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File: 1557428739527.png (2.92 MB, 3188x748, venus lolcow.png)

No. 46865

Previous thread - 30581

Recently Venus has gone on the edge train and posts her psychotic episodes on her instagram mostly about her wanting to end her own life then promptly deleting them when shes gained enough attention and uploading a new instagram post straight after stating something like lol jk guys i feel better now uwu but if u stop giving me attention ill post another suicidal post k hehe

shortly before this she was very strong on age regression and pretnding to be a underage girl by even chest binding to make herself look prepubescent but forgot the fact that her face looks like a woman and not a child

short background on her:

Youtube star since her early teens but tries to cling onto her now gone fame and youth but switching her youtube to MALICE.EXE/Formerly VenusAngelic who is a 16 year old
character she voices.

Departed from her psycho mother

School dropout and continued to drop out of any school she's been to since

A married woman

Currently lives in japan





No. 46877

What an godawful intro post.
>what is this picture even
>old post ‘link’ doesn’t work
>’a married women’
>way too many blank lines

But then again, it perfectly matches up with the people posting in the old thread lately, so… well done! Hit the nail on the head.

No. 46879

No. 46886

I have to agree with you.

Also my english is PhD-tier so fuck you anon from last thread. And can someone make a new OP? I won't do it none of you deserve my eloquent english.

No. 46887

File: 1557446051043.jpeg (154.34 KB, 500x667, E0D243E9-D1AC-4C0B-8C0E-EE8EDB…)

Also, on an unrelated note: I noticed Penus looks the best with bleached blonde long hair and a non-weeb style. Like I see a lot of potential and she could look like a viking princess or something. Now she needs to have a better voice and accent and she'd be top-tier cute.

No. 46899

Maybe there's no point of having a new thread when Venus is MIA. Also, agree with everyone above: OP is shit (wtf is that cringy collage for ants?).
Ok, we know you're butthurt but can you please stop? It's been 3 days now, let it go.

(nta that was making fun of your English…obviously, I don't have no room for that, being a retarded ESL myself)

No. 46901

If someone wants to make a new thread they better do it now before this one gets more replies, I don’t hate the intro, it is pretty accurate but could be better tbh looks like it was made in a rush though so oh well >>46877

No. 46902

I totally agree, blonde was her best look, also can someone else make a better thread please, the picture is cringe and the intro is ok but choppy

No. 46915

Of course after it has been discussed here that she lies about not dyeing her hair, she makes a post mentioning her hair is natural while talking about hair length.

No. 46925

This is an imageboard. Post caps please.

No. 46927

File: 1557459401899.jpg (902.81 KB, 1440x2440, Screenshot_20190510-003600_Ins…)

Sorry, here it is

No. 46934

she's talking about the length not the colour. sigh.

No. 46937

Yet she emphasizes it is natural. She's had hair this long before, but it was bleached or obviously dyed. The caption reads as if she is saying that's the longest it's been without doing anything to it.

No. 46957


I took it more as that she might have had this length hair with extensions before but now it's just her own hair, nothing about natural hair color

No. 46964

This, she has worn extensions and wigs a lot in the past. I assume that's what she meant.

No. 46965

and we had been talking about how she fakes the colour. so this cap doesn't say anything except she's happy with how long her hair is.

No. 47124

Your English is OK at best. Not sure why you're so oversensitive about it.

I hope she stays MIA. I hate seeing how fucked up she is because we all got to see how and when it happened thanks to Marg. I mostly just feel bad for her.

No. 47147

You damn ESL anons she's talking about her hair length being naturally that longer without the extensions and wigs she usually wears. This is nothing about natural color literally at all. There's no other way to interpret it. Convinced that it's the ESL anons that think it's proven that she reads here because they don't understand wtf they're reading.

No. 47239

It is more than ok. I have published papers here and there.
Not one of those ESL tier anons but I have never claimed that it is proven that she lurks here, although I do firmly believe unless you have a life you lurk these threads if you have your own thread lmfao

No. 47390

No one cares how "good" your English is anon, stop sperging about it.

No. 47423

No. 47685

Venus looks better as a normie. Blonde, non-weeby hairstyles look good on her and I wish she would move to LA or NYC for a hot minute. It would definitely be interesting.

No. 47823

So someone commented on Venus'new tweet with these screenshots. She describes herself as "british, born and raised in London", which is obviously a lie. Not sure about the context, it looks like a dating app, maybe she's trying to find someone new now that she obviouly break up with Manaki?(even though she doesn't want to reveal it)

No. 47824

File: 1558022350822.jpg (66.1 KB, 473x1024, D6P8M21UYAUWxC3.jpg)

No. 47825

File: 1558022500994.jpg (35.77 KB, 473x1024, D6P8ZksUEAABzqa.jpg)

Sorry, I can't take a screenshot of the tweet that posted those but it offers 50000¥ in exchange of sexual favors from Venus

No. 47826

can you please translate for those of us who can't read moonrunes? thanks.

No. 47828

could be a fake profile. The name says "Ririan" (Lilian) not Venus.

No. 47830

As if she’d use Venus for advertising as an escort. She’s stupid, but not that stupid

No. 47831


Ririan, 22 years old, Kanagawa prefecture

"I'm british! Born and raised in London"

No matter what happens, I keep going!
Since I'm also fluent in english and german besides japanese, feel free to ask me questions about languages!

Height cm

Body type: Very slim

Location: Kanagawa prefecture

Children: none

Dreams for the future: manager

expectations before a date: if you meet the standards, I want to meet

places I want to go: izakaya, amusement park, cat cafe


hobby: music, playing with hamster
personality: nice, funny, bright, considerate, good speaker, calm, introvert

Alcohol: Yes

Tobacco: No

Vacations: indeterminate

This. Also since she posted recently on insta "pm me if you want to meet" I guess she wants to meet new people/a new partner?

No. 47832

File: 1558027157144.jpeg (65.12 KB, 473x1024, D6P8vPRV4AAybeq.jpg large.jpeg)

must be hers because I haven't seen that selfie before.

No. 47833

She has.. extremely tiny lips

No. 47835

Honestly based on her newest ig pics it looks like she’s dressing up as a higher class discreet escort and she mentions her underwear color, so

>Venus angelic: sex worker edition

No. 47836

Also the person who posted these on twitter tagged it as パパ活女子 (literrally "papa lifestyle gril"), which I guess means daddy's little girl… No very gay of her lmao

No. 47837

File: 1558028191718.png (138.04 KB, 281x500, 1D183228.png)

From her instagram stories

No. 47838

I wonder if she feels bad about being so damn edgy and dropping youtube while some sweaty overweight 40yo guy is cumming on her face

No. 47839

File: 1558028355391.png (138.47 KB, 281x500, 7EA11CCD.png)

No. 47840

File: 1558028509424.png (95 KB, 281x500, 35F02A23.png)

Did she make a new account or is responding to a troll?

No. 47844

File: 1558030073346.png (515.05 KB, 562x731, hewwooo.png)

what the customer thinks he'll get for 500 bucks

pic related is what he'd actually get

No. 47847

this is some real "stock image vs. real product" shit right here. she's reaching koots levels of catfishing. how old is she now?

No. 47849

Oh wow I actually thought the pic with the bra, lacy top and jacket would read "escort" to people in Japan and it looks correct. Why does every weeb who goes to Japan end up escorting? So kawaii! Definitely better than staying in your home country!

No. 47852

Venus: I'm a lesbian! I'm so gay!
Venus, 5 seconds later:
>50 ways to eat cock
>Starts trying to escort

No. 47853

Ok so the guy who posted it on twitter also tagged it as ペイターズ (peters), which seems to be a パパ活女子(ddlg)/escorting app/site.


I don't have time to translate now so if someone could that would be great. Thanks random japanese dude for the revelation I guess?

No. 47855

even google translate will tell you this is just a normal dating app. post fucking caps and stop trying to stir shit. venus doesn't need tinfoiling and fake dramu, she can bring it all by herself.

No. 47856

Amanda Bynes' breakdown was better(sage)

No. 47862

so it's pretty obvious they broke up, all of their video together have been deleted on both venus and manaki channel, and the fact that she's on a dating app sets it in stone, well i guess she doesn't need him any more since she's got her visa.

plus that app is commonly used as a escort site but they just advertise it as a dating site,she's also making up a fake name and back story such as where she's from which is a common thing prostitutes do and the word pater literally means someone who gives money so add 2 and 2 together.

No. 47863

And also if she was just trying to date on there why would she make up a name and fake all her personal info? Someone who is wanting to get into a relationship doesn’t do

No. 47866

I'd imagine she wants to avoid her online reputation.

No. 47867

Mikan was also exposed by pull recently, now it's Venus… I feel like all weebs turn hookers lmao

No. 47868

>>offers 50000¥ in exchange of sexual favors from Venus

50,000 yen = $455 USD. At least she’s not cheap.

Is she sugaring do you think?

No. 47869

File: 1558038795868.jpeg (266.39 KB, 1093x1748, C0B5FFBC-D97C-46ED-8F29-6C6739…)

Also this from her instastories today - “finally home.” This after all the selfies lately of her out and about (cabs? public transport?) dressed in semi business attire. What’s she been up to?

No. 47873

File: 1558039793245.jpg (587.42 KB, 818x1210, alice2.JPG)

looked at a random escort site.. this is the kind of girl you'd get for like 300 dollar/hour.
venus must be doing some fucked up shit to compensate for her skinnyfat, curveless body and aging face

No. 47874

To be fair that is not the type that appeals to gaijin hunters.

No. 47875

i think a more realistic price for her would be 50-100 dollars but then again i don't know if foreign girls cost more in japan

No. 47879

No, it‘s a sugar daddy apo

No. 47882

she should reunite with marge then they can do outcall massages together

No. 47883

that would make it even worse tbh.
what kind of service do you have to offer that paying 5 times the normal amount would seem like a good idea?

I mean if you can get that much money by looking like this >>47844 for some vanilla sex, then maybe I'll have to reconsider my profession

No. 47889

So is it “just a dating app” or is it a sugar daddy/sugar baby site? Anyone know Japanese who can confirm what the F it is?

No. 47890

it's a site where girls meet up with mostly older men for sex and get money and gifts in exchange so it's an escort site or a sugar baby site if it's a long term thing, no one goes on pater unless it's for something sexual, i think a simular comparrison is a site in the stares such as seekingarrangments

No. 47891

File: 1558043442540.png (55.75 KB, 430x227, mmm.PNG)

Yeah definitely a sugar baby site. Check this out, it lets the guys know what to expect with the age range. The site is also protected by police apparently so no dudes end up with troons or males pretending to be women.

No. 47896

You're fucking retarded if you don't think she can get clients looking like she does now. Many men don't care.

No. 47897

reading comprehension, anon

No. 47900

it's literally just a dating app. you guys need to stop tinfoiling.

No. 47901


She definitely seems to be "working" in some way as it's unusual for her to dress smart so often. She was in similar attire when she hanged out with her friends a few months ago, which looked like after work hours.

No. 47907

>venus must be doing some fucked up shit to compensate
she's appealing to lolicons, most likely, that's what all her profile photos look like to me

No. 47911

It's probably just a front so she has an excuse for all the new money she'll be making escorting lmao. She doesn't make enough money Youtubing and her VISA husband is out of the picture. She's desperate for a new source of income but too mentally ill to work for it. Honestly reckless sexual encounters is common in people experiencing a manic phase so she probably has no qualms doing sex work. But she's not ready to let go of her social media validation and needs a cover.

It's wild how all these weebs have resorted to sex and VISA husbands to make a living. So much for the kawaii nippon dream. It's like every teen runaway cliche.

No. 47914

>resorted to
i don't think desperation is even the factor- i think the type of girl that makes weebo videos is just the same personality that's open to it. i've stalked a few pull posters that have their shitty little kawaii channels with 20 subs and you always eventually find they tried camming or smth.

No. 47932

hate to say this, but Margo was right about Venus becoming a prostitute.

No. 47933

well Margo raised her to become one and constantly talked about it / groomed her to be sold off to an older rich man, so its not like she's psychic. plus she's one herself except she's a gutter ho, kek

No. 47935

is mikan is an escrot did she get venus into it too?

No. 47937

How is it a dating site if Venus has written a price? Do you you write prices on your dating profile too anon? How much do you charge and why do you call it dating? It's obviously escorting/sugaring/prostitution.

No. 47938

File: 1558081452949.png (318.78 KB, 604x811, tweet.png)

Really not sure why you guys aren't posting the original tweet. Here it is. The guy seems suspect because he has a bunch of pictures of Venus on his account and is also harassing another girl with a profile from the site. So either he happened to find the profiles or he's just making them because the girls are popular and he wants to be an asshole.
There's also no price listed in her in that profile, so really not sure where he or any of you guys are getting the "50000 yen for 1 round" from.

The site however does seem to be a sugar daddy site. A lot of girls who tag it have "sugar baby" in their profiles.

tbh the standards in japan are way off, ESPECIALLY for white foreigners and ESPECIALLY for white foreigners who like wearing cute things. I can definitely see old nasty men falling for it.

No. 47939

It literally says in the comment down there from the original post that 1 time is 50,000….

No. 47941

yeah definitely going to need details on that
It absolutely depends on the place. In my city average girls can easily make 300. That girl would probably pull 600+.
Venus offers some exoticism being in Japan, just like how Asian women can pull the most in the U.S.

No. 47942

Tinfoiling but I think she‘s just being manic and needs attention so she‘s stirring up some shit.
She really wants to be that bad bitch that does forbidden stuff and fucks random men for money, but I highly doubt she‘d actually ever go through with it.

I‘m also wondering who took those pictures of her that aren’t selfies, if not Manaki.
Deleting all the pictures and videos isn’t really enough proof for me to believe they’re actually broken up. I can totally see Manaki either wanting to not be associated with her (maybe trying to find a new job or something) or being a huge doormat and letting her decide what he should and shouldn’t have on his profiles.

She just got sick of people not talking about her, so here we go. Reminds me way too much of her sudden ‘I’m so gay and psycho uwu might kill myself’ sperg. Nothing ever came out of this either, so why should this be any different?

No. 47948

I don't think it's fake, just becaus I went to investigate the claims of mikan doing sex work on PULL, >>47867
I didn't find/get to the posts (aborted due to sperging) but I did find screencaps where Mikan had listed her services ""teaching English"" with kawaii selfies and body pics as her ""teacher"" photos. The prices were double normal teacher prices, combined with the photos (one PULL stan said they were "Tinder-esque") it looks like the same situation of listing prices for oneself/letting men know you're available in an innocent-looking way. I assume Mikan would raise the prices more upon escort enquiry. They are using these sites as ads to show they are available. Nobody can screencap and say for sure that it's escorting, but this Anon nailed it. >>47937

Listing yourself along with prices like that will only be read one way by men.

No. 47952

But as I said: Listing yourself is one thing, actually going though with it is another.

And as >>47938 pointed out: The guy who ‘found’ her listing is quite fishy himself so who the fuck even knows it she actually created those profiles herself.

No. 47955

She did before going to Japan, someone on pull exposed her and she asked for it to be deleted. Of course pulltards fell for her sob story of ~abuse~ and ~having to work her ass off~ and deleted most evidence, whiteknighting her.

No. 47956

File: 1558090157105.jpg (444.69 KB, 596x895, 1552949765868.jpg.024e66f45afb…)

No. 47957

File: 1558090260780.png (316.25 KB, 372x596, Screenshot_3.png.04668b2fadf22…)

No. 47959

Margo nose spotted. Do you think she will go under a knife to fix that?(nitpick)

No. 47962

>last online 12/15/2016
she actually explained on pull she became interested in it because someone told her she could just get money by "being mean" to old men without actually working. but it turned out to be harder than that and she gave up and forgot about that account.
I'm too lazy to search the mikan-thread, but here is her pull-account: https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/profile/24024-mikanmandarin/

so what is the truth? I can't read moonrunes. Did she write somethign about 50k yen or not?

No. 47963


If there’s a price screen cap it because it’s not on any of these.

No. 47964

That’s not her. That’s some weird random guy evidently doing this to multiple girls.

No. 47966

evidently? pics pls

No. 47970

Scroll up. This thread isn't about some guy posting caps of other girls to twitter and slapping prices under them. Anyone can do that. I'm not saying she is or isn't escorting, but if this is your "proof", it doesn't fly.

No. 47973

As some anons already pointed out, there is no price on Venus' profile, it's the guy who tagged it with a price. However it's not uncommon at all to use such apps who present themselves as dating apps to do escorting. Tbh I don't understand why some anons are so quick to say there are no chances she's escorting and defend her.

No. 47976

I'm not saying she is or isn't escorting, but this here is an img board, so some radom anon insisting on something being totally evident without providing proof (even though it should be very easy) doesn't fly.

Not everyone has a twitter account. If he's doing it to many girls that would actually make those screenshot and everything posted by him less credible, so I'm interested.

No. 47978

The site is for people who pay, hence the name PATER, it is not a normal dating site, pater means someone who pays to meet up on dates and such

No. 47983

This would explain her drunk karaoke meltdown, a meeting gone wrong? Needing to wash out the taste with alcohol?

Is her ~bisexuality just played up for the sake of the customers? Is the random sperging about fucking and wanting to die an advertisement?

Japan sure seems to attract sad whores.

No. 47988


suddenly a venus and lorena (aka sere) crossover isn't that unlikely. Maybe Venus will join her squad?


my thoughts as well, lol.

No. 47989

I wonder what are Manaki's parents' thoughts about this whole ordeal. They seemed to genuinely care about her.

No. 47990

The fact all her recent Instagram pics are her going "somewhere" in a taxi, and the most recent caption complains she can't do what she wants to do due to her period…really looks like she has been escorting for the past week or two. See also: weird Instagram stories joking about masturbating in a restaurant. Taxis, restaurants, sexual jokes, suspicious profile on a pay-for "dating" website, talking about her underwear and showing cleavage…

I wonder what her manager for the virtual AI cartoon character thing on Youtube think about her doing this so unsubtly. How can you say you are shy to show your face on Youtube, but start shagging gross old dudes for money and act proud about that?

No. 47991

btw I am not judging sex workers here, it just doesn't add up with the shy uwu reasoning for stopping Youtube. Meeting up with strangers for sex is not very "shy". She also doesn't mind showing her face on Instagram. She seems really to have quit specifically to be an escort, since Malice.exe is nowhere to be seen.

No. 47992

I don't think he cares. After all, Malice's schtick is being a creep-magnet perv loli.

tinfoil time: manager-san got Wenoos into scorting.

No. 47997

ugh, if this is true i feel so bad for manaki and his parents. i also feel bad for venus, this is what being raised by a malignant narc does to your brain. she never really had a chance.

No. 47998


She did have a chance, she had years of chances given to her and a supportive husband and his family and a whole community of people behind her.

She choose to be an ungrateful brat, stop doing therapy and lie about it instead.

This is all her own doing now.

No. 47999

Pater means father.

No. 48000

Damage from that shit doesn't even manifest till the early twenties, what are you talking about? Everyone knows that psychs in Japan suck and living with mental illness is a dumpster fire there so some people are going to look at this and think that it's sad while simultaneously settling in to watch the trainwreck play out in real time, go fuck yourself?

No. 48001


BPD doesn't control your actions or your reason, it's an emotional dysregulation disorder.

Every choice she chooses to make is up to her to decide on, not up to the BPD. All her actions are her own.

Her therapy gave her a way to practice regulating her emotions but she made the decision to drop out and sperg out instead. BPD didn't make that decision, she did.

Stop blaming her adult actions on some mystical brain hijacking.

No. 48002

I can’t find this ‘paters’ website/app/whatever listed under any of the online guides to Japanese dating apps. Which leads me to believe it could be shady i.e. an escorting/sugarbaby app, i.e. sex for pay.

No. 48003

People with BPD usually have intense impulses and impaired thinking, thinking x decision is right at the time when it isn't and outsiders can see what the BPD person can't. Stop.

No. 48005

I'm skeptical bc Venus actually seens like the type to be okay with getting a normal retail job and isnt as attached to her youtube career as she used to be (or as forced to by marge). I could see her working in a pet store bc she did take criticism about hamster care and put it to use, so its like she has a sense of humbleness that we dont usually expect from vloggers or other e-fame gaijin in Japan. She'd be a good fashion shopgirl too.

Wishful thinking maybe, but I would be surprised to see her as an escort who offers sex.

No. 48008

there you go https://pages.paters.jp/
Apparently the app is regulated by the police (or that's what google translate says). Can some jp-speaking anon confirm please?


>Internet heterosexual introduction business notification and accepted
Paters has made a report on “Internet Heterosexuality Introductory Program” to the Tokyo Public Security Commission based on laws and regulations after making compliance with laws and regulations first (acceptance number: 3017-0048-000). We are also working with the police and government agencies in each prefecture, and we have a system in place to respond promptly when problems occur.

No. 48010

I’ve seen the website anon, what I’m saying is it’s not listed on any of the guides to Japanese dating websites that I’ve googled, ‘Paters’ is nowhere to be found.

No. 48011

If she was okay with getting a retail job, then she could have searched for one the last 2 years. But she didn't.

>I could see her working in a pet store bc she did take criticism about hamster care and put it to use, so its like she has a sense of humbleness that we dont usually expect from vloggers or other e-fame gaijin in Japan. She'd be a good fashion shopgirl too.

Listening to people telling her that she mistreated her pet =/= her being able to work in a pet shop. And Venus being humble? You couldn't possibly have listed any more shoujo manga-ish part time jobs for uwu innocent Venus, could you?
She's an ill foreigner who dresses like your typical weebish ddlg tumblrina, working the night shift in a conbini is more likely.
Just as an example, Mimei's husband is half, he really is fluent in japanese, actually finished school, yet still worked the night in some store and now has a repetitive factory job. Venus chances are much slimmer than his.

No. 48012

It's not like she was forced to do it though. Many people have to deal with mental issues, including women her age and they don't escort instead of studying/doing a normal job. Instead of finding someone she really loves and doing a normal job, she chose the easy way. She's a weeby snowflake.

No. 48025

Some farmers are more unstable than the flakes. I mention uwu jobs because thats what I expect her to pick out and yeah her hamster's cage was too small and shitty so she upgraded after being called out. The last few years she thought she was set up well with a husband provider and didnt desperately need a job. I hope you're alright.

No. 48028

No. 48031

so it's a sugar baby website? or more ddlg? not sure how japan is with their daughter daddy terms.

No. 48050

>actually explained
oh shut the fuck up, she fed pull the standard template
>time in my life
>that i now regret
>I didn't actually have sex
that's what they all say when they're exposed you stupid pulltard. The exact same
>Oh, i had made an account because my friend said you don't can make money by just
>I didn't actually show any
yes you did it's recorded forever bitch! haha

This all reminds me, while people are translating - if you go to niconico and look up venus there's a few clips from when she was 13 or whatever, streaming uwu hewwo bounce bounce while salarymen's comments in japanese scroll across the screen
I absolutely bet that shit says 'what that mouth do' etc.
So she's always known about her option she had there

No. 48057

I'd say it's more sugaring oriented rather than ddlg

No. 48074

Yeah I think it's been deleted since but there was a stream in which she only wore a shirt and panties and licked whipped cream off her fingers. She should never have streamed on nici nico at such a young age anyway, it's a goldmine for pedos - and probably how Manaki found her when she was like 13.

No. 48081

late as fuck but the guy wrote that and not Venus as other anons said.

I really don't want to defend Venus but the fact that anons here posted the profile pic but not the screenshot of where it came from (some weird guy on twitter) saying she's charging for sex rubbed me the wrong way because there was nothing like that in the profile. Who knows if she's escorting. But anons making up random shit and circle jerking about it was annoying especially since there's been a lot of spergs in this thread lately.
I'd say there is a good chance she is though considering she's wearing a different style than what she used to wear and all of her past instagram pictures are from traveling either by taxi or shinkansen. You'd think if she were working an actual job she'd have posted about it by now.

What exactly do you want people to translate? Nicodouga is trash and the men there will comment dirty things to girls just sitting there talking.

No. 48086

Nobodys been making up shit, it has already be pointer out that it's not Venus who wrote the price but the guy who posted the screenshots on Twitter. This is a place to gossip so of course anons are discussing and speculating, but no one's boolying princess Weeboos.

No. 48093

It’s a sugar daddy website. Paters is one of the more popular ones. It’s hard to decipher because sugar daddies are called papakatsu.

No. 48098

Damn, the cringe is real with you. Why don't you go outside for an hour and get some help?

No. 48114

For anyone who’s still in denial


Even from the rough translation you can get the clear idea about what the site is supposed to be.

No. 48117

why are you here ?mikan senpai won't notice you

No. 48127


I could care less about Mikan. You sound like a cringey cunt. Also, sage.

No. 48147

yeah she's been pandering to old men since she was 14. throwback to the "wow, they're huge!" thumbnail. margo does sex work, i'm sure venus witnessed a few conversationd herself. so i don't think it's surprising she ended up doing this, even if she's in a manic phase.

No. 48150


Venus is one of the most interesting cows in this site for this reason, every cowish action she does has an explanation when you know how unstable and weird Margo is. Still this doesn't justify Venus behavior, she shouldn't be a victim anymore. She's her own person now. Wished she treated her mental illness.

Is interesting tho. Books could be written about her story. Wonder why neither of them had tried to reach a publishing house.

No. 48161

File: 1558229630171.jpg (34.66 KB, 807x659, L9MlEPw.jpg)

>Wonder why neither of them had tried to reach a publishing house
because we already have Mommie Dearest and My Little Princess (eva ionesco's) and countless such memoirs. It's just the prototypical thing over again. It's always the same

No. 48170

That was Margo marketing 14yo Venus as sexual to adult men and grooming her to sell herself to the highest bidder in future. She was running the sleazy show and stop pretending otherwise.

No. 48190

Nothing about "she was pandering to old men" refutes the fact her mother put her up to it. It's still something she did as a child, and will forever be ingrained in her psyche forever unless she does therapy. If a child raised in a household of musicians grows up to follow in their footsteps, the child of a globetrotting sex worker scammer who was coached and advised on how to appeal to older men sexually for money will, too, fall into old habits. Especially since Margo was driven to do sex work for money and VISA's. They're under the same circumstances.

I wonder if this is why Margo was so sure Venus would become a prostitute. She saw her daughter fleeing the country and running away to be with a man she only wanted for residency in a foreign country and thought "not this again". As awful as she is I really don't think she wanted Venus to become her. I mean, Margo was using Venus so she could stop escorting to make a living. She really failed as a mother.

No. 48226

This, and at the same time, Margo never hid her creepy, borderline incestuous obsession with Wenoos' sexuality. It was something like "Look how sexy and provocative my underaged daughter is, but she belongs only to me -until I find the highest bidder". No wonder why Venus turned out like this.

No. 48236

It’s not that marge was “sure Venus would become a prostitute” - it’s something marge would threaten her with if she would ever leave or try to live on her own away from marge.

No. 49180


This. She isn't a polyglot. Speaking German and Swiss German is like speaking Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian and Montenegrin. Only a person who wants to glorify themselves or show off would say they are a polyglot or boast about how many languages they can speak, when if you're born in the balkans, you will be able to speak all of them. The same goes for Germans in Switzerland, they will speak both German and Swiss German and it IS similar. Moreover, Venus doesn't actually seem to be fluent in German. I think she'd struggle to use professional language like writing a CV or a descriptive poem or reading a medical textbook. She's probably at a proficient conversational level instead. I used to believe I was fluent in my second language but realized I struggled with the above mentioned so I'm probs not fluent.

Also, Venus does not speak fluent Korean,Dutch or Spanish. She has some familiarity with them but as the days go by and she doesn't utilize what she learned, it's lost, not that she EVER was fluent in any of these in the first place. It was just her ego and showing off to the public. She's always wanted to seem better than she is. I'm not even sure if she's fluent in English tbh. But if I was to judge what languages she's proficient at, I'd just say German/English/Japanese. She's at least reached a proficient conversational level in those three languages. The rest is bs. Inb4 venus see's this and starts reciting the other languages in her videos (aka reading off a pre-planned script).

Moreover, speaking German isn't an achievement for her, she didn't even have to study given it's just her native language and her parents spoke it around her. So she really only learned English and Japanese at a notable level.

No. 49181

They are thin but she tends to edit them to look smaller and more doll like. I wonder what potential dates who view her ad would think when they see her over-edited selfies and then see her IRL..

Also, she wants to be a manager?? lmao. Margaret 2.0. Easy job with fairly good salary. Like mother like daughter. Also is there any indication she's doing sex work? Or is it just a dating app? I wouldn't be surprised if it was sex work/sugar daddies since this chick always wanted easy money for little effort and this surfaces not too long after Mikan.Mandarin was exposed for sex work (then went on PULL and kissed major ass to have her full name removed). Thankfully, mods didn't cave and remove all the posts/pics as well.

No. 49183

She's probably trying to prove she's not "a shut in neet" lol but she probably also was doing something, maybe youtube related or dates/escorting?

Pet related work is not a good idea for her. She doesn't care about animals beyond the "omg they're so kawaii :3 uwu" thing.

Pretty sure Venus was ok with it though. She probably loved the attention (and money).

No. 49185

>I would be surprised to see her as an escort who offers sex

I honestly would not be surprised. The thing people have to understand about these gaijin weeaboo girls is that at their core, their personality traits seem to involve things like greed, inflated ego, laziness, fame-whoring, attention-seeking in unhealthy levels, vanity, superficiality, very unhealthy need to present a false kawaii image etc. Like these girls are literally modifying their camera personalities to sell a facade to the public. Most of them come across as somewhat sociopathic. Imagine living your life trying to convey a certain image to your online fanbase. Or even wanting a fanbase in the first place over something so superficial? Imagine posting your super edited selfies on insta daily, all your kawaii clothing and kawaii food, practicing a kawaii uwu personality and wanting fame and validation from strangers and easy money to keep buying kawaii clothing and circle lenses and makeup etc etc. This is why quite a few of these girls tend to have sugar daddies or marry Japanese citizens so they can live out their kawaii easy lives, but often under this pretense of "hard work self made" etc. I mean look at Mikan. Befriending people with large followings like Belle Delphine and Venus. Insisting on a nose job BEFORE she got to Japan. Lurking in her threads and trying to prove her critics wrong. Getting mad at a girl for getting the lead role in a play when she was younger (the unhealthy obsession with fame). Writing a sob story/downplaying your sex work, even claiming your mom was abusive and you just HAD to get away to Japan of all places. One of the first things she mentions about her mom is "I don't talk about her much because I'm scared of getting cut off". Her mom is her "human atm". I'd honestly never want money from a so called "abuser", but these weeaboo girls are almost always money-hungry and fame-obsessed af. Venus switched to vtubing with a free 1.7 million sub advantage just to try and beat Kizuna and be "the biggest". This is the core of many weeaboo snowflakes (fame, money, superficiality, laziness), so if Venus went on paid dates or did sex work, it's really not all that surprising, when you look at the overall superficiality of foreign weeaboo girls.

No. 49202

>Also, she wants to be a manager?? lmao. Margaret 2.0.
God help us all.
I totally agree with you about Mikan. Imo she is one of the thirstiest weebs out there, but honestly we should probably move discussion about her to the UK Weebs thread >>14476
or make her one of her one of her own so we don't derail.

No. 49218

Both ideas are good, but imagine if Mikan had her thread, I bet she would go whiteknight herself like she did on pull lmao. Her relationship with her boyfriend seems fishy, he met her through her sketchy "teacher"ads and his captions about her are a bit too lovey dovey to be believable.

No. 49307

File: 1558412610645.jpg (78 KB, 512x460, 9gag.jpg)

venus likes bad memes and "bpd humor" so in that spirit

No. 49310

Lord I'm so glad someone brought up how fucking wack and egocentric Mikan is lmao. I don't keep up with her at all but from like 2 videos I could tell she was just… so fucking fake. That video where her and Venus and that pink haired girl went out and Mikan was just being suuuch a cuuuunt and so obnoxious I couldn't stand it. Not to mention that shady video she uploaded of Venus looking like absolute shit??? I would never do my friend dirty like that.

Had no idea about her escorting profile and was speechless to see it was some sadist dominatrix thing. Like… that's the one she chose. Because it comes naturally. Phew.

No. 49312

File: 1558416009561.gif (997.57 KB, 400x223, Fp7lhmi.gif)

>what potential dates who view her ad would think when they see her over-edited selfies and then see her IRL..
gif related

and I mean, what else besides sexwork _can_ she do? If she wants to live independently from manaki (lke, maybe get her own flat sooner or later), and maintain her living standard where she gets to eat out every day and buy expensive shit, a simple job at the grocery store just wont do.
Minimum wage is like 950yen an hour,
and she has zero chances of getting a better paying job, so..

No. 49314

the type of clients she's getting are likely lolicons though and will straight up laugh at her and walk away tho.

No. 49361

if she's lucky, she might score a gaijin pussy thirsty old geezer, just like her mom did.

No. 50071

File: 1558623058748.jpeg (360.81 KB, 1083x1312, CBD298ED-C901-460A-8220-592ABF…)

She’s back on the road again, in whatever public transport that has those white lace headrests, dressed in business-cute attire, doing whatever it is she’s doing.

No. 50072

that's not interesting but since you bumped the thread
- she's still pretending to be gay in the memes she posts.
- remember a few months ago she said she has a song coming out? "as soon as they mixed it" what the fuck

the caption on the pic u posted is "ouchy but smiley" so i guess the guy was too rough but paid well

No. 50073

He probably plowed her good

No. 50090

those lace seat covers are very common with Japanese taxis

No. 50096

>ouchy but smiley

Living the Japanese dream there Venus!!! Makes me wonder how bad Manaki was as company that these creeps are preferable

No. 50118

File: 1558640836589.png (797.12 KB, 720x1528, Screenshot_20190523-213954.png)

self aware venus

No. 50120

File: 1558641424034.jpg (18.97 KB, 281x500, 57297997_174260053468902_21619…)

this pic is the main reason I believe that profile is real.
It's not on insta, twitter or facebook. The only time I've ever seen it was in a story but it had this writing on it.

No. 50130

Yes I think it's pretty obvious it's real.
Pulltards are pretending it's just a silly rumor to degrade their kween uwu

No. 50145

I haven't been keeping up with Weenus, so she deleted her YouTube channel and killed her persona so she could quietly divorce her husband and fuck old men for money to avoid getting a job now that she has PR?

Also side note: "pater" is latin for father so uh… yeah. Sugar daddy website for sure.

No. 50166

Probably the guy mentioned as her “manager” for that virtual YouTube nonsense (Malice.Exe) she suddenly switched her channel to is pimping her out. She said (in the long Q&A on her channel) it was a group of girls & then they ended up making her character even younger (age 5) with that London backstory (Like in the one profile) so it just seems kind of sad & creepy.

No. 50570

I haven't checked on the Venus thread in a while. Well damn, Margo was right. Venus was just using Manaki for the visa… poor guy

No. 50571

Yeah, poor pedo creep. Please, gtfo. Manaki is just as bad and they deserved each other.

No. 50572

I have followed these threads for a long time and I don't know why people keep saying Manaki is a pedo? Where are the receipts?

No. 50574

People speculate that he is into young girls because he first started following Venus was she was young (13 or 14 I think?) and he was a fairly obsessed fan of her starting from that age. He is 5 years older than her so that would have made him 18 or 19 at that time.

They married/started a physical relationship when she was 17.

No. 50578

This. He basically stalked a kid until she was old enough to get into a relationship with him. There's no reason to feel bad for him.

No. 50599

The only winner in this entire drama was that old jewish pimp

No. 50600

Also I am NOT talking about margo lol.

No. 50659

Well we know for sure Margo isn't winning a thing, she's in immigration jail.

No. 50665

My reaction to this whole situation

No. 50699

File: 1558797745035.jpeg (220.21 KB, 618x1087, 21FC0539-1FC7-4F00-B106-9E0056…)

This is an old photo so no idea if this has already been covered but I was looking through Taylor’s insta and found this pic and I couldn’t believe how different venus’s pic from the one Taylor has, that’s some extreme level of photoshopping, Dakota 2.0

No. 50702


Venus is now obsessed with that other white blonde girl who has a big following too.

She’s got a cute face I won’t lie but it always baffles me how these weebs meet
Up and befriend each other for follows or subs. Taylor used Venus for them subs a year ago or so now.

This other girl probably will. But I think the girl Venus is with now is cuter than Venus tbh.

No. 50703

I'm still baffled on how dumb Venus is. She was living the weeb dream, but because her hubby was boring she dumped him, said she was gay, threw away her channel, but forgot she needed money and is now escorting old men.

Like, what did she gain? The ability to be one of those annoying "little" bloggers who post about daddy? That's some weird mental break down

No. 50705

are we forgetting how she had creepy photos of anime girls on the wall with her face on their bodies? bitch is fucked.

>has no dad

>groomed by her mom to be a kawaii loli for old men
>mr. yan saga
>creepy videos that only appealed to pedos and retarded weeb girls

i doubt she's matured mentally past age 15 tbh. that bitch needs to live in a different country to get actual therapy and meds before she can be truly held accountable.

No. 50708


Agreed, I always found him really creepy. It’s like a modern version of Perfect Blue but through YouTube rather than watching her in concert.

Venus looks at herself in a different way, much like Mima did in the movie. You’ve got cutesy Venus and normal Venus. Her cutesy side is just messing her up.

No. 50709


Agreed, I always found him really creepy. It’s like a modern version of Perfect Blue but through YouTube rather than watching her in concert.

Venus looks at herself in a different way, much like Mima did in the movie. You’ve got cutesy Venus and normal Venus. Her cutesy side is just messing her up.

No. 50711

File: 1558800998413.jpeg (349.15 KB, 1095x1613, 4B1E6062-135F-4EE7-BA14-7CA155…)

Look you guyz, I’m a real lesbian! Not a cosplay one!

(Citrus is a lesbian anime series.)

No. 50713

Wonder if this Ella girl is okay with this? Being publicly proclaimed as Weenoos’s lesbian gf?

No. 50716

Isn't Citrus a creepy anime pandering to men and not yuri at all?

No. 50717

(Super OT but what anime is this from? I'm dying from laughter at the gif)

No. 50723

Veenus shooped out her entire laughter lines off her face. Everything is just glowing pink skin. Maybe she can get fillers like Taylor so she matches her shoops when she meets her clients.

Venus is a great example of how Youtube is not a career. 1 million followers, ten years of fame and she's an escort.

No. 50725


As most yuri is tbh. No wonder she thinks she's a lesbian when her role model for lesbianism is men's "I am a lesbian bc girls are cute but I will fuck men" lesbian.

No. 50726

Is it weird I now assume this girl is also an escort by association? I think the whole average-pretty western girl """models""" fulltime in Japan has been proven false by now

No. 50727

this is the anime apparently, I'm dying to check it out too.

anyone who knows if it's good meet us in the anime thread lmao

so Venus really chronically photoshops, we all knew this. the real milk is that she's using it to catfish old jap man dick. the expectations vs. reality will really come into play here. do those escort sites have ratings/reviews? haha

No. 50738

Yeah, her unshooped face has some ugly lines around her mouth, deep ones for someone so young. Courtesy of her shit margo genes.

No. 50750

File: 1558814535046.jpeg (77.26 KB, 715x648, 0637AAEB-7BB8-4759-9E8C-F89537…)

No. 50751

File: 1558814569443.jpeg (71.72 KB, 620x622, 5331824D-0FC6-4314-9725-F09682…)

mini margo unshooped

No. 50752

Is she actually bi/lesbian? Or at least attracted to Venus lmao
I guess she doesn't mind being Weenoos lesbian gf if she gets them subs. Too many attention whores online pretending to be bi/lesbian.

No. 50754


I always forget how white she looks and it amazes me because she always shoops herself so asian

No. 50757

File: 1558815961103.jpeg (344.1 KB, 1092x1066, 4D4DF3B6-3262-4971-8296-02D0F5…)

She shoops herself into looking like a different person. Here she totally changed the shape of her face. What tf is wrong with her?

No. 50758

She has the exact same lines around the mouth that margo has. Unfortunate.

No. 50767

remember how she uploaded a super pixelated video from a 2017 airasia commercial she was in?
found it in better quality, instant regret. she was only 19 in it

No. 50768

File: 1558820139750.png (635.51 KB, 881x825, vad.png)

around 0:06

No. 50770

>are we forgetting how she had creepy photos of anime girls on the wall with her face on their bodies


No. 50771

not the anon you replied to but I remember that in some of her videos in an older bedroom before she ran way from Margo. Venus had a ton of anime girl posters up but printed out pictures of her face taped over their faces

No. 50773

File: 1558823984352.jpg (415.66 KB, 1920x1080, asdfgh.jpg)

you mean this? that was in 2013 (whe she was 15 or 16) and meant as a joke

No. 50779


It's easy to see how she really looks from vlogs and stuff, like she looked pretty ghoulish in her vlog alongside Tsuruko lol I was going to post a screenshot but she's removed the vid from her channel

No. 50780

Damn, haven't really checked up on Venus since /w/ was created.

A prostitute?

Fkn bookmarked lul

No. 50781

Yeah the vlogs are the only place you can see her real face unfiltered and unshooped but she’s deleted them all. She also deleted every video she made with Manaki, both before and after she ran away from marge. All traces of him are gone. Like he never existed.

No. 50790

Same with her instagram, all traces of him wiped clean there too. There’s like one single pic of him left, that’s all. All the pics of them together after she ran away are gone. The pics from when he came to visit her in Seoul when she was still with marge, gone. Whatever you might think of him he saved her ass from her psycho hellbeast mother and stuck by her through being stalked by marge and her lying to him about her illegal surgery, and all her subsequent problems including eating disorders and suicidal depression. She’d never have been able to leave marge and live in Japan without his help and financial support (and marriage visa.) She’s never expressed any gratitude or appreciation for what he’s done for her either, not once. All she’s done is shit on him and throw him under the bus on her instagram. She used him to get away from marge and now that she doesn’t need him anymore she’s kicked him to the curb like a piece of trash. She’s a nasty coldhearted little bitch.

No. 50791

hate to admit this, but maybe Margro wasn't lying at all about Venus using and discarding people. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree after all.

No. 50800

Yeah, a lot of what poor old margo said turned out to be true. The blackout drinking and eating disorder come to mind. And it seems Weenoos is a stone-cold user too, just like margo kept screeching about. Oh and a fake and a fraud AND a sneaky little bitch.

Am I leaving anything out?

No. 50805


All the shit Venus does screams sociopath, atop her bi-polar or whatever other shit… She'll show you genuine caring friendship for as long as you have something to provide and the very second you don't, you become invisible, or she'll use you as a step to making a more useful friend while leaving you in the gutter. I don't think she's even conscious of doing it though.

No. 50808

Look, not to white knight, but don't you think that the reason that she removed him from her social media so completely might have something to do with her sadness towards the relationship (her first one ever) falling apart. I mean, consider that she probably at least convinced herself that she loved himat one time, only to wake up and realize that it wasn't true. And on top of everything, reminders of him are reminders of how she Venus fucked up the relationship, how her issues and shitty behavior wrecked it all. She was and still is so socially and emotionally stunted that she's going about it in an exceptionally unhealthy way. I don't consider that to be sociopathic at all, just flawed and very human.

No. 50810

right, like these fools must never had a relationship to think that you can stand to see pictures of the love you just lost. And 'she put her face on anime pictures'? it's a fucking joke (not that she's funny). Can you underages fuck off back to pull.

No. 50813

Yeah, no. She’s not sad. She’s cabbing all over Tokyo dressed in cutesy “business wear” complete with see through blouses having a gay old time (pun intended.) She’s left Manaki in the dust although he’s still around to pick up her drunk ass at the karaoke bar at 5am and take her home - probably being publicly humiliated in the process. He’s still paying her rent and all the bills, the poor cuck. He’s a doormat. He needs to kick her ass out.

No. 50814

>He’s still paying her rent and all the bills
you fucking idiots really have never heard of uploading old photos, amazing. (the pull thread spergs over how she must still live there because of her insta photos background even though it could have been taken any time in the year she's had black hair).
Please can we not have the pull style
>Margo is bad so venus is a sweet baby we must protec
>Venus is bad so manaki is a poor sweet baby we must protec
from you self-deluded busybody freaks

No. 50816

He called her in the middle of her drunk karaoke livestream, probably to find out where she was so he could bring her drunk ass home. He’s still in the picture and that’s why I’m assuming she still lives with him and he’s probably paying all the rent and bills (because he has an actual job and she has no Youtube income to speak of anymore and, of course, no job.)

No. 50820

Search Venus on the lolcow discord

No. 50821

? there's nothing

No. 50825

lel i wonder what njm is up to now

No. 50828

File: 1558848846537.jpg (1.03 MB, 1080x1080, 20181019_1907154296206238_6301…)

you mean that blah blah from kirie, the male fan who's been in love with venus for 9 years to the point that he slimed his way into tsurukos dm's? no one cares about that faggot's shit milk. he's too coy - he doesn't want to tsuruko to know he leaks her gossip i guess
in sum, there's a guy who a few weeks ago said since venus is in a loveless marriage she fell for her winks manager who rejected her which sent her depressed.

btw watch out venus lol
>There is a few ways I could personally get to Venus but as of right now, they are either, i get lucky, or i do something really shady to someone else [tsuruko]
>but one day
>i'd really like that

No. 50834

hopefully on the sex offenders registry

No. 50836

Deleted pictures don't tell you anything of the backstory, stop projecting.

Margo fans huh. Make her a care package for prison, where she's currently resting.

No. 50841


lmao thanks for this leak we banned him c:
- mod(impersonating staff)

No. 50843

>>50828 I saw her CEO (manager’s?) Facebook and he looks…very plain, skinny Japanese man in his 20s.

No. 50844

this isn't the manager this is the stalker who learned about the manager

No. 50845

are there screencaps of dms or is his source just "trust me"?
like damn, I know tsuruko is a very average looking chub irl, but it's hard to imagine anyone being desperate enough for this gross betas attention

No. 50846

"chub"? check them peepers perhaps

No. 50847


No. 50854

Who the fuck is this dude and what did Tsukuro to her ~*bestie*~ Weeboos

No. 50856


I remember calling this about three years ago when she moved away. I even said on this thread that she’ll be using him. Everyone said nope it was true love. Could’ve ate my own words. I knew she was crazy from the start.

Something about her rubs me up the wrong way. Whenever I’ve seen or met any weebs in person they’re all weird.

I was in Tokyo last summer with a friend and she’s friends with a weeb. Her weeb friend was just embarrassing.

I mean you’ve got Dakota who’s a social neet, string of drama, odd. Visa mystery.

People like Katie, Ebony, Shani, Mikan. Himezawa ect they’re all carrying some kind of baggage, grown with issues and want to live in this kawaii bubble. It’s just weird.

The foreigners are weirder than the fucking Japanese. I tell ya

No. 50865

File: 1558870978464.jpg (35.46 KB, 777x518, manainsta.JPG)


I guess they don't follow each other on Insta anymore? Mana deleted on his sites (Insta and Youtube) all the content related to venus as well. Wonder when the final break was.

No. 50872

they're still following each other.

I also love to speculate, but you have to be a teenager to take deleting some pictures on social media as absolute proof that someones relationship is over.
he was probably spammed 24/7 with comments from gross thirsty girls that want to wear venus skin, salty 40yo arab men bc he took their waifu, and "worried" pulltards everytime v had another breakdown (all that judging from his old cringy youtube and instagram comments).
that alone would be reason enough to delete everything tbh

No. 50877

Nah, margo can rot in hell for all I care.Just pointing out that little Wenoos wasn't the uwu innocent pure damsel in disgrace she wanted us to believe.

I don't think the old hag ever came back after (iirc) anons tipped police about her promoting CP

No. 50879

>I also love to speculate, but you have to be a teenager to take deleting some pictures on social media as absolute proof that someones relationship is over.

Uh, what? What's with all the cope and wk in this thread?

No. 50882

there was no need for her to create a new animated character she's been behind a cgi avatar for years

No. 50883

>>you have to be a teenager to take deleting some pictures on social media as absolute proof that someones relationship is over.

Uh, no…wiping every last trace of someone from your online presence is not an insignificant or meaningless action. And if Manaki was stressed about comments on his instagram or Youtube channel he would have deleted them back at the height of their online “fame,” not now long after things had died down.

Some of you people cling desperately to any excuse that keeps you from seeing her for the user she is.

No. 50888


Deleting every record of a significant other is a classic sign that a relationship has ended. Imagine thinking this was a normal thing for a couple to do while they're still together.

No. 50901

File: 1558899995127.jpg (50.11 KB, 500x500, kmkm.jpg)

She's rebranding, after all. Maybe she wants to appeal to new audiences and having a partner is never a good look for starters.
But my actual theory is different. I don't think she used him etc. I think she just felt grateful and mistook it for love. Or felt obligated to love him, because of how he basically saved her life. She's still very young, and, because of her stunted development, she's just now getting interested in love, she's getting crushes etc. Just look at how "sexual" she's become, and her sexual jokes are always on middle-school level. I think she's just entered that stage. Hence also the sudden interest in girls, exploring sexuality and polyamory/openess.
Also Venus became more open about her mental health, she finally realized she has ED, took therapy… She's still acting chaotic and manic, clearly it's her mental health acting up. Manaki must be pretty tired with it, Japanese are super bad with mental health and Venus seems like quite a menace. Let's not forget about this whole surgery thing… I remember watching some video of hers on this topic and Manaki was very angry about it, she said he was close to dumping her because of it.
My point is, their relationship's been cracking. Probably there wasn't much love to begin with. Adding to that Venus being in her sexual/romantic exploration phase… Yeah, I think they're breaking up and it's not because ~Venus is evil and Margo was right~. I wouldn't be too judgemental about it. Some are outraged I guess because it's that Mana, Mana who saved her blah blah, but seriously it's not that big of a surprise that a girl who married a dude at 18 would divorce in few years lol.
(throwback pic)

No. 50903

I thought that was a picture of Himezawa while scrolling, fucking hell.

No. 50906

No one has to be a Japanese man to be tired of Venus and her problems, she's no easy to deal with. He helped her a lot, much more than most partners do

No. 50907


>~Venus is evil and Margo was right~

Litteraly nobody said that lmao. The maggot may have a few defenders left in the wild but not here.

No. 50909

>all Venus does screams sociopath
>margo wasn't lying at all about venus using people
the closest examples. But that wasn't even my point

No. 50912

Not liking Venus ≠ Liking Margo tho. Both are cows.

No. 50918

Yeah, they both suck. In some ways I think Venus is even worse than her psycho mother. At least margo never tried to put up a fake front. She was what she was and she was open about it. Venus has been proven to be a fake and a fraud, and still is. She’s a sneaky deceptive little bitch.

No. 50923

venus over edited her pic with freya to the point she made freya kinda look like her mom LOL

No. 50938

If he actually was pimping her out he's probs doing it to afford the motion sensor equipment to create the 3d vtuber model venus can use lol. She said that her manager was planning to by may or so. But I doubt anyone is "pimping her out". If she is indeed escorting, it's most likely of her own volition for ez bucks.

Not really as she uses facial smoothing even in her videos and she's even worn aegyo sal tape in her shrine video LOL but her vlogs are still a better indicator than her photos at the very least. Anyone remember when venus said, "no more being a fake" and then take a look at her latest insta edit lmao. Imagine what her "clients" must think when they see her pics vs real life. though i suppose desperate old jap men wouldnt care either way.

No. 50954

It would be a front. Hence the “collection of girls”. As with anything in the entertainment industry, there is usually a seedy hidden side & “idols” are often pimped on the side/ become high end escorts (happens in Hollywood, too). I feel like this is a low rent version of all this.

No. 50958

Does anyone remember 15 million merits (I think) Black Mirror episode. It seemed like a nasty twist when it first aired but now I see it was a reference to how the pop star is synonymous with porn star, and people are tricked into the industry thinking they will be merely an adored star.
Actually it seems very likely to be connected since the escorting started immediately after the decision to be a virtual Youtuber for a more "private" life. I'd rather stay married and make cringe videos if I were her.

No. 50960

go back to KF

No. 50961

Being a winner. But uh she was a pedo? Did I miss anything? Wtf?
I hope this thread gives her a wake up call.
So yaoi is for girls and gays but yuri isn't for men and lesbians? Really makes me think.

No. 50963

njm's whole shtick was child porn anon, did you ever read a sleazy word she posted? the partnership with margo to steal every underage video from venus' channel and reupload it with sleazy tags, I mean…

No. 50964

>Meanwhile, NJM created a channel as "Venus Palermo" featuring Venus's videos marketed as CP.; she left links and pricing for sex acts all over the damn place. Margo, despite being informed that someone was hosting the videos she loudly claims ownership over, didn't do a thing about it and got angry when her stans tried to direct her to the channel. Anons reported the NJM comments and channel as CP, NJM watched it go down live and backtracked like woah. As soon as reports were posted, NJM closed the channel voluntarily; and shortly after that, Margo's videos about Venus's marriage - her top viewed ones - were made private.

Wasn't HE trolling though?
And as far as I know this isn't illegal (but it makes sense that it does break the youtube's ToS and DCM laws of course) since she was an adult at that time and the videos are not pornographic in nature. Yeah you can tip since there is a miniscule chance he is in fact a she and is an actual pedo but they won't do much if "she" (he) didn't diddle or watch kids doing inappropiate things. Eh..I should google her myself but I doubt I'll find anything.

No. 50969

NJM tried to profit from them labelling the videos as lolita fetish & food fetish. IIRC some of these videos were done when Venus was still a minor.


No. 50970

NJM is a batshit crazy 65 year old woman who lives in ND. She was sued for obsessively stalking a college professor in the 90s (I think) and he won a huge settlement in court which made headlines at the time. She runs a phone sex service out of her home. She’s even crazier than margaret. Her real name is Glenda something. It’s all in the old margaret threads.

No. 50982

Think you're getting mixed up anon - she's a crazy old pedo stalker lady in real life, per >>50970

No. 51017

Partially agreeing w/ you. Mostly for the Venus re-branding herself part.
She’s just that: a brand. She can try tell herself how she’s ~totally figuring out who she is now, but in the end everything she does is an act.
She doesn’t know how to do or feel anything without it becoming a whole new shtick.

She’s rebranded herself as this poly, sexual, psycho, goth lesbian and Manaki doesn’t fit in the picture. So either she had to get rid of him on social media (and because he’s a doormat like that deleted everything about her bc she told him to) OR got rid of him for real which was easier than before now that she doesn’t neee him for a visa anymore.

I don’t think Venus is even capable of actually loving anyone. Especially considering her past and being influenced by Maggot like that. So I also don’t buy this whole
>~*she deleted her pictures with Mana because of heartbreak and it just hurts too much to see them*
bullshit. He just didn’t go well with her strong independent goth boss ass bitch image anymore (as opposed to her uwu kawaii loli doll/child persona) so he had to go.

She’s cold-blooded and manipulative, just like her mother. And Mana took advantage of her vulnerability when she was a child so he deserved to be dumped for stupid shit like that.
All three of them deserve each other just fine. Marge can go be a hooker in Hungary, Peenus can do her escort or start selling overly-shooped ~totally a lesbian photos via patreon or Snapchat and Manaki can live his hikikomori pedo life in peace all by himself.

Unless Venus actually does something worth talking about and there’ll be actual proof of her prostituting herself beyond a supposed leaked profile this milk is dried up.
This thread should’ve stayed on autosage tbh. There’s nothing left but
>Venus is bad
>No Margo is really bad
>Poor Mana
>You all are a stupid

No. 51025

I think you're wrong about the milk drying up. Venus escorting, quitting Youtube to become a virtual Youtuber and deleting all her videos, and having an "open marriage" with Manaki whereby she never mentions him and posts about what a raging lesbian she is while riding old men daily…idk sounds pretty milky.

I wonder what wholesome "my husband definitely doesn't run a men's club with secret escort pages" Taylor thinks about this

No. 51035

>Venus escorting
I'm still missing actual proof of that.
She might have a profile on an escorting website. We have literally no proof of her actually having clients.
So her actively escorting is pure speculation.

>quitting Youtube to become a virtual Youtuber and deleting all her videos

That virtual youtuber thing has been entertaining when she switched. But her last video as a V-Tuber came out more than a month ago. And even that wasn't too milky or intersting. That whole thing was her channel's funeral. It's basically dead now. So no milk there either.

>and having an "open marriage" with Manaki

She said her and Manaki would consider polyamori once in a Q&A months ago.
We have seen none of that actually happening. So how exactly is that any milk?

>whereby she never mentions him and posts about what a raging lesbian she is while riding old men daily

how is blatant attention seeking by calling herself a lesbian in boring pictures of herself with other girls in any way milky?
And again: We have no proof of her actually fucking or even seeing anyone.

>muh but she's driving around in business attire and posted a picture of a sexual book title

yeah that's most definitely proving she's fucking greasy old men for money on a daily basis. There's nothing else she could be doing in those clothes and she most definitely wouldn't just make shit up for attention. Venus would never do that, right?

No. 51040

So you think she's being supported by Manaki behind the scenes while she pretend to be a lesbian and rides around all day in taxis (which isn't cheap btw) in nice clothes to do ???? with a profile on a sugaring website. Uh huh, sounds so logical. Even with PR Venus still has to support herself if Manaki is out of the picture, which he seems to be now. If he was supporting her, I doubt he would let her heavily imply she's an escort and they're separated just for the attention, Manaki seems tired of the way she is constantly having issues to take to her fangelics for asspats.

No. 51043

>how is blatant attention seeking by calling herself a lesbian in boring pictures of herself with other girls in any way milky?

>Hey guise, how look lesbian I am!!!~ Did I mention I'm attracted to gurls and totemo totemo lesbian?

>daddy fuck me or I'll kill myself teehee~ I <3 succ cock

if this isn't attention whoring, then idk what else it is

No. 51047

Because escorting is literally the only way she could be making money? There are no other ways? Are you really sure about that?

No. 51048

lol the desperate pearl clutching and curtain twitching in this thread. You are like crazy ex girlfriends rummaging through trash cans! I think Venus is a mess but there is very little actual milk, maybe chill the fuck out until there is?

No. 51051

maybe sage next time

No. 51054

>Reee! No milk! No milk!
You know you can hide the thread, right?

No. 51059

>>escorting is literally the only way she could be making money?
She has no education (not even a high school diploma) and no skills. Has never held an actual job so no job history. And she doesn’t seem to have an interest in pursuing a minimum wage job in retail or waitressing which is all she’d be qualified for. Her Youtube income has dried up. She needs to do something to bring in some $$ and her options are extremely limited. So yeah, not a stretch to think she’s turned to sugaring. It’s what her mother groomed her to do from her early teens after all. Makes perfect sense.

No. 51060

File: 1558982698844.jpeg (390.35 KB, 1089x1582, 8F7ADBB8-4487-409F-B86D-1BB48F…)

Look you can see my bra, you guys! And cleavage too! tee hee

No. 51061

q.e.d. (>>51048)

No. 51063

She’s not going on a job interview wearing that, people. Or going to work at a real job either. Y’all need to get over your denial about your sweet little princessu.

No. 51064


Well no, but like >>51059 said, she has no education and no experience for real work. Not only that, she's moving around top much during the day for her to be working a regular job based on her lack of qualifications. She's not worried about money after shutting down her main revenue stream, her and Manaki seem to have split up or are at least not speaking currently and yet she's not worried about her future or money in the now. She could be staying with a friend, but life still costs money and Japan isn't exactly cheap.

No. 51073

Not to mention all those cab rides. Cabs aren’t cheap either.

No. 51109

shes probably going to go down the gravure road. just watch lol

No. 51128

So tell me this. She had a decent YT income and has claimed in the past to have made some investments with that money. She may be escorting for a living now. Why do salty anons reeeee about her living off Manaki then? Bitter fanfics? Sounds like she continues to make her own money.

No. 51131

I doubt she makes enough money to live on her own, pay her own rent and bills. The problem is she lives off him while at the same time treating him like shit.

No. 51140

you don't need to white-knight manaki, he's a grown man he can sort his shit out if he doesn't like it.

No. 51146

Jfc could you stop bumping this thread with your derailing and infighting about who‘s worse?

No. 51149

>I doubt she makes enough money
It's a common lolcow trope to assume a cow is flat broke. That's just your assumption anon.

Very this, and he doesn't have to stay married if he doesn't want to.

No. 51158

Same could be said for Venus…

No. 51163

File: 1559032605247.jpg (80.21 KB, 714x533, Screenshot_20190528-102319.jpg)

>venus, not being fluent or able to talk without an accent in a single language
>including german, yes
how do you get the confidence to lie like that?

No. 51166

File: 1559033920916.jpg (54.85 KB, 371x683, yawn.jpg)

what a fucking surprise (yesterday she made a similar story post about some no name singer who also has songs with "lolita" in the name - is this part of venus marketing?)

No. 51167

File: 1559034021694.png (585.4 KB, 624x575, nothx.png)

maybe she is going to try to model for taylor r's hong kong-ese bf's underage ero mag lol

No. 51170

Either she's trolling or she's completely deluded about her language skills lmao.

She can't stop attention whoring about her oh so exciting life, can she? Good luck with learning Cantonese Weebus. Can't wait to hear you butcher the tones.

No. 51171

she only says that's how long it takes her to become conversational, which is a long, long way from fluent let along having no accent
>inb4 white-knighting venus
no fucksake can we just have some basic accuracy and not make straw-men - it's unnnecessary

No. 51172

>a person not being able to master a single language without accent in 20 years claiming they can hold conversations in other languages after a year
yeah, no reason to doubt that

idk about her japanese (some anons said it's still pretty bad even after all this time), but she grew up and went to primary school in switzerland and I remember an older video with her mother where she got the articles wrong all the time and basically sounded as good as margo does when she speaks marglish.
she's also barely able to express herself in english if it's not in a scripted video.

No. 51174

That’s what happens when there’s no actual milk.

No. 51178

File: 1559054303238.png (1.63 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_Instagram_20190528-…)

Pic from her instastory, she and Manaki are still very much in contact. The contact name says "tan-mana" (probably an inside joke).

No. 51179

Or… She’s just visiting Taylor as a friend and studying the language beforehand is a smart thing to do?

She has called him Tan-Mana quite a few times so it looks like her regular pet name for him. Sometimes Japanese girls reverse the tan(aka chan)on their nicknames to be cute and quirky, so that’s likely what Venus was doing with his name and he didn’t mind.

No. 51182

Buder muss los

Damn, she really is retarded when it comes to German memes, huh? Pedalo is out of date.

No. 51191

She speaks with a swiss-German accent, pretty normal considering she's not German. Pretty weird nit-pick considering most people have an accent.

I mostly agree with >>51048, she's clearly completely off her rockers but that's really par for the course for children of raging narcissists who break free from their shitty parents, it will continue until someone forces her to get serious help or her risky behaviour leads to a major fuck-up in her life.

No. 51193

Of course venus will be unhappy if the only people she hangs out with are attention hungry weeb thots. She needs to try meeting friends outside of this circle but she probably womt be friends with anyone who isnt "kawaii". They dont really care about real friendship they just want views and likes.

No. 51203

that Italo-japanese girl Venus' friend, "you_stole_my_apricot", seems to be genuine and not weeby. Maybe she needs more friendships like her?

No. 51216

that literally reminds me of margo's comment section when ppl glorify the hag who we know is full of shit. Same goes for venus. she knows she isn't as good at those languages but she will project the public image that she is (very margo like). she could have said she's not as good at languages as she after that person glorified her, but she won't because she's desperate to portray "a talent".

while that may be all she says, the implication that "she's good at languages" is still there. this is literally how margo portrays herself and she gets shitted on but with venus, "it's inaccurate or strawman". the hypocrisy. what a joke.

Would not be surprised if she was escorting or using sugar daddies for money. Kiwifarms and pull wk the fuck outta her and claim it's a fake profile. if it turns out to be real, they'll glorify her while shitting on margo for doing similar acts and using people for money. interestingly enough venus has posted sexual content in the past (yes, after leaving her mom who 'forced' her into it!) like the "sucking on candy pic" censored to look like a dick, the "i play with toys" pic, a pic of her lower torso in a white knight gown captioned, "sleep is innocent, sleep is pure", pic of her bra, sexual captions etc and even a pic of her boobs/cleavage (very margo-like). so for her, looking for sugar daddies and easy money doesn't seem too far-fetched. (I mean we're talking about a girl that milked her eating disorder/hospitalization into a bunch of videos (plus sold to the tabloids) for easy bucks, whilst claiming it was merely to help others. the girl is shameless and reminds me of a more subtle mags, in that they both like to glorify themselves to the public to seem "talented". Keyword: seem.

No. 51217

at languages as she after that person glorified her

*at languages as she seems

No. 51218

File: 1559078686639.gif (4.53 MB, 720x404, giphy.gif)

her new sugardaddy is a hongkonger?

No. 51225

She hung out with Sugizo's daughter a couple times lol

No. 51250

She seems like very sweet, normal girl and I hope Venus really appreciates her and doesn’t let her go.

What I don’t understand is that Venus has been living in Japan all this time, always been a weeaboo and speaks Japanese well but with exception of you_stole_my_apricot, she is only shown hanging out with foreign YouTubers and bloggers! Why doesn’t she get to know more Japanese people? At very least, I thought she would collaborate with small Japanese YouTubers or get back into Nico Nico Douga to integrate into the community. Even her Virtual project is all foreigners.

Japanese people tend to be shy and adult relationships here are a little more difficult when you have jobs/family to think of first but it’s not THAT hard to meet nerdy but nice Japanese girls. It would greatly help her connect with Japan and make it feel like a real home. I don’t understand why all these foreign girls come to Japan, make all the effort to learn Japanese the language and secure visas and yet they put a wall between themselves from 99% of the population. iIt’s very damaging to your mental state to stay in that bubble and this how you get so many bitter or depressed expats.

No. 51263

the fact it's hard to imagine venus hanging out with an actual japanese girl makes you realise japan is just a fetish for her. Some drooling american otaku going to "teach English" in japan isn't going to make japanese male friends. it's the same

No. 51272

>Hongkong sugardaddy
haven't given a shit about Venus for years, did her pedo Jap husband divorce her?

No. 51278

If she produces whole fat milk one day again and someone makes a banner about it, how awkward is it gonna be when there are not one but two fan-banners of her? I don't even understand why first admin decided to use them.
But that's weirder then, in a way. Means irl they aren't in contact at all

Also a pseudo-sage because I feel very very guilty for accidently bumping this thread.

No. 51284

Because she‘s obnoxious af and actual people are put off by her behavior. The way you can see her behave in vlogs just make her look like a tourist that happens to speak Japanese, but not like someone who actually lives there.
She‘s loud, eccentric and acts like a child. Why would anyone who doesn’t benefit from it (like other YouTube or Instagram weeaboos) voluntarily spend time with her?

No. 51295

Margo and Venus still aren't on a par as people even if they prove to have hooking in common. Margo doesn't deserve even a sliver of consideration after the shit she's pulled, and attempts to equalise them always come off like "see Margo was right, Margo isn't so bad!" when she destroyed Venus and made all this. Venus is what she is now due to Margo, hooking and all. And Margo would have worn her literal skin if she could have got past the front door.

No. 51299

And you’re just whiteknighting Venus now. Piss off.

She’s old enough and has been away from Margo for long enough to be held accountable for her actions. She’s past the point of ‘oh but that’s just because of Margo’. For god’s sake, she’s been to therapy before she (supposedly) started hooking. At some point it stops being just the consequences of bad parenting. It’s not like Margo still has control over her.

No. 51304

I mean it was pretty obvious thats what she was doing lmao.

No. 51306

>>white-knight manaki, he's a grown man he can sort his shit out if he doesn't like it.
Of course I know that. Manaki isn’t even the point, the point is that Venus’s treatment of him shows what a shit person she is. The real Venus under all the fake layers of “tee hee look how kawaii I am” is revealed.

No. 51311

she'd be out of japan since you never get citizenship

No. 51312

File: 1559134931473.jpg (918.52 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20190528_083737_com…)

Can we talk about this azn fetus shoop?
Also why the fuck would she start learning a language as difficult as chinese all of sudden when she's said since years her goal was to become fluent in japanese. Reminds me of her korean phase just before she left maggot.

No. 51319

File: 1559137273094.jpeg (395.04 KB, 1656x1656, 6DC21D57-9B7F-41DE-9044-051C41…)

Good job

No. 51326

>Margo isn't so bad!

Literally no one has said that

No. 51330

I'm calling it now: Manaki got a job position in Hong Kong and they're moving there.

No. 51358

She must've been drunk during this, shes barely coherent.

No. 51359

File: 1559155941090.png (1.69 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-05-29-16-05-36…)

I bet they're going to start a pretend lesbian relationship

No. 51361

>bumping thread with a month old video that’s already been discussed


No. 51366

She said Taylor was her first female friend, and that was when she was like 19? She meets other weebs and J-Vloggers through social media, I doubt she's able to make friends the regular ways.

She's probably going to go to HK, either to visit Taylor or to live there, who knows.

No. 51367

I wonder if it's that old perv Manaki taking the picture LMAO

Yeah maybe, but I really wonder why she would want to live there if Japan was her goal this whole time and she went as far as to get a visa husband.

No. 51370

If this was anybody else I'd say they're just 2 friends taking a cute pic, but knowing Venus…

Manaki is probably already in bed, crying himself to sleep over losing his waifu, so that he can get up early tomorrow to slave away at his 16 hour factory work shift lol

No. 51378

i hope she doesn't fuck off to hk. we don't want her here, and she can't live here legally unless she gets married.

No. 51381

File: 1559165457812.png (1.52 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-05-29-16-05-34…)

This Ella chick looks also very different in candids than on insta where she tries to be that ~*blond ethereal westerner*~

No. 51383

who cares. we all know people who post on social media shoop their shit. it's not milky at this point.

No. 51414

File: 1559175187195.jpeg (22.28 KB, 267x319, F75213D9-CD93-4CC5-88B0-7EFBFE…)

“We cute.”

No, actually you’re not.

No. 51417

Or maybe he's busy looking for another loli gaijin waifu, who knows?

No. 51429

venus is trying really hard to prove she's not a weeaboo shut-in neet with all her latest posts. she's still so image-obsessed.

No. 51432

Agreed though tbh she doesn't seem like a "loud" person off camera. it looks to be a result of being fake for yt, attention and comfort behind a keyboard. in one of her hospital vlogs as she left the room, her eyes darted in every direction and she seemed super uncomfortable and awkward when around actual japanese culture and not solely retarded weeaboo attention-whores, which made it more evident how fake she is on the internet. in the end, it's all about money and moulding her image the way she likes to the public. these jvloggers do such a disservice to Japanese culture, wish they could all be deported.

No. 51434

I guess unpopular opinion, but she looks fine?

No. 51445

I don't think weenus is that ugly compared to a lot of other cows either, she's no looker but she's not hideous

No. 51450

Just nothing like her extremely edited instagram pics is all. And there’s something so unattractive about her mouth area to me. Those furrows she inherited from margo. Yuck.(nitpick)

No. 51451

File: 1559185476528.jpeg (400.99 KB, 1097x1768, 3D5388AF-528D-407A-B5F4-961907…)

Attention whoring on instagram.

No. 51466

Photoshop helps but I think it's more than that. Her lips are so thin that when she's expressive or you look at her from further away it isn't flattering, but she looks pretty when it's close up and her mouth is closed. It's like how an anime character might be cute in 2D, but a real person with a line for a mouth would look awful.

No. 51469

Don't forget she looks like that >>50750
and that >>50768 without the shoop. And white af compared to >>51312(nitpick)

No. 51470

It's not like it's her fault she looks like her mum. Why are you nitpicking her looks when there's plenty other milk to go around.

No. 51486

Oh God… now she is photoshoping herself to look like those Chinese Instagram models.

No. 51503

like what lol

No. 51522

Nah, she looks fine. Anons have been nitpicking her looks since she started posting online though so it's not surprising.

No. 51555

So why is she giving a shit about China all the sudden? Lol how many phases does she have?

No. 51576

File: 1559282671535.jpg (25.95 KB, 358x394, b88vdheyk4131.jpg)

it's not milk but yesterday someone posted this bizarre fake venus post (i assume it's fake, i don't remember seeing it and it's not in Venus' voice) on reddit and it got 9000 up votes so, god knows how many views. The comments indicate that several hundred reddit losers are now caught up to about where things were 2 or 3 years ago i.e. "omg!! venus you poor sweet thing we're rooting for you!" and will probably be appearing to white-knight her

No. 51577

This was an old post when storage drama was going on and I think it's not a fake (Venus used to respond to Margo from time to time but stopped later) sorry salty anon.

No. 51578

Yeah I’m pretty sure this was actually real back then.

No. 51580

It's not fake… Have you even been following the margo/venus thread at all? It's literally been posted on old threads and other similar content. Go to the old margo threads and you'll see it there.

No. 51584

Read the thread lol

No. 51585

i've followed the whole time. oh well..it just seems so different from how she writes. Like
>that doesn't make up for character
seems above her level of fluency and maturity.

No. 51586

I did, that’s why I’m asking.

No. 51588

>i've followed the whole time
>Venus no english
Venus can speak and write English, anon
>I read the thread
It's not all in one thread, this has been going on for years, which shows you haven't read shit

Here is the post from the time, in context: >>>/pt/276517
Don't make misleading posts here.

No. 51599

Wtf is this post? Good job with what? Is the right edited to make her look like irl? Because it looks NOTHING like her

No. 51602

ot, but if I’m not mistaken, I remember Ella Freya being prominent on the nymphet side of tumblr years back, and she had some sugar daddy in Singapore who was twice her age.

No. 51604

Well if this is true, Ella Freya is known for such things as cat-fishing an scamming people online for money:


No. 51610

File: 1559314421560.jpg (94.56 KB, 834x621, earlyyellowfever.JPG)


I remember a few old pics of her wearing a qipao, also her bragging about winning a thai beauty contest. I guess that like many other weebs she kept fixated on Japan because they have dem animus and mangos.

No. 51611

File: 1559314510480.jpg (38.55 KB, 387x407, 408700_308067772562013_9214321…)

No. 51612

They lived in a Thai… monastery I think? a Thai community of some kind in Switzerland - after Margo left her husband. They were there for a few years. The pageant was part of that.

No. 51615

Venus is a rootless child "star" who spend most of her life being dragged from place to place by a batshit insane mother who made her appeal to orientalism/broad east asian trends to attract tweens and pedos. It's embarrassing as all hell but it' no surprise that she's clinging to the only thing ('asian culture') that was consistent in her life aside from Marge. At least there's more of an explanation for it than most asia-obsessed westerners have

No. 51618

thanks for clearing this up, i always wondered why the hell she was in a "thai pageant" as a kid

A+ analysis. it never crossed my mind that venus is still clinging on to asian fetishization because it's all she has left of her childhood. spooky.

No. 51633

Why is it every single one of these fuckers who move to japan have some kind of sugar daddy? Scam? Dirt on them!

No. 51634

File: 1559341000334.jpeg (77.54 KB, 889x480, C5123928-8AED-43D1-8883-0096B9…)

It creeps me out just how much she reminds me of Mima from Perfect Blue.

Young, pale, always wanted to be a star but it going to shit. Perverted asian men gunning after her. A Japanese stalker who she ended up marrying for a visa. Watched her basically form tits on camera over a course of time. Weirdo mother who wanted to be her own daughter and was overbearingly scary in a sense. Identity issues, mental health issues.

No. 51635

File: 1559341029338.jpeg (48.36 KB, 1024x553, 5748E212-61B9-4626-A2BC-B56D97…)

No. 51636

File: 1559341062818.jpeg (170.38 KB, 755x922, 0B6E6209-FA70-4E20-87F7-56D591…)


A mother who wanted to live through her at one point

No. 51637

File: 1559341093895.jpeg (77.39 KB, 736x421, 5B012CC9-9BA0-42AE-AC3A-D32EF8…)


Creepy stalker

No. 51638

File: 1559341157592.jpeg (39.92 KB, 480x360, 1435CD48-1AA4-4DE6-8714-A8B801…)

No. 51639

File: 1559341298888.jpeg (169.14 KB, 1280x689, 96656C8D-2536-44AD-9819-97B3C6…)


Not even know who the fuck she is anymore or did she ever?

No. 51640

File: 1559341373437.jpeg (93.1 KB, 900x900, DB0E8995-B732-4610-A6F4-50287B…)


Hence malice was birthed

No. 51641


It’s like a movie from two decades ago just full on spawned out a real person going through similar shit

All online

It creeps me out

No. 51651


Nice job there spamming and bumping the thread so many consecutive times with nothing even remotely important.

No. 51652

Oh my god no one fucking cares. Weeb newfags are the worst newfags.

No. 51656

You should've saged and put everything into one post, but the comparison is really similar.

No. 51681

someone needs to #tagthesponsor on this puta and her fine dining she enjoys every day according to her stories(cowtipping)

No. 51693

>fine dining
Like hamburgers and kawaii pasta…? Lmao

No. 51694

Don't post here ever again.

No. 51695

yeah usually, but today she had restaurant food with champagne for lunch and then also for dinner and explicitly avoided showing who she was with

No. 51699

Because it was possibly just Mana and people would stop talking about her if they knew she is neither escorting nor has she broken up with him.

No. 51712

First she posts that she is feeling unwell and is going to go to hospital and now she is continuing with her fancy meals and alcohol. Okey gal I guess nothing too serious was going on?

No. 51714

She said it was anemia right afterwards

No. 51729

File: 1559432720540.jpg (522.42 KB, 1080x1680, IMG_20190602_014550.jpg)

No. 51733

Escorting apartment? Or something to do with the ai?

Also I thought she quit making videos?

No. 51734

File: 1559437245494.jpeg (395.99 KB, 1087x1521, 0058CD4D-6691-4C41-82EE-6DDDF0…)

She edited that caption. Deleted the part about looking for an apartment.

So why is she looking at apartments “but not to live in”?

No. 51743

My first thought is a studio for editing/filming/some kind of “office”, like how podcasters and youtubers have. But who knows.. like other anon said she doesn’t even make videos anymore

No. 51771

she said her manager was trying to get motion sensor equipment for the virtual crap she's trying to do ad she said it'd happen sometime in may so it may be an office type thing

No. 51772

An apartment for hoeing

No. 51774

venus' comment: "oh no I don’t ever want to get a real job haha"

No. 51775



No. 51777

no wonder they're friends. shit ppl attract other shit ppl

No. 51782

File: 1559481159145.jpeg (79.49 KB, 976x602, 5136C56B-E41E-4862-A022-FC366E…)

Now who can tell me what an ‘OL’ is?

No. 51785

OL stands for office lady

No. 51786

>I have to go to the hospital and I'm always exhausted
Gee, could it be the unwarranted bariatric surgery you were given that's severely afflicting your body into malnutrition?

Keep on with that alcohol consumption though!
No wonder she has anemia.

No. 51791


Given that she grew up immersed in and exposed to Asian culture, why is it not accepted as a legitimate and valid part of her cultural identity?

Obviously, she isn't ethnically Asian, but she never claimed to be, she has always been completely transparent about the fact that she isn't Asian, despite the heavy criticism she has received for engaging in culturally Asian activities. When she uploaded those those Thai pageant pics in the past, she was criticized as presenting herself as racially superior, or trying to point out she is better/prettier than Thai people, for simply stating the fact that she isn't Thai.

I understand the frustration of westerners fetishizing and clinging to Asian culture to form an identity, in the absence of their own; such as your garden variety weeb, to the actual delusions of being ethnically Asian like Pixyteri. Or con artists like Margo with her "phases"; being Jamaican, being a satanist, being Jewish, ect, which all seem to "conveniently" benefit her financially.

However, Venus isn't delusional about her ethnicity, at all, and her "weeb" hobbies, are only considered "weeb" hobbies because she isn't ethnically Asian.

Yes, she is openly struggling with over-identifying with her mental health and sexuality, but she has also demonstrated that she is aware of this and given that she grew up being moved around, isolated and abused by Margo, it makes sense that she is struggling to express these parts of herself, which she has had to hide and suppress, hell, even Manaki reacted to her eating disorder badly, before his mother advised him to treat her with support and kindness.

No. 51792

who the fuck are you talking to? nobody cares about this stuff.

No. 51793

Does it really matter that she's "self aware" if she continues to cling to asian culture out of desperation? She's really no different than Margo in that she's been milking asian culture because it's been the biggest financial boon in her life. What's authentic about that?
There's no reason to lend her asian identity just because she has an absence of and refusal to have her own.
It's delusional.
The only time she mentions being white and western is the contrast in telling other people she's not asian.

No. 51797

What do you mean by "being immersed in asian culture"? Tons of kids, including most of us here grew up reading manga/watching anime, etc but that doesn't mean mean we grew up"immersed in asian culture" lmao. She lived in Europe most of her childhood and teenagehood. You're just excusing her fetishization/weeboism.

No. 51799

>I don't ever want to get a real job

No. 51801

Not the same anon but she did spend some years living in the Thai convent type place. This was in Switzerland but till her mother isolated her completely into that Asian culture and residential existence for a while. Then they went to Tenerife next (I think?), not exactly central Europe. It's been a life of alienation and rootlessness. By the time they ended up in Netherlands and UK things were well jacked up.

No. 51803

I understand what you mean, that Marge uprooted her from Switzerland since a young age but Tenerife isn't even in Asia… Asia includes so many different countries, it isn't just East Asia, so saying she grew up "immersed into asian culture" doesn't really make sense tbh.

No. 51804


>not for me to live in though

Yeah she’s just looking for apartments to take her clients to as it would be dangerous to let them know where she lives so I’ll give her credit for taking her safety into consideration

No. 51808

This isn’t the Venus defense squad thread, so fuck off.

No. 51810


I'm the anon who referred to her as growing up immersed into asian culture. Other anon is correct, I wasn't talking about her reading manga or watching anime, I was referring to her lived experiences of being immersed in asian cultures at the Thai convent - and also her time in South Korea and Japan, though I now realize from what you guys have said that she wasn't as young (I assumed mid-teens?) as I thought during those periods.

For comparisons sake, I've met so many army brats who are ethically western but culturally identify more with the places they have spent the most time in - which for some of them is only three or four years.

Idk, I mean identity is such a personal and multi-faceted, it just strikes me as kinda strange how much criticism Venus gets for engaging with Asian cultures, having lived in asian countries, and especially as she is currently living in one? If you are an immigrant, doesn't it make sense to integrate yourself at least somewhat into the culture of the country?

Look, I'm not trying to white-knight the bitch, I'm just asking questions, and explaining why this shit doesn't make sense to me.

No. 51824

somewhere in the comments she said it's related to her Youtube, so I guess it's a studio/office of some sort. She fucked up her channel and her internet presence is dying so I wonder what she plans on doing now, especially that she doesn't want a normal job. (don't answer "escorting" or something lol I believe the tweets were fake and I don't buy this tinfoil)
My guess is, she'll be working with some sort of tokyo youtube company, hence the "business official" clothes and travelling lately

No. 51828

Yeah, even without factoring in her time in Asia and the monastery, this isn't typical weebshit. Her mother immersed her in Asian pop culture from a young age and drove her to pursue a career and identity based entirely around being a weeb. What else does Venus even have? She doesn't have an education, doesn't have any real friends, doesn't seem to have ever been encouraged to develop any hobbies outside of weebshit and certainly was never encouraged to develop a sense of independence as a person. She doesn't even really have a native language.

No. 51830

>>My guess is, she'll be working with some sort of tokyo youtube company
Why would she need to go out and find an apartment on her own if she’s working with some company? That makes no sense.

No. 51831

Living in a country, never leaving the house, speaking garbled Japanese and watching anime does not = being immersed in Asian culture

No. 51840

>Living in a country, never leaving the house, speaking garbled Japanese and watching anime does not
That's a complete mischaracterization of what Marge made her do and you know it
>being immersed in Asian culture
"pop culture"

No. 51935

Then why isn't she making videos at all???? She's so confusing

No. 51942

I understand some of your points being that having an unstable foundation via an abusive mother who moves around a lot can really upset someone's personal growth.
But there's nothing stopping Venus from trying to carve out her own identity and maybe touch on her own roots now. Her mom has been gone from her life for years.
She's an adult, and it's cringey and pitiful to give credence to asian identity because deep down there's nothing else expected from her.

She'll never be asian, and least of all asian in Japan.

No. 51944

She spent the years that most people spend carving out an identity moving from country to country under the near-complete control of her mother, and she never even learned any basic life skills. It seems like she's currently trying to 'find herself' and become independent but doesn't know how to do it in a healthy way and has gone full Preacher's Daughter as a result. As far as leaving the weebshit behind, she's been surrounded by fawning maladjusted weebs for most of her life and probably doesn't understand how weird it is to live like that as an adult. Her mother spent years blathering on about how Asia #1 and desperately trying to live there, even when they lived in Europe. Venus will never be Asian, but it's absolutely no surprise that she acts this way. She probably doesn't even have a basic understanding of the history and culture of Switzerland or any of the other European countries she lived in.

No. 51984

>But there's nothing stopping Venus from trying to carve out her own identity and maybe touch on her own roots now. Her mom has been gone from her life for years.
You do realize PTSD doesn't get cured just by getting away from your abuser, right. Of course, it's her responsibility to work on getting better, but developing an identity as an adult is fucking hard.

No. 51991

Just a bit of tinfoiling here (hope I saged correctly):

It seriously would not surprise me if this whole escorting thing turned out to be fake. With the profile and hints on her insta being purposefully put out there to make it look like she was escorting.

I wouldn't be surprised if it was one big publicity stunt to get people talking about her now she has milked her illness and hospital stay to death.

No. 52001

Office lady, usually low rank clerical work and secretarial stuff. If you've seen Aggretsuko, that's it.

No. 52010

Why do people think her ex husband was a stalker/pedo who groomed her? I didn't see anyone complaining about him when they were still together

No. 52011

Still wondering why the lived in a Thai community in Switzerland lmao


No. 52020

didn't margo "run away from abusive husband"?

No. 52030

does anyone know what the temple they went to was called? i remember someone saying in one of the older threads that the place they supposedly stay at didnt have any guest room so they couldnt have lived there and they probably just went to events.

No. 52033

Pretty sure if it was fake venus would have said something about fake accounts as that'd be damaging to her rep and she reads her so she'd be aware (unless she WANTS people talking about her which I could also see). But girl has marg genes and wants easy money and to maintain her materialistic standard of living. A lot of her public weeb friends are also involved in sexual or shady, scammy stuff so I dont see it as too far-fetched. She's been dropping some hints on her insta previously too, so who knows.

Her mother didn't force her ffs. Can people stop with that already. Romanticizing her life and turning her into some fucking slave every single second she was with marg. Venus liked jpop and dancing and being an attention whore like her mom, wanted to upload on youtube. Marge eventually let her and became "her manager" only after she realized they could both make good money off of it. Marge claimed she did it to achieve 'her daughters dreams' but in reality, she did it to make easy money, achieving both their dreams and killing 2 birds with one stone. No one forced venus into starting youtube or liking jpop. Marg liked asian culture (actually beyond just "kawaii shit") and her asian interest may have rubbed off on venus, but even if she stayed in switzerland, instead of marg country hopping, pretty sure she'd have found jpop and took a liking, thus sparking her fetishization of "kawaii" asian culture and her desire to make money off of it. Venus doesn't give a shit about the culture beyond "kyaaah kawaii uwu animu girls desu ne and girly boys uwu pretending to be kawaii animu princess and making money off of fetishizing a culture like all these fucking weeb jvloggers.

No. 52038

There’s a big difference between making videos as a fun hobby and being forced to crank out videos every week OR ELSE because you’re the sole source of income for yourself and your psycho hosebeast mother from age 15 through 18.

No. 52060

She probably has dealt with being the subject of a catfish before and learned to just ignore it. Plus the only place that is reaching so hard about this profile is lolcow.

I believe she was making videos for fun in the beginning but towards the end in Korea she was clearly being forced. She looked ghost-like and just not there for it.

No. 52063


We got it, Weenoos is a poor little victim and a pure maiden who would NEVER be an escort you must protect uwu

No. 52066

This, thank you.
Dear spergelics, I know the milk is pretty dry lately but can you please refrain from writing uwu fanfics? If you want to WK her so bad, go back to PULL or KF. It's that simple.

No. 52073

ummm, you do know there are actually teens working real jobs on their own accord to support their family?
oh no, venus had to put out a WHOLE 5 minute video A WEEK about absolutely nothing to live a good life buying shit all the time? holy fuck, how does one even deal with so much stress and pressure?

No. 52076

Nobody's WKing for Venus or saying that she isn't hooking, they're just trying to discuss the idea that there are reasons behind her shitty behavior rather than her coming out of the womb born to be a hooker and a weeb. You are downplaying and in some cases denying the contributions of Marge and being raised in an unstable environment in order to find more opportunities to shit on Venus, as if more are needed. It's already inching into river monster WKing territory

No. 52079


>>You are downplaying and in some cases denying the contributions of Marge and being raised in an unstable environment

Again, nobody's denying Marge fucked up Weenus. This doesn't make her less of an attention whore and cringy weeb.

>> in order to find more opportunities to shit on Venus, as if more are needed

Why are you on a fucking gossip board, to read praise about her?

No. 52095

>>there are actually teens working real jobs on their own accord to support their family?
Really? How many 15-16 year olds do you know of that have dropped out of school to work full-time as the sole source of income for their families?

Fuck outta here.

No. 52097

Kaka and Kota Ostrengas have awful, exploitative parents too but I don't see anyone defending their shitty behaviour like you always do with your pwecious Penus.
The problem is: you keep writing the same shit over and over since the first "post-maggot" thread was made. But you know what? Some of us were here when the run-away-from-home drama happened. We know the context, thank you. Despite this, we want to discuss Weebus antics for shit and giggles. Yeah, we're cold-hearted bitches, jealous weebs if you want…but we're on lolcow, a gossip board and we are gossiping, that's the point. Deal with it and stop shitting up the thread with your cringy essays.

inb4 you jealous weeb/ Marge's flying monkey…the same arguments again and again.
>You find Peenus cringy? Oh, you must be a Marge's WK then!

No. 52104

you're either retarded or a kid that's never worked a minute in their life if you think editing low effort videos for like 2h a week is extreme hard work that gives people ptsd.
she didn't even go to school, so she actually had more free time and less stress than 90% of worlds population over the age of 10.

pretty much every kid I ever knew had a part time job as a teen, many even worked full time during summer break - just for fun.
It's seen as immature even by 15 year olds if all you do is sit on your fat ass all day, sorry anon.

No. 52107

Penus isn't a racist, homophobic cunt like the Ostrenga sisters.

No. 52110

>>52097 Exactly.

>>52107 Not every person discussed on this board is tho?
Also if her "how to look like a korean girl" tutorial she re did years later despite being called out, in which she wears a black wig, put on brown circle lenses and tries to shape her eyes like an east asian's isn't questionable to you, you must be a hardcore weeb.

No. 52116

Keep trying, sperg. Kota does nothing these days and is boring af.
Venus on the other hand? Kek

No. 52118

I'm not the person you're railing against. I was answering your question of why people WK Venus over Kota or Kiki.

No. 52124

Oops, sorry then. My bad.

No. 52127

disabling the autosage from this thread was a big mistake

No. 52165

>This doesn't make her less of an attention whore and cringy weeb.
Nobody's saying she isn't
>Why are you on a fucking gossip board, to read praise about her?
Who's praising her?
>but I don't see anyone defending their shitty behaviour like you always do with your pwecious Penus.
Who's defending her shitty behavior? Explanation =/= excuse
Also, plenty of people have discussed the reasons why keeks and kooter are the way that they are

No. 52191

>>every kid I ever knew had a part time job as a teen, many even worked full time during summer break
Again… that’s a whole different thing than being forced to be the sole source of income for you and your parent for most of your teens. Do you really not see the difference? Quit trying to rewrite history to make it seem like Venus’s life was all fine and dandy and fun and games during those times. She was taken out of school and lived with a mentally unstable mother who isolated her from everyone, no friends or family at all. And Marge stuck to her like glue any time she left the house like the obsessed psycho she was. People forget (or want to deny) how abnormal and pathological her life was.

That said I have to say that today, years after leaving the psycho Venus is a lazy, entitled insufferable little shit who thinks she’s too good to work for a living because she’s a CELEBRITY (exactly like her mother.) In short, they both suck.

No. 52207

Can't we just agree to only post milk in the thread and if people want to write 'takes' they can squirt that shit into pull who lap it up?
This is so bad

No. 52252

Only if the milk is actual milk and not "she's going out eating again! Definitely escorting!"

No. 52253

can you fucking stop trying to police this thread as if your opinion counts?
this is even cringier than pulltards writing essays, you contribute nothing

No. 52255

If people want to gossip her updates let them, they just have to sage. If the spergelics could stop their rescue mission that would be great.

No. 52273

you neither.


No. 52344

I like that outfit. Although I dont give a shit that she's apartment hunting. "too busy' to edit videos is such a joke.

No. 52661

O man, I used to be friends with Ella IRL. So bizarre to see someone you actually know posted here.

No. 52687

What was she like? Do you know about her scamming? And why she's travelling across Asia? Sorry for too much questions, I'm just very curious lol

No. 52790

File: 1559952817688.gif (Spoiler Image, 175.8 KB, 288x303, 5475933D-E164-4FC9-9EE6-526AEF…)

>implying posting about how the 10th selfie in a decent outfit definitely proves that she’s hooking is actual milk and valuable contribution to this thread

What >>52207 and >>52252 said.
This thread has been a month-long discussion about whether [selfie] or [food pic] means she’s hooking or not and whether or not/how Marge’s upbringing has influenced her current situation in life.
It’s literally and endless chain of
>I’m right!
>No, I’m right!
>But X proves I’m right!

This has become more about individual Anons’ theories than Venus herself.

No. 52796


>stupid anons and their stupid personal opinions

>let me tell you my opinion

yeah, need more brilliant posts like yours

No. 52799

File: 1559954375881.png (546.32 KB, 811x592, Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 8.39…)

This just in.

No. 52805

I mean, you’re literally proving my point there.

No. 52876

>alcohol and ramen

how edgy

No. 52914

Can't really blame her for drinking tho

No. 52925

why? I mean ofc she isn't arming anyone, but getting trashed so often isn't good for her physical and mental health


No. 52929

For the same reason why most alcoholics drink- her life is shitty and boring and she's going nowhere

No. 52980

File: 1560072524533.jpg (42.39 KB, 750x563, chineaselivestreaming.jpg)

tinfoil but what if her new "job" is one of those Chinese live streaming things? It has gotten very popular and you can make crazy amounts of money.
That might explain why she would want to learn Chinese and dresses like an escort.

Chinese live streamers usually are in a studio or a live streamer dormitory and they just sit there all day, with beauty filters on, talking and eating.

No. 52981

Popular chinese livestreamers 99.9% only speak Mandarin Chinese on stream, not Cantonese Chinese.
Improbable tinfoil because we definitely would've heard about it by now. Why would she want to hide that

No. 53059


It might be possible. Why wouldn't she hide it from her western audience? By hiding it Margo wouldn't know and "the haters" couldn't judge.

No. 53060

I could totally see her doing this. She’s too lazy to make videos anymore and wants to make some quick easy bucks. And her options are really limited given her lack of education… and the fact that she thinks menial jobs are beneath her. Livestreaming for $$ makes perfect sense.

No. 53063

Margo is too busy making fish noodles in a containment facility until she's deported, she's a non issue at this point.

No. 53078

Surprised she hasn't done livestream gaming. Tons of weebs in Japan do it and in cosplay while cucks lap it up.

No. 53082

because she sucks at gaming, or tasks that require fine motor skills (as seen in her gaming attempts on her old malice-channel, her cooking and makeup-videos..)
plus she's completely boring.
I sure hope she tries tho

No. 53085

Margo's probably too busy taking sexy selfies at the immigration detention center rn

No. 53171

File: 1560242396147.jpeg (155.51 KB, 750x1069, EDBA38E6-7FBC-4130-9751-68AD63…)

Guessing she’s just moping in manaki’s shirt after he had enough of her shit and left her

No. 53177

Doubtful. Seems more of her trying to be a psudoslut.

She was raised to be non thinking dress up doll, noone should be suprised that she cannot think for herself now and is floundering while looking for another daddy to take care of her. Problem is, she's getting too fucking old and hasn't taken care of herself.

No. 53179

>"she's getting too fucking old"
>venus is 22 years old

scrote spotted.

No. 53181


nayrt but 22 is "too old" to start over from scratch with no education or work experience, while also being foreign and refusing to get a real day job. She thinks she can ride on her looks through the rest of her 20s until she marries a millionaire like her BFF Taylor, but the way she drinks, stays up late and cakes on makeup is gonna age her faster now that she's in her 20s.

No. 53182

22 isn't too old anon. She's a mess, but c'mon. You are reaching on the age thing.

No. 53183

nope, it's still not too old for that. you know she earned a bunch of money before now right?

No. 53189

Nah if Lorena at 30+ can have multiple dudes paying for her nasty diseased snatch while still looking like cheapest, methed-out bogan in person, I can't imagine Venus would have too much difficulty. Ymmv.

No. 53190

Most if not all that money is likely gone. She left what was in their savings account for marge to live on when she left Korea and whatever she might have kept has probably been spent since then on rent, bills and shopping. Now she suddenly has a new income source that lets her eat out at fancy restaurants several times a week like she was accustomed to when that Youtube money was rolling in—only there’s (almost) no more Youtube money. And with no high school diploma and no conventional job the source of that sudden mysterious income is.. interesting to think about.

No. 53191

that's a point.
but (I'm not that familiar with lorena) she's probably cheap and "works" a lot, while venus can't make a youtube-video in a month because it's too much work already.
Imagine you can't be bothered to put in a few hours to earn what seemed to be an above average salary.
she's definitely getting too old to just get by on her kawaii uwu fame and looks

No. 53200

Underage b& or pedo scrot detected
22 is still incredibly young. Venus is probably never going to get her life on track, but she has years left to start over before it starts becoming really difficult. And if she's going the escort route then she still has years left in her too, as >>53189 said, look at fucking Lorena and her one goblin-looking friend. Japs who fuck white women seem to have incredibly low standards, probably because most of the white women who move to the country are disgusting weebs

No. 53201

she left like 5k for Margo and a few items: imac, camera, language school enrolment, lmao. that's why margo sperged so hard.
really you have no way to know, you're fantasising about her financial life. probably her biggest waste was the surgery, but even then she still had YT money coming in.

No. 53231

>>she still had YT money coming in.
Operative word being HAD. Past tense. She hasn’t had any YT income to speak of for months now. Hence the need for whatever it is she has going on now. All that YT $$ ran out.

No. 53246

Holy shit some anons can be so fucking retarded. This isn't the Middle Ages. Good luck with your life ending at 22 anon.

No. 53247

Also my bad, forgot to sage.

No. 53281

>too old
Post age.

No. 53288

I stand by my statement. She's getting too old to be a dress up doll. At 22 she should be able to be more than what she is presenting.
Don't give me the blah blah Marge groomed her she can't function shitshow sob story. She's an adult and refuses to even try to be one.

No. 53290

I don't know, anon. Most 22yo I've met are walking shitshows. They are adults, sure, but they've only just begun venturing into bars legally, etc. Yeah, she's a mess, yeah she probably won't change, but your "point" about her being "too old" at 22 to fix her life is just stupid. At least learn to sage.

No. 53292

you said "too old to start over from scratch" anon. nice backpedal though

No. 53294

Nice quotes for something that wasn't stated to quote. Nice try hard though.

No. 53297

What are you going to do when you eventually turn 22? Kys? Seeing as it's the only option left, life is over.

No. 53299

sorry you're salty about your own age, anon? while there are many women that look like 20 well into their 30ies, venus isn't one of them. have you forgot how busted she looks?
she stated that she never wants a real job - she doesn't have any talents and isn't interested in developing any, so that means she wants to get by on her looks and "personality".. and that ship has sailed, thanks to margos genes.
the only thing she can do now is get a degree and start working like a normal person.

No. 53304

I'm 18, and you sound salty about age more than anyone here, anon.
Hope you're ready for the self-hatred when you inevitably turn 22, assuming you aren't that age or older already.
I don't like Venus either, but she looks fine for a 22 year old. Maybe you're projecting?

No. 53309

are you aware she doesn't look like her selfies on instagram but like this? >>47844
fyi, at 22 you shouldn't look much different than you do now.
not saying she can't make money from her looks, but it will require lots of work, and she isn't exactly a hard worker.

No. 53310

Still looks younger than 90% of 22 year olds. Plus it's an unflattering shot. You're right about her not being a hard worker though.

No. 53311

File: 1560353201206.jpeg (363.17 KB, 1600x1067, 1519822873565.jpeg.36b73ba8dda…)

there is no such thing as a flattering candid of venus. not even from when she was an actual teen.
she's got a round babyface, which makes her seem not quite as old, but her saggy looking skin is a complete disaster. even kikis looks better in her walmart candids, and anons were having a field day when they first saw it.

full pic for reference, where mikan actually looks like a regular 20yo standing next to venus

No. 53312

Not the best pic you could have used tbh, Mikan looks like a fred-faced gremlin here.

No. 53314

They look about the same realistically. Just normal. If I saw this not knowing who either of them were I'd just think "ok."

No. 53319

I don't know what you're smoking or why your hateboner for Weenus is so big, long and throbbing, but she does not look "saggy" and "old". She looks her age.

Are you one of those weeaboos who has a massive vendetta against cows like her and Dakota who live in Japan and buy kawaii merch because you never will? Honestly curious.

No. 53321

>Are you one of those weeaboos who has a massive vendetta against cows like her and Dakota who live in Japan and buy kawaii merch because you never will?
nayrt but I doubt it, since they don't seem to have an issue with Mikan or Kooter both of whom have been just as obnoxious if not more than Venus. This seems to be a Venus-exclusive vendetta, for what it's worth.

No. 53322

File: 1560358445356.jpg (63.3 KB, 1140x641, brittnee.jpg)

just bored at work and in a shittalking mood, anon.
I'm curios tho, what are you guys even doing in venus thread, if not waiting for a chance to whiteknight? last time I checked lolcow was still a gossip board for salty bitches like me.
try pull or kf maybe?

>ib4 "n-noo hahaha, I-I totally hate venus too, ok? I-I just had to say something because she is obviously such a fresh faced beautiful angel, how could anyone think differently?"

No. 53323

Nta but maybe you should actually do your work cause you’re shitting up the already shitty thread

No. 53340

Oh c‘mon.. gossiping != nitpicking at the stupidest minor thing you can come up with.
Yes, she looks awful and nothing like her pictures.
Yes, giving up school and everything was a stupid ass move.
Yes, she‘s a lazy slug with terrible work ethic.

However, she‘s still only 22. She still has some potential ways to go. And even if she doesn’t appeal to pedos like Manaki as much as she did when she was 14 anymore, she‘s still young enough to get a few desperate cucks to pay.
Tbh, you‘ll find a man willing to pay at any age if you aren’t picky. There‘ll always be one that’s desperate enough for female attention. Especially in Asian countries like Japan.

Hate to say it but selling herself (to men) is something she‘s actually learned to do so she‘ll find a way to keep on doing that.

No. 53410


Always been a bit of an attention whore, though she was a lot nicer than her sister. She's traveling because she's trying to be a model

No. 53431


nah this definitely is vendetta. Mikan is not nearly as "successful" as Venus and Kooter has fallen off the wagon.

No. 53437

She could do little kid games at the very least, like Pokémon.
I don’t even know if she really likes video games. I know she had like one or two in her room tour video, but that’s it.
Honestly she doesn’t seem to have any interest then drinking and eating.

No. 53440

She had one video of herself playing some anime-based video game back a few months ago, pretty sure it’s deleted now. She kept having these episodes where she’d just stare into space for awhile like she was going into a trance or having a seizure or something, then sort of startle back into what she had been talking about. It was around the same time she was talking about dissociating on her IG stories. Definitely has some mental issues, I think even more so than she admits to. She seems to have whatever it is under control with medications currently though.

No. 53442

since when discussing cows = vendetta? lmao

No. 53445

How can this be Venus ? The picture on top has a round ass and Venus has a flat ass.The picture on the bottom doesn't show the scars Venus has on her stomach from her surgery ?

No. 53446

its mikan

No. 53494

File: 1560472440255.png (900.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190614-013148.png)

So Venus posted on her stories thanking @ella.freya and @brittanymichelle.jpg for meeting her last minute. The latter posted on her story a video of the wonderful male company Venus was in…

No. 53495

File: 1560472511729.png (679.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190614-013208.png)

So yeah wonder what she was up to

No. 53501

File: 1560474866144.jpeg (235.61 KB, 1098x1947, A33F9C78-B400-4BCC-871C-DE5976…)

Fun times you guys!

No. 53502

File: 1560474953420.jpeg (220.73 KB, 1128x1792, 88ABE534-6363-4059-9BD9-0B0DCA…)

lightened up. she looks a sloppy mess.

No. 53504

Wonder if drunk karaoke was involved? Cause we know that’s her fave party activity.

No. 53533


I called this years ago with a friend. We both said one day Venus will be on her ass and she is. She’s no education, her doll thing isn’t viral anymore, she’ll get a Visa husband and it’ll fuck up.

Now look

All those tv shows with her mother and the I’m a real doll bs

Now she’s in the real world and doing anything to get by because the animu dream isn’t real

No. 53537

this is a popular thing to do though, going for drinks after work with all your coworkers. It makes me believe even stronger in my theory that she's going to work with some social media/influencer/talent company, along with those other weebs.
She also said in her new post she's creating a new channel. Welp, we'll see

Does anyone have caps of the deleted post though? It was some sort of joke that got people worried/confused

No. 53539

a while ago i found an agency listed her, mikan and kenna on its site as influencers. i dunno if i posted it. i'll see if i can find it again.

No. 53540

File: 1560503676329.png (725.09 KB, 941x605, joke.PNG)

I didn't manage to catch the post either but it sounds like it was good.

No. 53541

File: 1560504408495.jpg (149.93 KB, 377x500, 75C19156-007D-4A4A-9212-6EBB9C…)

are you guys talking about this post

No. 53542

File: 1560504495200.jpg (117.79 KB, 829x677, breaker.jpg)

it was this company (is this a 'network'?) Breaker that shits out product placement video 'content' and has 20 or so weebs and 1 or 2 japanese channels on board as Influencers. Previously Venus was listed but she has been dropped lol so - coworkers, not so much

No. 53543

Just goes to show how batshit her fans have become. Her humor is cringe but you can tell she's not being serious but her fans shit themselves about everything

No. 53549

…what part of this is a joke or what could have possibly offended people for her to have to take this down?

No. 53550

there was a bit added which said "i'm serious, i'll delete any comments in English!"
but nobody was doing it. She didn't take it down because people got offended - read what she says
"i thought the comments would be funnier"
>i wanted to use your jokes you guys but you guys aren't funny it turns out

No. 53551

maybe it was meant as a "google translate fail" kind of thing, as some other youtubers do.

No. 53557

This is something that bugs me with a lot of people who do youtube, they get some videos with a lot of views, they get some opportunities, and do jack shit!

No. 53574

Not to mention fighting to the death with her mother over control of that channel only to let it go to shit after “winning” it.

No. 53575

File: 1560530930725.jpeg (276.13 KB, 1092x1417, 9315ACA5-9D22-4DFE-B964-56D97E…)

Weenus’s new bff brittanymichelle.jpg

No. 53576

>stop resisting

yikes the entitlement

No. 53577

File: 1560531047312.jpeg (405.96 KB, 1086x1749, AACCA703-4ACE-4EBB-85C0-BCB1DA…)

and this-

That is why they want to hang with you, dumbass. Get those followers.

No. 53580


Quite the series of images, these stupid poses make them look simple rather than cute.

No. 53585

Simon and Martina are with this network/company/whatever it is, listed as “influencers.” Natalia Natchan and Mikan are listed as “business partners.” Venus is not listed.


No. 53658

File: 1560609613706.jpeg (464.92 KB, 1113x1799, 4EC01876-5CCF-4947-8CF0-93BCEB…)

Partying hard…at 6pm local time.

No. 53666

File: 1560619880636.jpeg (243.97 KB, 996x1410, AB3785A2-5601-4410-B37F-A101A6…)

Weenus was on some Japanese radio station yesterday, then went out drinking with her new gf ella.freya

No. 53667

File: 1560619954777.jpeg (319.16 KB, 1101x1783, 1C46FCD0-7C9A-4D77-BC77-AEF956…)

ella.freya instagrammed about her night out with her RABU.

No. 53668

File: 1560620022921.jpeg (258.38 KB, 1103x1934, D944FC0E-DD80-4083-822C-80D9D9…)

They got wasted on Turkish alcohol (whatever that is.)

No. 53670


Raki is booze which tastes a bit like liquorize, kinda like outo in greece

No. 53684

she looks older for her age (at least mid twenties), especially in candids. she also has a lot of fine lines under her eyes (hard to pick up on camera) which were probably caused by wearing "aegyo sal" tape, which is like eyelid tape but to make your undereyes appear more puffy. it will cause lines under the eyes eventually and venus definitely wore it. just because someone thinks she looks older (not the same anon), does not make them "salty" or "projecting". margo looked older at 22 as well. it's in her genes and facial structure. it looks more angular than "kiddy" now. you might think venus looks younger because she wears kiddy clothes, natural makeup, insists on that nasty mop-top fringe and acts like a retarded kid. but she def looks older, especially when she's underweight like she currently seems to be. ironically, the thing she seems to hate the most (her wide jaw), is actually the only thing that helps make her look more "kid-like" and she shoops it out or goes underweight, diminishing it. also her nose is a lot bigger in candids with a tall root and her eyes much smaller which make her look older…just like mags, and they both have weak jaws from the side which makes them look older.(nitpick)

No. 53685

Think i said this before but i still think she should be an administrative assistant (receptionist) or dietary aid (if it exists in japan). working as a dietary aid requires no education here and my friend gets paid 30/hr and only works 3 days/week, and it's a great job for the depressed since it requires less "public" interaction and v would get to cook jap food, which is something she seemed to enjoy. and it'd be hospital work (so although she sees herself in an egocentric, special snowflake "too good for menial jobs" light, she'd actually be more respected for that kind of work. reception can pay like 40/hr here and is the easiest shit ever. if it's like that in japan, then she has a chance to make good money with no education. unless she likes escorting (assuming she's doing that) or networking with that scammer ella to make some easy bucks.

also i seriously hope that radioshow was not regarding her vtubing stuff. imagine her singing live on radio. the horror.

No. 53686

She was not the SOLE source of income. I love when people say this crap. they only say it because they hate marge and like venus, so of course venus started the channel all on her own, got all the equipment and paid for it to start up the business, got all the props/makeup/styling/clothes for EACH video, did all the scripting, ideas, editing, selling to the tabloids, interviews, business deals, youtube deals etc etc all on HER OWN while being 13/14. What a joke. Anyone who believes that is just a venus wk who romanticises her life and downplays margos contributions. Fact is they worked TOGETHER on the channel, so they were both contributing. And they decided on this path together since it could make them 80k a year (according to mag) for such minimal effort and both are greedy for easy money. Even if v may lost passion for it later, they were still BOTH involved in the channel until v left.

No. 53691

Uh, yeah she was their sole source of income after her psycho mother quit her job to live on Venus’s YouTube $$, when Venus was 15-16 years old. And yeah, marge pimped her kid out to shady “modeling agencies”, tabloid mags and reality TV shows since she was a young teen, squeezing every last cent she possibly could out of her. You think that’s admirable or something? You sound as warped as fucking marge.

No. 53692

Is this Manaki in the reflection who's holding the bottle? Looks a lil bit like him

No. 53697

And taking her kid out of school at age 15 so she could make videos full-time to support her mother’s grifting scamming old ass, that was a real classy move too. Grade A parenting right there.

No. 53699

File: 1560634819772.jpeg (265.15 KB, 1116x1940, 35CB914C-33A3-4FDB-9C3F-CA0CE2…)

No, that’s this guy. Not Manaki.

I doubt Manaki was along on this date

No. 53709

File: 1560645051010.jpeg (59.98 KB, 453x689, 8E4DA119-FBAE-417D-A503-E73779…)

She’s aging really fast. She inherited those unfortunate eyebags and marionette lines around her mouth from marge and made it even worse by abusing the delicate undereye skin with that aegyo tape she used for so long. I cringed so hard watching thise makeup videos of her ramming that tape under her eyes.

No. 53710

File: 1560645148994.jpeg (50.99 KB, 391x475, 15F3B90B-C87E-4557-9D2A-7BC91D…)

And she keeps pulling these awful faces making her mouth area look so much worse. She really needs to stop doing this. It’s NOT cute.

No. 53711

File: 1560645299682.jpeg (84.13 KB, 918x928, 2F19F521-3FAC-4393-BA86-B6AE38…)

Last but not least I think she’s starting to develop jowls. More unfortunate genes inherited from her goblin mother.(Nitpicking)

No. 53713

The jowls are because she drinks alcohol and eats salt by the pound calm down genetics aren’t everything if you actually exercise

No. 53715

Can we not bump the thread with not milk you could've saged literally all of that

No. 53771

God oh god do I wish she’d get rid of her bangs! I mean, she needs to fix her teeth and eye bags first, but her hair is so bad!
IMO she was better as a blonde.

No. 53776

File: 1560706836804.png (2.28 MB, 1920x1080, vblonde.png)

blonde hair really suits her a lot!
it would require lots of care and regular trims to look great though, and we know she's too lazy for that. she went blonde a few times before and it always looked super ratty. I mean, she can't even bother to properly style her bangs most days.. so no.
her hair right now is the prettiest it has been in a looong time

No. 53777

lol nah, it ages her by about 15 years

No. 53797

She looks like a 30 year old mom there but ok

No. 53808

Give up. Blonde is so unflattering to her.

No. 53834

go back to pull

No. 53908

mikan looks horrible in this
I can show you plenty of 22 year olds from my uni who look at least 5 years older, venus looks fine stop having a rage boner for her

No. 53951

Oh my god who the fuck cares
Stop bumping when you don’t have anything new/important to contribute.

No. 53973

Somebody with a history of eating disorder definitely should not be a dietary aid/nutritionist. Admin assistant would probably be a good living for her if she can handle a real job, though.
It takes many years of heavy alcohol abuse before it starts to age you; even if she's drinking daily there's no way that it would cause noticeable premature aging yet.
Without Venus, Marge would just be another failed youtuber putting effort into what would never be more than a hobby. She was no more responsible for Venus' income than any given 'momager' who exploits their kids' appeal. Without the kid they would have nothing.

No. 54154

File: 1560947367520.jpg (748.21 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190619-142628.jpg)

I don't know if I'm the only one but I clearly remember someone here wrote 'bumfuck inaka' a while back in an old thread way before she did.. Lurking 100%

No. 54164

That does not mean she lurks here. Can yall stop reaching with that shit
>>Venus blinks
>>lurking confirmed

No. 54216

Of course she lurks here and pull. It's an absurd thought that these flakes would not be curious to know what other people are talking about them.

No. 54270

Was that really worth bumping the thread though? …

No. 54281

File: 1561046854633.jpeg (122.58 KB, 750x1334, 6FC6131E-E3FD-4A78-A913-767125…)

Fingers got deformed because of how much she slims her face.

No. 54363

why don't you go fuck yourself?(learn 2 integrate)

No. 54383

Sage your posts pullfag.

No. 54384

Sage your posts pullfag.

No. 54415

File: 1561116847448.png (6.7 MB, 1242x2208, 66545272-9C69-49C3-AD25-F34BF6…)

Why do their hugs always seem so forced and awkward, it‘s uncomfortable to watch…

No. 54439

Fucking yikes.
Probably because it is. They're just friends to share each others fame.

No. 54661

WHO is it these cows all pretend to be lesbians for? being gay is NOT a turn-on to men who want to waifu you - 'aw my bb' turns instantly into rabid hatred on coming out, see e.g. ellen page
So why do they all do it?

No. 54713

File: 1561312825364.jpg (36.83 KB, 311x570, tiktokvenus.jpg)

Her last tiktok was uncomfortable to watch, that poor cat is constantly trying to escape from her arms

No. 54724

Why do you think they’re looking for someone to ‘waifu them’. They want male attention on social media, that’s about it. And lesbian tension does attract a ton of males. Even if they actually did started dating; there’s tons of guys that still think their dick would be special enough to turn them around or at least let them join. Horny scrot males don’t care about realistic chances. Like, at all.

No. 54873

Poor thing can sense she's a sociopath and is trying to escape to safety

No. 54877

Nah they really are lesbians. Most girl weebs are lesbians unless they're into kpop lmao. "Ace" weebs are lesbophobic lesbians, "gay" fakeboys who date other fakeboys are lesbophobic weeb butches, and the kawaii femmes(like Venus) who fuck old men are just trying to cope with their trauma by replacing the sexual abuse they reveived from an old man with new "positive" consentual sexual encounters involving them receiving money. Venus would never fuck a man for free lmao. You can tell they're lesbians because they're only with purposefully hideous men they can use. Like… it's not hard to find a cute boyfriend. They seek out old men because they're coping not because they're genuinely attracted to bald fat men.

Venus doesn't have mostly pedo fans to pander to. Guys like that are flocking to Belle. The weebs into men become bootleg Belle's because they actually want a good looking boyfriend like Belle's.(autism)

No. 54888

File: 1561459785450.jpg (223.02 KB, 1076x1409, IMG_20190625_124633.jpg)

Interesting, what can this be about?

No. 54921

>unless they're into kpop
Venus is into kpop. Your whole post is retarded, did you forget Manaki exists?

No. 54960

I think she was talking about male kpop idols, and we can't really know if Venus loved Manaki or if she just used him

No. 54963

True. Venus is not an animal lover nor good with them. They're just an "accessory" to her.

No. 54964

>we can't really know if Venus loved Manaki or if she just used him
Have you people…. fucking seen him. He's hideous and has the personality of a baked vegetable. Imagine if he was white lmfao. He is a Japanese version of the misogynsitic pervert neckbeard weeb in your class who likes Kingdom Hearts. Venus needed a ticket out of Margo's grasp and he was it, and she MILKED their relationship for dozens of videos because she knew her fanbase was into it, so yes she used him immensely. They had 0 chemistry in their first few videos and were just awkward roomies near the end.

Also y'all know the kind of girls into kpop I'm talking about. The ones who abandon all interests outside of them and turn all their meme reaction pictures into ones involving their faces and straight up refuse to shut up about their ~biases~. And these are absolutely gorgeous guys so it makes sense they're attracted. But Venus obviously ain't into it. She has taste when it comes to girls if her possible girlfriend turns out to be legit. It's like gay men who marry old wealthy women because an attractive/unattractive woman are both the same. One just has money. So they flock to that.

Basically, you won't see Venus with a man unless she can use them. Meanwhile her "frienship" with this new chick is mostly private and useless for her VISA status and YT career.

No. 54981

she only looks older there, because aside from eye enlarging makeup & smoothing her face, she has not slimmed her jaw, nose, enlarged her eyes and weighs more (prob around 130 there). Basically she hasn't shooped herself into an asian alien baby fetus thing. The blonde color itself, does not age her however.

No. 54982

mikan, as much as i despise her, looks her age there. she's just unattractive in general. venus looks older, even if she's better looking than mikan. go back to pull.

No. 54993

So you’re saying she only looks older because…she looks like herself (i.e. not photoshopped)?

No. 55068

Who cares, it still looks worse because it's not her natural color

No. 55306

I don't know if anyone saw her video on Instagram where she went to this Swedish inn, but in the background there is a guy in Japanese saying something like, I assume to Venus "We should try and make a video together, how about it?" in a very aggressive impatient like manner.

No. 55322

she should have just married mr yan

No. 55336

File: 1561702990791.webm (1.28 MB, 480x852, 66090255_2461780117188012_6785…)

This is an imageboard. Stories disappear in a matter of a day or so.
If there's something important to the thread's subject, please save and post it here next time so it can be archived for future reference.
Otherwise, things like this become a game of telephone, with no receipts to back up what you're talking about.

No. 55337

File: 1561703011346.webm (755.47 KB, 480x852, 65802135_432112494036478_77968…)

No. 55354

it was a swiss restaurant

No. 55478

What was that slab of melted goo the waiter was shoveling onto her plate? Anyone??

No. 55480


No. 55571

Thanks, anon. I guess it was supposed to look super yummy or something but to me it just looked kind of disgusting.

No. 55593

so is she a hostess then? going out to restaurants and karaoke with salarymen. isn't that what that is?

No. 56086

I don't have all the details, but I did notice that some of her older videos were taken down. Even her first video on her channel is gone, and the one that probably Marge took where she was dressed like a bunny.
No idea who was being vicious though. Maybe some comments?

No. 56192

She seems to eat out a lot. Does anyone know how much the beef meals she is having cost?

No. 56200

Yeah, the girl loves her some red meat.

No. 56243

Idk but if her only source of income right now is her dead YouTube channel, I doubt she paying all these fancy meals…

No. 56268

All that meat must make her have digestion issues.

No. 56307

File: 1562473624387.jpeg (566.73 KB, 1096x1762, 859347EA-A974-4132-AB33-09F40C…)

Playing dress up in a kimono.

No. 56377

What would you have done in her situation? Her mom made it so she didn't have any resources besides running away.
She's still pretty young too

No. 56634

she's focusing on tiktok now and i'm glad. i think she found her true home

No. 56660

Tiktok is pure cancer though
Can she make money from it?

No. 56663

that's what i meant, pull cunt

No. 56678

Calm your tits and don't assume I'm a pulltard, I hate this hugbox

No. 56730

It makes sense she’d switch to a venue where she can just upload 8 second long video clips to get attention from anonymous internet followers- Youtube videos are just too much work for this delicate little flower.

She has 10k followers on Tiktok. Anyone know if that translates into any kind of income vs. Youtube?

No. 56826

Yeah, with tiktok, escorting, a few YouTube bucks and permanent residency I think she found her way of being a lazy parasite in Japan for now.

No. 56830

It's probably referring to the Japan vlogs she had with Mana. He probably asked her to take them down, when they broke up.

On another note, I feel like all this fake lesbian/ party phase bullshit she's going through right now is the result of her marriage failing, not the other way around. Leading up to this, it did seem like Mana and her were having a lot of issues ( like with her hiding the weight loss surgery from him). I've seen a lot of girls go though "crazy" party phases post break up. Usually, it involves going out every weekend with other girls and sleeping with whoever was willing to give them any validation and pay for their drinks, all while professing how much they hate men. Even though she and Mana are not "officially" over, it's very clear that their relationship is no longer what it was.

No. 56918

File: 1562894959429.jpeg (179.23 KB, 1044x1277, ECB3933B-91A8-4C5E-85DC-301688…)

She’s staying at some hot springs resort town in the mountains and posting videos of herself manically dancing in a bikini on Tiktok. She’s been downright giddy ever since Marge was detained.


No. 56919

File: 1562895606970.jpeg (595.46 KB, 1073x1559, ED94B4F2-0448-45C0-A5BE-0D0566…)

In other words, she’s doing the exact same thing she started out doing on YouTube at 13-14 years old

Also what’s with all the kimono-wearing suddenly?

No. 57024

Maybe she's trying to attract another gaijin chaser with a wallet to take care of her and give her a place to live so she doesn't have to try so hard for attentionbux.

No. 57075

File: 1562963131840.jpeg (315.26 KB, 1100x1809, 3FC5A2AC-1F01-4B94-BBFC-A1C9DA…)

I wonder if this is how she’s making money these days- not on Tiktok but “modeling” on other websites. Was all that cabbing around Tokyo wearing sexy/cute business attire her going on auditions or interviews? Will she go on to camming?

No. 57083

well she's most likely wearing a yukata because of tanabata and other summer festivals. Not uncommon during summer.

No. 57388

File: 1563159335304.png (104.41 KB, 247x251, 767868.png)

lol. creepy and gross. needs to lay off the asian beauty/slimming/digital makeup apps

No. 57389

File: 1563159495075.png (209.75 KB, 415x611, 86786876.png)

with facial smoothing/whitening. she has the same marge snake eyes.

No. 57390

File: 1563159531679.png (249.48 KB, 415x617, 87878978.png)

with facial/body slimming, nose slimming, lip plumping, digital makeup

No. 57391

File: 1563159566622.png (304.37 KB, 411x539, 767886786.png)

venus dancing like a retard in a bikini for attention & probs hoping to go viral

No. 57392

File: 1563159594030.png (295.87 KB, 354x480, 7897897.png)

guess the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree afterall. at least mags didn't overedit/slim herself

No. 57393

File: 1563159631445.png (43.04 KB, 174x160, 767867868.png)

looks like a she-male and that's with makeup/asian apps. how this girl made a "career" out of pseudo-cuteness/prettiness is beyond me. everything about her (even her physical image) is fake and manipulated.(this is why you're all autosaged)

No. 57414

File: 1563166987164.jpg (78.11 KB, 347x689, company.jpg)

a ""company""

No. 57419

lol girl can't even work hard and produce quality content when her life depends on it (which it actually did when she was living with margo)
I'm ready for the cringe

No. 57429

File: 1563178651142.png (249.79 KB, 400x718, 2019-07-15 101707.png)

No. 57436

File: 1563189704457.jpg (222.1 KB, 720x700, Screenshot_20190715_132109.jpg)

Wtf Venus you don't dress more formal now, your outfits are office lady inspired/trying to look chic but fail at best. Girl litteraly shows her bra and does anime pigtails. What company did you start, a loli brothel?

No. 57437

File: 1563189753583.jpg (425.51 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20190715_132132_com…)


No. 57485

hahahahaha holy shit

No. 57486

No menial “job” or tiresome schoolwork for this girl, she’s gonna start a COMPANY. A loli peek-a-boo business lady company!

No. 57489

She's probably starting a company in the entertainment industry because thats all she has experience in. She did say she wanted to manage other content creators or something like that in the past. Plus, most larger youtubers these days have managers and signed to media companies, who help them with contracted brand deals, budget videos, and manage schedules. If I had to guess, it would be something along those lines. She doesn't want to be in front the camera any more so it makes sense to work behind the scenes cause it's not like she has any other profitable skills.

Watch me be completely wrong, and she starts a company selling gross niche services to old men or something. Idk why I always have hope cows will turn their lives around, when they almost always disappoints me

No. 57495

according to this >>47831 she will be a manager (and then it kinda confirms that the Paters profile was not fake)
She has been inspired by this Breaker Japan youtube network company for sure

No. 57497

By the way, did you ever notice that everytime someone mentions Malice (her virtual youtuber avatar) she never replies to the comment? kek

No. 57521

File: 1563233359203.jpeg (288.16 KB, 1098x1962, 01F91229-1147-44C9-A2DD-9B9C69…)

It’s kind of sad that she’s still doing this shit

No. 57523

File: 1563233435073.jpeg (350.49 KB, 1095x1961, BB81FF1D-87DE-4C9F-9BBB-DFA89D…)

Like she’s stuck forever being 15

No. 57524

File: 1563233522505.jpeg (311.18 KB, 1088x1954, 813975E9-205C-47CA-9E8D-98E8A4…)

Still trying to milk this ‘dolly venus’ shtick

No. 57528

more like she's lazy af and wants to be marge 2.0 as a "manager" which is basically everyone else does the work while she reaps the profit. Pewds wanted to do that with his company (similar to machinima) where he uploads people's videos to his channel but takes a percent of their earnings. Does not surprise me if you end up being right as it'd be the easiest way for her to earn money whilst putting in the least amount of effort and pulling "a marzia" as a pseudo/pretend hard-working serious business woman. Guess we know why she was escorting… money for the "company".

No. 57546

sure but
>still doing
you know this is just clips from like decade old youtube videos

No. 57547

>being 15
not so much. these videos highlight the legs and thigh gap for a reason

No. 57550

Wonder why she’s running them on her instagram stories now?

No. 57553

LOL. She doesn't "work" in the "entertainment industry". Youtube isn't a real job, all she does is act like a retard on camera from the comfort of her own home and upload it onto a website for other desperate weeb fags.

>>She has been inspired by this Breaker Japan youtube network company for sure

aka copying them

No. 57554

She's leaning her hips backwards to create the illusion of a thigh gap, I don't think she has a natural thigh gap given her hips are wider, it's usually angles and editing

No. 57566

>given her hips are wider
literally how do you think a thigh gap arises? but yes she is forcing it. this is all beside the point that she's advertising her body

No. 57592

File: 1563278129939.jpg (107.97 KB, 793x293, 20190716_070122.jpg)

It's wild seeing the good luck V&M banner now with all the shit that has come to light about Venus in the last year, she really had the farm fooled.

No. 57630

Yeah she’s a sneaky duplicitous little bitch and an opportunistic user just like her mother. She conned a lot of people here.

No. 57702

What if Venus wasn't ever actually abused by Margo, and it was all a story she cooked uo after a falling out with her over money andnwhere to live after Japan?

We all know Venus was desperate to stay in Japan, didn't like Korea too much and she and Margo were in a language school just for a Visa bc Marge couldn't get one for Japan. What if Venus made up the abuse story (not that Marge isn't a shit mom, a narc and unstable but as far as forcing Venus to be a fressup doll to sell online, I think Venus had more control over her own brand than she claims she did) to get back to Japan and dump Margo in one move so she could have her YT income to herself, live in Japan and be supported by someone else? Margo said it herself, when she married Manaki she got everything she ever wanted, including changing her name to a Japanese one from Sailor Moon. All the stories/proof of abuse by Marge are borderline situations that ould have been interpreted either way depending on the POV of who is telling it, but I think Marge was just a lazy, entitled mom who used Venus' online audience and weeb interests to keep them afloat so they wouldn't have to live "normal" lives and work or go to school. Marge wanted a glam life for sure but hates work, and Venus is the same with her Kawaii sex doll gimmick now that she's an adult. Having PR and a Japanese name, speaking Japanese and having sugar daddies is gonna take her far but she definitely didn't stumble into all of this by pure luck, or by escaping an abusive situation. Venus and Marge chose to live like they did because they both wanted to travel and live well without working, and when V had her chance to have her dream life in Japan without mommy Margo she took it & never spoke to her again. This way she never has to take care of Margo or give her a dime of her income, and she gets pity points for the abuse story.

I think Venus being on her own without anyone to blame her actions on or explain how she's getting by (without prostitution) is gonna unravel her very quickly, especially with Japan's recent crackdowns on white foreigners using sex and anime culture to avoid growing up andnleeching off their country for decades.

sage for tinfoil

No. 57706

lmao Margo never showed a shred of sense or talent, and she's a homeless scammer rotting in a Korean prison by her own doing, and by the sounds of it on the run from legal troubles here too - potential criminal charges. poor Margo tho.

No. 57719

Exactly, Marge never seemed smart enough despite her genius card or w.e to be the puppeteer controlling poor wittle Venus. I think she was just going along with the attention her daughter was getting online and tried to make money off it like almost anyone would, but took it too far by relying on it and Venus completely as income. The more I think about it and the more she goes off lately, it feels like she's just a scammer extraordinaire who will use anyone to seem like the victim and get what she wants.

Shit, maybe Marge's claims that Venus was a manipulative sociopath had some small grain of truth?

No. 57722

She sure used Manaki and tossed him aside like a used kleenex when she no longer needed him. The more time goes by the more Weenus’s real self as a lazy manipulative user and con artist emerges. Truly a chip off the old block. Marge should be proud.

No. 57817


I too dislike venus, but she was abused for sure. some confirmed facts:
- venus was isolated by margo and never had a single friend ever.
even on cons margo didn't let her interact with anyone. venus took selfies 24/7 but there isn't even a single picture with anyone beside margo. remember that birthday video where she was blowing out candles by herself?
after leaving she suddenly started to interact and hang out with lots of people.

- margo is a bitch and was bullying young girls all the time. on venus first birthday after leaving she openly called v a stupid shit and an accident without any shame.
on another occasion she wished for venus to get abused by manaki so "she'll know what it's like".
plus, margo was never seen with a single friend either (random people in her goshiwon dont count).
you really think margo was sweet to her in person, like, ever?
I'm pretty sure just being forced to live with margo for 18 years is enough to give someone ptsd, even without the full drama.

- she basically didn't see venus as a person.
we konw for sure that she very rarely helped her with youtube - all she did was lazily hang around the house all day, buying shit and bullying random girls, as soon as venus was able to make enough to pay for rent and food. there was no reason why margo couldn't at least get a part time job - venus wasn't rich by any means, back then she couldn't even afford burando or shit like that. all that money was basically there to support her mother.
remember how venus was sent out alone to be molested by mr yan? he didn't want to pay for margos ticket, but she could have just bought one herself. who tf lets their 15 yo daughter travel to meet a known pervert to model for some shitty catalog? they didn't even get paid back then, did they (as far as I know it was just for pr)?

just some examples, there's so much more.
venus may be margo #2 in the making, but that doesn't mean she owes this woman shit. Imagine living with your mother as a young adult and supporting her 100% while she spends your money on useless junk, even though she could work just fine, while being insulted by her all the time.

why do people actually think it's strange for someone to move out with 18 and spend their money on just themselves?
lol margo, a healthy 40 yo woman, complaining that her grown daughter decided to move out and "only" paid a month of rent in advance and "just" left her with several thousand dollars and an expensive camera.

BTW venus didn't comment on it back then. she just moved out quietly, and margo was the one suddenly posting a crying video about how venus has just ran away and evil psychopath manaki made her do it, etc (even though that version changed weekly anyway)

No. 57825

I mean, just imagine what it was like being shackled to psycho marge as a teenager, isolated from everyone else in the world and forced to be the breadwinner for them both. The mindgames marge played on her (you’re fat, you look pregnant, without me you’ll end up a homeless prostitute etc.etc.) the emotional and psychological abuse, the fear of saying or doing the wrong thing and incurring marge’s wrath (that video of their interview where marge cuts her off mid-sentence and Venus visibly cowers in fear.)

It doesn’t have to be either/or. Venus was an abuse victim for many years AND Venus turned out to be like her mother in many ways can both be true.

No. 57896

File: 1563560355091.jpeg (343.59 KB, 1091x1775, 633CF6F1-6B0C-4300-85BF-1D4590…)

omg fan meetup you guyz!

No. 57916

oh god, can't wait for those sweet candids

No. 58015

That's actually a good theory. It could go either way with Venus given that she may be trying on her freedom from Marge for the first time and doesn't seem to be publicly bad-mouthing Manaki, but it could be a reaction to the relationship falling apart. This kind of shit happens all the time post-breakup.
Oh god…this is horrifying. I guess you can't escape your fate
Who said you have to be smart in order to be abusive or manipulative? A parent inherently has control over their kids and it doesn't take much brainpower to isolate a kid and get them to do what you want when you're…their parent. Do you think that predatory adults have to be brilliant to do the kinds of things that they do? ffs when you're so desperate to find more reasons to shit on Venus that it crosses into apologia for her terrible mother than it says more about you than it does about Venus.

No. 58066

A meetup? Guess she’s gonna meet those creepy guys that call her and her family.

I can see this never happening and just something she thought of because she’ll never go to any of the cons in America.

No. 58073

This meetup will happen just like all the “hi guys, I’m doing much better! I’ll start making videos on YouTube again!” happens… namely never. How many times has she done this now? She can never get herself together long enough to accomplish ANYTHING.

No. 59372

Yeah i'm pretty sure the 26 years old japanese otaku who stalker a minor until they met and, learn about her life with her mother, offering the choice to getting married to run away with him is totally innocent.
yes poor, poor manaki.

quit it, they both used each other.

No. 59417

Margo pushed Venus onto Manaki as far as marriage goes for a visa, he even leaked the emails betweennhim and Margo where she kept pishing him to marry Venus and he said she was too young. Margo signed to let her marry him for the visa, thinking for some dumbass reason she would get one too (for being her YT momager I guess?) and when she couldn't she took Venus to South Korea to keep her from. Manaki and Venus were already married by the time Marge moved them to SK, just not living together yet because it had only been like, 2-3 weeks.

No. 59519

File: 1563993232718.jpeg (435.78 KB, 1094x1930, 18685CD4-AE77-4768-B448-7F19B7…)

She keeps promoting this new app she’s on, on instagram and Twitter

No. 59521

File: 1563993276111.jpeg (129.64 KB, 1263x768, 580BB6D2-4C88-4182-81CE-D9C386…)

on Twitter, multiple times today

No. 59522

File: 1563993410975.jpeg (122.6 KB, 986x991, A53B4693-A447-4DB1-8E9A-2FE4CC…)

only problem is, that app is “not available in your country” (USA) on instagram/“invalid address” (twitter)

No. 59560

File: 1564010785004.png (638.85 KB, 442x887, 2019-07-24.png)

I felt a little off put by this video when I saw the title was "{A date by myself} Having Ebisu beer in yukata during Tanabata!"

When clearly she's not alone, and someone is filming the video…

No. 59572

File: 1564016742331.jpeg (209.16 KB, 917x1391, 1EEE27AB-3241-47F3-8ABC-9F0958…)

She filmed this at a very fancy resort, the same one where she filmed herself dancing in a bikini in a hot tub.

No. 59573

File: 1564016783688.jpeg (147.89 KB, 968x611, 7E9C3136-9A58-493B-A846-4FD73B…)

Girlfriend loooves her some beer!

No. 59574

File: 1564016808969.jpeg (153.52 KB, 1050x623, E01AF4EF-AD10-431B-83A6-061425…)

No. 59575

File: 1564016908133.jpeg (121.23 KB, 1051x606, 2EF23F47-C272-4CC8-A15D-09C0AE…)

She has marge’s ugly-ass toe thumbs

No. 59576

File: 1564017314714.jpeg (156.82 KB, 1045x623, 30A69660-111F-44BF-9F4C-A9594C…)


No. 59577

File: 1564017428440.jpeg (119.62 KB, 1013x614, D83BB9EB-774E-4AA9-B4F7-64A0D7…)

more shopping!
she’s living large these days. Just like…her mother used to. Except more drinking.

No. 59619

Where are these from? She looks super old

No. 59630

she actually upped a video that was linked from her ig story. a new 'japanese only' channel
this bitch looks like she's been drinking colloidal silver.
i dunno japanese but fucking around in a shop and using the foyer of some hotel to film reminds me of a margaret palermo video. the only difference is there's someone else filming and you can hear camera snaps too so maybe two people. tell me this shit doesn't have JAV vibe

No. 59634

i mean the part where she's burbling about something and sipping and looking off at the guys 'interviewing' her. this vid is before they take her back to the room

No. 59639

how is her face so sunken in? it was still round and full even at a low weight just 2 or so years ago.
she needs to stop whatever tf she's doing to herself

No. 59642

Living dat easy escort life kek

No. 59644


She's turning into her mother, chasing an "easy" life of glamour and constant fan adoration takes a huge toll on the body and is unhealthy as fuck, which is why sane, stable people get a job or an education. The carefree partygoer lifestyle is for people who can't sit down and face their problems/responsibilities without hating or blaming themselves for their shit lives.(no1curr)

No. 59665

File: 1564079177472.jpeg (332.02 KB, 1636x1161, 070F5F53-804F-4DC6-A2C5-410B70…)

So this latest video on her brand new Japanese only! channel seems to be located in Yebisu Garden Place, a shopping/hotel/restaurant complex in Tokyo. She prances about in a yukata (everyone else is in street clothes- check out the guy’s face in the background), dining and shopping and drinking beer. There’s also a “photography museum” where part of the video is filmed.

The hot tub bikini video was when she was in Hakone, a hot springs resort town west of Tokyo. And prior to that she posted pics labeled ‘strolling through Ginza.”

Our Weenus sure does get around these days.

No. 59666

alcohol,lack of sleep and lifelong shitty eating habits.

No. 59670

I think the dude is looking at her/them because Venus' getting filmed. If it's true that she went there on Tanabata, it's super normal for people to be wearing Yukatas.

No. 59707

No this is the video in the hotel/shopping center, not the one at the resort in Hakone. She’s the only one not wearing street clothes. She looks like an idiot, simpering around in a yukata. That’s why he’s side eye-ing her.

No. 59750

Didnt margo prohibited venus from seeing manaki?
Thats why venus used a mobile game to speak with manaki
(i believe it was lineplay but dont quote me on that, margo just said cuteish game or something)
and i thoug margo did took venus to south korea, since she was learning korean there (and being extremely skinny..)
either ways, manaki is a creep…

No. 59753

i'm actually glad that she is fooling around
somehow when i see venus i just manage to remember her "birthday" streaming alone in a room with a cake.

No. 59773

>Didnt margo prohibited venus from seeing manaki?

Yes, after she learned she wasn't going to get PR and be the third wheel in that marriage.

No. 59792


Yup, it was both. She pushed Venus onto Manaki for her Japan visa, signed for her to marry him at 18 and then when Venus got approved for a JP visa and she didn't, Margul started shittalking him and snatched Venus away to S. Korea.

Neither one of them is a victim at this point. Margul is a shit mother who tried to live off her daughter's pedo following, but Venus is a spoiled, manipilative user who is just as obsessed with image as her mother and left Manaki once she got PR because she didn't want to grow up or share her money.

No. 59793

With her tiktok and now this new channel I feel like she's trying too hard to get attention in Japan.
I kind of get the appeal of her first channel for weebs, but if she thinks she'll get a Japanese fan base as big as her previous one just for 2 min non talking half assed 'vlogs', she's deluded.
If she did it just for fun it would be nice but she's such an attention whore that she'll delete it soon if she doesn't get a tons of subscribers.

No. 59797

remember some salaryman john was saying to her in the background of an insta story 'how about we make a video huh?'
wasn't it?

No. 59833

I wouldn’t go as far as say having a party goer lifestyle is a direct avoidance of responsibility. It’s not unusual for someone in their early 20s and is looking for friends and a place in society.

No. 59834

Switching to a Japanese only audience for most of her content now that she's not doing YT as Venus Angelic anymore is going to destroy her. Not enough people in Japan are interested in watching an adult foreigner prostitute herself while acting like a drunk teenager, and even with PR I don't see her being able to go the rest of her life making escorting videos (lbr that's what they are, they're basically ads for her) without getting fucked on income taxes or something legal. Japan doesn't want to deal with a white girl making it look like life in Japan is all rich men throwing money at you for being foreign and speaking Japanese in a Yukata, then they'll have a thousand more whores coming to Japan to have that life as well.

No. 59939

Yeah, does she really think Japanese people are going to be huge fans of her “Japanese only” white girl wannabe vlogs? Her white ass simpering around in a yukata trying to be adorable is just pitiful.

No. 59952

Venus is becoming a Margo/Sere crossover

No. 59960


Not to mention, as she gets older they'll expect more from her, either more content showing off her lifestyle a la Taylor, or for her to settle down/get a real job. In fact, Taylor could be the reason she started escorting. Didn't she and Manaki start having issues around the time Venus became bffs with Taylor, after her stomach surgery bombshell?

No. 59966

I'm sorry are you trying to suggest that Taylor's influence led to her butchering herself or something? Because you know, she and Taylor hadn't even met at that point.

No. 59967

more like when she started hanging out with the other weeb fake lesbian hoes.

No. 60006

>>when she started hanging out with the other weeb fake lesbian hoes
Speaking of which, her girl crush and bff ella.freya posts multiple insta stories every day on her instagram account but hasn’t mentioned poor Weenus once. Not a single time.

Has Weenus been dumped and ghosted?

No. 60021

mikan, apricot and tsuruko seems to be out of the picture too.

No. 60026

File: 1564214762980.jpg (37.11 KB, 446x772, dfh.JPG)

Still reciclying her 4 years old crappy videos on tiktok

No. 60039


No, I said Venus started hoeing and dropped Manaki after she and Taylor became BFFs.

No. 60045

She was closer to Mikan than Taylor. Plus she hung out with Yukapee for a while too.
Pretty sure Taylor doesn't have anything to do with Venus's bad decisions.
How about this: Venus got married way too young when she was completely socially stunted and now being a woman in her early twenties she wants to experience life beyond being married.

No. 60056

How about THIS: as a woman of 22 she is still doing the same thing she did at 13 (“cute” dancing videos) that made her famous then and trying to make that happen now. Except she’s not 13 any more so she just looks pathetic.

No. 60085

Does anyone else feel really embarrassed while watching this? Everyone else is in normal everyday clothes and there’s some foreigner in traditional Japanese clothes, you can tell by the look on people’s faces that it’s not normal in this environment. Why did she choose to wear this? It’s so inappropriate and out of place, just screams weeb.

No. 60087

it's like watching margo in pajamas prancing around ikea all over again

No. 60101

I was in Ginza just yesterday, Some Japanese people and foreigners (Asian or not, old and young) were wearing yukatas and nobody batted an eye. Focusing on her retarded behaviour is great but this is reaching.

No. 60116

It's right here >>55336

It starts in the middle of his sentence, all you can hear is, "douga kana nanka issho ni nanka…" and a response from another man that sounds like "hai, daijobu desu yo."
Imo seems to me like a conversation between two men sitting at her table, but not directed at her. I assumed it was her manager and a possible business partner. Remember that her Malice persona is part of a network.

No. 60143

File: 1564340076692.jpg (52.98 KB, 400x400, try.jpg)

>hair died black with full bangs
>brown circle lenses
>JaPaNeSe OnLy uwu

No. 60201

I love how it's always foreigners who are angry about other foreigners wearing traditional Japanese clothes.
The only annoying thing Venus does to appear Japanese is edit her face to death, her hair color is allegedly her natural hair color (and wth is wrong with full bangs?? lol)

Being in Japan and making videos in Japanese is perfectly okay. Y'all would shit on her if she wasn't able to speak it. Making an extra channel for it is pretty dumb though, maybe it has something to do with that "company" thing she has going on?

No. 60232

If she really is linking up with some management agency, the Japanese only channel could be their idea. I can see her being pushed into gravure or something equally skeevy, but if it's Japanese-only then that will deter a lot of foreign weebs from being able to glamorize Venus'lifestyle of using everyone she met to become a successful Japanese escort and wanting to come to Japan and do the same. That way the content could be even more Male-centric without having to worry about sending a bad message to her thirsty Fangelics that will make them want to whore away to Japan.

No. 60235

Her “look at me aren’t I cute??” shtick worked when she was 13 - not so much 9 years later at 22.

No. 60251

File: 1564416651293.jpg (197.17 KB, 610x600, venus_palermo_venus_angelic_1.…)

I don't care if she wears a yukata, it's the stereotypical asian pitch black hair and bangs + brown lenses when her real eyes are blue + traditional clothes combo that makes her look very try hard and weeby. I understand wanting to blend in when moving to a foreign country but she takes it to a whole next level

pic related: you can see her roots are dark brown, not pitch black, but she often lied about it

No. 60307

Yeah, her natural hair is a normal brown color that has a reddish or golden sheen when exposed to sunlight or bright lights (very common with brown hair). The color she has now is much deeper and cool toned, and does not change even in pictures or videos outside. I think she started coloring it a medium/dark brown a while ago, but right now it is pure black.

No. 60357

All that plus the brown lenses and editing her face to be a tiny little triangle with a pointy chin trying to look like a Japanese anime character is just idk, sad.

No. 60445

File: 1564536914055.jpg (1.46 MB, 1440x2560, 20190730_223434.jpg)

Feels like we've seen this message a thousand times already.

No. 60467

She must be making a lot of money somehow. She shops and dines a lot, seems to drink a lot, and travels. Plus she started horse back riding, which in Japan is really expensive. Basically if it's lessons, you're looking at about 10.000yen a lesson on average and if it's just trail riding about half that. But still given that she thus far has no legitimate income, that's an expensive hobby.

No. 60478

File: 1564551185023.jpeg (517.95 KB, 1086x1969, 5B3F5F78-4657-457E-B919-72760C…)

Oh FFS. She’s now doing “Celebrity Events,” which is exactly the same shit marge the wonder Celebrity Manager used to organize to make a few quick bucks - only now Weenus is doing it all by herself.

3000 yen ($28 usd) for the “main event” (autograph signing by The Celebrity) plus 8000 yen ( $78 usd) for the exclusive after party!

So I guess her only aspirations now are to be a Social Media Influencer. Except she has never been able to consistently come up with content. If she doesn’t feel like doing something she just doesn’t do it.

What’s so terrible about going school and working toward having a real career? Because she won’t be able to pull this shit off for very long (if at all.)

No. 60503

Exactly, she isn't a social media influencer anymore, she hasn't posted videos consistantly in more than a year and her instagram only consists of over shooped selfies with cryptic captions. Girly must really think she's hot shit… Or really need easy bucks… Or both lmao

No. 60512

there's "limited slots" for meet up (both normal and after party), but the sign ups are just a Google docs page. what's stopping someone from just putting fake info in and filling up all the slots?

No. 60566

I just noticed it says "2018" kek

No. 60579

This seems vaguely escorty

>let's chat and enjoy dinner together (eyes emoji, heart emoji)

>in a hotel

No. 60620

>>I just noticed it says "2018" kek

No. 60669

she's a greedy bitch, what did you expect? She doesn't care about meeting her fans beyond the cha-ching they provide her with (and an ego boost)

remember she uses apps to edit her appearance on camera as well. those apps include slimming the body/face so that could be why her cheeks are sunken in and her face (edited) looks slimmer. that and she lost weight again.

No. 60670

Before I start, I am not a marge sympathizer, I dislike both marge and venus and just try to look at things a little more objectively than "poor uwu venus abused by evil marge" and give credit where it's due. That said, you're romanticizing v's life and making it seem MUCH worse than it was. for instance, the pregnant comment seems to have been a one time thing (according to v) that marge probably just said (and forgot) cause she was insensitive, not trying to "mind game" her. Marge isn't even smart enough for that. also how about the other interview where venus' dress style gets called horrible, venus is shocked and pissed off looking and then marge interjects and says something about how venus is a good girl who doesn't do drugs or something, dressing like that is harmless and puts her hand on her leg to comfort her. Clearly, marge was not horrible 100% of the time. Marge seems like a clone of my own narc mom tbh, so I don't think it was NEARLY as bad for venus as you (or most of the internet) likes to claim. It's still bad living with a narc though, but it's nothing like what you described.

this was all AFTER venus took the channel away from marge so she became the target of her narc rage.

>>we konw for sure that she very rarely helped her with youtube

we do not. marge claims she did managing, contracts, paperwork, business aspect of everything, interviews as well as scripting, clothing, styling, camera work and even editing. She claimed that for "some" of the videos, venus did nothing (not even editing) but act on camera off marge's script. If you look at their old videos compared to now, you can CLEARLY see marge all over them. Literally proof that marge was involved in the production of those videos. People just like to say this to force the "marge lived off venus' income" narrative, when in fact, marge invested into all the equipment to start the channel and actively put effort into the content of that channel. Just because venus was "the face" does not mean marge didn't do anything but sit on her ass counting the bucks or that it's soley venus' channel. This is why I don't agree with the marge lived off her daughters income. If they both put work into it, it is THEIR income, not only venus'. Marge was definitely opportunistic and only helped when she realized that she could make good money off it, enough to quit her job and why wouldn't she, if she could make 80k a year working with her daughter and they could both live a lavish, mutually beneficial lifestyle. I also partially agree on marge's "robbed" claims. Venus kept all their old videos up and continued to earn monthly income off of them, (aka: off of marge's work as well) without marge getting any royalties or anything. That IS stealing and I totally get why marge would be pissed. Imagine if someone took a video you worked on, made ad revenue off it but you got nothing. You would be pissed too. But marge also claimed the 10k was hers, when technically, if they are business partners then 5k would be venus'. Also after leaving marge didn't give venus access to her bank account so when venus took the 10k and other stuff, she was just taking money she earned that she didn't have access too. Marge has made some horrible choices, comments, behaviours (I'm not excusing her of that), but when it comes to the channel, it was her work as much as venus'. She shouldn't have done anything for the channel though and let venus figure it all out (most likely v would not be known at all as she wouldn't have the equipment or cute hair, makeup, clothes or anything to show off). In the end, never "work" with family and marge was stupid to do so.

>> Imagine living with your mother as a young adult and supporting her 100% while she spends your money on useless junk, even though she could work just fine

Imagine your mom, investing into a youtube business for you when you're just a pre-teen so you both could mutually make 80k a year and buying you all the clothes, makeup, weeb shit to your hearts content, helping you come up with video ideas, doing camera work, editing, scripting, interviews, business related aspects (that a 13 y/o old would know jackshit about), even quitting her day job to work on the channel fulltime and getting royally fucked in the end without any credit for the work she put into it. I'm all for v moving out, marge is toxic and it's not crazy for an 18 y/o to want to leave, but marge knew her leaving would mean that venus would take THEIR business for herself. If my own narc mom had helped me with my own business (she refused), there's no way I could just take the business away like that. I couldn't stay with her either though, so I do understand venus wanting to leave, but marge does deserve some credit where it's due, despite her horrible disposition. Venus isn't much different by the way, she just hides it better. Anyone remember v's message to marge along the lines of, "If you act cute and look cute people will believe anything you want them to". Marge took it out of context and I believe it was in relation to venus' surgery, but this is how venus thinks. It's manipulative and sociopathic even. It's downright disgusting.

>>BTW venus didn't comment on it back then. she just moved out quietly, and margo was the one suddenly posting a crying video

Venus was the first to post a video. She claimed she left as marge a) said she'd delete her channel if venus went with manaki, b) trash talked manaki and it "hurt venus oh so much" c)venus claimed marge and her didn't get along (can't remember how much detail she went into but she talked about some of the stuff like the prostitute comment and the knife).

I found the video hypocritical though, especially the second point. Venus was so heartbroken that marge was trash talking manaki from time to time with her friends (probably stuff like he works in a factory etc), yet venus shit talked him herself. She (according to marge and not hard to believe given they broke up once), claimed he was disgusting, his kisses were gross, he was boring, copied her oh so special pseudo-eccentric self and many other things. She only used him as a ticket to Japanland and to leave marge, then she has the audacity to make that point. To me, she only made that point to paint marge in a negative light to secure her victimhood to internet eyes (not that she has to do anything for people to see marge for what she is).

And don't get me started on the manipulative "calling my dad video". Venus literally tried to use her family drama to make money. That is so vile. She intentionally uploaded a thumbnail without her eyebags edited out and red makeup around her eyes to make her look like she was crying and more distraught. She then very visibly (and fake of course) "shook" on camera. Literally would use her victimhood and family drama to make money. Equally as manipulative as her mom.

No. 60672

File: 1564652231155.jpg (635.87 KB, 1080x1920, 20190801_103558.jpg)

She's gotten a minor role in a play. Is there any chance that the play will be recorded and sold?

No. 60680

File: 1564657338371.png (209.88 KB, 1887x911, intotheriver.png)

>marge wasn't bad all the time/just because she said this one time..
Are you aware people just coexist with each other for decades without ever saying insulting, abusive and brainless shit like margo did casually on her instagram, for everyone to see?
Not even once?
'Cause that shit is not normal.

>marge involved in the production

I mean, have you seen her own channel? That's proof enough for me she has no idea how to edit or come up with interesting ideas.

>bought her all this stuff

It's.. normal? Every parent buys their kid clothing, and sometimes slightly more expensive stuff like a camera for their birthday, or christmas.. It's not like V had super high-end equipment or the finest burando. It was all bodyline and shiny plastic wigs she got off amazon for 10 bucks, until she could afford better with _her own money_.

>"I also partially agree on marge's "robbed" claims. Venus kept all their old videos up and continued to earn monthly income off of them, (aka: off of marge's work as well) without marge getting any royalties or anything. That IS stealing and I totally get why marge would be pissed."

I've got a question for you..
What about those parents that open a college fund for their kid - do they have the right to their income for the rest of their life? That's just an example, but sometimes people just do things to help out others, without expecting anything in return. Especially if it's their family.
Only a narc would be proud of having helped their kid with some hobby, and -gasp- even having spent money on it instead of themselves.

>venus was the first to post a video

nope, everyone was confused about margos crying video on instagram. venus only made a post about it after several days. her video came out like 2 months later.
You may want to look at the old threads, might change your mind when you see screenshots of shit marg had said. Back then everyone was 100% on venus side, because she didn't sperg out and gracefully distanced herself from the drama, while her mom kept posting drunken rants all day, every day

I agree with everything you said about venus though. It's sad she turned out to be a mini-marg

No. 60686

ok I was wrong, V posted the same day (after marg, tho), and her first video came out a week later

No. 60693

>Marge seems like a clone of my own narc mom
Lol so you're just projecting. You want to feel superior because you were raised by a narc but didn't become one but newsflash: Venus became a narc because she went through worse than you did.

No. 60695

Why do I feel like the meet-up attendants will be half young weebs, half old pervs

No. 60714

“buy tickets by swiping up OR come to my fan meetup where 2 lucky winners will be drawn!”
omg she really is margo 2.0
How sad. And creepy, like eww creepy and nasty.

No. 60721

To be fair (ntsa)
What is venus doing "wrong"?
sure, she is spending her money on her things, dinning out, having fun, making meet and greet, but what is she doing wrong?
as much as i dislike venus, she is selling herself, not someone else like her mother.
I dont see her turning into a mini marg, since she is not using or selling anyone else but her.

No. 60763

She is “selling herself” exactly like marge used to do, imitating her like a baby monkey. That’s what is so creepy to me.

No. 60767

“Who wants to spend $80 to have dinner with me? Only the first 10 will be accepted! And 2 lucky winners will be drawn to get tickets to my play!”

No. 60779

she looks horrible with that puffy undereye tape in her latest video idk why she still uses it. it makes her look haggard and sickly. I'm guessing she's only wearing it because puffy eyes are trendy in asia atm. Her natural eyes (flater, smaller, almond-shaped) are much nicer and ironically make her look more asian (which she still seems to be obsessed with). What's she gonna do when puffy eyes are no longer trendy and all she's left with are a myriad of self-inflicted under eye wrinkles and fine lines.

No. 60788

File: 1564722245729.jpeg (191.95 KB, 1575x1147, 25B33199-A100-43AE-9C51-02B87D…)

>>when all she's left with are a myriad of self-inflicted under eye wrinkles and fine lines.

That’s already happened.

No. 60799

>latest video
huh? there's nothing new on yt,ig,tiktok.

No. 60867

File: 1564779130623.jpeg (239.26 KB, 747x1286, 2D771357-7DF4-41EC-905E-11FD45…)

Guess she ditched the malice persona and switched back to her normal channel name

No. 60868

Wait, aren't the majority of her fans from outside of Japan? I’m guessing not many people will show as she’s not a celebrity in Japan and no one is going to fly to another country just to see her

No. 61032

File: 1564894827731.jpeg (254.46 KB, 1098x1508, 78D2D866-AC4A-4D28-B61A-24CCEC…)

This is how real MODELS pose, right guys? (Hey did you know I have my own COMPANY?)

No. 61042

nitpick i guess but this makes me sick to look at. the edited skin looks like bone and the hanging down mouth is some kind of morbid nauseous scowl. i really hate the face she makes for her last months selfies, i don't know what it's supposed to invoke except 'memento mori'

No. 61044

File: 1564913591424.jpg (Spoiler Image, 20.04 KB, 725x1024, e28fbe8ff7e380665b1d04e97cfb0e…)

No. 61046

She’s just not pretty nor cute, she tries her best to cling onto looking youthful but it just looks desperate, irl she looks old but I think the thing that makes her the most unattractive is her lips, they are paper thin

No. 61081

File: 1564941401794.jpeg (252.24 KB, 1094x1595, 3A363A23-7B24-49B9-A86A-C1157C…)

Speaking of creepy over edited photos, look who’s popped back up on instagram? And she’s promising “bonding experiences” for her “fans and followers.”

Watch Venus go back into SM hiding now. She’s only been out and about since marge was detained this past spring. Now I bet she runs away like a scared bunny.

No. 61082

No. 61088

Yet another come yet, how many is this, the 10th one? Also she says she’s grown up now and going to act her age yet she still posts photoshopped photos of herself to look younger than she is? She’s like the boy who cried wolf, no one believes a word that comes from her mouth as she’s said there’s things sooooo many times already, actions speak louder than words

No. 61091

I really wonder what the situation with Manaki is. Her telling people to leave "the poor guy" alone sounded so weird, the way she worded it…

No. 61092

Just watched this and seriously wtf.it felt so forced and unnatural and she didn't really explain anything.she is in Japan for so many years and she learns the culture now???
Exactly my thoughts.it sounded strange.as if he was a rando who appeared in a few of her videos and now he is harassed by her fans.and she asks about privacy while their relationship wasn't private at all??they were even saying innuendos in the videos and now he is just a "poor guy"????

No. 61093

Samefag I just noticed there are no videos of manaki anymore.i had no idea she deleted them(I don't follow her or the thread closely so I didn't see it sooner)

No. 61106

She ran away from her abusive mom and married a guy much older and had a separate bedroom from him, they are gonna get divorced and always were

No. 61108

Well that was 5 minutes and 46 seconds of nonstop navel-gazing. Therapy! Acting classes! Singing lessons! Horseback riding lessons! And now a Youtube ‘comeback” starting with…yet another video with greasy unwashed hair and wearing jammies? Wow!

Hey how about you get your head out your ass and go back to school or even *gasp -get an actual JOB? You know, like real people do?

No. 61109

So… “learning about Japanese culture!” = filming oneself mincing about in a yukata with a “Japanese” hairdo, apparently?

Got it.

No. 61114

blah blah blah! "I'm broken" "private life" Such a mess, couldn't even fix herself up for the video.

She deleted her Anime girls will be the death of youtube video. Fucking shocker.>>61082

No. 61118

>>just noticed there are no videos of manaki anymore.i had no idea she deleted them
Yeah she wiped all traces of “the poor guy” from YouTube AND instagram.
Interesting she says they are ‘still married” but no mention of whether they’re still together (it seems pretty clear they’re not.) Obv. they’re still legally married cause she needs that visa.

No. 61138

They broke up. People are probably prying into details that is painful to them.

No. 61147

File: 1564979574554.jpeg (233.9 KB, 1078x1080, F65608B9-11A1-45CA-97AA-B5183A…)

You are SO not cute. Go wash your hair or something.

No. 61150

I really hope no one pays 80 bucks for this

No. 61151

by herself in a dreary corner with this wellwishing balloons i'm surprised they don't say 'get well soon'. and oh it's supposed to be a club wrist band? looks like a patient tag. with this and her video recorded in some tiny room against the door, in pyjamas - are you all sure this bitch is not in fucking institution?
her social media look like the pic of dead deer with the get well balloon and her pose looks like 'im borderline??' meme

No. 61165

soo the general consensus here is that it's a pile of shit.
I guess I'm a bit more lenient, for me what she said explains a lot. She's clearly doing better but we can all agree she's still pretty messy. Probably feeling the best in a while and she's high on it, she's not seeing that she's still acting weird, just in a different way. I guess her plan is to be more Japan-centred "proper" Youtuber now, but that would sell like 3 years ago. And not with her audience. It's going to flop hard and she'll be quickly back to her depreshun when the reality strikes.
It's nice that she goes out more etc, but she still hangs out mostly with weirdo weebs. Acting classes sound great though. Clearly she's in therapy and trying. She looks healthier on the face, too bad she shoops like a madwoman

No. 61168

how long have you followed her? are you accounting for that fact that at least 5 times before she has released a video that says exactly the same "i realised i have been being fake for my whole online life which was my whole life! and after taking some time off, i decided i can be the real me (and still be an online content producer). I know i said this before but this time it's real. I'm here now with you guys who i love so much! your support is what got me through blah blah. Here's what i'll be working from now on:" and then she disappears for another 6 months doing none of it

No. 61171


>I'm not on antidepressants anymore!

Well, good luck without proper medication… I know many people who had to took it for years and have way less trauma than her.

>I started going out and meet new people

You mean escorting lol

>I finally learned about Japan's culture

As another anon said she's been living there for a few years now and has always claimed to be 〜soo into learning the language and culture desu〜 so that sounds weird.

>Leave the poor guy alone!! 1!!

As a public figure with 1 million YouTube subscribers and ~300000 Instagram followers of course people are going to ask questions. She's always been very public about her "boyfriend-now ex boyfriend-now married but prefer to refer to him as boyfriend" and her sexuality (her totes gay uwu phase). People will keep asking if you don't answer clearly, Venus. Using the pretext "you harassed him and scared him away you meanies!!" is ridiculous, he is a grown ass man and if people didn't like his weird meitud selfies, that's not harassment.

I don't think we'll see a new video soon, or that she'll go back to a regular schedule. I feel like being a Public figure to her just means ass pats and bucks, but she doesn't actually want to produce content. I think the best she could do is be honest about her not creating content anymore, pursue her education and/or find a part time job along therapy. Actually working and interacting with normal people would help her so much, instead of strolling through Tokyo's luxurious neighborhoods with weebs and old pervs.

No. 61191

>I don't think we'll see a new video soon

Surprisingly there's a new video about her acting thingie.This reminds me of the time she posted daily and it wore her out.Hopefully she won't go this route again

No. 61192


I wish she would stop talking in that babyish voice she does, it sounds like mumbling and hard to understand, I cringe every time I hear it

No. 61204

And her “I’m just a widdle girl” pigeon-toed pose with the precious lil white ankle socks is just - fucking gag.

No. 61208

Fucking THIS.

No. 61211

I thought anons were exaggerating before, but christ does she look old for her age now.

No. 61217

File: 1565044722034.jpeg (230.57 KB, 1272x1134, C267E789-637C-485C-A53C-7F1153…)

She has fucking margo mouth and it creeps me out.

No. 61247

File: 1565060751547.png (5.25 MB, 1242x2208, 0739E0BD-41A8-4CCC-9F70-780294…)

Something she posted then she deleted it pretty quickly

No. 61255

She inherited the worst of margrot's facial features: snake eyes, mouth and butt nose. Yikes

No. 61260

File: 1565068316785.jpeg (418.64 KB, 1102x1624, AB449CC4-5451-4F53-A9FC-367248…)

Ah yes, her old habit of post/delete/edit. This is what the caption reads now:

No. 61261

Next up in the cycle: more drama whoring, then she’ll disappear from SM for a few weeks. Lather rinse repeat. Just like >>61168 says.

I’m so tired of this mini-margo and her sadly predictable behavior cycles. Just go get a fucking job, Weenus.

No. 61262

haha oH hoW suRprIsinG. someone posted "nobody is going to fall for" her latest bs, and yet people did, obviously pull monkeys "omg the salf awareness is and salf love is at a all time high yass!" but also here. well here you go dummies. we're still inside the fuck me daddy dream

No. 61264

File: 1565071719808.jpg (25.21 KB, 314x295, complex.jpg)

>u could never understand me

No. 61276

Guess she realized nobody cares for her weeb shit so we’re back to her ‘badass but weak tortured psycho gf uwu aesthetic’-attention whoring.

No. 61288

disappointing. She's so immature, "flirtation with darkness" "best comment" omg barf, is this middle-schooler's tumblr? Grow up

No. 61289

jfc venus, fucking say it or don't. we don't need another vaguepost about absolutely nothing

"work is BORING".. how long does it even take to film one of her short, shitty videos? 1-2 hours?
that's just too much work to earn a few thousands a month, I guess.
this is why I don't believe it was a joke when her malice-persona proclaimed her goal to be the #1 youtube-channel and earn millions.. nothing less would do apparently

sucking off johns is not boring then I guess

No. 61290

that video was so melodramatic. she actually did have a childhood. it got weird in her teenage years because of youtube and gaining some popularity but she wanted that. she wanted to do youtube, she wanted attention and money and then she whines about "her broken heart" blah blah blah. she also acts as if she's the only one who ever grew up with a narc. yes it can fucking suck but stfu already and stop milking it for pity. the rest of us don't try and use it to make money or get pity. she has A LOT more than most people who grew up with narcs have, yet she whines so much louder than them. still a spoiled, self-centred brat wrapped in a "pseudo-mature" facade. and funny how that's not personal but manaki/her visa marriage specifically is.

this is how you know venus is dumb, vapid and vain. it makes me want to vomit that a girl obsessed with ego, attention, materialism, showing off clothes, editing her photos beyond recognition, "kawaii" wannabe desperation and posting food pics actually thinks she's "deep". she doesn't know anything about anything. I bet if i tried to have a conversation with her in abstract concepts or about anything i've learned in my years of reading non-fiction, she would have nothing intelligent to add beyond talking about clothes, food, instagram, cute stuff and her oh so difficult life (self-centred topics in general). when people praise her as "intelligent" or "complex" i cringe as bad as when people call marzia bisognin intelligent or creative. at the end of the day, she's just another intellectually empty social media presence(no1curr bout ur iq)

No. 61291

File: 1565094589890.jpg (107.92 KB, 716x722, Screenshot_20190806-142420.jpg)

is she drunk?
I mean, I hope she is.

No. 61292

she said spilling the truth will "get her in trouble" right after the "public people aren't meant to have a private life" on her deleted insta caption. is she referring to using manaki for a visa while (potentially) not being a couple anymore (since she always says "it's private" regarding him)? because she can actually be reported and kicked from the country for abusing marriage visa laws.

No. 61293

i thought she was drunk since her first post - which was from like mid-day japan time. It's now 10pm Tuesday night, she's been drunk all day and supposed to be meeting up with fans on what, Thursday? lmao

No. 61296

Lets not minimize what she went through since she was an early teen, ok? She was raised by a mentally unstable extreme narc who isolated her, uprooted her constantly and took her out of school to turn her into a traveling circus act to milk every possible bit of money and fame for mommy to feed on.

That said Weenus has turned out to be a vapid, vain, shallow, lazy self-absorbed attention whore. They both suck.

No. 61297

She is so predictable, posting something about getting better to gather attention and asspats, pulling in followers that were thinking of leaving, and then having a very calculated "breakdown" with tumblry edgy captions and edited selfies. Her comments are taken directly from google searching "bpd", she tries to mention one symptom in every one. Like, "too calm for you"? All you do is sit at home and browse the internet and edit pictures. She is trying so hard to appear out of control and wild. Girl, you are just a weeb who is too lazy to get a job.

No. 61299

So she couldn’t be arsed to get dressed, wash her hair or put on makeup to film her big COMEBACK video? Yeah, seems about right.

No. 61302

File: 1565103062436.jpeg (134.23 KB, 1242x1073, 91E8B62C-8476-486E-A920-FC055A…)

Yall werent playing. Damn weenus what happened lol

No. 61303

File: 1565103091014.jpeg (58.3 KB, 493x521, 3F06DFD5-06EE-41D4-B4C7-E8B4EC…)

No. 61304

is she even in the play?? at the end they say 'venus will be in the film version. in the stage play your character will be represented by a doll or a teddy bear'
i guess that's a joke?

No. 61309

The ones praising her for being intelligent and complex are very young individuals that think that by validating her edgy persona and depression/bpd, they are also validated. It's a trend to be oh so depressed and an edgelord, and when they congratulate someone for very simple things, they feel like they are also brave warriors battling with a plethora of mental illnesses (knowing the type, all selfdiagnosed) and being a forever dumb dependant kid with no job. No wonder she gets a lot of support from PULL, people there are always talking about their own super speshul mental illnesses and struggles every chance they get.

No. 61312

Really unfortunate genes. Those furrows around her mouth especially, and she’s only 22. Tragic.

No. 61313

File: 1565109229568.png (1.36 MB, 946x1264, usure.png)

No. 61326

File: 1565118101688.jpeg (137.92 KB, 1232x606, FAE34017-5577-4AC5-AA04-397B1A…)

She said she wants to start acting but if people look her up and they believe she looks like the photoshopped pictures and then she turns looking up like her real self then she will end up getting black listed, acting companies hate being lied too, they expect what they see, she would be better off posting pictures of what she actually looks like to avoid the sane faint as koots

No. 61329

File: 1565120750097.jpeg (7.95 KB, 148x115, 5BAB93AE-5150-41CF-9780-8C7365…)

Why does she do that thing with her mouth, ALL THE TIME? Is she TRYING to look like her goblin mother?

No. 61357

She’s not nearly cute enough to make a living off of being cute. Sorry Weenus.

No. 61363

deeply insecure people sometimes have trouble smiling in a genuine way, the mouth tends to form an M shape where it can't decide whether to smile or frown. basically, she's a spastic.

No. 61364

also a lot of emphasis on holding mouth small to look baby

No. 61365

It’s not just that, she pulls her top lip up in a weird way, almost like a sneer or a snarl. And it just accentuates the furrows she already has around her mouth thanks to her troll of a mother and those nasty genes.
She really needs to stop doing that.

No. 61388

she literally uploaded her latest video on her second "japanese" channel.so that's why she made a second channel. to get double the ad revenue for the same work. greedy and pathetic as usual.

No. 61393

that's why I can't stand venus. She's actually an egomaniac and this is not marge's doing. She milks everything bad that's ever happened to her and dramaticizes it 10x. Literally margo 2.0, except margo doesn't milk her problems for youtube ad revenue or post wannabe edgy replies in response.

it's not insecurity. it's vanity. she likes small lips and tries to make them look smaller. she likes puffy trendy asian eyes so she wears under eye tape and enlarges them. she likes a smaller nose so she shoops it.

No. 61397

>>margo doesn't milk her problems for youtube ad revenue
Seriously? Are you familiar with marge’s Youtube channel? Lol

No. 61403

imagine being an actual margo stan. send her a gift in prison anon.

No. 61428

Imagine falling for a narcissist's lies lol

No. 61429

File: 1565178520312.jpg (225.55 KB, 720x1271, Screenshot_20190807-134315.jpg)

venus: creating proper content is BORINGG, I just want to crash and bURN EVERYTHING Imma get drunk flirting with darkness idgaf mommy

picture: venus, one (1) day later, realizing she actually needs to earn money somehow.

No. 61435

File: 1565180690588.jpg (62.47 KB, 397x681, servicing.jpg)

well, fan service, i guess

No. 61446

Why would anyone give their money to someone who says "What's wrong with TROUBLE?" and constantly talks about being an unreliable mess lol. Her need for attention from publicizing her "breakdowns" does not bode well for her legitimate attempts at having a job. I smell a scammer in the making. "Sorry guys, my mental health has taken a hit uwu I want to die I will give you what you paid for when I have the strength :'("

No. 61448

the proposed product is 'updates', such postings would actually be the content lmao

No. 61449


Maybe she was inspired by the confetti club lol
But seriously, I don't get how someone could be a fan of her anymore… She doesn't produce anything, and being cute (thanks to photoshop and meitu) doesn't count as a reason

No. 61454

How very MARGO of her.

No. 61455

So will she refund those $10 fan club memberships next time she ghosts from SM for weeks at a time? (Because an instagram post every now and then can be just TOO MUCH for this delicate flower to face sometimes, you know)

No. 61465

She has had some very shitty eating habits since she was a teen, and even an eating disorder, so looking a little haggard for her age isn't that weird tbh. I don't think she looks too bad apart from her teeth, they're abnormally discolored imho. I don't remember if it ever got confirmed if she had bulimic tendencies, but I wouldn't doubt it

She should try patreon, she would easily make some money on lower tiers without the pressure to have anything too special as a reward. Her plan sounds like a hassle and patreon is quite easy to use and people are accustomed to it

Did she pee on you pocky? Never thought there would be a more autistic and vicious thread than Shayna's, you anons are way too angry about all of this kek

No. 61468

No one’s “angry,” dear.
(Maybe you’d feel more comfortable on PULL.)

No. 61469


>except margo doesn't milk her problems for youtube ad revenue or post wannabe edgy replies in response.

anon, that's literally what margo has done since forever.

No. 61470

Kiki's failed attempts to become relevant all over again. Both relied on their looks to earn money and attention, now they don't have that -or anything else- to offer.

go back to kiwifarms

No. 61480

Calling it now, Venus is on too much of a "happy high" and will have some form of a meltdown because she's desperate for attention & validation while doing the bare minimum and still expects profit from it all. She can't stay consistent and Youtube hasn't been the same for her for a while. These sudden fan meets, fan club ideas etc are milking her brand dry. A few months of therapy isn't going to cut it, she needs a good year or two away everything that is "VenusAngelic". Unfortunately she'll never do that, as efame is all she knows and it's all she has.

No. 61485

She is desperate for money, but did not realize even her fans are sick of this "hey guys I'm so much better and will start posting again" and then disappearing for a long time. She really shot herself in the foot by making sure everyone knows she is unreliable, not a fan of hard work/things that require dedication and a forever victim. If she had been more consistent with content, maybe people would be more inclined to support her financially. I guess she really thought that by larping bpd meltdowns she would retain the attention and people would pity her so much as to start giving her money by just existing. With her hardcore fanbase getting smaller and smaller, even if people eat up the "official venus angelic club" BS, it will not be enough to let her mantain the lifestyle she thinks she deserves. She really needs to get a real job, it's not too late. Or at least put some effort into her channel and SM.

No. 61488

>>Or at least put some effort into her channel and SM.
Or maybe, idk, get dressed, wash her hair and put on a little makeup before filming a video? Just an idea..

No. 61512

She posted a video about it. The video where she talks about her stomach surgery she mentioned not being able to keep down food for a month, hence her yellow teeth.

No. 61518

>>Venus is on too much of a "happy high"
I think she’s on the downward slope of her current cycle. She’s posting less often and the grooming is starting to go (greasy unwashed hair and face, wearing jammies all day are all signs.) Also I think her girl crush ella.freya ghosted her and that hurt (ella posts several instagram stories a day and has never mentioned poor Weenus once since their ‘date’ weeks ago.)

Next up: she’ll disappear without a word for weeks. Probably stays in bed for days, maybe drinks, who knows.Then the cycle will start again when she reappears. It’s way past old at this point.

No. 61525

File: 1565232814886.jpg (16.81 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (1).jpg)

A lot of her problems could be addressed by giving up Japan and getting a day job.
I'm trying not to be mean but Venus has been spoonfed that she's special all her life, and it's about time she dropped the act that she's too good for actual work.
Then again, maybe she's more similar to her mother than we all thought.

No. 61530

Yes, exactly. Marge thinks she’s way too special to work some menial job, that’s for peons. And I think Venus feels the same way. She’s a Celebrity and Celebrities don’t ‘work.’

No. 61531

I cant wait until immigration finds out about her sham visa marriage and she’s forced to leave and grow tf up and not rely on asspat social media money

No. 61536

Wouldn't it make more sense for Venus to get a normal job in Japan while she still can?

Isn't Venus's passport Swiss? If so, then does she have any family in Switzerland? I feel like she probably isn't very close to any family there. It would probably be hard for her to start over there, especially because she lacks any education.

No. 61537

She looks like a straight up ghoul or corpse. It's too bad no one ever taught her about the importance of proper nutrition and a healthy life style. If she ate healthy food and went to the gym twice a week maybe she might look younger??? I dunno if she can fully recover from the ED at this point though.

No. 61543

She should just let her hair be light and lay off the lip tint, she needs to switch up her look because she really does look washed out and ill.

The kawaii packed up and left, she's bringing Milly Shapiro in Hereditary vibes now.

No. 61548

Getting a job in Japan is very hard, and she's not only a foreigner - she has no work experience and no higher education, so major doubt she would get hired anywhere really. And I don't think she's going to give up Japan anytime soon, Japan is her whole personality. Leaving it behind would require too much "normal", she ain't got that.
She has to either do Youtube again, hassle (as she's trying to now), get proper education (and later maybe a job - long time plan, she's not stable enough to pull it off), or go back to her family (she won't do that). She's fucked basically

No. 61555

Just like Dakota, she had everything she could ever want from her photoshop selfie modeling contract & viral fame but kept shitting on herself by being rude and bratty.

I wonder what it is about Japan that makes girls who get everything handed to them so lazy and infantile, yet also arrogant and entitled?

No. 61556

How long has she been in japan, 3 years? So in two years she can apply to be a citizen. But then its a whole other issue for her because she has to be mentally healthy, prove she can support herself financial, and have a good moral character.
I bet she's gonna try to get pregnant so she can't get kicked out of Japan.

No. 61557

I feel like her channel peaked in content when for a short while she was doing a jvlogger kind of style showing some more niche japanese places than the average jvlogger but from a Venus Angelic "kawaii" angle. Most of those videos have been deleted now so I can hardly provide any examples.

Right now it looks like she's trying to go back to that approach but completely failing. Her latest two videos being in full japanese with subs don't retain your attention, they're slow and most of the video is a boring sit down interview without background music or panning shots to keep it light. They look like japanese advertisments rather than something greated towards her international audience.

No. 61558

Example, she claims to want to show off japanese culture and here she is filming a japanese run italian restaurant..? Most of which is a boring, awkward sit down interview and tasting with barely any editing. In the Kamen Raider video the subtitles even go out of the picture at times.

At the end of this video she offers a 5% discount for the restaurant. Makes me wonder if she's using her channel and numbers to get sponsorships and gigs and this is the reason she's reviving it at all.

Not saged because I haven't seen this video posted yet.

No. 61560

I think her new Japanese agency wants her to use her platform to promote Japanese businesses as opposed to building her up as an influencer/entertainer. Mikan's content became consistent when she got a good agency branding her as an international influencer. Taylor's agency does this too by making her a bootleg Safiya. Venus's agency seems to be using a SUPER dated approach and just having her promote Japanese stores and restaurants in what are just long boring commercial attempts. It seems like they got ahold of her editing and camerawork too because she's capable of doing WAY better videos than this.

What a waste.

No. 61561

File: 1565272294961.jpeg (245.98 KB, 1068x1419, 99074647-847B-44A1-8D52-FF1F80…)

>>wonder if she's using her channel and numbers to get sponsorships
Of course this is a sponsored video, 100% Only problem is, it’s boring content and probably doesn’t pay much.

Anyway, her gf (she wishes) ella.freya seems to have found someone new and dumped Weenus.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 61562

File: 1565272332687.jpeg (400.59 KB, 1086x968, 82AD42BB-C103-4F98-B2E9-3050EA…)

poor Weenus

No. 61563

fucking stop you're obsessed! five times you posted now that ella freya has "moved on haha"
nobody cares!

No. 61564

doesn't have an agency right now which is why she isn't doing anything. When she did have an agency, it was her modeling agency who didn't really know how to handle her youtube weebery, so they they just kind of went along with whatever she wanted to do. If she had anything but yes-men advising her, her videos probably would have been better. Her content is crap.


"agency" doesn't have any juice. They aren't doing anything for her. Her content is still shit. There is nothing interesting or unique about it. I mean she's shown a couple cafes, disneyland, and a video modeling kpop shit (her most popular) maybe a few other things but nothing I haven't seen way before (and better done tbh). She's signed to her agency so that on the off chance that a tv show wants an middle eastern looking foreigner for background/audience work on tv shows, they can deal with the particulars for her. Also maybe they help broker sponsors for her.


content is also shit and inconsistent. Although, of the 3 of them Venus is the only one who probably has some kind of super dated tarento agency helping her along because she is the only one of the 3 who can most likely speak Japanese at a level high enough to communicate professionally.

No. 61566

i actually liked this vid oh well haha

No. 61567

Fuck off. You* are not in charge of what gets posted here.

No. 61569

File: 1565276434555.png (8.23 KB, 392x125, sdfgxfch.png)

lol she just left a comment on venus' last pic
you're reaching too hard

No. 61573

the point still stands that venus's content is currently the worst, as is her reputation and overall mental instability. what does it matter that she can speak japanese to do business when she has neither any work nor business experience, and is a manic depressive who LIKES publicizing her mental breakdowns because it gives her attention?

No. 61575

Ok. I'm not disagreeing with any of your points here. I'm just saying that because her Japanese is the best of the 3 of them, she is the one most likely to be receiving bad outdated professional advice on her channel of the kind that >>61560 mentioned from a shitty tarento agency that has barely moved past the Showa era.

No. 61588

File: 1565289760699.jpg (31.72 KB, 901x240, weebus.JPG)

Milking old pics that made her viral back in the good ol days
I don't get the caption since she's STILL presenting herself as a "living doll"

No. 61590

>thank u for inspiring me to be myself
what's up with all those people being "inspired" by her?
I get it, she has a cute face, but all she ever did was filming makeup-tutorials, eating candy and nodding a lot while talking in a baby-voice.
no wonder she sees herself as a super unique deep thinker when she's getting such exaggerated compliments from simpletons all day long.

No. 61600

She has a huge following though, so its not like she has to try. You could milk the teat of your weeb audience easily by filming some stupid video about strawberries in some neighborhood grocery store. Why would you not go that route as a youtuber.

Can I get a tldr update on her husbando. The last time I seriously kept up with her she was passing him off as “my boyfriend but really my husband who i call my boyfriend” shit

No. 61603

Instagram comments don’t mean shit. Keep dreaming though.

No. 61604

nta but can you stop acting like a sperg? This is the Venus thread, not the vendetta against Ella.freya thread.

No. 61648

Not to tinfoil too much but I think most of her rough appearance could be attributed to that completely unnecessary weight loss surgery she had. If she's too lazy most days to get dressed and keep up proper hygiene, then I'm unconvinced that she's eating right and taking the nutritional supplements she now requires to remain healthy. The type of surgery she had made it so that she's physically unable to take in an average meal or absorb nutrients. That's why surgeries like that are really only for morbidly obese folks whose options are to lose weight rapidly at drastic, life-altering costs or die early from their weight.

It's honestly so damn negligent and to think she had that done at the time in order to keep up her kawaii uguu image she seemed to cherish so badly only to wind up doing nothing with it. Time will tell, but I'm sure she will regret the ramifications a lot.

No. 61649

File: 1565315895353.jpeg (401.29 KB, 1431x1445, 9E4C7730-0114-47A0-9E93-062013…)

No one’s mad at ella.freya, just noting Venus has apparently been dumped by her. In fact I commend her for her good judgement.

In other news—Venus won’t be able to live on her Youtube $$ with numbers like this.

No. 61650

>>The type of surgery she had made it so that she's physically unable to take in an average meal
The binge drinking doesn’t help either.

No. 61656

Its like shes halfheartedly trying to both make genuine videos and also diss her career because of Marge. Unfortunately the disses and attitude are just furthering her downfall. Delayed rebellion.

No. 61666

Maybe its because shes not wearing makeup, but she looks pretty sickly in this vid?

No. 61668

>dressed as japanese schoolgirls
>in a bathtub

This person panders to hentai perverts more than belle delphine, impressive

No. 61674

Both deleted pics and videos of each other, and Venus has been given vague answers when asked about Manaki.
I'd dare to say the general consensus is that they broke up but are still married on paper (and possibly living as roomates rather than a couple) so Weenus can stay in Japan.

No. 61769

i don't think they got a hold of her editing. her editing has always been pretty generic. she said she's trying to make "proper" content, remember? and "proper" content is "boring" to her. venus was never good at editing (just average) nor is she creative (tho she thinks she's a super special creative soul rolls eyes).

there are plenty of jobs in Japan that don't require higher education so it is an option for her. Also to me, she seems rather "normal" - like when you see her interacting with people in public, she's reserved and shy and is generally conventional and "normal". she's only eccentric when she's alone in her room wearing her pink wig acting like a deranged weeb, but it's easy for anyone to be eccentric alone in front of a camera. as for mental problems,everyone has their problems, so that doesn't make her special, eccentric, unique or abnormal.

No. 61772

>>She should try patreon
She shouldn't. We don't need another entitled millennial scamming their audience's hard earned bucks for free money because she's too lazy and greedy.

Margo doesn't do it for youtube money though. (except that one vid calling her ex mother in law, but that was in retaliation to the video venus posted about her (for money)). Margo just rants on instagram and she's not an edgelord wannabe. She angry and confrontational but not in an edgelord way. Venus on the other hand milked all her issues to make ad revenue on yt, in addition to ranting on instagram like margo.

No. 61814

File: 1565445380867.jpg (204.59 KB, 1024x478, istockphoto-1125656952-1024x10…)

>>Margo is not an edge lord
>>venoose is edgelord for being like Margot

No. 61816

I wouldn't be surprised if Margo really does lurk this thread. I'm just shocked it took her this long to start WKing herself.
Now I want to go and check Margo's posts for typing style similarities, but it's probably not worth it.

No. 61817

File: 1565447358350.jpg (1.47 MB, 1438x2199, Screenshot_20190810-112550_Ins…)

So cringy, looks like some MLM hun typed it. Not funny.
(And does she really think her eyelashes look good here? They are absolutely normal, underwhelming even)

No. 61819

Also, "need my occasional sissy fit"?
Fuck, how about not trying to make emotional outbursts your whole personality? Is this really the only thing she has to say when talking about lashes?

No. 61820

the overzealous anti-white-knighting is annoying
that anon is saying:
>margo is genuinely unhinged, venus is performing as unhinged
>vesus makes money from it and margo fails to
How is that margo stanning, dumb cunts

No. 61821

marglish is so bad, you'd know it was her right away

margo can barely be considered a human being, can we stop painting her in a better light just to shit on venus? that would be great
like, venus is cringy enough on her own

she promised a video yesterday.. guess it wont happen

No. 61826

File: 1565462176943.jpg (33.29 KB, 592x415, ertji(ty.JPG)

alcoholism is so kawaii uguu

No. 61827

File: 1565462221307.jpg (53.56 KB, 475x598, dfgrthy.JPG)

No. 61829


When she becomes all "edgy" and tries to act all quirky & funny with her unhealthy issues ie sleeping problems, alcohol consumption, mental health breakdowns, glued to her past "Living Doll Venus" it comes across as very pathetic. She wants to be taken more seriously in her "recovery" stage but acts like a complete child.

Nobody is going to want to sponsor her in future if she keeps it up, as that's not an image any brand wants. Curious to see how her fan meet goes tomorrow, as she's clearly an unorganized mess.

No. 61831

If my eyelashes look like hers in that picture then I’m going to avoid using it, yikes her eyelashes look bad, thin and stubby

No. 61833

the funniest thing about her selfies is how she always has the newest iphone, but her pics are grainy and blurred like they were taken with some shitty webcam from 15 years ago.

No. 61834

seems more like she is doing the typical rebellious thing, but she was glued under Margot for so long its taking effect reeeeeally late. She's always been so pink and 'kawaii' that it sorta makes sense she wants to try being edgy. Maybe she's hoping to get scooped up into the adult side, not necessarily porn, but hostess spot in a club, somewhere. A lot of them prefer more mature looking girls and wearing darker clothes and using daker makeup does age Venus up without it looking too druggy.

No. 61836

do you really not get that this is bpd-chic? she looked up bpd looks

No. 61840

Along with describing bpd symptoms in a very unnatural way when answering people ("but I need the attention and validation" etc)
She's trying so hard to be seen as this unpredictable alcohol fueled love craving girl, but she follows the same plan every time: posts that she's getting better and going to therapy (said this a thousand times already, so it shouldn't be new info), then when everyone is happy for her starts posting pics with greasy hair, holding drinks, "dark humor" in captions and worrying everyone. It's so planned and artificial it hurts.

No. 61847

File: 1565494160726.jpg (169.44 KB, 769x689, bobs.jpg)

i guess this means her event did not sell out? and she is going to have to content with at least one bobs and vagene desperado

No. 61853

No. 61856

Cathycat is even more of an obnoxious weeb than Venus, they’re perfect together

No. 61866

unpopular opinion here, but I wish she just did what she wanted to, instead of catering almost exclusively to haters.

not everyone was on board with her malice persona for example, but she has a large die-hard fanbase that would support everything. 90% of her instagram comments are people telling her how great and inspiring she is, and how her videos basically cured their cancer (that's why I'm convinced she must be reading gossip somewhere).
oh, but someone on lolcow or pull mentioned how her hair looked greasy, better tell them in a video how it's t-totally just the weather y-you guys!
better change her whole personality for the 13443 time, maybe this time everyone on lolcow will LOVE it!
why not make some self-deprecating jokes while we're at it, so all of them know she's totally relatable and chill!

which leads to shit like this
where she tries so hard to seem ~*cool*~ and unimpressed, to the point of where her videos end up being boring for everyone.
not to forget those random sarcastic and bitter outbursts on insta.
this is some kiki "don't let them haters win but actually they dictate my whole life" kind of shit all over again.

imagine she actually did the whole idoru-thing - what delicious, tone-deaf cringe it would have been.

No. 61868

Update: Margo is free of prison so there could be some fucking fireworks at this meetup if she has enough pennies to get to Japan.

No. 61872

File: 1565537800937.png (3.52 MB, 1440x2384, Screenshot_2019-08-11-23-40-06…)

An anon posted these pics from the meet up at the margo thread, thought they belong here.

No. 61873

File: 1565537850554.png (1.99 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-08-11-23-36-07…)

No. 61875

…there's female fans somewhere in there, right?
If not, pathetic.

No. 61877

File: 1565540531400.webm (1.38 MB, 639x1136, 69137803_2311553635629444_5561…)

No. 61882

>No one came apart from some greasy old pervs and weebs
Venus "career" just keeps getting sadder and sadder.

No. 61892

this "meet up"… lmaooo

No. 61893

File: 1565550825606.jpg (635.44 KB, 1080x1280, 20190811_211225.jpg)

No. 61894

File: 1565552160617.jpg (69.71 KB, 434x739, kawaii.jpg)

No. 61895


I guess the guy filming is also the one that did all the recent videos with her? Also maybe the one she went out eating swiz raclette and asked her to do videos together.

No. 61896

she like a hooker, i take back what i said about her looking better blonde, it just ages her in those photos, but it could be because that has to be the cheapest cosplay i have ever seen in my life

No. 61897

That outfit looks sloppy af. It gives impression of that she was in a hurry and picked it up from first cosplay store she found.

No. 61902

this looks like the beginning of some low budget jav

No. 61903

Jesus, I always thought anons were too harsh when they said she ages hard, but she looks genuinely ugly here. At this point Kota looks way cuter than her, any jvlogger does, hell, even Margo's shooped pics look fresher lol
And there's no way she can live of videos with such low views.

No. 61921

As expected of someone who lives on alcohol, energy drinks and junk food.

No. 61934

Them weenus eyebags

Also kek at that failed stubby fingered koreaboo heart sign from the other chick

No. 61937


It reminds of those desperate wannabe idols having tiny shows where only these types show up to show their support. It's absolutely tragic. This is what her fanbase is reduced to now.

No. 61940

Are her eyes bags/dark circles caused by her using eye tape for so long? It ages her horribly

No. 61941


Possibly that and a mixture of a terrible diet, sleeping schedule and drinking alcohol like it's water for a while now, combined with unfortunate genes courtesy of her mother.

No. 61944

File: 1565616383257.png (1.31 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190812-142342.png)

Went through her story and for a split second the guy in the white shirt sitting in the back during her meet looks like Manaki.

No. 61945

Was expecting this to be a reach, but he really does.

No. 61947

Same. Not only does his facial structure look like Manaki's, his posture also looks like Manaki's. I'm surprised.

No. 61948

I debated on posting it but as he looks a certain way it definitely seems to be him. Maybe Venus let's him attend her meets as her "devoted husband" to ward off the weird male fans as there's a few in the photos further up.

No. 61950

Why is her face so wide in these particular pictures?
Almost looks like she's hit a bulimia relapse.

No. 61960

that's her regular face without excessive V-jaw shoop tho.

No. 62032

I am not margo. I meant BOTH of them rant on their instas about their lives/drama and that like margo, venus does that too, but she does it in an edgelord way, whilst marge does it in an angry, delusional sort of way. Totally different from edginess, you are twisting my words. And I'm not condoning marge's actions (she disgusts me), but just stating that she didn't whine about her situation/mental health/her "oh so broken self" like venus on YOUTUBE for MONEY. Marge is genuinely delusional, while venus is performing/over-dramatizing for money (and to me,that is despicable). The only video where marge was milking drama was her response to venus' surgery video. She's used the interviews (though she's in them and can) and that "naming venus" video milking the venus angelic name, but that's different from milking her family drama/mental health. Venus on the other hand made that disgusting calling my dad video, manipulating the thumbnail and even fake shaking for pity. Moreso, because she doesn't have the balls to directly shit on marge (solely due to not wanting to hurt her reputation), she had someone else do it. Then she says things like her dad thought she only wanted money, effectively shitting on him and the "garlic garlic" comment to her mom, all WHILST titling that video "do I miss my parents" to use her family drama for more views/money, when only one question was about her parents. Then she milked her ED in many videos and kept changing the thumbnail of her surgery vid to trick her viewers into re-clicking it for more views, not to mention the myriad times she talks about being "oh so broken", literally she just did that in her latest video with cathy cat. It's disgusting at this point. Marge does rant on her insta and this is not a "marge doesn't rant" post, but my point was, at least she doesn't make a habit of using/performing/milking it to make money over it, whilst venus aggrandizes it for internet pity, asspats and money. Until she stops, imo she deserves no pity. She's free now and all that belongs in therapy, not using mental illness as an internet charade for pity and money. Come on.

I think her fan meet will go well because there's not much to it, except for socialiing with people, eating/drinking. Can't really screw that up, unless the place can't host the amount of people who attend (ie: like tana con), but I doubt that will be an issue.

No. 62033

>>at least she doesn't make a habit of using/performing/milking it to make money over it, whilst venus aggrandizes it for internet pity, asspats and money
I should specify she doesn't make a habit of milking it ON YOUTUBE whilst venus does ON YOUTUBE for money.

No. 62034

The thick fringe is super unflattering too given that she has a wide jaw/round face

She might be wearing the eye tape there, hard to tell, but there's a dark line under the "puffy" part so could be or she used makeup to create that line.

No. 62035

File: 1565661865635.png (99.53 KB, 256x293, 98887.png)

Venus looking rough (hopefully that's without facial smoothing in the video).

No. 62038

File: 1565662100903.png (22.07 KB, 256x269, 98877.png)

She plans on wearing that "costume" again LOL. Imagine making money by making such a fool of yourself. Embarrassing is an understatement.

No. 62054

Venus not looking a day over 35

No. 62055

File: 1565687214549.png (261.66 KB, 460x248, candid venus.png)

what happened to "from now on i'm going to be honest with you guys and show my real face, i think body positivity is important! uwu"

she's the biggest liar and hypocrite i know

No. 62057

how is she gonna make money with her real face tho

No. 62061

photoshop and video editing

No. 62071

No. 62073

Finally she's open about it lol we been knew

No. 62075

So confirmed Manaki abuses her yet she acknowledges it, still puts up with it,and doesnt leave??

No. 62077

No. 62080

I was reading about Dan Schneider and child actors (there is a thread on /ot/) yesterday and it reminded me of Venus. Momanagers really fuck up their kids…
She has a BDSM kink because of the abuse from her mom.
Her awkward interactions in front of the camara with Manaki now make sense. I'm glad she knows their relationship steems from his unhealthy obsession with her.

No. 62081

holy shit. never knew that manaki was like that

No. 62082

is she get's divorced can she still live in japan? and i thought her mom hated manaki so why would she want them to get married? im so confused

No. 62083

Margaret was planning to move to Japan with them.

No. 62084

“Waaaaah, everyone is abusive, everyone is against me. I just love myself and everyone around me uwu my husband quit his factory job because i make a shit ton of money off of ad revenue can you believe how selfish that is that I have to do such hard work like make couple themed videos with him and support us both????? Its not like ive never shown toxic behavior like going behind my husbands back to get unnecessarily life threatening surgery for cosmetic purposes even when he voices his opinions against it. Or even staying in this sham marriage where im ~uwu such a smol helpless empath victim~ until I can get something out of it (permanent residency) Also my mom forced me into the marriage it wasnt even my idea, even when i packed my bags and boarded a plane to japan without my moms knowledge to sign the marriage papers and continue to live with him for years and years”

Barf, I dont buy this attention grab. She’s planting seeds so that when she does end up divorcing him, she comes out as a poor victim and not just a weeb who fell in love too quickly and married the first creepy guy under 30 to pay attention to her in order to get a visa and live far away from margo. God, in the end, she really is her mothers daughter. I hope she never breeds.

No. 62085

i take everything she says with a grain of salt, she lies a lot so it wouldn't surprise me that she made up things in that video

No. 62086


I didn't keep up with venus that close the past months but whose cat is this? Did she got one?

No. 62088

She is under no obligation to support them both, and she got the surgery because she is mentally ill and has/had an eating disorder, in what way does that qualify as toxic behaviour towards Manaki… as for the marriage, she obviously took the first chance to get away from Margo. What else was she suposed to do, having no friends or family? I don't know how residency works but i'm guessing she is gonna stay married until she can get a citizenship, you can't blame her for not leaving him as soon as she realized he was a shit person, she was alone on a foreign country lmao cut her some slack

No. 62089

IMO the only thing we cant know for sure is that he quit his job, the rest sounds very plausible with her being isolated and her mom being trash, we all knew the marriage was originally Margos idea and Manaki was a creep fan

No. 62091

Dude chill, I know enough people in toxic relationships to know that she can be true, and btw the surgery is on her bloody body and it is none of his business, she mentioned violence and that's much worse than getting surgery without your partner approval when you're a grown adult free human, she can be annoying, toxic, and all but she remains human. Perhaps what made her stay with him is the shame she will face from her mother who will shove 'I told you' in her face when she did it to escape her abuse in the first place… show some empathy and try to milk her with something worth milking because you sound like an awful salty farmer.

No. 62092

She is under no obligation to support them both, and she got the surgery because she is mentally ill and has/had an eating disorder, in what way does that qualify as toxic behaviour towards Manaki…

So its cool to lie to your partner and make life altering dangerous decisions as long as you have a mental disorder to blame it on

And she can do whatever she wants with her sham marriage, but she conveniently forgets using him as a stepping stone to get away from margo, yet she wants to pin him quitting his job and her supporting them as horrible behavior. Their channel was one big creepy weeb couple wet dream at one point where I swear to god every video had manakis pug face in it and he was featured a lot. Its not like he wasnt involved in video making whatsoever yet milking her for money like margo was.

No. 62093

Right, her husband should support her with a job but she should never have to support her husband with a job.

>planting seeds

Nail on the head. Narcs do this when they know they're about to do something that could make them look bad if seen in a way other than the narc presents to the public, it's like an insurance policy to protect their ego from fucking people over and being called on it.

If manaki is abusive then really, I don't feel all that bad for her. She's been old enough and had enough money to go solo and support herself for a while now, but she wont because then she would have to get into school or get a work Visa and actually do some adulting, rather than drink all day and show out online for attention.

No. 62095

Venus has done a lot of questionable things but you're forgetting she was raised by a narc. At some point that isn't going to be an excuse, but she's still young. She hasn't reset all of the shit she's been taught. Like how it isn't okay to lie, it's not okay to manipulate, it's not okay to hurt others. You're all operating as if this is a normal 22 year old blaming her parents for grounding her when she was 12. Venus is fucked up because she's a product of her upbringing and unfortunately it's going to take her longer than most to think like an adult.

No. 62098

you don't know anything about narc parents and it shows(no1curr)

No. 62101

i don't buy it. she recorded this days ago, and decides to post it now? also, if he is so abusive and horrible, why was he at her gathering?

she's gonna do something and needs to get people on her side.

No. 62102

Could she be splitting?

No. 62104

She's not going to get citizenship just by being married, the government will see this as a sham marriage and deport her.

No. 62113


He's probably more like.. subtly abusive than her mom. Like in a way that's not so obvious until you're around him all the time and then it just feels suffocating. As far as him being at her event, she did say he was an obsessive fan and if that carried over into their marriage he probably is having a hard time letting her go. As much as she bashed him in this video on one of her instagram stories she told people to, "just leave the poor guy alone". She probably has kind of mixed feelings about him because he ISN'T immediately dangerous/manipulative like her mother is. Or she may be trying to keep the peace in order to ensure he won't file for divorce so that she can get permanent residency.

No. 62120

He’s probably just really japanese

I keep seeing these white weeb girls marry japanese men only to find out that yes japanese men generally are very different with their wives then they assumed
And then they cry abuse because it’s easier to tell yourself he’s abusive then admit you deluded yourself with animu dreams

I do like her honesty and new way of making videos
Shes like a disney star having a breakdown

No. 62121

margo says he lost 50kg before meeting venus so he could like her. holy shit!

No. 62126

>milking the uwuwu im a poor victum sob history for youtube buxx

classy as always

No. 62127

Are you implying that Margo was not abusive? The only difference is that her abuse was in plain sight. If your husband treated you like shit, you depended on him financially and socially, and would be judged by everyone if you left him, would you?
Just stop while you're ahead.

No. 62128

>living to please my husband

bitch, he was a literal nanny for you. You would always throw him under the bus publicly at the first chance you had.

No. 62132

Weenus wasn't clear if they are divorced (probably cuz of the visa situation) but I wonder if they're living separately? And I'm somewhat surprised Manaki made her support him and quit his job (supposedly) but then again, he was a creepy fan and probably romanticized the idea of being with a "rich e-celeb" (lol) who could earn $ for them. Like did she really earn enough to support them both?

No. 62134

I thought this video was very interesting. I had no idea that Manaki left his job. A lot of anons were under the impression that he was funding her lifestyle (myself included). Did he leave his job after Venus started her recent mystery job? Her sporadic uploads on YouTube alone couldn't possibly be enough to support two people. Or was it the other way around, did she start the mystery job, uploading more and auditioning for plays because Manaki left his job?

I'm taking the information with a grain of salt and it strikes me as really weird that you'd make accusations like this about the person you're still living with and married to. If he was really abusive, would posting this not put her in danger? Also where is she (I see a cat popping up every now and again), could she be staying with a friend to escape Manaki?

No. 62136

i'm retarded, i meant *SHE could like HIM.

also, manaki quitting his job is total bullshit. weenus used to say he worked nights all the time, now she says he had quit? she just wants people against him because it seems she’ll divorce now that she can be a legal resident in nipponland.

No. 62138

can you elaborate/post proof if you find it?

No. 62144

Yeah that's bullshit.
>She said she didn't allow him to pay for her surgeries and hospital bill, and that both splitted the household bills.
>Both mentioned sleeping on separate bedrooms most of the time due different schedules.
>When Margo incident happened, he was wearing his work overalls.
>She mentioned "feeling lonely cuz mana's working long shifts :'(" at least one time.
>Manaki's surprise birthday party video, recorded in may 2018 (and which she conveniently made private/deleted), she says she has to hurry up before he gets home from work.

I don't doubt he might be a thirsty creep, but there's no evidence of him quitting his job to leech off poor Weenos.

No. 62147

I’ve been rooting for Venus, defending her and trying to rationalize her behavior as the actions of an abuse survivor with mental illness. I do not believe she is as dark-hearted as Margaret. But I thought the same as anon >>62102, that her mind is warping events to create a new narrative so she will look like the victim and I think she actually believes it. I did not think Manaki must be an angel but so many of her claims contradict what she had said before and she was the one who was secretly in contact with Manaki so she could finalize their marriage and leave SK.

We were all told that Manaki was working the graveyard shift so much that Venus was always lonely and they had separate beds so he wouldn’t wake her. Margaret used to bash him for being a poor, uneducated factory worker and would come up with every other insult against him except for calling him abusive. Venus came to his defense saying he made good money and worked hard. She would say he was like the male version of herself, made that weird comment that they liked each other too much and said they never argue. When she had the surgery, he was going to divorce her until his mother stepped in and told him that he needs to be more sympathetic to Venus’ situation. There was the time she was upset about Manaki not wanting to have children with her if she had another surgery. Then her bizarre April Fools prank about him being a molester and passive-aggressive insults she would make where many people though she was trying to get her fans to harass him while she said nothing when they did.

I think much of her problem is that she entered a marriage with someone she did not love or particularly care for and realizes how awful that is. Better than her mother is a terrible reason to marry, although she was desperate to escape. There are indications that she genuinely grew to like him as friend but never fell in love or had sexual attraction to him. It seems any sex they did have, she was just going through the motions. She now reveals she has a bdsm kink, so assuming Manaki was participating, any intimacy with him centered around violence or pain. Not love or tenderness.

I think it may be closer to this. She wanted a sweet prince, like many of us did, to dote on her, know how to fix her problems and show her a life opposite of Margaret. But he was not perfect. He’s a nerdy, insecure, ex-fat, feminine guy with no relationship experience. He is also both a man and from a culture and life she does not intimately understand. Men behave differently to stress and Japanese men can be especially hard to understand, like staying quiet and keeping up a facade of being in control of their emotions for long periods of time until they have an unexpected outburst. In my personal experience, even good Japanese men are shit at dealing with the pressure of an emotional or depressed wife and they will avoid talking to you when you’re having an episode or downplay your your feelings because mental illness is “just” in your mind. If you start crying, they won’t rush to your side and ask what’s wrong. They’ll stand around clueless and think they have to give you time to cry it out before they can talk to you.

This is what disturbs me. He’s supposed to be “mini-Margaret” but he stuck by her so long and she even told everyone how much he and his family took care of her. He didn’t isolate her, or set up rivalries with other girls and she told about him wanting her to make friends. All while Margaret and her fans were harassing the both of them constantly. Even the nicest man would be emotionally and mentally wrecked dealing with this nonstop drama and would have checked out of there a long time ago. Why would an evil man stay around, with little income from the channel and a wife publicly losing her mind for all to see while his own reputation and relationship with his family suffers? Something is missing from this story.

No. 62149

I don't buy this shit about Manaki. Venus is forgetting that we have years of evidence, from both her and Margot and Mana.

It pisses me off that she's throwing him under the bus. To be expected, but he did help her to get away from her psycho mother. Just divorce him quietly. Don't try to turn people against him. I was rooting for Venus but this is scummy of her. Now I'm starting to think she really was escorting, what the fuck this is depressing.

No. 62151

Look I'm not saying Venus is telling the true because she is clearly very unstable and manipulative herself but it's strange how many of you give Manaki a pass when he basically preyed on a underaged girl who was being heavily abused by her mother. He didn't rescue Venus out of kindness, he got himself a deranged child bride. Like nobody here is a good person.

No. 62152

imagine believing anything the insane kid of a narc momager says, venus is as fucked in the head as her mother

No. 62154

Manaki is a pedophilic Japanese incel into sadist hentai who was her obsessive fanboy, it's completely unlikely that he didn't treat her like shit. But Venus is a manipulative alcoholic who admits to being a ~kawaii psycho~ so it's guaranteed that she treated him just as bad, probably moreso as she became more mentally unstable and he didn't have the kawaii loli he thought she was and it pissed her off to no longer be coddled.

No way it was abuse. She's changed and resents him for rejecting her, so is now throwing him under the bus because he likely wants a divorce. Venus is just like her mother. Except that ironically, Margo is more honest than her. Margo does fucked up shit, but at least she's defensive of it and blames people for being sensitive. Venus is just playing the victim to be babied like the fucking child she is. I'm sure Margo was just like her when she was her age, since she's old as fuck and can't accept it and act like she's a young, desirable thot. Venus is gonna grow up to be just like her, looking for the next rich man to support her until he gets sick of her true colors and then she scams him before leaving first.

No. 62156

If he did quit, I'm sure it was at her request. He -was working for most of, if not all of their relationship, by all accounts.

It's funny to see everyone at KF suddenly bleating about what an abusive booly he's always been. It can't be possible that Venus is a messed up kid who learned how to be a narc from her mother, or at the least that she's got a bad case of fleas. Kids of narc parents always, always have issues that take years to iron out and they're rarely pretty. Lying, being self-destructive, blowing through 'friends', all kinds of shit. Eventually she'll get past it but IMO right now she's getting ready to make a move away from Manaki and wants to control the narrative. Like mother, like daughter. Unfortunately that's how it works.

They take everything she says as gospel and think the sun rises and sets in her ass, it's ridiculous. I have hope for her but I can also see that this isn't the healthiest way to handle a separation or divorce.

No. 62159

>18 yr old
>underaged girl
lol no
>inb4 he was stalking her when she was 13!!!1!

This. Apple doesn't fall far from the three.

No. 62160

I lurked pull to see their opinion, and of course its all asskissing “but she has BPD guys!!!” As if a majority of people with bpd arent manipulative liars lmfao

No. 62162

Typical narc. Its funny how she paints herself in that video. How she is the one who tries so hard to please everybody. She wants to make everybody happy. Shes the one about self love. What happened to all her little jvlogger friends? Werent there a few who went out of their way (that Mikan girl specifically) to say that it was mentally draining being her friend, and its not her job to babysit her fucked up mind because in the end it all ends up putting her in a fucked up mental mood. This shit gets passed down, and Margos shit stain she left was so huge, yet suddenly its not possible for weenus to have her own narc skidmarks.

And your husband living off of your paycheck isnt abuse. Shared funds are a typical marriage thing. Are a majority of men abused in Japan because they surrender their paychecks to their wife??Your mom forcing you to dance and taking that money and not letting you have any control over it and calling it her own is one thing. She obviously has control over her own money. She has a whole room devoted to weeb shit and kid toys. He’s not exactly sucking her dry financially. God fuckig forbid your husband quit his night job where you barely see him do to different schedules. Was she just pissed that she had to deal with his awkward moleman face on the daily?

No. 62164

Yeah. Of course it's horrific to be raised by an abusive mother, and Venus was treated terribly. The trouble is that she's now an adult, and she's been acting out for a while. At what point does she become responsible for her own bad behavior and fuckups?

No. 62167

People gave Mikan some shit for that, too. She was expected to drop her life and be there for Venus. Venus did nothing in return for Mikan, except saddle her with her own problems. Mikan had to make a few posts about the fact that they lived in different cities, that she couldn't be a therapist for Venus and stans went off.

Sadly, there's a real chance that Venus is going to be Margot 2.0 because that's usually the way this shit plays out. She might catch on and stop fucking up but I'm not holding my breath - people who thought those videos of her going pigging and getting wasted by herself at 4am as being somehow cute are deluding themselves, what she was already displaying was instability, a reliance on self medicating, and the inability to regulate her emotions. Here she is doing it again. Venus needs dialectical behavior therapy and a shrink who will call her on her shit if she truly wants to get better.

No. 62170

really just all of this. mte, great post anon.

No. 62171

both pull and kiwifarms are on full wk mode right now

I wonder what manakis's mom does think about this, she genuinely cared about this ungrateful bitch.

No. 62173

File: 1565764899473.jpg (124.35 KB, 800x600, 1fo85o25kb1z.jpg)

you all understand she just looks up memes like this then acts it out

No. 62174

Ok since Venus has decided to speak her side. I'll post some stuff too that i know.

>venus is broke and has lived off of Manaki for a bit now.

>she's bringing this up now because Manaki wants a divorce (he has brought it up before)
>If they divorce Venus can't stay in grorious Noppin
>they have been nothing more than roommates for a long time
>venus has cheated on Manaki a lot
>Manaki has at least tried to get some side action after he got to know all the times she has cheated on him
>venus berates him whenever she gets the chance
>last I heard he's started to stand up to her, which caused her last major breakdown
>manaki is a weirdo neckbeard, but he's not evil by any means
>venus has burned almost all her friendships - by cutting those out who call her out/trying to sleep with them or their spouses/not showing up/fucking up their income
>there recently was an incident that could paint venus as margo v2, the only reason it hasn't come out is because the person targeted doesn't want drama

No. 62175

>oh i never thought manaki was abuser omg
i mean, according to Venus she is diagnosed BPD. what's the number one thing bpd are famous for. What they do in memes, movies and everything. (see jennifer lawrence yelling in the street in silver linings playbook)?
They pretend that other people, who are doing nothing, are abusing them
it's the fucking quintissential thing of bpd.
>Venus: i have bdp, the thing where you lie about being abused
>venus: my bf abuse me
everyone oh shit what, abuse!

No. 62176

post proof you ugly fag

No. 62177

>God fuckig forbid your husband quit his night job where you barely see him do to different schedules. Was she just pissed that she had to deal with his awkward moleman face on the daily?

It’s wishful thinking but what if he quit his job so he could keep an eye on her? Lots of spouses end up making a similar decision when they don’t have a caretaker for their mentally or physically ill partner. I’d imagine all the time spent together and her lack of therapy or coping behaviors being exposed would be a tremendous strain on their relationship and the cause of more fights. She was also airing out such private information and that whole lesbian confession seemed to be not just plea for attention but a away to drive a wedge between them. I don’t doubt that he said or did emotionally abusive things behind the scenes but we actually saw what Venus was doing right in front of us. I wish she just had the sense to say they were in a toxic, immature relationship where they were both hurting each other.

And now jailbird Margaret is back online White Knighting Manaki…

No. 62178

I hope he divorces her. I really do. I believe she's cheated on him.

What is with Kiwi Farms and pull licking her ass over this? She is being pretty blatantly contradictory about things which are easy enough to prove or disprove.

No. 62179

kiwi farms is men who want to be her daddy bf, pull is facebook-tier retarded teenagers and biddies who haven't got an ounce of wits between them, and probably want to be her

No. 62180

You are spot on. I've always thought he was doing everything he could to help her. Watch some of their day trip videos. He is not abusive. He's always taking her places to try and cheer her. This is leaving a bad taste in my mouth. She's blaming him for her own inner misery and that's not fair.

No. 62182

gotta love how as soon as she got (self)diagnosed with bpd, she started acting like a literal brat. Before that, she seemed quite mature and level-headed for her age.

I've read that Japan doesn't take lightly sham marriages. But if she has secured a work/entertainment visa by now, it's still possible for them to kick her out?

No. 62183

>entertainment visa
ridiculous. this stuff about her earning so much money and supporting everybody has been bullshit for years. she would get like $50 a month from that dead channel. She must have been hooking or be some kind of sugarbaby for a long time

No. 62184

Or, y'know, her husband was supporting her.

No. 62185

Yeah she doesn't even own her channel anymore… well she might have it back now. She makes zilch from it. As for entertainer visa? You need a manager company for that, she had a huge fallout with her manager earlier this year because she tried to fuck him. She also crossed him over big time in business matters.

No. 62186

No point. Venus will eventually call me out, say I'm a liar/using her/not a real friend and provide the proof for me. I'm not the only one done with her shit.

No. 62187

I feel like "Manaki quit! I was paying his way!" is about the biggest, most obvious lie. Her channel hasn't brought in shit in forever. She was lucky enough to be a stay at home wife whose husband was supporting her through the 'in sickness' part of their marriage vows.

She's being awful.

No. 62188

post proof you drake-looking incel

No. 62190

sorry anon I should've worded it better, I didn't mean getting a visa for being a shitty youtuber, but stuff like this

No. 62195

If you aren’t going to post any proof to your claims what was the reason for you even to have brung them up…

No. 62196

>there recently was an incident that could paint venus as margo v2, the only reason it hasn't come out is because the person targeted doesn't want drama
Say something, don't name names.

No. 62203

venus really wants to ensure her victimhood is eternal.

if venus is implying she was forced into an arranged marriage, she's probably lying. Margo said that venus "kept changing her mind" on whether to marry him… aka doesn't seem she was literally forced into an arranged marriage.

she made good money for a long while from her youtube and could have if that was really the case. She even mentioned investing/saving on her twitter. But leaving would involve finding a place of her own, possibly having to get a "Real" job if youtube goes sour and losing her visa/permanent residency. She had no problem using manaki in this way, then publicly defaming him once she got what she wanted out of him. This video is pettiness, click-baited as "sex life" and that sly addition of "part 1", added to passive-aggressively let manaki know… there's more coming. It should also be noted that margo did the same thing with her husband (claiming he was abusive). But you can never touch venus cause "mental illness uwu" and her mommy. People always go to extremes to wk and vindicate every manipulative action of penus just because margo is her mom. It's always seen in black and white, where venus, is essentially, the "white".

And lying/manipulation/greediness/self-
aggrandizement/using others etc, Venus KNOWS these things are bad. She knows this is not okay. I can't believe there are people still saying "she grew up with a narc so she still doesn't understand these things are bad" like holy shit. She knows and she doesn't care. She's just a shit person (especially if what that supposed anon "friend" of v says is true). Manaki should sue her. You dont defame people publicly if you don't like them. That's what narcs do. You leave them and don't look back, not tarnish their reputation. I bet she's reading this thread trying to figure out how to lie better or save face by admitting a few bad things she's done so she can be revered as "honest" and blah blah blah and explain away any inconsistencies in her story now. Although, she's mostly already revered for that video. She doesn't have to do anything, the narrative is already cemented with her audience.

No. 62204

Hopefully someone reports her sham marriage to the Japanese authority. Margo's right, venus is bullying Manaki (aka publicly defaming him). Even if everything was hypothetically true, why would she share that on the internet and how on earth can KF and pull glorify her for such pettiness?

I feel like that's why she suddenly started this whole "I have bpd", as a means of vindicating herself. A part of me knew she was going to paint manaki as abusive after she posted that "manaki doesn't want me wearing lolita clothes" instapost, bashing him. It's like she was setting him up for future public defamation in an attempt to control the narrative/ensure victimhood and public asspats. If he was abusive, she was/is a) equally as abusive b)aware of it and could have left him since she had money and speaks japanese but didn't as she wasn't finished using him.

>>>venus berates him whenever she gets the chance
there's actually proof of this in some of her videos (now taken down). for instance, there was one where they went on a date at night at some theme park? or something. at some point they are sitting on a bench and venus says some english word (cant remember) and turns to manaki and speaks to him in a mocking way (like he's a retard) and says" manaki…can youuu say (insert english word)?" and she laughs and keeps pressuring him until he gives her a solid "please stop" sort of look. I knew something was up just from that. the look he gave her makes it seem like this was a reoccurring type of thing and he didn't like it. this wasn't the only example but just the first one I remembered.

that's why she started her "company" as she claimed. in an attempt at staying in Japan if manaki divorces her. and perhaps that's why the virtual tuber thing didn't happen like she said it would in may/june (if your claims are genuine and that's the same manager she burned). If you can provide some sort of proof without endangering yourself, please please do! People initially thought the koreananon on marge's thread was lying, but it turned out to be true. But we need some sort of proof or you'll be dismissed as a troll (and this would be criminal if you're really telling the truth holy shit)

No. 62209

File: 1565787997777.jpg (54.24 KB, 888x208, SmartSelect_20190814-010324_Ch…)

Maybe I'm tinfoiling but did she (or one of her now ex-friend) post this?

No. 62211


The shit Venus is saying in her video makes me think she lurks hard on this site because a lot of the stuff has been theorized here before. The video just came off so weird to me as it sounded like she was reading old theories from threads here, and making it sound like it was current and something that happened. I swear if the next thing she claims is that she was forced into hooking she deff reads head. ( Minus that no one theorized she was forced into hooking, but you know " victim")

No. 62212

Fuck me her revealing "videos" remind me of Momokun's. Something is really off and she sounds like many other narcs who talk about "finding themselves, focusing on their self care, being the victim" while talking about things that are suddenly relevant. So at this rate we now know Manaki isn't all sweet & innocent at this point yet he was clearly at her meet up that was just the past weekend. He's basically her gateway to being in Japan, so what is she going to do now? There's no way her Youtube channel supports her fully as she's not been viral like she once was as a teenager hitting millions in years.

No. 62213

She definitely lurks here as she's posted things on Instagram before that match what was said in previous threads at the time. Everything mentioned in the video is what has been spoken about here, it's like she's reached a whole new low with her efame she's desperately clinging to what she can milk to bring more attention to herself.

No. 62214

I thought the same when I watched the video.

No. 62215

>A part of me knew she was going to paint manaki as abusive after she posted that "manaki doesn't want me wearing lolita clothes" instapost, bashing him

imo it was long before,with the april's fool "mana is a pedo!" prank

No. 62216

post proof, venus knows who you are anyway if what you say is true

No. 62217

this right here. she's done so much mean girl, blatantly nasty shit to him just on insta. or the weird moments that would pop up in their videos.

No. 62219

The only thing I can think about are those poor breeding hamsters she horted. You cannot stop them from breeding until every hamster has its own cage. Venus tried to seperate them by gender, wich is not easy. I remember her saying that pets are not allowed in her appartement - Do you think she left Manaki with an army of Hamster to be eaten alive?

No. 62221

No. 62222

Does anyone think she might have posted that video as a blackmail to manaki? Like she'll claim she was drunk, or just kidding or release a part 2 that states they're still friends and everything's fine so long as Manaki doesn't divorce her until she gets the visa. tinfoiling.

No. 62223


(couldn't embed the video since it's not youtube)

sage for old milk but re watching their interactions in this video after the 'sex life' one is so weird. They have no dynamic, Venus talks to him like he is a retard and he looks uncomfortable af.

No. 62224


Finally somebody asks the real questions here lol

No. 62226


That's the first thought that went into my head.
If that's the case this is a stupid idea because immigration will see it as immature to do such a thing in public. Venus JUST mentioned recently about "leave the poor guy alone" in her previous video about her private life and that she's still married, so what is she playing at? She acts like a child.

No. 62228


God this was cringe to watch, I forgot about her awkward videos with Manaki, which was nothing more "look at my cute uwu Japanese husband" bait for her gullible fans to lap up.

No. 62229

I knew that some Anonstradamus predicted this earlier but couldn't find their post to save my life.
Thank you based anon.

No. 62230


Imagine taking anything Margo says without a grain of salt


Where's the proof, newfag? If you can't provide it, don't bring shit up until you can.


It might be, but to me it seems more plausible that it was just someone wanting to stir shit up. This thread has always been full of weirdly obsessed anons who just want to talk shit and don't care whether it's true or not


If anons ITT are right about her, the "prank" might be a relevant thing again - maybe it wasn't just her being a socially awkward tard, but actually malicious?

I don't know what to think about this all yet, to me Mana always seemed like a creep who took advance of Venus, but her now saying that he quit his job, after talking about his job kind of recently is suspicious. Maybe he quit recently? The things about Margo are hard not to believe, though

No. 62231

As >>62147 wrote:
>There was the time she was upset about Manaki not wanting to have children with her if she had another surgery.Then her bizarre April Fools prank about him being a molester and passive-aggressive insults she would make where many people though she was trying to get her fans to harass him while she said nothing when they did.

I suspect it's her way to lash out at him whenever he needs to have a serious talk with her.

No. 62232

it's not difficult to believe that what Margo did to her was true but to also believe all this new info about Manaki stinks to high heaven. massive retarded tinfoil: Venus got Manaki to crossdress and explore his 'femininity' because she's a sadist who wanted to use it against him later. narcs always hoard shit like that so they can 'tell the truth' about how awful you really are, etc.

No. 62233


Narcs also humiliate their closest friends or loved ones, always portraying them as lesser than in some way for a "joke", usually in the public eye which ties in with their hoarding to drop an eventual blackmail bombshell. Venus has done that multiple times, as though Manaki was her personal form of entertainment.

It's plain and simple, she's a narcissist like her mother and I don't believe any of her shit. They're known for being incredibly dramatic and convincing to lure in sympathy. That sad & drunken looking Venus is nothing but a fraud.

No. 62234

I doubt it, she knows her fanbase is full of weebs who eat that shit up, and they would call her out immediately if she tried to use the crossdressing against him

No. 62235

This has to be either stupid Mikan Mandarin or Apricot. Show us proof, or scared Venus is going to show up at your home to stalk you like her mother kek.

No. 62236

Maybe I would have believed her if she just said Manaki quit his job (didn't sound like a fun job, so maybe he did).

But her publicly (!) comparing him to Margo and painting herself as a poor, selfless victim is just too much, especially after seeing the way she portrayed him in her videos and him willingly going along with that. Also, the way she describes her falling in love with him as a result of her sheltered life (and Margo's influence) does not at all justify why she didn't get a divorce as soon as she realized this marriage wasn't for her. Like, come on, things don't add up at all.

How can anyone be fooled into thinking she's just a poor helpless victim? I don't get it.

No. 62237

Margaret first started the rumors about Manaki being raised as a girl, being abused and him cross-dressing while looking for men to hook up with. How did she gather this information when her Japanese is shit? I’m starting to wonder if it was Venus that fed her that information(even if it was exaggerated or distorted) and they bonded over humiliating him. Margaret also claimed Venus complained to her about Manaki being gross and him wanting to make out all the time. Why would a girl eagerly share intimate information like that with her mother, especially one known for using personal information against her? Venus even told her about her plans to get the weight loss surgery after she had “run away”. Why did Venus keep contacting her mom and giving her more fuel for drama?

This whole situation keeps getting weirder and weirder.

No. 62238

yep, and that's a specific narc behavior she learned from marge. if she was such a sweetheart she would think hey, when my mom treated me like a fucking dancing monkey i felt like shit, maybe i shouldn't do this exact same thing to other people.

note to pulltards and kiwi wk's: she's an adult and she's been doing this to her supposedly beloved husband for a long time now. stop making excuses for her. she is literally old enough to know better.

No. 62239

Part of me wonders if “mAnAkI iS nOt A gOoD pErSoN” has less to do with sctual abuse, and more to do with him asking her to tone down her shit, stop putting dumb shit online, cut back on buying baby toys, stop spending income on useless surgeries, no lolita shit in public, etc.

She seems like the type to eat up the attention when friends tell her that bf/husband trying to put an end to stupid irresponsible behavior is ‘toxic’ and ‘actual emotional abuse’