit men (Manaki) or they exploit you (Ken).

>5. If you lllloooooove someone ( a sexual offender), their crimes keep you awake "some nights" and you don't go to the police because "love".

>6. Normal jobs are boring, why not show your naked body instead?

>7. If something doesn't work, instead of trying to improve just lie, pretend it never existed and move on to the next thing.

>8. Kids fantasize about sex and you can sexualize teddy bears, toys, children's accents and speech patterns and take pictures looking like you are 12.

>If I had a young daughter I would install parental control filters so that my child doesn't ever see pedo content or Venus content bc it's damaging, worthless and whoever associates with pedos and doesn't call the authorities is a sick corrupted individual.

No. 93038

getting annoyed cause she lies, understandable, yes, but because shes starting and OF? this slut shaming is so ugly. theres nothing objectively wrong with doing that, its not even milky if she does it right. also the fact that she is pedo baiting to me is bs, its just her "cute japanese lolita" aesthetic, and its nothing new

No. 93039

can we cut it out with the slut shaming like its milk? cause its not and its getting tiring

No. 93044

Where does that anon say they're annoyed just because she's doing OF? Learn to read and stop strawmanning. Using your kawaii aesthetic for non-sexual content for your young audience is one thing, shopping yourself to look like a kid holding a teddybear with your tits out to exploit said market of men into CP and merging it with your regular young fanbase consisting of minors, to earn easy coin, is another. Doing it because you know there are people in your fanbase who find extremely young girls sexually desirable and to profit off it is just gross.

No. 93046

>because people, like you, want to insist its something else until you are happy with something she says
stop projecting

The point is she didn't want to be a slut since kindergarten and is lying with her reason for starting OF. But she's not changing that reason. Her reason for OF. She gave her bs reason for doing it, so your first sentence makes no sense. What she is changing is all her past narratives when she's done cycling through those manufactured personalities, and as a result contradicting everything she ever said in the past.

No. 93047

Or you're just willfully ignorant. Venus knows a subset of her audience (the one willing to pay) is full of creepy men who like underage girls and if underage porn was legal, they'd probably watch it. Maybe some even do, who knows. Why else do you think she's posing SEXUALLY tits out with a fucking teddybear. Her first lewd on insta before announcing OF was literally her shooped in the face to look like a baby, almost reminiscent of a baby laying in a crib, yet it's simultaneously a sexualized. She's pandering and you know it. You can pretend that's fine and people legitimately concerned are "insane", but no matter how much you pretend, it isn't.(move on)

No. 93049

lmao she edits out all her wrinkles in all her pics, most of them don't make her look like an infant. How convenient it's just the porn ones. You must be one of her simps jesus christ

No. 93051

how many more times can anon say pandering in one thread? my head hurts

No. 93052

She should change her caption to that it's spot on

No. 93054

On behalf of the users of lolcow farms, I hereby officially acknowledge that Venus Angelic is
1) pedo-baiting,
2) pedo-pandering.
The claim is officially, 100% accepted. The petition can now end.

No. 93061

tbh the anons who keep pedo-sperging and typing out their fantasies and projections are more annoying than anything the cow in discussion does

No. 93063


Because she fetishises asian people, dickhead. It’s obvious.

All these weeb fuckers on this site try and end up with Asians. Venus definitely will and she’ll just end up making the poor kid think its in some kind of anime. She’s insane.

No. 93064


I don’t even care if it’s slut shaming to be quite honest. Anyone who has to joint OF as a long resort in career choice is just at rock bottom.

Unless you’re some kind of big shot porn star or nude model, okay. I get it.

But when you’ve been jobless since your teen days, no education or skills. Think you're reliving Japanese cartoons by moving and dress up like you’re ten. It doesn’t really help her matter including years of grooming by her mother only to develop the same bitterness and crazy mentality as her.

It’s worrying.

That isn’t being a girl boss in my opinion and to be fair that term is becoming overused. The wrong girls are using it to benefit themselves and twist the situation so they can’t be called out. It’s a load of BS.

Venus’s life isn’t and never will be success with the way she’s going.

No. 93066

I was talking about the quotes from PULL. I just dont agree that she is pedo baiting and that her aesthetic is just looking young. like lookig cute and going for cutesy aesthetics is just nothing new. thats just how I see it, im more concerned for the actual children that have pedo followings on instagram

No. 93068

Nah. She wasn't shamed for her sexuality. She wasn't hypersexual and she wasn't forced. What likely happened is Margo thought showing some cleavage/sexy stuff would get more views/money and venus was probably like, "mOrE mOnEyYyYy? Count meee in!", rather than being vehemently against it like many believe, all without actually being hypersexual, just like now. No shaming, no porn addiction, no forcing involved. Maybe some of the sexual stuff back then was even Venus' idea (if I'm to even believe a semblance of what she's saying), but not due to some sexual repression. Just money as the motivator. Both her and her mom are greedy as hell. New way to make good money discovered. New persona to justify the switch. No hypersexuality. It's not that deep. Venus likes to make these claims to distract from her own shortcomings and for shock value.

If we're to actually believe her ridiculous claims that she's hypersexual since childhood and always wanted to be a slut, then Margo is vindicated quite a bit, the girl in bed with the Korean guy was Venus, she lied about the horny claim, her pater ad was real and she escorted and the claims she cheated on Mana (though we know she had pater and Ken while married) and tried to fuck her managers/friends/friends partners etc are also probably real then if being a slut was always her dream. She can't be a victim in every contradictory narrative.

No. 93069

the anons who keep non-pedo sperging, denying she is pandering & trying hard to silence any discussion are more annoying than anything the cow in discussion does

you'd think it's venus with how hard they try to silence discussion

No. 93070

File: 1589371023288.jpg (27.99 KB, 240x275, 1586268787404.jpg)


funny how she just looks like a baby in her sex pictures and not her usual edited ones. yeah it's just her fetishization /sarc

No. 93071

she may not be a pedo (and no one here is saying she is), but she is a panderer and you can pretend it's "fantasies and projection" but what's actually fantasy and projections is what you just said. if you don't like anons discussing it then leave or at least stop trying to fucking police the thread and what people can discuss, especially when it's relevant to the cows new Only fans edition(move on)

No. 93072

basically she's masking laziness & uncreativity under empowerment and exploiting it for profit

No. 93073

Exactly. And if you object or show concern, you're labeled anti-sex worker. There's nothing empowering by posting nudes. There's nothing necessarily wrong with it if you're not exploiting/pandering/lying etc like Venus, but there will never be anything glorious or creative about it either. Just lazy girls who want quick money attempting to glorify themselves as doing something worthwhile. You're not. You're just showing off a body. Nothing glorious or empowering there so stop pretending like you've done some amazing deed venus, or that you're special for doing it

No. 93074

Why would you even include the first photos in this?
People who make time lines of camgirls that include their literal baby pictures in with their nudes just look like sick fucks who have "corruption" kinks. Leave the baby photos out of it and keep your fetish on /d/

No. 93075

File: 1589372335342.png (1.8 MB, 750x1334, 7CDA6260-66A9-45A3-B813-627565…)

No. 93076

File: 1589372503727.jpg (186.76 KB, 1080x1080, 20759990_1250904371706000_7585…)

She wore lolita in 2018, she posted pics with lots of Angelic Pretty and Baby the Stars shine Bright.

She looks like a facetuned Margo in this one

No. 93077

Eew. That pic is so uncomfortable to look at. But it's not surprising. Venus is aware that she has some creepy perverted dudes who are interested in CP-like content, especially in the Japanese fanbase, so no wonder she's catering to them. Probably why she got so many subs so quick. There's a market for this nasty shit.

eew so she's still going to force this crap upon her regular fanbase that only followed her for her kawaii stuff. did she get a photographer or is it just one of her friends/manaki/sugar daddy?

No. 93078

Her legs look like frumpy like Marge's and she's 20 years her junior, damn. She lost like 10k subs, I hope she loses more for being extra greedy and not making a separate account for this

No. 93079

The video might go on OF, not YT. Though who knows. She'll probably put it there too

No. 93080

she even threw a tantrum and sent her followers after Matnaki when he dared to ask her to not wear Lolita outside

No. 93081

Just saying I agree. Those posts smell of gross fetishism. Yuck.

No. 93082

File: 1589376249029.png (169.43 KB, 1080x2107, Screenshot_20200513-222306(1).…)

Did she removed her OF account

No. 93084

still up from what I'm seeing

No. 93085

File: 1589377087808.png (140 KB, 656x856, Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 9.37…)

Looks like she's inspiring her copycat fans to open their own kawiwi OF, too!

No. 93086

What bothers me about her image is not the pedobait (even if that's valid criticism) but how it helps fuels her poor helpless victim narrative. It's like "omg she escaped from ebil Margo's influence, good girl is bad girl now"

No. 93087

I just want to say, the early pictures were used because she was made into a public figure, even back then. The first one is from when her mother had her act as an extra in a movie.
I had to look up what /d/ and ''corruption fetish'' was to know what you were on about. I kind of understand, but to make that association on first view to begin with, it sounds a bit like you're projecting, ngl. Would be nice if you guys would keep the latent hentai obsession and sperging to yourselves.

No. 93089

You have problems if you think this looks like an infant.

No. 93092

Her fans are old from when they first started following her. I highly doubt the push they needed was Venus to create this stuff when all the thots know its easy money.

No. 93094

Someone mightve warned her to take it off the linktree or her Instagram bio because people like spam reporting in raids and accounts get taken down when linked to stuff like OF or Patreon.

No. 93095


It does have a kiddy look though ngl

No. 93097

How the fuck does she look likea baby in that photo? Do all young/young looking females look like babies to you?(stop)

No. 93099

File: 1589383562671.jpeg (230.27 KB, 2011x1152, 3F3C759F-940C-4AD2-A0E2-1226F1…)

>> I’m glad to see her wearing, outside of content, more adult clothing. Stuff that actually suits her age
You mean her jammies that look like she’s worn them for days? That’s the “more adult” clothing you’re so glad to see?

Lol. She’s a lazy dishevelled greasy slob 90% of the time.

No. 93101

Go away.

No. 93102

I get that, but just surprised she didn't mind making herself look so ugly in it, her mouth looks horrible, and her eyes look old, in fact the whole picture makes her look middle aged and hard, I'm just surprised knowing how she obsesses over her appearance, that she didn't mind editing her face to look as bad as this and then purposely using it as part of the thumbnail. It just seems out of character for her, knowing how obsessive she is about her looks.

No. 93105

File: 1589384950301.png (275.16 KB, 483x547, 2020-05-13_1049.png)

Ugh.. wtf.

Btw anyone getting aroused from this should see a therapist.

No. 93106

>>probably would

Probably does not mean definitely. You're not the world's experts on pervs, just shut up, ffs this place has got as bad as PULL and Kiwi with all the outrage from snowflakes. You probably think you're in the deep web being in lolcow.

No. 93107


Are we being raided?

No. 93108

>> our society is very sex positive now and we have to kowtow and okay any and everything sexual

There was a time when you could be looking for something innocent and some necrophiliac site would come up or something equally gross or embarrassing, nowadays it's like Snow White or everything suitable for 8 yr olds, it's gone far too much the other way now, no happy medium anymore, and as for the control freaks constantly hiding behind the smokescreen of 'child protection' and seeing perverts everywhere they look, it's just got ridiculous now with all the screeching truamtised snowflakes seeing pervs everywhere. The point I made way back was totally missed, but if Kate Bush were to release certain of her songs today, the outcry from these idiots would be deafening, and no doubt she'd be called out as being 'suspect' in some way.
Oh for the days when artistes were not afraid to push the boundaries, there needed to be some guidelines in place, but it's just gone too far in the other direction now, I mean, come on, even stupid rubbishy animes are being dragged into this evangelising by the moral crusading brigade.
People like kawaii cute looks, get over it, it does NOT mean someone is a pervert just for that.(stop)

No. 93109


I wonder if that's Manaki or one of her newest flings dress shirts.

Honestly, though, I never would have seen this coming years ago when the living doll thing blew up. It seems like a lot of the cutesy dolly girls settled on selling pics of themself on some donation platform or attempted hoping on some D for a free ride.

No. 93117

Or she bought it herself which thots do.

No. 93118

This looks like a hotel. I think she might've done what I thought she would and possibly hired a gravure/idol sex photog or she rented it for herself and took them herself. This doesn't look bad a week in. This is better than what she first put out, so if she keeps this up as well as normal selfies and throws in better quality here and there, she's actually set this up to make good money.

No. 93120

yea looks like a love hotel to me.
u know its great if she found out porn is work she wants to do but fucking pleeease block all the underage fans if you're not gonna make another safe insta. i mean thats what pornstars do when they encounter a minor simpling on their content.

No. 93122

They can just unsub. Most of them have become adults now anyway more invested in her drama than actual career aside from wanting to chime in about how sad they are she isn't being uwu 15 years old anymore. Demographics change and why abandon and start a new account when she already had a massive male following anyway. The female fans can stay mad. It's funny tbh.

No. 93126

are you the one who keeps asking for the onlyfans pics so you can jerk off

No. 93128

Really, anon? If the people subbed to her or anyone doesn't like the content, they can unsub. How'd you come to that from what I wrote?

No. 93131

All I can say is this new content she has been advertising for over a week now had better be something great or she risks losing most of the people paying for her content. One sad topless picture simply won't cut it and none of the other pictures were really anything amazing.

No. 93134

Nah, simps stay in. Only fans is cool because you can just keep it in the background when you're subbed and forget about it and they do forget about it. She won't lose any money. She just started. You have shit like momokun editng her head 50x smaller and looking like a chimp and people still paying for her photophops and they are much much worse. You highly underestimate the people who sub to these sites.

No. 93135

i dont care anon, just block any boy/girl that looks 13 yo and writes cringy comments.

No. 93136

I guess either way she may keep her subs. Either the promise of better content or if she actually delivers. Sometimes the promise of something good can hook people better than actually giving it to them.

No. 93138

She has so many followers on that account. That would be a nightmare and blocking people you think look underage is a setup for youtube videos about blocking discrimination and then that's drama added for her. The blocking idea makes no sense and there has always been creepy and cringey comments. She is 23. She isn't focusing on 15year old venus stuff. Her fans need to grow up and realize that she's not into the living doll bs anymore. They want to play special snowflake and complain and that's shitty on them.

No. 93153

ya no, Venus probably checks the comments comming in when releasing a new post. It isn't hard to take a few minutes to check into your fanbase and just block whoever looks way underage. Being an e-sexworker doesn't mean no self awareness. Not meaning she'll be able to block everyone, and when I say kids I say obvious kids, not 16-17yo looking teens. I would've block the horny 12 yo kid who commented on venus' yt channel the moment it came in.

No. 93154

Thats not doable anon. I don't think you get how humans work. You can't just look at someone and assume they are a certain age. She will absolutely get herself in trouble for doing that stuff and most people use avatars and not real photos.

No. 93156


its not about needing to grow up and shit. its about venus now being a sexworker and being moral enough to clean up her fanbase here and there when the opportunity comes. is all im saying.

No. 93157

Ya i know thats how human works, im just saying.

No. 93158

Or her fans can move on and unsub. If they aren't going to do it themselves that'd on them. Why should the creator purposely go through and block people based on her discrimination about how they look or how they might look based on what they type and how they sound? It honestly comes down to the fans to stop supporting her if they don't like her new content and she did make a video explaining that her content would be like this moving forward. She gave notice.

No. 93165

but they won't unsub, they're kids.

No. 93167

Sounds like that is their parents problem

No. 93169

This whole thing just feels like a reality show, I honestly am not too concerned with the outcome, just interested in sitting back and watching how the whole thing unfolds.

I simply find it funny when people are psycho analyzing Venus, her husband, her mother or anyone involved based on the public actions that they take when none of us really know them and we are all just spectators watching it happen.

I find it best to treat it like any tv show and just see what happens on the next episode and not stress over it.

No. 93170

That's how I feel too anon. People are seriously trying to find reasoning, and deep tinfoil reasoning, behind why she is doing this and she's saying whatever she can to get people off her back to do whatever the fuck she wants. Let her go and see where this takes her. I don't know why people think everything has to have some deep reasoning behind it. She just wants to act like a whore and start an OF. There isn't much else.

No. 93172

you have to be retarded if you haven't noticed a relationship of mental illness and sex workers. Like most of those MAPs were sexually abused a children now to gain power in there life sexually abuse children

No. 93181

Her onlyfans is still up. It’s just odd how she removed it from her website links. Which maybe means that she’s going to go on a rant about how she wants to do something different with her life again. Her unstable mind can never keep up with anything.

No. 93182

it's more likely she doesn't want her instagram to be reported and closed down if linking it is against the TOS
Her current story and youtube video is about OF, she's not quitting now

No. 93187

There are tools for instagram to block followers based on variety of factors. Of course it's not perfect, but better than nothing. As for youtube, she should've at least marked her only fans video as innapropriate for underaged audience

No. 93193

YouTube flags only for children content and you most tag it only for children. She doesn't have to tag this at all outside of content being uploaded to YouTube now due to the updated ToS. You can label with TW stuff in the comment section, but overall YT doesn't flag creators for not labeling already non-children direct content. If her followers are following her new videos, they need to be taken to their parents. It's not Venus's responsibility to block and manage kids who find her content. They will always be able to find her content with a Google search.

No. 93197

For some reason, I can't shake the feeling that the people who say shit like this repetedly are a salty minority of simps mad that they're paying $7 for this shit, but too obsessed to just unsub.
>Y-You better give up something GREAT this time, Venus! Or we-I mean they will stop paying!
Simps are going nowhere, lmao. They don't need or deserve anything that takes tremendous effort whatsoever.

No. 93198

Exactly. They will pay for the ugliest people int he world and Venus really isn't that shit looking once she edits and is in good light. Thats what they are paying for. They don't care how busted you look outside of the content you give them. Look at how often people out Moo. She has over 7k on onlyfans.

No. 93210

This is simple. She is lazy and mentally ill. She doesn't want to work normal job because first she doesn't have education and second she is lazy. In Japan people are working their asses off for 12 hours minimum. If she really wanted she could work as waitress in cafe but she won't. Venus is out of money and desperate so she is doing the only thing she knows. Selling herself on internet. She looks really miserable on that onlyfans photos. Also that bio… "even Satan would fap to.." seriously? Pornstars doesn't even write cringy stuffs like that lmao she doesn't know anything about sex. It's obvious that she is doing this only for money and not for "empowering"

No. 93211

Also I don't believe that story about Ken and that kid. I think there was misunderstanding or language barrier and she didn't understood what he was saying. Maybe his english was bad or her japanese and she thought what she thought was happen. I think Ken wanted to say that he made this woman give head to HIM when the baby was in room.

No. 93213

File: 1589409453171.jpeg (575.35 KB, 1091x1785, 1EC47AF7-AF7C-4244-8714-E5D87E…)

Keep fanticizing, anon. Weenus was very clear in the disgusting shit she posted about that kid and there was no misunderstanding or “language barrier.” Hard to accept for a WK I know, but it is what it is.

No. 93215

yet in this same image she says it disturbed her, but yes she's pandering, send her to prison for all of her holding a bunny plush crimes against children

No. 93216

Can't believe there are anon(s) here defending this picture with: venus is just being cute as always. Why cant you just accept that Venus is a shit sellout person who'll pander if it gets her money so she can stay a neet? She's been jumping on trends and making up personalities for years until she found something that seemingly works, and just as quickly dumped her loyal fans. I don't know how any normal person can look at that pic and think it's just kawaii and there's nothing wrong with it. Either Venus is hard at work lurking here defending her baiting or we have a die-hard simp who insists it's okay because they're into that shit and are scared Venus will read here and stop pandering and they won't get to see any new pics like these

No. 93217

Right. And then we're supposed to praise her for flashing her tits online, as if it's some form of empowerment because she's a victim who finally found her rEaL sElF. Not anti-sex work, but sex work is just that: sex work. Not some tool of empowerment where we have to praise every soul engaging in it, especially when some of them lie and bait and berate 'normal' jobs like Venus or scam like Belle Delphine selling bath water. Like I'm supposed to pretend she's a strong independent women or some shit? When she's just lazy and entitled and not creative enough, dedicated enough nor skilled enough to do a real 9-5 job, so she posts low quality selfies and shitty sex work content instead.. and that somehow deserves congratulations or an 'I'm so proud of youuuu!' bullshit

What this cow should have done is just make a new account for it. But she's too fucking greedy for that and would rather promote it on her main accounts. Even if she made a new account now that she has at least 800 subs from promoting it on insta and youtube, I will still never forget that she cared more about money than integrity. I know a 13 y/o who follows her. Venus is a fucking asshole. You'd think the doxxing of the kid would be the last straw and no one would be defending her, at least not on her gossip threads.

No. 93218

yeah it disturbed her soooo much, that she stayed with her sugar daddy for money – I mean lOoOoVeEeE! Just like she married Manaki for a visa – I mean, lOoOoVeEeE! And yeah, she is pandering on OF. Stop whiteknighting her. Just go to her fucking SM and idolize her with the rest of her braindead simps

No. 93219

It disturbed her so much, that she didn't report it and instead chose to plaster that kids face on her social media, hype it up with a "coming soon" caption, turn the issue into a 'me me me look at how I was abused yet again!' story just to get pity and revenge on her sugar daddy who likely kicked her to the curb, the same way she made that Manaki slander story and despite knowing, she willingly stayed with a pedo child abuser because of loooove. If you're really defending that, you're a corrupt individual.

No. 93221

File: 1589414404213.png (702.76 KB, 1080x1693, Screenshot_2020-05-13-16-56-43…)

With a low followers lol(offtopic)

No. 93222

yes and for the millionth time in the same instagram story the next image was of her packed bags, she left him for this.

I wasn't defending her at all, I was joking because of all the excessive vitriol and trying to equate shitty photos as equal to real pedophiles abusing real kids and committing real crimes as multiple posts in here have done.

or even that it's some kind of super calculated move on her part, you're giving her way too much credit, venus isn't that smart and isn't even bothering that much (as per the 500 posts about her laziness)

Anon is reading into everything too much because you're bored.

No. 93223

i saw some of you saying she still live with manaki but i don't think so , i remember when she posted that video ''talking about my sex life " she said she move out (maybe she is lying ) but she is not in the same room she used to stay at so how you know she is with manaki ?

No. 93226

File: 1589416004110.jpg (399.92 KB, 810x1491, Screenshot_20200514-082615_Chr…)

Now she's going into streaming at OF

No. 93227

That worried me because I know people will be squatting just to cap it. I hope she doesn't do anything more than topless and panties on in the beginning. That's a huge step, but to each their own. The photoset she shot doesn't look too shit quality and promising compared to her other stuff. Even if she promised one of these types of shoots a month that is a huge grab because people on OF are seriously low with standards and will pay for the worst quality selfies. It's seen as a complete selfie porn site. I'm surprised she worded everything so normal.

No. 93231

She removed direct link from her profile so that anyone who wants to see new pictures, have to subscribe and pay again.

No. 93232

Thats not how that works. You can log into your account if you are already subscribed on onlyfans to anyone. She removed it because people could flag her, but right now Instagram is telling all reports that it's not taking anything unless it is covid related.

No. 93233

I'm getting the opposite, no YouTube, only OnlyFans.

That's very clearly a love hotel, not a regular hotel. Doesn't really mean much as it's cheaper to rent one for a few hours rather than getting an overnight somewhere.

No. 93235


I don't think she's living with Manaki either, I have a feeling she's living in that "studio" of hers that appeared in a video with Freya

No. 93236

File: 1589421406524.jpeg (335.57 KB, 1129x1105, CD724F01-D48C-4136-832F-ABBABC…)

>>the next image was of her packed bags, she left him for this.
Sorry but no, she did not leave the SD over his story about “giving head” to a baby (which only bothered her some of the time, not all the time and wasn’t enough to make her leave.)

No. 93237

File: 1589421605457.jpeg (243.51 KB, 845x993, 6BD4A986-BD43-4025-89DB-140673…)

Here is her list of why she left- the kid is not mentioned. (The SD “controlled her finances” and did not make Weenis’s “mental health a priority.’)

You might want to get your WK story straight next time, WK.

No. 93238

Great, logged in. So she got 500 $ tip for only one tiddies picture

No. 93240


lol this has entertained me to no end, no I'm not a WK and your massive overreaction to this and the last post are golden

No. 93242

Nah that's definitely his apartment. Comparing her latest photos with the footage of her room tour from 2017 when she was living the NEET waifu dream and it's practically the same.

No. 93255

You lost, WK. lol

No. 93256

File: 1589429313495.jpeg (1.76 MB, 1242x2196, 1588729628455.jpeg)

1000 members
$6.99 / month
80% cut
$5592 / month for shit tier photos

I can see why she is doing it,

No. 93258

File: 1589430344833.png (Spoiler Image, 1.51 MB, 958x1280, 140520.png)

because everyone who doesn't agree with your tinfoiling is a WK and the mods are WK too so just keep attacking right?

that's just the minimum amount, the current total for the base + tips is $6360 or ¥673,481

newest picture

No. 93261

File: 1589432722102.jpeg (77.42 KB, 284x500, B55A2278-5835-498D-B2F4-0A4396…)

This was already mentioned in the UK weeb thread but this seems like a more appropriate place. Venus is friends with a girl called Piper (Tsuruko on instagram) and it seems they’re memeing her whole only fans thing because Piper’s boyfriend (who is also friends with her) is making nonstop jokes about it, he comments on all her only fans-related posts and posted a story talking about buying it. (m0ri.59 on instagram) even made a reference to a hentai in one of her posts related to a woman joining prostitution or something, but I can’t find the comment, she has over 1K+, will post it if I do

No. 93262

>>everyone who doesn't agree with your tinfoiling
Please point out the “tinfoiling” you are referring to.

No. 93264

Typical incel behavior. Dude is embarrassing. Lol.

No. 93265

She could have just done gravure like this and get paid. She really jumped the gun on showing bare tits…..

No. 93266

You cant see what her total tips are. These are unavailable to the public to view unless she is telling them herself

No. 93267

who can be bothered to link 50 replies? scroll up to everything related to that

No. 93268

you can, I added up all the tips on the posts and took away OF's 20%, whatever she got in her DM's so far is unknown.
I mentioned this last time but forgot this time, sorry.

No. 93269

Can you post where you can see it? if you meanher livestreams, I'm not sure about that, but I don't see on any posts I follow where it says the tips given to her. This also wouldn't include private DM tips.

No. 93270

File: 1589436043090.png (Spoiler Image, 92.03 KB, 973x153, ok.png)

sure, here's the biggest one for example, not all posts have tips.

No. 93271

So I've seen a few people around Twitter talking about OnlyFans potentially dropping the adult content and trying to clean up their image? Has anyone else heard about that?

Also, to everyone so concerned about Venus' profile and the clash with her image and her impressionable audience, have you ever considered bringing it up with or reporting to the site itself?(cowtipping)

No. 93272

No. They even promote through twitter specific cam models on there. They ask you when you sign up to start a creator account whether you will be producing 18+ content. They made this site specifically for this stuff.

No. 93273

He calls himself an eboi but he looks more like a middle aged man trying to dress like a teenager. He isn't an incel tho since tsuruko is his gf. She could do way better tho. Venus apparently follows him for god knows what reason.

No. 93274

this is true but recently some OF accounts have been closed and the models are unsure why and nothing has been explained to them.

Some singers or whatever use the site like patreon just to make regular videos or musical requests, so they suspect they're getting rid of their 18+ content, but that would be business suicide.

No. 93275

People are closing their accounts because of mass reports and raids and not to mention they updated their policies to include that anyone posting to their site, they have control over their content and can resell and distribute it for promotional purposes as they see fit. This caused a lot of people to back out and a lot left due to how easy is has been to leak content.

No. 93282

File: 1589440939242.jpg (107.38 KB, 1212x384, asd.jpg)

sorry for posting this again, but i don't see many similarities between her old room and the current place she's staying?
they're both very tiny, but look at the walls and the furniture. or the position of the door behind her. apart from that bedside table thing, nothing looks the same to me.

maybe she re-arranged her stuff and that's why it looks different, but from what we saw so far she could be anywhere really.
it just seems like she used to have more living space.

No. 93284

the door looks different

No. 93287

you guys are so bad at looking at details considering you nitpick so much. Those are anime wall scrolls covering up the door. You can see the edge and it is the same color as the original door. It's only a stripe of brown you can see in the newer videos. She's added to her room and rearranged it from the looks of it.

No. 93288

the door on the left picture has plenty of wall space on both sides, while the door on the right is literally in the corner. unless she moved the whole door i doubt it's the same room.

No. 93291

dumbass. the door in the right pic has hinges it's not sliding. not all japanese homes look like animu.

No. 93292

it's the same door at the start of the video before she goes in as this picture >>92727
(and before you say the handle is on the wrong side her pictures are flipped on OF)

No. 93294

>bed in same place
>door in same place
>table in same place
>same shelf/whatever with the swirly things
it's clearly the same room anon

No. 93295

File: 1589444997876.jpg (101.28 KB, 1200x353, space.jpg)

but look at the distance between the doors and the walls.
also, show me a recent pic where you can see the desk, or any of the shelf units she used to have apart from the bedside table.

No. 93296

it's not the same door. the door on the right has hinges and a thin frame that is flush with the door. the door on the left has no visible hinges and a wider frame that is out farther than the door is.

No. 93297

i think it's a new place and she is not back at manaki's.
she clearly hasn't taken all her belongings to the new place that's why most of her stuff missing. no big plushies, no computer desk, no pink shelves, no frilly bed.
just because it's a small room, it doesn't mean it's the same room. i guess many rooms are similar in size so you don't get much option in positioning your furniture.
the door is clearly different as in shade and type. and it seems like her new room is much much smaller. she used to have space to move around but she doesn't anymore.
the cheap shelves above her bed (with the easter hangings) seem new as well. it also looks very cheap in comparison with her old stuff. it seems like she just tried to decorate her new room from 10 dollars lol.

No. 93298

File: 1589447035199.png (950.08 KB, 1209x760, 1.png)

I hate that you made me do this, but it is obviously the same door.

Her room is just different after 3 years like most people.

No. 93300

oh i never looked at the door from the OUTSIDE, i've only been checking the inside. nice find!

No. 93302

what is this loser's deal? At this point he's coming off as obsessed to me. Probably thristed after Venus when she would hang with Tsuruko, ew

No. 93303

It’s amazing that she is so poor now considering how successful she was with YT and all. She probably had some savings before she ran away from Margo, and she still had YT income after that. Also Manaki paid for most of their expenses, so where did the money go?

No. 93305

the surgery was pretty expensive.
margo should've bought a house somewhere but nope instead of investing their money they spent it all on fucking starbucks and restaurants. i remember they posted photos from expensive restaurants like twice a day. moved around the globe, bought stupid kawaii shit.

No. 93306

It’s unbelievable that Manaki is willing to let her live in his apartment after all the cheating and online harrassment from her side and now she’s even flat out whoring herself out on the internet from his apartment. How can anyone be such a doormat is beyond my comprehension. Maybe he has some kind of extreme femdom-kink or something?

No. 93307

What if he’s lonely and she’s paying half or at least part of the rent? Surely that’s a possibility

No. 93308

File: 1589452476199.png (881.44 KB, 1200x1800, 65005F46-215D-4821-90CB-6E9AE7…)

I found the post he commented on, and the hentai he was referencing. Found some redditor who explained the plot, and, after reading it I can see why that idiot thought it would be so edgy to comment that under a picture of Venus in lingerie.

No. 93309

A doormat like him surely would pay the whole rent by himself lol

No. 93310

Maybe she has been involved with him at some time, didn't she say something about being involved with someone who her freinds disapproved of, and people were saying how she tries to sleep with her friends boyfriends.

No. 93316

It's a pretty well known/meme series among the kids these days anon.

No. 93321

File: 1589454574124.jpg (405.64 KB, 720x1195, Regrets.jpg)

After she looses virginity to him, she becomes his bitch and decides to sleep with people for money. At one point before she turned into his bitch and turned into a greasy gyaru-chan ( when she only started wearing nice dresses and wearing nice makeup) her father rapes her because she reminds him of her mother and because she started sleeping for money, so he decided that shes a hoe n thats what she deserves.

Long story short, guy who took a virginity from her and turned into a huge abuser forces her to pay off his money debts in a bar by fucking with people. They both are drug addicts. She becomes addicted to drugs and sleeps with everything that moves, and eventually she gets gangbanged by a lot of people and gets killed while being pregnant. Her very last "dream" while she was dying was her, looking all nice and normal, walking in the park w her daughter and talking.

She also gets bullied by her classmates somewhere inbetween for being a whore.

Its popular only because people are shocked on how fucked up it is but remembering that theres WAY WORSE stuff that japanese people make… It's only tip of the iceberg.

No. 93322


I feel like they’re both together to be honest. He got sick of being online and in pictures with her so she’s taken over and they’ve done this drama together and she’s doing OF now for extra cash. Wouldn’t be surprised.

No. 93324

If she had any sense, which is debatable, she would make sure to save as much money as she can from what she's making now from her only fans, so she can buy herself somewhere to live, an actual house of her own, so there is no rent to find, she won't be able to do only fans for ever, not unless shes an exception, I don't know if there are any people on only fans posting this sort of content when they are much over 30, but then it's not a world I really know anything about, but didn't Belle Delphine make a fortune from it and that is why she has disappeared now? If Venus is sensible, she could set herself up for life with this, I think young women may make a good bit of money from this sort of thing, and can live off it for a while, Cotorich disappeared from YT for yrs then reappeared again in recent times, probably because money started running out, and she is way older than Venus I think, so Venus could really set herself up well and make a lot of money, and she could still go on longer to make money in future, but only if she uses more filters as she ages, like Cotorich obviously does.

The latest OF picture of Venus in the purple light, is actually good quality and looks quite professionally done, I wonder if this is a proper photographer who took it?

No. 93326

In a way, I'd like to think she is still with Manaki, it would be a bit of stability for her, maybe it is one of those mutual dependency relationships, where they just sort of tolerate each other because it benefits both of them to stay together.

No. 93329

she used to look so much better back then, wtf happened

No. 93330

All I want to know where is Manaki?
She said
Ken is not Manaki and her and Manaki are in good terms, if that’s true, it means he is okay with what is she doing . Also I don’t believe he told his family ! .. his family were nice to her and that’s not respectful to pay them knowing their culture isn’t supporting what she’s doing

No. 93331

Maybe the whole sex work is a revenge to manaki !
clearly his account got deleted because she is the one who created it to him same with his YouTube channel, probably they had a fight so she took what she did to him

No. 93332

They called each other boyfriend/girlfriend

To me it was weird not sleeping in the same room When you are married and the excuse because her room was too girly For him to sleep in it , he did make up for her Chanel I don’t think he minded the girly room .. poor him he even didn’t like she called him stalker in one of her video..(samefagging)

No. 93335

Yeah, no, people like this aren’t sensible. There are many reasons people don’t get into SW, but one has to do with dignity. Acting like Venus is slaying because she makes $6K a month to call herself a cum dumpster is ridiculous. Money is not the end all be all of existence, and not everyone values it so highly (or is desperate enough) to perform a job that ensures that a certain segment of the population will never respect them.

No. 93336

Her surgeries, a new MacBook and her Lolita crap

No. 93337

She tore him a new asshole on social media with her "he was abusive like my mom uwu" story, so what's the best way to not deal with her retarded fanbase? Disappear from it completely, at least on accounts he knew he would be harrassed on. Without a doubt he's still in her life, but without the online presence attached to it due to her efame.

No. 93338

ok poorfag

No. 93339

In all honesty

I think we should just leave Venus and let her be. Leave her to live this new life and watch it fall because you all know in another month or two she’ll be crying about showing her tits in the internet and say Manaki forced her to

No. 93340

File: 1589466478712.jpg (224.84 KB, 1275x599, Venus Stream.jpg)

Stream lasted for less then 5 minutes, Venus was wearing a mask, said she wasn't feeling well, thanked everyone, fans ate it up and wished her to get well soon. No way of knowing if she really was sick or just lost her nerve.

No. 93342

She couldn't even take a shower for OF,she's a alcoholic mess. greasy ass hair,she can't photoshop her video so instead she wears a mask to cover her nose and says i'm just sick. Sure u are venus sure you are.

No. 93343

Hahaha Mikey in chat.

>"I can only stay for 15 minutes before I head to work."

Don't worry bro, you didn't miss a thing. She finished up early just for you.

Sad, I guess we will see if this becomes a trend of "I feel sick so no new pic this week guys".

No. 93344

Yeah, better wear a mask on a chat online so as to not infect those chatting with her lol

No. 93345

My bet is she either woke up 5 minutes before from a nap, or just had a breakdown of sorts because of regrets starting to come in.

No. 93346

Weenus and her excuses. She looks like she just rolled out of bed. Since her titty pic she's been slacking big time and her simps just roll with it as always.

No. 93349

She can do anything she wants, her simps aren’t going anywhere even if she started doing drugs on cam

No. 93352

LMAO wow. classic lazy weenus. Is it really that hard to just make a post-pone post, instead of doing this poor excuse of a stream. Im not buying it. either way its funny. Im expecting more shit streams from her that dont last long or where she drinks away and looks crusty.

No. 93354

Sure she never promised nudes or anything but most people watching said stream were hoping for atleast 5 minutes with her considering they are paying. Whole thing felt very fake.

No. 93355


Ahah…she must be trolling, she has never even worn a mask for a Youtube video yet wears one for OnlyFans. There's hope for this cow yet.

No. 93356

Personally I think she should have released Fridays so called "better content" photo set early as an apology for hyping up a stream that really didnt happen.

No. 93357

Shes not regretting anything. I think she knows people were camped out and she never promised nudes during stream.

No. 93359

The downward spiral begins anew

No. 93360

I was expecting her to not show at all for the live stream and make an excuse later, so was surprised when she actually showed up but my surprise was quickly squashed when she started talking in her "sick voice" and said she wasnt feeling well. I have seen better acting in reality shows.

No. 93363

lol what was the point of saying youll stream and then pull this shit. i dunno what kinda deal she has with manaki man, hope shes at least helping paying the bills. if i remember correctly, if manaki is still working at the same job, his company provides housing so he only pays utilities.

No. 93364

If anything, like normal Japanese jobs that provide housing, he doesn't even have to pay utilities in person either. They usually take everything out of the paycheck. Probably paying for wifi unless they opted for the housing development one. Venus can't get her own place so she has to stay with him and she can't get divorced right now.

No. 93365

File: 1589479116241.png (Spoiler Image, 1.02 MB, 995x828, 2020-05-14_1258.png)

>eventually she gets gangbanged by a lot of people and gets killed while being pregnant

she gets beaten badly, yeah, but she actually kills herself with and overdose of heroin during which she has her final dream(derailing)

No. 93366

People only do SW if they are desperate and poor. That was…the whole point of that post lol. Since you’re stupid, I’ll simplify it for you: Venus is desperate and poor.(derailing)

No. 93367

Well good on her because she's making bank and she already got a high quality, not 100% HD from the looks of it, but not only facetuned selfies, for a set shot within 2 weeks. She has the easiest editors and photographers in Japan with all the sets around Shinjuku and love hotels for scenes. She is in a good place to do this.

No. 93368

I can already see her not posting content tomorrow like she had scheduled due to ”being sick”

No. 93369

Unless she did what other thots do and does multiple little shoots for selfie updates during the weekend where she doesn't have a posting schedule.

No. 93371

She can't schedule anything for shit. That's why her YouTube began to decline because she was inconsistent and kept making excuses for lack of content. Now she's making lots of money just off shit tier lewds alone and her simps will expect content on the regular. She can't do the same shit she pulled on YouTube with OnlyFans, it just won't work. No doubt this is just the beginning of her many "sick" moments. It's literally the easiest job she's done yet and she can't even do that properly.

No. 93372

at her age what content would you have wanted to see her put out when she was past her prime and didn't even like lolita or the dolly lifestyle anymore? The food stuff people hated and she couldn't figure out what to do with her personality because her fans keep demanding 'old venus' in everything she would post and do. She's not 15 anymore and no one cares for dolly lifestyle stuff anymore. I don't know what else she would've done interesting besides turn to OF.

No. 93374

As cliché as it sounds, videos about Japan, the culture, travel, places to visit etc would have worked. She already did a few videos when she used to take her camera outside and vlog. People enjoyed it, especially her fans who want to know more about the country.

But here we are, she can't be fucked with YouTube anymore because that requires her to actually be more creative and do work, so instead she became a thot-and being a thot isn't difficult.

No. 93375

What I noticed though was that any time she tried to talk about other stuff or come up with content, her comments where always about her mom, manaki, her being a dolly.. Her fans completely kept her in a box and she could've ignored them, but fans and content are a two way street. I think this is why she has been very frank about what she is doing now on her YouTube and Instagram. Maybe she is fed up of the old fans trying to keep her uwu and she wants to distance herself as much from her dolly persona as much as possible. So far she hasn't skipped on updates on Onlyfans and even if she did, simps don't care on the site. I'm curious how fast she will go from what she is doing to whatever Momokun is doing.

No. 93376

>the door on the right has hinges and a thin frame that is flush with the door

The door on the left is flush with the frame, it's just ajar. You can see this more clearly in some other pics that aren't cropped >>93282

No. 93382

This is just the beginning of the end, this girl isn't capable to even commit to something she allegedly wants to do (it's a lie, we all know she's short on money). Still she will abandon her OF soon like everything she tried so far because it's connected with actually getting up, getting ready and be somewhere on time = WORK!!!
But this time it will be even worse as there is no easy way to unclick your nudes and take back that you're a cum-dumpster who want's to look like a dumb bitch. I give her 2-3 Weeks from now until she realizes that she hit rock bottom and there's no return from here. Internet never forgets.

No. 93389

You're being melodramatic about the "no return" thing. I think you're right that she's very likely going to regret doing this stuff, but having a topless pic on the internet isn't really the worst thing in the world.

No. 93391

Did this dumbass take our advice to do a live stream? >>92834 I’m guessing the mask is to hide her potato nose and probably nervousness. Her controlled content is bad enough. Live Venus is just sad

No. 93395

It's not about the topless picture, it's about the narrative and the whole slut/whore scenario she has put herself into. Posting suggestive pictures, sexy looks and even nudes are okay if she really is into this (though I wish she'd rather not) but was it really necessary to degrade herself like that? Out of all possibilities she picked the Porn one, like how will she get out of this, without permanently damaging her brand?(No1curr)

No. 93412

I think she can turn back. It's not too late. She has been on a weird ass discovery journey but she can always go back, she always does.

She needs to go back to Europe, marry someone who actually loves her, and get a very good therapist.

No. 93413

She should go back to Europe. There’s nothing left for her in Japan. If she were to leave, she would be able to close that rocky chapter of her life and move onto better things

No. 93414

I think as a minority going back to Europe would be the worst and most dangerous thing for her that she could do?

No. 93415


Wtf is there for her in europe?

No. 93417


What can she turn back to? Her YT career? It is so unlikely that she will strike gold again. The dolly trend which is her whole gimmick has faded over the years. I fail to see what has she bounced back from, because she has been spiraling for years now.

She will never leave Japan unless the country deports her. The country attracts people like her who think living in a closet is glamorous as long as they live there. Also she will never find anyone who genuinely loves her. You can see red flags on Venus from miles away. No one who is looking for a healthy relationship will touch that shit except those desperate simps. She has nothing to offer besides her fucked up body.

Venus will never change until she hits rock bottom. Most people generally learn and move on that way, but who knows with Venus?

No. 93418

This has nothing to do with where she is living. How would that make her suddenly not want to make an onlyfans? There is nothing wrong with her honestly doing this and she has nothing to lose from it besides kids who want her to remain 15 uwu for their aestethics watching on YouTube.

She's not 15 anymore. What brand is there to protect with her old face dolly persona with an audience of girls who refuse to want her to do anything other than entertain what they want to see because its in 'her best interests'. There is caring about what your fans say and moving on and she has a bigger demographic with male viewers now and it's naive to think that all her female fans will leave her because of this. It's been 2 weeks. Relax, anon.

No. 93425

Idk I was thinking maybe she was still in contact with some of her family in Europe? But looking back at some old posts doesn’t seem like she is. I do wonder what she will do if she is deported from Japan. which country would she even be deported to?

No. 93427

She might still be in contact with some family without us knowing. I don't know why she would bring unknown family into her social media life, so I don't think we can base her communication with other people outside of just her photos.

No. 93431

Man, I don’t get why she can’t just run her channel as a makeup channel, the beauty industry is massive….her doll look was basically makeup anyway(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 93438

Nothing to lose? Well I suppose if one gives zero fucks about keeping shit private, and doesn't mind the whole of their family including grandpa ferencz or her father able to look at her tits and captions with slutty content… then one really has nothing to lose. So empowerment, much creative

No. 93441

okay grandpa

how about this; if your relative/crush/whatever has an onlyfans with nudes then maybe try just not fucking looking at it if you dont want to see it like a normal person? gonna hatefap to your granddaughters nudes? no? okay then theres no issue.

No. 93445

>doesn't mind the whole of their family including grandpa ferencz or her father able to look at her tits and captions with slutty content

lmao it's not the first time they have to deal with such situations. Who knows? maybe they secretly fap to them. You know, crazy runs in that family.

No. 93460

Holy shit! I'm gone from this thread for a week and she's already posting nudes!
Am I the only one who wants her to take her new phase to its logical conclusion and start doing hardcore scenes?

No. 93462


Not alone. Want to see her go downhill too.

No. 93485

>j-just don't look! no issue!
NTA, but sorry. No matter how much you say this kind of thing on the internet, it will never be normal or acceptable in the real world to be a porn star.
That shit ruins lives and opportunities of all sorts, and her real name and face is attached to all of it.

No. 93486

Move along now. We want to see her upcoming hardcore scenes

No. 93487

We know. You sound like one of the thirstfags who come here regularly to beg for someone to leak her OF content.

No. 93488

Pretty sure she has already abandoned her OF as her schedule has yet again gone to trash. I almost pity her simps.

No. 93492

Oh come on, as if whoring out was her only option. Sure, she's not 15 anymore and doesn't need to continue her Dolly shit if she grew out of it but don't excuse her behaviour with having a large male audience that needs to be pleased, ewww

No. 93494

After all, maybe Manaki is the only one who created this safe space (you can call it a home) after venus run away. They might not be together, they might both be weirdos with weird kinks, but they get along. Venus has always felt very lonely.

No. 93498

they "get along" only because Manaki is a total doormat who cannot kick his lying, abusing and cheating ex from his house.

No. 93501

after the ken situation i think she went back crawling to manaki, i mean theres literally nowhere else for her to go and no way she can get a place by herself. i would assume theyre on good-ish terms, but probably not speaking to each other. hes such a doormat he doesnt have the balls to report her, and god knows how many lies she told him.

No. 93506

File: 1589553196377.png (849.21 KB, 1001x653, Captura.PNG)

No. 93507

And probably used this Covid-19 pandemic as a perfect way to milk how she needs a safe place to live during this time. Doormaki without a doubt had alot of sympathy for her and felt bad.

No. 93508

File: 1589553298621.jpeg (1.72 MB, 1242x1879, 741BDF5A-8FB0-4B6D-8855-6C7D9B…)

These pics are so bad lmao u can’t see shit, theres 8 pics but a lot were repeats just zoomed in ?? LMAO

No. 93509

File: 1589553323974.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1242x1865, FA4F0B2A-2CB4-46ED-82A5-1FAF86…)

No. 93510

File: 1589553345019.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1242x1858, DC552A02-FBCA-4E41-A808-ACD0BD…)

No. 93511

File: 1589553367320.jpeg (1.65 MB, 1242x1847, AD0C1FDF-72D4-4EDB-A517-49E7DC…)

No. 93512

The editing just keeps getting worse and she clearly hasn't researched into hot candle wax for her "lewds". Fucking hell Weenus get it together.

No. 93513

yeah dude """"""""lewd"""""" i want see the pussy godddammit(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 93514


kek at these pictures. So try hard lmao
Btw, who is taking the pics? Manaki?
Wouldn't surprise me if he is some sort of suitcase pimp of venus.

No. 93515

The caption makes it look like she has done this before (using another type of candle), but she looks like she has no idea what she's doing. This whole hypersexual kinky persona is an act.

No. 93518

It is painfully obvious that is all an act…but I don't care! Bring on the hardcore, Venus!

No. 93520

I honestly would have preferred more cute pictures as opposed to very forced looking S&M.

No. 93521

I look forward to seeing the video of this though, hopefully it will at minimum be entertaining.

No. 93522

Possibly the only good picture if you don't look at her eyes. Others look like complete trash…

No. 93523

What is that between her legs??

No. 93524

she kinda looks like a cheap whore. is this her attempt at sexy? lol man oh man she has a long way to go. the candle play is cringe.

No. 93525

I'd I didn't know who she was I would have thought this was some crackhead trying to make ends meet by attempting to be sexy. It's just so bad.

No. 93526

LMAO!!!! is this supposed to be sexy? If anything it’s laughable. Jesus Christ she’s lucky she didn’t start a fire. What erotic manga did she see this shit in. And what’s with the black light type lighting. Not really the best lighting for “sexy” pictures. I’m starting to think she’s just an idiot.

No. 93527

File: 1589556925149.jpg (113.73 KB, 1080x737, 20200515_113432.jpg)

I think I found the infamous Peter from Toronto in the comments. This is what grandpa does with his retirement money. 1/3 posts.

No. 93528

LMFAO she edits the picture so much it doesn't even look like her!

No. 93529

File: 1589557145390.jpg (295.93 KB, 1080x1573, 20200515_113414.jpg)


No. 93530

File: 1589557374731.jpg (316.03 KB, 1080x2028, 20200515_113359.jpg)

No. 93531


Makes sense why he speaks to her in comments on OF like she's a child. A creepy ass old man just as predicted. Weenus has the most warped fanbase.

No. 93532

this dude is a total fucking creep im more grossed out by him than weenus's failed attempts at being sexy and kinky.

No. 93533

Yeah she straight up has no idea what she’s doing. Using a random IKEA candle she had lying around is so dangerous holy shit. Then she’s surprised that the waxplay candle feels different? She hasn’t put any research into this. Different waxes have different melting points. If that ikea candle had been beeswax and she didn’t know it, she could’ve ended up with 2nd degree burns. Based on the pics it looks like it was dripped fairly close to her body, and giddy skin is more sensitive, no wonder it probably felt more hot. It’s scary to me that Venus is doing this kink stuff when she clearly hasn’t done any research beyond “saw it in a hentai lol”. She’s gonna get seriously hurt, and not in a fun way.

No. 93534


This fucker again. Guess his account will be also private as soon as he sees that he was posted here again lol Dude knows that he is an old nasty creep but then again it's the kind of people that venus has as her main audience now yikes

No. 93535

this peter dude is really public for being such a creep.

No. 93536


and I like to add to my post that I'm pretty sure that posts like >>93520 and >>93521
are still him posting here.

No. 93538

I think she is trying to recreate one of the hentai doujin covers here, this kind of pose is common around djs and it's laughable on how bad it looks IRL.

> I like this new Venus and I joined your OnlyFans.
Of course you like this new ''Venus'' because you can shameleslly stroke your disgusting peen to it, gross. Mens brain will always be a cumbrain no matter of age.

This whole.. 'i am such a degen, guys, i am such a perfect pervy waifu uwu!! not like the others!!uwu' act is idiotic… I think basic bitch 'softcore uwu w pastel pink stuff n pwushies' would fit her more.

No. 93546

Honestly I feel sorry for the simps who actually subscribed to this cringefest… on the other hand: Anyone expecting quality content from Peenus must be out of their mind.

No. 93547

I'm new in this site so I'm just want to ask you guys some questions. why everyone is so hateful on "weeb girls" like wenus, keekihime,and any weeb that u can think of. I'm curious if someone reply I will really appreciate :) have a nice day(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 93548

SJW-chans will say they appropriate japanese culture, but I don't give a shit about that kinda stuff. The real problem is they will use and abuse their fans, justify mental issues, start unnecessary drama and never admit their faults (unless they benefit from it). This website, along with other websites that follow lolcows are just a place to talk about the insane shit these people do IN PUBLIC ON THE INTERNET. I'm sure there are some weeby girls and guys out there who don't get hate because they are normal, well adjusted individuals but this website is about lolcows not normal people

tl;dr lurk more newfag or go back to instagram

No. 93549

Why is everything blue, lol?!

No. 93550

She looks autistic in this one, seriously.

No. 93551

File: 1589564643442.png (16.84 KB, 605x103, 1.png)

looks correct to me, matches up with this

No. 93552

File: 1589565173037.jpg (25.95 KB, 400x400, Venus-Angelic.jpg)

Hate to say I told you so, but I was here five years ago and I can remember being dragged over the coals for advising caution on the jubilant mood that followed her estrangement from her mother. Many of us said the moment she left her mother that it wasn't a cause for celebration. That in all likelihood things would get worse. That she was in a "marriage" with an oddball guy who essentially stalked her and whose language she didn't speak fluently. In a country with no support network of her own, no qualifications, limited language ability, complete dependency on a spouse she barely knew and so on.

I hate doing the told you so routine but really, some of us did tell you this would happen. You responded (and I remember the threads well) by reee'ing about how she was free now, things would get better for her because of her kawaii asian husbando, how we were all just debbie downers. It honestly makes me think a lot of you are fundamentally naïve.

The best thing for Venus to do would have been to go back home and get a formal education of some kind. This insipid Japan and Korea veneration would be funny if it didn't lead to people in their twenties unironically stuck there in virtual prostitution, as single mothers to boot.

All of you who cheered along are nothing but enablers. I'd expect it of PULLtards who want nothing more from life than to marry some Asian dude and live in a matchbox apartment in Seoul or Tokyo all their lives, but those of you who are older ought to take some time to reflect on this whole affair. Not even trolling here, I'm being serious.

No. 93554



No. 93555

>marry someone who actually loves her

I think she still has time, but there's a Catch 22 in that the more she engages in self destructive and damaging behavior like this, the harder it will be for her to ever go back and find someone who was comfortable with her essentially whoring around in Japan for years. That being said, Applemilk managed it, so I don't see why Venus can't. Both of them had similar mental issues too.

In general I just want the whole weeb J-Vlogger trend to end. It's boring as shit and I'm nonplussed as to how anyone still follows it. No, I don't care about you and your ugly-ass Hiroyuki Nishimura looking boyfriend doing YouTube's 5,000,000th Meiji Jingu vlog.

No. 93556


You're not on your own, I said the exact same shit.

It was too good to be true. A weird man she doesn't know, running away to somewhere she barely knows, language cant speak properly or fully and nothing to her name except Youtube and a passport.

Everyone was gleeing with cheer and joy. Some said "Oh but at least she isn't with her abusive mother! It's better a stalker than that!" How? That's as BAD.

I knew from the beginning of her fame it'd end badly. No proper home, weird mother, weird way of living, but just this girl in general is freaky. I find her weird and I cannot see why everyone likes her. She's the kind of girl in class that would giggle at a cloud passing by at the window and collect ants in the sandbox. She's odd.

Like I just laugh now. I really do. I think she IS in touch with family back home but she just wants to stay there in Japan. I wouldn't be surprised if her dad was sending money to her to keep her.

Thing is, the doll trend died out years ago. Venus lost a lot of viewers and her ideas came to an end. The new rise of teenagers now aren't into the kawaii doll thing. Some are who are mini weebs but most want the Kardashian trash thot life.

Venus is doing just that and since OF is now a thing she had to trend hop. I mean she's a lazy shit anyway and doesn't want to do much. So it's no surprise.

But it's no life, the way she lives. I can't understand how and why people can be happy for her living this new… life.

No. 93558


To be fair, I still like some of the weeb Youtubers. Some are actually not bad because of their person's personality it CAN be bearable.

But many girls who were into weeb stuff wanted to get to Japan in the hopes of starting off a Youtube career when the rise of living doll trends appeared. Now it's died out, I think what has happened, Korea took Japan's place?

Now everyone wants to go to Korea because of Kpop basically. That's the only reason why.

I think other places are becoming more popular now anyway. I know Bali and the whole "I bought an apartment in New York!" thing is happening more and more for views.

Japan is still popular but it's had its course in my opinion.

No. 93559

>How? That's as BAD.

It's worse actually. Much worse. What happened to Venus was she was taken away from an overbearing and abusive mother figure who, at the very least, provided some sort of structure to her life (however flawed) and placed into… nothing. Just a complete vacuum in a completely alien country.

I still for the absolute life of me cannot fucking understand why so many of these people are obsessed with staying in Japan though. I mean I get the appreciation for Japanese culture but living there, on your own, off of OnlyFans scraps, with absolutely no real close friends or support network. How are people this atomized even created? It boggles my mind.

No. 93560


Korea is incredibly popular right now. The amount of views a basic ass Korean person gets for cleaning their apartment as an ASMR is insane

No. 93561

The last J-Vlogger I actually liked was that half-Japanese guy, half-White guy who has a wife, children and a job over there, and he makes videos on things like the state of the housing market, how Japanese schools in what is considered a "poor area of Tokyo" work, and so on. His videos were well made and informative.

The Rachel and Jun-tier ones can eat a bag of dicks though.

No. 93563

I wonder what taylor r thinks of all this

No. 93564


It's the glorification of living the anime girl dream I guess that other lazy weeb bitches want to live.

I've been to Japan. I love the country, it's lovely and I would like to go back. But I just generally like the country, I don't read manga or any of that shit.

I think these girls all want to out do each other in some way and Venus just makes out she's living the dream, still makes out she looks like her shoops and it's just… even fucking Dakota Rose sorted her shit out and stopped with the shoop. She does it a little but not too badly anymore.

She just seems to be living a normal life and doing job whenever she gets them now.

But Venus… oh christ. She's sunk low.

No. 93565


The normal ones like that, now I can bear.

But people like Rachel & Jun who like to show off their interracial marriage and will probably flaunt their kids because they're "so exotic" just piss me off.

Sharla In Japan. She's just cringe.

No. 93566

>I still for the absolute life of me cannot fucking understand why so many of these people are obsessed with staying in Japan though.

Because you're considered a failure if you return back. Especially when they had no intention of doing so when they moved in the first place. See: Simply Kenna/cozykitsune and her failed rebrand and humiliating return from her 2 second weeb dream of having an entertainment visa in Japan.

But also, for a lot of them, they have nothing interesting worth watching if they move back home. Without Japan they're just shitty vloggers forced to do kawaii makeup tutorials or pastel wig hauls.

No. 93567

>Taylor R
Is she the gold digger who married the ugly dude or was that Sharla? Honestly, they're all so interchangeable I end up forgetting.

>She just seems to be living a normal life and doing job whenever she gets them now.
None of them are normal lol.

Why not just learn a skill of some kind then?

No. 93568

yeah that's taylor. she seemed to genuinely care about venus but idk if they're still friends.

No. 93569

The moment the AMWF tag became a thing, it was the beginning of the end of interesting j-vlogging (asides from a few niche channels).

No. 93570

What's the name of this youtuber? I can't stand most jvloggers, but Youtube will occasional recommend me one that isn't unbearable. There was one guy who bought an abandoned, old traditional Japanese style house and is currently renovating it. Not the most riveting vlog, but definitely more interesting to watch than Sharla or Venus or the like.

No. 93571

It's not even the flaunting of the interracial relationship. Their content is just so damn boring. There are a thousand other people who have done tours of Tsukiji and its breakfast restaurants before you. Vastly better ones too. How are you getting a million plus views for that shit?

If they produced interesting, well made content on a variety of subject matters I'd get it. But it's literally just shit like: "Me and my husband go and eat at a teppenyaki restaurant in Ginza #toyko #teppenyaki #amwf"

>Texan in Tokyo

>Sharla in Japan
>Rachel and Jun

How many others are there like this? Like was said, they're all so interchangeable…

I also find it really unsettling how many of them will go there for a few months and end up getting hooked up and married within that same time period. It happened to this old video games vlogger called Samtron who used to be popular years and years ago.


Think it's this guy. He seems really cool. No attention whoring, just interesting topics.

Yeah, it doesn't even need to be focused on Asia. I also follow a woman who teaches at a rural school in Russia, and a guy who built a log cabin in the Canadian wilderness from scratch. There was also a guy who restored an old Mediterranean Taverna on a Greek island who was fun to follow, but that was many years ago. YouTube has lots of interesting channels who don't really get much attention.

No. 93575

I've been wondering too. She continues to post her usual content and seems happier than usual, so I infer she is unconcerned. Remember Tom is suspected of running an escort site off the side of Menclub.

No. 93578

Not the first literal grandpa I've seen thirsting on young women's accs on Instagram. He's one of the more demanding commenters on OnlyFans iirc.

No. 93579

She'll need to go to voice coaching lessons to learn how to speak like a normal adult rather than a child on a sugar high first.

No. 93580

No one cares about how right you were or how emotionally invested you are in this dumb bitch. Venus’ is an uneducated emotionally stunted weeb whose plan was never going to work and was simply delaying the inevitiable. tragic i guess but not out of the norm. i wanna see how well this OF thing goes in 3 months. she almost hurt herself with candle play, cant wait to see what other inventive ways she harms herself.

No. 93583

Nobody was emotionally invested in her. It's just the celebratory tone ("UwU good luck!!!! UwU") that annoyed a lot of people because it smelt like retarded PULL weebs/kboos.

No. 93586

this is something pt would do. good to see cows taking after each other

No. 93591

pt is the true queen of kawaii, this bish is just a pretender to the throne

No. 93595

well, Taylor whiteknighted her hubby when he faced backlash for fetishizing schoolgirls, so she's probably ok with this development.

No. 93596


No. 93598

oh the darkness of ignorance.

No. 93605

get out newfag reeeee

No. 93609

This thread really is the biggest newfag magnet on /w/

No. 93624

Doormaki is also known as Visamaki too. Weenus has him wrapped around her little finger. That's the only person in her life she can do that to and it'd work because of how he is.

No. 93630

What if Venus threatened Manaki? Like if he divorces her or kicks her out, she would report their visa fraud and has proof he was complicit, so he'd get into legal trouble too? And since she'd have nothing to lose at that point, she takes him down with her.

No. 93631

I wouldn't be surprised tbh. Afterall she is a narc.

No. 93637

Tbh, I think HE could do way better than Tsuruko. Pip is a massive bitch, like Venus, just without the crazy. Idk much about him tho. But good for him. Venus has proven herself to be a massive cow. Not everyone has to jump on the empowerment bs bandwagon, though if it's all he's posting about, then it does seem kinda obsessive.

No. 93639

Someone who doxxes a child sexual abuse, willingly stays with a pedophile for money/materialistic gain and exploits the abuse to victimize themselves for profit/attention/whatever, deserves ALL the vitriol they get. Not, "oh poor venus, i feel sad for her, wishing her the best" crap. No one says that shit about other cows (I'm aware you didn't say ppl should be saying that btw). And you don't have to be 'super calculating' to pander. It's what she's doing and the picks are proof.

No. 93645

File: 1589599573786.gif (56.67 KB, 480x368, giphy-downsized_s.gif)

Why was this the first thing I thought of when I saw her latest post?

No. 93651

How? I don't believe that at all. If she is, why didn't she report her ex for what he did to that child?

No. 93668

Because she's full of shit. Narcs are notorious for lying and making up elaborate stories no matter how fucked up they are, only to suddenly pretend it never happened. Even if it did actually happen, Venus only cares about herself and nobody else, like she always does.

No. 93669

>Someone who doxxes a child sexual abuse
Not disagreeing with the rest of your post, but I've seen this particular line a lot, and from what I've seen: She posted an extremely filtered/blurry image of her trying to hug some kid, didn't identify who he was or dox him, posted a now-gone IG story making the allegations toward "Ken", then deleted the photo she took of herself with the boy. We don't know if she was making it all up, we don't know who "Ken" or his ex was, we don't know who the child was.
If she was telling the truth, it was disgusting to casually talk about such a heavy topic the way she did and then act like it wasn't really a big deal, but "doxxing" is a very exaggerated term to use in this context.

No. 93686

I don't wanna derail but what's the link with this guy and lolcow? He seems like a complete and utter creep but I'm curious what thread he came up in before since it seems like most people are familiar.

No. 93692


he posted here a while ago


No. 93702

you know a thread is bad when pull's is superior. they just take all the milk from here and repost it. lots of wks but at least no thirsty scrotes

i got under peter or someone's skin bc they kept trying to get me banned from the forums kek

No. 93704

lmao whats so bad about an introverted child that looks at clouds and plays with ants? lets hope you wont have children someday

No. 93705

No. 93715

She looks so uncomfortable sitting on that bookshelf lmao. This girl has 0 taste when it comes to style and sense so her photos ends up looking awkward af.

No. 93719

Also I never saw someone looking so sad in a virgin killer dress… just look at how unhealthy and skinny she is, especially her wrists and arms. Guess thats how you look when you skip your meals over some midnight alc and beer sessions.

No. 93723

Forgot to mention the ungodly level of shoops….

No. 93725

why is there always someone bitching about pull here. sorry you banned, downvoted, denied approval or whatever, but no one cares. this thread has newfags due to raids, reddit, pissy pull users and fangelics coming here for free OF shit; its 2020. make the thread better than moaning about it.

its been 10 days since Venus went topless. Shes made decent money off of this ill give her that, but I hope she puts that money to good use. She doesnt seem to understand the value (dumbass surgery that almost killed her + bitching that manaki was rightfully pissed, drinking for days, etc), given her almost zero educational background.

i legit cant think of a productive way for her to spend it due to her hot mess background; getting her own place is stupid since OF is not stable. i have no idea how she could get started going to school in japan, but she has zero discipline and can barely stick to one idea for long so she wouldnt even commit. she has zero interest in going back to europe since shed have to start fresh. she needs therapy but lied saying her therapist is ok with this shit, so she clearly doesnt want to. what is she going to do with this money??

i dont think she has high self-esteem (strong filters to look half asian) so i hope she doesnt try something stupid like plastic surgery in the future.

No. 93727

Are you the same anon from cgl or did you just copy paste what they said exactly for some reason?

No. 93728

Agreed. It probably shows imagination which is more than most of the 'normal' kids.

No. 93732

It's Peenus, Anon. She will waste her on money on stupid kawaii shit or alcohol. Don't expect anything reasonable from her.

No. 93740

She should buy a damn house for herself. doesn't matter how irresponsible she is in any other respect, at least do that one thing. she needs a proper base to work from and live in, and do whatever she wants there without having to answer to anyone else, her own private, and personal space, and getting her own place to live, that she owns herself, would at least give her that, some security.

No. 93741

Who do you think the other girl will be in the yuri shoot?

No. 93742

Ella Freya?

No. 93746

>>an extremely filtered/blurry image of her trying to hug some kid
The kid was not “extremely filtered” or “blurry.” He was clearly identifiable and she made no attempt to hide his face- on her public IG with 240k followers. Stop trying to minimize this disgusting act.

No. 93751


Venus will probably put some cash towards the gas and electric to keep her wifi a flow. But other than that? I doubt she will use it on anything wise.

She never does.

Remember when she ran away at first and then weeks later she had a room dedicated to anime, toys and hamsters? That's what she doe with her money. Piles of random kiddish clothes and dolly dresses.

I get okay people waste money but this girl will just piss it away. She'll be in new dresses, downing bottles of wine on her next live stream and saying how she's lesbian for only today and then tomorrow she'll be riding a salary man's dick.

Don't even root for her at this point.

No. 93752


She shoops.

But yeah, she looks a fucking wreck.

No. 93754


I think it draws attention because you have Asian men who fetishise white women. So they'll be interested in seeing this become a reality and give them hope.

You then have white women, you always get the "I love others cultures" never attractive, nerdish, doesn't put much into their appearance like Rachel and you'll be the ones like Venus who fetishise Asians for the cutesy appeal and anime.

So they get together, white girls and asians. One is using the other for status and to show off to his other asian peers and the other just wants a visa or to show off how cultured they are or to relive anime.

It's sad but true.

It's like how black men and black men get with whites so their kids look lighter and have looser hair because of the black community being colourist as fuck.

But the joke is when asian and white people reproduce and the asian parent usually hates how asian their kid looks. Usually happens with the asian woman and white man ratio mostly. I find it hilarious.

No. 93755

>what is she going to do with this money??
Buy clothes, make up, alcohol like always

No. 93770

Looks like it may be someone called Akane
Araragi. Googled her, she looks like an attention-seeking trashfire.

No. 93780

yeah, a new iphone, possibly going to the nail salon every two weeks, buy more wigs and props for the photos she is taking. pay bills. get some other surgery done. go to expensive restaurants once covid is over.
i can't see her sitting on some savings, she's more likely to spend it all on stupid shit.

No. 93782

People in Japan love idols and even follow them after leaving AKB and such and into porn and sex work. This is so common in Japan and actually applauded. I bet there is a good amount of gaijin hunters waiting for her updates since she is specifically pandering to this demographic. She's in Japan, why wouldn't she? I kind of see her working with a bigger company for a good shoot or even shibari artists in Japan if she's going this route and the market for this is massive, moreso than in the US or EU. She could possibly make really good, profession money from this after COVID if she can make the right connections.

No. 93786

she definitely should. if she can that's the way she should go because at the moment i don't see anything else for her. without any background, education or connections i doubt she could find anything 'normal' if you know what i mean.

however, i would imagine these companies would look for someone who actually looks good in real life and not just on the photos. venus edits her shots SO MUCH you can hardly recognise her. i would expect these companies to look for models who look good without any editing. i doubt they will pay extra money for someone just to edit her photos / videos lol while they could easily find a naturally gorgeous looking european girl somewhere else.
i don't think companies you mention would use snow or meitu for their professional work lol.

No. 93789

No. They hire busted, D-list memebers of AKB and other idol groups. They don't care. She could be in a part of a stuck in the window segment. She's not completely busted and proper studio lighting, like with makeup gurus, you will wash out all those wrinkles. I'm not going to lie, if she does lurk, I hope she sees this because this is her best chance of making steady money for the next maybe 5 years aside from her side gig of OnlyFans or whatever else she might do. I don't care if Venus does porn, I'm glad honestly because I think this is one thing her deadpan self might be useful for job wise. I don't see her ever being happy working a normal job or going to school, but she's never really been sexual before and she doesn't seem as miserable as I thought. She definitely needs to work on her poses and faces, but I think shes trying to do the no emotion, uwu come here baby eyes but it doesn't come off as sexy. She needs to work on that.

No. 93793

She's moved back to the Netherlands because of her health instead of staying in Japan like Weenus is doing who's going downhill.

No. 93811

File: 1589650854097.png (Spoiler Image, 392.12 KB, 356x464, eww.PNG)

Yepp, she's definitely someone who would participate in Weenus cringefest.

No. 93812

Venus wishes she was this. Akane actually does have a lot of good quality and HD sets.

No. 93814

her content is way better than venus' and she looks way more confident with SW. who is this girl anyway? japanese? she was never mentioned

No. 93815

She's half japanese and half black. Her content is very spot on and she is able to afford different venus and photographers all the time. She also doesn't heavily edit her stuff and seems fine even with her small boobs Venus hopefully would duo with her at some point to get tips but that set will have this girl outshining by far.

No. 93816

File: 1589652374448.png (345.59 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200516-200531.png)

Looks like she approached Venus first.

No. 93817

That's one heavy clout train she will get to participate in. Akane is reblogged and liked by people like Nigri sometimes. This will boost Venus a huge amount if this all goes right.

No. 93818

she will literary meet venus in real person and see how ugly she is lol

No. 93820

Am i the only one who gets the impression venus can't pose right? In this photo set, she seems like she ain't moving at all. Probably why there is zoom in duplicates too.

I wanted to talk about the trash camera work too. The photoset screams amateur. Who thinks she got wasted that night and had sex with the camera person lol. It would explain why she was "sick" the next day for her stream.

No. 93821

weenus and akane cringefest… yay…

I agree, she has no sense of posing or like basic thoughts of what will look good she just tries replicating what ever she sees in her erotic mangas. I still look at that candle in the mouth picture and laugh. Not sexy at all.

No. 93823

File: 1589653685685.jpg (Spoiler Image, 405.56 KB, 2048x1433, fish_pose.jpg)

What's going on here?
"good quality and HD sets"
"Her content is very spot on and she is able to afford different venus and photographers all the time. "

What's all this whiteknighting for? Her photo-sets on insta are just as cringey, some perhaps even more than Venus. Her posing is horrible, too. Not to mention she only has 87 patreons…

She may have 100k followers on twitter but she hardly get any engagements even close to 1/10th of that. Are they bots or disowned accounts?

Do you guys hate Venus that much or you guys actually guys or something?

No. 93824

calm down anon. shes just like any e thots.

what the other anons are saying is that compared to venus, she looks more confident and assuming in her SW, has way better quality for instance in her photosets. She also seems to not shoop as much too.

still cringe but venus is cringier.

No. 93825

Looks like she is enjoying it better too. Venus looks like a dead tuna.

No. 93827

File: 1589654491208.jpg (Spoiler Image, 138 KB, 1080x719, akane.jpg)

No one is whiteknighting her anon. She does have higher quality sets and unlike a lot of thots she hasn't gone out much to get new stuff, but her selfie sets are better than anything Venus has put out even with her photographer for the love hotel shoot and how many times do people need to explain to you anons that buying bot accounts is nearly impossible anymore as the AIs for socials delete them in less than 24hrs now. This isn't like early 2000s bot buying.

No. 93830

Why do you keep adding random images/videos that have nothing to do with Venus, you’ve done this in every post reply you’ve made, just don’t add an image if it’s not needed in a reply

No. 93833

This is the only time I've added a photo and replied. This has everything to do with Venus since they will be doing sets together, so discussing the other girl makes sense. You said her shit was bad, so I threw up an example of her HD stuff compared to Venus's shitty quality. This girl is going to probably get Venus more attention and get her hooked up with actual photographers.

No. 93836

My point is that this thread sucks that’s all lol. I’m not gonna read your novel. I’m just clogging up the thread cuz why not. Better than reading all this unsaged bs

No. 93847

I dont about her, but it sounds like Akane will get the short end of the stick if she collabs with Venus. Venus has her sloppy notoriety with zero skill, while Akane is still a weeb but with better quality equipment and knows a bit more about the business. She might get a slight boost in popularity, but Venus will get more clout. but weebs arent exactly bright and this will surely bring milk

No. 93848

I watched this kizuna ai video with Venus as a guest and it really puzzles me how she can lie this elaborately about Manaki. I mean she has come up with different details to the story like ”he forced me to buy him food before we could record videos” etc. Did she just sit at home and think of ways on how to lie about Manaki being the worst asshole ever? Kinda fucked up if you think about it.

No. 93853


so…seems like OF want to go back to their original pg13 content…. lol

No. 93871

Jesus, seems like a lot of projecting on Venus's part

No. 93875

It was never PG13 content. There was always allowance for sex workers. They make you check whether your content will be 18+ and do not penalize you at all for it. It's been that way since it started. Snowflakes just want to make believe. The OF twitter account even reblogs sex workers and promotes them.

No. 93887

He wasn't, otherwise the crazy people ITT would've already identified him. You're just grasping to make things sound worse than they already are. Live in reality.

No. 93893

did you actually see the photo? other than the shitty filters she puts all over her photos and some uwu blushing stickers, the kid’s face was clearly identifiable. she deleted after people told her because she doesnt think.

No. 93922

Pretty sure Asian males are the main target of boring amwf channels like that. They have an extreme thirst for white girls and any amwf content, because it is pretty rare in general.

No. 93955

Thought I'd seen this already but I hadn't.
That was so depressing… I don't even like Manaki but how the hell can Venus insultingly insinuate that HE is a neet hikikomori as if she's not a shut in mess too?
The yakiniku bit might be a little plausible because I swear he did ask her to buy yakiniku in at least one video they did together but even then she probably hugely exaggerated.

No. 93974


I don’t see it lasting at all tbh

No. 93977

File: 1589714041175.png (19.95 KB, 628x135, headpalm.PNG)

Is there anything this girl can do right?!

No. 93981

Weenus is useless in everything she does yet she keeps making out she's oh so talented. Girl just fucking give up, it's embarrassing.

No. 93983

Venus is only good at being spoiled and coddled, acting like a 10 year old, and buying toys.

No. 93988

Valid point anon. And talented in being a manipulative little bitch that's for sure.

No. 93995

What the hell does she mean, wax video?? Is it a video of her waxing her legs or what

No. 93996

no anon, wax meaning the candle kink. I guess she was planning on adding a vid to her shitty candle wax photo op. I really don’t think she actually made a vid though. Maybe last minute thought by weenus.

No. 94000


Oh no, I don't like the look of her at all.

She looks kinda course somehow, sort of rough.

Venus looks more delicate, unless she is wanting to go for purity and innocence being contaminated and tainted by someone rough and hard looking, I guess being a masochist she probably would, but this girl does not look hot, just streetwise rough, not sexy at all.

No. 94003


And I really don't want to have to see any more images of that horrible looking hoe.

I sincerely hope Venus never collaborates with her on anything. I can't see how it would do any good for Venus' career at all to be involved with somebody who looks as coarse and rough as that, unless it is to show how hard and unattractive she looks compared to Venus, I may not think Venus is the most wonderful person and I sure don't but she looks way better than that hoe.

No. 94004


But they left the picture up here in lolcow. I said ages ago they should have deleted it out of respect for his privacy because I was worried about the poor kid and kept thinking what if he becomes aware of it, but i was told it had to stay.

No. 94007


I thought it was melted candle wax. It looks gross. It isn't apparent what it is meant to be and is just going to make people wonder what it is. I've seen posts from someone saying she's wearing red shorts or something, but I don't think it's that, that would be so unsexy, and as she's talking about candle wax and showed pictures of herself with red candle grease dripped onto her cleavage, I just think this is red candle was that she put between her legs. Weird.

No. 94017

No. 94018

Is she easing off of the blur and filtering, or is she simply ageing faster than the editing apps can update?

No. 94019

That bit where the unknown man told her to fill the condom with water, and touch it while talking about her boobs made me cringe so much, I couldn't sit through it.

No. 94020

Well that aint manaki filming that 100%

No. 94023

I was hoping she'd make a video about visiting and post it somewhere. I don't know about other anons, but whether you think it's cringey or not, watching tours of places I'll never visit is something I go to yt for. She seemed kind of awkward but actually more lively here than in her other recent content. I think she is having fun.

No. 94029


rolls eyes

No. 94031

Your post summarizes how far Venus has fallen, wtf

It's mostly women under 20 watching her videos…

No. 94033

And Venus is over 20. Maybe these teens should give up hoping that their dolly idol will come back. She isn't trying to create content for them anymore.

No. 94035

File: 1589736100455.jpg (509.1 KB, 1080x1080, Inspiring Venus.jpg)

I feel very empowered and inspired by this video, sex work is work, this is good Youtube content, demeaning yourself is fun

No. 94036

The guys voice sounds slightly edited it times. I think this might be Manaki unless she hired a male photographer to try and do her photos. The issue is that this guy seems like a hack and just wanted to take photos of a gaijin. I hope she is able to afford some actual decent people to shoot her and not scammy creeps popping into her DMs.

No. 94037

K, so if any children's/teen interest channel segues to porn the children watching should just give up watching, it's that simple!

No. 94038

I think they aren't together since long time ago. But just in case, I will prepare an Idubbz OF consent meme (because I want this to be true)

No. 94039

Yeah. That's on their parents to monitor their watching. It's not the creator's job. youtube doesn't force you to label your content unless it is specifically for children now. You guys act like her fans are incapable of using their own brains and act like 14 and 15 year olds can't just unsub.

No. 94042

yeah being a neet, hoping between guys, crawling back to Doomaki, drinking for days, lol yeah peenus is DeLiCaTe lmaoo you dumb fucks eat up every lie she shit out.

No. 94043

To add: She's made it very clear what her content is now for the past several weeks. The fans who aren't interested should've got the hint from Instagram but instead they are voluntarily commenting and lamenting the loss of their kawaii uwu dolly lifestyle 25 year old. It's pathetic and really shows the obsession people have over aesthetics.

No. 94044

So… is it safe to say that it's not Manaki behind the cam? She distorted his Voice but I still don't think it's him (maybe her new Pimp or so). Makes me even more curious about how she ended at his place then.

No. 94045

I feel like it might be him just because he'd volunteer to shoot it all. No way in hell the guy who wanted underage Venus didn't have a lot of degeneracy to begin with in his closet. He's probably static to have Venus to play out his fantasy stuff with, but if she's game this works out for both of them.

No. 94046

File: 1589736755757.png (102.68 KB, 1440x562, Youtube.png)

Here is a lovely comment someone left under her latest video.

No. 94048

File: 1589736849059.png (152.97 KB, 1102x866, guess who.png)

It wasn't Manaki

No. 94050

It's not far off to say that love hotels could probably ask her to do these sorts of tours for money to help boost travel interest again due to the loss in tourism and staying home from the pandemic.

No. 94051

Dude is a fucking troll and unless he can show proof I'm calling bs on him. I highly doubt Venus would go back to wanting to collab with him after all the scamming he did to other girls.

No. 94052

Probably her new sugar daddy.

No. 94053

Ewww, not Daniel!! Hope he's joking, dafaq is that girl doing with this creep?!

No. 94054

He's probably just trying to clout chase by stirring shit up. He's such garbage.

No. 94055

I also doubt it's him. I mean whats the point of distorting the voice and then exposing yourself shortly after the video went online? Makes no sense.

No. 94056

It isn't HIMR. He's just joking. He's still at his mother's home in England and bemoaning the fact that he can't go to the Netherlands to meet up with that stupid Mila woman again.

No. 94057


Tinfoil hat theory, but she distorted the voice because it is manaki after all …

No. 94062

Better him than some stranger or someone she got ahold of through DMs claiming to be a professional. He might be distorting it so his job doesn't find out he's helping with it and get fired. I appreciate couples that do this together because at least you're on the same page about it.

No. 94065

I want Daniel to forget about moocher Mila and get with Venus instead… it would be perfect

No. 94076

At least this video had Venus getting in a bath. Now she just needs to fill it with soapy water

No. 94094

The guy sounds like a fucking creep holy shit

No. 94101


If I have to see another “she’s an adult! She can do what she wants” comment

I’ll scream

What adult wears a child’s uniform? Ugh fuck off

No. 94102

yeah, I’m thinking its either Manaki or her manager.

No. 94107

No, I don't see Manaki here at at all. Dudes to shy for this shit and I don't think he would like to see his beloved Binatan in such an environment, leave alone support her SW. Remember how embarrassed and upset he seemed when Venus pranked him with that one red lingerie thing. I could be wrong but I really don't see him with her.

No. 94111

you realize she's a creep too

she's scammed ppl too. they're perfect for each other. remorseless greedy sociopaths.

they essentially funded this bitches life all the time she was making good money on YT. Telling them to just get over it is ridiculous. venus just slapped them in the face with a massive fuck you, after spending years PRETENDING she cared about them and loved them, to mask that she just wanted to manipulate them and brainwash and play with their emotions so they stay subbed for as long as she needs them

No. 94112

Why do you guys white knight so hard for Manaki? The guy was and is a confirmed creep. Is it just because he's Japanese and lolcow is full of weebs who think any old crusty looking Japanese guy is hot?

No. 94113

The kid was easily identifiable to anyone who knew him or his parents, friends, family etc. No attempt whatsoever to hide his face (and no remorse for blasting his pic out along with that disgusting “giving head to a baby” story on her instagram either.) Just delete, ignore and pretent it never happened. Weenus is fucking scum

No. 94116

Don't embarrass yourself, Anon, no one is white knighting Manaki, everyone is aware of the fact that he's a idiot and creep and it has been discussed at full lenght already. So no need to beat a dead horse and go over it again.

No. 94118

He may be a weirdo, but in his relationship with Venus it’s definitely not him who’s the asshole. Just think about it for a sec: he helped her escape Margo and let her sit on her ass and buy lolita dresses and shit while he worked to keep the apartment and pay the bills. What did Venus do in return? Cheated on him, humiliated him on her videos and spread lies and rumors about him on her insta and YT.

No. 94122

>no one is white knighting Manaki
This is a lie, I've been in enough of these threads to know that.

>he helped her escape Margo
Imagine being this delusional. Her life actually became significantly worse after she left her controlling mother.

No. 94125

Exactly. Don't forget she spent years manipulating them, pretending to care/be relatable and exploiting parasocial relationships etc, for money, but now these younger fans are just expected to drop their idol? It doesn't work that way. It's not hard to create a second IG and YT and put that inappropriate shit there, as well as tag it 18+. But again, money above all for the coin gremlin and mixing an underage audience with pedo creeps doesnt bug her at all. She even told her kawaii interested fans that there will still be kawaii content when they were pondering unsubbing, just so she could keep her viewers. Scum is too nice of a word for her.

Right. She even admitted to being a neet herself, right around the time her and manaki had seemingly split but she hadn't announced the divorce yet. she's clearly a manipulative narc and is projecting. Also, I bet "forced" to buy him food, was just her husband asking if there was anything to eat or hoping his wife would get off her ass and actually cook for him after he came home from a long ass shift of physical labor (something venus has never known) from his REAL job. I think venus is aggrandizing and spinning the narrative once again.

No. 94126

File: 1589752304940.jpeg (293.17 KB, 1820x1124, 8D61763D-43B0-4069-A295-19EF31…)

Fun DIY with a condom, you guyz!

She has a shit ton of makeup and false eyelashes slathered on. Looks like she was drunk when she did it.

No. 94129

I do think he's a weirdo but at the same time, what started as a creepy dude infatuated with his idol, ended up being a dude who seemed to genuinely care about her, as did his family. He didn't just dump her when she got too old, like scum like onision and went on to another young girl or something. Plus venus is just sooooooooo much worse than him, as >>94118 said and calling out her slander as lies when there is proof what she said can't be true, isn't wk-ing him. It's just like how venus seemed so much better when she slandered margo to her audience (i say slander because i really dont know how much of what she said was even true given she likes to embellish so called "abuse" to flat out make it up). it's the same with manaki now, except i highly doubt manaki is some horrible evil manipulator. creepy and weird yes. but not some evil abuser the way she painted and continues to paint him as.

No. 94130

>> Imagine being this delusional. H
Nothing “delusional” about it. Manaki was her mark just like that lonely old Japanese guy was Marge’s mark a couple of years ago. Weenus conned and manipulated him into falling for her ‘poor little abused girl’ act and providing her with a visa, an apartment and a meal ticket in Japan. In return she lied to him, leeched off him, spent her days sitting on her ass drinking, cheated on him and smeared his name all over her SM.

Those are just facts, not “delusions,”

No. 94131

>He didn't just dump her when she got too old
Is this your standard for what a good man is?

Look, Manaki held on to Venus not because he particularly cared about her, but because he felt he'd obtained a trophy by marrying a semi-attractive waito girl who had been pursuing/stalking for months. He knew full well he'd never be able to do any better than that as he's an average looking person himself at best.

Venus is a dumb slut. Her mother was a controlling psychopath. That doesn't mean Manaki is the literary foil to both of these characters. He's just another peculiar, potentially predatory and highly flawed character in this ridiculous spiraling drama. End of discussion. He wouldn't be cut nearly as much slack as he is if he weren't Japanese and if 90% of the people who obsessively follow Venus' life aren't the sort of people who think any Japanese man is a prize.

No. 94132

>Weenus conned and manipulated him into falling for her ‘poor little abused girl’ act
Everyone involved agrees Manaki pursued her (fairly obsessively I might add). So I don't know where you're pulling this from. It's probably true Margo had ulterior motives, but to paint Manaki as some sort of passive instrument of her desire for a familial visa is laughable.

No. 94133

It's a fact though. Actually Venus was doing not that bad after escaping her Mother, she was still a cringy weeb but at least not selling her nudes. Things went downhill for her after she separated from Manaki.

No. 94135

Yeah he was such an evil abuser that's why she came back to him after her couch surfing days when her friends/sugar daddies had enough of her and SHE's the one slandering him all over SM – not just hers, but Kizuna's and Sora's etc

And yet he cared for her, put up with Margo's verbal abuse and stalking, pleaded with venus not to get her surgery, took care of her after her surgery, paid her bills, took her on dates, bought her stuff often, as seen from their date videos, dealt with her selfishness and emotional issues for years and god knows what else. That doesn't seem like what someone, who just wanted a gaijin trophy wife would put up with for years if they didn't genuinely care. And yes, >>94132
he was an instrument in venus' visa fraud. She even admit that by saying she was a better gold digger than her mom.

No. 94136

File: 1589753310008.jpeg (199.33 KB, 955x1420, 9F096687-7F11-4E39-9A11-ABF55C…)

>> he felt he'd obtained a trophy
Yeah, this is the “trophy” Manaki ended up with- a greasy unwashed drunken lying leech who publicly humiliated and smeared him. Lucky guy!

No. 94137

Don't forget picking up her drunken ass and calling to make sure she was okay

No. 94138

>Actually Venus was doing not that bad after escaping her Mother

What's your standard for "not [doing] that bad"? Not selling nudes? By that standard all sorts of hideously mentally ill people are not doing badly. Refer to >>93552. I remember those threads. The narrative was that now she'd left her mother and "found a man who loves her" (let's ignore how stupid it is so many of you assumed this in the first place), she'd be able to live a happy life. Well, guess what, it turned out Venus was deeply mentally ill herself, and was now stuck in a country with a dependency with a man she didn't even really know, with no education, no skills, no job opportunities, no social support network, no family support network, limited language ability and a tenuous legal status.

I also remember the videos her and Manaki created when they were together and Margo had left. It was like watching two small children pawing and playing with each other. Totally bizarre behavior. Is this what PULL considers normal, in their warped mindset? To anyone with experience of relationships, it was obvious they were LARPing intimacy. I doubt they even had sex more than two or three times. This is why I think most of Venus' supporters and defenders are mental children themselves. Because they actually look at those early videos with Manaki and think that's what actual intimacy and love look like. Like I said, it honestly defies belief how someone's development can be this arrested.

The same people who are trying to damage control and retcon this are the same enablers who urged her to stay on in Japan with her knight in shining armor to begin with. The rational advice to Venus was always to go back to Europe and get a working education of some kind. Why can you not understand this basic fact?

No. 94139

Yes. Asian guys are fixated on White girls and will put up with things from them they wouldn't from an Asian girl. Likewise in reverse. What's your point here?

No. 94140

>It's probably true Margo had ulterior motives,
Not just margo but venus too. venus wasnt forced to marry him if that's what you're insinuating. Upon leaving, she said margo was against the marriage and threatened to delete the YT - anything so venus didn't go with a guy, who, from margo's perspective at the time, "brainwashed" or influenced venus. But in her slander video, her mom arranged the whole thing and forced it. But at the same time, venus boasted to being a better gold digger. If you believe venus didn't have a willing part or ulterior motives, you're a gullible fool

No. 94141

I don't doubt it. I'm not and never have defended Venus. She's completely deranged and it's possible she's too far gone now to ever really recover. It just incenses me how her weeaboo dolly fanbase genuinely believed that plot twist could have ever had a happy ending, simply because it involved her marrying a Japanese man, "escaping her mother" and getting to stay in their spiritual El Dorado of Japan (which is all these people really care about).

No. 94142

This whole exchange just goes to show how unnatural her Satan fappening urges are.

God, can't believe ppl are paying her for crap content.

No. 94143

what's your point? you're just enforcing some incredibility one-sided and nuanced narrative and then dismissing all contradicting points with: what's your point? You can't say with certainty that Manaki defended her, cared for her, was concerned with her physical and mental wellbeing and all the other points stated and dismiss it with: gaijin hunters just put up with that, but still don't actually care for said person. Like who would actually believe that? How utterly retarded.

She manipulated her fanbase. Demonized her mother probably worse than what margo was really like (not to defend her as she is batshit), then paraded manaki around as someone she genuinely loves and "boyfriend goals". Obviously her young audience would fall for it. They were manipulated by her. But again, I doubt manaki is some evil abuser. He's just some dude venus never loved and got with for a visa, but she hid that fact pretty well. I never defended venus and saw through her bs shortly after she left margo. but I don't blame pull and KF (god kf is particularly annoying) for falling for it. she rode the ultra-victim narrative and she rode it hard.

No. 94145

File: 1589754690749.jpg (44.43 KB, 718x388, WXXzjGV.jpg)


Found this buried comment of hers from that video and honestly I felt second hand embarrassment

No. 94146

>It just incenses me how her weeaboo dolly fanbase genuinely believed that plot twist could have ever had a happy ending
At the time nobody was sure what Venus as an individual was even like given that her mother had extreme control over her public face. Manaki was a creep, but there was no evidence that he was any worse for her than Margo; in fact, it seems like he was much better to her than one would expect given the circumstances and Venus is the hot mess. In hindsight, now knowing how Venus behaves, it's obvious that Venus is doomed, but it wasn't obvious back then.

No. 94147

Manakai was definitely initially infatuated with her. But what do you expect? He was some otaku loser who was probably mentally less than his actual age with little life experience when he first noticed Venus. I too think he did genuinely care for her though and I don't think he's as bad as she wants her audience to believe. She's projecting or just being a bitter bitch.

No. 94148

>gaijin hunters just put up with that, but still don't actually care for said person. Like who would actually believe that? How utterly retarded.
Yes anon, it's totally inconceivable that a man would put up with dysfunctional behavior from a woman he felt was out of his league, especially if she came from a racial group he felt was more attractive than his own. That's never happened before. And there's absolutely nothing in Manaki's behavior towards Venus that suggests him fetishizing her for her dolly looks.

>They were manipulated by her.

I agree, but the broader issue for me is that it's mostly unpopular, dysfunctional young girls in the first place who idolize people like Venus and establish Japan as the spiritual El Dorado I mentioned earlier. I'm harsh with these people because they need a huge reality check before they go down the same path (or worse). It's that simple.

>I doubt manaki is some evil abuser

Nobody ever claimed that.

Also. KF never fell for it really. It was mostly PULL.

You didn't need to know "what Venus was like as an individual" to know her marrying this man she barely knew and staying in Japan forever with limited language skills, no scope for job opportunities or skill learning, no education and no support network was a bad idea. That's the point I've been trying to impress upon you from the outset. There was only one way this was ever going to end, and the only way you can think differently is if you genuinely believe that staying in Japan in and of itself should somehow have been a goal for her.

He's not as bad as Venus wants us to believe for sure, but he's also not someone who "just wanted to love her" as his budding fanbase here and on PULL want us to believe. Venus, Margo and Manaki are all deeply flawed people for different reasons. The problem with this story is that people have dramatized it to such an extent over the years they've created heroes, villains and foils. Manaki as savior is a part of this narrative construction.

No. 94149

The fuck you smokin'? Love hotels are not for tourism. And they certainly wouldnt try to promote themselves by this embarrassingly shitty content

No. 94153

Agreed, but just want to point out that he could see her as a trophy wife and simultaneously care about her. So the other anon arguing that seeing her as trophy wife = not caring about her is moot. I get the feeling that they didn't stay together for too long though. They were probably more like friends/roommates as Venus' alleged friend claimed, but Manaki cared about her enough to not divorce her as she would have to leave Japan then. Seems he cared either way. I have no idea what's going on now. First Manaki is seen at Venus' meetup. The days later, Manaki is an evil abuser. Then they're getting divorced. Then they're good. Then Manaki is a pet that needs to be euthanized, according to Venus. Then they're happily married. Then she continues to trash him on other users platforms. Then they're living together. I can only assume Venus needs a visa and Manaki is nice/doormat enough to continue the sham for her sake. If she's living with him again, I assume it's due to covid & Venus unable to find sugar daddies to couch surf. It should be noted that Venus is the one who continues to slander him on SM. He hasn't said a word about her. I doubt he's perfect, but that does say a lot about him.

No. 94155

He's an introverted otaku, of course he'd try and hold onto any woman. Let alone a white one. Again, nobody is arguing Manaki was or is "abusive". Just that he wasn't some knight in shining armor, and if you do believe that, you probably need to stop hitting the anime and idol groups as hard as you are.

No. 94157

>And there's absolutely nothing in Manaki's behavior towards Venus that suggests him fetishizing her for her dolly looks.
She has no dolly looks. One look at her IRL and he would have known his kawaii living doll wasn't a living doll at all.
Manaki has done too much for Venus for me to see him as solely fetishizing her without an ounce of genuine care.

>Manaki as savior is a part of this narrative construction.

I do agree with this, but I also believe he cared about her beyond fetishization. To believe otherwise is just oversimplification imo. But to each their own.

No. 94159

>To believe otherwise is just oversimplification imo
We really have no way of knowing, but my money is on Manaki divorcing an average look Japanese woman in a heartbeat if she pulled that kind of shit on him. Likewise with any man who had more self esteem than an awkward otaku.

For me it's more about the open question of "what sort of man openly follows western dolly girls online to the point of meeting up with them and giving them gifts?" Not a normal man, even in Japan, for sure.

No. 94160

>You didn't need to know "what Venus was like as an individual" to know her marrying this man she barely knew and staying in Japan forever with limited language skills, no scope for job opportunities or skill learning, no education and no support network was a bad idea.
The issue is that there was no 'good idea' at her disposal. She would have no opportunities, support network, etc. no matter what she did. At best she could have maybe lived on welfare in Switzerland. There was no chance that she would ever thrive, but she was given the opportunity to live a comfortable life as a housewife and make an income as a kaweewee vlogger like tons of other useless weebs. For a no-skill woman escaping the grip of someone like Marge, marrying a caring doormat is probably one of the least bad options available.

No. 94162

>The issue is that there was no 'good idea' at her disposal.
What about going back to Europe?

>She would have no opportunities, support network, etc. no matter what she did.

She does have family and friends in Europe, we know this because in older videos she talked about them. After the Manaki marriage and Margo split she ex post facto started revising her story to suggest she had no other alternative. If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you.

>marrying a caring doormat is probably one of the least bad options available.

No it fucking isn't. Not even a pinkpill/GC type but it's never a good idea to be dependent on a man you barely know with no guaranteed income or marketable skills of your own. Jesus Christ how old are you?!

No. 94163

Just to follow up on this, it really does boggle my mind to the point of consternation that somebody could follow Venus' story and still suggest: "Yeah her marrying this guy and staying in Japan indefinitely doing essentially nothing was the best option."

Am I speaking to people who can take a step back and look at this whole car crash rationally, or am I speaking to people who also consider being able to live in Japan on a spousal visa a dream worth aspiring to?

No. 94167

We don't even know how long they were together as a genuine relationship. Maybe Manaki realized early on she was trouble (and dumped her just as quickly as he would an average Japanese girl) and they just paraded a sham relationship for years, for the visa. So he could have dumped Venus rather quickly, but agreed to stay married since they were on good terms. Or they had a genuine relationship for a long time. Or they just fetishized each other. Can't say. He's not a hero, but I don't think it's fair to say he just fetishized her as a trophy gaijin throughout their years together and that's it. Believing that is as oversimplified as believing he was a savior.

Going back to Europe would be problematic as well. She had no skills, not even high school and I've heard healthcare isn't free there (Switzerland). Would the YT channel, her only source of income, have thrived there, enough for her to be able to pay hotels, until she finds a place to rent, then pay said rent, future schooling, healthcare and mental care etc. She looks down upon normal jobs and those working them so she'd have no intention of getting one and has no skills nor professionalism. Could she have even succeeded at a real interview? Leeching off of someone else who already provided a move-in ready place for you, so you don't have to stress looking for one and just live comfortably as a housewife, while you attempt to build your YT empire, hoping you last 3 years for that PR status seems like the safer (and easier/lazier/cheaper) option to me. Depending on someone like that is obviously problematic in case things don't work out, but she could always go back if that happened. That said, going back to her family would be a mistake too (and being dependent). Ferenc and Zsu have both shown themselves to be like Marge. And Venus consistently claims she "was isolated", so what friends there? (Though I believe the isolation claim is just BS she read off PULL), but nonetheless, any friends she had there in childhood are obviously no longer her friends.

I do agree that PULL (and KF) shouldn't have deified Venus and Manaki and vilified Margo to the extent they did. They should have been concerned with: what if V+M relationship doesn't work out? And they were also okay with visa fraud, as long as Venus seemed cute and nice enough. Clearly Venus married for a visa, indicating she wasn't really interested in him romantically (which she later confirmed but her word doesn't mean much anymore), so that's a redflag. Then Manaki married due to infatuation. Well, he dated due to that, given he didn't want to marry her and said it was too soon, but she needed a visa/wanted to live in glorious Japan & leave Margo, so he caved. What happened after is anyone's guess, but as I previously stated, I think he cared beyond fetishization, and I think Venus tried to love him, and at worst, just pretend for 3 years to get her PR and dump him.

No. 94169

Samefag, just to add, it seemed that Manaki was the one with a good head on his shoulders. He opposed the surgery. He was worried about having children with someone who harmed themselves as such. He was uncomfortable with Venus wearing extravagant "look at me" lolita clothing, for simple outings like going to get sushi. Imagine constantly being glared at everywhere you go, and Venus' response was: ' I'm not going to hide my dreams just to cater to someone's insecurities! I'll shove a shinkansen up your ass! ' Like how selfish and immature. Most of the things Venus publicly complained about were justifiable complaints. And if Manaki didn't want Venus to constantly dress up as a lolita doll, then it seems to me he didn't really want his dream gaijin trophy doll waifu after all. He just wanted a normal girl and relationship, which just further makes me believe his interest in her grew beyond fetishization.

No. 94170

>Most of the things Venus publicly complained about were justifiable complaints *from Manaki

No. 94177

>I've heard healthcare isn't free there (Switzerland).
Beyond a nominal fee it is. If you're a Swiss Citizen (it's hard to obtain for foreigners) there are all sorts of perks, subsidized educational plans etc. Switzerland treats its citizens extremely well, don't believe a word that comes out of Venus' mouth about the country.

>Could she have even succeeded at a real interview?

I mean if this is the standard we're operating under then she may as well just kill herself and be done with it because, if you feel she was predetermined from a teenager onwards to never be work in a normal job, then her life is fatalistically going to get worse and worse as time goes on.

>Leeching off of someone else who already provided a move-in ready place for you

What you're describing here is Venus' inability to delay gratification for future time orientated goals. It's fine to illustrate this as a more comfortable seeming option immediately. But it certainly wasn't the rational or right option, not now with hindsight, not even back then.

>then it seems to me he didn't really want his dream gaijin trophy doll waifu after all.
I'll repeat my question:

What kind of normal man fixates on foreign dolly vloggers enough to want to meet a teenage one and begin "courting" her with gifts?

No. 94185

Yeah it sounds cringey, but Japanese humour can be kinda sexual and cringey. Sora makes the same kinda jokes.

Some people like it.

No. 94188

She's actually still with Manaki but pretending to be available so her simps drool over the possibility of being the next Husbando

No. 94194

Is this thread full of a bunch of bitter non-whites or something? Y'all are vastly overestimating the amount of Japanese men who fetishize white women. Do some? Yes. But not to the extent you're making it out to be.

First of all, look at the interracial marriage stats for Japanese men. It's extremely low compared to the rates for Japanese women, and even when the men marry out they prefer to marry Koreans or Filipinas. Overall, Japanese men prefer their own women, and Asians in general.

Secondly, thinking that Manaki puts up with Weenus because she's white? Have you really never seen a monoracial couple where one puts up with a ton of bullshit (getting cheated on, etc.) and never leaves? It's not a racial thing, these kind of people are either terrified to be alone, or think that they can't do any better than their current partner.

Step outside of your internet echo chamber for once and quit propogating nonsense.

No. 94195

Most of the Japanese men marrying Filipinas are old fucks who are buying de facto mail order brides, as far as I understand it.

The interracial marriage rates between Japanese men and White women is low because most White women aren't attracted to Asian men. If White American women looked at Japanese men in the same way they do Italian or Spanish men, then that would be much higher.

No. 94199

This. If this is all anons have on Mana being some type of aberrant human, flawed on the likes of Venus and Margo, then they're really reaching. No idea what he's like IRL, but judging from what's been seen, he's weird at worst. I don't think he's white-knighted much at all. Stating that he provided a lot of shit for Venus or speaking out against easily disproven claims isn't white-knighting, it's just facts

No. 94200

No one is defending Manaki. its just out of all the poor choices venus been given and done, he seems to be the safest bet. he picked her up from one her drunken karaoke stream.

thats really not saying much. hes stiil a weird creep who was interested in venus during her dolly days and is older, and was a ticket to japan to get away from her mother. and when left him for this supposed ken guy, claiming he was some pedo. yet she makes up these weird lies about manaki that dont add up.

venus attracts creeps and weebs, no level headed person would go near her. so manaki is a safe doormat since she has literally no one else. these dumbasses simply do not understand what extremely few choices a poor bimbo like venus has, she is not a unique case. like all this money shes getting from OF will go towards dumb weeb shit.

No. 94201

>and was a ticket to japan
Why is this a good thing unless you're a giant weeb? Nobody has ever provided me with a cogent example of why she couldn't make use of Switzerland's generous subsidized welfare and educational policies towards their own citizens beyond "yeah but that would take a lot of effort! she's been in Japan a long time" etc etc.

The right choice was for her to get a fucking education in her home country. Fight me weebs.

No. 94204

Sure it was the right choice, but did you really expect her to do it? She was like 18, lived with an overbearing mother who did all adult affairs for her. Now she's expected to give up a Youtube channel which made 80K at one point and go to her home country, somehow have enough money and knowledge to sustain herself with a minimum wage job, find a place to rent, afford schooling and all the other adult things she's never done, suddenly, on her own. Someone as inept as Venus wasn't going to go through all that trouble.

Obviously, she should have gotten educated and not relied on a visa hubby, as that would have helped her grow as an individual on a personal and professional level. Hell she could have even went to Japan - provided she could secure another visa - get educated and live there independently. It doesn't have to be Switzerland, it could be any country, including Japan, if she could get a visa in a non-fraudulent way and go independently, get a real job or education. The location is irrelevant. It's going on her own and overcoming real world, independent adult challenges that matters, Japan or not. You're arguing a weak point. Yeah, we know not doing YT and living a normal life is better and more stable. And when people say Manaki was a ticket to Japan "as if it's a good thing", it is because without him, she would have needed to get an education and immigrate as a skilled worker or on some business visa, so he provided her lazy entitled ass the easy way and did her Nippon-chasing ass a favor.

No. 94205

point where i said it was a good thing, because I’m sure i made a case of how idiotic she is. it really shouldnt be underestimated how stupid she is. she wont choose education over being a OF weeb thot in japan because she has no disipline.

No. 94207

Your entire point rests on the idea it's ok to continually engage in instant gratification behavior, rather than delay gratification for future gain.

>The location is irrelevant.

You are also wrong here. The location isn't irrelevant. Venus and Margo is essentially a "what if a cow had a kid" story. Margo was and is a mentally ill cretin who was obsessed with Asia and Asian culture too. They even lived in a Thai Buddhist Temple in Switzerland for a while together. Venus has simply internalized this facet of Margot's dysfunction/illness in her own obsession with Japan and wanting to remain perennially a child.

It is 100% a vital step on her journey to get away from Asia and go back to Europe. As it is for many other cows because it represents an important transition in growing up and becoming a normal, functional member of society. In this sense it's actually a variant on Joseph Campbell's "Hero's Journey" (we can call it the "autist's journey" perhaps).

Nothing good ever comes of these people staying in Japan. Nothing good ever comes of these people wanting to return to Japan under false or often illegal pretenses. Japan is a physical and geographical representation of their stunted development as a human being. That's why it is so important Venus, and those like her, leave Japan behind.

The only people Japan is good for are those who are there on skilled work visas, working in areas like software, engineering and so on. For the rest, this entire board is a testament to the fact it's a time sink that sucks them in, arrests their development and in some cases even causes them to regress and become even less independent.

Leave. Japan.

No. 94209

Stop strawmanning. I never said it was okay for me, it's okay for Venus, in her perspective. And crazy doesn't disappear just by leaving a country. Venus WON'T get a real, normal job in ANY country. She has made this fact clear. What don't you understand? Therefore leaving Japan makes no difference.

No. 94210

You're taking the words of a mentally ill and severely damaged young girl at face value. Again, Japan is a physical and geographical representation of cows' inability to mature as human beings and become functional members of their respective societies. It is a form of escapism that's actually more damaging than the likes of anime and RPGs, since the latter are transparently fictitious escapism while living in Japan working bum jobs like YouTube vlogger, hostess and English teacher gives you the illusion that you're not actually indulging in escapism.

No. 94211

>What about going back to Europe?
To do what? Switzerland is one of the most expensive places to live in the world, she has zero skills with which to earn a decent wage, and who knows if she kept in touch with her childhood friends. Her extended family on her father's side doesn't give a shit about her, and the country her other side of the family lives in is relatively poor and becoming an authoritarian shithole. Living in Japan on a spousal visa is parasitic, but chances are that it's better than living in poverty towers in Yurop.

If you're familiar with the concept of "loser back home", it's pretty clear what Asia has to offer Venus and the other low-skill Westerners who live there.

No. 94213

i agree with the other anon, marriage rates don't always equal to attraction. I'm pretty sure many japanese men prefer pale white euro women than they do tanned SEA women. Japanese men indeed do prefer their own women, just like very other Asian country.

And I believe that manaki MUST have something to gain from this, otherwise I also find it extremely odd that the only reason he's still putting up with her bullshit is just because shes a white uwu kawaii princess.

No. 94214

Even if she left Japan she would still do OF and YT from any other country. She won't grow. She could decide to get a minimum wage job in Japan as well. But she doesn't. Also the day she decides to leave Japan will be the day she finally comes to her senses to get a real job; one that's out of the spotlight. And in that case, if the realization is already made, then she might as well just stay in Japan and get a minimum wage job or education there with all her OF money or YT bucks. Moving, once that realization is made is redundant and costly.

No. 94215

Look at the balance sheet here: Compare the level of support the Japanese government would give her as a PR versus the level of support the Swiss government gives its own citizens. Are you American? Switzerland provides educational subsidies for people exactly in Venus' position. Again, don't take what she says about her homeland at face value because it's usually crafted to save face.

>other side of the family lives in is relatively poor and becoming an authoritarian shithole.

Hungary is a middle income country and its GDP growth over the past few years outstrips most other Eurozone competitors (5%+). It's not a shithole and I have no idea why you are calling it authoritarian. Because it didn't allow migrants to enter during the 2014 migrant crisis? Or because it doesn't allow trans HRT stuff? By those standards Japan is even more "authoritarian". Again, I really wish you wouldn't just listen to what Venus says about Switzerland and Hungary and take it at face value.

The overwhelming majority of people on OF make peanuts. Don't let the few success stories fool you. She's desperate precisely because her YouTube revenue is dwindling.

No. 94216

>Japanese men fetishize white women
i don't think there was one post that claimed this? there was someone who said the audience for amwf blogs was 'asian' men but i think they meant asian american incels

No. 94217

>there was someone who said the audience for amwf blogs was 'asian' men but i think they meant asian american incels
I see both in the comments sections of those vlogs. Asian American incels and Asia-Asians.

No. 94218

>as a minority
what did anon mean by this

No. 94219

>manaki MUST have something to gain from this
Gained or threatened. Who knows what dirt she could have on him and she's already slandered. Granted we are taking her word that they're on good terms. She seems to be back at his place, but that's about it. No idea if they're actually good.

No. 94225


Ctrl+F is your friend. It was literally stated yesterday

No. 94228

>Switzerland provides educational subsidies for people exactly in Venus' position.
The idea of Venus running away from Marge with no resources, flying to Switzerland, and managing to find shelter and apply for benefits upon arriving is laughable. There's a reason why the tale of a woman jumping into a relationship to escape a shitty situation is a cliche; it's the path of least resistance for someone with zero skills and no money. Venus could have also leveraged her large audience of weebs and made money off of jvlogging if she had any sense. Can't really do that in Switzerland.

>It's not a shithole and I have no idea why you are calling it authoritarian.

I take it you haven't been paying attention to the news…and even if Hungary was the most open and free democracy of all time, Venus probably wouldn't be able to handle the constant national butthurt and crumbling infrastructure outside of the city centers that she would not be able to afford to live in.

No. 94229

>>94228 meant for >>94215

No. 94233

Agree, however, she didn't leave to Japan to escape Marge. If that was the case, she could have romanced any guy from any nation and depended on them. No. For her, it had to be Manaki because he was Japanese and he was a Japanese national; thus her dream of showing off herself in Japan came true. It was an added bonus to ghost Marge.

No. 94235

Never forget when Weenus humiliated Manaki for the sake of a video when he was clearly uncomfortable, even if it was just about lingerie. To think he's behind her latest video where she's in a love hotel & talking about her Onlyfans would be a miracle in itself just by seeing his body language which was awkward as hell.


No. 94238

File: 1589774593829.jpeg (133.34 KB, 882x1054, 738B3FCF-F6F6-44DC-A8DC-26E75D…)

>> She looks kinda coarse somehow, sort of rough. Venus looks more delicate,
Lol, did you say “rough”? I got “rough” for you, right here. Weenus looks just like Margo in a wig without her usual ham-handed filtering.

That’s what I would call “rough.”

No. 94242

That's a good point; leaving Marge by rushing into marriage wasn't necessarily the worst decision she could have made, but she was definitely chasing the weeb dream while she made it.

No. 94246

It's much more common for Asian-American/Asian-Canadian guys to have white girl fetishes than actual Asians, that's true. But it still happens.

>The interracial marriage rates between Japanese men and White women is low because most White women aren't attracted to Asian men.

No. 94248

oh my god this again lmao
>is this even legal?? showing lingerie to a poor adult boy, he was traumatised right in front of us
but anon don't men look at
>no you don't understand he's Japanese. he must be protected

dumbest shit i've read in my life

No. 94251

can someone please explain to me how/why is manaki letting her live in his apartment? or did i get something wrong(spoonfeeding request)

No. 94253

We already went on about this most of the thread. Read. It's just derailing tinfoil at this point because no one knows about their actual personal life.

No. 94263

Granny face much? That is a rough screenshot eh. I don't get why these j-vloggers costhot etc put so much effort into shooping their nose so small to then appear in a video and show everyone their real nose shape.

Am i the only one who thinks she'd look nicer without the weeb haircut? and maybe grow back her natural hair. It's a brown color and it would suit her complexion better.

No. 94266

>Why doesn't she just go to Switzerland???
Why would she? She's got no connection with the country, she moved away when she was just 11, probably doesn't have many memories of back then (she likely remembers more about her time in London) and she hasn't had a chance to speak German since she broke with Margo either. Plus she knows absolutely nobody there. She's only 23 and has been living in Japan since 5 years already, that's clearly her home now.

Y'all are acting as if Europe is just waiting to welcome uneducated nutjobs with open arms but we have standards when it comes to jobs too. This is not some kind of fairytale place many (Americans) like to make it out to be, getting mental help isn't easy either, especially not as an unemployed foreigner.

Switzerland is so fucking wealthy and expensive that many people who work there choose to cross the border and live in the neighbouring countries, like Germany, because the cost of living is just insane. How could a badly aging internet sex worker survive there? (if she doesn't off herself earlier because of loneliness and unhappiness due to no longer being in her weeb paradise…)

No. 94273

Exactly, why people think Switzerland would welcome her back that easily is ridiculous as there's standards, just like what every other country has. She's better off being a lonely thot in Japan.

No. 94277

Holy fuck lads, Venus' cringe has grown so strong that it's leaked from her own content and become the actual thread.

She's not going home. Get over it.

No. 94279

File: 1589803218784.png (3.3 MB, 1242x2208, E3D552ED-3950-4B6D-AE50-716B28…)

Ah yes. She posted this and added “menhera” to her bio. Seems Venus is learning that horny men on the internet have 0 patience and is gonna try to pull the uwu I am a fragile bby with brain problems card to delay work. She didn’t consider the amount of harassment that comes with that job I guess

No. 94280

You’re not… I legit thought this is some mature 40+ woman with a sex toy. It’s mind boggling how she looks so worn out at age 22-23. Probably the botched stomach surgery isn’t helping.. This saggy anorexic look isn’t “in” anymore even amongst Japanese..

I have no problems with her being a sex worker. I hope she can monetize on these old men and pull herself together financially, then maybe, maybe she will be able to invest in her mental and physical health with some of her savings.

No. 94282

File: 1589804643342.jpeg (537.3 KB, 1898x2048, EYEU5vVXYAEsdh8.jpeg)

NTA, but I checked her Twitter to see what you meant, and what? This girl looks more youthful, "soft" and healthy than Venus does without heavy editing. Even in the photos of her in glasses without makeup, she doesn't look "rough" at all.
If they actually do collab, everything will probably be behind at least 4 filters just so the results of Venus' alcoholism and Margo genetics don't ruin the shoot.

No. 94283

Well yes, I think so too, but unlikely in forseeable future, what with the corona thing an all, and Danny boy being fixated on Mila, that we all know he would lose interest in and get fed up with if he were with for any length of time, like when she was holed up with him and his family, but yes, He and Venus would be a match made in Heaven, or Hell, or Weeb Fantasy Land, or wherever, but yes, I would like to see that too.

No. 94284

She ain't it. Her insta is so… weak and uncolorful with so mediocre pics and content. she always looks non-enthusiastic, she is the least sexy person and that is because the doll look is very passé and bleak.

She will be fine for a little while because she is new to the industry and gets most of her money from her fans, but at this rate, considerating how little she posts on insta and OF, she will hit a wall soon. And making shitty hotel tour vids won't help.

Check how much other sex workers and even simple ethots post per day even if It's only an insta story or twit. All venus does is probably oversleep.

No. 94285


Looks like the "I'm actually a great big whore and I love it" mania has worn off.

The good news is she discussed this with her therapist and they gave it a big thumbs up so I'm sure there won't be any panicked back-pedaling and regret at all.

No. 94286

I was thinking maybe she's been postponing a lot, like her stream for example, because she's on her period or something which happens I guess. But then I see her anachan figure and anemia skin tone and i'm like no way she still has periods.

No. 94287

Manic "my pussy is a cum dumpster" Weenus has been switched off and now she's realised she needs to keep the filth going to please the degenerates. Oh the excuses she'll be coming up with in the next few weeks will be great I'm sure. There's no turning back now. OF simps are highly demanding and will harass to get what they want. So empowering and creative!