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No. 95405

Previous thread: >>>/w/92122

>Weeb from Switzerland who rose to viral fame by her "dolly" looks, lolita dresses and circle lenses

>OG cringe content
>Controlling mother who operated her Youtube channel, who she eventually "escaped" from and started a new life in Japan
>This had steadily nosedived, from nonsensical babbling videos, quitting youtube to become a cartoon character Malice.exe, then quitting that to start a "business" (while suspected to be a sugar baby), making a few sponsored Youtube videos and collabs, then quitting that to start an OnlyFans. It's basically a mess of announcing new projects before abandoning them weeks later.
>Interspersed with drunk karaoke livestreams, posts about her mental health, advice for fans, and opening fanclubs which she stopped updating after a week
>Suspected of being an escort or sugar baby due to a Paters profile, posts about painful sex, and frequent taxi selfies. Some sugar daddies include mysterious "managers" like the infamous Ken (pic related)
>Casual Manaki slandering posted on Instagram, including implying he was a pervert and or had threesomes with crossdressers
>Now divorced, or maybe still living with him, nobody knows
>Takes pictures and video in kawaii broom cupboards, and reposts old photos so nobody is sure where she resides
>A popular pro-Venus sympathetic Youtube video garnered her many new fans, due to only focusing on the Margo escape story and glossing over all the recent events

>Started an OnlyFans to be a creative free individual, instantly swarmed by perverts. Dropped her first sad nude within days, rather than leading her perverts along with implied nudes and lewds for years as is current practice.
>Most of her female fans are appalled, shocked and disappointed, expressing such in hundreds of Instagram comments which she dismisses
>May be revealing an intentionally pedo pandering side to herself, by posting that she had wanted to do this (this being posting nudes on OnlyFans) since she was a child, dubious story about manager Ken being involved in assualt of a minor, accompanied by swiftly deleted photo of a child on her Instagram, and intentionally shooping her face to look more childish
>Frequently posts about what a deviant she is, first nude includes a caption in Japanese about being a cum-dumpster
>Has started to post videos on her main YouTube channel about her onlyfans, recorded a Love Hotel tour with a guy being the camera man, identity is unknown as his voice is edited and she doesn’t adress who he is
>Edits her pictures much more than before despite rambling about how happy she is to be able to do what she wants and is more confident than ever

instagram: venus_angelic
twitter: @VenusAngelic
tiktok: @dollyvenus
fanicon: https://fanicon.net/fancommunities/1857 (inactive)
main youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/VenusAngelic
weeb youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrpLE_Q1iNszN0O9n6V85YA

No. 95406

File: 1590234325742.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1242x2182, 2FABEEB2-2826-48C9-B5F2-EFB409…)

She did a LiveStream on her OnlyFans dressed in cosplay, I only watched like 10 minutes of it cause it was a cringe fest of her just reading sexual comments but before I tuned out someone asked her how she feels about the leaks and she said she wasn’t surprised and that it was expected

No. 95407

File: 1590234384730.jpeg (1.72 MB, 1242x2050, F5B31BCC-AB5C-45F0-B0D6-73B256…)

Also she dropped more pics on her OF

No. 95408

File: 1590234410261.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1242x1654, B33FE9B5-6552-473D-962C-14B4B9…)

No. 95409

File: 1590234433212.jpeg (1.72 MB, 1242x1641, C14C5808-AC68-4197-9CA9-5B9BB4…)

No. 95410

File: 1590234455733.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1242x1635, F5611812-546A-460C-86A6-9D85EF…)

No. 95411

File: 1590234659921.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1242x1633, 9DF531FD-09E6-4B75-8670-1CC026…)

No. 95412

File: 1590234693442.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1242x1649, FC7C09A7-5A89-4134-9201-D0E3D2…)

No. 95413

File: 1590234732698.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1242x1642, 9D61619D-6470-45C2-92B0-74F7A2…)

No. 95415

wew, well isn't this a cringy photoset.

Can't imagine being a guy and wanting to fap to this but sure.

No. 95416


Is there a word for the opposite of sexy? Corn? Corn??? Giving a weak bj to a corn vibrator with weird lighting and maybe the most unflattering angle possible? Is she trolling?

No. 95417

Venus definition of "high quality content" I'm beginning to think that she's actually trolling hard. Like how can she look at those pics and think "yepp, sexy af, let's give 'em". If her OF simps didn't deserve this shit show I would feel bad for them lol

No. 95418

Sorry for no contribution but this comment has me DEAD kek

No. 95419

Lmao even Margo's shitty nudes looked better than this

No. 95420

Fuck me, the angle/lens distortion in these two make her body look the size of a barn. Unfortunate.

No. 95421

File: 1590238176091.png (58.11 KB, 500x437, 4-months-ago-1jamesthepervert-…)

What in the actual FUCK am I looking at?
What did she mean by this?

No. 95422

File: 1590241287751.jpeg (6.45 KB, 180x67, 109CFB49-ECBC-4EDC-AA29-3C082D…)

Is it me or does it look like she has massive ogre like big toes?(nitpick)

No. 95423

Is this…satire? I hope it's a parody.

No. 95424

File: 1590241684382.jpeg (17.24 KB, 128x150, CA71F1DD-4DD0-44A6-8A4A-A7CFB7…)

This is what sexy and empowerment looks like

No. 95431

Honestly at this point they actually do look better than this. Looking like a dumped behind a dumpster blow up sex doll isn't cute nor sexy Weenus, jesus christ.

No. 95436


Do people actually use corn on the cob shaped vibrators or is this simply just a prop/gag gift. Like when you got to one of those wacky giftshops with a section for wedding parties.

No. 95439

She looks so sad here, like someone has made her do this. I hope she is not being bullied by anyone to do this.

Or maybe, that is the intention, to appeal to the kind of sickos who like to think a girl is being cowed. I hope she is not trying to appeal to types like that.

As for the other pictures, the most awkward, unsexy looking pictures imaginable, what is she thinking? Surely this was not her idea? if so, it looks like she has no idea what would look sexy or appealing, and whoever took the pictures, Venus in real life looks very skinny and under nourished, but those pictures make her look huge, I wondered if the photographer did it deliberately to try and offset the fact that she might be too skinny to appeal to a lot of men, so they photographed her to try and make her look like she has bigger hips?
Either that, or they have no idea how to properly compose a picture and make it look flattering. Has to be some of the most unflattering pictures I've ever seen, especially given that they are meant to be sexy.
I also wondered if they are purposely trying to humiliate her. Or if her masochist tendency is to humiliate herself, but it doesnt look alt all pleasurable, and I'm not surprised she said it was embarrassing, I feel embarrassed for her, just looking at them.

I wonder if she even knows just what form of sickos there are out there? Deranged perverts with stab fetishes and goodness knows what else. One YT channel I stumbled upon once, was all videos about beautiful girl stabbed in stomach, stuff like that, from movies where the uploader had just taken a scene out of context and uploaded it, for showing just a scene like that, I did a bit of digging and found he was also posting questions on some forums asking if there was a way he could stab a girl in the stomach and do it in such a way that it wouldn't kill her. Answers were like no, best not to try it. But I was horrified as couldn't understand how anyone could even develop a horrible fetish like that in the first place, [maybe he grew up watching Dario Argento movies or something?] but seeing the images Venus has posted of the red candle wax in her cleavage, I worried that she might have been trying to please those sort of sick creeps, and I sincerely hope not, I worry that she may get into dangerous territory if she is not careful, I don't want anything bad to happen to her.

No. 95440

Not trying to WK here but geez can people please stopp nitpicking about physical features?? You can't do anything about feet, height, skincolor etc. Discuss her lazy ass instead and her ridiculous shoops, like wtf is going on with those corn pictures? Must be the most embarassing and unflattering shit she ever posted and people pay for that?? WTF?!

No. 95442

lol at how different she looks in the livestream vs her usual photos

No. 95444

I agree, but telling people what to discuss isn't going to achieve anything. Maybe just more foot pics in retaliation. Ngl, I lost it at first for all of the reasons you listed, but mainly because I thought it was real corn. Dildo corn might be even funnier though, I haven't decided.

No. 95446

She looks like ahripop

No. 95448

Japan has some of the best sex toys and she’s out here fucking with plastic corn

No. 95449

>>She looks so sad here, like someone has made her do this.
Would you quit with the ”poor little Weenus she looks SO SAD” crap? She’s too clueless to know how to pose and too lazy to put any effort into her latest quick cash grab scam. No one is “forcing” her to do anything. She’s looking for easy $$ with the least possible amount of effort, that’s all.

No. 95450

It's a meme, there's this weird image about country girls and corn that was floating around as a meme for a while. It's a dead meme at this point, though, so she just looks dumb.

No. 95469

She knows what she's doing. Weenus panders to pedos, lolicon fetish lovers, DDLG types and every creepy fetish you can think of that involves looking "young and being taken advantage of". She knows it brings in good money and is milking it.

No. 95474

This is beyond pathetic. She had the opportunity to break from the clutches of a crazy narc and settle into a comfortable, semi-normal life…and she chose to do this instead.

No. 95477

I've never seen an angle so unflattering and unsexy. I'm actually shocked at how bad this is

No. 95478

the fact that it's supposed to be a meme somehow makes it so much sadder kek

No. 95479

It involves old hentai and yaoi and that's what caused all these to be made in Japan. It because a meme over there, nothing to do with western farm girls and corn. That's a whole other thing. It's a Japanese joke fetish like every other joke fetish in Japan, but always keeps being referenced in gravure, thot photos, videos, JAV, hentais, ecchi.

No. 95488

This. Plus she’s catfishing, trawling for gullible benefactors with this ‘little girl lost’ angle she’s working. She’s probably working several potential dupes via DMs with her sad little victim (but so brave!) act, just like marge used to do.

Just look at comments like >>95439 about how SAD poor Weenus looks. Yeah, she knows exactly what she’s doing.

No. 95490

Yes but that doesn't explain why she would release such unflattering pictures, and not at all sexy, not by any stretch of the imagination. I just don't understand.

No. 95499

Holy shit I thought this was an edit, she managed to give herself Moo proportions lmao

No. 95505

File: 1590267926352.jpeg (67.23 KB, 504x599, 8725C424-C806-4418-8D49-221468…)

>> explain why she would release such unflattering pictures
Why does she do any of the wacko things she does? Why would she turn up for a video shoot at a bar (or for many other videos) looking like a greasy unwashed homeless person? Why did she film herself half asleep and dazed with ratty hair and period stains on her jammies? Why doesn’t she just get a fucking job if she’s this hard up for cash? Who tf knows why she does anything? There is no explanation. She acts like she has some kind of brain damage.

No. 95509

jesus those corn pics are so bad, shes actually more laughable than sexy. some one help her lol.

No. 95511

at this point she might as well actually have brain damage. Either that or the shitty brain genes inherited by Margo

No. 95513

She's crazy awkward lol. I think she see's herself as some major league secret closet sexy bombshell freak!!!!!! when actually she's stiff and vanilla. She can take amazingly flattering selfies but now with sex being involved she just has no idea what she's doing. Either that or she's so busy thinking she looks crazy lewd in what she's doing that she completely disregards how they actually look and uploads these all sweaty and turned on like "look you guys!! you see i can the sexy too thank you for your subscribe boo bye boo stay tuned!!"
In other words, I think she might actually be like some of her cumbrain fanboys. You know, the types that would just snap a pic of their dick in their messy room and send it with no prompt? She might be one of those, just a greasy female version. Which is a shame because if she took these better she'd be raking in cash 3x faster.

No. 95516

inb4 her lurking ass brings up her mental health problems and blames how she is on that. "My brain doesn't work very well uwu I'm so innocent hehe".

No. 95537

I actually think this photo looks better than the filtered photos that make her look like an weird anime fembot

No. 95539

Right. The period blood on her clothes in that video was really attractive too.

No. 95541


What are you talking about?

No. 95543

Unpopular opinion I know, but yeah some unedited videos of her look really cute. Sometimes cuter then the unedited ones.

No. 95544


lol i think i get what you mean anon, but she still looks gross and greasy. i honestly think its the flat black hair shes sporting. but compared to these stills and her shoops she looks badly aged and nothing like her pics.

its so funny that her streams are so shit and 0 effort but its venus so its expected.

No. 95545

and just like that she is making more money than a college grad. This angers me.

No. 95546

Sex sells anon, always has and always will. As long as there's simps available who want to throw their cash at photos and videos of tits & vag, these girls make a fortune. Which is why Weenus will never get a "normal" job in her life. Shoving a corn on the cob vibrator in her mouth is where it's at. The less effort she has to put into anything the better. Even then she can't even be a thot right either. It's just one massive cringefest and she gets paid for it.

No. 95557

File: 1590283619386.jpeg (272.87 KB, 1787x1301, E9BCBAC4-9F5C-4622-B9E4-6CD454…)

>> some unedited videos of her look really cute.
Really? Name one.

Is it this one?

No. 95558

File: 1590283688662.jpeg (532.52 KB, 1522x1536, A9FDDC2D-36AA-405D-A24F-98C916…)

How about this one?
Go ahead, name one. I’ll wait.

No. 95559

I see people talk about their vore/gore fetishes on public Twitter, "no kinkshaming" has gone this far where people are like "wanna kill people? whatever gets you off, fam"

Not a great time to be a sex worker. Have the same questions as you, is she pretending to be awkward and hate it for the simps or does she just hate it?

No. 95562

that anon triggered you way too hard

No. 95570


Why would it anger you? There’s nothing to be jealous over. This money isn’t sustainable in the long term. She has to push her limits to maintain her audience. Plus she loses her appeal the older she gets. There’s plenty of old cows who are just embarrassing themselves for some petty change because they don’t have any real life skill sets.

No. 95572

she will never be able to get a normal job later on nor will she ever be able to have dignity again. don't envy her

No. 95586

I haven't looked at the venus drama in so long. Venus got her chubby cheeks back but she looks completely different, the ED and botched plastic surgeries totally aged her hard.

No. 95587

and the alcoholism

No. 95598

I'm actually beginning to think that she has some sort of autism. There's no way she's doing this without having some kind of self-awareness problem.

No. 95603

Why are people always concerned with sex workers not being able to get a “normal job”? She obviously doesn’t want a normal job so why does it matter

No. 95605

File: 1590297218338.png (2.24 MB, 1162x1903, corn.png)

An edit for our empowering Kween.

No. 95606

she's stupid. nobody seems able to grasp that this explains all her shit because people fell for some meme that she's intElliGenT because she put big glasses on once and pretended she was studyIngG. I mean like barely-human-level intellect stupid. Watch a video where she actually tries to make a serious point. watch how she can't make an argument. Stuff like "if this, then that " is beyond her

No. 95607

File: 1590297340483.jpg (111.68 KB, 400x400, gayle.jpg)

Her face here reminds me of this face that Chris Fleming always pulls in his Gayle series

No. 95615

Or a creepy “manager/BF” pushing her. These stills look nothing like the posed photos Venus has done in the past. Some creepy dude who thinks anything overtly sexual will print money, is taking them.
Probably that “Ken” dude she made the crazy posts about pedo shit and breaking up with awhile back.

No. 95617

fuck these photos are just pathetic. meme or not they look like shit. even her ' cum dumpster ' nudey pic was better than this corn/bdsm posts because at least it was… something? poor Venus. she'll be making bank now but unless she marries rich that money isn't gonna last and neither will manaki.

anyone know where her money's going? many pervy photographers will do TFP (time for photos- free work) for bdsm/nudey pics, the photos are such shit I assume that's what she's doing?

at least when margo was there Venus had some dignity left. lol.

No. 95619

Because prostitution is the one job where the more you do it and the older you get, the less valuable you are. It might not seem important because most "sex workers" kill themselves when they can't do it anymore (such glamour) but if you have a functioning brain you might understand how that bides badly for anyone who did shit like that's future. Not only is she gaining 0 skills but she's actually associating her name with these pictures and destroying any chances of even having a min wage normal job.

No. 95620

Looks like both thumbs and toes are affected by brachydactyly type D, a harmless genetic mutation. Her mom has similar thumbs. The old nickname used to be called “Murderer’s thumb” and there’s palmistry superstition about their personality type if you want to have fun reading that.

Seriously, I’m starting to agree. She is socially inept in a way that is beyond the way a very shy or sheltered person struggles and it’s not only because she’s an asshole(which she is).

No. 95625

>most sex workers kill themselves when they can't do it anymore
what level of memed is this person

No. 95626

she doesn't want a normal job NOW when she's in her early 20s and still sexually valuable to men. but it's not a sustainable "career" as she ages and she will have nothing to fall back on.

No. 95629

but most probably venus simply doesn't know how to pose in a sexy way.

No. 95641

She looks miserable and mentally ill. I'm afraid after a while she will attempt suicide and make a video: how sex working almost killed me.

No. 95645

She obviously won't, are you the same person suicide-baiting in Snow right now?

She is happy when she's getting money, so she's pretty happy right now.

No. 95646

Nta but I don't think she is happy. The mind is more complex than just money = happy.

No. 95648

When I see these stills, I can't help but remember the weird racist anon who insisted her features were "refined and delicate", kek.

No. 95649

kek anon you really think/believe weenus is happy? I can picture it now her looking bothered to update her simps on what she’s doing, being sloppy. She’s lazily doing shit just cause they willingly give her money for half assed pics. She’s been posting the same stale ass pictures in that hotel. And seriously? CORN? Corn. That angle and corn. So far from sexy.
Yeah zero effort weenus is happy getting money but she’s not like truly happy in herself I don’t buy it.

No. 95657

She damn well knows how to pose and look appealing during a photo shoot. Her job has been to look cute and pretty in photos since she was a tween, and done it a thousand times.
These photos show a Venus not in control - someone else with little experience or knowledge of photography and modeling is taking these awful photos. A creep with a camera phone who thinks if Venus shows tits or holds sex toys that’s all that’s needed.

No. 95658


I think so too, I wish if she is going to do Only Fans stuff, that she would be in control of what she does herself, not have to rely on someone else to tell her. because that is what it looks like is happening from these dreadful pics, and someone who has absolutely no idea of composition. Dreadful, couldn't imagine she would ever have posted such awful pictures as these, especially when they are - laughably - meant to be 'sexy'.

No. 95659

Haven't seen this video discussed here at all. Apologies if it has already been talked about, but I did look and couldn't see it. I think this is actually good, and it was genuinely funny. I don't know anything about the person in the video with her, but they seem like they know each other quite well, they may not and may have met up only to film the video, but they seem so relaxed and at ease with each other, they seem to really get on and like each other. There seems a good vibe there.(this is the third time this has been posted)

No. 95660

And looks like she is wearing her virgin killer sweater dress in the thumbnail but she isn't in the video. Oh well, the video is good anyway. Collabs like this are good.

No. 95661

>points out the one exaggeration that anon did instead of addressing their main point

go hit the streets, I'm sure those 55 year old prosts on bumfuck st. in your city are living the lavish lifestyle

No. 95662

wait do- do you guys smell that? i-it smells of femcel in here… weird

No. 95664

SW for most seems so depressing, the reality for many , I don't think they can all make much from it, this video here stuck in my mind, supposedly somewhere in Shanghai, looks so seedy, the girls just sat outside on stools waiting for some sleazy man to come past and choose one of them. The man filming here chose the good looking girl at 9:27 minutes in the video, I felt so sorry for her, she looks nice but wonder how long she will keep her looks, or even if she is still alive two years on? Pretty girl, but such a shame she has to be forced to try and earn a living like this, I hope Venus never has to go down this route.

No. 95665

File: 1590333160207.jpg (270.63 KB, 1074x1405, _20200524_161212.JPG)

So she's entering costhot territory it seems.

No. 95666

File: 1590333179069.jpg (33.19 KB, 587x294, 1566317636685.jpg)

found this screenshot vom 2015 in an old venus thread. this is our "peter in toronto". how i know that: in an old thread some anon saw a guy called peter commenting on her instagram, and it was the same exact comment "peter in toronto" commented on her OF. he doesn't have a profile pic on OF but he does on instagram. stupid ass creep even shared his full name on instagram, so i found him on facebook, same profile picture again. same with twitter. this guy has been posting venus related stuff on facebook and twitter since 2014 which is super repulsive considering the fact that she was 17 back then and acting like a toddler. i censored his twitter

No. 95667

wooops meant to delete the last sentence "i censored his twitter" because i decided not to censor it, since he doesn't mention his full name on twitter. i don't want to dox him

No. 95668

because she thinks she is a "living doll" and looks beautiful all the time without putting in effort. that's what she's been told her whole life. it doesn't help that fangelics vomit out the dumbest praise with every single post she makes. yes, she's insecure, but nevertheless she's still convinced that despite that she's flawlessly beautiful

No. 95669

there is a massive scar on her right arm. i hope she didn't harm herself

No. 95670

Christ I used to follow Margo and Venus on Twitter years ago and remember these comments even then. He's probably been doing it since she first went viral on YouTube. Now she loves feeding into these creeps for easy cash.

No. 95673

I don’t see a scar, i see some wig hair going across her left arm and a shadow from the curtain on her right wrist

No. 95676

File: 1590334886710.png (1.09 MB, 679x849, Venus.png)

Um, not sure about that, don't think it's a scar, there is a thread or something you can see in the second picture sticking out, and maybe it is a shadow of that, you can see something that looks like cotton in a circular shape in the other pictue, or maybe it's something in the background, i dont know, but anyway i don't think its a scar.

No. 95678

File: 1590335895561.jpg (138.26 KB, 1080x1078, Screenshot_20200524-165559~2.j…)

1. Looks like a wig hair

2. I upped the contrast and I think there is some scaring/marks.
Venus has spoken about SHing behaviour before iirc. Wouldn't be surprising with what's been going on.

The scars are white which would suggest they're from a long time ago which is nice.

It might just be nothing, but if it is I hope she's alright and maybe even begining to embrace what she looks like.

No. 95679

In this day and age and yet there's still so much seemingly hatred of women, it's like men want to punish what they desire, just look up "ryona", the meaning, so much violence against women eroticised, why do men get off on this sort of thing? Wtf is wrong with them? It's horrible.

No. 95681

I hope he at least tips her Only Fans for being such a creep.

No. 95683

I'm so surprised she didn't pick Rem

No. 95685

she's aging so fast. her doll looks totally wore out and she doing cosplay makes it even sadder.

Not that I have anything against models or sex workers looking mature, in fact most of them will embellish this aspect of them by wearing more mature clothing, etc. Being in harmony with aging looks just as good. Better than constantly wearing loli stuff and shoop features to oblivion.

Even her face is far from childish anymore. I'm not even sure what's she's trying to accomplish with her facial expression on second pic related, like was she trying to have an innocent gaze? She just looks… anything cute at this point. Starting to really see the Margo features appearing. Margo also used to want to look cute and young in her photos but constantly looked so off instead. These two women might have look cute with childish features at one point but it seem they grow out of it fast. Generics of bad habits idk but don't lie to yourself like that.

Sorry i don't mean to be redundant but all these pics there's just something sooo off about her facial expressions. Like gurl are really happy?? Even the insta pics where she smiles, it's so forced you know?

No. 95686

same fag

typo detected
She just looks… anything BUT cute at this point

No. 95687


Yes this was discussed in previous thread.

No. 95688

The memest Japanese sex toy though..

No. 95689

exactly. it's insane. one minute they call women who sell their bodys worthless sluts and whores and the other minute they have their dicks out, jacking off to the same exact kind of women. the hate coming from men towards sex workers is incredible yet men are the consumers. pathetic

No. 95690

Does Venus wear contacts?
When zoomed her left eye is derping lol

No. 95692

probably. her real eye colour is blue

No. 95694

At least she’s wearing makeup and the wig hides whether she’s showered or not. Her hygiene seems to be improving since she started OF

No. 95695

She provably edited it with the snow app… Or she might wear contacts and because she edited her face slimmer, it looks distorted

No. 95697

2. looks just like a random mark, a SH scar would be pretty obvious and is usually in other places of the body, like wrists, forearms, or thighs.

No. 95699

looks like grey contacts

No. 95703

She looks like she is in her 30's.

No. 95704

Creepy to think of her male OnlyFans subs being old guys like this that've been leaving weird comments for years. It's different if it's random dudes, but these are obviously heavily invested "fans," if Peter is representative.

No. 95728

This video is so heartbreaking, poor girl. The guy really is walking around like one would in a Supermarket Alley, it's disgusting. No one deserves this, I hope Venus doesn't end up like this.

No. 95739

OT but the comments under this video are haunting

No. 95740

When ethots glamorize sex work it's just vile. While it maybe great for them, in reality the industry is shady, dangerous and it's a last resort job out of desperation for money.

No. 95746

they can glamourize it because modern society has made it easier. Back in the day you'd be on your knees and back all day getting stretched out by real people at the local brothel. Nowadays you just take photos and upload them online. I only ever see high-class escorts (aka filtered men who are more classy than your average prostitute fucking john), onlyfans or people who don't do sexwork defend sexwork.

No. 95750

Its not shady when you're doing everything yourself and you screen who you work with for your safety. Being dangerous though, its all women. You don't have to be doing sex work to be assaulted or harassed. You could be ugly as hell and people still will catchall. The anons stuck on sex work not being viable and demeaning keep derailing as hell with your moralfagging. No one gives a shit except Karens if someone does sex work. It's about what they do during sex work and who they work with just like every job.

The money thing is accurate. That's give or take.

No. 95751

I have really grown to hate people defending sex work. It's a bunch of privileged girls who make everything about themselves, complaining that their feelings get hurt when people associate sex work with a seedy lifestyle. It's disgusting. They don't give a crap about street sex workers, just that people stop hurting their feelings with terrible comments like "get a job". I've seen one complain that all the focus on victims and trafficking gives people the wrong idea about her, someone who chooses to do it for fun. As though she's the real victim. It's peak narcissism.

No. 95754

Stop derailing about camming and prostitution.

No. 95759

File: 1590360123253.jpeg (1.61 MB, 2193x1242, 09D2F5D2-CFCF-40D5-A574-F6A14A…)

She posted a video on her onlyfans where she’s only wearing a wet shirt, no audio because screen record

No. 95760

File: 1590360149348.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1242x2176, A63CFA59-7077-4841-9512-8C4B50…)

No. 95761

File: 1590360179879.jpeg (1.85 MB, 1242x2152, 05868145-CE82-4793-8FB3-4F0136…)

No. 95762

She is obsessed with this white button down shirt lol

No. 95763

god, shes just giving it all away so quickly

No. 95767

At least this set of pictures looks a lot less edited. We can actually see her features i these, instead of the usual blurred butter-face. There were a lot of people commenting on her photo editing on one of her most recent instagram posts, I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

No. 95770

Uff she has paper thin lips and it’s so cringeworthy to see her trying hard to make them appear extra thin. Literally only Japanese dudes find this “aesthetic” remotely attractive.

She would look better if she invested in some fillers, Botox and lip injections.

No. 95771

Are those press on nails?
Or did she go to a nail salon in the middle of lockdown? That would be pretty selfish considering that Tokyo is still under a lockdown..

No. 95772

It's the new thing. Even tiktok is promoting the trend.

No. 95776

She has those nails since the going to a love hotel video on her channel

No. 95777

It's obvious she's done alot of filming and had photos done in the love hotel & is gradually releasing the content to her simps. Nothing has been done back in her pink vomit room since she made her video about it.

No. 95780

Tokyo's hairdressers, manicure shops and even some restaurants where never closed during lockdown. Only working hours we're diminished.
Also there was never an official lockdown, it was more like "we strongly recommend not leaving the house" kind of thing. With a few rules here and there.

No. 95782

Is this the improved content she promised? Yes, the image quality has improved but you can still see she edited her face like before. Her eyes are not round, they’ve become elongated and she cleaned her nasolabial fold but she didn’t bother to enhance/post-process her photos (maybe because she only knows snow/beauty apps). The angles and perspective are shitty too as with her poses. Is this the CREATIVITY she bragged about while dragging down normal jobs? Is this really QUALITY CONTENT? The nerve of this girl.

It’s clear as day that she’s not happy with what she’s doing. If you’ve been a photographer for a long time, you’ll instantly know what the model is feeling. And what I’m seeing on her recent photos — she is ashamed and is forcing herself. All this for money. If money is the only thing in the world that can make you happy plus no family or decent friends, you’re bound to be doomed.

No. 95783

She's not ashamed, anon. Calm down. She's pandering to Japanese dudes, not guys across the ocean. If you have seen any JAV they are usually reluctant and forced to feel good and put into awkward situations. I wish I was kidding about this only being niche, but it's not. It's a whole trope and that's the style she's chosen from the beginning. Complaining about it and assuming she hates it makes you sound stupid.

No. 95784

face here is so unnaturally forced and unsexy.

No. 95785

>posts a bunch of pics revealing nothing
Her fans will run away! She needs to show stuff!
>posts revealing stuff
She's giving it all away too quickly!

Holy fuck

No. 95786

But it’s possible she really is feeling ashamed about it. Don’t disregard that possibility. It makes you sound stupid.

It you’re claiming to be slutty and overtly perverted, you’d be confident with the skin you’re showing even if you’re pandering to Japanese men by ‘acting ashamed and forced’. It’s not like that’s the only type of hentai there is. Why do you think people here are getting confused as to what she’s feeling?

No. 95787

I dont see her ashamed in the video

No. 95788

didn't even bothered cleaning up what's on left bottom corner, angle is unflattering…

I get where you're coming from anon, but even those JAV have better camera people behind this.

These venus' photos are a step up from what she used to deliver but It's still some lazy quality content here.

No. 95790

She could have at least taken inspiration from IG, right? Like peachmilky and a ton of sexy content creators. She can direct her photographer on the angles, she can do intelligible poses, she can post-process her photos using apps like lightroom by taking inspiration from quality content creators on IG. I mean it’s plain common sense but it appears she really hates thinking and research lol

No. 95791

I'm wondering if she's using a timer remote to take her own photos, which would make sense why her angles are so shit and rushed.

No. 95798


Oh Venus

No. 95799


I think she uses SNOW to take her pictures and edits them to death

No. 95800

No. 95804

Ew no, big lips because of fillers are gross. No WK but she's fine like this.

No. 95815

They edited the cellulite out of her legs but so poorly, unless that's how the lighting looks

No. 95831

I think this is another one from that same love hotel visit where she did the Hank Hill shoot. That's the bathroom she showed off in the vid.

No. 95840


That's the classic PT pout face. Also that gap between two saggy pancakes… It's laughable that anyone is paying for this. I guess trash attracts other trash.

No. 95842

Nope. In some images you can see they are removing the reflection of the photographer from the mirrors.

No. 95843

This. It’s funny though since her audience (or her client base) consists fully of western men.

No. 95849

File: 1590390797156.png (1.65 MB, 1080x1294, IMG_20200525_091305.png)

Okay but where exactly is she confident?

No. 95852

”Sexually confident e-girl” is the new character she’s trying to portray.

No. 95854

File: 1590391644377.jpeg (85.24 KB, 750x548, 5942609B-63A9-4360-8CB9-58C0A0…)

She removed "menhara" from her about. Maybe because there was so much talk about her mental wellness on one of her recent instagram posts.

No. 95866

>see? i'm still the same old innocent peenus even tho i'm a sex worker now

eww, your old fandom is doubting you now BECAUSE of your new nfsw shit. doesn't matter that you still like fake ugly nails and cheap kawaii plushies. also looking for approval much while trying to convince yourself how confident you are.

No. 95878

The longer this goes on, this more it has in common with this old sketch.

Right down to the big toes.

No. 95883

Yow mama look at them swingers!
That's the stuff right there!
That's it! That's it!

No. 95885

it's copypasta (like the navy seals text) and yes it is satire.

No. 95909

You cant have your cake and eat it too. Too many of these stupid young women like Venus think they can go into sex work and still be respected. That's not how it works

No. 95935

File: 1590421366976.jpeg (546.9 KB, 750x1105, A28C0D6A-46C8-4009-8FAA-59F663…)

is she stupid or is she dumb.

No. 95936

I think she's taunting people to get that attention even if it's negative, she can't be this dumb… or can she?

No. 95942

Is anyone seriously surprised? Her gimmick is LARPing a Japanese loli girl, when in reality she's an unwashed Hungarian refugee bride who refuses to work.

No. 95947

Most of the comments were in Chinese it looks like, but I saw a few English comments, most wanting to know where the street was, probably so they could go there and use her too, one was saying something about she only cos less than $20 or something, heartbreaking to read, nowhere was there any concern for the girl, just laughs and well done sort of comments, I dread to think what the Chinese comments were saying.

Venus seems very privileged in what she does compared to girls like this. I sincerely hope that girl in the video can get out of the situation she is in and find a better life, made me cry watching and seeing the sad little room she seems to be living in in that shabby tenement block, I do hope she is okay and that she can maybe save some money to get out of there, but if she is as cheap as that, then it doesn't seem likely.

I really wouldn't want Venus, or anyone, ending up having to make a living like that, apparently even old women in China are having to earn money as prostitutes, I dread to think what sort of clients they must have, I heard a prog on radio about it a couple yrs back.

No. 95948


No. 95949

At least her nails look good here.

I noticed a couple of comments recently on some of her latest instagram pix, from that ella freya girl, saying "cute" and some other comment praising her, but Venus never replied or even liked the comments, which seemed odd if they are still friends.

No. 95954

Oh okay, sorry, I didn't see it, I did have a look to see if it had been posted before.
I did wonder tho if it was that Sora guy who was with her in the love hotel, maybe as he has a Youtube channel, he wouldn't want it known if he was the one there with her, it's just they seemed so easy with each other in the video she did with him, like they really like each other and are at ease with each other, but if that was the first time they had met for the video? I don't know, but they certainly seemed to be getting on well with no awkwardness that I could detect that you might expect if they were just two people who had never met and didn't know each other.

No. 95955

i think it has something to do with the menhera aesthetic, the white business shirt seems to be a theme.
also the traditional just fucked, got his shirt and cum on classic. even western media has that trope
i think some backlash against using mental health as a kink might have her backtracking a bit but i don't see her dropping it all together. I mean…she is mentally ill, so if there's ever something to emulate for venus it's probably menhera kek

No. 95958

Atleast she got a shower lol

No. 95961

File: 1590427082843.jpg (852.38 KB, 750x704, r32qefI.jpg)

She only made the dirt wet

No. 95965

Idgaf about cultural appropriation but hiw does she not know this looks bad

No. 95974

I find it so stupid that she has to refer a foreign dress as cosplay.
You cosplay a character not a cosplay a dress.
Clearly she has no idea of what cosplay is. I don't think cosplay is her hobby at all with her lazy ass cosplaying emilia wrongly and calling a normal dress as cosplay.

No. 95978

Because what she is wearing is a cosplay version of cheongsam. Even Chinese whores wear slutter versions of this dress. That was the whole reason these dresses were originally made. Same with how flapper dressers in the US were risque. There is no real significant cultural significance to these and reading white people bitch for woke points is embarassing. It's so stupid. It's nothing like how Hikomina wore cheongsam and did the COVID cosplay, sexualizing and actually doing yellow face and making racist black people comments in return for the push back.

No. 95987

She is just begging for SJWs to tear her a new asshole at this rate. Might as well wear a geisha costume to really add fuel to the fire.

No. 96002

can you guys stop bawwing about sjw shit?

No. 96007

fucking newfags. she got worldwide coverage for 'cultural appropriation' outrage before, like twice. so of course she will bait them again when it would mean a huge boost to her monthly paypigs. if this actually made people as mad as the other ones she'd probably become a millionaire

No. 96021

problem is simps don't paypig forever. eventually all egirls get ran through and no matter what anyone says,it eats away at you. whoring is not glamorous or fun and only another miserable whore would tell a girl it's so much fun uwu

No. 96036

kinda ot, but has anyone noticed that tsuruko doesnt follow venus anymore? venus still following her, tho.

No. 96037

If she cleaned up and really applied herself to it, it could keep her afloat until she lands a rich man to marry. I know people don't like to think about it, but whether we like types like momokun or not, they do make crazy amounts of money for years even by doing the bare minimium-even after gaining weight and saying or doing something toxic. If they're already a fanboy, they're probably going to be onboard for whatever happens so long as it never reaches "I hate all men" tier. Venus is onto something, she's just too stupid to get into it the right way is all.

No. 96043

Japanese people call this cosplay. You just look stupid making comments about things you don't know anything about

No. 96046

I hope I will like Venus again

No. 96054

Might as well give up your hopes and dreams for Weenus because she isn't turning back to her uwu living doll self any time soon.

No. 96073

Seconded. Live in Japan, can confirm.
Also they think China dresses are somewhere between cute and tarty. Vietnamese Ao dai is seen as a much more tasteful outfit.

Additionally, most love hotels will have 'China Dress' as a cosplay rental.

No. 96075


I don't think she will land a rich guy with her qualities, not for the long run where she lives happily ever after. If she gets her shit together right now, I think some lonely rich guy might fall for it. Unfortunately she acts like a trashy ho and she's getting less desirable as she ages. Also considering how she fucked up her body, she probably can't give birth which limits her options even more.

No. 96076

>she probably can't give birth
ridiculous statement

No. 96078

someone who's been whoring, whether it be through camming, or OF, or other thottery has zero value to a man, especially not a high value man. venus is fucking up her life for pennies on the dollar. sad, really.

OT but wtf is up with these pearl clutchers over at KF and the reams of fanfic they write about venus?

No. 96079


Considering Manaki said he wouldn't have kids with her after that surgery, would it be a good idea for Venus to give birth? Personally I wouldn't risk if if I did something that fucked up, but maybe she will, so who knows? Which is why I said probably.

No. 96080

>Personally I wouldn't risk if if I did something that fucked up, but maybe she will, so who knows?
Given that she got the surgery to begin with and has spent the past few years making a string of bad decisions, it's not out of the question. She doesn't seem particularly interested in becoming a mother, though.

No. 96082


You're right. I can see her getting knocked up and keeping it to continue her bad decisions streak.

No. 96083


There is a thread for Margo and at one point when shit hit the fan, I think around the time Venus finally left her mom, they felt bad for her. They kept shitting up the Margo thread with asspats for Venus, and it was annoying some other posters, so they created a seperate topic to support Venus. I find it weird they seemed to cherry pick some things, I didn't know there was half as much shit on Venus until someone randomly mentioned she had an Only Fans account.

No. 96087

Uploading here for traffic reasons and because Sora may never go away.

No. 96088

Sometimes it feels like this self proclaimed "troll" is self posting for views. Is he even milky beyond being ugly and collabing one time with venus?

No. 96089

It was in the other thread already and discussed. Don't bring up old milk because you have nothing to talk about right now.

No. 96090

Do anyone think she will get a real cosplay or gravure photographer one day? These angles and styling are terrible.

Yeah, it’s not just the birth that is dangerous but the pregnancy. Her reproductive organs may be fine but her abdomen is not. In addition to the mass of scar tissue from surgeries, she is missing a large section of intestine and her gall bladder. Her digestion and nutrient absorption are heavily affected already but when you consider how badly she continues to treat her body, does anyone really think she will straighten up and take the extra precautions necessary to support a growing baby? It will be a high risk pregnancy. She will likely destroy her body further or lose the baby due to negligence. Then I can’t even imagine her taking care of that baby if it is born.

No. 96092

yeah, that's why kim karsdahian is broke.

No. 96093

>Uploading here for traffic reasons
kill yourself

No. 96102

That video anon linked is recent, it's Sora reacting to it, not Venus' video

There are rumors going on in PULL that Margo is in jail. Don't know how true that is though.

No. 96103

why are you calling her hungarian? she grew up in the german speaking side of switzerland and she doesn't even speak hungarian. her mom is hungarian, she is of swiss nationality

No. 96110

Anon meant ethnically Hungarian (white), rather than Japanese like she larps

No. 96111

Sora liked a comment that says "I wouldn't be surprised if they one day confirm that they're dating." It's obvious in the vids he has a little crush if nothing else.

No. 96117

Two sex addicted autists. They would be a perfect couple.

No. 96129

OT but kim kardashian was born into money. her being trash is incidental. tbh anyone who aspires to be kk is garbage anyhow so i guess i can see venus trying to marry for $$$.

No. 96130

I think you might be blind… Both Tsuruko and Venus follow eachother.

No. 96131

venus with AI

No. 96132

and venus with sora again in his channel two months ago. actually they get along really well weirdly.(old milk)

No. 96134

it would still be false, since her father isn't hungarian either.

No. 96138

this was a nice video, i thought they were funny together. do you think they're interested in one another?

No. 96139

that is one ugly motherfucker

No. 96140

I'm starting to get suspicious after the 5th they get along so well and constant reposts of Sora videos, that Sora is in here trying to convince Venus that they would be a good couple via this thread.

No. 96141

lmao take this to tinfoil thread, i'm one of the anons and i don't even follow venus but i thought they were both weirdos who would suit each other.

No. 96142

Like maybe Sora wants to be Venus's new Doormatnaki?

No. 96144

Late response but the Chinese comments were the same, just old men wanting to know where the street was. Top comment (i think?) was defending how prostitution is the oldest profession in the world, and very 'normal'. Guess it's just a bunch of creeps watching that video lmao maybe they're the type to be interested in Venus' sexploits? Should we promo her???

No. 96145

File: 1590508053875.png (626.35 KB, 600x594, fpWoEwg.png)

god i hate his ugly face, i honestly wouldnt be shocked if they do end up dating.
has anyone seen her new post, not milk but i find it so funny she brought out her whole ringlight set up in public.
i think shes going out of her way to insite some kind of outrage, cause no mask and touching face. classic venus i suppose.

No. 96149

It looks like a Mall though, I don't think she brought her ringlight with her, imagine Venus actually caring for quality pics hah!

No. 96150

>> these pearl clutchers over at KF and the reams of fanfic they write
There is a small but very devoted group of ladies over there who just KNOW poor Venus is being abused and victimized yet AGAIN. They gather to handwring and spin fanfic incessantly and are highly indignant if anyone dares to differ or criticize their poor victim in any way.

No. 96153

Big no, What’s with all these Japanese incels finding this girl attractive.

No. 96154

Well I just commented saying I think they are good together, and I'm not Sora, LOL.
I'm female anyway, no I think it's just that people can see they do seem good together.
And I don't think he is bad looking either.

No. 96155

White waifu fetish most likely.

No. 96156

It looks like she shaves, or waxes off her pubes, ouch! Is it a thing in Japan for girls to have no pubic hair, or is Venus doing it to look even younger i wonder, which would be worrying if she was. ? Probably it's just a fashion thing though.

I like this picture. It's nice to see a picture where she actually looks like herself, apart from the wig obviously, but at least her face is not edited into that ugly hard, pointy chin look, I always think she looks older in her edits, here she looks younger again, and you can see she has naturally pretty features, pretty eyes and cute mouth, I never understand why she feels the need to edit her natural good looks into something unrecognizable.

No. 96163

Is it a thing in Japan for girls to have no pubic hair
No, Japanese women rarely if ever shave their pubic hair. That's a western trend.

No. 96168

I would honestly prefer the Pull pearl clutchers to the incels and outsiders that end up in this thread like
>unfamiliar with hair removal, can't sage their opinions of her face
>thots are unworthy of le high level men

Also if Venus keeps up her OF then the thread might attract her rivals like the Shayna thread, so we might have that level of stale nitpicking to look forward to

No. 96198

Japanese incels have a huge boner for all even slightly attractive young white women.

No. 96215


I have no idea. I've been lurking a bit, and remember seeing that too, but I could have sworn they had said that they found that tidbit on another one of these sites. I might be wrong though.

She has still been online,IIRC just a twitter post and a youtube comment, but I don't know if she would get wi-fi in jail or not. Certainly wouldn't be a stretch if it's true!

No. 96221

What is it in this thread with reposting sora's videos "for traffic" and saying he looks so nice with penus? Gtfo

No. 96224

people are interested in him. why mad

No. 96227

If you look at his view totals, they're really not.

No. 96237

File: 1590524049556.jpeg (162.5 KB, 1090x980, C13D5765-E402-43D8-835D-A99E75…)

>> her natural good looks
>> naturally pretty features, pretty eyes and cute mouth
You must think margo has “naturally pretty features” and a “cute mouth” too.

No. 96239

These threads are full of both Venus and Sora posing as anons no doubt.

No. 96241


It is extremely common here for them to have it waxed or have laser removal. Maybe ~10 years ago it wasn't so common but these days it is definitely a lot more popular.

No. 96242

really stoked to see your face anon. this thread is getting ridiculous, no actual discussion anymore, only nitpicking, endless unflattering video screenshots and whiny, embarrassing gossip about her looks. feels like 5th grade, but with miserable women instead

No. 96243

Is this Venus or Marge in the picture?

At this point I can’t differentiate between them kek

No. 96245

Seriously which naturally beautiful looks?

Her potato nose? Paper thin lips? Nasolabial folds at 22? Rough skin? Yellow teeth?

Girl should find a bag and fix her face ASAP if she wants to stay in the industry for a long time.

No. 96251

No. 96252


But who is honestly attracted to this ugly fuck and Manaki? I couldn't care less if they're Japanese. They're bloody hideous.

Imagine the child Sora and Venus would produce, with his horse teeth and Venus's konk fuck nose.


No. 96254

being a gaijin

No. 96259

File: 1590534750603.gif (1.34 MB, 400x274, tenor.gif)


The insecurity projection spanning countless shitposts is very boring now. Sure she's not what the enablers keep claiming her to be, but she's not some hideous troll either. Just kinda regular, average. Bit worse for wear from personal neglect. Not worth reposting countless screen caps and saying 'nasolabial folds' ad nauseum.

No. 96260

Looks like Nakano Mall / Broadway.
Nakano Broadway is fckn tacky so it matches Venus for sure.

No. 96262

Some anon thinks Sora is good looking, lmao… Well, beauty is subjective. For me he's just a weirdo incel living in a 2x2 room with yellow teeth and a ridiculous 2007 style hair who thinks is cool, and self proclaims as troll.
He's socially awkard like Venus, but they like a couple? Hell no!

No. 96263

Hello Venus(hi cow)

No. 96265

but you have yellow teeth to venus

No. 96271

Yes, Venus has yellow teeth too.
Both are disgusting so what? You people need to land a little bit, go out together in a couple of videos doesn't make them exponentially a couple lmao

No. 96273

Simpin' ain't pimpin'! Niggaz be paying for this shit???

No. 96288

You are all useless to me until someone posts her cunny.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 96332

The comment section on her ig is nauseating. People wk her despite all the bullshit she has done and said about people (like Manaki). It’s disgusting that she can be as big of an asshole as she wants and there are no consequences. In the eyes of her fans she will always be the poor little innocent victim no matter how disgustingly she behaves. Gag.

No. 96335

brittany venti made a video on her. not the biggest fan of brittany but it's good to see someone calling venus out on her bullshit

No. 96338

Yeah, she's trying to get exposure in anyway she can, even negative. There's a reason she went on kizuna Ais channel to shittalk manaki, had primink make a video where she plugged her socials in a comment, had sora spend an hour WKing her and even messaged Vexxed. Her coin gremlin ass is probably hoping to become as rich as belle delphine then quit forever and possibly only do YT/IG when she wants attention. Also, she's really wasting her OF money with MORE clothes and fake nails in every pic? As expected from an entitled narc.

>where she actually looks like herself, apart from the wig obviously, but at least her face is not edited
It's still edited. For starters, she enlarged her small eyes and got rid of her nasolabial folds. Lips look possibly edited too and she's either squinting or wearing aegyo under-eye tape to make her undereyes look puffy. She has more eye wrinkles as evident in an old video she did where she was visiting a shrine while wearing the eye tape, so there might be some smoothing going on there as well. Her jaw is slimmed in the other. But it is indeed less editing skin wise. For instance, you can see how dry/cakey her foundation looks, especially on her nose and some skin texture.

No. 96339

She posted full body pics before without absolutely any self-harm scarring despite claiming she cut when she was "gay and psycho with bpd". She also posed with a bandage one time to garner sympathy. If it was really a scar, it wouldn't be from "a long time ago" and she'd likely be deliberately showing it off for attention. I wouldn't be surprised if she made a cut just to show it off. She's THAT type of person. But most likely it's a strand of hair from the wig.

No that video is dumb and cringey. I bet it's the same anon who keeps bringing up Sora all the time and saying it's a nice/funny collab.

her mom is Hungarian and her dad is apparently Austrian? Venus is ethnically hungarian/austrian (or german) and only Swiss by nationality.

No. 96340

OT she's been making videos about OnlyFans which are quite informative. I'm glad she covered Weenus in this one.

No. 96343

tinfoiling hat hard here, bit what if the mystery guy in her onlyfans videos is actually sora?
they seems to get along well enough and they share dirty jokes together, so i honestly don't think it's a hard stretch to think it might be him.

No. 96344

She has a lot of good points about onlyfans and the glorification of prostitution.

No. 96346

Thank you. KF is exceedingly nauseating. They still think venus married Manaki to get away from Margo, when her primary goal was to get to Japan. Ghosting Margo was a cherry on top. Which is why Venus' primary public reason for leaving was: Margo trash talked Mana and that hurt weenus so much. It doesn't matter if Margo claimed Venus did the same, KF just makes up whatever Venus fanfic they want. She was obviously attempting to sell a love story to deflect from illegal activity (marriage visa fraud). She also left because Margo would delete the YT if she married (Margo claimed she thought Mana was influencing/indoctrinating Venus). Then Venus completely switches narratives and says her mom forced her to marry Mana which is one of NUMEROUS contradictions over the years that Venus adheres to the Primink forced narrative. But still, KF rolls with the forced narrative, incessantly weaving their delusional, one-sided fanfics that completely ignore any of Venus' wrong-doings or contradictions. People always talk about PULL as if it's bad, but KF is the really repugnant thread.

No. 96357

Did she take that image straight from the lolcow thread two threads back?


No. 96363

glad she didn’t sugarcoat anything. i hope this somewhat turns the tide on the praise venus gets because its so damn irritating.

No. 96364

Now KK is what I call a really ugly woman, her face is so long, that is why i can never understand why Venus would ever want to edit her face to look more like that hideous mess.

No. 96366

I posted Venus' video of her and Sora, just the once, not realising it had been posted before, the others are from different people, I think it's so obvious they get on well and people can see that, and are speculating about it. There was a good vibe in the videos with them together, as I commented once before. Obviously I am not the only one to notice.
I don't know whether they would actually work as a couple though, longterm, but who knows? It would certainly give everyone plenty to talk about if they did get together.

No. 96367

Yes i wondered the same.

No. 96368

Just out of interest, how are you supposed to sit while you're wearing something like that, how do you not show your legs when the dress is made like that? It's not even as if the pose is that sexual, in fact she looks quite coy, so I don't get all the fuss from the white girls in the comments.

I also noticed that LovelyLor gave the pic a like.

No. 96369


No. 96370

most definitely. venti is a regular user here.

No. 96381

Actual cheongsams aren't usually made with slits that high. They do ride up though so you just pull the outfit down to adjust it before sitting, and cross your legs at the ankles if you're worried about showing all and sundry.

No. 96382

File: 1590598927043.jpeg (272.05 KB, 1536x1365, 36F8B1B9-96EB-44F4-914D-8E32CE…)

Wenis’s OF page “Under construction for even BETTER content”

No. 96395

No. 96396

this idiot has no idea what shes doing. pulling this so early in the game just shows how foolish she is.

No. 96397


That note has been up pretty much since the topless shot. That 'under construction' is going to sit there forever like a perpetual unfulfilled promise.

No. 96399

No the site being “down for construction” is new today. Prior to today you could view her posts (minus the pics) without paying. Now it’s all blank.

“Under construction” at 3:30 am Japan time.

No. 96400

Brittany did a good job on this video.

This header image is so nasty lol why involve the teddy bear in this? What did he do?

No. 96402

Yeah what would we have ever done without Brittany Venti summarizing all the material that's posted in Venus's lolcow thread and monetizing from it………………

No. 96403

stop. no one but you thinks they are good together. they are cringey af, especially the 1hr stream where sora incessantly white knighted venus, the panty video and the one where they sat at a table making cringey jokes and sora laughed at everything venus said when it wasn't even funny at all. Saying you touch yourself when you do your makeup or brush your hair is not funny. it's the type of cringey shit someone would say when they're twelve. Sora on his own is actually less cringey but still cringey.

No. 96404

Monetized yes. But also Venti likes venting on OF being prostitution.

There was actual good points (among venting and mostly just that) given on prostition, which cannot be discussed here without the subject (venus herself) of thread being derailled. So I think that in the end there were more stuff added to the video rather than only what was discussed on this thread.

No. 96405

Sora is sooo cringe!
The panties video so disgusting, too cringe to see, he asked a lot of stupids questions and he basically laughed at everything, when it wasn't funny at all, how old is Sora? Seems to have the mentality of a teenager.

No. 96406

Same. It's pretty painful to watch, gives me second hand embarrassment. But both Venus and Sora are cringe, so I guess that's why they get along.

No. 96409

Does anyone think Venus needs a lot of money because she got into legal trouble (Ken/kid, escorting, fraud or something else)? And hence, that being one of the reasons she turned to OF? She acknowledged emailing Margo (trying to use it as a sympathy grab to manipulate her audience) and suddenly was interested in getting a magic brain scan, while faking therapy before. Something doesn't add up. Margo claimed she wanted to plead insanity for something. That might be far-fetched but I can't see Venus messaging her about family history of mental illnesses/psychopathy just out of curiosity or because some medical person suggested it. Seems there's something more to it imo, but not the whole killed manaki thing that Marge was on.

No. 96411

Venti is also a prostitute. Who cares?

No. 96412

I remember Margo saying on IG something about a crime against a child, and Venus emailing her so she could fake some papers and pledge insanity to not go to jail. Don't know the rest of the details though.

No. 96414

not really. she believes venus was sexually molested. she can't fathom that venus is just jumping on the next trend for money. she didn't pick up any of the blatant contradictions. ie: wanting to run a media company as her life long dream now its OF, being "forced" to do sexy shoots, then wanting to do it as her dream since a child, leaving margo bc she was mean to mana (lets ignore that she shittalked him too at the time), then saying she was forced to marry while before saying margo wanted them to divorce, regretting waiting so long to find out the taste of dick, then saying she never had that in her mouth while telling sora what cum tastes like and having a pater ad, saying margo said she might become a prostitute in hungary and claiming it disturbed her but how could this be true if prostitution and being the "dumbest slut" was her life long dream and a myriad more contradictions.

And she glossed over all her vile behavior – selling a fake love story to the public to get away with visa fraud, berating mana, cheating, dating an alleged pedophile for money – i mean "love", exposing a childs sexual abuse, embellishing her margo story and making it out to be worse than it was, shit talking her visa husband on other YT channels and her audience while returning to his place (who is apparently worse than margo), making up abuse stories, turning the doxxing of the kid into something all about her, saying if you're cute you can get away with anything (aka: being a malicious manipulator), saying mana should be put down while laughing, lying about her company and parading kitano's (possible sugar daddy) company as her own, using family drama for views and to plug her socials (primink), calling her husband a pedo and making other false accusations, admitting she wasn't drunk in her slander video (clearly was just used as a prop to confuse and manipulate people so she could have an excuse), slyly blaming margo to deflect from questionable behavior (ie: margo said i looked pregnant once, dont be mad at me for lying for so long go on a witch hunt after her guise!! looks to the side sadly or Margo gave me a bdsm kink it's all margo guise!!), leeching off her husband, putting down those with real jobs as uncreative people who clearly aren't on her level, making up and cycling through mental illnesses, cycling through personalities, faking extreme alcoholism but emotionally manipulating her audience into believing it's severe (waterfall post), faking therapy and just stealing what's said here/pull/kf, being a lesbian/bi/asexual when it suits her, changing her reasons for leaving margo as she shifts narratives, writing a blog entry saying her mom took her bra shopping and urged her to accept her growing body but claiming she was slut-shamed, fanclub scamming, denying knowing what sugaring was despite it being her newest "life long dream", pedo pandering, exposing minors to sexual content instead of making another account and claims this OF stuff derives from sexual abuse and not greed/laziness for easy money and sooo many more points she didn't even cover.

I don't think she knows too much about Venus, but yeah, she did mention some good points about prostitution and "empowerment."

No. 96419

Given it's been mentioned she's active here on lolcow, I'm sure she knows plenty about Venus. At the moment the OnlyFans and unstable behavior of hers is most relevant because it's her biggest fuck up yet. It'd take hours to go through all of her milky shit that's been covered here in countless threads.

No. 96423

>> This header image is so nasty lol why involve the teddy bear
Two words: pedo pandering.

No. 96427

If she starts showcasing DDLG content I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest. Anything for those simp bucks.

No. 96429

You forgot: claimed to not know what it was like to be horny versus dreaming of it since childhood in the contradictions. I'm betting she went with the horny thing because at the time she wanted to go with the narrative that Margot forced poor innocent asexual virgin venus to marry evil abuser Manaki. Now she says she's hypersexual since childhood because this narrative is beneficial for her OF. She just makes shit up left and right.

No. 96432

my favorites were all the users handwaving her obvious alcoholism as 'oh, she's just having a good time! good for her!' while bitch was drinking fucking cooking wine.


No. 96438

Can I be honest? I really do think the majority of the japanese fashion and cosplay community has turned into prostitutes in the last decade.

No. 96444

When they've become washed up Weebs who've outgrown their hobbies, majority of them have nothing else to fall back on so their lives are somewhat stable. It doesn't pay to think the world revolves around dressing up & looking "kawaii" for years on end. It never lasts long. Bonus if they end up staying in Japan completely alone wanting to chase after that eternal efame dream, which is Venus. The thirst to stay in Nippon is real.

No. 96456

File: 1590635668260.png (453.71 KB, 800x548, 798779.png)

She changed the caption pretending to care about China by adding the part about loving China for a long time and food to pretend she has more interest beyond appropriation lmao

Also her legs look super frumpy. Marge legs at only 23 yikes

No. 96459


probably from being on her knees all day lmafo

anyways not surprised she changed the caption, it's kind of disgusting she's wearing a cultural dress for lewd/newd content. not to be an sjw or anything but yikes

No. 96460

This dress was made for this. It's not even cultural. There isn't a true significance to this design at all. People pretending to care about a race and culture for woke points is so stupid. This shit was made to be a whores dress. Same as flappers wearing their dresses in the 20s in America. It's a play on real 'proper' or traditional attire already for sex appeal.

No. 96461

Sex work is one of the best weapons we have against the current regime. There is nothing that men are more afraid of than women embracing their sexual identities.

No. 96467

Resorting to the absolute laziest means to make money by appealing to the lowest common denominator is not sexually empowering. Maybe to the men who get to degrade you because you're brainwashed into "uwu taking it back".

No. 96468

I mean you're not wrong with the there is nothing that men are more afraid of than women embracing their sexual identities part, but Venus definitely isn't doing sex work under that reason.

No. 96470

Ntayrt but I don't know what men you're referring to. Most of the men I know are too dumb to even conceptualise what frightens them. From my experience, they're all going along with the rise of onlyfans and online sex work as ~empowering~ because it makes their dick feel funny.

No. 96474

Brittany Venti is a stupid cow herself. Seeing a cow make a vid about another cow will never get old.

No. 96475

Ya no, this doesn't add up. I don't find "wasting 10 or less years of my youth selling nudes, to realise later in life that i was just enable to deal with my mental condition and anxiety properly and am now inexperienced, lonely, and probably have a ruined sexuality." very empowering. If this is a weapon against the current regime then it is a very weak weapon.

Most men either don't care, or admire you but also wouldn't date you (and not because of sex work but because of the mental illness is brings along). Famous out-grown sex workers will advise not to take this path.

No. 96483

you know the patriarchy has won when women think it's empowering to be a whore and that men don't like it. good lord.

you must have literally never seen any porn if you think that's some kind of new thing.

no pubic hair is a western thing, american specifically i think.

No. 96484

>you know the patriarchy has won when women think it's empowering to be a whore and that men don't like it. good lord.

You're a credit to the human race anon.

No. 96488

Online brainwashing has currently won, but I see the same dissent that people have been posting here for months all over Twitter now, with thousands of likes, replies and shares.
This trend of sex work only lasts as long as it takes for people to realize it was a bad idea, which can be as soon as months, weeks or days after starting it.

I think getting reams of degrading/demanding messages in your inbox probably helps to swing the pendulum back to "this is a bad idea"

The jury is still out on how long Venus will keep it up, but potentially the simps are already over it, since this thread is a lot slower than the last one (or they're too dumb to find the thread)

No. 96495

What do you think Trump will do when an army of sex workers march on his regime and depose him?

The wars of the future will not be fought with guns and bullets but vibrators and selfies.

Women are increasingly waking up, mobilising their genitals, full access to abortion is the gateway to a complete actualising of gender. We are not afraid of your whorephobic propaganda.(bad b8)

No. 96501

Typical of Weenus to change the caption so it makes it look like she "cares".

No. 96502

venus checking out hentai store.. seems like a teenage kid heard about these for the first time. ok brain and smelly sock ones were a shock but in japan's context still not that surprising..

No. 96503


I don't know whether you've noticed but the men are jerking off and sharing the 'empowerment' online with degrading comments. It's a saturated market so these 'strong independent women who don't need no man' have to compete for new lows to keep the punters subbed to them.

The Pankhurst sisters never flashed a bit of bush for ten shillings while they were getting arrested for the right to vote.

Good god, this planet.

No. 96504


Good morning children! Today Ms. Frazzled is driving the magic YouTube schoolbus to a Japanese smut shop! Buckle up tight because some of those big rubber alien cocks are closer than they appear in the mirror. Whooooah!

No. 96505


They’ve twisted it and made the empowerment movement the new gateway to prostitution. Guys are wanking over the free the nipple pictures and all sorts.

It’s like totally against the whole point lol

No. 96506

She’s so uncomfortable. Sorry Venus, you don’t look empowered or happy. You look like someone who’s trying too hard to convince their audience that they’re a ~hentai baddie uwu~ while being awkward af

Is this what wanting to make creative content means? Sniffing used school girl socks.

No. 96507

her hands are shaking

No. 96509

And yet again, more trashy content when her fanbase are underaged. Well done Weenus.

No. 96511

File: 1590665774681.jpg (702.05 KB, 1920x2560, 20-05-28-21-36-14-231_deco.jpg)

Sorry if this image is too small, had a hard time knitting these together so I wouldn't have to deal with flood detection. Anyway, enjoy my person favourite comments/some notable degeneracy, and a couple people who seem genuinely concerned.

No. 96521

There are obviously more people than just me who thinks they seem good together as I've seen the posts from other people commenting on it too, here and elsewhere.
I haven't seen any 1hr stream he's done as I've only seen him in the 3 vids he did with Venus.
No one has to like the videos they did together to see that they do seem at ease with each other and may be similar types of people.

That was a boring video to watch , and what a ridiculous woman to say that selling pictures online is the same as someone going out to physically have sex with some punter for money. That is a risky occupation and not anything I can see that is good, just take a look at the video I posted earlier (the Walk around Shanghai where the poor girl in that seems to be living in awful conditions and working for peanuts), someone like Venus, selling pictures is at least in control over what they do, she is not risking herself by going out , or sitting around waiting, to be 'chosen' by some creep and then having to have actual sex with them for money, she is just selling pictures, yet this Venti woman says she is selling her body, she's not selling her actual body, she's selling images of it, and not even completely naked , at least not yet, or I'm sure it would have been leaked too.
And yes, the fact she is getting paid for making a video about whatever she leeched from here, seems a bit off.

No. 96522

Repeatedly claiming to be a 'degenerate' whilst being shocked by relatively mundane sex toys and mocking their users is very Venus.

No. 96526

>if you buy fake boobs to play with, then you touch the real ones and scream "oh this is so much better!" That's so desperate virgin!

No joke fam, because buying that type of item wasn't a sing of virginal despair.
Treat your kings well, don't go that route. If you have another breakout and vent it online your simps will destroy whatever was left of your on-line prescence. Lets just hope that they like to be treated like that.

>That thumbnail
>somebody told her about venus
Alright ladies, who was it?

The risks of not suffering any type of physical harm while doing OF are obviusly impliyed. The main focus was about how "living your kindergarden whoring mc-nugget-priced dreams" harms you mentally. Plus the validation of porn addiction and how people support it, the current state of "empowerment" leading to porn related content and how little you need to dig to find how nuts venatan is.

No. 96527

File: 1590673603506.jpg (636.83 KB, 810x1439, 20200528_214706.jpg)

weenus deleted this after 3 mins of posting it?

No. 96528

Her level of handling criticism is the same as Momokunt's. She can't handle it and gets snarky & sarcastic even with her fans who try to be constructive. Stop bullshitting Weenus.

No. 96529

File: 1590674198780.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 246.96 KB, 750x1099, 2AB11BFA-2AB3-486A-89E6-1999C6…)


I noticed that too. Reposted with a different photo, same caption.

No. 96530

Just posted the wrong picture.
It might be tinfoil, but you'd think she will rant about how people are telling her that this might not be the right path. But the "I'm aware I'm a bit akward" is something that's probably only mentioned here >>96506.
Tinfoil because I want to think that she doesn't waste time here.

No. 96532

She did that YouTube stream reading stuff about herself on PULL what makes you think she isn't all over this site. She most definitely is.

No. 96533


Trickle-feeding uncomfortable shots from the love hotel over a month for $7 softcore porn subs.

>Doing my best.

Slow down there, Icarus.

No. 96540

File: 1590679052642.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.3 MB, 3840x2880, 3840x2880_d829e32568be19634dfb…)

Latest picture, bit of side but and a rant about "shmexy" pictures:

"Ever since starting to post sexy/gravure pictures like this I have been getting some rather harsh feedback… ._.
Harsh, really, is an understatement. It's really times like these I appreciate everyone's support!
I understand the consequences of posting shmexy pictures. And I shall do my best at posting shmexy pictures.
Each shmexy picture shall surpass the previous shmexy picture and so on! VENUS FIGHTS!"

No. 96542

At first I thought it was Margo with pigtails…jesus christ.

No. 96549

Wow, she sure looks like she was forced into this at her OF pic
Can't she even fake a smile at least?

No. 96550

ugh, what's with the quality of these pics seriously. Always looks sooo bad with the lightning maybe? or the choosen filter? This could be a good concept but yet again the mediocre quality and the same face with no expression. She kinda looks creepy. and awkward.

No. 96551

File: 1590680846826.jpeg (177.51 KB, 1242x1272, 694EAD55-C343-43F4-BFEE-733A08…)

Did she blur out her entire mouth? What is even going on here?

No. 96552

She's definitely getting wet seeing all this shittalk about her.

No. 96554

It would've been better for both Penus and her simps if she had posted lazy bath photos like this on her OF rather than her public child-infested IG. Really don't get why she posts these photos publicly, it makes no business sense to give away your product for free

No. 96555

Because it's not about the money. She really is a slut. And that's fine, she can do what she wants. The profiteering from it is incidental. Onlyfans is popular right now, so it comes with the territory.

No. 96556

Honestly i don't even think she's a slut by the way she acts awkward in all her vids and pics. She's just mentally fucked and probably has a ruined sexuality as well. I will bet she never had a Sex Ed in her entire life too.

No. 96557

You can be a slut and socially awkward. They're not mutually exclusive. Venus clearly is opinionated. She blew Manaki off easily.

No. 96558

What even is this comment, how would anyone know if she is really a "slut" or not based on her online content? Since she so far has posted 0 photos or videos where she appears to be into it/having fun, my vote is for "not a slut, but this is the easiest way to make money and Venus is lazy"

No. 96559

Because she said she was a slut outright.

No. 96560

Hahah I think it's the snow app makeup still applying on her face not knowing where her lips are

No. 96563

i'm sure she'll post her pussy soon

No. 96567

Gasp is that criticism ? On Venus' content?? How dare! She should be praised for this poorly applied filter!

No. 96568


Fishing for compliments so hard. Yas kween. U do u. Get that coin. Stunning and brave. Enable, enable, enable.

I swear the fucking yes men in her comments are more toxic for her than any of the detractors.

No. 96570

so she says she feels so happy and confident but she is constantly looking for approval… why would she make a post about "I’m not going to let silly comments get into the way of me doing my best!" then?… she only wants to read the stupid "you do you" and other shit to feel better… that's just sad…

No. 96572

This. and people who are actually confident in themselves don't feel the need to spout about how confident they are. venus is overcompensating.

No. 96574

I actually like this content. I think she's trying too hard to be naive about some stuff, like playing off you've never seen the corn thing if she's so into everything as much as she says she is, but I love people picking apart weird ass Japanese fetish items or every day use items meant to make stuff easier. You're always going to see the same repeats because people start out with the basic stuff, but wtf with the brain onahole? I've never even seen that before.

No. 96575

File: 1590696121461.jpeg (107.53 KB, 750x742, 1589121086362.jpeg)

>hey are you korean?

No. 96576

she's probably starving herself and having hunger tremors.

No. 96577

You trully belive she's so into it? That requires a certain amount of effort. I would say she's rather akward than playing shy.
The brain is brilliant as a comedy item, but dear lord whoever actually manages to get off on that.
The sock smelling is what worried me. Because that didn't seemed as akward for her to showcase. (Insert obligatory "Penus, you have underage viewers!")

No. 96578

No one noticed her ear? lol her edits are so lazy.

No. 96579

she looks like that iconic picture of pt in the bathtub here

No. 96580

File: 1590698124047.png (565.22 KB, 795x421, fuki.png)

imagine these two cluster fucs meeting

No. 96582

okay seriously this is so damn unsexy its not even funny. why is there so much shit on the bed. her posing is always so fucking unflattering.

No. 96583

File: 1590698851222.jpg (34.84 KB, 473x439, bf5db18a00bdd96e5753c968fb4e59…)

>that BEAK

No. 96584

Looking at this pic makes me so uncomfortable. The cringe is so bad that it’s actually painful.

No. 96585

File: 1590700661433.jpg (15.71 KB, 253x225, screenshot1.jpg)

I spoke with Daniel earlier - it looks like it's not going to happen…
I will keep rooting for him and Venus!(rule 5.3)

No. 96594

It's so obvious this "stupid slut" persona of hers is just an act. The more she dives into it the more uncomfortable she looks. She doesn't have a clue what the fuck she's doing.

No. 96606

She’s getting critisms from people who have rational brains for pointing out the obvious to her. I’m dumb-founded reading her fans’ comments twisting what empowerment means and “wOmEn cAn dO eVerYthinG sHe wAnts!!!” yeah venus go murder everyone cuz u can do anything you want!! Fucking enablers

Chill. Anyway, what makes venus so laughable is that she straight out went the slutty route to try to reach the highest amount of cash flow she can with her shitty concepts, not even an ounce of creativity in there ffs. Even her posings are cringey, plain and boring as fuck how tf she got 6.5k likes with that trash content smh

No. 96608

I’m curious about the comments on that photo on her OF tho.

I feel like the vast majority of her followers in IG do not have a clue as to what she’s been posting on her OF hence the stupid comments they leave.

No. 96612

She posted her OF tips list on what she will do for certain amounts of money, if that doesn't give them the idea of what she offers then I don't know what will. Her fans are just retarded at best and genuinely think she's a slaying independent sexually liberated queen who can do what she wants because she's an adult. The worst thing is many of them are teenage & early 20s females that lack brain cells.

No. 96613

Do men actually masturbate to this? There's so much more arousing content out there. I'll never get it lol.

..and? Onision says he is the "most honest youtuber" .. doesn't mean shit.

>She changed the caption
but she's not letting the silly comments get to her, guise!

No. 96620

I mean… with this pic instead of getting horny you start to analyze what was the reason for all those balloons to be there

No. 96621

Typical "I'm not like other girls" person. So toxic.

No. 96626

I’m at a loss too. What’s the deal with the balloons? Anyone?

No. 96631

She probably heard about balloon fetish on the internet and thought it was more common than it is lmao

No. 96633


Her downfall is a turn on for those simps. People aren't paying her for cheap photos, they want to see her destroy herself over time. Venus is just too dumb to see that.

No. 96635


The balloons are covering up her flaws. She never shows a full view of her legs unless its covered with props, bad lighting, or heavy shoop.

No. 96637

What's going on with the lamp in the background? Was this edited or is it just a strangely shaped lamp?

No. 96638

Run of the mill funky love hotel furniture. Nothing out of the ordinary.

No. 96639

Okay, I actually like these kinds of videos but the only problem is that her strange delivery makes it seem like she very uncomfortable. The shaking hands is also concerning. You’d think a “degenerate” person would be having a good laugh or at least be enthusiastic about some of the items. But all she does is act surprised, call it weird and bring up that she saw it in a porno once. Like, I was pretty vanilla in my weeb days, but I don’t know anyone who didn’t make jokes about all those same fetishes or hentai memes. I don’t believe that she has been this hardcore hentai queen for a very long time at all. In fact, I think she was interested in it but never indulged herself in those things until recently due to being so uncomfortable with herself. Even her OF pictures seem to have zero inspiration from mainstream gravure idols.

Her false lashes on her right eye appear to be falling off as well.

No. 96644

File: 1590730546379.jpg (1.11 MB, 1366x521, UWupXsZ.jpg)


The lamp is just weirdly shaped, however I'm extremely sure this part of her body is highly edited and is not just a shadow.

No. 96645

it could be the reflection of light from one of the balloons, tho I agree it is kinda weird.

No. 96647

She didn't even bother to untwist her bra strap kek.

Probably just to make the set cuter and pastel. A lot of kawaii Tumblr users used to put them on the floor or on their bed as props. It looks out of place in Venus' photos, though, since the rest of the room is dark and dingy.

No. 96648

That’s in a love hotel right? I wonder if there’s an actual photographer behind the camera? Or maybe it’s on a tripod and with shutter timer

No. 96651

what will Venus do after her only fans dies out? she can't possibly keep people interested for longer amounts of time (2+yrs)…
also what about retirement?
is she bright enough to part in savings?

there's so many better people to hire for work- no one will hire a washed out sex worker in japan after years in unemployment and not keeping a job for literally more than a day for a vlog lmafo

No. 96652

sex work seems so easy for short term money but no one seems to realize the consequences of long term

honestly I have more respect for actual pornstars who work with agencies and not this stupid shit. she'll never be famous enough to do it long term.

No. 96654

File: 1590734296648.png (4.24 MB, 1674x1323, thevariousfacesofpeenus.png)

I don't think Venus would have likes if she was a nobody from the start. There is most definitely a fetish for girls with pic related face and maguro onna style chicks, but it is a limited one. At this rate her whoring career won't grow very famous. She will hit a money maximum and it will go down. If she keeps up with doing minimum effort (shit quality, never posting stories, minimum promotion), the older she gets, the more following she will lose. Even successful whores receive the same treatment when they stay in the industry for more than 10 years.

Also this is just a remark but, when I check her Insta comments especially I realise that it is only women and girls, like maybe 85% and they are usually the ones who will vomit a "you do you kween, get that coin" or "experience your sexuality guurl". Why am I pretty sure these same people aren't and won't subscribe to her OF. Like I know most women don't tend to pay for whores, and praising her does give her a platform and subscriber credits, but it doesn't lead to anything if you are doing sex work. PR companies won't want to associate with her since there is already a trashy titty pic that's going around the internet, and her content is too sloppy for any sex shop or the likes to give her PR work.

So, aside from getting all that praise from non-subscribers to her OF on insta or youtube, Venus "real" supporters, you know people who actually give her money, remain mostly men with probably a japan fetish or who are long time Venus perverts and from what I saw from the other thread or recent commentary on her OF, a lot of these men are whiny and are starting to be salty with her. At least she gets to do her nails pretty now. So fucking Glamorous. I wonder if any of them ordered something from her "menu" yet.

No. 96665

Go away. You're the only anon obsessed enough to keep saying that bs.

No. 96666

She knows fully well it isn't just because of "sexy" pictures. It's because she's a manipulative fake cunt for all the reasons >>96414 said and more. Keep whining weenus. You're nothing but a talentless, creativeless, washed-up prostitute.

No. 96667

Love the scented underwear/sock part and how she puts down people who would buy that/thinks it's weird, when she herself is selling her own used underwear for easy coin. Complete sellout. Money is her god. She's worthless and has nothing but those little pieces of paper she loves so much to console her.

No. 96669

She edited her stomach to make it look less saggy and smoothed her entire body.

No. 96670


>This whole 'uwu why I get all this criticism for my breasts' on her latest IG post is just another intentional statement, almost shifting it to body shaming while for sure being aware that when you change your cute and childfriendly persona on YT and IG suddenly to (semi-)nudes, talking about d!ck rating and sending used panties or calling yourself 'the dumbest slut', the audience might have an opinion about it. And all that's in her public content, not on OF.

But she got what she wanted with that post, the SJW are stumbeling over each other to scream "You can do whatever you want!" "Critics are haterz!" "Ignore any criticism!" "Body positivity!"

I've seen my fair share of hardcore fans, but the current ones of Venus' are quite a new level. Did they even follow her before or are they just randomly patroulling social media all day I wonder.

My favorite repetetive comments so far are:

"She is a strong independent woman so she can do whatever she wants"

- Nobody really knows Venus enough to make such a statement. How would you know that she is financally and emoitionally independent right now? Her blurry contradiction stories don't hold enough information (or truth, for that matter) to know how dependent or not dependent Venus currently is and for all we know she might be doing OF simply because she is desperate for an income.

"You know what you are doing, you are super intelligent!"

- Again, what makes people go for that statement? I'm not calling Venus dumb just because she had little to no school education/degree, but she hasn't displayed yet any action that I would associate with high intelligence, so why do people think she posseses any extraordinary intelligence? Are they just delusional and over-idolizing her?

"You are just expressing your sexuality and that's fine!"

- Nevermind she has contradicted herself on when she started to have sexual awareness, experience and fantasies - how is getting paid by a stranger to write what he wants on your naked bottom, hold it into to the camera and then send it to him so he can masturbate "expressing YOUR sexuality"? You are satisfying the sexual desires of those strangers, not you own. You offer a service, they pay, you do the desired action. Just because you selected a bunch of possible actions doesn't change the fact that what she is doing is prostitution. Don't sugarcoat it, just call it by its name and don't act like this is something achievable that should impress a young audience as goals.

No. 96671

Always the VICTIM

No. 96674

File: 1590756421344.jpg (Spoiler Image, 964.01 KB, 3084x2313, 3084x2313_51c67584ccb81e49b414…)

Another day, another picture another post. I am really curious how she would react in that live stream if someone leaked her tip reward nude set, if she seamed uncomfortable of the boob picture leaking this would be very entertaining.

"Everyone I’m almost finished with answering tip requests! Thank you SO MUCH for your patience and I’m really really really sorry the whole process is not speedier!!
On another note
June’s tip thank you menu is introduced at the beginning of June!
This weeks live broadcast, which is our 2nd one, will be on Sunday 31st May, 10PM Japan Time
Thank you everyone for your love and support "

No. 96676

What's she covered with? Milk and cereal?
Also, she sounds… Organized? She might have someone with her coordinating things

No. 96677

That looks fucking disgusting. Are those tapioca pearls? She could have made it 100% better by not spilling that shit on her body. Is this even arousing to men?

On the side note, she definitely has a photographer taking her photos, a hired photog maybe? But the way the photos are taken seems so amateur tho

No. 96678

jesus im eating and this geniunely made me feel sick a bit lmao, it looks like vomit this is her nastiest pic

No. 96679

It looks like bubble tea to me… Those small black things look like the tapioca used on those beverages.
Looks like she just puked a bubble tea. Disgusting.

No. 96680

My thinking is (if she’s using a real photog) that the photos are intentionally shot to appear amateur/“gonzo” for a more intimate vibe kek

No. 96681

This is fucking vile and all over the love hotel bedding & cushions. I get it that these rooms are meant for the obvious but come on. Nasty bitch.

No. 96683

Who's gonna clean up the mess ew

No. 96685

Quality of the photo is nice, but ur not h0t sis sorry.

No. 96687

File: 1590762730847.jpeg (46.47 KB, 555x645, 68C6C3A2-269F-4B8D-8247-4E5A14…)

Same energy. She really has no idea of what is sexually appealing.

No. 96688

So, she's pandering to vomit fetishists now? What about this seemed like a good idea? I want to gag.

No. 96689


EEWWWW. That’s so effin’ disgusting. Is that tapioca milk tea? At first I thought it’s soap bubbles but after a close look I almost threw up.
Does she have an idea what constitutes sexy? She certainly doesn’t know basic design principles such as occupied volume vs empty space and that milk tea is all over the place..

No. 96690

I actually think she tried to make it look as if someone just cum in her mouth and over her body.

Sorry for being disgusting here.
This pic is sickening… and so un-empowering!

No. 96691

just watched her new video where sh'es talking about M's department store. i've been to this store lots of times and i found it so weird that she talks about their sex dolls in the video but doesn't at all mention that they especially sell a huge amount of child sex dolls which is super fucked up. i am totally comfortable with sex shops and the first time i went there i initially just wanted to get some bdsm stuff, but instead had to leave because i felt like i needed to throw up after seeing these kindergarten and elementary school sex dolls. they look super real and are even wearing the kindergarten/preschool/elementary school uniforms. dont know why she doesn't mention it, but maybe it's because pedo stuff is so normalized in japan, it's probably not a big deal to her

No. 96692

Well, I must say I'm surprised. That is actually a very nice picture. She is getting better at this.

No. 96694

(same anon) apart from that, i don't think the video was bad. she seemed like she had fun filming it, and it also looks like she's getting more and more comfortable.

No. 96695

Yes but this picture of her in the bath is not something anyone would expect to have to pay to see. It's more mild than anything you'd see in any teen magazine, you can see this sort of thing anywhere, it's not exactly sex related, just someone in a bath.

No. 96697

Because she’s Pedo pandering anon.. She attracts closet pedophiles who are too chicken to target real children so they resort to grown ass women who pretend to be little kids.

She doesn’t want to address that it makes her uncomfortable because she doesn’t want to offend her paypigs.

I have nothing against sex workers.. what happens between two consenting adults is none of my business.. but this girl and other women like her are enablers of cowards who would have otherwise raped kids under different circumstances.

No. 96698

I'd like to see her do a video on some of the weird 'toys' they have in Japan, like the quite horrifying "Chop chop lady" toy.

No. 96700

what is chop chop lady?

No. 96701

Why the need to post half of pull on here???

Anyhow, about the balloons in that of pic, is that a thing in Japan? It reminds me of a vid Lovely Lor did once when she went to stay in Japan at a air bnb, and the place she and her friends stayed in was just a small room with a bed but there was balloons everywhere , all over the bed, all round the room, I wondered why they were there, unless maybe to be cute or something? i don't think Lor had put them there, they seemed to be already placed there by the owners renting the room out.

No. 96702

WTF is that meant to be all over her? It looks totally gross. It would be a nice picture if it were not for that. She looks Japanese in this, whether intention or not I wonder?

No. 96703

Does she have japanese likers on her OF? I don’t get why she’s doing fucked up japanese fetishes when her OF likers are mostly western men?

No. 96704

Ooo ooh baby I don’t wanna know

No. 96705

>> "but this girl and other women like her are enablers of cowards who would have otherwise raped kids under different circumstances.!

What? So in other words, they are doing a good service then. Keeping kids safe from otherwise dangerous perverts, and you're complaining that she's helping to keep kids safe?
That sounds like your logic anyway, and it's weird that you say her doing this is stopping some weirdoes from raping kids, but then you complain that she is doing this.?

No. 96707

Anon you completely missed the point. I think she’s targeting closet pedophiles and that’s disgusting because she’s pedo pandering. I never said she took up the moral mission to stop them, these men just don’t have the guts to rape kids because they don’t want to risk incarceration. The law is stopping them, not Venus. She’s an enabler because she’s keeping their sick fantasies alive.

If there was not law against what they wish to do, I don’t want to imagine what would happen.

No. 96708

No. 96709

She looks like someone threw up on her.

No. 96711

From the start to 2 days in she was getting organized. I rarely see offers all out like that and just from post to post. Guys loooove amature looking stuff. Its usually #1 on porn sites. The quality isnt lacking in that aspect. She needs to work on smoldering or if her gimmick is staring you in the eyes and looking nervous all the time.

No. 96712

um, are we talking about sex toys or just regular toys here?

No. 96714


Just totally weird toys, the fact that seems normal to find for sale in Japan but would be considered really strange, not to mention offensive in most western countries.

No. 96715

Was this a request? I think this is supposed to look like puke since there is also colorful pieces of ??? and thicker consistancy in the liquid.

If this is a request i kinda feel bad lol. what if someone is making fun of her

No. 96718


And it's not as if anyone would do that, no.

Anyhow, she can choose not to react to all requests, she doesn't have to do it.

It just looks disgusting, a really nice picture where she looks cute, but she spoils it with grossness.

No. 96719

File: 1590769043832.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.64 MB, 3024x4032, 3024x4032_79dc8315bb64d377f566…)

New post already, she posted 8 various pics of her nude in the bath, not really showing much except for some butt. If you want to see more let me know. Accompanying post:

"It has been 1 month since I have started this account on OnlyFans At first I was worried and doubted myself…but thanks to everyone’s love, support and kind words I was and I still am, able to keep giving it my all.
Content-wise this page is still but a sprout, but I hope that you are here to enjoy not only the harvest but everything that comes before. Your support is like water to me because it helps me to grow and then give back to you again. I appreciate all of you very much, I really do, and that’s why today’s post has a bit more extra than usually. It’s not much, but I hope it conveys my feelings…and that is a big THANK YOU!

P.S: In the coming days I will post some special, sexy videos! Please look forward to it! "

No. 96720

Well she's definitely posting better pictures now.

No. 96721

I just searched puke fetish and 90% of google pics are asian vomiting in porn. i do understand body fluid fetishes being a thing, but i wonder if it loses its value if It's fake like venus' vomit. Like i know some men do care about real orgasms coming from a woman's porn and can get annoyed with fake moans or bad acting for the least.

No. 96722

it's finally a passable pose but now her face almost looks like a weird smirk, "my glasses have slid down my face but my hands are dirty so I can only lift my upper lip area to prop it up so I can see you better, my dearie"

feels like she's overcompensating from having a somewhat sexually sterile youth (she was sexualized but not of her own accord) so now she's had some sort of sexual awakening but now with zero sexuality

No. 96723

How can anyone like such vileness? the smell alone, doesn't bear thinking about. People are mental who like this sort of thing, bet it's mainly men. Just WHY???

No. 96724

it was never a body problem. It's her face. She's… not sexy.

No. 96728

idk. Must be an asian thing. Japan has a thing for feces too apparently. While here 2G1C is told to be cursed and absolutely vile.

Maybe Venus will eat fake poop at some point lol

No. 96730

ok. a little bit knowledge about japan and child pornography and its relation with her and others like her… then you can continue your superficial gossip.

quote: " In June 2014, Japan's parliament voted to ban the possession of real images of child sexual abuse. Production and distribution of these images had been illegal since 1999, but Japan was the last country in the OECD to outlaw possession.

At the time there were calls to also outlaw "virtual" sexual images - in manga, anime and games - of characters who appear to be under 18. But after much debate, Japan's parliament decided against this.

adult sections, restricted to people over 18, it's not hard to find manga with titles like Junior Rape or Japanese Pre-teen Suite."

source: https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-30698640 from 2015.

understanding where she lives and the problematic culture there.

another one from 2017:

quote "Until 2014 child pornography was legal to own in Japan. The law has changed, but the sexualisation of minors continues.

"Chaku Ero", which means "erotically clothed" is a kind of soft porn - it doesn’t involve nudity, but it can get very, very close and is often overtly sexual.

Stacey asks a Chaku Ero producer (who wanted to remain anonymous) how young the girls in his shoots are.

“My youngest was six years old,” he says. “We filmed her in her bathing costume playing with some toys. Her mum was standing behind the camera holding her favourite toy so she would face the camera.”

source: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree/article/57eaaf23-0cef-48c8-961f-41f2563b38aa

the thing is, everything should be interpreted in its context, but i would strongly underline, this doesn't mean the context is morally right. this is a social problem and women like her encourages this problematic behavior. japan's child abuse problem had a record number in 2019, maybe it is related with this??

source: https://www.nippon.com/en/japan-data/h00704/

adults must be responsible. if she claims to be an adult, she should stop normalizing the idea of sexualizing minors. then she can do whatever prostitution she wants. that is also problematic but a secondary concern in my opinion.

No. 96736

I read that 2014 date often and it still shocks me how long possession of CP was allowed. I reccommend the documentary attached to the BBC Three article (if you can watch it), it's heartbreaking but really shows the reality of a government being complicit in the sexualisation of schoolgirls.

No. 96737

her face actually ain't that bad tho she just has to take better care of herself to look aight. problem is she doesn't so she ends up looking 20 years older than she actually is. add to that a weird upbringing and an even weirder adulthood…

No. 96738

Looks like melted whipped cream, so it was a whipped cream and fruit shoot. Probably for one of her fruit themed days. I wonder if she will do sushi at one point.

No. 96739

this one looks better than the moldy milkshake one, but her face isnt doing wonders, what is she looking at, what is that expression?

> but thanks to everyone’s love

yeah she still has like zero self-worth.

No. 96740

Thots always do the off looking photos because it's supposed to make it look like you are peeking in on them somehow. Some people actually make it work, but she looks like she heard something in a horror movie.

No. 96742

She honestly looks like she's scared, or at least uncomfortable. Not only on that pic but also on what we got to see of the previous cosplay set. Did she even show anything in that one? Or was she posing poorly in costume like usual?

No. 96744

They were just preview photos.

I think she's trying to do the soft mouth, sultry look, but she needs to spend time in the mirror practicing or something.

No. 96745

by face, i meant expression. she can't do sexy face.

No. 96746

File: 1590775757242.jpeg (195.98 KB, 1517x1148, 00BCFDBE-EF00-45A1-B7E3-155B28…)

>> At least she gets to do her nails pretty now.
Those look like cheap press-ons.(nitpick)

No. 96747

File: 1590777252081.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.77 MB, 3024x4032, 3024x4032_4cd9bcf4a83d1bb410f4…)

No. 96748

File: 1590777291166.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.92 MB, 3024x4032, 3024x4032_f3169c7ec479e426dcb5…)

No. 96749

File: 1590777315520.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.68 MB, 3024x4032, 3024x4032_bd0190e0c8b26b47be0b…)

No. 96750

File: 1590777344870.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.4 MB, 3024x4032, 3024x4032_b4d179c21d523ce38198…)

No. 96751

File: 1590777384872.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.73 MB, 3024x4032, 3024x4032_4f90ca96324d26df3e5f…)

No. 96752

File: 1590777423724.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.29 MB, 3024x4032, 3024x4032_4dc901907430d556b161…)

No. 96753

File: 1590777556926.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.66 MB, 3024x4032, 3024x4032_a8140631af9a4ef6c978…)

Figured I would post the rest of these, I enjoy everyone's reactions

No. 96754

They aren't too bad surprisingly. It's not a bad space, she's smiling in some of them too. This is probably the best she's done so far. >>96749 >>96747 >>96719 Are probably the best shots of the bunch, but I am surprised these are decent? Going to be called a whiteknight but compared to >>95407 >>95665 it's good. Looks to be the same quality as >>95759

No. 96755

she looks held at gunpoint here

No. 96756

ah yeah, I agree with you. it's like she was raised being told how to do facial expressions and all that and now she's "free" she has no idea what to do. oh wait-

No. 96757

if sexy was instead surprised with a side of goblin

No. 96758

We're getting there… It's so much better when she's not trying to act like a Japanese anime waifu and nuking her face with editing.

Still just leaves me feeling kinda sad, though; you know this shit's going to end in tears. Or five dollar sucky fucky.

No. 96760

File: 1590778755321.jpg (69.87 KB, 423x597, IMG_20200529_205938.jpg)


No. 96761

That's definitely vomit. I'm disgusted

No. 96762

There's no way she's taking those with a tripod. Must be someone else taking them

No. 96764

File: 1590780546464.png (306.63 KB, 512x384, unnamed.png)

She looks like that evil bitch from the film Orphan. These photos look like they were quickly taken and then uploaded with the bare minimum editing done within hours of it being done.

No. 96765


Haha that's definitely the end result of sticking her fingers down her throat the absolute madwoman. I've seen enough gross shock porn to know what regurgitated milk looks like.

10/10 very healthy and kawaii.

No. 96766

I unironically like this one. It's not sexual for me, it just looks kinda pretty, although she has a sad expression on her face.
Lots better than some of her other stuff, that's for sure.

No. 96767

bitch just say you love their money and easy (non) work. You dumped your IG kawaii fanbase that stuck by with you for years whom you also pretended to love when you were getting them nice YT bucks. Now you love the simps? Please. Also I like how she's pretending to "work" really hard and is giving it her all. I mean, all you're doing is going to love hotels while someone (likely a friend/manager/SD) takes your picture/ you edit it. Working hard and giving it your all my ass. You're a lazy cunt, not a hard worker.

No. 96768

Most disgusting shit I've seen in a while. Why would she do that? I'm wondering what her simps think about it. I'd assume few men are into vomit, but you never know with scrotes and their porno damaged brains.

No. 96769

lmao she does not look japanese in the slightest. i hope this isn't the cow self-posting

She's editing her waist like sssniperwolf/kim k here. looks really weird in that shot. possibly just angling but her body looks smoothed in all her latest pictures so I'm sure there's editing going on

No. 96770


Its melted whipped cream and fruit you autist. Wtf?


No. 96771

you can see her waist underwater and where the water distorts it. I don't see a difference between her waist being small here and in other photos. She's also 3/4 turned.

No. 96773

File: 1590783892289.png (112.03 KB, 313x201, 76895465.png)

No. 96774

she meant money, not love

No. 96776

Do we know who takes those pictures of her?

No. 96778


Some of these are cute and some remind me of the damsel in distress in a horror movie
>having a bath
>in the dark
>while looking scared
>photographed by an unknown onlooker

Like who came up with this one? Do Japanese guys have a stalker fetish?

No. 96779

Yeah, they do. It's very prevalent in JAV.

No. 96781

sorry but you guys are always complaining about her editing her pictures and now you're complaining about her not editing enough? this is just nitpicking. i think these pictures are actually really nice. she looks relaxed and comfortable in them but i guess some of you will always find something to criticise. this is getting ridiculous.

No. 96782

booohoo she looks like her mom. what else is new. she is her fucking daughter

No. 96784


Nobody cares simp.

No. 96785

may be its because she shops and filters the shit out of herself, but i feel like somethings off with her face. overall shes getting better, but she needs to work on expressions and getting inspiration from something other than hentai.

No. 96786

Looks like unfortunate lighting bouncing off different parts of water and metal and conflicting with the main light as well. It's casting ugly shadows.

No. 96787

b-but anon!!! see? she has aged!! how could she do such a thing?? i for one will not forgive it.

No. 96788

This. Things are getting slightly better but the overall editing, lighting, shadow etc is just bad and could be improved. I feel she's become even more lazy and just got these photosets quickly done while in various love hotel rooms, slapped a watermark on each one & released them to her OF. As usual, it's quantity over quality with her, as long as she makes instant cash from it.

No. 96789

not a simp at all actually. i'm not even male lmao. just tired of the thread going to shit because of constant nitpicking. wooow she looks like her mom, genes are crazy am i right? and could you maybe post another close up of her nasolabial folds? i haven't seen enough of them yet. might as well throw another screenshot of her making a weird face while talking in a live stream in it while you're at it.

No. 96790

Maybe the critique is the visible effects of her poor lifestyle choices?

No. 96791

if thats how it is then you might as well just say you have a problem with sex work in general.

No. 96792


Livestream stills being posted have got to be banned unless it's proving an instance where editing is glitching out or to prove something bad is happening to mark the moment. I am so tired of screenshots from Instagram or snapchats and videos in general where it's cropped out and anon adds some bullshit behind what is going on without anything in the still backing it up. If a videos going to be talked about it should be actually posted. It usually follows fake milk or nitpicking to create a narrative that doesn't even make sense.

No. 96793

amen anon, nitpicking has completely ruined /w/ and i have no idea why it's been allowed to get to this level. Nobody fucking cares about another still image of venus, you might think it's funny but we know she looks bad and edits it

No. 96794

Honestly her pictures are pretty ok for only fans standarts, I would say some of her sets actually show a lot more effort than the average only fans ho who just posts a crappy mirror picture of her asshole/tits and calls it a day.

No. 96795

And dudes love the amateur look. They know onlyfans isn't HQ and those that are charge out the ass. She's charging so low compared to people like Holly Wolf, VeraBambi, I like Blac Chyna made an account? She's more organized too. Most people don't even have a menu. Not going to derail in here anymore about here, but the anon nitpicking shit have got to be either salty 35 yea old Karens or 13 year olds who follow venus from her dolly times and are salty

No. 96796

i'm guessing it's mostly frustrated karens with major depression

No. 96797

yeah. i think she looks alright, she's not my kind of girl at all but she has a pretty face, she's not looking after herself but she's not M-MUH HAGGARD MINI MARGO like anons love to tell themselves here

No. 96800

if she is smart she could probably live off her earnings from this experiment for a bit of time. depending on how long this continues and how successful she is, of course.

after that..

1) she could move to wherever place her native language is predominantly spoken, legally change her name, and then either enroll in some kind of education program that fast tracks you into skilled labor, or skip school and get into non-skilled labor.

2) marry some dude who will provide for her so she can continue doing fuck all while being a neet and let's be honest that is the most likely outcome.

also.. how legit is this video? it kind of feels like she is reading a script but i can't be sure since i only understand english. if she truly speaks this many languages she obviously isn't stupid and should be able to find .. something .. for work. maybe even translations or tour guide? again only if she actually wanted to work. also i wonder why she didn't include hungarian here.(old milk)

No. 96807

Honestly, the face isn’t that important in the route she’s going for which is the dumb slut route. It’s the body that’s essential here. I don’t think she shoops her body skin that much given that she’s white and didn’t really do any labour job prior to OF.

If she had chosen to do lewd cosplays then having a natural pretty face is a must which venus must have realized early on that she’s not qualified to be a lewd cosplayer thus the dumb slut persona lol

No. 96808

Quality is getting better but still lazy and shit concept. If you notice all photo sets she released so far are like burst shots of her in the same place just quickly changing poses. Minimum effort and thinking unlike other OF thots who release photo sets sticking to the theme but with various poses/place/props and she fucking says she’s doing her best and all

No. 96809

marge didn't teach her hungarian. back when venus addressed marge saying she'd end up a prostitute in hungary, she mentioned that she doesn't know it

No. 96810

All the hurt feelings and outrage about pics showing what Weenus really looks like without massive editing and filters is comical. How dare anyone post her unedited face??

They are posted in response to deluded fans going on about how “naturally pretty” she is, her “delicate features,” etc. etc. She is not these things. Sorry if that upsets you.

No. 96812

ok, and?

it was attached as an example of her ability to speak multiple languages in the context of whether or not she could get a job after OF.. since it speaks to her intelligence and maybe working in a field where multilingual skills are needed.

No. 96814

kek, i'm sorry PULL-chan but it's never going to be comical to anyone outside of your small circle to literally just post still after still of her in unflattering pictures. the pnp thread is infested with it as well, i was just venting frustration about a sitewide trend of nitpicking being considered milk. i really don't check up on this thread but i'm disappointed to see such a poor quality thread for a decently milky cow. nobody's feelings are hurt, these are cows not our friends. the "deluded fans" are baiting you and every time you rise to it, you're shitting up the thread. you're the problem.

No. 96815

What happened with just waiting for milk instead of anons forcing it with nitpicking? Wait for someone to come forward and say they didn't get their menu item or something. Or until she has drama started. Posting her photos is fine, makes sense, and talking about how they look, but dragging it on for 78 posts is ridiculous. Even mods have said light nitpicking is okay but when it gets like that just report the posts. We probably won't see red text in them all.

No. 96816

who the fuck are you trying to reply to you idiot

No. 96817

The video is from 2016 and has been discussed long ago. I don't know what point they are trying to make.

No. 96819

are you new? it was obviously a deleted post jesus who shit in your cereal?

No. 96820

That's why it got banned for nitpicking. It shits up the thread and these rarely get saged.

No. 96822

Not all redtexted posts result in a ban, and not all posts that result in a ban are redtexted.

No. 96824

Male here, sacrificing myself to bring light to you retards with the truth about 'do men like these pics', so you can stop trying to guess - ignore the paycucks that you may see managing to maintain the delusion that this is hot, in order to not feel dumb about paying.
I'd been horny for Venus for a long time. The OF announcement with that nudeish twitter/ig pic was something i'd been hanging out for literally every day for years but didn't really think would never happen. This 'dream come true' was killed when the bad tit pic came out. That and every pic since has been impossible to get off on. They are so unsexy, her body is bad and badly presented. I earnestly tried to get off to that shower vid and I just can't. They somehow get worse each time too. Like for example >>96540, I woke up horny and I saw this and it honestly killed it. Something about the tiny ass reminds me of concentration camp and I don't usually care about muh big asses.
Probably don't even need to mention the vomit one. Like this is what happens when a KHV is raised by tumblr and learns the full Lore of PARA philias and it precludes growing a human sexuality of 'hot attractive bodies'.
I can't emphasise enough how disgusting and unerotic the pics are except maybe to say that momokun has more appeal at this point.
If the bad pics were an attempt to play on uwu she's awkward-baby she doesn't know how to do it - that did not work that's not what comes across, what comes across is just a dumb addled ugly hag with no sensuality trying to get cash now. 'What about the vulnerability -desperate and degrading herself, hot as a power trip right?' Still no, because she has no spirit, there's no little girl inside. Just a vacant drone. Thanks for reading bye(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 96825

No one cares because you don't speak for the other 100s of guys signed up. You can not like her, fine, but others are still paying and they like the content. People are nitpick her content all they want here, but just like in the Moo thread, the people paying don't give a shit. onlyfans isn't know for HQ. People know what they are signing up for and guys like you who followed venus know how her face looked outside of dolly because it's been pastered everywhere for years, so I doubt it was a surprise to see her face in photos to make you lose the appeal you wanted from her.

No. 96827

i mean, you would think she would edit her face in the porns too? like the 5 or so sexy pics on her insta she started with - the baby-looking one, the business bra and the rabbit ones, they were great.

No. 96830

It's called the looner fetish. A lot of European/ Asian cosplay weeb gravure models use balloons as a fetish. Riding on balloons, popping on them, etc. Look up looners.

Sage for offtopic

No. 96833

File: 1590809661699.jpeg (155.58 KB, 750x449, 504331EA-DF09-4CB0-93FC-794B15…)

New photo and caption that screams “please validate me”

No. 96834

File: 1590809762277.jpeg (264.63 KB, 750x836, E4F3D10B-3B80-40A1-A865-37C577…)

She just won’t give up that bad pointy chin facetuning, I’m—

No. 96835

e.t. phone home

No. 96836


You’re right, those were ok. They had a theme and she sticked to it (at least the bra+blazer+glasses, “nerdy” photos about procrastination and the “Easter gravure” photos had a noticeable theme)

Honestly she could’ve just tried to stick to that formula, have a theme and maybe just show a little more skin (to justify paying for these photos), without sacrificing “quality” (at least what used to be her standard quality)

But it’s too late now, as she already flashed her titties, she’s just losing the “novelty” as time goes by. Her pictures have no theme besides trying to appeal to weird fetishes without trying to look actually sexy, she has no theme or appeal, and covering herself with her hands and stuff just doesn’t have the same effect anymore. It doesn’t “build up” the expectations of getting to see her naked because I can just go a few pictures back and see her nipples in the cumdumpster photo. Truly tragic.

No. 96839

>screams “please validate me”
wtf anon, no it doesn't.

No. 96841

He frequently likes tons of comments

No. 96842

Kek. The reach, tinfoil and nitpick in this thread is overflowing. Anons reading their own neuroses in Venus' captions.

No. 96843

To me it just sounds like “thanks for worrying and telling me not to do this but I’ll do it anyways, please support me”. And that’s it.

No. 96844

File: 1590812054579.png (559.47 KB, 879x533, 48530495.png)

she definitely is, both in haggard looks and vile personality

No. 96845

File: 1590812091407.png (295.87 KB, 354x480, 7897897.png)

and let us not forget this. both are vile manipulative thots

No. 96847

I kind of want to see a video of that margaret dancing, anyone has it? Lmao

No. 96848

I think she’s looking for validation, too. Why does she have to insist over and over again that this was a good decision, that she wants to do this? Because she’s not too sure herself. She asks again and again for people to support this because that’s the only thing she cares about.

No. 96849

File: 1590812518886.jpg (46.15 KB, 600x632, ed7.jpg)

Yes, anon. That must be it

No. 96850

You do not want to see it, trust me

Anyways, here it is


No. 96851

she speaks German, English and Japanese– German and English just being a result of where she grew up and would have picked up anyway. And she has issues with each of these languages, especially her spoken English and Japanese. The rest of the languages are bullshit, to market herself as intelligent, which she isn't. She is average intelligence at best. Most of the jvloggers are. I am genuinely surprised at anyone who thinks a blatantly vapid girl like her is intelligent.

No. 96852


If I ever accidentally drink poison, I know which video to watch to throw it up

No. 96854

Completely agree. She's also pretending she cares about her followers. She did the same to her YT kawaii following when her channel was at its best. Pretending she loved them and kept them in her thoughts. It's obvious she's reading here and some of her fans complained on her IG, so once again she's pretending to care to emotionally manipulate them into staying. It's obviously PR to keep her paypigs and audience subscribed.

No. 96855

lmao right. She literally dissed that but is selling her own used underwear. Money money money is the only word in her dictionary. Everything she does, including posts like >>96833 are with the intention of: how can I keep getting the most amount of money from my dumbass following?

No. 96856

I thought it was the idea that these were real items being sold worn by real people and not just pretend scented and sold as if they were worn my JK but they weren't. I'm sort of shocked it's real too, so I'm with her on that. Through special sites I understand, but just out in the open with other sex items is just, hm. You did it, japan.

No. 96857

Now that she has decent money and isn't couch surfing or dating pedophilic sugar daddies like Ken to leech off of, it will be a lot easier for her to pretend she cares since she doesn't have the stress of lack of money anymore. One of her worst fears was being seen as poor/being poor, so now that she doesn't have to worry about that anymore, I think she'll work more on manipulating her viewers and PR, but then again, she did massively contradict herself so many times like >>96414 said, so maybe not. Remember when she was leeching off Manaki in her little pink room? She was also more put together then

No. 96858

Who is she manipulating? She's been posting everything she said, so she's not scamming anyone. The one people complaining are one subbed to her like people in this thread who also comment on her stuff and make it obvious and her dolly clan upset she's not uwu anymore and leeching makes no sense when most women in Japan are encouraged to stay home if they are married and not work.

No. 96859

Can you just go to her social media already and white knight her? You're literally wk-ing her in every post. Read the fucking thread to understand why she's manipulating her audience. I'm not going to summarize it all for you.

No. 96864

Yes she has. Her fan club for starters. One guy still can't figure out how to stop payments. She leeched off Manaki for years, whilst projecting and publicly slandering him. She said she was a neet, she stopped doing YT for a while, so yes she was leeching. She only cares about money. She "loves" her fans when she's making good bucks. She's too greedy to separate her sex work on a new account and willingly exposes minors to it and switches content, which is a massive fuck you to her old fans who literally funded her lavish easy life for years. Like she can't even make another account for that shit, and if she did, she would send her old fans to a new account. Then she goes around pretending she cares about them. No, she cares about their money. She even pedo-panders. She makes posts like >>96529 taking the position of a victim (as always) to manipulate her audience. She literally makes up abuse stories and uses others sexual abuse stories to bolster herself up. That is manipulation. She's constantly trying to make her fans feel bad for her, especially when she does controversial shit. All of the stuff she said about sex work is a contradiction. Literally everything. But yeah, anons are "making this up". Could you be anymore blatantly a white-knight? And don't get me started on all the mental illnesses she made up to emotionally manipulate her audience, all the new personalities, all the blatant contradictions like being slutshamed when she literally said her mom encouraged her to embrace puberty, took her bra shopping etc just to make her fans feel bad for her. Pretending to be a severe alcoholic, then making the waterfall IG post about how hard she struggles and wants to be better for her fans only to go and say she was drinking to seem like a cool egirl. Read the fucking thread. No one is making shit up. Venus is a manipulator and you can go to her SM and white knight her, but you're not going to convince anyone that she isn't guilty of being a lying manipulator. If you read the last few threads you'd know.

No. 96867

Nice to see some sense in this thread. It has become a hugbox for PULL and twitterfags to nitpick. Kek at anons in this thread screaming about leeching just because it's Venus when they're clearly still at their parents' house themselves.

You're sperging. Of course she cares about money, she has to care. She needs to make a living. It's hilarious how you think her selling her panties (weird, but there's a market for it) is somehow manipulative and evil. She's just capitalising off an audience which every other influencer ever does and should do if they're smart.

No. 96870

She's consensually selling to other consenting adults. Hard to find the manipulation and the dumbass who can't unsub, that's his own problem. Onlyfans takes the money out and it gets processed 7 days in full. I don't know if you get it back if you unsub, but you just hit the unsub button which is the same as the sub button. I have no remorse for the incels paying, but she hasn't done anything that's manipulating anyone. Men in Japan are told to marry and have a stay at home wife. He probably understands he's fending for her and she has her own income now so even if she left him, she's fine. Venus is a dumbass adult, but she's competent enough to do shit to get by.

No. 96871

She trashes it in her video, then goes and sells it. There's caring about money and then there's being a massively fake "hyersexual."

And you can pretend she didn't leech all you want. For a long period of time, she made ZERO from her YT. She then slandered Manaki as leeching off her, when there is evidence Manaki had a job and she didn't. It's one thing to be supported by your visa husband. It's another to leech off him whilst simultaneously slandering him for something you did. Then when Manaki and her split, she knowingly ran to a pedophile sugar daddy for his money, all while parading a completely different story to the public. There's something very wrong with you if you don't see anything wrong with all she's done and defend her like the wk-fag you are.

No. 96872

Foreign visa holders, even married, have near impossible chances of finding a job unless they have a degree of sorts where they can do teaching. This is all she can do in Japan legally unless hired by a company looking for her like the lolita brand did. You sound stupid anon. You are complaining about stuff and yet not actually using your head at all about why she can't do shit in Japan, lol. This has all already been discussed.

No. 96874

Oh noooo, weenus went back on her word! She's clearly mentally ill and has trouble with sex anyway. Why do you care so much about her attitude towards sex if you're not interested in her yourself? You're obsessed with "proving she's lying" over and over when we've already proven it. Yes, she has lied. It's like this thread is stuck on a fucking time loop. In Japan, a man relying on a woman is different than a woman on a man. That's just how it is and no amount of vendetta against Venus can change that. Also kek at you exposing your newfaggotry with the brand new "wk-fag". You have to actually learn to use this site before posting. Lurk more, PULL-chan. You're really stupid.

No. 96878

Actually, it's possible for her to get a job but she doesn't want to. Plus, she had years to get an education. Instead she choose to sit in her pink little room, using her visa hubby. She openly berated those who work "real" jobs as uncreative and those jobs are beneath her. Her contempt for getting an actual job, does not mean she can leech off someone then slander them for her wrong-doings or parade someone's company as her own. You're clearly a retard. And yes, it has been discussed, but you're the one replying to any anon who criticizes your beloved weenoos, implying she isn't lying, contradicting, manipulating, leeching etc and then trying to shut down discussion by straw-manning with, 'it's already been discussed.' You're probably a dumbass KF fan.

No. 96884

>using her visa hubby

Manaki lusted after her while she was underage. Dude doesn't get to have any fucking pity.

No. 96885

File: 1590817323854.png (124.22 KB, 680x680, 135.png)

How have you obsessively researched so much about Venus but somehow still read everything to fit your narrative? It's laughable how warped your view is of all of this and it smacks of vendetta. Venus is milky but this isn't PULL and you nitpicking her face and going TH-THIS ISN'T SEXY!!!1 despite being a straight girl is fucking stupid and nobody wants to see it here. Venus thread is best when we have neither whiteknights nor anons with retarded vendettas like you

No. 96887

Don't feed the WK. Most anons here are aware of the shit Venus has done and aren't making things up. Though, occasionally a few apologetic retards do show up.

No. 96889

>The WK
There are multiple anons calling you out on how bad the thread quality is

No. 96890

This is text filling. She writes the same thing everytime with some variations. But basically over and over:

1. thank u so much for support uwu
2. i know this content is still bad uwu / i know u worry about me but i'm so happy uwu
3. i will do my best uwu

She sounds like a very hollow person smh. She could act like a real person and talk about her day or something idk…

No. 96891

File: 1590817803366.png (22.29 KB, 128x126, 1580662466614.png)

Get back to PULL, nobody thinks this is interesting but you and everything you're saying has already been said

No. 96892

And he's a creep for that, but he also did a fuck ton for her, got her to Japan, tried to get her to avoid the surgery, defended her from margo, cared for her after surgery, provided for her, chauffeured her places, picked up her drunk ass, didn't want her to always wear lolita so clearly he wasn't obsessed with her doll bs. He did more for her than she ever did for him so when she publicly slandered him (notice it's just her who did that to parade around her delusional, manipulative narrative to her audience), yeah, he's gets a smidgen of sympathy. If she had just quietly broken up with him, it'd be different, but she paraded around a manipulative narrative and made up abuse stories to make her audience feel bad for her, and probably also because she's vindictive

No. 96893

>WKing a guy who wanted to fuck an underage girl just so you can keep hating Venus
This thread

No. 96894

no one said he wasn't predatory, dumbass. he just wasn't into the fetishizing doll bs. He probably wanted a real relationship, not some doll he idolized.

No. 96895

samefag, and you can stop gatekeeping what anons are allowed to discuss

No. 96896

>He probably wanted a real relationship
Do you fucking hear yourself? He probably reaaaally loved a vulnerable underage girl who was being abused by her only parental figure? You're batshit

No. 96897

Jesus, is this the anon who shat up the other thread about pedo stuff too and being offended by how young she looks when she takes all her wrinkles off with a body she can't control looking small and petite because that's who she is due to surgery at this point? I don't care about people hating cows, that's the point, but this anon is mental trying to push shit that isn't happening.

No. 96899

If you acknowledged he fetishized and lusted after her as a kid, who always wore dresses, it makes no sense that after she got married that he didn't like it. Where are you getting all this?

No. 96900

who would do all that for a person if they weren't genuinely interested in them? you sound like you don't even have 1 brain cell

No. 96901

No, this isn't that anon. I'm just laughing at how this PULLtard hates venus to the point of obsession so fucking badly that she'll excuse predatory behavior just so Venus doesn't get an ounce of sympathy

No. 96902

Samefag, fucking kek anon, I'm actually kind of glad you've never been through anything like that but also kind of perplexed at how naive you are. Do you know how abusers work?

No. 96903

Venus lashed out at him once because she said he was sick of her wearing lolita dolly clothing. So according to Venus, he wasn't into it anymore. Maybe it brought too much attention to them every time they went out, idk, but basically she said she's not going to comfort others insecurities and acted like an entitled brat

No. 96904

Why should Venus get sympathy for only marrying a guy to go to Japan who didn't abuse her and provided everything for her, encouraged her to make friends etc. There's no way he was worse than margo like she said. She's just a liar

No. 96905

>Entitled brat
Kek, so that's what this is. You're mad you never got to live your dolly dream and you think Venus pissed it away when it's all you've ever wanted so you come here to whine about how a man who's attracted to this underage girl in a vulnerable position ~probably loved her~

No. 96906

You're clearly straw manning and derailing. >>96887 was right.

No. 96907


You're correct. Japan may be known to have a lot of weird fashion, but their society is still pretty traditional and less accepting for people who stand out. Manaki's request isn't that ridiculous if she took the time to understand their culture.

No. 96911

Because "i'M nOT LiKE oThEr GiRLs"!

No. 96912

Pretending not to be a pickme when you've been sperging about how M-MANAKI LOVED HER! when he groomed an underage girl is hilarious. You're more than willing to throw other women under the bus just to shit on them because you never went to japan. You're the only NLOG here, anon

No. 96913

File: 1590822612859.jpeg (313.47 KB, 828x1428, 6B3538E4-77FA-4022-BA81-269A7F…)

What’s up with this weird tinfoil post by margaret about venus? She claims that venus gave a little boy head in the comments and accuses venus of killing Manaki.

No. 96914

This milk is years old, lurk more

No. 96915

Wish anons would post images like these with dates.

No. 96916

That's not even the same anon, dumbass. I am, but I see you're still lurking about, the moment any anon posts. And now you're just making stuff up. He didn't "groom" her. He didn't abuse her (funny how Venus never provides evidence for these claims), he didn't alienate her and encouraged her to make friends, didn't wear down her boundaries, condition her, coerce her into sexual activity, blackmail her etc. In fact, she was the one who had power over him, via her 2 million audience.

Her reasoning for this alleged "abuse" included:
>1. Didn't want her to get the surgery/wouldn't have kids
Reasonable request. Concern for her well being most likely. If he wanted his eternally skinny lolita gaijin trophy wife, he might have encouraged the gastric bypass. I'm not a doctor, but refraining from having children doesn't seem unreasonable either. There'd be concerned for their well being, as well as how V, with an ED, would even handle pregnancy, gaining weight, nutrition? This isn't malicious blackmail to coerce her.
>2. When they moved in, he quit his job to leech off her income.
Easily disproven as she referenced him coming home from work multiple times and one needs a real job in order to get a lease in Japan.
>3. He didn't want her wearing lolita
Basically what >>96907 said.

None of this is excessively controlling or unreasonable. Like many couples, they bickered and split. Venus has publicly demonstrated that she's toxic too, so that may have been a factor. Her visa, living situation in the apartment or both was in jeopardy, hence her video response.

No. 96917

Just Margo being Margo. Apparently Venus emailed her, confirmed by Venus in a pity-grab post (I emailed my mom but she call me a psycho waah waah pity me uwu). Margo said she was requesting an insanity plea and thinks Venus was involved in both sexually abusing the boy who Venus disgustingly used for her own agenda, and that she killed Manaki. Obviously far-fetched but at least she prefaced if with speculation this time lmao. As another anon stated, I can't see Venus emailing her for that merely out of curiosity or on recommendation of a therapist, something must have happened (legal trouble?) but killing Manaki is just retarded.

It's not years old. Margo posted that mid April 2020. That anon's just being a gatekeeping retard.

No. 96918

Discuss it in Margo's thread.

No. 96921

He groomed her but keep WKing him, maybe Manaki will come and take you to japan

No. 96929

At this point I will not be surprised if all of this is true.

No. 96930

You're literally delusional and it's hilarious

No. 96931

NTA but give examples of how he groomed her. Just one. You have a verdant imagination about what was going on in his mind when he was a fan of her, but you have not one bit of evidence that he abused her in any way. We don’t call him Doormat and cuck for no reason. Fact is, he married an ADULT and both Margaret and Venus admit he didn’t do anything physical with her until she was 19, long after they were “married”. Then their marriage died soon after, they were sleeping in separate rooms and she fucking other guys and flirting with women while publicly shitting on Manaki. Stop infantilizing a grown woman and creating Margaret-worthy fiction.

No. 96932

Simple, he lusted after an underage girl who was living with an abusive mother and no other parental figure who would have done anything to get out of there. Think about the type of man who looks for an underage girl in such a vulnerable position. I already mentioned this upthread if you'd bother to read. No amount of vendetta against Venus will change the fact that she was a victim of Manaki

No. 96935

>most women in Japan are encouraged to stay home if they are married and not work

lmfao anon which century did you time travel from?

No. 96936

Kek anon, assblasted that Japan is more traditional than your western ideals?

No. 96938


Well.. He could have been worst like, kick her to the curb when she doesn't put out, force her to become a prostitute for money, or beat the shit out of her for laughs. Considering there's so much sick fucks out there who could have taken advantage of her, Manaki was pretty tolerant. No one thinks he's the perfect guy, he's just the lesser evil.

No. 96939

>He could have been worst

No. 96940

He wasn't abusive. That anon has been here for hours spewing Marge-like delusions.

No. 96941

You're defending grooming an underage girl just because you don't like her and think she's manipulative. She could be the most evil bitch on the planet and he'd still be in the wrong

No. 96942

No, I'm looking at the evidence.

No. 96943

Alright, pedo-sama(constant infighting and derailing)

No. 96944

anon i don't mind any traditional ideals, idgaf who works and who doesn't that's everyone's free will, also I'm not western lol. you just made an incorrect statement, that's all. if you actually looked up some statistics on this matter, maybe you would discover that,

roughly 50%-60% married women in japan work(depending on how work is defined in the statistic) and the number has been rising each year, and is over double of what it used to be in the 80s

also, surprise: you can actually stay at home and work at the same time, it's called "work from home", and yes some married women do that too.

I will not derail any further with this crap, but yeah you can continue telling us about your japan fantasies

No. 96952

No. 96954


Toys that are chopped up women, just a bag of plastic body parts complete with blood.
That sort of thing seems to be something else that is popular in Japan, as in the "Guinea Pig" films,. especially the second one in the series, I think it was the second one, where a man has a girl tied to a bed in a room and proceeds to chop her up while she is still alive, with no explanation or story surrounding it, just for the reason of showing it. It used to be on Youtube, but probably for obvious reasons was removed after a time. it was actual weirdly fascinating to watch, and had good atmospheric music, but very distasteful in its subject matter, especially as no storyline, just shown for the sake of it.

No. 96955


Sadly this sort of thing seems to be prevalent everywhere, no accounting for men and their horrible desires, certainly in the gay community in the UK, scat has been a thing for a long time, and probably in US too and other countries. and not just in gay community, I don't understand the attraction men feel towards unpleasant smells and as for horrible fetishes like this, it is so revolting.
I hope the scat freaks don't start asking her to pose with shit smeared on herself, and seeing as how she has admitted to being a masochist, may take pleasure in being humiliated and then posting it publicly.
I wonder if some sick pervert asked her to lay naked amidst the slimy rubbish of the city's refuse dump, if she would do it? Like showing herself as throwaway rubbish, it makes me wonder if this is her self loathing coming out in doing pictures demeaning herself to look like she has thrown up , maybe through being out of it on drugs or drink, there are undoubtedly sick perverts who would love to see her in that state, you hear of how they rape girls who are out of it, and someone I knew once got so drunk and passed out after throwing up everywhere and her Arab boyfriend had sex with her in that state, but never talked about to her, and if she ever tried to instigate sex with him at other times he was disgusted and accused her of behaving like a sex maniac, so double standards much from some of these types of men?!
I think the mistake Venus has made is in asking for requests, as that leaves her prey to all sorts of vileness to be requested.

No. 96956


You mean this documentary:

Even Gary Leneker got involved with it.

No. 96957

No. 96958

I hope it's not some monumental creep she's involved with, She seems to have that look of being in awe of somebody here, the way she's looking at the camera with like the look of love, or whatever, at least she looks nice, happy and smiling.

No. 96960


But wait a minute, she's critiqued for over editing and now complaints that she has done no or little editing? it seems she can't do anything right for some of you haters out there.

No. 96961

I think she does look Japanese here, she certainly makes me think I'm not looking at a European. There are many Japanese girls look similar to this.
And I hope she is not ever going to try and look like Kim Kardashian, one of the ugliest women I've ever seen.

No. 96962

Yes, she's using something like that as props to give the effect that she's thrown up I think. I cannot even believe there is anyone out there who would do this for real, but ok, there probably are, but I prefer not to have to think about such grossness.

No. 96963


I totally agree with you. I've noticed this too, such double standards, she is never going to be able to do anything right as far as some people are concerned, such is the amount of hate towards her from them.
I have to ask myself just why they hate her so much, There are far more worse people out there in the world deserving of hate than Venus Angelic.

No. 96965

It's not puke. Wtf, is wrong with you anons? It looks like a melted honey cake. Those crumble, so it's probably her eating and getting it everywhere. You have part os whipped cream still with a bit of swirl. That shit doesn't happen with puke.

No. 96968


Welcome to the wacky world of the internet. That's why everyone who seeks approval and self-esteem online goes fucking mental - if they're not already.

No. 96970

I recall quite often hearing women complain that actually when you're married to a Japanese man, that they expect you to do everything and to pay for everything. I watched a video some while back from a Russian girl, called Mila Jamil titled "Why I Disliked Living In Japan and Why I Left Tokyo", I have the video as had downloaded it to watch offline, but it is no longer on Youtube, she talked about in there how Jaanese men expect you to pay for everything and to do everything, and HIMR's ex wife Chihiro also mentioned in one of the videos she did with HK Guy that Daniel was more like a 'typical' Japanese man in that he expected her to pay for everything and to do everything in the home, so Venus could well have been telling the truth about Manaki expecting to live off her.

No. 96972

Wow, did Venus pay you to wk her or are you just a sad simp?

No. 96975

I wasn't saying it was real, only that she was using whatever it was, cream and bits of fruit, to look like that, it's just the idea that she'd have to do that to appeal to the sort of sick weirdos who would want to see that that I can't get over.

No. 96976


That's why I said she was using it as props to make it look like that. I'm just waiting to hear a sensible explanation for why some pervert would even have a horrible fetish like that in the first place, it is worse than a shit fetish. can't imagine anything much worse.

No. 96978


Take a scroll through Google with terms like "self vomit" or "gagging" and you'll see exactly how much demand there is and material to fulfill it. There's a cam girl for everyone.

Why Venus would get on board with that is another matter (if that was the intent) - though nothing would surprise me.

No. 96981

sorry to disturb you anon but puke is a recurrent fetish in Japan along with poop.

No. 96984

man i dont know how venus’ threads are so prone to newfags, infighting and WKs, plus some retard always reeeee’ing about PULL like we have stellar convos here. All these things shit up the thread.

Venus needs money and wants to stay in japan and will do anything for these two things. She is not smart by any means, she only knows how to seek validation for her behavior and changing accordingly (negative reception for the malice thing, finally taking better pics), creating controversies (opening an OF), and manipulating her fanbase to see her as a victim. her plans are never long term, its just her OF is the novelty of seeing essentially a child star ruin themselves.

i wish i knew how she was spending her OF money, but it seems shes buying costume and renting love hotels for photoshoots. Thats kinda a hard cycle to break, curious how much money shes saving, if any at all.

really curious of her how the tips thing will turn out, expecting tons of cringe.

No. 97005

What. If her disgusting puke fetish is for japanese men, why is she doing it if all her simps are non-japanese guys? Wouldn’t that put them off?

No. 97006

I honestly really don't get the hate. I'm here for the same reason everyone is - to follow the drama of fucked up people like Mira/Kanadajin3 and Onision. Holding out for a Jimmy Saroka thread. But I really don't find anything especially objectionable about this girl. Certainly, her mother is as bad of a lolcow as anyone. With this girl, though, if anything her threads just make me feel anxious for her well-being - I see a lost girl who might be self-destructing. With an abusive, controlling mother like hers, I don't see how she could have possibly had a normal life. Venus allegedly did some bad things to her ex-boyfriend, but even there it's not clear to me what was her fault and what was her mother's. It's great that she got away from her mother, who would have sabotaged whatever she did.

The alcoholism and depression were disturbing. Doing softcore porn also feels like it's going down the wrong path. That said, she likes Japan, and given her lack of experience and education, I don't know how her prospects look in the gig economy, doing more conventional work. The conventional advice would be for her to go back to Europe, get an education, and build a foundation for herself. But I can only imagine she feels stuck right now.

All the slut-shaming and criticism of her looks is unfair. Yeah, she's not a model, but she's decently average, about a 6/10. Her mother's gross, but that's not a criticism of her. There are all these disgustingly ugly and fat cosplayers and wannabe-pornstars on this site, and she doesn't look anything like them.

I do think the criticisms of her alcoholism and e-begging are fine, possibly even helpful. But I can't abide by the insults toward her looks. I know many of you couldn't care less, but I think this site is good for criticizing and drawing attention to when people do bad things, or are going down the wrong path. But when you're just tearing someone down, it doesn't really seem healthy.

No. 97007

You forgot to mention that little fragile & unhinged Venus is a full blown narcissist.

No. 97008

Maybe, but people around here throw that term around with everyone who's ever posted their face on the internet.

No. 97009

She's a legacy cow like kooter; a lot of weebs were jealous of/fascinated by her back in the day so they're invested in her downfall despite the fact that she's turned into a generic e-whore without all of the interesting drama that online sex workers usually get into. She should have gone the kooter route and either sanitized or removed her internet presence to shake off the weebs still clinging on, but she also has the decision-making skills of a generic e-whore.

No. 97016

get out. back to tumblr with you.

No. 97018

cool story bro

No. 97019

Slut shamming, another popular phrase. She is posting those photos on her Instagram and promoting onlyfans with her tip plan. Most of her fans are under 18 and see this. She was just too lazy to make separate account. She even asks those fans to support her and kinda normalizes it that there is nothing wrong in what she is doing. I think this is bad enough.

No. 97021

We know she is a 8/10

Lets be honest and remove the tin foil hats.

No. 97022

sex work is pretty much normal, it legally exists all over the world and there is nothing wrong with an adult deciding to work in the sex industry. i cant say whether or not most of her fans are under 18; regardless, as long as she doesnt post outright porn on her ig, the responsibility to prevent minors from accessing pornographic content on onlyfans is onlyfans.
if the internet would successfully prevent minors from accessing inappropriate material, 90% of people oin this forum would not be here. nab.

No. 97024

There is evidence of this even in the fact Valentine's day is supposed to be a day where you buy presents for your boyfriend or husband and him only. Not gift exchange. Just for him. Considering every one of them seems to be an incel otaku I guess that's where western incel's jealousy comes from. That's their dream, to be a pathetic loser that gets paid for.

I will say Manaki seemed to be as mentally stunted as Venus in her videos, and I couldn't imagine him raising a family or anything like that.

No. 97025

You do realize most sex workers are poor abused women of color? And MANY sex workers are trafficked underage girls? Are you retarded? This shit is not normal.

No. 97026

Go back to twitter. Youre on lolcow. You think we're not gonna judge desperate whory moves and her aging skin?

No. 97027

I thought men in japan paid for their wife and that the women controlled the money? Hence the whole salaryman culture.

No. 97028

Then they do White Day a month later where the guy is supposed to reciprocate with a more expensive gift.

No. 97029

Lmao what a shitty hot take. You sound like a sheltered moron or troll. It's the fault of onlyfans that someone with an audience of old perverts and kids who has made not explicitly sexual generic weeb content for most of her life and career is on their platform? It's the fault of kids for finding that? Sex work is normal and not about trafficking and trauma and abuse and porn addiction for most people involved? Like how can a comment be this stupid

No. 97033

okay, you got me there, venus is a poor abused woman of colour who is the victim of sex trafic. i guess i really am retarded after all.

if sex work is about the things you mentioned, how does venus producing adult content lead to her fans entering the porn industry? does it traumtatize them or what?
if you wonder how a comment can be really stupid, maybe you should have read yours before posted it.

No. 97036

File: 1590917130033.jpg (138.91 KB, 1280x720, ITT.jpg)

this whole post is correct. this thread is a mess, it's just the same handful of salty anons with vendettas desperately reaching to say she's a hideous evil mastermind lmao

No. 97043

theres definitely more weird things. The smelly items would be number one if anything. Her pictures are blurred but one of the sex dolls on display at some point was of an underage person, the walls are lined with photos people trying on costumes to get a 20/30% discount she didnt seem to mention. vegetable vibrators were probably the most boring, everything she talked about was quite tame.

She also over hyped that store and its size. Its 6 floors and its packed to the ceiling but its not like NYC macys 6 floors. A small store in a strip mall probably has the same size sales floor per square foot/meter. The arcade next door to it is much bigger.

No. 97044

show me one psychologist who endorses sex work or thinks it is a good idea for anyone's mental health

No. 97050

File: 1590933464642.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1242x2241, 737A925A-636F-48B0-9E63-167794…)

She’s streaming on her OF rn, and she will archive it so it can be rewatched, watched like 5 minutes and it’s basically a paywalled insta live with 60 ppl watching lol shes just answering questions

No. 97051

File: 1590933508169.jpeg (896 KB, 1242x1833, 27CEF1EB-11E8-4F08-BEE0-30C043…)

(random caps from a video aren't milk)

No. 97052


I legit thought that was a new YouTube channel video for a second.

No. 97053

Now she's getting closer and closer to softcore porn…keep it up!

No. 97054

To whoever posted that pic, did Venus post any caption or comment with it, or did she just randomly post it with no explanation?
It might have helped us understand what she was trying to show if there had been an explanatory caption along with the picture.
I think it is meant to be as if she has thrown up as it is all smeared down her chin, looks so disgusting and ruins what would have been otherwise a lovely picture of her.

No. 97055

File: 1590936102998.jpg (60.95 KB, 400x400, rGmDX2J8_400x400.jpg)

what a fucking cheap life with no dignity, she truly learned nothing through her life. I'm 100% sure a bunch of people tried to help her and guide her on a more respectable way to gain money, but no, she decided to be a fucking online prostitute.

Literal whores don't deserve my compassion or empathy. God is forgiving, I am not.

No. 97056

I appreciate the Zodd reaction image. Also, her wig looks like it's worth $2. She's really pulling out all the stops for her new "career" it seems.

No. 97057

I think the main problem is in that our hypocritical western society has the ingrained mindset that all people under 18 yrs old are 'children'. That in itself is ridiculous, children are people under twelve yrs old, and at a pinch 13 or 14 yr olds, but I recall from my schooldays, no one was more obsessed with sex that the kids there, (I wasn't one of the ones who were sexually active, but I certainly was thinking myself "in love" with different males from the age of about 10. My gay friend told me the other night he knew he was gay from the age of eight) point being, that in nature, young adults are usually sexually active and not considered 'untouchable' and have to be left alone until they are much older, but that is what human society in the west does and then normalises it, when really it is not normal.
Most teenagers are sexually obsessed, it's all they ever think about, not all, but certainly a great number of them are, and then there is the fact that people are allowed to marry at sixteen yrs old, I once knew an old couple in their eighties, who got married at sixteen, and they were still happy together all those years later, yet in today's world they would be classed as 'minors' and 'children', in Britain I have heard people a month away from their 18th birthday be described as 'children', not only is it totally inaccurate it is insulting and demeaning for a young person, to be described as a child, when they are actually young adults.
Most people, of course, are terrified to ever speak out against this, because the moment they do, they get these morons who scream "pedo" at them, which then effectively shuts down any reasonable discussion.

Saying that anyone under the age of 18 should not be able to see Venus' Instagram just seems ridiculous, you see more explicit images in the teen magazines many of them read.

No. 97058

Everytime I see a photo of Venus's bad costhot content I look back at how she claimed that no "normal" jobs allowed her to be creative enough hence why she never went down that route and chose to open a OF instead. How tragic…

No. 97059

File: 1590937503750.jpg (15.52 KB, 252x400, Convenience store woman cover.…)

The book Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata hilariously depicts life in Japan, with a woman who wants nothing more than to work in the 'lowliest' position in a conbini and a weird, smelly guy who she takes in and who expects her to keep him hidden away in her home and to keep him and be the sole provider for them both.

No. 97060

Well no one can say she doesn't look pretty here.

Love her or hate her, she does look very pretty in this picture.

No. 97061

Are you the same individual from the last thread who made multiple posts complaining about western society and "subjective moral views" (aka that it's gross to show porn to kids), and insinuated that 12 year olds choose to be prostitutes and would be offended at anyone saying they don't belong in the sex industry?
Come to think of it, are you also the same person who kept posting about that Kate Bush song and how everyone is too "sensitive" about pedophilia?
When will you go away? You're fucking creepy. Also, barely anyone reads magazines anymore. I hate boomers.

No. 97062

>all posts that I disagree with are made by one person
Come on now.

No. 97063

She streams to answer questions?

No. 97064

I didn't say that, but it's pretty strange that Venus threads seem to attract an "audience" of anon(s) who make long-winded, ranty posts insisting that it's okay for adults to show porn to children. The last post in the last thread already highlighted that it's considered sexual abuse, so I don't know why someone(s) keeps trying to insist it's not and bitching about "western society".

No. 97065

What? Totally missing the point as usual. Firstly, in my view, I'd think it was wrong to show porn to anyone to anyone, unless they had actually asked for it to be shown to them. Ppl actively seeking it out is one thing, but not to have to be forced to see it.
I sometimes skim thru teen magazines when shopping in Waitrose and sometimes buy one for one of the free gifts, so peeps do still buy mags, lol, but I have to admit I don't usually read them when I buy one for a freebie given away with it.

No. 97066

Venus knowingly advertising her porn to an audience of children (who arguably followed her before her OF career) is basically that. It's not "missing the point", and I don't get why you're beating around the bush when you were previously very pointed.

No. 97067

File: 1590938901884.jpg (173.14 KB, 1080x767, 1590139539924.jpg)

I think I see what you're getting at… but that's one slippery slope you've chosen to stand on. Most of the anecdotes you made could be pulled straight from a NAMBLA rally.

>Anecdotes about 10/8 year olds

>"young adults are usually sexually active" in the literal next sentence

What am I reading? I hope that you're just bad at collecting your thoughts. Society bad, youthful sexualisation good? You know this is a massive problem in Japan where Venus is currently living (it sounds like you wish we were more like Japan in these respects) Here for more info: >>96730

Kek anon, I'm glad I'm not the only one who was suspicious.

No. 97068

The problem you're talking about is a whole other topic imo. I believe when humans had a very short lifespan (like they mostly die at 30), it was necessary to reproduce as early as possible, and the hormones of the adolescents where kinda synced with that period, they were probably mature enough and disciplined to have children at that age too.

Now in modern era with way longer lifespan, people are mostly pretty stupid and immature even at 18. They don't have the shoulders the bear children. Yet their hormones are desynced with their age and that's a huge problem to be frankly honest.

And ngl I don't really a solution for this, maybe stop fucking putting kids in safe spaces where then can learn nothing and try to teach them how challenging and rough life is maybe?

No. 97069

File: 1590939219467.png (55.64 KB, 623x270, Capture1.PNG)

Anon, you don't need to keep posting the same picture for nine days, we get it. No one replied to you the first time you posted it because the old thread was locked shortly afterwards.


No. 97070

I've heard so called 'experts' say that people should be classed as children until they are 25 yrs old because their brains are not fully developed until then, and then you have men who think a woman of 19 is too old for their tastes.
The fact is that people who regard young adults as children are doing them a disservice, and teenagers are usually sexually active, as nature intended, and people who have weird opinions that in that to be akin to nature is somehow wrong, needs to rethink.
It is insulting to young adults to refer to them as children, and some people who have been sexually active from a young age, sometimes from their own choice, sometimes sadly not, don't want to be insulted by being referred to by condescending individuals as mere 'children' when they are probably more grown up in their attitudes than the person looking down their nose at them and calling them children, just dismissing them as mere kids who should have no say in anything and no rights because they are 'only' children.
The world can be a hard place and idiots trying to keep people stuck in child mode when they are sexually active young adults is ridiculous.

No. 97071

Kek I thought that anon could use a reminder considering that rant, or maybe hadn't seen the old thread. I never expected anyone to reply to me because I know how thread locking works but thanks I guess?

No. 97072

ya i'm okay with these western standards anon. 15 year olds can be horny as much as they want as long as they discover their sexuality with their age group. We need to clarify an age where you are old enough to have had plenty of sexuel experiences somewhere so that adult stuff like porn don't mess with your teenage brain and sexuality, because yes it does fuck with a teen's brain. And I think 18 yo is quite reasonable.

And even 18 yo is quite young considering a lot of people lose their virginity after that age only.

18+ is 18+ anon. It's around this time a person's brain matures to become an adult. Some people will even say 21. I think we should leave it the way it is and restrict if able a younger audience to watch porn.

And come on I know very few people who have once said something like "at 17 i was such an adult!". Like no, most of us think back at that time and remember how immature we were.

No. 97074

It's demeaning for a 17 year old to be called a child, but not demeaning for said 17 year old to show all their holes to strangers on the internet. Scrot logic.

No. 97076

Stop trying to twist things to suit your own agenda. Nobody has said that.

No. 97078

Are you the woman who once told me she snatched a camera away from someone on the beach because the camera person was photographing the landscape and the snatcher was nearby with her kids and thought the photographer just had to be a pervert? Just asking.

No. 97079

Literally what you're aiming for with your obsessive paragraphs about how "sexual" children are and how insulting it is to call a child a child. I second the anon who called you a creep, fuck off out of the thread unless you have something to say about Venus.

No. 97080

So, because some experts have extremist views, we should hold an anonymous person with no credentials whatsoever who posts dodgy shit as being just as valid?
>and then you have men who think a woman of 19 is too old for their tastes.
So, pedophiles? Are you implying they should be considered valid, or…?
Also, thanks for confirming that you are that same person. You really do sound like someone out of NAMBLA with these arguments. It's always that crowd who do this fake "child liberation" thing, and no one is ever fooled by it but themselves.
>It is insulting to young adults […]
Most of us here are actual young adults (or even teens), or at least young enough to remember what we were like as teens, and even younger, very vividly. We don't need you speaking for us, taking offense on our behalf and offering meandering anecdotes about your own youth.
Venus doesn't need to be showing her 18+ shit to her 12-14 year old fans, end of story. She can easily make another account for lewd shit, but she's probably worried she won't get as much engagement because she knows she has more weeby kids following her than 35 year old coomers.

No. 97082

>fuck off out of the thread unless you have something to say about Venus
The last 10 or so of your posts have had nothing to do with Venus, or any of the milk discussed prior, and have all fueled derailing and infighting for the sole purpose of proving some kind of moral superiority to… strangers on an anonymous imageboard. Follow your own advice, genius (and enjoy the ban you'll likely soon get.)

No. 97083


>Literal whores don't deserve my compassion or empathy. God is forgiving, I am not.

Get a loada THIS guy.

No. 97084

>The world can be a hard place and idiots trying to keep people stuck in child mode when they are sexually active young adults is ridiculous.

You sound a little dramatic so here's a few points.

“the world” is not keeping sexually active teens in a cage to speak in metaphors.

Developed sexuality doesn't make you an adult.

And I still think porn shouldn't be consume under the age of 18.

No. 97085

>But what Venus is knowingly doing is inappropriate at best, and predatory at worst.
This. I don't even know why anyone is attempting to debate it (aside from the most obvious reason).
I don't think she's a predator, but she definitely knows what she's doing, and that it's not appropriate. It's just pure greed.

No. 97086

>at 17 i was such an adult!
This. I think despite a lot of us being sexually active as teens we were retarded, and made retarded mistakes due to not having developed brains. Now we have foresight it's easy to classify minors as what they are, minors. I don't feel anyone considered an adult should expose themselves, or sexual content to those that are underage. What two teens want to do together is their parent's business. But what Venus is knowingly doing is inappropriate at best, and predatory at worst.

Hilarious anon. I'm going to take the ban and assume your unsaged, irrelevant question is indicative of you being a scrote.

No. 97087

Try to learn what an actual pedophile is before you start coming out with crap like that, 19 yrs old is adult, pedos like kids, that is under 12 yrs old. And FYI, I didn't even know what nambla was and had to look it up, and no nothing i would ever want anything to do with , so fuck off, and thanks for proving my point about the sort of retard you are. And Venus is not posting porn , not actual porn, just pictures. and only fans is for people over 18, not kids.

No. 97088

Literally my first post in this thread for a day or so. There are multiple anons here right now and you sound deranged asking if people are random women you saw at the beach one time. >>97078
Seek help.

No. 97090

File: 1590940552606.png (29.89 KB, 674x265, lel.png)

>>97067 don't worry about it, you'll be fine.

No. 97091

So you don't understand sarcasm either, then? Figures.
Point is you sound like the same sort of mindset that that woman had.

No. 97093

Forgive me I deleted to reply to the scrote. I'm assuming the debate is coming from someone who lusted after Venus when she was younger, that or they're a weeb who reads those CSA hentai and vehemently defends it because it's "an outlet for pedophiles".

I swear every heated discussion I see on this site takes place in this thread. If it's not a direct connection to Venus' audience idk what is.

No. 97095

Time for some light relief.

No. 97097

Why did your grammar and reading comprehension fall apart so fast? Reread your own post.
You said that 19 is too old for the group you're describing. Like you said, a 19 year old is an adult woman. A man who considers an adult woman "too old for his tastes" is a pedophile. Don't bother trying to weasel out with that "actually sweaty it's hebephilia" BS, either.
Go to therapy. Defending pedophilia under the guise of "it's insulting to children to call them as such" is not normal, it's what pedophiles do. Venus' behavior is not normal, it's what both pedophiles and amoral, attention/money-hungry people do.

No. 97099

File: 1590941193961.jpg (141.75 KB, 1080x1489, Screenshot_20200601-020256__01…)


>NAMBLA'S attempts to construct ageism as a social problem

This is eerily reminiscent of this discussion..

No. 97100

I was once made to feel too old at 19 because the guy thought I was "almost as old as him", men usually prefer younger girls, not kids but teenage, Kelsey Ellison once doing a livestream on nico, was asked how old she was, when she said 19, comments came in saying "too old". And no i do not agree with it, i don't like it. but it's how many men are.
I don't think Venus is intending to do anything wrong, I just think she doesn't always know how what she does is going to affect a western audience, she is in Japan and they think differntly there.

No. 97102

Agreed. The condescending "When I was this age, I…" shit makes me think it's the former, but now I'm actually wondering if it's the latter. Or, maybe they're someone who's been groomed and is just regurgitating shit their groomer has told them about the "ignorance of western society" and how they're "insulting young adults".
I got that idea from the way their typing style changed and started to sound markedly more immature in >>97087. Who knows, though.
>If it's not a direct connection to Venus' audience idk what is.
I guess it makes sense. She basically panders to that kind of crowd (and as we've seen with Peter from Toronto, it "works"). It's just irritating that they feel the need to come here and preach their fucked up opinions to us like we'll buy them.

No. 97103

>>And I still think porn shouldn't be consume under the age of 18.

I don't think porn should be consumed by anyone of any age as it is dehumanising and disgusting, but then that is 'real' porn, showing people peforming actual sex acts, not just a few sexy pictures like Venus is posting, and in the case of the gross one, not even sexy, and certainly not at all sexy in the stupid corn sucking one.

No. 97107

File: 1590944288885.jpg (97.48 KB, 611x611, a1mn.jpg)

>must be 18 so porn don't mess with your brain and sexuality

lol you really think porn doesn't affect older men?

that's it, why is porn even legal in modern societies? Why can't they be like south korea and just ban it? Is money all that matters?

If there was no legal porn, women like Venus wouldnt be able to live off showing tits and would have to find a more ethical thing to do instead(porn derailing)

No. 97112

Farmers please ignore the pedos in the thread.
Venus had alot of old male fans since she was 14 and some of them still follow her.
The people derailing this thread with weird pro-pedo shit are her retarded old male fans that need to get banned.
The reason why they are here is probably to look at the onlyfans leaks but considering how autistic they are they cant just lurk and look at photos but they also have to comment and shit this thread up.

No. 97114

If anybody should be banned, it is users who make totally inaccurate and ludicrous comments like this that could not be further from the truth. So many comments seem to be from silly little girls who just scream "pedo" at anyone who even dares to question their silly skewed viewpoint. I am a woman and have seen a little more of life than many of the spoilt sheltered little bitches posting here, because that is how they come across as being. If anything derails the thread, it is posts like this that go off on a tangent and let their imaginations run riot over someone and subjects they obviously know nothing about. This post adds nothing to the thread and is just the wrong imaginings of the poster.

No. 97115

I agree. It is difficult to make a point here without being accused of belonging to some obscure organisation like that nambla thing, this is the Uk, and it looks liek we don't have such things over here, at least not that I've heard of. The point is if kids were not brought up to think of the human body in smutty ways, they might not have such views about it being something 'forbidden' and therefore to be sought out, that is, there is no healthy attitude towards it, they are make to feel ashamed of their bodies from an early age, I was, cover yourself up. you're disgusting, sort of thing, that sends unhealthy messages to growing minds, I'm not going to continue with this as I'm not very good at explaining myself in what I mean and people take the wrong way what i am trying to say and, and kids grow up seeing there is people saying that Venus is disgusting and that she should not be showing herself on IG where she is not completely covered up and showing some skin, therefore that is 'disgusting' and they absorb all this, and that is just one example, so young people are made to feel they are disgusting or any young woman is disgusting who shows a cleavage or something, and if it were not for porn everywhere, there would be no need for anyone to think of the human body in a smutty way, not saying people should go around exposing themselves, but if only people would stop viewing the human body in sexual ways when often it is not meant to be , and men are always going to notice things about a pretty female, but society does not have to produce things like disgusting porn which makes men worse than nature has made them already, not saying all men are like this obviously, before anyone accuses me of that, but if only people were brought up to not view their bodies with shame or as something that should be degraded for the sake of men to jerk off to, the same men who are then going to think of the female they are fapping to as 'devalued'.
Who is to blame? Society? Men? I really don't know, but it is mainly women who suffer from it ultimately, but men suffer from it too in some way.

No. 97118

>i am a woman you little bitches
Lol said by every man here who pretended to be a woman.
So tell me boomer which one of her simps are you, are you Peter?

No. 97120

I'd like to know how you ever came to the conclusion that there are men here pretending to be women ? It makes no sense, but then nothing from spoilt, screaming little girls ever makes much sense. This is what derails the thread, stupid comments like yours.
Note to moron, not every one who disagrees with you is a man, and not everyone who might not share your ridiculous view that a person over twenty liking someone of 19 is a pedo, you're utterly ridiculous, Venus is 23 for goodness sake, how on earth is anyone interested in her a pedo? Oh of course in your view they are, because you said so, and anyone who disagrees with you is one too, so there!
That is how you come across, childish, and stupid. You do realise that Venus is a grown woman and not a child? I know there are ppl out there who want everyone to be classed as children until they are 25, but I didn't think we had got there, yet, I guess it is only a matter of time until those hysterical types get their own way on that though,
Saged, but really, this 'argument' is just so pointless.

No. 97122

God this is so obviously a man lmao it doesn't even sound like a farmer. This thread is FULL of men because they're lurking for the Onlyfans leaks. Anyone with a brain can see that lol.

"Venus is not pandering to pedophiles she is simply being a young sexual woman her childish followers need to accept that. Do we know when her posting schedule is? I'm a woman you sheltered little bitches."

No. 97123

i vote we censor/crop the leaks heavily from now on to get the old men out of this thread

also a few people need to stop taking shit so personally. i don't even know wtf they're arguing about anymore

no wonder this is the worst thread on the site

No. 97131

>I am a woman and have seen a little more of life than many of the spoilt sheltered little bitches posting her
This legitimately made me lose my shit. Having your dusty old prostate checked doesn't make you the epitome of wisdom.

I could only muster skimming this. No1curr.

>It makes no sense, but then nothing from spoilt, screaming little girls ever makes much sense.
It's no one else's fault you legitimately sound like a deranged incel moments after being let down gently.

I second this. I think the majority of us aren't particularly interested in Venus' tits kek.

No. 97133

Akshually I lurk here to see venus’ whereabouts every once in a while and I do like her nudes. I’m not a male.

No. 97142

I vote we get rid of people who can't handle the leaks

Keep bringing the milk!

No. 97143

Are some people here really considering censoring milk? What'd be the point of having this thread at all then? Or any other thread? Leaks are always behind spoilers, no one is forcing you to see them.

No. 97151

Why would you read a book by a Japanese author if you aren't Japanese?

No. 97156

I love this book, one of my faves.

anon what. heard of fyodor dostoyevsky, world famous russian author? spot the american lmao

No. 97161

stfu incel pedo and fuck off. Its clear you're a scrote. get off lolcow

No. 97164

lolcow users have become the lolcows. Take it to meta and relax.

No. 97165

this fucking thread is a joke, i can't tell anymore if people are this stupid or just trolling at this point

No. 97173

is this a joke? you know people love authors like murakami in the west right?

No. 97177

No? The colonialist approach to media is literally one of the biggest tells of a white supremacist especially a Russian author? Like why would you even read that??

No. 97212

In the beggining I didn't feel sorry for her but now I'm little bit worried. What if somebody will try to rape her? She is in foreign country without citenzenship. She put herself in danger.

No. 97218

This has got to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever read, you’re either a troll or completely brain dead.

No. 97235

If it gets the pedophilic scrotes to fuck off, I support it. It's not about being "forced" to see anything, it's about removing any incentive for Peter and other cooomers to come here.

>I'm a woman you spoilt sheltered little bitches
>silly little girls
sends me, because wasn't he going off on everyone for "insulting young adults" by pointing out they're young? Is being young a good or bad thing? I guess that might change with pedophiles, depending on how horny they are in the moment.
Also, nitpick, but him claiming we said people who are attracted to 19 year olds are pedophiles, even though he clearly said 19 year olds are too old for "some men" (aka, they're too old for pedophiles) is more of that scrote-tier doubletalk. "Man in his 40s trying to manipulate you and screaming that you're a crazy bitch after he's been called out" type shit.

No. 97245

ya i agree or maybe strike out the more explicit parts only so that we can still spill the tea.

Btw this whole conversation about simps coming to lurk leaked images and stuff had me think about something. Doesn't OF or the OF user themself try to protect their pics from leakage? Or like engage into a law pursuit or the likes? Like what's the point in sharing secret pics if someone's job is to leak them on boards or reddit? And very commonly too. You're basically screwed the moment you decide It's a good idea to use OF for means of sharing secret nudes. The logic is over me.

No. 97248

>in my view, I'd think it was wrong to show porn to anyone to anyone, unless they had actually asked for it to be shown to them.

Okay, can we at least agree that THIS is the main problem instead of arguing about teenage sexuality? The young age of her fans, which we already have screenshot proof are as young as 11/12, is highly concerning, but the fact that she forced the new format on a majority people who were not asking for it is shitty and rude. It would be like a family-friendly chef Instagrammer I follow suddenly plastering his feed with pictures of him in an erotic fur suit. Like, yeah. I can just unfollow him then, but he still disrespected his audience and did not get consent from others to participate in his fetish. Same with Venus. She forced people of all ages to accept this as part of the Venus Angelic brand or else they have to unfollow. Even though the real content is at OF, she still didn’t care to separate the new persona and give her fans the option to stay on an old account or join an alternate.

No. 97257

File: 1590988227861.jpg (62.85 KB, 1080x437, Screenshot_20200601_141003.jpg)

>disrespected his audience and did not get consent from others to participate in his fetish.

This is a underrated statement and i love that you pointed it out. Espacially this applies to Venus much more than other ethots. Recent ethots usually pender to lewd from the moment they do cosplay so whatever. Venus on the other side has been family friendly for like 10 years and releases on that same family friendly account a picture of her with bdsm leash in her mouth. That's so insensitive! lol Same with still not age restricted YT account. It's all about DIY and friendly interviews, and cooking show. Then all of a sudden It's "I wanna be the biggest slut"! And review of weird sex toys.

Sure, Venus can do the fuck she wants. But there should have been a warning, a change of account and most fucking importantly, an age restriction on her new content. She is such a true cow lol

No. 97271

I agree with everything you said, except for the order of your priorities.
>Nudes without consent
>10/11 year olds
Nudes without consent exposed to 10/11 year olds seems like the greater of two evils to me. Both issues with Venus' business model aren't mutually exclusive.

No. 97275

So much unsaged blogposting ITT from UK pedoanon talking about Waitrose, a person they met once, their friend's childhood crushes.

No. 97276

>It would be like a family-friendly chef Instagrammer I follow suddenly plastering his feed with pictures of him in an erotic fur suit.

This sounds like something that has a 50% chance of happening in current year.

No. 97278

Right, suddenly switching content types when she gets hundreds of comments a day from under-16s who even mention their age in the comment. Why not make a new account and post there? There is a voyuer/flasher element in all this which is tied up with the pedobaiting.

No. 97282

uh, i guess??

No. 97288

File: 1591002765686.jpg (216.31 KB, 1718x774, KmkRR1r.jpg)

Speaking of pedobaiting….
Here she goes again! (Screenshot from PULL)

Even though participants of enjo kousai can be people of all ages and it’s comparable to sugaring in the West, you just KNOW from how she set up this post that she is going to exploit how the term is most controversially associated with teen girls. She’ll definitely be in seifuku, pretending to be younger. Okay, WKs. Want to defend her dumb ass now?
>Actually, it’s so obscure that not even anime features it, dAmN!

It’s not obscure, it’s just seen as shameful and really only actively promoted in hentai anime and JAV. Mainstream Japanese society doesn’t want to acknowledge it and otaku don’t want their waifus from popular anime programs to be portrayed as “impure”. So of course it won’t be common in anime.

Watch. Next she’ll be doing adult baby play and pants shitting. She never wanted to be a normal, cute gravure idol. She wants to hit all the fringe and taboo fetishes to be a foreign edgelord queen.

No. 97289

are we gonna ignore the
>once I lose my virginity
like whaaat? This must be a part of her uwu lil girlie play because no way in hell she's a virgin

No. 97290

Got your anime for you Venus, it’s called Initial D and I’m sure totally no one watched it at all

No. 97292

>enjo kousai
eww, isn't this like where teenager looking girls fuck old disgusting ojisans in AV?

Isn't this a new low? If i did porn or softcore i would at least want to work with good looking men that aren't the age of my dad. I literaly think this is worst then the body fluid fetish.

No. 97293

No, it’s teen girls meeting up with old guys to go on “dates” (read as have sex or other sexual contact) for cash.

No. 97294

>"once I lose my virginity"
Girl, you were married. Nobodies gonna believe that

No. 97295

A couple of weeks ago she said she lost her virginity at the age of 19. Now she claims she’s a virgin. Does she have dementia?

No. 97296

can you not notice that the tone of her post is cringey "humour"? she's not making "claims". she is making her usual bad jokes, though the annoyingness is ramping up

No. 97298

exactly this.
Never underestimate how retarded and gullible her fans are. Also lets not forget Ken and her other sugar daddies that she dated.

No. 97299

Didn’t she already say in a previous video she lost her virginity at 19 or something? The web of bs thickens

No. 97300

"once a lose my virginity" i'm %100 sure that she's not a virgin gurl whAT-

No. 97301

I'm sure that she had a video titled like showing my lingeries to my boYfrEnd or something AnDD SHE SAID ONCE SHE LOST HER VIRGINITY AT 19. Webnus why?? are u tryin to act pure innocent or somthn

No. 97303

Aah yes, fetishizing teenage prostitution. So fucking healthy.

No. 97304

No. 97307

Did she fucking collab with Sora for the followers? (I mean sora's makes kinda dirty content) so venus maybe thought that she could use it? I mEaN soras followers eventually look up the venus acc's and thought like "hey this kinda leGit". Now I know why this betch gettin that coin (if my eng is wrong sorry not my first language lol love u guys bye)

No. 97311

Mentioning Sora is mighty suspicious, maybe they are close or dating now.
And pretending to be a virgin after being married for years just proves everything she says is nonsense

No. 97312

Even sora wouldn't want to date her. I mean wasn't he kind of awkward in Japan is amine titled video? Anyways he has a reputation to keep in Japan. the guy does voice acting and is (was?) a teacher. I'm pretty sure his family wouldn't appreciate a sex worker's presence in their family registry too. Japan being pretty conservative as I recall.

No. 97314

File: 1591012891508.jpg (36.71 KB, 630x630, 3322061_0.jpg)


venus be like

No. 97316

Yes Venus, fetishize virginity too while your onto your young girl shitfest. As if we don't endure enough idiots in our journey judging a woman's sex's life.

No. 97317

>enjo kosai
What a nasty thing to romanticize.
Also, it seems kind of fucked up to say teenage prostitution is part of an entire country's "culture", but I'm sure cumbrains like Sora and her weeaboo hentai addict fans have no objections.

No. 97318

File: 1591015669213.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.9 MB, 3024x4032, 3024x4032_324bdca0f620bf4586cd…)

She is now claiming her computer has died so she cant edit the videos she promised the other day, I am sure many people will donate tons of money even though she had made enough to get several computers by now.

"My computer decided to completely die (after using it everyday for 4-5 years, it did a pretty good job I guess…) But this also means that I can’t edit the footage from my shoots! I’m so sad  
I’ll try to get a new MacBook as soon as I can and to apologize for a lack of videos I’ll post more special pictures! "

No. 97319

The book is written in English, you dummy.
Your comment, if you are not actually trolling, sums up the level of intelligence from some posters here, (or lack of, I should say) like assuming anyone who challenges your warped and rigid viewpoints is a man.

No. 97320

so she has finally shown the nipple.
I give it a couple of months until she starts doing porn videos.

No. 97321

Is this another post from the retarded cretin who asked me why I would read a book by a Japanese author if I'm not Japanese, when it's perfectly obvious that the book in question has been translated into English.
The lack of intellect on this platform is mind boggling.

No. 97322

Is she sharing a pic of her boob because she feels bad about not having a computer to edit her shoots? Like "plz don't leave!! I'll show you my tit" This is why she should not be a sex worker. lol

No. 97323

An American eBay seller who was selling a Bratz doll with nipples he'd attached, just because he thinks the dolls look better that way, was accused by some hysterical bitch of being a pedo, just because he sells dolls with nipples, you are that kind of insane person, "Help, somebody is selling dolls with nipples, that is proof that he is a pedo", someone quite rightly points out that actually, no, he isn't, he is just selling dolls with nipples, that is no 'proof' of anything other than he thinks dolls should have nipples, hysterical woman's response "OMG, you're obviously one too, look, look, everybody, help , help, a pedo, help help" Pathetic, the Brass Eye Special video (posted earlier) The Pedo Philes, was made with retards like you in mind. "Are your kids safe? Mine are, they are here in this filing cabinet, safe from pedofiles".
Moronic cretins like you cannot accept that anyone can have a point of view that is not exactly the same as you and that means they must be what you imagine they are in your limited mind.
Not only have I been accused of being a man, but that Peter guy to boot, if I was that Peter guy I would already be on Only Fans and would then have no need to come here looking for leaked pictures, so you are contradicting yourself with your skewed logic.
I expect there are women on Venus's only fans too, but I would never join it as I don't like porn, it is degrading and dehumanizing. It is wrong for people of any age to view, not just young people, but everyone.
Never have I encountered so many people who are so good at missing a point and go off on some wild tangent of their own.

No. 97324

File: 1591017618841.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1022.09 KB, 2576x1449, 2576x1449_8f52907ec160e697a737…)

Also noticed a daily post when looking at this on mobile, didnt show up on my browser but my image ripper grabbed it.

No. 97326

It isn't being nude per se that is the problem, it is how it is presented. There are people who get upset by seeing a Barbie doll naked and kids are told their dolls are immoral and disgusting if they are not covered up. There should no shame attached to a human body in and of itself, it is when it is presented in a smutty way, Porn is damaging, it should not exist in any form whatsoever.

No. 97327

Looks like a generic love hotel again lol

No. 97328

Wow, this is an improvement. An older look is good on her, she has a nice figure

No. 97329

Sounds just like Margo claiming she didn't sucked that old man's dick for a plane ticket lmao
apple doesn't fall far from the tree

No. 97330

I don't think I can rate porn as some bad, some not so bad, some good, it is all bad.
And apparently, in the gay scene, there are dads and sons sites, and some 'sons' looking for 'dads', or even grandads in some cases, I once encountered a man of 32 yrs old who had a thing for old women in their wighties and had one living with him and another he used to visit regularly, the old lady in question used to tolerate his visits but was quite embarrassed by his attentions towards her, this was when i worked in old people's residential home. I cannot understand most of what Venus is talking about these days, she used to seem like someone so innocent and pure in a sea of otherwise filth, now she is wallowing in it. It is inexplicable to me why she has changed direction so rapidly and so severely.

No. 97331

Maybe she gets more validation from perverts to sit in her ass and be cutesy than she does from real fans encouraging her to get a job and clean up her act. Fixing your life is hard even with help and privilege, Venus never had to work that hard before and doesn't want to moving forward so she won't.

No. 97332

File: 1591019072731.jpg (591.57 KB, 1080x1555, 20200601_064518.jpg)

No. 97333

File: 1591019486077.jpg (827.41 KB, 1080x1850, 20200601_065211.jpg)


No. 97334

AgH dOnT bE sO rOugH

No. 97335

aH yaMeTe DoNt sO rOuwh şEnpai Ew

No. 97336

File: 1591019741736.jpg (247.59 KB, 1068x1233, 20200601_065505.jpg)

comments to this photo. of course peter is here.

No. 97337

I’m laughing and cringing at the same time. This is so dumb lol

No. 97338

Her face looks very pretty here. Could have done without seeing the rest though. Not necessary.
I don't see the need, she is a pretty girl, can't she just capitalise on her pretty face, or if she wants to show the rest, at least do it more seemly and not so suggestive, this is just going to appeal to voyeurs and men who don't give a shit about her.

No. 97339

It's actually shooped in that one. Too bad.

No. 97340

Peter creeps me out

No. 97341

File: 1591020451351.jpg (494.44 KB, 1080x1685, Screenshot_20200601_230642.jpg)

what do anons think of this?

No. 97342

LOl that lifeless doll pose again she's so bad at this.

No. 97344

File: 1591020767758.jpg (77.01 KB, 960x455, 20200601_171312_213.jpg)

No. 97345

File: 1591020831465.jpg (262.29 KB, 1080x1215, Screenshot_20200601_230733.jpg)

This is pic related. Not the best pic choice to talk about mental issues but i guess it fits too.
Also Insta account is now asking age (18 or under) in order t access account.

Why is sex work and depression|mental issues always seem to come in pair for women? I'm getting tired of seeing this duo.

No. 97346

> Why is sex work and depression|mental issues always seem to come in pair for women?
Because no sane woman would voluntarily partake in sex work. It’s always the result of mental issues.

No. 97347

>>what do anons think of this?
Nothing.Literally nothing. She has been making repetitive posts like this for two years.
Im sure that even her most devoted fans are going to get tired of her attention seeking.

Btw does anyone remember when she pretended to have bpd and made constant edgy posts…ah that was peak venus attention whoring.

No. 97348


I can empathise and agree. However, for someone who is clearly still in a whirlwind of confusion about personal identity and value, courting internet weirdos with erotic snappy-snaps probably isn't going to be the solution. Carrying on with the cutesy living doll schtick isn't either, for that matter. GTFO the internet; it's not good for you.

I give this shit a year or two before it all goes sour and I don't look forward to it.

No. 97349

>whoring makes me feel good and helped me to understand the world better guys!

Is she at least getting drugged like in Emergence/Metamorphosis? Because those faces don't speak for her enjoyment. I don't want to spam about, but there is literally one page like this where she feels like a properly integrated in society adult. Lmao
Defending selfmedication, like a proper "recovered from treatment" MeNhErA
Yes dolly penus, we are slighty pleased that your account is now 18+. You should try to not post your OF material there, or Peter will feel betrayed because you are giving away the pics he's paying for.

No. 97350

Says the account is restricted, which means you need to have an IG account to view. Kind of unfortunate, but if it actually keeps kids off, whatever.

No. 97351

Oh well, if its what she wants to do. If its helping her mental health in some way, i wouldnt want to drag her back into doing something she doesnt want or keeping her in some style she doesnt want to be in anymore.
And if shes set her account to plus 18, then no one can complain if she posts semi nudes on it. Honestly there are more explicit pics in day to day advertising.

No. 97352

Being sex worker does not improve your health. If she decides to quit then depression will hit her hard.

No. 97353

I think venus have younger followers too. I feel like they can just make a acc where they are 18 and under it's still easy to access

No. 97354

So many captain save a hoes types here kek.
This is like super mario trying to save peach but instead you are trying to save Venus from her own ACTIONS AND LIFE DECISIONS.

No. 97355

>>97353 18 and over*

No. 97356

But I still cant help thinking tho, that if she is really that happy and that confident, then why does she seem so insecure in the captions? Its like shes asking for approval, and trying to appease the people who criticize her. Why would anyone elses opinion even matter if she was that confident in what she wants to do? A confident person would just do it anyway, as in "publish and be damned" , they wouldnt publish something and then be like they were apologising or asking for approval, idk, it just seems like shes doing something she wants to do but at the same time feeling she has to try and say sorry for it, and a confident person wouldnt care if people approved of what they did or not, they would just do it anyway.

No. 97359

If your happy then why are you super whiny about people telling you to go back to your old self? Why are you always on the defensive about fans saying they don't like the new content? Why do you photoshop your face if you're confident? You could block anyone who keeps annoying you with your past if it's talking about your past that makes you so uneasy which would be comprehensive to an extent. After all you did have an abusive childhood.

Honestly she is so childish. Human experience is shitty for a lot of people but like, we get up and we try to seek what's healthy, we try to understand our mental weaknesses so that we can work on them and if taking medicine is something that makes you less want to kill yourself than there is nothing bad with that. Also you don't just do a couple therapy sessions and take pills for a little while before getting better. Healing depression takes time and patience. It takes multiple appointments with your psychiatrist to adjust the medicine to want makes you feel good. The way she talks about mental illness it's like she doesn't know what she's talking about. She makes it sound like she's a flake idk.

There are like tons of whores who seem to cope very good with their sex work like riley reed or the likes but when I see Venus and her body language and the things she writes in her posts, And most importantly her past of being fetishized for her looks I don't see how it will help her fight her terrible depression.

No. 97360

Calm down newfag. Nodody's trying to "save her". This board discusses problematic cows.

No. 97361

She needs to do the same on her YouTube and that'll be some progress. Showing off your OF to underaged fans isn't cute.

No. 97363

I was talking about her simps who derail this thread and go ''poor venus''

No. 97364

People who are deeply insecure about themselves and are mentally ill I find have to constantly reassure themselves & in her case, reassure her fans too, that she is 100% happy & confident when it's obvious she's not. We've seen multiple posts similar to this one before. "Look at me, I'm perfectly fine! I'm very happy, my life is great. I've had therapy and I'm on new medication."

It's the same generic story over and over. While she may live in a beautiful country that is Japan, she is all alone. She has no actual support network that isn't online fans, other ethots and OF simps who she views as her" new friends" since going down this path.

Venus clearly isn't happy at all in that sense. The immense amount of attention she is getting will only temporarily fill that empty void.

No. 97365

She has 8200 likes and 36 posts. So let's say her simps like every post, then she would have about 227 subs to her OF. Considering a subscription is $6.99 a month, that would mean she makes approximately $1586 a month. Since this hypothesis is highly biased, I'm going to say she makes maybe a little more then $2000 a month plus tips.

Being a whore doesn't mean crazy money. I did that same amount at doing several different types of full time jobs that didn't require high expertise or anything.

I pity any girl who think this is a way to make cash like nowhere else. Plus sex work is the "expertise" where bonuses are giving to girls who can do anal. You also can't buildup a CV for when you reach your 30s or 40s when it comes for you to get a job, so It's a waste of your youth and time.

>inb4 you can save cash and retire at 30.

A lot of them don't. i mean remember, $2000 a month. It gets even lower when you age.

No. 97366

If she does escorting, or works at a soap / delivery health, she can easily make one million yen each month. At least. With her popularity she can reach the two million limit. Onlyfans would be the icing on top.

If she’s smart about it, she could use some of that money to invest in her looks, mental health and around age 35-40 she can retire with tons of savings.

No. 97367

It will be ironic if Venus stops making profit when she reaches 30 and will have recycle herself in work that offers "no place for creativity".

No. 97368

She has mentioned she was nearing 1,500 followers and wanted to do a giveaway before she made her OF more private. You multiple that by the average monthly fee, the percentage OF takes for themselves and the tips. She's making way more than that and Weenus loves wasting money.

No. 97369

Literally anyone who says you can save up from OF and Patreon and retire in your 30s is just an aspiring e-thot trying to convince themselves they didn't make a mistake. $2k a month is exactly right - with a platform like Venus's. Imagine with less. It's also not a fixed income since you can lose subscribers if they get bored. It's incredibly stressful. And like you said, you can't do it past 25, especially when you're pedo pandering lol. Just get a job working as a secretary or hair stylist and make the same damn money where your looks won't matter.

It truly is a myth cooked up by aspriring thots that Belle saved up all her money and retired and is now living off her nonexistent millions. The same myth that makes more 18 year old lazy neets flash their tits on OF. Evidently it got to Venus too. And even more evidently, she's still as fucking miserable as ever.

No. 97370

If you're truly happy with what you're doing and don't give a shit, it's similar to pursuing art or getting tattoos when your parents tell you to go into law and that you're throwing your life away. Would you be constantly making posts about how happy you are? No. You just don't give a shit and keep doing what you love. Venus is so wildly insecure about cutting her life opportunities in half to sex work it's laughable. She won't shut up about how fulfilling and euphoric it is to run an OnlyFans. Every day she lurks and reads how bad of an idea it is and every day she cycle through being depressed that everyone is right and she made a mistake.

No. 97372

I guess so but most e-thots have the "i don't need to sleep around for money because I have OF" mentally

Um, that would be $10500 plus tips a month. This would mean she's a millionaire. I don't buy it though. But if that's he case she could hire veeery prefessional people with way better settings for her shoot. She could also live somewhere where she could get a visa and buy a house and build scenes for her photos and stuff. You know if she is "doing all her best" and "is so ambitious about it" I guess she isn't very clever after all and also is just in for the money.

But whatever. Maybe she will get married to a very rich host dude and spend the rest of her life with her savings and do beenus lazy stuff being the lazy beenus that she is.

No. 97373

>She won't shut up about how fulfilling and euphoric it is to run an OnlyFans

haha yes very. And it's like, only an OF you know. If she is making mad cash like 10K/month she should hire someone to make her own damn website and not rely on OF because I believe they take away a pourcentage of your income and have the right to appropriate your content?

No. 97374

Belle was really good at advertising to a specific audience so I believe she made mad cash. She was so good at it she didn't have to show one bit of her nipple. She was also a real nutjob considering the way she twitted and did that very enthusiastic smile of hers. The formula was very cringe but somehow it worked. She is one of a kind though. The internet won't bite onto another Belle and basically the e-thot mouvement has been more than ever cringe after her “triumph”. Venus is way lower than what Belle could accomplish.

But I don't believe she did THAT much cash. Like not retiring cash. She was active for like a very short amount of time and her peak only lasted what? a year? And now she disapeared.

No. 97375

>Um, that would be $10500 plus tips a month.
Well yeah, for a couple months. It's possible.

>This would mean she's a millionaire.

All the simps would have to stay subs or at least be replaced by new members consistently for years before she's a millionaire. That's not gonna happen.

Even if she did earn 10.000 a month she still wouldn't earn enough to live after 30 doing NO work. She'll have to get off her ass some day.

No. 97376

You're forgetting that Belle had a boyfriend pimping her out and sucking half her money, along with a shady management company running her content. Belle wasn't self made in any capacity. She didn't have the brains to pull off what she did, a group of leeching horny guys did by successfully turning her into a product. I wouldn't be surprised she disappeared because she lost rights to her own "brand" and could no longer legally make content without her boyfriend or management suing her. If she wanted to break up with him, that would've been the easiest way to get back at her. NO ONE disappears from the internet completely the way she did. If she retired she would've just stayed posting selfies and getting attention.

So yeah, the story of Belle should be a cautionary tale of splitting profits with your simp.

No. 97377

File: 1591031542120.jpg (Spoiler Image, 190.1 KB, 1080x1616, 1080x1616_3ba94c0a2f522cd2f75d…)

New picture, she seams quite proud of herself here, I think its ok but could have been much better.

"Thank you so much for accepting me as the small pervert that I am. So…I took it to the next level with this picture. What do you think?"

No. 97378

I think pedo pandering is terrible but a lot of anons seem to think that most men pander for kid like features and flat bodies, when actually it's quite the opposite. I think that's because we don't actually know the porn platform since like, let's agree that most women don't. But by checking the NSFW catalog on 4chan for instance, or men forums sharing porn, there is very few underage looking girls and surprisingly there are much more curvy women. Of course there is the once in a while unfortunate jailbail sort of thread but you'd be surprise how it isn't that recurrent. Anyways I don't know why i'm posting this, I don't really approve of porn as a whole. maybe it's to reassure myself too lol.

I think the men pandering for Venus are a little fucked though. Especially considering some were following her since a young age. Venus is also sick for advertising teenage prostitution and shooping her features to look younger than her age.

No. 97379

I think its her best pic so far. someone's getting abit more creative at last.(https://lolcow.farm/info)

No. 97381

That's sum sad buns

No. 97382

such a bad angle, jesus christ

No. 97383

thats her best pic so far imo. it seems like shes getting more comfortable

No. 97387

> pros:
props to her for trying new angles and shit
> cons:
all I can think of whenever I see her butt is her having stale period stains on her shorts

No. 97391


she has a very thin body type so this pic emphasizes her butt which she doesn't have , and also her thighs which are nice, and not showing her face too much which she absolutely doesn't know what face to make when she's making such kind of pics. so yes, its her best pic so far imo.

No. 97395

Yuck, she has long ass nipple hairs so disgusting

No. 97398

i agree to!! its her best pic so far lol she finally tried new angle

No. 97399

jesus fuck, what will it take for this retard to understand proper angles

No. 97400

File: 1591033791028.jpg (Spoiler Image, 52.99 KB, 640x400, 13463.jpg)

this is her best shot but idk, its a little awkward. Her legs look like long tubes and I think its also the lens of the camera's fault. Considering her thin figure i think something like a close butt shot would have suit her more.

No. 97402

is that ariel rebel? lol

No. 97403

Yes, yes, you're a scholar amongst uneducated peasants. Good for you. Maybe Sage your posts to aid the illusion you're a famer.

No. 97404

i checked for butt angles on google so maybe idk.

No. 97405

Lol i didn't realise you're right. Why wouldn't you realise that! If it isn't then maybe it's a pube.

It's really too bad her tit pics are the less attractive. That wig is a mess. Its makes her look so dirty.

No. 97406


The plastic bag in the sink and the crap all around it really adds a sense of dignity and intrigue.

I'm surprised she managed to get private studio access to such an area of outstanding natural beauty.

No. 97411

Honestly I think she's improving

No. 97418

Holy shit you are right. Why didnt she pluck that thing????

No. 97441

I actually like this pic visually, not necessarily as porn or whatever she's going for

No. 97445

She just spoke about getting a new camera for better content right? This is just as bad. Venus has no clue on how angles, posing, shadow, light and working with your environment works.

No. 97459

Her pictures would look so much better with natural daylight, or any good lighting. She really didnt need a better camera, just good light and the pictures would look much better. She is basically wasting this new camera on shitty motel lighting.

No. 97469

Major Tinfoil But You sSund more bitter that you can't make easy money off of your presumably ogre shaped body like other women can.

No. 97471


The quality of the average phone camera these days is perfectly fine for this sort of stuff. Buying a DSLR then shooting nude selfies on auto is just pissing money down the drain. Then again I guess it's all about pretending this is a creative artistic profession.

No. 97476

File: 1591042700140.png (Spoiler Image, 339.58 KB, 647x369, vvv.png)

jesus christ

No. 97477

why are y'all so nasty. spoiler this shit.

No. 97478

sure, camgirl

No. 97479

David please learn how to sage. K

No. 97481

It looks like Angular Cheilitis to me. Usually caused by fungi infection and it’s not contagious like herpes.

No. 97483

No. 97484

Anon why don’t you spoiler this shit?
Not only we puked a little bit but Peter the pedo ojisan probably came in his pants thanks to you..
Venus, darling.. please use Venus sensitive razor to shave those titty hair. you’re both named after the same planet, take it as a sign.

No. 97507

File: 1591046050312.png (140.85 KB, 414x414, gigachad.png)

Why yes, I don't want to ruin my future and attempt to kill myself everyday, how did you know?

No. 97512

Did she just delete that post from her IG? Too many sane people in her comments or what?

No. 97515

>Never have I encountered so many people who are so good at missing a point and go off on some wild tangent of their own.

LMAO pot meet kettle

No. 97542

Eww, she does have a crusty-looking lesion of some sort in the corner of her mouth in the pic at >>97318

You’d think she would have PS’d that thing out with all the extreme editing she does in most every other pic.

Also she’s been up all night manically posting on IG. 10pm, 1am and 4am Japan time.

No. 97549

She’s been manic as fuck since she started this e-thot shit. The upcoming fall back into depression will be a wild ride for sure. Tbh if she continues her life like this I think it will eventually end in a suicide. I don’t see how it could end in any other way if there’s no major change in her behaviour.

No. 97571

>>97542 its a cold sore. "crusty looking lesion of some sort" lmao

No. 97578

She got herpes from giving the succ to her gross managers

No. 97579


No. 97588

that's not herpes, that's HPV/warts. You can zoom in closely and see the tiny cauliflower shapes, they can sometimes be this color instead of darkened. They're extremely common, especially in sex workers.

Starting to think that if venus is doing prostitution she probably does it raw without thinking about the long term effects…

No. 97603


The like ratio is ridiculous

No. 97604

I have an OF myself and I sell nudes and underwear.

On the side though while I work a full time job. I don't show my face - ever.

But guys just buy my shit and it is an easy hussle. I would never recommend doing this full time though.

I feel for Venus as she's young and this will FUCK up everything in the future tbh. She's got no job, experience or qualifications.

At least have THOSE

She'll end up changing her name in a few years after a porn tribute(No1curr about ur whore life)

No. 97606


Let the 1920s go, grandma - prohibition isn't coming back.

No. 97612

A breakdown of some kind is on the horizon. It's slowly but gradually brewing unfortunately. She is on the ultimate high from all the attention she's been getting and it's making things worse.

No. 97615

If she got an oral std from giving BJs to virus-infested men she’s likely having unprotected sex too, which puts her at risk for gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia etc. All the nasty cheap prostitute stuff. Oh and HIV too.


No. 97617

as a girl with nipple hair, i kinda appreciate her repping it lol

it's dried cum from sucking off the camera guy. duh

No. 97622

Side hussle is exactly what OF should be. It's stupidly easy to make extra money, and I would have no problem with Venus doing this discreetly while picking up on Youtubing. Bank on her creep audience, bank on her underage audience. Venus enjoyed Youtubing and considered it her dream job for about 6 years until she got sick of it. I sincerely doubt her "happiness" from OF being her dream job will last as long.

No. 97628

DAMN! Aside from what I see on her lip, she definitely needs a razor for that boob hair.

No. 97630

how fucking long and indiscriminately has she been hooking to fucking get genital warts on her mouth?

No. 97631

Take this nitpick to PULL

No. 97632

File: 1591071211284.jpeg (275.31 KB, 1090x1634, 9C0F371D-982A-4485-80A7-2EDBC7…)

Months, I think. She’s been dropping hints in that sneaky furtive way she has since last fall at least, when she was “tired of boring hotel rooms” and posting pics of her Louis Vuitton scarf (that she wanted to make sure everyone knew she had.)

No. 97634

Oooh wow she has a fake Louis scarf

No. 97635

File: 1591071585512.jpeg (322.06 KB, 1005x1634, FF88A7A1-FE5F-48D6-ACBC-3F26CE…)

Weenus’s LV swag. She posted two pics of this last Oct. 31, and deleted both. Classic SB designer swag. This and a tiny little Coach bag were all she had to show for her SB career, sadly.

No. 97636

Especially in Japan. These guys don't get sex ed in school and often neglect condoms thinking the worst that can happen is pregnancy. for instance my friends gf is a japanese nurse and she didn't know until he told her about stds.

If venus falls down the real prostitute road she might not be smart enough about it. She relies on porn surely and Why do i believe she had never had a proper sex talk.

No. 97639

File: 1591072265355.jpeg (516.69 KB, 1322x1872, 275404A5-D13C-4CFC-AB59-DA8667…)

I mean, how pathetic. Any SB worth a damn flaunts Birkin bags, Louboutin heels etc. all over their IGs. This is all poor Weenus could score, this sad little Coach pocketbook and a little LV scarf.

No. 97656

either they are dating or they have some kind of promo deal together, there's no reason to keep mentioning each other so much otherwise

No. 97666

but this is kind of my point, a sugar daddy (you know, exclusive, and a rich stable guy) buys you a bag, not a guy in the street that gives you fucking warts

No. 97688

89% of sugar daddies will pressure you into sex in exchange for gifts. It's incredibly deliberate. They always want sex, they just enjoy the manipulation it took to get there as opposed to just paying an escort. Most sugar babies end up escorts in denial. If you ever see a sugarbaby claim their sugardaddy got them an apartment and paid off their student debt in exchange for hand holding and dinner dates, they're straight up lying lol. Wouldn't be surprised if Venus thought a Coach purse was worth a blowjob.

No. 97692

wtf yeah of course they have sex/bjs, but a guy who can afford a sugar baby shouldn't have genital warts is what i'm saying.

No. 97697


Creepy ageing middle-managers sure do scream 'cleanliness'.

No. 97715

Ot but they're both such boring ~luxury~ pieces… couldn't she have gotten something cute to dump her sugar daddy's money on?

No. 97716

venus if u are reading this razor that sheit it made me uncomfy like giRL when u shower or something isn't it bother u having a long ass nipp hair ????!3)&8

No. 97717

Aaaah Venus…
coach bag? Really? How much is it worth, 100 dollars? 200 dollars?

Get those Loubs, Jimmy Choos, Louis Vuittons girl

No. 97719


You guys don’t seem to know that much about STD’s do you?

This looks like Angular cheilitis to me. Both corners of the mouth are cracked, might be due to irritation or candida. It’s nothing contagious. The speculated cauliflower shape is because the corners are cracking open. HPV doesn’t give you bilateral sores.

HPV transmission is possible if she offers bareback blowjobs, but it usually happens in the form of oral cancer.(Med fagging)

No. 97720

why don't you go and see the full size like the anon did before second guessing them

No. 97729

Yep, it's clearly angular cheilitis.

No. 97732

Good thing Venus worked for years on her education and developing transferable job skills so she can take a break from sex work and still earn money in the event that her body breaks down and she doesn't look as appealing. Oh wait….

No. 97737

There are no restrictions if I try to view via browser or app.

No. 97739

HAHAHAHA tell me she didn't say that, tell me it's edited and she just didn't say she's… she's… she's a virgin XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

based, porn isn't a form of art, it's just bad(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 97741

OF was an impulse decision she's so obviously trying to justify. She regrets it sooo much.

No. 97748

I don't think it was an impulse so much as the thought everyone would be all "yyaasss queen get that coin" and the simp dollars would flow. Well her stint in compensated dating should have taught her better. She got a scarf and a small clutch (a Coach one at that).

No. 97750

That’s the point. If she did have a SD at some point he was a bottom-of-the-barrel bargain basement cheap ass one. To be good at sugaring requires a lot of work, hair, makeup, face, body and outfits must be impeccable at all times. Weenus can barely manage to wash her hair and put on clean clothes more than once a week judging from her previous videos and IG. I think whoever the SD was got fed up and kicked her greasy ass to the curb, hence that little ‘Bye you Ken CHILD MORESTOR!’ IG tantrum she pulled. Then she ran back to her cuck visa husbando’s place and came up with plan B: Only Fans.

It’s a much easier low effort way to pull in that cash. Don’t even need to wash your hair or put together an outfit, just slap on a dollar-store wig and a cheap cosplay costume, take some pics and go. It’s perfect for her lazy slovenly ass.

No. 97762

>This is her best shot

It's so sad when farmers comment on how a cow has improved in her lewds even if the said lewds are still so poor! i'm dying anons, Venus' life is so unfortunate it almost hurts to follow this thread now. Holy cow i'd never want to be in this situation.

lol At least some of you are so nice

No. 97794

File: 1591141612169.jpeg (721.04 KB, 1242x1605, 1AC899BE-C241-4DFB-86F6-C30F84…)

To the anon that said she’s probably not making more than 3k, 1.590$ on her tip menu, her tit pic got around 700$ probably more I haven’t checked, pics get an average of 45$-100$ in tips…and that’s just the public tips I’m sure she’s taking some privately too and she had 800 fans, so yeah she probably made 8~10k

No. 97808

ngl this tops gamer girl bathwater

No. 97809

in fairness this is a brilliant idea

No. 97812

'most every'? really now. who do we know that talks like this? shoo.

No. 97815

In what planet? What are you gonna do with an ink imprint of tits and an ass? Put it on your wall? At least you could get off on the smell of bathwater, and the absurd novelty of it all was appealing to her fanbase of memelords. I can't even imagine how unsexy an imprint of Venus's saggy hairy tits and ass will come out. Ink tit imprints sounds like $10 Etsy art.

No. 97828

No wonder why her lazy unmotivated ass opened up an OF instead of focusing on her YouTube career. If this is all it takes to rake in simp money and that is only the tips, she's not bailing out no time soon.

No. 97829

anon I'm sorry if this is off topic but idk where else can I ask.
What on earth happened to that dog she had?
the white pomeranian. I suddenly remembered it and I have no idea since it's been like forever

No. 97837

i forgot that shipping in some country must literally take like half of what the price of the ink thing was. Especially if she's treating it like a piece of art (washi paper etc). Like she would have to wrap it good and stuff. Maybe that's why she made $300 but idk. She still has to spend that money into content i guess. I wonder I long her simps will get the stuff they paid for. Seems like too much work she could even handle.

No. 97838

I'm still wondering what the hell happened to all her hamsters after they bred a fuckton of babies. Her unstable ass must have flushed the poor critters down the toilet.

No. 97844

Waan't pedoki's mother in charge of the hams?

No. 97864

manaki's parents took them in

No. 97910

her earnings seem like a lot now, but it's not sustainable. this might go on for 3 more months but 1 year? 3 years?

OF isn't going to cut it any more and she'll have to escalate

No. 97912

Requesting an anon with OF access to post full-size cap of her STDs because people need their eyes opened, saying it's fucking 'just chafing' or some shit. On PULL one retard - you won't even believe - wrote it's just 'dried spit'. They are all looking at some 12kb blurred jpeg

No. 97915

File: 1591170414851.jpeg (9.41 KB, 219x230, download (1).jpeg)

>They are all looking at some 12kb blurred jpeg
What a glorious representation of the userbase as a whole

No. 97919

I hate penus, but if you're talking about the crust on her lip it looked like misapplied foundation she was too lazy to wipe off.

No. 97920

Nice nipple hair

No. 97922

anyone has Dakota roses jap tv vids I'm new plz don't hate :( also penus razor ur tit hair(:()

No. 97935

File: 1591191320522.gif (992.12 KB, 389x259, lol.gif)


I'm laughing at the idea of Manaki's parents' house being full to the brim with his teenage-visa-bride's unwanted hamsters.

Lying in bed at night just listening to a chorus of squeaking and wondering what they did wrong.

No. 97936


And every week another picnic basket appears on their doorstep with a new discarded pet and a Hello Kitty notepaper attached saying

"I promise I'm really going to look after the next one. I'm getting better at it every day!

Thank you sooooo much for your support!

Love Venus xoxox"

No. 97937

By now, I think his parents would have given those hamsters away as pets to neighborhood children. I can’t imagine them continuing to take care of that breeding nightmare, which was courtesy of a woman who cucked their son into another dimension. It’s still so messed up that she bred then abandoned all those animals and her fans don’t even care.

No. 97938

File: 1591193006281.jpeg (154.89 KB, 750x941, ADFEFD28-FC94-4893-BAAE-ED1998…)

Oof those eye lashes, I wish she would wear them probably and not glue them half off the side of her eye like this

No. 97939

Lmaooo I can't believe people actually believe venus when she said manakis parents took them in, ya suuuure they did. she probably killed them or just dumped them somewhere. She's a psycho and I feel bad for manaki and margaret for having to live with her.

No. 97940


The layers of irony in that caption. We'll certainly have a good idea of what it feels like when you DO drop out of high school.

No. 97941

File: 1591194029122.jpeg (70.79 KB, 1092x281, 6F641527-1889-46C9-AA04-9160EF…)

Found In the comments. Yeah right kid good luck with that. High school drop out at that. She probably has no clue or interest on that topic.

No. 97942

I learned about enjo kasai from an episode of Super Gals. Dunno why she thinks it's not in anime.

No. 97943

File: 1591194933370.jpg (Spoiler Image, 183.33 KB, 1616x1080, 1616x1080_2754bd07ac5d161baa54…)

Strange picture today, quickly followed by a poll asking if you think she truly is a virgin, I personally do not.

"Judging from my face expression, what do you think just happened? (hint: I didn’t stub my toe)

After finishing processing my inbox I noticed that some of them have been looked over so if you haven’t received a reply in the past 3 days please let me know by sending me a new message! Thank you to each and everyone "

No. 97944

Queen of wanting to look Azn all her life doesn't care about anyone else but herself, let alone politics. Onlyfans is the only thing that is the most important right now in Weenusland.

No. 97945

She’s asking if her fans are virgins, not if you think she really is one.

No. 97949

> "Judging from my face expression, what do you think just happened? (hint: I didn’t stub my toe)

shes fails at orgasm sultry face and erotic writing

No. 97950

I keep wondering who's taking all these pictures

No. 97951


Nearly choked to death on a boiled sweet?

No. 97958

"teheee, what does it feel like to be underage in a sexy context!! uwu not pedo pandering btw!! i'm shy senpai uwwuuuu"

No. 97959

Oh god lol

No. 97962

Why should socially-stunted, identity-lacking Swiss living and whoring in Japan comment on U.S. human rights matters? Just because it’s trending online doesn’t mean you should expect every person to add their 2 cents. At no point has she ever shown interest in American, Swiss, UK or Japanese social issues. What could she possibly say now? That she wants to sleep with a black dude some day?

Those damn eyelashes. Just ask the next SD for lash extensions, Venus.

No. 97963

That was her roommates in korea. i think she said that in the video.

No. 97968

> Just because it’s trending online doesn’t mean you should expect every person to add their 2 cents.
Yeah well, welcome to the new world where you’re automatically racist scum even if you don’t do or say anything about the matter. And everything is black and white and only one opinion is allowed. Mods, feel free to ban me for spreading hate speech or something lol

No. 97973

I kind of agree with you anon. While I get this is a global issue now, even though George Floyd set it off, Venus is not good with her words and will undoubtedly fuck up and get bum rushed. I think that is what people are hoping. She could try to get someone to help her word it, but no one has time to help a white girl make herself a speech about a matter that she probably barely understands at a core and not just surface level racism. Venus should keep quiet.

No. 97974

If anything she should just reblog and repost other people's better worded awareness.

No. 97977

Soooo she's now literally sexualizing Japanese school uniforms and pretending to be an underaged schoolgirl making porn?

This is gonna end well.

No. 97979

imagine thinking that the world revolves around USA and that everybody should drop what they're doing to get involved with the shitfest that is their politics kek

No. 97980

Wait, people here really expect an Austrian weeaboo in Japan who doesn't know a thing about black culture to speak on BLM?

Lmao this thread

No. 97981

This is the same look of the patients who died overnight at the nursing home I work at

No. 97985

As always she posted more revealing pic on her Instagram than on OF…

No. 97986

There are protests around the world now. Americans can be egocentric but this has become a worldwide issue. Regardless I'm not surprised someone like Venus wouldn't care about it

No. 97988

Both are face photos. Whats more revealing..?

No. 97989


She probably cares but doesn't even know how to go about it because she's not connected to any of this or involved herself ever in any type of racial situation like this. She isn't smart enough to speak on it.

No. 97991

>> She probably cares
Oh please. She doesn’t have a clue or give a shit about anything or anyone but herself.

No. 97992

On insta her shirt is unbuttoned, so I would guess that would go on OF as more "sexy" one

No. 97994

lmfao now that you say it the way she put her mouth does resemble that of someone who's died oh god

No. 97995

nope, she's just "teasing" on IG so that she can catch more simps for her OF, probably not many since her audience is mostly uguu underage girls, but from while to while one or two creeps might join

No. 97996

Unironically, when has Venus ever spoken about anything of importance?

No. 98005

Yeah I think we can all agree she's a narc and doesn't give a shit about anyone but herself. That cutesy uwu love everyone shit she would talk about was all bullshit. Right now she cares is getting that coomer money.

No. 98009

Please don't give Venus any ideas of blacking up and being choked out by her cameraman for solidarity.

No. 98048

look at the side of her face look like editing like always

No. 98064

File: 1591219187818.png (911.92 KB, 917x583, kekk.png)

Is the poll visible to everyone or only she can see the voting?
Lmao imagining her face if people thinking she's not a virgin is the most voted.
Her simps are as retarded as her tho, maybe they will believe it

God knows what she'll be pulling to keep up her uguu im innocent facade.

But yeah back to the point, are there comments or anything in the poll post? I'm quite curious

No. 98110

File: 1591221255647.jpeg (162.38 KB, 1034x947, 49BE6D6F-0E63-4B85-B88B-2B855E…)

So I guess this is what she thinks a sexy ‘just got fucked’ face looks like?

She looks like a beached fish with its mouth hanging open.

No. 98159

It’s not racist to believe that only people educated on an issue, even at an elementary level, should comment on it. Venus has never talked about anything other than her own mental health and how she is a victim in every situation. She’s the wrong person to ask for opinion on a complex, country-specific matter.

I think she should first ask black followers to educate her via dm before reposting something. I truly believe she doesn’t understand anything about this subject. Can you imagine a “woke” Venus? She still uses fake lesbianism to cater to men.

I actually wouldn’t put it past her to eroticize police brutality. It uses child molestation and teen prostitution to get attention, there’s no limit to how low she will go.

No. 98161

Clearly she doesn't watch enough hentai or irl porn to know what sort of face that should even be. My god this is just bad. Her views and what she thinks sex is like while pulling her simps along by their puppet strings just makes it seems she really has no clue what she's doing.

No. 98166

you can literally see in her eyes “this is how they do it in hentai right?” fucking weebs i swear

No. 98170

File: 1591233984903.jpeg (398.98 KB, 1806x1191, 713817AA-699A-40C0-A31E-7E67A7…)

“Daddy fuck me hard ok”

- Wenus, being shmexy(repost)

No. 98174

my bet is on sora

every white person right now has to say they support blm or they're labeled or racist. i'm not even kidding, the saying right now is "you either stand with us or you're against us"

isn't switzerland the country with the blackface santa helper character that everyone loves? i guess she would see it as pretty normal then lol

No. 98179

File: 1591237837051.jpg (284.21 KB, 1080x1391, Screenshot_20200604_112516.jpg)

Her comment section is getting more hate lately. Especially from that terrible school girl fetishization post. I'm happy to know some of her fans think she's crossed a line with that one.

Also concerning pic related. Don't Venus know about spilling tea culture by now? Still thinking "people against me are just ppl who love me deep down <3" is so passé lol. Her internet reputation is shit now.

No. 98186

Can this be the OP pic for the next thread, please?

No. 98190


Second this.

No. 98196

yes please

No. 98224

Dude, that comment is fucked up. I don't care if it's Venus, wtf? Tbh, it sounds like self posting anons who keep saying the same things in here. I do not see comments like these on her stuff from real accounts as often as you guys claim there are. There are posts about not wanting stuff to be so sexual, but not like this.

No. 98227

Ntayrt but they were being sarcastic, they have similar views to the sane people in this thread including yourself.

No. 98238

I mean. They aren't wrong with regards to her constantly having to post about how happy she is. Generally it is not a good sign for anyone.

No. 98239

You don't see hate in her comment section because if you say something against her you will be bombarded with messages and comments replies from her simps.

No. 98240

pls no, it will attract even more scrotes to the thread

No. 98250


Venus is acting high and mighty but her downfall will come again when it fucks up

No. 98251


I give it a few months before porn happens and we’ll see this fucker on pornhub.

Then she’ll be damaged and crying on camera how her life is shitter than usual.

Can’t wait tbh just to push this fucker off her high horse

No. 98252

at least sage your a-log about venus, we know you're foaming at the mouth thinking about her getting fucked but there's no need to bump the thread

No. 98256

its just branding. nobody will -well, its a smaller group of people who'll feel good paying you to make porn if you're posting how it makes you sad to do it

No. 98260

File: 1591274036244.jpeg (688.1 KB, 1242x1742, 699D51AE-7839-4062-A9EE-9642C7…)

Going to samefag for a few posts bc she has uploaded new content but she paywalled it for 50$

No. 98261

File: 1591274063338.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1242x1593, 727F2C23-0E14-421D-B833-E1FBD1…)

No. 98262

File: 1591274088533.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1242x1511, 660EFD8D-29B5-4832-AB74-E4A79C…)

Preview of the 15 image set for 50$

No. 98263

File: 1591274207919.jpeg (497.05 KB, 1242x1571, 63908F4C-414D-4069-9229-A26C5D…)

And this is the msg, not gonna spend 50$ on this shit the blurred thumbnails look so shit? 3 of her moaning face, tits and her showing..money? ewlol

No. 98264

looool i can’t with this retard

No. 98265


Holy shit this looks bad. She probably is trying to look like a post-bukkake hentai thot? How does she not see how bad some of the photos look? I've seen sultrier looking girls on bestgore.

No. 98266

Ah, I see Venus has been taking advice from the Worker's Union of Internet Hoes.

$7 entry fee, then outrageous paywalling for mediocre content that promises to be so much more.

I was wondering how long it would take for her to catch on.

No. 98267

>everyone in the previous thread who tried to say she wasn't pedobaiting: silent

No. 98268

I can’t believe she photoshops her Instagram posts to a ridiculous point, meaning she supposedly cares about how people see her, yet she uploads this shitty unedited content where she looks subpar compared to her own instagram and even expects people to pay for it.

No. 98269

This looks like a preview photo for a bad, low quality JAV

No. 98270

This reminds me of the Belle Delphine technique of uploading 45 virtually identical photos where nothing happens

No. 98272


Hate to see what the other 150 pics looked like if this was one of the "better ones". She should have stuck with skimpy cosplays.


5 of the bottom row look like the same picture. What a bargain.

No. 98273

I'm genuinely curious at this point. Is she going for sexy or disabled?

No. 98275

Lmao, she's trying hard to make an "orgasm" face, after looking up Belle Delphine to get some tips and tricks. Explains the eyelashes as well. Nonono Venus, please just do your own thing, don't try to be Belle.

No. 98276

I literally burst out laughing when I saw this one. I can't be the only one. Poor Venus… This is not sexy, unless you have a fetish for mentally disabled girls.
Some of these seem to be pictures of her with her mouth gaping, is she appealing to a vore now?

No. 98281

The Japanese equivalent is called "chaku ero", which she is definitely engaging in poorly because she already looks like Marge.

No. 98285

File: 1591286566468.jpg (Spoiler Image, 67.82 KB, 480x640, 480x640_b2f38afe010e59eeda35a9…)

Story of her "Virginity" has been posted, take it with a grain of salt if you will but I certainly do not believe this.

"This is the story about my uhm…my virginity which I promised you guys yesterday. Since I shared an embarrassing story with all of you, will you share some with me too? It’s ok if you send it to me privately to my inbox if you don’t want to post it here in the comments! Love you guys, xoxo"

No. 98286

File: 1591286735824.jpg (Spoiler Image, 166.62 KB, 1356x908, 1356x908_0176f845f5cb0d3ea6a84…)

Right after the whole virginity story was posted she posted a thank you photo "seen here" for those who paid $50 for 15 photos and an offer for people to pay $10 for a random photo from one of her sets (guessing she is planning more pay sets) if you think $50 is too much.

"OMG I cant believe so many of you got my Venus’ After School Activity set!! Much more than I’ve ever expected! What!! I’m touched by your feedback as well! Here is a special picture to thank you
Since I know that not many of you can afford the full set so I came up with a special plan ↓
PHOTOSET GACHA! Tip $10 and send the name of the set (Venus’ After School Activity) to get 1 random picture from the set. There are 15 pictures in total.

P.S: I’m sending out thank you messages in order to the people who got the full Venus’ After School Activity set!"

No. 98287

"My husband asexual and only interested in 2d girls" seems true to me I mean her boyfriend was kinda weird but NO hella sure venus u losed ur virginity

No. 98288

She looks so damn clumsy and has zero sexual energy idk how people pay for this

No. 98289

File: 1591287490732.jpg (98.63 KB, 731x576, Venus Twitter post deleted.jpg)

She also posted this on twitter, but it's already deleted.

No. 98290

Didn’t Margaret tell that Manaki dreamed of making love with Venus?….

No. 98292

Any idea where the link lead? Or was it just a link to onlyfans?

No. 98293

When you type in "bit.ly/3czNjoM" it brings you to her onlyfans, yes

No. 98297

Lol I just can't believe she's still a virgin. No way. She clearly had a sugar daddy or lover whatever you want to call him after Manaki. (Ken) and even with Manaki they did kinky stuff. There was this one Q&A they did and I can't remember but Manaki said something like "I can't tell on camera what I to you when you can't fall asleep"
And all the hickeys she had at that time.

No. 98298

Venus you are no aidoru it's ok not to be a virgin anymore lmao(samefagging)

No. 98299

File: 1591289165686.jpg (36.92 KB, 1200x675, Ed-Brown-90-Day-Fiance.jpg)

Lookin like

No. 98301

Didn't she say she already lost her virginity at 19.

No. 98305

Tip $500 and get your special collector's edition laminated hymen keychain! BUY BUY BUY

No. 98309

Before realising it's a cat tail, I thought it was a long piece of shit, going along the lines of the vomit pic. Can't unsee it though.

No. 98312

so many hickys lol and this wasn't the first or last time either

No. 98313

File: 1591291971307.jpg (316.07 KB, 438x960, 20200604_203224_957.jpg)

2017. Venus u losed ur virginity long time ago hun

No. 98316

It's obvious by now that Venus is little more than an attention and validation addict, making money with sex work by marketing to literally all the worst demographics. Pedos, ephebophiles, gross fucks and pickmes. What a major 180, now she's realized that she fucked herself over so hard by being spoiled and entitled on top of having a pretty good life despite Marge, that now she's stuck publicly chasing quick cash from nasty pervs while her cute looks wither away and she smears shit all over her image- just a shy, awkward girl who likes Japan and anime- to become another generic trashy weeb thot who is scared of growing up and not being the center of attention any time they do anything.

Just like Dakota, she got everything she ever wanted and ruined it all by being lazy, entitled and bratty. I both love and hate how Japan/Anime attractd these types of girls because nl matter how "well" they ever do in Japan legitimately, they always either had roots in or end up in sex work to stay in JP. Even that Vivi girl from Terrace House- white girls don't become so invested in a country and culture to bother coming here and lesrning the labguage just to go on TV and collect hobbies, they love the pedestal they get to sit on for being white and speaking Japanese, but it won't ever carry any of them past 25 without a spouse. Venus had Manaki, who let her do literally anything she wanted for nothing, and still wasn't happy once her wave of post-escape praise wore off and Manaki was no longer such a novelty.

Japan is like a giant honeypot for lazy narcissistic weebs.

No. 98317

How the fuck would it be legal to cash in all that money with no visa.

No. 98324

>shy 3rd year high school student

And her simps ITT will STILL say she’s not trying to pedopander by being “legal jailb8”

No. 98326

File: 1591295249635.png (217.43 KB, 373x402, lol.png)

I'm sorry, nitpicking i guess, but I just can't unsee the booger.

What's about this virgin story now. After stating she regrets wondering 19 years about what a dick tastes like, lmao.

Ngl tho, imagining Manaki not wanting to lie a finger on her made me laugh, but yeah, she most definitely did sleep with him, as anon pointed all the videos where she had hickeys, also that Ken guy, her post stating she "doesnt like boring hotel rooms" ugh, she can't even be fucked to keep any coherence on the shit she says.
I don't understand how people are so dumb to still believe everything she says. I'd like to see some of the comments on this virgin story post tbh.

No. 98327

Not a venus angelic booger nitpick in 2020 on my recent images. There's needing to get a life and being a loser and going on imageboards and then there's this shit. PLEASE get help for your BDD, it's been years

No. 98329

also, just wondering but she addresses Manaki as her husband now. I wonder if she's back to his apartment for real. Are they on good terms? is it finally him who's taking the pictures?
"I only played with girls and myself" so, sex with girls ain't real sex? Lmao, what is it then? Lmao, sex is sex dumb bitch. Even if your story was true, you're still not a virgin because you slept with girls. Dumbass

No. 98331

She says my then husband. Implying manaki is thrown away after he served his purpose.

No. 98336


I can't imagine her filing monthly income tax either. Ruh roh…

No. 98346

>explained that he is asexual and only interested in 2D
Lmao, what a pathetic relationship. But tbh I'll believe it about Manaki, he's a huge simp for Venus and I'm sure before they met he put her on a pedestal to idolize just like what he does with his cartoon waifus.
Of course she lost her virginity before this, I just think it's funny how she makes Manaki look so pathetic while playing it off as matter of fact.

>after school activities
Venus's biggest fantasy photoset yet, she never attended school.

No. 98367

And you know what? If Manaki doesn't happen to be everything she said about him, then I feel kinda feel bad for him. Imagine having this much shit about you on the internet. But I guess Venus is not tooo much of a big deal to Japanese people so maybe it doesn't affect him too much either.

No. 98376

No one is gonna believe that story. I can believe that Manaki prefers 2d girls, but I don't believe she's a "virgin". Also, sex with girls is not "real sex"?
I feel mean saying this, but it almost looks like she's packing a ballsack here

No. 98378

I don't. He wanted his popular egirl white weeb waifu and he got his popular egirl white weeb waifu who chewed him up and spat him out proper.
Maybe he should've thought about his dirty laundry getting aired before he simped for a girl who literally makes a living off vlogging and drama. Sleep with the dogs and catch the fleas.

No. 98379

Typical virgin activity to start up an Onlyfans, seems legit.

No. 98381

venus says something and almost everyone believes it, smh. Nothing she says is real,she throws other people under a bus for her own enjoyment.

No. 98385

People have strange sexual habits sometimes. I was showing my body online before a man ever touched me. Hickies also does not mean she isn't a virgin but this creepy obsession with childlike doll Venus' virginity would come across as scrote bait if it wasn't the same shit different tune from this thread

No. 98386

File: 1591299798067.jpg (Spoiler Image, 414.27 KB, 1079x765, Screenshot_20200604-144328_Chr…)

Viewers beware, youre in for a scare

No. 98387

File: 1591299851588.jpg (Spoiler Image, 444.85 KB, 1079x738, Screenshot_20200604-144313_Chr…)

Idk if its supposed to be jizz or piss or maybe a massive sneeze judging by the face

No. 98388

File: 1591299891557.jpg (Spoiler Image, 442.1 KB, 1079x736, Screenshot_20200604-144258_Chr…)

No. 98389

She looks like a dead fish.

No. 98390

File: 1591300138818.jpg (Spoiler Image, 886.45 KB, 1057x1454, Screenshot_20200604-144155_Chr…)

One more after this

No. 98391

She looks like a carbon copy of margo here

No. 98392

File: 1591300175401.jpg (Spoiler Image, 643.53 KB, 1079x1461, Screenshot_20200604-144137_Chr…)


No. 98393

next thread pic

mommy taught her

No. 98394

Dont tell me those 5 pictures are part of the $50 photoset?

No. 98397

what's this red mark under her index finger, on her left boob?
Also well, I suppose it was already obvious she'll go with this till the end but she's really making it worse and worse each day and at this point i don't think she can step back.
It is a bit sad how she wasted the chances she had to become a decent human being

No. 98398

I think it might be a burn mark from the candle wax
Yup they are

No. 98399

Anything great in the remaining 10 pictures?

No. 98400


Guantanamo Bay waterboarding fetishists are a very niche market.

No. 98401

File: 1591302352540.png (586.51 KB, 928x621, 694A0857-471D-43B5-AAC7-C8EBCC…)

No. 98402

queen of anaphylactic shock

No. 98403

No. 98404

File: 1591302571628.jpg (92.37 KB, 680x680, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7f485…)

Wish I could unsee this shit. That's a massive load.

No. 98405

it looks like a cigarette burn tbh.

These new pictures LMFAO

No. 98407

With these pictures, I wonder how long it will take from now until her first porn video airs…

No. 98408

Anyone ever leak her tip reward nude set?

No. 98409

Kinda want to invent time travel just so I can post this in the Venus uwu supportive thread from 2018 and see what they think

No. 98410

Is it just me or her pupils look kinda dilated? Not sure if this is nitpicking

No. 98411

This is really horrifying. Just the concept of a full condom hanging out, kinda want to gag.

Nice photoshop job on her face though.

No. 98412

Non visual memory ftw. I am perfectly equipped to view all the increasingly awful images she produces and then instantly forget them. People with visual memories should honestly not click the spoilers at this point.

No. 98414

Samefag but I feel like Venus is a horrorcow now, or at least heading that way. I feel bad for her stans on Instagram who have no idea of the content she's putting out there and are posting supportive comments.

No. 98415

What the actual FUCK are these facial expressions?

No. 98416

Venus is gonna end up Sere 2.0, calling it now.

No. 98418

This looks straight up like a screen shot from a kiddy porn video and it’s not the first time. And it fits in with this “still a virgin cause sex hurts too much uwu” narrative she has going on and how she edits herself to look like a little girl. She’s LARPing as an underaged girl being raped and sodomized for her pervert fans to fap to.

She’s a disgusting sick little fuck.

No. 98419

It must be fake cum, theres no way it isn't

No. 98420

a mix of sere and shayna

she has been shooping them dilated for a while

No. 98421

File: 1591305440617.gif (350.31 KB, 500x288, A4167A73-2931-40A4-8114-B0D569…)

No. 98423

Looks like calpis

No. 98424

this shit has me ROLLING LMAO, why fake cum?

No. 98427

File: 1591309413341.jpg (16.52 KB, 480x480, Gtnot having an external hard …)


the thread is gone… any1 have the rest?

No. 98431

I mean, how does it look like a screenshot from cp? she's obviously an adult. I obviously have never seen cp since I'm not a degenerate but is looking like you're taking a difficult shit a particular cp theme? The whole in pain/struggle sex trope is very much alive in normal porn so basically: she's a pedo panderer but I'm not seeing it.

No. 98432

Samefag, her plotline for these shitty images is literally that she's a schoolgirl earning some cash after school by banging strangers, so it's extremely dubious to start with. However I've never seen a pic of Venus where she genuinely looks like a child.

No. 98435

File: 1591314216537.png (Spoiler Image, 675.14 KB, 930x621, 523E43F1-C83C-4F24-B426-8FCD29…)

Not gone u just probably need an account to see the forum

No. 98437

Jesus christ she's cringe af

No. 98438

Remember when we all laughed when mama Margo did that cringey bikini dance video in her bathroom?

Innocent times, lel.

No. 98439

just start porn already venus. you sealed your fate with your very first topless pic.

No. 98440

I can't access either, and I have an account

No. 98441

The theme for this series is ‘helpless schoolgirl being revaged and defiiled.’ Who do you think it’s aimed at? You think her pedophile OFs aren’t furiously jacking off to them while fantasizing they’re the ones having their way with this virgin schoolgirl? Come on, it’s transparently obvious what demographic she’s pandering to with this shit.

No. 98442

>>98440 it's gone i guess

No. 98443


Sad part is I don’t even think she’d be wanted in JAV or would the Japanese audience like foreign girls in their porn? I’ve honestly never seen that which we could assume would be her dream porn job if she ever gets cornered to actually do porn. Maybe she’ll end up in Hungary like her mom said, after all.

No. 98444

there is a few javs with western girls

No. 98445

And the way she keeps saying she is a virgin.

No. 98449

I saw a yuri JAV with a white girl and japanese girl. She was actually cute tho not a thin lipped east european wapanese

No. 98452

Just a few more to go

No. 98469

She separated the two sexual attempts as “a guy” and “then husband”. She was dating Manaki at 17, married at 18 but soon took off to South Korea. So that means she was already seeing other guys while she was supposed to be married to Manaki, including that situation with her mom’s bf’s friend. Then we have that one anon who claimed Venus cheated on Manaki constantly. But saw the hickies, the sexual innuendo from both she and Manaki as if they were comfortable with some level of intimacy. It doesn’t make sense. Is she one of those girls who claims to be a virgin only because they don’t do vaginal sex, but they do every other sexual act?

No. 98473

Cum doesn't come out that way lol. Also it isn't that transparent, especially freshly coming out like that.

Im pretty sure this is some kind of lube. There must be some lube in japan that looks like cum. It wouldn't surprise me.

No. 98475

I feel like gagging just imagining she’s getting that massive amount of lube in her mouth, it sounds and looks disgusting

No. 98479

It just looks like Calpis. It’s kind of a meme and slang for cum in Japan anyway.

No. 98482

no calpis isn't slimy like that.