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File: 1491574717773.png (749.72 KB, 755x714, 1490458849007.png)

No. 286133

old thread hit limit >>254982

> Venus youtube celeb since she was 11/12 years old

> Has been on various tv shows, travelled country to country by her mother speaking fuck knows how many languages
> Never went to school/was homeschooled
> Her mother Margret basically used Venus for $$$
> Venus escaped her crazy money sponging controlling mother and leapt into the hands of her visa cough husband Manaki
> Currently resides in Tokyo now living life and still hiding from her mother who continues to try stalking/harassing Veenos!
> Venus is still social awkward but may gradually be making friends alas Taylor R

Youtube: /venusangelic
IG: Venus_Angelic

No. 286139

What's up with everyone picking awful op pictures lately.

No. 286146

I dont know but it needs to stop. I wish we'd just have photos similar to the Anisa and filthy crew thread.

No. 286158

I liked it. last thread picture was relevant but now it's going to be easier to find her thread because it's her face.

No. 286166

File: 1491581568145.jpg (209.21 KB, 1152x2048, 1491481811228.jpg)

Her deleted post was also a good option for the new thread..

>That's so common here!!

>it was all Manaki's idea!!1

No. 286176

It was a retarded joke but she did apologize. At least she recognized that it was stupid and that she didn't consider how other people would feel.

No. 286179

No. 286183

This. I wish the "omg spergelics!11 she's an adult she should get over everything bad now! puppy reeee!" anons would calm their hate boners for just a minute and try to use their brains.

No. 286185

You must be the same white knight that excuses everything that she does.

No. 286188

Nah. Are you the one who yells spergelic every time someone doesn't hate on Venus?

No. 286194

Lol it's an imageboard for gossiping. Why are we required to lick this weeb's ass again?

People act like Venus was locked up in a bell tower for 18+ years. Lolno. She went to a normal school in Switzerland, Tenerife and the Netherlands. She was "homeschooled" for 2 years, poor baby. She was with Manaki in Japan, hung out with some people in Korea and was obviously left alone long enough to pack her bags and fuck off, so no prison cell for Venoos. Yes her mother is a shit person, yes she was moved from place to place, yes she has no family, and yes all of that is very sad. But a lot of people have shit parents, sooooo?

Why all the whiteknighting and enabling? People have been making excuses for her shit behavior for as long as she has been on Youtube, there has always been a convenient excuse. On she's still so young, oh it's just a misunderstanding because of her poor English, oh it was probably her evil mom, oh it's all Manaki's fault. When is she supposed to become a normal human being, age 40?

No. 286196

No that's me kek

No. 286199

Never even used that word. It's perfectly fine for people with fucked up childhoods to take responsibility for the shit they're responsible for. You don't have to always be there with your shield to defend her.

No. 286201

45, anon. Geez.

No. 286203

File: 1491585715590.gif (1.94 MB, 350x194, 1Z02vuppxP1Pa.gif)

>Lol it's an imageboard for gossiping. Why are we required to lick this weeb's ass again?

No. 286208

File: 1491586096999.jpg (74.12 KB, 846x471, Zwischenablage01y.jpg)

at least on lolcow no one freaks out about her attention whoringly stirring up old ED rumors.

No. 286211

GOD, i really needed a laugh and your picture did it for me, OP. Thanks. The only problem is that I noticed the eyebags…ew.

No. 286212

She's still avoiding responsibility lol. Saying it was Manaki's idea but she's still at fault for not punching him in the face??? this is manipulation. and very poor one. 'It's his fault, but hey doodz see!!! I feel a little bit at fault too! but only because I could stop him, and I didn't. But I said I'm sorry rite? RITE???'
jfc what a little child.

No. 286216

File: 1491587518059.jpg (30.2 KB, 530x277, fripement-doigts-eau1.jpg)

kek her eyebags looks like pic related

No. 286224

Preach, anon.
She apologized, and people make mistakes. I get it. But she had to blame someone else for it, shit can never be her fault. That's what is so fucking twisted, but people boohoo poor venus.

Also, the whiteknights need to stop for once and for all. It's always the same BS:

>>but anon her mother was A MONSTER!!1 try living with Margo! so abusive!

So? Many snowflakes have shitty families, but don't get sympathy at all.

>>But anon, our brains only stop developing at 25!! It's not her fault, she's still so young!!

Many snowflakes are young, but if same brain excuse was given in their behalf, people would say "that doesn't matter, she's over 18". Kiki and Kaka are also both under 25, as well as Luna and many others.

If you want to feel bad for someone maybe visit the Hartley thread? I swear to god those two girls get so much hate just for existing when the only look there is their mom, but you almost never see anyone defend them. Meanwhile this weeb gets tons of spergy whiteknights.

If Venus' threads trigger the fuck out of you, just hide them.

No. 286225

No. 286230

who killed your hamster, anon?

No. 286231

Why are we still talking to her white knights? Those posts are more embarrassing than the flat earth theory.

No. 286233

first, sage. Second, tell us more about Margo pls

No. 286234

I don't know, I usually respond but I've come to realize it's useless. Maybe just report them and hope they join a fan club instead of sperging on here.

No. 286246

Youre too nice, they look like a ball sack. The sad part is that her eyebags are not even like that, she makes them look shitty on purpose. Smh

No. 286250

>report people who discuss snowflakes because they disagree with you and you get triggered

And it's not even summer yet

No. 286254

I lol every time people say your brain doesn't stop developing until you're 25, like that somehow means you have the brainpower of a tadpole until you reach that magical age and suddenly know everything. We spend all of our lives improving our social skills and learning from the mistakes that we make. All the whiteknights who kiss her ass no matter what prevent her from doing just that, and she's already 10+ years behind.

If you're old enough to work, rent an apartment, borrow from a bank, drive, get married etc., you're old enough to google "sincere apology". It ain't hard:

>I would like to apologize for the tasteless April Fools "joke" I have posted a couple of days ago. Many people accuse Manaki of being a pervert or a pedophile because of our age gap, which is frustrating and ridiculous to me because I know him and how much of a wonderful person he is. I wanted to make fun of the people who spread crazy rumors about us, but I understand now that my post came across as really offensive. A lot of you have told me you were upset because you were molested yourselves, which I was really shocked to read. I am very sorry that I hurt your feelings, please rest assured that I never intended to ridicule or belittle any victims of sexual harassment. In the future I promise I will be more considerate of other people, and think before posting.

The joke really wasn't that big of a deal, but neither is typing up like 4-5 sentences that come across as semi-genuine.

No. 286260

It was more like: Report people because this is not a fan club, they are just white knighting and making excuses.

And we were talking about white knights, not "people who discuss here", white knights just argue with everyone.

No. 286271

If she had said anything remotely like that she could've improved her situation sooo fucking much. Sorry you screwed things up, Venus.

Exactly. Discussion isn't the problem. The problem is the furious white knighting that always happens in Venus' threads. People use the same lame excuses (margo, age, poor victim) and that's stupid af.

No. 286286

Tbh just let them sperg. If they think we're too bitchy about this then that's a valid opinion. I get it, it was just a shitty joke. Nobody died.

I'd just like to see an actual argument for once. I'm tired of replying to 4,000 different versions of 20 is too young to think/her mom was not nice u guise, so I won't be responding to that anymore.

No. 286293

File: 1491595130447.png (330.43 KB, 1080x1804, Screenshot_2017-04-07-21-54-49…)

To everybody who thinks poor Venoos was ~isolated~ for years: Look at this blog entry back from when she was 14-ish and going to a normal school in Tenerife. She could have had plenty of chances socializing with normal kids her own age, but she thought she was too good for them.


No. 286296

File: 1491595352357.png (276.75 KB, 1080x1500, Screenshot_2017-04-07-22-01-27…)

More talking shit about her classmates. Poor victim.

No. 286298

Thanks for digging this up. OP was wrong, she was only homeschooled for maybe 2 years (someone else ITT said 2 years but in my head she had been homeschooled for maybe a bit longer) and even during her last year with Margo, she was attending school. Yeah, language school, but still. Lots of people to talk with and befriend if you're willing​

No. 286299

No one whiteknighted her here though. Everyone agrees that that "joke" was really stupid. People are just pointing out that everyone makes mistakes and that at least she didn't just baleet the post and act like it never happened, like most cows do.

This is old af and perfectly normal for someone her age to write, at the time. Dry milk.

No. 286300

i don't like venus but this is so nitpicky.. she was fucking 14 years old

No. 286305

>at least she didn't just baleet the post and act like it never happened, like most cows do.

Isn't that kind of what she did?

No. 286308

I'm one of the anons who brought up the whiteknighting. Yes, it hasn't happened in this thread yet but it had happened in the last replies posted in the last one.
Also it's a common problem so it's good to remind spergelics they need to fuck off. I do like Venus but reading the same excuses whenever she does something stupid is really annoying.

No. 286312

whenever the milk is dry the nitpicking spergs go wild over the dumbest things in an attempt to create drama where there isn't any.

No. 286329

I posted it mainly because people love to act like Margo locked her up in a dungeon. She didn't. Venus went to normal schools most of her life which is where school-aged children make most of their friends.

Until 11 years old: Switzerland, Thai school
11 - 15 years old: Tenerife, normal school
15 - 17 years old: London, homeschooled
17-18 years old: Netherlands, normal school
18 years old: Japan, staying with Manaki
18-19 years old: Korea, language school

She also could not have fucked off to Japan in the first place if she was being supervised by Maggot 24/7.

If she never had any friends growing up, it's not because of a lack of opportunity to socialize.

No. 286347

Wow, I didn't realize she was forced to change 5 schools, 4 of which were in various foreign languages she had to learn.

That's worse than I thought it was.

No. 286349

Ahm, no, she apologized publicly.
yes, I agree whiteknighting should be kept to a minimum. It just doesn't make sense to keep beating a dead horse.
Not an excuse to her joke, but having an abusive mother could still isolate her from her peers. Isolation doesn't have to be physical. Changing environments that often makes it almost impossible to form meaningful relationships. And we all remember how Margo used to push away fans who wanted to talk to Venus at cons and badmouthed any "friend" as soon as they stopped being useful.

No. 286353

Margo used that exact same argument "well she had the time to meet Manaki and pack to run away obviously she wasn't controlled by me!" over and over again the first few weeks since Venus run away.

No. 286359

Yeah…but this is also the case with many snowflakes.
Lolcow is a gossiping board, not a fansite/hugbox.
What are you doing here? Go back to PULL you hypocrite.

No. 286367

>People have been making excuses for her shit behavior for as long as she has been on Youtube, there has always been a convenient excuse.
Venus, her YT channel, instagram and all other SM accounts were under the control of her psycho mother until just over a year ago. Are you new here?

>Why all the whiteknighting and enabling?

Why the furious sperging? You're more triggered than fucking margo, any time someone dares to not hate VENOOS. It's like a personal attack or something to you.

You're taking this way too personally, boo.

No. 286375

This thread is PULL-tier.

>not a fansite/hugbox.

If it's not a fucking hugbox, then why are you guys licking her asshole so hard? Serious question. There's no milk.

No. 286381

School is still an environment where you are being exposed to different influences apart from your parents and can maybe learn a social skill or two. If her mother doesn't like her friends, so what? Her mother didn't like Manaki either and she managed to stay in touch with him. Judging by her blog posts a lot of her isolation was by choice.

>There's no milk.

Then wtf are you doing here? Move on to a different cow you autist.

No. 286405

>Venus, her YT channel, instagram and all other SM accounts were under the control of her psycho mother until just over a year ago. Are you new here?

still. she is not freaking natascha kampusch.

No. 286412

So she doesn't even have a high school diploma?

No. 286418

just bc she went to an actual school doesnt mean she wasn't isolated, constantly changing schools & being a foreigner makes it super hard to make any sort of friends & the influence of her mother most likely didn't help aswell

No. 286420

File: 1491602644371.jpg (88.98 KB, 605x617, IMG_3174.JPG)

>Venus went to normal schools most of her life
Right. Totally normal, stable adolescence.

>Until 11 years old: Switzerland, Thai school

>11 - 15 years old: Tenerife, normal school
>15 - 17 years old: London, homeschooled
>17-18 years old: Netherlands, normal school
Try this:
- 11 years old: some convent "school" in a Thai Buddhist monastery in Switzerland and 9 months in Bangkok where "mom" took Thai massage classes (no school for you, Venus)

- 12-14 years old: Tenerife, "normal school" (where she arrived at age 12, speaking no Spanish)

- 14-17 years old: London, NO school.
Pimped out to shady "model management agency" immediately on arrival in late 2011 by mommy. Also indiegogo "venus wants to go to school" campaign/scam launched by mommy. No school for Venus, home or otherwise.

- 17-18 years old: Netherlands, "normal school" How long were they there again? Yeah, as I recall 5-6 months total. And how much Dutch did Venus speak when she landed there?
Also, she was dragged to cons in Montreal and Dublin and Otakuthon (wherever that was) in addition to sidetrips to NYC and Hungary during that time so again, no school for Venus.

You're on some kind of obsessive campaign to normalize and minimize the bizarre childhood and adolescence she lived at the hands of her batshit crazy mother like it's your job or something. What's your deal, anyway?

No. 286421

File: 1491602695446.jpg (114.96 KB, 609x651, IMG_3167.JPG)

No. 286423

>You're on some kind of obsessive campaign to normalize and minimize the bizarre childhood and adolescence she lived at the hands of her batshit crazy mother

so whats your suggestion? forever excuse her flakey behavior because she is oh-so-poor and such a victim?
she couldnt go to school - big deal. not.

No. 286424


wait, didnt venus say in one of her IG posts, she wants to maybe go to university in japan after she finished her language school?

how is she going to do that without any proper school degree like A-level diploma or at least a high school diploma?

No. 286443

this thread derails faster than all of margo's ideas to make venoos famoos. if you're gonna bitch at each other, at least goddamn contribute something to the thread with it like >>286293 or >>286420 . there is literally no reason to personally insult each other over different perspectives on the same situations and it just makes this thread a wreck.

like jesus christ, venus has become the new taylor r in terms of thread cancer. no one fucking cares about who's a white knight and who's a sperg and calling eachother such accomplishes nothing.

as not to be a hypocrite:
>>286166 whichever anon called it last thread that this was manaki's idea got it spot on, even if that's just venus's story. it's late af and she shouldn't have deleted it again, but at least she addressed it at all.

No. 286754

>she couldnt go to school - big deal. not.
Except yeah, it kind of is. Because
1) isolation from peers/no outside support system
2) no hs diploma means Venoos stays dependent and tied to mommy, can't fly the nest, get a job or live independently. Like clipping the wings of a pet bird so it can't fly, know what I mean? Mommy gets to keep her little performing animal act/moneymaking machine under her control.

Narc 101

No. 286769

Apparently her April Fools stunt generated some attention.

No. 286772

She ain't living with her mama so that excuse flies right out of the window.

No. 286781

To be fair, she's been studying and she's been getting out more with Taylor.

No. 286783

What "excuse?" It's a fact, not an "excuse." And it has nothing to do with why she made that stupid april fools post so you're not even making sense.
Go take a nap or something.

No. 286788

>People are just pointing out that everyone makes mistakes

Aw you are lovely! Please, go and say this in every single thread in lolcow.

>being a foreigner makes it super hard to make any sort of friends
Eh, No, actually it can make you look interesting, and she wrote she had friends. She has a video telling stories about other kids asking her many things. Only you believe she was isolated.

Anon because she has one… she also said she was going to study at a Korean university, remember? She wouldn't be saying this if she didn't have one.

>You're on some kind of obsessive campaign to normalize and minimize the bizarre childhood and adolescence she lived
She went to normal schools all her life and was homeschooled for only 2 years, yeah she lived in different countries, so what? I know people with very similar backgrounds, it's way more common than you think.

>at the hands of her batshit crazy mother like it's your job or something.

And you're on some kind of obsessive campaign to make everyone think it's all Margo's fault and to normalize and minimize Venus' weird behavior like it's your job or something.

>no hs diploma
Except that she has one? Quit spreading lies

No. 286789

Only because she ran the fuck away and married Manaki under her nose, enraging the swamp monster and sparking a lifetime of public anti-Venus tirades and stalking.
She didn't live a normal or comfortable life, just fucking deal with it. Stop minimizing her shitty childhood to justify not liking a silly prank (or her, I guess).

No. 286790

>Stop minimizing her shitty childhood to justify not liking a silly prank (or her, I guess).
I'm not minimizing anything simply because I don't believe it was the way you describe it. I don't believe she had a terrible life, sorry.

No. 286794

You seem to be the only one not dealing with it, anon. Your asshole seems to bleed every time someone says, "She's responsible for her actions.".

She's an adult. Deal with it.

No. 286796

Her getting out more with Taylor is great, I agree with that. She's not living with her mom like I said. Anything that happens now is on her. That includes the good things like that.

No. 286798

File: 1491629764647.jpg (48.18 KB, 600x467, 001.jpg)

Not the anon you're replying to but
>having to live with morgerot
>not a terrible life

No. 286802


What's your problem with recognizing Margo is her mother? Why do you refuse to call her mom without the " " , sometimes you call her "it". It's disturbing how obsessed you are with Margo and Venus.

I wonder what Venus thinks about people like Daphne…

No. 286807

Hahaha every time somenone makes a Venus thread we have to deal with spergelic repeating the same excuses over and over again…

>no milk!

>She was isolated!!1


No. 286810

They make her sound like she was on a deserted island with a doll named Wilsongelic as her only friend.

No. 286824

File: 1491637609721.jpg (110.76 KB, 620x280, Wilsongelic.jpg)

>like she was on a deserted island with a doll named Wilsongelic
Thank you, anon.

No. 286828

File: 1491638728357.jpg (76.4 KB, 403x500, birthday.jpg)

Ahh yes… such a normal, average childhood.
Look at this happy birthday, surrounded by her loved ones and friends*.
> * Japanese men on the internet

No. 286838

>Spending her birhday with her mother in a foreign country
Oh poor victim!
That's a completely normal picture and it doesn't prove she was isolated.

>Look at this happy birthday, surrounded by her loved ones and friends*.

So spending your birthday alone or with your mother or just a few friends is an abusive situation to you?

She spent her birthday with Manaki this year. Is her husband isolating her too?

Then Taylor organized something small for her and it was only Venus and Manaki again for a few hours…

And idk it's just a wild idea but.. maybe she doesn't give a fuck about not having tons of friends and family surronding her in her birthday.

No. 286841

File: 1491641217314.jpeg (317.51 KB, 900x650, image.jpeg)

Why is it impossible to believe she was isolated? There's been other people in the past saying how difficult it was to even speak to her at an event because of her mother.
Does anyone else remember that her mom sent her minor daughter to see the Yandy man?
You're allowed to shit talk and have this thread, but realize there will just people who are sympathetic to her, the best thing you can do is let it go and not reply to the people who are.
All you are doing is derailing your thread and seeming strange with how determined you are to have people agree that she's had a normal life and is perfectly fine.

No. 286843

Except that's the first and only time I've ever talked about this in these threads.
You try living with Margo for pretty much all of your formative years and see how non-autistic you turn out.

No. 286844

I'm not the anon you initially replied to describing it, but there's no reason not to believe it except if you're desperately grasping for straws.

No. 286846


>she's had a normal life and is perfectly fine.

No one is saying she had only good moments and that everything was fine, do you think I agree with everything someone like Margo does? I just said I don't believe the way you spergelics are describing it.

In fact, some of you spergs LIE a lot and manipulate the evidence, like that anon spreading lies like Venus doesn't have a hs diploma to make her situation look worse, and remember that we have evidence of a sperg talking to herself.

No. 286848


Don't universities have alternate pathway entries, such as mature age entry, to cater for students not coming straight from high school? Tertiary schools want your money and are prepared to offer other ways to be eligible to enrol to get it.

No. 286849

It's ok anon, and I understand your reasons. I'm not discussing that anymore.

She finished school, get over it.

No. 286850

I'm sorry you had to live with Margo and now you're autistic, anon :(

No. 286854

OT but on Pull in the venus thread there is drama going down because of a mod ignoring WK's and Going OFF on people that simply ask questions and arnt all up venus's ass

No. 286859

Anon I've posted a total of 3 times in this thread.its fine if you feel that way but you're so fucking aggressive about it. Just ignore white knights and the thread goes on. Hell, I read the thread either way.
I'm not gonna stay and argue and get banned for derail though so I'm out.

Oh , but I was serious of the Yandy man thing, that was messed up.

No. 286863

Can the newfags who keep derailing the thread over old Margo/Venus facts that were established and backed up by screenshots a year ago please be temp banned so they can have the time to read up on this before coming back to argue?

No. 286864

Thanks anon.

Anon, we've been dealing with very angry and dedicated white knights for months in these threads, and believe us, we do try to ignore it but like other anon said , sometimes we need to remind them to fuck off or it gets ridiculous.

No. 286866

I'm sorry you were born autistic lol

No. 286871

I love this "WE" (the rightful owners and vast majority of this thread, the ones who know the TRUTH) "have to deal with" a few problem posters (just one or two of course because there can't be that many humans in the world who refuse to see the TRUTH.) If only "we" could just get rid of these annoying little "problems" and get our little hate-boner circlejerk back all to ourselves that would be just great.

Except that your opinion doesn't rule here, and anybody who disagrees is not "a very aggressive white knight." It's just someone who disagrees with you. If you can't handle that it's your problem, not the mods'.

No. 286873

OT just an 1 time update: now users on pull are banned

No. 286885

Has diplomas don't exist in the uk you have to sets of school exams GCSEs (for 16 year olds around 10 subjects each subject is one qualification grades A best U worst) a and a levels (for 18 year olds usually 3 or subjects same grading system and 1 qualification per subject ) or IBs(usually 1 subject but entails mannnnny things and a ton of coursework graded with numbers I think 40-41 is like an A/A+ )
Don't quote me on this but I'm pretty sure other european countries don't have hs diplomas and instead have sets of exams too and Venus didn't stay in the uk long enough to get the aforementioned qualifications (Im sure it's the same with other countries)

No. 286896

Wow…is this real?

What mods? why are u mentioning mods I didn't say a word about mods ??

No. 286901

>You seem to be the only one not dealing with it, anon. Your asshole seems to bleed every time someone says, "She's responsible for her actions.".
>She's an adult. Deal with it.

>They make her sound like she was on a deserted island with a doll named Wilsongelic as her only friend.

derailing or not, this thread turned fucking hilarious

No. 286902

and we should care about this irrelevant little teen autism support group, because……. ?

No. 286903

Anon said OT but actually it's relevant to VA discussions, since many users there comment here too.

No. 286905

then open up a PULL thread and splerg there. it's as irrelevant to VA discussions as it gets. it has nothing to do with it.

No. 286908

Tinfoil hat time: I feel like the hate boner for venus started growing after she started spending time with tay, whose thread is notorious for getting all the nitpicking autists diarrhea all over each other in rage. Coincidence?

I hope she posts a new apology and doesn't delete it right after, it was kind of a strange move. I fucking knew manaki had something to do with it, kek. They're both so weird. At least her videos, where she is going out and doing stuff, have been way better than the usual make up and mukbang stuff.

No. 286911

How hilarious would it be if Venus was Kiki's new sperg target. Venus has the kawaii gamer nerd otaku visa husband, and the kawaii cushy life Dakota tries to pretend she has. She's also the OG ~living doll~.

No. 286915

No. 286923

preach. Based on the previous posts, I know that there are at least three of us "white knighting" (lol k) Veenoos in this thread. I didn't realize that showing sympathy for her situation– while still condemning her April Fools joke– elicited some weird, hate-boner jousting between whoever else is here. God forbid people here give situations context and attempt to identify factors that could explain ridiculous behavior. Again: no one is saying she shouldn't take responsibility for her actions, but it's not even a question as to whether or not her formative years resulted in such socially stunted behavior.

>inb4 go back to PULL

>inb4 spergelic
shut the fuck up. I'm not a PULL user and am rather indifferent about Venus. Moreover, insulting someone doesn't invalidate their argument. but hey, lolcow is so much more mature than PULL right??

No. 286926

I'm unrelated to this discussion (never go into Venus threads because of all this sperging) but to me PULL users are the ones who nitpick and hate on her the most out of jealousy, not the whiteknights, though there are some. Like the whole yellowfacing tumblr bullshit which was a discussion so PULL it made my head hurt.

Lolcow has been infested by PULL lately and it's getting unbearable, honestly. You can feel the drop from previous seagulls to PULL users, at least I can.

No. 286928

how difficult is it for you to understand that no one gives a shit lmao. no one pities her. no one cares. newsflash: we have a thread dedicated to making memes of microcefaly children, another for mocking a literal skeleton, one plagued with neckbeards mocking the fat wife of a gamer, and one for belittling the fact a drug addict lives in filth. god forbid we call venus an autist for the stupid shit she does. i don't know where you or anyone else got the impression we have a moral code here, but we don't.

dakota grew up in a borderline abusive household without friends or a job, and she was also homeschooled. and she grew into a loser with bdd who became the bitch of the head of her agency just so she didn't return home to her family. do we give a shit? do we pity her? do we whiteknight her? no. because all of these people have the opportunity to better themselves like other people in their situations have. they're also grown fucking adults. we meme our way through watching a girl starve herself into a skeleton and you…. are actually surprised the margo pity card is losing its effectiveness lmao. 2bad4u.

make a blog where you can all express your opinions as you please. stop forcing people to share the same one as you and get over it.

No. 286931

No one cares about your opinions, either, but you're still here typing diarrhea and messing up the thread with your autistic screeching at anyone showing a modicum of critical thinking skills.
No one's obliged to mindlessly shit on any cow/snowflake just because it's what you want and others might get the same treatment. I know you want to fit in really badly, but please go back to PULL.

No. 286936

>make a blog where you can all express your opinions as you please. stop forcing people to share the same one as you and get over it.
But you're doing exactly this by trying to silence those who are identifying her childhood as the root of her autistic behavior. You're expressing your opinions right now. Stop trying to silence those who disagree with you.

Having a head in reality =/= white knighting. Jfc, go to high school and get some critical thinking skills. Moreover, I don't give a shit how effective the "Margo pity card" is. I'm pretty sure those of us talking about Veenoos' background in this thread are just expressing our opinion and giving her autistic behavior some context. I don't give a fuck whether or not you agree. I am free to express my opinion. Sorry that you and your other hate-boner-enraged friends feel the need to sperg out about it.

Really? I always assumed the PULL users were the ones who tried to legitimately white knight her, hence why so many people are quick to condemn those of us simply applying some context to a situation. Good to know.

No. 286937

This. It's so obvious that these people (if they're more than 1, there seems to be a lot of samefagging) are new as fuck and have something personal against Venus. I believe they're the same sperging about "yellowface".
For the new idiots, if you had been here during all the previous drama you'd know Venus had everything but a "normal childhood". That doesn't come into question.
And just a friendly reminder that you are all shitting up this threat because of one stupid instagram post that has already been removed and which she has already adressed. Has shit to do with her childhood and is also not milk.

No. 286941

File: 1491662818351.gif (1.02 MB, 350x229, Yawn-GIF_2.gif)

oh my fucking god, who the hell cares what y'all think.

No. 286945

and here i thought venus threads were similar to taylor threads because no milk

but i was wrong, anons are providing milk by fighting with eachother

No. 286949

Then have fun.

Actually it's the other way around, many fangelics hate Taylor, just check YT comments in their videos together. Tay is nice (imo), and I've never read a negative comment about Taylor in Venus' threads.

No. 286951

>We. We. We.

You're like a broken record. Speak for yourself. Don't police the thread like a nerd who thought she was in with cool kids.
If your disappointment with the lack of edge can't be contained, report the "offensive" posts and let the moderators deal with it.

I care about what I think.

So… where the fuck is Manaki during all this? He hasn't posted anything or responded. It would have at least made Venus look a bit better if they had made a joint clarification.

No. 286953

is it just me or is this kind of shit really indicative of the way she was raised? esp. the way she says 'if i don't, i may get menopause'. that's straight-up margo. what kind of 14-year-old thinks about menopause, welfare moms, or uses those terms as a slur against other girls? it just reinforces this idea in my head that she was parroting her mother & this perverse ideal of 'purity' that margo thought would cater to older japanese men looking for kawaii euro jailbait.
raising children is a hell of a drug.

No. 286954

Good question. I don't doubt that Manaki thought that the joke would be funny, but I guess I expected him to comment on it by now.

No. 286956

sorry, samefag from >>286954 , but I didn't see this post originally..

The blogpost does sound exactly like Margo. It's nitpicking because she was fucking 14, but jesus, that blog only underscores how much of a toxic influence the river kappa was.

No. 286964

I'm a different anon and I agree with everything anon said here
>>286928 ,so yes she can say WE all she wants, because anon is not alone in that one. Fuck off

>God forbid people here give situations context and attempt to identify factors that could explain ridiculous behavior.

Aw look at you! always trying to understand, giving a context and being fair, you're so right, so much hate itt for no reason… but anon why do you limit your kindness? Please give some context to the rest of the girls in this site, I'd love to see that.

No. 286965

wow, someone is sour.
if you haven't noticed, this sort of thing goes on all the time in practically every thread.
>'well, their childhood/parents were like this, so let's psychoanalyze that based on the way they act now'
venus's childhood just happens to be particularly shitty, and the person who was most likely the biggest influence on her personality was particularly crazy. if she's a little autistic now, it's no fuckin' wonder. for most people, going through the educational system involves a necessary development of their social skills. idk if you can convincingly argue that venus experienced that.

No. 286966

Stop shitting up this place.

No. 286967

ikr? i mean just look at ashley isaacs and what kind of fuck up of a mother SHE had… no wonder she turns out like this?!!111 poor little thing ♥
ironie off

No. 286968

Aw Claire and Lola's childhood just happens to be particularly shitty, because they were born with microcephaly and their mom was particularly crazy and writes a letter to a doctor every year telling him how they communicate by shitting and farting.

No. 286969

jesus fuck, no one is saying "omg we should cry for her," but thanks for the strawman. Anons are just pointing out why she's autistic. Sorry if that offends your fragile wittle fee fees :c

No. 286970

actually some are saying exactly that.
"look at her childhood! she was a victim of margurt! she cant help herself! no wonder she is going apeshit like her mother who influenced her after all! poor little veenoos!"

No. 286975

Stop tinfoil hatting anon, if you read the blogpost in its entirety you will notice that she said "menopause" because in the very next sentence she whines about the girls in her class being "premature". She was mocking her classmate for being a normal 14 year-old and texting/crushing on a boy.

But maybe it was Maghag's spirit temporarily entering her body. Or maybe Maghag wrote the blog entry herself because we know she had access to all her social media accounts and made 99,9% of all her posts.

No. 286980

No one said any of that, though. You just turn fucking psychotic when people don't have a huge hateboner for her, as evidenced by your constant samefagging/screaming.
Ctrl+F "victim" 6 results, the only relevant one being someone (sarcastically) saying "Oh poor victim!"
Ctrl+F "can't help herself" 0 results
Ctrl+F "poor venus" 1 result. Another sarcastic post.

No. 286981

I don't know why Venoos is off limits because of her childhood. Like what makes her so special? Her being ~kawaii~?

Please look at PT's fucked up mother.

Please look at CWC whose parents didn't get their autistic son the help he needed and never even stopped him from tarding out online.

Please look at Amberlynn whose parents were literal druggies and caused her to bounce from foster family to foster family.

ForeverKailyn? Obviously a tard, her parents yanked her out of school and let her have a fucking kid of her own whose life she is now systematically screwing up.

Most lolcows have/had a fucked-up life. That's why they are lolcows. If you think Venoos should not be discussed because she has a shit mom, you might want to reconsider what website you're on. (It's not a fanclub)

No. 286984

Except Venus isn't "obviously a tard" like Kailyn, Chris, or PT. She isn't a delusional hambeast like AL. There is no milk. There's nothing funny or notable to discuss. It's just the same couple of deranged pullfags who want to shit up a thread about Venus putting on yellow face or something.

No. 286990

>Except Venus isn't "obviously a tard" like Kailyn, Chris, or PT.

That's some ass backwards logic right there. Venoos is not a tard and has all the tools to improve herself, that's why she shouldn't be discussed on a gossip board. But when literal retards with fucked-up family backgrounds are being discussed, that's okay. I mean they have no means of improving their situation but they're not kawaii like Venus-chan so who cares lol

>There is no milk.

And what gives you the right to decide that? If you're not interested in a cow and you find it pointless just fucking leave. I don't know why you're so personally offended by the existence of this thread.

No. 286994

It's not that she isn't a tard, she's just not funny. Like, the above examples are funny because they're retarded. Venus…isn't? She's not funny because she isn't actually retarded nor does she behave retardedly. And trying to take the moral high ground isn't really going to work in your favor here. "B-but talking about retards is bad, but it's ok if I talk about a girl who was abused!" None of what we do here is ok, really. Just don't bother lol. We're bitches, just accept it.

By all means, feel free to tard out yourself over Venus not actually being interesting to talk about. I'm not the only anon here voicing an opinion otherwise. But I really don't see anything to talk about here except "SEE! VENUS DID GO TO SCHOOL ONCE!" and "VENUS IS RACIST BECAUSE SHE WEARS JAPANESE MAKEUP!!!!" Honestly what is there to talk about that's lolzy? Please.

No. 287000

Not that anon but you're in luck, anon! If you don't see anything to talk about here then you can…hide it! No hidden fees or anything! Is it really that simple? Yes! It really is!

No. 287004

No shit we're bitches. That's why I don't understand why so many anons are so protective of Venoos. We have threads about literal mental retards, a skeleton and two kids who are little more than fleshbags. And people are cool with it. But in Venus' thread everybody flips her lid because her mom is not nice. I'm not upset about retards being discussed here and want people to stop, my argument is that a lot of people on this site are in a worse situation than Venus so I don't understand why people make excuses for her. Plenty of flakes are worse off and they don't get a carte blanche.

Humor is subjective. Venus isn't the shit person people make her out to be, she doesn't lie about rape or scam you. But I find her cringy. She types and acts like a sperg and her attempts at humor are bizarre. And yes I find that amusing. If you don't. Cool. Fuck off. You're free to bitch about Kiki's thin hair, Kota's nasolabial folds or some random cosplayer's wrong wig color if you think that's more productive.

No. 287008

>nor does she behave retardedly
That april fool's joke was pretty retarded and deleting it without explaining was even more

No. 287009

>We're bitches, just accept it.
Then why you are so triggered by this thread? Lol you are a massive hypocrite

No. 287010

Kota is another good example of someone with shit parents who was ~isolated~/yanked out of school. She hasn't been involved in any real drama in years, and yet people still analyze and criticize everything she does. Do I find her boring? Yes. Do I feel the need to shit up the Kota thread and tell everybody that I think she's boring? No.

If you do not think a cow is relevant, just do yourself a favor and fuck off. Threads will die naturally when people lose interest. Bumping threads of (what you think are) irrelevant people is counterproductive. Sage for sperging.

No. 287016

Anon that's not even sperging? You are right.

No. 287023

(It is a little bit spergy because it has nothing to do with Venoos. But then again, this entire thread has become a shitshow.)

If you don't think Venoos is a cow, go away and let the thread die naturally. Do not bump threads of people you don't think should be discussed. You're not helping.

If you think Venus is a cow then cool. Maybe turn it down a notch tho, her joke was retarded but it's not like she killed her hamster (wink wink)

No. 287089

File: 1491680796164.jpg (185.2 KB, 990x1024, IMG_3785.JPG)

>no hs diploma
>Except that she has one? Quit spreading lies
What hs diploma? When and from where? Pics or it didn't happen.
(Guess what? It didn't happen.)

>She went to normal schools all her life and was homeschooled for only 2 years,

Yeah, that didn't happen either.
She lived at a Thai Buddhist temple with mommy from age 11-13 (2008-2010) except for 4 months in Bangkok, Thailand (July 2008- Oct. 2008) when mommy took classes in Thai massage. Not "normal school."

Then they moved to Tenerife from 2010-early 2012, when Venus was age 13-14. Tenerife is a tiny island off the coast of Africa, a vacation spot in the middle of nowhere. mommy was working as a waitress or something, living out her fantasies of being a 20-something vagabond gypsy (except she was in her mid-late 30's, oops.) Venus apparently did attend school during that time, such as it was in a place like that. Her "formal education" ended there, when she turned 15.

From age 15 on there was no school. Can we just dispense with the "she was HOMESCHOOLED" crap? You think margo was buying textbooks, giving her lessons in Algebra, Geometry, Biology, Chemistry, World History, Literature and everything else she'd need to qualify for a hs diploma, giving her exams, grading homework etc. etc? No, that didn't happen.

You need to quit "spreading lies," dear.

No. 287098

File: 1491681930316.gif (1.14 MB, 640x360, IMG_3153.GIF)

>OT but on Pull in the venus thread there is drama going down because of a mod ignoring WK's and Going OFF on people that simply ask questions and arnt all up venus's ass

>OT just an 1 time update: now users on pull are banned

So your little band of crazies got yourselves banned from PULL, then ran here to continue your raging Veenoos hateboner? That's some margo-level obsessive shit right there.

No. 287137

Please STOP!

No. 287153

Didn't you post the exact same textwall yesterday? Creepy amount of detail I must say.

Idk anything about the Thai temple because I don't remember. I tried searching for Thai schools in Switzerland in German and English and the only thing that popped up was a Swiss school in Bangkok. I found the old picture of the beauty contest Venus posted, and she said it was during a cultural festival in Switzerland. Someone asked about it, and all she said is she "went to the temple" for 3 years. Did not find anything about living or attending school there, so idk.

I don't know why Tenerife being a remote island/tourist destination matters so much. They still have schools lmao. Education is not the best there but it exists. She used to brag about how her English was better than her English teacher's English, so she likely wasn't that much behind her peers at that point.

She went to a regular school in the Netherlands btw (as in, a school for immigrants). Despite the fact that she most likely did not learn all that much while Maghag was "homeschooling" her, she seemed to be doing okay there as well because Marg posted her grades online and they were not bad (except for sports lel).

I also do not believe that she finished school, though. They left for Japan before she could have taken her finals in the Netherlands, so either she does not have a HS diploma or she did it online somehow.

No. 287164

Yeah, like I said…they lived at the Wat Thai Buddhist temple in Switzerland for 2 years when Venus was 10-12. That's when she won that beauty contest. "Normal school?" Doubt it.

And they were in the Netherlands for a total of maybe 9 months, during which time marge was busy exhibiting her show dog at cons (Dublin, Ireland and Montreal, Canada) in addition to dragging her along on trips to NYC, Chicago and Hungary, so I doubt there was much time for "normal school" since marge was on the road with her travelling Venus sideshow most of that time.

In summary:
- no "normal school"
- no "normal life"

No. 287174

I checked the entire website of that temple and nowhere does it say anything about guest rooms or school.
I know some temples have guest rooms and allow non-buddhists to stay and participate in the temple's day-to-day activities, but even then you usually cannot straight up live there long term because iirc monks/nuns retreat for a certain portion of the year. The temple they supposedly lived in for three years does not appear to have any guest rooms at all.

It also doesn't say anything about school on their website. They offer courses in boxing/meditation/thai language/german for thais/wood carving etc, do religious events like weddings, and offer buddhist sunday school.

Doesn't really sound like Venus was locked up in a monastery for three years. Sounds like Venus and Margaret regularly attended events/courses there and that's it. Sounds pretty cool. I would have liked that as a kid.

She still managed to get some good grades in the Netherlands though. And she managed to pick up some Dutch. It wasn't much but it was something.

No. 287182

File: 1491690371727.jpg (428.13 KB, 1444x1942, IMG_3802.JPG)

No. 287193

She "learned" Thai traditional dance and Buddhism for 3 years. No "normal school." And as stated before (reading comprehension?) they were in the Netherlands for a total of 9 months, during which time Venus was dragged on trips to NYC, Chicago and Hungary in addition to cons in Montreal and Dublin. Again, no "normal school" for Venus. mommy had more important things for her to do.

No. 287194

Speaking of reading comprehension, Maghag said they went to the temple for three years to attend courses and a thai festival.

Where does it say that they lived in a temple?

Where does it say that she didn't also go to a normal school during that time?

Idk if you speak German but if you consult the temple's website…


… you will realize that this temple has neither a school nor guest rooms. They offer courses about various aspects of thai culture, yes. But it's not a school.

I quote:
Buddhistische Geschichte und Lehre Buddhas (Religionsunterricht)
Buddhistische Zeremonien und Beten
Sprachunterricht: Thai für deutschsprachige
Sprachunterricht: Deutsch für Thais
Thailändische Kultur Thai-Klassik Tanz
Thai Boxen

>Educational offer:

Buddhist history and Buddha's teachings (religious education)
Buddhist ceremonies and prayers
Language classes: Thai for german speakers
Language classes: German for thai speakers
Thai culture
Thai dance
Thai boxing
Thai wood carving
Thai musical instruments
Thai massage

>Der Unterricht findet jeweils am Sonntag, von 11:00 bis 16:30 Uhr statt.

>Classes are held on sundays from 11:00 to 16:30

>They do not have guest rooms

>They only offer courses on sundays

>It's not a school

>They didn't live in a temple

>They attended courses there over the course of 3 years

>There is no reason to assume Venus didn't also attend a normal school in Switzerland

>She also attended a normal school in Tenerife

>That means she attended normal schools until age 15

>Reading comprehension

No. 287197

File: 1491691635297.jpg (137.99 KB, 627x845, IMG_3803.JPG)

Her kid don't need no stinking school. marge got no time for that.
(HyperJapan 2012)

No. 287201

>There is no reason to assume Venus didn't also attend a normal school in Switzerland
Prove it.
There is every reason to think she did NOT "attend normal school in Switzerland." Her mother is batshit crazy. Her kid's life was that of an organ grinder's monkey for mommy to leech off from the age of 15 on and before that she lived like a gypsy, dragged around by her delusional mommy living her vagabonding dream.

No. 287219

Can we please stop bringing up all of this old milk.

No. 287221

Why don't you prove that she didn't go to a normal school? Your version of events already turned out to be bullshit. Isn't the burden of proof supposed to be on you now?

But sure, let's look at the facts.

Venus and Marg lived in Aargau. I found the following information about homeschooling in Aargau:


>Die Bundesverfassung sieht keine Schulpflicht vor, nur ein Recht auf Bildung. Heimunterricht ist kantonal geregelt: Das Tessin verbietet es ganz, Solothurn oder Baselland verlangen ein Lehrpatent.

Im Aargau reicht eine abgeschlossene Ausbildung oder höhere Schule. Die Bewilligung gibt die örtliche Schulpflege. Die Lernziele des kantonalen Lehrplans werden jährlich von Schulinspektoren kontrolliert.
Fünfmal pro Woche muss unterrichtet werden: in der Primarschule täglich mindestens zwei und in der Oberstufe drei Stunden.
Bei Nichterfüllen der Anforderung kann ein Übertritt in die Regelschule angeordnet werden.

>According to the Swiss constitution, attending school is not obligatory. However, children have a right to education. Whether homeschooling is allowed, limited or forbidden depends on the canton.

>In Aargau, everyone with a completed education is allowed to homeschool.

>If you do decide to homeschool, there will be yearly inspections to make sure that your children meet all the required milestones

>It is obligatory to teach five times a week, for at least 2-3 hours at a time depending on the child's age

>If you do not manage to meet these goals, you may be asked to send your kid to a regular school

So the requirements are relatively lax but you cannot half-ass it if you do it.

Homeschooling is also not very common, according to the article there have been about 70 homeschooled kids out of 70,000 and that was in 2014. You bet the number was even lower ten years ago.

Some more facts:

>Venus went to a regular school in Tenerife

>Venus went to a regular school in the Netherlands

>Marg attempted to send Venus to a regular school in England but was too incompetent to sign her daughter up. She repeatedly bitched about not having been able to do so.

>Margaret is a narcissist. Narcissists do not give a shit abour anyone but themselves

>Venus did not have a YT channel before moving to Tenerife so Marg could not have used her daughter as a cash cow yet

>If you have to spend 2-3 hours a day five times a week teaching your kid, that is time you cannot spend on yourself.

Do I have definite proof that she went to a regular school in Switzerland? No, of course not. I do not stalk any of them and can only go by what they share online.

I do know for a fact that they did nor live in a temple and only ever had dancing lessons.

And considering the amount of effort you have to out into homeschooling, its unpopularity in Switzerland and Marg's blatant narcissism, I find it highly unlikely that she would have put that much effort into Venus' education when there is an easy way out.

I genuinely believe the only reason why Venus didn't attend a regular school in Great Britain is because of Marg's incompetence. She went to regular schools in all other places.

No. 287243

This thread has turned to shit in the past couple of days. I haven't posted anything, but I feel like throwing my two cents in and hope it all blows over when everyone is bored of talking about this.

Venus was in the UK when she should have been doing her GCSEs or at least starting them, hence wanting donations for the German school.

I agree. Venus's milk isn't funny. It's always just a bit off coloured because you think she's not very socially developed.

For me personally I give Venus the benefit of the doubt, because she has missed out a lot on growing socially. This whole debate over whether Venus went to regular school during the Thai period is kind of irrelevant. Maybe she did, maybe she didn't at that time you don't get any qualifications from it. What I think causes people to be more empathetic for her is that moving around so much it's difficult to create life long friendships.

Margo taught Venus to look down on and distrust other people, i.e. in Tenerife Venus thought that all the other students were lazy and distracted, which is judgemental (taught behaviour) and unrealistic for kids. Margo didn't like English girls especially because she thought they were all slags, which probably amped up Venus's "I'm so innocent, even grandma underwear is too sexy" phase. Any Youtube friend that Venus could have made, Margo talked shit about them.

As book smart as I think Venus is/had the potential to be I don't think she's that socially developed. No sign of childhood friends. Not in contact with any biological family, she could but she doesn't trust any of them at all. Even now as an adult, she can't take a joke. You can tell she's not actually autistic because of how well she does treat Taylor and interact with her, but you can sense the hurt when Taylor teases her. Now she is dependant on Manaki who is kinda odd any way.

For Venus to overcome this she has to experience the real world. She's not used to close non-dependant relationships. I think this is where the divide comes along where you either think "well she's been away from her narc mother, she should have grown out of it by now" or you go "she doesn't know anything else apart from how she is now". It depends on how you view her intentions as well. For example her blaming the April fools joke on Manaki (which did leave a bad taste in my mouth) you could either see it as "margo has taught Venus to always blame other people (directly or indirectly)" or "venus is a fundamentally shitty person".

No. 287273

>just fucking leave.

there is still lot of milk.

>just do yourself a favor and fuck off.

as soon as you leave, we can stop the discussion "milk or not" and make fun of her again.

>So your little band of crazies got yourselves banned from PULL, then ran here to continue your raging Veenoos hateboner? That's some margo-level obsessive shit right there.
which is probably the reason why this thread is so infested by spergelics and the whole thread went down the drain.

No. 287323

>attending an event together
What a horrible situation! How that old woman dares to go with her child and dress like an idiot in such an elegant event like HyperJapan ?? Why is she at a convention full of other kids? they should be at school, maybe it was on a weekend but they should be at school!

Sage for blog but we, flat earthers always claim that public education sucks because they don't teach the truth about the earth and other serious theories so we homeschool our kids. We make videos about it all the time (see sunnypeaches) B-but Venus is different!! V-venus should be at school rurronded with friends and be the first of her class, not at a convention as a celebrity!

No. 287327

Please stop the derailing and infighting. If you consider Venus lacking in milk, feel free to ignore and/or hide the thread. As it stands, her thread is warranted if only to keep Marg's thread from derailing further all the time.

No. 287393

File: 1491715243028.png (78.88 KB, 720x481, Surejan.png)

I lol'd…

Dakota wrote a long apology letter, did you nice girls forgive her after that?

The problem with VA discussions is that it's full of hypocrisy and irony.

No. 287468

OT but what's the name of those lashes?

No. 287495

Dakota's apology was BS though.

Also why do you keep mentioning Dakota and her/Venus' lack of education and socialisation? Seems like both are very personal to you, sperg.

No. 287497

Take a look on the previous tread anon :)

No. 287500

It's literally the first time I mention Dakota itt, sperg.

No. 287526

gaudy japanese ho lashes.

No. 287711

Going through all the shit posted yesterday was worth it for this, anon

Different anon here but the eyelashes are pretty cute if you don't mind that they look fake. those eyebags though, ugh. They look like saggy balls sacks

No. 287773


>They look like saggy balls sacks

OH GOD, can not unsee.
There are somethings in the Asia beauty world that are genuinely cute and lovely, but I'll never understand the desire for eye bags. Venus' look like scrotums, Taylor's make her eyes look like vags, Dakota's look like flakey wrinkles and others just blatantly look like brown shit smears under their eyes.

No. 287824

File: 1491770595132.jpeg (58.4 KB, 480x480, 3e5e016d456d64c76e22966dee9a02…)

No. 288204

File: 1491795639577.jpg (233.77 KB, 660x1143, IMG_3834.JPG)

>attending an event together
>What a horrible situation! How that old woman dares to go with her child and dress like an idiot in such an elegant event like HyperJapan ?? Why is she at a convention full of other kids? they should be at school, maybe it was on a weekend but they should be at school!
One event is fine. Being dragged to them constantly by your batshit crazy "mom" with her middle-aged ass stuck to your side like a tick trying to outdo you because she wants to BE you is a problem.

And yeah, she should have been in school. Why does this seem the slightest bit "normal" to you, and why does it need to be explained to you?

No. 288205

File: 1491795704662.jpg (248.09 KB, 997x1163, IMG_3833.JPG)

No. 288206

File: 1491795906352.jpg (284.25 KB, 1467x883, IMG_3815.JPG)

If you think living with this unstable psycho freak her whole life was anything but a total nightmare I don't know what to say to you. This is not "normal." You can try to rewrite history all you want but facts are facts.

No. 288207

File: 1491796024850.png (56.03 KB, 191x374, face1.png)

No. 288211

Fucking kek. His face. I feel like when it comes to Margo, we are all this guy.

No. 288212

Margo's idea of a nightmare life being married to a factory worker and having a nail salon job. Bet she knows better now.

No. 288251

>More normal pictures
Child celebrities attend several events, such is life, deal with it.

She was invited as a special guest several times by the organizer, not "dragged" by her mom, don't be ridiculous, she was a very popular youtuber, and she loves the living doll thing and being a celeb, wasn't that her dream anyway? "I want to live in Japan and be as famous as Britney Spears"

And those events are full of kids, and I know girls that used to attend to every single cosplay convention they could and did well at school too.

Stop comparing someone's life with your own ideas of how someone is supposed to live his/her life.

No. 288273

Ty anon <3
They're pretty cute but those eye bags on the other hand…

No. 288279

i do like how margo managed to turn someone "stalking venus" in to something about her. she's truly something else

No. 288310

I can tell you're the same sperg who thought Venus and Marg lived in an actual temple for 3 years straight lmao.

Why are you so buttblasted about this? Yes she has a shitty mom but a lot of people have. You're trying sooooooo hard to make Venus' childhood seem worse than it was.

She didn't even go to that many cons. Maybe 3 in England, and 3 more while in the Netherlands. Staying in school would have been more productive, but she definitely wasn't shipped around the country attending one con after the other.

No idea why you're so mad about her going to cons when they add up to maybe 15 missed days of school per year. We had theater/art/science groups at school who missed entire weeks because they performed their plays or went to exhibits. It's not a huge deal.

There are a lot of things that went wrong in her life but you know someone is really reaching when they're butthurt because of the 5-ish cons she ever attended in her life. I'm sure she really suffered.

No. 288326

Manaki was a psychopath brainwashing Venus, now Venus is a psychopath brainwashing Manaki. Before that, Margaret implied the girl from J&K Contact Lenses(Kelly?) was a psychopath because she called them out for accepting free lenses without the promised review. Beckii was the sadistic ringleader of a cyber bullying group and her dad was helping her(Margaret said it made Venus' hair fall out, she lost weight and self-harmed. Familiar…). Xiaorishu was another scary booly that made poor Mags suicidal and contact the police. Even accused Anastasiya Shpagina of being a twisted person who sent numerous threats to Venus, yet gave no proof. I'm forgetting all the others that Mamagelic, not Venus, called psychos, stalkers and bullies.

See a pattern, Venus-didn't-have-it-so-bad anons? Don't forget all the old tumblr call-out blogs that consistently cited Margo as the problem almost from the beginning. You want to appear a neutral party with that "Oh, yeah. Of course Marge is crazy too" but you don't acknowledge the lasting affect that social environment has on a growing child. Material things, travel and fame don't mean shit when your mother behaves that way. Abusive parents bribe their children all the time.

Just look again at those archives of blogs and emails Margaret herself wrote, how she constantly manipulated and lied about situations while claiming to just be a concerned mother. All the time, for years. Just add it all up, see how she never stopped and take into consideration everything we DIDN'T see. Venus was the golden child and then the monster. "I love my daughter/she's not even human/I love my daughter". All the the other girls were nasty whores who were jealous of Margaret's perfect, virgin dolly daughter but then Venus was going to end up an autistic psychopathic whore in Hungary. C'mon. You can't imagine how often Venus heard that extreme back and forth? That's a textbook emotionally abusive relationship. You don't just get over that in a year or two like it never happened. No, that doesn't mean Venus can't take responsibility for her cringe-worthy online activity or fix her shitty makeup. Yes, she needs therapy badly and she needs to listen to constructive criticism.

Inb4 Daphne, Spergelic, Venus herself.

Not that anon, but I don't think most people, ass-licker or not, would see going to cons and fun events with your mom as a bad thing. But the way Margaret micromanaged everything, became either a barrier between Venus and her peers or made herself inseparable part of the deal at those events(nobody needs her in a photo when they came to see Venus), was weird. Her desire for individual fame and co-opting her daughter's image was very weird. How many of your friends have moms like that, wedging them self into everything, mirroring every interest of that child, trying to attract their child's middle school followers and branding themselves as the creator of that person, rather than supportive parent?

No. 288342

Holy shit you're way too invested in this. Take your pills anon I worry about u.

I don't think anybody is trying to deny that Marg is a shitty person. We're all on the same page there. But a lot of kids suffer way worse and still manage to function in normal society so I don't know why this particular cow is the only one to get a free pass.

All the people coddling her are hindering her from becoming normal. Literally anything she does gets blamed on someone else. Everything is still Marg's fault even though she's a married woman who has left the nest a year ago. Once her YT career is over she'll be very surprised to learn how the real world works.

No. 288361

Nobody is coddling her here, we're just not traumatized by her making a joke on AF day because : it makes sense, fits her and Manaki's sense of humor which we already know is inappropriate, is actually funny.

On the anniversary of Margo attacking her YT channel, they created Margo's perfect fantasy of Manaki being the pedophile stalker with a pattern of behaviour. I personally laughed my ass off.

Why are you here on lolcow of all places getting your panties in a bunch over it? You can laugh at two retarded kids with half their skull missing but V making fun of her crazy mom calling Manaki a pedo is too much for you?

I wish she didn't apologize for it, really, it's not her fault if some of her followers are too dumb to get it.

No. 288393

sperg sperg sperg

No. 288403

Her fanbase is 12yo weebs (and you). ~Inappropriate humor~ is a great addition to her online persona.

She's too socially inept for edgy humor. It comes across as cunty and she folds like a paper towel the moment she gets any backlash (yellowfacing, chikan joke).
>Venus is a master troll she gives zero fucks XD

Tfw you use your professional social media account to accuse your spouse of sexual harassment.

O yea and fuelling the delusions of your insane stalker narc mom is always a great idea. Maybe she'll come over and bring her new knife idk. If she's smart she'd leave Marg the fuck alone, never mention her, never contact her and never provoke her.

Even if you don't consider the triggered SJW speds this was still a shit idea.

Btw you should really tone it down a notch. You're a tad bit spergy.

No. 288408

File: 1491825187474.jpg (83.62 KB, 578x392, think-of-the-children.jpg)

Please, spare me the faux concern for her <3fanbase<3 and her professional image as a youtuber, her channel was never 12yo friendly don't act new now.

If she wants to fuck with her mom it's her right to do so. Too bad it didn't lead anywhere, I was hoping for some fresh Margo milk.

No. 288415

jesus christ, you're embarrassing

No. 288457

Venus childhood was shit, yeah we get it.
You keep saying the same thing since the first thread is up. Again and again and again…Can you stop now?

No. 288462

>we're not traumatized
>we already know
i like how people turn their tone to the majestic plural to justify their own opinions.
"we" dont give a fuck, if you thought it was hilarious, your majesty. it was severly autistic.

but sure, 12 year old autismo weebs who just discovered the internet will find it funny.

No. 288465

Having a shitty child hood sucks but a person can't blame all their shitty behavior on that. Also, Venus has more of a social life and friendships than a lot of people.

No. 288466

>her channel was never 12yo friendly

Yea VA always drops the hypest nudes. Her channel is sesame street for weaboos.

>If she wants to fuck with her mom it's her right to do so.

No shit, she can also carve a swastika into her forehead if she wants to. That doesn't make it a good idea tho.

>Tfw you're so desperate to whiteknight that your argument is literally leave her alone she can do what she wants!!!1!

No. 288476

>essay "My Venus"

Fuck. you LOVE to write shit. Hahaha

No. 288480

I never comment in this thread because I like venus and I have no need to try and stop people from talking shit because thats what this thread is for, and its annoying as fuck when people do it in other threads and venus is no exception. So for those WK's like … I get it… but also you need to look at shit from a realistic point of view.
your fave IS problematic. and that's ok.
Yes shes been abused and has grown up without proper socialization etc etc, all factors that can effect her behaviour yeah i know i get it I used to give her that excuse all the time.
BUT she is a person of influence on the internet, and a majority of her fans are people who genuinely care and worry for her due to her sad backstory.
Making that joke on AF seriously had me worried, I felt so broken hearted for her thinking that the only person she had as a constant turned out to be as bad as her crazy mother was making him out to be.
Finding out that was just a joke - never to be spoken of or acknowledged by her again is really upsetting, and then when she DID mention it, she blamed it all on manaki was almost worse. There is literally no excuse for it, there is no reason to continue to argue her innocence and how "we're cool with it xD so let it go" because…. no one should be cool with it, no matter how much you stan her.
Just because someones been abused and gone thru some shit does NOT excuse them from being an asshole and doing stupid shit. You can have depression and anxiety and still be a fuckwad and no one has to feel sorry or put up with it because of ur condition. she's in control of her actions, and should be careful what she decides to take lightly on a public platform. It makes her look dishonest, especially when involving serious topics.
She should know better. That's the end of that.
And if u love venus and are gonna get triggered when u see people talking shit, then don't come in here and try and change peoples minds. It's annoying no matter who's thread it is.

sage because long af post

No. 288484

samefagging to add
that she is especially dumb for doing so because she is known for making very sensitive posts experessing her feelings and especially during all that was going on with her mom during that time, and then deleting them
so how was anyone who took is seriously just "too dumb not to catch the humor" when that's exactly her style of expressing herself on instagram during extremely sensitive and serious times in her life.

Just accept the fact that is was stupid, she fucked up. Doesn't make her evil or anyshit, she can still be ur fave, stop trying to argue it because there is no point.. you will get no where besides mudding up a thread and getting frustrated

No. 288487

>sperg sperg sperg

- Sperg, April 2017.

Just accept it, you are more than obsessed with the girl…

No. 288499

I barely write in this thread and had just saved up some thoughts. Sorry for the text wall but it shouldn't make you or anyone assume anything about my emotional investment unless I indicated it was personally affecting me.

These people that have gone through worse and transioned flawlessly into adulthood: are you one of them, anon? That's really amazing because I know few people like that. They are not horrible people but their screwed up childhood experiences haunt them for life. It never leaves you. I don't excuse Venus' bad decision-making, but it is obvious she was strongly influenced by her mother in a negative way and Margaret doesn't get off the hook for what she created because she is no longer there.

Everyone's the same person or they want to eat Venus' ass, right, tinfoil hat anon?

No. 288517

look, i get where ur coming from but you really can't blame margo for shit that venus does. She didn't have her mother whispering in her ear to post that, she doesn't talk to her mom, she doesn't follow her or associate her at all anymore.
This was a planned joke, there was a lot of detail. at some point she could have thought "you know what, lets do something else, I don't think people will like this" but she didn't. She's been on the internet long enough to know what is appropriate and what isn't.

you can not make excuses for someone their whole life because of what happened to them in the past. The past can haunt you, it can stay with you, but there is a point where you can decide whether or not ur going to take control of ur life instead of letting ur past run it for you. and if you decide to wallow in it forever and blame it for every shitty mistake you've made - than that is your choice therefore still making ur mistakes ur responsibility.

There is no correlation between posting a planned and thought out "joke" about your husband going to jail for molestation of a minor, and having a mentally abusive narc as a mother who you no longer talk to or associate with. I'm sorry, but that is no excuse.

No. 288524

>I barely write in this thread
>Repeats the same old story


No. 288535

>using the word problematic unironically

PULL-chans, plz

No. 288536


Every time I read comments blaming V's past or mother or boyfriend I can't help but to giggle. Its almost like they're saying V's too retarded to think for herself or grow in the right direction.

I think she's a pretty smart girl and is well aware of the difference between bad-vs-good. I dunno why her supporters argue that she's too stunt or incapable to tell the difference. I mean she did acknowledge that her mothers choices were bad, so why wouldn't she be able to tell that her own are ? She was also smart enough to not engage in Margo thru social media or open her mouth. This all just seems like V pulling the wool over everyone because she knows people will fall back on the "well she did have a horrible past", and by not taking blame or acknowledging it the cycle will continue.

No. 288540

Well I don't believe half of the things she says anyway. She lies a lot and makes endless excuses.

No. 288584

Do you have any examples of Venus lying recently? I'm not asking because I don't believe you, I just haven't been following her that closely. I'm not aware of any real drama apart from yellowface-sperging and aprilfoolsgate.

Sage for no contribution and general cluelessness.

No. 288602

"never got offered a public school place"

I live in the UK and I don't understand why she wouldn't get offered a place? Everyone gets a place…

Fuck, Yan is scary looking, how would a mother be comfortable with that… thing near her daughter.

Margo looks oddly disgusted in this photo.

No. 288619

haha i know, it's rather insulting tbh for a supporter to belittle her like that and pretty much imply that she's too dumb to think for herself. Like u said, she was smart enough to realize what her mother was doing what not right… so why can't she determine right and wrong for herself ??
she is rather wise/clever too in how she planned out and executed her "escape" from margo, or her snide humour and remarks in her videos etc… especially for someone who has never been "properly socialized"

I don't get why her white knights can't just accept that she did something dumb and leave it at that.

No. 288654

>You're trying sooooooo hard to make Venus' childhood seem worse than it was.
And you're trying SOOOOO hard to make Venus's childhood with this psycho seem totally normal you guys, nothing to see here!
My question is why are you so invested in rewriting history and whitewashing everything, all the evidence of margo and her insanity over the years (going back to 2012 when she stalked and harassed all those Youtubers she saw as 'competition' for her little show pony?) Seriously, what's your deal?

No. 288661

>She lies a lot
Name one thing she's "lied a lot" about.

>Do you have any examples of Venus lying recently? I'm not asking because I don't believe you,
Yeah, name some. Recently or ever. (And I am asking because I don't believe you.)

No. 288670

diff anon than who ur replying to but i dont think whitewashing means what you think it means…
just stop trying to argue here. you're just getting triggered and making a fool of yourself.
take a break from this thread, anon.

No. 288677

different anon too, but whitewashing doesn't apply just to the racial context if that's what you're implying. It perfectly fits here.

No. 288684

>given any expensive and useless item she ever wanted
>got to travel the world
>got to spend her money on tons of useless weeaboo clothes
>lived a life of leisure where she never had to work or do any chores
>always had nice food to eat

Awwww poor Venus what a terrible child hood she had ;(!

No. 288687

you can't be serious. are you new? or…
>tinfoill hat time
guys what if it's margo?

No. 288689

Read >>287327

Hide the thread spergelic

No. 288694

There are people who get raped and molested everyday and still grow up to be functional members of society and can take care of themselves. You can't blame venuses behavior on the way she was raised because the truth is her child hood was better than most people's.

No. 288700

Let me guess: Your life sucks and you are jealous.

No. 288703

Jealousy would be in denial about how easy mode venuses life is and hoping her life would be terrible. At the end of the day Venus was pamper and sheltered like a baby since day one, now she could get off her ass and take care of herself but she doesn't want to because she's lazy.

No. 288712

You know anon, you can make a lot of the things listed happen in your own life too. Maybe you can't redo your childhood, but most of our lives are spent as adults so make these things happen for yourself!

The pros you mentioned still don't negate the strong list of negatives that come from living with a single, crazy, narcissist mother. I'm sure Venus didn't have a perfect childhood, even if the pros make you jealous of it.

No. 288715

Oh come on…There are people who have parents who beat them everyday don't feed them but they still manage to be successful. I know many people like Venus, in their early 20s to mid 20s, always bitching about how controlling and horrible their mom is but when given any suggestions on how to leave they won't…why?because deep down inside they enjoy the comfort of not having to work or do anything on their own. The only time these people will take the effort to move away from their parents is if they can find a friend or a lover who will support them the same way their parents would, which is the case of Venus.

No. 288930

Its not venus fault your life is shit

No. 288937

And it's not venuses child hood fault that her life is fucked up. Going by your logic ex child molesters who grow up to molest children should be excused because that's how they were raised to be. Venus has been away from her mother for more than a year now and she's not living her life any differently than the way she lived when she was with her.

No. 288940

Day 37

Spergelics are still playing the "it's her mom's fault that she's stupid". It doesn't work.

No. 288944

>been away from her mother
>no motivation to attempt getting a job or an education

I mean how long can a person really blame their mother?

No. 288956

Just to name a few…

- I forgot my laptop charger when I was vlogging so no livestream guysss!!
There was no vlog. It was Christmas, she had better things to do, but she always has to say it was another factor that ruined it, not her. Next day/same they went to buy her doll.. (you can only trust what the say on IG) No livestream.

- I'm going to make a video explaining everything (after Vexxed's video)

- Ask Venus video

- I accidentaly deleted my video(s)

- I don't eat a lot of candy, I only taste them (oldie but goodie)

- I can eat more than the average person and I don't gain weight. (Then she gained weight and started with the attention seeking IG posts, many times)

- I stay skinny eating a warm yogurth for breakfast.

- I have TONS of ideas for the next 8 months, I'm going to upload 3 videos per week. uploads no more than 3 videos per month

- My natural hair is dark brown. Yeah, only her hair roots are light brown.

- It was Manaki's idea!!

- that's so normal in Japan

But yeah, she never lies guys..

No. 288960

We get it anon: You are salty as fuck of basically anyone with a situation like Venus's. Jealous of Venus, jealous of the people you know who live life on "easy mode" etc. Sorry your life sucks

No. 288963

She tells white lies like basically everyone big deal.

And as for her hair color (the most ridiculous thing to nitpick seeing as it's subjective for one), it may have lightened from going outside/sitting by the window more or just naturally but she still considers it dark brown (i.e. a shitload of brunettes consider themselves natural blondes because they were blonde babies/toddlers).

No. 288971

I never said that, I said venuses child hood wasn't that bad and that's just a fact.

No. 288972

Venus was pretty fat the majority of her YouTube career so I don't buy she eats whatever she wants and stays thin

No. 288981


What's the matter, baby? Has Venus not given you attention yet? That's why you are taking all your angry on people on the internet.

I'll bet you are in love with her.

No. 288988


No. 288991

File: 1491886478480.jpg (35.77 KB, 625x626, guys ignore the troll jfc.jpg)

No. 289018

>White lies

How is, for example,

>I stay skinny eating a warm yogurth for breakfast.

A white lie?

Try harder

No. 289022

>why are you so invested in rewriting history

>Claims that Venus and Marg lived in a temple for 3 years

>Claims that Venus was homeschooled in Switzerland because she attended thai culture classes on sundays, even though there is no evidence
>Bitches about Tenerife being a "remote island" and "tourist destination" like that means you would not be able to get an education there, when in fact the canaries are an autonomous region of Spain, definitely still a part of Europe although off the coast of Africa, and have electricity, running water and normal schools and all that good shit.
>Doesn't want to accept it as a fact that Venus went to normal schools until age 15

>rewriting history

No. 289024

I'm kind of on the fence about that. On one hand, she's not a fitness guru/weight loss youtuber and it's really only her problem what she does and doesn't eat, but on the other hand her relationship with food is kind of disturbing.

>I can eat what I wan't and don't get fat. I'm a doll after all uwu

>Gets fat as fuck in England
>O shit Bodyline doesn't want a fat model, time to diet hardcore
>Look at me doing Mukbang I can eat what I want and don't get fat uwu
>I totally almost developed an eating disorder because of my evil mother, but now that I'm free I want to gain some weight and be healthy
>Look at me I can eat what I want. All you have to do is eat a warm joghurt for breakfast, it negates all other calories you consume uwu

No. 289026

I wonder what Venus thinks about that obsessed spergelic saying shit about her whole life. I'd be annpyed af.

There are many things that Venus herself has explained, like she was going to attend a university in Korea, and now one in Japan, but spergelic keeps saying that V doesn't have a hs diploma because, I'm quoting her: there's not a picture of it.

Yeah, if she doesn't post her important documents on the internet then they don't exist, right? Genius.

No. 289033

She's def in love with her. Creepy af "fan"

No. 289052

Pretty sure she doesn't read this so she thinks nothing. If she did read it she's probably a bit creeped out by the anons who have her entire life memorized, and she probably caught legit autism from head honcho spergelic's declarations of undying loyalty.

Tbf I also think there is no way she finished school in the Netherlands, but admittedly I don't know diddly squat about the educational system in the Netherlands. She only stayed for 9 months and while that would theoretically be enough time to maybe be in the country for the finals (don't know what month you take your finals over there), I can't really imagine they would toss a foreigner who has been homeschooled over the last few years into the last year of school without any preparation or making sure her education up to this point has been good enough to even give her a realistic chance.

I also doubt she finished school in the Netherlands, but maybe she did. Or maybe she has an online hs diploma. If she really was going to study something other than the language, she has to have some kind of certificate because otherwise you can't attend university. So she's either bullshitting about studying or finished school somehow. Kind of odd for a whiteknight to accuse Venoos of lying, but I guess she doesn't know better because of her childhood.

And yea the picture argument is autistic as fuck. When I proved that Venoos couldn't have lived at the temple/went to school there and thus must have gone to a normal school in Switzerland, they were also like Prove it??? Like prove it how? Venus didn't even have an online presence back then lmao. She probably didn't take any selfies sitting at her elementary school desk.

No. 289054

I think they all read here anon.

No. 289073

i mean tbh i don't believe that she eats everything she wants to and not gain weight. i'm not tryna stir up shit but how do you think she does those mukbangs like the chicken nugget one and then do a body check video, etc? does she puke it up or? she doesn't really look like the type to exercise, either

No. 289075

In an austrian interview about her mukbangs she said she keeps herself fit by jogging and dancing. Now that she's in Japan she often goes biking iirc. She probably doesn't lift weights at the gym but I think she's concious of her body and does more than just "eat warm joghurt" to stay in shape.

Usually mukbangers restrict/fast for a few days before or after the binge to make up for the calories you consumed. For example the chicken nuggets Venus binged were around 4000-5000 calories so if you water fasted for 2 days afterwards you should not be gaining (you probably won't be hungry anyways because ewww).

No. 289095

which is a non-purging type of bulimia too.

No. 289098

She only used to say that but in reality she did gain weight.

Back then she was just bragging that she was skinny (after growing up and dieting) and how blessed she was because she could eat more than the rest of you not-living-dolls, but guess what? No, she does gain weight like a normal person.

No. 289106

It's not healthy eating behaviour, that's for sure. If you do like one mukbang a week it would be possible to maintain a healthy weight even without purging. Whether it will have any consequences on your mental or physical health is a different story.

I hope she wisened up and does not go through cycles of binging and restricting anymore. She appeared to be very conscious of her weight in the past so I hope she found a way to stay fit without doing damage.

No. 289125

In her latest video ( >>286179 ) she did explain that she doesn't eat giant portions anymore, because apparently she now gets nauseous easily >>286208

She definitely has a fucked up relationship with food but it doesn't surprise me in the slightest, considering that her looks have always always been her main gimmick. She must have been (and still is) under tons of pressure to stay thin.

No. 289139

80% of this thread: spergelics still excusing her behavior and blaming it on her childhood and Margo. Jfc.

No. 289167

holy fuck, the lack of critical thinking skills ITT is honestly cancer. Defending someone =/= being fans of someone. I actually find Weenoos to be quite annoying, but that doesn't mean I'm going to mindlessly shit on her when I really do think that we should consider her shit upbringing. Fuck.

>hurr durr anyone who disagrees with me is SPERGING!!!!!!!!!

I remember visiting her IG a few months ago and she looked incredibly skinny; judging by the quick weight loss, it was clear that she definitely had a warped perception of food. Especially in Japan, she's probably pressured to be thin.

No. 289175

… anon made a very simple comment. Relax.

No. 289180

You're right, but my issue is that this is one of many posts accusing anons of being spergelics for simply holding a controversial opinion.

No. 289205

File: 1491929228647.png (767 KB, 720x1226, N4SArgaretREarth_C0Oney.png)

Hahaha try to be less obvious next time Daphne… >>287197

No. 289208

>You're right, but my issue is that this is one of many posts accusing anons of being spergelics for simply holding a controversial opinion.

Different anon here! We do have evidence of Daphne sperging here, I guess sometimes people share some thoughts or beliefs that look similar to spergelic's posts. Shit happens.

No. 289211

It's literally just the way you (and others) have been going about trying to get your point across and how you're not giving up this pointless battle.
Maybe if you didn't sperg, you wouldn't be called a spergelic.

Anon says "man this thread is full of her fans trying to blame her mom and childhood on her mistakes"
You reply with a paragraph, some sarcastic green text, and are on the defensive/overreacting side.
We're all strangers on the internet, it really shouldn't bug you that much that half of us ITT don't agree.
And since you keep finding yourself so triggered, please take a break from this thread.

No. 289213

If it's just an opinion stop trying so hard to make everyone agree and just hold that to urself and ur own beliefs

No. 289216

Anon, I think you accidentally tagged me! Maybe your message is for >>289180 But it's ok!

No. 289246

Ahh, yes, that makes sense. Sorry, I didn't consider that.

No. 289352

>saying that V doesn't have a hs diploma because, I'm quoting her: there's not a picture of it.
Where has there been any mention or claim that Venus finished hs or got a hs diploma (or any education at all after age 15)? Other than "language school" in Korea with mommy at her side? Answer: there is none. Because she was taken out of school when she turned 15, signed by mommy to a shady 'model management company' (Lethal Models) and that was the end of Venus's schooling. From that time forward she was mommy's little moneymaking machine and mommy's ticket to her dream life.

Gotta say though, your dedication to your Venus had A TOTALLY NORMAL LIFE with the lunatic known as margaret palermo crusade is almost inspiring. You're every bit as tenacious as marge and damn near as delusional, and that's impressive in its own way.

No. 289369

Final warning to use this thread for discussion of Venus' milk (when there is any) instead of the incessant derailing and arguing. Use sage for your discussion unless it's relevant new info.

Further unsaged noncontribution will earn lengthy bans as this thread is unreadable and cancerous.

No. 289431

idk if this has been ever mentioned in any thread but did venus get along with her fathers in law?

No. 289446

You mean her in-laws, as in Manaki's parents? If so, yes she seems to be. Manaki's mom sends her kawaii gifts like homemade cookies and stuff and they've visited them several times (they live in N. Japan, several hours away by car.)

No. 289674

File: 1491969554095.jpg (265.4 KB, 1875x793, IMG_3897.JPG)

>Venus has been away from her mother for more than a year now and she's not living her life any differently than the way she lived when she was with her
I beg to differ. She's lived in one spot for over a year now, for one thing. No more being dragged from one crappy rental to the next every few months, country to country. Oh and no more psycho mom leeching off her either, important difference #2. She gets to keep her earnings now.

>she could get off her ass and take care of herself but she doesn't want to because she's lazy.
Her Youtube channel's doing pretty decent these days…4M views in the past 30 days. Seems she's "taking care of herself" just fine.

No. 289678

she starved herself for a month and now she gets sick and nauseous when eating…there's nothing with that at all

No. 289690

File: 1491972927165.jpg (291.4 KB, 1073x1399, IMG_3859.JPG)

Looks like someone asked to take a pic w/Venus? It was posted on a brand-new IG account that seems to belong to a young Japanese girl, it has 24 followers all of whom seem to be teenage Japanese girls.

No. 289691

File: 1491973002109.jpg (493.45 KB, 1247x1481, IMG_3866.JPG)

Captioned with this wall of text in Japanese. Can anyone translate?

No. 289699


It just says how she met Venus, been a fan for 5~6 years, she thought Venus was cute, ask for people who like Venus to follow her account and says she hopes to meet Venus again. Eh.

No. 289790

>No more being dragged from one crappy rental to the next every few months

>Being dragged to them constantly by your batshit crazy "mom"

>Venus was dragged all over the world, to conventions, for tabloid interviews etc. etc.

Why do you repeat the same idea over and over again? Now can you see how obvious you are?

No. 289799

File: 1491999867010.jpg (561.5 KB, 1280x1280, R0unDN4SAC0Oney24TAN.jpg)


Hey "Joni" why are you the only rando liking this post?


No. 289829

>4 M views last 30 days
which equals to around 1.000-20.000 dollar a month.. depending how much of them are monetized views and what her CPM is, not accounted of her income coming directly from her network and sponsored stuff.
thats pretty decent for someone without any post-school education I'd say.

No. 289848


That filter makes Venus look like she's made out of playdough …


Despite doing financially alright it doesn't really mean she's taking good care of herself. To be honest though, I don't think anyone will really know if she's taking care of her health, but I guess on the bright side she has someone with her that cares more about her then her money.

I just find this "she's lazy and doesn't take care of herself" argument between anons to be rather pointless as its something nobody knows or can tell. By the looks of her vlogging outside more, and now having pictures of her appearing with fans + her posting healthy/alright food recipes shows that she isn't utterly irresponsible or lazy. The only thing that gives the illusion of her not taking care of herself is how greasy and damaged her hair looks. ( but I guess thats why she's wearing wigs )

No. 290114

I lol everytime I hear someone say ~Youtube is my job~ because that shit don't last. Unless you're incredibly popular and smart with your money, you won't be able to survive indefinitely off what you make on YT, because news flash, your life isn't over once you're 40.

The only things she has going for her are her appearance and living in Japan. She has no skills whatsoever. She used to do mostly beauty videos but she has no idea what she's doing. A lot of the japanese makeup styles she tries are not flattering and her technique sucks. In 10 years she's going to start shriveling up like her mother, and once she's no longer kawaii even the weebs won't be impressed with her living in Japan anymore. They'll move on to a younger, cuter and more relatable jvlogger, or one who is more informative.

By the time she's 40, she'll either be irrelevant, as cringy as Maghag because she'll probably still act dress and do her makeup like a preteen, or will have squeezed out a haffu baby to parade around and continue the cycle with.

She's lucky enough to have a husband so it's not like she needs the YT bucks to support herself, but I doubt she'll still be able to live like a princess and eat out every other day once her looks start to fade.

No. 290329

Wonder where this was, did they mention that in the caption? Does she go about her daily activities dressed in Lolita or was it an event of some kind? I'm kind of intrigued.

No. 290345

Once she's 40 being a weeb might not even be a thing anymore, tbh

No. 290351

Uh trust me there are 40 year old women into Lolita etc

No. 290352

I'm saying once she's 40
At that time
Not now.

No. 290437

i think for some reason or the other, weebs will always exist.
it already was a big thing around 20 years ago, it still will be 20 years from now.

well. when she finally will be to old she just needs to shit out a real hafu-girl. problem solved.

No. 290447

I don't think weaboos will ever stop being a thing. Video games alone have become increasingly popular since the 80s, and the age of the average gamer has also gone up quite a bit. Japan is the epicenter of the video game industry, and a lot of games have japanese cultural influences. That'll give us at least 1-2 more generations of weaboos. However, unfortunately for V that will also mean 1-2 generations of competing youtubers who are younger, cuter and more creative.

Either way, if I were Venoos I'd work on learning something that's actually useful outside her little internet bubble. Things are going to get hysterical when she's still weebing it up in her videos at age 40 or becoming like her mother while pimping out her #haffu #halfjapanese #mixedrace babby.

No. 290455

File: 1492083485438.png (476.04 KB, 948x616, 87654345678.png)

hi venus!

No. 290460

Wow ever since she left Mags she's been getting so butthurt because of the slightest hints of criticism.

I'd say a functioning human being who is capable of socializing outside of the internet and doesn't whine every two weeks on social media about how much their life sucks. That would be pretty neat.

No. 290464

I wish she really did take our positive criticisms and advice on board. It feels like all she takes from lolcow is inspiration to self sabotage with (emotional outbursts etc)
There are so many of us that actually want to succeed or at least give useful advice like finding another counselor, focusing on something she can learn/create that is for herself only, doing more cute housewife cooking tutorials and less bizarre shooping etc

In 20 years time I would like to see her independent in some way. whether she stays with Manaki or not I would like to see her with a job and friends, even just making bento part time.

No. 290465

Yeah, for the most part people criticize her for legitimate reasons, not taking responsibility for her actions, blaming other people, not seeking help for her obvious issues, not having a job she could realistically live off of until retirement etc.

Her getting buttmad about that is proof that she cannot function outside of her social media bubble where everyone worships her for no reason and nothing is ever her fault. And yet she calls herself mature wtf

No. 290488

Wasn't this posted way before we started talking about her some day being 40? I don't think this was in reference to lolcow, it just seems like she's having some sort of a crisis with growing up and deciding what she wants to do with her life or something, because now she has to make all those decisions herself

No. 290494


Wonder if she'll be like another Taylor R and still be acting like a child when she's 30 ( Yes I know Taylor is 2 years away from 30 ). Trying to be relatable and cute to appeal to the preteens and teens …

Future anons will be having a heyday if Venus is still the same as she is now in her 30s to 40s. Binge eating kawaii food and fair welling her fans with "boo-bye-bye-boo". Weebs may always exist but the trends and fashion they follow will probably change. Hopefully Venus does something more with her life then Youtube.

No. 290507

Honestly people watch her because she's cute. She used to do mainly makeup tutorials even though she's absolute shit and would need a tutorial herself. She still had a lot of views though, but definitely not because she had something she could teach.

One thing that her channels has always lacked is direction. She did pretty much everything. Cooking, baking, skincare, makeup, hairstyle, weird music videos, ASMR, mukbang, vlogging, reviews, hauls, DIY. But she doesn't have any skills and there are many people on Youtube who put out the same content but better. Her fans don't give a shit though, they'd watch her fold laundry because Bina-chan is so kawaii~

In 15 years she's not going to be kawaii anymore.

She seems to care deeply about her YT channel so I don't think she should stop, but if she thinks she's in for a lifetime of cat cafe selfies, Starbucks trips and lolita dresses on the back of 8-9 hours of work per week, she's probably mistaken. Manaki most likely doesn't make enough to afford that kind of lifestyle with his income alone.

No. 290508

>new video, new hickey

No. 290511

>15 years

*5 years
she ages like the river kappa.

No. 290512

This was posted before we started talking about what she'll be in 20 years.

No. 290515

I politely disagree anon, Taylor can be immature but nothing terrible for 30. She doesn't have any kids so it doesn't matter what she does with her time, she takes good care of herself and promotes taking an active role in your own life and level headed with running her 'business' in a consistent direction. She using the way she is financially supported in order to enjoy her life how she wants. I'm ok if Venus winds up like that rather than still being a damaged puppet or Margo ver2.0
Or did you hope that because she's married and no longer a teenager, she'll just put on an apron and never make another video again?

No. 290517

A married woman.. with a hickey??!? OMGZ, ANON, so indecent! Thank you so much for calling her out. We absolutely should not let this inappropriate behavior slide.

No. 290518

The river kappa looked fairly normal up until age 28 tho. It's shocking how quickly she went from human being to pruneface. I bet someone put a hex on her.

No. 290529

This is actually kinda funny, can you imagine venus working on an office in japan where nobody is licking her ass constantly? It would be something interesting to see, like an animal in the zoo

No. 290530


No. 290537

I'm actually interested to know if she could get a "real" job in japan. I once heard that the requirements to get a job in japan are high. Almost unfair high. If your life wasn't "normal" or more precisely your cv is not perfect and you didn't finish university with extremely good grades you're practically forced to live a NEET live. I don't know if that what I described is bullshit but I once heard this.

No. 290552


this is probably what youre talking about.


Although since venoos didnt even start university and also she is a gaijin im not sure how well this applys to her.
Even more as married women after 30 are confronted with overt sexism as society expects them to pop out babies and be stay-at-home moms. I guess she had more of a chance as a freelancer with her "7 languages" she claims to be able to speak fluently after them youtube-bux run out.

No. 290558

In theory she might do well in the tourism industry. She claims to speak a lot of foreign languages, and if she plays her cards right she could market herself as a valuable potential employee who is experienced in dealing with people from foreign cultures, adaptable to changes, and able to function under immense pressure as proven by her YT "career" where she's under constant scrutiny.

The only problem is you need social skills for that, and she's extremely awkward. If she ends up at a hotel reception she might also have to take a lot of shit from dissatisfied customers, and we all know she likes pointing the finger at others.

I guess she could also translate some stuff or work as a teacher but let's be real, she's not ever going to get a proper job. She's going to use the proper submissive japanese housewife/YT is my job excuse and maybe pop out a kid or two when she gets bored.

No. 290577

File: 1492108561319.jpg (139.24 KB, 994x1388, 1491454620355.jpg)

Looks like she recycled the photo from her apology post. (saged, cause it's not that important.)

No. 290592

Speaking of children, I once followed some girl from USA who married a japanese guy and was running a blog about how's the married life for a gaijin in japan, she spoke about kids n stuff and said even if you marry properly someone in japan and have children and everything you will never ever be in the family book, so in front of the law you are not the legal father/mother of your own children, I will search for the blog it it's still alive to post it here, did anybody know something about this? If venus have kids with her """"husband"""" this will be interesting to see

No. 290594

IF it's still alive* sorry

No. 290601

who knows. with street fashion dying etc japan just isnt what it use to be. I rarely saw anyone wearing cute fashions in japan and japanese people pretty much bluntly make fun of the weeaboos coming to japan wearing it.

No. 290608

File: 1492113048679.jpg (4.74 MB, 3888x2592, IMG_2414.jpg)

even in japan the so called "street fashion" was never a really big trend and nearly always only limited to special areas in e.g. harajuku, times (like weekends) or events. it was always more of a sub-trend. it only got blown up so much because of weebs.

and japanese people themselves who dress in a street fashion style more than probably get frowned upon too if met in usual daily settings.

No. 290638

Japan has a lot more to offer than just street fashion though.

It's the Asian country with the highest standard of living followed by South Korea, does have a rich culture and history, is technologically advanced, japanese is not a tonal language unlike many other asian languages so it's less intimidating to westerners, has a reputation for being weird, quirky and full of cute things, anime and manga is most likely not going to go away any time soon judging by the amount of high school kids on YT who whine about their arts teacher ~not liking anime~, video games are becoming more and more widespread, and of course we cannot underestimate the yellow fever effect/guys coming to Asia to fuck bitches/girls coming to Asia because they think they'll instantly become a model for being white although they're too ugly to model in their country of origin.

Japan is convenient because you can have all the nice exotic asian things you find cool without having to leave the comfort of living in a clean, modern, industrialized environment. It's a lot less intimidating than moving to Vietnam or mainland China, for instance.

Even if street fashion is not as relevant anymore, I am convinced that Asia will be the "cool" thing for many more years to come.

Polite sage for sperging about shit nobody cares about.

No. 290641

From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simultaneous_recruiting_of_new_graduates:

"According to the nonprofit group Lifelink's survey conducted in July, 2013, one in five Japanese college students thought about committing suicide during the job-hunting process."


"Japan ranks at the bottom of the 19 OECD countries regarding freedom of choice in life"

No. 290644

Totally worth marrying at age 18 and sacrificing your mental health for. I mean at least they have maid cafes and robot anime waifus amirite?

No. 290654

Her situation is so fucked up. But Margo fucked her up. Since Venus is 11 years old, she had to adapt to different countries and cultures. She managed to get away from knife throwing margo and lives now in japan but depends on Manaki.

I personally find very sad, that she probably will forget her mother tongue (german/swiss-german) over time. She mostly has to go alone through all of this. She has like no family. Regarding her life situation, her father acted like the biggest fucking asshole on the planet. I really don't want to badmouth Manaki. If he wasn't there, she probably couldn't escape from margo. But I think she would be in a better position in life if she could return to her home country and catch up the things she needs so she doesn't have to live in a codependency.

Yeah, Youtube is her job. But with what's happening now, I don't know if her income will stay save. I'm sure that she looked Youtube as a hobby and later when Margo fucked up her future, it became her job. She never had to possibility to decide for her own future because Margo decided their "eccentric" life.

No. 290668

>I personally find very sad, that she probably will forget her mother tongue (german/swiss-german) over time.

You do not randomly forget your native language as an adult, unless you have brain damage. I wished people would get that through their skulls already.

Also, I think she's pretty content with her life. She's whining all the time about being lonely, but she's constantly eating out, going to cool places, buying new stuff, living the high life, all while working maybe 10 hours a week. In that regard her life hasn't changed at all since leaving Margaret.

Yeah she had a shit childhood but it's not difficult to get a job at a café or a shop or something. Manaki and her have enough cash to blow on luxuries, so if she really wanted she could invest some of that money into changing her life. She is not with Margaret anymore and her life is in her own hands now. Nothing has changed in a year so I think the problem is that she doesn't want to.

No. 290672

Sorry, forgot to add that you do have a point when you say it would be better for her to go back to Switzerland.

If I were her I would stay married to Manaki but maybe return to Switzerland for one or two years alone to get some professional psychological help. She obviously has a lot of issues to work through and apparently she's not getting the help she needs in Japan. It would also be easier to communicate in her native language. Manaki is a complete cuck and wouldn't mind anyways, and she could still do YT on the side, that would probably earn her enough cash to cover her living expenses. Once she is more stable and knows how to function by herself, she could always come back to Japan to live with Mana and milk the YT cash cow as long as possible while also saving money, getting an education and preparing a plan B for when she can't live off her videos anymore.

No. 290681

>boo hoo weeaboo country wasnt at all like in the animes when i visited, boo hoo

No. 290687

switzerland might be her home country and she grew up there until she was 11 but tbh thats about it. why would or should she go back there. it's a place as strange as any place else. she has no home. it's not like she lived somewhere all her life where she had plenty of family members, colleagues and friends where she is able to go back to.

so this wouldnt really make sense. even more going there just for getting professional psychological help? like girl, do you know anything about psychotherapy? it doesnt work like that.
you dont get a cup of psychological help and can magically adjust to your normal life like that. if anything at all, she needs help in japan where she is currently living and adjusting to. you picture it as she only married manaki to escape margaret. i dont think this is true. she is buying make-up and dresses, sure as hell she would have the money to at least fly anywhere - e.g. switzerland - and start a life there. she didnt. and gets hickeys too. theyre living in a legit relationship.

and i fuck myself in the ass with a broomstick while doing a handstand if there werent foreign psychotherapists in tokyo too. but:
1) japan is not THAT far behind at professional counselling, just the taboo/stigma in society about it is still severe and
2) one quick google search brought up at least 1 serious psychotherapist that - oh look! did his education even in austria! he is a native german speaker too! what a coincidence - not. guess there are plenty more who immigrated to japan and especially tokyo.

No. 290701

the stuff that attracts weeaboos are industries that are dying off(anime, japanese fashions like lolita fashion, idols). Most weeaboos are jumping ship for korea now(for example a lot of weeaboos who were into jpop crossed over to kpop because japanese idols are just so stale now). I doubt when venus is 40 there will still be as many weeaboos.
I never said this.

No. 290708

and id like to add that japan use to be on top in the gaming industry but now its on its lasts legs and most people prefer playing games on their cell phones. This probably has a lot to do with the aging of the countries population and japans reluctance to try anything new. Venus better hop on the south korea hype train while shes at it.

No. 290718

what is it with weeaboos and 'oh i was molested in nipland its so common here it turned me on desu'

No. 290732

…can't say I ever noticed this as a common weeb trait

No. 290735

tbh i dont even buy it. she brings that out to justify her little joke. it's usual behavior for people running from their responsibilities. making yourself a victim makes it harder for others to make you a culprit.

why would she only now bring it up? and why especially in defense of that joke?

didnt even thought that joke was so bad, but gosh that defense was twisted and weak af.

No. 290736


Actually, Japanese start looking for a job before they finished university (in their last year), since Japanese universities require almost no study at all, and they will graduate even if they barely attend classes.
However, because of that new employees are expected to be 22 year old university graduates. Being older than that or not having a university degree makes finding a decent job difficult.

No. 291372


>why would or should she go back there.

In the last thread we discussed that Venus acknowledged she has mental issues, tried like one psychologist in Japan, realized that it doesn't help, and decided to get a puppy instead of professional help.
People have pointed out how fucking stupid and irresponsible that is, but spergelics came to her defense and claimed that because she lives in Weabooland there is a massive stigma on mental illness, and there might not be any psychologists around who are qualified to help her. I'm not a weaboo so I don't know if that argument is wrong. But it would always be possible for her to return/go to a European country of her choice and get some help there. If in Switzerland she might have an easier time during therapy because she'd be able to speak her native language (or in Germany/Austria).

>you dont get a cup of psychological help and can magically adjust to your normal life like that.

A few sessions of therapy are probably more helpful than a fucking dog though. Therapy still requires you to work on yourself, at the least she would learn a few coping skills and maybe get some tips on how to start turning her life around (which she seems to need because she's constantly whining about I don't know what my purpose is/I don't know how to be in 20 years/I feel old and lonely etc.)

>if anything at all, she needs help in japan where she is currently living and adjusting to.

Yea well according to the spergelics that's not possible. I also don't know why you would have to adjust to a place where you're miserable all the time.

>you picture it as she only married manaki to escape margaret.

I don't know why else you would marry your first boyfriend the second you turned 18 when you haven't even been dating for half a year. Unless you're one of those horny brainwashed christian kids who just want to fuck each other already. If you're in a legit relationship desu that's cool and everything, but there is like no other reason to marry so early besides that sweet sweet Japan visa. Maybe she actually likes him but she married him out of convenience and that is a fact. They did not even have a wedding ceremony, just went and signed the papers ffs. You do not do that when you marry out of love.

>she is buying make-up and dresses, sure as hell she would have the money to at least fly anywhere - e.g. switzerland - and start a life there.

Yea, no. I don't know if you remember the Venus escaped Marg's clutches shitshow, but Marg had access to most of V's funds and all social media accounts. It took her months to regain control over all of these things, and had to fight tooth and nail to not lose her YT channel/main source of income. She maybe would have been able to scrape together enough cash to book a flight to some random country and go apartment hunting behind Maghag's back, but she would have been absolutely fucked once she got there because she didn't have any income for months. She didn't return to Japan because she missed her kawaii husbando, she had a choice between living with Manaki and sucking cocks for money in Korea, so she took the only way out.

>i fuck myself in the ass with a broomstick

Anon u into some kinky shit.

No. 291380

File: 1492141684389.png (50.49 KB, 234x275, 1491133259168.png)

Weaboos normalize sexual harassment all the time, it's fn gross.

Take for example Miranda/Kanadajin3 who pretty much made a video bragging about "my first chikan", like it was some fucked up initiation ritual. You're just not really japanese until someone stalks and/or molests you, it's just the culture there~

The spergelics in the Kiwifarms thread also think subway chikans are perfectly normal because it's common in Japan/nothing wrong with Binasu's joke. Pic related.

And now we have Venus' comment.

Instead of being rightfully disgusted by the frequency with which even underaged girls get molested in weaboo wonderland, all these white brainless bimbos shrug, claim it's the japanese way to be a nice submissive hentai waifu and just silently endure it (maybe moan kawaii a little bit to enhance the chikan's experience), and not dishonor yourself and your family.

No. 291436

>" my host mom made such jokes about me"

I think that was the "polite" way that her host mom used to tell her to stop dressing like a hooker

No. 291611

File: 1492194242853.jpg (53.18 KB, 480x360, 65498.jpg)

>disregards half of what i say
>doesnt even sage
what the fuck is this shit.

>so I don't know if that argument is wrong.

it is, which i proved by finding foreign psychotherapists working in tokyo, so even if japanese therapists are shit there are still some of these.

>where you're miserable all the time.

she is? didnt realize that

>married him only to escape margaret

even if so, it isnt like divorce wasnt a thing in the 21th century. so nah.

>took her months to regain control over all of these things

but after those months she had control over them again, so your argument is invalid.

>because she didn't have any income for months

in switzerland there is a thing called social welfare. not saying it's cool, but if she wanted to leave japan so badly because she is only with a visa-kun she couldve done it.
nothing forces her to stay there.

No. 291641

The fuck is wrong with the Venus thread? It's full of people being salty as fuck and taking this way too seriously.

Cool, you found a foreign therapist. I am of the opinion that Venus is stupid and irresponsible for not giving therapy another chance, because mental health and well-being should come before cat cafés and cosplaying. If she could get help but doesn't because getting a pet to farm likes on social media is smarter, it's even worse. Who knows, maybe she'd be able to get help but is being discouraged/not being taken seriously. Either way, she is severely fucked and should do something about it, and if (!) she's in an environment where she cannot do that for whatever reason, she should leave.

She whines/vagueposts all the time on social media, then deletes it. I somehow doubt she is very happy with her life right now. Abloo abloo abloo I'm so old/lonely/depressed/my relationship with food is fucked.

No divorce no visa. She's not going to divorce him anytime soon. She's a deluded weaboo. She thinks it's normal to be molested and not get psychological help because that's ~the way of the japanese~

Yeah no, my argument is not invalid. She would not have been able to leave without help. Things cost money in the real world, and people don't care if your mom is mean. If you don't have access to your bank account you probably cannot pay for your therapist and an apartment, and I doubt you can apply for welfare while not even living in the country.

Who says she wants to leave Japan? That's exactly the point. She whines all the time but does nothing to improve her life.

If you think it's healthy to skate from one co-dependency to the next because awww so kawaii, she has a hickey and that means they are in tru luv 5ever!!!!, then that's cool. I disagree. Marrying Manaki was the right decision but it's time for her to at least take baby steps towards being normal.

No. 291647

I also don't know where all those extreme ideas (go back to Europe indefinitely, divorce) even come from.

All I suggested is

>Staying married to Manaki

>Spending maybe 3 years abroad to get better

>Resume her life in Japan as a more well-adjusted individual

I do not know how that is so unreasonable. It's sad being separated from your spouse, but most people would be understanding if you temporarily had to live apart due to circumstances that are beyond your control.

I don't know why you're so buttmad because of that.

Sorry for samefagging but since you were so triggered by my blogpost before, maybe this is a better explanation of where I was going with this.

No. 291650

i refrain from further discussion to not derail this thread even more, but i still think your thoughts on this matter are dumb. over and out.

No. 291671

I can live with that, let's agree to disagree. I think it's dumb to sacrifice your future and mental health for the first person of the opposite sex you were ever allowed to spend more than 5 minutes alone with.

No. 292038

it never came out where they exactly lived, did it?

because i just realized they dont even live in tokyo.
in her cosplay shopping video she says "i live quite far away from tokyo, so I cant come here very often"


No. 292138

>Venus is stupid and irresponsible for not giving therapy another chance
You don't know this. She didn't say anything about going to therapy until after she quit seeing the first one she tried. You have no idea what she is or isn't doing then or now, she obviously has stuff going on that she doesn't talk about. i.e. fan meetups and Taylor mentioning they had gotten quite close off-camera and talk a lot.

>thinks it's normal to be molested and not get psychological help

1) her entire life has been abnormal and isolated. she has no idea what "normal" is.
2) again, you have no idea if she's getting psychological help or not. She's acknowledged that she needs it and she's taken the step of going to a therapist (that wasn't the right one for her.) Beyond that you know nothing because she doesn't share everything she does, just small snippets in videos and on IG.

No. 292175

File: 1492280170301.jpg (239.36 KB, 1310x1149, IMG_4003.JPG)

gf's teeth looking so much better

No. 292391

Marrying manaki was a terrible idea though.

No. 292392

super late but pls link to skeleton, I need more milk

No. 292393

here you go newfag >>241927

No. 292398

>i just realized they dont even live in tokyo.
Pretty sure they live in Yokohama. And near the beach, she's mentioned that a couple of times.

No. 292407

why yokohama?
for that matter they could live anywhere with a 2-3 hour trainride around tokyo where it is near to the ocean.

No. 292409


No. 292450

Manaki's work is there. They live just outside of Yokohama, not in the city itself.

Manaki has never lived in Tokyo, if anyone is wondering.

No. 292493

File: 1492323293820.jpg (307.39 KB, 1099x1855, IMG_4023.JPG)

>Why Yokohama?
I was gonna say because it keeps popping up, like here in one of the first pics she posted after running away last year, hashtag #Yokohama

No. 292495

And this one a couple months later, captioned 'I heart yokohama'
I recognized the building because I'd seen that Manaki had posted a pic of the same building way back when on an old Twitter account. It was posted on one of the old threads here, back when people were wondering who he was.

>Manaki's work is there. They live just outside of Yokohama, not in the city itself.

>Manaki has never lived in Tokyo, if anyone is wondering.

Interesting. How do you know all this?

No. 292496

File: 1492323822841.jpg (279.7 KB, 1163x1859, IMG_4022.JPG)

forgot the pic ^^

No. 292542

Under normal circumstances it would have been a shit idea, but in her situation it was the only sensible thing to do. With most of her funds locked up it would have been impossible to organize her escape alone, and it's not like she really had anyone else apart from Manaki.

That being said, she should take advantage of the good position she is in (stable living situation/visa/high income) and work towards independence, just in case. Maybe she's content with what she has right now, but who knows how she's feeling 5 or 10 years from now.

I somehow doubt she's all that happy being married. Yes she has hickys but after 2 years Manaki is still her boyfriend/bitch and not her husband. Which she has no reason to lie about.

No. 292560

They've only been married for about a year now, and Venus is still in her weeb phase and isnt ready to grow up yet. I highly doubt she'll change any time soon either, she seems content to have everyone fawning over her while she plays dressup and goes shopping.

No. 292585

>Manaki's work is there. They live just outside of Yokohama, not in the city itself.

>Manaki has never lived in Tokyo, if anyone is wondering.

That sounds like you know them (or like a very crazy stalker) lol how do you know this?

No. 292587

Now you guys can admit that it was a personal hygiene problem?

And now she really needs to do something about those eyebrows… girl…

No. 292594

A smarter idea would have been enrolling in university and living in a dorm.

No. 292595

she kinda admitted that on her own saying that she is taking critisism seriously sometimes and started using teeth-whitening toothpaste after all the comments about her teeth started.

i kind of agree with you. it still isnt perfect, but seriously… it is hard to escape from a physically and emotionally abusive narcisstic psychopath that doesnt even stop from stalking you down and breaking in appartments. especially when margaret shut all the bank accounts down or at least her access to it. she really wouldve been homeless without manaki as backup plan.

wouldnt have helped with the visa problem. and for enrolling you probably have to give credit that youre fluent enough in japanese.
also can you imagine margaret appearing in a dorm?

i dont know, of course she couldve done it much more perfect or more adequatly, but hell at least she managed to do it at all.

i thought how she responded to a question about home in that video was really sad:
"Do you miss anything back home? Do you plan on going back for a visit?"
"Because I had to move so much when I was younger, I dont really have a home or something to miss. So Im just happy that I can consider this as my home. I hope it will stay like this a long long time and Im still actually scared like my home is going to disappear and I have to find a new place. Ahhh this is scary….."

No. 292610

>she really wouldve been homeless without manaki as backup plan

Do you realize that you basically said she blatantly used him? It's sad though.. "I'm gonna use this guy because my mom is using me"

At least it looks like she likes him but I don't think that marriage is going to last more than the necessary for her.

No. 292613

dorms aren't very common for universities in japan. when i attended uni in osaka most of my friends lived in cheap apartments. a lot of them were advertised toward students, but almost anyone could technically live there.

No. 292615

Not only that, but she also has her relatives she could have reached out to. But Venus would never have settled for anywhere but Japan.

No. 292616

Or she could have just not lived in Asia and went to school in Europe but she has to live the weeb life.

No. 292634

sure, she used him. it was probably hella convenient:
- living in japan? check
- visa-kun? check
- appartment/financial backup? check
- escaping margaret? check
- male protector-kun that guards you from margaret? check

loving him is just another bonus point then.

it's the one itsy-bitsy-tiny thing i agree with margaret on: with what venus did she got everything she wanted.

but still, manaki got his living doll he earlier admired through youtube, so he is not really a victim. she cooks for him and we dont know how much there is on the sexual side for him. theyre in it together and time will tell how weird the relationship really is.

it's comparable to yumi and her boyfriend i think. both parts get what they want.

in tokyo dorms are common, but i dont know how easy you get a place in one and also it's always a shared bedroom for 2 people.

No. 292637

>making memes of microcefaly children
They are vegetables unable to feel bad because they're being made fun of. Their mother is a delusional bitch who decided to pop off a second vegetable because she liked the first
>mocking a literal skeleton
Who's a scammer, a bitch, a liar and an attention whore who refuses help and is hostile to people who try to be nice to her
>neckbeards mocking the fat wife of a gamer
Who's a bitch, and neckbeards will be neckbeards
>belittling the fact a drug addict lives in filth
A scammer who chose that life even though her mother clearly showed her how shitty it was, who has the option to live with her wealthy father but chooses to lie, scam and steal instead because aesthetics

Most cows are shit people who do shit things by choice and have options. When was the last time Venus (not Marge) scammed people? Acted hostile, like a bitch? When she finally had a choice to run away from her abusive mother, SHE DID, unlike Luna.

It's my first post ITT and I don't even like Venus that much, but come on. She's not the same as other cows.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 292642

File: 1492363457621.gif (1.2 MB, 500x300, giphy.gif)

>first post ITT
>only reads last couple of posts

bitch, you might have missed
>>287327 and >>289369

No. 292750

Lol what family? These people are complete strangers to her. Staying with Manaki was the safer option because she knew him at least a little bit.

Dorms, universities etc. usually cost money, and money is one thing you don't have when you get locked out of your bank account. They won't care if your mom is abusive and cut off your funds, the moment you can't pay you're out.

Yes, regardless of whether she loves him or not, Venus used Manaki. Nobody gets married that young that quickly unless you're fucking stupid or want something from the other person. Himezawa, Mira, a lot of weebs tie the knot ASAP because it's the most convienient way of getting that sweet sweet visa.

She definitely didn't get married because Manaki means so much to her. She's uncomfortable even thinking of him as her husband. If you're not ready you don't get married, unless the marriage is a strategic move.

I honestly doubt Japan is the right environment for her, but moving there has always been her goal. As long as she's still living in her bubble of high YT income for minimal labor and extravagant lifestyle, she'll be a happy weeb. That bubble will pop eventually, though.

I find it alarming that she does nothing about it. And all the enablers/whiteknights sit there and applaud because she can afford a more expensive foundation than her mom and that means's she's #winning apparently. It's been a year. Where's her plan B?

No. 292771

>I find it alarming that she does nothing about it.
Relax and calm your "alarm," dear.
One more time: you don't know all of what she is doing (or not doing.) Not even a little bit. How many times has this been pointed out now? Your reading comprehension needs some work. Guess that's difficult with you being so ALARMED tho.

No. 292774

I'm actually wondering what her professional goal besides youtube is. I can't imagine Venus doing the same stuff on youtube when she is 50 years old.

No. 292797

Is there anything she can do in Japan without a hs diploma tho? Aside from being a waitress?

I wonder if there are any private owned schools she could go to to make up for years of no education, and if it would make any difference in the end.

No. 292806

>Now you guys can admit that it was a personal hygiene problem?
No, because whitening and 'personal hygiene' aka brushing are two different things.

This has also been discussed ad nauseum.

Common sense 101: if you could get whiter teeth from just 'personal hygiene'/brushing, there would be no heed for tooth whitening/bleaching products, treatments etc. now, would there?

If she is whitening, good for her. One less thing (excuse) for people to give her shit about.

No. 292819

can newfags at least read into the thread, maybe at least the last two whole threads instead of starting discussions over and over again?

from what we know from venus' videos she wants to study something as soon as she is fluent enough in japanese and has finished her language courses.

I dont know if she really will go through with that or if she is only studying bullshit and/or will never finish but all that "no plan B blabalbalablablbalbaj" gets on my nerves.

also it's not quite true, that she gets "nothing" out of the marriage with manaki.
what I said here >>292634 plus lengthy visa now, plus possibility of applying for japanese citizenship after 5 years (because of married to japanese citizen) instead of after 10 years.

im all in for milking the cow but stop reaching with only superficial knowledge. it get's tiring.

No. 292830

Didn't she have a online shop for some merchandise with her name on it, if that counts.

No. 292831

newfag here link to vegetable kids pls

No. 292832

she still has, but she has only announced it when it opened and with those 4 items in it tbh I dont think it was very successful. She doesnt even put it up in her video descriptions anymore. She only has it in her ABOUT page on youtube:

for potato children this way >>238063

No. 295203

File: 1492700070737.jpg (313.6 KB, 1150x644, capture-20170420-105133.jpg)

New video. Doesn't look anorexic to me.

No. 295562

Not anorexic and cute as hell.

No. 295670

File: 1492749399276.jpg (177.52 KB, 1154x1151, IMG_4190.JPG)

No. 296086

I made a video on how she does have some anorexic tendencies but it doesn't necessarily mean she is anorexic.

People are always quick to scream eating disorder without knowing much about it.

No. 296587

File: 1492870323987.png (1.12 MB, 1080x924, 5342457465453.png)

stop trying to make your pathetic little channel relevant, it's not going to happen, tedious cunt christy ella. youre nearly worse than vexxed, because at least he leeched semi-successfully off of venus. no one cares about your crappy mumbled videos. have you learned nothing from your continuous presense on lolcow and pull? or are you just waiting to become as relevant as one of the cows? and ffs get your teeth fixed, i thought australia had national health care. you already have a major speech defect. you actually remind me a lot of mira, but unlike her your teeth are nearly more hideous and on top of it you look like a haggard 40 year old housewife. and now stop embarrassing yourself and fuck off.

No. 296636

"Don't worry I don't eat bubble bath, my English just sucks"

Gotta be my favourite bit.

No. 296716

File: 1492886267002.jpg (196.24 KB, 1263x705, IMG_4229.JPG)

She's really into filthy frank these days. Also just followed filthy frank tv on instagram. (She only follows mana, her doll, taylor and her friends tsuruko and atremis so this is interesting.)

No. 296725

I'm surprised as well. Until now, she had to all the people she followed a personal connection.

No. 296767

Eh, I'm not really surprised. Like a year or two ago she commented on multiple videos of his. The only thing I'm surprised is that she holds no hard feelings against him since I do remember Joji criticizing her in the comments of her "How to Look Half Japanese" video

No. 296851

Someones mad. Why do people keep posting her in VA's threads

No. 296861

maybe because she is always trying to subtly self promote her videos

im not surprised either, her dorky faces always lowkey reminded me of him

No. 296877

idk I'm beginning to think there is a troll around posting as her to make milk

No. 296886

sure, christy. people trying to make milk over a video with 16 views. keep trying.

No. 296887

I'm not Christy but I just think it's weird that she keeps coming up. I'm starting to think you may be her trying to get relevant again. And I am sick of VA threads being derailed because of some small fry youtuber.

No. 297141

Thank god that was a awful joke, manaki have awful humor. For a second ,I though he was a pedo. I could hear margos cackling,I told you so laugh from a mile away.

No. 297167

are you really this naive or just a newfag? That wasn't his idea, his 'awful humor'. That's Venus' sense of humour, and it's pretty clear she tried shifting blame on Mana because it's less damage. Poor Binasu just translated, aha
Anyway, that's really old news girl

No. 297272

No one says she looks anorexic, anons always mention a different ED. Only one of her fangelics here used to say she looked anorexic in that VS secret angel makeup tutorial video.

No. 297274

First Yuka Kinoshita..
Now Filthy Frank…

No. 297524

Look, she has a lot of proana tendencies. No one can deny that. However No one here can diagnose her with an ED either. We don't know her everyday habits. Only she does and maybe Manaki.

No. 297530

File: 1492987387590.jpg (152.26 KB, 1322x502, IMG_4346.JPG)

>That wasn't his idea, his 'awful humor'.
Yeah, except that it IS his 'humor,' exactly. pic attached being just one example, of many.
He loves putting this shit out there to troll people. He does it repeatedly. That April Fools 'joke' fits his pattern perfectly.
Sorry bout that.

No. 297707

File: 1492988573211.jpg (122.17 KB, 930x788, IMG_4349.JPG)

>First Yuka Kinoshita..
What about Yuka Kinoshita?

You mean like when marge the wonder Manager went on Yuka's FB page back in Sept. 2015 to demand she do a collab with Venus? That was right after they got to Seoul from Japan iirc, and just before marge announced the marriage to Manaki was off. And (coincidentally, I'm SURE) Venus's first mukbang video was uploaded that very same day.

Good times for Venus! Can't imagine why she'd ever want to leave dear mommy…

No. 297815

She looks really nice and healthy. She found a good balance. I hope she is treating her body better and keeps riding her bike and enjoy cooking.

Hello? You provide proof, not your personal conviction. Venus is totally responsible in the end, but Manaki has shown repeatedly that he likes weird and sexual humor. Watch their collaboration videos again.

No. 297821

No anon, it is all evil veenoos!!

While I totally get that she is cringey, some of the anons jumping to attack her make me cringe just as hard.

No. 297832

Well her awkward "it was all Manaki's idea" caused all of that. She hasnt taken responsebility for it. Of course people would still like to point fingers.

No. 297868

It was awkward. It was also consistent with what he's put out there himself, many times, so very probably the truth. I think it was his idea, and she overembellished and way overdid it.

No. 297870

>She looks really nice and healthy.
She looks hot as hell.

No. 298367

File: 1493083390181.gif (9.41 MB, 480x270, unnamed.gif)

>First Yuka Kinoshita..
>What about Yuka Kinoshita?

I was talking about Venus blatantly copying Yuka Kinoshita.

No. 298380

Oh and btw, Venus sometimes tags Yuka Kinoshita in her videos so a collab with Yuka idea was most likely something Venus wanted or agreed with.

No. 298457


I love this guy! He is doing a reaction to venus' how to look like a Korean girl make up tutorial

No. 298539

I felt a little weird admitting that, so I just put "nice". But I agree. Manaki lucked out. No more dakimakura for him!
I hope she can embrace her womanly figure and not try to be a scrawny loli again. Her current physique is perfect for gravure anyway.

I'm surprised that he went so easy on her! I forgot how weird the finished look was. Lilke a clown… and her voice was like a granny.

No. 298618

Oh, thanks for sharing anon, good one!

Mmm She's not careful with her choice of words. She should change the title of her tutorial to something like "cute Korean makeup trend/ trying Korean trends and products!" and maybe the thumbnail too. I think that would make a difference in how people perceive her content.

No. 298635

i kinda like how she is throwing money out of the window by randomly going on a shopping spree while mayo is only barely scraping by. She mentioned only the white bread squishy was already 20$ … what did she spend on in total then?

No. 298639

File: 1493130024763.jpg (9.07 KB, 200x160, Clipboard01.jpg)

she got 10,5 million views on that video, of course she is not changing it. and additionally even after the minor backlash to that she did that thumbnail in another video where she pinches her eyes.

it's for clickbait-purposes only.

No. 298640

tbh Im curious as to how she buys so much expensive shit too, i wouldnt have thought her videos make THAT much

No. 298646


Well, when you don't have a Margo leeching off of you, and a lot of your "exscaping/explain" videos made around 500k+ views. I would assume she accumulated a decent amount during that time when she wasn't leaving the house for anything, and/or was hospitalized. Remember that now that she is also with Manaki she is not baring the weight of the bills of things on her own. Before she was paying for everything housing/ clothing/ food/ travel/ equipment/ education for both her and Margo ect and also for Margo's daily does of star bucks coffee and denny's. Now Venus probably has more spare change without Margo claiming 70% of the earning.

No. 298677

thought about that too. Manaki is already earning sufficiently for both of them apparently, living expenses are probably low as it is an apartment of the company he is working from, so anything that is earned by youtube is on top of that.

No. 298783

I don't know if this is important but Venus follows now only 3 people on instagram.

No. 298855

>Venus blatantly copying Yuka Kinoshita.
Where, in the mukbang videos she started making right after she was dragged th SK by marge aka the Celebrity Manager of Venus Angelic? You know, the ones she started putting out the same day her Celebrity Manager went to Yuka's FB page to demand she collab with Venus?

No. 298856


It wasnt even important 26 days ago, late-anon.

No. 298859

File: 1493159080611.jpg (462.49 KB, 1714x1382, IMG_3483.JPG)

>Venus sometimes tags Yuka Kinoshita in her videos
really? Which ones? Post screenshots.

>so a collab with Yuka idea was most likely something Venus wanted or agreed with.

Riiiight. Totally Venus's idea. Uh huh.
and pic attached was totally Venus too, right anon? Venus went out and contacted that tabloid to do an article on her all by herself cause it was all HER idea and what SHE wanted to do.
Totally NOT marge promoting her little performing pony act to get them YT views and $$ for mommy to live on, nooo. VENOOS made her do it!

No. 298945

File: 1493170268910.png (222.77 KB, 1724x1068, 36nqw3sbe.png)

>Venus sometimes tags Yuka Kinoshita in her videos
>really? Which ones? Post screenshots.

not the same anon, but:
the tags dont consist of "Big titty virgin" anymore as they did in mayo's era but you can find a nugget here and there although it's inconsistent and rare.
she is also nearly every time milking the "living doll" or "real life barbie" tag. when it comes to anything related to her mother she likes to add "fraud" probably trying to milk viewers from tittyboy's video.

i skimmed through her last 60 videos and this is all i could find.
(before anyone asks: it's a chrome extension)

No. 298961

File: 1493171740476.jpg (157.28 KB, 1203x1021, IMG_4562.JPG)

>you can find a nugget here and there although it's inconsistent and rare
that's my point ^

Damned if those squishy things don't look exactly like real pastries! lol
Also the pudding one, the way it jiggles is ridic. The whole video is insane, like squishie p0rn.

No. 298962

File: 1493171793618.jpg (148.47 KB, 1291x1134, IMG_4563.JPG)

Squeeze it

No. 298969


How cringy and sad that she's still tagging larger Youtubers in her videos for views. Thats some desperation. I always thought it was 100% Margo making all the odd tags.

No. 298978

How cringey and sad that you have to reach soo hard for something to hate these days, lol
"look at those TAGS omg!"
Hard times for haterzz

No. 299000

File: 1493174421966.gif (1.35 MB, 350x197, 350x197px-LL-181dfe2b_oprah_wo…)

Wait…you just went through 60 videos looking for tags?

No. 299005

And all you came up with was:
- 1 Grav3yardGirl
- 1 PewDiePie
- 2 FilthyFrank
- 3 Living Doll and
- 1 Yuka Kinoshita

and that's "cringey and desperate?"

No. 299008

>writing answers on an anonymous image board assuming to always write to the same person

anon, are you okay? anonymous is not a real name, you know that, right?

also 0/10 bait, try again.

No. 299031

Lol she actually added a blackface tag to one of her videos

>and that's "cringey and desperate?"
Kind of

No. 299036

^ Lol, I was the only anon to make the "cringy/desperate" comment …

I don't hate her, and it isn't reaching when someone is using someone else's title and hashtags to draw in attention. The videos have nothing to do with the Youtubers she tags, and it is desperate to try draw in someone else's audience with their tags. I swear if any other cow/flake on here did that every anon would scream about how desperate and sad it is.

Actually I remember people laughing at the tags when everyone assumed it was completely Margo in charge of them. What happened ? Now that its actually Venus it can't be looked at as pathetic ? The few videos I looked at of Margo's both old and new don't have any of those sexual or popular name tags. Kinda sorta believe V was always in complete control of the channel in terms of titles/tags/editing and content. Just not financial.

No. 299062

File: 1493181736513.png (74.07 KB, 840x576, 36nqwfkdj43sbe.png)

and I am >>298945 and actually said
>inconsistent and rare
>all i could find
>like literally could only squish out this little drops of milk out of that cow titty

like i think, she is not that super 100% innocent i have no knowledge of nothing and im a little helpless fetus as she knows how to draw viewers to her videos and doesnt flinch from doing so by squinting her eyes, hinting at cultural appropriation and tagging popular youtubers. yes thats cringey and desperate.

also when randomly clicking through her old videos, I see no difference, neither regarding video content, nor tags.

>twas aaaall eeevol mayo!! veenoos is barbie virgin innocent!

No. 299141

She unfollowed the Japanese girl right?

No. 299146

Anon, thank you for posting the tags, I'm the anon who said she tags Yuka Kinoshita, actually I've posted screenshots of her tags before several times but spergelic prefers to ignore evidence, because she's that obsessed.

>Kinda sorta believe V was always in complete control of the channel in terms of titles/tags/editing and content.

I've checked her tags, old and new, and I can confirm that she still tags her videos like in the old days. I think Margo helped SOMETIMES with the camera and edition and social media but it is most likely that Venus had control over her accounts too.

>Where, in the mukbang videos she started making right after she was dragged th SK by marge aka the Celebrity Manager of Venus Angelic?

Where? Just read old threads here and PULL full of where, you have a good example right here >>298367 just look at that sofa full of plushies and Yuka sitting in the floor, did you notice something familiar… or u blind?

>dragged th SK by marge aka the Celebrity Manager

No this shit again…

Stop playing the Margo card, she's not with her anymore, no one is dragging her, no one forces Venus to copy someone else or put those tags, seriously you need to shut up and accept facts.. the evidence is there, read.

If you can't, if it triggers you, if you are such a fangelic, hide this thread

No. 299200

She unfollowed taylor too.

No. 299471

Kim unfollowed her too…

No. 299478

Who did Kim unfollow?

No. 299489

Taylor, I think

No. 299497

No, Kim unfollowed Venus.

No. 299505

These are sponsored. The squishy companies send them to tons of youtubers.

No. 299510

>a lot of you guys asked me to make a squishy video…
>It's my first time here!

Lol this is so fake.. it's sponsored.

Is she using tape or something to make her eyes look more almond-shape? Sometimes they look different

Yeah I think it's sponsored.

No. 299513

has she just become like a great value buzzfeed channel. what is she even doing anymore.

No. 299520

Her content was never that amazing but it was nice to watch every now and then. Now it's just a pile of shit smh

No. 299527

If it's a sponsored content, why she don't let her audience to know? Margo's fault again? Abloobloo
She spend more time making shitty excuses, hidding things and fueling dramas than working on her content.
In my opinion, Venus and Maggot are just the same, but V. is just smarter and manipulative. Disappointing but not surprising.

sage for no real contribution

No. 299568

I think the bed cafe video was sponsored too.

I've seen other youtubers doing videos like that, it's painfully obvious when it's all acted, because most of them don't even know how to act.

When it comes to sponsored content, I think it is better to be honest and say the company invited you than pretending it was all your idea, it looks super fake.

No. 299579

hmm squishies maybe, but why would a temporary cafe in japan pay for promo from venus, the bulk of whose audience is presumably american teens living with parents? i never saw anyone asking about squishies but people were asking her to get outside and show quirky japanese stuff…

No. 299609

>ooohh, dat VENOOS doing SPONSORED video, so obvious so fake omg how dare she?!?!
You fucking tools, a sponsored video that doesn't mention the product in the description? How new are you to Youtube, dears? (Remember the actual sponsored videos she did for SKII and their reality show? You know, the ones that stated the sponsored product in the description, like you HAVE TO DO if it's a sponsored video?)

But even if this one was sponsored, so what? I'd say good for you girl, get it. Plus the video is cute and fun as hell. Y'all keep bleating tho, you're as triggered as margaret and just as obvious.

No. 299627

Here's what's cringey and desperate: that out of all those dozens of tags on all those videos, you managed to dig up 7 that tagged other Youtubers, while the rest (as in, the other 99% or so) were all like "doll" "tutorial" "weather" "cooking" etc. etc. And you're still trying to pass this off as her being "cringey and desperate."
That ^^ is cringey and desperate.

Yes she did "actually add a blackface tag to one of her videos"– the 'Pretending To Be Japanese' one, where the tag was kinda relevant to the subject matter of the video, don't ya think?

So what, exactly is the purpose of tags on Youtube videos, if not to get attention and generate views? Am I missing something here? Has the evil moneyhungry VENOOS managed to subvert the entire system in an especially heinous way that somehow slipped right by me?

No. 299647

You can tell the difference between her normal vlogs and when she's acting ..

>More drama and angry posts
Stop arguing…

You don't necessarily need to put everything on the description, in fact some companies want it to look "natural", like a normal costumer doing a small review.

It is also possible that she just decided to do it, why are you making drama and attacking people instead of simply discussing with the rest?
Relax. Girl gives no fucks about your love anyway.

No. 299657

>So what, exactly is the purpose of tags on Youtube videos, if not to get attention and generate views?

Not that anon but dude, how is a Freelee tag in one of her mukbangs necessary or normal? I bet she wanted a negative video reaction and more drama. And that music video tags in ALL of her videos? I didn't know her voice was considered music. Japanese tag in videos that have nothing Japanese on them? drama tags selling you her own reality show.. So yeah I agree with anon, negative tags or tags that have nothing to do with the video look cringey and desperate.

No. 299676

>so what

spergelic derailing the thread again smh

No. 299805

"How new are you to Youtube, dears?"
Please, teach us how to make some super cool videos about flat-earth and evil doctors just like you, Youtube Goddess-senpai.

And I don't why that old bitch isn't permaban yet.

No. 299815

>oh boo hoo boo hoooo she might have made a SPONSORED video (gasp! disgusting!!) and we're rlly mad about it oh and Tags! how dare she put in tags?! HEINOUS!
So triggered, so mad. So margo-like it's actually funny.
Keep up the effort, you're providing some great entertainment.

No. 299833

>Kim unfollowed Venus
Kim who and when did she 'unfollow Venus' and why should we care if she did? Btw Venus unfollowed everybody, then refollowed 6 people, then unfollowed 3 of them again (filthyfranktv, Taylor and her friend Artemis) so now she only follows Mana, Tsuruko and her bjd.
Still don't know who "Kim" is though.

No. 299925

It is cute how hard these last few holdouts are working to keep their little VENOOS hate train chugging along, scrabbling for anything, any scrap they can dig up with their busy little paws.

I can see >>298945
hunched over her computer scrolling through hundreds of tags on 60 videos (lol) looking for proof that VENOOS IS DESPERATE…just like margo scrabbling through boxes of shit she got out of storage, looking for proof that VENOOS IS A LIAR…. then proudly posting the 7 tags (out of hundreds) that she claims proves VENOOS is desperate and cringey!!

The similarities are uncanny. Same levels of dedication and persistence and especially, they're equally triggered by VENOOS being successful and happy (morge) and/or anyone not being on board with their VENOOS hateboner (the poor anons on this thread.)

No. 300048

File: 1493341456843.png (92.93 KB, 276x254, 876543.png)

>blablabla my precious venus queen blabla all those haters booly her
take a nap, daphne

>through hundreds of tags on 60 videos

i may have autisticly actually done that, but with the extension you only need to open the tab of the video itself. it took me like 20 minutes on an otherwise bored afternoon while watching a series.

>blablablaeveryone who hates venus is just like mayo blabla

>as triggered as margaret
>so triggered, so mad
>so margo-like
>just like margo
>they're equally triggered by happy (morge)
talking about who is desperate and obsessed, mh?

and I was not hating over anything desperatly you sperging little goblin, read again delusional projecting fat cunt. i actually said it was minor.
Also, it's obvious that this is all you.
and i really dont know, why you arent permabanned already

funny part? i actually like venus.

take you meds, daphne.

No. 300081

In my opinion, we should ignore her+report. She's total walnut, and it's practically impossible to have a logical conversation with her.
And above all, the thread keep derailling because of that, just as she want.
Hope that she'll be ban soon.

No. 300107

>just like margo
She's right though. You are.

No. 300486

I can't stop laughing. Thnks.

>Take your meds Daphne

Too bad her magical green water doesn't reduce stress. Her pot brownies aren't helping her either.

I agree. It's actually easy to recognize many of her posts.. she repeats herself over and over.

No. Anon is fine.

Aw look at you… what did I say that triggered you so much this time? You can tell me in your thread what's going on, my Daphne girl.


No. 300765

I've checked her tags through the time, it takes you a minute to check the tags in a new video. The tags she uses in most of her videos are:

>Venus Palermo

>Living doll
>Music videos
>How to

This is like a base.

Then she put tags according to the theme of her video, at first glance it doesn't look consistent, but it's actually a pattern: Base - youtuber names - relevant(and not so relevant) tags. Old videos are tagged this way too.

No. 301321

File: 1493520287399.jpg (322.82 KB, 933x1917, IMG_4620.JPG)

So V & M will be spending 4 days with his parents at their home in Iwate prefecture this week. She said it's her favorite place in the world in her Q&A video and she saw her first ever shooting star there last year.

Iwate is Japan's most sparsely populated prefecture, very rural. It's where marge got stranded and had to spend the night sleeping on the floor of a kombini last spring when she was on her grand Hanami tour/stalking Manaki's parents. She'll be in her inner-city Seoul goshiwon this year, alone with her rage and her memories (and the boxes of crap she got out of storage.)

No. 301322

File: 1493520458141.jpg (464.33 KB, 1280x1722, IMG_4619.JPG)

I hope Venus posts lots of pics of beautiful scenery next week, like this one from her trip there last year.

No. 301343



>and she saw her first ever shooting star there last year.

Haha I just can't… lol

No. 301405

Why so triggered?
You ever seen a shooting star? It's pretty dope. You have to be in a place far away from city lights to see them, that's the point.
Viewing the night sky from a rural place is amazing, you should try it sometime. It's a whole new experience.

No. 301739

I really like when she post thoses type of things.
She could reinventing her channel in that way (cute housewife stuff like: cooking, decoration, trips…)
It would be so much better than dramas and cringy contents.

No. 301763

The small vlogs outside are better imo.

No. 301791


I actually like Venus' vlogg more then the Jvloggers vloggs.I like the simple quick to the point no 10mins of blah blah and constant face shots. Albeit they're a bit sloppy and could use some minor improvements, but I find them enjoyable.

No. 301832

So bitterly childish. Who hurt you, anon?

A rural area like that should have lots of historical monuments and places to explore. It would be cool if she researched more about the village and vlogged about her favorite places to go or local customs/festivals in the area. She's getting good at short, enjoyable and informational videos.

No. 304204

File: 1493884749983.png (791.52 KB, 1296x412, 2017-2014.png)

she shouldn't have given it even more fuel by feeding into the claims and getting baited into making videos about it when she clearly knows what she's doing. people will still defend it though.

i've seen some off comments about her getting eye surgery, but surely it could be squinting/taping and drawing her eyebrows higher combined with the dark enlarging lenses. her lower lids and brows definitely used to look more rounded.

No. 304224

Yeah, the new eyebrows shape, circle lenses and that tape trick…

No. 304229

File: 1493888047638.png (172.98 KB, 720x1055, Screenshot_2017-05-01-07-59-41…)

I saw this in Tay's ig the other day.. I checked again and I think the comment was gone.

No. 304805

anon, i'm trying to work on my patience.

No. 304905


They huge out twice in Public so it sounds like bullshit to me. Taylor doesn't even seem like the type to even carry cash on hand, and Venus seems to be doing well on her own to even need to steal.

Lowkey wonder if its Margo or a Margo supporter since thats the number one thing Margo complained and accused Venus of " stealing money".

No. 305429

File: 1494021491633.png (524.05 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2017-05-05-23-50-23…)

Venus proved that she can laugh about herself. In her new video she took the 16 personalities test and then excitedly said
>I'm not just a snowflake, I'm a special snowflake!
Well done, Venus, well done, I laughed hard.

On another note the only question I saw cut out was
>I rarely feel insecure.
Where she chose "completely disagree".

No. 306558

yeah i also enjoyed her little comment on how these tests are just another way to stroke your ego.

No. 310100

damn, her figure…
she is looking so good

No. 310129

Really? She used to look so much more healthier and vibrant before losing so much weight.

No. 310175

when did she lose weight? in south korea before moving out she looked even skinnier than now. if anything i wouldve said she gained a little weight.

No. 310189

Yeah she definetly gained you can se it in her face since it's naturally rounded. But in korea it was becomming more slimmed down almost v shaped which i thought looked a bit scary on her.

No. 310219

Compared to her "living doll" phase when she was in Europe/UK

No. 310226

Actually you here about people all the time no longer being fluent in their native tongue because they spoke predominantly another language, like English for their teen and/or adult years. It's not to say a person 100% forgets their first language, but people do become rusty or lose the ability to speak or write as fluently as they did when they were speaking it as a first language. You can google it yourself, language skills and retention is quite interesting but also a bit sad really how people become disconnected.

No. 310260

yep. Happened to me as a teen. After 5 years of speaking English, my Spanish was just not as good as before.

No. 313224

File: 1494853752552.png (574.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170515-090651.png)

Eating disorder confirmed.

No. 313228

Dont hide yourself peenus go and see a psychiatrist for gods sake

No. 313234

File: 1494856037134.jpg (129.73 KB, 1079x351, 20170515_154636.jpg)

She wants to vlog about starving herself.

No. 313236

>Dieting makes up around 80% of my soul, my identity
This is a really sad way to live.

No. 313251

What bothers me the most are all the Ana-chans encouraging and congratulating her for it. Saying that your soul is 80% diet is a huge red flag.

No. 313254


Dear god…

Her brain must look like scrabbled eggs inside that sad confused little head of hers. I feel like its silly to say this confirms it when we've already seen in my opinion enough proof to know she's suffering. She use to follow pro-ana accounts and humble bragged about starving for an entire month (?).


Before seeing this comment I just figured maybe just maybe she meant exercise + diet (healthy eating ). I wonder what her goal weight is …

No. 313259

I wonder how manaki feels now that his waifu wants to starve herself. Do Japanese people have a general understanding of eating disorders?

No. 313277


I feel like they wouldn't, since culturally isn't everyone pretty thin since they have small portions and walk a lot ?

idk why Venus just doesn't become a cardio bunny or does light exercising so she can keep her stick figure while eating a good amount of food.

No. 313278

It's normal over there.

No. 313363


I second this. I can listen and read perfectly. My writing is a bit shit but I always hated my grammar lessons anyways. I talk fine but it sucks that I have lost certain words and sometimes I have to think about what I want to say if I need to explain something rather than it all flow from my mouth quickly. I'm surprised Venus can retain so many languages, but I feel like she should focus on 3 at most. German, Japanese and English are the only ones I think she needs TBH and she should learn those perfectly before keeping her Spanish (who in Japan/middle Europe speaks Spanish anyways?)

No. 313365

and there I am only thinking stupid
pulltards would go mad about this. kek

No. 313370

isnt that the thing people always laugh at kanadajin3 for trying to claim?
you cant really lose your native language. i get it that people who only spoke it until their teenage years and then moved, but people speaking their native language until adutlhood and then moving dont lose their language abilities. I dont know why we laugh about it when miranda says it, but its suddently completely legit when we talk about venus (who didnt even claim she loses the ability to speak german)

No. 313421

From the bit and pieces where we could see her talking in swiss-german were very short to determine if she lost her mother tongue. I just found that she sounded in some little parts like a foreigner who talked swiss-german. For example the way she pronounces the "k" and "ch" sounds. But her only talking partner was margo. This could explain her "foreigner pronouncing style".

No. 313431

>Dieting makes up around 80% of my soul, my identity
>I like dieting and disciplining myself.

yikes this is textbook ed speak. phew.

No. 313433

second quote was referencing her second pic btw instagram.com/p/BUHWoG8l8XL/

No. 313437

>bit and pieces
in this video there is a longer phase of talking swiss german and german. swiss german starts at 0:49. Im german native myself and I thought it sounded as if she was speaking it at native level especially pronounciation and such, but was hawing a lot especially in the beginning. It just sounded a little weird but I blamed that on the dialect part. But it also seemed that she was reading a script from her monitor.

>But her only talking partner was margo.

wtf are you talking about? She wasnt hold hostage inside a cellar from birth. Until the age of 11/12 she lived a normal life in switzerland where she went to public school.

No. 313438

File: 1494874376454.jpg (100.58 KB, 945x610, 54324.jpg)

>posts on an image board
>only adds a link
gtfo and kys

No. 313441


>Good Booze

>Strict dieting

I wonder if this will trigger Margo.

I could go for some fresh river kapa milk.

No. 313465


>>I dont know why we laugh about it when miranda says it, but its suddently completely legit when we talk about venus (who didnt even claim she loses the ability to speak german)

it's because it's venus, anon. she could eat her own shit in the next video just like how she ate cat food and people would say it was kawaii. don't expect people using much long itt.

No. 313468


No. 313502

I mean her only swiss-german talking partner was her mother. Just swiss-german.

No. 313525

you mean because living in switzerland where people speak swiss-german all the time going to a swiss-german school with classes in swiss-german the only person she spoke to in swiss-german was margaret?

Call me paranoid, but somehow that doesnt seem logical.

No. 313614

I think she wasn't in Switzerland since 2008. If margo was her only swiss-german talking partner since 2008, margo's pronounciation could have maybe influenced her's to an extend.

It's not that she can't speak swiss-german. But I know a person who came from bosnia to switzerland and learned swiss-german. And the way sometimes venus speaks sounds exactly like this person.

Please read >>310226

No. 313628


What >>310226 said is mostly bullshit for people in their teens/young adults. It only applies for children. I work as a translator and teacher and several friends of mine (and coworkers) moved when they were children/teens and stopped speaking their first languages daily. The changes in their speech and accent are minor and very subtle, if there's any difference at all. Most of the time people who tell you "ohhh I can't even speak my first language nowww" are just snowflakes in disguise.

No. 313657

circa a month ago we had a elaborated derailing discussion about venus' CV when talking about how her mother dragged her from country to country. She was in switzerland till 2008.

read >>287089

No. 313703

Dude, that was only one person claiming that. Venus is not losing ability to speak Swiss-German and she will not forget it anytime soon.

However, I do think her speech was influenced by Margaret's bad pronunciation of the dialect, as a non-native speaker. English too. I know several people with odd pronunciation or who frequently misuse idioms in their native language due to their parents' deficiency or failure to make corrections. Growing up and going to school with native speakers doesn't necessarily mean your skills will be on par with others if you spend most of your time at home with a mush-mouth.

Well, I guess we all saw Venus' newest post coming from a mile away. Next up: Kawaii laxative suppositories! I wish she could have focused on healthier eating habits, cooking videos and getting a fit body instead of starvation to get skinny. She looked terrible back in South Korea.

No. 313716

Different people have different experiences. I moved to another country a few years ago and it takes me about two weeks to get back into my native language whenever I visit my family. I couldn't just switch like that without making a lot of mistakes.
She said that she moved away from Switzerland when she was 11. I can still understand her, but she does sound a little off.

I agree with both the language part and the healthy cooking videos. Would be much better for her and her fans.

No. 313792

File: 1494903325892.jpg (180.11 KB, 1230x1009, IMG_4852.JPG)

So, Binasu has…issues. Color me NOT SURPRISED.
Only thing that does surprise me is that she doesn't have much more serious issues than some disordered eating/body image problems.

Taylor is still on board btw, for anyone who was wondering after Venus mass unfollowed everyone on IG, including Taylor.

No. 313835

I'm glad that Taylor is still around for her. She seems to have a good heart despite the unfortunate crowd she fell into. Maybe it was a mutual agreement to unfollow one another and Taylor is stuck in the middle of Mimei-Sharla trouble, so it was best to lay low. Also, because Taylor has had issues with her image and weight since childhood, I hope she can privately give Venus some health advice since she has been there. Taylor appears to have done a great job responsibily maintaining the body she wants.

No. 313892

>She seems to have a good heart
interested in collabs to boost views

No. 313895

that shows that she absolutely no ideas how to make collabs work. taylors comment is buried under the others and cant be found unless you scroll very far. she shouldve tagged her comment. in sharla and taylors comment the comments of the others always are fixed on top

No. 313898

>i hide m-my face too b-b-b-because im so k-kawaii!!! :3
how old are these bitches again?

No. 313906

That post was highly criticized and had a lot of bullshit on it. Different anons pointed out where and why.

Please, refrain from making general summaries based on your own beliefs, poor research and opinions.

No. 313909

Cool. Why don't you prove it?

Taylor is commenting about wearing her bf's clothes and that's all. Are you distracted by that anon's mid-video screenshot?

No. 313911

>and that's all
Anons are free to talk about the image too.

No. 313912

No, I'm sorry. You in particular are not allowed.

No. 313925

20 and married.. I cringed.

What is her content about now? I cannot even describe her style anymore

>So I like this youtuber, Venus Angelic, she makes videos dancing on her husband's clothing and what color she wants to dye her hair and why she doesn't do it, she loves kawaii things but also loves dieting and making sex jokes, my favorite was when she said her husband was a pedo, I love her she's so funny.

No. 313941

noooo anon it's (whatever it is) because of Margo and the joke was Manaki's idea!!1 She's doing so much better now uwu

No. 314116

why dont you proof she has such a ~good heart~

feel free to proof she didnt stay in switzerland until 11 years old, because currently thats the consensus

No. 314398

Oh you're totally right anon! she's such an inspiration, so cute, so pure.

Oh sorry I think it's a bit confusing but when I said
>That post is bs
I was talking about this post:
and I agree with this one: >>286329

No. 314409

It was you that made the statement trying to argue against my observation, dumbass.

And the word you are looking for is PROVE, not proof. Verb, not noun.

No. 314440


Not that anon, but the logic says that as a youtuber she wants to boost views, which is the reason for a collab.

If anyone here should prove anything, then it's you. Why does she have a good heart?

also, stop complaining about anon writing proof instead of prove. don't be a complete tard.

No. 314460

i dont come through this thread often, but every time i do i'm amazed by the new level of reaching. big jackets pulled up over your chin/face when its chilly are cozy af and girls stealing their bf's hoodies is so common it's literally a meme.

also the 'where was she at x age' thing is getting as out of hand as the 'how old is dakota' shit, goddamn

only reason im happy to see venus living a good life is in hopes it reopens the flow of milk in margo's thread but at least 3 of you are gonna call me a white knight

No. 314545

>at least 3 of you are gonna call me a white knight daphne
kek, just wait for it

No. 314665

for someone who has only lived in the Netherlands for 2 years her Dutch is surprisingly good. I know people who have lived for more than 5+ years and still suck at it (but i think it's more than they didn't try)

No. 322351

File: 1495834042098.jpg (392.27 KB, 1755x1175, IMG_5116.JPG)

>Maybe it was a mutual agreement to unfollow one another and Taylor is stuck in the middle of Mimei-Sharla trouble, so it was best to lay low.

There's no Taylor/Venus drama, they're quietly hanging out together and not worried about any gossip, Youtube rivalries etc. etc. Just being friends, hanging out and having fun.

Pic is from a random's Instagram post that I found because Venus liked it…fan meetup in Harajuku with Taylor.

Sorry, salty anons (not the one I quoted but the "Taylor hates Venus!" spergs.) Oh and suck it, margo.

No. 322365


Was this taken today ? I wonder if they're doing a collab or just simply having girl time.

No. 322411

I hope its the later truth be told.

No. 322412


No. 322429

ugh that's such a cute hat, venus looks kind of like an extra in a ghibli movie in this outfit

No. 322436


Taylor posted a IG post/clip of two ice creams, so I guess they might be trying out some interesting food places. I think because it's Taylor she probably is going to vlogg it as she seems to feel/think its necessary, and Venus seems fine usually with it.

I wonder if Venus will be vlogging it too ?

No. 322568

File: 1495854040950.jpg (121.74 KB, 516x674, IMG_5119.JPG)

According to Taylor's comment it was taken today.

Is Venus wearing a Lolita outfit here >>322351 ? It's hard to tell but kinda looks like it. Last time a random Venus selfie-with-fan showed up it was from her Malaysian Airlines commercial shoot (pic attached.) Wonder if this was another photoshoot, or just hanging w/Taylor? Either way, it's a good thing.

No. 322845

File: 1495895219870.png (727.78 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170527-102251.png)

Venus once again was awakened by the distant call of Ash to be part of the skeleton army

Seriously though, she's progressing into more disordered thoughts. It doesn't help that most of her followers are leaving enabling comments.

No. 322847


Despite already being thin as fuck?

Ugh this is why I cant stand Venus or her creep of a husband

No. 322848


Sooo, all that healthy weight she put on since Korea she wants gone now ?

No. 322850

From a western perspective this definitely screams disordered thoughts but I've read lots about the average Japanese person adhering to diets most of their life, they have restrictive mentalities in general so living within that culture, of course she would feel encouraged to calorie restrict. Her husband probably supports it.

No. 322886

At this point I'm just annoyed by her constant diet talk and waiting for it to bite her in the ass.

No. 322921

It's disordered eating in Japan too they're just in denial about it and don't care, just like they're in denial and don't care about most mental illnesses.

No. 322955

Please anon let's not start with the Japan vs Western perspectives discussions.

No. 322964

>I don't restrict any food, Just calorie counting for now!

And how many calories do you eat?

If you don't know what to eat and how many calories you need to lose weight in a healthy way then calorie counting isn't a good idea at all.

Ugh she's such an attention seeker.

No. 322968

More than 5lbs (3kg?) in a week is a lot for a girl her size, she was already in a healthy weight…

Eating disorder confirmed.

No. 322977


Except I guarantee you it's all water weight. No on loses that much in a week, not even anas.

You anons are reaching so far you might hurt yourselves. Losing 5 - 10 lb is no fucking big deal, and she says she's going to start working out too. Not everyone who wants to lose weight is ana.

No. 322981

oh shit I just noticed she claimed to lose 5 lbs in one week

that should only happen for someone who's quite overweight or even obese, definitely dangerous for her size, it'll only eat away at her muscle and as >>322964 mentioned her diet could be awful

No. 322996

>It's all water weight

And that's exactly what happens to many ana chans. If they gain that water weight later they lose their shit and start trying more dangerous methods.

We are not reaching and please don't say "it's not big deal" because that's what ana chans say all the time to their families and friends.

I know you like her but it's actually worse for Venus if you start making excuses for her obvious ed too.

No. 323005


I don't like Venus, I don't even watch her shit. I just read this thread occasionally because it's hilarious the reasons people come up with to hate her, or say that she has an eating disorder/mental illneses/etc. Like I know this lolcow but this is by far the weakest thread on the whole site.

And I still stand by what I said. There's nothing wrong with counting calories to start on the path of eating healthy and losing weight, and not everyone who does it is ana-chan.

And I am not an ana before you even go down that road.

No. 323009

>I just read this thread occasionally
Sure Jan

>because it's hilarious the reasons people come up with to hate her

Her own posts? No one hates her, we are pointing out she has a problem.

>or say that she has an eating disorder/mental illneses/etc.

Because it is obvious she has a very negative body image and weight issues aka an ED.

>Like I know this lolcow but this is by far the weakest thread on the whole site.

You sure? Try harder

>And I still stand by what I said. There's nothing wrong with counting calories

Do you know how many she's eating? Bc she lost More than 5lbs , that's not normal/ healthy AT ALL

>Not everyone who does it is ana-chan.

Literally no one said that.

No. 323039


Its not impossible to actually lose that amount of weight in a week per se that isn't water weight. I did, however, I had all 4 wisdoms removed and couldn't eat. I think she's possibly restricting a lot more then what would be recommended, or she doesn't count her daily activities into factor ( biking to/from or walking/shopping ).

No. 323041

And what is the likely hood that this keeps happening? It is the almost exact same post. Seems to only happen in Venus, Margo, and Daphne threads hmm… Calorie counting is not bad if you are over weight but in my experience it is more consistent in weight loss. So if she is losing 5lb a week it is scary low for her weight. But please use a calorie calculator to see for yourself.

No. 323042

In most diets it is normal to lose a larger amount in the first week, then hardly any. But in a calorie counting diet it is not.

No. 323090

Oooooh I see ! Thanks anon. You're right about that samefag.

>I don't come through this thread often but every time i do i'm amazed by the new level of reaching

>I just read this thread occasionally and it's hilarious the reasons people come up with to hate her,
>How cringey and sad that you have to reach soo hard for something to hate these day
>You anons are reaching so far you might hurt yourselves.


No. 323176


Here we go, the cultural bullshit.

She's not even big? She's thin. It worries how half her 12 year old subscribers support it too. Manaki being asian doesn't surprise me if he supports it either, typical of them.

No. 323316

lmao exactly. does no one remember the actual skelly models they used to show off in magazines for being so teensie weensy uwu.

No. 323319

This really screams ED. She clearly has an obsession with being skinny. And sure, we all want to be thin. But she's already skinny. And she's so upset in her quest to be thin and she's even more upset by the fact she can't brag about it. This is clearly not a health/fitness thing because she never talks about working out, never talks about her nutrition, never talks about how much water she should be drinking - it's just weight loss.

Are we still in denial about the fact she was bulimic? And basically got the kind of stomach infection nearly standard for bulimia? And that her mukbang phase was literally us witnessing her binge eating? She puked half of that stuff out. She was eating competitive eating portions sometimes and they vomit all that food afterwards. She legit just puked out all those chicken nuggets. That was so unnerving to watch.

No. 323331


Not even close, I don't think I've ever commented on this thread. The IPs will be different. But I did read that comment earlier so maybe that's why I used the same terminology, cause it's true lol

this thread is sad

No. 323332

i'm the first anon you quoted and none of the rest of them. saying samefag for using what's common language on this board is… well, lol, reaching. your example is like quoting every post that's used the word sperg and insisting they're all the same person… or, ironically, quoting every post that's used the word samefag and calling them a samefag. you have to admit, this thread does reach dakota-level nitpicking sometimes.

i wish she'd do more potss/videos of lolita coords, it suits her, especially with the long brown hair.

No. 323339

Agreed, perhaps she thinks that by "dieting" and "counting calories" she is doing this a healthy way, but her end goal is to LOSE weight, when she's already at a healthy weight.
It's a slippery slope that she's on rn

No. 323341


>posted at the same time

>same terminology
>common language
Good try anon but, come on..

No. 323355

OT now srry- >>323341
there was a chance that it was all wrong and "reaching" lol but two anons that hardly visit and say all the same stuff, just happen to be on to post at the same time to defend each other…

No. 323371

yes, because someone could type my fairly lengthy including link to a different post post in like 40 seconds. look at the actual timestamps, they were posted near simultaneously. i mean be all ADMIN CHECK THE IPs if you want to but jesus christ, take the tinfoil hat off. there's no conspiracy of samefagging going on. if you want to get all ace detective about this shit, me and that other anon don't even speak the same besides our use of a couple terms that many, many anons here use

also >>323355 sage your tinfoiling at least

now seriously, stop fighting random anons and talk about venus or gtfo, derailing makes this already shit thread into outright cancer

No. 323445

File: 1495976171550.jpg (807.73 KB, 677x1620, Screenshot_20170528-225049_mh1…)

Dropped pic.
Venus is doing some PR backpedaling over the backlash and concern from her fanbase over her previous Ana-queen 'I need to lose weight, look at my 300cal dinner' posts.

No. 323450

I think what a lot of people forget to take into account is she is a 18/19 (?) year old little girl. She was very sheltered for most of her life. She doesn't know everything and she's going to make mistakes, I'm only a few years older than that now but damn did I do some stupid shit when I was 18. It's all about growing and learning.
I'm not for any sort of intense, unhealthy dieting, but I mean if she wants to loose a few pounds by cutting calories then whatever, you do you girl. I can see how people are taking it the wrong way though, she's generally a smaller built girl, but instead taking it as a "she's promoting eating disorders because I'll never be her size" they should take it as "wow, anyone can be unhappy in their body."

No. 323453

samefag but taylor posted a video with some footage from this day.
It did end up being mostly just girl time bc taylor said venus wasn't down for vlogging,
the day with venus starts at about 10:35 in the vid

No. 323457

Did Venus selfpost this here?

No. 323461


tbh I think her main issue is that she uses Instagram as a diary​ or blog.

There's too many young impressionable girls on Instagram for her to keep talking about her weight and stuff. I hope she gets close with Taylor so she can have an actual person with life experience advise her on how to deal with her feelings. And plus, Taylor is like squeaky clean so maybe she'll help keep Venus from repeatedly putting her foot in her mouth.

No. 323464


Does she even leave the house all that often ? Like who is praising/encouraging her ?

Doubt Taylor would encourage EDs which is the only person we know she hangs out with or talks to outside of her home. Soo… Manaki is encouraging her too ? ( Or she's just pitting the blame on someone else again. " Well so and so said I should" )


I don't think she's stupid, anon, and for how long can we blame her decisions on age or being sheltered ?

Some of you act like she was locked in a attic with no connections to the outside world. Sheesh, the girl probably reads, travels and is more independent the anyone here ever was at the age of 18. She isn't stupid and knows that what she's doing isn't healthy or good.

Do you also forgive teens that drink and drive ? Because it was just a stupid mistake that could or has costed somebodies life ?

Because all I see is a 19 yr old preaching to 12 year old kids about starving to get thin … What happens when they start to mimic their idol ?

No. 323467

Micaela has this issue with venting in public too. A lot of jvloggers have. It makes you wonder how close they are to people in real life if they feel like they have nobody to talk to. All fake friends for the show.

btw, to anon who went all anachan - it is normal to have a limit on you daily calorie intake.

No. 323515

lmao she's literally doing this for attention. it's so obvious. i guess her buzzfeed clickbait videos aren't getting enough views.

No. 323531

Not that anon you're responding to but damn, quit your sperging, nothing in her/his post warrants a spastic outbreak like the one you posted. Jesus.

No. 323572

No one is encouraging her anon, she's been obsessed with her weight and looks and terrible eating habits since long time ago.

No. 323574

Seriously this is like the 3rd time this year she does the same

>1 Posts ana chan thoughts

>2 Receives attention from people

>3 Posts a fake apology and blames society or someone else

Lool it's a pattern…

No. 323576

She's 20 and married, not a little girl.

No. 323626

Doesn't she go to some kind of school? It's pretty common in countries like Japan and Korea or Eastern Asia to comment on your friends' weight and point out if you seem to have lost or gained any, so I don't doubt that someone has said something to her. Also she is bigger/taller than average or ideal Japanese girls so people over there might think she could afford to lose some weight?

I s2g she must be autistic or something. I don't see her as an evil little shit bag who's ready to do anything for attention and who plays dumb and manipulates people, she just seems socially retarded and unable to admit her mistakes

No. 323634

>Does she even leave the house all that often ?
Did you miss Taylor's vlog of them hanging out posted just above at >>323453? Taylor has mentioned before that they hang out and talk all the time off-camera and have gotten very close. Plus you don't know where she goes, what she does or who else she sees any more than I or anyone else who follows her because she doesn't post everything she does. You people making up fantasies about "hurrdurr, she's a recluse who never leaves the house KEK" are sad.

No. 323643

She does try to get attention, it's not the first time.

>unable to admit her mistakes


>plays dumb and manipulates people,

You described her perfectly lol

No. 323717

Another Question: Why does she try to get attention?

No. 323745

Her mom's spent like half of Venus's life trying to get her into the limelight. Not really surprising that someone in that situation would subconsciously seek attention if that's what they've been brought up to do.

Plus, most people seek attention for one reason or another. There's nothing too deep about it.

No. 323855

Because she is very insecure about her looks.

No. 323982

>just seems socially retarded
Oh really? gee, wonder how in the world THAT happened?
(p.s. Venus has said as much herself, multiple times on her IG)

>and unable to admit her mistakes

Um… pretty sure that's exactly what she did here >>323445

No. 324009

She blamed society… same old same old.

No. 324034

File: 1496020284499.jpg (131.34 KB, 1226x604, IMG_5164.JPG)

Well here's a new twist. She's never acknowledged Aunt Zsu in any way, ever, until today. Maybe they've gotten in contact? (fingers crossed)

No. 324036

File: 1496020405136.jpg (404.37 KB, 1467x1676, IMG_5163.JPG)

And yes I do want to know what they're doing at Haneda Airport..

No. 324047

hope they're going to meet Venus' family

No. 324061


Jesus, I didn't say she never leaves the house, I asked if she does, you fruit cake.

Plus its not a complete baseless assumption when she always preaches about how recluse she is and how she's "always lonely and needs more friends" ..

>Hang out and talk ALL THE TIME

except Taylor rarely leaves her fucking house all that often either, and is known for embellishing all of her claims. She only recently started leaving now that her BF is home and driving her everywhere.

No. 324104

>Taylor rarely leaves her fucking house all that often either,
Are you serious? Lol
She vlogs just about every freakin day going somewhere in a cab.

No. 324117

Wtf years later she likes those posts


No. 324145


Aww this makes me happy. Her aunt seems like a nice and caring person, hope they get along well. Wonder what will happen now. Do you all think we can expect a Margo chimp out?

No. 324197

that's the observation deck at the International Terminal, if they were going to visit his parents within the country, they would be at the domestic terminal(s)?

Unless they're just killing time there…

No. 324246

>wtf years later she likes those posts
Yeah, that's the point. She's totally ignored her aunty on SM up till now, despite aunty following her IG, commenting constantly and liking every post for over a year now.

No. 324248

>that's the observation deck at the International Terminal
Really, you can tell that from the pic? Intriguing. Something's happening.

No. 324262

I was there myself yesterday, that's why I recognise it ha! It's a really nice airport.

There is a free shuttle every 4 minutes between the two domestic terminals + international terminal. The Domestic terminal (well, Terminal One was) is pretty old and not so fun so they may have just caught the shuttle and explored the area before they got a flight?

No. 324286

20 is very young anon, we all do stupid shit. I was insecure af until my mid 20s and so were most of my friends.

No. 324298

Being "insecure" does not affect reason and knowing right from wrong. Plenty of people at 20 are not like this, have gone through shit and are reasonably healthy.

No. 324330

It has been long enough but this is great! I hope she can meet her aunt and little cousins one day or invite them to meet her in-laws.

Lol. Manaki updated to say they were just there to try out a ramen restaurant there. Shinatatsu has a Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san tie-in campaign going on right now, so maybe that's why they went.

Are you speaking from personal experience? You know very well that there also are plenty of people who experience disturbed or dysfunctional childhoods that DON'T successfully adjust or make the best decisions due to possible altered brain physiology. You're a lucky one. No, you don't automatically turn into a monster if your mother cusses at you, but poor decision-making, high-anxiety, addiction and obsessive behaviors are very common in childhood trauma victims. This fairy tale "other people experience worse and are doing fine!" is dishonest. Venus is being stupid, not malicious. This bad habit of hers won't change overnight but you certainly can let her know that you don't agree with what she posts or handles pressure. Maybe you should PM her with some of your own coping strategies or advice because it will actually help her more than just thinking she is an shameless asshole.

No. 324331

*Forgive my typos. Long day.

No. 324334

for asian standards she is big. i have a female friend from a (not popular) asian country and she is at a BMI of 20 and only has a little stomach fat and she always is bickering about how fat she is and then continues to eat crispbread with cucumber all day long.

No. 324335

theyve just been there during golden week….

No. 324345


She isnt asian? Venus is just like any other white foreigner. She will never be considered Japanese regardless of how much she diets or photoshops herself to look it.

Shes already fairly slim. Most of the other white weebs dont seem to give a flying fuck. Asians are built smaller anyway.

No. 324371

Yeah it's pointless for her to do all this dieting etc because she's still going to be bigger than Japanese girls who are average because her bone structure is just bigger

No. 324543

i didnt imply she is asian, but if she said people tell her to lose weight and praise her for it it's due to being in japan and will influence her.

tbh i dont really get it, a video in bathing suit but suddenly she is too fat to record videos?

mightve also been the reason she didnt want to be seen in taylors vlog?

No. 324604

>little girl


No. 324787

I think anon was talking about her grandparents and aunts in Hungary, not Manaki's family.

No. 331481

File: 1496955494214.jpg (91.54 KB, 500x500, IMG_5484.JPG)

Venus-chan's new IG profile pic

No. 331484

File: 1496955535619.jpg (193.16 KB, 707x1026, IMG_5483.JPG)

She's wearing this dress from btssb:

No. 331485


The azn cringe continues

No. 331486


I say let her ruin herself and then she will wake up from all this shit(no contribution, did not sage)

No. 331541

hahaha, nice rapid-response butthurt. You were on that shit within seconds.
Why so triggered?

No. 331644

The dress is pretty cute but wtf with her face?

No. 331657

>then she will wake up from all this shit

Somehow I don't think she will….

No. 331673

terrible pic of her face but the dress is cute tbh shoes don't go with it at all tho

No. 331699

Dude, not attacking you, just curious..

Why do you care so much about what she wears?
How do you find what she wears so fast?
Do you dress like her or..?

Seriously just curious..

No. 331708

If you're a lolita, it's pretty easy to spot certain dresses.

No. 331730

>when the bulimia bloat hits hard and your face looks like a balloon

No. 331745

What "azn cringe?" Where? lol the butthurt is real

How is she "ruining herself" and what "shit" is she going to "wake up from?" All I see is a cute girl wearing a cute dress, looking happy and living a good life in Japan. Is that what has you so chapped, the looking happy part?

Pls explain, enlighten us dear butthurt triggered anon.(don't take the bait)

No. 331777

Are you the same anon I was talking to?

>Is that what has you so chapped, the looking happy part?


Not that anon, but your reactions are interesting… it's entertaining.

You take this way too personally..

Weeb stuff are cringey for some people, but here you are assuming everyone's butthurt and triggered and jelly of her life.. just for not liking her?


No. 331821

I find her face cute in this picture.

No. 331843


Can confirm. Lolita's tend to be super autistic when it comes to brand. Not to mention, this dress is pretty new as its still on Baby's website (for 27,864 yen).

>no petti
>naked legz

Most embarrassing behavior. But hey, she made a potato sack dress work, not very many people can.

No. 331845

>"good life"?
>has a lolicon husband whom she probably won't be able to have a serious relationship with in the future once she starts aging
>no family
>is in desperate need of therapy but can't get any in japan
>no real friends. Just fake bitches trying to get Instagram likes and YouTube views"
>tall and white which means her already low self esteem is being ruined because she's surrounded by skinny and short Asian girls all day.
>no one she can talk to on a deeper level.
>stuck in a country where she has nothing in common with the people Beyond mainstream media and fashion
>doesn't even live in Tokyo. Leaves in boring butt fuck nowhere.

Yeah sounds amazing kek

No. 331849

I'm sorry that Venus has triggered you anon 3: you clearly are butt hurt and making wild assumptions

No. 331850


They arnt the person who keeps coming on here to defend venus and complain about other anons opinion.

No. 331855

spoiler alert: not everyone who disagrees with you is the same person
but keep fighting the whiteknight boogeyman

No. 331868

OT-This does not have anything to do with disagreeing. This is a forum where people go to bash or complain about cows and yet you keep coming here to complain about other anons and their opinions and occasionally how great Venus is doing and how cute she is to you. If that is all you are doing here then why post here? why not go to a fan site? but you choose to come here and do it. Spoiler alert: people that come here and post don't like Venus or dont care about her. Why are you here? did you just happen across this forum, do you have the same story as the other "not the same person" person?It seems like your biggest issue is the anons, not venus.

Dont forget the ED, I know it was hinted at but it is a big deal when she is glorifying it to her fans.

No. 331896

It gotta to be Andromeda Galaxy cause she mentioned the same thing over there on Pull recently.

(sorry don't know how to add a link on here)


No. 331898


They need to claim anyone who disagrees is the same person, that's like half the discussion in this thread because there's no milk. It's been dry for years. You can hide this thread and then unhide it like 2 months later and the same topic is being discussed.

No. 331905

Dry for two years hmmm. So no margo drama, no ED, really nothing at all for two years….sure. Keep talking to yourself.

No. 331950

Different anon, but I'd say Venus drama dried up once the Margo stuff blew over. Venus' threads have been pretty dead since.

No. 332113

Yeah, it's always the same person (Andromeda Galaxy/Um/Daphne…) who's a creepy stalker.
In my opinion, we shouldn't react, and keep reporting her posts.

sage cause "Come on old lady, get a life!"

No. 332126

File: 1497048860010.jpg (211.8 KB, 1501x960, capture-20170609-182025zx.jpg)

She's such a dork, but I mean that in a good way.

No. 332127

Jesus her teeth are yellow(sage your nitpicking)

No. 332128

What an original observation!(sage OT posts)

No. 332147

they look happy to me, she can get therapy in japan, she isn't really tall and no ones self esteem is gonna be ruined if they're surrounded by skinny and short asian girls all day, unless your boyfriend has a huge yellow fever fetish, plus she look thin to me, plus there are other places that aren't tokyo she can leave

jesus anon, did you even think before you posted? sage for feeding the troll

No. 332150

she might just distribute fat badly, to me, fat is when there is too much and its distributed badly, like if the girl in your posts fat went to her tits she wouldnt be complaining about stomach fat

venuses fat is distributed fine to me, her stomach and waist look pretty small and she doesnt have fat arms are anything

No. 333559

Anon where did you get this picture?

No. 333575

No, I wasn't the anon you were talking to.

No. 333615

She's 5'8. She's a gaint compared to Japanese girls. She's gonna starve and starve to be skinny and kawaii but it will all be in vain because she will always be a big/tall European girl.

No. 333630

She is shorter than taylor r who is 5'7 so idk what you are on about. Also i dont think it's because of tiny japanese girls why she wants to diet she's been yoyo dieting since she was 15 so it most likely stems from her past. Hope she will get over it cause she is quite slim already, no need to diet maybe work out if she feels a bit flabby or something

No. 333631

you're some delusional yellow fevered r9k fuck whining about any girl that isnt a QT AZN WAIFU aren't you?

there are plenty of tall asian girls, a lot of tall asians actually, at least where I live, most asians are taller than the white girls. if you watch vlogs of her walking through japan she looks normal compared to all of them, you are a lunatic, she isn't tall nor is she big, and she isn't gonna starve because of asians, how delusional can you be?
sage for ranting

No. 333634

same here, the asian girls are the same as the other girls most of the time (in a pretty ethnically / racially diverse area) the only time that I noticed the Europeans being really tall was in the Netherlands/Germany, and even then it was only really the men.

Venus' height isn't out of place in Japan amongst girls of her age, she's only a bit taller than average. nicely tall instead of freakishly

No. 333635

You're wrong. The average height for women in Japan is about 157cm/5'2". Venus is significantly taller which is fine btw. It's just silly to pretend that she fits in with your average Japanese girl because she doesn't.

No. 333637

Who is this margo-tier nutcase who's obsessed with the delusion that all posts not hating VEENOOS are the same person, aka DAPHNE?

No. 333642

File: 1497146963311.jpg (224.11 KB, 600x800, p1120842-legs-for-days.jpg)

because its average, yet there are plenty of tall ass asian girls, average is when they all put together the heights and divide them by the female population, most of the asian girls I know are either 5'4 or taller, most are taller than the white girls here

No. 333651

I agree with the anon above… the average height for woman in Japan is 5'2, its even stated in Wikipedia so I don't know what you guys are talking about.



To be fair, I'm asian 5'2 and I live in Japan myself and I see a lot of women who are about my height but….. from time to time, yes I do see women who are taller than me as well.

No. 333655

in the sample it said the sample was around 1000 or 2000 the largest and japans female population is 200,000, so it's not very accurate

No. 333657

Why do you think I gave a second link?

No. 333659

Also, the source is the Ministry of Education so it is part of the Japanese Government.

No. 333661

these are also oldish samples, with a very small percentage of the population

No. 333663

Why are you so determined to argue about this when you've been proven wrong.

No. 333664

I don't care about the height of japanese people, I'm saying that there are shit tons of tall asians

No. 333665

I had to unfollow Venus. She triggered my disordered thinking with food. She def has an ED and I feel really bad for her. Sage for blogpost

No. 333667

I'm only 5'5 and even I felt taller than most women there. Girls usually aren't that tall in Japan. Get over it.

No. 333708

she isn't 5'8
me and my friend saw her around 2 years ago in japan and she was taller than me (164cm) and shorter than my friend (171cm) so she's probably around 167-168cm (5'5/5'6)

No. 333771

With exactly same shoe heights?
Margaret claimed she was 166cm/5"5'

No. 333773


I always see her recommendation on Instagram and I have to just ignore like crazy. I dont want to follow fucking Weebus and all her stupid problems. She had a warped upbringing, fetishises ED and asians. Not much to her.

No. 333774


She is quite tall tbh and is that height

No. 333776

File: 1497191603709.jpg (205.04 KB, 700x1200, pko4Iqa.jpg)

She's not as short as the average Japanese woman nor is she that tall. 166-168cm is a very believable height for her and I see high school girls here in Japan that are in that range every day. It's just that she naturally curvy, with larger hips and thighs(95cm hip at the time of her bodyline shoot), broader shoulders. It makes her appear bigger and she takes after her mom when it comes to fat distribution. The popular kawaii print models she compares herself are very petite, quite short and constantly dieting/restricting. They also do not have large hips or busts. Let's not forget how Venus was shredded for her measurements when she finally modeled for Bodyline, even after she lost weight due to a threatened penalty. (She was 50kg when she had the first Skype with Mr. Yan, then got under 48kg). I think that event really drilled it into her brain that she was much bigger than a regular Japanese model, especially when magazines like Popteen fake their models' measurements. Most the trendy stores also do not have accommodating skirts and pants for curvy hips, so that could be very discouraging when you come here.

Which age range are you comparing yourself to and which area? I think that is most important to consider. I'm 164cm, far from Tokyo, and almost all my Japanese female friends 25-35 year old are around my height or a few cm taller. Not Amazons but you get the idea.

No. 333791

File: 1497194939100.png (412.91 KB, 1269x1700, 56416541517413.png)

You're the one and only sperg here, and you know it. You're the "mago-tier" creepy fan, but as Margo, you're not really smart or subtle.
Stop shitting up that thread with your constant arguing and go back to KF (or use that energy to make a fan blog for your precious Venus)

Sage for total OT and please mods, it would really cool if you permaban her

No. 333852

Damn anon, thanks for making this one.

Sigh your obsession is showing

Anon, it's very obvious when it's you. Yeah sometimes other anons disagree, that's normal, but yes, we, always recognize your posts. There's a pattern.

>that all posts not hating VEENOOS are the same person, aka DAPHNE?

For someone who claims to be a different person, you seem to care a lot about Daphne kek Anyway we can discuss about that in Daphne's thread.

Sage for talking to the troll here.

No. 334313

Someone called her fat on her instagram live. She went silent for a long moment and seemed very hurt/disturbed the rest of the live

No. 334317

They made her cry. She's paused the live and I don't know if she's coming back. I feel so bad for her.

No. 334318

Me again. She recovered and came back.

No. 334319

She is still live happily talking to people

No. 334340

That was mean…

This reminded me of her last weight issues post… do you think her husband or people around her are pushing her? Is it just her ideas of what is beauty? A combination? She's clearly not fat, and it's unhealthy to keep comparing herself to Japanese girls.

No. 334366

How actually damaged you have to be to react so emotionally over some rando on the interwebz telling you you're fat? That's some serious issues (okay, we already know that).
Other than that, imo she was behaving kinda odd in general. Going silent out of nowhere, and not because of lack of words, but like completely freezing. Like Venus.exe has stopped working. I know a girl who has stutteting problems and she does that sometimes too. Also, she read so many compliments and "you look like a barbie"-ones instead of answering questions that were popping up, that I just left

No. 334398

I think it is a combination of still wanting to be a model for kawaii clothing in Japan where there is a strict body standard and possibly Manaki's female family members are more petite than her. He's a slight man, so I imagine his relatives are similar. Manaki also has a complex about the weight he gained, so that can exacerbate whatever she is dealing with since he is the main person in her life.

Your friends' problem seems similar to what I saw. She seemed nervous and concentrating too hard on not messing up, so she would draw blanks and dwell on what she did wrong.

Yeah, ridiculing her weight is such a trigger for her. I do wish she could talk to a counselor even if she is no longer dieting or restricting. Even if it's in your thoughts and not manifesting itself in your actions, it's still a problem. The stress and guilt alone is bad for her health.

I would really love it if she instead embraced more physical activity along with her biking and healthy cooking. But I also personally understand that with a husband that works late and long hours, you don't get to share the joy of a freshly prepared, full meal that often. It can be depressing to not be able to show your efforts when you love to cook.

No. 334413


It wont get better for Venus living in a country where girls are half her height and frame. Plus pressure off Manaki or whatever happens beneath closed doors wouldn't help. Japan is shit in terms of mental health anyway.

She will probably develop an ED and in a years time when shes near being hospitalized her idiot fans will start all the tears and "we should've seen it coming!"

No. 334415


She isnt Japanese and will have to just deal with it unfortunately

No. 334519

I feel bad for her too.
Much as I can't bear her cringy videos, I don't care about her as a person.
And I think that people should do no less.
As a youtuber, she propose a content so let's judge the content, god damn it!

She should talk about her diet/body issues to a professional and not on IG again (her fans are too young/dumb/blind/enabler and, as we can see, it's a massive troll bait)

saged for no real contribution and crooked english

No. 334544

People on here need to stop acting as if every single Japanese person is perfectly thin! Yes, most girl's there are short as fuck, but because of this a lot of them are also looking very "stumpy" even at a very low weight. Venus height contributes to looking slimmer with long, leaner looking legs/arms etc.

In S. Korea people get openly criticised for their weight, not so much in Japan, they act way too polite for that, so I think that she's lying about that… When she was younger, at the time Manaki "fell in love" with her, she was also a bit chubbier, so as creepy/unlikable he is, I don't see it in him to pressure her.

No. 334569

File: 1497302250139.jpg (33.44 KB, 480x720, 9193758076ad506eeb8f9c9e43ea5f…)

>at the time Manaki "fell in love" with her, she was also a bit chubbier

I second this, Manaki 'followed' Venus online long before they met / and while Venus's weight has fluctuated a few pounds up and down, her body type/shape has always been the same

Manaki has always been in Japan, so why would he compare Venus to Japanese girls? Its all in Venus's head

No. 334592

I wondered this too. Because it is nowhere to be found in this resolution

No. 334593


goddammit quit sperging, she obviously has an eating disorder and under all of her chub lies a tiny ana-chan. deal with it.

No. 334603

Haha This Weenoos era was the cringiest. Anyway,

She was really popular back then, when she was considered a "living doll", also she trying to become an idol in Japan, so she was probably just a cute loli to him. I think he never imagined that Venus was going to end up living with him.

When they finally started dating for a few months she was already 17~18 and very skinny, he obviously started to look at her in a different way, especially after they got married, relationships can change a lot after that.

No. 334604

To be honest, I don't think she's ever even been "chubby". Her body was never the problem. It's just her unfortunate face shape making her look fat. She has this weird, super round moonface going on, and it's even present when she's at her lowest weights. It's like she collects most of her weight in her cheeks and chin somehow.
Like her super-thin lips that people used to complain about, it literally can't be helped (at least not without the end result looking bad too).

No. 334610

I have this exact problem. Now that I'm approaching my 30s I'm getting saggy cheeks. Venus will probably be the same way. She'll be cute until her late 20s, and then all that fat will droop.

No. 334611

It's like anon said

>How actually damaged you have to be to react so emotionally over some rando on the interwebz telling you you're fat?

It's quite obvious she had an ED since some time ago, all those IG posts, weird videos explaining her diet, binge eating, then restricting calories, she clearly has no idea of what she's doing or how it works, she needs to go to a nutrition specialist instead of doing whatever she's reading on the internet.

No. 334732


You've got some shit genetics if your face is sagging to the point of looking like a turkey before even reaching thirty, but this doesn't mean every round faced gal is going to be a unfortunate as you before/during 30s.


She's been talking to nutritionist Tay ( Nutrition studies dropout ). I wouldn't be surprised if she is taking advice from Taylor about dieting, soo, probably a salad only diet with coffee and green juice.

No. 334791

Nah I doubt she's listening to Taylor anon.. based on her instagram posts and her own experience with veganism, she doesn't seem to be a fan of Taytay's food choices..

No. 334878

That's exactly what the other anon and i were saying…?
No people around her would actually critize her weight it's just an excuse to push the blame from her and mask her disorder

No. 334904

Venus is live on Instagram if anyone wants to check it out or ask her something. She's seems more comfortable right now. Hopefully she is better prepared and won't acknowledge the triggering comments.

No. 335010

Original resolution can be found on instadp.com

No. 335051

whispers youre still sperging. We got it, she has an ED, now shut the fuck up

No. 335054

Stop derailing with this weight/eating disorder talk. It's gone too far.

No. 336046

File: 1497560554392.jpg (268.81 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_20170615_133826_550.jpg)

She reminds me of that orphan movie girl…

No. 336049

File: 1497560858469.jpg (8.75 KB, 236x168, c22f0f65c56842a4cf05a1934cf96e…)

No. 336125


she looks so different when shes not shooping or editing the crap out of her pics lmao jesus she is not aging well

No. 336196

So I guess that's what happens when you wear too much makeup, especially at a young age…

Also, bad mean genes ☹️

No. 336332

File: 1497594528934.png (2.87 MB, 1440x2387, tmp_558-Screenshot_2017-06-16-…)

she's live on IG rn if anyone's interested

No. 336413


She looks just like marge in this. Those glasses make her nose look huge too

No. 336801

File: 1497668320683.jpg (306.56 KB, 719x1028, weeaboos_strawberryflavor.jpg)


Then she posts heavily edited pictures after the streams… Her instagram pictures should come with "serving suggestion" text.

No. 336850


that heavy meitu abuse is too real

on a side note, didn't she post a picture of herself some months ago where she taped her face to look more ~kawaii asain~ ? I can see if I can find if.

yet her fans still believe the pictures she posts are what she actually looks like

No. 337012

File: 1497711973326.png (936.52 KB, 864x640, 1312.png)

>didnt she
dry milk imo. one was a "anime make up look" the other an ironic thumbnail

No. 337081


Ehh, I never watched the video. Just thought it was funny how she claims she's not yellow facing then does stuff like this. Wonder if she does it on a daily basis?

No. 337404

She really looks like Marg. Stress is really showing.

No. 337797

File: 1497851062335.jpg (148.53 KB, 1124x1159, IMG_5802.JPG)

"looks like marg"?
on what planet? lol

No. 337798

File: 1497851135280.png (3.23 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_5801.PNG)

try again

No. 337799

(look past the glasses, dear)

No. 337873


Piss off with the white knighting pls

Some angles yes, she looks like marge, when she's not over editing the shit out of her pictures

I mean, they're mother and daughter, of course they're gonna look similar lmao

No. 339180

She looks like her mother. A lot. The end.

Your hatred for her Margo-genes won't change that simple fact.

Remember, she came from her uterus.

No. 340022

File: 1498230277867.png (976.72 KB, 1065x851, 2017-06-23 10.24.0e2.png)

not really milk, just thumbnail clickbait

No. 340133

I know she's making light of it but she really must be very lonely

No. 340164

And really horny

No. 340523

Jfc have some dignity Venus.

No. 341904

File: 1498521642177.png (711.58 KB, 719x1131, IMG_185551.png)


It's time for you to stop reading lolcow.

Actually it is, but everyone knows she just wants attention so it's boring.

No. 342150


I don't mean to be nitpicky but her eyebrows are a totally different colour than her natural hair. she's been doing makeup for how long? and can't even get the shades right.

and where the fuck is her nose? bitch wants to be asian so badly. this pic makes me think she's taping her eyes or shooping the fuck out of her face. meitu abuse isn't kawaii venus

No. 342151


same fag but holy shit this is a horrible picture

No. 342432

File: 1498605603142.png (500.05 KB, 719x914, IMG_20170627.png)

Edgy captions and thumbnails..

Bah, she has a meltdown every time meanies leave comments.. but yeah you're such an edgelord V.

No. 342435

File: 1498606301000.png (379.2 KB, 719x498, 170622.png)

…and more clickbait.

I think I'm starting to agree with anons here >>340133 >>340164

No. 342474


so she's trying to appeal to neckbeard gamers now. so cute venus~
you fanbase of preteens isn't good enough for you?

No. 342878

the placement of her hair + the shoop makes it look like her face is shaped like a foot. and the caption just makes it even worse, her yellow fever is insane

No. 344097

So Venus is starting let's plays? I wonder if she'll stick with it.

No. 344187

The framerate was shit. Or was it intended this way?

No. 344425


gotta get them neckbeard boners. she clearly needs more attention since her page has been getting pretty boring lately. and the new "trend" is girls who game so … wonder what kind of games she'll play and if she'll keep doing that obnoxious voice the entire time

No. 344886

File: 1498998835087.jpg (201.73 KB, 750x1036, IMG_3441.JPG)

how cute

No. 346972

why does she constantly squint now and do this weird inverse pucker stuff with her lips? she genuinely looks like she's trying to take a shit. she looked so much better that tiny tiny period she was actually using mature western makeup styles.

No. 347381

Everything is shopped though..

No. 347650

Buh, this is such a nitpick but goddamn I hate it when people use facecam while they play games.

No. 347768


this literally looks like the beginning to a softcore porn shoot

No. 347777

Remember the time when manaki said, he wants to do "all kind of videos" with her. ( ° ʖ °)

No. 348630

File: 1499538209283.png (137.79 KB, 750x937, IMG_8927.PNG)


That collar.. Porno vid coming soon

No. 348655

"Choke me daddy!"

No. 348679


It looks really small. I think its a bracelet.

No. 349731

>"Choke me daddy"

Why do they do this???

Remember when Venus was liking all those creepy soft porn pics of Japanese school girls in a very similar outfit and scenario?

It's a bracelet for the upcoming movie One night in Venus

No. 350598


I'm waiting for the inevitable lewd shoot. Those school girl pics are just the beginning lolol

No. 351916

I don't know why looking like Margo would be offensive considering she is her bio mom. She does. Get over it.

No. 352132

Oh no anon, shhh don't make spergelic start a boring and repetitive fight again, she's working hard in her basement on a cure for her mom's genes or a method to replace Venus' blood and DNA with Manaki's …or her own.

No. 353347

File: 1500180727643.png (129.33 KB, 750x1111, IMG_3630.PNG)

it is not animal abuse if it's in japan, apparently.. but the audience wont understand uwu

No. 353908

Her excuses again… she made 5 unnecessary posts about the topic. Keep it simple, Thanks for the advice, I will buy a bigger cage because animals need space then buy it online if necessary.

>"But my audience is from different countries, so they won't understand why some things are done differently"

People from other countries, like yourself, can learn and understand, but they can also disagree and share or compare information.

No. 353992

File: 1500294128137.png (271.46 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170717-081820.png)

>from now on I will refrain from posting Yomogi on the internet


I'm willing to bet she's just going to take the hamster back to the pet store and never speak of him again.

No. 354340

More like she's going to keep that cage because her information says that's ok.

No. 355029

Can circle lenses affect your eyes? Serious question. I think one of her eyes looks "tired" lately? Like in this pic >>336332

Sage for nitpicking.
But serious question

No. 355096

Any lenses can affect your eyes if worn more than the recommended amount.

No. 355931

No. 355996

"gay means happy uwu" she could use the n word for her next clickbait and people would still kiss her white ass

No. 356246

Those glasses and shirt make manaki look like a pedo, what a bad thumbnail
sage for no real contribution

No. 356785

he looks and acts like one retarded autistic man child …. wtf

No. 356973


As long as her fans are young weebs and creep guys they'll constantly lick her ass no matter what kind of cringey shit she does. And people won't call her out because they'll get the army of neckbeards and butthurt weebs on them. Or she'll keep overusing that "oh but it's okay in japan!!!!" excuse as if she's lives there her entire life

No. 357689

why is she speaking english with that accent?

No. 357727


Well, he's perfect for her as she's the female version of that.


Don't cha know ? She's Japanese.

No. 357729

she's attempting to be funny

No. 357914

That thumbnail…there's so much wrong in it. But the worst is that it makes both of them look like that middle aged couple living across the street which is watching every of your step and if you won't go to church on a Sunday they'll let you burn in hell

No. 358087

Manaki looks like a stereotypical Akiba otaku Cherry Boy. That check shirt and messy hair is standard uniform. 110% Venus is his first girlfriend. He's a perfect match for her.

Venus is just a trolling asshole. Yet her attempts are only mild agitation since she barely posts anything, unlike her weeaboo peers. Get over yourself, "woke" girl. You act like she is Onision-level evil. You're just going to produce diamonds in your rectum for no reason.

Once again, the ones complaining the most are not actually part of the demographic that is supposed to be deeply offended. Unless you are actually transgender Japanese person living in Japan?

No. 358287

sage since this is a two week old vid but i've been catching up and thought it'd be interesting to discuss this since it hasn't been posted. apparently all her videos are going to be in japanese now. what do you guys think? i personally can't stand her japanese for more than a minute and i don't understand why she'd choose to do that when most of her videos, like this one, are more geared towards foreigners who are fascinated with japan and how "weird" it is. maybe she wants to expand her demographic in japan but i don't see why they'd be interested, or maybe she wants more people to be familiar with the language, but that could potentially backfire since that may leave people feeling alienated, with subs or not.

No. 358311

Her main audience is from foreign aka not Japanese speaking countries…this is either a hopeless try to be a second dakota and to appear on Japanese tv shows or she's stupid af though I think it's 50/50 here

No. 358394


It's probably an attempt to get more views, seeing as the view count in her youtube channel has gone down considerably. Hence all the clickbait and border-line lewd posts she's been making recently. I think she did mention in an ig post she wouldn't be doing it since her fans complained? But I don't remember correctly, I'll have to check

No. 358397

Venus is opting to be Dakota - same shit all over again but she isnt dodging the details like koot did and showing us her visa husband, weebness and shit.

She just wants to end up on Japanese tv and the modelling scene. Knowing Venus she probably wants to be the next Nicole fujita. Thing is Japan has plenty of girls who look like Venus and pull the stupid cutesu gimmick.

No. 358449

File: 1500831272227.jpg (134.43 KB, 1948x455, IMG_6327.JPG)

>the view count in her youtube channel has gone down considerably.
Orly? Don't think so. Actually views (and subs) have been rising steadily.
Try again.

No. 358450

Hm it seems when I check her videos they never really seem to be pulling in views like she used too.

No. 358460


Regardless though - not the same anon. But i just dont like her or Manaki at all… I find them a bit weird. I cant see her appeal or Dakotas either.

No. 358484

My observation as well.
>But i just dont like her or Manaki at all… I find them a bit weird.
There's something about their relationship that I find odd too. Like in >>355931, they seem almost as awkward as they were in their first Q&A

No. 358502

>her videos never really seem to be pulling in views like she used too.
She has 7 years worth of videos on her channel and many of the old ones are still getting views years later. It adds up.

No. 358522


I didn't check the old videos, just the newer ones. And they do seem to have gone down. Unless she regularly got around only ~300k viewers per video(give or take) for the entirety of her youtube career. Some of them are even down to 60k views

No. 358525

I think alot of her views before was because of the living doll trend like with Dakota. And after that I think alot of her views was because of running away from Margo then when it faded her views did too. Her most viewed recent videos seem to get about 100-200k views and those are the ones with clickbait titles or thumbnails aside from those she seems to get 50-90k views.

No. 358590

I mean, it could simply be practice for her so she's speaking Japanese more. I know in a lot of foreign language classes they encourage you to do blogs and stuff in the language you're learning so you get practice at saying a wide range of things. I think she's probably tired of sticking out with below-average Japanese and this is another way to practice.

No. 358623

So awkward



No. 359051

New video, Twice "Titty Song" (K-POP Parody)

No. 359076

Basically Venus is trying to end up on japanese tv

No. 359087

I was really rooting for Venus after the whole Margo thing finally blew up, but man, her last few videos made me kinda dislike her. It's too #randumzz #fuckfaggotlol #edge #kawaiiz for me, in all honesty.

No. 359213

Same, really not into this kawaii Filthy Frank type shit she's been rolling with these days. It's like I can feel how hard she's trying to be funny. I think I get that she's trying to be quirky and different as opposed to another weeby j-vlogger that's into cute shit, but it's coming off as inauthentic and cringeworthy. Idk how to put it.

No. 359293

I get what you're saying. The video is definitely very unfunny. I don't feel like comedy comes naturally to her.

No. 359336

Not to really defend her, but I get the feeling that she's going through a phase of trying to find her sense of self. She's acting like a teenager again because she finally has a kind of freedom she never had when she was with her mom. So, like a teenager, she's being really cringey and annoying.

No. 359341


This is so cringy, holy fuck.

No. 359385

I'm disappointed too.
She's not funny, it's a fact. But since her followers give her constant asspats ("lol, Venus is such a master troll!"…seriously take a look at the PULL thread, it's frustrating af) she'll not ready to face and make an effort.
It's ok that she try to find who she is, but she don't have to use all these awful clickbait stuff.
She already have 1,4 mil subscribers, a pretty solid fan base…she should take more time working on her content rather than thinking about her next "so edgy" jokes and nswf thumbnails.

I've a soft spot for her and still hope that she'll change…but for now, she's just walking on margo's paths.

sage for crooked english rant

No. 359735

if you mute the video it's perfect for perverts who fantasize to keep a girl in their basement and make her dress as a school girl and dance.

No. 360107

>She's acting like a teenager again because she finally has a kind of freedom she never had when she was with her mom
Anon stop it pls she wasn't in a small cage, that's her hamster's case.

No. 360138

Yeah, it looked like one of those transport thingies you're supposed to put your pet in when you travel.

No. 360417

She perfectly knows what she's doing imo.


I'm feeling so much secondhand embarrassment, I couldn't watch the whole video, sorry, Venus.

Filty-Venus is just not natural, she's trying too hard.

No. 360432


I usually think Venus is pretty cute but goddamn that lack of chin is bothering me. She looks like a female leafyishere

No. 360462

>maybe she wants to expand her demographic in japan but i don't see why they'd be interested,

She needs to change the content then, because she's using Japanese to present Japanese stuff that could be interesting for foreigners who aren't familiar with Japanese products, because those oh-so-weird products she presents aren't unusual in Japan, the only thing she's going to get from Japanese viewers is a *"oh this foreign girl speaks Japanese, ee~~"*, because the content is like.. "..she's eating gummies and chocolate from family mart and Donki ..so what?"

>or maybe she wants more people to be familiar with the language,

She's practicing but I doubt this is for the people… tbh I can't stand her voice when she tries to sound cute in Japanese.

No. 360509


Thats her actual chin ? I honestly thought she shooped her face accidentally that flat… damn.

No. 360675

Yeah, I know.
But fangelics keep licking her kawaii ass regardless shitty behaviours is a part of the problem (criticism is indispensable for an artist/public figure in my opinion)
But you're right, she's an adult and she should be able to question herself too.

No. 360879

She needs to learn how to speak English if she wants be this edge lord comedy Bitch. She had difficulty saying YouTube and spent a minute trying to sound it out.

No. 360905

I don't get why she sounds so mush-mouthed when she speaks. She's…German, right (please correct me if I'm wrong)? I have a friend who is from Germany, and I realize that this one example certainly isn't a lot to go off of, but he doesn't sound anything like this? I've heard non-native speakers say that English is kind of a pain in the ass to learn, but she speaks it on a, more or less, fluent level. (Maybe I'm being generous though.) A lot of her comedic pacing is lost because her speech is just so damn garbled.

No. 360937

think she cant speak it bc she never practices the language irl, probably why her japanese sounds 100x better since she can practice with people that actually speak it

No. 360938

Well she's been speaking English for years and she still sounds like shit.

No. 360970

She's Swiss. Swiss German is a lot different from High German and Swiss German speakers get made fun of a lot for their accent. That said, most of them don't have accents this shitty, but she grew up with Margaret so idk.

No. 360976

yes but has she every rly practiced with someone that can speak it??? only person she's praticed with is probably margo and maybe when she's gone shopping so im not surprised it still sounds like shit, its hard for europeans to not have heavy accent unless they speak english convos daily

No. 360977

She could practice on her own. But whatever the reason she needs to take a class or something because I think her English is why her YouTube career is going to shit.

No. 360986

A lot of young germans speak perfect english.

For me she sounds like people who try to hard to lose they german accent. A german accent is really clear and hard so they try to sound more indistincly.
Usually 15y/o teen girls who speak english the whole day and pretend to be one of the ~americanz~

No. 361372

It's not her English, she sounded like that before, it's her edgy content, weird sex jokes combinated with her loli look, no schedule, sad instagram posts, and Manaki constantly hinting about their sex life (why would you do that??)

She's one of the original "living dolls" , I guess that reference helps mantain her channel even if the content is, well, bad now.

No. 361476

She doesn't even speak good swiss german tho. It sounds more like she has a speech impediment

No. 361478

I always thought the same. I wonder if she has struggles in pronunciation in any language because she learned to speak too many languages and so her different accents mix together weirdly or something.

No. 361959

>those eyebrows

I'm glad it was a style video and not more randum anime bewbz cringe though, she's been really digging her channel a grave with those.

No. 361988

Nope her views have been going down, some videos can't even make it to 500,000. Her videos from before always made it in the 300.000-500.000 range. I wonder how her channel,would look like when her weeb phase pass?

No. 361991

She wears this uniform all the time, when will she buy a new one?

No. 361994

Their relationship is a cringe fest and awkward asf. I still wondering if manaki have a schoolgirl fetish?

No. 362081

I think so too, when you hear her talking in certain languages that she had to use or to learn you also realize that her vocabulary is very limited and almost childlike in most of them

No. 362134


from what they've posted on their social media it is really awkward… it could he manaki is just not used to being on camera, but then again they've been in a relationship for a while so you'd think he'd get used to it?

bit of a tinfoil but probably when he was stalking his "living doll", he wasn't expecting for them to actually end up in a relationship, them living together, etc. and he's trying to figure out how to deal with it and what exactly to do lol

No. 363318

File: 1501393863249.png (643.87 KB, 1280x720, ...no.png)

it's kinda distracting..
She wants to make her eyebrows straight, but girl…

No. 363565

I've never clicked on anything so fast in my life.

No. 363574

Please embed next time.

No. 363941


Nah man, her views are just going back to normal. She only got 300k-1mil because of the drama that was going down, before any of that her channel was actually losing subscribers and a lot of fans were complaining about her eating all the time. ( mukbang ) This was while she was in Korea and before 1mil subs ( which Margo and her bought subs everytime they lost subs ) I remember watching her drop 500 and then randomly shoot up 3000.

She had more (views) attention when there was multiple channels reporting about her ( keem, Vex, random fans ) as well as had a lot of Lolcow and Pulls attention. Now nobody cares but her hardcore fans.

No. 364868

Lol she's a better edgy-Venus than Venus herself. Even the candy she presented was better.

No. 366684

Venus' new video

No. 366820

File: 1501898620904.jpg (131.3 KB, 1940x451, IMG_6555.JPG)

>views have been going down
Check your facts son. Her views are going up steadily, as in 4M views/month to 4.4M views currently. She's gotten 4M views or better consistently for months now and they're rising, not "going down."

Try again.

No. 366927

File: 1501925423759.png (840.87 KB, 1057x608, 541516815815165846.png)

Not that anon, but why would she's using clickbait (thumbnails+title) if her channel was so successful?
Old contents aside, without clickbait her new videos barely reach 50-100k each.

No. 367408

File: 1501995950297.jpg (75.21 KB, 992x744, MOUTH_CORNER_LIFT_STONE_13_820…)

ok guys I can't be the only one who noticed that the shape of her mouth has completely changed? Her top lip used to have this kind of bow shape but now it's very heart shaped. There's this surgery in Korea that you can get to achieve this by cutting the corners of your mouth, pic related. At first I thought she just applied her lipstick differently but after looking at her older videos, the whole shape of her mouth unrelated to her lips changed when she talks. Thoughts?? Saged just in case

No. 367411

samefag but her bottom lip also look pretty busted, and she has these weird dot shaped scars (?) or bruises above both corners of the top lip. I'd take a screenshot but the video is really over exposed and I can't remember the exact times when I noticed the top lip scars. But I'm sure if you guys watch the video you'll notice it too

No. 367770

I agree a lot of her thumbnails (and content too) these days is unfortunate and I hate to see her stooping to such levels, but views are views. It's all paid the same whether they're on old vids or current ones. She's obviously getting a lot more views on her older vids but it doesn't matter when it comes to getting paid (sorry.)

Latest stats show 4.5M views/past 30 days, so still trending up.

No. 367808

Please give examples from her videos. I don't see it.

No. 368142

File: 1502086920917.png (832.4 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20170807-003329.png)

Aaah I think I know what you saw. She has little scars above both corners of her lips and under her lower lip, you can spot them at the beginnig of the video. I'm not sure what those scars are but yeah in this video her lips look upturned, her lips look usually very small and downturned.

Could be something else though.

No. 368153

>I hate to see her stooping to such levels, but views are views.
That's pathetic to be honest.

Click bait + low quality content combo only work for a while. It gets boring and predictable.

No. 368189

pretty sure it's patchy lip tint and makeup.

No. 368258

You people forget she is margo's daughter. They have a very biting sarcastic wit. She knows what shes doing. I bet thats not her real voice. Its her living doll voice. Plus once you get past 3 languages fluently your speaking voice changes. Listen to prince philip. You can tell he has lived many places.
Everyone gives venus a pass and blames margo. Venus is a cow on her own. I do enjoy her educational videos, she is a very good presenter. Her style is old american shows. Her mom must have made her study old tv. Her channel makes perfect sense when you look at it through the lens of old school euro trash mixed with old american tv.
They are the definition of eurotrash.

No. 369025

>She already have 1,4 mil subscribers, a pretty solid fan base…she should take more time working on her content rather than thinking about her next "so edgy" jokes and clickbait thumbnails
^^ Exactly why it's so frustrating to follow her these days. Imagine what she could do with that fanbase if she gave half a shit about her content and was even remotely consistent with an uploading schedule. She's totally squandering this opportunity because she just can't seem to be be arsed to put forth the slightest bit of effort.

No. 369600

File: 1502315757476.png (947.93 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-08-09-12-58-21…)

No. 369601

File: 1502315888424.png (1.21 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-08-09-13-13-18…)

No. 369633

lmfao that OOohhOoHooo at the beginning killed me

sage cuz she funni

No. 370254

Her face looks so different!

No. 370364

File: 1502420690380.jpg (199.9 KB, 895x1089, IMG_6601.JPG)

Her teeth look so much better.

No. 370379

Since her hair is pink in this video I guess her explanation about that teary selfie wasn't true.

The pink hair looks good on her too.

No. 370400

I'm pretty sure that's a wig?

No. 370418

I like that she full on admitted she was anorexic in the hottest ramen shop video.

No. 370444


No. 370451

3 minute mark

No. 370454

File: 1502436594426.png (180.57 KB, 1242x794, IMG_3495.PNG)

3:00 cap

No. 370478

I wouldn't say that's an admittance of anorexia. It probably just means she doesn't want to do mukbang videos anymore and this her reasoning to her fans.

Sort of a "I can't eat large amounts anymore because of this, and so can't do anymore videos where I eat so much I make myself sick"
Those mukbang videos must have seriously affected her health.

No. 370546

How many videos like this will she make? We get it, you like hot spicy food and putting tabasco sauce on everything

No. 370574

Medicalfags correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this shit (intensely spicy gimmick foods like this) kinda bad for the normal microbiota in your digestive system? Maybe that's why she's getting sick?

No. 370855

Her living doll days are over and now that she has visa, Japanese husbando, shes running out of content.

No. 371034

Spicy food and hot sauces can irritate your esophagus and stomach, if you already have gastritis problems it can make gastritis get worse. She seems very ~proud~ of her tolerance to spiciness, but she shouldn't eat like that often.
I bet her anus was on fire for eating that bomb

No. 371053

She still goes from one extreme to another, mukbangs were just a part of a bigger problem she still has.

No. 388471

Yea,the content of her videos are just eating and pandering to her weeb fans. Don't get me started on how she "tries" to portray her relationship with manaki as a anime wtf?

No. 390955

Does anyone know what kind of job Mana works to support Venus's lifestyle? Living in Japan seems expensive, she doesn't work and stays home all day

No. 390959

Panasonic factory I think? Or is it a car factory.

No. 390969

Yes, he is a stable, full-time employee of Panasonic since he was (I think) 18 years old. It's good money and decent benefits to support a small family. He had no problem supporting Venus completely during that huge slump and he also has a close family that cares about him and Venus.

If you live close to the countryside and small towns, it's not expensive to live in Japan. Venus and Manaki don't live in a major city, but the Japanese train system is convenient enough for Venus to travel freely to Tokyo or other fun places. Personally, I don't think she is living a luxurious or unusual life currently. Her amount of free time and shopping resembles a pretty typical young, childless housewife in Japan.

No. 390971

Being a "housewive" at the age of 20 and doing nothing at all day long besides a little cooking and making a video now and then, does seem lazy, anon. When you hear the occupation housewife, you'd either think she has kids to take care of, or is already old enough to be retired.
Usually you'd call people who are not working after high school unemployed…

No. 390972

She's in Japan, like >>390969 said. She's a gaijin, and already married, so most of the jobs she may have been able to get are barred to her. It's a real thing that married women in Japan trying to get jobs are considered unreliable with the assumption that they're probably going to get pregnant eventually. She's essentially an outsider anyways so it's difficult for her to get any jobs anyways.

No. 390977

V posted a video not too long ago, and was looking thinner then the last ones she posted. I think she's just following thru with that plan of hers to take a break and lose weight, but instead of informing her fans she's keeping it on the down low.

Sad she's still fighting with weight issues.

No. 391002

that's BS. Please stop with the "Japan is a difficult place for foreign women/married women" arguments. It's not the case. Girl is lazy and a weeb, she has never tried to get an actual job. That's all.

No. 391008

I'm sorry but how do you know where he works? wtf when are you people going to stop stalking her whole family and husband and post everything here?

One thing is discussing her videos and posts and other is making a whole summary of everything she and her family does, that doesn't even help her.

Leave her husband and family alone. if you can't stop stalking them at least keep that information to yourself.

No. 391024

It's sadly true that many japanese girls still aspire to be only a housewive, BUT if they're that young and/or don't have children, they at least work part time. Working in a conbini for a little bit would definatly not hurt her and is also possible for a "gaijin" since other than hi and bye, talking is minimal…

No. 391034

It's really not. She can get shit konbini jobs but not like a career. I have a friend who recently got let go from her high position job because she got married.

No. 391046

I think Venus is pretty fortunate to literally start a new life in the country she likes, and to have a relatively young man take care of her and provide a normal life away from her demon mom. I still think it's crazy how it happened, though because of that Venus has no desire to do anything and from an outsider's view that is pretty shitty. I'm sure Venus can get translator jobs or like what other anons said a konbini clerk job-which isn't bad since she's interacting with people and it's good experience. I can kinda relate to Venus on some of the things she's going through and I hope she stops caring about her looks (weight) and actually do something for herself instead of staying home and waiting for Manaki to get back

No. 391056

There are a LOT of stores and places in Japan that require people who can speak English or other foreign languages, they always hire students or housewives etc. since they already have a visa it's easy. You can work at a call center, at the airport, as an assistant, at a theme park, etc. You don't need a career for those jobs. They don't excpect you to have experience for things everyone can learn, just commitment.

>I have a friend that..

No. 391065

How the fuck do you know this? You obviously don't live there.

No. 391068

I recall she goes to a language school or something. I mean, it's not a nine-to-five -thing, but it's something. I wonder if she wants to start studying more. I also think she's going to start posting more videos eventually, and believe it or not, youtube can be a job

No. 391078

LC is not a place for self-posting so don't ask those stupid questions. Many people have lived there/live there/have family there/go often for work reasons/, you know?

No. 391112

>implying that was a real question instead of an assertion
Then she(you) should stfu like she's the authority, when other people may also have experiences.

Venus has never had a real job, let alone been married. She's probably giving into the ideal for Japanese women to be stay at home wives/moms.

No. 391128

Who cares if she's trying to be a housewife tho? It's not as if she's starting a patreon and/or asking for donations which is more lazy to me than being a housewife. Obviously Manaki and her have enough to support themselves and Manaki isn't complaining about her not having a job.
And I'm sure we'd know if he did because she'd make another cryptic instagram post then delete it right away.

No. 391135


^this. Venus isn't the only early twenties housewife to ever walk the face of the Earth. Hell, at least YouTube is bringing in some sort of income, plus, she's in language school. Is she being a bit lazy? Sure. But she doesn't have any kids to support and manaki seems to be making enough to support them so no harm no foul.

No. 391138

I thought Venus would look godawful if she ever got chubbier, but she looks cute here.

sage for no contribution whatsoever and also replying to a fucking 5 months old post.

No. 391166

Manaki posted a picture of a glimpse of a factory, and then these weebs up and went to find it. Some of you need to get a life,its weird and creepy how you stalk these banal cows.

No. 391245

Wtf?! Both Margaret and Venus posted about this information several times. I'm sorry for having a dependable memory. How the Hell is that stalking when one can simply REMEMBER what was posted as public information? Margaret even posted that video of her harassing Manaki while he was in uniform. Why are you even here if that is so difficult to understand?

It's funny because I don't think you genuinely care about her well-being at all.

Yeah, she said she was attending classes in one of her vlogs. Many language schools can help non-native Japanese speakers get part-time work too, although her spouse visa would allow to more employment options. She could very well have a part-time job now and she is just not mentioning it for privacy reasons. I don't know why some people think the only position for her is a toilet-cleaner or hostess.

Hey. I've been living in Japan for several years. Why do you think that other anon is lying if you don't live here either? Oh, lord. You're also >>391112 What is YOUR personal experience in Japan? You sure are worked up.

No, that's not what happened.

No. 391249

Venus and Manaki are married. Anon are you ok?

She's said she's studying for JLPT which is required for many jobs, like JLPT 3 or JLPT 1 for jobs where you need to be fluent. So if she's studying for that chances are she will find a better job because some companies have a "gajin" quota they need to fill.

> I also lived in Japan

No. 391393

In her newest video she looks like she slimmed down a lot. I hope she is doing it in a healthy way,would be nice of her to share how she achieved it.

No. 391408

You posted where he worked out,anon only asked was he a factory worker.

No. 391855

I noticed too. Not that her weight can't be achieved in a healthy way, but it would be more reassuring if she got back into sharing recipes or talking about the food she made herself. Yo-yo dieting and restriction are going to age her terribly if she is not careful.

Can you not read what >>390959 wrote?
It's old news. What's with your fake moral outrage? Anyway, the only person that is a legitimate danger to them, or even cares about finding their exact location, is Margaret. But she can't re-enter Japan and she can't speak Japanese to figure out which facility, out of MANY, that he may work at. By the time she gets travel clearance, Venus may have citizenship, which Margaret dreads. Not only will Venus have more rights in general, but she can legally act on her own without depending on her husband or his family.

No. 391929

She looks the same size wtf

No. 391986

She tried to do that by sharing a few low cal recipe on insta and talked about doing more videos about it but everyone lost their shit and was worried about her having an eating disorder and that counting calories is bad etc etc. So she stopped doing that

No. 392164

a lot of people lose weight simply by living in Japan.

Unless they eat at Dennys and McDonalds constantly

No. 392198

With the exception of Dakota seems she gained weight in Japan.

No. 392208


Wow the contrast and brightness are turned up so high in her videos that when she puts on makeup you can't even see the difference

No. 392677

There's no way she did it in a "healthy" way. She was already slender, it's clear she's had to hardcore restrict to get that size.

No. 392678

She slimmed down again, but not terribly. I personally think she looks very good, but we've seen her go up and down with weight, so hopefully she is active and healthier right now.

I hope she gains the confidence to share once more. She should just leave out mention of calorie restriction or weight loss and instead focus on the beneficial nutritional content, or just the joy of cooking in general. Kawaii bento would be a great direction for her.

No. 408982

File: 1508891338877.jpg (232.18 KB, 454x902, capture-20171024-201929.jpg)

Is it just me, or does she seem to be doing something in this picture to appear more flat chested? Binding? Maybe it's just the sweater? She doesn't seem to mind showing off her legs, but really downplays them bewbs.

No. 408993

Doesn’t look like binding, but she could be wearing softer bras without extra padding. I do think she tries to divert attention from her chest area. Usually girls in media in Japan will be labeled ero if they have a larger chest, even when they are that big. It will be like “She has an innocent face, but big boobs!” and that would become her brand. She probably doesn’t want her for figure to be part of selling point. She also still seems unsure and uncomfortable about embracing a mature, confident type of sexuality.

No. 408994

*even when they are not that big

No. 409004

She’s probably trying to fit in with Japanese women. They typically don’t show a lot of boobs, period.

No. 409189

Or maybe she just likes this kind of look?

No. 409258

she also starved slimmed down a lot, so maybe them boobies gone.

No. 409348

File: 1508970688585.jpeg (472.68 KB, 1374x1864, 42C2F4CB-E496-4132-B80B-2E4AF4…)

She’s now a Verified instagram account…i.e. officially a public figure, celebrity +/or a global brand (according to instagram.) Idk what that means but it seems to be a good thing?

No. 410336

you guys give her too much credit. she is trying to look like a Japanese doll. remember that is her "thing". venus is whatever you want her to be. people want doll and that's what she is giving them. she is young and restless. she has never had a real job or real school. she has always been in some program. her life has been 24/7 drama until 2 years ago. manaki is old. so now she is giving herself drama. she is shooping herself real thin lately. she is in a culture that loves to see people make a fool of themselves. lets wish her luck.

No. 410339

everytime marge makes the news venus does something to counter. marge says, "I'm sick" venus talks about how she once was sick. marge birthday rolls around venus talks about how she was once lonely. venus pokes marge all the time and no one calls her out.
I think venus became verified now due to contracts. venus is very sneaky just like her mom.
to switch bank accounts and take the laptop is not kid work.

No. 410483


What, walking away from that maniac abuser taking only the laptop (that she paid for with her earnings) and a suitcase is some kind of evil master plan? You sound just like marge the nutcase ranting about VENOOS THAT THIEF AND BOOLY.

No. 410501

the actual fuck?

No. 410506

>everytime marge makes the news
lol "news." what fucking news? all she does is make vague, neurotic posts on her social media. sit down.

No. 411098

anon >>410339
has a vivid imagination.

No. 412716

File: 1509499721339.jpeg (386.27 KB, 1382x1419, 86A797E2-02AE-406C-8BFA-FE9538…)

Halloween cosplay w/her new friend

No. 412733

seems like an ostrenga has taken up interest in Venus now, eh.

No. 412786

Hey Andromeda,
You should really make a fan club for Venus.

No. 412885


Venus has everything either Kiki or Kota could want. Efame just got being cutesy and playing with her toys, Japanese visa husband, new Japanese name and family, money. She’s on weeaboo easy street.

No. 412969

This pic is really cute!!

No. 413004

>She’s on weeaboo easy street.
Really. She maintains 2.5M Youtube views per month despite only posting one halfassed video every 3 weeks or so. She seems to be concentrating more on Instagram, posting there regularly but even those are pretty boring and uninspired. She’s coasting on her past fame. Imagine what she could accomplish if she gave enough of a shit to put some effort into it.

Her new friend is an example of someone who’s at least trying, whether you like that weeaboo crap or not.

No. 413050

What lmao

Andromeda sleeps with an eye open just in case someone talks here. Always ready to bark at jelly jelly haters.

>New friend
what happened with Taylor? wtf

No. 413060

Pretty sure they were never friends. It seemed one sided from Taylor trying to make collabs.

No. 413068

That's sad. But it was weird, Taylor invited her to many places, made a video defending her, I don't know if it was just for youtube money or what but one day Venus just unfollowed her and they stopped talking in public.

It was discussed here, then Taylor commented one of her videos but Venus totally ignored it, responded to other youtubers and people, Taylor's comment was the only one without a like or a comment. I also remember when someone asked Taylor on IG, "hey is it true that Venus stole money from you?" (a sockpuppet I believe). Taylor or that person deleted the comment when it was posted here.
So idk. Now that Tay's leaving, I wonder what happened.

No. 413087

On which video did taylor leave a comment?

No. 413097

I don't remember, but it was after Venus unfollowed her and farmers noticed.

No. 413105

I don’t remember any of this happening, here or in her YT comments or on IG. Post the comment or it didn’t happen.

Personally I think Venus just got bored with Taylor and dropped her, god knows she bores me to death. Venus has 2 or 3 other people she hangs with in Tokyo and follows on IG, besides her IG besties Tsuruko and that Ikuraz person. Why bother with Taylor, especially since she’s joined at the hip with the insufferable Sharla? Who needs that?

No. 413109

Except that it did happen, lurk more, all the screenshots are in these threads, no need to lie about those details.

>Why bother with Taylor

Because she seemed to care and defended her? Tay NEVER said anything bad about her, in fact only super nice things and asked people stop attacking Venus? That was nice.


Yeah no one needs Sharla lmao but Taylor was nice enough to keep her relationship with Venus away from Sharla.

No. 413124

>all the screenshots are in these threads
Not a single one in this thread, just one troll comment from Taylor’s IG which she deleted.
Post ‘em or you’re lying.

No. 413130

Sorry if you missed it but go check previous threads, check or you are a lazy cunt.

No. 413136


Sorry, it’s not up to me to go searching for your (nonexistent) screenshots; you need to prove your comment or shut up. Post them or you’re a liar.

No. 413137


>Post them or you’re a liar.

>Post the comment or it didn’t happen.
>Post ‘em or you’re lying.
Also, I know exactly from which thread you took that phrase from, it was me who told you that LMAO, you have a hate boner for Dakota and other girls here, it's funny, when you aren't nitpicking in other threads, (it was for people like you that Dakota thread was perma saged) you're just sad spergelic checking this thread 24/7. lmao SAD. but funny.

No. 413257

No. 413574

>It was discussed here, then Taylor commented one of her videos but Venus totally ignored it, responded to other youtubers and people, Taylor's comment was the only one without a like or a comment.

You mean this? >>313792

No. 413596

I thought Venus mass unfollowed everyone though, not just Taylor?
And yea she invited Venus to many places but she also kept whipping out the camera whenever they hung out even at times Venus didn't seem to want to be in a vlog. I mean she didn't show her face then but it just felt like she was interrupting girl time by trying to get footage. That can get annoying after a while
There's also the fact that Taylor is way older, has different interests and experiences, etc. I doubt there was anything mean in their distancing themselves from each other. But then again, who knows what went on we can only speculate. They might still talk in private.

No. 414940

In her last day in Japan Taylor went to hang out with Venus and they both said super nice things to each other so they're obviously still friends

No. 414973

I think this is the most genuine/positive story of someone's experience with Venus I've heard. All the stories I've heard in the past about her is about how jealous she was of people/accused people of copying her, and would suddenly go cold on people. I'm happy that they had good experiences with each other.

No. 415050


She looks like young Amy Lee here

No. 415108

>All the stories I've heard in the past about her is about how jealous she was of people/accused people of copying her

That was all her narc mom, anon. Where have you been?

No. 415606

File: 1509847412489.jpeg (273.67 KB, 1132x827, 51DEA99C-D5E6-44BB-9E0C-2ABC39…)

So yeah, no Venus/Taylor drama for those anons trying to stir up some. Venus even dusted off her Twitter account to retweet the link to Taylor’s vlog.

Sorry, >>413109

No. 415651

File: 1509851046972.jpeg (373.52 KB, 1959x1152, 7EE51D7C-161A-4F64-A607-C9BA86…)

They had lunch at the same cafe (in the very same seats) where they first met a year ago. Venus said Taylor was the first friend she made in Japan and thanked Taylor for helping her be more open. Taylor choked up. Obviously no acrimonious breakup happened here.

Afterwards Taylor said she admires Venus’s positivity and strength after going through so much in her life.

No. 415857

Even so, you'd imagine more people seeing through the bullshit or at least coming out of the woodworks to say anything of the sort after she margo. Also if anons were convinced that Venus is perfect and beautiful and looks like Linda Evangelista without her mother, she wouldn't have a thread.

No. 415939

She did lose a lot of weight. Her arms so skinny.

No. 416210

Yes she looks extremely thin, both in this video and on her instagram/instastories. And she’s been dropping hints like ‘I forgot to eat all day’ and ‘went out to eat with Manaki but couldn’t stomach it but went home and ate ice cream instead.’ I don’t think she’s in a good place eating/health wise. She has been posting alot about going fun places and shopping in her instastories though so idk, at least she’s getting out and going places and doing fun things?

No. 416493

You don’t seem too bright (as evidenced by your inability to string together a coherent sentence.) Everybody knows it was batshit crazy margo behind all that shady shit over the years, frequently posing and posting as Venus.
Get with the program, would you?

No. 416521

I like her without bangs.

No. 418104

Where's the fucking milk? No one care about Penus Halloween costume but you.
Lolcow isn't a fansite. Go back to PULL.

No. 418168

>as evidenced by your inability to string together a coherent sentence.
You’re such a fucking snob, relax. I’m a different anon btw.

>Everybody knows it

No it was literally just Andromeda who posted that tinfoil in PULL

No. 418169

>I also think venus either doesn't like her or feels the same way I do about her


No. 418194

Lol anon why did you delete the post about
>I also think venus either doesn't like her or feels the same way I do about her

Mikan is that you?

No. 418200

Anon you must be confused. No one wants Taylor and Venus drama, it was the troll who wrote that Venus stole her money and the fact that she unfollowed everyone and never publicly talked to Taylor what was weird, asking about that incident isn’t something bad. What Taylor did for her since the beginning was incredibly nice, but you came here to say that Taylor is boring and that who needs her (only because she’s friends with Sharla?) blah blah… but now that Taylor is super nice (again) you come here and say how wonderful their relationship is after trash talking her. Hypocrite

No. 418212

File: 1510115843478.jpg (795.78 KB, 1318x560, venusandmikan_LI.jpg)

i deleted the screenshot because I wanted to explain what I was saying more accurately. I only thought mikan was using her to gain more popularity because of the way I see her talk about venus in her comments on facebook. And I suspected venus felt the same way I did because she never posted the video mikan references in this post. and I also know venus has a hard time making friends with people who are too similar to her and mikan is pretty darn similar to her. but hey, maybe venus just never got around to it.

No. 418253

You’re seriously saying it’s only one person who thinks psycho marge was the source of all the drama with other Youtubers over the years, and everybody else thinks it was Venus? Are you really that deluded or just very, very dumb?

No. 418336

Agree! I feel I,m in PULL, so sad! I miss the old times

No. 418343

You said
>Everybody knows it
But that’s not the case. Do you really believe everyone agrees with that tinfoil?
In fact, if you check old tags and compare them to new tags after Margo-era, Venus still uses many of the old tags, because she used to tag her videos herself, she wrote captions etc.
Now, you just can’t come and say
“Margo never moved a finger, she never edited anything you can see it was just Venus” and then say “uh no, Margo wrote everything in her old videos and Instagram posts” see how contradictory is that? lyou are just trying to justify everything, it’s never Venus, it’s always X or Y. That theory is ridiculous, very unrealistic.

No. 418354

Tbh I don’t really understand what people find interesting in Mikan. From my observation, she seems pretty self obsessed and rude whenever she answers some questions.

No. 418437

Absolutely agree, shes just another uninteresting insta "kawaii" hoe. Most likely trying to milk Venus for a share in her thirsty beta followers and cheap sponsors kek


No. 418456

Lol you need to fucking chill. It's the internet, it's not that serious. Sounds like you need a reminder that these people are irrelevant in the real world?

Is it highly probable that Venus was under the influence of Margo, yes absolutely. Does that completely negate the fact that Venus herself could have been a dick to other people independently, no! Absolutely not. But you know what, I cba to reply with you anymore because all you do is just assert that people are dumb and don't know anything about the situation lol.

No. 418469

We get it. You keep saying that since the first Venus thread has come.

Lolcow ≠ spergelic's safe space

No. 419920

Good job leaving your profile pic in the screenshot.

No. 420694

my mistake

No. 424652

File: 1510770269664.jpeg (174.4 KB, 640x1091, 20EE22AD-6FDB-487D-8F60-C3D5AD…)

Look what she posted in her instastories, just stuck in there between hamster pics and cute food. Guess she’s still working through issues w/her past.

No. 424864

That’s from that interview where marge wouldn’t let her speak and covered her ears so she wouldn’t hear the interviewer’s questions, like the fucking nutcase she is/was. Good for Venus for realizing just how brainwashed she really was and clapping back.

No. 424885

link? never seen it before

No. 424926

No. 425245

Seeing her admit this, it makes me wonder how much she started to actually believe about being a living doll/better than the other girls and how much she just wanted to please her mother. Also, how involved she was with blocking, criticizing and bullying her rivals. Just letting her mother do most of the dirty work makes her almost as guilty, but I feel like she may actively participated in more of it than I thought. I really like Venus and empathize a lot with her situation, but I kind of hope she privately tried to make peace with anyone she may have directly harassed.

No. 425250

Is this bitch even relevant anymore outside of here? It seems like the little attention she gets is for her old 13 year old version. Like she just feels like a generic dime a dozen weeaboo now

No. 425298

The thing is, we all know she was manipulated by her mother, so Venus could have genuinely believed the "haterzzz" were trying to stop her achieving her (mother's) dreams.

Her mother could have easily convinced Venus blocking all negative and non-ass-kissing comments was the best thing to do.

Yes I fully believe Venus was involved with the mass blocking of people, but I also believe it was because she was convinced it was necessary

No. 425363

This. A mother like Margo could easily convince Venus that it was all just haters. Especially when she wouls isolate Venus by not enrolling her in school or pulling her away at conventions and standing right at her back when fans wanted to talk to her.
But i think it back fired because most dont let their daughter become stars and more and nore ppl were openingly questioning Margo.since she put herself out there instead of hiding.
Ppl could pull receipts on Margo and make venus see.
She only did what mother says to do.

Never mind this pyscho tried to sell her off constantly to older and richer men.

No. 425383

I think this is something she's done obviously as a result of her mother breathing down her neck. I think she's a stronger person for dumping the bitch but now she's in a adolescent period where she doesn't know what being a adult is. Her mom definitely isn't a adult or mature for that matter. Her mom paraded her around, blamed others for their mistakes and I'm sure being exposed to her hubby's family was uncomfortable but refreshing for her. I can't blame her for hating her old self.

No. 426017

that psycho narcissist bitch really turned that kid into her very own little travelling circus sideshow, and lived off the proceeds for years. Disgusting.

No. 427943

>something she's done obviously as a result of her mother breathing down her neck.
We don’t know that she “did” anything; you just want to believe she did. I maintain all that shit was psycho margo’s doing because she’s the psycho here, not Venus. You’re entitled to your opinion, I’m entitled to mine. Point being, all we have is opinion. Actually the preponderance of facts points to margo, i.e. she’s the one with the history of obsessive stalking while Venus has no such history whatsoever.

No. 429570

File: 1511303414878.jpeg (479.17 KB, 1585x1173, 6510C5D1-EDD9-4974-A27C-BB4937…)

Finances? Investing?? This is gonna trigger someone whose name I won’t mention, for sure. lol
>’she invests MY MONEE that she STOLE from meee that psychopath!!’

No. 431287

It seems as if she wanted to get sponsored insta posts, or getting clothes to promote.

No. 431296

If she'd just stop to shoop herself asian and get back to normal video titles instead of constant 'edgy' clickbait, I think I'd be able to like her again. But these days she's just copy pasta

No. 431561

Agree with you, she is only living the weeaboo dream, but I feel sometimes we are in a fan site of Venus, no more milk no fun, that's sad. Miss the old times

No. 431766

Maybe there’s no more “milk” because all the drama/controversy came from her psycho mother.

No. 431784

Please point out what part of the above pic is “shooped to look Asian.” Even the tiniest bit “Asian.” I’ll wait.

No. 435683

File: 1512142124262.jpeg (469.95 KB, 1254x1476, D2848AD6-FB6E-4AF3-A8A9-38E9E6…)

Look who got together at Tokyo Disney

No. 435685

File: 1512142205368.jpeg (179.24 KB, 1195x517, F0DF2601-E0AF-421D-9521-CE5958…)

and caption
2 vlogs incoming

No. 435698

Venus lives a life of obvious delusions. She’s not happy with her looks, she’s aging quickly, the dream of waking up one day to become an “average” 14yr old Asian girl is an impossible goal. She’s dead inside. The milk is there if you choose to taste it’s tepid froth.

No. 435721

>Venus lives a life of obvious delusions. She’s not happy with her looks, she’s aging quickly, the dream of waking up one day to become an “average” 14yr old Asian girl is an impossible goal. She’s dead inside. The milk is there if you choose to taste it’s tepid froth
>I feel sometimes we are in a fan site of Venus, no more milk no fun, that's sad

I agree with everything, anons. This thread is full of asslickers and feels more like a fan thread than a lc thread. But I know eventually lots of milk will flow from her despite the current boredom.

No. 435865

your wishful thinking is not = “milk”
There is no “milk” because all milk flowed from marge the psycho. Without her there’s nothing; Venus on her own is boring. Hence this thread being dead. No marge = nothing to discuss. Sorry.

Looking forward to her and Taylor’s vlogs about their day at Disneyland Tokyo.

No. 435871

I'm more interested in her video of "great significance".

No. 435910

I’m still waiting for that one too. And the vlog she made with that Mikan person, that never appeared either. She seems to be stuck lately wrt making videos. It’s been weeks since her last one.

No. 436159

File: 1512198383139.jpg (92.95 KB, 750x1334, 15418841_1497890280302168_8295…)


speaking of mikan, anon, this is from venus' latest insta-story; looks like venus, mana, and mikan are hanging out together.

No. 436228

>aging quickly
19 (?) is practically dead! Lol.

No. 436237

let's start a rumour that they're a throuple/polyamorous(no)

No. 436238

aging quickly as in she's looking old for her age. no surprise since she has ednos and uses cheap beauty products. "you look so mature!!" was like every comment on her last video lmao.

No. 436265

In what ways is she aging? She looks fine to me.

No. 436306

looks fine to me too. Everyone takes unflattering pics from time to time - bad lighting, angles etc - but
>aging quickly
>looking old for her age?
sorry, no.

No. 436312

I don't understand how mikan has so many followers, her outfits are boring as shit, despite living in jp

No. 436314

No. 436329

File: 1512232297519.jpeg (282.38 KB, 989x1364, 7A8CFD31-E4BA-47C1-9BEE-FB78D2…)

She’s also been hanging with her friend @mikan.mandarin. And looking her age (to me.)

No. 436369

File: 1512236558255.jpeg (378.69 KB, 1834x1140, 97C614E5-332E-4125-98AC-32BC30…)

Looks like they had fun

No. 436376

sage, but mikan looks like a dude

No. 436526


or we could not

No. 436546

But for real. I think Venus could be bisexual.

No. 436621

Wtf why?

No. 436656



I sometimes feel like this manface is posting in this thread. I get that she's one of Venus' few friends, but how often she gets brought up is a tad irritating. Also weird to see people type out the full username rather then just her name. Its like referring to Venus as : Venus_Angelic or Taylor as "Taylor1488".

Venus is boring and her ugly friend is irrelevant…

No. 436686

She gets brought up when Venus posts a pic of her, dumbass.

No. 436769

What a reach…

No. 436925

File: 1512322882935.jpeg (349.49 KB, 1029x1728, 6DC77904-845D-447F-8B11-D90676…)

Promised video #3, so far none have materialized. Been like 6 weeks since her last video yet somehow her views keep going up and up - almost 3 million views/month currently. I don’t understand.

Mikan looks cute here. It’s all in the angles with her.

No. 436961

You should never forget, that her old videos are still being watched.

No. 437458

File: 1512366903998.jpg (241.61 KB, 1242x1898, YD5PdwZ.jpg)

Put a ice pack on that hate-boner, girl. I can practically hear the vibrations. Lol

She may be, but what does that have to do with her friendships?

The long wait seems to concern the difficult nature of her next videos. Which issue do you think she will address: her mom/family, body image and/or mental state?

No. 437489

I dunno, am I crazy or does Mikan look, here and in other photos on her IG, (can't think of a better way to put this) massively cunty? Like maybe she just chooses to pose that way but her expression feels like "you're just a bug to me." Whereas venus looks sweet

No. 437510

Tbh I see it the other way round and I don't like either of them. To me Venus is a very fake person, I just don't like her. I can't see anything sweet in her. When she was still with her toxic mom I could feel with her as to me it has always been obvious that her mum pulled the strings. But Idk I kinda expected her to go on a longer hiatus and come back when she sorted everything with her new family, her mental health and ED. But she just stayed and became an utter mess. (This is my personal opinion, I know and accept that most see it in a different light though)

No. 437511

She looks fine, and even if she didn't there's no milk. Stop sperging

No. 437520

The reach

No. 437531


I also thought she looked like one of those bitchy girls that pretends to be your friend but really is only using you.

No. 437587

She comes off as bitchy quite often on instagram… I don’t like personally like her behavior but that’s just me… if Venus likes her… good for her I guess.

No. 437644

This thread needs to be locked or something so all of you are forced to go back to PULL if you really want to talk about her manly looking friend or whatever stupid shit is being sperged about itt. Venus is way too boring to be on this board anymore.

No. 437722

Not until she releases the mystery video she’s been talking about for TWO WEEKS now