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File: 1617419826083.jpeg (318.93 KB, 1536x1536, 1DF09DA6-8279-48D4-83B4-4ED574…)

No. 143614

Nobody has made a thread on her so I figured why not? It’s her time.

Notable Milk:

> Ended her friendship with Venus Angelic (the person who made her ‘famous’) silently and still bad mouths her to this day.

> Used to date a Japanese guy who’s family paid her way into Bunk Fashion College. Dropped out anyway.

> Currently dating a Gaijin Hunter who is a notorious cheater. Uses him as an accessory for her future visa~

Feel free to add to this.(skimpy op)

No. 143616

You went for quite a flattering op image, how kind of you.

Iirc there are theories she didn't drop out of Bunka and instead was kicked out due to the poor quality of her work (which was even worse than Jill's from what I remember)

No. 143618

Trying to go for something that catches the eye you know? Hoes been getting away with far too much because she’s so “nice”. Also I know the thread is shit but we all have grievances to aire out kek

Spill the tea! How did you find out about that?

No. 143625

You can't just make a new thread for someone without posting any caps for the miniscule amount of milk. There's probably a reason why there hasn't been a thread up until this point.

No. 143628

There is a lot of milk, but OP didn't put any effort into creating a proper thread.

No. 143629

She was also "best friends" with Tsuruko a while ago and their friendship mysteriously ended after a couple vague posts on their IG stories. Something to do with her vlogging when Tsuruko didn't want it and she acted like a cow but blamed it on "muh British humor"

No. 143630

There's not enough on her milk wise, especially currently. She's already a part of the j-vloggers account. Was this made just because of her calling out racism today on her insta and thats somehow controversial? Youvimi is a garbage resale site anyway.

No. 143632

Personally I thought it was because of her spergout the day before about people taking everything she says out of context/not being able to "give back the same energy".

No. 143636

Anyone remember her „british humor „ excuse with how she treated Venus and her fans where coming at her kek
She’s just a bitch nothing too milky. She’s been discussed here and there but nothing major if I remember. Didn’t she come to PULL once to defend her ugly second nose?

No. 143637

Not sure, but I definitely recall she posted on there before to "explain" herself about her old sugar baby ads.

No. 143639

>Whitewashes herself into oblivion through editing (skin lightening) and nosejob, hair perm, etc.
>Despite this complains about people judging her for her "ethnic features" all of a sudden
>Has exhibited and continues to exhibit bitchy behaviour towards her "friends" (Venus Angelic, Tsuruko) leading in ended relationships

No. 143640

Samefag and tinfoil, but this thread seems eerily flattering and sugarcoating, especially in comparison to the other threads. The fact that she dropped out isn't what most farmers focus on. It's her lying, photoshop, hypocrisy and bitchiness. I don't mean to "hi cow", but this does seem like it is made by a wk or Vina herself.

No. 143641

Considering some of the posts it also seems to me like a bit of a pull circle jerk

No. 143643

i was thinking the same, anon. and this dumbass has a history of sperging on lolcow and pull, so she definitely lurks and wants the attention

No. 143649

Can’t imagine Venus and pip are wonderful people to be friends with but I think it’s telling that Mikan just can’t seem to keep friends

No. 143658

File: 1617461002357.png (205.45 KB, 281x500, e80d2e4980a4ec87764.png)

here's the design that was posted to PULL

No. 143660

I was so into her for a while back when she was on her Bunka vlogging but ever since she latched onto her future visa husbando and hopped on the muh mental health all her content went downhill and she became so unbearable lol.

On a side note, someone please post the photo of her massive pre surgery nose. For someone who loves making 40m videos being oh-so honest and vulnerable she is hilariously secretive about how ashamed she is of not being white.

No. 143664

If I saw that dress on the rack at any store in Harajuku I’d throw up right there on the spot. God that’s so fucking ugly. I’ve seen much worse but whyyyy is her art so shit?

I’m more upset that she titled her stuff “My Japanese_” like that’s always an indicator that mayyyyybe you’re there for the fetish of it all.

No. 143674

Is there samefagging in this thread? Why do you guys all type in the same cringy format?

No. 143676

Are these anons just going to bring up the thin milk that's already in the Jvlogger thread? Mikan has no recent milk. Nitpicking isn't milk either. This thread is pointless. Most of her "milk" is years old and already clocked in another thread. This is definitely a samefag nitpicking and wanting to feel good by starting a thread on an expired cow.

She is a lightskinned looking Jewish girl, even if she is another race. She's always been light skinned and she's been inside for over a year, she doesn't go out of her way to tan. You're nitpicking retarded shit and most filter apps do lighten a little which isn't exactly the person in general, its embedded in asian apps. Find stunting actually milky, anon.

No. 143677

she's kurdish, anon….

No. 143680

You're right but that other anon was right about everything else. Mikan isn't milky. She just posts pics of her outfits and her cat and that's about it.

No. 143683

Isn't she fucking swedish?

No. 143684

Her family are refugees from Syria iirc. She moved to Sweden when she was 2. Her parents divorced when she was <10 and she moved to the UK with her mom.

No. 143690


Omg, can you guys not bitch about this? I don't care what race she is, I'm pointing out that anon complaining about her 'whitewashing' herself is bullshit when she's lightskinned to begin with and has been inside most of COVID sans traveling, but she's not in the sun tanning. It's just ashitty nitpick they want to make just to pretend the thread has milk.

No. 143691

We needed a whole ass thread for her because…?

No. 143693

We didn't.

No. 143696

File: 1617482299406.png (464.02 KB, 1080x1061, Screenshot_20210331-171624.png)

Mikan is a minority when it is convenient or advantageous for her, or when she can get on a high horse about something. She's fucking still upset about people commenting about hummus.

Otherwise she wants to be seen as white and heaven help you if you ask where she is from.

No. 143698

She and Yukapon/PiNKII also had a falling out, although the videos of them together always had this weird passive aggressive energy or straight up in your face bitchiness between them.

It was almost like they were fighting over who was a better friend with Venus which was hilarious considering none of them are friends anymore.

No. 143700

Because they're pull refugees

No. 143702

As soon as I saw those insta stories I knew a thread would show up here, but I don’t think she is milky enough… most of her crap is in the UK weeb thread
Totally agree with this though, she does have potential to be fair.
She does lurk here and has a specific way of talking that’s really obvious, so I’m interested to see what she thinks of her own thread.. (probably low-key love it)

No. 143709

It might not be milky, but it’s no secret she’s unlike able. Jill’s thread isn’t milky right now, but it is always active. Maybe people could just move all the photos and stuff from the UK weebs thread over here it will make the picture a little clearer.

No. 143710

>Nobody has made a thread on her so I figured why not
You're joking right? What little milk she had is old and dried up. So tired of anyone who has a vendetta boner making these shit threads when there's no drama.

No. 143719

Kek is this supposed to be milk? What's about this completely boring jvlogger that annoys pullfags so much?

No. 143726

I wonder how she is able to stay in Japan for so long, what kind of visa is she on anyway? Her student visa must've already expired and she's not popular so entertainment visa is not an option too

No. 143739

No one likes your thread, anon. Even you just admitted what's posted "might not be milky". Then keep her small drama that hasn't existed in years, to that thread. You claiming she is whitewashing isn't milk and we don't need a thread just to gossip about aged curdled milk when it's already been discussed.

No. 143742

I get why people find Mikan annoying but this thread is so dumb. Sorry to whiteknight but to me she seems unproblematic and nice, plus she has a lot of friends.

No. 143745

keyword: seems. She really isn't. She's a self-absorbed, vapid and vain asshole. Quite dumb too. Also, the cached version of the PULL website has a pretty good summary of all her shittiness that should have probably been used in the thread intro. Mentioning her sex work, pretending to be a hard-worker, shitty on her mom to excuse her sex work and using her like a "human atm", her suspicious "english tutor ads", her defending herself on both pull and lolcow, her plastic surgery, her bitchiness, her old facebook posts (wanting power over people, hating chinese boys, shit talking companies she worked with, shit talking other girls but pretending to be a "big sis", sperging out against Sayo and being aware Yasu had a girlfriend but pursuing him anyway, possibly being kicked out of bunka and possibly on a marriage visa, just generally wanting attention for existing and getting free things at all costs and being revered for literally nothing, copying bestdressed video style, her shitty fashion sense, white washing and hating being asked about her ethnicity but using the POC card when it's advantageous for her, heavy editing, bullying others and her general thirst for fame at all costs… I'm probably forgetting a lot more.

No. 143746

Everyone in the world in unlikable, but most people are too boring to be posted on lolcow. Her biggest crimes are being a weeaboo and living a lavish lifestyle. I don't think I can fully believe she'd saved up a bunch of mcdonalds money to move to japan or whatever, but if she doesn't wanna share then I really don't give a damn.

No. 143747

She claims it's an entertainment visa but it does seem unlikely she'd get one. After dropping out she quickly moved in with Yasu– or being kicked out since dropping out after her mom helped pay for it seems stupid and her initial reasoning of "foreigners can't find work" as well as latest reasoning that she doesn't need fashion school for what she wants to do/just wanted to keep the money makes no sense. Why go in the first place at all then? Obviously she was just desperate to find a reason to stay in Japan once the two year language school card was up, and then she met Yasu, was likely kicked out of Bunka and could never admit to that and quickly moved in with him since her visa status was in jeopardy, went to meet his parents and he hers and all that for visa purposes, which if true would be hilarious, given that she shit on others for doing that. I can't think of any other visa she'd be qualified for: she's not in language school or college, she's not some business owner or skilled immigrant, she can't stay long on a tourist visa, she doesn't seem qualified for an entertainment visa (I mean Kenna didn't get one either, so how would Mikan? It's most likely marriage visa. She suspiciously rushed her relationship with Yasu.

No. 143748

She isn't light skinned, dumbass. She's brown/olive. You only think she's light skinned because she white washes and manipulates lighting on camera. She goes ape shit about it too and treats her followers on IG like shit if ethnicity is brought up, or they're surprised she's brown if she doesn't white wash as much in a pic and blames them. And she hasn't "been inside most of the time." Like she literally kept going for hair appointments during a pandemic. She went out a lot.

No. 143752

Did Kenna ever try getting one, tho? I mean, she said she wanted it but lol Kenna has said a lot. She made, what? 3 videos in Japan in her stay there and clearly hated the whole experience, left her japanese language school early and spent a good amount of her time there actually traveling through Europe. I don't think Kenna ever tried or wanted an entertainment visa, she probably just wanted to stay there the whole year because of her apartment lease or something.
Mikan, on the other hand, might not have a big audience but she puts out a constant stream of videos and a good bunch of them are closely related to Japan and japanese tourism, so her getting an entertainment visa is not as wild as you are making it sound at all.

No. 143754

Adding that she faked her Japanese ability. Im sure she's much better now having lived with her bf. But she never actually passed the JLPT and just months before starting Bunka (and after she had finished language school)this video was her Japanese level. I mean she can't answer the question at 0:49 "When did you some to Japan?" I always figured since the Bunka test was take-home she got her JP bf at the time to to help/do it for her.
Then at Bunka, of course she proved to have zero talent and no interest in actually learning about fashion besides her abject weebery, and was either booted from or strongly suggested to quit school. Which she lied about like everything else

No. 143756

entire thread is pullfags infighting

No. 143757

Congrats you've described 90% of the population, yourself included. Your vendetta is blinding you and you're psychotic.

No. 143759

And just because she stops hanging with shits like Venus, like an anon said to make that sound like Mikan's problem (kek), isn't really drama and only tinfoil about why, fron yeeeears ago, would be brought up without any actual facts

No. 143761

Speaking Japanese isn't as easy as just taking a class considering the massive amounts of vocabulary and social (especially social) nuances that even natives have trouble remembering.. She might have conversational at the time (because of course you only keep bringing up the nitpickiest shit from YEARS ago) but that doesn't make her an expert or a liar. This vendetta is retarded.

No. 143762

The shit she couldn't answer was straight up N5 level.

No. 143763

Cool, bring up a 2 year old video why?

No. 143764

frogger white knighting his wife? Mad sus someone’s responding to all the criticism(hi cow)

No. 143765

Imagine making a thread for someone who smartly dropped Venus Angelic, but putting it in the bio as if Mikan missed out on something. Lol(not very subtle wk)

No. 143773

File: 1617527358465.png (1.56 MB, 1073x1409, Screenshot_20210401-141602~2.p…)

but guys, she worked her ass off!

and whether or not the rest is milky, her continual sperging is milky. Mikan's life is so hard, she's just an innocent girl with a camera who has never done anything wrong! Give me a break.

No. 143774

Mikan, no one cares whom you date. People did care when you called your bf's (very new ex-)girlfriend psycho purely for warning you that he is toxic and objecting to being cheated on.

No one cares anymore. You sure loved posting all that White Day stuff this year to show how much he simps for you though, right? U showed her, qween

No. 143775

Mikan's content is:
pictures and vids of herself
tiktok of herself
ahegao teasing

No. 143776

She's not wrong. This whole thread is filled with retarded nitpicks. Hearing stupid shit like how she stopped hanging with problematic lolitas and the nitpicking of her nose, the actual doxxing because of people just being assholes to be assholes since any time anyone goes to Japan, its a constant complaint of "VIsA vIsA ViSA". She's not milky. Not even trying to WK, she has a point. It fucks with your mental health having an audience of salty cunts.

No. 143779


Ok Yasu.(hi cow)

No. 143781

Nobody doxxed Mikan. The information that was "found" on her was because she was stupid enough to leave her real name and "intimate" information online for people to look up. She makes milk. And its obvious that either her, Yasu or her other friend is already trying to fuck shit up on this thread, you guys aint slick, and that is potential milk in itself.(hi cow)

No. 143785

please learn to intigrate more and sage your shit, you're an obvious newfag

No. 143791

This though. This is the second Mikan thread made by an obvious PULL refugee and they’ve both sucked.

Kinda reminds me of the endless tinfoiling and extrapolation that still goes on in the Dakota thread despite her meagre social media presence these days. Weeb gaijins are a hell of a drug

No. 143796

File: 1617553516358.jpg (24.13 KB, 220x275, 1589973038522.jpg)

honestly….anything is an improvement upon what her original nose looked like. I just don't understand why you would drop all the money for one, and not get it 100% perfect. There is definitely room for a refinement surgery.

No. 143797

He nose looks fine. If she got it fixed like Belle, you'd still complain. Not everyone with huge noses want an uwu petite schnoz. It's not botched ffs, its like Vamplette's fix.

No. 143798

Thread is honestly boring Mikan is just another weeby gaijin in Japan. The only real douchy thing she (and simplykenna) did was talk about how "uguu small and kawaii she is" in front of Venus angelic who has?had an ED. She always gave me fake nice mean girl vibes so I'm not surprised she said something so humble braggy kek.

No. 143803


Large projects like this are borderline impossible to get done well in one go. At least it didn't cave in and bend sideways like Rachel's.

No. 143805

I'm not sure if it is one Mikan wk or a plethora but whichever you are you need to get a new schtick:
>no milk
>It's YEARS old
>everyone who criticizes Mikan-sama are salty PULL cunts

Honestly. Why are you caping so hard for this chick?(ot infighting)

No. 143809

kek, remember when she dragged her new bf's ex-girlfriend and said she was a toxic, manipulative person? And it turned out that yasu was a douchebag to her?

No. 143812

Calling out the obvious isn't WKing. You pullfag anons think anyone not agreeing with you is WKing and you reee. You sound like you're 12 if you think this is milk. It IS old milk, it was NEVER milky the same way Venus of anyone on /w/ is. Nitpicking just to make fun of someone isn't milk. That's why its bannable.

No. 143815

I love the irony of the (newfag) wk anons unintentionally bumping the thread every time they post in defense of Mikan, thus giving the thread more exposure and encouraging more commentary.

No. 143817

>Makes being a salty, sarcastic bitch her whole personality and blames it on being "British" despite no other Brit content creators acting like that
>Why am I getting attacked uwu?

No. 143819

Newfag, you know saging doesn't bump and only the nitpickers are doing that, right?

No. 143832

Sure, wk, no unsaged whiteknighting in this thread except for, uh

No. 143848

You mean the lowkey bad integration because of the insults still in them? These aren't WKs.

No. 143849

kek i'm curious, did the discord channel PULL refugees went to close or something? why the sudden thread when there's no new milk?

No. 143884

Her nose is botched and she DID want an uwu petite schnoz. Her surgeon took too much off the base and left the alnar base untouched, so her nose is too sloped for her face and protrudes too much. Her old nose is actually more flattering for her face which is sad.

No. 143886

This happens in the UK thread as well. Mikan is known to self-post. She literally posted right after her sex work was discovered on pull to defend herself and pretended it was "brought to her attention" by someone else.

No. 143887

stfu mikan. don't come here if it bothers you so much. it's obvious she is talking about this thread. and no one doxxed her. she's so insufferable. if you weren't such a cunt mikan, threads like these wouldn't exist. how about work on your shitty narcissistic self and actually become a better person instead of just trying to appear as a better person or victimizing yourself.

also like how she opens with the clout thing. i mean, she's the one who got with all the popular jvloggers when she was initially building her social media presence. such a hypocrite.

No. 143892

not just another weeby gaijin, the pig-ugliest weeby gaijin who somehow, someway, has convinced herself that she isn't.

No. 143900

She made this after receiving a DM on Instagram comparing her being excited about hummus to the n word.

No. 143918

The funny part is her pretending that she worked her ass off for anything ever. She probably sends these dumb DMs to herself. Literally no one cares about her view of hummus.

No. 143932

I didn't realize her and Rune we're friends until she posted some generic looking necklace Mikan gifted her for her pregnancy. Seems like an odd person for Mikan to latch on to since Rune is about housewife stuff, but I guess she has a pretty solid following.

No. 144254

Can admin close this thread? this thread is nothing but pull-chan trying to stir old stuff up.

No. 144408

This is hilarious. No uwu admin-san is going to delete this thread. It's interesting to me how hated this bitch was on pull vs the aggressive WKing in this thread how Milan is a pure, unproblematic lightskinned princess not an irrationally rude weeb who dropped out of the only thing that made her content interesting to be a visa wife who posts uninspired fast fashion looks and tries to erase her ethnicity at every possible opportunity.

No. 144420

Go away vendetta chan or at the very least sage your shit.

No. 144429

Ok but where's the lie in their post: >>144408
However if people want to contribute to this thread please post caps of her unhinged nastiness, this is an imageboard.

No. 144456

File: 1617933002896.jpg (32.73 KB, 500x500, d722c4064437485ed8f706979e751b…)

I'm a different anon, but I was holding back in case anyone thought the thread wasn't worth it. But I did post caps about her "working her ass off" (LMAO - ebegging, begging her parents, and sex work - check out picrel) and her continual sperging about the fact that out of her thousands of brain-dead followers, some occasionally write her dumb PMs about hummus.

Look, if Mikan is so mentally illlll and sensitive, maybe she should stop buying shit she doesn't need, get offline, and get some therapy. Her woe-is-me "i'm a big internet content creator who works night and day to bring you the very best curated content from Japan" schtick is laughable. And she could stop baiting everyone about her weight.

Want information about her racial issues? They are sprinkled throughout her whole PULL thread (just ignore the irrelevant sperging typical of PULL), but I accessed a random page of the archive, and kek, posts about her lightening her skin and hiding her race: https://archive.is/MEF9U
(once it became trendier to be a PoC online, she moved to whinging about everyone assuming she's white)

Mikan loves to flaunt her body and hint at having an ED. Other caps are in the UK thread but enjoy this bragging she posted and deleted just one year ago (source here: https://archive.is/rhu3m):
>She was saying that despite eating more healthy foods? (And eating more I think?) She said she lost a TON of weight and lost 8cm on her waist.
>She was complaining none of her clothes fit, she knows how to sew now so its "not a problem" adjusting them but in her last outfit post even wearing the skirt with a belt was too big for her.
>She doesn't want to see a doctor about it right now since there's the pandemic going on and she doesn't want to bother them (?) And can't go (?)
>She then said all of her blood tests come back normal (which confused me since she was literally just said she can't/won't go to a doctor?!) and then posted some screenshots about depression symptoms and blamed all of her weight loss on depression.

Vina likes attention, negative or positive, for her size and weight. So when she senses it is waning, she flaunts, complains about people asking her for diet/exercise tips, or embellishes another story about how men in Japan think she is just soooo pretty and skinny and follow her around constantly.

Vina's JREF essay is comic gold and openly admits a fetishization of Japan and Japanese people. Even if she was a teen when she wrote it, so what? Most people would not write shit like this. You can download it here: https://jref.com/resources/japanese-culture.121/

No. 144576

You are recapping uk thread stuff. Just keep it there. The op should've done that if they wanted a legit thread. This was as haphazardly put together just for shitposting the same way Belle's thread was.

No. 144604


You know Mikan is a cow. We know Mikan is a cow. Her stuff was polluting the UK thread so ofc it’s best to put it all in one place. She isn’t even in the UK. So like, common now.

No. 144624

I mean, you're not wrong. I hate the thread pic and the lame OP. I for the first time started to read bits of Mikan's PULL thread and holy cow was she a milk factory for awhile. I was expecting simplykenna-esque jealous/spergy posts but Mikan was a straight-up manipulative bitch and cow. I'm floored she never had a thread. I'll skim more next time I'm bored on a zoom call.

But for the record, I have posted things in this thread that were not in the UK thread and were recent.

No. 144650

I cant wait for the day her bf drops her lazy anorexic ass. Once she gets old and gains some weight, I'm sure they will break up. He seems just as vain as is. She barely eats and restricts daily to be uwu kawaii youtuber.

No. 144651

This is milk, how? those pictures had different lighting, and I don't see how complaining about weight loss is somehow 'hint of an ED'. If she did sex work, it's still work. She mentioned in a recent video that she is currently seeing at the least a psychiatrist. Post the caps about ebegging instead of saying that you have. No one's going to sit here and just read an entire pull thread. It's so boring when people start threads and then don't even do research to debunk the obvious stuff. The only real question I have about her is how her mom manages to send care packages to Japan with international postage being so annoying.

No. 144652

International shipping is less annoying atm than you think. Things have settled a lot compared to last year.

No. 144663

It's so boring the way you lazily wk. Op did a shit job of starting the thread and most of the milk is on a now dead website, but it's still valid. Mikan must have been hella relieved when PULL went down.

No. 144672

For what it’s worth, EMS & Airmail have been operating without issue between Japan and the UK throughout the pandemic with a few delays here and there

No. 144745

You mean the nitpicking in the thread? How you feel she looks in a dress isn't milk.

No. 144824

>If she did sex work, it's still work.

Sex work is not work, dumb whore.

No. 144833

I hate to break it to you anon but sex work is indeed work, anything is work if you earn money from it and you sound like a neckbeard calling people dumb whores on here

No. 144836

File: 1618139210723.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1713, Screenshot_20210409-222816.png)

s-s-sex work is still work!

omg I cannot decide if you trolling or serious. As soon as Mikan was in her late teens she thought selling her body to thirsty neckbeards online was preferable to working a real job. And now that she is in her 20s, she quit the only thing that might count as education to mooch off of her Jboyfriend, who works in construction, while bragging constantly that her ex's family still loooooves her. Picrel is from a couple days ago. Hiro has a gf he really seems to adore; Mikan needs to stop posting about him / his family and haunting his IG while also bragging about her new perfect jboy who buys her whatever she wants.

I really have to post screenshots of her ebegging, when it's all over the internet? damn, anon. Every youtube video of hers has in the description: "Paypal if you're feeling nice today." She sold shoutouts on IG for $20 a pop numerous times. Whined about not beinng able to make rent. Whined when she had to move because of a stalker (conveniently hid the fact that she was staying with her boyfriend during that time). Begged like a good zoomer ho for her birthday and tuition. Mikan is an entitled bitch, stop WKing her here.

No. 144837

I don't disagree on principle but come the fuck on. She was living in a decent family and decided to do sex work rather than work a normal job. Are we really normalizing teenagers pandering to neckbeards? Mikan literally said she didn't want to work at mcdonald's, as if that were her only other option.

She was and is not someone struggling to make ends meet, with no other option. So I think it is reasonable to point out that this is a really shitty and dangerous thing for society to pretend is ok.

No. 144838

samefag but drug dealing is work too then! Gambling is work? Scamming is work?

No. 144839

Yes if you earn money or earn a living from it then it’s work, you are aware there is illegal work right? not all work is good but sex work is work and I wish the stigma wasn’t there but people like you don’t help that stigma

No. 144844

Sex work is work, I don't know why this became the Twitter catchprase everyone reels out (men thinking enjoy sex = not a job? I've seen some who really believe that) but it's besides the point, being a hitman is a job too but it doesn't mean it's advisable or anything to be proud of. Aside from that iirc her "sex work" was just requesting paypig offerings from men who she'd ignore, so ironically her sex work of choice was the lowest effort one of all.

No. 144855

she's still taking to her ex's family?

No. 144880

Don't bother anon. These anons are just baiting by posting nitpicks and saying hot takes when most adult women get that sex work is work. Simps will pay big to see you eat food, even clothed, with a little cleavage showing. Not everyone is hooking up a fuck machine and shoving nails in their cooches like Moo.

No. 144957

You're stanning an adult woman who dropped out of all education to mooch off her second yellow boyfriend and … do what? make tiktoks in Japan?

No. 144981

File: 1618244849682.jpg (652.07 KB, 810x1520, Screenshot_20210412-122657_Ins…)

LMFAO please someone explain this comment? She didn't like the picture either

No. 144982

Yukapon has been speaking out on Junyan being a groomer on Tiktok/IG

No. 144988


Honestly I feel so bad for her. She made a ton of mistakes but she’s growing into a decent person. The Junnyan situation is gonna make the decors scene finally explode, they have a shit ton of milk but they aren’t awful people.


Also this. Why is she being defended so much? Most people didn’t even go on PULL to know she’s a fake bully. It’s all in her character. Honestly the skimpy op seems fitting considering she’s an entitled brat.

No. 144990

The Juunyan thing wasn't surprising since I heard things about him years ago and he used to be besties with Kensuke from broken doll who also happened to be a creep against jfashion girls, I felt really bad for her

No. 145028

Yukapon literally threw herself at Junyan and the only reason she's now calling him a "groomer" is because she's still pissed off she got pumped and dumped and didn't get harajookoo famus for it kek

No. 145035

This is a massively retarded take.

No. 145042

she is the one that initiated it and bombarded him with messages to hook up.

Should Junyan have said no? Yes. But it's a big stretch to call it """grooming"""

No. 145067

What he did to other people has nothing to do with him hooking up with her. If shes calling him out, she's doing a service. The fact you think not calling something out about him that doesn't involve her is somehow ONLY a throwing him under the bus situation is the retarded part. The two situations are not connected. Of course she should call him out. You don't want her to??

No. 145099

Is there any proof? I wouldn't be shocked if he has but if she's making those tiktoks because shes mad she got dumped then she's in the wrong.

No. 145100

She was a minor, his dumbass should know better

No. 145101

Did anyone else notice she still got that cat after people were concerned about what'd happen to it, wasn't she allergic to cats too?

No. 145108

You can have cats and be allergic to them. I have always been allergic, got a cat and surprisingly I am allergic to all cats except mine. At first it was horrible, 1 year later I only get rashes if the cat scratches me and it's not that bad.
You can also buy a spray at the vet, spray a towel, massage your cat and boom no longer allergic to their fur (but still to their saliva and scratches). I think her cat is very well taken care of, bu tnot sure if Hiro and her broke up, because my bet is Hiro is the owner of the cat and it's his name on the vet card.

No. 145118

She got the cat after she broke up with Hiro when she moved together with Yasu. And iirc she’s taking medicine for her cat allergy.

No. 145123

omg sorry, my bad, I mixed the names! I meant Yasu. Thank you for correcting it

No. 145158

vina's deleting any comments on this post about him being a predator, too.

No. 145160


I can see her now

No. 145166

i imagine it'd be more like
"UGH being an influencer is so HARD with the relentless NITPICKING!! all i did was pose for an alleged predator! you cant do ANYTHING as a celebrity!!!!!! im just a girl with a camera what can i do??"

No. 145234

What in the autism…

No. 145272

File: 1618411979375.jpg (886.88 KB, 1062x1986, Screenshot_20210414-105214_Ins…)

Just lol. We get it mikan, you're totally smol and tiny uwu

No. 145281

She's probably eating more than one, anon. Your vendetta is showing.

No. 145286

Okay answer me this: Why is Vina getting special treatment on here? She was the most talked about person on the UK Weeb thread so wtf? Do you know where you are Anon?

No. 145288

Adding your own salty captions and purposely trying to make the photo out to be more than it is, is cringey as hell, anon.

No. 145294

Dat "essay" tho.. Thx for the keks anon

>My friends would joke around and call me a “super kawaii princess”, and I’d laugh, telling them they pronounced kawaii as “kowai”, then explained that it means scary.

No. 145306

If it was anyone else, okay sure. but Mikan has a storied history of bragging about how little she eats, how small she is, and how she loses weight without even trying, so… Also who tf posts only one bite of what they're eating unless they're baiting this kind of behavior?

No. 145307

If she wasn't such an annoying person, I'd almost feel sorry for her. That face is irredeemable. Genuinely one of the ugliest girls I have ever seen. I don't even care about idol stuff, but every time I see this thread pop up I just feel pity. She can be super thin and have a perfect skelly body or whatever… but that fucking face. Jesus christ. She might actually benefit from gaining a little if it fills out that hawk face. Do people find her cute or is it a butterface sort of situation?

No. 145309

Pointing it out and being happy about it is oy bragging to jealous and salty fatties. Anyone "smol" is bragging. Can't be "smol" and eat small portions because that's bragging. Do you hear how stupid you sound? Unless she is going "nah nah nah im skinny haha these girls arent" then shut up about her 'bragging'.

No. 145315

Holy fucking whiteknight, anon. Are you mentally unwell? I pointed out that she's had a history of this exact behavior - which, spoiler alert, normal people find extremely annoying, not just fatties.
It's attention-seeking behavior to post one fucking bell pepper on your instagram story with the caption "Simple dinner today" whether you want to defend it or not.

No. 145321

File: 1618426526248.jpeg (39.35 KB, 861x485, 726809E9-B66A-4341-994D-2268EE…)

I swear to god one of you are her. Fucking stoppppppp

No. 145324

Samefag, but Vina if you keep adding to this board, you are adding fuel to the fire that you already started. Honey get off of here and focus on your visa husbando.(hi cow)

No. 145335


I’ll never see the appeal of this weeb. She’s butt ugly

No. 145388

You interpreting it as bragging is your own problem

No. 145394

Oh she's totally posting here. She posted publicly at least 2 times on her PULL thread and each time she was mentioned in the UK weebs thread here there was always a totally mysterious whiteknight to try to derail. If you don't want people talking about you, Vina, just stop the bitchiness and shadiness.

No. 145402

I wonder why she went back to Bunka, to fill in some papers? Do you think she will try to join again for next semester and complete her studies? I truly hope so, even if her design skills aren't the best,she'll probably end up working for someone and would create hideous fairy dresses… the best she could do is having an education there. A friend of mine studied the same thing in Osaka and got a job right after graduating. And these months are the ones were universities start the proccess

No. 145407

would not create hideous fairy dresses* sorry I missed the "Not"

No. 145408

She's probably there to annoy her 'friends' that hardly visit her, she could've done really well and found a good job if she stayed there and put in more effort

No. 145421

Wow Tsuruko just started fashion school. Imagine how Mikan has to be feeling after seeing that lol maybe she does go back to finish second year at Bunka after this. How long was her education? 3 years?

No. 145436

2 years, but dropped out after one saying it was too expensive even though she said she had all the money for it saved and that there were no jobs for it

No. 145452

School tuition gets raised every year at some schools and trade schools tend to be for profit sometimes, but you can save all you want,but they won't pay for your materials for a fashion school. That's extra out of pocket, so ots believable she couldn't afford it after 2 years and there really aren't entry level jobs available for this type of thing. Most people start their own shops. You're lucky if you get picked up for fashion group working under a designer.

No. 145589

Bunka provides all related fees online so she should've set aside a savings account for that, she had her second year paid for and then dropped out, she should've stopped spending all of her money on shitty clothes

No. 145597

We can't see her official billing papers, so this is all tinfoil.

No. 145603

File: 1618588802387.jpeg (15.78 KB, 240x240, 1A8B72C9-EBC8-4A3D-85B5-507111…)


Why are you such a buzzkill anon?

No. 145685


She wasted that much money just to stay in Japan and because it was something an ex-friend wanted to study, she has no ambitions of her own, trade schools are well known for being hardcore so she should've done something she actually liked

No. 145855

>Currently dating a Gaijin Hunter who is a notorious cheater

What's this about

No. 145908

her current boyfriend was already in a relationship with a half Japanese x British girl when they met, then he started cheating on her with Mikan and when his GF found out Mikan called her abusive, manipulative, that she was just a crazy stalker and that Yasu wasn't in a relationship with her, there were a lot of screenshots on PULL that proved they were dating when Mikan and Yasu met and them seeing each other IRL

No. 146001

Kinda retarded to call anyone dating outside their race to be doing it because of some fetish, anon. That doesn't exactly make him a gaijin hunter.

No. 146027

>and I’d laugh, telling them they pronounced kawaii as “kowai”, then explained that it means scary
Maybe that's what they meant, lol.
I agree. I know it's kinda mean to be so blunt about it but she's hideous.
>Do people find her cute or is it a butterface sort of situation?
I think the latter.
I don't think the issue was lack of effort. I believe her when she says she slaved night and day at Bunka. Some people just don't have good taste in fashion, and in her case it shows (or at least imho she was awful at coordinating). I'm no fan of her ex-bff Tsuruko, but if I were Mikan I would be seething uncontrollably at how better she is at it. On that topic does anyone know if Mikan deleted that video or just marked it private?

No. 146039

>>146027 (Replying to myself)
>does anyone know if Mikan deleted that video or just marked it private?
Turns out it's unlisted; found it on the Tsuruko thread (didn't know she had one lol), who turned out to be way more of a vapid ho that what I had thought… but my god, Mikan is such a gargantuan duplicitous bitch it makes me want to beat her hideous goblin face. Tsuruko is in the brink of tears here, reminds me of those photoshopped crying cat memes.

No. 146066

wanna bet whether she completes it?
It seems all of Mikan's ex posse want to be "fashion designers" when they don't have any fashion sense

No. 146073

I'd bet she at last makes it longer than Mikan. I can't claim to have "taste" in fashion but I think Tsuruko dresses way better (based on what they both carefully curate for their social media) and seems to have a more genuine interest.

No. 146083

File: 1618939797091.jpeg (83.82 KB, 750x750, 9662117B-5B24-448E-AC7F-A82BF2…)


No. 146148

File: 1618968535477.png (343.46 KB, 380x470, Untitled.png)

Is it just me or she looks dead inside in most of these? Regardless, these shots really show how much she has an unfortunate face composition. On one hand I think she doesn't arrange her style in relation to her face's strengths, on the other hand I think she subconsciously tries to overcompensate for it, which doesn't help. Makes me wonder if she was a nicer person before she got the nose surgery and whether her attitude stems from insecurity.
>161 cm
I always forget she isn't as a tall as she looks.

No. 146179

I think you're right that she overcompensates for her facial features. Her nose actually looks less pronounced in the pic where she isn't wearing much makeup. By making all of her non-nose features look bigger through her eye-enlarging makeup looks and overlined, colorful, glossy lips…it just looks like a lot is happening on her face and there is no harmony. If she toned down her makeup and had shorter, straighter brows I think she'd look a lot better. I also think she looks absolutely ridiculous in kawaii fashion, and would look a lot better if she dressed in a more boyish or street style. It must suck to not suit a fashion that you are really into but Mikan…wake the fuck up and get into Kibbe.

No. 146215

I agree her face doesn't suit "kawaii" fashion and she must definitely be in denial about it instead of just oblivious. Imho she looks WAY uglier in latter than in the former.
>must suck to not suit a fashion that you are really into
Reminds me of that youtuber guys that reviews fast food and always wear suits but they suit him so bad due to his frame and face.

No. 146246


I gotta say it: as a weeb, she never came off like she truly loved Japan, like at all? She wasn’t wearing Kawaii fashion really, just frillier mom clothes. Just because she wears lacy shit doesn’t mean she’s doing Kawaii fashion. All the girls I know in Japan are confused as hell why she has the following she does have. She’s just not really, idk genuine?

No. 146259

>just frillier mom clothes
Great way to put it.
>are confused as hell why she has the following she does have
Without claiming that it's undeserved, I don't get it either.

No. 146293

She looked tons better the one time her ex Hiro picked out her clothes for her, which was actually current Japanese fashion trends. I mean, Mikan is aware she's not dressing to appeal to Japanese people, but she's been living there for so long, she dresses like a weeb on a 2-week vacation.

No. 146299

I felt that way too, I was following her before she moved to Japan and she looked like she tried to appeal to other weebs with some sort of half-assed "kawaii fashion" for attention, but got rid of it as soon as she moved to Japan

No. 146300

She needs to thin, lighten and arch her brows. But she won't because she follows weeb trends despite them looking hideous on her. She has a flat forehead, masculine square face, double chin, small eyes, big nose… so thin arched brows would add a touch of femininity to her face.

No. 146301

I went through her youtube and I'm really not surprised she made a video about her "ADHD and Bipolar" she got diagnosed after ONE visit to a doctor, and acted like being questioned is soo horrible as a "mentally ill person", people are allowed to ask about your mental health when you put it out there, and it looked shady how she never mentioned struggling at all with anything then suddenly claiming to be mentally ill

No. 146359

fucking kek a dr supposedly said to her "you're too pretty to be depressed"

surprised we didn't get a whole narrative about how slender and slim and thin she is too, so tiny uwu

No. 146385

>claiming to be mentally ill
I, for one, do not doubt she's mentally ill.

No. 146394

There's a possibility that she could, but ADHD and Bipolar aren't things you can diagnose right off the bat in one visit, they take many visits as well as talking with those around you and various proof

No. 146434

weird af relationship, they way he rejects her advances… something looks fishy

No. 146444

Are you expecting them to have sex in front of the camera or what? KEK

No. 146464

wk how to:
>defend the cow
>add a kek to try and blend in

No. 146468

I think you missed the point of my post.
Why is she drawing freckles on her face? Regardless, why do you call it "advances" when it's clear it's all for the camera. Seduction doesn't work in a context that is explicitly fake. With that said, I do think he must be a gaijin hunter like some people have said before because she's way less attractive than the average Japanese woman, and she doesn't have any foreigner appeal to justify it.
>inb4 maybe he's into her personality
Come on now, get serious.
I'm not sure if that anon is white-knighting but that all-uppercase kek is suspicious.

No. 146481

the way he rejects her kiss at the end makes me think he's gay and not into her

No. 146493

vina gets her inspo from taobao queen yumi king

No. 146519

PDA is something shunned in Japan.

No. 146531


Not really, just don’t be sucking face

No. 146547

Her acting/execution of this video concept was retarded, but the way he was so uncooperative was kind of sad. Is he autistic or something or just painfully awkward?
It wasn’t even PDA or a kiss, she was trying to whisper “banana monkey” in his ear and he backed away like her face shouldn’t be so close to him.

Also what in the nitpick hell is going on with the extensions at the back of her head.

No. 146561

My question is why did she even make the video? It’s so fucking cringe. She always says everyone who’s a weeb is autistic or fucking awful but bitch, look at your content. What purpose does this serve? For girls to follow in your easy way footsteps? Fuck outta here with that

No. 146586


No. 146627

>the way he was so uncooperative was kind of sad
Why? He doesn't owe her to do as she pleases, and we don't know what she told him in preparation for the video, if anything.

No. 146643

File: 1619188363579.jpeg (283.41 KB, 2048x2048, 2A71503C-7E94-4BBD-B87F-F79305…)

Oh boy! Time to WK my kween

No. 146712

Lol, not bird-like enough

No. 146762

The fact that people are calling you a WK confuses me. There's probably other reasons too. Reading into the video way too much. He's just apprehensive about what she's planning on doing. He doesn't know she was going to whisper. Could've been sticking her tongue in it. The point was to surprise him to see if anything works. The vendettachans here are embarrassing.

No. 146921

Did you reply to the wrong post? Nobody called me a WK.

No. 147153

Because the ugly bird-nosed bitch is self-posting. Like she always does on any thread that talks about her. Fuck off Mikan. Go stick your big Toucan Sam nose elsewhere.

No. 147167

You don't need to be this mean to toucans. They're beautiful animals.

No. 147278

I've always wondered this, but isn't it embarrassing for Yasu to go out with Mikan in public wearing her weeb-tier attempt at kawaii fashion and awful wigs? It's sad that she's leaning so hard into a clothing and makeup style that doesn't suit her at all and makes her look so much worse. For someone supposedly into fashion, she doesn't even try to integrate into Japanese fashion and keeps dressing like a busted weeb.

No. 147393

I don't think men care about those things beyond "don't go out looking like you spawned from a sewer" and that would apply specially if it was true that he is a "Gaijin Hunter".

No. 147398

I just imagine her with an asymmetrical crop top combined with mom jeans, or a loose dress emphasizing her waist with a belt made from the same fabric, with an oversized blazer on top. Foundation matching her medium light skin tone, a rosy neutral blush & lip instead of the bright pink ridiculousness, hair down. No kawaii falsies. She would look way better with a more toned down style, it would fit her features.

No. 147399

Combined with classy stilettos or cowboy boots instead of the chunky kawaii shoes made in China

No. 147413

File: 1619531477387.jpg (173.09 KB, 720x997, 20210427_154956.jpg)

That ice cream just glitched so hard. Face filters dont work on an ice cream cone mikan! ‍♂️(no emojis on lolcow)

No. 147430

Cowboy boots are ugly and tacky as fuck.

No. 147431

Where's the glitch?

No. 147447

File: 1619544576236.jpg (2.06 MB, 364x480, q75XX36.jpg)

nta it’s in the ice cream

No. 147466

I can't see whatever I'm supposed to be seeing, but also typical Mikan to upload a video of herself suggestively eating an icecream with both hands and her eyes closed. And if anyone called her out she'd play innocent as usual, like making aheago faces in another video and then claiming she wasn't in the comments.
She has the "Westerner girl in Japan/Asia" tragic life of spending 99% of her time trying to impress/troll girls on the other side of the world, like Taylor R but without the millionaire or the good looks.

No. 147467

Oh wait just realized that was a gif, I'm on lite mode and the file ends in jpg. Interdimensional icecream there trying to traverse to the other side.

No. 147550

Kek, nice catch.

No. 147714

Maybe nothing there, but what happened to all the girl friends she made after meeting yasu? Do they still hang out or are they all tired of mikan too lol?

No. 147725

COVID happened, retard.

No. 147732

NTA but I've seen my friends in Japan hanging out all this time, going to cafes and whatever like nothing is happening, aside from the few scant and short lasted "emergency states", one of which is happening now. It's been frustrating to watch lol simply because we can't do that here.

No. 147733


Of course. She's just been going out and hanging out with uni "friends", or worldofxtra etc but not the girl friends she made because of covid. Make perfect sense.

No. 147735

she’s out constantly as are all these weebs, dumbass. do you really think covid is the reason here?

No. 147740

So nice for other people, but not everyone is back to socializing like "everyone in Japan". Calm down. This is such dumb tinfoil.

No. 147744


Not sure why you are still using this dillusion. But the girls Mikan used to hang out with? Check out camillaarod insta, they are definitely socialising but just not with Mikan lmao

Also I've noticed she haven't got a sponsor in her videos for months. What is she doing for income? No way the ad revenue from youtube, or the commission from her necklace can sustain living in Tokyo.

No. 147766

Who was talking about “everyone” tho? It was specifically about girls she was being buddy with before. Learn to read.

No. 147878

"English" "lessons"

No. 147885

this might be nitpicky but pretty sure half of her followers follow her purely because she’s ~ thinspo ~ and she for sure makes sure to capitalize on it, i’ll never get over her putting a literal body check on her “i’m naturally thin uwu” video.

No. 147922

Why bitch about a handful of grubby weeaboos going out when the locals are acting like covid isn't a big deal. Check any Japanese person's IG or Twitter, especially J lolitas. Theyre the ones whove been going to events and restaurants on the regular.

No. 147933

I remember that reel, people called her on the body check in the comments. It was the “uwu tiny girl in big t-shirt” one right

No. 147947

What's even the point of being thin when you're that ugly? Also, you forgot to sage.

No. 147961

that one and then she has a video on her youtube titled “why i’m so thin” and she’s doing a body check in the thumbnail of that one too. The whole video she just talks about how she hated being skinny, and no matter what she does she can’t gain weight. Very well may be true, but a whole video about it is bizarre

No. 148012

Not really when people constantly ask her or berate her about it. May be true like you said, so probably why she made a video. You guys act like no one body checks, regardless of weight. Humans are narcissistic. Practically everyone body checks. She doesn't look unfed and bone thin like EC. She just looks basuc bitch skinny.

No. 148015


I just think it’s weird that she’d put a body check in a video talking about how she’s so skinny when she clearly knows majority of her followers follow her because she’s thinspo. Really giving us the myproana content shame free!!

No. 148017

Me again, sorry for double posting.

Yeah everyone body checks but putting a photo of you showing how tiny your wrist is in a video that talks about how you’re naturally thin is much different than someone body checking in a mirror, alone.

No. 148034

Sounds more like insecure fatties being triggered. No different from hamplants using scales in their thumbnails. The photo literally coincides with the video topic. I get how it looks that way, but feels more like reading in to it by using proana reasoning to paint it worse than it is.

No. 148079

Going to have to agree with you despite feeling icky about defending this fugloid. Until I read your post I was still confused about what exactly was the big deal with this "muh body check" thing and why people where even discussing it. I'd much rather have people be obsessively proud about they being thin, than making excuses about they being fat.

No. 148085

more so the whole “i’m so smol and tiny :3” is annoying. Isn’t 23 too old for that?

No. 148122

Again, what exactly is the issue with feeling pride in being healthy? It's not like she looks anorexic either, and again, it's much better than the opposite which is to gaslight people into pretending that being obese is brave, healthy, cute, and fashionable. You -could- argue that she shouldn't feel pride if she owes it to a fast metabolism, which means little effort on her part, but that isn't the complaint.
>Isn’t 23 too old for that?
By such logic, isn't 18+X too old to be gossiping about some bird-face uggo on the internet? Come on now.
>inb4 wk
"i'm so smol and tiny :3" (sic) is by far and wide not even a speck in Mikan's list of flaws and objectionable behaviours to the point it's very clear to me there is no milk to be found there. Now, if we were to find out she purges…

No. 148127

Not a fatty chan but there is nothing to defend about her body type. She is just skinny, and she doesn’t seem to work out. That doesn’t mean she has blood sugar or cholesterol problems but we don’t know if she is missing her period or having orthopedic issues. She could experience joint pain or arthritis in the future if she keeps being this skinny without muscle tone. If she exercised and put on some muscle tissue she’d be healthier.

No. 148130

As a fatty chan who loves cooking and eating, I do think being thin is not easy.
>there is nothing to defend about her body type
Nor attack. If she likes her body, then why hate her for that?

No. 148131

Replying to myself with a correction:
>Nor attack
Except for her face lol.

No. 148142

Being able to control your portion sizes and not feeding your body enough calories are different anon. First one is admirable, but the latter is nothing to be proud of. Promoting being underweight or bragging about how sm0l she is, is a choice.
This is where we have different opinions, I don’t think it’s okay to attack a person for something they have no control over. She didn’t choose to be born with her original nose, neither she wanted her nose job to turn into a botched rhinoplasty. She is moderately pretty, she just doesn’t have the right face for kawaii fashion.

No. 148144

Honestly I don’t see any milk in this thread. She’s your average early twenties western girl immersed in Japanese culture. She is not a perfect person, but she is not a lost case like Venus either. Not every gaijin living in Japan is successful, some of them live in Nipponland on a spouse visa and that’s how it works. I think some anons are just bitter that she has managed to move to their dream country and themselves could not.

No. 148145

>She is moderately pretty
You're completely out of your mind. She's objectively, categorically, undeniably ugly.
This thread spawned from the UK thread,, perhaps in some misguide attempt to have Vina being a central topic of that one. I think people are here hoping for some clue or slip about her monetary situation (e.g. revealed as an escort). Beyond that she's just an average snowflake with a chip on her shoulder.
>I think some anons are just bitter
I don't think that's the case. Not everyone has a delusionally romanticized view of Japan.

No. 148160

Regardless of how her outside looks, her inside is selfish and rotten to the core. Took money from her parents while badmouthing them online. Took gifts and support from her ex and his family (was eating dinner there almost every night). Makes nasty comments to her "friends" who then disappear and are never seen again. Shacked up with someone who cheated on and ghosted his gf, and took 3 months to return her possessions. Lords her status as an "influencer" over people while badmouthing companies on her FB (I'm not talking about the scam companies - actual companies paying her in kind to promote things.) Now she has no job aside from her vain Youtube and Tiktok. Sponges off of her bf, who works in construction (kek). Deleted any comments remarking on a known groomer in the jfashion community.

Mikan called herself Swedish until she wanted to milk being Kurdish. Now she is angry at "Americans" who "think she should call herself Arab" - as if the average American even knows what a Kurd is. Anti-Americanism is the most acceptable type of prejudice in Europe (it's basically OK to shit on Americans everywhere, no one is going to try to cancel you for it), so it's hardly surprising to see her doing this. At the same time, it's in very bad taste and hypocritical if she's so pressed about people who care about her nationality. You want a society to criticize, try Japan, where there are almost no foreigners. Oh, but, that goes against her "dream country" so better to alienate a large chunk of your viewers by claiming ignorant muricans care if you are Arab or not.

No. 148161

>> You're completely out of your mind. She's objectively, categorically, undeniably ugly.
Okay anon, I thought beauty was subjective but you and your beauty standards alone can define beauty, my personal take on the subject doesn’t matter apparently.

>> escorting

Any proof of that? It’s disgusting to accuse someone of escorting or even speculate about it unless you can find an ad she has posted for her services

No. 148163

I’ve checked that thread anon and ignorant anons simply concluded she is a sex worker, whereas she simply offers overpriced English classes. The most she will do is to tolerate flirting from socially awkward Japanese men who otherwise have no chance to talk to a foreign girl. That’s not escorting.

No. 148187

The WKing in this thread lmao
She sugar babied and sold photos to buy her way to Japan. She dropped out of school to be a thin foreign insta trophy visawife for a guy with a fetish. It makes sense to speculate about her suspiciously high priced "english lessons."

No. 148204

>I thought beauty was subjective
You thought wrong.
>It’s disgusting to accuse someone of escorting
Where did I accuse anyone?
>or even speculate about it
Why is it disgusting to speculate how someone generates income? Seems like you're projecting.

No. 148218

Her escorting pages were exposed on pull a few years back. I'm not sure what all the backlash in this shit-tier thread is when it's not out of the realm of possibility.

No. 148229

File: 1619945028724.jpg (2.23 MB, 4032x3024, 1.jpg)

Here's the pictures PULL found of her sex work page. I found these from googling "mikan mandarin sex work", and they're linked to the old PULL site, so that's why the quality is so low.
Is there a PULL archive? I think the normal resolution should be there, and hopefully Mikan's original plea post on her thread is also archived.

No. 148230

forgot to sage for old milk, no ban pls

No. 148231

not to wk bc I find her intolerable but making a profile is one thing, there's no conclusive evidence to suggest she actually did anything

No. 148239

File: 1619957941334.jpg (60.62 KB, 754x721, a523c90df954c60bb327dfac20b650…)

>no evidence to suggest she actually did anything
>making a profile is one thing
>not to wk

No. 148244


What conclusive evidence do you want? Video of her literally fucking another dude for money?

No. 148286

No. 148291

You can't even read any of this and we can't prove that's her. Any photos ever posted with a face?

Anon is right, this is the level of dumb is equal to calling a girl in any outfit, taking sexy photos, an "escort" or "sex worker" without hard proof, isn't milky. Its not WKing either which you keep bitching about. It's just not agreeing from face value, especially because there is no face. This could be anyone and why trust PULL anyway?

No. 148292

>deadphotos everywhere

Yeah, sure showed us where that photo is from. Kek

No. 148296

>Its not WKing either which you keep bitching about
"everyone who disagrees with me is the same person"
>why trust PULL anyway?
vina you are ugly inside and out

No. 148298

she admitted it was her, that "all her friends were doing sex work so its okay" and she was above getting a job at McDonald's

vina if you really wanted people to not think that's you you really shouldn't have made an account on PULL admitting to it

No. 148300

are we suddenly supposed to assume this lazy bitch didn’t fully intend to do sex work if not actually engage in it? lmfao

No. 148303

It's so tiring to deal with people like you. The pics are saved in the UK thread. You can just read there, since they capped her response on PULL too and have ample proof it is her, including her own damn admission.

No. 148304

File: 1619982484362.png (533.42 KB, 1440x2535, 1552856486763.png)

she stopped because it was "too hard" lmao this lazy bitch

PULL may be down but everything was crossposted in this thread

No. 148305

thanks anon, I see I fucked up the link

No. 148332

This girl was obsessed with yukapon back in the days lol

No. 148333

Vina appeared in the PULL thread to discuss and explain that very image (in its full res version) so yes we can confirm it was her.

No. 148340

>where doing these things was SO normalised
Ah, the classic "everyone was jumping of the cliff so I did too" excuse. With that said, she must have gotten quite the reality check when whoever tried contacting her through the site saw how ugly she is and backed down. I mean, I wouldn't call Belle Delphine pretty, but in comparison to Mikan she is basically a goddess.

No. 148403

Mikan expects people to give her money because she's so thin and pretty uwu. That is why she modeled as a "so petite kitten" (pic earlier in this thread) and put her weight on every sex profile she had.

No. 148408

Healthy? She bragged about losing so much weight suddenly that none of her clothes fit her, I doubt that's normal

No. 148468

Everyone else already said that she confessed to it but just fyi, her profile had her email address with her full name in it, which she idiotically put out there to receive "tributes" via that paypal email. PULL had it censored but it's still around in one of the older UK weeb threads here. It was vina.murad@something.something. Her last name isn't very known so it'd be a huge stretch to assume it was someone else doing it to troll her, and, again, she already admitted it.

No. 148485

Not commenting on the point itself but my brother has lost a LOT of weight in the pandemic due to working from home, despite eating well. We think that the everyday stress from work makes people eat more (or just worse food) than they need or something similar.

No. 148496

is this even true? she looks to be the same size as she always has been, except maybe in 2018 she was a bit skinnier than she is now

No. 148497


Lmao she’s fucking hideous

No. 148535

Idk what you guys are talking about. I think Mikan is pretty. I don't like the blonde wig on her though.

No. 148539


Not sure if you follow her on IG but she used to post a lot about losing weight from her medication apparently.

The fact of the matter is that for someone her age and height she is severely underweight and she doesn’t really seem to have an issue flaunting it. I think that she knows a lot of her followers look up to her for being skinny, and although i don’t think she’s hideous she’s not exactly pretty and dresses like it’s 2014 still. She has to keep her figure to keep her followers interested.

No. 148541


nitpicking but the blonde wig is soooo bad. and she doesn’t bother to put it on properly so you can still see her dark ass hair under it. she is pretty but i really don’t get why she wears these ugly plastic wigs.

No. 148549

This was before the pandemic

No. 148586


Mikan literally doesn't have any long term friends. She hang out with people that doesn't know her well but no one keeps Mikan in their close circle of friends. The closest people are her uni friends, which they kept her around so they can practice their English.

No idea on the income, most likely leeching off her bf and family. Doubt she's working, won't be surprised if Mikan get kick out of the country in the next few months.

No. 148704

>The fact of the matter
>someone her age and height she is severely underweight
How much does she weight currently and what's her height?
Your entitled to your garbage opinions, but nobody who isn't ugly themselves thinks Mikan is "pretty". She's objectively below average looking.

No. 148724

Ikr? What is this uggo delusion. She is hardly a 4 anywhere, especially in Japan and even in the UK kek

No. 148745

You don't need to reply to people and tell them they aren't allowed to have an opinion on her looks. They can think she's pretty. Relax.

No. 148748

File: 1620227983759.png (763.87 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210505-081816.png)


So unfortunate

No. 148749

she looks so sweet here though.

No. 148764


Just to show a lot of look came from make up and filters. She's naturally ugly.(Nitpicking)

No. 148765

File: 1620233114643.jpeg (174.69 KB, 960x1280, D80F6B12-AC34-4D66-B70D-B31CAB…)

nobody can convince me that this drew monson look alike is “pretty”

No. 148772

she looks so much better here in normie styled clothes and minimal makeup than in the "j fash ugguu" style she keeps trying. mikan needs to get into kibbe.

No. 148781

I was about to say the exact same thing but I backed off because of the anon who is persistent to tell us that she’s unattractive. She looks cute without the kawaii clothes.

No. 148783

This thread is turning into the Venus angelic thread with anons who sperg out about her being unattractive.

No. 148789

I don't even think most of the cows in snowflakes are ugly but its their rancid personalities that make them ugly imo

No. 148858

People having their own opinions =/= people not whiteknighting.
>You don't need to reply to people
Everyone is free to reply to anyone else for whatever reason they deem so.
When a thread is made for containment rather than milk, people go on tangents. Also Vina is ugly as fuck so people appropriately reply in disbelief when someone tries to virtue signal about her being "pretty". I, for one, do like her voice, and I can see how someone may find her cute. But pretty? Come on now. Even after her nosejob she still looks like a cartoony witch stereotype.

No. 148863

People can think she's pretty. Stop policing that. Literally anyone who is a cow is called ugly and they aren't all Feather clones or look like Margo.

No. 148864

I think Mikan is pretty. What are you going to do about it? You can't convince me she is ugly but I accept that you think she is and I won't try and convince you that she's pretty. Nobody can say that anybody is "objectively" pretty or ugly.

No. 148891

I've been saying this. That kawaii look isn't even really "in" in Tokyo, streetwear and boyish outfits seem way more in style among women her age. She looks so much better like that, I don't understand why she insists on wearing these kind of ultra femme getups when she doesn't even seem like, passionate about it. it's like she wears them as a uniform.

No. 148903

Peacock Feather came to mind when I read your comment, kek.

No. 148921

There were a few anons in the Venus thread who would lose their shit whenever someone moderately suggested that she’s pretty-ish looking. Same thing is happening here I can see. Some anons display cow like behavior themselves and police something as subjective as beauty.

No. 148933

Can say she’s objectively average though. That can go either way, personally I find her pretty when done up. Which is usually the way for average lookers

No. 148938

That's exactly who I mean. She's not busted like that.

No. 149060

It's actually the opposite. That pointy-chinned sperg constantly arguing with anyone who thinks she's ugly or even average.

No. 149061

Mikan, imo is below average. What you see on cam and photos is not her. It's not "done up." It's completely editing yourself into something you're not.

No. 149062

File: 1620370130960.png (2.89 MB, 1788x1428, 00022334.png)

Margo isn't even ugly. Her and Venus are average feature-wise but look aged as hell in candids. But yeah, people can see Mikan as pretty if they want. They should judge off candids though, which I assume most people aren't. When you consistently edit yourself, even if you admit to it, people envision you like that. When I think of Mikan, I immediately think of her edits. And not candid photos like these (from the Venus thread)

No. 149064

Are you the pointy chin sperg? Jesus. What about the people who sperg about hOw PrEeTtYyYyYyYy she is? They are equally as annoying. You conveniently left them out.

No. 149078

I'm surprised nobody is mentioning her (Nth) ethnicity rant on twitter.
>in a class full of all white students i, the only middle eastern girl
But a couple tweets later:
>I’m constantly grouped together with white people
>s a Middle Eastern person I’m automatically presumed to be Muslim and still face Islamophobia
So which one is it? And she's not talking in past tense either; Is she facing prejudice directed towards Muslism… in Japan?
>my dad moved to Europe because he was being drafted into war in Iraq and my mum was a child bride
So, she's not Swedish at all?
You can be both ugly in the inside and on the outside. Vina is a perfect example.
Beauty isn't subjective. Every single study and metric is based on parameters that can be measured objectively, often mathematically. Only ugly people think beauty is subjective out of a need to cope with their perpetual inferiority complex that stems by inevitable comparison. You can try to gaslight others all you want, that won't change reality.
>I find her pretty when done up
If you have to judge someone by how they look after applying a pound of make-up, you're proving you're wrong.

No. 149117

Stop telling people they can't think she's pretty. Your vendetta is showing.

No. 149146

>Beauty isn't subjective. Every single study and metric is based on parameters that can be measured objectively, often mathematically. Only ugly people think beauty is subjective out of a need to cope with their perpetual inferiority complex that stems by inevitable comparison. You can try to gaslight others all you want, that won't change reality.

You can't be serious about this. It's ridiculous.

No. 149148

>Margo isn't even ugly.
Anon what. Are you blind?

No. 149152

Venus looks okay, she just looks incredibly dehydrated (alcohol?) with surface level wrinkles which usually don’t permanently appear at her age.

No. 149167

>science is ridiculous
>no argument
I accept your concessions.
While I think she's a little odd-looking, I agree her face shows classic signs of substance abuse. I used to volunteer at a homeless shelter for women and you could tell who was a recovering life-long alcoholic by their face. Who can blame her for drinking with that mother though.

No. 149195

File: 1620438008730.jpg (53.86 KB, 1125x1432, E0zf7hSVgAUN1sK.jpg)

No. 149201

No1currs that you think she's ugly, anon. You're not changing anyone's mind if they don't agree. Move the fuck on.

No. 149219

I don't care that you don't think she's ugly, anon. You're not changing my mind. Move the fuck on and stop getting triggered like some histrionic tumblrite.

No. 149225

File: 1620464034001.jpeg (1023.18 KB, 2560x2560, 10710BB7-21CA-494B-A4D9-B8489F…)

in other news beyond the ‘is she or is she not fugly’ debate…

No. 149239

>my favourite demonic doll
Uh, is that the name of a line of toys or…?

No. 149241

Is she really using pictures with her infant button nose to try to prove something?

No. 149253

Why are you so over with her nose? You're a bad as the vagina-sperg in the Belle Delphine thread. How would this even be proving anything?? What are you even talking about?

No. 149254


>Bad relationship

>Did a cooking stream on skype with me and a couple of peeps years ago when she was Vina Murad
>Was more annoyed people saw her mom as a MILF, kek.

No. 149272

I think you misunderstood her post. Glow down means she's saying she got uglier over time.
I think you misunderstood anon's post due to her misunderstanding.

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