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File: 1590234182263.jpeg (416.23 KB, 3464x1727, 0B700910-5118-41E5-8AA6-AAC9A9…)

No. 95405

Previous thread: >>>/w/92122

>Weeb from Switzerland who rose to viral fame by her "dolly" looks, lolita dresses and circle lenses

>OG cringe content
>Controlling mother who operated her Youtube channel, who she eventually "escaped" from and started a new life in Japan
>This had steadily nosedived, from nonsensical babbling videos, quitting youtube to become a cartoon character Malice.exe, then quitting that to start a "business" (while suspected to be a sugar baby), making a few sponsored Youtube videos and collabs, then quitting that to start an OnlyFans. It's basically a mess of announcing new projects before abandoning them weeks later.
>Interspersed with drunk karaoke livestreams, posts about her mental health, advice for fans, and opening fanclubs which she stopped updating after a week
>Suspected of being an escort or sugar baby due to a Paters profile, posts about painful sex, and frequent taxi selfies. Some sugar daddies include mysterious "managers" like the infamous Ken (pic related)
>Casual Manaki slandering posted on Instagram, including implying he was a pervert and or had threesomes with crossdressers
>Now divorced, or maybe still living with him, nobody knows
>Takes pictures and video in kawaii broom cupboards, and reposts old photos so nobody is sure where she resides
>A popular pro-Venus sympathetic Youtube video garnered her many new fans, due to only focusing on the Margo escape story and glossing over all the recent events

>Started an OnlyFans to be a creative free individual, instantly swarmed by perverts. Dropped her first sad nude within days, rather than leading her perverts along with implied nudes and lewds for years as is current practice.
>Most of her female fans are appalled, shocked and disappointed, expressing such in hundreds of Instagram comments which she dismisses
>May be revealing an intentionally pedo pandering side to herself, by posting that she had wanted to do this (this being posting nudes on OnlyFans) since she was a child, dubious story about manager Ken being involved in assualt of a minor, accompanied by swiftly deleted photo of a child on her Instagram, and intentionally shooping her face to look more childish
>Frequently posts about what a deviant she is, first nude includes a caption in Japanese about being a cum-dumpster
>Has started to post videos on her main YouTube channel about her onlyfans, recorded a Love Hotel tour with a guy being the camera man, identity is unknown as his voice is edited and she doesn’t adress who he is
>Edits her pictures much more than before despite rambling about how happy she is to be able to do what she wants and is more confident than ever

instagram: venus_angelic
twitter: @VenusAngelic
tiktok: @dollyvenus
fanicon: https://fanicon.net/fancommunities/1857 (inactive)
main youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/VenusAngelic
weeb youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrpLE_Q1iNszN0O9n6V85YA

No. 95406

File: 1590234325742.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1242x2182, 2FABEEB2-2826-48C9-B5F2-EFB409…)

She did a LiveStream on her OnlyFans dressed in cosplay, I only watched like 10 minutes of it cause it was a cringe fest of her just reading sexual comments but before I tuned out someone asked her how she feels about the leaks and she said she wasn’t surprised and that it was expected

No. 95407

File: 1590234384730.jpeg (1.72 MB, 1242x2050, F5B31BCC-AB5C-45F0-B0D6-73B256…)

Also she dropped more pics on her OF

No. 95408

File: 1590234410261.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1242x1654, B33FE9B5-6552-473D-962C-14B4B9…)

No. 95409

File: 1590234433212.jpeg (1.72 MB, 1242x1641, C14C5808-AC68-4197-9CA9-5B9BB4…)

No. 95410

File: 1590234455733.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1242x1635, F5611812-546A-460C-86A6-9D85EF…)

No. 95411

File: 1590234659921.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1242x1633, 9DF531FD-09E6-4B75-8670-1CC026…)

No. 95412

File: 1590234693442.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1242x1649, FC7C09A7-5A89-4134-9201-D0E3D2…)

No. 95413

File: 1590234732698.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1242x1642, 9D61619D-6470-45C2-92B0-74F7A2…)

No. 95415

wew, well isn't this a cringy photoset.

Can't imagine being a guy and wanting to fap to this but sure.

No. 95416


Is there a word for the opposite of sexy? Corn? Corn??? Giving a weak bj to a corn vibrator with weird lighting and maybe the most unflattering angle possible? Is she trolling?

No. 95417

Venus definition of "high quality content" I'm beginning to think that she's actually trolling hard. Like how can she look at those pics and think "yepp, sexy af, let's give 'em". If her OF simps didn't deserve this shit show I would feel bad for them lol

No. 95418

Sorry for no contribution but this comment has me DEAD kek

No. 95419

Lmao even Margo's shitty nudes looked better than this

No. 95420

Fuck me, the angle/lens distortion in these two make her body look the size of a barn. Unfortunate.

No. 95421

File: 1590238176091.png (58.11 KB, 500x437, 4-months-ago-1jamesthepervert-…)

What in the actual FUCK am I looking at?
What did she mean by this?

No. 95422

File: 1590241287751.jpeg (6.45 KB, 180x67, 109CFB49-ECBC-4EDC-AA29-3C082D…)

Is it me or does it look like she has massive ogre like big toes?(nitpick)

No. 95423

Is this…satire? I hope it's a parody.

No. 95424

File: 1590241684382.jpeg (17.24 KB, 128x150, CA71F1DD-4DD0-44A6-8A4A-A7CFB7…)

This is what sexy and empowerment looks like

No. 95431

Honestly at this point they actually do look better than this. Looking like a dumped behind a dumpster blow up sex doll isn't cute nor sexy Weenus, jesus christ.

No. 95436


Do people actually use corn on the cob shaped vibrators or is this simply just a prop/gag gift. Like when you got to one of those wacky giftshops with a section for wedding parties.

No. 95439

She looks so sad here, like someone has made her do this. I hope she is not being bullied by anyone to do this.

Or maybe, that is the intention, to appeal to the kind of sickos who like to think a girl is being cowed. I hope she is not trying to appeal to types like that.

As for the other pictures, the most awkward, unsexy looking pictures imaginable, what is she thinking? Surely this was not her idea? if so, it looks like she has no idea what would look sexy or appealing, and whoever took the pictures, Venus in real life looks very skinny and under nourished, but those pictures make her look huge, I wondered if the photographer did it deliberately to try and offset the fact that she might be too skinny to appeal to a lot of men, so they photographed her to try and make her look like she has bigger hips?
Either that, or they have no idea how to properly compose a picture and make it look flattering. Has to be some of the most unflattering pictures I've ever seen, especially given that they are meant to be sexy.
I also wondered if they are purposely trying to humiliate her. Or if her masochist tendency is to humiliate herself, but it doesnt look alt all pleasurable, and I'm not surprised she said it was embarrassing, I feel embarrassed for her, just looking at them.

I wonder if she even knows just what form of sickos there are out there? Deranged perverts with stab fetishes and goodness knows what else. One YT channel I stumbled upon once, was all videos about beautiful girl stabbed in stomach, stuff like that, from movies where the uploader had just taken a scene out of context and uploaded it, for showing just a scene like that, I did a bit of digging and found he was also posting questions on some forums asking if there was a way he could stab a girl in the stomach and do it in such a way that it wouldn't kill her. Answers were like no, best not to try it. But I was horrified as couldn't understand how anyone could even develop a horrible fetish like that in the first place, [maybe he grew up watching Dario Argento movies or something?] but seeing the images Venus has posted of the red candle wax in her cleavage, I worried that she might have been trying to please those sort of sick creeps, and I sincerely hope not, I worry that she may get into dangerous territory if she is not careful, I don't want anything bad to happen to her.

No. 95440

Not trying to WK here but geez can people please stopp nitpicking about physical features?? You can't do anything about feet, height, skincolor etc. Discuss her lazy ass instead and her ridiculous shoops, like wtf is going on with those corn pictures? Must be the most embarassing and unflattering shit she ever posted and people pay for that?? WTF?!

No. 95442

lol at how different she looks in the livestream vs her usual photos

No. 95444

I agree, but telling people what to discuss isn't going to achieve anything. Maybe just more foot pics in retaliation. Ngl, I lost it at first for all of the reasons you listed, but mainly because I thought it was real corn. Dildo corn might be even funnier though, I haven't decided.

No. 95446

She looks like ahripop

No. 95448

Japan has some of the best sex toys and she’s out here fucking with plastic corn

No. 95449

>>She looks so sad here, like someone has made her do this.
Would you quit with the ”poor little Weenus she looks SO SAD” crap? She’s too clueless to know how to pose and too lazy to put any effort into her latest quick cash grab scam. No one is “forcing” her to do anything. She’s looking for easy $$ with the least possible amount of effort, that’s all.

No. 95450

It's a meme, there's this weird image about country girls and corn that was floating around as a meme for a while. It's a dead meme at this point, though, so she just looks dumb.

No. 95469

She knows what she's doing. Weenus panders to pedos, lolicon fetish lovers, DDLG types and every creepy fetish you can think of that involves looking "young and being taken advantage of". She knows it brings in good money and is milking it.

No. 95474

This is beyond pathetic. She had the opportunity to break from the clutches of a crazy narc and settle into a comfortable, semi-normal life…and she chose to do this instead.

No. 95477

I've never seen an angle so unflattering and unsexy. I'm actually shocked at how bad this is

No. 95478

the fact that it's supposed to be a meme somehow makes it so much sadder kek

No. 95479

It involves old hentai and yaoi and that's what caused all these to be made in Japan. It because a meme over there, nothing to do with western farm girls and corn. That's a whole other thing. It's a Japanese joke fetish like every other joke fetish in Japan, but always keeps being referenced in gravure, thot photos, videos, JAV, hentais, ecchi.

No. 95488

This. Plus she’s catfishing, trawling for gullible benefactors with this ‘little girl lost’ angle she’s working. She’s probably working several potential dupes via DMs with her sad little victim (but so brave!) act, just like marge used to do.

Just look at comments like >>95439 about how SAD poor Weenus looks. Yeah, she knows exactly what she’s doing.

No. 95490

Yes but that doesn't explain why she would release such unflattering pictures, and not at all sexy, not by any stretch of the imagination. I just don't understand.

No. 95499

Holy shit I thought this was an edit, she managed to give herself Moo proportions lmao

No. 95505

File: 1590267926352.jpeg (67.23 KB, 504x599, 8725C424-C806-4418-8D49-221468…)

>> explain why she would release such unflattering pictures
Why does she do any of the wacko things she does? Why would she turn up for a video shoot at a bar (or for many other videos) looking like a greasy unwashed homeless person? Why did she film herself half asleep and dazed with ratty hair and period stains on her jammies? Why doesn’t she just get a fucking job if she’s this hard up for cash? Who tf knows why she does anything? There is no explanation. She acts like she has some kind of brain damage.

No. 95509

jesus those corn pics are so bad, shes actually more laughable than sexy. some one help her lol.

No. 95511

at this point she might as well actually have brain damage. Either that or the shitty brain genes inherited by Margo

No. 95513

She's crazy awkward lol. I think she see's herself as some major league secret closet sexy bombshell freak!!!!!! when actually she's stiff and vanilla. She can take amazingly flattering selfies but now with sex being involved she just has no idea what she's doing. Either that or she's so busy thinking she looks crazy lewd in what she's doing that she completely disregards how they actually look and uploads these all sweaty and turned on like "look you guys!! you see i can the sexy too thank you for your subscribe boo bye boo stay tuned!!"
In other words, I think she might actually be like some of her cumbrain fanboys. You know, the types that would just snap a pic of their dick in their messy room and send it with no prompt? She might be one of those, just a greasy female version. Which is a shame because if she took these better she'd be raking in cash 3x faster.

No. 95516

inb4 her lurking ass brings up her mental health problems and blames how she is on that. "My brain doesn't work very well uwu I'm so innocent hehe".

No. 95537

I actually think this photo looks better than the filtered photos that make her look like an weird anime fembot

No. 95539

Right. The period blood on her clothes in that video was really attractive too.

No. 95541


What are you talking about?

No. 95543

Unpopular opinion I know, but yeah some unedited videos of her look really cute. Sometimes cuter then the unedited ones.

No. 95544


lol i think i get what you mean anon, but she still looks gross and greasy. i honestly think its the flat black hair shes sporting. but compared to these stills and her shoops she looks badly aged and nothing like her pics.

its so funny that her streams are so shit and 0 effort but its venus so its expected.

No. 95545

and just like that she is making more money than a college grad. This angers me.

No. 95546

Sex sells anon, always has and always will. As long as there's simps available who want to throw their cash at photos and videos of tits & vag, these girls make a fortune. Which is why Weenus will never get a "normal" job in her life. Shoving a corn on the cob vibrator in her mouth is where it's at. The less effort she has to put into anything the better. Even then she can't even be a thot right either. It's just one massive cringefest and she gets paid for it.

No. 95557

File: 1590283619386.jpeg (272.87 KB, 1787x1301, E9BCBAC4-9F5C-4622-B9E4-6CD454…)

>> some unedited videos of her look really cute.
Really? Name one.

Is it this one?

No. 95558

File: 1590283688662.jpeg (532.52 KB, 1522x1536, A9FDDC2D-36AA-405D-A24F-98C916…)

How about this one?
Go ahead, name one. I’ll wait.

No. 95559

I see people talk about their vore/gore fetishes on public Twitter, "no kinkshaming" has gone this far where people are like "wanna kill people? whatever gets you off, fam"

Not a great time to be a sex worker. Have the same questions as you, is she pretending to be awkward and hate it for the simps or does she just hate it?

No. 95562

that anon triggered you way too hard

No. 95570


Why would it anger you? There’s nothing to be jealous over. This money isn’t sustainable in the long term. She has to push her limits to maintain her audience. Plus she loses her appeal the older she gets. There’s plenty of old cows who are just embarrassing themselves for some petty change because they don’t have any real life skill sets.

No. 95572

she will never be able to get a normal job later on nor will she ever be able to have dignity again. don't envy her

No. 95586

I haven't looked at the venus drama in so long. Venus got her chubby cheeks back but she looks completely different, the ED and botched plastic surgeries totally aged her hard.

No. 95587

and the alcoholism

No. 95598

I'm actually beginning to think that she has some sort of autism. There's no way she's doing this without having some kind of self-awareness problem.

No. 95603

Why are people always concerned with sex workers not being able to get a “normal job”? She obviously doesn’t want a normal job so why does it matter

No. 95605

File: 1590297218338.png (2.24 MB, 1162x1903, corn.png)

An edit for our empowering Kween.

No. 95606

she's stupid. nobody seems able to grasp that this explains all her shit because people fell for some meme that she's intElliGenT because she put big glasses on once and pretended she was studyIngG. I mean like barely-human-level intellect stupid. Watch a video where she actually tries to make a serious point. watch how she can't make an argument. Stuff like "if this, then that " is beyond her

No. 95607

File: 1590297340483.jpg (111.68 KB, 400x400, gayle.jpg)

Her face here reminds me of this face that Chris Fleming always pulls in his Gayle series

No. 95615

Or a creepy “manager/BF” pushing her. These stills look nothing like the posed photos Venus has done in the past. Some creepy dude who thinks anything overtly sexual will print money, is taking them.
Probably that “Ken” dude she made the crazy posts about pedo shit and breaking up with awhile back.

No. 95617

fuck these photos are just pathetic. meme or not they look like shit. even her ' cum dumpster ' nudey pic was better than this corn/bdsm posts because at least it was… something? poor Venus. she'll be making bank now but unless she marries rich that money isn't gonna last and neither will manaki.

anyone know where her money's going? many pervy photographers will do TFP (time for photos- free work) for bdsm/nudey pics, the photos are such shit I assume that's what she's doing?

at least when margo was there Venus had some dignity left. lol.

No. 95619

Because prostitution is the one job where the more you do it and the older you get, the less valuable you are. It might not seem important because most "sex workers" kill themselves when they can't do it anymore (such glamour) but if you have a functioning brain you might understand how that bides badly for anyone who did shit like that's future. Not only is she gaining 0 skills but she's actually associating her name with these pictures and destroying any chances of even having a min wage normal job.

No. 95620

Looks like both thumbs and toes are affected by brachydactyly type D, a harmless genetic mutation. Her mom has similar thumbs. The old nickname used to be called “Murderer’s thumb” and there’s palmistry superstition about their personality type if you want to have fun reading that.

Seriously, I’m starting to agree. She is socially inept in a way that is beyond the way a very shy or sheltered person struggles and it’s not only because she’s an asshole(which she is).

No. 95625

>most sex workers kill themselves when they can't do it anymore
what level of memed is this person

No. 95626

she doesn't want a normal job NOW when she's in her early 20s and still sexually valuable to men. but it's not a sustainable "career" as she ages and she will have nothing to fall back on.

No. 95629

but most probably venus simply doesn't know how to pose in a sexy way.

No. 95641

She looks miserable and mentally ill. I'm afraid after a while she will attempt suicide and make a video: how sex working almost killed me.

No. 95645

She obviously won't, are you the same person suicide-baiting in Snow right now?

She is happy when she's getting money, so she's pretty happy right now.

No. 95646

Nta but I don't think she is happy. The mind is more complex than just money = happy.

No. 95648

When I see these stills, I can't help but remember the weird racist anon who insisted her features were "refined and delicate", kek.

No. 95649

kek anon you really think/believe weenus is happy? I can picture it now her looking bothered to update her simps on what she’s doing, being sloppy. She’s lazily doing shit just cause they willingly give her money for half assed pics. She’s been posting the same stale ass pictures in that hotel. And seriously? CORN? Corn. That angle and corn. So far from sexy.
Yeah zero effort weenus is happy getting money but she’s not like truly happy in herself I don’t buy it.

No. 95657

She damn well knows how to pose and look appealing during a photo shoot. Her job has been to look cute and pretty in photos since she was a tween, and done it a thousand times.
These photos show a Venus not in control - someone else with little experience or knowledge of photography and modeling is taking these awful photos. A creep with a camera phone who thinks if Venus shows tits or holds sex toys that’s all that’s needed.

No. 95658


I think so too, I wish if she is going to do Only Fans stuff, that she would be in control of what she does herself, not have to rely on someone else to tell her. because that is what it looks like is happening from these dreadful pics, and someone who has absolutely no idea of composition. Dreadful, couldn't imagine she would ever have posted such awful pictures as these, especially when they are - laughably - meant to be 'sexy'.

No. 95659

Haven't seen this video discussed here at all. Apologies if it has already been talked about, but I did look and couldn't see it. I think this is actually good, and it was genuinely funny. I don't know anything about the person in the video with her, but they seem like they know each other quite well, they may not and may have met up only to film the video, but they seem so relaxed and at ease with each other, they seem to really get on and like each other. There seems a good vibe there.(this is the third time this has been posted)

No. 95660

And looks like she is wearing her virgin killer sweater dress in the thumbnail but she isn't in the video. Oh well, the video is good anyway. Collabs like this are good.

No. 95661

>points out the one exaggeration that anon did instead of addressing their main point

go hit the streets, I'm sure those 55 year old prosts on bumfuck st. in your city are living the lavish lifestyle

No. 95662

wait do- do you guys smell that? i-it smells of femcel in here… weird

No. 95664

SW for most seems so depressing, the reality for many , I don't think they can all make much from it, this video here stuck in my mind, supposedly somewhere in Shanghai, looks so seedy, the girls just sat outside on stools waiting for some sleazy man to come past and choose one of them. The man filming here chose the good looking girl at 9:27 minutes in the video, I felt so sorry for her, she looks nice but wonder how long she will keep her looks, or even if she is still alive two years on? Pretty girl, but such a shame she has to be forced to try and earn a living like this, I hope Venus never has to go down this route.

No. 95665

File: 1590333160207.jpg (270.63 KB, 1074x1405, _20200524_161212.JPG)

So she's entering costhot territory it seems.

No. 95666

File: 1590333179069.jpg (33.19 KB, 587x294, 1566317636685.jpg)

found this screenshot vom 2015 in an old venus thread. this is our "peter in toronto". how i know that: in an old thread some anon saw a guy called peter commenting on her instagram, and it was the same exact comment "peter in toronto" commented on her OF. he doesn't have a profile pic on OF but he does on instagram. stupid ass creep even shared his full name on instagram, so i found him on facebook, same profile picture again. same with twitter. this guy has been posting venus related stuff on facebook and twitter since 2014 which is super repulsive considering the fact that she was 17 back then and acting like a toddler. i censored his twitter

No. 95667

wooops meant to delete the last sentence "i censored his twitter" because i decided not to censor it, since he doesn't mention his full name on twitter. i don't want to dox him

No. 95668

because she thinks she is a "living doll" and looks beautiful all the time without putting in effort. that's what she's been told her whole life. it doesn't help that fangelics vomit out the dumbest praise with every single post she makes. yes, she's insecure, but nevertheless she's still convinced that despite that she's flawlessly beautiful

No. 95669

there is a massive scar on her right arm. i hope she didn't harm herself

No. 95670

Christ I used to follow Margo and Venus on Twitter years ago and remember these comments even then. He's probably been doing it since she first went viral on YouTube. Now she loves feeding into these creeps for easy cash.

No. 95673

I don’t see a scar, i see some wig hair going across her left arm and a shadow from the curtain on her right wrist

No. 95676

File: 1590334886710.png (1.09 MB, 679x849, Venus.png)

Um, not sure about that, don't think it's a scar, there is a thread or something you can see in the second picture sticking out, and maybe it is a shadow of that, you can see something that looks like cotton in a circular shape in the other pictue, or maybe it's something in the background, i dont know, but anyway i don't think its a scar.

No. 95678

File: 1590335895561.jpg (138.26 KB, 1080x1078, Screenshot_20200524-165559~2.j…)

1. Looks like a wig hair

2. I upped the contrast and I think there is some scaring/marks.
Venus has spoken about SHing behaviour before iirc. Wouldn't be surprising with what's been going on.

The scars are white which would suggest they're from a long time ago which is nice.

It might just be nothing, but if it is I hope she's alright and maybe even begining to embrace what she looks like.

No. 95679

In this day and age and yet there's still so much seemingly hatred of women, it's like men want to punish what they desire, just look up "ryona", the meaning, so much violence against women eroticised, why do men get off on this sort of thing? Wtf is wrong with them? It's horrible.

No. 95681

I hope he at least tips her Only Fans for being such a creep.

No. 95683

I'm so surprised she didn't pick Rem

No. 95685

she's aging so fast. her doll looks totally wore out and she doing cosplay makes it even sadder.

Not that I have anything against models or sex workers looking mature, in fact most of them will embellish this aspect of them by wearing more mature clothing, etc. Being in harmony with aging looks just as good. Better than constantly wearing loli stuff and shoop features to oblivion.

Even her face is far from childish anymore. I'm not even sure what's she's trying to accomplish with her facial expression on second pic related, like was she trying to have an innocent gaze? She just looks… anything cute at this point. Starting to really see the Margo features appearing. Margo also used to want to look cute and young in her photos but constantly looked so off instead. These two women might have look cute with childish features at one point but it seem they grow out of it fast. Generics of bad habits idk but don't lie to yourself like that.

Sorry i don't mean to be redundant but all these pics there's just something sooo off about her facial expressions. Like gurl are really happy?? Even the insta pics where she smiles, it's so forced you know?

No. 95686

same fag

typo detected
She just looks… anything BUT cute at this point

No. 95687


Yes this was discussed in previous thread.

No. 95688

The memest Japanese sex toy though..

No. 95689

exactly. it's insane. one minute they call women who sell their bodys worthless sluts and whores and the other minute they have their dicks out, jacking off to the same exact kind of women. the hate coming from men towards sex workers is incredible yet men are the consumers. pathetic

No. 95690

Does Venus wear contacts?
When zoomed her left eye is derping lol

No. 95692

probably. her real eye colour is blue

No. 95694

At least she’s wearing makeup and the wig hides whether she’s showered or not. Her hygiene seems to be improving since she started OF

No. 95695

She provably edited it with the snow app… Or she might wear contacts and because she edited her face slimmer, it looks distorted

No. 95697

2. looks just like a random mark, a SH scar would be pretty obvious and is usually in other places of the body, like wrists, forearms, or thighs.

No. 95699

looks like grey contacts

No. 95703

She looks like she is in her 30's.

No. 95704

Creepy to think of her male OnlyFans subs being old guys like this that've been leaving weird comments for years. It's different if it's random dudes, but these are obviously heavily invested "fans," if Peter is representative.

No. 95728

This video is so heartbreaking, poor girl. The guy really is walking around like one would in a Supermarket Alley, it's disgusting. No one deserves this, I hope Venus doesn't end up like this.

No. 95739

OT but the comments under this video are haunting

No. 95740

When ethots glamorize sex work it's just vile. While it maybe great for them, in reality the industry is shady, dangerous and it's a last resort job out of desperation for money.

No. 95746

they can glamourize it because modern society has made it easier. Back in the day you'd be on your knees and back all day getting stretched out by real people at the local brothel. Nowadays you just take photos and upload them online. I only ever see high-class escorts (aka filtered men who are more classy than your average prostitute fucking john), onlyfans or people who don't do sexwork defend sexwork.

No. 95750

Its not shady when you're doing everything yourself and you screen who you work with for your safety. Being dangerous though, its all women. You don't have to be doing sex work to be assaulted or harassed. You could be ugly as hell and people still will catchall. The anons stuck on sex work not being viable and demeaning keep derailing as hell with your moralfagging. No one gives a shit except Karens if someone does sex work. It's about what they do during sex work and who they work with just like every job.

The money thing is accurate. That's give or take.

No. 95751

I have really grown to hate people defending sex work. It's a bunch of privileged girls who make everything about themselves, complaining that their feelings get hurt when people associate sex work with a seedy lifestyle. It's disgusting. They don't give a crap about street sex workers, just that people stop hurting their feelings with terrible comments like "get a job". I've seen one complain that all the focus on victims and trafficking gives people the wrong idea about her, someone who chooses to do it for fun. As though she's the real victim. It's peak narcissism.

No. 95754

Stop derailing about camming and prostitution.

No. 95759

File: 1590360123253.jpeg (1.61 MB, 2193x1242, 09D2F5D2-CFCF-40D5-A574-F6A14A…)

She posted a video on her onlyfans where she’s only wearing a wet shirt, no audio because screen record

No. 95760

File: 1590360149348.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1242x2176, A63CFA59-7077-4841-9512-8C4B50…)

No. 95761

File: 1590360179879.jpeg (1.85 MB, 1242x2152, 05868145-CE82-4793-8FB3-4F0136…)

No. 95762

She is obsessed with this white button down shirt lol

No. 95763

god, shes just giving it all away so quickly

No. 95767

At least this set of pictures looks a lot less edited. We can actually see her features i these, instead of the usual blurred butter-face. There were a lot of people commenting on her photo editing on one of her most recent instagram posts, I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

No. 95770

Uff she has paper thin lips and it’s so cringeworthy to see her trying hard to make them appear extra thin. Literally only Japanese dudes find this “aesthetic” remotely attractive.

She would look better if she invested in some fillers, Botox and lip injections.

No. 95771

Are those press on nails?
Or did she go to a nail salon in the middle of lockdown? That would be pretty selfish considering that Tokyo is still under a lockdown..

No. 95772

It's the new thing. Even tiktok is promoting the trend.

No. 95776

She has those nails since the going to a love hotel video on her channel

No. 95777

It's obvious she's done alot of filming and had photos done in the love hotel & is gradually releasing the content to her simps. Nothing has been done back in her pink vomit room since she made her video about it.

No. 95780

Tokyo's hairdressers, manicure shops and even some restaurants where never closed during lockdown. Only working hours we're diminished.
Also there was never an official lockdown, it was more like "we strongly recommend not leaving the house" kind of thing. With a few rules here and there.

No. 95782

Is this the improved content she promised? Yes, the image quality has improved but you can still see she edited her face like before. Her eyes are not round, they’ve become elongated and she cleaned her nasolabial fold but she didn’t bother to enhance/post-process her photos (maybe because she only knows snow/beauty apps). The angles and perspective are shitty too as with her poses. Is this the CREATIVITY she bragged about while dragging down normal jobs? Is this really QUALITY CONTENT? The nerve of this girl.

It’s clear as day that she’s not happy with what she’s doing. If you’ve been a photographer for a long time, you’ll instantly know what the model is feeling. And what I’m seeing on her recent photos — she is ashamed and is forcing herself. All this for money. If money is the only thing in the world that can make you happy plus no family or decent friends, you’re bound to be doomed.

No. 95783

She's not ashamed, anon. Calm down. She's pandering to Japanese dudes, not guys across the ocean. If you have seen any JAV they are usually reluctant and forced to feel good and put into awkward situations. I wish I was kidding about this only being niche, but it's not. It's a whole trope and that's the style she's chosen from the beginning. Complaining about it and assuming she hates it makes you sound stupid.

No. 95784

face here is so unnaturally forced and unsexy.

No. 95785

>posts a bunch of pics revealing nothing
Her fans will run away! She needs to show stuff!
>posts revealing stuff
She's giving it all away too quickly!

Holy fuck

No. 95786

But it’s possible she really is feeling ashamed about it. Don’t disregard that possibility. It makes you sound stupid.

It you’re claiming to be slutty and overtly perverted, you’d be confident with the skin you’re showing even if you’re pandering to Japanese men by ‘acting ashamed and forced’. It’s not like that’s the only type of hentai there is. Why do you think people here are getting confused as to what she’s feeling?

No. 95787

I dont see her ashamed in the video

No. 95788

didn't even bothered cleaning up what's on left bottom corner, angle is unflattering…

I get where you're coming from anon, but even those JAV have better camera people behind this.

These venus' photos are a step up from what she used to deliver but It's still some lazy quality content here.

No. 95790

She could have at least taken inspiration from IG, right? Like peachmilky and a ton of sexy content creators. She can direct her photographer on the angles, she can do intelligible poses, she can post-process her photos using apps like lightroom by taking inspiration from quality content creators on IG. I mean it’s plain common sense but it appears she really hates thinking and research lol

No. 95791

I'm wondering if she's using a timer remote to take her own photos, which would make sense why her angles are so shit and rushed.

No. 95798


Oh Venus

No. 95799


I think she uses SNOW to take her pictures and edits them to death

No. 95800

No. 95804

Ew no, big lips because of fillers are gross. No WK but she's fine like this.

No. 95815

They edited the cellulite out of her legs but so poorly, unless that's how the lighting looks

No. 95831

I think this is another one from that same love hotel visit where she did the Hank Hill shoot. That's the bathroom she showed off in the vid.

No. 95840


That's the classic PT pout face. Also that gap between two saggy pancakes… It's laughable that anyone is paying for this. I guess trash attracts other trash.

No. 95842

Nope. In some images you can see they are removing the reflection of the photographer from the mirrors.

No. 95843

This. It’s funny though since her audience (or her client base) consists fully of western men.

No. 95849

File: 1590390797156.png (1.65 MB, 1080x1294, IMG_20200525_091305.png)

Okay but where exactly is she confident?

No. 95852

”Sexually confident e-girl” is the new character she’s trying to portray.

No. 95854

File: 1590391644377.jpeg (85.24 KB, 750x548, 5942609B-63A9-4360-8CB9-58C0A0…)

She removed "menhara" from her about. Maybe because there was so much talk about her mental wellness on one of her recent instagram posts.

No. 95866

>see? i'm still the same old innocent peenus even tho i'm a sex worker now

eww, your old fandom is doubting you now BECAUSE of your new nfsw shit. doesn't matter that you still like fake ugly nails and cheap kawaii plushies. also looking for approval much while trying to convince yourself how confident you are.

No. 95878

The longer this goes on, this more it has in common with this old sketch.

Right down to the big toes.

No. 95883

Yow mama look at them swingers!
That's the stuff right there!
That's it! That's it!

No. 95885

it's copypasta (like the navy seals text) and yes it is satire.

No. 95909

You cant have your cake and eat it too. Too many of these stupid young women like Venus think they can go into sex work and still be respected. That's not how it works

No. 95935

File: 1590421366976.jpeg (546.9 KB, 750x1105, A28C0D6A-46C8-4009-8FAA-59F663…)

is she stupid or is she dumb.

No. 95936

I think she's taunting people to get that attention even if it's negative, she can't be this dumb… or can she?

No. 95942

Is anyone seriously surprised? Her gimmick is LARPing a Japanese loli girl, when in reality she's an unwashed Hungarian refugee bride who refuses to work.

No. 95947

Most of the comments were in Chinese it looks like, but I saw a few English comments, most wanting to know where the street was, probably so they could go there and use her too, one was saying something about she only cos less than $20 or something, heartbreaking to read, nowhere was there any concern for the girl, just laughs and well done sort of comments, I dread to think what the Chinese comments were saying.

Venus seems very privileged in what she does compared to girls like this. I sincerely hope that girl in the video can get out of the situation she is in and find a better life, made me cry watching and seeing the sad little room she seems to be living in in that shabby tenement block, I do hope she is okay and that she can maybe save some money to get out of there, but if she is as cheap as that, then it doesn't seem likely.

I really wouldn't want Venus, or anyone, ending up having to make a living like that, apparently even old women in China are having to earn money as prostitutes, I dread to think what sort of clients they must have, I heard a prog on radio about it a couple yrs back.

No. 95948


No. 95949

At least her nails look good here.

I noticed a couple of comments recently on some of her latest instagram pix, from that ella freya girl, saying "cute" and some other comment praising her, but Venus never replied or even liked the comments, which seemed odd if they are still friends.

No. 95954

Oh okay, sorry, I didn't see it, I did have a look to see if it had been posted before.
I did wonder tho if it was that Sora guy who was with her in the love hotel, maybe as he has a Youtube channel, he wouldn't want it known if he was the one there with her, it's just they seemed so easy with each other in the video she did with him, like they really like each other and are at ease with each other, but if that was the first time they had met for the video? I don't know, but they certainly seemed to be getting on well with no awkwardness that I could detect that you might expect if they were just two people who had never met and didn't know each other.

No. 95955

i think it has something to do with the menhera aesthetic, the white business shirt seems to be a theme.
also the traditional just fucked, got his shirt and cum on classic. even western media has that trope
i think some backlash against using mental health as a kink might have her backtracking a bit but i don't see her dropping it all together. I mean…she is mentally ill, so if there's ever something to emulate for venus it's probably menhera kek

No. 95958

Atleast she got a shower lol

No. 95961

File: 1590427082843.jpg (852.38 KB, 750x704, r32qefI.jpg)

She only made the dirt wet

No. 95965

Idgaf about cultural appropriation but hiw does she not know this looks bad

No. 95974

I find it so stupid that she has to refer a foreign dress as cosplay.
You cosplay a character not a cosplay a dress.
Clearly she has no idea of what cosplay is. I don't think cosplay is her hobby at all with her lazy ass cosplaying emilia wrongly and calling a normal dress as cosplay.

No. 95978

Because what she is wearing is a cosplay version of cheongsam. Even Chinese whores wear slutter versions of this dress. That was the whole reason these dresses were originally made. Same with how flapper dressers in the US were risque. There is no real significant cultural significance to these and reading white people bitch for woke points is embarassing. It's so stupid. It's nothing like how Hikomina wore cheongsam and did the COVID cosplay, sexualizing and actually doing yellow face and making racist black people comments in return for the push back.

No. 95987

She is just begging for SJWs to tear her a new asshole at this rate. Might as well wear a geisha costume to really add fuel to the fire.

No. 96002

can you guys stop bawwing about sjw shit?

No. 96007

fucking newfags. she got worldwide coverage for 'cultural appropriation' outrage before, like twice. so of course she will bait them again when it would mean a huge boost to her monthly paypigs. if this actually made people as mad as the other ones she'd probably become a millionaire

No. 96021

problem is simps don't paypig forever. eventually all egirls get ran through and no matter what anyone says,it eats away at you. whoring is not glamorous or fun and only another miserable whore would tell a girl it's so much fun uwu

No. 96036

kinda ot, but has anyone noticed that tsuruko doesnt follow venus anymore? venus still following her, tho.

No. 96037

If she cleaned up and really applied herself to it, it could keep her afloat until she lands a rich man to marry. I know people don't like to think about it, but whether we like types like momokun or not, they do make crazy amounts of money for years even by doing the bare minimium-even after gaining weight and saying or doing something toxic. If they're already a fanboy, they're probably going to be onboard for whatever happens so long as it never reaches "I hate all men" tier. Venus is onto something, she's just too stupid to get into it the right way is all.

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