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No. 124470

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+Venus Angelic Summary:

>Venus Isabelle Palermo aka Venus Angelic is a washed up as-been famous Swiss Youtuber who gained popularity for her doll looks and weeby content back in the days. Her momager Margo (a notorious cow in her own right >>>/pt/666399 ) created the Venus Angelic brand, dragged her around the globe evading taxes and stirring up drama among the living doll and makeup vlogger community.

>At 19 Venus away from her mother to marry a japanese guy named Manaki, one of her simps who followed her from a very young age. Marriage reason? visa of course. She did end up into a divorce and made a video badmouthing him, calling him a neet and other stuff publicly on youtube. She also exposed his sexuality by claiming he's asexual, only likes 2d women and never even sexed her (proof may say quite the opposite). That concludes on how nobody thinks she really loved him.

>For a short time, she joined a v-tuber project under the name of MALICE, got a minor role in AbsoMetal theatrical play and was the face of some small media company -which she tried to claim as her own. Needless to say, her performace in all these projects was mediocre at best. During this time, she faked alcoholism, lesbianism, mental problems and suicide baited her followers for asspats.

>After divorcing (or splitting up, who knows) she began posting on IG about "business meetings", hotel rooms, riding cabs, showing off LV and Coach items along odd mentions of blowjobs and masturbation in her IG stories. Later, anons discovered her Pater profile under the identity of "Lilian". An unedited selfie she didn't posted anywhere before confirmed it was indeed hers and not someone else using her pics as a catfish.

>Enters "Ken" her new sugardaddy/boyfriend. "Ken", according to Venuses claims, did illicit things to a child. She made an entire insta story about it instead of reporting to the police saying "nobody would help her with the case". Sketchy? Incredibly. Child in question was posted on her Instagram account and was removed after the drama. There is no follow up on Ken.

>After this episode she crawled back to Manaki's place again and lived in her old closet room during the COVID-19 pandemic.

>At that time, Venus announced her Onlyfans and currently is doing full time OF sex work. She claims that this work path was her "childhood dream" and that she's never been SOOO HAPPY!!! like she is at the moment. Her half-assed R18 content features cheap rental costumes, cheap dildos, cheap love hotel rooms, internet cafes strip-teases, sex toy reviews and so on.

>Enter Manager-san. Either Manaki kicked her out or she's fucking a new guy (aka Manager-san) for a place to stay, it's unknown. Manager-san seems to be the one behind the camera, planning the tip menus and streaming schedules since she's incapable of do something steady on her own.

>Venus went back to her habitual suicide baiting tactic, hoping it would make her worried simps throw pity money at her. The reaction wasn't well received and she had to apologize for it, trying to pass it as a prank. The latest live stream went awfully bad, confusing noises made the viewers worry about what was going on between Venus and Manager-san off camera.

+Recent milk

>Faked going to voluntary check-in into a mental hospital for coomer tips and asspats, upon being questioned by an IG user, she just said "I missed my apointments lol" >>108949

>Constantly bitch and moan about hateful DMs and mean comments, threatening to stop discussing her mental health on social media (oh noes!!!)
>Posting boring, gross, cringy, half-assed videos and lewds as usual(cheap costumes, poorly applied makeup, bad angles and poses, you name it), trying hard to act simultaneously like an edgy cumbrain hentai character and a shy, socially-anxious suicidal helpless little girl.
>(unconfirmed) She may be back with Simpanaki -or at least she has been using her old pink room to take selfies and record her latest videos for a while now.
>May have moved onto yet another dodgy manager-san after falling out with the previous, very dubious one
>Extremely varied quality of unconvincing shoops and images being sent out from Venus-camp, varying from swollen baby, K-pop star, cryptid, to plasticine.
>Mommy Margo has been suicide baiting and generally losing her mind on Instagram in recent weeks

instagram: https://www.instagram.com/venus_angelic/
twitter: https://twitter.com/VenusAngelic
tiktok: @dollyvenus
fanicon: https://fanicon.net/fancommunities/1857 (inactive)
main youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/VenusAngelic
weeb youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrpLE_Q1iNszN0O9n6V85YA

No. 124473

Not a regular here but jesus christ that left pic I definitely thought was a child before expanding the image. This lady is sicckk.

No. 124474

Finally s new thread but why is there no Goblin Auschwitz kei picture

No. 124475

Thanks for securing this for us OP

No. 124480

first pic looks like she's paying homage to taylor r

No. 124482

File: 1607270191422.jpeg (312.17 KB, 750x990, BBDFA96D-133D-497C-89B0-DD5AC4…)

Oh look it’s the brand new spirituality venus coming up next, this girl goes through phases like nobody’s business

No. 124483

witchcraft will be her new phase

No. 124484

File: 1607270453070.jpeg (377.77 KB, 967x1280, 96C85372-537A-4FF1-9F74-22AFE4…)

The picture that goes with the caption

No. 124485

All these years in japan and she only realizes there is spirituality out there. Sounds like her new sugar daddy or whatever tries to brainwash her

No. 124486

>>124482 so this is gonna be her next "brand new venus" bs? kek watch her abandon this whole spirituality thing in less than a month, it's the same thing just recycling itself over and over again and her fans are still buying it

No. 124488

Gawd almighty, looking at this enlarged and upside down and it looks like her half closed eye is kinda whited out. This should be captioned Welcome to my nightmare.
Don't see anything spiritual about this picture.

No. 124489

Now she's back to her school uniform fetish on IG and all the kids in the comments talking about their school uniforms.(imageboard)

No. 124490

Her pupil looks nightmarish.

No. 124491

File: 1607273137948.jpg (123.97 KB, 1080x1080, Iron-Studios-Gollum-Statue-013…)

I can't not think of smeagol

No. 124499

Its been a trope since the 50s. Get over the schoolgirl thing.

No. 124502

You're missing the point, just because you waste money on her OF doesn't make their point any less valid about her cycle.

No. 124503

File: 1607278791137.jpeg (355.54 KB, 967x1120, A7D3E468-D988-47AF-A59B-2AD2E3…)

Samefag but If you flip the image round the right way she looks like a goblin

No. 124506

God, she's so perfect.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 124512

>inb4 she larps as Jewish so she can leech a chabad just like mommy did

No. 124514

Pupils so large its like staring into the cracks of Mount Doom wtf

No. 124515

File: 1607285816877.jpeg (132.88 KB, 872x831, 585EA8DB-B71D-4D50-B382-779099…)

Yeah, wtf?? This doesn’t even look human.

No. 124519

Lizardpeople confirmed

No. 124520

This is how she describes spirituality? With single words? God, can't she even try to at least form 1 normal sentence to describe spirituality? What is this, first grade English class?

No. 124521

You don't get to cherrypick what thots can and can't do the schoolgirl trope just because of her cycle and that's a really dumb way to put reusing tropes and scenes as every thot does. This is a retarded nitpick.

No. 124526

Reptilian-kei is so kaweewee !

No. 124532

Japan isn't a religious county and no one gives a fuck about spirituality there

No. 124533

…Of all the things to troll about you say this lol.

No. 124538

…..It's true tho?
The only religious practicing people there are some old people. Young people will go to temples or w/e on occasion for "good luck" but outside of that, nobody is focused on spirituality.

No. 124550

File: 1607313354052.jpg (72.15 KB, 951x1054, n3Lzmlg.jpg)

can't unsee

No. 124565

LOL this bitch knows nothing of spirituality. Most of those things she described have nothing to even do with the topic. Looks like she just googled some words and inserted them in, in a pitiful attempt to seem pseudo-deep and woke. Next, she'll say she's a starseed like Marge. (rolls eyes). And I can't believe she had the nerve to throw in "ethics" in there. Slandering your mom to millions (no matter how bad marge is), being a hypocrite, a greedy coin gremlin, pandering, being a sellout, dating a pedo for money and exposing his sexually abused kid to further victimize yourself with no regard to the child, abusing animals and treating them like accessories, laughing at the prospect of your husbands death and calling him a pedo, killing your hamsters and casually brushing off their deaths with: only two died who cares, committing visa fraud and pretending to love Manaki to get away with fraud, scamming, presenting someone's business as your own, cheating on your husband, having sugar daddies for an easy life, being a toxic, self-centered emotional vampire, faking mental illnesses because you think it's cute and gets you attention, suicide baiting, faking abuse and admitting it, slandering your husband, faking regular therapy, using managers and blaming them for your shitty excuse of a self, trying to plead insanity for a court case, cycling through personalities like a whore cycles through clients, faking working as an accountant and seeing real work as "beneath you" and seeing yourself as inherently better, plagiarizing/copying, pathologically lying to your audience and weaving a fake narrative of your entire life… the list just goes on and on, and she has the nerve to talk about "ethics." Fuck this fake ass bitch.

No. 124566

I would love to see the red riding hood thread picture before edits - her bone structure looks so teeny tiny and "smol", which is obviously what she wants to be, but I imagine the actual picture is really awkward and lanky and big boned

No. 124567

Sounds like a list of hashtags

No. 124573

Saged cause no milk but is anyone else kinda weirded out that she will go to crazy lengths to photoshop herself, went all the way to Korea to get an illegal operation to be skinny, but won’t fix her tits?

And I get it, boobs come in all shapes and sizes. Mine suffer from the same sagginess and it sucks and I’m going to get them done soon. I don’t even have a job that’s related to modelling or porn.

I wonder if she’s either broke AF or she just doesn’t give a shit, which would surprise me because she seems to be conscious about the rest of her body.

No. 124576

are you saying that the motion of her hands and her nerves are not spiritual? shocking!!

No. 124579

she has body dysmorphia etc. she's not really interested in looking hot. just small

No. 124580

File: 1607336700455.jpeg (303.34 KB, 750x1148, CD9E59C4-63AF-4AB6-BB91-24A1CD…)

She posted another version of this pic but what annoys me the most if she spends hours photoshopping her face but leaves the disgusting crust on the side of her mouth for everyone to see

No. 124610

File: 1607354415130.jpeg (596.09 KB, 1242x1879, D38F1E6F-5783-40CA-8166-36ACE4…)

Spirituality over not even 12 hours later lmao
Getting involved in one of those psycho cults would be an incredible twist

No. 124611

My bad, these pictures are so similar that I thought she just swapped the caption but of course she deleted the other pic

No. 124617

I mean, it could be that she'd get recruited for some kind of cult. It's not too uncommon that gaijins are targets of said cults (happened to me years ago as well). Venus would be dumb enough to fall for this shit.

No. 124620

Venus is really pioneering the "false lashes hanging 1cm off the edge of your lashes" look.

No. 124625

Can you believe that people actually want Venus to make more make-up tutorials? She's so bad it's laughable

No. 124632

This thread should have been named Venus Angelic - kawewe cryptide edition

No. 124637


She's totally insane. Her real face, smaller eyes and wider chin, is waaaay better looking than this monstrously hideous creation.

No. 124640


So what though? They don't have to be.

Just look at all the trouble that people who deeply and fanatically follow a religion can cause in the world.

Japan is a superior country in every way for that reason alone, that they don't follow any set religion, that is a good thing.

People don't have to follow a religion or go banging on about 'spirituality' to be a good person and do worthwhile things in the world, care for animals, not abuse the environment, etc.

No. 124644

ok weeb

No. 124648

you heard it here first guys - japan is the only country in the world that isn't run by religious fanatics

No. 124664

No, it should've been named Invasion of the Pullfags

No. 124671

I don't think she's dumb enough to fall for it (that's not to say she is intelligent because she isn't), but rather, if there was something monetary to gain from the cult or some type of exposure or ability to use or leech off the leaders, then she'd go for it.

No. 124677

File: 1607382500589.jpeg (109.58 KB, 1038x836, E3BCB075-7B39-45F1-99D2-72B1B4…)

>> Her real face, smaller eyes and wider chin, is waaaay better looking than this

Actually it’s not. She has coarse features, a bulbous potato nose, premature aging and unfiltered looks exactly like her goblin mother.

No. 124679

Fucking this.

Like okay, you guys fap to her and pay for her OF…THIS IS HOW SHE LOOKS. Stop saying she "looks so pretty/cute", no she doesn't, she looks like a haggard failed prostitute that hasn't touched a dick in her life yet somehow with the appearance of riding 7800 miles of dick and meth.

No. 124680

File: 1607382865910.jpeg (440.13 KB, 2695x1537, C1695FCA-4C34-4254-A32B-8DCB66…)

If I didn’t know who venus was and I was showed these 2 pictures I wouldn’t recognize them as the same person

No. 124684

honestly this just makes me sad. She's not 'hot' by any means but if she just styled herself better, used the right make up, used a hair style that didn't accentuate her round face, she'd be pretty. She obviously has severe body dysmorphia duh but imagine hating yourself so much you shoop yourself to >>124680
literally a different person.
It makes me pity her until I remember the fucked up shit she did to everyone around her.

Did the person who was gunna speak to manaki ever end up posting anything?

No. 124685

I think ideally IF she took care of herself (as in; showered, hydrated, etc.) she would look at least alright. as it stands she either looks:
> a. bizarro alien+gollum hybrid in her uber-edited pictures or
> b. an alvin schwartz scary stories to tell in the dark character

No. 124706

The problem, besides the shooping, is that she’s styling herself like she’s a petite Asian girl and uses techniques and hairstyles that would look good on girls with these natural features. She has Eastern European genes, that doesn’t mean her nose is fugly, it’s clearly not the worst nose I’ve seen ever. But she needs to style herself like what she is and not what she tries to Facetune.

It really does my head in when I see girls who can’t fit that style, try their hardest to be the palest dorito chip there is. Honestly, a light healthy tan and a good haircut that’d frame her face better would make her look less miserable.

Second of all, she’s always tense as hell, that’s why she never looks that good in candids. Whenever I see vids of her I feel like she has her butthole clenched to the max. Honest to god, she’d benefit from taking some acting classes and learn to relax in front of the camera.
Just look at some older or not so beautiful actors/actresses and you’d notice it’s not that they’re insanely beautiful, but that they carry themselves nicely.

No. 124719

I hate to say it but her mom looks better than her. I don’t even see a resemblance between her and her mom. Her mom is no beauty queen, but I think it’s because her mom styles herself to what at least kind of fits her features.

No. 124747

File: 1607422535227.jpg (80.23 KB, 631x527, 53.jpg)


No. 124748

So you're sperging about how superior Japan is because they don't strictly follow one religion and then add stuff like
>care for animals
>not abuse the environment
which is the exact opposite of what Japan is doing? Have you ever actually been to Japan or have you only seen it in anime?

No. 124752

This shit made me cringe back to the stone age. Japan is racist, misogynistic, homophobic, and terribly sexually repressive. I seriously doubt you've been there and think anime/hentai is real life.

No. 124757

Why does everything she writes sound so damn awkward? I've never seen anyone use the phrase "implied nude". Does she do this on purpose?

No. 124758


I wonder if she is doing this on purpose now?
Her face, especially mouth looks so haggard and weird and it seems like she can barely lift her arms.
She really looks like an old woman here

No. 124771


This picture you've posted still looks vastly better to the hideous looking edits she posts.

No. 124773


My God, anon, I hope you're not seriously trying to suggest that the revoltingly ugly pointy chin freak picture is better than the picture which shows Venus with her natural, far more attractive face. But then, let's face it, anything would look more attractive than that ugly pointy chin freakface she seems to wish she really looked like.
Definite face dysmorphia going on in her mind if she thinks that hideous long narrow chin like an ugly old witch is better than her natural face.

No. 124812

File: 1607453912685.png (87.4 KB, 600x603, 7AC71D34-7E9A-407A-9590-0CE26E…)

Japan actually has a lot of religious cults but okay.

No. 124814

File: 1607453936436.jpg (Spoiler Image, 345.32 KB, 1080x1647, Screenshot_20201208-135624.jpg)

Red riding hood photos from OF. Her ass is just pitiful.

No. 124816

G-granny is that you?

No. 124825

Is that supposed to be sexy? Because I'm disgusted.

No. 124826

File: 1607455894597.jpeg (338.78 KB, 1080x1566, F546254A-79BC-415D-9552-81A737…)

I think this is more accurate

No. 124831

how many times are you gonna write this out before you get it out of your system?

No. 124832

what's that yellowness?

No. 124839

Jesus Christ that is scary, if she gets any thinner I’d imagine her face would look like that eventually.
Her photos are so awkward, whoever is taking them obviously hates her

No. 124854

File: 1607464555388.jpg (Spoiler Image, 368.54 KB, 1080x1960, Screenshot_20201208-135658.jpg)

I got distracted in between posting this set, my b.

No. 124856

File: 1607465287448.jpg (Spoiler Image, 370.87 KB, 1080x1755, Screenshot_20201208-135640.jpg)

No. 124858

holy guacamole that is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen, she can’t think this is the least bit smexy or attractive right? She’s trolling at this point right? Please someone assure me this isn’t serious

No. 124860

Aaand down the hellhole… Sorry, couldn't resist. That's just cheap.

No. 124861

Does she ever wipe her buttcrack I wonder?

No. 124868

how it is consistently like this. i think must she edits these herself and has some kind of bizarre notion that ultra darkening is feels less exposed ?
that doesn't explain the random lightening (or sth?) in >>124814

maybe her ass is all scarred up? or fuckin, rife with stds like her mouth ?

No. 124869

intercrural would not even work with her 'cus she's such a skeleton kek
That's Venus in 2030

No. 124872

> 2022

No. 124876

At this point. I’m pretty sure people are paying in hopes that she’ll degrade herself for money, and not actually fap to her content.

Also, I get the feeling that she doesn’t really want to do OF anymore, but she’s doing it because it’s her only source of income. She used to reveal more and promise hardcore content, but now it’s just half-ass click bait.

No. 124882

File: 1607476942604.jpg (219.4 KB, 1080x1434, Screenshot_20201209_022043.jpg)

I'm trying to understand what's happening there

No. 124884

God, those legs. I feel sorry for her, she's quite young and already looking like that, don't get me wrong, not a fan of hers, but poor child, Margaret ruined this girl.

No. 124885

The red fabric is hanging down slightly between the legs. It looks normal.

No. 124886


One leg is in front of the other and there's a bit of red cloth in between. You're welcome anon.

No. 124891

I think that she might just have extra shadows caused by her lack of muscle tone or a butt, and maybe that area is more concave on her or something

No. 124892

BRB need to take a poop and then go to grandmas house

No. 124893

File: 1607481386843.jpeg (321.65 KB, 2046x1364, D816BC82-0B9E-4D86-91D0-76F78B…)

No. 124895

that's an ok guess anon but it's not possible for a crack to be that black in a scene lit that way, that's just not how light works. it's been clumsily darkened in photoshop

No. 124896

(or it's densely packed with dark hair, or both)

No. 124906

is this supposed to be the granny of the tale?

No. 124909

Yeah I think thats her attempt at censoring

No. 124937

is this accurate looking? She looks soooo tall, i thought she was smaller

No. 124952

Anon isn’t talking about the red fabric they’re circling the extra skin on her knee area that looks to be from badly photoshopping her legs taller and thinner

No. 124955

she is pretty tall, around 170 cm i would guess

No. 124956

at least this is a nice photo, she could easily get away with pictures like this

No. 124957

File: 1607502311971.png (221.99 KB, 639x320, 3FC8DCAC-AC1A-4AA0-8AE2-0A97E4…)

Ah yes Venus, the photoshopped rubber stretchy man body is so kawaii

No. 124960

Whats happening with the right leg? Looks edited. But weirdly edited.

No. 124968

File: 1607506538561.jpeg (1.02 MB, 3173x2417, 6796CAE5-E561-4407-AAEF-C10BFF…)

For what ever reason she decided to use the liquify tool to shrink her legs down to either make her ass look bigger or to look more skinnier, the circled area is where the leg should start from so I un-liquified it to what she would have looked like before she edited it

No. 124976

And again I'm wondering who shes's pandering to with these, she tries so hard yet ends up looking stiff and awkward yet again, like who's gonna look at her pics thinking "yep that's totally erotic imma jerk off to this"?

No. 124988

Men will jerk off to a ceiling lamp if it looks like a boob.

No. 124993

Men are fascinating creatures

No. 124996

File: 1607515828394.jpeg (473.68 KB, 1242x1527, 8767CBF1-4FC1-41DF-89EA-E4EB4C…)

She posted this then within 10 minutes deleted it…

No. 125017

Kudos to you Speedy screenshot anon

No. 125045

A fleeting moment of some semblance of self awareness, groundbreaking.

No. 125051

Who would want to receive mental health awareness from her.

No. 125064


It's a relief to see this after what else just came before and assaulted my eyeballs.

No. 125066


It's true Japan could do better when it comes to care for animals and the environment, but I hope no one is trying to imply that those countries who slavishly follow a religion actually show real concern for animals or care much about the environment, it's quite the opposite, and as for misogyny, well expecting women to be covered up from head to toe or face damnation is not then? And homophobia? Well we all know how homosexuality is viewed by the devout followers of any strict, (man invented) 'religion'.

So no, Japan is not perfect in that respect,but certainly not as bad as some of these countries in our world that spawn religious extremism.

And no I don't watch anime or hentai, and not really into any of the typical 'Japan things' that weebs are into, I'm just talking from how it is in the world. Japan is known to be one of the safest countries in the world to walk around in, and has cleaner streets, residents who show more respect for their fellow residents than most elsewhere and no shouting into phones on public transport, which is one level of ignorance not missed by anyone who visits there.(derailing)

No. 125067


I thought the purpose of editing was to make something look better, she always makes herself look worse in some way.

No. 125070


Maybe she thought she never made her chin look long and ugly enough for her liking?

Srsly tho, why would she even worry about shmexy pix on IG? Don't loads of Instagrammers post shmexy pix w/ no worries? Why should she be any different?

No. 125074

Her simps who pay for her OF are pissed that she posts the same and better shit to IG than the OF they sub to, and so in order to not lose those subs without having to actually make porn/better content she now has to stop posting her OF/shmexy pics to IG or lose those simpbux.

No. 125080

File: 1607538981862.png (3.27 MB, 750x1334, 1895BECB-8096-48C1-A345-E8F3F2…)

I guess this is her version of bringing awareness to mental health

No. 125081

So many cows (Holly Conrad and now Venus) like to post about "mental health awareness" - does that just mean they're making viewers like us aware that they are crazy?

No. 125082

It means they're following social media trends. Mental health awareness makes it easier to clock and swerve crazies like them, but they latch on and post with 0 self awareness for those sweet views/followers/likes.

No. 125108

she might be in a cult. that is a thing in Japan

No. 125109

sounds like kiki

No. 125112

File: 1607557338892.jpeg (440.84 KB, 1242x1767, 00382931-31B7-41CF-BB6D-57206A…)

She’s referencing AA terms in this post (whoopie drinker = habitual drinker). It’s fucking weird, no one in the comments understands. Bet she’ll delete this one later

No. 125118

She already deleted it. That was fast

No. 125168

File: 1607582486096.png (1.72 MB, 1010x1676, Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 10.3…)

Why on earth does she feel like she needs to make this face constantly? I swear, in every video as soon as the camera is on her face she does this with her mouth (usually followed by her rotating her face around making other weird faces)

No. 125186

>Actually it’s not. She has coarse features, a bulbous potato nose, premature aging and unfiltered looks exactly like her goblin mother.
Jesus Christ anon, she definitely looks nothing like her shoops, but she's not the fucking creature from the black lagoon. She just looks like an average woman here. When I read nitpicks like this I can't help but wonder what these anons look like.
To me it's milky that someone who already looks okay feels the need to edit herself this heavily. It screams mental illness.

No. 125189

File: 1607595726110.jpg (44.14 KB, 596x303, 1599709499756.jpg)

almost all of the horribleness of her looks comes from her expressions, before the editing hits
its some kind of psychotic gurning. see:

No. 125214

>>She just looks like an average woman here. When I read nitpicks like this I can't help but wonder what these anons look like.

True, I dread to think actually.

>>To me it's milky that someone who already looks okay feels the need to edit herself this heavily. It screams mental illness.

Exactly this. Most people with a brain can see it. Except for some of her deluded fans who seem so dim they believe she looks like every image she uploads.

>>almost all of the horribleness of her looks comes from her expressions, before the editing hits
its some kind of psychotic gurning. see:

Um, but she doesn't actually look horrible here. She still has a pleasing appearance here, even if she is gurning, which I can't really see, it really isn't that obvious. It's not like she's pulling a really obvious stupid face. And any amount of images where she looks like her real self is infinitely more pleasing in aspect than those repulsive edits she uploads with the bug eyes and witch's chin.

No. 125220

It's so that people know they're not getting actual nudes. At least she's being honest.

No. 125225

>Um, but she doesn't actually look horrible here.
She's looks pretty bad in the right pic. Not a goblin, but not pretty either. Just plain and average. The left one, she's lucky because it's a flattering angle. Her profile doesn't look so great.

No. 125232

she's trying to mimick the "awkward-cute" gestures some jpn costhots and sexworkers do on camera, but Venus doesn't have enough lip fullness neither soft facial features for it

random example from twitter https://twitter.com/tamano_elysion/status/1323841380616085504?s=20(imageboard)

No. 125243

Ah, I see we're still doing the "Venus is ugly vs Venus is pretty" schtick like 15 threads in kek. Never change LC.

No. 125244

Yep, as long as people fail to accept she is not a good looking chick we'll always fall into this argument.

No. 125245

You mean the coy look all thots do?

No. 125246

We get we won't all agree, but you don't need to do 20 replies about ehy you think she's ugly.

No. 125295

Okay smartass

No. 125331

this pointless arguing over whether Venoos is hot or not is what gets ours threads auto-saged by the mods. Her being attractive or not means nothing because coomers still pay into her bullshit literally and support her degen lifestyle.

No. 125333

does she have that much support though? nobody seems to notice what i showed above which is she asked for 1000 RTs for a pic reveal and she got 53. which is now 60, 3 days later
60 when she aimed for 1000

No. 125352

Yeah her viewership seems low/dead. She doesn't even get enough attention from interested thirsty men or sad pathetic fangelics to meet her rt goals. It is almost embarrassing but I guess her onlyfans must still be doing okay enough for her to continue this sex worker phase.

No. 125353

I noticed, thanks anon. It is interesting to think what it must be like to move from millions of YouTube views, to basically begging for people to want to see her implied nudes, and getting basically ignored.

No. 125376


FOR FUCKS SAKE! Anyone could say the same the other way round, that as long as people fail to see that she is naturally good looking, this will continue. The reality, is, that people have their own, different, ideas about what they find good or bad looking.

Some people will look at a pile of shit and think it looks nice, whereas others will look at a rainbow and see something ugly.

Can we please stop the constant back & forth of she's pretty, no she's not. and the main offender seems to be the nutjob who is so obsessed with she's always ugly no matter how pretty she might look to anyone else that they feel the need to jump on anyone who even remotely hints that sometimes she might look okay. Its so bloody predictable from this "she's ugly" autist and also, very, very boring. No wonder this board is a laughing stock for this sort of thing over at kiwi farms. -No, I don't post there, or even read there that much, just occasionally, but I often see it mentioned at how ugly some of the women must be who post here because of their constant nit picking of how venus looks, and it's annoying, because , well, because we are not all like that here. ::rolls eyes:: why do I even bother? The obsessive nit picker will just be there as usual, with their "she's ugly and anyone who says otherwise should be banned" shtick.( ::rolls eyes::)

No. 125378

Lol, see:

It's never going to end. This is an age where people think photoshopping and drowning yourself in makeup into a nearly different person is "beauty."

No. 125379

>>This is an age where people think photoshopping and drowning yourself in makeup into a nearly different person is "beauty."

But the point is she makes herself look worse with the photoshopping, at least those really ugly edits of her chin, her real face looks better than how she edits herself, but the obsessive nit picker can't stand to see that mentioned for some reason. I'm not one of the idiots who thinks she looks better with the photoshopping.

No. 125382

To some people, "looking better" means looking flawless and inhuman, even if the end result looks like a failed alien abortion. Insecure girls would rsther be called creepy and alien than busted and haggard any day.

No. 125384

File: 1607703030746.jpg (352.67 KB, 1152x2048, 20201212_000934.jpg)

Oneesan venus more like concentration camp venus

No. 125385

Men look at this and can seriously think: "Wow she's so pretty! look at how pretty she is! mm those thighs are fucking tasty!" and really not sit there and think she's edited to hell and back and not even in a good way.

She looks like one of those asian grannies who look decent before age hits them like truck.

No. 125392

This. There's no milk aside from nitpicking. Mods honestly might want to autosage this too.

No. 125393

No. 125396

Since Pull is gone, all pulltards are here nitpicking and going full autistic, so what do you expect?

No. 125397

Interesting whiteknighting happening here as always.

No. 125398

Not thinking everything she does or every photo looks ugly isn't whiteknighting.

No. 125405

File: 1607713494856.jpeg (272.58 KB, 1047x1327, 5329040D-6EE5-465F-99B1-5B56F6…)

Taking time out from her super busy and STRESSFUL schedule of Doing As Little As Possible to rest, you guys. Poor thing must be worn out!

No. 125407

the long straight nose lol

No. 125408

She looking like Professor Snape

No. 125409

her edits are so so bad… like you can tell she is not even photoshopping herself anymore, she is just using easy filters from asian beauty apps… the quality of her content used to be WAY better than this, her videos were nice and sharp and most of her pics were okay too. but now it feels like she is in like 2007 with these stupid filters only old people use nowdays… knowing she is a 'youtube star' i would expect a lot more especially because she's been on the internet for quite a while now. she is even adding stupid gemstone stickers and hearts lol. and it's not even ironic it's just pure trash.
she has like the newest phone and macbook, what the fuck is she even doing??

No. 125414

File: 1607718573233.png (666.59 KB, 674x804, Screen Shot 2020-12-11 at 21.3…)

No. 125415

Well, it must be exhausting to depend on her suggar daddies for a roof over her head and the constant fear of getting deported. Not that I feel bad for her, she should be deported asap. Makes any other foreigner staying in Japan look bad kek

No. 125422

File: 1607720405037.png (76 KB, 262x217, 2020-12-11 215941.png)

Now that looks a bit familiar

No. 125429

Is is just me or has the editing gotten significantly more insane and inhuman in the past few weeks? I mean its always been bad, but I feel like she doesn't even look like a real person and her eyes are going to pop out

No. 125430

Also..Could the excessive nonhuman edits be something like her malice days when she was OK just being a virtual cartoon girl?? Or influenced by the the fact that Manaki was more interested in 2D girls?

Maybe she doesn't even care at all if she is making a completely fake character that isn't her, and maybe likes it

No. 125431

Anyone know what happen between Venus and June?

No. 125433

she looks like a drug addict tbh…

No. 125449

her hair is way too thin rn to handle those long extensions, it looks ratty and cheap. she should wear wigs.

No. 125461

NTA but I thought the cat was platypus (the cat ear is it’s beak)

No. 125462

you're overanalyzing lol. The ridiculous editing is just a habit, getting progressively more extreme as seen in many online cows.

No. 125472

This anon >>125376 is def white-knighting. It's just pointy chin sperg that can't accept anyone thinking Venus is ugly OR EVEN average. pointy chin sperg can't stand those pointing out the obvious.

This pic is horrendous. I wonder what her simp think of the 100 different faces of Venus?

No. 125474

Unlikely Manaki was more interested in 2D girls. This is coming from the girl who slandered Manaki and got caught lying, so why should we believe he's asexual and into anime girls over real girls? She was obviously just trying to bad mouth him and vindicate herself for only using him for a visa. She's probably the one who didn't want to sleep with him, just wanted that juicy PR status.

No. 125481

File: 1607750271074.png (64.49 KB, 624x348, Screen Shot 2020-12-11 at 9.15…)

I feel like I have heard this countryside home mentioned before but cant remember when/where

No. 125502

>gunna renovate and entire home
Yeah sure you ar-
>and make youtube videos again
AHAHA this is the most unbelievable thing I've read in a while

No. 125507

I don’t think he’s into 2D girls as much as she claims. The guy did a lot of shit for Venus when he didn’t have to. He supported her when she ran to him and stuck with her when Margo stalked their house. He encouraged her to have more friends, introduced her to his family and they treated her well. And I learned all of this through her words when she started her life in Japan. Even though their relationship didn’t work out, she’s not grateful enough to show him any respect. I don’t think she’s capable of empathy, respect, anything that makes you a decent human being.

No. 125518

Can't really blame her for turning out like that when her own mother is batshit crazy, but jesus fuck she should go to therapy, I think we've been saying this in all of her threads before

>inb4 "they don't do therapy in Japan/do it differently/it's complicated"

online therapy is a thing

No. 125525

File: 1607761412288.jpeg (409.34 KB, 828x1020, 3AAB4CE5-25A7-4FCB-9E1F-089F4C…)

Was scrolling through my feed and stumbled upon this 3 min vid on Venus. It was only posted yesterday and has 100k~ views right now

Typical thing of her being forced to be a living doll. Funny thing is they painted Macaco here as a terrible stalker who stole a mother’s daughter. They actually added that she’s has an only fans now and is in the “adult industry” and is now “free”

It’s the first time I’ve seen anything on Venus’ story that includes she does sex work now

No. 125528

God she's such a bitch.Notice how she walks away from all her relations with people as the victim and their horrible, evil goblins.

>also gonna renovate my home
You mean your sugar dads home. Is she able to purchase a home on her own in Japan? Did she actually save up?

No. 125530

Margo was right when she exposed Venus for saying, "reality is whatever you make people believe" and "if you're cute you can get away with anything." She obviously posted the slander video, knowing that down the road, the casual fan and general public will view manaki as some horrible abuser, the same way they view her mom and her other managers. I guess in a way karma got her. No one genuinely loves her and she's alone. Her fake jvlogger/sex friends dont love her. Her internet fans dont love her, they just love the idea of her. Her simps dont love her. Her family is done with her. Manaki is likely done with her. Her sugar daddies dont love her. She's alone and unloved, just like she deserves for being an awful, manipulative sociopath.

No. 125552

>>But one of her obsessive male fans named Makani

No. 125611


You could post something here saying how you hate every single thing about her and that she looks as ugly as fuck in all of her edits, but that, oh she did post one picture about six years ago where she did look halfway decent instead of looking gross and repulsive like she always does usually, and for that, the "she never ever, ever, looks anything other than hideous" autist will jump on you and say you are white knighting. It's so predictable now, and laughable, or it would be if it wasn't so boring.

No. 125617

Sugar daddy's home, likely. She loves to show off someone else's properties and achievements as her own.

No. 125620

The hurt feelings and tantrums every time someone mentions that Wenus is not, in fact “pretty” (and even worse, dares to post a pic of what she actually looks like irl) is always amusing.

No. 125622

Yup, there's NO way she could ever buy her own property in Japan. She would have to have a real job with a real income (sex-work online and youtube is not enough for that, especially not in Japan). She's nuts for acting like it's her house kek

No. 125667

What if she had enough money from Of and YT? Does she have to have a real job or job at all if she hypothetically had enough money. I've never bought a home so I have no idea how it works, especially not in Japan.

I assume she's snagged another sugar daddy or living with a friend, especially since she says she'll be making YT content again, which is what she did when she was leeching off Manaki in the comfort of her pink little room. And yeah, she's probably trying to pass someone else's home as her own, like she did with Kitano's business. Remember she said she had offices and a studio that wasn't even hers and claimed her "connect Japan with the world" was her business and then anons found Kitano and saw that it was his business and he was getting her all her gigs. She even called sugar daddies and/or Kitano's associates as her "investors" LOL.

It amazes me that you can't even call her average without pointy chin sperg getting pissed. I mean, without all the editing she looks rather plain. In more candid pics, you can see how saggy her skin is, all the wrinkles around her eyes for someone her age, how dull her skin looks likely from her dieting/restricting and so forth. Sometimes she looks more put together, but is still rather plain.

No. 125668

Would be stupid to buy a house if she doesn't even have permanent residence there yet.

No. 125669

I think it’s hilarious how she’s embarrassing herself by claiming all sorts of things, especially the bookkeeping job. People who know their shit can see through all the lies she spews. She’s only fooling little girls or those who are as clueless about life as she is.

No. 125671

The bookkeeping job was likely fake or something she did/observed for/with Kitano but that would be nothing like a real book keeping job. She's like Margo in this regard, where she tries to aggrandize all the random crap she does to sound better to her audience. I still can't get over how she said programming is an easy side job LOL. Like, coming from the girl who couldn't even set up with switch or her live stream or knows anything about computers.

No. 125672

She worked in that bar for one day, and it wasn't even work, it was promotional and she got the role because she had a YT channel, which is very different from making a resume, applying and attending an interview, but she considered it a "real" job. I remember when she looked down and insulted people working real jobs, she said "been there, done that" when she actually hasn't. She leeched off Kitano, vtuber manager, sex work, random promotional gigs like the bar and that pitiful voice acting play thing, her new mononga inc insta page (or whatever it was called). When has she ever made a resume and applied like everyone else and actually landed a job? I bet she'll consider that "strictest ramen chef" video as having worked in a restaurant. What a joke.

No. 125684

>so I have no idea
yeah so don't fucking come in and spew walls of text. she is an STD riddled street dicksucker who gets put up by johns among boxes in their spare rooms.

No. 125691

What the actual fuck, I legit don't care about Venus but this claim sounds insane

No. 125694

How is it insane tho? Where’s the lie? (Not the same anon)

No. 125722

The lie is that none of us actually can know if she has stds or is on the streets. We see a picture or video a couple times a week. We see like .001% of her existence.

I imagine she is dependent on men given her residency, but if she is too lazy to regularly update her OF, I doubt she is running around the streets. She can get 200+ likes on her pictures on OF and I imagine that is a fraction of who pays 6.99 monthly. +all her PPV. IMO you guys sound like you are over exaggerating the situation

No. 125726

didn't you see her mouth though? i feel like there's this meme on this website that huge fuckin herpes scabs are referred to as "dry skin" because other farmers have herpes too and want the whole world to think that it's just dry skin

No. 125731

File: 1607839343980.jpg (284.46 KB, 1152x2048, 20201213_140202.jpg)

Her knuckle seems to be injured. Anyone can think of why?

No. 125737

I’ve seen that in a few pictures recently. I think its a “Russel’s sign”, which are small scabs on the back knuckle of fingers you use to make yourself vomit (eating disorder). It’s where your teeth are scrapping + the acid agitates it

No. 125743

you don't need to have a job or income to buy a house. you need those things to be able to take a loan for a house, but not if you pay full in cash. which for a rotten house in japanese countryside, you really don't need a lot of.

No. 125746

Honestly, she looks like she’s running low on money lately. She hasn’t gotten those gaudy nails in a while, and her hair ends are ratty and gross. It looks like she got her hair done with a couple of boxed hair dyes from the grocery store. What happened to the hair salon trips? Even if she can’t afford that, can she not even afford conditioner?

No. 125756

File: 1607850914805.jpg (53.08 KB, 564x754, ezgif-6-7561eb31da2f.jpg)

she should just cut it all off and get a cute shoulder length style. Long hair on her just weighs it all down and makes it look thinner than it already is.

No. 125757

that's a lotta " "dry skin" "

No. 125759

File: 1607851893999.jpg (1.62 KB, 112x112, yehno.jpg)

>crusty lip corners
>purging sores
>bruised thighs
>ratty ass hair
>dejected stare

No. 125786


So is the fact that your whole life seems to be spent here just waiting for the slightest chance for you to jump in every time there is even a tentative suggestion that she does look okay sometimes. I can't even imagine that level of obsessive hate towards someone you don't know.

No. 125788


Well that's not a very good example. It looks like a horrible ugly wig. And who is this pudgy nosed person anyway?

As for the house in the countryside thing, didn't I read somewhere a while back that you can buy houses in Japan incredibly cheap if they are places that hardly anyone else would want to live in? -Like in an out of the way location in the countryside or whatever, or if there is something bad associated with the house.- And that the authorities would rather have those houses sold off incredibly cheaply, even to, gasp, foreigners, rather than staying empty.

No. 125789

>>This anon >>125376 is def white-knighting.

You're mental if you think that was white knighting. White knighting would be praising her ugly edits not condemning them as I always do.


Probably because it's coming from an insane person. In fact the level of insanity here sometimes is really quite worrying.

No. 125790


Maybe she punched someone? Or got angry and frustrated and punched the wall?

Didn't momma dearest say something about her volatile temper and how she can get violent if she doesn't get her own way on something?

No. 125793

No, she's bulimic, she punched no one and nothing lol. Even if she did, why would she literally throw out her living situation? If this slut punched my walls she'd be out the next minute.

No. 125802

Love how that anon says "obsessive nitpicker" as if they aren't obsessed with their pitiful attempts at making sure every knows Venus is sO pReTtY. The irony from pointed-chin sperg kek

No. 125833

I had the same marks when I was bulimic.

No. 125837

It's whiteknighting, people in the know aren't stupid.

No. 125839

She has an ed and she's admitted to it herself

No. 125841

also, punch marks don't look like that when you punch a wall w.e, it looks like it's been melted/burned, like acid.

No. 125851

LMAO anon i spilled my soup

No. 125853

When exactly? Up until now, she always denied claims about her having an ed and that her botched surgery was just because "she always felt hungry" which is bs.

No. 125854

No. 125866

She admit it on on of her Instagram posts when she figured she could milk her ED and hospital stay for money/pity/clout. PULL was kissing her ass hard back then. Also, it's pretty obvious she'd have one given she went to get an unnecessary surgery while being thin. I remember she also said she was thinking of getting another surgery at the hospital, legally, because "she was always hungry" and kept posting about it to her fans, probably looking for validation from them. Who knows, maybe she even got another one back then and just kept quiet?

No. 125879

Could her countryside home be outside of japan? She said she had to use a VPN to play kancolle, which wouldn't make sense if she was in japan.

No. 125889

Agree with you, anon. Why is she using a VPN for a japanese game if she's already in Japan?

No. 125894

And even then, countryside in Japan has fine internet connectivity. So she probably did get temp yeeted out of Japan or trying to hide from the last sugar daddy somewhere.

No. 125932

not to wk this bitch but perhaps she played it before moving to Japan, I remember some kancolle merch among Penus' old crap that Margo was selling online.

No. 125951

when i used to stay in backpacker hostels there were these destitute middle aged women who sometimes pretended to be travellers so they could stay there and they would say similar stuff to margo, about being random ethnicities and religions, basically try to keep everyone guessing and seem middle class for their own safety.
They'd also say pretty much exactly "oh, i'm renovating my home in the countryside"

No. 125956

she is probably just putting up some new sanrio themed curtains for the backdrop = renovating lol

No. 125973

either that or she just cleaned her room once, picked a plushie up from the floor

No. 125981

File: 1607956027011.png (208.04 KB, 243x334, 01.png)

Anyone who thinks that someone saying she edits herself into looking worse than how she actually looks is not white knighting and if you think it is, then you very definitely are stupid.

Note to moron: white knighting would be praising and defending her for everything she does, and thinking that her repulsive edits are justified or real. Like for example, a white knight would say that this picture of her looked beautiful, instead of the revolting spectacle it is.

This is ugly, her real face looks better than this, but then most likely almost any face would look better than this, only a nutjob brimming over with frenzied hate would think that saying that was white knighting.

Just because someone doesn't hate her with the exact same intensity as you do, does not mean they are a white knight. - Oh wait, of course it does, okay, carry on.

No. 125984


I just looked at her Instagram, she said on the beach picture: "Have you played or watched kancolle before? I played it and had to use VPN, it was super troublesomeeee but fun! Also gonna renovate my home on the countryside soon" That is what she said. It doesn't say that she played it in the countryside home, just that she'll be going there soon to renovate.

And on her latest elf lookalike picture she says she's drinking black coffee, don't people drink that to sober up? So perhaps she was drunk again.

No. 125989

She looks good when she dosent have those horrendous edits and facial expressions, but its obvious by now she has some extreme body dsymorhpia. I think it's because most her childhood was spent being seen as a "kawaii doll" image, so she cant see herself as anything else. So sad

No. 126012

She looks sickly and aged unedited, wtf are you talking about?

No. 126013

How many times are you going to rehash this shit, pointy chin sperg? She's ugly in her edits, we get it. But she's average at best in candids. And I'm being generous. Looking beyond her aged skin and facial sagging, bloated masculine face, weird scrunching thing she does with her lips, dirty nails, ugly aegyo tape/makeup she applies and the wrinkled skin it caused, ugly penis nose, her margo naso-folds, dull complexion, greasy hair and so forth. She just looks a different kind of worse in her edits. She doesn't even look human in them. Her real self isn't that great either and it's not helping that she's ugly on the inside too, which just makes her even less appealing.

No. 126020


Get help. You're creepy as fuck.

No. 126021


it wouldn't surprise me if she tried to get some sort of facial re-alignment to make herself look as ugly in reality as she makes herself in those appalling edits.
I'd say it's more facial dysmorphia than body dysmorphia because her awful edits seem applied only to her face.

No. 126030

File: 1608041438099.gif (38.06 KB, 220x155, tenor.gif)

Why don't you both shut up?

No. 126054

File: 1608050813293.jpeg (323.71 KB, 971x1264, D4B6683A-9E50-45A5-ABFA-E73515…)

Did this fool really go parading up and down a beach with her sad saggy lil asscheeks hanging out flapping in the breeze?

Also sad: she keeps tweeting stuff like “I’ll post x if this gets 100 retweets” but they only get 40-50. Seems like yet another fail by Weenus.(Nitpick)

No. 126055

Uh. I realize is low-hanging fruit, but the sand legitimately makes it look like she shat herself.

No. 126056

Her bum looks like how I would expect an unhealthy and skinny girls bum to look like. Nothing special, but it's really not that bad. The outfit is cute and suits her, shes just very awkward and has poor hygiene/awareness.

No. 126063

Major nitpick but the messy wig irks me, it literally takes five minutes to make it look at least sort-of neat.
But we know she never pays attention to detail, bitch doesn't even bother to remove the sores around her mouth. Not sure whether she's ridiculously lazy or doesn't care enough (or both).

No. 126095

>looks like she shat herself
she always finds some way. in every photo. i am starting to think she must do it on purpose

No. 126168

Either that or she darkens everything in PS. Maybe she does it as half ass censorship?

No. 126184

she does darken her crack in ps but that's just in addition to always having some or other dirt, fluid, awkward cloth placement, lens flare, hair, etc
i bet you cannot find one pic where her ass/between legs area looks clean and not sullied with anything

No. 126201

from the russel's sign alone you could think she has bulimia also the dry skin around the lips could come from that (I also had that) and the chipmunk cheeks she has sometimes

No. 126204

yeah friend that skin is so dry it build dunes. a vast plateau of festering 'dryness'

No. 126212

Not to wk but she is on a beach, beaches tend to be super windy so I can give her a pass on the wig for this one. Even if she was brushing it in between every shot there’s bound to be some tangling.

No. 126256


looks like a pretty nice wig actually. as to all the talk about her looking 'dirty' down there, its honestly not something i'd of noticed myself if it haden't been pointed out, if she is doing it on purpose, maybe she has a scat fetish, or more likely might be trying to cater the weirdoes who have.

No. 126257


cater 'to' the weirdoes who have.

No. 126264

Omg thought she shat herself how unfortunate this photo looks lol also the rubber ring so badly edited she couldn’t even make it a smooth circle it’s all different sizes

No. 126330

>also the rubber ring so badly edited she couldn’t even make it a smooth circle it’s all different sizes

pretty sure it's a plush, no idea why they're using a plush

No. 126332

How is it a “nitpick” to point out that she’s walking around in public with her ass hanging out (and failing on Twitter too)?

No. 126334

Because you upset her whiteknights and people who pay for her onlyfans. They're a bitter bunch.

No. 126388

Maybe repeatedly pointing out the blatantly obvious is considered a nitpick?

No. 126418

That's what wet sand looks like. I don't get the violently overdramatic "SHE SHAT HERSELF!" You guys sure you're 18 to be here? Is this what her thread is now?

No. 126425

File: 1608180871946.jpg (52.59 KB, 233x318, 20201216_225147.jpg)

Benos is you on drugs??

No. 126446

there was dakota who used to edit herself into looking like an alien, but she at least edited her ears / eyes EVENLY, what the fuck is going on with venus for posting photos of herself where one eye is bigger than the other, and her iris is like completely wonky, CAN SHE NOT SEE?????? i mean who knows maybe her real eyes are wonky too and that's why she can't see how bad her edits are lol

No. 126447

>>126054 >>124893

i think these ones on the beach are pretty nice. i mean the outfit isn't that bad and the scenery makes it look kind of professional (i like the colour filter too). if all of her pictures looked like this she would be okay.

even though it looks nothing like venus, at this point i'm happy with anything thats not her being awkwardly sexy or porny lol

No. 126452

She is so lazy, she never commits to anything she does. She can barely be bothered to pamper herself properly, nevermind editing videos. I know shes depressed etc, but if she's going to be a sex worker she can atleast put in some effort, it's one of the oldest and easiest professions. It's clear she doesnt enjoy being a sex worker, in the begining atleast she seemed excited and put in effort, now it's just lackluster.

No. 126461


Surely that picture is not part of her sexwork repertoire though? There's nothing sexy about it.

No. 126474

Think your the overly dramatic one the comment wasn’t in capitals.

No. 126477

Anon, other anons got the point. Why are you nitpicking this? It's just like the anons in Moos thread her are spergy about what dried discharge/lube looks like and going off the rails. I'd really hate this to get autosaged again because of more useless 12 year old antics.

No. 126481

She urgently needs to go to the psychologist, her dysmorphia is getting worse and she probably also has anorexia or bulimia. She tries to make it look like she's fine all the time and is a "kawaii girl uwu mental health fighter" but the reality is that her mental problems are driving her out of control. Her photos at this point are insanely edited, she even looks human. And she's too skinny and not in a healthy way. Her mind must be really distorted to bring her to this point.

No. 126659

File: 1608266437670.png (1.8 MB, 912x1402, Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 8.38…)

Her newest set is better, she looks a lot less alien and I can actually tell that it is Venus. I think the hair color suits her

No. 126660

File: 1608266520112.png (2.24 MB, 1502x1296, Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 8.41…)

No. 126674

it's not sexy because her body looks so sickly but you're right, wew, that's a massive improvement

No. 126680

These arent thst bad. Im actually shocked. These arent phone quality either. She's edited but this doesnt look like her editing. Looks like she hired an actual ero photographer and editor.

No. 126690

A pro photographer would've made sure the focus matched. It's all blurry.

No. 126693

These are actually really cute compared to other pictures she has posted in the past. however, our expectations are very low at this point.(emoji)

No. 126707

Maybe she's like an ero model for hire now and uses the shoot pics? Oyajis pay her to shoot nude pics of her posed and dressed however they want, she posts them to OF? It would explain all the variation in costumes, shooting styles, quality, setting, etc.

No. 126710

Stop using emojis pulltard

No. 126714

The hair color is shit. She used to have orange hair and it looked awful and went against her skin tone. If it looks good, it's only because of editing, she's cool toned so the color doesn't compliment her but the entire photo is warm toned.

No. 126715

Also, it doesn't look anything like her. Her nose and lips are shrunk. Her eyes enlarged. Her skin smoothed and filtered. But it's not as over the top as her other edits. We all know what she really looks like, and it's not this.

No. 126740

She looks fugly here are you guys serious

No. 126741

Yeah she's not cute at all..but people like to give her credit when it's not a dumpster fire.

No. 126753


No. 126758

Fugly ? I dont think so. Just very poor posing and photography.

No. 126761


Oh good lord, stop praising her for anything, even the teensiest bit of anything that sounds like a bit of praise regarding her looks, will draw out that weirdo saying how ugly she looks and always has and always will and anyone who says anything different shouldn't be here anyway & should be banned, yadda yadda yadda.

But yeah, at least these pics aren't bad, not the best, but not bad.

No. 126762

It's like praising Photoshop rather than the person. What sense does it make to praise something that LITERALLY doesn't exist?

So I kind of see the logic behind the "weirdos" as you call them. It's like if I say your hair looks fucking fantastic then you pull the wig off. Am I praising the wig and styling or you at that point?

No. 126766

Calm down, stop nitpicking people not agreeing with you. These are decent and look cute. Compared to her phone photos. What's wring with thinking something looks nice? No one is saying she's a saint and suddenly everythung she does is absolved.

No. 126767

I said an ero photographer. These are specific photogs in japan. These are edited like jav shoot photos.

No. 126768

Sorry anon but you are going to have a really hard time finding any photography of models without edits. Everyone knows there’s edits. Personally, I still like looking at it and I think it looks nice

No. 126770

And its good editing too. I don't know why she tries to longify her face and dorito her chin. Basic gravure editing like this and keeping her round, even smoothed out potato shape, looks good and has the chance of being more marketable. Whoever took and edited these, she needs to keep.

No. 126782

She actually DOES look at lot better in these pictures, the warm hair tone makes her skin look less sickly. Also duh, obviously there is going to be some amount of editing, but these pictures are not edited in a way that makes her look super weird. She actually looks like herself to me in these pictures.

No. 126787

Bitch you are all blind. In the first picture, her jaw isn't even connected to her ear. She looks like gollum in the second one

No. 126791

…Anon, ears aren't connected to your jaw. lmfao. If your ears are coming out of your jaw, you might want to seek help

No. 126793

Wow actually you are right, I’ve looked more closely and I can’t figure out what is her face or neck, and what the ear is on. I don’t think it’s the editing though, I think there is a shadow that looks a lot like a jawline

No. 126794

Her face looks like gimpgirl's here

No. 126795

I don't get the praise, her face in this particular photo looks worse than most of her old content

No. 126813

What don't you get? Some people who have a different brain than you like these pictures, while you do not like them.

No. 126824

Yeah the photog erased her whole jaw for some reason and left the shadow that looks like a jawline, it seems no photographer can figure out how to edit Venus in a way that looks human. Though to this person's credit she does look a lot more like herself in these despite some editing mistakes.

No. 126826

Do people on these message boards have nothing better to do than nitpick over someone else? What good are you doing for anyone?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 126853

I don't understand how this is called good editing? The filter is too much I can barely distinguish between where her jaw line and her neck start. Same with the other pic, everything is so edited you can't even see her Scapula, which every human being has xD it looks like she's made of rubber,and has no bones.
As a beginner artist, I've started learning abit of anatomy, and in these pics I don't see shading, no volume… its like she's drawn as 2D , they even edited the shadows of the curves. As if she's made of rubber or something, with no bones…. is kinda difficult to explain. It's just so bad(xD)

No. 126862


Are you retarded

No. 126900

Get help.

No. 126901

How is it good editing? It looks bad to me because, again, it doesn't look like a real person. Something with the enlarged eyes and smoothing/blurring of the skin makes her not look like a real person. In the first pic, her face is smoothed but you can see the acne on her back. Her back looks real but then the face looks fake. Sure, it's still better than her usual edits, but it's still not good editing if you can tell it was edited and is so damn blurred.

No. 126913

Move along, anon. Just say why you hate it, not nitpuck why others don't.

No. 126938

Anon please note the length of your comments compared to other. If you are making a point and you use the word “again”, that means it doesn’t need to be said, you already did

No. 126986

>>What's wring with thinking something looks nice?

Nothing whatsoever wrong with it, but if you read what I said, my point is that anyone saying the smallest amount of something looking nice about venus's pictures and it enrages the obsessed haters who jump in at even the tiniest bit of praise.

I mean, come on, we all know she photoshops, but yes people can still like a picture even if it's photoshopped, can't they? Well, apparently no they can't, not here when you've got that rabid obsessive who jumps in every time anyone says something she posted is okay and not actually as bad as some other things.

And reading through the rest of the thread, yawn, and that is exactly what happened, so proving my point.

No. 126989

File: 1608403689416.png (991.83 KB, 717x717, 1.png)

She's taken to wearing a lot of wigs lately. I wonder what's going on with her real hair?

And if she's not shaving off parts of her jaw to make her chin look ugly and long, then she tries to cover it with her hand like she's doing in this picture.
I really don't get what her problem is with her natural chin and jawline, it looks way better than those horrible edits she does. Definite dysmorphia she has. It's so sad.

No. 126991


*well actually a frog rather than her hand in this picture, but she is always trying to cover her chin if she hasn't photoshopped it. it wouldn't surprise me if she didn't go to get some stupid surgery done just to make herself look as ugly as she does in those horrendous edits she loves so much.

No. 127011

It's easier to put on a wig than to wash and style your own hair

No. 127102

How many times are you going to say this? You're creepy and worse than rubber lips sperg.

No. 127103

It's not good editing. Her ear and chin are warped. You're just an idiot.

No. 127104

No. 127107

An anon is hellbent on making sure all anons know how much they hate Venus and every photo ever of her is pure ugly and you're wrong if you think otherwise. Maybe they are the same actually

No. 127111

>>126989 the photo looks so blurry, i can't see a shit. The quality of her photos is too bad because the photoshop and editing. She needs to fucking calm down with the filters.

No. 127112

File: 1608431793926.png (1.35 MB, 912x1402, 1608266437670.png)

It's not. Only willfully ignorant anons and retards like that chin autist would say so, probably because they're afraid Venus will read here and then edit herself more, which is likely why they don't allow anyone to criticize her natural looks, or less edited edits or even dare say she's average. The neck/chin/ear area is totally warped and anatomically incorrect. The face/chin and collar is hella blurred compared to her body. Shit edit. We all know what she really looks like.

No. 127113

File: 1608431904105.png (1.07 MB, 844x759, 00000000000756.png)

Even in her "modelling" photos, the edits were shit. All the other models have normal edits, you can see the lines around their eyes, grooves on their face, shiny skin and normal skintone, whereas Venus is as blurred and over exposed as Onision. Her arm literally blurs into her torso in the bikini pic. Even photographers know she needs waaaay more edits than others to "look good."

No. 127149

can we please just make an agreement (surely it's a rule?) that posts that only comment on what 'other anons are like' aren't needed?

No. 127154

File: 1608443527188.png (236.49 KB, 915x513, 000999.png)

I don't see any posts on here doing that except maybe >>126020 >>126710 >>126761 and >>126913 so how about you stfu when someone posts something you don't like?

Also, "momonga inc", Venus' managers/sugar daddy/whomever is working on it, got a logo. Is this shady "business" a pitiful attempt at staying in Japan, assuming she isn't on PR and actually got divorced? Her and Kitano seem to have split so she can't claim his business as hers anymore in an attempt at some business visa.

No. 127155

File: 1608443664847.png (265.99 KB, 917x511, 0007777.png)

updated logo

No. 127175

both look like they were made in paint. Both of them don't look like they were made by a professional for a professional business at all.

I feel so bad for venus, she wants to stay in japan so badly because she has nowhere else to go.

No. 127176

These two pictures are really good even without comparing them to the awful last close up photo where she wears a collar

No. 127180

Can someone explain who Kitano is? Sorry, I am not new to Venus but have missed a few stages and haven’t figured this out when looking back in threads

No. 127191

File: 1608469798849.jpg (19.13 KB, 551x310, 6g8SQ2VMjy6PsYckNKMnHR.jpg)

No. 127201

He was Venus' manager during her VTuber era if I'm not mistaken. She leeched onto him after splitting up with Manaki.

No. 127207

Lmfao this is so pathetic. Even Margo put more effort on her fake online diplomas and jewish larping to keep her visa.

No. 127214


Well maybe the anon who you're replying to fits that description, but they were replying to me and I don't hate Venus, I might hate the ugly edits she does to her face but I don't hate her, that would be insane as I don't know her, but there are nutjobs here who do hate her, like the one who can't stand to ever hear anyone say anything nice about her at all, even if it's only said grudgingly.

I think it's sad that Venus seems to hate herself as much as she must do, to want to change her appearance so much, and especially considering that her natural face looks better than how she changes it in her edits.

No. 127215


Look, most people just seeing a picture like that, don't give a shit if it's edited or not, they probably don't even think about it. They see a picture, they don't immediately ask themself is it edited or not? They just either like the look of it or they don't. It's as simple as that.

No. 127272

Can the anon that is constantly going on about Venus' natural face being "better" than the "horrendous" "pointy chin" edits, and complaining every two seconds about other anons please go away. You talk about the same thing literally every day. This thread is not about you. Shh.

No. 127274

File: 1608498187604.png (90.39 KB, 1548x284, Screen Shot 2020-12-20 at 1.00…)

I don't think she has managed to meet this goal at all. Shocker. Every few days she says something like "Sorry! I meant to post yesterday! I'll post today and tomorrow to make up for it!! tehe" *Doesn't do that".

No. 127275

File: 1608498575997.jpeg (500.36 KB, 1034x1373, 051FDCBE-824F-4D99-91ED-2FA08D…)

I just don’t get how she can fail on her schedules every single time for years and years and still bother making them

No. 127320

why does this guy know this stuff?

No. 127330

she is one of the people who runs the discord server for venus, probably the only one who still bothers posting updates.
So venus is telling her all of this, she works for her.

No. 127340

its not the incel kyrie who used to post "insider" tattle in the lolcow discord and who was pining and scheming to meet her for years?

No. 127342

(who also allowed people to think he was a girl btw)

No. 127452

She was already using that kind of phony excuses when she was still posting on YouTube.
>Guys! I deleted the video by accident! Manaki ate my homework UwU! Plz be gentle, I'm mentholy ill!

No. 127509


I don’t

She fetishises the hell out of Asians and is dead set on living there to fulfill some idiot 12 year old fantasy. She’s going to be in trouble come 30 years old when she’s jobless.

No. 127510

>>127452 Makani/Macaco/McDonalds keeps eating her OnlyFans photos and videos, poor and innocent Venus…so she can't submit her photoshopped and shitty """content""". I'm so sad.

No. 127529

File: 1608582384545.jpeg (369.14 KB, 1085x1024, 526247A7-60F2-4CCA-AA40-B3272B…)

Wait, so now Wenus is ADVISING people on “content creation and management”? On her new “platform” that she created (aka “I need a new visa”)?

Right. Ahahahahahahahaha

No. 127557

She isn't even a good e-girl if anything when I think e-girl I would imagine Bella Delphine and she never has to collab lol. Venus can't even get enough rts on twitter to release nudes she teases cause no one cares. She couldn't even follow through with her collab with that June girl a while back. Sounds like a money grab to dupe moronic e-girls who will actually believe venus's services will provide anything of actual use or value.

No. 127564

Get off your high horse, Venus! Hahahaha
You did have a lot of followers at some point, but nothing that you do is “good”. You are always late, fail to deliver, disturb people, and can’t even take care of yourself. You even have someone else speaking on your behalf on your own discord.
Is Venus an e-girl?

No. 127565

First of all, it sounds like all she has done is made a chatroom of some sort. Can that count as a “company?”
Second, I think by saying “the community builds its own skeleton” and “is self-sustaining” she means… “ I’d like to do the bare minimum!”

No. 127608

This ‘business’ is suspicious as fuck already. It sounds like the perfect platform for predators to take advantage of young and naive girls with the promise of internet fame. Any self-starter with some brain cells wouldn’t associate themselves with an unknown company like this.

No. 127611

sounds like a grooming scheme for gullible fangirls

No. 127625

no answer to this? in light of these >>127611 >>127608 i think it's worth looking into, since the kyrie discord guy was also a 'manager' for some young dumb twitch girl

No. 127628

I was looking at the momanga Instagram page and it seems like there is a starter team of 8 people; some have photo/editing skills, and others are mostly unknown girls doing cosplay. Anyhow one of them looks sososo young and all of the comments on her pictures are “you are so cute, you are a doll!!”. Something about it creeps me out so much (not the girl herself, but the fact that she is involved with VENUS.) Venus just seems unsafe to me, and gathering a young version of herself seems Margo territory. I know I am stretching, that was just a gut feeling I had.

No. 127629

>momonga.inc instagram
ok yep it is the incel guy who stalked her now running her 'company' lolol. cos that's his twitch girl.

This guy posted details about venus sex life in the lolcow discord that tsuruko told him after he wormed into her dms. he also posted how he longed to get to meet venus one day (he is like a nurse or orderly scraping by in america) having lusted after her since she was 13

he used this reodora dummy as a sort of legitimation to get a reason to talk to venus 'be on reodora's podcast' and it seems to have bloomed into this

i mean good luck to him lol, venus is a far skeezier person than him and has already swallowed old man cum for much less than 'help with a website' or whatever this guy is trying to simp

still, funny that an incel from literally lolcow discord is her new manager jej

No. 127630

Venus business right now is prostitution(not talking about OF)/sugaring. She’s not a “content creator” or “influencer” or whatever she was back in the day anymore. No judgment about that specifically, you do you, BUT if you are a prostitute and you’re gathering young females for a very sketchy company… what the fuck does that means? It sounds so off like?? “Momonga is a Collaborative effort” huh what for? She’s featuring people with a very small amount of followers that don’t even post that much I don’t get the point of this, specially when we know what her main job is

No. 127631

btw same anon but an alternate take is that he posted fake shit in the lolcow discord in cahoots with venus the whole time but.. i wish i could remember what he said it was posted in older threads
I remember one thing for sure which is he said she fell in love with and got rejected by her vtuber manager.
Maybe that story was a larp of wish fulfilment for that guy

No. 127638

File: 1608642238875.jpeg (304.11 KB, 828x1496, 146C4554-08FD-4408-B20A-BC0B7A…)

Ew all these loli looking girls and then that greasy scrote

No. 127644

Well at this point it's just all speculation and I guess we'll just have to wait and see, won't we…

Anyway, just wanted to say to the website operators here at lolcow, LOVING the falling snowflakes effect onscreen! Very festive.

Merry Christmas to one and all.

No. 127678

top far left, miku wig and lilac wig girls eerily look like Penus' shoops

No. 127695

The girl next to weenus photo lives in my city and jesus she doesn't look like that at all
Can we erase that account? For humanity

No. 127697

File: 1608658034039.png (225.52 KB, 384x556, screenshot-gramho.com-2020.12.…)

>financial advisor

No. 127704


Is the description of this guy supposed to be funny and I don’t get it? Creepy.

No. 127715

File: 1608662727133.jpg (238.25 KB, 1080x1666, Screenshot_20201222_194453.jpg)

Yes… The comments on the photo are like "he is our best egirl"…

No. 127716

They all look like grown women trying to look young and loli like, how sad

No. 127755


No. 127761

No. 127764

File: 1608681789402.jpeg (380.67 KB, 1094x1742, 34DE7457-EF3F-4F38-BA4C-F91037…)

Hey look you guys, Wenus’s latest fantasy “platform” is hiring! Get those resumes in now if you have “functional and relevant skills”!

Boy, this sounds familiar…where have I heard the same spiel before?

No. 127766

File: 1608682030487.jpeg (359.26 KB, 982x1529, FA6BE8B8-37E5-431D-A1CC-4001DD…)

Oh yeah, that would be back in the fall of 2019, when she “formed a company!” and was looking for “staff with skills related to media and financing.” (It never happened then either.)

No. 127770

Maybe this one will work out better because this one is less secretive and we can see the others involved.

That being said, this doesn’t seem like a company at all? It is just an Instagram page and maybe a forum to talk about e-girl things. How is that supposed to be a company?

Also I feel like I don’t even understand what this is, so why would anyone apply?

No. 127775

So are they paying these people who have ‘functional and relevant skills’ or are they just a bunch of freeloaders? Definitely sounds like the latter since this is associated with Venus. She’s only going to attract other sleazebags like herself and produce another failure project.

No. 127786

File: 1608686019218.png (315.49 KB, 360x450, Yoda_SWSB.png)

>Definite dysmorphia she has.

Anyway, Venus is most certainly a manipulative bulimic dumbass, but this thread is filled to the brim with salty fat bitches. You can just hear them huffing and puffing as they pound their keyboards with their sweaty paws, enraged that women thinner and more youthful than them exist, insisting that all women who are not morbidly obese must be just as sickly as Pingus.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 127793


Who is "we"?

No. 127808

Venus + 7 other individuals. Scroll up a bit and you’ll see a screenshot of their Instagram page and you can see a picture of each them. Some of them have editing experience, a lot of them are unknown cosplayers, and then there is one dude who apparently does their finances.

No. 127810

oh cool now we have kyrie here promoting his grooming collab with venus.
don't forget she's pretty shady around kids and sexuality herself.

No. 127848

I’ve had a hard time following your reasoning about this guy being Kyrie

No. 127852

Oh. Ok well the simplest parts might be that their name on venus discord is "Kirie" (that's how he spells it on his ig btw) and that one of the few people wrangled for momongo.inc is Reodora who Kyrie is the manager for. Do I need to go on?

No. 127859

Thank you for your support and reasoning, anon! Makes sense.

No. 127879

Kirie = name of the spokesperson on Venus’ discord.
Kirie = the name of the manager for a girl on Venus’ Momonga.inc
Kyrie = the name of someone who gossiped about Venus’ sex life in the past (he also went by Kirie)

Sorry I am slow, but nice detective work. Although I suppose they aren’t trying to be secretive about that.

No. 127916

File: 1608740409221.png (129.23 KB, 180x254, 0.png)


Well the post you're replying to is saying that Venus' natural, fuller, face is way more attractive that the un natural long thin face she tries to turn it into, so your reasoning makes no sense.

See this monstrosity for example. Her natural face looks better than this.(responding to bait)

No. 127919

File: 1608740942320.jpg (110.61 KB, 573x620, peenus.jpg)

Another wig, and as for the dent she's edited into her jaw! It would be hilarious if it weren't actually fucking sad.

No. 127920

She looks so ghastly it’s actually sad

No. 127923

File: 1608741527400.jpg (62.68 KB, 423x632, Venus beach.jpg)


OTOH, the beach pictures look better, there is no discernible dent in her jaw and it just looks an overall more pleasant image.

No. 127929

don't bring back this convo you're annoying

No. 127948

It looks good because it doesn’t look like Venus lmao

No. 127955

These look like teens/early 20s girls pretending to be younger, not like actual young girls/lolis. This must be designed to take advantage of the dying dreams of desperate, aging weebs.

No. 128007

Coming to this thread is almost intolerable thanks to "Venus looks better without an ugly long thin edited face"/flipped text/rubber lips sperg. She does look better in these photos but it doesn't mean her natural face looks like that either. >>127916 is actually a bit closer to her natural face than this.

No. 128008

Fact is, Venus has a round face. Any photo in which he has an oval or elongated face means it's edited to hell and back because she hates her big face. Just because it's edited more professionally and you can't obviously see the shoop doesn't mean it's not there.

No. 128032


Yes and proof right there that she's nuts, because a round face is infinitely more aesthetically pleasing and more youthful looking than long narrow faces which are aging and makes her look worse than she does naturally, but at least in the beach pictures, there is not such obvious editing.

No. 128033


Or if there is if you look really closely, the overall picture is more pleasing to the eye so you don't notice the editing so much, it still all points to dysmorphia, nobody can really love somebody who hates themself so much as she must do to want to change herself so much. It's even more sad that she wants to make herself look worse instead of better. It must be hell being her.

No. 128037

File: 1608774097446.jpeg (348.3 KB, 1093x1586, 0EC944E0-AE49-4374-B781-156701…)

So by “roomwear” I assume she’s referring to “fleece jammies worn for days at a time without laundering” which is what she defaults to repeatedly.

No. 128041

File: 1608774508335.png (3.46 MB, 2048x1536, 264E68B7-C33D-4A65-BD69-67F901…)

As shown here in a screencap from a video months ago. I’m convinced this is how she spends much of her time. (This is what her unfiltered face looks like btw. Not “aesthetically pleasing.”)

No. 128050


I disagree, this picture of her is far more attractive and flattering than the usual horrific mess we see from her after she's distorted her natural face with the ugly editing.(derailing)

No. 128054

Does anyone else find it extremely ironic that Venus since the start of her game basically used her young looks to attract and cater to pedos, and now only a few years later she looks so much older than her age? Poetic justice lmao.

No. 128063

Anons, can we please be done arguing about whether or not she is pretty?

We all know your opinion “horrific editing, long chin” anon. Literally no one wants to hear you talk about it every day. We actually came here for Venus updates, not you.

No. 128064

I imagine that is a big part of her dysmorphia and over-editing. I can’t imagine how horrible it would feel to have a million fans of your cute baby face, and to then age and have nothing left. Uff. Kind of her fault for not pursuing anything else, but regardless that must hurt.

No. 128113

I think we are overthinking this shit. At the end of the day she’s just an average person you can see on the street at every corner. Not ugly not model material. Her lower face does bring her to a slightly older age than it should maybe like a rougher 28 - 30 yrs who had a harsh life and tbh with her surgery mess and shitty eating habits it’s to be expected. It’s kinda sad she ages like this but tbh I never saw why she was among the living doll girls trend, she always looked the most normal, just a chubby cheeked kid with too much makeup for her age

No. 128117

To add to this redora/kirie thing, back when it was first opened "kirie" on the discord had the status of streaming on twitch and it was redora's stream. So either he was spoofing the status somehow or he was signed into discord on her computer.

Also this guy looks much like the guy who was tipping over $700 at a time on her early livestreams until his bank cut him off for fraud. one of them was the stripping naked in the internet cafe.

No. 128119

I really do not like Venus because I haven’t ever felt like she cares or thinks beyond herself. But I do feel sorry for her, thinking about how it is not her fault that her childhood experiences have lead to her being narcissistically obsessed with her appearance and face. Her experience has been heavy and almost famous praise for her appearance. Now she edits and edits and edits to make sure she is still worthy of that praise and attention. But, really, she is a normal 24? Year old with some premature aging from dieting, surgery, alcohol, etc. It’s just a terrible trajectory and can’t end well. If your entire self esteem is built upon looking like a “young” “cute “doll”… for years and years…. well that sucks for Venus because she isn’t that cute little Loli anymore

No. 128139


Months ago? Looks more like years ago, seeing as how in her recent photos she looks years older than she looks here. How can she have aged so much in just a few months?(ban evasion)

No. 128154

Exactly, she has spent most her life being that "cute loli doll". Now shes older she feels pressured to keep up that image, that's why she had an eating disorder and surgery to try and stay thin like a young girl/child. Her childhood lifestyle made her narrcasstic as well so she turned to sex working as another form of attention seeking.

No. 128155

She was super cute when she was younger. But like you said natural aging and a poor lifestyle is starting to take its toll on her appearance.

No. 128156

No need to feel sorry for her, she did this all to herself. She's the one who wants to continue doing this instead of finding a normal job. I do not feel sorry for her at all, normal people around the world struggle financially especially in these harsh times, and all SHE does is takes photos and edits herself and posts online and gets god knows how much money from this.
I don't understand how people still feel sorry for this person after all the things she's done, her personality is terrible, and you can't blame everything on your mother. She's the one who decided to do all the scam for visa, cheating Manaki, talking shit about him online, and then going out and using pedophile sugar daddies or god knows what. Not to mention the surgery she's done to herself, she's so vapid and superficial.
No wonder all her friends left her. She's literally alone, and surrounds herself with people who wanna use her, and vice versa.

No. 128168

I still have a bit of sympathy for her because of her childhood, and shes obviously dealing with depression/body dsymorphia and other mental illnesses as a result. She has made a lot of mistakes and is just trying to discover herself and who she is although shes failing miserably. If she doesnt get her shit together, she'll find herself in a worse runt very soon.>>128155

No. 128177


I don’t think she’s ugly. She just shocks me with the gross asian edits

No. 128179


Go outside. You’re too invested in someone you’ll never meet, it’s actually depressing. Just because someone has made bad choices, it doesn’t mean that you can’t acknowledge that she’s sick and needs some serious help. Her whole life was posted online and she was raised by a narc of a mother, whored out, isolated with no friends and marketed to pedophiles. It’s no wonder she’s fucked up and you’re fucking delusional if you think this is 100% her fault.

No. 128185

This. Venus got her second chance in the form of Manaki, when she married him she got everything she wanted AND got rid of Margul, but it was her choice to ruin that instead of listen to her new family, stop attention whoring and get mental help offline. She is where she is because she does what she wants to do, not what she needs to do, and if she can't change after being given so many excuses and chances to turn her life back around, then nobody should feel sorry for her.

No. 128187

Most people in the world have made just as much if not worse mistakes then her, the only difference is hers are public. Shes still young and has her problems to work through. I still feel bad and wish the best for her.(learn2sage newfags)

No. 128189

>she got everything she wanted
nobody knows that. you don't know what she wanted. and nobody knows what their situation was. Maybe, just for example, she didn't love him and he loved her, and so she was racked with guilt over his kindness to her, causing her to be self-destructive. Or something totally the other way around.
Shit is her fault and she's trash but let's not project our own weeb dreams onto her ok

No. 128238

Most people HAVE not. Most people don't slander their mom's no matter how bad to a 2 million audience. Most don't claim they left because their mommy trashed their partner (who Venus also trashed AT THE SAME TIME even back then (hypocrite) then have the nerve to make that video calling marge out), most don't commit VISA FRAUD, most don't pretend to love someone to get away with visa fraud when their real goal was to get to Japan and they make up that stupid story how their mom said mean things to their partner (as if they even cared), most don't fetishize Japan and leech the system too lazy to get an education and immigrate as a skilled worker.

Most don't say their mom wanted them to divorce, then when it's convenient claim their mom FORCED them to marry, most don't steal a YT channel (yes, it's technically stealing if both Marge/V worked on the channel and Venus takes it and continues to leave ALL of Marge's videos up(ones she scripted/edited/filmed/came up with)), most don't laugh at the prospect of their significant others death and go on multiple channels slandering them, most don't send their rabid fans after their SO, most don't kill their hamsters and treat animals as accessories, most don't make up mental illnesses and use them for attention, most don't use and discard people, most aren't eternal victims, most don't REPEATEDLY CHEAT on their SO and make up a story about how their SO is asexual/into anime girls when before she said he couldn't stop staring at her ass/kissing her.

Most don't MAKE UP ABUSE and aggrandize/embellish their entire lives, most don't claim they're special/eccentrics on the likes of successful business ppl like Trump, most don't STEAL other people's businesses and pass them as their own, most don't blame ALL their managers for their shortcomings (one manager is too controlling, one lets her do whatever she wants and that's apparently bad, one is mean, one should just fuck himself, most don't have sugar daddies (trying to pass them off as "investors") or use others to couch surf/leech and then lie about it, most don't DATE PEDOPHILES FOR MONEY then claim it was out of lOvEeEe to justify their thirst for money, most don't USE AND EXPLOIT SEXUALLY ABUSED CHILDREN to bolster themselves, most don't screw over their managers.

Most don't use mental illnesses and sexuality as personality quirks, most don't look down on people who work REAL jobs, most don't invent PERSONALITY AFTER PERSONALITY when it's convenient, most people don't behave sociopathically, most people don't contradict themselves NO WHERE NEAR the amount Venus does, most people don't pander and expose minors to sex work, most people don't milk their ED for money, most people don't suicide bait their customers or scam them…

This doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of the things she's done. And if I was to list all the lies and contradictions, it'd be like 50 pages long. Venus is a pathological liar who buries all her shit because her fans only care about her (fake) internet looks or her simps only care about her naked (edited) body.

But yeah, continue to WK her and make excuses. She ISN'T "making mistakes." She's a shitty person who intentionally does bad things because her greed for money knows no ends, just like her mommy, and she's fully cognizant that she can just make up things to mold reality however she wants or act cute to get away with things, just like Marge said.

No. 128241

It's very evident what she wanted. To get to Japan. She never loved Manaki, she even admit to this. You don't break up with someone, trash them to your mom, then get back together and almost immediately marry them, then cheat on them in Korea, then go live with them. She most likely did cheat in Korea because she said she had sex twice (apparently she's still a virgin LOL)and the first person she listed was not her husband, only the second one she listed as Manaki. And we know she cheated afterwards because she made a pater ad/had sugar daddies/said she dated girls (but apparently Manaki was okay with the latter since by that point they were living as friends for the visa fraud). There were supposed "friends" on here and PULL claiming she cheated, faked therapy, berated Manaki which is evident in her videos among other things.

And of course, she fetishized Japan since she was little. So yeah, getting to Japan was her main goal and she got what she wanted. She found a guy who could make it happen easily through visa fraud instead of skilled immigration via education. She got a guy who showered her with gifts, acted as her personal cab driver, picked her up, encouraged her to make friends, even supported her YT which she pressured him into starting (she mentioned she got Manaki to start YT and wanted him to be weirder).

She had a pink room full of toys and no real responsibilities like paying rent, working night shifts and real labor like Manaki. She was spoiled and claimed Manaki was the love of her life, the same way she justified dating a pedophile out of love and not because they were a tool in getting what she wants (money, place to stay, visa etc).

I will agree that she didn't get the love life she wanted since at the time she was only interested in getting to Japan and using whomever she could to do so. Life life was irrelevant at the time. She didn't love Manaki. He was just a tool. I know you didn't mention it, but we've already debunked her slander video. Manaki was not a leech (she was) and he definitely wasn't some major abuser she painted him to be. Her examples of abuse were being against her surgery and not wanting her to wear weeb lolita outfits all the time when going to casual restaurants to which she proceeded to have a tantrum, and instead of understanding where her reserved partner was coming from, say she would shove a shinkansen up his ass. She was definitely not wracked with guilt lmao. She once shared an image on Twitter about depression which ranked depressive feelings like guilt, sadness, numbness etc and she put "guilt" at the bottom. She's an opportunistic user and sees people as tools, that's it.

No. 128244

Except Venus claims she wanted to be a whore since very young (I believe she said she started reading hentai as an early teen and if her claim is true, this is when she started wanting to be a whore/dumbest slut). But when marge takes somewhat sexually suggestive pics, suddenly poor weenoos was forced and didnt like it or the 80K she made from it. Yeah Marge is shit for allowing that, but stop pretending that venus is this poor little victim forced into YT when that's not the case. And there's literal proof she was not isolated. She went to public school. She hung out with friends. She went to language school. She went out and about. Margo shared plenty of pictures where Venus was surrounded by people. Venus only starting claiming she was isolated after lurking PULL and seeing them say it. If she couldn't connect to someone, that in large part on her. I remember she had a blog where she would shit talk her other classmates. But yeah she isolated and Marge prevented all friendships and locked her up. Please. Isolation is just another thing she can add to her embellished story to make it look worse.(quit sperging)

No. 128250

>she said she said she said
i don't even know if i should bother reading your interpretation because as soon as i see 'she said' i know you're working off lies

No. 128253

I'm still wondering why weren't any Japanese officials deport her already? Do they need her for tax money (assuming that she paid for it)? How long does it takes for her to finally be deported & sent back to her birth country?

No. 128274

She didn't say that bullshit until she had already ruined her easy live-in visa scam with Manaki and needed a way to make money, so she used that lie to justify making OF instead of getting a job with her imaginary PR/marriage visa (which she probably no longer had and hasn't for a while now). There's no way a girl like Venus goes from acting like an uwu blushing loli virgin when she married Manaki (in hindsight probs to get people off the thought of them having sex bc she didn't actually like him, they even had separate bedrooms) to wanting to be a sex worker since she was little (which is a red flag of abuse, not an excuse wtf?).

She went from being a virginal loli tease to posting a mirrored cumdump titty pic and starting OF way too fast for it not to have been all about money after Manaki stopped paying her living expenses. Her being there doesn't mean he's letting her stay there for free. I think some simp offered her cash for the cumdump tittypic and she used it to start OF when she saw yen signs. That first pic wasn't like any of her other OF content, and if she's doing it for money to live then it explains all the weird costumes and fetish pandering, as she's trying to appeal to as many simps as possible rather than make better content for regulars.

No. 128286

File: 1608885140497.png (2.89 MB, 1788x1428, 00022334.png)

Keep in mind, this isn't entirely what she looks like. She has a ring light and probably facial smoothing to an extent so she'd look even worse IRL, where you can see just how aged she looks. The bottom two Venus images in the attached pic illustrate this. One wasn't shot with ring light and outside with Cathy and the other is in her room manipulating lighting/smoothing and all that. There's a huge difference, so I'd say the image you posted is pretty generous.

It's pretty easy to make yourself look better, even on camera (Mikan is a perfect example of this). I also included what Mikan looks like in natural lighting versus sitting in her room in front of a window manipulating lighting/facial blur so you can see just how drastically these girls manipulate themselves even on cam (as Mikan's an amazing example of this).

No. 128290

She had a blog post, I think she was like 12 or 13 where Margo took her bra shopping because she was going through puberty and at that point, she wrote she didn't want to grow up and wanted to be cute/retarded forever, so I definitely don't believe she always dreamed of sex work. But it's possible she started reading hentai in her teens and maybe even wanted to take some of those sexually suggestive pictures, especially if it made her big bucks. Most of what she said about sex work is contradictory. Like Margo forced her (sure) to do sexual pics but also, she came from "a christian home" where stuff like that was taboo and got slut shamed, which vindicates Marge somewhat. So like which is it? Nothing she says ever makes sense and she just rolls with whatever makes her look the most victimized, which is why I don't believe Marge forced her into all that. She also said Marge leeched off her, only to tell us Margo was her manager and had previously worked 12 hour shifts.

Someone in Japan would have to report her for visa fraud and because she has a different name, finding her Venus Angelic stuff and history wouldn't be as easy. If she has PR or another visa, she won't be leaving anytime soon. She did mention having a home in the countryside (either purchased somehow or leeching/crashing with someone), which may not be in Japan for all we know. But I doubt that, unless she was recycling old photos. I do hope she gets deported some day. Criminals and leeches like her are an insult to genuine couples who try and get PR and get rejected and to all the legitimate immigrants who work hard to move to Japan.

No. 128302

I agree with you. Sooner or later she'll likely be reported. Hopefully the time she's deported will come. It's unfair to those who are more suited to stay and work in Japan, while she just wanders aimlessly, sucking money out of random people.

No. 128303

File: 1608891839280.jpg (18.02 KB, 750x603, 39n4dj.jpg)


1000% agree with you on the last statement.
Time to pray for her deport cuz that bitch is a leech doesn't deserve to stay in Japan

No. 128312

Interesting. So I guess the idea wasn't actually Venus'? After she did the podcast with him, it was probably incel Kyrie's idea to start some type of project with her as a way of staying in close contact and relevant to her.

>she fell in love with and got rejected by her vtuber manager.
If that's true it would make sense why she bashed the manager calling him a failure or something, claiming he was the reason malice failed and claiming he was too lax as a manager. Is kyrie also the guy who said she tried to fuck her manager? Is there actual proof tsuruko told him legitimate shit?

>Also this guy looks much like the guy who was tipping over $700 at a time on her early livestreams until his bank cut him off for fraud. one of them was the stripping naked in the internet cafe.
Woah anon, when was this? Can you elaborate? It seems all the people involved are shady af. But it's run by other people, so as long as Venus doesn't tell them all to fuck themselves like with Kitano & co, I can see it lasting since they'll be managing it for Venus while she slaps her name to it.

No. 128318

Didn't Margo say she legally changed her name to Minako Okada with Manaki's parents help? Venus Palermo/Minako Okada shouldn't be too hard to track down, especially if she was already on immigration's radar for the divorce.

No. 128377


Are you writing a book? i couldn't even spare the time to read all that. But not a lot of Christmas spirit on here it seems.

No. 128410

Who cares? All thots edit. This is retarded levels of being mad people dont agree every photo is ugly as hell.

No. 128414

no one's mad, pointy-chin sperg. please don't start this again.

No. 128488

Won‘t happen
Lorena got reported a lot of timeand ahe is still in japan wearing a fake wedding band

No. 128491

She would have to go to her home country to legally change her first name. She can change her last name if she's added to Manaki's family registry but she wouldn't be able to change her first name in Japan.

No. 128498

I think someone said the kanji is the same for Venus and Minako or something.

No. 128506

She can legally go by Minako bc Minako is Venus in Japanese, the kanji is the same so she can just use the Japanese phonetic name of she wants to, right? Venus Okada

No. 128514

This is reaching new levels of retardation. It is obvious Venus whoops and that she looks different when she doesn't have control over the picture/video. However, the Mikan example is just reaching. The lighting in that shot is poor and she is talking, obviously she is going to look different from a picture where she is posing and the lighting is good for a picture. Pictures need good lighting, composition, posing, et cetera to be good. This doesn't properly convey someone's level of attractiveness, it just proves you need to be aware of how to work with a camera for it to work out. Cameras distort reality, it's normal to acknowledge and work with this.

No. 128519

No, Minako is Sailor Venus' name, like, from Sailor Moon, but "Venus" is just 'kinsei' (lit. just 'gold star/planet'), not pretty or cute at all.

No. 128535


To officially change her name on all documents, yes, she would have had to do it in her home country. Whether she took Manaki’s last name or created a whole new weeb name. There’s no evidence she ever got a chance to do that so all her government documents must still have her maiden name on them. When she talked about renewing her passport a while back, she showed a current passport that still said “Venus Palermo”. It seems she never officially took Manaki’s family name, and never wanted to.

However, Japan allows people to register a legal alias, tsuushoumei, for work and daily life. Your original name will remain on your resident card and passport, so the Japanese government will be aware of which names you use in Japan. The most likely possibility is that Venus is using a tsuushoumei for her “work” and bank account, but passport information is the same as before.

No. 128546

After her post about posting bi-daily, she has posted on the 16th and 22nd and nothing else on OF

No. 128554

She's not talking in the first one. And there are plenty of other screenshots that can be taken to see she looks just as bad when she can't manipulate the camera in her room. As someone who has seen her IRL, I can say that she looks just as brown (rather than how she prefers to whitewash herself), just as tired and overall bad. It's not reaching. She looks more like those screens than in her pics or videos in her room. Same goes for Venus. I was just pointing out that the pic the other anon chose as "bad" is still a rather generous pic/screen, due to the ringlight. She looks much more haggard when she's in natural lighting, which is also more true to what she really looks like. It's also a great contrast to the retard anon who likes to say her beach/holocaust photos are barely edited.

No. 128556

Wouldn't Venus be written as Binasu in Japan, so she'd be Binasu Palermo?

No. 128558

No. Japan views foreigners as having romaji only, so her name in Japan is Venus Palermo. You can't register katakana or kanji onto a residence card. Most Japanese banks also started not allowing foreigners anything but the name on their residence card (= romaji) on their accounts a few years ago.
There are two options to change your last name to your Japanese spouse's in Japan:
1. Go to your embassy and have them change your name officially, so she'd be Venus Okada
2. Keep your name the same on your passport and just get an alias (the tsushomei >>128535 mentioned)

No. 128563

File: 1608970446451.jpeg (49.74 KB, 506x271, 1566925331599.jpeg)

You're not fooling anyone, Venus. Especially with those "big" eyes. Looks like she's trying to go back to her Margo-era like posts with her cutesy pseudo-happy posts, just casually sweeping all her shit under the rug as if it never happened, which only makes everything more jarring.

No. 128573

I just re-listened to the Podcast that Reodora and Kirie did with Venus about 8 months ago (because Reodora and Kirie are both involved with Momonga, so it crossed my mind), and at that time Venus mentioned that she was living in the countryside and that it was a lot less hectic than Tokyo. She also talked about how she has spent her whole life editing herself and how she now can’t “stand editing myself” and that at some point she started seeing herself as “unbearably ugly” and how her perception of herself got “a little bit distorted”.

Anyhow, that is all old milk. But I hadn’t heard it in awhile, and recently have been not believing her “countryside” claims… but she brought it up 8 months ago. And she acknowledged her dysmorphia. Anyhow, she seems so much more human after listening to the podcast from last April. Not a fan usually, but felt for her when listening. https://www.buzzsprout.com/532111/3357934-reodora-s-dojo-food-and-psychology

No. 128587

File: 1608993652634.jpg (233.72 KB, 1080x1561, 20201226_222824.jpg)

It actually makes sense now. Venus is as vain and vindictive as Drizella. Not only do they look alike, they share the same soul too. Venus is the real life Drizella.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 128596


Still trying to cover her lower face in that latest insta post i see. So insecure, not cute like she probably thinks it is.

Some photographer guy (kazztakahashi) in the comments saying he wants to work with her again.

No. 128598

Bless you anon, I can’t unsee this now kek

No. 128602

I can't believe I just started listening to the podcast and I can't stand it already, she cannot even answer a simple question… Even if someone asked her what's her name, it'd take her 5 sentences trying to tell her name..

No. 128625

doesn't work because the doll looks like actual margo. the format of this 'meme' is also the lamest thing i've ever seen and you're actually acting shocked and betrayed that her alien edits aren't her real face so i wonder if you aren't like 60 years old

No. 128627

fuck off kyrie you are incel(hi cow)

No. 128643

Chin sperg? You are always dramatic. They were not feeling shocked! And betrayed! They just posted a meme.

No. 128644

>implying Benoos isn't the spitting image of her mommy

No. 128661

It‘s not even a meme. Don’t know what it’s called but it’s not a meme.

It‘s just made to insult and it’s pretty lousy too.

No. 128663


It’s not funny it’s not creative and the text is just embarrassing.
Probably made by a girl.

No. 128664

Really? Dissing a meme? How low can you be? It's not even about what the meme looks like, it's about what it contains/the context.

No. 128668


How low can you be? A question you should ask yourself every day you lousy Pulltard.

No. 128675


Even the emojis are distorted you sloppy bitch.

No. 128676

File: 1609032997974.jpg (1.33 MB, 3264x1836, pt2020_12_27_09_35_18.jpg)

Don't they look alike xD and that was even venus' real raw face without make up.(xD)

No. 128677

Who the fuck cares about emojis being slanted? Only a die hard idiot fan would be so low to diss that coz they can't accept the reality that they're dear venus is ugly inside and out xD( xD)

No. 128679

"Their" but yeah i agree with you. Venus is such a puke face.

No. 128680

You're the retarded one for liking someone as RETARDED as you! Majority of the Japanese people doesn't even like venus and sees her as an autistic weeabo!

No. 128681


Ha! venus is a Hag lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 128682

File: 1609033850922.jpg (116.85 KB, 1080x845, 20201227_094921.jpg)

This was the time when venus applied to be in an idol group and they interviewed her. Unfortunately, they never called her due to her reputation in Japan. Lol!

No. 128684


Ah you are the Pull bitch who lost it after Venus made that Instagram Story about Ken and the abused Boy and his mother.

I still remember how you went nuts afterwards. You belong in the nuthouse bitch.

No. 128686


You don’t get it do you?

I don’t like Venus. Most people don’t give a shit about Venus.

You are so emotionally invested in what people think about her. You hate her with such an intensity. You are sick.

No. 128690

File: 1609036465613.gif (1.45 MB, 453x344, iu.gif)

Me opening this thread:

No. 128694

File: 1609037434555.png (4.11 MB, 750x1334, A174B54D-21D5-4FD5-BF5F-CCD825…)


No. 128709

Girl that's not purple black are you blind? This is a weird mauve chesnut brown mixture.

No. 128748

Hello weenus we know you lurk here(hi cow)

No. 128779

What make up? The filter washes everything out. She probably calls it black purple because it said so on the box lmao

No. 128781


The mad hater was there even before that. They got called out in PULL and stopped posting but they are still here and always were and probably always will be.

>>Most people don’t give a shit about Venus.

>>You are so emotionally invested in what people think about her. You hate her with such an intensity. You are sick.

Something I've been saying too, for ages.


Picture would have been reasonably ok if she hadn't shaved off part of her jaw. She always does it more on the same side too, her face ends up looking distorted and ugly because of her obsessive stupid editing in trying to look like her idea of an anime girl.

No. 128794

File: 1609093104554.jpeg (275.61 KB, 750x945, 9CDB7C39-C2B5-4DC6-8A9C-31ECD0…)

Venus using the child filter on face app kek, also she’s trying to look more and more Japanese as time goes on

No. 128864

If people don't give a shit about venus then why does this entire thread exist and why are you here? Hypocrite much?!

No. 128866

File: 1609116903778.jpg (1.79 MB, 3264x1836, pt2020_12_23_15_31_09.jpg)

Ah, but the real venus will always look like this. Coz that's her real face

No. 128903

stop posting this comparison nobody agrees retard kys(a-log)

No. 128917

Sage for not adding anything to the discussion/no milk but that shit in the corner of her mouth is looking so bad she needs to get it looked at or something damn. A filter won't even cover it.

No. 128929

check out her latest ig post guys, there are some feisty users who stood up against her in the comments section. Good for them. Unfortunately, some blind fans are still defending her. Pity.

No. 128930

Stop cowtipping its cringe

No. 128931

Dropped sage

No. 128937

File: 1609135539642.jpg (20.02 KB, 320x240, sae-10.jpg)

If you watch My Peach Girl anime. You would realize Venus is the exact replica of Sae Kashiwagi.

No. 128938

autism aside she kinda does look like dizella tho

No. 128945

I don’t see anything in this picture? I know that sometimes she does have a clear “dryness” issue, but I’ve also noticed that the filters she uses get pixelated near the corners of her mouth/eyes/etc. I don’t think it’s always a medical thing

No. 128960


Oh weenus, we know that's you. Stop pretending. You did slipped mentioned in your lives (only fans) tho that you have been lurking in lolcow lmao! So drunk the tea have spilled.(hi cow)

No. 128973

Next thread pic please

No. 128974


Her latest ig post? Thats the one that shows her holding a bottle of champagne w/ real gold in it, apparently, and the comments are all praising her, so maybe she deleted some?

No. 128976


Ugghhh, those ugly edits she does to herself.

No. 128977

File: 1609169805564.png (13.97 KB, 640x488, Untitled.png)

No. 129001

The 3rd pic looks exactly like Margo it's uncanny…

No. 129011

Please don't. I'm sure you can find a better choice that doesn't feed that insane anon's ego.

No. 129022

There were a lot of better next thread pics in the last thread, choose one from that

No. 129058

No, the second latest pic. The feisty users comments were still in there lol, she couldn't delete it coz she bkocked the host commentator but the comment stayed there lols and people could still reply to it without her knowing. Dumb decision of hers (venus) now she getting roasted without her knowledge.

No. 129059

Kek that is so true!

No. 129076

you know that we can tell when you reply to yourself, right?

No. 129080

And we can tell that you have ocd weenus seeing as how obsessed you are with defending yourself pretending to be a die hard fan lolololols when it's just you all along

No. 129082

I did this experiment thing with my friend on social media. I told her to post a comment on one of my ig post and she did then i blocked her. So the comment you can't see anymore right? But when i unblocked her, you still can't see the comment. But we have this other friend whom we let see on my post and he did say the comment that my friend did was still there and only i couldn't see it wether i blocked her or not. So venus can never delete that users comment and it stays there forever wether she blocks that user or not. Only she can't see it.

No. 129085

Hey anon, this >>129076 thinks were one lmao! You tell him buddy.

No. 129091

Not to put too fine a point on it, but what the actual fuck is wrong with you? Like do you understand how insane you come off to observers? Also why are you incapable of using sage?

No. 129096

Kinda like how insane you sound right now? And don't drag the others to your misery. You're on your own weenus. That's coz you're so caught so you try so hard to push back the blame. Meh, ya ain't foolin nobody weenus.

No. 129097

That is venus alright. The one who kept contradicting the other users and that has one very similar nature in delivering a message. So similar as if they were one person. Bet he got banned so he taking it out on all the users here that are against veenus kek he should probably just stick to stalking venus in only fans than lashing out here like a tard.

No. 129100

yes i see it too. all the anons here that are against venus he accuses of being one lul sad life venus

No. 129104

We know you are the same person because you aren’t saging your posts. Everyone else does, so you are not really anonymous. And you keep replying to your own posts, agreeing with yourself, and generally have been in the thread for multiple hours

No. 129107

What a very good lie. You know, there's an option here to hide/show sage post. You just want that anon to sage her post so you can hide her post. Unsaged posts cannot be hidden. So you're just manipulating a person. How sad for you. Probably should sent you to pasture now.

No. 129108

lay off the booze weenus

No. 129111


You sage your posts so the thread isn't bumped unless there is new information. It's common courtesy.

No. 129113

there a problem with having it on top? Or are you scared that it would get more attention?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 129116


You're not 'on top' you're just making it harder to navigate the thread, and making people think there is new info by front page-ing the thread. Notice how everyone sages their posts if they have nothing important to say? Please integrate.

No. 129117

are you sure? coz there are majority of unsaged posts here. and the number of saged post are like 10 to 1 which is you! so funny enough, you just got caught in your lie again. Oh wait, i think i know what your next comeback will be. "All those unsaged posts is you!" cry me a river. lul!

No. 129118


Oh no, it's retarded…

No. 129138

What the literal fuck is happening in here

No. 129156

I don‘t think that Venus is commenting here.. holy, kinda aggressive here

No. 129161

Hows her onlyfas content these days? We used to talk about how much she strings her simps along, has she posted snatch yet? I wanna know the state of her page and if its been abandoned like everything else she does(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 129170

With how strict Japan is with visas for foreigners I find it unbelievable she can reside in Japan with absolutely zero skills with which to contribute to japanese society. Getting to live in Japan by thotting on onlyfans, are you fucking kidding me??

No. 129177


I posted the above and the image was the last time I posted anything until now, just to clear up some confusion that seems to have arisen here. I usually sage all my posts unless it's an image.


LOL, I don't know why anyone would think that, but whatever.


Hey, the only post there of mine is the picture. I always sage most everything I post here, unless it's an image. I created that because of venus's ugly edits, she probably thinks the 2nd image there is beoootiful.


It's surprising that she's still got an OF, seeing as how she abandons everything else she starts. In her latest IG post she talks about her gang members bringing her the champagne, someone in the comments thought she meant the yakuza. she meant her girl friends, so wait, what? Venus actually has some friends??? I wonder if any of them are actually Japanese or just more gaijin like herself?

No. 129222

It’s been pretty slow. On the 27th she posted a couple of those beach cosplays with the life saver thing (so, from a set that we have been seeing since September) and on the 22nd she posted 2 pictures of herself on a hotel bed. On the 16th she did have a decent PPV that had more nudity than she’s done before (censored meow meow, but nude)

So she hasn’t really been meeting her “biweekly posts, and weekly PPV” goal. But don’t worry because she also said that there will be something “super spicy” coming up and it’ll be “even more lewd” than what she has done so far.

No. 129269


I bet they can hardly suppress their excitement waiting for that.

No. 129272

If Venus was really hanging out with any friends, she would have filled her Instagram with group shots. She would never miss a chance to brag about the smallest things, so it’s definitely suspicious that she posted nothing but her own selfies. Honestly, Venus is probably prostituting again for money since her OF is lacking lately. Her latests selfies are mostly in random hotel rooms, and she’s not earning as much as her initial income when she started OF. Must keep up that kawaii hobo lifestyle and the trash-tier reputation she has left!

No. 129312

I had the same thought because Venus doesn’t seem to ever have friends, but I suppose I have no way of knowing that. In the picture she looks like she does in most of her pictures now, alone on a hotel bed.

No. 129341

She only had a couple shallow friendships with other youtubers all of which she ruined the same way as her marriage: with her own manipulative behaviour. This is why I have a hard time believing she has any friends left. She also lives in Japan without a school or a workplace to go to and doesn’t have hobbies and those are pretty much the only ways people make any kind of friendships in Japan.

No. 129375

I want Venus to advertise on Tag kek. That would be fun to watch. But I bet she’s not dumb enough to post ads on an English platform

No. 129380

>>She also lives in Japan without a school or a workplace to go to and doesn’t have hobbies and those are pretty much the only ways people make any kind of friendships in Japan.

Uh, doesn't that apply to anywhere though?

No. 129412

don't mind all the weebs here that think Japan is "uwu speshal"

No. 129416

Not really in terms of her being there for her regard of "work." Japan is FAR more strict about it because you HAVE to be contributing especially if foreign. Most countries accept you if you have a ton of money, Japan would too BUT only to an extent, they don't want another bubble burst happening.

In terms of a social setting, she doesn't know Japanese well (it's obvious) so work, school or not she'd still not have any connections.

Japan is actually quite the special place especially compared to many western countries, but it's in ways that normally doesn't pertain to non-natives.

No. 129460

No one was talking about working in Japan, the conversation was about her not having any friends (especially not Japanese friends).

>>Japan is actually quite the special place especially compared to many western countries

Spotted the weeaboo

No. 129471

Keep up with the topic, her visa status was brought up numerous times.
>Spotted the weeaboo
Spotted the butthurt whiteknight.

No. 129520

I'm a whiteknight for calling out this weeb?
I have literally never defended or liked Venus but ok, go off

Anyway, we all know that Venus is most likely committing visa fraud, but the conversation was about her making friends (or lack of lol), not about her visa. kEep up.

No. 129628

Does anybody know if some of her „old“ friends before OF talked about their currently „friendship status“ with Venus? E.g. Mikan or youstolemyapricot?

Her „newest friend“ June seems not so important and the big BFF like Venus announced they would be… I wonder, if she still has „real“ friends

No. 129660

Yeah, Mikan a while back talked about how being friends with Venus isn't easy due to her mental health issues. Obviously Mikan didn't say it in such a blunt way, but that was the gist of it. I remember a lot of Venus fans were super pissed at Mikan at the time and, although I don't feel that bad for her since she literally hung out with Venus for the clout, Venus fans are fucking mental.

No. 129668

That's not true, I have a lot of friends I just dont show them on social media.

No. 129670

Mikan seems insufferable, and also clearly has mental illness. She is obsessed with flaunting her uwu underweight body (which isn't even that thin, esp in Japan) and is incapable of taking responsibility for doing sex work in the past. Venus is insane but Mikan would just be additional bad influence, because she normalizes the glaringly unhealthy lifestyle Venus is already leading.

No. 129711

They didn't mean you, they meant Venus you absolute tard.
Unless you are Venus lol

No. 129713

Oh definitely. I remember a while back when Venus went out with Mikan and Simply Kenna, Orange and Ken were going on about how smol and short they are which idk, kinda felt like some form of flexing at Venus since we know how insecure she is about being tall and "big" (and no, I don't mean fat, I just mean she has broad shoulders/big bones etc). It's not Mikan's fault in general that Venus is so insecure about her bigger frame but I can imagine being around someone who's obsessed with being skinny and smol would be bad for someone like Venus

No. 129738

Yes, I didnt like when she did that it was very triggering for my eating disorder. I'm not mad at her though, thanks for being understanding.

No. 129745

No one cares, sage your shit

No. 129762

You're claiming to be Venus? Can you prove it?

No. 129776

I dont have to prove anything to you, but I'm getting sick of this website so I could careless about hiding my identity anymore. Just stop making fun of me/others online. Dont you girls have anything better to do. Being a public figure isnt easy at all it's even harder with people like you. We are humans too. The PULL site got deleted and some day LOLCOW will too.
Its "you're shit" not your(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 129777

You're ALMOST incompetent enough to be weenus but fucked up on:
>Just stop making fun of me/others online
>I'm getting sick of this website

Weenus doesn't admit her true intentions.

No. 129787

Can mods pls ban this dumbass?

No. 129795

How stupid are you really? Yes, being a public figure can be exhausting, but Venus is not important enough to be one. She’s one in a million people who had their 5-minute internet fame in the old days. Now she has the choice to be a nobody, but for whatever reason, she feels a need to keep up her ‘kawaii’ reputation. She’s just addicted to attention to the point of prostituting herself to maintain it.

No. 129811

Funny thing Venus actually has better English than this troll

No. 129828


I really don't get why Venus would think she is 'big'. she's just an average height and looks really skinny. Maybe it's because being surrounded by people like Mikan, poison dwarfs, midgets make her think being an average size is 'big', ridiculous. And I know Japanese girls have a reputation in the rest of the world for being 'tiny' but that is a stereotype too and certainly does not apply to all Japanese women, quite a few the same height as Venus if not taller.

I've often thought if Venus really does lurk here, then why doesn't she post something to refute some of the claims made about her, and maybe that anon is Venus, or maybe not, but i wish she would post something saying it's her and explaining at least something about Manaki and other stuff that have been talked about in here, and like, just put the record straight, if she doesn't want people here talking shit about her, at least engage in a reasonable way and explain a few things truthfully, that people just speculate about.

Why doesn't she just defend herself and explain some things if she doesn't like what people say?

No. 129833

Sorry but even if Venus were to explain something on here, she'd probably only lie and try to make herself look better. You're delusional if you really think she'd come out with the truth

No. 129834

It cracks me up that people think she responds on here. It almost seems like wishful thinking. Why would she give a shit? Before any acne-backed mouthbreathing anon says this, no I am not Venus kek

No. 129858

You do know she reads here right? Kek

No. 129867

I don’t doubt that, but there is a difference between reading here and actually responding. It seems like some people get a thrill off of thinking they are responding to Venus. Idk, just seems kind of sad shrug

No. 129868

No one believed it was beenus.

No. 129893

In this case, IT IS "your" and not "you're", dumbass.

No. 129897

I do believe it's because she lives on Japan. I know it's a stereotype that all japanese girls are tiny, but the big majority of them are not as tall as european or american women. Where I'm from Venus' height would be considered pretty tall, so it all depends on where she's living if she's comparing her to other people.

No. 129931

Boy do i have a news for you all. Mikan is now doing a better job of being venus' old weeb version. Her post mostly contains of selfies of her copying venus' older selfies. It looks like Mikan and venus are competing against each other (talk about being frenemies) but mikan is doing a better job and she recently had a rise of followers in her ig. and mikan appears to have more followers in tiktok than venus. And the reason behind venus' constant drinking was because she's depressed and could not accept the fact that she's a lost cause and a failure. All those vids in yt her manager uploaded about her where she auditioned for an idol and auditioned to be a voice actress in japan? Turns out she got rejected in all of them which then causes her to be a drunkard now. Talk about being on a downward spiral while Mikan is going upward.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 129933

Theres 1000s of girls doing what they both do. No1currs about Mikan here. She can't even wear a wig properly. She sucks too.

No. 129950

Don't want to "hi cow" but this is a tiny bit sus imo

No. 129964

Wait that pic in the middle is actually Venus??? What the fuck happened to her face???? SHE LOOKS SO OLD NOW

No. 129976

Since we already saw Mikan shitting her pants when she was mentioned in another thread awhile ago, I think we can assume this post was written by Mikan. Nobody likes you, Mikan. TikTok fools and children will follow anyone.

No. 129980

Literally any retard with snow app can gain a following on that God forsaken app

No. 129981

Not that i like mikan. I'm just saying, since venus abandoned her old self, someone else has been livin' her life and doing better in it than venus had.

No. 129986

I saw Mikan's shitty Tiktok content and I don't even see the connection between Venus? Just looks like every other filtered e-thot. Venus is miles more interesting and pretty than Mikan will ever be, this narrative will get you nowhere "anon"

No. 129990

Her ig not her tiktok dumbo! And venus miles more interesting and pretty?? Pftt!! Hahaha yeah with filter luuuul! Atleast mikan is real and she's a natural beaut with/without make up. That's why venus is so insecure of her. Venus' post are filled with filters while mikan's is all natural.

No. 129992

She puts this tape on her lower eyelids that is supposed to make cute puffiness under her eyes / “aegyos sal” (popular in asian cosmetics)… but she isn’t the demographic that was designed for, so on her it just makes her face look aged. It looks more like old age or wrinkles on a Caucasian face (it’s meant more for people who dont have a defined lower eyelid).

Also it is pretty normal for your face to age a lot with rapid weight loss, because you lose volume in the face. She caused that in her obsessive pursuit of being smol

No. 129997

If she has gained "lots of followers" is probably because she goes to that popular hair salon in Omotesando and they are always tagging her and putting her pic on their ig ( it's called Number76 btw).

Also people saying she's thin… saw her ugly ass a couple of months ago walking out of Cookie Time ( that place seems to attracts lots of gaijin weirdos) and she is not that thin or "petite", and def horse face.

Haven't seen Venus around tho but if she is walking around without makeup I wouldn't recognize her .

No. 130003

If you think that Mikan is all natural you might need to sit down now. She lightens her pictures and videos so much that her skin complexion looks lighter than it is. She’s pretty dark skinned in real life.

No. 130004


Mikan is an asshole too.

No. 130009

>Venus' post are filled with filters while mikan's is all natural

Not trying to be mean but I would kms if I had a nose like Mikan, and that's with the filters and one surgery (iirc). Venus does actually have a cute face and suits kawaii clothing. Mikan looks like she's in an ill-fitting costume most of the time. Give it up, fam.

No. 130011

(no offense to anons who actually have pleasant personalities, know how to dress and have similar noses, but the horrible egotistical personality, hilarious clothing combined with that face and attempting to be ugu kawaii at the same time…too much)

No. 130013

Also if it was Mikan selfposting, what an utterly shitty move to post that brag in the thread right after "Venus" posted (no idea if it was her, but Mikan obviously thought so)

No wonder Venus doesn't want to be your friend any more, could you get any more passive aggressive than bragging in her lolcow thread - on a site where 0 people like you? extremely ill-advised and nasty move. What a piece of shit. (maybe Mikan thought she would be well-recieved since her whiny post on PULL about her sex work was, but lolcow users tend to have more braincells than pullfags)

Anyway, fuck off Mikan/Mikan-fan.

No. 130024

could Mikan get her own thread already? this one is starting to get derailed because of her

No. 130031


Plus the fact she edits her face to look longer and narrower than it really is and that makes her look older too as long faces are associated with old age as peoples faces naturally lengthen in old age which is another reason why old faces are considered less attractive than young faces - oh ok, let's be realistic and truthful here and say not attractive at all. Which makes it obvious it's mental illness in Venus's case because she thinks photoshopping her face to look worse actually makes her look better whereas most sane people can see that but she can't.

No. 130034


That girl, Azusa Barbie, with the pink hair is Japanese and has said she's 5'6" or 5'7" which is about the same height as Venus I think.

Also Azusa is 39 yrs old but looks yrs younger than Venus, at least in pictures and videos. probably because she doesn't try to lengthen and narrow her jawline to look like a long faced hag like Venus does. Probably one reason why venus does hardly any videos now, because it's not so easy to make her face as ugly as she does on her IG posts because in her mental illness she thinks that is what looks nice.

That awful picture with the bottle she posted, everything intended to draw the eye downward to give the impression her face is longer and more narrow, she's obsessed with creating that illusion and it's insane because it's the opposite of youthful or attractive.(sperg, derail)

No. 130061

Mikan tends to be discussed in the practically dead G4laxy/ UK Wannabes thread. Not sure if she alone is milky enough for her own thread so it'd be preferable to move discussion there

No. 130153

So what is with all the different hotel rooms? I know at first she said that they were love hotels for aesthetics and because you can sometimes rent costumes, but aside from like the very first one, it has been months of different slightly upscale but normal looking hotels

No. 130160

I wouldn't rent a room in a love hotel during covid and would go to normal nice or themed nice hotels instead. At least in those you know they are cleaning properly.

No. 130166

None of them are cute enough to pull kawaii crap kek this discussion is getting ridiculous

No. 130227

That sort of makes sense if you are looking for somewhere to safely stay… but my question is WHY is Venus constantly in hotel rooms? She isn’t on vacation and these aren’t places you would buy for photo shoots

No. 130232

Maybe she lost her room / flat / whatever you wanna call it.. and she lives now in hotels / rents cheap rooms..?

No. 130236

its not like she can rent a flat. its either live with an old man or hotels

No. 130242

File: 1609678732377.jpeg (512.56 KB, 1242x1525, 46506500-DB28-40ED-A2BD-7ABE54…)

this might have nothing to do with Venus more than serving as proof that she has shit friends but Mikan was the one posting about herself here for sure. Very sus insta story attached.
Posted 3 hours ago.
check the rest before she deletes them.
No wonder why you feel like shit with yourself, you don’t have decency to treat your mentally ill friend who also lurks here with empathy.(not a mikan thread)

No. 130249

She made an ahegao face in a clip and all the actual children in the comments are either defending her or googling to find out what ahegao is (RIP), the story posts are her playing innocent about the "accusations" and crying that she's a sensitive person uwu. Wonder what her new child fans would think of the above behavior if it was Mikan posting.

No. 130284

Right. Most people pulling the kawaii crap only pass if they heavily edit. Even Venus isn't cute enough for it if going by her natural face (she looks better than Mikan but she's not cute/good looking). Mikan is atrocious, even edited – does not suit kawaii, but more edgy stuff.

That's not entirely her real face. I've seen her in person and I can say her eyes are much smaller, she doesn't have that puffy thing under her eyes (she uses makeup/editing and tape to make that puff) and her eyes are actually deepset like in her toddler photos, she has more wrinkles esp around her eyes and visible pores/redness around her nose and although she's pale, she doesn't glow that white. Her lips are also longer, she's pressing them together to make them look smaller and "more doll-like" there. Her nose also looks bigger. She's taller than she claims.I believe she said 5'5 but I'd say she was 5'7 or so.

Her "friends" probably involve kirie and co,since she is working with them now. She also has to be living with someone as she likely can't rent in Japan with OF as a job, so she has a friend or sugar daddy to crash with. I don't think she has a genuine friend though, given how narcissistic, manipulative and emotionally vampiric and selfish she is.

No. 130285

This is from Mikan's instagram? There's a simple solution that these bitches just can't seem to fathom. Don't read your threads. Simple. No one is posting this stuff on your IG/YT and so forth. She self-posted in the uk thread too, trying to defend her cheating/pursuing Yasu WHILE he was still with his ex, so wouldn't surprise me. Def deserves her own thread, she's a huge cow like Venus. Probably triggered when that anon posted her unedited ugly face.

No. 130339


Can you please stop already???

No. 130366

>>124470 That is very offtopic but do you remember that creepy neckbeard David who tipped Venus in her streams to eat spicy stuff, further hurting her allready damaged stomach?
It seems he is now after Eugenia Cooney. He tipped her 1000 dollar(!) last week in a twitch stream and the after day that he demanded a refund because he was "out of my mind". But she didn't send it back. I just find it hilarious, because that guy is so annoying.
Seems like he really fetishizes girls with EDs and sees them as easy victims.

No. 130379

Do you have any proof of this? How would you know this info? If that is true then Davis must fetishise girls with mental disorders, but I’m really curious how he’s in contact with so many internet famous people? Is he a sugar daddy to all of them?

No. 130391

>>130379 It's definitely him. He was in her stream, called himself "DavidUK". After tipping her he told Eugenia to look at her DMs in Instagram because he made her some kind of offer there. On his IG profile you can see some pictueres of himself and there is the same David we have seen on the Venus Angelic thread.
This profile is deleted now. But on the Eugenia Cooney thread at Kiwi Farm you still can see screenshots of it.(off topic)

No. 130401

There are so many ways to contact thots. He's not special.

No. 130448

so post it here. this is an image thread.

No. 130449

yeah i met her irl at a con, she is pretty tall. i also thought she was smaller.

No. 130481

she always lies about being only 5'5 tho kek

No. 130484

Lmfao. Mikan’s such a scumbag. So is Venus, obviously, but Mikan is so full of herself for literally no reason. Do you guys remember that video she made with Venus a few years ago, where they went out and Mikan kept making rude ass “jokes” about Venus and acted like she was better than her? It was so ridiculous

No. 130486

I missed the tea, what were the jokes?

No. 130506

I see it as karma on Venus. When Margo was still managing Venus, they used to do shady shit to other girls like Yukapon, Xiao, Valeria, etc. Some of them didn’t even deserve to get shit on.

Honestly, Mikan might be shitty, but she’s not as vile as Venus.

No. 130511

Nah she's just as nasty as Venus and with fewer excuses for being so. Mikan is a straight up cunt who was part of a facebook group dedicated to trashing other girls looks.
Venus is a fucking disaster no doubt but she was raised by a fucking disaster. It was always gonna be fucked for her.
Mikan on the other hand has massive unwarranted ego for no reason and always manages to hurt others to lift herself up. And she jumped into sex work a lot faster than Venus just to play for the absolute necessities of a nosejob and ticket to glorious Nippon.

No. 130520

This thread is about Venus. Shut the fuck up about Mikan, no one cares.

No. 130526


Who the fuck wants to be a little shortarse tho?
Just why? Taller women look more elegant, if they are reasonably slender. Why do you think most fashion models are tall? Because they make the clothes look better . On a little shortarse, under 5'6" they'd just look insignificant.

No. 130528


Isn't mikan Arabic or something like that? Short and squat and dark skinned with a big honky nose and thick eyebrows, yet tries to look very pale skinned and kawaii but never quite pulls it off, well she still manages to look short and squat because she is, but she's tried to obliterate her natural, national, identity it seems.

No. 130530


Squat, as in low to the ground. kek

No. 130531

File: 1609856094530.png (1.02 MB, 717x717, Screenshot_2021-01-05 Venus on…)

no words, kek

No. 130532

Venus might have aged like sour milk but Mikan actually looks like Jafar from the original Aladdin if he shaved his beard off kek
I Know Venus wants to be smol and is probably jealous of Mikan's height but Venus is infinitely more attractive and "kawaii uwu" than Mikan could ever be

No. 130535

File: 1609856566933.jpg (127.33 KB, 717x717, cow.jpg)


I just see this.

No. 130538


They both look uglier with each new pic they post. As for venus's latest one, repulsive.

No. 130540

How nice of you to shit on all the short girls out there, anon. Height doesn't determine whether you look good or not, the type of clothes you wear does. For example, fashion models look absolutely horrible in cute styles.

No. 130542

What’s up with weebs wanting to be “smol” with weak bone structure? I wish I was taller and fitter. Is it because of the validation they want to get from incels?

No. 130545

More or less, its because they're also brain poisoned by anime and think being naturally small and thin is the only way to be kawaii

No. 130549

Nothing to do with anime since the whole 'smol' thing was to say "I'm lolibaiting without saying it."

No. 130551

I will never understand how the fuck these girls who have been photoshopping themselves since they were 12 keep getting worse at it. Have the circle lenses actually caused them all to go blind? Koots use to produce visually aesthetic images, and now everything she posts looks like shit. I seriously wonder if Venus is visually impaired.

No. 130573

This right here. Anon is right. The anime brain poisoning is especially sad because there is no way to actually look like a cartoon character. Nobodies eyes take up a quarter of their face, and the pursuit is futile and only makes them sicker by shopping the faces they have to live with offline. SAD.

No. 130590

>cow costume
Penus provides us the next thread pic

No. 130608

File: 1609898318933.jpeg (328.04 KB, 1125x1842, 782DD437-D91A-43CB-A748-0D57E9…)

No. 130609

File: 1609898391306.jpeg (242.74 KB, 1088x1735, DCE57DCB-9FC0-4684-B437-15F4B9…)

No. 130642

It's the year of the cow before anyone tinfoils this has to do with lolcow. Lots of thots will be doing these.

No. 130644

Asianfishing..? They get surgery to have eyes look this dumb. Venus literally did eye surgery eyes, but that comment needs to chill because nothing here looks fishing. Just shitty editing with even worse makeup because the makeup in the app is FOR Asian features

No. 130647

at this point she just looks like kota's baby alien shoops but with a brunette wig

No. 130680

I see her body dsymorphia gets worse by the day. Venus, girl, get some help. Looking like a Gangnam unnie here. Too bad Japan has basically no mental health resources and she's surrounded by degenerate perverts. This trainwreck is depressing but I can't help but check in once in a while.

No. 130683

File: 1609929258161.jpg (57.29 KB, 710x1065, RisaAoki.jpg)

I don't even get what market she is trying to fill at this point? What's the point of larping as a Japanese woman when there are so many beautiful actual Japanese women. Petite idols with dark hair and pale skin. I don't get it…

No. 130709


Maybe, maybe they've been conditioned by society to think that looking small and 'weak' will mean people, i.e. 'men' will want to "take care" of them, yuck.

I'm about 5'7" and I think I'm average height for a woman, quite a few are shorter but then quite a few are taller too, and tbh, I'd like to be even taller. I like cutesy styles but don't think anyone has to be tiny to wear them successfully.(blogpost)

No. 130712

File: 1609950708132.jpg (97.7 KB, 400x723, 1111.jpg)

No. 130713

File: 1609950983166.png (12.67 KB, 424x61, Screenshot_2021-01-06 Venus on…)

LMFAO! Not the first time people have commented about the ugly chin she photoshops onto her face.

No. 130717

File: 1609952251675.jpg (25.92 KB, 466x453, o.jpg)

She's turning into the ugly witch more and more with each new pic she posts, this makes me think of her in so many ways.(extreme autism nitpick)

No. 130719

Brace yourself for the
"It was a joke guyz! I'm such a clever troll and you don't get my amazing sense of humour" Venus post number 8540.

No. 130781

We all know her self image is terrible but it has always crossed my mind that she does do these ghastly edits on purpose just to generate negative attention. Whether it’s to get us to respond with criticism or to make her fans worried, she knows the worst edits get more comments.

No. 130800

It is totally possible that her whole life is "trolling" people, but to me she is just as sick if that is true. I mean if someone with a support system, friends, education, etc., chooses to do some trolling, it is kind of funny. But when a girl with very little left, trolling the internet constantly while she is alone, with no other skills, diminishing fans, etc., is kind of sick and sad. Eventually it will catch up to her, she will be 30+ with no friends and a million embarrassing actions on the internet forever

No. 130827


Even some of her diehard supporters and most committed fans have expressed concern about her awful edits and telling her she shouldn't be doing it to herself as she is much better just being her real self and doesn't need to alter it with ugly editing.

No. 130911

I think both are nasty and vile, but let's remember, Mikan didn't exploit a sexually abused minor to bolster herself and hasn't done as many illegal things as Venus. Also, Venus is old enough to know right from wrong, you can't use the mommy excuse anymore. Being depressed and all that I understand, but being a fucking slanderous asshole is not on margo.

No. 130913

also mikan did online sex work to go to japan and lied about being a hard-worker like taylor, but venus commit visa fraud which is illegal and then slandered her husband sending her rabid fans after him. They are both awful and neither have a decent excuse for their vile behaviour.

No. 130917

I think it's because asians on SM edit themselves like this with meitu and snow apps. All the asian girls are editing their eyes bigger, wearing circle lenses and aegyo makeup, pointier chins, straight brows and pale smoothed skin. It's not what real asians look like but I've noticed a trend of asian/kpop weebs editing themselves as such. And we all know Venus has edited herself to look both japanese and korean in the past.

No. 130919

5'4 is average for caucasian. 5'3 for asians. 5'7 is TALL. Venus definitely lies about her height. Mikan and Margo are both 5'3 I think and she's def not 5'5 standing next to them.

No. 131031

File: 1610084463976.jpeg (257.58 KB, 1125x1844, 7E2BA612-B4BC-4A1A-A216-3523A8…)

Venus is giving me Margo vibes

No. 131076

File: 1610114487743.jpeg (943.09 KB, 828x1400, A1A05376-6920-4BA6-90F1-DDF325…)

Before she deletes it

No. 131077

File: 1610114540905.jpeg (64.71 KB, 828x190, 70DA8F96-EB3E-4F64-ABDF-1D317C…)

No. 131078

File: 1610114548311.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x2312, Screenshot_20210108_140114_com…)

No. 131079

does she not know how to handle things privately orrrrrr

No. 131085

Is her mother still trying to squeeze her broke ass for money? I kinda hope that Venus does make a video, as her milk has been kinda stale lately. It might also get her some views on Youtube to generate drama with her mama.

No. 131088

File: 1610116903606.jpeg (1.58 MB, 3797x5112, 6CF3657E-BC58-4E0A-B2DE-BAA098…)

Her comments right now are so manic it’s troubling, almost like she’s on something

No. 131092

File: 1610117905268.jpg (Spoiler Image, 88.83 KB, 1080x499, Screenshot_20210108-094153.jpg)

What a comeback, Venus.
She is on one right now with Margaret harassing her. Feeling ~sassy~.

No. 131093

Having a feeling she’s only bringing up her mom because she’s become stale and irrelevant. Failing onlyfans, failing YouTube.

No. 131096

5'7 is about average for someone with Venus' age and ethnic origin, but tall for a Japanese. She should go back to Europe, if she doesn't want to stand out as an ogre.

No. 131098


Her left hand is bruised. She keeps on getting these bruises. Is this self-inflicted or she got into another abusive relationship again

No. 131101

Unless she gets drunk/high amd crashes into everything, it looks a bit like a bruise from a man gripping her arm

No. 131102


Well, I'd call tall over 5'8", and short anything under 5'4", but really I wish that people would stop stereotyping people by height, or whatever.

No. 131104

I like how she is all sassy and proud talking about selling her ass on OF, meanwhile she hasn’t posted anything of substance there in weeks and people aren’t resubscribing. She needs to get off her high horse haha

No. 131105


That's not venus, it'a another wannabe, @persimmonily

No. 131106

File: 1610124011195.jpg (64.52 KB, 842x476, edit.jpg)


FFS, her editing is getting worse and worse, how much more can she shave off her fucking jaw before it disappears altogether? She didn't even make sure it was not so obvious this time either, looks so dreadful, tf is wrong with her?

No. 131107


She'll maybe make a future video talking about her face dysmorphia and how she hated her natural face but that at last she realizes she actually looks better being herself and that now you guyz, this is going to be the real venus, and then we'll see how long that will last until something else crops up. After rooting for her for years, I now believe most of what her mother ever said about her, I almost feel sorry for Margaret having a daughter like her.

No. 131108

there’s no way shes adhd…… she is so bpd.(armchairing)

No. 131114

I know that, i thought it was creepy that Venus’ comment was that the girl “looks like a doll” (aka what Margo used to say to Venus)

No. 131115

This. The escaping Margo saga brought her a lot of views and sympathy and was the pinnacle of her so-called career.
Since slandering Manaki/Ken/insert
ebil manager name's here, didn't work as she thought, she resorts to the ~poor wittle Peenus vs Marge~ narrative.
Also, just like Mommy Dearest she talks a lot but never ever provide any proofs/screenshots. Kinda sus imo.
Idk maybe it's true (Marge being crazy enough to pull that kind of stunt) but it's getting hard to believe Venus at this point.

No. 131121


How can anyone believe anything they say? Margo talks like venus killed Maniki or caused him to die, and we heard it's not true, because that Apricot girl or someone said she saw him, after the accusations, and margo said that venus abused that child and bullied his parents, or something like that, i recall reading her say it on her iG but don't feel inclined to go back to check right now but i did see her say it.

No. 131123

File: 1610128464452.png (135.52 KB, 1506x392, Screen Shot 2021-01-08 at 9.49…)

Venus will be predisposed guys

No. 131125

Considering Margo was suicide baiting recently, I suspect actually showing the email would look way worse for Venus than it already does.

No. 131136

If there is a shred of truth in this, it’s probably something to do with her visa situation. Maybe she’s moving in with a new visa-kun

No. 131154

wtf no it's not. European white girls average height is 5'4. You can stop trying to make it "average." No amount saying so will make it true. It's not freakish tall, but it's still tall.(derailing)

No. 131156

the irony being venus used so many people herself, including her batshit momager.

I'm curious how margaret can "ruin" her life. Does she have some leverage or something?

No. 131160

>but she did it with vexxed
And venus did so with primink, conveniently left that out, eh thot? Margo might be a massive cunt but she wasn't the one with a 2 million audience when venus shit-talked her crazy ass in her videos, so vexxed was her only way of getting "her side" out. Also venus shit-talked margo for shit-talking manaki at that time, while she was guilty of doing the exact same thing with margo (shit-talking manaki to margo) at that time. That makes her a hypocrite. She was probably just pretending to care about manaki to cover the visa fraud.

No. 131162

I would not be surprised if margo emailed her, although venus does lie a lot and I also believe she's only posting this to stirrup more interest. All publicity is good publicity to opportunists like her. In regards to the alleged email, they both admit to being in contact when venus needed proof of mental illness for some legal issue. Margo thinks venus is a "multi-millionaire", probably an exaggeration she came to when venus was making like 8K one month from only fans, so I wouldn't be surprised if margo, who seems to be broke, really asked her. What I don't get is if venus stole the channel and took marge's name off it, why hasn't she sued over it? I remember she once said she tried but nothing came of it? So it's her damn fault and she should stop complaining of the taken channel/stealing. Venus should have taken Marge's old vids down though, then marge couldn't complain that she was profiting off her work. Both are batshit horrible people with similar tendencies, except venus takes pride in her batshit ways and romanticizes mental illness. I bet they really are in contact. Waiting for Marge to go batshit now.

No. 131188

chinsperg btfo
now that you got your fucking obsessed comment across to her you can shut the fuck up forever

No. 131189

How can I watch all of her old videos (dance videos and vlogs especially)? Web Archive doesn't have every video saved for watching.

No. 131208

File: 1610151211430.jpg (569.78 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210109-081001_Ins…)

Venus was hanging out with some menhera girl

No. 131211

you can find a lot of her old stuff on NicoVideo
her account:

there are other accounts that reuploaded her stuff but I cant be bothered to look for them now

No. 131212

wow, looking rough

No. 131239

File: 1610158397016.jpg (258.2 KB, 1080x1916, Screenshot_20210108-211151__01…)

Looks like they're all just sitting around drawing and doing origami. Where is she?

No. 131240

Watched the insta stories and geez, she's so awkward… and what's up with that apple watch? Sugar daddy present?

No. 131241

File: 1610158503060.jpg (226.12 KB, 1080x1889, Screenshot_20210108-211217__01…)

Samefag this was a drawing venus did for the girl. Nothing milky or worth mentioning though

No. 131242

I think she looks pretty put together, for Venus. Clean hair, nice clothes, doesn’t look drunk

No. 131246

Her kana-writing looks so bad kek

No. 131265

I think it's related to this as well, she already hinted it in her instagram post

No. 131271

I honestly think she looks much better here instead of the dorito chin filter.

No. 131274

She looks bathed and well dressed/put together in these, and healthier looking, good to see.

No. 131280

File: 1610174472398.png (10.28 KB, 383x132, images.png)

what's the difference between mikan and venus? Venus is fake, Mikan is real. Venus is a retarded dumb hoe, Mikan is a matured, dignified, smart ass decent lady. Venus is ugly without make up, Mikan is still naturally gorgeous without make up. Venus is surrounded by fake love temporary supporters to leech on her infamousity, while Mikan is being showered everyday with "GENUINE" love and has tons of "TRUE" friends. Which is what makes the fangelics and venus herself fume in jealousy, bitterness, in-denial and overwhelming insecurities. Because, Mikan is luckier in life than venus. Oh! Actually, venus is very unlucky she had to prostitute herself just to buy more unnecessary expenses of kawaii plushies and sanrio items to brag to everyone. She claims Tsuruko would be aprostitute someday if nobody helped her financially. Look who that claim bounced back to. Yikes! And also, venus heard the news that her dear mother margaret has now financers, so out of spite, she invents a fake rumor claiming the opposite about her mother. Unfortunately, she got a lot of ridicule and her mother's financers didn't stop supporting her. Venus is definitely on a downward spiral hahaha! Seeing everyone she's so insecure and jealous of doing okay in life, drives her to insanity. Oh and also… Read the picture posted by Margo. LOLS! #SolidBurn Margs, Solid Buuuurn. HAhaha!

No. 131282

she does resemble a witch. Witches transforms themselves into a beautiful lady to hide their true form and deceive people to lure them into their trap. Which is exactly what venus the retard is doing. So yeah, 100% agree to this.

No. 131283

lul! must be why venus is a hardcore drunkard. Couldn't accept the fact that she's a mistake. Her father did abandoned her tho and couldn't be bothered to see how she's doing in life now. So yeah, margaret might be telling the truth. Ouch! Your own family that doesn't love you. oof! Bad people attracts bad things as they say.

No. 131284

File: 1610175354701.png (286.94 KB, 1286x976, Screen Shot 2021-01-09 at 15.5…)

I don't do this usually, but… Mikan?

No. 131285

lol! you wish! Retard ass fuck!

No. 131286

eyw that proves how much of a human trash venus is.

No. 131287

File: 1610176005111.jpg (Spoiler Image, 119.85 KB, 934x652, Untitled.jpg)

Picture this in your mind everytime venus tard mentions a thing about sex. Coz that's her job that you girls like and support so much and that's her pussy she's so proud of. Fufufufu!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 131289

Can you just not? You're not being funny, you're not bringing milk.

No. 131291

Fuck off Mikan. Seriously.

No. 131294

Girl shut the fuck up. Focus on your own career because getting ugly on lolcow isn't going to benefit you.

No. 131316

Whoever has written the majority of the past 20 posts sounds like they are trying to write gossip girl or something, and it’s obvious they are all the same person, not Mikan, herself, and nobody cares

No. 131331

>Mikan is still naturally gorgeous without makeup

Please asslick yourself in your own thread, Mikan

Warning for anyone who clicks: some creepy vagina picture edited to be "funny" save your eyeballs

No. 131332

She gets so angry when her obvious selfposts gets called out. Mikan is really just digging a hole for anyone who was unsure if she's a waste of oxygen or not, these posts make her look 100x worse

No. 131333

Also it's possible these ones were by Venus pretending to be Mikan, but these posts and previous ones have too much knowledge which has never been discussed in the thread, so it's definitely someone

They seem to think lolcow is like 4chan when it's more like an anonymous Twitter/Tumblr. They stand out like a sore thumb.

No. 131334

File: 1610191447930.jpeg (832.63 KB, 1125x2075, 3360E18D-6AD4-4F9C-83CF-6A69AE…)

Holy moly .. Margaret is in rage-mode

No. 131335

Jesus the ramblings.

No. 131336

Weirdly this makes perfect sense if you remember "Ken" and venus being ok with him being a pedophile until they broke up.

No. 131337

File: 1610193232616.jpeg (343.02 KB, 1125x1987, EC547957-14D0-4A2A-BE31-9F90D9…)

Foto editing into the unknown.. good Lord.. to be fair.. it‘s these purikura-thing

No. 131338

I mean, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it? Didn't Marge try to hook up her underage daughter with a few older men throughout her teen years? The bodyline photog and some other? It is a little funny that Marge thinks she's above it now. The ken thing was fucked tho.

No. 131339

File: 1610193735392.jpeg (300.91 KB, 1105x1975, 6799E44D-DDC7-46BB-985B-ECDF88…)

One of the girls posted a short video of Venus in her story (made a screenshot). Not bad seeing her unedited face.. she is not a ultra beauty.. but she looks normal and fine here. A lot better than her edited fotos. Her hair is nicely done, you can see that she tried to make an effort.

By the way.. one of the girls follows a the „suicide cute“-trend in Japan.. I don‘t the correct Japanese term for it.. a lot of young people express themself with this trend and show that they dealing with depression and thinking of suicide.

No. 131345

File: 1610196319226.jpg (227.07 KB, 1080x1913, Screenshot_20210109_134323.jpg)

She met up with Tsuruko too

No. 131347

File: 1610196674973.jpeg (226.93 KB, 1125x1407, EC58EAD2-1E77-4B90-AEC6-0AB558…)

… and that's the mother..

No. 131348


This is not PULL Mikan get the fuck outta here loser

No. 131349


You seem to be very invested in wanting to believe that European women are all midgets, 5'4" is fucking short, not just average, if they were nearly all that, then they'd be short. I'd say it's more like 5'5" or 5'6" that is average and I'm talking about a so called economically 'deprived' area where people are generally supposed to be shorter than in more prosperous areas. Not all women are dwarves ya know.(derailing)

No. 131350



No. 131351


All we've seen is the accusations she's made on her ig. It seems a lot of what she said about venus that no one believed, her ed, drinking etc, turned out to be true, but as to some of the more outlandish claims, venus abused that child herself, venus killed manakie, venus has tried to kill her or threatened her, venus is a millionaire, I saw someone on venus's ig say recently that margaret had told them that venus was a kgb spy, I mean, come on!

How could margaret know anything much anyway when she has not seen venus or had any contact with her for years?

Venus did promise a video with manaki a while back, which never appeared, [surprise surprise] and she has promised a video now about her mother's demands, but i wonder how long we'll wait for that to appear?

I think they are both psycho to some extent, the question is which one of them has the most amount of pyschopathy?

No. 131353


That comment on ig was made by revengestar, you're an idiot if you think she's here, and no i'm not her, and i'm not who you were replying to either. I think revengestar is an annoying fool, but in this instance her comment to venus is spot on right. venus is deforming her face with ugly edits because she obviously hates her natural face so much, even though it is far and away more preferable than the repulsive images of it she uploads to her ig. Probably one reason why she don't do so many videos now, not so easy to make her face look like an upside down triangle as it is with an edited ig picture.

No. 131354


LMFAO! She's even holding an upside down triangle with a face painted on it, coincidence? or to say yes this is what i wish my face was like and i'm going to go on editing it to look like this. LOL.

No. 131356


Still looks pointy though and she's trying to hide the sides of her lower face with the paper. she definitely has a problem with accepting her lower face for some reason.

No. 131357


wtf. Mikan is a swarthy dwarf who tries to 'whiten' herself in her online persona. she's no better than venus in that respect. they're all more or less as bad as each other.

No. 131360


"Getting ugly"? She's already ugly, lol.

No. 131363


I think it's yami kawaii.

No. 131364


Looks like she's developing jowls. Is this what she tries to cover up in her edits?

No. 131369

@venus_angelic What mental illnesses do you have?

Somone on ig asking her what mental illnesses she has.

Is psychopathy classed as a mental illness as such?

Maybe ASPD is all they can call it?(imageboard)

No. 131371

File: 1610205275163.png (11.42 KB, 433x97, -.png)

Seems like not all of her fans are being fooled by her anymore.

No. 131374

File: 1610205645924.jpg (257.51 KB, 821x796, !.jpg)


No. 131375

Seems like June Lovejoy has stopped following her on IG, tho she was yesterday, Venus is still following June. I wonder why June has unfollowed her? I don't blame her.

No. 131378

The English in all those comments is bad…really similar to how Margo types, come to think of it…

No. 131386

Are you 80? It's a filter.
This is an imageboard, sweaty.

No. 131388

File: 1610210964669.jpeg (598.26 KB, 746x1047, E682850E-0435-47CC-8A6D-6755B2…)


No. 131392


Her pictures are sure getting uglier with each new thing she posts, and still trying to maintain that triangular face shape. How can anyone hate themselves so much that they want to reject nearly everything about their appearance in favor of something that looks worse?

No. 131393

Chill , guuuurl …

No. 131398

She looks asian in her own stories

And then white in her friend's.

Plz Weebus embrace your race, you were born this way, there's already 4 billion Asians on earth they're not as ~speshul~ as you think

No. 131400

File: 1610213527871.jpg (80.87 KB, 490x610, 0.jpg)


Some of the comments on there are hilarious.

No. 131414


What is she actually talking about? Firstly. it's not Venus' birthday, does she not know when her own daughter's birthday is, and what pictures is she talking about? And approached by Hollywood? And the rest I could make no sense of. Madness.

No. 131418

>What would you become without margaret? A farmer?

And that one talking about "financers" might be sperganon above >>131280

No. 131425

She said happy birthday on the wrong date because apparently venus wished her a happy new year on the wrong date. She clarified in a comment. As for the hollywood thing, she most likely means back when her and venus were together, venus allegedly accepted pedophilia promotion but margaret refused, then venus went on to pedo pander on OF. She's basically saying venus would pretty much do anything for money, which we already know. She also claims venus abused that kid, whose sexual abuse she exposed and used to bolster herself. Venus claimed it was her boyfriend who did the abusing. The manaki being a pedo was from a few years ago, but it was still really odd that she wrote that as a "joke."

I like how she says her followers are "kind of friends", yet in a video she said they were nothing but consumers and prior to that said she "genuinely loved" them. She can never be consistent. She also mentioned she had friends randomly. Could the person posting here earlier actually have been her given that they mentioned having friends (and were pissed about that)?

No. 131429


5'4 isn't being a "dwarf." It's the statistic average for caucasian women. I'm sorry you're too autistic to accept statistics. There is nothing wrong with being tall, but my point is that venus, who is 5'7 is well above the average and much taller than she wants people to believe, because she has a problem with being tall and wants to be a petite, smol asian animu girl.

No. 131430

Didn't tsuruko say they stopped being friends at some point? Looks like they got back in contact and venus just couldn't wait to prove to the world she still has friends (influencer "friends" that is).

No. 131432

She looks okay there. I can only hope her skin doesn't look as bad as it did in that video with cathy cat, given that the image here is so blurred. I doubt she looks healthy in the face unblurred.

No. 131433

Agreed. Though Marge would probably try to justify that with it's what Venus wanted and she was just doing what her daughter wanted so she could get her to Japan, which could be true, given that Venus freely married Manaki for an illegal visa shortly after. Gotta say, the milk this new years has been pretty decent.

No. 131436


In areas where there are predominantly poorer people, it is generally accepted that those people will be shorter in stature. but what I'm saying is that in spite of that dictate, most women I see around are not as short as you are saying they should be. The average is round about 5'5" or 5'6", which is roughly my own height though I may be slightly taller, as it is it is nothing unusual for me to encounter women taller than myself, though it is true many are shorter, but generally speaking, most are around my height, I don't often see women a lot shorter than myself, which if what you say is true, they would be. (As it is, I don't regard myself as particularly 'tall' and wish I was a little taller as taller women look better in fashion.)

No. 131441

Personal anecdote (ie: "most women I see" doesn't fall under statistics, it's a cognitive bias. I'm going off well-accepted statistics on height. Venus isn't a giant, but she's not average and she's definitely not short, thus she's somewhat tall.(derailing)

No. 131442


I think you can't generalise too much, as not all people of a certain race or nationality are going to be the same and there is more diversity now in people's heights than the stereotypes might suggest.
Azusa Barbie has said she is 5'6" but did not mention it in relation to being regarded as "tall", no one said anything about that.
Some people seem to be offended at the thought that others may regard a taller height than 5'4" as being 'average' rather than 'tall', when for me, tall would be around 6'.(derailing)

No. 131443

Point being, Azusa is Japanese and therefore by the criteria being put forth here, i.e. all Japanese women should be as short as around 5'3 or under, then she should be seen as incredibly tall, but she isn't. Does it really matter anyway? Venus, to many people, is not going to be seen as particularly tall, not unless they expect her to be quite short, maybe she herself wants to be a midget but that is another matter.(derailing)

No. 131445

I thought the same about her being desperate to prove that she does indeed have friends. Not a good time tho, since Corona has been flaring up again in Tokyo.

No. 131447

Can you guys shut the fuck up already? Nobody cares, I promise.

No. 131449

I was thinking that I liked this picture, but then I noticed her hands looks enormously out of proportion and got creeped out by it

No. 131453

Omg I didn’t even notice that at first. Her hands look HUGE. Did she edit them like that on purpose? Or did she just forget to edit them like she did everything else? She’s so fucking dumb.

No. 131454

Fuck off with your coronapanic(>>>/ot/)

No. 131461

Nta but they just declared a state of emergency in tokyo so it's a reasonable nitpick right now, she doesn't need to hang out anywhere rn.

No. 131463

Definitely Margo.

No. 131472

I wondered what she's trying to do with her mouth here but I think she's trying to do the no upper lip look that Belle and her skinwalkers do. You have to have a certain face structure to make it work though and she doesn't so it just looks scary.

No. 131502

Lmao what's up with the yaoi hands

No. 131518

She's always had big hands. That happens sometimes anon. Girls can have 'big boy' hands too.

No. 131523

File: 1610253767479.jpeg (655.89 KB, 750x1294, 58EADA0A-1391-4EBB-BE9F-8478A1…)

Fucking Einstein over here

No. 131529

“Not having a stomach”

This woman really thinks her daughter is somehow alive without a stomach! She obviously has one, the surgeon sewed off a section of her stomach he didn’t remove it.

No. 131531

File: 1610257852163.jpg (132.27 KB, 372x363, 0OlWVAW.jpg)

300 IQ

No. 131536

File: 1610260574125.jpg (267.55 KB, 1080x1239, Screenshot_20210110-173222__01…)

The yaoi hands are back in full force

No. 131545

This was already posted keep up with the tread newfag

No. 131548

My bad, but for the record missing a post in the most cancerous thread on /W/ isn't an indication of newfaggotory kek

No. 131553

File: 1610275685957.jpeg (207.99 KB, 646x721, 3B4D8822-921B-445C-9227-3DDB67…)

She reminds me of that badly photoshopped family that went viral a few years back, she’s blurring out and covering her facial lines and that’s why her smile look so uncanny, looks like she just copy and pasted a smile onto her face and not her actually smile

No. 131554

Can any extremely kind anon explain Margaret’s fixation on Venus and pedophilia? I know that in the past Venus liked to dress and behave and collect toys that were childlike… but what is Margaret talking about when she says Venus was approached by Hollywood to promote pedophilia? That seems far fetched

No. 131557

She means that Venus is pushing the pedo agenda which comes obviously from Hollywood. Young and pretty celebs without taboos… and they promote a very dangerous lifestyle to encourage their young audience to live as they do, etc. It's all controlled by Hollywood, politicans and other powerful people. - That's what Margaret thinks. She actually claims that a few business people hired Venus to promote drugs, alcohol and sex to her young audience.

No. 131559


Same anon again. Just to be clear: Margaret used the hashtag adrenachrome. It explains everything.

No. 131560

She had a screenshot from "Dr" Berg's video with this text and that dude is not a real doctor.. He's a chiropractor

No. 131578


That warning came a bit too late unfortunately.

No. 131583


Who cares if she has bruises? She's a masochist so maybe she was, idk, indulging in a little rope play or something.

No. 131586


The comment section on ig has been hilariously lighting up with comments about her hand. Explanations abound, from her holding something against her ear, like a cellphone which being a pastel shade supposedly blends in with her skintone so making her hand look longer, to her using filters to make her face look more narrow and so elongating her hand too. To people saying that all Japanese girls use filters to make themselves look different to how they usually look. Thing is though, that those filters are made for Asian faces and Venus is not Asian, just wishes she was, so the effect is bad when she uses the filters.

When Asian girls use them the effect would be to look different to their natural look, not to look worse than their natural look, but when Venus uses the filters, the effect makes her look worse than her natural look, and that is why people are commenting because they can see this, it's just sad that she can't.

No. 131587


LMFAO. Good Lord! I can never unsee this monstrous creation now. What was their motivation in making themselves look so dreadful? Surely not meant to be taken seriously?

No. 131593


Adrenochrome, a song by The Sisters of Mercy, see video.

Plus: "A centuries-old anti-Semitic myth is spreading freely on far-right corners of social media—suggesting a new digital Dark Age has arrived."

Margaret has also claimed again, that Manaki is dead, but with nothing to back up her claims and not saying how, if true then how did he die? If she knows so much, why doesn't she show proof? Or at least explain, properly, what she knows. But there is nothing. I hope Manaki is alive and well, and I wish something could be shown to prove that he is.

No. 131594


And if anyone can be bothered to read all this, I couldn't. https://www.thejournal.ie/adrenochrome-mark-zuckerberg-5160653-Jul2020/

No. 131604


Do you mean that weird sort of smile thing that June Lovejoy does too? Sort of eyes screwed up and mouth like a weird half moon smile thing that is probably meant to look cute but just looks really unattractive and stupid.

No. 131605


And with June i think it's maybe that shes trying to look like her idea of a cat.

No. 131618

Very interesting. Can we discuss all this on margaret’s thread?


No. 131621


No. 131701

Margo is insane. No wonder Venus is all fucked up with a mother like that, Jesus fucking Christ.

No. 131725


Even more worrying, the fact that so much of what marge said about venus before and was discounted back then, turned out to be true after all, so if anything of what she says now is true… well the world has seemed to have got insane enough, so who knows?

No. 131734


I thought adrenochrome was just a fictional 'thing' but apparently it does exist, a more sensible article about it and how it relates to present day: https://thespinoff.co.nz/society/07-04-2020/explainer-adrenochrome-the-drug-that-doesnt-exist/

No. 131736


Probably OT, so apologies, and don't want to derail, but The Sisters of Mercy were ahead of their time. I'm just surprised that this 'thing' seems to go back such a long way, not just something appeared in recent times.

We'll turn away in a passive decision
We'll take the steps through the unmarked door
A look back for another collision
But the boys of the spires
Are boys no more
Not black and red boys
Frightened by the night
By the catholic monochrome
The catholic girls now
Stark in their dark and white
Dread in monochrome
The sisters of mercy
High tide
Wide eyed
Sped on adrenochrome
For the sisters of mercy
Filled with
Panic in their eyes
Dead on adrenochrome
We had the power
We had the space
We had a sense of time and place
We knew the words
We knew the score
We knew what we were fighting for
For the freedom
The time to choose
But time to think
Is time to lose
The signals clash
And disappear
The shade too loud
And the sound unclear
For the
High tide
Wide eyed
Dread in monochrome
Denied in spite
Disliked in monochrome
Panic in their eyes
Dead and monochrome
The sisters of mercy
On adrenochrome
The way is clear
The road is closed
The damage done
And the course
Imposed you

Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Andrew Eldritch
Adrenochrome lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group(adrenochrome sperg, samefagging)

No. 131803

This Venus thread truly has everything, "Venus" and "Mikan" appearances and now Sisters of Mercy anon pasting their entire lyrics in. (Sisters of Mercy are great)

No. 131805


No. 131830


No. 131838

bye bye adios

No. 131840

File: 1610421269650.jpeg (169.17 KB, 749x760, FE84BF7D-68B2-4A77-8F24-1CA88D…)


No. 131842

File: 1610421360290.jpeg (213.33 KB, 750x1016, 1A0AACB9-4684-458F-BC65-67C57E…)

Calm down margo omg

No. 131847

100k yen? Sure it isn't meant to be euros or dollars of SFR? Cause if Margo can't make an equivalent of 100k fuckin YEN by herself, in bloody Switzerland, where afaik minimum wage is like astronomic levels, I'm just out of comments on these cows.

No. 131857


Clearly a Margo side-account, but still, no comments lmfao…

"Fact" #3 and #6 is something I haven't heard of. When did Weenus drank piss? Am I missing something here? What a fucking mess.

No. 131860

I think Margo is just picking up on pieces of things she hears and sees and her brain contorts it, not getting the whole story. There was a lot of talk about how that girl June Lovejoy had several videos of drinking pee

No. 131873

that and she read the stuff on here about drinking booze on livestream and twists it into somehow venus is drinking pee for tips

No. 131883


It wouldn't surprise me if venus drank pee for money. It's not that unusual and seems to be soemthing a lot of men like to see or like to fantasise about, just why I don't know, i know some people drank their own because they believed it had health benefits, but as for drinking someone else's. gross, but it takes all sorts i guess.

No. 131889

There is a picture of Venus on her OF that meant to be looking like she's drinking pee(imageboard)

No. 132041

Did she actually imply that or is this the same kind of bubbletea-vomit sperging as in one of the past threads?

No. 132154

I have never seen anything on her OF that implies she is drinking pee

No. 132181


This is the only set that comes to mind, but that liquid doesn't even look like piss >>98387
Unless anon is talking about some other post that we don't know about yet.

No. 132239

Yep, I was speaking about that

No. 132338

A few days ago she said there was going to be a video. Still waiting!

Oh well, at least there's some hilarity going on in the comments on Lovely Lor's latest video, kek.

No. 132345

Her lashes are so messy lmao I never payed attention to the liquid stuff

No. 132425

Marge is on the verge of becoming a psycho Qtard with that rhetoric but I guess I can't say I'm surprised with the weird shit she has been posting the last couple of years


No. 132491

>she said there was going to be
oh anon

No. 132498

File: 1610678403305.png (1.89 MB, 1492x1198, Screen Shot 2021-01-14 at 6.39…)

sooo scary

No. 132506

The dorito chin, the unevenly enlarged eyes, the huge hand… she could star in a horror movie

No. 132508

She is a alien bug

No. 132513

Is it me or her hands are getting bigger and bigger? Like here as well >>131536

No. 132515

Those yaoi hands are getting out of control. Idk how she doesn't see how scary they are

No. 132516

File: 1610689012034.jpg (Spoiler Image, 7.77 KB, 194x259, descarga.jpg)

No. 132520

File: 1610691626350.jpg (129.98 KB, 266x486, 6zwRsNg.jpg)

No. 132525

What do you think her thought process is? Like does she want it to resemble a person but is confused and distorted? Or is she 100% okay with looking fake, she isn’t trying to look like a real person anymore (happy to look like a digitally altered anime person)?

No. 132526

>those hands

Poor Venus. I can't believe she's getting the crystal treatment.

No. 132529

What does that mean?

No. 132547


No. 132565

Oh goddd

No. 132581


Could cut paper with that ugly chin. -she'll probably take that as a compliment.
What a fucking state.

No. 132583


To Venus, that's probably the most beautiful sight in the world.

TF is wrong with these people?

No. 132597

Macaki is dead move on

No. 132612

probably vibing with taku rn tf who really cares about him now?

No. 132615

50% insect 50% alien 0% human.

No. 132617


She looks like some kind of shaky stick insect type thing that might be scratching around in your carpet or gnawing your wood.

No. 132643

Manaki probably learned from dating a girl whose life is broadcasted over the internet and deleted all social media

No. 132669

He deleted it last year. Old news.

No. 132672

File: 1610752615989.jpg (28.68 KB, 612x491, x.jpg)

This is the 'real' picture Venus posted. Stop editing her badly shooped photos even more(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 132675

File: 1610753884728.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1064x1896, 58A99DB2-9F4D-4F59-8131-0D9B0A…)

You obviously edited the OP picture because yours is cropped exactly like it. Here is one zoomed out looking like the first one posted

No. 132689


The full image(?) certainly raises more questions with the completely flattened chest

No. 132690

At least this one looks more like her regular shoops and not like some alien kek. Both look nothing like her tho(samefag)

No. 132775

File: 1610803868570.jpg (606.06 KB, 1080x3798, Screenshot_20210116-082832.jpg)

Just some more proof that isn't the original and you took the unshooped photo from the PULL discord. Did you not notice the original photo a few messages up?

No. 132797

Whatever's real or what's not, just looking objectively at those two pictures, the 2nd one is infinitely better and far and away more appealing than the first. but in Venus's disordered mind, she would obviously think the first one looked better. Face dysmorphia in the extreme. It's so sad to see.

No. 132923

File: 1610867008418.jpeg (23.9 KB, 200x200, E8349D4F-6DB2-4CC2-90B6-AFC674…)

Listen man, She looking like annoying orange sis in the earlier photo tho…

No. 132932

I think Venus hates herself because she looks so much like her mom. Just take a look at convention pictures and videos where she can’t hide behind a filter. You can see Margo’s facial features in Venus, like her nose and thin lips. I know this is obvious since they’re related, but imagine yourself as Venus. Every time you look in the mirror, or take a selfie, you see fucking Margo. It’s like a curse for life.

No. 132938

I sort of disagree. We all have our parents’ genetics and I feel like almost everyone is able to look at their own face without thinking about mom and dad. I bet it’s the same for Venus. She has spent years and years doing her own thing, I doubt she thinks about Margo excessively. Do you think about your mom and dad when you see your reflection?

No. 132986

That actually reminds me of an episode in Junji ito's creation. That resembles venus very well lmao https://youtu.be/DmFFh8oF3xY(imageboard)

No. 132995


In all honesty, in the pictures that venus puts out nowadays, margo looks better. But in the unedited pictures, or in videos, venus looks better. So it's really weird how venus wants to make herself look so grotesque in her edits, unless it is her mental illness making her hate herself so much that she deliberatly distorts herself in images knowing that people will hate it, and so she's engendering more hatred towards herself so agreeing with her own evaluation of herself as a hated person.

No. 133054

File: 1610924978869.jpg (370.21 KB, 1080x2030, 20210117_170909.jpg)

Ok wild question but is this Margaret

No. 133057

No it's our mod

No. 133072


No. 133121

File: 1610940161774.jpg (88.06 KB, 1080x440, IMG_20210118_042059.jpg)

Is this Venus? LMAO

No. 133122

Is this a newfag?

No. 133144

Is this a pigeon?

No. 133149

I’m not a new fag, but I no longer can recognize this as Venus, even if I try. I haven’t seen a real picture of her in so long that my brain can’t process this as being Benus

No. 133182


Looks better than the repulsive edits she puts out these days.

No. 133214

File: 1611001489791.png (7.4 MB, 1125x2436, 44EEC3DF-982C-45D9-AA2F-DB3BD3…)

Momonga doesn’t seem to be doing anything, they just have these random pictures with 50-200 likes over the past month. I don’t understand her vision for this

No. 133217

99% sure that this is her and possibly some other girls' idea to start a fake business that allows them to apply for a business visa in japan. There's probably no other reason for it outside of making it seem legit by having random posts.

No. 133240

If that is the case, then that is super embarrassing

No. 133243

How's she doing in OnlyFans? There's some more actualization? Instagram has nothing new.

No. 133250

She’s ghosted Twitter too.

No. 133258

didnt she say a few posts ago she was gunna be busy/away for some reason (related to her mom)?

No. 133261

File: 1611017830123.jpeg (485.48 KB, 1125x1055, 2108A5AC-E4F2-4BBA-B794-845C09…)

I don’t remember her saying she was busy with mom things, but she did say she was going to be away around the same time she posted about her mom on Instagram.

No. 133262

In the past full month she has posted a couple of pictures that were from previous sets, two PPV sets of pictures, and the picture of her looking like a bug in a pink bathing suit. Her subscribers are complaining that there is no content except for PPV

No. 133314

Show the caps anon. Im tired of you guys coming in here and bragging about how on OF they says xyz, but you never posts caps, so send them.

No. 133319

She certainly doesn't know the meaning of the word 'predisposed'.

No. 133359

File: 1611067621688.png (938.26 KB, 566x718, -.png)

Another repulsive edit.

No. 133360

File: 1611068111115.png (665.72 KB, 559x719, -.png)

Lazy fucking bitch, can't even make sure her ugly edited image is round the right way when she's holding fucking text for people to read.
What a fucking moron, and her edits are getting even uglier, just imagine it without the wig, yuck.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 133361

Ot but is this what Japan does with cereal. Weird af

No. 133363

yuh, it's just plastic bags of sugar like America but times 100

No. 133366

Deal with it, I wanted to give a summary of her activeness over a month, and that would be a lot of screen shots.

No. 133400

It's an imageboard, just sage your posts and drop the screenshots.

No. 133429

Unicorn Fruit Loops are sold outside of Japan as well.

No. 133451

File: 1611108147385.jpeg (19.42 KB, 171x200, 539EB7B8-7C67-41BC-AB1D-9D0B0D…)

you just unearthed a proper memory inside me there anon god bless

No. 133469

File: 1611117555430.jpg (327.05 KB, 1080x1552, 20210120_113721.jpg)

A comment from the giant hand post

No. 133475

Wow lol. I looked them up and they seem like a small company, how nice of her to screw them over.

No. 133476


She's been "predisposed" because she's likely admitted to an inpatient mental health clinic. The two girls in the video also seem to be patients. They talk about it on their social media.

No. 133487

Where is all her OF money going to if she is ignoring payment requests? To a visa husband?

No. 133524

Venus is just trying to skip out on paying. Real scumbag move. If she can afford to constantly buy new clothes, get her nails professionally done, etc etc she surely has enough money to pay the invoice.

No. 133534


Isn't this typical of her though? Surely anyone thinking about entering any kind of transaction with her, should look up her history online and they'd find out she has a reputation for this sort of thing.

No. 133535

File: 1611167839097.jpeg (466.72 KB, 750x1045, 183E7FBA-E658-45A6-A248-50EE21…)

Another alien-esque selfie. The way her fringe falls makes it look like she has a unibrow. Unfortunate.

Yeah, absolutely no surprise there lol

No. 133541

this is probably her worst edit she's ever done. It doesn't even resemble her, all her features have been smoothed out, and the colors look terrible. How wasted is she when she does these edits??

I really think at this point they should just go after her instead of asking nicely. It's been a year I'm sure they can put w.e she owes them into collections or something akin to that (even if she doesn't have a visa). I'm not too familiar with how japan works but in some places they'll go after you for it if they know where you live/find out etc.

No. 133559

Maybe the company DID tried to reach out to Beenos IRL, but they couldn’t so they tell them on her comment sectiona as a warning to other that Beenos could be scammer.. It’s make sense to me, nobody would tell anyone to pay something in the comment section unless they’re trying to expose something.

No. 133564

Maybe they don't know her adress

No. 133589

obviously not what i was talking about at all. I was referring to the weird concoction on the packet

No. 133593

>inb4 she gets sued
lawyer venus saga

No. 133624

File: 1611189800036.jpeg (322.86 KB, 1085x1744, A029CBA1-6D99-4BC2-8188-EAE0A8…)

Their instagram. Wenus sucks for stiffing this little company. Fucking deadbeat grifter.


No. 133637

>>133476 so she and the other 2 women will be in a hospital? Where they talk about it? They have lots of stories in japanese so idk where they talked abot that.

No. 133641

If she's hanging out with the suicidal japanese friends i see her joining menhera. These people cut themselves and take photos of that thinking it's cool and do other weird things. If she's doing bad mentally and already has eating problems the influence of they can do anything.

No. 133670

? Tf?

No. 133723


Whatever motivates her obsession into wanting to create the illusion of a long narrow chin? Every picture she ever posts now is edited and composed in such a way as to draw the eye downwards to attempt to make it seem her chin elongates down into a long narrow point. Her face looks like it's melting downwards. I don't know why she doesn't get one of those long thin wizard-y type fake beards and stick it on. I bet she goes to bed wearing one of those face hugger things to try and make her jaw narrow and pointed.
And I bet that any 'help' she gets for her mental health won't even address this issue as she won't even see this kind of face dysmorphia as a problem, because she's so blinded by how beeeoootiful she thinks it is.
The rest of the world can see that it isn't, except her and any other delusional types who admire such an ugly look.(go back to PULL chin-chan)

No. 133726

At least she is obsessed with her own chin and not someone else’s chin.

I genuinely think you are crazier than her

No. 133750

One of them said in a post (in Japanese) "let's meet again after you leave the hospital". It should still be there but Im too lazy to check

No. 133758

Wasn't tsuruko with them too? Unless she just went to visit venus, she had a drawing from that weird craft circle.

No. 133849


Who fucking cares? Everyone has a weird hang up about some part of their body, shopping her chin is possibly the least interesting thing about her which is really saying something. Go write about it in your diary and stop fucking up the thread with your autistic chinfagging.

No. 133852

Whoooooooo the fuck caresssssss???

No. 133853

File: 1611290517000.jpg (13.49 KB, 184x184, ac2fa821a29c963059ccf251d72e09…)

this should be added to next thread's OP

No. 133879

I wonder if the chin sperg is the same person as mirror image sperg and aesthetically pleasing sperg; their writing style is kinda similar. If so, they've been fucking up the thread for MONTHS

No. 133907


This is disgraceful. And lends weight to Margo's claims of her being a psychopath as they have no conscience about anything. How can she sleep knowing how she hurts others? I hope this small company can get some help from somewhere to get their money from her that she owes them.


"TO THE BEST of our knowledge, there is no cure for psychopathy. No pill can instill empathy, no vaccine can prevent murder in cold blood, and no amount of talk therapy can change an uncaring mind. For all intents and purposes, psychopaths are lost to the normal social world."

No. 133909

File: 1611327888130.png (843.98 KB, 573x717, Screenshot_2021-01-22 Venus on…)

I'm not surprised she'd choose to be a cat. They like torturing and killing small defenseless creatures, it goes with her nature I guess.
And LMAO at how she's completely hiding the lower part of her face [wonder why?] and given herself bug eyes so no one would ever recognize her if they saw her irl.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 133910

It's definitely the same person. They are obsessed with naturally perfect Venus so they sperg out at her chin editing or when a picture is flipped.

No. 133916

>I'm not surprised she'd choose to be a cat. They like torturing and killing small defenseless creatures, it goes with her nature I guess.
Anon, please go back to PULL. This is actually cringe.

No. 133928

Are you ok anon? Cat paws & ears etc are pretty standard kawaii fare

No. 133935

File: 1611338127327.jpg (198.61 KB, 1022x1912, Screenshot_20210122-115346__01…)

>"Why don't more people sell their soul to Satan?"

LOL so edgy

No. 133939


Some of the responses are funny tho.

No. 133950

Margo is that you?

No. 133960

>How can she sleep knowing how she hurts others?
She slept veeery well after doing way worse stuff to her doormat meal ticket, so here's your answer.

No. 134021

File: 1611390084530.jpeg (355.73 KB, 1125x2035, 1C7DBCD9-D92B-4660-BE4C-5BE74E…)

Oh wow… I did not know that she has another TikTok account than “Dollyvenus”. I wonder where the videos were taken.. I doesn’t look like a hotel nor her own room..

No. 134024

What the actual heck is wrong with her proportions??

No. 134026

File: 1611396419238.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 357.95 KB, 1125x2030, 59DF8D66-6EC0-467D-A2C4-2A3BDE…)

Here is another picture.. and I made more screenshots.. can I post them one after another or will I be banned for it?

No. 134028

I think it is okay to post many pictures, and I think the majority of us would like to see them, kind anon!

No. 134030

File: 1611399277757.jpeg (606.68 KB, 1108x1599, B20827F7-FE11-4222-8752-FD4C16…)

I assume that this must be a picture of Venus with many levels of abstraction. soo Kawaii..

No. 134041


Her mother is so insistant that venus killed him or is responsible for him dying, i wish someone would post some proof that the poor guy is still alive.


She's had it a while. But what's up with this picture? The proportions here are way off, she looks so weird in so many of her pictures, below the waist it looks like it belongs to a different body, her legs look in the wrong place, or something is wrong.


Another one that looks really weird. She's kneeling with her lower legs folded back, but the way the picture is composed it just looks like she has really thick legs. I wish she would pay more attention to how her pictures are composed. I almost wonder if she does it on purpose, it happens so many times.


I don't always see it when people say she looks like her mother, but if I didn't know better I might of thought this was Margo.

No. 134042

If she isn't paying her invoices then she has no money and is more broke than she lets on.
>b-but anon she buys clothes!
Which aren't nearly as expensive at once and a few odd pieces are likely purchased by male fans, plus she rewears stuff and never goes anywhere so most things look new despite being in her possession for years. Her subs are mad because she barely produces content despite her promises, and we all know the money flies out the door when the subs do.

She's grifting and living off the charity of stupid men, leeching just like mama Margo. Except Margo is too old to sell being youthful and mentally ill as a reason for needing money from others and not having her shit together, which is why shit hasn't worked out so well for her.

No. 134049

I never said she killed him. But using and discarding him for a visa, having him as a living prop for videos, taking advantage of language barrier to spread malicious rumors,lies & wishing death upon him, throwing tantrums/acting like a brat in public when asked to tone down the weeb and sending her fanbase after him is… Idk, quite a shitty thing to do to someone you claimed to love sOoO much~

>inb4 Manaki was a pedo

We've talked about that countless times, there's no use beating that dead horse once again.

No. 134053

File: 1611417624712.jpeg (347 KB, 1125x2051, C02127EC-D2CD-4EA7-9CC0-F27A69…)

Sorry.. but the video was too fast.. that’s why it is so blurry.. her bellybutton looks a little bit strange..

No. 134060

File: 1611422408977.jpeg (256.85 KB, 1187x1562, E0EB663B-CE97-4DD9-A195-28F5FF…)

Wow i didn’t know the I feel fantastic mannequin had a tiktok! How cool

No. 134061


Not as strange as her face! kek

No. 134065

File: 1611425205247.jpeg (376.06 KB, 1040x1995, 4C3BF6A1-F9FA-408F-9D23-C0379D…)

I took also screenshots of this video. Probably it was taken in a hotel or elsewhere but not at her room….?

No. 134066

File: 1611425361266.jpeg (328.52 KB, 1124x1953, EABAEDE1-DF8A-4DB9-A700-E06AA9…)

No. 134067


I get it, she wants to just call herself "V" and wants to resemble her name.

No. 134069


This is sad, she really does look ill in all senses. Her mother definitly does look better than her now. If this is not editing then what the heck has happened to her face? Skeletal with outsize ears. She never looked this bad before.

No. 134102

margo pls

No. 134119

No. 134124


Her left boob seems sad.

No. 134139

One of her friends it's in the hospital, idk if this matters. I'm waiting for her to fall of and go to the hospital with her cutting lover friends.

No. 134177

Can you give some context? Who is the friend and where did you see this?

No. 134196

File: 1611494451909.jpeg (391.74 KB, 1125x1993, 82464415-3E35-4A1A-A626-0E6A45…)

Anon is referring to this one..

No. 134216


When you think of all the resources these wastes of space take up when there are genuine people in the world who can't get any help.

No. 134218

Exactly the kind of people Venus should hang out with… not. I really wonder where Venus will be in 5 years.

No. 134228

>>134196 exactly, and the other one is uploading cut photos everyday…is Venus cutting too?

No. 134240


Wouldn't be surprised if she was. She hates herself enough and is a masochist, so most likely she is.

No. 134247

File: 1611520005185.jpeg (247.62 KB, 1075x1590, 938EB3D4-1D92-4D3F-B371-227F1B…)

>> One of them said in a post (in Japanese) "let's meet again after you leave the hospital".

Here’s the post. Wenus’ “friend” says that hospital comment was ‘a joke.’

Wenus once again rocking that unkempt hobo ‘just rolled out of bed’ look.

No. 134265

The translation is off
She wrote that Venus is pretty and cute. She is glad that she met Venus and she likes her a lot. That girl hopes they can be friends after leaving the hospital

No. 134292

Could Venus be in an eating disorder clinic?
I am having a hard time keeping up. 1) She said she needed to be away for awhile on OF. 2) Her discord leader, “Kiri” also said she would be away taking care of personal needs, and 3)there are some pictures and translations that picture another girl/friends doing hospital treatment

No. 134297

Not sure about clinics in Japan and how they work. From what we saw I think it could be a clinic for mental health issues or eating disorders. Usually psychiatric institutions will care for both no?

No. 134304

File: 1611564815629.png (2.31 MB, 1811x1203, new_resident_evil_game_screens…)

I have no words… This shoop is horrific.

No. 134311

Honestly good for her if she's at a mental health clinic, but if she actually wanted to fully take care of her issues she should go back to Switzerland. Mental health care in Japan is shit and although her japanese is pretty decent I doubt it'll be enough for talk therapy. And these menhera/yami/jirai chicks who use mental illnesses as quirky fashion will have a terrible influence on V.

No. 134333


How many more times are we going to hear "she should go back to swizzleland"?
I'm sure if she wanted to, she would. And what is there for her, apart from her mother and maybe other members of a family she want's not a lot to do with?

The same when people say she should be deported from Japan, but where to?
At least she's settled in Japan, speaks the language well, understands and loves the culture, and has friends there. Why the hell would she even want to leave?

No. 134335

Agree with this.

Also I don’t think she’s checking in to a hospital. She hashtagged an onsen/bathhouse

No. 134336

File: 1611590323486.jpg (162.06 KB, 711x1264, 20210125_125613.jpg)

No. 134339


I don't understand why she'd post about her "friend" being in the psych ward for thousands to see… it's a thing people usually keep to themselves. Just another case of beenus using people to fit her image :D(emoticon)

No. 134348

Which one is uploading the cutting pics?

No. 134363

so she can make friends ? I feel like she doesn't give a fuck about her image or living doll persona anymore and she just completely fell for the jirai papakatsu menehera thing, it's not very compatible with her fanbase that being say, she should retire from this account already

No. 134369

She sure looks like she belongs in the psych ward with those crazy eyes…

Love how she's portraying being an inpatient as some kind of kawaii edgy menhera sleepover and milking it for likes and views. Never change, beenoos, never change.

No. 134371

File: 1611608667239.jpg (199.45 KB, 720x720, 20210125_210239.jpg)

At least they have something in common kek

No. 134375

Bitch on the left be looking like a suicide bomber.

No. 134394

>be looking
Crazy how you could’ve just said “looks” and you wouldn’t have sounded nearly as retarded

No. 134404

File: 1611615263192.png (191.68 KB, 315x469, Screenshot_6.png)

They are best friends now. Also promoting their accounts.

No. 134407

if she was in the psych ward why did they let her out

No. 134409

>her mother
Marge doesn't have to know she's back. She could just take a break from social media and fly back quietly. At least she'll have citizens rights. But I guess Switzerland isn't kawiwi and azn enough ?

>she's settled in japan

Going from love hotel room to room and making money from sucking grandpa dick doesn't sound like "settled"

>understands and loves the culture

We don't see her post much about Japan apart from kawiwi shit and animu do we?

>has friends

She had Mikan, the apricot chick, Ella Freya but she's ended things with them since long. And those new menhera chicks look almost as crazy as her

No. 134411

She has no real “friends,” just instagram girls she hooks up with transiently for views and clout. They never last longer than a few months. And yeah, she’s living the life of a grifter hobo which is hardly “settled.”

No. 134414

>>these menhera/yami/jirai chicks who use mental illnesses as quirky fashion

Which is exactly what Wenus is doing. She thinks she has a seat at the cool girls’ table now.

No. 134415

Because she’s an adult. Psych wards don’t hold people hostage. They only hold people who are an active threat to themselves and others.

No. 134420

Idk I could see Marge finding out where she is and stalking the hell out of her. She’d have to use her real name and all that to get housing and other things. Margo would find her eventually. Venus is unstable but oh my god her mom is next level loony. Can you imagine that woman showing up on your doorstep one day?

I don’t see why she’d want to leave Japan. It’s where she’s clearly always wanted to be. Idk if she’d feel like she fits in anywhere else. She’s been closeted her whole life.

No. 134423

She's from Kabukicho, the most dangerous in Tokyo or Japan if i remember well. There are a lot of sex shops, prostitutes and weird creepy men there. She's a cosplayer, claims that "has a mental problem" and smokes. Also does some type of prostitution too because has a lot of ahegao and sexy photos. When she was in the hospital she said:



我名は、たぁ。❗ 入院中


我名は、たぁ。❗ 入院中



I translated it and it says that it was a suicide attempt by hanging, a lot of friends did something bad to her and she was so sad.

No. 134427

Venus could do what she does (sit in a room in front of a computer screen all day every day, milking whatever $$ she can squeeze out of her past internet fame and her neglected OF account) in any country anywhere in the world. She has no roots in Japan, no family, no friends, no cultural connection whatsoever. All she needs is a bed and an internet connection and she’s good to go.

No. 134428

File: 1611618503758.jpg (216.63 KB, 1108x1478, EsTrjhOUYAAz_r7.jpg)

>>134423 i missed something. All her photos are photoshopped to hell with exteme ugly and unnatural results. Here's she without filters. She's so similar to Venus.

No. 134429

File: 1611618699503.png (204.1 KB, 267x340, Screenshot_3.png)

No. 134433

File: 1611619296112.png (198.85 KB, 291x317, Screenshot_7.png)

No. 134441

File: 1611622211943.png (287.51 KB, 293x468, G5G6D4G6DG45GDGJ.png)

she was doing tiktoks without mask at the hospital LMAO just another attention seeker bitch.

No. 134446

OT but someone please tell me where i can find that hoodie/fleece. i tried reverse image searching and everything

No. 134465

File: 1611627961715.png (692.6 KB, 1080x1203, IMG_20210126_112431.png)

The new best friend just posted an unfiltered picture of venus…

No. 134466

File: 1611628175005.png (61.96 KB, 328x476, JNYD56ESR56ST6.png)

No. 134467

try looking up "my melody room wear" or
マイメロディ ふわふわフリース ルームウェア

No. 134469

>>134465 where are they? Can somebody translate the story with Venus tagged? That doesn't look like a house.

No. 134473

The girl put "Sanrio character world" as their location but it doesn't look like it.

No. 134477

they always met there. the last time was there too so idk why they go to the same place everytime? and always her friend visits her?

No. 134493

What is this?

No. 134494

Bragging about mental health sicknesses is such a typical adolescent behavior, so embarrassing to do that as you are well into your 20s. She is 23 now, right?

No. 134497

That's Venus' new "best friend"s instagram story where she shows how many followers she's gained recently because of Venus

No. 134503

Anon can you please take proper screenshots?? Just crop the top and bottom a little

No. 134520

Kek, such pure friendship. These sanrio traumacore munchies really are the worst. I feel like Weens'only genuine, non attention starved friend who had her shit together was Mizuki/apricot. But she probably had to end it with Weebus to preserve her sanity.

No. 134521

File: 1611657708395.jpeg (149.77 KB, 726x818, E69FF8ED-0216-47C7-8627-884CFD…)

Geeze Venus when we said you should make an attempt to interact with actual Japanese people instead of only with white weebs in japan, we didn’t mean the tryhard menhera girls.

Her new friend is so e d g y uwu

No. 134542

Imo it's better for venus to befriend someone edgy than to inflict her behavior on a normie or continue to be completely alone with only men for company.

No. 134545


Of course Marge would find out where she is. That level of obsession doesn't just go away. She would find out and not rest until she located her.


She probably could do everything she does now in another location,but, she doesn't want to. And why would she?


Is that supposed to be scratches on her face?


How could Venus be friends with anyone normal for long? Realistically? They would not be able to put up with her and she would go mad with frustration. Even June Lovejoy seems to have unfriended her when she previously had referred to Venus as a friend.

No. 134546


I thought it was in some medical facility at first glance.

No. 134548

File: 1611673462370.png (877.38 KB, 573x717, 123.png)

Oh No! She's getting worse. What is this even meant to be? It's not even human.

No. 134550

File: 1611673513578.png (7.84 KB, 341x78, 1234.png)

No. 134551


Well the above is certainly better than this>>134548

There must be a reason why she wants to make herself look so ugly. Maybe hating herself so much is the reason, or she really thinks such an ugly look is prettyyyy. Tragic.

And where is she? It looks a bit clinical, not kawaii at all, just cold and clinical looking.

No. 134553

God this is awful. I've also noticed she posts blurry pics now almost exclusively, presumably bc its easier to hide the editing?

No. 134554

Doesn't she have a slight tremble due to her poor health? Sometimes blurry selfies happen just because of unsteady hands, not shooping (not defending the obvious shoop, ofc,).

No. 134557

Oh yeah no I think she's taking blurry pics and then editing the blurry pics, not making them blurry herself. It does look like motion blur in that pic but most people would consider that a reject yknow?

No. 134570

Please, Venus, get some real help and friends and don't only with these menhera ugly shizos…

No. 134572

True, but considering her lifestyle for the past few years (shit diet, no sleep, no stability or routine, no skincare and rarely bathes) I'm thinking she may have a regular tremble now (and if not, I'd be surprised), and the blurry pics are the best she can do anymore. Like, maybe this pic was the best she could do, retake or no, because she can't stop shaking. IIRC back during her drunk streams at Manakis she was called out for possibly faking a tremble for sympathy, but that is a real side effect of long term alcoholism.

No. 134577

File: 1611684840428.png (384.19 KB, 957x500, G44GD56FG2A1N.png)

No. 134594

She’s gotta be trolling at this point, right? RIGHT??

No. 134595

>> She probably could do everything she does now in another location,but, she doesn't want to. And why would she?

Uh, how about better quality mental health care for starters. That is IF she were serious about getting real help, which I doubt.

No. 134597

What indication has Venus ever given that she makes decisions based on her mental health? Venus will stay in Japan as long as she possibly can because she enjoys the otaku & kawaii culture, no matter how shallowly she takes it in, it is her only interest. Even this new mental health bullshit is all menhera, some Japanese alt-culture trend. She is defined only by her love of Japanese shit, and she will never leave because no other country can provide her with as many colorful baubles, weird candy, and kawaii trinkets. Those are the things she values in life - that, and attention. Living in Japan also nets her some of that.

No. 134599

No. 134611

can you calm down? someone said to her 'why do you make these they look cartoonish' and she said she finds it fun, or whatever. she didn't try to claim that they are real.
so it's established these are sort of cartoons. we all know that her face doesn't look like that. and we all know these don't look 'hot'.
So it's lame to keep being outraged as if she made these to try to trick us into believing they're real and she's hot. Okay?

No. 134615

File: 1611692157894.png (1.24 MB, 2048x1152, F56GD5FJ56KAJ.png)

Next thread picture?

No. 134616

File: 1611692229055.png (715.9 KB, 1791x500, GFG456SG664K6KH.png)

Or just this one

No. 134635

Never KEK'ED so hard.
~Most dangerous in Tokyo~
Anon you okay? Get your weeb ass to Japan once before shilling out this bs about Kabuki

No. 134643

NTA but spot on, all the reasons you listed for Venus still living in Japan are also the exact reasons she'll never be happy there. She's become the epitome of that old cautionary line weebs used to hear about making sure you love the real culture vs the popular culture or else Japan will chew you up and spit you out broken, used up and bitter.

No. 134647

>>134643 she will never be happy in whatever place she is, because the country isn't the problem, she's the problem and the reason.

No. 134654

File: 1611709986042.jpg (211.56 KB, 498x893, jjjjjjjjjjjjjjj.jpg)

Mizuki (apricot girl) posted on Margo/Venus/Minaki

No. 134656

File: 1611711086487.jpg (248.8 KB, 500x500, KcwlCpZ.jpg)

or this

No. 134662

She doesn’t need enemies with a mother like that……

No. 134664


cant wait to see how this new fake frienship will end lel

No. 134667

>>134656 omg i lpve this KEK

Why's Venus so interested in them? What wants she from them? They have nothing special. This doesn't seem like a good or deep relationship. Also how they communicate if Venus doesn't know basic japanese and can't even write well…

No. 134671

No. 134679

Venus has had trembling hands when she was really young, too. I remember noticing it a lot because her hands shake in the exact way mine do (for me it is “essential tremor”). Not an armchair, just an observation

No. 134680

File: 1611722187641.jpeg (480.65 KB, 1124x2093, 1307D7DE-B26D-4C0C-8CDB-937994…)

… good Lord..

No. 134695

Venus’ Japanese isn’t that bad when it comes to basic conversation, especially when speaking with girls. Japanese girls are actually more patient with your mistakes and they tend to know basic English more often than Japanese men.

I don’t know why anyone is surprised by the friendship if they have common interests and similar psychology? Especially in this type of treatment center, people will create bonds with other patients like themselves. If it’s group talk therapy, then you’re definitely encouraged to make friends. (We don’t know the structure of the program) Sometimes it’s good, but there’s also the possibility of becoming codependent and behavior worsening.

No. 134703

This entire thread reads like jealous pull users. How is she supposed to be mentally sane after having to put up with a mother like that? Just imagine Marge being your mom. She should stay in Japan because honestly she has nothing going on for her. I just hope she will go back to taking care of herself and maybe making videos again and not self harming all the time through her behavior. She could do some interesting content in Japan. I just hate how she handled the sex work thing by being cringy as fuck. She could have done it without all the cringe coomer persona. Margo is also acting as if she didn't enable Venus into being a lying psychotic scammer.

No. 134704

>>134680 "for having boobs" ok but you are an A cup??? Or less than that? Trying to get attention so hard, nobody cares about how you learned about photoshop and heavy pushup bras. You are the same than before.

No. 134709

She "hated" having boobs as part pf her virginal innocent loli act, which she dropped like a hot rock as soon as she was paid for the cumdump titty pic. Venus dropped that persona when she realized she could get more money and attention as a whore/wannabe whore than an20-something married woman pretending to be a kissless virgin for Asian incels.

No. 134710


The fact that a naturally pretty girl, as anyone can see she is in the image with dark hair, would want to make herself look like that abomination alongside is surely proof that either she is definitely just trolling or is really, seriously, mentally ill.

No. 134711

Hi Venus(hi cow)

No. 134712


Is that grotesque look a thing in Japan then?

If Venus truly admires that level of grotesquery then there's no help for her.

What person in their right mind would want to look as ugly as that, even if it is a 'thing' in the porn world over there?

No. 134714


Another reason NOT to go back to Switzerland. Might as well be screwed up in a country you actually love and are reasonably happy in.


Finally. I hope she can post some proof though. People are seriously worried about Manaki.


Right, and that's another reason to definitely NOT to go back to Switzerland.


I thought Venus was fluent in Japanese. Didn't that Sora guy say how well she spoke and understood it?

No. 134715

File: 1611758266144.png (99.53 KB, 256x293, 98887.png)

>naturally pretty kek

No. 134717


I never saw no comments saying anything about cartoonish, but there are some funny ones saying something about her chin, and once a living doll, now a dead doll and wtf happened? Which made me laugh out loud.

No. 134719

What's funny is that Margo initially stated this was just a THEORY, yet now she's pushing the hes dead narrative as if it's truth without any concrete proof. She sees vennus doing drugs and sex work and just assumes the yakuza is involved. She's going to look so fucking stupid if Manaki ever returns to SM. Venus is a fucking narc bitch who ran Manaki off the internet and used him, but she didn't kill him or hire someone to kill him and her court case was either related to her divorce, her doxxing of that kid or crossing/screwing over one of her "managers."

Doesn't matter. If you keep posting edited pics people are going to believe that's how you look because that's all they ever see, so she can say it's cartoonish (which i didn't see her say) but it's still catfishing. Most of her audience actually believe she has big eyes, for instance. Her "unedited" pics like her holocaust OF set or the ones on the beach are also insanely edited and she pretends that's what she actually looks like while these obviously edited ones are the "cartoons." She uses these cartoonish edits to pass her better/more natural edits as the "real venus."

No. 134720

File: 1611759689111.png (155.53 KB, 323x299, Screenshot_3.png)

>Hi…i'm so embarrased…about this…because i have big tits boobs tiddies blushes and everyone used to bully me for that gets angry but now i feel happy with them…please suscribe to my OnlyFans for see more of these big F cup giant titanic huge ones…btw i'm a natural pretty doll winks small insecure troll…don't be hard with me…cries

No. 134721

>Of course Marge would find out where she is. That level of obsession doesn't just go away. She would find out and not rest until she located her.
And then what? She's going to kill her? Kidnap her? No. She's not going to do jack shit. The worst will be an awkward encounter. Venus def shouldn't be living in Japan, especially given she immigrated via marriage fraud and it enables her narcissism/fetishization, but on the flip side, problems will follow her where ever she goes because she's a shit person.

No. 134723


Your just choosing the most unflattering picture you can find because you hate her so much. It may not be best showing how pretty she is but still better than the abominable selfie she posted yesterday.
Some people are genuinely worried about her and posting nonsense about her natural face could encourage her more to go down the mental illness route that she seems to be already on in a bad way.

No. 134724

>>134723 hey Venus (or Venus best friend) why are you still here?(stop with the hi cow posts)

No. 134725


If Apricot girl did post proof that Manaki was/is still alive then Margaret would probably just say it wasn't true and that it was a lookalike or something. It wouldn't be that hard to find another Japanese or Korean guy who looked similar, he looks a lot like Suga and there's probably more who look like Suga so could easily pass for Manaki too. so even proof wouldn't satisfy margaret because she'd likely have an answer to that too.

No. 134727

Somehow doubt it was voluntary. Remember she lied about getting therapy before. And she emailed Margo about a court case requesting mental health documention (venus herself verified this) but margo claimed she wanted to plead insanity for something. Seems pretty fishy that she would suddenly go,especially when she still romanticizes mental health and uses it as a personality quirk at 24 fucking years old.

No. 134729

Maybe that's why she joined with Kirie and started (or rather the people working with her started) that IG "business"? Maybe the girls featured have to pay Venus to get promoted on her page or something so she can make easy money. She said on her pater ad she wanted to be a manager (one of the last things she should be but she probably feels it would be easy money). She must be desperate for cash again, given OF is so unstable. Or just wants easy money while others manage for her ad she just slaps her name onto a totally real legit "business" as usual.

No. 134747

File: 1611778230615.jpg (91.17 KB, 491x498, BeautyPlus_20210127210924240_s…)

had to crop it with beautyplus

No. 134771

That’s exactly what I was thinking. It’s probably pretty isolating having mental illness in a place where it’s stigmatized, so you don’t have people to relate to. Makes perfect sense to me. Hopefully it doesn’t lead to too much enabling though.

No. 134774

Thank you. It takes years and years to unlearn and rewire your brain from that kind of literally insane upbringing. I know a lot of people are also blaming her for not getting better help, but it’s pretty difficult to do that or know how to properly after a lifetime of abuse. Marge clearly needs help, but that ship might’ve sailed at this level lmao(armchair)

No. 134776

you have to be either absolutely retarded, blind, or have never seen a real human if you think people look like their edits, especially in the case of venus

No. 134781

File: 1611793821876.webm (1.53 MB, 596x616, v.webm)

yeah the shakes are pretty bad when holding a camera

No. 134799

File: 1611797176992.jpeg (270.31 KB, 1589x1536, 2218BA5B-3119-42AA-8524-CB1460…)

>>she’s so naturally pretty
troll is extremely persistent and determined.

No. 134800

File: 1611797260671.jpeg (271.03 KB, 1554x1376, FB0CA77C-8BE8-4F76-B2FA-8D28B4…)

(She’s actually not. Unless you think margo is also “naturally pretty.”)

No. 134807

She’s objectively cute. Not a model or anything, but she’s not ugly. The ugly comments over intentionally terrible screenshots are just inflammatory and annoying at this point. Stick to the milk.

No. 134812

The other girl seems very excited to have her as a friend. She may be an edge-lord Menhera girl but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve to a chance to support and care for another person in her situation. My only concern is how Venus specifically promoted her to fans as a girl she met in psych ward instead of just a new friend. She did not have to emphasize that detail, or she could have at least been respectful. That signals that she WANTS everyone to associate her with “crazy girl” instead of someone she supports. The girl may have wanted it that way but it also makes Venus seem like she is using her for clout.

You’re just as annoying and repetitive as the chin-chin sperg. Different strokes, legbeard. You act like she’s Shrek or something.

No. 134814

>>134781 that's not normal. Her last photos are blurried because the camera is moving too much too.

No. 134816

venus loves to give "little depressive unstable" vibes, that's because she wants attention and people feeling sorry about her. and her friend is the same. they want and look for that. the friendship is totally fake. such ugly ass sick prostitutes following a trend and making easy money with awful photoshopped shit. disgusting. and they are really living of doing nothing in their houses all the day.

No. 134817

Let me hit you with this anon, Margo is not a hideous golem either. Thry both have ugly hearts but neither one of them are anywhere near deformed. Margo just looks her age, Venus has aged prematurely because of her lifestyle but is by no mean’s an uggo. She’s above average, not a movie star but pretty if she was in your class at college or whatever. Doesn’t mean she stops being a cow tif you acknowledge she doesn’t break mirrors.

No. 134820

>>134817 are you joking? she's not normal. Nothing in her face is beautiful. Big eyebags and nasolabial folds, zombie and dry skin, non existenting lips, weird mouth and jaw, circle shaped face, anorexic and unhealthy body, giant hands, no tits or ass, bruises and dirt everywhere, neglected and damaged in every sense…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 134827

Jesus relax. What do you look like?

No. 134828

This is a mass amount of assumptions based on so little info about their relationship thus far.
You’d think the milk was dried up the way some of you are sperg style reaching.

No. 134830

Chill out she looks like a normal person. I get a thrill out of some of her bad pictures too, but she would never have become famous if everyone disliked the way she looks. I think everyone should just stfu, me included, and accept she is unconventional and it’s fine if we don’t all think the same thing about her face

No. 134857


Is this recent? It looks as badly filtered as her IG pics. I know nothing about what sort of filters people can use for videos and not much about filters for photographs but this looks like the same amount of editing as in her horrible looking gremlin edits.

No. 134859

>>troll is extremely persistent and determined.

Says the troll who jumps onto anybody who ever suggests that sometimes she looks pretty! And this picture here is not ugly, it's just your hate filter skewing your vision.


You really need help for that hate.



No. 134860

File: 1611832738402.png (352.42 KB, 399x405, 0.png)

>>>>134820 Jesus relax. What do you look like?

This probably, lol.

No. 134887

Can you please stop with that stupid "pretty vs ugly" cripple fight?
I mean, you can laugh at her shitty shoops occasionally but there's no need to write long ass dissertations on why she's naturally pretty/fugly. Please and thank you.

No. 134897

I agree with anon. As much as I don't like Weenos, beauty is subjective.

No. 135011

mods please could you consider making autistic discussion of the nature of "she's pretty/no she's not" a bannable offense specifically for the venus thread?

I can't take this shit anymore pls

No. 135066

I agree and to be very honest she was kind of cute years ago when she was with Marge even though she has never been a stunner. (Being a stunner has never been her thing as cute and childish > stunningly beautiful for weebs)
She looks the way she is due to a track record of bad decisions (alcoholism, surgery etc), lack of hygiene, possible eating disorder and body dysmorphia. (Skinny > healthy hair & skin)
I’m afraid we will never be able to compare, but if she didn’t have the mental issues, had some sort of routine in her life, exercised and ate well, I’m sure she would still look cute.

No. 135093


You agree but then proceed to go on about her looks. Can we just all agree that beauty really is in the eye of the beholder, but I'm afraid that anytime anyone suggests even in the tiniest way possible that sometimes she has posted pictures looking pretty, the autist who hates everything about her will be massively triggered and unable to stop themself from going on a rant about every single thing about her that they hate. And it's mainly that anon that makes it so unbearable here.

No. 135118

Wait…. so you can say that She is pretty or she was cute before, but you cannot say your opinion when you think venus is ugly? Like wtf her career is mainly based on how she looks like, so in this case I don't see anything bad to judge her appearance in a positive or negative way. if someone thinks that she is ugly, it's their business and they have the right to express such opinion on this forum, why u so triggered by that kek

No. 135121


Writing a massive rant about every aspect of her looks that you hate, as in this insane shit here>>134820, everytime there is an innocuous comment that merely says she might look awful most of the time but that there is the odd occasion when she has looked pretty, is just so retarded and the obsession with which it happens over and over again with monotonous regularity from obviously the same autist is what people are just fucking sick of. WE KNOW that people have different opinions when it comes to looks, but hate fuelled autism such as seen here spouting the same shit over and over is not what anyone wants to read, especially when it happens so often. Why is that so hard to understand?

No. 135128

Agreed. The heavy amount of posting from just a few obsessed people is getting old. They say the same exact thing, passionately, every day.

No. 135130

your innocence is adorable kek

People say shit, especially ONLINE where they are ANONYMOUS. Grow up. Autism attracts autism.

U won’t stop behavior like this from happening (since you mentioned yourself that it is not the first time this has happened)
and the best thing u can do Is just to ignore it, especially if you think that this comment is a shit and doesn't add anything constructive… when you know better, do better
Why being even triggered by shit in the first place?(infighting)

No. 135132

seconding this. especially given these freaks are using any other post as an excuse to twist it back to their argument for either side of it, as seen above.

No. 135177

Every new thread of Venus I end up abandoning because its oversaturated with copy-paste infighting. Take it elsewhere, anons. Some of us want milk. I somewhere wish the mods would be stricter on these threads, but at the end of the day it doesn't matter. Just SAGE your posts if their about her chin, her attractiveness or the autism of others PLS

No. 135205

sage-ing chinposting doesn't make it ok as you implied it does

No. 135235


Showed this pic to 5 regular average guys and the consensus was "not hot but cute." all said they would date if she had a nice personality (moot point as she does not). Hope this helps!

No. 135249

I’d be embarrassed to be seen with her. My personal opinion. Just like others are allowed to say they think she’s decent, other people are allowed to express that they think she’s ugly. Those teeth alone are scary asf.

No. 135275

I’m not offended by her appearance but I imagine most people would be horribly embarrassed to date someone with this reputation. She’s ruined herself IMO, imagine telling your family about her

No. 135277

You can have your own opinion of her and point out when something looks awful, but don’t quote another anon who gave her compliment just to rage like a psycho about how the anon is wrong for their preferences. Most people here are very neutral about Venus’ looks and don’t have extreme view of Goddess vs shit golem.

When it comes to straight guys, the bar is definitely lower and they don’t hyper focus on every imperfection like women do as long as they get off in something else. The only time we see men complain about Venus is when she is lazy and not releasing the content they paid for. So even if she is a hideous monster to one anon, there’s still guys willing to pay to see that “monster”.

Visually, I think a healthy version of her would be cute. But the way she has behaves and the way she treats people is what makes her forever hideous to me.

No. 135295

>Visually, I think a healthy version of her would be cute. But the way she has behaves and the way she treats people is what makes her forever hideous to me.

This. Venus was cute, bit she ruined herself with the surgery, drinking, and B/P disordered eating and staying up all night. Before she got with Manaki and everything spiraled, she was cute bit cringey with bitchy undertones, but it worked for her because she focused on cute things she liked. I don't even have words for Venus now.

No. 135296


You can't see her teeth in that picture though.