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File: 1576960062309.png (627.16 KB, 1192x338, lolcow pic final.png)

No. 76241

Last thread >>68012

> 22 year old with a dried up youtube channel

> still attempts to pretend to be younger than her age by acting like a little girl

> hasn't showered in about 6 months

> repeatedly gets drunk on stream begging for money

> lied for the millionth time about going to change and stop drinking and keep up with her youtube channel but this lasted the grand total of about 2 days

> hygiene had gotten so bad that her bangs/fringe have been permanently stuck to her forehead purely by the amount of unwashed grease on her hair

> had a drunk melt down on stream looking haggered then posted a photo on ig acting like it never happened

> primink made a docu about venus but missed 70% of the newer info

> still drastically photoshops pictures of herself to the point of being unrecognisable

> so desperate for money that she now charges her fans to see her low effort blog posts and chat

> 99% of her paid fans are gross old men

> refuses to get a job to support herself

recent stuff:

> got shouted at by a ramen chef as she failed to make a simple bowl of ramen

> ignoring her fans in the paid for chat section of her website
> sugaring older men online for money since her youtube is dried up
> sucking on suger cubes because yellow teeth are super kawaii!

instagram: venus_angelic
twitter: @VenusAngelic
tiktok: @dollyvenus
fanicon: https://fanicon.net/fancommunities/1857
main youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/VenusAngelic
weeb youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrpLE_Q1iNszN0O9n6V85YA

No. 76251

File: 1576964631726.jpeg (200.35 KB, 750x1100, 1D9E3E9B-5337-4B34-AF88-9C8E58…)

How is Venus affording these trips? Because I’m damn sure she isn’t getting any money from her youtube

No. 76252

Her life's a mess and she needs to get on track with a real job. That said, I think the hatred directed at her in these threads is excessive. People like Onision and Kanadajin3/Mira are basically evil sociopaths, and they deserve what they get. As far as I can tell, Venus is just this girl who was abused and manipulated by her mother for her entire life. It's great that she got out of that, and it's a shame she's become a dysfunctional alcoholic. Maybe she needs some remedial education, whether that's in Japan or back in Switzerland, but if she's basically fluent in both English and German, that's a great skill, and she should probably just become a language teacher.

I guess the reason I have some sympathy is because it's obvious she's dealing with a lot of trauma. Yeah, she looks kind of greasy, clammy, and tired a lot of the time, but I'd rather see her like that than dressed up like some fucking lolita doll.

I just feel bad for her, and I hope she's able to get on track, maybe seek out some counseling.

No. 76255

So her badmouthing Manaki and lying to her fans is okay? She's the child of her mother, through and through. Idg how you can still sympathize with her.
And a language teacher? She can't speak any language good enough for that.

No. 76257

she made it very clear she will not seek out counselling with the fake excuse of ''she's too high risk'' a counselor would never say that

No. 76259

A counselor in Japan actually might. They also say shit like “you’re too privileged to be depressive/ it’s your fault” etc.

No. 76260

She's a manipulative little narcissist like the rest of the cows featured on this website. Not on a sociopath level like her mother but let's face it she's pretty fucked up.

Thousands of people have had bad childhoods and have worked their way out of it to become a better person. Venus on the other hand would rather milk her past to make her look like a tragic victim, treat people like doormats & belittle them for her own entertainment ie Manaki, make false promises, exploit her fans for money and be a lazy piece of shit who expects everything to be handed to her on a silver platter.

She's old enough to know better. Therapy is useless for someone with her sort of mentality and a "normal" job is not good enough for Venus. Everything that involves leading an ordinary happy life is below her standards and efame is the only thing she craves for.

No. 76265

Her threads have 0 milk and had it not been for that cancerous person (are you even still here?) who worshipped her by creating low quality banners nobody probably would ever check these threads, but to this day I don't understand a single thing of the worrying that continues to happen for her to this very day.
Nobody hates her, nobody even cares about her.

No. 76267

>> I don't understand a single thing of the worrying that continues to happen for her to this very day.
She’s a manipulative little shit who plays the victim card over and over and people are gullible enough to buy it. Not as many as before as more are beginning to see through her act and see her for the malicious lying leech she is but there are still plenty who are sucked in.

No. 76302

I agree she’s gone off the deepend but she’s raking in at least 50-100k views a day which translates to about min $50. Youtube is still profitable, insisting she needs a “real job” cus she’s going broke is eh. If anything is push her to get a real job to have real human interaction

No. 76305

The quality of her recent video is so bad, the only positive thing about it is that her voice is less annoying then usual. She didn't put up that high pitched baby voice and talked clearly.

kek i think your hate boner for venus is a little to big, she does lie but i don't think she is playing the victim card that much.

No. 76310

These kinda salty bitch OPs are tiresome. Just summarize what she's been up to, the truth is interesting enough without inventing "facts" like she hasn't showered in 6 months.

No. 76311

>managed to frame manaki and her cringy mother for every single autistic shit she did online
sure jan. idk, her threads aren't any less cringy than a lot of the threads that are still on /pt/, but then again isn't being petty what this website is all about? i do agree that it's hard not to cringe when i read a-logger and spergelic posts tho
ok so we can assume she only showers once a week based on that period pantsu fiasco? (aka the only worthy recent milk she produced imo)

No. 76323

margo is a crazy narc, but so is venus. tbh ive stopped believing some of the ott shit she's accused maggot of, i think the truth is somewhere in the middle of what the two of them claim.

No. 76328

>> i don't think she is playing the victim card that much
Not much except for that video where she claims her evil abusive ex forced her to support him financially just like her abusive mom did and was just as abusive as her mom. Making poor Weenus an abuse victim HER ENTIRE LIFE aka Marge “everyone boolies and abuses me!” 2.0

But sure, other than that no victim card at all.

No. 76329

File: 1577036542005.jpg (85.5 KB, 925x596, peenus.jpg)

Can't wait for this cringefest

No. 76331

File: 1577036798905.jpg (11.65 KB, 306x76, fans.JPG)


Also, her fans are something else …

No. 76336

These two are cringe inducing in their own way but venus really is on some new weaboo level when it comes to her japanesuu Photoshop. Her photos look like she's some AKB member these days

No. 76337

Isn't Cat like 35? Anyways she looks way to old to pull off this style

No. 76340


Oh god

Peachy and Venus finally meet.

All they're missing now is Katie and her goon squad. I'd say Dakota but she thinks she's too good to socialise with gaijin so…

No. 76342


Cliche white weeb girls unite. At least the other two make decent content and keep it consistent, especially Peach. Venus can't organize herself for shit. What on earth were they thinking collabing with her…that desperate for clout?

No. 76343


I agree with you to an extent anon. But at the end of the day she's almost 24 years of age. Despite making it 'big' on YT as a teen. Was has she actually done with her life? What has she got going for her?

No one gives a fuck about living dolls anymore. That style and niche is dead. Even the Japan trend is now boring and people cater to Korea, that's going to come towards its own sunset pretty soon too when everyone is sick of Kpop.

No. 76344


Even Peachy is producing milk… she's long tossed the doll thing in the mud too when she realised she wouldn't be the next Dakota Rose. So now she just does that soft porn loli shit for neckbeards to fap over.

They're all useless tbf.

No. 76345


Also Peachy was striving to live in Japan for YEARS. She got sick of just trips and wanted to live there properly to fulfil her weeb dream. Her poor boyfriend does all the work and brings in income. Peachy does nothing but model in anime costumes for middle aged asian perverts and plays games? So?

No. 76346

The perfect trio then it seems. Not surprising at all. I'm unfamiliar with Peach and her milk so only based what I can see on her Instagram. Venus could take note on living the egirl weeb dream. Because whatever the fuck she's doing now is a mess.

No. 76347

Why does Venus only hang out with gaijin? You’d think living in Japan and speaking Japanese she’d make some friends that aren’t white…

No. 76348

She has no interest in hanging out with the Japanese unless they're male and a walking visa. Then she'll suddenly care.

No. 76402

File: 1577061901750.jpeg (119.47 KB, 1102x725, 675C4B73-1359-42A2-9FAB-AA8EC7…)

Looks like she’s abandoned her fanicon fan club - there’s no longer a link to it in her ig bio. There hadn’t been activity in the chat for days so I guess no one (or very few) ever signed up, so she just dropped it with no explanation like she does with everything.

Will any of the poor suckers who did pay ask for refunds I wonder? And if so will she give any? (Probably not. After all none of her idiot followers has asked what ever happened to her ‘Company’ either.)

No. 76406

The audio is terrible and the whole video is just cringe & uninteresting for what's supposed to be an ad to "sell" this mobile game.

No. 76408

That was the most boring video I've ever seen and the audio is atrocious.
She also changed the title (I forgot what it was before) and the thumbnail (originally it was a picture of the three of them). Probably because her cringey Yandere voice acting video was so popular…. disgusting.

No. 76413

File: 1577075617169.jpeg (37.23 KB, 220x213, 00994A03-6CC7-4F3E-8B6F-4D6802…)

Here’s the original thumbnail and title still had it open so I could screenshot(namefag)

No. 76415

Well anyone who goes to her channel from the Primink video will quickly see what sloppy pieces of shit her videos are these days, and lose interest rapidly.

No. 76417

I agree with this. This OP is shit and summarized nothing. No mention of the Primink video or potentially being back with Manaki or anything that has happened since the last thread. I get that she’s not very milky but if this is the thread we will have for a few months I feel like a better OP should be made.

No. 76444

Mostly agreeing but OP literally mentioned Primink’s video:
> primink made a docu about venus but missed 70% of the newer info

No. 76467

File: 1577125891202.png (474.88 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191223-121142.png)

Mom commenting on things.

No. 76468

File: 1577125917593.png (481.43 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191223-121201.png)

No. 76471

File: 1577126240695.png (513.73 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191223-121215.png)

No. 76472

File: 1577126263311.png (606.85 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191223-122454.png)

No. 76474

Where are these comments from Venus from? Is she really now accusing Manaki of “drinking too much and keeping things from her”?

Can you say projection?? Wow, just wow. She’s literally a marge clone at this point.

No. 76475

That was before she ran from Marge and acted like she and Manaki broke up. Tbh I used to think it was only Marge writing all that bullshit but since we all now know that Venus is just as capable of accusing her hubby and badmouthing him.. I'm not so sure anymore.

No. 76476

>children choose their own reaction/path, I was bullied a lot for my weight but never became anorexic or bulimic
People will read this and still believe Margo isn't full of shit, lol. She wasn't even a fat kid, we've seen her childhood photo.

No. 76477

File: 1577128722425.jpg (46.25 KB, 410x583, creepy.JPG)

She looks different in every single picture on her instagram.
Spergelics are asking her how she stays so young. Haven't they seen her livestreams? kek

No. 76479

Actual Japanese natives absolutely hate cringy foreigners like her. A lot of them are hilariously hostile towards westerners to the point where its almost funny. 2chan loves hysterically sperging out over how much they hate westerners. I can't imagine anyone in Japan actually willing to entertain her for more than 5 minutes. She's everything they hate. Even if she actually was Japanese, she'd still be outcast for acting like a self centered retard.

No. 76483

This is what I see when I have sleep paralysis

No. 76490

Her Japanese isn't as good as she lets it out to be. It's likely Japanese don't have enough patience for her kindergarten-level bludgeoning of the language.

No. 76576

Any particular reason the audio is extremely bad and everything is blurry and bad quality? Her regular videos are not as low quality as this one, I can not even understand what they’re saying, did she do this on purpose even when she got paid to promote the game?

No. 76579

are you crazy?! Venus is highly educated, and can speak many languages! Where do you get your incorrect information. The girl/child is Venus’s life. She was manipulated by her mother, and fell into the arms of someone who wanted to save her. He was in live from her videos, that doesn’t mean only because of her looks. She was vulnerable, and in a dangerously crazy toxic isolated life with her mother molding and commanding Venus to do as she said. She is a remarkably resilient person, who with very little therapy with a professional would be easily diagnosed for different disorders brought on by continued mixed messages, and a mother who is a narcissist/ psychopath. She made mud of her own child’s name for forsaking her. The whole thing is disgusting. I have often put Venus in my prayers…prayers that she can rise above the craziness using her artistic/ playful/ entertaining content. She is a human being that is being put under a microscope at all times. She has an inmate goodness. Her mother does not. Do t you think there is a reason she identifies with all things pink/cute/yummy/happy- that is who she really is at her core. A sweet child who was manipulated and left alone for most of her life… her mother is a sick monster. Put yourself in Venus’s shoes. I am grateful she is still with us, exactly as she is. I wish I could hang out with her, and just let her vent her traumas and dramas. I deal with a mother who is a narcissist. It is a scary way to grow up. Your biggest fear, is making them mad, because they will shame you and nail you to a cross…then act like nothing happened the next day. So scary! I vote for you Venus, wherever you are.✌✨(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 76581

File: 1577234544219.jpeg (20.83 KB, 225x225, 384C5758-3901-4EF2-8901-C24893…)

No. 76620

its actually not compete bait, its a comment from a venus fan that i saw on youtube
I just decided to copy and paste it here(ban evasion)

No. 76626

KEK well you should've prefaced the copypasta with an explanation retard

No. 76627

I know this has been talked about before probably but I just saw the video Primink made on her and I'm really bothered about how its extremely sympathetic towards Venus and paints her as the victim and hero of the story. Obviously Marge is a monster but Venus is also a manipulate little narc in her own right and I don't understand why he left all this info out.

No. 76646

This is what annoys me. It makes her look like a tragic victim of abuse and how she miraculously escaped when really she's no different from her mother. That YouTuber has no fucking clue.

No. 76652

Tbf for a long time this site sympathized with her too. He obv didn’t so much research and just took the summarized version that hasn’t had the most recent stuff updated in there

No. 76660

she was chubby actually, you spergelic.
I am no longer gonna give them any attention, they're both shit people and should live together forever.

No. 76672

Yeah. Even if you think of her as a tragic victim, he shouldn't have left all the recent info about her obvious alcoholism out. I mean she's obviously developing addictions due to her trauma so even if you believe in her victimhood like Primink does, he could have talked about that. His commenters are also all like "oh man poor Venus ;(" and it makes me want to scream lmao

No. 76695

File: 1577340250306.jpg (534.44 KB, 1080x1189, Screenshot_20191226-020346.jpg)

This shoop…

No. 76714

What the actual fuck. Please tell me this is for Halloween 2020. And WTF would she shoop her nose into this monstrosity???

No. 76721

It looks like she ran it through an app like Pitu but the light being cast on her face might have fucked up the shoop. It can be tricky to edit pics using those apps if you're trying yo get the same look every time unless you stay in basically the same few poses.

No. 76760

Another god awful cooking video

No. 76761

sponsored video for another low rent local company, like the fan app

No. 76763


Is it just me or does she sound extremely slurred here. Like, she’s barely putting in effort to shape her mouth and tongue to properly pronounce her words. I know from her past videos she’s capable of decent level of pronunciation but in this video… half the time I don’t get what she’s trying to say

No. 76764

Maybe she's tipsy/drunk again?

No. 76768

Just watched the video and holy shit, she MUST be drunk… how can you slur your words like that without downing some nice cooking wine kek

No. 76793

she's either drunk, on drugs or trying to sound babyish.

Tinfoil time but judging by her latest videos, I wouldn't be surprised if Kitano has a dojikko fetish. She indeed had faked that jarring accent and demeanor before, but not to this extent.

No. 76801

This new intro was cringe

No. 76802

File: 1577486031023.jpeg (178 KB, 1181x1054, 6A2DE412-50C6-4749-8F0B-3CB355…)

I kept getting flashbacks to marge’s baking video

No. 76803

File: 1577486119779.jpeg (315.01 KB, 1841x1140, F5E62E12-FDDB-4C85-898B-7135B2…)

They’re both wearing too much makeup and trying way too hard (and failing) to be cute.

No. 76804

Or maybe Weenus is just trying to fit this “I’m soo clumsy!” character, trying to be lovable and cute but only being annoying.

No. 76807

Difference is that in this video Margo had already popped out a kid and was 2 decades older than Venus is right now…
She will definitely end up looking even more haggard than her mom thanks to her diet.

No. 76808

>> thanks to her diet.
And her genes.

No. 76809

It was cringe but also funny because it just shows how she shoops her face and looks different in every single photo lol

No. 76812

I guess Manaki was smart and didn't take her back, maybe he just let her come get some of her things instead.

No. 76817

Wtf is that hairstyle??

No. 76818

File: 1577492487438.jpeg (79.37 KB, 749x724, A7B8C8E4-CCC2-43FD-9E65-9C4411…)

It’s not just you, she sounds like she’s talking with a mouthful of marbles. Literally the first line of the video is unintelligible.
“Hi everybody schmurbl gablishworrgble Chrishmash”
What a mess.
Also, hello baby marge

No. 76835

I didn’t finish the video. I couldn’t stand the shit audio with the music playing over it. It wasn’t just the unintelligible mumbling, the the volume was low combined with loud background voices-a fan I think. Then I couldn’t tel if the music was meant to mask it or if she’s that shit at editing!
She’s said in the past that she doesn’t watch youtubers and so she doesn’t know what’s popular or what good editing or effort looks like! Would it have killed her to watch 2 cooking videos before she did this and her idiot fans start chant “cooking with Venus show!”?

No. 76840

it's the official premium bandai box that's being sponsored, not a knockoff lootcrate thing

No. 76843

I don’t think she is drunk because her muscles would be more loose, right? She looks like the opposite: right-jawed, rigid and she was actually shaking. Seems more like medication. Whatever it is, I can’t believe how bad her speech has gotten. She had made such improvement a couple years ago!

It’s really a shame because I liked her styling and the concept of this video, but the execution was lazy. The camera man and editing was also bad and what is with the constant shit audio? Is that all Kitano or one of her messy gaijin gang?

You’ve never seen bubble twin tail/bubble braids before?

No. 76853

What a long reach you have, anon. And no, not in 5+ years have I seen that hairstyle attempted. IIRC the last white weeb whore to do it was Dakotakoti.

But yeah, didn't Marge confirm that she legally changed her name to Minako Okada? Ergo, she could be dubbed Marnako, Minagul, etc.. I feel like the threads have been lazy with the nicknames.

She's definitely drunk, if she were on medication she would be bragging about getting help and getting better, uwu~

No. 76854

its for tokyo creative play which has like 20x less subs than venus

No. 76870

Where was I reaching? It was my personal observation that she looks under the influence of meds instead of alcohol. Relax your Venus hate-boner.
> the last white weeb whore to do it was Dakotakoti.
Dude, you’re fucking weird.

No. 76874

Jesus, you're painfully unfunny and your obsessive vendetta is showing. Mad that Penus got to live in Japan but you couldn't or what? I can recognise your posts from miles away, seek help.

No. 76880

lmao she's copying marge's vid. Is it some kind of veiled jab at marge? she even adds on more lipstick at around 9:26 (just like how marge's filter kept adding and taking away lip color). also venus is trying really hard to act the way she did when she was semi-popular. bitch it doesn't work when you showed your true colors already and cycled through "issues" and "personalities" on the daily.

And, is that the same place she was staying at earlier (shabby room she live streamed from), but just a different part of the place or is she staying (or just filming) somewhere else now? She did tease about getting into a relationship everyone was supposedly against, so is she leeching off kitano? or a new sugar daddy? also the note on the fridge from what i could read said "internet access" followed by what looked like a number or combination of letters (possibly a wifi password.

No. 76882

File: 1577541540117.png (559.47 KB, 879x533, 48530495.png)

her mothers clone

No. 76883

>also venus is trying really hard to act the way she did when she was semi-popular. bitch it doesn't work when you showed your true colors already and cycled through "issues" and "personalities" on the daily.

I bet she doesn't fully realize she won't be able to undo that little "phase" and that she can't simply brush it under the rug by saying "I'm done being a sloppy, pervy unwashed drunk now, teehee!" and trying to step back into her usual persona. I think it's clear now that she isn't back with Manaki, so her visa status must be up in the air without Kitano. Although, I don't see how she could get a visa making sad YT videos in her apartment.

No. 76884

According to Venus, her cameraman is her "assistant", an employee of her company complete with her studio and her office where they have lots of totally legit uwu business meetings and this "assistant" is not at all an employee of or affiliated in anyway with Kitano, Venus' manager, the one with the real company.

No. 76885

Pretty sure she's still with Kitano or she found another manager to latch onto, in hopes she can pass of their business as her own or they will create a business for her or something so she can stay in Japan on a business or entertainer visa.

No. 76892

File: 1577546922863.jpg (10.48 KB, 205x227, IMG_20191223_230125.jpg)

Good for Manaki for not taking her back. At least he isn't that retarded.

No. 76894

Why did she decide to shoop herself but leave out her ugly ass mouth? She looks like a creepy alien

No. 76902

When she puts the apple in the microwave with cling film over it. That was gonna melt all over it. But then it shows the apple from the oven which is not covered in melted plastic. I'm guessing whoever is managing her now actually did this cooking because it turned out too well despite lots of bad decisions.

It seems they are trying to return to her cute cringe past and forget about all the stuff that happened recently. A good decision but I'm not sure we can forget the drunk livestreams and garbed videos so quickly

She looks very cute here!

No. 76905

Shit cooking, cute style, greasy hair. I do wonder if her manager/team told her to stop being so autistic on videos because I like her presenting personality somewhat more here. The audio is awful.

No. 76912

File: 1577573762251.jpg (61.12 KB, 659x587, samara.jpg)

holy shit look at her skin tone
is this even possible while being alive?
or is it some app fuckery

No. 76913

is she so tired and confused because she's anemic ?

No. 76918

just a fucked up edition, in the thumbnail she has a normal skin color

No. 76919

File: 1577581793069.jpeg (109.74 KB, 966x946, 39F95E8B-BD2E-45A9-BC8A-C34F96…)

She’s fine, anon. Just her usual pasty self thanks to her shit lifestyle. She rarely leave her room and lives on convenience store junk food and alcohol, plus she’s fair skinned by nature.

>> According to Venus, her cameraman is her "assistant",
Lol at this ~assistant~
Aside from the bad technique (out of focus and shots frequently out of frame) what the hell kind of camera do you think they’re using to get such incredibly poor quality? Even a cellphone would get you better quality than this, wouldn’t it?

Any guesses? I’m genuinely curious.

No. 76932

Well aside from the shit camerawork you mentioned, maybe she added a blur filter when editing to cover her premature ageing? You have to intentionally try to make footage blurry these days because like you said, even cheap phone cameras are better than that.

I think it may be a new manager, wasn't Kitano the manager she allegedly tried to fuck?

No. 76933

Isn't ahe getting a little too old to go back to the "cute, cringe" thing though? I mean, just how many awkward, halfass filler videos are people gonna watch as she gets older? There's nothing cute about watching a drunk 20-something pretend to be a helpless 13 year old who is brand new to life over and over again.

No. 76936

the premise of this post is kind of like a pull post, that there's a better idea
>if only she made videos about __ people would …
her channel's viability is not coming back. nothing she makes is going to get more than 15k views. she is DONE here
time for her to fuck off to be some guy's wife

No. 76946

That's exactly what I thought. It seems that since the alcoholic/marriage scam/edge lord saga a lot of people realized she isn't this pure kawiwi angel and stopped watching. It's also been a few years since she followed an upload schedule.

No. 76971

She deleted the drunk livestreams from her YT channel. Somebody’s trying to clean up her image.

No. 76972

File: 1577651362183.jpeg (231.37 KB, 1462x1492, F4ABEE7E-3AE7-4005-9F08-CBFF81…)

All those drunk tiddy streams, just a memory now

No. 76974

File: 1577651411813.jpeg (398.46 KB, 1651x1507, FC30759B-5A99-4426-9D25-5214AF…)

But the internet never forgets, Weenus

No. 77003

She got tired of playing the drunk e-girl thot (she always made sure the can label was visible), plus it didn't garner enough sympathy . I'm assuming after her covert narc tactic of blaming everything on Manaki, she was expecting the internet to be all, "omg poor venus manaki abused her and now she's drinking her sorrows i love you stay strong venus". But this manipulator didnt get that, even from a portion of her fans, not just the gossip threads. Now she's trying to sweep it under the rug. She's either going to clean up, or move on to exploit another "issue".

No. 77013

But ever since that Primink video there’s a whole new wave of “omg poor girl, how AWFUL what she suffered! Stay strong Venus!” marks that got sucked in to the good old Poor Victim narrative.

No. 77046


I noticed that too in the comment and rolled my eyes. People really have NO idea.

No. 77097

Damn, she's really losing it

No. 77100

Is this at least a miku song? Needless to say that everything was bad. And it doesn't look like it was filmed in a karaoke, maybe the same house as the cooking video?

No. 77103

That's the Cuppy Cake song so no Vocaloid involved.
I thought the person on the thumbnail was a cross dressing man, ngl. Venus' last video of the decade pretty much sums up her whole internet persona. Cringy, weebish and pointless.

No. 77126

i love how people in the comments sense how messed up this is considering that poor pinus was "forced" to make this content by her abusive mom, but at the same time they fall for the victim act again instead of realizing that at this point all she does is troll her braindead fans

No. 77127

to make this kind of* content, not this exact video ofc

No. 77138

So that’s how she spent NY eve, alone in yet another little room, dressing up in a cheap cosplay costume and filming herself acting retarded. Okay Weenis, whatever floats your boat.

She seems content as long as she has a bed, an internet connection and a steady supply of cheap snacks and seems to have no desire for much of anything beyond that. I bet she’ll be doing the same shit a year from now, the year after that, etc. etc. Just like her mommy.

Happy New Year.

No. 77157

remember when venus -this venus- said she had a 'song coming out' (as in, a commercial single) 'as soon as they finish mixing it'. lmoa
Also lol how the blue hair throws the filter off and makes it tint the bottom half of her face blue like 5-oclock shadow. looks like a fuckin dude
or maybe this is manaki in 2019

No. 77166

What is the deal with her and microphones? She loves to grab a microphone and “sing” and she seems to think she’s good at it. Remember when she said on ig she was ‘taking singing lessons”? Delusional x1000. I really think she sees herself as a future idol.

No. 77167

File: 1577860287429.jpeg (191.6 KB, 934x1133, 840FAD51-A17C-4ABD-98A9-E48064…)

No. 77168

File: 1577860487786.png (4.34 MB, 2048x1536, 9521B235-9A69-417D-B288-9C9C07…)

gf looves her a mic

No. 77171

Well, this is the same girl that had a disastrous Kickstarter to “save her from the industry” so she could make a whole album.

No. 77178

I actually don't hate this. It's the kind of video she used to make when she was a kid, just starting out on YT.
It somehow feels less fake/forced for her to be doing random "shitpost" videos like this than everything else. I honestly feel like she's better off as a "weird internet girl"/"gap moe" sort than what she's been doing for the past few years.
At least if she's not doing vlogs or trying to organize a stream of polished "serious YouTuber content", it'd allow her to separate her life from the internet and get her shit together.

No. 77181

The older she gets, the more she looks like her mother. Yikes.

No. 77182

File: 1577892369553.png (2.05 MB, 1440x1725, NEET.png)

Is this Veenus outing herself as an imageboard user? I've never seen NEET used anywhere else, and I don't think many people in the comments got the reference

No. 77186

A lot of young followers probably don't get it, but Venus is old, so a lot of people knowing her or were around the internet about the tie she was getting popular will know what NEET is. It has nothing to do with image board culture specifically and more of a degrading term used for useless indivuduals in Japanese society. Theres more about it, but not going to derail explaining the acronym and shit.

No. 77187

It's the gamer gurl headphones and handwritten sign (resembling a "proof" sign) that's making me think this is for 4chan's benefit specifically.

No. 77188

Nico is still very prevalent in Japan. This has less to do with meme culture and 4han and more to do with what she was doing when doing lives via nico and other Asian apps. These are staples of NEETs, or better to say stereotypes.

No. 77195

Her thumb looks super weird, is it because of the filter she's using?

No. 77200

Yikes her voice is so unpleasant to listen to, it’s so nasely and gross sounding

No. 77204

she has club thumbs if that's what you mean

No. 77211

Got that blur cranked all the way UP, lol

No. 77214

Think it's clear by now the "forced" slavery narrative is just a myth. Venus def embellished parts of her life with margo in a one-sided narrative to paint herself as a hero, & she tried to do the same with Manaki; which should make one re-think the initial narrative.

-Myth 1: Venus was "forced" to start YT with whip & chain. Likely wasn't forced. She was the one obsessed with Japan. She had notes that read: want to be known for being cute (aka famous) & make 100K. Her initial vids (jpop dances) look like they were pre-margo (crap equipt/editing, compared to marge era vids). Actually have to believe marge when she says venus wanted to go viral & needed help. Makes sense for a kid to seek support from their family to chase their dreams/goals. Only way she'd be indirectly "forced" is when marge quit whatever job she had to manage the channel full-time as quitting would leave them both jobless & be a massive waste of money invested. But Venus willingly continued doing vids long after leaving, so she doesn't get to change the narrative & say she didn't want to all along just b/c she didn't like her mommy. I bet she loved having a manager that made YT easier. She just didn't like the manager's shitty personality.

-Myth 2: Venus was the sole "breadwinner" and marge was living off her money". Marge invested in & managed the channel & was clearly involved in video production. Compare venus vids (marge era) to marge's own vids. They're nearly identical. She likely worked on them too. If marge is also working on the channel, then she's also a breadwinner & entitled to some of that money. Only way it's living off v's income is if marge kept all the money to herself (but doesn't appear that way (until venus left), given all the things venus had).

-Myth 3:She was "forced" to marry Manaki. Margo could only suggest such a thing. It was Venus who decided in the end. Plus, she blatantly contradicted her own story with that claim. She said Margo was against the marriage & threatened to delete her YT if she didn't divorce upon running away. Now it's: she was "forced to marry Manaki". It was clearly Venus, with final say, who decided to use another person & commit visa fraud to escape her momager & live in her dream country.

Venus & spergelics like to claim the slavery narrative. The only thing that's true about Venus' narrative is having the displeasure of dealing with a toxic, overbearing momager-parent.But this is completely different from the narrative Venus likes to claim; the one where she was forced into YT, pumping out vids as if she never even wanted to in the first place, forced to marry Manaki & then controlled & abused by Manaki himself. Please. She doesn't get to say she was forced into it, when it was clearly a mutual agreement between the two. Margo may have been a toxic momager, I completely believe that (we've seen her vileness), but Venus doesn't get to change the entire narrative just because she had to bear her mommy's awful personality.

No. 77218

Venus only wanted to run away once she could go to Japan and have the guy profide for her. She lived in the UK and the Netherlands and she could have run away then and go to a protection house and have people help her resettle, also when she was still a teen. She had options and governmentfunded places that would have helped her. But she only wanted to leave Marge for Japan desu and have someone to provide for her while she could still be someones cute living neet doll doing nothing at home.

No. 77219

>images you can smell

No. 77222

The pic itself feels like a wierd proof post. Is she trying to choose a new banner pic? Lmao.
I got to know the term "neet" thanks to touhou and manga, way before embracing it and coming here.
Is this a cooking wine reference?

No. 77225

She's made PULL jokes before, I'm not surprised

No. 77227

Does she not get, that by making similar content like during the time she was with Margo, she's essentially making the latter out to be less evil? People always defend Venus by saying she was forced, that all those strange and partly fucked up videos were entirely Marge's fault, but if she now goes back to acting like the weirdo weeb girl, isn't it just fair to assume that her earlier content might have been also (at least partly) Venus' idea? Maybe it was Venus who came up with racist "How to look Asian"-videos and maybe it was also Venus who wanted to be as skinny as japanese girls/animuh characters and not her not-thin, workout-loving mom telling her she needs to look ana? If you lie once, why should people believe you in other instances?

No. 77228

venus never tried to pin that style on her mother. Beta cucks can always construct a reality where that anything they find cringe or bad can be detached from Venus - Venus herself doesn't actually think that stuff is cringe there is no reason for her to machinate such an intricate plan to.. indirectly not interrupt the mistake-making of dumb asses. Jesus christ

No. 77229

Weird post, anon. That video is standard issue weeb shit that was common back in the day, nothing "fucked up", lmao. It's pretty easy to pinpoint which of her earlier videos were hers and which were directed by her mother. Most of the shit her mother played a hand in was creepy and obviously made to pander to old men, while Venus' own stuff was just weeby and sort of cringy, with a very cutesy bend.

The earliest one I know for a fact her mother was behind is a now-gone video where she was 11 or 12, dressed up as a bunny, and her mother filmed her falling asleep in a garden or something. She had red contacts and said "Nemuru". Also, this weirdly sexual "dolly stockings" video with the red heels. It seems like Venus also removed this one from her channel, and it's kind of obvious why. I kind of hope she does eventually release an archive of all her old videos or something, if only to clarify which content is hers, and which was directed by Margo (or just for nostalgia's sake).

Years and years ago (before Venus even got onto the makeup tutorial wave), Margaret also made a makeup tutorial of herself on how to look Japanese, so the "how to look Asian" shit was most likely made in step with her own tone-deafness, while Venus was already a weeb with a lack of practical understanding (and was raised by this same woman).
>maybe it was also Venus who wanted to be as skinny as japanese girls/animuh characters and not her not-thin, workout-loving mom telling her she needs to look ana
I don't think I've ever seen her claim her ED came from her mother, just that she didn't help at all.

No. 77239

>I don't think I've ever seen her claim her ED came from her mother, just that she didn't help at all

In the weight loss surgery video she says when she was little her mom would make comments out of the blue like “you look pregnant” and it freaked her out. So it’s safe to say her mother planted the seeds for her unhealthy relationship with weight even if she didn’t out right say “my moms the cause of my ED”

No. 77252

Except that when Marge quit her job, from that point making videos did become coercive for Venus. Those videos paid the bills for both of them. No videos and they couldn’t eat or pay the bills, rent etc. And it was Venus who was the face and voice of the channel plus she did all the editing too.

No. 77261

Um pretty sure it was Margo who did all the editing, not Venus.

No. 77269

why try this shit at this point?

No. 77313

You really think that? Do you want to try watching Margo's sad excuses for videos, and then comparing them to Venus' content?

No. 77333

Um, no…marge did no editing. That was all Venus. Look back on her old ig posts from 2013-15, how many of them were captioned “editing a new video,” “just finished editing a new video,” etc. etc. She would have no reason to lie about it back then either. otoh you never saw anything about editing on marge’s ig, not a single time. Her posts were all about shopping, restaurants manicures, facials etc. All she did was spend that YT $$. I get the impression marge considered editing menial labor so she left it up to her little indentured servant, Venus.

No. 77339

considering that Venus' videos were edited in the same style even after Venus ran away from Maggot, no, Maggot didn't edit a single video on Venus' channel.
Venus is a lazy NEET, yes, but her mom is even worse.

No. 77371

File: 1578139659202.jpeg (572.91 KB, 1242x1877, 58A722BC-4586-430B-95BD-78A441…)

>>epic hentai relations

No. 77372

i fucking told yous makani is gay. there's a type of 'sexless' gay man that fixates on 'doll aesthetic' girls and doesn't understand that their feeling is not sexual attraction (god knows what it is) until later. (i say cos knew a guy like this but i just now remembered smithers and malibu barbie)

No. 77375

So basically they're both cheating on each other. Is that the real reason Venus was talking about getting a divorce?
What's even the point of them staying together at that point then? I can understand Venus for her visa, but what does Makani get out of it?

No. 77376

>a trap who is incredibly cute

rofl okay, weenus. Also, the whole 'hentai relations' thing makes no sense to me. I dont get what she is trying to say, unless she means sexual/cheating?

No. 77379

"Hentai relations" must be her endangered weebspeak codeword for sex. She might be planting seeds for a new victim narrative/scheme to keep her marriage visa safe by making everyone think manaki is cheating on poor, confused little Weenus in her time of sexual confusion and oily strife (which, if they're separated then good for him).

I think she maybe had another talk with Manaki about staying together for her visa security and this is what happens when she doesn't get her way.

No. 77384

This post is a real disaster huh.

I have thoughts, but I think it's what >>77372 said.

No. 77392

Manaki renamed to poteto_100, deleted all friends. I guess he didn’t want his face attached to this at all?

No. 77394

Weenus says a lot of shit about Manaki that isn't real. I

No. 77411

Then he obviously isn't taking her back, so this must be Venus doing damage control- "Mana-san won't take me back bc he likes traps and doesn't like me being bicurious!!!"

I hope he grows a spine and not only divorces her, but is saving these posts she's making about him with all these vague accusations. Even with it all being in English he could still probably sue her for defamation of character, especially if he includes the chikan arrest "joke" she claimed was his idea and her claims that she was forced to marry him to begin with.

I hope Manaki either gets a good lawyer or makes his own truth video. I'd pay big money for a Manaki tell-all video about Venus and I'm probably not alone.

No. 77429

lmao bitch is drunkposting again

How long until "Mana tried to bite my finger off" and "He tried to kill me by stepping on my toe"?

No. 77445

ugh, if you sue someone who has $10 for for $1M, and you win, it costs you $100k and you get .. $10.

No. 77448

But bringing legal attention to the entire scam marriage and her behavior during could at least get her deported, then she's not his problem and can't use him as a scapegoat for her downward spiral. At the very least he has a decent case for marriage fraud.

No. 77453

If Manaki ever did a tell-all about her I don't know how anyone would take her side anymore because she's really showing how unstable and batshit insane she is. Her greasy hair alone puts her up there with her dumpster diving river monster mom. I know she has stupid delusional fans but there has to be a limit. Manaki and his family have been through enough. They supported her for so long and through so much and she paid them back by being an abhorrent little bitch.

lmao can't wait for the Mana strungle toe tears.

No. 77458

Why would she post this, lmao? Is she purposely trying to be as cringy as possible?

No. 77460

Gee can't imagine who she's talking about here because she didn't get what she wanted. Everytime she waffles on about some stupid shit it's always clearly aimed at someone who's obviously not given in to her.

No. 77462

So then what was with the humiliating “I am so gay for girls, boys are disgusting and want to fuck girls even though I’m married to wimpy Manaki!” posting? Is she trying to say it was all in retaliation for Manaki being gay or, is it that she believes she is allowed to experiment but he isn’t allowed any affection from her or another human being? I hate when she writes like this. If she just wrote straightforwardly like “Manaki was messing around the whole time and that’s why I acted so weird” it would be easy to sympathize and make her the victim. But this goofy wording makes it seem like she’s trying to hide the fact that this all happened recently. If it’s recent, what did she expect? For him to wait for her while she did whatever she wanted?

I think it’s like what that one insider anon claimed: Venus was messing around first and didn’t care about Manaki or his family’s embarrassment. So Manaki started seeing other people while Venus’ fans publicly praised her for cucking him.

No. 77463

It's obvious she's probably fucked around on him & used the "I'm so gay and love girls" card to excuse what she did and when he decided to do the same, it's triggered her. They've been apart for some time and she had no problem bringing him down that entire time. In photos from near Christmas they were clearly taken in Manaki's apartment, so to me it looks like she tried to rekindle with her visa because "uwu kwistmas so lovey", he's had enough of her shit and now she's throwing a tantrum that's written like a shit edgy animu fanfic.

No. 77466

instead of posting this, she could have just stumbled down to the immigration bureau and waved a giant red flag in their faces

No. 77469

One can dream she gets deported, but can't see it happening anytime soon. She's well on her way for it to become a reality eventually by acting like a child.

No. 77470

>> looks like she tried to rekindle with her visa because "uwu kwistmas so lovey", he's had enough of her shit and now she's throwing a tantrum
Thus is exactly what I thought. She’s a fucking little snake.

It took awhile for Korean immigration to catch up with marge but they ultimately did. If Weenus keeps shooting her mouth off like this she’ll just make it happen sooner rather than later.

No. 77472

File: 1578198962375.jpg (232 KB, 1070x1486, _20200105_043722.JPG)

Suddenly she announces she's moving soon. Trying to get back in her sickening pink room at Manaki's didn't work after all.

No. 77475

File: 1578200026028.jpg (48.29 KB, 720x231, 20200104_205329.jpg)

No. 77477

So after she shitted all over him on YouTube claiming he was just like her mother they're going to make a video together explaining what happened? Lmao what.

No. 77479

i really think he doesn't realize most of what she's been saying about him because of his shit english. or if anybody is trying to open his eyes, he must be in denial because despite his creepy advances on underage pinus she doesn't even deserve to be in his presence now. his family seems too nice to make it really clear to her though

No. 77481

Not sameanon, but venus' audio quality and editing changed after leaving margo, so I do think margo edited videos and did video production. venus never denied margo working on the channel either. she even called her momager.

According to venus' alleged friend, Venus cheated on Manaki multiple times and only lived as a "roommate" with him (visa fraud), so then Manaki tried to get some too. I mean, Venus cheated all the way back in Korea (there was never definitive proof she didn't and I remember her saying she was drunk and kissed the guy and it was a mistake soo), plus the whole gay/wanting girls thing and pater escorting/fucking her manager allegedly.

My guess is she convinced Manaki (or blackmailed/manipulated him) into agreeing so that she can clear her name after the allegations she made. Manaki is either a doormat/pleaser, doesn't fully know everything she said due to language barrier or she has dirt on him.

No. 77482

>> but venus' audio quality and editing changed after leaving margo
Doesn’t mean a thing. She left all her equipment behind when she left, only taking a laptop with her.
Marge didn’t do shit besides pimping her kid out to shady ‘modeling agencies,’ tabloid rags and trashy reality tv shows. And spending the $$ as fast as it came in.

No. 77483

File: 1578201845089.jpeg (76 KB, 1528x347, 01577136184398.jpeg)

Did anyone see venus' comment on the biased Primink video? She completely ignores things she knows are false/misinformation (such as being forced to be a doll) and then finishes off her comment by plugging in her social media in an attempt to gain followers thanks to the 15 mins of fame Primink gave her. Absolutely gross opportunist.

No. 77484

She did way more on the channel than that. In fact venus wouldn't even be viral if it wasn't for her. Just because she's a nasty person, doesn't mean I'm going to biased. I'd rather be as objective as I can and that woman clearly worked on the channel, vile or not. 13 year olds don't manage channels, script, edit, act, get props/equipment, interviews, sponsorships etc all on their own. Venus never denied this either and calls her 'momager'.

No. 77489

Further proving she loves to milk her so called abusive childhood for extra clout and views. Sickening.

No. 77493

Same anon here. Now that I reread her post, I think I misunderstood and she’s actually saying she is fine with him having relations with guys, even pretty ones that are cute as girls(男の娘) but she only gets jealous if he has relations with other females. That’s still fucked up, though! Not only is it dehumanizing and homophobic towards the other guy, but inconsistent with her “So lesbian” claim because she still considers a woman to be competition for the man. This interpretation seems much worse than my first. Why be jealous of woman when you don’t actually care about the man in the first place?

I agree with you. Margaret is a scummy, horrible mother who deserves the worst but she was still an equal collaborator for most of those videos. Didn’t we see Venus complain before that the video ideas were usually not hers and she didn’t actually enjoy them? Besides, we already know Margaret was a huge weeaboo stalking young girls profiles and analyzing the rivals and what trends they were into in order to live vicariously through Venus. Then, as disturbing as it is, we also know that Venus is really only capable of putting out content as long as she is being instructed(rather aggressively) by someone else. Even with a new manager and company now, she is so bad at being dependable or proactive.

No. 77501

File: 1578220678919.jpg (116.16 KB, 1080x2030, Screenshot_20200105-113713__01…)

I found penus fake account lol.
She actually fights with this account with haters in the comment section of her photos LMAO

No. 77502

How do you know this is penus?? proof??

No. 77503

Because this is a random account with 5 spam followers. And, she follows the same persons as Venus. Even poteto_100 aka Manaki.
Just take a look at this account. And, she writes in a same way as venus.

No. 77507

well post fucking examples of the writing, dumb shit

No. 77508

Oh fuck off man
Move your ass to the comment section and search it by yourself(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 77509

this is an imageboard dumbass

No. 77517

Idk, I don't buy the whole "Manaki is bi/gay" thing. When they first started dating a good 5 years ago people on here and pull started to speculate on his sexuality because he "looks feminine" but not only do Asians in general tend to look younger longer than Caucasians, but men are more into simple, polished styles (no beards, piercings, tattoos etc) (again, GENERALLY speaking.) She also photoshopped their selfies to death, making him look like some alien baby.
I think she's just claiming old rumors are true (we know she lurks here and pull) to get more fame, thus more $$.

Sorry for my crappy English.

No. 77518

people are basing it off 'looking young', but on conducting himself exclusively like a faggot in about 10 departments. piss off

No. 77519

Wow she looks much healthier back then.

No. 77523

Nah, the best thing for Manaki to do is keep quiet and do any legal stuff behind closed doors. Venus is just trying to get a reaction out of him because she wants something she can use against him + the satisfaction of provoking him/getting attention for her batshit behavior

No. 77529

I wonder how they want to pull this off though? Is she gonna talk in English and he in Japanese? Is she gonna subtitle it? Is the video even really gonna happen? So many questions

No. 77531

KR immigration only caught Marge because someone reported her. In Japan or SK, there aren't investigators trolling the internet lookkng for people like Venus and Marge. That's why those bureaus have resources for reporting marriage/visa fraud. Until it's brought to their attention they have no knowledge of it bc they have real problems to worry about. Manaki, his parents, or even a Japanese anon are the only ones who could do anything.

No. 77533

Some Japanese-speaking anons should make side by side translations on the pics of her IG where she shits on him. If they gain enough traction he might see them and have a truer idea of what she's been saying behind his back the entire time.

No. 77535

I really want a new veenus banner with "epic hentai relations" in pink font, please, creative Anons

No. 77537

Marge was NOT an “equal collaborator” in any videos. Look at Venus’s videos before and after she left- they’re consistent in content, filming and editing. They’re 100% Venus. Then look at marge’s videos and you’ll see they are also consistent in every way, they’re 100% marge. For you to keep insisting otherwise and overstating marge’s contributions makes you look like a kool-aid drinking Marge stan.

Sure marge did manager type stuff like negotiating contracts, sponsorships etc. But the day to day filming and editing of videos was 0% marge.

No. 77538

idk i also don't buy it that manaki is gay. bi, maybe, but definitely not gay. in a lot of venus's earlier videos with him he made inappropriate jokes and comments making it clear that he is attracted to her sexually

No. 77540

No. 77542

I think it would have been damaging when her mother made comments about her looking fat when she was very young. Also is wasnt just her mother, horrible comments on some of her videos, calling her fatty, when she looked perfect. Like in this video for example, if she had been skinny, she could not have looked so appealing, it would have looked repulsive, but it only works because she is just right here. Leaving aside Venus as a person, I am just talking about her objectively here, no way could she be called fat, and yet nasty people are saying so, which must have caused her upset. https://tinyurl.com/vhm42u4

No. 77548

Blood stain again

No. 77551

Woah this video is bizarre, what with the skating around on the chair and awkward posing.
I guess this is what "kawaii" looked like before face filters. (terrifying).

Though I agree with your point that she was never "fat" and looks "good" here (weirdness aside)

No. 77553


Not to mention the moment she realizes she just flashed her period stained undies and thighs to hundreds of people on a livestream.

And here we are, 7 years later, looking at venus once again failing to change her underwear and practice adult hygiene.

No. 77554

File: 1578249710236.png (Spoiler Image, 1.5 MB, 1440x939, crotch flash.png)

I think that was an """accidental""" crotch flash for her pervy fans. It looks strange but that's what my brain reads this as.

Adds more weight to the escorting/sugar daddie theories.

No. 77556

How old was she here? It's unsettling to think that was the point of the "accidental panty shot" to satisfy her degenerate Japanese male fans. Still pandering to creeps and pervs with a loli fetish to this day.

No. 77560

Eh??? I honestly don't see that. Surely it's just a shadow? I saw the shots posted here recently, but that did look noticeable,, this earlier video just looks like a quick flash of down there, but like she didn't really mean to and it looks like a shadow to me, nothing more, but you may be right though, I don;t know.

No. 77562

File: 1578252102247.jpg (43.95 KB, 300x100, EHR1.jpg)


something like this?

No. 77563

File: 1578252151609.jpg (57.42 KB, 300x100, EHR2.jpg)


or like this?

No. 77568

I love them Anon, please submit them to the /meta thread

No. 77572

they are both wonderful

No. 77577

Am I remembering wrong, or wasnt rhia a part of an "accidentally" uploaded/released, unedited video she was doing? I feel like that's how we got this… incident, not that she was live when it happened. Someone please correct me if I am misremembering.

No. 77580

that actually makes you the margo stan tbf not that anon btw.
Margo always says that it's venus' idea.

No. 77581

If I recall it was uploaded to YouTube unedited and her fans quickly noticed it, the video was removed in minutes and the "correct" one was put in its place. Many of her past videos were then uploaded to Nico Nico as some sort of archive.

A coochie shadow isn't dark red and visible like that. There's tons of natural light happening in the video. Seeing as she's shown off period stained underwear very recently, it's obvious she has poor hygiene and doesn't look after herself regularly when it's her time of the month.

No. 77585

Or women in general. Does anyone else remember that time Penus posted on IG (and then deleted) about feeling ~upset~ about Manaki commenting on his female coworker's breasts in front of her?

awesome work, anon!

No. 77586

>inappropriate jokes
i know - that kind of childlike, unnatural 'teehee boobs!' 'teehee pantie!' is exactly what the gay dollfan guy i knew did. it's a guessed performance. straight guys didn't need to specify 'l-look! i love boobies!'

No. 77588

>> that actually makes you the margo stan tbf not that anon btw. Margo always says that it's venus' idea.
What are you even talking about? This statement makes 0 sense.

No. 77602

why are you generalizing the whole subset of gay and straight men based on your experience with a one-off guy? i can just as well say that i know gay dudes who act and look completely manly, and i know some straight guys that are like manaki's european clones. not trying to defend his faggotry here, but saying that this guy is homo despite having stalked and clearly been in love with a chick is seriously a reach. bi, maybe, but idk why some people only want to see the world as all or nothing gay vs straight.

No. 77621

File: 1578274615395.jpg (25.27 KB, 678x452, venussangerin.jpg)

just because it's so bang on. the guy had 'baby spice' from the spice girls as his waifu, announced constantly how much he loved her, desperately prepared to fly to some event to 'meet' her. the only three people i ever heard say this inappropriate baby talk humor of 'bewbs and butts' are him venus and manaki. it took this guy ten more years to come out.
This guy latched onto his moe/protect-cute/cuddle instinct as "yep this is what love/attraction is" because he was kind of conservative and didn't want to face up to what he was. that fits with manaki too(tinfoil)

No. 77630

correlation =/= causation, anon.

Even if Manaki was gay, he did way more for Venus to get her away from Margo and give her the ideal weeaboo life for 2+ years for almost nothing in return. It all fell apart when he wanted her to grow up and pull her weight, but before that their weird, kawaii pervery was pretty evenly matched. If he was gay, she went along with the relationship for the visa (duh) and had no problem with it, thus it can't possibly be used as a reason for their splitup now. Unless Venus expects everyone to believe she and Manaki were only "roommates" and never consummated their marriage once in those 2+ years.

No. 77647

File: 1578289788163.jpeg (326.36 KB, 1091x1524, D8EC2B78-D69F-4C33-BB96-EA5371…)

Way to go, Weenis…a “sponsored post” with no links or real information about how to buy the product and a crappy low-res photo that doesn’t really show it. What an awesome businesswoman and influencer! She’s bound to have sponsors lining up to get that kind of expert advertising and promotion now! (Wasn’t her ‘company’ supposed to specialize in ‘Media and Advertising’?)

Hashtag #clueless

No. 77648

you can't see jack shit of the toys, but the greasy bangs are like 4k ultra hd

No. 77656

You can barely see the product and she's made it entirely focused on her face, which given the photo is poor quality and shooped to death, everything about it is shit. Kirby deserves better. This is a piss poor excuse for a "sponsored" post.

No. 77665

A coochie shadow isn't dark red and visible like that. There's tons of natural light happening in the video. Seeing as she's shown off period stained underwear very recently, it's obvious she has poor hygiene and doesn't look after herself regularly when it's her time of the month.

Okay, u may be right. I wasn't paying attention to that when I viewed the video, all I could think was here is a girl looking perfectly ideal in shape and size and yet some idiot was calling her "fatty", and i thought its no wonder that girls get complexes and paranoid about their size and weight when a girl who looks ideal weight and size gets called fat when she obviously isn't. I suppose it could've been some jealous girl being bitchy but when Venus had already had to endure her horrible mother making comments to her, seeing comments like that on her video couldn't have helped, and in retrospect, didn't someone here say that video was 7 years ago, which would make her what? about 15 years old? She was with her mother then, so i hope it wasn't her mother directing her in that video because that would bear thinking about it would be so disgusting, not saying that what Venus was doing was disgusting but if it was intended and it was by her mother's intent that she did it, it's just horrible..
But it doesn't alter my original point which was she looked ideal and yet still got called fat by some idiot. What would they expect a girl to look like ideally A skeleton? But yeah, you might be right about the shadow but I really wasn't paying much attention to that aspect, it was the fatty comment that got to me because of how unfair and how untrue it is.

No. 77666

File: 1578311152282.jpg (637.69 KB, 640x1136, wd7XlmU.jpg)

>For you to keep insisting otherwise and overstating marge’s contributions makes you look like a kool-aid drinking Marge stan.

Uh…. that was my first post giving Margaret any credit for anything. Do you think you are always responding to the same person every time?

Manaki didn’t say that. Here is the post^. She cleared up the misunderstanding later, but only after letting the confusion and attacks on Manaki linger for a ridiculous amount of time. Soon after the accusations of “Manaki cheating!” and “Manaki shared his sexual history with Venus” we’re flying, he deleted his Instagram for the first time.

Dude, come here to Japan. Straight otaku guys are sexually awkward as fuck, even when they finally lose their virginity. You can’t compare your country or friends.

No. 77667

Sorry. Venus clarified that Manaki was actually talking to her about how she needed to make friends with other girls since she was lonely when he was at work.

No. 77669

Looking back at some of her past Instagram posts, this one taken my Manaki https://www.instagram.com/p/BXtcQuTldpj/
She looks so miserable here. She started dressing all in black when she was with him and he was into that so i wonder if it was his influence that she did to please him at the time? She looks sort of cowed in this picture, reminds me of pictures i had of me which were taken by someone who was trying to control me a few yrs ago. not saying that is what was going on here, but her look and expression here reminded me of those pictures of me where i looked like that and i remember how miserable i felt at the time and afraid to move or say the wrong thing in case it sparked off criticism or an argument.(this is an imageboard)

No. 77672


God, even in comparison to 2017, her face and hair looks so much better then.

No. 77674

She was emulating a BJD in that picture.

I looked through the pictures taken around the same time as above, then from the beginning of the marriage, and I honestly don’t see a significant “dark fashion phase”. First couple years of marriage was lots of bright, casual WEGO style and Lolita. Manaki had his own dark kawaii phase but it looked just like style experimentation that he didn’t stick with. It seemed mid-2018 was when Venus really started to looked lifeless and by then, the separation rumors had begun.

Do you have any other pictures to compare?

No. 77675

Not that i could find that were taken by manaki. i remember videos where it was talked about that manaki was into the dark style and liked a lot of black, and he posted a pic on his instagram of an anime girl in a coffin, which was at the time venus was posting some very worrying stuff so people wondered if perhaps his interest in that was a good thing given her depressive thoughts at that time. I just wondered if it was him who got her into that phase of wanting to dress all in black or if it was just her. But even given that she is meant to be posing like a bjd in that pic, her look on her face reminds me so much of how i looked and more importantly how i felt at the time my picture was taken, and the expression is the same. but of course it might not have been the case there with venus.

No. 77676

and also there may have been other pictures that he took of her, i dont know, she has deleted so many, and of course he deleted all of his cataloguing that phase.

No. 77677

idk you're starting to sound like the baby spice anon by personalizing situations that don't involve you.

The only "proof" we have that Manaki was abusive is Venus's word, and she can't be trusted to tell the truth most of the time.

Manaki has (wisely) stayed silent throughout this whole ordeal, so all we have is Venus's side AKA playing the victim.

No. 77681

Are you trying to build a case that poor helpless Weenus was abused by the evil controlling Manaki?

Really? Lol

No. 77694

Nah they just like similar things, Venus expressed some of her dark thoughts way before dating Manaki. Her sweet ~living-doll~ persona is a mask.

No. 77716

File: 1578368385408.jpg (686.98 KB, 720x1280, 3LiFcv8.jpg)

I found this old 2016 post on PULL. It’s sad because while I thought was cute and gave me hope Venus found some normalcy and a caring partner in her life, many people were quick to find something wrong with it. It had been quickly deleted because soon after Venus posted it, I remember people immediately complaining about how bad junk food is and how Manaki was a bad influence for letting Venus stay up late and eat that. This was all before she started posting suicidal and edgy crap. Just normal outings and things that a young couple living as adults for the first time do, were constantly nitpicked. It was no longer Venus being called a weeaboo, but everything about Manaki was picked apart, from how he didn’t look comfortable in front of the camera(because insecure nerds who can’t speak English don’t exist?)to how he either looked too girly or too ugly for their perfect queen.

I know posting on social media opens you up to all sorts of scrutiny and you need to be careful but I can’t help but think the eagerness to shit on Manaki for not being a certain way and fans encouraging Venus’ negative thoughts whenever she griped about something small Manaki said, contributed to the degradation of their relationship. Because how dare “controlling” Manaki ask she not wear cosplay sometimes. Of course, Venus could have always been a ticking time bomb but maybe things wouldn’t have been as disastrous as now if she didn’t expose her relationship to inexperienced teens and jealous old men just for likes.

No. 77717

I think that Weenus being a mentally unstable lying manipulative drunk leech is what contributed to the degradation of their relationship.

No. 77730

File: 1578394693237.jpg (182.8 KB, 1473x547, ivr.jpg)

Good grief, she looks like a sex doll in this ps failure. Really uncanny with the lower squinting and eyelid removal.

That photo is so much prettier than when she tries to meitu herself into an asian for all the ego-stroking 'Wow! Cute Japanese girl!' comments.

I truly wish she would drop the shadow removal/extreme skin filter bullshit she currently has going on yet again and go back to a more mature and healthy look. All I can think about seeing her face now is her teenage weeaboo fans who are going to see her content and dream of getting enough plastic surgery to look like their integrated idol Penus.

No. 77734

Are you trying to build a case that poor helpless Weenus was abused by the evil controlling Manaki?

Really? Lol

No, not at all. I actually liked Manaki. No, I was just speculating on certain things that were noticeable and wondering about them. No one can know anything for sure about someone else's relationship.
People often say venus can't help anything she does because of how her mother treated her and the expectations she put onto her, whatever, but, my mother was pretty cruel and awful to me so many times and critical of everything about me and said abusive horrible things, but, it did not make me behave like venus does, or become an alcoholic or on drugs or anything like that, it has screwed me up emotionally and mentally, but not where it makes me uncaring towards others, quite the opposite, so no, i'm not one of those "poor venus" people. Not saying i'm not sympathetic to her, but not so much that i cant see her faults and i wouldn't condone anything and everything she does. I wish she could make a success of what she wants to do because so many people , who are very young, look up to her, and i've followed her story for a number of years and don't want to see her fail. ::shrug::, she#s just an interesting character.(no1curr, emoji, blog)

No. 77741

>inexperienced teenagers
Like Venus and Manaki themselves?
They are both mentally and emotionally immature, their relationship was a disaster because they are disastrous individually and as a couple.

They actually got good advice and support from fans, friends and family too so random "inexperienced teenagers" didn't make anything to them, they did that to themselves.

No. 77742

Plus, his parents were there helping them both from the beginning. Neither of them were helpless teens, and being awkward and inexperienced doesn't excuse Venus being a spoiled, manipulative sloppy drunk who shittalks her only ticket to staying in Japan without working.

No. 77757

Another Miku cosplay video https://tinyurl.com/ygfv3czevideo.

I can't think of anything to say about it, my mind has gone blank.

No. 77761

Okay, don't think that worked, so trying again with the longer link.
I've never seen this video before, not altogether sure I want to watch it again, but still…https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTUyNTA1NDQ2NA==.html?spm=a2hzp.8253869.0.0

No. 77779

it seems like you're trying to post a really old video? no need for that

No. 77780

What was that, she behave like mentally ill. >>77779

No. 77781

Is this recent or old?

No. 77782


>I wish she could make a success of what she wants to do

I wish her epic hentai relations too

>i've followed her story for a number of years and don't want to see her fail.

You are kind anon, and yeah she had a toxic mom, and margo had her own past and issues but you don't care about Margo's wounds, do you? because past was never an excuse for present abusive behavior, it explains some of the shit and patterns, but it's up to you if you want to heal and improve.

No. 77783

Most of us haven't seen the insane cringe of venus' past, these links are appreciated by me at least.

No. 77785

Samefag, she looks so cute with the blonde hair at the end, it looks quite thick and healthy too.

I feel like videos like this strongly oppose the "forced to be a doll" narrative, forced where? People can be controlled emotionally and remotely, but she seemed to genuinely enjoy herself here.

No. 77786

File: 1578440526414.jpeg (168.1 KB, 1244x1060, 0DFDB4DE-0AE6-40FF-B619-E8BD86…)

>> it looks quite thick and healthy too.
This looks “thick and healthy”?

No. 77787

File: 1578440667313.jpeg (270.7 KB, 1412x1225, 1CB97A2A-543B-4D54-8280-A47956…)

and “enjoying herself”? She looks and acts like a mental case.
Her face looked old and haggard even back whenever this was.

No. 77788

Right? I don't buy that "she was forced to act dolly" BS. Weenus enjoyed jpop and the living-doll trend, Venus is honest about her dreams in that living doll documentary, Margo just gleefully rubbed her hands and vicariously lived through her. Margo made the decisions in Europe when she was growing up, but moving to Japan was Venus' dream and decision since the first time they moved there.

No. 77796

What makes you think she wasn't enjoying herself?
because she has those bags under her eyes and pale skin? they never go away, that's just her face and skin.
that wasn't the time when she was skinny, she was in a healthy weight back then.

No. 77798

File: 1578445569297.jpg (50.63 KB, 661x557, va.jpg)

Looks like a grandma trying to roleplay as a weeb teenybopper.

No. 77800

>>77798 where's this from?

No. 77814

Not disagreeing with that? I’m saying one factor could have been her exposing too much too soon when they never had a chance to date like normal people. Just wondering what it could have been like if she valued a private life instead.

Why would you listen to relationship advice from people who have little to no adult relationship experience of their own, or men who see your husband as “competition”? I think you misunderstood or got too excited. Most of the best and well-meaning advice she received was here and on PULL, not her IG or YouTube.

No. 77815

The cooking video from a week back

No. 77817

? anon read again please.
Venus and Manaki are both mentally and emotionally immature and that's the main reason why they had a disastrous relationship, not because she was "exposed" to IG and YT comments lol that's also her own bad decision, to keep exposing her private life knowing she was in a bad situation back then.

No. 77824

No, their relationship was a disaster because Venus was a lazy sponge who would use Manaki as a joke on her social media and didn't want to contribute financially to the relationship. You act like everything Venus did in the last 2-3 years was simply misguided naivete when no, it was Venus being lazy, spoiled and ultimately ungrateful because she's always felt that she's too good to work for a living and should be supported for being cute. Really, if she chose not to grow emotionally after almost 3 years of a full ride marriage and dream life in her dream country, it's because she felt that ahe didn't have to or didn't want to, not because she was jist innocently playing with her toys until meenie Manaki suddenly expected her to grow up & booted her out when she wouldn't. She's nowhere near innocent in all this, she's had quite a few spots of blatantly shitty behavior aince getting with Manaki.

No. 77827

File: 1578477631856.jpg (364.29 KB, 1672x1140, EMc8X4G6D6gAoa74.jpg)

like a grandma trying to roleplay as an asian idol but looking like a weeb teenybopper

No. 77843

One of her very early videos that she long deleted from her channel. It's a bit cringey, but it doesn't look like anyone is forcing her to do this, it just seems like she always had a longing for Japan and it was when they had a tsunami and she wanted to get in on it by showing her concern and allegiance. I think a lot of the weebs back then posted similar videos, talking in Japanese and acting like Japanese youtubers, Abi Pop springs to mind, and Kimonotime before she started using her real name Kelsey Ellison. I know it's old, but some may find it interesting.

No. 77844

Re "forced to be a doll". Looking at some of her early videos, it doesn't look as though anyone else was filming, only that Venus had stuck a camera on a table or something and filmed herself. in this one here, the Nyan Cat video, it just looks like that. I don't know if Venus did the, very minimal, editing here or margot did. https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTUyNzU2MzM2NA==.html?spm=a2hzp.8253869.0.0

But in the Sleepy Bunny video, it looks like it was filmed by someone else, so, her mother I suppose. Many have mentioned this video as an example of how Margaret was exploiting her daughter by filming her in this way and how disgusting it was, but, unless i'm missing something, i don't see what they mean about the sleepy bunny video, i can't see anything suggestive or questionable about it, only that it's really just silly and cringelly embarrassing, and it's no wonder that venus deleted it. https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTUyNzYxMTk4OA==.html?spm=a2hzp.8253869.0.0

No. 77845

you know margo used to put her in her room until sh mad a video right? and a lot of the time she had to think of the video idea as well. margo was pretty damn lazy for a svengali.

No. 77848

This video of Margaret. https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTUyNTA0MDUyOA==.html?spm=a2hzp.8253869.0.0
I expect many of you have already seen it, but just in case anyone hasn't. OMG, She has a nice figure, but honestly, cringe.

No. 77849

I eat candy video, don't see the point of videos like this: https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTUyNzYwNTQ4OA==.html?spm=a2hzp.8253869.0.0

I like this other Miku video though, but most of the clips here are just repeated over and over, so lazy editing, but still, i do like this, she looks much better as Miku here than in her most recent cosplay video, but then that's probably down to her being a lot younger then and more able to carry off that look back then.

No. 77850

>margo used to put her in her room until she made a video


No. 77856

Her mother was certainly present when this video was filmed but as to whether she was "forcing" Venus, I don't know, Venus seems enthusiastic and excited but seemed to get a little unsure and called her mother over . I haven't seen this for a long time, and i often wondered if Manaki was the guy in this video who called and spoke to Venus, but listening now, I can hear it wasn't him. at least i'm pretty certain it isn't, this one speaks English better than Manaki i think?

No. 77860

I agree with your perspective, when I say "immature" I'm not thinking of "an innocent and naive girl" exactly, more like a "manipulative spoiled brat"

>you know margo used to put her in her room until sh mad a video right?
Or what? Maybe her momager told her to come up with video ideas or make videos but you can see she's doing it willingly and enjoying it. Margo was more controlling, paranoid and concerned with real life people she considered threatening (literally every other girl) , Weenus looked uncomfortable when other girls were around and Margo was there watching .

No. 77906

I'm pretty sure the guy calling was trolling her. i can't believe that there is a 24-year old person on this earth who would in all seriousness try the "I am beautiful japanese lady!" card

No. 77911

I read on Youtube comments that the joking guy is a famous Japanese comedian, which makes sense to me.

No. 77912

It's creepy to think Manaki was watching her content when she was this young and was actually a fan. Then as they say, the rest is history.

No. 77914

File: 1578545053955.jpeg (268.13 KB, 1285x1530, 5CC192AA-D792-4761-94B3-9E571B…)

He fell in love with a living doll and ended up with a living nightmare.
Oh well. RIP Manaki’s life.

No. 77926

Yes, I think it's certain that Venus had a passion for Japan and always wanted to live there, and Margaret indulged her in that but also saw it as something to capitalise on too, and so probably tried to manipulate events from then on.
If what some say is true, then Venus was always the victim and under the influence of her mother and that was probably true to a certain extent while she was still young and growing up, but if Margaret is to be believed, Venus used to act hysterical and go berserk if she couldn't get her own way and , according to Margaret, she tried to protect Venus and gave in to her, but, the actual truth is maybe somewhere between those two extremes.

So maybe as Venus was into the whole dolly thing , it could be that what may have started off as innocent ended up with being forced on her by her mother as she knew people were interested in it and so instead of it being something Venus could explore and then maybe naturally grow out of, her mother may have forced her to stay in that role for longer than she wanted, and as for forcing her to make videos, she might have understood that videos had to be made regularly to keep the profits coming in. She no doubt capitalised on her daughter's interests but Venus was something she couldn't contain forever, but at the same time, maybe Venus needed her mother's input to keep things ticking over. Idk, i'm just speculating now.

I kind of feel sorry for both of them, they are still human beings at the end of the day, just very flawed human beings, but then loads of us are, but well, it doesn't make us all treat other people very badly and just out for our own ends.

No. 77936

This is what I think as well. Without Margo, Venus stopped making videos regularly unless it was to show off her kawaii new life in Japan with her Japanese "boyfriend", then after the new shine wore off she stopped again. It's clear that because of Margo's profit-incentivised coddling? Venus not only has no clue how to keep her YT and YT$ fresh and consistent, but also she has no real identity outside of Japan/Anime/Kawaii because she stayed in that niche for so long. When she started dressing darker and more mature it looked good, but the more she tries to make a living pff of simply being in Japan and having cute interests the harder she's going to struggle. The core pf Venus's problem is that she can no longer support herself by being a lazy weeaboo, but even upon realizing that she still refuses to get a real job or education and work, and she'd rather fuck her way through an easy life.

I believe Margo's claims that Venus thinks she's too good to work, but at the same time that attitude definitely isn't 100% Venus- having a mom quit her job and turn your dorky preteen interest into an income source & countryhopping every year has to have an effect on your ego.

No. 77994

File: 1578615709026.jpeg (269.88 KB, 640x1009, 5B6FB722-7AC5-4D46-8915-134804…)

I think she deleted it already

No. 77996

Is it just me or is Venus turning into a fully fledged cow over the last week or so? The hentai relations post, and now this. It's written so bizarrely it makes me think it's a complete fiction, I've never heard of "brain scans" to diagnose mental illness.

No. 78000

She's going off the fucking rails. Venus makes no sense these days and clearly she's probably binging on alcohol again while she enters her fantasy world where she writes like a clueless teenager blogging for the first time in her life. She's so full of shit.

No. 78002

A fucking BRAIN SCAN??
lol bitch is even crazier than her mother.
(You don’t diagnose mental illness from a “brain scan.”)

No. 78004

I know right? Anyone with actual mental health issues knows it's not possible. Which leads me to believe she's a compulsive liar and doesn't have half of the problems she claims to have been diagnosed with by professionals, it's all in her head to milk for continuous sympathy.

No. 78007

She might have gotten the idea from Ariana Grande cause she posted something similar a while ago. Only people who weaponize mental illnesses do gross stuff like this.

No. 78009

So… a brain scan? Would that be an x-ray, CT scan, MRI or a cerebral angiogram, Weenus? And btw, none of these things are done for some nut claiming to be “crazy.” They are done to rule out tumors, masses, aneurysms, blood clots etc. in someone exhibiting neurological symptoms (like blurry vision, speech difficulties, loss of balance or weakness of one side of the body. Legitimate stuff like that.)

This little bitch is delusional or lying (or both.)

Margo 2.0.

No. 78010


Lol this bitch is so full of shit. All lies.

No. 78012

well, that's it. she's officially become her mom

No. 78016

It is possible she was never addicted at all. She drank on livestreams, making sure everyone could read the label, and then alluded vaguely to pills or something. I feel like it is unusual for someone struggling to be like "hi, I'm Venus, I'm addicted lol" so nonchalantly on Instagram. Just like tumblrinas thinking getting sad and happy sometimes is totes a mood disorder (and a fashion accessory as well).
She also talks about social anxiety, but organizes meetings with fans, wears obnoxious clothes in public, vlogs in a foreign country… She talks about self harm on arms (just like Margo once said to make Venus' haters feel guilty), but we've never seen a single scar.
Her short BPD phase worked well, people on PULL ate it up and now believe she is a low functioning BPD, like the worst cases. She is just lazy and spoiled.
And now she supposedly has a super serious issue that could only be diagnosed via brain scan, unlike other normal mentally ill people, hers is worse. Right.

No. 78019

This “muh mental illness found on a ~brain scan~” just proves how seriously fucking stupid she is.

No. 78028

I find it very interesting she posted a response to someone on Instagram about making a final video with Manaki to address to their situation. Just before that she was clearly taking photos in his apartment just before Christmas then recently posted about having a boyfriend who has had "hentai relations" with other people asif she was low key aiming it at him.

This is nothing more than another ploy to make him feel bad for her and an attempt to have her back AGAIN. Everytime something clearly hasn't worked out for Princess Venus who can't cope when she doesn't get what she wants, she throws a hissy fit and goes down the "uwu I have depression and this and that wrong with me lol omg".

Now she's trying to claim she had a brain scan done that involves her mental health? How desperate do you have to be to look even more like w victim?

What a grade A cunt.

No. 78061

Sounds about right. Another scam on the making

A munchie cow, it seems.
10 says she'll ask donations after she comes up with some snowflakey diagnose

No. 78065

The only reason I can imagine for a brain scan is they think she legitimately has brain damage. Or tumor(s). Other than that, I thought it scientifically impossible to detect psychiatric disorders through brain scans?

No. 78070

>> I thought it scientifically impossible to detect psychiatric disorders through brain scans?
It is. See >>78009

No. 78071

Is that your own post?

No. 78076

I can already see where this is heading, soon she's gonna ask for donations since she's gonna need cash to pay for treatments in those expensive "private clinics"…

Anon she is a cow, has been for ages already.

No. 78077

KEK just in time when the inflow of pity for becoming a poor alcoholic victim of bad abusive husbando has fizzled out. she comes up with some brain illness.

how long until airport bathroom nudes and "going into the river?"

No. 78086

File: 1578650613946.jpg (528.21 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20200110-110338.jpg)

Just saw this.

No. 78087

Keep up with the replies and post more caps, anon, please!

This is obviously a scam. No hospital woild turn her out if she were hurting herself unless it was because "weh I dun wanna work and my husband won't take me back and coddle me while I treat him like a dog!". This is a trick to grab ¥¥¥¥ from her gullible Fangelics.

No. 78088

File: 1578651602368.jpg (313.8 KB, 1080x1867, Screenshot_20200110-111953__01…)

Some whiteknights joined the game.

No. 78090

Of course, they perform an EEG to rule out epilepsy and brain diseases, which can mimic the symptoms of mental illness. But in such a serious case, Venus is not acting like someone who just received news of a brain abnormality. There was no reason not to give at least a brief description of the findings, like she may have a brain injury or tumor. Instead, she writes like she’s teasing for a new video.

Now she’s baiting with another thing about relationships and still not explaining what is going on with her. I’ll never understand how people like her get off on leaving thousands of followers confused and endlessly arguing amongst themselves.

No. 78091

She treats her whole life as content. Everything big she has to announce she teases and then makes videos out of it. Like when she milked her hospital stay til the last drop. Her health, her relationship, her sexuality, her addiction, her meet and greets, it can all be monetized, so she'll never just come up to her worried fans and say everything at once. Everything is made through teasers and multiple videos.

No. 78099

If u put the search term "can a brain scan show mental illness" into google, quite a few results come up, if anyone was interested enough to scroll through. I tried posting a link to it but it was a ridiculously long link. I don't have time to sit here looking at it all and not sufficiently interested in Venus and her drama but for anyone who is, there might be something worth reading there.

No. 78100

And this video, maniacal ? Hysterical ? This seems more than just high spirits, there definitely seems something mentally wrong with her here.

No. 78128

File: 1578679178892.jpeg (36.92 KB, 400x246, 286BD8AF-AD98-48B1-809B-EE7896…)

Yeah, that video at >>77761
is not her “enjoying herself.” It looks like a manic or high on drugs or crazy person. And her face looks like a goblin.

It’s always amazing to see how gargoyle-like her face looks without massive blurring, filtering and/or liquifying, to the point where her nose and jawline disappear.

No. 78134

It's so predictable she would post this shit. She is desperate to have Visanaki back. I wonder if she played the "I love you and we can make this work" card because she's running out of ideas to keep him in the game. She's insufferable.

No. 78136

>"Yeah I exaggerate my illnesses and keep my fangelics on the edge of their seats so that they'll believe I'm a victim who they should give their money to, and either way that's their problem if they do it. And by the way what are you gonna do about it?"
She's reprehensible.

No. 78138

That's probably the thing that just does it for me. In one word it speaks volumes of how much she doesn't give a shit and KNOWS she's being an attention seeking asshole who takes advantage of her fans.

Anyone with decency who's being called out like this would actually defend themselves but no. Venus just proved how much of a cunt she truly is.

No. 78143

File: 1578688595154.png (132.53 KB, 500x496, thats-no-t-very-soft-ghetto-pa…)

This. She seemed so nice and sweet before but she's really shown her true colors these days with her snarky replies.

No. 78152

Now you guys are just being dicks. Lol. She just looks like a hyper weeaboo kid trying too hard to be “ran-dumb” in this video. Not genuinely crazy. The year this was filmed, that was the era where there entire packs of kids acting like this in middle schools/high schools. Most only acted like that in front of their friends. Being obnoxious and weird was their thing. Now, all the current anime kids are competitive about being the queerest and wokest.

Don’t know why you’re focusing on her not being cute to you when this video is so harmless compared to how she behaves now. Her current behavior is what’s truly ugly.

>Anyone with decency who's being called out like this would actually defend themselves but no. Venus just proved how much of a cunt she truly is.

That’s how we know her deleted post was bullshit. She’s trying to be sassy instead of replying like an adult holding on to important information about her health.

No. 78154

How old was she in that video at >>77761? She looks like a haggard 40-year old meth addict in it.

No. 78167

File: 1578724770819.jpg (30.29 KB, 640x480, KhWysMS.jpg)

I don’t know for sure but the hair style looks like the one she had when she was 15. Here is a comparison from the DayBreak interview from that age. Doesn’t look very flattering here either so it’s just her genetics plus translucent pale skin. Sometimes it can’t be helped.

No. 78174

Lol the comments
Venus is weird
Or there must be something wrong with her head

No. 78175

> It looks like a manic or high on drugs or crazy person.

So any 15 year old weeb running around in cosplay?

No. 78176

File: 1578754211208.jpg (1.07 MB, 1440x2191, 20200111_114952.jpg)

No. 78177

I bet she will claim to be bipolar. Searching this technique on google you get results saying Japan is probably over diagnosing bipolar disorder because of it lol

No. 78178

>I had to make up this lie to justify deleting my last post where I got called out & replied like a cunt, but I'm working on my next excuse/justification for acting like a spoiled, drunken brat! Oh and also whatever it is will prevent me from getting a real job to support myself, uwu"

No. 78185

She's the type of cow who deserves a hard slap across the face. Her existence is infuriating and she still acts like a whiney child. Venus will never change, in fact she's getting worse.

No. 78186

Going to therapy and taking her meds like a normal human being probably would have benefitted her more than ~having her brain scanned~ but that requires effort.

No. 78189

File: 1578770199800.jpeg (16.16 KB, 203x214, 55EE46BE-D841-4C82-B68F-5603F2…)

>> So any 15 year old weeb running around in cosplay?

No, just one jumping up and down, rolling around on the floor and spinning around while shrieking the whole time and looking like a goblin.

And this is a15-year old? She looks at least 20 years older. Aging like milk. Tragic genes there.

No. 78191

She's clearly trying to do a specific dance, be energetic and make for an interesting, entertaining stream. A lot of Nico streamers acted that way.
You're really reaching to insinuate she's mentally ill or on drugs for this.

No. 78234

She should have just posted something like this in the first place. What’s just as frustrating is her fans all telling her that she doesn’t need to explain herself or clear up misunderstandings! Isn’t being misunderstood and have MORE rumors spread about you something you want to avoid as much as possible?

You need to call up Venus ask her to recommend you a clinic for a brain scan. Holy fuck, it’s a low resolution video of a kid trying to get laughs from Japanese nerds. Why are you fixated on this? Does she remind you of yourself when you were an equally embarrassing 15 year old?

No. 78240

>something like this in the first place.
anon it's just another hype-building post, another fucking teaser for the big reveal
what the fuck kind of thing is this to do about a health issue

No. 78265

At around the 1:29 mark, it seemed like there is something mentally wrong with her, not saying it to be hateful towards her, maybe wouldn't have been so bad if she could have at least fixed her wig on, she must be cringing to see videos like this still surfacing.

No. 78266

Does she just wear different wigs all the time, or is this her real hair I wonder?

No. 78267


And about the same time but her hair looks different again, actually this video is not too bad i don't think: https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTUyNTA2NjkzMg==.html?spm=a2h0j.11185381.listitem_page1.5!16~A

No. 78268

No. 78269

"At around the 1:29 mark", more like leading up to that point, i should have said, she's behaving really manic and weird.

No. 78270


This thread has become a shitshow due to you. Stop posting past, irrelevant videos and nitpicking them. Are you like 13? Literally no one gives a fuck about your weird vendetta.

No. 78272

Venus isn't mentally ill just because she makes videos of herself dancing and screeching like a sperg until her wig slips. She only drinks and lets herself get filthy for pity points online when she's in trouble or needs money or an excuse to be a lazy, spoiled brat. She's shown in the past that she definitely is capable of bathing, dressing herself and being so er when she's getting her way and being babied by a JP citizen she thinks will secure her spot in Japan. The only time she's ~UnStAbLe~ and a drunken, unwashed mess is when she's in the doghouse again with either Visanaki, her manager, or whoever she's got her sights on for a visa. Her laziness, slobbery and acting like a batshit little tard is gonna get her kicked out of Japan if she doesn't grow up, get a job and act right, and probably sooner rather than later. Everyone has seen her true colors now, and even JP fans of hers who may not fully understand her edgy English posts can see how nasty and unstable she's been acting to try to get Manaki back/pity from her followers.

No. 78273

TL:DR she only acts unstable/mentally ill when she's not being spoiled & coddled or when she has to make videos to save face or pretend she's still a YTer, probably hoping to go back to her kawiwi style to land another Visanaki.

No. 78291

There's no vendetta. It's just of interest to some to see some of Venus's past videos. I don't hate her, it's just she's an interesting character. Don't assume somebody hates her or has it in for her just because they can critique something she's done. i already said i like some of her old videos.

No. 78292

>I don't hate her, it's just she's an interesting character
>Don't assume somebody hates her or has it in for her just because they can critique something she's done
>i already said i like some of her old videos

Anon, the reason a majority of the people in this thread are here is because we dislike Venus and her behavior. What are you gaining from stating that you sometimes like her or her behavior?

No. 78293

I said i like some of her videos, i never said anything about liking how she behaves. I don't hate her, i wish she could sort herself out and be happy. But that doesn't mean i approve of any bad things she does.

No. 78297

Man, you're one dumb fuck. Mental illness doesn't mean someone can't bathe and dress themselves. Especially conditions like bipolar or depression ebb and flow, most people aren't at 100% intensity of depression at all times.

It's obvious that someone like Venus would be mentally ill:
1. Her mom is batshit crazy and mental illness has been proven to often have genetic predispositions.
2. She grew up in a lot of pressure, stress and trauma. Young people who experience that kind of stuff are extra prone to mental illness as well.

Mental illness isn't an excuse for lying or being a scumbag. But it's clear that this girl has some actual fucking brain issues based on her weird upbringing and insane mother.

No. 78310

Mental illness is very YMMV, but yes it absolutely can affect your hygeine and routines. This isn't the case with Venus, she's just lazy and spoiled because Mommy Margul never made her get a real job and stroked her kawiwi ego to get those YT pedobux. Now without Mommy dearest and Visanaki she's gotta fake being broken and tragic in the hopes that it'll land her another keeper.

And no, we have no definite proof Margo was as aboosive as she's made out to be here- THAT SAID, she was a shit mum, who isolated Venus but ALSO Venus went along with it and felt too good for real work from the beginning. I remember her pastel-vomit blogs where she would cry about wanting to be "cute and kinda retarded forever" when Marge would get onto her about thinking forward for her future, and how she was above scrubbing toilets for money & people who did so.

Nothing Margaret, or Manaki, or anyone else did makes Venus unable to work. If she's only ~mentally ill and unstable~ when she's not being spoiled and roleplaying an animu character, then it's not really a mental illness, it's just her bejng spoiled fucking rotten, entitled, and shamelessly throwing tantrums to guilt everyone into pitying her for wantimg to be an adult tween for the rest of her life for literally nothing in return.

Venus isn't the first or only girl to have a shitty narc mum, and as far as those go she lucked out by having one who never physically beat her, locked her up or took away her ability to make her uguu videos. She got to travel, she didn't have to go to school anywhere she lived, and she's always looked down her nose at other girls her age unless they boosted her popularity. Marge is responsible for her turnjng out like trash to a degree of course, but she's been away feom her mum AND was in a loving, supportive environment where she had everything she wanted and more, and she still chose to be a spoiled little shitbag using her husband as joke fodder and clickbait for her fans while making fun of him, both before and after her escape to SK.

Margo is shit, Venus is shit, and it isn't because of mental illness- it's 100% entitlement from being babied and spoiled rotten her entire life.

No. 78312

>If she's only ~mentally ill and unstable~ when she's not being spoiled and roleplaying an animu character, then it's not really a mental illness, it's just her bejng spoiled fucking rotten, entitled, and shamelessly throwing tantrums to guilt everyone into pitying her for wantimg to be an adult tween for the rest of her life for literally nothing in return.

Adding to this, she didn't even want to have to share her YT earnings with her husband, who got her the precious visa, her own bedroom, and bought her countless toys and clothes while taking her out shopping and to cons.

Venus wants to keep her lifestyle without having to work or pay her own bills, or share her income with anyone. Basically, she wants to be a weeb teen living at home forever while she makes money showing off her lifestyle, then wants to be left alone with her money to buy her toys and booze. Her "mental illness" and "alcoholism" didn't make an appearance until she lost all that when Manaki threw her out, and every time since then that she's felt semisafe and close to having that again, she was suddenly fine ("I'm done with my edgy phase/delayed puberty now!"). Real mental illness doesn't just appear when you aren't getting your way.

No. 78343

Am I reaching or was Venus' drunk LARP heavily copied from Becky's drunk shows?
I just can't help but cringe at myself for speculating she was inspired by her, but if that's really the case LOL @ her.

No. 78347

please stop, nobody here is benefiting from your posts. just write this stuff in your diary

No. 78349

wat, are you okay?

No. 78355

parental alienation is not a form of spoiling a child anon, it's abuse. you seem insanely jealous of an ugly and sad situation involving mental illness being handed down in a family, and you really need a diary for this ranting.

No. 78365

Marge didn't alienate Weenus, she had the ability to make friends and she went to multiple animu conventions throughout her teens, she just never would talk to anyone. Marge moved them around a lot, but she also wnrolled them in language schools, and Venus did get to go out and about. Venus was the one who never tried to keep friends around, but she was never "isolated" or kept away from people, she was just a cringey weeaboo. She wasn't any more isolated than any other weeaboo, she just chose to stay to herself.

No. 78366

You're the one who sounds like you need the diary considering how defensive you are of Weenos and her self-centeredness which you relabel as mental illnes. Almost like you're projecting.
Btw Marghoul has been out of her life for years. The excuses have gotta stop eventually anon.

No. 78367

File: 1578886605019.jpg (62.42 KB, 513x513, q65uYHz.jpg)

This thread is shit.

No. 78368

Even after she escaped her mother she still chose to only befriend other girls who boosted her YT popularity, then once she was done with them they were never posted or mentioned again (a la Taylor).

No. 78373

those two posts are not by the same person and my post contained no excuses for venus, but calling both venus and margo mentally ill just seems to push your buttons doesn't it? margo's never going to come up looking good, it doesn't matter how you try to revise it. that's not a plea for sympathy for venus, she now completely runs her own life and mess. but here's an idea, invite margo into your home like jassy did, and report back to us how it goes…

No. 78383

File: 1578912807175.png (2.65 MB, 1079x1874, Screenshot_20200113-045112(1).…)

Weenus making more sponsored posts

No. 78393

"we have no definite proof Margo was as aboosive as she's made out to be here- THAT SAID, she was a shit mum,"

Venus isn't the first or only girl to have a shitty narc mum, and as far as those go she lucked out by having one who never physically beat her, locked her up or took away her ability to make her uguu videos. She got to travel, she didn't have to go to school anywhere she lived"

True. Like I said way back in this thread, my mother was maybe worse in many ways, but, it did not make me use and abuse people. I know everyone is different and things affect people in different ways, but just in case someone may be thinking oh well, but maybe Venus was far more sensitive and more affected, I was, and am, one of those ultra sensitive people that are now known as HSPs (Highly Sensitive Person) and the abusive childhood I had has certainly taken its toll, but on me alone, that is, I do not make anyone else's life worse because of it. I know, i know, i shouldn't be talking anything about myself here, but i'm, just trying to make the point, that, even tho i do not in any way, hate Venus, (the rabid supporters take any even small criticism of her as "hate") that does not mean I can see that she seems to make use of people for her own ends, and maybe she feels she has to, i don't know, but, that doesn't excuse it.

Many people have had far worse to deal with, and it still doesn't make them turn out to be a user and abuser.(cringe blogging)

No. 78394

>post contains nothing that shows empathy or favor for Margo
>"Margo is never gonna come out looking good so stop revising things!"

Whiteknight samefag needs to go lmao. Go invite Weenus into your home and report back to us on how that goes!

No. 78407

File: 1578925862802.png (536.96 KB, 929x595, 09899.png)

Literally this. "the copy part failed". Obvious lie.

Also, clearly venus is still with kitano or another manager as they got her a role as a host for a show. It's obvious she's trying to get into the entertainment industry (visa might still be in jeopardy). Hosting is probably perfect for this –entitled, above normal jobs manipulative, attention-whore–, because it requires NO skill and she gets decent money/attention if she would be a TV host. She tried acting and the idol/singing stuff but that takes skill. So hosting might workout for this vapid cow. Or she might end up dropped like she seems to have been from absometal (since she stopped promoting it suddenly).

No. 78409

You know what requires no talent? Being a sad dumbass like you.

Put me out to pasture <3(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 78410


Let's hope she can actually make this work for her. It might help to stabilize her a bit.

No. 78416

It could work for her if she can manage to not be a drunk mumbling mess.

No. 78420

hey peenus.

She's not interesting or professional enough to host anything. Anime collection must have some pretty low standards or her manager has some good connections.

No. 78422

And just like we said, now that she had a job again her ~debilitating mental illness that prevents her from working~ disappears, uwu.

I thought Kitano was the manager she tried to fuck, or was that the last guy? Either way, I don't see this panning out well for Venus, unless they give her the spotlight the whole time and shoop her to look like a 16 year old Asian girl.

No. 78423

It'll probably be a one time thing, unless kitano (or whomever she's working with now) manages to get her more stuff.

The vtuber manager is the one she allegedly tried to fuck. In a live stream she trash talked him and blamed everything on him (he let her do what she wanted and post the content that she wanted) which apparently means he's a bad manager and venus is never responsible or takes accountability for anything. The alleged friend claimed there was beef there and venus seemed pissed when mentioning him.

No idea if kitano is her sugar daddy. She pretends not to know what that even is lmao, despite having a pater ad while being married. I don't see why kitano would work with her or let her in his company or try to help her build a company (that she claims she has) if she wasn't fucking him. What else does she have to offer? It's not money, the right audience or skills that's for sure

No. 78425

>Love is just one word, but it can mean a lot of things. Acceptance, forgiveness, care, attachment, longing….what is the first thing you think about when the word “love” comes to mind?

Even my vomit is vomiting. Venus is trying hard to return to her mega fake hospital days.

Are there any screenshots of the comments, anon? I couldn't find any. Or did she delete them if it really is her, after lurking here?

No. 78428

>It'll probably be a one time thing, unless kitano (or whomever she's working with now) manages to get her more stuff.

Or until she doesn't get the immediate boost of popularity and ¥¥¥ she's undoubtedly expecting. Or, until she doesn't get her way about something small and stupid like being ~edgy~ or sperging out on the program.

No. 78440

>> It'll probably be a one time thing,
It is a one time thing, a ‘concert’ on March 28 at an 1800 seat venue in Seoul. With Weenis as “MC,” lol. With that cringe worthy god awful voice of hers. That poor audience.

Does she even speak Korean?

No. 78441

It's in SK? I hope for her sake she doesn't fuck up between then and now and find herself unable to reenter Japan afterward, if she even makes it to this event at all (I'm betting she'll cancel, be replaced or won't leave JP).

No. 78442

Her and Margaret were in a Korean language school and got some sort of certificates from it when she was living there. How long was she there, a year? Long enough to attempt being a mukbanger and fail at it from sheer stupidity (she thought eating 100 McDonald's nuggets dipped in mayonnaise was the same as mukbang. It was disgusting to watch).

No. 78451

File: 1578945956049.jpeg (81.33 KB, 682x555, 1C9CD63C-D6FC-4467-9038-B1B202…)

The thought of Weenus “MCing” an event with that excruciating voice in broken Korean is enough to make my ears bleed in sympathy. That poor audience.

At least there won’t be alcohol involved this time (hopefully) unlike her last disastrous hosting gig.

No. 78455

Watching her fuck up would be highly entertaining and much appreciated. It's been long overdue.

Little Miss UwU Kawaii Alcoholic would probably bring her own stash to drink in secret. But we all know she only does it to look like an edgy and cool adult. Given her mental health problems have magically vanished now she has a job role, there's potential milk to flow when she debuts as the MC.

No. 78457

How many of these “hosting” gigs does she need to qualify for a JP entertainment visa, I wonder? Because that’s clearly why she’s doing this, as a visa scam.

No. 78460

Clearly alot as she's suddenly back to being sponsored, now with Bandai. Things didn't work out for definite with Visanaki and she's gotten desperate to stay in Japan.

No. 78481

File: 1578966789605.jpg (1.08 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20200113_225313.jpg)

No. 78485

She suddenly has an extreme koreaboo look. Was she in Korea at that time? I don‘t think it‘s a coincidence she‘s posting this right after the announcement of her MC job in Seoul. But it‘s such a weird turn of events, always thought she‘s way happier in Japan (think she even said that herself).

No. 78486

Well, her life is still about make-up and diet. Make up with her Visa-husband and diet with some sweet cooking wine kek

No. 78496

That pic is 2 years old.

No. 78517

She's not fluent or conversational in Korean. It's probably in English or she'll get a script she'll have to practice and memorize.

Ah, another me me me woe is me post. I feel like she's trying to setup Manaki as bad with that post. I did alot of things that me me unhappy because that's what I thought has to be done (like marry manaki for visa fraud) and I was incapable of saying no/settings boundaries (to manaki the mini-marge). Who else could that be directed at? Given that she said she was "just started making her first friends" she already had her surgery and left marge.

No. 78519

Right lol. And does she think people are stupid? Her life is still superficial and self-centered. She's even worse than her mom there. She still edits the fuck out of her pictures and posts shots of her herself, her clothing, her food, even edits herself on camera and still wears that aegyo shit, still puts on a facade, still diets and is concerned about weight (not too long ago she followed some diet/weight related instagram if I remember correctly). She makes me sick. She thinks she can go back to her glorious hospital days where she could make these "look how I'm improving/trying" posts and be glorified as a saint by both her followers and pull.

No. 78520

Someone needs to grab Venus by the shoulders, shake her and scream LIFE ISN'T ALL ABOUT BEING CUTE AND LIKED AND DOING WHATEVER YOU WANT! because she truly seems to rhink that anything she doesn't like deserves pity and praise for being done. Just goes to show how terminally sheltered she is.

No. 78522

Still doesn’t answer my question if she was in Korea at that time. I haven‘t memorized Weenus‘ timeline, like some spergalics here seem to have.

No. 78523

no she wasnt

No. 78531

"Does she even speak Korean?"
I was wondering the same thing. I don't recall her ever including Korean language when she made a video listing the languages she could speak.
Maybe she will be speaking in Japanese or English? But if the venue is in S Korea, …?

No. 78540

And what is life for her right now exactly? She can't seem to concentrate on doing one specific thing, changes all the time. Is always unsure about what she likes. She should take a break to decide and know herself, or stick with the old make up videos that get her some views.

No. 78551

I’d really love to know..what exactly does she DO, all day every day? She has no job, no school, no family, no friends to hang out with. Nothing. Does she just binge watch anime series or surf the web all day, or what?

No. 78552

Yeah. NEETing her way through life. Even though she‘s living in her dream land, she does what can be done in every developed country.

No. 78553

She did include Korean in her language videos. But you can't take those seriously, since she just wrote a script and memorized it.

No. 78554

She likes getting attention and being spoiled, but thanks to being an underaged weeb with no real direction and her mom monetizing her pedo appeal, she probably honestly thinks she can just go the rest of her life being kawaii, posting online and nothing else. She doesn't seem to realize due to being sheltered that almost nobody gets to be kept and spoiled for life without having to grow up, and if they do they're from a well off or famous family and not sloppy narcissists.

Probably eats snacks, drinks, takes selfies and watches herself on video while also searching for new pawns to use in her "be a dependapotomous ~*~in Japan~*~ plan.

I can't wait to see what happens, She isn't doing well despite obviously trying to make it seem like she's on the upswing now.

No. 78556

File: 1579025185499.jpg (62.16 KB, 510x357, 3b27639ff12b147f0dadfe26af1a96…)

Koreans ripped Kota a new one (and that was in her 'prime'), I can't even imagine how they react to our river kappa junior lol

No. 78558

As if 90% of the audience isnt going to be weeb foreigners who suck Japan's dick and are only in korea because its cheaper and easier to get visas kek

No. 78560

I'm trying to get around why they chose her to be an MC. They seem have a handful of talented artists who know what they're doing and then you have the train wreck that is Venus, who's no different from the hundreds of other white weeb girls with no true personality & scams her way to live in Nippon. What a joke.

No. 78561

idk about “talented artists” though. One is a 50-year old guy who was in a rock band in the 90s, another is a duo who records themes for tv anime series and the third one is a nico nico “artist.” And I’m pretty sure none of them has any idea who Weenis is, and same with the poor souls who buy tickets and show up for this mess.

No. 78563

If anything at least they seem a bit more…promising to witness live. Venus on the other hand is maximum cringe and she is incredibly awkward when not behind her own camera and filters reading scripts she's written herself. I await the shit show nevertheless.

No. 78567

At least for Garnidelia you can say that they're super popular among gamers and anime weebs as a few of their dance routines went viral with this type of people. Last year they had a blast in China with their Gokurokujoudou (or whatever it's spelled, sorry), because all the popular onmyoji cosplayers would use the routines in flash mobs and other public events.

No. 78582

I literally couldn’t understand half of what you said.

No. 78586

File: 1579052770032.jpeg (104.54 KB, 653x894, 061517C4-2BEE-44B9-AC43-B2A38D…)

Do any of these people have a clue who Weenus is though? Such an odd and unfortunate choice for an “MC.” First of all, her English is shitty and barely understandable and her Korean is likely even worse, and second we’ve all heard what her voice sounds like. That audience will be like Who the fuck IS this awful little creature and what the fuck is she trying to say??

If she’s pinning her visa hopes on a career as a host she’s likely in trouble. It tells you something that she can’t seem to get a gig in Japan.

No. 78600

File: 1579074232155.jpg (472.72 KB, 2048x1536, EN0W69UU4AAj4nXlg.jpg)

i found this on twitter searching photos for 'sewer rat with cancer'

No. 78603

She's starting to look like she wants to wear Becky's skin. It's really creepy and sad.

No. 78604

Damn she's looking rough. Not at all what you think when you hear "living doll"

No. 78605

File: 1579080545816.jpg (391.81 KB, 2048x1790, EN0TiJeU0AATKGx.jpg)

nother one

No. 78609

Why's her face so huge? Whites usually have smaller heads than asians and women have smaller heads then men, yet she's making that grandpa look dainty lol

Jesus, her mouth looks fucked, she looks like a 100-year-old and disabled at the same time… That's truly the definition of white people lips kek And soon her nose will also drop and get bumpier with age, so she likely ends up worse than her mom.(racebaiting)

No. 78610

File: 1579085546597.jpg (213.35 KB, 1200x900, EN0TiJcUEAAWmit.jpg)

Look at her hair!

No. 78614

Wow, how the tf are u going to be a public speaker at an event but feel comfortable leaving the house and having pictures taken when you can’t even wash you damn hair. At this point I don’t even think this bitch is brushing the back of her fucking head holy fuck. I think she is just straight up lazy she won’t get actual mental or physical help but she sure as heck will take a job being an event host but can’t even bother clean herself up for being in public and taking pics.

No. 78617

I… I can’t comprehend how ugly these are. Bad genes, no makeup, no basic hygiene AND an unflattering AF posing. It’s like the ugly gremlin cousin of a living doll.

That said, >>78609 are you dumb? It’s obvious AF she curves her lips in an unnatural way to desperately appear kawaii. In no way you can actually think these are her natural lips.

No. 78621

Oh-kay…. I get that folks here don't like her much, but in all honesty, I don't see anything wrong with how she looks in those pictures. It's some of her actions and how she behaves that I sometimes see fit to moan about, but you can dislike how a person is without having to find fault with everything about their appearance. that just comes across as bitchiness and jealousy.

No. 78622


Really makes me wonder if Margo was dressing and cleaning her up every morning when they were still together. Or at least screaming at V to get in the damn shower and wash because she smells.

No. 78624

Jealous of River Kappa jr.? Anon, are you okay?

No. 78625

File: 1579097893206.jpg (53.79 KB, 680x288, feelingreat.jpg)

>jealous of my joyful life

No. 78626

She got the crazy eyes

No. 78627

It's not her appearance I have a problem with, I actually like her look most of the time, I find her face quite attractive visually, it's how she has treated people I have a problem with.

No. 78628

nobody fucking cares what you feel? i know pull is down that doesn't mean we want to be your diary. sappy cunt. but i'll tell you why i went and found these pics anyway: because her posting edited selfies where she changes the very geometry of her face to not-possible dimensions (eyes 50% too large) is despicable behaviour, and if you want to play moral games - due to her brand, mostly kids follow her. and many will be feeling despondent that they don't look like this non-existent standard

No. 78635

I don't post to pull, I read there but that's all. You#re just being daft now and making assumptions.
I never said you shouldn't have posted the pictures, and I take the point about what you are saying about her edited selfies. I think she does it because of lack of confidence in herself, and if your pictures prove anything, it's that her unedited face looks better than the edited selfies she often posts. Surely it's better to look real and natural than to have the unobtainable features in edited pictures? And especially when the reality looks better than the edited version?
I know it's just an opinion, but we are all entitled to them. I agree that Venus is being an idiot and dishonest in altering her face in her Instagram pictures, but I still mostly like how her unedited face looks. Maybe you'd still hate her no matter what she did, but isn't it better to try and see some good and hope that someone can do better, maybe she won't but it looks like at least she's trying to be independent and make her own money now, whether she will be able to make a success of this latest thing is debatable, but I hope for her sake she can, after all, who else has she got to look out for her?? Most people have friends and family members looking out for them, she doesn't, so for that alone, I do feel sorry for her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 78637

I don't get the reference, but whatever, lol.

No. 78640

>Or at least screaming at V to get in the shower because she smells.

She's turning into Pixyteri.

No. 78642

File: 1579108594619.png (60.16 KB, 500x300, CD8F04F8-0DEA-4689-8D6A-C14FE6…)

But why do I imagine Margo like this

No. 78655

Part of me always felt that PT ended up the way she did frkm being too sheltered and never having many positive friends throughout her youth before she became /cgl/'s weeb trainwreck queen. Perhaps Venus actually will turn into PT-2.0, just obviously not living with Margo until she's 30+ or balooning up thanks to her history of EDs. I see her getting less and less ~genki~ as she fails to secure both her visa and her preferred lifestyle and letting the grease and period blood pile up for pity. Only unlike PT, Weenoos would take handouts from "haters" in a heartbeat.

No. 78661

File: 1579124986312.jpg (39.36 KB, 340x340, IMG_20200115_224948.jpg)

This is a 12 yo kawaii azn little girl

No. 78663

Gettin some big time gollum vibes from this image.

No. 78665

This is the face of someone who just doesn’t give a shit anymore.

No. 78666

File: 1579126017622.jpeg (616.67 KB, 1321x1732, 05627529-8C35-4B1A-BDD7-1B1C46…)

This is from the twitter account of a “pro shop” in Tokyo. It’s the kind of thing that sketchy manager dude had her doing last summer when she first had her ‘come back,’ making the rounds of businesses and restaurants and posing with the business owners.

No. 78667

File: 1579126085019.jpeg (401.95 KB, 1241x1367, D997A251-C608-42DA-9138-E5DA9C…)

This one is hoping she’ll come back to shoot a video. She clearly gives no fucks.

No. 78668

while I agree that the way she smiles makes her lips look even more non-existant, Venus doesn't really have any lips honestly.

No. 78669

why is she so insistent on having bangs when she never washes her hair? they make everything so much worse.
even a shitty plastic wig is better than that stringy and crusty mess.
I just don't understand why she's sabotaging her good looks when they're her capital.

No. 78671

File: 1579129058667.jpeg (236.57 KB, 1119x1119, 5C3E2093-9C9E-4D9E-98D0-CEB31C…)

Always interesting to see Weenus real face vs her highly filtered versions. Like they’re not even the same person.

No. 78674

The picture on the right truly gives "homeless woman who comes to the Chinese buffet, not because she can afford a meal but because she watches the fish tank for entertainment" vibes.

No. 78676

Remember Venus Angelic? This is her now. Feel old yet?

ngl, she looks way older than 22 (soon 23) here. I'd be so embarrassed if people uploaded photos of me (and even tagged me in them) looking like this.

No. 78677

Her skin looks kinda yellow in those pics.

No. 78680

File: 1579132802135.jpg (40.23 KB, 426x239, jaundice.jpg)

No. 78684


God, her lips creep me the fuck out.

No. 78686


I am really quite convinced at this point that both Margo and Venus are fucking psychopaths, and I mean that.

No. 78687

Does this make your skin appear yellow?

No. 78707

Wenoos didn't learn anything after all these years of scrubbing mommy's back.

This is some Kota's Japan Debut tier comparison.


ntayrt but as far as I know, yeah it might cause skin yellowing

No. 78710

File: 1579156946549.jpg (111.32 KB, 929x597, cock.jpg)

here we fucken go with some more provocation. #clickbaitliving

No. 78721

it's funny how most other overly photoshopped racebaiting instagrammer gets shit on but penus can do no wrong because of the whole mother coverup she's somehow still abusing

No. 78729

No doubt just me for sure, but, I really do prefer the unedited pic here. I don't like how she looks in the edited , meant to be flawless, picture. In the 2nd picture, she at least looks real, like someone you could actually strike up a conversation with, a real person you could actually talk to, in the other pic she just looks annoying and not someone you could feel okay about trying to converse with about anything, she looks so unapproachable in the 1st picture, and not even attractive at all, whereas the 2nd picture she does have some kind of appeal.
She#s always had a small mouth anyway but she tries to make it look even smaller to be like the non existent lips of the anime girls.(nobody cares)

No. 78730

incel leave

No. 78731

So, you're into gremlins? Good to know, anon.

Short hair = Male? Stop being fucking ridiculous, Venus.

No. 78733

Well if I saw this face in the street I would run for dear life but to each their own I guess lmao

No. 78736

Well she's making a silly face, but looks better than the false looking edited picture. More sexier too, but not sexy at all in the one with unnatural big eyes and horrible make up, she looks older in the edited pic too.

No. 78738

Now I’m convinced you’re a troll. No matter your personal preferences, it doesn’t make any sense to claim she looks older in her edits than in those horrid pictures.

No. 78742

She looks terrifying in the second pic, literally like a drunken beggar, or this anon's wonderful description

However I do think it's simply a bad pic because she just rolled out of bed without even brushing her hair to attend photographed meetings, which is, uh.

No. 78756

I don't get it, what's clickbaity or provocative about this?

No. 78767

It looks like she’s going for a “look guyz I’m gender fluid now” therefore edgy and cool! gimmick. Also changing the subject from ‘so what happened with that company you said you were forming?’ not to mention what about that moving to a new place she said she’d post more about, and the video she said she’d be making with Manaki.

So many lies and delusions. She’s a lying nutcase just like her mommy.

No. 78770

She's bi-baiting again with the crossplay + "looking for a gurlfriend" thing. She seems to flip flop between being a kaweewee uwu retard girlygirl for attwntion from Manaki/her manager and being an edgy "badass" crossdressing tomboy for attention from girls- and either persona comes and goes based on which gender she's recently tried to prey upon and failed.

No. 78773

Does she have blue eyes? I never noticed that before

No. 78775

She does, she just uses circle lenses all the time

No. 78792

It’s ironic AF: She could be the ~kawaii blonde haired and green eyed foreigner~ and every Japanese Incel would worship her. But she decides to use common brown lenses, dye her hair in the most unflattering shade of black, and to wear greasy bangs ~on purpose~.

No. 78794

Does she maybe think greasy bangs are the IRL equivalent of the animu hair shine? kek.

But true though, she could have milked her escape from Margo so much harder, but ofc now it's obvious she only wants to be taken care of and worshipped, and nothing else. Her dream of IRL-RPing a Japanese girl is too thick.

No. 78797

File: 1579224997336.jpeg (263.49 KB, 1383x1312, 8D3EA952-BD9D-4DB8-B6CE-9EE173…)

She’s drinking again. Look at her, she looks like a bloated greasy hard-core alkie. That look is unmistakable. This pic was taken a week ago. This is what an alcoholic looks like. I would feel bad for her but she’s such a shitty nasty person I can’t.

She hasn’t uploaded a video in over two weeks because she’s on another bender.

No. 78808

File: 1579231388346.jpg (7.37 KB, 200x151, 24392_233414029994_5015966_n[1…)

The back of her head is literally ridiculous. By chance, was she wearing a beanie to this event? This is the only excuse I could think of where she'd be OK going out with her hair like this.

No. 78821

File: 1579236396786.jpeg (77.36 KB, 661x570, 02A4BF0A-C419-4640-9F8B-C5699C…)

No, that’s bed head. It’s her rolling out of bed, pulling on some clothes and going out without bothering to brush her hair. Or wash her face either from the looks of it.

You know, like she does all the time.

No. 78823

This reminds me of that time she did that livestream where she showed us all her glorious period blood. She didn't even bother going to the toilet (and by the looks of it didn't brush her hair either) before going live which is just… sad. Does she even look in a mirror nowadays? (With a face like Marge I wouldn't either but come on)

No. 78826

File: 1579237597010.jpeg (251.28 KB, 1274x1482, A746E7B1-447C-4710-A602-6DD97D…)

You mean this one?

It’s not like this is anything new, she does this shit all the time. She’s a sloppy drunken mess.

No. 78843



Trans trender gender is currently in so Venus prolly will. She’ll be a boy one day and a girl the next.

No. 78844



She looks rough as a bears ass

It baffles me how she has as many subs as she does. But to be honest even years ago I thought she looked gross. She has always looked shabby and untidy. When she’s not got a filter on, she looks a mess. Age is catching up and fast too.

No. 78854

I thought someone said a while back that this pic was taken back in the summer when her manager was sorting out gigs for her? I'm not motivated enough to go scrolling back through the thread to find out.
I still prefer this picture of her to the heavily edited selfie that was shown next to it as an example of her editing.
(And it does not make someone a troll just for having an opinion or preference that the majority don't share, and I don't know why anyone feels the need to immediately throw that word around as soon as they hear something not to their liking.)
Anyhow, moving on, the latest Miku pic she posted and her caption, I don't know either why she would feel this means she looks like a boy. It's ridiculous, but also, just because a girl may be into other girls, doesn't mean they can only like girls if they look like boys, I never understand that , why people think that. If you like girls, you like girls, if you like boys, you like boys, sometimes both, in some cases i guess, but honestly, if a girl likes to look feminine , she can still be into other girls who also look feminine, I thought this idea that gay relationships had to mean one was the male and one the female died out years ago.

No. 78855

File: 1579270044197.jpeg (74.17 KB, 845x624, 3B2FE568-1470-434E-94E9-78A77E…)

No anon is referring to this pic

No. 78856

>Age is catching up and fast too.

I remember an anon mentioning that weight loss surgery fucks up how your body absorbs nutrient and therefore fucks up your aging, and in Venus's case hers was severely botched. Coupled with her drinking, hot sauce chugging, and eating disorder, she's aging as bad as a junkie.

No. 78858

Yep, plus having your gallbladder removed messes with your body's ability to process greasy foods, you get the shits really bad if you eat anything too oily. On top of all that, it doesn't look like she's bathing regularly or has a legit skincare regimen.

No. 78860

File: 1579272356507.jpg (166.57 KB, 1000x1333, 1.jpg)

She's like a chameleon how quickly her image changes all the time. In some of these images, she looks like completely different people.
In this one, she looks quite young and has red hair but it still looks like her.

No. 78861

File: 1579272489147.jpg (51 KB, 374x500, 2.jpg)

No. 78862

File: 1579272583144.jpg (396.53 KB, 500x667, 3.jpg)

I don't know when this was taken, in a graveyard, but this is not immediately obvious it's her at first glance. I like this image.

No. 78863

This couldn't possibly be a photo from summer last year, no one would wear such a thick jacket in Japanese summer (+40°C). It's a new photo for sure.

No. 78865

Well, that's what I thought too, but i'm sure someone here said it was taken at the time she went fishing, but maybe I'm remembering it wrong.

No. 78866

File: 1579272735645.jpg (35.17 KB, 540x375, 4.jpg)

She looks Chinese here.

No. 78867

File: 1579272793981.jpg (61.1 KB, 852x534, 5.jpg)

And quite odd looking here too

No. 78868

File: 1579272870262.jpg (36.07 KB, 395x512, 6.jpg)

This one looks quite recent, maybe a couple years ago?

No. 78869

File: 1579272929556.jpg (50.3 KB, 1562x972, 7.jpg)

And this one from her live stream last year where she's talking about Daniel. I like how she looks here.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 78870

for fucks sake mods please get rid of this fucking incel

No. 78871

File: 1579273080227.jpg (41.45 KB, 292x396, kirie_simp.jpg)

>about Daniel
kirie you fucking faggot

No. 78872

What the fuck is your problem? This is an fingerboard and people here expressed interest in seeing pictures a while back, but I could'nt find any then. That's all i found anyway so stfu.

No. 78873

What the fuck is an fingerboard?
Learn to English.

No. 78875

That's not even Venus you dumbass

No. 78878

>let me spam old photos
>let me even add one that's not her


No. 78887

File: 1579282948780.jpeg (562.02 KB, 1310x1671, 1F45445F-93AA-4088-91D0-B07299…)

>> this pic was taken back in the summer when her manager was sorting out gigs for her?
No. This pic is new, it was posted on some shop owner’s Twitter on 1/9.

No. 78888

>> weight loss surgery fucks up how your body absorbs nutrient and therefore fucks up your aging
All that plus her shitty margo genes. Premature bad aging is in Weenus’s DNA even if she had a healthy lifestyle (which of course she doesn’t.)

No. 78905


She looks like a pubescent Russian prostitute

No. 78906


And not to mention she probably lives off Conbini food too. I was in Tokyo over summer and they just sell crap. It’s just ready meals, candy, chips, Fried shit.

No. 78911

That’s not the first time

Venus has shown it before in an older video

No. 78920

File: 1579302308868.jpeg (381.47 KB, 1584x1523, DC4AF709-18D4-44BA-A795-4887E8…)

Oh she definitely lives on that shit.

No. 78921

File: 1579302351314.jpeg (268.59 KB, 1613x1270, 0961174A-8F4D-43E0-8151-2E21E7…)

No. 78922

File: 1579302430608.jpeg (338.57 KB, 1478x1536, 69E509B5-438F-4BAA-BD37-FB1AF4…)

And I’m sure she still does in whatever dive she’s holed up in now.

No. 78936

Does she even cook? When with Manaki, did he or she prepare reasonable meals?

No. 78941

Just bento boxes and a video of herself making a giant burger for Manaki's birthday. Margo also posted a pic of Venus wearing an apron captioned she cooked her own meals, but that's all I can remember.

No. 78957

Doesn't pay to be an ugly cunt on the inside, she's looking even more like one the outside, yet she thought this was perfectly acceptable to just show up looking like a alcoholic who just woke up on a bench at 6am after being on the binge. Venus is a walking disaster.

No. 78962

She knows how to cook, but she’s probably never in the mood to actually cook a meal or maybe she thinks she is too good to cook?

No. 78964

Sheer laziness and no motivation, just like her failing YouTube career. She just doesn't care and wants a lifestyle that requires the most minimal effort so she can remain a pampered NEET. No doubt Manaki covered all the basics like cooking, cleaning, house keeping too when they lived together. I can't imagine Princess Weenus lifting a finger, hence why she lives and looks like a slob.

No. 78977

She looks much healthier here. And younger too. If only she looks after herself and get more organized, she'll definitely looks even better.

No. 78978

incel out

No. 78981

It sounds like you think you're still talking to me, but this time it's suddenly different, and why do you keep calling people incels anyway? You're just making stupid remarks for no real reason.

No. 78982

*somebody different, just stop calling people stupid names, is it impossible for people to discuss anything without resorting to name calling?
The reason I posted the older pictures before was because some people here had expressed interest in seeing them, and at that time I didn't have any to hand. but I shan't post any more seeing as other people here don'[t like it. Just please stop being offensive there is no need for it.

No. 78983

*That should read "somebody different". Just to be clear. Goodnight.

No. 78988

No shit Sherlock, when you look at old photos where she was 14 or 15 of course she's gonna look younger and better. Look at her NOW, without filters and Photoshop. She's looks way too old to be only 22.

No. 78989

She looks awful for her age and she still expects her fans to be fooled with her "living doll" filtered looks. Venus can't keep up with this act forever. This is the worst unfiltered photo I've seen of her yet. How can a 22 year old fuck up that bad is beyond me.

No. 79017

Didn't yet watch it, but why was I so excited to see this notification pop up? Maybe because I'm hoping she'll give her thoughts about Venus?

No. 79019

Haven't watched it yet but I'm willing to bet her take will be really boring, really fence sitting and very much like she doesn't want to make anyone upset with her because as much as I don't mind her otherwise it's always, always been that way and she always needs to give some notion of keeping her lovelyuwu branding despite being friends with plenty of people who dont care about stirring the pot

No. 79048


It is really just her getting offended about his understanding and opinion of "Lolita" fashion. She essentially agrees with pretty much most of what he says. She actually sympathizes with Venus and worries people might damage her "mental health" with creating videos about her. Agrees with the narrative of Margo being the "evil one" and Venus being completely innocent.

No. 79054

Well good for her. Maybe Weenus will get some YT view$ out of it. She got a nice little bump from that asshole Primink’s video, despite her not posting a video for almost 3 weeks now.

Yay for coasting on other people’s work!

No. 79055

The Venus video has a really stupid approach to "living doll" like it's some terrible torture inflicted upon a person,
>forced to dress like a doll
rather than girls dressing dolly for fun, so I imagine this is what Lor's issue with the video would be.

Idk if that's just the guy who made the video being absolutely dense, or that's actually a common opinion. Like not wanting to look like a male must be a symptom of some mental illness or torture.

No. 79058

Nope, gonna continue lurking around.XD(XD)

No. 79086

OT but does anyone know whats up with PULL again? It‘s down for days now.

No. 79094

There is a thread about it elsewhere on Lolcow. I'm wondering if this is the longest it's ever been down? (Not that it's any real loss.)

No. 79096

Is this really "official"?
The painting of her at 11 as a Thai princess, never seen that before. I wonder if anyone will buy it? As of looking just now, there were no bids.

No. 79101

Why does Marge think anyone would pay 200$ for a fucking awful painting of her goblin daughter?? Pedos?

No. 79107

No, they’re going to buy the used Lolita clothing so they can smell it.
Did she just start doing this or has she been trying to sell her daughters old crap?

No. 79112

Margo has been doing this since Venus escaped. Are you new?

No. 79116

LMAO this is part of the crap that marge took out of the infamous storage unit a few days ago. this was on her ig

No. 79118

it's very obvious many people from this thread are new, seeing how much some posters seethe and even defend Margo.

Weenus is an obvious mentally ill attention whoring wreck, but then you have people like >>79048 making it sound like maggot isn't that much of a fucking evil person or that underage weenus was at fault for her mother being literally insane and grooming her. Imo both of them belong in a mental institution but for different reasons.

Can you be even more of an obvious fucking newfag?

No. 79135

Venus isn't as fucked up and evil as Marge says she is, and I bet it's the same for her as well. Either of them are too vain, self centered and eternally victimized to ever give the true story. They're both awful, codependent image queens who feel better than everyone else. It's not amazing that Venus turned out the way she did, or that she tries to pin all her sins on everyone and everything but herself after being raised that way.

No. 79148

no, dude, seriously. we've seen enough of margo to know that she is a terrible human and mother. sure, i do not believe every single rumour that is spread about her, but she's done enough herself to prove her crazy. what kind of parent would make malicious "memes" declaring her daughter is whoring herself out for a visa, let alone upload them on social media, and then try to dismiss it as a joke? she's clearly a narc and doesn't need anybody defending her

No. 79160

I never claimed she wasn't a narc, but as fwr as narc moms go Marge was very hands-off and didn't isolate Weenus any more than V herself wanted to be due to her princess complex. She was never beaten, locked in a room or forced to prostitute herself or go on dates with old men- Venus started sugaring on her own after leaving Marge. Yes, Margo was a shitty mom, hands down- but in addition, Venus was a spoiled brat and remains so because of her mother never making her get a part time job, attend school regularly or take a hobby that didn't fetishize herself or a culture she'll never belong to.

They made each other, they very obviously demonize each other as well, and since their split both have shown their true side: entitled, manipulative shameless liars. They're a perfectly toxic match, but as it's been said, Venus left Margo and entered the perfect environment (her dream life in her dream country with thousands of cheerleaders throwing her revenue and asspats just for having it) to heal and only got publicly worse with time and attention, not better. Venus's problems now have nothing to do with her mother, and everything to do with her own laziness, ineptitude and lack of work ethic.

No. 79165

>> her mother never making her get a part time job
Venus had a full-time job - making videos to financially support her psycho leech of a “mother.”

>>or attend school regularly

She didn’t attend school because her ~mother~ took her out of school to work full-time to support her leeching ass (see above.)

You keep trying to rewrite history and minimize what a massive psycho marge was and how totally fucked up Venus’s life was. Some of us remember what really happened though.

No. 79166

how do you know that marge never hit venus? were you there? if she had no problem abusing venus emotionally in front of so many witnesses on tv and social media and called it parenting, we can only imagine what went on behind closed doors. calling them a "toxic match" is wrong. venus wasn't like that when she started on youtube. before she fled, she was definitely the victim, but has since grown into her mother's example, just like marge did into hers. a match would be two narcs coming together with their own selfish goals.

No. 79183

I suspect marge’s rages, erratic behavior, mood swings and verbal abuse (‘you look fat. are you pregnant?”) were her main weapons of abuse. Psychological abuse can be just as traumatic as physical abuse, it just leaves emotional scars as opposed to visible physical ones.

No. 79211


Not sure where in my post you got the idea I was downplaying Margo's nastiness. My endpoint was that Venus isn't soo "innocent". I honestly doubt that every gossipy comment made online that caused drama was Margo. Literally every E-girl online talks shit behind one another. Gossip is a favourite hobby for teenage girls( Even adults, just look at this site). Girl grew up sorta similar to how Dakota did. ( Online and perched on a high horse ) Her new friends have already dropped her : Taylor, Mckenna, Mikan, ladeathmachine (w.e her name is) ect. I just think that when Margo finally showed her true colours Venus took the opportunity to push the blame for some of her wrongs onto Margo. Nobody would deny it when Margo's going ballistic at the time. I think when Margo was attacking people online with either her or V's account V joined in and I also think she was probably in full support of any scams as well ( seeing as she's attempting bullshit money schemes she can't keep up with) Other than that I'm not denying that Margo is crazy and abusive mother.

No. 79228

When Venus was a child she and marge were involved with a Thai buddhist temple in Switzerland. I think they may have even lived at it. Anyway, she won a beauty pageant at it also

No. 79250

Hey I agree with you that the anti penis league is kinda getting tedious at this point, Venus is a bad cow because she's boring at this point (same could be said for many of the cows in pt tho), but you better not hide as a spergelic or claim that spergelics are not worse.

No. 79263

So who's selling this stuff? Marge or Venus? It says it's Venus, but it's her mother then?

No. 79264

Her mother of course, marge just posted about taking all this junk out of the legendary storage unit that she has been bitching about for 3 years or so

No. 79317


Someone please help for the clueless:

is Margo a model? Is her family wealthy? Where does she get all her money from? What does she do for work?

No. 79318

Isn’t she a broke hobo now? Who said anything about “all this money” of hers? Unless I’m wrong which if so someone please clarify but I’m pretty sure she don’t got shit right now, hence why she’s selling Venus’ old shit. Does anyone know where she’s living now?

No. 79319

This thread is about Venus, talk about Marge on her own thread.

No. 79329

marge’s thread:


No. 79332

This is what I look like when I drink, and I don't even need to drink that much to get that happy and excited. You guys sound like you're either underage or never left the house.

Right? The way she looks at the screen then gets up to dance, it seems like she's looking at stuff that gets her really fired up.

Kinda wish she showed this side more often

No. 79362

Lor used to hate Venus, back in the day. She's certainly changed her tune now. I guess she used to think it was Venus doing all the bad stuff and shitty things to people, then found out it was Marge and that Venus was innocent of everything, now she still thinks Venus was always innocent of everything and still is.
Despite her giving forth her current opinion of Venus, she said she's not going to talk about Venus but is only touching on how the video affects Lolita, which Lor thinks she is the ultimate authority on, so she says her usual statements of how Living Dolls are nothing to do with Lolita etc etc, and yes Lolita and the Living Doll thing are different but there is always going to be some sort of crossover, no matter how tenuous, but Lor doesn't like that, it always gets to her, it's almost funny how exasperated she always gets whenever the two styles get connected.

No. 79412

Nothing on ig for a week or YT in 3 weeks now. She really doesn’t have the luxury of just checking out for weeks at a time now that she’s paying her own way but she does it anyway.

No. 79505

I just assume she must be getting money from somewhere or something. I don't see how she could earn enough from Youtube to really live. Maybe her sponsorship deals or whatever have paid her quite well ? Or maybe she has invested wisely? Who knows? Does anyone really care? I mean everyone has problems, but I hope she can survive in the world and make her way successfully through it, somehow or other, like I also wish for everyone.

No. 79523

Lol, it's a man.
If a narcissist like Venus was making it by herself, she'd be all over social media unable to shut up about her beaming success. It's obvious.

No. 79525

>>she must be getting money from somewhere or something.
I assume she’s scraping by on whatever scraps of her former fame she can still squeeze out, along with rock-bottom living conditions (holed up in a crappy rented room.) In other words, just like her mother.

She might have gotten a lump sum payment in the divorce and is living on that while looking for another mark to latch onto.

No. 79530

Did sheget the divorce? Last I saw Manaki wasn't taking her back but they weren't yet actually divorced.

No. 79532

Narcs love to humble brag about their perfect lives. Venus clearly isn't living the dream and I'm still convinced she's sugaring with old ass Japanese men who can just about pay her the basics while desperately trying to be sponsored by companies so she gets royalties.

No. 79567

Just a guess re the divorce, that maybe she got some $$ from it and that’s what she’s living on now. I think she did take a desperate run at getting back together with visa husbando but failed, which is a separate issue from the divorce has been finalized.

Whatever her means of support she’s obviously living margo-style now, doing absolutely nothing and barely scraping by.

No. 79632

So she's lost her phone now, lol.

No. 79642

I'm sensing that's bullshit, like most of her stories.

No. 79645

When she said that I got really bad flashbacks to right before my Japanese friend ghosted me and would make strangely old excuses like "i lost my phone while biking… so I wasn't able to use it. Idk if this is a common excuse in Japan but like someone else said this is too fishy to be the truth >>79632(blog)

No. 79655

Oh, THAT must be why she hasn’t posted a YT video for over 3 weeks! It’s totally NOT because she’s been on yet another prolonged alcohol bender!

- brain dead fangelic

No. 79658

That and you can't post on Instagram without a phone or tablet at least, which she has done today, so there's no excuse for her lack of content and being on schedule. Clearly the bitch got shit faced and lost her phone at the same time IF her story is true. Life is so hard for Princess Weenus.

No. 79711

>>She didn’t attend school because her ~mother~ took her out of school to work full-time to support her leeching ass (see above.)
Go to KF to whiteknight, spergelic. Venus didn't finish school because she didn't want to. If she really wanted to she would have gotten her highschool diploma by now. Instead she preferred to spend years sitting in her little pink room leeching off her husband doing nothing productive.

>>Venus had a full-time job - making videos to financially support her psycho leech of a “mother.”

LOL. Making 1-2 videos a week is NOT a "full time" job (nor a "real" one at that). And Margo was working on the channel same as Venus was. So Venus wasn't "supporting" her. If both work on the channel, then it's BOTH their income. You are the one re-writing history.

Maybe her manager pays her? both a salary and/or sugaring related stuff.

No. 79712

So she has her phone back and all is good now. Such drama.(this is an imageboard)

No. 79719

>> Venus didn't finish school because she didn't want to
Yeah, most 15-year olds given the choice to skip school by their parents would gladly take it. A parent’s job is to see that your kid does what is best for them (like attend school,) not whatever the kid wants. Marge did what was best for Marge, like having her own little money-maker making videos full-time, which she would not be able to do had she attended school. Marge gives no shits for anyone but Marge.

No. 79721

Hi David you loser simp.
Venus has been living alone since she was 19.
She could have chose to finish high-school when she was living alone or some other type of education.

But instead she chose to live like a parasite.

No. 79722

ot. smfag
Venus is soon to be 23 and she still is doing NOTHING with her life.

What her daily life consists of getting drunk,live stream begging for money, trying to come up with a new mental illness every month,shit-posting,losing sponsorship's, dirty hair that she probably washes once a month and cant be bothered to even see if she looks hygienic for livestreams like that recent live-stream with her period/shit stains.

No. 79728

You're crying about whiteknighting while defending one of the vilest cows on the site just because you have a hateboner for her victim. Let that sink in, Venus is a trainwreck but the way her mother treated her isn't justified by your vendetta.

No. 79735

I’ve been lurking these threads for a while and this is the first time I’ve seen any sense. Venus is a mess, but the sheer venom people have towards her is weird as fuck to me. By all means watch the train wreck, but I haven’t seen her do anything deserving THIS level of hate, especially when it’s so obvious to me that her mother is so, so much worse. She’s obviously a product of being raised by an insane person, but if anyone suggests this they get mocked for not raging enough at ’poor weenoos.’

This thread fucking sucks.

No. 79751

I don’t hate Venus, I just hate the choices she makes. I know it’s hard to be a normal productive person after living in this bubble of just you and your parents(or just a psycho mom). While some people here think she so old at 22 years old, and she’s wasted her life, I just want her to get over this woe is me hurdle and figure out what she wants to do.
She doesn’t have to go back to Switzerland or any or her relatives that suddenly care about her well being. IMO she should go back to school. Meet people around her own age, maybe some others who’ve had their struggles so she can expand her horizons and just see there’s more to life than living in a make believe anime in her head.

No. 79759

She’s a calculating, manipulative user, emotional vampire and freeloading leech, all while perpetuating a phony wide-eyed innocent little girl persona. She is the exact opposite of that persona.

She’s so much like her vile mother in so many ways it’s actually creepy, so my feelings towards her are much the same as they are for marge the human parasite. If all that doesn’t bother you at all, great. Just don’t get all judgey if it bothers others more than it does you.

No. 79768

File: 1579909783334.png (Spoiler Image, 178.42 KB, 399x229, Screen Shot 2020-01-24 at 23.4…)


Not to mention flaunting her period stains for the whole 'innocent' image

No. 79769

At this point I see Venus just getting with some old Kabukicho host club with a bad greasy haircut, bull dog face, her living in a shit apartment, visa hopping, growing older and continuing to wear shit middle school kawaii labels at thirty. Getting pregnant, having a poor hafu baby, flaunting it on the internet for other yellow fever / white girl fever asian men and forcing her kid to be some idol over there. It would not surprise me.

No. 79770

venus gonna be making videos like this

baby with asian face and her eyes like its something special(offtopic)

No. 79810

Narcissistic mothers often raise narcissistic daughters. Margo raised Venus. Venus has vulnerable narsicissm, the kind of narcissism where is person lacks self-esteem and has a negative self-image but instead of doing something to improve themselves they constantly seek external validation so they can tell themselves they are a victim of poor circumstances and get pity points from everyone around them. Because for the narcissist, there is nothing more terrifying, than admitting to being a total fuckup and taking up responsility for one self. This self-victimization is the way how they boost their ego and the only kind of "positive reaffirment" they can get. They get addicted to that kind of reaffirment, and it doesn't matter if other people are hurt in the process or what kind of methods are used to maintain the self-victimized image (deception, manipulation, you name it). It's extremely toxic and self-desctructive behavior and destructive for everyone involved with that person. She has hurt a lot of people with her shitty behavior and keeps doing it and that's why she's disliked broadly. She needs extensive therapy before she completely destroys herself and everyone who is involved with her.

No. 79813

She's a manipulative piece of shit just like her mother. As a person, she brings nothing but negativity and problems while playing the helpless victim of mommy dearest's abuse card to excuse her behavior.

Venus can kindly go fuck herself just like her mother. Her fans maybe fooled by her image but plenty here sure aren't. I have no sympathy for her and the "hate" she receives when she knows exactly what she's doing.

No. 79840

Yeah you and many other users are overreacting way and getting sand in your vaginas. Of course she's not an amazing person and probably does have narcissism, but damn it's weird and kind of astounding how vile you and others in this thread have been. Yet cows like Abby Brown, who fucking abuses and leeches off of her parents, get patted on the back and empathized with because she was adopted. It doesn't make any sense.

No. 79848

Abby Brown has Bipolar and Schizophrenia which is confirmed and most of her cow behavior happened when she was not taking medication.

Meanwhile Venus LIED about having bpd and now is trying to come up with whatever fake mental illnes she can. Thats manipulative.

They are not the same and should not be compared.
You retard whiteknight.

No. 79856

>> Yet cows like Abby Brown, who fucking abuses and leeches off of her parents,
And Venus fucking abused and leeched off her (now ex)visa husbando. So what’s your point, exactly?

No. 79857

I'm not a whiteknight retard.I'm not the only one who thinks this thread and the anons screeching about nothing are fucking retarded. Look at the Lolcow Awards thread in Meta and see who qualified for "worst cow" numerous times. No one else gives a fuck about Venus or has such an obsessive hateboner for her as the autists in this thread. I swear anything about Japan makes the autists come out.

No. 79868

Maybe you shouldn’t read here if it upsets you so much.

No. 79895

so you're saying she can't have BPD and the proof is that she lies and flipflops, is that right? kek

No. 79945


Wait, why are we arguing if the has some mental illness? Wasn't she supposed to tell us about some super radiofrequencycatscanxraymri technology that will help diagnose her sIcKnEsS?

No. 79963

Well, I never noticed that when i first saw the video, I was concentrating on the comments that were appearing on screen critiquing her size when she looks a perfect size there.
I honestly thought she didn't know she was flashing her knickers and was just trying to move her foot over the chair arm, but I don't know what to think now. Someone here said that video was about 7 yrs ago, so that would make her about 15 yrs old there? If so, she was still with her mother back then, and if her mother was the one directing her to do that in the video, that is so horrible to even contemplate. If on the other hand, Venus knew exactly what she was doing and was doing it to appeal to her pervy fans then that is also a bit off, but given how young she was at the time, well, idk, I have so many questions but at first glance the video just seemed like a girl acting silly but in an innocent way, now I really don't know what to think anymore. But even if it was all Venus and she knew what she was doing, this must have been to do with her mother's influence. I mean, technically, at least according to UK law, she was still a child then.

No. 79969

There's no point in defending Venus in this thread since it's full of spergs convinced that she's the worst person to have ever existed for hurting pretty much only herself (and a grown man perving on an obviously mentally ill teenager and being shocked that she is indeed mentally ill after he married her).

No. 79971

Not a Venus fan at all, but I can't imagine anyone would upload something like that on purpose. If you really wanted to flash your panties why the fuck would you do that while wearing a bloody pair, and after making people sit through half an hour of nothing? The video in question is raw footage from one of her tutorials, so about an hour of her brushing her hair, doing cute poses, holding up make-up products etc. Back then she explained that she used to upload raw footage to YouTube as a private video, and then download, edit and re-upload the finished version. She did that because she couldn't open the raw video in her video editing software because it was the wrong format, and I suppose she didn't know about video conversion programs, so she used YouTube as a video converter. This is incredibly stupid and somewhat hard to buy if you consider that she's a young, internet-savvy professional Youtuber, but maybe there is some other reason why she would convert her videos like that. No idea.
Apparently she forgot to set that particular video to private, and unfortunately for her people noticed her panty flash before she could pull the video down.

If she really wanted to pander to perverts, you'd figure she at least put on some clean underwear. I don't know how perverts think, but I'm pretty sure even they would be turned off by lack of personal hygiene.

No. 79973

Good points, but well, when you hear about pervs who want to buy used underwear, it makes you wonder if they actually like unwashed and dirty.

No. 79979

Used underwear is not the same thing as dirty underwear though. Most men appear to be really grossed out by period blood (which is understandable). Being filthy also does not fit her image at all. She used to roleplay as a doll on the internet, and dolls are "perfect" in every way imaginable. No physical flaws, no excess weight, and certainly no bodily fluids.

I know that if it exists, you are guaranteed to find some sicko on the internet fapping to it, but I doubt that the sad nerds drooling over 2D waifus and BJDs she was trying to appeal to would like to be reminded of all the gross bodily functions real women have to deal with.

No. 79980

Some sickos get off on that shit tho, that’s the thing. It makes you wonder if Margo (or Venus but I have a feeling that this would be Margo’s idea) thought that this would be a good idea to include in the video to cater to the pedo perverts who are into that shit.

No. 79982

Oh blah blah fucking blah. The point is Weenus is a miniature Margo and thus every bit as creepy and nasty.

No. 79994

File: 1580089202286.png (744.51 KB, 938x598, penus.png)


An old pic again. Homegirl must look like crap these days.

No. 80012

Shit, she was doing this back then too? I don't think tampons are popular in Japan so she's definitely not wearing any pads or they're shifting like crazy.

No. 80020

Anon, what are you smoking? Where did you get that idea? She didn't even mean to upload that video, it was part of a long video of unedited footage. She deleted it, but people had already downloaded and taken caps.
The posts in this thread get wilder and wilder every day.

No. 80034

Could you explain why you think so? She hasn't abused any children or really done anything that bad apart from being attention-seeking and mentally ill.

No. 80050

nta but have you seen how she treated her pet hamsters

No. 80057

A male friend once told me in all seriousness that women just didn't understand anything like this, because they're not a man. So, according to him, men like the thought of a girl's dirty knickers for whatever reason, because that is "natural and normal" (his words) but women just didn't get that because they are so far removed from nature and brought up to be all deodorised and whatnot and afraid of natural body smells and functions, which men like, apparently, and even more so if said dirty underwear is from a girl they like the look of.
I wonder if that David dude would've paid Venus for her stained underwear? I guess that's one way she could make some money. As gross as it sounds to us, i am reliably informed that men, at least some, do indeed like this kind of thing, lol.

No. 80058

An old, very cringey video. For someone supposedly shy and self conscious, it's hard to understand why she would put herself through this. Some of the comments are horrible, and this was filmed in 2012 so she was still a child.

No. 80059

Nta, but if Venus truly had BPD she would be flaunting it all the time and trying to monetize it, just like her depression, ED, surgery, divorce etc. Venus herself said it was a misdiagnosis (some even think it was self diagnosed) and never talked about it again.

No. 80067

Venus definitely shows some strong BPD symptoms, but we can't try and diagnose her. Though, If she were diagnosed with BPD by a professional, I wouldn't be too surprised in all honesty.

No. 80070

I'm so confused as to what is going on here? Seems very awkward. Nico's comments across the screen have always annoyed me.

No. 80072

The usual pervy comments wanting to know about her underwear and wanting to know how old she is, (to find out if she's young enough for their tastes, 19 yr old Kimonotime was dismissed as "too old" back then.) A lot of comments in English but the site is Japanese.?

No. 80087

She literally said a couple of months back that she never had bpd and that it was made up.
Do you all even follow this thread or what she has said/done?

Because i get the feeling that most of you are whitekknights who found out about this site after venus made her ''reacting to pull'' video.
Its no coincidence that right after that video there have been whiteknights here, pull was safe because they need you to have account but this place here has been a milkless whiteknight place after that.

No. 80145

Let me list the ways Weenus is a mini marge:

- refuses to get an actual job because that shit is for peons and she’s a Celebrity.

- instead scrapes by on whatever scraps she can wring out of her “celebrity” status, living in squalor as a result.

- has grandiose delusions about who she is (CEO of her own Company!) and what she’s entitled to despite having no education, credentials or qualifications.

- always the victim. Abused by her evil ex husband (who was just as abusive as her mother!)

- when she feels wronged (divorced by manaki) lashes out with character assassination and smears against him via Youtube video. Classic marge.

Those are just the biggest ones off the top of my head.

No. 80153

She doesn't need to abuse any children to warrant a discussion here, either. So many people here try to justify themselves by thinking they're the "good" guys talking shit about internet supervillains. No. We're just here to laugh at cringe, and this board is no competition. You don't have to be "the worst" to earn a thread here.
Suicide baiting on social media is cringy if you are any older than 16. Even more so if you are practically doing it from a business account. Showing up disheveled and drunk to events is cringy. Influencers sending their army of goons after everyone that pissed them off and airing their dirty laundry in public is cringy. If you think that she is boring, I'm sure you will find some other lolcow here that tickles your fanny.

No. 80183

Thanks for reminding me— let me add

>> Suicide baiting on social media

to the list of ways Weenus is marge 2.0

No. 80189

Hold on, why has it got to be if someone is not a full on hater, they have to be a white knight?
It seems like any justifiable criticism of Venus will get someone labelled a hater, even tho they don't hate her, and at the same time, any justifiable defense of her will someone labelled a white knight, even tho they aren't.
Why does it have to be one extreme or the other?
It sometimes seems like for some reason unfathomable to me, Venus either elicits blind, slavish devotion in people, or blind, fanatical hatred, and I would love to hear the reasons why from both sets of people. Like, what is it about her that makes you worship her no matter what she does, if you are one of the white knights, and what is it about her that makes you obsessively hate her if you are one of the haters?
Wouldn't it make for more of an interesting debate if people could explain why they feel the way they do?
Anyway, I'm going back to lurkdom now.

No. 80197

There's no reason to announce that you're going to lurk or quit posting. Nobody cares. Post what you want to say, be done with it.

No. 80212

>throws around mental illness that she's not even professionally diagnosed with to manipulate her fans into giving her money out of pity

No. 80310

As an anon said earlier, it's because she lives in Japan, and Japan brings all the autists to the yard. I bet this thread would pretty much die if she ever left the precious nippon, even if she continued with her usual shit. Momokun's thread used to get really angry and overly protective anons too the first few times she visited Japan, and her visits only lasted a week or two

No. 80366

She was a lolcow before she moved to Japan and got with Manaki. Why are you anons trying to rewrite the history? Lol.
If she wasn't in Japan she'd still be an unemployed mooch trying to get famous again with the remnants of her living doll saga, doing cringey shit because she has zero self control, and guilting her dwindling fanbase into giving her money for nothing in return.

She'd be a shit anywhere, not that I disagree that some anons are spergs about glorious nippon.

No. 80377

File: 1580365323822.jpg (138.17 KB, 931x601, eraserhead.jpg)

sickening photoshop- i guess she left it too late for mental health care and is fully psychotic

No. 80379

fuck i thought that top comment was the caption. its
>Don’t you guys ever have an uncontrollable urge to eat ice cream that looks like a pig stacked on top of another smaller piglet? 🐷

No. 80393

File: 1580376206639.jpg (108.93 KB, 540x771, poor_kid.JPG)

I wonder what's coming.

No. 80398

>what's coming soon?
well, as what's shown in the pic i guess, her having a child

No. 80399

This is terrifying
Venus the Japanese child, 2020 (Oil on Canvas)

No. 80401

i know it's just the filters but that child looks horrified. you can barely tell he has a face, it's so blurred out.

No. 80404

Venus said that the kid is her fanboy.

No. 80406

File: 1580389230670.jpg (28.74 KB, 720x304, Screenshot_20200130_135820.jpg)

I have a hard time to believe a toddler is a fan of >>78661 but OK Weebus…

No. 80415

hahaha, maybe she thinks he's possible boyfriend material.

(I'm joking, obviously! Really I suppose it's kind of cute, but the kid looks a bit like he's trying to get away too.)

No. 80416


LMFAO. Exact same face I make when cutting onions except I'm sure it's her B.O burning his eyes and nose.

No. 80422

Met a sugar daddy with a son and got married and now is the step mom of them to stay in Nippon? Whatever the fuck this is, it's weird as shit.

No. 80428

Sure, weenus, your head and facial features are as small as a child's
Poor kid is trying to get away

No. 80434

File: 1580403953830.jpg (271.02 KB, 1708x2061, vehd64mwR83v3.jpg)

lmao exactly

No. 80442

Wow, an actual picture of an alien abduction. Take that, conspiracy deniers.

No. 80444

She doesn’t even bother to stick to a consistent photoshop between alien-photoshop pics, lol. In pic #1 she chops her chin almost completely off and makes it round while pic #2 has a long pointy chin.

The bitch isn’t right in the head.

No. 80452

Instead of explaining the whole brain scan for muh mental illness thing, she goes missing for weeks and comes back trying to be cute using a child as a prop. Fuck her followers that were worried about her mental state, right?

No. 80461

yeah anon, didn't you know that kids these days looks up to mentally unstable washed up internet celebrities?

No. 80482

File: 1580424518786.jpeg (60.83 KB, 297x536, 3B868618-21E1-4F89-85C8-8DEE9B…)

This kid (despite Weenus photoshopping “love” and hearts all over his face, wtf?) has the same reaction to being grabbed by her as that cat she used to manhandle at her previous hovel—they both look like they just want to get the fuck AWAY. Plus the kid looks like he’s about to burst into tears.

Wonder if she got the parents’ permission to use their kid as a prop on her public ig

No. 80493

File: 1580435560287.jpg (70.6 KB, 720x476, 20200131_025125.jpg)

Venus is looking for a video editor…. how will she pay them? Can't her manager arrange something?

No. 80495

Looking for a video editor? She hasn’t posted a video for a month now.

So she’s so busy with her full life of no work, no school, no family and no life that she can’t find the time to edit her own (nonexistent) videos? Sure, Weenus. That seems totally plausible.

No. 80496

lmao so she can do even less work than she already ever did for youtube. this girl literally wants free money. can't even edit videos now.

No. 80499

I wanna add to this that an alleged friend of Venus made a post on PULL talking about how Venus made up the whole therapy thing as well and was a different person off camera. She definitely made up the bdp thing. She likes to cycle through issues and mental illnesses. I still don't believe she's as seriously alcoholic as she lead on. It just seemed like the "next issue" to cash in on since she was in an "e-girl" phase.

No. 80522

I still don't believe she's as seriously alcoholic as she lead on.
I guess you can see past that A list acting she’s been doing, Anon.
She has said here and there that she wanted a editor. I can only guess that she wants to pay them jack shit if she still hasn’t found anyone by this point. Even if she got an editor that would fix her poor camera work and sound.

No. 80552

fwiw these are just filters on the app snow, still weird

No. 80586

File: 1580479778599.png (729.46 KB, 857x593, that's not how spanish works.p…)

>I'm totemo fluent in 7 languages guise!! taco guacamole burrito~

No. 80596

It was a (bad) joke.

No. 80598

Why do I have a feeling that she has absolutely no intention of paying an editor but expects them to work for free because she’s Venus angelic and famous

No. 80599

To me it just looks like he's winking?

No. 80606

Look at the body language and facial expression. The kid is leaning away trying to get away from this strange person who has grabbed him. Every part of this photo screams “get me away please help”

No. 80612

Is no one else concerned that Venus is slowly worming into her mid twenties and just seems like she hasn’t done a single thing to benefit her future? Idk

You see influencers on way less subs than her earning bank and they’re buying houses

Venus has fame* and over a million

But what’s she got

No. 80616

Yeah she hasn’t done shit in the past 4 years. She’s gone nowhere and accomplished nothing, and apparentlyhas no plans or ambitions to go anywhere or do anything in the future.

She’s like a human slug or a barnacle.

No. 80627

File: 1580512407385.png (972.46 KB, 1440x2060, Margo.png)

In my travels across the internet, I randomly stumbled across Margo's listings of some precious Venus items.

No. 80628

File: 1580512530627.png (633.46 KB, 1440x1482, Sold items.png)

She has quite a few recent sales of crumpled bodyline dresses, hopefully these did not go to perverts but -

No. 80629

File: 1580512605714.png (1.21 MB, 1440x1562, venusangelic_items.png)

Lulzy description on her user page

No. 80643

Her video upload schedule is pure shit so why she needs a video editor when she can't even commit to her endless ideas is beyond me. It's been a month since her last upload. Everytime she disappears for a while she returns with "OwO new video soon guys! Sooooooon! Watch this space!" when we know it never happens. She is a poor excuse of a YouTuber.

No. 80672

File: 1580547361331.png (3.89 MB, 1242x2208, E96C6E64-DA8F-4CB9-A252-3638AD…)

Inb4 she deletes it

No. 80673

File: 1580547388922.png (8 MB, 1242x2208, 55A6B04A-5D6E-4E8A-B033-D71D2E…)

No. 80677

Who is Ken ?? Is it Manaki?

No. 80679

Doubt it. Probably some older Japanese man with money she tried to sponge of and it backfired so now she's self projecting. I'd believe she was the manipulative and controlling one more so than them. Looks like she's hopping in between hotels again.

No. 80681

So much for being a Yuri manga lesbian.

No. 80683

Oh I like these clothes. Her hair looks fine now too right? I suggest her to carry around a bottle of small dry shampoo in her bag though.

No. 80684

What's her current status with Manaki tho? Are they really not together/divorced now (coz that's preferable)?

No. 80687

I'm beginning to think their marriage was a complete lie and there was never a "divorce" in the process.

No. 80693

lmao all this projection

so much for being a yuri manga lesbian strong independent businesswoman company-owner who needs no man

No. 80694

literally. she probably considers not giving her all the money she wanted "financially abusing".

No. 80703

File: 1580576562279.jpeg (378.03 KB, 1099x1353, 617FBFAE-B317-4ACD-A804-3E5BA7…)

She deleted the pic of her & the mystery kid at >>80393
Guess his parents (or maybe just his mother) objected to him being featured on Weenus’s public ig with hundreds of followers.

No. 80710

She said she was getting divorced, But IMO I think they might just be estranged.

No. 80713

“Financially abusive” aka not giving her money from she asks

No. 80715

“Financially Abusive.” Still and always a VICTIM, who is ABUSED by EVERYONE in her life.

Remind you of anyone?

No. 80719

I reckon the boy was linked to the "boyfriend" she recently just left because of his abusive behavior, so she reckons. The timing is too good.

No. 80720

File: 1580590103769.png (2.25 MB, 750x1334, 24C3980E-11F6-4843-840B-4B2BDD…)

No. 80721

File: 1580590129875.png (3.86 MB, 750x1334, 6F34F297-5F39-4C16-AB2C-42521B…)

No. 80722

File: 1580590375088.jpg (1.08 MB, 1046x2220, 20200201_175333.jpg)

No. 80723

so you stayed with him knowing this, venus? and you still think you are a victim? this girl is sick

No. 80726

Waittttttt WTFFFFF?????

Wtf did I just read????

No. 80732


And she did nothing about it? Sick cunt. Unbelievable. Unless she's lying because Venus is disgusting all together. What the fuck did I just read…

No. 80733

shit how can i continue supporting Ken now? damn - i am unsubscribing from Ken and subscribing to Venus!
wait… nobody knows who the fuck is Ken and this only reflects really badly on Venus.. what a dumbass posting this shit

No. 80735

Why the fuck would she even post this is what I wanna know. This only makes her look really bad, I don’t get it.

No. 80736

File: 1580592468480.png (6.39 MB, 1242x2208, 0EC3A1D2-DF88-4649-9729-9A5A3E…)

No. 80737

Hahaha, the ~real~ Venus Angelic is revealed. This depraved shit is who she really is, behind the mask. Every bit as vile as Margo and more.

Even Margo never stooped this low.

No. 80738

LOL how she posted the 'teaser' for a sexual story about a kid, and it was a pic of him with love graphics added to his face (and hers). Was that meant to symbolise the mom and the act? She's the mom in the teaser pic, 'loving' the kid who's trying not to be there? riiight greeat.
Who is the audience for that teaser? Maybe she thinks this kind of shit will work as some blackmail?
but then, remember that she is actually crazy if not in the way she says, (perhaps just clinically retarded) and thought it would benefit her to say on a video that manaki is an abuser.

No. 80739

Wtf this udder went from dry to hemorrhaging milk in a split second. From everyday greasy bangs to CSA???

No. 80740

Interesting that this sick little rant was posted between 5-6 am her time.
Someone’s on another bender.

No. 80741

She's got fucking issues. Proper deep issues and it's not even edgy nor funny. For once I think she's definitely far worse than her mother.

No. 80742

Wait, why would you feel the need to tell ANYONE this? Especially the whole damn internet, and through your Instagram account that you also use for “business” purposes??

No. 80744

On a bender and probably going through her vindictive blackmail phase because she's in shit financially and homeless (in a way) again.

No. 80745

Why tell your IG followers but not the police? The fuck are they gonna do? Validate her victim hood but not help the actual victim that is the kid. If this story is even true.

No. 80746

Only people she should've told were the nippon police if this is true at all. She also said some wild shit about Manaki (the chikan/pedophile thing) that she later walked back as a joke. Is she scorned by this Ken guy and is trying to say the worst possible thing about him? If it is true she looks like a freak for staying with him, if its a lie she looks like a freak for making something so sick up and blasting it on her (business for fucks sake!) instagram. Isn't she supposed to be a CEO now?

No. 80748

Venus is a real piece of work. There is zero surprise that she became a manipulator just like her mom. I was rooting for her in the beginning, but how the fuck is she always a victim now?! This isn’t making her look good, she comes off as looking for sympathy but how can you feel sorry for her when she stayed with this mystery guy she was “in love with” knowing he did this? Girl is going to be in for a rude awakening once she runs out of sugar daddies. She’s still escorting, isn’t she?

No. 80749

So the kid was the son of that guy’s assistant? She was probably screwing her new so-called agent or whatever. Gross.

No. 80752

Got to be escorting or something…there’s a Coach shopping bag in that picture where all her stuff is packed up, and she’s pretty nicely dressed for someone who has no regular job or salary.

No. 80753

I noticed that too. Suddenly having new outfits and a Coach bag convinces me this is a sugar daddy who had enough of her shit and booted her.

No. 80754

She posted that picture of the little kid with the caption “Coming soon”…seems like she planned this whole thing in advance…

No. 80757


Yeah in her story she says the reason she deleted it was because of the incest rape story with Ken, but why the fuck did she post it in the FIRST place since she knew about it? If for some reason I stayed with a person who told me they did that to a woman and her child, it would be INSANE to post a picture of me with the kid online. Then act like a hero for removing the picture when I eventually broke up with the rapist?

No. 80758

I went through her story again and the image where she talks about "Ken" being a sexual predator and the boy being his assistant's son is gone, least from my end.

No. 80759

>>Suddenly having new outfits and a Coach bag
Don’t forget that Louis Vuitton scarf she was flaunting awhile back.

No. 80761


What a surprise. The internet remembers everything, Venus!


She can sell all of it to buy cooking wine now, lol

No. 80762

I wish I could unread what she's said. It actually made physically sick…wonder what her shit excuse will be once she's sobered up? There's no way she can get out of that one this time.

No. 80763

Same. What kind of mind can make up something as sick as that out of nothing? She even referred to the child as it.

No. 80764

File: 1580597117319.gif (3.12 MB, 202x360, 1563057729233.gif)


I swear to god that I needed to reread this a few times because I can't believe she typed this out to the whole follower base to see what the fuck? This bitch is mental.

And I already said it once and I will say it again,but she will go down the sere/lorena way, if not even worse. I just hope she won't pop kids out right and left at some point.

No. 80765

>>She even referred to the child as it.
Hadn’t noticed that. That’s a whole new layer of vile.

No. 80766

I'm concerned for the kid. Fucking go to the police, not boast about your heroic escape from a manipulative man child as she mentioned. Her priorities are truly fucked in true narc fashion. Me me me and only me, that's Venus in a nutshell.

No. 80767

No it’s all still there. She hasn’t deleted anything yet.

No. 80768


I'm really interested to see if and how she is going to back paddle from this one. Prob another "uwu brain problems that makes me go cray" post for the sympathy or whatever. Makes me think if she didn't reported it because she also does illegal shit that could cause her big troubles, like being booted out of japan in the least worse scenario.

No. 80769

Interesting, but in a way I hope it causes a massive backlash with her fanbase the longer it stays up. No doubt she's sleeping and won't be awake till the afternoon like she usually does when she's had a meltdown, only to crawl back and pretend it never happened and ignore it all.

No. 80770

I wonder if she's going to try and say that she didn't mean what she said, that her english wasn't correct, and it was something more banal. Don't know what "forced a mom to give head to her child" could be other than disgusting, but that is the only way I can imagine taking this one back, saying "no thats not what I meant, I meant he blahblahblah" She did say she knew it was illegal though.

No. 80771

So let me see if I got this straight…she found about the child abuse, did nothing about it, her only problem with it was that it’s illegal, it kept her awake ~some~ nights (others not so much,) she doxes the kid by posting his pic and then telling the story on her public ig, trying to make herself out as some kind of noble heroine for leaving the guy…oh and refers to the boy as “it.”


No. 80773

That's basically it. If anything she's made it worse for them. They're a vulnerable child who's endured abuse as an infant and yet, what does Venus do…oh wait, she'll pull anything out of her ass to make her self look better.

No. 80774

I think her fanbase will excuse the whole thing as “Yeah but she was abused and has mental health issues and also she’s kawaii, so shut up haters”

No. 80775


>has mental health issues and also she’s kawaii, so shut up haters

sad but true

No. 80776

That’s exactly what’s going on at PULL. Poor Weenus is VULNERABLE and attracts abusers because she was abused!

No. 80777

This is so true it hurts. Weenus was a victim of such terrible abuse that now she's a magnet for abusers, instead of believing maybe she's actually the abusive & toxic one. Every type relationship she has had whether it's involved a friend, loved one, sugar daddy etc, has never lasted long. It's clear she's a parasite and the self projection has reached peak level today.

No. 80778

She referred to the baby as an it, it's not uncommon

No. 80784

Okay, while it’s good to be outraged on the baby’s behalf, I think we need to step back a minute and remember Venus’s position. She’s a foreigner with a dubious marriage, with no specific income or special talent keeping her in Japan. Who are the police likely to believe, even if she did go to them? Some unwashed, mentally ill girl who recently broke up with this guy, while she’s married, no less? Or, a Japanese citizen with some sort of business? The best Venus can do is throw shade online and feel lucky if he doesn’t slap her with a defamation lawsuit, about with the Japanese are quite serious.

No. 80786

Even if she didn't go to the cops, which sure you are right, may not have actually resulted in anything, why did she stay with him?

Why was the first thing she listed as a fucked up thing about this guy that he controlled her finances? Like some other anon said her priorities are pure narc, concerned first with how SHE was treated, and then just used this hellacious story about a kid as evidence of how bad this guy was and even then saying "it kept me up some nights…" again, making it about her. Putting a picture of herself up with that kid was fucked up. Staying with a man who confessed something that fucked up to you is fucked up. Not going to the cops was one of the lesser fucked up things she did in this situation tbh

No. 80787

Sooo this is the super controversial relationship no one approves she talked about before? holy fuck

No. 80788

you all need to calm your tits. even if she goes to the police, if they ask for proof she might not have any, so they'd most likely just take her info and send her home. you've no idea how useless japanese police actually is.

No. 80789

Tbh maybe the part that I found most gross was that she referred to it as “giving head”… like this is csa and you’re using casual slang?? It was forced not given. Fuck outta here.

No. 80790

personally my tits are calm because im confident this dumb bitch is just making it up. if she isn't making it up she's a gross freak for staying with him and putting a picture of the kid up anyway, regardless of the cops.

No. 80791

good grief that poor child. is there a cps in japan? she should report it or something.

No. 80792

Ken probably doesn't exist. She's rolling with it after her first story where she mistyped something and it came out "bye u ken"

No. 80794

I don’t disagree with you exactly. It’s just, here she’s framed the issue as reasons as to why she’s leaving. And we have no way of knowing if Creepy Ken had any truth behind his “bragging”- he could have just been saying it to shock her. Though why he’d want to say something like that completely eludes me. Anyway, the same thought might have occurred to Venus- even if he wasn’t truthful, to even brag about such a thing is beyond reprehensible. Venus might have thought along the lines of “okay yeah, he’s weird, and he says fucked up shit, but so do I sometimes.” And so, feeling some sort of empathy with this pedo, stayed, until she’d had enough.

I want to make it clear I’m not wking her. I’m just offering a potential train of thought, revolting as it may be.

No. 80796

So, this is the story that made her lose the last bits of spergelics she had on lolcow.

Who knew she was full of shit since the beginning? Report in here pls

No. 80798

*Raises hand
I suspected she was a liar and manipulator for a long time. That video she made about Manaki is what sealed the deal for me.

No. 80800

shut the fuck up with this. nobody cares about your personal journey through perspectives on venus

No. 80801

Even if she's making shit up, writing csa fiction about an irl minor (whose face she exposed on top of that) is fucking revolting.

No. 80805

Idk about Japan but if you went to the cops with that story here they’d refer you to cps and at a minimum that would trigger a formal investigation into the parent(s.) Possibly followed by a day in court and the kid being taken away. That shit is not trivial and it’s taken very seriously.

And if she’s making the whole thing up that makes her one sick fuck.

No. 80808

I have absolutely no idea where you live, but please don’t assume what a country’s law enforcement or child protection are like based on where you live. Japan is largely behind the times for child protection, especially when it has to do with the mother, who (if we are to believe Ken’s story) is the real perpetrator and abuser here. It’s extremely hard to wrest child control from a mother, even when the child itself is in clear danger; in custody cases, the children always go to the mother. It’s almost unheard of for the children to be granted to their father for any reason. There are some very well-known cases, even one in which a party-mom did get cps called on her, she totally admitted to not wanting them, shunting them off with her sister, and then taking them back and abusing them to death. There was even a (very depressing) movie made on it from the children’s perspective. It was a landmark case that showed how much the Japanese child protection services really need to change. And I don’t think they have, to this day.

No. 80809

And if you do come from the US, that’s a gross oversimplification of CPS. A formal investigation never gets issued that quickly, much less the child taken away. The family is informed that a complaint has been filed against them, and are given the opportunity to submit evidence to the contrary. If said evidence is still considered subpar, an investigation may take place. The guardians of the child are given a chance or two to get their act together. They’re given informational brochures and classes, and if this is still unsatisfactory, the child may be temporarily relocated to a relatives home. And then, they go back to their official, legal guardians.

Unlike on television and movies, cps are complicated and rarely separate the children from their parents. Even if said child’s life may be at stake, parental rights are almost inalienable. I can give you a handful of cases to start off, if you’re curious, wherein there was cps action, and the children were not removed and later died.

No. 80813

As fucked up as it is, I think she's lying. I think she left and for whatever reason she really wanted Ken to sound like the worst piece of shit imaginable. Even though we don't know anything about Ken….hard to just believe anything she says especially when she has said shit like Manaki molests girls on a train but jk everyone that's just her sense of humor?

No. 80814

Not the best hill to pick to die on, anon.

No. 80816

Good point there. I forgot about the chikan business with Manaki and when everyone got upset with her about it she threw him under a bus claiming it was a prank.

If she can make a "joke" about sexual harassment towards underage schoolgirls that easily, anything is possible in that sick mind of hers.

No. 80819

Your knowledge of CPS comes from movies, doesn’t it?

No. 80820

Exactly. She makes up weird shit all the time to slander people. This is by far the most disgusting slander she’s ever come up with, and it’s hilariously backfiring on her.

She must have made this up while in a narc rage + drinking. She figured this sugar daddy of hers deserved to be called a pedo because he cut the purse strings.

No. 80821


I agree that she's lying to make herself look good. Her credibility is so questionable, and everyone is still taking her word for it. If the child abuse is true, she can report it to the authorities herself. I think Ken is the one who kicked her out for her crazy antics, and she's framing him to make herself look good.

No. 80824

“Ken” must be the (probably old and creepy) guy she’s been hinting about for weeks but not wanting to show bc she’s too embarrassed. Posing in hotel rooms with a lollipop in her mouth, flaunting a LV scarf, asking for “advice” about a relationship her “friends and family don’t approve of” (lol first she has no “friends and family” to approve or disapprove and second, if she did they likely wouldn’t approve bc the guy’s a creepy old SD.)

No. 80828

File: 1580620118548.jpg (409.52 KB, 1049x1365, 20200202_020913.jpg)

No. 80829

That phrasing was particularly bizarre to me. She could have indicated sexual abuse with language that is respectful to the child but she had to be so flippant. Would she refer to full-on child rape as “doing the horizontal tango?” She didn’t even need to give a detailed description like that. Saying a man forced a woman to perform sexual acts on a child is gruesome enough. But of course, she has already posted the innocent child’s photo for everyone to see! She’s holding a sign over this poor little kid like “See! This little boy was molested! Aren’t I caring person for telling everyone this?” This is something Onision would do.

If contacting CPS wasn’t an option and she wanted to let people know that this guy was bad, post the man’s whole name and location and shame HIM, not the child. This is why her story doesn’t feel genuine. She leaves out details of the man’s crimes against her and protects his identity while she didn’t hesitate to drag her visa husband through the mud and repeatedly let her fans attack him for the most petty reasons. That doesn’t make any sense.

No. 80831

Why are you broken Veenus? Did your cash giver kick you out and now you're emotionally, physically, and financially broke?

Her IG status about 'giving head' to a minor is damn gross. I'm really hoping that it's a sick joke her claustrophobic mind made as an excuse, as much as distasteful it is. And didn't she mention on that deleted pic that the kid was her "fanboy"??

No. 80834

After breaking up with a man who sexually abused a child, I turned the whole situation about me and my feelings. Then I felt so devastated (I'm broken, me, I'm suffering) that I logged on Instagram and took a super staged selfie, passed it through cheap dramatic filters and posted it for pity points (did I mention I feel sad and hurt?)

No. 80836

Wow, and here I was one of the spergs borderline-defending her a few days ago. What the actual fuck is this.

No. 80838

She said in the post that the boy was a "fan", yeah. The story she's trying to construe is almost certainly a lie.

No. 80841

My god she is milking this shit hard. She must have bagged a good sugar daddy who then discovered what she truly is, kicked her to the curb with no access to finances and now she's sulking in true narc meltdown fashion lmao what a pathetic cunt.

No. 80847

File: 1580623858594.jpg (437.94 KB, 1080x1782, Screenshot_20200202-071047__01…)


No. 80848

Hoe is mad, probably this sugardaddy wasn't as patient as Visanaki with that temper of hers.
That or maybe she's getting more anxious about her visa, so it adds up?

No. 80849

bitch must be laughing her ass off rn while scrolling down through the ass licking comments left by her dumb supporters

No. 80853

"Angry bitch who will never change" should've been the caption.

No. 80861

Definitely got dumped. Since she's not getting her shit together, she will be stuck with cock hopping for a while.

No. 80862

File: 1580635815887.jpg (26.79 KB, 306x272, sfsfs.jpg)


No. 80864

And of course her rabid delusional fans came to her rescue in the replies. With a fanbase like that she's not improving anytime soon. They're firmly up her ass for a long time. Poor Weenus got dumped by her sugar daddy lol.

No. 80867

Just noticed the apple design clutch bag purse she's holding is from Coach. Still flaunting the sugar daddy's goods huh.

No. 80868

Update: Venus deleted her whole Instagram Story. She also changed under the newest photos, the caption. Her 5 Minute mental breakdown is once, over again and nothing happened.

No. 80869

Yet she forgets screenshots exist. She's insufferable.

No. 80870

Seriously I am so confused. And I have so many questions.

Whats happening with her "company" now?

Where does she want to live now?
Or, where is her "flat"

How does she want to get treatment without money or support from her sugardaddy?

So many questions…

No. 80872

Ngl, her breakdowns and even entire life, are messy rn. A lot of people seem to be disgusted by her, but mostly I’m just sad. We keep suggesting normal people things, asking “why doesn’t she do xyz”. But after having lived for 19+ years with the human wreck that is Morgot, when was she supposed to have learned differently? She doesn’t even frame most of what happened to her abuse- she just says things like “I yelled as loudly as I could so people would know my mom was hitting me”. She’s secretive and does horrible shit to herself, gets publicly, messily drunk, and says outrageous things. She even has what I know believe a polyamorous relationship, which I don’t know if she’s 100% okay with, if her comments about being jealous of Manaki’s other relationships are any indication.

She keeps trying to be “genki” and badass while trying to deal with the shitstorm she’s made her life. But really, she’s still just the sad little kid whose mom threw a knife at her and wishes she were dead. She never learned how people are supposed to have relationships, take care of their hygiene, or interact with others in a socially appropriate manner. This is what you get when a psychopath raises a child.

No. 80873

Lol, you're half right but actually a psychopath is what you get (Venus) when raised by an idiot narc like Margo. Try not to pity her too much, it's what she wants after all. uwu I'm never at fault, boolied all my life even though I'm 22yo young woman now

No. 80874

I think what we’re seeing are FLEAs (Frightening Lasting Effects of Abuse). They mirror similarly with the abusive behavior the parent/guardian did, to a lesser extent.

No. 80875

Dare I say even her mother seems to have a solid life at the moment compared to Venus right now, that sure took a turn…

No. 80878

Uh, well, Margot has been posting next to nothing except for her long lasting grudge, the storage she alone paid for for 4 years. It was full of nothing but garbage from their years of schlepping across the continents. She’s now selling said items on eBay for that sweet sweet revenge.

So, no I think she’s just as unhinged as ever.

No. 80879

Venus posted a picture of a boy she alleges was sexually abused as a “teaser” to her me me me meltdown. But yeah poor weenus. What a victim

No. 80880

File: 1580645701921.jpeg (252.36 KB, 750x1029, 5912F49E-5A31-44C7-9EB5-621311…)

I have a sneaking suspicion that she’s blackmailing the ken guy judging from this caption

No. 80882

I think she’s referring to herself crying won’t help her situation.

No. 80883

Funny how she can update her IG constantly these past few days, but not her source of income (Youtube).

No. 80884


You better start washing daily now Venus don’t go catching the Corona virus lmao

No. 80885

The more she milks it the more cringe it becomes, especially now she's deleted the entire story so now her fans are confused as shit about everything, just as she planned. She practically loves it.

No. 80886

I think she’s enjoying the attention - people fighting with each other in the ig comments, and so on. She doesn’t look that upset about it all to me, but who knows under all those filters.

No. 80887

Yeah, crying won’t help, but neither will chain-posting irrelevant selfies and vague poor-me captions…

No. 80888

Venus doing the bare minimum on her YouTube page and still expecting money for her content sounds about right. She can't milk her sad pathetic life on there like she can on Instagram.

No. 80889


To be honest with you all, in the next five or even six years I don’t think Venus will be relevant anymore. There will be someone new in her place who’s younger and doing the kawaii shit. Venus will probably be in a unit or living life as a barmaid in some shit bar there in Tokyo

No. 80890

Considering how much pedos Japanese guys seem to be, I can understand why they always give the child to the mom.

Anyway what she posted was disgusting, and using the little boy as a story to blackmail "Ken" with is just –

The kid wouldn't remember what happened and shouldn't have his face (albeit heavily snowed, now we know why) on the internet by an ex girlfriend of his abuser as blackmail material. If she actually cared (and it is factual) she should go straight to police, not straight to blackmail.

No. 80891


She’s gotta afford rent and plush toys somehow anon

No. 80893

Yeah, posting the kid’s face wasn’t okay, she should be held accountable for that. Even as a mistake, it’s dangerous.

No. 80894

Funny because some comments mention her going to the police but we know full well she won't. She's too scared because her life in Japan is highly questionable as it is and they'll smell that visa fraud in no time.

No. 80896

But again, even if she did go to the police, who would they believe? Some unwashed weeb foreigner, or a Japanese businessman?

No. 80898

lmao Margo's "crying" selfies looked more believable than this.

Isn't that Mana's car?

No. 80899

"wait that's illegal"??? Is she serious? What a piece of shit, she's typing this like this guy is just a thief or something. She doesn't understand the severity of these accusations. Disturbing.

No. 80905

File: 1580658499741.jpg (355.86 KB, 1080x1569, Screenshot_20200202-164740__01…)

Great Venus, now shed some fake tears for the photo to complete this pathetic situation.

No. 80907

She's already not relevant anymore. The only reason why people still care a little is because she was lucky enough to milk her fucked up childhood for sympathy points and plenty of people genuinely want to support and see her succeed.

She has no real talent as an entertainer (humor/acting/singing/dancing), was never good at doing her makeup in the first place and is way too awkward to moderate or make connections. The only reason why she was ever popular is because she used to look cute with the right angles and lighting, but now she looks haggard af without her 5 Instagram filters and she's not getting any younger either.

No. 80908

I mean she's not wrong. Her weaboo videos don't benefit anyone, but at least they make her some money she can invest into cheap plastic trinkets.

No. 80910

When is the thing in Korea meant to take place, with Venus as the MC?
Or has it already happened?

I really don't know what to think about this thing with the little kid. If it was true what she was told, it it was something that only happened that one time when he was a baby, he won't have any memories of that, and so what would going to police achieve? How would it help the little boy? It would traumatise him to be made aware of something like that happening to him that he has no knowledge of.
Plus, very sadly, this sort of thing happens all too often, the things I heard about when growing up that i thought seemed so wrong but other kids laughed about as though it was nothing.
There is far more of this sickness than most people realise.
Also not sure what the law would be in Japan regarding this, it's not the same as in Britain where things are the complete opposite.
I hope for Venus' sake she never does anything truly against the law because from what I've heard, the Japanese justice system is cruel and people plead guilty to something just to escape the conditions they are held in.
But things like what is supposed to have happened to the little boy, not sure how it would pan out regarding that sort of thing. and I don't see how it would help the kid if it was taken seriously, why put him through all that? Unless there was still something happening to him of that nature, which it doesn't sound like, and, the guy could have been making it up and saying it just to try and shock her. Whatever it still seems messed up, and I just hope the kid is being properly looked after because now I'm worrying about him and hoping his mother is treating him well now.

No. 80911


>When is the thing in Korea meant to take place, with Venus as the MC?

28th March 2020, so still a bit until then.

No. 80912

I think she has bipolar disorder.
She really is a nut case

No. 80913

Finally she's now aware her YouTube career has gone to shit and that's all her fault. She stopped caring ages ago, her stupid fans however will still stay by her side while she sobs crocodile tears.

No. 80914

whqat ever happened to that Ella Freiya girl? Weren’t they dating for a brief time?

No. 80916

Just another person in Venus's life that disappears, just like Mikan, you_stole_my_apricot and the rest.

No. 80917

of course they weren't dating, they just posed for some selfies together. and on that note i don't believe for a second venus is genuinely interested in women , can anyone actually imagine this social retard going to "lesbian parties" or whatever the hell she said she was doing before, its easier to sit at home eating junk and bitching

No. 80918

I’m going to take this a step further. Not only is Venus lying about Ken in her now deleted insta story, but this just seems so much like when she ran away from her mom. I bet that she just got some money in her bank account and was like “okay time to bounce!”. She can’t just leave, no, she has to make this a big fucking(probably made up story. I mean, Ken could be completely made up) now she’s going to make videos about it. Just like when she left Margo and milked all she could with videos about leaving and her mothers accusations. Now that’s all she knows!

Venus is never going to improve as a person because she has a victim complex and she won’t ever overcome it. Not because she’s in Japan and they have shit mental healthcare over there, but because she’s scared that if she gets better than all the “supportive” fans will go away, while not even realizing that her actions have driven most of her fans/viewers away anyway!
I’ve seen this shit with women in women shelters, they go out of their way to look as bad as they can to get as much sympathy as they can. Thank god Venus doesn’t have a kid to carry around like an prop, so she could beg people to donate for her child.

No. 80920

>>FLEAs (Frightening Lasting Effects of Abuse). They mirror similarly with the abusive behavior the parent/guardian did
Or maybe this shit is who she is at her core. Personality traits inherited from her mother that are part of who she is over and above how she was raised. Nature (genes) and nurture (upbringing.)

Short version: she’s just like mommy for multiple reasons, not just how she was raised.

No. 80922

This is the exact same thing she did after she put out that attack video on Manaki. Delete, ignore, pretend it never happened, never speak of it again. Then carry on posting sad “poor me!” photos on ig and lap up and bask in the praise and sympathy and backpats from her poor gullible fangelics.

She’s a sniveling little liar and coward.

No. 80923

Spot on. She's a manipulative nasty piece of work and it's obvious this is what she does when she doesn't get her own way.

No. 80925

it all seems like a weird show she's putting up not for her fans but for this Ken guy. Like 'look at me, I'm really upset and I'm not afraid to do this'. Almost like a child throwing a tantrum but maybe that's the dynamic of their relationship.

No. 80930

Wenoos went to visit Ella at the hospital some months ago, or so she said.

t h i s

No. 80935

Most asinine reach i read in ages. You're an utter mongoloid.

No. 80938

isn't this the same couch at manaki's apartment? maybe an old photo idk.

No. 80939

The photo captioned “crying won’t help” may be manaki’s car, as someone else mentioned. It’s possible she went running to him for a place to stay…

No. 80942

Visanaki is firmly wrapped around her finger without a doubt, seeing as she's mentioned they're on "good terms", so it's a possibility.

No. 80946

if this story is true
this K guy is heer old manager, kitano.

No. 80947

File: 1580685938626.png (958.87 KB, 1080x1250, Screenshot_20200202-182236~2.p…)


And isn't that manaki's couch?

No. 80949

either that dumbass took her in again or she's lategramming carefully posed ~sad~ selfies taken when she still lived with him.

No. 80952

The only reason why I think that these photos are recent is because Venus's bangs have been consistently the same length in all of her most recent photos.

No. 80954

Tbh I think the they’re still together, and I doubt they really ever broke up. I think they have an “open” relationship, where both are supposed to be able to go out and experiment to their hearts desires, while being the “beard” for the other. Maybe they love each other in their own way, but I kind of doubt it’s like a traditional relationship.

No. 80956

At one point she post that confusing text wall aimed towards her fanbase that seemed like she was implying he has been seeing other people of either gender and having "epic hentai relations" which made her jealous. It'd seem far more believable than a failed marriage that's now in a divorce stage.

No. 80957

I doubt they’re still ‘together.’ I think she guilts him into bailing her out when she gets into deep shit because she’s an expert manipulator and he’s gullible and soft-hearted. She’s a classic narc, that’s getting plainer to see all the time. He’s like a moth caught in a spiderweb.

No. 80958

Further proof of the validity of the pater ad. She likely met this ken on there, intending to use him as a sugar daddy, possibly even related to her manager/visa/fake company stuff, then when either he was sick of her bs or she of his (assuming what she says is true), then she could paint yet ANOTHER victim -I was abused again guyssss me me me- story, explaining it all away with how she was so in love, like with manaki (totally not a gold digging visa whore situation). She used this guy for her gain fully knowing what he was like, he or she left, then like the narc she is, jumped at the chance to use this story (true or made up) to up her reputation and victimhood online, knowing that her fans will kiss her ass and sites like Pull/Kf will excuse it with "but she was abused and is mentally ill" rolls eyes. Now the alcohol and lying about bdp stuff makes sense. It's just something that can be used as an excuse to vindicate her narc ass. Remember, marge shared text messages where venus said you could mold reality to what you want, along with, if she's cute she can get away with anything. Venus is definitely guilty of both of those. She's a disgusting manipulator. None of this needed to be shared publicly EXCEPT as a narcissistic means to paint a pity, victimhood narrative that Venus seems to thrive off. And the coming soon caption. How gross could she be to hype up something like this with a coming soon caption??

No. 80959

Agreed. She's a big time narcissist and they're very clever at manipulating the people that are closest to them ie Manaki. Just look at some of the cows here and how bad they can manifest when they spiral out of control when playing the dramatic victim card. They drain the life source out of people and use them as puppets, pulling the strings to get what the want-but if they don't get what they want hell breaks loose.

The fact Venus literally planned this elaborate plot of an abusive ex who happens to be a pedo while exploiting the child she spoke about by showcasing him on her Instagram is the sickest thing she has done yet. Now I thought her "joking" about Manaki being a chikan was bad enough but this is a whole new level of low.

Narcs have no shame. No fucking shame at all.

No. 80960

you think she's doing a shiena and paying him for the marriage visa?

No. 80961

THIS A MILLION TIMES OVER. How can people not see through her manipulation? I could see venus intentionally seeking out some creep sugar daddy for some bucks, all whilst planning like >>80959 said, to slander/expose him on SM if they split to come out a poor abused heroine once again. You can tell coming out the hero was her aim with this. Fucking sick narc. I mean, look at her latest carefully crafted insta pic. It is actually unbearable. Poor sad little aBuSEd venus huddled on her visa husbands couch in a teary-eyed ball of misery. Milking the drama further. Ugh.

says the person who made the "im gay and psycho uwu" caption and used mental illness as a quirk/prop repeatedly.

I remember her alleged "friend" coming on here and posting how Venus was cheating on Manaki, how she fucked over her malice manager (whom venus used then blamed in a live stream), how she lied about therapy and tried to fuck her managers/friends, and how she did something that made her Margo 2.0. I thought the fake business was what that alleged anon friend was talking about, but maybe it's this? Or some dirt yet to be uncovered. A manipulator like her must have a lot of dirt.

No. 80962

I'm so fucking ashamed and sickened about the fact I personally hoped and thought she could never get as fucked up as her mom but you anons were right all along.
This combined with the molestation "joke" about Manaki from a while ago is too fucking far, I'm never giving her the benefit of the doubt ever again.
Does Venus realise a majority of her followers ARE teenagers, fucking children.
She needs to grow the fuck up and learn this is absolutely not an ok thing to say publicly regardless of how many people follow you. Save it for the cops and a therapist and if it's not true don't fucking lie about something so shockingly disturbing.

No. 80965

File: 1580698770295.png (740.6 KB, 938x600, screenshot-www.instagram.com-2…)


No. 80970

>>sites like Pull/Kf will excuse it with "but she was abused and is mentally ill" (rolls eyes)
They’re still at it on PULL. Still a few holdouts with the “she’s just repeating the abuse she suffered, that’s what abuse victims DO!” It’s like Trump said of his followers, “I could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and they’d still love me,” Some people are just mindless sheep.

No. 80971

This just makes me think this entire story is just complete bullshit, or she's seeking attention like a toddler who didn't get the toy she wanted and is carrying on like nothing happened by being edgy. Pure cringe.

No. 80972

What I find interesting is they're so horribly inconsistent. Because Venus is cute and innocent seeming to them, she can get the "she's just repeating abuse" excuse, but her mom, or any other manipulator (even younger ones), don't get the same treatment. It's just like when they were excusing Marzia's art theft but endlessly shitting on Kenna because Kenna doesn't act (keyword: act) as cute & innocent as Marzia. I gave up on that site ages ago.

No. 80975

Guess she realized that capitalizing on her embellished mommy abuse story was getting old, so she needed a new excuse to feed her ego, after cycling through so many issues and mental illnesses and using her family drama to death. Now she has a new reason we should all pity her for! Yay! uwu

No. 80978

she's just posting whatever crap she can find in her folder to try to flush down the posts that have comments about her stories

No. 80979

we need to get that patering ad pic in one of the panels here as part of the next thread image

No. 80981

File: 1580702562865.jpeg (65.12 KB, 473x1024, 1558027157144.jpeg.f1b53c51967…)


This one?

No. 80986

>what you ordered

>what you got


No. 80991

File: 1580709363422.jpg (93.21 KB, 751x752, venusdollypartonpic.JPG)

ya, thanks. i tried, but not sure if the tinder caption really works here lol

No. 80992

File: 1580709816086.gif (2.9 MB, 290x189, 735.gif)


No. 80993

put pater for tinder
the people who already know enough to get this will know what it is

No. 80995

File: 1580710682395.jpg (101.36 KB, 808x807, venusdollypartonpicv2.JPG)

fixed it

No. 81004

This has my vote for next thread pic.

No. 81021

I can’t get over how she is trying to make it seem like she was so very in love with a (allegedly) shitty guy that she was too ashamed to reveal yet she was so cold and unemotional about her husband who stood by her for years. In addition to that, during no point during the last several months that this “courtship” should have occurred did she ever look happy, inspired, healthy or any of the positive things associated with new love. She was at the worst condition anyone has seen her, except wearing more expensive clothes.

No. 81027

Except she got a problematic surgery behind her husband’s back and lied about it when he tried to care about her wellbeing, mooched off him the entire time they lived together and lied about him molesting school girls, what a fucking hypocrite

No. 81032

>posts a dumb meme

Kek next thread pic for sure

.. At least she's dressing a bit better, I guess?

No. 81034

File: 1580744084055.png (549.58 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2020-02-03-12-31-42…)

No! Social media isn't your therapist! I just hate the fact that she thinks it's okay to use mental illnesses as some type of personality trait. That will never be okay.

No. 81036

Yeah, putting on a show using a minor's CSA story for asspats and pity parties, then pretend nothing happened once she got her narc fix is totally not a cunt move, right?

here we go again

No. 81042

FFS Venus, just buy a journal or something.

No. 81043

File: 1580750887312.jpg (22.74 KB, 466x422, venus really though?.JPG)

>and by 30 I will hopefully have my shit together

No. 81044

I cant stop worrying about that poor little boy. I hope he is nowhere anywhere near that awful man now. IF Venus is telling the truth about what he told her, first of all, he may have made it up, but why?, and secondly, if true maybe he was leading up to asking Venus to do something to the little kid as well, as well as what he made the kids mother do I mean. I hadn't considered that before, i assumed it was a one off and the kid wouldn't even know what had happened as would have no recollection of it, but supposing it happened more than once? Maybe Venus realised this Ken, doubt that's his real name anyway, but maybe she realised, or suspected, that he was wanting her to do something to the kid too, and maybe that is what motivated her to leave him in the end. Its all so confusing. dont know why she was with him anyway when shes always going on about liking cute girls and posted a instagram pic as Miku recently saying she was looking for a wife.
So, if she is telling the truth, and the guy was telling the truth, I can understand why she is so upset, if she thought he was leading up to wanting her to abuse the little boy too. I just hope that he is safe now and has to be nowhere near that horrible man. I wish Venus could post an update and let people know the child is safe now and what his current situation is. Also, she has deleted his picture, yes, but it is still here on lolcow, could someone here delete it? It seems wrong that it is anywhere online where he, or someone he knows, might see it in time.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 81047

Please don't worry too much anon. Just remember there is a high likelihood that she just made the entire thing up. She made up incredibly damning stuff about Manaki when she was angry with him like him being a chikan and being financially/emotionally abusive and when she was in fact the abuser and he did nothing but take care of ungrateful ass. She repaid his patience and caring by nearly getting herself killed with an unnecessary surgery, regularly cheating on him, and making up lies in an attempt to ruin his life. Why should we believe this Ken guy is any different? She is a compulsive liar.

No. 81050

I understand wanting to keep the poor boy private but this is not pull or your personal blog.
It may be best it's left up as evidence she posted him in the first place, I know me and other people screencapped it before all this shit but it shows how grossly she exploited the kid. She used very heavy filters on both their faces so hopefully he wouldn't be recognizable anyway.

No. 81051

Go back to PULL. Those idiots sometimes believe stuff Venus says kek. Venus almost certainly made the whole thing up.

No. 81053

Without a doubt this entire sickening story was a grand narc fairytale and she got the sympathy high she wanted from her gullible fans. Not sure whether to be shocked or just deeply disgusting, maybe not surprised at all because of what she's capable of.

No. 81058

File: 1580762910340.jpeg (460 KB, 1091x1930, 28A08BE9-3D2E-4386-AC65-B08E8F…)

She’s up at 3:30-4:30 am posting about her super speshul magical brain scan and “exposing” someone who posted a mean comment to her. That’ll show ‘em!

No. 81059

File: 1580762979887.jpeg (447.79 KB, 1087x1946, A80621BA-BE38-4F0D-ACBF-970C07…)

Stay strong, Venus! You’re my HERO!

-braindead fangelic

No. 81060

Her blatant lack of giving a shit about mental health and making it all "uwu life is so hard and ill do my best to get better you guyz" while low-key mocking everything people say to her out of concern actually angers me after that Ken shit show. AND she claims she spoke with her mother about her problems? Do me a favor. The lies, so many lies. Just shut the fuck up Venus.

No. 81064

File: 1580765435449.png (151.57 KB, 600x600, Topographic_map.png)


No. 81065

How about not referring to people with mental illness (even yourself, jokingly) as “psycho”? It’s neither funny nor helpful, to anyone. I don’t know how she can say that any of this is positive…

No. 81068

Lmao that wasn't even a mean comment? Why is she so disrespectful and just idk full of shit?
I agree, no way she spoke to her mother

No. 81070

Just taken noticed of her follower count and it was 242k just before her meltdown now it's 241k. Any moment now she'll be whining about losing her fans even when it's self inflicted.

No. 81072

File: 1580767948883.jpeg (630.5 KB, 750x1334, 166E0C16-16CB-4ED2-A463-517C98…)

No. 81073

Hallucinations can be a symptom of psychosis, which can happen to people with bipolar. Tbh, I think she just read the wiki page and is roleplaying various bipolar traits for pity points.

No. 81078

sorry anon but that is what it's called. it's a dubious jap technique

No. 81087

VENUS IF YOU'RE READING THIS which you likely are, GTFO THE INTERNET if you want to get your shit together ever in your lifetime. or just take a fucking break from social media.

by the time you're 30 your dumbass followers will all have grown up and nobody will care about your 'look at me I'm kawaii psycho victim uwu' crap.

No. 81099

that caption is too cringy to be real. if she had hallucinations or delusions for real, the whole world would know by now. remember her lesbian phase that she kept shoving down everyone's throats?

No. 81101

I am waiting for the big day when someone has enough of her lies and reports here in Japan because of the marriage fraud. I can't believe how stupid she is. She literally posted all the proofs (of the marriage fraud) in her social networks. Damn, who whould know that she will going crazy there.

No. 81102

File: 1580775784136.jpg (317.82 KB, 1080x1800, Screenshot_20200204-012202__01…)

Someone is calling her out again.

No. 81103

people always say the internet/social media is her problem which doesn't gel with the fact that until this spergout she posts like once a month

No. 81104

oh, soMeOnE? fuck off to pull

No. 81110

Naah dude, I don't think its the same person. Look at how the comment is written and then look up how the anon wrote his comment

No. 81116

>>81104 oh, fuck off kek.
I'm a silent reader in this thread, and I only post screenshots here.
Thats what a imageboard is, genius.

No. 81156

>people realize venus is a narc like her mom, no longer making her a victim and simultaneously destroying her career

"i'm qUeEr, an alcoholic, was in an abusive relationship where he molested a child, have a brain condition, am bipolar, AND have hallucinations! will you pay attention to me now? look, ANOTHER meltdown! try to help me uwu i'm TRYING to get better uwu."

No. 81160

she may not post often, but she reads comments on her shit to make herself feel better, she's fishing for those asspats and attention on purpose. if she wants to get better like she claims, she should stop with that.

i personally don't mind being entertained by her embarrassing herself, just sayin.

No. 81221

She’s so ridiculously predictable and obvious. Someone mentions a diagnosis to her and suddenly her personality shifts 180 dregrees and fits the (wiki) description of said diagnosis to a T.

When she supposedly got diagnosed with BPD, she suddenly was a reckless, sexually confused drunk that self harmed and was sO pSyChO.
Now she got thrown Bipolar into her face and - (to no one’s surprise) - she’s depressed one day and SUPER MANIC BUT TOTALLY FINE AND POSITIVE YOU GUYS the next.

She’s a stupid, attention seeking child, that’s what she is.

On a more serious note, I actually don’t doubt her actually being bipolar as much as I doubted her having BPD. The past several years she’s always had very obvious shifts in her mental health. It would make sense in a way. However, the way she takes all of these potential diagnoses and turns herself into a caricature of each is a joke and it’s exactly what leads to people not believing a single word she says.

No. 81228

Check her last post… I swear the background looks like her old room back at manaki's :0(:0)

No. 81229

File: 1580830794286.jpg (1.08 MB, 1062x2220, 20200204_123249.jpg)

After revealing her super speshul brain acts like the one of a person with bipolar disorder, she is now faking a manic phase on stories, sperging about wanting to live in a store and getting flowers for herself (complete with choosing an aesthetic for each ig story). It's too calculated and basically a caricature. She sounds exactly like how tumblr kids think mental illnesses work, like the ones that write everything wrong with unfocused pictures when faking a mental breakdown. And just like that she makes everyone forget about the horrible things she said and focus on poor suffering Weenus again.

No. 81232

I keep reading people telling her to see a therapist, but she posted something recently, cant find it now, saying that her therapist made a life changing comment about not looking to the future with hope, but just curiosity instead.
Maybe it was one of her stories as i cant find it now.
But the point is she has therapy from a therapist apparently so why do people keep saying have therapy, when she is.

No. 81234


that was just some random screenshot of someone else's post bro. 200iq right there, gj

No. 81237

File: 1580836327131.png (1.23 MB, 1080x1789, Screenshot_20200204-121027~2.p…)

uwu poor binatan!

No. 81238


Ummmm I really hope you’re playing off the old joke of Marg’s terrible grammar. Please.

No. 81239

I think it was someone else's tweet and she just shared a screenshot

No. 81240

what do you expect her whiteknights are retarded

No. 81243

We do not know what actually happened.

Nobody expected a few years ago the surgery thing. And now again, none of us know how dark whats going on could be.

No. 81245

I’m just wondering whose money bought all those flowers, because despite all the “I can get what I want” crap, it sure wasn’t hers.

No. 81247

OH look it's Visanaki's apartment.

No. 81248

Lmao she just took a picture at a store, she didn’t buy herself shit.

No. 81279

Now I get why she carefully showed off the alcohol can label in every stream. She planned to capitalize on this little abuse story once again. She's loved alcohol since with her mother but never did she show it off until recently. If "ken" isn't made up, she used him for financial gain (where else would she suddenly get expensive clothing like louis vuitton)knowing full well the dude was some grimy sugar daddy, intending to leave him or use him until he leaves her, then she can shit out yet another abuse story and blame it all "on love uwu" like the opportunistic, self-absorbed sociopath she is.

Also, if she is still on a spousal visa, then she directly admitted to visa fraud. Like this would be flat out, undeniable proof.I love how she hasn't shown the guys face. He's probably some old, grimy gaijin hunter so if we saw him, it'd be obviously a sugar daddy and not someone she loved oh so much and we could potentially find him like some anon did with Kitano (which shattered her lie of self-made business woman/fake business). Also, just a thought, but who's to say that the assistant Venus named was this guys ex? Maybe she was his wife and Venus was the other woman? She'd definitely omit anything that makes her look bad.

No. 81351

File: 1580887804287.jpg (135.49 KB, 1093x1147, 9fOqdZV.jpg)

And this is why it’s dangerous for her to tease with vague and confusing captions in front of a young audience. Here we have 13 year old fan who asserts Manaki both abused and raped Venus.

No. 81352

File: 1580887894157.jpg (314.07 KB, 1242x1008, rlj9iWI.jpg)

Like a game of telephone, these kids twist whatever she says into something worse.

No. 81361

Seriously? Where did that person even get that idea?! The fact that Venus herself didn’t shut that shit down asap and just left the comment there says it all, really.

No. 81367

that's the mental level of her audience

No. 81369

I also immediately thought that her "Ken" must be Manaki, the husband of "living doll" Venus, this kid is not that far off. There are many asking "Who is Ken? Is it Mana? What happened? What did he do?"
>worse than Margo
The entire internet world knows about Venus story, statements like these will make outsiders believe that he must be a true monster, because what could be worse than what Margo did?

Of course she doesn't shut it down, she loves this, she's probably in a super good mood right now since everything is working out exactly like she planned.

Manaki needs to release some kind of statement asap, he should find himself somebody who helps him translate.

No. 81371

AFAIK, Manaki doesn’t have an internet presence anymore, so there’s a good chance he has no idea of anything being said about him. How convenient for Venus.

But on the other hand, he keeps letting her run back to him every time she does something self-destructive, so I think his mental health also needs checking out.

No. 81379

she said 'Ken is not Manaki'

No. 81386


That's exactly the purpose of her weird ambiguous captions, tho. Her favorite method of slandering is creating confusion among her audience whom later will spread all sorts of stories where poor princess penus is always the helpless victim.

No. 81392

I know. My point was that Venus is allowing commenters to say random stuff like she was raped by Manaki, but she doesn’t bother to correct them. And Manaki has no chance to see what’s being said about him because he doesn’t have Instagram (or fluent English).

No. 81414

I dont understand why she doesn't correct people who say things that are not right. Maybe she hasn't seen it, perhaps too busy, or otherwise engaged , to see all the comments.? Maybe she doesn't even read everything anyway, it must take a bit of time to go through everything, Or maybe, her mental state is just not up to looking at it, or if she does see it, maybe she is not able mentally to do anything about it? There could be all number of reasons. Maybe once she's posted something on Instagram, she forgets about it for a while, depending on what sort of mental state she is in at any given time. She seems so inconsistent and all over the place so it's probably not surprising that she cant think to put right comments that should be put right. I'm not defending the fact that she hasn't put right those commentators, only raising the possibility that maybe because of her mental state, whatever that is right now, she is not able to.

No. 81417

people already elaborated on this above. she doesn't correct anyone on purpose. that way, fans will tinfoil hard and spread all kinds of bs about manaki or some other poor fellow making venus appear like a victim of yet another twisted abuser, which is exactly what she wants people to think. even if she is called out, she will always say that she herself never accused anybody and it was all just a misunderstanding on the fangelics' part. she's done that before and she keeps doing it still

No. 81418

I wish I had your optimism anon.

Remember only because people at lolcow and pull have figured out she was escorting and got herself an old sugar daddie, that we could assume Ken was this specific old manager guy she's been hiding. But to a normal Venus follower, all they have seen is Manaki. She has never posted any other guy. So it's logical for them to assume things she talks about are about Manaki and not this guy she has never posted anything about that they have never seen even a photo of. And she knows that. She probably reads the comments cackling to herself at all the trouble she's causing.

No. 81419

Venus is quick to respond to comments when she "feels" like it. She most certainly has seen the comments about Manaki and chooses to leave them up or not respond because she thrives off of that. The inconsistency of her stories and leaving her fans confused which leads them to believing all sorts of things gives her a high. She is after all, the hero of this abused living doll fairytale that she wants everyone to believe.

No. 81421

well, her being an insane cunt is one of the reasons, for sure.

No. 81429

it's simple. she doesn't give a shit.
but I can kinda understand that. imagine answering every single dumb comment
like this on every post on every media … probably not very exciting, and it won't prevent misconceptions anyway. one would have to spend entire days just answering comments that would keep piling up endlessly. why bother?

No. 81436

i would imagine she reads the first 10 and then clicks off - who would care about masturbatory essays by kids who think they relate to you based on an image you created that you knows is fake

No. 81440

So this "ken" person is the one that she earlier said "everyone was against" (if that wasn't made up). Why would everyone she knows be against this dude when they don't even know him? My guess is that he'd be an older (obvious sugar daddy) or perhaps even married or something. She hasn't shown him for a reason. Could also be the Kitano guy, which would be obvious venus was using him for his business in attempt to make her own (or just pretend she has one) and that's why people would be immediately against her dating him. Or maybe this is all a ploy to guilt-trip visanaki into taking her back (seems to be back at his place). God, she's a manipulative narc bitch who calculatedly planned this, then brushes it off with the lie of "i was so in love". Yes, you were. In love with the monetary/socioeconomic gain you could get from this dude, as well as the "abuse" story narrative you could once again parade to everyone, both irl and online.

No. 81441

I think she reads everything on her instagram. Maybe not YT but instagram and all her gossip threads for sure. She's already demonstrated her obsession with her image and controlling narratives.

No. 81442

Yep, she’s reattached herself to that poor sap Manaki like the leech she is. Now she’s ensconced back in her little home with no further money or visa worries, and feeling quite pleased with herself from the sounds of things.

She is her mother’s daughter through and through.

No. 81443

File: 1580943763433.jpg (404.54 KB, 1080x2400, .6033db5518c49ed8445885c4b5cfe…)

from PULL

No. 81444

I think she realised the only content she ever had that moves clicks and views, the only reason she ever had any efame, any money - is drama. So this year has been about milking drama with others, making up drama about herself (mental illnesses lesbian addict etc) and since that didn't work because solo drama isn't a thing - wholesale making up other people and drama with them. She should have made 'Ken' some fake online accounts though because some citizen, some adult - that's not it

No. 81446

With no evidence, an uncooperative key witness who could always tell police that the gaijin misunderstood, a perpetrator that will most likely claim Venus is a bitter and crazy ex who is lying, and the victim who was far too young to remember the incident, it would be impossible charge this man with anything. But of course, Venus never actually cared about doing something about it.

No. 81451

Venus seems like she going to falsely accuse a guy of rape. It’s going to be hard to sugar daddy who would touch her then.

No. 81453

Considering how much Venus lies, I don't believe she's done anything of the sort because she likes to dish out her vindictive side but can't cope with confrontation. Her deleting the original story on Instagram and then switching to typical "nothing happened here" mode says alot. She keeps being asked about the situation and hasn't even posted an update, instead she's only been responding to a comment or two that mention how SHE could get reported for landing a child abuse victim into more shit if it is true. It's obvious she's scared and trying to carefully backpedal her way out of it. Stupid girl.

No. 81468

From the time Manaki finally kicked her out until now, was there ever a period of time where she wasn’t manic, depressed or looking like she just rolled out of a trash can? I’m just wondering why she started the “So in love” narrative instead of just sticking with an abusive boyfriend story. You can date someone and slowly get to know them over time without being head-over-heels in love. Nobody would tell her that she couldn’t complain about bad treatment from someone she was just having fun with. I’m wondering, is this man connected with her current visa or employment so she needs a backup story? I don’t think he’s just a sugar daddy.

I don’t buy her having strong feelings of love for anyone. Every time she would post pictures with captions about being the happiest she’s ever been or having a positive mindset about what she needs to do, she looked dead inside. No more genuine smiles or natural body language. If she were really in love for the first time, with a man who was able to lure her away from all the kawaii lesbians she claimed she was going to fuck, she would have baited her fans with this “true love story” a long time ago. Can you imagine the the squeeing and asspats she could have gotten from them if she told them about a mature employed prince saving her from the loser gay factory worker ex who didn’t appreciate her?

No. 81479

now I understand why Margo kept leeches as pets after Wenoos ran away

sounds about right

No. 81491

Is there something I missed here or misunderstood ? If so, correct me, but:

Talking about this Ken person as a horrible child rapist etc, but no mention of what kind of a fucked up mother would do that to her child under any circumstance?? Or they're both some super fucked up individuals?

Something seems off…

No. 81502

>>I reported it but the mother won’t collaborate (assume she meant ‘cooperate”)
She’s a lying sack of shit trying to squirm her way out of the mess she’s gotten herself into.

No. 81503

One thing is lying about your husband being a chikan, but making up a rape story involving an actual minor, exposing his face AND pretending you're the sole victim of this mess is a whole new level of vile.

No. 81513

I don't doubt she lied about it, but I'm just wondering does she even know enough Japanese to report it? Wouldn't the police just question her more if the mother denies it? I don't think they would drop it like nothing happened.

No. 81527

I’m sure her Japanese wouldn’t be an issue…

No. 81528

Honestly, it makes this guy sound like he is yakuza or something. I wouldn’t be surprised if Venus was dumb enough to do that, especially because of escorting and rumored drug use. But of course, she could just be a liar.

No. 81530

Mother won't cooperate, you don't say! The mother is a criminal if the story is true.

No. 81531

Honestly, now that I see the slip up with “collaborate” instead of “cooperate” Venus probably through that kid under the bus because the mom didn’t want him in one of her videos.

No. 81535

I wonder if this 'Ken' guy is married? Could be one reason for the keeping him secret and could be a reason why the people she knows didn't approve of him.

No. 81555

>>a reason why the people she knows didn't approve of him.
Pretty sure that was another lie. First, she has no “family and friends” to approve or disapprove and second, even if she did she wouldn’t have revealed this guy because she’s too ashamed and embarrassed to. Because, even if the guy is real, he’s 1) old, 2) possibly married and 3) sleazy and creepy.

No. 81598

There's no doubting now Venus inherited whatever's wrong with Marge. I wonder if they're going to get together again to terrorise the world.

No. 81615

Wow that's actually possible. So the possible scenario is that Venus wanted to bring/show her alleged fanboy in a new video or whatever scheme she was planning, young boy was uncomfortable with her then complained about it to his parents, parents doesn't give permission to collab with their son because of safety concerns, Venus gets angry/dissatisfied with it thus creating a fake scenario of child abuse to defame the kid's parents.

No. 81620

I don't mean to wk, but I find the story being true actually more believable than venus trying to falsely accuse those people. I mean it's just a very specific thing to conjure. Venus is a type that attracts creeps, and there really are a lot of perverted sickos out there.

No. 81627

Either that or she misunderstood something. Which is possible considering that Japanese is not her first language. Occam's razor.
Or she's realized that she fucked up her career once again and made up some random shit to evoke sympathy because that's the only thing she gets attention for nowadays. Personally I find it incredibly weird that she started ranting about some rando she's never even introduced on her sm. Margo and Manaki made sense because they were very visible parts of her online presence and she had to explain their disappearance somehow. The same can't be said for this mysterious Ken fellow.

No. 81633

Makes me nostalgic for all the margo milk we got during /cgl/ days when drama was allowed

No. 81637

What is very suspicious is that Venus said the man BRAGGED about forcing someone to do that, not that she discovered it or was told by the mother. If this is true, then this sort of depravity is a regular part of this man’s personality. It didn’t come out of the blue. This is the man she presents as someone superior to Manaki and more worthy of her love. Is he the guy she was with when she revealed she was into S&M and all that “choke me daddy” stuff too?

Her wording the act as “giving head” really makes me think something else was said. Why would the man even tell her that in the first place? Sexual abuse of a child is not something you bring over coffee.

No. 81638

She's a narc and a sociopath so I can believe that he bragged about child abuse and she didn't give a shit because he was giving her money and she has 0 empathy for any human being but herself. Accusing him of child abuse was revenge for not giving her the money he promised her when he was trying to bribe her into sex - like all sugar daddies do. Guys too broke to get escorts who like the power trip of dangling gifts and money over desperate girls' heads.

"Controlling her finances" aka she slept with him a LOT to get the money and gifts he swore he was gonna give her and he never did. She got mad, pulled out some buzzwords that would impress her followers, and accused him of child abuse over something he probably mentioned once in passing and that she laughed with him about at the time because he was a baby and in her mind he wouldn't remember as a child anyway. This whole concern over his wellbeing is an act. All she wants is attention for being a trainwreck because she's too lazy to be a Youtuber anymore.

No. 81647

The entire post was worded so weirdly that I had to read it like 3 times to fully understand it. Wouldn't surprise me if she did that on purpose because she wanted people to misread it and think that he was the one to abuse the kid instead of "forcing" the mom.

Either way there is no way of knowing what is going on since we don't even know who Ken is (and will probably never find out). If she made it up she's fucked up. If she didn't and still did nothing about it, she's fucked up. Either way it's disgusting that she brought some innocent little kid into her arguments with her johns. Gorl needs to buy a diary or make some friends to rant at. Using her social media as an outlet for her insanity is not kawaii.

No. 81648

File: 1581097287179.jpg (435.17 KB, 1080x1503, Screenshot_20200207_173932.jpg)

Very ironic that she used to write nasty stuff like that about her classmates back when she was living in Tenerife and now she's the one jumping from dick to dick to survive.

No. 81649

Venus is clearly a thot and she's too ashamed to admit it with her "uwu kawaii living doll" image she desperately tries to portray. What a sad life, having to rely on old man sugar daddy dick to stay in Japan.

No. 81657

File: 1581105823632.png (179.78 KB, 817x533, BINASU.png)

No. 81658

Man she was 13

No. 81660

spot on

No. 81665

>Wouldn't surprise me if she did that on purpose

That's giving her to much credit. She(and her mom)are utter trash at writing. Actually they're pretty bad at communication in general.

No. 81679

do any of you remember that nico nico douga video of venus when she was 13 and margo made her wear the a japanese sport uniform (very sexualized) and venus was just licking ice cream off her fingers to her japanese pedo audience?
it still makes me mad. What kind of mother does this shit?

No. 81711

The same mother who tried to convince Venus to save herself for rich old men who like pale-skinned virgins. Gross.

No. 81712

Makes sense why she ironically is going further down that path. Being influenced to pander to much older men at that age and knowing the perverted side of her fanbase will love her for it has stayed. Venus still tries to act like an underaged anime girl.

It's disturbing to think because Manaki was a fan since she was young, that he was most likely watching this same content. Which leads back to what sort of mother Margo was when he got together with Venus. She had no problem basically exploiting her child for years if it meant making money and gaining access to Japan, now Venus just rolls with it and is obviously escorting. I'm sure mother dearest is proud of the change in the career.

What a fucked up pair.

No. 81742

Supposing Venus manages to either fully return to Visanaki OR score a new visaSD, what do you guys think she'll do besides show off her gifts? After her escape, she lived like a princess for years and got everything she wanted, but she was still a lazy sloppy drunk who refused to work or upload regularly. Does V honestly think she's gonna stay cute and young enough to keep hustling dumb ephebophiles and ageplay pedos for the next 5-10 years? She ruined her body with that surgery and doesn't wash or take care of herself, she can't keep friends or acquaintances, stays indoors unless she's being spoiled and has no diploma/license/qualifications for adult life.

Just because she still has gullible fans buying all her obvious lies now doesn't mean it'll last. Her kawaii dream life LARPing a Japanese 13 year old didn't last under the perfect circumstances for her because of her attitude and the way she uses and treats people, and eventually she plateaus and craves even MORE attention fpr even more crazy and unbelievable things.

I guess my point is: I feel like Venus is gonna spiral down until she either fails out of Japan, gets knocked up/marries an uggo for visa/¥, turns into Sere 2.0 with a pedo gimmick or ends up comitting fraud of some sort. Clearly, nothing Venus claims will make her happy ever really will except constant gifts, attention amd praise- and even then she gets annoyed with it bc she knows it's all fake/means to an end. It's an interesting ride to watch, but it's starting to make me feel bad because of how obvious her extremism is going to keep getting wether she gets what she wants or not.

No. 81743

>>Venus still tries to act like an underaged anime girl.
That’s just going to get creepier the older she gets.

>> I'm sure mother dearest is proud

I bet marge is jealous that she hasn’t been able to latch onto an easy mark like Manaki to pay her bills and buy her shit. That’s part of what she’s mad about, lol. Venus is better at what they both do (leech off men.)

No. 81744

Not really, Marge used to have boyfriends she mooched off of in EU but they didn't last long. Venus got lucky with Manaki bc she was white+young+kawaii gimmick (which might be why Marge started wearing her clothes, trying to see how much of Venus's appeal was her style vs. her for being pedobait). I think they're both shit at it, but Venus got the better deal bc of age and location.

No. 81745

Also if you want to be super technical, Margaret found Manaki for Venus among her pedofollowers and encouraged them to meet and marry. Manaki even had concerns about her age when she was 18. I doubt V and Manaki would have kept talking or ended up marrying without Margo pushing the idea, bc back then Venus still had a squeaky-clean image and Margo was the only villain in her life.

No. 81746


I think the reason Marge is so pleased and Venus is so messy lately is because Venus really isn't suited for escorting/sugaring. Marge obviously wanted that lifestyle for herself but was too weird and crazy to make it happen, so she set Venus up with what she (Marge) thought was the best option for both of them- Manaki. We all know Marge legitimately thought that Venus marrying him would grant them both visas for Japan somehow, and then she could have maybe made her own weird "____ in JAPAN!!!" tourist clickbait videos for her own revenue while Venus and Manaki make their "My Japanese BF/My Foreign GF ____!!!!" videos and she managed them both and handled the income while Manaki worked and paid the real bills. In fact I'd bet money that was her original plan before she whisked Venus to SK and tried to pimp her out there.

No. 81762

File: 1581188602477.jpeg (28.21 KB, 213x392, 9288AAE6-7DB0-4B41-8798-77CD84…)

Exactly. Keywords are ~used to~ have. She can’t pull it off now due to looking old and fug so she’s extra salty when she sees Weenus flaunting her LV scarf and Coach bag.

No. 81763

If I remember correctly, it's Weenus's birthday today. Wonder how she's celebrating considering she chose a perfect time to ease her way back to Visanaki after her ex sugar daddy didn't want her anymore .

No. 81771

Well, Venus isn't exactly "pulling it off", hence her unwashed appearance and all-hours drunkposting. I think she got those things as a down payment for sex, then annoyed the potential SD away with her toxic co-dependency. That would explain her going from her upbeat "I'm a baddie & I'm not gonna change soon uwu" & showing them off, to being emo and vague again.

I think Venus is trying sugaring/escorting using her kawaii baddie act to lure them in but keeps scaring guys away after 1-3 meetings because she's so spoiled, entitled and twisted & it keeps causing her social media spiraling when she realizes she can't skate through life on east street just for being cute and fuckable.

No. 81776

File: 1581198508597.jpeg (31.83 KB, 292x279, 1579282948780 (1).jpeg)

Also if the more candid images of her that have cropped up recently like the attached and the vids of her going around fishing villages and ramen shops are any reflection on how she actually looks these days, her dates probably dont follow through on any $$$ promises anyway. She's looking rough in addition to being weird & drunk. That can't be a good combo for Japanese pedo adjacent sugar daddies.

No. 81777

Here’s what she is pulling off: living in a nice apartment with all bills paid, enough left over for designer swag and nothing asked of her. And no more worries about her visa or how she’ll pay her rent or having to make videos. That’s a hell of a lot more than poor old marge has.

No. 81779

Weenus doesn’t have to worry about lining up ‘dates’ any more now that she has her meal ticket back though. I think that’s why she’s so pleased with herself lately.

No. 81787

File: 1581202816307.jpg (126.55 KB, 809x599, birthday.jpg)

someone bought her an expensive birthday dinner even thought she's bUyinG herSelF niCe ThinGs now she left u ken

No. 81789

It's probably Visanaki. She's shacking up in his apartment again so wouldn't be surprised he felt bad for her and treated her, just like he used to when they were together.

No. 81793

>she lives at his apartment
i hope you're not basing this on thinking the selfies she posts are from the same day

No. 81799

…so that mommy can come along and leech off too, don't forget.
Double gross

No. 81810

I think it’s a recent pic. Weenus went running back to Manaki and the poor slob took her in.

No. 81812

I really hope penus didn't show up to that place looking like this >>81776

apple doesn't fall far from the tree

No. 81829

Well that’s what she looks like now so I guess she did.
That poor fucker will never be rid of her.now.

No. 81860

>23th birthday

No. 81862

>a vintage one

No. 81863

I really don't think she's with Manaki.. In fact, I doubt she has seen him for a while. She probably hooked up with another sugar daddy that bought her dinner.

No. 81865

Everyone says she should get an education, a job and a therapist, and rightly so, but…she’s found a way to have a more than comfortable lifestyle without those things, so I think she never will. She’s lazy.

Here’s to another year of doing absolutely nothing to better yourself, Venus.

No. 81875

It may seem like she's living the weaboo dream of being forever 15, not working and not doing much of anything apart from buying kawaii shit, but I doubt she's all that happy. She's a narc who still seems to think she'll have some kind of breakthrough in Japan, so the fact that she's not world famous for existing yet must sting pretty bad.

She won't be able to keep up that lifestyle forever, either. In 10 years from now she'll look exactly like her hag mother and nobody will be willing to spoil her anymore.

No. 81877

I really don't get why you keep touting that pic as 'proof' of how awful you personally think she looks. Many people would just look at that and think what a pretty girl.
She may be making a silly face, but still looks pretty, so I don't get it. And most men seem to prefer girls who are not covered in make up and looking natural, this is better than the ridiculous edited selfies she often put out with her face deformed into ridiculous pointy chin effect, that is what is ugly, not this.

No. 81880

She doesn't look awful but she's nothing special either. Take a 5-minute walk down the street and you'll probably find 20 chicks just like her. Don't know why this one thinks she's cute enough to literally do nothing with her life and still get spoiled. She does look yellowish, tired and unwashed though, which is a no-no when you're working. Not very professional.

No. 81881

Without filters and makeup Venus is average, it's her assburger behavior and stanky hygiene that ruin her gaijin appeal.
She might be "living well" now (though I doubt it, Venus is all abt image), but unless she gets remarried I don't see her sugaring for the rest of her life- best case scenario she ends up pulling an Arisucookie and drinks herself stupid and haggard before 30, then gets divorced when she ages out, still has a shit personality and there's a new crop of younger pedo-pandering weebs fresh off the plane.

I think Manaki took her to dinner for her birthday out of pity, but perhaps didn't take her back fully. She's still acting way too up and down emotionally to have that kind of stability back for sure. Consider Venus leaving Manaki to whore out, realizing you have to play a certain role for an SD that isn't just "spoil me for being weird and cunty daddy uwu" and then trying to get back into her princess room when she realizes it's not the cakewalk she expected, and pleading to Manaki after everything she did to him and said about him, from the beginning until now.

I think she's probably sugaring for a place to stay/gifts but isn't really doing anything, if she were back with Manaki and truly happy then she would take a shower and post more showoff selfies in her ageplay dungeon. Or, at least teased another video with him.

No. 81884

It wasn't Manaki, it was probably an SD. Her previous post is obviously a latergram from Manaki's apartment, but the caption doesn't at all imply they're back together- in fact it leans the other way.

Plus, this dinner is way too fancy for Manaki considering the places he took her when they were still together. This is a nice ass restaurant, where she got caviar, oysters, steak, and 12 year old wine. This is a sugar date for her birthday.

No. 81888


If she were back with Pedonaki she would be back in her lolita/kawaii clothes and acting kiddish because that's what he liked. They woild be going to cute little cafes and taking walks in the park, but all she does is show off fancy dinners and brand gifts. She's doing what Dakota Rose did up until a couple of years ago, nothing but "living well" and showing off without a steady job or S/O.

No. 81889

>>I doubt she's all that happy.
I think as long as she has a bed, an internet connection and a steady supply of junk konbini snacks without having to worry about how to pay for it she’s good. And she has her ig for comfort where she can post a couple of altered selfies a week and get hundreds of likes and “We love you, Venus! Keep fighting!” comments.

Now she can spend all day every day in her pink kawaii cubicle with her face glued to a screen, nothing asked of her and no worries, just like before. Those are her needs and they’re being met with her enabler back on the hook.

No. 81891

Her last week of posts doesn't look like she's back with Manaki, not after all those weird essays about "epic hentai relations", asking what the meaning of love is and her "I loved you when I left you, but I loved drinking and binge eating too but they were bad for me" post as well. She's greasy and posts so strangely bc she's escorting to get by, for nicer gifts than Manaki can afford her but probably not the stability of a visa. Unless you guys think she's still living with him AND escorting, which… idek.

No. 81899

Those were “breaking up with my SD” posts (or him kicking her to the curb more likely given her anger and lashing out.) I think she’s been working on Manaki and his sympathy for awhile now and he finally gave in and bailed her out. Plus she probably threw in a bunch of promises to be better, no more drinking! to seal the deal. (see: magical brain scan that will fix everything!)

No. 81900

Where is the promised final video with manaki anyway, peenus? lmao

No. 81904

It's kind of a reach to say for certain either way, isn't it? Just based on appearances, of course she wants everyone to believe she's back with Manaki, but her lifestyle now is much different than her previous 2 years living with Manaki. Plus, if she were back with him she would have made that video with/about him.

No. 81906

She got some backlash for trying to make Manaki seem like a cheater so she could run to Kitano, then she made several posts fishing for hypothetical approval for some secret unconventional transvestite poly-relationship, but that was probably just a cover to male sugaring seem like her only non-Manaki option.

No. 81914

It'd be really dumb of her to openly admit that she's back with a guy she accused of serious abuse.

No. 81918

Speaking of which, tinfoil time: that luggage pic from breaking up with pedo Ken story is also another random photo she took and saved for later when she feels like throwing someone under the bus.
Just like Manaki, Ken (if he even exists) probably doesn't speak english and/or isn't aware of Penus' online antics.

No. 81924

If she were smart, she wouldn't go around fabricating scenarios involving the people around her IRL/professionally. She also wouldn't have run away to Korea for weight loss surgery when she wasn't even overweight, she wouldn't have "joked" about her husband being arrested for groping a minor, and many other things. Maybe the reason Margo was so happy to get knocked up by her professor and bragged about her "150 IQ" is because neither of them are particularly smart, just conniving and image-obsessed.

All these latergrams are why I don't think she's back at Manaki's. She would be showing off new pics in her same old room with her new clothes/accessories from sugaring for the "aww congrats u 2!!" comments from her Fangelics. That, plus even when she goes out lately her hair is still greasy and she's dressed way more grown up, despite showing off her nice new things. She can wear Vitton but she can't use shampoo? Tinfoil as well, but it smells like she's couchsurfing (or the JP equivalent).

No. 81925

>>dumb of her to openly admit that she's back with a guy she accused of serious abuse
That’s why she’s not openly saying it but just dropping hints in her usual passive-aggressive cowardly way. She’s like a sneaky little ferret. Lucky for her her fangelics are clueless and dumb as rocks (which she knows and uses to her advantage.)

No. 81931

Why though. It makes no sense. She'd be much more impressive if she pretended like she was such a hard-working boss babe, buying her own designer shit and being a strong independent woman while keeping all her mooching completely secret.

No. 81938

Impressive to who? Being a boss babe in Japan isn't seen as desirable or attractive

No. 81939

She could just be 'tinder' surfing. Its not hard to get a random lay that lets you stay over for a night or 2 to bang

No. 81964

She did pretend exactly that. But then she got busted (at least on gossip forums) when we found out about Kitano – the guy who had the real company, whom she likely latched onto for a visa, sugaring and to pass his company off as her own or leech off of him to build a company. Though I've always wondered why would he even be her manager in the first place? She really has no business skills/credentials to add to his company, her fans are overseas and useless for promotion and if he's by any chance paying her as an employee… well why? Unless he was a sugar daddy, I really don't see why he worked/works with her. Especially when she pretends he doesn't exist, passed his company, office, some other dudes studio as her own. Strange.

No. 81983

most not-very-online people would think that if you presently have a million or two subscribers, you must have some kind of ability or appeal

No. 81988

Exactly. She also pretends to speak about a million languages. Imagine you're a sleazy businessman with a shady company who only speaks one language. You come across an IRL animu character polyglot with millions of subscribers worldwide who is willing to promote your business. Of course you're going to say yes to them, it's not like you know enough English to realize that all they post is owo I wanna kill myself desu~

No. 81996

Taylor currently in japan, do you think she is treating her again? it has been while since they mentioned each other which makes me wonder if they are still friends

No. 82001


I highly doubt it. Taylor's been to Japan several times and none of those times has she visited Venus. It doesn't take much to realize what a toxic person she is and I wouldn't put it past Venus to attempt using Taylor for her money.

No. 82004

Agreed. Venus wouldn’t hesitate to use anyone around her especially for her insta likes, as long as they fit into her kawaii lifestyle. Unfortunately those old and gross sugar daddies are not kawaii material, otherwise she would be posting about them for all her fans to know how amazing her life is.

No. 82008

Plus, both of them never miss a chance to use each other for views and likes make videos together. Last year Penus bragged about Taylor spoiling her with dinner at Dior cafe and a spa day.

No. 82018

Dior cafe and a spa day? I’ve no idea who Taylor is, but this sounds like the kind of person comfortable enough to buy an expensive dinner like the one she showed off, plus someone who knows her well enough to buy a wine from the year Venus first visited Japan. Selfies or not, I think this is the person who treated her.

No. 82022

No. 82024

The wine could have been ordered after she told her sugar date when she first came to Japan while talking about herself. If neither Taylor nor Venus even mentioned the other for her birthday, even so much as a "Happy Birthday, Venus!" Post from Taylor, then I doubt it was her. Venus no longer wesrs the bracelet Taylor gave her that she claimed she never took off, and after Venus shitting on her own ideal weeaboo marriage so openly I doubt Taylor is itching to publicly be friends again or spoil Venus.

No. 82026

Tinfoil but that looked like dinner for one . The other glass looked photoshopped . She could say any cheap wine on the menu is vintage . It's all smoke and mirrors with her at the moment .

No. 82028

Not sure it looks photoshopped, but now that you mention it…where is the other person? Wouldn’t they be sitting on the other side of the table? Wouldn’t there be another plate of food there? Wouldn’t a regular person post a happy selfie with their friend, or at least a photo of clinking wine glasses or something?

Again, it’s just her showing off expensive food/gifts/whatever with no other human being in sight. It seems like a sad kind of “celebration” to me.

No. 82033

My first guess was that she was on a escorting date and took pictures while he was is the bathroom?
But I was looking hard, I don’t see any reflections or shadow of someone else being with her.

So now I’m thinking The only picture she actually took was the first one that says “happy birthday” and all the other pictures are someone else’s. Hell, maybe that first pic was from last year? There’s no number on there. Maybe the other pictures came off the restaurants website, or someone else’s Instagram.

No. 82035

File: 1581358916301.jpeg (598.43 KB, 750x1334, B616A16F-7D67-4665-B763-502BA5…)

My bad - you can see the edge of another plate in the third image.

No. 82052

File: 1581371310528.jpeg (500.61 KB, 1086x1536, F7446AAD-72CF-42CC-B371-73C3BE…)

>> why would he even be her manager in the first place?
Kitano’s sketchy ‘Company,’ RepliNet, claims to be a ‘Japanese and Cambodian Advertising and Event management’ company (although its registered address and mailing address are both in Cambodia)


His ‘About’ description says
“We established in 2013, and we've done many events such as : Grand Opening, Sales Promotion, Kids event, Fashion show, Christmas and Halloween events.”

“Not only Cambodian clients, we also have been working for international clients.”


He’s basically a glorified party planner, which is how he started with Weenus—that disastrous fan meetup and the bar events. And he seemed to have some half baked plan to promote random restaurant and shop owners, trotting Weenus around to pose with them in their establishments, promising them videos from the Big Youtuber (most of which never happened.)

Why he had her spend a day in that fish shop recently is anybody’s guess.

No. 82057

There is what looks like a white bag with something pink in it, which is not something a guy would leave on his seat, so it suggests Taylor or another girl like the anons above are theorizing

No. 82059

Plot twist - “Ken” is actually the guy from the fish shop, lol.

No. 82061

File: 1581374138667.jpg (8.03 KB, 612x462, gettyimages-175481537-612x612.…)

looks like a gift bag to me

No. 82068

looks like she sat next to someone at a square table and her bday gift bag is in the chair across from her. It does look like a dinner for one, so either it's a sugar date for her birthday or she faked it/bought it herself, because if it were Taylor she wouldn't resist at least humblebragging about her generosity/wishing V a happy birthday for appearances. I'm fairly certain Taylor broke away from Venus ages ago though when it started becoming apparent how she really was & perhaps Taylor didn't want to risk being friends with someone so publicly unstable, considering the circumstances of her own "success" and stability.

No. 82073

We all know she has no friends and true loved ones to spend her birthday with. It's definitely either one of those two. I'm going with a lonesome dinner paid with spare cash from the previous SD because that's how tragic her life is now. Usually she would humble brag about the dinner if it was a treat from someone she knows.

Nobody loves Venus but herself. What a sad and toxic existence.

No. 82085

Another year older and she’s done nothing, accomplished nothing and gone nowhere. And has no plans to do anything but sit on her ass and entertain herself all day every day.

No. 82107

She needs to learn to love herself before anyone else can love her. But her fans love her with a passion so it's not true to say no one loves her because more people love Venus in that sense than anyone else would know.

No. 82119

I can't imagine why she thinks escorting/sugaring is a better idea than starting a gofundme/patreon to live off her Fangelics.

No. 82121

Most of her fans are teenagers or college students with not much money to give her, I guess. I don’t think they would be able to fund a steady supply of tiny steaks and Coach bags, at any rate.

No. 82137

Sugaring probably pays better and it's easier to hide. Everybody knows you're broke when you beg for money, but if you suck dicks for a living you can just pretend it's your own money, especially when most of your fans are retards and believe everything without question.

No. 82138

Maybe a few people might have given her money on Patreon before she shot herself in the foot with Malice, after that…We already saw with the fan club that no one will pay Venus now.

No. 82141

I wonder if that one person is still posting to themselves in the fan club, haha. There should be a master list of all the dumb stuff she’s started and then abandoned.

No. 82149

And all the videos she’s promised that never appeared. Just in the past month she promised updates on her move and her “mental health.” And a video with Manaki.

And her idiot fans never ask any questions about anything.

No. 82156

Literally the last person I would ever want mental health advice from, smh. I hate how she keeps saying that she wants to “share her mental health journey” and all this bs, like she wants to be some kind of stunning brave role model, but in the same breath talks about it all so fucking flippantly, using words like “psycho” and “crazy” and telling commenters to unfollow if her outbursts trigger them.

Somebody take her phone away, srsly.

No. 82187

The only people that care about her at this rate are her young online fans who she treats like shit and exploits their gullibility.

But outside of the Internet she has nobody. She uses and abuses everyone that enters her life like a typical narc, then plays victim when it all goes to shit.

No. 82228

How is she promoting his business though? By pretending he and his company don't even exist? She made some videos showing off some establishments to her international fans who are useless for promotion purposes and her Japanese only channel is way too small.

pretty sure she's still friends with tsuruko and cathy cat, though I doubt that they were ever close friends or anything.

No. 82229

File: 1581510543384.png (486.46 KB, 805x567, 798080.png)

mori is tsuruko's bf so they're still in contact it seems.

No. 82230

File: 1581510610847.png (861.02 KB, 931x597, 65756576.png)

she got the idea from cathy cat. funny how she knows what an oiran is but lied and denied knowing what sugaring was.

No. 82235

What was with the fat woman pic she posted on her story yesterday?

No. 82251

IG comments does not = being irl friends. Tsuruko is living in Tokyo now along with Mikan. They could easily hang out with Weenus if they wanted to. They obviously want nothing to do with her.

No. 82255

I don't think Venus would even want to hang out. She made it very clear that she prefers locking herself into her room and watching anime over human interaction.

No. 82258

If I recall it mentioned something about getting flowers and deserving them. The content seem more body image implied, so I wouldn't be surprised she's milking that again for sympathy without even explaining why she shares what she does. Once again, she likes to leave her fans confused and on a cliffhanger.

No. 82259

shes been following that bodypositivepanda account for a while

No. 82321

On that subject, she looks really skinny these days. I only really noticed it when that photo of her with the fish shop guy was posted above.

No. 82324

With her diet of processed junk food, ramen, energy drinks, alcohol and bad sleeping habits, it's no surprise she's looking in bad shape in unfiltered photos. She's living like a broke student.

No. 82325

She's living like a drunkarexic.

No. 82327

Is there any indication that she ended up getting the additional stomach surgery, the one where Manaki said he would never have children with her if she went through with it?

No. 82336

Additional stomach surgery? Was there more than one?

No. 82337

I dunno anon,I think you might just be reaching.
It was a pretty common popular instagram meme that I'd seen posted even before that one specifically despite not keeping up to date with meme trends.