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File: 1566174481716.png (690.39 KB, 1187x900, 1566002228532.png)

No. 62881

> a 22yo weeb that escaped her batshit crazy, narcissistic momager
> turns out she's just as much of a narc as her mom
> publicly dragging her husband while being active on a sugar daddy-app (we know it's hers because it has a selfie on it she never posted anywhere)
> appears to be drunk all the time, or pretending to be
> is currently talking shit about and lying that her husband quit his job and lived off her money, even though there is proof to the contrary (she herself mentioned him working very often, her channel is basically dead and hasn't brought in revenue in a long time, her sudden need to earn money after leaving him…)
> posting shopped ~*kawaii*~ selfies with depressing or suicidal captions like "daddy fuck me hard or I'll kill myself" and quickly deleting them
> disappearing after getting some asspats and pity
> after a few weeks: It's OK guys, I'm going to therapy and doing well, gonna upload to youtube again ^_^
> never does it, or half-asses everything. soon disappearing again, since she didn't get as much attention and money as expected
> rinse and repeat
> her whole fanbase basically consists of people pitying her or neckbeards wanting to save her, since being a victim is basically all she does nowadyas
> her friends get flooded with spergy accusations and messages everytime she has a public breakdown (often). never lifts a finger to stop it, which led to people distancing themselves from her
> her streams consist of hard to understand passive-aggressive mumbling, random singing and staring at the screen looking bored
> said "lolcow" instead of lowkey in one of them, confirming she lurks (hi weenos!)

Also venus:
"I'm not a people pleaser rolls eyes"
"I always just try so hard to please everyone u guys"
"I'm no ones doll anymore! >:("
~ironic dolly makeup tutorial~
"I'm not talking about my private life, shut up"
talks about private life, spilling tea no one even knew or asked about

last thread >>46865

No. 62883

On point description anon.
And that art is beautiful.

No. 62889

I said she was doomed 7 years ago and now look

No. 62892

Well done, anon! I salute you.

No. 62898

>>streams consist of hard to understand passive-aggressive mumbling, random singing and staring at the screen
And also if I might add:
- gnawing on the same sad soggy sandwich for half of one livestream with pieces of it hanging out of her mouth and smeared on her face, too out of it to notice
- licking and sucking the orange cheeto dust (excuse me, curry flavored hot pepper chips dust) off her fingers then brushing her greasy hair off her face with the same fingers and
- picking her nose

And her clothes looking like she just rolled out of bed and started filming wearing what she’d slept in. Which is probably not far from what actually happens.

No. 62900

Good job, OP

>i'm totes lesbian ella.freya is my gf phase

No. 62908

the OP pic just reminds me how she used to have pics of anime girls with her face on them.

No. 62923

idk, it’s just sad to me that she can’t think of anything better to do with her life than trying to recapture her days as a Youtube star with the living doll shtick. And doing a half assed lazy job of it at that and only because her enabler (ex) husbando finally wised up and kicked her ass out.

No. 62926

that was a joke for a video for fucks sake. that was for a character that was a ditzy dolly who was so slow her plushy alpaca 'couldn't even'. i can't believe i have to defend fucking venus angelic because some anon is too dumb to even understand what's what in a children's' targeted video good job
>inb4 but it reflects her real thinking
hey it might but you didn't know that. You might as well say miranda sings is so vain cos she Tink sHe sInGs gOoD.
the 'self-admiring moronic exaggerated version of myself' is every single youtuber's first 'character'

No. 62929

>>self-admiring moronic exaggerated version of myself
I don't think it's a 'character' in venus' case…more like her character traits

No. 62933

Why get so pissed over a simple reply about what she used to do? Get over yourself.

No. 62935

Oh hey weenos

No. 62949

Wtf man?

No. 62950

a-are you okay, anon?

No. 62954

Weenus posted a screencap from her 3 bottles of Tabasco and Strong Zero 9% alcohol beverage at 9:00 in the morning mukbang video on instagram with a semi-coherent caption urging everybody to go watch it and something about her About the Deleted Video Q&A on “the other channel” (what? What “other channel”?) then deleted it a little while later.

Sorry I didn’t get a screenshot.

No. 62955

Lol I didn’t know you lurk here venus

No. 62958

get fucked with the hi, cow- and yes you did know venus lurks here, moronic cunt, that was the funniest part of the last thread
the point, all you samefags, is there's something truly evil about turning any person's light-hearted, humorous intent into sneering 'look what she did haha' as if it was in earnest. that's what the worst bully does

No. 62959

You need to get a grip anon and lighten up or actually just fuck off yourself. The only one getting OTT bitter about this is you.

No. 62961

Pulltards should reanme their venus thread to ''Blindly worshipping and fangirling over venus'' they literally believe the same shit as her fans:that she is lesbian,bpd uwu,poor victim of everyone.

No. 62962

I agree with this, I know Venus' jokes are bad, but the anons taking every single one of them seriously and getting outraged over it are a bit much. You guys are going to get this thread into autosage again if you continue the nitpicking and hi cowing, are you all newfags or something? Read the rules and learn to integrate ffs

No. 62963

File: 1566224087064.png (188.57 KB, 946x650, GYYYY.png)

No. 62967

File: 1566224477168.png (196.5 KB, 946x650, get her out of my dreamy nippo…)

I mean, sure

No. 62969

You are so fucking unoriginal that you had to make your own bitter copycat version without making your own meme. Go back to pull whore

No. 62970

It’s mostly that one poor diehard Weenus stan who’s been spending sleepless nights crying and worried sick about poor abused Weenus having such a hard time! And a couple others who come out of the woodwork to bleat “I know! Poor Weenus! And she still looks so pretty!”

The rest of PULL seems pretty much on to her and over her stunts and antics.

No. 62971

i know who you are talking about, its that venus fangirl with a anime pic, she also defended pedophilia a couple of threads back and said its normal for adult men to have attractions to 13/14 year olds.

No. 62973

They clap like seals and squeal with glee every time she posts a heavily edited selfie on instagram or a video with filters turned up to max. “Ooh, so pretty! Squeeee”

No. 62974

Sorry all im a bit late to the party,haven't been following venus drama for over two months. Found out today about her deleted video.
Is she planning on having a divorce or will she still stay with him because of the visa?

No. 62977

Seems like even if they stay technically married but separated that could still wreck her Japanese spouse visa. Wouldn’t that still be visa fraud?

No. 62978

They dont live together anymore but they are still legally married.
Really? do you have more info on that?

No. 62979

Just speculating. Seems like being separated would make her ineligible for a spouse visa.

No. 62982

living separately from your spouse for non-job reasons is grounds for visa fraud. unless they lie to the government but i doubt that will happen.

is something wrong with you? those pics were up in some interviews of hers, just sayin.

No. 62986

just look at arisucookie
she is doing the same

No. 62988

bitch this is lolcow, if us roasting poor little innocent Weenos upsets you that much, pull or kiwifarms are the best place for you.

No. 62991

That's actually how Shiena got found out. She was living separately from her spouse with no legitimate reason (eg. work)

If you look at Shiena's thread its speculated she was reported by one of her the other weeaboos in Japan, which could happen to Venus. Venus made a incriminating video public, has a sugar daddy profile, and if someone wanted they could do to her what was done to Margo.

No. 62992

Venus should have kept quiet and dealt with the situation like an adult and out of the public eye, but instead has made it much worse by acting like a child.

No. 62993

I guess if she really lurks here we can expect some damage control from her soon when she panics about this. Perhaps in the form of the second part of the deleted video.

No. 62994

Lets report her(cowtipping)

No. 62995

We ain't in japan…..

No. 62996


Surely that's cow tipping? Let's watch how this pans out without getting that deep into her new life of being a soon to be divorcee.

No. 62997

If only we were in japan :P(don't use emoticons)

No. 62999

Yeah idk how old this girl is and if english is her native language but she sounds fucking retarded and obssessive.

sage for no1curr

No. 63000

In Margo’s case it was a Korean anon who did the deed..

No. 63001

In some cases, if she and Manaki attend court mediation for the process of divorce, she may be eligible for up to 6 month extension while she applies for a new visa status. But as we can see, she not allowing room a civil divorce and they already started living apart, so that won’t happen. She couldn’t be eligible for permanent residency and teijuusha would be out of the question. The fact that there is not only proof of her mental and financial instability, but plans to have affairs and that escort profile existing means she would never be given special permission to stay.

One report from Manaki and she’s toast. I can’t believe she was so stupid as to broadcast her bitter separation in public. Even if he was a lazy jerk, she has so much unsavory evidence stacked against her.

Only Manaki or his family should do that. She’s not even denying her precarious situation and she’s basically reporting herself. Stay out of it.

No. 63002

She's really fucked up making it all public and being snarky about her life. Everything has the possibility to be used against her and she knows she can be deported. She has a failing YouTube channel and has no proper job to her name, which explains while she's desperately trying to make her "brand" big again to be financially stable. Venus must be scared as shit.

No. 63006

She deserves to be scared as shit. She spent 3 years sitting on her ass in her little pink bedroom collecting plushies and binge watching anime series all day while passive aggressively bashing Manaki on instagram and now in a (deleted but too late, hon) video. She’s scum just like her mother.

No. 63007

Not that I think any of us are that seething over the tart, but surely Venus has her enemies. I can see some supahweeb living in nippon turning her in.

My question is: What will Venus do during the inevitable exile saga?
Will she pull a Margo and try to make in in a different asian country living in halfway homes, or will she try to hook up with another man?

No. 63010

>try to make in in a different asian country

Maybe that’s the real reason why she wanted to learn Chinese.

No. 63011

Wouldn’t she need a visa in another Asian country though? Same problem she has now.

No. 63013

thank god they didn't had a children. It would be another little narc in the making

No. 63023

To all the newfriends/Pull refugees: when you're not contributing to the thread with new milk (screenshot, video…etc) please sage your post (sage goes to the email field)
Also, don't interact with the cow (cowtipping).
I'm truly sorry for the mini-modding but that would be a shame to have the thread put in autosage as the milk is flowing

No. 63031

File: 1566248686886.jpeg (197.91 KB, 1035x1127, 412BB175-52E8-4583-A2A6-E850E0…)

> I can see some supahweeb living in nippon turning her in.

Tinfoil but but I can see Mikan do that… She became "friends" with her for the clout and now her channel is way more stable/active than Weenus', weebs eat that shit like fresh bread. I can see her become the "new Venus Angelic" when Weenus is deported.

Wouldn't surprise me, she had various Azn phases before (Thai, korean, chinese…) and it wouldn't be as great as Grorious Nippon but still better than unkawaii Europe.

Pic related: Some new screenshots of her recent vids that are interesting to compare to her selfies

No. 63032

File: 1566248721884.jpeg (114.59 KB, 1193x995, ED1EF32C-CA2B-433F-A5A5-892AD0…)

No. 63033

File: 1566248806610.jpeg (41.63 KB, 483x452, EB84D951-0FA3-43CB-AA73-BD7C05…)

forgot to add that she reminds me a lot of the Queen in the 2nd one (sorry my queen)

No. 63036

Jeez how much filter does she use…she looks so rough here. Living off alcohol and salty instant noodles has done a number on her looks.

No. 63037

She looks like a 30 year old crackwhore without filters.

No. 63039

She looks ordinary. Not beauty, but not horrible.

No. 63041

She looks greasy and haggard and edematous.

No. 63044

Oh god. If she doesn’t stop with the constant drinking she’ll look absolutely horrible in a couple of years.

No. 63050

all this talk about visa and deportation.. i don't think you could actually report shit lol. some thread on an english gossip site and drunken videos aren't proof of anything(to the immigration).

No. 63051

If they’re really separated (which they obviously are) then it sure is grounds for her spouse visa to be revoked.

No. 63052

yeah i think the only person who could report her is manaki or mikan(since she knows alot of insider stuff)

No. 63055

When did she have a Chinese phase? And not defending Weenoos but her Thai "phase" wasn't really her choice. It was forced on her by Margo since they lived in a Thai monastery(?) at the time.

No. 63060

She had a quick HK Chinese phase awhile ago, ppl suspected she had a Chinese sugar daddy or something

No. 63061

The person who reported Margo and got her detained was a random Korean who had had some interactions with her online, googled her name and came across her thread here and on KF and got more outraged the more she read about Margo’s fuckery.

You never know what might happen.

No. 63062

That Korean posted on Margo’s thread here that Korean immigration was looking for information on Margaret Palermo. She got banned but came back and the rest is history.

No. 63067

Imagine being her therapist.

No. 63070

If there ever has been one…starting to think they're imaginary.

No. 63072

She could still have a kid if all else fails, Japan can’t deport her then.
Would it be a bad move? Yes! But I’m not expecting much from her right now.

No. 63073


Anon, she isn't all there. Imagine her having a child? She'd use that poor thing like her mother used her and it'd be glorified for being half Japanese. We'd never hear the end of it. Don't.

No. 63074


She looks like she needs a good hot dinner, a nice bath and a scrub. A decent therapist, a friend or two who isn't on Youtube who are trustworthy. A job and to have her Youtube like just on pause for a year or two. She needs a break in her life away from social media and Venus Angelica overall. Just Venus Palermo. Just her.

No. 63077

speaking of which i've haven't heard much of mikan. Are still friends I wonder? Mikan always seemed two faced.

No. 63079

That's actually disturbing to think about.

No. 63080

Mikan, Apricot, Ella the fake lesbian date etc have seem to all have taken a back seat. Can't imagine why…oh wait.

No. 63081

Her real name is Venus?

I hope she is infertile from the surgery and bad lifestyle.
Imagine an ugly FAS margo/venus hapa baby.

No. 63083

She needs to step away from social media and efame all together to sort herself out. Unfortunately the Internet and being admired by strangers online is all she's known for years. It'll only get worse from here. She's too addicted to the "fix" this lifestyle brings her, no matter how shit her situation is.

No. 63094

>>She's too addicted to the "fix" this lifestyle brings her
That plus she thinks getting a real job is beneath her plus she’s too fucking lazy to get off her ass to even get a HS diploma let alone think about getting a degree or training to do anything.

No. 63108

how come you didn't know?

No. 63112

>mfw koreanon used the pics margo deleted and (luckily) archived in these threads to get her deported

No. 63113

I just read these threads every once in a while for fun, I thought her name was a normal one like Ashley or something. Her mother is really something for naming her Venus.

No. 63114

>She'd use that poor thing like her mother used her and it'd be glorified for being half Japanese.
She'd shove the camera right in the baby's face for sure, like a has been beauty guru.
Or she'll have a boy and cry about how she has postpartum depression, or being a mom is hard!, but really she's sad she had a boy and not a girl.
Honestly I hope she doesn't have kid, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

No. 63120

Firstly, only the child of a Japanese citizen has rights, not her, and the father also needs to claim the child as his own. She could only stay if she had another spouse visa through the father. If she does not have that, Japan doesn’t care how many kids she has. She gets deported.
Secondly, her irreversible health condition, and the terrible way she treats her body, will seriously make pregnancy deadly for both her and the baby. I honestly can’t see her getting through a normal pregnancy unharmed or the baby being born healthy.

Her full name is Venus Isabelle Palermo.

No. 63140

there's no such thing as anchor babies in Japan

No. 63165


I think regardless or not she needs to sort her life out. That’s the only way to fix it. She needs really help and look where she is… Japan. Probably one of the worst places to have any mental illness. In Japan it’s unfortunately a case of well you’re either sane or ill. There’s no inbetween. They throw pills at you and that’s it. I knew a Japanese girl who had some disorder, met her on hellotalk and she spent all day at home or sometimes down at her local park to just chill. She couldn’t find work because no one would hire her and her doctor didn’t help much. Mental illness is so common there but no one wants to know or understand it. It’s a shame really. Venus is fucked for seeking real help there.

I mean when I was in Japan I was in a cafe in a friend and the dude next to us had a plus toy, sat it infront of him taking pictures for fuck sake. Talking to it!

No. 63166

In many countries doctors just throw pills at you, not just Japan.

No. 63168

Many countries have this issue. Not to the scale of Japan but the lack of support is a huge problem. Even in her home country and Europe in general it's not as good as it should be. She's going to have to push hard for the right help, but will she actually do it? Probably not. You can tell she's not been properly assessed.

No. 63169

>the dude next to us had a plush toy, sat it infront of him taking pictures for fuck sake. Talking to it!
he probably has 5 million subscribers. sage your blogs

No. 63171

File: 1566299405761.jpg (167.59 KB, 1079x1402, _20190820_120914.JPG)

Doesn't seem like she's struggling that hard for money when she can just throw 30,000 yen away for a stupid spicy food eating contest.

No. 63172

yea I'm sure she's somehow magically rich without ever working.
not appearing broke must be very important to her, but it just raises questions

No. 63174


Yeah but you can’t deny that Japan is worse than where she comes from for treating mental illness. Asian countries are awful when it comes to that. There is a reason why suicide is on the top dock there anon. Their work etiquette doesn’t help either. I’ve been and seen for myself, the place is like zombie land in those stations. You can sense dire loneliness and misery. It’s an amazing city Tokyo, don’t get me wrong. Other parts of japan are nice too. But in terms to dealing with ill people it’s a disaster. I get irritated when people try and sugar coat Japan, make out it’s this zen of perfection. It really isn’t. The only reason why Weenus and weebs like Japan anyway, is solely because of anime and the cute things that come with it. It isn’t even just Venus but all of them. That’s the only reason they’re in Japan. There isn’t anything wrong with liking cute things but to push your mental health under a rug and put plushies, sailor moon cafes, anime and manga stores as a top priority is just pathetic. Worrying. But sadly, that’s most of our generation now anyway. If you can gain a few likes on Instagram or a make a few bucks off a Sanrio cafe YouTube video then… apparently that means more. Venus has been in Japan years, she’s made it and I feel like she’s worse off now than when she was with Margo. But I won’t lie and say back then wasn’t as horrible because of the affects Margo had on Venus. Now Venus is alone, doing whatever she does and Japan is just useless in terms of any help for her. You can’t even say it ain’t cos it is.

No. 63175


Not to mention the majority of Japanese people have bad social skills anyway. So god help going to a therapist there.

No. 63176

The money probably comes from her sugardaddy. I very much doubt she herself has that much money to just throw around.

No. 63177


It did cross my mind this was sugaring money and whoever she now lives with is probably the sugar daddy. None of her friends have put her up at their homes and it's the only thing that would seem like the possible solution to her not being homeless.

No. 63180

File: 1566304488949.jpg (667.62 KB, 793x1135, 4iDpjLB.jpg)

Her imaginary (?) therapist is teaching her new words

No. 63181

what the actual fuck is ”health shaming” supposed to mean?

No. 63182

What an absolute cunt. If she ends up in hospital again like an idiot then good on her.

No. 63183

i guess it would be pretty annoying if pullards were harping at you constantly like 'ugh how can you go running when last year you HURT your ankle!' that 'fake concern, actually just acting superior' thing. maybe 'healthsplaining' lol

No. 63184

regarding manaki having a job, it is impossible for her to even stay if he wasn’t working. visas require income, they ask for your taxes, they ask for a proof of income. weenus and her dying youtube do not count as a job, so if manaki was truly a deadbeat loser living off of her, she wouldn’t even be in japan anymore.

No. 63187

then she fucks up her stomach again, another rush to the ER, then makes pity party vlogs a la Margo because no one comes to visit her, then asks for donations to pay the hospital bill, gets released, rinse and repeat.

No. 63189

No generous Manaki to the rescue to make sure his waifu is comfortable at the hospital and will have full support afterwards either. Her fans are actually infuriating as their comments make it look like she's being bullied.

Fuck off, her stomach is botched & fucked up for life and she even went to the shittiest UK media outlet ie DailyMail about it for pity points. And here we have her eating ridiculous amount of spicy food to make a quick bit of yen for entertainment. She's a lost cause.

No. 63190

Usually it's something fat people claim, but it's supposed to be called "concern trolling." Someone claims this when they think their issues are only being brought up in order to be trolled or treated condescending, and not because people commenting have a genuine concern about their well being.

Venus just wants to distance herself from fatties and is an idiot. She let the cat out of the bag and now she's pissed that she can't shove it back in.
Nobody would know about her gastric bypass if she hadn't made it public. So now when she spends irresponsibly or eats horribly, she's upset that people know she shouldn't be doing those things. Yet instead of seeing it as a situation she created and deal with it, she thinks other people are boolies for pointing it out.

No. 63191

The honest fucking truth that other anons are afraid of saying.
She was constantly eating and was overweight, instead of going the healthy route and fixing her eating habits and binging she decided to through the lazy route and get gastric surgery by a surgeon who has a negative reputation which she knew but still went to him.
The gastric surgery fucked her up and made her lose weight because the food wasnt absorbed or she would vomit after she got underweight.
She was underweight because of the gastric but she decided to milk it for media attention and went with another story about how she had anorexia and whatnot(when the onmly ed she had was binging and tried to fix that with illegal surgery.)
Also remember when she tried to paint manaki as the bad guy in the past because he threatened her that if she had that surgery he wouldnt have children with her, and now look at her her stomach is fucked up because of that surgery.

No. 63192

bitch can't be grateful to people who actually care for her life.

No. 63193

She has nobody else in the real world who cares that much so you'd think she'd actually stop and think for a moment that her fans are the only ones who remotely give a shit about her well being.

But wait she's turning into her mother, so caring for others doesn't exist in their world. Ungrateful is an understatement. Being a passive aggressive little bitch isn't very cute Venus.

No. 63194

That's a good point. It really makes me think she has been throwing Manaki under the bus.

No. 63195

She got the surgery after being a total anachan for a year or two. She had some chub before that but wasn’t even that big at her chubbiest. All she had to do was exercise and eat at a healthy deficit for a month ir two and could have seen results. Probably wanted some permanent way to stay loli sized and live out her fetish for her sugar daddies

No. 63202

Why is everyone white knighting Manaki? Did everyone forget he married a 18/19 year old? Venus threads used to be almost exclusively calling him a pedo. But now he's weenos's innocent suffering husbando? Smells like pull in here

No. 63206

No one is here whiteknighting him. We call people what they are,we have called him pedo many times but we are defending him for the abuse and job allegations because they are lies.
He deserved to be called a pedo because that is true, but calling him a abuser(which venus is doing) is bullshit.

No. 63208


Thought PULL whiteknight Venus? Because 'poor depressed Weenus' seems to be the ongoing theme. Manaki was a definite creep in the beginning and Venus chose to escape Margo by marrying his ass when "legally" recognised as a young adult, which got her that golden ticket to living in Japan. Takes two to tango there and she wanted to live that loli kawaii uwu waifu dream as much as Manaki wanted that fantasy as well. Venus is showing narc traits so now suddenly things are looking differently.

What IF Manaki was actually victim of her passive aggressive bullshit? Creeper pedo yes without a doubt, abusive husband? Definitely not true because her "story" is a huge mess and inconsistent. She couldn't even hold eye contact in the original video about him.

No. 63209

How is marrying someone of age in the western world a pedo? Btw, I've never posted on PULL.

No. 63211


It could be more to do with the fact Manaki followed Venus as a "fan" when she was underaged and met her on her trip at Disneyland when she was with Bodyline. Technically she was a legal age when marrying him, but how their relationship came to be comes across as questionable and creepy.

No. 63212

She was never underaged and with him. Without her filters she 100% looks grown as hell. How on earth is he remotely pedo?

No. 63213

He is, or was a pedo, because he was 20 when he started pursuing Venus and she was only 13 at the time(go away peter)

No. 63214

Now lets not not defend him for that. There is so many things that we can defend him for like the abuse/job allegations.
Being attracted to a 12/13 year old is fucked up no matter how grown that person looks.

No. 63215

That makes more sense. I didn't know that of their backstory. I agree with >>63208 though. If Venus wanted to leave Margo without getting married, she could have chosen to go back to Switzerland.

The more I think about it, the better idea going back to Switerzland sounds. They have a very strong safety net for their citizens, and Venus should take advantage of that. She could still come back to Japan for vacation eventually. But Venus would have to admit she made a mistake.

No. 63216

File: 1566317246722.jpg (291.82 KB, 1224x1224, MSA2kMn4.jpg)


Says the old guy who also out there on twitter thirsting over peenus and asking her several times if she has a boyfriend.


No. 63217

I’m not surprised tbh

No. 63218


In the beginning a few years ago it all came to light Manaki was essentially a fanboy and the "pedo" title just stuck with him ever since. If only Venus could be mature enough to realise she could possibly have a future back in Europe, but she will continue to go downhill in Japan because she desperately wants to stay there, live in her bubble of 'living doll' efame & maybe become a Japanese man's wife all over again.

Switzerland isn't kawaii in the world of Weenus.

No. 63219

Holy shit is this real? That's gold

No. 63220


A good little portion of her fanbase consists of these types. What a mix, idiotic fangirls, neckbeards with a loli fetish and old men. Living the dream!

No. 63221

File: 1566317636685.jpg (33.19 KB, 587x294, creep.JPG)


absolute disgusting ew

but then again, it's the kind of people are left from her fanbase and which she tries to milk rn for some money

No. 63222

Oh dear god lol

No. 63223


That last post…is just.
What the fuck.

No. 63224

These are the people who send her money in the livestreams.

No. 63232

Oh god i know who this man is. I ended up stumbling upon his fucked up YouTube channel, which is nightmare fuel and looks like it was made while he was on drugs, he has random suggestive pictures of girls aged 4-15 in his videos. He has a poster of selena gomez in his room,when she was 14. And he has a playlist of jenna rose (when she was 12-14) in his youtube.
This man is a massive pedophile and he is probably calling manaki a pedo not because he is concerned but because he is jealous that he wasnt the one that meet her in disneyland when she was 13.
These are the type of people Venus attracts.

No. 63234

>>jealous that he wasnt the one that meet her in disneyland when she was 13.
I believe Venus was more like 16 when that Disneyland thing happened. Let’s not distort the situation too much, okay?

No. 63239

She says she meet manaki when he was 20, they got married when he was 26 and she was 19.
Do the fucking math.

No. 63246

That Disneyland meetup took place in 2013. Venus was 16 years old. Today, 6 years later she is 22. You do the fucking math.

No. 63247

File: 1566324105858.png (244.3 KB, 605x498, IMG_1404.PNG.7637a027bfa17bec0…)

They met when she was 16, but he watched her since she was 14.

I think he's a creep, but not a fullblown pedo.

No. 63252

I looked up his username and didn't find anything. What's the name of his channel, anon?

No. 63253

I don’t think he’s a pedo at all considering he’s from a country where girls look like teenagers well into their twenties and sometimes even thirties. So probably in his eyes teenager Venus looked the same as an adult.

No. 63255

I always wondered if this story was exactly true about how he never contacted her until they ~suddenly met at disneyland~.. i wonder if she was secretly messaging him behind Margos back.

No. 63263

hey Peter, weenoz has been looking for a sugar daddy, won't you sponsor her?

No. 63267

this is retarded. Manaki is Japanese, not brain damaged. surely he can comprehend the huge age difference is wrong and weird
he is a pedo

No. 63273

They have what, a six year age difference between them? 6 years seems like a lot when you’re talking about a 14-year old and a 20-year old but when they got married she was 18 and he was 24. Not such a big deal and not “pedophilia.”

No. 63275

I joined her server and I have to say, her fan base is actually pretty fucked just like >>63220
said, they're fangirls who wish to be her or creepy older men who think she is a poor little lamp.

No. 63277

I thought anon said they met when she was 16 and he was 20? They have a four year difference. H e started watching her videos when she was 14 and he was 18.

This age derail is getting out of hand. kek.

No. 63285

I wonder if these people are wenoos wk purposely trying to derail thread.
Their age gap is 7 years, the people saying its less or more than that are either trolling or pretend smartasses.
Venus got married when she was 19 to manaki who was 26.
Ive never seen so many people here just straight up make so many guesses which are not correct.
Stop playing bingo with their age ffs its a 7 year age gap.

No. 63306

19 and 26 or 18 and 24, whatever. Neither one is “pedo.”

No. 63307

I really wonder what happened to all her stuff bc she had all that pink shit in her room. her last Insta post that shows her old room was around the time with the malice thing (may) but you see non of that shit in her recent videos and streams. Did Mana kick her out of the flat and not letting her back in? Is everything a storage (lol)? Idk I wonder what happened and why doesn't have it around anymore.

No. 63330

She's gotten over that pink plusshie 5 year old phase and now she is in her 13 year old ''i only wear black uwu psycho give me attention'' phase.

No. 63332

turn your japanese keyboard off, retard.

No. 63333

not long ago, V said she was planning on renting an apartment for ~job reasons~, kinda implying she was going to use it to record her malice stuff. Given how shitty her latest videos look, I guess she left her camera and other equipment somewhere else.

No. 63342

Does anyone know where i can find venus's past videos of her with her boyfriend? Is there a video site which still has those videos.

No. 63348

Yeah it looks like she’s living in a bus station or a really cheap motel. Bare walls and minimal furniture, really depressing. And roommates too. A far cry from her pink plushie-filled princess bedroom. I too wonder what became of all her crap.

No. 63350


No. 63354

She once said that one of her greatest fears was being poor and that she "wants money or die trying". Clearly, triggered if people speculate that she may be broke, even going so far as to lurk here, then offer people 30000 yen LOL. We know she gets money off youtube/streaming/events which she, "does only for fun and not money" (yeah right). She also has some company, small role in a play, instagram promos/sponsorships, pater ad and potential sugar daddies. There could be more behind the scenes though, who knows. Also, she can easily make 30, 000 yen back with ad revenue and/or stream donations. One guy even gave her $100 on stream. And that was just one person.

No. 63355

You really believe the roommate-thing? A sugardaddy of some sort is a much more probable explanation considering that she recently tried sugaring and that she basically has no income (and hasn’t had for a while).

No. 63357

Those videos on there only work through youtube and they cant open if her youtube videos are deleted.

No. 63358

I’ve watched videos she deleted from her channel with absolutely no issues.

No. 63359

It really seem like Manaki kicked her out and she only got to take what she could. It reminds me of when she left Margo out of the blue and lacked her quality filming equipment. Similar situation here. Maybe that's why she's so bitter and acting the way she is as he has all of her stuff back at his and there's not much she can do about it.

No. 63361

File: 1566337801904.jpeg (222.87 KB, 1825x1159, 28C3749B-1F6F-4C4D-838A-464C03…)

If she is making money it’s sure not reflected in her living situation. This place look almost Margo levels of dreary and seedy.

In fact there are so many ways she’s becoming her mother, literally. She’s Margo 2.0.

No. 63362

A site other than bilbili?

No. 63365

I meant at bilibili. I’d say most of her deleted videos can be watched there, like the illegal surgery one.

No. 63366

None of my browsers support bilbili.

No. 63367

But Manaki was at her meetup, so why would he be there if he had kicked her out? He seems too much of a doormat to do that imo. I mean, he's not even defending himself from her allegations. She basically bullied him off the internet, given his meek persona.

No. 63375

That was weird too. Why would he be at her fan meet? To keep the peace? To pretend she's still happily married? She never explained why he was there nor did she deny it. Whatever it is, her current living arrangements looks shady as hell.

No. 63376

My guess is he got to the point where he couldn’t live with her and her issues anymore and finally just bailed for his own mental health. I think they tried to keep it amicable on the surface (hence him showing up at her event) but she was seething inside and lashed out via the now deleted video, in true Margo 2.0 fashion. Venus learned narc ways from the master narc.

No. 63384

I wonder if the place is just a one bedroom apartment and if she's actually sugaring, that would explain why when someone walked in during her "virtual fan meet party" stream on YouTube, she panicked and quit out. She doesn't have her own room and is sharing a bedroom with a sugar daddy. Hence why none of her kawaii pink shit is anywhere. Can't decorate someone else's room after all…and now she seems to be filming more in what looks like the dull living room area with the ugly brown sofa.

No. 63388

File: 1566341369075.jpeg (116.29 KB, 871x1036, A467D8F0-569D-4FE2-9147-8832E1…)

Could also be why she’s constantly drinking vodka cocktails at all hours of the day and night. Numbing her feelings with booze.

No. 63391

Hi everyone i need a really good explanation as to what she is doing is visa fraud/scam, i need it for research purposes(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 63392

Why the fuck would you destroy your stomach, then fuck it up even more by drinking Tabasco as if it was water?? Idk if I was her I would be traumatized after this and religiously take care of my stomach. Even people with a normal, healthy stomach can't drink that shit
She is so irresponsible. Girl, it's a miracle you're even alive, be grateful for fuck s sake.

No. 63393

Stuck in a sugar daddy's dull & miserable apartment because that's the only person left to give her a home as she can't afford to live by herself, while drinking sugary alcoholic beverages daily and eating bad while desperately working on ways to make more money to escape in a bid to forget why she ever ended up in that situation…sounds believable.

No. 63394

File: 1566341835732.jpeg (211.81 KB, 1512x1129, 579D0F07-DCC5-4E3F-8A7F-06FE44…)

>>drinking Tabasco as if it was water?
With a vodka chaser no less.

No. 63395

File: 1566342570071.jpg (431.26 KB, 1071x1690, Screenshot_20190820-190242_Ins…)

Someone woke up wanting asspats early in the morning. Good thing i screenshot this quickly cuz now it's deleted on her IG.

No. 63397

File: 1566342738000.jpg (134.25 KB, 1077x1552, _20190821_001219.JPG)


She deleted that really quick.
Venus is so fake with her apologies.

No. 63399

She says she wants to keep things private, and then makes everything public. I wish she would just choose one.

No. 63400

Also, what is she doing wrong? Well acting like a narc, being passive aggressive towards any criticism she gets, makes "jokes" about how mentally fucked up she is, when her fans show concern for her health she treats them like shit cause uwu "stop health shaming me" is just a handful of things that are making her look really bad right now. Wake the fuck up Venus, you're turning into your mother.

No. 63402

She’ll be crying about being BULLIED next, wait for it

No. 63405

Incoming meltdown any moment now…Venus the Victim strikes again.

No. 63408

File: 1566344690432.png (113.36 KB, 1720x828, kkkk.png)

wikipedia wont let me post this lol(autism)

No. 63409

File: 1566344726143.jpeg (339.03 KB, 1369x1370, 3FD50E04-DE0C-44A5-BF61-EA0D38…)

ALWAYS the victim, just like Mommy.

No. 63410

File: 1566344737408.png (53.03 KB, 1504x912, ccccc.png)

No. 63411

Lmao I remember this. The London era of Venus and Margo was a wild ride.

No. 63415

Well this takes the cake for the cringiest shit of the year.

No. 63417

Pretty cringy but you cant call someon cringy when you are on this site(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 63418

>a simp and a cuck
I don't know why but I kek'd out loud.
Poor dumb Manaki, but yanno, I don't feel bad for him. This is what he signed up for, didn't we predict this very thing would happen years ago before venus stans drowned it out with Margo posting?

No. 63421

He thought he was rescuing a kawaii princess damsel in distress. Guy had no idea what he was in for with this mentally unstable alcoholic black hole of endless drama.

No. 63423

I recall Margo reuploaded old videos to venusangelic site, but idk if the ones you're looking for are there, perhaps you may want to take a look there.

No. 63428

Can you put parents on a visa application for proof of income? I know people in the USA can add their parents to show they have enough money to take care of their spouse, but I don’t know if it’s the same in Japan.
Not saying Manaki doesn’t have a job cause idk, but if he just wasn’t making enough money for Venus I wasn’t sure if that was a option.

No. 63433

File: 1566351015524.png (287.6 KB, 566x440, 044040.png)

venus bending over to lowkey show off dem tiddies

also, i noticed she doesn't wear the bracelet mana's mom got her for her birthday this year (which she said she never ever takes off), but she still wears taylor's watch, which further supports this post >>62808 made back in april on pull

No. 63437

>Hey Minna I'm back on the market japanese only ok? ^ _ ^

No. 63440

She's not doing any visa fraud. She was legitimately married for the length of time necessary to get her permanent residency. Now she can do whatever the she wants, even hostessing, because she's not limited by a spouse visa anymore. She can work in AV if she wants to and not get deported. She's surprisingly smart in how she handled getting her visa, unlike her mother who got deported from south korea.

No. 63441

My understanding about a Japanese spouse visa is no marriage = no more visa and being separated = no marriage.

No. 63443

You won't find any visa fraud info because she didn't commit any. Sure, she may have used Manaki to get a spouse visa and then dump him after she got permanent residency, but for the most part, they didn't break any laws. For a valid spouse visa in Japan, you must live together, which they did. You have to show some effort at 'dating', which they did.
If you want to see a case of real spouse visa fraud, go check out shannon wong's story #671659

No. 63444

That's because she doesn't have a spouse visa anymore. She has permanent residency. Totally different thing. She can get a divorce and stay in japan the rest of her life as a free agent now.

No. 63445

>>She can work in AV
What is AV?
And Venus has no qualifications to work anywhere, no HS diploma no skills no job experience nada. Where’s she going to work?

No. 63446

>>What is AV?
Adult Videos / Porn

No. 63447

AV is adult video. Basically the porn industry in Japan. She can probably become a bottom of the barrel AV star if she's willingly to do degrading shit.

No. 63448

>>She has permanent residency.
Where are you getting THAT from? LOL

No. 63449

Marrying someone you don't love for spousal visa and subsequent permanent residency is marriage visa fraud. Living together while pretending you love each other is still fraud, just harder to prove since they were cohabiting. Staying married whilst living separately and wanting to find another partner after coming out as gay after (presumably) receiving permanent residency is fraud. You can tell the marriage was just a front for a visa. She kept all that private and after three years (and presumed permanent residency) now lives separately whilst publicly slandering her partner. Living in Japan for 5 years will grant citizenship.

No. 63450

Oh ok. Got it. That or camming. She’s already gotten her boobies out in a livestream so she’s on her way.

No. 63452

Sure it seems that way to an internet audience that she premeditated all of this, but you'd be hard-pressed to convince a Japanese court. Based on Japanese law, all she needs is to prove that she lived with her spouse and made an effort at maintaining a relationship. Just ask every Russian mail order bride who now works in AV and hostessing and soapland clubs. Thousands of them are in Japan with permanent residency doing the same thing Venus did.

No. 63454

She would need to apply for permanent residency and meet these requirements:

Good behavior and conduct (no criminal records, payment of taxes…)

Having sufficient assets or ability to make an independent living (stable job, enough savings…)

Satisfying all the requirements to maintain the current visa status (maintaining an appropriate job in case of a work visa holder, maintaining a stable marriage in case of a spouse visa holder for example)

10 years of consecutive residence in Japan, which should include 5 years of residence under a work visa or those granted according to the family status (Spouse of Japanese national, Long Term Resident…)

Currently having the longest period of stay (3 years in most cases)

Havind paid taxes and contributions to the official Japanese social security system during the required period

Having a guarantor (Japanese national or permanent resident visa holder) to support the application

Having stayed in Japan physically for more than 6 months in total in a 12 months period prior to and during the application process

She clearly does not meet several of these.

No. 63455

No. 63458

What makes you think she doesn't satisfy any of these.
She has committed no crimes. She likely has a savings from youtubing. She doesn't live extravagantly like other j-youtubers. Her marriage visa reduced the time limit to 3 years instead of 10. Likely Manaki's family provided guarantorship before they broke up. They most likely paid taxes as a married couple. I'm not seeing anything that she would have potentially violated.

No. 63459

She did premeditate it and I would be rather weary if pretty much the moment she receives permanent residency is also the moment she divorces/separates. It reeks of fraud. She didn't even refer to him as husband.

No. 63460

Manaki was just as willing as she was to get married though, and they were friends even if they weren't lovers. It's not like she married some 70 year old man she never met before like all the Russian girls.

No. 63465

>Having a guarantor (Japanese national or permanent resident visa holder) to support the application

See, this past year has been the absolute worst between she and Manaki, even his parents have been pissed off at her for at least several months, so how can anyone expect Manaki to support her application during that time? Especially knowing that despite the absurdity of their marriage, his doormat self really thought she would want eventually want to live as real husband and wife. Unless she paid him off somehow, I think it is highly unlikely she ever got permanent residency. All the other scamming foreign wives who get permanent residency pay off their fake husbands so they agree to help them apply. If she got permanent residency despite the end of their marriage, she would not be speaking out against him or trying to make him look bad. She would have kept quiet.

No. 63466

Moreover, she didn't even have a wedding or ceremony as a proof of marriage. It's not a requirement per say, but most fake marriages don't involve this, because weddings and rings and honeymoons are expensive and most wouldn't bother to spend on that if their not truly in love or involved with each other.

No. 63467

Yeah I have a feeling we'll see either AV star Venus or hostess club Venus at some point. Maybe even sooner rather than later, depending on how she manages to find a job without Manaki and without Youtube revenue. Depending on her ability to tolerate alcohol, she can hostess into her early 40s before she'll be forced to switch to a Mama role due to agism, but the problem with that is that the industry is dying along with the economy and the aging boomer generation. Millennial Japanese still like host/hostess clubs for fun but they don't spend big bucks. The big clubs that rely on corporate money is drying up. Most corporations in Japan no longer allow hostess clubs to be entertainment they can write off on an expense report. That pretty much leaves tourism clubs, prostitution clubs, and hostess clubs that cater to the yakuza for the big bucks.

No. 63468


He basically married his living doll idol who he fanboyed over for years, which was like hitting the jackpot. Much like for Venus as marrying him meant living in Nippon. They both benefited from it in some way, until it all went to shit.

No. 63469

It's not entirely unreasonable to think they would provide guarantorship as a means to free up her spouse visa and allow her to divorce manaki and end the family drama. They probably saw it as an opportunity to end a family problem in a simple way without causing unnecessary harm, even if it got Venus what she wanted in the end.

No. 63471

>>she would not be speaking out against him or trying to make him look bad. She would have kept quiet.
Of course she would. She's got to provide drama to her internet fanbase to keep them coming back for more. Otherwise her channels would die.

No. 63473

How about these two for starters:

Having sufficient assets or ability to make an independent living (stable job, enough savings…)

Satisfying all the requirements to maintain the current visa status (maintaining an appropriate job in case of a work visa holder, maintaining a stable marriage in case of a spouse visa holder for example)

Do you have trouble with reading comprehension?

No. 63476

File: 1566357437754.jpeg (171.84 KB, 1160x1197, 9A98F785-FB84-492C-9986-BC7D1C…)

>>I have a feeling we'll see either AV star Venus or hostess club Venus at some point.
She’s already putting her bewbs on display in a livestream and striking poses to flaunt dat cleavage. Her pervy old followers are offering her $$ to drink a bottle of Tabasco, how long before they start offering $$ to take her top off? If they haven’t already..

No. 63477

File: 1566357535165.jpeg (176.75 KB, 917x1391, 81492E26-FCC2-452A-90E4-E02BC3…)

Then there was this little dance routine in a hot tub last month, wearing that same lil pink bikini

No. 63478

What does that have to do with anything? You get divorced by mutual agreement or in the family court. When her divorce is final, she is no longer a spouse of a Japanese National and therefore she will lose her visa as a "spouse of a Japanese National". If she doesn't have permanent residency, she needs another type of visa to remain in Japan. What do Manaki's parent's have to do with "freeing up her spouse visa"?

No. 63479

Didn't realize it was that bikini till now, what next streaming in lingerie? She is desperate for incel cash.

No. 63480

Also, grounds for divorce include the following:
1) infidelity
2) malicious desertion
3) uncertainty whether or not the spouse is dead or alive for three years or more.
4) serious mental disease without hope of recovery.
5) a “grave reason” which makes continuing the marriage impossible.

If Manaki wanted a divorce he could easily go with 1 or 4. There is quite a lot of documented evidence pertaining to venus' mental breakdowns and rants, as well as her stating she wants to fuck girls, she's a lesbian, pater ad etc…

No. 63482

is this Venus white knighting herself because >>63391 scared her

No. 63483

And the binge drinking, I would think.

That would be the KF contingent showing up to defend their sparkly baby unicorn Weenus. There are like 2 middle aged women over there who are diehard stans and think Weenus can do no wrong no matter what. When she posted that drunk Karaoke livestream they were all “Drunk Venus, love it! You go girl!” It’s pretty creepy.

No. 63485

it hasn't been 3 years you idiot.

No. 63489

Also, they are (apparently) still married but living separately. If they plan on staying married to maintain a spouse visa now or to help venus obtain permanent residency (if she doesn't already have it), this is grounds for termination of her spouse visa and fraud.

No. 63503

How long have they been married for? Earliest to get permanent residence is after 3 years, has it been that long already?

No. 63506

It doesn’t matter because she does not meet several of the requirements she’d need for permanent residency.

No. 63523


She married him at 19, she's 22 now. It's been 3 years.

No. 63524

Their 4 year anniversary is supposed to be this September, but the relationship timeline is completely fucked up.

>They announced they were married September 2015

>They separated, Margaret/Venus bash Manaki for being a “poor alcoholic factory worker”, they say paperwork was never completed on the Hungarian side so the marriage was never valid anyway and then they fly off to South Korea.
>Venus made her escape from Margaret January 2016
>But Venus soon returns to South Korea for the surgery and keeps it secret from Manaki.
>In order for her to even return to South Korea and not tip Manaki off that she was getting the surgery, she would have had to go there because her temporary visa expired and the spouse visa had not been accepted yet. No other explanation.

I’m not sure which date she had the surgery(around May 2016?) but I’m sure a few weeks after she returned to Japan, they would have been able to send in the application for her spouse visa. Processing time could take up to a few months. If I had to guess, I think she would have just barely reached the 3 year mark for a valid spouse visa in last couple of months. Yet, everything has been chaotic and the way she suddenly wants to establish a business makes it seem like it’s a last ditch effort to stay.

No. 63526

Wikipedia isn't the place to practice your English, babe. The bits that weren't copypasted look like you typed them with your fists.

No. 63529

>what you ordered

>what you get


No. 63536

File: 1566379858091.png (708.33 KB, 1054x702, Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 12.3…)

Bangs looking greasy as hell, buy some dry shampoo ffs

No. 63541

I know she can pretty lazy when it comes to appearance but Japanese summers can be terrible for your hair. You have to use smoothing oil or hair cream to stop the frizz but the humidity can make it end up looking dirty. I think she should get a pass until Autumn proves otherwise.

I wonder what this video will be. “Part 2” of drunken ramblings and ruining chance of securing permanent residency or a new video style? Either way, it will be devoid of life or happiness.

No. 63542


You know, a part of me does slightly believe Manaki and Venus we’re doing well at the start. But after all that shit with the doctor and her being sick after the surgery. Venus then coming home and she got better. It’s just I often wonder to myself if she started to just like not bother around the house anymore or just become a total nightmare to live with after months passed by.

I feel like Manaki thought he was in for a treat when he married Venus, perfect white skinny weeb with a happy persona in her videos and was willing to do anything to be involved with Japan. Yet it came down to Venus running off and living with him after the shit with her mother so it ended up happening that way. It is what it is.

But I do feel like Venus probably became a drag for him. She comes across as childish and ditsy on camera. She acts like she doesn’t care with her sarcasm she throws around in her newer videos but it’s evident she does care. Look at her now.

Manaki probably get fed up of coming home from a long day at work. Finding his wife play video games, draw or dress up playing with dolls. I get Youtube is her ‘job’ or was. But how long does making a shit video take though really? She can edit within two hours max. Done. So what else is there to do? She probably does fuck all to help out.

I’m not surprised things fizzled out. Anyone would be irritated if that was the case.

What irritates me is how people constantly still baby and stick up for Venus. I understand she had a shitty upbringing. We’ve seen that for ourselves on camera.

But at her age, 23 almost, shouldn’t she be kind of venturing to sort herself out? It’s not always easy to do. She isn’t a little girl though. She talks about getting fucked by old ass men or having a daddy. All that shit with wanting to shag a girl. Which is fine - do whatever Venus. But if you’re old enough to do that then you’re surely old enough to start getting help for yourself, finding a real fucking job and just making life changes in order to help you. Your fans shouldn’t have to even tell you by this point. She keeps saying that a real job is boring, ect ect. But Venus, you’re going to need one someday and actually seek help. Get yourself together. It bothers me how she can’t see that and her fans don’t help constantly coddling her in cotton wool.

“Don’t be mean to Venus and tell her what to do!” And it’s like… maybe that’s what she needs? Someone to properly tell her the truth. So far whatever she’s done or the way her fans baby her. It doesn’t help.

At this point I don’t even feel that sorry for Venus. There is only so many times you can tell someone and reach out. Give them advice and they don’t take it.

I get she’s fucked up. But Jesus Christ.

No. 63543


Japanese summers are ruthless. I’ve been during summer anon and it’s awful. But she constantly looks like shit. She’ll still be looking like a drowned rat during Xmas.

No. 63544

File: 1566384823284.jpg (83.28 KB, 640x640, tumblr_nkw7xyr9q31qlkpdmo1_128…)

I think so too.
After she confessed her butched surgery they seemed to be happy again (see video where he picked her up and they went sightseeing) but I'm sure Manaki was just trying to cope at this point and tried to look past her lies. He was in denial but with Venus just being a complete disappointment in every aspect he began to see this shit is just not worth it.

No. 63546

She doesn't want consequences. She has never had them before.
She wants every day to be a magic reset button.
It's a selfish entitled attitude that only works because she hangs around children. It's her bubble. Spoiler alert, bubbles burst and one day she will be forced to hang around adults they will sneer at her behavior.

As for the husband, well what the fuck was he thinking? He married an idol, not a partner. He married someone with the mentality and coping mechanisms of a child. No where has she ever given a hint that she is ready, willing and able to be the adult partner it takes to make a real marriage. We get her childhood was fucked up. She is stuck in that phase. She wants to be. Either divorce her or continue and be miserable.

No. 63548

Still no video, chop chop Venus we need to know what else you have to say that's probably just a load of bullshit.

No. 63553


If it's not creepy that adult man tries to look like 15 yo boy idk what is.

No. 63562

'a couple of hours', from her means like 83 hours

No. 63564

Then when it does arrive she magically deletes it with her half assed excuses. Another reason why she let's her fans down all the time, says when she will release content and so on at such & such time, but never sticks to a prompt schedule.

No. 63566

She has enough time to photoshop herself but she doesn't have enough time for basic hygiene.

No. 63567

File: 1566397663889.png (2.68 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190821-152654.png)

Speak of the devil…she's uploading now.

No. 63568

lol at all the sudden whiteknights here saying it not visa fraud.
We all know that one report from Manaki is enough to deport her, but manaki is too much of a doormat to do that and idk why.
He knows she is using him for the visa so just report her and send her back to margo.

No. 63569

It was more than just her laying around the apartment holed up in her pink bedroom doing nothing all day, there’s the drinking too. Remember that drunk livestream from the karaoke bar at 5am? She was stumbling and staggering and could barely stand up. Her cellphone rang and she answered it and it was Manaki, probably just discovering she was gone and asking her where the hell she was. So of course he had to go out and pick her drunk ass up and take her home. Probably had to practically carry her out which had to be pretty humiliating for him, just imagine the spectacle. That’s what enablers do and he was her enabler for close to 3 years.

There had to be other times she pulled this shit too. We can see the way she drinks now, vodka in the morning and afternoon and wine late at night/early morning. How many times did he get home from work (yes he DID work) to find her passed out or stumbling around the apartment? I bet dozens over the years.

No. 63573

There was no love in that relationship.
Venus didn't care about manakis feeling or hardships, it was all about her and she saw that manaki was a easy target to control, so she did whatever she wanted meanwhile manaki orked.
Thats why she made that video because she knew that manaki would not fight back with his own story.

No. 63576

File: 1566400278693.jpg (Spoiler Image,11.44 KB, 350x216, 625278_1295677195880_full.jpg)

What a terrifying forced smile.

No. 63577

How about we do the same thing with venus that we did with margo and report her to japan immigration.

No. 63578

“We” did not do anything with Margo. A Korean person did that.

No. 63579

People used to call japan immigration on margo using that number when she was in japan(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 63582

Let the milk flow, it's been a while since we were entertained by Weenus and her fresh new narc persona.

No. 63583

What is it with all the autistic newfags ITT? You guys know you need to be over 18 to post, right?

Fuck right off, let the cows fuck up on their own

No. 63585

File: 1566402556096.png (458.4 KB, 689x500, 3594512cf9fc705430ed33a5aea16a…)

I mean he really cared about her at some point I think. Even if he's a weirdo I dont think he is a bad person like venus tries to make us believe lol

No. 63586


We've discussed this a few times already.


so, where is the video?

No. 63588

New video is just Venus obsessing with her old self again because she misses having an identity. Hardly ‘reacting’, it’s just fucking depressing.

No. 63589

No. 63591

Her reactions are so flat and her eyes look dead.

No. 63592

The way she imitates the talking of a literal toddler is beyond me.

No. 63595

That was so fucking boring. She mostly just blinked and nodded her head and what comments she did make blended into the audio of the video. I did hear a dog bark when her part first came on. I think you could see the cats fur in the right side of the video early on as well.

No. 63603

Anyone noticed the cat in tbe background at 03.54.

No. 63607

File: 1566406741091.jpg (4.31 MB, 500x374, P9sJC22.jpg)

"Why implants, why don't go to the gym?!"

No. 63610

She just can't let go of her dolly era, she keeps milking it.
The video was so boring, she commented more about other participants than her own clips. It is also kinda hard to understand what she is saying with the video playing in the background and the dog barking.
She just nods or laughs a lil bit during the whole video, not adding anything new. But oh god, I had forgotten how deranged margo looked in that episode, twitching and with eyes wide open. And the bit where marg comes dressed "like a doll" saying "look at me" and prances around is painful.

No. 63611

File: 1566407298123.jpeg (76.63 KB, 749x764, AD74A200-6A60-43EF-B8DF-D8F832…)

That cat has seen some shit, also I heard a dog in her room

No. 63612

>she misses having an identity.

More like she misses having a marketable brand. She used the bpd psycho kawaii spoonie thing for IG attention but realized it wasn't good for irl business, which she needs to stay in Japan on a working visa now that Manaki is divorcing. She's going back to all her most popular uploads to build up her platform again. Fucking pathetic lol.

No. 63613

>>now that Manaki is divorcing.
We don’t know that. They are definitely separated though, no question about that.

No. 63614

She admitted in her drunk video that the marriage was her mom’s idea and implied she was forced into it, even though she reestablished contact for the reunion/escape. If Manaki wants to play dirty, he can easily claim he was originally deceived and there is also evidence of Margaret’s involvement.

Venus was not only his Net Idol, but his first girlfriend. Dude was once a fat, effeminate virgin dropout with over-plucked eyebrows who liked dolls and girly anime. He probably thought a little abuse was to be expected from his “tsundere princess” but he was too naive to realize she didn’t actually love him.

The poor dude is going to troon out or something now.

No. 63616

So they’re reacting on PULL to her latest video. One commenter says she’s just glad Venus isn’t drunk this time. Lol

No. 63621

Wonder why she was so “nervous to post this” boring piece of drivel?

No. 63622

She is literally milking her old self because she has nothing else better to make content about. How fucking sad.

No. 63623

Usual YouTube clickbait shit to lure in idiot fans who get hyped over nothing.

No. 63632

I don’t see Venus getting her shit together anytime soon. She still hasn’t hit rock bottom(that comes when manaki drops the divorce hammer and kicks her to the curb) and on top of that her mother taught her absolutely no good coping or survival skills outside of maybe cleaning and earning money online.

She hasn’t even begun to shake off her narc tics, and only time will tell if she ever will. I still feel bad for her though, Margo was one hell of a crazy bitch and I hope to god they never meet face to face again.

No. 63634

Every time I start to feel bad for she does something that demonstrates how she is becoming her mother.

No. 63635

Sage, but Venus will never be as milky as her mom. This thread is mostly nitpicking and we are reminded of it every time some old actually good milk pops up.

No. 63636

Funny how LovelyLor who wasn't even in the documentary but was briefly contacted to be in it gave more insight on My Strange Addiction than Venus in her reaction.

She could have commented on the filming process, what was going through her mind at the time or about her life then in London filming videos or at least shaded Margo some more. She didn't even bother lowering the volume of the video when she was talking ffs. I expected a commentary on thoughts at the end and got nothing other than "like and subscribe". She is so lazy and still milking that dolly phase forever. It's not 2014 anymore, grow up Venus.

No. 63639

It would have been nice to see her put Margo in her place more in the new video. That's the only thing about Venus I feel sorry for, is the fact she had to deal with a mother like THAT for so long. And now she's morphing into her.

No. 63641

She's got about 25 years to catch up. Don't be so premature stan sama.

No. 63642

OMG is she bad at reaction videos. I guess it's just too much to pause the video instead of talking over it. Not that anything she said was interesting.
She had the whole episode on her channel years ago but tlc took it down so I wonder if they'll take this down too…at some point.

No. 63644

She's trying out all these cliche video ideas and not one works for her. She's mindlessly making videos just to make money, her passion for it all has gone.

No. 63646

Yeah it’s painfully obvious she just doesn’t give a shit anymore.

No. 63648

Pretty much. It's incredibly boring, her fans will soon get very fed up with her recycled content and the only ones left will be her orbiters and fangirls who think she's still the best idol ever.

No. 63649

That’s already happening. Her Youtube views are 20-30K for the non-clickbait videos and 80-90K max for the clickbait ones (with ‘Living Doll’ in the title or mentioning ‘the deleted video.’)

No. 63650

Her career is dying and she's trying to stay Venusangelic forever. That fact is what I think she can't cope with, she's not the teenage living doll girl anymore and she's growing up. Reality is hitting her hard.

No. 63652

I wonder what stops her to make video's about the typical weebshit like every other girl in japan? Idk you can gather attention on youtube with the most basic everyday shit. I get the impression that she needs to put as much vids as possible out bc she is running out of time. I still have the feeling that the dude that was with her in the swiss restaurant ("we should make videos together!") is the one she is staying with and that wants her to make all that now idk just a theory.

No. 63653

Though her mum's style back then was badass, look at her now trying to be a kawaii korean girl… what a downturn she had.

No. 63655

Maybe she can't afford to live life as a kawaii quite girl in Japan anymore. She's lost her cute room she had, doesn't have her proper equipment on her and is just fucking lazy to begin with so that certainly doesn't help.

No. 63661

File: 1566430727574.jpeg (287.7 KB, 1028x1785, 6A35A724-8171-4DB0-88C3-913250…)

She’s up and on a bus at 4:30 this morning. I’m sure she’s feeling great given she was up posting that crappy video on Youtube at 12:30 last night.

No. 63663

A rush job and now working on that show she's only an extra on but she acts like she's part of the main cast, talk about full of yourself lol.

No. 63664

She could spend 10 or 20 dollars on some decorations! Her video look so basic and ugly.

No. 63665


Nah, I don't think he is a bad person. We know how Venus can be and her mother. Manaki just got roped into his shit. It ain't his fault he got sick of her shit and they split. She probably pissed him off.

No. 63666


I remember someone around five years ago made a rant about Venus when she was still relevant. They said how this, actually whats happening now would happen and it's quite fucking scary.

No. 63667


Expense? Energy and mental health?

I mean I was surprised when Venus first got with Manaki and they tried to make a new life together when things were okay. That Venus never went down the Jvlogger route like Sharla or Taylor. She had money back then, cute room, cute clothes, she looked better before the surgery ect. I don't get it either.

She could've had a channel dedicated to that and kept us interested. People would've watched and her and Manaki could've been Rachel & Jun 2.0.

Or she could've taught Japanese, she could've collaborated with Japanese models if she had tried and gone down that path.

I don't know.

It's weird. All these opportunities and they've gone to waste.

No. 63668

That Q&A “about the deleted video” looks like a hostage video.

No. 63669


Said the girl who tried to teach the world how to look Korean or half Japanese…

No. 63671

>>All these opportunities and they've gone to waste.
That Youtube channel with 1.7M subs and she just let it die. After fighting her psycho mother tooth and nail to keep it, she just let it die. Now she’s making a belated half-assed effort to revive it only because her back is against the wall financially, not because she wants to but I think it’s too late.

No. 63672

A little odd how there is a sudden influx of venus white knights right after there was talk about reporting her sham marriage to Japanese authorities. If it was any other time, I wouldn't be suspicious, but the timing is just impeccable

I don't feel bad for anyone who uses mental illness for pity points, throws others under the bus online, plays the eternal victim or is manipulative. Countless people grew up with narcs. You don't see them eternally complaining or getting asspats and eternal vindication for everything they do.

No. 63673

>reporting her sham marriage to Japanese authorities

Because that’s cowtipping plain and simple. Knock it off already.

No. 63675

>>i work long and hard hours on my videos
>>that is true

lol venus stop lying. putting out 1-2 videos a week is not long and hard hours. you sound as deluded as princess marzia now.

I'm not telling anyone to report her but her marriage is and was fraud. That part is fact. I guess venus is lurking here and defending herself because she is scared there's a chance she might get caught. And I wasn't just referring to ppl suddenly wk'ing her for her marriage. Still suspicious.

No. 63679


>Countless people grew up with narcs. You don't see them eternally complaining or getting asspats and eternal vindication for everything they do.

that’s because you don’t notice ithem doing it unless you’re in their inner circle. Most mentally ill people are manipulative assholes.

I feel bad for the child Venus who had to deal with a crazy witch nosed narc who was willing to pimp her out for profit. Idk why y’all expect these cows who have been living fucked up lives for years to act like anything other than fucked up cows.

>inb4 white knight

I’ve been laughing at Penus since 2011, I just feel bad that she got her childhood taken from her and is left to play catch up in a country known for its shit mental health programs

No. 63682


It's a complicated one. One half many of us feel bad for the shit she's gone through while she was younger and now seems to be a fucked up adult as a result, while the other half we can see she's turning into an asshole like her mother and is becoming insufferable while using her mental illness as an excuse to be a sack of shit essentially.

No. 63683

Like I said in >>63632 , Venus is covered in Margo’s narc ticks. It’s up to her to either shake them off or repeat the cycle. three years in a foreign country with no real friends or family to depend on is rough. I guess I’ll hop on the hate train when she pops a kid out herself and starts pimping it out for e-clout.

No. 63684

Why'd you compare her with marzia? she at least has a reason to not make videos. she also gets herself together and is doing well.

No. 63689


Venus is a typical Weeaboo who's obsessed with Japan and wanting to live that IRL animu girl life. That dream ended for her, so she probably wants to try to make it happen again. The only way she'd ever leave and go back to normality is if she got deported.

She's literally miserable, alone with no family or friends, living in a sad looking cramped apartment and is a walking mental breakdown bomb with a shit attitude but would still rather live her miserable existence in a country as you said, that gives no fucks about her health.

Her priorities are all in the wrong places.

No. 63690

>>She's literally miserable, alone with no family or friends, living in a sad looking cramped apartment and is a walking mental breakdown bomb with a shit attitude but would still rather live her miserable existence in a country as you said, that gives no fucks about her health.

Oddly enough this also describes her mother.

No. 63692

Jesus what a boring reaction. I expected her to react at least when her mom got super embarrassing wearing her dress but she didn't even flinch

No. 63696

Wouldn't he get in trouble for implicating himself? Immigration fraud via marriage kind of sounds like a 2-person crime.

No. 63697

That's the thing. He is part of the fraud.

No. 63700

Why the fuck did she sit and ‘react’ to the whole thing jesus christ just cut it to where its your own parts you’re watching

No. 63701

He can just play stupid and blame her for everything, wonderful Nippon is not famous for supporting or caring about dirty gaijin/foreigners

No. 63702

Oh boy the topic of Venus and her supposed sugaring has reached r/japancirclejerk on Reddit.

No. 63703

File: 1566464715060.jpg (43.67 KB, 306x478, article-2136332-12C588B8000005…)

Tinfoil, but I think she really liked and therefore misses her dolly look. Just because Margo milked the attention she got for it doesn't mean that Venus never enjoyed that style.
Like others mentioned before, she has so many subs, with filters she could still look cute, I'm sure she would be able gain a lot more popularity than all the other much older normie jvloggers.
She might have looked weird, but also a lot more "alive". She's the type to simply not suit normie clothes (because her features are fug to normie standards), she should just go full on weeb again.

No. 63705

if he married her with genuine intentions, it doesn't matter if it doesn't work out and they end up separating, maybe divorcing - that's not visa fraud. and since they live/d together, spent time with his parents etc the intentions at the start of the marriage are genuine and something completely different to say, Shiena, who paid someone to marry her in name only and never lived with him. there's no fraud detectable or provable no matter how zealously anons fantasise about it. even if there was fraud in their hearts in how they started the marriage, to prove it is impossible since it looked like a regular marriage on paper and to the outside. if they are formally separated now (or getting divorced soon), venus would still get some visa time remaining. those fervently wishing for deportation may have to wait a while.

No. 63707

Marriage fraud and a scam marriage are two different offenses. If both of them willingly took part in a dishonest marriage that was only to secure a visa, especially if Venus was offering financial compensation, that is a scam marriage. Marriage fraud would be if Manaki could find evidence that everything she claimed to him in the beginning, like saying she wanted to finalize the marriage because she would never find someone like him and she was sick of mom talking badly about him, was just a trick. He would need a lawyer and evidence of her either admitting she never loved him or showing incriminating emails between Margaret and Venus. I think the only thing he has right now is her saying on camera that the marriage was her mom’s idea, not hers. It will be difficult for him to go off that alone.

So far, Venus is not outright saying she married him just for visa and she also is not saying what visa she is currently on. If someone reports her, what are they going to say? Venus is in the middle of a messy separation and she is mean to her husband? This isn’t like the kanadajin3 situation, where Mira was lying about being married, had multiple people claim she was paying that man financial compensation and also lying about having a special forever visa. I honestly want to wait and see what Manaki decides to do. It’s possible they may attend mediation and settle this all legally.

No. 63709

I think she should change the direction of her videos and her niche. She could talk about mental illness but in a more mature manner, not just having mental breakdowns on camera. She could talk about how her narcissistic mother fucked up her life. She could go around Japan etc.I don't understand why she still makes videos like these. If she was more relatable and real she could build a larger and more loyal audience/fan base. I don't think she's stupid, she really needs to change her niche and the direction of her life and career. She'll probably end up dead in 5 years if she continues like this, binge drinking, binge eating, resorting to sex work to make money. I don't understand why she's self-sabotaging herself this badly. I know she lurks so I hope she tries to look into the constructive advice rather than the nit-picking.

No. 63712

Is it possible that Manaki can have Venus done for defamation of character? She's practically dragged him on social media and he's abandoned every platform he was on once her fans attacked him.

No. 63713

>>Venus is a typical Weeaboo who's obsessed with Japan and wanting to live that IRL animu girl life. That dream ended for her, so she probably wants to try to make it happen again.

She was all this, but then she got the dream: living in Japan with enough money from YouTube to buy whatever cute shit caught her eye. It didn't fix her emotional problems, which is why I think she keeps trying to shake up her image. She's not ready to accept that her issues can't be fixed with superficial changes that can be milked online for an audience, but are internal things that require a lot of hard, private work to overcome.

She's been making fun of her dolly image, lashing out at something that brought her fans but not happiness. She keeps going back to it because it was successful in a way all her other stuff hasn't been, but given how miserable she looked wearing that sailor cosplay, she doesn't seem to enjoy it much any more.

No. 63718

ohhh good idea! he can get compensation from her for his lost income - from her vast fortune!
kids, remember: if you sue someone who's broke you don't get anything

No. 63725

>>I think she really liked and therefore misses her dolly look.
>>with filters she could still look cute,
Unfortunately that look requires some effort put into makeup and hair, which Weenus clearly can’t be bothered with now. She can’t even keep her hair and face clean, much less styled.

No. 63726

She is not eligible for permanent residency because she does not meet these 2 requirements:

Having sufficient assets or ability to make an independent living (stable job, enough savings…)

Satisfying all the requirements to maintain the current visa status (maintaining an appropriate job in case of a work visa holder, maintaining a stable marriage in case of a spoues visa holder for example)

And obviously she no longer meets the requirement for a spouse visa (a stable intact marriage) whether Manaki eventually files for divorce or not.

No. 63727

File: 1566488629429.png (927.8 KB, 1011x731, tobasco.png)

Still milking that play that she only plays the tiniest role in. You're no star of the show Venus.

No. 63732

Never thought her tits were big enough to be noticable, but now I see they're just plain underwhelming. It doesn't take obesity to have a natural large chest, takes winning the genetic lottery. She did not. Chestlet geneticlet has no tits to fall back on in place of talent.

No. 63733

Her only visa options at this point are spouse visa (no longer eligible for) permanent residency (does not meet requirements for) student visa or work visa. It seems she is going the work visa route since she’s “formed a company” and is trying to revive her Youtube channel. Her category of work being “entertainer.”

There are no work visas issued for unskilled labor such as waitress, sales clerk, hairdresser or massage therapist. I assume that would include ‘makeup artist’ as well.)

No. 63738

Maybe part of her contract is that she needs to advertise it.

No. 63741

What does she even do? Does her role have something to do with Tabasco sauce?

No. 63743

More evidence of how stunningly clueless she is about how to pick a brand and maintain and promote it.

No. 63747

“Everybody go see the play because.. Tabasco and bewbs!”

No. 63748


She does a shit job of advertising it if that's the case. The first impression you get is like she's showcasing a food condiment instead of a play show.

Venus that dense I suppose.

No. 63751

Mm wild guess
But what if venus and manaki planned this?
They were friends before marriage, what if they actually plan on getting married,thus helping venus to get her visa, now to get her "off" of this marriage, they plan to split up, venus making comments on how manaki is evil or wherever

i mean, so far, manaki allowed her to have a "girlfriend"
what if manaki has his own girlfriend
and Venus pay him with her sugar money. allowing him to quit his job
sage for autism

No. 63759

File: 1566503822034.jpeg (182.11 KB, 1391x1139, A9618CA3-5959-4C2F-A27B-EA1D1A…)

Has she been hit with a copyright violation? The ‘Reacting To My 16 Year Old Self’ video is no linger available.

No. 63764

It's still available for me.

No. 63765

Are you in the US? Mine says ‘this video is not available in your country’ but it was available yesterday.

No. 63769

The video is still available it only blocked in the us.

No. 63770

Thx. Must be a copyright issue since it was available here (US) yesterday.

No. 63773

> I think the only thing he has right now is her saying on camera that the marriage was her mom’s idea, not hers. It will be difficult for him to go off that alone.

What about the "I'm lesbian!!! I wanna fuck girls so bad!!!" and pater ad? Genuine question.

No. 63777

Can’t believe she wanted us to believe a man that allowed her to experiment with girls, have her own separate bedroom, visited her ‘every day’ at the hospital (for a surgery she went behind his back to get) and social media where she could post whatever she wanted about him….was as abusive as her mom. Why would she do that? Revenge for him wanting a divorce?

No. 63781

>>Why would she do that? Revenge for him wanting a divorce?
Same reason her mother went on a campaign to smear her and ruin her reputation 3 years ago—he pissed her off. Probably because he initiated the breakup. She’s a clone of Margaret. A mini-marge in so many ways.

No. 63785

It says “the uploader has not made this video available in my country”

So I guess she did something and tlc didn’t take it down(but I hope they do)

No. 63786

It was available for me yesterday though. This message only appeared today. It looks to me like TLC hit her with a copyright infringement. for the US.

No. 63794

File: 1566513610790.png (38.21 KB, 330x255, petmanaki.png)

Everything from the videos she did with Manaki that were just really awkward & uncomfortable to watch and how she addressed him as her "pet", looking back on it he was nothing more than a 'kawaii Japanese husbando uwu" accessory to use for Youtube views because weebs lap that bait up.

She didn't get what she wanted because she's a self entitled little twat stuck in a bubble where everything revolves around Venus, who's always been pampered her whole life thanks to Margo and threw a tantrum probably when Manaki had enough of her antics.

Venus is reeeeeeally full of shit.
At least come up with a more convincing story to make it look like your husband is an asshole on the same wavelength as your mother.

No. 63797

>>At least come up with a more convincing story to make it look like your husband is an asshole
Her lies about him (especially the “he quit his job to live on my income” one) were pathetically bad and easy to see through by anyone with half a brain which is why she deleted the video like the fucking little coward she is. She’s an even worse liar than her mother which is really saying something.

No. 63806

File: 1566517376920.jpg (595.17 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190823-004608_Ins…)

IDK Venus, maybe it's the copyrighted material

No. 63807


To be honest, I actually thought about this. Ages ago… like I did have a feeling about this too. If they were just good friends online, he promised to put her up in his apartment and act like they were a couple. It wouldn’t surprise me at this point.

No. 63812

File: 1566519009314.jpeg (255.36 KB, 1597x1163, 10678C36-3AF7-4D9E-A764-E35A1A…)

Dark and funereal and very low-budget (look at that backdrop, lol) promo video for her play is up. She looks like you’d expect someone operating on 4 hours of sleep (and possibly hung-over) would look.

Oh an extra bonus: it’s in Japanese!

No. 63813


No. 63818

File: 1566520584532.jpeg (171.24 KB, 999x1017, A8C4C19E-8ED8-4B43-B38D-B144D7…)

I assume it’s her new “management company” setting these things up. The same folks that arranged this struggle event earlier this month to launch her Youtube Comeback.

No. 63828

>Why would she do that? Revenge for him wanting a divorce?
Seeing how fucking childish she is this is very likely.

No. 63832

File: 1566530910449.jpeg (95.82 KB, 1006x861, D6FE34E7-CF98-47EE-B16F-DD474A…)

Her nasty dirty raggedy fingernails in that makeup tutorial she did, ugh

No. 63833

Does anyone know how franz was called? I found a comment by ''Franz Haas'' on the deleted video and I'm wondering if its the same person or do they just have the same first name

No. 63834

Considering she’s studied japanese for so long and even lives in the country I expected her language skills to be a lot better than this. Her sentences and vocabulary are so simple.

No. 63837

>>Her sentences and vocabulary are so simple.
She’s lazy and skates by speaking her “many foreign languages” poorly. English speakers don’t notice her crappy Japanese, Dutch etc. but native speakers do.

No. 63838

>> a comment by ''Franz Haas''
Do you mean Hans Neuenschwander or whatever, her father?

No. 63839

No her grandfathers name starts with Franz..eh forget it.

No. 63841

There's Ferenc, her Hungarian grandfather, don't know about any " Franz"

No. 63842

sage for OT and stupid question…but, if her mom's side surname is Ferenc and her dad's side is Neuenschwander, why Margo and Venus' surname is Palermo?

No. 63843

Marge's maiden name is Koncz, Ferenc is the first name of her father. As far as I know Marge picked Palermo for her and Venus because she liked the way it sounded as a stage name

No. 63845

Thank you! (and sorry for my mistake, i typed Margaret brother's name) I feel so weird the fact that Margaret could take any surname, at least in my country nobody can choose a random surname just because it sounds ~*cool*~.

No. 63849

What was the hubby's last name? I forgot

In the glorious West we have many freedoms.

No. 63852

Okada I think

No. 63855

She really needs to go to Japanese Language school or enlist on one of Waseda's free online courses about pronunciation. Her speaking skills are so poor that it's hard to tell what she's saying most of the time - especially from her mumbling habits. Venus, I know you're reading this, so please learn how to speak Japanese cleanly. There is no excuse not to, even as a foreigner.

No. 63856

Pretty much this. During the clip she sometimes even has trouble at expressing herself clearly. That is not what I would consider being fluent in a language.

No. 63857

File: 1566557731724.png (253.28 KB, 438x492, Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 6.54…)


I guess she's a hot sauce channel? Anything to numb the pain.

No. 63859

this was part of her eating problems before. sad as fuck.

No. 63860

Watch this be some weird new eating disorder where she forces herself to get the shits after every mukbang lol

No. 63861

she's gonna kill herself with all that hot stuff. it wrecks your stomach. How desperate is she?

No. 63862

it's something she did before her surgery too, like she can never feel full and she chases the crazy sensations like spiciness

No. 63864

are you serious?
who would be ok with being publically called an abuser, a lazy freeloader and "mini-margo"?
If that was the case they could have just seperated quietly, milk that drama for views, or even remain friends to show us how ~totally chill~ and nice venus is (totally unlike her evil mother who's burning bridges left and right uwu!).
there's no reason why she suddenly lost her nice filming equipment and pink room, and is desperately putting out new content, if all of this was staged from the very beginning.

also he couldn't have quit his job, because v would have lost her visa

No. 63866

Pretty sure this is self destructive behaviour, like cutting or taking drugs.
I dont sympathize with her but put that girl in therapy immediately! Her mum fucked her totally up mentally.

No. 63868

either milking the only true talent she has, or publicly trying to guilt trip manaki

No. 63869

Seeing how her content is evolving I guess we’ll be seeing nudes from her pretty soon.

No. 63870

She should just become a Patreon thot. Plenty of her old orbiters would pay to see lewds anyway.

No. 63877


Omg why does she put on this whole “I gotta act like an anime character” shit when ever she’s around people, she’s so bad at acting and it looks cringey and embarrassing

No. 63879

At this point does she even have any other options of getting money? She’s in a country where it’s difficult to land a job as a foreigner even with education and she has none.

No. 63880

Why does it say she only has 35k subs in your screenshot?

No. 63881

her fans weren't happy with the malice crap

No. 63883

But that still doesn’t explain why it says 35k

No. 63886

she didn't lose 1.7 million subscribers from that, anon…

No. 63889

File: 1566579808918.jpg (67.83 KB, 766x591, socialblade.JPG)

speaking of her subscribers … I see more red than green.

No. 63893

>>Why does it say she only has 35k subs in your screenshot?
I wondered the same thing. Maybe it represents the # of her non US subs? (Since the video was blocked in the US)
I don’t know though.

No. 63896

I think it was anon's phone displaying the page weirdly.

The last two digits of her subs were 35 at the time of the screencap.

No. 63899

File: 1566584519986.jpeg (205.61 KB, 1411x1153, 1D807D27-1B6C-497C-B31D-B43A78…)

Now it says 1.7M subs again

No. 63914

No. 63916


what even is this mouth breather thumbnail picture lmao

No. 63922

Its a porno clickbait thumbnail because that's the only way she can get views for her dying channel along with milking the living doll era

No. 63924

So her orbiters can pretend they're popping their micropenis into her mouth, like kawaii little dewdrops.

No. 63925


Already 10 mins late to her own stream, great work Venus. The mouth agape porny thumbnail got a guy so excited he was like "hurry up Venus I have saved this up for you and have blue balls" but got blocked p fast. I thought the stream chat would be full of pervs but everyone else seems like weeby teen girls.

No. 63926

It was originally scheduled to start an hour ago, then got postponed to 45 minutes ago and she's still late

No. 63929

She's always late with uploading her content. Maybe sugar daddy hasn't left the apartment yet so she can go live.

No. 63930

what tf is even her problem. she already puts the least possible effort into her "career" and still manages to disappoint every time.

No. 63932

There's such delusional fans in her chat, it's almost sad.

No. 63934

so apparently she's had "technical issues"..
she's had technical issues almost every stream, going back to malice.

No. 63935

One of her ''fan''boys has ''palermo'' in his username ew

No. 63936


No. 63939

Right before she finally started the stream the chat was talking about kiwifarms and PULL

No. 63940

>>63936 imagine that

No. 63941

File: 1566603191597.jpg (503.37 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20190823-163223_You…)

She's live now.

No. 63942

She looks drunk.

No. 63943

she sounds drunk, too

No. 63944

Who the fuck can tell wtf she's saying? She rambles and mumbles sfm.

No. 63945

dude paying her to do an outfit spin keks, someone was holding it in for too long.

No. 63946

She almost sounds like she's high on something. Acting like it too, constantly looking track of what's she's saying and pausing while spacing out.

No. 63947

File: 1566603587611.png (1.4 MB, 1920x1080, vasdkjsdhkj.png)

thats not how you hold a cat and the cat obviously hates it

No. 63948

She answered No when someone asked her if she has a boyfriend.
I guess Manaki and here really did split it off.

No. 63949

What minute?

No. 63950

I'm watching on mobile so I have no way to tell, but I'll find the time mark once the video goes up.

No. 63951

Never mind I found it its 6:56

No. 63952

She drinks that vodka drink again

No. 63954

She is saying its okay for her to drink alcohol because it doesn't affect since she is ''Eastern European'' lmao pathetic

No. 63955

there's this one guy named David who keeps throwing money at her.

I hope he knows he's just fueling her alcoholism.

No. 63956


And it's only 9am there right now.

No. 63957

I'm starting to wonder if she's been up drinking all night. She did mention she hasn't really slept.

No. 63958


Nah, she did say near the beginning that she "just woke up" but idk

No. 63959

damn her stream's chat is super cringey

No. 63960

Lol it dont affect her because she drinks that often like an alcoholic person. Its pathology stream

No. 63961

because marzia also claimed putting out 1-2 videos a week was "hard work".you should read marzia gg thread.

I AM in the inner circle of many narc sufferers and they do have their problems but they don't plaster it all over their social media or use their mental health as an excuse or shit on other people. I can't speak for every one of them, but those who I know, they are not manipulative like venus. I used to have sympathy for her until I realized how fake and manipulative she is. No one using mental illness for pity, self-aggrandizement, to make money off of it or for eternal victimhood deserves any pity. Go back to KF.

No. 63962

It is provable fraud if they are now living separately but still plan on staying married for venus to get permanent residency should she not have it by now. She never specified if they were getting a divorce or not.

No. 63963

she just said on stream that one of her 'businesses' she's working on apperantly is a girl's bar.

aka. hostess club.

No. 63964

not really, unless those intentions can be determined. there might really be some fraudulent mindset hat they each privately have in the end, but that doesn't mean anything can be proven.

No. 63965

She just said on stream that it's 9am and she hasn't slept. She seems really drunk or high, slurring her words. Honestly she doesn't even seem to be having fun, she just seems like shes mentally deteriorated from all the crap she's been through. Girl needs therapy

No. 63966

that explains a lot

No. 63975

Living separately while still married is grounds for termination. It would be obvious for Japanese authorities to see they are only staying married for fraudulent reasons at that point, as that's one of the first things they investigate, along with any financial transactions being made. But we don't know if Manaki is actually planning to stay married or not at this point or if one of them is actively filing for divorce.

No. 63976

Some notables from her stream:

1) Venus wants to make a girl's bar rolls eyes because cocktails have become an addiction, I mean a new hobby for her (and not for that visa uwu). She needs a lot of money to start something like that which to me, is further confirmation/validity of her pater ad (easy sugar daddy money for initial startup business costs). I doubt someone who lived a fairly lavish life like her saved enough youtube income to do this (and all the other businesses she wants). Also, she can't reveal too much because then ppl will steal her super mega ultra special unique creative idea guys. I don't think she has permanent residency and this is an attempt for a work visa before her spousal one expires.

2) She's lowkey begging for donations in the form of jokes. Someone sent 420 guysss 69 now guysss!

3) The vtuber manager went bankrupt and moved to China. I wonder if venus had any part in this like >>62174 & >>62185 said.

4) Using tits again for views, especially when she gets out of the chair and waits a bit to showcase her boobs. Her last titty stream got more views than usual. Claims she isn't trying to appeal to ppl that way and can't help that she does it

5) Plans on selling merch and opening a "venus fan club" (might have to pay to join like she wanted earlier but not specified) on a website and one of her friends will apparently do this for her.

6) There's nothing wrong with being a creepy pervert in her opinion as she is one too. She is appealing to the creeps in her audience (especially one named David) because he keeps throwing free money at her.

7) Thinks eating spicy food in the morning is "badass". wut.

8) Said, "no" to having a boyfriend.

random note: her willfully ignorant fans are defending her lazy, "reacting to myself" video since it's "her first time", when she had already done the personas video which was the exact same thing.

No. 63986

Since night work is basically prohibited for foreigners, I don’t see how she could get a visa for a girls bar

No. 63987

Yes sure, that's a risk they are possibly exposing themselves to legally. But even if separated she'll still get a bit of visa time, she wouldn't get instantly deported that day. People dream hard of her getting rounded up like Margo was, but that was something totally different. Marg had zero legal grounds to be in Korea in the first place, she was claiming refugee status, and she made an business enemy there who stalked her and got her arrested.

Being separated would throw Venus off her PR plans though, naturally. Maybe some drama would start later down the track if she then tried another marriage or overstayed the remains of her visa. Let's be real, she has no 'home' to go to, is not making great decisions due to being unstable and would probably see no problem taking some crazy risks to stay longer in Japan. I can see this happening down the track, honestly.

No. 63988

if she's an investor but not a worker?

No. 63989

Since night work is basically prohibited for foreigners, I don’t see how she could get a visa for a girls bar

No. 63990

Don’t see how a gaijin could have a business that is detrimental to public morals

No. 63993

no to wk Weenoos, but isn't drinking and night life in Japan a common thing?
If she's trying to set up that other kind of bar, yeah definitely they wouldn't tolerate that for too long.

No. 63999

IDK why people are saying Venus sounds super drunk in her recent live stream. This is the most coherent I have ever heard her speak, usually I can't understand wtf she's saying.

No. 64000

Lol a girls bar? No way. Even if she somehow managed to get a valid visa… Does she realise how much work this is?? She can't pull this off without any experience. She didn't even work her entire life and she thinks she can run a bar? Nah.
Why can't she save up some money and get a student visa? Go to a language school..ah right, that means actually leaving the house daily and study like a normal person.

No. 64004

A girls bar is the “other” kind of bar, Anon

No. 64005

so let me get this straight..venus angelic wants to be a madam?

No. 64006

I didn't follow the Venus drama for quite some time, so I missed the whole surgery stunt, but recently I saw that dailymail article and holy shit, why would anybody continue being her fan after she pulled that dumbass move? Of course it's not her fault that it went "wrong", but just the fact that she got said surgery and blamed it on thinking she was obese all her life shows that she's sick beyond help. Not somebody I would watch for entertainment or support actively. I just have a hard time believing anything she says, it seems like everything she does is solely for more attention.
If my partner did something like that and ended up looking like a walking skeleton, I'd honestly break up with them, this is not what you sign up for when dating or marrying somebody.

No. 64008

File: 1566641418664.jpg (83.53 KB, 933x597, vvv.JPG)

I swear that venus is sere/lorena 2.0 in the making lmao I also kind of think that she is ~gently~ being pushed in this kind of direction by somebody in the background.
Also lol at her in the video and how this is a "traditional chinese outfit".

No. 64009

She's definitely becoming a titty streamer that's for sure. She's a sucker for turning her youtube into trash.

No. 64010


But wouldn't she make more cash on twitch? I'm not familiar with it but don't they love chicks like this there?

No. 64012

She could go down the route, but seems like she just wants to stick to YouTube as that's the only place where she has the most viewers. She's too lazy to move to another platform that could actually work in her favor with how her content is going.

No. 64013

Good lord she’s becoming a tiddy streamer, I guess she’s really desperate for money

No. 64015

File: 1566646820852.jpeg (117.49 KB, 1138x749, 064EC7DE-115A-482D-A474-577A29…)

Any particular reason why her face looks like it’s got a gallon of oil on it? Couldn’t she have at least washed her face before going on stream

No. 64016

Probably a failed attempt at dewy makeup.

No. 64017


If that was the case, Anon. It would definitely make Venus look like a visa chaser. If she suddenly pulled Manaki 2.0 out from elsewhere and claimed they got married randomly. Oh the drama.

No. 64018

>"traditional chinese outfit"
if she said that she also said another time that it was from a sex-shop

No. 64019

Waiting for her to respond that she said No to having a boyfriend because Manaki is "my hunbando. We got married"

If she is trying for the spouse visa, that would be the next thing she says about the whole Manaki situation.

No. 64023

does she really mean a hostess club, or more like a maid cafe with cute drinks? since she always was a huge fan of the latter, and doing that seems more feasible

I'm pretty sure it's just suncreen. if you use suncreen and your face doesn't look greasy and shiny like this, you don't use enough for it to reach the desired spf level.
that said, she needs to use some mattifying makeup or something on top.
kek at her realizing she's getting old and starting to use sunscreen to prevent more aging. how about not drinking alcohol every single day and eating shitty junk food?

No. 64030

No. 64031

Maybe her AC is fucked up, is seriously hot in Japan right now

No. 64032

On the topic of malice why tf is that Q and A still up? Her other malice video and channel are gone.

No. 64036

wonder if she's doing all things properly and paying taxes for her youtube channel (either in Europe or Japan, even small incomes count)

No. 64039

File: 1566663922864.jpeg (438.05 KB, 1242x1079, 9AE1885B-B380-41A4-B212-3B8DF1…)

No anon. A girls bar is a girls bar, not a maid café. They’re more similar to hostess clubs.
Unlike hostess clubs though, the girls that work at a girls bar are behind the bar, serving drinks. They usually wear cutesy costumes with their tits out unlike hostesses who wear glamorous dresses.

Girls bars are usually owned by the yakuza who literally own all night businesses so I don’t see how Venus thinks she’ll be able to make her own girls bar.

No. 64041

tinfoil: venus is fucking a yakuza and thinks she's hot shit now

No. 64043

Can anyone give timestamps of all the milk-worthy things she said during her drunk dressed like a hostess stream.

No. 64060

Jesus christ, not trying to go OT but is there any website/forum with a more detailed summary of the Venus drama (years 2016-2019) ?

I haven't really paid her much attention since 2016/17 and holy shit has she gone downhill !

I'm trying to get back into the Venus drama but I missed a lot of stuff and can't find any good summary on her.

No. 64063

Tbh there hasnt been much milk in 2018. So you are just in time for the trainwreck.

No. 64064

pretty sure it was a dewy makeup attempt.

No. 64076

Being separated would only throw her off her plans if the Japanese authority became aware of it (otherwise she and Manaki could have broken it off officially but not legally and staying married for PR). There is a chance she can get in trouble/reported and if caught, they will terminate her visa. Otherwise it will expire naturally and then she'll need some other type of visa to stay. Also, Manaki could claim he was initially deceived (he has ample evidence from just the things she posted online, not to mention private stuff we don't know about), but I doubt he would risk potentially incriminating himself in the process. Venus would be better off in Switzerland though, but her sugar daddies couldn't come with lol. She could still do Youtube and public relations there and attempt to open a bar, which would be more unique in Switzerland.

I believe she has to wait at least 6 months before marrying again after divorce is finalized and if she was going to marry for a visa (again), she'd probably keep it a secret for fear of getting reported to authorities, as it would be obvious at that point.

No. 64081

lmao she got deported?

No. 64084

just forget about the bar, okay? you need to be a certain type of street-smart person/personality to run a bar. and she is the furthest imaginable type from that.

No. 64090

tldr: some koreanon tipped authorities about margo illegal business upon a failed attempt to buy outcall massage domain from the river kappa


No. 64137

she hasn't lived in switzerland since she was like 6 or 7 years old, it's not really realistic. her father's an asshole. and worse, Margo's living there now.

No. 64148

Wasn't she 11 when they moved to Tennerife?
We don't know much about her father tbh, so it's hard to tell what kind of person he is.

No. 64182

I mean, her father is a person who very clearly abandoned his daughter after starting a new family, which speaks about his character. Margo is insane, but it seemed like he didn't fight for Venus to stay with him when she was small and he seemed alright with the life she was leading all these years.

No. 64185

Is there any proof he re married/had children after Weenoos?

No. 64203

As far as I remember, Margo mentioned a few years ago that Venus has two younger brothers since her father remarried and had two more children.

No. 64227


I bet it’s a shock for them to be like “that’s my older sister…” to their friends when they play her videos. I can imagine some of the eyebrows raised at that one.

No. 64230

I doubt they even acknowledge her existence

No. 64240

File: 1566784433373.png (1.9 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190825-185253.png)

No. 64243

i wonder if she'll browse lolcow too, but i doubt it lol

No. 64244

What the fuck will she react to?! How some are calling her out on her bullshit?
Jk she's probably only gonna read the summary and be like "oooh I was so cringy hehe"

No. 64251

There is no way she can show how desperate and lazy she is after this.
I predict a fail at showing how "mature" she is now, and bashing Margo, while evading the posts where they call her out. OR cry, out of stress or for David-san money.
There is a 25% chances that she will also read posts where they shittalk about Manaki. "Read", because "UwU that's what others say about him not me hehe"

I know it has been said before but I can't get over how she just can't go outside and make a vlog about any park/place. I don't know what's stopping her but a lot of fans would watch her doing anything and it just takes make up (or a surgical mask and eyeshadow), clothes and a camera.

No. 64252

Why does she do this to herself? Even if she wants to generate attention and have her white knights descend on PULL to wreak havoc, it has to be painful to go through page after page of people criticizing you and pointing out how much you fucked up. Especially since her thread was once the biggest stan convention until very recently. Is that why she is really addressing them now? Because her old fans, many who have suffered their own abuse and mental illness, have had enough of being put through the emotional wringer and gave up on her?

No. 64253

She's also wanting to play hearthstone?

I know she's desperate but throwing so many ideas at the same time it is concerning. I guess that's part of the plan?

No. 64262

they call them Mama in japan.

No. 64273

Why you doubt it?

No. 64277

Some new milk on both margo and venus. Margo spills alot of milk in this leaked conversation

No. 64278

Sorry it doesnt work through that link anymore since it isnt public anymore and works through this link https://imgur.com/a/ch5HCbc

No. 64279

not really worth the read tbh. a bunch of margle bargle. what's supposed to be new milk?

No. 64280

I guess the outcall thing can be considered new milk of you read everything. The person who posted on kiwifarms about trying report Margaret is a girl called Leah who also works as a massager. There's deff some milk in that.

No. 64281

you fucking idiot, doxxing someone who had a run in with marge is not milk

No. 64282

You moron that's not what I meant, and the sides there is other milk like the adoption thing and Margo claiming they were actually broken up when she changed her titles to ''ex''

No. 64283

imagine believing anything margoyle says lmao, couldn't be farmers. go back to kiwifarms

No. 64286

No one here believes what margo says just like how no one believed what venus said in her deleted video. That still doesnt mean this isn't milk.

No. 64287


ffs I sure hope she will NEVER get the idea to open up a psychotherapy/counseling practice here in Switzerland (with her fake A$$ BSc) .. And also that she will NEVER EVER be accepted to any Uni here if she gets the idea to enter a masters program to become a clinical psychologist and/or licensed therapist and ruin people's lives. I hope the schools are smart enough. Usually everything is very regulated here, and quite strict… But sometimes people in these fields like to give 'chances' to people they might find 'interesting' (eg… People like Marge who talk and talk and won't stfu about how great their accomplishments are and how intelligent… Etc…)…

No. 64292

File: 1566817381671.png (154.29 KB, 1181x706, 5C401DD4-BED6-487C-A8F6-5CD8EB…)

Upcoming schedule.

No. 64296

that's smart she chose pull cos their shit is like
>doesn't she know alcohol makes your liver explode??
>doesn't she know chilli pepper can be contaminated with lead??
>doesn't she know it's offensive to bdsm folks to say kink??
so she can go through and legitimately be like lol, lol, lol.
and it will look her haters are fckin retards thanks pull

No. 64298

since when does marge use the word "wut" ?
seems fake to me

No. 64301

lolcow's general attitude towards venus is negative while pull's is meh. but who knows if she will browse here on stream or not.

No. 64305

I can send a screen recording if you dont believe me, the convo is real

No. 64309

why is she doing this to herself??
does she think she's some super special anime mary sue oc that will move the hearts of her haterz by just being soo relatable, or impress them with her mighty arguments? or is it just that she's willing to introduce her whole fanbase to the shithive that is pull (and years of embarassing drama) for some quick bucks and asspats..

No. 64324

File: 1566834950076.jpeg (79.6 KB, 457x500, 7D59440B-7D4D-46BA-A9AC-12ACC7…)

No. 64335

Venus you dumbass, seeking validation by being sexy is a symptom of trauma

No. 64379

her shit stream is on, pull hid her thread and her fucking chat is full of wk and ofc david.

No. 64380

Stream started, PULL seems to be locked and people sugested to use the wayback machine. They also suggested kiwifarms and lolcow.

Venus for fucks sake you planned this a day ago why you couldn't check 5 minutes before stream?

No. 64381

-"It's like 4chan but not really…it is ?" She says it's about internet personnalities, a cringy gossip site, they speculate a lot so it's funny to read for her since they are way off

-clicks on her thread, only to be redirected to the video where Margo dances in a red dress. feels surreal to her. She says she doesn't get it, they should have put a well known meme like the trololo song for it to be fun.

-Shows her cat named Cream.

-"they didn't want me to see it" she has a "you do not have the permission to view this content" page, says it's no fun

-"kanadajin is also one of my favorite youtubers" while she looks if other links work for her

-says she wants to try another site, because it's not blocked when she's not streaming

-then tries to use the wayback machine, on which she only gets to see a page

-she talks about going to lolcow too

So apparently PULL deleted the whole thread on Venus. What a bunch of cowards.

No. 64382

Venus is doing her reacting PULL stream but they've hidden it to hijack her stream. She's trying to get her whiteknights in so she might come to the idea of streaming lolcow or KF instead.
Saging to not bring attention to this thread but she's probably coming in anyway.

No. 64383

She is too much of a cowardly bitch to visit lolcow

No. 64384

hi venus.

No. 64385

ok she's coming in. venus, you're a drunk ass greasy bitch.

No. 64386

Think again. She's at it. Hi venus

No. 64387

hi venus

No. 64388

lmaoo shes here

No. 64389

oh great now the retarded bitch is on this thread and her whiteknights will come here

No. 64390

Venus for your mental help stop. Please look after yourself. We are concerned.

No. 64391

brush your fucking teeth, wash your face, get a job and fucking get help. dumb bitch. who has ugly pics of her to post kek.

No. 64392

David keeps on donating on her live. fucking gross

No. 64393

she is so stupid i'm having an aneurysm

No. 64394

Venus are you still legally married to manaki?

No. 64395

Her reaction at the PULL prank was everything.
Anyway, Venus, you shouldn't be here and what you're doing is very pathetic.

No. 64396

Venus, where are you living now? And with who?

No. 64397

>>64393 count me in, she is in so fucking deep. her whiteknights will do a seppuku uwu.

No. 64399

He started donating not even 5 minutes into the stream. He's fucking sad.

No. 64400

if she wants to look at fan art then she should go to deviant art

No. 64401

File: 1566862076487.jpg (29.48 KB, 337x404, 1555841136820.jpg)

What a trainwreck.

No. 64402

Oh dear god what if he shows up?

No. 64403

David is fucking pathetic, I have no idea she why he wants to fund this? is it because he has some fetish for seeing people killing themselves slowly?

No. 64404

why do i feel like this is her typical morning routine?

No. 64405

"how do they know that"
the stupid bitch doesn't even remember what she spills to the internet

No. 64406

File: 1566862156315.jpg (8.98 KB, 300x222, 1475585628013.jpg)

Venus and david in the future

No. 64407

She's acting like she doesn't spills to the internet. Remember she deleted those videos.

No. 64409

her mods are retarded jfc

No. 64410

Talk about your visa~

No. 64412

she's claiming the sugar daddy profile is fake even though it had an unreleased photo in it. says she's suing the person.

No. 64413


She just claimed she was receiving harassing emails from this account; "it's a lawsuit right now".

No. 64414

File: 1566862314332.png (67.73 KB, 181x230, Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 1.50…)

why is this sadly true

No. 64415

she claims she has a lot of friends, dude. david doesn't count.

No. 64416

her main language is German so maybe she didn't know it in English if you get me. Loopholing

No. 64417

probably david in disguise

No. 64418

She just came here to score pity points and get her wk to validate her, just like how she didnt answer the first question in her ''about the deleted video'' and just shaked her head like a dumb bitch

No. 64419

File: 1566862420622.jpg (15.21 KB, 480x360, wuy5zEF.jpg)

she is gonna start from thread one, i am commiting a sudoku.

No. 64420

hey weenos how about you team up with ur mom and nicejewishmama(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 64421

VENUS LOOK AT ME!!! Are you still married? If not what happened?

No. 64422

They told her to star at thread 1, she's clearly not going there because there is a ton of info she doesn't want no one to remember.

No. 64423

She's more stupid than I thought.

No. 64425

venus wyd

No. 64426

File: 1566862564727.png (750.87 KB, 2228x958, Screen Shot 2019-08-26 at 7.36…)

There are around 920 people watching her right now.

No. 64427

I love how she wont answer the question about manaki because she wants to give her male whiteknights the false illusion of her being single.

No. 64428

What kind of work? Whoring

No. 64430

File: 1566862659787.png (62.65 KB, 275x253, 1541645102175.png)

weenos right now.

No. 64431

File: 1566862661652.jpeg (8.69 KB, 225x225, download.jpeg)

Venus, what happened we want answers!

No. 64432

she talked about her business in her pervious stream.

No. 64433

You dumb whore they hid their thread because of your whiteknights

No. 64434

She left lol

No. 64435

>-"kanadajin is also one of my favorite youtubers"

Wtf?! Ew. You admire a arrogantly visa-scamming, incredibly rude, YouTuber-harassing, pedophilia-supporting, man-stalking, sexist and racist serial liar kanadajin3, Venus?

He wants to replace Manaki. There are so many 100x creepier, uglier and older men that have been who have been watching her since 13 and think they are an upgrade to Manaki. They’re so scary.

No. 64436

First she said that PULL is funny and now she says she never checks these sites…she can't stay 10 minutes without telling lies.

No. 64437

>>64432 she hasn't done shit yet, she couldn't even whip a "girl's bar" in a japan anyways.

No. 64438

>You admire a arrogantly visa-scamming, incredibly rude, YouTuber-harassing, pedophilia-supporting, man-stalking, sexist and racist serial liar

birds of a feather, anon

No. 64439

she's on keek's pull page wtf is going on

No. 64441

Venus, you are a public figure, it comes with the territory.

No. 64442

She has reached maximum attention whore status

No. 64443

I can't get over how PULL just up and deleted their threads on her, what a bunch of cowards.

No. 64444

yeah I think they are still together but she is making a lot of money

No. 64445

fuck off wk

No. 64446

there goes my respect for pull….

No. 64447

LOL they didn't delete it you fucktard

No. 64448

At first, I thought PULL was being cowardly. Then I realized they just trolled Venus hard and prevented David from creating hundreds of sock puppets while he violently masturbated.

>I don’t even visit these sites! Tee hee!

I don’t think it’s gone, just hidden so she couldn’t get the White Knight surge she wanted.

No. 64449

They didnt delete it they obviously hid it. Its stupid I wish they would've kept it up. Unless she or her fans already had an account there's no way they could of like raided the place since new people need their post approved.

No. 64450

Cowardly or not, they managed to maker her stream even more boring as expected and she's dumb enough to not have a plan B. Some people in chat claim to be able to see everything with waybackmachine.

I want to request a banner of her saying "Ai Wunna See De Gossip" while eating her trashy food

No. 64451

Its not like she planned on even responding on what to what people were saying about her on pull, she would have done the same thing in pull as she did here and only focus on whiteknight comments and ignore criticism.
PULL did good trolling her, she just looks like a desperate bitch

No. 64452

Shortly before the subforun was hidden, they said new accounts were popping up and mass down-voting every post.

No. 64453

I want to see what all you fat weenies look like irl while you sit and watch someone's every move(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 64454

>i want to gossip!
>avoids lolcow

No. 64455

I missed the start of the livestream, did she come here or is was she too scared

No. 64457

fuck off david

No. 64458

Why is the go-to insult accusing someone of being fat or ugly ? Do you support Venus deadly surgery and hating herself?

No. 64459

File: 1566863550292.png (126.38 KB, 275x273, 1562320167350.png)

>>whines about wanting gossip on herself
>>won't re-enter lolcow
>>profit anyways bc david

No. 64460

She came but was too scared to scroll past past she has seen before and knows are "safe"

No. 64461

Did she said something about her drawing on pull's banner?

Caesium Caesium proposed an AMA on 4chan, she's toying with the idea of making her own image forum. Just imagine.

No. 64462

I realized she was here too late, I was watching her last stream which was so fucking boring!
But I did think it was funny that PULL trolled her and now people are telling her to go on 4chan.

No. 64464

the dumb bitch is googling goatse, which one of you did this.

No. 64465

lmao she is so dumb people are trolling her that she almost went on a porn website

No. 64466

No, she bascially went there and saw the redirect to maggot dancing and went "this isn't funny…"

Now she has no plan B and doesn't want to come back here because she probably had a plan of threads to look at on PULL that will antagonize her white knights into an attack,

No. 64467

>troll her into going on le scary 4chan
you know she is not really an innocent little girl right

No. 64468

It would've been smarter of her to make a dummy PULL account with a VPN purely for lurking purposes, then film a video of her reacting to everything in her thread. No livestream, just reactions, and only make a preview for it after all the footage is recorded. Then, upload. Would've been too late for them to hide shit, would've gotten her WKs to flood their site, and she would've won while PULLtards screech into the abyss.
Poor form, Venus.

No. 64469


No. 64470

they should've left a non-live version up of her thread so no wk would've been able to comment on it and flood it, but the troll was kinda funny gotta admit.

No. 64471


Pick one

No. 64472

She most likely does have multiple accounts that she uses to defend herself but she can't show that to her white knight followers.

Really would have been smarter to pre record though.

No. 64473

This isn't a chatroom. Either summarize the livestream or make a livestream thread.

No. 64474

She's now at kiwi. David hasn't donated for a solid 15 minutes, what a record(liveblogging)

No. 64475

She just told people where shes going to go today, thinking in advance isnt her thing

No. 64476

Can someone make a stream thread and link it, please?

No. 64477

Why did she choose to live-stream it instead of prerecording a reaction video? If the subforum was not locked, it still would have been a sea of “Hi, Venus” and her fans fucking everything up.

No. 64479

KM #2?

No. 64480

She is on Kiwi farms.

No. 64481

I like how she's speaking about it like she is an expert on what they post about on kiwi while she hypothetically has never heard of it. Like she is is just quickly scrolling through bored with it like she's read it all before multiple times.

"Oh this is kind of just a record of my life up until now…"

No. 64483

be careful the weenies will block you, they’re too sensitive to take outwardly hate that doesn’t cater to their opinions

nothing screams, “I nitpick details of someones life while jobless”, than posting as anonymous on a forum teehee(newfag)

No. 64484

she wants people ask her questions in the chat, but the mods just ban everyone who asks anything deeper than "uwu whats yuor fvrti animu? do uy lik dOgs or cat?? love from some tiny ass country!!"

No. 64485

Why do internet celebrities and lolcows pretend that they don’t read gossip about mainstream actors or musicians? If you’re Tom Cruise or Justin Bieber, it’s expected that people will gossip about you but e-celebs deserves special protection from scrutiny?
Are you still on house arrest, sex offender David?

No. 64492

This thread went to shit fast. Also, she just posted the stream on Youtube and deleted the lolcow part??

No. 64495

Seems like she already deleted the stream.

No. 64510

She didn't delete the stream yet,its still viewable if you have a link,its unlisted.

No. 64512

She reuploaded the stream. It was up, then it went away, and now it's up again (missing the comment I saw the first time she uploaded, that's what makes me think she did it twice. But maybe the comment was deleted, idk)

No. 64513

She also said that her therapist initially diagnosed her with BPD, but that was incorrect. Now apparently she has ADHD and is taking a corresponding medication and “feels better now.” She said she was taking Xanax, but they were “not good for me because I passed out.”

She also said that she doesn’t consider the amount of alcohol she drinks to be too much, but does admit that she drinks a lot more than Europeans because “Japanese people drink more”(which I don’t completely doubt but idk). She also said that typically Japanese alcoholic drinks are higher in % than European drinks but I’m assuming that’s only the case for Switzerland maybe???

Mana is the only topic she seemed to be totally unwilling to talk about. I have a hunch her therapist told her not to talk about him publicly. Bummer

No. 64516

The comment was deleted, because my comment is still up.
She didnt she just unlisted the stream, because i went on my history and was able to access it even when it was down.

No. 64517

Bitches never can admit they are BPD

No. 64519

Her upper lip always reminded me of how some babies get a milk blister in the middle of their top lip. Which is not to say it's cute… I think it looks fucking gross

No. 64521

I remember talking to Margo before and her explaining to me how they could profit off of the children Venus would have they can make a channel around that and possibly rake in some money.

Like why don't they just both work regular jobs instead of all this nonsense?

No. 64522

Bitch never went drinking anywhere in Europe, she has no fucking idea lol
These cans she sips aren't strong at all, you barely taste the alcohol.

No. 64533

Could somebody please summarize what she said during the lc part in the livestream?

No. 64535

Yea what the fuck is this dumbass talking about, she should see my country. Statistically The most alcohol consuming countries in the world are European

No. 64547

>taking Xanax, but they were “not good for me because I passed out
Probably mixed it with alcohol like a complete dumbass.

No. 64550

Why PULL hide the thread from Venus ? An admin had already blocked new registrations to block spams and it would have been interesting to see her answer some questions they had written. I don't get it

No. 64552

because it was funny - i respect them more now for trolling her like that rather than simpering in her attention. who gives a fuck about the dumbass questions - like she would ever answer anything juicy

No. 64554

Another stream from the queen. David is already there, fuck you David.

No. 64557

She looks like she’s on drugs

No. 64559

I think Venus is slowly turning into Margo. Lying and bullshitting her way out of situations, unwilling to find a real job despite money problems, and openly pitying herself.

Even her face is slowly morphing into her mom's since she doesn't mask it with kawaii make up anymore.

No. 64562

can't believe she's a twitch tiddie streamer lmaoo

No. 64566

Hi penus, you really love reading this thread huh

No. 64569

Her reaction to the thread was weak. She pretty much just glossed over it. Maybe she was worried people would see the information about her fraudulent visa marriage? She claimed the pater profile was fake, and she was suing the mysterious "poster" over harassment (LOL her lies have become so obvious and Marge-like at this point). How did this person know she wanted to be a manager before she ever stated it, or to use a pic she never shared before if it's fake? She pretended as if she never visits her gossip threads and acted innocent and pseudo-non-nonchalant. She pretended she didn't know what sugaring and sugar daddies were, when we have 100% confirmation now that she lurks her threads regularly, and sugaring comes up often as a topic, so there is no way she would not know what this is. She only pretended not to know for her audience. Her argument on the bracelet an anon posted earlier was weak too. Basically, she made an instapost about how she'll never take off taylors watch and mana's moms bracelet and anon noticed she no longer wears the bracelet but still wears the watch (may be an indication of bad blood between her and mana's mom). She attempted to counter this by mentioning Taylor's bracelet and how she doesn't wear that either, but that wasn't even relevant to her instapost. In earlier streams claimed she didn't watch youtubers but now claims Kanadajin and Pewdiepie are her favourites and she'd "spill her secrets" to Trisha Paytas. Claimed she listens to Jazz but refuses to share any bands/artists she likes, because, guess what, it's personal lmao. She had no problem talking about Yuuhei Satellite being her fav band before though.

Also, in a now (deleted?) stream, someone asked her what she meant by "joby job" to which she replied, "you know..like a real job" and then she gasped and looked fearful. She literally insulted herself as not having a "real" job, despite moments earlier saying how the Japanese view youtube as a real job. I don't really understand why that caused her to gasp in horror though? Is she lying about the "business" stuff/side job? It was really fishy and an odd reaction. I would list the time stamp but I think she removed the stream.

Not enough info to judge her dad and who cares if Margo's there. It's not like they'd ever meet or find each other unless Venus literally gave out an address. And living in Switzerland is still more realistic than staying in Japan. If she has the money to fund a business, then she can certainly move back there and live there since she is a citizen, instead of being some loser weeb thot desperate for a visa and a ridiculous Nippon dream.

No. 64570

File: 1566917309595.jpg (80.38 KB, 230x500, Screenshot_20190827_150910_com…)

more tiddies for some quick bucks

No. 64571

File: 1566917873261.jpg (743.88 KB, 1080x1726, 20190827_104748.jpg)

Venus and her edgy captions.

No. 64572

File: 1566917930402.jpg (856.6 KB, 1080x1862, Screenshot_20190827-104717_Ins…)

No. 64573

Also forgot to add, she stated she has an apartment/room in Tokyo but still goes back to her old place sometimes on the weekends. Could she and Manaki still be on good terms in an effort to secure a fraudulent permanent residency? Even after the video in which she slandered him. Is she lying and this apartment is all she has? How can she afford two apartments this whole time? Is it through escorting/sugaring? She wasn't posting enough on youtube previously (now she has plenty of stream money+some ad revenue). And only two of her hamsters died guys. Just two. She is so good and loving with animals! /sarc. I feel sorry for her cat.

She edited the caption. The original was something urging people to hurry up and come to her stream she's lonely uwu

No. 64574

File: 1566919279113.png (96.15 KB, 480x960, 1566881279842.png)

Is Margo planning on reporting her?

No. 64575

It’s obvious she’s lying. Here’s why:

- If she had gotten a cat she would have talked about the plans way before actually getting it. Also I’m 100% sure she would have bought it from a pet shop and in that case the cat would have been a kitten - the cat in her videos is an adult.
- there’s sometimes a dog barking in her streams - she’s never talked about wanting to have one.
- pets are fucking expensive and considered a luxury in Japan - how on earth would she have the money to own not one but TWO pets?
- she contradicts herself constantly: first she said she lives with roommates and now she says she lives alone. She doesn’t remember her own lies.

No. 64576

"So lonely uwu" sounds like a line that those single girls looking for company adds use.

No. 64577

My point is that it’s clear she lives with someone who owns a dog and a cat (or at least a cat). Considering she started sugaring before she moved to the current apartment it’s likely the owner of the apartment is some sort of sugardaddy.

No. 64578

Someone also entered the room during her previous party stream and she abruptly cut the stream, as well as took it off Youtube.

No. 64579

She will continue lying about this. She could get deported if the internet finds out about her sugardaddy.

No. 64581


I wish some anon, who was lucky enough to save the said video, would upload the part here bc I#ve missed it and it seems to be interesting.

And on a different note, anybody working on a livestream thread or nah? bc it's badly needed to at least sort this mess here a bit …

No. 64582

That livestream was completely boring, she just immediately shut down the stream when she saw that someone went into her room.

No. 64589

File: 1566925280528.png (111.92 KB, 296x355, ice_screenshot_20190827-175015…)

No. 64591

Okay wait so the PULL thread got taken down during the stream? Why the fuck so?
Also I checked PULL and people are bashing on the mods for being Venus fans trying to delete stuff. Some people's posts talking negatively about the mods, you can't react to, seems like some censorship is going on LMAO. PULL is a mess.

No. 64592

…are you serious?

No. 64593

Why did she stop streaming on twitch and switched back to youtube? Is it because she doesn't know how to get payed in there?

Go whine in the PULL thread this is the Venus one.

No. 64595

File: 1566928757334.jpeg (42.22 KB, 477x500, 127DE285-E9FD-4A4E-A62C-6C973F…)

she was drinking wine in her latest livestream

No. 64596

File: 1566928805295.jpg (137.88 KB, 1001x999, 1565959416060.jpg)

Does she think her fans are blind? Whom does she think she's kidding?!

One second she's a victim of her mother, forced to act sexy for pedos, the next she willingly gets her tits out?

No. 64597

File: 1566928874241.png (116.41 KB, 716x485, 5d656c44023bb__2019-08-28_2.44…)

cheap white wine

No. 64598

Holy shit, she's fucking wasted and retarded in the latest stream from this morning. Slurring constantly, hitting her head on the wall and sloppily arguing her tits are big ("…Did yuu cowl my tiss smorr…? ") @ around 3:05 in the latest stream.

No. 64602

I never thought I'd get tired of it but I'm exhausted trying to keep up with Venus' pathetic life right now. I will take a break guys. It was a wild ride, just glad I am not in her shoes.

No. 64604

She needs to realize her C cup tits are very normal and move on from this current fixation of suddenly showing them off all the time. Same goes for the alcohol fixation in her streams - it's just not fitting for her mostly younger audience.

No. 64605

People on PULL were talking about the mods in Venus' livestream chat deleting negative comments, not about the PULL mods

No. 64609

They actually are quite big, considering that she tried to starve and bind them off for years, you'd think she'd be completely flat and saggy by now.

No. 64613


An alcoholic at that time of morning…what a surprise. Sugaring and having no doormat of a husband to give a shit anymore must be taking its toll.

No. 64628

Did she take her most recent stream off YouTube?

No. 64629

No. 64639

That isn't the most recent one. She did yet another stream this morning "playing" Hearthstone again in a different outfit shitfaced with her tits hanging out. It was titled "Hearthstone N00b but at least there r tiddies". She did apparently delete it. Shame, it was pretty embarrassing and cringy.

No. 64648

She is so starved for sexual attention after separating from Mana, jfc. It's such an obvious play at "look at me look at how people like me and you can't have me"

No. 64651

Something is definitely not adding up.
-Venus refused to talk about Manaki for awhile
-seemed to be planning to leave him for a while (publicly defaming him many times, berating him in videos, planting seeds against him, claiming she is gay etc)
-Seems to have self diagnosed bpd and started behaving in such a way publicly (apparent friend or friend of friend claimed she didn't go to therapy and was lying/self-diagnosing)
-Venus posts a pater (sugar dad/escorting ad)
-recently claimed it's not hers but the person had a phone pic she never shared before and knew about her desire to be a manager.
-Venus suddenly wants to start businesses and is also hustling (fan meet, various videos milking the meet, stream donations, promos etc)
-Venus posts a video publicly defaming Mana and indirectly admitting her relationship was fraud (basically what Margo said) and she claims she was supporting Mana (makes it seem he never worked). Did Mana want to divorce and she lashed out/tried to "ruin him"?
-Various evidence against Mana not working. It could only have been a recent development and not nearly as bad as she claims.
-The video was posted just days after Mana was at her meetup. Why would he be there? And is he still supportive of her after the video? Are they still on good terms?
-An apparent irl friend posts these accusations: >>62174 >>62185
-Venus feels the need to show off her drinking, tits, acting edgy and emo.
-Claims she no longer has bpd after the Manaki video.
-Claimed she lived alone in the Tokyo apartment whilst earlier saying she was not alone and someone walked in on her stream and she panicked/took down stream. Also panicked when she accidentally said she doesn't have a "real" job and that stream is taken down as well.
-Suddenly feels the need to discredit these threads through humor and fake nonchalance.
-PULL has seen the fucking light! (and have some interesting posts regarding venus)
-Someone who is possibly Venus came to pull to wk just before the stream. Didn't seem like a fan who just discovered the site from her scheduled stream because a) they claimed they lurked a long time. b) used to "like" the people at pull and recently they don't (seems likely how venus would feel). c) vehemently defended her drinking d) were upset that people summarize her streams without adding timestamps aka: they can slant/bias the summary. Why the fuck would a random fan care about that? Literally can only see venus herself caring about that.

So yeah, something seems really off and venus has been terribly inconsistent with the things she has been saying this past while. The milk jugs have seriously been overflowing as of late!

No. 64652

No. 64653

File: 1566955557650.png (207.3 KB, 432x386, Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 9.15…)

Didn't take a screenshot, but the title for this video earlier today was along the lines of "Total newb plays Hearthstone but at least there's tiddies". (I skimmed the full video, and she's wearing an opaque, black blouse the entire time and doesn't bend over or do anything fanservice-y).

I'm not sure what stream >>64570 refers to; there's no video on YouTube around the timestamp that this lolcow post was made… Or if it's for the stream in this screenshot, in which she showed off her bra in the instagram story and not on the stream?

I'm getting whiplash from how fast this new thot phase came.

No. 64654

The "total noob plays hearthstone but at least there r tiddies" was this >>64570 stream.
That stream was about 40 mins long (it wwould have been early in the morning in the western timezone) and she attempted to stream it on Twitch as well as youtube. She took it down fairly quickly after streaming. The one you screenshoted was an entirely different stream.

No. 64657

File: 1566958468242.jpeg (85.2 KB, 750x516, 9595737A-4630-44E2-846D-8F4F0E…)

No. 64658

>after separating from Mana
even here where anons claim not to be starry-eyed weebs, the fact he's Japanese means you all can't see a fag for a fag. He is fag-presenting as hard as he can but 'uwu j-japanese culture…'. 'th-the moms normally dress the boys feminine'.
>inb4 why would he marry venus/be interested in her
there's a type of gay guy that's really into dolls and that extends to living women who they would like to cuddle and dressup as a doll. The gayest guy i know (openly gay) is madly obsessed with 'baby spice' and would give his life to 'marry' her

No. 64660

Any idea how many people on twitch watched her?

No. 64675

File: 1566985948434.gif (952.76 KB, 284x111, 000.gif)

>>I want to request a banner of her saying "Ai Wunna See De Gossip" while eating her trashy food

No. 64676

File: 1566985986087.gif (1.09 MB, 265x107, 010.gif)

No. 64677

File: 1566986145192.gif (66.67 KB, 280x107, 020.gif)

No. 64678

File: 1566986215205.png (41.16 KB, 283x107, 030.png)

take your pick, anon.

No. 64680

File: 1566994519103.jpg (414.04 KB, 1520x720, Screenshot_20190828_141506_com…)

Whasn't he more normal looking at the beginning of their relationship though? Normal black hair and men clothes. Then Venus entered her so gAy UwU phase and shit got weird, he started wearing makeup, dying his hair, wearing girly accessories and shopping himself into a baby prostitute. Tinfoil hat, but either Weenoos wanted them to appear more ~queer~ kinda like Jill and her bf, or he tried to get his now gay waifu back.

pic related:when they just started dating

No. 64681

File: 1566994871162.jpg (12.17 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

No. 64682

File: 1566994939128.png (597.47 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1948.PNG.9c7641cd2dfe9586e…)

No. 64683

File: 1566994994707.jpeg (8.73 KB, 225x225, images (1).jpeg)

No. 64684

He looks like lesbian here

No. 64685

not the anon who requested,but this is my favorite

No. 64689

>One second she's a victim of her mother, forced to act sexy for pedos, the next she willingly gets her tits out?

You're one of those "Sluts can't get raped" dipshits, aren't you?

No. 64690

Isn’t it pretty typical though that a couple starts getting inspired by their boyfriend/girlfriend during a relationship? I could see Manaki just starting to want to express his interests in more girly stuff when his wife surrounds herself with cutesy things 24/7. I don’t think it’s weird. Now that they’re separated he probably looks like he did at the beginning of their relationship.

No. 64692

oh for sure- many husbands start to wear their wife's makeup and clothes. You take on your partner's interest- so many wives start whistling out of cars at girls walking. ya know?

No. 64697

Yes, it’s very normal to be influenced by your SO’s style, especially when if you feel the need to impress them or they allow you to feel comfortable to experiment with your style. BTS fans were also constantly telling him he looked like Suga, so he definitely played off that.

I don’t understand “Manaki is a homo” anon’s claim. Margaret said he was gender confused not gay.

Do you even live in Japan? I do and nothing about Manaki’s fashion is unusual for a young man into counterculture. Go pick up a male idol magazine. Plenty of boys pandering to fujoshi by wearing makeup or gay-baiting.

Just what is up with you, anon? David??

No. 64698

>Do you even live in Japan? I do and nothing about Manaki’s fashion is unusual for a young man into counterculture. Go pick up a male idol magazine. Plenty of boys pandering to fujoshi by wearing makeup or gay-baiting
This. I don’t live in Japan but even I understand this. Japanese girls fucking love effeminate guys so it’s normal for guys to want to look like that.

No. 64711

I think that Manaki changed his style to be more 'feminine' because he was actively trying to look like the popular K-pop/J-pop boys and trying to get popular. Everyone says he's shy, which he is, but I believe it was even mentioned that for a brief while after they got married Mana thought maybe he could be a YouTuber too, before giving it up.

No. 64715

looks like suga's inbred cousin, yoonpi

No. 64716

Imagine being Manaki's colleague and discovering this shitfest

No. 64717

The "Hearthstone N00B but at least r tiddies" stream in full for the anons who wanted to see Weenus acting like a drunken twat.


No. 64718

Wow, I just randomly watched a few seconds and she was saying "The more money you donate, the bigger my tiddies will grow". Decided not to watch the stream at all after hearing that. How has she sunken so low in such a short amount of time? If she ever had any kind of aspirations for her career as a youtuber, those are gone, together with her self respect I guess.

No. 64722

well, escorting isn't as eMpoWeRinG and sO mUcH fUn as some women like to tell themselves.
begging for money with your tits out on twitch is much better and safer.

plus, I believe she's a full-blown alcoholic by now, and no one wants a girl that's so wasted she can barely stand or talk.
I mean, seriously:
1. we can see that she drinks everyday. doesn't matter if it's "just for the stream" or not.
2. she's already wasted when starting her streams (usually in the morning), meaning she couldn't even stay sober for a few hours after waking up, or couldn't even wait till it starts to drink "just for the stream"
3. margo mentioned her being an alcoholic, which seemed like a very strange accusation at the time. everything else she said had a small grain of truth to it in the end

No. 64725

Ah, I was expecting her to take the transtrender path but it turned another way

No. 64726

I was expecting Weenus to become an amusing cow full of milk and failure of living that Japanese waifu lifestyle, but this is just tragic, pathetic and actually just sad.

No. 64728

I just don't get it…

She won against Margo, had a fanbase that sucked her ass unconditionally, and got married to a somewhat-tolerable looking Japanese man living life in Japan peacefully. She didn't have to come back online for drama, she could've make her channel about life in Japan like that ginger Rachel and her husband.

I don't get it.

No. 64729

It’s called being mentally ill.

No. 64730

these are the best

No. 64731


That's the only thing I feel Venus for is her mental illness. It's pretty much fucked her up at this point, but it doesn't help she uses it as an excuse to be a passive aggressive bitch who uses her fanbase as a shield against any criticism she receives & exploits their care towards her when they are concerned with the path she's on now.

No. 64732

I think that someone who has been living his entire life in very unstable situation and has big problems with mental health can't really get his life straight without intensive therapy. Honestly, I think that most things she does are a cry for attetion (which she of course gets), and I do feel sorry for her because this seem to go downhill so fast.

No. 64733

viewer: "you seem to be in a good mood today"
venus: "no, i'm just intoxicated"

No. 64734


it was essentially an arranged marriage though? I know they work out sometimes, but you'd have to be pretty conservative to accept that "reasonable looking" is worth hanging on to a loveless marriage of convenience. She's 22, she's not had the privacy to even masturbate under the care of her psycho mother and she has to resign her sexuality to "marriage to a guy I prefer to sleep in a different room to".

She is mentally ill, she is self-sabotaging, constantly she is being stupid and slutty. This is what can happen when children are abused, she needs stability and help but I guess the man who at 27 took advantage of a situation to get his teenage wank fantasy living in his house wasn't the guy to do that and now she's on her own in a country with no-one else to turn to and literally the worst coping mechanisms taught to her by mommy dearest - sell yourself to more creeps.

No. 64735


That basically sums up Venus's life. I can't see it improving any time soon…and the creeps are loving it.

No. 64736


You hit the nail on the fucking head.

She's had a childhood up to the age of 20 not far short. She doesn't know who she is, what she wants or anything. Who is Venus? It's quite sad that at almost twenty three years of age the girl has no identity and still clings on to one that's a teenager.

To think so many people envied her because of her sub count, Japanese husband (only the visa yellow fetish weeb chasers wanted that) and to live in Japan was the ultimate. But really Japan is just a normal country it's only the shops and cafes that make it appear 'cute'. It's an interesting country, lovely. Still, it's just kind of sad that even there, in the land she always wanted to reside in, she's miserable as fuck.

I remember Gimmeaflakeman that Jvlogger he's like in his fifties I think. But he got an email one day off some dude from the US who came to Japan to seek happiness and all that fulfilment bullshit. Got there and he left like a week later. He told him that Japan was supposed to be life changing and all he felt was the same misery he harboured before hand.

Gimmeaflakeman responded to him and said "Japan is just like anywhere else. It cannot save you. You have to do that yourself dude". I never forgot that and that's aimed at Venus too.

I mean, Venus can sit there talking to 900 + people on her streams looking half disheveled or in cat ears with her tits out all she want. Giggle, drink and laugh at what were saying. But she knows deep down we're right. She can lie to herself all she wants but the reality is that her life isn't going anywhere. She's got nothing to amount to as of now. Nothing to aim for. Apart from getting her health and mind on track then… what else?

I mean personally I'm envious she gets to live in Japan and experience new things. But she probably barely even leaves the house these days.

I ain't even going to get into that business with Manaki. That's just a whole new realm of crazy shit.

But if Venus doesn't change her life around I see her getting involved with a dodgy backend bar to do hostess work in, ran by an asshole manager who will probably feel her up and abuse her. Trick her into believing its love and Venus, needing cash desperately will probably allow it.

Then maybe someday getting abducted by some dodgy Russian and selling her on the black market. Never to be seen again.

Or Venus just going wild, not taking care of her self even more and her just doing something far worse than before to herself.

No. 64737


It's so bad that even Dakota fucking Rose is doing better than Venus these days. She probably as a job now and friends. Staying away from social media cos she knows it'll fuck her up.

No. 64738

I thought Taylor was Venus's best friend?


She just used her for the subs and views. Bitch.

No. 64739


That applies to all of Venus's "friends" she's had in Japan. We saw her out and about for a while, enjoying life as a jvlogger somewhat and then boom; nothing. There's fuck all genuine about any of their friendships, just all show for that much needed clout.

No. 64740


I'm surprised no one has raised alarm about Venus's state with Taylor tbh? Since she wanted to 'help' her

No. 64742


Probably see the fact that she no longer lives in Japan and isn't really much "use" to Venus anymore. Unfortunately we don't truly know how Venus is behind her online personality towards others IRL. Given her mental health problems, she's most likely pushed everyone away and disconnected herself, as her "girl crush" she was pictured with a few times during her queer phase is suddenly no longer in the picture either. Could possibly be that or these people jumped shipped soon as Venus started going downhill so they didn't have to deal with it; maybe a mixture of both.

Her only support network at this point is her fanbase, which isn't good at all.

No. 64743

Is she still friends with simplykenna? I was so ready for that crossover

No. 64744


Im surprised Katie, Shani and her crew haven't reached out the Venus yet lmao

No. 64747

Who??? If this is some sort of self post, please stop.

No. 64748

>being this new

No. 64752

File: 1567039997751.gif (1.03 MB, 160x160, jenlaughspittake.gif)

Anon, my sides

No. 64754

Taylor doesn't in Japan anymore and hasn't for almost 2 years. She was Venus's first friend not her best. There is an almost 10 year age difference between them.
What about Mikan? She definitely used Venus for her popularity and Japanese ability while simultaneously trying to co-opt her mental health issues for clout and to excuse her own callous behavior and then dumped her once she was no longer useful. Or Mizuki or Ella or even Tsuruko. All of them supposedly cared about her and were her close friends.
Not that any of them should have to deal with Venus when she's spiraling and none of them are necessarily at fault for what's going on with her.

No. 64761

I wonder why she deleted that stream…

No. 64763

Unless we have proof, I really think people should stop speculating that she has no “real” friends or that all those women used her. But dealing with that shit gets emotionally draining when your friend constantly goes back and forth from being a friendly, considerate person with character to being a despondent, drunken, bitter shell. I can only empathize with how much pressure was put on those friends to “fix” Venus and how cruel her fans were to anyone who wasn’t her personal nurse. Just because you drift away or need space, it doesn’t mean you have cut the other person completely out of your life or you don’t worry about them. Venus hasn’t spoken badly about any of them, or even alluded to broken friendships, so I’m sure she understands this. So far, she has only hurt herself and not done bad things to them or disrespected their boundaries. I’m sure someone would have said something by now.

No. 64765

Are you Venus? I love how this thread is suddenly bashing so much on Manaki… venus must be hard at work trying to twist the narrative since her PULL wk influx operation failed. Her marriage wasn't arranged and she wasn't forced into it. Marge might have initially suggested she marry Manaki for a visa, but in the end, venus decided to do so (hell venus even claimed Marge said don't marry him or I'll delete the channel). Marge also claimed venus "kept changing her mind", which is believable because Venus even broke up with him once before, after trash talking him with her mom (and then later flat out lying to her audience saying "it hurt her oh so much"). She then decided she would marry him to get to live "the Japanese dream" she always wanted (that was the primary motivator), as well as leaving her mom. She was not forced into doing it. Japan was not her only option to leave Marge if she really wanted only that. She claimed many times over the years it was "the best decision she made" and not a "marriage to a guy I prefer to sleep in a diff room to", though she definitely used him. Manaki had a crush on her and seemed to genuinely care. If I recall correctly, he didn't even want to get married right away as he felt venus was too young. He might be weird but he seemed sensible. He put up with her shit for years and helped her out so much, he didn't use her. And she definitely knew what masturbation was, I can't believe you fell for the crap she said in her video. She also claimed she was drunk in the video and later said the wine was "just a prop". She's full of shit. Marge is not responsible for her selling herself to creeps. When she lived with marge she was "forced into it" even though she continued to do so after leaving (and I'm not just referring to the recent tit streaming). Now the excuse is, "well Marge normalized it and made her believe that's the only way to make money" rolls eyes. She's a fucking grown ass adult who's been away from Marge for years and severely (to her detriment) molly-coddled by the internet; so much that she refuses to take any responsibility or criticism. She's responsible for herself now, and she is fully aware of right and wrong, but she loves when people vindicate her and asspat her as an eternal victim. She loves the money they throw at her in her streams when she calculatedly starts tearing up and pitying herself. If she wants to sell herself to creeps, it's her choice. Venus is lazy (and/or desperate atm) and wants easy money. She's been in Japan for years. She could have gotten her GED by now and a "real" job, but she was too good to be like all the other filthy plebs. This is what she gets, and her businesses are definitely an attempt to stay in Japan. Nothing more and she probably never would have tried to start them if something wasn't up with her marriage/spousal visa/PM. Seriously, there are plenty of people like her who grow up with narcs, but by her age, many of them actually end up taking responsibility for themselves and their actions, instead of adopting the eternal victim mentality, which only serves as a hindrance. Venus claimed (lie) to not see herself as a victim, but then publicly blames her mom and now Manaki every chance she gets. If she truly doesn't think she's a victim but publicly blames margo/mana, then she just wants to manipulate the public narrative for her own gain.

Venus is super self-centred and always makes everything about her. Can't believe I have to defend the wretch, but Mikan had to deal with Venus' retarded wk's and fans harassing her on the daily. Because only venus is important. Only venus' mental health matters. Only venus venus venus. Of course Mikan felt like she had to mention her problems. Because Venus was essentially invalidating her, like she does to everyone. It's always about fucking her. You don't see Mikan using her mental problems for money/pity on the daily like Venus after all. And it's not like Venus hasn't used them back for content. Even Manaki. She literally called him her pet and used him for content. Berated him every chance she could, then publicly defamed him. No matter what happened between them, that's crossing a line and none of her fucking audience's business. But she knew he wouldn't defend himself and even if he did, his fan base is too small. She's malicious and that's not on Marge or anyone else.

>> So far, she has only hurt herself and not done bad things to them or disrespected their boundaries. I’m sure someone would have said something by now.
A supposed "friend" came on here earlier and claimed otherwise.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 64766

Ever since her reacting to pull video there seems to be a couple of wk here trying to derail the thread and wk pooooooooor victim penus on how she is a victim and how everyone is using her.

No. 64767

how about this cunt make friends with a woman who's actually from her adopted home country? or…is it just so much easier to relate to other white women. but.. that would mean japan… is just a toy? and she should go the fuck home?

No. 64770

I do agree we should stop assuming she has literally no friends. A supposed IRL friend posted the following: >>62174
and >>62185
which does state she has lost some friends, but at the same time, just because she doesn't mention them or take pics with them isn't solid proof of bad blood. She recently mentioned Mizuki (so they seem to be friends, unless her friends are just pretending out of fear she will defame them or something). She also seems to be friends with Taylor still (she wears the watch she said she'd never take off) but doesn't wear Mana's mothers bracelet (also said she would never take off). I don't know about the rest of her friends. There was talk that Ella might not like Venus anymore but she does occasionally comment on her instagram. Not necessarily proof they are friends though, it could just be a front to avoid public drama if they did have a falling out. Like the "friend" who posted about Venus here. They genuinely seem afraid to call her out or break off the friendship for fear of being called a fake friend, even though they're done with her shit. I mean, if Venus wanted, she could easily make a post or video crying over how sad she is, how lonely, how betrayed, how she just wanted friends etc and easily defame anyone and unleash her white knight hounds upon them. That said, Venus might also have private (non-influencer) friends we don't even know about, though it doesn't seem that way.

No. 64772

they also posted this >>62186

No. 64774

Yeah, theyre all shallow and want views, but Venus also seems like a toxic friend.

I think it was the pull stream where Venus said she doesn't wear the bracelet Taylor got her anymore and has in a box as a "keepsake" or some shit.

No. 64776

No. 64781

seeing as its the same story posted in this discord previously, this 'friend' is just an guy that dms with tsuruko - unless it's tsuruko herself but from the writing i am pretty sure it's just her orbiter trying to make it vaguely sound like he is her

No. 64791

File: 1567059751986.jpg (102.75 KB, 1366x503, Clipboard01.jpg)

I really want her to vlog while spending time ith her friends (which I agree with everyone, there's no real reason to assume she doesn't hae any left, see pic attached). Just see her leave the house and interact with people. These streams in front of the white wall, being drunk all by hersel, make her seem so isolated and mentally unstable, which she is, but still…

No. 64792

no way to be sure of that but if you're right and the claims are true, then that would mean tsuruko outed venus to some random guy that dms her. why would she do that?

lol i feel like venus told her to post that to end the speculation that she doesn't have any friends left. it's an old pic too so they didn't hang out and take recent pictures. Though, have to say, Mizuki is literally the only public friend she has that seems genuine and non-attention whorish.

No. 64793

>>64776 better make that available w link only, anon.

No. 64795

>why would she do that?
maybe because without fail, people who aspire to be 'models' in japan are despicable snakes and scumbags, i.e. 'pretty ugly little liars', hence the bountiful content of sites created to log such behaviour

No. 64800

>-The video was posted just days after Mana was at her meetup. Why would he be there?
the only thing unlogical about her current situation is Manaki turning up at her meet up. so the most logical explanation would be that it wasnt Manaki, but someone who just looked similar to him. Manaki doesnt wear glasses anyway.
If Manaki wasnt at the meetup all of the other stuff makes sense.

No. 64801


Taylor used Venus too though. She didn’t get 1 million subs for nothing. Sure she’s rich and was a catalogue model who tried copying Dakota. But Venus’s base did boost her up. Mikan is a snake too.

No. 64802

Ok we get it Venus-penus is a poor victim of everybody and everyone is oh so evil except for penus-chan.
Also taylor doesn't need Venus's inactive subscribers. Taylor is doing really well and much better than venus and was at the peak of her youtube success when she met venus.
Also mikan left because she isnt her therapist and fangelics were nagging mikan whenever venus would post her edgy ''suicidal gay psycho bpd'' posts which was everyday.

No. 64804

This is my favourite one. (Not original anon who requested the banner)

This is scary cause it could be accurate.

No. 64806

a fan who went to the meetup commented on youtube(?), when venus made the 'makaki buse me' video "huh?? but i just met them both at the meetup and they seemed so happy and nice"
the screencap is on pull somewhere

No. 64807

This is what I don’t understand about all of these girls who are desperate to stay in Japan. They hang out primarily with foreigners and actively seek them out. There are in fact many nice Japanese women that would love to make friends with foreign women, especially since many have done study abroad and speak better English than Japanese men. Lots of beauty and fashion YouTubers they could collaborate with. Isolating yourself in a safe gaijin bubble with foreigners all on short-term visas is the worst thing for someone trying to make Japan their home. All those girls will eventually go back to their original countries so you can’t make them your only lifeline in Japan.

Fans that attended the meetup confirmed it was Manaki and they said both he and Venus were friendly and normal. Manaki even took pictures for the fans posing with Venus.

Do any of you remember that bizarre period of the post-marriage breakup, when Venus and Margaret were on a “European honeymoon” without the groom and Manaki seemed to be the last to know they were broken up? He was liking Venus’ posts up until people let him know Venus/Margaret were shit-talking him. Then Margaret later released emails(which revealed his real email address) where a distressed Manaki told Margaret he didn’t understand why they stopped talking to him and that he was crying so much. At the time, Manaki’s English was very limited so I can only imagine how often he was out of the loop he was and how he couldn’t differentiate manipulation from cultural or language misunderstanding.

No. 64808

Yeah, didn't Mikan make a snapchat post during one of Venus' episodes about how she wasn't her therapist and she's not responsible for Venus, and how everyone needed to stop putting expectations on her to fix her friend

No. 64809

She did. I felt so sorry for her. It doesn’t matter if her persona is annoying or what drama she had prior. She barely met Venus and was suddenly expected to undo 20 years of psychological trauma at the expense or her own health and social life. That’s not friendship and Venus fans were insane to think everyone else merely existed to be caretakers. I think Mikan genuinely wanted to just have fun with Venus and get her out of her shell but the Fangelics were constantly badgering her with messages of “Venus gonna kill herself!”. What a nightmare.

No. 64823

>Ok we get it Venus-penus is a poor victim of everybody and everyone is oh so evil except for penus-chan.

Relax anon, just because venus isn't the most awful person in every story doesn't mean that she's not bad on her own, don't be so tense.

No. 64876



I’ve got a Japanese friend I met on tumblr in 2010 and we send each other gifts on Xmas or birthdays. Instagram everyday. I met her in my time over there in Japan. I spent the week with her and I plan on going to Paris with her in a few months. Her English is good not amazing but good.

I’d rather make the effort to make friends there than foreigners. I mean maybe a few foreign friends who live there too. But you’re in JAPAN. Why not try to make new friends who can teach you about their country and help you with the Language?(blogging)

No. 64885

It’s not possible for Venus to be adult adopted as she is not a Japanese born citizen.

No. 64889

I’m surprised nobody pointed this out before. Adult adoptions in Japan are not charitable acts because you feel sorry for someone, but either for business or to maintain a male heir. The overwhelming majority of adult adoptions are men who are employees of “family companies”. If you want to help a foreigner friend/relative get a visa quickly, the most logical thing you can do is sponsor a work visa for them as your personal employee, like housekeeper, live-in nurse or apprentice. Nobody adopts an adult woman who is already legally married to their son. It’s completely unnecessary.

No. 64890

It also is used for gay couples as gay marriage isn’t legal in Japan yet (and probably won’t be for some time) but again as Venus isn’t Japanese she can’t legally be adult adopted.

No. 64894


Idk why you think that girls bar are owned by the yakuza. Did one of your weeb friends tell you that? Also, women in girls bars for the most part don't wear costumes unless it's a themed bar. They just wear expensive looking clothes (usually like a toned down hostess).

No. 64897

File: 1567145124260.jpg (628.89 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-08-30-08-51-23…)


No. 64898

File: 1567145250319.jpg (479.12 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-08-30-08-51-21…)


No. 64899

She'd never survive in the countryside. Life is not convenient there and she doesn't even have a driving licence let alone a car.
Unless she means any city smaller than Tokyo which the japanese tend to call the countryside anyways, I guess. She would probably have an easy time finding a job in a touristy shop in Osaka or Kyoto since she speaks english, but then it would be clear she is separated so she'll risk getting deported.
All in all this is just another empty claim.

No. 64900

Because I’ve worked in that industry and it’s not innocent uwu stuff? Most girls bars are not owned by people like Venus

No. 64907

are you saying some are…? i don't get it like how could some shut-in childwoman interview fucking bouncers and shit?
She said on her stream regarding the 'various businesses to supply, products, services - things like that' that she has a ~~friend~~ who "does that" so they will be "assisting her". In other words the only reason is talking about business stuff is that her sugardaddy is established and is telling her 'sure baby, you can have a little bar'. she would just be the face

No. 64910

Oops, sorry. You’re right about gay couples.

Even if there was somehow a way to adopt adult foreigners, and Venus was not already married, she would serve no useful purpose to a Japanese family. They barely knew her and she had no skills or education to contribute.

I think this is just another case of Margaret misunderstanding how Japanese law works and she thought that a woman becoming part of a Japanese man’s family legally entails an adoption process. She was also the dingbat who thought SHE could get a visa through her child’s marriage. I remember someone once wrote that Margaret thought she secure a visa as the “manager of Venus Angelic.”

I wish I could support her in this, as this method has worked well for other foreigners overwhelmed by big city life, but she is so disordered. Where would she be employed and how could she support herself out there? She hasn’t even worked a normal part time job because she thought it was beneath her. If she moved out to nowhere, she needs to humble herself and accept a low-paying job first like everyone else. I know little towns out in Saitama will hire enthusiastic non-native speakers as English teachers for youchien and daycares but I don’t think Venus would last in that kind of easy job.

She needs to stop thinking that her only choices in life are spoiled admired princess or suicidal, unloved recluse. We’re not cheering on her demise. So many of us used to support her and wanted her to realize her potential. If I believed she were more stable, I would suggest volunteer work and community service so she get a sense of belonging and helping other people. But she will not be happy anywhere on Earth if she doesn’t adjust her mindset. You cannot depend on anyone but yourself to be happy.

No. 64923

Someone asked about Mana in the stream and she said she took him to the vet and then someone commented, "manaki was put down" and venus actually laughed and said, "he had to be put down" . What a disgusting human being.

No. 64928

Holy shit must have missed that part. Ironically she used to call him her "pet" under photos of him on Instagram. Cunt needs a slap.

No. 64931

File: 1567171529037.jpg (561.7 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-08-30-16-22-53…)

3/3 apparently

No. 64932

Make sure you work extra hard for that sugardaddy Venus, I'm sure he'll help you out

No. 64935

can she stop roleplaying a rich princess
"gonna buy a house and a bar later. I-I totally don't have to beg for money on twitch, I just do it cause it's so much fun u guys haha"

No. 64940

Venus, swallow your pride and work at Ministop. We can all see your socialblade revenue.

Why do all these girls think they’re so above working customer service or at a restaurant but they’ll juggle musty old man balls?

No. 64941

Because her whole life mommy dearest has fed into her brain that she is above everyone else and that she's a super star. Despite even escaping her, that mentality hasn't left and won't change because it's too embedded. Venus thinks she's hot shit.

No. 64944

And like a typical efamous narc, a majority of them think they are too good for any "normal" job. Her online fame keeps her going, without the attention she'd truly be lost. She'll probably end up as a cliche sex worker in Japan dodging the immigration officers like they all do.

No. 64966


Another part of it is also the mistaken beleif that just because they can find old men to fuck then for money, they're more beautiful and intriguing than normal pleb girls who otherwise would be too ugly to escort/sugar. Narc thots these days see private sex work like sugaring and tiddy streaming and think it's some super fun pretty girls club where they barely work and get paid to be sexy.

No. 64974

Lol I can confirm that most girl bars are owned by yakuza. I’ve worked in three girls bars and a few hostess clubs (and currently work in girls bar owned by yakuza…)

Sorry, but actually this is a common fact in Japan. The entertainment industry is very shady.(blog)

No. 65068

what's with the thirst for manaki

No. 65146

File: 1567365048763.png (1.92 MB, 750x1334, 4DE7AAC8-7907-485B-B97F-DA340C…)

Livin dat alcoholic life

No. 65147

File: 1567365077322.png (2.11 MB, 750x1334, FFBCB0D6-D159-43D8-AB9B-6E4F66…)

No. 65183

There is no "thirst" for Manaki here, but throwing someone under the bus publicly and implying he deserves to "be put down" in order to shame him and gain pity points is absolutely abhorrent. She's a terrible person.

She never planned on leaving lol. She only posted that to appear pseudo-thoughtful and reasonable for the internet.

Also earlier, some anon called venus out as vapid and vain and mentioned how she doesn't know anything about anything and now venus feels the need to keep posting about reading books in an attempt at appearing pseudo-intellectual lmao. So fake and image obsessed, as always.

No. 65206

Weenus has been awol on the YouTube front for nearly a week. Her content schedule makes no sense at all.

No. 65223

File: 1567451166788.png (462.37 KB, 595x882, 2019-09-02 210043.png)

from his twitter

No. 65225

Her face tells it all.

No. 65289

File: 1567516150701.jpeg (925.94 KB, 1125x1741, D61B0FCC-EDFA-49C9-991A-42B895…)

She posted this then deleted it, then posted a new image Saying she’s going to reach her dreams no matter what

No. 65290

At least she's self aware kek
Dat shoop tho

No. 65299

stop it venus. just stop.
do your thing, create youtube-videos, do streams, or whatever. you can even be edgy, as long as you keep your personal feelings and life out of it.
people will forget what a trainwreck you are if you just let them, for gods sake.

No. 65301

File: 1567521362003.jpg (275.95 KB, 1633x1066, no.jpg)

what's even the point in buying nice things if they end up looking like literal trash

No. 65306

Oh god. Her filtering has gone so much worse since she moved to Japan. She filters her face to hell and back like the chinese girls do.

No. 65308

Bless she's showing off the sugar daddy's gifts to her.

No. 65314

New video with her uggo friend.

No. 65315

I wonder why the video is unlisted.(And how do you even find an unlisted video?)

Btw, I don't really see a reason to call her friend ugly, and I honestly don't find her ugly.

No. 65316

>>65315 that's just, like, your opinion. Didn't realise it's unlisted.

No. 65318

How much more does she need to be "happy"? She already has a sweet, cushy life without any effort, with everything she ever wanted.

No. 65319

I just realised i left open the tab as it was freshly uploaded and pasted it from there. Don't get the kenna shading, she maybe an autistic shoop queen but i think venus wins in the weeb fight lmao

No. 65320

Mizuki looks fugly as hell in this video. Usually she doesn't look too bad, I think it's her hair and those horrible glasses.
I wonder if them calling Kenna a weeb will make her lash out at them.

No. 65322

at least beenus is honest about how much of a weeb she is.

even her cow status is something she acknowledges.

No. 65324


Agreed. I think she wouldn't mind being called out as a weeb by someone else either, so maybe she thought of it as a lighthearted joke? Or maybe Kenna and her are on bad terms these days? Either way it sure came across as shady and Kenna won't take it well…

Venus' self awareness is why I found her less annoying for a while. But I'm starting to think it's mostly part of her being oh so edgy and trying to be a memelord shtick.

No. 65327

I like how she casually placed her Dior makeup in frame right after everyone was saying how desperate for money she must be, you ain’t fooling anyone Venus, it looks about 5 years old judging by how destroyed it is

No. 65333

Actually I’m pretty sure she used that exact same palette on a video where she compared expensive make up and cheap make up. So you’re right lol.

No. 65379

File: 1567576944450.png (1.02 MB, 1366x768, dior.png)

you're right anon

No. 65381

Already private.

No. 65388

she's just like her mom.
it doesn't matter if she knows how to use it, or if it's actually that good - it's brand name and everyone needs to know she has it. couldn't even bother to clean it, it was expensive and that's enough lol

No. 65392

It’s edgier if it’s dirty anon

No. 65408

Just to make a comment about her saying she’s going to save up money to buy a house in the countryside of Japan, houses in rural japan are dirt cheap due to so many abandoned houses, they practically want to give them away so the fact that she has to save up for this just proves she has no money left which would explain why she’s resorted to tiddy streaming

No. 65440

So she apparently reuploaded the surgery story vid, am I as confused as everyone else?

No. 65449

She claims in the caption that the previous one got deleted.
I forgot about this video.
She blames the doctor yet flat out admits she just wanted an easier way to maintain an underweight BMI and didn't even bother to research gastric bypass. She doctor shopped until she found one with sketchy ethics giving it out to dumb bitches who asked. It was 2016…it's not like there was no information out there about it. There's tons of complications from this surgery but that's why it's only reserved for morbidly obese people because the logic is they're better off with lifetime complications than remaining obese.

What bothers me most is that even by this video she either still didn't understand her surgery or she was lying about what happened to save face because the truth is she ruined her own surgery from binging.
Must be embarrassing she has less self control than most obese people who've gotten this.
>13:40 "The stitches were open and food started to drop into it."
Her stomach staples didn't heal completely before she binged and she popped them, ruining her reduced stomach pouch. This would've happened regardless of doctor.
Obese patients are warned to stay on liquid and soft food diets for the first few months after surgery and to never overeat for this reason.
She was non-compliant with her diet guidelines, and later in the video she mentions the revision she had to get in order to revert her stomach back to normal.
>14:00 "I had to constantly puke."
Because she was overeating and didn't realize she was meant to only have a few grams of food per meal, with nothing to drink. After she popped her stitches her food wasn't digesting correctly and she probably had massive acid reflux causing her to puke even more.
>15:05 "The doctor was 'You're one of these people that can eat tons of food right?'"
Does she not realize the shade from the doctor here? Lmao, he knew she fucked it up by overeating.
>15:10 "I had gastroparesis."
Venus threw up from overeating so much that she ruined her own stomach sphincters and caused her stomach to prolapse.
Guess what you're not supposed to consume with this condition? Alcohol…

This is why people with eating disorders often don't get approval for bariatric surgery.
She's a fucking mess and takes no responsibility for it.

No. 65464

The doctor was imprisoned for performing unneeded and extra surgeries on people while they were under anon, one which led to a death. The doctor is absolutely a problem here.

No. 65470

She knew what she was doing was bad and that's why she had to search for a doctor that would give her this surgery against the interests of her health.

There was a consequence so only now does she care about the 'illegal' things the doctor did.
She might as well go to back alley plastic 'surgeons' who inject liquid cement into the body and complain how she was botched for sympathy. Except her surgery was still actually performed correctly, she was either too ignorant or lacked the control to take care of it. Which is why she is vague and doesn't actually tell her fans anything about it.

No. 65475

Yes of course she knew he was prepared o do something unorthodox, he advertised it, no-one else normal would give the surgery obviously. But you can't rewrite history and say he did exactly nothing wrong once he had people open surgically, because wa wa venus is ebul and made him do it. He removed parts of people's bodies that weren't agreed and threw those parts away, and he's in prison for it. People who went to hm went on false promises of some stupid shallow weightloss idea and lost parts of their bodies, and in one case, their life.

No. 65476

samefag to say, we can argue about whether shallow, disordered people deserve the exploitation or not, but exploit them he did

No. 65485

Nobody said the doctor was a saint.
Venus IS responsible for what happened to her though. She was an adult who sought out a sketchy doctor, ebul Margo didn't push her into this, her husband didn't want her to starve to be thin, and literally none of her fans cared when she weighed 130 pounds.
She did this to herself. "Exploited." Lmao, this narrative will never end with Venus stans.
>went on false promises of some stupid shallow weightloss idea
There's nothing "shallow" about gastric bypass for anyone with a functioning IQ who would have done their research a bit before agreeing to have their bodies cut open.

And just to address the removed body parts issue, not that I agree with it but there is a reason:
Because this doctor was performing these surgeries unethically on retarded ED bitches, he tried to cover his tracks. People who undergo bariatric surgery often develop appendicitis and gallbladder stones that requires further surgery to remove the appendix and gallbladder.
The doctor removed those things preemptively to reduce the chance of his patients going to a doctor in the future for those surgeries lest his activities be found out. Which is also why dumb Venus didn't have any paperwork about her surgery when she went to the new doctor to figure out what was wrong.

No. 65486

Shut the fuck up you retarded nigger, people like you are so annoying. Always appealing to extremes. Either it's VENUS IS AN EBUL NARC AND EVERYTHING SHE DOES IS HER FAULT!!!! or OMG VENUZ CANT DO ANYTHING WRONG I LOVE HER!!!!

Being an old, experienced doctor agreeing to do a surgery on a mentally ill, young woman is the very definition of EXPLOITATION. It's illegal too. No matter how enormous your hate boner for Venus is, it takes two to tango. And doctors are usually not insane teenagers who have no clue about life.(infighting)

No. 65489


Oh shut the fuck up. You sound like a fucking living dildo.

We know that the doctor performed illegal shit and whoever gave the fucker his degree should be shot. We get it.

Venus was an adult. She has the internet as her fingertips to do research and she had money so why not go to a surgian who was legit? Why go to a dodgy one? Then when it all happened she sat there all thin and lifeless to get the sympathy vote. She’s a fucking idiot and Manaki is stupid for letting her go through with it. They’re all warped and messed up.

I’m tired of everyone patting Venus on the head like she’s a kid. She’s a grown ass woman. Everything she did last after she left her mother is down on her. She’s responsible - not her mother.

She isn’t even sorting her life out now and the surgery shit was ages ago. You’d think she would be trying to make a happy go of Japan and doing well for herself. But she isn’t. Only she can change that.(infighting)

No. 65490

Regardless of what happened with the surgery or Manaki or her mother.

Venus is accountable for her own actions. But she will always get cooed at and told she’s so cute and babied because she’s a fucking mong. She’s a moron.

People feel sorry for her. She’s achieved nothing in her life, got no help or done fuck all. If anything, that’s sad and a tad shameful. Because by the time Venus is thirty she’s going to be fucked. I don’t think people realise how serious her situation is.

No. 65492

>Venus did something stupid and is responsible for this outcome

Helloooooooooo Venus stan.

No. 65493

Venus is obviously traumatized and disturbed. Her childhood trauma, abuse and upbringing stunted her maturity. Are you denying scientific facts? There's a clear relationship between childhood trauma and severe mental health problems.

People expecting a below average intelligence girl whos mental health and growth has been fucked with since birth to be in total control and not be lead on or exploited by people when she didn't even finish developing yet. Human brains aren't even fully developed until 25.

So by your logic people can't be exploited and misguided, especially by certified authority figures they trust?

You're obviously dumb as shit if you believe that.

>Helloooooooooo Venus stan.

Helloooooooooo Venus-hate-boner stan.

No. 65498

>So by your logic people can't be exploited and misguided
No, turdbrain.
Venus wasn't "exploited" because she purposefully sought out a doctor who would give her the surgery when other doctors told her no because she didn't qualify.
She knew she didn't have a medical reason to get it, but like most shallow bitches with eating disorders, thought it would enable her to get away with doing massive binges while starving herself the rest of the time without feeling hungry. She admits that shit in her video.
That's why her staples burst.
That's why she suffered a complication.
That's why she's hyping up the doctor AS IF she would be had her staples didn't pop and she got what she wanted out of it. She wouldn't even be talking about ~muh ethics~ and she would still be lying about it to this day.
That's why when she went to a new doctor to figure out what the fuck happened, the new doctor didn't say "Ugh this surgery was performed incorrectly," he jabbed at how she clearly overate to get her stomach like that.

But sure, call us dumb niggers again because you take us saying that she's accountable for this situation super personally for some reason.
I mean, mollycoddling her after Margo has done her so much good, not.

No. 65501

She has severe childhood trauma and mental problems. But she has shown selfawareness, she's not that far from reality as other delusional beings.
She's as aware of her internet persona as of her mental condition. She's trying to stretch this pampered princess state as much as possible.
For fucks sake she's just crying like a baby for attention and maintenance, she can get the tools to control herself but that implies change and facing her problems.
So yes, she IS guilty of every decision. And she searched for that doctor, she knew he was sketchy.

Tfw debating venus guiltyness is obligatory in every fucking thread

No. 65504

She has severe childhood trauma and mental problems. But she has shown selfawareness, she's not that far from reality as other delusional beings.
She's as aware of her internet persona as of her mental condition. She's trying to stretch this pampered princess state as much as possible.
For fucks sake she's just crying like a baby for attention and maintenance, she can get the tools to control herself but that implies change and facing her problems.
So yes, she IS guilty of every decision. And she searched for that doctor, she knew he was sketchy.

Tfw debating venus guiltyness is obligatory in every fucking thread

No. 65505

So the spergelics are back…

>I mean, mollycoddling her after Margo has done her so much good, not.


Whiteknighting may make you feel better at night but you aren't saving your princess in any ways, spergs. Only she can save herself.

No. 65510

>spergs about venus
>calls other people spergs


No. 65515

I really do feel bad for her. Not like im giving her money or expecting others to do so but compared to other cows the hate she's receiving is unwarranted. You want to see a piece of shit look at luna slater. Not someone with no real home, no real family and no proper schooling. Her mother is a narcissistic piece of crap, shes growing into an adult woman without the tools to succeed.

No. 65517

What people here don't seem to realize is that if Venus didn't post her life to social media we wouldn't be making fun of her.

She is boring imo and anons are really reaching for milk - but she has supplied it in the past so I don't blame them.

No. 65519

stupidity or mental illness does not protect from consequences. that's how it is.
I'm sure everyone feels sorry for her, but it's still her own fault.
Being exploited and doing dumb shit with awful consequences is something that happens to everyone, and everyone has to deal with it like a grown ass person, because the world doesn't care how precious and ~ill~ someone is.

I don't understand why some anons have to wk venus or criticise others on here.
No one's going out of their way to insult her to her face, and no one is forcing her to read this (well, beside her bIgGeSt FaNs ~who only want the absolute best for her~, of course).
what exactly do you expect to see, when you visit a gossip board? Because some anons sure seem surprised.
There are SO many Venus fansites, her discord etc, full of people that have only nice things to say about her. Why not go there?
(especially you, venus. what the fuck are you doing here?)

No. 65523

>Not someone with no real home
She had one with Manaki.
>No real family
Manaki's family seemed nice and concerned for her? As well as her extended relatives at times. We don't know the truth about her family but I doubt she'd say anything positive now because she's gotta convince anons like you that she's in the worst possible situation ever and no one ever tried to help her.
>No proper schooling
Lol well whose fault is that? She's never shown an interest in being educated and she thinks she's above working.
She doesn't get to blame her mom for that one anymore, she's no longer a child.

How is saying she needs to take responsibility equivalent to hateful speech anyway?
Just because you like her doesn't mean she is a perfect victim.
She may not have had the tools to succeed under Margo's custody but giving her asspats and constantly excusing her actions because of her past is just setting her up to be a weak and maladjusted adult. Which she is well on her way to be.
We might even be witnessing an early Margo 2.0

No. 65525

File: 1567715429883.jpg (26.47 KB, 454x418, 3a5861c95871f4063a7f57a2ed9798…)

No. 65538

Wait, about schooling.
Wasn't her mom who took her out to homeschool her?
and wasn't her mom the one who constantly change house, thus making harder for venus to get into a school?
Of course she can study now that she is "independent" ..

Also, anons here keep saying she had a home with manaki and such, but honestly, if she didn't love him why she had to stay with him?
thats not a home anon, their arranged marriage didn't work.

Also inb4.. im not on venus side, but she did had a shady childhood regarding school.

No. 65543

File: 1567726948811.png (1 MB, 720x1528, Screenshot_20190906-013725.png)

why is everything venus owns so fucking gross?
her nails are always gross looking, her hair is greasy. makes me think she probably smells, too
just look at that keyboard

No. 65546

like mother like daughter she’s gonna end up lonely bitch it’s a matter of time

No. 65550

>Venus never ever had a home because she wasn't in love with the person she used to have a home with!
I don't think that's how "She's never had a home before" works. It wasn't to say she needed to stay with Manaki, the poster that anon was responding to was acting like she's never had a stable place to come home but that's clearly a lie. Whether or not she actually loved him is irrelevant.

No. 65553

That might be true. IIRC Mr. Yan said that she smelled so bad that they had to throw everything she wore for the photoshoot away.

No. 65556

OT but, can someone please summarize what happened between Venus and Mr. Yan?

No. 65562

Mr. Yan wanted her to be his wife. I think they went in a bathhouse together? Or he tried to get her to.
Also, the bodyline staff or whoever it was thought she was fat and smelled. They threw away the clothing because she sweated in them.

No. 65566

File: 1567745512547.png (386.13 KB, 449x670, much discomfort.png)

Yan used to announce Bodyline modeling contests but it became a well-known and established fact that he was sexually propositioning some models; he even had a particularly skeevy situation with a model named Nadia. He once held a "Mr. Yan so Angry Sale!" on the BL website because a model rejected his marriage proposition, but I digress.
Point being: While some models had a good experience with BL it was no secret that there were blatant red flags everywhere. While Yan wanted foreigners to model his brand to appeal to a Western audience, there's no doubt he took advantage of foreign ignorance and vulnerability in Japan.

Yan picked Venus as a BL model contest winner, but lots of anons at the time noted she was chosen differently than previous models with a major highlight being that she was underage. Her two week trip was all expense paid by BL (including a trip to Disneyland). At the time she was gaining internet popularity and Margo was doing her best to pimp her daughter out as a living doll. Margo allowed her then-16 year old to fly to Japan alone to model for Yan. Basically everyone thinks Margo arranged the BL modeling situation with Yan specifically hoping that something would happen. Before Venus was picked as a model, they both knew about Yan's sketchy propositions towards previous models but they didn't care. They were not ignorant, hence at the time everyone saw this as a move on their parts for personal gain, specifically Margo trying to sell off her underage daughter in a literal sense as a twisted mail order bride.

Inevitably it all came crashing down. There was a falling out between Venus and BL and the situation soured quickly, insults were slung back and forth between Venus/Margo-Yan over the course of several months. Venus and Margo made a video about allegations of bad treatment from BL staff and Yan including not being treated in a fashion that Venus thought she ought to have been treated in. Yan accused Venus and Margo of posting pictures he didn't want on the internet and threatened them to take it down.
Yan fired back by putting up on the Bodyline homepage that Venus was fat and couldn't fit the M-sized dresses she was meant to model, and smelled so bad they had to throw out the dresses she did model. It was an attempt to try to discredit her complaints. BL staff commented that Venus was a terror to work with.
After Venus made a video response to Yan he clapped back with a letter of his version of events which were pretty lulzy and revealed a lot about Venus.

When things further fell out with the Yandyman, one allegation was that Yan chose her specifically to try to marry her off to a BL staff member. Popular memeposting is that Yan picked Venus to try to hit on her as a model himself but nothing concrete ever came of that plus he was married at the time. Venus said she was creeped out while in Japan because he had asked her when she was getting married (this doesn't hold a lot of credit because female foreigners are often asked this in Japan when they say they want to live there as it's a path to citizenship). If something sexually untoward happened between Venus and Yan everyone knows Venus would never have shut up about it and would have divulged about it in the months post-fallout. It didn't happen.

No. 65569

File: 1567753369795.jpeg (183.49 KB, 575x905, EFB6E767-94EF-4486-9BCF-39348F…)

I found the statement bodyline made in waybackmachine staying they had to throw clothes away because she smelt so bad, mutilple people have mentioned her hygiene over the years including her fans meet and greets, and judging by those disgusting greasing fingerprints on her laptop she obviously doesn’t care about cleaning

No. 65571

I find it hard to believe that they could not dry clean the dresses.

No. 65574

File: 1567764856615.jpg (82.84 KB, 293x500, 20190905_215805.thumb.jpg.f000…)

Thanks a lot anons, tbh it wouldn't surprise me if she has hygiene problems, she's completely gross.
Screenshots are from pull

No. 65575

File: 1567764921559.jpeg (63.76 KB, 336x500, A3C96FB7-86B2-4457-A7F9-828FCE…)

No. 65576

File: 1567765170185.jpg (62.28 KB, 243x500, Screenshot_20190906-003903_Ins…)

Lmao she's miserable

No. 65580


smelly or not, imo it's really unprofessional to post that kind of thing on a brand's homepage.(if that's where it's from). sounds like just the thing one would write if they are a butthurt old fart creepo who didn't manage to get another foreign pussy to his collection

No. 65581

aren't bodyline clothes shitty chinese quality dresses? I find it hard to believe that they lost much of value since they're not paying retail price for their own dresses…

No. 65586

>Wah, I did not shag venus so she's a stinky girl ew

This makes her look good, if anything

No. 65587

Okay but she should still bathe and wear deodorant. Esp during her living doll phase back then.

No. 65588

Mr Yan is a fucking meme. Everyone knows he’s a retarded fat middle aged Chinese man. This is extremely old milk. Read the old threads and integrate.

No. 65589

"arranged marriage" LOL you buy that bs from venus? marge threatened to delete her youtube channel if she stayed married to manaki. arranged marriage my ass. manaki was a tool for venus to get to nipponland. If it was solely to get away from marge, she didn't need manaki and japan was not the only place she had to go. She could have went anywhere, without using manaki since she had her youtube channel and it was doing quite well at the time. like marge, venus loves to blame others and she's super sneaky with it sometimes. (watch her make a post about how it's all her fault, she claims all responsibility for everything etc after lurking as usual).

this is so fake and disingenuous imo. she's only saying that in an attempt to appease the internet after lurking her threads and reading the criticism she's received. she's always putting on a facade and being like…"i wonder if i do this or say this now, will that make me look better publicly?". some of the wording is even directly taken from here lol.

No. 65592

>what should i DO you gUYS? whaT would you do if YOU were me?
>[reads the first 2 replies then closes ig leaving the retards to prattle their 600 word responses]

No. 65599

This. Everyone in weebfashion communities used to make fun of him for being a creepy weirdo and for selling crappy "ita" clothing. He's kind of a cow himself.

No. 65621

Didn't, Margo, Venus, and Manaki said it was an arranged marriage?. there are screenshots of this conversation, Anon. conversation between manaki and margo.

Do i believe that Margo tried to get a visa through the marriage of her daughter, then finding out that she couldn't?
it was said tons of times before, are you new anon? i suggest you to read from the first page.
Was manaki a tool? yes,
however it was still arranged by margo, but venus find out how to harvest it.
calm your vendetta "LOL"

No. 65633


Arranged and heavily encouraged are not the same thing, chill.

No. 65691

Being set up to marry a stranger by force via your mother isn't the same as plotting with her to use a long time fan for a visa to live in a country you've fetishized for profit online since hitting puberty. Venus's entire persona is centered around Japan and weeb culture, there is no way she was forced to marry Manaki and did so without wanting to even for personal gain. She got everything she wanted from Manaki andnhis family and more, they went above and beyond to make her feel welcome and wanted and now it's falling apart because she jumped the gun thinking she got PR and was cute enough that she didn't need him to survive anymore. Problem is, a visa scam marriage is still a crime no matter how you try to spin it after the fact when your true intentions come to light (how she's been treating Manaki).

No. 65711

New video

No. 65712

Reeks of more cringe and desperation.

No. 65718

Wait, didn't she already post this video some time ago?

No. 65732

it's very obvious her and her mom plotted this. she didn't leave back to japan with him cause she was in love with him or because it was the only choice to escape her mom. she went back because she was in love with japan. her family members would have helped her escape if she'd asked. it's like people forget venus was a weeb herself and actually enjoyed being a semi-famous "living doll" and being loved by weebs. she tried the same visa shit with mr yan but was too dumpy IRL for him in the end so they made up shit about him. they had been targeting mr yan for years with all the bodyline promo.

No. 65742

>her family members would have helped her escape if she'd asked

There’s no way of knowing if any of her family members would have helped her.

No. 65756

she wasn't in contact with family members at that time, no-one has any way to gauge what they would have done. stop projecting the story you want to rewrite.

No. 65783

File: 1567937101222.jpeg (254.06 KB, 745x1210, E4CD95C3-D618-4D0D-8503-1FE255…)

Yeah Venus because all your other times you promised to stick to a schedule worked so well, she can’t keep to a schedule and never keeps her promises, I guarantee she will make up an excuse to why she can’t keep up with streaming

No. 65784

venus trying to be a "cool gamer chick" kek. what a joke. she's only in it for a quick buck and no editing as she herself said she hates games.

No. 65786

She's scheduled a new stream about Hearthstone… does anyone even care about that game lmao
Why doesn't she try to play games that fit her for a change?

No. 65787


She’s an extremely boring person so doesn’t have anything fun to show on stream

No. 65790

Wednesday to Sunday? At least try and make your goals achievable, Venus. Getting only two days off a week is unsustainable. Streaming is like customer service: public exposure and communication. It's overwhelming to do it every day, especially if you're not used to it.

Does she just blindly agree to everything her manager suggests with no negotiation?

No. 65794

Totally waiting for her to stream those dating SIM games.
Weebs will lap that shit right up watching their queen Venus play a dating game. Especially if it's one of the Japanese ones.

No. 65795

OH NO! Poor Penus has to work 1 to 2 hours a day, for 5 days! So unreasonable!

No. 65796

that'd be like 10 hours a week of easy work (seeing as her streams are like 1-2 hours each), not unsustainable by any means.
I guess it'll still be too much for v though.

her "fans" wanted her to play it. she stated multiple times before that she hates games since she's bad at them, and would never become a titty streamer.. now look at her.
like anyone would believe she isn't completely broke, and is just doing it for fun

No. 65797

That's a boring game to watch imho. Lol or even Minecraft would be more interesting.

No. 65798

File: 1567951376467.jpg (70.35 KB, 342x646, fakecuntface.jpg)

did this shit happen or she failed already?

No. 65836

She made a video a few years ago on Blue Reflection not long after it came out, she must have deleted it though.

No. 65850

Her streams are unbearable to watch. Laggy, audio and cam quality is garbage, she just reads chat and has nothing interesting to say herself. And for a youtuber who has made videos for a living i dont understand how lost she is with all that stuff? It's really not hard to set up a stream using OBS for example.

No. 65887

I don’t see anything so I guess she gave up that schedule before she even started

No. 65893

Venus is that self absorbed that she barely puts any effort into her 'work' and thinks her shit quality content is still worthy of views and will make her money. She's a lazy, cliche and uninspiring hack who plays her mental health card when it suits her and expects the same outcome she had in her viral living doll days but now with the bare minimum effort.

No. 65959

File: 1568092525102.jpg (1.04 MB, 1440x2137, 20190910_021606.jpg)

No. 65963

no thanks. just like her mum imo, she should be sure to draw that divorce out as long as is humanly possible, for maximum misery like margot did to her when she was a kid, right? don't let all those malignant narc teachings go to waste!

thank god mana said no to her getting pregnant, can you imagine her as a mum?

how is divorce viewed in japan? does the culture look down on couples who divorce? hope manaki finds a nice girl who isn't emotionally damaged like venus.

No. 65964

>getting divorced right after setting up a ~company~

When the company crashes and burns she'll marry another dumb gaijin pussy chaser, rinse and repeat.

No. 65967

>hope manaki finds a nice girl who isn't emotionally damaged like venus.
yeah that's what a pedo deserves lol

No. 65968

Now the questions is how is she going to maintain a legal visa in japan and open a co only at the same time? I hope she knows that once she is divorced, she has to give up her spouse visa.

No. 65972

I wonder if she can drag the divorce out (just like mutti did) until she can secure a work visa. Or maybe get someone else to sponsor her, or abuse tourist/student visas?

No. 65973

She most likely has a permanent residency by now. Even Venus is not as dumb as to announce about her divorce on social media without having a (legal) way to stay in Japan.

No. 65976

How long has she been married by now? It’s usually 3-5 years until permanent residency can be considered.

No. 65980

True, but if her residency/visa status is in any way based on her marriage to Manaki then he can have ot revoked on the grounds that she used him to get a visa to whore herself out in Japan.

No. 65981

Manaki is a doormat. The most he could do was to divorce her (assuming it wasn’t Venus who left).

No. 65992

Japan really views marriage and then children as the correct path but as a foreigner she will always be othered. It isn’t like she is trying to live a normal life so it doesn’t matter.

At least we can stop with the rumours about their relationship now it’s public.

No. 65994

Since she’s on a spousal visa which gives her the right to live in Japan she can stay a resident as long as she’s still married but when she’s divorced she will have to apply for another visa to continue staying such as a student visa or work visa or even a holiday visa, it doesn’t work the same as in America, when you’re divorced in Japan then you no longer have the right to be a permanent resident anymore

No. 65996

File: 1568123684993.jpeg (754.42 KB, 1240x2180, 44E5D598-AF82-42C8-A67F-13361D…)

No. 65997

File: 1568123762069.jpeg (305.23 KB, 1242x1311, 6FD7AEC4-628C-40FE-A0EB-D4147F…)

No. 65999

soo… the fuck is this company supposed to be, exactly? so many words, so little substance.

No. 66000

that's a weird way to spell sugaring

No. 66002

Translation: i can’t come up with good ideas of my own so I’m going to make my fans to the leg work

No. 66006

She's sugaring for startup money so that when Manaki leaves her she has a legal reason to stay in Japan without jumping right into another marriage or going to a language school. Unless the content she makes can only be made in Japan (for whatever BS reason since she isn't a Jvlogger to show off Japan, just herself in Japan) she doesn't need a visa to live there making videos about how cute and psycho she is while she drinks and eats herself to death for views. All Venus wants is to sit in Japan and be a whore for the rest of her life while rich men tell her she's kawaii. I can't wait to see how this all comes crashing down, because it will. Businessmen love to fuck girls like Venus, so why she thinks her little sexworker startup is gonna be able to become a legitimate business that keeps her in the country without a spouse visa.

True, but he was used and publicly dragged by a foreigner for a Visa so she could lay on her spoiled ass and buy kiddie toys for 2 years. Now that he's leaving her, she's sugaring for investors for some mystery startup company that will grant her a visa to stay in Japan? Too sus. She needs this sugar baby startup to grant her a visa to stay in Japan because without Manaki's spousal visa/PR (which she can lose if she divorces him and he pursues a case on her for marriage fraud, which I hope to God he does bc fuck Venus and her wannabe spoiled weeb-whore lifestyle, she needs to go back to Hungary get therapy). His parents could help, too.

No. 66007

This really seems like a fake business organized as a way to stay in Japan. How can she promote Japanese culture with her erratic persona?

Although, Japanese companies think Pixie is acceptable for the same, so I guess the standard is very low. Ella seems to be an obvious sex worker, the "investors" that she met with her bra showing who made her "painful" the next day

Ok venus

No. 66011


apologies for my autism anons but aren't those walls the same ivory/cream color that the wall seen in her drunk titty streams? >>64595

No. 66024

what does any of this even mean, it's words strung together that say nothing?

No. 66026

Oh please she'll have her next depressed episode when her business plans go to shit like every other idea she's had. Venus will always have mental health problems. How many times has she posted similar stories about how her life is so grand? She's a trainwreck that will never improve.

No. 66027

She might be staying with one of her "investors" perhaps?

It's her cycle: really happy highs followed by super sad lows, then drastic action to either change herself or her life, rinse and repeat.

No. 66050

Alright so, I have been of and on lurking on this and pull for years.

But I actually know Ella, she used to be in dutch j-fashion and lolita communities and has a twin sister.

I have talked to her years back but I still am her friend on facebook, I remember at some point she
started doing more part time modeling in asia, I forgot where her boyfriend at that time was from but either singapore or maleysia or something. I think they have broken up, but anyway she used to be in lolita and had asian boyfriend, so my assumptions is Ella and Venus are trying to make there 15yo Nihongo\\^~^weebdreams come true

No. 66081

rolls eyes Venus back at it with the self-aggrandizement and glorifying of herself. oh it was sooooo hard uwu i was suffering & struggling uwu but i did it i'm such a hard worker uwu. It's not fucking hard or impressive to start a business when you leech off of others penus. hell, even your mom made the venus angelic brand, you did next to jack shit for that either. just spoon fed all your life. Also, the edit on those pics. kek.

Additionally, my guess is she's happier currently, now that she seems to have found a way to scam the system via some type of company/work visa to stay in japan for the time being. probably why she befriended ella in the first place.

I truly, with every fibre of my being, hope he does that (but it has the potential to backfire on him). Venus def planned to divorce him from the start. that's why she slowly planted seeds against him throughout the years, so when this moment comes, her fans would support her, just like they did with her mom. She was hoping for round 2 of deify venus, demonize the person who's of no use to her anymore. ella freya, as much of a bitch she is, had better watch out. when venus is done with her, she will probably screw her over too.

Her bf was basically a sugar daddy, just like taylors. Also, called it earlier in the forum. venus was working with ella to start a business. I knew she couldn't do it on her own without leeching off of someone (and probably lot's of sugar daddies - I mean - investors too).

No. 66082

Also, notice how she only mentioned the divorce after the company stuff was ready. There's definitely something scammy going on. Her "business" is 100% visa related.

No. 66108

File: 1568192169956.png (662.01 KB, 926x588, Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 11.5…)

Looking for staff for her bullshit company

No. 66118


>I decided to name the company myself so that it looks like I'm doing more than just making myself a company to stay in Japan and escort

No. 66120

Meh, I think with his parents' help and a good lawyer he has a decent chance. Despite his weirdness and the age difference, he was the one who wanted to wait, and Venus was hesitant to marry him until she realized she needed to in order to live in Japan and get away from Margaret. After making her escape with Manaki, reconnecting with her relatives and demonizing Margo/ putting herself on a pedestal as a tormented victim trying to heal she laid around doing dumb shit, acting like a little and buying toys instead of anything relevant to her being in Japan. None of her content except maybe the weird Japanese-only channel stuff is Japan-exclusive and can't be filmed in Hungary or elsewhere, which might be why she did it to begin with as well as to advertise herself to, um, "investors". Although, the Japanese don't have any use for a Japanese-only channel run by a foreigner in a yukata browsing a shopping center either… so who knows what this company of hers will actually end up doing, but right now she seems pretty confident for someone who has no clear business plan or model. If Manaki moves fast and doesn't do her any favors, maybe he and his parents could have her investigated and then she'd have to explain to immigration why she needs to live in Japan if she doesn't hold a real job or have an education. Showing off that you live in Japan and wear Japanese fashion isn't a career.

No. 66125

File: 1568202451484.png (1.02 MB, 1746x1074, Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 7.38…)

Woke up to this spam in my sub box (blurred the videos that aren't related). The stream name that's cut-off reads, "I'll answer ANYTHING as long as the question counts exactly 9 words". Also, 2 of these streams are scheduled for the same time.

I don't know why she insists on this time. If her audience is in America, then her 9pm is going to be 8am Eastern and 5am Pacific. Although the last time she did a stream at her 8am (4pm PDT and 7pm EDT), she just complained the whole time about being tired. Her laziness is so transparent.

No. 66129

File: 1568204006374.jpg (56.87 KB, 1208x680, venus-stream-sept11-19.JPG)

Well, I'll give her credit for actually starting this stream on time, but it's a mess. She doesn't know how to handle the chat speed and half the time when she does find a question to answer, all she says is "it's a secret" or "I can't really talk about that yet" which is not what people expect from a stream called "I'll answer ANYTHING".

I don't see how she's going to build an audience with this early-morning North America schedule and boring style of streaming (bad audio and lighting, sweatshirt and lazy hair, generally disorganized with lots of dead air and pauses).

No. 66130

I dont know why you think that he was a sugardaddy or she might had a other asian boyfriend after. We are talking about Kenneth here or?

Me and her where both in highschool when she was with that guy, and he also was in the netherlands mostly, she did vwo (level) of highschool which makes her underage after finishing, lived with her middle class family in a expensive town in nl, I just stalked her profile again and he is on family photos to. I think he made it possible for her to do some part time modelling cause he was born in singapore, they where together for some years so I dont see why it wasnt genuine?

No. 66131

She’s literally cherry picking questions, she’s completely ignored questions about her visa so I guess it’s not “I’ll answer anything” why even bother lying

No. 66134

Her lack of education really shows when she can’t even count 9 words by herself, she has to use a word counting program

No. 66135

It's faster to use a word counting program. It's literally one of the few things she did right.

No. 66141

It’s not faster at all, the time she took to copy and paste the sentence would be more time then just counting to 9

No. 66143

>I'm looking for staff with skills related to finances and media

aka people who do everything while you sit in your daddy's broom closet drinking Tabasco sauce for money

No. 66150

I personally can't wait for the juicy 'business' drama.

If anyone's actually stupid enough to work for this (re: someone young and naive) I believe she'll abuse them and cheat their pay. Poor simps.

No. 66157

Who cares if the time is too early for North American viewers? The US is not the center of the world lol
She probably has a lot of European viewers as well

No. 66159

9 pm Tokyo is mid-late afternoon in Europe (2-3 pm), which still seems like an awkward streaming time, since much of your audience would still be at work or school then. To be fair, streaming isn't my thing so I don't know what the typical schedule looks like, so maybe it'll work for her.

No. 66179

This company is definitely not a real legitimate company. I mean, what skills does venus have to bring to the marketing/pr industry? Does she have a diploma/degree/education in the field? No. Does she have years of REAL life work experience in the field? No. Does she have a business education? No. Does she have basic blue collar job experience? No. Not even that. She has nothing. My guess is after she was finished screwing over the Malice business owner, this new "business" will use her youtube channel to either promote small establishments like the Italian restaurant (and could also be why she made her Japan only channel as she'd need to promote to locals) or she'll be promoting other jvloggers. If she didn't have an internet presence, her "company" would not be possible, as she lacks actual value as a business owner/marketer. This is more of a joke of a business, which she is making official by signing documentation/doing legalities, and then glorifying it, probably due to her need for a visa. She also stated in a live stream that her end goal was having multiple business and employees that basically do everything, so she can just count the dough coming in as she is lazy. Her "business" is honestly an insult to any actual, real entrepreneur and seems very margo-ish. Not to mention posting a pater ad in order to gain "investors" (sugar daddies) to give her free money to leech off of. I am certain that was at least one of the ways she would have secured support, especially if she's working with ella on this (not sure if she is but she posted a pic with her and the business so), you can expect business drama and scammy stuff. Ella insists that her ED website article is fake, but the scam related stuff isn't. It's just dramatized given the nature of the website. Ella is a pretty bad person, but then again, so is Venus and most of the jvloggers are almost always involved in scammy behaviour, sex work, exploitation, self-entitled attitudes, believing they deserve free things, laziness and a penchant for putting themselves on a pedestal. It's no different with venus.

No. 66185

Fake business and career ideas, all that effort to stay in Japan. Like mother like daughter.

No. 66186

>her end goal was having multiple business and employees that basically do everything

Bitch wasn't emotionally mature to handle a marriage lmao let alone running a business with multiple employees. She will act like a spoiled child and throw them under the bus or call them abusers when they are not longer useful for her.

No. 66199

"I'll answer anything in 9 words" live stream summary (good summary courtesy of PULL):

-she plans to do a video collab with Kenna soon and says she is on good terms with her.

- She says she has been living away from Manaki for 1-2 months. All her stuff is still there but she feel too uncomfortable to go back.

- She says she still considers Mikan as a friend and that she hopes she finds happiness because she had a tough life.

- She plans to make a video of the divorce soon

- She talks a little bit about her marriage with Manaki. She said financially she was in a better situation than him and that she worked more hours and that her mom didn't like it because she wanted her to marry someone rich. She also they didn't really have good chemistry.

No. 66203

THOUGHTS and/or adding to PULL summary:
(sorry if it's too lengthy)

1. Venus gets asked about her ED. She starts stammering when mentioning going to therapy for a year for it (seems suspicious, supposed friend claimed venus lies about therapy), said she eats "intuitively now" and said she was never diagnosed with an ED, she was apparently told counting calories & weight causing her stress is normal for someone on the internet who wants to be praised & it's nothing to be worried about. Maybe eating disorder/pity party she held during her hospital stay no longer suits her, as now she's a strong, independent business woman who don't need no ED, who was never diagnosed with one or officially had an ED as it doesn't suit the "mature business woman" image.

2. Stream was a click bait, as she doesn't answer ANY question. She skips many or uses the "it's a secret" or other excuses. Also said opening a business was "a long time dream". This is definitely a lie as she showed no interest in running a business until her relationship with Mana got rocky. She has previously stated she wanted to be a pastry chef (tweet) and fashion designer (said at narcon). Never showed any interest in marketing/PR for it to have been a "long time dream". If it was, she would have mentioned something way earlier. Venus never keeps her mouth shut after all.

3. She feels "soul-crushed" and "unhappy" near manaki. She was doing the usual pity party thing, where she acts sad on camera for viewers. It's the same thing she did with her mom. Instead of outright bash them, do this pity party victim thing. She must have initially been really confidant the video she posted would have turned 100% of the internet against Mana, in another black and white, venus is a poor victim narrative. And I guess it really was a lie in a previous stream, when she said she still goes to Manaki's place on the weekends. Because in this stream, she said she doesn't. So many lies.

4. I find it hilarious that venus claimed she "worked more hours than manaki". Sitting on your ass pretending to be cute on a video (and getting grossly overpaid), then sitting on your ass in the comfort of your own home editing the video is not work. Manaki would have to commute to work, work in a fucking factory doing physical labor and actually physically deal with people/co-workers, then commute back (and I believe he was also doing night shifts). God this bitch loves to put herself on a pedestal. Sorry v, but a blue-collar real job, even a factory job, will still be way more respected in the eyes of actual hard-workers, than… "editing videos". What a fucking joke. And the vulture continued with, "he just doesn't like working" LOL. Coming from a girl who had her mom invest/manage/build her YT channel. Who married a guy for an easy visa to Japan, instead of going to college, becoming a skilled laborer/professional and immigrating to Japan on a skilled worker visa. Coming from a girl who used Mana to further her YT content (she was now in Japan after all) and a girl who spent years playing with toys, after what, editing a max of 2 videos a week? Even if Mana was supposedly happy remaining a factory worker, at least he was working, unlike you. She then lowkey insults him for being unambitious, aka: a factory worker, just like her mom (even though when she needed to shit on marge, the narrative was: my mom is so mean to mana it hurts me so much uwu). The vulture finished off by calling Mana a NEET & repeatedly insisted she doesn't like talking about this (just like margo only talks about venus cause ppl keep asking her not cause she wants to lol). Venus doesn't like talking about it despite freely posting a slander video & a future divorce video is on the way! Vile is a kind word to describe her.

5. She talked about Malice and the manager. Basically, she used him to get insider information on how to start a company. Earlier, an alleged friend of venus posted that "she screwed him over and tried to fuck him". Seems very plausible now, that she screwed the guy over somehow, as upon meeting him, already her end goal was making her own company, not sticking with malice. He was a tool for her too. She also blamed him as not being experienced enough in managing/running a company. Obviously, it's never venus' fault. She is not accountable.

6. She plans on making a video about the divorce (someone kill me now). She's milking Mana & the divorce with everything she's got. I find it disgusting that she'll upload a video about it to make money. It better not be monetized, you coin goblin. That's the very least you can do to still have a tiny shred of decency. Although, not posting it at all or shaming Manaki (since you KNOW it embarrasses him) would be the better option. But I know you're going to try to spin the narrative to save face and garner pity. She said she will also re-upload the Manaki slander video since "it's already out there & you guys (fans) don't like me deleting videos". Cunt.

7. Venus' retarded chat moderator she picked at random censors questions regarding manaki. venus says it's ok to ask about manaki as some viewers might be new and she "forgives them" for not knowing. What the fuck. Who words it like that? forgives them? what a cunt.

8. Venus "sees Mikan as a friend" and not "we are friends", she retracted that as soon as she said it. Kind of suspicious. It seemed like she was kissing major mikan ass with her following comments (if she's happy that's all i care about i'm such a good person pity me uwu). And of course, finishing it off with the usual stare off into space & look sad for the viewers, indirect pity party thing. If Mikan is smart, she will stay away.

9. She wants to experience getting a tattoo but she doesn't actually want one. wut. Is this only to go with the edgy, dark, alcoholic, titty girl's bar image or something and that's why she's considering it?

10. Also, is venus smoothing/editing/whitening her face on stream or is it just lighting/bad camera quality? Because she looks nothing like that in her most candid pics/shots. Can't see a wrinkle on her face.

No. 66205

>She says she has been living away from Manaki for 1-2 months. All her stuff is still there but she feel too uncomfortable to go back.
She finally admitted what we've known! Although she should suck it up and go get her shit from him. Unless her feeling uncomfortable was a lie and he doesn't want her to come to the house.
I can't wait for a million updates on how the divorce is effecting her.

Although with her "company" I'd be shocked if she really even gets one employee. I can just see someone in the future making a video on what a nightmare was to work for Penus.

No. 66214

>financially she was in a better situation than him
Gee, I wonder if that's because he paid the rent, house bills, gas, food, taxes, etc so she could buy plastic crap and lolita dresses?

>that she worked more hours


No. 66221

What kind of unambitious neet factory worker would buy a car, buy a motorbike, travel to Korea and Sweden, move apartments twice because evil mom in law stalked my poor waifu :'C, get her a custom dollfie as christmas present, drive her to amusement parks and cafes every other day?
But the real question is, Venus, as a ~self made business woman~ what else has achieved during these years with her huge income, besides wasting over $20k in a botched surgery?

No. 66224

>>The vulture finished off by calling Mana a NEET
Lol this is my favorite part. She said –towards the end – he became a neet. This is very different from her initial claim of, "he didn't work and I supported him". I don't think Manaki is perfect and maybe it's true he didn't work/want to work at the end (though she lies a lot), but I love how if Mana doesn't work, he's an unambitious neet who doesn't want to work and is leeching off of me but when Venus stops posting videos for months on end, on repeated occasions or has never even worked a real job or her "work" involves going out with friends and having fun, or she doesn't even work to get to Japan, just marries for a visa the easy way, it's OK, because she is suffering guysss, she has depression, her mommy was mean to her, she has bpd, she has adhd, her heart hurts uwu [insert more pity eliciting statements here]. Maybe Manaki was burnt out and needed a break too? Maybe he was suffering emotionally but just didn't show it? Maybe he felt he couldn't show it around me me me me me Venus. Or does Venus think she is the only one who has emotional problems and valid reasons for being a lazy, lying, leech? She seems intent on forcing this narrative that she's actually an earnest hard-worker. I think the "she's lazy" comments after her daily dose of lurking lolcow, truly bother her, as do the "she's broke" comments.

>> Venus "sees Mikan as a friend" and not "we are friends", she retracted that as soon as she said it.

She also made Mikan out to seem like a bad friend – I hope she doesn't forget about me, she's too busy for me, she's making new friends and replacing me. This was a subtle, manipulative way (veiled in positivity) to insinuate that Mikan is a fake friend, while making herself seem like a great person (I hope she's happy, I want the best for her even if she forgets me, etc). Reminds me of the friend that posted here earlier, saying she would call them out as a fake friend if they said too much.

No. 66226

don't forget calling to check up on her and picking her drunk ass up from karaoke bars, along with being her personal chauffeur

No. 66235

I can't believe she left all her stuff with him, at least get all your trash from his house Penus.
Either he'll man up and throw it all out or she'll end up like her mom and rent a container for her stuff, only to beg people for money to pay for the fees lol

No. 66237

He absolutely needs to throw all her shit in the nearest dumpster

No. 66239

>She feels "soul-crushed" and "unhappy" near manaki

I believe that feeling is actually called “shame”. Did she ever show empathy towards that guy? It felt like she was always dehumanizing him.

>Maybe Manaki was burnt out and needed a break too? Maybe he was suffering emotionally but just didn't show it? Maybe he felt he couldn't show it around me me me me me Venus.

This. I don’t see how he could NOT have been emotionally and spiritually destroyed by all this! Yeah, he was goofy virgin loser who should have been dating a normal woman close to his age but he got screwed so hard. It was only a few months of “newlywed bliss” before Venus brought the crazy back into their lives and he was trapped. I can only imagine the day this poor sap realized he made a huge mistake and there was nothing he could ever do to make her happy and she would never love him. I totally believe he could have ended up utterly depressed, unmotivated and resentful enough to quit his job. I bet there was so much tension and a dark atmosphere, yet Venus refuses to acknowledge her role at all. Even if he started becoming an unpleasant jerk in the end, she never once admitted that she hurt him or deceived him in any way.

“Manaki owes me $10,000 for storage!”

No. 66243

>He stole my belongings and tried to bite off my finger!!!

No. 66272

Anyone wanna bet what her 3 live streams will be about? (this is fear, why cant i stop eating, study tips for lazy ppl)

My guess:
a) this is fear will be some pity party, where she discusses manaki, how she feared him and how he was like her mom (lol), how she fears people or has social anxiety, how she fears failing her business or not getting to stay in Japan (doubt she will bring that last one up) or the divorce. Will basically be a major pity party…. or a horror game or something lol

b) why can't i stop eating will be another pity party where she discusses her diet, her surgery, how her stomach is bigger and cant get full (her stomach isn't bigger though, it was just prolapsed after the surgery), her pretend therapy etc etc

c) study tips will be a major self-aggrandizement session. She will go on about how she studied Japanese and korean and being home schooled while mean old mommy made her upload videos. She'll talk about how she studied "her whole life", she will boast about the languages she pretends to be fluent in or conversational in (she is not good at korean, dutch, spanish and swiss german is a dialect). She might talk about school plans if she has any and how she studied for her n2/n1 Japanese stuff. Basically, the point is venus boasting about how she's a hard-worker and diligently studied all her life lol.

Of course I could be way off. Who knows. Maybe she will try to be fake humble (not pretend she studied oh so hard all her life or speaks 7 languages etc) to save face.

No. 66283

Bless. She had to abandon her kawaki uwu NEET collection behind, as its obvious she left very suddenly and only took a suitcase or two with her. Maybe sugardaddy can help her out.

Leaving belongings behind after a relationship breakup is also a narc trait. It's to keep that 'connection' with the person as a form of manipulation so they can use it to their advantage and paint them in a bad light as to why they don't have their belongings back yet. We see right through your bullshit Venus.

No. 66289

>>Lol this is my favorite part. She said –towards the end – he became a neet.

she's probably lying (given how she already changed her story about mana not working AT ALL and her supporting him). I can't see how mana quit his job, even "in the end" when in like 2018+ venus wasn't making much from YT. Were they living on savings then? Hers? or His? or both? Cause if it's either of the latter, she can't complain. Did he quit for like less than a month or something and she's just exaggerating it? Even if he did quit, is it so sinful for a woman to support her husband temporarily, or does she believe she's the only one worth/allowed to be supported like the special snowflake she is? Maybe there are mental issues involved and he needed help? She's also using the "she made more" overall excuse. Like she's putting him down for not having an equivalent salary (at least he was doing a real, respectable job, not wearing sailor venus outfits with boobs out and playing with toys or escorting). It's like she's trying to tell her audience, I made more overall, therefore I did more in this relationship and am basically better and moreeee ambitiousssss

No matter what Manaki is like irl, he's still clearly a better person than her as he has not stooped so low as to slander her (and I'm sure there's plenty he could say) or used the situation for views and money. And I hope he continues to refrain from getting sucked into her little drama cyclone.

No. 66290

Good point. I used to think that Mana kicked her out and refused to let her back, but 1. It's not really the Japanese way and Mana seems too much of a doormat. 2. Venus would have used that against him saying he's controlling he won't even let her get her stuff and she'd probably mention a lawsuit like she sometimes does against others. (though it would be settled in divorce court anyway) 3. Venus pity-grabbed via "I feel soul-crushed & unhappy", but even she didn't say she not allowed back and I doubt Mana would be stupid enough to refuse to let her get her stuff.

It's most likely too much of a hassle for Venus to go get all her useless things right now and she probably already took the most important items. Plus the narc thing, she may have said that to lowkey paint him in a bad light, like he doesn't let her get her stuff sort of thing.

No. 66291

The part in her latest stream where she answered the 'if you could erase one memory, what will it be?' question was super annoying. She did the usual sympathy grab, the crying about how her mom was mean and abusive shtick. This is not a marge sympathy post, or a marge was a wonderful parent post, rather pointing out venus' lowkey maliciousness. Plenty of people have toxic parents, but you don't see them hard at work, attempting to publicly defame these toxic people both in their private circles, professional circles or internet. Venus choose to cherry-pick, ignoring most of the questions but jumps at the chance to answer any question where she can bash Margaret or Manaki for sympathy grabs, followed by long pauses and sad faces. I find it hard to have any sympathy for someone who's constantly throwing other people under the bus in an eternal pity party. She could have skipped those questions, like she skipped a plethora of other questions.

No. 66296

Plenty of people have had toxic family members and bad childhoods yet move on to become better people than them. Venus is milking her shitty life over and over like a broken record because that is all she has going for her. 'Pity poor Weenus and her evil mother and abusive Japanese husband me me me all about me I have such a hard life'. She's absolutely pathetic.

No. 66300

What really confuses me is that Venus never really did that before? I mean, talking about her mom. There were always questions about that topic but after the videos explaining why she ran away from home and about the untrue (?) allegations of her mom, she stayed silent on the matter. Nowadays she likes to talk about it to gain pity points.
I know we all don't know her personally but it kinda feels like she became a different person.

And about Manaki being a NEET, I feel like he at least got more education than Venus… how can she talk about him like that? At least he's working a real job (not like Youtube can't be a real job but lets be honest, Venus didn't do shit the last few years)

No. 66324

She was always a different person (probably somewhat closer to what we see now). And actually she did make jabs at her mom, although obviously not in the same way. It was just in really indirect, subtle ways. I believe she went the subtle route, because she was super concerned about her public image. She still seems concerned with it, given her obsession with lurking her threads, but she has decided to put on a more "badass, edgy, direct" personality now. I think she realized, majority of her fans will never see through her bs, so she can act however she wants.

Some examples of her shading marge:
1. The 'when bitches drag you down' post she made on instagram
2. the calling my dad video - a jab at margaret & pity/money grab, but she was too pussy to say it herself, so she had a family member say negative things.
3. Posting a Japanese "anti-aging video thumbnail where she used margaret's age for some reason. Was she low key insulting Margaret as aging and not as youthful as venus or something? That'd def trigger marge.
4. saying marge is a racist and the pregnant comment - she did it via her usual pity grab method, knowing it would take heat off of her and she would be excused as a 'poor traumatized mentally ill girl' and not held accountable in any way.
5.Click baiting a q&a as 'do I miss my parents' despite it being one tiny segment and then making the 'garlic' comment against marge.

There were more, I just can't recall.

On a random note, I just remembered: shortly after coming out as gay, she made a tweet about how she truly loves manaki and he's basically perfect for her. Was she just trying to appease Manaki for that visa at the time? It was such a random thing to suddenly post if she claims, "he's a mini margo" and all.

No. 66326

marge is a racist though. it's not nitpicking by any person to say that, the posts are there to prove it

I think venus tried to suppress her shit and hasn't had therapy (to any decent extent), and now she's gonna let fly and be toxic as hell about it, just like she learned from her momma. it's a common trope that the lolcow springs from beautiful innocent parents but of course they never do. marge lets people know she's a crazy bitch so it's not like she's going to suffer from it reputation wise, only venus will suffer from not dealing with anything and going round in circles, playing margo-style games.

No. 66328

No one said she wasn't, especially when you look at some of marge's twitter posts, rather than just blindly trusting what venus says. I was just stating that venus was indeed shading marge the entire time. And the racist thing was calculatedly mentioned to take heat off of her surgery and the fact that she had previously voluntarily lied about how she maintains her weight (literally made a video about it years back for no reason, filled with lies). So venus shaded marge the entire time. The only difference is now venus is less subtle and much more openly shading her. And Marge is trying to pretend she's less cray cray I'd say, given she's (for now) stopped with the instagram rants.

No. 66329

And she wasn't trying to suppress anything. She was literally just pretending to be decent because she liked being deified by the internet. All of these jvlogger cows like to glorify and embellish themselves to the public, when really they're just shitty people all around.

No. 66334

>she made a tweet about how she truly loves manaki and he's basically perfect for her.

She made several comments like that, like originally claiming that she ran away from her mother because she couldn’t stand the horrible things Margaret said about Manaki and Venus said she would never meet someone like him. Saying he was like the male version of herself and he was the exception to her “girls only” rule. Insisting that they never fight. Now he’s just like her mom and she was forced into marriage?

If she wanted to sell a story to save face and look like the good guy, she should have just said that her ongoing mental illness and hospitalizations put irreparable damage on the marriage or, she could have said her newly discovered sexuality and intimacy issues made her marriage to a traditional heterosexual man unfair to the both of them. When she had total control over the narrative, she had so many possible ways to NOT look like a total asshole.

No. 66348

File: 1568404582477.jpg (67.75 KB, 529x436, lul.JPG)

Sage for old dry milk but reading what she used to post in the good ol days, compared to how she is now is so weird. Little miss perfect is now whoring herself to stay in a foreign country instead of studying/working like any normal fag would do while those classmates she bashed are probably graduating/starting a stable carrier/family. Oh, the irony.

No. 66349

Kids/teenagers often mimic their parents. She probably wanted marges good opinion.

No. 66371

1. This blogpost sounds more like Margo's writing than Venus'.
2. Everybody knows that the "little miss perfect" kids from middle/high school have their delayed rebellious phases when they become adults.
3. Nothing ironic about having different opinions than the ones you had at 13.

Venus does a lot of shitty stuff nowadays but c'mon.

No. 66400

>study tips

Have she ever had any formal education? I wouldn’t take study tips from her.

No. 66401

>don't do this again, it's not good
Sounds like she was projecting what Margo was verbally punishing her with every day for not being the perfect living doll. Real children aren't that obsessed with failure unless they're being abused and fear reprimand.

No. 66430

Venus graces us with some quality cringe

No. 66432

This was difficult to sit through. It sounds like she has a cold or something when she tries to laugh. Her "everyday laugh" sounds more natural.

No. 66440


surprised that the director beside her isn't getting mad at her at all despite having 600 takes

No. 66444

was gonna say something like "why is she always trying to do things she's bad at?"
then again I never saw her being good at anything.
Is she actually… slow?

No. 66446

At first I thought she was just fooling around and trying to be funny in her awkward way. But as it progressed, I realized she really didn’t know what she was doing nor was she prepared. Is it her medication or does she just not know how to express emotion like the average person? It.wasn’t cringe but more of a feeling that something is actually wrong with her.

No. 66450

File: 1568571665694.jpg (20.27 KB, 252x368, dude.JPG)


he looks like he is about to give up on life

No. 66456

All those years trapped under Margo's wing without much proper social interaction has fucked up her up. She's just so awkward and robotic in public when it doesn't involve her fans and safe kawaii space that give her a bit more confidence. It's like she doesn't know how to be a normal human when out of her usual comfort zone.

No. 66459

This. She's gross, lazy and untalented af. She's not even good at lying or photoshopping herself. Can't wait to see her role in Absometal lol

No. 66460

File: 1568580001556.jpg (32.89 KB, 1080x309, Screenshot_20190915_151625.jpg)

Idk what's cringier, her "voice acting" or the comment section of the video. It's full of whiteknights and of course, our beloved David

No. 66461

File: 1568580101646.jpg (30.08 KB, 1080x316, Screenshot_20190915_151730.jpg)

It is harder when you have 0 talent
like Venus lmao

No. 66467

Isn't it just a small role she had? Despite making it look like she had a lead character role throughout her advertisement of it so you know her debut is going to be utter shit. Venus has nothing going for herself and she is just like every other basic white girl in Japan who thinks they're going to be big.

No. 66482

File: 1568591854524.jpg (635.87 KB, 1080x1920, 20190801_103558.jpg)

Venus herself said it was only a 1 scene role.

The stage play people however seemed to promote her way more than they should have though. Probably because she's white and they thought it would bring an audience.

No. 66483

File: 1568591978480.jpeg (42.32 KB, 409x500, F489F214-8262-4A25-BD6F-AFD558…)

No. 66484


I’m always amazed how much of a potato her face is

No. 66485


Christ it isn’t even a hard thing to act out and she was awful

No. 66487

Sis does not look good…

No. 66493

She's had years to go out of her comfort zone since leaving marge. Not marge's fault venus chose to continue living the fantasy weeb neet life whilst probably leeching off of manaki for a time (although she claims otherwise) when she stopped posting on youtube.

She initially made it seem like her role was more grandiose though and hyped up her exceedingly small part. The guy in the beginning actually sounded like a professional voice actor and then you get… venus lol. This is what happens when you cast someone who only has a brand name thanks to her vile momager and nothing else in terms of legitimate talent.

Also glad she didn't do those live streams, and hope she won't. They sounded really boring. I mean, an entire stream on studying? Better just stick to hearthstone to give her something to do on stream and talking to her fans here and there.

No. 66520

It's more like a mixture of her childhood being a mess and Venus choosing to not change that because she's simply too lazy and doesn't give a shit. She'll never improve at this rate and can't keep blaming her narcissistic mother for it all either.

No. 66521

That and also because Venus has a large following compared to the others involved, so they used that to their advantage to bring attention to the show.

No. 66534

she wasnt even mentioned in the news reports they had for this play. she's pretty irrelevant imo

No. 66535

I hope she dyes her hair lighter again soon. The deep black doesn't really compliment her pale skin.

No. 66545

But she wants to look like a kawaii Japanese girl so can't see that changing anytime soon lol.

No. 66547

And yet the darker hair ages her more than a reddish brown would, plus most kawaii Japanese girls dye their hair a few shades lighter anyway.

No. 66551


This hair makes her look like a demon spirit of a dead woman from Asian horror movies.

No. 66555

File: 1568664146850.png (887.72 KB, 537x816, V2015.png)

are you sure, anon? this is taken from a 4 year old video..
only god can save her haggard face

No. 66556

File: 1568666762834.jpg (180.56 KB, 1280x720, Ven.jpg)

I don't think any hair color will help make her look youthful considering how thin her hair is and how worn her face looks in general. Here's a screenshot from her latest video.

No. 66559

Her weight loss surgery likely expedited her aging.
Not to tinfoil, but if you look up bypass before and afters of women who've had it long term their faces look really gaunt and aged from the problems with malnutrition. Some of them have written testimonials similar to Venus when their procedures went awry, and they look very sick before they got reversals.
She's done a lot of damage, and I don't think it's sunk in to her yet.

She looks human here. Not like a shell.

No. 66564

Damn she's got beer bloat now. Alcoholism makes you retain water and her face looks super puffy here.

No. 66565

And that's with skin smoothing I believe. Though I'd still rather see her as unedited and un-smoothed as possible, as it's more real and less desperate, no matter how aged she may look.

She looked kind of old even before her surgery though. While removing intestines reduces her nutrient uptake and this will contribute to future aging, I think genetics is a huge factor in her case (ex: saggyish skin/gowls), as well as under eye tape she often uses/used (premature fine lines around her eyes) and her diet (she often followed unhealthy diets and some days barely ate or vomited what she did and drinks a lot).

No. 66572

Since nobody posted it, here's her latest. She really seems to want people to ship her and Ella.

No. 66575

has anyone found ella freya's jav yet? she's bang-on the 'white girl in jav' archetype

No. 66576

I just remembered something. Remember Venus' "fuck me daddy or I'll kill myself" instagram post? I just realized she was most likely emotionally blackmailing Manaki at the time (how narc-like), and threatening that she would kill her self if he left her. I initially just dismissed it as Venus being edgy, since we didn't know for sure why Mana stopped SM and that they were indeed divorcing, but in retrospect, it seems like emotional blackmail aimed at Manaki.

No. 66578

File: 1568705214547.png (1.8 MB, 2048x1536, 93DC0B22-CCC9-430B-94AA-29C4ED…)

this stream has revealed a lot of her dumbness..

also she answered that she’s been to a gay club several times and that she did kiss a girl also her personality seemed very different in that stream it’s like she has a specific personality each time that’s creepy…

also when she saw this thread in her stream of ‘pretty ugly little liar’ she seemed so fake.. cause the real reaction would be taking this seriously or at least explain herself on some of the points that was mentioned yet she was looking at this and laughing pretending it’s all good…unfortunately that’s exactly how the liars react whenever they’re caught…

anyway she got nothing but lies and a foolish people to fall for that..

No. 66583

>also her personality seemed very different in that stream it’s like she has a specific personality each time that’s creepy…

I’ve been struggling to pinpoint what her personality really is. Besides something like Yuuhei Satellite, what is an interest or hobby that is unique to Venus? I can’t think of anything else. She’s like a very generic illustration of a weeboo but not an actual otaku because of her lack of genuine enthusiasm to any one thing. She seems to be jumping around from one thing to the next, never fully devoting herself or putting in all her effort. I would be so shocked if she would just nerd out during a live stream just talk at length about an anime she was into. Or manga, fashion, food, etc. Just some indication of passion, no matter how embarrassing.

Every now and then, she would upload truly interesting videos, like local tourism in Kanagawa or her doll customization, and I would be looking forward to more of that material or hear her talk about why she chose that topic or what SHE liked about it. For example, her Super Dollfie. She posted photos and outfits but never talked about the community, BJD companies, or future plans for the hobby like other fans do. I really wish she would commit to something and not go down her mother’s path.

No. 66584

I think Venus real personality is closest to when she hangs out with friends. Her streams bring out her super awkward I-was-raised-by-a-narc personality, also she probably tries to look unbothered and bored on purpose.

This vlog felt pretty natural (although still stiff cause it's venus).

No. 66585

watch her struggle to seem "nerdy" in her next stream.

I guess food and cute things are her passion (not making them, just consuming). she tried to food-blog a few times before.
the problem is that she herself is extremely shallow and boring, and her thinking doesn't go beyond "oh thats tasty/good/cute, me likey"

No. 66587

That’s true. When she relaxes around someone like Taylor or Ella, she’s awkward but you can see how she could be fun to be around. She honestly seems like she would be very polite and wouldn’t drag you down while she’s with you. But once she’s alone with nothing but her own thoughts, especially when she chooses to stream, that all changes. Does she need someone by her all the time in order to function better?

I know she reads here so I hope she doesn’t suddenly force nerdiness. Although it would be nice if she does think about what she does like and learn to appreciate those things more so she can have more things to distract her from depression. She once said she wanted to go to Comiket but I don’t know what motivated that since she doesn’t share manga, authors or particular genres she likes. Comiket is quite different than other conventions.

No. 66628

cool your fucking ellipses, boomeranon

No. 66630

>triggered nigger who only speaks one or two languages and thinks everyone needs to be perfectly fluent in MUH english(racebait)

No. 66646

Racebait? Are you fucking retarded? Did I trigger the sensitive snowflake mods? Nigger is used to describe dumb people of every race.

Mods are niggers. The people whos poor feefees got hurt so they had to report are niggers.

Stay assblasted, nigger.

No. 66648

Wow. is this the kind of fans Venus has? Lovely.


How many livestreams did she cancel since she announced her schedule?

No. 66650

Sir, this is a Wendy's drive-thru.

No. 66653

File: 1568829769734.jpeg (34.59 KB, 300x250, 351D389C-6695-4591-AF4E-26B1CC…)

“uwu don’t make fun of the alcoholic perpetual victim, that’s so mean…. N1ggers amirite?”

No. 66656

wtf are you saying go get your armor it’s your shift on white knighting her

No. 66662


>How many livestreams did she cancel since she announced her schedule?

3 and counting, she never keeps her promises, we all knew she wasn’t going to keep up with her schedule, she’s lies constantly

No. 66669

>triggered NIGGERS

No. 66670

go back to /pol/ sis where you can be the best trad waifu and handmaiden to all them jobless and fat neckbeards err I mean "trad" husbandos

No. 66672

Go back to reddit where you can keep being triggered and offended about words like the special snowflake you are and smash that report button if someone hurts your feefees.

No. 66673

File: 1568853433165.jpg (52.54 KB, 436x434, 6191YkVLF3L._AC_UL436_.jpg)

Yikes, go back to 4chan if you want to infight that bad.

No. 66674

File: 1568853596331.jpg (173.29 KB, 1024x684, 5vvYNUj.jpg)

Imagine being this pic unironically.

No. 66682

Infighting WK anon desperate to get this thread put on autosage to protect veenus from the meanie internet boolies

Pls do not feed the trolls

No. 66685

Yeah so desperate. I wasn't the buttmad nigger who started nitpicking about grammar in a Veenus thread. Suffocate on my cock, retard.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 66686


at least be original retard I bet youre just a fat fuck fapping to your wapanese waifu weenuss too bad if youre not asian she is not riding your tiny peen

No. 66688

You ask other people to be original while you're doing the same old, expected "hello fanboy of (insert)"-cow schtick? How retarded are you actually?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 66689

sure thing buddy! Im sure weenoos is gun suck dat dick slurp slurp slurp! oh wait youre probably poor and not asian :^(

No. 66690

>gets called out for being a hypocrite
>has to evade the point made and ramble some incoherent shit about asians and dicks

LMAO. Keep seething, retard.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 66697

Please, sage your sperg

No. 66698

can you all just get one thing straight at least - the sperganon wasn't defending venus, they were attacking someone who attacked the grammar (or something - what's wrong with 'dumbness'?) of someone who attacked venus. if you do the math it comes out on the against venus side, not pro. thanks

No. 66703

I dunno, "dumb nigger" anon got banned awhile ago for WKing Venus and tossing out that insult then too. They probably have a history that we can't see, but the mod can. I don't ever see other farmers calling other posters "dumb niggers" and it seems to be only one culprit behind it who loves Venus for some reason.

No. 66704

This post! The sperg anon has been saying "nigger" and making themselves obvious this whole time tbh this person sounds like a robot or a neckbeard who probably watches too much idubbbz and other edge lord youtubers.

No. 66708

This. They're shitting up the thread then go to /meta to cry : "Venus thread is a mess…blabla…infighting, nipticking…blabla…Autosage please"
Don't take the baits my dear anons, it's exactly what they want. Report and move on.

No. 66752

>paranoid niggers sperging cause their feefees got hurt(ban evasion)

No. 66753

now imagine the absolute mess her ~company~ will be lmao
Can't wait for the salty or pity party IG posts when a customer demands a refund for not meeting the deadline.

No. 66759

Anybody wanna take a bet on how long it'll be until Venus ends up working as a ''hostess'' at a club, or try to get a gig at one of those perverted gimmick cafes? Her overall degradation leads me to believe she might consider that kind of work.

She'll probably try to change her image from a kawaii innocent anime loli to a sexy ero hentai girl to cover her own ass. It's not prostitution if it's a part of her liberated, independent ecchi lifestyle, right? Her neckbeard white knights would go mad over it.

No. 66766

i thought she already was doing that and that's where she got the idea of running the bar

No. 66792

No. 66843


i don't imagine venus could run a baked potato cart if she tried.
this is a person who had spent literally all her teenage years and young adulthood clowning around on camera, while being dragged around the world and pimped out by crazy Margo, then voluntarily having a life threatening surgery just so she could overeat without getting fat. she likely has no clue how anything works in the adult world, what it's like to actually do a job together with other people, etc. as she said herself, she doesn't want a 'real job', so the idea of her successfully running a business such as a bar, is very amusing indeed.

No. 66854

No. 66866

like clockwork >>66854

No. 66868

Wow, this thread sure went to shit these past few days. Anyways, Mikan released a video 3 days ago in which one of the topics she discussed was toxic friendships. She begins at 18:45, and at 19:14 she mentions having to cut someone out of her life this spring due to being toxic and taking without giving - sounds a lot like Venus.

No. 66869

Did you lose your way to the r/trans?

Lol. What if this incel is actually Venus?

Anyway, this video was not bad at all. For her regular fans, it may be extremely boring but it’s short and gives you a good idea of what it’s like to work there. The format and editing looks very much like Japanese YouTubers. Someone else is working with her on this channel, right?

No. 66878

It looks like she's trying to hide the drinking, sexiness, rants etc atm. I think she's trying to up her reputation again by avoiding acting out publicly. But even if she doesn't act out and pretends, we all know how much of an insipid bitch she really is.

LOL at Venus attempting to count her gig/event as a "real job". Did she make a resume for it? No. Did she send in her resume and wait for a reply? No. Did she practice for a job interview and then go through an interview process? No. She just went in all, "Hi I'm Venus Angelic, a 1+ million subbed youtuber who plans on opening a bar and I'd like to "work" here and if you let me tag along I'll promote you on my channel uwu". Completely different from a real, legitimate job. Also, calling that guy a hoe? kek. What a hypocrite. Bad video as usual. And her attempt at humor makes me cringe.

No. 66880

File: 1569043027486.png (1.82 MB, 1366x768, ever again.png)


No. 66886

File: 1569050220410.jpeg (169.49 KB, 750x970, C84CE5F4-E7AC-4BA7-AA60-3BB245…)


>Anybody wanna take a bet on how long it'll be until Venus ends up working as a ''hostess'' at a club

Right about now I’d say, I think we all knew she would resort to doing this due to lack of money

No. 66890

did you read the thread before posting

No. 66895

I uploaded this because she changed the title to something different right after so I couldn’t take a screenshot of the actual video, had to be from notifications

No. 66898

I thought she had anxiety problem but I guess it's okay to talk with strangers if you are shitfaced all the time.

No. 66902

Venoos is an alcoholic trainwreck but I sincerely hope she doesn't stoop to doing illegal sex work. Not only will she be fulfilling Margo's threats towards her "do as I say or you'll end up a homeless prostitute!" but it will only serve to fuck her head up further. She's not in the mental place to handle what comes a long with prostitution or soaplands or whatever the fuck, no matter how many porn doujins she reads in secret. That girl needs to leave Japan. It's obvious that she's still in Weeb Fantasyland Mode and won't come down from it unless she carries her ass back to Europe and gets a reality check. Knowing her, if she ever did decide to leave JP she'd most likely just hop over the sea to SK and try her luck out in Japan-lite, changing absolutely nothing. Hell, she'd probably bullshit her fans into paying for some actual plastic surgery, since she still seems to be insecure about her caucasian features.

I thought she'd start seeing Japan as just another country with a slightly different culture once she started living there longterm with a normal (albeit creepy and simpish) Japanese man. Guess I was wrong. What is even her long term plan? Without Manaki she can't stay there legally too much longer, and foreigners can't open legit businesses there. If this hoestess stuff dries up she won't have much in the way of income outside of coasting on her sugar daddy.

No. 66906

>I thought she'd start seeing Japan as just another country with a slightly different culture once she started living there longterm with a normal (albeit creepy and simpish) Japanese man.

No, because even when she was with Manaki for those first two years, all she did was play with her toys and make videos in her room. She was completely taken care of, had no real adult responsibilities, and given her fucked up situation they didn't even push her to het a job, get in school or anything. And then when they (probably) started putting pressure on V to help out financially (maybe after M quit his job to do YT and take care of her?) she got pissy at the idea of having to spend her precious weebbux on anything but what she wants for herself, or doing anything with her life but extending her teen years, she got mad and posted those vague rants about being left alone with her assets or whatever. Manaki maybe realized around then that he was being used by a weeaboo for a visa and an easy life, and thus divorce. It all fits nicely together, despite being complete tinfoil.

Can Venus even be a hostess with PR if she so obviously only has PR because she was married just long enough to get it? With the way everything unfolded, her entire marriage looks like a giant scam. On another note, if Manaki won't let Venus go back to their house and get all her toys and baby crap, he might be using it as evidence of what she spent the last 2 years in Japan doing with her income and use it to show that she doesn't need to be in Japan. Nobody needs PR to be a drunken baby escort, she is in no way contributing to the country by doing this "business".

No. 66908

>TL;DR: they sheltered her and gave her every opportunity & all she did with it was act like a 13 year old and drink for 2 years; now she's getting a divorce and in her panic Hope's to keep her visa by running a bar despite being unable to portion her own food or take care of her hamsters

No. 66920

weenos should apply for a tsundere cafe instead, so she can openly be the nasty bitchy she is and half-ass customer service to her heart's content.

No. 66933

So she is showing how to be a hostess to her teen fans?

No. 66936

>That girl needs to leave Japan. It's obvious that she's still in Weeb Fantasyland Mode and won't come down from it unless she carries her ass back to Europe and gets a reality check.

The problem is: what the hell would she do in Europe? She doesn't have the skills or education to live a decent life in the more prosperous EU countries and in the rest she would become another youth unemployment statistic. She doesn't seem to have any sense of 'home', her only family are people she's never met in an economically-distressed country with a cultural misery and anger that she is likely unfamiliar with, and she would not qualify for residence in the USA where other rootless people are. No matter where she goes, she'd be fucked. Whatever self-destruction she's engaging in would not go away.
At least in Japan and wherever else in Asia she can scrounge together a living with the white foreigner trying jap shit gimmick.

No. 66937

File: 1569082433303.jpeg (394.99 KB, 640x855, EDC46478-243D-479E-9E9D-1366F5…)

No. 66940

she looks like a crackwhore. holyshit. Also this job is so easy and she's still doing such a poor job at basic shit.

No. 66957

So that Misty chick does Gravure and the other one also posts rather risky selfies of herself… wouldn't surprise me if Venus started doing Gravure soon as well lol

No. 66959

Also is takes plac ein an izakaya at night…This looks sketchy af just like her previous "fan event" which showed us her fanbase in a nutshell -greasy weebs and old japs.

No. 66960

Why would they use that super filtered selfie for that Misty girl?? That just looks creepy

No. 66961

File: 1569097387793.jpg (Spoiler Image,11.84 KB, 260x310, CESzxyG.jpg)

the other chick yuriko is not just posting risky selfies, is a blatant whore

No. 66962

File: 1569097447980.jpg (Spoiler Image,6.33 KB, 194x259, Zz8GMa6.jpg)

No. 66963

Damn where did you get those?
That makes the whole thing just shadier, I really came to dislike Venus but I hope she stays safe

No. 66964

Could she lose her PR for doing stuff like this? I know another white YTer lost her PR for tweeting she was broke, but I can't imagine Vebus being allowed to prostitute herself for a living just because she married a gullible doormat and worked him for 2 years. I'd be amazed if she doesn't get reported to immigration for visa/marriage fraud.

No. 66980

File: 1569109830971.jpg (64.29 KB, 1200x675, DiIALlcVQAAbz2s.jpg)

The Misty girl looks a lot like Kelsey Parnigoni. Anyone have been following her?

No. 66981

File: 1569109932831.jpg (306.21 KB, 1080x1981, Screenshot_20190921_164532.jpg)

No. 66982

File: 1569110145606.jpg (293.44 KB, 1080x2015, Screenshot_20190921_165441.jpg)

No. 67015

Wow. That girl has a rather unfortunate body type.

No. 67016

it's her

No. 67026

I can’t believe she ended up one of those desperate foreign women that turn to AV and escorting to stay in Japan. This is so sad. I seriously thought she was going to have a chance at normalcy when she first came. Like she was going to expand her channel, maybe do cosplay modeling, while having a family life with the Okadas. It started off so well, then took such a dark turn.

She has worse editing than Venus!

Is Venus’ new “company” going to be an agency for white idol wannabes or something? I think her mom wanted to do that.

No. 67027

Good spot. I remember jrcach used to lick this girls ass so bad. Kinda wondered what she was doing now

No. 67055

Reposting the same video in a desperate attempt for more bucks

No. 67074

>>maybe after M quit his job to do YT and take care of her?)
I really don’t think Manaki ever quit his job, either to “take care of Venus” or to “live off her income.” For one thing, the income from her dead YT channel and Manaki’s little hobby channel would not be nearly enough to support them and second, if he quit his job they would have both been out on the street because it’s next to impossible to find an apartment to rent in Japan without a stable job for income. And no, a dead Youtube channel does not count as a stable job.

>>Could she lose her PR for doing stuff like this?
I don’t think she ever got PR. You need to prove you have enough income to support yourself for one thing, which she definitely did not have. And not having PR plus her spouse visa being gone would explain the sudden need to “form a company” and resurrect her YT channel. I think she’s scrambling for a visa just like her mother did for so long.

No. 67095

Venus or retardglic are, (leaning towards Venus) posting scat here because she doesn’t like what’s being said here. Kek now we know she into some messed up shit. Make me hate her more.

No. 67098

One thing I have been wondering about this whole “Manaki quit his job to become a YouTube star” is that when they first got together, Margaret pounced on opportunity to not only make videos of the couple, she also started registering domains with variations of his name as if she wanted to own him. It never seemed like it was Manaki’s plan. When he started his Instagram, he once made it private and wanted to completely delete it due to harassment, but Venus made a public plea to her fans to encourage him to keep it.