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File: 1657644526576.jpg (62.35 KB, 650x570, Photo 05-06-2022, 11 36 53.jpg)

No. 228548

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Venus Angelic Summary:

>Venus Isabelle Palermo aka Venus Angelic is a washed up as-been famous Swiss Youtuber who gained popularity for her doll looks and weeby content back in the days. Her momager Margo created the Venus Angelic brand, dragged her around the globe evading taxes and stirring up drama among the living doll and makeup vlogger community. She married and cuckolded a Japanese fan named Manaki who doesn’t appear online anymore but she is presumably still married to him and living together. She has faded off into internet irrelevancy for the most part and tries to recapture some amount of attention by uploading random videos every other month and thotting on OnlyFans.

Recent Venus shenaniganss:
> Going to write a book about her life
> Relapsed in her craziness and took an overdose of xanax
> Back to abusing alcohol (to the suprise of no one)
> Used OnlyFans as a leak all on her past relationships/drama and what happened with Manaki
> Got engaged to her porn manager/sugar daddy (assumed Ken)
> Her teeth are mysteriously turning more black by the day probably due to rapid decay
> Her mother emailed her asking for $500,000 mistakenly thinking venus's OnlyFan is thriving
> Said she is going ot make a youtube channel with her and her fiancé but this is yet to happen
> currently is wokring on her better self for the millionth time

instagram: https://www.instagram.com/venus_angelic/
Witch instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rebeldollatelier/?hl=en (deleted)
“Momonga” (e-girl “business”) instagram: https://www.instagram.com/momonga.inc/?hl=en (innactive)
twitter: https://twitter.com/VenusAngelic
tiktok: @dollyvenus (inative) @venus_angelic @venusangelic_official
fanicon: https://fanicon.net/fancommunities/1857 (inactive)
main youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/VenusAngelic
weeb youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrpLE_Q1iNszN0O9n6V85YA

Sex work links:
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/venusangelic
ManyVids: https://www.manyvids.com/Profile/1004017225/VenusAngelic/Store/Videos/
Gumroad: https://venusangelic.gumroad.com/

No. 228553

File: 1657644876510.jpeg (926.83 KB, 3311x1986, 100A9E5B-2FB1-4696-B104-491099…)

Most recent posts on Instagram, I wonder how much the unedited pics phase will last before she goes back to using the snow app

No. 228563

these are obviously still edited (skin blurred and lightened. i think eyes maybe enlarged slightly). honestly compared to some of the scarily filtered pictures of her these look quite… normal?

No. 228591

God Venus looks awful. I used to have a BPDfag mom who was controlling as fuck (same as Venus, knife throwing and eveythig) and at least with BPDfags they care about their image and looking put-together. Venus had a channel and merch, even if she didn't see most of the mone- she had stuff going on.
But now she just looks unwashed, unmotivated and gone.

No. 228697

She has that “yeah I’m drinking again and I don’t GAF” look

No. 228735

Wow her ED and alcoholism really screwed her up

No. 228787

Suddenly she talks about her fiance as her "boyfriend", I wonder if he tried to bail kek
Her fans on IG are so brainwashed, praising her ratty hair, making it seem like it's so cute and "wild".
She doesn't post much on IG and Twitter, does anyone know if she's active on OF?

No. 228790

Sometimes I wonder if she's still lurking here because she looks so fucking awful in the last pics she posted and everyone was talking about how much of a homeless person she looked like in the previous thread. Pimp manager san, Manaki, someone plz give this bitch a brush.(sometimes I wonder if you'll finally learn how to sage)

No. 228814

She looks like Frodo. When he was carrying the ring.

No. 228816


video of Venus dancing with no pants on

she just doesn't know how to be sexy, it looks robotic and unnatural like bad acting

No. 228825

This is so sad.

No. 228831

File: 1657710951453.webm (1.39 MB, 488x718, pantless dancing; robotic and …)

Here’s the local archive, I hope you don’t mind. Do you think she’s near rock bottom or will she continue to spiral further?

No. 228835

there is absolutely nothing sensual nor remotely attractive about the way she is moving her body here

No. 228837

the juxtaposition of the ank rouge/liz lisa whatever brand she is wearing and her haggard face is always something. at least she is not wearing those cheap ass blond extension anymore.

No. 228870

Her boyfriend/finance must've recorded it, I would cringe so much if I were him.

No. 228890

File: 1657730537760.jpeg (56.02 KB, 791x465, 8A5C42A8-7F2C-4A1C-9BAE-48F7D7…)

She’s lost 20,000 instagram followers. Gee, I wonder why?

No. 228914

File: 1657735512545.jpeg (467.04 KB, 1111x2032, 27642D77-EA47-4A91-AE65-B592D3…)

Maybe because of her poor hygiene…

No. 228939

But it’s not just her hair, it’s her face that’s oily and greasy and just her in general, she has had nice neatly kept hair in the past so for her to say oh it’s just how it naturally goes I can’t do anything about it is a lie, she just doesn’t want to put any effort into self care or maintenance like a normal person

No. 228949

There's no way she's not coked up or on painkillers what the fuck

No. 228971

Yeah she looks like she's back to the bottle

No. 228975

is sweating an alcohol withdrawal symptom? like, i know it’s hot and humid as fuck in japanese summers, but she’s been there like what 5 years?

No. 228976

I imagined her to be an anachan, her legs look meatier than i expected. wish i could unsee this video

No. 228978

She is that narcissistic that she thinks a book about her life would be interesting? I think when she lived with her mom, travelled, did interviews and her YT was at its peak, her day to day life was more interesting than the average person but everything after that is mundane and average (aside from maybe illegal visa fraud). 90% of the time her day to day life is her sitting in her room, looking like a goblin while leeching off of Manaki, occasionally going out with her bf or friends, taking some OF pics in her room and on occasion going to a hotel for pics while carefully curating a kawaii or menhera/jirai edgy keyboard warrior online persona, not unlike Kenna to seem more interesting. IRL she is still manipulative and a liar, but meek and shy and boring disposition wise. I don't see sitting in your room, at your computer, ranting online so you can appear "cinematically crazy" or like your life is full of all these "dramatic adventures" as book worthy or interesting. Her daily life is mundane, which is not a bad thing, but it's super narcy to think her life is that special to be book worthy. Only her life with Margo was interesting. Now it's just a girl romanticizing and exaggerating her life and mental health to appear "wild and interesting and jirai" and ranting online from the comfort of her room. She's milky though, but that doesn't mean her day to day life is interesting, she just lies and rants a lot. She's quite full of herself.

No. 228980

Isn't this from an old photoset she had? It looks familiar

No. 228982

she also can’t write lol so unless she intended to use a ghostwriter, her editor would commit suicide after skimming through the first two pages

No. 228984

File: 1657753370174.jpg (51.24 KB, 1266x286, 09878.JPG)

From here dead discord. The kyrie guy Venus was working with got hacked and left the discord

No. 228985

She'd definitely need a ghost writer and she'd have to lie through her teeth to make her life seem fulfilling and "wild" or whatever she wants to be viewed as.

No. 229014

File: 1657763353166.jpeg (186.61 KB, 937x1334, B5B55C3C-DDBD-4A32-9A69-3D6A90…)

No you do NOT get to unsee this shmexxyy vixen!

No. 229017

mmm granny panties

No. 229116

She's completely like her mom now.

No. 229206

File: 1657842601087.jpg (503.84 KB, 1136x1549, 4324.jpg)

Definitely. She's even charging people 1 buck to message her, so she can get an easy 1k if it's actually true she has that many messages.

No. 229207

I like how she's implying it's to limit message amount and not that it's just greed.

No. 229218

i’m surprised men are actually supporting her knowing and seeing how fucked up she is. do some people have a kink for greasy suicidal alcoholics?

No. 229252

are you new to being a women?
men get off to the suffering of women since the dawn of time

No. 229258

kek but don't do my boy frodo dirty like that

How is Japan, or litterally any "nice" country, worth doing this shit for a living. We don't know how much she actually explores/interact with the culture but if it's all for the kawiwi ank rouge, sanrio plushies and konbini food she don't need to prostitute herself for that, Japan's been exporting their shit everywhere for a while now

No. 229284

File: 1657900957936.png (1.27 MB, 1199x1024, venoos.png)

More validation seeking. All the comments obviously said they all prefer natural Benoos

No. 229289

She looks just like her mother. I'm amazed she hasn't gone and gotten plastic surgery yet.

No. 229293

not to simp her but she looks better on right even tho that version is edited too lol

No. 229300

File: 1657903436614.jpeg (856.95 KB, 3205x1969, 508CC5F6-6951-4F43-A091-E9B307…)

Did she forget she just posted this a few days ago? And has been on live streams that show her real face? She can’t honestly expect people to believe this is her unedited photo

No. 229301

File: 1657903655026.jpeg (631.24 KB, 2572x1825, 80515EDF-61B9-4895-B316-4DE8C4…)

Just gonna leave this here

No. 229303

I’m never gonna understand how her head goes from long to square.

No. 229304

angles and editing

No. 229305

She naturally has a little, round Swiss Miss face but she photoshops and tilts her chin down in pics to look uwu anime

No. 229307

A selfie camera usually makes your head look thinner and longer

No. 229312

File: 1657904830620.jpg (79.62 KB, 800x333, 1654827591488.jpg)

Still edited though, who is she trying to fool? Her eyes can't go from that to the attached image in my post without editing and her face looks thinner and smoothed. Her nose might be slightly edited too but it could be the angle too.

No. 229314

File: 1657904907076.png (92.87 KB, 275x206, 1600605181757.png)

She also has 15 mm lenses in and you can see the WHOLE iris, so she is likely forcing her eyes open ontop of editing

No. 229315

that live screencap looks so different it's like a different person

No. 229348

On the left she seriously looks exactly like Margo, just a harder living version of her. I can't think of a shittier image for a person who was fucked over by their mother as a child than to age into a rougher looking version of that person.

No. 229350

Crazy that fucking up her intestines was a priority rather than doing something to that horrendous nose.

No. 229351

she should really get some lip injections. she looks so much like margo these days.

No. 229354


She needs a nose job and fillers for her nasolabial folds. Then she wouldn’t resemble Margo
The lips are ok for her aesthetic, cause she wants her eyes to stand out.

No. 229358

she…doesn't look like that in both pics..they're both edited. o.o her face (cheeks) are much rounder, and eyes smaller.
She looks like an alien in both of them. nobody looks like that irl(o.o)

No. 229377

She'd need to change her eyes too because they look very Margo naturally without enlarging/makeup/tape etc, same as her ears, cheekbones and lips. And of course her body, aside from being taller with broader shoulders is all Margo too.

No. 229378

Also fillers are really bad because they don't dissolve in a year like stated and the slowly migrate so after a few years of filler she'd end up looking really weird, so no, she definitely shouldn't fuck with fillers. It always ends up looking really bad.

No. 229383

File: 1657926712368.jpeg (1.26 MB, 2651x2000, 62AF115C-9473-4E11-AF86-F54991…)

This is more accurate how she looks on the right

No. 229391

Is she surgically attached to that fucking mattress on the floor at this point or what? Jfc

No. 229392

>> She can’t honestly expect people to believe this is her unedited photo
Oh yes she can. Her instagram ‘fans’ are brain dead levels of stupid. And gullible.

No. 229402

Wow you did a great job. Now she actually looks the same way as in her livestreams.I wish we could upload it and tag her on IG

No. 229403

Well then she’s fucked.
At this point she better start saving for a face lift.

No. 229404

Her fans are extremely stupid. And the ones that do realize she’s still using filters make excuses like “who cares if she likes using filters?? smh literally not an issue”

I'm surprised she hasn't deleted that other picture, she looks 40

No. 229411

Surgery might not even help her at this stage. She looks like she's legit decaying.

No. 229413

True. She should probably look into getting IV nutrients or something. She’s aging rapidly due to her unhealthy lifestyle but I bet most of it comes from her fucked up stomach surgery.

No. 229420

You shouldn't have shortened her nose, it's pretty long and projected. But otherwise, more accurate. Her face is wider too though.

No. 229421

File: 1657937360233.jpg (1020.61 KB, 1125x1910, 3432.jpg)

Is she posting this because some anons called her boring? I noticed she seems to get really triggered when 1. People think she's poor and 2. People think she or her life is boring/mundane. And sometimes she gets triggered when she gets called dumb. I remember she immediately bragged about a book she read as if that makes her intelligent or something.

No. 229423

And she's definitely trying to "show off" a more interesting life because if she really wanted to know where she can find places she can google it herself.

No. 229430

Wow scrolling by I totally thought that was Margo.

No. 229454

I don't know about you guys but her taking out those ugly fucking extensions is a big win in my book. Bullying works.

No. 229460

The dumbass is in japan and has korea and australia close by is she really this fucking retarded. She has every form of open sea around her with tonnes of migrational high seasons and large communities of professional and tourism diving. She can just go to a tourism center and will find x packages she can buy for newbie excursions for both snorkeling and scuba diving. Really sitting in a country surrounded by water asking for general tips on the entire SEA region.

No. 229466

i don’t think she genuinely gives a fuck about stepping foot outside the front door let alone deep sea diving. she randomly mentions things that make her seem as though she isn’t a sad hikikomori.

No. 229467

File: 1657958343926.jpeg (187.15 KB, 943x1600, doormatbeenos.jpeg)

Now she's being the doormat to not lose her fiancee and financial benefits. Manaki she could boss around, clearly, but this guy not so much it seems. Is the menhera fad finally over? I hope so, but she shouldn't change her style just to please some scrote.

No. 229469

looks like she made an outfit out of scarfs… what 'style' is this

No. 229474

File: 1657961128189.jpg (102.98 KB, 640x800, 293368749_830419377929360_1805…)

Those eyebags omg

No. 229475

File: 1657961170325.jpg (105.99 KB, 750x938, 294118531_495681762359988_5477…)

She totally looks like a grandma, I can't believe she's just 25

No. 229476

Honestly… I don't hate it
I think she could make the look on the left work, I'm imagining her with hair that short, wearing a black turtleneck and peacoat, maybe a cute hat?
It wouldn't be a dolly look at all but I think she should lean into hobo chic styling, I've never found her beautiful personally but she almost has a cute vibe on the left, and definitely genuine seeming

No. 229477

This pic is like the same angle as the one I just responded to and I honestly think she looks a lot worse, just lean into the no makeup dark circle disheveled hair look, the straight hair is just plastered onto her head and against her face doing no favors

No. 229478

File: 1657963198106.jpeg (1.37 MB, 3003x3016, 0086F510-553D-485B-93BB-57DE27…)

She lengthens her nose in the snow app, here’s a live stream screenshot where you can see her nose before she lengthens it in the edited pic she claims to be unedited

No. 229480

Actually she just said no filter, so she can still edit the picture

No. 229481

Try looking in a mirror. Now tilt your head, can you see how your nose looks longer?
Mystery cracked.

No. 229482

Her flat ugly fringe and the undereye tape is doing her no favors. The tape just ages her and the bangs make her wide face look wider.

No. 229483

Just like Mikan, she'd look better without a fringe.

Some people mentioned she wasn't interesting and she suddenly started posting all her little excursions with her sugar daddy. Someone got triggered.

No. 229485

I think if she didn’t make her bangs so ridiculously narrow it would look better. Do a wider solid straight bang that doesnt have gaps. These narrow stringy bangs just look bad.

No. 229486

Do you think she just writes this stuff on purpose to seem like a victim? I wouldn't be surprised if in few months her posts would turn into "booho, my fiance/husband is aboosive and he made me do all these things".

No. 229488

Omg, it looks like she has fillers in lower eyelids, which are popular in Japan and Korea. But I bet it’s her real eye bags because of her trashy lifestyle

No. 229490

i think she’s definitely planting the manipulation seed in her followers’ minds on purpose… in the same way she claims to have a degradation kink, she constantly wants people to see her as a frail, vulnerable victim

No. 229523

File: 1657979670337.png (1.01 MB, 519x458, Screenshot (26).png)

These photos are really uncanny when you compare them to older pictures. Here she is without makeup in 2016, and she looks way better than she looks WITH makeup now. I can't figure out what it is exactly, but I think the filler under her eyes she got is what's making her look so strange and old.
Obv she has aged some so she's going to look different, but that drastic difference isn't natural aging and she should still be looking at least healthy and lively at age 25.

No. 229524

Oh wow, she needs to get rid of those eyebag tapes shes got going now immediately. Japan didn't do her any good.

No. 229539

She looks fucked up now because of her alcoholism, botched tummy surgery and prostitution(?) shit. Her Margo genes surely didn't help but her poor choices is ultimately why she's aging rapidly

No. 229564

Exactly, Margo didn’t look this jowly and haggard until the last 10 years or so. Venus is living hard and it shows.

No. 229576

Is “she looks old and haggard” milk now?

No. 229579

Is your minimodding milk, nonnie? People are discussing a cow, like everywhere else on this site. If you literally only want milk, I think it is better for you to hide saged posts. Most of the discussion, not milk, has been saged. Venus really doesn't share a lot more than ugly images of herself anymore, other than increasingly foul pornography - so not a lot to discuss because there is little we can prove. I do think its very milky she seems to live with Manaki still even as she is engaged to some other dude, but not a lot more to say on the subject since she doesn't share much.

No. 229615

honestly she should go for a creepy-chan look at this point, she could def pull it off with the tragic backstory and everything

No. 229625

She looks like a fucking lizard

No. 229633

To be fair, I am pretty sure she was running beauty apps on her old videos. Margo used to use some app called beautybox or something on her videos if I remember correctly so of course she looks better (you can't even see her jowls there and her nose looks much slimmer and her face has no texture to it) and she was also younger there.

No. 229634

No, it looks like tape, you can see in >>229475 near the corner of her eye on the left side of the pic, the way its creased down by the eye wrinkles on the side. She also tends to avoid wearing too much eye makeup when she wears it because the oil in the makeup makes the tape adhere poorly. You always apply double eyelid tape before makeup so it adheres better. And she always wears it in her "natural, no makeup/filter" pics since she's been pretending to have giant anime eyes for over 10 years now.

Not really, she had that and it looked ridiculous, like in every picture in >>229312 except the first one. It makes her face look bloated. No fringe or fringe pushed all the way to the side with volumized hair would suit her face shape the best and elongate it.

No. 229635

I think she writes it to set up people in her life as "abusive" later if need be. Like with Manaki, she whined that he didn't want her wearing lolita, called him a pedo (both things she has done with Ken too but with Ken it's okay because he buys her LV and gucci) and when it was time to breakup with Mana or Mana broke up with her most likely, she pretended to be gay while Manaki is a " loser asexual" as she seemed to insinuate. It's also funny how she used gayness as an excuse but now claims she was dating her fiancé for 4 years which would be like a year before she broke up with Mana. Yeah, very gay. Or just afraid of deportation for visa fraud. She's scum like her mom.

No. 229636

actually it looks like she just used filters to make the tear tank over her regular eyebags. all beauty apps do that now.

No. 229639

Filter like the aegyo filter on meitu add more makeup while creating the digital eyebag, but in these images it doesn't look like she has too much undereye makeup. She's had this same look in her videos, like her shrine video. She had a makeup tutorial on her channel where she admit to taping her eyes and her eyes look really creasy on the ends which is why I think it isn't digital makeup. Either way, it ages her horribly. I wish the puffy eye trend would die, same as the straight brow and bang trend in Japan. Venus suits none of those trends sadly.

No. 229642

i personally think puffy eyes, straight brows and bangs are all cute - even in combination. the issue is that white weebs see this combination on asian people and try to replicate it without taking their own non-asian features into consideration and they end up looking like >>229475. especially with the eye makeup… venus continues to draw her eyeliner straight downwards in the jirai/cutesy “puppy” style and it looks horrendous because her eyes are too round

No. 229643

>> with Ken it's okay because he buys her LV and gucci
What “LV and Gucci”? You mean that lil baseball cap and the sad drab little scarf? That’s just pitiful, that that’s all she has to show for her failed career as a SB.

No. 229645

File: 1658014712825.jpeg (139.55 KB, 1045x790, 2580819F-85F2-4CE0-B602-3C1765…)

She gets the eyebags from Marge, along with her other unpleasant facial features and shitty parasitic personality. The undereye tape and bad lifestyle makes them worse but she’s still have them regardless. Those genes are brutal.

No. 229646

File: 1658015647424.jpg (215.42 KB, 1592x732, 323.JPG)

>her eyes are too round
Her eyes are almond shaped and hooded though. She simply uses makeup and editing to make them look "round." Most asians have almond eyes too but with monolids. I don't think puffy eyes good on them either (like in the attached pic, especially the filler). For brows, Koreans do their straight brows too thick for their small eyes but because of softer features, med/thinner straight brows can work on them. Puffy eyes look bad on most people. Bangs can look good on anyone, but not so much on Venus since it enhances and shortens her round face.

eye bags/dark circles are different from tearbags, which are popular in Asian. Venus has both dark circles and creates fake tearbags on top of that. She doesn't have natural puffy eyebags YET but probably will at Marge's age from what I can tell, as her eyes go from super puffy and she admitted to using tape to puffless. Bags like Marge's require blepharoplasties to remove. They don't just randomly go away one day and return the next.

No. 229660

At least Venus didn't give birth to a child to traumatize it, she may be parasitic but not nearly on her level.

No. 229661

File: 1658019759509.jpeg (41.46 KB, 400x572, 19BA8838-5311-47C2-8FE8-4915B7…)

nah you’re right, my bad. her eyes are definitely more almond shaped than round. whatever she’s doing with her makeup though, it’s definitely not it. i get what you mean about the bangs as well - with her long philtrum, she sort of reminds me of a kappa (picrel) kek

as for the puffy eyes, yeah the filler is definite overkill. hopefully she hasn’t actually done that, or it’ll end up migrating into her already rounded cheeks. i think if venus were to get any procedure next, it should be a botox lip flip.

No. 229665

>> At least Venus didn't give birth to a child to traumatize it, she may be parasitic but not nearly on her level.

blah blah blah, WK. Give her time, she’s only 24 and already sprouting Marge-like sociopathic tendencies. Going on a rage bender and launching an online smear campaign any time her meal ticket dares to even talk about leaving her (and taking away said meal ticket)? That’s classic Marge 2.0. shit right there.

Your poor little abuse victim is a mini Marge. Sorry that upsets you. Go cry in Venus’s instagram comments. You’ll be happier there.

No. 229672

File: 1658023093652.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1242x1250, 2E8D3635-06F2-4E1A-97CA-ADD169…)

she’s on a bender and has posted like 9 tiktok reels to her insta in 20 minutes. the sudden mania + plugging her onlyfans after another hiatus almost confirms to me 100% she’s back on the bottle

No. 229673

File: 1658023164164.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1242x2211, 97ECC3E9-0F96-4509-8DDD-B2AFA4…)

sorry, just adding this ~spiciness~

No. 229728

File: 1658043815878.jpg (54.62 KB, 678x381, cinderella-stepsisters-main.jp…)

Rare picture of Venus with her mother together, unedited, colorized. You decide which is which.

No. 229731

my fucking sides nonnie, the resemblance is uncanny

No. 229739

she is always back at the beginning of the month, remembering she had to post stuffs to stay relevant and get money

No. 229864

She's getting quite a lot of negative comments on her TikTok videos that she posted on IG. Why can't she see that she just looks ridiculous and cringy?

No. 229866

No. 229965


This is why you should never become an alcoholic with severe anorexia. Her features are fine, the problem is she’s made herself into a goblin. Hoping she gets clean and maybe a tiny bit of filler to go back to how she was.

No. 230019

File: 1658096254821.png (92.58 KB, 885x337, 55.png)

she lost even more followers since her manic tiktok spam

No. 230031

File: 1658098038041.png (694.01 KB, 675x723, lol.png)

Not drinking anymore, eh?

No. 230033

skin starts aging as early as 18 lol stop being so unrealistic

No. 230041

i’m not doubting she got wasted because she’s her but tbf she is just eating something in that photo


>ran into venus angelic offline and took a photo, but i was drunk on sake so it was funny
>canadian kelsey (he’s probably talking about kelsey parnigoni) used to always take care of me

No. 230045

Shws so ugly and old looking and evil and dumb and omg shes so fat or was it skinny? Anyway, shes so ugly and dumb what an evil hag

No. 230087

She's exactly like Margo. Both whine about their family/parents being abusive, both whine and rant about their exes being abusive. Both claim random people in their lives are abusive. Only difference is Venus would probably be too lazy/disorganized to help her kid if he/she wanted to have a YT channel, whereas Margo actually put effort into that shit, so Venus' kid likely wouldn't grow up in the spotlight unless she had one soon and became a mommy blogger to complete the Taylor larp.

No. 230089

Did she dye her hair black? Also, still possible she didn't drink or at the very least had a controlled amount of alcohol, though that would still go against her claims.

No. 230098

Technically as soon as you’re born, no?

No. 230107

Nice to know that so many people are doing what’s right.

No. 230142

File: 1658124900532.png (1.26 MB, 1178x1262, 1244.png)

It might be an old photo, because he posted another old photo of her right before this one wondering how she's doing. She has the same hair as in that other photo.

No. 230146

All these videos are so cringe, but her brainwashed fans are supportive as always. This girl could post a photo of her own shit and I bet some people would still comment "I'm so proud of u!!" She really doesn't have to do much to impress them.

No. 230201

i mean she only gets 200 and something likes on most videos there, that is really low especially for a online personality. So the fans who even support are becoming smaller number.
But i can see why the content she puts on tiktok is very cringy.

No. 230254

File: 1658158767186.png (639.43 KB, 1871x1708, beenos.png)

No. 230257

I can't with the "Are you ok?" comments on every. single. post.
You would think these people get tired of asking the same thing over and over.

I briefly looked through the comments to see a bunch of "Omgg asian fishing!1!!" remarks as well. These brainlets call anything wearing lizlisa and circle lenses "asian fishing."

SOME of her photos definitely look overly shooped to the point it looks like she changed her race but these tiktoks aren't it. These retards have never been to an asian country so they literally think all asian people either look like a kpop star or an anime girl. Her followers are so stupid.

No. 230262

Maybe she wants to get more views by spamming with it on instagram?
She must be so fucking delusional to think that those are good, not realizing that there's a reason why they don't get many views.

No. 230295

Interesting so many people think it reminds them of Britney's hostage dancing videos, it does to me too. I'm sure a very similar circumstance where the drugged up/drunk girl is deemed not able to care for herself so she needs to be "managed" by creepy male who controls her. Even her nosedive into posting unedited candids she says in the caption is because her fiance wanted her to do it.

No. 230451

Honestly this video is not that bad. Certainly no worse than a lot of what i see on there.

No. 230453

That guy seems to have s thing about beige & cream colours. Even his cat is named Cream. If he's really starting to try & dictate or control ywhat she wears, is not a good sign.(learn2sage)

No. 230462

Then I'm waiting for the creampie to come in her so called porn. Badum tss.

No. 230471

File: 1658203380739.jpeg (133.23 KB, 720x1014, 880F9992-1C3C-4E61-9E64-621C16…)

this is what I imagine their conversations are like

No. 230490

Also there’s a humiliation kink for sure. Nobody who loves her would make her post that “no filter” photos in which she looks exhausted, affected by the humidity and bad angles. I mean, looks like he enjoys making her look bad in front of her audience. I’m sure she has “no filter” photos where she looks decent and happy but she had to upload that ones.
Also if what she is telling us is true, he likes her being a mess and dressing as a trouble girl to then change her style and making a true lady. Sounds like a control freak…

No. 230495

Found the pulltard. Pulltards are speculating that her fiancé is forcing her to do OF. I can't with those people. She is always a helpless victim in their eyes. Venus life is NO WEHERE near nor has ever been like Britney's life.

No. 230498

Or it could be suggestions and she decides to take them. He probably thinks she looks good less edited. He's in his 40s dating a mid twenty. She could look like utter shit and I bet he will think he scored.

No. 230500

If she's simply dating him for a visa and lavish things (aka a sugar daddy) then yes, she should appease to him. You don't get to have an sugar daddy AND do whatever the hell you want. She has to offer something in return. All Venus ever does is take from other people then whine that she's a victim. Her act is getting old.

No. 230505

He totally has a humiliation fetish. Let's not forget this guy took photos of her peeing and her Manyvids videos even have "humiliation" in them. Not to mention that he forced his ex to molest her own son.
I don't think he's a sugar daddy, not even a splenda daddy, otherwise she would be getting more designer stuff and more expensive ones. Japanese guys sometimes give their girlfriends designer presents and they don't have to be exactly rich. Venus could never attract a real SD with the way how she looks and acts. She just looks like someone who smells bad and her online presence is just cringe.

No. 230520

File: 1658219277399.png (31.84 KB, 609x398, 4.png)

These idiots are giving her too much credit and they think she's just trolling and being awkward on purpose. Comedy kweeen!

No. 230556

It is so cringe, I think the cocktail of meds she’s on clouds her already clouded brain. What type of antipsychotics give you minor tremors?
The only pity I feel for her is that she doesn’t really have anyone else to go to, and is so far gone that would be the last thing she would consider.
I do wonder what her next phase will be, maybe she will get permanently locked in the loony bin

No. 230564

some antipsychotics can make you shake a little.
A little, not parkinson like tremors in which she obviously fakes. She wants to be pitied and then of fucking course she's high on something, she's expressionless.

No. 230570

Her trembling in those videos looks seriously debilitating, if it’s real

No. 230579

Yeah that’s what I thought, I think maybe alcohol detox/hangover plus meds?
I don’t know if she can fake the way she does it? She looks oblivious as if she doesn’t know she’s shaking.

No. 230613

Well they'd be right to prefer the natural one. In the first one her chin looks ugly, the 2nd picture is much better.

No. 230615

Isn't that the person she's with holding the glass? It doesnt look like it's her that's drinking.

No. 230680

Chin-chan sperg is back.

He might be the best Venus could have gotten though. Not super rich by any means, but enough to take her out to dine and get her the occasional LV or gucci item. That's still a score in Venus' eyes because she didn't have to buy that shit herself. Maybe he even bought her her 1k MCM bag she boasted about purchasing.

No. 230681

We don't know if those allegations are true though. Venus said Manaki was arrested once too you know. She always paints those she's with in a bad light.

He's definitely a sugar daddy and someone Venus latched on to to leech off, so she can larp as Taylor who has her dream life. I love how people think Venus is the victim here but she is literally using this guy for money or a visa. She's probably the one abusing him. And then slandering him online. When I say using him for money, I don't mean she's helpless and without coin, but rather just wants an easy life with a sugar daddy to provide additional material goods to her. And although the guy seems shady, there's nothing wrong if he suggest she dress differently. That's not him necessarily forcing her. And are we just going to ignore that Venus is using him for money? Poor victim Venoos. Always being abused and taken advantage off. What a joke.

No. 230682

Like even people saying she needs a visa so she's with this guy and is getting abused, no. She can apply to school for a student visa and make something of her life if she wanted to, to stay in Japan. Or she could have immigrated as a skilled worker if she actually went to college. But she used Manaki, same as she is using this guy for instant gratification to get what she wants with minimal effort. But she's the one being abused?

No. 230695

File: 1658265009776.png (474.02 KB, 1061x829, loll.png)

This comment made me laugh, well said

No. 230734

About that, she might be using him for money, but that doesn't mean he's a sugar daddy.
When someone asked her if he will buy her Samantha Thavasa, she was like "girl, aim higher", acting as if it's too below her, but what exactly was her peak? A Coach bag? An ugly Gucci cap? Those a presents that a regular boyfriend who wants to get a bit fancy can get you, not a sugar daddy. Sure, she's got Cartier, but that was probably a one time thing, as they were getting engaged. She wants to make him look like he's so rich, when he's probably just a guy with a slightly above-average salary.

No. 230773

Yeah, he might not be filthy rich or anything. Supposedly he runs a recruitment business. Depending on the success of that would depend how loaded he is. Based off Venus' flexes, he probably isn't filthy rich, that or he spends more of his cash on his family and/or other possible girlfriends/side chicks. I doubt this dude is a good person and likely has his own issues, but so far it seems like Venus is the abusive/manipulative one. Accusing him of crimes when they break up and using his innocent child for her gain, slandering him and swearing at him, painting him as a control freak, but leaving out the part about using him for money or visa, dating him before she split with Manaki and lying about being gay to cover her illegal visa fraud. The OF stuff was probably her idea, not his. Taking pics and posting them online for easy money? Sounds like something Venus would love. He might give her ideas here and there though. But Kyrie, who said he managed her OF stated that Venus never went with his ideas on pricing, so why would she suddenly go with her fiancés ideas on content? OF was clearly her own choice. She's not a meek victim. Even Margo couldn't control her. She uses and appeases people when she needs them. Then trashes them when she doesn't need them anymore and no longer likes them.

No. 230784

He doesnt necessarily have to force her or even insist that she dresses a certain way, but it could still be coercive control. Its actually a crime now though not recognized as such in all countries. Venus could be one of those people who subonsciously chooses abusive people because that is what her childhood conditioned her to.

No. 231012

Who knows what their relatonship is really like, but I think that because he is significantly older than her and makes more money, he might have more power over her. The only thing she can do is bitch about him online when she feels frustrated.
Tbh, I hope he will let her know where is her place. If she likes to play a victim so much, she should become one.

No. 231068

No, she chooses people who she can gain something she wants from. Like Manaki for example. For a visa. You people who act like she's some victim who simply doesn't know any better are tiring. Some pulltard even claims that "Venus doesn't have a home" because relying on Manaki means she doesn't so she ran to her new bf out of desperation because she's such a victim LOL. And thus her bf is the abusive one. Venus could never be abusive or opportunistic. She just "doesn't know any better and attracts abusers." Pulltards are so fucking retarded. She was dating this guy a YEAR before her and Mana split. She married Mana for a visa and then lived as a roommate with him while trying to convince her audience they were a couple madly in love because she was fully aware she commit an illegal act. She literally even said her and Mana are on good terms recently. She is not a victim in her relationship. She is the abusive and manipulative one. She used this man's son to publicly slander him and accuse him of a crime. That's not what a poor abuse victim in a relationship with a power dynamic, where the power isn't in her favor does. You can just as easily say Venus has the power because she has thousands of followers and can ruin people's lives with slander. Pulltards go back to pull where you belong.

No. 231081

This is a spot on assessment. The only thing I'll add is that no man with any means would spend money or time on someone like Venus or would let their side chicks do whatever it is Venus is now doing. Even being remotely involved with Venus and the risk someone like that brings is not worth it.

No. 231120

Whatever anyone thinks about Venus, and even what she may be like in reality, does not excuse any man's domineerance or control of a woman and it shows you in a bad light that you appear to be advocating that is what he should do. Reign in the blatant misogyny.

No. 231171

>because he is significantly older than her and makes more money, he might have more power over her
How does this work? This seems like something you read but don't actually understand. What power would his age give him over Venus?

No. 231255

>she should become a victim
you look and sound like a lunatic wishing her harm like this, i hope you realise

No. 231387

File: 1658435822125.jpg (445.95 KB, 2880x2880, 20220721_233250.jpg)

Since everyone is calling Venus Mini Margo let's look at this photo of the 17 year old Margaret.

No. 231435

17? Looks a lot older than that. She's likely always been jealous of Venus because Venus is much better looking than her mother ever has been, and certainly was at that age.

No. 231458

she doesn't look old at all. she looks like a regular 17 year old. just cuz she has grandma glasses doesn't mean she looks old.
BUT, she does look kinda awkward. Anyways, the photo is too old/not high quality enough to truly see anything.
Boring photo.(learn2sage)

No. 231462

Sage your shit, she also does look old as shit because she just has those features and looks kinda almost frail here?

No. 231475

She's got a really unattractive high forehead. Makes her look like she has a receding hairline or is actually bald and wearing a wig which has slid backwards on her head. Ghastly.

No. 231540

If you gave her fringe, took away the granny glasses and put her in a lolita dress and used an updated camera she would look identical to Venus.

No. 231651

And yet she bitched Manaki out all over the internet for asking her not to wear lolita crap just after they got married…

No. 231675

who cares, posts like these are so weird and just to take attention away from venus discussions. Marg and venus havent been in contact for years anyways, so these comparisons between them are dumb like yes we get it the WK here only have marg left to compare penus with.
>bla bla marg old hag, bla bla venus pefect doll.

No. 231756

Venus is a user and a parasite just like her mother. She’s latched onto Manaki like a tick, a literal parasite, while continuing to smear and lie about him every chance she gets. That’s what makes her so repugnant (besides her goblin-like appearance.)

No. 231802

But they are in contact? Venus posted several times that her mom wrote her emails and vice versa. Because of some legal document, the weight-loss surgery and so on.

No. 231847

File: 1658573650372.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1242x2206, 62DA9D69-6821-429A-8D3A-24FF93…)


No. 231848

File: 1658573704583.jpeg (875.47 KB, 1242x2203, C916F425-A1C9-4D47-BB09-D991B3…)

No. 231850


This makes no sense. How does she have a boyfriend already? Was she dating them both at the same time? Anyhow we all knew her fiance would leave her eventually.

No. 231852

She didnt latch onto shit, she used her pedophile fan when she was very young to escape from her mother, who cares about him. I get that you hate her now because shes such an ugly old hag desu but dont rewrite history.

No. 231853

Probably kept the host dude as a backup plan if her and the " Fiance" didn't work out. This girl is sneaky. Manaki is probably the last backup up plan if she can find another guy to deal with her psycho ass.

No. 231855

File: 1658577206199.jpg (882.38 KB, 1080x2640, Screenshot_20220723-215219_Ins…)

Interesting we got to see her "boyfriend" but never once her finance. How she moved on so fast baffles me but it isn't surprising at all

No. 231856

Isn't him a host, so she kinda has to pay to be with him?

No. 231860

File: 1658581065299.png (4.84 MB, 1170x2532, 79C5981A-C065-4729-B14F-445AEF…)

what the fuck

No. 231862

File: 1658581769278.jpg (293.72 KB, 1080x2024, Screenshot_20220723-060001_Ins…)

I think this is the 'bf's' insta. You can see the other guy from Venus' stories in here. All host club workers

No. 231864

I'm pretty sure a "host boyfriend" is just a person you rent to spend time with you, not your actual boyfriend. They have those services in nippon

No. 231865

…by that logic a stripper’s boyfriend needs to pay to spend time with her. hosts have personal lives outside of work

No. 231867

samefag but no, she almost certainly means a boyfriend of hers (i say “a” because who fucking knows how many lovers she’s amassed) who happens to work at a host club. she’s mentioned host shit before in the past so i think this is just the crowd she associates with

No. 231869

File: 1658583392145.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1242x2203, 2EDF14A9-EB36-49A5-860E-80F9F4…)

No. 231873

Sure, Venus, sure. Who is she trying to fool? Hosts often hit it up with clients and act like their boyfriends to get more money out of them.. not buying any of the shit Venus spews. As always.
Also she's drinking again? Didn't see that coming kek

No. 231876

But hes buying her stuff,not the other way around. Hosts do not spend their own money and don't market outside the club because its club money the girls spend. Outside of clubs, its also the girls.

Him doing the buying makes no sense.

No. 231878

I think it makes sense she has boyfriends who are bpd sex workers since she is one too

No. 231885

Venus whiteknight, she is not dating a host boyfriend outside of his work. In Japan they RARELY have personal relationships. She is blowing money on a rent-a-boyfriend. It is not hard to accept.

No. 231887

You're paying for a service, gift giving is common. Until she shows proof of said purchases and actual live streaming of them "going around looking at places to buy/rent", stop believing her lol. The fact her "Fiance" dumped her says all you need to know.

No. 231888

Margo looked way better at Venus' age tbh. But both don't look great. Margo clearly wasn't as conceited or fake/catphish as Venus was in her teens/20s either.

No. 231889

She would have looked better with a fringe and Venus who has a flat forehead and fat face would look better without one. Her and margo should have swapped styles.

No. 231890

She was with the fiance supposedly a year before things got bad with Mana. Probably had the host on the side. He got her a ring already? Is she desperate for a visa? It really seems like it. But in worst case, I assume Manaki will take her back. She already said she's on good terms with him. Possibly sucking up to him to stall a divorce?

No. 231891

She must think posting this is really quirky and edgy, but it just makes her look like a dumb bitch. So embarrassing to be her.

No. 231895

She’s def back on the booze, she will probably delete those stories when she wakes up

No. 231899

She is 100% trying to retain her visa.

No. 231901

Didn't say I believed her.

No. 231907

Gawd, matter of opinion. and in mine, Margo looks fucking ugly in that pic. Forehead is way too high, she looked better when she got much older than she looks there.

No. 231910

when the fuck did i WK venus? i stated a fact in that hosts live lives outside of their place of employment. get a grip.

No. 231912

They do not date clients outside of work.

No. 231914

Well at least he seems to look good and it won't look like she's with her dad when they're out n about together.

I wonder if they've had sex yet? Hosts will usually try to hold off from having sex w/ a client for as long as possible, no matter how much the woman wants it, because once they've done it, the woman often loses interest and moves on to another host club and so another host.

But damn, I wish I lived in Japan. I wouldn't mind paying for a pretty boyfriend to hang out with and be seen around with, probably not easy to find a pretty boyfriend ans specially not one who's reliable, unless you hire a host. There's also the rent a boyfriend thing and you can also hire a lovely young guy to come and cry with you if you're depressed. Hosts seem the best option though. At least women's needs are well catered for in Japan.

No. 231915

>At least women's needs are well catered for in Japan.
Girl, come on.

No. 231916

>> it won't look like she's with her dad
It's him who's going to look like he's with his mother

No. 231928

Im seeing some scrotes here mad that Venus is still not single. She is obviously talking about her boyfriend who works as a host, women who work as hosts also have secret boyfriends.

This just shows how low Venus has gone that she is dating him, because in japan it is viewed as low to date hosts due to the nature of their job so other sex-workers typically date hosts, which makes sense for venus i guess since she sells her nudes and was escorting on pater.

No. 231934


LOL, well I have to say that if it was a choice to have probably a mediocre but 'safe' boyfriend with a boring job and outlook but hey! everyone will approve of him (and me)- or, have a really hot looking pretty boyfriend who works as a host, well I'd happily put up with a few disapproving tut tuts. Life is short. People have to find their happiness where they can. Some people might be happy to settle for staid and boring but how many then break out of their safe little prisons when they have a midlife crisis knowing they've never lived at all?

No. 231935

I really don't think this guy would date Venus. It would be like dating a crazy schizophrenic lady off the streets. He definitely has better options, assuming he's even attracted to women.

No. 231936

It's his job. Venus is a much better option than some of the ugly, fat or old, often ugly, fat AND old women that hosts have to put up with and still pretend they view them as a "princess".

No. 231939


Well she obv had the host available to her in the. background, while daring the boyfriend and still living with and married to Manaki. Girl's not stupid, even tho she likes to act it.
Have to admire her for having three dudes on the go all at the same time, like her own harem.

I wonder if she'll do, or maybe has done a sex video with him? Would be easier on the eye than that fat man with the gross hairy thighs.

No. 231940

while "dating" the boyfriend, not "daring". Damn the typos.

No. 231942

It's not 'obvious' you dummy. If it was her actual boyfriend 1. She wouldn't need to clarify he is a 'host boyfriend' and 2. They wouldn't have immediately met and started officially dating RIGHT after breaking up with her fiance.

We aren't mad she isn't single, you're just dumb.

No. 231947

File: 1658599194108.jpg (280.73 KB, 1080x1920, 295050060_620977939218968_8489…)

Is she manic or something?

No. 231948

She's pretending she's dating people literally paid to pretend to be your boyfriend.

No. 231950

It's fucking pathetic. She's sunk really low. Keks to that but man is it sad too.

No. 231952

remember when she came out as super totally gay?
Have yet to see her slobbering over someone who isn't a moid.

No. 231955

She just needs a long shower at this point and lay off the booze…

No. 231957

i remember, her bpd phase back then was so crazy and milky, we also didnt have the retarded white knights who came here after venus sicced them on us.

No. 231976

>> She didnt latch onto shit,
Uh, yeah she did and has stayed latched on for the past 6+ years. He’s a visa and a meal ticket and she’s hanging onto that for dear life. He’s too passive and pathetic to cut her loose and she knows that and exploits it. And his pedophile shit is propaganda put out by Margaret and Venus herself, nothing more. He’s a convenient doormat who won’t fight back against these twin goblins, nothing more.

No. 231978

>> But hes buying her stuff,not the other way around.
What “stuff” has this guy bought her, moron?

No. 231980

File: 1658603994906.png (1.37 MB, 750x1334, 409D25A6-8EC5-406D-BC26-C6F15F…)

She keeps getting more pathetic at this point

No. 231981

I hope if I ever had a social media presence and got dumped I don't ever act this pathetic and make up scenarios.

No. 231982

"Blonde bitch" isn't even phrasing used in Japan, even for insulting people.

No. 231983

Even if he DID buy her things, that's literally a part of the host experience. You pay them like $100 an hour, they buy you a $20 gift so you can "feel" like they gave you a present. It's not rocket science. You're actually the one paying for the gift, they're just giving it back to you.

No. 231985

What “things” has he bought for her though? (Newsflash: he hasn’t.)

No. 231990

……Which is why I said "Even if he did."

No. 231992

It’s currently 4:38 in Japan. This poor fuck has been up all night posting on instagram.

Her fantasy fiance dumped her ass and she’s on a manic alcohol-fueled spiral. Also looking especially greasy in >>231947, posted at around 2am. What time do the bars in Tokyo close? Her drunk ass is about to be kicked out.

Cue her calling Manaki to come get her in 3….2…… And he will, just like he always does.

No. 232007

File: 1658609679484.jpg (351.71 KB, 1200x1709, 4.jpg)

She is so fucked up in the head by now that I don't think she can ever be fixed

No. 232008

Kekking at this milk of Venus pretending to have bfs when they're just swers she paid to hang out with.

Her making up a story about them fighting over her when really she is out on the street looking for someone else to drink with while neither want any of her baggage is the cherry on top.

No. 232021

Oh no The anon with her japanese fetish is back. We don’t need to know how much jealous you are and horny because you aren’t in your weeb dream land. Weeb disease cringe

No. 232022

This is how she could end up and it terrifies me.
That oneshot is horrifying

No. 232025

She's an adult and can make her own fucked up decisions. IF she ends up like this, its the path SHE chose unfortunately.

No. 232040

Guess the hosts think it's worth getting wrapped up in her crazy antics for the free promo?

No. 232048

File: 1658614487130.jpeg (593.14 KB, 869x684, 158EA0C6-46F2-4D7C-BD94-AF8A98…)

if this creepypasta looking motherfucker is your idea of a “really hot looking pretty boyfriend”, i feel sorry for you

No. 232051

OT but sauce?

No. 232052

it's called having a japanese fetish

No. 232057

Oh god Venus fucking around with Hosts saga FINALLY
Also KEK at calling it boyfriend, Hosts see Gaijin puss and do everything to get a piece of free cake.

No. 232063

Don't engage and report him.
It's the same ol' porn obsessed tranny shitting up every threads for months with their ~UwU soft nihonjin boiz in muh porn, Venus looks great and you all are feminazis!~.
Guess their ban was lifted, alas.

No. 232068

Holy shit I just checked Venus thread after like 2 weeks and he's still here

No. 232070

Why do we even cap and discuss the shit she posts…. it's all 100% fake nonsense she makes up on the spot to rile people like us up

No. 232071

because that's the point of this site? why is this thread always full of newfags

No. 232073


He looks like someone tried to draw Oli London from memory. I honestly don't see the appeal here. Weebs really think these hosts&hostesses don't photoshop themselves to hell and back. Tragic.

No. 232080

File: 1658619448328.jpg (562.37 KB, 1080x1587, FYWbDBsXEAARJXm.jpg)

First she's charging for messages, now this.
Does anyone know what are her subscribers on OF saying to this announcement? They must be thrilled to know that they will have to pay more, even though she barely posts any content.

No. 232084

…Smearing chocolate on yourself. Is this some kind of poop fetish?

No. 232090

He looks good but not her boyfriend, come on, she,s paying him. If the other host finished things with her, then she must,ve done sumthing pretty bad, hosts are not going to ditch a client unless for some really serious shit.

There was talk in here months back that she used to sometimes see a host, so i wonder if it was the same one who she,s now calling her ex? Who she was calling her new bf yesterday, so now her ex. She Must Have them on a conveyer belt or sumthing.

No. 232091

Shes only charging $10? kek
Someone of her caliber and fame should be charging $30…. Weeb get a job.

No. 232092

of thots charge what they think they're worth. venus obviously doesn't think too highly of herself.

No. 232093


Do we know she's drinking again, or is it speculation?
It did occur to me that maybe if she really had stopped drinking then maybe she saw the 'fiance' without the booze goggles and thought he was too old and dumped him.

No. 232094

Props to the guy for putting his face so close touching that greasy hair. The way the grease is dripping down her hair strands is embarrassing. Instead of paying for a “boyfriend” peenus should buy some shampoo and take a shower.

No. 232095


Which one of those is meant to be the one Venus was seeing? Or is it both of them? I've seen better, tho the black haired one looks okay-ish.

No. 232098


Well its a trifle odd to be riled up over anything a stranger to you does anyway. Jus sayin.

No. 232099


Maybe. There are definitely weirdos into scat. Can never see the appeal of this sort of gross stuff.

No. 232100

What fame? She used to be famous, but now she's irrelevant and doesn't even get that many likes or comments on YT and IG. Even drama channels aren't talking about her.

No. 232101

Shiruka Bakaudon
Beating Up a Mental Host Club Frequenter Chick!

No. 232102

Her TikTok page is gone. I wonder if she deleted it because it didn't get the response she wanted.

No. 232103

R u sure about that? I'd heard that a lot of host clubs won't accept foreigners as clients and will only cater to Japanese women.

Or you'd get any really old, ugly fat foreign women turning up there to get a piece of the action that they can't get in their own countries. As it seems nowhere else caters for women like this, only Japan. Whereas hostess clubs for men seem to exist in nearly every country in the world, so Japan looks like the only country doing something like this for women. So the rest of the world is more sexist in that respect and denying women the same pleasures that men can get.

No. 232104

the black haired asian michael jackson is the one whose insta she linked to here: >>231869

if she wasn’t drinking while dating “fiancé” she definitely is now… can’t see her hanging with hosts in shinjuku at 4am whilst sober kek

No. 232105

no one is denying women anything… have you heard of chippendales dancers? male strippers and escorts exist everywhere. paying someone for mundane social interaction is the distinctly japanese aspect and that’s just sad. the conversation isn’t about why japan is apparently an oasis for women, it’s about venus going off the rails like she always does

No. 232114

How many times has she already posted that she's going to post more hardcore porn? She's obviously not gonna deliver, again.

No. 232120

Feels like confirmation that she is doing porn as self-harm rather than trying to get money or make people horny over her. Like, what, 0.01% of people are into that and 99.9% think, naturally 'damn what a fucking disgusting monster'

No. 232121

she did make the vid on manyvids sucking on some old man's pubic hair

No. 232140

Its not that hard. While I am not proud of that I went to host Clubs myself as foreigner back then - in japan. It isn't hard. And even easier when you can speak japanese. If you go for the first time its as cheap as 1.500¥ for 1 hour all Drinks inclusive. Saged bc non milk

No. 232143

No one said margo is pretty. She's a goblin like her daughter. But like another anon said, a fringe, lolita or jirai clothing with her hair and makeup done, lose the glasses and slap a filter + edit and she'd look nearly identical to Venus. What I meant was that margo looked healthier than Venus and less conceited, despite being poor in a communist country and having shitty parents herself and being a grifter single mom with mental health issues.

No. 232144

Most likely. Also, she's stated she wants to be taken care of, and being single means no one there to pamper her. Also, some anons were calling her life uninteresting, and shortly after she cycles through hosts publicly, probably trying to make her social life seems so much more dramatic than it actually is. Still convinced she spends 90% of her time alone in her room. A few days ago she was on discord playing little witch in the woods for over 6 hours.

No. 232148

You lost me at the ugly part.

It's the gay asian boy anon as well as the one who thinks venus is sO pReTty and has a parasocial relationship with her. It took them a while to find the thread to whiteknight venus because they want to see her make porn with these asian femboys. Wish they didn't find the thread.

No. 232149

Looking for a visa, trying to seem more interesting and dramatic than she really is or trying to make her bf jealous or all of the above.

No. 232152

She's washed up. If she charged 30 she'd lose subs. 30 dollars for minimal content for a washed up and unattractive weeb who overedits and cat phishes as well as an additional dollar to even contact her is ridiculous. She's not belle delphine caliber who is also fading away into obscurity.

No. 232153

Nah, she's doing easy porn for the money and because she's too lazy, too unskilled and feels above doing "real" work (having sex with your bf or editing photos in your room is not "real" work). I think the gross things she does on there is in attempt for notoriety, because with that she can gain more subs. Kind of like Jake paul or belle delphine getting so much negative attention, but that attention, negative or not helps them make money, but no one gives much of a shit about her anymore.

No. 232157

No. 232158

>Do we know she's drinking again, or is it speculation?

Is there any room for speculation? Of course she is drinking. It's the exact same cycle she has gone though several times. After the "I am sober and getting all better phase" comes the "I had some mental problems, that's why I wasn't active, but it will now all be better"-phase and now we are at the "posting incoherent weird stuff in the middle of the night while being drunk"-phase.
Rinse and repeat.

No. 232160

>It did occur to me that maybe if she really had stopped drinking then maybe she saw the 'fiance' without the booze goggles and thought he was too old and dumped him

I doubt she cares he's old. She just cares about money/visa.
More likely he dumped her, because she started escalating again and/or she realized that he had absolutely no intention of ever getting married to a drunk wreck, so she saw her visa chances going poof.

No. 232163

File: 1658651987877.png (4.15 MB, 1242x2208, A5345040-ACC3-4342-ACEA-226C43…)

What the fuck is going on. This is getting more and more ridiculous

No. 232164

File: 1658652048250.png (2.89 MB, 1170x2532, DCA5F022-16BD-4B9C-B2C3-DE1466…)

Black hair guy = the host Venus paid for

No. 232165

File: 1658652234681.png (2.33 MB, 1170x2532, 862BFD9E-DED8-495A-B9F3-F13F74…)

So basically none of them are her ‘bf’. Kek.

No. 232166

That Asian "cover half your face so it looks smaller" pose kek

No. 232167

Lmao damn Venus got rinsed by a host boyfurendo
They probably make so much money hunting weeby gaijin and acting like an anime husbando for them meanwhile racking up the bill for drinks and their time lmfao

No. 232168

kek she bragged about him buying her Bvlgari ring, but I guess in the end he was like "jk, you have to pay for it all." That's what you get for expecting that everyone will buy shit for you for free, Venus.
She just proved that she really is that stupid to believe that a host can be dating her. I want to know how long will that "new boyfriend" last, I give it few days.

No. 232169

IMAGINE believing anything that comes out of this cunt's mouth. How old are all of you, seriously? These hosts were never her bfs, I doubt she even had a fiance. Come on now, people.

No. 232170

File: 1658653262297.jpg (452.48 KB, 1080x2248, Screenshot_2022-07-24-11-00-34…)

No. 232171

File: 1658653283622.jpg (423.3 KB, 1080x2248, Screenshot_2022-07-24-11-00-38…)

No. 232172

File: 1658653305265.jpg (675.26 KB, 1080x2248, Screenshot_2022-07-24-11-00-40…)

No. 232173

Sounds like she is just observing the drama between the two dude hoes kek japanese host cow thread when?

No. 232174

Good for her, she will finally get a real job. How nice of him.

No. 232176

Everyone knew this is how it would end way, the people believing whatever she says are those weird wks from PULL. Enjoying the milk though. Hope someone can make sense of her screens. It sounds like she's finally getting stuck with the bills. Consequences, kek.

No. 232177

Of course non of those hosts is her boyfriend and this whole thing is not even serious with them. She hired one of them because she wanted to take revenge on her fiancé after they had a fight. The whole purpose of this IG relation is to enrage him and make him jelous.But seems as even two hosts fighting (not even for her) is enough for her to feel better about herself right now. Sad.

No. 232179

peenus real job era when
i can not wait for this

No. 232180

if she actually got a normal job after this and kept it, i would gain some respect for her. lying, okay, you are an internet personality. but the continuous leeching will come to an even bigger crash if she keeps it up. i hope venus applies to a supermarket or something.

No. 232181

my speculation though is like >>232177 says, her fiance or sugardaddy will regret their fight and help her pay the fine.

No. 232188

This is all really weird, what the hell is going on in her brain? None of it is real, right?

No. 232189

She's trying to make it seem like her life is from some anime kekk

No. 232191

File: 1658657122156.png (642.06 KB, 478x856, 4.png)

First calling him her darling, even sharing is IG for everyone to see, now bashing him few hours later. Is she hoping that her brainwashed fans will bully him online? What the fuck is wrong with this bitch?

No. 232193

Is that Venus' drink on the table? No wonder she's been acting so crazy again, she's drunk.

No. 232194

File: 1658657740547.png (112.83 KB, 955x558, 44.png)

She has been losing followers like crazy lately. Good to know that people are finally done with her shit. Took them long enough.

No. 232195

Where are they? The place looks disgusting.

No. 232198

What i think happened is that:
-Venus had a fight with fiance/sugar daddy
-She went to the host place to hire her habitual host ("boyfriend")
-Host was bussy or something, so Venus was waiting for him ouside, maybe drunk
-Another host tried to make her hire him. She said she was waiting for her "host boyfriend". The blonde host told her that was a yakuza place, her host was bad and she better go with him.
-Venus then phoned host boyfriend to say she was going with another host
-Firsy host got angry and told Venus she hasnt paid him jet, and she needs to pay for his services (from earlier that day, maybe she is an habitual)
-Blonde host and scarf host got in a fight in order to get Venu's money
-Venus is drunk so she thinks they fight because of her
-She posted everything to make Fiance jelous

No. 232201

>Anon isn't into it thus thinks it's a minority
While I'm not against your logic she may not be doing it as she finds it fun, in Japan itself watersports is a huge market.
She still has Manaki, so her Visa is fine until he grows a spine.
It's all BS because as: >>231982 isn't even phrasing in Japanese and the host sure as shit didn't speak English.
And since she got dumped, she isn't getting anyone jealous that's the hilarious part kek

No. 232202

Well I can certainly smell something through this picture - cigarettes, Venus grease, stale beer and unwashed male hoe…

No. 232204

Can you not read or something? I didn't say let's not post about her, I said why do we discuss what she posts (as if it's happening) when it is not happening - it is made up. These >>232170 >>232163 are fake stories. Just made up from nothing. And we try to pick it apart like 'hmm what's my take on this, hmm I have this angle on these events'. These are not events. These are stories like a little kid saying 'today superman knocked down my school'

No. 232205

You read the thread and you see people saying that the host boyfriend is a lie because that wouldn't be compatible with her fiance. Even though lmao, the fiance is a lie too. How are people doing this - you know she has 0 problem telling full lies but you just start to forget that some of them were lies and start incorporating them into this story to check the new shit against. But it's all fucking lies! There's no fiance and there was no person called Ken either. She just bumped the keys and mistyped something that came out as 'u ken' and lolcow turned into a living man called Ken lol

No. 232206

>You read the thread and you see people saying that the host boyfriend is a lie
People are saying them being her BOYFRIEND is a lie, not that she didn't get hosts.

No. 232208

This sounds more reasonable and venus is, as usual, exaggerating her experiences to seem more interesting, especially since her follower numbers are dropping. I like how she acts so tough online too but irl that conversation was likely her just mumbling meekly. I am guessing Venus has been a regular for a while now. Didn't Margo say Manaki's landlord told her Venus either worked at or frequented host/hostess bars? If so, she probably owes them a lot of money, just like she owed/stills owes Taylor and David money. It also explains why for a long time now, Margo was saying Venus owed the yakuza money. She probably knew about venus visiting host clubs. But Venus will just spin the story in a way that makes her look good and everyone else bad. Also, she has no right to call out that guy for looking different or being unkempt. She projects so hard. Such a narc.

No. 232211

While she could be lying, why would the hosts be a lie simply because she had a fiance? (maybe all made up and not hard to believe it's made up because she only started sharing all this when she became a badass jirai kei keyboard warrior so she's larping again to fit her current aesthetic). But she admit to cheating on Manaki for a year with this fiance, so she could have been visiting host clubs while with her fiance too. She's clearly a cheater. An alleged friend in both LC and PULL once stated she was a cheater, fucked over her managers and many other people waaaay before Venus was exposed or exposed herself. I don't see hiring hosts as incompatible with a fiance or Manaki. She cheats. And if the fiance was real, he likely had a wife and other side hoes. Would explain them not living together.

No. 232213

Kek can’t believe how many of you guys believe her bullshit! Girl is completely brain dead and lies with every word she writes on her story. Pretty sure non of these mf’s would ever date rotten tooth even for a sec! She probably couldn’t pay the bill for that host and got mad when he asked for his money.

No. 232214

The sum listed here doesn't equal 50k in euros (she's european it'd be 37k) or in USD (it'd be 38k). It's 49k in CAD though, but not sure why she'd say that because most of her followers are American and she's European so she'd either mean USD or euros. More exaggeration from her?

No. 232215

Wouldn't surprise me if she was emotionally manipulating him that way tbh

No. 232219

You really can not wrap your mind around what I'm saying.
>She admitted
She said. SHE MADE THAT UP TOO. Stop talking about the specifics and try to grasp that you are reasoning about the relations between people and events that ALL comes FROM HER. You heard it only from her. NONE OF IT EXISTS.
>But she admit to cheating on Manaki for a year with this fiance,

No. 232220

Probably an old mental model of dividing JPY by 100 to get EUR. The exchange rate has changed, her brain hasn't.

No. 232223

Bruh, calm down. Whether she made him up or not, the fact is that she did those videos on OF with someone. Also, I doubt she would go to those fancy places she posted about before alone, paying with her own money. Why is it so hard to believe that she could have a fiancé?

No. 232225

Used to have a fiance, lol. The only thing people doubt is the hosts were dating her "outside of their pretend to be your boyfriend" job.

No. 232242

It's not hard to believe that she had SOMEONE with whom she went to expensive places. It's hard to believe that someone wanted to marry her.
Imageine the embarassement it would cause to your friends, family and bussiness partners to be associated with an alcoholic pornactor? They guy didn't even want her to MOVE in with her, so she rather stayed with Manaki. That's how little the "fiancé" wanted a public connection with her.
I don't believe Venus was/is anything but some sex kink for him and he had absolutely no intention of a serious relationship, yet alone of getting married to her.

No. 232246

Reminds me of that old documentary about hosts that ends with them all staggering drunk back to their crappy apartments when dawn breaks. Fittingly it also pointed out that the majority of host club customers are female sex workers, too.

No. 232248

>> those fancy places she posted about before
>> she had SOMEONE with whom she went to expensive places.
I think that was some shady photographer guy, someone she paid to take pics of her, not a “boyfriend” and not “dates.” And there was never a fiance anywhere but in Venus’s fantasies.

No. 232249

File: 1658674141645.jpeg (58.22 KB, 785x460, 8017F3A5-7A7F-4224-9910-AC9906…)

Wow, she’s really losing hundreds of IG followere a day, lol. She was at 221K last night when I took this pic, now today it’s 220K. She’s a total fucking idiot and her scuzz is driving people away in droves.

No. 232257

Venus' posts in 10 minutes:
OMG I love my boyfriend so much, he is so cute, he is perfect, he is a moron and works for yakuza I hate him to death

No. 232260

How is Venus still in Japan?

No. 232271

This is all just a joke. None of it is serious or real, it’s just her shitty sense of humour - the “bill” is made out to “Vivi”.

She’s trolling all of you.

No. 232275


No. 232291

Maybe all of this is part of the host experience? All this "my loved boyfriend working for mafias and a blonde guy saved me" could be a special host pack

No. 232293

It is not in general ones. Special "scenario" packages usually cost a pretty penny (tune of $3000+)

No. 232295

>> Maybe all of this is part of the host experience?
That host, Yukiya_319 was not a willing participant in some lttle fantasy, nor was he in on the joke (if it was an attempt at a joke.)

No. 232309

File: 1658691750016.jpeg (1.22 MB, 4096x3072, C16D7A55-4EDF-402A-A6C4-8D6E74…)

Lmao, Venus has definitely found her people

No. 232311

it's obvious venus has been going to hosts, but i doubt she's been paying them tons and tons of money. she probably goes to them them for a few hours, flashes her insta follower count, and then they meet up with her off the clock to try to get some of that clout. any of those "gifts" are her lying, bought by her or just the hosts making empty promises. i doubt any of them were dating. she's probably posting dumb cringe shit because she has no sense of humor.

No. 232313

I don’t understand she had a big channel and big following and everything was going well she went to her dream country and could do more makeup and stuff she wanted and suddenly decided to be the sad girl and ruined her own career like wth. Probably her mother was running the whole channel but even without her she did make good content without her in the beginning. Such a waste, some people wish to have the opportunities she had and would have made a fortune with it.

No. 232319

She probably posted their insta usernames in her stories to get them page views and followers in return for something. Maybe she does owe them money, maybe she was just bragging to them about how popular she thinks she is, or something. But they’re definitely getting something out of this.

No. 232320

i feel like she has child star syndrome really bad. iirc wasn't she homeschooled for a long time(mainly because she couldn't legally get into school in whatever foreign countries they were squatting in)? that probably fucked her up enough, but she's being rebellious now and making poor decisions because she doesn't have anyone who can tell her what to do and she doesn't have anyone who will help her. i'm sure she's really mentally messed up and it's sad to see her squandering what she has, but she keeps pushing people away. manaki and his family seemed and still seem like they really want to help her, but she won't grow up and is just being rebellious.

No. 232324

Vivi was her IG name for a moment. I think she uses it as a nickname with japanese people

No. 232341

Marge truly wanted to live vicariously through Venus and is a textbook narcissist as well as being batshit crazy. Being raised in that kind of environment would drive anyone insane. Not to mention being isolated her from her own family, and being stuck in a country with not great mental health facilities.
I think she would probably be the same in whatever country she lived in tbh though.
Am not wking Venus, she is as mad as her mum, but her mum is the reason she is like it.

No. 232342

Especially since they took those snow app looking pictures together. The hosts were probably expecting some level of promo to their IG accounts from her.

Venus is an adult now though, this excuse only goes so far.

No. 232363

I’m not saying it’s an excuse, I’m saying it’s the reason.

No. 232365

File: 1658706061635.jpeg (387.89 KB, 817x1564, 3DE53203-6A5E-4ADC-93CF-2BFCEE…)

This host (Yukiya) works in Kabukicho, a famous ‘adult-oriented nightlife’ area in Shinjuku. What I find remarkable is that Venus spent the night hanging around a host club (or maybe several) looking like this- greasy, unwashed and not a stitch of makeup on. She couldn’t even wash her hair for her big night out? And that photo is filtered and brightened, she probably looked even more busted irl. Wtf is wrong with her, seriously? Is her brain pickled from years of binge drinking or what?

No. 232376

dude has tiny ass hands

No. 232384

what new bf? i thought she ws maintaining that a host ws her bf, and then that a different host ws her 'new' bf?

No. 232387

Didn't she admit somewhere that she likes to make up stories? I remember her admitting to being A compulsive liar, unless that was made up too?

It occurred to me that perhaps she's an actual sex addict, a nymphomaniac, we've heard how she tried to get it on with friends boyfriends, she tried it on with Sora the troll, has made attempts to have some sort of connection with Daniel, Hiding In My Room guy, had a relationship with some girl also older men, and going to host clubs and paying for the services of a host and Venus wanting more all seems perfectly believable.

No. 232389

There's nothing wrong with how he looks. He just looks like a typical host. And she was happy enough with him a few hours previously.

No. 232393

Just because she had a fiancee or was married wouldn't stop her going to host clubs. Apparently women cheat more than men in Japan and many married women frequent host clubs. Women control the finances so especially if a married womans husband earns good money, the wife gets plenty of money to spend in the host clubs. Seems Venus is fitting in very well with how a lot of Japanese women are like.

No. 232397

You've obviously not seen some of the ugly fat old women who have got the cash to flash at host clubs if you think Venus looks bad. She looks a lot better than many of those ugly old bitches. The poor hosts, I feel sorry for them with some of what they have to put up with. They really deserve their money and it's only really the very top hosts who make a lot of money.

No. 232398


Nothing wrong with the size of his hands. Better than having ugly great clumsy typical white mans hands, all rough and gnarly and likely hairy too. Most young Japanese guys have got nice hands like that, unless they do manual work, and hosts have got to keep themselves looking good including having nice hands, it's how Japanese ladies like them to look.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 232401

File: 1658716920526.jpeg (217.95 KB, 1472x1256, 6DF2ABCF-C0D8-4585-BF89-12201E…)

You’ve “obviously not seen” what Venus Palermo really looks like. Brown teeth, alcohol bloated goblin face, perpetually greasy hair and can’t keep up with even the most basic personal hygiene (like taking a shower and washing her hair or brushing her teeth once in awhile.)I highly doubt she “looks better” than ANY of the other customers in that place.

No. 232402

That tiny handed guy is not a host. He’s a ‘recruiter,’ whatever that means. And you’re a creep who’s been banned multiple times but keep coming back, like a cockroach.

No. 232403

Recruiter for what? State your source because everything else shows he's a host.

No. 232405

She was homeschooled around 15 or 16 I think, when her channel took off. It was also the time Margo quit her job to work on the channel full time. She had the school experience. She even used to shit on her classmates and make fun of other girls in her blog. So no, homeschooling didn't "fuck her up." She was actually spoiled by Margo. She got used to having to do nothing yet raking in 80k. Then when she left to leech off Mana, she had to do all the channel work by herself. And she didn't like editing. She got bored of YT, like anyone would get bored of doing the same "job." She didn't want to work a real job either. She is too good for that. She wants someone to take care of her, so she can live an easy life like Taylor and lavish in material wealth. That's what happens to some kids when your parent is overbearing and spoils you. Stop with the Venus hand wringing. She had plenty of supportive people in her life. And it's NOT up to other people to help her. No one should have to be a victim of this emotional vampire anymore. She can get her shit together herself if she wants to. She's not special.

No. 232406

It's not the sole reason.

No. 232408

She has face makeup on though (Or her skin is just very edited/smoothed) and possibly a little mascara and highlight in her inner eye corner. But yeah, she probably looked much worse in person though, where she can't edit.

No. 232409

I think she hits on people to get what she wants. Like with Mana it was a visa. With Kitano it was his business. With her vtuber manager to get into the vtubing community. Ken as a sugar daddy to get free stuff and maybe a visa. Possibly the photographer she worked with Kazz Takahashi for modelling stuff as he was seen in her streams being unprofessional and flirty. I think getting it on with girls was made up when she needed gayness as an excuse to explain the Mana breakup after she was married for enough years to be eligible for a visa. She said that in attempt to deflect from visa fraud and claimed Mana was an "asexual loser." I don't think she likes sex at all, but just leads people on to get the things she needs.

No. 232413

Ignore that retard. If someone talks about how attractive feminine asian dudes are and nonfem boys are ugly, talks about how pretty venus is and better looking than a lot of "ugly old bitches", whines and states venus is sO pReTtY whenever someone calls her out for looking bad or average or even ugly, talks about being in love with venus, condones the things venus does while claiming other people are boring, whines about her edits and how she's so beautiful naturally or mentions her pointy chin or sex with asian boys, it's the gay asian femboy retard. Just report and don't engage. They can scream into a void until the mods hopefully ban them again. No one wants that retard here and sadly they've been here for like the last 10 threads.

No. 232414

Not same anon. It was Venus who said he was a recruiter. But he's most likely a host just trying to get customers and Venus is exaggerating him to make him into some Yakuza sex work recruiter so she can feel her life is more special and interesting.

No. 232415

Yeah, she probably isn't used to the host lifestyle. A lot of the hosts "recruit" because they'll want your repeated business. (you're a lonely fuck that's paying, they want to drain you.)

No. 232433

a recruiter for a host club is a host who tries to pick up business off the street, usually a newly employed host. basically it's their job to trick people into going in. "you look lonely" "where is your man?" "a pretty girl like you needs some company!" kind of sweet talk to get them into the club. host clubs will also hire a woman to entice guests by boasting about the club from a woman's perspective. "the guys in there are so hot" "they'll love talking to you!" "the atmosphere is so amazing!" (obviously hostess clubs have the same thing with reversed genders). basically venus is being won over by advertisers on the street. hosts will take advantage of you like this if they think you have money, no matter how bad your appearance is. i feel like venus will be taken by these men.

No. 232493

No but it is the main reason.

I dunno why this irks me, I think we can all agree that the sole contributing factor for her poor mental health is because of the way she was brought up by her mum, life experiences and and the circumstances in which she has ended up in.
I don’t understand why anons keep saying oh ShEs oLd EnOuGH to KnOw BetTEr, maturity comes with experience, not age. She has had no positive parental role model, and she’s an alcoholic bpd chan. She doesn’t know better because she’s incapable.
I’m not saying poor Venus she’s a victim uwu let’s feel sorry for her, I’m saying she’s absolutely fucked her life up and I don’t see it improving unless someone physically removes her from Japan and puts her in a mental institution.

Sorry for my slight sperg.

No. 232507

that’s exactly what i think. the only thing that can save her and improve her life would be moving back to europe.
what keeps her from doing so?

No. 232513

She doesn't want to move away from Japan, she likes living there. Most of her adult life has been spent in Japan, she probably thinks she will be more successful there than anywhere else on Earth. And frankly she's probably right, in the way that she sees success at least. Who the fuck wants to go to Europe, go to a therapist, and get a job at Zara or something when they could stay in Japan and do what they've always done? Take pictures of themselves, leech off of some pervert loser, and make enough money to survive? Venus isn't a smart or sensible person, she wants to be famous (whether that is all Margo's fault or not isn't relevant to this point) and she will fade into absolute obscurity if she goes anywhere other than Japan. She has western fans that follow her interesting weeb life, and she has fans in Japan as well - a lot of her weird videos are playing to their specific kinks. She'd lose all of that in Europe, and gain very little in her mind - since celebrity and notoriety are what matter most to her.

No. 232518

She should leave Japan.
She should live in europe.
She should go to Switzerland.
She should be in a mental home.
She should get an education.
She should get a regular job.
She should stop doing porn.
She should get off the internet.
She should stop doing all social media.
She should stop being Venus.

Now please can that be put at the top of every thread so that incomers know that is the default position and the only opinion allowed here and anyone saying anything different won't be tolerated?

Thank you.

No. 232523

Venus knows perfectly well how host operate and how the whole host culture works. She:s not being fooled or taken in by anyone.
She even said months ago when asked about hosts, that she could save herself a lot of money by drinking and lying to herself at home.

She wasn't born yesterday and isn't some little simple idiot new to Japan who knows nothing about their culture.
She had already educated herself on what Japan life was like long before she went there and became fully immersed in the culture.

No. 232537

Not a good timing. Europe is on the verge of economical collapse and we don't need more welfare leeches while working middle class people are struggling to to make ends meet and it's not even winter yet. She's honestly better off in Japan in this situation.

No. 232558

lol, calm down. people itt clearly don't know shit about the culture. i was explaining for them. venus is fucking stupid and desperate.

No. 232592

She DOES know better though. What part of she is an opportunistic manipulator do you not understand? She knows the things she does to other people are not good. She just doesn't care because she's self interested. This part has NOTHING to do with Marge or her upbringing, except maybe genes or something. Also, you do understand that Venus lied about her time with Marge? She literally said that she was forced to do youtube when she wasn't and it was actually her idea all along and continued to do the thing she "was forced to do that traumatized her so bad" upon leaving which makes no sense. She said she left because "she was so in loooove with Mana and Marge hated him", then changed the entire story recently. She said many things which turned out to be lies so she could benefit off off others. She said Mana and like 3 of her managers were Margo tier bad. This girl LIES. She admit to making up abuse. Her time with Margo was no where NEAR as bad as you think it was to turn her into what she is. You just can't accept that she is a selfish, manipulator. However, since Margo spoiled her materialistically, maybe that part is, to some extent, on Margo.

No. 232595

She's not fully immersed in the culture though. Mostly just the weeb culture. She still fetishizes Japan and most regular citizens probably find her embarrassing when they see her. She also doesn't have many local friends, most of her friends were other influencers and gaijin.

No. 232619

And you think Japan is doing better? Japan youth gave up already and their birth is terrible their population is declining so badly same goes to China and other countries. The whole world is struggling and economy is struggling No one is doing better they are just pretending who else how bad things will get someday as long we have boomers running everything and ruining things.

No. 232627

she's trying to make the fiance jealous you retards

No. 232632

It's funny for me how we all are split between a) Venus is dumb, she is being tricked, she is just a drunk goblin who cant even take care of herself and b) Venus knows perfectly what she is doing, she is a manipulative monster and the fools here are her fans(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 232650

it's clearly that she's dumb and manipulative. anons kneejerking about facts like how venus turned out due to margo isn't wking like they think.

No. 232655

She can be an impulsive moron and still be an emotional manipulator. The kind of manipulation she does is strictly emotional. She is good at guilt tripping people into feeling sorry for her and using her childhood mommy and daddy issues as a scapegoat for her toxic, abusive behavior.

Broken record time: Again, the fact that she went and moved to Japan on a scam marriage visa whilst having 0 skills, connections, decent speaking ability, certifications, post secondary education, etc is a testament to the fact she's not very bright and is extremely impulsive. Most ppl here are familiar with Japanese visas and their rules. We know what a massively stupid idea this is to pull in that country, especially considering how Japanese Immigration is.

No. 232662

She will do ANYTHING just to stay in japan. No one can convince her to go back to Europe. She’d rather die(learn2sage)

No. 232668

Considering living the weeb dream died along time ago, doing low budget porn, not showering for weeks, and couch surfing is better than proving Marg was right I guess. Cuz if she does return to Europe, best believe Marg will waste no time gloating on SM.

No. 232709

Why are you all acting like she's some master manipulator getting to the top of the pyramid while having no feelings when she barely scraps by? If she had no feelings as you claimed and was entirely sociopathic, she would have made it in the Youtube business since the business is made by self righteous narcissists that give off a perfect image to the camera. She's depressed and she's shaking, it's obvious she's not faking it. If you actually struggled with mental illness you'd know what severe somatization is as a result of extreme psychological stress. You cannot fake tremors like that. She is not more abusive or fake than the average person is. Most people use each other and everything is some exchange. Stop acting like Manaki the pedo didn't also take advantage of her while only claiming she took advantage of him to go to Nippon. He also took advantage of her, she was out of his league, he prayed on her since she was underaged and immediately opened his arms to a way above his league woman that was barely 18 and desperate to escape an incredibly abusive mom. She also seems to have artistic inclinations and wants to be genuine compared to all the drone like Japanese grifter Youtubers. I wish her the best and for her to forgive those that have hurt her and stop making herself vulnerable to narcissistic abuse. A lot of people that target her seem like projecting narcissists that continuously project on her but target her exactly because she is suffering and emotionally vulnerable. She has very low self esteem, she should see herself for her real value, stop hurting herself for what others have done to her and move on.

No. 232712

I agree with most of these points but I think she should at least have some dignity and not blast about her relationships online. it just seems like she's stuck in her teen mindset and hasn't matured since 14 or sth.
she needs to get a grip and help herself cause nobody else can

No. 232714

Oh she's not even the master of her own destiny. It's all simple. Why is she still in Japan? Probably because she still is married, noone has reported her and she doesn't matter enough to any authorities to drag her to the ports. Being a dumbass attention whore is laughable, but not a crime.
Even if some retard cowtips, what would cops see? Her having obviously lived there for years? An autistic otaku married to a visa seeking weeb? As long as neither are saying it's a visa marriage, cops can't/won't do anything.
You have girls there with no visa whoring themselves in Kabukichou. Have been for years. If they're still around, Venus will still be around. Don't worry though, I'm sure her stank will give her away should she go on the run.

No. 232733

Right okay, then tell me why do you think she is an opportunistic manipulator? If she knows better then where did she learn to be like that?
Do you not remember the my strange addiction video? The interviews? It was clear Marge was pushing the dolly shit, and she was still a child then.
She obviously has manipulated her way through life cos it’s the only way she knows how to. I never said she doesn’t do any of that I just said it irks me that people are denying her shitty upbringing and crazy mom have contributed to her shit mental health.

No. 232735

I don't think anyone denies this. It's more along the lines of, Venus is an adult now. Time to take adult accountability for your own actions. Her past explains the shitty behavior, it doesn't excuse it.

No. 232738

there are a few anons that keep kneejerking whenever anyone mentions it though. it's possible for her to have bad mental health and be shitty. but that's clearly a difficult concept for some anons.

No. 232745

Reminds me of how the Blanchard family and how the daughter became a product of the mother and learned how to manipulate, etc.. from her. All those 18+ years of being under Margo's thumb, Venus only knows how to do one thing that her mom was good at: manipulation. There's no way that Venus is going to be able to just magically act like every single other functioning adult. She's gonna have a long way probably into her forties before she's able to really process what she does is a product of Margo did to her.. Maybe then she'll realize how fucked up it's actually created her own personal life story after margo.

Anon's just saying that she's an adult doesn't fix all the years of severe trauma done to her to make her the way she is. She's clearly coping with things like alcohol and sleeping around because she doesn't know what to actually do in this adult life where she's trapped in a country she wasn't even born in

No. 232751

As always, Venus does some weird shit then disappears again (probably sobering?).

Unless they sold her organs to pay for the host bills

No. 232760

I swear that's how she's going to end up. Not buying her Bf/Fiancé shit for a second but Girls a mess and she's going to piss off the wrong people one day.

No. 232778

Careful, they hate Venus here You can get banned for saying anything good about her.

Honestly, I don't think she's as bad as everyone likes to make out. I've known poeple in much worse state who are still here to tell the tale in their fifties. Venus really does seem to enjoy her life quite a lot amidst all the low times she has too.

Everyone's life is full of ups and downs anyway, its not all plain sailing,not for anyone.And when someone has a mental health condition that cause highs and lows too, as she seems to have.
Things could be a lot worse for her. At least she is in Japan, the country she loves, the place of her choice, she's not stuck in a country she hates that she can't get out of. Imagine how much worse it would be for her if she was stuck in a country like England in a backwoods where she sees no Japanese people and where no one knows anything about Japan and has no interest in any weeb culture. She'd be surrounded by ignorant and derisive people who still think of Japan in terms of WW2, she's lucky she got out of that country and was able to settle in the country where she always wanted to be. Some people are never able to achieve that, but for some reason everyone seems to overlook that. She'd be far more miserable if she was stuck in a country she hates, the frustration and hopelessness of that added to her already mental health issues would be even worse for her.

No. 232810

Selling her organs is unlikely, but pressuring her into IRL sex work (like a soapland or something) is very likely

No. 232850

Right, just a lying drunk grifter, not bad at all! People here are SO judgemental!

No. 232863

This weeb anon again. she’s not stuck there, she refuses to leave.

No. 232878

Where do you want her go?

No. 232919

please move to kiwifarms. they love your kind of post. they are 'your people'

No. 232920


Did you not read this >>232518

No. 232958

I never said she was stuck there, in Japan. I Said think how much worse it would be for her if she was stuck in a country she hated and couldnt get out of, at least she is in Japan, the country she loves.
$he'd still be her, wherever she was, but if she was somewhere she didnt want to be, she'd be in an even worse situation but at least she's where she wants to be.
Some people are struggling and also in a country they hate But Venus is lucky in that she is in a country she loves.

No. 232970


Why the fuck do we care why she does the retarded things she does? She's doing retarded things! We're here to laugh at it
Jfc just stfu or go to the discord if you want to armchair

No. 232983

To some who feel she is lost and have nowhere to go for god sake she is from a European country not a shithole poor country if she was from some hellhole country where women are harassed for wearing pants and not safe for anyone i would have understood her. Tons of people wish to live where she is from where there is basic humans right and freedom. Many people who have lived in East Asia their mental health got damaged including myself they only focused on some technology aspect to show off but very backward in many things and for example now China still doing lockdowns and stuck in rules and authority policies and force you to do test every few days, government controleverything and no one dare to say anything or question it they just obey because most of them are so brainwashed to do so. Japan isn’t like of course but they have their own issues and being a foreigner in those xenophobic countries which they share as a trait isn’t good for anyone’s hapiness when constantly no matter what you do will always be treated like an outsider makes you feel less human. It’s good for traveling but not for living, Japan didn’t do her well as we see and it’s not like she still do youtube, kawaii stuff or vlogs and tours it would be also logical but no she is just roaming there doing more damage. She is really a crazy weeb putting herself down to stay there. I think she suffer from some identity issues and i don’t feel sorry for her because many people are far way abused than her and don’t end up like that. Some people go through some really deep shit and come from terrible places and aren’t like that. She is ungrateful for all opportunities she had and actually this thread is full of her fans.

No. 232993

This explanation just shows that you’re wking her. You’re literally her fan

No. 233013

Not sure what is so wrong on being her fan. I feel like most people in threads like this one were her fans on some point in the past (whole spectrum, from just wishing her luck to being fanatics) and then just become horribly disappointed in her. We can just see people in different stages of the process. Some just discovered the thing and are shocked, some are in denial and defending her, some want to fix her, then some are hopeless and resigned or some are bitter and hateful, finally some gave up on her, reconsilled and are currently enjoing the show. Somehow each group hates the others and we fight instead of talking about Venus. This incoherent fanbase actually proves that Venus is a total incoherent mess too (that's not a discovery, tho)…

No. 233015

Past in middle school. No one is checking for venus. She is washed.

No. 233031

Please don't engage with the tranny sperg. Report him.

No. 233080

For real her weirdo fans hanging out here read what we discuss, post their Asian femboy fetishes, then jump out to defend her when needed. Creepy as fuck

No. 233085

Nta, but what exactly was the lie in what they said? They aren't wrong.

No. 233088

Again, don’t reply or engage to venosu useless incurable pathetic rtard fans. All they do is defend her & try to distract to other boring topics. Wasting spaces on this thread.

No. 233089

Complaints go in meta

No. 233090

Kudos to this comment. She really doesn’t understand what privileges she had. Yet she chose to rot in this xenophobic country full of weebs

No. 233126

She is living where she wants to be. Obv that wouldn't be your choice but then you're not Venus. I dont know why ppl constantly whine about this as if they think she is somehow only there under sufferance and wants to 'escape' but doesnt bother to make the effort. She is where she wants to be. The fact she is in a state mentally is not because she is living in the country she chose to be in but because she is who she is. If anyone truly believes that if she suddenly started living in woohoo 'magical' europe, it would be as though some fairy
wand was waved and poof, she'd start working nine to five and have a so called 'normal' routine life, then they are sadly deluded. She'd most likely be in an even worse state than she's in now because she wouldn't be in her chosen country.
It's so tedious to be constantly reading in here that why is she in Japan, why doesn't she live in europe? BECAUSE SHE DOESN'T WANT TO. It's that simple.

Can we just put it to bed and only talk about what she does, not what some anons think she should do, as that is just your opinions and is not relevant to what Venus is doing. It's what she does we want to discuss, not anons opinions.(unsaged wk-ing)

No. 233148

japan gay femboy anon youre so fucking stupid sometimes it hurts my head to know people like you exist.

She has NOTHING in japan. NOTHING. newfags keep mentioning her living in europe because at least she has sovereign rights there to have a legal job, own/rent spaces, literally has more legal standing for everything. No one is saying europe is 'magical' or 'good'. She just has nothing going for her there unless she wants to be like sere and whore herself into her 30s and have 3 different anchor babies (that are useless in japan because that's not how citizenship's work). Which is probably the direction she's going but she's probably too scared to get fat from being pregnant.

Your opinion is the only one that annoys literally everyone in this thread. Even the other wks are nothing compared to how absolutely braindead everything you say is. You've literally been banned several times and still don't seem to understand the entire point of this site. Go to kiwifarms, jfc.

No. 233153

this exactly. venus could move back to europe, get an education and get her life in order. her family was communicating with her for some time. she's just going to be deported anyway if she stays in japan.

No. 233157

Most people who move other countries do want to escape. you know the saying, the grass looks greener on the other side of fence. I say this because you yourself also don’t know how she is feeling either. Even though Japan is her dream country, maybe along the way she began to realize living Japan wasn’t great as she thought it would be but she refuses to admit it (denial) and continues to hang on…….People say Venus should move back to Europe on here is because she doesn’t look happy at all and I’m aware she going through mental issues of her own which is also plays a huge part of it but the place (her surrounding) she currently lives does matter too, you know.(learn2sage)

No. 233165

"dating" hosts is the most sad and pathetic thing she could do. her mother had leeches as pets, peenus thinks they love her.

No. 233189

She can't drive, no education, career, can't afford her own place. Weebs are fuckin retards. She's egging on to her mid 20s with nothing going for herself.

No. 233216

>> why do you think she is an opportunistic manipulator? If she knows better then where did she learn to be like that?
She is choosing to “be like that.” She’s not like some robot that was programmed and destined to do the shit she does (being a manipulative leech) because MARGO. Lots of people were abused and developed compassion and empathy rather than following our abusers and becoming degenerate assholes.

If she had an ounce of insight she’d see that she is literally becoming her mother and if she had a shred of integrity she would vow to NEVER do that. She has neither.

No. 233227

>> many people are far way abused than her and don’t end up like that. Some people go through some really deep shit and come from terrible places and aren’t like that.

No. 233260

Exactly. She is old and developed enough to understand right from wrong. She isn't 5. She isn't even a teenager who could potentially be indoctrinated by her mom. She LEFT her mom and her mom hasn't had any influence in her life since 17-18. She is 25 now. Her brain is developed. Most people who leech off others, slander, fake abuse, use others for money or gain, exploit little children, cheat, commit visa fraud, consistently lie etc KNOW these are bad things to do. It's just that they DON'T CARE. Venus likes to create this false public image of her entire life. She even told Margo if you're cute you can say/get away with anything you want. That is NOT someone who "doesn't know any better." That is manipulation and even if she saw Margo being manipulative towards people, she is old enough to understand that things like that are immoral. She just doesn't give a shit.

No. 233262

I genuinely don't understand the mentality. If you like these cows, then stay in their SM and tell them how much you love them, hoping they'll give a shit (hint: they won't but will pretend if you pay them, maybe). It baffles me when fans feel the need to search up gossip threads and then defend these random strangers who don't give a shit about them. And worse, they try to paint Venus as either "someone who doesn't know any better" or completely deny the bad things she's done and kiss her poor victim ass. Like why would you care if there are people who can see through Venus' facade and thus don't like her?

You wouldn't be saying that if she was margo's age and you didn't think venus was "sooo pretty". You don't extend the same sympathy and excuses to Margo, who from what I can tell, had it even worse than Venus, especially if the incest thing is true as well as living poor, under communism and forced into religion with parents who still shit talk her on their IGs. But then again you're also the retard who is in love with Venus. The mental ward is that way ———→

No. 233263


It's prob that time of year when Mana doesn't let her back in/throws her out of the apartment for the 322084573923239257th time. Add in the fact that her on and off again pimp san fiancé is clearly married and only hits her up Venus when he wants to get his dirty dick wet, and she disappears because she's got nowhere to go and hardly any money left.

Image and good personal hygiene are a big thing in Japan. No sane person living in Japan would want to be caught dead around town with a greasy, unwashed, hobo-esque goblin reeking of booze.

No. 233266

Margo managed the channel after Venus' jpop idol career wasn't taking off. Margo's story was always consistent in this regard. She didn't even know you could make money on YT until Venus begged her to do YT dance videos. Then one of them, likely Venus came up with the dolly trend because Margo wasn't the weeb following east Asian trends. Margo quit her job after a few years of working on the channel when Venus started gaining traction. It's obvious venus wanted to do YT because it was what would help get her to Japan. She continued to make videos in Japan. She wanted to have easy money. Her mom helped her with that. Without Margo managing shit, Venus wouldn't have gotten anywhere and she knows that. That is completely different from "forcing someone to be a doll." And any manipulative behaviour she observed from Margo does not mean she doesn't know any better. She's 25 years old. She knows her behavior is wrong. She doesn't care because her selfishness trumps being moral in her eyes. It's possible to have shit mental health and also be a shitty person. Even if she got her mental health in order, she'd still be a shit person because at her core she is extremely greedy, entitled, overly self-interested and lazy.

And to the anon saying she "sleeps around because she doesn't know what to do in adult life" is ridiculous. She sleeps around, like with her fiance for opportunity. Like visa. That's why she latched onto Mana and the fiance. With the vtuber manager and Kitano it was likely the same thing. Kitano provided a business for her. And if she dated then, this would eventually lead to a visa and a husband to take care of her lazy ass. She actually strikes me as the asexual and was just projecting her asexuality into Mana. She uses sex to gain what she wants, not because she "doesn't know any better in this adult life." What a joke.

No. 233276

>>Without Margo managing shit, Venus wouldn't have gotten anywhere and she knows that. That is completely different from "forcing someone to be a doll." And any manipulative behaviour she observed from Margo does not mean she doesn't know any better.

No. 233299

Yeah no shit. She was a child kek

No. 233322

So? Is she still alive or did they sell her organs? I mean, she hasn’t posted for like 3 days now and iam pretty sure it’s not taking that long for her to get sober again.

No. 233336

ohhh yes that absolutely justifies allowing your child to sexualize themselves at 12 years old and even partaking in filming it and posting it to pedophiles. No sane mother would have allowed her child or even edited or shot pedo videos for YOutube. It's just incredibly bad parenting and Margo has always been a narc mom. You just don't have a good grasp over reality becaus you're a rotten minded weeabo with delusions of grandeur and you always wanted to be some Yotube Japanese loli. Fuck off. Your grasp over reality is that of someone with extreme mental illness. She was a child, children cannot make proper choices, your parents are supposed to limit your behaviors and teach you healthy stuff, not accompany you and literally whore you out on the internet to pedophiles. A lot of the very early videos when Venuswas 12-13 are aimed towards pedophiles and they are shot and even scripted by Margo. Venus probably just thought Japanese stuff is cute and liked it but I'm damn sure a 40 year old woman was aware of the pedophile innuendo and even did it intentionally. Margo has been a prostitute her entire life and prostitutes usually sexualize their daughters and socialize them to become prostitutes too. Yes, a happy childhood where your mom makes your dreams come true TOP KEK fucking delusional weeb

No. 233339

Lol did you hear what you just said?? You’re a delusional weeb yourself by believe in what venus want you to believe. Stop painting venus as a victim bc she never is.

No. 233341

> You just don't have a good grasp over reality becaus you're a rotten minded weeabo with delusions of grandeur and you always wanted to be some Yotube Japanese loli.
What the fuck? You’re a joke.

No. 233349

so you think a mother selling her daughter on the internet and sexualizing her 13 year old daughter is normal? You are very fucked in the head, irremediably fucked and your jealousy and evilness is showing. You will never get to glorious nippon and your life will stay miserable forever since you love seeing those that have things you wish you had fail. A child used as a prop to make money and sold to millions of pdos on the internet is not a victim? You're absolutely fucking delusional and the jealousy blinds you. Venus hasn't even done anything that evil at all. Using your child and abusing your child is way more evil than whatevr Venus has ever done. I cannot believe you're taking Margo's side and taking Pedonaki's side and painting him like a victim being abused by evil Weenos when he was jacking off to her underaged videos. Children do not have consent and they cannot make choices for themselves. Venus liked Japanese stuff and her lazy prostitute mother saw it as an opportunity to make money and sell her child to pedophiles on the internet. The adult that was supposed to guide her and help her made videos showing her child's tits to millions of strangers

No. 233372

am i retarded for seeing and agreeing with both sides? like sure she was a victim at 12-13 tho i feel like now at 25 she is consciously choosing to fuck up both her life and that of others, which definetly IS influenced by her upbringing (and alcoholism lol)

No. 233379

"YoUre JuSt JeAloUs!!"
Yeah everyone who criticizes peenus is secretly jealous and seething because she's the only person ever to move to glorious nippon!!! shut up.

Nobody is saying her videos didn't have pedobait themes or questionable moments, we're just not buying the whole story that Venus was forced at gunpoint to pose sexy for a thumbnail and then be shuffled back to her cage. Venus I'm sure WANTED to make these videos, and Margo is at fault for not stopping her, yes, but Marge wasn't forcing her into lolita like people say. She did dumb things as a child and her mom didn't stop her because she saw it was working and getting views, that's it.

No. 233389

Kind of was. Very Gypsy Rose scenario until it became Venus's personality too.

No. 233392

………..venus?(hi cow)

No. 233393

a lot of underage girls want to do a lot of things. also i can't believe you're defending margo, the same crazed bitch that thought buying a bunch of cheap pink dollar store garbage made her kawiwi and japanese.

No. 233395

I wasn't defending her, retard. Read my comment again.
Nobody here is saying Margo is an innocent person, why do you interpret every single comment not WKing Venus that way? We're saying Marge is a typical narc, not a mastermind pedo ring leader who "forced Venus to be a living doll!!1"

God your reading comprehension sucks.

No. 233396

She groomed Venus. Get over it. 18+ years of this until she was in her own. We've discussed this to death threads ago. You guys really have nothing to do when milk is slow.

No. 233404


And yet you contribute to the conversation.

Yet again not comprehending my comment. She abused Venus in several ways. she didn't force Venus to wear weeb clothes, be obsessed with Japan and anime and try to emulate kawaii anime girls. Why is that so hard for you to understand? She's been away from Margo and is still doing the same shit she was interested in at age 13. Probably because she's genuinely a weeb, not because Margo Brainwashed her to love Japan.
Your 2 brain cells worked really hard to put together that conclusion, huh.

No. 233411

Im NTA your replying to >>233393

There more than one person ITT.

No. 233433

Honestly at this point I think they’re just trolling like they always do. Pathetic. I see reporting isn’t working since god knows how many weeb anons are in this thread.

No. 233438

> You will never get to glorious nippon and your life will stay miserable forever since you love seeing those that have things you wish you had fail.
LMFAO. this anon seriously thinks we all want to go to/live in Japan? It’s just you honey. I don’t speak for others but i sure dont want to live in xenophobic country like Japan

No. 233466

Don't you know nona? Woman criticizing another woman = Jealously. All the time everytime. We spend all day crying that we can't live out the weeb dream of being a irl anime girl for scrotes to jerk off over, and walk around Nippon buying plastic sanrio shit and eating convenience store sushi. I should just kill myself at this point, I'll never reach that utopia.

No. 233479

Utopia? Nippon? You’re a troll. Go to your mental ward & take ur meds

No. 233491

If you are incapable of detecting such obvious sarcasm you need to leave this site kek

No. 233511

From the texting pattern we know you’re the same boring anon who keeps defending peenus

No. 233512

It's one of Venus's whiteknights, ignore him.

No. 233576

Troon spotted. This is schizotranny from meta.

No. 233577

>male site cp spam retard slap fight

He can never hide it and it’s easy to spot him now.

No. 233578

He's so predictable, you could make a bot for the small pool of topics he chooses to sperg about. Pedo troon, get a life.

No. 233579

are you an anon who hasn't checked in for a while? Wondering what is going on? Well, for the past couple of days, a schizo pedo troon has been having a major episode here on lolcow, mostly on /meta/, /ot/ and the MTF thread. If you have witnessed any of the following:

>sperging about "UH", "Kuz", elaine, and kiwifarms

>CP/monkey torture spams
>anime avatarfagging
>random youtube music links
>complete wordsalads

then you have just spotted the schizo pedo troon. If at any point you see anons arguing with each other over something absolutely incomprehensible and are wondering if you've missed anything important, fear not. That is just the schizo pedo troon samefagging again to try to sir up concern amongst the uninformed. Thankfully, now you are informed. So next time you see any of the above, do your duty and ignore it.

If you see other anons acting confused, copy and paste this Public Service Announcement so that they too, may be informed.

/////This concludes the Public Service Announcement./////

No. 233584


No. 233620

Every single teen wants to be so sexy and so sexual and so adult. Because they are hormone bombs and that is what they do. But being a mum is taking your teen daughter and say "hey Venus, you can not upload this weird doll video on the internet, that is not good" and let your teen child be so sexy and adult at highschool with other kids, not at the internet(unsaged blog)

No. 233655

i cant believe i just read this ^ kill yourself PLEASE!!! PLEASE DO IT NOW!!!(^sage your shit!!!)

No. 233847

You are a moron and you're writing a fanfiction for Venus' life. She wasn't a prop "forced" to do YT. She was a weeb desperate to get to Japan and had her mom help her get there. She tried jpop and it didn't work, then she tried dolly shit and it got her traction. That is so different from the story you're fabricating. Sure, Margo is no better than Venus, but again, her life with Margo wasn't like she said it was. She is a habitual liar. Manaki and ALL her managers are supposedly "just like Margo." You're clearly a dumbass white knight and incredibly retarded if you think people who don't believe Venus' exaggerations and lies are "jealous weebs who want to live in glorious nippon."

Thank you. Literally this. She even continued to do YT after leaving. Something that supposedly she was "forced" and "traumatized" by. And these people still believe she hated every minute of it and never wanted to do it. Margo is irresponsible for going along with it instead of telling Venus she can do YT when she's 18, but she's nowhere near as bad as Venus portrayed, especially the "forced" narrative.

No. 233848

File: 1659160057088.png (1.74 MB, 2631x1098, su.png)

I wonder who these friendS and family and doctorS are

No. 233849


She knows ppl in Japan, its not like she doesnt know anybody. Maybe She means her inlaws, MAnakis family is the only family shes got in Japan.
Havent we heard this story before tho?

No. 233850

nobody said she doesn't know anybody, but we saw her burning bridges with friends and vaguely decent people, to be surrounded by sketchy bastards who take advantage of her, or living like a hermit for the most part

No. 233856

That kurihama hospital has terrible google reviews. I don’t think she’d last long in there.
Also I hate how she knows people will make fun of her but still allows them to.

No. 233857

I hope she will get her shit together one day, but how many times have we heard this story from her? She should just stay out of the internet and stop explaining herself to people who have nothing to do with her. She knows that people will make fun of her, yet she keeps making it worse for herself by oversharing.

No. 233858

Mental health services in Japan are terrible in general. The only first-world country who has it beat in terribleness is murica

No. 233869

Nobody wants to be a poor ass teacher living in Japan and barely making ends meet. Weebs with their immature, middle school mindsets are the idiots foaming at the mouth of shitty Japan. Venus is in suffering there, which is ironic. kek She has no employment or career, is unable to drive, is unable to support herself, and is dependent on her ex-boyfriend and other men to survive. How long has she been there and is still struggling to get her act together?

No. 233872

she’s saying she’ll be hospitalized for 3 fucking months because she cant force herself to do porn anymore, and this her excuse

No. 233902

I thought she said a few months ago the same as she:s saying again now. I wonder if she really do have a load of debts and some are to the sort of ppl who won't let her get away w/ it so she:s playing for time & praps thinking theyll jst go away & not bother if they think she's in mental facility?

No. 233903

"friends and family" going to once again for billionth time say she's "getting help" Mental hospital my ass kek. either she's too lazy to post anymore or she wants attention. or both.

No. 233910

LOL at some idiot in Kiwi answering a question of why do so many ppl want to go to Japan? and they replied It's because of anime and "mango" ! What has fruit got to do with it??? Please don't correct me, I know the moron meant manga. The point is though that why do these retarded fools always think that is the only reason anyone ever wants to go to Japan. That might apply to just weeby types but some people have zero interest in manga or anime but still want to go to Japan. Why are the Japan haters so limited in their opinions always trotting out the same reasons for why anyone would want to go there, when for loads of people it is nothing to do with anime and manga.

No. 233937

The majority of cows mentioned on this forum travel to Japan solely for anime and manga. This is lolcow anon, be real.. These weebs just want to see their glorious Nippon. You make up 20% of visitors, the other 80% come for anime and manga

No. 233938

Venus didnt seem to have much interest in that though. Apart from a Miku cosplay, she never did anything noteworthy about anime and certainly nothing I recall about any manga ever. With her, it was all about the dance routines and cutesy fashion and style, and Japanese sweets and snacks and some little oddities sold there. It was the complete culture she was into, I think she even said once she didnt really watch anime.

No. 233947

Same old shit. This happens literally every few months. And when did she ever try to be normal? I thought this was her idea of normal?

She will probably just come out of there with a bunch of alcoholic enabling Japanese “friends” and just start the whole cycle all over again.

No. 233951

People have been calling it "animu and mango" for years as a joke. Are you new to the internet??

No. 233974

This isn't kiwifarms. Stay over there. No1currs about what another site has to say. Keep kiwi discussion over thrre. We have enough invaders from other imageboards, we don't need to harken more. Other random people hiding behind usernames just like anons hide by anon here, isn't exactly anything worth shit either.

No. 233983

“Friends and family” = the poor cuck Manaki, tired of her passed-out drunk in his apartment day after day. She went on an alcoholic binge after “Fiance” dumped her. Manaki told her go back to the hospital to dry out (again.) She’ll spin this to get more Jirai Kei cred, hashtag #landminegirl, just like she did last time.

She really is the worst. “Friends and family,” lol.

No. 234043

She became interested in Japan from lolita and kawaii culture, which is equally weeby type shit. It's not like she had an appreciation for the history and traditions or something.

If Mana was really tired of her, he'd just go for the divorce already. She'd get deported asap and never be able to bother him again. Lord knows why he continues to let her leech off him indefinitely, especially when she does nothing but bash him.

No. 234046

Do we look like we care about what people say about Japan on another site. You sound like the weeb anon who keeps defending venus

No. 234050

Manaki give me loser, virgin vibes
. He has the appearance of someone who spends their days playing video games alone, never interacting with others.

No. 234054

>>If Mana was really tired of her, he'd just go for the divorce already
He’s tried, at least twice that we know of. She goes off on a rage bender at the mere mention of him daring to leave her. Plus he knows if he ever did go through with it she’d end up homeless and drunk on the streets , which she no doubt reminds him of any time he dares to try it. Plus I’m sure she’s thrown out the “Well I’ll just KILL MYSELF then!” card more than once or twice. She has him by the (tiny) balls and they both know that.

No. 234056

Yep. He’s the perfect mark for her.

No. 234087

No matter how much of a loser he may be, I'm sure he still wishes he could at least get laid regularly from a girl that he supports with food and shelter and whatever else. He could ditch her and get a proper sugar baby and be better off.

No. 234103

File: 1659247955720.png (302.85 KB, 485x858, 0.png)

She keeps talking about these "friends". I wonder who they are and why we never see them with her. I thought that most people in her life gave up on her.

No. 234105

File: 1659248027624.png (365.36 KB, 481x854, 00.png)

No. 234113

The typical routine. Totes I wanna get better yet her whole shit repeats

No. 234115

Why does this one feel like venus was lurking lolcow then asked herself this question just she can be like, "i never talk about my aBuSe guyz!!1" Nah, she just out right made up shit about being forced to be a doll and said Mana is as bad as her mom and called out at least 3 of her managers as abusive as well as her fiance and Ken if that was a different person. Okay Venus. Lurk more.

No. 234116

She apparently made friends with some of those girls in the ward before, i think her and tsuruko are still friends too. possibly ella as well. she probably does have a few friends, probably not that close with them though and she might be in touch with some of her family members for all we know.

No. 234117

It's hard to leave an abuser. Mana likely feels guilty if he didn't let her stay with him as that's what narcs/emotional vampires like Venus do. I don't know if Venus actually pays her share of the rent, but if so, that would be convenient to him.

No. 234118

I wonder if her visa status is in jeopardy. She has claimed she doesn't need mana to stay in Japan, but that doesn't mean she didn't need this "fiance" or any other Japanese national to stay and could be fueling her rants and sperging.

No. 234119

some pulltards think she's doing it to get away from the yakuza lmao. pretty sure she embellished that story for the sake of seeming interesting or cinematically crazy like she said.

She deserves it when she romanticizes mental health, memes it, uses it as a personality quirk and admits to making shit up.

No. 234122

So, since we had "witchy venus now extra sobber" and "Christian Venus now extra pure (she cant be a prostitute bc she is Christian but I guess it's true Bible says nothing about recording porn videos for OF)" now let's play…
Options are(quizz music please)
-Mushlim Venus, with up to 5 photos with a hiyab
-Mormon Venus, to justify she has more than 1 boyfriend in a religious way
-Scienciologist Venus bc exclusive
-Diet milkshakes pyramid scheme Venus, to get back the money she lost
Make your bets, anons!!!

No. 234123

Why are you so obsessed with PULL? Pulltard here, pulltard there, you've mentioned that shithole several times now. If they're so dumb, why do you keep reading their shit? Fucking idiot.

Of course she hasn't made most of her abuse public, she just milks it whenever she can and it's convenient for her. But no, the reality is so much worse. Oh poor Venoos, always the poor victim!
Who is she trying to fool kek

No. 234125

honestly, she needs to gtfo of Japan and seek treatment back in Switzerland. Switzerland has some pretty impressive recovery clinics and she would be getting the help she needs, in her native language. I'm not sure how payments and fees would work though. She still is a Swiss national, correct? Would that allow her some level of free care back in Switzerland?

No. 234127

On sites like these/4chan/etc whenever someone references a group of people (e.g pulltard) it's just them trying to white knight and justify their incoming idiotic statement. You can safely ignore it.

No. 234139

This comes up over and over again. She has nothing and no one in Switzerland/Europe. Her family are done with her, she has nowhere to live there, no qualifications to get a job, no more support there than she currently has in Japan, she’s probably not familiar with anything there anymore after all this time. How would she support herself?

And, “native language” my ass. She larps as Swiss for YouTube views every six months, and as bad as her Japanese is, it’s probably more understandable than her German by this point.

I’m not convinced she would be allowed back into Japan if she ever left, anyway.

No. 234145

>She has nothing and no one in Switzerland/Europe.
She has no one in Japan either, she has a contingency plan (Manaki)
>I’m not convinced she would be allowed back into Japan if she ever left, anyway.
Correct. This is why she basically blackmails Manaki, so her visa remains in tact.

No. 234149

>And, “native language” my ass. She larps as Swiss for YouTube views every six months
kek, anon what do you think is her native language?

No. 234155

The only language she seems to be fluent in is bullshit.

No. 234177

>> don't know if Venus actually pays her share of the rent, but if so, that would be convenient to him.
I’m 99.9% sure she pays ZERO rent. Manaki is too big a wuss to make her pay anything which is why she stays there in that grimy hoarded-up little room with someone she’s publicly said she HATES and is ABUSIVE. If she could afford to pay rent she’d move somewhere else.

No. 234373

For fucks sake! Give me fucking strength!

How many more times do we have to see this stupid mental shit in here? Fuck off about sodding swissland?

Anyhow, moving on, why is she talking about this place she's going to as a mental treatment facility when it's actually a drying out clinic? Surely the two things are different?
i know it could be seen
as treatment for a mental disorder if alcoholism is classed as that, but still. Why doesn't she call it by its proper term?

No. 234387

wait is this true? She just bought a stay in more or less a hotel with no alcohol in the fridges and she's pretending she's being checked in to a psych hold ? kek

No. 234405

Come on, We all know she is going to be in her room on that floor bed eating mcdonalds and passing out from all the booze.

No. 234409

Yeah, what she’s calling “the biggest mental institution in Japan” is this place


The National Hospital Kurihama Alcoholism Center is the largest treatment facility for alcoholism in Japan

But a “mental institution” (or psych ward) sounds so much cooler than a place alcoholics go to dry out, so that’s what she’s going with.

No. 234423

No1currs about the fact she could've changed years ago or what happened with Margo.can we keep to current shit? Newfags don't need to be spoonfed. Go to old threads to read up on a lot of this rehashed discussion. It's old milk and old opinions.

No. 234446

She must know ppl are going to find out what the place is. I suppose she thinks saying it's a mental facility is more jirai kei or whatever it's called, or the landmine girl thing .

No. 234471

she will get more views in Japan than Switzerland

No. 234591

Japan and the US eat up public spectacles. Absolutely she make more money in Japan than random Switzerland.

No. 234669

Japan loves scandals yes, but for ppl who are actually relevant. No one aside from western teenage weebs who think Japan is uwu smol kawaii animu otaku island care about Venus. Japanese youth probably don't know she even exists. She's not like Dakota Rose who was relevant enough to be ridiculed by Japanese youth in her final years of larping as a model in Japan before getting the boot.

No. 234673

Japanese people her age care very very little for westerners. And older ones just actively want people like her to gtfo out of the country. I doubt sloppy eurotrash like her would catch the attention of literally anyone there. The only people shes able to pull into her life are gross abusive men who fetishize western girls and alcoholic hosts who are just as down and out as her

No. 234682

i dont buy that she’s going to that place. she’ll stay home and “update” us on her recovery “in the hospital”. this is a vacation she’s giving herself because she probably has to catch up on custom content requested by the mentally ill men on her OF

No. 234797

Same old shit over and over I can’t believe people still believe what she said when it had happened before. Thread immediately got boring when her weeby fans took over

No. 234913

File: 1659415850384.png (7.81 MB, 1170x2532, B67CDC80-873B-44DC-B445-77540F…)

No. 234915

File: 1659415936190.png (7 MB, 1170x2532, 546907D1-58CB-4513-BACF-1AE298…)

Venus: claimed will be admitted into a psychiatric hospital
Also Venus: go straight to ‘rich’ guy’s party instead of the hospital

No. 234942

I didnt know that drying out clinics for alkies were so known as psychiatric hospitals. One learns something new everyday.

And who's the daddy? Is she back with the "fiance"?

No. 234957

I didn't know they serve wine at mental hospitals lol.
A new guy again or maybe her micropeepee "fiancé"? Whatver happens to this bitch at this point, she was just asking for it, she can't never learn her lesson.

No. 234967

She seems to be back to wearing that ugly jirai shit again once her fiance dumped her.

No. 234987

>>234915 He doesn't look like a 40 yo

No. 235010

There's never been a fiancé, she's just hanging out with hosts and being delusional

No. 235024

This. Look up the pic above, it's obviously an host wearing some kind of UwU fuckboy style.
She lurks and even posts here (remember her PULL/LC livestream) and she's probably trying to troll us.

No. 235026

Is she having a final bender before going to the alky hospital kek?

No. 235028

wasting her final funds in host clubs

No. 235061

Host Club visit ≠ Birthday Party Venus. Like, you can even guess from the Background. The bottle has a Yen Price on it with a Marker. Enjoy your ' uwu pay later' bill !

No. 235075

File: 1659453417439.jpg (180.92 KB, 1080x936, IMG_20220802_171343.jpg)

No. 235092

Huh where did this "guy im seeing for 4 years" come from. She is becoming a pathalogical liar.

No. 235114

Unless its the guys who's been filming her and she ran away with before starting OF. Maybe its still pimp sensei.

No. 235124

You mean Ken the pedophile

No. 235137

Maybe it's the guy who dumped her earlier.

No. 235147

He's "the guy who goes out partying with alcohol with an alcoholic who is supposed to be recovering". Obviously not someone who cares the slightest about her actual well-being ….not that I ever assumed that about old pedophile pimp-san

No. 235171

If she isn't lying, he is

No. 235228

This is confusing. I assumed she's back with the 'daddy' guy. But then someone pointed out it looks like someone much younger, not that you see much of him. It could be the original host that she was on off seeing for a few years, just because she was seeing older guy for four years wouldn't mean she wasn't seeing anyone else .

No. 235239

File: 1659467887648.png (1.59 MB, 1048x1032, Screenshot 2022-08-02 at 21.18…)

the hair though(nitpicking)

No. 235243

Omg eewwww, that's gross. I get that she wasn't mentally well, but damn girl, shave your legs before you show them off.

No. 235246

Fucking losers you're acting like scrotes who can't forgive women for not shaving their legs

No. 235255

have you never seen leg hair before? youre acting like not shaving is the most disgusting thing shes ever done.

No. 235258

File: 1659470323576.jpg (138.74 KB, 946x2048, this.jpg)

if she was serious about her mental illness + alcoholism, she wouldn't be posting about it on the internet… she is far from the bottom if the first thing that comes to her mind is to post stories and ask her followers to ask her questions lol. what questions would anyone ask her at this point?
i think she honestly views herself as the main character from a shitty drama from the 90s. she wants to be quirky and special but she really is just a clown.

watching these movies while 'waiting for admission' is so so cringy, it's just an other reason she can't be taken seriously. she wants to enter the program only to look more damaged because yay that's so jirai kei! she does not want to get better at all.

(btw this story is from a few days ago)

No. 235259

>Nooo! Body hair on a woman ! How shocking and indecent! I need salts, I'm gonna faint!

You have to be 18+ to post here, summerfag.

No. 235263

it's not something i would expect from a 'beauty vlogger' lol. i don't always shave my legs but taking photos of frilly, shiny, pearly shoes while you have 2cm leg hair is not too desirable to say the least.

this forum is taking her apart for every possible reason, let me shame her for her leg her ffs

No. 235289

>> Obviously not someone who cares the slightest about her actual well-being …
He’s a host doing what hosts do, not her therapist. Or even a real date. She’s hanging around host clubs pretending they’re her ‘boyfriends.’

No. 235295

File: 1659474160344.jpeg (371.43 KB, 1296x1443, E243ED65-3ACC-438F-9253-F50DE0…)

It’s obvious this guy’s a host. Note the ‘Hermes’ shirt he’s wearing.

No. 235296

File: 1659474359001.jpeg (133.33 KB, 736x760, 21669D4D-C328-4FA7-A1E9-20CB83…)

The host she lurked around the other night (Yukiya) always wears designer branded clothing- Dior, Celine etc. She’s such a pathetically bad liar, poor thing.

No. 235311

it's obvious from the fucking bottle price drawn on with marker kek.

No. 235358

Venus getting dogged out by some host would make for some pretty decent milk worthy moments. Considering how she did Mana and Ken after they got tired of her shit, I wonder what kinda lies she'd tell about Slenderman.

No. 235375

For the looks is really obvious it is a host on the picture. Dumb Venus. She could at least score a real old sugar daddy but instead is hiring male prostitutes for repairing her issues. I really pity her. She should play the game instead. Being a gaijin in nippon, should give her some sort of pass for getting at least a taylor like scrote.
Her mental illness really make her stall. Venus, if you see this, set your bar low, pick a dumb gaida hunter and set yourself for nippon dreams.
Go get wild, drink yourself for your heart content with a stupid gaijin hunter. Just secure a dumb old man dick and settle for life when you still have your youth.

No. 235378

Are you also going out wearing dresses (and possibly going on dates) with hairy legs like a monkey or what? Girls in Japan even shave their arms, you know.

No. 235383

Theres a lot of white girls in japan now. They're not considered special as 10yrs+ ago. Theres a lot of fish to choose now instead of settling for bottom tier like venus.

No. 235384

I'd love to know what the hosts really think of venus. They must all laugh at her behind her back and celebrate draining her wallet.

No. 235400

Exactly. I feel like some anons even in other threads thing its 10-20 years ago where being white was the thing in japan. It's nothing really special anymore and as long you have the looks, you are successful in these countries, don't have to be blonde , white necessary. Venus is best example of a white turn off if anything so some people should stop thinking just because she is white , it's auto TayTay elbow san lifestyle.

No. 235402

Taylor's scrote is old and disgusting, but he's also quite wealthy. I don't think Venus is going to be able too hold onto any real sugar daddies with how out of control her mental illness and drinking have become. Taylor fit the stereotype of a thin, cute blonde "model" someone like her scrote would look for too.

tbh she might have just missed a few of the hairs closer to her ankle while shaving?

No. 235403

What a tragic existence. Going to host clubs to pretend you have a 'daddy' taking you out for a fancy meal while claiming this is the same guy she's been with for the last 4 years. What a load of shit.

She could have had a proper decent weeb life and she fucked it all up. Now she's at the bottom of the pile of washed up white girls in Japan with nothing to aspire to.

No. 235417

I think hairy legs are her tiniest issue nona

No. 235433

>>235378 Yes I do.

Now. So, ken-managersan-fiance-suggardady is nothing more nothing else than a fantasy and Venus's been just dating hosts (or the same host) for years. And could be still dating that Dior host after the "blonde bitch vs jakuza babe" scandal

No. 235451

Where was that image from? Just from the one she posted of her shoe? Someone must have looked really close to see any hairs. How come her foot was at that angle on yhe floor anyway? Had she fallen?

She did have an older man, we saw video of her sucking him off. (and no he didn't Have a micro penis, he's a man not a fucking donkey. I can only shudder to think of the grossness that some anons would think was 'big'if they thought that one was small!)

She had also mentioned a host she sometimes saw even when with the sugar daddy, so it's not either or. Maybe SD even paid for her to hire the hosts.

No. 235452

Tinfoil but she might have even been paying that guy for 4 years to hang out with her since that's how hosts work. Quite a few japanese women are willing to do that if they're desperately obsessed with one particular host, it's also common practice among "landmine" girls.

No. 235454

Married women see hosts if they want to. It's no big deal.

No. 235536

She's lucky she's in Japan. Would be far worse to be suffering from mental health problems, depression or whatever, in a country where there was no recourse to pleasant distractions like hosts. Spending time with good looking guys is better than being alone where you cant do that. So what if you're paying for that, its no different to when men do it.

No. 235567

Hosts aren't prostitutes. Some will end up having sex with a client if she's really insistent on it, but hosts try to hold off from it because it's known the client will likely lose interest then and move onto another host club once she's had sex with the host.

No. 235659

'pleasant distractions'. You do realize what an utter money sink these hosts are? They cause women to become hosts/prostitutes/work in soaplands themselves to funnel money to the hosts. It's an extremely depressing thing and you clearly have no idea, go do some research.

No. 235861

You’re literally the only person here who thinks she’s ‘lucky’ to be in japan

No. 235863

it's japan obsessed tranny anon. No matter how many bans/warnings, they keep coming back like a fucking plague.

No. 235894

File: 1659585089373.jpg (87.87 KB, 669x1055, Screenshot_20220804-044308.jpg)

I'm getting deja vu from reading this.

No. 235901

That anon is so far removed from reality, their only knowledge of Japan must be from anime, lmao. Seriously, just look at someone like Sere/Jennifer Maddingly or even Shiena? So many women addicted to paying for company end up escorts or hostesses to afford it.

No. 235906

What r u talking about? I've never even heard of these ppl and probably wouldnt want to, and wouldnt care about them, if they're so weak willed they cant control theirselves. The fuck is wrong with ppl? And I dont watch anime, not interested in it. Not everybody is who likes Japan and I dont know why some ppl here always think that. Stupid limited way of thinking.

No. 235917


All she had to do was pretend to like Mana. That couldn't have been more diffult than sucking creepy old pervs and dirty host dick. Priorities.

No. 236072

Beenus is horny and Mana is asexual (allegedly), she never liked him

No. 236124

for real. He seems like a pushover and he is better than an old man

No. 236170

being severely mentally ill in japan is essentially a death sentence. hosts driving women (and a lot of the time targeting dumb foreign weeb women like her) into prostitution is part of their business model. especially the shady sleazebags she is spending her time with. i cant believe people still have this glorified image of japan when in reality its a terrible place to live if youre part of certain demographics (female, foreign, poor, mentally ill etc). peenus would be much better off in her home country. having easy access to animu and mango doesnt cure depression. look up japans suicide statistics

No. 236222

we get it japan obsessed tranny-chan, you don't know the basics of japan outside of media and social media, and don't know some of the true horror cows living in japan. The fact you don't know shiena as well after her thing was all over the news really screams how sheltered you are.

No. 236232

the fact that you think Japan is the bEsT country in the world is pathetic

No. 236249

wasn't her family in contact with her too? it seems to me she'd be better off with people who care for her in some way.

No. 236255

Oh right, now it’s the ebil hosts who are abusing poor Venus and driving her into prostitution! So abused! Such a VICTIM!

Fuck off with this shit. Venus is a user and abuser herself, not some poor little victim.

No. 236257

I think good family relations are off the table at this point but she'd at least get a proper job. If she moved to Germany she could get on welfare and try to rebuild her life and treat that disastrous mental state shes in. Theres a pattern of cows moving to Japan and completely spiraling to the place of no return (prostitution to pay off loan sharks)

No. 236265

who can say, a few years ago her aunt or whoever(the one who hates margo) seemed to really like venus. i don't really get her thought process with any of this.

No. 236494

anon why the fuck are you defending random moid prostitutes kek
because poor widdle japanese men can't defend themselves from the evil mentally ill females who force them to take their money uwu?
trust me anon no matter how much you hate venus there is no reason to be caping for these 30 year old scrotes in makeup so much lmao

No. 236498

Anon is retarded. Jap land is the last place a pathetic cow wants to live. A gaijin gyaru committed suicide after visting japan. Jap land will fuck you mentally.

No. 236499

It's wild because the only thing holding them to these loans are their desperation to stay in Japan in the first place. All they'd have to do is let their visa expire and go to an embassy, they'd get shipped back for free with a 5 year ban on re-entry. But if you're whole life revolves around fucking old dudes for money to pay off never-ending debts, it's truly a small price to pay to escape. Weebs are mentally ill.

No. 236551

File: 1659691674646.png (26.03 KB, 559x268, ven.png)

Yeah, she will have lots of time to make up some believable lie again.

No. 236672

Its obvious there are people on lolcow who will never ever in a million years ever understand the appeal of Japan or why some ppl prefer Japanese men. I mean why were you even following Venus in the first place? She's always loved Japan, it's not like it's a new thing. Some of you act like she's betrayed you all, just by her being there.

Please try to understand that not everyone is going to like what you like or hate what you hate. Not everyone is going tobe in total agreement with you about everything all the time, it doesn't mean they are mentally ill just because they don't share your prejudices.
Also try to accept that not all lolcow participants are going to be man hating feminists, or even just women who only like manly men, there are a shitload of ppl out here who enjoy what you hate. It's because some anons can't accept and allow for that which causes so many arguments and infighting in here which just makes it tedious for everyone.
Accept that ppl have different pov and move on. We are here to talk about what Venus does, not constantly bitch and moan about why does anyone like Japan or the aesthetic appeal of Japanese hosts. People do like it and do find hosts attractive and desirable and will go on doing so. No one is going to stop liking what they like just because some ppl in lolcow don't like the fact.

No. 236676

And before anyone starts saying well its jst ur opinion abd we dont want to hear it, well its jst ur opinions too and we hear ur opinions over and over nonstop. Its meant to be a discussion forum but you try to make it into jst an echo chamber with all nodding in agreement.

No. 236697

oh my god shut up, stop making this about yourself and what you think and how the thread should work.

No. 236718

Shut up, troon.
Take your schizo ramblings to /ot
/w and /snow are for milk and cow discussions only. No1curr about your autistic essays here.

No. 236761

Its never about jst milk or cow discussions, that is the point. Its ppl giving their own opinions and only complaining about opinions when someone has a different one.
And jst because someone has a dif opinion to yours does not mean they're a tranny and I dont know why you'd think they were. Daft.

No. 236789

please insult tranny-chan more, that shit’s hilarious and tranny-chan please keep coming back because you guys fighting is the only interesting thing happening on this thread

No. 236851

What the fuck are you talking about scrote?

No. 236867

She literally said she thinks in German. The anon who is so against her leaving is also the gay asian anon who doesn't want her to leave Japan or get real work because "that's too boring". They'd prefer her going to host clubs instead so they can live vicariously through her. So much for "loving her." Fucking retard.

Basically this. Ever since she became jirai, she became extra edgy and blunt, keyboard warrior, slutty and crass, even taking a photo giving the finger, poses with strong zero, cuts for the aesthetic and pretends to be suicidal (fake or embellished bus story). She's larping a persona and "psych ward" gives her jirai girl points and makes her seem "more damaged."

No. 236871

The alcoholic clinic she's going to also has really bad reviews. Surely she checked this already before deciding. Why do I get the feeling she's only going and will stay a week or two tops then go on to brag about "how abused" she was there, to score some more jirai cred.

It doesn't look like a "40 y/o fiance", but if it actually was, for all you know she demanded alcohol and threw a fit to get it or guilted him. He could just be a victim or a cuck giving into her demands, rather than someone who doesn't care about her drinking at all.

Mana isn't rich and can't buy her gucci, LV, cartier, mcm etc

No. 236891

You’re the reason why the arguments and infightings keep happening
> We are here to talk about what Venus does, not constantly bitch and moan about why does anyone like Japan or the aesthetic appeal of Japanese hosts
There will be much less bitching about JP If you shut the fuck up about how much you love JP. You know the majority of us don’t find JP appealing at all YET you keep talking about how ideal to be able to live there. How lucky venus is.

No. 236908

Wouldnt be any need to say anything if we didnt keep seeing in here every five minutes how Venus "needs to go to switzerland" or germany or where-ever. If thats not jst anons giving their opinions about what they think, then what is it? Certainly not anything relevant to what Venus is actually doing, thats for sure.

No. 236917

Talking to you is like talking to a wall.
We literally see what she is DOING in Japan that’s why people think she needs to go back to Switzerland.

No. 236919

>> doesn't look like a "40 y/o fiance", but if it actually was
That guy is a HOST. Not her fiance, not her “boyfriend” and not even a real date. He’s a guy she paid to drink with her.

>> Mana isn't rich and can't buy her gucci, LV, cartier etc

Hey guess what? No one is buying her anything. She namedrops designer names flexing like some high-end sugarbaby being showered with designer swag but she has nothing to show for it because it’s all a fraud. What has she actually shown of all this swag she keeps hinting and bragging about? A sad little LV scarf and tiny Coach pocketbook, years ago? lol. And that Cartier box she was pretending to open? She never showed what was inside the box, did she? And people actually fall for this shit, it’s pathetic. “Ooh, Cartier! She must have a rich daddy!”

She has NOTHING. She’s a fraud preying on brainless gullible followers to pump up her ego.

No. 236953

She needs to take her ass back. Bitch sucking dick to survive in japan and still can’t make bank. Venus only fans is In a drought. Mama forbade her ass to one room and the rest of the house is off limits. kek Mana wants to fuck and bring friends
in peace without seeing her coke up ass.
Bitches come to Japan thinking jap men will grovel at their feet. This is not 10 years ago sweetie. Take your ass to the back of the seat with the other pump and dump white chicks.

No. 236987

I wonder how little the men pay her for sex. Maybe she makes just enough on OF to be able to pay for an hour with the hosts.

No. 236997

If she can’t buy a decent shampoo in no way she makes enough.

No. 237005

i wish she'd write a book, from her fucked childhood up until now. If she marketed it as the 'i was the tlc living doll (with a fucked childhood and mom) turned to japan prostitute' she could easily make money i bet

No. 237006

How many of you were part of the whole "good luck!" cringe when she married and moved in with Manaki? Enabling weebs are what got her into this mess partially. A few of us back then warned you, and her, that this would only further arrest any personal development.

Idk how you can all just memory hole what happened then and how oblivious it was.

No. 237008


I just think she stands as an object lesson is how badly being an arrested development weeb can fuck up your life to be honest. I haven't followed her for some years but I remember peenus saying in a vid ages ago she didn't want to date people of her own race/ethnicity and I always thought that's a huge red flag for both men and women because it means you've let the weebism get in so deep that it's actually going to influence enormously important pivot moments in your life, like who you choose to have an ltr with, who you choose to marry etc

Problem is nobody called her on this shit until it was way too late. Like I said, she's mocked now, but if you weren't around for the dolly days and early mana days you don't fully understand how enabling of her people were, even on here.

Her mother is obviously a giant retard/woman child herself. But the attitude she was the only issue and if peenus just left her all would be well was so fucking stupid in retrospect.

No. 237093

I would buy it. I get vibes it be like the jennette mccurdy (aka Sam from icarly) i'm glad my mom died book that coming out next month

No. 237146

No. 237157

people supported her getting away from margo. do you think venus would be any better living in korea and giving "massages"?

No. 237160

An idiot thought that was a good idea. Venus living in an unknown country with a man she didn’t know? How could anyone think that was a good idea?..
Mana and Venus didn’t properly date if they did she would knew mana is asexual. kek

No. 237164


She said she will write a book when she can b botherd.

No. 237166

In contrast to whatever the fuck Venus is doing right now, Marge had Venus at least enrolled in a language school, attending events, and actively participating on YouTube. Venus is currently confined to her one bedroom in order to avoid Mana's attention, is unable to travel or maintain her cleanliness, has tanked her YouTube career, and has to prostitute in an effort to care for herself but is still failing. I don’t see this cow surviving pass 30.

No. 237168

Yes, people think. Cant u see what ur saying? Ur saying people should say what they think i.e. give their opinions, and they do, all the time, without complaint and with constant agreement, but as soon as someone gives a different opinion not in agreement with "she should go back to switzerland" cult, we hear that people should not give opinions here. Meaning the only opinions allowed are those agreeing with the cult mentality here, or the hive mind or whatever u call it when only one opinion is permissable . That is not healthy debate. It is double standard hypocrisy.

No. 237174

I'm not sure if you were around on here back when it happened but essentially the entire board supported her. There's still the residue of it with the "good luck!" banner at the top. Ever seen it?

People thought it was a good idea because they locked themselves in an echo chamber where they all reinforced this idea the only problem was Margo and once she broke free she'd be a normal person. Not defending Margo, who is of course a loon quite unto herself but yeah.

I got so much shit back then for saying she should go back to Switzerland and try going to school for something. Tons of angry anons ranting about how she's found love or whatever. And god forbid anyone bring up the fact Mana himself was a little weirdo, courting a young girl he'd obsessively followed online with random gifts.

What bothers me about it is the "why". Why obsessively support Venus in doing these things? Why lash out whenever anyone pointed out the fact she wasn't likely to get any better?

I've always thought it was because a lot of the PULL crowd, and some of the native lolcow crowd too admittedly, are more stereotypically weeby than they admit and projected onto her this whole idea of being swept away by a kawaii UwU Japanese prince.

Ngl I got the impression a lot of people on here have terrible relationships with their own family.

No. 237177

I dont remember her saying she didnt want to date ppl of her own race, but if she did say that, so what? What if she said she only wanted to date black ppl, would that be acceptable? Some ppl do say that and I dont hear them being complained about for it. Of course if a black person said they only wanted to date white ppl, there would be hell to pay for them daring to say that. It's like some ppl are allowed to have preferences without complaint and others aren't.

The thing is that people can't help the fact they have certain preferances. Have u never stopped to think how damaging it is for someone's mental health when they can never find someone who's of their preference, because of where they have to live? It's soul destroying. You either get involved with people ur never satisfied with and things about them put you off because they were never ur preferred type, or you go without any involvement with anyone.

People can't help who they are attracted to. If Venus preferred Asians, or just Japanese, it wouldn't mean anyway she would like any or all, it would only be the ones who attracted her, it just would mean they'd have to have east Asian appearance. I don't know why ppl have a problem with that and always have to make racist comments about it.

Some people have a preference for a certain type, there's no "red flag" about that, only in ur own mind.

No. 237180

>People can't help who they are attracted to.

You kinda can though. Getting off topic but the only time I thought Asian guys were perfect and hotter than any other group was when I obsessively consumed Asian media as a depressed teen.

Are we really going to sit here and pretend that people who aren't attracted to their own race and obsessively fetishize another race aren't a massive red flag? We're literally posting in a Venus Angelic thread. It's a kind of proof of concept of where that cultural/racial idealization as a depressed, young person who feels unwanted by their own kind leads you if you don't ever grow up from it.

No. 237181

Also all the "u" and "ur" stuff makes me think you're a tourist and probably quite young too. For your own benefit, idealization of another race never leads anywhere good. For men it just makes them bitter and for women it just makes us more easy to exploit. Try to explore life beyond Asian media. Unironically.

No. 237184


I remember that. I can remember people defending Manaki's clear grooming too. Dude was a creep from the outset if you watched their videos together and it makes me butthurt everyone defended him as some sort of Knight in Shining Armour.

No. 237185

Again, the "go back to switzerland" mantra. U just dont get it do u? If JPanese is what she preferred, how was she going to easily find one in switzerland? And as for being swept away by some prince or whatever ridiculous stereotyped crap ur referring to, not all women think like that, like some typical silly submissive female. Some women think more about males the same way males think about females. Not saying that was definitely the case with Venus, but just saying. Not all females think in that pathetically repulsive way.

No. 237187

I don't understand the second point you're trying to make. You seem young and not very cogent to be honest.

Going back to her home country would have been good for her, yes. There was never any future for Venus in Japan that wasn't bleak on some level. She needed an education and marketable skills first and foremost and she wasn't going to get that in Japan. Ever.

No. 237192

No, people really can't help who they are naturally attracted to. Liking and finding attractive certain looks is something that comes from deep inside, like a race memory or something, dont know how to explain it, but it is not a fetish, that just means something like a foot fetish where it doesnt matter whose feet, having a preferance for a certain look and type is sonething intrinsic but it doesn't mean liking anyone and everyone of that type, and then it has to be something more than just how they look, everything has to be right for an attraction to start .

It doesn't matter how many ppl of ur own nationality likes you, if you ultimately dont find them attractive, its never going to work.

No. 237195

I think it's more that maybe with some artistic ppl, they are more affected by physical beauty, and some Asian males have a look that is beautiful in a quite feminine way without the off putting thing of actually being female. I think Venus was always attracted to that appeal, although I wouldn't call Manaki a classic example, he had more of a cute kpop type of look rather than the real beauty I am thinking of.

No. 237196

It isn't a "natural" thing lol. There's a reason it maps almost one to one with people who have an obsession with Asian media. I even noticed it as my own preferences started to change as I became less of a weeb/kboo.

You're weirdly hung up on this. It's hardly a controversial point.

No. 237197

You're either a weeb yourself or an Asian dude blowing smoke up your ass.

No. 237198

you’re the only one here doesn’t want her to leave japan. WEEB

No. 237201

You seemed to be implying that all women are these submissive, starry eyed types who are wanting some strong man to come and sweep them away, and though some may think in that cringe making stereotypical way, not all females are going to think like that, and some of us virw males more like the way most males view women.

No. 237203

No. I'm not saying all women are like that. I'm saying that this was the general perception of Manaki and Venus' relationship on lolcow back when they announced it many years ago.

Lolcow was (is?) full of weebs (i.e. not normal girls/women) so they created a narrative of a kindly Japanese prince saving Venus from her evil mother in their own heads. I would have done the same in my teens because I thought Asian men were better than other men back then.

No. 237205

The only way Japanese males are better than males of other ethnicities is that generally speaking they look better. Prettier. And Japanese society is more polite and easier to cope with, especially if you're someone who objects to how people behave on public transport in other countries for example.

No. 237206

>they look better
I've been there. They don't.

No. 237217

Have you ever seen any Japanese guys in real life? Most of them are really not that handsome.

Dating only people of a certain race is weird as hell. I knew few girls who dated Asians just because they were Asian, but they didn't have anything in common with them. It's just incredibly stupid.

No. 237220

Just seeing the average person in the street is not much, but I've seen ones so beautiful you could cry at how overwhelmingly beautiful they are. In real life too, and bodies so perfect. White males are nothing compared to the best Asian males.

No. 237222

Weird. I had the exact opposite experience. But I think a taste for femmey bishounen is a very niche thing.

Does anyone remember how Mana would like… paw at her on streams? Why do weebs find this cute?

No. 237223

If you find asian men so attractive can you not post about them in the attractive men you want to fuck thread and leave the venus thread, everybody just wants milk not to hear about your boner for eastern males.

No. 237225

And I don't mean body builder types. I'm just talking about the androgenous ones who have quite feminine beauty but better than females.

No. 237227

Is this weeb rambling about how amazing Asian men are the same one who wants Venus to stay in Japan forever?

Kinda cringe projection.

No. 237228

I dont remember him pawing at her but I remember her trying to kiss him and he pulled away like he'd been stung. I guess because public displays of affection is considered a no no in Japan.

No. 237244

You know, venus should write a book. she would be called out and all her lies would be exposed.

And I can't believe you people are falling for her shit yet again. This girl can't even afford soap let alone can afford to buy these boy toys.

No. 237275

When did venus say she hate taylor ? Is there proof ?

No. 237284

…she wasn't enrolled in shit when they were staking out in korea, where margo was deported from.

No. 237316

They were both enrolled in language school as a visa scam (to maintain student visas in Korea.) Venus continues to visa scam with her fake marriage, just like mommy. She’s even slimier and more repugnant than Margo at this point.

No. 237321

>> everyone defended him as some sort of Knight in Shining Armour.
That’s exactly what he was at the time, if you were even around back then. He was her protector from Bad Mommy and Venus hid behind him and let him take the brunt of Margo’s rage, abuse and even physical stalking. She was a coward then and remains one today. A manipulative lying coward and leech.

So spare me this ‘Manaki is a pedo!’ crap.

No. 237322

He didn't do shit. He wanted a little dolly girlfriend lol.

It's not a dichotomy you know. All three people can be shitty.

No. 237323

He wanted to rescue a damsel in distress and that’s what he did. Were you even around back then? It was and is obvious looking at all of their SM posts.

No. 237325

> Japanese society is more polite and easier to cope with
LMFAO. I can tell you’ve never been to Japan. They bully people a lot especially “foreigners”. But you don’t know bc you refuse to believe any thing bad about Japan.

No. 237326

> I've seen ones so beautiful you could cry at how overwhelmingly beautiful they are

No. 237328

>Is now an alcoholic prostitute
Epic Japanese man win

No. 237331


He didn't do any rescuing. Keeping Venus in Japan just further arrested her development. It's unreal people are still defending this fake and gay narrative.

No. 237332

I bet. This anon keeps coming back talking about the love of Asian men and Japan uwu culture. Then lash out when anyone mentions anything about Europe??? Insist we should ONLY talk about what venus doing when he’s doing the opposite. Annoying as fuck.

No. 237333

yes. It's so annoying. I'm convinced they have autism or something because they aren't picking up any obvious social cues to shut the fuck up.

No. 237337

>Japanese society is more polite and easier to cope with
you sweet summer child…

No. 237355

I doubt anon was.kek Didn’t even know Venus went to language school.

No. 237356

I think in one of her streams she said she hates her cause she has everything she wanted, so she's jealous

No. 237395

Why are all you thinking Manaki is asexual? Because Venus said that?!? Being asexual is ok but comeon! She said he was sexualy weird too. All over this years, I've heard her say he is homosexual, asexual and never had sex together, a pedo…
Also, im sure this milk stinks but didnt she had a hamster? Like a years ago or two… She made a vídeo about the hamster but the little was never seen again……

No. 237403

> Japanese society is more polite and easier to cope with

LMAOOOOO. You have to be either an S tier level troll or a suburban middle school weeb whose parent let you spend too much time on the internet. And I'm inclined to believe the ladder due to the way you write and the 20 ban evades.

I don't believe anything Venus said about Mana. He probably asked her to tone down the cringe weeb behavior in public and to actually function like an adult via help with bills. This was probably seen as abusive to her because she couldn't blow all her money on gaudy uwu kawaii weeb apparel. Once she started drinking heavily, it was game over, seeing as how booze takes precedence over basic hygiene for Venus these days.

No. 237407


No. 237417

If Venus prefers the aesthetic of Japanese men then that just means that is her type that she finds attractive, nothing more. Its obv shes going to hav more chance finding someone to her liking in Japan and not some predominantly white country.
You might as well say why does someone have a preferred colour like blue or pink instead of orange or green, or why do some ppl like roses better than primroses or daffodils. Its just a preference. And something ppl cant help, its just what they prefer. You dont say someone is mentally ill if they prefer dogs to cats or yellow better than blue, or violets more than irises, so why think someone is mentally ill just for preferring the look of a certain race?

No. 237422

it's not like she was allowed to form a natural attraction towards asian men though, her mom was trying to sell her to japan from a young age and she was exposed to alot of weeb culture

No. 237427

>not some predominantly white country
Here we go again. Hey weeb, we get it. You LOOOOOOVE Asian men. End of the story.
>why think someone is mentally ill just for preferring the look of a certain race
Who said that??? You do sound mentally ill whenever you speak though.

No. 237429

>her mom was trying to sell her to japan from a young age and she was exposed to a lot of weeb culture
She got interested in Japan uwu kawaii stuff FIRST then Margo tried to help her daughter reach her “goal”. get your facts straight. this has been explained couple of times before. idk you’re unable to read or you got some issues in your brain.

No. 237433

If you mean didnt have anything in common because of being from different country then it would be hard for Venus to find anyone to have anything in common with unless it was someone who also had moved around a lot to different countries and who had had a mother like Venus had.

No. 237435

Someone higher up the thread said something about red flags and mental illness in relation to anyone who prefers the look of a different race to their own, after saying how Venus had said she had no interest in people of her own race and ethnicity.

No. 237445

no, this is backwards. margo was a pageant mom and weeb, she wasn't helping anyone but herself.

No. 237452

Almost any white girl you meet who is obsessed with Japanese guys is a giant weeb. Hmmm. But sure, it's just some immutable inborn, genetic level sexual preference, not related at all to feeling unwanted by members of your own group at a young age and being obsessed with another country's media….

Get real, you sound like a cow yourself.

No. 237453

you're so aggro, i think you have issues in your brain if you care this much about venus angelic tbh

No. 237457

Funny how you think everyone here cares about venus but go off

No. 237458

There was another anon explained how Margo did not aware of Japanese culture as much as venus.

No. 237461

File: 1659843695236.jpg (1.09 MB, 1080x1970, Screenshot_20220806-224057_Ins…)

Fiance is back in the picture, apparently.

No. 237464

File: 1659843952237.jpg (548.16 KB, 1080x1874, Screenshot_20220806-224543_Ins…)

Apparently discussed moving back to Switzerland too- who knows how serious she is about that though.

No. 237466

That would honestly be for the best if true I think, but I doubt she really wants to.

No. 237471

So you think that someone would only like Japanese people's looks if their own race didnt like them? Thats one of the most ridiculous things I've seen said here. What about when you're considered v attractive to poeple of your own race but you dont feel the same way about them cos you just dont find them attractive? That is just a preference and I dont know why it seems to offend some people so much.
I know a black woman who is absolutely totally against any idea of ever hooking up with a black guy, almost to the point of being repulsed by it, she only dates white guys because that is her preferance, maybe because she was brought up by white people, she doesnt even have any black friends, if she did have I'd imagine they might not be too happy with her but its like she almost has an aversion to other black people, but I certainly don't think shes mentally ill because of it, its just her preferences.

No. 237476

No1curr stop derailing.
Discuss the new milk Venus has shared

No. 237478

File: 1659848438912.jpg (532.57 KB, 1079x1475, Screenshot_20220806-235959_Ins…)

Posted this image twice, once on her story and as a regular post so that we all know how sparkle sane these decisions are.

No. 237479

Lol sure she did. I like how she tries to make herself seem cultured as if she knows all about philosophy or various literature across cultures. And my fav, "we talked about "theory." She doesn't know anything about these topics and at most would just quickly look up a philosophical concept and make a random pseudo intellectual post. She's just like her mother. A dumb bitch trying to act like she's cultured and knowledgeable, but in reality, is a useless materialistic whore who embellishes every aspect of her life, including "going to the looney bin" which is just a simple alcoholic treatment centre.

No. 237480

That book would be mostly filled with lies and embellishments. We've already seen how she lies about everything, including her life with Margo.

No. 237482

She was. She got some certificate from a korean language school. Margo said she finished high school as well which pull or kf claimed she didn't (not like they would know) and she was supposed to go to uni in korea but chose to commit visa fraud with Mana instead, as she probably didn't want to wait until she was 22 and done uni to larp as a kawaii douchebag in Japan. It wasn't really about Margo. Leaving Margo was just a cherry on top. And Venus wouldn't have been giving massages. Margo had that side hustle for years and Venus never had anything to do with it.

No. 237483


Dont forget, discussing the difference between cultural literature really=discussing manga/comics/manhua at best. Venus made sure to just call it "literature" though, so that we think she reads something of substance at some point between her alcohol binges and host visits.

No. 237484

And they were so against Margo being against it which was surprising. Yeah, Margo is an ass, but what mom would want her child who just turned 18 to go to a foreign country where she doesn't speak the language fluently with an older man she barely knows and the mom knows it's solely for a visa and she knows Venus will take the channel she quit her fucking job to make successful. Margo wanting to go with her makes sense (overbearingness aside), as she probably wanted to protect her and the overbearingness would be justified in that case. But all the gossip threads were like "no she's 18 she can live with her husband all by herself, she can move countries they're so in love blah blah blah" acting as if Mana and Venus were super close and acquainted. It was clearly bias towards Venus and bias against Margo.

No. 237485

It's the gay asian fag, of course they're defending Venus being into asians and not other races.

No. 237486

my man's head is looking massive in this picture

No. 237488

He didn't groom her though. They didn't even do anything until she was 19. He also provided for her support and encouraged her to make friends, took her out, helped her with her mental health, did all legal things for her and seemed to want an actual relationship/family with her. Even though he was 5-6 years older, he wasn't quite like those pedo creeps like Onision, who groom and manipulate to then pump and dump and move on to the next younger girl. She was not groomed.

No. 237489

If she does go back to Europe, it's only because Mana finally grew a pair and got the divorce, not because she wants to. She might be prepping to spin a narrative like all these cows do.

Considering all she's done, I don't think immigration would be willing to validate a second marriage visa for her. She's not positively contributing anything to Japanese society and never has. Infact she's done quite the opposite with the trying to off herself in that hotel and the psychward stays.

No. 237491

He didn't want Venus being dolly though or wearing lolita all the time when they go out. The guy actually wanted a family with her, despite the creepy start to their relationship. Clearly he wanted Venus palermo and not Venus angelic.

No. 237492

She wouldn't be called out. People would just believe her. So many people think Mana and her managers are as bad as Margo, and not to defend Margo, as she is trash, but Margo wasn't as bad as Venus made her out to be. And that book will definitely be lies. Since I've noticed that Venus seems to get triggered when 1. People think she's poor 2. People think she's dumb/uneducated/unknowledgeable 3. People think she's mundane/boring/uninteresting. She would play up her life in Japan which mostly consisted of sitting in her room relaxing and going out with Mana/friends/fiance, as well as sitting around drinking, which we've seen how dull that is through various live streams. But then she makes all these posts, flaunting gucci so people think she's rich, flaunting hosts and fake yakuza bullshit, embellishes her "mental health struggles" and daily life to seem more "interesting" and makes posts like >>237464 to seem "cultured", all things she is not. Just recently people were talking across boards how trashy and crass Venus is. Then she flaunts some fine dining and "deep" philosophical and literature debates. Lol please. The book would just say anything to enhance these points, as well as further victimize herself, score jirai cred and demonize those she dislikes.

No. 237497

Is it really hard to believe that a girl who continued to do YT and continued to be a weeb upon leaving her mom when she was supposedly "forced" into all this japanese stuff, wasn't actually forced to like Japan by her mom? Margo just enabled her in that regard and got stricter once they started making money as she quit her job for it. She probably wanted both of them to get rich and live lavish lives, since they were a team then. Britney Spears, who was actually forced into doing things she didn't want to via conservatorship said when she's free she wants to be less in the public eye and have a kid with her bf who she was denied seeing/having a kid with. That's what a "forced" person actually does. Unlike Venus, who continued to larp as a kawaii weeb doll in Japan, living out HER dreams, not her moms. Her story has also been consistently inconsistent, to suit whatever new narrative she wants to pass as reality. It's obvious who wanted the Japan life. Margo was just a toxic/enabling parent who did shady and irresponsible things to get them rich and in Japan.

No. 237498

You mean your "fiance" is effective at PDCA. Just like Kitano was effective at running "your" business. God, she never changes. Her bf is probably the cultured and educated one and she is trying to mold her public image again.

No. 237501

File: 1659853077868.jpg (760.51 KB, 1170x2082, 0000000000000000000000000.jpg)

No. 237509

Marriage visa fraud part 2 electric boogaloo: Keanu Kojima edition

No. 237530

>So you think that someone would only like Japanese people's looks if their own race didnt like them?

Most of the time yes. Weeb cows weren't exactly popular kids at school.

No. 237654

She always talks in such "sarcastic" way when posting stories. She must thinks that’s hilarious. So cringe.

No. 237803

She thinks she's such a joker, she even wrote that she posts mostly "satire", when people called her out on her recent stories.

No. 237866

Her new instagram bio now even says ‘satire.’ Cause she’s SO ironic and humorous and witty!

No. 237871

Dont know any actual weebs, but the fact is some people just find Asians more desirable for the simple reason they are generally prettier. For some weird reason no one finds it anything that unusual when men say they prefer Asian women because they think they're prettier, but let a woman say the same about preferring Asian guys because she finds them prettier and it's like "what? How can she?" which is extremely sexist, double standarded and hypocritical.And dont even get me started on white men who think they are Gods gift and get all hurt and angry when they realize I'm not interested in them and find out I like pretty Asians.

Anyhow why is Venus talking about Keanu Reeves, what is he to do with anything?

No. 237872

Racesperging autist, stfu

No. 237876

File: 1659919464217.jpeg (Spoiler Image,306.77 KB, 1848x1142, 662E93D3-CEE6-4F1E-B55B-A0DC33…)

New dick-sucking video on her Twitter. Warning: do NOT click on this unless you have a strong stomach.

No. 237879

…I know she isn't cosplaying a loli character sucking dick.

No. 237880

this is old. it was on manyvids months ago but i noted the vid count going down before so she may have taken it down at one point

No. 237897

I don’t see any sexist comments. The thing is if you desperately want to talk about your love for Asian men then find another thread.

No. 237902

He's got scars on his arm. Did venus attack him?

He's also got a beard. Gross. I suppose he is japanese and not actually a foreigner? He looks a bit scruffy and unkempt for a japanese, I'd wonder if she was lying and it was another host but he doesnt look groomed and clean like a host would. I wonder why they got back together? Assuming it really is true and this seedy looking guy really is her fiance.

No. 237903


I was replying to this

No. 237916

>be venus
>take picture of a random man
>caption is 'this is my dad. this is my son i never told you about. this is my boss. I sucked his dick. he gave me 1 million dollars inheritance'
>post pic
>go to lolcow
>laugh at the retards trying to reconcile your announcement with the 'facts' they understand about you (the shit you posted other times)

No. 237930

>> Assuming it really is true and this seedy looking guy really is her fiance.

Are you serious? Ahahaha you must be new here.

No. 237964

File: 1659930942651.jpeg (139.94 KB, 1172x755, 2CD59071-F99B-4461-81CF-1950B0…)

Man she really is Margo 2.0, inside and out. It’s kind of creepy.

No. 237984

It's funny to see those idiots believing every word venus said.

No. 237986

Wow that's one haggard loli, if that what she's going for. She didnt even try.

No. 237997

Even if it was true that she's trying to troll others, she makes herself look bad. What's the point?

No. 238006

What would be the point of her posts if all the information was true?

No. 238009

What do you mean what's the point of telling the truth? Maybe to not look like a mental case? Normal people don't need to lie about themselves to look interesting.

No. 238039

>Crypto Asian scrote

No. 238045

What I meant is - you said what is the point of her posts if they are fake. I am asking what is the point of her posts (even if they aren't fake)? I'm saying she has nothing to gain from serious posts about things that happened in her life either.

No. 238056

This video is hella old and I commented how fucked up it was that she's cosplaying a child to do porn, but nobody seemed to care. Not to mention the cosplay looks soooooo bad, it's obviously one of those cheap pre-made ones you get in akihabara but she could of at least styled the wig to not look like a partycity disaster.

No. 238075

Banner material (way more appropriate than the "uwu good luck" one kek)

Attention. Marge did that too, many many moons ago, spouting super obvious lies like ~I'm a certified MENSA genius-scientist~radiology technician! Stop booling me!~
God, I miss Marge milk, it was glorious.

No. 238087

File: 1659969020242.png (93.15 KB, 316x316, 480px-Gawr_Gura_-_Portrait_01.…)

What the fuck. Picrelated baits and is aware about lolicon memes but I think doing straight up porn videos cosplaying a loli character is way too much.

No. 238140

>For some weird reason no one finds it anything that unusual when men say they prefer Asian women because they think they're prettier

What planet do you live on lol?

No. 238145

So planet earth is sexist and has double standards and expects men to like the stereotypical idea of prettiness but women arent allowed to appreciate pretty men. Instead they are expected to like rugged ugly types they call handsome. Oh I know that already.

No. 238185

File: 1659982319512.jpg (198.1 KB, 817x1467, Screenshot_20220808-201159_Sam…)

I think her pretending to be literal toddler and doing the whole baby venus thing was her lowest point tbh the loli cosplay is nothing compared to that

No. 238193

File: 1659984876166.jpg (33.71 KB, 636x735, 20220201_092107.jpg)

what the fuck oh my god

No. 238234

I really don't know why she won't get a job? Venus doing all this cringe shit for $6. kek

No. 238236

and is she supposed to get a job? She has no legal way to get a real job. Her only way is to get under the table jobs off craigslist or something similar which wouldn't be a lot. She can't do anything but gross porn/escort shit since her youtube is now a dumpster fire. Her best bet is what all the other nonas have been saying, which is her leaving and going to a country where she could get a legal job or go to school. But she's both too dumb and too obsessed with japan to leave.

No. 238239

I think it is fair to say that we really don’t know Venus’ situation despite always trying to speculate. It’s possible she is legally able to get a job

No. 238247

She's on a Visa. It allows even foreigners to get part-time work.

No. 238252

that's what i want to yell at all (gaijin) sexworkers
working at a conbini or something is really not that bad! venus is so young, maybe she could even make friends with the mostly uni students working there, why throw your dignity away like that and hurt your body for the same amount of money?

No. 238273

xenophobic japanese won’t even hire gaijin to work as convenience store clerk kek

No. 238304

Yes they do. I worked at one my entire homestay (6 years.)

No. 238311


Learn to keep your mouth shut…

No. 238319

doesn't a spouse visa in jp have extensive limitations on what jobs you can work?

No. 238321

learn2sage ffs

No. 238324

Oh this is ridiculous. Of course she could get a job if she really wanted one. If she wanted a job, which she obv doesnt appear to want, she could get one. Why would anyone think she couldnt? She lives there permanently and is married to a national. It is her home and has been for years now. Just because she doesnt want a job, doesnt mean she couldnt have one.
Even Daniel of Hiding In My Room channel worked there even before he was living there married. In fact once he was married, he didnt work.
Japanese husbands have to hand all their wages to their wives who then gives them an allowance, I wonder if Mana has to give Venus all his wages if she insisted on it?

No. 238331

Looking at this genuinely made me feel sorry for her for the first time. Genetics are a bitch. The dead eyed glare and sour looking expression accented by paper thin lips… Wish she'd stop the namida bukuro make too, it only serves to further age her.

No. 238343

This picture here is worse than that one. She looks alright in that blojob picture but this one is horrible.

No. 238353

I don’t think people care about how she looks in these types of pictures as much bc it isn’t really intended to look like her, just her photoshop preferences (she says that herself)

No. 238388

Each successive thread here it looks like she aged another 10 years. She literally is Margo now but even worse off somehow.

No. 238404

is she going to be his visa ticket now? kek I hope they will stay in Japan, in Switzerland she would probably go paranoid that Margo is stalking her or make up more lies

No. 238406

I kind of feel bad for her, she looks way older than she is, alcohol really messed her up.

No. 238416

Is she in the psych ward now? I recall her posting a story saying she's going inpatient "tomorrow" but right now she's still on her phone posting memes. That means she's either allowed to keep her phone or she lied again.

No. 238418

samefag, this >>237461 is the story

No. 238423

Someone asked her (can’t remember if it was in the comments or a story or where) if she would be able to have her phone and she wasn’t sure, but said she would continue posting if allowed to.

No. 238430

>Can you relate?

No. 238431

Half of the conbini workers I see on a daily basis are Vietnamese or Indian

No. 238435

Remember when we bashed her photos from that era? Who knew it would get even worse!

No. 238439

hmm not sure what you're referring to? that baby pic is probably the worst one ever

No. 238449

her tiktok account is banned, anyone know why?

No. 238450

She has no reason staying in Japan

No. 238455

>margo wasn't that bad
>tried to sell penus to mr yan

No. 238459

She'd lose what's left of her followers if she went there. No one's interested in that shitty boring country.

No. 238461


He looks scruffy as all hell. Is he even Japanese? More likely mixed race with that dirty looking ugly facial hair. People don't like that. What a couple. They must get really looked down on.

No. 238463

There are, apparently, grown men who spend their whole time at home, dressed as babies. It:s a thing.

No. 238510

Banned? I thought she deleted it herself.

No. 238543

so having my tiktok account open, i opened insta and clicked on her tiktok link, and it carried me to her profile which was empty and said “account banned”. she had just over 2k followers. id post a screenshot but idk how to cuz newfag

No. 238544

File: 1660078309130.jpeg (221.1 KB, 1242x1597, 146E72E0-F37A-4A86-8325-52C1A6…)

No. 238545

believe it or not but clean shaven kpop moids isnt how the average asian man looks like and many many japanese men have facial hair or look busted. nonas here think japanese scrotes are all beautiful and clean. a lot of the young ones, especially if theyre social rejects, are just as fugly and unwashed as their western counterparts. if not more. western incels are actually the nerfed version of japanaese incels

No. 238550

Switzerland or Germany is definitely better than japan
Her life now in Japan is boring as hell already

No. 238552

No one here is defending Margo??? kek

No. 238553

>Is he even Japanese?
>dirty looking ugly facial hair.
>People don't like that.
You seriously can’t shut up about your Asian men fantasy can you

No. 238557

Germany is a country with legalised sex work and people praise that, and with the amount of violent immigrants she will most likely end up badly

No. 238560

nta but asian men do generally have less body hair due to a gene.

No. 238565

The point is that no-one wants to hear them sperg about asian men.

No. 238570

the point is that japan obsessed tranny anon won't stop talking about their japanese fetish whenever they can

No. 238572

then stop fucking responding to them. jesus.

No. 238584

Ok? So basically japan is the same in this case?? You don’t make sense.

No. 238602

Except Japan is a bit more careful about who they let in and wont hav anything like the amount of illegals that germany has.

No. 238603

Somebody nasty maybe reporting her for porn related content? I don't know what TikTok's policy is on that.
Youtube is fuckin weird in that the slightest thing can get flagged whereas other stuff on there is really explicit. And there's porn galore on Twitter. Weird.

No. 238612

lmao no. japan smuggles women from the phillipines and other poor SEA countries in all the time.

No. 238628

Stop trying to preach about Japan is the most perfect place in the world because it’s not. You’re pathetic

No. 238634

>Somebody nasty maybe reporting her
She’s a nasty individual herself kek

No. 238640

She already lost her fan base, when she did onlyfans. Her only fans now are cheap ass scrotes.

No. 238644

there's still a thousand female accounts commenting "hmm are you ok i hope your ok venus" on her skeezy bullshit, i guess these are the poor kids who have no supervision from parents and are going to grow up thinking people like venus are someone to emulate

No. 238653

>>238557 yeah I'm from a cowntry where prostitution is ilegal, and you can find no prostitutes on the street. I'm being sarcastic.
She could be ok in Japan, Germany or even in Turkey if she wanted ti work but Venus hates work. She really prefears do some nasty porn and pass out drinking beer

No. 238703

Or maybe its just that not all women are disapproving prudes and/or radical feminists.

No. 238704

Lets hope they dont get the amount of islamic extremists that Britain and europe seem to have problems with trying to curtail.

No. 238706

Clearly you've never been to Roppongi. The sheer amount of illegals from African countries would change your mind.

No. 238718

It’s not even about that. Either her supporters are too innocent to see the truth or just blindly support whatever she does bc they’re weebs like some of anons here

No. 238841

Or they follow hundreds of people and Venus is someone they rarely think about, only when they stumble upon a post. I’m sure the majority of those people don’t keep track of her like us kek

No. 238893


It's cuz she was used to YT money. She wants fast, easy, low effort money like she used to get when she had a successful YT channel.

This mindset is popular amongst YT cows. When they're reminded of how not uwu special and "famous" they are via having to live a normal mundane life like the rest of us, they have an episodic downward spiral through a series of highly entertaining meltdowns.

Like we've been saying on here for years, she thinks she's too special to work a regular 9-5. Only reason she's doing shitty porn is because it's (to her atleast) it's fast, low effort money. She doesn't have to shower or even make what she does look inticing. Sure the booze helps with the enduring slobbering on old Japanese perv dick for however many minutes it takes.

No. 238895

No one thinks margo isn't bad, you dumbass. But you're omitting the part where venus wanted to get to Japan asap while she was still very young and the only way to do that was either illegal visa fraud which would secure her not only a visa but a place to stay and a caretaker or go the language school route. You act as if Venus herself didn't want a Japanese national husband to use and it was all margo forcing her to do it. Yeah, that's why she ran off with Mana when Margo became against their marriage.

She does not look "alright" in the blowjob picture. get out of here, chin chan gay asian so in love with venus sperg.

No. 238896

And she doesn't need Japan to do onlyfans either. It's unlikely she'd go to switzerland until she married a Japanese national who is financially affluent so she could go back to Japan whenever she wants. I don't see her leaving, except in that case.

She's not "scared" of Margo. She regualrly trash talks her. Ever since she left, she was making subtle jabs at her. This narrative is getting old. She would also have her partner with her.

No. 238897

File: 1660184428577.jpg (463.21 KB, 1080x2400, 423423.jpg)

Venus trying to seem cultured and "deep." It's also a shitty quote. "Ugly" and "obscene" and "bestial" behaviour is not okay simply because it's a "part of you." If you're a piece of shit, it's not okay to keep being a piece of shit to the extent Venus has, because you're "being you" or "darkness is a part of everyone."

No. 238900

>> Venus trying to seem cultured and "deep."
Yeah she’s been leaning into that bit of fakery lately, like claiming she “discusses European literature” with her boyfriend. Now she’s quoting James Joyce, how cultured!

No. 238931


I hope she doesn't go the McKenna Suman route and make Armchair Intellectual Faux Deep her next persona. The drunken hot mess persona has been fucking hilarious so far.

No. 238983

I wonder how she'd incorporate it into her OnlyFans?
Probably be nude reading a book, and of course wearing some damn stupid looking glasses, seeing as that is one of her fetishes. And that has to be one of the silliest ones ever.

No. 238994

File: 1660232307653.jpeg (55.69 KB, 578x1024, WhatsApp Image 2022-08-11 at 8…)

No. 238995

File: 1660232377012.jpeg (50.83 KB, 473x1024, WhatsApp Image 2022-08-11 at 8…)

No. 238996

File: 1660232441319.jpeg (39.13 KB, 473x1024, WhatsApp Image 2022-08-11 at 8…)


Q: how are you at the moment?
I hope you visit Switzerland again

A: I miss Switzerland
I’ll come when I'm fine again.

No. 238997

File: 1660232531368.jpeg (42.88 KB, 473x1024, WhatsApp Image 2022-08-11 at 8…)


There's a lot more questions in her stories, but nothing really milky and worthy of sharing.
Some people are talking about alcohol with her tho lol

No. 239000

File: 1660232887924.jpeg (33.35 KB, 473x846, WhatsApp Image 2022-08-11 at 8…)

No. 239002

File: 1660233141692.jpeg (38.4 KB, 473x840, WhatsApp Image 2022-08-11 at 8…)

No. 239004

File: 1660233270378.jpeg (46.36 KB, 473x854, WhatsApp Image 2022-08-11 at 8…)

She thinks making cringe, dollar store "witchy" jars and decorating a bible really counted as trying the religions.

No. 239012

Good for her. I feel like she's been trying did to hopefully find her footing, but with no money, OF and living with sketchy dudes is about as good as she can get in Japan right now. Things have been bad since she moved there, but at least it's a good place to be as far as crime and a go. Hopefully this stint lasts. I can see why struggling to stay sober is a big thing though. Im glad she hasnt taken up smoking as that and drinking as massive pushes in Japan and like 30% of peopke are addicted to one or both..especially booze.

No. 239019

she has these moments of clarity where I have hope that she will find the right path out of this, but then she always lets me down by doing something fucking stupid again. I really hope that something sticks this time in the hospital, but I'm not entirely hopeful.

No. 239047

Good for her???? She constantly says "Screw the haters I'm going to make myself better for me" Insert any emojicon and !. she never does or will, she just wants attention again and again.

How do people keep buying this bull. lol

No. 239052

Learn to reply to people, retard. This isn't a fucking chatroom.

No. 239067

She said she had her first drink at 17 in Japan. Isn't that a lie? She definitely got drunk in korea when she cheated on Mana with that korean dude. How old was she then? She also said only her mom drinks in the family, that one of her aunts said that. I totally don't believe that. Of course that trash Zsu (if it was zsu who said that) would pretend everyone in the family is sooo perfect and never touched alcohol. She was supposedly in the Marge thread complaining that Marge lied about "being burnt and burning the house" when Marge shared an image where she burnt the stove and never claimed she burnt the house or herself. Marge's sister is fucking nuts. She is so hateful over the dumbest things. Marge isn't an alcoholic either, is she? We know she drinks/has drank, but does she regularly get wasted like Venus?

Also, it seems like Venus is playing up her drinking. She keeps emphasizing how she doesn't drink beer, only strong stuff. Most alcoholics I know, do drink beer and she said strong zero is her fav (popular with jirai girls) which is only 9%. I think she's definitely trying to fit alcoholism into her jirai persona, as this all started when she started larping this persona. She seems like such a narc and/or histrionic.

No. 239070

I dunno about the marge stuff, I remember zsu being pretty normal albiet her english was terrible a lot of times people misunderstood her, which even what you're referencing seems like that…

However, while venus might be playing up her alcoholism for attention, she is for sure an alcoholic. Not all alcoholics like beer, especially ones who don't wanna become super fat. I used to be an alcoholic and HATED beer (still do) not just because it tastes like ass but the calories were a lot. It's just cheaper to drink vodka, both money wise and calorie wise. Plus she doesn't drink for the taste, she drinks to be drunk (like a lot of alcoholics, myself included).

btw 9% is actually a lot for a tall can. Sure it's not straight vodka out of the bottle but it's still more than the average 6.5/4.5% whiteclaws/beers etc.

No. 239101

Ah yes, she gets "a lot of hate" because she's sooo mentally ill. That's it. It's all mental illnesses fault. Not that she is just an asshole at her core. Mental illness did not make her slander Manaki or her managers. It did not make her slander her bf. Or even Margo. It did not make her commit visa fraud or cheat on others. It did not make her scam people. Lie about abuse. It did not make her act crass and rude and edgy and adopt a performative jirai personality. And it certainly didn't make her exploit a supposedly sexually abused child or accuse both her exes of pedophilia or dress up as a baby for sex content. It didn't make her greedy, selfish, opportunistic and generally a bitch.

No. 239106

Gotta love how she casually reminds her followers of her "suicide attempt." Yes, making a few cuts on your arm so you can take a carefully curated selfie to post to your social media sure is a true suicide attempt. Because a truly suicidal person would snap photos and edit them for social media, which they definitely need when they're dead. Or the fake bus story. Yes, I'm sure she jumped in front of a moving bus, willingly with intent to die and walked away with nothing but some scratched nails. Totally not embellished or entirely made up for performative jirai cred.

No. 239122

Do people really use "chum" lol?

No. 239124

Suicide attempt? She didn't even cut herself in the right direction. The first thing when I was being suicidal was to do a fucking RESEARCH about what could be the most effective, definitely not thinking about taking and editing a "suicide selfie". Seeing her posting shit like this just to get pity from her brainwashed followers is seriously making me mad.

No. 239129

What is your problem? That anon was right. And, this >>239012 is the one that acts like it’s a chatroom here. Retard.

No. 239130

BLAH BLAH BLAH. every time you speak I have a feeling you’re that chin chan so in love with venus weeb anon.

No. 239132

I honestly don’t understand why her die hard weeb fans won’t get out of here.

No. 239138

She smoke too

No. 239141

If you’re gonna defend her all the time you might as well just shut the fuck up. Wasting my time reading this retard comment.

No. 239143

I literally never ever defend her retard, I was explaining shit about how 'venus isn't an alcoholic', because guess what, even if she IS doing shit for attention, she's still a fucking alcoholic. How is saying she actually is an alcoholic wking her? Read between the lines.

No. 239165

They weren’t exactly meant she isn’t alcoholic
This >>239067 meant she’s pretending to be an alcoholic to look edgy, to fit her jirai persona

No. 239178

>I used to be an alcoholic…
No one cares about your story. Share it elsewhere. This isn’t your blog ffs

No. 239179

meaningless explanation kek

No. 239188

No I totally get it, she totally is not shutting up about it because she wants attention for it. However she's still an alcoholic. There was a post on her insta questions about someone accusing her of not being a 'real alcoholic' as well so it felt like the same person. Like that makes no sense, you can be both lol.

had to explain how or why I know what I was explaining, literal blimp of a thing in my entire comment, since another nona said 'real alcoholics' like beer. But hey if you wanna enjoy this thread's japan obsessed tranny's posts in an otherwise completely dead thread, go for it.

No. 239248

LMAO. The "If only she would go to Switzerland" brigade must be working theirselves off over that. I can just picture their eager little faces all flushed with excitement at the thought. LOL

No. 239250

Didnt Margo once say that she used to drink much younger? I know its Margo but she said a lot of things which no one believed but turned out to be true after all.

No. 239251

Japan obsessed anons got triggered seeing her replied one question about Switzerland

No. 239252

So if the bf is practically an alky too then he will need to stop too or she will go right back to it again.

No. 239270

File: 1660276987165.jpg (952.13 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220811-234351_Ins…)

This bitch is crazy af.

No. 239279

Taking pics of empty beer bottles is cringe as fuck

No. 239286

File: 1660279351405.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1242x2165, 378C4617-8508-47DE-858C-8E8605…)

She's bringing them even more joy

No. 239294

Venus, are you reading us? Then stop asking yourself questions!

No. 239295

>cow replying to lc

No. 239302

That pic looks like she's almost bragging about being an alcoholic. She could've just ignored the message and not be like "that's not true, look how much I just drank! here's the evidence!"

No. 239303

File: 1660286795729.png (22.92 KB, 627x267, Bez názvu.png)

Someone tried to convince others that she is polyamorous kek. They would never admit that their perfect Venus is a cheater.

And the people on IG and Twitter who think she's publicly sharing everything about her life just to spread awereness about mental illnesses are so laughable. As if she would give a shit about that. She's just wants to make everything about herself, she doesn't care about other people.

No. 239305

Ha. Ha. Ha. She’s So. funny.

No. 239306

Real funny thing is Japan obsessed anonS thought we’re having orgasms from seeing her posting about Switzerland when the truth is they’re probably bitter about she acknowledges the idea of moving back to Europe since they’re always so against it kek

No. 239307

She should give up on trying to be sarcastic to seem funny or to meme herself bc it’s NEVER going work

No. 239332

tranny chan i miss you(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 239336

What is with zoomers' obsession with polyamory?

No. 239339

Fear of commitment I guess. They've seen their parents marriage go to shit and they're afraid it'll happen to them if they commit to a monogamous relationship so open relationship/polyamory is a way to avoid that. You still get a relationship but if one fails there's always someone else there as a backup.

No. 239346

female zoomers wana seem progressive and open minded “i totes luv polygamy! i luv womens moar then men! uzui move it’s my turn!!” when in reality they would kill themselves if their (non existent) boyfriend looked at another woman.
the online zoomers who say this shit are all mentally retarded women who go by they/them anyway, so it’s really not a “zoomer” thing, just again, mentally unstable people

male zoomers just cum at the thought of having more bitches to cum on? just scrote stuff, not like they can make a single woman cum, let alone more than one

No. 239348

It's usually one of these two
"my shitty partner cant cheat on me if we are fucking other people openly"
or "I can't commit to one person because monogamy didn't work for my parents"

No. 239352


Is that meant to be a little dig at the switzerland fanatics? Its almost like she reads here and on kiwi.

If she's always drunk all the time, how can she even think about and follow threads on these forums?

No. 239355

Might as well buy a love doll. Could get more than one. Less bother than real people and less problematic in many ways.
They sell them for women too, although the choice is very limited, unlike with the ones sold for men -though no surprises there I guess

No. 239358

I'd like a collection of pretty boy playmates but I'd kill any that ever looked at another woman. They'd have to play around with each other. As long as I could watch.

Would be too much hassle though I think. How do anyone make relationships work anyway? No one can really know if someone is being faithful all the time. I have to give kudos to Venus for managing to keep a relationship going for four years

No. 239363

Alcoholics are morons that will gladly brag about how much they can drink while simultaneously denying that their addiction causes harm.

No. 239383

Just the new way to be edgy. Same level as those people who feel like telling everyone about their sexual thoughts in detail because "they're not puur innocent people, they love sex hur dur". There has always been some typical edgy shit in every generation, this one's just worse because they've got the whole internet to compete with instead of their highschool. Gotta be more special to actually get attention.

No. 239385

I guess it's more easy when you can hide in alcohol and drink your sorrows away

No. 239399

She looks so dirty these days.

No. 239429

The way you sperg about Asian men is desperate and repulsive, spoken like someone who salivates predatorily behind a screen but whom has no actual experience outside of your two dimensional fantasies that you seem to live out vicariously through Venus. The men she pulls are trash covered with a flimsy, shimmery cellophane exterior, nothing to brag about, but I suppose it seems like a big deal to you, seeing as you'll never get close enough to touch one without paying a hefty sum for them to tolerate the rotten stench wafting from your folds. A well balanced person with things going on in their lives doesn't obsessively blogpost like you do, so the fairytale you tell yourself about being a desirable, mature woman who could have any (Asian) man she wanted isn't fooling anyone.

Now then, run along back to your filthy hovel to nestle into those sweat stained sheets and mattress of yours and kindly do us all a favor by not being a terminally online, NLOGing loser.

No. 239449

“These days”? She’s been dirty and greasy (and usually drunk) for YEARS.

No. 239478

File: 1660358891259.png (360.64 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20220813-034355.png)

She must get so fucking sick of this question.
Honestly, if people kept asking me the same stupid question over & over, I'd be an alcoholic too.

No. 239483

Go-back-to-Switzerland brigade btfo

No. 239487

>about Asian men
NTA and quoted anon sounds insane, but they didn't say anything about asian men? You think only asian men can be 'pretty boys'? lol

No. 239491

File: 1660363216794.jpg (15.57 KB, 236x396, 8f2a9974c401d93f9dd70d62b029d7…)

Stop spamming your Twitter you attention whore.

No. 239493

I'm nta either but it's because there's an insane Nippon fanatic in this thread who goes on long spergs objectifying Asian men and talks just like that anon. Normally no one would care but the retard sounds just like a male incel who's never visited Japan or laid eyes on an Asian man irl kek.

No. 239509

Does she even have Japanese audiences or not??? She speaks English in almost every sm platform(at least from what I saw here) seems like she rarely interacts with japanese people on the internet

No. 239510

Talking like shes doing so well in Japan kek. She’ll make up millions of reasons of 'why I’m not going back to Switzerland'. Either she asks herself that question or retard "fans" ask to make sure she doesn’t leave the glorious nippon kek

No. 239532

I don't know, Venus. Maybe people think that it might help you to move to a different country, because living in this one clearly isn't working out for you? And no one would help you there? Who's helping you in Japan? Your ALCOHOLIC "fiancé"? Yeah, I am sure he is helping you a lot… helping you drinking.

I get it, Japan is her dream country, she wants to stay there. But why she doens't at least understand why people keep asking her whether she plans to move someplace else to improve her mental health, I don't get. No one feels like her life has improved since she moved to Japan. Not saying her life was great before, but it didn't get exactly better in Japan.

No. 239538

She's so salty about these threads kek
Do you believe she posts here too, or in other threads? Super tinfoily but maybe she's one of the Taylor R or Mikkan-Whatever vendetta posters? I'd be curious to see her post history.

It's the same ban-evading troon shitting up every threads for months with his "Muh Asian femboys/I love Venus so much/You all are evil prudes and pearl-clutching radfems" sperging. He's a degenerate coomer and even posted porn in the previous threads.
The general consensus regarding him is : Don't engage, report.
I hope newmin will ban VPN as soon as the new code is there cause the scrotoid presence is getting really tiring.

No. 239544

File: 1660394762846.png (1.04 MB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20220813-134401.png)

Good news guys!

No. 239545

File: 1660395213600.jpg (49.07 KB, 720x785, Screenshot_20220813-135123.jpg)

This is true for alcoholics

No. 239549

File: 1660395769703.jpg (21.77 KB, 720x635, Screenshot_20220813-135847.jpg)

This is good to hear. He needs to stop too or it will be harder for Venus to stay off it.

No. 239551

So can the switzerland spergs shitting up the thread with their boring copy n paste rants just shut the fuck up now!
How many times we have had to see that offtopic crap from the resident retards who automatically type it out whenever their switch gets triggerd.

No. 239562

This is how you know it's 100% BS. You do not get to keep electronics at those kind of clinics.

No. 239570

I dontno anything about what goes on at those kind of clinics, but why is that? About the electronics I mean. Is it because they think the alkies would perhaps use their phones to ask people they know to bring booze in, or is it for another reason? I just font see how having a phone can interfere with treatment in a drying out clinic apart from the reason I mentioned.

No. 239571

Its because thats the only last line of defence her wk spergs can use for her and thats blaming a whole country for Venus's behavior.

No. 239578

A lot of them try to take away "addictions" and limiting outside contact. You get to use stuff occasionally (monitored), but you do not get to keep them with you. Any large rehab/drying out clinic follow the same protocols.

No. 239581

You're a fucking idiot.

No. 239640

>resident retards who automatically type it out whenever their switch gets triggered
Thats you kek

No. 239655

Is she a complete retard? You aren't really allowed to have electronics at such places, what a bullshit

No. 239662

Sage in the email field, thanks for the laugh though! "Oh that a bullshit" perfection.

No. 239668

This is a bunch of shitty bullshit

No. 239684

Most of her fans were predominantly male. After she hit pass 20 and got married her incel fans left. All you see left is random incels who buy any kawaii girl porn, only fan buyers who buy just for laughs and curious. Then her tweens who use to watch who're now older and occasionally check back for nostalgia and pretend to care about venus well being. I don't think she had any jap fans to begin with, just creepy male incels who thought of her as an innocent virgin venus dolly. kek

No. 239685

it’s exactly as predicted, she “can keep her phone to keep us updated”! sure!
she’s totally not staying in her room and “updating” us from there while she chills doing nothing / catching up on custom porn.
my bet is there wont be a single pic of the place she’s staying at, at least not a “current” version of her face in it the way she looks now. she could have taken pics of the previous hospital that she plans to use now as proof.
am i being retarded?

No. 239698

Mental wards do not allow the patience to have phones, she's attention baiting or I'm getting my threads confused again. Either way I doubt you're the retard here lmao

No. 239702

I think she made it sound like a psych ward, but it is more just a rehab/detox program which could have fewer restrictions

No. 239710

Ahhhh I could see that honestly, a day center so she has time to post but not as much time.

No. 239769

I wonder whose paying for this rehab/day center or where ever the fuck it is she's staying.

No. 239771

The state.

No. 239794

Do you for one second actually believe an alcoholic can just "plan to stop drinking"? She has trying to get sober for a while now and he has not stopped drinking around her.

No. 239806

It does seem like she is in a hard context for trying to quit alcohol (Japan, host culture, potentially an alcoholic partner, + an introvert who perceives more social success with alcohol + all her issues). I really don’t think Venus is a fantastic person, but as someone battling alcoholism in a much “easier” context, it really is scary watching yourself make choices that are dangerous, but feeling more frightened by the thought of “not having a drink”. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. I hope whatever this treatment she is doing helps

No. 239813

After all she's been thru, she deserves to be happy. She talked of taking up a sport or something when she comes out which would occupy her mind and hopefully help to keep her off the booze.

No. 239814

You poor newfag.

No. 239815

Of course she deserves to be happy "after all she's been through", but she's responsible for her own wellbeing and is clearly not giving a single shit about it. She's probably drinking again as we speak.

No. 239833

The Asian dude in this thread constantly trying to get everyone to pity and praise Asian men is really annoying…

No. 239869

You really are brand new, aren’t you? Like a little newborn baby, lol. Bless your heart.

>> After all she's been thru,
Like having all her expenses paid for the past 6 years so she can sit in her little pink bedroom doing nothing but amuse herself and drink all day? Is that the “all she’s been through” you’re waaahing about? You’re really that simple?

No. 239871

Hey guess what, newbie?

1) everything she “went through” with bad mommy is greatly exaggerated and overblown. And

2) After all the misery and shame she’s inflicted on her pathetic visa hubando, and continues to inflict to this day, I would say she”deserves” as much happiness as she’s given out.

No. 239885

File: 1660498050772.jpeg (171.79 KB, 806x894, 969D3E93-F328-4AB6-ACB0-5A7246…)

She’s “currently not posting on OF.” Guess those poor suckers that paid for subscriptions are SOL.

No. 239918

I checked the profile of her friend and she's posting photos of her child, while promoting her adult content. Gross, such things should stay separated.

No. 239946

She is so rude, she hasn’t even mentioned anything on OF to her followers. I think a lot of people sub to a lot of girls on OF and wouldn’t necessarily notice that one of them has stopped posting, so she definitely is being quiet intentionally.

No. 239951

Same anon. It kind of seems like it should be illegal to have people pay you money for a service you consistently don’t provide lol. Like if an online store just never sent any products to their customers, their would be a consequence. She is so entitled

No. 239981

It is technically against ToS, but e-thots get away with it because enough horny people don't report it.

No. 239986

File: 1660523590191.jpeg (295.95 KB, 1307x1839, 8209FCB5-1A26-4BE3-876C-165DA1…)

Yeah, her 12 remaining subscribers are gonna miss this top-quality content!

No. 240000

I think a few people subscribed recently when she started saying she was going to reveal more about her private life on OF.

No. 240032

I hope someone will report her, she's is basically scamming them and it's not the first time she has disappeared like this. If she didn't even let her subscribers know, that's super shitty of her.

No. 240033

if you’re gonna share opinions like this you might as well just stfu or go to kiwifarm ffs. Cant you see you’re the only one here who’s been being annoying

No. 240035

I have reported her in the past, and asked if I could be refunded because she advertised multiple updates weekly, and there was about 4 weeks without content (the 4 weeks I bought). I don’t think OF is managed very well. Fortunately I am just there for train wrecks, but I should probably stop paying

No. 240036

You have issues. I don’t like Venus at all and was just saying I hope she doesn’t have alcoholism for the rest of her life? fu

No. 240051

That sucks. She just keeps fucking people over, expecting everyone to give her money while giving nothing in return.
Yeah, it's better to stop paying her. She doesn't deserve the money, it's not worth it even for the fun.

No. 240057

You're too new if you even say this. It's fine to be "a good person" but anyone who actually follows her knows she's a lost cause.

No. 240129

Yeah sure, that's why you were subbed…

No. 240142

File: 1660585702967.png (807.87 KB, 1170x2064, IMG_2511.png)

No. 240143

File: 1660585769783.png (1.12 MB, 1170x2066, IMG_2512.png)

Judging by the way she spent her money with hosts, she needs a social worker

No. 240144

File: 1660585797628.png (821.27 KB, 1170x2073, IMG_2513.png)

No. 240145

File: 1660585819140.png (960.09 KB, 1170x2072, IMG_2514.png)

No. 240146

File: 1660585868074.png (950.61 KB, 1170x2051, IMG_2515.png)

No. 240147

oooh she's gonna get cancelled for saying the R word

No. 240148

File: 1660585905482.png (939 KB, 1170x2072, IMG_2516.png)

No. 240151

Seeing headshrinks can make some ppl feel worse. Making you dwell so much on your problems and past troubles, so reinforcing them in your mind. Focusing your thoughts so much on bad things is not always helpful. Maybe she should read The Secret and follow the advice in there. Rhonda Byrne has said you don't need therapy if you start to think properly like how she explains in there.

No. 240181

the hell is she doing that shit for at fucking 1 am

No. 240182

omg reading that i got a revelation about myself. I think i have the exact same thing.
But I don't have it as bad as Venus's -
I'm far from being a narc, and I do have social anxiety but I'm awkward like Venus, I know to act "normal". And I wouldn't call myself anti-social, my like, an introvert.
What I do have is some traumatic stuff that I gone through I barely remember, and tough situations I kinda suddenly close up and get "distant", idk how to react, or how to even comfort someone who needs my empathy. I knew I have something like this, just never saw it written anywhere.(blog)

No. 240185

sage your shit, also this isn't your blog

No. 240202

She’s a super speshul snowflake you guys! And totally NOT just a garden variety alcoholic mixed in with a toxic stew of PDs. Plz tell her how brave and strong she is and how hard you’re pulling for her, like the idiots at >>239806
and >>239813

No. 240203

And don’t forget how much she deserves to be happy after all the ABUSE she’s been through!

No. 240210

Wait a min, now her “doctor” (in quotes like her “fiance”) doesn’t “know her disorder”? When according to her she’s been diagnosed with
- bipolar
- borderline PD
- ADHD and
- anxiety
in the past? And taking “up to 3 different antipsychotics” a day(!) and has BREAKDOWNS in public places if she forgets to refill her prescriptions? (And all totally real diagnoses by real doctors, of course.)

Sounds like she’s working up to a new totally legit dx of Dissociative Identity Disorder. Cuz she “dissociates” and “goes catatonic” and has “emotional detachment”! Which is totally different than just zoning out in front of her computer for hours at a time because she has fuckall else to do all day every day.

Poor thing. Such a victim, so abused.

No. 240211

i wonder if she is going to start larping as having alters or multiple personalities.

No. 240216

>I don’t like Venus at all and was just saying I hope she doesn’t have alcoholism for the rest of her life
Lmao yeah sure. Whatever you say

No. 240219

>I am just there for train wrecks

No. 240223

Oh look a new thing she has. Remember when she was going on and on about how she is so classic ADHD and classic BPD now she has classic "emotional detachment. Ah yes classic case solved by wikipedia himself. great doctor

No. 240225

never forget

No. 240227

No. 240244

I dont need to watch as seem it before but itd quite clear that Venus' teeth were the same then, with the same little gap, which for some stupid reason some anons here thought was a bad tooth. It isnt.

No. 240249

This bitch is so fucking crazy. See that psycho apple didn't fall too far from that psycho tree. I can't believe Mana put up with her as long as he did.

No. 240250

Her self-diagnosis is top of the cake too. kek

No. 240252

>Which is totally different than just zoning out in front of her computer for hours at a time because she has fuckall else to do all day every day.
This actually explains a lot. A large portion of her days since coming to Japan have been chilling at home, no real schedule she has to stick to because she has no real job or responsibilities (Mana does those), stating at her computer screen browsing the web and other passive activities. Of course she will be "numb" or "blunted" or have difficulty focusing or even depression, which she said she was diagnosed with at one point but claims now she never had it. She is the architect of her own demise, really. It's not unlike Kenna. Both of these assholes curate a specific internet image, when their lives are generally mundane and uneventful with no real responsibilities. That would fuck up anyone but it's soo much cooler to entirely blame mommy or Mana or the yakuza or managers or make up suicide stories and aggrandize those aspects of her life, than to admit she's just a bozo, doing fuckall and that is affecting her psyche the most right now.

No. 240263

There's so many interesting things to do in Japan and she wouldn't even have to keep to a schedule, she could film a video at times when she felt like it, and her viewers on youtube would like to see and her revenue would go up
Her video quality would have to improve but it used to be good before and could be again.
The bed cafe video she did was interesting so more like that and if she really wanted to try something interesting that
would also help her get fit
she could climb Mt Fuji,there is a vending machine up there and she could buy a juice from it. So many things she could film that would get her renewed interest in her channel.

No. 240265

Margaret is insufferable, I feel angry watching this

No. 240270

File: 1660619492874.jpeg (147.55 KB, 935x889, 93656761-21F5-41B4-A650-3EBC82…)

Idk what you’re going on about (or why someone felt the need to link to that old interview) but there’s more than “a gap” going on here. Her teeth are brown and rotten-looking from the shit she drinks and a total lack of even the most basic personal hygiene.

Keep trying though.

No. 240273

File: 1660619921967.jpeg (273.54 KB, 1340x1527, E781228A-C0A9-4844-8BA5-63212D…)

Consistently greasy hair, rotten teeth, dirty raggedy fingernails, etc. etc. For years now. She’s pretty disgusting actually. But yeah, keep caping for her.

No. 240284

Idk why that would be hard to believe. There are obviously people who pay for her content then post it in here. Where do you think that came from?

No. 240310

I don't know why it's so surprising. This girl is very mentally ill.

No. 240319

No, she isn't. She has no actual mental illness. She just thinks that she does because she isn't 'getting along', which is really because neither her or anyone knows what the fuck to do now from the position that she is in in life.
>inb4 she should do this
don't bother. you're not going to solve this

No. 240326

reading through this, living in Japan with a relative stable life is a whole different thing(emoji)

No. 240335

wow, you managed to blog, not sage and out yourself as a newfag in just one sentence. off you fuck

No. 240336

No one likes you either, Mikan, so you can sit down and move it along.(hi cow)

No. 240338

kekkk if only, it would make this thread far more interesting

i wouldn't put it past mikan to be posting on here though tbh

No. 240340

not sure what your problem is.

No. 240342

because literally nobody here cares about your life

No. 240344

Everyone babbles here some random shit,but whatever floats your boat. being an aggressive cunt is not necessary in a rubbish that exists only to discuss some gals.

you can easily not answer, easy as that.

No. 240345

the last weeks been an up and down it seems… like host boys bf's?!? who is she trying to fool? also breaking up with her fiance and then getting together? weird.

No. 240350

And you can just as easily not blogpost to humblebrag about your life since you're an anonymous nobody, simple as that.

No. 240356

is that a recent pic o.o(o.o)

No. 240379


This influx of underage newfag uwu retards is absolutely unbearable… read the thread, lrn2integrate, you have to be 18 to post here, etc.

No. 240385

So are you. Lol.(sage your shit)

No. 240393

>no u

I think tiktok is more appropriate for someone of your mental capacity and age.

No. 240420

>for some stupid reason some anons here thought was a bad tooth. It isnt.
You’re an idiot

No. 240421

She’s a lazy slovenly drunk, and it’s not “because she’s very mentally ill” you halfwit.

No. 240425

Has venus been posting ITT? Which one is it please raise your hand kek

No. 240426

That one anon who never learn2sage I wonder who that is. Such a “big fan” of venus. Sus af

No. 240473


oh such brilliant statement… gtfoh(shitposting)

No. 240479


Part of me wondered if it was/is Venus on some CreepShow Art type shit, but Venus can barely string together a cohesive sentence in English. Like >>240252 this bitch has all the time in the world to do something as cringe as to lurk, derail and WK herself in her various lolcow threads. After all, she did do a video wasted reading PULL.

No. 240544

Right back at you bitch

No. 240546

Fr Venus’ fans here have real mental issues. Never sage on purpose, blogging, posting porns and random twitter page. Weird AS FUCK. I feel sorry for her for having a fansbase like this kek

No. 240559

No sane person would ever route for a mess like Venus. Shitty content = Shitty Fans.

No. 240562


What is blonde bitch's Instagram?

No. 240584

That actually looks like a fungal infection in her nail(s). Dark yellow, thickened, discoloration. The whole nail is yellowed so it can’t be dirt which would be trapped at the top. Bad hygiene mixed with improper nail care is an easy way to get nail fungus, and it starts off as just looking darker and yellow. If she gets her nails done at salons often the chances increase by a few times.

No. 240618

Are you dumb? Bitch is clearly nuts lmao.

No. 240640

this is the most off-base medfagging I have ever read. she is an alcoholic. when you sober up as an alcoholic, you shake. it's not because of depression

No. 240659

Did anon really suggest shaking is depression? Damn, I'd even suggest anxiety before that. It's basic withdrawals. Even people addicted to coffee do this when they try to ween off.

No. 240667

((I first noticed Venus’ (very faint) tremors when she was like 13 doing nail videos. They looked like my hands did at the time. 10+ years later and her hands tremor exactly like mine do, in the the exact same positions, same frequency/size, etc. Her hands stop shaking with specific postures and movements. My diagnosis is “essential tremors”, id bet money she has that. It’s common and either starts when you are old OR around age 12).(medfagging)

No. 240671

you fell for her act

No. 240678

>> a fungal infection in her nail(s)
It’s dirt you dweeb. Grimy dirty raggedy fingernails. Like her rotten brown teeth and greasy oily hair. She doesn’t do ANY personal hygiene at all, not even the most basic keeping herself clean.

>> My diagnosis is “essential tremors”,
“Your diagnosis”? lol. Those are the shakes alcoholics get when they wake up the day after a binge and the booze has worn off. You people giving out ‘medical diagnoses’ for all her dirty alcoholic behaviors and side effects are pathetic.

No. 240680

That anon is retarded and that post was probably written by the chin-chan gay asian sperg that's "in love" with Venus. My favorite part is the "she's not more abusive or fake" than the average person. Yeah, cause the average person embellishes abuse, calls everyone in their life an abuser, lies about suicide, commits illegal acts like marriage fraud and even exploits children for their benefit. And claiming Manaki "took advantage of her" is the dumbest thing I ever read. Age gap aside, he actually provided for her, helped her settle, encouraged her to go out and make friends, told Margo off and was even against the dolly lolita crap. It's obvious he wanted a normal girl and not "Venus Angelic", but yeah, he took advantage of her. That anon is the dumbest retard I've seen here.

I think she's a narc and/or histrionic. I doubt she has adhd (her inability to focus for instance is a result of mostly doing passive activities for years like staring at her computer). Bipolar, Borderline, anxiety and all the other stuff she said was likely self-diagnosed. I'd say she might have depression but she denies that now and claims it's adhd. But she's def a narc or histrionic. Which are mental illnesses.

No. 240683

If it’s dirt, why is it only one nail that’s dark yellow, and why/how is it affecting the entire nail and not just the opening?

No. 240691

Don’t bother with that retard. She’s too dumb to google “fungal infection due to acrylics”

No. 240698

Are you fucking retarded? No one is talking about the “yellow nails,” it’s the black dirt and grime under the nails that’s the issue here. Along with the brown teeth (not “just a gap, lol,) the constantly greasy unwashed hair etc.

Are you blind, mentally deficient or just stupid?

No. 240702

I think this is the same moron who went to the mat INSISTING that Venus DIDN’T photoshop half her lower face off, it was JUST A LOCK OF HAIR!

Fucking delusional loser.

No. 240705

File: 1660795022657.jpeg (278.5 KB, 1434x1240, 06AD9640-E516-46EF-AFD6-1ECB2A…)

Because she’s never photoshopped half her lower face off, right?

No. 240706

Can you calm down? You're acting like a cow yourself

No. 240735

File: 1660819157576.jpeg (100.49 KB, 828x806, 18F24C62-D167-4562-882D-2210FB…)

No. 240737

It's funny because it's true

No. 240742

File: 1660822648709.png (213.94 KB, 1125x1995, IMG_7552.png)

No. 240743

File: 1660822671799.png (333.52 KB, 1125x1998, IMG_7553.png)

No. 240744

Tuna-tier poetry

No. 240756

At least shes doing something creative. Dont knock her for that.

No. 240759

Not everyone is like that. Britain is full of depressed drunks & druggies, and no kawaii aesthetic to take our minds off the grey and beige bleakness.

No. 240763

File: 1660833303699.jpeg (358.06 KB, 826x1470, A1595AE9-87DB-4A4F-AD9B-AD9267…)

Still on that diet of junk food I see

No. 240848

It's actually extremely helpful to have things that draw attention away from drinking and if that means eating comfort foods because it's a good distraction. What do you want from someone going cold turkey on something that is extremely hard to quit?

No. 240857

she has a history of eating junk food for all meals, that will not help her recover from addiction, having a healthy life style will how ever improve things for her

No. 240861

Calm down. I know there’s dirt under her nails but yellowing is also present. Two things can exist at the same time, nonna—I’m not sure why pointing out that a nail is extremely yellow and discolored is so upsetting to you. I’ve seen plenty of infected nails in my time and it certainly looks like a fungal infection is in that photo, not just dirt. It’s par for the course for bad hygiene, improper nail care, salons, and so on. It’s also not a huge deal and can be fixed with medication or certain topical products, but it will get worse and spread without her paying attention to it. But thank you for reminding me why I rarely come to Venus threads.

No. 240888

Why the sudden obsession with blogging? Why not just get a journal and spare us the insta “poetry” and deep shower thoughts? Oh, I forgot - everything this girl does is a performance for the internet, up to and including being inpatient for alcoholism. What she actually needs is someone to unplug her internet.

No. 240889

She can do that privately, instead of blogging and monetizing every aspect of her life. And yes, the "poetry" sucks. She obviously posted it because she thinks it's good and wants attention for it.

No. 240919

Anon, this is withdrawls. Not some hollistic fix.

No. 240967

Whatever. Japan sucks. The end

No. 240972

Unwanted opinion

No. 240977

Why do you people always make excuses for her. You don't even know if she has a nasty ass fungus or she's just a dirty ass whre who cant wash her own hands.

No. 240981

>thank you for reminding me why I rarely come to Venus threads
"rarely" kek
The point if she has bad hygiene and it’s disgusting and she should be ashamed of it.
You thought we couldn’t see all you did was making excuses for her? calm down my ass.

No. 240983

There’s one specific anon keep doing that. Annoying as fuck.

No. 241014

And? This thread is full of unwanted opinions.

No. 241017

When ppl were talking bout yellow nails, I thought maybe she had nicotine stained fingers, but dont know if she smokes, but looking at the picture, it doesn't look like it. Dont look like any infection either.
Is this the time when she was making those witch jars and burning sage.? It looks like she's had her fingers in plant compost. I remember her showing some poor plants that she wasn't looking after properly. Maybe she did some repotting that fsy when this video was filme?

No. 241018

*repotting that day.

No. 241027

Maybe the clinic food isn't tasty

No. 241032

Shut the fuck up

No. 241033

I swear these two Peenus white knights are being annoying on purpose

No. 241039

No. YOURS especially

No. 241053

ya'll ready for her drunken tumblr ramblings? Cuz that shit is gonna hurt to read but provide endless milk at the same time. We all know she's going to leave this facility once she doesn't get her way one too many times and be right back to drinking.

No. 241073

She does smoke tho. She posted a picture with her "super cute ciggies".

No. 241300


No. 241326

fungus literally comes from being unhygienic and nasty, nonnie… her having fungus is 1000x worse than just having debris caught in her nail.

No. 241330

it's a fungal infection from not taking care of her fake nails properly. she always lets them grow out and she's dirty to begin with, so when she doesn't either fill or remove the enhancements, bacteria can get underneath and infect the nail.

No. 241357

Shes casting negative energetic spells on herself with those poems. Writing things down is active way of manifesting things.

No. 241367

lol what? you sound like you're in dire need of mental help too.

No. 241370

You sound retarded. If you really believe that dumb shit, you shouldn't be on this website.

No. 241470

im surprised none of the thread were written ''penus angelic'' by now.

No. 241521

probably because you need to be 18+ to post here kek

No. 241524

She’s casting negative “spells” on herself just by being herself, not by writing.

No. 241553

..that was a popular insult she used to be called years ago, lighten up its a joke you moron.

No. 241564

Is it THAT hard to believe your beloved venus whomst you're "in love" with is not only MORE manipulative than the average person but has/had an infection because she wears press on nails ALL THE TIME and isn't the most hygienic person, even back as a teen/kid? Your incessant white-knighting and excuses for the obvious are fucking annoying. Nail salons are notorious for leading to infections. Press ons harbor bacteria. Venus isn't the cleanest person. Maybe she dealt with the infection by now like the teeth but Stfu wking her all the time already.

No. 241587

>lighten up
>gets mad at a light joke
okay, anyway

No. 241590

No. 241624

For a site called lolcow, you would think there'd be happier seeming people here, but most of the people who post here seem such miserable fuckers with anger issues. It's really weird, for somewhere called Lolcow to have such a lack of humour in its clientele. And if you attempt a little lightness and fun, it doesnt go down well.
It may be because it's mainly women here, a male presence might lighten things up a bit, and I usually get on better with men so it would probably be pleasanter here for some of us if there were more variety.

But anyway, I'm wondering how Venus is doing? It's typical that as soon as she seriously tries to stop drinking, the government is trying to encourage young people to drink more. So Venus might have to go straight back on it to help the economy. The country can't afford her to stop and she has to do her bit to help.(are you lost ? )

No. 241628

>But anyway, I'm wondering how Venus is doing
Your pattern seriously never change. venus wk no.2 (no.1 is chin chan gay asian in love w venus anon)

No. 241645

its the same person and stop fuckin replying and mods do your jobs

No. 241652

That's because most of the people here are cows themselves.

There's no way it's not going to affect her somehow. I doubt she will do it for the reason to "help the economy", but it's just another reason why get back to drinking.

No. 241655

if you want scrote takes on cows, go to kf

No. 241679

Reading all these forums makes me so depressed I used to look up to her, back when she had her dolly theme I wanted to be like her so bad and even more so when she was in Netherlands. Now it’s just sad to see what she become. She practically become a washed up Nickelodeon star like Amanda bynes

No. 241734

File: 1661111020671.jpg (68 KB, 830x280, IMG_20220821_214318.jpg)

Seeing this banner pop up while browsing is a mindfuck each time

No. 241741

>'I'm not like other girls! I get along more with men even though they're only really nice to me to try and sleep with me and I'm too dumb to realize it until I go on pol and see the shit they really think, teehee girls are bitches'
the absolute state of some hs nonas… When will summer end.

I dunno if anyone saw on venus' insta, not really needed to screenshot because it's not so much milk, but apparently she's the only alcoholic in the rehab she's in, everyone else is a meth head. I'm sort of surprised she hasn't gone into that herself because she cares so much about her weight. Any bets she's probably going to learn a thing or two from the girls there about it and try it herself?

No. 241750

File: 1661117822851.png (345.54 KB, 750x1334, 96DC68BE-C76E-49FB-9DDF-9BDDD7…)

Meth saga when?

No. 241752

Japanese people are sO edgy..!! Can they be any cooler..?? Everyone except me is meth heads..!! lololol skull emoji

No. 241753

>people think alcoholism is huge problem in Japan
Ummmm majority of people don’t really give a shit about Japan except for those hopeless weebs so there’s that

No. 241783

venus threads are so weird, what are you even trying to imply, that knowing anything about different cultures is weebshit (not to imply venus is anything more than a weeb, because i know you’ll try to spin this as that)? most people rightfully see drinking culture as a fundamental part of japan and think it is harmful and leads to alcoholism. they talk about it on tv news for christs sake, even my boomer parents have discussed it. the world is not just a dichotomy of weeb/not weeb based on peripheral knowledge on japan

No. 241793

It couldn't possibly be because alcoholics are able to function in society as opposed to meth addicts??

No. 241795

She is so dumb. So she thinks what she's seen at one clinic is a good enough sample size to make such an assertion. And alcoholics are much less likely to seek help as drinking is normalized and a social activity, where as doing hard drugs is not. Really dumb comment and just another way for her to feel like he's unique and special and "not like others."

No. 241799

meth seems in general to be a popular drug in east asia (probably because of the work until you die mentality like in South Korea it is after weed or maybe even before weed the most popular drug if you exclude alcohol). It seems to probably be a mixture between that a lot of alcoholics still can work (but so can meth users) and that it is not seen as a problem there to drink so much

No. 241802

Don't know about Japan but I've been to rehab in Germany and one of the first things you realize is that the substance abuse/addiction is usually just a symptom of something else. Hoping venus will finally realize that she needs to work on her fucked up childhood or next time she will be there for meth…

No. 241810

we didn't need your blog to know this

No. 241822

Her post seems kinda disingenuous. Sure there probably is more meth addicts in rehab there. Number 1 reason being alcoholism isn't considered a problem there. Not that it ISN'T a problem, just not considered one. Alcohol is socially acceptable and a huge part of their workplace culture.

No. 241825

Absolutely not true. A lot of the youth recognize and are fed up with the drinking culture and nomikai after work because they see what it's done to their parents. It still goes on a lot, sure, but to say that just because it's been an accepted part of the culture it isn't seen as a problem is just another ignorant, misinformed observation.

No. 241829

Awsome the kiddos that have no say in Japans society don't drink. The old ass adults do. Stfu

No. 241840

Stop changing a quote to make it into something that wasn't said and wasn't true. It's just confusing and misleading and gives away more about you than you think it does.