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File: 1501623674649.png (766.36 KB, 1919x2500, IMG_3700.PNG)

No. 26105

> makes shitty cosplay/haul videos with her fat middle aged white fiancé
> wears a cat collar and acts out their DDLG fetish in public
> occasionally makes weight loss videos that show off her eating disorder
> has been in America for over six years for school but pretends that she can't speak
> buys cheap cosplay clothing off taobao and wears it as regular clothing
> wants to be a housewife but can't cook or clean worth shit
> whines about being "cyberbullied" by lolcow

No. 26106

Lmao nice pic anon

No. 26107

thank you so much for making that the thread pic lmao

No. 26108

amazing op pic

No. 26109

>when you find nice husband to be marry with you and you like him many but he no buy you the many "oodles of noodles" you were be promise

No. 26110

Her fiance isn't even fat kek. Honestly she's like almost 30 and he's in his late 30s-40s? They're cringe as fuck but i don't think their relationship is that weird

No. 26111

Also can someone fill me in why folks say Yumi is faking her accent? She came to America at age 20 right? If you don't learn a language immersively before age 12 or 13 you're going to have a thick accent. If you go to your local chinese shop a lot of them have horrible thick rice farmer accents but have been in America for a while. Especially since Yumi is in a FOB community like in Seattle she's bound to have a shitty accent.

No. 26112

File: 1501637819305.jpg (62.67 KB, 474x362, 20170714_151212.jpg)

No. 26113

Their relationship is definitely weird. Yumi looks like his ugly mail order bride.

No. 26114

I wonder how many people here want to date Splenda Daddy?

No. 26115

Lol what you said. Like seriously I dunno how people can defend this relationship its like 10 levels of creepy.

No. 26116

do you not think a beer belly is fat

No. 26117

stop your samefagging

No. 26118

This is the first time I posted ITT..

No. 26119

File: 1501644595719.png (613.05 KB, 467x751, blegh.PNG)

No. 26120

he's a pedo she's a gold digger, maybe not in our money loving pedo society it's not weird but to others it is

No. 26121

Thank you for this! Links are needed, learn how to post OP

No. 26122

her wedding dress is another online ordered dress that doesn't look like the picture at all. honestly, I hope she's trolling us again and this isn't her ACTUAL wedding dress, and that her real wedding dress would come from a boutique or somewhere legit because it's an once in a lifetime event and it's not like she's too dead broke to afford it. This dress is really ugly, and the sleeves look like the drapes from TJ Maxx.

No. 26123

Yumi's face always looked like she had some kind of botched surgery to me, I remember she posted a picture of her younger years on IG awhile ago and her eyelids were def ot as big as they are now, her nose looks very strange like she had a crappy implant shoved in and her alars got pushed in wards.

I notice this kind of stuff more cuz my ex asian step mom was a plastic surgery addict that had her fair share of failed surgeries

No. 26124

File: 1501653141233.png (514.69 KB, 599x600, yumi king 4.png)

>>she posted a picture of her younger years on IG awhile ago
I would love to see this photo lol

It's hard to tell with her make up and filter but without them, she definitely doesn't look like a normal person. Something has to be up.

No. 26125

Late 40's, maybe. Late 30's? No way in hell. Liking older dudes is all good honestly, but Splenda isn't even remotely attractive, and on the other end of that, not wealthy or charming enough to make up for it. Yumi is just desperate and is settling down for the first guy who will both put up with her and support her. I mean, at least her tastes are cheap enough for Splenda to afford, I guess?

And while Splenda may not be "fat" as in obese, the guy is clearly fairly overweight. He's got a huge gut and visible man tits through his shirt. It's just funny that he's such a slob given that he's always ragging on Yumi to lose a few pounds.

No. 26126

I'm sorry but all this ragging on what you deem is a "cheap" dress deffo gives off elitist vibes to me. Smacks of high brow snobbery imo. Like you said, it's a dress for one fucking day. Not everyone wants to, or can afford a "boutique" dress like you say Yumi should, all for a single, "magical" day. If Yumi"s dress that you think is so tacky makes her feel like a rich, fancy lady then good for her. A $200 dress seems "fancy" and expensive to me as well, but then again I'm just an ignorant, poverty-stricken commoner. In actuality, I kinda like the dress, but maybe my lower class status makes me stupid.

Sage for Marxist-type rant in Yumi thread

No. 26127

Holy fuck, that picture looks scary

No. 26128

Maybe if it wasn't for the "50000 dollars" this wedding is suppose to be, and her trying to pull poorly made and cheap things as top grade.

If you want a cheap wedding dress go ahead but don't brag on how cheap it doesn't look when its obvious. Most girls like to look nice on there wedding which they opt for higher quality fabric and the labor.
If she was really creative and not too much of a cheapskate she could've "upcycle" a preown/thrift wedding dress so it would be nice/unique but not awfully expensive.

No. 26129

calm your tits. there's a HUGE difference between being cheap and looking cheap. all of her stuff is the latter she had really bad taste. i don't think the issue was about price and more about the actual look, which, of course is more common with cheaply priced items. nothing wrong with being thrifty, but she rarely gets things that look quality. you have to be choosy, especially on aliexpress type sites.

No. 26130

File: 1501682044047.png (159.02 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2016-09-29-11-48-54…)

I think OP should include Yumi claiming to not know what the 911 incident is despite being in America for over 5 years when being questioned about frolicking at the 911 memorial in one of her cosplay in public videos. Pic related.

No. 26131

I understand what you're saying, but the real issue I have as a member of the ~bourgeoisie~ is not with the quality and price of the dress; rather, my irritation stems from Yumi acting like her wedding is going to be super expensive ($50,000) and then buying an absolute garbage, cheap dress. She spends so much time trying to scam her viewers into thinking that she purchases quality items and lives such a lavish lifestyle with her definitely-not-a-pedo Splenda daddy uwu.

If you can't/don't want to spend thousands on a dress, that's your choice, and I understand. But don't act like you're some wealthy, spoiled baby and outright lie about having tons of money to spend on a wedding.

No. 26132

she didn't buy the dress, it was sent to her for free, which makes it even worse because it seems she doesn't want to spend a single penny on her wedding dress. either she lied about wanting to wear the dress on the wedding or her taste is really that bad and she doesn't see how tacky it looks.

No. 26133

Oh, shit, that makes it even worse. My bad for not knowing that– I only watched bits and pieces of the video because I find them to be quite boring and cringey. Thanks for the clarification.

~*$50,000 wedding uwu*~

No. 26134

holy fuck she did this?! Assuming splenda filmed this why didn't he fucking tell her to not pose in front of it?

No. 26135

She could easily go to a wedding shop or even a simple Prom shop and find something for the same price that would fit her better + a professional opinion. I'm also a cheap bitch but hell even if i had a £500 wedding i wouldn't order from an online shop unless its 100% legit and not some cheap knock off.
This is most likely going to be her only time getting married and you can tell how much she was wished for this day, thats the issue, she puts no effort into the "grand" day and settles for pure shit.
I think Splenda is enabling her online shopping addiction tbh because he's also extremely cheap.

No. 26136

This is a man who thinks sunflower seeds are junk food

No. 26137


This was way, way before splenda.

No. 26138

No. 26139

No. 26140

Here Yumi I'll help you outby giving you pointers to fix ur busted ass face

Get asian eyelid revision surgery, ur eyes are too damn buggy and big.

Get that implant out of your nose, use rib or ear cartilage instead. Fix ur alars, they are too inverted.

Stop starving/throwing up so ur cheecks will stop being so swollen.

Get either a chin implant or genioplasty.

And for the love of god get makeup lessons and get rid of those bangs

Ur welcome

No. 26141

Meh, I'm not going to blame anyone for wanting a cheap wedding dress but I'm certainly going to cringe at a cheap looking one like if it has sequins and poor/cheap lace.
Then again, I've seen some tacky and poor quality wedding dresses that were expensive so eh, It's all about taste I guess and unfortunately Yumi has a penchant for it (just look at her packing her outfits away when she was moving, a lot of her dresses looked like they were Halloween little girl princess dresses)

No. 26142

I think it's more that it looks like absolute shit than the fact it's cheap

if her wedding dress costed 45k and still looked like that, I'd still say it looks ugly as hell and is unfitting

No. 26143

She probably does have a natural accent because she immigrated to America so late, but her accent and "inability" to speak English has gotten worse since she started dating Splenda. If you go to her earliest videos, she speaks English perfectly fine and her accent isn't as thick.

sage for no contribute

No. 26144

Splenda might seem cheap and pedo but he does live in a giant house, and that doesn't come cheap. Her, on the other hand, doesn't have a job, is in no hurry to get one, and her youtube videos don't get that much views. For a girl as "traditional" as Yumi, she sure didn't give a crap about her own wedding. Maybe she doesn't expect it to be long term.
This is extremely far fetched, but I think Yumi only wants to get a share of estate when they divorce, or whatever happens when a couple divorces.

No. 26145

His giant house is in the Georgia though. Some anon said that it looks like he lives in Douglasville and the houses that are roughly the size of his there cost less than $2k/month for rent.

No. 26146

He appears to live in a McMansion in Georgia, so the house likely isn't all that expensive and it's not like he spends the money on anything else, his cheap import bride obviously doesn't cost him much. He isn't poor but he also isn't rich, though he might be by Yumi's standards.

The thing is I bet Yumi does care about the wedding, she really just has absolutely no taste or class. She's remarkably stupid and sheltered (see: not knowing what 9/11 was) and wouldn't know quality or taste if it bit her in the face. She could easily have a nice, tasteful wedding (for relatively little money, though I think she's lying about the $50k) but obviously she doesn't want that because she wants her version of "elegant" and "refined" which really translates to "over the top, tacky crap with frills and rhinestones." Even ignoring her I doubt Splenda wants to throw real money as his knock-off future wife.

No. 26147

>over the top, tacky crap with frills and rhinestones

hey now, don't dis frills and rhinestones. yumi doesn't even have taste, not even her own. she rarely buys her own things and totally relies on freebies. if anything she likes generic 'kawaii harajuku japanese soft sister' tagged aliexpress garbage.

No. 26148

ugh. i used to live in douglasville and it is a trashy, racist, boring place. really, douglas county is garbage. and its full of guys like splenda who either work at home or commute to atlanta.
i feel bad that yumi is going to be stuck there lmao. hopefully she can go to atlanta for fun often but i guess its more fun to sit at home in cheap polyester and drink out of a cat bowl.

No. 26149

File: 1501718628790.jpg (224.44 KB, 1011x2048, AA1F885C-62B3-4305-86E4-723115…)

What on earth happened? Did she get bad cheek fillers or something?

No. 26150

no, just bulimia cheeks

No. 26151

Her aegyo sal annoys me the fuck out
Also, "aesthetic" happened. You can see she has no personal style, not a hint of personality, she just buys everything off aliexpress (not necessarely a bad thing but) sorting by newest and popular.
She thinks she can "rock" every asian style but it just comes off as stupid looking.
She thinks she looks "younger" but that make up only shows off more than her age, she has no self projection to get what's good on her and what's not.
Yea, everyone can do everything they want to their body but I would study a little bit of harmony to look good and feel comfortable

No. 26152

File: 1501721712935.png (525.07 KB, 720x1280, ewww.png)

ew his nose and FAS lips

he actually kinda looks like a neanderthal here

No. 26153

He is pretty fat. And the fact that he pesters HER about her weight makes it even more gross
And I'm not even saying that cause I feel bad for her (because I don't) it just makes him look even more fucking weird

No. 26154

ugh they creep me out so bad lol
i hate that she always refers to him as fiance when they get married you know shes gonna call him husband all the time

No. 26155

File: 1501725208492.jpg (21.58 KB, 400x400, cornking.jpg)

Her complete lack of a chin gets me everytime

No. 26156

imagine if with her chinlessness and his neanderthal skull their kid actually gets nice, balanced bone structure. real russian roulette though. is stuff like chin and browbone shape something with dominant and recessive alleles or does it work a different way i wonder
you've captured her well. i wanna see a painted version of this in a tiny frame. it would be cute

No. 26157

wtf can't believe thats really her. even her chin looks ok. still small but not where it stands out right away. its like the big cheeks make it look way more tiny by comparison.

No. 26158

>their kid

plz don't remind me of that possibility

No. 26159

Their kid is prolly gonna be like Elliot Roger just sayin.

No. 26160

20 years from now

their son is a neanderthal with zero chin and bulimia cheeks, new mod of /r/hapas

No. 26161


well what the fuck else is she supposed to call him?

No. 26162

She's actually pretty cute here. What in the world happened to her face?

Topkek at Splenda hiding his turkey neck in a Suzy pose.

No. 26163

oh without a fucking doubt. i was just wondering if the neanderthality would balance out the chinlessness and make a normal skull, but probably not.

No. 26164

why does she shoop her eyes like that when people will see her ugly rice farmer face on video

No. 26165

I'm pretty sure her fiance is the one googling her all the time and telling her about us and pull.

No. 26166

Ugh, I don't know what we are focusing on that one picture of her…if you look at the videos done around the same time, she's basically always had the same farmer face.

No. 26167

It would explain why he's making such an effort to hide his turkey neck after we made such fun of it.

No. 26168

File: 1501737456304.png (137.26 KB, 750x470, IMG_3710.PNG)

imagine being this passive aggressive

No. 26169

No. 26170

The fact she tried to make cleavage was hard to watch. Like, if it really bothers her that much, why not get a boob job?

No. 26171

because shes gonna cope out and go for a cheap surgery and have the implants burst or get infected

No. 26172

>using an instagram memebra AND hugging your arms to squeeze your tits together.
why bother posting this? even if she's sponsored this is like an anti-ad. i have a hard time making cleavage bc my tits are big but far apart so if that thing can't hold her tits together i'm not gonna bother.

No. 26173

She can't get breast implants because Splenda likes her chest flat. It makes her body look more child like.

No. 26174

his name idk

No. 26175

Has anyone been able to find out his name? All I've read about him is that he's an engineer from Georgia.

No. 26176


No. 26177

File: 1501773976219.jpg (105.38 KB, 540x735, IMG_20170803_232452.JPG)

The cosplay in public vid was filmed by Splenda. Pic related.

No. 26178

lol @ her airbrushing the fuck out of him. you can't even see half his face

No. 26179

OMG that face transformation is the saddest shit ever. I actually feel bad for her. Like she was actually cute at some point. How long ago was that before picture?

No. 26180

holy moly this IS so passive aggressive! It's like she has another personality when she types in chinese.
But about the trying to speak cute thing, it could be possible that she's honestly just got a thick accent. Many Chinese international students at my university speak like her, kind of, but a lot faster and more casual.

No. 26181

I skimmed through some of her older videos out of boredom. Nevermind about her accent. She definitely sounded slow and cutesy in the older videos, like she couldn't speak english well. Maybe she read PULL recently and changed her ways.

No. 26182

>It's like she has another personality when she types in chinese
What do you mean? Can't read moonspeak.

No. 26183

What did she write? translation anon pls

No. 26184

this is from two years ago..she sounds better than she does now

her cheeks though..

No. 26185

I'm not good at translating, but she basically said: "some people are so annoying. They just spread rumours all day. How the heck do I pretend to not speak English well. I obviously just got a thick accent." basically a rant, completely different from the 'I enjoy both positive and negative comments' she wrote in English.
It's written in a passive aggressive tone. it's hard to explain, but it's like when you someone's comment on youtube you could tell that person's pissed. This is what it feels like with Yumi.

also I don't know who she's fooling. She obviously tried to sound like a kawaii bilingual and only stopped recently. It's like she's trying to manipulate her Chinese viewers into thinking people are bullying her, since you'd have to be very proficient in english to be able to identify accents, witch many immigrants can't yet.

No. 26186

No. 26187

um so they put up some curtains and built a mirror and?

No. 26188


No. 26189

Maybe they are getting married at home
Fancy 50k bucks wedding right there

No. 26190


Did she ever mentioned the date of the wedding? I feel like she is getting ready for it for the last 5 months or so - when does it happen?? ngl I'm so interested to see this mess in action.

No. 26191

Maybe they are going to fuck in here, after the wedding? I don't know what else wedding related you could do in what seems to be a kid room/office.

No. 26192

>splenda is in a relationship with a 26-year old girl
>gets called a pedo

i'll never understand this

No. 26193

I think she meant the room to consummate the marriage in…

No. 26194

It's not about the age, but his obvious attraction to younger girls
Are you trying to say that yumi acts like a 26 y/o?
Yumi's character is a preteen uguu kawaii princess, obviously, if he was a real pedo, he would have his ass jailed, so he just goes with pre-pubescent looking girls (Yumi has zero curves plus no ass and tits) who act and dress like school girls.
Look up some others 26 years old girls, they're not like Yumi.

No. 26195

Also too add to this anon, it's not just how she looks. some people can't help being that small. (i know it's yumis diet though). It's also the way he looks and talks to her. He treats her like a complete child. "sweetie/babygirl", buying her child like clothes along with "fuck me" panties. Nothing is bad about DDLG but this publicly to a young audience is what she's most hated for in this thread.

No. 26196

They look like children and father, he makes dad jokes to make her laugh, treats her like a special needs kid, buys her low quality doll dresses because "he likes them" (Yumi said it).
And Yumi acts like a child, simple.

Look up people like Marzia (yes, pdp gf), she's two years YOUNGER than Yumi, tell me if you see the difference, just to make an example.

No. 26197

marzia isn't really comparable to yumi since she's italian and yumi is chinese and their cultures are very different.

No. 26198

Not talking about culture, just age.
You can be a retarded "Princess" who dresses in aliexpress garbage in every race and culture
Splenda is white, yet treats her like a child, he's not telling her something like "grow up" or "do something"
He's obviously fine with it and he's not asian

No. 26199

the same reason why guys who fap to loli and claim its an adult that just look young get called pedos

yumi even allegedly admitted herself that she tries to keep herself "youthful" and underweight to look childish for splenda, like an actual child
no I'm not saying all guys with girlfriends that look childlike are pedophiles, but it's clear as day thats shes trying everything in her power to be as much of a child as possible, there's no real love in that relationship and there's clear sexualness, which is probably the only reason why theyre together, if you knew much about people like splenda, it's that they can be obvious pedos and it's clear as day, but as long as if they're messing around with "Adults" they and their enablers scream "but but ADULT" and ignore the signs of a pedo, which is being attracted to bodies that are childlike for the sole reason they look like a childs body

No. 26200

Ah yes, because chinese people are all into childish stuff and theres no italians who like ageplay and aliexpress garbage. Got it.

No. 26201

File: 1501884226900.jpg (24.8 KB, 400x400, 0JJzCdhV_400x400.jpg)

they didn't say that at all wtf

tbh imo marzia has a much more youthful face then yumi
then again italian women tend to have youthful faces if they take care of themselves, and from what I've seen marzia takes a good bit better care of her skin than yumi does, if I saw marza in public I'd think she was a late teenager, where as if I saw yumi and didn't know her I'd think she was a 40 yr old autistic woman

for their cultures, italians idealize the grown up figure, wide hips, small waist, big bum, round plump boobs and dressing more grown up, also from what I've seen italians also like more womanly voices on women, where as chinese or east asian culture in general idealize "child like" ness
guess which one attracts more pedos too?

No. 26202

(pizzaria mamma mia spaghetti anon here)
Ye, the "italian beauty" is someone with defined womanly-features
(like a plump breast, wide hips to give birth, long hair and you know, feminine things but not childlish)
Sadly, there are sick fucks who molest children but that's viewed extremely negative (common sense but you're supposed to get with a woman who acts her age, can be a little childlish for example liking disney, cartoons etc etc but can be mature enough to substain a relationship and has to be indipendent) because if you get for example with someone like Yumi, people will think you're some pedo/autistic fuck who doesn't want to grow up and has "daddy syndrome" and you know, you don't fuck your daughter.

And they're not wrong tbh
Anyway, to me, Yumi exaggerating her "young appareance" makes her look older.
You can SEE it's a woman in child clothing, she would look younger with "mature" clothes and better make up.

No. 26203

her actual structure is very child like, like her face kinda and her body , except she's tall and has a bit saggy boobs for her size, honestly if she took better care of her skin and body (hence wrinkles and sagging), didn't try to over exaggerate being a kid, she would pass off as at least 18-21

think of it as lexxynichelle and her "pear shaped figure"
her figure maybe pear shaped technically, but it's just that she exaggerates it so much with drawing, constantly talking about how big her butt is, calling herself thicc, wearing yoga pants, etc, so that it appears a lot smaller, when in reality her ass just looks proportionate to her body type, idk how to explain it, it's a psychology thing

No. 26204

I call it the pessimist effect
basically when something is exaggerated so much, you start seeing it the opposite way
its like when you hear about a test and everyone is talking about how easy it is and how they zoomed right through it, you get the test and it seems pretty hard unlike what everyone else said, and say the test was of average or slightly easier effort
applied to yumi, with the right amount of exaggeration she can definitely appear younger, like if she wore pastel colors, not too many patterns, took away the straight across bangs, stopped faking her voice, etc she can pass for a late teenager or early adult, where as her trying to act like a literal child and dressing in lolita, only exaggerates her being older, as it would most people if they dressed/acted like that unless they looked like an actual child, which is impossible for a woman to do without photoshop and lots of plastic surgery

No. 26205

>nothing is bad about DDLG
oh boy, are you SURE nothing is bad about child molestation roleplay? not even just a bit?

No. 26206

What the hell? She looks like a normal, maturing you woman. The new phase looks like she's reverting into a weird child. Did this odd transformation started happening when she got into the relationship?

No. 26207

I think so, sadly

No. 26208

lol why are so few capable of acknowledging any gray area with this. it's always either LITERALLY PEDOPHILIA or EMPOWERING AND PURE AND NOT EVEN REMOTELY RELATED TO CHILDREN

No. 26209

Because there's no gray area.
You fuck children or you don't, that's it.

No. 26210

ok sorry i didn't want to stir up one of these discussions. my point was it can be creepy/degenerate/harmful without being LITERALLY pedophilia.

No. 26211

Well, it's not technically pedophilia but you gotta recognize there's something wrong with people wanting to fuck 30 y/olds that pretend to be 10 years old, shit in a diaper and play with crayons

No. 26212

yeah i completely do. that's why i called it a gray area because the poles are like, thinking its every bit as bad as predating on actual children or thinking it's harmless. i guess gray area wasn't quite the right term.

No. 26213

there is a gray area, no one is screaming how roleplaying child molestation is literally fucking children, being in the gray doesn't make it any more good nor does it excuse the fact ddlg sexualizes child molestation and is pretty much an outlet for pedos, along with conditioning people into becoming more pedos and the fact you had to have child molestation fantasies to be able to roleplay it and like it

there's a reason why so many pedos are attracted to this lifestyle, well besides the obvious fact its pedo roleplay

No. 26214

i really don't think it's a good thing and it grosses me out.

No. 26215

I don't think its as bad as preying on children however I do see how it can be harmful and spark pedophile tendencies in people when they start associating children with sex

then why did you say "there's nothing wrong with ddlg"

No. 26216

it's for lazy shits who wanna whine and poop in diapers who think it's sexy to pretend to be a toddler because the pedo daddies told them so

No. 26217

i didn't say that at all. i'm the one who mistakenly called it a gray area. i was responding to someone who was quoting someone saying nothing is wrong with it and i was agreeing that something is wrong with it. my fault for being unclear.

No. 26218

oh, wow. They're not even gonna book a hotel or something? Where's that 50k dollars gonna go to? Their honeymoon must be in some expensive place.

No. 26219

I agree, besides, I've been following Marzia for a while and she's more of 'inspired' by cutesy anime and dolly stuff, not straight up dressed like a lolita doll like Yumi does.

No. 26220

Op's pic really captures splendas beer belly and McDonald's hairline.

No. 26221

can we please stop arguing about ageplay/ddlg. yes yumi has a creepy relationship, anyone can see that. but debating over how creepy it is, is totally unrelated.

No. 26222

Why do so many people make phone cases if they have no idea how to do it? These stickers and squishies are gonna fall off after like a week.

No. 26223

Man, her English just gets worse and worse. Also keep in mind that her DIYs aren't meant to last. They're roughly the DIY equivalent of fast fashion, she makes a tutorial for views and then throws whatever she makes away after it breaks.

No. 26224

at this point with yumi aging and not being able to me some ~housewife~ fetish video or "mukbang", her last hope is to pass for a naive lost me no speaky engwish kid

I will never understand why adult women want to pretend to be dumb and like a kid, especially since the only men that like it are the abusive uggos

No. 26225

Did no one see this? Yumi would actually look nice and cute and youthful with no/minimal makeup and fewer myspace angles.

And if she git rid of those bulimia cheeks

No. 26226

just came here to post that.

i wish she'd get better makeup/skin products. her natural features aren't bad, she just has some kind of body image issues and wants to be animu or something. it's sad…

it looks like the abusive uggo is what she ended up with after all. she kind of just slotted herself into his life without having to do anything. what was her college for? her life is becoming a complete waste, she is probably going to be depressed if she isn't already.

No. 26227

her forehead and nose aren't that bad, but her entire jaw, saggy cheeks, lips, chin and long upper lip area just make her look so… odd

maybe if she gets that jaw surgery she could look better, but she needs to stop puking because it only makes it look like shes aging more and more awfully

No. 26228

did this dumbass really put 10 new products on her skin over two weeks

No. 26229


A lot of people (apparently Yumi included) are idiots and don't realize that they shouldn't use multiple products together or that they should test things on their skin before putting it all over their face (like the rose mask she said she was allergic too, if that had been more serious, she'd have a balloon face right now from being so irresponsible and not reading fucking instructions)

No. 26230

i feel like it's the same kind of person who looks at "12 step korean beauty regimens" and doesn't understand that there are different types of products, and that usually getting the same series of products is better because of how they work with eachother and not just for them to 'match'.

No. 26231

>Yumi is getting better at editing videos
>splenda daddy sings kpop, wtf
>last scene literally looks like a porno promo

No. 26232

File: 1502431081882.jpg (1.4 MB, 3840x3840, IMG_0159.JPG)

There's something so odd about her face, her lips are pointed downwards and she's so bug eyed

No. 26233

I'm actually living for that building montage music. I usually find her music choices lame and creepy, but I like this.

No. 26234

This video was actually pretty enjoyable to watch. Until the uncomfortable atmosphere of closing commentary ruined it all. Ugh. God damn it, creepy Yumi.

No. 26235

does Splenda even have a name I'm so tired of hearing "fiancé or boyfriend" Okay we get it yumi

No. 26236

someone said they heard her call him Vincent but i don't know.

No. 26237

I think the only really odd thing about her face is the fact she has absolutely no chin

No. 26238


Nah, she said "and zen" but since her fake racist Chinese accent is so thick they heard Vincent

No. 26239

she reminds me of those people who have an attribute about themselves that some people may like or they may receive special treatment because of it so they always feel the need to emphasize that attribute so much to the point where everyone sees through their BS

No. 26240

One thing I can say about Splenda at least he has a nice or decent house he probably doesn't see a point of spending cash on yumi she just a cheap wanna be sugar baby

No. 26241

No. 26242

No. 26243

Did you accidentally link the wrong video? Please delete the comment, at least…

No. 26244

When I hear that she said in this video that she saves some food for her husband later makes me really wonder why he is so fat haha

No. 26245

Splenda really isn't "so fat", but he is really, really soft. Not trying to WK, but some anons act like he is obese or something, jeeze. He is soft and pudgy at best. Developing a middle-aged spread, yes.

Dumb pet-peeve of mine I know, but I really hate it when people constantly and exclusively refer to their soon-to-be betroved as "fiance". We get it, you are going to marry this milk toast, but you can still call him boyfriend, or better yet, his nickname or something (if you are worried about anonymity online).

Sage for pet-peeve.

No. 26246

I think people are commenting on his weight cause yu is so skinny, her fiance is just going to remain pudgy forever.

how is boyfriend different then fiance, fiance is a much more real title.

No. 26247

>tfw Splenda is better at DIY's and reviews than Yumi ever was

>we can upload all the pictures of us over the years
>how many years?
>long silence
>it's a secret
Why must she purposely choose to leave in cringey moments?

No. 26248

of course it's a secret, getting engaged after only a few months is embarrassing.

No. 26249

But they've know each other a while tho she said more than once back in 2014 or 15

No. 26250

Who cares about people calling him fat though? If he's overweight and pudgy, it is hardly a reach to call him fat too. I mean, the man has an overhanging gut, and man tits.

I just think it's a little ironic and laughable that he's always on Yumi to lose more weight when he's such a flabby slob himself.

No. 26251

because it's always fat and ugly men wanting girls to look as young as possible for his pedo korean fetish

No. 26252

new vid

No. 26253

File: 1502923431698.jpg (34.17 KB, 1074x287, Screenshot_20170816-182021.jpg)

No. 26254

that chandelier looks so cheap.

No. 26255

Lmao she used this >>26124 video?? for her thumbnail like wtf

No. 26256

It's the most lazy ass thumbnail ever, but hey, she needs to be in it! photoshop skills 10/10

No. 26257

I think it looks rather pretty. It's a prettier chandelier than no chandelier at all. A good and extravagant chandelier costs a fortune, and most people cannot afford a luxurious chandelier at all.

Sage no contribution

No. 26258

it's definitely not prettier than a nice light fixture. plus we still have no clue wtf this room is. it just looks like a waste of splenda's money.

also, is it confirmed that they're having the wedding at their house then?

No. 26259

Damn I don't speak chinese but I found yumi likeable in this. Her taobao wardrobe is still so tacky but dropping the engrish baby babble made her so much more watchable.

No. 26260

I feel like her boyfriend had a lot more to do with the editing and music here, from the rock to kpop lmao.

Also the use of MacGyver in the title…Yumi is too fucking stupid (and fob) to know the MacGyver character or how it relates to configuring something up like this. I hope the bf intervened with her channel to make it more watchable.

No. 26261

why so many awkward cuts?

No. 26262

I think she has the same sort of mannerisms. I think speaking in Chinese allows her to talk faster, and she doesn't stumble over her words. Like she does talk kinda cutesy, it's just less obnoxious than in English.

No. 26263

She doesn't sound half as grating in Chinese. When I heard her speak for the first time (it was in English), I thought she sounded like a second rate Venus Angelic, like nails on a chalkboard.

I do however, know Chinese, not very well though. I tried translating:

Hello everyone, this video will be a bit different, ‘cause it’ll be entirely in Chinese. A lot of you viewers requested this, and so I made it. I got a bunch of sponsored items, I didn't buy these, all of them were free. This shopping site let me choose what to take, but I wasn’t satisfied with everything, just some of what I'd gotten.

Right now, I’m wearing a cute T-shirt, it has word baby doll embroidered on the chest, it’s rather short, so if you don’t want to expose your midriff, I’d suggest you wear it with a high-waisted skirt.

This is a unicorn shaped purse, you can’t carry a lot in it—just a few essentials, cards, cash etc. Plus, you have to carry it with you, like a clutch bag. Still, I think it’s cute.

And I also got an alien backpack, made from the same shiny material as the unicorn clutch. I had some trouble with the zipper. I got a lot of bags and purses, I don’t know why I’m addicted to them. If you’d like, I can make an entire video; a haul on bags, all kinds of them, I have a lot.

Next is another purse, I think it’s better than the last two, much higher in material quality, but the shade of pink they used is too dark for me. It smells rather good too, and it comes with a chain strap, you don’t to carry it in your hands everywhere you go. What is this supposed to be? A strawberry milkshake? It’s an improvement on the other two—aargh, I got my hair stuck in the chains.

Look at this next handbag. You can stuff a lot in there. It comes with a strap, so it doubles as a backpack, but don’t like it very much. I think I’ll treat this like a handbag. It’s cute.

Next are these pink earrings. I’ve always wanted earrings like these, to go with my hanfus. I recently got a new hanfu, if you wanna see it, I’ll make a video on it.

Next are earrings. These have fuzzy balls at the end. I dunno why I picked these, I might have some dresses that go with these, but I’m not sure. Are these balls on the end too big?

Tada! An iphone case with peaches on it, isn’t it cute? These two phone cases are made of the same plastic material, this one’s got strawberries on it, this one has peaches on it. How cute! I need one with watermelon slices on it. See? Isn’t it cute? I’ll use these for a while, I think they’re cute, something a cute schoolgirl would have, gives off that aesthetic.

Next is a waterproof phone case with a watermelon on it. Last time, I got a waterproof phone case with a cloud pattern, this time it’s a watermelon. My favourite’s the latter. Sigh my room’s so hot, the air conditioner’s on, but I still feel hot. I still don’t have a plastic watermelon phone case, but I have a waterproof one. If I ever go swimming, I’ll have this with me.

If you watched my previous haul videos, you’ll see that I picked these necklaces. If you’re wearing say…a white shirt, you can accessorize with these.
Next is a white T-shirt with watermelon slices all over it. I’ve said before I loved shirts with a watermelon pattern, but I don’t like this one in particular. It’s not very cute; I don’t like these two straps at the front. Maybe I’ll cut those off, it’ll look cuter that way.

I picked out another pair of white running shoes, the blue ones I got before were a bit too big for me. I needed new shoes. These have some rather platforms, see? About this tall. I’m about 165-166cm in height. I feel even taller in these. Still, I like these plain white shoes, white goes with everything. I like these, they’re very comfortable.

I also got some fake lashes. These are the same as the ones I got last time. You probably know that I wear fake lashes. Ever since I started wearing more natural looking fake lashes, I’ve stopped liking the ones that are too long, too fake looking. I don’t think I look good with those.

Next is a cardigan for the fall, it’s quite big. I like it a lot, it looks like it could be part of a school uniform. Love these buttons too. There are these slits on the sides; I don’t like anything with slits on the sides. I think I’ll sew them up, I have a sewing machine, I can fix them. That’s one of the advantages of having a sewing machine, you can fix your clothes at any time, and it doesn’t cost anything, really saves a lot of money.

Yeah it’s pretty big, I think it’s designed to look that way. It’ll look better after I fix it. I’ll wear this with a red tie.

I had some problems with the next dress too, there’s these two straps at the back, I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with them? Wha…oh…I see, I’m supposed to tie a bow with them. This dress doesn’t come with an underskirt below the first layer. It’s cute. It doesn’t have a zipper and it’s very short, it’s only suitable for those with a petite body. You can pair this up with a purse or some nice shoes. It’s still cute, but I wouldn’t call it “well-made.” The waist’s too wide.

Thanks for watching, here are my final thoughts. I liked their accessories, shoes and bags, but their clothes feel like they’re too cheaply made. Look at this watermelon patterned T-shirt; it’s mediocre in terms of material, not even pure cotton. My favourite’s the T-shirt with babydoll written on it, it’s the cutest. Bye bye, I hope you subscribe, I’ll see you all next video.

Sorry if this is repetitive, it was a repetitive video, she overuses the word cute a lot.

No. 26264

If Yumi was a Chinese-speaking only youtuber, she would be a lot more entertaining and nice to watch. Her voice is quite cute while speaking her native language, and she gets to the point faster. Her audience wouldn't be as big though.

No. 26265

I agree. This video is so much more watchable than her English ones and I could actually sit through the whole thing.

She still has sort of the same cutesy mannerisms, but it's not as over the top and grating as before.

No. 26266

thanks for the translation, anon, appreciate it!

yumi's still boring but wow, i've never seen her get to her point this fast before. also she sure likes watermelons, huh.

No. 26267

>there’s these two straps at the back, I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with them? Wha…oh…I see, I’m supposed to tie a bow with them.
>You can pair this up with a purse or some nice shoes.
It's been said before, but I think she's mentally handicapped.

Thanks for the translation though, anon! It must've been terrible writing all that repetitive nonsense.

No. 26268

she sure likes watermelons, huh.

i saw some fugly watermelon thing on ali the other day that i -almost- wanted to link her, but i don't want to comment on her videos.

No. 26269

step 1: make a burner account
step 2: send her the link
step 3: ???

Unless the thing is $1 with free shipping, I doubt she'd buy it. She doesn't even buy things anymore, she just waits for sponsors to send her shit.

No. 26270

3:41 she can't even say corn

No. 26271

why are they barbecuing in the dark lol
him talking to her always sounds like a dad talking to their kid, it freaks me out

No. 26272

Haven't you ever heard of a romantic dinner by flashlight?

No. 26273

>doesn't grill corn properly
>taste the chicken to check if it's cooked

I'm surprised she's not dead.

No. 26274

yumi's death is the video i will watch of hers

No. 26275

Lolita just looks so bad on her. It scares me how much she is really swimming in this dress.

No. 26276

I cannot wait to see more shitty DIY garbage. I can barely believe she's doing them again, especially with how she's saying how few views she gets,(it's because they're uninspired shit)

No. 26277

i can't wait for more hotglue bedsheets

No. 26278

does she not realize that her trying to make herself look like a child as much as possible only emphasizes her haggard skin?

No. 26279

no she doesn't she's likely delusional somewhat, she's in that phase that a lot of weebs get in, where they try to look a specific way without taking how they look into consideration.

she's been told tons of times she actually looks good with sideswept bangs, but still cuts them straight, if she wasn't so set on looking a specific way instead of looking good, she'd see that and keep them that way, but even the she halfasses it like everything else.

she halfasses her skincare, she halfasses her wardrobe, she's a total cheapskate, yet she still wants to look like a kawaii youthful maiden or some shit. that's why she just slaps samples of skincare stuff on. that's why her wardrobe is full of sponsored shit. she wants to be like a yukapon type or some other kawaii ageplayer, yet she's too cheap and stupid to go through with it.

No. 26280

So i was looking for a cute video i saw on fb where a baby bumps his diaperbutt on its dads head, but i saw the degenerate video in on as a first recommended so i clicked it and see what was on the side kek

No. 26281

File: 1503676259304.png (711.86 KB, 1340x654, kek.png)

forgot pic

No. 26282

>stroking the nuts of the stray cat

No. 26283

HAHA OMFG i didnt even see that!!

No. 26284

wth i feel so uncomfortable.

No. 26285

you know that only shows up because you watch her a lot right? Youtubes system works like that, giving you things similar to the search you looked up.

Also means she tagged the video as daddy.

No. 26286

wtf is anon watching then??

No. 26287

anon has a bestiality problem?

No. 26288

File: 1503850644366.png (21.79 KB, 1436x36, Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 9.13…)

NAYRT but I think they meant that the more you watch a channel, the more frequently it shows up in your recommended which is why Yumi's video showed up in the recs even though it doesn't directly have anything to do with the video.
This is true for other channels too. Ex if you watched a lot of Michelle Phan's videos, she'll show up in your recommendations even if you're watching a cooking video or something.

Yumi's video isn't tagged as "daddy" though. Pic related are her tags.

No. 26289

How is she not embarrassed going to a hairstylist with those crappy chopped off 'bangs'.
She could've at least get them fixed, considering she was already at the salon.

No. 26290

why is she going to an american salon if she has asian hair.

No. 26291

No. 26292

chinese people have way thicker strands and different hair texture than white people and need to use different product to achieve a good look. that's why the white stylist asked her about it, cause she knew fuck all about her hair texture. that's also probably why the bun looks like a pile of dried shit

No. 26293

You want her to fly to China just to get her damn hair done?

No. 26294

I think they mean usually there are areas with more Asians around who have shop or even those Vietnamese nail salons might do hair.

But if it's just styling it shouldn't matter too much, especially yumi probably half ass at hair routine like her skin.

No. 26295

Her fans are really stupid. She made video how she wants to change channel names because people think Yumi is japanese name. There were lot of comments how she should chamge it to yumi-chan or kawaii Yumi…

Also here edits are getting worse.

No. 26296

She's not the only Chinese person living in the states flyover-chan

No. 26297

lol. if she lives in douglasville/douglas county its less than 1 percent Asians I doubt there's any type of Asian hair salon there. but its better than cutting her hair herself amirite??

No. 26298

Considering they go to Great Wall, Yumi and her fiancé are probably near enough to the Duluth area, which is almost like 25 percent Asian.

No. 26299

The Atlanta area in general has a ton of Asians. Now it's making me miss the Chinese food there.

No. 26300

I actually dont watch her videos at all, i just briefly skim through her threads here sometimes

No. 26301

yea that was kind of my point. my bf has trouble with non-asian salons because his hair needs like 2x the layering cause of how heavy it is. but i am sure if yumi went to one they'd chide her about her bad bangs and likely split ends.

No. 26302

This thread is super slow now. Is yumi just getting boring? I feel like it might pick up once she starts doing d.i.y. again, but there's not much going on other than cringy couples stuff.

No. 26303

video drop incoming.

first one. i cannot believe how out of touch she is with her ~culture~ to have so many of these. having 1 or so is fine for dressing up, but she looks like she popped out of a shitty drama with these outfits.

No. 26304

this one being in chinese as opposed to the one where she's in hanfu is odd to me. also these brushes seem cheap…

No. 26305

Did her teeth somehow get worse? I don't remember them being that bad. Or perhaps she's posing with her mouth more open now so they're more visible.

No. 26306

i don't know but she's sure showing them off alot.

this video…uhm. just watch

No. 26307

Stopped watching 30 seconds in. She makes such a fuss about a simple watermelon cushion lol. Most pointless video ever.

No. 26308

30 seconds? You have the patience of a saint. This girl is fucking annoying as hell to me.

No. 26309

i don't really get their relationship dynamic. she's so airheaded and he's always making fun of her and people think it's cute..?

No. 26310

he really does act like a jerk to her…

No. 26311

>35 years ago
So we can confirm that Splenda is at least in his 40's

No. 26312

i'm not sure how much of this is just him being an ass on purpose (to her or us), he also said he went 2 years ago when he was '18' so who knows.

i'll say it again, but i don't think the issue with him is his real age, it's how old he looks. this screams gold digger/trophy wife and DDLG. i don't get why corn and her fans don't get that it's their physical age difference rather than the literal.

No. 26313

>Intercultural Relationship!
Is she trying to appeal to WMAF fetishists now?

No. 26314

I mean I guess so. Her relationship is more reminiscent of a mail order bride than intercultural. Plus her idea of Chinese culture seems really weird/weeby/americanized somehow.

No. 26315

why does she insist on getting these piles of poo style updoos? can't the stylists think of anything else to do with it?

No. 26316

this is giving me like 3rd hand embarrassment…

No. 26317

$100 for that? It looks pretty bad and effortless. Maybe curls don't stay in her hair and that's the only thing possible with it.
At least it looks like they cut her bangs.

No. 26318

the stylist told her they were too thick and pinned over half of them back. i'm not sure if they were cut or not cause the only clips were of him styling it.

No. 26319

>using a major natural disaster to promote a monetized Youtube video

No. 26320

Everyone north of Florida who didn't live on the coast or a flood zone overreacted to that tropical storm (because that's what it was by the time it got to us). BIG TIME. Cringey attention whore shit.

No. 26321

Not trying to be racist but this is why blackwomen tend to go to black stylist. Asian hair is strong but doesnt look it. That guy didnt know how to mold her hair and it fell. It must be hard to live in one world but have to sneak off. If she went to an asian stylist she wouldve looked cute. This is a common and beloved hairstyle with them. A chinese or japonese old lady wouldve transformed her for half$. Instead yumi doesnt like herself so her hair is always bad, her voice is bad, and her clothes are the wrong cut.
But it makes her money and got her a white guy so she doesnt care.
Those kids are going to be weird looking so I hope they love each other.

No. 26322

I hope they don't get any kids. Imagine having these people as parents lol.

No. 26323

The staff saw how awful he is so gave her that fortune cookie to cope. More art indeed.
He is the "ugly american". When europeans and asians talk about the ugly american they mean him. He isnt smarter than her and his insults arent going over her head. She knows he is trying to be nasty. He just doesnt have the clout to effect her.
When explaining things she tries not to get too deep. I dont know if she doesnt want to explain to him or if she doesnt want to make him look stupid. Unless he is loaded and willing to give her a credit card I wouldnt marry him. I wouldnt give him a dime of the youtube money. Or have a kid with him.

No. 26324

i said the same thing about the last video. hair types are different in different races so it makes sense.

No. 26325

are you new to the thread? yumi's brain is empty as well. ugly old man and ugly young girl who looks like an old woman, made for eachother.

also i don't know why she wasn't speaking chinese to them, but pretended she couldn't remember what's in pork suimai.

No. 26326

He acts towards her like a father would act towards a 5 year old daughter, like he just sounds so creepy and the dynamic is just not that of a normal relationship between adults

No. 26327

He sounds and treats her like an annoyed Dad, and he seems so ignorant and condescending about the food. This is excruciating to watch.

No. 26328

Whoa!!! He completely bullshits her. "In America it's rude to put your elbows on the table." Maybe if you're from the 1950s. And oh man, is he some low IQ yokel with zero culture. He acts like her eating with her hands or having bones in a food is somewhat unrefined. She knows how he's acting and looks at him like he's an idiot. It's great.

This whole relationship is fascinating. I'm new to Yumi King, but the tip of the iceberg is quite terrifying. Her fiance seems like a pedophile with his constant "sweetie."

No. 26329

I bet he's one of those classic rock fans that always talk about "real music" and how music today is all garbage (except for kpop of course)

No. 26330

please make sure to watch her too, she's far from innocent, the two of them are fucking terrible. it's great!

No. 26331

I don't think Yumi is stupid I feel like she acts a certain way to appeal to people because if she was smart she wouldn't be a cutesy ditzy asian loli. She seems to know her culture and when she talks in Chinese she is way more confident and doesn't seem to put on as much of an act as when she speaks in English. Maybe I'm wrong?

No. 26332

I wish he would go with the flow. I was very interested in her eating and explaining things.

No. 26333

Tinfoil but when I see videos like this it really gives me the impression that someone in his family was pressuring him to marry so he put a ring on the closest Asian girl to him in order to live his fantasy of marrying a k-pop star. He must be at least in his 40s.

The way he talks to her is so horribly condescending. There is no meaningful conversation between them other than him explaining english words to her and her explaining cultural differences between the US and China. I hated the way he told her that the sesame ball was hers because she touched it. There's something really off about that, like he's asexual or something. Like, who is disgusted by their own partner like that? I know he's probably autistic but there's such a lack of love or even any kind of interest between them, it's just so sad to watch their interractions, it makes me feel sorry for her.

No. 26334

she's a bit better in chinese but still annoying. i don't -really- feel she knows her culture well either, just very superficial aspects. maybe her main issue is her lack of personality.

No. 26335

Hear me out. After watching a lot of their vlogs, I'm convinced he finds it amusing to talk down to her. She comes off as ditzy, so maybe he gets some sort of sick pleasure from fucking with her.

No. 26336

File: 1505552118810.gif (2.84 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

I hate how everybody on here is making him out as the ultimate evil; yes the way he is treating her is not how one should treat his gf, but does she deserve any better?!
She was already like this before meeting him, so it's not his fault plus she is also the one putting their sick fetish on the internet for the world, and maily little impressionable girls to see.
How can you accuse somebody of dating something like this, of being a pedo? They're simply an old ugly man dating a slightly younger but also old looking woman, so stop lowkey whiteknighting her, just because she's a defenseless, jailbait little asian girl; she bee living in the US for a very long time, she knows fully well what she's doing

No. 26337

I don't think anybody thinks he's outright evil, but he's being a dick to her, and clearly into the DDLG thing. She's dumb and catering to him, but it's not like she's so ugly that she couldn't do better than a 40-something who treats her like a toddler on a daily basis.

No. 26338

agreed this thread is really about her. she chose the relationship. she chooses to share it with the world.
she is definitely not cute enough for anything better. plus her okcupid profile was so arrogant and she likely wouldn't have settled for someone who didn't meet her wants.

No. 26339

Nah. Yumi can do better with a guy who wont treat her as his personal fetish doll.

If Yumi got out of her ed and stop letting him feed her pills for fucks sake she would look better.

She can be cute if she lets herself be cute.

No. 26340

If, if…kek
If he'd go to the gym and hide his fetish on the first few dates, HE could also have anybody since he doesn't talk like a total retard and actually has a normal job, but they both dont!

No. 26341

true, he could get a better looking gold digger, then again high end gold diggers know the difference between aliexpress kate spade and too faced and the real ones and splenda daddy just wants to pretend to be a sugar daddy

No. 26342

File: 1505695055472.jpg (Spoiler Image, 46 KB, 640x397, god-is-a-lie.jpg)

thanks, pull

No. 26343

i-is this real?

No. 26344

The house looks too cluttered to be autismo-papi's

No. 26345

It's not him though, just another equally below average middle aged man.

No. 26346

i figured as much, or at least that it was shooped or something. the resemblance is crazy uncanny though. i freaked out when i saw it.

No. 26347

damn, it kinda saddens me to know this fuck has twins running around

No. 26348

ffs, this top comment is some sjw whining about ~appropriation~. also corn's hair can't be authentic since she has those shit bangs.

No. 26349

these are so stupid.

No. 26350

No. 26351


No. 26352

No. 26353

>opening packages on the floor in a cheap hanfu
>splenda looks on from above in camo cargo shorts

damn man, this is some wacky shit.

No. 26354


their on-screen chemistry is like a bad sitcom

No. 26355

sorry for accidentally sharing twice guys.

agreed. i almost feel bad for her. surely this wasn't her weeaboo dream.

No. 26356

Really?! She's a strip of piss. What's she got to lose??

>Bad vibes. Bad vibes all round.

No. 26357

>fiance makes fun of me

well no shit.

No. 26358

there's been a lot of newfags itt since we swapped over from temp for some reason.

No. 26359

idk i’m confused but like her face looks a little different? maybe a little better? idk if it’s makeup or if she changed like her eye mkeup routine but she looks more presentable

No. 26360

maybe she stopped her ED

No. 26361

I noticed it too. I think she changed her bangs a little, they look thinner which looks way better on her.

No. 26362

What is she even doing?

No. 26363

Always with the panties with her. Why? Also, this shit -looks- like it was from the dollar store.

No. 26364

watching her use those daiso makeup products is triggering me
>these makeups are really cheap!
yes, we know, they look it.

No. 26365

Holy shit the affected broken English is getting a lot worse. This shit is ridiculous compared to her older videos.

No. 26366

it's really bad…maybe it has to do with her newly found love for her chinese heritage.

she's still just as weeby but is also now pulling this weird 'chinese pride' persona that was really minimal before.

No. 26367

is she fucking for real cutting based on the pins instead of marking it with chalk? wtf is wrong with her, seriously? there are different kinds of marking instruments for any and all fabric types and she decides to do a hackjob basing it around pins that can't even form a line.

No. 26368

>camera at ass level

great fiance there, corn.

No. 26369

this is the most boring shit ever. I hope this channel dies soon. It's not even fun anymore to hatewatch her

No. 26370

seriously, she's all washed up. no wonder these threads are so slow now.

No. 26371

Same. Yumi was one of my favorite cows. I still have hope that her marriage it's going to be a absolute tacky cringeworthy shitshow.

No. 26372

It's an old video apparently, that's why the English is shit. She's not got her engagement ring on

No. 26373

Why is she posting it -now- then?

No. 26374

the cringiest thing in the vid is splenda telling her not to buy smelly foods and thinking you cook durians.

No. 26375

I only watch these videos to see what her stupid cringefat fiance says and does.
Yumi is actually pretty non-milky in these shopping videos.
What makes it terrible is Splenda following her around in the store like a yellow fever creeper. Yumi explains different foods to him while he records and makes ignorant quips, which in his autistic mind are probably witty. Yet in reality it looks like he's messing around with a mail order bride in a grocery store. So fucking cringe.

No. 26376

This shit is just ageplay in public.

No. 26377

"Set me free" on the background music. A cry for help? Jesus this shit is too bizarre.

No. 26378

At least it's a normal tutorial esque video

The ones with her fiance and thinnly-vailed fetish videos that are awful

No. 26379

Wish she did huge mukbangs tbh. For some reason I love to watch these bitches eat. Can't stop watching her eating videos. Same with Venus.

No. 26380

she can't/doesn't want to eat that much and i can't blame her. she probably would get berated by splenda too much for that crap, even if she purges afterwards.

No. 26381

Why do people like you enjoy disordered eating videos? I don't see the appeal.

No. 26382

anon are you okay? the way she eats is disgusting, she has zero table manners and chokes on her food in every goddamn video

so true, it's the only thing im still looking forward to see. hope she'll vlog the shit out of that wedding

No. 26383

She recycled another old, not yet published video lately. problably because she's getting even lazier but has to stick to her stupid upload schedule instead of putting actual effort into her videos and post more quality content

No. 26384

I don't know either, anon. It's kind of satisfying to see someone eat something you won't eat yourself because it's so unhealthy. I especially like the instant noodles videos.

No. 26385

ot but do the people who do mukbang just puke afterwards?

No. 26386

Probably the skinny ones. Or they don't eat all day and/or the next day.

There's one guy that posted about developing diabetes and kidney failure, recorded himself saying that his life is over, and a few days later resumed posting mukbang videos. Don't want to post it because he deserves an entire thread of his own, but just for your knowledge.

No. 26387

Good old Nick. Why doesn't he have a thread yet? LOL!

As for Yumi, her recent sponsored video is so odd. I tend to like watching her because I find her whole situation interesting, but her clothes are kind of ugly. Some just have no shape. Some are way to old-ish looking for her. And some are just plain cheap and ugly.

No. 26388

my main thing with her is that she gets random sponsored shit and does the whole song and dance about it, but then actively wears/uses it, even the god awful looking stuff.

No. 26389

He does, it just hasn't been bumped in a while

No. 26390

New video of her mom fucking up her bangs with household scissors. Ew

No. 26391

>that bit at the end where her mom keeps draping her hair over the sides of her face

No. 26392

yumi eye are pretty here, idk why, the kitchen scissors are quite fucked up for this task

No. 26393

Her eyes are pretty when she doesn't wear falsies and excessive amounts of eyeliner. She looks a lot younger without all that crap and since looking as young as possible is what she's going for I don't get why she'd age herself.

No. 26394

wtf it took them 2 fucking days to trim her bangs?

>even her mom wants her face to look smaller

No. 26395

Seriously putting a thumbnail like that, she really wants to look like some toddler, dumb but innocent

No. 26396

She looks like a middle aged woman in her 40s with 2 kids without makeup.

No. 26397

At 1:49 she's got hair all over her skirt. The school scissors are bad enough but she couldn't be bothered to wear a cape?

No. 26398

She's just an ugly Chinese girl. She doesn't look like a teen but she she doesn't look middle aged. That requires a lot of wrinkles. Middle age is in your 50s.

Well it's just her mom cutting her hair. Yumi should go to a salon and splenda should pay for it at least. I guess the complaint is that no one should think getting their hair cut by their mom is worthy for a video.

No. 26399

she's been going to salons to get up-dos so idk why she couldn't have gotten a damn trim.

No. 26400

My mom used to cut my hair in the kitchen until I started high school. I had no layers or bangs so it was just a straight cut. Kind of cringey thinking back but at the time we were short on money and I didn't care about my hair much yet.

Pretty sure it's illegal to cut someone else's hair without a license though in America. Is her mom going to get in trouble for this?

No. 26401

it's illegal to charge people for a haircut without a licence but no, her mom isn't going to be SWATed for cutting her daughter's hair

No. 26402

I like to imagine this anon thought Yumi's mom was such a cheapo she charged her own daughter for a trim

No. 26403

>it's illegal to cut someone else's hair without a license

lmfao! I hope you're not serious. Maybe in a few years when your police state has gotten a bit more hardcore, though…

No. 26404

Whenever I watch Yumi I can't help but wonder what she might be like if she stopped the bimbo shtick and actually tried to grow as a person. It's similar with Venus. It would be so satisfying to see them as confident young women but I guess I'm a dreamer.

No. 26405

how the fuck does someone act this retarded and pretentious and public without knowing that people know they're pretending? like if she's gonna act like an ESL autistic child at least put effort into it without pretending not to know things and squealing , she's already dumb why is she acting dumber? like what is she trying to achieve?

No. 26406

File: 1507637889733.jpg (20.26 KB, 520x518, Clipboard01.jpg)

tfw your husband and parents are so cheap your mother cuts your bangs bowl cut style ewww

No. 26407

File: 1507638025959.jpg (32.88 KB, 686x472, Clipboard01d.jpg)

shouldve first watched it till the end. the next day she actually cut the bangs even broader

im fucking dead.. thats for her wedding? it looks ridiculous?

No. 26408

they're way too short for her face.

No. 26409

She should get a side braided updo, not even a hairstylist can fix this mess.

No. 26410

File: 1507691826113.jpg (33.27 KB, 1600x1600, 2120316.jpg)

She should just cut all the way around

No. 26411

No. 26412

holy shit
>using the drill on her real nails
>that shit paint job

good god what the hell shop did she go to?

No. 26413

It looks like a nail school, do you see the student kit on the side?

No. 26414

File: 1507706943773.jpg (46.23 KB, 240x200, thumb.jpg)

>that disgusting fucking towel

No. 26415

This is just sad, they've cheaped out on absolutely everything for this wedding. It's going to look like some TaoBao sponsorship.

>Her parents don't seem to have helped chip in or help. And no i don't consider her Mum cutting her bangs help kek

>Splenda seems to be googling "cheap nail salon, Cheap Hairdressers, Cheap wedding venue, cheap wedding suit hire"
>Yumis mum has allowed her daughter to buy her wedding dresses of some chinese knock off website and not taking her back to china or chinatown to look at dresses irl

I mean i know weddings don't have to be expensive but she's buying the cheapest of the cheap. You'd think she would like atleast 1 nice thing to splurge out on, Dress, Cake, Venue, whatever.

I actually feel sorry for her.

No. 26416

~$50,000~ guys.

No. 26417


It sounds like it's going to be really tacky.

Some cheap shitty nail salons will absolutely destroy your nails when you could just paint them a nice colour if money is tight.

She could get a fairly simple dress or maybe a pre-owned one for a decent price instead of a shitty aliexpress one that looks elaborate in the product photos but will probably turn out to be horribly made in ugly Halloween costume looking fabric irl.

I get what you mean - weddings don't have to be expensive, it's just that she's going about it in a way that's bound to end in disaster.

No. 26418

man her and splenda are so tacky. it's already clear the wedding is going to be at their home, and i'm sure she got all those up-dos for free. but man, they really deserve eachother, a bootleg sugar daddy and his bootleg trophy wife. it's like a bad ironic sitcom.

No. 26419

No. 26420

>perfect for watching drama…eat with friends
>rinse, repeat x3
Does she keep her videos long for ad revenue or what? This could have been a less than two minute video easy if she wanted to explain her past, the way she eats it, and the ingredients.

No. 26421

File: 1507758047173.png (135.24 KB, 300x303, yumi.png)

Guys shes did it, she's finished her transformation into Spock.

No. 26422

this clickbait shit is not real.

No. 26423

her bangs look shoop'd

No. 26424

File: 1507876329388.jpg (97.82 KB, 520x518, 20171013230056244.jpg)

I tried to give her her "dream face" for fun. Broken record here, but god. She really, really needs to give up with the whole baby girl thing. On top of it being weird and suspect, it just flat out doesn't suit her. And I don't even think her regular face is all that bad. I mean, she's not pretty imo, but what's she's doing now just makes her look so much worse. And the fact that her mom sorta grills on the same thing in that haircutting video makes me laugh.

No. 26425

No. 26426

good lord, bitch has no aspirations, i know it was obvious from the beginning, but seeing this video is a nail in the coffin for her prozac fueled, depressing as fuck future. she's resigned herself to being a dollar store housewife to go along with her bootleg mail order wife situation for splenda's broke ass. (oh boy a 2 story house in bumfuck georgia, what a stud)

it just pains me to see this almost, because of how empty her life seems from even just a few years ago. despite being a cringy weeb, she atleast had aspirations (to be a cringy weeb) and did things that she seemed interested in, diys, cosplay, etc. now it's just shit hauls and "couple videos: that amount to oh look at my idiot racist fiance while i put on a stupid fake child FOB granny act.

i almost feel bad for her subscribers because no one asked for this weird vlog channel about her mundane relationship. she was a diy channel, that's why she was popular, cringy and a flake. she's boring as fuck now because she stopped being a cringy hot-glue dress making ,self-hating, moon-faced chinese girl who's pretending her name is corn in her native language to sound japanese.

there's so little cringe here now. just a dumb ugly chinese girl and her ugly chubby fiance and their borderline abusive relationship.

her channel is a shell, and she is too.

No. 26427

Yumi looks like she had a botched nose job before she started her yt channel, I wouldn't be surprised at all if it's true

No. 26428

Everytime I open this thread I see that gif and it makes me kek.
>college graduation day
>all the years of hard work and expensive tuition all comes down to this
>everyone is excited and eager to know what the future holds
>splenda, her mom, and her creepy stepdad all there to show their support for yumi
>all two of her friends graduating alongside her as well
>she gets her diploma and everybody's happy
>cut to the ride home
>"we met somebody and they gave us the name of a company where you can get a job now that you graduated"
>"…and it's right here in seattle, very convenient!"
>yumi pauses
>in the age where college graduates struggle with landing a job and even finding opportunities yumi is presented with an amazing lead
>this could very well be the break she needs to start leading an independent adult life and growing the fuck up
>what does she have to say?
>smugly smiles and glances at the camera she's been vlogging with all day
>"i already have a job" :^)
>vid related plays
>screen goes to black
It's like one big joke.

No. 26429

Girl needs to get a damn life. Aspiring to be a housewife is sad. And all she is going to do is stay home/cook/clean. She can barely cook, and didn't she clean a bathroom with paper towels and no cleaning solution?

I'm glad most of the comments are calling her out and saying depending on one person is degrading and staying at home/doing nothing is pretty pathetic.

No. 26430

As ridiculous as the bangs look she actually looks pretty and youthful here, could be shopped

No. 26431

It's like pottery. All those years, all that effort her mom put into immigrating to America with/for her, all that money spent on an education. Simply washed away because Yumi settled. Her YouTube channel can't last much longer in its current state and that job offer has certainly been filled by now. I really hope she's happy with the life she chose. She doesn't seem like the kind of person to change her situation for the better.

No. 26432

No. 26433

up here anon >>26425

No. 26434

I've got to disagree with this. There's nothing wrong with being a housewife, and it's pretty common in Asian countries for women to go to college and then become stay at home moms/housewives.

I know she's in the U.S. or Canada, but she's very fobby so I doubt her parents would be disappointed in her choice. The main concern would be how her white fiance reacts, since a lot of western men think women should hold full-time jobs while performing household duties.

As for the job, she can always apply for jobs later. Unless she is applying for top positions/companies, she should be able to find something, even years down the road.

Some of you anons are so dramatic acting like she is doomed to some awful life or is making terrible choices.

No. 26435

are you stupid? no one is saying there's something wrong with being a housewife, it' -her- being a housewife that's the issue.

you definitely sound new to the thread since you have no backstory on her. you completely ignored all the stuff that actually happened with her family after graduation (like her parents actively trying to set her up with a job) and are making generalizations. you realize her mom isn't a stay at home mom right?
it's not the fucking 90s anymore so believe it or not, asian families aren't relying on the stay at home mom thing anymore, especially in america, especially if there's no fucking kid yet.

the real issue is that she has absolutely no experience doing any housewife stuff, can't clean, can't cook(as illustrated in the video) and in general has no skills. she also has no kids so she will be bored as fuck, and essentially a NEET, which becomes fucking depressing.

No. 26436

There is nothing wrong with being a housewife, but Yumi isn't even doing that. She is playing at being a housewife. It's a crazy elaborate role playing game for her weirdo Splenda man. That's the problem.

No. 26437

Yumi won't be bored, it'll give her more chances to make more stupid videos with her prancing around in more cheap, tack clothes. She gets money (or least free tacky shit) and tons of attention without any of that pesky studying or working to get in the way. As others have said, she'll be a shitty housewife so I'm surprised that Splenda would support it, but then he's autistic and I doubt he cares too much anyway. His standards are already low, so I'm sure he'd be okay with microwave Trader Joe's food most of the time.

It is true though that a lot of Asian women work, in Asia and in the US. It's not as if Yumi has kids anyway, she doesn't really have an excuse for it. Not that there is anything wrong with being a housewife at all, this is actually a pretty good gig for someone who is lacking in appearance, ambition and brains like Yumi.

No. 26438

Im going to have to disagree a bit here, it's really boring after a while. Not to blog, but I've been in a relationship where I didn't work and I got super lonely and clingy when my SO/friends weren't around and were working, I also had an etsy shop at the time, but who knows, maybe Yumi will be fine with it, she doesn't have many hobbies. I can't even begin to imagine how she'd function at a job, especially with her fake fobby mail-order-wife crap. I'm positive though that splenda will get sick of it when she's clinging to him after work every single day. Imagine that video "Cute and Sad! Husband and Wife fighting! ~My lonely housewife life~" But in all seriousness, he thinks she's unbearable now in the snippets we see here, I can't imagine he's thrilled with her being home all the time now. Plus, I'm scared she's going to burn the house down with cooking.

No. 26439

Such beautiful expensive high class luxury Victorian elegant sexy mature gorgeous cute modern rich girl wedding decor!

No. 26440

Where do I get that plaid dress she's wearing?

No. 26441

No. 26442

what happened to her other ugly overpriced chandelier?

No. 26443

Omg bitch its your fuckimg wedding. Spurge a little.

No. 26444

>that laugh
>spends 3 minutes explaining how to use a projector
>that laugh
>10 seconds of pumpkins
>did I mention that laugh?
I mean, the projector will look neat on Halloween night but that and two pumpkins are all they have. She should've waited until they put more effort into decorating before uploading.

No. 26445

Forgot to sage. My b.

No. 26446

Anon, love yourself. Knowing her is from AliExpress and made of literal tablecloth. You can do better.

No. 26447

…Nearly thirty years old, folks.

No. 26448

No. 26449


No. 26450

they look cute here

No. 26451


No. 26452

File: 1508537517549.jpg (33.96 KB, 600x510, lime-cat.jpg)

No. 26453

"is it goud"

she doesn't get it, she is so stupid.

No. 26454

I honeslty think Yumi is a sweet person.. She's cringey and weeby but she doesn't really have bad intentions those are just her interests. It's just sad to see that she's downgrading her already empty life.. It seems she was in a rush to get married? considering she was getting older she probably couldn't find anyone else who would fit into her interests or something. At least back then she was making shitty crafts, it could have gone somewhere but she kinda brought this onto herself. You can see how empty she looks in her recent videos it's really sad.

No. 26455

are the clip in??? they look fake!

No. 26456

File: 1508554407796.jpg (267.08 KB, 800x800, 100-Human-Real-Hair-bangs-frin…)

agree, they look like one of these

No. 26457


The things that pissed me off the most about this is how she acted like she couldn't say "sriracha" for a split second…geez. That was fake af

No. 26458

No. 26459

>cute couple

No. 26460

I refuse to believe that this woman is almost 30. No, absolutely not. Does not compute.

No. 26461

it's bizarre seeing that the only people dressed similarly to yumi are the little 2-5 year old girls. do yumi and splenda have no self-awareness in what sort of public image they present? everyone around them must think they're weird.

No. 26462

God, if she had titled this one "stepfather-daughter outing" or some shit and I had no prior knowledge as to who she was I wouldn't even bat an eyelash.
>Awww, is that your daughter?
>No that's my…that's my wife.

No. 26463

who the hell dresses like that to go to a corn farm?
nothing is stopping her of wearing appropriate and cute outfits.

No. 26464

seriously! cute short boots and leggings and a jean skirt with some frilly top would have been just fine and still cutesy animu.

No. 26465

look at yumi with all that yumi.

No. 26466

damn. he's a fucking asshole jesus.

No. 26467

File: 1508855665797.png (46.07 KB, 569x587, IMG_1180.PNG)

No. 26468

File: 1508878374437.jpg (6.13 KB, 250x252, Clipboard01b.jpg)

the uglyness of her face is astonishing
if at least she stop with the bulimia

No. 26469

File: 1508878399424.jpg (21.07 KB, 364x462, Clipboard01c.jpg)

very lady-like and family friendly yumi

No. 26470

That dress is so cute. Only if it was little longer.

No. 26471

live action carucature

No. 26472


partly i think because Yumi talked less and they got to work together on something actually doable rather than like the PPAP video. this was a legit cooking vid i guess

No. 26473

No. 26474

this is actually the most personality fiance has shown and the first time he actually looks like he's enjoying yumi's antics

No. 26475

This is a little depressing. For about half a year her channel is nothing more than a wedding channel. After that then what? House wife? Maybe I shouldn't feel too bad she settled this bad. But what was the point of her mother going to the US and getting her an education if all her daughter wanted to be was a house wife?

No. 26476

I really doubt that their plans were anything other than shacking Yumi up with some old guy with yellow fever to leech off of. If anything, school was just to keep her preoccupied until then.

No. 26477

File: 1509119217241.png (488.58 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20171027-174854.png)

What was point of that fake bangs?

Also splenda is actually funny… in that dad kinda way.

No. 26478

that "before" is genuinely scary. like her eyes don't match or something

No. 26479

She looks pretty good with dark lips imo.

No. 26480

I never noticed how fish-eyed she is until now, and her bloated cheeks look worse than ever. Even the parody OP drawing is far more flattering than her real face.

No. 26481

what does that mean?

No. 26482

without splenda yumis videos would have zero humor

that grwm was so damn lazy, she didn't even bother to do a voiceover or EVEN text so that viewers could see what she's doing, what products she used etc., she also didn't do closeups so it was hard to see anything

damn that face, she needs a new style, she can't pull this kawaii style off at all

No. 26483

it means she looks dead and walleyed.

No. 26484

File: 1509267821208.jpg (26.17 KB, 696x464, Yumi King Fish.jpg)

it means you're as bug-eyed as a fish, Yumi

No. 26485

agreed it makes her look younger somehow

No. 26486

It honestly pains me how ugly she is

No. 26487

She looks very good in the after. Too bad she prefers to stick to the dollar store kawaii. I don think she's necessarily fisheyed… She looks ugly because of her dumb hairstyle and bulimia cheeks. A bit of darker colors and filling the think cow fringe does wonders to Corn

No. 26488

>omg I'm soooOOOooo Asian! XD

No. 26489

File: 1509624498626.png (178.78 KB, 407x433, Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 5.04…)

>don't need a career if you trap the first man you meet in a marriage

No. 26490

why did she use the chinese flag instead of typing out the name? wtf?

No. 26491

File: 1509668465436.jpg (19.15 KB, 621x315, graphic_design_is_my_passion.t…)

>has a degree in interactive media design

No. 26492

It's the big day!

No. 26493

aw, those pictures in the end aren't bad. This video was actually watchable, but maybe that's because she isn't talking

No. 26494

File: 1509836079151.jpg (30.81 KB, 400x284, 400x400_1308251727604-MilanooP…)

I feel bad saying this, but the pictures reminded me of something you'd see on one of those cheap Asian clothing websites like Milanoo or something.

No. 26495


No. 26496

Oh that is the saddest group of people at a wedding I’ve ever seen

No. 26497

The filters on some of the footage make everyone's skin look like plastic. I mean, I assume that's some kind of filter.

No. 26498

File: 1509844286484.png (1.72 MB, 1570x680, Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 22.4…)

holy shit, that is what Yumi considers expensive and elegant wedding? they run out of money?

>she did her own makeup

>aliexpress dress and shoes
>literally like 35 guests
>the place look's like someone backyard
>only a few are yumi's age, maybe her friends
>the rest is old people (Splenda daddy friend I assume) and kids (their kids maybe?)
>the food looks like something homemade

Maybe this looks like nitpicking but it really looks like it was a budget wedding, almost like it was organized at last minute. And since Yumi isn't poor and neither is splenda daddy I don't see why they got that level of frugal. I seriously expected some sort of tacky and big wedding like most of Chinese people do. Can some anon from USA tell me how expensive are weddings?

No. 26499

Awww poor Yumi has no friends, it's a ll a bunch of soccer moms and dads with small kids.

No. 26500

Is the Y&S at the end supposed to be their first initials? Maybe his name really is Splenda!

No. 26501

File: 1509846752895.jpg (476.22 KB, 1200x889, empty chairs.jpg)

>Can some anon from USA tell me how expensive are weddings?
Expensive, but I think the cheapness of Yumi's wedding is reflected by her lack of planning and Splenda cutting off her money budget at some point.
I was a bridesmaid for a friend. An expensive looking villa, catering, photographers, DJ, and a hair stylist for us and a makeup stylist for her all set her family back quite a few grand. I think ~$10k is the standard going price for a wedding with a nice venue and professional organization.

Her wedding is so sad for other reasons, however. No bridesmaids, no groomsmen, no guests, no trace of Yumi's family (maybe the dark-haired girl in the floral white dress?). All those empty chairs and so little at that…

It's like nobody cares about them marrying because it's apparent it's an old guy trying to get hitched before he zeroes out, and a young asian girl needing the security. It's almost like people know intrinsically how shameful it all is. Oh and, Splenda looks like her distant uncle. Gross.

No. 26502

Not only that, but the only person that seems to be from Yumi's side of the family is her mom (and her stepdad, if you wanna count him.)

No. 26503

Engaged anon here. I think you're gravely underestimating how expensive a wedding is. The average cost of a wedding in the US right now is about 30k. The venue rental cost alone is usually about 5k for a day like Friday or Saturday. When you factor in food, alcohol, security, renting chairs and tables, linen, the dress, decor, flowers, photography, a DJ, entertainment things like a photobooth…. it adds up quite quickly. For as "drab" as Yumi's wedding looks, this could have easily cost her 10k+.

No. 26504

Yup, a year and a half married anon and we were able to keep ours as cheap as possible and it was still around 15,000. Shit adds up quick.

No. 26505

>For as "drab" as Yumi's wedding looks, this could have easily cost her 10k+.

If she paid even $5k for that outcome she was gravely ripped off. Sorry.

No. 26506

underrated comment

No. 26507

*Spenda was gravely ripped off

No. 26508

I can't stop laughing jfc

This wedding feels so sad though. Not even in a funny way, just sad.

No. 26509

Wait, wasn't this supposed to be $50,000 or something? That simply isn't possible for what I am seeing here. I've known people who had bigger/obviously nicer weddings in expensive parts of California that cost around 50k and it was nothing like that, plus isn't she in Georgia? I knew she was going to go cheap but this is even more than I expected.

Also why are there so many empty chairs?

No way. The major costs of a wedding are the venue/food and she clearly cheaped out on that plus her wedding is clearly very small. 10k makes sense if she had more than 30 people or whatever she has. Her wedding cost less than 10k, though I wouldn't guess a specific amount…I would even say less than 5k. I almost want to say this is either Splenda's or her parent's backyard.

No. 26510

Splenda's backyard

No. 26511

Yeah, the entryway looked really familiar but I'd never seen a video of the back so I wasn't sure. To put a positive spin on things: the wedding was very Yumi.

I'm a little surprised the wedding wasn't at her parent's house (I know they have two but she did a tour of one that looked pretty nice and had a huge yard iirc).

No. 26512

I wonder if Yumi's wedding room was included in the wedding budget? I really do think she spent a good amount on her wedding. They did a lot of diy and that adds up. Then she got her hair done and her nails done several times leading up to the wedding. I wonder if that is all calculated in? The chair rental probably wasn't cheap either. It may not look like much but I feel they spent several thousand on their wedding for sure. It didn't look bad to me personally, just not elegant. But it was a nice looking wedding.

No. 26513

>For as "drab" as Yumi's wedding looks, this could have easily cost her 10k+.

That's impossible. The wedding was at splenda's backyard, the decor was bought by them at wallmart or something, very cheap tho. If I remember correctly her mother gave her the dress.

since apparently yumi's mom doesn't work, I'm starting to think that only splenda daddy was the only one spending money for the wedding.

No. 26514

i feel like the majority of the guests were probably his coworkers

No. 26515

It's true that weddings ARE expensive but considering Yumi and her Splenda Daddy and seeing the results, we can guess they cut back a TON of stuff that is actually expensive:

Probably no invitations, no flower arrangement (besides her aliexpress worthy bracelet and maybe bouquet ?), no bridesmaids or pre-wedding photographer (we see the prographers in some shots but they probably paid someone local for like 2 hours instead of the full day and thousand of pictures + editing that makes it super expensive), doesn't seem to be any catering anyway since it's a buffet for like 30 people. Guessing no open bar.

5K seems like a reasonnable amount for what it's worth. I don't get it because I always assumed Splenda Daddy was some kind of well paid engineer, I bet he could afford a 15k wedding if he wanted to. He probably is the kind of guy who think 5k is already pushing it.

No. 26516

I'm laughing because it reminds me of a wedding in The Sims. Like they just threw down the wedding arch in Buy mode in their backyard and just called over a few of their neighbors

No. 26517

holy shit anon you're right kek

it made me super sad. Yumi is the only one there her age. The other anons from a while back were right that she really has no friends, including from university. She must have kept to herself a lot because to not make friends at uni is odd. You can sit alone by yourself and still make friends. This is coming from someone with very little friends in general.

No. 26518

File: 1509891619046.jpg (267.21 KB, 960x540, TS4_799_EP03_NEIGHBORHOOD_BLOG…)

Holy shit, you're right!

No. 26519

Hahahahahaha they even had like the buffet table and everything too

No. 26520

comedy gold

No. 26521

File: 1510065037242.png (693.24 KB, 887x531, 2017-11-07 15_26_59-Our Weddin…)

Yumi actually looks cute. Her face is natural mess but she did well nonetheless. The straps kinda lowers the wow factor somewhat but I'm impressed she doesn't look cheesy or is wearing some five dollar hanfu dress made for children.

The party itself looks rather boring. There's like 20? people there.. guess this proves yumi has no friends.

No. 26522

It looks like she's posing in a picture with her adoptive father. Makes me wish that any minute a younger, cuter man will come out from the back and come be with Yumi instead. But no, Splenda is her husband now guys, ewwwww lol.

No. 26523

also, in the “get ready with me” video, she’s wearing a different dress than she does in the wedding one lmao. She’s probably been married for a week or so by now. What’s even the point of this?

No. 26524


holy shit I literally thought this was legit another wedding photo before I zoomed in.

No. 26525

>Unfortunately the videographers did not show up at the wedding so we had to piece together the video from video clips from family and friends.

>Location: GA, Our Sweet and lovely backyard (My husband built lot of things for the wedding. There will be some diy videos of things he made)

>Guests: Thanks to all our family and friends that could attend the wedding. I’m sad that so many of my Chinese family and friends live so far away and could not attend. Also a family of deer chose to attend the ceremony also.

This is what she wrote in the description. Fuck it's so sad. She honestly seems disappointed that barely anyone came to her wedding (not even the videographers)
Also kek Splenda built stuff for the wedding, can they get any cheaper?

No. 26526

>no videographers
>aliexpress wedding dress
>no DJ
>no catering
>no guests
>no bridesmaids nor groomsmen

>cost her 10k+
Lol, nah anon. Splenda gypped her but she had to go along with it and pretend like it was a $10k+ wedding. It's sad.

No. 26527

Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't this supposed to be a 50k wedding, per Yumi's word?

Maybe a slip of the tongue and she meant to say 5k. I can't help but feel bad for her, must suck for your wedding day to be so cheap and to have no one you know.

No. 26528

Where is her husband from? He sounds either gay or like he's from Kentucky… Not sure which is worse.

No. 26529

Georgia, I think?

No. 26530

what the point of marrying an older different race guy if he can't do for you! lol. he talks to her like a toddler. constantly belittles her. yet this is the wedding. its not bad looking but she can do better. if he was a Chinese boy her age it would be no problem. instead he is a man that wont let speak.

No. 26531

With this video I think it's pretty much confirmed that the wedding cost was around 5k or less. I don't know why Yumi was so vocal about the wedding being "expensive" and everything. I mean, nothing against DIY, but if they were cheap in the decoration and venue, they could at least have some nice food and a nice dress for Yumi.

I actually think splenda is kinda funny but still creeps me out that he is literally like a southern father, he is handy, speaks weird and everything.

No. 26532

what happened with that gaudy red aliexpress dress that she was going to wear at her wedding?

No. 26533

I'm guessing they either changed their minds, or they could also be having a second ceremony (which isn't uncommon for interracial and Chinese weddings)

No. 26534

Maybe she decided against doing the dress change thing common to Chinese weddings? Or maybe it's another video? I don't know, from what we saw so far the other dressed didn't seem to feature at all. I guess it really didn't matter if the only person from her side there was her mother.

I don't think people would mock her wedding as badly if she hadn't mentioned that $50,000 thing. There's nothing wrong with a cheaper/DIY wedding and that could have been used for clicks in itself, I have no idea why she didn't go that route. It's just a bit of a shame she didn't go for better food too, from the video it looked overcooked and crappy. At least the cake seemed nice though.

It's also both creepy and kind of refreshing to see Splenda excited and displaying genuine energy.

No. 26535

>It's also both creepy and kind of refreshing to see Splenda excited and displaying genuine energy.

I'm just glad for once the video doesn't depict him patronizing Yumi like a stupid six year old constantly.

No. 26536

Seems like Yumi's got a following in China, too. All of her vids gets at least 10 thousand views, which is rare considering everything's in English and there aren't any subtitles, and are all reuploads from a third-party who probably downloaded from Youtube. In comparison even some Taylor Swift mvs only get around 50 thousand views so you can see what they think of foreign videos.
I'm not really surprised, though. Yumi's got pale skin, super thin body,and round cheeks, which is considered pretty in China. If you look at some of their internet celebs, they all look ghostly pale, wear circle lenses, and photoshop their cheeks.
I wonder if Yumi knows about this.

ps. just in case anyone got the wrong idea and thought Yumi's famous in china—she's not. She just got a decent-size group of fans there.


No. 26537

Her following in China is just as mixed as her Western following. Someone on PULL translated some of the comments under the bilibili videos a year or 2 ago and she gets a mix of positive and negative comments like on her youtube.
Iirc people also thought splenda was her dad/stepfather lol.

I think she said she wanted to have a separate Chinese ceremony with the Chinese part of her family in her review of the red polyester garbage bag.

No. 26538

In the first wedding video theres kid who is on his phone for whole seremony…

No. 26539

File: 1510218857938.gif (1.21 MB, 206x196, 1504107638742.gif)

>who's pretending her name is corn in her native language to sound japanese

Laughed way harder than I should.

No. 26540

I bet she broke it by accident, or washed it and made it shrink. Or maybe she did change into it, but drank so much fit tea that she shat all over it.

No. 26541

File: 1510284791441.png (140.81 KB, 823x666, Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 7.30…)

Found the translated bilibili comments on pull.

No. 26542

File: 1510284805233.png (92.06 KB, 827x570, Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 7.30…)

No. 26543

File: 1510284827579.png (102.46 KB, 829x499, Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 7.31…)

No. 26544

File: 1510284850572.png (59.9 KB, 865x312, Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 7.29…)

No. 26545

File: 1510284885441.png (176.03 KB, 867x752, Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 7.28…)

No. 26546

Those comments are way too positive… how low are their standards???
Her natural looks is pretty, she looks like a BJD… as if!

No. 26547

Congratulation on her getting married. Her man is interesting to say the least.

No. 26548

>everything is held together by zip ties
>Splenda acting like an autist while Yumi squeals like a child
>surprised they can't bring fish and sushi on the plane to their honeymoon

No. 26549

she edited this wrong, she shows the "got dressed too early mom filmed this/dad decorated carpet" part with the family photo at the end twice

No. 26550

Even hillbilkes in full camo wedding gear looks better. How long were they engaged and they couldnt have saved a few K to get something that looks nice.

No. 26551

No. 26552

File: 1510593224397.png (67.87 KB, 812x352, Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 15.0…)

Pregnancy is going to be very difficult for her, almost every very tiny woman I've ever seen has problems conceiving and also she is going to have some back problems with the extra weight.
I hope she starts eating healthy this time (not that microwave quinoa) and puts on some weight or her baby will have malnutrition problems.

No. 26553

I feel sorrier for the baby growing up in their weird relationship dynamic. Yumi doesn't seem motherly since she comes off as airheaded and irresponsible, and Splenda doesn't appear fatherly aside from how old he looks. I wouldn't be shocked if he was minimally involved with his own kid after it's born, since he gets so snarky when even Yumi acts juvenile. He comes off as impatient and irritable.
But hey, having a baby will increase their channel views and that's so much more important than maturing into their own relationship for a couple more years!

No. 26554

Finally watched the trilogy (part 1 attached for anyone who hasn't seen it). I'm torn. I grew a lot of respect for Splenda as I saw him put so much effort into creating main pieces for the wedding. At the same time, he was acting more so like the father of the bride or even just a handy uncle. Yumi had no sustenance but I will admit her dress looked pretty when they were dancing. Two things struck me as really weird: 1) the actual wedding video was only 5 minutes long while all the behind the scenes was 20 minutes combined; 2) the guests' faces were visible during the wedding video but covered with big pink hearts for the behind the scenes videos.

And now we wait for the baby videos.

No. 26555

I'm not ready.

No. 26556

So I know she did a video where it explained her and Splenda slept in different rooms because her parents were traditional. I think I was okay with their freak relationship because it involved no sex, but the idea of …gross. Just seems like pedophilia.

No. 26557



No. 26558

Are we not going to talk about this thumbnail oml

No. 26559

They were doing sexual stuff, come on. She wore a pet collar and ate out of pet bowls in those early videos, plus Splenda seemed like he was into degrading her back then (and now, just less directly). I'm pretty sure they had separate rooms for show and so they could do their creepy lg/dd roleplay, not because she was super traditional.

I feel terrible for any kid they have, but I look forward to his posting on r/hapas one day, he'll dish out the good stuff on his parents and their creepy relationship.

No. 26560

don't forget the panties he bought her

No. 26561

I have no respect for him. He's an ass and half the stuff he did was simple/looked bad. He wasn't doing it to be nice either, it was to be cheap.

LOLno. They did that so they could have that creepy scene of waking her up. If her parents were traditional they'd make her marry a Chinese boy. They have a DDLG relationship.


This, her relationship has always been super creepy and gross.

All of these newfags sperging up the thread acting like splenda and yumi's relationship is cute and nice are annoying the hell out of me.

No. 26562

I am a newfag to the Yumi drama, but in no way did I claim it was cute. It's absolutely freakish, but I suppose I view them both as mentally retarded so I can't imagine them having sex unless it's them saying so. I think of it as some weird gimmick for youtube views so even the DDLG stuff is a play. I never really imagine it as real.

No. 26563

Forgot my sage, apologies.

No. 26564

Then maybe I wasn't talking about you, maybe I was talking about all the other anons who are literally saying that.

No. 26565

he bought her panties that say "fuck me" last Christmas

After people noticed the print, she cut it out of the video.

You cannot tell me they were abstinent during that time and expect me to believe it

No. 26566

No. 26567


Ergh… their kid.


And every fucking Asian fetishist flocking to her video in hopes of breeding a mixed asian white kid. Her kid will look asian anyway- it wont even look white. Hapas only get light hair at and a bigger nose at most. He has dark hair so no exotic blue eyes or blonde hair for YOU Yumi.

Imagine her and Venus Angelic meeting?

Fucking CRINGE.

No. 26568

No. Stop using hapa, it's cringy, say mixed race or something else, other languages have words for that so using a hawaiian word is stupid. All your facts about chinese/white mixed kids is wrong. Sage your shit. Kys.

No. 26569

I only see "cute" remarks on her youtube. If anons think it's cute than they must be a little retarded themselves.

…If I don't immediately forget I read this I'll never eat again. That's disgusting.

No. 26570

She speeds her speaking on videos now and is very unsetteling. I dont know what it is but its worse than her slow speak.

No. 26571

As fucked up as their son will/would be, I hope they don't have a girl. Splenda is already a creep, I can't imagine him with a daughter and I get the feeling a daughter would attract a bunch of other creeps with yellow fever to her channel. First for her being a stupid "submissive" Asian wife to her old white husband but of course for their hapa daughter who will end up getting pimped out for attention.

And I think the better meeting would be with Xiaxue. I will say though, at least Yumi seems like she wouldn't be delusional about her kids ending up white or white-looking since of course they wouldn't be.

No. 26572

Anyone think she's going to get her future baby seriously sick with all the cheap, lead based taobao toys and clothes she'll order?

"Cute Cheap Fashion Baby uwu!!!"

No. 26573

wasn't there a theory that the two room thing was for "sneaking and molesting" roleplay? also there was the room they decorated which was the only room they even made videos about, and yumi even tries to keep her body as much like that of a child possible, her bf is clearly a pedo with child molestation fantasies and she's just fueling it or is a pedo herself by trying to be as much as a child as possible, for the different room thing chances are if it wasn't for roleplay they just did it for their parents sake, but to act like they never did anything sexual is just delusional

No. 26574

she isn't even that tiny, they're probably gonna be retards about the pregnancy and fuck up the poor baby before it's even born in their pedo-based pretentious relationship, hell splenda couldn't even handle yumi being over 100 lbs, yumi already had problems with bulimia, her diet is awful and they can't even cook right, splenda is clearly a pedo and doesn't give a shit about how his actions affect yumi, I wish they could just get sterilized

No. 26575


she actually looks kinda cute here imo(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 26576

i think he has a thing for kids anyways. lets look at the one moment in that corn field video where he even chitchats with two little kids who appear to be total strangers with him, and yumi just films in silence. so im pretty sure hes somewhat drawn to kids; not necessarily in a pedo way.

No. 26577

this. this. this.

I really hope she asteast has a son and stops at that. A daughter with Splenda it's so unsettling to even think of. I also think her chanel will become more low-key "fetish". a DDLG, interracial, non english speaking, submissive wife with a young child.. Also though thought of both of them calling Splenda "daddy" makes me dry heave.

Most of me is hoping that she will mature a bit after a child. I've seen a lot of people do a complete 180 after giving birth. Although, i dont see Splenda doing that.

No. 26578

You know, I feel like Yumi's own mom might end up stepping in and doing the bulk of the actual child rearing and Yumi'll just end up brandishing it around for dumb baby and me videos. Like a Kailyn Marie Wilcher sort of situation going on.

No. 26579

quit namefagging. don't put anything in the name field.

type sage into the email field to sage a post, nothing else.

No. 26580

Moron, tons of people use hapa for half asians including the japanese immigrants who were in california in the goddamned 70s. Get the fuck over yourself. You sound more pissed that someone who is mixed has some pride in their identity. The meanings of words change all of the fucking time.

No. 26581

What is wrong with you? A man can like children without being a pedo. You know some men actually WANT to be fathers?

No. 26582

not that anon it wasn't about him wanting to be a father it was his actions and the vibes he gives off,there's more than enough evidence he's a pedo and its not just in the cornfield video

No. 26583


same anon.
yeah im talking about the creepy vibe he gives off. even if you want to be a father so hard you dont go to public events and start talking with children you dont even know, even filming them (thank god they had the decency of not filming the faces) like a creep. he gives a weird vibe around kids, thats all im saying. especially considered his kind of ddlg relationship.

No. 26584

Someone did say in the comments of her wedding video that he's 31 but that could easily be complete fantasy. I know she's 27/28 by now she just acts like a child but still, he either aged extremely quickly and poorly or it's just nonsense.

No. 26585

She used to be creative and alter and make things so she easily could have even made that dress look better but apparently her 'haters' have made her never want to touch a sewing machine again, or something equally as dramatic.

No. 26586

You're a retard and don't know how pregnancy works in a woman. Your whole post screams insecurity especially when she isn't "tiny". She's average height and weight for a Chinese woman, the most populated country in the world. Tell me more about how "tiny women" have problems conceiving. Go lose some weight, anon.

No. 26587

that's not what happened, she just said she was bored or some shit, it was an excuse for wanting to fucking get off her ass instead of posting sponsered videos.

not that anon but stop being mad. yumi clearly has an ED and most girls with ED have trouble getting their periods, let alone being pregnant. she's not 'average weight' and her body is infact less developed than the average chinese woman. sit the fuck down.

No. 26588

new vid came out. god the cringe.

No. 26589

Ddlg confirmed by Splenda in the new video

No. 26590

>New vids out
>Lemme not link it though
C'mon, man.

No. 26591

This is most likely what'll happen. It's normal in Chinese families for one of the grandmothers to step in and "help" raise the child (sometimes almost raise the child completely on their own) while the mother tends to the husband.

No. 26592

not even really splenda. he just wastes all money on useless home decor and utilities & DIY bricolage stuff. then forbids yumi to buy anything or make requests because theyre broke and he wants to save up for more useless DIY and decor shit. hes not a splenda daddy, hes a soccer dad.

hes so pissed at her even in this video. i feel sad for her, he seems to be extremely self centered and focused on his soccerdadness and amusement (and im not talking about the fact he doesnt want to watch kids cartoons with her).

No. 26593

where? timestamps buddy

No. 26594

for fucks sake, don't come in here and feel sad for her. she did this to herself, she asked for this, she went to college and decided she wanted this. i hate this idea of 'lets all feel sorry for corn' she knows damn well what she's doing. she's a bootleg gold digger and this is what she dug up, she's planned this out, this is what she wants.

No. 26595

dont worry, im not defending her. i just feel bad for her, it doesnt mean i feel sympathy. she doesnt seem clever enough to understand what shes done to herself anyways, in all honesty. but the vids shes making do look kind of sad, generally speaking.

No. 26596

are you kidding me? i wish i could dig up her okc profile caps, she legit was looking specifically for an older man with a job who doesn't play video games. she knows what she's doing, she's getting a free ride. corn may be shit at diy, annoying and terrible at lying, but she knows exactly what she's doing. also please sage.

No. 26597

Oh man I need those screens anon

No. 26598

File: 1511215107336.png (279.3 KB, 1080x1920, 1448987003074[1].png)

i gotchu babby.

No. 26599

File: 1511215233990.png (131.9 KB, 643x506, 1449395359123[1].png)

more old but gold milk

No. 26600

Thx bby
>By next christmas
wait, was it last year?

No. 26601


I just suffered through that entire video. He doesn't do anything out of the ordinary that makes me think they're into ddlg. Yumi is way more cringey than Splenda is, anyway.

No. 26602

File: 1511217277727.png (120.61 KB, 750x1334, image.png.84e6b836e5b4b986a1a5…)

It used to be "by Christmas 2015" and she updated it last year, ultimately deleting the year. She even deleted the preferred age range from her profile, so I think it's safe to assume Splenda is older than 38.

No. 26603

>'lets all feel sorry for corn'

I spit my drink out, that's hilarious. Let's just start calling her that from now on. Polite sage

No. 26604

He referred to the kids section as the babygirl section. He calls her that, too. If you can’t skim a video to find this… all I have to say is lol

No. 26605

>I think it's safe to assume Splenda is older than 38.

I've been saying this for the longest time. Anyone who doesn't think Splenda is going on 40 years old is super delusional. He behaves and looks like an old man. Nobody should feel sympathy for corn.

No. 26606

Same anon. Honestly, to me he looks at least 48. I used to think it was 53, but I don't think hes THAT old.

No. 26607

Yeah, I think another anon confirmed her yumi name just means corn. She used to use yumi on her youtube and stuff but put her real name yuhan on other social media. IIRC she showed her passport or license with the 'yu' part of her name but now that she's pretending it's yumi she can't change the chinese so her 'yumi' name translates to corn and isn't a name at all.

No. 26608

watch them divorce in like 2-3 years

No. 26609

>baby boss is so cute
>watching baby boss with her 'daddy'

kill me

No. 26610

I can't say if he's a pedo or not, but that video is in no way proof he is. He is an awkward guy, of course he's going to be awkward with children. I don't know what fuck ass country you live in, but in my country its perfectly normal for a man to interact with children. Maybe he was feeling paternal because he will have one coming with Yumi soon? Maybe he just likes talking with children? Also those children weren't even asian. You think Splenda would ever waste a second on anything white?

No. 26611

why are you defending him while also criticizing him? also in america it's weird cause people don't talk to anyone i've heard. also sage.

No. 26612

>the children were white therefore splenda isn't a pedo
wow excellent proof anon, keep in mind pedos aren't picky, because if they were yumis old flat ass would be single
he treats her like a child, and not in a playful bf/gf way, he makes her shitty meals, pumps her with vitamins, buys her childlike clothing, buys her kids things, talks to her and disciplines her like an angry, borderline abusive dad, on top of all that encourages her to lose weight despite her already being skinny and flat, he can't even take her weight in lbs being 3 digits, since we all know they are into ddlg, which is roleplay child molestation, and he has been proven to act sexual with her all the while treating her like a child
if someone has ddlg fantasies, assuming they're not doing it just to please a partner or just try it, then they most likely had incest/child molestation fantasies to begin with, just like people who roleplay teacher/student have had legit teacher/student fantasies, people who roleplay doctor/patient have had legit doctor/patient fantasies and so on, now, there's a big difference between people wanting to get kinky in a doctors office vs someone who fetishizes children and their things as well as roleplaying a father/child daughter fantasy in a sexual way. on top of all that, the way he communicates with children is creepy, not it's not about "OMG A MAN CANT INTERACT WITH CHILDREN ANYMORE WITHOUT YOU CRAZY PEDO WITCHUNTERS!!!!"
he gets frustrated talking to yumi when yumi plays dumb, so why the fuck would he ~enjoy~ talking to kids

No. 26613

Do you even live in America? Because that's a pretty odd assumption to make of Americans. It's not a weird sight for people to be out in public, see a baby and interact while talking to the parents.

Where is all the Splenda is a pedo stuff coming from? That's such a gross assumption to make of a person. Even if Yumi herself acts like a little kid, it's not fair to assume this man is a pedophile if there's no actual proof.
Saged for sperging, my apologies.

No. 26614

>Where is all the Splenda is a pedo stuff coming from? That's such a gross assumption to make of a person. Even if Yumi herself acts like a little kid, it's not fair to assume this man is a pedophile if there's no actual proof.

lurk more, also this is the reason why we have so many pedos walking around, people fail to ignore warning signs and just say ~teehee no legit proof then hes no pedo~

No. 26615

yes, while talking to parents. guys who go up to strange kids without parents around are pedo shit.

No. 26616

gtfo the thread newfag, you obviously have no idea what you're talking about. are you saying anyone who doesn't want to diddle kids wants corn's 10 year old boy body?

No. 26617

No. 26618

holy shit this is the saddest i've seen this cat shirt look on anyone.

No. 26619

prob because she has saggy tits and refuses to wear a bra so she looks more flat for pedodaddy

No. 26620

It’s like u guys forgot about her first morning routine video where she’s having her “tiny rice”. She can’t pronounce quinoa, and she’s like “what do you call this?” Splenda says tiny rice. She’s like tiny rice? That’s what you call it? Mans says “what I call it is what adults call it. What you call it is what babygirls call it”

Can we talk about how splenda drags out his words?

No. 26621

no one forgot, they are just fucking dumb newfags

No. 26622

>he gets frustrated talking to yumi when yumi plays dumb, so why the fuck would he ~enjoy~ talking to kids

because yumi is an adult who plays dumb and thinks it's cute and innocent when really it's just annoying. someone who plays dumb (yumi) is different from someone who is actually dumb (a child)

No. 26623

he literally wants her to look as childlike as possible, but hey, that's AbsOlUtElY NOt a SIgN oF PeDo TeNDEncIEs!!!

sage for sperg

No. 26624

you forget the fact that he puts up with it so they can screw.

No. 26625

are people seriously arguing about splendas reputation? who let you guys in here?

No. 26626

>because yumi is an adult who plays dumb and thinks it's cute and innocent when really it's just annoying

Splenda obviously gets something out of it or else he'd tell her to stop and wouldn't play into it.

No. 26627

>You DO NOT play video games
why tho??? I'm honestly confused

shoot me if I'm wrong, but haven't we been calling her that for a long time?

No. 26628

sounds right, anon. there's a lot of summer this winter is all.

No. 26629

To be blunt, a lot of single guys that play video games tend to be immature and spend most of their income on gamer shit. They're less traditional, and want their women to hold jobs and actually be of use around the home. I think Corn was specifically looking for an older guy with the presumption that if he didn't have a lot of geek hobbies, there'd be more of his money to spend on her. Splenda seems traditional, but he's also a cheapskate.

No. 26630

probably something I agree with yumi on
while what >>26629 said is true, there's all kinds of guys that play video games
the only ones I accept are the ones who just take up gaming as a hobby rather than getting extremely hooked on it and have it be their routine and take it so seriously to the point of getting legitimately frustrated with video games or taking video game jargon seriously, a lot of gamers tend to have crazy standards and expect the girl they're with to be a bigger gamer than they are with big tits and gawk over twitch girls or whatever, not to mention a lot of the time, when dating a gamer, if they're often very into it, they'll reject dates or social gatherings to play, sometimes they'll invite you over and do nothing but just stare at a screen and shoot things for hours, it's even more shitty cuz sometimes when you go out of your way to be with that person and hang out and all that person wants to do is play video games and ignore you

sage for splurging, blogging, ranting and ot oops

No. 26631

>>also in america it's weird cause people don't talk to anyone i've heard. also sage.

Wow, you are really ignorant…

No. 26632

Hooty toot theory:
If she's not too malnourished from the bulimia to get pregnant, once she pops out a kid, she's gonna turn into a real rice farmin old cunt.
She's gonna stop throwing her food up, get fat, wear her hair in curlers, yell at splenda to shut the fuck up, she knows English and doesn't need a closeted pedophile to condescend to her, and eventually she'll take all $400 from splenda's savings account, and fuck right off back to China with her anchor baby.

No. 26633

her family lives in the usa you imbred autist. stop fucking giving her any sympathy. she is an adult and knows what she's doing. she likes this shit and wants a closeted pedo.

No. 26634

I think you responded to the wrong person.
Or you might be retarded.

No. 26635

why are so many anons ITT defending splenda? how new are you idiots that you haven't seen him be very obviously gross towards her. you seriously don't think her being a whiny furby all the time doesn't get his dick hard? her 'routine' video where 'they slept in different beds' has him coming in and tickling her 'awake', you think they don't usually fuck during that? you guys are insane.

No. 26636

Wasn't there an instance where she had removed a clip from a video where he'd given her a pair of underwear for Christmas that had something particularly explicit written on them?

No. 26637

well the "fuck me" panties were a decent gift rather than all the aliexpress shit he brought her, did she ever even use the hairdye btw?
it kinda grosses me out how sexual they act all while doing everything in their power to seem as much like a father/daughter relationship as possible, it blows my mind how people don't think there's even the slightest pedophilia involved

No. 26638

those are from aliexpress tho. she gets most of her stuff (save her sponsored shit) from this shop: https://nekopara.aliexpress.com/store/1762602
it seems including hanfu anon pointed it out before.

No. 26639

probly cos like how a lesbian is never going to be attracted to some man acting girly, a woman acting childishly is not going to satisfy or interest a pedo? i dunno tho

No. 26640

what is ddlg?

also corn doesn't look like woman, she has a child's body.

No. 26641

there are 2 kinds of pedos, ones who think they are fine and want to hurt children, and ones who have a mental issue making them feel attraction to children. splenda is the former, if he is one. he wants yumi to act like his fetish and would likely fuck real children if he could.

No. 26642

wtf? pedophilia isn't a sexuality, retard. pedos are literally just attracted the body type and personalities/mannerisms of children. pedos can be male, female, gay, straight or bi. you sound underage.

No. 26643

Even if he is a ddlg Daddy he’s a really bad one at that. He lets her eat gross food and bad sushi. And loses patience really fast, and doesn’t wanna do little stuff. Bad Daddy!

No. 26644

Also pedophilia is an attraction that they cannot help, and once they offend (or if), it’s still the same thing. Even worse, they know they shouldn’t and have no desire to offend, and there’s literally no where for them to go get help for fear of being rejected by the therapist or the doctor telling the police. We need to find ways to help them, cause they desperately want and need it. Let’s chill with the pedo thing about yuhan’s husband. There’s so many other justifiable things to discuss.

No. 26645

File: 1511384730913.jpg (35.6 KB, 600x600, 120.jpg)

First of all, stop talking about pedos. This is getting way off topic
Second, kill them all. Who gives a shit. They're human waste anyway

No. 26646

Aren’t you just edgy

No. 26647

but keep in mind a lot of lesbians would fuck traps, you do realize a lot of pedophiles draw things like lolis that look exactly like children and slap the label "22 yr old woman" on it, so I doubt the age that bothers them rather than the actual underdevelopness that turns them on, keep in mind lesbians like traps sometimes so its even more likely for a pedo to like an adult woman since they all have the same parts

pedos arent picky, if a flat deformed oldie acts childish and ~innocent~ its enough for them

No. 26648

well no, in really rare cases pedophilia is uncontrolable, however people can train their brain to only like certain things, if people couldn't all people would like the same things, there' not an implemented desires already formed in your head, you form them yourself

think of it like beastiality, it's a gross desire, but do you really think someone who forms an attraction to animals got that attraction as if they were born with it? it's a complicated brain thing, if you control your mind enough you can easily change your desires,some people can control their mind more than others though

No. 26649

>a lot of lesbians would fuck traps
No, they wouldn't. If you'd fuck a trap, you're not a lesbian.

No. 26650

well MTF trans at least, they like feminine looking people

No. 26651

No. Look up the studies done on it. It’s a neural connection problem. When they see kids, it’s not associated with the natural ‘protect’ sense, but in the attractive sense.

No. 26652

Still no. Lesbians like females, not males rping as what they think females are. If you'd fuck a tranny that wasn't born female, you are not a lesbian. If you weren't born female, you cannot be a lesbian. Period.

No. 26653

lol okay, so liking tits, feminine faces, feminine bodies, feminine everything else besides dick, is not gay if you are attracted to a mtf tranny, okay then, guess most lesbians aren't lesbians apparently

No. 26654

Yeah. It's not gay because an mtf tranny is still 100% a man. So, if someone who identifies as a lesbian would fuck that, she's actually bisexual.

No. 26655

lol what is this the 50s? go back to /pol/

No. 26656

…I'm not from /pol/ and this is a popular belief of this site. Why don't you fuck off back to tumblr, handmaiden? Or are you a tranny? There's nothing gay about straight sex.

No. 26657

anyway, our makeup guru queen yumi has uploaded a new video

No. 26658

(sage for same fagging)
2 things: she can't pronounce palette, so naturally, take a shot everytime she says "plate" instead of palette

her dream eyeshadow plate is a whopping $27.

No. 26659

The colors look so muted when she swatches them on her arm compared to how they look in the actual palette, they're like barely there.

No. 26660

I don't know what she's doing… I have this pallet and yeah it's pretty cheap but it's decent for it's price so I'm not sure what she's doing.

No. 26661

yes because believing trans exist is such a crazy feminazi belief straight from tumblr

No. 26662

*she pretends not to know how to say palette, just like she did with chick fil eh

No. 26663

it is when you start redefining homosexuality and ignoring biological sex like a fucking idiot. their gender identity doesn't mean shit, a male is a male.

No. 26664

The quality of the palette is horrific. No pigmentation at all

No. 26665

File: 1511405881846.jpg (25.5 KB, 480x480, 12751400_1160371897331128_1913…)

I'm not ignoring biological sex, but you're ignoring psychology and how sexuality works


if anyone claimed to go one way, then is attracted to the tranny who is of the preference the tranny is transiting to, that person is not automatically attracted to the opposite gender

IE, lesbians attracted to mtf aren't attracted to males, straight girls attracted to some ftm aren't lezy or bi, if someone presents as one gender, someone who is attracted to that gender finds them attractive, it doesnt change their entire sexuality

are you gonna tell me straight women who are attracted to this man (who is ftm) automatically aren't straight no more and somehow attracted to girls even though they don't find actual women sexually attractive?
it's not about ignoring biological sex, it's about understanding what's straight and whats not

No. 26666


for a second i thought I was in the fakeboi thread…

guys, can we keep the topic on corn?
or take your debate else where?

No. 26667

It's funny how excited she is over Etude House and treating it like it's so high end. It's not Tom Ford, corn, calm down.

No. 26668

nah, i think that's just yumi being yumi, it's supposed to be light but comparing it to other swatch videos f it, it looks like she was just lightly tapping her finger and then swatching it rather than actually getting any to show off

video related, someone else swatching the same palette

No. 26669

Yeah, I am gonna tell you that. If someone has the same biological sex you do, you're aware of that, and yet you and you still want to fuck them, you're not fucking straight. That's not up for debate.


sorry for derailing

No. 26670

men with straight attractions and lesbians, naturally, are going to be attracted to feminineness correct? they see someone feminine, and think they're attractive, later to find out they have a dick, if they are not attracted to the dick and just ignore it but like the rest of the feminine body, if you really think that makes them not straight you're crazy, just like if a straight girl has a boyfriend with man tits, no she may not be attracted to the man tits but being attracted to him doesn't make her not straight

No. 26671

No the fuck they arent! Have you heard of butch lesbians, dude? It's SEXuality not genderuality or whatever.

>just like if a straight girl has a boyfriend with man tits

Not at all. If a male has tits, that doesn't make him any less of a male, so it's still straight. There are way more biological differences than just dicks ans vaginas, retard. Lots of behavioural differences too since males and females are raised and treated differently. Maybe you're the crazy one if you honestly believe all this sexist genderfuck bullshit. Like I said, fuck off back to tumblr. I'm done derailing.

No. 26672

this thread has two subjects, and funnily enough neither are gay nor trans? ?

No. 26673


No. 26674

Her fake Engrish is just getting worse and worse. Also, aside from her terrible swatches it I hate it that she sticks her fingers in there and (seems to be?) mixing the colors, it'll mess up the palette.

Also does she always act this retarded? I assumed it was usually for Splenda's benefit but he's not even in this one.

No. 26675

File: 1511419853880.png (58.22 KB, 203x219, Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 10.4…)

>when your $27 palette is cheaper than $100!!!

She's probably using more and more engrish because she's ~so Chinese, guiz~ that she can't speak English. Kawaii!

No. 26676

>those teeth
Bless. When is Splenda going to pay for braces? He's already taken care of her gum disease. She's talked about various surgical procedures in the future but I think braces would be the least painful with the greatest improvement.

No. 26677

I'm sorry, forgot to sage.

Anyway, here's the video where she discusses all her future plastic surgery plans.

No. 26678

splenda sounds so annoyed whenever she plays dumb and talks to him and he has to explain things to her, yumi can't actually like being talked to like that and he can't actually like that

also, yumi suddenly not knowing the word dentist, when she said it on her own at the beginning of the video when she wasn't around splenda. and jfc why was she not taking care of her teeth prior to this

No. 26679

stop posting old shit, newfags.

No. 26680

>implying I wasn't just posting the source so no one would ask what I'm referring to

No. 26681

Its so good quality too! Its been on her eyes couple of hours and still looks good!

No. 26682

Not gonna lie, waiting for the day splenda calls yumi out on play "me no speaky engwish"

No. 26683

Stop with the gay shit.

No. 26684

I doubt he will and i'm pretty sure it likes it too.

No. 26685

lol of course they like it. it's part of their play.

No. 26686

File: 1511504234692.jpg (47.1 KB, 564x564, f7c704caaec2faa79dc465a6eaeb5c…)

well, even the worm will turn, even though its for his pedo fetish rn he will eventually get annoyed with it, it's one thing to be pretentious/fake being someone you're not but making it so obvious, I'm oblivious as hell and I even caught on to her act, one day, assuming she will keep pretending to be a lost autistic esl-fob loli child, splenda will lose patience and just snap, how he snaps is a mystery, but he's barely clinging on to his sanity rn because of yumis shit, hopefully she wants to live stream and the day he does snap it will be on live stream

No. 26687

Does Splenda daddy even treat her nice? I remember him telling her to lose more weight in a video, I know she told him to berate her for sexual shit but the fact that her bulemia cheeks are so bad makes it's so obvious that he HAS to know

No. 26688

Who knows really. Maybe she likes it, or doesn't care. She's definitely being enabled by him, as shown by her binge videos and the fact that she's fed like a bird otherwise. In any case, I'm sure she's happy with this. She's so cheap and trashy I'm sure she is very happy with her standard middle class husband buying her cheap aliexpress crap. Also, it's been said before but we all have to remember, Splenda isn't wealthy, houses in rural GA are very very cheap.

No. 26689

New video.

>Splenda cuts her food for her

>They have a pillow fight (mostly splenda)
>Looking at baby clothes for girls

No. 26690

Wandered over from pt. Have watched her sewing videos by choice before, but her hubby? Eck. Thought it looked super creepy, like he's way too old looking, it's like Bruce Willis with Shirley Temple sorts of weird. Glad to not be the only one thinking the dude was not what I imagined her partner to look like.

No. 26691

File: 1511588449804.jpg (89.82 KB, 413x550, 1507784343448.jpg)

It never fails to mystify me when they do their weird dd/lg thing in front of people. And (to give Yumi at least some credit), is he "grooming" her to help him interact with kids ffs? Oh and of course they want a baby girl so she can dress it in cheap Chinese shit and show it off and so he can get what he really wanted after he tires of her acting like a retarded Engrish speaking child.

No. 26692

File: 1511592633205.png (181.65 KB, 500x629, ucluuy-today-832-am-daddy-feew…)

Saw this. Reminded me of yumi and splenda kek

No. 26693

The baby outfit she points to is literally the same thing she's wearing, that's creepy

No. 26694

didn't she want to wear matching outfits with her child when she has it or something. she's THAT KIND of a mum.

No. 26695

File: 1511618823909.png (1.73 MB, 1339x653, 2017-11-25 15_05_58-Husband&Wi…)

dont they own real plates…?

No. 26696

Most white American households own silverware but seem to use plastic/paper stuff because they're too lazy to wash. Just something I've noticed from friends.

No. 26697

Everything they eat looks so nasty and unappetizing.

No. 26699

From how weird and soupy it looks it wouldn't surprise me if it was a frozen dinner or something.

No. 26700

What is this? Dollar store freezer lasagna? I can smell the processing and diabetes from here, how are these people even alive

No. 26701

surely it would have to be? i mean fuck it looks like dog shit

No. 26702

They got some helium palloons, Yumi drew faces on them and then gave them all to childrens… i mean thats nice of her but why buy(?) Pallons and them give them away?

No. 26703

>white american
lol what?
every single black and latino person I knew used paper plates for thanksgiving, once mexican guy I knew even used paper plates as an everyday thing, and the whites I did know rarely used paper plates unless they're serving large crowds

No. 26704

You're supposed to eat shit on paper plates. Hotdogs, pizza, etc.

Only good food is served on china.

This lasagna is shit.

No. 26705

collective sigh

No. 26706

Idk wher eyou're from anon but i giggled at "palloons"

Sage for irrelevant

No. 26707

"i like old fashion cars!"
"this car looks good"
"this car looks cool"

She's like a robot who can only speak in simple sentences

No. 26708

Her man so old. Only thing that comes out of him will be sand. I doubt he can ever get her pregnant.

No. 26709

What the fuck is wrong with her English. I know 10 years old that can speak better than her

No. 26710

Yumi is stepmom now

No. 26711

sage or fucking kill yourselves

No. 26712


Her videos are just so generic and boring. This must be the future of her channel, shit husband & wife outings to the mall and other stores.

No. 26713

it's been her channel for months, anon. i'm starting to wonder if her new 'easy' waifu laifu is boring and depressing her. despite owning a house (which isn't a feat in bumfuck nowhere georgia) splenda is a cheap fucker. so wtf is corn gonna do with her time? she's a housewife who can't clean or cook, and she has no money to spend other than from youtube. she does so many sponsored videos and doesn't buy stuff on her own anymore, is it possible she is doing that badly?

No. 26714

maybe her being bored at home is why she seems so eager to have kids?

No. 26715

new video up. sailor moon is now cinnamoon

No. 26716

File: 1511858293953.png (551.54 KB, 844x436, Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 12.3…)

also she called chibi moon 'chili moon', which…that's something.

No. 26717

I'm convinced at this point this fake engrish is to troll us

No. 26718

sage for samefagging, but splenda randomly coming in and kissing her on the forehead seems so staged, especially because he's never done anything like that before in her solo videos

and i hate that i laughed at his dumb "thumbnail" joke.

No. 26719

File: 1511858915640.png (488.37 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20171127-202036.png)

It was so creepy when she tilted the camera and asked if splenda wants to make video with her…

No. 26720

whats with all the comments lately.
>"Omg he showed his thumbs and I lose it I was laughing so hard. He's such a goob it's adorable!!"

100 thumbs up?? I swear there can't be THAT many people who genuinely find this relationship cute and funny as much as the comments suggest

No. 26721

good god she looks like my bfs mom dressed as a toddler

No. 26722

>cinnamon and chili moon

No. 26723

Looks like corn's milk has run dry. I mean unless you wanna see her gross DDLG shit. Her new life as a bootleg gold digger with splenda daddy is fucking boring.

No. 26724

I can't tell if she's just fucking with us or trying to appeal to splenda more or both.

No. 26725

new video. they go to stone mountain with her parents

tbh i never had a problem with splenda, he was creepy at worse and just whatever at best but

>i like confederate memorials

caught me off guard.

that being said, splenda really is the…humor and actual content of her videos jfc. like, he tries to make jokes, he tries to be engaging and funny while yumi just pronounces things wrong and adds nothing to the conversation or topic

No. 26726

>i like confederate memorials
>caught me off guard
It shouldn't have, men like that usually end up with cheap mail order brides like Yumi. Her being devoid of any real personality suits him. That being said, I actually hope she's doing the Engrish just to fuck with everyone because it would be at least a faint glimmer of an actual personality.

No. 26727

Why does he talk to her like she's deaf toddler? God.

No. 26728

took the words right out of my mouth, anon. i mean, do people forget splenda is a middle-aged, middle class, white man from the south? having an 'obedient oriental wife' is all too common for this type of man. he definitely treats her similarly too, especially with making fun of her 'weird chinese food' and the like. plus, having more sociability and presence in videos than corn is not a hard task.

No. 26729

it's weird that she's literally cranking out these videos as often as some people have bowel movements yet there's absolutely no content in them jfc

it'd be better if she made less videos. also are her and splenda not going on a honeymoon??

No. 26730

Why would he bother wasting money on a honeymoon, he got a discount bin wife for a reason. I could have sworn they did mention one in one of their videos, but then they also said the wedding was going to be 50k so there's that. The "honeymoon" is them going to random stores and shopping areas to act out their dd/lg fantasy in public.

Also I can't get over her terrible fake Engrish. She makes it worse and worse every fucking video.

No. 26731

Fuck, I'm Chinese and this kind of shit just doesn't fly. You got married to an American White dude and have a college degree? Your family is going to be a laughing stock with this sort of wedding. It's not that your friends and family didn't fly it, it's because you were too cheap to host them and this wedding is absolutely sad and shameful. I feel so bad for your family Yumi, your extended family and friends are probably going to shit talk behind your back until the end of time.

No. 26732

I have a chinese bf, although im not american is marrying an american white guy shameful if you have a degree?

Also considering my bfs parents i can imagine the INSANE amount of shit talk doing on just for the age difference alone nevermind the DDLG stuff. If her family did travel to witness the wedding i can 100% guarantee it would have been to laugh at marrying someone 10 or so years older than you, who is a chubby balding white guy with an average (at best) income and seemingly autistic. i'm honestly suprised her own Mother allowed her to even entertain the idea of marrying Splenda.

sage for blog

No. 26733

Her mum remarried to some american white dude, so I don't think there's much stigma in her immediate family. Though I think in general, I think with ABC/BBC etc. it's kind of expected for people to marry/date outside their race. There's a lot more pressure from Asian men (i.e. shit you see on /r/hapas) not to mix.

No. 26734

K we all hate Splenda but we have to be reasonable. I’m doubtful he’s poor or making an average salary. A lot of “rich” people are frugal. He has a big truck, lots of land, decent sized home (I understand it’s georgia). He could be saving most of it for retirement.

No. 26735

no one's saying he's poor, we're saying he's not wealthy and he's cheap. middle class is middle class, but he's also older and very southern. i've said it before, him having a house with a yard there is not a big deal. most gold diggers like yumi go for executives or lawyers.

No. 26736

He’s likely upper middle class. Real estate is an investment. He’s just cheap. The house looked bad and unfurnished cause he was probably waiting on wedding gifts.

No. 26737

Someones triggered. :)

No. 26738

lol no. houses like that there are less than 50k.

No. 26739

I had a hearty kek at this.

No. 26740

Lol if he were upper middle class they wouldn't be living in the area they are now. Have you looked at the real estate there?

No. 26741

Off topic but I keep thinking the guy in OP's image is a worse off Trevor from GTAV.

No. 26742

Am I wrong to think she doesn't have any friends or extended family back home that would want to come anyway? With how seemingly open and definitely boring her videos are I feel like she would have made a video at least mentioning them and how she misses them.

No. 26743

her and splenda went to harry potter land. splenda does most of the filming and narrating. highlight is spelenda kind of pointing out how shitty her bangs are and going "your hair looks fine, even your bald spot"

No. 26744

Hah yumi wearing slytherin tie.

No. 26745

why does this couple think digging at the wife is cute? what is wrong with their relationship, i swear this is beyond DDlg or petplay, like does she has a humiliation fetish or something?

No. 26746

File: 1512295436074.png (465.24 KB, 560x520, d46f04e5e3581ba90fcfa301365e04…)

gross, i've never seen someone's entire face drenched like that when they haven't been doing some kind of sport.
Kek spendas gryffindor "uniform" with camo shorts on the bottom. So tacky

No. 26747

How can anyone look at Splenda and seriously believe he's younger than 39? Lol.
She married an old man…

No. 26748

he's giving me late 40s in this pic

No. 26749


why doesn't she grow out her side bangs so that they're thicker and closer to the corners of her eyes? i really think it'd suit her better because it's semi-candid videos like these where splenda is filming that you can see just how round her face is.. also lol at splenda in any kind of school uniform

No. 26750

but anon, that'd be a hime cut. she is totes over her japanese phase. ancient chinese girls didn't have hime cuts!

No. 26751

File: 1512331470066.png (655.66 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20171203-203259.png)

I think she looks kinda pretty here.

No. 26752

In previous videos he straight up insulted her (her weight but he also said something along the lines of people in public thinking she wasn't cute), so he probably does get off on it. Yumi is a bit more mysterious, I can't tell if she's too retarded to get it (the most reasonable explanation), likes it herself or doesn't care.

No. 26753

I have to say that I agree. I dunno if its her makeup or the lighting (or both) but she looks better than she normally does. The wideness of her face isn't as obvious.

No. 26754

queen of aliexpress shopping returns

No. 26755

I think it's a combo of the light + her hairstyle (it elongates her face) + her makeup is simpler + she isn't wearing an over the top childlike outfit, which makes her look less like a haggard middle aged woman trying to reclaim her youth.

The bottom right part of her thumbnail looks like she photoshopped the skirt onto her body…

No. 26756

her hair looks fake as fuck. is she wearing hair pieces?

No. 26757

what is wrong with her. the 'vintage' style and 'cute' style dresses look exactly the same because they're all the same cheapo sweatshop softsister bootleg weebshit she always gets.

No. 26758

she managed to make her bangs look worse AND make herself look dumber by putting in contacts that hurt that she most likely got off of aliexpress

No. 26759

File: 1512500228477.png (164.09 KB, 315x378, eatchuu.png)

I'm dying lmao.

No. 26760

>putting in contacts that hurt

contacts aren't supposed to hurt, she's gonna fuck her eyes up.

No. 26761

LOL Splenda at 53 secs "not only are your eyes scary but your pronunciation is scary"
at this point i think she just fakes it and even hes sick of it at this point

No. 26762

File: 1512507868378.png (502.68 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20171205-225513.png)

"It hurt my eyes."
"It doesnt smell good."

Bitch, dont put them near your eyes!

No. 26763

ugh when she's talking to splenda her fake engrish is so obviously fake, unnatural and cringey

No. 26764

File: 1512516999129.gif (968.52 KB, 500x275, scared.gif)

No. 26765

New video. Packing for their honeymoon to Disneyworld.

No. 26766

lol i'm having my wedding and honeymoon in disney. too bad they're so cheap, you can do a disney wedding for 15k

No. 26767

No. 26768

Lol shes taking the "Fuck me" panties from Christmas

No. 26769

they gonna ddlg it up at disney. also most of the bodyline tier crap she's bringing won't be allowed in.

No. 26770

File: 1512550673873.png (101.43 KB, 222x295, Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 12.5…)

She mentions that she can't see through some of the lenses which means they're definitely not from a reputable source.
>splenda nagging her to make dinner at the end

>uses her liquid blush pen as eyeshadow and lip gloss as well
>eyebrow trimmer is just a razor blade
>pretending that she has no body hair
>greif-in-toe and (cuts out pronunciation of slytherin)
>has a knockoff WEGO heart window bag when the real thing only costs $30
such a high class and elegant rich girl!

No. 26771

those teeth are hilarious

No. 26772

in a rly bad way

No. 26773

File: 1512563244630.png (593.09 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20171205-225825.png)

No. 26774

she probably got sent plano contacts, which likely don't fit her eyes. i seriously hope she was faking this since even wearing the wrong size for a couple of minutes can fuck up your eyes, and expired/dry contacts are dangerous, you could get sent to the emergency room.

good lord, she looks like a caricature. and what are these fuggo glasses?

No. 26775

summary for those who don't want to watch:
>footage of a witch, Splenda: "The old lady cursed you with ugly bangs!"
>Splenda faking enthusiasm in a way that seems like he's making fun of Yumi
>"it looks like resort!" "it looks really pretty!" "it looks really good!"
>they appear to be staying in a cheap hotel away from the park
>a view of shitty trees, "it's got good views!"
>"I think this place is like… an apartment!" "Yes sweetie, it's definitely an apartment."
>frozen spring rolls is their breakfast food
>Splenda sounds bored and tired throughout the video
>Splenda: "They're only 4.3 calories! You could eat these all day!"
>Splenda: "This stuff is $2.95… Can't we just find crickets in our yard to eat?"
>Splenda: "You'll eat chicken feet, but not larva?"
>Yumi looking at a Transformer, "I think the movie is transformations."
>Yumi disappointed that she can't go on a ride for literal children
>Splenda's wearing cargo shorts with dad shoes and thick socks
>Splenda acting like an autist in the King Kong line

No. 26776

File: 1512674953408.png (239.3 KB, 273x655, Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 11.1…)

Elegant gorgeous kawaii high class rich Japanese girl!

No. 26777

File: 1512675017616.gif (3.04 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

get it, splenda!

No. 26778

File: 1512675102911.png (188.33 KB, 297x425, Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 11.1…)

Yumi's face looks like a Bailee Jae drawing because of how lopsided it is

No. 26779

I’m sorry but the more she does these blogs….I have become fond of Splenda. he seems like a nerdy southern old guy for the most part and I dunno, reminds me of like a weird funny friend of someone’s dad. This gif is almost precious in a way

No. 26780

i hate how funny splenda is starting to become to me. he just seems is uninterested in yumi's antics. like he seems like he's enjoying universal but not how yumi is acting about it all

No. 26781

Well yeah, I have no clue why splenda is even with yumi, but I still can't forgive him over his "lose weight" comments to yumi and acting sexual with her while trying to make her act as child like as possible

No. 26782

Not to defend splenda, but he's a lot more amusing and less obnoxious than Yumi is with her fake kawaii child antics. Splenda seems like a reasonable adult compared to her.

No. 26783

>Y:do you want to install some mirrors in the house?
>S:only on the ceilings, sweetie
>it's a KONG-a line
>the old lady cursed you with ugly bangs

Splenda is such a dad. He's what I aspire to be, minus the bride that acts like an actual child… maybe he should have adopted her instead of marrying her.. nah the dynamic is creepy either way. But he's a lad though.

No. 26784

>I have no clue why splenda is even with yumi
Dude has a pretty blatant DDLG fetish.

No. 26785

This, plus I like that he rips on her just as much as we do. And probably worse, behind closed doors.

No. 26786

Tbh Splenda is the best part of her videos. Their interactions are so odd and hilarious. He has this constant sarcastic way of doing things that makes him seem like he's just making fun of everything and I'm here for it

No. 26787

For real. I would watch more videos featuring Splenda Daddy, maybe he should make his own channel.

No. 26788

lol no

No. 26789

File: 1512701981364.png (386.8 KB, 562x442, Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 7.58…)

a grown ass man dresses like this.

No. 26790

>"oh it has a washing machine, so we can clean our clothes!" "yeah, that's why i picked it."

this video is actually kind of funny to me and i have no idea why
a lot do, lol. also tbf the button down and tie are supposed to be a part of the ~Harry potter cosplay~, and it looks like he literally only did it for the harry potter land and then left it on

No. 26791

>Well yeah, I have no clue why splenda is even with yumi

He's probably into the whole ddlg thing.

No. 26792

wasn't lolita fashion banned from disneyworld?

No. 26793

that 100% is the basis of their relationship, as previous threads and videos have documented.

No. 26794

honestly, anytime splenda tries to be funny i have to pause the video to compose myself before the cringe takes over and i'm involuntarily burying my head in my hands. he honestly acts like someone's drunken father trying to relate to teenagers by being random and making an arse of himself, yet only getting pity laughs in response

No. 26795

"Do you want to instor (install) some mirrors in the house?"

"Only on the ceilings, (babe?)"


No. 26796

He looks like he's dressed as spongebob

No. 26797

I don't think so, I was there fairly recently and saw some girls in lolita. You're just not allowed to dress like one of the park characters.

No. 26798

No. 26799

New Video

No. 26800

summary of the video for those who don't want to watch it

>they go to avatar land

>yumi oohs and aahhs at everything, everything looks so real and just like the movie
>yumi tries to talk about the ride to splenda, but he seems uninterested, just repeating things the na'avi on the ride said
>splenda: she said ring ting ting, andele
>yumi: what's that mean
>splenda: idk just a bunch of made up words
>splenda keeps repeating "ooh eh ooh ah ah"
>yumi records the entire damn intro to flight of the avatar until they have to put their stuff away
>splenda not really in to avatar land, yumi absolutely loves it

overall a super fucking boring video

No. 26801

No. 26802


>Splenda: It's like walking into Thailand.

He would know.

No. 26803


>Splenda, pausing beneath the dinosaur statue: Do you think this is a girl dinosaur or a boy dinosaur? I thought dinosaurs were reptiles. Why does this one have milk places?

I had to stop watching when I realised the sounds she makes on the Primeval Whirl ride are probably the same noises she makes during sex.

No. 26804

wow that’s depressing. also nice trips

No. 26805

Kek. A country that apparently Yumi never heard of, or he hasns't told her of his many trips to Thailand.

No. 26806

imagine people seeing this and then assuming they're father/daughter, only to find out it's their honeymoon.

No. 26807

I always thought the autist comment towards Splenda was a little overrated. Now I believe it.

No. 26808

She's cooking on her honeymoon. What the fuck

No. 26809

this recipe is triggering me. what kind of retard puts oil and butter in pie crust?

No. 26810


No. 26811

>cooks like shit on her "honeymoon"
>the rest of the family is there for some reason?
>is barely even a honeymoon
>how do they live like this

No. 26812

I imagine he demands his tendies in the exact same way.

No. 26813

lol i think you guys are confused, she said on her instagram i think that these honeymoon videos were going to be uploaded like a month after the actual honeymoon (they went immediately after their wedding). so splendette-in-law didn't go with them, she was just teaching yumi to make pumpkin bread and pumpkin pie randomly while they were home

No. 26814

Like i get what Yumi is trying to do. Cute couple videos but cuz Splenda has the charm of a beehive. It just seems like hes degarding her.

No. 26815

The fact that she's using regular eating utensils to stir and measure everything is triggering muh autism.

No. 26816

the entire thing is trigger my autism. does she not have a fucking cutting board so she has to use the weeb plate? why is there oil in that pie crust? is yumi wanting to make xmas dinner or something?

No. 26817

The way she spreads flour on the rolling pin makes me really uncomfortable

No. 26818

After the last two videos it's very secure to say that splenda has autism.

Is Yumy crying at 7:14 just for being afraid to wet her hair?

No. 26819

How would these two retards be capable of raising a child?

No. 26820

did yumi have a stroke?? her face is melting.

No. 26821

"You know why it's magic? Because it makes your money disappear."

The only dialog from this entire video that was hilarious while everything else was just Yuri whining about wet hair.

No. 26822

"You know why it's magic? Because it makes your money disappear."
The only dialog from this entire video that was hilarious while everything else was just *Yumi whining about wet hair.

No. 26823

splenda is so cynical that doing anything cute like going to disney world would immediately be less fun. that money comment cemented him as a cheapskate who refuses to let go and have fun even on their honeymoon

i can picture the pregnancy reveal video: "Am I Pregnant? Am I Not Pregnant? Husband's Sweet Reaction" with a thumbnail of her pulling a shocked face and holding a pregnancy test

No. 26824

>splenda starts the video, their room is actually kind of messy, yumi "doesn't want to be seen without make up"
>they have a dog!! named jack, yumi is "surprised" the dog eats off the grass
>yumi asks splenda if he thinks her bangs are weird, splenda blinks multiple times but doesn't respond
>they go to buy a christmas tree, fake tree for them
>yumi's eyelash falls off
>yumi points out that there's decorations for a bunch of stuff, splenda comments that they find ways to sell you stuff for everything
>yumi keeps saying she'll buy spelnda these tacky jackets from macy's for christmas
>splenda does most of the filming
>yumi wants to get pots for poinsettas so they can grow them all year, spelenda isn't fond of it
>splenda actually suggests a good creative idea for her and even gives her a good video idea
>splenda reveals they have nieces and nephews
>yumi goes to an actual crafty person's house and is surprised by it

No. 26825

File: 1513372426242.png (56.73 KB, 256x192, ihapnomekop.png)

>don fil me! i hap no mekop!
>brows filled in, wearing blush, pink eyeshadow and bright pink lipgloss

(excuse the horrible editing btw)

No. 26826

God, that thumbnail for the video looks so gross. These people know exactly what they're doing.

No. 26827

Imagine you go to a Christmas party and get to know a couple like yumi and splenda kek I'd invite them to every single dinner just to watch and cringe

No. 26828

Splenda used to just be so quiet and sullen in her videos but now he's the real personality and is more engaging with the audience than Yumi is…

No. 26829

another video of yumi getting shit she doesn't really like, doesn't fit, and then making them shorter/fit better. and idk how splenda is okay with her hoarding all this shit in their house

he probably realized that this is his life now and he kind of has to get used to it

No. 26830

DAE think all the fruit motifs that yumi love so much is lame?

No. 26831

Why are Splenda made vids actually good compared to Corn vids? He’s the one who should have a channel

No. 26832

people like you should kill yourselves(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 26833

This is the best reply I've read on this goddamn website in 2 years

No. 26834

10/10 post

No. 26835

Is this some kind of pasta, anon? If it isn't I'm in a similar place to you (trying to get into the best univesity in my country for the past 2 years) and I would tell you to dial down a bit. Those spots were never yours to be taken away, and what the hell life throws at it can be a lot worse for someone that do happen to use affirmative action. You sound like a spoiled brat that is not getting your cake for once in your life and it's trying to find something/someone to blame for your failures.
JFC you are trying to get into a fucking Ivy League. The one I'm trying to get has about the same number of people per spot and it's barely on the top 70 worldwide.

No. 26836

File: 1513490645280.png (246.85 KB, 486x486, splenda.png)

lol what happened

>"i just-uh ask my husband how he feel about dis outfit and he said is too long"

good ol' splenda

No. 26837

New vid but why would she do this????

No. 26838

after seeing his yard in the snow videos, where is the pool and the dog pin that she has shown in her videos?

No. 26839

File: 1513741523741.png (1.24 MB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20171219-193654.png)

Splenda wore his Air Force jacket, but made sure to put electrical tape over his name first

No. 26840

>but why would she do this????
she's out of ideas

No. 26841

KEK yumi's coat. it would've looked way more decent if she had removed that awful cape.

No. 26842

The pool is in their complex, it's not their own private pool. It' belongs to the neighborhood.

No. 26843

B-but how is she supposed to be a kawaii rich girl rori-chan without her totemo low-lee-ta capelet and gigantic bow???

Real talk though, the whole coat looks terrible. It doesn't have any sort of shape to it, so it makes her look like a gigantic felt sack.

No. 26844

kek at splenda wearing basketball shorts in the snow. And wow her bulimia cheeks are extra bad in this video.

No. 26845

I feel like he looks like a Scott. Didn't it say "Y&S" in one of Corn's wedding videos? Unless it's Stanley or something.

No. 26846

File: 1513752503240.jpg (53.85 KB, 597x697, yumi.jpg)

> wow her bulimia cheeks are extra bad in this video

No. 26847

i thought it was Steven?

No. 26848

I'm going to whiteknight and risk getting banned but I feel bad for her. She doesn't do anything malicious she's just dating an old fart and playing up the FOB factor. I don't see any milk and she's not even fun to hate on, I genuinely feel bad for her reading through this thread and all anyone says is how creepy her husband is, how wide her face is, how bad her engrish is, how bad her thumbnails are, how she buys things from cheap chinese sites, etc etc. I don't think these are notable offenses and I don't get why she's such a hot topic on here at all. It's weird.

No. 26849

Totally agree, i see this with many “cows” on here.
Then people try to justify with it eith reaching so hard, kinda reminds me of tumblr call out posts, super silly.

No. 26850

She gets even more hate because:

1. She had ever been passive-aggressive on her ig posts about her "haters" . And constantly prove herself to thwm. If she didnt mention about them maybe shell wont get as much hate.

2. Unhealthy diet methods which are pro ana

3. Letting splenda does most of the works

4. Saying that she works 19 hours but her videos are half-assed and look at her basic grammar and spelling. Those 4 years of college sure are helpful

Thats all I can think of.

No. 26851

probably half of the farmers on here are guilty of these things.

No. 26852

I think same thing. girl is cringy but that's all so the thread is always the same kind of comments on repeat cause she doesn't really do much beyond being cringy.
It's not like there's much to talk about her at this point

No. 26853

I think that's why she's been on /snow/ rather than /pt/. There's no real milk here, it's just anons that want to nitpick and be catty bitches. She has always been cringey but never milky. But I guess that's what /snow/ is for.

Tbh, ever since Splenda has been more involved in her videos I find them more amusing now than anything.

No. 26854

Don't forget

>formed a young fanbase with DIY videos but later posts DDLG and petplay vibe videos and IG posts

>fakes broken English (see her essay on women's power and old fb posts)

>claiming to be knowledgable about Chinese culture but knows nothing outside of historical love dramas

>promotes scam online clothing stores

No. 26855

idg why she doesn't go back to her actual diy roots. the ones that she does now a days are so boring and all the same (how to fix shitty clothes you bought on a shitty website.)

if she's so keen on including splenda in them there are diy things she could do with him that are actual diy things.

No. 26856

I agree. If she's gonna include him, they should at least do somthing like the Threadbanger couple. At least make a challenge out of the DIY.
Her videos dont really have a format. It's always "Hey ewwyone" explains what shes gonna do in video Then the rest of the video just feels like someones random home movies playing with a camera in their boyfriends face….or maybe that IS the format?

No. 26857

she's lazy. she has no need to do anything difficult now that she's being taken care for. she just needs to shit out mediocre videos and get random taobao shit every once in a while.

she used to be super deluded and it was funny but now she's just meh. she was a bootleg cow, is a bootleg chinese bride, has a bootleg life.

No. 26858

he and her are both lazy shits. all her videos are the same now.

>hi ebrywan today…etc.

>splenda and her do creepy DDLG-esque things for the camera until splenda gets bored
>yumi is annoying
>splenda says unfunny shit in a sarcastic, autist way
>splenda criticizes yumi
>she laughs it off
>she says she's fat

OR he's not in the video and it's 10 minutes of her trying on sponsored shit saying it's bad or cheap or ugly, but she'll fix it (even though it disappears never to be seen again) and raving about fucking watermelon forever.

No. 26859

apart from her cheeks she actually looks cute here, or at least cuter than she normally does.

No. 26860


You have to put sage in the email box. And you're right - that is the format. I like Yumi but if you click on anyone leaving positive comments on her videos they are often clear DDLG fans, a surprise to no one. But a reminder of who is primarily watching/enjoying.
I like Cosplays and DIY, her old white boyfriend makes me uncomfortable though he seems kinda sweet too.

No. 26861

She has really nice skin and hair, it's a nice departure from the usual fried hair and greasy faces that most cows here have imo

No. 26862

>she has really nice skin and hair

No. 26863

I see people shit on her skin and hair all the time but it just seems salty as fuck. Her colour is even and I never see any acne or pih on her. Her hairstyle is shitty but the actual hair looks good. Y'all just love reaching for shit to make fun of. Her facial structure's fucked but leave her skin alone damn

No. 26864

She needs to let those bangs go.. They do absolutely nothing for her. Girl, stop the blunt cut bangs.

No. 26865

Where are all these PULL left overs coming from? jfc

No. 26866

>Everyone who disagrees with me is from PULL
Lol. She's east asian. Is it really that much of a stretch to say she has nice skin and hair?

No. 26867

new video, more sponsored shit but this one is in chinese.

maybe it's because i don't speak chinese so i can't notice anything but she seems actually engaging in this video.

No. 26868

maybe because she doesn't have to fake bad engrish she feels more free

No. 26869


Her true(?) personality seems to come out more when she isn't faking her english.

No. 26870

this. her mannerisms and expressions seemed so much more natural. i wouldn't even mind her if she acted like this instead of her engrish kawaii high pitched perfect waifu act

No. 26871

nah her skin looks obviously bad from photos. she's aging badly for an asian, considering she's younger than me and looks older than my mom….

No. 26872

she's still vapid as fuck in this video. she's still trying to be a bit fake cutesy, and speaking in a higher voice.

No. 26873

Thank you.

She's exactly the fucking same in Chinese. She only doesnt seem as shy because she isnt stumbling over her words.
Also, I dont think her engrish is fake. She just doesnt have confidence speaking it. That would make anyone come off as shy or seem cutsey.
Shes probably better at writing it.

No. 26874

disagree with the engrish. she has some trouble, of course, but look at old videos vs now, she's being more baby-ish and the engrish got worse with that too.

No. 26875

wait, is she being sponsored by San-X or are those just knock-offs?

No. 26876

knock off

No. 26877

>I dont think her engrish is fake.
While I don't think she's speaking fluent English when the cameras off or anything, I do think she deliberately dumbs down the way she speaks for the sake of upholding the weird fobby, ditsy persona she's trying to put on. I mean, look at the "what is dentist?" incident. I think she definitely speaks better English than she lets on.

No. 26878


I think its a confidence thing over an actual knowledge thing. She knows the words but isnt sure. I def think she's adding a bit of cutesness to her speaking but not that exaggerated like everyone here seems to think.
Her voice pitch is inconsistent like she doesnt know what to do with her tone.
You guys ever think maybe some girls just naturally have annoying voices?

fucking saged

No. 26879

like i said, go back and see her old videos, she is doing it very exaggerated now compared to before to fit her DDLG persona.

No. 26880

the reason everyone here 'seems to think' that, is because it's a prime example of what others do. i asian cultures, which you obviously aren't part of, many women raise the pitch of their voices purposely to seem more meek and cute, i've been shamed for my voice by women who i personally know that do that. also, the engrish has gotten worse over the years because of her relationship and like others have said the dd/lg aspects of it. she's trying to act more baby-ish by speaking worse, she doesn't really do it in her own language, but japanese girls are known to slur japanese to sound more cutesy as well. it's a very common phenomenon, we aren't just being nitpicky.

No. 26881

I think the "cuteness" doesn't translate well into English/Western context. East Asian cuteness is about acting like your little sister/meek/tender and mild and whatever. Western attractiveness is about being "the girl next door", and when people are acting dumb they come off as dumb rather than cute.

No. 26882


Maybe the DDLG thing put the damper on her confidence, thats what really got everyone talking shit about her here in the first place and Im sure she knows this. heh

No. 26883

you don't know what you're talking about at all…

No. 26884

I get Im wrong on the confidence thing. Thats was just an observation I had.
Is the DDLG thing not main milk we're here for?
Everything else is just catty shit like talking about bangs, skin, or the way she dresses.

No. 26885

the DDLG thing is new, she was more well known for making a million DIYs with hotglue that looked like trash, cosplaying in public, 'lolita' at her community college and her cringey OKC profile. if anything her channel got boring after finding splenda.

No. 26886


Yeah the DDLG thing is the main milk thats kept this thread going.

I don think this subject would've gone on for 3 threads if the only thing we had to talk about is shitty hot glue and bangs over and over.

No. 26887

i disagree since it seems such a minor aspect of what she does lol

she's fairly harmless, and cringy at the most, which is why she was first brought up. for being cringy.

No. 26888

anon lurk more, people have pointed certain words she pronounces wrong or pretends not to know in her newer videos but in her older videos she pronounced them just fine or knew what they were

I'd make a compilation of yumi pretending to be dumb along with other videos that prove yumi is pretending but I don't feel like digging up all her damn videos

No. 26889

I think you are right. She is acting essentially the same in both Chinese and English videos but her tone better suits the Chinese language and seems out of place with English since it is not as normal for people to use such a cutesy tone in English. Her voice even becomes more high-pitched when she speaks English

No. 26890


Yeah Ive seen it a thousand times here. I just think shes fucking forgetful and cant remember shit she learns…..I mean English is pretty hard to learn in general.

I get the cringyness. I just doensnt seem milky enough to be talking about it for this long.

sage for opinion

No. 26891

she's almost 30 anon, not a 5 yr old or 70 yr old with alzheimer's

I'm forgetful myself and still managed to learn other languages without "magically" forgetting words I already learned and how to pronounce

>I mean English is pretty hard to learn in general.

it's as hard as any other language anon, and she was most likely taking english classes since she was little, since a lot of people consider english the language of business and a sort of "necessary" language to learn

>I get the cringyness. I just doensnt seem milky enough to be talking about it for this long.

she has more milk than most cows anon

No. 26892

The comment section is too much with the chemtails shit
>tfw your whole fanbase is just weird fucks

No. 26893

just drop it. newfags who think she's just cringe for being into ddlg are cancer anyways.

No. 26894

Hm, maybe for asians who use a language format completely different it's harder, but english is definitely one of the easiest languages to learn. Grammar is so simple, it's annoying.

No. 26895

That's weird, all of the language teachers I've had say that English is one of the hardest to learn.

No. 26896

it's hard but not the hardest, especially if your native language was already a latin based language, it's about as same as french and spanish.
you can't really say "it's one of the hardest languages to learn" because it's subjective and the difficulty will differ for each person, it will be harder for her because she has to learn a whole new alphabet and whatnot, but most chinese students are taught english from a young age, no I'm not saying she should speak perfect english by now but it's kinda obvious her stumbling over her words is one of the most pretentious and badly acted thing I've ever seen

No. 26897

wish she would stop dragging out all these honeymoon videos…they were from ages ago

No. 26898

Ok does everyone want to know really why the English has gotten worse?

In one of the wedding prep videos Yumi and Splenda are making a list of what they need to get for the wedding, and Splenda is taping paper up on the wall with the lists of what is needed.

At some points he gets quite basic words wrong with spelling or writing them. I think he is dyslexic. But he's also a proud man.
Yumi pretending not to know words gives him an opportunity to "correct" her bad English, thus giving him more confidence as in school he would have been one of the boys with bad English. Yumi goes along with it to make him feel good. Which is kinda sweet, but the point being she is doing it because of Splenda, to enforce his dominant/smart position as "Daddy" when in reality she would have better English than him. Being fluent in both English and Mandarin is very difficult especially considering the alphabet/scripts involved, which suggests Yumi is more skilled at languages than Splenda to start off.

Anyway there it is. It's not simply/just to look "cute", that is a side effect/bonus.

No. 26899

I think that's a really sweet idea. That's the most positive theory I think we'd ever hear. But isn't it a bit debilitating to live life like that?

No. 26900

please fuck off with this shit. she was never better than him and you've basically just said it's for DDLG fetish shit but wrapped a sweet bow around it. you also made a bunch of other wild assumptions that are actually cringy and disgusting.

No. 26901

Im from Spain and my boyfriend from the USa. My English improved when i was there in college, but now with the long distance i only talk in English when i FaceTime him so it got worse. I think Yumis english was better because she had to write essays and interact with others, but now she lives disconected and doesnt have friends so her english got worse because of that in my opinion

No. 26902

Her English was still bad when she was in college. She also lives in an English speaking country and lives with her English speaking husband so she probably speaks English frequently enough that her English wouldn't be so bad that she would forget how to speak basic English.

No. 26903

new video, more of her honeymoon. i'll come through with a summary later, but splenda does admit he dresses like a dad/lazily in it lol

>yumi suggested we put walmart bags on our feet, why would i do that? i already look homeless

also, super nitpick but why does she still use the basic effects and add-ons that come with imovie. she's been doing this for years but her editing and add-ons hasn't gotten past 10th grade film project

No. 26904

>that intro

No. 26905

I dont get how her English have gotten worse considering she used to talk like a retarded child 2 years ago

No. 26906

she always sounded retarded, but she plays up the stupidity by pretending to not know certain words or how to pronounce them.

No. 26907

File: 1514244194336.png (674.9 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20171225-232944.png)

No. 26908

new video, they go ice skating, yumi shows another thing she's incompetent at. splenda does most of the recording like usual

she's so boring and half of her content isn't even done by her but splenda at this point


No. 26909

How the fuck do I embed a video? Just dont wanna make a accidental post.

I wish Corn would stop with the Slytherin shit……knowing goddamn well shes a Hufflepuff.

No. 26910

File: 1514417133341.png (5.36 KB, 420x96, and sage goes in the email fie…)

No. 26911

I doubt she even likes Harry Potter.

No. 26912

her honeymoon was how long ago and she's still milking her honeymoon for content

No. 26913

Anyone see the comments on her newest vid before she disabled them? Seems people got upset at the whole whitening skin thing?

Also fuck I already knew this, but Yumi is vain as fuck

No. 26914

Yea I saw a few people were specifically calling her pic "creepy" in only 20 mins after she posted it.
Im gonna screencap certian comments from now on lol

No. 26915

File: 1514451351276.png (1.26 MB, 1680x1050, Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 12.5…)

Isn't her whole skin whitening thing part of her kawaii rich girl act? It's that Asian idea of pale skin = beautiful because it meant that you were rich enough to be able to stay indoors all day and have servants/workers to take care of all of the work for you.

No. 26916

Vid for anyone who wants to see it, nothing interesting other than her choice of title
> People Call Me Ugly, but I'm Confident Enough To Show Bare Face!
>wears 14mm circle lenses

so kawaii rich girl

No. 26917

Splenda was quite funny in their latest video.

No. 26918

I noticed that and posted up thread how she dumbs down for him. she was getting upset with him at a restaurant. you could tell it took great effort to not yell at him.

No. 26919

I don't get why these Youtubers still make videos about maintaining pale skin. The backlash from SJWs and butthurt minorities isn't worth it most of the time. I've seen other similar pale skin-videos with disabled comments and a fat dislike bar. A lot of Americans are just ridiculously offended by the idea that someone would rather have pale skin than tan skin.

No. 26920

She misspelled ears

No. 26921

It's easily ignored though.

No. 26922

my god, that constant insistent on Chinese related films ! Kung -Fu panda then Mulan ?

No. 26923

> A lot of Americans are just ridiculously offended by the idea that someone would rather have pale skin than tan skin.
I think the thing about it is that a lot of people who want pale skin want it's innocent, pure, virginal, or mysterious and whatnot and it just contradicts when someone unnaturally whitens their skin, since it's not something an ~innocent qt pure virgin~ would do and just comes off as fake where as with tan skin, a lot of people do it to get with a golden goddess aesthetic and would happily admit they tan, and there would be no need to pretend it's natural

No. 26924


I don't understand this at all. This is not what skin whitening is about. It's about colorism and racism = the idea that the darker tones are somehow uglier, or inferior. The caste system in India, or the promoted beauty aesthetic in Asian regions being paper-white. It's about never matching up to the aesthetic and spending money to rectify.
Paleness is not aesthetic for Westerners as it is more easily achieved.
It's controversial due to the racist roots of colorism, and skin damage caused while "lightening" skin. American history has things like the "paper bag test" or the fact Obama who is mixed race was referred to constantly as "black" only. Thus erasing black people who don't look like that. The virginal aesthetic thing suggested is ???? Really not what it's about or why it's controversial.


No. 26925

>It's about never matching up to the aesthetic and spending money to rectify.
maybe back in the older times, but nowadays most women do it just to fit an aesthetic, given there are some that do it because of colorism, but most of the women that go out of their way to get whitening injections, blow money on creams and pills, do it for aesthetic, at least in mainstream culture

also I was explaining why americans may get upset over skin whitening but be kinda okay with tanning (even though they're campaigns against tanning but whatever)
they just see white skin as pure and innocent, skin whitening shows insecurity and vanity so it's a bit of deception and it makes people mad

see the plastic surgery thread, people mention how when a pale woman gets work done and denies it, people go out of their way to defend her, people such as missalice, everyday koreans, cosplayers, different cam girls, etc where as with tan women, the ones who obviously tan, people will easily admit it's unnatural, think kardashians, nicki, amber rose, etc even if the woman herself claimed she didn't

>Paleness is not aesthetic for Westerners as it is more easily achieved.

o boy do you live under a rock? there are literal aesthetics that people consider "pale" aesthetics, search pale on tumblr you get tons of aesthetic pictures, nymphet, grunge,goth, dolly stuff, european style aesthetic, even vintage and hipster culture has popularity with white skin , etc
it was literally westerns who invented goth culture, which values the fuck out of white skin

>American history has things like the "paper bag test" or the fact Obama who is mixed race was referred to constantly as "black" only

yes american history, not americans in todays world

> The virginal aesthetic thing suggested is ???? Really not what it's about or why it's controversial.

we were talking about why americans get upset at skin whitening, and I was explaining why(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 26926


Can I just say as a British biracial I've literally only found out about the paper bag test… this shit must be old. What a pile of shit anon move on pls.

No. 26927

Holy shit can the sjws in here stfu about the racism shit? Who cares if someone wants pale or tan skin. Yum is Asian and most Asians consider pale skin the beauty standard, as does most of the world who fucking cares it's nothing personal. It's got nothing to do with being virginal or innocent or hating dark people, most Asians just want to bleach the yellow undertones out of their skin jfc

No. 26928

the best part about this is that most "whitening" products are actually just skin brighteners, same thing as glowy moisturisers etc. It's one of those things that got mixed up in translation a few years ago and it just stuck on most beauty products. 99.9% of those products will just make you shiny, glowy, and appear brighter, they will never physically lighten your skin.

No. 26929

I mean,there are a few on the market like Kojic acid products but Jesus who cares am I right?! It's annoying when dark skinned people or self hating whites start sperging out about pale skin. Not everybody is going to like dark skin just like everyone isn't going to like pale skin. Stop trying to get pity points and stop trying to force people to like darker skin, it's not going to happen no matter how much you REEEEE about it, get the fuck over it and let this Asian woman do what the fuck she wants! also stop derailing the thread you sjw spergs

No. 26930


>nymphet, grunge,goth, dolly stuff

Subcultures, not mainstream culture in Western society. Which favors cream and tan skin.


>This shit must be old

Yes, it's part of American history. Not knowing something does not = it not being important.

But we need to let this sub-topic die now and go back to Yumi
Sorry everyone

No. 26931


No. 26932

>Subcultures, not mainstream culture in Western society
Umm a majority of westerns all follow the aesthetics I mentioned, yes it's rare to see tan ig model aesthetics represented in real life unless you're a city dweller or cali native, but in the rest of the USA, a lot of us value pale skin
where I'm at, people here value pale skin a lot in a sort of "classic beauty" sort of way, even MARILYN MONROE refused to tan and she's known for her beauty and perfect skin in america, tan came in around the early 2000s, but before that pale was the thing, even people are mocking the 2000s shitty walmart bronzer lotion tan, but to say tan skin is what americans want and act as if majority of americans want tan skin is just ridiculous, why do you think kardashians get mocked so much?

>Not knowing something does not = it not being important.

we aren't saying it isn't important we're saying it just doesn't apply in todays world

No. 26933

Exactly tanning went out of style in the 90s. You only see butthurt minorities or self hating whites try to convince you brown is beautiful lol. I know lots of white women or even white Spanish women who stopped tanning and embrace pale skin now

No. 26934

Please stop derailing with race / skin color discussion, thanks.

No. 26935

At the end of her newest Youtube video, she shows a bunch of cheap tools and a bottle of bootleg E6000. The fumes from actual E6000 are toxic enough, I wonder how bad the bootleg is.

No. 26936

Every little tool this girl has doesnt need to be fucking gold plated and diamond encrusted. Yall giving her too much credit with this rich girl act.

Theyre just basic sculpting tools. How expensive do they need to be?

Though, I agree, that E6000 is fake a fuck.
Probably for safety reasons though. A lot of kids watch her bullshit.

No. 26937


Now that I think about it… In the video before the last, Splenda wouldn't let even her cut chestnuts by herself so I highly doubt he would let her around some chemicals like E6000. Eh

No. 26938

File: 1515170242993.png (33.94 KB, 1000x936, you did it.png)

Awww. Yumi made gak.
That's a gold star right there. I bet Splenda didn't even supervise her while chopping with the pairing knife. Good job Yumi!

No. 26939

>fake chinese brand glue
>safer than regular brand
>shows where to buy stuff
are you okay? also no one was saying her stuff needed to be expensive, it's just not worth showing.

No. 26940

>I highly doubt he would let her around some chemicals like E6000

do you really think this white man from georgia knows that this stuff is dangerous? kek.

No. 26941

True, not worth showing.. I just see a lot of you guys ranting about how cheap some of her things are. I get it, yes, she shops for cheap clothes but some things are supposed to be …like sculpting tools or basic makeup brushes. That's all.


But Splenda is a handy man! Did you not see his mind blowing expertise at putting the bearings on that complicated wedding tent? kek

No. 26942

File: 1515186568635.png (677.83 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20180105-221243.png)

Her face is so swollen

No. 26943

No. 26944

E6000 isn't expensive if you buy it in small tubes vs. the large tube she bought. The smaller tubes are $3-4 and the large tubes are $7-8. It's not an expensive investment if you're only using a bit.

Besides, the point I was trying to make was that E6000 fumes are already toxic and harmful as is. Even if you just google "E6000 fumes", it gives you a bunch of information about how it's harmful for you.
Knowing Yumi and bootleg Chinese crap, the bootleg E6000 is bound to be much worse and she won't wear a ventilator for the sake of looking "pretty" on camera.

For anyone wondering what this video is, it's just her putting on makeup and sponsored costumes and fishing for compliments by saying she sucks at cosplay.

No. 26945

She doesn’t seem her usual happy self, even the music is ‘sad’

No. 26946

I dont think she really is fishing for compliments. Looks like she was genuinely frusturated with the quality of the cosplay she was given, and maybe it was meant to be a review video but she wasn't satisfied so she turned it into this

No. 26947

>"Angry at myself!"
She's fishing for compliments.
Besides, she's been sponsored by cheap Chinese websites for how long now? She knows what to expect.

No. 26948

File: 1515268150852.png (422.42 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20180106-194125.png)

She looks really miserably. Why even post this video?

No. 26949

File: 1515268168523.png (483.14 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20180106-193944.png)

No. 26950

File: 1515273452248.jpg (79.35 KB, 1065x593, swollenyumi.jpg)

Lol Now its REALLY swollen.

In the new video Splendas like "You know you're allergic to shellfish. Everytime you eat it you act surprised."

wtf why cant Corn learn?

No. 26951

The short side bangs she has aren't helping. They make her cheeks look wider and more swollen than before.

YouTube ad revenue + the company sent her costumes for her to review in a video so she has to put up the video whether she wants to or not.

She's also probably miserable because she's starting to realize that married life isn't the fairy tale romance that she said she's always dreamed of in her marriage announcement video.

No. 26952

even if the stuff is cheap her inablity to properly wear a wig is funny.

No. 26953

she could die from an allergic reaction… how can she still be eating it? I know people have huge misconceptions about allergies..that you can predict the next allergic episode for example. I bet this has happened before and Yumi just thinks "oh i have irritation but its nothing severe so it should be okay", well guess what womanchild, it's not, lol. It's really dangerous and since she is dumb enough not to have gone to a doctor by now splenda should take her.

No. 26954

Holy shit, are her lips swelling up because of the seafood? Couldn't her throat be swelling up too??

No. 26955

>"what is allergy???"

No. 26956

well at least splenda doesn't have to inject her with bootleg cheek and lip fillers when she gets old and she can just eat some crabs or something

No. 26957

Her jaw looks like its melting.

No. 26958

she looks like a disabled girl who wanted to do something for the talent show so the special ed teacher brought her some shitty bootleg costume from walmart

No. 26959

Someone get the casket ready cuz Im fucking dead. rofl

No. 26960

lmao omg. this is worse than i imagined.

No. 26961

File: 1515447426911.jpeg (547.69 KB, 750x1124, F5247468-FA84-47D4-BE6B-AEEE43…)

>still wearing the bootleg aliexpress lenses that she was complaining about
>her melting jaw

No. 26962

yes mama, serving william hung teas

No. 26963

highly suspect that that's a botched nose job

No. 26964

just her shitty editting/ contouring skills

No. 26965

she never fails to provide unintentionally funny content. also that sigh during the pause at 2:10. kek

No. 26966

File: 1515459901972.jpg (18.49 KB, 210x240, paul-the-head-waiter-corpse-br…)


reminded me of this guy

No. 26967

do you all think her husband is even going to want kids at his age?After living alone for so long and now having to take care of yumi full time, i dont see kids ever happening

No. 26968

I could see kids happening if yumi dropped the mentally ill autist act and splenda didn't come off as a fucking pedophile

No. 26969

I feel bad for the people that sponsored her for the video, she was just a whiny bitch throughout it.

No. 26970

File: 1515526349047.png (656.97 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20180109-211123.png)

Im pretty sure Yumi has ED. She clearly has allergic reaction, but keeps eating. Splenda even says this is not first time…

Srly Yumi stop stuffing your face!

No. 26971


Maybe splenda’s snarky comments are finally starting to offend her?

No. 26972

File: 1515527779464.jpg (Spoiler Image, 9.95 KB, 200x150, The_Two_Faces_of_Squidward_11c…)

Her face is sincerely unsettling to me

No. 26973

File: 1515536886059.png (105.8 KB, 638x831, IMG_0566.PNG)


No. 26974

casual Yumi annoying the shit out of her husband at 6:00

Also lol at splenda because Yumi told him that if he doesnt like it she will give him 100$ and he asked her where she will get them from and she went nuts

No. 26975


nominated OP pic for next next thread lol

No. 26976

File: 1515770607437.png (809.75 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20180112-161626.png)

No. 26977

File: 1515905374659.png (246.88 KB, 935x600, Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 8.49…)

Jesus christ she's so whiny.

It was terrible before and now it's even worse after she chopped off the skirt.

No. 26978


lmao at yumi getting mad when splenda daddy ask where she'll get 100 bucks from. had to put the cat emote over her face to hide her angry face

No. 26979

I have to admit, even though I've been following the Yumi threads this is the first video I watched, and I almost pissed laughing. I don't know if it's her accent or Splenda's commentary but there's something so god damn funny.

>"I rueened it"

>"You will regret"

No. 26980

why doesn't she move this to being her main thing? this content is so much better than the boring stuff she does on her main channel

No. 26981

why the art looks like those wikihow images?

No. 26982

Reminds me more of Daria

No. 26983

cause it sucks.

No. 26984


Agreed. Its really not "better" content.
its just more of her same shit, but with food.
Im so bored with her tired description of everything he eats. "It tastes really good!"

No. 26985

File: 1516649537530.png (593.3 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20180122-191500.png)

>> "everyting matches!"

No they dont….

No. 26986

So like, never. Kek

No. 26987

Splenda was spicy in this one

No. 26988

he called her favorite vinegar ching chang sauce
is that racist or am i over reacting

No. 26989

He's married to a Chinese girl so probably picked up Chinese humor (rude)

I'd say it's not racist given the context

No. 26990

Seems like she never leaves the house except to stuff her bloated face with Chinese food. These two probably take over 2 hours to go grocery shopping because they comment/ question every single thing they come across

Idk probably not intentionally racist but he's incredibly ignorant because he was saying he never ate kiwi.

No. 26991


At around 11:30

Yumi: sees Splenda holding something that looks like a big wooden spoon Wat iz dis?

Splenda: It's for spankings slams thing into hands

No. 26992

Its very unsetteling when she speed up her videos and keeps the orginal audio.

No. 26993

someone on pull posted a screenshot that someone, possibly one of splendas family members, commented on one of her recent vids and was apologizing she hasnt been able to catch up on her videos and congratulated yumi with her pregnancy. if yumi is pregnant, oh boy this is gonna be wild lmao

No. 26994

it sounds fake. we don't have like 50 videos. when she does she'll do something like "oh no, so crazy morning sickness our happy life!"

No. 26995

well considering she got married months before she ended up posting her wedding video, and pretended like she got married right before she posted it, anything is possible. shes always got a queue of videos weeks and months in advanced

No. 26996

>well considering she got married months before she ended up posting her wedding video, and pretended like she got married right before she posted it

she didn't tho, she got married only a week or so before. stop going to pull.

No. 26997

>I'm not trying to defend myself but here's a 15 minute video of me defending myself

>I wear "jfashion" because I'm Asian, you know? And wearing jfashion, an Asian fashion because Japan is in Asia, is just something us Asians do, you know? It's because Asian people wear Asian fashion because it's common fashion in Asia. A lot of Asians wear kawaii style clothing. It's Asian and westerners don't understand. Asian kawaii youtubers and instagrammers wear kawaii clothes, even if they don't speak English, because they're Asian. And these kawaii Asian youtubers are adults so you can't call their clothes childish.
>Also thinks that the reason why people say she dresses like a child is because she wears pink
>doesn't even know who Misako Aoki is even though she knows ~everything~ about lolita

No. 26998

I don't think her clothes would be a big deal if she didn't act like a child waifu. That and a lot of her clothes are so cheap they don't look like something a real adult would wear. Doesn't help she starves herself to have a more childish body. I feel her though, but she should look into some actual lolita styles

No. 26999

>she should look into some actual lolita styles
We've seen how much she and Splenda penny-pinch. Anything over $15 is extremely expensive! Even Taobao brands are out of the question unless she's getting the clothes for free.

No. 27000

She is the definition of ita.

No. 27001

So, Splenda's linkedin got leaked. It's in Yumi's PULL thread.

No. 27002

god that whole video reminded me why i hate chinese weebs.

yuhan is so fucking transparent. like she tried decrying her weeb status by wearing 'hanfu' but she bought them from the same shitty soft sister aliexpress store that she got the 'fuck me' panties from. she, like tons of other chinese weebs just piggy back off of japan since it's easy for them to do so. hell, she's so desperate she changed her name to the word for corn, not even a name, to keep her shit japanese sounding one, despite plastering yuhan on everything before. fuck yuhan.

No. 27003

can you fucking link it you cunt?

No. 27004

File: 1517944799341.jpg (4.88 KB, 200x200, download.jpg.bf3ef7ea038c0fde5…)

No. 27005

thanks anon, and sorry, i just really don't wanna fucking deal with PULL

No. 27006

So we can conclude from this that he's old af, just like we predicted.

No. 27007


he already looks 40 in this picture and it looks like an old photo. how old do you guys think he was at the time of the photo?

No. 27008

dunno, 30 or so? that's def him tho, same weird chin and everything.

No. 27009

that photo looks like it was taken in 1995-98, look at the typical backdrop that was common in the mid to late 90s. (source: I was a 90s teen). Dude is old AF for sure.

No. 27010

Can also conclude with this that he's on about 80k a year

No. 27011


Can someone grab a screenshot of his profile before he deletes it? I don’t have the ability atm

No. 27012

Is splenda mormon? he's in a group for lds professionals and two BYU alumni groups. I wonder what his family/religious community make of his and corn's relationship.

No. 27013

He's changed his name and picture on linkedin now.

Also he speaks English and Korean?

No. 27014

he's probably some yellow fever fetishist to
he wanted a kpop but got a chinese knockoff instead

No. 27015


Was this on his LinkedIn? I couldn't see it.

If he is Mormon, it's a little strange that he got married so late in life. And I'm wondering if they'll pop out a bunch of kids.

No. 27016

It's not milk-worthy enough to get screencaps of and plus he won't delete. He could've deleted when it was posted on PULL but instead he just changed his name and picture.

No. 27017

File: 1517970765865.png (1.7 MB, 1440x6722, screencapture-linkedin-in-scot…)

Bottom of pic related.

It seems to be gone now, maybe it's visible if you're logged in though.

No. 27018

lmaooo he’s 47 fucking yumi kek

No. 27019

If you have a LinkedIn, you can still view his profile if you log in.
There's a way to change if he can see you viewing his profile or not under your settings (instead of it saying "Lolcow Anon has viewed your profile" with a link to your account, it'll show "a LinkedIn user has viewed your account" and he won't be able to see who unless he has premium but I doubt he does).

I wonder what his/her parents think about their marriage. They all must think this is great since he's old and Yumi's mom obviously wants her with a white guy. I feel sorry for their future kids already.

No. 27020


So they live in the DC area? I thought they were in Atlanta.

No. 27021


Thanks, I see it now. But if he did go to BYU (and I'm assuming all Mormons aspire to go there) why didn't he add it to his education section?

No. 27022


It's possible his company is based out of D.C. and he works from home

No. 27023

How is that funny or surprising? From any picture of video of him we've ever seen, it was obvious he's an autistic man in at least his 40s.

No. 27024

Well he's an engineer and is part of a lot of organizations, survived GATech with a masters, has publications… so he's no moron… even if he is old AF.

Wait, why are we doxxing people now? I mean, making fun of bloated cheeks is one thing, but…

No. 27025

Because it’s her old ass ddlg husband that calls her fat and appears on her videos constantly. No one would gives a shit about yumi without Splenda. Splenda is that you?

No. 27026

47 but looks 60 lmao

No. 27027

He is probably in that group to network with other professionals, likely has some colleagues who went to BYU. I doubt he would hide it if he went there. He looks very accomplished.

No. 27028

No. 27029

People using mandolins without the guard give me anxiety.

No. 27030

seriously, at least get those cut resistant gloves.

No. 27031

File: 1518203782363.png (844.9 KB, 760x692, Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 12.1…)

the highlight of their wedding pic video

No. 27032

scotty managed to look autistic and/or bored in every pic

No. 27033

If they're gunna taking kissing pictures just fucking kiss ffs

No. 27034

Oh god what a terrible photo concept to make a man like him look like a complete mini Manlet

No. 27035

god his face grosses me out, something just feels so fucking off about him
I literally got nauseous looking at this and this hoe has sex with him? not that she's any better with her deformed face, her face is looking more and more fucked up each day, no clue what she's doing but it needs to stop

No. 27036

so uh.. farmers aren't just bitter hags.. the cringey people embarrassing themselves… are the cows i mean.. not uh. not the farmers

No. 27037

it's a gossip site, go to /ot/ or /g/ if you hate people talking shit so much, not sure how you can embarrass yourself on an anonymous board and wasting your life, marriage and everything else with some ugly pedo looking weirdo isn't

No. 27038

anon the comment is pretty embarrassing

No. 27039

Half the trees don’t have leaves and the grass is brown in most parts. Couldn’t they at least find some place with healthy grass? This wedding is so low effort.

No. 27040

What makes you think he's autistic?

No. 27041

It’s because the face on his skin is so saggy. My work has a lot of older men and he really looks 60 or maybe he was 400 lbs and lost weight. The 40’s guys at my work are just sort of wrinkled and graying not like their skin is sliding off their body.

No. 27042

Sorry for double post but where are you guys getting 47 from? The old LinkedIn because if he started at nbc in 1994 and assuming he went straight to school and graduated in 4 years would make him 47. He could have taken breaks in between and did he do his masters right after?

He’s probably mid 50’s.

No. 27043

>"Rude" humour
>Awkward as fuck
>Unorthodox relationship
>Dresses like a nerd
Each unremarkable enough on their own, but it's just when they're all combined + general intuition.
I also don't mean this as an insult to him in the slightest, even though it probably came across that way.

No. 27044

team splenda

No. 27045

splenda is giving off such lifestyle vlogger energy in this, its kind of incredible

also yumi pretending she doesn't know the definition of "sweat" so splenda has to look it up on his phone… GIRL PLEASE.

No. 27046

Fucking lol I think splenda's growing into the role.

Splenda spin off channel when?

No. 27047

why is splenda better at this than yumi?

also, him picking up the dvd and being like "is this…yogiho or something"

>do you want greentea mochi

>>sign says melon

never change, yumi

No. 27048

>yumi: can we get this, we all like this?
>splenda: whose "we"?
>yumi: us
fucking lol. I'm starting to like splenda.

No. 27049

this video is kind of nice??
They seem to genuinely like each other, splenda is even kind of funny

thought they're still off putting as a whole. idk the tone has changed

No. 27050

Imagine if her and venus angelic collabed


No. 27051

apparently not allergic to sushi anymore!!

No. 27052

Imagine going out to eat hibachi with your SO and the server seats you next to this middle aged man and his young wife wearing a Jigglypuff tank top

No. 27053

>jigglypuff tank that barely fits

No. 27054

These pics look like they were taken by one of Splenda's friends who just bought their first DSLR. Incredibly unprofessional.

No. 27055

they were tho. she claims the photog the hired was no show.

No. 27056

i fucking hate hibachi. it's just a scam for idiot white people (and i guess yumi)

No. 27057

This necro post in the other thread is interesting. I dunno if he is someone that would do that but an interesting note? Someone he knows?

No. 27058

I wouldn't doubt it, that's the type of shit autistic people do as an autist myself
splenda is definitely shady, and he seems to have a lot of free time, he's obsessed with his relationship but doesn't give two shits about yumi unless it's about her looks
he's clearly obsessed with her being thin, and the videos of what he said to her about her weight, like most relationships is just the tip of the iceberg, if he's not afraid to say this shit to millions of viewers then who knows what he's saying to her behind closed doors

No. 27059

This outfit looks cute tbh. Looks nice on her as well.

Too bad Yumi fakes being fresh off the boat esl.

No. 27060

She was annoying the whole time. Even Splenda was like "lets go on a actual date" and she faked being oblivious about it

No. 27061

splenda keeps making jokes like the christmas tapioca one and corn either doesn't care or doesn't understand

No. 27062

i know what you guys are sayin about feeling sorry for splenda tho. like he may want to be in this weird relationship but ffs yumi stop being so fucking spergy and go on a damn date!

No. 27063

>Splenda: I can afford to get the cutest girl in the whole word a 7 dollar and 59 cent bottle of rose tea. does the cutest girl in the whole world want a bottle of rose tea? i can get it for you. happily.

>Yumi: Maybe next time. […] I can just use any red flower from the yard.

lol her inner chinese cheapskate won't even let scott splenda daddy her properly

No. 27064


Same. All they seem to do is go to the fucking Asian grocery store…he must be fed up with it, because god knows I'm fed up with all the videos of their shopping trips

He was all dressed up, got her flowers, and for what?

No. 27065

It's cringey how they act like their grocery store trip is exceptional and not completely average. As if every ingredient needs to be documented, like lotus roots and tapioca balls are something new and interesting–and Yumi could pull this off if she added anything interesting besides saying the name and sperging over it for five minutes.

I like slice of life videos, but they're clearly trying to make these romps to the market into a bigger deal than they actually are. It's so boring. And neither are particularly entertaining or fun to watch, unless you like Yumi pretending to be an idiot.
They're not even haul videos either, can you imagine "Herro errywhon, today we ar going to agrocery storr to buy ingredants for to make derricious meals at home!" Nope.
They buy snacks and insta meals when they could capitalize on changing their channel's direction by making more cooking and meal time videos. Since that's all they vlog about these days anyway. No wonder they're so unpopular anymore.

No. 27066


The way you worded that was spot on anon lmao.

Does anyone else think Venus angelic has yumis current hair right now? Jesus if they met

No. 27067


i think she'd be as weirded out as any of us.

No. 27068

yumi is so fucking bland. but at the same time seems tryhard? like, i get that she likes going to the store but this uwu domestic waifu-chan shit has got to be annoying to splendawhen he's clearly trying to be romantic. she didn't even try to frame it as a trip to make food together. it was literally just a trip for her.

No. 27069


"Cute girls need rose tea." WTF???

I can never finish a whole video of theirs. They are so creepy.
I just read other people commenting on them here and on PULL, and every now and then I think, "Huh, that sounds funny, I should watch it", then nope the fuck out due to too much cringe

No. 27070

god I wish scott would just die already and yumi can find a less disgusting, cringey, creepy autist splenda dadyy

No. 27071

File: 1520121606584.png (768.29 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180303-171801.png)

I hate that she constantly mispells words in her video titles of all things.

She obviously means SAVORY gravy.

Lmao at "saving gravy."

No. 27072

I think she meant "saved". Cause in the video she thinks she fucks up and Splenda steps in and makes the gravy. So he "saved" the gravy.

No. 27073

I hate how she's oohs and ahhs over things . like bitch we know what those things are . its nothing new . I'm not even Chinese and have gone to Asian supermarkets and don't act like a weeb. That's the only time she leaves the house its seems . And she doesn't even buy anything good. All her hauls are ramen and kitchen tools she won't use/ doesn't know how to use.

No. 27074

looks like r/CCJ2 finally found this trainwreck, and they're commenting on how rich splenda seems. lol imagine being such a broke sexpat that this guy seems rich to you

No. 27075

File: 1520448782667.png (76.95 KB, 1161x375, lol.png)

Holy shit, I'm dying.

No. 27076

no links or screencaps anon?
?ol imagine being such a broke sexpat that this guy seems rich to you
he has a good resume so I assume he has an okayish job but just like the shit he buys for yumi. it always has to be fake shit for social status
fake ricefarmer aging face chinese knock off wife who pretends to be an autistic fob child so he can get off to his "lost esl child in america" fetish
most their house is filled with aliexpress shit
knock off university
knock off skincare
knock off house
knock off vacations
knock off food
knock of doctors
etc etc
he needs to accept the fact he's not a millionaire, he lives a knock off life and he is miserable 24/7 because he didn't get his ~spoilt korean child bride housewife in a fairytale mansion traveling the world~ he always wanted

No. 27077


ccj2 new hero

No. 27078

What the hell does "starfish" and "rainey" refer to

No. 27079

Starfish means the butthole, it kind of looks like a starfish, at least that's what I think it meant. Rainey I'm not 100% on but it seems to refer to Asians in America, or Americans in general maybe. That's how I loosely read it.

No. 27080

Starfish is when a bitch just lays there on bed while having sex without doing shit

No. 27081

what are these words and what is this subreddit

No. 27082


Starfish is when the girl just lies in bed during sex as said above

Rainy refers to Chinese girls that want a white husband, learn English poorly, and act naive and stupid. Hobbies include sleeping and posting pictures of food to Weibo. Basically china version of a basic bitch.

No. 27083

criiiinge what is this a sexpat PUA reddit?

No. 27084

>Rainy refers to Chinese girls that want a white husband, learn English poorly, and act naive and stupid. Hobbies include sleeping and posting pictures of food to Weibo. Basically china version of a basic bitch.

Kek, didn't know this was so common that they had to make up an actual term for it.

No. 27085

it's sad, I just don't understand what people find so cute about obnoxious women playing "me no speaky engrish"

No. 27086

Fucking LOL. Another (cringy) food youtuber I follow made this exact recipe. It's some Hello Fresh shit, a service that mails you ingredients for a recipe you can easily follow.

No. 27087


lmao @ "your ching-chang sauce"

No. 27088


Within the first 30 seconds of this video we get a possible age confirmation of Splenda Daddy:

Him: "I know a pretty good Chinese Restaurant… I visited there 35 years ago-"

Her: "When you were… 13?"

Him: blinks, pause "I visited there… a while back…"

I like how he realizes that by saying he visited 35 years ago dates himself and assuming that Yumi isn't completely dumb I'm willing to give her the benefit of a doubt that she did the quick, simple math in her head right there. 13 + 35 = 48, which lines up with the age that was posted for him earlier ITT.

I just find it hilarious that there's this one specific YouTuber (probably him under an alt account) on their videos that says he's 30 every time someone asks how old he is.

No. 27089

secure the bag by any means necessary I guess

No. 27090

No. 27091


I sweat to god I was expecting her to announce a pregnancy. Whew.

No. 27092

i was expecting that too but then i remembered this is yumi were talking about

No. 27093

For anyone who doesn't want to bother watching, her announcement is just that she's going to be a guest at some convention.

No. 27094

Derp, it's Tigercon in Georgia btw.

No. 27095

why does splenda look so disinterested in the screen cap?

anyway, i hope that this gives us splenda at an anime convention which would be exciting

No. 27096

It's so amazing how many people aren't familiar with the concept of a straight man in a double act

No. 27097


It's so amazing how many people aren't familiar with the concept of yellow fever and pedophilia

No. 27098

No. 27099

it's so awkward watching splenda telling her to look at him while they talk and NOT the camera.

it really really bugs me that these videos are yumi's content, she creates them, she edits it, but splenda provides the content. this is literally your job, yumi, do your damn job.

No. 27100

No. 27101

Splenda so disinterested he fucking fell asleep

No. 27102

What's the point of Splenda and her being married if he obviously can't stand her

No. 27103

for fetish reasons

No. 27104

Because that way he can live his fantasy of fucking a 12 year old azn qt without getting arrested, even if it's only a woman who acts like she's 12.

No. 27105

At least she admits she's cheap.

No. 27106

Why was she asked to be guest at con? She buys her cosplays from china and i dont remember her ever saying that she reads manga or watch anime.

No. 27107

ugh. this is why they shouldn't be together. they don't see eye to eye. even if it's played for views it's cringy at best. there's no reason to be cheap when you're not making any of the fucking money, yuhan.

No. 27108

honestly I cant wait for that shitshow. Tigercon's head of the convention threatened to take two people to court because they wanted to warn people about death threats that they had received from one of the employees at the convention.

No. 27109

Leave it to some losers on lolcow to get angry at relationships they don't like because this place is filled with such winners.

No. 27110

Great job throwing a blanket on "us just not liking them" and totally has nothing to do with borderline abuse, how they treat each other, how yumi acts, how scott acts, why they're even together, etc

Here I'll do it to
"Wow just imagine being this mad at people who says mean stuff about a bad relationship"

No. 27111

Who cares? Don't just ugly fat girls come here to dig dirt on people that remind them how miserable and alone they are? That's so far all I have heard people describe lolcow as and reading these comments sure as hell seems to confirm it.

No. 27112

Well why do you even bother to comment on here if lolcow is full of dirty and ugly ppl.

No. 27113

Same reason people go to a circus, to look at the clowns.

No. 27114

File: 1523028055952.png (92.73 KB, 1198x1200, 4fZZq7w.png)

No. 27115

>ignoring the massive amount of anas and fit women that come here

No. 27116

> borderline abuse

anon, i don't think splenda and yumi are good together either but "borderline abuse" is a reach

No. 27117

Hey Splenda daddy.

I work with a bunch of old people and he doesn’t even look his age. He looks way older. How the hell does he thinks he can pass for 30?

No. 27118

File: 1523173780404.png (508.27 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20180407-195221.png)

So this is what she is going to wear at the con, cheap maido outffit.

No. 27119

Why dcoes she STILL showcase her wedding dress? Hasn't the wedding been over for months?

No. 27120

her fucking dress is so cheap too. and it's not like you can't get super fancy dresses for cheap used. i commented on one of her videos that i scored a fancy japanese brand dress for $100 and she got super salty at me. let me see if i can find it.

No. 27121

samefag, but i meant that it's ironic she's so cheap cause she obviously doesn't want to be.

No. 27122

yumi spends 5 minutes rambling about some ~hanfu lolita~ dress thing she’s wearing but she doesn’t have a petticoat on or anything so it looks exactly the same as her usual chinese outfits. mentions that it’s “perfect to wear when you are pregnant” and mentions that she intends to do so when she’s pregnant.

she and splenda go to some weaboo store at a strip mall and look at anime tit mousepads and “hawajukoo sty-el” clothes.

No. 27123

>mentions that it’s “perfect to wear when you are pregnant” and mentions that she intends to do so when she’s pregnant.

i see she still hasn't coped with the very obvious fact that splenda doesn't want kids

No. 27124

File: 1523814819916.png (440.7 KB, 937x599, Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 1.53…)

Yumi is at Tigercon today.

No. 27125

File: 1523814840034.png (479.94 KB, 935x604, Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 1.53…)

No. 27126

The thought of a possible child around splenda with his clear DDLG fetish/"lifestyle" worries me dearly.

No. 27127

File: 1523815166500.png (200.83 KB, 281x500, 2018-04-14_22.04.46.thumb.png.…)

No. 27128

File: 1523815194899.png (600.83 KB, 896x573, Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 1.55…)

No. 27129

File: 1523815215491.png (542.72 KB, 842x586, Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 1.54…)

No. 27130

she looks like shes on the verge of crying

No. 27131

LMAO please leave.

No. 27132

i don’t understand why she was even there. almost every ‘cosplay’ she’s done in the past 2 years has been some cheap, shiny ill fitting monstrosity she was sent for free and virtually none of her (recent) content is relevant to anime at all. so weird to me that she was there to cook too, her food has never looked appetising imo

No. 27133

File: 1523916784052.png (395.8 KB, 534x500, Screenshot_2018-04-16-14-03-45…)

What she and Splenda served to her adoring fans at the convention.

No. 27134

File: 1523916800285.png (388.56 KB, 500x500, Screenshot_2018-04-16-14-03-39…)

No. 27135

File: 1523916848949.png (438.06 KB, 500x500, Screenshot_2018-04-16-14-03-24…)

No. 27136

File: 1523916882466.png (409.27 KB, 500x500, Screenshot_2018-04-16-14-03-42…)

No. 27137

That looks like vomit and off brand minute rice
Why are they even serving food? Neither of them can cook, i wouldnt eat this shit even if they paid me it looks so bland and gross but at the same time unhealthy and cancerous