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No. 68012

Last thread >>62881

Current events:
> Venus announced she's filing for divorce after the (now deleted) drunk video where she accused her ex-husband to be like her momager.

> Won't stick to her stream schedule (as usual), blaming her ~mental health~ for it.

> Shows up to events and streams disheveled, greasy and clearly hungover.

> Anons found her manager and the company that promotes her (along other few gaijin youtubers), debunking her claims about starting her ~own media company~

> Izakaya event ft. Venus and other weeb thots went south, it is speculated that she got too drunk and caused some kind of major trouble. No one of the other girls took selfies with her, and the very few pics anons found were taken from her manager and customers, wearing a Miko oufit and chugging sake bombs.

>Something really shitty might happened, she made a IG post promising her fans that she'll stop drinking too much and taking pills (as if!)

+General summary (from last thread):
> a 22yo weeb that escaped her batshit crazy, narcissistic momager
> turns out she's just as much of a narc as her mom
> publicly dragging her husband while being active on a sugar daddy-app (we know it's hers because it has a selfie on it she never posted anywhere)
> appears to be drunk all the time, or pretending to be
> is currently talking shit about and lying that her husband quit his job and lived off her money, even though there is proof to the contrary (she herself mentioned him working very often, her channel is basically dead and hasn't brought in revenue in a long time, her sudden need to earn money after leaving him…)
> posting shopped ~*kawaii*~ selfies with depressing or suicidal captions like "daddy fuck me hard or I'll kill myself" and quickly deleting them
> disappearing after getting some asspats and pity
> after a few weeks: It's OK guys, I'm going to therapy and doing well, gonna upload to youtube again ^_^
> never does it, or half-asses everything. soon disappearing again, since she didn't get as much attention and money as expected
> rinse and repeat
> her whole fanbase basically consists of people pitying her or neckbeards wanting to save her, since being a victim is basically all she does nowadyas
> her friends get flooded with spergy accusations and messages everytime she has a public breakdown (often). never lifts a finger to stop it, which led to people distancing themselves from her
> her streams consist of hard to understand passive-aggressive mumbling, random singing and staring at the screen looking bored
> said "lolcow" instead of lowkey in one of them, confirming she lurks (hi weenos!)

No. 68013

File: 1569952203213.png (630.86 KB, 814x598, screenshot-www.instagram.com-2…)

No. 68014

File: 1569952585957.jpg (56.44 KB, 931x446, peenus2.JPG)


>ty for the thread btw!

She also deleted the post about the event on her insta.

No. 68015

I guarantee she will not stop drinking nor will she have any interest in her health purely because she lies constantly and NEVER does anything she says

No. 68016

Well, hopefully she sticks with it and this isn't just post-embarrassment hangover regret.
>Every time I start forcing myself to do something I don't want to I tend to get addictions
It sounds like she might still feel that 'performing monkey' is her only career option. Quitting social media entirely and getting a real job would probably do her a great deal of good; what audience she has left only consists of hate-watching jealous weebs and nostalgic pedos anyway

No. 68017

Jesus christ that does not look like her at all. She's really photoshopped herself to look Japanese.

Thanks for the new thread! Good pic.

Fantastic. Now Japanese people can sleep well at night knowing that WeebyMcWeebface the SJW anon is protecting their pop-culture from other weebs.

No. 68019

File: 1569956076628.png (998.43 KB, 923x715, ven21.png)

Was this pic ever posted last thread? It's kinda ironic how she wore nice makeup and a yukata here but neither at the event.

Also posting her IG here since it's not included in the OP: https://www.instagram.com/venus_angelic/

No. 68025


She'll become an alcoholic & drugged up thot in no time as she's well on her way to become that level of trash. Venus is all talk and no show. A continuous string of broken promises on how she will become a "better" person in which her idiotic fans believe, when we know full well she never will improve.

No. 68026

Take a shot every time weenus says she wants to change

No. 68027

I don't understand why she always has to promise things no one asked her about. what pills?
just washing that hair and putting out a video once a month consistently (while sober) would be enough for her fans to forget everything.
she never shows any progress before announcing how she wants to change. it's always "I had this idea 2 minutes ago and will totally do it, promise". that's how you know she's full of shit

No. 68028

she probably went to a kimono dresser for this. and she's using a billion filters (you can tell because her yukata looks smoothed and weird)

we still wouldn't be drinking as much as her!

No. 68030

Notice how she doesn’t say she’ll stop drinking altogether. She just says she’ll stop drinking “lots” of alcohol. Spoken like a true alcoholic. She needs to stop drinking period.

No. 68044


These photos kinda remind me of the nickname people gave Margo, "river kappa". Venoos looks just like the alcoholic mess she is, how could she ever upload them and think she looks good?? And smh at people commenting on Instagram that they are so prooooud of her. Why? She didn't do anything.

No. 68049

Not directly connected Venus, but is KF finally opening the iron wall of stans?

No. 68050

*connected to >>68049

No. 68054

Well she's in Japan which is notorious for how hard it is to find drugs there. Especially as a sheltered foreigner I doubt she can get her hands on anything worse than alcohol. Not that that's not bad enough for her already.

No. 68055

Here we go again. Showcasing mental illness and her problems to the internet to score pity points. I bet right after she posted that she went to lolcow and pull to see the effect it was having (ie: are they going to wish me well, hope I get better etc, or are they going to see I'm full of shit and want attention). Guess Venus got tired of trouble and wants to attempt to up her reputation. Love how she made herself look as dishevelled as possible for those extra aesthetic points to go along with the post.

Oh and she will continue lying. Let's not forget the lies about Manaki. All the lies she spewed that crazy marge accused her of (and turned out to be true), pater ad and pretending she doesn't know what sugaring is, the lies about her studio and manager and the following posts her apparent friend made (amongst all her other lies):

>>I don't understand why she always has to promise things no one asked her about. what pills?
pity grabs

No. 68057

The stereotypical BPD buzzwords (like the pills that were never mentioned until now, bruises that we have never seen) + the "pretty mess" pictures with the clothes carefully hanging from one side like a tumblr heroin chic post is so attention seeking it hurts. No hurting person has the mind to plan and edit pictures to pair with a cliche caption just to feed on some internet pity points.
Venoos, get off social media if you are really depressed, otherwise people will not take you seriously after so many "I want to get better uwu" posts.

No. 68059

pills = ibuprofen kek.

No. 68060

File: 1569978351954.gif (1014.22 KB, 300x300, tommy.gif)

>>said "lolcow" instead of lowkey in one of them, confirming she lurks
Hi Penus!

No. 68062

I can't believe how fucking pathetic she's become (always was??). Kinda wish she'd get busted for her marriage scam because that's pretty much what it is.
Also her "friend" should definitely spill some more tea soon.

No. 68063

Exactly. I can't imagine thinking "Gee, I feel so down with so many bruises and pain", soooo I know! I'll just sit next to a waterfall, make myself look an intentional and carefully constructed mess, pose for the camera and later pair that image with an equally dramatic, emotional caption, so as to woo my audience into sympathy once more. Like seriously? She repeatedly uses "her problems" as a means of phishing for compliments & attention. She wants her viewers to feed her ego, put her on a pedestal, deify her and see her as some poor, pseudo-deep girl who suffered immense hardship but rises like a phoenix from its ashes. If she's serious and needs help, take it to therapy and friends, instead of the usual self-absorbed, emotional internet drivel. She's still so disingenuous. I don't buy her bs.

No. 68068

File: 1569982990919.jpg (78.03 KB, 960x960, 64506162_1070773849978059_8185…)

Venus' facebook photo, there's another guy on there who loved the photo and who Gaku asked to "please take care of Venus" in another comment? .. Yoroshiku is common though, so could be unimportant.

No. 68075

She's really going through the typical 'child star' motions. I feel so bad for her. She has zero idea what she should be doing or acting like because she's been so strung all her life. Hopefully, like you said, she sticks with it. A lot of people who were controlled by their parents like this take yeeeears like MCK. If her mom couldn't find out I wish she could go back to her actual home and try a normal job, try to be socially interested in things she wants to be interested in, not just what people around her think and say she should be interested in.

The pills thing though.. Oh man. Thats drug and alcohol abuse. Someone needs to be watching her and helping her stick with this stuff. Doesn't help that Japan is such an open alcoholic country. They don't have too much as far as drugs go, but you can drink practically anywhere and even kids can get shit from vending machines.

No. 68082

> I wish she could go back to her actual home and try a normal job, try to be socially interested in things she wants to be interested in.

Not happening anytime soon, anon. Venus has stated several times that she's not interested in having a normal job (or anything that doesn't provide her a daily asspat fix)

Sure she was the breadwinner back when she was living with Margo, but we all can agree that recording herself eating/talking/dancing like a retard once or twice a week for youtube buxx isn't a job.

No. 68089

>bruises and pain
>Doing things I don't want to

Confirms her escorting, and then predictably resorting to drink and drugs to try to forget.

What baffles me is that Switzerland is a much more beautiful country than Japan. Why struggle in Japan when she could get a job in a beautiful country, and maybe even have support from her family?

No. 68095

How was she the breadwinner? Without her vile momager investing in their youtube and getting her out to the tabloids, interviews etc, she'd be nothing. There'd be no channel. No one would care and there'd be no income. Marge definitely exploited the situation but she was working on the channel too, so that doesn't make Venus the sole bread winner. Marge should be ashamed though, that she didn't have another job to fall back on in case YT didn't work out. I guess she expected them to become millionaires.

She doesn't want a real job and she is obsessed with/fetishizes Japan and kawaii culture so she won't go to live in Switzerland anytime soon (unless she is deported for visa fraud). Remember, this is the girl who thinks she is a creative soul, eccentric and on the same level as Trump (her words) and felt perfectly fine putting down others who she deemed as "conventional". She even put down Manaki as being reserved and unambitious, which is hilarious, given that Venus, when she is not in the comfort of her room, is also reserved, conventional and generic.

No. 68122

Who the fuck keeps saying she should go back to Switzerland?
She hasn’t lived there since she was a kid so chances are she doesn’t want even feel at home there.
And she doesn’t talk to her family, she’s not going to maybe get support from them. It’s not like her location would matter, they don’t care about or support her now while she’s going through this shit storm in Japan.

No. 68124

No. 68125

File: 1570026051474.jpg (291.11 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20191002-162019_You…)

Damn she looks rough

No. 68126

The living doll is now acting as a living teddy bear.
I'm not buying her "ahhhh"

No. 68128

I don't get why she acted like she didn't know that her role would be the teddy bear and that she just kinda shortly transform into a human. That actor dude already explained that previously in the cringy interview video. It just makes her seem even dumber than she is. "Naruhodoooo" bitch didn't even know what her role was about or what?

No. 68129

The anon never provided any proof, so I hope they don't come back to shit up the thread with stupid shit, unless they also have the receipts. Also shame on the anons who believed them without proof, it's pics or didn't happen!

>her actual home
What actual home? Some European country she lived in for a few years while she was younger? She seems to have most connections in Japan so it makes sense for her to stay there if she can work through her supposed visa problems. The only plus side of moving to Europe would be a better chance to get therapy, depending on the country of course, but other than that, she would be just as miserable there than she is in Japan, or even more so.

No. 68131

Well drugs in the form of legal medications which she humbly brags about taking lots of along with her alcohol intake. Venus is such a tragic train wreck and it's only going to get more sloppy & she deserves no sympathy for the cause of her own failure.

No. 68132

File: 1570030237234.jpg (26.56 KB, 376x381, hearteyes.JPG)


Venus looking at the bar section like pic related lmao.

But honestly? Even though I feel like it's exaggerated to say this, something tells me that venus is a Sere/lorena 2.0 in the making. Idk she will go places, but not the good type of places.

No. 68133

>She seems to have most connections in Japan

lmao in the same way that literally all fucking weebs do. being into all the kawaii uguu japanese shit doesn't make her any less of a social pariah.

No. 68135

It's so weird how she doesnt know what the fuck is happening (like with the coins and even her own character) with this job when she was probably given a script beforehand to read before starting to film.

And why the fuck is she filming her get ready with me when she knows people behind her are undressing??

No. 68140

But at least she has something there, in Europe she just has margo's family that she hasn't even ever met and who might seem shady and untrustworthy for a good reason imo, especially her grandparents

No. 68149

File: 1570043235985.png (41.42 KB, 476x253, Screenshot_2019-10-02-15-00-22…)

Tweet from natalia after the event she was at with Venus
I would bet money it was about Venus since they had a feud between them when they were both trying to be the imoutos of youtube

No. 68155

Weenus and mother literally went up against most wannabe weeby idols on YouTube for a while at the time. It would make sense this would be aimed at her as she's suddenly hanging out with people with clout now that her own efame is dying out. The sheer desperation…

No. 68158

Shady and untrustworthy family vs sugar daddies who leave her "bruised," who will win?

Even if she is alone in Switzerland, she can make friends (iirc she speaks much more calmly when not in Japanese or English) and get her life sorted out. Being the novelty doll Gaijin is already wearing very thin. Does anyone really want to see garbled streams in a plain empty room, or photos of her getting drunk or visiting sugar daddies?
When she does go elsewhere it's cringe and awful. Her ability to communicate in Japan is very stilted and uncomfortable to watch. I can't see things going any better for her in Japan than they did for Margo in Korea.

No. 68164


Don't forget, Venus's mom was the one who leaked Yukapon's peeing video she made for Akira/Junnyan/Jrcach at the height of her popularity. I can imagine seeing Venus fail like this is very satisfying for her, like karma.

No. 68168

Akira, the pee video was made for Akira, then akira made it public, margo took the video and spread it across the web,
something like that

No. 68169

I see what you mean anon, she'd honestly be better off going to whatever country she has stable citizenship status in , get some proper therapy, and focus on becoming a better person and having a better life. But Venus has always been about easy attention just like Natalia and all the other wannabe uwu waifus. It's sad but unless they reflect and get better they never will truly be happy in life. Natalia looked like she was going the right path and that she actually cared about having a music career but she never wants to learn how to do things on her own or go through things the hard way so here she is pandering to Japanese neckbeards and creepy old men again.
It's like none of them have any passion for anything other than a desire for validation. So of course they'll never truly sit down and say "what do I need to do to live and be better" cause that takes work. Ironically it's more spiritually draining and stressful to do what they are doing now in comparison to the rest us working "normal" jobs, going to school and working hard to achieve what is desired instead of looking for short cuts. There's plenty of models, musicians, actors, artists, and those into STEM that aren't doing what they wanna do but are working towards it. I don't understand why pandering to Japanese incels is seen as such an easy alternative to these people when all they are actually doing is putting themselves in constant danger.

Tldr: Venus & friends think pandering to incels is easier than actually just getting a job and sticking to it until you get to where you wanna be in life. But they don't actually have dreams other than attention.

No. 68176

Oh boy I remember when that happened. Margo shitted all over anyone she thought was a threat towards her daughter's "success" in a nutshell. Now look at her, a complete shit show with no actual career. At least Natalia has a grounded online persona from what I can tell, like most of the other weeb girls living it up in Japan. Venus is hopelessly floating around and doesn't have a fucking clue.

No. 68220

Because incel money is easy to earn. There's always a delusional lonely neckbeard out there that will throw $ at these hoes, as long as said hoes larp as the 3D animu waifu of their dreams, no matter how many filters and Photoshop it takes, they just want to satisfy their pathetic fantasies.

No. 68262

>>Also shame on the anons who believed them without proof, it's pics or didn't happen!

A lot of their claims seem very believable though.
1. Venus living off of manaki? Makes sense given she's been living so shabby since they split and lied saying he leeched off her the whole time, which is easily disproved. Then took down the video. Also, did not make YT videos for extended periods while with him.
2.Venus fucking the malice manager? Makes sense given she said malice is fucking dead and blamed the manager as being inexperienced and letting her do what she wants. Takes no accountability herself and even admitted she only did malice to see what starting a company is like, meaning she never intended to go through with it, thus most likely screwing him over.
3.Cheating on manaki? Also possible, given she had a pater ad up and their chemistry was way off. Not to mention those pics her mom posted years ago. Also claiming she was gay and wanting to date girls while with Mana.
4.Posting the slander video due to manaki wanting a divorce? Also makes sense and venus admitted to divorce later on, after the anon posted about it and before the public had confirmation.
5.Venus can't stay in japan if they split? Although we don't know if she has PR, she suddenly got with the Kitano manager, lied about making a company all on her own and even said it was "a life long dream" to start an advertising "company". Yet before that, she said she wanted to be a pastry chef and fashion designer. Therefore, she's likely doing the "company" for a visa (not life long dream bs), so the claim that she can't stay in glorious nipponland seems plausible.
6.Venus berates manaki? Have you seen their videos together? This was a constant occurrence and IS true. She even joked that he should be "put down".
7.Venus burned a lot of her friendships? Well Mikan doesn't seem to really like venus. and possibly tsuruko. Mikan talked about toxic friends in a video. Venus doesn't seem as close to many of her public friends.
8. Venus tried to sleep with friends/their spouses? She tries to paint ella as her gf/gets really touchy. Something happened at her yukata event where nataliya tweeted/implied Venus was staring at her boobs. She kissed the other girl at the event and has spoken perversely of her friends before.
9. Will call the anon-friend out as a fake friend? She's called out manaki, her mom and even the malice manager. She even low key tried to make mikan look bad in a stream (she doesnt have time for me, she's finding new friends, i hope she doesn't forget me) followed by I hope she's happy even if she forgets me, i want the best for her, I'm such a great person while low-key implying mikan isn't.

Most of the claims seem possible, but we're aware there isn't 100% proof for some of them. And her marriage was definitely visa fraud.

No. 68266

the event was on 28th, this tweet was made a day before
natalia also made a video together with mikan and venus before, so idk

No. 68268

You must automatically assume someone is guilty if they’re accused of anything because hearsay is definitely valid evidence

No. 68269

nta but you also realize that you're assuming the same thing? you're assuming venus' friend is a liar simply because you don't see the proof.

No. 68282

… What? That doesn't make any sense. NTAYRT but i don't believe that the anon was her friend at all, because they didn't give any evidence. Anyone could come here and claim to be her friend and make claims that sound believable. You can tinfoil about the claims, but treating them as absolute truths because an anon said so? That's just stupid and makes you look autistic. If I told you that I saw Venus in the red district wearing some "holy" japanese priestess cosplay with her tits out, but didn't have any kind of proof for it, you'd take that as truth too?

No. 68352

Last I knew you can get OTC codeine, by itself, or with Tylenol /paracetamol. If you have a problem and need a cheap fix on the regular, that's where to go. Especially when mixed with alcohol. She's going to fuck herself over if she doesn't just quit altogether.

No. 68417

I never said I "automatically believed them" or it was valid evidence (aside from Venus berating Manaki because there is actual evidence of that in her videos). Looks like you can't read, anon, if you think I said the claims are absolute truths.

No. 68424

No. 68425

She looks like a druck addict with her hair all greasy and that red make up under her eyes. Is that supposed to be the drunk-girl-make up she did a video about years ago?
What a boring video.

No. 68427

last i heard the pink eyes is menhera style
>cuteness that had been tainted by sickness (uwu)

No. 68428

File: 1570286907884.png (204.01 KB, 743x234, brrt.png)

the bad voice acting vid went relatively popular, was it posted on r/cringe?

No. 68432

>>announced she's filing for divorce
She didn’t say she was the one filing for divorce, her ig post said she was “getting divorced.” I personally think Manaki was the one initiating the divorce given how fucked-up she’s been the whole time they were married. Also why would she be the one to file when she needs that spouse visa, plus having to give up that nice apartment and comfortable easy life she had while married? No way she chose that. She had too many reasons to stay married.

Manaki on the other hand only “lost” his alcoholic lying mentally unstable financially noncontributing roommate by getting divorced. He had everything to gain and nothing to lose by bailing.

No. 68434

Possibly just got lucky with the algorithm, I was watching random videos in incognito mode and was surprised to see it pop up in the recommended tab.

No. 68435

File: 1570298929664.jpeg (318.34 KB, 1659x1142, C63F741C-41C1-4237-9CC1-2DBD61…)

>>ironic how she wore nice makeup and a yukata here but neither at the event.
That’s because the photo is from back in July when she did a little video and photo shoot of her wandering around some shopping center wearing a yukata. It must have been right after she signed with that skeevy “manager.” She posted the video on her insta story in July, then on Youtube weeks later, the ‘On a date with myself’ video. Screenshot from the July video:

No. 68436

File: 1570299490731.jpg (45.76 KB, 485x427, notalook.JPG)


what's up with the absolute garbage editing with her videos? Does neither venus or her manager/sugar daddy have the time to put some 5 more minutes into the making of it?

No. 68437

>>I wish she could go back to her actual home and try a normal job,
She has no desire whatsoever for a “normal job.” Just like her mommy, she thinks she is way too good to work at some common menial “job.” Because she’s a Celebrity, you see.

No. 68438

File: 1570301876983.jpeg (169.92 KB, 896x544, AD3D6930-54B3-428E-BF4E-6A77E6…)

Enjoying a beer with her charred fish.

No. 68447

This picture looks like she’s balding and haven’t washed her hair in weeks.

No. 68448

She already looks dirty at the start of the video and then it escalates with touching bait with those long sleeves, then she pours the fish oil on her when she picks it up and ends the video with actual food on her face. How can't she see how messy and disgusting this video is?

No. 68449

File: 1570310066088.jpeg (436.16 KB, 1220x1469, 8AB45242-FA53-4965-ACFB-3F7AE6…)

Those fish impaled whole on sticks, heads and tails and all look disgusting. And even worse when she picks one up and starts gnawing on it. Eww.

Also, what the fuck is going on with this photo? Her hoodie is falling off and looks covered in dirt or sand as does her hair and her legs. And she’s climbing around on rocks in those pointy toed little shoes?

And WTF is happening with her left leg?

No. 68451

The pic is old news, anon.

No. 68452

Posterize filter on photoshop does that grainy effect, it's definitely a kinda comic/poster filter causing it and not that she's covered in sand

No. 68458

I don’t believe whatever the fuck she did with her left leg to make it look about 6 feet long and deformed has been addressed, >>68451

No. 68471

File: 1570319847884.jpeg (490.8 KB, 1757x1520, A8FF389D-7D66-4CD1-A89E-747A33…)


No. 68472

There's fish on her face

No. 68474


Venus has the same conk nose as Dakota does… like they’re the actual same.

No. 68475


God she’s rancid

No. 68478

I usually don't nitpick cows but she straight up looks like gollum with the pale sullen complexion, listless eyes, and stringy dark hair.
The fishing doesn't help with that mental image.
She is really starting to look like a Margo.
>>68471 Wooooow Venus, I'm sure your viewership has never seen fish bones before. Much spook.
Speaking of views, the low count on this video really shows how much of her subs are either bought or inactive. I feel secondhand embarrassment for her.

No. 68479

File: 1570323376161.jpg (109.81 KB, 1080x1229, PicsArt_10-06-03.55.25.jpg)

People want to meet her and drink with her, anons.

No. 68491

Gollum on the riverbank eating fishesss is exactly what I thought about seeing this pic at >>68471

I don’t know what she’s thinking allowing herself to be filmed looking like this. It’s not the first time though, in some of her deleted videos from 216-2017 I remember her looking like she had been dipped headfirst in a vat of grease.

No. 68503

holy shit she looks like a meth addict

No. 68505


Thats not balding tho, it’s just the difference between the hair dye and natural hair colour

Didn’t she claim in video a few years ago the dark brown/black is her natural Color?

No. 68507

File: 1570338581155.jpeg (133.75 KB, 281x500, 2647AFB3-6393-46BB-82DF-E6CD72…)

Today's insta story from mizuki aka You Stole My Apricot. Do you guys think she’s talking about venus?

No. 68510

File: 1570345612305.jpeg (88.52 KB, 768x576, 0468B749-B696-4354-9CA4-57D6D4…)


Follow up from the new insta post, it looks like venus’ manager paid a lot for them to go

No. 68511

Am I the only one who felt bad for the fish lmao. They got impaled with a stick and then burned alive. I wonder who films her videos now? Not Manaki I assume. Her manager or one of his team members?

She might have slimmed/elongated them. Venus has kinda thick calves, but in her pictures her legs often look thinner and longer.

Possibly. I remember she posted 1-2 pics with Venus and when I checked again, they were deleted.

No. 68513

File: 1570351752487.jpg (406.82 KB, 1080x1771, Screenshot_20191006_104741.jpg)


Wonder what their "business" is.

No. 68514

Yea she said her natural hair color is dark brown and went on that shes never gonna have light hair again and "feels like herself" or sth when she has dark hair. Anyway her natural hair is more of a medium brown color, it isnt very dark

No. 68515

File: 1570352404855.jpg (66.43 KB, 931x444, insta1.JPG)

No. 68516

File: 1570352517531.jpg (80.63 KB, 933x568, insta2.JPG)

No. 68517

File: 1570353747295.jpg (320.66 KB, 1080x1742, Screenshot_20191006_112116.jpg)

No. 68518

File: 1570353871638.jpg (330 KB, 1080x1766, Screenshot_20191006_112048.jpg)

No. 68519

File: 1570354050640.jpg (416.8 KB, 1080x1925, Screenshot_20191006_112023.jpg)

No. 68520

File: 1570354171542.jpg (369.37 KB, 1080x1583, Screenshot_20191006_111949.jpg)

No. 68521


So does Venus have the same manager as that harpist?

No. 68531

ppffft this is honestly hilarious. What kind of manager did she find? What does this have to do with her channel's content kek

No. 68534

File: 1570365623979.jpg (46.52 KB, 607x293, 0001.jpg)

No. 68536

>paid to go, her channel
i thought it was more that his actual day job is organising events for little local e.g. business networking organisations, and he's just bringing Venus along now as his lowrent in-house 'entertainment'. Like he would usually be required to book something (like the harpist)

No. 68539

Did she actually wash her hair for this event?

No. 68540

this is so hilarious oh god wat

No. 68544

yeah, since it was a charity event, probably Kitano told her to shower and wear clean clothes to avoid being mistaken for a homeless beggar.

No. 68549


it even looks like she dyed her hair, in the fish vid she got some serious roots showing

No. 68551

I wouldn't look away from venus being in a type of "rent a gaijin" position at this event. I mainly hear stories about this happening in China but I've heard of some in Japan too.

It helps legitimize whatever they're selling, be it a product, service or partnership. Venus being a "youtube star" who vlogs about Japanese culture can be an additional bragging point.


No. 68552

I dunno, this event seems a bit…high-brow for a YouTuber whose career is/was mainly composed of makeup tutorials, mukbangs and (recently) emotional breakdowns and titty streaming. They couldn't have gotten anyone else? Even Rachel and Jun would've been better.

No. 68553

Why would Rachel and Jun be better? These people don't watch youtube. They just want to feel like they're talking with celebrities and VIPS. Then they can go brag to their colleagues and bosses etc.

They're not gonna fact-check. At the very most they'll see that venus has 1.x million YT subscribers which is more than legitimate enough for them. Not that I think they'll go through the effort to check.

Also, Jun isn't a cute* and white young girl if you haven't noticed…

* she's cute enough for people who don't interact with many other cuter white girls.

No. 68560


Rachel and Jun are stale. They're boring as fuck and I'll never get why they hit 1 million subs. Rachel looks like a mole rat and Jun is a basic gook. Honestly?

All the foreigners that tend to do youtube there or try to model or prostitute always look ragged. You never get someone who actually looks good, with a healthy mindset, sane. They're always neck fat or pale skinny white men or white girls with a weeb or anime obsession. There is no in-between.

No. 68561

File: 1570381905512.jpeg (248.88 KB, 1764x750, 4705ABA5-A6B0-47AF-B549-5B3423…)

Can anyone remember how she used to say her natural hair colour is a very dark brown? She said this in multiple videos yet you can see her light roots growing in the video she just uploaded, she is still adamant to this day that her natural hair colour is extremely dark, it baffles me as to why she lies about little things like this, she does this a lot and I’m seriously curious why, there has to be some underlying issue that makes her do this

No. 68562

She wants to be a Japanese girl, or at least as close as possible to being one as she can get. I don't think it's much deeper than that.

No. 68563

But what about all the other things she lied about? The hair lie is just the tip of the iceberg

No. 68564


She naturally has light brown hair - there is a picture of Venus when she was little of her winning some contest in a china dress back when she was like 11 or 12 with Margo and some woman. Her hair there was very very light.

Venus has fetishised and wanted to be Asian since she was 10/11/12. Since finding out about anime, that's all Venus's life has consisted of.

She will no doubt have a half Japanese baby. Anything as long as its Asian for her aesthetic.

No. 68565

File: 1570382623293.jpeg (63.37 KB, 409x642, E059585C-6E16-4FBA-B795-2A2EAC…)

>>She wants to be a Japanese girl, or at least as close as possible
YES to this. She does nothing as far as hair or makeup for any of these “events” but the one thing she always does is put those brown contacts in (and of course the dark brown/black hair dye.) Those “I look Japanese” lenses, every time.

No. 68571

If she thinks this “manager” dude is the one who will steer her career in the right direction she’s in trouble. Posing for pics with the ambassador of Benin is not gonna cut it, lol. I doubt any of her followers even knows what ‘Benin’ is. It’s just so random and weird. Manager dude seems extra clueless about how to promote his “World Famous Youtuber.”

And Venus doesn’t help her cause by showing up all sloppy, greasy and hungover for events and filming videos.

No. 68572

Lots of agencies can insist on black hair in Japan.

I mean if you're hiring foreigners that rule is incredibly dumb, but it does happen.

Foreign kids even have to dye their hair black in certain schools in Japan. Japan can be a dumb place to live.

No. 68573

No one is insisting that she dye her hair black (or have brown eyes.) She’s choosing to do that.

No. 68574

and you know this for a fact?

No. 68575

She’s been doing it for months and months, way before she tried to revive her channel, when she was sitting on her ass doing nothing to earn money at all. Who would have been “insisting” she do that a year ago, or 2 years ago? And who do you think is “insisting” she keep doing it now, her clueless “manager”?

No. 68578

Not defending her but who knows how long she's been employed by this company without starting activities, or she was going to interviews with agencies and trying to get work so she dyed her hair to be more employable.

Another reason is not wanting to stand out in public, I mean some gaijin do the exact opposite and dye their hair blonde or bright pink to stand out even more, but if you hate getting stared at it's a lot more common among gaijin rather than just Venus doing it because she wants to be Japanese because she's such a massive weeb

No. 68591

is she escorting her manager now? that's her job?

No. 68596

>>who knows how long she's been employed by this company without starting activities
Oh please. She suddenly started posting pics of herself cabbing all over Tokyo in May which is when the “manager” started promoting her all over his FB (including all the ‘secret meetings” he was having with the World Famous Youtuber.) That’s when she became employed.

No. 68598

>>not wanting to stand out in public
Right, she hates standing out in public. That’s why she pitched a little tantrum on ig when Manaki objected to her wearing full Lolita outfits every time they went out in public.

No. 68609

Just get over the fact that she wants to look Japanese. She's been doing it for ages.

No. 68618

>inb4 some anon reply with "uuuh but it's Japan, you can wear Lolita and nobody will stare"

No. 68619

I’m pretty sure that at the places they went to (mostly fast food and family-type restaurants in Yokohama where they lived) they got plenty of stares. We’re not talking Ginza or Roppongi where that shit would be taken in stride.

No. 68621

How embarrassing that of all her videos, it was the yandere (cringe) voice acting one that got lucky with the algorithm. Now so many people have seen that cringe-fest lmao. She even updated her latest video stating that "it's almost at 1 million guysss omg!!" Like she needs to tell the world that…to what? Show them her channel isn't completely dead with one lucky video? That she's getting some more money from it so she's slightly less poor atm? Like why even mention it? Reeks of desperation or ego.

No. 68623

File: 1570415911597.jpeg (126.61 KB, 1392x700, 6B5F34C1-095D-4DC1-AA08-1CB612…)

Lol, she is. (and it’s “almost” 750K, not “almost 1M!”)

No. 68624

File: 1570416288447.jpeg (126.95 KB, 1411x701, 9BC52490-8A09-4914-8C5F-B1AF5F…)

Speaking of pathetic, how about this?

“Part one of my vlog series on making a media and advertising company! I show you my studio!

(Guess what? There is no part 2. Or any other parts.)

No. 68625

Did she only notice this because some anon mentioned it earlier? If so, hey Venus! How's the beer?

No. 68628

no, i mentioned it cos i read her description. Since i'm posting i want to point out again - esp. for the pullies reading who don't fucking get it- he didn't organize the fucking 'Benin business bureau' networking meeting for Venus career for gods sake. He is doing his job and he brought Venus as his escort.
Whether him 'managing' her is just a little funny charade for him to be his sugar baby, or whether it is just a business relationship, all it is is him putting her on his rolodex of acts to book for the shitty functions he throws.
This stuff is not supposed to revive her viewership this is the cash-in-hand job she has talked about needing. '$200: chit chat at the embassy for 2 hours sort of thing'. Like the harpist

No. 68630

So she’s trying hard to pump up her views yet refuses to put even the absolute minimum amount of work into making her videos. I’m talking the most basic grooming here, just being clean for fucks sake. Washing her hair and maybe putting on a little makeup and some clean clothes. She films herself looking like a hungover homeless alcoholic who slept in her clothes and hasn’t bathed in days, all shiny and greasy. Does this basic fact not occur to her? I don’t get it. I mean this isn’t rocket science.

Is she autistic or something? What could be going on in her head that she does this shit?

No. 68631

I feel like she's trying to put on a show of being the poor depressed and alcoholic Venus that will "rise up like a dragon" just to get complimented and have people tell her how proud they are of her.
She pulls the mental illness card so often it makes real mentally ill people look bad. I've had it with Venus.

No. 68632

You really think she’s a paid escort looking like she does, like she slept in her clothes and just rolled out of bed and headed straight to that event with greasy hair and no makeup? Really? Surely even this loser manager guy could find a more presentable sugar baby if that’s what he’s looking for, lol.

No. 68633

You might be on to something. Before she self-diagnosed herself as having bdp and was using that for sympathy grabs.

Maybe part 2 is the fish video lol. She went there with her manager and the description says "life in Japan" as well as the company stuff.

I honestly wonder if she did him any "favors" to enlist his help. I also wonder why she hid him from the public if he really is her manager. She claimed she secured investors, but he doesn't seem like an investor if he's organizing everything for her and has what seems to be his own advertising company. Why not just be transparent, instead of hiding and outright lying, like she did with the studio.

No. 68636

I also think it's shady that the manager's business (?) seems to be located in Cambodia. Why not in Japan?

No. 68639


She could have been, but lost her sugar investors when she started making it obviousand her profile was found and posted. Rich guys with reputations and money at stake don't like it when their investment suddenly loses her ability to stay in the country lehally and begins spiraling out of control. They would pull whatever "investments" rhey gave or promised her or back out before giving her anything. If she hadn'tbeen cocky and sloppy, perhaps she could have achieved her goal of founding a company in Japan for her own lazy work visa.

No. 68640

File: 1570427332513.jpg (20.31 KB, 720x230, 20191007_074617.jpg)

What was that? "Stop drinking lots of alcohol"? Not gonna happen apparently.
Venus is now following an account about sake on Instagram.

No. 68655

Why do I get the feeling that this manager may turn out to be Manaki 2.0? More than a sugar daddy. These events are too odd and mature to be promoting a ditzy, unproductive YouTuber, even as a gaijin prop model. Talent agents don’t take their clients on fishing trips and family vacation spots.

No. 68666

How dare you anon, Venus is a totes 100% legit lesbian.

No. 68670

File: 1570467877796.jpeg (149.19 KB, 976x707, FBBCB8B8-3B0A-4B04-B8A8-03FA16…)

Lemme guess…Weenus is trying to score an event with Sake Girl because free booze. And she’s discovered she really, REALLY likes sake and that shit’s too expensive for her limited hostel-staying budget (she’s a convenience store vodka-in-a-can/cheap wine girl on her own, sadly) so let’s see if manager guy can get her another bar hosting event!

No. 68671

File: 1570468246548.jpeg (675.42 KB, 1092x1646, 8D51C0BB-110F-4E50-B45E-9C10D6…)

Weenus sez “sign me up, Sake Girl! I haz Kimonos too!”

No. 68673

hm, that could be her next gig. Maybe she followed them because she will have an ~event~ at some sake party, or maybe her manager is just trying to catch their attention

No. 68674

File: 1570477989414.jpeg (253.87 KB, 1497x1771, 132C9BA7-99B4-4C6F-BD54-A78A2F…)

Manager guy’s company, Replinet Co. Ltd

Office address and registration address are both in Cambodia but they claim to be a “Japanese Advertising and Event Management Co.”

Described on website as “Media/Advertising” (sound familiar? Weenus’s make-believe Company is also in “Media and Advertising.”

Replinet says they do “Many events including Grand Opening, Sales Promotion, Kids Event, Fashion Show, Christmas and Halloween Event.” So what they mostly do is ~events~
“Not only Cambodian but also working with International clients.”

They have no Japanese address of any kind. I guess it’s cheaper to maintain an office in Cambodia as opposed to Japan but it just speaks to Manager guy being kinda low-budget and sketchy.


No. 68676

old men like him have no standards, esp. when it comes to gaijin women.

No. 68702

File: 1570487578505.jpeg (49.44 KB, 577x617, CA60E53A-D73F-4914-B13E-5FE608…)

I know, that’s what everyone says, no standards etc. I still have a hard time believing that this haggard greasy creature is anyone’s sugar baby. Also it’s kinda amazing that she may not bathe, wash her hair or put on clean clothes for days at a time but somehow she always finds time to put those brown contacts in.

No. 68719

>I still have a hard time believing that this haggard greasy creature is anyone’s sugar baby
>Weenus’s make-believe Company is also in “Media and Advertising.”
to my mind this confirms the sugaring - because i remember on stream she said her company would be in this area because she had a "friend" who did that stuff and would advise her. She didn't say her manager which she could have. She said "friend" in a coy way, which now clearly referred to this guy

>but she looks sub-par

why does everyone say this? Why can't a middle-income boomer have an arrangement with a cheaper baby? Why do people think the guy has to be rich?

No. 68727

I believe that was in reference to making a venus angelic fan club website. She said she had "a friend" who would take care of that, which, you're right, seems likely to be someone from Kitano's advertising company intent on advertising our "world famous youtuber" and not one of her actual friends. She said she lives in Tokyo because her office and her studio are there and that she goes to live with Manaki on the weekends. Quite a few lies there, though. Also, let's not forget how abruptly she shut her stream off when someone entered the room. Why on Earth would she hide a roommate?

I wonder if she'll continue to vlog about "her company", given that all it took was one video regarding the studio for lolcow/pull to see through the bs.

No. 68729

>>Why can't a middle-income boomer have an arrangement with a cheaper baby?
Just hard to see anyone paying for THAT, >>68702
no matter how cheap.

No. 68730

Who knows, maybe he's into hobophilia?
Jokes aside, I think these men go after stupid and easy to manipulate girls like Penus for several reasons, either because they know their income and assets aren't enough to keep a 'real' sugar baby, a savior complex, or even a cheap form or financial dominance.
An average sugar baby won't suck his dick in exchange of a lame fishing trip and two grilled fishes, but V will do it if it means she can stay in Japan and get free food and booze.

No. 68731

*of financial dominance

No. 68736

File: 1570495956139.jpeg (264.51 KB, 1085x800, 450C9DB5-F878-48B3-ABF1-6C5182…)

Wonder how that HIRING is going?
She was looking for “staff” with “skills related to media and finances” lol
Funny how those “updates every Friday Saturday and Sunday on my YouTube channel!” never happened either.

No. 68738

So do you guys think venus actually did some legal paperwork to register a company, or is the advertising company she talked about literally kitano's company? I'm inclined to think it's the latter and any paperwork involved was just Entertainment visa paperwork.

From: https://www.japanvisa.com/visas/japan-entertainer-visa

>>5 categories for entertainment visa
1.Mainstream entertainers [performance art] and sportspeople.
2.Those who support the individuals in i. This may include choreographers and trainers.
3.Those who are involved in the production of TV programs or movies.
4.Those involved in commercial photo shoots or sound recording.
5.Those involved in the “entertainment industry”. This includes those working as “hostesses” in bars, night-clubs, etc. Much of the complexity surrounding this SOR appears aimed at ensuring the well-being of individuals in this category.

>>Requirements for the Hiring Organization:

1.At least three years' experience handling foreign entertainers.
2.In the past three years the Organization must have fully paid its obligations to foreign entertainers.
3.Have at least five full-time employees.

>>None of the following should apply to individuals involved with the organization:

-Persons involved in human trafficking.
-Persons who have assisted non-Japanese nationals to engage in illegal activities.
-Persons involved in the use of false documents to assist foreign nationals to enter Japan.
-Persons involved with prostitution.
-Persons involved with organized crime.

If Venus was sugaring/escorting to get that visa, she'd be in legal trouble if exposed. Maybe why she pretended she didn't know what sugaring was?

>>There are also requirements for the actual establishment where the entertainer will be performing. These requirements include:

-The establishment should not restrict its audience to certain groups.
-There should be a minimum of five employees primarily engaged in serving customers.
-Individuals with an Entertainer Visa should not participate in serving customers.
-There should be a stage area of at least 13 square meters.
-There should be a “Green Room” for use by the entertainers.
-The establishment should have at least five employees.

>>Non-Entertainers category

Examples in this category may include the following activities:

-Movies production,
-Commercial photo shoots,
-Commercial sound recording.
In such cases, the Applicant must receive no less remuneration than would a Japanese national for comparable work.

>>Supporting documentation

Where the Applicant will engage in theatrical performances, musical performances, sports, or other public entertainment (the following is required):
-A personal history and documents issued by an official organization able to certify the Applicants career and qualifications to undertake the proposed activities in Japan.
-Copies of the company registration,
-Statement of profit and loss,
-List of staff.

So it really does seem like venus has signed with a company/official organization that will sponsor her (applicant) entertainer visa, in the advertising category. She has also done hostessing gigs and theatrical performances (the play) as organized by Kitano and claims to be renting (or Kitano is renting) a studio (“Green Room” for use by the entertainers). This could be why she suddenly developed an interest in bars and drunk titty streaming. Safe to say, she doesn't have PR and needs an Entertainer visa, BUT why would she lie and say she's established a company that has been "her life long dream*? Is it out of shame or something? Is she trying to hide the fact that after Manaki kicked her, she's in desperate need of a visa? Does she just like aggrandising herself and being seen as hard-working girl boss who never needed/used Manaki and can start a company just like that, on a whim? Is she doing something illegal to stay in Japan so she's being vague? Like what gives?

No. 68739


Does it occur to you guys that she could perhaps shower and change before her "meetings" with her manager? Of all she gets from it is this shady deal then maybe she's too depressed to bathe except for when she has to. Think about it: this time 2 years ago, Venus had everythings she wanted and all the asspats she could handle. Now? Yikes.

No. 68742

Venus doesn't have enough experience anywhere but youtube, she definitely has an entertainment visa through kitano's cambodian company. That could explain why she is probably living with him- she had nowhere else to go and he was her ri ket to staying in Japan without a real job. I can't wait until either this small fry company ruins her channel with all the weird, drunk content or lets her go for being a manipulative trainwreck.

No. 68743

Another thing I was thinking is perhaps venus is currently using Kitano/his advertising & media company, not only for an entertainer visa, but to learn how to manage an adverting company and then dump him like the malice manager and go solo? Though I don't see the point in that, as she could just stick with Kitano for a visa, instead of making things harder for herself by going solo, since she doesn't seem genuinely interested in any of this anyway (even mentioned in her deleted emotional drivel by the waterfall post).

Like just trying to see if there could be even a smidgen of validity in her claims of starting a company, but it really doesn't look like it.

No. 68750

>>why would she lie and say she's established a company
She’s spinning grandiose delusions and fantasies about herself just like her mommy.

No. 68753

She’s always been kinda slovenly and lacking in the hygiene department though, this is nothing new. I remember makeup tutorial videos with closeups of her dirty raggedy fingernails while applying 6 coats of makeup. Yuck.

No. 68756

Plus openly admitting she's in financial trouble would caught authorities' attention.

No. 68762

Some of you girls don’t want to admit how low men’s standards are. Just browse the gaijin gyaru or Sere threads. There are enough of sad sack, weird guys that would pay for these messy girls. Start thinking like a childless/divorced middle aged man who can’t succeed with normal women his age. lol

This Kitano guy looks like he’s trying to turn her into wife(but not Venus’ plan) and there may be findom element to that too. I personally don’t get the vibe that he’s a scummy guy, just a naive pushover. She probably sold him that story about how her husband was just as abusive as her notorious mother. Notice her style change? It’s all for this guy. Just like she started dressing in a more otaku “I’m an edgy Yandere” style when she was with Manaki.

So, she said she was in the PROCESS of getting a divorce? I’m 100% sure it was Manaki who initiated the divorce and she will draw it out as long as possible until she gets secures her visa through Kitano. If Manaki was that bad, and she was supposed to be the breadwinner and did not need him, a mutually agreed upon divorce(Kyogi Rikon, the most common divorce in Japan)would have been super easy to get and she would have been bragging about being a free, independent woman. But she indicating they are in mediation or the court is reviewing the case. FYI: In Japan, you can’t get divorced simply because you no longer get along or have fallen out of love. It must meet at least 1 of the 5 conditions: 1) infidelity 2) malicious desertion 3) uncertainty as to whether or not the spouse is dead or alive for three years or more,
4) serious mental disease without hope of recovery, or
5) a "grave reason" which makes continuing the marriage impossible.
You can guess who could check off numbers 1, 4 and 5. But the court process can still take a long time.

No. 68765

Yeah her exact words were “I’m getting divorced.” And I totally agree it had to be initiated by Manaki. She had too much to lose by divorcing him including her visa and lifestyle (as evidenced by her current living conditions and how she’s scrambling for a visa.)

>>don’t get the vibe that he’s a scummy guy, just a naive pushover.

I think he’s just very low-rent and extremely clueless in how he’s going about promoting his World Famous YouTuber. And his office and mailing address being in Cambodia gives me shady vibes.

No. 68784

Well if so it wouldn't matter, I doubt Venus has the language or business skills to successfully run any kind of company in Japan without a guardian figure running it for her behind the scenes. She can't even stick to a YT upload schedule when she's been making videos for almost 10 years now, come on. Venus, running her own company, successfully, that grants her her own visa to stay in Japan? No way, she just isn't that smart in a real world application like a business. She's too sloppy and temperamental to be a businesswoman. She killed Malice because there's no way to get a work visa just for being a ~voice actress~ to your own OC, yet the Malice manager likely lead her on to think she could if she slept with him.

No. 68786

There were people speculating that Venus may be eyeing an entertainment visa after the divorce cancels her spousal visa but I believe she is going for the business manager visa. If she gets everything in order before the spousal visa expires, she can start off with a 1 year business manager visa. People without a valid visa at the time of application can apply for a 4 month business management visa then petition for extended stay in order to change to full business visa after set up and requirements are met. The requirements for this visa are: 1) Office for business except home, 2) Investment more than 5 million JPY for capital, 3) Sustainability for Business (Business Plan written in Japanese), 4) Related career to your startup business, 5) Business Partner living in Japan. (You are required to have at least one staff member with valid long-term residency.)

As we can see from Instagram, this looks like exactly what she has been scrambling to prepare for the past few months. I really wonder if this was her own idea and she went searching for a partner or if Kitano suggested this path to her. There is a certain amount of personal history that will be reviewed by immigration after the application is turned in. Hence, the many deleted videos, Manaki’s presence wiped off the face of the Earth and all these random, uncharacteristic functions she has been attending. I don’t know how far they typically dig into an applicant’s online history, though. Kitano’s experience with organizing small functions and branching out into the niche category of foreign YouTubers in Japan plus Venus’ large subscriber count may be enough to satisfy the inspectors. It actually doesn’t seem like business manager visas are difficult to get as long as you have the money.

No. 68787

>I don’t know how far they typically dig into an applicant’s online history, though.

Well, if she's going through a divorce at the samentime that she's trying this, which she is, they will absolutely look into the divorce and her marriage, and especially her persona and how she used and threw away Manaki. Plus, if Manaki is goin after her for marriage fraud, then whoever would grant her this business manager visa (immigration I guess?) could be tipped off to this being a scam, he could show them the acreenshots of her pater profile and her drunken IG posts avting like a thot before she suddenly got worh Kitano.

She shot herself in the foot and is now basically limping away slowly. She was set up nicely on her pedestal, I wonder why she got bored with it?

No. 68789

The smart thing to do would've been to stay with Manaki while setting up her business, meet all the requirements, then dump him when it's all ready.
Her YouTube channel wasn't a mess back then, too, so it really could've been her saving grace.
I'm betting she'll either abandon this idea and get into a fake marriage with her "manager" (or someone her manager sets her up with), or it'll fail and she'll be sent back to Europe. This business thing just doesn't look like it'll work out. She's not in the right frame of mind, and her manager is clueless for taking her to that charity event full of serious, older people with actual lives.
Honestly, going home wouldn't even be that bad for her. What's wrong with Switzerland? You had a good run in Japan, Venus. Maybe you can make friends with that weird rich Swiss weeaboo, Melonpan, and revive your channel with collabs. He might even help sponsor you to go back to Japan.
It'd be a better position than being one of those gaijin who ends up having kids in Japan and is stuck with a neglectful, abusive and/or absentee husband.

No. 68794

>what's wrong with switzerland
i mean normally i say this too but one thing wrong with it is that marge is there right now

No. 68805

“Addictive” those are the most boring tiktoks I’ve seen, clickbaiting herself so she seems famous, it only works if you put someone who is well known or actually famous in the title

No. 68806

Oh and to add, what makes them Japanese tiktoks exactly? They are made by a white European girl

No. 68808

There's so much editing and filters on these they may as well be videogame characters

Also appears to have been compiled by her pervy manager considering the "top 2"

No. 68810

>what makes them Japanese tiktoks exactly?
I'm assuming that it's because they are mostly in Japanese? Still cringey though.

No. 68823

Yep, Margaret is there, just waiting to pounce on her. She’s an embarrassing numbskull right now but I’d never wish Venus to be forced to reunite with that awful woman.

I guess if this media management company thing falls through, maybe Venus can end up with Manager-san in a Cambodian village, doing deep-fried insect mukbangs.

Her title is misleading but these are all TikTok trends in Japan.

No. 68829

Any other (European) country where she can stay long-term without marrying some random sleazebag and where she has access to jobs/education/therapy will do just fine. I understand that she doesn't have a real home and doesn't want to leave Japan because it's just like Anime~ but in the long run it's not worth it.

While she was still with Manaki she would have had a chance to set up a normal life for herself, I. E. pursue a diploma, get as much therapy as possible, learn healthy coping mechanisms, make normal friends that are not attention whore weaboos etc. She had all the tools she possibly could have asked for: Financial stability, moral support even from thousands of strangers etc.

Instead, she ended up just like all the other washed up white weebs who go to Japan thinking they'll make it big as models just because they're white: Questionable visa status, only hangs out with other white people unless it's for "business", no proper job or pursuing an education, fake relationships for their own gain/potential sugaring, liveblogging their escapades on social media.

I don't get why you would want to be miserable just to stay in glorious Nippon. You can read Manga and decorate your pink bedroom with Sailor Moon merch in any other country of the world, and as a bonus you might even be able to have a social life and make a living without having to sell yourself. She has no future in the entertainment industry. She has no social skills, no talent for singing/dancing/acting and no working experience whatsoever. The only reason why her channel was ever successful is because as a teen she was cute from one angle.

No. 68844

it's not even "while with manaki" it's "while in japan". japan has painfully bad mental health care and it's almost impossible to integrate into standard japanese culture if you haven't lived there for most or all of your life. even if venus stays there, she will be shoehorned into gaijin spaces and will need to rely on a job based around her gaijin skills.

No. 68846

>>with Manager-san in a Cambodian village, doing deep-fried insect mukbangs.

No. 68847

File: 1570558351981.jpeg (46.84 KB, 579x614, 8773EEF2-3EDD-4A01-BA1B-A9E1CC…)

>>personal history that will be reviewed by immigration after the application is turned in
I don’t think those drunk livestreams with her boobs out will help her cause much.

No. 68849


The title should have been CRINGEY WEEB TIKTOKS!

No. 68854

Doesn't really matter if Marge is there. It's not like she'll know where Venus lives nor will they ever bump into each other on the streets. Marge has been to Japan before, yet even when Venus did events, she didn't show. She didn't visit her at narcon either. So I doubt that'd be a problem.

No. 68866

File: 1570571428745.jpeg (308.96 KB, 2024x1154, 9FA164E3-2670-42EA-8317-CB6EC5…)

She found Venus’s address in Japan from some Youtube document and repeatedly stalked Venus and Manaki there, showing up at their door and lurking outside the building multiple times and even tried to break into their apartment. Just because marge didn’t travel from Korea to Sweden when Venus was at Narcon doesn’t mean she wouldn’t figure out where Venus was and stalk her again if Venus moved to Switzerland. She absolutely would if they were both in the same country.

Marge might be calmer and less agitated now than she used to be but she’s every bit as obsessed and batshit crazy when it comes to Venus as ever. Her videos literally cosplaying Venus and responding to things she has randomly mentioned on her instagram prove that. The bitch is still psycho. I wouldn’t want to be in the same country as her if I were Venus either.

No. 68867

She definitely will find Venus and she reads here also. Venus probably put a restraining order on her… so yeah Margo was definitely a no show.

No. 68868

File: 1570572063601.jpeg (457.83 KB, 1090x1636, FCBF01F9-A8C1-4329-BE20-4509C9…)

Some more crazy: marge posted on instagram about where she’s living now in Basel, Switzerland and hashtagged it #birthplace. Marge’s birthplace is in Hungary. It’s Venus whose #birthplace is Switzerland. Tell me that’s not creepy as hell.

No. 68870

i can't believe you'd post this. is it your first day

No. 68871

That was when venus initially ran away and marge was FUMING mad, at peak rage. She could have easily visited venus at any of her events in Japan, but didn't. I doubt she'd go on another trip across Switzerland just to find her. Maybe she'd show at an event, but would get kicked out pretty fast. It's NOT a problem. You guys make it so melodramatic.

No. 68873

Switzerland is a big place with over 8 million inhabitants. Marge will definitely find her Please.

No. 68876

tell us more, anon. What else might marge definitely not do?

No. 68877

>>She could have easily visited venus at any of her events in Japan, but didn't
She likely was banned from entering Japan for quite awhile, plus she was too broke to travel to Japan for most of the time she lived in Korea. Do you really think she’s all normal and harmless now because she’s somewhat calmer? She’s still obsessed with Venus and she’s still disordered and unhinged. She’d make it her business to track Venus down if she was in Switzerland and travel would be much easier without having to worry about passports and airfare and such.

Why are you so invested in this “marge is totally harmless and nice, no problem!” fiction? Are you new here?

No. 68878

Facts: Marge went back to Japan, twice, and the first time accosted Venus who was locked in her at home and Manaki arrived, she had a psycho moment where she scared him outside. The second time she tried to break into Venus and Manaki's place using tools. These events happened over a time period longer than a year. She's an absolute menace and will never be the sweet old mama with simple hurt feelings that you want to believe.

No. 68882

Stop with the strawman fallacy. I didn't say she definitely won't try, just that it doesn't seem as likely, given Marge had ample opportunity to find Venus since the first incident & hasn't attempted to loiter/stalk/search, despite knowing the area Venus lived at & being nearby in Korea. What was stopping her from boarding a plane to loiter her area in the hopes of running into her? Nothing. Yet she still didn't do it (she even traveled to Okinawa so if she wanted to she could scrounge up the cash to do so). And even if she did try, the chances of randomly bumping into her in Switzerland are incredibly slim. There are MILLIONS of people living there (and an anon says she will definitely find her). She even knew the exact location Venus was at many times and never attempted to visit, despite being close by in Korea. Marge is dumb as a brick, but she's not that dumb to risk venus calling the police on her for stalking. Hell, maybe after the first incident, venus even threatened her with a lawsuit. And if she ever dares go to an event? Security/police will show her out. It's not a big deal.

So if I think it's unlikely Marge will go gallivanting across Switzerland to find Venus (given she had ample chances to & refrained), that means I think she's a nice, harmless wonderful person? I never said that, nor think that. Both a strawman and false dilemma fallacy. Will also add, I am not "so invested" in this. There are more posts "invested" in disproving what I said then there are of mine. If I am "invested", then you are equally so.

Looks like you can only see in black and white, not shades of grey. Tell me where I said Marge is a sweet old mama with simple hurt feelings that I want to believe? Yes, Marge did try to find Venus, and she could again, but like I said, she had ample opportunity to do so since then, and hasn't. So there's an equal chance she won't attempt to break in again. Venus would sue her.
And do tell me how she would even find her address in Switzerland? She only previously found through copy right counterclaim/lawsuit reasons. Do you really think that out of 8 million+ people, she will actually run into Venus? I just think this "marge will find 1 person if they live in the same country" ridiculous. If it's that easy, then she can find her in any country, which begs the question, why hasn't marge found her again in Japan, since the first incident?

No. 68898

ya, except even tokyo alone is bigger than that, and marged managed to find venus in japan. it's not like if she moves to switzerland she will go into hiding, you know

No. 68902

File: 1570591997347.jpeg (146.87 KB, 329x500, 7B1E5D2C-172F-495C-A9C5-45C313…)

Venus low key insinuating her public dress style has changed due to becoming more mature or a natural occurrence and not a sudden 180 due to a need for entertainment/business visa + need to project a more professional public image.

If she didn't need that, she'd still be dressing like an infantile, retarded weeaboo, so don't pretend like this is some natural change that occurred with time/growing up or that you're surprised, peenus.

No. 68903

>shades of grey
I stated the facts of Margo's "uninvited visits" and they are indisputable.

No. 68904

You are very, VERY invested in this. Why is it so important to you to deny Marge would hunt Venus down and stalk her in Switzerland just like she did multiple times in Japan that you would write a fucking novel about it?

What part of “the bitch is still batshit crazy and just as obsessed with Venus as ever” do you not understand?

No. 68906

Venus' latest video. I don't know if she based the list off tiktok views (too lazy to check), but if not, it seems she picks the ones she likes the best, which include her kissing Ella and her dancing like a retard in a bikini as Margo 2.0

No. 68908

>>Marge went back to Japan, twice
She stalked Venus more than those two times. There was another time she went to their apartment, hung around outside and talked to their landlord while waiting for them to come home (they were out of town visiting Manaki’s parents at the time.)

Then there was the time she stalked Manaki’s parents, traveling hundreds of miles across Japan by train to “warn them that Manaki was holding Venus as a prisoner in their apartment,” She got to their home town and called the cops, demanding that they notify his parents (they declined to talk to her) and that they call Venus to check on her welfare (Manaki put Venus on the phone to say she was fine and not being held prisoner.)

I think >>68882 must be new.

No. 68909

ugh. weebs are just unbelievable. they all want to have their cake and eat it and then fuck themselves over away from their dream. just fucking be like normal trophy wives and get over it.

venus literally had a husband who regarded her as a goddess and she still needed to whine about "wanting more" and tried to keep her marriage to get the PR visa.

No. 68910

Yeah now she dresses like a homeless druck chick…
It's possible that all her cutesy clothes are still at Manaki's place. I still hope he just throws away all her stuff.

No. 68911

Her new style is the “I slept in my clothes” look.

No. 68913

Agreed, was not disputing that, but you know that. You know the black/white/grey was in reference to you claiming I think marge is a sweet nice hurt momma or whatever just because I don't think she'd find her in Switzerland. If I don't agree with you, it must mean I like Marge. It's just straw-manning my argument.

You are equally invested. Why is it so important for you to prove that marge definitely would hunt venus down in a country of millions, and why can she only magically do this if they live in the same country? It makes no sense logically. And the only reason marge found venus in Japan was because venus had to provide an address when she was fighting tooth and nail over the channel, not because she sleuthed out her location out of millions of inhabitants. Marge isn't going to magically find her in Switzerland, whether she's insanely obsessed or not. Venus can live in any country without worry, except with family in Hungary. But I concede, ad nauseam.

She hasn't tried to find her since Dec 2016. Even if she does, how will she find her, besides going to an event and getting kicked out/possibly apprehended? She could have done that in Japan too. Bringing up past shit she's done is irrelevant to her actual ability to find Venus.

No. 68915

except you don't know that she hasn't tried. and, after all, venus is still her daughter and despite all the narc shit marge still loves her in her weird way and is obviously hurting from their splitting-up. not to say that she hasn't other additional selfish reasons for tracking her down, but you can't forget that venus is her only spawn and the closes person to her

No. 68917

If she wanted to appear more professional, she should probably not post suicidal stuff every other day. Or film herself drunk. Or maybe wash herself occasionally. But I guess cosplaying a successful businesswoman is fine too.

No. 68922

>Venus low key insinuating her public dress style has changed due to becoming more mature or a natural occurrence and not a sudden 180 due to a need for entertainment/business visa + need to project a more professional public image.

more like she had no time to pack her belongings when Manaki kicked her out eloped with manager-san

No. 68924

Tbh it’s not hard to find or get drugs in japan but the consequences of getting caught are bad.

If you go to shady areas chances are you might be offered drugs, probably moreso when you’re white.

No. 68955

Okay, we get it.You’re on a Mission to convince everyone here that crazy Marge would totally not stalk Venus if they were in the same country. You’re not going to convince anyone who has been following the nutcase that 1) she’s totally not obsessed any more (she is) and 2) it would be too hard for her to track down where Venus lives (it wouldn’t be hard at all, 3) crazy Marge stopped wanting to see/talk to Venus in 2016 (see #1) and it would be too hard for Marge to travel a few miles to “talk to” Venus with no international borders or immigration laws to have to worry about (it would be much easier if they were in the same country, obviously.)

You’re not going to convince anyone who has been following this psycho to join ‘your side,’ no matter how many words you write, Sorry about that. You might want to give some thought into finding a hobby or some other more useful way to occupy yourself.

No. 68958

Are you autistic or just a pulltard? You're all about logic, when in reality, your only "logic" is things Marge did or didn't do in the past to forsee her future actions (or lack thereof). While we got you so many reasons why stalking is way easier if both parties are in the same country. Why you don't wanna understand that?
Your "logic" doesn't work like that because the locations of the past/present (Japan for Venus and wherever tf Marge is rn) and their location if they were both in Switzerland, is different. It's not about how "sane" Marge seems to you rn, but about how the risk is too damn high. Get it in your brain that you can't compare Marge when Venus is in Japan and if both were in Switzerland. In this scenario the location is one of the most important factors and not something which you can argue away with your "logic" ffs

No. 68968

Seems like many of you have a warped sense of what living in europe is like, nobody is waiting for somebody like her.
The unemployment amongst young people in southern countries is seriously high - and why choose an uneducated foreigner over a local youth? The job situation in the north might be better but the competition is also a lot higher, the vast majority there has an university degree. And while mental health care is better than in japan, it's also not as good as many like to make it out to be. Getting an appointment in a country with cheap medical insurance can take insanely long and there's still social stigma attached to it - otherwise there wouldn't be so many depressed people.
And if she was to go to switzerland or any of the other german speaking countries she'd still stand out, because considering she wasn't there in ages, we can assume that her way of expressing herself is probably on the level of a kid. Her cheap "business lady"-shtick would only gain mockery.
Retail work is so badly paid that it often isn't enough for just a small place in a small town - and do you think that Venus could really work as hard as girls working there? Not that anybody would take her weird and greasy looking mess. She never worked even remotely as long as 8 hours, she'd never be able (or willing) to do shifts standing up, doing dirty work and still smiling when costumers treat her badly. No excuses, no "I feel so sad/bad today, I have to go shopping for weeb things instead"…

The wisest thing would have been to put up with manaki (even tho he was sooo bad…) and use all the free time she had while leeching off of to get just a bit better, enough to plan a proper new start. She had what, 2 years? That would have been enough to get a high school diploma in some sort of online/evening school.

No. 68978

Lmao, i'm the only one that thinks that outfit looks terrible and cringy?
Well, at least she used to look like she showered.
Wenuus, we know that you only own a couple of clothes and thats the reason why your "style" is so much different now, otherwise you'll be wearing the same type of shit as before

No. 68993

>>She had what, 2 years?
She had more than 3 years to get her shit together. She sat on her ass the whole time, coasting on her Youtube $$ until they ran out. Then Manaki kicked her drunk freeloading ass out and here we are.

And all this talk about could she live in Europe or not is a waste of time. She has no plans to leave Japan and especially not to get a fucking job. Those are for common ordinary people, not Celebrities like her.

No. 69000

File: 1570667362760.jpeg (141.84 KB, 691x1062, 1A9678DD-7403-4A23-BE5D-82F9D5…)

Looks like that outfit was from her chest-binding “I’m just a widdle 6-year old, tee hee” days.

No. 69004

Went from chest-binding to "hehe look at my tiddies". That chest-binding looks so odd, why wear a tight t-shirt if you're binding your chest like that? It'll just look weird as fuck

No. 69006

To show how tiny and smol she was, anon.

No. 69019

Maybe her life wouldn't be amazing, but I'm sure there's some kind of welfare program she could live on until she settles in, gets her shit together and finds a job. It could be way worse, lmao.
The biggest issue IMO is Marge stalking her, so she'd have to go out of her way to fly under the radar and be secretive about her exact location. As long as she doesn't put everything about her life on blast (though being an e-celebrity has kind of groomed her into doing that), I don't think there's a huge chance of her getting found.

No. 69025

That look so disturbing and literally no one of her fans called her out for it…

No. 69027

Switzerland is no "southern country", it's in central Europe. The unemployment rate is also extremely low. It's not like she wouldn't find a job, just not one that's well paid because the education and job application standards are extremely strict. If she wants to be a leech for the rest of her life, she should just go to Germany. Extremely generous welfare state, also very accepting of mentally ill people. There is a reason why this is where all the fugees want to go.

No. 69033


TBF some anons tried to call her out on it in past threads and got flamed to sesth by stans claiming it was a sports bra, and that she wasn't binding to appeal to pedos. Suuuuuurre.

No. 69044

"she should just go to Germany. Extremely generous welfare state, also very accepting of mentally ill people."
It's not "very accepting" of mentally ill people. It's still somewhat of a stigma to talk about your mental illness, therapy or medication. But it's getting better over the years. And probably 100 times better than in Japan

No. 69046


wtf are you talking about. GER welfare requires to be a national or to have an employment that's not fully covering living expenses. without one or the other she wouldn't even have health insurance, if she can't pay for it herself.

No. 69051

Just speculating, but maybe she doesn't want to go to Europe now that Maggot is there. To visit Japan is more strict than any European country. You can just move freely from country to country if you're a member if EU. Maggot would definitely stalk the shit out of her. She also has a network of sorts in Japan, moving to a place where she knows no one could feel scary. She should finish high school though, and make friends outside Japan.

No. 69056

she doesn't want to leave japan because she's still a huge fucking weeaboo.

No. 69073

Venus's only life now is LARPing a Japanese 13-year old. That's why she "needs" to stay in Japan.

No. 69168

well Natalia privated that video the moment she set foot in America, so it's long gone, idk if it could be an indicator of a feud with Venus/Mikan

No. 69186

yeah, it's definitely menhera style makeup.

Everytime she tried to bite the fish and said 'atsui atsui' it was so cringe. i dunno if she's trying to be act dumb or just is.

No. 69193

Totally agree. Returning to Europe is not that easy and as someone who moved abroad, I can understand why she wouldn’t want to consider it besides as a last resort.

It’s also expensive as fuck to uproot again. Not sure about the situation in Germany or Switzerland but finding a place to live is hell. At least where I’m from, you need a good salary before looking for a decent apartment to rent. You often need parents references and their payslips to better your chances of finding anything. It’s already hard to rent anything when you don’t have a regular 9-5 job, like being an artist, but being a YouTuber or influencer is even more of a joke.

Secondly either you pick to live in a big city with good public transport, and then it’s way more expensive and harder to find a place to live in, or you need a car to find any kind of job. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think Venus has a licence.
And while I don’t like her much, I can feel for her for not having much family members to rely on or even good friends back in Europe that could help her out.

No. 69194

She had a falling out with Mikan. The status she wrote was about Mikan and anons didn’t believe it…. The ice cream video with Mikan is gone as well.

No. 69250


of course she deleted this one.

No. 69257

Guess she changed her mind about that “gonna stop drinking excessively large amounts of alcohol” thing.

No. 69259

What’s even the point of deleting smth like this if all of her followers have probably seen it anyway. Like I get it if you delete something after minutes or hours, but days? Or was it even weeks?

No. 69278

Eventually people will forget & she can claim she didn't say it.

No. 69287

Did she delete this? It says video unavailable.

No. 69292

It's just one of those videos that doesn't let you play it outside of youtube. If you directly go to her channel it's still there.

No. 69307

File: 1570940872729.jpg (332.01 KB, 720x994, 20191013_062654.jpg)

No. 69317

If I remember correctly this one is from the time when she was still with Manaki. She recycles months old content just like Margie lol
Once again nice fake eurasian shoop

No. 69323

File: 1570954011819.jpg (41.33 KB, 1080x208, Screenshot_20191013_100557.jpg)

No. 69329

Someone sure is touchy lol

No. 69332

At this point she is worse than margo. It‘s sad that she can‘t see that for herself. She probably will continue living in her delusions and never get her life together. I don‘t have any hope for her to ever get better but it‘s fun to watch that mess spiraling down further and further.

No. 69334

At this point I just wanna see her get deported so she'll be forced to get a real job

No. 69335

you're right anon, around the time they went to narcön.

No. 69343

I think if she got deported she’s be homeless, which is a nightmare and I wouldn’t wish upon someone.
Then again maybe she needs to sink that low to get her act together.

No. 69370

File: 1571008420956.jpeg (435.81 KB, 1196x1827, 11F1626F-6B3F-4BE0-B6E4-54C445…)

Weenus not gonna end up with anything close to 1M views on that video she got lucky with and tried so hard to promote. And her other videos get 20-40K views unless they have clickbait thumbnails like pics with former bff Ella. That won’t be enough to live on unless she’s doing something else on the side like camming or gravure (or escorting although I’m skeptical about that.)

She’s been posting only old pics on ig too. She must look pretty bad these days.

No. 69407

Not the same anon but I find this post so funny. In debate, you're supposed to use logic, not feeling & emotional drivel. Other anon is just saying that they don't think her momma will be able to find her in Switz & fair point so long as venus was secretive of her location. Yokohama where V was previously at only had 3M population & still her mom was unable to find. Now up that 3M to 8M – odds of finding her actually decrease. But if she knew the Swtz city V was at, that'd up the odds significantly as each city there has less than 1M so V would need to be careful not to disclose the area on SM. And it's completely fair for that anon to compare JP/Switzerland/margarets past/present behavior to reach a conclusion because you're doing it too & that's all we have to go on. Yes, it's cheaper to stalk in the same country, which may motivate mag, but it still costs money to stalk whole of same country so if money is so much of a deterrent, it may stop her searching whole Swtz. She had from dec 2016-summer 2019 deportation to continue search but seemingly didn't. If marg continued privately trying to find v post 2016 as >>68915 said, then means, yes she will likely continue in Swtz & money isn't a deterrent but also further supports anons claim of margaret being unable to find her despite years of trying.The hardest part of going to Swtz imo wouldn't be her momma, it would actually be finding a place to rent in advance as she'd be going solo, no Manaki to leech off of this time. I honestly hope she gets deported but has some savings for hotel. I think in the long run, she'd benefit, & JP would have one less fetishizing gaijin loser to deal with.

No. 69409

EU, EEA and Swiss citizens can live and work in Germany without restrictions but she'd need to register. While she looks for work in Germany, she could receive benefits from Switzerland, and once she finds job in Germany, works and contributes to the taxes, she could apply for benefits there.

lol this post just goes show you how deluded she really is. Not only does she look like margaret, she also act like her. Now we know her third trigger, among being called poor & lazy.

Also, she re-uploaded her "almost" 1M cringe video to her JP channel. She's hoping it'll get lucky with algorithm too and she'll get more money/followers for literally the same content. She's one lazy, coin-goblin bitch.

No. 69411

>the same illogical talking point 'muh odds when muh 8 million people' (as if stalking someone involves waiting to bump into them at random)
>i'm not the same anon

No. 69412

I dont care if you think I'm same anon. Might as well just call me margaret while you're at it & I don't see you providing any "logical" reasoning as to why she would find v in whole of Switzer since you seem obsessed with that term & instant reply. All I hear is "margaret is a crazy bitch so that automatically equate to she WILL find her". rubbish.

No. 69414

File: 1571034115761.jpg (Spoiler Image, 170.59 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (2).jpg)

a little bit of logic for you would be that anons, without even trying found where venus studio is in about 1 day. It's not that hard. post your twitter if you're so sure it's hard to track you down. i'll send you a picture of your house or your family member in like 1 hour

No. 69417

Social media. Don’t act like Venus was smart enough to quit it

No. 69418

who are you to give a guarantee that she wouldn't? she went to Japan twice specifically to do just that. the best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour.

No. 69423

File: 1571056005463.jpg (257.06 KB, 1080x1609, Screenshot_20191014-142559.jpg)


No. 69424

Those are song lyrics from Cheer Up London by Slaves. Except the exact lyrics are “Put another 0 in your paycheck
Are you done digging your grave yet?”

Ever edgy, Venus! Nice pic from a million years ago.

No. 69428

It’s not a matter of total population of a country or even physical distance. Location can be ferreted out using the internet once you know what country a person is in. Easy peasy, marge has internet stalked before, she knows all the tricks. Step 2 is getting there, much easier and cheaper when there are no intl. borders to cross, airline tickets or visa officials to worry about. Just get a super cheap train ticket (like when she went on her epic hobo train journey across Japan to “find Manaki’s parents,” sleeping in train stations and Konbini stores.) The bitch is an expert on cheap travel tricks. Where there’s a will there’s a way as they say. And marge most definitely has the obsession er, will. She’ll get it in her head that she MUST talk to Venoos face to face to MAKE HER UNDERSTAND the error of her ways or whatever. Pick your obsession. Start the internet search and she’s off.

If you think she wouldn’t or couldn’t do it you haven’t been following along these past few years.

No. 69436

She must be desperate for validation. “Hey guys remember when I was a famous Living Doll? Now tell me I’m pretty!”

No. 69452

File: 1571091258010.jpg (674.55 KB, 1059x1934, 20191014_191350.jpg)

No. 69453

Yeah… sure. Did she finally take a shower or why is she sooo happy?

No. 69454

Whole new level of attention-whoring

No. 69455

I feel like the heart is supposed to indicate that she found a new love aka her shady manager

No. 69457

This sudden burst of euphoria is…interesting.

No. 69460

Sameanon who wrote >>68913 I think this has gotten out of hand. I never meant for my little comment to get this much attention or people to resort to ad hominem over it. That said, I think anons were getting confused between SEARCH for and FIND.

In terms of finding her, no one here aside from >>69414 and >>69428 has provided any reasoning as to how she would accomplish this miraculous feat. I'll I've heard was:

-She's tried in the past so will definitely find her (makes no sense; answers nothing)
-She found her address once in the past (she did not find it, she was served it on a silver platter via counterclaim forms and got lucky)
-She's crazy and will definitely find her (provides a motive but answers nothing)
-It's easier/cheaper to stalk her in the same country (still doesn't answer how she'll find her).

As for >>69414 and >>69428 I completely see where you're coming from and I assumed social media would be your answer, but if location is as easy to sleuth out as a reflection in the eyes:

1. Why is it that in like 2.5 years Marge was unsuccessful in SM stalking (and Venus has not been particularly careful on SM either),making it even easier?
2. Why would she suddenly be successful in SM stalking if Venus hypothetically moved after failure all these years? Or are you saying Marge, master of cheap travel, did sleuth out Venus but conveniently couldn't afford a plane ticket prior to deportation, nor took advantage of confronting her at events (which didn't even require sleuthing).
3. Some anons (probably not you) suggest she move to Germany or a diff EU country and no one cares. So Marge can't SM location stalk Venus there? Only in Switzerland? She can't find her despite the fact that EU/EEA citizens have freedom of movement around the countries of the EU, as otheranon said?

I honestly think anons are over-estimating Marge's ability here. Yes, living in the same country gives Marge cheaper access to searching, but I don't see how that convinces people Venus would be found. If she's stupid enough to post locations or host events, then yeah, but otherwise, I don't see living in Switzerland or another EU country as automatic capture. Marge's search would end with her in jail, imo.

No. 69461

Give it a fucking rest, obsessed anon.

No. 69462

Is she phishing for compliments/attention? How very Margo of her.

This comes shortly after her rant on alcohol, among other prior rants in the not so distant past so is probably a lie. Or is this about trying to make it seem like she's better off and not struggling without Manaki? Did she get her shady entertainment visa? Or is it just PR control?

No. 69463

I haven't posted in like a week. fuck off.

No. 69469

Yeah, sure. Getting wasted and eating charred fish & manager-san's dick sounds thrilling.

No. 69482

Oh right, she’s the happiest she’s ever been, lol.

When last seen on ig and YT she looked like a hung over greasy homeless person who had slept in her clothes with no shower for several days, she’s been posting nothing but old pics on ig and her YT views are tanking. Sounds great, I’m sure she’s ecstatic. Not.

No. 69486

Venus is a swollen pussy and a filthy dildo away from ~thriving~ just like Shayna

No. 69493

She needs to find an AA equivalent program in Japan and sign up immediately. She will never quit on her own.

No. 69494

File: 1571114509848.jpeg (371.89 KB, 1090x1957, 6B794486-6E60-4A2B-9788-2EC651…)

Her YT views are dismal. Like really bad.

I wonder if she’s even still with Manager guy. She hasn’t had any events scheduled since that disaster at the pub (which was never mentioned again by any of the participants except for that one selfie the other 3 took.) No mention of that play she was in, that seems to have disappeared. (That thing with the ambassador from Benin (lol) was probably scheduled in advance.)

No events, no sponsored posts, promotions, collabs, nothing. She doesn’t even have anything new to post on instagram and she’s barely putting out 2 videos/week (which no one is watching) and if’s been a week since her last one. I bet he dropped her because a) she blew everything he arranged for her and b) she can’t afford to pay him.

No. 69497

>> She needs to find an AA equivalent program in Japan
You need to admit to yourself you have a problem before seeking out treatment and she hasn’t done that. She thinks she can totally handle alcohol because she’s eastern European, not like some alcoholic. Also she can quit any time she wants, just by deciding she’s going to quit drinking “large amounts” of alcohol. She can totally still drink in moderation, see, not like all those alcoholics.

No. 69514

Yeah. Remember the post she made about wanting to drink less alcohol? She said she wanted to do it because she doesn't "want to disappoint you guys." not because it's fucking up her health, it's because she gets concerned/negative reactions rather than the asspats she's used to, and she doesn't like that.

It's so infuriating how many opportunities this girl has had to get her shit together and yet she just sits there and does nothing.

No. 69518

Is that a wallet under the poodles face?

No. 69558

So since she now has to earn her own living and she’s made the decision to do that via Youtube and instagram, you’d think that she’d put just a little bit more effort into it. It’s obvious she hates everything about it and has to force herself to put even the bare minimum of effort into it. One or two boring instagram posts/week and half the time they’re not even new pics, and maybe one half-assed video/week. Ir’s like she wants all the views, likes, validation and $$ without actually doing much of anything to earn it.

So why doesn’t she look into doing something she actually likes for a living? Like maybe something that puts the different languages she speaks to some practical use? She’s just a massive waste of space at this point.

No. 69568

Her language skills are not as good as she likes to pretend. She can't even speak proper English. Maybe it's because she's drunk most of the time nowadays, but I can hardly understand her sometimes.
I doubt she has any real interests in languages. The only reason why she knows so many is because her crazy mom moved them from one place to the other. She never learned any by herself apart from Japanese because weaboo. Getting a real job is also much harder than posting two selfies and two videos per week. You even have to shower regularly and your boss won't care about your shitty childhood if you fuck something up.

No. 69571

Obviously she’d have to get a HS diploma equivalent and some college before starting a real career but she could get a part-time job in retail or waitressing while taking classes online. She had over 3 years to at least start working on this. She could start now but she doesn’t seem to give a shit or have any aspirations to do ANYTHING, not even a decent job on Youtube.

I had a lot of sympathy for her for a long time but these days not so much.

No. 69574

That's so dumb. You can't say searching is fine, there is no risk because if/when searching is successful, it leads to immediately finding. Like, of course we know Maggot is no fucking superhero but if Venus is not careful enough it's only a matter of time until she would be found

No. 69628

ntayrt but who cares if Margo finds Venus anyways? both are so fucking stupid and weak to actually kill each other.

No. 69638

Think we weren’t talking about killing but okay, you do you.

No. 69643

Someone ITT is really trying to make it seem like Venus is only safe from evil homicidal Margaret in kawaii Japan, desu.

No. 69645

File: 1571218878226.jpg (287.47 KB, 1080x1613, Screenshot_20191016_114054.jpg)

No. 69650


Yeah…. I don't see what's so bad about the two of them running into one another. What are they gonna do?

Nothing. Just useless drama. So tired of people pretending Venus is in some kind of danger and ~needs protection uwu~

She should have put her big girl panties on and dealt with her family in person and grown up.

No. 69652

Wasn't Margo physically abusive?

No. 69653

Imo getting stalked by Margot would already be hella stressful and possibly a traumatic experience for Venus, even without any physical violence.
I still don't want her to stay in Japan, just because it'd be a good wake-up call for her but putting her in one country with her crazy mother is just cruel lol

No. 69654

why are you so invested in her reuniting with her family? she doesn't owe them a trip to switzerland kek.

No. 69657

I wonder who it could be

No. 69658

Dude what? I remember once, margot actually made her go on nico nico and she was 13 years old and she was wearing a japanese swimsuit licking ice cream off her fingers. You think a sane mother does that?

No. 69660

Some people here don’t know the difference between valid criticism and mocking mental illnesses.

No. 69662

Why the fuck does she need to go to her family in person?
It’s not exactly like Venus owes them anything. Her mother is insane and her dad wants nothing and has wanted nothing to do with her.

No. 69667

>> I don't see what's so bad about the two of them running into one another.
No one is saying marge could murder Venus. The issue is what it would be like for Venus to walk out her door one day in Switzerland fo find marge lurking outside waiting to confront her. Which happened more than once in Japan. It would be a nasty shock and marge would likely make a big scene DEMANDING that Venus TALK TO HER. She might even grab Venus, that’s also happened before (at the airport in Tokyo, security had to be called.)

So yeah, that would be a(nother) emotionally traumatic experience for Venus to add on to all the others she has had. And she really doesn’t need another one of those.

No. 69674

That's still not the worst thing that could happen to her. She could end up a homeless drunk, fucking for a place to sleep.

If she is truly worried about running into her mother she can get a restraining order, change her name again to something non-Japanese andndye her hair and live a normal life. It doesn't seem like Margo is still trying to hunt her down anymore anyway, and them being in the same country isn't dangerous because neither of them is a danger to each other. Dealing with a narc mom is hell but it's doable, especially once you escape them and get out on your own. Venus isn't so pwecious that she should be shielded and protected by some kawaii witness protection-type lifestyle playing kiddy in Japan forever, she's an adult woman who grew up with Margo and now doesn't have to rely on her anymore. She is just clinging to any vague excuse to stay in Japan other than "I want an easy life for being a white whore".

No. 69676

I was responding to “what's so bad about the two of them running into one another” by explaining what would be “so bad” about it, for anyone trying so hard to minimize it. You think it’s no big deal, try switching places with Venus and see how you like having an obsessed psycho mom with a history of physically stalking you.

No. 69677

Lmfao, I actually do and my narc mom went to jail for trying to strangle me. Hence, why I say it can't be too bad for babby Venus: restraining order, and call the police. She can be an adult and handle it like an adult, not like a dramatic toddler or a precious autist.(blog)

No. 69679

Oh, I see. You had a shitty life with a narcissist for a mom and so you just assume everyone else’s situation is easier.

No. 69681

Who the fuck cares when it's about Venus and not about you? Stop projecting yourself onto her and derailing the thread with a discussion that's been over since forever. It's fucking annoying seeing only this useless banter when you want to read some tea about Venoos.

No. 69684

Y'all forgetting that margo wanted to see Venus' channel and career destroyed. Now that Venus did it by herself, Margo is just happily watching the trainwreck from afar.


No. 69692

You seem like yet another example of a narc parent turning their kid a narc, kek

No. 69712

this anon's right tho.
people who insist that you can't live in the same country as your abuser/stalker sound like coddled babies that never had a bad thing happen to them.
what are you gonna do when someone randomly decides to stalk or harass you, change your identity and move to another continent?

No. 69714

Venus has become a cultural fetishist, roleplaying a Japanese girl supporting herself with sex work while trying to float the excuse that her narc mom and semi-shitty life (compared to other narcs and abuse victims) justify her never havjng to get a real job or education. She, a non-Japanese white woman with no special skills, has no reason to be in Japan other than to have an IRL backdrop for her drunken videos. All because she thinks she's better than everyone else for being viral pedobait.


No. 69715


You guys really don't know shit about narc moms or dealing with one if you think Margo is more than a 3 /4 on a scale of 10. She never beat Venus, locked her in a room or kept her away from the internet, she indulged Venus from the time she started YT because she wanted to love off her, but stage parenting/momagering isn't inherently abuse. They are both entitled, lazy, spoiled and undereducated yet think they're gorgeous, infallible geniuses who deserve everything. Wether that's Margo's fault or not, it's Venus's true colors now. It's not her fault she turned out like this neccesarily, she could have tried to do better for herself instead of taking the easy way out and using people. She's fighting the inevitable and trying to make it seem like her childhood was so much worse than it really was, all because she is a lazy, entitled narc who wants to stay in Japan and be lazy and spoiled forever, and if playing up her abuse and her mom's antics makes her think she has an excuse to have an easy life forever then she's in for a very, very rude awakening.

No. 69719

how do you know what Venus' life with Margo was like? don't be fucking ridiculous "u dont know what its like boohoo" shut up

No. 69721

it's not hard to tell since they put their life on the internet, or do you have some super secret info that you may want to share with us?

No. 69726

So what is this “BREAKTHROUGH” she speaks of? It’s not her Youtube views, that’s for sure. They’re tanking. Her “Company” she formed? There’s been zero evidence that even exists a month after she announced it- no instagram posts, no videos after that initial one in “her studio.” I think it doesn’t exist, except maybe on paper for visa purposes. No office or employees except in her fantasies.

So what gives? And why in her two recent pics is she hiding her face/looking down? Is that bloated mug beyond even her considerable photoshop skillz?

No. 69727

Some of us have been aware of Venus and Margo for as long as she's been on YT, you realize. Just because there's no proof of her not being horribly abused, doesn't mean ahe can embellish her trauma freely. The severity of her abuse was analyzed back around thentime she broke away from Margo and got with Manaki, back when everyone was asslicking her and calling Margo a demon and even then nobody was acting like she was being hit, pimped out, starved or kept away from people. All Margo's "abuse" is shit Venus could get up and fix herself by choosing to be better than her upbringing and completing the cycle, but she won't because not only is it difficult, but she wouldn't be able to use her childhood as a shield/excuse anymore.

No. 69729

Exactly this. I'm sorry for the anon with the violent mom tho.

No. 69730

I dunno,.. it’s really easy to label someone who “only” suffered emotional abuse as lazy or whatever. Like I get what you’re saying, some people have it way worse. And of course stalking victims can’t always move to another country LOL. She doesn’t have any skills, so it doesn’t matter if she “deserves” to stay in Japan or “has” to move. It’s better she just gets better where she is now than moving into Margo’s direction. Just IMO. This thread’s too slow and boring, thank god we can discuss bullshit like this!

Also why tf are words like victim or abuse written in red as soon as I post things?

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