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File: 1669679347276.jpg (289.18 KB, 470x797, 1669677780585.jpg)

No. 268839

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Venus Angelic Summary:

>Venus Isabelle Palermo aka Venus Angelic is a washed up as-been famous Swiss Youtuber who gained popularity for her doll looks and weeby content back in the days. Her momager Margo created the Venus Angelic brand, dragged her around the globe evading taxes and stirring up drama among the living doll and makeup vlogger community. She married and cuckolded a Japanese fan named Manaki who doesn’t appear online anymore but she is presumably still married to him. Venus faded off into internet irrelevancy for the most part and tries to recapture some amount of attention by uploading random videos every other month and thotting on OnlyFans.

Last thread summary

+ Recent milk
> got engaged to her sugar daddy, a 45 yo japanese alky named Ken (aka Manager-san or zaddy). The same she accused of being a pedophile in 2020
> openly committing marriage visa fraud
> went to rehab

+ Most recent milk
> new diagnosis to add to her collection + new medication >>246390 >>246409 >>>248698 >>251992 >>251995
> "Zaddy" came to visit >> 249505 anons wonder why they are not living together despite being engaged >>>249514 >>249597 >>257322 >>259620
> in her schizo era #edgy (also she didn't get any disgnosis now) >> 249792 people with legit schizophrenia are not happy >>250019
> got discharged after 6 weeks >> 252182
> back to Manaki's place>>> 252524
> Q&A video about her time inside the ward >>256900 >>256932
> teasing a YT come back video. As always, didn't make it >>263285
> roadtrip to Nagano with Zaddy >>258408
> belated Halloween together >>263377
> making porn with him >>259201 >>259475 >>263854
> pee videos >>260569 >>261259 >>268352
> working her way to scat porn >>264232 >>267939
> more degradation fetish content feat. Zaddy's nasty toes >>261669 >>264226 >>264230
> as usual Venus scamming people on OF >>262296 >>262296 >>262386 >>262508 >>262611 >> 262846
> Zaddy sad body >>264303 >>264459
> french youtuber Aline Dessine did a video and chose to not mention all the tea >>263416 >>263428
> thanks to her, Venus gained new brainwashed followers >>263780 >>263786 >>264609 >>264683
> Margaret suicide baited in reaction >>263723 >>263744 >>263780
> anons found Venus' Reddit account >>260513 >>260516 >>260518 >>260520 >>260522 >>260530
> lied about having no contact with Margot >>260521 >>260600
> tried to lure people to her porn but got no engagement >>260619 >>260584
> finally moving out "by herself" >>263285 >>265789 >>266065 >>266097 >>266178
> coincidently Margaret claims to be married now >>267009 >>267057
> unflattering pictures and videos of V on Zaddy's IG >>266914 >>268419 >>268431
> defending the most beautiful girl >>267174
> they're working on getting married >>267534
> blonde Venus is back >>267843
> posted an ASMR blowjob video on YT >>267971 >>268089 >>268191
> comments are not supportive tho >>268122
> opened a jp fantia account >>268443

Venus' instagram: https://www.instagram.com/venus_angelic/
witch instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rebeldollatelier/?hl=en
“Momonga” (e-girl “business”) instagram: https://www.instagram.com/momonga.inc/?hl=en
Ken's instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nekopachi77/

Youtube :
main youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/VenusAngelic
weeb youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrpLE_Q1iNszN0O9n6V85YA

twitter: https://twitter.com/VenusAngelic
tiktok: @dollyvenus (inactive) @venusangelicoffical
reddit : https://www.reddit.com/user/dollyvenusangelic/

fanicon: https://fanicon.net/fancommunities/1857 (inactive)
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/venusangelic
Fantia : https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/478894

No. 268888

Yeah this thread is way better. Nobody wants a spoilered thread pic.

I don’t think Venus would be able to move back to Switzerland. Their social programs are even tougher to navigate and obtain than burgerland’s.(sage your shit)

No. 268910

Sage your shit

No. 268940

For those who think she may have miscarried… if she was pregnant, it would explain why this Ken dude all a sudden had her move in with him after 4 years of letting her remain a blackout drunk goblin at Manaki's.

No. 268945

It wouldn't be even surprising if she miscarried, no fucking way she could have a healthy child with the way how she fucked her up her body.

No. 268950

File: 1669713453651.jpg (102.38 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2022-11-27-13-39-23…)

It would explain her blotted stomach and the pregnancy cushions too. Venus married a stranger to live her weeb dream, I wouldn't be surprised she was ready to have a child to marry Ken. Margot the same with Venus father, isn't?

No. 268952

Same anon. But bleaching your hair is not recommended during pregnancy and isn't he "cherry pie" video with menstruation? So maybe she isn't pregnant

No. 268962

>bleaching your hair is not recommended during pregnancy
lol that you think she would take care not to do things that are 'not recommended' because it may harm. her entire repertoire is whatever is 'not recommended', harm is her active pursuit

No. 268967

I think the pregnancy tinfoiling is a huge reach from some instagram shitpost. I think you're reading too much into it.
Ya'll are sperging about dyed hair when she's literally missing parts of her digestive tract and cannot absorb nutrients properly lol. Hair is the least of her problems, her alcohol abuse, psych meds and botched surgery are the issue here when it comes to carrying a baby full term. She's too self absorbed to want a baby anyway, SHE is THE baby beenoos, remember?

No. 268968


If Venus ever got knocked up by some Japanese national, she would definitely end up exactly like Sere/Jennifer Maddingly I.E. make and abandon a bunch of hafu anchor baby kids and be whored out at a brothel.


Idk, Venus is stupid and impulsive enough to do something this retarded just to stay in Japan. I mean she marry Mana despite having 0 attraction to him and look at how that went. It's still up in the air, but there is a 50/50 Mana finally filed for divorce. Again "weeb Gaijin in Japan" is the only thing keeping her relevant. Even though her youtube is hot garbage, new weebs find her old shit, then look her up, see she's in Japan, and follow. Once she's out of Japan, no one will care about her anymore.

No. 268977

I would hope she did. She’d have a baby with FAS.

No. 268984

File: 1669740778786.jpeg (303.88 KB, 735x1334, 16ADBF88-43AE-4942-A63E-A19ABD…)

Well we know she wants to BE Taylor, she said that herself. She wants a rich Asian hubby, a life in luxury and a new baby. But all she has is this fat greasy middle-aged porn guy. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s trying to get pregnant, that would explain a lot of different things- like her sudden urgency to get sober for one.

No. 268985

File: 1669740956917.jpeg (142.4 KB, 1192x1044, 3994D440-7118-49E8-BB67-183A88…)

I mean, with a face like this who else is she gonna get?

No. 268986

JFC, the very first post in the NEW thread and its the same tired old shit about Venus 'goingggbaackkktoswitzerlaaand' ffs!

No. 268993

Living' the dream, black out drunk in a dirty studio. She wont remember half of the shit she did because of all the alcohol and potential nerve damage.

No. 269013

Just like Eugenia Cooney, I kind of just want to see her die.(a-logging)

No. 269015

Dafaq. Take your meds, Anon.

No. 269020

My friend reminded me that when Venus was younger she expressed she would rather date a girl because they're cuter. If that is true no wonder she has to be black out drunk daily.
Not like I feel too bad for her. There were plenty of girls back in the day who would have happily helped and dated her. But she choose Mana because she could live her weeb dreams and live in Japan.

No. 269030

But if I remember It correctly, she said she was a lesbian when she was already married to Manaki. And she said she was no leaving her husband. But she "dated girls". Same time, counting dates, she was starting her relationship with Ken-Zaddy. Idk, I dont think she likes girls, she is just a pickme(you need to remember how to sage)

No. 269102

We have that in common.
Except that I can sage.

No. 269107

Of course she doesn't like girls. She just watched too much disgusting anime porn that made her think kawaii uguu animu girls are the pinnacle of sexual desire.
Also coming our of the closet gets you a shit ton of "yaaaas kween, slay!" comments that she loves to lap up.

No. 269129

She would only 'go gay for pay'. Obviously shes not bi or lesbian.

No. 269132

Wasn't she going to with June? But she couldn't even manage to do that.

No. 269138

She talks big game but never delivers. Alcoholics do that a lot.

No. 269142

it's funny June's ok with pissing in porn but Venus was too much for her.

No. 269144

Venus cant make a decent porn to save her life, she really is a mood killer. To be honest I would have loved to see that inevitable train-wreck.

No. 269147

I feel like Junes management might have refused to "collab" with Venus after they did some research and learned about her shitty reputation and porn performances.

If it's not that, then chances are high that Venus killed her link to June herself by behaving like the fucked up person she is.

No. 269148

June has badly lit, golden shower porn. Highly doubt that's why.

No. 269166

June tried to be supportive, talking about how Venus is fighting to get better but realised it was bullshit. June's porn is what it is but she is professional. Wouldn't be surprised if Venus stole money from her or June backed off due to Venus drug use or creepy relationship with Ken. Like maybe he gave Venus that bruised eyes she had for moment, June tried to warn her but Venus got back with him "because of looove"

No. 269167

Thats like 3 tinfoils here.

No. 269176

When did venus have a bruised eye?

No. 269191

>>269166 wants to go back to the glory days of ‘omg what is that mark on her face? Is that guy BEATING her?? I’m WORRIED, you guys!’

No. 269192

Around June 2020

Yeah it is just tinfoil. There're more chance she was just drunk and fall on her face. Anyways June doesn't follow back Venus so she must have done something bad.

No. 269271

I’d also like to see you die.


No. 269316

Venus got hurt a lot of times but that's like when she said she jumped in front of a bus but the injuries where more like falling drunk on the street. Don't say "Venus looks like Ken is beating her" too loud bc I know Venus reads us and we can come back to those violence baiting times

No. 269324

>June tried to warn her but Venus got back with him "because of looove"

"because of visa". There, I fixed it for you.

No. 269352

>over the top assumptions to make yourself seem smarter
>still would love to see you die
Retarded faggot.

No. 269394

"Highly intelligent" kek, that's how psychopaths are portrayed in movies. In real life they're often quite the opposite.

No. 269438


No. 269440

No. I’m gonna keep making your ass mad over nothing.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 269441

Smells like unwashed scrote in here.

No. 269442

Who is this June you guys are talking about? I missed that tea…
Anyway, I would try lesbian porn if I was her, maybe she could even get a real orgasm for once, lesbians are known for being good at their game. But the porn would probably be bad anyways, cause benus is bad a HER game

No. 269447

She just said that as an excuse when she and mana split so people wouldn't suspect visa fraud. Then she settled on the Mana is abusive and asexual lie. she isn't a lesbian.

No. 269449

File: 1669950349599.png (151.21 KB, 892x590, 1658504212026.png)

The distinct smell of lynx Africa, Cheeto dust and unwashed scrotum.

No. 269469

Bro ain’t nobody have innies like that on this board gtfo porn saving scrote

No. 269474

>projecting like hell(>not saging)

No. 269485

File: 1669957913640.jpg (1019.45 KB, 1080x1921, Screenshot_20221202_020316_Ins…)

So, mommy benus just posted that and honestly is not hard to understand how venus turned out that bad
And she isn't even american lol
And to think the "husband" is teaching a SUPPOSEDLY suicidal woman to use guns and keeping it by the bed, like, what could go wrong am I right?

No. 269487

Margo has her own thread. Learn to use it.

No. 269494

keep to margos thread but just for anons info, switzerland has very high, but highly regulated gun ownership. I believe all men are even required to keep one as a national defense thing. This is not super far-out behavior for a Swiss man

No. 269496

No. 269501

Sorry, I didn't knew she had one, didn't tought margo was relevant enough to have her own thread lol

No. 269518

The fuck is the garlic for lmfao

No. 269519

I didn't see the top of the picture so I thought the lamp was a massive penis pump….

No. 269520

Vampires kek (sorry I couldn’t help myself)

It’s almost like psychomom Marge is trying to passively convey a message to Venus or something..

No. 269522

Uhm, this is an online meme. Elon Musk posted a photo on twitter with the caption "My bedside table" and there were multiple guns on it, so people started recreating it with random stuff and guns.

No. 269523

Nee vid makes me feel sad. I hope its the poor lighting but she looks swollen and ill

No. 269526

Manaki is free!

No. 269534

stop cheering for people who hang around cows as if they didn't chose to and as if they're good people just because the cow is bad

No. 269535

Learn how to take jokes

No. 269536

Can't watch with sound at the moment, but whats the deal with the timestamp in the top left corner? 2021?

No. 269537

She looks so bloated and rough tbh.
Also the way she spoke and moved… again heavy medication?

Calm down, Nonnie.

No. 269540

I turned my volume all the way up and I still couldn't hear shit. 1.7m subscribers and still can't figure out how to use a mic/camera/lighting. This looks like it was filmed in 2010

No. 269553

He’s not a fucking pedo. That’s a lie spread by both Margo and her parasite daughter. He was a fan during her viral living doll era just like millions of others, male and female. That’s it.

Whatever you might think of him personally you can’t deny he’s stuck with her through a lot of shit. He’s been harassed and physically stalked by her psycho mother, provided Venus with a safe haven, a visa and a meal ticket for years, stuck by her through multiple hospitalizations including months in the ICU after her botched surgery that he begged her NOT to get (and she lied to him about.) All that plus living with a blackout drunk alcoholic is a special brand of hell all by itself.

In return Venus has shit on him, publicly and repeatedly. She’s lied to and about him, ridiculed, belittled, demeaned, smeared and publicly humiliated him, over and over. So yeah, I’m happy her ass is finally out of his apartment and (hopefully) his life. I just hope it’s permanent.

No. 269554

The fact that her lips barely move and her face just remains expressionless . . . it's beyond creepy as fuck. How does she speak without her lips moving??

No. 269557

I wonder why did she turned off comments on this one but not on that ASMR handjob one.
As others pointed out, she looks rough af. And wtf is wrong with her mouth?

No. 269566

The issue is that he's no better than creeps like Alice Cooper who knew girls were underage and waited.

That's weird. Not a pedo exactly, but predetory, absolutely.

No. 269571

He didn't even want her sexually. I always took this story about him being a fan with a grain of salt

No. 269583

>> predetory, absolutely.
Lol if anyone is a “predator” here it’s her. She latched onto him like a tick and has used and abused him for over 6 years like the narc sociopath she is.

No. 269586

Uh, no.

No. 269593

Venus can be manipulative and unpleasant AND Manaki can be a creep who wanted Venus as her underage, underdeveloped brained, sheltered self. Which is predatory. People can be very abusive and still pay bills and feed, being a creepy groomer certainly doesn't preclude that kind of resource sharing or enjoying the object of your desire's company. Especially when you anticipate the other person is going to have minimal life experience and capacity for independence. That's part of why they are chosen. Maybe in Venus case there could have been motive for the YouTube bux too at first, but I am too lazy to go way back and see if people thought that was likely, iirc it wasn't the case.

No. 269598

>> wanted Venus as her underage, underdeveloped brained, sheltered self.
1) Manaki was every bit as “sheltered” as Venus, if not more. And naive too, which Poor Little Innocent Venus played and used to her advantage for the next SIX years.

Don’t forget that “sheltered” little Venus arranged for Margaret to be shut out of ownership of their Youtube channel as well as the profits, which “sheltered” little Venus had redirected to her bank account, before she left. So innocent and sheltered!

2) Venus was 19 when she made her escape to Manaki’s place, not some innocent underage child. and

3) see #1. Not “sheltered” OR underaged.

No. 269599


I never really got the pedo argument for Manaki. From my point of view he didn't want an underage girl, he wanted a girl that looked like an "irl anime girl" because he's a gross otaku. (I guess at the time people considered Venus to look like an anime girl.)

If he was a pedo and just wanted someone who looks young/underage, I mean… there are tons of easier options to prey upon than a gaijin youtuber. Why didn't he just go after underage Japanese girls, then?

He's one of those gross losers who says "2D>3D Eww real girls are gross their skin has pores," type of dudes.

No. 269601

Margo stole her laptop and shit then involved his parents when she didn't get what she wanted from the marriage arrangement. Stop acting like Venus took advantage of Marg.

No. 269612

Manaki is a doormat, she could do anything of him. He might be a gross Otaku, he was still way better than her current fiancé

It is Venus who stole the laptop. Marge complaints about him for years

No. 269613

File: 1670012968992.jpeg (358.89 KB, 1890x1117, AD2AF08E-54A2-4CD0-9931-2211A5…)

>> How does she speak without her lips moving??
Trying to keep her brown teeth covered?

No. 269614

File: 1670013225949.jpeg (427.46 KB, 1977x1149, 61C23CFC-848D-4C3E-B9F3-6B2B8E…)

I can’t help but wonder if this move wasn’t voluntary on her part. She sure doesn’t seem excited or happy about her new home.

No. 269620

She has definitely gained some weight finally. Hope she stays sober and nourishing herself instead of drinking.

No. 269621

She doesn't seem to be sober at all. Still, I hope I'm wrong.

No. 269625

Sober from booze. Being medicated is a bit different from abusing substances.

No. 269626

File: 1670015877587.jpeg (341.44 KB, 2027x1137, F12613B5-091B-4F85-A0AA-175861…)

She kept her little-girl bedroom furniture this time

No. 269628

OT for lil blog but I highly doubt she's sober from alc. I have an alcoholic neighbour and that bloat is just so typical for an alcoholic

No. 269630

File: 1670016120636.jpeg (455.45 KB, 2033x1121, DFF04853-8A65-4A0F-8B0F-EA9446…)

Which makes this move seem more final than last time. I don’t think she moved her bedroom set then (roughly from 8/2019 - 2/2020, when she lived with Ken/Zaddy the first time.)

No. 269631

I always find it odd when anons talk about who stole what. Technically nobody stole since both owned the gear/crap. Both were equally entitled to it. This is what happens when you co-own everything together and have no verbal/written agreement of who takes what once things end.

I think she's just dead inside and nothing will make her excited or happy.

No. 269632

My experience with a hard-core alcoholic is that when they (temporariy) quit drinking they find other substances to stay high. And they always go back to drinking eventually.

No. 269633

If these are her old furniture, not from Manakis place, where did she store them? Or were these bought when she lived with her sugar daddy for the first time and she just left them there?

No. 269634

>no mouse pad
>zero calorie monster drinks

At least she has her priorities straight.

She's severely depressed and is living with a fat sleaze bag, why would she be giddy and happy? Living with 'Zaddy' (barf) was never her first choice, it was her only choice.

No. 269639

File: 1670017874386.jpeg (222.87 KB, 1825x1159, 91072D6E-2F94-46FD-9415-2F6B99…)

They’re her lil bedroom set from Manaki’s place, that she’s had since she first got there. I don’t think she took them with her when she moved in with NotaZaddy the first time around. She never showed anything in that apartment, just the little corner where she sat to do livestreams. Except one time (pictured here) which she quickly deleted.

No. 269641

File: 1670018125632.jpeg (370.64 KB, 2037x1132, 557961B6-5855-4119-8A0F-23A5EC…)

That bathroom, just a cubicle with a toilet. Hopefully there’s a shower and a sink somewhere else in that place.

No. 269642

So she had a bed all along but chose to sleep on a dingy futon..

No. 269650

To me you’re a fucking idiot. 18 and 19-year olds are NOT “underaged.”

No. 269654

That's a typical toilet-only room found in Japan, anon..

No. 269657

She literally showed off the My Melody shower curtain as it hung in the shower? Lol.

This is bleak, even for her. Sharing a tiny, dated Japanese apartment with a tubby middle-aged man she has to make degenerate porn with in order to make ends meet. Yikes. At least she's so heavily medicated she can't fully register what's going on around her.

No. 269658

But thank god she's in Japan where she can decorate her life with My Melody and Kiki's Delivery Service stuff, right?

No. 269660

>> showed off the My Melody shower curtain as it hung in the shower
Oh sorry, I couldn’t fucking HEAR a word she was saying so I missed what that was.

>> tubby middle-aged man she has to make degenerate porn with in order to make ends meet.
She’s had years of opportunities to make other choices. YEARS.

No. 269662

>> she had a bed all along but chose to sleep on a dingy futon..
I think the mattress-on-the-floor was where she chose to pose for pics, not where she slept.

No. 269663

She is acting like she's on heavy psychiatric medication. Other substance use can make you act like that too but since she is prescribed heavy psych meds then that seems like the most obvious answer.

No. 269664

File: 1670025469344.jpg (219.25 KB, 1080x808, IMG_20221202_223615.jpg)

It is the same style but I'm not sure it is the same bad. Her old one had a barrier on the side.

Her old room wasn't big enough for a futon and a bed. She also made a (sad) tour room last year. No bed in sight

No. 269689

This is a typical Japanese toilet. Its usually isolated like this if you're not in a hobble with a wet bathroom with toilet.

No. 269691

That used to be underage in Japan back when they got married though

No. 269698

File: 1670036038422.jpeg (347.65 KB, 1851x1148, 9BF7EB43-908C-47B5-B4B2-C4E799…)

You’re right, it’s not the same bed just very similar. So she went out and bought another little girls’ bed just like the one she had in her little pink bedroom back in 2016, for her new place. She really is stuck in time, mentally frozen as a young teen forever.

I wonder if ‘zaddy’ has a separate bedroom? Because he’s def. not sleeping in this tiny bed.

No. 269705

File: 1670037943858.jpeg (256.43 KB, 2031x1151, 9C824860-4F72-4D07-89F3-09D81E…)

I remember that room tour video, from 4/21. She’s drunk off her ass, just stumbling around that room and falling down. And you’re right, no bed.

No. 269721

Still looks better than dark brown/black, not that it looks good.

No. 269723

He didn't look for girls underage. He saw Venus and started as a fan. Then they became a couple after Venus/Margo decided they could try and use him as a visa ticket. That's a lot different than searching out younger girls on the web. Also, from what we know, Venus was the only one. He didn't just pump and dump her once she turned 18. They didn't even have sex until she was 19. He stuck with her through a bunch of shit. He wasn't manipulative and abusive from what we know. He's not really a pedo or groomer. I'm not saying he's good as I don't know enough about him, but he's not what you say he is and he's definitely a thousand times better person than Venus is.

No. 269724

>He didn't look for girls underage. He saw Venus and started as a fan.
God damn, you are stupid

No. 269726

iirc he actually wasn’t. He was just a bjdfag or something and was into the living doll thing (otaku). Let’s not sperg about him though, he is no longer relevant.

The last Margo thread hit max so I requested a new one for you and the other margo followers. I can’t be bothered to make a thread though.

No. 269732

Curious what happened to all her stuff? Like her cute plushies, room dexore we saw way back in the day when she first moved in. Her room became bare after her addiction issues and her shift to Jirai Kei Fashion.
Her new home is nothing kawaii.

In her last video when she was in the convient store she wore that ugly green jacket and was carrying a MK bag. She clearly was not in her character then. Nothing about her in that video said " kawaii' in her fashion since. Just old granny.

No. 269738

This looks like that type of toilet decor that grandmas would have.
Even her "kawaii" curtains are so tasteless.

No. 269746

Probably sold all her old kawaii clothes.

No. 269754

Old granny with Miu Miu shoes tho. Even if she can't dress well, some of her stuff seems to be expensive. I guess her "zaddy" provides for that, she mentioned before that he wants her to change her style.

No. 269764

File: 1670070782018.jpg (Spoiler Image,703.85 KB, 599x797, What the fuck.jpg)

Anyway you retarded nonnies in-fighting aside, here's her next "sexy set"!

No. 269765

what happened to venus being in that musical thing? She was posting videos/photos about it all the time and then it just stopped and was never brought up again. Did she get kicked out of the show or what???

No. 269771

its old milk so i dont remember exactly but yeah i think she got kicked.

No. 269772

She used to have a tiny bit of fame in Japan during her dolly era. I wonder how the Japenese feel about her now.

No. 269780

I didn't notice at first but she didn't have any pillow or sheet on her bed. sad

No. 269781


She looks 40. Idk why but the blonde just draws more attention to how haggard and homely she looks.

No. 269782

She is so fucking unattractive omg. Ugly socks again and this time with holes lol

No. 269792

She’s shooting these in her lil bedroom, lol. And what is this pose and face even supposed to be? She has NO clue how to look sexy or hot, none. I still think she’s on the spectrum which would explain several things that are ‘off’ about her.

No. 269793

She must be pandering to the crowd who want to fuck retards

No. 269798

She looks so fucking retarded here, wtf. Those socks are just a cherry on top.

No. 269848

If I was a male, I'd rather fuck a hole in the wall instead of fapping to this retard. Like honestly who are the sad fucks that pay for this shitfest?!

No. 269902

Men will fuck anything. Even Mama June got laid.

No. 269934


don't under estimate the desperation and depravity of moids. These are the same species that fapped to animated cartoon horses whose original target demographic was 8 year old girls (I'm referring to Bronies "clopping" for those who are lucky enough not to know). Moids will sexualize and fap to annnnything, no matter how unattractive or bizarre.

No. 269949

File: 1670124792014.jpeg (287.4 KB, 1109x1647, 9D4CBFB7-6685-4EEF-BB24-7E03E3…)

So she’s just using instagram to advertise her porn these days, or as she calls it her “spicy fanpage. link in bio!” Imagine her little followers clicking that “spicy fanpage” link only to be confronted with videos of her sucking dick, fucking some fat hairy dude and peeing on the floor.

No. 269950

god shes really spiralled, i try not to check on her too much because it makes me depressed but i remember that whole korean/japanese guy saga where she would weekly fetishise a new asian man and essentially stalk them. hope she gets help

No. 269952

fuckin yawn. it's time to stop with the forced outrage about her hypothetical kid followers. she's openly been a porn person for years now

No. 269962

>adult content creator might have kids following her
>blame the creator!!!!!!!

Get help. Its not her fault and she doesn't pander to children. Take your fake outrage for your fake children and take a break.

No. 269972

Imagine being so retarded you see this pic and “spicy fanpage” and don’t assume it’s porn. This just isn’t happening. Any kids who were following her for her old content are adults or late teens now anyway.

No. 269975

I mean it's a stale take but she's still a freak for not transitioning into porn with a new account when she did. The normalisation of porn is a plague upon society just like Zaddy's gunt is a plague upon my eyes.

No. 269983

Calm your tits, lol. Nobody’s “outraged.” I’m amused, that’s all. And your agitation is even more amusing.

No. 270000

File: 1670149590878.png (1.21 MB, 1080x1228, Screenshot_20221204-112148.png)

Seeing how her face looks like unedited, it always makes me wonder how she could get so many fans for being "uwu" and "kawaii".

No. 270003

Yeah. I mean she looks “fine”, but just a very average regular human that wouldn’t stick out in public. I guess she just learned how to edit her face in a way that worked to get attention for some time

No. 270004

Jirai Kei era is over I guess. She succumbed to the moids wishes and changed her style. Is she sucking up to him so she could get that apartment? No way in hell could she be able to move somewhere without a local's help. She's dependant on that disgusting thing.

No. 270006

well, super wide cheeks is why she did have a 'cute' look. that's what babies have. editing them away didn't help her with that

No. 270008


She only does Jirai Kei when Zaddy dumps her. Don't worry, once he throws her out, it'll be back.

No. 270011

Where is she gonna go now if/when zaddy throws her out? I got the picture that the new apartment is only Venus' apartment, hence why it's also decorated to her liking. Zaddy helped her get it but I doubt he lives with her. Isn't he the one who is married too? I'm starting to belive the pregnancy tinfoil. Or maybe Venus is claiming to be pregnant with Zaddy's child and she's blackmailing him. They're both using each other.

No. 270014

She looks very different than her her usual pic but she doesn't looks bad. I don't understand why she looks like shit everytimes she has to film a video

No. 270024

Don’t be a dick her face looks just normal. The real problem is her haircut. All she can do is adding a lot of filters to her pictures, but she can’t see what’s looking good on her and what’s not.
In my opinion I like her natural pics more, she just looks like a normal human being on them, not a weeb trying to look uwu kawaii.(learn2integrate)

No. 270026

Yeah she looks normal. Not particularly pretty but not ugly. Very average. (That cap is not it tho) With all the editing she did for years we don't really know how she really looks and so she does

No. 270031

When I see her unfortunate face, it kinda makes me feel better about myself. Thank you, Venus.
Also that Gucci cap looks trashy, what a waste of money.

No. 270040

Its the internet. Even if parents hud all social media, a Goigle search would get images they shouldn't see. Anons blaming creators is the weakest argument. This is the internet.

No. 270061

"all of us" ??

Scrote alert! And one who likes pencil faces. Yeah, no one cares.

And what is a scrote doing in here anyway? Don't they usually get kicked out?

No. 270062

Yes it is but some people think it shouldn't contain anything that wouldn't be 'safe' for an eight yr old to see.

And those sort of retards are always very loud with their moral outrage. Not to mention very boring!

No. 270080

File: 1670184265634.png (282.93 KB, 666x639, Screenshot 2022-12-04 220114.p…)

she is still on the cast list on the original website but her picture says video appearance so i guess it was a one off thing

No. 270085

You're acting as if guys aren't allowed here, what a fucking child.(idiot)

No. 270088

The content creators are still ones to blame. Venus is not age-restricting her shit and instead of creating a different channel, she dramatically changed her YT content which was originally mostly enjoyed by minors. No matter how you look at it, it was just a bad decision from her.

No. 270089

They're not

No. 270090

Maybe because you’re not saging retard kek.

You must be new here.

No. 270093

The tranny is back I see. Ignore the bottom feeder and lets get back to venus. He's easily noticeable and therefore avoidable now too since he's refusing to sage.

No. 270113

File: 1670191420418.jpeg (15.76 KB, 211x205, C6D9E216-97B1-444A-B96C-E5F6CE…)

A wild Poplio appeared! Poplio screeches

No. 270123

Kiwifarm is still up, you seem lost.

No. 270124

Don't give him the satisfaction of engagement

No. 270169

she doesn't look bad here. Just your average cute woman. Not an influencer or model, but not bad. It would take a lot of work from Venus to look even a little better and sadly Venus doesn't work
No more drugs and booze, a healthy diet, water, working out, daily skin care/shower. Something so mundane for most humans is too much for Venus. Don't feel bad for her though. She can do at least the bare minimum instead of just being a tired sex worker.

No. 270179

No. Hosting sites are. These websites have 18+ options. You hating it for a moral reason doesn't make it go away or wrong. Instagram has an 18+ filter and Twitter has a "what I tweet is sensitive" function. Parents need to monitir what kids look at. YouTube has animal cruelty and gun violence just prevalent, but apparently that's fine for you as long as it's not a thot.

This argument is stale when all anons care about is thot posts and not the thousands of other moral posts people make on these sites. Its not the creator and she's not posting nudes on instagram. She also doesn't pander to kids. If you think someone finding old videos from 10+ years ago and then they google a no longer adolescent Venus and see she does porn 10 years later, oh well. She hasn't created family friendly content in almost a decade.

No. 270183

I agree. Even when she was a kid her shit was still suggestive cause of margo so honestly what did anyone expect.

No. 270185

the facial smoothing and skin whitening is so extreme here, the photo just looks creepy and not appropriate for OF. How does she still have subs there?

She was so desperate she was posting her porn and nudes on reddit and got very little engagement.

No. 270186

File: 1670218277080.jpg (Spoiler Image,638.17 KB, 1080x1228, Venoos.jpg)

Her eyebags, shitty makeup, and lack of volume in her mouth region are what ruins her overall look. These are all correctable. She doesn't need huge lip injections, but honestly, a super small amount would do her wonders.

Picrel, took me 5 min in photoshop. She kinda looks like Sharla in my shoop, and it is tripping me out.(don't post/ make fan art)

No. 270187

File: 1670218617519.png (427.67 KB, 911x659, image_2022-12-05_003655757.png)

She built a fanbase based off "kawaii" stuff. then just shoved porn in their faces, instead of making a new account for that stuff, despite majority of her fanbase not being interested in her porn. Adults or kids, it doesn't matter. She's shit for doing that and only treats her fans as moneybags. Once she dropped the kawaii act, she also dropped the "care for my fans" act, being very blatant about using them like everyone else she used/uses in her life.

She's still trying to look like a weeb, as long as she does that eye tape/aegyo makeup but hopefully she keeps up the clothing style Zaddy suggested her, since it's much better than the kawaii and jirai shit.

No. 270188

>because of margo
You really are stupid. She herself has admit to wanting to be sexy as a teen, yet you choose to ignore this and pretend she was groomed and "forced" against her will. Fuck off with your fanfictions already.

No. 270192

Why should she have to make a new account with no followers, hoping that people will go through the effort of even following the new account since people are lazy and like 1/3 of that fanbase would actually switch over? Her fans are moneybags because they are scrotes and they know it. She's not asking kids to give her money, so why does it matter? No thot in their right mind should be friendly with paypigs. That's a death wish and asking for stalkers. Her fanbase isn't children anymore and hasn't been for a really, really long time. It's as fruitless as complaining that Miley Cyrus used to be on Disney, but how dare she twerk and dress half naked, she didn't change her accounts or her name oh, the poor children, think of the children.

Please. Bring a real argument. Her fans that followed her, in the beginning, most likely weren't even kids since they age with her and by the time she was doing this stuff, I highly doubt a lot of the watchers were still actual children. Her views aren't high and hadn't when she moved to Japan anyway since her posting was so erratic and there was no schedule, she didn't even know how to market herself. She tried making videos with Manaki and that didn't really work out well either.

No. 270195

Margo did groom her. I don't know why people keep going to bat for her. Margo took advantage of Venus, groomed her, pawned her off, got mad when she didn't get what she wanted from that [she paid for the tickets and everything, she was handing Venus's money and travel and wouldn't leave her alone and when she learned Venus was able to get independence by marrying someone in Japan, which would mean Margo got kicked OUT of the house, Margo threw a fit.].

Margo is a predator and took advantage of her daughter and the money she made. Fuck Margo. Venus wanting to be 'sexy' isn't the same as wanting to steer clear and do things outside of dolly crap which her mom didn't like her doing because it wasn't marketable to the dolly aesthetic they were going on tv and getting invited to events for.

Did people forget the whole "I do this 24/7" schtick she was forced to keep up because Margo wanted her to go national so, so, so bad?

No. 270196

Even if she wanted to be “sexy” as a teen margo should’ve shut it down not encouraged her 14 year old to fuck some weird old man cause he had money lol.

No. 270199

the problem with speaking up for her fans is that the only person more stupid and pathetic than venus is someone who would actually be a fan of her. Anybody who looked at this blob of nothing burbling incoherent dogshit and thought "I think she's amazing" deserves to be disappointed and more.

lmao what the fuck is this shit. just chong my shit up fam

No. 270200

You’re retarded to think that looks good.

No. 270210

t. token onlyfans hoe

No. 270217

This looks absolutely horrible kek

No. 270229

Seems that she really does gain weight, doesn't she? Didn't she literally have a surgery to prevent gaining weight in the future? No more stick Beenos?
Also she looks so fucking normie now wtf

No. 270235

She always looked like a normal person, there is nothing special about her. We're just used to her redic shooping that it lookes odd once she's posted with her unedited face.

No. 270243

Preach. More than having issues with Venus, I have some with her fans who are complete idiots.
When she started OF they all encouraged her like "Girboss" "So empowering" "but she's an adult now"
How was it a good idea fr??

1. Her yt channel being dead and Manaki being done with her bullshit, no need to be Einstein to see it was a desperate move to (easy) money - and to me, getting back Ken

2. She is mentally ill. Not saying it not makes her less responsable of her own stupid choices (karma is a bitch so now she suffers from the consequences) but still. How could you encourage her to do SW knowing this? You can see her mental health is getting worse since she started. She looks miserable

3. She has no diploma, no job experience and with her porn everywhere, even less chance to find one some day. She won't be in her 20's forever (especially with the way she ages like milk), scrotes won't be interested in her forever. They're going to find someone younger, prettier and maybe more professional than her. Very soon, her only chance to survive is marrying some creepy dude that she is going to be totally dependent financially. How is it empowering??

Her fans tell her they like her but when you like someone, sometimes you have to to tell them "bro you're doing shit and I don't agree with it". She'll never learn healthy coping mechanisms until she learns healthy coping mechanisms

No. 270258

>Margo groomed her
Yes she really did, and passed her mental health issues onto her daughter. Watching Venys all these years was like watching a victim of child abuse decline to an expected end. I remember when this episode aired and thinking how forced it seemed. Children have phases, no child spends 24/7 doing the same thing. Venus needs real help and to wipe herself off the internet imo to get anywhere other than where she is.
Maybe if she met someone kind that's not in this arena she could start over, but I agree it looks like she's more likley to come in contact with someone who would just pay her way after finding her degeneracy online. Well people dont generally grab onto unwell people, but she could really benefit from someone decent stepping in for her.

No. 270263

*She is never going to learn healthy coping mechanisms until they stop babying her

No. 270266

She doesn't need someone kind to get better. It would be another form of dependency. She needs to get better by herself. There is no prince charming, you can only save yourself

No. 270286

Which will be hard since she needs a complete reprogram and confidence/self-esteem. That's not easy to fix and I honestly don't know if without constant therapy, she'd be able to do it. Its not rehab alone that she needs. I've always felt bad for Venus, but not getting a therapist's help longterm is her biggest issue. She would need telehealth too anyway. In person/Japan has bad mental health resources because the society looks down upon those who need it as undesirable and are just of a weaker mentality. I honestly don't know how'd they treat her if someone found out. Usually most get shamed if they are seeing someone because the stigma is so behind the times over there. She needs to leave Japan. Its a terrible place for women to work and rights.

No. 270289

But she is not going to leave Japan or getting regular therapy so don't feel too bad for her. That her own stupid choices. Japan has shitty mental health care but it is no excuse. I'm sure you can find a good doctor in a big city like Tokyo and you can consult doctors on internet

No. 270290

Why can't I still feel bad for her? You don't have to, but I do. It's like watching a trainwreck. No one online is going to suddenly make her realize she needs to get therapy, and long-term. If she left, it wouldn't be good for her either. Where do you anons want her to go exactly and they would coddle her fully, without citizenship, without a job? She has no active Visa since she's married in Japan, she doesn't need to worry about it anymore even if she got divorced.

None of you actually realize what would happen and I can't tell if it's probably because some of you still live at home or don't fully understand how all this works.

No. 270310

NTA but you are assuming that she actually wants help and wants to get better which is delusional. She needs help to get her life in order but as most of us know she isn't actually going to commit to any sort of therapy/reprogram because that takes hard work and discipline, both of which are foreign to her. There is no sense in feeling bad for someone who doesn't genuinely feel bad for themselves, you are wasting your time and energy.

You gotta stop looking at it like she has no options. Realistically she could go anywhere and do whatever she wants but that's where the real problem is: she doesn't want it bad enough. Anywhere she goes or anything that will actually fix her problems is going to take more effort than she is willing to put in and that's why after all these years she's still a fucking trainwreck. Stop acting like she's in dire straits when the reality is that she doesn't want her life together bad enough.

No. 270316

No, I'm not. I'm saying if she was to get help, not that she's actively asking for help.

No. 270331

People need possitive influences. No mentally sick person suddenly gets better on their own. If she could, why hasnt she?

No. 270333

Most of them do.all of them without the privilege of mooching off their braindead fans or having countless opportunities and leverage to make an actual human of themselves.she hasn't because she doesn't want to.

No. 270353

I don’t feel bad for the bitch, but telling others not to do so does make you the asshole. Fuck off.

No. 270366

I think the nonnies that also dealt with narcissistic moms giving them a shit hand in life empathize with Venus. But at this point she has to start saving herself. She wouldn't even have to leave Japan. But not sure how someone with a piss fetish onlyfans would do of she suddenly decided to change gears and get a respectable job somewhere.

I think she's too far removed from her living doll clout to leverage it into something better.

No. 270406

Everybody I've ever known who gets stuck in some sort of therapy never seem to break free from it, even when their life wasn't that bad to begin with. Its like they develop dependency.

Other people whose lives were worse but somehow adopted different, more positive ways of thinking, even if not having wonderful lives, at least fare better. And not going down drink and substance abuse route helps obviously.

If Venus can genuinely leave off all that she might be able to be more successful.

I don't know why everyone talks like she's in dire straits. She's just moved into new place which looks reasonable and is with a guy she loves. Whatever we think of him is irrelevant. He's her choice and he isn't for us. Maybe they're well suited. Even if only as a shitty couple.

No. 270448

This shit is so grim it's crazy

No. 270458

I feel like if she got a job at a flower shop like Mikan, she'd be happy. I think she might feel too gone personally because she would get recognized in Japan, not so much Mikan, due to tv. I feel like she's partially embarrassed and has no idea how to get out because she doesn't have a place herself to go.

No. 270504


I assure you, no one in Japan would recognize Venus. The Dakota Rose white gaijin girls flocking to Japan to become living dolls era is dead and has been for a very long time.

If Japanese ppl cared or followed Venus and her antics, she'd be reported on to immigration by now. It's just foreign teen weebs who come across her old content and stay because they see she lives in glorious Nippon and bottom of the barrel pervert moids that follow her consistently.

No. 270512

File: 1670324421715.png (663.59 KB, 720x820, Screenshot_20221206-115858-233…)

He is posting more consistently than she does
Venus please fix this fucking wig I beg you

No. 270517

at least he finally posted a flattering (albeit photoshopped to hell and back) photo of her. i feel like he was getting really mean with the creepshots and weird pics of her with food in her mouth. but like another anon said, this dude doesn't seem all that weird. definitely an asian moid obsessed with sexworkers and ethots but that doesn't seem all that weird at all for japan or men in general. like maybe they are just genuinely well suited, venus isn't any prize, and she's definitely not being "aboosed" like some people keep trying to claim. makes you sound like a crazy wk or margo or venus herself when you victimize her like that.

No. 270545

She wouldn't be reported. People don't just phone up and report foreigners because you can't tell someones visa status just from looks and the gov has no obligation to legally tell random citizens someone's citizenship. She's also married, did you miss the part that legally she's a citizen even if she got divorced now?

No. 270575

I see Margo deleted all negative comments in the video
Venus's ex and current fans are legit brain dead though. I dunno who I dislike more
"Venus looked so much healthier and younger when she was with you"
Like no shit, it's been over a decade. Venus has always looked like shit and edited her pics, so did Margo. That and what do they expect? Her mom to be her keeper for all eternity?

It's clear Venus doesn't really want to be an idol or anything like that. Seems she just wants to live a sheltered easy life and larp as a child without her mom around. Too bad the price to pay for that is sex work.

No. 270596

Couldn’t even get a fitted shirt… it makes her look heavier. Like her body is big and her head is tiny

No. 270603

Isn't that small-head-big-body a trend these days among Japanese?

No. 270607

File: 1670357927530.jpeg (494.24 KB, 1484x1531, 53DD0BD4-8D0C-4605-99C9-19DC18…)

>> he was getting really mean with the creepshots and weird pics of her with food in her mouth.
Lol dollar store zaddy can always be counted on to post the unvarnished unedited truth.

>> they are just genuinely well suited,

They’re a perfect couple, equally dirty, greasy and unkempt. And porn-y.(stop reposting these pics)

No. 270682

Different anon, but just because someone is married here doesn't mean that they're on a marriage visa. Also, citizenship would mean that she naturalized. This would mean that she would be a Japanese national, which as far as I know she isn't. I think you might be confused.

No. 270685


There is no naturalized in japan. The eien visa no longer exists…

No. 270690

>> She wouldn't be reported. People don't just phone up and report foreigners
Wanna bet? That’s how Margo got deported from Korea, a pissed-off Korean reported her to Immigration (and posted about it here as it was happening, lol.)

No. 270694

Why are you lying? I don't genuinely understand the point. This is basic information that's easily available via a simple google search.

No. 270697

>> legally she's a citizen even if she got divorced now?
Yeah, no. I don’t think she’d qualify for anything but a spouse visa. And that’s iffy because she’s openly cheating on her husband and not even living with him.

No. 270742

This is a subject we talked about multiple times. Venus had Japanese citizenship or anything else she still wouldn't be married to Manaki. Since it is had to obtain, I'm sure she would have talked about it. Especially In her "hate my husband" livestream instead of saying "muuuh divorce is so difficult". She has any requirement for having PR: no job, no relationship, no child, she even had problems with justice. Sure she would get reported if she pissed the wrong person. I also doubt she declared how much money she made with OF or paid her taxes

No. 270747

Japan isn't America. Their version of a "green card" doesn't persist. She's not only AWAY from her supposed marriage partner without paperwork, but all it does take is someone to be looked into. She's a media personality, she's not a random hobo that married a horny 60 year old. She's only even IN Japan because of a visa.

No. 270749

>She's a media personality,
lol certainly not in japan and not really in the West either. posters here are probably the majority of the people who remember her.

No. 270750

>Sure she would get reported if she pissed the wrong person.

While I can absolutely not understand what would have qualified Venus to get any temporary visa not tied to the condition of being married with Manaki, yet alone a permanent one, I am pretty sure if pissing off one person enough to get herself reported was all it took, then this would have already happend a long time ago.I can't imagine Margo would have let that opportunity pass if it existed.

No. 270751

She should be thankful for being a has-been or she would have yeeted out of Japan long ago

No. 270754

ur not wrong nonna but the korean reported margo in the middle of im-going-to-the-rivergate. margo's infamy was at all time high
Venus is not relevant anymore and people aren't likely to try come for her because she's not a threat. For example Shiena was probably reported by one of her friends. All venus would to worry about is manaki but he's giant pussy, he won't do anything

No. 270755


Dakota too is speculated to have been reported. She had clout but for all the wrong reasons and was generally unliked in the industry due to being an arrogant, rude cow. As for Venus, if she started seriously beefing with Vina (Mikan) after they fell out, that woulda done it cuz Vina is spiteful/petty enough to report someone. Venus's saving grace is that she's such a trainwreck irrelevant nobody, that no one is envious of her.

No. 270759

Are you the same retard from the ana and tranny threads who's refusing to stop spacing like that?

No. 270761

Hey, retard, stop reposting this. It's not funny anymore and anons got bans last thread over doing it.

No. 270798

I wish Mikan would do that, but it wouldn't change anything for Venus. She'd just leave with her fiance's help/financial support and wouldn't bother to get real work on her own and be independent and would keep doing OF/YT. So it'd make no difference, except for the fact that she doesn't deserve to live there given how she illegally immigrated so it'd be like her comeuppance, but wouldn't do much aside from that.

There's actually a slight chance she wasn't deported, but left due to her beef with the crazy korean anon. The anon said she was detained (true) and on a refugee visa. After the supposed deportation, the anon admit they never knew what visa she was on and couldn't provide proof when I pressed them. Margo said she was detained for a lewd business iirc but let go and then left out of fear of the anon, which there's a small chance is true, since the anon even said they were going to visit Margo at the facility and seemed disturbingly obsessed with her and dangerous. Also, it's possible Venus does have PR. I know a couple where the wife had nearly zero credentials and she still somehow got PR. So there's a slight chance Venus somehow got lucky.

No. 270799

When she first came to Japan, she didn't come via language school (student visa) nor did she have an entertainment visa and suddenly decided to marry a Japanese national and you're going to say "just because someone is married here doesn't mean that they're on a marriage visa". Really? It's obvious she immigrated on an illegal spousal visa.

No. 270800

That's because you're one of the morons who perpetuates the "forced into YT" narrative. Venus begged her mom to do YT and help her get famous. She wanted fame so she could live in Japan. She originally wanted to do jpop, so Margo helped her with dancing videos. Then Venus got into the kawaii schtick and started larping as "a doll", while claiming to secret want to be sexy during her teen years (which is actually a normal thing for teens) but she couldn't do that because her family "would slut shame her". It wasn't Margo "forcing her" or pawning her off. Venus was the one who initially wanted to use Manaki for a marriage visa. Margo is trash for being okay with that, and I assume that's why she wanted to live with them, so she could keep an eye on them since Venus and her were both using Manaki to get Venus what she wanted and eventually would cast Manaki aside so Margo would want to be there. And Venus taking sexy selfies is not forced by her mom. It was a teen experimenting. Margo just took advantage of that at times, like allowing that cleavage selfie. A decent parent would delete that and scold Venus. That's different from grooming. There's a post in her blog where Margo took her bra shopping and honestly, that was pretty normal too, to encourage your teen daughter to "grow up" a bit. Not "grooming". Margo did take advantage eventually, but if your kid begs you to do YT, you invest a shit ton of money into it and quit your job and finally get her famous and making easy 80k a year and then Venus gets lazy and unmotivated as she always does and would let it all go to ruin, no parent would just let that go to waste. Venus was not some groomed prisoner, like you suggest. Margo was shady and allowed some pretty gross things, like marriage to Yan or Manaki and taught her daughter that it's okay to use people, but she's still NOT a groomer.

No. 270801

It's called morality. Something you clearly lack. And it shows how grateful she really is for the audience that made her. Without them, she'd be NOTHING. Just some random nobody no one gives a shit to even talk about. And that is how she repays that. By shoving PORN in their faces. And her IG and twitter and even reddit account are all like an ad page now. You are just fucking stupid if you can't see the problem. As soulless as Venus or HIMR.

No. 270802

And her fans that did initially follow her were majority teens. Her content was geared towards teens. They are not teens now, but I'm willing to bet her audience still consists of younger people mostly, given how they post on IG and YT. But even if her audience was majority 20s, it's still fucked up how she went about it. Being a kawaii channel, acting like a baby on camera and amassing a VERY YOUNG CHILD fanbase during those times, which go back as early as 2018 I believe, then just shoving porn over and over and over again on them, when they clearly even verbalized their dislike of it, is highly immoral and disrespectful to her audience. You are just the fucking moron scrote who wants venus to do porn and go to hosts clubs and fuck asian femboys and anyone who disagrees is just a "prude". Fuck off.

No. 270805

same anon as >>270800 and definitely agreed. Margo is irresponsible as a parent and taught Venus shit about morality, like it's okay to use others for your gain (Yan, Manaki, etc) and scam people and she never should have allowed many things but that's still different from grooming. Some people also say Manaki groomed her, which is just as fictitious. However, anything Venus does now is of her own accord, not her mothers "fault" as Venus has a fully developed functioning brain to understand right from wrong, she just doesn't care.

No. 270819

Don't know if you were ever groomed or controlled by your parents anon, but being an adult doesn't make triggers and choices from those experiences go away. Especially if you have people supporting your bad choices around you. Online people don't matter. Even emotionally.

No. 270866

>> taught her daughter that it's okay to use people,
She did not have to be taught to use people any more than a snake has to be taught how to hunt for its prey. It’s innate and instinctive for her. She’s as big a narc as her mother, maybe even worse.

>> her IG and twitter and even reddit account are all like an ad page now
Her Twitter is nothing but porn, straight up videos of her sucking dick, masturbating and fucking her “bf.” I don’t see why that shit is even allowed.

No. 270907


google it…

No. 270917

You sound mad for some reason. Being groomed to be a narc by your parent who is a narc is common as fuck from kids to adulthood.

No. 270920

New video is up. I can barely understand her

No. 270961


I don't know why some ppl think that if anyone does anything sexual for a living it has to be because they were groomed or forced into it. That way of thinking just gives things away about the thinker's own state of mind, likely disapproval and moralfaggotry.
As hard as it seems to be for some repressed types to understand, some girls do have an interest in 'that sort of thing' from a young age and will pursue anything to do with it, no matter if anyone tries to stop them. I saw this for myself with how some girls were when I was at school and it sounds like this is what Venus has always been like. She even admitted it, and it's not even that unusual. The fact that a certain anon in particular seems so incredulous about that fact, says more about them than they realize.

No. 270963

In this case it kind of did turn in to this though. Not every case is, but Venus is a victim of always online, always using her body to sell herself image, always in front of a camera.. Margo did that. Venus doesn't know how else to live and she knows the internet and her body brings in money whether it's onlyfans, prostitution, going back to normal youtube videos.. I get your sentiment, anon, but you're off base.

No. 270964

You don’t get “groomed” into having a personality disorder. It’s a brain malfunction. She was born with it just like her mother was. That plus the alcoholism (and from her latest video, apparently a major pill addiction on top of everything else.) Oh and ADHD and Bipolar too! She’s a genetic mistake, a mental clusterfuck.

At least she’s not Manaki’s problem anymore. Dollar store zaddy has taken over the role of caretaker.

No. 270966

Would you please shut up with this “Venus doesn’t know how else to live!” bullshit? She has a functioning brain. She KNOWS there are “other ways to live.” Give me a fucking break with that crap.

No. 270967

I think we're talking about two different things, but I am correct in that foreigners who have a Japanese spouse in Japan aren't always on a spouse visa. I wasn't talking specially about Venus hence the sage. Plus, I wanted to clear up the false visa information.

No. 270969

I'm not trying to be dramatic. I'm saying it as just a baseline, she's used to this, so it's easy for her just to keep doing stuff that involves a camera and her body and as she gets older, unfortunately, is seemed she skewed into doing porn which is also very prevalent in Japan. You gotta calm down. We are talking about Venus here, not your friends who you feel act like Venus. You are taking what I said was too literally. Of course she knows she can go work at a store or something, but this she already knows how to do, it's just an added step to take off your clothes.

Forcing her to be perpetually on camera, allowing her to be on camera, not watching her safety, is all Margo.

No. 270972

I know a few naturalized citizens. It's not hard to become an actual citizen, but I highly doubt that Venus has bothered to do so. If she even qualifies to apply.

No. 270973

"Foreigners who have become Japanese spouses meet the naturalization requirements even if they are unemployed, regardless of their livelihood. For example, even if you marry a Japanese person and become a full-time housewife / housewife, you can apply for naturalization. Mar 16, 2022"

I think Venus might be. I don't see why she wouldn't. We don't need to argue about her status considering no one there is going to report her because they most likely don't care at all. Even if she got divorced, she'd be fine still being allowed to live there.

No. 270977

File: 1670470513155.jpeg (187.27 KB, 960x693, 8CCA361D-B693-4618-B246-B20AD6…)


There are courses for people without qualifications that prepare/put them in employment, usually in local colleges. Venus isn’t the only one in this position, many people are too. The only issue is Venus is retarded – she said so herself. She wants to be “kawaii and retarded forever!” She’s a perpetual Neet and doesn’t deserve any sympathy.

No. 270986

>> she's used to this, so it's easy for her just to keep doing stuff that involves a camera and her body
Yeah well she’s a grown ass woman, about to turn 26 years old and those days with Margo are years ago. She’s had more than enough time to “get used to” doing other things. Oh and Margo wasn’t “forcing” her to do Youtube videos, she started that all on her own and Margo had to be convinced to let her keep doing it.

No. 270987

File: 1670473015821.jpeg (213.72 KB, 1256x1124, 2C77AC75-A74A-40D4-BFF4-0E111D…)

I continue to be amazed and horrified by her teeth. She pulls all these faces trying to keep them covered

No. 270988

File: 1670473112744.jpeg (116.77 KB, 938x832, 320B9F03-D436-4AB7-B508-C36E76…)

But every now and then she slips up and they are almost black. I’ve never seen teeth like this in anyone but meth addicts.

No. 270990

I'm giving an explanation, not life advice for her.

No. 270991

She's not doing meth. Retard.

No. 271005

holy autism

No. 271040

It's just a lost venus whiteknight shitting up the thread.

No. 271052

I'm wondering if she had some serious infection that needed to be treated with doxycycline. That shit will ruin your teeth and they end up looking just like hers.

>>Doxycycline is used to treat many different bacterial infections, such as acne, urinary tract infections, intestinal infections, respiratory infections, eye infections, gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis

No. 271061

Lol wtf anon. Do you know someone who had this happen to them from taking doxy?

I took it for weeks at a time a few times every year for acne for a few years and my teeth don’t fucking look like that. My gross dad had to be on doxy for a month, he barely ever brushes his teeth and they’re already yellow and gross, but they def never ever turned BLACK. The only warning I remember being given when taking doxy is don’t fucking get pregnant and if you do you should abort.

No. 271066

I live in Japan and let me tell you, the Ghibli toilet set is damn expensive.

No. 271073

Her teeth are most likely a combination of lack of oral hygiene and lack of nutrition (due to her stomach surgery and her body not being able to absorb nutrients anymore). It was common for WWII soldiers to return with fucked up black teeth. It happened to my granddad, he lost all of his teeth in his 30s and had to wear dentures for the rest of his life. This will be Venus future as well, except that dentures are expensive and that she will to cheap to save up a few grands for the needed procedures.

No. 271074

It's for 8000JPY on Mercari, not so expensive.

No. 271078

File: 1670503098029.png (48.04 KB, 262x115, Screenshot (43).png)

Sorry this is so autistic but in her newest video she has the baby pompompurin plush in the background that Manaki gave her on the "Released from hospital date" after she almost died.
Seems like a gift that would have a lot of memories attached to it.

No. 271080

I'm a med-fag and have seen it happen quite a bit in both children and adults. Count yourself lucky it didn't happen to you as it is hard af to fix.

No. 271081

How can people see this smorgasbord of pharmaceuticals and cheer her on.
Just because a doctor prescribed you a drug doesn't mean it's "healthy." All these pills are probably destroying her organs and she's taking Xanax, so she's just jumping from one addiction to another.

No. 271086

Lmao at all the brainlets in the comments saying she is "Bettering herself" and "Working on her mental health" no she isn't rofl, she's clearly already deep in addiction to pills.
Her fans are so fucking stupid I swear.

No. 271095

Hasn't Venus always had an addictive personality? I remember Margo screeching about her alchy tendencies. This won't end well. Sexwork, drugs, in a foreign country and dependent on a man? Nightmare.

No. 271104

These are her usual group of brain dead followers plus the new batch who came in after that French Youtuber’s “Poor Venus” video. All they know about her is from that video so of course they are cheering her on and bleating about how brave she is, etc. etc.

No. 271106

This is the same boatload of pills she was on 1 1/2 years ago, nothing new there. Of course this video is aimed at her 4K ‘new’ followers who haven’t seen this sad cycle play itself out over and over and over again.

No. 271112

God she looks so much better without the ridiculous circle lenses and eye tape and greasy black hair. The boring middle aged lady styles don’t look great on her, but I have terrible tacky taste when it comes to clothes anyway, so my opinion on that is total garbage. I’m sure what nonnas said about her partner (I’m not calling him zaddy cause fucking ew) is restyling her to suit his personal tastes. Can we kinda talk on the fact that him styling her more mature is at least a small green flag? Dudes who like cutesy young clothes/styles = red flag for pedo.

She’s so drugged though, I had to put the playback speed to 1.5x and it still sounds like she’s talking slowly. I believe her when she says she isn’t taking the concerta. Fucking kek that she thought taking a ton at once would be helpful, she’s got such an addict brain it’s sad.

But let’s face it nonnas, benzo addiction is rough but it’s not even half as devastating on one’s body as alcohol. Benzos by themselves are super addictive and quitting cold Turkey can kill ya, same as with alcohol. But doing benzos daily is not gonna destroy her organs and age her disgustingly like drinking alcohol daily does to a person. I think it’s a step in the right direction for sure. Do I think it’s the best thing she could be doing for herself? Hell no, but I realize she needs some kind of heavy coping mechanism and that mechanism kinda has to be drugs because of the type of person she is. Her absolute best bet would be to move to Canada or a legal state in the US and medicate herself with cannabis, but that’s a pipe dream.

No. 271129

My experience with a hard-core alcoholic is that when they stop drinking they find another substance to use, whether it be benzos, cough syrup with codeine, other opiates, Quaaludes, whatever they can get their hands on. She’s a garden-variety alcoholic drug addict, nothing special or unique about her.

No. 271132

She mentions (in the parts I was able to hear, does she not have a fucking microphone?) that among the plethora of pills she stockpiles are ‘painkillers’ (for a “tooth ouchie”? hard to make out,) benzos and what she calls her “downer medications,” “knockout meds” and a “coma cocktail” that she takes whenever she feels “off,” they knock her out for a good 12 hours and when she comes to she feels a LOT better (except if she takes too much and wakes up with double vision, lol.)

She basically just sits in that apartment and pops pills all day.

No. 271133

That was kind of my point, yeah. But benzos are better than alcohol from a harm reduction standpoint. Weed would be even better still, but Japan has retarded drug policy.

No. 271136

It’s sad as hell, but it’s an improvement and much better for her mental/physical health than sitting alone getting shitfaced in karaoke bars. But ever since she spiraled and ruined her perfectly sweet relationship with Manaki, this was always gonna be her fate (i.e. needing to cope with daily heavy drug use of some sort due to her traumatic upbringing). Now with all this unhinged drunken material she has online forever, there’s no going back, there’s no erasing that, it will forever haunt her. She needs to be high to cope with that sad fact of reality. For real though, what would any of you do if you’d dug yourself into the hole Venus has found herself in? I’d also be high off my ass all day, or I’d kill myself.

No. 271142

>> drug use of some sort due to her traumatic upbringing
Please stop with this “traumatic upbringing” crap. One, there was no traumatic upbringing and two, she drinks and drugs because her brain is miswired that way, not because of some imaginary TRAUMA

No. 271164

At last she explained why her hands are always shaking, vitamin C deficiency due to alcohol. She still has those tremors tho

No. 271165

Argh I hate myself for this slight nitpick but.. is that yellow mark on her left middle finger a gross cigarette tar stain?
It was the first thing I noticed cos I can barely hear her speak.
Anyway the point was jumping from one addiction to another

No. 271169

Margo as a mother is definitely traumatic on its own. She's terrible.

Her relationship with manaki was wrapped up in all sorts of weirdness. I wish she had more mental fortitude and stuck with all the weebs that pitied her after she escaped Margo instead of the easier route of being a degenerate.

No. 271171

"Blob of nothing burbling incoherent bullshit" sums up Venus to a T! I would nominate it for next thread title but it's too early for that. I'd also like to point out that any 'fans' of her are losers who can do nothing for themselves and think any type of fame is a goal…

No. 271212

Holy fuck she takes clonazepam, quetiapine, and trazodone together in her “sleep cocktail” and not just 1 or 2 prn she’s taking entire the whole blister pack to get knocked out for 12 hours. Along with her history of alcohol abuse her liver must be absolutely fucked. Also the tremors aren’t just in her hands you can see them in her neck, head and lips too

No. 271214

Doxy is common, even for cysts. Her taking some isn't really questionable.

No. 271237

I recall a few years ago, arguments in PULL where nearly everybody there was saying she should be going to doctors and 'needed' to be on medication. It seemed like nearly everybody on that site was on some form of medications themselves so wanted Venus to be too, because well, why should anybody be allowed to escape if they were all on something?! Plus ppl in her YouTube and IG comments urging her to see doctors and take medication as though this would be the answer to everything.
I knew it wouldn't be and one of the tiny minority who said so, but got immediately shouted down by all the pill poppers. Well it turned out I was right, because look at the cocktail of pharmaceuticals she's on now.

I don't think becoming a dopehead would help her either. That stuff destroys brain cells and can lead to psychosis.
Venus may have fared better if she'd never started on all the big pharma stuff. So now she has to find a way to get off all that junk too before she can really get her life back on track.

No. 271258

Which Benzo is is she taking? I couldn’t tell what the heck she was saying, but I thought she mentioned NOT taking xanax

No. 271267

I honestly don’t think she’s emotionally intelligent or insightful enough to benefit from therapy at all. She’s just too detached.

I don’t think Venus could have ever raw dogged life without medication. This bitch really does need to be sedated, she’s batshit crazy. I think the best possible outcome would be for her to be on some modafanil for her adhd (since it’s non addictive and can’t make you “high”) and a light SSRI like Prozac or Zoloft. Maybe a mood stabilizer if she’s really and truly bipolar rather BPD. That combined with medical cannabis and she’d actually be able to live her best life.

No. 271272

Maybe a lack of intelligence can help with therapy because you can fall for the power of suggestion or just not overthink things as much.

No. 271299

She looks the same age as Marg in that video. She had to be binging on more than just alcohol these past 4 years. At this point I do actually believe she did do speed too considering how fast she's aged, the fucked up teeth, and fried greasy hair.

No. 271300

I just can't believe she would have a super edited pic of herself as the thumbnail then show up looking like that on video

No. 271321

>> she explained why her hands are always shaking, vitamin C deficiency
She said it was vitamin deficiency and withdrawals. So yeah, it’s the alcoholic shakes. People used to argue it was just a benign tremor that she’s always had, nothing at all to do with alcohol! Nope.

And it’s not just vitamin C, it’s mainly B vitamins, thiamine and folate deficincies that chronic alcoholics get (and that’s what she is, a chronic hard-core alcoholic.) When one of these comes into the ER for whatever reason, the first thing they do is hang an IV bag of thiamine and folate. It’s called a banana bag because of its yellow color.

No. 271323

>cow said this
Come on.

No. 271336

What is your point here?

No. 271337

You say that like Venus is not a pathological liar

No. 271344

I mean she said the tremors are from vitamin deficiencies and withdrawals. That’s what alcoholic shakes are. What is your problem with that?

No. 271373

Some tidbits from this trainwreck video (the parts I was fucking able to HEAR)

- ‘Alcohol makes you lose a lot of vitamins.’ (having a portion of your small intestine removed doesn’t help either.)

- Claims her doctor told her to take what she calls her “coma cocktail,” i.e. Klonopin, Quetiapine and Trazodone “whenever I feel a bit off.” It knocks her out for a good 12 hours and when she comes to she feels a LOT better (except some days she wakes up with double vision if she takes too much, lol.) Treats all this as a big joke. What “doctor” would advise their patient to drug herself into a coma any time they “feel off”?

-Tries to tell a joke about alcoholics and their prescription meds, keeps flubbing the lines, loses her train of thought and gives up on it.

- Concerta (for her “ADHD”) is good but highly addictive and she once stayed awake for 4 days and nights hallucinating after overdosing on it (because, you know, alcoholics and their meds, haha.) So now she gives it to her “fiance” and he comes over every day to administer her dose and check up on her (they don’t live together.)

- She craves alcohol every day, is “mentally obsessed with it” and “fantasizes about it, taking that first sip.” I guess that’s when she takes her “coma cocktail.”

No. 271390

some of them have mayor interactions … i rarely heard of people taking this many meds even when they fcked up .. something isnt right..(worked in psych ward but may be country diffrences)
but even a quick google search will reveal:

Using QUEtiapine together with risperiDONE can increase the risk of an irregular heart rhythm that may be serious and potentially life-threatening, although it is a rare side effect.

Using valproic acid together with risperiDONE can alter the effects valproic acid. This can cause drowsiness, dizziness, lightheadedness, and confusion. If your doctor prescribes these medications together, you may need a dose adjustment or special tests to safely take both medications.

Using valproic acid together with QUEtiapine may increase side effects such as dizziness, drowsiness, confusion, and difficulty concentrating. Some people, especially the elderly, may also experience impairment in thinking, judgment, and motor coordination.

Taking Concerta with an SSRI can increase the risk of side effects from the SSRI. This includes serotonin syndrome, which is caused by a high level of the chemical serotonin in the body. Interaction explained.

Taking methylphenidate and risperidone together may raise the risk of EPS.

Using clonazePAM together with lurasidone may increase side effects such as dizziness, drowsiness, confusion, and difficulty concentrating.

especially clonazepam for a person whos prone to addiction… not a good idea at all. Also max dose of Quetiapine isn't 600mg, it's 800mg.

No. 271392

Thank you, Nonnie. I couldn't get myself to watch the whole thing.

So she's basically a pill addict now. I smell a "Welp, I took an overdose and almost died- Edition" soon.

No. 271397

Yeah, if she can’t be drunk she’ll stay stoned on pills. Seems she’s not able to deal with life without some major substance abuse. And I guess dollar store zaddy has taken on the role of caretaker. Good on him, let him be the one who gets the call from the ER next time she decides to jump (fall) in front of a bus, or has a “mental breakdown” behind the pharmacy, or from the karaoke bar at 5am because they’re trying to close and she’s falling down drunk. Go for it, zaddy.

No. 271445

Thank you for the medical explanation, anon. Then, what kind of doctor would prescribe her all of those meds??

>>Tries to tell a joke about alcoholics and their prescription meds, keeps flubbing the lines, loses her train of thought and gives up on it.
Top kek

No. 271492

“Feeling a little ‘off’ today? Here, dose yourself up with Seroquel, Klonopin and Trazodone. Take enough to knock yourself out for 12 hours, you’ll feel so much better! Oh and just keep taking that Strattera, Concerta, other antidepressants, mood stabilizers, benzos, painkillers, whatever, no problem!”

- Said no doctor, ever.

No. 271505

Yeah, sorry for the tinfoil, but things like this make me feel like she's lying about a lot of stuff. Maybe not full lying, but "white lies". Like I believe she has one of those and maybe the concerta, but no doctor would prescribe all of it unless she's getting them separately at different doctors. I think she looked up some drugs to add to her story to seem more "tortured and damaged". Even the psych ward story, I think maybe she was in for a week or two, not however many months. Everything she says feels like she's trying to make it more dire than it really is.

No. 271508

>> Strattera, Concerta, other antidepressants, mood stabilizers, benzos, painkillers, whatever
You forgot antipsychotics. She’s on those too.

No. 271509

remember, it wasn't even a psych ward. it was a drug/alcohol detox facility. same thing as any celeb alcy goes to for 'rehab'. anything coming from her about her, is fake.

No. 271512

Oh but ‘psych ward’ sounds way more cool than ‘alcohol detox ward.’

No. 271520

> I think maybe she was in for a week or two, not however many months.
She didn't claim to have been in there "many months" though. At the beginning she claimed she would be in there for 3 months, then she said she was finally admitted and then wrote about being released after just a couple of weeks. I think it was only something like 4 or 5 weeks? She never said why she was in there so much shorter than she had originally announced.

No. 271538

It's not even tinfoil at this point anymore, Venus has been caught lying several times before as she contradicts herself repeatedly.
She's become too predictable and I would take anything she says with a grain of salt.

No. 271568

File: 1670693898894.jpeg (Spoiler Image,123.32 KB, 654x1155, 70D92F0C-F0D8-48C8-9653-A87040…)

Sexytimes on Twitter,lol

No. 271570

File: 1670694100179.jpeg (34.15 KB, 523x532, D1A51434-8960-4F32-9A47-D6C1DC…)

She’s literally this

No. 271608

File: 1670717200284.png (Spoiler Image,914.88 KB, 975x542, ew.png)

This video looks so tragic just from the preview. His stomach is hanging so much and she looks like a dead starfish.

No. 271612

Can we see zaddy face clearly?

No. 271613

File: 1670719585874.jpeg (734.46 KB, 1179x863, 07CA567E-F23E-4844-A09B-59EDD5…)

I couldn’t in that preview. I found this little peekaboo in one of her OF vids

No. 271618

Well at least he has nice hair. So that's something I guess. Just a shame about the rest of him.

No. 271619

File: 1670723703627.jpeg (443.89 KB, 934x1515, B79898A1-9731-4DDF-8A0D-25E7F9…)

Well don’t forget this is the guy she said this about

No. 271622

File: 1670724032801.jpeg (211.06 KB, 795x1158, BC04AA2D-0043-44E6-9C69-4FF751…)

AFTER posting a pic of the kid on her instagram. Not insta stories mind you, but regular instagram.

So the guy’s a fucking pedophile, she knows that and it bothers her some days, other times not so much, and her main problem with it is…it’s illegal. That’s it.

No. 271636

i think this guy has blurred vision the way he seems fine with 2 or 3 stray long pubes just off to the side around where she shaves every time. he's jamming the camera there and its clearly visible even on the poorly lit video but he just says 'wow this is so sexy we're gonna make like $40'

No. 271650

Japanese salaries are pretty low anon, that is quite a bit of money to spend on something frivolous.

No. 271663

There is no solid proof that this is Ken/the same guy, to be fair. It's just random anon speculation.

No. 271664

Venus said herself that she's been meeting this guy on and off for 4 years, it must be him. That's not even a speculation anymore.

No. 271665

She looks exactly like her mother!!

No. 271666

How does someone have 2 million subs on youtube and can't afford to fix their teeth? why zaddy not helping her fix her teeth? i don't know about other people but if my teeth were rotting. i'll be asking zaddy to get it fixed instead of new clothes. the girls priorities are messed up.(newfag)

No. 271667


To naturalise you have to have been married 3 years, middle school level Japanese, not too bad a criminal record, and renounce your other citizenships. Also it requires a certain level of basic life competence to go through all the bureaucratic steps (getting certificates and translations etc.)

No. 271668

She also claimed that a couple host guys (and some other guys?) were her bfs within the last few years. A year or something ago there was a pic in some guy's apartment where he's reflected in the TV, and it's not this same guy. She referred to that guy as bf too.

She's not exactly a reliable narrator.

No. 271672

I think her views must be super low, since she still doesn't have youtube partnership while it's requirements are literally 1000 subs and 400 hours watched, should be no problem for her

No. 271674

there's no need to guess, you can look yourselves, at her page or at socialblade. she has 2m subs… and her videos get 2k views. Her total channel views is like 1M or 2M a year so she (if monetized) could earn about $2000 a year from her channel. It's dead

No. 271675

I wonder what Venus would answer to "where do you see yourself in 5 years" or a similar goal oriented question. Maybe at this point she's not even capable of thinking about anything besides holing up at random places and abusing substances 24/7

No. 271676

That guy is this same guy. Venus has a video sucking his dick in that room and it is the same pp as her current videoed with him. Also same voice.

No. 271678


She’ll either be a single mother raising some hafu kid in a run down apartment. Sleeping with numerous dodgy japanese men and still trying to pass off as a youthful Kira Kira white virgin living dolly online. And working late hours in a back street shinjuku bar. Life going no where. But as long as this is in japan, it’s cool then?

No. 271679


It wouldn’t bother someone who’s dressing up like a toddler half the time and doing porn

No. 271680

Yeah, same cats too. She broke up with ken in February 2020 and just one month 1/2 later, she started OF with someone feeling ultra manic. They just got back together. In between she posted stuff like "the only thing left is your shirt", "I need to stop crying" and many others clearly meant to him

No. 271686

It's more accurate to say the value is different, because I bought a house in the country side of japan for ~$21,000, something I promise you is impossible on "low american wages." CoL is lower in Japan and if you're smart enough to not live in tourist traps you can buy all the frivolous things you want, it's only students who tend to need to save.
It's called:
Not wanting to.

No. 271707

File: 1670775430185.png (981.33 KB, 720x981, Screenshot_20221211-171543-576…)

New pic on insta, ugly hat again but nothing too milky

No. 271708

>> A year or something ago there was a pic in some guy's apartment where he's reflected in the TV,
That pic was in June 2020, 4 months after breaking up with Ken/zaddy. She was hooking up with other porn-adjacent guys at the time.

‘Ken’ is dollar store ‘zaddy’ (the pedophile who initiates sex acts on children and brags about it afterwards) and Poor Little Venus knows about that and doesn’t give a shit.

No. 271716

Those earrings she wears look always so tacky.
And combining it with that ugly cap..

No. 271720

That cap (and her other sad designer ‘swag’) is why he’s Dollar Store Zaddy, lol. But that’s what someone like her ends up with, a broke middle-aged porn dude with an obese gut that hangs down over his belt buckle.

Maybe I’ll start calling him ‘Saddy.’ Because the guy sure as hell is no ‘Zaddy.’

No. 271735

File: 1670789563693.jpeg (217.56 KB, 1138x1202, A6A3F009-29FF-4605-89C4-6DEA7D…)

Dis my sexy face you guys

No. 271749

She looks like she’s dying in a hospital bed

No. 271778

can any anons more familiar with japan speculate whether she's trying to do some japanese style performance in her shit because it really seems otherwise like she's just trying to come across as drugged and/or suicidal

No. 271780

No that guy in that room is the same guy as now. There are videos of Venus sucking her Zaddys dick in that exact room.

No. 271791

File: 1670805132215.jpeg (374.75 KB, 1142x1535, C77B3003-0953-4BA4-9EEB-6891B3…)

This room? I don’t recall any videos in this room (but I don’t subscribe to her OF either.)

No. 271797

File: 1670805844453.jpeg (313.13 KB, 801x1108, E1745571-031B-4B09-807F-B81227…)

>> Old granny with Miu Miu shoes tho
This is old but Miu Miu shoes? Where?
Are you referring to these?

No. 271798

File: 1670806031937.jpeg (389.5 KB, 1868x1119, C4322981-71B5-43AB-83DE-14528E…)

Because these are Swan Kiss shoes, going for around $72 USD.
Miy Miu shoes go for $950-$2000 USD/pair. Bargain basement sugarbaby Venus could never aspire to that.

No. 271800

Exactly. Same costume, same nail polish, same background and same ugly dick.

They broke off then got back together a month or two later when she started OF. Do we have to do a complete pic vs video comparaison to convince people Ken/Manager-san/Zaddy was the same guy all along?

I really believe that "I'm a cum dumpster" pic was some kind of dare between them.

No. 271811

File: 1670808708577.jpeg (182.92 KB, 1179x701, 553BE2F7-7EF3-4406-A7C3-5DD103…)

Yes it is in that room (same tv, cat things, boxes, etc.). It is the same guy she is with now because it’s the same voice and penis, which I know because I’m a dumbass

No. 271812

they're a match made in heaven because his dick has a gross little turtle beak point just like her lips

No. 271892

The pubes make me want to puke.(learn2integrate)

No. 271906

these look so cheap!! you can make them yourself for under $50, I bet.

No. 271918

Not these, I believe she had them in her IG story when she was in combini

No. 271919

New video where she tries to convince herself she’s made the right decision about being a sex worker

>”Private Onlyfans to share about my mental health”

Now we can pay for the privilege to hear Wenus complain

No. 271920

She’s so chemically lobotomized, it’s sad to watch.

No. 271921

On instagram she's glamorizing using xanax, something like this was in her story
>it's not a drug addiction it's medication for my depression
She's late with this Elita type shit she's doing now. It's cringe and it's honestly awful she's promoting her medications like that on instagram to her dumb ass followers.

No. 271922

File: 1670835456565.jpg (335.3 KB, 1080x1666, Beenos.jpg)

No. 271923

This bitch is addicted and the only reason she can bear to do gross porn with her ugly scrote is because she's under the influence constantly. As a person who was addicted to xanax I can see myself in her, I also fell into prostitution when I was an addict. It's so sad to see this happening to her and if she ever snaps out of this she will be horrified and will spiral even worse. She needs to get offline and sort herself out. This will not end well for her.

No. 271925

Holy shit.. her mouth isn’t really existing.. and the puffy face … is she still drinking or does she drink again?

No. 271936

File: 1670852093447.png (522.18 KB, 720x832, Screenshot_20221212-143408-036…)

And now she's redoing shitposts from her story, Venus the comedian strikes again

No. 271945

I’m pretty sure if she had these, she’d flaunt them. I’m also pretty sure she doesn’t have them, because her ‘zaddy’ is a broke loser (and so is she.)

No. 271946

It’s terrifyingly easy to find yourself caught up in horrendous situations when you’re using benzos. Happened to me when I was addicted to addy/klonopin and using daily and sometimes drinking as well. Even if she’s sober from alcy, the concerta and the klonopin she’s on is a powerfully addictive mix of drugs that can make you okay with living a life and doing things you would find morally repugnant if you weren’t using. And it absolutely obliterates your ability to remember shit.

No. 271947

File: 1670861985131.png (1.09 MB, 1319x696, 0.png)

Nah, I think it's Miu Miu. She even has a pink bracelet from them.

No. 271948

She recorded this at the same time as her other YT video, same outfit, hair, location and same brown teeth. Only this one you have to pay to watch. She’s such a skeeze.

No. 271949

>> the concerta and the klonopin she’s on
Basically a prescription speedball.

No. 271950

Right on the money. At this point I'm honestly starting to feel a little bad for venus.

No. 271954

If I understand her gibberish correctly (and if auto-generated subs are correct), she said in the OnlyFans PROS & CONS video that she wants to get a cat. I hope she doesn't go through with it, feel so bad for the cat already. She wouldn't even remember to feed it

No. 271955

Could someone summarise this video please?

No. 271959

File: 1670865573627.png (99.63 KB, 1244x557, med.png)

Complete list

No. 271962

Is she currently taking all of these at the same time or are some of these outdated if it's self-made and just adding in old prescriptions too?

No. 271963

Why the fuck does she need so many sedatives?

No. 271969

Japan has very strict drug laws. This can result in certain medications being used as an umbrella medication for symptoms of multiple mental healths. It kind of sucks because places like the UK and US that allow certain drugs that are common over there. Another example is how in Japan they won't give you Ritalin for ADHD, but they will give it to you for sleep problems.

They are just dumb and backwards. She doesn't need all this probably, but they most likely prescribe these for addiction.

No. 271970

File: 1670867546182.png (23 KB, 821x195, addiction.png)

[Samefag] Figured I'd check and looks like some of these are used for addiction coping. Won't derail about it anymore, but I don't think anons should read in to this about her being schizo or anything. Japan doesn't have a good history of knowing how to prescribe drugs.

No. 271975

This may come as some surprise to you, but just like all women/black ppl/men/kids/busdrivers are not all the same, druggies are not all the same either.
You are not Venus and Venus isn't you. So stop projecting!

No. 271976

Seems like it.. It wont solve anything to give an addict even more addicting substances that they can take "when ever they need" which they could say anytime any day for any damn reason.

No. 271977

Tbh, the logic is probably "If you're sedated, you can't move to go get a drink".

No. 271978

I'd like to see how they deal with benzo addicts. Well, Beenos will show us in a few years.

No. 271981

It's pretty fucked up. She isn't in a country that treats any of this seriously when at the same time is promoting the country to drink more.

No. 271987

>> drugs that can make you okay with living a life and doing things you would find morally repugnant if you weren’t using.
What makes you think she finds what she is doing “morally repugnant” or is using drugs to escape from her “morally repugnant” deeds? She flaunts her porn and celebrates it. I don’t think she even has morals (or a conscience,) she’s demonstrated that repeatedly. And how about she’s using drugs because she has addict brain, likes being high and if she can’t have alcohol she’ll take anything she can get, not Poor Venus desperately trying to medicate away her “pain.”

No. 271991

I doubt that anon meant "Venus is using drugs to escape from her morally repugnant deeds". I read it the other way around - Venus is on heavy drugs, and therefore she's prone to doing reckless shit she might have not done sober

No. 271993

I'm sorry that you had to go through all that, anon, I hope you are doing better now.

Do you think there is something that could help her or is it something she has to realise by herself?

No. 271995

Sobriety would be a good start. She needs to snap out of it and just quit. But I'm pretty sure she won't. It'll be hard, especially with benzos, and worst case scenario she'll medicate the benzo withdrawals with alcohol and then she's back at square one. It all has to go. She needs a proper therapist she sees regularly and her closest friends (if they exist) and zaddy have to be supportive. But zaddy is an alcoholic too according to venus? They'll feed each others worst sides until they get sick of each other.

No. 272000

That’s exactly what that anon said though. To quote again, that
>> drugs that can make you okay with living a life and doing things you would find morally repugnant if you weren’t using

And that lame routine has been repeated numerous times, that Poor Venus uses drugs and alcohol to block the pain of what she’s doing. Which is b.s. She drinks and drugs because she’s an alcoholic drug addict. And she has no problem with anything she’s doing, not the fake visa marriage, or lying constantly, or openly cheating on her husband, or choosing to be with a sleazy pedophile or doing porn. She is not some special snowflake just trying to numb her painnnn.

No. 272003

So she's just a bad person who likes to party. Glad you figured that all out. It's so simple, why are we even discussing her at all.

No. 272014

Pretty sure she started OF before she was on this many meds first of all. She didn't start because she was "fucked up from drugs and not in her right mind", she started because she's lazy and thinks she's above working (remember when she insulted normies who work regular jobs?) and wants easy, fast cash with little effort. Not because she was was under the influence of so many meds. Moreover, you're a moron if you think she's actually taking ALL those meds. Most likely, she been doctor shopping and she only takes a few of those meds and the others are from before. Remember, Venus even self-diagnosed herself and pretended to go to therapy regularly in her kawaii days and would start publicly "acting out" her new "diagnoses."

No. 272015

This 100%. She wasn't even on meds when she did the cheating or visa fraud, drinking and numerous other things. Hell, she wasn't even as medicated when she started OF. Venus' lack of morality has nothing to do with her medication or addictions. She's just a shit person, always has been since her teen years, who ADDITIONALLY has addiction issues. Bless these anons hearts who "feel bad for her" after all the shit she's done, all the lies and suicide baiting and harming/abusing others for her gain. They always try to find excuses for her, like "abuse", "the meds", "addiction", "she's young", anything but to admit that she is just a morally repugnant and unethical person at her core, with or without addictions/meds..

No. 272016

Remember when she was flaunting her "concerta" as taking meth and being a "meth head?" Anything for that extra badass jirai cred. I still find it funny how she started larping all these mental disorders when she got into menhera around the same time manaki probably wanted a divorce. It's amazing he put up with her all that time, given that she said she was dating/cheating on Mana with Ken since 2018, but in her videos was acting like Mana was her prince charming and they were madly in love. What a piece of shit.

No. 272017

She made a private IG because she has "too many haters" on IG who are not interested in her porn. Nice way to describe your OG fans, venus. Very grateful. Just say you're a greedy and lazy bitch, who is looking to monetize any aspect of her life she can and call it a day.
And unless she's moderating comments on the daily, her comments section on IG and YT isn't that bad. Most people are like "yass slay queen" or pitying her.

No. 272019

>Now we can pay for the privilege to hear Wenus complain
Also, didn't she say she wanted to share her mental health publicly with everyone because "she just loooooves helping other people" KEK. I knew the moral larping wouldn't last long. Venus can't pretend she cares about others for too long before her greedy (and true) nature shines through. Truly a narc.

No. 272021

Her OG fans are adults who can walk away from the computer than moralfag

No. 272025

She looks exactly as bad at "sexiness" as Margo was at 25. Both of them are so terrible at the concept of sexiness, except at least Margo didn't go as far as corn dildos and scat-like porn or pedo pandering and "baby" beenus shit.

Did venus get work done on her eyes? I assume she's wearing tape under her eyes to make them puffy but her upper eyelids looks very visible when she normally has hooded eyes. Is she wearing double eyelid tape or maybe got some injections? It looks kind of odd, especially combined with the lower tape.

No. 272026

Normal clothes look better on her. Side fringe or no fringe and light hair look better. Now if only she'd stop wearing circle lenses, doing aegyo sal, adding red under her eyes and editing her face excessively. It only makes her look uncanny, haggard and like she has an eye infection.

No. 272028

On discord, she said she stopped working with her OF manager at some point. I don't remember the time period when Kyrie and she announced this. Based off what you said about her breaking up with Ken in Feb 2020, does that mean she started OF with some other guy (based off the discord message), then broke up with him and went back to Ken or did she start OF alone and then get a manager (some dude or even Ken) or did she get back together with Ken very quickly after breaking up (less than a month)?

No. 272030

Although the fiance is shady, to be fair, she also claimed Mana was a pedo, an abuser, controlling (lol this one is funny given how she came across as the controlling aggressor in their video together), an asexual (even shaming him for it if it were actually true), a leech, a neet, lazy etc. Basically projecting her shitty qualities onto him. It's possible, this was just slander and "zaddy" never did such a thing. But wither way, it makes her shit. Either it happened and that's her immortal/unempathetic reaction. It's more important to use Ken for her gain than have morality. Or she made it up and reacted that way, which is Amber Heard levels messed up.

No. 272033

This is most likely accurate. Preach it. Venus has been exaggerating and aggrandizing every struggle in her life since she was a teen. Even her days with Margo and Manaki are made to seem way more dire than they really were. It's something Margo does regularly too. It would be logical to assume she is also doing it with her medication and mental illnesses as well.

No. 272035

I wouldn't say "traumatic" but I wouldn't say it's wonderful either (except on the materialist end). As for Manaki, he took care of her and commit visa fraud for her and covered for her while she cheated on him with Ken, likely so she could stay in Japan illegally. He was there for her in the hospital and did all her paper work and "adulting" for her because she was too lazy to do it all herself. If that's weird, it's mostly on Venus for wanting to be another Yumi King or Taylor R who have their bfs provide them everything and do everything for them.

No. 272036

>after she almost died.
She never "almost died". Not in the hospital for her stomach. Not during the fake bus incident where she walked away with only a scraped hand. And not when she "cut" herself, snapped and edited photos before going to the hospital. It's all embellishment for views and drama and jirai cred. Venus loves being the damsel in distress and embellishing her "struggles." I think she's addicted to being pitied and feels it makes her special and unique and not like "the rest of the normies." She has an ego problem.

No. 272037

You're missing the point, dumbass. She's making an excuse again, just so she can charge people for literally nothing. Just so she can essentially scam them. By making up lies that her IG audience are mostly "haters" and they are "haters" simply if they don't like having sex shoved in their faces or support everything she does, without question, suggestions or anything.

And yes, she is ungrateful to her og fans. It would be wonderful if most of her audience unfollowed her and she got very few views and when the scrotes leave, she'd have nothing. Then she'd learn that treating people like shit, or as nothing more than coins has repercussions, and she can be broke and alone and irrelevant, as she always feared, like she deserves.

No. 272045

I mean didn't you guys want her to make another account anyway? You are all concerned about young fans but now you're all talking about old fans. Make up your mind

No. 272093

Uh, the hospital thing really was an issue, anon. it got to a point where she couldn't keep food down and thus she couldn't eat and in turn also dehydrated her because of the nausea. At some point, you need to chill out. The other shit I understand, but the stomach surgery was an actually problem and it lasted way too long before she got medical attention for it.

No. 272095

sad cringey behavior.

No. 272116

File: 1670924504788.jpg (242.52 KB, 1061x1212, IMG_20220615_024205.jpg)

No. 272117

File: 1670924655200.jpg (113.15 KB, 1080x593, IMG_20221213_103847.jpg)

To me, she just went back with ken (judging by her blowjob videos and the posts she made during their break). They really have an on-off relationship

No. 272119

What was "tea from a friend of a friend"?

No. 272121

Holy… I am really impressed.. good job for making this chart.

I think you are right.(learn2sage)

No. 272123

File: 1670932582488.jpg (299.45 KB, 1080x1092, IMG_20210504_223649.jpg)

No. 272124

File: 1670932685947.jpg (728.27 KB, 1242x2085, 1566148140042.jpg)

No. 272125

As suspected, her mental breakdowns and suicide attempts are just a manipulation tactic to get this dumbass to take her back.

No. 272148

Nta, but this isn't even verified. A random anon couldve posted tbis and you all took bait.

No. 272149

Sounds like such crockshit lol

No. 272151

The Whiteknights woke up.

No. 272172

Yeah, it's not verified but this was posted way before it was obvious that Venus was broke and desperate for a new visa-husband. Did anon just predict the future or were they actually right? You can figure that out yourself.

No. 272177

Which kind of means it wouldn't be weird for the even smaller community to larp becauseit gets attention on these types of boards. Most of this info was tinfoiled before posting too which makes it seem even funnier if anons really fell for these.

No. 272178

>which makes it seem even funnier if anons really fell for these
Despite the fact all of it is true in some capacity in the end.

No. 272183


In bed w/ KR guy picture (31/12/15) - Margo said it was herself wearing her daughter's pyjamas (taken with timer)

No. 272187

screenshots plz?

No. 272188

File: 1670965462169.png (Spoiler Image,1.01 MB, 1418x670, Screenshot 2022-12-13 at 22.01…)

this is a close up pic of her masturbating hand from the nezuko vs inosuke video

No. 272190

…please tell me thats not dick cheese

No. 272191

Since most of it is true, I couldn't not mention it. I always thought it was from Mikan

No. 272192

File: 1670965825334.png (1.5 MB, 1622x860, Screenshot 2022-12-13 at 22.01…)

and this is from the 'Onahole: Succubus Ends Up Using Pussy' video straight after riding on zaddys miniature cock. looking happy

No. 272195

It's the look every thot has when they can't make money on their "dream" but instead being cummed in for pennies.

No. 272199

Because anons made up as many tinfoils as possible. Of course something was right lol

No. 272204

I don’t even know why people are so shocked and APPALLED at all those dangerous drugs she’s taking! None of this is new, she was taking fistfulls of the same pills when she made the first ‘Look at all the drugs I’m taking you guys’ video back in May 2021. I guess there are a lot of newbies that don’t know anything about her other than what’s on some old Poor Venus clickbait video.

No. 272213

File: 1670974454407.jpeg (760.33 KB, 1464x1420, BDB52FD9-995D-42E5-ACDF-E18517…)

In this photoset posted on Twitter last month her pupils are HUGE.

No. 272226

She's not actually take fistfulls of drugs. Get a grip.

No. 272240

File: 1670990131336.jpeg (182.97 KB, 1481x889, 953F05B9-6818-4664-AF28-FBE5CF…)

Except she is though.

No. 272241

File: 1670990170290.jpeg (100.16 KB, 834x834, 0C3303A4-1F65-4FA4-AD53-3E7DA8…)

pills, pills and more pills

No. 272242

Anon… Stop.

No. 272243

File: 1670990209989.jpeg (93.91 KB, 769x769, E0671D97-705B-432A-BEFF-A80FE0…)

and that’s not even all of it.

No. 272247

why does her face look so bloated? Is it alcohol bloat or..?

No. 272267

Lmao and you believe her ?
Can't you see she's flaunting all those meds for her 'victim' image ?
Gullible dumb cunt.

No. 272273

her priorities are fucked up; she spends all her 'income' on useless, expensive shit. instead of saving up or spending it on her teeth / health, she rather waste it on designer stuff, only to show off and make people believe she is living a 'luxorious' life in japan.
she lived in that cramped, dirty room on the floor at manaki's, but she still managed to buy macbooks, nintendo switch and designer backpaks…
she has the new iphone as well. (but no matter what equipment she has, she always ends up publishing low quality content)

and regarding zaddy… he is probably broke as fuck, otherwise he would be surrounded by REAL sugar babies. not a low-life addict who's committing visa fraud. venus is low maintanance; he buys her a knock-off gucci cap and she'll be sucking his midget cock for 2 months straight.

No. 272274

she put on weight

No. 272275

Does japan not use pill bottles for medications? Never seen medications packaged like hers are where I live. But damn the video almost seems like some sort of weird humblebragging that she's just "sooo mentally ill, look at all these pills as proof" sort of thing.

No. 272277

it doesn't matter how many followers she has. it looks good on paper, but 90% of those accounts are dead. just check her views. she probably has like 100k active followers (maximum) and i'm probably exaggerating.

No. 272278

A lot of countries give out medication like this and she looks to have 3 months worth of each.

No. 272279

No. 272290

Can confirm medication does indeed come like that in Japan. In little paper bags with either pills or plastic bags full of powder inside. Half of the medication is usually kampo (aka Chinese medicine that’s based on nothing scientific and is basically placebo) they also way overprescribe, and you literally get like 5-7 medications for the common cold so it’s not really a flex to get a bunch of meds

No. 272307

"Bottles" is just the west (especially America's) way of ripping you off more when you think about it.

No. 272317

Not a Marge defender by any means but the only existing screenshot of that, was an obviously sarcastic comment on her Insta (?)
I'm too lazy to find it right now but it was something like : "Yeah, right. It was me all along !"

But autistic Pulltards and Peenus-WK rolled with it as true at the time.

No. 272322

Idk if its a flex exactly, but we already discussed some of the meds being used for addiction

No. 272330

Who the fuck needs this many sleep aids at once? The moment when she took those Rivotril like it's candy like wtf?

No. 272331

She looks absolutely dead inside in this video

No. 272332

Theyre fun drugs for her. Be on the look out for more bruises and injuries she'll get from stumbling to door frames and falling on her face.

No. 272373

She’s a pill addict. She’s swapped alcohol for pills. ADD uppers then benzos and gross old school antipsychotics when she wants to knock herself out for 12 hours at a time. At least she’s finally the fuck out of her hoard at Manaki’s. She’s pimp zaddy’s problem now.

No. 272378

What are you on about? That's how those pills are given out. She needs prescriptions for them by a doctor. If she was addicted, she would have half the stash gone. If you're going to derail with petty tinfoil,at least post proof of her recently abusing these medications.

No. 272385

I mean I think referring to your medications as a “coma cocktail” requires at least slight self-realization that you are over-using.

No. 272391

Have you seen this video lately? The one where she’s literally drooling on herself?

Totally NOT an addict though! lol

No. 272393

File: 1671071845126.jpeg (290.73 KB, 1957x1162, A418CCEC-2212-43C3-8065-ABCF1E…)

Totally not abusing drugs!(tinfoiling)

No. 272395

Sober thots do this gross fetish shit too. Stfu.

No. 272401

I watched one domfem Japanese video where the girl was drooling loads, all over the guy she was abusing. No, btw, I dont watch porn as regular thing, that was curiosity
Point is, drooling signifies sexual desire. Like havent you ever found youself salivating when seeing a really gorgeous boy you fancy like crazy? It's just a normal reaction when extremely attracted to someone so I'm guessing this is why they do it in porn, and in this video, Venus is simulating a hand job and licking a dick. I'm just amazed Youtube allowed it, knowing how strict they are these days

No. 272419

Sorry anon, but it's really not normal to start drooling when you see someone attractive.

No. 272431

File: 1671094343755.jpeg (788.05 KB, 1242x966, 30DB88EE-CD07-4159-89BF-743C77…)

Honestly I’m glad to see her doing any other activities besides drinking

No. 272432

You know addictions don't start by over doing it instantly, right? She takes them as prescribed first and they work, she'll love it like the escapist she is, then her tolerance builds up and she starts taking gradually more and more.

No. 272433

Wtf are you talking about? You salivate when you see food. Not when you're horny.

No. 272436

stop FUCKING replying to the same old troll

No. 272443

you are the femboy asian poster arent you….oh scrote when will you stop shitting up this thread. For the last time no one gives a shit when you masturbate to, freak.

No. 272451

File: 1671109611887.png (396.54 KB, 741x586, Screenshot_20221215_080152.png)

Venus made another GAMER GURL livestream that was another big nothing burger. This is the entirety of the comments she got during it with the obligatory "ArE yOu oKaY??"

I skimmed through it and heard her mumble maybe 2 or 3 sentences and not engage at all with the people in the chat - even opting to answer a question in the chat via message instead of vocally. She's probably the worst live streamer I've ever seen - even amateurs at least have a basic knowledge on how to perform.

No. 272484

Link to stream?

No. 272525

That Marge goblin face is breaking through despite all the filters she uses.

No. 272554

>domfem Japanese video
>No, btw, I dont watch porn as regular thing, that was curiosity
>drooling signifies sexual desire

The cringe is fucking intense on that one

No. 272557

Her streams are so painful to watch. She can't even run straightforward and failed the tutorial. And it's fucking Pokemon, one of the easiest and beginner friendliest games ever kek

No. 272579

File: 1671160948945.jpg (70.19 KB, 914x460, IMG_20221216_121054_649.JPG)

Not normally when its just a regular attraction, but if you find someone so intensely attractive, you do. You just can't help it. It just happens. You become aware your mouth is watering. The attraction has to be intense to cause it. It must be a primal thing. Someone you find so gorgeous you can't think straight and you start to salivate and would drool if you didn't control it.
I looked it up to see if anyone else experienced it, and they do. Here's just one example.
So that's why Venus was drooling in that video. Not because she's a druggie and can't help it, it was deliberate to signify arousal. And I'm not saying she's a druggie, but an anon suggested she must be because she was drooling, and that's not true.

No. 272580

Stop fucking replying to that anon. They are shitposting. She's not drooling for any of those reasons, it's because it's a sexual ASMR. Holy fuck. How have threads gotten to this point 8 years later?

No. 272600

Yes, its a sexual ASMR, which is why she was deliberatly drooling, to make it seem she was turned on. Because thats what happens with some when they strongly desire someone Venus was just making herself drool to pretend she was aroused. I could do without seeing someone drool, but obviously it's a thing so I guess some people like to see it.

No. 272601

Obviously. I don't know why anons are reading in to it when it's all an act. It's not this deep. She's drooling because scrotes like the look of drool and it's degen and it's for sexual reasons, not because she's actually horny or anything. Wtf.

No. 272607

I know we aren't supposed to reply to the troll, but omg this is the most incel moid thing I've ever read.

No. 272626

File: 1671187152540.jpg (784.5 KB, 1080x1926, IMG_20221216_005150.jpg)

>>272601 Fr she is licking earphones. How arousing

Anyways the bible is back

No. 272628

File: 1671192912655.jpg (30.47 KB, 500x500, 209bb7f26d1cd1f4faaa4aff8f2b5b…)

It's a kawaii angelic aesthetic for her, just like witchcraft/paganism was part of her jirai kei gimmick. Iirc even the yumekawaii model Yurano Ochi LARPed as a christian in her fanbook a few years back. Nothing wrong with having an aesthetic based on some religious/esoteric stuff I just don't get why these girls think they have to LARP the actual religion kek

No. 272629

Yes unfortunately involuntary salivation is real for women in sexual situations especially traumatized women because throughout history it was a real risk that we could be gangraped by random scrotes and our bodies knew to produce lubrication in our mouths and vaginas in order to stop our insides from being damaged in the process

No. 272631

This looks so fucking ugly, including wall
Looks like something even my Polish Christian grandma would call tacky as hell (and they sure love tacky christian stuff)

No. 272634

She has no sense of what looks good and what doesn't. So far everything in her new house looks tacky as hell.

No. 272635

>Nothing wrong with having an aesthetic based on some religious/esoteric stuff

I agree it's not "wrong" but imagine if she was using buddhist, muslim or jewish paraphernalia as 'aesthetic.' People would be screeching. I think it's weird to use religious symbolism as decor when you aren't practicing said religion.

No. 272657

nonsense. I'm an evolutionary biologist.

No. 272661

File: 1671206915925.jpg (363.88 KB, 1080x1925, IMG_20221216_114027.jpg)

No. 272662

You are a lying retard. Vaginal lubrication yes, saliva no.

No. 272672

Nta, but literally don't care. Religion is a joke and isn't worth respect and this goes for all of them.

No. 272679

NTA, literally no one cares you are an eDgY aTheIsT.

No. 272680

Anyone saying that post was trolling must be trolling themselves.

Buddhists may be chill about it as Buddhism is a peaceful live and let live religion, also kind to animals which in my mind makes it the best, but if she dared to disrespect Islam there'd probably be a fatwah issued on her by now. In fact no other religious followers would kick up an almighty stink like fanatical followers of the moslem ideology would.

No. 272681

You're wrong. I've seen anons here jumping in going ballistic at the merest hint of anyone criticising religion.

Just like some do at the merest whiff that some women experience actual lust.

No. 272682


And yet its always the atheists who have to put in their two cents when religion is even mentioned. Nobody above was giving their personal ideology and yet here comes the blogposting "RELIGION IS A JOKE NOT WORTH RESPECTING!!"
Nobody gives a fuck on your personal beliefs we were talking about Venus and her religious grifting. Just shut up.

No. 272684


Because everyone knows women never, ever experience genuine feelings of desire and feeling overwhelmed at the physical beauty of someone they have strong feeling for, so much so that they salivate. Only vile disgusting men ever experience that sort of thing. And if any woman did it would have to be because of being some traumatized victim. It really does offend some anons to hear that women can and do experience those feelings.
Obviously Venus wasn't having those feelings in the video, she was playing out a scenario of being sexually aroused and licking, and of course it had to be only the headphones, can you imagine it being allowed to remain on prudetube if she was actually letting her tongue anywhere near an actual person. They'd delete her whole channel, it's so uptight there these days. A tiny child of 17and3quarters might see it and actually see that women can feel sexual desire and we can't have that, when we have to do our best to keep them away from it or teach them it's disgusting.

No. 272687

Hi spacer nonna

No. 272691

Just because you've never experienced it, doesnt mean no one else ever has. Even asexuals not interested in sex, seeing pictures of someone they feel extreme aesthetic attraction for can make their mouths water. It's just a natural response.
Venus was acting being turned on to turn on anyone watching who is into that to make it a kind of interactive experience. The only mystery is how YouTube allowed it on there when the whole video is obviously meant to be sexual and to arouse certain people watching and that is the main thing YouTube is against - posting anything meant to sexually arouse anyone. YouTube have a very real hang up about that and will see it even when it isn't there, so letting Venus' video remain is amazing.

No. 272694

Venus is just doing it for the video. There's nothing else to it. Autistic fucks. Go detail in OT about weird sexual shit.

No. 272699

Venus is all about weird sexual shit these days so can hardly be avoided and not talked about and can't be called OT when its literally what she is about most of the time.

No. 272700

Thought Luna posted this pic but then realised everything was too clean kek

No. 272703

I'd think it would more likely be the opposite to moisture or lubrication. Everything would kinda retract and close up in attempts to keep something out. And fearful situations can cause dry mouth. Only the thought, or sight, of something pleasurable would cause that sort of salivation, unless someone has a condition that causes it. It's obvious why Venus is doing it so don't know why it needs to be questioned.

No. 272791

File: 1671232130147.jpeg (239.94 KB, 1538x1338, 2B164BCF-0EB3-4970-B04C-1DC72E…)

Why does she look like a toothless granny with this gummy smile, ugh. She creeps me out more and more.

No. 272814

File: 1671246541374.jpeg (277.87 KB, 1081x1572, 7A5A239D-A7C6-4414-89C5-82309D…)

That Twitch channel she’s trying so hard to make happen is… not exactly taking off, unfortunately.

42 views, lol

No. 272826

Unfortunately? Her bad gameplay doesn't deserve any views kek

No. 272861

File: 1671275646742.jpg (47.29 KB, 1080x608, ad19190bf0177ac158a3f696120115…)

those Hungarian genetics are doing her no favors. Eastern European women tend to hit the wall if they do not take care of themselves.

No. 272873

Kill yourself incel scrote

No. 272874

Hungary is in central Europe and if by hitting the wall you mean hitting 90, then you're not going to look any better than that babushka that you posted.

No. 272882

File: 1671292228813.jpg (8.29 KB, 197x256, images.jpeg-6.jpg)


No. 272906

>do people in Japan call their country by the name in their language or by a name in a foreign language

How can ppl be so dumb

No. 272913

Hungarian women look freaking good in general. Venus is just ugly.

No. 272914

Incel tard be like, 'I saw something in porn, that must be true and google confirms it because google is the universal truth".

My God my eyes are hurting so much reading this shit I almost want to rince them

No. 272915

Wtf is Hungarian genetics?

Every country has attractive and unattractive people, there's no "in general".
Venus is ugly because she has her mother's genes, not because she's Swiss or Hungarian.

No. 272918

Say what you want. Never been disappointed by hungarian women except peenus.

No. 272921

Don't know where you're from, but I can tell you that most of them are just average or they try to mask it by dressing up and using the makeup well. If Venus knew how to present herself like that, maybe she wouldn't look as bad as she looks now.

No. 272937

Some eastern Europeans undoubtedly can look quite good, the Slav types with the high cheekbones, maybe having the mix of Eurasian genes, but that isn't everybody. Venus could look more like that if she looked after herself more, she has high cheekbones and could look more sculpted if she really does lay off the alcohol.

No. 272950

File: 1671338529952.jpg (728.37 KB, 1080x1830, IMG_20221217_223228.jpg)

Surprisingly she doesn't look too bad in this picture, it looks casual and relaxed but looks aside, who is she trying to fool with the description?
I do believe the sleeping in the same bed as her mom part because she used to say stuff like that when she lived in London (but i remember that she used to sleep in a bunk bed while Margo slept in another bed) but cornflakes being considered lunch? She had enough money to buy lolita clothing, she even still has videos eating candy and making rice balls, cupcakes and other japanese food when she was still a teen. She was no refugee whatsoever.

No. 272953

She has a ton of videos living in a private home/apartment with her mom? What the heck kind of pick-me post is this kek

No. 272956

reading her caption, at first I thought: what a fucking repellent individual. what an absolutely unbearable personality. But then I remembered she doesn't have a personality at all, and for this she just edited her specifics into a generic caption that she would have researched from when "onlyfans model buys house, people are mad" was a meme

No. 272958

That smile looks like Chris chan’s.

Also, I thought she said she was 16 when she stopped sleeping with her… Her mother wasn’t restrictive enough with her diet obviously.

No. 272961

Since when the fuck was she Bipolar? That makes no sense. Didn't she have that whole Borderline phase too?

No. 272964

File: 1671352403721.jpg (1.19 MB, 1080x2640, Screenshot_20221218-193201_Ins…)

Venus saves a child! Hurrah! Although in a post 4 hours before this she said she'd tell the kid all about her alcoholism. What an example!!

No. 272965

What's wrong with cornflakes (with milk or yogurt obviously) considered lunch tho

No. 272966


This twelve-year old girl will be safed by an alcoholic, mentally ill only fans whore. What a lucky child she is.

No. 272967

Girl with 1000 mental issues, addiction and prostitution wants to take a vulnerable girl under her wing [pimp her out for more drug money] how heartwarming!!2

No. 272971

If its your every day meal it's not healthy. Use your brains anon.

No. 272972

I hope she finds faith so she drops all her disgusting OF shits. If God helps her then so be it but it seems to be another one of her LARPs.

No. 272973

A 12 year old is prob online most of the time… the last thing that girl needs to see is what Peenus and her nasty ass uncle do for money.

No. 272974

For real.she wouldn't want a stranger exposing her own life to the internet too

No. 272975

That's actually nice, but saying it publicly doesn't feel genuine at all. Like "look at me, I'm such a good person!" If she actually ends up adopting and helping her, then kudos to her, but right now it's just all talk.

No. 272976


I am tinfoiling that this "im sober guiz, I'm on my medz!" Larp is just for show to milk a visa outta this new guy. Wonder if she'll try Pure Chan Tradthot Waifu LARP next.

No. 272979

File: 1671358583957.jpeg (92.85 KB, 1080x1919, penus.jpeg)

Funny you say that…

No. 272980

Fiancee-san had also drinking problems so idk if that 12yo girl has not a perfect mother, but the family will not let Drunky and Drugy adopt her… Maybe the mother is not even that bad! So Venus is just trying to play that "I'm so nice and helpull" card

No. 272981

File: 1671363368476.jpg (134.17 KB, 512x1104, Screenshot_20221218-123101_Dis…)

No. 272982

Is this twelve-year-old niece of her fiance the same girl that she wants to "save"?

No. 272983

Lol, talking about adopting a child, over her porn pic. She definitely has more evil, and perverted plans for her, if she gets custody.

No. 272984

No way she is adopting a child. She would never pass the test i believe every cowntry, even Japan, has for adopting

No. 272986

No offence anon but that sounds utterly ridiculous. Also she is high on xans 24/7, she wouldn’t even notice her house being robbed let alone using an inappropriate photo while talking about zaddys family. You really think she gave all that the slightest thought?

No. 272987


He is not spending Christmas with her because he is still married. He will be very likely with his wife in the holidays in their actual home and definitely not in this run down house with old granny furniture where he he put his drugged out sidechick in.

No. 272989

Sorry 4 the tinfoiling here but… Since some anon pointed she looked like she might be preggo… What if she is preparing fans for her having a baby? Too much tinfoil but anty pregnancy pills might not work if you consume alcohol and I have not seen her porn but I bet she uses not barrier methods…

No. 272990

Am I really the only one who finds it completely repulsive that she writes about adopting some child who comes from a problematic family and all of this along a photo with herself half naked with spread leags and possibly topless, at least only wearing a bra? Like, that'S the most stuitable photo she could think of for that caption? What is wrong in her head? Thatw oman should absolutrely NOT adopt or give birth to any children. She could not even take care of hamsters!

No. 272991

So weird that he's sending her to his family's house for the holidays. I guess his family knows he's cheating on his wife?

No. 272994

File: 1671366404594.jpg (210.62 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_20221218_132531_453.jpg)

Same vives

No. 272995

saw this on the front page HATE IT

No. 272996

I believe that there's a new law in Japan that prohibits unmarried women to adopt a child, so unless "zaddy" really marries her, we can be calm.

No. 272997

This silly Venus thinking about adopting when she herself can’t even take care of herself! whored herself to an ugly bastard in exchange of housing and food. Wtf Venus, where is your self awareness? What examples are you setting for the abused youth you worry about so much?
“Bye sweetie, momma gotta piss herself in front of the camera while high af”
Dumb Venus, dumb!

No. 273001

That would be nice but she wouldn't even be accepted due to all of her mental health issues and current lifestyle.

No. 273003

So, this aunt and mother of that child is managing a hospital and according to Venus has also gambled money away and pushing her many boyfriends on her little daughter. Are this accusations even real or just exaggarations like her abuse stories of Manaki and Ken? She's spending christmas with this woman and at the same time trashtalking her behind her back and creeping up to her daughter.

No. 273004

Who tf even is "Emma"? Is this the same child she talks about here >>272981
Also Emma isn't a Japanese name

No. 273006

Are you retarded? How would that be nice?

No. 273007

I found it weird too. So basically someone is trusting you with this kid and the first thing you do is talk shit about her family? Is it the adhd, the depression or the schizophrenia making her such an unbearable idiot?

No. 273009

File: 1671372491123.jpg (116.23 KB, 532x1061, Screenshot_20221218-133728_Dis…)

No. 273010

File: 1671372528685.jpg (198.6 KB, 535x980, Screenshot_20221218-133805_Dis…)

No. 273011

All these pictures above giving me severe groomer vibes. Creepy. Venus showering a child that she doesn't know at all with gifts and attention, knowing she is shy and emotionally detached from her mother probably because of her mother's demanding job. In short, making her the perfect victim for Venus' manipulating behaviour.

No. 273012

Venus go take your meds(learn2sage)

No. 273014

Nonny… Venus is on so much medication she would either miscarry or the baby would be born with various disabilities. I doubt she’d even be able to get pregnant at the moment.

No. 273015

anon are you alright thats an ai generated cartoon of venus. also learn2sage.

No. 273016

they mean this one >>272964

No. 273019

File: 1671378457500.png (714.37 KB, 477x779, chrome_HDEQLtTbGb.png)

No. 273022

I meant if she wasn't a mentally ill person

No. 273027

She's looks so cute here

No. 273029

Is it her fiance's niece or cousin? The original post makes it sound like it's her fiance's aunt's daughter, but that would make the girl her fiance's cousin, not his niece, right?

I don't think the aunt is the mother of the child.

No. 273030

Might just be a term of endearment. In Japan, its not uncommon to address women as aunt.

No. 273032

True, the age gap of zaddy and this girl is to big for them being cousins. She must be his niece.
Maybe her mother really was a gambler and a bad influence overall so they took her away from her and gave her to her grandmother, zaddy's aunt.

No. 273033

Honestly, first thing to come to my mind was: And the cycle continues.

No. 273034

Ouch. These toys look like they are suitable for young children, not a young teenager.

No. 273035

It honestly feels really weird to me that she does porn while dressed as a baby, cosplays loli characters in porn and she wants to adopt a young girl…? Crazy tinfoil but I can see Venus and Zaddy being the type to groom a child into some evil things..

No. 273037

Twelve year olds are children, anon, are you literally 13? And the toys look fine, they're crafting stuff, the cutesy japanese packaging might be throwing you off

No. 273038

I don't think it's the craziest tinfoil tbh, considering what she said about Ken and his ex-girlfriend's baby before. And how she's into such nasty porny shit. And getting the girl kind of age inappropriate (as in, too young) toys and that she keeps reiterating she's 12 years old. The whole thing has a creepy vibe, I mean at the very least Venus is an incredibly bad influence on a young girl who already has a bad mother figure.

No. 273040

When I was 12 I was still asking for Littlest pet shops lmao I don't think the toys look unsuitable.

No. 273042

They are literally just normal DIY toys, what is so creepy or unsuitable about it? If I were 12, I would dig this stuff. She finally did something nice for another person and you guys just see something sinister behind it. Why not let her pretend to be a nice aunt for that girl? I doubt she would be getting drunk and high in front of her and telling her how sex work is great.

No. 273043

She looks edited af and overexposed. Just like onision, she has to overexpose her skin to "look good"

No. 273044

She's just like her mother. No, she didn't grow up poor. No, she did have food to eat and many luxuries. And sleeping in her moms bed, while creepy is also something she chose to do. I will never believe that 1. she was too poor to afford more than one bed which is what she seems to be implying and 2. that Margot forced her against her will to sleep in the same bed. Didn't venus even say she can't sleep if she doesn't have someone in the bed with her one time during her kawaii phase with Mana? She definitely wanted to share a bed with Margot, though Margot is messed up for not encouraging or even kicking her out of the bed. And also, Margot had boyfriends. Venus did not regularly sleep in the same bed.

Once again, she's embellishing her life. This time, she she can larp as a cool big sister girlboss who's accomplished so much!!

No. 273045

She's too narcissistic and sociopathic to have or be around children imo.

She's already talking about sharing drunk stories with the kid. She also exploited a child's alleged sexual abuse and is thus dating a pedophile and does not care and is posting half-naked pics tallking about said child and you think it's "utterly ridiculous" that she'd start talking about sex work and porn to said kid?

No. 273046

That's exactly it. Venus has always been so performative. From embellishing her life and "struggles" to virtue signaling and trying to appear as intelligent, hardworking, a girlboss and the like. Remember, she lied about having a business to seem more grown up. This bitch is evil. Worse than Margo. At least Margo worked hard and it pains me to say this, but lied less than Venus.

No. 273047

Her eye makeup and tape look ridiculous. Her skin is so over exposed, it's glowing. her face is so blurred. She looks like she's naked. The fringe looks bad. Not a good pic at all. It doesn't look like her. The only good thing is her facial expression actually looks genuine, part from the lips looking weird and try hard like Mikan's.

It doesn't help that she willingly creates eyebags in an attempt to make her small eyes appear larger so she looks haggard as Margo. But at least she tried a new hobby and her hairstyle looks good there.

No. 273048

If it was just about "being a nice aunt" then she wouldn't be posting about it all over social media. Venus is incapable of doing something nice without bragging about it or using it to her personal advantage in some way.
She's also bragging about how she wants to swoop in and "save" the kid even though she can't take care of herself and is out of her mind on some form of drug 24/7

No. 273049

It's also weird and inappropriate to use it even if you are practicing said religion. And by that I mean, religious people won't use their religion for aesthetic. It's just a part of their lives, they'll have a bible somewhere and maybe some icons etc but they won't be showing it off, like Venus's kawaii decorated bible or start larping as some "good christian girl" like Venus briefly did earlier, if that makes sense.

No. 273051

"My" house. Sure Venus. Just like "your business" and "your office" and "your studio" cough Gaku Kitano cough

No. 273052

True but looking at it now, all of it is basically true. I like how they added she "fucked up people's income" and we saw Venus write in her book that she owes and did not pay taylor or david back their money at the time. That was not known at the time, neither was Ken and the hosts and who knows who else she used/cheated with. All we knew of was Venus screwing over the vtuber manager and Kitano then calling them abusive, in regards to "fucking over" people. This seems legit as does the "lying about therapy" post. Until she got into Menhera and thinking it's cool to take drugs/use mental illness as a quirk, she wasn't going to therapy regularly. She didn't talk about meds or detailed experiences or post from clinics or anything and was cycling through diagnoses. Obviously self-diagnosing and making shit up.

No. 273053

>>I don’t want Emma to turn out like me

She’s not you, venus, quit projecting…

I don’t get how all the adults in this situation think it’s okay for a 12 year old girl to hang out with someone who drinks piss online or whatever for a living. Gross.

And I’m not surprised that Zaddy (ugh…) comes from a similarly weird family situation and also has alcohol issues. Like attracts like, and it’s not going to end well.

No. 273054

Bragging about it doesn't take away from the fact that you did something nice. It's cringy, but as long as she actually helps someone, then I don't see a problem with it.

No. 273056

We really have no clue if she is "doing something nice," for all we know she could be showing the kid her instagram with porny pictures or telling her horrifying drunk stories under the guise of it being a "lesson." Like anon said above, an active addict and porn person really has no business being around a child they are unrelated to.

No. 273059

The chance is, you also hanged around someone like that when you were 12 and you don't even know.

Obviously, she bought her some toys, that would count as something nice. Just because she does SW doesn't mean that the girl will know about it. I once knew a stripper and her kid thought she was a waitress. They don't usually go and talk about their job in front of kids.

No. 273060

I mean this 12-year old surely has access to the internet and SM, right? What’s the first thing she’s gonna see when she googles her new friend/wannabe auntie Venus Angelic the famous Youtuber (because you know Venus will brag about how famous she is and such a celebrity) Her Twitter that is nothing but porn including videos of her sucking dick, masturbating and fucking “Uncle Zaddy.” Or her Youtube channel full of drunk/stoned and/or porny videos. What a shining example and inspiration for a young girl!

No. 273061

You can see her pubes next to a sock LOL

No. 273062

No one said it wasn't an issue. But she didn't "almost die" from it.

No. 273063

Her face was always like that when she is at a healthy weight. She has a wider face/jaw, so it can't be helped. It could be alcohol bloat but she claims she isn't drinking anymore and has been sober for a while. If you look at her old photos with Margo (at least the candid ones), you'll see her face looks the same. It's also part of the reason I assume she tries to keep her body ana-chan thin. It baffles me that Venus has never gotten into face contouring, simply because Japanese don't contour. It'd do her wonders if she doesn't like her face shape.

No. 273064

Not to mention her instagram, YT and Twitter all contain helpful links to her OF porn channel. ‘Emma’ is about to get a whole education from her new wannabe auntie Venus.

No. 273066

Why is she trying twitch? Why not stream on Yt where your audience actually is? It makes no sense, especially since twitch will take a 70/30% cut and YT takes 50/50 iirc

No. 273067

>> chance is, you also hanged around someone like that when you were 12 and you don't even know.
Except there was no social media when I was 12. This vulnerable young girl will know all the sordid details about her new buddy in 5 minutes of google searching.

No. 273068

idk why you're so hung up on this.
If she did not get medical attention for her botched surgery, yes, she would of died.

No. 273069

It's also pathetic because even if they did live in a shelter at one point, it would be her mom's doing and hard work for getting them out, not Venus, so what does she have to brag about? Literally stealing her mom's credit.

No. 273071

…..no, I did not. My parents did not let me hang out with adult porn stars. I wasn't hanging out with ANY adults I was unrelated to

No. 273072

File: 1671402045486.jpeg (294.01 KB, 1035x1535, 6F48FE23-EBEB-4036-B576-FC35FA…)

She’s used kids for clout and virtue-signaling before, not like this is even the first time.

(And what the f did this “coming soon” caption even mean, anyway?)

No. 273073

I've been speculating he's married too. It's weird how he will be "spending time with his mom" without Venus. Why can't Venus come? And Venus' excuse is that a 12 year old girl needs her presence soooo bad so that's why KEK. Makes no sense. He has to be married or Venus has beef with his mom. Earlier Venus said "Ken" had a child with his "girlfriend." So there could also be children involved he doesn't want her around. It seems more and more likely this is the case and she's fine being the other woman for a visa/money/nice things. If so, she's even more vile and soulless.

No. 273074

Venus the saint showing off how caring and wonderful she is to others. She is so transparent with her performative acts.

No. 273075

It actually does take away from it. If you're doing "something nice" with ulterior motives, then you're an asshole. Imagine the girl finding out Venus only did it to brag and virtue signal how nice she is? Or that that was a part of why she did it, if not the sole reason? How would the girl feel? Like shit obviously to be used by someone. Motives are what matter at the end of the day. Even if Venus couldn't help the girl but was genuine in her attempt, then it would be a good deed. If it involves bragging, larping as a cool big sis, trying to make zaddy view her as responsible or whatever else, it's a shit deed. And we already know she's with zaddy for visa/materialistic gain and not love. So it's not surprising if she's using this girl in some way.

No. 273079

It was slightly before she exposed Ken for the pedo incident (no idea if she made it up or if it's true). She hyped the kid's alleged abuse up, likely to scare or get back at her ex, while also virtue signalling. She's scum.

No. 273080

Again, "would have died" is not the same thing as "almost died." She did get treatment before it got to the point of almost dying. By that logic, someone who had serious respiratory effects from covid and sought treatment slightly late, also "almost died". Why are YOU so hung up on it when we all know Venus likes to embellish her struggles to seem more "tormented." Venus wasn't in the ER, hanging for dear life.

No. 273081

YOU don't have her medical records so how do YOU know? Those photos of her where she looked like she weighed 80 pounds looked like someone on the brink of death to me. you're the one replying to old posts that arent on topic

No. 273083

Regardless of whether she is being nice or not, she didn’t have to post this child’s private info on the internet, including her name. 12 year olds know how to use the internet and it’s just a weird thing that she didn’t have to do

No. 273084

So this guy's niece is a real person… Japanese person with an English name?

No. 273089

File: 1671405098462.jpeg (275.22 KB, 882x897, 2EAD6347-94D9-4D24-B7FA-2B4E5C…)

Yeah they broke up right after this and Venus went on a lil rage bender about what an asshole Ken is (same exact thing she did to Manaki when he first tried to divorce her.) My take at the time, given the timing, was that the child’s mother, ‘Ken’s’ ex gf/assistant (who is obviously still in his life, how else would Venus have access to the kid) told Ken in no uncertain terms to ‘keep this bitch tf away from my kid,’ which triggered the blow-up.

For all we know she and the kid is who ‘Ken’ is spending the holidays with. And now Venus is trying to sidle up next to this other kid, ‘Emma.’ She sure does have patterns she keeps repeating.

No. 273090

>> weird how he will be "spending time with his mom" without Venus.
Exactly. This story doesn’t hold up at all. Actual fiance/fiancees spend the holidays together at various relatives’ houses, not split up like this. It sounds like she’s never even met this ‘Aunt’ whose house she’s being shuttled off to while ‘Ken,’ her “fiance,” spends the holiday with someone else, aka his real family.

No. 273092

I wonder what she's doing if the kid doesn't behave the way she wants. In Venus' mind she "paid" the kid with her gifts and expects her to idolize her in return for that. Maybe the child doesn't like her gifts or just doesn't care about Venus at all. Will she then throw a fit in front of that child, sedthe in anger or even scream at her for being an ungrateful brat? She is mentally stunted and behaves unhinged if she doesn't get her way. Letting a child unsupervised with a mentally unstable adult like Venus and for that exposing her to all kinds of abuse is just showing again the negligent and irresponsible nature of Ken.

No. 273099

Stfu, anon. NTA, but this is all old milk and well documented. She had to go get surgery to fix what happened. She was hospitalized. I don't know why you're trying to make up some extra story because you're desperate for drama.

No. 273108

Its called being divorced?

No. 273118

I bet Emma doesnt even exist(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 273122


It's a handful of anons with a seething hateboner for Venus to an utterly mental degree that feel the need to aggressively refute anything that might paint Venus's situation in a sympathetic light in the slightest, regardless of facts. Most of us are disgusted and appalled by Venus, but we're not so personally invested with a need to argue any fact that doesn't paint Venus as a one dimensional, selfish shitstain no matter the circumstances. My guess is that they feel it threatens their narrative or justification for being so vehemently invested, despite the fact that no one's defending her.

No. 273147

You seem rather “vehemently invested” yourself.

No. 273151

….No they don't. Maybe rub your two brain cells together a little harder next time to come up with a better argument than "no u."

No. 273154

i think although it is very awkward and weird to give a kid you barely know heaps of gifts during a first meeting. she could've went with a cute plush, candy, maybe a card or note about hoping to get to know her better? she probably sees it as omg shes gonna love me and open up to me and we can be like big sister lil sis!!1!1 but in reality shes gonna be overwhelmed, very awkward, not really sure how to respond and feel obligated in a way to be more kind/social with her. not a good way to start ..

No. 273166

The kids might get demanding tbh

No. 273169

really doubt it. jap kids are known to be very shy, especially towards foreigners. she's shy as venus mentioned so why would she get 'demanding' over receiving a lotta gifts.

No. 273174

Venus has no idea how to be around people without alcohol being involved. She spends her days zoned out in front of a computer screen or knocked out with drugs for 12 hours at a time. She’s just gonna be dropped off at this woman’s house who she’s never even met before for “the holidays” while pimp zaddy stays with his real family? lol

No. 273175

Her naked ass just plopped in that chair is all kinds of nasty. Ew

No. 273185

Toys??? The girl's twelve, not six!
Unless she's talking about more 'adult' toys, but that would be a bit inappropriate for most twelve year olds.

No. 273186

I would have wanted pin ups of boy pop stars I liked at that age. In fact from age ten I would, not little kid's stuff.Funny but I only got into kid type, cutesy stuff when I got much older.

No. 273187

We've been through all this before, in earlier threads. Some people do embellish and show off bibles. The whole kitsch religious thing of a few years ago for starters. And in some countries, Mexico? It's not uncommon for bibles to look aesthetically pleasing and decorated. And in Japan, it's more likely an aesthetic than religious belief.

No. 273188

Are you american? People seem paranoid about it there, and to a lesser extent, in Britain. But it's Japan, safer and people are trusted more with kids. Sora said something similar recently, how its normal for strangers to go and play with kids in a park. In Britain they'd get arrested and hysterical types would be screaming. I guess Japan is just more civilized.

No. 273190

So much tinfoiling going on here. Older Japanese people are well known to be xenophobic - the guy himself is middle aged so his parents would be geriatric, and maybe just wouldn't take well to having a gaijin around.

No. 273191

It’s her son’s (alleged)”fiancee” though, not some random foreign stranger. Venus being shipped off to some “aunt’s” place where she is just a foreign stranger while pimp Zaddy spends the holiday with someone else is highly sus (and wouldn’t the “aunt” who would be roughly the same age as his mother be equally xenophobic)?

No. 273193

Recap of 2022 video. (Basically she was drunk most of the year with brief periods of sobriety, hence why she looks so rough.)

- started out the year drinking Strong Zero, switched to wine for awhile, then whisky, ended up sticking with 4 Loko.
- went through DTs more than once (hallucinating, “seeing worms” etc.
- teeth are bad, painful bc of 4 loko, calls it “ouchies.” Her solution is to take “tons of painkillers.”
- starts out the video listing “falling down staircases” as one of the things she’s no longer doing since she stopped drinking. So those bruises she sometimes has are from falling down, not being beaten by some evil abusive man.

No. 273195

File: 1671830806300.jpeg (179.93 KB, 961x907, C52A47A0-F00A-4F62-A64F-D5557C…)

Mad makeup skillz

No. 273227

File: 1671910497137.jpeg (160.86 KB, 946x894, CBE6F0FD-6C27-4E28-8800-6D0992…)

ss from latest video. This is the face you get from drinking all day every day.

No. 273250

You have never been to Japan if you think this. You sound like the femboy anon obsessed with venus and glorious nippon.

No, majority of religious people don't treat bibles like a kawaii aesthetic. fuck off with your bs.

No. 273251

They are. That's the same anon that whines when people say Venus isn't "beautiful" and how we're "only allowed to have one opinion here".

You are a fucking moron. No where in the post your replied to was it denied that she had surgery. But >>273080 is correct. She didn't "almost die" from it. That's not "making up an extra story". You are the one attempting to paint it like she was dying, clinging to life in the ER or something. She had a surgery and it progressively got worse, and she went to get treatment and they fixed it. That isn't "almost dying", no matter how many times you whine and sperg that it is and then strawman.

No. 273252

Someone let the white knights out again. I really wish the fucking gay fem boy anon/venus is soOoO pReTtYyYy anon would get perma banned. They always post shit like >>273122 and contribute nothing.

It's more than that. Your desperate attempt at white knighting is so blatant. People get divorced and remarry and if they have kids, their new spouse is often involved to an extent. It looks like Ken's wife/ex doesn't want Venus near her kid (who could blame her if she knows about what Venus did on her IG to the kid) or Zaddy is married/keeping Venus a secret from certain members of his family. According to Venus, they don't even live together and her staying at Mana's for years while dating this guy makes no sense, especially after their engagement.

No. 273253

>- starts out the video listing “falling down staircases” as one of the things she’s no longer doing since she stopped drinking. So those bruises she sometimes has are from falling down, not being beaten by some evil abusive man.
I always thought she fell down during that one live stream, but she refused to clarify and made it seem like "Zaddy" beat her up because she loves making up suicide/abuse stories, like she's admit to on her OF. The bus thing was most likely a drunken fall too. I still will never forget how she cut her arm and then snapped and edited a bunch of photos before going to the ER and then she tries to make the situation sound way more dire than it is. It's messed up, sure, but truly suicidal people aren't going to worry about snapping and editing photos. Only jirai kei wannabes who wanna "show off" how "tormented" they are would do that.

No. 273257

No, that other anon replied to me to "correct" me because they were desperate and pressed, if they didn't we wouldn't be having this conversation. You don't get to call me pressed/desperate when you were the one sooo pressed you couldnt just ignore what I wrote and then worse, you project YOUR pressedness onto me. That is how few braincells you have that you can't even realize that.

And no, she wasn't on the brink of death. Do you even know what that means? Being hospitalized doesn't necessarily mean on the brink of death. She had a surgery that progressively and slowly got worse and she refused to go to the hospital until she lost a significant amount of weight. Then she went and got IV nutrients and was fine at that point and her stay was only extended because she refused to tell the staff about her surgery so they were wasting their time doing various testing to rule out various reasons for her condition. "Almost dying" would be her getting so emaciated that she develops organ failure like kidney or heart or gets so weak from the lack of nutrition during that period she refused to go to the hospital that she collapses and Manaki has to rush her to the hospital and it's life or death whether her damaged organs can recover. It did not get that bad, so no, she wasn't "almost dead". And the same applies to you - you don't have her medical records to insist she did almost die.

No. 273274

I honestly don't think drinking and stuff has anything to do with her face. She always had this kind of cabbage patch look to her. As she gets older and lines form it's gonna become more dimpled. Sometimes I feel like a non just make up stuff because it makes them feel better about hating on someone's appearance. But she always looked like this

No. 273277

File: 1671995741557.jpeg (385.43 KB, 1088x1764, 7A985D00-D003-4C19-B290-4A9650…)

>> she always looked like this
Keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better, anon.
Anyway, here’s the Christmas goblin doing a little holiday dance.

No. 273278

File: 1671995813424.jpeg (372.3 KB, 1090x1722, 9EC0CCA0-4C15-4B4C-A983-A0800F…)

She’s kneeling for some reason yet still loses her balance and falls to the side a couple of times.

No. 273279

File: 1671995881336.jpeg (404.19 KB, 1105x1861, F7300412-52AE-4CF2-B183-2970E6…)

Then gets back up and keeps ‘dancing.’

No. 273280

KEK please be trolling

Why does there have to be so many brainlets itt? Shame

No. 273284

I’ve had a theory for awhile that pimp zaddy lives in a different city than Venus based on how seldom he physically shows up with her. She said something in her recap video that supports that. She said when she was in alcoholic rehab he came to see her once a week and that it was a three hour car ride for him to get there. The rehab (Kurihama hospital) is in Yokosuka which is a 45 minute drive SW of Tokyo. So where is he? What is three hours from Yokosuka?

It also seems clear that her her new place is close to him, based on her saying he stops by every day to check on her (and administer her daily amphetamine dose, lol. Sounds like he’s part caretaker, part pimp/fuckbuddy.) Wherever they are it’s pretty far from Tokyo, and likely much cheaper rent too.

No. 273294

Whether or not he lived far, maybe he was busy as well? Even in most European countries it‘s unusual to visit daily, especially if you‘ve got a daytime job

No. 273296

File: 1672053356824.jpeg (958.92 KB, 1242x1859, DE6659F7-0A49-425C-AF02-8A2AF1…)

They broke up or did I miss something?

No. 273298

File: 1672053593850.jpeg (943.11 KB, 1242x1838, 5A51D7D8-CBD5-428A-82D7-12B965…)

Sorry for the another one, but it’s the final proof they’re both mentally ill

No. 273299

File: 1672053688904.jpg (17.17 KB, 428x121, Untitled-1.jpg)

What a surprise….not.

No. 273300

File: 1672054255057.jpeg (427.21 KB, 1170x1854, E214B807-F276-4868-BF17-B12B34…)

New post and she’s looking as unsettling as ever

No. 273301

File: 1672054701689.jpeg (712.69 KB, 1242x1848, 4DF3FFBA-1FB2-49A5-BD66-9DF235…)

It looks like a little scratch, not a stabbing wound, but ok

No. 273303

File: 1672054836060.jpeg (247.74 KB, 1242x2208, 54D62FAF-13A0-47DD-97E2-740093…)

Ahhh so the broke up

No. 273304

File: 1672054967730.jpeg (79.39 KB, 1242x257, 5F07DAE0-C913-4C8F-BC34-656700…)

Switchblades, cocaine Beenus make a Zaddy shake

No. 273305

File: 1672055149696.jpeg (146.4 KB, 1170x1018, 3F8CFD4E-DC6A-4D4A-BDDD-0C0210…)

So according to her it’s all because Zaddy gets mad when she doesn’t do onlyfans

No. 273306

>help me, venus' fans
whats with unknown people around her always suddenly taking to instagram to plead their grievance with her to random strangers - her fans/antis who they don't even share a language with? something sus about it. Like Margo, Makani, this dude - what do you think we're gonna do? Just fucking stop hanging around her and go back to your fucking private life lol - she's not even famous

No. 273307

File: 1672060395853.jpeg (658.2 KB, 828x1567, 51A9B4CC-D609-472A-9B3E-C2B804…)

Honestly not even sure what this is/means

No. 273308

Probable a scort site or something like that, he’s saying venus is a prostitute

No. 273310

Guessing it’s the one he picked her up on lol

No. 273311

Jfc this bitch catfishes so hard with her pics.

No. 273312

lol at all the venus whiteknights commenting on his insta. If she has this many problems with other people, maybe she IS the problem.

Even her old friends have given up on her and cut off contact with her.

No. 273313

you know what’s sad? She could have had all that with Manaki if she took advantage of him properly/of her marriage with him properly. He clearly wasn’t making her work, and she could have gotten an education and put to use her language skills to make a business empire with him and be the new Taylor. But she half-asses everything and preferred to spiral downward

No. 273315

Do y’all ignore the fact she’s doing cocaine? I don’t trust Zaddy, but he can be saying the truth. She mentioned in her recent yt video that she wasn’t aware most of young girls in the rehab is doing coke and it’s popular in Japan. Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if she switched drinking for doing coke

No. 273316

Venus is an addict. By that, I mean she is addicted to attention, love, drugs, really anything. She is also manic. It can make for a dangerous mix that usually ends in an overdose or really bad domestic violence.

No. 273319

She said meth, not coke. I seriously doubt Venus is on meth tbh

No. 273320

Lmao Venus has always been the problem. Margaret was right the entire time, I hope she offs herself soon tbh.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 273322

this could easily be a stabbing wound or a knife cut

No. 273323

No, he said she’s doing coke and then edited his post. At first he wrote “Venus is doing coke”, he deleted that and wrote “Venus illegal drugs”.
Anyway, the cat scratch on his body is so funny. It’s not a stabbing wound or anything else.
Even my cat scratched me a few years ago and I still have a lil scar like this on my wrist.

No. 273324

Can you actually learn to sage

No. 273328

My point was that pimp zaddy lives 3 hours by car from Yokosuka/the Tokyo area, not how often he visited her. And she now lives close to him (and therefore far away from Tokyo.)

No. 273329

File: 1672076410653.jpeg (107.53 KB, 1082x1813, 1CB9AEEF-9D7E-4174-B14F-245D56…)

porn zaddy unfollowed Venus and scrubbed his insta except for one post.

No. 273332

File: 1672076491122.jpeg (225.81 KB, 1098x1832, 31C91FB7-9B9C-4777-8110-B5C513…)

This one:
(it’s currently 2:40 am in Japan, 2 am when he posted this.)

No. 273334

A few observations:
- she started this little rampage at 8pm on 12/26 local time.
- she’s likely drinking again.
- she’s probably mad that pzaddy shipped her off to some relative’s house (which probably did not go well) while he spent Christmas with someone else.
- Seems like they broke up (probably at least in part over her drinking.)
- she’s alone, angry and drunk, hence this little rampage.
- Unlike Manaki, pzaddy fights back.

No. 273335

It’s either that or cleaning herself up, getting help, apologizing to Manaki and his family throughly and somehow getting their trust back long enough for her to get an education, and finally closing the book on Japan and moving back to Switzerland and getting a home, job, and revamping her YT career

No. 273336

File: 1672083361916.png (630.27 KB, 873x603, Screen Shot 2022-12-26 at 2.34…)

Hard to figure out exactly what he means through this shitty google translate english but Ella may refer to Venus's old friend Ella Frey also being a prostitute or a sugarbaby, or something. Most people already expected as much but seems like this is zaddy's attempt at a reveal of Venus's old friends, too.

No. 273339

How long until Venus offs herself?(a-logging)

No. 273340

I see accidentally overdosing, dying late 40s mid 50s from cirrhosis of the liver or degradation from her botched stomach stapling.

No. 273343

Ella had a splenda daddy/elbow san in the past. He got her into modelling. She most likely sugared.

I found this page on her: https://encyclopediadramatica.online/Ella_Freya

Doesn't seem reliable, but ella was always kind of shady to me and most of these weebs who go to Asia usually have a splenda daddy. Also this would have been around the time Venus stole Kitano's business parading it as her own and thus the time they were securing investors cough sugar daddies cough.

No. 273345

Comments are saying: he forced her into OF (Because Venus said this), he's a groomer, how dare he yell at her but it's okay for her to stab him/attack him/scream at him/be domestically violent, he's retaliating because she refused to do OF for one day and pimp zaddy got mad and wants revenge, he's putting her through emotional turmoil but let's ignore the emotional turmoil venus causes to others and the doxxing she did to him and the pedo allegations and exploiting his son, and so much more.

No. 273346

The comments are actually genuinely shocking to me. The blatant white knighting. I doubt zaddy is a great person himself, but he didn't sex traffick her into OF and she wasn't a little angel that he just randomly decided to expose because his slave rebelled against sex trafficking OF work. Like, her fans are the fucking stupidest pos I've ever seen. I feel bad even if he might be shady if he has to deal with DV. No one will take him seriously, not even the cops. It's also amazing how for like the millionth time, Venus can rehash the abused and forced and exploited and leeched off of narrative, and time and time again, her fans buy it and defend her. I believe her Margo story even less now. Most of what zaddy said is believable because Venus has already been exposed for these things, either by others or herself - such as cheating and having emotional fits - both exposed herself when she goes on her slander rants and by Margo and some alleged friends. She also lied and said a 2019-2022 photo was from 2014. That was her defense. If he took the photo and has the original, the meta data can prove she lied, but it's so blatantly obvious, based on her appearance. She's already lying.

No. 273348

I've been cut by someone before and I can say it looks similar. None of my cat scratches looked like that. But that doesn't necessarily mean it was Venus who caused it. All of this is alleged, but most of what he said about her fits her character and personality observations I've witnessed and she's already making up blatant lies and has been exposed previously for lying.

No. 273349

This would be preferred but I doubt it will ever happen. Venus was shady even before she spiraled into alcohol and got on a bunch of meds and she's old enough now to know what she does is wrong but simply doesn't care and the older she gets, the less she cares and the more she becomes like Margot. They have very similar personalities. I think nature and genetics plays a much large role in her behaviour than people think. Obviously there's nurture too, but I don't think she will ever genuinely change. She's a rampant narcissist at this point. Maybe fake change - like how she always does when she's doing so much better guysss, but that's about it.

No. 273351


Venus herself says she is a compulsive lair and is working on " telling the truth more "

No. 273352

She has problems with everyone she's ever been close with. At some point people just need to stop defending her.

Manaki never defended himself. I agree that appealing to her audience is largely pointless, but if people get slandered/harassed, they have a right to defend themselves. In Margaret's case, Venus slandered her, making the situation seem gravely worse than it was to her million+ subs and Margaret was getting regularly harassed. This caused her emotional stress, a need to defend herself and she spiraled worse and worse and handled it terribly.

With Ken, Venus literally doxxed him and slandered him. He has a right to defend himself or retaliate. Why is Venus the only one who's allowed to publicly slander and harass people? Why don't you call her out. Posting to SM is a way for people to vent. Maybe it's foreign to you, but other people have feelings/stress/mental health issues too and need outlets, even shady Zaddies. It's not just Venus who has feelings (except in her head of course, she's never cared for anyone else's trauma and emotional needs).

No. 273354

Doing OF means they get to fuck, maybe that's why he'd be annoyed lol. This could also be an exaggeration. Like he wants her to post regularly to make income and not be a leech and we all know Venus is allergic to work, even easy OF stuff, then twists it into: Ken is a pimp who just wants money from her.

If it is true, how does that justify doxxing him, stabbing him, DV, threatening his life, property damage and so forth. Notice she doesn't even deny it.

No. 273355

Oh, he claims he quit drinking, whereas Venus recently called him an alcoholic. That makes sense why he didn't go to rehab with her. He was already clean and possibly encouraged her to get clean too. That would actually make him somewhat decent. But Venus is the misery loves company type and he's abusive and controlling if he doesn't want her drinking and lashes out. That's actually very fitting from what we know about Venus. Or he's just lying and still drinks. Hard to tell since we know so little about his personality and mannerisms, only Venus'.

No. 273356

When he says "spent a lot of money on the hosts club", I wonder if she was spending his money behind his back? Probably cheating on him with hosts and if it's true that he got clean from alcohol, I could understand feeling betrayed by her. Assuming all this is true of course.

I assume they will get back together though. He took her back after domestic violence and stabbing, as far as a year ago. This will probably be no different.

No. 273357

>> her fans are the fucking stupidest pos I've ever seen.
It’s not always the same group of braindead fans, this latest batch is a lot of halfwits who jumped on the Poor Venus bandwagon after that French Youtuber’s video. All they know about her is what they saw on that video. She gets a new batch every time some Youtuber puts out a clickbait “Tragic Story of Venus Angelic” video. She gets an endless supply of narc validation through that pipeline.

It‘s like P.T. Barnum said, there’s a fool born every minute.

No. 273359

>> she always looked like this
I mean they aren't wrong, aside from her teeth. There's a candid of her with brown hair, blunt fringe and a sky blue shirt and she looks kind of haggard with a wide/puffy face due to her jaw structure while only being a teen at the time. She had a lot of eye wrinkles since around 19, mostly due to using under eye tape to make fake aegyo sal. The surgery effects wouldn't have manifested that quickly as that was around the time she got the surgery, neither would alcohol if she started drinking around that time. So yeah, she's always kind of looked haggard. Margo did too when younger. For instance, the gowls are genetic. I don't know why you deny that. Her teeth and hygiene is another issue.

No. 273360

i remember her having that messy drama with some guys from the host club recently, i wonder if she did that while living with nekopachi?

No. 273361

Either they’ll get back together (most probable) or she’ll go running back to Manaki (or try to.) It seems like he finally got the balls to go through with the divorce though (hence her move to be close to pzaddy, wherever that is) but he’s weak enough to give in and take her in like a stray puppy. She’s incapable of living on her own without being attached to someone, even if she has the financial means to finally pay her own rent (probably got some amount of spousal support from the divorce.)

All speculation but based on events of late.

No. 273367

File: 1672098987767.jpeg (278.15 KB, 817x1326, BAC1FFD7-B7FC-401B-AFF2-E84AB1…)

This from her insta stories, posted at around 1am her time. Is she still drunk? Because the caption makes no sense.

No. 273370

They are comming back together. Manaki must have dumped her since she went living with her fiance (finaly divorced?). And she needs the visa. Wasnt like in June the last time they broke up and she started uploading photos of a blonde and a Gucci host calling them boyfriend? And they come back after she said nasty things about him

No. 273371

I really want him to drop her ass for good. Teach her a lesson.

No. 273372

She needs him for the visa, but does he need her? I don’t think he does.

No. 273376

Why does no one understand, that no matter how Venus treats people, SHE CAN'T HELP IT! It isn't her fault.

Its a result of childhood abuse and trauma. She doesn't know any different.
If someone truly loved her they would put up with any amount of abuse, just to be with her.

No. 273377

No. 273379

File: 1672109516626.jpg (238.74 KB, 1018x1163, Screenshot_20221226_173652_Ins…)

Mana is alive and possibly remaried.
I want to know his new IG and youtube handle.

No. 273381

Dude sounds like he constantly tried to guilt Venus into being sober which is not how to solve alcoholism, plus he bought her more booze?? Dude wants pity money. Fuck him

No. 273382

What's this posted under because the post above is old as fuck.

No. 273389

The account that claims that they know the new account literally sounds like they're making stuff up is the thing though.

No. 273390


This was found on Manas old insta. I just randomly checked it surprised it was still up, and yes while Manas post is very old, the current comment on the post is from 5 days ago, so fairly recent information that debunks Mana being dead in a forest, and conforms the divorced and that he is hopefully moved on and happy in his new marriage.

Looks like venus is no longer going be welcome at Manas since her and Ken are broken up.

No. 273391

Where did he say he “wanted money”? (hint: he didn’t.) What he did say was that alcoholism is a scary disease, etc. - none of which are untrue.

But do go on about how Poor Venus was victimized by the evil man.

No. 273392

File: 1672119397747.jpg (612.61 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20221227_003557_Ins…)

This was the account the comment was under.

No. 273393

That Apricot girl (who knows Manaki irl) confirmed he was NOT DEAD on her instagram several months ago after Marge DM’d her about it.

No. 273394

To be fair it doesn't really confirm anything considering the person's not giving out the account information and no one's posting about it.

No. 273395

You can't complain that you want someone to get sober and then you literally buy them alcohol. I have 0 remorse for this guy because hes a freaking dumbass And is playing victim cause he knows people have money who follow Venus and hes probably hoping that it goes in his favor by being a sad sad sad man. I don't have to be defending Venus to say that hes a dumbass. I'm not even defending her. I don't know where you're getting that just because I'm criticizing someone else.

No. 273396

What apricot girl? The person replying saying they know the accounts doesn't even live in Japan.

No. 273397

File: 1672120191158.jpg (66.46 KB, 928x1325, Screenshot_20221226_214610_Chr…)

Oh. Nice profile

No. 273398

Haha thanks

No. 273403

Her instagram name is you stole my apricot. She was friends with Venus back in the day, right after she ran away from marge. She and Manaki visited Venus in the hospital together when she had that long hospitalization, the pics were posted on Venus’s insta (don’t know if they’re still there or deleted.)

It seemed like she was friends with Manaki too. She could probably tell some interesting stories if she wanted to but she doesn’t seem to want to take part in any drama. She told marge to fuck off when marge dm’d her about it, Marge said she was going to make a video and wanted to ask Apricot some questions.

No. 273404

Damn it really keeps getting worse for this girl. Though Whatever drama happens, it always works out for the eternal victim Venus

No. 273414

I dont think Manaki is married again, at least not yet. If so, Venus would be ilegal in Japan. Also she left their apartment not long ago. Maybe Manaki was living in another place idk, but imagine marrying a guy who still lives with his ex (an ex like Venus). Maybe he has a girlfriend, and I hope he has, he deserves better

No. 273415


She has probably been downing Strong Zeros since Xmas. I think >>273334 is right about her being mad he spent Xmas with someone else due to the timing. It's possible pzaddy came back home to sloptard drunk Venus, which made this all pop off.

No. 273416

File: 1672138312486.jpeg (779.56 KB, 1242x1154, 8AF5B2D6-EC6F-4E75-907D-8868DB…)

What can I say… They’re disgusting
Imagine she leaked your phone number, accused you of doing bad things to her and you forgive her after all insert clown emoji

No. 273417

File: 1672138658648.jpeg (78.96 KB, 1170x551, 503BF07E-0D60-4807-9407-E0392E…)

Venus relies too much on the fact that her braindead followers will believe, accept and/or support anything she does, like fr, does she realize how pathetic she looks from the outside?

No. 273418

another fake drama to get some attention to boost manyvids sales

No. 273421

File: 1672140347539.jpeg (263.63 KB, 828x1258, 1FC613B6-B9B3-4A9F-99B5-66C8F9…)

Lol I’d be embarrassed to show that off

No. 273424

All the fans like "i love you pls be safe he is not good for you" fck I dont think she is good for him she admitted she stabbed him like hello??! Shit happens but I never tried to stab my couple and I hope neither you, anons

No. 273425

>> downing Strong Zeros since Xmas.
Her new beverage of choice is 4 Loko according to her recap video. More bang (alcohol) for the buck, gets her drunker faster.

No. 273426

Why do alcoholics even bother with light spirits? Just get a .7l bottle of 80 proof garbage for 3€.

No. 273427

No, it's Strong Zeros that she was drinking. She said 4loko so Americans would understand what kind of drink it is. 4loko doesn't even exist anymore

No. 273429

1000% this

No. 273431

>> You can't complain that you want someone to get sober and then you literally buy them alcohol
You don’t know when that pic was taken or whether she was trying to get sober at that time. She spends way more time drinking as much as she wants and not giving a shit than trying to stop (two brief periods in 2022.)

No. 273435

What about "You don't know when that photo was taken" doesn't make sense to you? It was most likely before she went to that withdrawal clinic and trie dto quit drinking, and no, she didn't "go to rehab" a few times.

No. 273438

It wasn’t him “giving her alcohol,” they were two consenting adults drinking together. She is not some poor innocent child being led astray by a bad man, lol. She is (and was in that pic) a grown-ass woman. They are two adult alcoholic assholes and they deserve each other.

No. 273439

NTA, but what adult in good faith takes an alchy who got our of rehab near alcohol? He has to understand she has a substance abuse problem and if he genuinely cares for her he'll do anything in his powwr to keep her away from the booze. She's an adult, but she's also an addict. Shame on both of them for her being in environments where drinking is encouraged. The only way she'll get better is to get rid of enablers, but if she does that she'll probably end up as an actual prostitute in a foreign land, like her mom said she would. even tho she kind of already is

No. 273444

Again, which part of "We do not know when the photo was taken" do you not understand? They have been together for 5 years according to Venus, she only got out of rehab recently and she dyed her hair blond shortly after that.

Stop painting Venus as some poor victim. It's not his fault she is an alcoholic. They are both awful and deserve each other.

No. 273451

I like how she's making it seem like that post is fake. That image is from pater I think, a sugar daddy site. It doesn't mean she worked in a brothel or anything, but she did at least try to get sugar daddies online and possibly met them and provided services. He isn't wrong and all she can do is lie through her teeth.

You are stupid, what you say isn't true and just leave.

If he really got in another relationship then that explains why the leech Venus finally left. She had to because he wanted his gf/wife to move in most likely.

No. 273452

Ah yes, always spin the story to make everyone else but Venus the bad guy. How about he sobered up and tried his hardest to keep his addict girlfriend form relapsing because he cares about her health. Did that never cross your mind? It's like if she does OF, you'll say he's a pimp traifficking her. If she doesn't do it, he's controlling of her body or something. Stop defending her. She literally admitted to domestic violence and multiple stabbings. Like fuck off with you white knighting. Her fiance isn't perfect but he didn't stab her or break her stuff at least.

No. 273453

That pic was from 2019 I think. And I don't think it's him in the photo? Didn't some random dude that looked like that post a pic of Venus in the past where she was eating food with him and anons suspected she was drinking again. I vaguely recall that. But even if it was him, Ken used to drink (possibly alcoholic) and claims he got clean and Venus lashed out at him, stabbing him many times (to which she doesn't deny) when he tried to get her to stop drinking. She became violent to him and maybe even herself. That's not only physical abuse but emotional abuse, I bet she even suicide baited him. Maybe he felt he had to purchase her wine. According to Venus he also tried to get her to drink wine over other strong stuff. At least he tried. If he bought her booze, it was likely when he drank too. If he changed and influenced her to go to rehab, then holding that over his head is just ridiculous and you're clinging to reasons to wk venus.

No. 273454

I wonder if Ken ever visited her during the hospital time. I assume she cheated and kept him a secret. Why on earth would mana pretend they were bf/gf for years when she was seeing this guy? Venus made it seem like they were just roommates after she introduced Ken publicly.

Just want to point out she said their good again. That doesn't necessarily mean back together and second, Ken hasn't said anything so she could be lying.

Gotta love how she reuses her thumbnail for a YT video to make it seem like Zaddy paid her to silence her. She knows fully well that's what her fans will think if she posts such a pic. She's so manipulative.

No. 273456

File: 1672174404902.jpg (30.31 KB, 436x127, 6745654654645.JPG)

From PULL. This one was hilarious KEK. Weenooos stabbed Ken omg she's in such an unsafe placeeee

No. 273457

That pic looks to be from her Kitano days before she even acknowledged a drinking problem. Ken may have been an alcoholic too. It makes sense they drank together. Also, we don't even know if she bought her that wine. It's not like she can't buy it for herself. We don't know if she got violent if Ken refused, or when Ken stopped drinking. According to Ken, he stopped drinking and Venus didn't like that. That anon is just trying to hide their wk for Venus.

No. 273459

No, he was likely an addict himself who got clean and tried to get his gf to get clean too. Your tinfoil of him trying to get money from Venus audience is laughable. Thatr's actually what Venus does ALL the time KEK

No. 273469

I'm late to the party but this just came up on my IG and holy hell that was hard to watch. She's so out of it, the lights are on but nobody's home. And then at the end after her little 'song' she sits back and stops smiling and silently stares at the camera waiting for him to stop recording. All of the comments are concerned and asking if she's drunk and saying she doesn't look well, kek
>pyon pyon pyon, pyon pyon pyon, meon meon meon, hmmrnnn mrhnn hrnnnnn

No. 273472

“Hey guys he said I’m a liar and a prostitute and do coke but we’re all good now! bye!”

Lol this is the best shit ever.

No. 273473

well, why would she be mad when she knows and says herself that those things are the case, with only slight variation

No. 273476

Yeah she’s really drunk here. Like falling-down shlurry drunk.


No. 273477


She thinks this sloppy shit is kawaii and it's NOT!!!

No. 273484

Manaki must have really dipped this time for her to be this hard up for a fiance (new spouse visa.) Good for him, if true. 2022 sure has been an interesting year for these two bloodsuckers, marge and mini-marge.

No. 273486

File: 1672200765241.jpeg (284.05 KB, 1048x1652, 325A92DB-0BEB-483B-92E1-29C576…)

All good again, lol. Guess she learned the hard way not to fuck with ‘Ken.’ Unlike Manaki, he WILL fight back and fight dirty. (Yes, this comment is still up.)

No. 273487

File: 1672201670320.jpg (251.17 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20221227_231741_Ins…)

Manas new Insta

No. 273488

File: 1672201692792.jpg (231.41 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20221227_231733_Ins…)

His girlfriend

No. 273489

Manaki is now a “professional game designer”?

No. 273490

That’s not his Insta nor his wife’s. Stop making things up!

No. 273491

File: 1672205075001.jpg (110.42 KB, 1080x1122, Screenshot_20221227_235943_You…)

Can confirm not Manaki.
Found the Twitter that links the Instagram, and YouTube where it shows his face and its not him

No. 273495

Manaki barely knows any English and why would he come back online under the same moniker his crazy bitch ex-wife's fans knew him as anyway, you must be retarded to have thought this was him

No. 273496

That is not Manaki. Also, Manaki can't be remarried yet, he should be still married to Venus because visa. Maybe they are divorcing, but I dont think they are divorced yet.

Does someone remember one time Venus changed all videos with Manaki from "with my boyfriend" to "with my EXboyfriend" for some weeks, then changed again to "with my EXboyfriend (now husband)"? Fights with couples are a must to Venus. Manaki, Ken or whoever, nobody is enought for Venus

No. 273500

File: 1672229005246.jpg (Spoiler Image,127.96 KB, 733x1005, IMG_20221228_130236.jpg)

Yup, that guy looks nothing like this guy

No. 273505

Hahahah deff not retarded.
Just helped debunk that its not him. But people out here actually did think this was him. So had to clear speculation.

No. 273513

File: 1672241081178.png (231.96 KB, 462x600, 406FDEDB-DF7F-4EDD-958C-396303…)

Things Venus learned this year:

No. 273527

File: 1672259975563.png (2.41 MB, 1920x1080, Office-Space-Milton.png)

She looks like Milton from Office Space

No. 273528

>she sits back and stops smiling and silently stares at the camera waiting for him to stop recording.
This is how she is in her porn vids too. She's clearly miserable lol.

No. 273534

That's not even him.

No. 273535

That's not him.

No. 273541

My bet is she didn't spend Christmas with him or his family but another guy. She drunk and now he's mad she did drink and cheated

No. 273557

File: 1672357040462.jpg (760.4 KB, 1080x1831, Screenshot_20221229-203549_Ins…)

No. 273558

Christ Almighty , I hope she’s just baiting.

No. 273560

Should someone call in a welfare check? Im genuinely concerned she might do it. She’s been really unhappy lately.

No. 273561

File: 1672357574547.jpeg (576.88 KB, 1170x2279, 920E2C23-ACB0-493F-BBFB-6D9031…)

>>No. 273557

This will most likely be deleted by instagram. They tend to put posts like these down.
I hope its just attention seeking and not for real. She needs help

No. 273562

it has been already deleted, not sure if by herself or instagram. but the post isnt there anymore.

No. 273563

Oh my fucking shit. A voice in my head told me to check the farms just to see this.

She better fucking not! That is so goddamn cowardly. Just ask for help from a doctor.

No. 273564

Suicide baiting little shit. Damn she’s vile. Even worse than her mother.

No. 273567

File: 1672358635397.jpeg (580.46 KB, 2048x1321, 7CD20C47-8185-4037-A044-F4ECA1…)

Just like her mommy. Disgusting and pathetic.

No. 273568

Sorry for the spoonfeed request but what year was that post made? Jesus christ I can’t believe this is a grown woman and “mother”

No. 273569

So Manaki FINALLY kicked her to the curb after 6 1/2 years and her backup plan (visa “fiance”) is not working out like she hoped so she’s acting out and suicide baiting like the shitty little Borderline she is. So predictable.

No. 273571

Fake fiancé isn’t taking her shit when she acts up and won’t hide away like Manaki did , so she’s trying to appeal to her audience. But they can only believe her victim narrative so many times.
I really wonder what 2023 will bring for her because this is ridiculous

No. 273573

I wonder if she got into legal trouble after doxxing her fiance? Maybe lost her (or rather his home), fucked up her income by lying she was forced in OF? Maybe deportation or caught committing visa fraud? What spurred her new tantrum after she said Ken and her were better? Or maybe she just lied about that. Glad Ken isn't a cuck at least.

No. 273574

My guess is she needs some pity pats woe is venus we love you so her audience can forget that she admit to dv, stabbing, property destruction, doxxing etc

No. 273579

Surely she didn't mean she was going to do it at Disneyland?
I just hope it was just how she felt at the moment, or a sick joke. It's horrible feeling like that, and when people say talk or whatever, that doesn't help when you feel so unhappy you can't think straight. Life can be so unfair to some people. It isn't her fault how she is after all. Those feelings are hard to cope with.
I really hope she is just joking, even though it would be a shitty thing to do, but rather that than to think she is really hurting like that.

No. 273581

File: 1672370026686.jpeg (369.94 KB, 1066x1531, 78ADAA63-137E-4843-A019-555870…)

Oh please. She’s been doing this “I just wanna DIE you guys!” routine on instagram for YEARS.

No. 273582

File: 1672370065106.jpeg (196.69 KB, 810x1404, CC61122D-D982-4226-9329-94FD8C…)

over and over and over again.

No. 273583

File: 1672370223575.jpeg (372.4 KB, 1378x1528, 3695449C-FAD4-4B10-A6DF-A34614…)

The only sad part is when people still fall for this shit and give her the “omg Venus please don’t we LOVE you!” response she craves. She feeds on it like a tick.

No. 273584

Helium tank is a retarded 4chan meme way to go. There’s actually a near-instant painless way to commit suicide that’s quite popular in Japan but I won’t detail it here because suicide is retarded and I don’t want anyone getting ideas.

I know she’s a histrionic/borderline attention seeker but part of me does feel sorry for her and she probably is in genuine pain. She just needs to stop dating fucked up pedo scrotes and whoreing herself online, it’s not good for your mental health.

No. 273586

The only person I feel sorry for here is the person she inflicted her miserable drunk leeching self on for 6+ long years.

No. 273588

I really, really hope this Tokyo Disneyland road sign doesn’t mean she’s trying to worm her way back into her hoarded-up little cubicle in Manaki’s place (the “two story house” she moved into “all by herself” is a 2-3 hour drive from Tokyo.)

No. 273589

Don't forget lying about jumping in front of a bus and walking away with a scraped hand and cutting herself on arms plus with a questionable neck wound and no scar then snapping and heavily editing photos of herself to post to social media while claiming she was so suicidal AND her admitting she loves to worry/suicide bait and loves when we fall for her trap.

No. 273590

She's caused a lot of pain herself and never gave a shit about and invalidated the mental well-being and trauma of those around her. It's always about her and only her mental health matters. She's a selfish asshole who doesn't deserve any "we love you venus pls don't" messages from the audience she emotionally manipulates.

>She just needs to stop dating fucked up pedo scrotes and whoreing herself online, it’s not good for your mental health.

You're also assuming what she said is true. Everything she said about Mana was debunked. She's also lied about Margot too and about many other people. If it was true, it wouldn't necessarily make Ken a pedo either. To be that he needs to be sexually attracted to kids and got off to it. It could just as easily be a sadistic thing where he enjoys inflicting pain on his partners and coercing or forcing a woman to SA her son would do just that if she was a decent mother. Sometimes I wonder if it has any truth, simply because of what Mikan said about them calling her while having sex. If they were both okay with that, then they're both sadistic pieces of shit. But currently, given Venus' track record of slander, I don't buy the pedo story and Mikan's story may not have even been about Venus (I think it was but she never name dropped).

No. 273595

File: 1672382633899.jpeg (1.95 MB, 1125x1991, A5D1F7F9-0D52-4E9B-BA56-4B113A…)

No. 273596

Hahaha here we go again "I'm okay u guys, I feel better u Guys" blah blah.

She's probably in Disneyland with "Zaddy" for her next porn content including silly Micky Mouse masks while some of you still fall her millionth suicide bait lol

No. 273597

I was expecting her to go quiet for longer. I think she only did this publicly for pity so her fans forget just how vile she was, doxxing her and stabbing her fiance.

No. 273600


I think they are a toxic af break up to make up couple lol. This kind of unstable crazy relationship is right up her alley. They're prob on the outs again. You know whenever she breaks up with this guy, she always goes on her "I living my best life! I don't need him!" copium binges. What follows is usually back to Mana's, more drunken nonsense, a mental breakdown, institutionalization, and then they get back together after she's out, do a bunch of nasty make up sex OF porn, fight again, wash, rinse, repeat. I'm just curious to see if Mana is really out of the picture for good this time.

No. 273601

she was serious but the disneyland people said it's not allowed in the park

No. 273603

Venus: im doin better u guis!!! doin degrading tings on camera iz gud for my mentalz! < 3 see u on OF for my ~spicy~ new video ($49.99+tax)

The comments: Venus we love you girlboss, yaaaas queen ! She's doing so much better!

I HATE her "fans" so much they make me alog everytime. She doesn't give a fuck about any of you. She sees you all as paypigs, that's why she shoves OF down your throat every time she opens her mouth. She only cares about incels and scrotes who will throw her some pennies to see her sloppy drunk embarrassing videos. The women who are fluffing her up are the pinnacle of retarded and Venus would spit on them in a heartbeat.

No. 273612

I keep telling myself that, but still worry.

No. 273613

Well, that's a relief anyway.

No. 273628

Suicide bait after another abuse claim?
This is getting old, she does this same shit every six months, harder and harder to take it seriously

No. 273639

sincerely not trying to alog, but wouldn't at this point sudoku be the sanest, easiest way out for beenos and everyone involved, including her fans? what can she even realistically do to fix her life now? she's verging on being an illegal immigrant in japan, has nobody in her country of origin and on top of it hasn't even finished high school apparently. even if she goes to switzerland and stoops down to a minimum wage cashier job, she will never be successful or come remotely close to what she had on youtube. let alone the fact that she needs to get sober from both drugs and alcohol for starters. she doesn't even have family that truly cares about her. maybe her hungarian relatives, but they can't really help her, since venus doesn't even know hungarian. i just don't see a way out for her, since she's already ruined her health and remaining braincells with drugs, shit died and that illegal surgery. she ruined her own life and while she still could do a 180 and bounce back maybe 5 years ago, she's in way deeper shit and a little too old to get a high school diploma now. like idk, if she actually didn't just sudoku bait, she'd at least rest easy and her fans and narc of a mom would have a sob story to tell.

No. 273640

No. 273641

I mean she still can get some kind of education and not have only minimum wage job, but this requires much more work of her.
She will keep fishing for a rich Daddy-hubby to keep up with her shit in Japan, easy.

No. 273643

i am surprised about the coke thing. Cocaine is so extremely hard to get your hands on in Japan and South Korea especially if you don’t know anyone and don’t have an friends. If it’s true tho she can’t be using often because she’s gaining weight constantly

No. 273645

Nah, she's still pretty young, come on, she's like 25, you must be a teen to think that's too old for anything
She has a capable body, and a functional mind (barely, but still), she could learn a skill, idk, sell stuff online, her annoyingly loyal fanbase certainly would help her, she could capitalize a beautiful recovery story, that shit would sell like water to the normies, she could learn how to stay relevant on the internet in a healthy way
But she doesn't want to put some real work in anything she does, that's the issue
Even porn, if you're gonna do it at least put some real effort, but she's always doing the bare minimum at everything she does

No. 273654

So I take it she never showed at pimp zaddy’s aunt’s house (who runs a hospital) for the “the holidays,” and little ‘Emma’ had to do without drunk Venus “brightening up her spirits.” Such a shame for poor little Emma.

I’m thinking Venus chose instead to stay home all alone and sulk and get drunk because zaddy was staying with “his mother” (lol, right) and picked a fight with him, which escalated as we all saw. Oh well, shit happens, right Venus?

No. 273658

Bad take.
There are more things to life than YouTube money. It's not like what she had before was the pinnacle of existence - it was vapid and empty.

No. 273659

If she wanted, she could do a lot. First, get 100% sober for real. From alcohol and drugs of course. Then, when she gets clean, she could try to apology to her friends. If she is sober, I could see them forgeting Venus' mistakes. Then, having friends and a fresh mind she could recover her yt channel with those friends help. She could do something extra, like selling drawings or some kind of art (fans would buy that). Then, with friends, money and a good reputation, could go and apology to Manaki. They could be friends or maybe a couple again. Then, she would be legal in Japan, have a home again and some people to care about her.
All of this could take years, and she is too lazy, but I don't see her case has no hope… She is too young

No. 273662

Why do you think that suicide is a solution for anything? Is it just because she suicide baited? Would you say this to anyone else?
There are people with mental health issues who might read your post and feel like shit because of it. Hell your post might even be the last straw for some people.

No. 273666

I don’t think she wants to get sober. I think she likes to drink and she likes her drugs, and she has nowhere to go and nothing to do all day every day so why not drink and get high? Also up to now she’s had no consequences for being a drunk. No worries about losing her job (she has no job,) losing her marriage (doormat ‘husband’) or losing her house/apartment (again see doormat ‘husband’ slash mealticket.) Plus getting and staying sober is hard work which she is allergic to. So she takes the easy way out every time.

No. 273670

File: 1672472239027.png (1.49 MB, 720x1282, Screenshot_20221231-083646-210…)

Is she staying at some hotel again? Definitely not her house

No. 273676

Maybe this is the fiance's aunt's house? The people she said she was spending xmas with while he did something else

No. 273677

DA Except she's not capable of doing any of that so it may as well not exist as far as she's concerned. Catching the buss would tie all ends perfectly, free all people connected to her and give them a break as well as prevent all future messes she will get into including any potential children she could create and would abuse.

No. 273679

Stop with the suicide shit.

No. 273680

File: 1672485242520.jpg (62.41 KB, 406x740, Food.jpg)

She's at someone's place. She's hardly got any friends left so I'm curious at whose home this is.

No. 273681

>>She's at someone's place. She's hardly got any friends left so I'm curious at whose home this is.


judging by the decor, it is someone much older than her.

No. 273682

File: 1672491800468.jpg (84 KB, 500x615, 2okz5k.jpg)

What if she quietly moved to a relatives in Switzerland or Hungary to take the time to recover. But that's too hopeful I guess.

No. 273685

Tinfoil but what if she’s back at Margo’s KEK. I know she’s not but that’d be hilarious.

No. 273687

Off topic (sorry) but stop thinking suicide is the "easy way" to solve anything. That's sick and nobody deserves it, not even someone like Venus.
(If anyone is thinking about ending like that, please get help, you are loved, you deserve to live. Happy new year to all of you)

No. 273691

As if. She is most likely at Zaddy aunt's house

No. 273700

>> what if she’s back at Margo’s
Margo is happily married and living in Florida.

No. 273703

I told her multiple times in one day to kill herself.

No. 273706

you're fuckin weird and obsessed then nonnie. get help

No. 273708

>get help

No. 273711

File: 1672512888465.jpeg (125.6 KB, 828x737, 74B74F9C-F25F-4EBB-9D49-A9B479…)

kek "zaddy" is just as much of a cow as venus, he wiped his instagram and the post about venus being a dangerous alcoholic and destroying his stuff is gone.

No. 273713

Kinda old milk, he already wiped it on day 1 of this drama, I don't think we will hear from him again unless they are back together

No. 273714

the food, dishes/plates, and chopsticks seem to indicate otherwise, unfortunately.

that's wholesome af, thank you nonny.

No. 273738

i mean all of the comments were from venus fans harassing him and making fun of him for venus beating him so i can see why he deleted it, probably didnt want to deal with the drama anymore.

No. 273745

She's vague posting instead of actually addressing her suicide baiting. She's such scum.

No. 273748

Thank you. Nice to read something in here that sounds it's from someone sane and not full of hate.

I probably shouldn't, but I feel kind of sorry for him. Shame he has to be caught up in all this drama.

No. 273772

File: 1672573894343.jpeg (832.91 KB, 1242x1652, 3718C6C3-7D5C-4AC0-9886-2EF8E9…)

I can’t… they’re both hilarious

No. 273773

File: 1672575849582.png (903.9 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230101-132305.png)

She posted the same beach picture earlier, so I guess they are together?

No. 273778

they are like a car crash and i can't look away. i hope they fight again soon.

No. 273791

So I guess 2023 is the beginning of a new chapter in Venus land- divorced, living on alimony payments (how she can afford to pay rent now) frequently relapsing alcoholic, making porn movies with her 45-year old “fiance”/ visa ticket who seems to be as crazy as she is.

No. 273792

Notice he’s not saying any of this is not true, just that he’s “sorry for the posts.” The lying, prostitution, violent when drunk, cheating, doing coke..neither one of them is denying any of it.

They really do deserve each other.

No. 273795

How many times do you anons need to be told that if she gets divorced, she's still a citizen. Her visa doesn't suddenly activate back to visitor status. She can stay unlike Margo.

No. 273797

File: 1672596269626.jpg (154.3 KB, 1080x1540, IMG_20230101_190210.jpg)

Sure, she's the perfect Japanese citizen. That's why she wants to marry so bad

No. 273805

If Japan saw SW as bad, there would be a lot less degeneracy. They only recently banned Candy Doll bs. Venus is legally allowed to stay and online funds count as employment. It doesn't have to be a physical place in Japan. She doesn't require a sponsor.

No. 273810

>> online funds count as employment. It doesn't have to be a physical place in Japan. She doesn't require a sponsor.
Can you cite a source for this? Because I really doubt OF or Youtube count as legitimate sources of income to Japanese immigration.

No. 273811

Degeneracy? Thats just a pov of individuals. Fed up of fucking moralisers trying to inflict their straight laced ideas on the rest of the world.
And what the hell is Candy Doll? Never heard of it, or how it relates to laws anywhere

No. 273812

I'm glad for them if they're back together. I hope they are. Its horrible spending New Years Day starting full of hope, getting rejected by the person you want to be with, and ending the day heartbroken. On the first day of the new year! So happy if Venus is able to be with the person of her choosing. I wouldnt wish this misery on anyone.

No. 273813

dont look up candydoll, its a pedo thing. Also the person you replied to is probably the moid femboy person who lurks this thread 24/7 to post his shit takes or defend venus.

No. 273814

he must be desperate to be back with a woman who doxxed him publicly, thrashed his stuff and looks worse than margo at age 25.

No. 273816

File: 1672603600562.jpeg (9.06 KB, 275x161, 1594482696005.jpeg)

No. 273820

kek are you the anon who said you're jealous of luna for having lurch

No. 273825

No I'm not. Dont know who Luna is. I only follow Venus.

No. 273828

Lol @ >>273812
and >>273825
seeing these two trainwrecks as some kind of inspirational love story. True love conquers all! lmao

No. 273829

>> if she gets divorced, she's still a citizen. Her visa doesn't suddenly activate back to visitor status.
Not true. Citizenship is not just automatically granted by being married to a Japanese national for 3 (or 5 years, whatever.) She would have had to apply for it, separately from the spouse visa.


Which is a long drawn-out process requiring boatloads of documentation and multiple in-person interviews and meetings.



Which is doubtful she did given how lazy, scatterbrained and frequently drunk she is. IF she did, her spouse’s income would have satisfied the ability to support yourself part of the requirements, but that’s a big IF. And given how insistent she is about being ENGAGED to be MARRIED it seems like she may not have citizenship and still needs that spouse visa to stay legally.

No. 273835

Can you shut up already? You always go on and on about how every one is so full of hate, how you can't have differing opinions here blah blah blah.

Notice how Venus didn't apologize. She starts this by doxxing him to her audience, she attacks him, stabs, breaks his property, abuses him and HE has to apologize for telling people what she did to him. She must have gaslit or manipulated him into thinking he was in the wrong and now he looks like the aggressor online. And she's kawaii innocent uwu beenoos

No. 273836

No. Stating facts. Japan doesn't give a fuck and even encourages sex work.

No. 273837

Online funds don't count lmao. She isn't legally allowed to rent with YT or OF, unless she crashes with someone and gives money to them to give to a landlord, fucks a landlord or has some fake job on paper that Zaddy gave her that she doesn't really do. You have never lived in Japan, have you?

No. 273838

You realize that if this was true there would be a lot less foreigners living in Japan or divorced. Literally a Google search doesn't give you what you always wanna know.

No. 273839

Have you?

No. 273840

I have dumbass

No. 273841

Even pewdiepie needed more than "youtube" to be able to move to Japan and it was a long process for him. He had to establish a legitimate business there, not use YT or OF or something.

No. 273844

If she has someone from japan, managing her sex work, it counts. She could even register herself since she's not doing actual prostitution since its consensual sex with her pimp. You guys act like soaplands don't exist or prostitution doesn't. These places count. If she's being represented by a pimp, yeah. It counts.

No. 273845

Then how dont you know basic shit?

No. 273847

File: 1672612996703.jpg (154.12 KB, 1080x590, Screenshot_20230101_144256_Chr…)

Oh look i can also Google and give conflicting info

No. 273861

You keep spewing all this nonsense “sex work totally counts” etc. etc. Cite a source to back it up or stfu.

No. 273865

If she applied for citizenship or PR (2 different things) using Manaki’s income to satisfy the requirement of being able to financially support herself she would have gotten it and be fine after the divorce. Neither one is automatic and both need to be applied for. If not, as I suspect, she might be out of luck. Her inherent laziness which she’s demonstrated over and over makes me doubt she did and her fixation on having a fiance who is totally going to marry her now that she’s divorced feels like she’s still relying on a spouse visa to me. I mean the guy is 45 years old and doesn’t even want to cohabit with her much less marry her and this is after “being together” for 4+ years.

All those divorced people living in Japan have work or student visas or they got PR or citizenship before they divorced.

No. 273866

Are you like…speaking from experience

No. 273868

No. 273869

No. 273876

Nta, but its Japan. Soaplands are everywhere for this and like Nevada, escorts exist in abundance. Even night clubs (men and women) usually offer side stuff if its the right club. You should maybe do your own research.

No. 273880

not the anon you were replying to, but there’s a law that states visas can’t be obtained by sex workers, hostesses, or even someone who works at a maid cafe. i think they changed the law in early 2000 to discourage sex trafficking. so even if venus is working as a prostitute or escort, no matter how legal the business is set up as she wouldn’t be able to obtain a work visa through them. it’s also extremely hard, if not nearly impossible, to obtain a visa without a college degree unless you’re a celebrity/entertainer or excel in and recognized in a particular field.

No. 273881

Considering it's online and its consensual sex without pay, her fans aren't fucking her, it doesn't count as prostitution and yes, escorts exist, but actual intercours isn't allowed. Again, please research this stuff outside of a Google search. The ONLY thing I think she can't do is market videos for in person sale as their indecency laws require censorship.

No. 273882

At this point, I wouldn't be shocked to find she's running around on an invalid, defuncted visa. This kind of idiocy seems right up her alley.

No. 273883

Maybe the papers (about her family being crazy) she asked to Marge for court was for obtaining PR. And it didn't work

No. 273889

I didn't even consider that. I assumed it had something to do with the divorce. When did she renew her passport again? I thought it was earlier this year.

No. 273891

File: 1672670355288.png (4.74 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_2402.png)

Sorry if this is late milk, but was this guy's face ever posted? Seems like a downgrade from Manaki, but I'm enjoying this dumpster fire.

No. 273892

File: 1672670598210.jpg (185.62 KB, 1080x882, IMG_20221226_153523.jpg)

Venus also says in the comments the pic is from 2014. So she is married to Manaki for 1 year and "engaged" to this guy for several years?

No. 273896

She renewed her passport in 2019

Girl is wasted. She was blonde in 2014. You can tell is from 2018-2019

No. 273897

She's so petty lol. Her "cute" face doesn't fit her behavior

No. 273899

File: 1672675150612.jpeg (5.45 KB, 189x266, hmydfi.jpeg)

No. 273902

You kidding? Manaki looks like a retard

No. 273904

She's wearing a wig, anon.

No. 273913

It's all good. We're on again now. Just like Venus and Zaddy, but without all the drama.

No. 273915

Are you stupid? Seriously?

No. 273916

It seems practically impossible to move to Japan permanently unless married or teaching English or running a business or in tech. Probably just as well as it would be awful for Japan if loads of westerners moved in, getting outraged at all the loli stuff and everything and trying to inflict their rigid moral standards, while ignoring all the hypocritical shit that goes on in the west, beauty pageants in america for little kids which is disgusting being a case in point.

No. 273918

Anon, their biggest market for loli content is outside of Japan. Don't be dumb. Westerners KNOW what Japan has to offer, that's why they want to go and this goes for everything from tourism to degeneracy. You don't have love hotels everywhere for no reason, especially men who visit who think they can get some Japanese woman. Look at all the creepy bachelor videos that exist where they are harassing native women. Japan isn't open for people to just live in.

No. 273919

Japan doesn't allow just anyone in to be a resident there, it appears very difficult. So how come you hear of old people going to live there in their retirement? They wouldn't be working so able to support themselves and surely wouldn't be able to go on drawing a pension from their own country? Would they have to be billionaires and so able to support themselves from financial investments?

No. 273922

File: 1672683122818.jpg (543.98 KB, 1080x1990, IMG_20230102_184118.jpg)

No. 273933

Same pet play collar on both pics too, it's probably around same time

No. 273935

same blouse too, same hairclip. same makeup.
probably the same day.

No. 273946

File: 1672694263898.jpeg (102.66 KB, 688x480, 1657963198106.jpeg)

Don't worry, her real face fits perfectly

No. 273951

According to her bfs post and her pater ad discovered waaay before the bf, she was not only doing online sex work but in person. I am assuming she tax evades so any in person sex work would be cash and not as an official sex worker position and she probably doesn't get her OF/YT etc taxes done in person with an accountant (or probably at all), so the government wouldn't know she does sex work.

That said, unless Venus already got PR through marriage, she won't get it any other way, except small chance via entertainment visa. She didn't immigrate as a skilled worker, she's not a business owner, she doesn't have family to sponsor her, she's not an international student, she has zero education or skills of any kind. Spousal visa or entertainment visa are her only options and yes, OF and escorting does count as sex work. If that was every discovered or someone reported her, she'd lose her visa. I'm not sure if being rich could help. I've heard stories of rich people bribing immigration officials, but even if possible, Venus isn't that loaded most likely.

No. 273953

It's very clear to me that you're the one who doesn't anon.

No. 273957

She didn't fuck other people, she fucked the photog. That's not prostitution when hes her pimp
Its consensual sex at that point.

No. 273958

That anon is factually incorrect, just ignore them. They never provide any proof for their claims either. She will not be getting a visa via sex work. OF "online" work does not count as a legitimate position. It doesn't count as a business either. You have to have an actual job IN the country to get a work or business visa. One tied to an official business and registered legally. Plus OF would fall under sex work, so no way she'd get a visa if she somehow satisfied the former requirements. She either has PR or is on spousal visa atm. She was probably going for an entertainment/business visa earlier when she was with Kitano, pretending his business was her own. That was also around the time she publicly split with Mana. Coincidence? It seems she doesn't have PR, although she confidently alluded that she did.

No. 273959

Idg why Venus won’t just start doing av or gravure with an actual company to get a real entertainment visa. She’s already doing porn anyway.

No. 273960

the practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment.

First of all, we don't know if Zaddy pays her. He is her SD and it's likely then that her does. Second, she did work as an escort (pater ad) and provided "services" to sugar daddies. Do you really think they didn't compensate her? Third, she monetizes and sells porn videos online and receives payment for it. If you are so insistent that OF counts as legitimate work, then yes, it would fall under sex work. But it doesn't even matter when she does it solo, without a porn company, unregistered so it's not a legitimate business or job anyway and she would not meet visa requirements like that. Fuck off with your idiocy already. Are you the moid femboy who thinks sex work is good for her and wants her wasted at hosts clubs and anyone disagreeing is a prude? You sure sound like them.

No. 273963

In one of her OF lives she talked about doing some sort of job that required her to maintain her address at Manaki’s. She also, a long time ago, mentioned “book keeping”. So that could factor into her PR if she was being honest.

No. 273964

File: 1672696514529.jpeg (289.35 KB, 978x1531, 87D93C15-1C9B-42A8-BDCE-3A8DBD…)

IG post from 2019, the first time Manaki attempted to divorce her. She hooked up with Kitano and went around Tokyo lining up “investors” for the “Media and Advertising Company” she was starting (updated every Friday, Saturday and Sunday on my Youtube! which of course never happened.) That fits the narrative that she had no PR or citizenship at that time and needed a business visa to legally stay in Japan.

Manaki backed down on the divorce then but it looks like it went through this time. If she didn’t have PR or citizenship then it’s very probable she didn’t get either one since then, what with her public drunkenness episodes, that stay in the psych ward, the time she had to stay overnight in the police station after “attempting suicide” and who knows what else. That’s not what Japan is looking for when granting citizenship or PR, and yes they do check for that stuff.

Bottom line, she’s probably counting on a marriage to pimp zaddy for a spouse visa, and he seems in no hurry to marry her.

No. 273971

"accountancy" and "book keeping" are codewords for OF

No. 273977

No, she specifically said she had another job that she doesn’t talk about publicly.

No. 273978

Venus lies all the time, don't believe everything she says kek

No. 273984

She also said she was a coder or that coding was easy and anyone can learn LOL. She'd never survive a CS degree. My guess is, if true at all, that "job" was something Kitano allowed her to do or shadow him/his workers doing. That's not a real job.

To add to this, OF is 100% considered sex work. Venus provides sexual services to consumers for compensation. She just doesn't work with a company. Prostitution is illegal in Japan and soaplands only operate via loopholes. Venus could never get a visa via OF or sex work like that other anon suggested. For that to happen, she'd have to be sponsored by a company that sponsors people who do OF, like how there are companies like Tokyo Creative taking in Youtubers into their business and handing out entertainment visa. There exist no companies that do this for sex workers, as sex work is illegal.

She said she lived away from Mana (at Ken's) but that she still needed to pick up her mail at Mana's because her "studio" was in Tokyo or something. It was exposed that "her" studio was Gaku Kitano's studio and she never had a business at all. She was likely still married to Mana and had to keep his address as her legal one for visa purposes.

No. 273995

File: 1672709682506.jpeg (1.23 MB, 3162x3162, 66306D81-A0C8-409D-8992-975A3E…)

This is what we’ve seen so far of pimp zaddy: bad skin, a sagging belly, nasty footses and (allegedly) a malformed pencil dick as seen in OF videos. Yeah, I’d say they’re perfectly matched.

No. 273997

In their livestream I referred to, Venus was physically in Manaki’s apartment and talking about how she lived there with him, they were now more like roommates, they didn’t fight anymore, and she was there for her mail that was related to a job. This was maybe 3-4 months ago. I need to watch that one again, she said a lot about Ken in it

No. 273998

That would be good idea, but it's Venus. I'm sure she would have to be professional, stick to schedules etc. Doubt she could maintain that self discipline needed for long. Not turning up late, wasted, whatever. Could she stick to that?
I don't know what sort of visa June Lovejoy would have to enable her to live permanently in Japan. She's Canadian, no Japanese relatives and doing what is surely must be considered sex work, yet she appears to be living there permanently.

No. 273999

She’s been firmly planted in Manaki’s apartment in Yokohama since 2016 (that poor wretch) except for that 5-6 months she shacked up with zaddy/Ken in 2019-20. Manaki must have gotten rid of the furniture then thinking she was gone for good because when she landed back there all that was left was a mattress on the floor, lol.

Wherever she is now is a 2-3 hour drive from Tokyo but closer to pimp zaddy than before.

No. 274000

She can’t even manage to brush her teeth or wash her hair regularly, much less stick to a schedule of any kind.

No. 274004

Mana could of backed out previously or the pandemic, alongside her various pyshward stays could have stalled/slowed the process.

No. 274024

They were absolutely married long enough where she could get a divorce and still live there.

No. 274033

you can't do that in japan, anon. your spouse visa is only valid 6 months after divorce there.

No. 274043

After 3 years of marriage one can apply for permanent residence though

No. 274044

But she cheated in 2018 (could have been earlier, but she confirmed having cheated with Zaddy), and the divorced may have been filed in 2019. I have a hard time believing she'd be approved for PR whilst having a pending divorced… after all the PR reason would have been being married to Manaki.

If the divorce was finalized around the time she moved out of Mana's, she may have less than six months to stay in Japan. Only time will tell.

No. 274045

lol there’s no way that could be from 2014, she would’ve been 16/17. she rly must’ve been wasted or fucked up on something.

No. 274047

The only thing he has going for him is that he seems somewhat tall for a Japanese dude. I guess he is somewhat better looking than Taylor R.'s husband, but he is still a 6/10 (and that is just judging his face. (the rest of him is a 0).

No. 274053

You're generous I would give him a tiny 4. And personally I find him uglier than Taylor's husband.

No. 274058

4lokos are unfortunately very much still around, they just haven’t contained caffeine in over a decade. The caffeine was what made them insane, without the caffeine they’re just a cheap disgusting malt alcohol beverage meant mainly for homeless people.

Drinking malt liquor is so trashy, literally that shit is designed for homeless people who can’t afford to buy straight liquor or a 6 pack at once.

No. 274059

Do homeless people even buy that stuff kek

No. 274071

Your point? She still wasn't drinking 4lokos lol, she just used that as an example

No. 274073

Y'all too kind, he's a no no from head to toe. Not more than a 2 on my scale.

Because she's too lazy to actually be somewhere and work for her income. Signing a contract would mean she needs to put up with schedules, get up, get dressed and perform. I don't see her doing this in her life anymore.

Not that she would be hired anyway, no Company would want an alcoholic Hag with black teeth and poor hygiene for AV and Gravure lol

No. 274076

File: 1672764674541.jpeg (424.42 KB, 1183x2047, 4E21C9B7-E2FB-4513-A8F9-B7ECDD…)

>> the divorced may have been filed in 2019.
The divorce was initially filed in 2019 but it looked like Manaki backed off in early 2020 when he let Venus back into his apartment. Then she posted on insta stories in May of this year that she “went to see a lawyer about a divorce,” and it looks like it went through this time (hopefully.)

No. 274079

Is Taylor's husband Japanese? I don't follow her exploits. Not interested. I mean zaddy IMO is not that good looking, not even as nice as manaki, so it wouldn't be hard to find someone better looking, but if it's a whitey I may not think them any better than zaddy.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 274082

It was taken in May,8 months ago. If she started a divorce procedure back then, her visa must be over

No. 274116

Can any you produce photos of the filing? Everyone is just assuming but I haven't seen anyone actually produce any legal papers online or anything that prove that the divorce happened in 2019 or at any point.

No. 274117

Does Taylors Husband really look White to you? He's Chinese.

No. 274122

Some anon keeps cross thread discussing or bringing up other cows. Pretty sure its continually bait. Ignore it.

No. 274123

Unless she's having sex with fans and not the camera guy, it's not sexual favors. Soaplands don't fall under prostitution for this reason.

No. 274128

Nobody has seen the actual filing. People are going off based on Venus’s statements in 2019 and earlier this year that she’s “getting divorced” and her moving out of Manaki’s place both times. And the speculation is that it’s not her pushing for a divorce either time because she needs that spouse visa.

No. 274129

I think if Venus had her way she’d still be living at Manaki’s doing whatever she pleases with that spouse visa safe. She’s now living hours away from Tokyo with her visa status in jeopardy. Not what she wants.

No. 274144

what are you even going on about lmao all i stated was that nobody can get a work visa through sex work, dumbass

No. 274169

>> She still wasn't drinking 4lokos lol, she just used that as an example
She said specifically in her 2022 recap video that she switched from Strong Zero to wine to whiskey for awhile, then 4 Loko. Which makes sense bc 4 Loko has a higher alcohol content than Strong Zero, more bang for the buck so to speak.

No. 274174

File: 1672792418571.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1125x1889, A3E72085-3E9D-4085-A74B-3B0868…)

No. 274175

File: 1672792439626.jpeg (1.81 MB, 1125x1973, A16142DC-D994-4D5C-B1E9-6F305A…)

No. 274177

Anon, you have to post milk.

No. 274182

Lol why would she need to ‘clean her closet,’ she just moved into the place like 2 months ago.

No. 274183

File: 1672798750075.jpeg (222.52 KB, 1246x1173, 08715BED-762A-4292-AE7E-40409C…)

Freshly bleached and fried to DEATH. Yikes.

No. 274185

File: 1672799508519.jpeg (Spoiler Image,277.26 KB, 1561x1155, 06E9E30C-39C5-4DB2-B611-6B88EA…)

Another klassy video.
Her profile is so unfortunate.

No. 274186

I haven't seen Taylor's husband because I don't follow anything on Taylor. Which is why I asked. So he's better looking than Zaddy then? Wouldn't be difficult, but it is anyway a matter of opinion and personal taste. But I think Manaki is better looking than Zaddy,probably because he's younger, but Manaki is not the most beautiful boy in the world NGL.

No. 274198

Her outfit looks decent for once. Looks like something sancty (Mikan's friend) would wear. She should go back to the long side fringe she had when she was with margo though. It elongated her face and gave her some volume. But I guess that's not jApAnEsE enough to her. And looks like she's back to wearing that eye tape because jesus her eyes look swollen as hell. When will she realize she looks so haggard doing that, even through the editing?

Also, still no apology from Venus. Just a happy new year post, as if she did nothing wrong at all. What a fucking coward.

No. 274199

It's sexual content for compensation. Are you seriously trying to argue that everyone who does OF is NOT a sex worker? NO ONE will give Venus a visa for doing OF. 1. It's sexwork and 2. It's not a REAL JOB. She's not tied to a company or a legal worker in Japan. Also, soaplands aren't legal (at the very least what really happens there isn't). They operate via a loophole. You are so fucking stupid if you think Venus isn't a sex worker.

No. 274200

fuck off asian femboy moid. seriously. no one cares if you find manaki or whoever else attractive.

No. 274201

I can't believe she went to a professional setting dressed like that. She looks ridiculous in that jirai shit, nails, hair and makeup. And imagining how she looked without the editing IRL makes it even more ridiculous. I hope she keeps her more subdued "normal" style. Massive improvement.

I could only see her pushing for a divorce if zaddy promised to marry her. But I also assume (especially the first time) that manaki initiated. He probably got tired of her abuse, her leeching and having to do all her paperwork for her (who knows how badly she treated him too given she commit dv and stabbed her fiance, cheated, destroyed his stuff etc) and Manaki finally stood up for himself.

No. 274202

She wasn't "wasted" when she said that. She was intentionally lying. One of the only consistent things she's ever done in her life.

No. 274204

She wouldn't need to continue living with Manaki to get her mail. That is an excuse she made to justify living/leeching off him. She needed her address to be legally at Manaki's for visa purposes. Although I remember that live stream being where she said she comes and picks up the mail and needs the address there for "her studio" in tokyo. She also said it's awkward going there and she and Mana weren't on good terms. In a later stream she said they were okay. Either way, she's lying about the reason. She can't change her legal address even when she was at Ken's due to the illegal visa. And she stayed with Mana because 1. Ken clearly didn't take her in and 2. Needs to live with Mana for visa purposes or she risks getting caught.

No. 274209

I agree that Mana is the one who actually filed for the divorce. She's just saying she did to save face because that's how Venus is.
Considering she and Zaddy have broken up and gotten back together multiple times throughout the 4 years they've been together, is another reason I don't believe Venus filed. Shit, she had to lie about jumping in front of a bus and go to rehab just to guilt trip a ring from him, so I highly doubt he proposed prior. Like that other anon is saying, she does seem desperate for a visa, especially considering how fast she took down the dox post and smoothed things over with him.

Zaddy came through with the milk tho. Their breaks ups are already way more entertaining than her and Manaki's ever were.

No. 274218

File: 1672823783426.png (882.19 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230104-101213.png)

I guess the bleach available in Japan is too strong for her European hair, she fried her hair completely

No. 274229

Yikes. It's true though that Asian hair stylists don't know how to handle thin or European hair. Typically, Asian hair is 3-4 times thicker, so the stylists are usually pretty heavy handed.
(I went to one once and this dude did like 10 passes with a straightener on every section of my hair, I was dying inside.)

So what happens to all her other clothing? I don't see any of the 100's of kawaii outfits she's shown previously.

No. 274230

No..she's just a dumbass.

No. 274238

File: 1672846616955.png (900.56 KB, 720x990, Screenshot_20230104-163623-320…)

Making sure we can all see the bandage on her wrist, it's so jirai right???

No. 274242

Someone get our girl some toner asap

No. 274244

She fried her hair pretty bad as a teenager living in Europe if you look at old photos of her as a blonde, bleach is bleach, it does that

No. 274258

Look at my bandage you guys, you’re all really REALLY worried about me aren’t you??!

No. 274259


Just got back from a trip there myself and I went to a salon specializing in catering to foreign hair which did an amazing job. If she's living in the Tokyo area there are more than a handful one can find through a simple google search, but i'm guessing she wouldn't be able to afford it anyway despite the fact that some of these salons offer a first time client discount and one doesn't need to tip (obviously; plus my total ended up being under $50 because dollar stronk).

No. 274266

She’s not in the Tokyo area anymore. She’s living near pimp zaddy and he’s a 2-3 hour drive from Tokyo.

No. 274268

She almost looks cute here (as long as you don’t look too closely.)

No. 274278

Somehow I think she bleached herself

No. 274279

That hair color looks awful on her. She always goes either too dark and looks haggard or too light and looks washed out. Fried her hair just to end up looking like shit anyway.

No. 274280

Asian hair is usually fine, not thick. Bleach on any hair type destroys it and if your hair is naturally thin like Venus', it ends up getting thinner due to damage.

No. 274283

Asian hair is usually thick and straight/slight wavy. Either way, Venus should have went to a specialist in white girl hair because most Japanese hair dressers will destroy their already dry, thin ass hair. There are definitely plenty of hair dressers in Tokyo and other big cities that can do non-asian hair without destroying it. Bleach in general just fucks up anyone's hair, it doesnt matter how nice it was to begin with.

No. 274285

Lol asian hair is not fine. Google: The average diameter, or thickness, of Asian hair is from 80 to 120 µm, compared to 65 µm in Caucasian hair

GENERALLY (obviously there are exceptions,) asian hair is able to handle more processing before looking fried. Bleach damages all types of hair, but it shows more on Venus's fine textured hair.

No. 274294

>> destroy their already dry, thin ass hair
This goes double for Venus bc her hair was already in terrible shape before she killed it even more. She doesn’t take care of it at all, never trims the frayed ends for example and just seems to ignore it in general. It looked thin and frizzy to start with and always does.

No. 274296

Along with her terrible diet, her hair is not in good shape. She should have opted for a nice wig, which they sell everywhere in Japan.

No. 274297

File: 1672870193693.jpeg (271.33 KB, 827x1447, 16D617AE-BDDA-42F5-92F1-A8A7A8…)

Looks like she’s trying to recreate her glory days as a viral 15-year old Living Doll. Even decorating her bedroom like a little girl’s. It’s like she’s permanently frozen in time.

No. 274298

File: 1672870573078.jpeg (156.94 KB, 816x803, D68ED379-EE21-41B0-87A9-392C1C…)

She’s not this girl anymore and there’s no turning back (but she keeps trying.)

No. 274300

She used to have brand clothing, I'm guessing she sold it all off for a quick buck

No. 274314

Could be from cooking and she burned herself too. The go-to to be SH is fucking stupid.

No. 274324

>> The go-to to be SH is fucking stupid.
It’s obviously what she wants people to think though. SH or ‘that ebil man is beating her!!’

No. 274326

Is she or is that what you are just interpreting it as?

No. 274327

NTA but yes, no one is looking at this suicide baiting alcoholic nutcase and thinking "hm, a bandage? she probably burned herself on the stove!" self harm is way more plausible than someone who evidently can't take care of themselves for shit cooking. at least with anything besides a microwave, ha.

No. 274329

At least let her post more context. Tinfoil like this is dumb. It could even just be some stupid trend too, but assuming it's real cuts seems like a reach otherwise.

No. 274330

Different anon, but she literally does this all the time. It's probably just more jirai bs

No. 274331

Have you been paying attention to this nutcase over the past few months/years, at all? She does this shit all. the. time.

No. 274336

If it isn't obvious by now, her whiteknights ALWAYS come out the woodwork when she posts "updates." The timing is nearly always the same.
>"Let her post context!"
Like she got hit by a bus and only got a SH scratch lol.

No. 274338

File: 1672906167183.png (406.78 KB, 731x1290, imagen_2023-01-05_090925196.pn…)

She posted in instagram that she has a shaming kink

No. 274339

except it's not it's just the classic 'i hate myself more than you ever could', 'i actually like being made fun of' mental defenses

No. 274341

She doesn't have a shaming kink. She just feels proud that all her antics make her a super cool authentic yandere jirai onna desu!

No. 274344

File: 1672926636900.jpg (309.08 KB, 1080x1921, IMG_20230105_145028.jpg)

No. 274348

Maybe she just put ut on for show?

No. 274349

No. 274352

Can someone record the dance she posted on her insta? She looks so weird in it wtf

No. 274353

Dancing drunk on insta stories. And someone saying "kawaiiiii". Does Venus have Friends?!? That's new

No. 274354

This made me laugh so hard because I'm almost certain it's some random girl venus met at a bar and asked her to record her blopping around the club

Can you imagine that scenario

No. 274355

That “kawaii” sounds condescending af tbh. I wonder if Venus realizes everyone in that bar probably thinks she’s a joke/ is laughing AT her.
She looks so uncoordinated and unattractive it’s insane. You wouldn’t for a second think this girl makes money off of only fans when she herself is such a turnoff even when trying to be sexy.

No. 274357

File: 1672940794096.webm (4.16 MB, 720x1280, 8342B3BDF6DBE9613B3A0FEC46FFB9…)

Ask and you shall receive.

No. 274362

lmao bless you, anon. She is drunk af.

No. 274370

That’s the quickest I’ve seen her move in a long time. Definitely on the sauce again.

No. 274372

It’s about damn time that people are starting to notice her for what she is.

No. 274373

This is how people who can't dance start dancing after a few drinks. She is not sober.

No. 274375

This was posted to insta at 1:30 am her time. Looks like she’s at the ‘wildly disinhibited’ stage of drinking, before you get to the ‘falling down drunk’ stage. And she will get to that final stage, because once she starts drinking she can’t stop.

No. 274378

Probably some uppers onboard too, either her prescribed amphetamines, coke (which neither she nor saddy zaddy have denied is true,) caffeine etc. Definitely on a bender, unfortunately.

No. 274386

File: 1672961352137.jpeg (244.55 KB, 1123x1775, 1395E71E-56BD-4425-9421-303871…)

She’s VIBIN,’ y’all! (“vibin’” = “making a drunken spectacle of herself.”) Couple in the back seem quite amused though. Also note the Jim Beam sign on the table in the foreground. Yeah, partying at a bar is such a good move for a frequently relapsing alcoholic. Brilliant.

No. 274392

File: 1672965500231.jpeg (247.06 KB, 1117x1914, 8D5DC712-1D34-4DFF-9D7C-26FE04…)

…and it’s gone. Deleted 7 hours after she posted it. Probably felt embarrassed once she sobered up and the VIBES wore off, lol. Too bad the internet doesn’t forget.

No. 274397

How come it appears there's only gaijin there? Is it just a bar for irritating foreigners or what?

No. 274398

>>274397 fuck I dont know japanese and I didnt noticed that but the two girls walking behind Venus do not look japanese

No. 274400

Lmfao I have no words

No. 274401

They look like hookers to me.

No. 274402

File: 1672972608871.jpeg (135.49 KB, 1249x1089, 02AAFB26-D6D7-47C1-9026-6145D1…)

You can see her black teeth a mile away, even in this blurry screenshot.

No. 274405

Probably a girls bar
It‘s a hybrid of hostess and regular bar.
Girls are bartenders and stay behind the counter, in regular clothes.
But if customers are there, they‘ll chat and maybe get a drink

No. 274410

Drugs, not alcohol.

No. 274411

Go Beth vibes.

No. 274413

File: 1672992204624.png (753.28 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230106-090039.png)

They're both nuts I guess
In a screenshots he says
"korekara shinimasu
Binasu ni korosaremasu
Yokatta ne"
Which roughly translates to
"I will now die
I will be killed by Venus
Nice, right?"

Interesting part is that he wrote it all in hiragana except for her name, shouldn't Venus understand kanji after years in Japan? Weird

No. 274414

He's being weirdly playful about it… I'm glad someone else a little fluent beat me to the punch. By now, she should know "shinu" at least…? This whole thing smells imo

No. 274415

I'm pretty sure she will shake it off as him joking or something, earlier she sent him voice message (maybe she can't write as well lol) and he might have been joking anyway, with them you never fucking know

No. 274416

Is this bitch serious ?
“What do I do?!”
Call the police ??

She’s getting way too bold and obnoxious with this nonsense now. Her fans may be dumb and impressionable but they have genuine concern for her and she thinks all of this is a funny game to show how edgy she is. What is she going to do when she’s in real danger and no one cares anymore.

No. 274417

Not to go full tinfoil hat, but I looked at the timestamps of the texts and when Venus posted. There's ~17 minutes between the text time stamp and when she actually posted about it. If she was in real danger, wouldn't she post it immediately? Or better yet, call the police?

No. 274418

He really said uno reverse bitch lmao

No. 274419

I want to watch damn it it doesn’t work when i click.

No. 274420

File: 1672994598017.jpeg (208.73 KB, 1125x1351, 7B3A4825-8A1A-4EB8-BC20-116182…)

What to do when videos show up like that. Sorry if i don’t know how to use the site well.

No. 274421

Shit he's just as psycho.

No. 274422

what the hell? This is a guy who carried out literal extortion of her. Fucked her mom and got info to blackmail Venus, put partial details out with the demand that she do an interview with him (to 10x boost his views) or else "oh well I'll just have to make negative video about you, not my fault if you don't want to say your side??"

No. 274423

(double-post) I guess it's part of the whole (confused) "I love to degrade myself and people who abuse me" thing

No. 274424

Wtf, this is just crazy

No. 274425

File: 1672996041519.png (90.33 KB, 720x396, Screenshot_20230106-100702-310…)

Bio change, I believed it said "diary from your internet girlfriend" yesterday

No. 274426

File: 1672996218436.png (916.56 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230106-100647.png)

She did call the police, it's only 6pm for her so we can get ready for next few stories about the drama she will delete before going to sleep

No. 274427

it took me ages to figure out lol. you need to click on the '8342B3BDF6DBE9613B3A0FEC46FFB9' link to download the video. it worked for me

No. 274428

Again, their break ups are far more entertaining than her and Manaki's. This shit is crazy af.

No. 274429

Did he tie some neckties together? Bleak

No. 274430

Thank you!

No. 274431

what's the plastic bag though? he put it on his head???! lol what a pussy

No. 274432

File: 1672998158814.png (9.59 MB, 1242x2208, 261DBFFC-FD7F-41C8-AF52-4BF60E…)

No. 274434

File: 1672999428097.jpeg (507.46 KB, 1170x2002, E8B597D6-CD34-4B7A-861F-E642E9…)

Mmm dating already?

No. 274436

they're both pathetic, narcissistic, delusional alcoholics. one day they're threatening and hating each other, the next day they come back together and pretend everything is fine. venus loooves the attention, and loves playing with people so this is ideal for her. if she was concerned / worried / hurt, she wouldn't be posting stuff that triggers zaddy. this is all about upsetting him. i wouldn't be surprised if one day she would meet the wrong person who would eventually kill her because of anger.

No. 274437

That's not what happened lmao. Margo contacted him to get her version of events out because venus made a video about her and venus had over a million subs then. He didn't fuck her or blackmail venus and venus was the one threatening him and falsely copyright striking him. And it's not his fault she didn't want to say her side. It's also not his fault it was negative, the way venus handled her situation was incredibly shitty, no matter how shitty margo is herself.

No. 274438

It's fine in the sense that they tend to have thin hair or not a lot of hairs on their head, not necessarily the thickness of each strand.

No. 274440

File: 1673001544066.png (180.39 KB, 720x1091, Screenshot_20230106-113837-637…)

Nothing new but Venus is a bitch

No. 274441

I don't believe she has a therapist. How many times has she said that before. Also, why so quick to find a new "hoe". She really does either need a visa or a place to stay. I hope zaddy gets her deported.

No. 274442

now her fans are gonna view him as a manipulator, the same way as Mana. It's so funny to me that the queen of suicide baiting whines about someone threatening suicide. Like she threatened him with suicide a few days back and no one made a big deal out of it. If he does it, he's a vile scumbag. SHE is truly the master manipulator, really going out of her way for damage control. She's 1000% wrse than margaret.

No. 274443

I can't believe a twelve year old vexxed fan actually found this site today? shouldn't you be older by now since this was years ago? either way, piss off with your actually believing the obvious lies these scumbags put out. just because venus is shit doesn't mean there aren't sharks out there trying to take a bite

No. 274444

50/50 Venus might of met her match with zaddy. Considering they have been going through this for almost 5 years now, he is indeed her karma. To think all she had to do was be faithful to/pretend to like Manaki, and she could still be living her spoiled weeb dream.

Venus posted their shit to the internet first so hopefully zaddy comes through with the milk last last week.

No. 274445

I never said vexxed is good retard. But your version of him fucking margaret and exorting venus is just pure bullshit. and yes, some of the stuff in that video is legitimate. No, venus isn't a saint. And her video on margo was way worse than vexxed video, she lied straight through her teeth in hers.

No. 274446

Venus almost always posts first and then acts like a victim. she's an abomination and fouler than a decaying carcass and i hope to god he gets her deported at the very least. no doubt venus abused him or threatened him with blackmail first and then he suicide baited.

No. 274447

File: 1673004751227.gif (8.1 MB, 640x640, wtf-what-the-fuck.gif)

Wow. I'm late to the party but 2023 Venus is milkier than ever. And I thought she'll quietly disappear and hopefully focus on her health. Her ~zaddy uwu~ is literally an old, ugly psycho scrote, how bad are her yellow fever and desperation to stay in jp?? What even is so special about JaPaN that she can't have in her homecountry ? Also is she that dense that she doesn't realize she's seeking people as crazy as her mom to perpetuate the cycle of abuse ? Deliberately putting yourself in an abusive situation for internet clout an