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File: 1617419826083.jpeg (318.93 KB, 1536x1536, 1DF09DA6-8279-48D4-83B4-4ED574…)

No. 143614

Nobody has made a thread on her so I figured why not? It’s her time.

Notable Milk:

> Ended her friendship with Venus Angelic (the person who made her ‘famous’) silently and still bad mouths her to this day.

> Used to date a Japanese guy who’s family paid her way into Bunk Fashion College. Dropped out anyway.

> Currently dating a Gaijin Hunter who is a notorious cheater. Uses him as an accessory for her future visa~

Feel free to add to this.(skimpy op)

No. 143616

You went for quite a flattering op image, how kind of you.

Iirc there are theories she didn't drop out of Bunka and instead was kicked out due to the poor quality of her work (which was even worse than Jill's from what I remember)

No. 143618

Trying to go for something that catches the eye you know? Hoes been getting away with far too much because she’s so “nice”. Also I know the thread is shit but we all have grievances to aire out kek

Spill the tea! How did you find out about that?

No. 143625

You can't just make a new thread for someone without posting any caps for the miniscule amount of milk. There's probably a reason why there hasn't been a thread up until this point.

No. 143628

There is a lot of milk, but OP didn't put any effort into creating a proper thread.

No. 143629

She was also "best friends" with Tsuruko a while ago and their friendship mysteriously ended after a couple vague posts on their IG stories. Something to do with her vlogging when Tsuruko didn't want it and she acted like a cow but blamed it on "muh British humor"

No. 143630

There's not enough on her milk wise, especially currently. She's already a part of the j-vloggers account. Was this made just because of her calling out racism today on her insta and thats somehow controversial? Youvimi is a garbage resale site anyway.

No. 143632

Personally I thought it was because of her spergout the day before about people taking everything she says out of context/not being able to "give back the same energy".

No. 143636

Anyone remember her „british humor „ excuse with how she treated Venus and her fans where coming at her kek
She’s just a bitch nothing too milky. She’s been discussed here and there but nothing major if I remember. Didn’t she come to PULL once to defend her ugly second nose?

No. 143637

Not sure, but I definitely recall she posted on there before to "explain" herself about her old sugar baby ads.

No. 143639

>Whitewashes herself into oblivion through editing (skin lightening) and nosejob, hair perm, etc.
>Despite this complains about people judging her for her "ethnic features" all of a sudden
>Has exhibited and continues to exhibit bitchy behaviour towards her "friends" (Venus Angelic, Tsuruko) leading in ended relationships

No. 143640

Samefag and tinfoil, but this thread seems eerily flattering and sugarcoating, especially in comparison to the other threads. The fact that she dropped out isn't what most farmers focus on. It's her lying, photoshop, hypocrisy and bitchiness. I don't mean to "hi cow", but this does seem like it is made by a wk or Vina herself.

No. 143641

Considering some of the posts it also seems to me like a bit of a pull circle jerk

No. 143643

i was thinking the same, anon. and this dumbass has a history of sperging on lolcow and pull, so she definitely lurks and wants the attention

No. 143649

Can’t imagine Venus and pip are wonderful people to be friends with but I think it’s telling that Mikan just can’t seem to keep friends

No. 143658

File: 1617461002357.png (205.45 KB, 281x500, e80d2e4980a4ec87764.png)

here's the design that was posted to PULL

No. 143660

I was so into her for a while back when she was on her Bunka vlogging but ever since she latched onto her future visa husbando and hopped on the muh mental health all her content went downhill and she became so unbearable lol.

On a side note, someone please post the photo of her massive pre surgery nose. For someone who loves making 40m videos being oh-so honest and vulnerable she is hilariously secretive about how ashamed she is of not being white.

No. 143664

If I saw that dress on the rack at any store in Harajuku I’d throw up right there on the spot. God that’s so fucking ugly. I’ve seen much worse but whyyyy is her art so shit?

I’m more upset that she titled her stuff “My Japanese_” like that’s always an indicator that mayyyyybe you’re there for the fetish of it all.

No. 143674

Is there samefagging in this thread? Why do you guys all type in the same cringy format?

No. 143676

Are these anons just going to bring up the thin milk that's already in the Jvlogger thread? Mikan has no recent milk. Nitpicking isn't milk either. This thread is pointless. Most of her "milk" is years old and already clocked in another thread. This is definitely a samefag nitpicking and wanting to feel good by starting a thread on an expired cow.

She is a lightskinned looking Jewish girl, even if she is another race. She's always been light skinned and she's been inside for over a year, she doesn't go out of her way to tan. You're nitpicking retarded shit and most filter apps do lighten a little which isn't exactly the person in general, its embedded in asian apps. Find stunting actually milky, anon.

No. 143677

she's kurdish, anon….

No. 143680

You're right but that other anon was right about everything else. Mikan isn't milky. She just posts pics of her outfits and her cat and that's about it.

No. 143683

Isn't she fucking swedish?

No. 143684

Her family are refugees from Syria iirc. She moved to Sweden when she was 2. Her parents divorced when she was <10 and she moved to the UK with her mom.

No. 143690


Omg, can you guys not bitch about this? I don't care what race she is, I'm pointing out that anon complaining about her 'whitewashing' herself is bullshit when she's lightskinned to begin with and has been inside most of COVID sans traveling, but she's not in the sun tanning. It's just ashitty nitpick they want to make just to pretend the thread has milk.

No. 143691

We needed a whole ass thread for her because…?

No. 143693

We didn't.

No. 143696

File: 1617482299406.png (464.02 KB, 1080x1061, Screenshot_20210331-171624.png)

Mikan is a minority when it is convenient or advantageous for her, or when she can get on a high horse about something. She's fucking still upset about people commenting about hummus.

Otherwise she wants to be seen as white and heaven help you if you ask where she is from.

No. 143698

She and Yukapon/PiNKII also had a falling out, although the videos of them together always had this weird passive aggressive energy or straight up in your face bitchiness between them.

It was almost like they were fighting over who was a better friend with Venus which was hilarious considering none of them are friends anymore.

No. 143700

Because they're pull refugees

No. 143702

As soon as I saw those insta stories I knew a thread would show up here, but I don’t think she is milky enough… most of her crap is in the UK weeb thread
Totally agree with this though, she does have potential to be fair.
She does lurk here and has a specific way of talking that’s really obvious, so I’m interested to see what she thinks of her own thread.. (probably low-key love it)

No. 143709

It might not be milky, but it’s no secret she’s unlike able. Jill’s thread isn’t milky right now, but it is always active. Maybe people could just move all the photos and stuff from the UK weebs thread over here it will make the picture a little clearer.

No. 143710

>Nobody has made a thread on her so I figured why not
You're joking right? What little milk she had is old and dried up. So tired of anyone who has a vendetta boner making these shit threads when there's no drama.

No. 143719

Kek is this supposed to be milk? What's about this completely boring jvlogger that annoys pullfags so much?

No. 143726

I wonder how she is able to stay in Japan for so long, what kind of visa is she on anyway? Her student visa must've already expired and she's not popular so entertainment visa is not an option too

No. 143739

No one likes your thread, anon. Even you just admitted what's posted "might not be milky". Then keep her small drama that hasn't existed in years, to that thread. You claiming she is whitewashing isn't milk and we don't need a thread just to gossip about aged curdled milk when it's already been discussed.

No. 143742

I get why people find Mikan annoying but this thread is so dumb. Sorry to whiteknight but to me she seems unproblematic and nice, plus she has a lot of friends.

No. 143745

keyword: seems. She really isn't. She's a self-absorbed, vapid and vain asshole. Quite dumb too. Also, the cached version of the PULL website has a pretty good summary of all her shittiness that should have probably been used in the thread intro. Mentioning her sex work, pretending to be a hard-worker, shitty on her mom to excuse her sex work and using her like a "human atm", her suspicious "english tutor ads", her defending herself on both pull and lolcow, her plastic surgery, her bitchiness, her old facebook posts (wanting power over people, hating chinese boys, shit talking companies she worked with, shit talking other girls but pretending to be a "big sis", sperging out against Sayo and being aware Yasu had a girlfriend but pursuing him anyway, possibly being kicked out of bunka and possibly on a marriage visa, just generally wanting attention for existing and getting free things at all costs and being revered for literally nothing, copying bestdressed video style, her shitty fashion sense, white washing and hating being asked about her ethnicity but using the POC card when it's advantageous for her, heavy editing, bullying others and her general thirst for fame at all costs… I'm probably forgetting a lot more.

No. 143746

Everyone in the world in unlikable, but most people are too boring to be posted on lolcow. Her biggest crimes are being a weeaboo and living a lavish lifestyle. I don't think I can fully believe she'd saved up a bunch of mcdonalds money to move to japan or whatever, but if she doesn't wanna share then I really don't give a damn.

No. 143747

She claims it's an entertainment visa but it does seem unlikely she'd get one. After dropping out she quickly moved in with Yasu– or being kicked out since dropping out after her mom helped pay for it seems stupid and her initial reasoning of "foreigners can't find work" as well as latest reasoning that she doesn't need fashion school for what she wants to do/just wanted to keep the money makes no sense. Why go in the first place at all then? Obviously she was just desperate to find a reason to stay in Japan once the two year language school card was up, and then she met Yasu, was likely kicked out of Bunka and could never admit to that and quickly moved in with him since her visa status was in jeopardy, went to meet his parents and he hers and all that for visa purposes, which if true would be hilarious, given that she shit on others for doing that. I can't think of any other visa she'd be qualified for: she's not in language school or college, she's not some business owner or skilled immigrant, she can't stay long on a tourist visa, she doesn't seem qualified for an entertainment visa (I mean Kenna didn't get one either, so how would Mikan? It's most likely marriage visa. She suspiciously rushed her relationship with Yasu.

No. 143748

She isn't light skinned, dumbass. She's brown/olive. You only think she's light skinned because she white washes and manipulates lighting on camera. She goes ape shit about it too and treats her followers on IG like shit if ethnicity is brought up, or they're surprised she's brown if she doesn't white wash as much in a pic and blames them. And she hasn't "been inside most of the time." Like she literally kept going for hair appointments during a pandemic. She went out a lot.

No. 143752

Did Kenna ever try getting one, tho? I mean, she said she wanted it but lol Kenna has said a lot. She made, what? 3 videos in Japan in her stay there and clearly hated the whole experience, left her japanese language school early and spent a good amount of her time there actually traveling through Europe. I don't think Kenna ever tried or wanted an entertainment visa, she probably just wanted to stay there the whole year because of her apartment lease or something.
Mikan, on the other hand, might not have a big audience but she puts out a constant stream of videos and a good bunch of them are closely related to Japan and japanese tourism, so her getting an entertainment visa is not as wild as you are making it sound at all.

No. 143754

Adding that she faked her Japanese ability. Im sure she's much better now having lived with her bf. But she never actually passed the JLPT and just months before starting Bunka (and after she had finished language school)this video was her Japanese level. I mean she can't answer the question at 0:49 "When did you some to Japan?" I always figured since the Bunka test was take-home she got her JP bf at the time to to help/do it for her.
Then at Bunka, of course she proved to have zero talent and no interest in actually learning about fashion besides her abject weebery, and was either booted from or strongly suggested to quit school. Which she lied about like everything else

No. 143756

entire thread is pullfags infighting

No. 143757

Congrats you've described 90% of the population, yourself included. Your vendetta is blinding you and you're psychotic.

No. 143759

And just because she stops hanging with shits like Venus, like an anon said to make that sound like Mikan's problem (kek), isn't really drama and only tinfoil about why, fron yeeeears ago, would be brought up without any actual facts

No. 143761

Speaking Japanese isn't as easy as just taking a class considering the massive amounts of vocabulary and social (especially social) nuances that even natives have trouble remembering.. She might have conversational at the time (because of course you only keep bringing up the nitpickiest shit from YEARS ago) but that doesn't make her an expert or a liar. This vendetta is retarded.

No. 143762

The shit she couldn't answer was straight up N5 level.

No. 143763

Cool, bring up a 2 year old video why?

No. 143764

frogger white knighting his wife? Mad sus someone’s responding to all the criticism(hi cow)

No. 143765

Imagine making a thread for someone who smartly dropped Venus Angelic, but putting it in the bio as if Mikan missed out on something. Lol(not very subtle wk)

No. 143773

File: 1617527358465.png (1.56 MB, 1073x1409, Screenshot_20210401-141602~2.p…)

but guys, she worked her ass off!

and whether or not the rest is milky, her continual sperging is milky. Mikan's life is so hard, she's just an innocent girl with a camera who has never done anything wrong! Give me a break.

No. 143774

Mikan, no one cares whom you date. People did care when you called your bf's (very new ex-)girlfriend psycho purely for warning you that he is toxic and objecting to being cheated on.

No one cares anymore. You sure loved posting all that White Day stuff this year to show how much he simps for you though, right? U showed her, qween

No. 143775

Mikan's content is:
pictures and vids of herself
tiktok of herself
ahegao teasing

No. 143776

She's not wrong. This whole thread is filled with retarded nitpicks. Hearing stupid shit like how she stopped hanging with problematic lolitas and the nitpicking of her nose, the actual doxxing because of people just being assholes to be assholes since any time anyone goes to Japan, its a constant complaint of "VIsA vIsA ViSA". She's not milky. Not even trying to WK, she has a point. It fucks with your mental health having an audience of salty cunts.

No. 143779


Ok Yasu.(hi cow)

No. 143781

Nobody doxxed Mikan. The information that was "found" on her was because she was stupid enough to leave her real name and "intimate" information online for people to look up. She makes milk. And its obvious that either her, Yasu or her other friend is already trying to fuck shit up on this thread, you guys aint slick, and that is potential milk in itself.(hi cow)

No. 143785

please learn to intigrate more and sage your shit, you're an obvious newfag

No. 143791

This though. This is the second Mikan thread made by an obvious PULL refugee and they’ve both sucked.

Kinda reminds me of the endless tinfoiling and extrapolation that still goes on in the Dakota thread despite her meagre social media presence these days. Weeb gaijins are a hell of a drug

No. 143796

File: 1617553516358.jpg (24.13 KB, 220x275, 1589973038522.jpg)

honestly….anything is an improvement upon what her original nose looked like. I just don't understand why you would drop all the money for one, and not get it 100% perfect. There is definitely room for a refinement surgery.

No. 143797

He nose looks fine. If she got it fixed like Belle, you'd still complain. Not everyone with huge noses want an uwu petite schnoz. It's not botched ffs, its like Vamplette's fix.

No. 143798

Thread is honestly boring Mikan is just another weeby gaijin in Japan. The only real douchy thing she (and simplykenna) did was talk about how "uguu small and kawaii she is" in front of Venus angelic who has?had an ED. She always gave me fake nice mean girl vibes so I'm not surprised she said something so humble braggy kek.

No. 143803


Large projects like this are borderline impossible to get done well in one go. At least it didn't cave in and bend sideways like Rachel's.

No. 143805

I'm not sure if it is one Mikan wk or a plethora but whichever you are you need to get a new schtick:
>no milk
>It's YEARS old
>everyone who criticizes Mikan-sama are salty PULL cunts

Honestly. Why are you caping so hard for this chick?(ot infighting)

No. 143809

kek, remember when she dragged her new bf's ex-girlfriend and said she was a toxic, manipulative person? And it turned out that yasu was a douchebag to her?

No. 143812

Calling out the obvious isn't WKing. You pullfag anons think anyone not agreeing with you is WKing and you reee. You sound like you're 12 if you think this is milk. It IS old milk, it was NEVER milky the same way Venus of anyone on /w/ is. Nitpicking just to make fun of someone isn't milk. That's why its bannable.

No. 143815

I love the irony of the (newfag) wk anons unintentionally bumping the thread every time they post in defense of Mikan, thus giving the thread more exposure and encouraging more commentary.

No. 143817

>Makes being a salty, sarcastic bitch her whole personality and blames it on being "British" despite no other Brit content creators acting like that
>Why am I getting attacked uwu?

No. 143819

Newfag, you know saging doesn't bump and only the nitpickers are doing that, right?

No. 143832

Sure, wk, no unsaged whiteknighting in this thread except for, uh

No. 143848

You mean the lowkey bad integration because of the insults still in them? These aren't WKs.

No. 143849

kek i'm curious, did the discord channel PULL refugees went to close or something? why the sudden thread when there's no new milk?

No. 143884

Her nose is botched and she DID want an uwu petite schnoz. Her surgeon took too much off the base and left the alnar base untouched, so her nose is too sloped for her face and protrudes too much. Her old nose is actually more flattering for her face which is sad.

No. 143886

This happens in the UK thread as well. Mikan is known to self-post. She literally posted right after her sex work was discovered on pull to defend herself and pretended it was "brought to her attention" by someone else.

No. 143887

stfu mikan. don't come here if it bothers you so much. it's obvious she is talking about this thread. and no one doxxed her. she's so insufferable. if you weren't such a cunt mikan, threads like these wouldn't exist. how about work on your shitty narcissistic self and actually become a better person instead of just trying to appear as a better person or victimizing yourself.

also like how she opens with the clout thing. i mean, she's the one who got with all the popular jvloggers when she was initially building her social media presence. such a hypocrite.

No. 143892

not just another weeby gaijin, the pig-ugliest weeby gaijin who somehow, someway, has convinced herself that she isn't.

No. 143900

She made this after receiving a DM on Instagram comparing her being excited about hummus to the n word.

No. 143918

The funny part is her pretending that she worked her ass off for anything ever. She probably sends these dumb DMs to herself. Literally no one cares about her view of hummus.

No. 143932

I didn't realize her and Rune we're friends until she posted some generic looking necklace Mikan gifted her for her pregnancy. Seems like an odd person for Mikan to latch on to since Rune is about housewife stuff, but I guess she has a pretty solid following.

No. 144254

Can admin close this thread? this thread is nothing but pull-chan trying to stir old stuff up.

No. 144408

This is hilarious. No uwu admin-san is going to delete this thread. It's interesting to me how hated this bitch was on pull vs the aggressive WKing in this thread how Milan is a pure, unproblematic lightskinned princess not an irrationally rude weeb who dropped out of the only thing that made her content interesting to be a visa wife who posts uninspired fast fashion looks and tries to erase her ethnicity at every possible opportunity.

No. 144420

Go away vendetta chan or at the very least sage your shit.

No. 144429

Ok but where's the lie in their post: >>144408
However if people want to contribute to this thread please post caps of her unhinged nastiness, this is an imageboard.

No. 144456

File: 1617933002896.jpg (32.73 KB, 500x500, d722c4064437485ed8f706979e751b…)

I'm a different anon, but I was holding back in case anyone thought the thread wasn't worth it. But I did post caps about her "working her ass off" (LMAO - ebegging, begging her parents, and sex work - check out picrel) and her continual sperging about the fact that out of her thousands of brain-dead followers, some occasionally write her dumb PMs about hummus.

Look, if Mikan is so mentally illlll and sensitive, maybe she should stop buying shit she doesn't need, get offline, and get some therapy. Her woe-is-me "i'm a big internet content creator who works night and day to bring you the very best curated content from Japan" schtick is laughable. And she could stop baiting everyone about her weight.

Want information about her racial issues? They are sprinkled throughout her whole PULL thread (just ignore the irrelevant sperging typical of PULL), but I accessed a random page of the archive, and kek, posts about her lightening her skin and hiding her race: https://archive.is/MEF9U
(once it became trendier to be a PoC online, she moved to whinging about everyone assuming she's white)

Mikan loves to flaunt her body and hint at having an ED. Other caps are in the UK thread but enjoy this bragging she posted and deleted just one year ago (source here: https://archive.is/rhu3m):
>She was saying that despite eating more healthy foods? (And eating more I think?) She said she lost a TON of weight and lost 8cm on her waist.
>She was complaining none of her clothes fit, she knows how to sew now so its "not a problem" adjusting them but in her last outfit post even wearing the skirt with a belt was too big for her.
>She doesn't want to see a doctor about it right now since there's the pandemic going on and she doesn't want to bother them (?) And can't go (?)
>She then said all of her blood tests come back normal (which confused me since she was literally just said she can't/won't go to a doctor?!) and then posted some screenshots about depression symptoms and blamed all of her weight loss on depression.

Vina likes attention, negative or positive, for her size and weight. So when she senses it is waning, she flaunts, complains about people asking her for diet/exercise tips, or embellishes another story about how men in Japan think she is just soooo pretty and skinny and follow her around constantly.

Vina's JREF essay is comic gold and openly admits a fetishization of Japan and Japanese people. Even if she was a teen when she wrote it, so what? Most people would not write shit like this. You can download it here: https://jref.com/resources/japanese-culture.121/

No. 144576

You are recapping uk thread stuff. Just keep it there. The op should've done that if they wanted a legit thread. This was as haphazardly put together just for shitposting the same way Belle's thread was.

No. 144604


You know Mikan is a cow. We know Mikan is a cow. Her stuff was polluting the UK thread so ofc it’s best to put it all in one place. She isn’t even in the UK. So like, common now.

No. 144624

I mean, you're not wrong. I hate the thread pic and the lame OP. I for the first time started to read bits of Mikan's PULL thread and holy cow was she a milk factory for awhile. I was expecting simplykenna-esque jealous/spergy posts but Mikan was a straight-up manipulative bitch and cow. I'm floored she never had a thread. I'll skim more next time I'm bored on a zoom call.

But for the record, I have posted things in this thread that were not in the UK thread and were recent.

No. 144650

I cant wait for the day her bf drops her lazy anorexic ass. Once she gets old and gains some weight, I'm sure they will break up. He seems just as vain as is. She barely eats and restricts daily to be uwu kawaii youtuber.

No. 144651

This is milk, how? those pictures had different lighting, and I don't see how complaining about weight loss is somehow 'hint of an ED'. If she did sex work, it's still work. She mentioned in a recent video that she is currently seeing at the least a psychiatrist. Post the caps about ebegging instead of saying that you have. No one's going to sit here and just read an entire pull thread. It's so boring when people start threads and then don't even do research to debunk the obvious stuff. The only real question I have about her is how her mom manages to send care packages to Japan with international postage being so annoying.

No. 144652

International shipping is less annoying atm than you think. Things have settled a lot compared to last year.

No. 144663

It's so boring the way you lazily wk. Op did a shit job of starting the thread and most of the milk is on a now dead website, but it's still valid. Mikan must have been hella relieved when PULL went down.

No. 144672

For what it’s worth, EMS & Airmail have been operating without issue between Japan and the UK throughout the pandemic with a few delays here and there

No. 144745

You mean the nitpicking in the thread? How you feel she looks in a dress isn't milk.

No. 144824

>If she did sex work, it's still work.

Sex work is not work, dumb whore.

No. 144833

I hate to break it to you anon but sex work is indeed work, anything is work if you earn money from it and you sound like a neckbeard calling people dumb whores on here

No. 144836

File: 1618139210723.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1713, Screenshot_20210409-222816.png)

s-s-sex work is still work!

omg I cannot decide if you trolling or serious. As soon as Mikan was in her late teens she thought selling her body to thirsty neckbeards online was preferable to working a real job. And now that she is in her 20s, she quit the only thing that might count as education to mooch off of her Jboyfriend, who works in construction, while bragging constantly that her ex's family still loooooves her. Picrel is from a couple days ago. Hiro has a gf he really seems to adore; Mikan needs to stop posting about him / his family and haunting his IG while also bragging about her new perfect jboy who buys her whatever she wants.

I really have to post screenshots of her ebegging, when it's all over the internet? damn, anon. Every youtube video of hers has in the description: "Paypal if you're feeling nice today." She sold shoutouts on IG for $20 a pop numerous times. Whined about not beinng able to make rent. Whined when she had to move because of a stalker (conveniently hid the fact that she was staying with her boyfriend during that time). Begged like a good zoomer ho for her birthday and tuition. Mikan is an entitled bitch, stop WKing her here.

No. 144837

I don't disagree on principle but come the fuck on. She was living in a decent family and decided to do sex work rather than work a normal job. Are we really normalizing teenagers pandering to neckbeards? Mikan literally said she didn't want to work at mcdonald's, as if that were her only other option.

She was and is not someone struggling to make ends meet, with no other option. So I think it is reasonable to point out that this is a really shitty and dangerous thing for society to pretend is ok.

No. 144838

samefag but drug dealing is work too then! Gambling is work? Scamming is work?

No. 144839

Yes if you earn money or earn a living from it then it’s work, you are aware there is illegal work right? not all work is good but sex work is work and I wish the stigma wasn’t there but people like you don’t help that stigma

No. 144844

Sex work is work, I don't know why this became the Twitter catchprase everyone reels out (men thinking enjoy sex = not a job? I've seen some who really believe that) but it's besides the point, being a hitman is a job too but it doesn't mean it's advisable or anything to be proud of. Aside from that iirc her "sex work" was just requesting paypig offerings from men who she'd ignore, so ironically her sex work of choice was the lowest effort one of all.

No. 144855

she's still taking to her ex's family?

No. 144880

Don't bother anon. These anons are just baiting by posting nitpicks and saying hot takes when most adult women get that sex work is work. Simps will pay big to see you eat food, even clothed, with a little cleavage showing. Not everyone is hooking up a fuck machine and shoving nails in their cooches like Moo.

No. 144957

You're stanning an adult woman who dropped out of all education to mooch off her second yellow boyfriend and … do what? make tiktoks in Japan?

No. 144981

File: 1618244849682.jpg (652.07 KB, 810x1520, Screenshot_20210412-122657_Ins…)

LMFAO please someone explain this comment? She didn't like the picture either

No. 144982

Yukapon has been speaking out on Junyan being a groomer on Tiktok/IG

No. 144988


Honestly I feel so bad for her. She made a ton of mistakes but she’s growing into a decent person. The Junnyan situation is gonna make the decors scene finally explode, they have a shit ton of milk but they aren’t awful people.


Also this. Why is she being defended so much? Most people didn’t even go on PULL to know she’s a fake bully. It’s all in her character. Honestly the skimpy op seems fitting considering she’s an entitled brat.

No. 144990

The Juunyan thing wasn't surprising since I heard things about him years ago and he used to be besties with Kensuke from broken doll who also happened to be a creep against jfashion girls, I felt really bad for her

No. 145028

Yukapon literally threw herself at Junyan and the only reason she's now calling him a "groomer" is because she's still pissed off she got pumped and dumped and didn't get harajookoo famus for it kek

No. 145035

This is a massively retarded take.

No. 145042

she is the one that initiated it and bombarded him with messages to hook up.

Should Junyan have said no? Yes. But it's a big stretch to call it """grooming"""

No. 145067

What he did to other people has nothing to do with him hooking up with her. If shes calling him out, she's doing a service. The fact you think not calling something out about him that doesn't involve her is somehow ONLY a throwing him under the bus situation is the retarded part. The two situations are not connected. Of course she should call him out. You don't want her to??

No. 145099

Is there any proof? I wouldn't be shocked if he has but if she's making those tiktoks because shes mad she got dumped then she's in the wrong.

No. 145100

She was a minor, his dumbass should know better

No. 145101

Did anyone else notice she still got that cat after people were concerned about what'd happen to it, wasn't she allergic to cats too?

No. 145108

You can have cats and be allergic to them. I have always been allergic, got a cat and surprisingly I am allergic to all cats except mine. At first it was horrible, 1 year later I only get rashes if the cat scratches me and it's not that bad.
You can also buy a spray at the vet, spray a towel, massage your cat and boom no longer allergic to their fur (but still to their saliva and scratches). I think her cat is very well taken care of, bu tnot sure if Hiro and her broke up, because my bet is Hiro is the owner of the cat and it's his name on the vet card.

No. 145118

She got the cat after she broke up with Hiro when she moved together with Yasu. And iirc she’s taking medicine for her cat allergy.

No. 145123

omg sorry, my bad, I mixed the names! I meant Yasu. Thank you for correcting it

No. 145158

vina's deleting any comments on this post about him being a predator, too.

No. 145160


I can see her now

No. 145166

i imagine it'd be more like
"UGH being an influencer is so HARD with the relentless NITPICKING!! all i did was pose for an alleged predator! you cant do ANYTHING as a celebrity!!!!!! im just a girl with a camera what can i do??"

No. 145234

What in the autism…

No. 145272

File: 1618411979375.jpg (886.88 KB, 1062x1986, Screenshot_20210414-105214_Ins…)

Just lol. We get it mikan, you're totally smol and tiny uwu

No. 145281

She's probably eating more than one, anon. Your vendetta is showing.

No. 145286

Okay answer me this: Why is Vina getting special treatment on here? She was the most talked about person on the UK Weeb thread so wtf? Do you know where you are Anon?

No. 145288

Adding your own salty captions and purposely trying to make the photo out to be more than it is, is cringey as hell, anon.

No. 145294

Dat "essay" tho.. Thx for the keks anon

>My friends would joke around and call me a “super kawaii princess”, and I’d laugh, telling them they pronounced kawaii as “kowai”, then explained that it means scary.

No. 145306

If it was anyone else, okay sure. but Mikan has a storied history of bragging about how little she eats, how small she is, and how she loses weight without even trying, so… Also who tf posts only one bite of what they're eating unless they're baiting this kind of behavior?

No. 145307

If she wasn't such an annoying person, I'd almost feel sorry for her. That face is irredeemable. Genuinely one of the ugliest girls I have ever seen. I don't even care about idol stuff, but every time I see this thread pop up I just feel pity. She can be super thin and have a perfect skelly body or whatever… but that fucking face. Jesus christ. She might actually benefit from gaining a little if it fills out that hawk face. Do people find her cute or is it a butterface sort of situation?

No. 145309

Pointing it out and being happy about it is oy bragging to jealous and salty fatties. Anyone "smol" is bragging. Can't be "smol" and eat small portions because that's bragging. Do you hear how stupid you sound? Unless she is going "nah nah nah im skinny haha these girls arent" then shut up about her 'bragging'.

No. 145315

Holy fucking whiteknight, anon. Are you mentally unwell? I pointed out that she's had a history of this exact behavior - which, spoiler alert, normal people find extremely annoying, not just fatties.
It's attention-seeking behavior to post one fucking bell pepper on your instagram story with the caption "Simple dinner today" whether you want to defend it or not.

No. 145321

File: 1618426526248.jpeg (39.35 KB, 861x485, 726809E9-B66A-4341-994D-2268EE…)

I swear to god one of you are her. Fucking stoppppppp

No. 145324

Samefag, but Vina if you keep adding to this board, you are adding fuel to the fire that you already started. Honey get off of here and focus on your visa husbando.(hi cow)

No. 145335


I’ll never see the appeal of this weeb. She’s butt ugly

No. 145388

You interpreting it as bragging is your own problem

No. 145394

Oh she's totally posting here. She posted publicly at least 2 times on her PULL thread and each time she was mentioned in the UK weebs thread here there was always a totally mysterious whiteknight to try to derail. If you don't want people talking about you, Vina, just stop the bitchiness and shadiness.

No. 145402

I wonder why she went back to Bunka, to fill in some papers? Do you think she will try to join again for next semester and complete her studies? I truly hope so, even if her design skills aren't the best,she'll probably end up working for someone and would create hideous fairy dresses… the best she could do is having an education there. A friend of mine studied the same thing in Osaka and got a job right after graduating. And these months are the ones were universities start the proccess

No. 145407

would not create hideous fairy dresses* sorry I missed the "Not"

No. 145408

She's probably there to annoy her 'friends' that hardly visit her, she could've done really well and found a good job if she stayed there and put in more effort

No. 145421

Wow Tsuruko just started fashion school. Imagine how Mikan has to be feeling after seeing that lol maybe she does go back to finish second year at Bunka after this. How long was her education? 3 years?

No. 145436

2 years, but dropped out after one saying it was too expensive even though she said she had all the money for it saved and that there were no jobs for it

No. 145452

School tuition gets raised every year at some schools and trade schools tend to be for profit sometimes, but you can save all you want,but they won't pay for your materials for a fashion school. That's extra out of pocket, so ots believable she couldn't afford it after 2 years and there really aren't entry level jobs available for this type of thing. Most people start their own shops. You're lucky if you get picked up for fashion group working under a designer.

No. 145589

Bunka provides all related fees online so she should've set aside a savings account for that, she had her second year paid for and then dropped out, she should've stopped spending all of her money on shitty clothes

No. 145597

We can't see her official billing papers, so this is all tinfoil.

No. 145603

File: 1618588802387.jpeg (15.78 KB, 240x240, 1A8B72C9-EBC8-4A3D-85B5-507111…)


Why are you such a buzzkill anon?

No. 145685


She wasted that much money just to stay in Japan and because it was something an ex-friend wanted to study, she has no ambitions of her own, trade schools are well known for being hardcore so she should've done something she actually liked

No. 145855

>Currently dating a Gaijin Hunter who is a notorious cheater

What's this about

No. 145908

her current boyfriend was already in a relationship with a half Japanese x British girl when they met, then he started cheating on her with Mikan and when his GF found out Mikan called her abusive, manipulative, that she was just a crazy stalker and that Yasu wasn't in a relationship with her, there were a lot of screenshots on PULL that proved they were dating when Mikan and Yasu met and them seeing each other IRL

No. 146001

Kinda retarded to call anyone dating outside their race to be doing it because of some fetish, anon. That doesn't exactly make him a gaijin hunter.

No. 146027

>and I’d laugh, telling them they pronounced kawaii as “kowai”, then explained that it means scary
Maybe that's what they meant, lol.
I agree. I know it's kinda mean to be so blunt about it but she's hideous.
>Do people find her cute or is it a butterface sort of situation?
I think the latter.
I don't think the issue was lack of effort. I believe her when she says she slaved night and day at Bunka. Some people just don't have good taste in fashion, and in her case it shows (or at least imho she was awful at coordinating). I'm no fan of her ex-bff Tsuruko, but if I were Mikan I would be seething uncontrollably at how better she is at it. On that topic does anyone know if Mikan deleted that video or just marked it private?

No. 146039

>>146027 (Replying to myself)
>does anyone know if Mikan deleted that video or just marked it private?
Turns out it's unlisted; found it on the Tsuruko thread (didn't know she had one lol), who turned out to be way more of a vapid ho that what I had thought… but my god, Mikan is such a gargantuan duplicitous bitch it makes me want to beat her hideous goblin face. Tsuruko is in the brink of tears here, reminds me of those photoshopped crying cat memes.

No. 146066

wanna bet whether she completes it?
It seems all of Mikan's ex posse want to be "fashion designers" when they don't have any fashion sense

No. 146073

I'd bet she at last makes it longer than Mikan. I can't claim to have "taste" in fashion but I think Tsuruko dresses way better (based on what they both carefully curate for their social media) and seems to have a more genuine interest.

No. 146083

File: 1618939797091.jpeg (83.82 KB, 750x750, 9662117B-5B24-448E-AC7F-A82BF2…)


No. 146148

File: 1618968535477.png (343.46 KB, 380x470, Untitled.png)

Is it just me or she looks dead inside in most of these? Regardless, these shots really show how much she has an unfortunate face composition. On one hand I think she doesn't arrange her style in relation to her face's strengths, on the other hand I think she subconsciously tries to overcompensate for it, which doesn't help. Makes me wonder if she was a nicer person before she got the nose surgery and whether her attitude stems from insecurity.
>161 cm
I always forget she isn't as a tall as she looks.

No. 146179

I think you're right that she overcompensates for her facial features. Her nose actually looks less pronounced in the pic where she isn't wearing much makeup. By making all of her non-nose features look bigger through her eye-enlarging makeup looks and overlined, colorful, glossy lips…it just looks like a lot is happening on her face and there is no harmony. If she toned down her makeup and had shorter, straighter brows I think she'd look a lot better. I also think she looks absolutely ridiculous in kawaii fashion, and would look a lot better if she dressed in a more boyish or street style. It must suck to not suit a fashion that you are really into but Mikan…wake the fuck up and get into Kibbe.

No. 146215

I agree her face doesn't suit "kawaii" fashion and she must definitely be in denial about it instead of just oblivious. Imho she looks WAY uglier in latter than in the former.
>must suck to not suit a fashion that you are really into
Reminds me of that youtuber guys that reviews fast food and always wear suits but they suit him so bad due to his frame and face.

No. 146246


I gotta say it: as a weeb, she never came off like she truly loved Japan, like at all? She wasn’t wearing Kawaii fashion really, just frillier mom clothes. Just because she wears lacy shit doesn’t mean she’s doing Kawaii fashion. All the girls I know in Japan are confused as hell why she has the following she does have. She’s just not really, idk genuine?

No. 146259

>just frillier mom clothes
Great way to put it.
>are confused as hell why she has the following she does have
Without claiming that it's undeserved, I don't get it either.

No. 146293

She looked tons better the one time her ex Hiro picked out her clothes for her, which was actually current Japanese fashion trends. I mean, Mikan is aware she's not dressing to appeal to Japanese people, but she's been living there for so long, she dresses like a weeb on a 2-week vacation.

No. 146299

I felt that way too, I was following her before she moved to Japan and she looked like she tried to appeal to other weebs with some sort of half-assed "kawaii fashion" for attention, but got rid of it as soon as she moved to Japan

No. 146300

She needs to thin, lighten and arch her brows. But she won't because she follows weeb trends despite them looking hideous on her. She has a flat forehead, masculine square face, double chin, small eyes, big nose… so thin arched brows would add a touch of femininity to her face.

No. 146301

I went through her youtube and I'm really not surprised she made a video about her "ADHD and Bipolar" she got diagnosed after ONE visit to a doctor, and acted like being questioned is soo horrible as a "mentally ill person", people are allowed to ask about your mental health when you put it out there, and it looked shady how she never mentioned struggling at all with anything then suddenly claiming to be mentally ill

No. 146359

fucking kek a dr supposedly said to her "you're too pretty to be depressed"

surprised we didn't get a whole narrative about how slender and slim and thin she is too, so tiny uwu

No. 146385

>claiming to be mentally ill
I, for one, do not doubt she's mentally ill.

No. 146394

There's a possibility that she could, but ADHD and Bipolar aren't things you can diagnose right off the bat in one visit, they take many visits as well as talking with those around you and various proof

No. 146434

weird af relationship, they way he rejects her advances… something looks fishy

No. 146444

Are you expecting them to have sex in front of the camera or what? KEK

No. 146464

wk how to:
>defend the cow
>add a kek to try and blend in

No. 146468

I think you missed the point of my post.
Why is she drawing freckles on her face? Regardless, why do you call it "advances" when it's clear it's all for the camera. Seduction doesn't work in a context that is explicitly fake. With that said, I do think he must be a gaijin hunter like some people have said before because she's way less attractive than the average Japanese woman, and she doesn't have any foreigner appeal to justify it.
>inb4 maybe he's into her personality
Come on now, get serious.
I'm not sure if that anon is white-knighting but that all-uppercase kek is suspicious.

No. 146481

the way he rejects her kiss at the end makes me think he's gay and not into her

No. 146493

vina gets her inspo from taobao queen yumi king

No. 146519

PDA is something shunned in Japan.

No. 146531


Not really, just don’t be sucking face

No. 146547

Her acting/execution of this video concept was retarded, but the way he was so uncooperative was kind of sad. Is he autistic or something or just painfully awkward?
It wasn’t even PDA or a kiss, she was trying to whisper “banana monkey” in his ear and he backed away like her face shouldn’t be so close to him.

Also what in the nitpick hell is going on with the extensions at the back of her head.

No. 146561

My question is why did she even make the video? It’s so fucking cringe. She always says everyone who’s a weeb is autistic or fucking awful but bitch, look at your content. What purpose does this serve? For girls to follow in your easy way footsteps? Fuck outta here with that

No. 146586


No. 146627

>the way he was so uncooperative was kind of sad
Why? He doesn't owe her to do as she pleases, and we don't know what she told him in preparation for the video, if anything.

No. 146643

File: 1619188363579.jpeg (283.41 KB, 2048x2048, 2A71503C-7E94-4BBD-B87F-F79305…)

Oh boy! Time to WK my kween

No. 146712

Lol, not bird-like enough

No. 146762

The fact that people are calling you a WK confuses me. There's probably other reasons too. Reading into the video way too much. He's just apprehensive about what she's planning on doing. He doesn't know she was going to whisper. Could've been sticking her tongue in it. The point was to surprise him to see if anything works. The vendettachans here are embarrassing.

No. 146921

Did you reply to the wrong post? Nobody called me a WK.

No. 147153

Because the ugly bird-nosed bitch is self-posting. Like she always does on any thread that talks about her. Fuck off Mikan. Go stick your big Toucan Sam nose elsewhere.

No. 147167

You don't need to be this mean to toucans. They're beautiful animals.

No. 147278

I've always wondered this, but isn't it embarrassing for Yasu to go out with Mikan in public wearing her weeb-tier attempt at kawaii fashion and awful wigs? It's sad that she's leaning so hard into a clothing and makeup style that doesn't suit her at all and makes her look so much worse. For someone supposedly into fashion, she doesn't even try to integrate into Japanese fashion and keeps dressing like a busted weeb.

No. 147393

I don't think men care about those things beyond "don't go out looking like you spawned from a sewer" and that would apply specially if it was true that he is a "Gaijin Hunter".

No. 147398

I just imagine her with an asymmetrical crop top combined with mom jeans, or a loose dress emphasizing her waist with a belt made from the same fabric, with an oversized blazer on top. Foundation matching her medium light skin tone, a rosy neutral blush & lip instead of the bright pink ridiculousness, hair down. No kawaii falsies. She would look way better with a more toned down style, it would fit her features.

No. 147399

Combined with classy stilettos or cowboy boots instead of the chunky kawaii shoes made in China

No. 147413

File: 1619531477387.jpg (173.09 KB, 720x997, 20210427_154956.jpg)

That ice cream just glitched so hard. Face filters dont work on an ice cream cone mikan! ‍♂️(no emojis on lolcow)

No. 147430

Cowboy boots are ugly and tacky as fuck.

No. 147431

Where's the glitch?

No. 147447

File: 1619544576236.jpg (2.06 MB, 364x480, q75XX36.jpg)

nta it’s in the ice cream

No. 147466

I can't see whatever I'm supposed to be seeing, but also typical Mikan to upload a video of herself suggestively eating an icecream with both hands and her eyes closed. And if anyone called her out she'd play innocent as usual, like making aheago faces in another video and then claiming she wasn't in the comments.
She has the "Westerner girl in Japan/Asia" tragic life of spending 99% of her time trying to impress/troll girls on the other side of the world, like Taylor R but without the millionaire or the good looks.

No. 147467

Oh wait just realized that was a gif, I'm on lite mode and the file ends in jpg. Interdimensional icecream there trying to traverse to the other side.

No. 147550

Kek, nice catch.

No. 147714

Maybe nothing there, but what happened to all the girl friends she made after meeting yasu? Do they still hang out or are they all tired of mikan too lol?

No. 147725

COVID happened, retard.

No. 147732

NTA but I've seen my friends in Japan hanging out all this time, going to cafes and whatever like nothing is happening, aside from the few scant and short lasted "emergency states", one of which is happening now. It's been frustrating to watch lol simply because we can't do that here.

No. 147733


Of course. She's just been going out and hanging out with uni "friends", or worldofxtra etc but not the girl friends she made because of covid. Make perfect sense.

No. 147735

she’s out constantly as are all these weebs, dumbass. do you really think covid is the reason here?

No. 147740

So nice for other people, but not everyone is back to socializing like "everyone in Japan". Calm down. This is such dumb tinfoil.

No. 147744


Not sure why you are still using this dillusion. But the girls Mikan used to hang out with? Check out camillaarod insta, they are definitely socialising but just not with Mikan lmao

Also I've noticed she haven't got a sponsor in her videos for months. What is she doing for income? No way the ad revenue from youtube, or the commission from her necklace can sustain living in Tokyo.

No. 147766

Who was talking about “everyone” tho? It was specifically about girls she was being buddy with before. Learn to read.

No. 147878

"English" "lessons"

No. 147885

this might be nitpicky but pretty sure half of her followers follow her purely because she’s ~ thinspo ~ and she for sure makes sure to capitalize on it, i’ll never get over her putting a literal body check on her “i’m naturally thin uwu” video.

No. 147922

Why bitch about a handful of grubby weeaboos going out when the locals are acting like covid isn't a big deal. Check any Japanese person's IG or Twitter, especially J lolitas. Theyre the ones whove been going to events and restaurants on the regular.

No. 147933

I remember that reel, people called her on the body check in the comments. It was the “uwu tiny girl in big t-shirt” one right

No. 147947

What's even the point of being thin when you're that ugly? Also, you forgot to sage.

No. 147961

that one and then she has a video on her youtube titled “why i’m so thin” and she’s doing a body check in the thumbnail of that one too. The whole video she just talks about how she hated being skinny, and no matter what she does she can’t gain weight. Very well may be true, but a whole video about it is bizarre

No. 148012

Not really when people constantly ask her or berate her about it. May be true like you said, so probably why she made a video. You guys act like no one body checks, regardless of weight. Humans are narcissistic. Practically everyone body checks. She doesn't look unfed and bone thin like EC. She just looks basuc bitch skinny.

No. 148015


I just think it’s weird that she’d put a body check in a video talking about how she’s so skinny when she clearly knows majority of her followers follow her because she’s thinspo. Really giving us the myproana content shame free!!

No. 148017

Me again, sorry for double posting.

Yeah everyone body checks but putting a photo of you showing how tiny your wrist is in a video that talks about how you’re naturally thin is much different than someone body checking in a mirror, alone.

No. 148034

Sounds more like insecure fatties being triggered. No different from hamplants using scales in their thumbnails. The photo literally coincides with the video topic. I get how it looks that way, but feels more like reading in to it by using proana reasoning to paint it worse than it is.

No. 148079

Going to have to agree with you despite feeling icky about defending this fugloid. Until I read your post I was still confused about what exactly was the big deal with this "muh body check" thing and why people where even discussing it. I'd much rather have people be obsessively proud about they being thin, than making excuses about they being fat.

No. 148085

more so the whole “i’m so smol and tiny :3” is annoying. Isn’t 23 too old for that?

No. 148122

Again, what exactly is the issue with feeling pride in being healthy? It's not like she looks anorexic either, and again, it's much better than the opposite which is to gaslight people into pretending that being obese is brave, healthy, cute, and fashionable. You -could- argue that she shouldn't feel pride if she owes it to a fast metabolism, which means little effort on her part, but that isn't the complaint.
>Isn’t 23 too old for that?
By such logic, isn't 18+X too old to be gossiping about some bird-face uggo on the internet? Come on now.
>inb4 wk
"i'm so smol and tiny :3" (sic) is by far and wide not even a speck in Mikan's list of flaws and objectionable behaviours to the point it's very clear to me there is no milk to be found there. Now, if we were to find out she purges…

No. 148127

Not a fatty chan but there is nothing to defend about her body type. She is just skinny, and she doesn’t seem to work out. That doesn’t mean she has blood sugar or cholesterol problems but we don’t know if she is missing her period or having orthopedic issues. She could experience joint pain or arthritis in the future if she keeps being this skinny without muscle tone. If she exercised and put on some muscle tissue she’d be healthier.

No. 148130

As a fatty chan who loves cooking and eating, I do think being thin is not easy.
>there is nothing to defend about her body type
Nor attack. If she likes her body, then why hate her for that?

No. 148131

Replying to myself with a correction:
>Nor attack
Except for her face lol.

No. 148142

Being able to control your portion sizes and not feeding your body enough calories are different anon. First one is admirable, but the latter is nothing to be proud of. Promoting being underweight or bragging about how sm0l she is, is a choice.
This is where we have different opinions, I don’t think it’s okay to attack a person for something they have no control over. She didn’t choose to be born with her original nose, neither she wanted her nose job to turn into a botched rhinoplasty. She is moderately pretty, she just doesn’t have the right face for kawaii fashion.

No. 148144

Honestly I don’t see any milk in this thread. She’s your average early twenties western girl immersed in Japanese culture. She is not a perfect person, but she is not a lost case like Venus either. Not every gaijin living in Japan is successful, some of them live in Nipponland on a spouse visa and that’s how it works. I think some anons are just bitter that she has managed to move to their dream country and themselves could not.

No. 148145

>She is moderately pretty
You're completely out of your mind. She's objectively, categorically, undeniably ugly.
This thread spawned from the UK thread,, perhaps in some misguide attempt to have Vina being a central topic of that one. I think people are here hoping for some clue or slip about her monetary situation (e.g. revealed as an escort). Beyond that she's just an average snowflake with a chip on her shoulder.
>I think some anons are just bitter
I don't think that's the case. Not everyone has a delusionally romanticized view of Japan.

No. 148160

Regardless of how her outside looks, her inside is selfish and rotten to the core. Took money from her parents while badmouthing them online. Took gifts and support from her ex and his family (was eating dinner there almost every night). Makes nasty comments to her "friends" who then disappear and are never seen again. Shacked up with someone who cheated on and ghosted his gf, and took 3 months to return her possessions. Lords her status as an "influencer" over people while badmouthing companies on her FB (I'm not talking about the scam companies - actual companies paying her in kind to promote things.) Now she has no job aside from her vain Youtube and Tiktok. Sponges off of her bf, who works in construction (kek). Deleted any comments remarking on a known groomer in the jfashion community.

Mikan called herself Swedish until she wanted to milk being Kurdish. Now she is angry at "Americans" who "think she should call herself Arab" - as if the average American even knows what a Kurd is. Anti-Americanism is the most acceptable type of prejudice in Europe (it's basically OK to shit on Americans everywhere, no one is going to try to cancel you for it), so it's hardly surprising to see her doing this. At the same time, it's in very bad taste and hypocritical if she's so pressed about people who care about her nationality. You want a society to criticize, try Japan, where there are almost no foreigners. Oh, but, that goes against her "dream country" so better to alienate a large chunk of your viewers by claiming ignorant muricans care if you are Arab or not.

No. 148161

>> You're completely out of your mind. She's objectively, categorically, undeniably ugly.
Okay anon, I thought beauty was subjective but you and your beauty standards alone can define beauty, my personal take on the subject doesn’t matter apparently.

>> escorting

Any proof of that? It’s disgusting to accuse someone of escorting or even speculate about it unless you can find an ad she has posted for her services

No. 148163

I’ve checked that thread anon and ignorant anons simply concluded she is a sex worker, whereas she simply offers overpriced English classes. The most she will do is to tolerate flirting from socially awkward Japanese men who otherwise have no chance to talk to a foreign girl. That’s not escorting.

No. 148187

The WKing in this thread lmao
She sugar babied and sold photos to buy her way to Japan. She dropped out of school to be a thin foreign insta trophy visawife for a guy with a fetish. It makes sense to speculate about her suspiciously high priced "english lessons."

No. 148204

>I thought beauty was subjective
You thought wrong.
>It’s disgusting to accuse someone of escorting
Where did I accuse anyone?
>or even speculate about it
Why is it disgusting to speculate how someone generates income? Seems like you're projecting.

No. 148218

Her escorting pages were exposed on pull a few years back. I'm not sure what all the backlash in this shit-tier thread is when it's not out of the realm of possibility.

No. 148229

File: 1619945028724.jpg (2.23 MB, 4032x3024, 1.jpg)

Here's the pictures PULL found of her sex work page. I found these from googling "mikan mandarin sex work", and they're linked to the old PULL site, so that's why the quality is so low.
Is there a PULL archive? I think the normal resolution should be there, and hopefully Mikan's original plea post on her thread is also archived.

No. 148230

forgot to sage for old milk, no ban pls

No. 148231

not to wk bc I find her intolerable but making a profile is one thing, there's no conclusive evidence to suggest she actually did anything

No. 148239

File: 1619957941334.jpg (60.62 KB, 754x721, a523c90df954c60bb327dfac20b650…)

>no evidence to suggest she actually did anything
>making a profile is one thing
>not to wk

No. 148244


What conclusive evidence do you want? Video of her literally fucking another dude for money?

No. 148286

No. 148291

You can't even read any of this and we can't prove that's her. Any photos ever posted with a face?

Anon is right, this is the level of dumb is equal to calling a girl in any outfit, taking sexy photos, an "escort" or "sex worker" without hard proof, isn't milky. Its not WKing either which you keep bitching about. It's just not agreeing from face value, especially because there is no face. This could be anyone and why trust PULL anyway?

No. 148292

>deadphotos everywhere

Yeah, sure showed us where that photo is from. Kek

No. 148296

>Its not WKing either which you keep bitching about
"everyone who disagrees with me is the same person"
>why trust PULL anyway?
vina you are ugly inside and out

No. 148298

she admitted it was her, that "all her friends were doing sex work so its okay" and she was above getting a job at McDonald's

vina if you really wanted people to not think that's you you really shouldn't have made an account on PULL admitting to it

No. 148300

are we suddenly supposed to assume this lazy bitch didn’t fully intend to do sex work if not actually engage in it? lmfao

No. 148303

It's so tiring to deal with people like you. The pics are saved in the UK thread. You can just read there, since they capped her response on PULL too and have ample proof it is her, including her own damn admission.

No. 148304

File: 1619982484362.png (533.42 KB, 1440x2535, 1552856486763.png)

she stopped because it was "too hard" lmao this lazy bitch

PULL may be down but everything was crossposted in this thread

No. 148305

thanks anon, I see I fucked up the link

No. 148332

This girl was obsessed with yukapon back in the days lol

No. 148333

Vina appeared in the PULL thread to discuss and explain that very image (in its full res version) so yes we can confirm it was her.

No. 148340

>where doing these things was SO normalised
Ah, the classic "everyone was jumping of the cliff so I did too" excuse. With that said, she must have gotten quite the reality check when whoever tried contacting her through the site saw how ugly she is and backed down. I mean, I wouldn't call Belle Delphine pretty, but in comparison to Mikan she is basically a goddess.

No. 148403

Mikan expects people to give her money because she's so thin and pretty uwu. That is why she modeled as a "so petite kitten" (pic earlier in this thread) and put her weight on every sex profile she had.

No. 148408

Healthy? She bragged about losing so much weight suddenly that none of her clothes fit her, I doubt that's normal

No. 148468

Everyone else already said that she confessed to it but just fyi, her profile had her email address with her full name in it, which she idiotically put out there to receive "tributes" via that paypal email. PULL had it censored but it's still around in one of the older UK weeb threads here. It was vina.murad@something.something. Her last name isn't very known so it'd be a huge stretch to assume it was someone else doing it to troll her, and, again, she already admitted it.

No. 148485

Not commenting on the point itself but my brother has lost a LOT of weight in the pandemic due to working from home, despite eating well. We think that the everyday stress from work makes people eat more (or just worse food) than they need or something similar.

No. 148496

is this even true? she looks to be the same size as she always has been, except maybe in 2018 she was a bit skinnier than she is now

No. 148497


Lmao she’s fucking hideous

No. 148535

Idk what you guys are talking about. I think Mikan is pretty. I don't like the blonde wig on her though.

No. 148539


Not sure if you follow her on IG but she used to post a lot about losing weight from her medication apparently.

The fact of the matter is that for someone her age and height she is severely underweight and she doesn’t really seem to have an issue flaunting it. I think that she knows a lot of her followers look up to her for being skinny, and although i don’t think she’s hideous she’s not exactly pretty and dresses like it’s 2014 still. She has to keep her figure to keep her followers interested.

No. 148541


nitpicking but the blonde wig is soooo bad. and she doesn’t bother to put it on properly so you can still see her dark ass hair under it. she is pretty but i really don’t get why she wears these ugly plastic wigs.

No. 148549

This was before the pandemic

No. 148586


Mikan literally doesn't have any long term friends. She hang out with people that doesn't know her well but no one keeps Mikan in their close circle of friends. The closest people are her uni friends, which they kept her around so they can practice their English.

No idea on the income, most likely leeching off her bf and family. Doubt she's working, won't be surprised if Mikan get kick out of the country in the next few months.

No. 148704

>The fact of the matter
>someone her age and height she is severely underweight
How much does she weight currently and what's her height?
Your entitled to your garbage opinions, but nobody who isn't ugly themselves thinks Mikan is "pretty". She's objectively below average looking.

No. 148724

Ikr? What is this uggo delusion. She is hardly a 4 anywhere, especially in Japan and even in the UK kek

No. 148745

You don't need to reply to people and tell them they aren't allowed to have an opinion on her looks. They can think she's pretty. Relax.

No. 148748

File: 1620227983759.png (763.87 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210505-081816.png)


So unfortunate

No. 148749

she looks so sweet here though.

No. 148764


Just to show a lot of look came from make up and filters. She's naturally ugly.(Nitpicking)

No. 148765

File: 1620233114643.jpeg (174.69 KB, 960x1280, D80F6B12-AC34-4D66-B70D-B31CAB…)

nobody can convince me that this drew monson look alike is “pretty”

No. 148772

she looks so much better here in normie styled clothes and minimal makeup than in the "j fash ugguu" style she keeps trying. mikan needs to get into kibbe.

No. 148781

I was about to say the exact same thing but I backed off because of the anon who is persistent to tell us that she’s unattractive. She looks cute without the kawaii clothes.

No. 148783

This thread is turning into the Venus angelic thread with anons who sperg out about her being unattractive.

No. 148789

I don't even think most of the cows in snowflakes are ugly but its their rancid personalities that make them ugly imo

No. 148858

People having their own opinions =/= people not whiteknighting.
>You don't need to reply to people
Everyone is free to reply to anyone else for whatever reason they deem so.
When a thread is made for containment rather than milk, people go on tangents. Also Vina is ugly as fuck so people appropriately reply in disbelief when someone tries to virtue signal about her being "pretty". I, for one, do like her voice, and I can see how someone may find her cute. But pretty? Come on now. Even after her nosejob she still looks like a cartoony witch stereotype.

No. 148863

People can think she's pretty. Stop policing that. Literally anyone who is a cow is called ugly and they aren't all Feather clones or look like Margo.

No. 148864

I think Mikan is pretty. What are you going to do about it? You can't convince me she is ugly but I accept that you think she is and I won't try and convince you that she's pretty. Nobody can say that anybody is "objectively" pretty or ugly.

No. 148891

I've been saying this. That kawaii look isn't even really "in" in Tokyo, streetwear and boyish outfits seem way more in style among women her age. She looks so much better like that, I don't understand why she insists on wearing these kind of ultra femme getups when she doesn't even seem like, passionate about it. it's like she wears them as a uniform.

No. 148903

Peacock Feather came to mind when I read your comment, kek.

No. 148921

There were a few anons in the Venus thread who would lose their shit whenever someone moderately suggested that she’s pretty-ish looking. Same thing is happening here I can see. Some anons display cow like behavior themselves and police something as subjective as beauty.

No. 148933

Can say she’s objectively average though. That can go either way, personally I find her pretty when done up. Which is usually the way for average lookers

No. 148938

That's exactly who I mean. She's not busted like that.

No. 149060

It's actually the opposite. That pointy-chinned sperg constantly arguing with anyone who thinks she's ugly or even average.

No. 149061

Mikan, imo is below average. What you see on cam and photos is not her. It's not "done up." It's completely editing yourself into something you're not.

No. 149062

File: 1620370130960.png (2.89 MB, 1788x1428, 00022334.png)

Margo isn't even ugly. Her and Venus are average feature-wise but look aged as hell in candids. But yeah, people can see Mikan as pretty if they want. They should judge off candids though, which I assume most people aren't. When you consistently edit yourself, even if you admit to it, people envision you like that. When I think of Mikan, I immediately think of her edits. And not candid photos like these (from the Venus thread)

No. 149064

Are you the pointy chin sperg? Jesus. What about the people who sperg about hOw PrEeTtYyYyYyYy she is? They are equally as annoying. You conveniently left them out.

No. 149078

I'm surprised nobody is mentioning her (Nth) ethnicity rant on twitter.
>in a class full of all white students i, the only middle eastern girl
But a couple tweets later:
>I’m constantly grouped together with white people
>s a Middle Eastern person I’m automatically presumed to be Muslim and still face Islamophobia
So which one is it? And she's not talking in past tense either; Is she facing prejudice directed towards Muslism… in Japan?
>my dad moved to Europe because he was being drafted into war in Iraq and my mum was a child bride
So, she's not Swedish at all?
You can be both ugly in the inside and on the outside. Vina is a perfect example.
Beauty isn't subjective. Every single study and metric is based on parameters that can be measured objectively, often mathematically. Only ugly people think beauty is subjective out of a need to cope with their perpetual inferiority complex that stems by inevitable comparison. You can try to gaslight others all you want, that won't change reality.
>I find her pretty when done up
If you have to judge someone by how they look after applying a pound of make-up, you're proving you're wrong.

No. 149117

Stop telling people they can't think she's pretty. Your vendetta is showing.

No. 149146

>Beauty isn't subjective. Every single study and metric is based on parameters that can be measured objectively, often mathematically. Only ugly people think beauty is subjective out of a need to cope with their perpetual inferiority complex that stems by inevitable comparison. You can try to gaslight others all you want, that won't change reality.

You can't be serious about this. It's ridiculous.

No. 149148

>Margo isn't even ugly.
Anon what. Are you blind?

No. 149152

Venus looks okay, she just looks incredibly dehydrated (alcohol?) with surface level wrinkles which usually don’t permanently appear at her age.

No. 149167

>science is ridiculous
>no argument
I accept your concessions.
While I think she's a little odd-looking, I agree her face shows classic signs of substance abuse. I used to volunteer at a homeless shelter for women and you could tell who was a recovering life-long alcoholic by their face. Who can blame her for drinking with that mother though.

No. 149195

File: 1620438008730.jpg (53.86 KB, 1125x1432, E0zf7hSVgAUN1sK.jpg)

No. 149201

No1currs that you think she's ugly, anon. You're not changing anyone's mind if they don't agree. Move the fuck on.

No. 149219

I don't care that you don't think she's ugly, anon. You're not changing my mind. Move the fuck on and stop getting triggered like some histrionic tumblrite.

No. 149225

File: 1620464034001.jpeg (1023.18 KB, 2560x2560, 10710BB7-21CA-494B-A4D9-B8489F…)

in other news beyond the ‘is she or is she not fugly’ debate…

No. 149239

>my favourite demonic doll
Uh, is that the name of a line of toys or…?

No. 149241

Is she really using pictures with her infant button nose to try to prove something?

No. 149253

Why are you so over with her nose? You're a bad as the vagina-sperg in the Belle Delphine thread. How would this even be proving anything?? What are you even talking about?

No. 149254


>Bad relationship

>Did a cooking stream on skype with me and a couple of peeps years ago when she was Vina Murad
>Was more annoyed people saw her mom as a MILF, kek.

No. 149272

I think you misunderstood her post. Glow down means she's saying she got uglier over time.
I think you misunderstood anon's post due to her misunderstanding.

No. 149372

File: 1620595224277.png (14.41 KB, 571x141, FUGGO.png)

>the REASON YOU THINK IM UGLY is because I have ETHNIC FEATURES and the media only portrays WHITE FEATURES AS BEAUTIFUL
A few days before though…
>I’m constantly grouped together with white people
So…. uh… what?

No. 149382

She’s right tho.

No. 149389

God her twitter is such a mess, just an endless stream of look at me uwu such a pick me girl (shouts) I'M SO ADHD Oh my God!!! and making it her entire personality whilst also trying to sound holier than thou

No. 149390

File: 1620608628493.jpeg (115.98 KB, 750x834, 99A93A4D-5EAE-4F9C-BE5D-2FC2D7…)

the qrt on this

No. 149391

File: 1620609006143.jpeg (196.18 KB, 750x1025, 4446A4E5-1BD9-473F-8D47-F08110…)

do they really think white people never have thick eyebrows?

No. 149393

Her nose job sucks in all countries not just the traditionally (mostly) white one she chooses to sperg about representation in

No. 149400

>"ethnic features"
>lopped off half her most ethnic feature
>filters/edits herself to look more white
Kek. Ok Mikan.

No. 149412

I thought she was going more towards the Asianfishing route, like most weebs

No. 149417

>Edits yourself paler
>Has cosmetic surgery
>Dresses entirely in weeb Japanese clothing

You can talk about erasure of your ethnicity when you're not the one doing it.

No. 149418

Wait I'm retarded she doesn't even live in the UK kek

No. 149430

No, she isn't. What if someone never exposed to media in their life saw her and though she was ugly? What would the argument be then?
It's call coping. When an uggo gets a reality check and they choose not to accept themselves they deflect and look for excuses to explain why the opinion of others don't align with their own.

No. 149450

Wow, she is insufferable. Every person on this planet has "ethnic features," because everyone has an ethnicity. I'm not one of those "proud to be WHITE" ppl but who does Mikan think she is?

Calling some features "exotic" or "ethnic" in comparison to what some people believe are "Caucasian" or "white" features is a form of othering/fetishizing. It also implies that people considered "white" lack ethnicity and yet are the "default" race. So what she js saying is, in fact, offensive to Caucasians and non-Caucasians.

Have you considered getting a job, Mikan?

No. 149585

Ethnic is synonymous with non-white now and she’s far from the only person who uses it like that
Obviously they can but Kurdish women generally have thicker brows, and hair in general, than white women

No. 149588

she paying your rent or something?

No. 149590

The anon is pointing out facts. Not everyone here is blinded by haterage for cows and do like to discuss what is true.

No. 149593

She has bipolar and she is going through an incredibly obvious manic episode.

No. 149624

I find Mikan as annoying as the next person, but using Snow filters and following Nip makeup trends isn't """Asianfishing""" especially when you live in Japan. Or are you one of those delusional zoomers who thinks doing cat eye eyeliner is trying to make yourself look Asian too?

No. 149688

“pointing out facts” but all this girl did was align herself with whiteness until it became trendy to victimize herself as an ‘ethnic’ person and continues to whitewash herself online despite being totally olive-skinned, guys! Just look past the filter! K.

No. 149689

Using Asian beauty apps to mimic the way Asian women have been presenting themselves online for most of the last decade, and doing so on an Asian app, TikTok, which was only recently popularized in the West, along with dressing only in kawaii Japanese schoolgirl outfits and kawaii makeup is the epitome of asianfishing. Except it's so popular among ethots e.g. peachmilky who shoops herself into an anime character despite being Irish with a slightly larger than average nose - Mikan's activity doesn't stand out among the thousands of other thots doing the same, but it's still asianfishing.

No. 149696

File: 1620817929516.png (148.45 KB, 1080x1057, Screenshot_20210512-131053.png)

kek. Thick heavy dark brows have been in for years. Mikan was in fact adding makeup to make them even more prominent. How can she claim this is some natural part of herself and cry racism over it? There are memes about sharpie brows, after all. It actually is far more sexist than racist, but since I tintoil that mikan earns money via men (not actual sex), she doesn't want to say the word sexist. It's easier to cry racism.

I think she is going to work at a maid café or as a hostess, based on these two screenshots.

No. 149697

File: 1620817994017.png (232.93 KB, 1080x1047, Screenshot_20210512-131109.png)

The reference to "stalking" definitely made me think it's something like a café or hostess bar.

No. 149712

Isn't the point of maid café maids to attract a specific kind of clients? Don't misunderstand, my point isn't that she's ugly, but rather whether she fits a stereotype certain clients may go for. I've never been to one so I only have references from anime.

No. 149717

If she really is on an “entertainment visa”, she wouldn’t be allowed to do any other job than what is specified on her visa (which would likely be YouTube etc)
She is 200% married.

No. 149722

well she does fit a certain type. She can also communicate with foreign visitors, which would be a plus. I watched an interview with some maids and they all admitted to not knowing English well. They said they have a phrasebook and use a lot of gestures.

No. 149724

How does that make sense, don’t all the foreigners go there for uwu japanese waifus anyway? kek

No. 149733

dude, I don't know. It's degenerate anyway. I linked the interview I watched. The part about foreigners starts at 6:41. I can imagine that some foreigners would like to or need to communicate in English. That doesn't mean they are native speakers.

No. 149734

File: 1620836621735.jpg (132.67 KB, 1080x1117, 100039100530_171536.jpg)

Mikan participated in the trend mocking a black guy's trauma: https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-news/joey-cassanova-tiktok-trend-black-creators-1164148/

I read this and watched his video. It's pretty sad people took his video concept and mocked it with their "struggles." His video was about being molested, his parents dying, his ex-wife being murdered, having PTSD. Mikan's is about not having boobs, having a Scorpio mother, and lacking personality as a youtuber.

But I enjoyed watching Yasu defend his princess.

No. 149735

File: 1620836721025.jpg (115.02 KB, 1080x987, 100054400760_98396.jpg)

No. 149736

File: 1620837507076.jpg (450.04 KB, 1080x2002, 2021-05-12-063816810.jpg)

Well, we can be for sure she didn't hit a job as a dancer.

No. 149737

Anon, entertainment visa is an umbrella term.

No. 149738

No, fuck that. Millions of people have done this. Tons of videos use this sound even without this OG guy. He wasn't the first to use it and is playing pick me to get clout. This sound was originally a dance and a white family used it first for the struggle thing. Jfc, the need to create drama is fucking dumb.

No. 149783

oh my fucking god someone make a gif.

No. 149787

OK, didn't know any of that. Can you send me a link to the first people to use it for struggle vids? That's an honest request, since I tried to find it but couldn't… tiktok search sucks. And I see the value in correcting the record if joeycassanova wasn't the first to use it to talk about struggling. (The RS article does mention the guy got the sound from a finger dance.)

Second, yasu battling on behalf of Mikan is still funny. She's a big girl. Having your bf in the comments kind of cringe. I see he deleted some of his simpy WKing though.

No. 149788

samefag I loved it though when he and some other simp said Mikan is PoC though. it was just the epitome of "use your ethnicity when it protects you from criticism."

No. 149802

No. Click the tiktok video and then click the audio begging used. Do it yourself.

No. 149820

kek i did that. didn't see any white families posting their struggles before that guy did in early April. dunno why you're being salty.

No. 149832

It's literally the second video retard.

No. 149847


sure but as someone who has autism myself (sage for blogging mildly) I have never seen anyone so obnoxious about announcing these things as if it is their ENTIRE personality and being and she's most certainly narccistic

she's so boring when you consider that outside of omgz I'm so ehtnic omg I wuv cats omg I love my fuckboy boyfriend she has virtually no actual personality and her recent omg I love girls I am so bi XD stuff is even funnier when you consider how she lowkey hates other girls who she sees as threats and will do anything to bring them down and loses them like dropping flies

No. 149849

File: 1620902258919.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1909, Screenshot_20210513-123451~2.p…)

He posted on April 7.

No. 149850

File: 1620902375264.png (1.09 MB, 1080x1751, Screenshot_20210513-123443~2.p…)

The second video, if you mean this one, was posted on May 3. Again, no clue why you are acting so hostile for no reason.

No. 149870

I'm sorry but what does your autism have to do with her bipolar? People with bipolar are extremely obnoxious when they're going through manic episodes. Her episodes are made worse by her fans who encourage and reward her for her manic behaviour. It's kinda sad actually, and the fact that she's in japan means that she most likely isn't getting appropriate treatment for it.

No. 149871


Hi Mikan

No. 149875

Looking in to it, its a small number of people dogging on her about this. This is retarded unless other people who do the same trend are going to get called out, but at the same time who cares? All these people posting do have struggles even if you don't like them. Call me a WK, idc, but this isn't even about her personally. Tired of social media people posting on purpose to go viral only to pinpoint only certain users who recreate the trend after the fact, like Mikan. Its pointless drama if its not a callout to every person, but instead its a single out situation and if that's the case, its straight manufacturered milk imo.

No. 149877

Is pointing out a cow's obvious mental illness considered wking now? The state of this board.

No. 149923

I'm pretty sure she talked about being medicated and going to the psychiatrist in Japan in her mental health video a while back.

No. 149930

Anyone who isn't dragging or bad mouthing a cow is apparently a WK. Anons don't know what a real WK is. They just tossing it around even when you correct their tinfoils and hatespergs.

No. 149943

welcome to tiktok, where you can get swarmed by complaints in like an hour.

she isn't the only one getting dragged for it, and it isn't just a couple people doing it, but she seems to be ignoring it to whine about muh ethnicity again on twitter so I don't think anyone needs to get upset on Mikan's behalf

No. 149956

THIS tbh. Was about to comment. She honestly seems low-key racist towards whites.

There are beautiful kurdish people.She just isn't one of them and then tries to use POC as an excuse. I also think she's uglier after the nose job personally, her most "ethnic" feature as she likes to say, she got rid of. How can she still have followers? She's as bad as Venus and Eugenia, ever the victim gaslighting others.

No. 149968

“Ethnic” is such a catch-all term that people use as a synonym for “non-white” tbh. She calls her features “ethnic” but really she means that her nose is big/long and her eyes and hair are dark. Honestly some of the biggest, longest noses I’ve ever seen belonged to white people. Her using the word “ethnic” seems to be her way of excusing her ugliness as if no West Asian people, as she says, don’t look better than her.

No. 149975


I think you missed the point of the other anon's post. I think they were trying to make the observation that whilst Mikan might have a mental illness, you don't see every other person with one posting omg I'm so this I'm so that omg I can never shut up about how ADHD I am omg I am such a Leo omg but Mikan does this incessantly, mania or not and if you think this is how every other bipolar person behaves then you're wrong

No. 149986

Literally everyone is now, welcome to 2021

No. 149997

>She's as bad as Venus and Eugenia
IMHO she's worse because I believe most people would agree it would have been hard for those two NOT end up as they did considering their respective mothers. I'm not saying Mikan may not have had it rough, but seems night and day in comparison.
This. A long nose or being hirsute aren't "ethnic" features. Actual ethnic features are epicanthic folds, a flat nose, kinky hair, etc.

No. 150003

Negative attitudes about these features are really sexist, not racist. But talking about sexism isn't on trend and could hurt the attention she enjoys from men. So she decides it is racist instead.

Almost no one cares about long noses and thick eyebrows on men, right? The exception might be antisemitic attitudes about hooked noses. Aside from that literally no one cares what a man's nose looks like.

No. 150020

File: 1621018036409.gif (10.17 MB, 562x1000, GIF-210514_204714.gif)

I hear you

No. 150025

This is painfully tryhard

No. 150055

It's fashionable nowadays. Retards think shitting on yt peepo makes them some kind of advocates for social justice. Mikan on the other hand is just using it as a scape goat for being a somewhat conventionally unattractive person in general.

No. 150069

good thing she never decided to pursue an idol career holy fuck not even a gravure company would hire her. also her nose just ruins the whole thing.

No. 150082

File: 1621048058514.jpg (682.04 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210515-094938.jpg)

I unironically want her old nose back

No. 150085


She just isn’t cute. She raves about being thin because that’s what she thinks makes her so attractive but she’s got a face that deserves a bag over it.

No. 150086


Mikan you’re white as fuck(hi cow)

No. 150096

lmao is this her new sugaring ad?

No. 150106

Right. She’s also probably aware that if she cried sexism, people would rightfully point out that her body type gives her an advantage regardless of her face, especially when being thin is her brand.

No. 150112


I feel like both Mikan and Yasu lurk and respond here and try to sound like it isn't either of them stirring

No. 150125

I wouldn't be surprised at all. Mikan is clearly a narcissist, and imho Yasu could do better which makes me thing he's indeed a gaijin hunter which would mean he has a solid reason to white knight.

No. 150128

File: 1621093832123.jpeg (29.86 KB, 750x272, 29709C8A-9C21-43F7-8741-75D2A5…)

Her ex Hirokazu got a new gf and one of her brain dead fans commented on her post… but she’s the white girl he had always wanted.

No. 150159

Fan is a sperg

No. 150372

how can Mikan look better than anyone…kek

No. 150439

File: 1621202320621.png (2.78 MB, 828x1792, IMG_1822.png)

hiro's new gf is ten times more attractive than vina. hiro did himself a favor. she's got a micheal jackson going on where are her nostrils??

No. 150445

File: 1621204421693.jpg (105.24 KB, 600x800, 1621059892814.jpg)

>hiro's new gf is ten times more attractive than vina. hiro did himself a favor. she's got a micheal jackson going on where are her nostrils??(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 150479

>ten times more attractive than vina
I think that's a bit of a stretch. If we can agree on Mikan being a 2/10 at her worst and a 4/10 looksmaxed, then I'd say this Kenzie girl is currently a 5/10 with a max potential of 7/10 if she lost a bit of weight, removed that cow ring and dressed a bit better.
>where are her nostrils?
She's looking downwards, retard.

No. 150484

His gf is wayyyy better than a 5, if "Kenzie" is that blonde girl I remember seeing way back. Not that it matters and hopefully Mikan won't be stalking Hiro or his gf. I remember when he called her pretty and Mikan was in the comments like, "she do be kinda cute." What a creeper.

No. 150497

File: 1621240858174.jpeg (238.09 KB, 750x1104, F6504C7C-ECDF-4054-AB40-A38373…)

Nah his gf is this other Kenzie but the blond one said she and Hiro are friends (she has some other azn bf)

No. 150501

why are you posting her pic here? she doesn't deserve to be on lolcow just bc her bf made the mistake of dating Mikan in the past.

No. 150565

Okay I think mikan isn't horrible looking. The new girlfriend is not s complete beauty herself nor is mikan. But hey, hiro looks himself below average so lol

No. 150567


Ouch, that's an unfortunate selfie, really unflattering on the nose and lips.

Yea, Hiro's new gf is definitely a lot more attractive than Mikan. Feel bad that she's getting harassed by Mikan fans.

No. 150802

File: 1621438119598.png (12.96 KB, 556x142, Untitled.png)

>have some free clothes in exchange for exposure
>neato, sure thin- I'M BEING E-X-P-L-O-I-T-E-D
Is she unironically retarded or am I in the wrong here and have a misconception about what these "deals" are?

No. 150856

She pretended on Twitter she didn't know this junnyan guy is a pedo

No. 150860

she was deleting comments on her ig about him so pretending not to know now is gross

No. 150863

File: 1621465185778.jpeg (174.54 KB, 750x1038, 11FD3B08-A77E-4774-9942-E7ED0F…)

Found this comment on her post and laughed, she said she was confused that Natalia commented “:/“ on her photo, how do you claim to be a lover of jfashion and even be living in Japan but not know he’s a huge creep, especially when Natalia made a subtle video about him with photos of them when she was a minor

No. 150869

File: 1621473271444.png (279.64 KB, 1190x1210, sgdhjhl.png)

her "jfashion" consists of kpop weeby shit that are gifted to her by fast fashion companies. i've yet to see her do a haul on real japanese clothing brands. it's all yesstyle and shein. and bringing back this >>143658 it's clear that she has no gift regarding high fashion.

she's disgusting. always acting the victim. we know she was deleting comments.

No. 150878

She has time to reply to friends comments but when it's non-friends warning her about a creep "she doesn't read comments" hmm

No. 150888

This homely thing is way better than a 5? >>150497 kek

No. 150892

File: 1621510475482.jpg (169.29 KB, 1080x1179, Screenshot_20210518-163745_Twi…)

This person wasn't agressive in any way

No. 150894

File: 1621510623632.png (43.5 KB, 580x341, unknown.png)

(Before Vina deletes it)

No. 150900

>nicer way to go about things

nice tone policing, Mikan

No. 150914

How should they say it then??

No. 150968

Not everyone knows this. Every single person who wears j fashion doesn't know each other or their pasts. This is the first I've heard of itspinkii because I don't follow wannabe weeb idols.

No. 150973

It's been known for a long time if you're into Decora and such, he was best friends with Kensuke from Broken Doll who also sexually harassed minors and adult women

No. 150976

I don't follow fashion at all, but I'd imagine someone who claims it's their passion would know as much as possible about that topic. It's like being into a genre of music and not knowing anything beyond bands that ranked on the Top100 Billboard.

No. 150981

>Not everyone knows this. Every single person who wears j fashion doesn't know each other or their pasts.
Anon, please. Anyone who has met Junnyan can tell he's a creep, especially given he usually has some teen girl always hanging off him like an accessory. Mikan might be dumb, but she can't be that dumb not to notice something is clearly off with the guy.

No. 150990

File: 1621585790576.png (9.63 MB, 1242x2688, 8DE69817-E532-4953-89E4-BF3EAF…)

Since we are talking about Junnyan, Mikan and Natalia/itspinkii/yukapon. Natalia actually had a TikTok livestream 4 days ago. Someone asked if she still talked to Mikan. She said no, explained the Junnyan situation and also said something like “Also she is just so rude” . I recorded some parts of when she said this. Anyone know how I can upload it without having to make YouTube throwaway account?

No. 150991

Another person in the comments from Mikan’s school called her toxic and agreed with Natalia when she called Mikan rude.

No. 150992

File: 1621586010375.jpeg (369.21 KB, 1242x2230, E2F4027E-9F20-4579-B794-3365D2…)

Sorry for doubleposting. Forgot pic related as proof.

No. 150996

How could she not know? Did she make a video with Natalia before?

No. 151000

File: 1621592438919.jpeg (490.25 KB, 2449x1217, AE41ABD1-16F8-44D2-B7F3-204D5F…)

For Mikan to claim to not know until someone commented on her twitter post doesn’t make sense, why suddenly make a status like this all of a sudden if she didn’t know if he was a predator?

No. 151006


I reckon she's backpeddling since people commented on her hypocrisy and trying to desperately seem Woke and Above It

No. 151007


in other words I think she did know and someone's called her out on it and now she's trying to sound pretty angel holier than thou

No. 151012

Yukapee is based

No. 151020

there was this video that mikan filmed with venus and pinkii and mikan got jealous that venus and pinkii were talking to each other in japanese and later in the video mikan made fun of pinkii by saying that pinkii wouldn't even drink diet water or something like that. it was so awkward to watch. she deleted it too. wish i screen recorded.

No. 151033

What the hell is diet water? First time I'm hearing about this.

No. 151037

shitty dig at pinkii’s ed

No. 151082

Post them directly here as webms or use Streamable I guess?

No. 151102

Watching mikan interact with other people is like watching and infectious disease slowly consume someone

No. 151130

Ah, kek, that's pretty good.

No. 151360

Can’t embed but the video is here.


The whole time she was so fucking rude to Natalia. I don’t know how she didn’t just smack the bitch.

No. 151382

WTF kind of site is that, why not just embed or link to youtube?

No. 151469

she's insufferable and rude in this video. that's not humor. she never stops.

No. 151516

I read most of the thread and there's no milk it's just people calling some rude dumb girl with a strange nose ugly over and over tbh idg the point

No. 151519

God, no kidding. The bit at the end where she actively excludes Natalia from the group then doesn't miss a beat in shutting her down after she tries to jokingly relate to them made me so uncomfortable I had to pause the video for a second.

No. 151547

kek based nat can’t stand this girl

No. 151548

Natalie has a point with that conversation. You’re technically not supposed to drink anything carbonated while eating a high sodium high carb meal bc it can creat indigestion, yet Mikan spends the whole time ragging on her

No. 151558

should've been around when pull was a thing, she brands herself as a hard-working brit who brought herself over here but forgot to mention it was all on mummy's dime and poorly done sex work, bases her entire personality around having a boyfriend - also got her boyfriend while he was still in a relationship, and openly called the ex a psychopath, bullies all of her friends and wonders why she has none

No. 151584

Wow this feels nostalgic. I remember when venus mom harassed natalia and mikan was obsessed with yukapon.
also mikan is fucking insufferable jfc

No. 151594

Mikan made that whole thing so painfully awkward, the constant passive aggressively, slightly mean comments might come across as joking amongst friends but they are so obviously not friends.

Team Nat tbh she clearly wasn't here for that shit

No. 151595


Holy fuck lmao, what an insufferable cunt. I bet she's so miserable these days about Pinkii's success, and ability to just be a naturally likeable and popular person.

No. 151610

All the yukapon stanning here is sus. She's been called out on her Youtube for talking like a chinpira and cringey weeb in her videos on Twitter. But uwu team Natalie she's an unproblematic popular qween.

No. 151611

Uh yeah, I like her and enjoy her videos. Who cares about how she speaks in Japanese lmao, are we not allowed to like youtubers who've been called out for things?

No. 151612

No one said she wasn't unproblematic, but you're chimping out about her talking crudely (do you know where you fucking are?) vs Mikan, the fashion school dropout turned sex worker who made an unwarranted, shitty dig at the girl having an ED and regularly hides her shittiness under tons of shoop. I'd take a cringey ass weeb over some sad bird nosed bitch acting like she's the Princess of Japan.

No. 152348

I don't disagree but she's certainly the lesser of two evils
>uwu team Natalie she's an unproblematic popular qween
I know this was meant to be ironic but try to integrate newfriend

No. 152366

She’s grown out of her worst moment for the most part and I couldn’t care less how some weeb speaks with accented japanese. It’s not stanning, Mikan by comparison just doesn’t have an excuse. Cope.

No. 152377

god she seems so awful to be around.

No. 152380

I wouldn't be especially surprised if this person was just trying to creep her out for whatever reason but holy shit

No. 152382

File: 1621849523636.png (156.08 KB, 938x730, Screenshot 2021-05-24 at 10.16…)

oops, deleted by accident but yeah she seems to be ignoring it for now. theres a few tweets that they're posting underneath mikans twitter

No. 152386

File: 1621853247539.png (123.38 KB, 1056x535, Screenshot_20210524-054647_(1)…)

I was curious to what random shit Mikan has been tweeting and I found this.

Lmao what an autist. I doubt Mikan is going to get in any kind of trouble.

No. 152391

Is this a new variation to "say that to my face and not online and see what happens"?
I'll never understand people who virtue signal for attention. Nigger is just a word.

No. 152421

Ah, yes, anon, be sure to tweet that with your full name and face for everyone to see.

No. 152429

The galaxy brained thing to do would be realize music with the n word is not made for you unless you're black, and not listen to it. You are not the intended audience and will always look like a moron "enjoying" music with the n word in it.

No. 152430

Samefag, Obviously not meaning don't listen to black artists - there's a million genres with talented black artists intended for white and poc-other audiences so just listen to those.

There's no kawaii way to listen to songs with the n-word in it as a non-black person without it reflecting poorly on yourself. There's too many legit racists who enjoy black-aimed music for questionable reasons for you not to fall under that umbrella, however much you try and woke it up by "replacing" the word in your head.

No. 152526

White hands wrote this

No. 152583

That's not the point. There is no reason for Mikan (or anyone, really) to write "n-word" at all other than to vitue signal compliance.
>There's no kawaii way to listen to songs with the n-word in it
Oh yeah?

Joke aside, I agree with the sentiment "if it has the word nigger/nigga in it, you shouldn't listen to it" since it's almost invariably garbage music anyway. Rap/Hip Hop stopped qualifying as protest music a couple decades ago.

No. 152875

KEK based anon. Remember we must racially segregate ourselves by music otherwise people will think we're racist…

No. 153216

File: 1622169794036.jpeg (147.62 KB, 750x725, BDCD3E4C-9F0C-4E19-9411-722A36…)


No. 153222

Not to defend this muppet, but anyone who has had a boyfriend can relate, I think.

No. 153295

Could you imagine doing a full work day grind and coming home to this womanchild (who is completely inept at doing things herself like making an actual substantial meal or a relaxing atmosphere when you get home not filled with drama or shrieking at the cat) during one of her "bad moods" on her "bad days" being pissy about tiktok or youtube or her "mental health" and her having the impulse of needing to "express all her emotions" when you just want to decompress from your job?

He should run.

No. 153559

I hate women who kiss trans women ass

No. 153564

Does anyone have the new Venus thread? Sage for question

No. 153613

Does her bf actually do manual labor, or is his construction job (which I remember her saying was affiliated with his family) some kind of euphemism? I mean, in the US, construction stuff can be mafia affiliated. I kind of wondered why Yasu would be working in such an odd field at a young age.

No. 153628

You're wondering why a young guy would be working in construction? The most common job for young men? Are you kidding me? The only job I think guys do more is warehouse stuff. These two are always in demand and girls bail almost immediately (like me, lol).

No. 153636

His father also works in construction so, most likely his father got him into the company.

No. 153642

he doesn't exactly look like he's very strong. I mean, does he look to you like a guy who works in construction?

No. 153643

Working for a construction company isn’t just lifting things but tbh most guys even skinny ones are usually stronger than they look

No. 153644

This 100%. Father was a CW and unless you're trying to join a body builder show, most muscles aren't protruding. Thats when you are cutting that you actually see them. Most aren't just out there flexing their muscles to show off, so why would they be obvious on him either?

No. 153645

Why would you bail? Construction workers make good money.

No. 153670

ok, got it. sorry for my tinfoil - he just didn't fit my idea of a construction worker, but you're probably right

No. 153677

That idea that guys who work in construction are all buffed hunks is bogus, a lot of them are thin.
Because it's hard! The first week they got me doing the "easy" stuff and I would get back home aching in places I didn't know you had muscles and I was just moving around a wheelbarrow. I'd rather earn less but have a comfy desk job like I do now, plus I get to work from home nowadays (although that seems it'll be over soon).

No. 154090

Did anyone saved the collarspace photos that she had on there? Or are there only screenshot and thumbnails of the profile?

No. 154206


Mikan this is just the law in fucking general not just Japan jesus christ

No. 154207


> in the uk we spit on eachother to greet eachother

what the actual fuck no they don't? Also the entire video is just "things that are frowned upon in general, Mikan is being inredibly obvious and patronizing" great

No. 154208


She just straight up said if her friends had nice things she'd just break into their homes and steal

this video is on crack

No. 154252


l2sarcasm or are u really that autistic?

No. 154257

File: 1622745667398.jpg (170.75 KB, 1080x920, Screenshot_20210603-143825_Sam…)

Mikan's dumb tweet that inspired this video blew up, but her "friend" already tweeted something similar back in January so it's not like her idea is original at all. I'd be kinda annoyed if I was this girl even though it's petty. The idea isn't even that funny (a parody of those "don't do this in Japan" vids).

No. 154258

File: 1622745785574.jpg (341.9 KB, 1080x1880, Screenshot_20210603-144259_Sam…)

Mikan gone viral

No. 154263

File: 1622746320084.jpg (12.53 KB, 379x374, 1569602102070.jpg)

>Murder is actually very illegal in Japan.

Let that level of dumb fuck sink in.

No. 154265

?? I don't follow this cow but is she 12

No. 154266

Isn’t she joking? She has to be

No. 154279

No. 154290

that's an objectively good tweet, I, too, am tired of that type of exploitative boring content but it's a bit hilarious coming from her

No. 154375

File: 1622800902438.jpg (12.1 KB, 478x361, 9nohQh4.jpg)

No. 154633

File: 1622906259486.png (419.69 KB, 750x1334, C3163DB9-6E07-4B29-AE00-E7E890…)

Couldn’t get the other ss but here’s Mikan complaining about people telling her not to feed her cat certain foods even tho she said in previous post that the cat will eat anything and she feeds him table food at times sage for missing ss

No. 154723

Of course any animal will try to eat things that are bad for them, that's why it's the owner's responsibility to make sure they don't eat it, she really shouldn't have pets

No. 154734

right, what an idiot. she’s always too focused on deflecting blame to accept that it’s her basic responsibility to make sure her cat stays safe and healthy. she’s acting as if she has an uncontrollable cat that she just can’t stop no matter what kek.

No. 154965

File: 1623114051122.jpeg (95.21 KB, 750x502, 2B178A6D-595B-4C13-84FE-B02031…)

so organic

No. 154970

the way she speaks over adrienne is so ….. cringe. she tried so hard to be inclusive and somehow still made the video about herself.

also take the fucking cats out of the room. u can barely hear what they’re saying.

No. 155021

>tried so hard to be inclusive and somehow still made the video about herself
So, like 99.99% of people trying to be "inclusive"?

That aside the video was innocuous, nothing really to talk about besides Mikan seeming a little more energetic than usual and using a lot of emphasizing with her hands, which is basic bitch tier and annoying.

No. 155088

She seemed pretty smug every time she brought up how pale she is.

No. 155201

Is it me or is she churning out more collabs and yt content lately? She turned up in this super eccentric gay dudes video and seems super awkward
also didn't know she was bisexual

No. 155218

>she was bisexual
of course she is, but only for that video.

No. 155419

This video gave me the heebie jeebies, this dude looks and acts like he collects STDs and mental illnesses for a living.

No. 155455

He’s a part time drag queen and works in a club. Not a far reach.

No. 155513

I'm now much more willing to believe she was an escort if this is the kind of people she associates herself with.

No. 155724


No. 156185

Our Orange seems to have completely forgotten about Lala, all her posts are just about Teddy now and she even tweeted that Lala's problems before turned out to be from jealousy and loneliness like bitch they're not soft toys, do better

No. 156193

He is mentally ill. Otherwise why would he, as a child of philippino prostitute, who lived his whole life in the US, pretend to be Japanese, when his twitter is filled with hatred towards Japanese people, he even posted racist caricatures about the Japanese. There is nothing classy about Milan, but she is degrading herself even worse by being "friends" with Stan

No. 156336

I thought he was half Japanese half Filipino, how you know he is a son of a prostitute ?

No. 156360

>half Japanese
>half Filipino
Nonny I have bad news

No. 156364

>He is mentally ill
Like all homosexuals.
>There is nothing classy about Milan
I think she has an elegant voice. She has a nice timbre, good diction, and enunciates properly. She's generally pleasant to listen to, but the issue is that her insidious self always betrays her facade.

No. 156415

Sage for late to the party but I can’t wait until he dumps her. As soon as covid is less of a problem he’ll be off, she is so insufferable

No. 156423

yeah and then her visa will be exposed. like what else could she be there for? my guess is entertainment

No. 156432

File: 1624047345587.png (281.47 KB, 1206x568, 2021-06-18 22.07.25.png)

I might be late to the party but she's friends with Sharla now?
She's gonna try to leech of more famous youtubers again?

No. 156449

How is she pleasant to listen to. Guess you are mentally ill aswell

No. 156461

I wouldn’t call Sharla famous… just a seasoned jvlogger who’s in her almost late 30s now.

Vina will leech off anything that might give her more views. I’m surprised she hasn’t made a vid about her weight for the anachans this year already.

No. 156465

>almost late 30s
Lmao that's a new one. The people on this website, I swear to god.

No. 156466

She’s 35.. your your point is..?

No. 156474

It's harder for her in the sweltering summer. She's not that skinny for her height. Normal for Japanese women, I would say.

But fuck is it funny to watch her slip in weight and size references to everything. I was bored as hell and read some of that pull thread. She's so fuckin obsessed with being mistaken for anachan

No. 156588

I think anon is pointing out how dumb it is to hold people to a number just because farmers feel they don't think someone should be wearing or acting a certain way after a certain age. I gotta agree.

No. 156918

Society is harsh to humans, mostly to women, it’s more sad when women do it to each others forgetting they may face the same thing. Age is just a number, many people are 60 and still feel 20 inside it’s just the body that change and cannot be controlled, it’s dumb how some think people should not dress or behave the way they are because of something natural happens to everyone, age shaming is just horrible in work place everywhere. Calling it out anyone by shaming their age is so low and makes any argument a failure

No. 156921


No. 157115

File: 1624515472978.jpg (351.68 KB, 1080x1251, Screenshot_20210623-231145_Ins…)

From her token black friend's IG. This is nitpicking but I also can't stand when non-poc say black people. Just say blacks.

No. 157119

Who cares. “Blacks” sounds way more derogatory so why would that be better than just saying black people like any normal human

No. 157122

The way the world is going yt peepo won't be able to refer to anyone if ayrt is any indication. Also jokes on them because Mikan is Kurdish.

No. 157125

she's only kurdish when she can use it to deflect criticism kek

No. 157126

"Just say blacks" well at least you're telling everyone who you are as a person straight away. It's rude the same way calling people "gays" versus "gay people" is.

No. 157321

Imagine her reading a book or something. I'm talking about her voice, not her words.

No. 157583

I 100% agree with you on that point but that’s not what I meant. I wasn’t clear.. at all actually.
I meant that Mikan has absolutely nothing in common with Sharla (with the exception of animal crossing). By seasoned I meant experience with Japan and by late 30s I meant life experience - not what she should or shouldn’t be doing or anything derogatory.
I don’t think anyone from sharlas audience would be interested in mikans content

No. 157763

is Mikan on spouse visa? I saw her tweet that she's had a job interview but if she's really on entertainer visa, I don't think she's allowed to get a job outside of her visa scope right? I think Yasu is already her husband

No. 157764

Her student visa should be invalid right after she dropped out of Bunka. Work visa is not an option for her since she doesn't have a degree. She already stated before she's not working in an eikawa any longer after she met Hiro. It's weird that after dropping out of Bunka she immediately moved in with her new "bf" Yasu and they were able to adopt cats. She's 100% lying about her visa and her relationship with Yasu

No. 157777

So tired of anons going on tinfoil rabbit holes as if they know the entire backend of visa work outside of a Google search with basic details. She's living with someone, there might be exceptions for his company or by her visa agreement. It does is no good to tinfoil it being "up".

No. 157778

I live in Japan lmao. It's not a basic google search. I have gone in and out of Immigration Office whenever I renew my work visa here. And if it's true that she has a dependent visa, for her to have it she should be married with a man who has a permanent or a long-term visa. You cannot stay in Japan longer than 90 days if a person is just on tourist visa.

No. 157784

Please go call their government, anon. It'd be easy to find her if the country was hunting her down for visa violations. Its not like she is in hiding.

No. 157787

Why would the government just give out those information to anyone randomly asking. Are you stupid??

I’m also pretty sure she’s married. Other visa are very strict with what you can work and what not. Even just part time on top of your actual work/visa or whatever needs a special permit. You have to explain why you want the permit etc. it’s tedious.

No. 157796

Why wouldn't she be allowed to get another job? I mean, it's not like she'd quit youtube. do you guys even watch her videos, where she answers the majority of the dumb questions you guys ask?

No. 157797

because it would literally be illegal for her to work without a working visa and she entered the country on a student visa, not a working one
Youtube isn't necessarily seen as a real job even if it brings her an income and she's "working" in that sense

No. 157800

A person cannot engaged in other activities outside their scope of visa in Japan. It's illegal without permission from the Immigration. She needs a special permit for that. She's not a student anymore so obviously her student visa is already revoked. Anon is just wondering how she was able to stay in Japan for this long without working in Japan since YT is not considered a real job. Japan Immigration Offices are strict when it comes to handling visa. So the only one I can think of is either she's changed her visa status into entertainer visa (which I doubt she suddenly just dropped out of Bunka and got herself an apartment) or she's married to her bf, since a spouse visa has no restrictions. Lastly, no she did not specifically answered this question on her vids.

No. 157802

No idea, but I remember PewDiePie mentioned a few years ago that he is having troubles with his visa because Japan doesn't recognize YouTuber as a job, and this guy got LOADS of money

No. 157804

I vaguely recall sharla or someone else of the japan tubers saying you need a japanese company to hire/sponsor you to do youtube as a job in japan

No. 157814


i remember him also saying it got harder for youtubers because one of those Paul brothers (the one who recorded the suicide forest video) fucked it up for everyone too

No. 157822

Yeah how else do you think CDawg VA got to japan? The Trash taste gang is sponsored by an entertainment company. Also isn’t bunka like a trade school? Would graduating from there qualify for a work visa?

No. 157828

She dropped out and didn’t graduate. So no work visa for her. The only option she really has is spouse. And I’m pretty sure she has it already but just doesn’t want to admit it.

No. 157838

Can we not? No one knows her exact visa details. There are stipulations to them. Its not all straight and narrow or you get booted out of the country.

Not to mention, some visas are on hold or are being exempt from the last year due to covid like some students have been able to stay in Japan too instead of all foreigners being kicked out.

No. 157839

Years ago, but now they have their own YouTube branch there and even the government uses YouTubers to teach about Japan or show aspects of it. Theres a whole YouTube bunch associated with Japan's government endorsement. Aki, Joey, ChrisAbroad, Ryan in Japan (think was his name) and a few others are main ones I know anons know the names of. I don't remember what the group is called, but Aki and Joey were the other 2 added to this tourism thing like a year ago.

No. 157843

That's not an option for her tho, people like cdawg are actually entertaining to a broader demographic and get millions of people to watch (e.g. with going to a yaoi cafe). Meanwhile mikan is just a dime in a dozen of pastel clothes girlies, that's nothing really special or beneficial enough for anybody in japan to sponsor her.

No. 157902

Just because you don't find her entertaining, doesn't mean a good chunk of people don't, anon. There's a reason she has an audience. You saying she doesn't count doesn't magically make her videos not count if that is the case with her visa. Speculation isn't milk. Why do anons go to the least tangible topics when no proof is available on what's really happening? There are plenty of students even, who weren't studying, who were able to stay in Japan too. Go on and alert people how unfair that is.

No. 157945

You’re the same retard in the multiple threads on W who lives to defend a cow, I see your existence on LC is just to provide minimal contribution

No. 157948

No one is defending by saying that no one knows the actual situation with her visa so what's the point of derailing about it? Its all speculation. Where do anons think the convo will go when no one knows why she is still in Japan? There actually are many reasons the VISA might be on hold and not just for her, but thousands in Japan who have had them on hold due to COVID. No one cares if an anon "used to live in Japan". That doesn't help with circumstances unrelated to the anon.

No. 157949


Okay Yasu

No. 157950

visas are only on hold when you are outside the country. Current visa holders are either able to extend more easily or change to a different status until they can leave for home. Which mainly applies to countries in Southeast Asia. She’s not on a student visa because she quit Bunka and therefore it’s straight forward she lost the student status. It’s fairly easy to change from student to spouse of she married Yasu last minute.

No. 157951

Aki barely has tolerable content and she's hired with that Japanese creatives company, so its not unrealistic that Mikan might be signed in a YT management company like that.

No. 157952

Why is it such a big deal to you if she married and has a spouse visa? I don’t get why you try to shift the conversation away from it like holy Mikan would never ever marry just to stay in glory nippon, right??

No. 157953

File: 1625016827679.jpg (1010.21 KB, 1080x1733, Screenshot_20210629-183257_Ins…)

She's probably there due to sponsorships. That company is also located in Tokyo. Doing these types of gigs probably prolongs it.

No. 157954

File: 1625016962141.jpg (1.07 MB, 1078x1853, Screenshot_20210629-183554_Ins…)

She's been doing modeling here and there, so she must have a working visa.

No. 157955

mikan may be sponsored by breaker, inc. its website lists lots of j-vloggers (simon and martina, rinrin, natalia etc) as influencers in its network, and mikan is on its list. whether it sponsors visas or not is unclear but that would be the most likely place sponsoring her.

No. 157958

She specifically talks about how she isn't married, and what it's like to get a visa for entertainment in her relationship q&a and some other q&a. Just goes to show how braindead you guys are trying to milk a dry cow.

No. 157961

I believe this was from her old classmates graduation project. She had stories posted about this before. It wasn’t a paid modeling gig

No. 157967

That or entertainment, though I'd be surprised if she got it so quickly after being kicked out of school. The thing that makes lot's of anons think she went the illegal marriage route for visa is because how quickly she moved in with Yasu and the fact that Mikan just loves trying to prove her threads wrong, so why hasn't she done that yet with the visa? Why not just prove she has the damn ENT visa?

No. 157968

Because its only a few anons who keep mentioning it. No one else seems to care because they know not all visas are expired and you're immediately booted, so why would she do Q/As about it? It's no one business either, but again, she's not hiding or anything like how Venus looks on the run, so it doesn't seem like she is having vias issues.

No. 157973

Her student visa is literally going to expire when she leaves school. She might get a couple months on top to prepare for departure but that’s it. I don’t know why it’s so difficult to understand as Japanese immigration is pretty straight forward. Not studying anymore? Well, there goes your visa. Simple. Not reporting it to immigration is gonna get you into trouble because it’s illegal to stay under the student visa if you don’t study.

No. 157974

Calm down. It's not a big deal.

No. 157981

i was a pullfag and there were lots of visa marriage discussions there when her and yasu first got together. mikan suddenly kept spamming "look how totally in love we are" stuff in a way she never did with her previous bf, and she avoided talking about what visa she was on and what she would do after bunka and then she moved in with yasu right away despite him being a confirmed cheater

all in all it's fair to be sus of her visa status given the circumstances, but it's not that big of a deal imo

No. 157983

It gives her boyfriend a lot of power to pull the plug on her though, right? I think I read that somewhere, if you're gaijin and marry a Japanese guy that guy can ditch you, and your visa at his whim and you're out.

No. 158009

wow this looks like shit, and what is the mouth expression that she's pulling?

No. 158014

She literally can’t get a w visa she had no bachelor’s degree.

No. 158026

No1currs, you autistic visa spergs.

No. 158041

You mean you don’t care, you’re shitting up multiple threads in w while complaining about them and providing no contribution yourself. Get off LC

No. 158050

this constant deflection of mikans visa issues is getting sus kek

there are so many facts that don't add up unless she straight up married yasu right away, we can pretty much assume she did a venus and secretly married him to stay in the country while still calling him her boyfriend

No. 158097

Like anons have been saying, no one knows what she actually has anymore so this convo is going nowhere. That's not deflection. Its straight derailing. Some say marriage visa, some say its on hold, others say she now has a work one, so anon, where do you expect this discussion to even go?

No. 158360

Sus indeed

No. 158370

>because how quickly she moved in with Yasu
You mean Mikan the former (?) sex worker would think twice before moving in with someone? Where do you get such an idea?
You need to go back to whatever shithole you came from.
You too.

No. 158373

mikan wks are the funniest

No. 158400

What part is whiteknighting? Saying her visa status is unknown and its useless to argue amongst anons about what it really is?

No. 158401

Get off lc

No. 158404

proving the point. you felt called out by that general comment? you’re causing the streisand effect with the effort you put into ending the discussion about her visa because hardly anything else about her is worth caring about since all she does is be a whiny brat who complains on twitter all day.

No. 158413

Pullfag anon here again. Mikan is known to lurk and post about herself to try to make her own image better. When she started dating Yasu she accidentally confirmed she read on pull by immediately trying to dismiss a rumor that had only been posted on pull and nowhere else, literally right after it had been posted kek

The visa conversation would be dead by now if it wasn't for all the "hurr durr you don't know! She's totes not married for visa!! Stop talking about it!!!"

No. 158439

The way mikan tried to dismiss those rumors was to immediately call out Yasu’s ex-girlfriend over Instagram stories and ultimately causing a witch-hunt to occur.

No. 158516

Sage old milk and learn to integrate or go back to discord.

No. 158553

Then post screencaps.

No. 158716

another lazy cow demanding we serve cheese
read here yourself

No. 158738

Sage for no contribution
any news about her cat? I could swear she posted a story last week that it was in a foster home but I didn’t screenshot it in time(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 158739

Where is the sage then, anon? Show us the sage, anon.

No. 158744

u didn't sage and fyi the cats are miserable because they have a weeb owner

No. 158794

It’s not her cats that she’s sent to a foster home but some streetcat that lived outside her building who she’s trying to help from what I’ve briefly seen lol

No. 159201

File: 1625665273574.jpeg (170.36 KB, 750x807, E2B4EB4B-E50B-4778-BEE8-04FD6C…)

she loves to read up on herself

No. 159417

She's so affected and buthurt lmao

No. 159418

maybe next time she'd be pulling Oli London stunt identifying herself as japanese. she really tries hard to stay relevant

No. 159455

She's been creating sockpuppet accounts on PULL defending herself, just to later admit that it is her (when she got outed for being on sugardaddy websites), and now she is doing the same shit but on lolcow.

How can you be so obsessed with yourself, doing nothing but stalking your online presence for years? She needs a hobby, really. Doesn't she have a boyfriend to spend time with anyway?

No. 159459

Your spouse can ditch you anytime and you will be given six months to leave the country. If they are the sneaky type & divorce you behind your back, and do not inform you about the divorce & call the immigration a couple of days before the six month period is up then you’ll be sent back home. It happens a lot because Japanese don’t want conflict.
However if you sign a paper in your ward office then you will be informed of the divorce, giving you time to transition into another type of visa. (Work/student etc.) If you have a child from Japanese, you can get long term resident visa which allows you to work full time.

TL;DR Bad idea to marry for visa as your spouse can pull the plug on you if they are the psycho type. It doesn’t really make sense to me unless the said person is from a shithole country

No. 159463

You can’t just divorce behind someone’s back in japan. Both parties have to sign. Lorena refused to sign for divorce for a long time so she could stay on her spouse visa. The spouse would need to hire a lawyer to force for divorce. It’s not that easy

No. 159469

nayrt but if that person gets ahold of your hanko can't they just force your signature? I heard this is a common issue even among 2 Japanese people and idk if they've done anything to change it.

No. 159473

Yes they can. Especially if you’re living together. That’s what I was talking about

No. 159481

If said foreign spouse owns a hanko then yes but these days it’s not necessary anymore. You don’t even need it to sign in the marriage.

No. 159482

File: 1625750619821.jpeg (78.3 KB, 750x438, 6EB71C5E-4340-4BFA-9DF1-F4EF99…)

god she makes everything about herself

No. 159886

>She needs a hobby
Reading and creating discussions about themselves is a lolcow's favourite hobby.
>Doesn't she have a boyfriend to spend time with anyway?
For people like her a boyfriend is an accessory to their ego, not a companion to build your life with.
Point me to these people that think Mikan is white please, lol. She looks like a muppet from a knockoff Afghani show or something.

No. 159890

it's actually very easy, I've known some people who've married Japanese nationals who pulled this, both parties do have to sign but it's not uncommon for the Japanese spouse to sign on the foreigner's behalf behind their back, you can avoid this by signing a document that blocks the process without both parties actually being there

No. 159891

File: 1625924001360.jpg (8.17 KB, 168x299, images.jpg)

it's blurry as heck because I had to find it on google, there was another photo where she said Sayo and Yasu weren't dating but then switched and called her his ex, he was even on the phone with her the day he met Mikan in person because "he was nervous meeting her" and that he had no one to go on dates with then DMing Sayo that he loves her

No. 159892

File: 1625924057614.jpg (773.67 KB, 1242x1983, 1589840467883.jpg)

No. 159899

File: 1625926154231.jpg (81.03 KB, 640x1280, 1613992748773.jpg)

Mikan had posted a purikura from January 2020, they met in November 2019 and were openly flirting while Yasu and Sayo were still together, he claimed Sayo was manipulative and was "suicidal" but he would often lie to her and not tell her where he was going or what he was doing until after it happened

No. 159900

File: 1625926203406.jpg (4.74 KB, 412x122, imgg.jpg)

No. 159901

File: 1625926417209.jpg (9.31 KB, 223x226, images.jpg)

can't wait for when he starts pulling this shit on Mikan, especially now that she has a mental illness, I really think they got married and she doesn't want to admit it because she talked shit about those who got spouse visas

No. 160026

Hi Mikan. Fuck off please. Thank you.

No. 160106

Sorry if OT but anyone got a link to the new Venus thread? Or maybe no one made one yet?

No. 160109

Are you serious or just extremely blind?

No. 160129

Can you do something to prove this is her, anon? this is basic bitch twitter apology notepad. This could honestly be anyone even trying to larp as her.

No. 160207

I remember her ex would make a PULL account and throw proofs and stories over how much of a cheating scumbag this guy is. Sucks that PULL doesn't even have an archive (?)

No. 160223

There's an archive for a lot of Mikan's thread. I don't know which page anything is on off the top of my head but have a poke around: https://archive.vn/7lfZP

No. 160240

Her PULL thread was gold. She did the classic cow move of making an account to post a long winded explanation of any speculation and then went on to become an even bigger cow (dropping out, harassing her ex on IG, the Yasu and visa speculation.)

No. 160280

Is Yasu's ex girlfriend the blond girl on his IG posts? or not? I didn't know he was a cheater when he met Mikan

No. 160290

File: 1626058216628.jpeg (386.87 KB, 750x741, 53D65DE2-25EF-47FD-9E0E-EE684E…)

No, I’m assuming you’ve saw Ashlynn
This would be Yasu’s ex. (Red and black hair)

No. 160295

File: 1626059088999.jpeg (197.22 KB, 415x1128, 885257E3-8F63-4CAE-9B83-74471C…)

No. 160320

Where did you grab that screencap from? Is this Miya?

No. 160340

I found it by googling "mikan mandarin yasu"

No. 160344

it's all around pages 224-228 on the archived thread https://archive.vn/l5xnE

No. 160348

oh wow she's prettier than Mikan.

No. 160352

File: 1626078309602.jpg (31.53 KB, 394x500, cfabea04706acc77eabec64f7ac045…)

found this on the pull archive, dudes who claim their exes are "toxic and manipulative" never fail to not surprise me

No. 160612

that threat got me laughin' he's such a creep

No. 160618

she's very pretty, i'm surprised
meanwhile dude looks like all his facial features are squished into the lower third of his head

No. 160970

File: 1626308502402.png (122.01 KB, 1122x595, lol.PNG)

No. 160973

says the woman who did underage ddlg

No. 160974

everything is about her lmao

No. 160982

File: 1626315641180.jpg (54.68 KB, 544x360, 360_F_237435240_q610TSmWJZTjrK…)

Tuccan mandarin Tuccan mandarin Tuccan mandarin Tuccan mandarin(autism)

No. 160983

Godammit you're all just as boring as Mikan and her boring, unfortunate, bog-standard life. She's a stupid girl that's thoroughly lacking identity and individuality while depending on some greasy narcissist. Wow, shocking news. Also, y'all really jerking off to the whole visa bullshit as if she's the only one doing this kinda stuff and as if y'all weebs wouldn't do it if having the chance lol, just fuck some cop if you want to defend some shitty and outdated laws(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 160991

Seriously. The conversation about the visa isn't going anywhere. It's nitpicking at this point.

No. 160993

You are blaming her for that?

No. 161016

Leave the internet if you want to pass 8th grade, kid

No. 161027

File: 1626340979242.jpg (487.67 KB, 2160x3840, 20210715_122251.jpg)

She's talking about venus isn't she?

No. 161052

Yeah she's definitely talking about VA; funny to get some closure about that shit. And after reading those tweets, it appears to be even more likely that she herself opened this stupid ass thread lol (not saying that I totally assume it though) She's known for being irrationally & embarrassingly horny for any kinda drama and publicity after all.

No. 161067

Nah, this thread was made, halfassed, at the same time anons were making multiple crappy threads and trying to re-do milk on multiple cows. The same fags who made the last Belle delphine thread.

No. 161068

She's right. Society hates when lithe women want to be sexy or be in relationships, especially if they look young. Idc what anons say, she doesn't look old. It's like Belle's issue. Even if they weren't being thots, people lose their minds and scream pedophilia by infantalization of these girls. It's fucked up.

No. 161070

don’t know why anons come here once a week to complain about this thread existing when they could just go to some other thread like VA’s instead. not really any moral high ground when we all go on lolcow.

No. 161103

no idiot could ever mistake mikan for younger than she is

No. 161187

lmao i fully believe this was Venus with how off the rails she's been acting

Mikan used her friends for views and clout even with their expressed disapproval, like isn't that why she even hung out with venus in the first place? but even i have enough compassion to applaud mikan for cutting venus off, at least she has SOME standards kek venus is so fucking gross and tragic at this point

No. 161219

Some scrotes might, but I wouldn't say anywhere need under 18 at this point. Once certain lines show up on your face, you show your age.

No. 161221

complains about being used but does it all the time to others? lol

No. 161232

Lmao no one's talking about the visa now. Can't let it go Mikan? Guilty much?

No. 161233

Well duh, because the topic is already over for over a week

No. 161234

she doesn't look young tbh. she looks her age that wears silly dresses

No. 161235

She knew VA is a problematic person and one should steer away from but chose to be close to her in the first place so she could leech of her fame lololol. Well, good thing she cut ties with her, VA is just fucked up

No. 161237

What lines would appear on your face in your youth lmao? Also a lot of small children have nasolabial folds and laugh lines as well as crows feet, it’s genetic. You can still be like 5 and have those things. But Mikan looks her age, which is not a bad thing.

No. 161349

Hypocrisy aside, she's 10000% right about this. It pisses me off when people act as if petite women can't have romance in their lives because it somehow panders to pedos, while simultaneously being ok with little girls shaking their asses in tiktok and little boys dancing in drag.
Based. Best post in this thread so far. Who even reported this?
Message aside, if felt like a covert humblebrag to me. "Oh look people think I'm underage".

No. 161354

Everything she posts about herself is a covert humblebrag lbr. It's not her fault she's just so skinny and smol chested and irresistible that Japanese men throw themselves at and stalk her uwu.

No. 161361

Japanese men do prefer petite girls, they really don't like that thicc western look and are embarrassed to be seen with the Japanese version of obese. Not saying she's truthful about being stalked, but she probably does get dudes trying to flirt with her because she is white and petite.

No. 161397

>She is white
Kurdish. She is less white looking than your average Japanese girl, anon.

No. 161398

She's white to them. Don't be this retarded.

No. 161408

>because she is white
She isn't white. Nobody in Japan with access to a TV would think she's white.
No, she isn't. That's like you confusing a native american with an asian. There might be some phenotypical overlap, but you would have had to never had to visual media in your life to confuse those two.

No. 161409

She's white-passing in skin color. There's nothing to argue here. She isn't dark-skinned regardless of her race. Same way momokun is Lebanese, but she is white. Anywhere she goes she looks like a white person mix. The only thing pointing her out is her hair and nose.

No. 161414

File: 1626466732595.jpg (138.41 KB, 1080x1440, aryan.jpg)

Yeahh no anon, Mikan clearly looks arabic, no one in the world would assume she's white even if she's pale.

She's not even that pale lol she filters her social media to oblivion to seem more uwu kawaii.

No. 161415

she whitens her skin in photos tho, she looks more tan and middle eastern than what she's trying to show

No. 161419

Anon, I’m Middle Eastern and she definitely is no white passing. Besides her obvious “olive” skin tone, she has Arab as fuck facial features

No. 161477

Exactly. You're Middle Eastern, not Japanese

No. 161489


Can western weebs please stop with the under eye bags? They're rancid

No. 161491


Why are blacks always asking about dating in Japan? It's like they're always trying to find out and seek acceptance. If someone likes you they like you but lets just be real and say the Japanese / East Asians prefer paler skin. That's just how it is.

No. 161493


Legit just do not find this girl cute at all. She's too thin, has a big awful nose and seems horrid.

Fuck off out of Japan and get an actual Japan

No. 161497

The second, the more elusive Japan.

No. 161498

>Fuck off out of Japan and get an actual Japan
Words to live by.

No. 161559

are you japanese?

No. 161574

>She's white-passing in skin color
What kind of cope is this? That's like saying a pale Asian is white-passing. Hell, I've seen a couple of Asians who were paler than any white person I've ever seen.
What do you mean? I don't think she has much control over it.
The (sad?) truth is that pale skin is preferred almost everywhere, and blacks (maybe because of it) seem to have self-esteem issues everywhere, which I guess would explain why so many of them tend to be on the flashier side.

No. 161577

She's clearly been lurking Venus' thread because some anon asked what happened between them recently there and then she posts this. She's a daily lurker.

No. 161579

Gotta love the anons always trying to shut down the visa discussion. What are you so scared of?

>please stop infantilizing me
Wears kawaii child-like clothing and tries to act like a kawaii high school girl on the daily. You infantilize yourself, dumb-ass.

No. 161580

Mikan knew he was in a relationship too when she was flirting with him, which makes it even worse. It was all documented on the PULL thread.

No. 161591

yeah, there were photos of Miya and Yasu together on both of their accounts, and Miya showed that they were on the phone the same time he went to see Mikan at an event when she was studying at Bunka, he was also telling Miya he loved her the same day he told Mikan he had "no date" for something

No. 161895

File: 1626566331981.jpg (288.6 KB, 547x699, Screenshot_20210718-014547.jpg)

This giraffe isn't even a 3/10 but well, turns out always the sketchy, greasy, ugly guys those asian hunters are after.

No. 162150

File: 1626595605561.png (250.45 KB, 522x927, MikanMandarin.png)

She reposted a post about tone policing in her story and because I wanted to know how is it racist that people want a normal discussion and not being mean in a disput with each other. Like I was clearly open to a normal discussion but she is sensitiv, she blocked me.
If you can't explain your beliefs don't post them online and then cry people are asking about.

No. 162204

No one cares that you tried to contact the cow for milk and then got blocked. Fuck off, anon. No one wants your cow tipping forced milk.

No. 162261

A little aggressive there nonita, she wasn't contacting the cow for milk but merely relaying an interaction she had where it went question Mikan on anything - get instantly blocked

Would suggest Mikan cannot back up what she preaches as anon said.

No. 162319

File: 1626637274129.jpeg (1.68 MB, 1242x1994, 2E5F77DE-F5EB-4ECE-908A-E83E22…)

here’s another candid from rune's insta
I still can’t believe she’s friends with Mikan. Rune is everything Mikan wishes to be: married, has a reasonably long visa in japan because her husband is in the us navy, has a baby and is a housewife who's hobby is Instagram and selling secondhand to foreigners.
I think Mikan fakes her whole personality when she’s around Rune because she doesn’t see her as a threat but as a mentor of some sort.

No. 162352

Yikes all three of them dress and look embarrassingly bad.

No. 162410

She dresses like how creepy foreigners think Japanese people dress like.

No. 162418

generally shocked rune had a baby

No. 162428

no normal japanese person dress like them.

No. 162433

I didn't know you could be thin and pretty in your mid twenties and still be so fucking cringe that it's worthless

No. 162481

lmao why she won't go get that nose fixed already.

No. 162487

I think she already got it fixed. It was more unflattering before.

No. 162517

So I posted that no one could mistake Mikan as underage and this is kind of what I mean. Literally no one will look at Mikan in this picture, or any picture, or any video, and see a teenager. It's not about looking "old" but she is obviously grown. She lives in a land where underweight women are normal, and many of them are much thinner/flatter/narrower than she can be. She puts so much effort into these outfits but they look like caricatures. No normal Japanese teen is dressing like this unless it's for a special occasion or to go to Shibuya or something. And even then, her taste is so tacky I have no idea how she manages to ruin 75% of her outfits. There's no notion of style or fashion here at all.

No. 162555

Yes, I’ve noticed that too.
She always uses two or three different patterns on her clothes at the same time.
I think she can’t decide if she wants to look cute or sexy combined with the fact that she has zero awareness of color theory which ends up in an amalgamation of belle delphine's wardrobe.
I think she should have sticked to her old preppy looks, but I guess she needs to dress as an egirl for chinese companies to send her stuff now.
It shouldnt be hard for her to dress nicely for little money because the secondhand market in japan is so broad, cheap and high quality compared to other countries.
It pisses me off Vina isn’t even trying, maybe that’s also why she got kicked out of bunka/her grades sucked.

No. 162568

I think some of the anons go overboard with nitpicking her looks, I find her pretty-ish but I’ve never liked her fashion. As you pointed out thrift shopping in Japan should give her a decent looking wardrobe with occasional gems, but she dresses like a worn out 90’s Barbie doll from someone’s shoebox. The forced kawaii look doesn’t fit her sharp middle eastern features. (Which could look fantastic with the right styling) I think she would look so much better as a normie with minimal makeup. She already has what Japanese girls try to achieve with kawaii makeup: big eyes, slim face, long nose etc.

No. 162570

Cute Clothes and frills aren't child exclusive anyway. If someone wants to infantalize an adult because she's petite (as they don't do this to fat chicks), that's their creepy fucking perversion. Mikan looks nothing like a kid, a teen, or anyone under 18. Look at half the cottage core and lolita rockabilly ffs.

No. 162573

Just to add, Japan is known for their extremely feminine and cute aestetic for women, even old women. Anons really want her to shop for what? Bland, ugly shit Taylor wears? Kek

No. 162583

As the other anon said she has features that fit more normie like fashion (which can be feminine and cute too specially in japan). She could also wear jfashion and her egirl looks but she goes back and forth with styles and ends up mixing things like the last pic. (folded T-shirt, mini skirt, long frilly socks and chunky Mary Janes when she could have used normal socks and cute pink/white sneakers to avoid looking tacky)
If she knew how to style things better she could wear literally anything. there’s plenty of girls on Tiktok who sponsor brands with different styles for a living and are capable of pulling outfits for each of them without mixing things up.

No. 162588

The major point being missed here is this:

Mikan is the one who claims everyone in Japan gushes over her slim figure and calls her skinny and stalks her for being so slim and childlike (embedded vid - kek at the opening quotation). She has made clickbait videos about "why she's so skinny" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1cZuzTeWv8) and posted stories about how she's losing weight and all kinds of scummy borderline pro-ana stuff. She also SIMULTANEOUSLY wants to be seen as underage and brags about this too. Nevermind that she herself tried to do sex work as an actual teen, and put herself on a "petite kitten" sexy/gravure IG. If you really need screenshots, just scroll up, or check here >>>/w/93148
Looking thin and looking "young" is part of this woman's narcissistic identity, and she will bring it up as much as she possibly can. So hearing her lecture everyone about how she is shamed and called a pedobaiter for her body alone is ridiculous.

Meanwhile, picrel is this "abnormally thin childlike" woman. And: it's an old pic.

On a different note, her mom donated to her ko-fi twice back in the day: https://ko-fi.com/mikanmandarin
"Hey! Why not have 2 on your mother"

No. 162590

File: 1626719477437.jpg (142.58 KB, 750x809, 672f631a899e939b8d7d40fc248772…)


No. 162591

She look south asian and not arabic at all

No. 162603

Gatekeep existing adult feminine fashion more, anon. It makes you sound extremely retarded. Tell lolitas not to wear their outfits too.

No. 162609

File: 1626725890924.jpg (334.16 KB, 650x1170, LA_8879_PS07312018.jpg)

This outfit is basically just one of those sexy schoolgirl halloween costumes

No. 162612

>I said she shouldnt wear jfashion and I’m gatekeeping it.
>Mikan wears lolita
”she can wear whatever she wants as long as it is styled correctly and doesn’t mix styles to look tacky but me and the other anon think her features fit normie Japanese clothes better”
Sure nonita keep deviating the convo just like they did with her visa like it wasn’t a valid topic.

No. 162624

>a land where underweight women are normal
Source or you're just a seething landwhale.
>even then, her taste is so tacky
Yeah, it was shocking that she applied to Bunka. I can't believe nobody ever told her she had shit taste.
>I find her pretty-ish
You can find her a 10/10 goddess but that won't change the fact she's closer to 03/10 once you wash makeup and remove the filters.

No. 162637

people do infantilize fat chicks as well when they're short, height is a way bigger factor in adults being perceived as "childish".
Agreed with everything else, if anything her long limbs and abnormally long neck makes her look older, having a bit more fat and softer features would make her look younger tbh

i think she'd look better in basic clothes, but that might just be because her styling so often falls flat. maybe if she had stayed at bunka she would have learned how to put together a cohesive outfit

No. 162643

>> I’m the supreme judge of beauty standards on lolcow

Stop gatekeeping other people’s beauty standards. Whenever someone mentions they like her appearance you come to this thread and chimpout. Triggered anon?

No. 162645

Is this a fat phobic “forever Lolita” who is mad that Mikan is more popular than her?

No. 162651

anon who would be jealous of this weeb

No. 162664

File: 1626740339438.jpeg (33.17 KB, 553x554, 7E065A2D-BCFE-4F93-9A94-7A7434…)

No. 162692

whaat? hell no she doesn't. Bella Poarch or any south, southeast asian does not look like Mikan at all. Her features screams middle eastern

No. 162694

she looks so much better wearing this kind of style. but again we're talking about Mikan who only knows tacky kawaii style

No. 162700

I think Mikan is pretty. Stay mad.

No. 162713

It's okay. I think she's kind of pretty too. Anons think anyone who is a cow they hate is automatically ugly as hell. That's a mental thing.

No. 162724

kek I'm a seething land whale because I pointed out that the average BMI of East Asian women is much lower than in most Western countries? I'd love to live in a place where I see fewer people eating themselves to death.

No. 162729


Okay Mikan.

No. 162731

okay and? people can think she’s ugly or pretty but her personality still sucks

No. 162771

She's Kurdish not Arab

No. 162778

Who fucking cares

No. 162968

>beauty is whatever I say no matter the mountain of scientific evidence proving there are objective metrics
>I'm also mentally ill so I believe everyone who shares the same opinions HAS to be the same person
You're worse than Mikan.
I don't have a single outfit that qualifies as Lolita, and while I don't mind people who like to wear that, I wouldn't wear it myself. I find it too saccharine.
>fat phobic
Go back to tumblr, you fat fuck.
Agreed. She almost looks like a character from a movie or something, in a good way.
No, you're a seething landwhale because (1) BMI is based in western standards and doesn't account for bone density which varies among races (e.g. in average, a black woman's will be 1-7% higher than a white woman and 3-9% higher than an asian woman), and (2) even if what I just pointed out was irrelevant, the BMI to qualify for being underweight is below 18.5 and no study shows that the average woman in Japan is underweight even by this measure (e.g. https://www.statista.com/statistics/996899/japan-body-mass-index-status-female-population-by-age-group/)

So, you're either an ignorant fool parroting something you read at some point, or you're a seething coping envious solar-system engulfing lardass loser. Either read about the things you spew, lose some weight, or stop being perpetually upset that thin, healthy people exist and don't want to validate your shitty life choices.

No. 162973

Some of y’all need your own threads on lolcow for real.

No. 162981

What has this thread come to? It’s all race and weight discussions now.

No. 162982

Race and weight are constant topics of Mikan tbf,

No. 162985

kek for real anon. no wonder there are always comments talking about how this thread is useless, ‘cause people keep coming here sperging as if they’re writing their masters dissertations on weight and beauty standards instead of mikan’s dumbassery.

No. 162999

I'd agree if your point was that all this is off-topic but you come as WKs instead.

No. 163027

read again, anon. i’m not a wk; i can’t stand mikan at all. the thread just doesn’t need a shit ton of harvard references to ‘back up’ useless discourse when you could all just go on her twitter and find something to laugh at instead.

No. 163042

Yea she look asian like pakistan or iran but She look nothing like middle eastern, media always portray similar type of people from some area but if you have lived there and met many middle eastern they tend to have diverse type of looks and feeling some you will never guess and most of their bodies are naturally curvy with hips. She has the looks and body of an Asian girl which is okay since she enjoy that

No. 163119

If you're trying to say that Mikan is a healthy weight, you're wrong. She's underweight and ana. And if you look at how little she eats, I don't believe she's "naturally thin." It's a deliberate attempt to stay underweight because she likes that. Just like, say Marzia.

No. 163120

She literally looks like the middle eastern Kurd she is: tan skin, big hooked nose (pre-surgery), sharp facial features on a long face and droopy "puppy" eyes.

Regardless, half-japanese/white people who look fully asian to western eyes gets made fun of for looking "white" in Japan because they're such a homogeneous country. Mikan stands out in Japan whether people think she looks "white" or middle eastern.

No. 163126

>No, you're a seething landwhale because (1) BMI is based in western standards and doesn't account for bone density which varies among races (e.g. in average, a black woman's will be 1-7% higher than a white woman and 3-9% higher than an asian woman), and (2) even if what I just pointed out was irrelevant, the BMI to qualify for being underweight is below 18.5 and no study shows that the average woman in Japan is underweight even by this measure (e.g. https://www.statista.com/statistics/996899/japan-body-mass-index-status-female-population-by-age-group/)

>So, you're either an ignorant fool parroting something you read at some point, or you're a seething coping envious solar-system engulfing lardass loser. Either read about the things you spew, lose some weight, or stop being perpetually upset that thin, healthy people exist and don't want to validate your shitty life choices.

Fucking hell, anon. I never said the women in Japan are unhealthy (OP >>>/w/162517 and reply >>>/w/162724). You're making a shitload of assumptions based on the fact that I said underweight women are "normal" in Japan. Fine, you made your point that I should have worded this differently, but seriously calm the fuck down, I haven't said a single judgmental thing about anyone except Mikan and Mikan deserves it.

I appreciate the education you have given about BMI in East Asian countries, despite the fact that this correction did not necessitate calling me/others obese and stupid. Hope all is well at home.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 163144

File: 1626913726085.png (1.42 MB, 962x1412, 1608885140497.png)

I honestly wonder if the people who like her appearance have seen her candids, her IRL or if their brains just automatically picture her from her IG posts and videos (in which she controls the lighting like filming with window light towards her face, as well as angles, facial smoothing and other beauty features and filters built into cameras). She doesn't look that great when you can see all the shadows and grooves on her face (and you can't even see the skin texture since the video is too low res). I don't even think she looks that great in her edits, but part of that is her makeup and style. She looks better in dark grungy stuff.

No. 163145

She reminds me of the lady from the jubilee video who gathered with all the other poc and said they should vote off all the white people who did absolutely nothing to them as "reparations." She's so insufferable.

No. 163159

She does not look Asian at all. Like c'mon will she stand out like that in Japan if she looks Asian? It's the reason why she gets stalkers and Yasu or any gaijin hunter likes her. The reason she got so popular is that she's western or Kurdish or (whatever you'd like to call it) living in Japan. If she looks like an average Asian I wouldn't think she'd be popular in any social media

No. 163176

People are saging so it's not like it's bumping… if you get so triggered about replies then don't read the thread?

No. 163178

>she look asian like pakistan or iran
But anon, Iran is in the middle east. Mikan looks middle-eastern. Some people here are claiming that the Japanese wouldn't be able to tell the difference, which is absurd. Imagine unironically believing the Japanese have had so little exposure to media that they don't know what an arab-type looks like. I mean, if it was Kagoshima of somewhere remote I'd buy it, but in Tokyo? No way.
No, I never implied anything you wrote.
>calm the fuck down
Take your meds.
>this correction did not necessitate calling me/others obese and stupid
Bullying fatties is always warranted. If you're not fat, then you shouldn't mind. You have the choice not to reply, ignore my post, and move on with your day.(infighting)

No. 163181

She looks the same. The live feed will never, ever have the same nice look currated photos do.

No. 163182

Can you guys not argue about her race? No1currs she's kurdish or middle eastern. Shes a westernized girl living in Japan with 3 aspects of her not being white. She's not middle eastern in the way anons want her to be. She's basically a white girl who will be fetishized for being non-japanese in japan. That's it. There's no other subtext. I dont know why anons are arguing about this.

No. 163243

Because middle easterners aren't white and we face racism everyday no matter what style or how we dress :) Before her surgery her nose was really prominent and I can only imagine how people treated her as a kid/teen
There probably was a reason for why it seemed like she denied her heritage for a long time, besides being a weeb and it's good that she's not doing it anymore especially because us Kurds also get oppressed by other middle easteners. That's the reason why making this a race discussion is actually bothering me and others.

(Being iraqi kurdish living in Europe, I got bullied for my big middle eastern nose and still get called stupid refugee and stuff, something that my whole family faced,so I can relate to Mikan in this case even though she's a shitbag )(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 163245

Anon, shut up. No1currs. She's in a country that will treat her the same as a white foreigner.

No. 163256

Yeah you genius but her following (also her friends around her) is still international, mainly western lol

No. 163261

And as you can imagine social media basically makes her whole life and as you're probably a human (and if you do not happen to be a b00mer), you can imagine that there are some other real people using the internet lol and maaaybe you noticed some of them are racist

No. 163356

>Can you guys not argue about her race?
Can Mikan not argue about her race?
>No1currs she's kurdish or middle eastern.
Mikan does.
>She's not middle eastern in the way anons want her to be
And what way is that?
>She's in a country that will treat her the same as a white foreigner
If by white you mean actually white, then you're completely out of your mind. A woman like Mikan is definitely treated like a westerner, but an actual white woman is treated infinitely better. Pretending that Gaijin Hunters don't have standards is silly, and Yasu went for the consolation price because that's as high as he can aspire. Top Tier Gaijin Hunters tend to be Japanese men that are in banking or real state, and those those are the ones that land the "real" white women over there (who often travel to Japan precisely for that reason).

No. 163378

Stfu anon. She will be treated like any white foreigner. If she was black, that would be different but shes not.

No. 163381

whats with white middle easterns(ex.turks) acting butthurt that theyre treated white in non european countries??? Nobody cares about you're pointless circlejerk over your noses except yall

No. 163389

>Mikan is definitely treated like a westerner, but an actual white woman is treated infinitely better. Pretending that Gaijin Hunters don't have standards is silly
Exactly. Regardless of race, a non-Japanese will definitely be treated as a foreigner, but when it comes to gaijin hunters, most do idolize Caucasians. The anons saying shit like this >>163378 or saying Mikan is white or white passing, clearly are deluded and have clearly never lived in Japan.

No. 163398

Boo hoo woe is me. You do know that white Europeans also get made fun of for their noses and tend to have prominent overprojected noses. You should see the way white people (for instance, westerners) treat/oppress other white people from, say, the balkans for instance. Your experiences and Mikan's are not unique and happen to EVERY race. So stfu with your trendy poc whining. And Mikan too. She's only using her ethnicity now because it's trendy.

No. 163402

She does NOT look the same. You can see all the shadows on her face, the bags and whatnot. You can see how she edits her facial features and skin. You are clearly retarded. She edits the shit out of her photos. And it's a low res video, so she'd look even worse in real life where you could see fine lines/pore and skin texture better.

No. 163404

exactly, if this were pre-2013 mikan would shut the fuck up about her race and would let all the weebs think she's just another white girl in japan. If yall want to cry about your noses go back to twitter

No. 163426

>acting butthurt that theyre treated white in non european countries?
Why would anyone be butthurt about being treated better than the rest? That makes no sense.
Hell, you don't even need to live in Japan to realize how obvious that is.

No. 163433

It's called a shitty lit room vs a room with light.

No. 163434

The bullshit you're saying is that kinda nonsense we hear from people crying "all lives matter", relativizing shit trying to be eDgY lol

No. 163462

yes, thank you.
I’m not sure if Twitterfags or mikan wks are the ones flooding this threat but regardless, read the fucking rules and focus on the topic, jfc.
Yes Mikan uses her ethnicity because it’s now trendy to be poc/immigrant/non white
Yes she has previously used the “I’m not like other poc, I’m white passing” card.
Yes she pedo and ana baits the shit out of her body on her social media.
She does photoshop and filter her features/skin color. Regardless if you find her cute or pretty, irl she doesn’t look like how she portrays herself online. (Tbh who does) but she does this while also using a double standard of “accept urself and your race uwu”

No. 163476

Sage these retarded spergs of yours.

No. 163543

File: 1627039598062.png (822.88 KB, 813x598, Untitled.png)

>if you post about my feet I will never show my face again
If only she was being serious.

No lives matter.
>read the fucking rules
>doesn't sage
Why are non-sagers not getting banned anymore?

No. 163563

took some zooming in to even see how the camera is attached to a transparent band she keeps under her shirt.
legit don't know why a crotch camera is part of her outfit, the lens hole right at vag height looks so awkward to me, it's the first thing your eyes are drawn to

No. 163607

File: 1627053302608.jpg (1.15 MB, 1080x1925, Screenshot_20210723-081409_Ins…)

Anon its a camera with a strap. Have you never,ever seen a low hanging photographer strap before? This is an amazingly retarded nitpick. Its also not even under the shirt. Its not even milky,but of course anons need to nitpick everything even if they're wrong.

No. 163630

I mean anon ain't wrong, it's a crotch camera. She is just showing the fact she's a nerd who spends all her time indoors, this is a very awkward outfit already and the crotch camera is just the cherry on top.

No. 163776

You do know most hanging purses, bags, camera, all usually slowly rotate forward due to a body's center of gravity and how humans generally have a slight lean forward, right? Imagine being offended by a camera's center.

No. 163777

Pointing out someone looks like a stereotypical nerd who doesn't know how to human =/= being offended. Since her whole job is looking good and fashionable online, surely the ten seconds it would take to pivot the camera to the side wouldn't go amiss.

No. 163779

File: 1627100497720.jpeg (793.56 KB, 828x1615, 0239213E-36F7-4196-BE5D-BCEC21…)

I do believe she pedo baits because who goes this far to talk about how much they look like a child?
‘Look mina, my phone says I’m a child!’ And you know she secretly loves it.

No. 163780

The wks will come marching in but she does shit like this. All. Of. The. Time. For years! I don't believe for a second that she doesn't have an ED because who else needs to mention every 5 seconds how small and childlike they are, they can't help it uwu? Like get a grip Vina and fill your head with literally anything else. You need to make a backup plan yesterday for when kero-kun dumps your ass or cheats on you so much you feel like you're losing your mind.

No. 163784

>mfw absolutely nobody in these photos looks like a child

No. 163819

search your own phone pics for "child"
I guarantee adults are mixed in. It's the dumbest search ever and Vina just wants extra fake victim points. She is the one obsessed with looking like a kid (and she doesn't at all - a good thing) and she has to constantly create "discrimination" or outrage to mask the fact that she does nothing day in and day out.

No. 163824

You must have been one of the spoiled, blonde, stupid nike-hollister brats in 8th grade lol(infighting)

No. 163908

File: 1627154783341.jpeg (121.35 KB, 749x761, 43B18A22-8FC6-4BEC-9A0D-CB5E16…)

lol she tweeted a full face pic of her actual brother to support her sperging about racial identity? i can’t at her thinking she has it harder than him

No. 163911

File: 1627154949268.jpg (92 KB, 946x2048, 20210724_122904.jpg)

It's public. Whyd you censor it? How retarded are you? You completely covered the milk that publicly posted.

No. 163912

But anon.. ShE's NoT WhiTe PassInG!

No. 163914

>this is a west Asian boy 100%
>west Asian
That is clever way to gaslight. Props.
Still seething I see.

No. 163918

west asian is a normal term in the uk

No. 163919

lmao dying at her "west asian" cope. Literally no one but a weeb would ever call the middle east "asian". Using her own little brother as proof of being "asian", it really takes me back to the early weeb days. Also gross, I feel bad for him being used like that but not surprised Vina would use him for her own gain. Ironic how she's trying to prove SHE totally is and looks asian by posting someone else because her own photos didn't prove it on their own kek

No. 163921

I’m in the UK, and I have never ever heard that term.

No. 163947

And let’s not forget she had a whole ordeal about her age in her bio, her and Yasu both. It used to be “22 (help)” and Yasu’s was “24 (ugh)”

No. 163958

File: 1627174771919.png (368.78 KB, 1080x1582, Screenshot_20210725-021127.png)

sorry for my novel - saging

I just don't understand Vina's victim angle anymore. She is whining all the time about how her people are so oppressed and she is a foreigner everywhere.

But she used to say proudly she was Swedish and never wanted people to ask about her ethnicity. Then she moved to one of the most xenophobic countries in the world, after living in the UK (which is also shitty to brown ppl) and while sitting in Nippon, Vina lashes out at social media for asking about her ethnicity.

She especially hates Americans, showing that she is a raging hypocrite with her anti-American tirades. You know, Vina, everyone living there isn't the same, and they - like you - cannot change the fact that they come from the US. So maybe show a little self-awareness. You don't want to be stereotyped as a conservative Muslim? Maybe Americans don't want to be stereotyped as stupid, fat, and lacking social graces. The US is far more diverse than many European countries. No American should be her friend; she's a total stuck-up asshole to all of them. It's like she gets a few comments and decides everyone thinks like that. Why not take issue with European countries who pointedly turn a blind eye to persecution when Turkey is involved? I mean come the fuck on, you care so much that a Kurd in America has to select "white" on the census?* This reflects nothing more than the fact that ideas about race and ethnicity are changing, and also no one gives a fuck about the US Census. Literally one person made some shitpost and there you are REEEEing about it.

Vina's crying about how her people don't have a country is also pretty dumb, since she herself was born in a rich country and has very few ties to this land she wants so much anyway. What's the big deal? Many groups have had their land taken away and then become persecuted in their own land and abroad. Does she think Kurds should have a country? If so, she is again hypocritical, since she opposes the state of Israel (seemingly) entirely and does not acknowledge that ethnic Jews suffered from the very plights (diaspora, discrimination) she uses for her own victimhood. It's hugely circular reasoning.

But one thing is sure: she wants those trendy PoC points and asspats for existing. Don't worry Vina, your dumb simps got your back.

*The Census Bureau is already changing that, it just didn't happen in time for the 2020 census. Middle Eastern Americans will get their own category. On previous censuses, people could choose "Other" and write in a race for themselves.

No. 163982

Exactly lmfao. Only a fucking degenerate weeb would ever say west asian. NONE of the Middle Eastern people I know ever call themselves "Asian." West Asian is not a common term. And Mikan claims she always wanted to be white, my fucking ass. She's been dressing like a weeb since her early teens, fetishizing Japan and obviously wishes she was actually Asian.

Exactly. She literally had surgery to erase her Middle Eastern features, then virtue signals about accepting yourself. Soon she'll be blaming her botched ugly ass nose job on "white supremacist oppression." She is legitimately dumb and one of those insufferable poc that other poc hate for making them look bad.

Nitpick, but holy shit that outfit. She's what? 24 and wearing cringey toddler looking clothes. It's that cheap internet weeb "fashion." Legitimately getting second hand embarrassment. I hope one day she looks at that photo and realizes just how horrible it actually looks.

No. 163983

No, it's called "looking shitty IRL" and editing online.

No. 163985

If you think it's impossible to be racist to white people, then you are an idiot as dumb as Mikan. There is literally a guy who wrote an article about how being white is a "pandemic" and "there should be no more bodies left for this pandemic to inhabit". Racism is defined as hatred for another person based on their skin colour. There are plenty of people who hate white people. White people in Japan are clearly not privileged. And Mikan clearly has contempt for white people given the way she talks about them and lumps them all together or says they don't have a culture or the way she treats Americans (predominately white). You'd have to have 1 brain cell to think white people can't experience discrimination or racism.

No. 163993

The term West Asia is valid but it’s used for: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, parts of Turkey.
The south of “west Asia” (where she comes from) is usually referred to as Middle East.
Nevertheless she looks exactly like a woman from the northern Middle East, even after the nose job. She’s not the only middle eastern woman with a nose job.

No. 163994

Funny thing is she would only appeal to woke leftist Americans with her PoC screeching who would like to show support for clout. She would be so out of place in Middle East.

No. 164015

Lmao what a hypocrite. Just before going to Nippon she started editing her skin white like crazy and got a ski slope nose, then permed her curly hair to straight, insisted she was swedish and british and distanced herself as much as possible from her actual kurdish ethnicity, and now she calls herself ~West azn uwu~ like that weeb cozykitsune, but she also wants the poc oppression points? You're just a hypocrite sandnig Vina, not the kawiwi nihonese you desperatly cater to. Stay mad.

No. 164040

kek i forgot autism faker cozykitsune even existed, did her and vina ever meet? i think they both hung out with venus around the same time period and they're both weebs so they seem like they'd get along

No. 164120

File: 1627255657684.jpeg (93.94 KB, 750x692, 358B6764-AD15-4C8C-A859-C9A650…)

the fanart she deserves

No. 164195

Umm are they trolling her?

No. 164264

>I just don't understand Vina's victim angle anymore
White envy + Perpetual desire of attention.
Could be.

No. 164266

>White people in Japan are clearly not privileged.
Kek that's why they're all up in their advertising setting beauty standards. Anyone who isn't japanese isn't going to be able to assimilate, all foreigners will be kept at arms' length. White people are very obviously idealized in Japan to anyone with eyes.

Milan wants proximity to whiteness to seem like the "good" kind of thin light skinned aesthetic foreigner. But now she also wants to talk about imagined oppression she is experiencing while erasing her ethnicity at every opportunity.

No. 164392

The only good Muricans are those who know that they live in a shithole, so go lick your presidents ass and shoot some people(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 164402

I see the thread has been bumped, I come to check for milk and it’s just the usual unsaged infighting and derailing. Sigh.

No. 164565

File: 1627436785377.jpeg (237.8 KB, 1242x852, 9F213160-C859-4CBC-9FB4-ACD07E…)

and more proof that she’s playing the victim while trying her hardest to hide her ethnic features.

No. 164588

File: 1627444452883.png (58.72 KB, 1065x402, burger.png)

note that anon wrote
>lol she tweeted a full face pic of her actual brother
meaning they likely thought it was unnecessary and didn't want to invade his privacy further by posting him here

No. 164637

She looks a lot better with the curly hair, it suits her face and softens her look, whereas the straight hair looks like a mannequin's wig and draws attention to her angular features

No. 164638

yeah lmao using her brother to prove her PoC status and simultaneously brag about her natural pale uwu white-pasaing skin. It's such a trip.

Mikan: "I just wear pigtails and blush, leave me alone"

Get therapy, Vina.

No. 164654

It's not about the term not existing, it's Vina using it to see more Japanese. I have literally never heard any young brit describe themselves or anyone else as west asian unless they were specifically a weeb trying to prove their asian-ness for clout. White grandparent-aged people might still use it to describe others, but even then people talking about themselves would be more specific, saying "I'm proud to be Turkish" etc. There's a reason she avoids saying "middle eastern" or "kurdish".

No. 164659

lol ty anon, that’s exactly the reason. her brother doesn’t seem to have an online presence like she does yet she posted his face for all her followers to see just to further her idiotic agenda. ~maybe~ she asked but chances are that she didn’t and his only fault here is having a dumbass for an older sister.

No. 164754

File: 1627499023614.jpeg (216.29 KB, 1612x661, 3C90C6B1-53D7-4CE4-9D4C-652BC2…)

it’s insane that she acts as though this wasn’t the end goal for her. nothing is stopping her from toning down the editing or going back to her natural hair.

No. 164866

Lmao look at this toucan. Toucan Mandarin as that other anon said lmaooo

No. 164921

File: 1627569203719.jpeg (711.42 KB, 2560x1920, 2D1293A8-EB0D-40CB-8A63-356DA5…)

this bitch is so miserable

No. 164990

File: 1627600454796.jpg (201.54 KB, 1012x1068, Screenshot_20210729-190241_Sam…)

Mikan bitched about the Olympics and how she had to unfollow people tweeting about it, pissing one of her Twitter friends off. Mikan always acts holier than thou like why be passive aggressive to your supposed friends online?

No. 164994

she’s so aggressive in everything she posts. it feels like even if you wanted a civil debate or to reason with her, she’d just cuss you out and yell at you. this isn’t even new behaviour, i remember in her early youtube days she’d be super defensive about anything that was asked of her - even just stuff like ‘how did you afford to move to japan for language school’, she’d get haughty with people because she’d incorrectly assume they thought she was rich or something, when really they just wanted to know her budget or what job she had.

i used to think maybe i just had a hateboner for her because she had cute clothes, learned another language, lived in japan etc but now i realise she’s just a rude, unnecessarily hateful person and i don’t envy that at all. a true bitch in sheep’s clothing.

No. 165014

She started an argument with someone in her comments over her pupil size, she'll really start shit with anyone for any particular reason

No. 165031

What a nutcase lmaooo

No. 165035

Kek she sounds like those weeb American teachers she hates so much, claiming grorious Nippon is so superior in every way to their home country. Only a deluded weeb would think living long term in Japan as a foreigner is better than your home country in the US/Europe. When you're not young anymore and can't make big bucks off your looks, enjoy having to work minimum wage, raising your hafu kids in a strict society that will both demonize and fetishize them, and your frog husband spending his free time getting wasted and going to the soapland

No. 165037

didn't you know that any questions about it her pupil size are just attacks on her middle eastern Kurdish ethnic PoC features

Kurds have small pupils
let's celebrate

No. 165038

She should be less concerned about her pupils and worry more about that beak of hers

No. 165072

File: 1627651647975.jpeg (192.86 KB, 750x889, 0796539C-0C38-4B1E-92B2-70C432…)

come say hi vina

No. 165111

She’s so fucking insufferable. Like shut the fuck up already.

No. 165125

mikan clearly lurks on her lolcow page since she references a lot of this discourse on twitter. i guess thats what joblessness gets you

No. 165139

she looks different, but you can still tell its her base on the majority facial characteristics she has.

No. 165162

God, she's disgusting. That pic on the left gave me nausea.
Please stop repeating this meme. Toucans are beautiful animals. She looks more like a pelican.
She's ugly both inside and out.

No. 165183

So let me get this straight, her whole schlick is being skinny and dressing kawaii?
What is she going to do when she gets older? You can't keep up this shit forever, not to mention she has no job

No. 165194

being ADHD KURDISH but looking PALE and wearing BLUSH and hating 'MURICA

guess I'll go watch her video about going to the military base. How she can justify going to a military base while slamming the US at every possible moment, I have no idea. I wish she'd been escorted off base, that would have been funny.

No. 165200

>What is she going to do when she gets older?
She's first going to claim rape in Japan in order to get the guy to either cough up money or marry her but after finding out that doesn't fly over there, she'll go back to England and try again. Alternatively, she'll end similar to kanadajin.

No. 165212

Weebs are fucking weirdos. Japan is nowhere near perfect. Life there is insufferable as hell.

No. 165213

She sound negative as shit and negative energy. Gurl needs to burn a incense and take a chill pill.

No. 165221

She knows you can be POC with imperialistic supremacy ideologies right?

No. 165222

I have to agree tbh. I would like to say that I share her despise towards murican politics/capitalistic shitholes etc but she doesn't seem genuine about it and even hypocritical.
Promoting a fucking US military base by vlogging about it (like wtf man) just proves again that she has never done any actual research, can't think on her own, just copies other clueless influencers and repeats words from others.
But yeah aside from that, her materialistic influencer lifestyle & her friends/social environment scream hypocrite anyways (let's not forget that her most prominent hobbies are shopping and eating out lol).
She thinks she's anticapitalist but she doesn't do the slightest to fight against it - reposting stuff into her IG story is so effortless and doesn't even reach the bare minimum in the long term.
Bitch wants to appear tough but doesn't want to get her hands dirty because she secretly enjoys all the useless ass "luxuries" and privilege provided by money and exploitation of others.(sage)

No. 165226

File: 1627707255842.jpeg (101.9 KB, 750x477, A6EA7C8E-AA38-4D72-AE2C-B547B2…)

the virtue signalling is strong with this one lately kek it’d be for the best if she stops commenting on other people like she’s in a zoo gawking at animals

No. 165229

God why did I read this in her accent ew

No. 165243

Is there a name for this kinda person that asskisses lgbt ppl to look ~inclusive~?

No. 165245

yes, of course, ONLY enby uwus change their names to something unique~

No. 165252

File: 1627721059805.jpg (Spoiler Image,31.49 KB, 147x231, mcdonaldsgiraffe.jpg)

Btw Mikan, since you get aroused & receive your covert narcissistic supplies by reading negative and embarrassing things about yourself (and ultimately reach climax when you can post it on twitter, overcompensating and in order to feel important) how do you deal with yourself actually being the narcissistic supply - of a greasy giraffe? Why not blessing us with a vlog or q&a about it? Does he smell just the way he looks (like rotten frying oil)?

No. 165266

yeah that's my point
she goes to the epicenter of problematic American foreign policy in Japan, and vlogs happily about it? I wouldn't do that and I don't have the hateboner for Americans (yeah, the actual people) that she has. 95% of her hostile statements are about stereotypes of US people, not the government.

Meanwhile according to Mikan, America's obsessed with 'making places hostile' because of how bathroom stalls are constructed.

No. 165273

File: 1627737037757.jpg (569.29 KB, 828x749, 1615545377131.jpg)

anon, what the fuck? you sound like a scrote. the usual route is visa marriage, not "claiming rape" how would that even work

No. 165279

why the fuck would you name yourself after a crime? Why does Vina think this is cool?

No. 165281

Wtf is wrong with you??

No. 165282

Tbh, it's the translation. Arson might be okay in other coutries. Same way Lolita is a name, but uncommon, but used.

No. 165313

File: 1627744637195.jpg (137.8 KB, 736x1241, 913145421c4f4958738405a171b79f…)

I think we're missing the tone here, I guarantee any post Mikan makes which appears to be praising is definitely more in the vein of picrel

No. 165334

as a “young Brit” from London, we brown people call ourselves “Asian” and it’s been this way for a very long time. People from South Asia are the most prevalent British Asians here, which is why it’s like this I assume

As far as I can see, it’s only America who refers to East Asians when they say “asian”

So I’m doubting you actually know any real British Asians lol

No. 165336

I'm talking about people who leave the house more than once a month.

No. 165394

OT but I don't follow this cow, can you give me a tl;dr
christ,this chick is atrocious,the definition of an attention whore to me(read the thread)

No. 165401

No one is going to spoonfeed you. Read the thread.

No. 165476

>it’d be for the best if she stops commenting on other people like she’s in a zoo gawking at animals
Why? that's exactly what she's doing (as is everyone else when it comes to such freaks, really).
>the usual route is visa marriage
Yeah, but anon asked what she was going to do when older (if she wasn't already set for life either through children or going full sugar-daddy'd). She won't get a visa marriage in 20 years when she's wrinkled, uglier, and more bitter. She's already a hate machine now, can you imagine 20 years later? She'll make posts lashing out at dust bunnies.
>anon asks, in a site dedicated to pointless and vitriolic gossip

No. 165486

the point is that she’s a virtue signalling idiot for sucking up to them tho anon

No. 165495

Sorry anon but if you think middle easterners and south asians are the same you're actually retarded

No. 165526

Nah sorry, what I meant was south Asians referring to themselves as just “Asian”. East Asians usually refer to themselves as the type (Chinese, HKer etc) but yeah, the west Asians do usually say “Middle Eastern”

No. 165533

anon, unless she gets a visa marriage she will not be here in 20 years time to do that. She dropped out of school, has no realistic job prospects, and entertainment visa (I believe that is the one she's currently on) need to be sponsored by the network company she's with, and renewed every 6 months. She said herself she wants to move back to the UK.
I don't like mikan, I think she's a bitter bitch who has a problem with other women. Your weird tinfoiling about rape accusations makes you sound like a male. fuck off scrote

No. 165593

Don't start this sperg again. No one knows her visa status and it's just anons arguing back and forth about what it is, especially with COVID being a factor which mightve stalled her visa as a live-in worker. Being a gig model in Japan as living with a resident, might be enough for certain criteria.

No. 165650

you seriously think an educationless foreigner with a peculiar non-fashionable childish anime style, without a model agency or modelling experience, is able to make enough to live on to gain her a visa from modeling gigs?

And you seriously think IF that was the case Vina wouldn't spend every second bragging about it online, or at the very least promote her work?

No. 165665

>unless she gets a visa marriage she will not be here in 20 years
Oh, right, I forgot about that. My bad. How long does she need to stay married with someone there to get residency or citizenship?
>muh scrote
>how dare you propose a know liar and literal whore could ever possible lie about rape for benefit
You sound like a tranny who puts girls on a pedestal in hopes one will someone give you attention. Just because you cut off your scrote doesn't mean you stop being one. i.e. NO U

No. 165668

I haven’t kept up with Mikan for years, so this is what her life is now pathetic…
Are there any stable weebs ova there? All of them are either drop outs, whores, sugardicking or just plain losers. Everyone that go to Japan end up a fucking loser or a washed up wannabe model.

No. 165673

No. 165674

No one cares how you feel. If the government wants to give her a visa, they will. Im not advocating for one by saying we don't know how they are handling covid stay with resident visas and she has stipulations with gig work which isn't just a US invention.

No. 165684

I thought she would actually be the one weeb to do good, but shit was I wrong.. Just as pathetic as the weebs before her.

No. 165687

lmfao why would mikan, queen bitch with 0 talent, be the one weeb to do anything good? you are fuckin weird

No. 165691

Last I checked she was going to school, had a successful youtube and actual boyfriend. She had a good head on her shoulder back then, shit was I wrong now. The cow doesn’t fall far from the pasture as they say.

No. 165836

I'm getting PTSD flashbacks to Mikans pull thread from this post. The amount of times this exact statement was circle jerked there was insufferable.

No. 165900

Seriously. Comes in here and asks to be spoonfed with multiple unsaged posts. Integrate or go back to discord

No. 165934

That’s 2 different anons. Calm yourself.

No. 165935

What the hell is a pull? I came on here just to see how cow was doing after unfollowing her years ago. Not everyone an obsessed weeb like you and care about this boring bitch and keeps tabs on her every move like you. Your in your mid 20s stop.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 165942

nta but nice magic powers you got there to guess an anon's age,
do me next
Taylor did well, the trick seems to be leaving glorious nippon. Otherwise it will suck the life out of you.

No. 165944

This post made me kek more than the first

No. 165953

Lurk the thread, retard. No one is going to spoonfeed you an 'update' on Mikan.

No. 165981

You hit the nail on the coffin anon.
Anons wants to live vicariously through Mikan;since anons failed to live their glorious nippon dreamz there. That’d explain the nitpicking here and expired milk…

No. 165982

Chile now you know your in your 20s, hell everyone on thread is in age range. Why yuh always lyin.

No. 165984

your comments always stick out like a sore thumb kek the way you green text and mass reply to comments is laughable

No. 165987

Taylor's married to a guy who defends posting 12-16yo girls on his wank site. She is one of the stupidest weebs who will eventually ruin herself with all her injections. The day she finally conceives an heir for Tom's dirty money is the day we should all weep for its future. Between the two of those idiots, that kid has a very low chance of being a decent or healthy human.

No. 166029

Lmao good call, I think this is the same bitter anon sperging in Dakota’s thread. Way to get mad over the most basic cows.

Mikan is just insufferable imo. She would be milkless and boring but she can’t control her bad attitude and need to feel like a victim of something.

No. 166137

Your seething tears sustain me.

No. 166207

Lmaoooo no lies detected.

No. 166219

oh yes it is my dream to live with a known cheater and make cringe tiktoks all day while probably doing some softcore sw on the side and sperging on twitter about muh ethnicity bestie.

that is a life i envy

No. 166286

yah the real reason is the opposite of people being jealous, people are so hateful of Mikan despite being relatively milkless because she was "one of the good ones" who failed and became what she initially mocked herself. People did live through her so when she started making bad decisions they took it as a personal attack. Also she made it easy to dislike her personality because she's rude and snappy even to fans

No. 166311

You're reading too much into it, specially by thinking people ever enjoyed being vicarious about her. I started being interested when I found out she entered bunka because I couldn't believe someone with such shit taste could ever get in, which meant either bunka was always glorified, or they lowered their standards massively.

No. 166359

Nah people definitely used to point to her saying "look she's actually studying to get a degree and a job in Japan and isn't just a leechy weeb" it gave them hope they could do it too. Granted, they also often did so to slight other leechy weebs in Japan, but still kek

No. 166374

Yeah idk what company you keep but so many other weebs did better things with their time and were less leechy than Vina. The number of weebs there solely to shack up and do nothing is not that high, they tend to leave quickly

No. 166400

i mean i'm not in the weeb scene on youtube so what do i know, i just definitely remember seeing people prasing her and she did hang out with venus pre-meltdown which gave her some kind of clout in the weeb community
but i'm not tryna wk, even back then people were annoyed with her having an attitude

tbh i still think a lot of her following is from thinspo and she wouldn't have been so "popular" if she was any other size

No. 166422

agree, she loves to pander to thinspo crowd and men who fetishize anachans

No. 166428

Do men actually fetishize anas? Isn't it just more of a "better thin than fat" thing?

No. 166429

She’s only popular because she branch out on weebs with clout.

No. 166430

All weebs follow the same route—>bunka—>language school—> spouse husband—>turn to escorting—>Live there illegally before getting kicked out.

No. 166432

You can’t go to Bunka without being at a language school first. Other than that, pretty accurate

No. 166442

she's NOT qualified for a working visa. it's entertainment or marriage fraud, more than likely the latter.

No. 166445

Taylor middle class and have her family to fall back on if it goes south, she’ll be alright.

No. 166460

but anon replying with visa facts will only make the mikan wk sperg more about how everyone should shup up about the visa again kek

No. 166461

anon didn't sound concerned

No. 166588

File: 1628350926090.jpeg (122.44 KB, 750x627, F879BB21-A56D-407E-9D85-7CEDE7…)

and yet she won’t leave? she can’t make up her mind whether she loves or hates japan and england

No. 166597

she'll probably move back to england soon enough tbh, even sooner if froggo does what he did to his last gf and cheats on her with some other weeb

No. 166654

If she feels so unsafe she should just go back home and stop ranting on Twitter about it. But then she wouldn’t be able to live her weeb dreams anymore.

No. 166681

File: 1628405874846.jpeg (182.42 KB, 750x902, 68499688-0ED5-4686-8920-59EDF0…)

this bitch is so whiny and rude all the fucking time like really?

No. 166682

File: 1628406034595.jpeg (68.94 KB, 750x350, B7596609-502D-423D-A80B-B7E6DD…)

and wasn’t she literally just harping on about how she doesn’t look typically middle eastern because she ~wears blush and pigtails~

every day she just thinks about what she can tweet next so people can respond “omg so true relatable queen”

No. 166687

Vina: "boohoo japan unsafe, England safe"
A fan: "I'll give you a simple advice to stay safe that might also benefit your followers who also read it"
Vina: "omg ur so annoying"

I legit don't get why she's so rude all the time. Does she starve herself to be more anachan skinny and is hangry 24/7? Is she simply a narcissist who is am feel uncomfortable when not about me?

No. 166699

i’m sure she’s one of those ‘not like other weebs’ trying to convince everyone and herself that she’s different because she’s critical about precious japan despite moving there for what seems like superficial reasons. she acts like she didn’t write an entire cringe essay about why she loves ~japanese culture~ in 2016, which is still publicly viewable: https://jref.com/resources/japanese-culture.121/

No. 166742

File: 1628440205043.jpeg (115.49 KB, 750x870, C5E44ABA-5B5C-46CE-B464-A81A81…)

Gee she sure told him!

No. 166756

I thought you were rhetorically exaggerating but she really wrote a whole ass essay LOL
Stuff embarrassing weebs do

No. 166763

to be fair it looks like it was written in 2012, so 9 years ago as opposed to 5. It's less cringe to be a weeb at like 14 than 18.
but ya know, still cringe.
and she's in japan now so i guess she's still a weeb at heart

No. 166813

oh fuck her, the most fucked up shit happens to me in UK, esp England. And for the racetards in this thread, it was almost all done by white men. The sexual assault and guys trying to drug my and my friends' drinks? White. Welsh guy tried to choke me in Cardiff at like 9pm summer time (so daylight). Drunks groping my ass in Dublin. Funny how none of that stuff happens in Switzerland or France.

No. 166863

oops my bad, a reading fail but yeah, i agree. she’s just having her ‘grass is always greener’ moment now that she’s realizing there are perverts in japan.

No. 167029

Not justifying her rudeness to someone who just wants to be helpful, but in most cases police doesn’t do shit in Japan if you are being stalked. It’s a good idea to stop by the police box tho just to scare away the stalker. She’s also right about not being able to defend yourself, you can’t carry pepper gas or a Swiss knife as they are illegal. The rules not only apply to foreigners but Japanese women as well. A lot of rape or stalking cases go unreported because of lack of trust in authorities, if they do get reported the perpetrator won’t get a penalty 90% of the time.
Gaijin girls get a lot of unwanted attention in Japan, especially if they are white.

No. 167030

You get a little angry
when you’re hungry

No. 167032

File: 1628627766369.png (167.29 KB, 1080x779, Screenshot_20210810-222739.png)

How does she get away with saying this stuff? I'm serious. It's getting worse and worse. At some point, her audience will wake up and think about how hypocritical and discriminatory she is. I hope the day of reckoning is soon.

Your nationality and citizenship are rarely if ever choices you get to make.

No. 167034

File: 1628628730779.jpeg (352.62 KB, 828x1183, 230838EC-1DA9-41FA-A3B8-5FE968…)

Kek at least not everyone agrees with her. As someone who is west asian (as Mikan would put it, also she’s the only person I’ve seen use that term) there are worse places to live than a developed country like the US.

No. 167042

Virtue signaling by hating on a country she's not from, have roots in or have ever lived in.
But who knows, maybe she's being based and hate how progressive the US is on troon issues

No. 167049

It's also illegal to carry self defense in England, but obviously we don't have a coomer culture here to contend with either, where sex crime stats are concealed and we need gendered train carriages. Much as I dislike you Mikan, simply move back to England if the sheen has disappeared from Japan.
It seems this is the theme of her latest posts.

No. 167069

She should be grateful that she is not living in Middle East.. and she should be grateful for England to give her the opportunities that she has today.

No. 167076

america bad but she’ll still visit and glorify an american military base to see her friend teehee

No. 167090

No. >>153385 proves Mikan's history of weird transbaiting. She just wants attention. Nothing she carries on about actually means shit to her

No. 167091

File: 1628645965126.png (1.25 MB, 1080x1902, Screenshot_20210309-123105.png)

Imagine the rage if someone else had given Mikan whitening face cream (this is old)

No. 167094

It would be hilarious if Mikan became a tranny hater. If she can't help being a massive bitch at all times might as well go for broke to the max, and do it openly.

No. 167095

Shoot, I forgot to sage. Sorry.

No. 167118

Lmao the casual emotional abuse suggesting she lighten her skin tone and claiming ignorance. Girl, you are not the special, exceptional one, all fuckboys go by the same playbook.
If I was isolated in an abusive relationship in with red flags everywhere in a foreign country, and possibly constantly hangry, I would be a cunt at all times too. But Like…the internet and his ex warned her.
Really not trying to WK, it's wild that she doesn't realize that her misery is the direct result of her poor decisions and she should get her shit together and figure out what she wants out of life without trying to pantomime some weeb fantasy and failing spectacularly.

No. 167129

Uh what a weird thing to gift, especially to someone with a darker skintone. Either she actually whitens her skin (wouldn't surprise me tbh) and froggo knows it, so he gave her, but ofc she won't tell it to her audience, or he's just an asshole who wants her to fit his ~angelic pale gaijin~ fetish. Yk if it was anyone else but froggo she would reee about how she's a proud dark poc and OFFENDED but since it's her kawiwi nihonese husbando mealticket she lays low.

No. 167134

Why is it "casual emotional abuse"? What if she whitens her skin so he thought she'd appreciate it, regardless of it being a (supposedly) gag gift.

No. 167135

He could maybe uh, not encourage his (alleged) visa wife's unhealthy chasing of beauty standards? Anyone using bleaching products is really playing roulette. Half of the time the bleaching is really obvious and weird looking with their features if you know them. There is no way of knowing if or when your skin is going to say "hell no" and become allergic or hypersensitive or irreversibly discolored. It's an obvious fuckboy move to plant a seed of insecurity.
Even if she just bleaches and is trying to distract from that, how weird is it to be like "hey babe noticed u bleaching and got u more bleach"?
If you have as much time and access to info as Vina has, she knows what the risks are and is too obsessed with looking white passing to care. Men literally pretend to be dumb babies who can't do a google when they do not give a shit or have another agenda.

No. 167154


Bleaching products can scar your skin and leave you looking permanently blotchy and red, but sure nothing questionable about that as a "joke" gift. Even Mikan said gifting face cream itself was something she finds to be inconsiderate/offensive, so he was offensive twice.

Her moid seems like an asshole tbh. Especially with how much she's been posting about being "west asian" recently and he buys her fucking skin bleaching face cream.

No. 167158

Lmao it’s not skin bleaching cream. It’s called “whitening” cream but the word whitening is used out of context here, it’s used to even out skin tone and get rid of dark sun spots which many Asian women battle with. These creams don’t have the usual “bleaching” ingredients.

It’s a cheap brand anyway. He could have purchased something more expensive.

No. 167164

mikan has always had a mean spirited "bully" sense of humor (that most likely stems from her insecurities) so i assume yasu has to be like that too to be able to put up with it

No. 167345

Got recommended this video of hers earlier. Around the 23 minute mark it just turns into her and Yasu hanging out in the kitchen and the way they interact is so weird.

They had been together for like 8 months at this point but they come across like strangers making awkward conversation. Imagine how boring and soulless their relationship must be off camera if she thinks this is entertaining enough to film.

No. 167354

>they come across like strangers making awkward conversation
Let's see all your videos of you interacting with your boyfriend for your youtube channel. Oh, wait… Maybe he's annoyed he has to appear in her bland and stupid videos.
>she thinks this is entertaining enough to film
Now that's a fair critique.

No. 167359

Just imagine Vina scraping that chair awkwardly across the floor as she takes position up front and sets up her camera so she can video her thin body for Youtube to continue her anime larp. The tutor seems very good though.

No. 167362

Samefag, anon was not lying about the awkward conversation. I live in the UK and while Brits are awkward, this looks like two colleagues who are only on first name terms (don't know anything else about the other person and don't work together or chat) who have run into each other in the breakroom and are mutually trying to escape from the other.

I wonder if Yasu is less busy as he claims and just has fun elsewhere, since we know he has a history of cheating. Having a relationship this awkward is surely not fulfilling, they don't even have physical chemistry (notice the defensive body language of jutting elbows, hands on hips, arms covering body, etc from both)

No. 167374

Looks like the nasty bitches from PULL have found another forum to bully people.

No. 167376

Hey Pete Cowell, calling women nasty bitches is not the winning move you think it is. Vina isn't going to have sex with you.

No. 167378

Who the fuck is Pete Cowell

No. 167380

File: 1628815306453.png (13.4 KB, 867x202, Vina fan.png)

Vina's fan who doesn't know how to imageboard and dropped his email address

No. 167381

I'm somebody who used google out of curiosity to search if the nasty bi…people from PULL moved to other forums.
I admire the way Mikan moved to another country as a young person, and find it interesting to find out what life in Japan is like.
I hope to go to Japan for the first time one day, and it's videos like hers which help me to know what to expect.
I bet she has done more than many of the people criticising her.(newfag)

No. 167383

Why try and act all clever because you know email address?
You going to start bullying and harassing me, because I'm not a nasty bully?
There's only one reason you think it's clever knowing email, is if you're planning on bullying those for having another opinion.
Maybe you could try getting a life?
I bet Milkan has done a lot more with her life than you.

No. 167387

Just embarrassed for you, Pete, that you went to a dodgy-looking website called lolcow.farm with "anonymous" posts and still put your email address and name down. I bet you get a lot of spam phone calls and mail with this trusting attitude.
We are not nasty boolies, it's a women's gossip forum for fucks sake, and it's against the rules to personally interact with cows, so no bullying can occur. We simply comment and observe. Now fuck off, male.

No. 167394

ok boomer

No. 167398

If you want vina to suck your dick, you can just pay her instead of whiteknighting on some forum.

No. 167400

File: 1628823476476.jpeg (135.9 KB, 750x1042, 59E82512-E0AE-42A7-8C68-0FFA20…)

this you pete?

No. 167403

I have the feeling this dude actually WANTS people to send him e-mails. Maybe he's super lonely or something.

No. 167438

This is the first time I've ever felt bad for Vina, imagine having simps this tragic and pathetic lmao

No. 167439

Lmao this person sounds exactly like a guy who wants to travel to Japan for the wrong kind of tourism

No. 167440

File: 1628841033630.jpg (34.58 KB, 400x400, aV0w6EM_700b.jpg)


No. 167445

you, a grown man, need Vina, a narcissistic weeby 20-something, to show you what life is like in Japan? Sure, Pete. Let me guess, you're middle-aged? Like to send Vina financial support for her amazing content? Men like you are pathetic and creepy and do much more than this site does to demean women.

Go find an adult channel to watch. Mikan is an unemployed brat whose sole claim to fame is being fake-white in Japan. She is not smart and has nothing to teach you.

No. 167447

why the fuck do you, a scrote, know what PULL even was? Now you found your way here? What kind of ladies are you following, Pete?

No. 167454

You know I was wondering this myself and I think they just expect these sites to have leaked nudes or something, scrotes gonna scrote.

No. 167513

im glad she found her own manaki, just like how she's rude and in your face so is her manaki, amazing.

No. 167565

“Fake white in Japan” I’m dead lmaooooo all facts

No. 167583

File: 1628929324311.jpg (294.42 KB, 1080x1865, Screenshot_20210814_111602.jpg)

Now she's quite literally Iraqi. She is just so bitchy with her answers

No. 167585

File: 1628930696129.jpeg (36.18 KB, 120x172, 6EA5CACF-B744-4606-8BEF-9112B3…)

Wtf is with the thumbnail?

No. 167587

File: 1628931158545.jpeg (190.96 KB, 750x1025, 24795940-A1C2-4375-9743-7F84BD…)

this bitch is so mad kek she’s even pulling “i have a black friend” type shit by mentioning filipinos and koreans please

No. 167590

this whole video she made was offensive. I wonder why she can't see it. It managed to be offensive both to normal Americans and the people oppressed by US foreign policy and military actions. Vina basically calls everything American crap and then still gushes over it and calls herself honorary American at the end. It's the most confusing video ever. She is making money by vlogging a military base visit. How can she fail to understand that this is by definition profiting off of US military presence in other countries (and perhaps also drawing unnecessary attention to the innocent children who live on that base)? She could have made the video about visiting her friend. But that's not gonna bring clicks. So she promoted it as a visit to the military base. What a hypocrite.

"go outside" LMAO no u

No. 167591

>only puts swedish flag in bio (despite not being ethnically swedish, never producing any sweden related content/content in swedish and moving away before she even turned 10)
>only ever mentions her real heritage to deflect from criticism
Half of her followers don't even know she's a grown ass "middle eastern west asian kurdish iraqi" woman to begin with

No. 167594

Honorary american? Didn’t she JUST tweet this: >>167032

No. 167595

Why the fuck do people bring up a nations history to explain current political climate?

Iraqui people killed Jews, Christians, and treated their women like 3rd class citizens HISTORICALLY, does that mean we should distrust them now and bring it up? The everloving fuck Orange Orange, if you're going to wax intellectual, don't leave your doors open like you did your legs for yellow dick to ride for cool weeb points.

No. 167596

File: 1628939220421.png (263.07 KB, 1080x1133, Screenshot_20210814-115625.png)

I feel like we need a phrase for "Mikan logic." Mikan logic is always self-serving, rude/arrogant, breathtakingly stupid, and engineered for clicks & likes. It's targeted advertising for a certain group of people who let others think for them; Mikan is the poster child.

No. 167597

File: 1628939982823.png (1.16 MB, 1897x1080, Screenshot_20210814-131020.png)

No. 167598

File: 1628940089626.png (980.21 KB, 1817x1080, Screenshot_20210814-131134.png)

No. 167599

she’s trying real hard with the criticisms of japan lately to not look like other weebs lmao how did someone mentioning american imperialism lead her to immediately sperg about japan having an imperialist past like a mouth-frothing loon?

stfu mikan, you virtue signalling freak, and stop acting like you care about countries colonized by japan to get your daily brownie points.

No. 167607

>>167596 good to know Vina supports unscientific woke sexist ideas like that male and female physiology isn't different and women just aren't "trying hard enough" if they lose to a big ass man. I hate all these dumbass handmaidens who think they're being progressive while actively harming women's rights

No. 167613

even in the most pro-trans spaces I am willing to look at, I haven't seen this level of idiocy yet from a woman. maybe the ciswomen should just run faster. maybe we should have an olympics full of men and prepubescent ice skaters who can jump higher before they get their periods. Mikan is for it

No. 167614

I love how she changes race every few days
>West Asian

Whatever suits the current argument.

No. 167616

The pickmeisha in that third Tweet. Yes that's the point of segregating sport by gender, cis men and cis women are biologically different and have different capabilities. Also there were no cis men in any races, the cis man was in the weightlifting category, she is just outing herself as having paid no attention to the olympics whatsoever (which is what the person she replies to is criticizing)

I know more than her (but still barely nothing, that's the bar we're beating here) from just browsing social media. Yet she lives in fucking Japan, where it was held this year. Her takes are always starkly ignorant.

No. 167639

There were also cis women recently excluded from track events for their natural testosterone levels. It's a nuanced issue, there are racial implications, but instead of talking or thinking critically about it she goes off about women needing to "run faster" vs troons which is a non-issue in the Olympics? She's like a middle schooler who glances at headlines but thinks she's able to speak with authority about literally anything.

No. 167650

Yes, I think that's what she was referencing if it wasn't just a statement pulled from thin air, which is still incorrect as those stories were regarding intersex or cis women. If she was referencing those stories directly, it would imply she was calling cis or intersex black women "cis men who run faster" which is an even worse statement.

No. 167674

Oh boy she would fit right in with the Amurican leftards she loves to hate

No. 167679

Pretty sure there were lots of cis men in the olympics. do you just like, not know what cis means or something? Even if you don't wanna gender them correctly it gets really confusing when you say it like that. did you mean to say there was a man in women's weightlifting?

No. 167693

Yes, only referencing women's events, there was a cis man in the women's weightlifting event. He took the place of a New Zealand Māori woman (she was second place in the New Zealand finals) so people discussed it rather a lot, trust Mikan to know absolutely nothing about it though. There were no cis males in the women's track events which makes Mikan's take about "running faster" even dumber than it first seems.

No. 167694

(samefag) I think we all know why a cis female (trans man) will not be found in the male competing events, yes that's right folks, men and women are built differently (bone structure, size, muscle density, grip strength and more) and it's highly unlikely for a cis female to beat a male in an olympic event. So this debate, as always, is about trans women (cis males) in women's events. The olympics unfairly penalized or removed cis or intersex females with high testosterone in women's track events, while allowing an obvious, balding 40 year old cis male who had only recently transitioned into women's weightlifting.

So why is Mikan talking about trans women "running faster" when there were no trans women doing any running? Because she's a moron.

No. 167710

File: 1629017815232.jpeg (166.87 KB, 750x810, A0D48F06-190A-4928-BE66-7150CB…)

lol at her dismissing comments by japanese people criticizing her military base video (there are multiple comments on the video, some of which she has already removed)

i guess shit like imperialism only matter when it’s happening to people she identifies with, this egocentric bitch

No. 167720

No. 167721

File: 1629025646496.png (627.06 KB, 1919x1050, Screenshot_20210814-131457.png)

Prior to this clip, she is talking about schoolchildren and playgrounds, which I found really weird. Maybe it was bc her friend has a kid, but she uses the kid's name (which she redacts but you can kind of guess it) and shows the baby in the video. I can't figure out why her comments about children on base bothered me so much, though, might be a me problem.

Maybe it has something to do with how she views Americans as worthless people and it made me uneasy that she was talking about kids as if they were NPCs in a game.

No. 167725

File: 1629025804563.png (1.3 MB, 1933x1080, Screenshot_20210814-131249.png)

This was another tense comment from the video. Vina the natural uwu paleskin doesn't need dark makeup.

No. 167728

File: 1629025898634.png (788.43 KB, 758x1352, Screenshot_20210812-024055.png)

found this when I went to a random page of her pull thread. It's old but not ancient.

No. 167732

I'm really confused but how is she pale? she's very tanned and dark, she'd only be considered pale if she had a black or south Indian -or thai- background, otherwise, she's a darkie.


I have the same skin as her -or at least used to from before she started doing skin whitening instead of just sticking white-washing on snow- and I've been bullied for having dark skin by my Asian peers for years, I don't think any Japanese person considers her pale, her boyfriend is a little dark as well. prety sure her bf got her that whitening cream because she does some kind of whitening treatment

No. 167738

Like someone else has said this before. These so called whitening creams aren’t actually making you any more white. They just remove blemishes such as hyperpigmentation or acne marks. They aren’t bleaching your skin.

No. 167740

I'm convinced all these sites, and even regular gossip forums, are at the very least 50% scrotes. We always forget gays love this shit, and regular scrotes are in for the ammo. I wouldn't be surprised if several lolcow mods were male, and I'm not talking about trannies.
A thought just crossed my head. Is Mikan's source of insecurity literally not being European? She tries SO hard to sell the perception to is unless it becomes necessary for her to admit she's anything but.

No. 167748

You sound like an actual moron. iT's JUsT fOr SpOtS! Skin bleaching is a global, billion dollar industry. Literally most humans live in China and India where colorism is hugely ingrained in the culture and was worsened by white people coming over and fucking around. It's a thing everywhere outside of Europe and NA, aka where white people are predominantly. She is in her 20s constantly going off about how young she is perceived, really doubt she is struggling with sun spots to the point of her retarded frog boyfriend getting her unwanted cream.

No. 167751

she literally knows people have accused her of bleaching her skin and editing herself to look white/pale japanese multiple times in the past (even openly complained about it) and still chose to post a picture of a skin whitening product while implying she doesn't use it. seems sus, she might just have wanted attention

No. 167755

>It's from Europe like me

Please choose a nationality and stick to it.

No. 167787

How can she identify so heavily as Swedish/European when she moved away at 10 years old? Like does she even remember living there?

She always says she ‘grew up’ in Sweden even though she lived in England for a whole decade from age 10-20. But she’s never called herself English and she never says anything about that whole period of her life, it’s like she’s trying to pretend it never happened.

No. 167788

she calls herself British when it's convenient, on for example, the us army base vid she called herself British.

No. 167864

nah PULL was obviously populated with 98-99% underage girls and women. Here there are probably a few more ballsacks.

No. 167951

she was literally kissing tranny ass the other day ( >>167596 ) and is a doormat for her perv azn bf.

No. 167997

File: 1629160419385.png (935.68 KB, 1894x2048, Screenshot_20210817-021213.png)

Her newest thing is calling the UK "the US of Europe" and Japan "the US of Asia." She genuinely does not seem to grasp history. I'm really worried about the state of education in the UK based on these remarks.

According to Vina, only Americans complain about her raging hypocritical and hateful attitudes toward people from the US, only Americans correct her spellings and are racist toward her and say she should call herself Arab. Only Americans discriminate against her beautiful brown skin (bc of 9/11) and don't understand history. Nevermind the actual history of your ancestors and the real source of aggression against Kurds - it's just easier to hate on big bad Murica. Vina, why aren't you angrier with Turks or Arabs? The Young Turks literally deported hundreds of thousands of Kurds. There was a Turkish ethnic cleansing campaign ffs. But the US is the real enemy against some nebulous "Middle East"? I mean, no one is innocent here, but maybe you can stop acting as if Americans are stupid and hostile and committing all the war crimes when there are numerous non-Western aggressors, some of whom still want to exterminate Kurds and f up the Middle East.

Ah what the hell, she's the worst kind of stupid.

No. 168021

This is actually disgusting. What compelled her to make a military video for her JAPANESE audience in the first place? Like it's so far off her usual content. If she wasn't a Youtuber in Japan, I wouldn't really care, but this is so insensitive of her I can't believe it.

Biology abolitionists like Mikan are actually the most harmful to trans people. Because there has to be something legitimately different in the part of the brain that regulates identity that is different in trans men/women's brains than the standard brain to make them identify that way. Denying this just means that anyone can be ANYTHING, a tomboy can be a tomboy despite fitting all the masculine social constructs and thus we have no way of measuring what is male/female in the first place then, or she can be a male "if she feels like it". By this logic, a white person can be black, a chinese can be german, a 20 year old can be 5 years old. Biology is paramount to legitimizing trans-genderism. She is beyond ignorant. I always thought she was stupid, but I never knew she was THAT stupid. Men and women are biologically different in many aspects and trans people likely have a component of their brain differing from the standard brain (ie: some trans-women were found to have more female typical putamen in their brains). Vina, you know nothing about anything, so stfu and just make cheap clothing hauls. Your opinions are trash.

No. 168024

Reminds me of Venus and Manaki. They were always so awkward and Venus CONSTANTLY berated him and made fun of his English (ironic). I get the same awkward vibes from Mikan/Yasu, especially given how quickly they moved in together when Vina was kicked out of school and how, like Venus she kept excessively telling her audience how much she loved him. Makes it seem more and more like a fraudulent visa marriage… like something is just off. It's possible that they're just awkward on camera though.

No. 168040

Many middle eastern have different ethnic looks, in general some are part asian and some are part northAfrican and some Mediterranean they look like Italian and south European, if she goes to any of those countries they will see her as different than them. she look more in the Asian type based on her body she has no hips and so straight and the whole facial look is totally different if you compare it to a middle eastern who usually have hourglass body like Lebanese or Egyptian or Moroccan taken example like meriem fares, Nancy ajram or haifa wehbe and Sophia Berrada. Mikan look like she is from those countries that are close to Asia than the other side of the map. Beside her body and look Even her name, beliefs and backward are different.

No. 168041

Britain has done more damage than any country in the world and murica just got lucky at the end then followed British steps. She could just say it’s pink people’s fault and that’s it. Youtubers are out of milk when they decide to talk about politics than makeup and fashion

No. 168057

Vina's hate boner for the US often ignores the fact that while we elect fucking morons, they leave office every 4-8 years. Brexit is more or less permanent.

No. 168058

this doesn't have anything to do with invasive military actions but it's an additional thing she just ignores.

No. 168060

i'm not even american and i still find it annoying when people hate on the US for no reason other than internet woke points. She's never lived there and appears to have no plans of ever living there, what's the point of being a dick about it? both china and russia are worse in terms of human rights and having dicks lead their country, why isn't she saying anything about that? and she has the nerve to complain about "performative activism"

No. 168062

File: 1629197469776.png (939.54 KB, 1613x2048, Screenshot_20210817-125007.png)


No. 168063

managed to make it about herself again.

No. 168151

I wonder if that person is trolling since she has never shared her "beautiful culture" with us, and claims to be a different nationality every few days

No. 168192

File: 1629255809752.jpeg (681.86 KB, 2560x2560, F69EAA93-1CA8-4150-83C7-CCB03D…)

Whatever the fuck this means

No. 168205

Just some relatable impoverished j-tube chatter. How are either of them on entertainment visas? Don't they require a minimum, non poverty income in order to contribute to Japan or whatever the hell their policies are? Y'all can always go to your home countries and families and see how far you get with a jtuber skill set kek.

No. 168241

have you not read the thread anon? Mikan definitely isn't on entertainment visa, but don't talk about it or you'll make the wk anon sperg again kek

No. 168282

> do you just like, not know what cis means or something?
"Not mentally ill"?

No. 168289

I'm quite curious about her real financial situation.

It's hard to believe she lives ~paycheck to paycheck~ when she stays in one of the most expensive cities in the world and spends all her time shopping and going out to eat.
But then again she is unemployed, her videos get barely any views and her boyfriend has a low-paying profession. So where does all her money come from?

No. 168296

boyfriends family probably helps out and she quit school so maybe she had money planned to use for that that she kept instead

or maybe she's back to fishing for sugar daddies online again, who knows

No. 168300

Didn't she say she was dropping out because she couldn't afford tuition though? She's been out of school for a while, I doubt it's just savings.

I could see her having a poverty income from yt alone. Cost of living in Tokyo is expensive if you are constantly eating out and shopping, but rent is definitely more reasonable than a lot of major cities. They could get by if they are frugal off camera, but I guess there's no realistic way for her to have an entertainment visa if she's ~struggling~ in a 2 income household. Iirc Japan is really strict about not wanting deadbeat foreigners and having strict income or employment requirements for visas. She's probably covid coasting or secretly married.

No. 168330

that's not how it works… you can say 'biological' but cis is about identity. if everyone was cis, there wouldn't be a word for it. if you're that intent on being a moron you can call them a trans man even tho that doesn't make sense either.

No. 168332

See but that's not how you used it. You called a trans person cis so even if you're trying to say being trans is a mental illness then, what, everyone is cis somehow and therefore they don't have this mental illness?

No. 168352

I call him a cis man because he looks like a cis man. Show me a legitimate trans woman who passes as female in the olympics and I'll call them a trans woman. I just say what my eyes see. It's mental illness to see an obvious male and call them a trans woman. Now get back to Twitter.

No. 168353

File: 1629341876319.jpg (1.37 MB, 4200x3605, iuLR5K83QM.jpg)

This is who we're talking about, for future readers of this thread who have erased this from their memory.
He took a New Zealand native woman's place in the Olympics, let's not pander to assholes.

No. 168356

I don't think she ever specifically said it, no, but it was sort of implied whenever she talked about it?
I think she just ended up being really bad at it with barely passable grades and decided the investment wasn't worth it. Her shit was better than Jillian's tho lmao
Anyway, it seemed really expensive in general and she mentioned having to ask her mother for money for the first year so I think money might have been the biggest factor.

No. 168382

I don't think it's pandering to remind everyone that this man claims to be a (trans)woman and is treated as such. The world "cis" implies he himself is saying he is biologically male when he is saying the opposite. This IS a legitimate trans woman now, this is what a majority looks like. They have abandoned "passing".

Mikan only cares on a superficial performative level though. She's been called boyish and trans-looking before, so having transwomen now look 120% male without a hint of femininity probably helps her with not looking trans anymore since she's clearly a female next to any of those hulks. A lot of women like to have trans women as their new "gay best friend" because they naturally look so much more feminine next to them even if they're ugly by female standards.

No. 168399

File: 1629373899928.jpeg (709.55 KB, 2560x1920, E0A3BC45-F408-496C-8395-64C427…)

vina is having some mental breakdown shared to the masses on twitter today. she’s been sending her followers after people, she can’t decide if she’s british or not, and she’s still online despite saying she would stay off twitter for a bit.

No. 168400

File: 1629374346833.jpeg (889.13 KB, 1920x2560, AF9D0F87-D933-43C5-8840-B876A0…)

how it’s going. (what exactly does she do for a living?)

No. 168402

>if everyone was cis, there wouldn't be a word for it
There's a "word for it" because mentally ill people made it up to gaslight others into believing their delusions. There is no such thing as gender identity, and it's been proven several times (e.g. men/women who identify as women/men revert fully and immediately when under anesthesia).
I'm not the anon you replied to.
>everyone is cis somehow and therefore they don't have this mental illness?
Read above.
>I'm not from the UK
>I'm homesick for the UK
I find hilarious that "Take your meds" is a 100% valid reply vs. Mikan, lol. I also like how she explicitly states that not taking her medicine makes her evil; she's not even being facetious about it. I've been saying for years that people with BPD are outright evil and they need to be forced into medicine/seclusion/extinction.

No. 168403

This bitch is so repetitive, how many times do you need to say the same thing in a short time frame.
>I can't I'm mentally ill
Great attitude Mikan!

No. 168406

She’s on the most toxic social media in the world and wondering why everyone is being so toxic to her. I’m surprised she wasn’t advised to delete twitter by friends and family.

No. 168407

froggy face yasu ain’t shit but even i feel bad for him being stuck with her kek guess that’s the hole he dug himself into though

No. 168527

File: 1629423411723.jpeg (535.5 KB, 2559x1314, D0F6EDC5-0A58-4F7D-BD2C-2E33CC…)


No. 168549

Well, that's what happens when she's off her meds.

No. 168573

that's so needlessly aggressive of her, dude was literally telling her a cool fact she didn't seem to know judging from her initial post, also it was about france??? Last time i checked she wasn't french. Then again our west asian iraqi swedish japanese british kurd mikan identifies with a new label every week so who knows kek

No. 168575

she was also laughing at how a French person had spelled the word, so yeah - fair game. Person was polite and just sharing some facts. Since when did her people speak Aramaic anyway?

No. 168926

Always has to make things about her.

No. 168948

I just clicked on this guy's twitter profile. He seems to be from France, or at least fluent; given the opinions about French politics, I presume he grew up in French. How is Mikan being mansplained her own culture, when she was literally mocking how French people spell and pronounce a word with no fixed spelling in French? How is a comment by a French man considered meanie white-mansplaining about Vina's culture? Is it because he wrote an Arabic word? Because she thinks French-speaking people can't be Muslim? (spoiler, many are) Because she assumes he is a white man and ئیمۆکان belongs to brown people? I hope Vina keeps lashing out for no reason, because she is going to someday dig her own grave with this garbage.
Posting the link to his tweet here: https://twitter.com/kamikukamiku/status/1428395976994136072

No. 168959

File: 1629683695060.jpg (63.78 KB, 598x392, asianfishing.jpg)

No. 168962

She's really pushing this "West Asian" thing, and seems so obsessed with race she's one Tweet away from becoming a poltard. Nobody gives a fuck, Mikan. And when a Middle Eastern or European looking person like Mikan loves kawaii shit it's called a Weeb, not asianfishing, since not one person would sincerely look at Mikan and think she was Japanese.

No. 168963

It's so obvious that it bothers and irritates her ego when people say she dresses like a typical weeb lol

Also, is she suggesting she can't possibly be "Asianfishing" if she's already from Asia coughmiddleastcough? Girl, everyone knows that Asianfishing refers to someone who tries emulate stereotypical East Asian appearances when they're not East Asian for social media clout. A Kurdish girl trying to pass of as Japanese is still Asianfishing,you don't get an opt-out card from Asianfishing for being another POC.

And what's with the "we West and South Asians"? Is she claiming to be South Asian now too?

No. 168964

File: 1629689386397.png (213.21 KB, 1080x906, screenshotje83uhsjsj0821.png)

There were speculations above of her being married, and after this tweet, I can definitely see that there might be a chance that she rushed into legal marriage to get her family's approval to live with her boyfriend.

No. 168987

>Mikan look like she is from those countries that are close to Asia
lol no she doesn't and not all Asians are skinny and hipless. Look at typical Korean (non-kpop) girls for instance. She looks Middle Eastern af (not the whiter looking ones like some Turks) but the tanned/brown Middle Easterns. NO ONE would EVER consider Mikan "Asian" or looking like she's from East Asian countries.

No. 169004

File: 1629712879750.jpeg (125.81 KB, 750x641, 7F32F14F-DA5E-4BE5-9D60-D51DC6…)

are these people thick in the head? even if “asianfishing” was inspired by “blackfishing” both terms are literally derived from “catfishing” KEK

No. 169006

Dolly lashes have nothing to do with Asianfishing. I don't understand what she's talking about. Again. I think this bitch needs serious therapy and new meds. Being a fake victim isn't a job.

No. 169007

also wtf Vina
"just saw a French person spell Sheytan as “Chétan” and I just can’t stop laughing at the thought of someone referring to the devil with a French accent"

so it's okay to laugh at people's accents? wtaf?

No. 169008

File: 1629715389270.png (207.68 KB, 1080x1135, IMG_20210823_112042.png)

This girl is such a mess. A quick scroll through her Twitter and all she talks about is mental illness and being unable to decide what her identity is. She's just collecting diagnoses at this point and recently added misophonia to an already existing pool of anxiety/depression/adhd and whatever the heck she has claimed in the past.

She really needs to find something to preoccupy herself with coz the boredom is just driving her deeper into collecting mental illnesses and having ridiculous arguments across twitter to justify her bitchyness and bitterness. Like go get a small job, go back to school, do volunteering or something with meaning. But I guess she's already decided to never go back to school ever again, so what the hell is she planning to do with a high school diploma in Japan with no skills? Play dress like a weeb for clout and play wifey for the rest of her life? Sounds like a depressing af life, no wonder she's more and more miserable.

No. 169011

File: 1629722471913.jpeg (211.33 KB, 828x1250, 1479C3D4-C65E-4F1C-89C5-EF6032…)

Can she actually post something without mentioning her mental illness?

No. 169016

it's so ironic that she bad mouthed venus before when now she's became the exact same as her: two mentally ill weebs in japan. thats basically their whole identities. venus is just a few years ahead of her but i'd say give it some time and she'll be going down the same route

No. 169022

No she can’t, that’s her whole personality. That and being so thin and smol

No. 169025

At this point she's becoming exactly like Jill/Pixielocks, sans the obesity. I want to say that social media has ruined an entire generation, but let's be realistic, it just put them into the public eye as there have been good-for-nothing layabouts complaining that they can't do anything productive for decades now.

No. 169056

The subtle whitewashing she does to herself really becomes apparent when you compare her own photos to what others post.

No. 169057

Pic for display

No. 169060

File: 1629739466647.jpg (1.19 MB, 1564x1564, 0153240821.jpg)

No. 169073

you think she's fishing so hard for an adhd diagnosis to score adderall/Ritalin. From my understanding (mostly from you guys) is that it's near impossible to get prescribed in Japan. Even if you're naturally a waif you do fill out in your 20s even just a little/enough to outgrow your clothes from 16, since uwuwu small so skinny is her schtick it's not farfetched.

But lol at making fun of venus and becoming the same thing only as a college dropout.

No. 169097

I actually think Mikan's new nose is cute. Honestly wayyy better than her original one and she also has a mega cute side profile now. I guess her money wasn't wasted.

Besides that, I don't have many other good things to say. I know she says she lives paycheck to paycheck but she probably also has a pretty good bit of extra money considering the fact that she frequently posts outings with friends at restaurants and such. She's not struggling I guess, good for her. Those restaurants honestly look expensive.

Also I can't help but notice how little she posts about her bf Yasu now. Remember when she used to "" and post about everything little thing he did that she thought was sweet? Barely see it at all now. I guess maybe there's not as much spark there or something. She could have also wanted to really shove it in Yasu's ex's face at the time. Honestly I hope she wasn't too hurt by seeing how much Mikan posted. I hope Mikan doesn't try to use all her previous postings about him against him at some point, Whenever things decide to go to shit

Considering how Mikan hasn't had much experience with relationships and how immature she still is, I don't know if I see it being a "forever" thing with them. I'm just waiting for the fire, guys.(https://lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 169098

I don't think she's gonna be AS bad as Jill or even Venus tbh. To get to Jill's level she would unironically have to first become obese, in that case I could see it happening but I doubt it since japan doesn't coddle obese people crying about fatphobia the way the west does. In Venus case she was pretty much doomed to be socially retarded from being isolated and pandering to pedos from a young age, mikan is pretty stuck up and a weeb but still not THAT level of socially inept imo

But she's definitely on the typical social influencer track to becoming a public mental health clown crying about how difficult her life is while staying home and doing absolutely nothing ever

No. 169166

File: 1629807907487.png (815.38 KB, 1302x2048, Screenshot_20210824-142413.png)

imagine being retarded enough to think Mikan obsessively posting about Yasu is something anyone misses, including Yasu. She was doing that to spit in the face of Yasu's ex and to brag to Hiro, all while showing off the chocolates Hiro's family sent her and stuff. Fucking manipulative self-obsessed idiot.

She just replaced her obsessive Yasu posting with cat posting and sperging daily about muh ethnicity and mental illness. I've started looking at her twitter more regularly because there is always something cringe on it.

absolute gem of a tweet thread, im which Mikan blasts someone for saying she seems tall.

No. 169169

kek so now even being told she looks tall is triggering to her? sorry that not everyone thinks she is a smol kawaii fairy especially when 5’3” is about average or just a bit above in japan

No. 169171

"does it matter"
well seems like it does to you Mikan, since it clearly hit a nerve. You don't need to publicly be offended about every little thing someone says to you, go outside and touch some grass.

i'm glad she doesn't spam about yasu all the time anymore, it was annoying. one of the leading theories back on pull before it got nuked was that she needed proof of them being a couple for marriage and visa shit and that was why she spammed it so much. maybe now that she's got it she doesn't "need" to spam about him anymore, who knows

No. 169174

File: 1629811218213.png (279.61 KB, 1080x1225, Screenshot_20210824-151902.png)

our uwu smol bean is pressed

No. 169176

File: 1629814187426.jpeg (169.82 KB, 750x894, 36FAF120-248A-41D8-96B8-1CDD03…)

no words

No. 169178

she sure seems to have no trouble doing her makeup, making tiktoks, or going out to eat.

No. 169179

it’s also a bit concerning that she has two cats in her care when she apparently has no will to do anything. obviously yasu is there too, but he actually goes out to work.

No. 169206

Inb4 Yasu ditches her ass. You have to bring something to the table, and clearly it's not her looks or personality, so… It's just a matter of time. Just being a gaijin is not enough these days Mikan.

No. 169241

milkan looks like a man in drag. I think her true problem is NPD not ADHD, she expects to be the beautiful princess in Japan when she's just an ugly faced gremlin that is completely irrelevant, at least Venus has some trauma to justify her mental illness and she still isn't as obnoxious as Mikan. Mikan, your mom did not prostitute you on the internet since you were 13. You lived in a pretty normal household, tried becoming a prostitute at 18 to go to Nippon~~~~ but you are not a functional or valuable member of society. You should just go back home and accept you are nobody. Your Japanese skill is shit, you don't know jack shit about fashion, your personality is unlikeable and many other things. You are so unlikeable people won't even watch you Nippon~ content when they eat that shit up

No. 169279

>she still isn't as obnoxious as Mikan
calm down your a-logging, dumbass, Mikan truly is insufferable but have you seen the shit Venus posts?

No. 169286


>im honestly so tired of every little detail about my life mattering for some reason.

then log the fuck off or lock your social medias retard lmfao

No. 169311

Lmfaoooo right??? Problem solved. But she’s too stupid and narcissistic to do that. Must suck to be as stupid as a rock. What an insufferable pelican she is.