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File: 1569952132245.jpeg (81.33 KB, 682x555, 1569812724252.jpeg)

No. 68012

Last thread >>62881

Current events:
> Venus announced she's filing for divorce after the (now deleted) drunk video where she accused her ex-husband to be like her momager.

> Won't stick to her stream schedule (as usual), blaming her ~mental health~ for it.

> Shows up to events and streams disheveled, greasy and clearly hungover.

> Anons found her manager and the company that promotes her (along other few gaijin youtubers), debunking her claims about starting her ~own media company~

> Izakaya event ft. Venus and other weeb thots went south, it is speculated that she got too drunk and caused some kind of major trouble. No one of the other girls took selfies with her, and the very few pics anons found were taken from her manager and customers, wearing a Miko oufit and chugging sake bombs.

>Something really shitty might happened, she made a IG post promising her fans that she'll stop drinking too much and taking pills (as if!)

+General summary (from last thread):
> a 22yo weeb that escaped her batshit crazy, narcissistic momager
> turns out she's just as much of a narc as her mom
> publicly dragging her husband while being active on a sugar daddy-app (we know it's hers because it has a selfie on it she never posted anywhere)
> appears to be drunk all the time, or pretending to be
> is currently talking shit about and lying that her husband quit his job and lived off her money, even though there is proof to the contrary (she herself mentioned him working very often, her channel is basically dead and hasn't brought in revenue in a long time, her sudden need to earn money after leaving him…)
> posting shopped ~*kawaii*~ selfies with depressing or suicidal captions like "daddy fuck me hard or I'll kill myself" and quickly deleting them
> disappearing after getting some asspats and pity
> after a few weeks: It's OK guys, I'm going to therapy and doing well, gonna upload to youtube again ^_^
> never does it, or half-asses everything. soon disappearing again, since she didn't get as much attention and money as expected
> rinse and repeat
> her whole fanbase basically consists of people pitying her or neckbeards wanting to save her, since being a victim is basically all she does nowadyas
> her friends get flooded with spergy accusations and messages everytime she has a public breakdown (often). never lifts a finger to stop it, which led to people distancing themselves from her
> her streams consist of hard to understand passive-aggressive mumbling, random singing and staring at the screen looking bored
> said "lolcow" instead of lowkey in one of them, confirming she lurks (hi weenos!)

No. 68013

File: 1569952203213.png (630.86 KB, 814x598, screenshot-www.instagram.com-2…)

No. 68014

File: 1569952585957.jpg (56.44 KB, 931x446, peenus2.JPG)


>ty for the thread btw!

She also deleted the post about the event on her insta.

No. 68015

I guarantee she will not stop drinking nor will she have any interest in her health purely because she lies constantly and NEVER does anything she says

No. 68016

Well, hopefully she sticks with it and this isn't just post-embarrassment hangover regret.
>Every time I start forcing myself to do something I don't want to I tend to get addictions
It sounds like she might still feel that 'performing monkey' is her only career option. Quitting social media entirely and getting a real job would probably do her a great deal of good; what audience she has left only consists of hate-watching jealous weebs and nostalgic pedos anyway

No. 68017

Jesus christ that does not look like her at all. She's really photoshopped herself to look Japanese.

Thanks for the new thread! Good pic.

Fantastic. Now Japanese people can sleep well at night knowing that WeebyMcWeebface the SJW anon is protecting their pop-culture from other weebs.

No. 68019

File: 1569956076628.png (998.43 KB, 923x715, ven21.png)

Was this pic ever posted last thread? It's kinda ironic how she wore nice makeup and a yukata here but neither at the event.

Also posting her IG here since it's not included in the OP: https://www.instagram.com/venus_angelic/

No. 68025


She'll become an alcoholic & drugged up thot in no time as she's well on her way to become that level of trash. Venus is all talk and no show. A continuous string of broken promises on how she will become a "better" person in which her idiotic fans believe, when we know full well she never will improve.

No. 68026

Take a shot every time weenus says she wants to change

No. 68027

I don't understand why she always has to promise things no one asked her about. what pills?
just washing that hair and putting out a video once a month consistently (while sober) would be enough for her fans to forget everything.
she never shows any progress before announcing how she wants to change. it's always "I had this idea 2 minutes ago and will totally do it, promise". that's how you know she's full of shit

No. 68028

she probably went to a kimono dresser for this. and she's using a billion filters (you can tell because her yukata looks smoothed and weird)

we still wouldn't be drinking as much as her!

No. 68030

Notice how she doesn’t say she’ll stop drinking altogether. She just says she’ll stop drinking “lots” of alcohol. Spoken like a true alcoholic. She needs to stop drinking period.

No. 68044


These photos kinda remind me of the nickname people gave Margo, "river kappa". Venoos looks just like the alcoholic mess she is, how could she ever upload them and think she looks good?? And smh at people commenting on Instagram that they are so prooooud of her. Why? She didn't do anything.

No. 68049

Not directly connected Venus, but is KF finally opening the iron wall of stans?

No. 68050

*connected to >>68049

No. 68054

Well she's in Japan which is notorious for how hard it is to find drugs there. Especially as a sheltered foreigner I doubt she can get her hands on anything worse than alcohol. Not that that's not bad enough for her already.

No. 68055

Here we go again. Showcasing mental illness and her problems to the internet to score pity points. I bet right after she posted that she went to lolcow and pull to see the effect it was having (ie: are they going to wish me well, hope I get better etc, or are they going to see I'm full of shit and want attention). Guess Venus got tired of trouble and wants to attempt to up her reputation. Love how she made herself look as dishevelled as possible for those extra aesthetic points to go along with the post.

Oh and she will continue lying. Let's not forget the lies about Manaki. All the lies she spewed that crazy marge accused her of (and turned out to be true), pater ad and pretending she doesn't know what sugaring is, the lies about her studio and manager and the following posts her apparent friend made (amongst all her other lies):

>>I don't understand why she always has to promise things no one asked her about. what pills?
pity grabs

No. 68057

The stereotypical BPD buzzwords (like the pills that were never mentioned until now, bruises that we have never seen) + the "pretty mess" pictures with the clothes carefully hanging from one side like a tumblr heroin chic post is so attention seeking it hurts. No hurting person has the mind to plan and edit pictures to pair with a cliche caption just to feed on some internet pity points.
Venoos, get off social media if you are really depressed, otherwise people will not take you seriously after so many "I want to get better uwu" posts.

No. 68059

pills = ibuprofen kek.

No. 68060

File: 1569978351954.gif (1014.22 KB, 300x300, tommy.gif)

>>said "lolcow" instead of lowkey in one of them, confirming she lurks
Hi Penus!

No. 68062

I can't believe how fucking pathetic she's become (always was??). Kinda wish she'd get busted for her marriage scam because that's pretty much what it is.
Also her "friend" should definitely spill some more tea soon.

No. 68063

Exactly. I can't imagine thinking "Gee, I feel so down with so many bruises and pain", soooo I know! I'll just sit next to a waterfall, make myself look an intentional and carefully constructed mess, pose for the camera and later pair that image with an equally dramatic, emotional caption, so as to woo my audience into sympathy once more. Like seriously? She repeatedly uses "her problems" as a means of phishing for compliments & attention. She wants her viewers to feed her ego, put her on a pedestal, deify her and see her as some poor, pseudo-deep girl who suffered immense hardship but rises like a phoenix from its ashes. If she's serious and needs help, take it to therapy and friends, instead of the usual self-absorbed, emotional internet drivel. She's still so disingenuous. I don't buy her bs.

No. 68068

File: 1569982990919.jpg (78.03 KB, 960x960, 64506162_1070773849978059_8185…)

Venus' facebook photo, there's another guy on there who loved the photo and who Gaku asked to "please take care of Venus" in another comment? .. Yoroshiku is common though, so could be unimportant.

No. 68075

She's really going through the typical 'child star' motions. I feel so bad for her. She has zero idea what she should be doing or acting like because she's been so strung all her life. Hopefully, like you said, she sticks with it. A lot of people who were controlled by their parents like this take yeeeears like MCK. If her mom couldn't find out I wish she could go back to her actual home and try a normal job, try to be socially interested in things she wants to be interested in, not just what people around her think and say she should be interested in.

The pills thing though.. Oh man. Thats drug and alcohol abuse. Someone needs to be watching her and helping her stick with this stuff. Doesn't help that Japan is such an open alcoholic country. They don't have too much as far as drugs go, but you can drink practically anywhere and even kids can get shit from vending machines.

No. 68082

> I wish she could go back to her actual home and try a normal job, try to be socially interested in things she wants to be interested in.

Not happening anytime soon, anon. Venus has stated several times that she's not interested in having a normal job (or anything that doesn't provide her a daily asspat fix)

Sure she was the breadwinner back when she was living with Margo, but we all can agree that recording herself eating/talking/dancing like a retard once or twice a week for youtube buxx isn't a job.

No. 68089

>bruises and pain
>Doing things I don't want to

Confirms her escorting, and then predictably resorting to drink and drugs to try to forget.

What baffles me is that Switzerland is a much more beautiful country than Japan. Why struggle in Japan when she could get a job in a beautiful country, and maybe even have support from her family?

No. 68095

How was she the breadwinner? Without her vile momager investing in their youtube and getting her out to the tabloids, interviews etc, she'd be nothing. There'd be no channel. No one would care and there'd be no income. Marge definitely exploited the situation but she was working on the channel too, so that doesn't make Venus the sole bread winner. Marge should be ashamed though, that she didn't have another job to fall back on in case YT didn't work out. I guess she expected them to become millionaires.

She doesn't want a real job and she is obsessed with/fetishizes Japan and kawaii culture so she won't go to live in Switzerland anytime soon (unless she is deported for visa fraud). Remember, this is the girl who thinks she is a creative soul, eccentric and on the same level as Trump (her words) and felt perfectly fine putting down others who she deemed as "conventional". She even put down Manaki as being reserved and unambitious, which is hilarious, given that Venus, when she is not in the comfort of her room, is also reserved, conventional and generic.

No. 68122

Who the fuck keeps saying she should go back to Switzerland?
She hasn’t lived there since she was a kid so chances are she doesn’t want even feel at home there.
And she doesn’t talk to her family, she’s not going to maybe get support from them. It’s not like her location would matter, they don’t care about or support her now while she’s going through this shit storm in Japan.

No. 68124

No. 68125

File: 1570026051474.jpg (291.11 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20191002-162019_You…)

Damn she looks rough

No. 68126

The living doll is now acting as a living teddy bear.
I'm not buying her "ahhhh"

No. 68128

I don't get why she acted like she didn't know that her role would be the teddy bear and that she just kinda shortly transform into a human. That actor dude already explained that previously in the cringy interview video. It just makes her seem even dumber than she is. "Naruhodoooo" bitch didn't even know what her role was about or what?

No. 68129

The anon never provided any proof, so I hope they don't come back to shit up the thread with stupid shit, unless they also have the receipts. Also shame on the anons who believed them without proof, it's pics or didn't happen!

>her actual home
What actual home? Some European country she lived in for a few years while she was younger? She seems to have most connections in Japan so it makes sense for her to stay there if she can work through her supposed visa problems. The only plus side of moving to Europe would be a better chance to get therapy, depending on the country of course, but other than that, she would be just as miserable there than she is in Japan, or even more so.

No. 68131

Well drugs in the form of legal medications which she humbly brags about taking lots of along with her alcohol intake. Venus is such a tragic train wreck and it's only going to get more sloppy & she deserves no sympathy for the cause of her own failure.

No. 68132

File: 1570030237234.jpg (26.56 KB, 376x381, hearteyes.JPG)


Venus looking at the bar section like pic related lmao.

But honestly? Even though I feel like it's exaggerated to say this, something tells me that venus is a Sere/lorena 2.0 in the making. Idk she will go places, but not the good type of places.

No. 68133

>She seems to have most connections in Japan

lmao in the same way that literally all fucking weebs do. being into all the kawaii uguu japanese shit doesn't make her any less of a social pariah.

No. 68135

It's so weird how she doesnt know what the fuck is happening (like with the coins and even her own character) with this job when she was probably given a script beforehand to read before starting to film.

And why the fuck is she filming her get ready with me when she knows people behind her are undressing??

No. 68140

But at least she has something there, in Europe she just has margo's family that she hasn't even ever met and who might seem shady and untrustworthy for a good reason imo, especially her grandparents

No. 68149

File: 1570043235985.png (41.42 KB, 476x253, Screenshot_2019-10-02-15-00-22…)

Tweet from natalia after the event she was at with Venus
I would bet money it was about Venus since they had a feud between them when they were both trying to be the imoutos of youtube

No. 68155

Weenus and mother literally went up against most wannabe weeby idols on YouTube for a while at the time. It would make sense this would be aimed at her as she's suddenly hanging out with people with clout now that her own efame is dying out. The sheer desperation…

No. 68158

Shady and untrustworthy family vs sugar daddies who leave her "bruised," who will win?

Even if she is alone in Switzerland, she can make friends (iirc she speaks much more calmly when not in Japanese or English) and get her life sorted out. Being the novelty doll Gaijin is already wearing very thin. Does anyone really want to see garbled streams in a plain empty room, or photos of her getting drunk or visiting sugar daddies?
When she does go elsewhere it's cringe and awful. Her ability to communicate in Japan is very stilted and uncomfortable to watch. I can't see things going any better for her in Japan than they did for Margo in Korea.

No. 68164


Don't forget, Venus's mom was the one who leaked Yukapon's peeing video she made for Akira/Junnyan/Jrcach at the height of her popularity. I can imagine seeing Venus fail like this is very satisfying for her, like karma.

No. 68168

Akira, the pee video was made for Akira, then akira made it public, margo took the video and spread it across the web,
something like that

No. 68169

I see what you mean anon, she'd honestly be better off going to whatever country she has stable citizenship status in , get some proper therapy, and focus on becoming a better person and having a better life. But Venus has always been about easy attention just like Natalia and all the other wannabe uwu waifus. It's sad but unless they reflect and get better they never will truly be happy in life. Natalia looked like she was going the right path and that she actually cared about having a music career but she never wants to learn how to do things on her own or go through things the hard way so here she is pandering to Japanese neckbeards and creepy old men again.
It's like none of them have any passion for anything other than a desire for validation. So of course they'll never truly sit down and say "what do I need to do to live and be better" cause that takes work. Ironically it's more spiritually draining and stressful to do what they are doing now in comparison to the rest us working "normal" jobs, going to school and working hard to achieve what is desired instead of looking for short cuts. There's plenty of models, musicians, actors, artists, and those into STEM that aren't doing what they wanna do but are working towards it. I don't understand why pandering to Japanese incels is seen as such an easy alternative to these people when all they are actually doing is putting themselves in constant danger.

Tldr: Venus & friends think pandering to incels is easier than actually just getting a job and sticking to it until you get to where you wanna be in life. But they don't actually have dreams other than attention.

No. 68176

Oh boy I remember when that happened. Margo shitted all over anyone she thought was a threat towards her daughter's "success" in a nutshell. Now look at her, a complete shit show with no actual career. At least Natalia has a grounded online persona from what I can tell, like most of the other weeb girls living it up in Japan. Venus is hopelessly floating around and doesn't have a fucking clue.

No. 68220

Because incel money is easy to earn. There's always a delusional lonely neckbeard out there that will throw $ at these hoes, as long as said hoes larp as the 3D animu waifu of their dreams, no matter how many filters and Photoshop it takes, they just want to satisfy their pathetic fantasies.

No. 68262

>>Also shame on the anons who believed them without proof, it's pics or didn't happen!

A lot of their claims seem very believable though.
1. Venus living off of manaki? Makes sense given she's been living so shabby since they split and lied saying he leeched off her the whole time, which is easily disproved. Then took down the video. Also, did not make YT videos for extended periods while with him.
2.Venus fucking the malice manager? Makes sense given she said malice is fucking dead and blamed the manager as being inexperienced and letting her do what she wants. Takes no accountability herself and even admitted she only did malice to see what starting a company is like, meaning she never intended to go through with it, thus most likely screwing him over.
3.Cheating on manaki? Also possible, given she had a pater ad up and their chemistry was way off. Not to mention those pics her mom posted years ago. Also claiming she was gay and wanting to date girls while with Mana.
4.Posting the slander video due to manaki wanting a divorce? Also makes sense and venus admitted to divorce later on, after the anon posted about it and before the public had confirmation.
5.Venus can't stay in japan if they split? Although we don't know if she has PR, she suddenly got with the Kitano manager, lied about making a company all on her own and even said it was "a life long dream" to start an advertising "company". Yet before that, she said she wanted to be a pastry chef and fashion designer. Therefore, she's likely doing the "company" for a visa (not life long dream bs), so the claim that she can't stay in glorious nipponland seems plausible.
6.Venus berates manaki? Have you seen their videos together? This was a constant occurrence and IS true. She even joked that he should be "put down".
7.Venus burned a lot of her friendships? Well Mikan doesn't seem to really like venus. and possibly tsuruko. Mikan talked about toxic friends in a video. Venus doesn't seem as close to many of her public friends.
8. Venus tried to sleep with friends/their spouses? She tries to paint ella as her gf/gets really touchy. Something happened at her yukata event where nataliya tweeted/implied Venus was staring at her boobs. She kissed the other girl at the event and has spoken perversely of her friends before.
9. Will call the anon-friend out as a fake friend? She's called out manaki, her mom and even the malice manager. She even low key tried to make mikan look bad in a stream (she doesnt have time for me, she's finding new friends, i hope she doesn't forget me) followed by I hope she's happy even if she forgets me, i want the best for her, I'm such a great person while low-key implying mikan isn't.

Most of the claims seem possible, but we're aware there isn't 100% proof for some of them. And her marriage was definitely visa fraud.

No. 68266

the event was on 28th, this tweet was made a day before
natalia also made a video together with mikan and venus before, so idk

No. 68268

You must automatically assume someone is guilty if they’re accused of anything because hearsay is definitely valid evidence

No. 68269

nta but you also realize that you're assuming the same thing? you're assuming venus' friend is a liar simply because you don't see the proof.

No. 68282

… What? That doesn't make any sense. NTAYRT but i don't believe that the anon was her friend at all, because they didn't give any evidence. Anyone could come here and claim to be her friend and make claims that sound believable. You can tinfoil about the claims, but treating them as absolute truths because an anon said so? That's just stupid and makes you look autistic. If I told you that I saw Venus in the red district wearing some "holy" japanese priestess cosplay with her tits out, but didn't have any kind of proof for it, you'd take that as truth too?

No. 68352

Last I knew you can get OTC codeine, by itself, or with Tylenol /paracetamol. If you have a problem and need a cheap fix on the regular, that's where to go. Especially when mixed with alcohol. She's going to fuck herself over if she doesn't just quit altogether.

No. 68417

I never said I "automatically believed them" or it was valid evidence (aside from Venus berating Manaki because there is actual evidence of that in her videos). Looks like you can't read, anon, if you think I said the claims are absolute truths.

No. 68424

No. 68425

She looks like a druck addict with her hair all greasy and that red make up under her eyes. Is that supposed to be the drunk-girl-make up she did a video about years ago?
What a boring video.

No. 68427

last i heard the pink eyes is menhera style
>cuteness that had been tainted by sickness (uwu)

No. 68428

File: 1570286907884.png (204.01 KB, 743x234, brrt.png)

the bad voice acting vid went relatively popular, was it posted on r/cringe?

No. 68432

>>announced she's filing for divorce
She didn’t say she was the one filing for divorce, her ig post said she was “getting divorced.” I personally think Manaki was the one initiating the divorce given how fucked-up she’s been the whole time they were married. Also why would she be the one to file when she needs that spouse visa, plus having to give up that nice apartment and comfortable easy life she had while married? No way she chose that. She had too many reasons to stay married.

Manaki on the other hand only “lost” his alcoholic lying mentally unstable financially noncontributing roommate by getting divorced. He had everything to gain and nothing to lose by bailing.

No. 68434

Possibly just got lucky with the algorithm, I was watching random videos in incognito mode and was surprised to see it pop up in the recommended tab.

No. 68435

File: 1570298929664.jpeg (318.34 KB, 1659x1142, C63F741C-41C1-4237-9CC1-2DBD61…)

>>ironic how she wore nice makeup and a yukata here but neither at the event.
That’s because the photo is from back in July when she did a little video and photo shoot of her wandering around some shopping center wearing a yukata. It must have been right after she signed with that skeevy “manager.” She posted the video on her insta story in July, then on Youtube weeks later, the ‘On a date with myself’ video. Screenshot from the July video:

No. 68436

File: 1570299490731.jpg (45.76 KB, 485x427, notalook.JPG)


what's up with the absolute garbage editing with her videos? Does neither venus or her manager/sugar daddy have the time to put some 5 more minutes into the making of it?

No. 68437

>>I wish she could go back to her actual home and try a normal job,
She has no desire whatsoever for a “normal job.” Just like her mommy, she thinks she is way too good to work at some common menial “job.” Because she’s a Celebrity, you see.

No. 68438

File: 1570301876983.jpeg (169.92 KB, 896x544, AD3D6930-54B3-428E-BF4E-6A77E6…)

Enjoying a beer with her charred fish.

No. 68447

This picture looks like she’s balding and haven’t washed her hair in weeks.

No. 68448

She already looks dirty at the start of the video and then it escalates with touching bait with those long sleeves, then she pours the fish oil on her when she picks it up and ends the video with actual food on her face. How can't she see how messy and disgusting this video is?

No. 68449

File: 1570310066088.jpeg (436.16 KB, 1220x1469, 8AB45242-FA53-4965-ACFB-3F7AE6…)

Those fish impaled whole on sticks, heads and tails and all look disgusting. And even worse when she picks one up and starts gnawing on it. Eww.

Also, what the fuck is going on with this photo? Her hoodie is falling off and looks covered in dirt or sand as does her hair and her legs. And she’s climbing around on rocks in those pointy toed little shoes?

And WTF is happening with her left leg?

No. 68451

The pic is old news, anon.

No. 68452

Posterize filter on photoshop does that grainy effect, it's definitely a kinda comic/poster filter causing it and not that she's covered in sand

No. 68458

I don’t believe whatever the fuck she did with her left leg to make it look about 6 feet long and deformed has been addressed, >>68451

No. 68471

File: 1570319847884.jpeg (490.8 KB, 1757x1520, A8FF389D-7D66-4CD1-A89E-747A33…)


No. 68472

There's fish on her face

No. 68474


Venus has the same conk nose as Dakota does… like they’re the actual same.

No. 68475


God she’s rancid

No. 68478

I usually don't nitpick cows but she straight up looks like gollum with the pale sullen complexion, listless eyes, and stringy dark hair.
The fishing doesn't help with that mental image.
She is really starting to look like a Margo.
>>68471 Wooooow Venus, I'm sure your viewership has never seen fish bones before. Much spook.
Speaking of views, the low count on this video really shows how much of her subs are either bought or inactive. I feel secondhand embarrassment for her.

No. 68479

File: 1570323376161.jpg (109.81 KB, 1080x1229, PicsArt_10-06-03.55.25.jpg)

People want to meet her and drink with her, anons.

No. 68491

Gollum on the riverbank eating fishesss is exactly what I thought about seeing this pic at >>68471

I don’t know what she’s thinking allowing herself to be filmed looking like this. It’s not the first time though, in some of her deleted videos from 216-2017 I remember her looking like she had been dipped headfirst in a vat of grease.

No. 68503

holy shit she looks like a meth addict

No. 68505


Thats not balding tho, it’s just the difference between the hair dye and natural hair colour

Didn’t she claim in video a few years ago the dark brown/black is her natural Color?

No. 68507

File: 1570338581155.jpeg (133.75 KB, 281x500, 2647AFB3-6393-46BB-82DF-E6CD72…)

Today's insta story from mizuki aka You Stole My Apricot. Do you guys think she’s talking about venus?

No. 68510

File: 1570345612305.jpeg (88.52 KB, 768x576, 0468B749-B696-4354-9CA4-57D6D4…)


Follow up from the new insta post, it looks like venus’ manager paid a lot for them to go

No. 68511

Am I the only one who felt bad for the fish lmao. They got impaled with a stick and then burned alive. I wonder who films her videos now? Not Manaki I assume. Her manager or one of his team members?

She might have slimmed/elongated them. Venus has kinda thick calves, but in her pictures her legs often look thinner and longer.

Possibly. I remember she posted 1-2 pics with Venus and when I checked again, they were deleted.

No. 68513

File: 1570351752487.jpg (406.82 KB, 1080x1771, Screenshot_20191006_104741.jpg)


Wonder what their "business" is.

No. 68514

Yea she said her natural hair color is dark brown and went on that shes never gonna have light hair again and "feels like herself" or sth when she has dark hair. Anyway her natural hair is more of a medium brown color, it isnt very dark

No. 68515

File: 1570352404855.jpg (66.43 KB, 931x444, insta1.JPG)

No. 68516

File: 1570352517531.jpg (80.63 KB, 933x568, insta2.JPG)

No. 68517

File: 1570353747295.jpg (320.66 KB, 1080x1742, Screenshot_20191006_112116.jpg)

No. 68518

File: 1570353871638.jpg (330 KB, 1080x1766, Screenshot_20191006_112048.jpg)

No. 68519

File: 1570354050640.jpg (416.8 KB, 1080x1925, Screenshot_20191006_112023.jpg)

No. 68520

File: 1570354171542.jpg (369.37 KB, 1080x1583, Screenshot_20191006_111949.jpg)

No. 68521


So does Venus have the same manager as that harpist?

No. 68531

ppffft this is honestly hilarious. What kind of manager did she find? What does this have to do with her channel's content kek

No. 68534

File: 1570365623979.jpg (46.52 KB, 607x293, 0001.jpg)

No. 68536

>paid to go, her channel
i thought it was more that his actual day job is organising events for little local e.g. business networking organisations, and he's just bringing Venus along now as his lowrent in-house 'entertainment'. Like he would usually be required to book something (like the harpist)

No. 68539

Did she actually wash her hair for this event?

No. 68540

this is so hilarious oh god wat

No. 68544

yeah, since it was a charity event, probably Kitano told her to shower and wear clean clothes to avoid being mistaken for a homeless beggar.

No. 68549


it even looks like she dyed her hair, in the fish vid she got some serious roots showing

No. 68551

I wouldn't look away from venus being in a type of "rent a gaijin" position at this event. I mainly hear stories about this happening in China but I've heard of some in Japan too.

It helps legitimize whatever they're selling, be it a product, service or partnership. Venus being a "youtube star" who vlogs about Japanese culture can be an additional bragging point.


No. 68552

I dunno, this event seems a bit…high-brow for a YouTuber whose career is/was mainly composed of makeup tutorials, mukbangs and (recently) emotional breakdowns and titty streaming. They couldn't have gotten anyone else? Even Rachel and Jun would've been better.

No. 68553

Why would Rachel and Jun be better? These people don't watch youtube. They just want to feel like they're talking with celebrities and VIPS. Then they can go brag to their colleagues and bosses etc.

They're not gonna fact-check. At the very most they'll see that venus has 1.x million YT subscribers which is more than legitimate enough for them. Not that I think they'll go through the effort to check.

Also, Jun isn't a cute* and white young girl if you haven't noticed…

* she's cute enough for people who don't interact with many other cuter white girls.

No. 68560


Rachel and Jun are stale. They're boring as fuck and I'll never get why they hit 1 million subs. Rachel looks like a mole rat and Jun is a basic gook. Honestly?

All the foreigners that tend to do youtube there or try to model or prostitute always look ragged. You never get someone who actually looks good, with a healthy mindset, sane. They're always neck fat or pale skinny white men or white girls with a weeb or anime obsession. There is no in-between.

No. 68561

File: 1570381905512.jpeg (248.88 KB, 1764x750, 4705ABA5-A6B0-47AF-B549-5B3423…)

Can anyone remember how she used to say her natural hair colour is a very dark brown? She said this in multiple videos yet you can see her light roots growing in the video she just uploaded, she is still adamant to this day that her natural hair colour is extremely dark, it baffles me as to why she lies about little things like this, she does this a lot and I’m seriously curious why, there has to be some underlying issue that makes her do this

No. 68562

She wants to be a Japanese girl, or at least as close as possible to being one as she can get. I don't think it's much deeper than that.

No. 68563

But what about all the other things she lied about? The hair lie is just the tip of the iceberg

No. 68564


She naturally has light brown hair - there is a picture of Venus when she was little of her winning some contest in a china dress back when she was like 11 or 12 with Margo and some woman. Her hair there was very very light.

Venus has fetishised and wanted to be Asian since she was 10/11/12. Since finding out about anime, that's all Venus's life has consisted of.

She will no doubt have a half Japanese baby. Anything as long as its Asian for her aesthetic.

No. 68565

File: 1570382623293.jpeg (63.37 KB, 409x642, E059585C-6E16-4FBA-B795-2A2EAC…)

>>She wants to be a Japanese girl, or at least as close as possible
YES to this. She does nothing as far as hair or makeup for any of these “events” but the one thing she always does is put those brown contacts in (and of course the dark brown/black hair dye.) Those “I look Japanese” lenses, every time.

No. 68571

If she thinks this “manager” dude is the one who will steer her career in the right direction she’s in trouble. Posing for pics with the ambassador of Benin is not gonna cut it, lol. I doubt any of her followers even knows what ‘Benin’ is. It’s just so random and weird. Manager dude seems extra clueless about how to promote his “World Famous Youtuber.”

And Venus doesn’t help her cause by showing up all sloppy, greasy and hungover for events and filming videos.

No. 68572

Lots of agencies can insist on black hair in Japan.

I mean if you're hiring foreigners that rule is incredibly dumb, but it does happen.

Foreign kids even have to dye their hair black in certain schools in Japan. Japan can be a dumb place to live.

No. 68573

No one is insisting that she dye her hair black (or have brown eyes.) She’s choosing to do that.

No. 68574

and you know this for a fact?

No. 68575

She’s been doing it for months and months, way before she tried to revive her channel, when she was sitting on her ass doing nothing to earn money at all. Who would have been “insisting” she do that a year ago, or 2 years ago? And who do you think is “insisting” she keep doing it now, her clueless “manager”?

No. 68578

Not defending her but who knows how long she's been employed by this company without starting activities, or she was going to interviews with agencies and trying to get work so she dyed her hair to be more employable.

Another reason is not wanting to stand out in public, I mean some gaijin do the exact opposite and dye their hair blonde or bright pink to stand out even more, but if you hate getting stared at it's a lot more common among gaijin rather than just Venus doing it because she wants to be Japanese because she's such a massive weeb

No. 68591

is she escorting her manager now? that's her job?

No. 68596

>>who knows how long she's been employed by this company without starting activities
Oh please. She suddenly started posting pics of herself cabbing all over Tokyo in May which is when the “manager” started promoting her all over his FB (including all the ‘secret meetings” he was having with the World Famous Youtuber.) That’s when she became employed.

No. 68598

>>not wanting to stand out in public
Right, she hates standing out in public. That’s why she pitched a little tantrum on ig when Manaki objected to her wearing full Lolita outfits every time they went out in public.

No. 68609

Just get over the fact that she wants to look Japanese. She's been doing it for ages.

No. 68618

>inb4 some anon reply with "uuuh but it's Japan, you can wear Lolita and nobody will stare"

No. 68619

I’m pretty sure that at the places they went to (mostly fast food and family-type restaurants in Yokohama where they lived) they got plenty of stares. We’re not talking Ginza or Roppongi where that shit would be taken in stride.

No. 68621

How embarrassing that of all her videos, it was the yandere (cringe) voice acting one that got lucky with the algorithm. Now so many people have seen that cringe-fest lmao. She even updated her latest video stating that "it's almost at 1 million guysss omg!!" Like she needs to tell the world that…to what? Show them her channel isn't completely dead with one lucky video? That she's getting some more money from it so she's slightly less poor atm? Like why even mention it? Reeks of desperation or ego.

No. 68623

File: 1570415911597.jpeg (126.61 KB, 1392x700, 6B5F34C1-095D-4DC1-AA08-1CB612…)

Lol, she is. (and it’s “almost” 750K, not “almost 1M!”)

No. 68624

File: 1570416288447.jpeg (126.95 KB, 1411x701, 9BC52490-8A09-4914-8C5F-B1AF5F…)

Speaking of pathetic, how about this?

“Part one of my vlog series on making a media and advertising company! I show you my studio!

(Guess what? There is no part 2. Or any other parts.)

No. 68625

Did she only notice this because some anon mentioned it earlier? If so, hey Venus! How's the beer?

No. 68628

no, i mentioned it cos i read her description. Since i'm posting i want to point out again - esp. for the pullies reading who don't fucking get it- he didn't organize the fucking 'Benin business bureau' networking meeting for Venus career for gods sake. He is doing his job and he brought Venus as his escort.
Whether him 'managing' her is just a little funny charade for him to be his sugar baby, or whether it is just a business relationship, all it is is him putting her on his rolodex of acts to book for the shitty functions he throws.
This stuff is not supposed to revive her viewership this is the cash-in-hand job she has talked about needing. '$200: chit chat at the embassy for 2 hours sort of thing'. Like the harpist

No. 68630

So she’s trying hard to pump up her views yet refuses to put even the absolute minimum amount of work into making her videos. I’m talking the most basic grooming here, just being clean for fucks sake. Washing her hair and maybe putting on a little makeup and some clean clothes. She films herself looking like a hungover homeless alcoholic who slept in her clothes and hasn’t bathed in days, all shiny and greasy. Does this basic fact not occur to her? I don’t get it. I mean this isn’t rocket science.

Is she autistic or something? What could be going on in her head that she does this shit?

No. 68631

I feel like she's trying to put on a show of being the poor depressed and alcoholic Venus that will "rise up like a dragon" just to get complimented and have people tell her how proud they are of her.
She pulls the mental illness card so often it makes real mentally ill people look bad. I've had it with Venus.

No. 68632

You really think she’s a paid escort looking like she does, like she slept in her clothes and just rolled out of bed and headed straight to that event with greasy hair and no makeup? Really? Surely even this loser manager guy could find a more presentable sugar baby if that’s what he’s looking for, lol.

No. 68633

You might be on to something. Before she self-diagnosed herself as having bdp and was using that for sympathy grabs.

Maybe part 2 is the fish video lol. She went there with her manager and the description says "life in Japan" as well as the company stuff.

I honestly wonder if she did him any "favors" to enlist his help. I also wonder why she hid him from the public if he really is her manager. She claimed she secured investors, but he doesn't seem like an investor if he's organizing everything for her and has what seems to be his own advertising company. Why not just be transparent, instead of hiding and outright lying, like she did with the studio.

No. 68636

I also think it's shady that the manager's business (?) seems to be located in Cambodia. Why not in Japan?

No. 68639


She could have been, but lost her sugar investors when she started making it obviousand her profile was found and posted. Rich guys with reputations and money at stake don't like it when their investment suddenly loses her ability to stay in the country lehally and begins spiraling out of control. They would pull whatever "investments" rhey gave or promised her or back out before giving her anything. If she hadn'tbeen cocky and sloppy, perhaps she could have achieved her goal of founding a company in Japan for her own lazy work visa.

No. 68640

File: 1570427332513.jpg (20.31 KB, 720x230, 20191007_074617.jpg)

What was that? "Stop drinking lots of alcohol"? Not gonna happen apparently.
Venus is now following an account about sake on Instagram.

No. 68655

Why do I get the feeling that this manager may turn out to be Manaki 2.0? More than a sugar daddy. These events are too odd and mature to be promoting a ditzy, unproductive YouTuber, even as a gaijin prop model. Talent agents don’t take their clients on fishing trips and family vacation spots.

No. 68666

How dare you anon, Venus is a totes 100% legit lesbian.

No. 68670

File: 1570467877796.jpeg (149.19 KB, 976x707, FBBCB8B8-3B0A-4B04-B8A8-03FA16…)

Lemme guess…Weenus is trying to score an event with Sake Girl because free booze. And she’s discovered she really, REALLY likes sake and that shit’s too expensive for her limited hostel-staying budget (she’s a convenience store vodka-in-a-can/cheap wine girl on her own, sadly) so let’s see if manager guy can get her another bar hosting event!

No. 68671

File: 1570468246548.jpeg (675.42 KB, 1092x1646, 8D51C0BB-110F-4E50-B45E-9C10D6…)

Weenus sez “sign me up, Sake Girl! I haz Kimonos too!”

No. 68673

hm, that could be her next gig. Maybe she followed them because she will have an ~event~ at some sake party, or maybe her manager is just trying to catch their attention

No. 68674

File: 1570477989414.jpeg (253.87 KB, 1497x1771, 132C9BA7-99B4-4C6F-BD54-A78A2F…)

Manager guy’s company, Replinet Co. Ltd

Office address and registration address are both in Cambodia but they claim to be a “Japanese Advertising and Event Management Co.”

Described on website as “Media/Advertising” (sound familiar? Weenus’s make-believe Company is also in “Media and Advertising.”

Replinet says they do “Many events including Grand Opening, Sales Promotion, Kids Event, Fashion Show, Christmas and Halloween Event.” So what they mostly do is ~events~
“Not only Cambodian but also working with International clients.”

They have no Japanese address of any kind. I guess it’s cheaper to maintain an office in Cambodia as opposed to Japan but it just speaks to Manager guy being kinda low-budget and sketchy.


No. 68676

old men like him have no standards, esp. when it comes to gaijin women.

No. 68702

File: 1570487578505.jpeg (49.44 KB, 577x617, CA60E53A-D73F-4914-B13E-5FE608…)

I know, that’s what everyone says, no standards etc. I still have a hard time believing that this haggard greasy creature is anyone’s sugar baby. Also it’s kinda amazing that she may not bathe, wash her hair or put on clean clothes for days at a time but somehow she always finds time to put those brown contacts in.

No. 68719

>I still have a hard time believing that this haggard greasy creature is anyone’s sugar baby
>Weenus’s make-believe Company is also in “Media and Advertising.”
to my mind this confirms the sugaring - because i remember on stream she said her company would be in this area because she had a "friend" who did that stuff and would advise her. She didn't say her manager which she could have. She said "friend" in a coy way, which now clearly referred to this guy

>but she looks sub-par

why does everyone say this? Why can't a middle-income boomer have an arrangement with a cheaper baby? Why do people think the guy has to be rich?

No. 68727

I believe that was in reference to making a venus angelic fan club website. She said she had "a friend" who would take care of that, which, you're right, seems likely to be someone from Kitano's advertising company intent on advertising our "world famous youtuber" and not one of her actual friends. She said she lives in Tokyo because her office and her studio are there and that she goes to live with Manaki on the weekends. Quite a few lies there, though. Also, let's not forget how abruptly she shut her stream off when someone entered the room. Why on Earth would she hide a roommate?

I wonder if she'll continue to vlog about "her company", given that all it took was one video regarding the studio for lolcow/pull to see through the bs.

No. 68729

>>Why can't a middle-income boomer have an arrangement with a cheaper baby?
Just hard to see anyone paying for THAT, >>68702
no matter how cheap.

No. 68730

Who knows, maybe he's into hobophilia?
Jokes aside, I think these men go after stupid and easy to manipulate girls like Penus for several reasons, either because they know their income and assets aren't enough to keep a 'real' sugar baby, a savior complex, or even a cheap form or financial dominance.
An average sugar baby won't suck his dick in exchange of a lame fishing trip and two grilled fishes, but V will do it if it means she can stay in Japan and get free food and booze.

No. 68731

*of financial dominance

No. 68736

File: 1570495956139.jpeg (264.51 KB, 1085x800, 450C9DB5-F878-48B3-ABF1-6C5182…)

Wonder how that HIRING is going?
She was looking for “staff” with “skills related to media and finances” lol
Funny how those “updates every Friday Saturday and Sunday on my YouTube channel!” never happened either.

No. 68738

So do you guys think venus actually did some legal paperwork to register a company, or is the advertising company she talked about literally kitano's company? I'm inclined to think it's the latter and any paperwork involved was just Entertainment visa paperwork.

From: https://www.japanvisa.com/visas/japan-entertainer-visa

>>5 categories for entertainment visa
1.Mainstream entertainers [performance art] and sportspeople.
2.Those who support the individuals in i. This may include choreographers and trainers.
3.Those who are involved in the production of TV programs or movies.
4.Those involved in commercial photo shoots or sound recording.
5.Those involved in the “entertainment industry”. This includes those working as “hostesses” in bars, night-clubs, etc. Much of the complexity surrounding this SOR appears aimed at ensuring the well-being of individuals in this category.

>>Requirements for the Hiring Organization:

1.At least three years' experience handling foreign entertainers.
2.In the past three years the Organization must have fully paid its obligations to foreign entertainers.
3.Have at least five full-time employees.

>>None of the following should apply to individuals involved with the organization:

-Persons involved in human trafficking.
-Persons who have assisted non-Japanese nationals to engage in illegal activities.
-Persons involved in the use of false documents to assist foreign nationals to enter Japan.
-Persons involved with prostitution.
-Persons involved with organized crime.

If Venus was sugaring/escorting to get that visa, she'd be in legal trouble if exposed. Maybe why she pretended she didn't know what sugaring was?

>>There are also requirements for the actual establishment where the entertainer will be performing. These requirements include:

-The establishment should not restrict its audience to certain groups.
-There should be a minimum of five employees primarily engaged in serving customers.
-Individuals with an Entertainer Visa should not participate in serving customers.
-There should be a stage area of at least 13 square meters.
-There should be a “Green Room” for use by the entertainers.
-The establishment should have at least five employees.

>>Non-Entertainers category

Examples in this category may include the following activities:

-Movies production,
-Commercial photo shoots,
-Commercial sound recording.
In such cases, the Applicant must receive no less remuneration than would a Japanese national for comparable work.

>>Supporting documentation

Where the Applicant will engage in theatrical performances, musical performances, sports, or other public entertainment (the following is required):
-A personal history and documents issued by an official organization able to certify the Applicants career and qualifications to undertake the proposed activities in Japan.
-Copies of the company registration,
-Statement of profit and loss,
-List of staff.

So it really does seem like venus has signed with a company/official organization that will sponsor her (applicant) entertainer visa, in the advertising category. She has also done hostessing gigs and theatrical performances (the play) as organized by Kitano and claims to be renting (or Kitano is renting) a studio (“Green Room” for use by the entertainers). This could be why she suddenly developed an interest in bars and drunk titty streaming. Safe to say, she doesn't have PR and needs an Entertainer visa, BUT why would she lie and say she's established a company that has been "her life long dream*? Is it out of shame or something? Is she trying to hide the fact that after Manaki kicked her, she's in desperate need of a visa? Does she just like aggrandising herself and being seen as hard-working girl boss who never needed/used Manaki and can start a company just like that, on a whim? Is she doing something illegal to stay in Japan so she's being vague? Like what gives?

No. 68739


Does it occur to you guys that she could perhaps shower and change before her "meetings" with her manager? Of all she gets from it is this shady deal then maybe she's too depressed to bathe except for when she has to. Think about it: this time 2 years ago, Venus had everythings she wanted and all the asspats she could handle. Now? Yikes.

No. 68742

Venus doesn't have enough experience anywhere but youtube, she definitely has an entertainment visa through kitano's cambodian company. That could explain why she is probably living with him- she had nowhere else to go and he was her ri ket to staying in Japan without a real job. I can't wait until either this small fry company ruins her channel with all the weird, drunk content or lets her go for being a manipulative trainwreck.

No. 68743

Another thing I was thinking is perhaps venus is currently using Kitano/his advertising & media company, not only for an entertainer visa, but to learn how to manage an adverting company and then dump him like the malice manager and go solo? Though I don't see the point in that, as she could just stick with Kitano for a visa, instead of making things harder for herself by going solo, since she doesn't seem genuinely interested in any of this anyway (even mentioned in her deleted emotional drivel by the waterfall post).

Like just trying to see if there could be even a smidgen of validity in her claims of starting a company, but it really doesn't look like it.

No. 68750

>>why would she lie and say she's established a company
She’s spinning grandiose delusions and fantasies about herself just like her mommy.

No. 68753

She’s always been kinda slovenly and lacking in the hygiene department though, this is nothing new. I remember makeup tutorial videos with closeups of her dirty raggedy fingernails while applying 6 coats of makeup. Yuck.

No. 68756

Plus openly admitting she's in financial trouble would caught authorities' attention.

No. 68762

Some of you girls don’t want to admit how low men’s standards are. Just browse the gaijin gyaru or Sere threads. There are enough of sad sack, weird guys that would pay for these messy girls. Start thinking like a childless/divorced middle aged man who can’t succeed with normal women his age. lol

This Kitano guy looks like he’s trying to turn her into wife(but not Venus’ plan) and there may be findom element to that too. I personally don’t get the vibe that he’s a scummy guy, just a naive pushover. She probably sold him that story about how her husband was just as abusive as her notorious mother. Notice her style change? It’s all for this guy. Just like she started dressing in a more otaku “I’m an edgy Yandere” style when she was with Manaki.

So, she said she was in the PROCESS of getting a divorce? I’m 100% sure it was Manaki who initiated the divorce and she will draw it out as long as possible until she gets secures her visa through Kitano. If Manaki was that bad, and she was supposed to be the breadwinner and did not need him, a mutually agreed upon divorce(Kyogi Rikon, the most common divorce in Japan)would have been super easy to get and she would have been bragging about being a free, independent woman. But she indicating they are in mediation or the court is reviewing the case. FYI: In Japan, you can’t get divorced simply because you no longer get along or have fallen out of love. It must meet at least 1 of the 5 conditions: 1) infidelity 2) malicious desertion 3) uncertainty as to whether or not the spouse is dead or alive for three years or more,
4) serious mental disease without hope of recovery, or
5) a "grave reason" which makes continuing the marriage impossible.
You can guess who could check off numbers 1, 4 and 5. But the court process can still take a long time.

No. 68765

Yeah her exact words were “I’m getting divorced.” And I totally agree it had to be initiated by Manaki. She had too much to lose by divorcing him including her visa and lifestyle (as evidenced by her current living conditions and how she’s scrambling for a visa.)

>>don’t get the vibe that he’s a scummy guy, just a naive pushover.

I think he’s just very low-rent and extremely clueless in how he’s going about promoting his World Famous YouTuber. And his office and mailing address being in Cambodia gives me shady vibes.

No. 68784

Well if so it wouldn't matter, I doubt Venus has the language or business skills to successfully run any kind of company in Japan without a guardian figure running it for her behind the scenes. She can't even stick to a YT upload schedule when she's been making videos for almost 10 years now, come on. Venus, running her own company, successfully, that grants her her own visa to stay in Japan? No way, she just isn't that smart in a real world application like a business. She's too sloppy and temperamental to be a businesswoman. She killed Malice because there's no way to get a work visa just for being a ~voice actress~ to your own OC, yet the Malice manager likely lead her on to think she could if she slept with him.

No. 68786

There were people speculating that Venus may be eyeing an entertainment visa after the divorce cancels her spousal visa but I believe she is going for the business manager visa. If she gets everything in order before the spousal visa expires, she can start off with a 1 year business manager visa. People without a valid visa at the time of application can apply for a 4 month business management visa then petition for extended stay in order to change to full business visa after set up and requirements are met. The requirements for this visa are: 1) Office for business except home, 2) Investment more than 5 million JPY for capital, 3) Sustainability for Business (Business Plan written in Japanese), 4) Related career to your startup business, 5) Business Partner living in Japan. (You are required to have at least one staff member with valid long-term residency.)

As we can see from Instagram, this looks like exactly what she has been scrambling to prepare for the past few months. I really wonder if this was her own idea and she went searching for a partner or if Kitano suggested this path to her. There is a certain amount of personal history that will be reviewed by immigration after the application is turned in. Hence, the many deleted videos, Manaki’s presence wiped off the face of the Earth and all these random, uncharacteristic functions she has been attending. I don’t know how far they typically dig into an applicant’s online history, though. Kitano’s experience with organizing small functions and branching out into the niche category of foreign YouTubers in Japan plus Venus’ large subscriber count may be enough to satisfy the inspectors. It actually doesn’t seem like business manager visas are difficult to get as long as you have the money.

No. 68787

>I don’t know how far they typically dig into an applicant’s online history, though.

Well, if she's going through a divorce at the samentime that she's trying this, which she is, they will absolutely look into the divorce and her marriage, and especially her persona and how she used and threw away Manaki. Plus, if Manaki is goin after her for marriage fraud, then whoever would grant her this business manager visa (immigration I guess?) could be tipped off to this being a scam, he could show them the acreenshots of her pater profile and her drunken IG posts avting like a thot before she suddenly got worh Kitano.

She shot herself in the foot and is now basically limping away slowly. She was set up nicely on her pedestal, I wonder why she got bored with it?

No. 68789

The smart thing to do would've been to stay with Manaki while setting up her business, meet all the requirements, then dump him when it's all ready.
Her YouTube channel wasn't a mess back then, too, so it really could've been her saving grace.
I'm betting she'll either abandon this idea and get into a fake marriage with her "manager" (or someone her manager sets her up with), or it'll fail and she'll be sent back to Europe. This business thing just doesn't look like it'll work out. She's not in the right frame of mind, and her manager is clueless for taking her to that charity event full of serious, older people with actual lives.
Honestly, going home wouldn't even be that bad for her. What's wrong with Switzerland? You had a good run in Japan, Venus. Maybe you can make friends with that weird rich Swiss weeaboo, Melonpan, and revive your channel with collabs. He might even help sponsor you to go back to Japan.
It'd be a better position than being one of those gaijin who ends up having kids in Japan and is stuck with a neglectful, abusive and/or absentee husband.

No. 68794

>what's wrong with switzerland
i mean normally i say this too but one thing wrong with it is that marge is there right now

No. 68805

“Addictive” those are the most boring tiktoks I’ve seen, clickbaiting herself so she seems famous, it only works if you put someone who is well known or actually famous in the title

No. 68806

Oh and to add, what makes them Japanese tiktoks exactly? They are made by a white European girl

No. 68808

There's so much editing and filters on these they may as well be videogame characters

Also appears to have been compiled by her pervy manager considering the "top 2"

No. 68810

>what makes them Japanese tiktoks exactly?
I'm assuming that it's because they are mostly in Japanese? Still cringey though.

No. 68823

Yep, Margaret is there, just waiting to pounce on her. She’s an embarrassing numbskull right now but I’d never wish Venus to be forced to reunite with that awful woman.

I guess if this media management company thing falls through, maybe Venus can end up with Manager-san in a Cambodian village, doing deep-fried insect mukbangs.

Her title is misleading but these are all TikTok trends in Japan.

No. 68829

Any other (European) country where she can stay long-term without marrying some random sleazebag and where she has access to jobs/education/therapy will do just fine. I understand that she doesn't have a real home and doesn't want to leave Japan because it's just like Anime~ but in the long run it's not worth it.

While she was still with Manaki she would have had a chance to set up a normal life for herself, I. E. pursue a diploma, get as much therapy as possible, learn healthy coping mechanisms, make normal friends that are not attention whore weaboos etc. She had all the tools she possibly could have asked for: Financial stability, moral support even from thousands of strangers etc.

Instead, she ended up just like all the other washed up white weebs who go to Japan thinking they'll make it big as models just because they're white: Questionable visa status, only hangs out with other white people unless it's for "business", no proper job or pursuing an education, fake relationships for their own gain/potential sugaring, liveblogging their escapades on social media.

I don't get why you would want to be miserable just to stay in glorious Nippon. You can read Manga and decorate your pink bedroom with Sailor Moon merch in any other country of the world, and as a bonus you might even be able to have a social life and make a living without having to sell yourself. She has no future in the entertainment industry. She has no social skills, no talent for singing/dancing/acting and no working experience whatsoever. The only reason why her channel was ever successful is because as a teen she was cute from one angle.

No. 68844

it's not even "while with manaki" it's "while in japan". japan has painfully bad mental health care and it's almost impossible to integrate into standard japanese culture if you haven't lived there for most or all of your life. even if venus stays there, she will be shoehorned into gaijin spaces and will need to rely on a job based around her gaijin skills.

No. 68846

>>with Manager-san in a Cambodian village, doing deep-fried insect mukbangs.

No. 68847

File: 1570558351981.jpeg (46.84 KB, 579x614, 8773EEF2-3EDD-4A01-BA1B-A9E1CC…)

>>personal history that will be reviewed by immigration after the application is turned in
I don’t think those drunk livestreams with her boobs out will help her cause much.

No. 68849


The title should have been CRINGEY WEEB TIKTOKS!

No. 68854

Doesn't really matter if Marge is there. It's not like she'll know where Venus lives nor will they ever bump into each other on the streets. Marge has been to Japan before, yet even when Venus did events, she didn't show. She didn't visit her at narcon either. So I doubt that'd be a problem.

No. 68866

File: 1570571428745.jpeg (308.96 KB, 2024x1154, 9FA164E3-2670-42EA-8317-CB6EC5…)

She found Venus’s address in Japan from some Youtube document and repeatedly stalked Venus and Manaki there, showing up at their door and lurking outside the building multiple times and even tried to break into their apartment. Just because marge didn’t travel from Korea to Sweden when Venus was at Narcon doesn’t mean she wouldn’t figure out where Venus was and stalk her again if Venus moved to Switzerland. She absolutely would if they were both in the same country.

Marge might be calmer and less agitated now than she used to be but she’s every bit as obsessed and batshit crazy when it comes to Venus as ever. Her videos literally cosplaying Venus and responding to things she has randomly mentioned on her instagram prove that. The bitch is still psycho. I wouldn’t want to be in the same country as her if I were Venus either.

No. 68867

She definitely will find Venus and she reads here also. Venus probably put a restraining order on her… so yeah Margo was definitely a no show.

No. 68868

File: 1570572063601.jpeg (457.83 KB, 1090x1636, FCBF01F9-A8C1-4329-BE20-4509C9…)

Some more crazy: marge posted on instagram about where she’s living now in Basel, Switzerland and hashtagged it #birthplace. Marge’s birthplace is in Hungary. It’s Venus whose #birthplace is Switzerland. Tell me that’s not creepy as hell.

No. 68870

i can't believe you'd post this. is it your first day

No. 68871

That was when venus initially ran away and marge was FUMING mad, at peak rage. She could have easily visited venus at any of her events in Japan, but didn't. I doubt she'd go on another trip across Switzerland just to find her. Maybe she'd show at an event, but would get kicked out pretty fast. It's NOT a problem. You guys make it so melodramatic.

No. 68873

Switzerland is a big place with over 8 million inhabitants. Marge will definitely find her Please.

No. 68876

tell us more, anon. What else might marge definitely not do?

No. 68877

>>She could have easily visited venus at any of her events in Japan, but didn't
She likely was banned from entering Japan for quite awhile, plus she was too broke to travel to Japan for most of the time she lived in Korea. Do you really think she’s all normal and harmless now because she’s somewhat calmer? She’s still obsessed with Venus and she’s still disordered and unhinged. She’d make it her business to track Venus down if she was in Switzerland and travel would be much easier without having to worry about passports and airfare and such.

Why are you so invested in this “marge is totally harmless and nice, no problem!” fiction? Are you new here?

No. 68878

Facts: Marge went back to Japan, twice, and the first time accosted Venus who was locked in her at home and Manaki arrived, she had a psycho moment where she scared him outside. The second time she tried to break into Venus and Manaki's place using tools. These events happened over a time period longer than a year. She's an absolute menace and will never be the sweet old mama with simple hurt feelings that you want to believe.

No. 68882

Stop with the strawman fallacy. I didn't say she definitely won't try, just that it doesn't seem as likely, given Marge had ample opportunity to find Venus since the first incident & hasn't attempted to loiter/stalk/search, despite knowing the area Venus lived at & being nearby in Korea. What was stopping her from boarding a plane to loiter her area in the hopes of running into her? Nothing. Yet she still didn't do it (she even traveled to Okinawa so if she wanted to she could scrounge up the cash to do so). And even if she did try, the chances of randomly bumping into her in Switzerland are incredibly slim. There are MILLIONS of people living there (and an anon says she will definitely find her). She even knew the exact location Venus was at many times and never attempted to visit, despite being close by in Korea. Marge is dumb as a brick, but she's not that dumb to risk venus calling the police on her for stalking. Hell, maybe after the first incident, venus even threatened her with a lawsuit. And if she ever dares go to an event? Security/police will show her out. It's not a big deal.

So if I think it's unlikely Marge will go gallivanting across Switzerland to find Venus (given she had ample chances to & refrained), that means I think she's a nice, harmless wonderful person? I never said that, nor think that. Both a strawman and false dilemma fallacy. Will also add, I am not "so invested" in this. There are more posts "invested" in disproving what I said then there are of mine. If I am "invested", then you are equally so.

Looks like you can only see in black and white, not shades of grey. Tell me where I said Marge is a sweet old mama with simple hurt feelings that I want to believe? Yes, Marge did try to find Venus, and she could again, but like I said, she had ample opportunity to do so since then, and hasn't. So there's an equal chance she won't attempt to break in again. Venus would sue her.
And do tell me how she would even find her address in Switzerland? She only previously found through copy right counterclaim/lawsuit reasons. Do you really think that out of 8 million+ people, she will actually run into Venus? I just think this "marge will find 1 person if they live in the same country" ridiculous. If it's that easy, then she can find her in any country, which begs the question, why hasn't marge found her again in Japan, since the first incident?

No. 68898

ya, except even tokyo alone is bigger than that, and marged managed to find venus in japan. it's not like if she moves to switzerland she will go into hiding, you know

No. 68902

File: 1570591997347.jpeg (146.87 KB, 329x500, 7B1E5D2C-172F-495C-A9C5-45C313…)

Venus low key insinuating her public dress style has changed due to becoming more mature or a natural occurrence and not a sudden 180 due to a need for entertainment/business visa + need to project a more professional public image.

If she didn't need that, she'd still be dressing like an infantile, retarded weeaboo, so don't pretend like this is some natural change that occurred with time/growing up or that you're surprised, peenus.

No. 68903

>shades of grey
I stated the facts of Margo's "uninvited visits" and they are indisputable.

No. 68904

You are very, VERY invested in this. Why is it so important to you to deny Marge would hunt Venus down and stalk her in Switzerland just like she did multiple times in Japan that you would write a fucking novel about it?

What part of “the bitch is still batshit crazy and just as obsessed with Venus as ever” do you not understand?

No. 68906

Venus' latest video. I don't know if she based the list off tiktok views (too lazy to check), but if not, it seems she picks the ones she likes the best, which include her kissing Ella and her dancing like a retard in a bikini as Margo 2.0

No. 68908

>>Marge went back to Japan, twice
She stalked Venus more than those two times. There was another time she went to their apartment, hung around outside and talked to their landlord while waiting for them to come home (they were out of town visiting Manaki’s parents at the time.)

Then there was the time she stalked Manaki’s parents, traveling hundreds of miles across Japan by train to “warn them that Manaki was holding Venus as a prisoner in their apartment,” She got to their home town and called the cops, demanding that they notify his parents (they declined to talk to her) and that they call Venus to check on her welfare (Manaki put Venus on the phone to say she was fine and not being held prisoner.)

I think >>68882 must be new.

No. 68909

ugh. weebs are just unbelievable. they all want to have their cake and eat it and then fuck themselves over away from their dream. just fucking be like normal trophy wives and get over it.

venus literally had a husband who regarded her as a goddess and she still needed to whine about "wanting more" and tried to keep her marriage to get the PR visa.

No. 68910

Yeah now she dresses like a homeless druck chick…
It's possible that all her cutesy clothes are still at Manaki's place. I still hope he just throws away all her stuff.

No. 68911

Her new style is the “I slept in my clothes” look.

No. 68913

Agreed, was not disputing that, but you know that. You know the black/white/grey was in reference to you claiming I think marge is a sweet nice hurt momma or whatever just because I don't think she'd find her in Switzerland. If I don't agree with you, it must mean I like Marge. It's just straw-manning my argument.

You are equally invested. Why is it so important for you to prove that marge definitely would hunt venus down in a country of millions, and why can she only magically do this if they live in the same country? It makes no sense logically. And the only reason marge found venus in Japan was because venus had to provide an address when she was fighting tooth and nail over the channel, not because she sleuthed out her location out of millions of inhabitants. Marge isn't going to magically find her in Switzerland, whether she's insanely obsessed or not. Venus can live in any country without worry, except with family in Hungary. But I concede, ad nauseam.

She hasn't tried to find her since Dec 2016. Even if she does, how will she find her, besides going to an event and getting kicked out/possibly apprehended? She could have done that in Japan too. Bringing up past shit she's done is irrelevant to her actual ability to find Venus.

No. 68915

except you don't know that she hasn't tried. and, after all, venus is still her daughter and despite all the narc shit marge still loves her in her weird way and is obviously hurting from their splitting-up. not to say that she hasn't other additional selfish reasons for tracking her down, but you can't forget that venus is her only spawn and the closes person to her

No. 68917

If she wanted to appear more professional, she should probably not post suicidal stuff every other day. Or film herself drunk. Or maybe wash herself occasionally. But I guess cosplaying a successful businesswoman is fine too.

No. 68922

>Venus low key insinuating her public dress style has changed due to becoming more mature or a natural occurrence and not a sudden 180 due to a need for entertainment/business visa + need to project a more professional public image.

more like she had no time to pack her belongings when Manaki kicked her out eloped with manager-san

No. 68924

Tbh it’s not hard to find or get drugs in japan but the consequences of getting caught are bad.

If you go to shady areas chances are you might be offered drugs, probably moreso when you’re white.

No. 68955

Okay, we get it.You’re on a Mission to convince everyone here that crazy Marge would totally not stalk Venus if they were in the same country. You’re not going to convince anyone who has been following the nutcase that 1) she’s totally not obsessed any more (she is) and 2) it would be too hard for her to track down where Venus lives (it wouldn’t be hard at all, 3) crazy Marge stopped wanting to see/talk to Venus in 2016 (see #1) and it would be too hard for Marge to travel a few miles to “talk to” Venus with no international borders or immigration laws to have to worry about (it would be much easier if they were in the same country, obviously.)

You’re not going to convince anyone who has been following this psycho to join ‘your side,’ no matter how many words you write, Sorry about that. You might want to give some thought into finding a hobby or some other more useful way to occupy yourself.

No. 68958

Are you autistic or just a pulltard? You're all about logic, when in reality, your only "logic" is things Marge did or didn't do in the past to forsee her future actions (or lack thereof). While we got you so many reasons why stalking is way easier if both parties are in the same country. Why you don't wanna understand that?
Your "logic" doesn't work like that because the locations of the past/present (Japan for Venus and wherever tf Marge is rn) and their location if they were both in Switzerland, is different. It's not about how "sane" Marge seems to you rn, but about how the risk is too damn high. Get it in your brain that you can't compare Marge when Venus is in Japan and if both were in Switzerland. In this scenario the location is one of the most important factors and not something which you can argue away with your "logic" ffs

No. 68968

Seems like many of you have a warped sense of what living in europe is like, nobody is waiting for somebody like her.
The unemployment amongst young people in southern countries is seriously high - and why choose an uneducated foreigner over a local youth? The job situation in the north might be better but the competition is also a lot higher, the vast majority there has an university degree. And while mental health care is better than in japan, it's also not as good as many like to make it out to be. Getting an appointment in a country with cheap medical insurance can take insanely long and there's still social stigma attached to it - otherwise there wouldn't be so many depressed people.
And if she was to go to switzerland or any of the other german speaking countries she'd still stand out, because considering she wasn't there in ages, we can assume that her way of expressing herself is probably on the level of a kid. Her cheap "business lady"-shtick would only gain mockery.
Retail work is so badly paid that it often isn't enough for just a small place in a small town - and do you think that Venus could really work as hard as girls working there? Not that anybody would take her weird and greasy looking mess. She never worked even remotely as long as 8 hours, she'd never be able (or willing) to do shifts standing up, doing dirty work and still smiling when costumers treat her badly. No excuses, no "I feel so sad/bad today, I have to go shopping for weeb things instead"…

The wisest thing would have been to put up with manaki (even tho he was sooo bad…) and use all the free time she had while leeching off of to get just a bit better, enough to plan a proper new start. She had what, 2 years? That would have been enough to get a high school diploma in some sort of online/evening school.

No. 68978

Lmao, i'm the only one that thinks that outfit looks terrible and cringy?
Well, at least she used to look like she showered.
Wenuus, we know that you only own a couple of clothes and thats the reason why your "style" is so much different now, otherwise you'll be wearing the same type of shit as before

No. 68993

>>She had what, 2 years?
She had more than 3 years to get her shit together. She sat on her ass the whole time, coasting on her Youtube $$ until they ran out. Then Manaki kicked her drunk freeloading ass out and here we are.

And all this talk about could she live in Europe or not is a waste of time. She has no plans to leave Japan and especially not to get a fucking job. Those are for common ordinary people, not Celebrities like her.

No. 69000

File: 1570667362760.jpeg (141.84 KB, 691x1062, 1A9678DD-7403-4A23-BE5D-82F9D5…)

Looks like that outfit was from her chest-binding “I’m just a widdle 6-year old, tee hee” days.

No. 69004

Went from chest-binding to "hehe look at my tiddies". That chest-binding looks so odd, why wear a tight t-shirt if you're binding your chest like that? It'll just look weird as fuck

No. 69006

To show how tiny and smol she was, anon.

No. 69019

Maybe her life wouldn't be amazing, but I'm sure there's some kind of welfare program she could live on until she settles in, gets her shit together and finds a job. It could be way worse, lmao.
The biggest issue IMO is Marge stalking her, so she'd have to go out of her way to fly under the radar and be secretive about her exact location. As long as she doesn't put everything about her life on blast (though being an e-celebrity has kind of groomed her into doing that), I don't think there's a huge chance of her getting found.

No. 69025

That look so disturbing and literally no one of her fans called her out for it…

No. 69027

Switzerland is no "southern country", it's in central Europe. The unemployment rate is also extremely low. It's not like she wouldn't find a job, just not one that's well paid because the education and job application standards are extremely strict. If she wants to be a leech for the rest of her life, she should just go to Germany. Extremely generous welfare state, also very accepting of mentally ill people. There is a reason why this is where all the fugees want to go.

No. 69033


TBF some anons tried to call her out on it in past threads and got flamed to sesth by stans claiming it was a sports bra, and that she wasn't binding to appeal to pedos. Suuuuuurre.

No. 69044

"she should just go to Germany. Extremely generous welfare state, also very accepting of mentally ill people."
It's not "very accepting" of mentally ill people. It's still somewhat of a stigma to talk about your mental illness, therapy or medication. But it's getting better over the years. And probably 100 times better than in Japan

No. 69046


wtf are you talking about. GER welfare requires to be a national or to have an employment that's not fully covering living expenses. without one or the other she wouldn't even have health insurance, if she can't pay for it herself.

No. 69051

Just speculating, but maybe she doesn't want to go to Europe now that Maggot is there. To visit Japan is more strict than any European country. You can just move freely from country to country if you're a member if EU. Maggot would definitely stalk the shit out of her. She also has a network of sorts in Japan, moving to a place where she knows no one could feel scary. She should finish high school though, and make friends outside Japan.

No. 69056

she doesn't want to leave japan because she's still a huge fucking weeaboo.

No. 69073

Venus's only life now is LARPing a Japanese 13-year old. That's why she "needs" to stay in Japan.

No. 69168

well Natalia privated that video the moment she set foot in America, so it's long gone, idk if it could be an indicator of a feud with Venus/Mikan

No. 69186

yeah, it's definitely menhera style makeup.

Everytime she tried to bite the fish and said 'atsui atsui' it was so cringe. i dunno if she's trying to be act dumb or just is.

No. 69193

Totally agree. Returning to Europe is not that easy and as someone who moved abroad, I can understand why she wouldn’t want to consider it besides as a last resort.

It’s also expensive as fuck to uproot again. Not sure about the situation in Germany or Switzerland but finding a place to live is hell. At least where I’m from, you need a good salary before looking for a decent apartment to rent. You often need parents references and their payslips to better your chances of finding anything. It’s already hard to rent anything when you don’t have a regular 9-5 job, like being an artist, but being a YouTuber or influencer is even more of a joke.

Secondly either you pick to live in a big city with good public transport, and then it’s way more expensive and harder to find a place to live in, or you need a car to find any kind of job. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think Venus has a licence.
And while I don’t like her much, I can feel for her for not having much family members to rely on or even good friends back in Europe that could help her out.

No. 69194

She had a falling out with Mikan. The status she wrote was about Mikan and anons didn’t believe it…. The ice cream video with Mikan is gone as well.

No. 69250


of course she deleted this one.

No. 69257

Guess she changed her mind about that “gonna stop drinking excessively large amounts of alcohol” thing.

No. 69259

What’s even the point of deleting smth like this if all of her followers have probably seen it anyway. Like I get it if you delete something after minutes or hours, but days? Or was it even weeks?

No. 69278

Eventually people will forget & she can claim she didn't say it.

No. 69287

Did she delete this? It says video unavailable.

No. 69292

It's just one of those videos that doesn't let you play it outside of youtube. If you directly go to her channel it's still there.

No. 69307

File: 1570940872729.jpg (332.01 KB, 720x994, 20191013_062654.jpg)

No. 69317

If I remember correctly this one is from the time when she was still with Manaki. She recycles months old content just like Margie lol
Once again nice fake eurasian shoop

No. 69323

File: 1570954011819.jpg (41.33 KB, 1080x208, Screenshot_20191013_100557.jpg)

No. 69329

Someone sure is touchy lol

No. 69332

At this point she is worse than margo. It‘s sad that she can‘t see that for herself. She probably will continue living in her delusions and never get her life together. I don‘t have any hope for her to ever get better but it‘s fun to watch that mess spiraling down further and further.

No. 69334

At this point I just wanna see her get deported so she'll be forced to get a real job

No. 69335

you're right anon, around the time they went to narcön.

No. 69343

I think if she got deported she’s be homeless, which is a nightmare and I wouldn’t wish upon someone.
Then again maybe she needs to sink that low to get her act together.

No. 69370

File: 1571008420956.jpeg (435.81 KB, 1196x1827, 11F1626F-6B3F-4BE0-B6E4-54C445…)

Weenus not gonna end up with anything close to 1M views on that video she got lucky with and tried so hard to promote. And her other videos get 20-40K views unless they have clickbait thumbnails like pics with former bff Ella. That won’t be enough to live on unless she’s doing something else on the side like camming or gravure (or escorting although I’m skeptical about that.)

She’s been posting only old pics on ig too. She must look pretty bad these days.

No. 69407

Not the same anon but I find this post so funny. In debate, you're supposed to use logic, not feeling & emotional drivel. Other anon is just saying that they don't think her momma will be able to find her in Switz & fair point so long as venus was secretive of her location. Yokohama where V was previously at only had 3M population & still her mom was unable to find. Now up that 3M to 8M – odds of finding her actually decrease. But if she knew the Swtz city V was at, that'd up the odds significantly as each city there has less than 1M so V would need to be careful not to disclose the area on SM. And it's completely fair for that anon to compare JP/Switzerland/margarets past/present behavior to reach a conclusion because you're doing it too & that's all we have to go on. Yes, it's cheaper to stalk in the same country, which may motivate mag, but it still costs money to stalk whole of same country so if money is so much of a deterrent, it may stop her searching whole Swtz. She had from dec 2016-summer 2019 deportation to continue search but seemingly didn't. If marg continued privately trying to find v post 2016 as >>68915 said, then means, yes she will likely continue in Swtz & money isn't a deterrent but also further supports anons claim of margaret being unable to find her despite years of trying.The hardest part of going to Swtz imo wouldn't be her momma, it would actually be finding a place to rent in advance as she'd be going solo, no Manaki to leech off of this time. I honestly hope she gets deported but has some savings for hotel. I think in the long run, she'd benefit, & JP would have one less fetishizing gaijin loser to deal with.

No. 69409

EU, EEA and Swiss citizens can live and work in Germany without restrictions but she'd need to register. While she looks for work in Germany, she could receive benefits from Switzerland, and once she finds job in Germany, works and contributes to the taxes, she could apply for benefits there.

lol this post just goes show you how deluded she really is. Not only does she look like margaret, she also act like her. Now we know her third trigger, among being called poor & lazy.

Also, she re-uploaded her "almost" 1M cringe video to her JP channel. She's hoping it'll get lucky with algorithm too and she'll get more money/followers for literally the same content. She's one lazy, coin-goblin bitch.

No. 69411

>the same illogical talking point 'muh odds when muh 8 million people' (as if stalking someone involves waiting to bump into them at random)
>i'm not the same anon

No. 69412

I dont care if you think I'm same anon. Might as well just call me margaret while you're at it & I don't see you providing any "logical" reasoning as to why she would find v in whole of Switzer since you seem obsessed with that term & instant reply. All I hear is "margaret is a crazy bitch so that automatically equate to she WILL find her". rubbish.

No. 69414

File: 1571034115761.jpg (Spoiler Image, 170.59 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (2).jpg)

a little bit of logic for you would be that anons, without even trying found where venus studio is in about 1 day. It's not that hard. post your twitter if you're so sure it's hard to track you down. i'll send you a picture of your house or your family member in like 1 hour

No. 69417

Social media. Don’t act like Venus was smart enough to quit it

No. 69418

who are you to give a guarantee that she wouldn't? she went to Japan twice specifically to do just that. the best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour.

No. 69423

File: 1571056005463.jpg (257.06 KB, 1080x1609, Screenshot_20191014-142559.jpg)


No. 69424

Those are song lyrics from Cheer Up London by Slaves. Except the exact lyrics are “Put another 0 in your paycheck
Are you done digging your grave yet?”

Ever edgy, Venus! Nice pic from a million years ago.

No. 69428

It’s not a matter of total population of a country or even physical distance. Location can be ferreted out using the internet once you know what country a person is in. Easy peasy, marge has internet stalked before, she knows all the tricks. Step 2 is getting there, much easier and cheaper when there are no intl. borders to cross, airline tickets or visa officials to worry about. Just get a super cheap train ticket (like when she went on her epic hobo train journey across Japan to “find Manaki’s parents,” sleeping in train stations and Konbini stores.) The bitch is an expert on cheap travel tricks. Where there’s a will there’s a way as they say. And marge most definitely has the obsession er, will. She’ll get it in her head that she MUST talk to Venoos face to face to MAKE HER UNDERSTAND the error of her ways or whatever. Pick your obsession. Start the internet search and she’s off.

If you think she wouldn’t or couldn’t do it you haven’t been following along these past few years.

No. 69436

She must be desperate for validation. “Hey guys remember when I was a famous Living Doll? Now tell me I’m pretty!”

No. 69452

File: 1571091258010.jpg (674.55 KB, 1059x1934, 20191014_191350.jpg)

No. 69453

Yeah… sure. Did she finally take a shower or why is she sooo happy?

No. 69454

Whole new level of attention-whoring

No. 69455

I feel like the heart is supposed to indicate that she found a new love aka her shady manager

No. 69457

This sudden burst of euphoria is…interesting.

No. 69460

Sameanon who wrote >>68913 I think this has gotten out of hand. I never meant for my little comment to get this much attention or people to resort to ad hominem over it. That said, I think anons were getting confused between SEARCH for and FIND.

In terms of finding her, no one here aside from >>69414 and >>69428 has provided any reasoning as to how she would accomplish this miraculous feat. I'll I've heard was:

-She's tried in the past so will definitely find her (makes no sense; answers nothing)
-She found her address once in the past (she did not find it, she was served it on a silver platter via counterclaim forms and got lucky)
-She's crazy and will definitely find her (provides a motive but answers nothing)
-It's easier/cheaper to stalk her in the same country (still doesn't answer how she'll find her).

As for >>69414 and >>69428 I completely see where you're coming from and I assumed social media would be your answer, but if location is as easy to sleuth out as a reflection in the eyes:

1. Why is it that in like 2.5 years Marge was unsuccessful in SM stalking (and Venus has not been particularly careful on SM either),making it even easier?
2. Why would she suddenly be successful in SM stalking if Venus hypothetically moved after failure all these years? Or are you saying Marge, master of cheap travel, did sleuth out Venus but conveniently couldn't afford a plane ticket prior to deportation, nor took advantage of confronting her at events (which didn't even require sleuthing).
3. Some anons (probably not you) suggest she move to Germany or a diff EU country and no one cares. So Marge can't SM location stalk Venus there? Only in Switzerland? She can't find her despite the fact that EU/EEA citizens have freedom of movement around the countries of the EU, as otheranon said?

I honestly think anons are over-estimating Marge's ability here. Yes, living in the same country gives Marge cheaper access to searching, but I don't see how that convinces people Venus would be found. If she's stupid enough to post locations or host events, then yeah, but otherwise, I don't see living in Switzerland or another EU country as automatic capture. Marge's search would end with her in jail, imo.

No. 69461

Give it a fucking rest, obsessed anon.

No. 69462

Is she phishing for compliments/attention? How very Margo of her.

This comes shortly after her rant on alcohol, among other prior rants in the not so distant past so is probably a lie. Or is this about trying to make it seem like she's better off and not struggling without Manaki? Did she get her shady entertainment visa? Or is it just PR control?

No. 69463

I haven't posted in like a week. fuck off.

No. 69469

Yeah, sure. Getting wasted and eating charred fish & manager-san's dick sounds thrilling.

No. 69482

Oh right, she’s the happiest she’s ever been, lol.

When last seen on ig and YT she looked like a hung over greasy homeless person who had slept in her clothes with no shower for several days, she’s been posting nothing but old pics on ig and her YT views are tanking. Sounds great, I’m sure she’s ecstatic. Not.

No. 69486

Venus is a swollen pussy and a filthy dildo away from ~thriving~ just like Shayna

No. 69493

She needs to find an AA equivalent program in Japan and sign up immediately. She will never quit on her own.

No. 69494

File: 1571114509848.jpeg (371.89 KB, 1090x1957, 6B794486-6E60-4A2B-9788-2EC651…)

Her YT views are dismal. Like really bad.

I wonder if she’s even still with Manager guy. She hasn’t had any events scheduled since that disaster at the pub (which was never mentioned again by any of the participants except for that one selfie the other 3 took.) No mention of that play she was in, that seems to have disappeared. (That thing with the ambassador from Benin (lol) was probably scheduled in advance.)

No events, no sponsored posts, promotions, collabs, nothing. She doesn’t even have anything new to post on instagram and she’s barely putting out 2 videos/week (which no one is watching) and if’s been a week since her last one. I bet he dropped her because a) she blew everything he arranged for her and b) she can’t afford to pay him.

No. 69497

>> She needs to find an AA equivalent program in Japan
You need to admit to yourself you have a problem before seeking out treatment and she hasn’t done that. She thinks she can totally handle alcohol because she’s eastern European, not like some alcoholic. Also she can quit any time she wants, just by deciding she’s going to quit drinking “large amounts” of alcohol. She can totally still drink in moderation, see, not like all those alcoholics.

No. 69514

Yeah. Remember the post she made about wanting to drink less alcohol? She said she wanted to do it because she doesn't "want to disappoint you guys." not because it's fucking up her health, it's because she gets concerned/negative reactions rather than the asspats she's used to, and she doesn't like that.

It's so infuriating how many opportunities this girl has had to get her shit together and yet she just sits there and does nothing.

No. 69518

Is that a wallet under the poodles face?

No. 69558

So since she now has to earn her own living and she’s made the decision to do that via Youtube and instagram, you’d think that she’d put just a little bit more effort into it. It’s obvious she hates everything about it and has to force herself to put even the bare minimum of effort into it. One or two boring instagram posts/week and half the time they’re not even new pics, and maybe one half-assed video/week. Ir’s like she wants all the views, likes, validation and $$ without actually doing much of anything to earn it.

So why doesn’t she look into doing something she actually likes for a living? Like maybe something that puts the different languages she speaks to some practical use? She’s just a massive waste of space at this point.

No. 69568

Her language skills are not as good as she likes to pretend. She can't even speak proper English. Maybe it's because she's drunk most of the time nowadays, but I can hardly understand her sometimes.
I doubt she has any real interests in languages. The only reason why she knows so many is because her crazy mom moved them from one place to the other. She never learned any by herself apart from Japanese because weaboo. Getting a real job is also much harder than posting two selfies and two videos per week. You even have to shower regularly and your boss won't care about your shitty childhood if you fuck something up.

No. 69571

Obviously she’d have to get a HS diploma equivalent and some college before starting a real career but she could get a part-time job in retail or waitressing while taking classes online. She had over 3 years to at least start working on this. She could start now but she doesn’t seem to give a shit or have any aspirations to do ANYTHING, not even a decent job on Youtube.

I had a lot of sympathy for her for a long time but these days not so much.

No. 69574

That's so dumb. You can't say searching is fine, there is no risk because if/when searching is successful, it leads to immediately finding. Like, of course we know Maggot is no fucking superhero but if Venus is not careful enough it's only a matter of time until she would be found

No. 69628

ntayrt but who cares if Margo finds Venus anyways? both are so fucking stupid and weak to actually kill each other.

No. 69638

Think we weren’t talking about killing but okay, you do you.

No. 69643

Someone ITT is really trying to make it seem like Venus is only safe from evil homicidal Margaret in kawaii Japan, desu.

No. 69645

File: 1571218878226.jpg (287.47 KB, 1080x1613, Screenshot_20191016_114054.jpg)

No. 69650


Yeah…. I don't see what's so bad about the two of them running into one another. What are they gonna do?

Nothing. Just useless drama. So tired of people pretending Venus is in some kind of danger and ~needs protection uwu~

She should have put her big girl panties on and dealt with her family in person and grown up.

No. 69652

Wasn't Margo physically abusive?

No. 69653

Imo getting stalked by Margot would already be hella stressful and possibly a traumatic experience for Venus, even without any physical violence.
I still don't want her to stay in Japan, just because it'd be a good wake-up call for her but putting her in one country with her crazy mother is just cruel lol

No. 69654

why are you so invested in her reuniting with her family? she doesn't owe them a trip to switzerland kek.

No. 69657

I wonder who it could be

No. 69658

Dude what? I remember once, margot actually made her go on nico nico and she was 13 years old and she was wearing a japanese swimsuit licking ice cream off her fingers. You think a sane mother does that?

No. 69660

Some people here don’t know the difference between valid criticism and mocking mental illnesses.

No. 69662

Why the fuck does she need to go to her family in person?
It’s not exactly like Venus owes them anything. Her mother is insane and her dad wants nothing and has wanted nothing to do with her.

No. 69667

>> I don't see what's so bad about the two of them running into one another.
No one is saying marge could murder Venus. The issue is what it would be like for Venus to walk out her door one day in Switzerland fo find marge lurking outside waiting to confront her. Which happened more than once in Japan. It would be a nasty shock and marge would likely make a big scene DEMANDING that Venus TALK TO HER. She might even grab Venus, that’s also happened before (at the airport in Tokyo, security had to be called.)

So yeah, that would be a(nother) emotionally traumatic experience for Venus to add on to all the others she has had. And she really doesn’t need another one of those.

No. 69674

That's still not the worst thing that could happen to her. She could end up a homeless drunk, fucking for a place to sleep.

If she is truly worried about running into her mother she can get a restraining order, change her name again to something non-Japanese andndye her hair and live a normal life. It doesn't seem like Margo is still trying to hunt her down anymore anyway, and them being in the same country isn't dangerous because neither of them is a danger to each other. Dealing with a narc mom is hell but it's doable, especially once you escape them and get out on your own. Venus isn't so pwecious that she should be shielded and protected by some kawaii witness protection-type lifestyle playing kiddy in Japan forever, she's an adult woman who grew up with Margo and now doesn't have to rely on her anymore. She is just clinging to any vague excuse to stay in Japan other than "I want an easy life for being a white whore".

No. 69676

I was responding to “what's so bad about the two of them running into one another” by explaining what would be “so bad” about it, for anyone trying so hard to minimize it. You think it’s no big deal, try switching places with Venus and see how you like having an obsessed psycho mom with a history of physically stalking you.

No. 69677

Lmfao, I actually do and my narc mom went to jail for trying to strangle me. Hence, why I say it can't be too bad for babby Venus: restraining order, and call the police. She can be an adult and handle it like an adult, not like a dramatic toddler or a precious autist.(blog)

No. 69679

Oh, I see. You had a shitty life with a narcissist for a mom and so you just assume everyone else’s situation is easier.

No. 69681

Who the fuck cares when it's about Venus and not about you? Stop projecting yourself onto her and derailing the thread with a discussion that's been over since forever. It's fucking annoying seeing only this useless banter when you want to read some tea about Venoos.

No. 69684

Y'all forgetting that margo wanted to see Venus' channel and career destroyed. Now that Venus did it by herself, Margo is just happily watching the trainwreck from afar.


No. 69692

You seem like yet another example of a narc parent turning their kid a narc, kek

No. 69712

this anon's right tho.
people who insist that you can't live in the same country as your abuser/stalker sound like coddled babies that never had a bad thing happen to them.
what are you gonna do when someone randomly decides to stalk or harass you, change your identity and move to another continent?

No. 69714

Venus has become a cultural fetishist, roleplaying a Japanese girl supporting herself with sex work while trying to float the excuse that her narc mom and semi-shitty life (compared to other narcs and abuse victims) justify her never havjng to get a real job or education. She, a non-Japanese white woman with no special skills, has no reason to be in Japan other than to have an IRL backdrop for her drunken videos. All because she thinks she's better than everyone else for being viral pedobait.


No. 69715


You guys really don't know shit about narc moms or dealing with one if you think Margo is more than a 3 /4 on a scale of 10. She never beat Venus, locked her in a room or kept her away from the internet, she indulged Venus from the time she started YT because she wanted to love off her, but stage parenting/momagering isn't inherently abuse. They are both entitled, lazy, spoiled and undereducated yet think they're gorgeous, infallible geniuses who deserve everything. Wether that's Margo's fault or not, it's Venus's true colors now. It's not her fault she turned out like this neccesarily, she could have tried to do better for herself instead of taking the easy way out and using people. She's fighting the inevitable and trying to make it seem like her childhood was so much worse than it really was, all because she is a lazy, entitled narc who wants to stay in Japan and be lazy and spoiled forever, and if playing up her abuse and her mom's antics makes her think she has an excuse to have an easy life forever then she's in for a very, very rude awakening.

No. 69719

how do you know what Venus' life with Margo was like? don't be fucking ridiculous "u dont know what its like boohoo" shut up

No. 69721

it's not hard to tell since they put their life on the internet, or do you have some super secret info that you may want to share with us?

No. 69726

So what is this “BREAKTHROUGH” she speaks of? It’s not her Youtube views, that’s for sure. They’re tanking. Her “Company” she formed? There’s been zero evidence that even exists a month after she announced it- no instagram posts, no videos after that initial one in “her studio.” I think it doesn’t exist, except maybe on paper for visa purposes. No office or employees except in her fantasies.

So what gives? And why in her two recent pics is she hiding her face/looking down? Is that bloated mug beyond even her considerable photoshop skillz?

No. 69727

Some of us have been aware of Venus and Margo for as long as she's been on YT, you realize. Just because there's no proof of her not being horribly abused, doesn't mean ahe can embellish her trauma freely. The severity of her abuse was analyzed back around thentime she broke away from Margo and got with Manaki, back when everyone was asslicking her and calling Margo a demon and even then nobody was acting like she was being hit, pimped out, starved or kept away from people. All Margo's "abuse" is shit Venus could get up and fix herself by choosing to be better than her upbringing and completing the cycle, but she won't because not only is it difficult, but she wouldn't be able to use her childhood as a shield/excuse anymore.

No. 69729

Exactly this. I'm sorry for the anon with the violent mom tho.

No. 69730

I dunno,.. it’s really easy to label someone who “only” suffered emotional abuse as lazy or whatever. Like I get what you’re saying, some people have it way worse. And of course stalking victims can’t always move to another country LOL. She doesn’t have any skills, so it doesn’t matter if she “deserves” to stay in Japan or “has” to move. It’s better she just gets better where she is now than moving into Margo’s direction. Just IMO. This thread’s too slow and boring, thank god we can discuss bullshit like this!

Also why tf are words like victim or abuse written in red as soon as I post things?

No. 69732

victim always shows up in red. triggered too.

I have to say if I were Venus and had a choice between staying where I was, 6000 miles and a closely monitored international border away from my lunatic stalker mom or uprooting myself and moving to the same country as her I’d damn well choose option A too.

No. 69733

Do yourself a favor and start using sage. But, Venus will never begin to heal/get better in Japan because the kawaii culture itself is toxic, and aside from that and Venus's laziness she keeps forgetting that she isn't Asian, Japanese and didn't grow up with the culture. Granted, ahe probably has no real sense of self aside from her weeaboo persona of Venus Angelic, but trying to stay Venus Angelic in Japan is gonna kill her or have her end up like Yukapee. She needs to leave Japan, and not just because she's somehow ~undeserving of kawaii culture~, but because she's way too unstable and maladjusted to get a decent adult life out of Japan without going back to school at the very least, and goinf back to therapy.

No. 69734

Why, though? She's struggling way harder in Japan than she would in a country she has citizenship to. Venus doesn't need to stay in Japan, she desperately wants to bc it's the last place a mediocre whitw girl with no money can feel special with very little effort.

No. 69736

I guess in her weaboo mind living in Japan is still #goals plus it probably feels like a safe haven from Evil Mommy.

No. 69753

File: 1571287322057.jpeg (179.3 KB, 1089x1087, 21CF8779-7B9D-4BB0-AFED-DA3571…)

This is such an odd pic. At first glance it looks like she’s doing an exuberant fist pump but looking closer she just has her hand kind of limply draped across that.. whatever that thing is. She’s trying to look all happy and excited but the body language doesn’t match what she’s trying to convey. It looks fake and her hugging a teddy bear just adds to the confusion. She’s pretty old to be doing this childish shit and she’s not pulling it off at all.

No. 69762

I saw this as her trying to look asian. Her last two pics have her looking down and this one is lightened and shooped in such a way as to look more asian.
She's been skinwalking asian women since she got her new manager/boyfriend

No. 69774

Now that you mention it, I totally see it. Manager-kun must be into her LARPing a race.

No. 69775

Probably just showing off how ~long and skinny her kawaii arm~ is.

No. 69787

The wall is supposed to look like its being ripped apart and shes pretending that shes ripping it. its a touristy wall art photo. You guys are fucking stupid sometimes.

No. 69790

So she’s supposedly ripping through a wall in triumph! making a BREAKTHROUGH! with a limp-wristed hand while looking down and hiding her face (subservient/passive Asian pose) and hugging her teddy like a little Chinese girl. So many incongruencies here. Doesn’t work, Weenus.

No. 69791

File: 1571327534771.jpeg (498.15 KB, 1082x1642, 99B7D762-EE27-432E-AAB8-1693A2…)

Interesting. She talked about “learning to speak Chinese” back in May (when she first hooked up with Manager guy.) And now she’s been MIA from Youtube for over a week (and it’s dying rapidly, even worse than last year when she abandoned it the first time) while mysteriously claiming she’s “happier than she’s ever been!” and having a BREAKTHROUGH! while larping as a smol little Chinese gurl.

Is there a market for gravure/soft porn in China? Camming? She’s gotta be doing something to make money outside of Youtube. Her Youtube views have sunk to an all-time low of 9K/day.

No. 69797

File: 1571329640456.jpeg (748.06 KB, 2048x1369, 51AFEBEA-5866-4431-BF43-093552…)

It’s just a dumb pic it’s not that deep anon.

No. 69798

Her english is barely comprehensible, I wonder how fucking awful her canto is going to be hahahaha.

Is she trying to break into HK and live there like Taylor? If she really wanted an audience, why not go for Mando and pander to the mainlanders?

No. 69800

>hiding her face (subservient/passive Asian pose)
>hugging her teddy like a little Chinese girl
you sound creepy and disgusting. get a grip

No. 69801

This thread has some really creepy and obsessive anons. Shayna's thread is full of salty sex workers and bdsm-fags, and I'd bet that this thread is full of salty weeaboos crying about her not deserving to be in their glorious nippon, and at least that one narcfag being salty that Venus can milk her abuse story and they can't, kek. Sometimes the anons ITT are as milky as Venus, if not more

No. 69802

Well what do you expect? Nobody who feels neutral or casual about Wenoos would be ITT. We're here to call her out on her bullshit.

What's your motive, anon? Salty because she sleeps around with Japanese weirdos and not with you? You sound like whiteknighting her just because we might be worse than your precious kawaii alcoholic.

No. 69803

>Well what do you expect?
Anons not to be weird and autistic vendettafags (although it is quite entertaining sometimes)

>What's your motive, anon?

I'm just here to point and laugh, as one should

No. 69811

I'm here kinda rooting for Venus but my feelings are best described as "casual" - the thread just helps me keep tabs on what's going on with her, as disappointing as that shit happens to be. I do think you guys are kinda extreme weirdos who were just waiting for the day your dislike of her was justified, so no not everyone here is like you. I usually don't post.

Yeah that post was bizarre as fuck.

No. 69814

Are shocked and APPALLED at the meanies here! falls onto fainting couch

No. 69815

I get what you’re saying. But if you usually just lurk, don’t post, you didn’t get my point

No. 69816

What, it’s news to you that Weenus is LARPing a little Asian girl? Are you new here?

No. 69821

More like how hugging a huge teddy bear suddenly makes you Chinese? That just seems random asf considering she LARPs a Japanese

No. 69823

The only reason to read this thread now is to point and laugh at the dramatic weeaboo psychos. Even if you tread carefully with neutral commentary, they'll fuckin rage and accuse you of defending her lmfao. As if we didnt have an entire banner and old threads of anons rooting for her when we thought she was about to do well.

Would it be too meta to make a thread to laugh at screenshots of lolcow's pt & snow userbases?

No. 69826

Maybe Taylor introduced her to a rich Chinese anglophile friend of her husband's to keep Venus from ending up on the street?

No. 69840

Well she has to be doing something for money because her Youtube channel is once again dead and she doesn’t have Manaki to pay her rent anymore. What that something could be is anyone’s guess but based on her recent tendencies I doubt it’s anything you would call ‘good.’

And that “company” she formed with the office and the studio and employees and investors? It seems that never happened. Oh well. So what now, Weenus?

No. 69885

If she ends up a low-level tarento/moderu I'll die laughing.

No. 69908

I don’t think her current hygiene is good enough to be on TV… the internet has always been her place. I doubt she can do any better than that.

No. 69911

File: 1571403868287.jpg (14.85 KB, 275x241, 1561871653080.jpg)

>>69801 you said it yourself, it's not like venus' thread is that different from the other ones, so maybe lolcow in general just isn't the right place for you?
idc about the nitpicking autists, at least they're sperging about venus - the actual topic - not about MUH FEELS

… have you seen dakota? sadly, everythings possible in japan. I want them to do a collab tbh

No. 69913

Venus is currently drunk as shit live-streaming on insta. She can barely talk. Confessed she's drunk, said "I'm drunk most of the time"

No. 69914

Venus is literally having a drunk mental breakdown on Instagram live right now

No. 69915

someone: "Why do you drink?"
venus: "because I'm a fucking alcoholic. I drink wine that's actually meant for cooking"

No. 69916

This is a trainwreck. Venus telling everyone that she's an alcoholic and drinking wine meant for cooking.
And also telling her management to fuck themselves.

No. 69917

Her live is a big ol yikes right now. I recorded some of it when she started talking about how she drinks cooking wine and how nobody wants to help because shes "high risk". I feel like a boomer because I'm too lazy and dumb to figure out how to post it here. Should I upload it to a dropbox first or smthn??

No. 69918

>if my management finds out im doing drunk streams…
>my management will be very upset. I don't care. They can take my funds away or whatever
>I'm so drunk I can't read comments
>Why do I drink? I'm a fucking alcoholic. I won't denying. I'm a hedonist, I know it. I want to do something about it.

No. 69920

I don’t see this live on her ig (or YT)
Is someone recording it? Can you post it pls?

No. 69921

>> “I drink wine that's actually meant for cooking"
I missed the live but this is a thing hardcore alcoholics do. Next up: drinking mouthwash. They’ll drink anything that has any form of alcohol in it if they can’t get an actual bottle of booze (or can of booze in her case.)

No. 69926

I watched the whole livestream and it was honestly heartbreaking. She' said several times that she's an alcoholic and that she drinks because she can't express herself when she's sober. She's not getting any sort of support system in Japan.

No. 69928

File: 1571406863859.jpg (136.88 KB, 570x1014, instagramlive.jpg)

venus not looking a day over 40 in her live stream, i have never seen her look this bad before, drinking everyday must be catching up with her, i hope she get's help for it before something bad happens to her health

No. 69931

sh-she…. looks like pixyteri….

No. 69932

Her face is so sunken and gaunt. She's really dehydrated. Probably a shit diet too

No. 69933

Meh, I missed the livestream. But from the pic I can tell that it must have been a fucking mess.

No. 69934

>> she drinks because she can't express herself when she's sober.
No Venus, you drink because you’re an alcoholic. That whole “I can’t express myself when sober” is an excuse. Ofc if she was in an AA group they would point this out to her.

It’s obvious part of her problem is how shy and awkward she is, especially when she forces herself to do public events like that fan meetup. She loosens up after a drink or two (alcohol being a social lubricant and disinhibitor) and gets more at ease and outgoing. The problem is she’s an alcoholic and can’t stop at a couple of drinks, she keeps drinking to the point of being a sloppy embarrassing drunk (like that drunk karaoke livestream and what probably happened at her last event.)

Does AA exist in Japan?

No. 69935

File: 1571408128977.png (665.87 KB, 576x1024, instagram phone.png)

another screenshot, i watched some of the livestream and it was like her previous drunk lives but twice as drunk and bad mouthing her management

No. 69936

Could you tell where she was? That pink background is not her rented room.

No. 69937

She's at a karaoke bar.

No. 69938

Wonder how she’ll get home this time? She doesn’t have her caretaker (Manaki) to call her, come get her and bring her drunk ass home anymore.

No. 69940

she can kiss goodbye her work visa (if she got any)

No. 69942

God, somebody tell me that they got the whole thing and upload it somewhere asap. What a hot mess.

No. 69943

Whew, she’s really young to be looking this bad. To have those eyebags and that face at 22 is tragic. Her genetics plus an unhealthy lifestyle is a horrible combo.

No. 69944

No idea how karaoke/bar staffs deal with female drunkards in Japan. I doubt they would go out of their way to call a taxi for her.

No. 69949

Maybe she’ll be able to make her way back to her room via public transport/subway, if she quits drinking while she can still walk. Or maybe she’ll call manager-san to come get her.

The live was around 10pm local time. Hopefully she won’t hang around and drink til 5am like in her last drunk karaoke livestream. Random question: I wonder how often she goes out and gets drunk by herself like this? It’s one thing to sit in her room and drink but this is a whole different thing.

No. 69954

File: 1571419210707.jpeg (566.73 KB, 1096x1762, 1562473624387.jpeg)

Living doll

No. 69955

That's fucking rough, and I really doubt she's going to get herself out of this mess if she doesn't leave Japan, but then again there's nothing for her in any country except for a slight chance to get into therapy and AA. I didn't believe the tinfoiling of her being an actual alcoholic, but this is even worse than what anons were tinfoiling. This isn't even funny to me, just sad. She's never going to get her life back together and I wouldn't be surprised if she ended up dead in five years.

>I wonder how often she goes out and gets drunk by herself like this?
She seems super lonely, so she might do this quite often to get company since she said she has trouble expressing herself when sober. She has always seemed super socially awkward and weird around people and alcohol makes it much easier to open up. Also she seems to crave attention and validation, and she's going to get a lot of it in a bar visited by locals.

No. 69959

There’s an AA chapter in Tokyo. They have a website with phone numbers you can call and a meeting schedule that’s open to anyone who wants to show up. (they’re in Roppongi. She knows the area, she’s been there for her bar events.) If she really wants help it’s right there.

Or she could go on feeling sorry for herself and posting attention–whoring livestreams.


No. 69962

File: 1571425411450.png (374.35 KB, 496x482, Sin_título.png)

>I'm the happiest I've ever been in my life

No. 69965

They'll let her stay for however long she wants unless she's being disruptive some way. In Japan you pay per hour or for a package (3hr, 5hr, 12hr etc) that can be extended (they call you once to let you know when time is up and you can say that you want to keep going)

When you leave you show your ticket-ID at the entrance and pay.

If she's puking her guts out then one kind soul may try to help her, but others may just make her leave. Or "worst case" scenario, call the cops. I have a funny story about cops in Tokyo (we weren't drunk or doing anything bad) and they came on their cute little police bikes. They were pretty nice lol.

I agree with >>69801. Some of the anons here are salty AF and it's just… sad. Venus does a lot of bad shit but not everything is her fault. Also the people here who think she can move "home" to Europe has no sense of reality. If I were Venus, I would stay in Japan too.

People there are respectful, eating out is cheap and there's no Margo trying to hunt you down. (Among many other things that makes Japan a nice place to live)

Also, I don't know what Venus sounds like in her native language but her Japanese is at least OK conversationally-wise. Her English is atrocious. So she can at least communicate decently over in Japan.

No. 69967

Not in the Wenus should go back to Europe team but imo among all these nice things one can find in Japan, proper mental health care sure isn't one of them.

No. 69968

You can go to Youtube and make a channel, then upload it on your channel, copy the link and post it here.

>>not everything is her fault.
Sitting on her ass for 3 years mooching off her visa husband and refusing to do a thing towards getting an education or working to start a career in all that time is her fault. Making an attack video lying about her visa husband once he finally wised up and kicked her drunk ass out is her fault. Acting like a carbon copy of her mother is her fault (or her choice if you prefer. Same thing,) Posting-and-deleting attention-whoring livestreams and “I wanna die” ig’s (just like her mommy) is her fault.

Just for starters.

No. 69969

As posted above, there is an AA chapter conveniently located in Roppongi, an area Venus knows well. It’s free and open to anyone who wants to drop in.

No. 69970

File: 1571428146642.png (284.55 KB, 762x338, kawaii eyebags.png)

does alcohol cause eyes bags like these and premature aging? or is it just genetic?

No. 69972

Poor diet, not enough sleep, alcohol, genetics and bad light causing some shadows.

No. 69973

I think it's also because she abused her eye bags with tape to look more Asian aka do that aegyo sal make up

No. 69975

Exactly. She used to mangle her under eye area with that awful tape. She made a video about it (now deleted) that was so gruesome I couldn’t finish watching it. She permanently wrecked her face with that shit (in addition to all the other things posted here.)

No. 69978

>Her English is atrocious

This is probably the most idiotic nitpick in the entire thread. Girl is a bonafide alcoholic and you're criticizing her for speaking perfectly fluent English with an (understandable) accent? Jesus Christ

No. 69981

Are you kidding? Her English is average considering how long she's been already doing Youtube. I feel like her English was better in her older videos lol.
Her pronunciation is also wrong a lot of times. I don't mind her accent too much but her word-slurring is hard to listen to.
I don't think it's nitpicking.
(especially considering her "I speak 7 languages" videos like, no girl, you only speak like 3?? okayish? maybe??)

No. 69983

File: 1571434658486.jpeg (674.19 KB, 1875x1148, 83CF572B-53CC-4AB8-8500-DB0F20…)

Not “idiotic” or a “nitpick.” Her English is sloppy and slurry even when she’s not drunk and her mispronunciations are annoying. I can’t even understand half of what she says.

Foe example in that unfortunate fishing video instead of ‘the other 4 fishes” she says “da udder 4.” That’s just one small example of what I’m talking about.

No. 69987

>perfectly fluent English with an (understandable) accent

only in comparison with Margo's english.

No. 69988

Congratulations, you just transliterated her accent. If you genuinely can't understand her speech then you're either retarded or you lack the basic fluency necessary to understand a non-native speaker or a speaker who mumbles. Stick to criticizing the stuff that actually matters, like her unchecked BPD and alcoholism.

No. 69989

Might even be a kawaii uwu engrish accent Margo made her use for such a long time she doesn't know how to speak normal English.

Is BPD Borderline? Or Bipolar? Because I honestly think she's bipolar. Her having devastating downs and ridiculous ups.

No. 69991

the thing is it's not her English, it's her speech. it's constantly slurred. now we know why haha

No. 69992

BPD means borderline personality disorder. It's extremely similar to bipolar but it's caused by a dysfunctional childhood rather than a random chemical imbalance. It's characterized by severe mood swings and a very unstable sense of self. Venus is the poster child for it.(Armchairing)

No. 69996

Oh I’m quite fluent, I can assure you. My example is just one small piece of her constant and annoying mispronunciations and sloppy and hard to understand speech. Now go “transliterate” that, you fucking pompous ass.

No. 69997

Her English sucks, period. There is nothing wrong with having an accent but she is very hard to understand sometimes. Girl has been making English YouTube videos since she was 13 and lived in England for two years. It's not a nitpick to expect better, especially from someone who regularly brags about being a polyglot.

No. 69998

You should both shut the fuck up

No. 69999

>>said "I'm drunk most of the time"
I’ve suspected for awhile that her episodes of ghosting SM (“mental breakdowns” according to her) were actually just multi-day benders. She must have been hell to live with between the drunkenness, mood swings, lies, attention-grabbing stunts and nonstop drama (“I wanna die!” “No I don’t I’m SO much better!”) And that bizarre weight-loss surgery saga, what the fuck?People like her are emotional vampires, they’ll turn your world upside-down and suck the life right out of you. No wonder Manaki ran for the hills after 3 years of that and Ella dropped her like a hot potato and never looked back.

No. 70001

her english was better in her old videos because they were scripted by her momager with a dictionary

No. 70002

also considering the level of english in an average german-speaking young adult, i think venus should honestly be ashamed of her language skills instead of bragging about them. and especially after having lived in england for several years

No. 70004

File: 1571439067450.jpg (66.94 KB, 528x404, Venus.jpg.145b84b9c69e9e308345…)

No. 70005

Anon, please use SNS (Social Networking Site) instead of SM.

No. 70006

Venus needs to not kill herself but kill her Ego and just let a 40 year old middle class salaryman marry her and keep her

>>70005 not me but why, what the fuck?

No. 70007

Is Taylor still in contact with her? last time we heard about them interacting was that time T came to visit her for her birthday.

my guess is that anon is making a reference to Kiki

No. 70009

Come on all you guys who saw this, no one recorded it?
No one?

No. 70013

I considered it but it was honestly so sad that I couldn't bring myself to do it. She was drunk as fuck but seemed to have a moment of slight lucidity towards the end of the stream, saying "I think this is going to end up on youtube and everyone is going to laugh at me".

No. 70015

Mayne Margo is so obsessed because they look so similar. She thinks of venus as her little clone doll who ran away

Venus really needs some help from people who are not perverted salarymen or foreign escorts. The she needs to go back to Europe club even continues on in her Instagram comments, from people who presumably never read lolcow

No. 70017

Do it, anon. For your fellow farmers.
I really don’t think anyone will laugh.

No. 70018

All these people handwringing about “omg she heeds to get help!“ She can start going to AA any time she wants.They have meetings in Tokyo every week. That would be a start- if she really does want help and not just attention and handwringing.

No. 70020


I bet she found out she's not getting a visa through Kitano's cambodian company for being a sloppy internet personality because she's a high risk alcoholic & now she's spiraling. Maybe this has something to do with her sudden interest in China/Learning Chinese again? When Japan kicks her she'll end up in Hong Kong, either obviously with Taylor or privately being helped by her and Tom to find someone else to take care of her.

No. 70021

This. Venus wants attention, she'll only get herself together if someone comes by and offers her an out because working her way out of it with a real job and hard work isn't the 24/7 hugbox she wants it to be. It's lonely, hard and takes time and she would rather be coddled and kept while making excuses for all her wild behaviors.

No. 70022

Nobody argues that Japan isn't a good place to live, just that Venus should leave bc as long as she is in Japan she won't ever have a normal, decent life because she sees herself as a Japanese internet princess. That will follow her anywhere, but her being in Japan is actuslly bad for her because, well… look at her. She had every single opportunity when she moved to Japan with Manaki, and what did she do? Sat sround for 2-3 years, then started treating her husband like crap and shittalking him when he wanted to discuss their relationship and future like adults, hence where she is now. She's lazy, selfish and attention starved- do I think she's anywhere nesr as bad as Margo? No. I'm saying Venus is in the boat she's in now not because of Margaret or Japan or her childhood, but because of her. She had her saving grace & chance to start over fresh while being completely cared for and spoiled 3 years ago, and chose to sit and play around instead of building a secure future for herself and all she has to show for it in the end is…. not even her kiddie toys or a visa. Now that she realizes all this, she wants another whopper of a rescue party to come in and give her a visa & take care of her for nothing.

No. 70023

>> she would rather be coddled and kept while making excuses for all her wild behaviors.
Like Manaki did for 3 years, with her very own little pink bedroom and all.

>> her sudden interest in China/Learning Chinese again?
That was back in May when she first hooked up with Kitano and her head was full of delusions about forming a company with office space and a studio and employees, oh and opening her own girls bar.

If she’s really drunk every day like she said she’ll need medically supervised detox. If she just quits cold turkey she might go into DTs and that’s just nasty.

No. 70024

Adding to this, the culture is actually probably very toxic to her in fact:

>"the nail that sticks up is hammered down"

>huge social drinking culture
>internalizing your problems to not bother others
>shit mental healthcare

No. 70025

DTs almost exclusively happen to alcoholics who have been drinking for decades. If she’s physically dependent at all, she will need about 3-5 days of Valium to be detoxed and that’s it lol. Her doctor could even prescribe it to her and she could do it outpatient. You know, if she was actually ready to quit.

No. 70026

That’s true, she would likely have mild withdrawal symptoms (tremors, anxiety, insomnia, sweating, maybe nausea and vomiting) and not life-threatening DTs with seizures, confusion, hallucinations etc.

I found this info: “If you are a woman of average weight and you have been drinking 6 standard drinks a day every day for a month then you have about a fifty-fifty chance of going through minor withdrawal, but it probably won't be life threatening.”

So a few days worth of valium or librium would probably be fine. Still not fun though.

No. 70027

I don’t think it takes decades worth of drinking to get major withdrawal symptoms. Daily heavy drinking for a month or two will get you mild to moderate withdrawals. Full-blown DTs does take more than that, I agree. But decades? No.

No. 70032

>> >my management will be very upset. I don't care. They can take my funds away or whatever
So she’s still with that Cambodian Gaku Kitano manager guy? Why? What exactly is he doing for her at this point? Her Youtube channel is dying (again) and her ig is fading too, both from neglect. She’s had no new events scheduled since that disaster last month, no sponsored ig posts, nothing. There was that weird appearance at the Benin embassy or whatever, lol. But that’s it. So what is this “manager” up to? And how is she paying him now with her Youtube views/income practically nonexistent?

And what “funds” does she think he’ll “take away”? Funds from what, and why does he control them? This all seems quite shady.

No. 70034

>"I think this is going to end up on youtube and everyone is going to laugh at me"

Girl, she was the one livestreaming on the first place. I wouldn't call this a moment of lucidity. She's just playing the victim.

No. 70037

File: 1571462334194.jpg (1.33 MB, 2560x1920, 19-10-19-01-18-36-769_deco.jpg)

This is actually kinda sad…

No. 70041

File: 1571469075604.png (3.41 MB, 1125x2436, 173A834A-C49F-4B7E-B290-C03B1C…)

Posting here because I don’t know where to post about this girl.

But seriously, how much dick do you think she’s sucking to travel to 4 countries in a month while attending language school? (and obviously not working)

No. 70042


No. 70047

She's a "" model"" doing lewd shoots and sucking azn dick to be a speshul white blond godessu in Asia like most weebs who turn to sex work

No. 70050


She is signed at a modelling agency for years now, she originaly went to asia first just for modelling, she also did university and comes from a middle class family, I dont think she needs to be sucking dick just to travel or get a modellingjob.

Venus on the other hand has neither and I have no idea how she can save her visa besides finding a new dude. Since working or a internship is apparently no option for venus. She should seriously stop this online downspiral and consider something else, I am sure there are reasonable ways to stay in Japan for her, but she feels to good for any it seems

No. 70051

Didn't she get a sugar daddy (or bf if you want) who was like waaaay older than her who got her modeling gigs in singapore? Basically like taylor with elbow-san.

And not long ago, in one of her instagram posts she claimed she was broke/poor. I would not put it past her to do lewd acts. It's not like she hasn't in the past.

No. 70053

One part of me REALLY hopes Tay will take care of Venus… but another part knows it'll enable her again. Will she live in a bubble for the rest of her life?

No. 70056


Yes he was her boyfriend for some years, back when she was still young, I actually met her before and have her on facebook since we both where high school ish age way before she went to Asia and he was on family photos etc to, I would say it was a genuine relationship. But he being partly in Singapore and partly in the Netherlands did make it able for her to model and stay there. I honestly have no idea how much older he was, but it doesnt seem like that big of a age gap like with Taylor, Taylors boyfriend genuinly looks like a old men and they looks super misplaced as a couple. But atleast Ella has a savetynet, she is young, has her diplomas and a family that is there for her and has money. Unlike Venus

No. 70057

1) Venus and Taylor stopped being friends once she left Japan. In one of the streams Venus said something about how she doesn’t wear the jewelry Taylor gave her but keeps it in a box and remembers some shit. Not sure if they had a fight, but they don’t talk anymore.
2)It’s a real shame Venus never finished high school because she could just apply to colleges. That way she doesn’t have to go back to Europe or stay in Japan, and she could be around people her own age. Maybe it would have helped her. If she motivate herself to do that bare minimum work work required for school. Or at the very least she would improve her fucking English skills. That mumble baby voice needs to go, she’s no fucking “living doll” anymore!

No. 70058

Except the first three DO NOT apply to a foreigner like her, especially being a female, and your 4th example is greatly generalizing. Everyone likes to chant “Japan has no mental health care” without actually researching. Yes there is more of a stigma against mental health or admitting you have an addiction but it really depends on you status and family situation. More responsibility and dependents, the more you are expected to keep it together for everyone else’s sake. That is where the shame of failure comes from. Again, this cultural attitude is NOT relevant to a unsteady foreign woman who has no family, no employment and questionable visa status. Nothing is expected of her and she is not seen as part of Japanese society. She is not a salaryman. She is not a hardworking student. She is not a CEO, celebrity or head of household. Her audience is almost all overseas, so her failure does not reflect on Japanese.

Like the previous anon who quickly found English information for AA, there are many more Japanese resources. Just looking in Tokyo area for drug and alcohol addiction, 薬物・アルコール等の依存症, there are plenty of hospitals that offer everything from counseling, treatment, peer meetings and family support counseling. What was the context for the comment about being too high risk for help? Did she mean other people, like employers or friends, not wanting to?

Venus’ problem is not Japan, it’s Venus. She blew every opportunity to have a normal life, then passes by or rejects the help that is available. At this point, it seems she has absolutely no Japanese friends so there isn’t a potential support system. The only one she actually had was Manaki’s patient family and she threw that away. The Switzerland talk is very naive because it will not change anything for her unless someone there forces her into treatment. If she wants to stay in Japan, it’s all on her to change and no one else’s responsibility.

No. 70060

No. 70061

While this anon >>70058 has some really good points, I doubt she can find any Japanese friends who listens to her problems (whining). She even scares non-Japanese friends away

No. 70062

Part of me just feels sorry for her because she is just the product of life long manipulation and grooming, so she can't really help her anti social toxic behavior.
My mother for example is very nitpicky when it comes to windows. They always have to be clean. Always. Growing up with her it annoyed me but now that I'm an adult I need to clean my windows all the time too. This is just some innocent behavior I adopted but imagine all the shit she learned.

No. 70063


Fucking this, milk happened and nobody bothered to document it because they pity her. This shit gives me the same vibes as the constant posting on IG that she continue to delete shortly after, as if her passive attention whoring never happened.


>"I think this is going to end up on youtube and everyone is going to laugh at me"

People already laughed at her during the stream when you see at the comments >>69928 and told her to get a fucking grip ("Jeder der berühmt ist, hat eine Verantwortung somit eine vorbildfunktion", means "everybody who is famous has a role model function"). The moment she decides to broadcast her pity party online, the moment she gives people a chance to laugh at her and not when somebody puts it on youtube.

No. 70065


That's true but at the very same time you cannot deny that there is a blatant stigma there in Japan where people are antisocial as fuck and slightly ignorant to mental health or any one even having problems.

Japanese are like the autistic grouping of Asia. They just suffer in silence and don't know how to really go about emotions. It's weird. There ARE groups to help people with issues, you do need to dig into the dirt to find these places. But its still taboo. People say "But it is in the West tooooo!" Yeah but you don't see Japan campaigning about mental health and other taboo issues. I mean - fucking hell. They're just ABOUT trying to accept women in schools and at work wearing trousers and seeing overweight girls in magazines. They're a futuristic nation with a mindset from fifty years ago. The whole culture is a front and everyone in it don't know how to human.

But Venus generally just needs help. Wherever she goes, she needs it. She won't go anywhere else, her main target has always been to go to Japan and live there since she probably saw anime at 8 years of age.

She fetishises asian girls. I'm surprised she hasn't got many Japanese friends to be honest. I thought she would want to befriend all of them and find herself a Japanese fucking kawaii girlfriend or something.

But I think they just make her feel on edge or self conscious because they're something she'll never be.

No. 70066


Taylor used Venus for views.

I think Taylor was concerned for Venus but at the same time I think she went all out to befriend Venus for subs / views.

Taylor did it with everyone. I mean, why not make a few bucks? Asian boyfriend, already in Asia, copying Dakota. May as well just befriend all the other weebs who were in Japan at the time. That group has split now with Sharla elsewhere, Kim and the Aussie chick with the sausage filler lips elsewhere too. Most have changed their aesthetic because they know the kawaii look has faded. It isn't as hot as it used to be online, the living doll craze is washed up and everyone can pretend to be Dakota Rose or an asian dolly using Beautyplus or Meitu nowadays.

Taylor saw a scapegoat and she fucking took it.

Mikan prolly doing the same

No. 70067


Why is it sad?

She's chosen to go down this route and refuses to get help. Until she's at rock bottom, on the street of Roppongi, homeless, anorexic and crying with bottles of whatever surrounding her, rats running past here and Japanese uwu host club boys filming her with their phones laughing, then I'll feel sad for her. Until then, she'll have to do something about it.

No. 70068


Fucking record it next time, dickhead.

No. 70069

>Venus and Taylor stopped being friends once she left Japan

they've met at least once after that, i remember taylor talking about how she met her dear friend venus since long time or smth

No. 70071

I'm sorry for you anon but please can we not start with "I feel bad for weenus because my mom…"
When she escaped from Margoyle the threads were full of it and we couldn't even document milk
Nothing against you in particular, I wish you well

No. 70078

Now THAT's a scenario. Shuddering at how realistic it sounds.

BTW, I've always wondered how she can stay so skinny when she's drinking all the time? Alcohol has so many calories, especially mixed with sugary stuff. And on one of her pity posts/livestreams she mentions only eating snacks, not real meals. I bet she means snacks and sweets from konbini? That stuff has so many empty calories as well.

No. 70080

It's called binge and purge.

No. 70085


Alcoholics are usually skinny. It seems counterproductive, but they don't eat or eat very little to reserve stomach space and calories for alcohol (and in case they feel sick). Even if they aren't consciously counting calories, they want the most bang for their buck with alcohol, so why use up all that stomach space?

She also might be getting sick the mornings after (or whenever she's drinking).

No. 70086


This. Hardly a mystery how an experienced vomit enthusiast is staying slim.

No. 70088

Did no one record her breakdown? Please tell me someone got it.

No. 70093

everyone begging for a recording and this anon said they did and asked how to post and you just tossed off "go make a youtube channel"

No. 70098

>Should I upload it to a dropbox first or smthn??
Yes. Or MEGA, or Google Drive or Zippyshare.

No. 70103

We don't really know if they're not friends based on a bracelet. She wears Taylor's watch (said she'd never take it off or mana's moms bracelet) but stopped wearing mana's mom's bracelet after saying that, but not the watch. Then she mentioned the tailor bracelet as proof she didn't stop wearing mana's mom's bracelet due to bad blood (yeah right). I assume they're still friends but since taylor lives in a different country, don't contact each other as much. Mikan seems to dislike venus though and distanced herself. She still likes some of her posts, so I assume she's keeping up public appearance, perhaps afraid of drama, slander video and losing followers (since she's a fame-whore who wants to be an influencer for the sake of having power over people (her words) & being revered).

You can say the same for marge then. I doubt she had a wonderful family life either, as one does not just become a narc due to great upbringing. Venus is now responsible for herself, as marge is responsible for her toxic actions. I don't feel sorry for either. And that's what Venus wants her audience to feel with every one of these manipulative pity grabs. She always "invents" a problem as an excuse. She's been drinking for a while. Why is this coming up now? Because she used up Marge pity story, surgery story, ED, BPD etc.

No. 70116

File: 1571535036737.png (738.61 KB, 840x598, 009584493.png)

Could this possibly be a subtle jab at Venus? She mentions sugar daddies and parties and Roppongi where Venus has been frequenting lately. Or am I just reaching? Also hilarious and hypocritical that she would put down SD's and call it "super dodgy" when she has done sex work/had sugar daddies/given out nudes in the past to get the free things she thinks she's entitled to, as well as to fund her trip to Japan (now that she has some clout she doesn't need to resort to such behaviour soshe puts it down). She went with Venus' (close?) friend to her area, without Venus and then put down that (Venus' lifestyle). Is it some sort of shade?

No. 70117

Or is it not shade and she;s just humble bragging (rich guys want yo gal guysss but I'm soooo above that! let's not talk about my sex work tho)

No. 70127

>old millionaires
Kind of have trouble believing "millionaires" would be particularly interested in random cringy weebs instead of conventionally attractive, expensive escorts, but okay, Mikan.

No. 70132

Mizuki makes her friends do dodgy things sometimes. That makeup video with Venus where they call McKenna a weaboo was taken with Venus in a bad state.

No. 70136

I see no shade. That’s just what Roppongi is like and situations like that are very common for foreign models. Although I doubt the men were actual millionaires.

I honestly don’t think any of Venus’ old contacts have completely broken away from her or had a falling out where she would know they are finished. They really have no choice but to keep their distance as much as they can since she negatively affects their lives and careers. These are all adult women with their own lives.

No. 70137

File: 1571562713046.jpg (62.69 KB, 383x428, IMG_20191020_110948.jpg)

I doubt "millionaires" were dying to hook up with a girl looking like a goofy middleschooler but OK, Mikan

No. 70139

File: 1571565277166.jpeg (87.13 KB, 772x482, 0D698AEC-C91B-4973-ABF4-520CB3…)

I like how she’s pretending that drunk mental breakdown on stream didn’t happen and that she’s just perfectly fine and happy, she went overboard on the editing this time though

No. 70141

File: 1571568992680.jpeg (217.5 KB, 750x1097, 4FBFBAFB-7C75-4863-9BE7-772FA4…)

She deleted that post immediately after she posted it, didn’t get the caption in the pic sorry but it said sorry like spending the day with tsuruko

No. 70144

I know you were probably laughing your ass off but like ??? I don't know that Mikan girl but so many people were ugly as shit in school. It's different with people like Venus who shoop the shit out of their current pictures.
Like this… she tries to go for kawaii half Japanese eyes or some shit.
Also… fuck those greasy af bangs. Even with a ton of filters they look digusting af.

No. 70148


I mean, Taylor R is a good example that some millionaires want weebs

sage for ot

No. 70150

Kind of, Tom was from humble beginnings and Taylor was from money, not quite the same.

No. 70151

It's not Mikan but Mizuki. This pic is from a few months ago

No. 70162

Taylor is conventionally attractive, though, and did actual modelling work in different countries.

No. 70169

Tsuruko got balls to still meet up with Venus now. Hope Venus didn't scare her away and stayed sober

No. 70190

Pretty sure she did that drunk stream for pity. She wants another excuse for her behaviour, so she's playing up this alcohol thing, just like she played up her bpd when it suited her, her margo story, her hospital and surgery stuff, and even tried to play up (plus completely invent this time around) another "abuse" story with Manaki. Anything to get her fans and her gossip pages to deify her and make posts like: omg poor girl, she's traumatized, thanks to her mom and manaki, subsequently putting venus on some uber special must protecc kawaii princess pedestal and excuse everything bad she's ever done.

A part of me thinks she's been reading her gossip threads and was like, well everyone says I'm an alcoholic so I'll just roll with it and get sympathy and they'll like me again. I'm not even convinced she has a legitimate problem, due to the amount she's lied and manipulated. But if she really does have a drinking problem, she's definitely playing it up for pity points – which is disgusting, yet to be expected from her.

No. 70191

Tsuruko is a clout chaser who whined for months about not getting as many likes on her pics as her prime in 2016.

No. 70247

This. Around 2017, Venus asked her followers to donate money to Tsuruko because she couldn't afford weeb crap :C and several people on the comments said fuck off that Tsuruko should get a job to fund her hobbies instead lmao.

No. 70264

piper is genuinely awful. i used to think she was cute but in that video with mikan she was just so… annoying. and dismissive. mikan was giving her dozens of free clothes and even gifted her the first thing she ever bought in japan, and piper just acted like it was another average gift when mikan made a whole speech thinking it would be greatly appreciated lol.

piper is desperate for #japancred she only follows japanese influencers and acknowledges fanart from asian artists. leeched off her parents since she graduated, tried to make money off shitty cosplays and lazy youtube videos, and is now studying japanese in japan with no further goals.

so her and venus likely get along great. they both have cringey edgelord humor and are spoiled entitled brats desperate for fame and an easy life being freeloaders.

No. 70374

Ok is anyone going to post a link to the recorded livestream or what?

No. 70375

Why is everyone so thirsty for it anyway? You wanna jerk off to her miserable life or something?

No. 70383

Reading the comments here is probably this, i see many wishing her to start porn so they can jerk off on her pics! Many people with sexism sense of what woman should be, clean for him, not drinking alcohol, cannot age, always well behaved and act like a doll and not like a human being with contradictions, complexities, good and bad aspects. They are expecting for a barbie!

No. 70388

Who let this unhinged cow in?

No. 70389

File: 1571698607768.jpeg (228.36 KB, 971x375, 6A234503-0501-4842-BF46-5BCD07…)

this header aged just as badly as venus herself

No. 70390

no ones stalking her or breaking into her room. she put herself out there and people want to see the cringefest, so what's the problem?
are you aware you can just NOT film yourself talking about your personal life and put it on the internet, if you don't want people to know about it?

venus: alcoholic who's drunk on cooking wine every single day, doesn't wash herself, looks like she's 30+ at just 22, no education at 22, looks down on people with a real job and is fucking old salary men instead, has regular mental breakdowns on her instagram for everyone to see
this anon: duh that's just a completely normal woman with contradictions & complexities uwu

No. 70391

Thats her own bussiness. Why you get so buthurt by this? Projecting your own frustration on her that yourself cannot manage? Go to terapy!

No. 70394

Yeah right man! Bc you obsessing with a woman’s life on internet and judging her morality and flaws as its your life its pretty normal hun
you just sound whiny and has no life outside(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 70404

File: 1571705630272.jpg (16.52 KB, 307x300, IMG_20191017_230720.jpg)

>>70391 learn some english lmao

No. 70420

Nobody cares about protecting yoir feelings on the internet. If you record and post yourself acting unstable, calling yourself an alcoholic and looking unwashed then you have no right to get hurt and offended when you get any response other than asspats and pity.

No. 70423

Okay now that the cow protector anon is gone..
Is anyone going to post a link to the recorded live?

No. 70454

Why doesn’t she just get Botox and fillers to fix those horrible nasolabial folds that she has??? That would make her look 1000x better and make her look more youthful again too, she should seriously invest in doing that

No. 70460

Or she could just start a healthy lifestyle, no drinking, healthy eating, good skin care…. hydration etc..

No. 70463

That stuff is expensive af to upkeep, plus unless you have a good beauty routine you stick to it ends up looking like shit soon anyway because it's not a bandaid or an easy fix for aging.

No. 70465

Updated Venus site banners when?

Someone could make one of her and Margo side by side doing their sexy jung fraulein bikini dances.

No. 70467

Botox at 22 is just absurd and will look super unnatural.

No. 70476

Botox paralyses muscles and is for fine lines. Fillers are for sunken cheeks, or for creating cheekbones/jawline etc. Venus looks like she's 40 with sagging, bloated skin. Women that age can only be saved with a face lift and botox to slow done wrinkles. There's cheaper and cheaper plastic surgery clinics with its rise in popularity and one might even do it for free in exchange for promo.

Like others said, Venus's habits will destroy her face again. She's an alcoholic which causes water retention, and b/p's which causes even more water retention due to low potassium. Her body is a walking dumpster fire. It might not even make it past surgery since eating disorders eat away at your heart muscles and longterm anemia causes blood clots. Plus possible drug use?? Jeez.

No. 70498

No. 70509

God bless anon but just that?
Is there anyone here who has the full live or atleast the milky things?

No. 70511

Yeh sorry. I tuned in during the middle of the stream, I dont think she was streaming for very long anyways.

No. 70517

File: 1571780556214.jpg (11.56 KB, 288x110, forbidden.JPG)


It does not work for me …

No. 70554

>you can't get help in japan because you are high risk.

Japan might have a big alcohol use problem but they also have supports groups. You're just being lazy, Venus.

No. 70579

File: 1571819589257.webm (13.37 MB, 484x1000, YouCut_20191022_150403979_1.we…)

It's because European providers are blocking Zippyshare. You can still access it via VPN.

Anyways, I'm gonna post it as webm here.

No. 70585

Thanks, anon. It's sad to see how she is slurring.

No. 70591

The screenshots looked so bad I thought shes like black out drunk but honestly she seems ok. She just wanted attention with her high risk shit talking and seem like an adult lmao

No. 70598

That's what I thought. Another anon shared a different drunk live where she actually sings and she was GONE in that one. This one I can actually understand what she is saying and she's making halfway coherent sentences.

No. 70601

What was even the point of this lives… Her 13yo fans in the West can't do anything for her.

No. 70606

She doesn't go to therapy and hasn't learned how to deal with her negative feelings, so every time she feels horrible, she acts out on the internet to get a few quick asspats that make the bad thoughts go away for a while.

No. 70613

Binge-drinking alone is harmful as a substitute for healthy emotional intelligence, but also streaming it into the world? Girl must be insane. Who in the right mind would prefer those asspats to actually improving your RL?

No. 70617

>>70579 weird, i'm on an european server and it worked fine.

No. 70618

Now that people have found out about her manager/sugar daddy/wathev she mentions it

No. 70626

File: 1571871301706.png (221.87 KB, 319x339, Screen Shot 2019-10-23 at 23.5…)


Venus would end up looking like Vanilla's scary ass

No. 70629

Vanilla doesn't look that bad and also Venus would never be able to afford surgery

No. 70635

Not that anon but currently vanilla's face is fubar, a far cry from what looked like in >>70626
Agree with your second statement though, Weenos barely can afford konbini wine, let alone cosmetic surgery.

No. 70673

File: 1571890628502.jpg (Spoiler Image, 474.02 KB, 896x780, Jcuxx8w.jpg)

I don’t understand why she claims she can’t get help from anywhere in Japan because she’s “High Risk”. What is so unique about her situation and physical condition that no doctor wants anything to do with her? She’s doing things like going out with friends, going to karaoke and posting selfies once in a while so she is at least functioning at a higher level that a wandering homeless wino covered in his own filth. I’m really wondering if she had a consultation and was extremely difficult about the recovery plan or treatment they worked out for her? No addiction therapist or hospital is going to refuse her like that, unless she means there is conflict with her ridiculous “dream” of running a girls’ bar and they can’t help her unless she commits to removing herself from that environment.

^You haven’t seen 2019 Vanilla, have you? (Click at your own peril)

No. 70674

I refuse to accept that this is more than a heinous shoop. No human should look like this.

No. 70676

i don't think she understands what hedonism means? you can be a hedonist but not an alcoholic, it's a word that isn't used much anymore but it has more to do with pleasure than it does being a drunk. go back to school, venus.

No. 70696


that's a chinese-level shoop that she now uses on all her pictures, her current real appearance can be seen in this article https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/article?a=20190824-00015873-jprime-ent

No. 70719

IKR? Hedonism is just about wanting the biggest happiness possible while wanting the least amout of sadness/pain. Or something.

No. 70732

File: 1571954835174.png (Spoiler Image, 391.87 KB, 450x410, wtfno.png)

Literally the photo in the article you linked is just as horrifying. wtf

Yikes. At least she's aware she's an alcoholic? I know she's a cow, but I hope she gets help. With her existing health issues, I can't imagine being an alcoholic is good on her body.

No. 70826

Venus' stomach is a stapled together windwock. I feel like she's one bad binge away from a life threatening situation. Unfortunately I feel like a situation like that would be the only thing to make her realize that her lifestyle is not healthy or viable. She already made the mistake of fucking up her health with an illegal weight loss surgery. The last thing she needs is to erode what little stomach lining she has left with booze and spicy foods.

Tinfoil, but I wonder if Venus is doing this on purpose. Not out of self-destruction but as another grab for attention?

No. 70827

>Not out of self-destruction
why not? why doesn't anybody ever consider this

No. 70828

I refuse to believe she doesn't do it for at least an ounce out of self-destruction. It isn't healthy or even rational at all doing it for 100 percent for attention. But being the attention whore she is, attention is very likely too much of a matter for her.

No. 70829

File: 1572040139300.jpg (45.99 KB, 934x444, peenus3.JPG)

No. 70830

File: 1572040256482.jpg (46.56 KB, 932x445, peenus4.JPG)

No. 70837

Oh my god she looks dead inside
also pls wash your hair Venus

No. 70839

I doubt she's only doing it for the attention, because she doesn't seem to profit from it in any way and barely posts anymore.
if she wanted attention so much, she could have it everyday, and money on top of it (as seen in her drunken livestreams).

it's a good look for her, I doubt it looks that good without a shitton of filters though..

No. 70841

That photoshop lol. She is using snow app lel

No. 70850

she's doing it to guilt trip the people who used to gave a shit about her.

No. 71042


She must be on the hunt for a new manager-daddy, she only posts half decent pics of herself looking washed when she needs a new guarantor.

No. 71049

>it's a good look for her, I doubt it looks that good without a shitton of filters though..
It looks ugly even with the editing and filters. She looks like marge 2.0 too.

No. 71055

the different proportions of the eyes is hilarious

No. 71056

tinfoil but maybe she isn't with that Kitano guy anymore so now she's trying to play up the "naughty baby girl uwu" image to get some new jap visa

No. 71057

The ironic thing is her hair doesn't even look washed at all

I guess it's because of the Snow app's shooped make-up; her outer lashline looks fuller on the right side

No. 71068

File: 1572106143202.png (1.15 MB, 1164x748, Screenshot_2019-10-26.png)

what's up with her arm?

No. 71069

She probably just wants to look edgy.

No. 71070

isn't that a hotel room?

No. 71071

forgot the caption: "I don’t like boring hotel rooms 💔"

when you roll up your sleeves so everyone can see your ugu selfharm-bandages

No. 71072


>I don't like boring hotel rooms

Well if you weren't a crazy bitch gaslighting and cheating on your husband maybe you would have kept your pink kawiwi princess room, Weebus.

No. 71081

So, we can assume Kitano-san booted her? Maybe that's what the drunk streams were all about?

No. 71083

She cheated on Manaki?

No. 71087

File: 1572120805965.png (162.88 KB, 1342x1112, vfriend.png)

we don't have actual proof.
some anons, allegedly friends of venus, said stuff about her.
while it's not hard to believe, everyone needs to stop treating it as proven facts.
it makes everyone on here look stupid

No. 71088

Ffs, a few weeks ago some of us called it, she would start showing self-harm scars when it was discussed she never had visible scars even after her "menhera explosion" and clean full body pic from the hospital. Flaunting it like that is absolutely disgusting.

No. 71089

ugh, she's getting really annoying with these vague edgy posts. i feel bad for her gullible fans because she's clearly using them for pity points at this point and not sending an awkward cry for help

No. 71094

I guess that’s where she takes her “clients”

No. 71097

Also who the hell posts a picture of them self SMILING while showing off self harm bandages?? I have now lost any respect for her, disgusting to use that for likes, she’s gone to a new low

No. 71100

this new mehera uwu phase is even more retarded than the kawaii dolly one.

No. 71101

Could be or she's still with Kitano (he flaunts food and hotel pics on his fb all the time) so she might have gone somewhere with him. In that case, I'm pretty sure he's a sugar daddy. Why bring her to his meetings, an embassy and on a trip if she's not fucking him?

margaret also mentioned cheating (obviously could have been lying) but given how venus behaves and her drinking, I wouldn't be surprised if she really did cheat back in korea. I mean, she only married manaki for a visa, so it's not like she'd feel morally bad for doing it. And of course the pater ad. Venus had an ad on a sugar daddy website and wanted to "fuck girls" while with manaki.

No. 71103

Well she's been using mental illness and other things as an excuse this whole time so it's not surprising. She has bpd, when it suits her. She has an ed, when it suits her. She has social anxiety, when it suits her. She's an alcoholic, when it suits her. She's "gay and psycho", when it suits her. She allegedly self-harms, despite no evidence, when it suits her. Her ex-husband abuses her, when it suits her. She just moves on from one excuse to the next, when it suits her.

No. 71110

File: 1572138027392.png (352.7 KB, 788x416, binachanmargochan.png)


No. 71111

I don't even know what alcohol smells like, and since Venus really does act in her vids/pics like a teenager who just discovered booze, can actual drinkers confirm that she drinks a lot? Or is she just a cringe flaunter like those YOLO grassfags?

No. 71114

Another one made the garlic banner too and it was really cringe considering every other banner in contrast was basically mockery even if lighthearted. Not sure what to think of this though, it went from glorifying her and saying that she doesn't look like her mother at all but instead her aunt to >>71110 omg she's a cc of margo. Proof that a cow shouldn't take their threads seriously at all, yet they all do. Had she not done that she'd have still been worshipped. She made a mistake.

No. 71119

And of course, all of the comments are fans mollycoddling her… At this point I'm done with Venus and her drama.

No. 71124

Weenus posted this on her insta stories a couple of hours ago then deleted it 5 minutes later. Labeled “DEMO” like she thinks she’s gonna get a record contract or something. Sounds like she’s drunk karaoking again.


You have to let it play a few seconds before the audio starts.

Why does this drunk mess keep thinking she can sing? She mentioned she was taking “singing lessons” on her ig a few months ago too. Why??

No. 71133

oh god, the second hand embarrassment gets too extreme when you actually speak russian

No. 71137

she's just going with the menhera fashion because her depression and alcoholism are edgy.
it sounds like she's killing a cat. it's not cute.

No. 71143

Damn, link's not working for me

No. 71144

how is it even possible to be this bad at singing AND not realize it?

No. 71149

Didn’t she say something about wanting to record a album or song years ago? Before she left Margo?

No. 71156

Everytime she posts something her retarded fanbase is praising her.
> Wow! You're so good Binasu-chan! Such a kawiwi voice!
Maybe that's the reason why.

No. 71163

Eh, just because she's in a hotel room doesn't mean she's still with Kitano. I think after the little part in the play and the bar events and how little she acted like she cared for those (aside from bragging about them ofc) Kitano saw that she was basically a helpless alcoholic user that needs constant surveilance to keep from running herself into the ground and dropped her, this now she's taking uguu selfies again and being edgy. Probably made a new sugar dating profile on a new site as well, looking for a new manager.

No. 71165

Ironically, listening to those fans is gonna be what ruins her.

No. 71177

Put the link in https://www.hidemyass-freeproxy.com with an USA server

It's not worth it though I really hope she's taking the piss

No. 71179

>> Didn’t she say something about wanting to record a album or song years ago?
I think it’s something she’s been dreaming about for awhile in her delusional little brain, being a Japanese idol. She said a few months ago on ig that she was taking “singing lessons” (because that’s what an unemployed shut-in with a dead Youtube channel should definitely concentrate on, lol.) Plus all the drunk karaoke she does, and now a “demo” makes me wonder if that’s what she’s doing at the hotel, shopping her ‘demo” around with Kitano or maybe auditioning. She needs a new source of income now that she’s abandoned her Youtube channel (again) and she’s either failed at or abandoned everything else manager-san has tried to line up for her (streaming, bar events, that fan meetup, ig sponsorships, that play etc. etc.) So next up—a singing career!

That might explain her sudden little burst of euphoria on ig after a longish absence.

No. 71180

can't nobody just upload it to Youtube, it's not that hard
anyway, her singing is awful… how does she have the courage to upload it? Baffling

No. 71184

If she still wants to become an idol in Japan at 22 with her looks and new edgy antics, then she's delusional. Aren't idol supposed to be actual teens anyway?

No. 71190

>Aren't idol supposed to be actual teens anyway

plus idols are meant to be ~pure~ and drama-less. Japan audience won't touch an alcoholic divorced-at-22 mentally ill attention whore with a 10 foot pole.

Moreover, bitch's too lazy she can't even stick to her stream schedule lmao.

No. 71191

She has delusions about singing and acting too (that play.)

No. 71228


She's covering a Russian folk song, Kayusha. It's actually a really beautiful and important piece of folk music, and she's just butchering it with semi-orgasmic whines.

She's so fucking delusional if she thinks she can ever make money off of music while being so obviously untalented to everyone besides her.

No. 71229

Venus just re-posted her 100 diy costumes video from ages ago and changed the title to "halloween costumes" for this re-upload. Her greed knows no ends, she literally just re-uploads the same video to make quick bucks off her fans that watch (re-watch) it. She's also begging her fans to re-watch her re-uloaded surgery vid. She's still milking that for money. She is gross.

>BTW I reuploaded my surgery video…it means a lot to me sp please have a watch! →

She does look like margo. Whoever said that she doesn't, only said that because they deify her and demonize margo so of course in their deluded heads, their precious binasu-chan can't look like margo.

No. 71233

fortunately she's too broke right now otherwise she would remove the rest of her digestive system if that means more youtube buxx.

No. 71234

File: 1572246656278.png (602.33 KB, 813x593, blitheringapes.png)

this just goes to show she has absolutely no rapport or relationship with her fans. because this is obviously posted as a joke (imagine trying to pass this off as an actual picture of a human) but none of them get it.

No. 71246

At this point I believe she is trolling us… how. How can she even bother using Snow for make-up if her hair looks like greasy shit?

No. 71247

what brand is the bunny plushie?
Also I am probably retarded but i don't get the joke….

No. 71248

Venus just reuploaded an old costume video and I got a few thoughts about it
> She has ugly ass hands
> Every single '' costume'' looks terrible and made by a 5 year old child
> I can' t believe how she used to own so much kAwa1i shit
> Some whiteknights actually think they can win a Nintendo Switch lmao

No. 71249

File: 1572267150864.jpg (64.74 KB, 1080x422, Screenshot_20191028_065037.jpg)

Some anons where talking about her lack of education before
It's nice to know that you lurk here Penus

No. 71262

She was really too lazy to even edit out the switch giveaway she is so desperate for money, views and sympathy. She is coming off as unbearable and money hungry at this point. How self entitled to think she deserves views for no effort at all and being so eager to prove to everyone how sad and substance addicted she is. Seems she is intentionally emotionally blackmailing her audience (or whats left of it) into supporting her despite how shitty and lazy she obviously is.

No. 71263

anon, she wasn't lazy, she left that one on purpose so more people could sub to her dead channel while she doesn't even have to do any wotk

No. 71271

She did go to the trouble to delete all the old comments under the video though (so no one would notice it was old? idk) because making a new video is just too much wooork for poor Weenus. (And don’t forget she’s an abuse victim and that makes everything she does Marge’s fault.)

No. 71277

>I wish I graduated high school

No one's stopping you from doing it now, Venus.

No. 71279

This looks no different from all her other over-edited stuff though that she passes off as her on a regular basis though. I thought she posted that in relation to her "demo" vid?

Yeah, she deliberately left the Switch part in to try to manipulate viewers into subscribing to her. She deserves to fade away into obscurity, and thankfully, in time, will. She deserves no sympathy, no attention, nothing. Like >>71262 said, anyone who's so eager to prove to everyone how sad and substance addicted they are, aggrandizes their "suffering" to pass off the narrative they want to the world, or plays the victim, deserves not one ounce of pity. She's a manipulator, and it's obvious at this point. Not even her kawaii act, which worked for her for years, will save her now.

No. 71280

>How self entitled to think she deserves views for no effort at all
She's even asking her viewers to go and rewatch her surgery vid, which had around 1M views before (she kept changing the thumbnail/title to clickbait viewers) so that's how she got the 1M views. I assume most of her active viewers already saw the video, so why the fuck should they waste their precious time… for her? She might as well have written "idgaf about you guys just click and gimme money" at this point

No. 71283

So what was the thought process here? “I’ll just delete all the old comments, my fans are too dumb to figure out the video is a year old”?

No. 71286

this, sadly she's too busy riding the visa cock carousel.

can't wait when tardgelics start asking when will she announce the giveaway winner

No. 71327

File: 1572323614528.jpg (59.06 KB, 500x600, 808104.jpg)

Angelic pretty, lyrical bunny
It's expensive, I'm surprised she has one

No. 71329

The background of the ‘Madonna’ pic looks like her old apartment with Manaki; and the bunny is probably a part of her lolita fashion wardrobe she abandoned there. Either she finally went back or (more likely) that’s an old old picture she touched up to post now (which she’s done before)

No. 71332

File: 1572331951280.jpg (81.92 KB, 736x736, 4be591a157d84673ffceebf767cf20…)

I'm pretty sure it's that trend of Japanese girls using wax to make their bangs and ends wispy and stay in place, but done badly. You're supposed to use a curling iron or roll curlers, I've seen girls doing it on straight hair with too much wax and it looks pretty much like Venus'.

No. 71335

I could imagine that Manaki bought this one when she still was with him.

No. 71336

Funny thing is the switch giveaway didn't even happen the first time. She just scammed the audience into subbing and getting comments/likes, twice now.

No. 71338

Manaki got her one, actually. Might be the same.

No. 71340

I’m going to second this theory. The See-through bangs シースルーバング look. I really think she is using too much hair product for that piecey look that is very popular right now and she’s either not doing the mandatory curling/perm beforehand or her hair type does not hold the curl well. It also doesn’t work well with finer or flat hair.

No. 71535

ot but do these bunnies have music boxes in them?

No. 71560

File: 1572618449104.png (2.3 MB, 1440x1797, kawaii.png)

At least this photo has not been put through 100 filters, but I don't get why she just doesn't wash her hair anymore? I don't think it's the waxed bangs trend since all of the hair is greased and clumped, not just the bangs.

No. 71562

Her sugar daddies must work in fast food-chains frying french fries to tolerate her grease in their crotches.

No. 71564

Weenus is wearing a Louis Vuitton scarf here. Escorting confirmed? They start at $675 up to $2200. Don’t think it’s a fake bc she’s never been into wearing/carrying labels before. Also that “expensive” pink bunny plushie in >>71237…both seem to be expensive gifts like what she’d get from a SD.

She’s really morphing into a mini Marge.

No. 71565

I think her hair is actually wet, not greasy in this photo since the other picture she uploaded said something about it being rainy and cold.
Still, what an awful picture. She really is just spiraling downhill.

No. 71567

reminds me of how she used to wear unironed lolita dresses, looking like a greasy mess.
like what's the point? it's not like you'll look good just because you're wearing something expensive

No. 71575

Nah. As a massive weeb, she'd never go out in the rain without an umbrella like every Japanese does (especially women).

No. 71576

I wonder what kind of umbrella can stop humidity…. /s

No. 71577

Humidity doesn't make you look like you just showered, but nice try WK.

No. 71579

I really hope these are sarcasm, and that anon doesnt actually think that using an umbrella in the rain is a weeb Japanese woman thing. I seriously cant tell because this thread is notorious for angry weebs.

No. 71582

If she's suddenly wearing LV yet doesn't have a place to stay or access to her belongings, there's no way she's not sugaring. She had nothing when she first legt Manaki, hence her trying to hard to pretend she was still doing okay

No. 71583

Don’t forget besides flaunting her LV she’s suddenly posting from “boring hotel rooms” too. And nothing new on YT for almost a month now, just one old video and that TikTok compilation. She doesn’t give a shit about her YT channel dying (again) because she’s found a better income source. It all adds up.

No. 71590

I wrote that venus is a cow and to stop whiteknighting her. i was ran off the marge thread because of it. I glad you guys are finally starting to see that venus is a cow. to give background on her merge came up with the video ideas but venus did all the work. so dont say she doesnt understand because she does. her persona is that of old school euro trash. so the passive aggressive isnt mumblings she knows what shes doing.
marge came up with the eurotrash disco sweet and venus is eurotrash subversive.
I still wish venus good luck but she used the youtube managers to get her channel, she used manaki for a visa, and it seems like she doesnt know how to keep her end of a deal but we shall see.

No. 71592

She’s showing her true colors now for sure.

No. 71603

her fans do get her at all. she has even said it in videos. the wks told me i was stupid but she actually said it. it was after she left marge. if you guys remember her vlogging videos.
>>71327 the scarf and rabbit are knock offs. venus is in asia, knockoff capital of the world. I have never seen that rabbit at angelic pretty. their rabbits have different eyes.

didnt venus and marge use to steal clothes from shoots and other models? i could be wrong but i believe a euro model spoke up years ago. this wouldve been back when they did british tv.

No. 71609

File: 1572655799089.jpg (1.1 MB, 1410x1965, 20191101_214727.jpg)

The editing is so bad

No. 71611

These bunnies are purses/rucksacks, I don't know if they have any sound device tho.

inb4 Hey guise look what I digged from the trash ^o^ just like her mom allegedly found some expensive shirt in the goshiwon dumpster.

No. 71623

That’s the AP bunny. It’s 14,800¥ ($136) It could be a gift from Manaki that she recently got back from their apt, he used to buy her extravagant gifts like that BJD he got her for Christmas.

The LV shawl/scarf is not his style (or hers either) which is why I think it came from a SD or a ‘client.’

No. 71624

I thought she was into labels? As a teen she'd use makeup brands like Bobbi brown, Dior and some high end Korean brands, instead of drugstore stuff like Cover girl (or maybe she did and I just don't remember). Her lolita dresses were from brands like BTSSB and Angelic Pretty, both expensive lolita brands, when she could have gotten random cheap brands. Though she hasn't ever been into LV, gucci and those types of super expensive brands and was probably gifted that scarf. She's also low-key flexing, just like she did with her 3 year old Dior palette in one of her pics.

No. 71626

she got the rabbit years ago with manaki yes
she called it clarabel or something

No. 71629

She was into labels that were frilly and pink and kawaii, not like that scarf. Her tastes have changed now that she’s cosplaying an edgy goth girl but that doesn’t seem like something she’d buy for herself, whether it’s a knockoff or the real thing (which there’s no way she could afford.) It just seems more like the kind of thing a john or SD would gift to their favorite hoe.

No. 71637

What are you talking about? She didn't wear brand as a teen. She wore bodyline

No. 71639

Now that anons mention it, Penus started wearing full brand coords shortly after she moved in with Manaki, didn't she? What if these were gifts from him too?
She likely owned a few pieces before (i.e that frilly AP nightgown Margo wore in leghair video), but most of her wardrobe used to be Bodyline crap.

No. 71652

She bought a lot of cheap Bodyline back when she was into Lolita (even modelling for them at one point, though that was a shitshow of its own), and not a whole lot of BTSSB or AP from what I remember. Mostly socks and other accessories. She did end up modelling for BTSSB at an anime con in 2014, though.
I remember when she tried to make "dollita" a thing, lmao.

No. 71653

WTF is "dollita"?

No. 71660

could be, but there's no reason why she couldn't have bought everything herself. I mean, she must have made at least 3k/month to support herself and her crazy mothers shopping sprees back in the day.
and do you remember her shop? back then she had a huge active follower base, and everyone including lolcow felt sorry for her. must have made her a lot of money.

.. and now she has to drink cooking wine like a hobo, so she must have spent it all somewehere (probably on all that pink plastic shit and lolita).

No. 71679

>> she must have spent it all somewhere
She spent $20K on that back alley weight loss surgery and subsequent hospital stays for additional surgeries.

No. 71697

Lol she shaved off 1/3 of her face.

No. 71702

>> the bad voice acting vid went relatively popular
>> Possibly just got lucky with the algorithm,
It finally got the 1M views she was after. Seems like it pops up in Youtube’s recommended videos in Japan because a lot of the comments are from people who recognize the Japanese actor she filmed with and he’s pretty unknown outside Japan.

It’s interesting because it gets a surge in views for a few days then fades away before getting another surge.

No. 71730

yeah, there seems to be a few anons that dont know what they are talking about. that also isnt an ap bunny.

manaki paid all the bils and venus spent her channel money. she said she had to use her channel money but she just went out and bought stuff. i think she said it in her starbucks video.
I think that her spending became an issue. plus its obvious she was getting tired of being a wife. i think she just used him for the visa. just like marge said.

is any of the japanesse anons still here? cause this brings up a good question. what did venus do with all the money. did her and marge really blow it all on travel, data, and websites. does anybody remember who bought their phones and macbooks.
I assumed a fan bought the mac book but they had multiples. then we have to remember that they kept flying to different countries.
to the old venus fans, do you guys remember this. i dont think the cons paid that well. to the new anons, both venus and marge travel stupid. instead of traveling in a straight line they bounce around. instead of staying a week they will fly out and then fly back.

i think marge lived her weeb dream and then venus did the same.

No. 71732

What did they do with the money? When Venus ran away and Marge followed her and they met at the airport marge said Venus asked her for the PIN # to their bank account because she forgot it and marge told her to fuck off and wouldn’t give it to her. So marge kept whatever was in that account and blew it over the next couple of years flying all over the world until it was all gone and she started living like a hobo from then on.

Venus spent whatever she had on that surgery and its after effects ($20K) and after that her monthly YT income went to shopping sprees and she hoarded Lolita dresses, plushies, toys and various other crap until she eventually stopped making videos altogether and that income dried up. Then she just leeched off Manaki until he got fed up and dumped her ass.

No. 71743

It baffles me people are wondering where her money went. She spent thousands on the illegal surgery and its repercussions, but she also spent money like crazy on other thing. A bunch of brand name Lolita dresses, a custom BJD, accessory and toys for the BJD, a whole room stuffed with expensive kawaii junk. Manaki bought a lot for her, but he couldn’t have possibly afforded all of it. And that’s not even to mention how she went to amusement parks and expensive bakeries every weekend. She lived like a queen and abandoned her YT so no wonder she’s broke

No. 71749

The bjd was a birthday present from Manaki. I think most of her stuff were bought to her by Manaki.

No. 71752

she never earned any "all that money". her lifetime channels views, before deleting a lot of videos, was enough to earn like 200k or something. that's over like 8 years and before tax.

No. 71756

The sheer amount of crap she bought was amazing. I remember skin care tutorials where she’d go through 6 or 7 different products, cleansers, toners, masks, moisturizers, creams etc. etc. (and all pricey brands too) and likewise makeup tutorials using like 8-9 different foundations, concealers etc. (again not cheap brands either) with bonus closeups of her dirty raggedy fingernails as she troweled layer after layer of that shit on her face.

I used to wonder where she stored all those products.There must have been cabinets and drawers crammed full of her crap all over that apartment.

No. 71760

>yeah, there seems to be a few anons that dont know what they are talking about. that also isnt an ap bunny.
She did wear expensive lolita brands like BTSSB and AP. She'd never buy those cheap knock off lolita brands (as they're beneath her), so yes, she was into labels. Maybe not gucci and LV, but they're still labels in lolita fashion. She also wore high end makeup brands as a teen all the time.

Marge said they earned approx 80K and that was in one year alone. She's probably made more than 200k total since starting YT, though she lived lavishly, presumably spending a lot of it. She once claimed she invested some money as well, but I doubt much came out of that.

No. 71765

"Marge said" doesn't make it true.

No. 71766

This. I can see them earning less money than they claim for clout. And to explain their lifestyle, which could even then be partially founded by Marge doing shady stuff.

No. 71781

What happened to the hamsters and other pets she had?

No. 71782

Most likely let them go in a park or threw them away in a box somewhere. She never seemed particularly attached by them.

No. 71788

her ex mom-in-law is taking care of them iirc

No. 71789

manas parents took the hamsters in, she said that in one of her livestreams. the cat belongs to her sugardaddy, so it's probably fine.

I felt sorry for the cat tho, the way v held it all the time looked painful or at least uncomfortable. and then she was like "cream loves me soo much!" out of absolutely nowhere, which means the cat must hate her guts lol
maybe that's where the bandages are from?

tbh, from the way she treated her hamsters (let them breed freely, put them in small, cramped plastic cages), how she "accidentally dropped" that dog once and broke his leg, and now that cat that tries to escape her all the time.. I don't think she likes animals that much, to put it mildly.

No. 71797

I feel like she just doesn't have a clue how to care for animals. But then she shouldn't get any pets in the first place.

No. 71800

Or kids… Seriously, I can’t imagine her as a mother at all. If she can’t show affection for her own pets, how could she do that for her own child? I feel like Manaki also left her because he realized she’d be a mess of a mother. If she even wants kids, that is.

No. 71802

gee, if only someone had told her she's doing it wrong (everyone did), or if there existed a quick and convenient way to look up information on the internet. there was just no way to know you can't put 8 hamsters in a little plastic cage!
but I guess lurking 24/7 on lolcow and reading up symptoms of bpd is something she has time for.

(I remember she built them tunnels and stuff to appease her critics, but all you ever saw in the background of subsequent videos were the regular old cages. so.. she actually put in extra work to make it worse again.
that's when I realized she's an asshole lol)

No. 71806

multiple people have said that venus wore knock-off and third tier lolita brands. so since you insist i decided to re-look up venus clothes. i went back 9 years of venus youtube and i see no brand dresses. I see knock offs. i see a possible dress but that was part of a commercial so it doesnt count. the only brand i see are accessories like the other anons said. i see venus had a real btssb bunny a few years ago but the one in this thread isnt ap.
honestly it doesnt matter but if you are going to insist that venus is a label hog then you need to find some pictures. i checked. i even found a website that listed venus in an alice and the pirates dress and someone wrote -that isnt aatp dress-. lol.
i will say that venus knockoffs look nice.

whoever, gets to make the next thread should include this. this is perfect and explains everything.
i cant believe marge kept the bank account and still begged for storage money.

No. 71820

File: 1572922220696.jpeg (230.37 KB, 640x990, 9D600537-43E4-41ED-B3FF-1FADC8…)

.. you don’t have to scroll very far down on her Insta to literally see pics of her wearing brand lolita clothes. But the anons saying she never wore knock-offs are wrong too- has everyone forgotten the Bodyline drama? Basically she wore knock offs until Manaki showed up to pay for everything

No. 71826

>> i cant believe marge kept the bank account and still begged for storage money.
She blew through all the money in that account and ended up a broke-ass hobo.

No. 71827

That's a super old and cheap btssb dress. Easily found for $30. Leave the lolita sperging to actual lolitas. She was never actually into the fashion and just wanted to use the limited youtube money to look better.

No. 71832

>Leave the lolita sperging to actual lolitas.

I don't disagree but your comment reads as "uwu I'm the gatekeeper of a dead fashion" kek

No. 71866

It's looks like Taylor is launching an actual business (homeware and clothes it seems) to rival Venus' imaginary visa business. Can't find the Taylor thread to bump it but it's on Instagram.

No. 71869

This is totally OT but I have been thinking about Penus and Manaki's first video together.
She obviously deleted it, but does anyone know where can I find her old deleted videos? Thanks

No. 71871

Havent looked at the new Venus drama, why did she leave Manaki? He was her golden Nippon ticket, he paid for everything and he didn't look hideous

No. 71875

He kicked her because she spinged iff of him, did yhings he asked her not to (weight loss surgery), laid on her ass for 2 years while he paid the bills and then when he wanted to talk about having kids and sharing money, she went nuts and started shittalking him publicly.

No. 71877

Where did you get the kids thing from? I don't remember that part

No. 71879

>> why did she leave Manaki?
Signs point to Manaki divorcing Venus and kicking her alcoholic ass out. not her leaving him. She had too much to lose (visa plus a free ride in a nice 2 BR apartment) for her to be the one who voluntarily left. On the other hand Manaki gained freedom from her and her leeching, mood swings, drama whoring, lying and binge drinking by divorcing and kicking her ass out.

No. 71881

ntayrt but it was mentioned in one of her videos that Manaki threatened her to don't have kids with her and divorce if she had that illegal surgery (which she did anyways).

No. 71893

They’re on the chinese video site bilibili

No. 71896

>When you realize your online anime waifu is a nightmare to deal with

Poor Manaki

No. 71897

why would he want to procreate with an insane fuckup willing to kill herself via illegal surgery, who used him and his family for everything she could take? he may have been naive but that's seriously an idiotic question.

No. 71900

>> an insane fuckup willing to kill herself via illegal surgery,
…and lied to him (and her doctors) about it.

No. 71906


He was too naïve to figure out Weenos real agenda. Perhaps he thought (like many of us did) Venus was just a poor traumatized victim of her loon evil mother and once Margo were out of the picture, they both could live happily ever after. Instead he got a vapid snake who was too busy playing with baby toys and going out with her sex worker friends while her neglected hamsters were hoarded in small plastic cages.

No. 71909

>> going out with her sex worker friends
I got the impression that she rarely went out anywhere or even left that apartment. She’s a NEET, then and now. I don’t think she does much of anything but hole up in her room in front of a computer screen.

No. 71910

30 bucks? anon. pls. don't be like that. and wearing knock off lolita doesn't mean you don't like the fashion, she clearly does. stop identifying as a fashion style, pls. just dropping by to say that the dress looks nice and that she looks washed even if she needed a petticoat.

No. 71912

Honestly I kek'd pretty hard, imagine identifing as your fashion choices and then gatekeeping your 'personality' on a thread full of anons. Some of the anons in this thread reek of jealousy, or in my opinion are little more obsessed than the average farmer.

>I am the only real Lolita, Penus is just a cheap knock off

Who compares themselves to a woman who garners what small praise that's existing on this thread by doing something as simple as showering?

No. 71913

Marge provided proof though (I think she took a screenshot or something can't remember) so I'm inclined to believe they made that much, but I do see the motivation to lie as both her and Venus don't like being seen as poor. Venus had a million followers and was getting consistent views. 80K seems about right. Marge said it was the most they made in a year. No idea how much Venus made after leaving though but she lived lavishlyand hoarded a lot of stuff which I doubt Manaki bought all of it. She had a "high" with the channel while she was pulling the victim act and milking the surgery and I assume she made good money at the time and then it fizzled out.

Venus made a self-pity, pseudo-suicidal victim post about how she's a shut in weeb neet and at the end randomly added in she doesn't want kids with Manaki (probably indicative they were having marital problems). Then much later in her slander video and live stream she attacked Manaki saying he leeched off her and insulted/slandered him as being an unambitious neet and she was the ambitious hard-worker, despite admitting she was a neet in a deleted post.

No. 71915

File: 1573011881167.png (303.55 KB, 1080x969, 1554887058011.png)

No. 71918

This. I didn't even know about the deleted tweet but it was always clear Manaki was the one with the job. (Like blaringly obvious, the relationship practically exuded the fact he was providing for her). I barely followed Venus during the time the Marge drama blew up and that at least was very clear. Even then she didn't think he was good enough/provided her with enough plastic kawaii crap, like the weird cheating pic of her Marge repleased corroborates it completely lol. If I remember correctly didn't Marge call him a factory worker who isn't good enough for Venus? Man, they really are the same person except I think Marge is actually the more honest one lmfao

No. 71924

It kinda scares me how similar they are. Except that some shit Marge has said in the past makes sense now, even if she's delusional af like her daughter.
I wouldn't be surprised if wenuus actually killed a hamster as a child, when she got one as an adult she just turned it into an accessory and once she got bored of it, she just let all those hamsters rot in a corner of her kAwaIi room

No. 71925

I always believed that she did, every kid who takes care of a pet unless the parents interfere heavily (like with a cat or dog) is gonna end up as babby's first kill. You're correct that she's fucked up though, but I have thought this from the start and I wonder if her old beta orbiters right now are her a-loggers.

No. 71927

I don't think she ever liked Mana, only what he could give her (Japan). I remember Marge saying (obviously could have been lying) that Venus thought Mana was gross, his kisses gross, he was cheap, took her highness to McDonald's, copied her, wasn't special and eccentric like she delusionally thinks she is etc. It was clear to me that even back then, Venus didn't really like him and was just using him for visa whilst shit-talking him to her mom. Then she makes a video, saying Marge was the only one who trash-talked him and it hurt her so much lmfao yeah right. She was just acting like an innocent little victim to get away with visa fraud. I'm curious if Venus ever paid rent or split bills with Manaki? At some point she was getting good views and had good YT bucks. Surely she contributed something? She was definitely leeching post-surgery though when her YT went to shit.

As for the Korea cheating, I might be imagining this as I don't remember too well, but I could have sworn that Venus said she was drunk and she kissed the guy (and that was it) and that "it was a mistake" and Manaki visited afterwards or something, whilst Marge claimed she caught her in bed (and it was immediately dismissed as fake). Does anyone remember that? My memory is fuzzy. Later Venus admits (while married) she wants to fuck other girls and makes a pater ad so I could see her cheating, and a supposed anon friend of hers claimed she has cheated multiple times (no proof aside from the pater/fucking girls thing tho).

No. 71929

Honestly all that about Mana was probably made up by Marge's narcissistic ass although I could see Venus just getting bored of Mana because he actually has a job unlike her.

No. 71930

Marge always lies. But the thing is Venus needed an out from Korea, and running to Mana was her way.

No. 71933

Unpopular opinion but I feel really bad for Mana. Venus' and Marge's version of how they met makes him sound like a creep at worst and like an awkward socially unaware geek at best, but the dude had no idea what he was getting himself into. He thought he was rescuing his famous foreign Youtube crush and live happy ever after just like in the movies, but ended up being taken advantage of, harassed, physically assaulted by Marge, slandered multiple times and bullied off the internet. And that's just the stuff we got to hear about.

No. 71936

fuckoff cunt
he letched on a 13 year old fatherless (unprotected) wretch who did coy little performances on nico nico

No. 71938

You make him sound like some malicious predator even though he literally did not do anything bad to her. He literally provided her with a perfect lifestyle that she didn’t deserve in the slightest.

No. 71943

so if someone adopts a 10 year old who they've been jerking to pics of, and is very kind and caring and makes sweet love to them only when they turn legal age.. 'th-they were good provider, shut up'

No. 71951

Lmao what the fuck. You know Venus is not a child, right? There is no hard evidence that the guy ever did anything to her. Venus having to provide for both of them is a blatant lie because she's broke af sipping cooking wine. Taking advantage of a guy then turning on them and claiming they were abusive as soon as the relationship goes to shit is a classic narc move.

No. 71953

>venus bad so manaki..must be good
just fuck off back to pull permanently ok

No. 71968

"perfect lifestyle" weeb who wants to live in Japan spotted. If bingeating ramen in a small room with manga pages taped to the wall is what perfect means to you

No. 71969

I meant it was the perfect lifestyle for her. She’s lazy and doesn’t want to do anything in life that requires effort. Manaki provided her with exactly what she wanted which is also why she whined when he left her and why she is now struggling.

No. 71976

She doesn’t seem to give a shit about anything in life beyond having a bed and internet connection. And a supply of convenience store junk food and cheap booze.

No. 72012

>using that buzzword from reddit and/or tumblr
Cope, marge's a huge autist and can't contain her sperghetti squash at all but I know for a fact most girls who date a guy they feel meh about shittalk about him behind his back to someone they trust - in this case her mom. And I imagine Venus thinking she's too good for manaki and people here did comment how he acts and looks weird.

Offtopic, but I feel really disgusted at venus' "stans" who encouraged her (she reads the threads and does get influenced by yall) to go to her weird deadbeat dad who was worse than marge.

No. 72013

Aaannndd this is what the threads looked like when yall were stanning for her. What kind of comparison and insult is this you autist? I didn't know Venus was 13.

No. 72061

File: 1573119948306.jpeg (176.54 KB, 746x1037, 320BB1C6-CFF3-41C4-896C-B21C49…)

Venus look fresh after day 75 of not washing her hair

No. 72062


No. 72064

she felt "a lot better" with every post she made in the last 2 years or so.
her life must be like a constant party by now

No. 72070

I need a trigger warning for oily crap.
But hey, at least she’s not wearing brown lenses for a change.

No. 72110

I am so over those greasy BANGS.

No. 72125

no amount of overexposure and blur can hide how busted she looks when one tilts the screen

No. 72134


What do you mean when one tilts the screen?

No. 72139

god, she's such a covert narcissist.

"covert narcissists play on your sense of pity and they pretend to be this sad person with no friends. They display a more discreet form of narcissism and may appear to be shy, humble, anxious, but beneath this vulnerable persona is someone who is selfish, manipulative and has a grandiose sense of self."

No. 72147

Just like her mommy~

No. 72152

File: 1573218282762.jpg (533.31 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191108-140424_Ins…)

Isn't David that creep from her streams?

No. 72156

Yep that’s him. He lurks her streams and tells her how pretty she is and offers her money to drink Tabasco. I bet they’re DMing and he’s sending her more $$.

He’s as creepy as marge’s orbiters were. One more way she’s becoming a mini marge.

No. 72158

File: 1573230916477.jpg (121.15 KB, 680x1200, 1573230264811.jpg)

This is how venus angelic fans/whiteknights look like(derailing, take it to the containment thread)

No. 72159

Is that David? And why?

No. 72165

File: 1573236785734.jpeg (180.9 KB, 1853x1103, 797D3A49-E0F1-4FA3-B8C6-13CD4A…)

This is David

No. 72166

its not david,its some problematic tranny.

No. 72171

Did David-sama donate money so she can wash her hair or something?

No. 72172

Lol. Maybe she can at least import dry shampoo now if that's not a thing in Japan.

No. 72174

File: 1573244660301.jpeg (308.87 KB, 1012x1465, F5D358C2-B1A3-41A8-8680-E7E165…)

This could explain why she’s felt free to abandon her Youtube channel yet again—she’s found another source of easy income. Now she can go back to doing what she loves, which is…absolutely nothing.

I bet she skypes with David-sama multiple times a week. Does she do little dances for extra money? And how many other online “clients” does she have? She’s a shady grifter just like her mommy.

No. 72176

>>She’s a shady grifter just like her mommy.
More like a gross prostitute

No. 72178

More like a cam girl I would guess. A different kind of sex worker but a sex worker just the same.

No. 72193

dat jaw shop tho

No. 72195

If she despises her natural jaw so much, I wonder why she didn't get her jaw shaved instead of her dumb stomach surgery

No. 72215

shes already prematurely ageing, imagine how much worse her skin would sag if she got her jaw shaved

No. 72217

And IMO staying ~kawaii slim~ is her top priority. Shopping a V-line jaw is a piece of cake with certain apps.

No. 72226

I think you've confused cheekbone surgery with jaw surgery.
Cheekbone surgery is what causes you to age fast, meanwhile with jaw surgery if its done right there is no fast aging.

No. 72227

well in any case i dont think she needs a real jaw reduction. if you look at her profile she doesnt really have a particularly strong jawline, it actually looks pretty weak, >>68471 >>68449

if she really wanted a slimmer face she could probably try that maseter botox…and drinking less obviously

No. 72228

Yep, sounds like she might be doing sex work over Skype now. Pretty common for online sex workers from places like Chaturbate to do private shows.

I have no evidence she’s doing SW, so tinfoil.

No. 72231

I know a few people complained when someone mentioned she get fillers before but if she’s ever able to afford them at some point, I think she should definitely get them because it will help improve her appearance a lot…she’s looking BADDD for being only 22….I would think she’s in her 30’s if I didn’t already know her age smh. I think she’s aging so fast because of her fucked up stomach surgery tbh on top of all the alcohol, she’s putting her body through a lot and it’s causing her to age prematurely…she really needs to wake tf up and realize what she’s doing to herself.

No. 72232

Not for nothing but maybe she could write a book or something about her life, her story is very…fascinating, to say the least. If she could make that happen somehow it would probably do well in sales and make her a decent amount of money…but then I remembered that this is Venus we are talking about and she can’t even be bothered to wash her greasy ass bangs, nvm attempt to write a whole ass book lmfao. Shits sad honestly

No. 72238

She uploaded a 29-second long livestream consisting of her chugging her favorite cheap vodka beverage and mumbling something in Japanese.

No. 72241

File: 1573325111204.jpeg (184.45 KB, 573x687, 2D0397B7-3E0F-4DCF-8367-6F4A17…)

mmm good

No. 72242

File: 1573325191817.jpeg (181.16 KB, 1132x1466, 8F4FF69A-8BB6-4170-ADC6-69F059…)

to the last drop

No. 72244

File: 1573327232250.jpeg (393.09 KB, 1078x1600, E12C9264-71FC-4260-BA1A-A6324B…)

Grandpa Ferenc is concerned. He posted this song from the 1980s about a lonely little girl lost in the dark in a cold, cold world on his ig

No. 72245

all she would do is lie anyway, what's the point?

No. 72248

He's a sucker for her covert narcissistic bs. That's most likely Zsu idea though. Once her 15 mins of fame were up & people saw through her bs and how she was just trying to make jabs at Marge, she disappeared and does venus related things through ferenc now.

No. 72249

She's not worth a book, that would just feed her narcissism. You can just go over to the narc reddit threads if you want to read about similar stories.

She'll end up like Marzia if she gets filler/botox. Better natural and aged, than plastic and creepy looking.

No. 72253

I honestly believe that her drinking is bs and a pity-I'm an abuse victim guys!-grab and not nearly as serious as it looks. She reads her threads and she's aware what people are saying. She especially likes the posts with people who are genuinely concerned for her, whether they like her or not. So what does she do? She posts a video of her chugging some booze. It's all for show - just like her bdp was. And her anxiety. And all the other crap she's made up, embellished or aggrandised (including her life with Margaret and Manaki). Venus, you are a piece of shit on par with your mother, except your mother is actually and disturbingly more honest than you. You don't deserve an ounce of pity. Should be locked up in a mental institution with no internet connection, you pseudo-victim and manipulator.

No. 72254

She’s with some guy in the livestream. At 0.16 secs in you can hear him say something and she looks over at him and kind of laughs. From the color of the background it looks like she’s in the same crappy little room she’s been living in and she seems pretty drunk.

No. 72256

Venus deleted her "I'm feeling better guyzzz!!!" post on Instagram

No. 72257

File: 1573339951714.jpeg (231.27 KB, 949x1535, A435E204-ECB6-447F-9113-0625AF…)

What about that 5am drunk karaoke livestream where she was so sloppy drunk she could barely stand up and she face-planted in a bowl of ramen? That was real and I doubt it was an isolated event.

No. 72258

I also think it’s too much to say every little tragic thing of her drunk streams is fabricated. It’s clear she has a problem with drinking too much. But her biggest problem is obviously attention whoring. To a degree in which she just humiliates herself.

No. 72259

Doesn't matter if she was drunk or not. My whole point is she cycles through excuses or "problems" to continue staying relevant and getting pity. As long as people pity her, they won't see her as a manipulator. They won't see her for what she is. She reads her threads and is like, "okay, people are concerned about my drinking, I'm going to show-case it more often now! I'll get drunk and film it! They'll say it's serious, it's all Marge's fault, I'm a victim, or give me ass-pats and tell me how concerned they are for me!" That's what she's doing. Anon who said covert narc is probably right.

Plus, she's had a drinking problem for years. Only now is she showcasing it. Because she needs another excuse for why she can't live after she milked her surgery, her bpd, her abuse stories, her anxiety and everything else to death. I have no doubt she enjoys drinking, but she's using it to paint another woe-is-me narrative.

No. 72265

>>her drinking is bs and a pity-I'm an abuse victim guys!-grab and not nearly as serious as it looks.
Both things can be true- she can have a serious problem AND milk it for pity points and attention. I don’t think she’s getting much validation from reading here or PULL though. PULL has pretty much turned on her and even her cheer squad on KF has started to see through her b.s. I think her YT and ig comments are all she has cheering for her these days.

No. 72266

she's the alcoholic version of a munchie.

No. 72267

Allllll facts.

No. 72270

Thanks! This is what I was trying to say in
72258 (same anon)

No. 72274

While I do believe she's got issues (who wouldn't after living with Margo?), I think she exaggerates everything that helps her build this broken sad girl persona. The anxiety/being a neet (when she loooves attention, has no problem filming stupid shit in public, being obnoxious around strangers, whoring herself out to david-sama and co for a few bucks), the claims of self-harm and cutting up her arms and bleeding everywhere (when we've seen unclothed full body pics and never once a scratch, until she decided bandages in full view were her new fashion item of choice for that gross insta post), the bpd/psycho schtick (every fucking word just sounded too calculated for maximized pity points, just too tumblr-y, paired with posed selfies edited to the moon and back supposedly in the middle of a mental breakdown, sure), and then this drinking thing, conveniently broadcasted whenever she fails to meet a deadline or deliver content she promised. She needs to be seen as ultra mentally ill, so she will always have an excuse for being a talentless waste of space, scamming her viewers and accomplishing nothing. She cycles between "I'm so much better you guys" and calculated mental breakdowns to maintain the audience on edge, always worrying and understanding and accepting her poor behavior.

No. 72278


No. 72279

>> this drinking thing, conveniently broadcasted whenever she fails to meet a deadline or deliver content she promised.
I agree with everything you said except this one thing- that drunk karaoke livestream wasn’t some calculated event posted to distract from her failure to meet a deadline. It happened in April this year during a time when her YT had been dead for months and she had nothing promised to anyone. And she livestreamed it when she was drunk off her ass and thought she was rocking OUT, and deleted it once she sobered up. So it seems more like a drunk “oops” moment than some calculated move to shore up a fake image.

Also it happened right around the time Manaki broke up with her which explains why she never showed that part of her (drinking excessively) before - she was still married up to then.

No. 72280

isn't it hard to reconcile the reduction that she does everything for attention with the fact that she posts like ..once a month..? and one video every ? two months?
seems she's fine with no online attention for the other 29 days

No. 72282

I actually agree with you, I'm referring more to the scheduled livestreams where she makes sure everyone that tunes in sees her drinking in the morning (and she is not absolutely wasted on those when it starts, so she knows what she is doing). She probably developed a drinking problem over the last few years, but she also insists on it being part of her online image.

No. 72283

File: 1573351792548.png (1.16 MB, 750x1334, AFB548B5-70EB-4D20-A65A-96AADB…)

Damn David must have given her a big fat chunk of change, huh?

No. 72288

It’s clear that she truly does have a problem with abusing alcohol, but I believe that the reason that she’s started to actually publicize her alcoholism as of lately is so that she can yet again be seen as a victim now that she used up all her other excuses (her mother, Manaki, the surgery, etc.)
For whatever reason, she always wants to portray herself as the victim instead of actually taking accountability for herself and getting her fucking shit together. She just wanted wants to sit in her little room and watch anime and drink….she could care less about anything else. But being viewed as a victim garners pity from her fans which also fills her ego and therefore she gets the ego boost that her narcissistic ass needs…it’s a win-win for her. Whoever called her a manipulator got it on point because that’s EXACTLY what she is. She uses and abuses people to her advantage and doesn’t even take into consideration the other person’s feelings. Take a look at how she treated Manaki throughout their entire marriage for a myriad of examples. She is an ABUSER herself just like her mother. Nothing like the poor victim that she’s constantly trying to paint herself as.

No. 72294

File: 1573358234350.jpeg (504.77 KB, 2048x1536, 26736881-3A66-466C-84E0-E22584…)

Agree 100%
She’s Margo 2.0 to an uncanny degree. In some ways even worse because it’s manifesting at such a young age (I get the impression Marge didn’t start to come unglued until she was a few years older) and because she’s so sneaky and fake about everything. Say what you will about marge but she was always 100% outfront with her crazy and never tried to put on a fake innocent persona. She was batshit and didn’t care if everyone knew it.

If that’s a professionally done manicure I’ll eat my hat. Those are the saddest looking nails I’ve ever seen and it looks like they were painted on by a 6-year old. And her fingers look fat and deformed.

No. 72298

Those aren’t salon nails. The cuticles and nails are raggedy and don’t even look clean much less professionally done. And the polish is chipping off. Lol this is just sad. But hey, she washed her hair so yay for that.

No. 72302

>thank you for dying my hair this lovely black!

Wasn't she saying a few days ago that her natural hair color was a "very dark brown, almost black"?

No. 72307

That or her Japanese sugar daddies. On another note, I wonder if she's still working with Kitano, claiming his business as her own, or if he's still helping her establish her own "business" as she hasn't talked about that ever since lying about the studio.

No. 72315

I doubt it since she told he & his company to go fuck themselves in a drunk stream

No. 72325

That video at >>72238
is just a clip from the stream. Here’s the whole thing (it’s from last summer, July I think) It’s just another livestream with her reading comments from the viewers only it’s all in Japanese.

There are several streams like this from the same time period, I think around the time she talked about making a “Japanese only” channel. She did it for a short time then abandoned it, like she did with that Malice channel and everything else she does.

No. 72326

File: 1573404231233.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 158.72 KB, 650x419, 82F0F7E9-D0F5-4275-A42A-00015E…)


Her real hair colour

No. 72327

Her real hair color when she was a child. A lot of blonds will turn dark, if not naturally light blonde. And hers was already dark to begin with. It's not so unlikely that her hair color is what we call 'street dog blonde'.

No. 72330

I'm dying. I've never heard "Straßenköterblond" literally translated. Unless it's an actual term in English?
But yeah, that kinda shade is like a mix between brown and blonde. But Japanese would always call it blonde, just because she's a foreigner.

No. 72331

lol no we just say dirty blonde but street dog blonde is way funnier

Thank you German language for existing!

No. 72334

In Finland we call that shade of blonde as ”highway gray” lol.

No. 72336

That's funny, it's similar to the Texas version; dishwater blonde.

No. 72337

Writing a book would be a huge waste of time. The only thing that makes her story unique is the YT infamy, frequent moving across countries and Marge being stupid enough to broadcast her insanity on TV and the internet for the whole world to see, which obviously made people more sympathetic. Girls like her are dime a dozen though, and so are abusive narc parents forcing their children to live out their failed dreams of fame and success.

I don't doubt that she has issues. Her pretty much not doing anything including keeping up with personal hygiene is textbook depression. The drinking problem is hard to deny at this point. Body image issues wouldn't surprise me, either. Her problem is that she's stuck in a loop where every time she feels like shit, she pulls some stupid stunt on social media to get asspats and feel validated, and as long as the asspats keep on coming, she'll keep on seeking attention because it's easier than going to therapy and dealing with your issues. Mental illness sucks, but there comes a time where you need to grow up and realize you're not entitled to other people making you happy just because you've been through some tough times.

No. 72340

There's a picture of her at like 12 for some Japanese contest and her hair is medium brown.

No. 72344

Huutista, toine suominyymi

No. 72348


No. 72349

Here’s an hour and a half of her dressed in a maid’s uniform talking to herself in Japanese and singing in that god-awful baby voice she thinks is cute.

No. 72351

File: 1573425275753.jpeg (194.66 KB, 1148x1370, 6BE6F355-88DC-4FFB-841A-8F3B83…)

from the stream

No. 72352

She said she's 100% swiss. Isn't she half Hungarian?
And she's slurring her words so bad … makes it hard to listen to

No. 72353

Acting like a ~*kawaii*~ maid just makes her look more retarded. Her face makes such weird movements all the time lmao

No. 72354


First: I know aegyo sal (or namida bukuro in Japanese) is a thing. But this just looks like a gremlin with zero makeup.

Second: Ironically, her eyebrow makeup is WAY too light for her horrible jetblack dyed hair.

No. 72355

her laugh has always creeped me out, it doesn't sound natural or amused, but kinda empty.. just weird. it's not even the fake animu girl kind, but more like someone who simply has no idea how to laugh.
and her singing sounds like someone trying to imitate a kid, with purposefully bad pronunciation and singing out of tune.
when and where did she even post these, and did she take drugs or something? something about her face and movement seems weirder than usual.

No. 72356

File: 1573426769530.jpg (213.24 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191110-235825_You…)

She couldn't say セフレ (sexfriend) without laughing and acted all embarrassed. Is she 12? Mentally yes, I guess, but for someone who's looking for sugar daddies that's just dumb

No. 72357

the only swiss thing she has is her citizenship. she's half hungarian, half austrian

No. 72358

>> when and where did she even post these
They’re from this past summer, around July. She had just moved into that depressing little room and was getting ready for her big Youtube ‘Comeback.’

No. 72359

To be fair acting this coyly is such a turn on for Japanese guys, especially older ones.
BTW that manga's title really sounds dumb. Basically "how to be a sexfriend becoming a girlfriend".

No. 72360

Is she reading that stuff? Remember the vlog with Kenna and Mikan where she said that she doesn’t watch anime/read manga with boys in. She has even said that Syaoran from Cardcaptor Sakura bugged her because she’s so uwu lesbian.

No. 72363

File: 1573428934098.jpeg (407.92 KB, 1423x1423, FAEAAEFD-AF63-482A-ACBF-415274…)

marge and mini-marge, having fun sitting alone in their rented cubicles.

No. 72364

God this reminds me of the very old pedo nico streams she and all the other idol wannabes like Yukapee used to do 10 years ago, singing with baby voice included. She also can't stop itching her nose for a second and is clearly out of it.

No. 72365

I was about to go to sleep. But thanks for the nightmares, anon! This is creepy AF.

No. 72366

File: 1573429911957.jpg (65.67 KB, 845x624, 669760.jpg)

Just noticed this in one of the clips…

No. 72368

oh my god wtf ?

No. 72369

Oh God, she's not mentally okay if that's what I think it is.

No. 72370

She shat herself?

No. 72372

She's probably on her period but oh my god… reminds me of that other stream years ago where she showed her panties ugh

No. 72377

I remember when she did this during her younger weeb days and the video was never "meant" to be released as it was unedited when uploaded to her YouTube. She needs to remember to change her pads more often if she's that heavy, you can't just sit and carry on thinking you'll be okay. Common fucking sense. Given how greasy she looks now these days, I imagine her basic hygiene skills are decreasing along with her decline.

No. 72378

Maybe it's not fresh and she just wears stained lounge clothes without bothering to remove the stain? Which is gross if the case.

She took it down quickly though, so her manager may not have seen it and I doubt he visits her gossip threads or even speaks English well. So who knows?

she probably only said she's gay because at the time she was having marital problems with Manaki,and in case he divorced her then, it's easier to say I'm gay so I had to leave him than he kicked my leeching ass out. In the end, she decided to go with a slander, I'm an abuse victim round 2 act to explain the split.

No. 72379

fucking hell, even with the heaviest of flows she'd had to ignore it for at least an hour to become _drenched_ like this, or be wearing her pad for a gross amount of time after it's been fully soaked.
she's a fucking savage

No. 72380

thanks for posting this anon. any anons who speak Japanese and watched the whole thing, does she say anything of interest?

No. 72381

File: 1573434433068.jpeg (144.16 KB, 1008x1198, E52A4676-5E2C-43C1-A9C1-898CF3…)

Yeah, that video is a 40 minute-long trainwreck. She obviously just rolled out of bed, sat down and started filming without even brushing her hair (or attending to other hygiene issues.)

No. 72382

File: 1573434722322.jpeg (163.34 KB, 1130x1150, 81B9B718-3BDE-48BD-BA2B-AC050B…)

Spent the first few minutes yawning, still half asleep. Then reaches for her favorite beverage, a can o’vodka and swigs on it throughout the whole thing.

Why would anyone record themselves doing this shit?

No. 72383

She was in the middle of doing a little dance during this standing up part. Completely clueless and out of it.

No. 72387


No. 72388

her eyes look scary. that aegyo tape is gross. it looks like she has two festering mounds of foul demon pus under her eyes

No. 72389

imagine the smell ugh

No. 72390

how far gone do you have to be to not notice when your underwear is crusty like this..

No. 72391

Nasty af. She’s so fucking gross I fucking can’t with her man.

No. 72393

Lmfaoooo omg I don’t even want to think about imagining that yikes

No. 72395

>Maybe it's not fresh and she just wears stained lounge clothes

That looks wet to me. I have a heavy flow so I feel kinda bad, but at the same time, she can just double up on pads, or wear a tampon and a pad, OR don't wear white while on your period. This is actually pissing me off now, how unhinged she's looking!

No. 72400

They're maybe a touch too light but you do realise black eyebrows rarely even suit black hair? Majority of people have eyebrows that are naturally lighter than their hair - enabling for a softer effect. Darkening the eyebrows does the opposite, it can often be harsh and extremely ageing which is something Venus does not need help with.

Saged for general makeupfagging.

No. 72408

I have a really heavy flow too, and still have occasional accidents where I need to make a mad dash to the shower (to ya know, clean up because I'm not a dirty weeb)

Why does it look BROWN? In all my many leaky accidents, I don't think it's ever been that shade, unless it was the first hour/ last day of my period.

The color alone makes me think she's been sitting in it long enough for it to even turn brown

No. 72409


Birth control pills can turn your flow brown, but they also lighten it making extreme leakage less likely.

No. 72410

It does not look crusty, but damp. She definitely has to be feeling some wetness. I have heavy flows too but it does not spot like that, she's not even wearing a pad.

No. 72412

Maybe she had diarrhea and didnt make it to the toilet lmao

No. 72413

What the fuck has been going on in her life, I thought she was doing better??? The fuck

No. 72418

she might've gotten her period in the middle of the night, blood turns brown after drying and sitting there for a while
or it's just shit idk

No. 72422

What the fuuuuuuuck?!
How does she keep getting worse and worse? She has become as nasty as our junkie cow Luna Slater. I’m really hoping that this girl just ends up getting arrested. Even jail is safer for her at this point.

No. 72424

Probably dried blood but she didn’t bother changing her clothings so it keeps getting wet with more blood.
Her pussy must smell absolutely rank if she can’t even be arsed with changing her pad yikes

No. 72425

Maybe Margo is into Freebleeding and taught her spawn to just let it all splash out.

No. 72429

This is the second time her period has been publicly shown.
It's worse this time around, though, because it doesn't look like blood.
Venus' entire fall from grace reminds me of that one depressing K-ON doujinshi where all their adult lives are miserable, or the ShindoL one.
Kawaii living doll/internet idol becomes a sugar baby becomes a slob NEET in Japan. She's an alcoholic, her depression's gotten so overwhelming that she's lost 99% of her motivation to take more than the absolute bare minimum of care for herself, people are constantly making fun of her online, and the bulk of her remaining fans are either not paying much attention anymore, or they're gross old men.
It's actually sad to see. I know some anons think she's just doing all this for "damaged girl" attention, but the period stain and unwashed hair makes it obvious she really has fallen off. No one publicly humiliates themselves this much on purpose, there's literally no gain to it.
This whole lifestyle really ate her up and spat her out. At this point, the best choice for her would be to give up on Japan (and maybe even life as a public figure in general), and maybe go live with her family in Europe until she can build a new life. I'm sure they'd even protect her from Margo, Grandpa Ferenc seems sympathetic to her.
There's just nothing here for her anymore. I don't get why she doesn't see that. She's just embarrassing herself.

No. 72431

>This is the second time her period has been publicly shown.
What? This has happened before?

No. 72432

it does very much look like blood, just recently dried blood. as someone who's had (ahem) accidents during my early teens from irregular cycle, i can vouch for it being period stains. it just looks like she's either not wearing anything to stop the leak at all or she has been bleeding through a pad for hours. not only does it look gross, it also feels fucking gross and sticky and half-wet even when the blood has kinda dried. she is definitely aware of it, but doesn't seem to bother

No. 72433

File: 1573488661066.jpeg (89.78 KB, 750x726, 4D373375-624C-450E-A3DB-7F68F0…)

Wait did she shit herself??? Or is that period stains? Either way it just shows how uncaring she is about herself

No. 72435

I agree that her depression is very severe indeed. She needs to learn to love herself and to have some self-respect, nobody should be treating themselves the way she treats herself…it’s like she’s killing herself slowly and doesn’t even care.

I agree at this point, at least in jail she won’t have any access to alcohol and won’t have to fuck anyone for a place to sleep. The fact that this girl would benefit more from JAIL than from her current situation is really telling of how bad it’s gotten.

What is her idea of rock bottom? Because that’s where she seems at right now, so why hasn’t she woken up yet???

No. 72437

Damn, when I thought her hygiene couldn't get worse…..

No. 72449

>that one depressing K-ON doujinshi where all their adult lives are miserable
Painfully accurate. I wanted to forget that forever, venus get help!

No. 72452

Does anyone has the link to that doujinshi?

No. 72455

Why didn't she just keep on banking on shitty makeup transformations? Honestly feel like she benefited from marg forcing her to keep making those videos, now she's just losing it all due to her own laziness

No. 72456

What? I thought most people’s eyebrows were darker than their hair? But I have naturally black hair and black eyebrows, and I don’t wear makeup. I’d look weird af with brown eyebrows lol

No. 72459

>> What is her idea of rock bottom? Because that’s where she seems at right now, so why hasn’t she woken up yet???
She once said on ig that she’d much rather stay in her room all day with the shades drawn than have to go out. It seems she’s content as long as she has a room with an internet connection and a steady supply of convenience store junk food and cheap booze.

aka Marge 2.0

No. 72465

No. 72466

Years ago, she accidentally uploaded an unedited video where her underwear was showing, and it was covered in blood.

No. 72468

File: 1573507301602.jpg (400.6 KB, 1243x1800, 048.jpg)

Same anon here, can't delete my post. If you don't want to have to sit through all the sex scenes, someone wrote a summary of how each character ends up here: http://www.projectharuhi.net/?p=10482
Mugi ends up having the least sad life, IMO.

No. 72470

Thanks for the links.
I didn't expect it to be that way (extreme NSFW) so I guess I'll go with the summary lol
Sorry for the OT

No. 72477

Oh god what

No. 72489

The phrase
"Like mother like daughter"
describes this whole situation perfectly.

No. 72493

Venus is a typical narc and it's her way or no way, the continuous victim of her tragic abuse story and the cause of her own demise.

Her life in Japan is the definition of pure shit. However, she will do whatever it takes to continue to live out her kawaii uwu anime girl dreams in Japan even if that means becoming a degenerate slob with not an ounce of self respect left within her.

Living a pampered life where everyone caters to you like a fragile child has made her incapable of living life as a normal adult and she still expects that sort of treatment. Because she's not getting it on the scale she was, everything is spiralling out of control and she's falling deeper into a hole.

No. 72494

>she's not even wearing a pad

Didn't Margo once said she doesn't use toilet paper?

Big reach ahead but knowing how gross Margs and Venus are, they probably just sat on their shit/blood stained asses while at home to avoid wasting precious youtube money on hygiene products.

No. 72504

Omg Margo said that??? When was this? Holy shit I’m really hoping that isn’t true because if it is that’s just straight up fucking disgusting. But it actually might be true because a lot of the things that Margo accused Venus of doing in the past, ended up having some truth to it, so….big yikes.

No. 72505

Is there a link to the stream where she has that period ''accident''?

No. 72507

starts around 8:30

No. 72508

Seeing the screenshots in context, I feel like she woke up like this, didn't even go to the toilet or anything and just started the stream (considering how tired she seems to act with her yawning the whole time yikes). It bled through the night and that's why the blood is so dark already.

No. 72510


sorry anon I mean Margo doesn't use it, but by the testimonials we've read about their poor hygiene habits, Wenus' likely following mommy's example, given she's a dumpster dive away from being a hobo like Margs.


No. 72513

usually when you wake up, you also have blood gushing out because you've been laying down the whole time, no way did this not happen to her. i'm appalled she'd just start streaming. and she looks like she's trying to hide it by bending forward when she stands, not even knowing it's full on in the back.

No. 72523

bending forward like that is how uguu cunts automatically stand to try to make their legs look further apart

No. 72526

File: 1573536232167.jpg (325.55 KB, 1242x2047, g1d8ym1.jpg)

No. 72527

File: 1573536295367.jpg (442.64 KB, 1208x2022, lWn44NS.jpg)

She just posted this on Instagram. I’m I too naive to think her visa renewal means she may consider going back to Switzerland to get help?

No. 72528

Her Aunt Zsu (marge’s sister) lives in Switzerland, wonder if she’s going to visit her (and maybe live there and get her life back on track)? She hasn’t seen Zsu since she was a small child but Zsu has been practically begging her to meet up ever since she ran away from marge. If that’s why she’s going to Switzerland it would be a very good thing. Zsu is sane and stable and a good person.

No. 72530

lol no, she isn't. Crazy run in that family.

No. 72531

She is. She’s married with 3 sons and works as a nurse. She lives in a nice house and likes to go hiking with her dogs. She’s a cool person, nothing like marge and definitely not crazy.

No. 72534

We shouldn't assume too much, if this is going to affect bleedus positively I just hope she doesn't screw it.
I kind of wish the That Is It doujin was discussed way before this passaport update. Just to say that Fat-Jelaus-Talentless Mio inspired her to at least contact a familiar.
Sage for OT but Yui is not that bad either. Sure dead sis and childhood trauma but she has a stable job and is pulling it way better than the rest with her head high.

No. 72535

But we have no evidence of Zsu or her other siblings being like that. Margaret herself didn’t say anything particularly bad about her family except her father and (I think) grandparents. If there was something to expose about Zsu or the other two, she would have said it by now.

It would be a dream if Venus could go there for recovery, then get assistance to go to court with her mother. Legally settle everything once and for all. Wishful thinking, but I hope Venus considers handling things the right way.

No. 72546

lol that edit.
no one would've let you through with that photo, cause you've got a fat meaty face and beady eyes, venus

No. 72547

Since when did they allow you to smile in passport photos? I thought you had to have no expression on your face and no hair covering your face either

No. 72548

Zsuza is NOT a good person and is similar to Marge. Remember the "modeling" pics. Marge posted a few pics and never claimed to have worked or made a career out of modeling. So what did "good" Zsuza do? She posted a jab at Marge with an ugly-ass picture of herself, complete with a holier than thou caption that read something like, "posting one picture doesn't make you a model", basically saying I'm so good and would never pretend to be a model like you bitch despite Marge not even pretending. So how is she "good"? She's a grown ass woman, who resorts to petty drama and jabs on social media, JUST like Marge and Venus and she's not even an internet presence (can only imagine if she had more spotlight). And let's not forget her publicly messaging Venus telling her to skype with her. Why tf would you post that publicly for everyone on instagram to see? Did you want your 15 mins of fame? Or did she want to spite Marge (I talk to your daughter while you're estranged haha bitch). Don't be fooled by her. We once thought Marge was alright too.

And don't forget how Ferenc posted that book (likely due to Zsu) which Marge translated about prison inmates or something, WHILE she was in detention. They were basically mocking her and simultaneously offered Venus (who had a comfortable home with Mana) a house while Marge had no where to go and they refused to help her. Marge might be a bitch, but she's still ferenc's daughter. And this is what these "good" people do. Please. Zsuza is a bitch just like Marge. And just like Venus.

No. 72550

And for so long Venus didn't seem to want contact with them, yet they wouldn't fuck off. Just like Marge.

However, maybe she isn't going to see them or her dad. Or maybe she is only going because her visa situation in Japan didn't work out and she is using them, like everyone else she does. Or maybe she needs to renew a visa and temporarily leave.

No. 72551

that whole family just seems toxic and shady af

No. 72552

File: 1573559813882.jpg (64.73 KB, 582x550, IMG_20191112_124447.jpg)


Also yeah I don't think going to her family would be good, she'd be better in a psychiatric institute in Europe before living by herself.

No. 72553

That pic is heavily edited and looks creepy af. She might have even edited in a smile, you can do that with apps lmao. Her eyes are small and her jaw/cheeks wide, and it just looks creepy and weird, a dead giveaway she edited the fuck outta that

No. 72556

I'm glad somebody recognises what a pit of snakes this family is.

No. 72557

she doesn't really have eyes that big or a joker smile, she's added edits herself.

No. 72559

Nobody gonna mention her jaw shoop is a MESS? Uneven and wobbly AF. Girl is tragic. Even shoops her passport pic to the moon and back. How insecure and self-absorbed can you be?

No. 72561


getting a new passport doesn't mean she will go to Switzerland wtf?
she can't sit around with expired documents for too long, even if she's currently staying in Japan.

however I guess she edited that passport pic afterwards for posting it on IG, the actual one probably looks even more rancid than her real self

No. 72562

Don't forget Zsu milking her trip to visit Bleedus' grandma right after Margo and Penus also milked the old senile lady phone calls for views.

No. 72565

Didn't know you could wear such heavy eye-makeup and bangs on a passport pic.

No. 72566

The photos just need to be bio symmetrical or whatever it's called in English. It's OK to have bangs if they don't cover halve your face and also eye makeup is not prohibited.

No. 72568

Regarding the “petty drama and jabs on SM,” Zsu was caught up in the “poor victimized Venus” melodrama at the time, (as was everyone here, hence the “Good Luck V & M” banner that was made, remember?) and she was shocked and horrified by what marge was saying and doing (along with everyone here, again.) Plus Marge had isolated Venus from the family for years. Taken in context it’s not surprising that Zsu would vent on SM once in awhile. Plus as marge’s sister she knew better than anyone how delusional marge was about her days as an aspiring model, lol.

Ferenc’s ig post about marge translating the book was him being the proud papa, not to taunt marge. He’s an old Hungarian guy and devoutly family-oriented. Family is always First and if a family member does bad things they’re still Family. And the Bible teaches forgiveness as well. There was nothing “mocking” about it. And you don’t know that they’re not helping marge. In fact I think there’s a good chance they are. Neither one of us knows one way or the other because they’ve all been relatively silent on SM.

To say “the whole family is crazy” based on their very infrequent IG posts is, well, CRAZY. As opposed to marge who was clearly crazy, not to mention obsessed, delusional and paranoid based on her incessant ig rants and physical stalking. Comparing her to the rest of the family and saying “they’re ALL CRAZY” is ridiculous. There’s no comparison.

No. 72570

Did you create the banner or something? Zsu screamed narc to me when she appeared, learn to stop beta orbiting the cows for once ffs

No. 72572

Sage for no1curr but I just wanted to point out that about 8 min in the maid stream she claims her natural hair color is dark blonde (ダークブロンド) but she died it black. Just found it weird since she's always told her western audience that it's naturally "a very deep dark brown, almost black".

No. 72577

Simple weeb logic:
I'm special desu because I'm naturally almost Japanese~
I'm special desu because I was born as a kawaii blonde foreigner~

No. 72586

if she wanted to help, no need to show it off. if she wanted to talk shit about marghul, she could do so in private with her whole family, friends and venus.
but apparently this was not enough, a wider audience was needed.
that's how you spot a narc instantly.

I mean, V is desperate and probably selling her body to survive, don't you think it's odd how she never tried to suck up to zsu and the rest of the family to get some money out of them? you know very well she's not beneath that.
there must be some very good reason she's never even replied to their comments.

No. 72600

Lol. A couple of instagram posts and some comments on Venus’s IG does not = “just as crazy as Marge.”

No. 72606

are you okay anon

No. 72609

Zsu posted JABS at Marge. Doesn't matter if Zsu bought into Venus' victim act. A decent, "good" grown adult DOES NOT do that, especially to their family. They don't stalk their sisters IG just to post a modelling jab, despite Marge not publicly claiming to be a professional model. That just shows us a GLIMPSE of Zsu's character flaws. They are similar to Marge's. Ferenc said he cant/won't help Marge and offers poor victim Venus a house and NOT to Marge, who needed a place to go at the time. He doesn't invite Marge to the family gathering, only Venus. That book post WAS to mock. The timing is too impeccable. Imagine "praising" your daughter for translating a prison book WHILE she's in prison. That's disgusting and obviously not praise, though narcs will disguise it as such. Marge once briefly said, Zsu was one of those pushy Christians or something. I would not be surprised if that was the case as well. Just from what little we know, she was already showing character flaws and pettiness. Imagine what she's like in person then. She's not a "good" person. No one said she's "as crazy as Marge", just that she's clearly a bitch, and maybe, if she was running a YT business with her child and they suddenly left, she'd unleash crazy rage. There's simply no way of knowing that last part. My point is she does not seem like a "good" person, but a petty one.

No. 72620

>> getting a new passport doesn't mean she will go to Switzerland wtf?
It would make sense though. She has no more hubby financially supporting her and she has been incapable of maintaining her YT Comeback and has once again abandoned the channel so no more income from that. Plus her Japanese visa is probably in peril, plus she has no friends left in Japan. Running back to Switzerland where she has a relative who would probably be happy to let her mooch off them makes perfect sense at this point.

I really don’t think she is capable of living independently. She needs someone to take care of her and someone to leech off.

No. 72628


as long as her ass isn't getting deported she obviously won't leave Japan for good. she already was close to death and risked being alive, just to keep on pretending to be "naturally thin". being broke and alone is not that bad in comparison, as long as there is still a wifi connection to post poorly shooped selfies on IG

No. 72633

The way I see it, it could be either or:

>V's family are a bunch of toxic narcissists/enablers, Marge being one of them herself, and Venus doesn't wantnto gp frpm the frying pan into the fire so to speak

>V's family is perfectly normal, Marge alienated V from them so Venus could never learn about her mother's failures and Venus doesn't want to reach out to them in fear they won't coddle her and let her LARP a Japanese teenager forever

We don't know 100% for sure that Venus hasn't been in touch with her relatives privately, either in the past or now. Really, all we know is that she is (was?) staying with Kitano and in hotel rooms, is drunk almost 24/7 and doesn't bathe or wash her hair lately.

No. 72634

That spouse visa is most likely gone though. Suddenly acquiring a Swiss passport right now looks like she might be choosing to leave Japan before getting deported (unlike her mommy who had to be dragged into detention before getting booted out of Korea.)

Of course it’s all a guessing game atm because she’s a woman of mystery.

No. 72639

Ferenc confirmed she replied one time when he was offering her a house. He/Zsu made it seem like it was the first time she ever did.

>V's family is perfectly normal…

From what we've seen of Zsu/ferenc, that doesn't seem to be the case, but I doubt ALL the people in the family are toxic. I think they would be enablers though because they bought into Venus' embellished sad girl eternal-victim act.

And perhaps Venus isn't going to Switzerland, but to Hungary to get that house? She could plan to travel anywhere, but she did say she wanted to visit Switzerland again. Or she could be doing what >>72550 mentioned.

No. 72641

Maybe she's going to visit her beloved David-sama who will drop dead in horror when he sees what she really looks like unedited

No. 72642

>> maybe she is only going because her visa situation in Japan didn't work out and she is using them, like everyone else she does.

Bingo. She’s single, unemployed, broke and about to lose her visa. She needs a place to crash and another source of support she can milk. She’s had absolutely no interest in Switzerland or any of her relatives there for the past 3 1/2 years and now she’s suddenly obtained a Swiss visa? Why the sudden interest in her Swiss homeland now?

Answer: she didn’t need them before. She had her stooge visa husband paying her bills and supplying her visa. Now that’s gone and she needs someone else to latch onto. Voila…Switzerland!

No. 72645

suddenly acquiring a swiss passport only means that her old one probably expired and one needs a valid passport for all visas to be valid also. you can't expect to stay in japan on a valid visa if your passport is expired

No. 72648

File: 1573617390851.jpg (60.26 KB, 490x332, Kektus.jpg)



Cheers, Anon, you made my day

No. 72651

why would she post "yay!" with the pic of it

No. 72652

does there have to be a reason? just glad to have a new passport, one less issue to worry about for another x years. it's not that complicated

No. 72654

If it was just a routine passport renewal why would she post 2 pics of it along with “YAY” on her IG?

No. 72655

1. it's not something that happens every year, not even once in 5 years
2. swiss passport cover is pretty
3. to show off her passport pic, obviously

No. 72663

A lot of people show off their new passport pics on insta. Not that weird.

No. 72679

Why would she need a visa for Switzerland if she is indeed swiss? That doesn't make any sense

No. 72683


It's not a visa. It's her passport. She has now and has always had Swiss citizenship.

No. 72684

Some anons in here sound like they never traveled or even owned a passport…

No. 72690

This and the fact that some anon called the swiss passport pretty, bruh it's the most basic passport out there

No. 72691

dude some of us here have such ugly ass passports that anything looks good in comparison

No. 72700

Unless you personally know her you can’t know for sure if she’s crazy or not. Like so what if she has a job and kids? She can still be crazy behind closed doors.

No. 72704

Not the same anon but you could say the same thing about her not being crazy, unless you actually know her how do you know she isn’t a good person who wants to help Venus? Clearly she has a stable lifestyle with a family, house, good job, and enjoys sober healthy activities like hiking and shit. Wayyyyy different than the lifestyle her sister Margo chose and still chooses to live. Seems she can at least hold down a stable life, which is the kind of healthy influence that Venus never had and needs in order to progress and get better (but Venus needs to actually want to get better in order for that to ever happen).

No. 72711

nta but as a person that has only ever seen EU passports, the swiss one does have a prettier cover and I'm kinda jealous kek. EU ones are so boring

No. 72712

Have you seen the U.S passport? It's ugly af

I would totally show off a swiss passport. It's simple and sleek.

No. 72751

I remember when a lot of y'all thought this was the tru venus even though she's been copying margo's sarcasm humor here.

reposted for sage

No. 72772

She needs to just get the fuck off the internet at this point. Nothing else to say atm.

No. 72774

Leave the Internet and fuck off out of Japan for good while she's at it. One less piece of manufactured weeb trash that the country has the deal with. There's nothing for her there, she has no proper job, she's a shit show health wise, nobody loves her and nobody cares about her existence except for her young and naive fans who lap up anything she has to say & the cucks who have a pasty white BJD loli fetish who throw money at her when she streams.

It's both sad and pathetic.

No. 72776

Third that. Take your greasy bangs and fuck off the internet, Weenus.

No. 72777

i always find this comment strange…she's not on the fucking internet - one pre-made selfie a week? literally nothing else. no videos, no comments, no tweets - how the fuck can "social media" be the key to her problems?

No. 72780

It's more of a case that social media is literally her home and followers, views, subscribers and likes is all she has known for years. She's fixated on the rush that her fans give her when she milks her life troubles and downing alcohol while prancing around in period blood stained shorts. The attention they give her fuels her will to continue being a talentless hack.

She may not seem "active" but you can't deny she's hell bent on being the popular online persona that is Venusangelic she once was for as long as it takes despite nothing working for her and not getting better.

No. 72787

ia with all of this. It's a huge cry for help but I don't even particularly feel sorry for her, just detached. No doubt a lot of horrible shit she couldn't control has happened to her, but she's also made bad choices of her own volition and seems hell bent on continuing to spite herself. Epitome of 'play stupid games, win stupid prizes.'

No. 72789

i think she might like the numbers ticking over but i have never got the impression she regards her fans in any way that would make their attention exciting? like the way her humor is always an in-joke with herself against them, the way she just tosses them these bullshit lies you wouldn't try to pass off to anyone you thought you would ever encounter one day - it's like how addicted could she be to attention from ten thousand ants or plants or bot accounts?
I could consider what you mean about her online identity being her home if it was a constant - but it's not - it's like she logs in every month and goes 'uh.. what am i like on here again? i forgot.' and makes up a new voice

No. 72790

I don't think she is addicted to the internet or even attention. I don't think she even wants attention but has a deeper conviction which, even though it makes no sense, she can't override because it's what she was made to believe from birth - the conviction that she's meant to be some kind of entertainer. 'Meant to' as in, there is nothing else. Some of her first words, on the webcam (!), "Venus singer! Venus actress! Venus model!" this didn't come from her. "You're on show" is the premise of her life from the very name she was given. Now it's like "no, you're not the entertainer type". How are you supposed to unlearn that foundation, it's like having to unlearn you're a human

No. 72805

So, it’s all Bad Mommy’s fault, right?

Poor Weenus, victimized from birth. What a tragic story.

No. 72809

your bleat doesn't really relate to what I wrote, which is about how getting off the internet won't fix a contradiction at the core of her identity. Whether Marg is 'to blame' is up to you to decide given how much agency you think a person has to override their originating conditions.

No. 72819

Okay but let’s keep in mind here that it’s sooo many people on this earth that have gone through WAYYYYY worse than anything even she went through, but despite this managed to lead productive, fulfilling lifestyles. Yes Venus went thru some shit because of her crazy mom, but that’s no excuse to have spent all these years since she’s been away from Margo doing absolutely NOTHING. Like it’s deadass annoyingggg, are people going to use Margo as an excuse for the rest of venus’ life???? That shit gotta stop eventually, and it’s been several years since she left her mom so I say it’s fair to hold her accountable for her own actions from here on out.

No. 72820

also forgot to add that I’m not the anon that you responded to.

No. 72823

abuse is not a competition anon. it affects every person differently. and those who hav (or create) a wider network of support have a better chance of making it in life. she was moved from country to country with no-one to turn to, family full of snakes, and no roots, in a bed with her crazy mother every night. that she probably has a personality disorder now is not too surprising. alienation is a significant form of abuse even if the rest of it never existed.

the fact she's a raging weeb has only impeded her chance at recovery (when she had one), because she's in the worst culture for dealing with mental health, and would rather bury her problems in booze, karaoke and expensive plushies.

No. 72838

Gotta agree here. It’s no surprise she’s a little whacko considering the abuse she went through. With no help or therapy, it’s unlikely she’ll get better anytime soon.

No. 72848

people act like marge wasn't a victim of abuse herself. these things don't exist in a vaccuum. if they start hurting people it doesn't change that it's a result of childhood abuse - but it doesn't excuse it. period.

No. 72853

Nobody said abuse is a competition. Yes, she went through shit. Does it explain, at least partially, her attention whoring, queer baiting, lying, fraud, scam, etc? Yes. Does it excuse it? I don't think so. We aren't bullying the poor kawiwi little girl, just watching the trainwreck. If gossip about her makes you feel bad, maybe you shouldn't come here. It's pointless to try to defend her cuz that won't stop people from wanting to gossip, nor encourage her to take better care of herself. On the contrary, she gets off those ass pats.

No. 72858

Who is defending or excusing her here? Are you the "I hAd A nArC mOm AnD i'M nOt MiLkiNg It" anon?
>Nobody said abuse is a competition
>sooo many people on this earth that have gone through WAYYYYY worse

Yes, some people have had it way worse than her and still manage to be better off than her, and some people have had it way easier than her and still manage to be worse off than her. That's how human psyche works, everyone is different and gets affected differently by different things.

Yes, it's Margos fault that Venus ended up so fucked, but it's Venus' own fault that she acts like a bitch and lies. Yes, she most likely was victimized from birth, because her mom is batshit crazy. I'm sorry if anons discussing this triggers you.

tl;dr Venus' upbringing explains her shit now but doesn't excuse her bad behavior. Autistic narc anons pls leave.

No. 72876

The problem is continuing to portray her as a helpless victim of her flawed upbringing even now, coming up on 4 years since she left Evil Marge, rather that a grown-ass adult who has a functioning mind and is fully capable of making choices in her behavior. She has chosen to do absolutely nothing in terms of becoming an independent adult in the past 4 years- no education, no attempts at finding employment or working toward a career. She chose instead to sit in her little pink room collecting plushies and toys like a little kid that entire time, depending on her visa hubby’s income. She chose to stop even the slightest effort to contribute financially to the marriage from 2018 on when she abandoned her Youtube channel. And when her visa hubby finally got fed up with her leeching alcoholic ass and kicked her out she chose to attack him with lies and and attempt to slander his reputation, exactly as her vile mother had done to her.

At some point you have to contemplate the possibility that maybe, just maybe she is simply a shitty person, just like her mother and not a helpless victim.

No. 72878

>The problem is continuing to portray her as
nobody did this. you spergs are continuously replying to your fantasy of posts that say venus is excused. this whole sperg attack came just from a post where i wondered about how she will manage to change her deep belief in being an entertainer. Can it fucking stop now because not one person here thinks she is excused, okay?

No. 72890


You are that same anon, JFC get some help.

No. 72922

tinfoil: orbiter david is in fact a robot.

No. 72925


No. 72927

Exactly. Yet out of all the cows here, venus tends to get a pass for her malicious behaviour with the same old "poor girl it's not her fault i hope she gets help". Venus is not a helpless victim, she is a manipulator. And if she is a helpless victim, then plenty of other cows who get shit on are helpless victims too. i suspect the sympathy for venus comes from a) her successful manipulation of the narrative/her audience and b) those who grew up with narcs and are projecting with a preference in remaining willfully ignorant of venus' maliciousness.

No. 72929

>venus singer
Yeah that video was so cute but also proves she was meant to be an attention seeker on youtube lol.
t. I also said the same things as Venus when I was a fetus but I am thankful my mom didn't let me become an a-whore

No. 72930

>> what she was made to believe from birth - the conviction that she's meant to be some kind of entertainer. 'Meant to' as in, there is nothing else.

This ^^ is what I’m talking about. “She was made to believe from birth”
Does that not say “Marge did it to her, it’s all Marge’s fault!” Then these same people get their feelings hurt every time their theory is questioned and get all angry and defensive like
>> you spergs
>>You are that same anon, JFC get some help.

Weenus is her mother’s daughter and that is becoming more obvious all the time. Her sitting in her crappy rented room imagining herself as a Celebrity Business Owner is no different than Marge sitting in hers imagining herself to be a Celebrity Manager and expert Web Designer. They both have grandiose delusions about themselves and think they’re way too good to work at some menial “job” despite both of them being broke.

Venus attacking and lying about Manaki after he left her is no different than Marge attacking and slandering Venus after she left.

They’re exactly alike. Whether that’s because of nature or nurture (or both) is not worth getting all upset about. It is what it is.

No. 72943

i read this like wow, to me it's hard to believe that a baby would naturally aspire to be a 'photomodel', but since this person di… oh, never mind it's >>72930 this person being a samefag

No. 72945

>Does that not say “Marge did it to her, it’s all Marge’s fault!”
no, it doesn't so shut. the. fuck. up. If your parents told you you're Native American and you base your life on it but it turns out you're not at all, that's a problem you're going to have. It doesn't suggest that's the sole, or any part of the cause, of you lying, scamming and becoming a destitute prostitute. So stop fucking posting your rehashing

No. 72946

“A destitute prostitute” im fucking crying lmaooooo

No. 72956

File: 1574026966684.jpg (75.21 KB, 809x594, peenus4.JPG)

She posted this earlier this day. Wonder about which relationship she is talking about, I mean she has no friends or fam to judge her …

No. 72957

File: 1574027008624.jpg (684.7 KB, 1080x1695, Screenshot_20191117-214225_Ins…)

I wonder who she's talking about? New fake lesbian lover?

No. 72958

She’s hinting about her SD, the one who gave her the LV scarf/shawl (she’s obviously found a new revenue source to live on now that her YT channel is once again dead.)

No. 72966

She wants to flaunt more of his prezzies on ig but she knows people will start asking questions about where they came from. She’s testing the waters to see how her 12 year old fans will react to her SD who’s probably close to her grandfather’s age.

All speculation of course.

No. 72970


Bless her "friends and family" who are practically imaginary at this rate don't approve of her new sugar daddy obviously. She doesn't know what a real relationship is or how to function in one.

No. 72990

Her imaginary “friends and family” are like the make-believe “Company” she formed. She has a lively imagination (when she’s not passed-out drunk.)

No. 72992

>Link to her Japanese live streams (from PULL)

>From PULL in regards to her japanese streams:

"I am surprised no one has mentioned yet how in the livestreams (not just the Japanese one) she is always holding her alcohol cans in a way that they can be seen by the viewers clearly on purpose. Someone being embarassed about being an alcoholic and/or aknowlidging she has a problem would try to hide it, but not only is she holding the cans in a way that the label is facing the camera so it can be recognized, but she is akwardly holding the cans in midair after taking a sip, instead of putting them down somewhere. No normal person holds a can like this. You take a sip, you put it down. If you don't have a tabe you will hold it in a more comfortable position instead of ifiting it all the way up.I have zero pitty for this girl. She is clearly doing this for attention."

Have to agree. She intentionally holds the cans (most of the time) so the label can be CLEARLY read by viewers. While, I don't doubt she enjoys drinking, she's calculatedly showing it off and spinning a narrative. As she did with all her past issues before this.

>tinfoil but thought it'd be worth speculating:

Is it possible Venus is doing all this so she can use "mental illness" as a means of getting more out of her divorce with Mana and documenting the process? Or potentially sue Manaki for emotional distress/personal injury damages to squeeze some extra coin out of him?

"A spouse’s mental health issues may reduce or increase that spouse’s share of the marital estate depending on your family’s circumstances. Specifically, mental health issues can interfere with your ability to support yourself or your family. A judge may award you additional alimony or a larger share of marital property or assets if your mental health prohibits you from working or makes it difficult to hold a job"

That said, Manaki could fight back & claim mental illness as the cause of their divorce.

Also, in the second video in the playlist, the poor cat (that hates her sociopathic ass) pushes her door open and she freaks out (just like in the deleted stream when someone entered the room she supposedly lives "alone" in).

No. 72993

It could possibly be about Manaki? I mean she's using a picture of the dollfie Manaki bought her, which could be an indirect reference to him?

No. 72996

Aside from Manaki, she hasn't really hurt anybody to an extreme degree as far as we know, she's just being self-destructive as opposed to most cows who barrel through others' lives. In addition, her shitty upbringing was laid bare to a degree that is unusual without factoring how fucked up Venus and her upbringing even were. As such it is easier to have sympathy for her and more difficult to understand why some anons ITT act like she's the devil incarnate when she seems to be an unremarkable garden-variety cow with a dedicated hate-following at worst and a self-destructive weebish failure with an unique but shitty history at best.

No. 72997

File: 1574055066630.jpeg (196.17 KB, 947x1415, AC01B9CD-59BF-44B9-9AD7-BB29E9…)

>> It could possibly be about Manaki?
Why would her “friends and family (lol) disapprove” of Manaki though? And why post about it now? That makes no sense.

From my limited knowledge of divorce in Japan (consisting of google) they don’t have alimony. The divorced spouse gets a one-time payment when it’s finalized. Aside from that, why would she continue to put on a drunk act after the divorce was finalized if that’s what she was doing?

As far as the extent or severity of her drinking vs. it being just an act, I keep going back to that drunk karaoke livestream where she’s so wasted she’s staggering and slurring and literally faceplants in a bowl of ramen. That was no act.

Plus there was that bar event with the other 3 “idols” (lol again) where they took a selfie afterwards but “forgot” to include Weenus, and one of them hinted on Twitter about feeling very sad about someone (the photo at the top of this thread being from that event)..that Weenus never mentioned again, despite promoting it extensively on ig beforehand…connect the dots and it adds up to an out of control sloppy drunk Weenus that humiliated herself and embarrassed everyone there. The girl has real issues.

Of course she could be going out of her way to use it for attention and pity points too. Both things could be true.

No. 72998

You don’t have to “hurt someone to an extreme degree” to be a cow and worthy of discussion. And how she treated and used Manaki was massively shitty and very Margo-like so there’s that too- the extent that she’s revealing herself to be a mini-margo in so many ways.That’s worth a comment or two. But you know, if reading here hurts your feelings that much you can always feel free to not read here.

No. 73000

please, anon i'm honestly asking you to stop posting. you just write the same thing over and over, to the point that it doesn't seem healthy for you not to mention it doesn't bring anything to the thread

No. 73011

Can you just not post kek

No. 73024

I'm sick of narc-anon constantly spamming the thread about this mini-Margo shit. Literally no one is claiming Venus is 100% innocent

No. 73077

File: 1574147437744.jpg (179.27 KB, 813x593, trash_elf.jpg)


No. 73086

File: 1574166742484.jpg (637.56 KB, 1062x1888, 20191119_093148.jpg)

No. 73087

Yea you look more grown up cause of the alcohol you consume

No. 73090


She found a new visa daddy who wants her to straighten up and act right, calling it now. Or, she realizes that being a sloppy, drunk 20-something isn't kawaii anymore.

No. 73093

stop talking about how you've totally changed for the 1213457 time and just show it, venus.
this is getting old

something tells me she'll be back with manaki soon, or at least tries really hard to make it happen.
you don't casually post old pictures you made while you were still with your ~abuser~, especially showing off his gifts, which she's done a few times now.
guess life with abusive psychopath manaki wasn't that bad after all?

No. 73094

If so, I really hope he doesn't cave in. Venus needs to face reality.

No. 73114

If he takes her back, then he deserves to put up with her shit. What more could she possibly do to shit on him other than physically abuse hkm and steal money from his wallet? She's already used him, his family, slandered him and cheated on him while living like a princess off him.

No. 73129

I hope not now that her persona is shattered. She isn't some kawaii popular idol who loves cooking.
She's a drunk washed up nobody who rode the living doll phase, made nothing of it and is just mean spirited.

As for Venus's situation, she could literally have shat out a few cooking or vlogs or anything and kept her channel alive. She can't blame Margo for everything. At least the gargoyle made her actually make videos, it was seriously her only job.

No. 73148

Yeah, hopefully she does get her act together, but it's easy to talk about improving your life but it takes a hell of a lot of effort to do all that is necessary to make meaningful and lasting changes, especially for someone who has no point of reference for what a well-adjusted, emotionally stable adult looks like.

You know how studies indicate that someone who talks about working on a project is less likely to complete it than someone who doesn't? It seems to be the same for cows and self-improvement; they talk about 'getting better' on social media, get some validation for it, which satisfies them and allows them to slip back into their shitty habits because they've gotten their reward feeling. Venus needs to get off social media and struggle through her problems so she can't be disrailed by attention; it's easy to see her slipping into total low-functioning NEET life like Luna Slater or Taylor Dean, especially with a substance abuse problem.

No. 73149

>It seems to be the same for cows
cows are the mascots of this phenomenon

No. 73181

File: 1574249503254.jpg (428.85 KB, 1080x1897, Screenshot_20191120_112930.jpg…)

Looks like her old kawiwi room in the background. If Manaki actually decided to take her crazy ass back, then I have no ounce of pity for him IMO.

No. 73216

If it does turn out to be him taking her back I wouldn’t be that surprised. He didn’t strike me as the sort of guy to have any kind of actual self respect. I mean he was a desperate fanboi before all this happened I’m still not even convinced it was him who called off the wedding.

No. 73220

You're right, that could have been Venus's idea before she realized Sugaring isn't for sheltered, naïve brats and a lot of SDs are predators, and Manaki is an obedient doormat who jist wants a hafu baby and help paying bills in exchange for a visa and an easy life.

No. 73222


I bet this has something to do with these posts:


No. 73230

God damn… I really hope Manaki isn’t that self-hating. He just discovered his balls this year and he’s ready to shove them back up? Maybe he’ll end up trooning out for her or something.

No. 73246

lmao i'm unsurprised, he probably couldn't pay the bills without her youtube money KEK

No. 73247

She mentioned before that she still has some things over, might be just her picking them up

No. 73248

Friends would dissaprove of Manaki because she basically called him an obsessive pedo stalker and said how he leeched off of her, why would they approve? And if they really got back together then by "family" she probably means Manaki's family

No. 73252

File: 1574263587502.png (3.27 MB, 828x1792, 16702D01-6AA0-4062-B55A-4D7815…)

Hmmmm I wonder what this is gonna be about …

No. 73403

Wut? I don't even…It's very normal for kids to dream of being stars or of being famous. In fact I find this more of a childlike dream than an adult one. Anyways, I agree with you all that the obnoxious autist needs to stop, she's sperging on kiwifarms (is it called like that?) too, I noticed it and I don't even have an account there lmfao.
I really wanna know so bad too. I bet it's her coming back with Manaki. >>73248
That's really sick if this is the case.

Also she is dressing better and better? I guess lurking on your own threads does pay off.

No. 73411

Just saying, I was one of the people saying how people labeling her as a victim and blaming everything on her abuse from her mom needs to stop, and I noticed someone else posting who was agreeing with me, so those posts weren’t all made by the same person obviously… so I don’t think anyone here is “sperging”, it’s multiple people agreeing on the same statements. But anyways, based on her latest posts do you guys think she’s back with Manaki? That would explain why she posted about worrying if friends and family would approve of her relationship, because Manaki’s family is probably disappointed af if he’s actually back with her, plus it seems she was back in her old room so…kinda looks like they might be back together. I’m kinda shocked tbh

No. 73423

She’s posted stories of her showing off some of her cutesy stuff from her old room as well as posting a story of her wearing her old loli clothes, so it’s completely confirmed now that she went back to her old room where Manaki lives and got back her stuff. Whether that means she’s back with Mana has yet to be seen. Maybe she just got her stuff and left, but her suddenly upbeat mood makes she worried she got her slave -ahem- husband back too.

No. 73428

Tbh I would be surprised if she’s not back together with Manaki. It’s super typical for a relationship between a narcissist and a co-dependant (or ”empath”) to go in circles of breaking up and getting back together. This is because these types of people depend on each other - the narc feeds on the empath and the empath feels the need to sacrifice their own needs for the sake of their partner.

These types of relationships are the most toxic ones out there, it’s quite sad.

No. 73429

I know this hasn't been confirmed but damn, is he that desperate for white puss? The man was lied, cheated on, accused online and we don't even know what happened behind closed doors. Watching their old videos together, especially the "lingerie prank" one just shows how she didn't respected his boundaries.



No. 73430

Manaki is just easy to manipulate and Venus uses that for her advantage. I feel bad for him.

No. 73435

File: 1574335631073.jpg (38.79 KB, 508x379, venusangelic aphrodite 888 246…)

>muh poor precious simp boy
remember, he 'fell for' venus when she was an exploited child camgirl-lite dancing for men (like him) on nico

No. 73436

>Why would her “friends and family (lol) disapprove” of Manaki though? And why post about it now? That makes no sense
Well her mom disapproved and threatened to delete the channel if she married manaki. This was what venus said when she left and needed to garner sympathy from her audience. Then in the recent slander video, she said her mom forced her (which was an obvious lie). Mana's parents would also probably disapprove. Idk about her friends though. And we don't know if her divorce is finalized, though I have no idea about the alimony thing.

Well she did hurt margo lol. She also used her virtual tuber manager then dumped him when he was no longer convenient and blamed him in a live stream. Probably same will happen to Kitano. She seems to have hurt some of her friends too (assuming those posts from the alleged "friend(s)" were legit, hurt Mana's family, and she cheated on Manaki. Why do people dislike her? Because she's fake. A liar. Probably pathological. She embellished and aggrandizes her struggles, is manipulative, probably a covert narc, vindictive, uses her mental illness for money, uses her family and drama for money, committed visa fraud, greedy af, uses other people, thinks she's gods gift (she compared herself to trump, said she's eccentric and shit talked manaki in her email to marge when she got the surgery), mistreated animals and uses them as an accessory, is a hypocrite (remember when she publicly outed marge for shit talking manaki? Guess who was also shit-talking manaki with her mom?). God, the list of why she's such a fake horrible bitch goes MUCH farther than she's "just self-destructive" and hurt Manaki. Like no. Stop minimizing. I have no sympathy for her. And the other anon is right. She is like marge.

No. 73437

If they did get back together, my assumptions would be because a) she's tired of being broke b) Kitano may have kicked her after she told him to go fuck himself c) she was unable to get an entertainment visa with Kitano d) she got sick of being seen negatively, so if she gets with Manaki, eventually people will forgive her for being a marge clone e) possibly just using Manaki and they will break up again, but not before she collects some proof to demonize him in attempt to fix her reputation.

I really hope he doesn't cave and get back with her. She's a narc and an emotional vampire. He'll get fucked over.

No. 73438

Yeah she hurt Margo pretty bad by not taking up her kind offer to $3k a month for life. LMAO it's irrelevant how Margo feels.

No. 73439

File: 1574339826284.png (710.4 KB, 475x894, 2019-11-21133534.png)

Isn't this Manaki's car?

No. 73441

Delayed pedophillia…really makes me think….Also, Yukapon was exploited too? Is it really hard to grasp for some of you that she was born to be a weeb aidoru and that it's quite normal?
She's so fucking predictable. But I will not be too certain of it, just in case I'm wrong.

No. 73442

Is she wearing a sefuku?

No. 73443

In case she's indeed back with doormatnaki, he deserves everything bad he can get from it. Wonder if they actually were going through divorce paperwork or it was another of her lies.

No. 73447

File: 1574344073813.png (947.56 KB, 664x708, wenoos.png)

No, that's one of her old lolita dresses

No. 73448

Where did the "I want to dress mature now" shtick go lmao

No. 73450


guess she realized that wearing period stained clothes wasn't totemo kawaii at all

No. 73451

I really hope all of this possible reconciliation with manaki won't last long.
It is more entertaining seeing her broke and being an alcoholic hoe struggling for attention

No. 73453

She’s said that before, and what was her very next video? Lolita clothes haul. I pointed it out and her fans got super pissed and defensive. Saying dumb shit like “just cause she doesn’t wanna wear Lolita dresses doesn’t mean she can’t collect them” followed by a long ass post about how dumb I am for not realizing that.

Plus she has to keep wearing these clothes if it’s what her sugar daddy likes.

No. 73454

well that was like 2 days ago. she's "changed as a person" at least 8 times since then.

No. 73464

I see she’s still wearing clothes for children, well that whole “I’m done with my delayed puberty” wasn’t long lived

No. 73481

>>73429 Why was manaki being an actual autist about the lingerie? he saw and said they were panties, put it on his head and the next second he is acting like a dissociating brat and venus is looking like she enjoys the whole thing?

No. 73521

Maybe she told him to do it for the video, but once he did and she laughed at him he felt like an idiot.

No. 73559

OT but is for anyone else PULL down since yesterday?

No. 73560

No. 73562

Yeah it’s down for me too.

No. 73587

it's only that stupid banner a beta orbiter created that drives me to check back to this thread.

she wants to be popular and liked again so she'll hide her edgy retardation and will go back to the familiar type of kawaii retardation and thus this thread will become officially powdered milk. /sage

No. 73672

Fuck where is Pull? Where is Venus' vid explaining her situation with Manaki? I just bought Strong Zero to celebrate her miserable life. But without Peenus' drama Strong Zero isn't the same.

No. 73685

you mean this one?
oh no what will you do without posts like
>i had Dream about her
>am i the only one that find her lives relaxing? its so relaxing
>[7 paragraph rant about bisexual erasure]

No. 73687

No I mean the new one she is about to record… but struggles because it was "too awkward". She's awkward af but with him their akwardness reaches a point no human should have to witness.
IDC about autistic PULL posts. Lolcow isn't free of them either. I just need some tinfoil hat theories.

No. 73700

She posted like 20 stories in one day then went silent again.. her comebacks get shorter and shorter

No. 73707


No. 73711

Completely different anon from the others posting about the other forum, but somebody over there made hypothesized that Venus’ real motivation for her deliberately pathetic streams and horrid appearance may not be about trying to gain sympathy from her fans but to emotionally manipulate Manaki into taking her back. Like “look what what you did to me, Manaki!” Really similar to what her mom did online to her: Shit-talking Venus while blaming Venus for “killing” her or making her suicidal if she didn’t reunite.

But I’m really hoping the reality is that they are simply on friendly terms with one another and she’s just able to access her old room and belongings, not that they are back together.

No. 73717

Holy shit that's exactly what I've been thinking. And by the looks of it she's succeeded. Sage for same fag

No. 73728

Why do I have this feeling in my gut that she's not an actual heavy drinker?

No. 73741

Most narcs pull this shit. They want to make their closest so called friends who suss them out or ex partners to feel bad for them by milking how "tragic" their life now is. It's pretty obvious she's trying to get Doormaki back for financial security and a roof over her head because he's the type of sad fuck who would give in to her antics.

No. 73749


Exactly this. She thought she could fuck whatever she needed out of her managers, without realizing she's nkt the first lazy, spoiled narc brat to try that and fail. She needs Manaki to stay in Japan, hence her playing up her pitiful, alcoholic slobbery after prematurely bragging about her success post-Manaki.

Fuck Manaki Okada if he takes her back. If he does, he's the ultimate pedo doormat.

No. 73762

And with the sudden question to her fans on Instagram about if family and friends didn't agree with a relationship, it's obvious this is aimed towards the so called "abusive" Manaki who has treated her so poorly but poor victim Weenus needs reassurance that she's making the right decision going back to such a bad person. Another ploy to milk her shitty life story and throw others under the bus.

No. 73775

File: 1574657017958.jpeg (164.47 KB, 1091x1708, C1738BBA-C00C-4E9F-BF26-CE69AD…)

She’s on ig asking for advice on what “aesthetic” she should go for

No. 73777

File: 1574657445087.jpeg (275.11 KB, 1074x1647, BA815AE0-7282-4652-826B-422027…)

And the decision is…a different one every week you guise! (lol she can’t even get it together to wash her hair and put on clean clothes, much less portray an “aesthetic.”)

I’m always amazed that other than delusional pipe dreams about Forming a Company and being a Big Businesswoman this girl has NO aspirations or ambitions of any kind. Nothing beyond “how will I amuse myself today?”

No. 73778

Why is she asking? We all know greasy aesthetic is Penus aesthetic

No. 73808

File: 1574698335640.jpg (298.12 KB, 806x592, 201911253.jpg.39517a21579276d3…)

So she finally got her old kawaii shit back but as someone on pull pointed out this looks more like her sd place we've seen on drunk lives than Manakis, so I don't think she's back with him. He isn't That level of retard (at least I hope)

No. 73810

File: 1574699682282.jpeg (331.38 KB, 1074x1312, 808427A0-DDCE-4D84-B8D3-80F80C…)

No that’s the old place. Same walls and trim. Weenus is back in her kawaii pink little nest, courtesy of the poor fool she guilt-tripped into taking her back.

No. 73811

lmao she has no shame.
I so look forward to that promised video and her unsuspecting fans reactions.
how can you even talk yourself out of this? there's no way she won't look like a dick to everyone.
she really is.. low iq, is she

No. 73815

So the “relationship her family and friends were against” would be her and Manaki. She’s gone squirming and crawling back to him and manipulated him into taking her back. Now she’s setting up a narrative that will go like this: “My controlling and abusive hubby who quit his job to live off my earnings PROMISED he would do better so I agreed to give him another chance despite ALL my friends warning me not to!”

Sneaky devious little bitch that she is.

No. 73817

how long until she sells the apartment and runs away with the money just like mommy did?

No. 73818

Pretty sure he’s renting that apartment and not not the owner of it.

No. 73825

I hope they are not back together. If I was Manaki, I would never go back to someone who used me, leeched off me, slandered me to the public, cheated on me etc. Then, before getting back together, makes a public post saying "everyone is against it" (because Mana is such aN eViL aBUseR).

I wonder if she's still working with Kitano, or if he kicked her after she told him to go fuck himself, so now she has no entertainment visa option and ran back to spousal visa option?

No. 73828

Makes sense why she's suddenly wearing the cliche kawaii clothes she left behind. Add that along with the familiar room, the "cute" items she's been posting about lately and the built up narrative about people not agreeing with relationships, it's pretty obvious she's got her glorious ticket to living in Nippon back in her life. What a cuck Manaki is.

No. 73829


I wonder how much Manaki understands is going on, like comprehended what she said about him. I got the impression he doesn't really speak English well, if at all. The last video I saw with them she mentioned that he doesn't really speak English like her. There is probably a language barrier.

No. 73830

Given how she carefully likes to play victim and gaslight along the way, he probably doesn't understand her behavior to the extent we do here, as picking apart narcs is a mission. The language barrier if anything makes it far more difficult to understand her true nature, which is a self entitled cunt that thinks the world revolves around her.

No. 73832

File: 1574707473794.jpg (132.78 KB, 478x750, tumblr_mw5rc3JmEj1r76gowo1_500…)

I thought about this photo of little Margo, can't unsee

No. 73833

I think i saw this Photo before. Its not new

No. 73834

So “librarian chic” = baggy dress, big cardigan. hair in braids and oversized glasses? Since when do librarians wear baggy clothes with their hair in braids? Looks more like “hobo chic” except her hair and clothes actually look clean for a change.

How fucking lame. She really is pathetic.

No. 73837

Highly doubt that.

No. 73838

File: 1574709987272.jpg (59.11 KB, 514x717, _20191125_192712.JPG)

Definitely Manaki's place. The light switch has what looks like to have Sanrio decal around it and can be seen in other selfies she's taken before when she was still with him.

No. 73846

So…Venus is too batshit and abusive for anyone with an ounce of self-respect to be with her, and Manaki is too much of a doormat/pussy for anyone with an ounce of dignity to be with him. They’re perfect for each other!

But seriously, didn’t Manaki say he wanted kids? Can Venus even have kids with her botched surgery? Even if she can have children, she couldn’t take care of them. She abuses and neglects all her pets.

No. 73849

No one cares faggot

No. 73850

Lmao wow Manaki really has zero self-respect for getting back with her. Holy fuck.