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File: 1540193801904.png (2.07 MB, 1080x1080, 7YmpPEY.png)

No. 718554

At the end of the last thread, Kati was quitting youtube… as soon as shw bashed her family good and hard, finished bashing her other victims, and thought about how she intends to earn money aside from her continued exploitation of abused children for dem Ad$ense bucks.

But, winding back to the beginning of the last thread… As the last thread broke, Kati finished deleting all her twitter tweets (not because she was going after Peter Monn's tweets, but because she thought twitter didn't allow swearing!) and has stayed mostly quiet on twitter except for the occasional suck up to bigger youtubers and famous fat people.

She continued to try to turn Peter Monn into her next Onision by defending everyone, real or imagined, that might have been "wronged" by him. While the imagined victims probably scream in her head all night every night, the response from the real "victims" ranged between NONE AT ALL and out right rejection.

She continues to use Moral Virus as her personal boogie man, including filing a police report for death threats so that she could post and monetize the recorded police interaction, not once, but twice! This drew disgust from those who pay taxes and actual victims of real stalking and real abuse. But her herd of unemployed tards all ate it up as great entertainment.

Was outed by her prior butt plug, The Geekthulhu, for buying subs for Mundane Matt so that she could make videos about how sleezy Mundane Matt is buying subs.

Tried (and continues to try) to suck the chrome off Shane Dawson's dick over tepid interactions. It's near certain that boyfriend now has to wear a Shane Dawson mask in the house at all times to support Kati's fantasy world.

Grabbed her high school diploma firmly in hand and tried to climb to the top of the shit show that was BetterHelp only to prove that she has no clue about PR, contracts, business, or technology. She's pretty much proven true that she's a perpetual craigslist hire and her "business expertise" entails making up piss poor web pages filled with fantasy language to try to sell overpriced singing lessons and stocking lunch box pastries for pop up flea market booths.

Accused PhillyD of running a pyramid scam in no uncertain terms only to have even her own tardlings point out that she didn't understand what a pyramid scam was and that she was entirely wrong. Kati took it in stride with sudden and REPEATED claims that "muh siknez made me do it" and that 10 min of video where she correctly explained pyramid scams was left out by her mean ol' camera that she can't afford to fix cuz she spent all her money buying subscribers for Mundane Matt.

Her ongoing battle with death brought her to the ER twice where she managed to get steroids both times and something else for her chronic Spaniel Ear infection.

Google has started auditing her views counts and routinely knocking them back by the thousands… this has totally NOT caused her to go despondent and decide it's time to move on with her life leaving all her tardlings in the lurch for their daily ration of hate mongering. But, before she goes, she's promised to trash her family and Repzion and (of course) Peter Monn a bit more. And, she has 10 already recorded and uploaded videos that she's going to also make public over the next two weeks until the Nov 3rd youtube payout data tells her which way her life will be going in the future.

Previous threads:
#1 >>246848
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#4 >>304769
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Temp thread from when site was down: https://temp.lolcow.farm/pt/243
Unrelated Kati drama having to do with her sycophantic sperglefucks belongs here: >>336585

Social Media:
Original 2nd channel/now primary Spurpinklebow now renamed Joy Sparkle BS https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNvtGycBq2RwqPnblRG_GSg/
New Joy Sparkle BS channel created when she deleted the original channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6crg67UmHh_RHCUGqlWCUw
Joy Sparkle Eff It 3rd channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7kUp3c-o7OtYoaV65zkzHA
Socialblade for her original Joy Sparkle BS YouTube channel that she deleted to avoid showing analyitics or “proof” that she’d paid out ALL of her Do5 earnings to the bioMom. https://socialblade.com/youtube/channel/UCObCOwqrwbBKVwL_VivgYUQ/

Twitter https://twitter.com/joysparklebs
YouNow https://www.younow.com/JoySparkleBS
Patreon https://www.patreon.com/JoySparkleBS (She says she’s not bringing this back… don’t believe it!)

•If it's your first time posting read the rules: https://lolcow.farm/rules and usage info https://lolcow.farm/info •lurk moar
•Milk (NEW information) requires evidence such as links or screenshots. Trying to pass off unsubstantiated rumors as truth will show you for the Joytard you are. Speculation must be saged.
•Not saging (sage-ing) correctly is a bannable offense. Put the word “sage” in the email field. DO NOT use any other fields. Sage=no new info/do not bump thread. The “Anonymous” will be in black text instead of green text on the post.
•DO NOT LINK TO HER VIDEOS. Typically an anon will have new videos on bitchute shortly. Otherwise we know where to find them. (BIG SHOUT OUT TO BITCHUTE ANON!)
•Do not post about Kati's family or exes or try to contact them. You can talk about them if Kati brings them up but do not refer to them by name.
•DO NOT CONTACT POLICE for a wellness check or any other reason. This bitch uses suicide talk for attention seeking. UNLESS SHE TURNS BLUE AND SLUMPS OVER ON LIVESTREAM her welfare is her boyfriend’s problem. Law enforcement have more important things to do. You mark yourself as a Joytard if you contact police.

No. 718586

so much for my hopes that the new OP wouldn't be written by another turbo autist. (and tempcow has been gone since at least two threads ago)

No. 718596

Oh quit yer bitching anon, I got a chuckle from the narrative OP. It's more fun to read than dot pointing everything from the last thread.

No. 718827

File: 1540238248561.jpg (1012.52 KB, 764x507, joynuts.jpg)


There goes my hope that this thread wouldn't start off with another whiner making yet another irrelevant post. I'm sorry reading is difficult for you, but everyone else appreciates the rundown.

Anyway, Happy National Nut Day anons!

No. 719635

Video one of the day. Bitchute link

No. 719671

File: 1540323572014.jpg (46.68 KB, 2048x227, IMG_20181023_134003.jpg)

No. 719676

She spent the video emphasizing that she's not judging anyone for their habits but concludes it with taking a dig at her sister for smoking while Joy was living at her place. She said her sister thought it would be ok to have one downstairs while she was sleeping but she would wake up with an asthma attack. Wow everyone is really maliciously out to get her!

I don't see this comment, would she actually take the time to delete while other critical ones are still there?

No. 719692

Her and her crack team of mods that she used to have, used to delete any comments that were critical of her and only leave the positive ones.

No. 719696


That and IIRC she's NOT PAYING RENT where she is now, either. She's kinda looking a gift horse in the mouth.

No. 719703

She's just sizing it up before eating the whole horse.

No. 719705

For heathanon, first half is long ass story about her as a kid with asthma and alergies.

The rest is as >>719676 said, her bitching about her neighbors using medical marijuana and how she can smell it (and react to it) when they smoke in their own apartment, even with her windows closed. Her preference is that they smoke in their cars. This makes no sense. She must be living in a fucking shit hole because for security reasons, there should be solid walls to the roof between apartments and she says her windows were closed (claims she OPENS them to let the smell clear out of her house). UM… if you have smoke from a cigarette or joint going through solid walls between apartments, you need to move because those are some THIN walls! Can you imagine what her neighbors think hearing her ranting all night most nights? Those poor people. Both ill AND never able to sleep.

The whole time I'm watching this, I just kept thinking… if you're SO SENSITIVE and you end up at ER 3-4 times a year over it, why didn't you rent in a smoke free environment? There are plenty of apartment complexes that cater to non-smokers w/smoke free buildings. She and boyfriend went apartment hunting and picked that apartment together, so she could have easily said smoke free was an important aspect when they were looking for a place.

Then at the end she tries to make it a PSA for all those parents of asthmatic children who have no idea to not smoke around them and that anyone who ever smokes anything anywhere need to consider how many people they're sending to the ER or who might die on the spot from allergic reactions to the smoke. She's gone total SJW over it only SJWs actually make more sense than she does.

No. 719707

Just so we can hopefully avoid the "sage your posts!" sperging in this thread:
If you have no milk (new and juicy info) type the word Sage into the email field. Just sage. Not sage for reason; just sage.
Then type your reply or comment in the reply/comment box.
I understand that there are many new anons who have only recently discovered both kati and lolcow and most oldnons are patient, but it will eventually result in a ban if you keep posting without saging and that's no fun for anyone.

No. 719710

She's just jealous her neighbors have proven medical issues while she's just a grifter on YouTube

No. 719722

>Can you imagine what her neighbors think hearing her ranting all night most nights?
Wow, anon. I never really thought about this but you're totally right. While smoke can't penetrate the walls ( Kati, seriously ), I bet her neighbours actually can hear her manic cackling since she's loud af.

No. 719796

Is there a link to Geekthulu confirming that Joy bought Matt subs? Couldn’t find it in the last thread.

No. 719816

Only this discord ss >>701284

No. 719822

Just an observation.
It appears that Katie is actually reading a script of sorts when she tells her asthma story.She is looking at something.She stops reading for her PSA.

I haven't ever seen her do this before.

No. 719832

Funny you should say that. Stuff she says in this video sounds very familiar, almost like someone had told her about their experience and she is just repeating it as if it was hers…..
But it's not like she has been caught doing that before multiple times anytime one of her subscribers comments about one of their illnesses or symptoms…..

No. 719858

Well, Dr. Kati may claim she had an asthma attack but there are many studies showing that THC is actually a bronchodilator (makes it easier to breathe, not more difficult). Here is just one from the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology:


It's already been documented in previous threads how she exaggerates/lies about her supposed asthma. As someone who has had asthma all of my life, it is incredibly infuriating to see this munchie spread so much incorrect health information to suggestible fans who may believe the garbage she spews, to the extent it seriously affects their health.

No. 719923

File: 1540349343523.png (444.22 KB, 959x1059, 20181023_224516.png)

SS from Martin Louis vid.
She tells the same storyish>>719832

No. 719925

File: 1540349398767.png (457.88 KB, 1326x1079, 20181023_224316.png)

No. 719926

File: 1540349649867.png (260.27 KB, 1035x1631, 20181023_224134.png)

I've never had asthma I had to find out about all those needles Katie was on about.

A Lancet does not a needle make.

No. 719933


I've had those tests as I'm sure many of you have and it wasn't as dramatic or serious as she portrays. It's not like they are drawing blood, they are just dropping a small amount of shit under your skin. Having a splinter is worse than those tests. IIRC I had them done on both arms, only on the forearms. I don't know if doing these tests on legs, as she claims she had done to her, is a standard procedure.

No. 719935

I have had allergy tests. I was dying when she was playing sob story.
I’ve never even referred to them as needles… they are literally called prick tests because they barely break the skin.
Btw saying you have a weakened immune system and actually having one are two very different things. She won’t stop saying it and I really don’t think she realizes that the strength of your immune system can be easily tested.

No. 719940


She is always in a "near" condition
So her immune system is near weakened.
Put near as a prefix on everything.
You'll be near fine.

No. 719951

How old are these screen shots?
Now it's back to being a tumor. It was a tumor that she cured with garlic and onions (potato chips) and then it was just a cyst that dissolved with garlic and onion (potatoes chips) and now it's back to being a tumor she cured with natural remedies, aka garlic and onion (potato chips)??

No. 719970

No. 720005

Take a look at other OPs and try to do it right next time. Just the milk, without the 'tism.

I don't think we do get any newfags in this thread, really. She's too small now for anyone to care.

Accurate. And since her definition of 'near' can include anything up to 'read about it on the internet', she'll be fine (other than issues related to obesity)

No. 720036

File: 1540363551141.png (1.38 MB, 1475x1021, 20181023_235002.png)

No. 720178

kati has been complaining about pot smoke for 14 months?

No. 720200


So in all that time, she couldn't have moved/begged roommate to move like she did before/talk to the neighbors/talk to the complex manager - SOMETHING - to resolve this obviously VERY oppressive issue. Instead, as usual, she wallows in her supposed suffering as a way to signal her misery so her gullible audience/everyone believes her when she says her situation isn't mostly or completely self inflicted.

Kati, you're not some super speshul medical anomaly who is highly allergic to marijuana. You're complaining to complain. I'd bet an entire meatball sub that you'd complain even if they're just vaping - because you always have to turn everything to the most extreme. Why not just admit you find the smell annoying? Because that's clearly all this is. Get fucked.

No. 720210

If the smoke shit is true, which it prob isnt, I'll take the pot smoke, or cigarette, any day over what the neighbors are getting from her dirty stank. Dog piss, old fast food wrappers, stinky/sweaty BO mixed with burnt hair and flesh(+ a dash of oregano & pizza spices) as she literally infrared cooks herself.

No. 720213

That's even funnier and further supports my theory that she is copying stories from her subscribers.
Oh Kati. Never change.

No. 720214


Please tell me you're talking about her personality and not to "never change" her underpants…..

No. 720221

Come on anon. Nobody has to tell her not to change her underpants.

No. 720239

She has done a PSA about how vaping causes aluminum and other heavy metal toxicity. It was aimed at someone she was sucking up to and was since she's come back, but I can't remember who it was or what video it was in. But, vaping is also life threatening according to Kati.

No. 720281


Where did she say this!? This is new to me. Stream clip, twitter? I'd love to see that bullshit.

No. 720284

Vegan Cheetah video. He vapes.

No. 720452

File: 1540421517346.png (424.68 KB, 757x714, chinchin.png)

Is her chin making a bid for freedom?

No. 720479

File: 1540423361561.png (892.8 KB, 1920x967, temp.png)

No. 720483

File: 1540423578685.png (85.97 KB, 737x760, reset24.png)

Another day, another view reset.

No. 720513

That must give her near agita.

In the last thread somewhere,I couldn't find it.
We were talking about how Katie seems to relish harranging woman with children of little means.
I hope this isnt derailing.
Im going to post something she said that I thought sounded like an answer to that.
I heard it,I'm looking for it now.
Why am i announcing this?
The answer is interesting.,I just want to make sure I get it right.

No. 720517

I was going to transcribe but no.
In the Angry at people in my sleep @3:45 onward she trys to explain that in her family the worst thing is to have children and not be independent.

She struggles with it for a minute, worth a listen.

She learned it at home?

Any feedback anons?

No. 720599

You can view a transcript of the video on the desktop version of YouTube.

No. 720752

File: 1540451998100.jpg (921.51 KB, 1440x2843, Screenshot_20181025-001107_Chr…)

Hemorrhaging hour by hour.
The Cow is bleeding out!

No. 720762

That is her old account, the original Joysparklebs. Not active since October last year. Her new one is still labelled Joy Sparkle BS but is the Spurpinkle bow one.

No. 720822

On her newest video some comments are discussing Cy and taxes. What happened there?

No. 720832

No milk there. Cy and Kati parted ways while Kati took her break from YouTube, Cy was just there for the pay check.
Cy was accused of trying to sell prescription drugs to some of Kati's spergs in leaked DM logs. Cy stayed quiet on the matter and it was never addressed by Kati.
Taxes were brought up in a YouNow where Kati parroted a story from MFW about not filing her taxes on time and having to pay a fine on top,

Kati is trying to control the narrative by seeding drama stories she wants to make content about. It's just to avoid having to talk about the DO5 videos on her channel.

No. 720949

File: 1540484247209.png (92.35 KB, 885x864, reset25.png)

Daily reset

No. 721020

woooowww I missed that. So Cy was using Kati to try and sell drugs to her disturbed subscribers? I mean… I'm surprised because Cy always seemed so vanilla…but I guess if you're going to pick an audience to offer drugs to…

No. 721034

Starting to skim through her Twitter outburst last night and I can't stand how often she cites the fallacy of relative privation - also known as the "starving children in Africa" argument. This isn't the first time she's used this line of reasoning to try and diminish the severity of a topic and, in no small feat, make the matter about her and her related issues, but boy this dog and pony show gets so fucking old.

She sharted into the universe 50 tweets (yes, I counted them) within the past 17 ours. I see a notification she has another, new tweet just this very minute, but I haven't included that one to this tally. Didn't she say on one of her videos in the past week that she wasn't going to be active on Twitter for a while, or talking about her lack of Twitter activity? Why this sudden outburst to talk about a political issue of immigration? Why now?

I'll try and scan through the tweets and post up any interesting ones (or interactions) when I can. It's just a giant mess to comb through.

No. 721092

File: 1540494712613.jpg (20.8 KB, 217x220, indigoadultchild.jpg)

A new video from someone who wants to quit youtube but only because she's less popular now and buying views isn't working out for her. It's over an hour long, who could tolerate that?

No. 721096

Rehash of old shit she deleted from her main channel. She must think her fans are all new or can't remember anything

No. 721102

She's trying to lure Repzion into a live stream.

No. 721105

Inn both of her "i'm quitting" videos she said she has 10 videos already uploaded that she's going to be making public over the "next couple weeks" while she figures out how to try to make enough money off youtube that boyfriend doesn't make her get off her ass and get a real job.

No. 721117

File: 1540496627943.png (136.29 KB, 798x675, thigns.png)

shame she didn't spell check even once

No. 721131

File: 1540497400601.jpg (170.41 KB, 1080x2220, 44716180_2239029356353299_4142…)

DM she sent Repzion's girlfriend last night. The point was bringing up his father at all had no relation to what was originally said. She is so vile.

No. 721139


She is so obsessed with Repzion and his girlfriend. Such a weird bitch.

No. 721140

She's still pissed Repzion trolled her.
All he said was he was going to release a part 2 video which Kati jumped at thinking it was going to be about her.
He released a Fortnight Season 6 video a couple of weeks later making her look so stupid

No. 721144


What's even more funny is that she was the one who attacked her first in a video where she was sitting next to him. His gf responded to her correcting her and she lost her shit, lol.

It was that 30 min video of her ranting about Matt, Chris, and few other people all eating together.

No. 721155

Well, since she repeated anyone can ask anything a few times and we know she reads here…

1) How was your marriage? ( I'm pretty sure we all want to know about that )
2) More family time stories, cause why not.

Oh boy, over an hour. Here goes hoping it's not 70 % cackling.

No. 721166

File: 1540500654374.png (86.94 KB, 816x766, reset25-2.png)

2 resets in one day, not seen that before

No. 721170

Video one of the day. Bitchute link

No. 721197

Remember the ‘lyrica’ in the weird pill bottles with the weird instructions? 🤔😉

No. 721200

my favorite part is when she pretends to not remember and acts like she isn't responding to specific videos made about her recently.

No. 721254

File: 1540508157465.jpg (224.25 KB, 830x2048, u7s9_t9o.jpg)

buckle up, it's going to be a bumpy evening

No. 721265

Someone should really make a compilation of how many times she says "I'm a type A personality" holy crap. It's like it replaced "based titties." Also, thank you for all your uploads, anon.

Wasn't the kid like 11? I'm on the phone, so ctrl f would take to much work. In any case, the kid repeated her age a few times and everyone in the chat did too. Only typing this because I'm pretty sure Kati's going to claim ignorance again and say she didn't see or hear it.

No. 721275

Yes, the girl said she was 11 years old. Just about to leave middle school

No. 721282


Am I reading this right? There are so many "hers" that I'm lost. Did she just call herself a young girl?

Fek that is rich.

No. 721284

No, she was talking about Repzion's pretty girlfriend.

No. 721288


Correct me if I'm wrong.I thought the Cy/dealer thing was an unconfirmed rumour?

No. 721290

Thank you anon.Please tell me it was confusing as fuck.
My reading comprehension? Katie's sentence structure?

No. 721291

You are correct. Nothing was confirmed. Cy went radio silent and Kati refused to address it. Then the news about Denise (The shining 2 u) and Rena (Puffin) sending nudes to Geek dropped and everyone moved on

No. 721292

I have a decoder ring!!

No. 721295


I only have a mood ring.Drat

No. 721296

I wish she talked about it. "Why myself and Cy broke up, story time!"
I really prefer her "personal stories" ( not saying I believe her, kek, don't get me wrong here ) to her making 25 videos on x person. You can't even hate watch that, it doesn't work. And her "leaving YT videos", I feel like she pissed off more people with it that the first time around. First 30 times around, I mean.

No. 721308


I was practically mesmerised by today's copper crotch egg. There was so much twisting bullshit in it but she always manages to leave out certain deets.

I am going to listen to it again.
She said that she believes that she (meaning everyone) chooses who their parents will be.
So what's up with that Katie?

My Achilles heel is the number of times she says "I'm chronically ill"
Even in a dream she says to someone,
But Im chronically ill.

As someone who has been chronically ill.You meet a lot of other sick people in waiting rooms and woman tend to chat.
Never ever, not once have I heard anyone say Hi I'm Suzy Q and I'm chronically ill.

It triggers the fuck outta me.

No. 721313

The only thing I ever heard her say anything was on younow.
Something like I have no money to pay her.
I can find that if you like.

No. 721315

Oh wow, please do. Much appreciated, anon!

No. 721324

>She said that she believes that she (meaning everyone) chooses who their parents will be.

I was taken aback by this as well. It falls in line perfectly with the new age BS, however with everything she said about her parents…Well, she…chose this, right? How does that work?

She mentioned she had dreams that came true - what were those, Kati? She said plenty of things, I'll have to listen to it again myself.

Her health claims always pissed me off, since thread 1. I try to take it with a bit more humor now and just smirk at the cow. Until she starts making money of off it. Then it stops being funny.

With the "heavy metal poisoning", I do sometimes wonder if she actually believes it. Really believes it. She's basically at a point where she's "extracting the heavy metal toxicity by baking under lamps." If she had that much metal toxicity, she'd be on her death bed. No, actually dead.
Any sane person would look at that + her past stories and think there's something seriously mentally wrong here.
On another hand we have seen her be vile and manipulative when it comes to SO many things, so she may be making all of this up for a pity party, intentionally.

I just have no idea where this munchie ranks and how much of her own BS she believes in. It's never only one thing, either. One clear explanation, when it comes to her health. It's all tangled up with so many different "issues" and explanations.

No. 721341

File: 1540515089128.jpg (387.67 KB, 1440x1233, Screenshot_20181025-185121_Twi…)

No. 721344


She's still claiming Phil help Repzion with his video?
Repzion listed all his sources in the description.
Phil had nothing to do with his video but that wouldn't fit her narrative would it

No. 721351

File: 1540515999151.jpg (115.44 KB, 618x254, S(456)_LI.jpg)

Repzion might be enjoying himself a little too much

No. 721356

She should just make a point by point reaction to his video. She clearly wants to and has wanted to for a long time, might as well get it over with.
I'd totally feel for dear Bitchute anon because I'm sure the video would have a run time of 9 hours, but hey, I'd watch it with popcorn.

No. 721411

I haven't been able to get on younow.When I do I will post it.

No. 721412

File: 1540522007065.png (331.15 KB, 1079x1697, 20181025_222140.png)


She says she will tomorrow.
But how can she when she is molting and shedding?

No. 721426

No. 721430

File: 1540525612456.png (416.38 KB, 1066x1738, 20181025_234136.png)


Katie is height shaming.She's losing steam.
Cringey af

You can't tell when your laying down.

No. 721431

Ngl, they both look cringy in this. Just stop engaging, jeez.

No. 721457

File: 1540533051012.png (1.71 MB, 1052x1192, 20181026_013125.png)


Katie realised while she was in church with her "poor mother" that Jesus was just some fucking invisible magical motherfucker who was a con man and really a goddamn fucking zombie who ate fucking people.

Soon after getting a subscription to the Weekly World News and seeing a woman on TV that died and went to heaven. Katie's belief system began to take its final form.

No. 721485

File: 1540539154727.jpg (386.84 KB, 1024x1024, PhotoGrid_1540535329493.jpg)


Katie says she is a non smoker.

She does something with one hand that she doesn't do with the other.

No. 721487

File: 1540539349822.png (377.97 KB, 1074x1715, 20181026_032938.png)


Now they deserve each other.

Super Cringe

No. 721488


The Cy rumours were just that, rumours, the only source being "screenshots" of dm convo between some disgruntled inner circle spergs and one former sperg, they never bothered to come back with anything that came directly from ubersperg Cy's own mouth. Spergs and former spergs who get jealous of the grains of attention their Dearest Fat Lady Frito of the Couch dishes out to her daily fav, why anyone took that shit seriously is beyond me.

Speculation should be clearly marked as such as per the rules.

Apparently only Pepperidge Farm and one other Anon remembers how you used to get ridiculed for spewing out sour, curdled milk without proof. Now it gets repeated as fact.

No. 721489

maybe she is on her period?

No. 721490

Oh yeah!!

They are a bit yellow… did you manipulate it?


Maybe it is crisp dust though?

No. 721493

Double post from >>721488

Why give her the attention? It's not as funny as they think it is, it reminds me of a Freakshow, pay your money to come taunt the monster from the deep lagoon, poke this gelatinous creature with a stick, type shit. It's too easy to be funny.

It provides some milk like substance, not dairy, more vegan reproduction, oat milk but it's nothing that hasn't been seen a million times from this Hellbeast.

No. 721495

I agree!

Why do they keep responding to her?

They should just ignore her.

I don't get it.

No. 721517

But anon, don't you remember the classics like that charity that Joy ran as a scam? Are you telling me that wasn't valuable content? /s I mean, no-one ever confirmed the 'family anons', who gave half a dozen different reasons for being here and sounded almost as spergy as Kati as time went by. It's like in the Mira threads, where Mira sockpuppets and talks about proof of stuff that appeared in videos that no-one saw and which must've been taken down since.
Look at the traffic. Most people gave up and moved on. Now we have a couple of crazies, a sprinkling of oldfags, and some newfags who missed the rest of the threads and will take anything presented to them. There's not much point calling out the bullshit because it won't travel far or get any traction. It's just annoying for us.

Because they have their own retardations that make them lose perspective. see >>721430 that cringey bitch wants to advertise what she thinks she is, but is insecure enough to need to try and lord it over Joy, of all people. Joy isn't really getting under her skin so much as she is tripping over her own bullshit and wanting to project who she thinks she is.

and just after one shitty piece of speculation, here comes another. fucking hell. The desperation for milk is real.

No. 721524

What video is this from.

You're right. Cheetos dust makes more sense than smoking. Guess she didn't get it all sucked off her fingers.

No. 721551


The screenshots are not manipulated,only cropped.

the Cheetos theory is possible.
I dont think she smokes.

No. 721554

Repzion is an idiot. He’s now given Joy content, which was really the only thing she wants.

She doesn’t give two fucks what anyone calls her, as long as she can turn that into clickable videos and views.

Now she can make videos that people will actually click on; until she makes ten of them in a row anyway, but people will be curious about the first one anyway.

Repzion broke the golden rule- never wrestle with a pig; you’ll get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.

No. 721752

File: 1540583087953.jpg (25.7 KB, 217x215, repzion.jpg)

A new Repzion video fresh off of last nights twitter pettyness. B-but I thought she was done with youtube except for the last of the videos she had already made! Hmm…

No. 721796

Video one of the day. Bitchute link

No. 721816

Discussing JoySparkleBS @ 9:26

Context is Betterhelp

No. 721845

So, exactly what she did to that other girl (Konstigo) at the start of her channel. It might be one of those 10 vids that she said she'd make public, but who'd give a shit at this point.

She said that anything with better help in the title was getting demonetized, so she wasted his time and shit canned it because it wasn't going to make her any money. What happened to that 'protecting your viewers!' shit? Oh… only if there's money in it for her.

No. 721847

File: 1540592173868.png (148.13 KB, 720x696, 20181026_174502.png)

Dumbfuckery on the latest video from two of the finest OG joytards.
File under: sick burns, bro

No. 721862


Yup, pretty much.

I laughed so hard at the "on leaving clarity" video where she made fun of people for "not understanding" It'd be easier to understand if you didn't talk out of both sides of your mouth. lol

When she contradicts something, she points to where she said the opposite and vice versa.

No. 721988

File: 1540606071258.png (1.18 MB, 1055x1725, 20181026_220516.png)


Running out of retorts.

No. 721994


No offense anon, but rarely do any of Joysus' responses count as true retorts. She'd have to have a modicum of creativity in her massive body and we know that's never gonna happen.

I love how she mocks SJWs as if she even knows what the term means (the bitch is clueless about politics in general) and she doesn't seem to realize she is often the very epitome of an SJW type.

Also, notice how she focuses on the least political aspect of that picture. It's because she doesn't get it. Yeah, the joke is about Chi-k-Filet. Total dipshit.

No. 721996

I do not live in the U.S.. Could you give any context for this?
Sorry and thank you.

No. 721997

File: 1540606674733.jpg (285.04 KB, 1440x2718, Screenshot_20181026-201519_Twi…)

That's a shame. LOL

No. 721999


The picture is comparing two different billboards, the first one mocks Donald Trump while he's wearing/dressed like a stereotypical backwoods, white trash American. The other is of Hilary Clinton - it's a tit-for-tat picture.

No. 722004

Thank you, Anon.
Was a bit lost there.

No. 722006

Same fagging, sorry…
Are they 'real' billboards?

No. 722008

File: 1540608354151.png (409.39 KB, 834x583, Joy Repzion Video Stats.png)

As cringe as it was to see Rep's gf go back and forth with Kati the other night, and while some here might think Rep feeding Kati content is a bad thing, I'm of the opinion this was a good thing to help illustrate to Kati's on the fence fans just how fickle to her own word she is.

So much for wanting to quit YouTube and riding on the success or failures of videos she's just going to publish throughout the next week and a half. Here she goes out of her way to create another half hour long vendetta fueled video to remind everyone she is still ass-blasted by Rep making a video calling her out on her shit.

Hopefully this trend continues that of the people who do continue to watch her videos will continue to remind her that they're tired of her rambling. The added bonus of this would be she continues to get her videos demonetized right out of publishing so she sees every fewer pennies for her drive-thru funds.

No. 722013


I agree. While it's annoying that Kati is making more videos, for those of us who've watched her since before DO5 .. we know by now that she'll make a video regardless of what it's about.

To borrow a term Kati Marie herself has borrowed from someone else, she's "showcasing" her "vitrol" (another Shady Kati vocabulary word) quite nicely. Getting riled up about Repzion and tweeting about him at 3 AM her time is indicative of her increasing mania. And boy, I love when she's manic. She can't control herself.

No. 722062

File: 1540614249824.png (2.39 MB, 1125x2436, 7D645AAD-FF81-4694-A650-FCCB25…)

I took this screenshot awhile back. Apparently the Cheeto dust is a recurring thing for old joy. But it’s an IUD from years ago causing her massive size, right?

No. 722064


Ummm No, these posters don't represent Trump and Hillary.
Hillary doesn't carry a bible around. Both of the characatures represent Trump supporters ie confederate flag tattoo, MAGA hats and bible thumpers.The reference to chicfilet speaks to that company not supporting gay marriage.Many people in NYC do not support Trump.They know him well.
These posters were put up in the same way Banksy installs art.Secretly.

No. 722068

Great find anon.I actually remember seeing that.

No. 722069

She is a real-life Cartman.

No. 722070

Ummm, no. The images aren’t of Hillary or trump. Both pictures are of people wearing MAGA hats (trumps slogan for non US anon). One is a redneck eating chic-fil-a and the other is a woman carrying a bible. It’s not tit for tat, it’s saying trump supporters are trash.

Hopefully that clarified things a bit more.

No. 722072

Sorry, I see someone already clarified and it’s not letting me delete. Sorry for double irrelevant posts.

No. 722083

File: 1540617282202.jpg (29.93 KB, 554x391, uMj6RRQj.jpg)


These are all irrelevant, useless fucking posts.

>>721996 Learn to Use Google

The rest of you, stop flooding the flood with Non-Joy related posts. This isn't a chatroom.

No. 722085


I think I understand.

Thank you for answering.

No. 722089

Sod off!

I don't want to spend an hour trying to comb through your ridiculous politics.

I asked a question and it was, politely, answered.

Thank you to those who responded.

Your post is irrelevant and antagonistic…

I cant believe you spent all that time tagging all those posts!

No. 722093

If you are so desperate to see new milk or not be involved in the conversation DO NOT read Sage posts… Sheesh it's not difficult.

No. 722094

Stop derailing and infighting. Focus on Joy.

No. 722100

Fair enough.

I apologise.

No. 722107

File: 1540620318342.png (176.62 KB, 1076x943, 20181027_020257.png)

No. 722143

File: 1540628641218.png (107.23 KB, 879x500, 96MGlvs.png)

Since Kati's return, she'd struggled to break 80% approval rating… looks like 50% is the new 80% now.

No. 722144

This person made a new video about Joy, but I haven't watched it yet and its 4am, but the last one was pretty good so I thought I'd drop it here.

No. 722171

These vids are notoriously boring. None of them were "pretty good" and last time they were sped posted to death.

Reposted/Updated: This is 4 week old video, so same one that was sped posted to death. Here is archive of the video page: http://archive.is/47coJ

No. 722208

don't touch the shit (cowtip).

'this person' ie you lmao. At least make a new video to spam, eh

No. 722285

I see this thread is still just as autistic.. I'm Transcription Anon from the first few threads (before people were recording)

Maybe /you/ didn't enjoy the video, others might. Dont click it if you think it's boring. Problem solved. It really ain't that deep. I just saw they had made a follow up, I dont think it's the same video that was being spammed before.

No. 722304

Hey transcript anon! I was one of the twitter screenshot anons from 1st thread-6th thread. Nice to see youre still here and thanks for all the work you did. You da real mvp.

Coincidentally, I was just looking back at the piercedangel96 thread a few min ago out of nostalgia.

No. 722322

File: 1540656754843.jpg (175.75 KB, 1674x1084, Maya Comment Exchange.jpg)

Kati, is of course, being braggadocios about this comment exchange on her video. She gets Maya to comment on her video, and takes the time to once again shout about how "cowardly" everyone else is for protecting their tweets. Meanwhile she's never once chastised her own fans for protecting their twitter accounts, nor has acknowledged how manipulative it was of her to delete practically her entire twitter history when it started to rear up and result in temporary punishments for her account.

Kati is just upset that now she, and her army of brain dead spergs, can't report Maya's account whenever they feel slightly offended. Their report fingers must be going through some weird withdrawal since they haven't had a good target to report in a long while.

No. 722331

Thank you for the service Anons, I made the first Joy thread and am sad to see these threads are still overrun with autists typing like facebook moms who just found out what a meme is. Take me out to the pasture, but I had to say it.

No. 722359

File: 1540663504761.jpg (28.06 KB, 216x220, supermature.jpg)

Joy is DONE with youtube, for realz! She'll only release the videos she's already made unless she has a petty twitter back and forth then she must make a video about the other persons lack of maturity.

No. 722363

Video one of the day. Bitchute link

No. 722368

It all makes sense now as to why Kati is obsessed with Repzion's girlfriend. She's a legitimate model that has done stuff for Victoria's Secret and stuff of that caliber. While Kati has only done poorly photoshopped glamour shots.

Kati is just super jealous of someone that has something she dosen't.

Before someone says this is doxing Repzion's girlfriend she posted this link when she shut super joytard Elana down.

No. 722374

File: 1540666260960.jpg (449.99 KB, 1440x1290, 20181027_125008.jpg)

Still manic and not sleeping.

No. 722375

This is mega weird… like Kati doesn't comprehend reality or english or something.

This is from a while ago when she was deep basting herself. This isn't a new video, it's one of the 10 that she claimed to have.

Wow, those are really nice (professional) pics with artistic flair. Guess that's the difference between getting paid as a model and paying a photographer for glamour shots.

No. 722466


Never mind that Kati is the one who started the whole recent petty mess by insulting Repzion and his girlfriend, just because she wanted to be a spiteful child instead of moving on with her miserable life.

And yet, Kati still has Stans who actually believe she's the victim in all this and that Rep and his girlfriend are bullying her.

Kati's Stans either need to cut the dosage of whatever drug their on, or increase it - whichever will result in them waking up from their stupor and see Kati for what any sane person recognizes her as.

No. 722521


Misread the comment initially as “So, this video pooped up at about 4am“

Thought I'd share the lol since the cow is drying up.

No. 722523

Sorry to be that guy but what’s with all the dick riders in these threads. It happens so often that most of you start stanning and defending anyone who shits of Kati yet the whole lot of these morons are really no better than one another. Case in point as far as repzion goes he’s done enough shady shit to have a ED page. Seriously embarrassing you guys

No. 722529


How is that dick riding? What Kati is doing is absurd considering she was just about to "quit" You know how many people have an ED page, the site itself is a parody site. You're a moron if you take ED as fact.

Don't derail the conversation just because you don't like someone who clearly triggers Kati beyond anyone I've seen. It's entertaining to see how easy repzion or his gf can
elicit a response out of Joy.

No. 722530

Bless you OP, I remember anons giving you shit at first for starting the thread. And now we’re at #20. I shutter to think at how much shit wouldn’t have been archived if you hadn’t made it at the time. Thanks for your service m8

No. 722534

Doublepost but this is a joy thread, not a repzion thread. You’ll see the same dynamic in the Jaclyn Hill thread vs the Social Retards threads. If you want to bitch about rep and his weird foot fetishes, then make a thread about him. But the topic here is kati.

Pointing out a cow is wrong for starting shit with another cow, doesn’t mean we’re negating the other cows behavior. It’s just on topic. And rep is much less milky than joy lezbihonest

No. 722649

File: 1540705761267.png (378.27 KB, 1061x1640, 20181028_014800.png)

No. 722655

Lmao I love how any question Joy doesn’t want to answer she says she’s “not even going to dignify that with a response.

No. 722727

Hold on a second. In her most recent video Kati says repzions girlfriend Maya is “not a thin girl” while discussing how Maya kept calling her fat. Yet I would say Maya is at least as skinny as Joy was at her thinnest point in life. The fucking audacity for joy to call a girl who can’t weigh more than 105 lbs “not a thin girl” is so beyond me.

Kati, you might want to lay off those strong 7 ups for awhile. Your delusions are getting worse.

No. 722732

Well that's fucked up. For someone that rips on pedos and often throws the word at people, for less, she should at least give a response, even though we already know it's true and she will lie. Now that she responded to this tweet she can go in and say it's been debunked .

She did those videos where she was like "am I like peter monn" so she can pretend she's not, when she really is. Especially when using his favorite line about not dignifying an accusation with a response. Two cowardly hypocrite hogs in mud pit of lies and deceit.

On another note, In the rep's gf video there was a comment from someone bashing Maya, saying how much better joy is for having been a "professional model" as well as accomplished. LOL

No. 722734


To any sane, free thinking person - they'd easily see Kati's response as dodging the question; because that's exactly what she's doing.

Unfortunately, Kattscratch is a faithful dimwit and will probably see it as Kati saying the claim s are so ridiculous they're not worth addressing as Kati saying the claims are lies; and will believe her, like the faithful dimbulb that they are.

No. 722737

>>722649 LMAO Oh, so now you don't want to address the things people post on lolcow instead of your usual addressing it within hours.

Kati, why don't you make a video about your obsession with swiftly calling and condemning people pedophiles who aren't, while at the same time you try to engage with actual pedophiles?
Remember how eager you were to have OmniPolitics16 on your channel so he could share his pro child fucking viewpoints?

We know she never even went on a date until she was 16. It's odd how averse she is to addressing this one topic when 50% of her channel is making 30 minute rambly rants about any negative attention she receives.

For any of Kati's retardo stans: Stating that she befriends and defends people who fuck minors under the age of consent =/= pedophilia.
She has an obsession with REE'ing and calling people pedophiles to smear them, while then defending people who are know to have actually done the things she erroneously accuses people of being pedophiles for doing.

No. 722744

Her precious KidBehindACamera bragging about having sex w/a 15yo when he was 21yo. This wasn't 16 years ago… this video was published in 2011 and has had millions of views and she was told about this last summer as well.

No. 722805


Here's one for her homophobia and pedophilia wrapped up in one BIG package.

No. 722831

She has posted a huge pile of manic garbage.

No. 722833


I wonder if those are the voices inside her head.

No. 722847


Of course you won't dignify it with a response. You're guilty of being pals with JF, who has been documented as saying it's nature's will than grown men masturbate on pre pubescent children.

Link to where JF talks about this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Irn6_jASi3k

But don't worry. In the face of evidence, Taunee and Kati will just cling to the pedophile forum thing of which there is no concrete proof - yet.

No. 722853

File: 1540750010032.jpg (376.66 KB, 1024x1024, PhotoGrid_1540749782641.jpg)

No. 722884

Some gamer said "i'm better than you" and she's going at him like a jilted fan girl for some reason. At one point, she had two different audios of herself ranting at him playing over top of the clip of his interview. She did bring up his PR… so, maybe she offered him services and he rejected her or something? But, something about him definitely hit a nerve for her for some reason.

No. 722885

The proof of the forum is her own claims that she made when she was on a rant just before Repzion dropped his video. She brought it up out of no where and so she clearly thought that might be in his video.

No. 722891

Video one of the day. Bitchute link

No. 722906


Those dead/vacant eyes, that pancake makeup, that limp/dull/dry looking hair, that awkward/stiff pose - she looks like a posed corpse.

It still baffles me that anyone could believe her claims that she was ever a professional model when 'that' is an example of what the final product looked like.

No. 722918

I don't think she ever made that claim.

No. 722921



I hope this works.

No. 722947

I can't even hate watch anymore past a few minutes. Can someone tell me the relevance of the red shoe? Or why she has it when shoes are for feet and not pig woman hooves.

No. 722951

Her video "I swatted was" has been removed for a privacy violation. Angry rant incoming!!!!

No. 722956

File: 1540759930175.jpg (77.28 KB, 1440x2718, Screenshot_20181028-145237_You…)

No. 722962

does that start a new 3mo w/out streaming?

No. 722969


It's not an automatic community strike. "If we remove your video for a privacy violation, please do not upload another version featuring the same people. These individuals will likely file another privacy complaint or report you for harassment. We are serious about protecting our users and suspend accounts that violate people's privacy"


No. 722971

Well, the screen doesn't say anything about privacy. Just says violation of TOS. So, we can still hope it's a new strike. But, that should have been her 3rd and the channel is still up. So…

No. 722973

File: 1540761961993.jpg (62.74 KB, 707x292, kK-S_ArP1.jpg)

It's a privacy complaint or the channel would have gone with the video

No. 722979

It worked but it says she claimed to be a model.it does appear she was a model,at least for a day or two. Maybe I'm nitpicking but I'm a nitpicker, so sue me. I don't think she ever said she was a professional model. If she did then I am wrong. there are so many lies in her mouth I just don't see any reason to put more lies in her mouth

No. 722983

the 'no concrete proof - yet' was bad enough - didn't we just talk about rumors and speculation, kids? - and then this? Joy reads here, so of course she brought it up. Repzion also reads here and used it as a primary source for his shit video. So basically you're saying it has been proven because we tinfoiled about it and that caused her to sperg. jfc

nta and not going to dig through all the old shit, but IIRC, it was an aspirational thing, as in she did one photoshoot that she paid for and extrapolated that into 'almost a model'. much like her handing out free samples in a supermarket = my big PR career

No. 722984


i can change my oil, doesn't make me a mechanic.

lies by omission. if you say i'm a model, people are gonna assume you mean professional.

No. 722986

She says in her video "Was Joy a professional model" that she wasn't a professional model and the pictures were taken for her music career that never happened because she got sick.

No. 722987


….that was AFTER.

No. 722998

Her Aug 20, 2017 YouNow stream starting at 15m15s. You listen to it and tell me. It was brought up out of no where.

No. 723008


Dare I say…she actually looks not bad. Taking care of herself, taking the effort to not look like a sewer rat, etc..

What happened?

No. 723048


She was fine looking back then, but I've always believed how you are on the inside eventually starts showing on the outside so now we have this.

No. 723075

In her history (95% of which were various family members, her mom, her sister, her dad and someone I think may be a cousin), there was one strange address in Illinois.

Anyway, so I looked into the people and found two brothers near her age. Turns out one of them posted on that Indigo forum. So, I guess she shacked up with some guy she met on the indigo forum.

I would be more specific but it's against the rules.

No. 723132

File: 1540778180492.png (938.21 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-28-21-51-16…)


More pedo talk in Katie's tweets but I'm lost now.I don't know who rep is referring to.

No. 723140


I think it was in reference to Andy Warksi. There was a whole snapchat scandal thing between him hitting up some minor and saying sexual stuff to her, but it turned out to be fake.

No. 723199

I don’t think she’s ever claimed to have been a professional model. In the video where she showed all of her old photos she reiterated that she wasn’t a model multiple times and that she just had a friend who was a (apparently extremely amateur) photographer. She didn’t pay him and he didn’t pay her. Something to do with her music shit I think? I’ll have to watch the video again to find out (god help me. It would be so much easier to find things if she would just edit out the 20-40 minutes of irrelevant side tangents).

No. 723203

But anon, if she ever got to the point, she couldn't artificially inflate her watch time to make up for the low views.
Either way I fail to see the point in so many posts about her modeling. Who actually cares about this? It's not milk. This thread is as bloated with tangents as a Kati video.

No. 723206

It’s just irritating that especially in this thread, I’ve seen so many unconfirmed claims with no backing to them or even so much as evidence lately. Like the other anon said, she lies about plenty. I’d prefer we get back to pointing those lies out instead of making them ourselves. It’s not a good look. This tends to be a self policing site with good reason. We want truth and milk, not speculation and tinfoiling.

If anyone wants to post a link to where they heard her claim to be a model then be my guest but until then maybe not perpetuate that.

No. 723208

We'd be thrilled if the next thread OP could be written by a more well-integrated user and we're currently adding more staff so that threads like this one can be moderated more quickly and effectively to cut down on the sperging, nitpicking and speculation. If someone reads this and thinks they'd be a good fit to write new thread OPs and help moderate this and/or other threads, please consider filling out a staff application:

No. 723238

Then whole reason people went looking for the modeling pictures is because she said she was a model. I remember because I was the one who found them.

No. 723245

File: 1540801072974.png (24.65 KB, 532x328, lol.png)

Source: http://archive.is/ZTRn3

If you're new, that's fine. But maybe you should listen a little more and argue a little less.

Since you guys are apparently confused on how time works, this comment and the reference made in the earlier lolcow post were BEFORE the "Was I a Model" video came out. That means this comment and whatever video that was referenced in that lolcow post happened … then time passed … THEN the "Was I a Model" video was released. Hope that helps!

No. 723247

File: 1540801723633.png (12.17 KB, 590x173, lol.png)

This guy got the same impression and she "loved" the comment without correction.

No. 723453

Does anyone know where the vids Joy made when Onision was staying in a hotel cuz they were being audited and she couldn’t contain her glee? I believe she even started one of the videos with, “Something big has happened that I think we’ve all been waiting for,” and was absolutely thrilled at the prospect Onision could have lost everything. If anyone has these vids or could direct me where to find them please give an anon a hand. Thanks

No. 723457

No. 723460

Anon beat me to it, but I went through the threads looking for it and found reference to it here in thread 9: >>352947
Ironically, a few posts down from this they were already talking about that modeling fake news as old, debunked milk from threads ago. How we go around and around.

No. 723467


That's because you don't understand something as fundamental as the difference between:

- Was she a model?
- Did she say she was a model?

The argument that was just happening was over the latter and not the former.

Sorry you were proven wrong. Learn and move the fuck on, maybe?

No. 723474



No. 723494

Thank you so much for posting wow and yes; I hadn’t seen the second vid until just now and it’s astouding. The projection and hatred for anyone who has money are strong in these vids holy ish!

How do you find these vids? Do you just do a search here or google (i.e., “Joy Sparkle BS and Onison IRS” or “Joy Sparkle BS liar” etc.,) for what you’re looking for? Are you a magician? Do you tak to angels or is it you? Are you the daywalker?

No. 723571

File: 1540852210636.jpg (163.21 KB, 1080x1233, jgavE7OV.jpg)

No. 723575

File: 1540852899801.png (16.83 KB, 590x295, lol.png)

No. 723586


Then don't call it modeling if that's not what it was; as modeling implies paid work.

Just say 'I had photos done'; and leave it at that.

No. 723592

actually there is a lot of unpaid amateur modeling you can do, and do it for time for print, which means you and those involved do it to create the photo and get a copy for their personal use. not for money. people do it to pad up a portfolio, for fun or whatever else. its not uncommon at all and still called modeling its just not professional modeling…

No. 723618

I'm pretty sure princess cheeto fingers got herself another 2 week YouTube ban.

No. 723627

If someone in here had actually modeled (either campaign for magazine even,) they should lowkey reply to her tweet with a pic of the magazine etc.

No. 723629

Yea TFP is how many actors/models who don’t have a resume starte to create a basic one.

No. 723682

I was browsing old links posted here and ended up on her facebook.She has posted this month.
I am not able to grab it at the moment. Maybe a kind anon would do that pls.

No. 723692

File: 1540871520899.jpeg (768.54 KB, 1125x1935, A15705E9-9ADC-4B2A-BDA9-DC102E…)

No. 723693

File: 1540871537152.jpeg (725.78 KB, 1125x1931, C7C253BC-94EC-4163-853E-941C3D…)

No. 723696

I stopped reading at "extreme illness". I can't with this bitch.

No. 723709

I stopped at "quantum physics" as I couldn't see through the tears of laughter.

No. 723713

I personally found “being a part of the biggest YouTube court case in history” quite rich muhself. First of all, that would be H3H3. Second of all, “being a part of” must be some kind of euphemism for “nearly destroying and forcing myself into until the family and most of YouTube and my subscribers hated me.” How the fuck does she consider herself a part of the court case? Pat yourself on the back a little more kati.

No. 723715

File: 1540874093981.jpg (608.36 KB, 1440x1294, Screenshot_20181029-223450_Fri…)

You missed this one.

No. 723718


What are these supposed "treatments" then?

This bitch has no concept of "extreme illness" and the more she whines and conflates the choices she's made to live as she does with real pain and suffering, the more I wouldn't mind if she actually became ill. But at the end, she would just use it as the "I was right" card and the attention seeking wouldn't just suddenly stop.

Kati is a lesson of what happens when you spend your youth/20s trying to scam people and you wind up being the stupidest 30-something anyone has ever met. She has no concept of how anything works. Even relatively simple things like basic contracts and doctor appointments. She hasn't paid her own way for anything.

Well, at least she's achieved guru status. She can now write a book. The title would be "How To Be One With Your Couch."

No. 723719

Well, I finished reading it ( because of course I did ) and…This bitch is completely mentally gone. The narcissism, the self delusion. It's gag inducing. Kati, oh my fucking god.

No. 723729

no, they shouldn't. that's just lowkey retarded.

No. 723730

Thank you anons
Good reads,maybe not but I thought they were worth a look.

She waxes poetically with those muscles to live by tho wow

No. 723733

>We'd be thrilled if the next thread OP could be written by a more well-integrated user

Wouldn't we all. I just hope you folks are careful with applications regarding this thread. It needs the guiding hand, just not from someone like OP.

No. 723815

Holy shit! Are we just going to keep posting the same fucking screenshots in every fucking thread?! And not saged AGAIN.

Ffs! For the love of vet Anons santies, if you can't be bothered to read through old threads, at least perform a search before posting ancient milk that has been dragged up from thread one again. It tells you how to do that in the rules.

When will the new farmhands be starting because this is beyond fucking ridiculous at this point. These idiots have proven incapable of so much as reading the rules, they dont listen to vet anons trying to guide them. They think they can do whatever the fuck they want despite being told a thousand times, we need mods asap.

Saged for newfag rage!

No. 723819

"considering I could barely get out of bed most days and had barely 0 help."

Uhh what?? Thats called a choice, ladybug. Not an unfair circumstance. She claimed to have dom bathe her because she didn't have the strength to even get dressed or walk herself. Taking her to all her appointments or wherever she wanted to go bec she was afraid to drive from all her near-illnesses and episodes. Paying her bills, stocking her liters of pedialyte and doing everything for her while she forfeited all responsibilities.

Her videos didn't consist of research, but screeching rants after watching onision or do5, the most of her labor going into tag stuffing.
Patrons filled $ her pockets, plus added emotional support. and let's not forgot the tireless efforts of her delivery guys that seem to have been around, a lot, so she didn't even have to prepare her own food.

Life is hard with chronic illness but we know the reality of all that when it comes to hers, as in her case, she dreams of being disabled, pampered by peers and rolling in adsense.

Indeed. Becoming one with the couch is without a doubt her greatest achievement, while living the best life she chose.

No. 723969

Video one of the day. Bitchute link

No. 723974

Post up in /meta where the staff will be more likely to see it and respond. While you're there, drop an application to mod the thread so it doesn't go to one of said newfags.

No. 723995

>>723693 She really doesn't know how to use fucking paragraphs.

No. 724022

Jesus her eyes. She looks like she's recovering from 2 black eyes.

Also Kati… I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you this but you're a millennial. I know you want to be a GenXer but you missed it by a few years. I think it's time for you to make peace with that.

No. 724128

How is she a millennial? Isn't she, like, 34 or 35?

No. 724138

Millennials are people born between 81-96. So anyone 22-37.

No. 724200

I’m cracking up at this video. This bitch is over here acting like she discovered YouTube before it was cool. Does she really think that had she done things differently she’d be some kind of YouTube star?!
Her delusions are diagnosable

No. 724211


yeah that would be a millennial.
GenXers were born between the early 60s-late 70s sometimes even to 81. She was born in either 83 or 84 so she's definitely not a GenXer by any definition.

PS if your post doesn't have new info in it you can put "sage" in the email field and that will make it so that your post doesn't bump the thread. You will know that it worked because your name will be dark blue instead of green.

No. 724264


clipped this from a stream from earlier this year. It's hilarious how delusional she is.

No. 724304

JFC her delusion game is strong

No. 724305

some of her delusions are not what she actually accomplished, but what she was trying to do. "sweetheart of youtube"

some of the others support how she was trying to portray herself "singlehandedly kept focus on the case! pin me to a cross and call me jesus!"

they are telling, indeed.

No. 724306

so are her and dom broken up now or did she just admit on video that she's basically using him even though she knows they aren't right for each other?

No. 724313


This whole interview was nuts. Ellington seemed to believe everything she said but i think he just met her.He may still back her.
His ruputation just took a nose dive.
She's got friends in low places.

No. 724330

File: 1540974524879.png (673.27 KB, 1076x1775, 20181031_041004.png)

Katie got a little triggered by a question about her family.Her birth and her sisters birth.

No. 724365


If her sister was a planned pregnancy; that means her parents WANTED kids. And what parent, usually when they're under a lot of stress, doesn't say they wish they never had kids - especially if said kids are being insufferable brats in that moment? Such a comment is usually said without real feeling; but, try to get Kati to understand that, and she'd call you a liar.

No. 724715

File: 1541036316986.jpg (793.15 KB, 1435x2268, Screenshot_20181031-193707_Twi…)

Complete lack of reading comprehension on this joytards part. Just like her idol Kati.
The retardation runs deep in this group.

No. 724777

Trick or Treat

No. 724817

File: 1541063635147.jpeg (371.75 KB, 1038x1624, 20181101_050659-01.jpeg)

No. 724869

Here we go with the “set up” for Kati “accepting” a Patreon from her devoted Stan’s. Last year she used the li3 that “roommate” could leave her anytime and she would be destitute if he went on to a relationship with someone else. Her lie that they were a couple angered so many of us that she lost a lot of patrons. She is so transparent yet sneaky as n8w she is saying that her and “roomates’ relationship is nit long term so basically the same dire straight situation as last year. She had no reason to go into what their relationship was like as it painted her in a bad light of being the mooch she is. Just waiting for the “ poor me what will I do” videos to come to cement those Stans yearning to help her with her income. Same scamming leech as always.
Staged for valid speculation

No. 724898

not sure what 'valid speculation' is supposed to be, and I think you meant 'saged' but you failed to do it. (it goes in the email field)

She's really taking her time trying to directly mooch, I would've expected her to start sooner. I guess it interferes with her ego about her 'marketing expertise' and such. She's been trying pretty hard to game the algorithm on YT and claiming haters are making her money (because what is adblock / video mirroring)

No. 724915

How has she gained so much weight in so little time?

No. 724920


Not so little time. Roughly a year; and it's not hard to put on weight.

As to how she accomplished that much weight gain the span of a year- it's what happens when you eat junk food, but get no exercise; though Kati is hard pressed to get people to believe it was partially due to her medication - if not entirely its doing (if I'm recalling correctly).

No. 724927

Yes she even has people “so convinced” 10mg prednisone QD that was discontinued at least 4+ more months ago caused her to gain 100+ in < a year… in fact her stans are so retarded they’ve even commented how she had the “stereotypical prednisone moonface” and uh no she really doesn’t.

No. 724932

She has partially steroid based nebulizer and is also a frequent flyer at the ER for steroid shots, by her own admission, every 4-6 weeks. But she's gotten steroids from the ER twice in the last month alone (one shot and one 7 day pill).

No. 724945

I forgot to sage so I deleted but what you’re saying is she uses her ER as a doctor’s office? Wow awesome, just awesome Joy!

I had heard she “gave herself” a nebulizer treatment one day during either stream or vid but that it wasn’t hooked up properly. Again I didn’t see this, just heard, so I was wondering if another anon could confirm this or if it’s just an unsubstantiated rumor? Any info would be appreciated thank you.

No. 724949

She's shown parts of the equipment and talked about it. She's never done a treatment on stream or even claimed to have been doing a treatment while streaming that I've seen.

No. 724950

Also, her ER trips are predominately for when her nebulizer treatments fail to give relief, so asthma related. The other frequent ER treatment is for ear infection. So, not sure if you'd call that using it as a doctor's office since an actual acute asthma attack is an emergency situation for most people. However, she's explained that her ability to continue tweeting after claiming a need for ER is because she knows what is going on and isn't too concerned about it because she knows she just needs the ER to give her a steroid shot.

No. 724963

New video about her channel being deleted.She is cringey today.
She is calling out Luna Blarp who she thinks made a privacy claim on "I swatted was".
Oh so cringe-worthy.

No. 724969

File: 1541096725783.jpeg (90.76 KB, 527x609, 20181101_141845-01.jpeg)


No. 724971

Note to users in this thread:

- post screenshots
- don't post nitpicky images of Joy without contributing to the thread
- don't post multiple times in a row (there are several offenders here)

Bans will commence.

No. 724992

Video one of the day. Bitchute link

No. 724997

she single handedly helped keep donations coming in via her vile superchats, and gave a portion of the donated funds to 'the cause'. of course, the other cause what her grocery bill, clearly.

saged for rage

No. 725014

File: 1541103944710.jpg (191.72 KB, 1919x264, 00002.jpg)

An interesting comment on said video from a self-declared fan of Joy's. It gives me hope…

No. 725015

Just had a thought (yes, I get one or two a year…). She claims her channel is going/likely to be deleted, and asks everyone who cares to subscribe to her Eff It channel. Now when she returned under the Spurpinklebow banner with 13k subs from her previous incarnation, it grew to 15k subs (you'll recall she claimed in a video that she'd reached 15k subscribers as if there weren't already 13k+ before). Her Eff It channel is sitting at 5k. Let's keep an eye on those numbers, shall we…?

No. 725107

I do not know youtube rules but if she gets a third strike and loses that channel, can she just move on to another channel? I thought she would be banned from YouTube.

No. 725109


According to the rules, you are not allowed to have another channel. However, this is enforced as well (sarc) as the other rules. And there are ways around it.

No. 725132

I'm thirteen minutes in and all this is one long brag fest. She built a successful channel and she can do it again because she is so much better than her haters.

No. 725138

>>725109 Yep. If a person gets banned on youtube they are not allowed to have another youtube channel….and yet people break this rule all the time

No. 725141

YouTube are enforcing that rule strictly these days, especially for community strike violations.
That's why Alex Jones isn't being hosted on another channel. Banned from one, banned from all. That includes guesting on live streams.

The Cow is in the process of tipping it's self.
I wouldn't put it past the devious Kati to delete her channel herself and claim the harassers got it deleted for bonus victim points. If she starts uploading on Eff It after Spurpinkle vanishes you'll know that's exactly what she's done

No. 725174

they aren't being very strict about it; see Keemstar.

That's exactly what she is going to do, this video was an obvious prelude.

No. 725177

Keemstar was allowed back on the platform has he explained a while ago.
YouTube rules have been changed to close the previous loopholes.

No. 725183

So Russia Bunny posted a video about Joy and I’ve only watched 30 seconds so far but WHO IS THIS PERSON?! I’ve only seen her on video pretending to have a panic attack while she made up that blatant lie about old shrubtime taking her money. The impression I got was that she was some slow, child-like weirdo. I honestly though she had some kind of developmental disorder. Especially considering her weird childish comments and tweets.
However, within 10 seconds this bitch is sucking down a cigarette and talking like a weird yet completely social aware human.
I’m sorry, is it just me or does this unicorn loon portray herself as borderline retarded when interacting online? Like actually literally retarded.
I’m kind of fascinated.

No. 725209

Kati has an unusual ability to attract suicidal, mentally ill, freaks and dregs of the internet. I remember counting how many of her more vocal supporters have threatened suicide in her chats or on twitter. Way too many to make it funny. And, I don’t see kati overly invested in them, in fairness to her. Not anymore than her other members. I don’t know? Moths drawn to the light ‍♀️(emoji)

No. 725356

File: 1541169875358.jpg (627.58 KB, 1439x1843, Screenshot_20181102-084403_Twi…)

I thought she was stay out of politics?

No. 725367

File: 1541172743470.png (526.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-24-00-36-16…)

No. 725390

a two month old screenshot with no context? come on, anon …

No. 725521

To be fair, she has claimed to be on meds then claims she’s not on meds. So which is it?

No. 725707

I think it's worth noting here that The Killstream has been completely deleted off of YT.
For racist comments in superchats etc.etc.

Saged for no milk

No. 726181


It has just published a video on this subject.
"Wall Street Journal takes donations and Killstream"

No. 726237

Video one of the day. Bitchute link

No. 726255

File: 1541299427984.png (131.21 KB, 770x631, wow.png)

It's going down really well

No. 726302

Moralfagging to Kati is about as unselfaware and useless as Kati is herself.

No. 726680

She’s back at it again. New video

No. 726696

Video one of the day. bitchute link

No. 726748

File: 1541379411690.jpg (70.63 KB, 683x504, leaving.jpg)

She's totally leaving or getting deleted, no clickbait

No. 726752

Almost 3 hours and 5 videos about leaving or getting deleted. Didn't she say she was going to upload her pre-recorded videos and then she was done? For someone who's done, she sure does upload a lot of new videos about trendy topics. For someone who's so cough, cough sick, she sure has a lot of tile and energy to spend on YouTube and not resting or taking care of her poor health. But what do I know with my chronic dystonia?
Saged for Go-away-already! rage

No. 726847

JFC and there’s still a decent amount of people who still buy this shit?

No. 726858

What’s funny is her like/dislike ratio. When she started YouTube is was pretty average, but toward the end right before she left it was at least 50/50. This time when she came back she had maybe a month of a normal ratio if that, and now she’s back to getting almost as many dislikes as she gets likes. Yet she’s still saying the exact same shit in every video. Can’t even bother to change the verbiage. No wonder she doesn’t edit her videos, then she’d have to hear herself repeat the same ten phrases 1000x

No. 726953

File: 1541417532342.jpg (1.03 MB, 788x2048, Inked4a1jgCyx_LI.jpg)

No enjoyment of sex?
Some very serious mental health issues confirmed.

No. 726978

I'm sure sex is gross and a mess when you're a fucking blobfish like kati. She has a weird fixation on sex and "people wanting to fuck her", it was her main point when she spoke about her weight gain that she doesn't care if people want to fuck her?? Nobody asked but ok, apparently that's all she thinks about

No. 727002

She was saying that sort of stuff last year, before all of the weight gain. She likes to think of herself as attractive but is above needing to appear attractive because she's "not here to give anyone a boner!"

And let's be honest, who in their right mind would want to fuck her? When's the last time you think Dom gave her a sponge bath, anyway?

No. 727018

File: 1541433216229.png (183.23 KB, 1301x879, getajobbitch.png)

Do these harassers not understand?
Kati doesn't need links to jobs she could do, she needs you to use her email address to send her donations via paypal. She won't ask you to directly. That would be wrong. You have to send it out of kindness after hearing how sick she is and how her living arrangements make her so vulnerable

No. 727112

I'm watching "is this channel getting deleted" and she is blaming her rapid weight gain on her history of eating disorders and again saying that she is unable to heat healthy.

No. 727114

I personally think her ED is actually what made her fat and why she also will never loose the weight, can't gain a healthy relationship with food if you never get help, which we know she won't get.

No. 727149

>>726847 Why wouldn't she keep frequently making videos baiting that she's quitting? They're her most popular videos kek

No. 727181

Didn’t she say she had mild anorexia? And if I’m not mistaken she said it was for a very brief period (like 3-4 months.) Assuming that’s true she would have done damage but nothing she couldn’t recover from especially since her “issues ended around 19.” Tbh I just don’t think she’s ever had a healthy relationship with food; she’s always needed to point out “how fat the rest of her family is and how jealous of her they always have been/are,” makes it a point to tell EVERYONE and their mom “how teeny tiny she was,” and she’s not anymore, nor was she when she spoke about it, so I don’t understand the need to discuss it aside from her insecurities and/or the humble brag.

Not that anything Joy says is true but everything she says is in the past. She completely lives in the past. She spoke about when she “attended investigative journalism school,” which in the year and a half that she went to school for vocal training, I’d be hard pressed to find out when and how that happened; however to play devil’s advocate and presume she actually did that was over a decade ago and she constantly talks about all of her “marketing expertise” (i.e., handing out hostess cupcakes, Twinkie’s, and Ho Ho’s etc.,) and again that was years ago. All of her vocal experience- everything, even her “modeling” err TFCD legit everything is in the past! There isn’t anything she can discuss within the past near decade except re: current day how “she’s such a hot hot topic” and a “huge YouTuber,maybe not on the level of Pewdiepie but a hot topic nonetheless,” I mean ffs the delusions are strong with this Joybi-Wan Kenobi. How does she do it and can the sensai teach me how to live in a delusional bubble too?

Sage for what the effin f?

No. 727198

Video one of the day. Bitchute link

No. 727204

File: 1541457962846.png (32.65 KB, 775x159, ouchie.png)

More harassers everyday, don't they know what she's been through sigh

No. 727211

I'm about fifteen minutes in and this video is hilarious. She called memorie holliday a cunt for liking a tweet from maya.

No. 727223

File: 1541460963521.png (64.79 KB, 788x428, returnofthecunt.png)

The elusive Erin, one of the original JoyTard inner circle returns.
Kati can't make the content she wants because… someone said something mean on twitter and then other people liked it

No. 727246

File: 1541463979524.png (43.31 KB, 782x227, erinbecrazy.png)

Kati is under major stress if she's dragged Erin out of the bunker.
How deluded do you have to be to not see Kati brings it all on herself.
She thrives on hate, she encourages hate, she's failing because she's being ignored.
Without someone to feud with Kati has nothing

No. 727265

Are you retarded or seriously just unaware of asexuality? Some very serious reaching confirmed.

The only ED she has is fibromylupus caused by heavy metal poisoning. She got fat by eating like shit and sitting on the couch all day every day, not really a mystery.

Is Erin a sock-puppet?

No. 727276

File: 1541467012854.jpg (57.96 KB, 696x596, tweets.jpg)


No. 727332

I've heard from someone close to her (not outting them) that she at least wasn't eatting right thru her 20s, I don't believe it was a full blown ED but I agree on the unhealthy relationship, as well as her stories having a bit of truth. I also kinda believe her mom wasn't the best, I don't believe she was physically abusive or that is was near as bad as she says, but narcissist are made just like onision and momma onion. With mom and daughter narcissist looks and weight play a big role so I really wouldn't be surprised.

No. 727370

File: 1541481521581.png (456.89 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-11-06-00-16-31…)

She posted this an hour ago.
I haven't seen the cancer comment yet.

No. 727384

File: 1541484097531.jpeg (26.56 KB, 236x245, EEA680D5-6D38-4398-B386-BFB07D…)

What in fudge is she going on about so many females (kinda implying she’s in that same group without directly saying it) having cancer? I’m been left completely unawares of this cancer epidemic; someone please give me the #FACTS

No. 727416

>I had SUPER amounts of cancer
What does that even mean…..

No. 727424

hahaha I wish for a banner to be made out of this quote

No. 727434

Yeah, I agree.
What does that mean?

No. 727446

File: 1541502331823.gif (151.99 KB, 300x100, 807A7452-D836-433F-AFAC-086423…)

Your wish is my command anon.

*Sorry for the shitty gif, had to do it on my phone at 10%

No. 727454

She was being sarcastic about the fact her “HaRaSsErS” always say she cured cancer with oregano or whatever. I’m assuming the context would be in the original comment or somewhere in that thread and she thinks she’s making fun of them.

No. 727475


The projection is strong in this one.

Everything she accused Kati's 'haters' of can easily apply to Kati, herself (you don't get that many people calling her out on her BS and all of them are wrong).

Erin needs to pull her head of of Kati's ass and pay more attention to what her buddy is actually doing.


If it's the same woman I'm thinking about; no - Erin is a real person, not a sock. She's partaken in some past chatstreams with that llama dude (can't recall his name) and coppercab.

No. 727493

File: 1541517501043.jpg (174.65 KB, 1920x1080, stupidlies.jpg)

In recent videos, including one about having to visit the ER she's complained about her serious asthma issues, that she's had since she was a child. The medical records she showed to JF say different

No. 727518

File: 1541520756271.png (196.67 KB, 625x594, stuffing.png)

No doubt Kati will reply to Repzion's question with two or more hour long video rants.

No. 727538

Family-anons did confirm that she had asthma as a child. I’m not sure how bad it was though

No. 727539

These days it's super serious asthma she needs regular steroid shots for and has always needed so she's used to it

No. 727578

"MundaneMatt buying subs"
Wasn't she the one who bought subs?

No. 727585

I’m a bit confused. Did she get diagnosed with a clindamycin and penicillin allergy on the same day (02-23-18) ?
If so why was she given both those drugs at the same time? Patients are usually given penicillin first, then if they have an allergic reaction or adverse side effects, they’re given clindamycin as an alternative. I guess… unless she was allergic to both?

No. 727596

It's the date that facility became aware of her allergy. So, if they gave them prior, they didn't know. If they give them after that date, they're liable for the outcome. That was back when she was doctor shopping so she's shown multiple screen shots of her "diagnosis" (except that they're complaints) and they have different dates on the allergies, showing that she was contacting different providers.

No. 727652

File: 1541535206795.png (104.87 KB, 761x499, preach.png)

once again Kati has destroyed her own channel with her crusade to be seen as a victim when all she is a foul mouthed mentally ill cunt

No. 727654

File: 1541535510482.png (618.95 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-11-06-15-13-36…)

I went back in for cancer comments and found this.

No. 727657

File: 1541535554453.png (603.66 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-11-06-15-13-58…)

No. 727665

File: 1541536445013.png (563.73 KB, 1080x1550, 20181106_152751.png)

Katie has said numerous times
@ me on bitchute. I'm uploading videos there."I think the link is in the description".
Many fans have searched to no avail. It's a curious case of bullshit.

No. 727666

The comments on the video she posted a little while ago seem to be full of supporters expressing their frustration. She can’t afford to ignore the feedback of her few remaining supporters.
As per usual she is putting the nail in her own coffin.

No. 727672

I'm watching the new video she just claimed that mundane matt raped a girl at knifepoint?

No. 727679

Yes. Mr metokur has said it before. There is of course absolutely no evidence of it, not that that would ever stop Kati from spreading it around. The woman in question was naturally doxed and contacted by metokur's sweetie squad of idiots who will take anything and everything offline. She denies the alleged event ever happened and had nothing bad to say about Mundane Matt, much to the chagrin of the meto-tards who were sure they could now go around calling him a rapist.
Kati of course isn't aware of this tried-and-failed drama because she doesn't actually watch anyone else's videos or pay any attention to facts and false accusations.

I'm speculating but I think she probably skips through the 2-3 minute videos that tea clips posts and calls that research. That's the only explanation I can come up with as to why she latches on to drama that people stopped caring about months ago and still gets it totally wrong.

No. 727697

Even watching a video for 2 to 3 minutes sounds like too much work for our fair lady of the couch of Frito Lay.

No. 727717

Thou art a veritable genius amongst us mere farmers. Keep doing the Lord’s work and in the name of Satan I repel Joy! Err…

No. 727746

Video one of the day. Bitchute link

No. 727754

The comments on her new video are gold.
Everyone sees how mentally ill she is.

Bravo Kati, you destroyed your own channel within 2 months.

Your brand is Toxic, your real name is ruined.
You did all of this all by yourself, bravo, seriously… bravo!

No. 727801

File: 1541559363355.png (358.98 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-11-06-21-54-24…)

Kicking legs on twitter

No. 727805

She's so delusional it's scary.
She needs to read through the comments on her latest video.
Can all these people be wrong or will they all be put on the harasser list?

No. 727846

File: 1541567631030.gif (3.42 MB, 480x268, BF2A79BE-A6E6-4BFE-B9A6-E6C331…)

Father Karras: The power of christ compels you! Demon! What is your name?! Tell me your name demon!!!
Joy: NEVAR HATER, your mother sucks cocks in hell!
Farher Karras: Tell me your name demon! The power of Christ compels you to tell me your name!!! What is your name demon?!
Joy: [spastic triggered flailing] IT BURNS!
Father Karras: I demand you to tell me your name, you vile beast from hell!
Joy: J-j-joy s-s-parkles buh-b-bs
Father Karras: CHRIST COMP…. oh wait… joy sparkles? ….you’re still possessed? Did the multivitamins not work?
Joy: [makes 5-part yt video series on how a priest official acknowledged that she was possessed with super cancer #proof #facts #evidence #repzion #onision #cancer #supercancer #mundanematt #mundanematt boulders #priest #exorcist #healing #priesthealing #repzions girlfriend #takethathaters #repzion starwars]

No. 727892

That's hilarious.

No. 728132

Video one of the day. Bitchute link

No. 728137

The double down and continuing quest for victim status

No. 728261

File: 1541627238311.png (4.12 MB, 2436x1125, 4788B6EA-807C-4385-9E50-B57F15…)

Quasimodo in the flesh.

No. 728336

Fucks sake. You suck and were told abt this

No. 728352

I can't do another hour of her. I still haven't gotten rid of the migraine from the last video.
If Summary Anon will post, I will bitcoin enough for a large bottle of Johnny Walker blue.

No. 728408

If you are referring to the anon that was put out to pasture for a picture above.
I am that anon and I did not post that.My posts have a meaning behind them.And it's never about weight.So you know.

And I don't just post on a whim.

Tisk tisk

No. 728480

File: 1541645241067.png (314.95 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-11-07-20-45-16…)

No. 728481

File: 1541645268470.png (307.79 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-11-07-20-45-10…)

No. 728483

Maybe she just forgot

No. 728491

File: 1541647458703.jpg (113.75 KB, 728x564, wtf.jpg)

I can't keep up with her lies anymore

No. 728497

Keep your sheckles anon and take a shot for me. I used a free transcriber and it took forever to convert and the replacement words and [SMACK] noises make the transcription so much more entertaining.


No. 728579

Dear Lord may Our Lady Of The Infused Couch Of Cheesie Poofs And Frito Lay bless you my child.

No. 728593

don't post here maya, i can tell its you by the terrible spelling and the fact that you're the only one who thinks you had any kind of "modelling career" stop shilling your dead page for once

No. 728647

File: 1541678726191.png (23.88 KB, 748x141, Onisheon.png)

Kati hits the career high, she has surpassed Onision and become the new OniSheon Queen

No. 728660


Reading that capture, I recall sometime back asking Kati supporters what they're doing when listening to Kati's diatribe - and they admitted they're usually doing something else (errands, browsing the net, etc) as she rambles on about whatever bug crawled up her butt that day.

I sincerely wonder how eager her more supportive fans would be to defend her if they actually stopped whatever it was they were doing and paid full attention to what she was saying in every video - seeing she does nothing but repeat herself several times over in every 20+ minute video, and every video is a repeat of a previous video. It gets old, insanely fast, when you're paying attention.

No. 728666

File: 1541682984866.png (25.92 KB, 706x167, TooLate.png)

OniSheOn could well have legal problems if Matt wants to defend himself.
She's stated very clearly as fact Matt "attempted to rape a girl at knife point" in a video.

This could be her biggest fuck up to date

No. 728669

Fucking ex-joytards. It's like listening to Richard Stiles again.

No. 728698

I shake my damn head at humanity when people like Joy Sparkle and Jerry Peet can still continue to have fans and followers that will take up for them in spite of overwhelming mountains of evidence, examples and documented proof of what horrible, monstrous human beings they are.

No. 728727

Andywarski and Geek are calling Joy a fat cow on livestream right now. Didn't she consider his channel her channel?

No. 728744



No. 728748

Stream is still live, she was mentioned in passing.
Not sure why it's been posted.
They said "Joy is irrelevant and she treats the food court like a buffet"

No. 728766

For future reference, somewhere around the 30-35 minute mark.

Because Andy is openly talking shit on a woman who has claimed to be his bff? Posted it when they were still riffing about how fat she is, thought they might go on a bit longer.

No. 728769

It must chap Kati's hide that her old butt plug has found a new ass to snuggle up into and is now getting 1k+ viewers daily and he likely earns twice what her monthly ad$ense is on a weekly basis. And, she can't say squat about it or all those nudes she and her joytards sent him will start leaking out onto the Internet.

No. 728803

Video one of the day. Bitchute link

No. 728945

File: 1541720991397.png (29.95 KB, 719x240, shortbus.png)

kati's fan are just so special

No. 729023

File: 1541729927374.png (283.94 KB, 387x937, blame the estrogen not the twi…)

It was the estrogen all along!

No. 729240

It's not impossible, just be woman enough to admit that you aren't willing to put in a realistic amount of effort. Fat shit.

No. 729448


I would love to see what studies she's read to validate that BS claim that men can drop weight without difficulty, are somehow immune to serious ailments and are never exposed to 'toxic crap'.

No. 729474

Men don't eat food or drink water like real people, anon. They leech energy off of womenfolk to sustain themselves. And then the womenfolk get so sapped of energy that they can't move off of the couch anymore or prepare any food other than Fritos, so they can't lose weight. It's just impossible

No. 729606

Video one of the day. Bitchute link

No. 729764

Something called the Snatch Cast looks like they will be dedicating a stream to her in a few hours. Could be interesting, but saging in case it turns out to be shit. At least she will probably be in the chat sperging out at them.

No. 729798

That's the CuntStream. That video clip Kati used of Memory Holiday saying she'd blocked Kati on Twitter was from a CuntStream livestream.

No. 729926

If they talked about her can someone provide a rough time stamp?

No. 729955

They start right around the beginning. Maybe 10 minutes in? They're just watching her video and commentating on it.

No. 730001

Watched on double speed so I may have missed some of it, times are approximate
12:30 - start talking about why they're streaming about Joy
15:15 - pull up Joy's video against Jeff and Memorie, they roast her for a while
22:40 - Joy accuses them of being down with Based Mama, they rebut
39:00 - some clueless idiot on the stream accuses Joy of having a "great singing voice" without a hint of sarcasm
53:00 - Meatloaf jokes that nobody even pretends to laugh at, but it was funny because it was so awkward
They keep watching her video and roasting her up until the 2 hour mark, when they finally finish it. Some other points:
- she's fat, she's Billy the Fridge meets Meatloaf
- she looks like she's wearing adult diapers
- she's really fucking fat
- they think she's in her late 20's
- she's so so tubby and a crazy cunt
After that, they talk about how fat Failure is and mention how they think making fun of Joy will push her to her lose weight, but mostly about how fat Failure is.

No. 730014


So in summary "She a lying crazy fat cunt"

No. 730022

So the whole rant from Kati was because Memorie liked a tweet where Repzion's (20 Year old) Girlfriend called her fat. Yet Kati has said on multiple videos people can say anything they like about her weight, it doesn't bother her and the haters/harassers just make her laugh.

Kati, time for you to watch your own rants back so you can remember what you've said

(saged for trying to worked out this mind fuck)

No. 730061

I have been keeping up with this dumpster fire for a very long time now. Her video yesterday was the first time I heard her mention that she used to do stand up comedy. Does anyone else recall her adding that to her long list of professorial accomplishments? She thinks she is so much funnier than she actually is. Not for a second do I believe that she was a stand up comedian (maybe for a couple New Agers in a cult meeting) but if so I would have LOVED to have been there for that cringefest. Next week maybe we will get the story time of how she was also the pilot that flew her touring group from country to country. I'm sure she flew a plane several times, as she was practicing to fly just with her body as she said she wanted to on that call in radio show. She probably delivered a couple babies also while she was flying the plane and talking on the phone with her several different million dollar marketing customers.

No. 730077

>Her video yesterday was the first time I heard her mention that she used to do stand up comedy. Does anyone else recall her adding that to her long list of professorial accomplishments?

I think your AutoCorrect substituted 'professorial' for 'professional,' but sadly I do remember her mentioning it before. 6 Sept 2018, thread 18, first I heard. See below:

>>683412 - YouNow video (Bitchute link) in which she mentions it

>>683451 - reference by another anon asked roughly the same question you did about her list of accomplishments.

No. 730230

Stand up comedian? Maybe that's how her singing was categorized?

No. 730377


Old ass anon here, started about thread #6. I don't recall her ever mentioning this last year which is when I paid the closest attention to her insane drama. This is definitely a new lie.

Given she has a terrible sense of humor (semen and buttholes are the height of her intellectual humor) and no sense of timing, this is pretty goddamn unlikely.


Welp, there you go. She DID claim to have previous experience in comedy. I admit I don't watch most anything she uploads anymore as her voice & mannerisms are migraine inducing. You would think she would have mentioned this former experience in "Comedy" at the height of the poo baby controversy where she spent 3 to 4 days streaming almost nonstop in an attempt to convince the audience THEY were wrong, not almost a year after the fact.

No. 730419

Hello, fellow oldfag! I got dragged into this mess about Thread 4. I've been lurking of late, but used to contribute transcriptions and time stamps. May rejoin the fray; at least transcriptions are searchable in future…

>You would think she would have mentioned this former experience in "Comedy" at the height of the poo baby controversy

I'm sure she would have… had she thought of it then…

No. 730421

She /did/ claim to be a stand up comedian waaay in the beginning, too.

No. 730431


Actually, allow me to revise. I can't delete the post anymore. She did claim way in the beginning to HAVE DONE stand up comedy, not that she was a stand up comedian. There. That's more accurate. Sorry about that.

No. 730469

No worries, Anon. I'm sifting through previous threads to find incidents of her comic genius, but so far they're limited to her ghastly 'X Betrayed Me' series with Cy, Mikenactor and Shrubtime and that time she wore a lobotomy bandage and rambled about her sexual irresistibility, much to the amusement of her loyal followers…

No. 730521

File: 1541957955430.jpg (1.19 MB, 1080x1774, InkedapqWzm7r_LI.jpg)

Here's the sympathy grab.
Roommate will be wanting to spend Thanksgiving with his family, his family hate her. She tried the 'I'm ill' to keep him with her last year. What better than to make the dog ill feeding it week old pizza crusts found in the filth littered around the apartment.

Or it's all bullshit because her channel is going down in flames.

No. 730536

File: 1541959895135.jpg (72.78 KB, 696x564, Geek2.jpg)

Could be an interesting show down if Kati has the balls to take on Geek and this is about her

No. 730538

File: 1541964881585.jpg (92.19 KB, 794x604, leavingnot.jpg)

She's leaving (again), sort of, not really but officially and it's not satire or clickbait.

No. 730540

Dammit bitch no one can miss you if you don't fuckin leave.

No. 730541

Video one of the day. Bitchute link

No. 730543

>>730521 The dogs got heavy metal poisoning from canned dog food!!
As documented in todays video

No. 730591

No. 730599

The poor dog is that sick and no one is taking her to the vet/24 hour clinic to make sure she is ok? That is cruel. Dogs don't just throw up every 2 hrs for no reason. I don't care if roommate is being nice while the dog is throwing up. The dog needs to get to the vet and get some help.

No. 730601

Kati knows what's wrong, she says in her video today the dog has heavy metal poisoning from eating canned dog food. Roommate is now cooking the dogs chicken and rice twice a day

No. 730602

File: 1541972758061.png (43.11 KB, 776x238, doggo.png)

Help is on the way

No. 730618


The dog barks to be let out so it can be sick?

I didn't know dogs were that particular where they vomited.

No. 730630

Amazing Joy has issues so unique that it took them years to diagnose and figure out, but somehow she has found a dog that is also getting her same ailments. I agree with this comment, what is happening while dom is gone? Sounds like the munchie has turned munchie by proxy, thank God she doesn't have kids!

No. 730655

She's deliberately sabotaging her channel. But why? Is it out of frustration? Is it so room mate doesn't think she has a way to make income? Is it because she knows she can't stay away though she knows she should? idk.

No. 730669

I’ve always thought she cares more about entertaining her haters than her own fans.

No. 730670

File: 1541978870120.jpg (468.01 KB, 1080x1920, 20181111_162545.jpg)

I wonder if this has anything to do with her leaving. Geek probably knows some shit about her she doesn't want out there.

No. 730697

File: 1541982841647.png (298.01 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-11-11-19-31-02…)

No. 730710

"You Know what you've done"

Oh sounds like something juicy, do tell Kati, do tell

No. 730772

Warski and Geek ripped into Kati joking about her weight on The Killstream this evening.
They'll be talking about her on Andy's WarPath stream tomorrow they said.
Sounds like Kati could have a huge problem. There's not much hope of Tonka coming to her rescue not now TommyC is his best buddy.

kati, run, hide, it's over!

No. 730791

Time stamp?

No. 730812

Find me an archive and I'll timestamp, it was during the wrap up

No. 730868

Do you mean this ?

No. 730883

sounds like nothing but fatso trying to imply there is something there

No. 730926

No, that was Saturday, this was the Sunday stream

No. 730950

It's just a quick back and forth about Kati being a fat whale and that Warski is "going in on her" today (Nov 12th) at 11:30am EST on Warski Live. It's at the very end of their WarStream last night in the "final thoughts" section right before Ralph goes "Alright, it's just me now" Sorry, don't have a timestamp and the archive of the stream on stream.me seems to have cut off before the actual end of the stream.

No. 730952

No. 731071

Clip from Warski live today. Warski and Geekthulu talking about kati.
Bitchute link. https://www.bitchute.com/video/15QuOhHFWwrS/

No. 731214

Final Kati's slanderous lies are exposed.

No. 731235

File: 1542074743811.jpg (506.87 KB, 3330x1510, Untitled.jpg)

Kati said Keenstar liked her?
Did they fall out?
Are they not BFFs anymore?
At least Keemstar heard the truth about Phil not being a pedo

Will Kati go after Keem now?

No. 731240

Oh no. Now Kati wont take her earnings and buy Keem a Christmas gift like she said she was going to do last year.

No. 731257


Lol. Happy memories from thread 14.

No. 731259

So, geek is claiming nudes from three women, SoSoSophie, DeniseH, and Irate Puffin. He named SoSoSophie in this clip and named Denise and IratePuffin before.

Honestly, I could believe Geek chasing young boys from what I saw in his old discord, but not young girls. So this might be poisoning the well attempt by Geek. If Kati has something, I hope she does put it out there.

Not sure what community she could climb up into now. Anti-Onisions are tired of her, she's blown out the whole skeptic side of the Youtubes, DramaAlert doesn't look good any more, and the makeup drama community would probably steer clear of her too. Guess, she's a natural fit for the munchies and the BBW types.

No. 731263


She still have Tonka?
But that looks less likely with Tonka being so friendly with TommyC these days.
Tonka won't have her anywhere near the Kumite, she's far too toxic

No. 731269

These are not young girls. They are middle aged women. From what I hear, geek was the only penis in a group of dysfunctional, possibly menopausal women, who were eager to impress the 'bad boy'. It's revolting and sad. But we aren't dealing with especially healthy minded people here.

No. 731280

They’re all in their 30s at least so I don’t know why people are saying things about Geek. Not that I’m not one to defend him but if these bitches were dumb enough to slide nudes in his DM’s well then they’re dumb fucks.

Saged for why df would you ever send your nudes to someone on SM like how retarded are you?

No. 731302

Nudes should be the least of their problems, people post their nudes and semi nudes on their twitters ffs. Who cares. I’m more inclined to think that it goes deeper perhaps some back stabbing and such that they don’t want to have shown and I say this because of some dms I saw on twitter seems Kati’s ride or die chicks were consorting with her so called harrassers

No. 731307

I saw the dms between VHS Archive and Denise pointing out what a liar Denise is (shock and horror) was that part of some soopah spechell ghey ops that blew up in their face or was Denise off the reservation.

(saged for spergs fucking up with harassers)

No. 731308

The average age of menopause is 52.

No. 731313

The name Janae has come up a couple of times too.
Anything known about her?
I checked the spergleberry thread but nothing there?

No. 731351

She didn’t say the dogs had heavy metal poisoning. She said they stopped feeding them canned food in part because of the aluminum.

It’s not a big deal. Just wanted to correct you because that’s the type of “conspiracy theory” she loves to brag about.

No. 731379

Sounds like you’re going through it

No. 731458

Unless I’m misunderstanding, it sure seemed like she was implying that she thinks the dog is sick because of the heavy metals from canned dog food. Seeing as how she brought it up right after saying the dog is sick.

No. 731512

In her last video. Where she’s leaving YouTube again. Did anyone point out what happened at 38:23? It actually scared the crap out of me, and others noticed it too. What the heck was that?

No. 731516


Probably setting the stage for her next "mystery diagnosis" that "causes Tourette's" would be my best guess.

No. 731525

File: 1542125728375.jpg (278.41 KB, 1440x1943, IMG_20181113_091508.jpg)

But then she forgot that she said they don't feed the dog canned food anymore.

No. 731527

File: 1542126137185.jpg (539.18 KB, 3330x1510, chatlol.jpg)

The 'darling of YouTube' has fallen so low

No. 731529

She’s such an idiot. I imagine they had just discussed no longer using canned food and she decided to act like they’ve been doing that for awhile to show how good she is to her dogs.
She doesn’t have to give them canned food or cooked food. She didn’t need to share what type of food they eat. I’ll never understand why she volunteers so much information that just opens her up to scrutiny. It’s like she can’t help herself

No. 731550

Cuz she loves hearing herself talk and loves it so much she can’t keep up with her lies… it’s beautiful!

No. 731578

Wow donkasaw still running with misinformation about ages and protecting the bloated lady of the couch. Bitchute link.

No. 731580

Geek also ran with some special olympic qualifying guys on his discord, so it wasn't like he was the only dick the ladies could have sent nudes too. Given his need to run gay ops to fish for dick pics from male youtubers, he seems like a pathetic loser with a very sad sex life. Sounds about right for pistol whipping Puffin and Russian catfished Denise. These two harpies are used to men ghosting them after the first date so why wouldn't Geek involve himself in revenge porn on top of that?

No. 731769


Does this link work?
I can't get there.
Thanks for info.

No. 731776

I wonder if you would please post said DMS in the spergle thread?
If poss Thx

No. 731795

File: 1542158744236.jpg (137.96 KB, 663x506, fuckyoukati.jpg)

I think that's a fuck you from Repzion

No. 731798

>>731795 now she will make 2 videos talking about repzion

No. 731958

File: 1542194909423.png (141.52 KB, 1273x804, PoisonDwarfKati.png)

She has content for hours of videos responding to her comments section.
It's astounding how quickly she's killed her channel by showing her true nature

No. 731974

This is a tribute to Kati by one of her biggest stans Erik.
A new lolcow is born

No. 731980

Wtf did I just hear? Sounds like onion and Chris chan had a kid

No. 731996

File: 1542205361577.jpg (120.89 KB, 1080x1092, tonedeafKatifucker.jpg)

Sometimes Twitter knows best LOL

How will Kati respond… They could do a duet, Islands in the SCREAM!

No. 732047

I felt genuinely conflicted while watching this. I really don’t know if I found it hilarious or depressing.

No. 732051

A new Chris Chan?

No. 732172

She's just a bad actress. That was her saying "I just don't want to 'be on' and force it, it's just not me" and was attempting to emphasize "be on" vocally and visually… only it came off as just plain stupid. That's not a tick or anything even remotely close. Just good old fashioned bad acting.

No. 732198

I’m glad someone finally addressed this. There’s multiple comments on that video about that moment but to me it was clear what she was doing. It wasn’t some kind of tick… it was just old joy making an ass of herself. She acted “on” while saying “be on”
There are so many accurate things that you can say about her antics. I do not see a need to go fishing for nonsense like this.

No. 732202

God she’s terrible; there’s the fake illnesses (cuz I know when I have chronic diarrhea I can easily do a 5 hr stream without any cramping, no sore b-hole, and I never have to get up once kek.) We can’t forget the fake Cuz thing (and man her parents should’ve just burned the money they spent on her “acting school” cuz the result would stay the same,) and then the hilarious “fight” with Mikenactor. We also can’t forget her abilities to have panic attacks and control them so no one knows and her fake crying re: everything and JFC Joy either leave or stay but just go with one ffs! I guess that tea Geek’s got on you is piping hot huh? Your super special psyops didn’t work out with your “intention?” I’m shocked

Saged cuz Joy can’t act her way out of a cardboard box.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 732367

Can anyone timestamp this?? I know beyond is at around 38:21 but not this nugget. Thanks in advance if so!!

No. 732384

It was “I don’t want to force it. I don’t want to beYOND force it”. I get what you’re saying and how we really should probably just chalk it up to her usual need to over dramatize her speech constantly…but the more I watch that moment the more it creeps me out. It looks so involuntary, especially how different her face and tone are immediately following her strange outburst.

No. 732420

Leaving YouTube clickbait is a thing.
Memology 101

No. 732424

I think you are just watching it too much.
She is definitely highlighting the "be on". It's just very fast, an aside that didn't even give her pause. Just an exclamation.
Please do not give her room for another diagnosis.
If you do we will see her begin to 'tic' in future videos. :)

No. 732434

I am in complete agreement.
It's not a tick or Tourette's ffs
BE ON. That's all it was, it was her emphasizing for dramatic effect.
So basically it was just her speaking as she normally does.
When I got here and I saw all of the comments about these two words I was disappointed in my comrades. Anons, please get a grip.

No. 732471

File: 1542280193546.png (89.36 KB, 883x753, resetBitch.png)

Biggest view reset for a while or a video has been deleted

No. 732479

Haven't seen resets like she has on other channels. Won't the algorithm see this constant resetting and blacklist the channel?
There's something in the YT TOS about artificial traffic and terminating accounts

No. 732485

Can we all just appreciate for a second
>I literally hope you have a disease that makes you shut the fuck up

No. 732488

File: 1542285206583.jpg (114.23 KB, 794x564, erinUcunt.jpg)

Long term JoyTard Erin is like Kati and don't know when to STFU LOL

You are meant to help, not help bury her!

No. 732679


Spot on, Anon. It's like Erin is Norman….

No. 732849

Youtube doesn't usually terminate accounts when it is something anyone can do. For example when the mysterious female bought Matt subs if Youtube deleted his account for it then people would just buy views/subs for people to get their accounts taken down.

People have tried to explain to Joy and her fans that Youtube would take away views when they do stupid shit like watch ads when they see troll comments or play the videos over and over again. Youtube has ways of seeing quality views vs view manipulation not only for themselves but also for advertisers. I recently seen a article in the NYT about buying views and I know they contacted youtube for a response so it probably will just get stricter as time goes on. Joy has already fucked her channel with her insane 5 comment responses and having her stans follow suit. Youtube is constantly running programs to find shit like that. Joy fucked herself playing games. It makes me wonder how much of her original channel was bought subs/views or her early fans trying to fuck the system in place. Because of people like her Youtube doesn't release their specific algorithms and they get changed often to keep people from artificial growth.

No. 732878

To think Kati used to consider Geek and Andy Warski friends. What's the saying be judged by the company you keep and all that.

No. 732998

Corrie drags Katie

No. 733021


Donka is a butt hurt idiot now.He sounded loony in that clip.
Oh for the salad days when he was but an anonymous cartoon with a deep voice.

DONKA is a Catfish imo

No. 733022


Donka is a butt hurt idiot now.He sounded loony in that clip.
Oh for the salad days when he was but an anonymous cartoon with a deep voice.

DONKA is a Catfish imo

No. 733340

>>721485 The fingers of her right hand are yellow. No money but she smokes?

No. 733355

This is absolutely appalling. I can't believe that I was once a fan of warski. (sorry off topic but jeez)

No. 733360

They weren't just friends. Geek spearheaded her redemption campaign getting her on The Kumite with Tonka. Convincing Tonka he had medical knowlege and the complaints list on her medical records was proof she suffered/was suffering, from those illnesses. Geek got her on Warski Live. All of them have turned out to be liars and vile cunts

No. 733404

Lol no fucking chance does she smoke.

How is it not overwhelmingly agreed that this woman doesn’t smoke, drink, or do drugs (at least not opioids) yet?? Jesus.

No. 733591

or Cheetos dust and she couldn't be arsed to wash her grimy hands.

No. 733595


As mentioned before, it is just crisp dust.

If she was a smoker, there is no way she would be able to stream for multiple hours without having a ciggie.

BTW, cigarette/nicotine addiction is one of the toughest things to beat.

Lack of money does NOT mean you instantly become worthless for having an incredibly difficult addiction.

Poor shaming is not a good look.

Just my opinion.

P.S. There was no need to ban me for typing a colon followed by a parentheses. You could have simply told me that it was not allowed. Sheesh.

No. 733655

>If she was a smoker, there is no way she would be able to stream for multiple hours without having a ciggie.

lmao what …

No-one cares that you're a poorfag who has to fish ciggy butts out of the gutter.

P.S. you could have simply read the rules.

No. 734186

File: 1542550966816.png (52.48 KB, 794x489, triggeredFatBitch.png)

The comments on her last video are relentless.

No. 734783

File: 1542647485667.jpg (350.5 KB, 1080x1080, 20181119_100708.jpg)

Deleting her shit again?

No. 734803

Repzion has a video being released soon. 2 hrs long?!?!?
This will be kati repeating history. Remember her leaving and coming back again before his first video?
If, and that's a big IF, his video is about her and does a better job than the first one that tweet gives her the "I was leaving anyway" excuse to run and hide from any backlash

No. 734840

>>734803 definitely a big if. His last effort was pathetic. He had a wealth of information, with receipts, that he could have mined from the earlier threads. Instead he focused on lame bullshit that gave her an easy out.

That was when she was leeching more money from more people and ruining the lives of abused kids on a bigger platform. Aanything he might come up with now is too little too late, heifer has buried herself at this point.

He's probably just winding her up anyway.

No. 734992

File: 1542672332290.jpg (152.5 KB, 1080x1472, iFApbJ_o.jpg)

kati appears to have forgotten how to hit deactivate like she did the last time.
Just fucking go you fat fucking beast

No. 735853

File: 1542822799116.png (317.62 KB, 965x597, KatiIsDoomed.png)

It's happening… SOON!

No. 735889

Is this real?

No. 735896

File: 1542827794913.jpg (157.82 KB, 606x324, youtubesucks.jpg)

Very real. As soon as Repzion gets copyright claims sorted it will be live

No. 735897


I'm fairly certain this time around he's not going to hold back. Kati made a big mistake going after his girlfriend. I get the sense he's going to address way more of her bullshit this time around, and hopefully it proves to be the final nail in this whale's very large coffin.

No. 735898

File: 1542828267218.jpg (110.66 KB, 628x310, DeadTurkey.jpg)

He sounds like he means business with his latest tweet

No. 735903

Yay! It seemed too good to be true for a second.

No. 735923


If everyone could stop creaming their pants over this autist until he actually produces something, that'd be great.

Last time was hype hype hype for ages and then it was pathetic. And that was when she still had some sort of brand. Now she has a dead channel and a tiny viewership, and he's left this for how long after their last little tiff? This is like watching Shoeonhead 'dunking on TERFs'.

No. 735925

Sheesh. Sorry for being excited.

No. 735945

I'm already embarrassed for all parties involved in this. Jesus fucking christ, irrelevant cows going back and forth about worse… meanwhile nobody actually cares about either of them…


No. 735946

>meanwhile nobody actually cares about either of them

Oh, I dunno, I wish I could weld like Repzion. That's a skill and an art.

No. 735951

I mean to each their own and sorry for OT but, as a welder, you're kinda just… making a puddle then dragging it around. A 1 eyed monkey could do it.

No. 735954

Um, which is why they get paid so much? Welding is not just dragging around a puddle. My dad is a welder and being able to stick weld takes a lot of skill, especially pipe welding. That's what my dad does, it is not easy. Maybe sitting around on your ass working in a weld shop, but having seen what my dad does for work, there is a reason they're in such high demand. Welding takes skill and is an art.

I'm excited for his video on Joy. Someone with his size audience puts Joy on the run just like she did last time deleting her channel. It's only a matter of time before she does the same thing again.

No. 735955

As a welder, you should know you are adding metal into that puddle not dragging it around. It's one-eyed monkeys like you that give me more work fixing their awful work. You should really try telling that to the guy who welded the nuclear power station that runs the power in your house, I am sure you wouldn't want a one-eyed monkey doing that job. SMH

No. 735957

ok guys. some of you have a hate boner for rep and welding is a craft. i know shit isn't happening now but let's not muddy the thread with off topic bickering about off topic shit.

No. 735958


THIS. Honestly that sounds like something Joy or her joytards would say in attempt to dismiss someones job choice that is successful.

No. 735964

Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

Every time I post on this board you people accuse me of being someone else. I am still Transcription Anon from thread 1 and it was just my opinion as someone who did welding all thro high school. I'm sooo sorry that you for some reason took it as a personal jab against your daddy,but I was just speaking from my own perspective. /My/ opinion. We used to be able to post those here without everyone losing their minds. It's like if we're not here screeching about someone being sued or I guess "taking kati down" (how much further can she go?) y'all swoop in and shut it down. I only said it because his welding doesn't save him from being irrelevant and since I would, I don't find it impressive. That's it guys, has nothing to do with hate boners or white knighting, it's just a different perspective.

Remember when we were able to have fun on here? Jeez guys the milk evaporated over a year ago, I figured you people would have relaxed a little by now.

Sage for in-thread bullshit

No. 735972

Wow. Sorry, everybody. Welder Anon here. All I meant to say was that, in spite of what we think of his career as a YouTube commentator, he had the gumption and talent to become a professional welder. (And it is a skill - I'm a pretty handy guy all around, but a lousy welder who'd love to be better.) This should be noted if only for all of Joy's shrieking about her critics needing to get a life outside YouTube: here's a guy who took his qualification in welding and has a girlfriend and STILL can criticise her, so if that doesn't count…

Sorry to cause a derailment, but I'm with Transcription Anon here. You can still carry a YouTube hate boner if you must, but wow, don't knock real accomplishment. Everybody take a drink and let's move on.("male here")

No. 736002

That is a great point though. Guess I misunderstood you. I don't watch Rep so I don't know, I just meant that in my own personal experience it seems that once guys get over the fear of getting burned/shocked/dripped on, it's not too bad a skill to pick up. Didn't mean to cause a panic lol or offend, it was just a bit of hyperbole. But yeah, I agree 100%.

As usual Kunty Kati is blissfully unaware that she's the joke in all this, and probably always will be. (Since she's still on Twitter, channel still active) But I also gotta agree with >>735923 on this new expose video or whatever though. I can't muster the energy to care, like… she's no longer a """"threat"""" (to do5) really and I kinda just wanna call her fat and laugh, juvenile as that is. The story of JSBS is like a broken record at this point and everything always feels so Supah Ceral around her. I hope if anything he just takes the piss out of her for about 40 mins and calls it a day. Idk I'm over the wannabe Nancy Drew shit, these "this is going to ruin her!" type shit. What is there to ruin? I want someone like Metakour to do a video tbh. I just think it'd be a way more amusing experience. Again, to each their own- I'm just here for the keks.

Happy holidays people. Apologies again.

No. 736003

shut up about welding

No. 736018

>I want someone like Metakour to do a video tbh.

For me, that was what was most disappointing about Repzion's video: not only didn't he use all the material available (Jim generally does his homework), he didn't manage to be funny either. Maybe it's one of those Down the Rabbit Hole stories that can't be told properly until she's long since disappeared from view.

No. 736055

tbh she's really not worth the homework to do that in depth of research

No. 736204

>>736055 I'd hardly call merely having to skim earlier threads in depth homework. Believe it or not but these threads used to have standards, everything came with a receipt, or you got called out on your bullshit. He just had to pick which subject points he wanted, it was all there served up on a platter with a cherry on top.

He didn't bother, now he's doing it now at the whale has washed up on shore, beached and is taking her dying gasps, while she has what, three spergs left desperately trying to unbeach her fat ass.

What's the fucking point?

No. 736424

With you on all points, Anon. We'll have to see what Repzion comes up with (if anything) but you think there ought to be enough material for a comprehensive, well documented and inarguable video to cover the last two years of her idiocy in the twenty threads we've generated.

No. 736672

File: 1542949724113.png (84.87 KB, 898x613, Screenshot 2018-11-23 at 12.04…)

Looks like someone might be buying views…. hmm. Wish to hell I still had the screenshot where the 3682 views wasn't at last night. I'd have better milk to offer. Must be gearing up for Repzions release just in case??

No. 736703

Maybe she bought a few subs, too. It doesn’t make sense for her to get any new subs considering the fact that she’s been losing them every day and hasn’t released any new content.

No. 736886

No. 736908

15 minutes of content stretched into more than an hour of autism. Monetised + affiliate links but iHaD tO mAkE tHiS. And all of it at least a year late. All he needs is to reply like 5 or 6 times to half the comment section and he'll have made it as male-Joy.

No. 736912


It's not monetized on my end. I just finished it and though his response to her was excellent. He responded to like 5 videos of her all in one giant response, there is no way you could cover Joy's dealings in 15 mins.

I cannot wait to see her twitter meltdown

No. 736931

I hope Tommy C does a stream about this video. Remember that Keemtard defended both JSBS AND do5, and has a hate-rager for Tommy. This would be a perfect way to wrap up keemstar, joy sparkles and do5 all in one go.

Saged for daring to hope.

No. 736993

I have a weird feeling that she is going to ignore it, or only say it’s dumb on a tweet or two, but nothing this weekend. I hope to god we are really lucky and she reeeees real hard and has a melt down. One can only hope………

No. 736997

As if a person could ever do a 15 min vid on Joy. That is so unrealistic, with all the stuff she has pulled. I think his video was well put together. Even an hour and a half long video could not possibly cover it all. You have to explain the context of what was said and done, just so it makes sense. The girl is always all over the place. That’s why she seems to be able to squirm her way out of everything. She confuses the heck out of people and changes her stories all the time.

No. 737062

Reps video was good but he showed the first page of the tests results I am not sure why he didn't show her copper levels were normal in the same tests. It would have made his point a little better and I am sure the video with all the results is still up at daily motion.

No. 737235

This is her biggest crime. People who actually have invisible illnesses think shes "overcome""a rolemodel". She is just a faker. I hope this fellow finds some real friends. I cant make fun of him for reaching out.

No. 737446

File: 1543093552142.png (1.71 MB, 1125x2436, 8E579BBE-E8E2-4871-967C-368A63…)

This little boost in subs just doesn’t pass the common sense test.

No. 737637

File: 1543108164538.jpg (947.97 KB, 1080x2361, Screenshot_20181124-180644_Twi…)

The lady of the couch has awoken and claims to not care about Repzion's video. We all know she watched it and lost her shit over it.

No. 737726

Can someone transcribe or at least summarize the repzion video I can not watch it.

No. 737747

I havent completely kept up with this stuff, but in one sentence, he basically just said she's nuts/a hypocrite and spends way to much time obsessing over youtubers, when she should be taking care of herself. Someone else might be able to give a better summary.

No. 737755

He spoke about how ridiculous the Peter Monn thing is. He talked about her racist joke. He mentioned the video about memorie without saying her name. He talked about her obsessing over him and the others eating dinner with mundane matt. He mentioned how her list of illnesses she’s provided is simply a list of billing codes. He talk about how disgusting JF is. He called her roommate/boyfriend an enabler. He talked about her bull shit police report with moral. He mentioned her haters/harassers list. He addressed some of their twitter exchanges. He ended by saying he’s showcasing that she’s a fraudulent individual, she’s destroyed all of her friendship and she needs help.
Honestly it wasn’t anything new however I think it was a thousand times better than his first video. It wasn’t nearly as boring and it was better constructed.

No. 737756

Idubbz did a content cop on tana mongeau that felt padded at 20 minutes.
It should've been easy to smash Joy in 15 because not everyone is an obsessive autist who needs every tiny detail.
And how the fuck do you still not know what sage is after all this time?

No. 737768


Then how about you go make a 15min video on Joy and show everyone how’s it done?

I don’t post often, it’s easy to miss the sage sometimes. Why you so mad? Get a grip of yourself anon.

No. 737771


Then how about you go make a 15min video on Joy and show everyone how’s it done? Who said people need every detail?

I don’t post often, it’s easy to miss the sage sometimes. Why you so mad? Get a grip of yourself anon.

No. 737809


At this point you are just coming across as a bit of a toss-bag.

If you can do better, then do it better.

Stop insulting people for no reason.

At this point you appear as bad as Joy.

No. 737812


This thread has turned into 'Joy'.

People ousted and attacked for very little reason.

I thought that is what we were suggesting Joy was doing?

Don't worry about it, might be time to move on and find another place for research.

You will find no kindness here.

It's a shit show.

No. 737814



Can 'Joy' kink-shame any more that she has already?!

Why is no-one talking about that?!

Kinks are fine as long as they hurt no-one…

Jesus, Joy… you really are being nasty.

(And, yes, I know you read this thread.)

No. 737844


This thread is officially the worst one to date. A whole day arguing about welding, nothing happening except anons bitching at each other and now some newfag triple posting their whining. I think it's time to pack it in unless something actually happens, anons. This cow's milk is so old and busted that we can't even remember when it tasted good anymore.

No. 737982

You’re right. This thread has been a shit show for a long time. The reason I haven’t posted in ages. I used to help post milk…no more. I’m offically done. There is a trouble making anon in here that thinks they run this thread and apparently has the magical powers to make a 15min vid on all of Joys BS. You can’t disagree with this anon without them getting mad. >>737756

Just so this anon is aware, after getting mad that my one post I made (after not posting forever) was not sagged, you also broke the rules by your funny typing “iHaD tO mAKE tHiS”. Which is a huge heat score! I didn’t say anything about it, till now. If you are going to play anon police, at least follow the rules yourself. Mistakes happen now and then. >>736908

Hopefully this thread will clean itself up for the future (if there is one)…and anons learn to control themselves. I haven’t been a part of this thread since Kati’s return. The other three responses were not me, just so you all know..I’m not spamming the thread. Peace out people. Too the cool anons….have fun! Peace out!

No. 738008

Must be Jarrod fucking Westerfeld that dickhead is a fucking retard.
I hope you get cancer and die

No. 738021

Hey Kati! Who is Zach? Because it looks like some guy you met on one of those woo message boards and shacked up with? You didn't seem to be there very long, either.

No. 738022

why is everyone in this thread so autistic?? also the sheer amount of samefagging is lowkey terrifying

No. 738071

You’re all fucking insane. Meds couldn’t help.

No. 738111

Here’s a solution. My understanding is that the purpose of this is to talk about joy not each other so if you don’t like someone else’s post just don’t say anything.
Don’t complain about how annoying the other anons are. Don’t attack their posts. Stop going back and forth about nonsense. Problem solved.

No. 738170

Joy was on that Eric guys younow today. Nothing too exciting, but a little talk about repz and his video, which she is totally not going to watch. https://www.younow.com/russiabunny/40628030/36266374/99379fuo/m

No. 738172

File: 1543188544723.jpg (773.94 KB, 1440x2132, Screenshot_20181125-162652_Twi…)

No. 738184


It's worth a watch though. Wait, I take that back. Might want to just listen to it to avoid the Ted Bundy stare. It's remarkable how he parrots what she has said in the past (i.e. "expose'") and how he basically admits without admitting he has feelings for her.

She says nothing interesting. Her entire argument is "creepy" saying how much she doesn't care over and over both of which are hilarious for obvious reasons, high grounding, etc. IOW. Same shit, different day.


What font is that? It is sexy af.

No. 738189

Is she completely delusional? Most of the people on that list only tweeted about her or commented on her videos. If she didn't want people talking about her, she should have never started doing youtube. What did she think was going to happen? Everyone on the internet would fall in love with her as soon as she started her channel? That everyone would thank her for bringing her presence to youtube and she'd be their savior?

No. 738198

I hate tommy c but he's always been right about joy

No. 738199

It's interesting to go back to see her reaction to his first video


No. 738202

I think their entire exchange is recorded as a clip on her YouNow.

No. 738204

The whole interaction reminded me of token alex, he was pretty creepy too.

No. 738205

You are absolutely right I really hope someone calls her out on this. I would but I was blocked after logically replying to 2 of her tweets ages ago. Which I guess is why I was included on the list haha

No. 738209

File: 1543192663619.jpg (43.67 KB, 835x352, Screenshot_20181125-193307.jpg)

Srry for double posting but I also thought it was hilarious how het and Erik were bother saying how desperate repz is for views etc. Joy wishes she could get those numbers

No. 738211

She could get those kinds of views, it would just cost her a pretty penny and would then get purged off her channel when Google went to audit her channel to see if she qualifies for payout.

No. 738301

File: 1543203472741.jpg (702.75 KB, 1080x1702, Screenshot_20181125-203619_Twi…)

Still claiming to have not seen the video, yet also claiming it's all made up.

No. 738307

Is she really trying to act like her screaming cunt at a camera over and over because they liked a tweet is her being a decent person? Her calling the cops on someone she baited into a debate and completely exaggerated the circumstances and what was said to file a police report was meant to educate? 20 videos in a month about a guy who dared speak against her actions was totally her bringing good with what she was doing.

Rep didn't lie in his video and he showed proof for everything he said. I wish he would go in on her more and bring up other shit but still his video was well done and everything he said was backed up with her own words. It was the same in his first video.

She is fucking delusional. She tries to rewrite history when she is on fucking youtube. There is evidence everywhere of the shady and nasty things she has done.

No. 738314

99% of the things that she says about repzion apply to her.
She does this so frequently that I can’t twll if it’s intentional or if she really is just completely oblivious to her hypocrisy.

No. 738325

Is there an actual list of people

No. 738329

Yes. It’s a list of “twitter names” with their “twitter ids.” From what I saw the overwhelming majority was just people who have openly disagreed and/or spoken negatively about her. And a lot of trolls.
Personally I think the amount of people who could have ever been deemed “harassers” is less than 5 and that’s being generous.

No. 738346

In the younow today she said "most of reps (first) video was debunked" now it is all? Which is it Kati most isn't all. Hilarious she is crying slander when she has slandered Phil with pedo accusations as well as morals girlfriend calling her a crackwhore.

No. 738355

File: 1543214729019.jpg (39.37 KB, 828x313, Ds45Eq2WkAAqt6K.jpg)

No. 738368

That’s an amazing catch. Hilarious! She is a walking contradiction to the point that it’s almost shocking

No. 738479

It’s about five. And they did such a good job of it that they made everyone who hated her look like trash.

No. 738584

Its literally 1 person who has the hate boner, that Jared dude. For a while there was a bunch of people going back and forth on Twitter. Anyone on the "hater side" made the list. I'm on the list and all I did was post her Twitter screen caps.

What you're meaning to say is, she does a great job of painting herself to be the victim and over exaggerating everything. At this point nobody cares about her and even people like VHS hardly mention her. All those people that were on Twitter are basically no where to be found,and thats including her minions- yet Kati brings them up every day as if they're literally camping in her back yard with pitch forks. Shes like Onion is with Shiloh, just refuses to move on.

Kati Marie Smith was never harassed. She received backlash for being a piece of shit. Every now and then I see people on that list make a comment or 2 and then vanish again, but all that Twitter War shit ended in like….March?

No. 738586

There is one. But it’s not Jarrod.

No. 738692

Then there must be 2 because Jarrod goes way too far.

No. 738715

Last I checked, Jarrod was not Kati and he's not been seen on any twitter accounts stirring any shit. So why this irrelevant derailment? Maybe we should let the thread for down a bit until the cow herself spergs out and provides some actual milk for a bit instead of trying g to stir up Kati's vendettas against her critics for her? Just a thought.

No. 738849

File: 1543284550250.png (1.19 MB, 1125x2436, B80DDF84-7AEF-44A3-8236-4D39C5…)

Ok this is just getting ridiculous now. There is no logical reason for this crayfish to be getting subs. She hasn’t even posted new content and repzion’s video seems to be doing well… but somehow she has more subs now then she did when her losing streak started.

No. 738868

File: 1543285931864.jpg (608.49 KB, 1440x1873, Screenshot_20181126-192937_Twi…)

This twat understands that she's a millennial too right?

No. 738878

Many people enjoy train wrecks.

No. 738881

No she thinks she is Gen X.

No. 738897

She turned 35, right? I could have sworn she said she was a year older than Onion at some point in the past, but it seems to be two. Perhaps I just lost count with everything that flies out of her mouth.

No. 738915

She was born in 1984. I want to say June. So she's 34

No. 738916


Kek she thinks she's wiser than everyone but those fart and poop jokes peppered with racism kinda get in the way.

No. 738945

she is gen x

gen x starts in 1964 or 1965 and goes until 1983 or 1984

the youngest boomers are 54

No. 738960

File: 1543295746720.jpg (834.37 KB, 1440x2458, Screenshot_20181126-211134_Chr…)


She's a Millennial. And I don't know why she wants to be Gen X or degrades Millennials anyway.
But it's Kati so there's no explanation of how her brain functions.

No. 739094

'funny typing' is a rule breach? lmao I knew it was you. wanna try again?

She always does that, it's one of those monkey see monkey do things where she sees everyone else doing something and apes it. Like when she tries to go in on SJWs but has not idea what they actually are.

No. 739103


She represents a lot of the negative characteristics commonly associated with Millennials, like being a complete & utter lazy, self absorbed mooch who relies on other people for basically everything. I find this really funny, because Joy used to always mock "baby boomer" women. Her stupid caricature "Kathy" was based on baby boomer aged women according to Kati. She's no spring chicken, not even a spring cow, and she's rapidly expanding. She's 35, which is on the way to 40. She has mocked former patrons for their age, and referred to people negatively for their age. She's approaching middle age and doesn't seem to realize it.

No. 739116

Original OWL just posted a video about her too. Doesn’t cover much aside from why she thinks she became a lolcow.

No. 739118

Who is “you”?

5. Integration

Express yourself in a way that doesn't make you stand out from other anonymous users. This means avoiding:
emojis or emoticons
a lot of punctuation??????!!!!!
other obnoxiusoius typign sTYLES

No. 739131

Go make another video on Joy picking her nose for 15mins…ffs.

No. 739144

So she is 34? This is confirmed?
Sorry but she lies so often and about so much that I cannot tell what is real and what is imagined in kati-land. She's gonna have a rough time when she hits that middle age metabolic shift and shedding fat becomes almost impossible. Imagine how much more angry, bitter and deranged she'll be in a year's time.

No. 739188

Yes she's 34. I'd argue that with the state of her current health. Gaining weight that fast is extremely unhealthy. That she's already passed middle aged.

No. 739291

I think that’s exactly what has already happened. I don’t think this weight gain is a result of illness (since she’s tested negative for everything she has claimed except thyroid issues). I think her years of eating disorders so she can be “tiny kati” finally caught up with her, and when she started eating bullshit food (because healthy food gives her diarrhea and makes her gain weight cuz that makes sense) her metabolism just shut down. Add sitting on your ass doing nothing but screeching to that and you end up at 300 lbs within a years time. She would’ve gained weight regardless, but I really think the off and on EDs contributed to how easily she gained.

No. 739465

>>739291 I take umbrage with the ED thing, this is yet another illness she has claimed to have that she doesn't.
She has never made claims to have engaged in anything related to Bullimia Nervosa such as binge eating and then purging or engaging in excessive exercising.
What she has done is alluded to Anorexia Nervosa, not by name, but by claiming she would "starve" herself when she was between 16 and 18, but that she just stopped on her own, no big deal.
From 18 to around 32 Kati has indicated she maintained around 110lbs. Stating multiple times she knows what she has to eat to maintain her weight and had no problems doing so.
Kati is 5"1', at a healthy body weight of 115lbs her TDEE is 1,400 calories/day with a sedentary lifestyle. For her to create a caloric deficit to lose weight she would have to eat under 1,000 calories/day.
I think it's much more likely that narc Kati has exaggerated this into 'starving' herself for oppression points. She never had Anorexia Nervosa and just got over it.
For her to gain weight at the steady 6lbs/month she has been since January 2017 all she would have to do is add 1,000 calories/day, or 1 bag of chips/day, onto her normal diet. Remember how she tore through that bag of popcorn during the Onion 'debate'?
With the absolute garbage she reports eating it wouldn't be hard for her to hit the extra calories required for her to steadily gain at the rate of 1.5lbs/week that she had been since January 2017.
It seems like her weight gain slowed sometime in the summer 2018 as her routine intake of around 2,400 calories/day has become closer to her TDEE due to her increased body weight.
This would be the normal weight progression on a 5"1' female who began eating 2,400 calories/day and not moving at all, demanding her boyfriend carry her to the shower and fucking wash her.

No. 739472

This girl made a video on Kati that's pretty good. I remember her from early on in Kati's youtube career when she was interviewing everyone. Spoiler Kati said she was going to pay her for her time and didn't.

No. 739547

File: 1543373617833.png (518.15 KB, 1125x2436, 2F72CCF2-C67D-4E7B-84F9-660F63…)

I love watching Joy try to play smart. Her slaughter of the English language is honestly her most redeeming quality.
AD nauseam.

And a bonus: she still thinks she “debated” oh nisi on.

No. 739568


Christ almighty. Just when you thought her tweets couldn't get any more nonsensical. Not one of those sentences makes any goddamn sense unless you're used to her juvenile ramblings.

She's getting worse. Must be her cholesterol addled brain. Twinkies, man.

No. 739659

File: 1543387596812.png (1.34 MB, 1125x2436, 91E60742-F5C9-49C6-9657-D684AD…)

Ohhh Jarrod I wish you would shut it down. She lives for this kind of shit. Unfortunately she has branded you a harasser and even when you are able to make good points, they will always fall on deaf ears.
Honestly this just feeds her hunger for victimhood and makes us all look irrational.

No. 739673

It's obvious from most of the screenshots from this thread that she's been using text to speech for a while now.

No. 739675

File: 1543390572674.jpg (198.36 KB, 1036x648, Screenshot_20181128-022954.jpg)

I just want to leave this here cause this is what he is responding to. I saw one of her minions post it and sent it to him, not saying I agree with him writing to her.

No. 739677

File: 1543390724107.jpg (199.39 KB, 979x688, Screenshot_20181128-022945.jpg)

And the comment

No. 739749


Anyone who still responds to Kati after a certain point prove they're just as much drama hogs as she is. Because, honestly, they should know after a certain point that she's a lost cause and isn't worth wasting time trying to reason with.

No. 739854

I agree with him writing her. The whole thing with Jarrod started because she was attacking someone named Tim for disagreeing with her. She was literally trying to get him to kill himself. Like she did to Phil.

No. 739856

I think Phil tried to get her to kill herself first though and Tim didn’t do that.

No. 739858

How'd he do that?

No. 739863

Exactly. She is desperate to provoke anyone to keep her name going.


No. 739867

How didn’t he? He released everything he ever knew about her over a course of ten years. She didn’t even do that to him.

No. 739870

That doesn't mean he was trying to get her to kill herself.

No. 739871

What was he trying to do then? What Phil did to Kati was uncalled for. I’m not excusing Kati from what she did to everyone else but anything she did to Phil was in retaliation to what he did to her first.

No. 739872

He didn't act great but that doesn't mean that he was trying to get her to kill herself.

No. 739873

…except the wizard bit
…and the pdo accusations

which she released via someone else so she wouldn't look culpable.

other than that, great point!

No. 739876

Didn't Phil do all that shit because Joy ran around saying he owed her money when she told him not to worry about the money she donated to his go fund me? There was more to it then just Phil releasing shit to be an asshole.

Also her calling someone a fucking pedo and a groomer is way worse then someone pointing out Joy was a manipulative bitch in response to her acting like a manipulative bitch. Did you see all the shit being thrown at Phil because of Joy? She had her fanatics going at him way before the pedo shit and when he would try and move away SHE would drag him back in until SHE pushed accusations she knew might not be true until the dude tried to kill himself and leave the internet.

She does this shit it is part of her game. She brings shit up and pokes at people till they respond then she plays fucking victim or she says it is debunked and lies because of XY and Z.

No. 739877

Are you one of those that thinks the only way someone tries to get a person to kill their self is by telling them to actually kill them self. You should do some investigation on suicide due to the internet. Phil tried to get her to kill her self.

No. 739879

Doesn’t Phil still owe her money?

No. 739880


maybe they just don't think they are a mindreader. shrug

No. 739883

Didn’t Phil turn against her because she expected her money back and he refused to give it to her? $300 is a lot to some people. She did him a wonderful favour as a friend and that’s how he repaid her.

No. 739886


no, it was because he wasn't agreeing with what she was doing online. he took exception to it as her critics have.

No. 739892

He knew who she was for ten years. He was pissed she didn’t share the wealth.

No. 739896

No. 739915


How's the saying go, again? Oh, yeah - put up or shut up. Show the proof that Phil was trying to get Kati to off herself.

And no, showing chat convos of Kati telling him he did not have to pay her back the money she gave him is not evidence of that.

No. 739919

He didn’t have to pay it back immediately but when he could. You’re telling me you back a man who did try to get her to off herself with pure speculation, implying she was a pedophile even, who couldn’t pay her back in five years? Maybe you should stop posting on lolcow and reflect on yourself.

No. 739921

If you really need the proof go read his Twitter and watch his videos. The proof is all still there.

No. 739925

No, I think that you cannot claim that as Phil's motivation when you have no way of knowing.

No. 739926

No. 739929

You can’t say that about Kati either. With Tim she absolutely did. What Phil chose to do was Phil’s fault. I just went and looked at his Twitter myself and literally everything he says in the last month he was there can and should be applied to him.

Saged even though it’s about Kati and your rules make no sense.

No. 739931

Fine. We have no way of knowing if kati wanted him to kill himself either. I would say that the way she got so many people talking about and slandering him was quite vicious. She clearly wanted to smear him. Please reread the rules so that you know when to sage your posts.

No. 739932

It goes both ways.

I will. Thank you. I apologize for not linking his Twitter page as proof or your comment wouldn’t have been necessary as deflection from reality. Saged.

No. 739936

Necessary as deflection from reality? What?

No. 739937

All this bullshit about one narc trying to get another narc to off themselves is so fucking stupid. The only one who actively tried to get anyone to commit suicide was Kati pressing Tim. That's evidenced, and that's the only example of anyone actually trying this shit. Say what you will about Phil's status as a victim of her malicious attacks but there was never that message telling him he should off himself - same goes for the joytards trying rile up this notion that Phil was trying to get narc Kati to kill herself.

No. 739943

That’s what I’ve been saying.

No. 739944

Fucking morons.

No. 739945

If Kati tried to get Phil to kill him self, Phil tried to get Kati to first.

No. 739948

only one of them spent time in the hospital, though.

No. 739952

Maybe he should’ve considered his deep depression before he decided to run with the pedo accusations. He did that first. Well, you guys did. No proof. And he ran with it. But he was her friend. For ten years. I still want to know how they met.

No. 739953

And where his guilty conscience comes from. Suicide attempt and then ran. I hope it was for his mental health but it still seems weird considering the minor accusations.

No. 739955


i guess he didn't try as hard as she did.

No. 739959

Get out or learn to sage KatiFag.
Phil's entire 3 hour video was all about how kati is manipulative and has no trouble being utterly dishonest if it can get her her way in a given situation. All of her behavior since then verifies this as fact.
Just because DonkeySaw is frantically deleting videos, including those that display his defense of kati and his backing up her proveably false accusations of pedophilia doesn't erase it from the rest of the internet. It also doesn't erase the stream she featured Phil on while presumably being fully aware of his 'pedophilia'.
Yes, he's a little odd and socially inept in some ways, but he did not try to get kati to kill herself, and most certainly did not launch an internet slander campaign against her. That is what she did. Not only against him, but against everyone she considers to be 'harassers'. Read: anyone who's ever voiced complaint about kati's eternally toxic behavior.
If you want to wage a battle of morality here, Phil wins it, hands down. Not that there are really any winners when it comes to involvement with kati.

No. 739976

Even if you remove who did what first (Phil posted here after Kati had lost her damn mind already so I don't see a problem at all, if the man wants to come on here and share stories about his experiences with his former friend, that's his prerogative and he can say what he likes. Just cause she's salty about it doesn't mean it was morally wrong. At best it was a dick move but she was already conditioning her audience to dislike him at that point iirc..)

She was trying to set up to smear him WAY before the pedo stuff was found and she only jumped on it knowing what happens when a man is accused of pedophilia, proven or not. I won't get all into it but let's not act like that's a small accusation that can just be brushed off, that one tends to stick and follow a person.

But even if you remove the backstory there, you have to acknowledge that the day Phil posted his suicide note she and her minions were still there to poke him and mock him knowing full well he just posted a suicide note since they were using it to… poke him more.

To this day she still calls him Phildo the Wizard despite Cuckthulu calling her out on that.

If she had any amount of humanity left in her, she wouldn't of kept on going that day or any day after, yet she does. To me, that is very much Kati trying to get him to kill himself.

Also don't forget about that autistic girl she told to drink bleach just a couple weeks ago. Kati will never have the moral high ground. She goes after the autistic girl for being a pedo sympathizer aka for telling her its fucked up what she's trying to do to Phil.

Now fuck off with all this bait. Phil hasn't been online in over a year, why the fuck do Kati and her stans still bring him up? Bitch can't even tell when she's "won" and can let it go.

No. 739983


If you're going to post here, may I suggest you don't leave your name?? Read around the site a bit. Look at the anonymous posts…. and bring fresh milk, this isn't an issue anymore with Phil. That's old milk, the purpose of this board is to bring new milky goodness from the lolcow, not beat a dead cow or horse.

No. 739994

Maybe talk to them about removing the name option then.
Phil wasn’t a topic a year ago when he ran like a bitch but everyone wants to hire him up lawyers now. Try that. See how it goes.

No. 739996

He is? Good.

No. 739997

Nothing makes you people happy. Huh?

No. 740002

It will likely go very well for him since Kati provides all the evidence against her for him.
He doesn't have to do anything because she's so careless about her slander. Saying "alleged" when you're the one making the allegations doesn't save you in court.
I'll gladly chip in for his attorney's fees. There would finally be some creamy fresh milk in here!

No. 740006


calling someone a pe do without a just reason in inherently malicious and defamatory. it was said on the internet to a world wide audience and connected to his real name. i think he'd have a great case. i'd give to that cause.

No. 740053

Still goes both ways. And he still did it first. Check your law books. It would get tossed after all info was gathered. It just happened in TT’s community.

No. 740054

And that was legit stalking and harassing on both parts.

No. 740055


then she and you have nothing to worry about, do you? wonder why you mentioned it then…

No. 740058

Jarrod has more of a case than Phil does with that false police report. Get real.

Samefag. Whatever that is.

No. 740062

Phil hasn't been relevant for a long time. Yes, he did some things to Joy that weren't good but I think joy got him back. There isn't really much to discuss.

No. 740070

File: 1543443801988.png (94.08 KB, 1920x1833, restrain.png)

No. 740086

So she wastes the courts time and her roommate boyfriends money to file for a protective order, it gets denied, she invites dude to "debate" on younow, pokes him and his girlfriend on there and in videos so she can twist what was said and file a police report that she tapes and puts up on her channel….wasting the courts time all for views and sympathy on youtube? She even says herself she isn't afraid of them and does her maniac laugh over and over when talking about them. She got that stupid website to do a "news" article about it when their facebook showed that site is bullshit but she did a fucking video on it. I hope someone does investigate all of her shady shit. The courts and LE aren't there for people to abuse the system like this.

No. 740088

She had to pay those fees right? Poor broke Kati. I find it hilarious that this was before the threat stream showing even more that she isn't really threatened by him, cause why would you provoke someone that you filed a protection order on?

No. 740091

Stop derailing and spamming. You aren't informed or entertaining enough to make this worthwhile. Your milk is a lie.

No. 740099

I think that is why she provoked him. Miss I am a real woman blah blah blah just wanted him to say something she could use (and he did) so she could run to the police and pull some more shit. It is woman like her that make it harder on people to get ROs when they actually need them.

Can you imagine if people did this to her "friend" Tonka who has threatened numerous people with physical violence. If you stick up for Joy do whatever you want but go against her and you are a harasser or a pedo or whatever her nasty ass can come up with to degrade you as a person.

No. 740107

Just a timeline for reference:

06/29/18 Restraining Order Filed
07/02/18 Restraining Order Denied
08/21/18 IM BACK! JOY SPARKLE BS IS BACK! Subscribe to Spurpinkle Bow
08/29/18 We Made The News! LOL! Calling Out My Harassers!
09/09/18 Stream with Jarrod (Strangle, Relive the Moment)
09/27/18 The Story of Jawed -Why Do We Call Him That?
10/25/18 He's Been Reported: The Ballad of Jawed

Weird. It almost looks as if SHE is harassing HIM.

Also, the screenshot is from a state wide public record search. I could not figure out how to get a copy of the petition for the restraining order or the denial which are both available. Maybe just not online.

No. 740111

If he contacts them with the case number do you think they would provide the petition/ denial records? Cause I would love to read them

No. 740112


Yes, anyone should be able to; It's public record. Was he not aware that she tried to put a restraining order on him?

No. 740114

I'm not him (just to point that out) but he didn't know, he said he's going to call about it tomorrow. Stay tuned.

No. 740115

direct link since people would likely want it… looks like it was filed on the 29th and denied on the 29th


No. 740120

File: 1543448628271.png (39.76 KB, 684x910, cookingwithbooks.png)


Looking forward to it.

See what happens when you kick the hornets nest? Nothing good.


Wasn't sure if I should. Look under the "entry date" column in the screenshot. It gives the July 2 date.

Meanwhile, this is still a thing…

No. 740126

Doubleposting, sorry. Also, June 29 was a Friday and July 2 was the next Monday.

No. 740127

When it comes to fees it says here https://oklaw.org/resource/protective-order

Generally, there are no fees for filing for a protective order. However, if the judge finds that the order was filed for frivolous reasons, the judge may decide to order the petitioner, or person filing, to pay certain court costs or attorney fees.

I wonder if the judge made her pay because he thought it was bullshit. She then provokes him and his girl so she can call the cops. I am surprised she didn't attempt to file again so she could use that younow "debate".

No. 740147


And yet - Phil has stopped talking about kati. Hell, he fell off the internet, entirely.

Yet Kati still brings him up - still calls him a pedo.

SO, who's harassing who at this point?

No. 740193

File: 1543456714798.jpg (233.6 KB, 1080x1125, 20181128_185529.jpg)

It is weird how much she gets off on this shit. I have never seen someone want to be a victim of harassment or want to put out there all the nasty things they have done to fuck with someone. Most people who are actually harassed or doing dirty shit don't want other people to know.

No. 740195


Clearly she's never heard the term "pyrrhic victory"

No. 740196

I honestly question if that's even him sending the emails. Well over half the stuff in her haters drive is faked. We know that for a fact. Debs admitted to being behind the fake Eobard Thawne Twitter account that the screenshots are from. What's to say another joytard or Kati herself isn't faking these emails. It literally takes less then 5 minutes to make a gmail account.

No. 740197

Really? Over half?

No. 740224

File: 1543461540298.png (377.25 KB, 1125x2436, C3271A95-987C-44B8-9FEA-1BDA60…)

I understand this to mean that the only way you would be charged fees is if the judge deemed it frivolous.

No. 740258


There is proof.
Kati ran an online indigo forum where SHE found out pedos were using it to try to contact users who were underage and, PER KATI, instead of reporting said pedos and what they were doing she shut down the forum.
So she, went presented with the opportunity to identify predators and help prevent future child victims, she hid them instead.
THAT'S the definition of pedo sympathizer.
Fast forward to her coziness with JF who openly states pedophilia is a “natural part of evolution" and tried to attach himself as the permanent care giver of a 19 girl who is diagnosed mentally deficient and having the brain of a 13 yr old by essentially kidnapping her who's parents had to go to court and press charges to get her back.
The court in that case found JF lacking in both character and morality and entered several statements to that fact on record so it could be public knowledge.
Kati has yet to say anything about any of this though it is public record an he was found guilty.
Again she's a pedo sympathizer. If you believe he's not a pedo simply because he's only said things about it and the girl, though having the mental capacity of a child, was 19 there's still the very real crime of exploiting and abusing a mentally disabled person. What's Kati said? Outrage? No. In fact there's just crickets when it comes to JF.

Gtfo trying to defend Kati Marie Smith. This isn't her brainwashed fan central headquarters ffs.

No. 740263


I hate to say it but I agree on you in regards to Phil. I have been around since the beginning and even sat in her younow streams and around the time Phil started talking about her and with his twitter Kati barely said a thing about him. A few people would even ask her about him and I recall her going on her spiel about how she still cares for ex friends and doesn’t want to get into it. I mean I’m not trying to stick up for her here but I honestly got the impression that maybe Phil was being a little paranoid about that.

No. 740265

can we please ignore the obvious bait that is trying to bury the fact that kati tried to get a restraining order, failed and had to pay costs because the court deemed it totally frivolous.

thanks guys!

No. 740309


Happy to help Anon.

Post containing public record of landwhale's denied RO application here, folks. >>740070

Finally some fucking actual milk, keep it flowing…

No. 740454

I hope someone gets copies of the documents with the details. I would loooove to see that

No. 740498

Been around since the beginning and still can't sage posts?
The court may have requirements for obtaining documents and transcripts, such as being a concerned party or counsel in order to file a motion or response. It's not always just paying the fee and getting the court transcripts.
I admit that I am interested in the court transcripts because it would contain her recorded testimony and all the lies she told a judge under oath.

No. 740538

Someone needs to tell Jarrod to stop emailing her and shit. Here is the reason why she came back poking and doing all the videos on her harassers and why she filed the report with police.

"Please note: If you are a victim of stalking but not a family or household member or an individual who is or has been in a dating relationship with the stalker, you must file a police report first and must attach this report to the Application for an Emergency Protective Order before filing the protective order."

Her big plan and a way for her to earn more victim points. She wanted him to say anything to file the police report. I honestly think she had it planned from the beginning. When she started her "comeback" and ran around defending herself from harassers it got her the attention she needed. She had Geek and Tonka all twisted up with her stories of harassment. How mean everyone was to her and how they tried to destroy her life. Like always she leaves out the parts where she exaggerates the situations (like the swatting video). A lot of people ended up feeling bad for her because she left out the bullshit she did. Now this. "See everyone I had to get restraining orders against people. They all lie about me and harass me so bad. Feel sorry for me and don't believe anyone who says bad things about me wahhh."

No. 740555

Um. There’s 20 threads chalk full of stalking n’ harassment right here. Someone should tell you to knock it off before people start posting her address and Dom’s place of work all over Twitter again from multiple accounts. And we all KNOW that egg account wasn’t Kati. It would require her doing something.

No. 740559

Pretty much the second I mentioned her I was sent her address. And it wasn’t by Jarrod. Stop laying all the blame on Jarrod. He battled Angel Zones. I give him credit.

No. 740560

Meanwhile people like Reality Check were making best friends with her.


No. 740603

I’m not sure what you’re hoping to accomplish with your posts. No one here is going to join team joy so this isn’t really the place to defend her.
But regardless, anonymous posts on an online forum do not equate to stalking or harassing.

No. 740607

Milk that she doesn’t publicly offer up herself sure does. If she put it online it’s fair game. How in tf did anyone find out where Dom worked? Was that flip flopping or stalking. You’d know. You know everything there is to know about her. But it’s not stalking? Ok. I know what she’s done since December of two years ago. There’s a difference. I’ve been disgusted since people went out of their way to find out who the two kids were. Was that entirely her fault? Of course it was. She already knew you all existed ……
If I ever spoke to you on Twitter n’ that was you.. don’t think we were ever friends. That’s sickening.

No. 740610

Being anonymous has zip to do with it

No. 740616

My purpose in posting here is that there’s a bunch of rejects on Twitter claiming they never stalked her when they sure af did. It wasn’t all Jarrod and Jarrod wasn’t proudly at the top of The List .. three times. Jarrod has always been public with everything he did unless it would hurt someone other than Kati or someone being hurt by Kati’s minions. I’m not even mad about Russians ‘cause whether Russians was real or not he was a total prick while he was around. Egging on her BS. I can’t with anyone who did that. Therefore everyone hates me ‘cause I agreed with no one. N’ that’s ok.

No. 740625

N’ don’t repost this ANYWHERE.
It’s under copyright n’ I’ll sue. ‘Cause that makes sense considering what I’m doing with my life.

No. 740676

Sooo you’re venting your frustration about people talking shit about Joy in a thread that exists to talk shit about Joy?? That’s nonsensical. If you have a problem with something someone is saying on twitter respond to them on twitter or rant about it somewhere else.
By the way, making 4 posts in a row is 100% unnecessary and it’s annoying as fuck. I can’t even follow what you’re saying because it’s just a rage-fueled, irrelevant cringefest.
Now I’ll go back to ignoring you’re little tantrums because clearly you came here looking for some kind of engagement but I just felt that someone needed to tell you to shut the fuck up.

No. 740697

No you autistic retard. We don't know for sure if that egg account was or wasn't Kati. But the evidence is sure for it being her or one of her flock of malcontents.

No. 740703

can you stop encouraging her? christ almighty.

No. 740705

What fucking evidence!? MILK.

No. 740706

I’d use my Twitter but you retards like to silence the truth.

No. 740707

You won’t get that chance again. I can report too.

No. 740718

ANYWAY, so someone (the judge) with no skin in the game, no agenda, no preconceptions or prejudices, saw that Kati had NO CASE against Moral. That's refreshing.

No. 740721

Last time I'll reply to you. Kati left her location on in one of the firstweets made with the egg account. So that tells me that the fat mongoloid forgot to turn the location off in the settings.
Secondly Deb and a few other of the joytards like to make fake Twitter accounts to post shit to be used for the lady of the couches hate drive. Debwill tell you that herself.

Now kindly fuck off.

No. 740731

Quit encouraging this "Corrie" sperg for the love of God. There isn't any new milk, it looks like she just wants to argue and… ffs. Ugh. This isn't Twitter. Who cares??

saged for samefagging

No. 740735

Where’s the link to this I asked for.
It’s got to be somewhere in these 20 threads of absolute certainty.

No. 740736

Drop off.

Saged for samefagging.

No. 740737

N’ WHY wasn’t it mentioned at the time? Foh.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 740747

I would just love to see the document explaining why the judge dismissed it. From what I understand that and the actual petition are public record so anyone could get a copy. But I’m not sure if you can only get it in person.
Honestly there’s a chance Jarrod could get more info without physically going there since it involves him

No. 740750


it might depend on the clerk's office but generally you can do it by mail. i've done it before without being personally involved in the situations.

No. 740752

Update on the RO it will be up to 2 weeks before we know but the process has been started.

No. 740769

File: 1543528097790.png (368.46 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-11-29-16-39-48…)

Katie's Inspirational Thanksgiving message.

No. 740770

File: 1543528143273.png (373.16 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-11-29-16-39-56…)


No. 740771

File: 1543528183049.png (365.81 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-11-29-16-40-14…)


No. 740773

Says the narcissist. Lol. Thanks Kori.

No. 740786

I am sure her family didn't invite her so they could "gossip" about her. It has nothing to do with the fact she has shit talked them on youtube for the past couple of yrs. It has nothing to do with the fact she has doxxed them. It has nothing to do with the fact she has used them throughout her life and still uses them to blame for all of her problems. No they just want to shit talk her because they are insecure and immature……WTF?

I have never seen Joy be kind or compassionate. She might fake it for her own gain but I have never seen anything genuine from her except when she is being absolutely nasty and awful to people.

No. 740796

I’m sorry but the process of what exactly? Getting the documents?

No. 740806

Unless someone can physically go to the court house and pick them up, mailing for them could take up to 2 weeks.

No. 740808


I am not Kori if that is what you are implying.
I am an anon.
Is it not against the rules to call out a poster in any case?
Just sayin.

No. 740811

File: 1543531029376.png (67.12 KB, 507x681, temp.png)

the other post is public, anyone could have grabbed it.

also, idr seeing this one here. apologies if already posted.

No. 740829

I’m implying that’s who you got them from. She’s pretty big on stirring the shit pot behind the scenes.

No. 740830

And her name is in it so I’m doing nothing wrong here.

No. 740868

They didn't invite her so they could enjoy their holiday without her ruining it by telling them all what pieces of garbage they are. What terrible people they are for wanting a peaceful and enjoyable holiday.
The only believable part of her rambling screed is that she's thankful for "bf" who is not named because giving him an identity outside of herself is something she is incapable of, who makes the money, cooks the food, does the cleaning, takes care of her dogs, believes she is truly sick (or pretends to) and fires up her heavy metal metabolizing heat lamps for her to sweat under, and when all that is done, finds it within himself to sleep in the same bed with that disgusting, unwashed mass of fat.

No. 740887

You can also get them by typing her name into Facebook like I did.
You made a mistake. Simmer down please anon.

I'm not Lisa my name is Julie,
Lisa left you long ago.

No. 740911

I’m still heartbroken over Lisa.
But I don’t trust that Kati would make that post public either.

No. 740994

File: 1543544682164.png (1.42 MB, 1074x1807, 20181129_212340.png)

Why don't you just go there yourself?

No. 741006

Same fag
Also posted last month.Its public.
I'm not sure if I'm reading you correctly.
Do you have a cork up yer ass?

No. 741103

>quiet insanity
Lol, good one Kati.
We can all only wish you were quietly insane.

No. 741123

Just found an amazing, self-destructive clip of Joy the Patron Saint of Police Reports.

“If you say somebody’s harassing or stalking you and you continue to engage them in any way, you have no case.”

And that’s just the beginning. I don’t know how to share a video so here’s the tweet:

No. 741127

Oh and here’s a bonus fun fact. She said this on June 19th so just 10 days prior to her filing for a Protective Order.

Here’s the link to the full video

No. 741128

It looks like you’re right. How odd that she’d do that when she gets so much harassment. She’s a winner.
Sorry Kori. I know you read this.

No. 741130

Very odd. It would appear as if she filed a police report after engaging him despite the fact that she was well aware that she “had no case.”
Seems a bit self-incriminating.

No. 741144

I haven't paid attention to this woman since the whole Onision drama. Holy shit…I definitely don't remember her being this, uh, big.

No. 741156

You mean her weight? Yeah she definitely wasn't always this fat. She gained a lot of weight.

No. 741157

i have a theory on dom… He isn't an enabler, he is a herdsman. he likes fat chicks he wants joy to be fat and be reliant on him. he gets off on it. he must it is the only explanation. there is a word for this kind of symbiotic relationship… forget what that is.

saged for no new milk, just new musings.

No. 741160

A couple weeks ago I was looking for the first younow she did with Jaclyn Glenn, and if anyone has it I would love to see it again, in one she was talking about onion calling the cops then talking to her and said almost the samething. I believe it was something along the lines of "if you call the cops then talk to the person they arn't going to take you seriously". I'll try to find it again when I get the time.

No. 741163

I think the blargh posted that.Not sure.

No. 741199


It's been well established since she first made the scene that Kati sees herself as the exception to the rules she places on others (i.e. - that line only applies to her 'haters'; when she does it, it's not her contradicting herself, it's an act of 'self defense').

No. 741225

Could be. The only theories I have on Dom are:

a) Enabler
b) Fetishist
c) Kati has helped him with his job and is hardcore guilt tripping him.

He's no saint, nor a poor victim in my eyes. He's the bread winner, it's his apartment, he could choose to leave the relationship at any time. He's far better off than a lot of actual abuse victims ( not saying he is one ). There are no excuses. I also wonder if he's reading these threads.

However, since this thread isn't about him I firmly stand by "Fuck Dom,he made his bed,pretty sure he likes it."

And, thanks for the new milk, FB anon.A lot of the things she's describing are emotions an actual ill person is going through ( Been there, I'm sure she got it from someone else's experiences ), so it sucks she's using it as her own. She admitted her "copper levels have gone down", as far as serious illness, she's going nothing to show for, apart from mental stuff she's in denial about.
How are these metals mysteriously building up in her system? Kati, by all means, please do share. Would totally watch another video on your health update and what you think is so wrong with you that you're on the brink of death. Eehhh, it's truly absurd.

No. 741262

No. 741343

Um is it just a coincidence then whenever something actually interesting and milky pops up, a bunch of posts appear here about old, irrelevant news?

Joy filed for a protective order against Jarrod that was most likely denied by a judge for being frivolous. Then we find a clip of her 10 days prior stating that if you continue to engage with a harasser, you do not have a case and that it’s an attention tactic.
Nobody gives a shit about her pathetic boyfriend. Any speculations and theories that can be made about him have already been made.

No. 741364

I think that her defense would be that after she wasn’t able to the protective order, she said fuck it I’ll just start engaging now.
And perhaps that would be a dumb yet acceptable excuse. However, she then proceeded to file a police report against someone after antagonizing him and pushing his buttons.
Frankly that’s worse than just attempting to get a PO. She knowingly wasted police resources.

No. 741643

At this point Jared and Kati should just fuck each other and call it a day. All this back and forth banter between "a harasser and a victim" is weird. They talk like they're old friends who had a falling out but secretly wish they could make up and put the past behind them.
It's like they both think this is a game of cat and mouse, and that they're oh so clever and have 1 up on the other when it's pretty much just cow and calf now and both look sad.

Maybe it's just me but she's already proven how low she likes to go and tbh filing a lolsuit is tame compared to her past. Meh. Well, here's hoping the documents in 2 weeks are at least kekworthy.

No. 741707

I agree with you entirely. They are both loons and they both seem cracked out on dramatics. They clearly enjoy arguing with each other. It’s all very weird.
When she would pop up during her YouTube break she talked a lot about how she was pursuing all of these people legally. Clearly she wanted to have something to show for it so she filed for a protective order to fuel her victimhood and jumpstart her comeback.

But what I love about that video clip is that it completely contradicts all of the shit she has ever said about being harassed. She knew Jarrod and the other crazies weren’t a real threat but she still used to spend 90% of her time taking about “hate campaigns” and how terrible and scary her “harassers” were.

It’s just a perfect display of how disingenuous she is. She doesn’t say or do anything without an ulterior motive

No. 741819

You just sparked a theory Anon, thank you.

"she talked a lot about how she was pursuing all of these people legally"

Kati has admitted her comeback is motivated by the need of money.

Her time on YouTube has been surrounded by her pursuing her haters.

Now for the tinfoil. During her "break" she has been advised she has no grounds for a legal or criminal case, thus no big payout for her in the courts.
Kati is either trying to push her haters/harassers into saying something that would hold up in court in her mind giving her that "big" payout and attention for being YouTubes biggest victim. Finally fulfilling that desire to be rich, famous and have people flock to her for forgiveness.

Saged for obvious tinfoil

No. 741828

I do agree that during her break she probably did find out that she didn’t have any legal options. I think that filing for the PO was her final attempt at proving to the world that she really was harassed. When that didn’t work it seems like getting Jarrod in a stream was a last resort.
I think she did all of it, especially the police report, strictly for content. She was desperate to have a video go viral and she had no issue wasting police resources in an attempt to make that happen.

Here’s an example of her claim that she was going after harassers legally even if it took years. She talks about it at 41:35

No. 742423

does anyone remember in which video she tells mv she's going to use him for content and money? it may have been a livestream. it would have been during the time of her return.

edit: i think it may have been the deleted video "confronting harassers with a twist" does anyone have it? i just need that one part.

No. 742469

Bitchute anon has it but they privated it when it got pulled off of YouTube since kati doxxed a child in it.

No. 742499

I feel like she’s said that in multiple videos.

No. 742958

It was a few vids and definitely during the stream with moral; she said she’d continue to “use all her ‘haterz’” for content.

I’m just catching up and correct me if I wrong but it seems there was a bit of fresh milk and “ironically” the tardlings have tried to bury it… false PRO’s and a monumental waste of police services? She doesn’t pay taxes and yet has no problem wasting others hard earned money to create content? I thought abusing 911 was a crime? I could be wrong as my field can only involve 911 for a few reasons (any attys or le personal input appreciated) but I could have sworn wasting polices resources knowingly is a culpable offense. It’s just sad that to Joy other people are nothing but stepping stools to get what they want; Joy doesn’t matter who she hurts or what she has to destroy, families included, if it will make her look good.

I don’t believe many people are evil but she really is; she has so much “vitriol” kek for others but she’s the persona of toxicity.

No. 743024

Looks like the DO5 case is moving into civil action territory

and poor old kati already burnt that bridge. No money for you fatty

No. 743130

The short answer is she didn't use 911 services.

No. 743180

You are absolutely right. I’ve seen this thread go nuts over far less. The whole chain of events with Jarrod, the protective order, and the police report signify a whole new low for old Joy. She’s always been a monster but she has reached a point where she doesn’t even attempt to hide it. She took pride in making that police report. She has been basking in her bad behavior.

It would be wasteful to sweep these occurrences under the rug. That’s the whole reason she has even gotten to this point… haven’t you ever noticed that whenever something truly serious comes out, Joy just disappears for awhile? Especially when there is evidence. She does it every single time. She’ll wait until everyone stops talking about it and then reappear and brush it off if anyone asks. This strategy almost always works for her.
She has been silent ever since that clip came out. She’s waiting for it to blow over.

I just don’t want to allow her to pretend this didn’t happen. Primarily because situations such as this lead to the most amazing Joy freak outs and she doesn’t even have Cy to hold her back anymore. I am dying to hear her attempt to explain this away.

No. 743400

When Joy was going over who she thought called the cops in her swatting video she said she had proof Tim hated Rose. I don't doubt Tim and Joy did some shit talking about Rose but I wonder if he knows she is telling people he broke the gag order and she probably recorded or saved conversations to have the proof he hated Rose. I kinda hope she gets all crazy and releases it. If Tim was actually going to a youtuber breaking gag orders and confidentiality then I hope Rose finds another lawyer to get a cut of the money she gets if she wins the case.

I hope when Anon gets it they are able to post it here. I am curious to see what she said to try and get a restraining order against someone she isn't afraid of and someone she is using for content. Hopefully in a couple weeks we will know for sure. >>740806

No. 743462

File: 1543905997291.jpeg (781.41 KB, 1125x1628, D202DA51-8E4F-48EB-8C7A-6ABB77…)

By the way, this is still happening.
The consistent boost in subs is so blatantly fabricated that if she truly had nothing to do with it, she’d be panicking on twitter to make sure everyone knows she didn’t buy them
Remember when she did that ages ago when there was some kind of glitch that caused a temporary bump in subs?

Someone is very clearly obtaining fake subscribers on her behalf. I predict that it’s going to keep going up till she hits 15.9. Maybe you can buy 1k and they’ll spread it out over a couple weeks?

No. 743484

A triumpant 16k sub video and live stream, as if kati would plan that

No. 743495

That mean old Repzion tried to ruin her but it backfired and joy overcame.
I can picture her acceptance speech now: “I don’t even wear makeup and I’m getting fat on camera and I still hit 16k. I haven’t even posted a video in weeks isn’t that crazy guys? I’ve heard a lot of the skeptics are jealous. Attention is so easy for me, I knew I could do it again.”

No. 743505

Kati might want to think about buying more followers on Twitter.
The engagement (or lack of) on her tweets prove how many dead accounts and bots make up her total followers

No. 743506

File: 1543916970846.png (57.82 KB, 815x648, twatter.png)

No. 743887

>>743462 Looks like she found a better source to buy subs and views from and decided to start coughing up more money so YouTube doesn't keep deleting them.

No. 745695

I found this video by the old Oil Wife Life (I think that's what her old channel was called). No fresh milk and not a deep dive or anything, but I thought it was pretty entertaining.

No. 745892

OWL makes me cringe occasionally. She is too TOO. Though she made some good points. I watched it when it was published. Wasn't she giving her advice about how to make a better video? I don't think Katie needs that kind of advice. She doesn't give a shit.Katie needs more of an intervention type of situation. Or a good swift kick in the ass.

We have a little lag here in milk it seems.


Interesting article about old tweets. Old tweets must really suck.
Good points on bullshit apologies here Katie.

From the article:
No one likes the term "teachable moment," because it's flimsy, and overused, and makes whomever's using it sound like a YouTube life coach with a flailing Patreon account.

Any memorable teachable moments Katie?
She couldn't teach a fish to swim.

Saged for no milk

No. 746095

File: 1544333000271.png (293.06 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-12-09-00-11-13…)

Katie is kicking shins on Tweeter.
She left YT When?
Much more on twitter if anyone cares to have a look.

No. 746102

Just post it here. Pretty sure most of us are blocked.

No. 746117

Not much milk. Kaily brought up joy told her to drink bleach, joy argues that she did not. Technically she said mms. She did not know mms was bleach therefore she did not tell kaily to drink bleach. Lots of content not much milk from the content other than poor spin attempts and weak arguments from joy. Anyone with basic understanding of the english language still reads it as joy being a psychotic bitch.

No. 746143

Even if there's no milk, no point referencing it without screenshots or archives. Js.

No. 746145

File: 1544343247135.png (72.34 KB, 590x647, Screenshot_22.png)

ask and ye shall receive but warning lots of images and i am saging because there isnt anything really juicy in here. but its something and this cow hasn't milked this bad in awhile.

No. 746146

File: 1544343286195.png (77.21 KB, 598x639, Screenshot_23.png)

No. 746147

File: 1544343307385.png (71.34 KB, 595x603, Screenshot_24.png)

No. 746149

File: 1544343347753.png (436.81 KB, 592x646, Screenshot_25.png)

No. 746150

File: 1544343378152.png (143.92 KB, 595x648, Screenshot_26.png)

No. 746151

File: 1544343400514.png (73.15 KB, 593x630, Screenshot_27.png)

No. 746152

File: 1544343447746.png (71.41 KB, 588x645, Screenshot_28.png)

No. 746153

File: 1544343472083.png (69.8 KB, 588x629, Screenshot_29.png)

No. 746154

File: 1544343537822.png (70.08 KB, 592x604, Screenshot_30.png)

No. 746156

File: 1544343570166.png (67.27 KB, 597x576, Screenshot_31.png)

No. 746157

File: 1544343594068.png (72.05 KB, 593x624, Screenshot_32.png)

No. 746158

File: 1544343624714.png (133.83 KB, 592x609, Screenshot_33.png)

No. 746159

File: 1544343646947.png (70.25 KB, 596x613, Screenshot_34.png)

No. 746160

File: 1544343723521.png (72.11 KB, 594x646, Screenshot_35.png)

here we go the end. forgive me i am still new, i dont know how to upload more than one image in a post, or how to archive, but it is all here if a mod can clean it up very much appreciated if possible and sorry for the trouble.

No. 746165

File: 1544343955986.png (44.9 KB, 639x406, Screenshot_16.png)

No. 746174

thanks for doing all the farming anon. I thought it was so rich that she is now referring doubters to her thread here. It's like she's come full circle.

No. 746177

my pleasure, i was worried i was breaking some rule doing it as i did… its not the first time she has pointed people here. she did a stream pointing them here first or second thread i believe? she also sends phil supporters here claiming there is evidence he doxxed all her info. Why on earth she thinks sending people to a board created with sole purpose to document bad things she has done is a good idea is beyond me.

No. 746181

I don't have any complaints. I posted the first tweet that I found interesting. I can usually only get a single tweet with a screenshot on my phone. You said you were fairly new but it sounds like you've been through the threads pretty well. I used to wonder why she did everything she did. Why in the world she does anything is something I don't consider any more because nothing she does makes sense in my world.
She's really disappointing at this point. Maybe I thought she would try to pick herself up brush herself off and help herself but I don't think she can.
I don't know what in the world made me think that! lol

I'm not a pessimist. I'm a depressed optimist.

No. 746192

>is it common knowledge that mms is bleach?

Wasn't she still besties with that Holliday dude when he did videos on mms being bleach? He has mentioned it many times on his channel over the years by the looks of it. Admitting she doesn't watch her own friend's content?
Not to mention the thousands of other videos talking about that on youtube, facebook, etc, yeah it is basic common knowledge if you've logged on to the internet before.

Don't be too hard on yourself anon. I too at one point thought she might have a chance to wise up, but she shows no signs of ever recovering from her mental illness because she refuses to get help. The main disappointing thing at this point is that the milk is no longer milky and delicious because she is literally a crazy person, and they are not so fun to laugh at.

Thanks for the screenshots anyway, anon.

No. 746195

True dat.

No. 746384

I love how she is calling people broke losers. Oh the irony. Also egging them on to sue her or shut up. lmao, how long has she been threatening to sue people on her "Not Haters" spreadsheet? I wonder how many more pounds the hippo has gained she she left YT again. 30?

No. 746401

File: 1544382355370.png (810.1 KB, 750x1334, 33CCAFB4-8478-4D9C-8F04-97A792…)

YouTube’s sweetheart: your last vid was made 4 weeks ago today not counting your streams; man you really do inflate the shit out of everything don’t you?

No. 746410

File: 1544383434249.png (231.07 KB, 912x510, Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 1.23…)

She really is that dense. Someone who isnt blocked should send this to her.

No. 746574

>>746192 Literally the first 2 Google results for a 'Miracle Mineral Solution' search indicate in the short blurb and/or the fucking URL that it's bleach. Almost the entire first page of results are warning that it is industrial grade bleach, and medical horror stories from people who took it, because it's literally bleach.

Yes, Kati, it's common knowledge that MMS is literally bleach. You told a girl to go drink bleach. I don't know why she's REE'ing so hard about this, it's not like everyone didn't already know what a rampant cunt she is.

These frothing manic episodes from her are hilarious, as if she thinks she's winning people over with this batshit ranting. She should make a video promoting MMS, about how it isn't bleach tbh

No. 746589

I think a lot of people have a hard time because they just can't believe it's bleach (not Joy. She knew exactly what she was saying) because they haven't been exposed to that batshit woo crap where ingesting shit you really shouldn't isn't at all batshit nor out of the ordinary. People drink turpentine. People give bleach enemas then post pictures of the lining of their intestines as proof of a infestation. If someone told me that without ever seeing it myself, I wouldn't believe them. Unfortunately, though…

No. 746623

This MMS nonsense has turned into a never ending broken record. This has been rehashed a million times since she said it yet twitter, and apparently lolcow, is drowning in MMS. For the love of god, shut it down.

No. 746694


"This MMS nonsense" is at least current events.

god was put out to pasture in thread 14.
she don't come round here no more.

No. 746748

File: 1544426087177.jpeg (817.87 KB, 1125x1884, 7375DD73-576C-49B2-A546-EF23BC…)

No. 748389

So there's a bunch of shit going down in TheJosh's thread, some of which relates to Joy


No. 748842


Funny that this sperg would be going into a meltdown over fake subs just after YT announced they have now fixed a glitch that allowed spam subs to remain on accounts and tomorrow they will be pulling all spam from YT accounts…

No. 749093

File: 1544792241872.png (192.84 KB, 885x1037, army.png)

No. 749108

Why does she need an "army" if she's left YouTube? Oh yeah gotta stir up drama and try to keep relevant.

No. 749298

so i guess the po didn't come today?

No. 749356

P.O. anon, no he took a few days after the initial call to get things together. Hopefully next week we will get some early Christmas milk. As soon as I get it I will post.
Im also wondering if she will sperg out for the holidays like she is known to do.

No. 749411


I'll bring the cookies. This should be good. I haven't been around for the holiday spergs.

No. 749447

File: 1544854642951.jpeg (828.54 KB, 1125x1786, 8A0D8A9B-E298-4E84-8C15-0ED5DD…)

It’s interesting how after getting a safe bit over 16k, the daily subs are finally slowing down. It seems that whenever she loses a few it’s only a matter of hours before she gains them all back.
This is so transparently pathetic at this point. I just can’t wait to see if she’ll have the balls to brag about it.

No. 750516

YouTube video: RSN talks to the Josh show
@119:55 he talks about JoySparkleBS and speaking to family anons.How he decided not to speak about her. He likes repzion video.

No. 750528

fucking hell. two cows talking about another cow … and you couldn't even share the video properly. But that's OK because who cares what rapestream or the josh has to say.

No. 750545

Let me help you out. It's pretty simple

No. 750630

File: 1545155485210.jpg (531.38 KB, 1314x1752, 20181218_122533.jpg)

R.o anon here to bring you milk

No. 750631

File: 1545155557437.jpg (457.62 KB, 876x1168, 20181218_122500.jpg)

Sorry can't collage it atm

No. 750633

File: 1545155613420.jpg (399.2 KB, 1168x876, 20181218_122433.jpg)

No. 750634

File: 1545155645083.jpg (437.3 KB, 876x1168, 20181218_123730.jpg)

No. 750637

File: 1545155764423.jpg (379.04 KB, 1314x1752, IMAG0478.jpg)

No. 750639

File: 1545155988831.png (902.43 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181218-125737.png)

I Think that's all of the good ones

No. 750641

Don't you have to have a job in order to lose it? Kek.

Thank you for the milk, anon!

No. 750670

Thank you for the new milk Anon.
I find the wording of the complaints interesting. She proclaims loudly that her boyfriend's work was contacted but in this, it is worded as "threatened to be contacted" did she not accuse another person of doing this?
Kati also says that there were only 2 people who's jobs were "threatened" DWolfe who was driving while using a call causing danger to other road users and Tipster Gaming which is a new one to me. There are many more but these are the ones that I find interesting and clearly show her lies.
Not to mention the handwriting, it looks like a child wrote it.

No. 750686

I actually struggled to read her handwriting. I've seen better penmanship from kindergarteners.

No. 750872

Did they provide a reason for why it was denied?

No. 750903

Because "someone said something mean on the internet" is a waste of court time.

No. 750907

Is that sarcasm or a direct quote?
I just figured there would be some kind of document with the judge’s ruling

No. 750908

Finally proof she has the education level of a 12 year old.
Repeated use of 'ect' on legal paperwork.
Oh the shame of it.

No. 750911


also 'lifestream.' every time i saw that posted here, i thought it was her. it's not unique to her, though.

No. 750924

No, but I assumed they threw it out when she checked off a few sections trying to claim he domestically abused her. Then she checked off as a ruling requirement for him to get domestic abuse counseling or therapy. She really should have had Dom fill out the paperwork if she wanted it to be taken seriously.

No. 750926

Does anyone know why she put in there they have sex before and after harassing her? Was it a comment someone made she twisted or one of her delusions that everyone wants her/is jealous of her. It seems really out of place and just gross to put in a court doc.

No. 751050

I’m not sure where it originated or if it’s even remotely true but she’s been saying that for ages.
The stuff she chose to include is very telling of how she thinks others see her. I love how she made sure to mention he thought she was cute once or whatever and then also threw in the remarks about her body… “sometimes in a sexual tone.”

Either she thought they’d take her more seriously if there was a sexual aspect or she really is delusional. It reminds me of her obsession with reminding the universe that she’s not here to give people boners

No. 751235

She does the weirdest shit. Mentioning her fibro and IBS but not the heavy metal poisoning that she has been screaming about for months. Bringing up sexual comments and her "harassers" sex life and thinking it revolves around her. Not taking the time to proof read the document before submitting it. Filing multiple police reports while screaming on a public youtube channel she isn't afraid of her harassers and they don't have the money or balls to do anything. Recording herself filing a police report lying about a conversation that is uploaded to youtube. I can't wrap my mind around why she thinks acting like this does anything but show the world what a piece of shit she is. How can anyone with 2 brain cells not see she is manipulative and hateful. She will never find a job worth a damn. I work for a small firm and we do basic background and internet checks before anyone is hired. She is a HR nightmare! Dom needs to wake the fuck up because she has youtube videos connecting him to her and she will drag him down with her. She is a level of crazy I have never seen before.

No. 751238

She’s definitely aware that she has no defense with this one. She got reeeeal quiet on Twitter as soon as all of this came up. She always does this when something legitimate comes out.
If people are talking about something petty or inaccurate she goes after them with all her crazy old lady fury but when something serious and undeniable comes out she stays really quiet until enough time passes for people to forget and if anyone does ask she can blow it off.

She exposes herself. And every time she does it, it gets a little worse. It’s mind boggling

No. 751275

I’m beginning to think she has early onset dementia… she acts more and more like an angry old lady slowly devolving.

No. 751279

Honestly me too. I've been thinking this for a while now. It's part of the reason the cow is no fun for me any more, she's legit too crazy to even laugh at.

No. 751298

I think that she’s always been a manipulative, deceptive human. But she went legit coo coo bananas after quarantining herself in an apartment for years. Being that isolated/reclusive for that long fucks with your brain.
That’s why I think that a big part of her truly did believe she was deathly sick. The other part of her doesn’twant to admit to the world that she was wrong and she’s been a useless whiny vegetable for years for no reason.
I would feel bad for her but at this point she’s had countless doctors and people all over the Internet set her straight. That’s why she obsessively says things like “it’s not anxiety I’ve had anxiety” or “it’s not just asthma I’ve had asthma.”
By now she’s most-likely well aware there’s nothing serious wrong with her and she’s just 100% a manipulator.

No. 751299

Oh and I completely forgot how unhinged she could be earlier on with YouTube. Perfect example:
Just watch the first 25 seconds. Especiqlly 00:21. No wonder there were drug rumors.


No. 751411

File: 1545275001993.png (1.18 MB, 1125x2436, D4C3B945-5D70-4E9E-B543-A6940B…)

Found a fun clip of joy digging her own grave. I don’t know how to upload it here

No. 751455

I just transcribed this cuz I’m toying with making a vid and I honestly think I need to put on some classical music cuz I definitely lost some brain cells. If anyone is interested I’ll post but I’ll have to edit out my commentary so it might take me a minute.

Saged for being brain dead

No. 751478

File: 1545282779360.jpg (992.83 KB, 1429x5294, 1545282315119.jpg)

Poor kati, it seems Tipster Gaming confirmed no one went after his job. Yet another lie by Kati.

No. 751479

That is absolutely AMAZING. She is imploding. I just wish she would do it publicly. That would be the most fantastic show ever.

No. 751499

She also lied when she said they wanted to remain anonymous because they feared further harassment. They didn't even know she was saying that shit about them. I am sure DWolfe will go along with whatever Joy says but it looks like Tipster didn't want to be involved in her lies and minipulation! She will drag anyone down she can just to make herself look like some weak ass victim and gain some sympathy. I hope people who are close to her realize what they are in for because she will use their names anytime she can to try and validate her bullshit.

No. 751721

Yes please, any transcription appreciated anon.I'm patiently waiting.

No. 751787

File: 1545349630196.jpeg (49.15 KB, 500x375, F926A7F8-D965-453C-883B-9B63A9…)

PSA: If anyone develops PTSD after reading the subsequent transcription, just like Joy’s never accountable for anything, neither am I. Also pray to Cat Jesus.

https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5wgqyd- am I making money off the Daddy of five situation?

-At the beginning of the video she’s acting really crazy and unhinged.

00:25- She sounds like she’s constipated and says she’s “got a bit of a rant coming” but then she puts on her super sweet baby Kati voice and says “hi loves it’s Joy sparkle bs.” (quite the dichotomy.)

1:57: She can’t stop virtue signaling about how altruistic she is re: Onision and DO5

-Because she got backlash instead of taking the ad revenue she now says she’s going to donate it and the reason why she hasn’t addressed this for two weeks is because she’s been “working on her health.”

2:24- “she can’t do anything right (if she donates she’s a wk and if she doesn’t she’s hypocrite for not wanting to help.”)

2:52- “I got popular and I hate saying that word” (she also hates saying fan but still says it anyway

2:56- humble brag about being a small channel but thanking for the 30K subs

3:08- Got to mention her other channel (spurpinkle bow) is at 8000 and how crazy that is cuz she only started it a week ago (also has to then state that’s almost 40K on 2 channels in 4-5 mo) and how crazy it is

3:20- She talked about how there are so many thanking videos she wants to make but something always comes up (i.e., her health or some huge “issue that warrants her attention” etc.,) JFC ffs Joy.

3:31- Re: Onision vids her goal was to educate people about how manipulators work (she certainly showed us lmao.) It wasn’t to make money and she feels she accomplished her goal.

4:00- she’s going to need to make more $ (Her trip helped her so much that she’s feeling so much better and has been able to pump out so many videos.) She always does this; it’s her MO. She’ll be so sick and then she’ll supposedly go to a “doctor” (NMD until the sliding scale fiasco of ‘17,) and will feel amazing; she’ll then either clean the house or go for a run and “over exert herself” and then she’ll be worse off than she was at the beginning… wash, rinse, repeat.

4:50- all $ made from abused children (includes Onision’s “victims”) will go to abused kids but that didn’t happen.

5:41- she’s “going to be seeing multiple Drs” which didn’t happen (just the NMD and the free clinic her and Dom “just happened to find” (and they just happened” to have an immediate spot which never happens.) Ironically they’d lived there for at least a year and only found this amazing clinic immediately after all the backlash she was getting.

5:46- She “worked so hard to get where she is on YouTube” however she didn’t do anything. She didn’t research, write scripts, she never edited, and when she had an intro it was made for her; she just made these long 30-60 min vids with 0 editing. #Work

6:43- She’s going to have to find other ways to make money while still getting better

7:05- 90% of people have been telling (screaming actually kek) her to start a Patreon

7:15- She and roommate did research on Patreon and found out that she’s “giving something and not just taking so she figured it was OK”

7:55- She plugs her younow by subtly mentioning she talks so much more about her life and other issues

8:10- she says “maybe she’ll keep the Patreon up for a month and refund everybody’s money back” but that never happened and then later if you actually did want your $ back she demanded that you had to be nice to her and apologize or else she wouldn’t refund it.

8:27- She quickly glosses over how she’s “going to be needing money re: her health issues and then says she’s not asking for money” when really that’s exactly what she’s doing.

8;40- She “only started a Patreon because people were begging her for it.”

8:59- The rant is because she “feels badly for people because they were calling her a fraud and they’re wrong and don’t care to know the facts” (the amount of time she was away had nothing to do with the backlash she was getting; it was because she was “focusing on getting better even though she was still very passionate about the story.”)

-Of course joy then has to relate the story to herself like she does with everything and “how she can relate to it “because of how she grew up” (remember she was horribly abused.) “Because she was the youngest she would be picked on relentlessly by everyone older than her” so she could “totally identify with Cody.”

9:29- She believes “the reason why she’s sick is because she went through abuse and trauma that messed her up so she hasn’t had time to do research charities cuz of her illness” (no receipts)

10:03- Of course she needs to mention that she’s donated to many charities with her “own money” and of course the “5 streams she did to raise money for charity.”

10:08- She didn’t care about monetization; all she wanted to do was “show people she cared and put the information out there and hopefully she’ll help someone; maybe not but she just wanted to share with people.” WTF?

10:23- Things change and of course she needs to bring up her health issues by saying her medication costs are going to increase and she’s going to need to be making to make all these trips to far away Drs (why can’t she just see a dr (and I mean an actual MD) in her hometown or nearby city?) This is why “she is going to start a Patreon but she’s not going to announce it yet” even though she’s talked about it for a few minutes in this video and she said she announced it on you now.

10:53- it makes her really sad people say these things and she could understand if she was someone who had cause for concern or had s history of certain things.

11:10- she’s constantly harassed and she doesn’t get to have a week or two to work on her health and what she wants to do with money is her biz and at 11:32 She does another humble brag mentioning how roommate has to remind her that “she is a public figure and a celebrity now” but she’s “like f that I’m still a small channel.”

11:42- she’s “just an asshole who’s trying to get better and figure out life.” She never got better because she was never sick but even if ehe was enjoyed the attention so she’d never get the help she needs cuz she enjoys the idea of being sick and that’s messed up

12:00- She asked people to be a little bit compassionate with her which is ironic because she’s never had compassion for anyone but herself and she “tried not to let this net stuff get to her but it breaks her heart.”

12:30- “People know by now that she’s not a fraud” and humble brags about how the vids are still making $ (has to mention 2 hit over 100K) so she hasn’t even been able to figure out the amount. She then has to humble brag that she has a third video that’s probably going to hit over 100K

13:30- She’s talking about how she “has never intentionally hurt anyone and if she has she doesn’t remember but if you think she has show her the receipts.” Then at 13:33 she actually says that if she has hurt anyone please tell her.

13:42- she said she’s “just a human being who cares.” Yea it really looked like she cared when she was reveling in her Onision is being audited vid or when laughing at how Jared’s gf has bad teeth cuz of her former addiction.)

14:13- “if you notice a change in her it’s because the Internet has made her harder and quicker to say F off and in that regard she’s changing.”

14:40- gotta bring up the health again and “needs to admit that she might never get better and that’s really fucking hard because she can’t ever be fully independent the way she wants to be.” Also gets out her tiny violin and mentions how she doesn’t have family just rm. She “hasn’t talked about that yet because that’s stress that she doesn’t want to put on people” but then proceeds to mention she’s suicidal once a month (wtf?) She says “they’re not thoughts or feelings but instinct” (and she’s not laying a guilt trip at all whatsoever.)

15:13- Must mention how the “ParaGard IUD fucked up her whole world and now she” supposedly “has CT which is why she’s probably so sick” (according to the NMD but not any actual MDs, who’ve all maintained it’s anxiety.)

15:25- She again mentioned suicide and how it “happens once a month and how it’s an instinct but she does not want to stress people out” kek.

15:35- Her SI is “so bad that it’s not something that can be talked out and she literally has to get her mind off of it” while simultaneously acting extraordinarily dramatic (i.e., grabbing her hair) as if talking about this is stressing her out, and then mentions all the $ she’s going to need for meds, appts etc.,) and also the need to drop toxic people from her life.

15:55- she said she “has a history of caring about people more than she cares about herself.”

16:14- subtly mentioned the suicidal ideation again by mentioning that hormonal issues and how she literally has to tell herself to “just stay there with her knuckles clenched and there’s nothing to do about it.”

16:32 She said she forgot to mention the SI at her doctors appointment but one would think that you would mention it especially if it happens once a month and is as pressing as she said. I could totally get forgetting something here and there but a huge problem you’re having that occurs once a month and is that mentally disruptive?

16:44- Again subtly mentioned the SI again by bringing up “the hormonal issues” and that it’s just something “she’s just got to deal with once a month. She just has to let it slide and these are the things she’s dealing with Rn and didn’t want to talk about yet but felt forced to cuz of all the lies and rumors.”

17:03- She talks about how she has no problem with constructive criticism or questioning

17:15- “no one gives her constructive criticism they’re just assholes and attack” and “that’s part of why she’s jaded”

17:28- “it’s really hard not to be jaded and she hates it because she still loves everybody and she still cares about everybody but sometimes she just hates the way some people act; she hates the way people choose to be towards her and others.” What the fudging A?

17:42- Must bring up the illness once again and this time she’s got to up the ante by saying she “needs to admit herself that because of her illness she may never be able to have kids.” Well thank you Cat Jesus!

17:55- she said she “never may be able to do the things she wants to do because of her illness”

18:03- She “doesn’t seem sick because she can pump out a bunch of videos but you just don’t see it because she has a really good poker face and she learned real early with the illness how to mask it” (right because it’s all she ever talks about JFC!)

18:43- She says that she “knows a lot of the people who signed up and are going through shit and some people are going through it worse than her (she knows her audience well.) So she “just wants to encourage people and be a voice to tell people to just keep going, try to fix ourselves, find new solutions, and be open.”

19:00- “miracles can happen to anybody with their health.”

Tl; dr: Joy is a lying nutbar.

No. 751881

Joy lives! RSN is live with some people who are critical of Joy and she showed up in chat and just joined the livestream.

No. 751903

She is making a complete ass out of herself!

No. 751906

You make it sound like this is a new trend for her.

No. 751918


No. 751926

So I between her insane ramblings and false accusations she actually said someone told her to check the Domestic violence box. She said she has dropped everything and everyone else should to. I guess she doesn't understand people just found out she falsely filed court documents trying to get a RO or that filing multiple police reports with false info is a big deal. She made accusations without showing proof all while demanding proof from others. Tried to get puffin on to yell while she did her maniac laugh but RSN ended up kicking puffin so Joy left. Couldn't stand they were letting Kailey talk and not just letting Joy yell and scream BatShitCrazy stuff about Alex Jones. She was in true form. Loud, crazy and nasty.

No. 751932

Not only that but I found this out too late but Kaily asked to have someone and couldn’t cuz she didn’t know the discord or how to get ahold of them but Joy was allowed the other chick and Puffin… at least some of the trash got taken out kek

No. 751962

someone plx transcribe this?

No. 752115

I'm watching this now and Joy is still talking about phil. Why can't she let that one go? It's not like he's bothering her anymore.

No. 752125

Because it's a subject she feels like she can win on. Plus it's the only safe topic she has now because what can she say about moralvirus now that he has the protective order documents?

No. 752128

The sad thing is is that she is not winning on the subject. Everyone on the stream talking to her is poking a ton of holes in her reasoning. Now of course, she and kaily are arguing about the bleach thing but supposedly Joy was just joking and Kaily wasn't smart enough to see that. My god is she condescending.

No. 752136

She started singing "I don't know the two were correlated!" while talking about the mms thing. She's not even trying to act sane anymore.

No. 752145

File: 1545418815637.jpg (71.45 KB, 742x554, poopface.jpg)

To update a bit:
The girl Kaily who is the main one talking about Joy shows up at about 1:27. Joy told her to drink bleach (MMS) to cure her autism, she also talks about Phil. She said Joy blocked her but would unblock her randomly to hurl insults over twitter.

Joysus herself appears at around 2:14 and barges her way in. Her friend Puffin comes in really late in the stream, RSN kicked her out (3:34:30) shortly after because she was not necessary. Joy threatened to leave multiple times since she wasn't going to "win" with this crowd and she dropped herself at 3:38. Jarrod showed up briefly somehow (3:29) and Joy freaks out and he gets kicked out, wish he could have stayed.

Joy was on for over an hour and she screetches and cackles the whole time, not sure if that can be transcribed too well lol. It's sort of an experience though, at one point she asks RSN to smear poop on his face and claims she spends half her day on the toilet.

No. 752166


If she spends half the day eating,she will spend half the day flushing poobabies.
There is a definite correlation there that she does not seem to be aware of with all of her medical knowledge. What goes in has to come out. She is not exactly a brilliant mind.
I think what I'm trying to say is that she is a moron, not well educated, not well-read, a blithering idiot.

No. 752280

File: 1545433347634.jpg (58.17 KB, 500x552, 2pjwtj.jpg)

No. 752483


I thank thee transcription anon.

virtual FOOT massage

No. 752665


Dispensing legal advice as a clerk from an office where you're filing a petition is illegal. Someone can lose their job over that if it's true about her being told to check that it was domestic violence. The name of the accepting clerk for the PO should be on the order. She messed up there. This is common knowledge in legal circles. I highly doubt this was actually said and believe she may have been trying to pass the buck so she didn't look like such a blithering idiot for marking it.

No. 752668


No. 752681

She doesn't care about shit like that she only cares about herself. She also could have ruined Tim's (Rose's lawyer)career when she said he broke the gag order and she had proof he hated his client and her family. Rightly so if true because Tim could have ruined Rose's custody case for some attention from a youtuber. All Joy cares about is herself and getting those victim points. Her ego is out of control.

No. 752813

I didn't do this,it's not my style. 4 those in the know.

No. 752890

RSN has been sucking Joy’s dick on twitter apologizing for kicking Puffin off and saying she can come on or Joy can interview one on one (which is totally fair cuz Kailey wasn’t even allowed to have someone until way later in the interview and didn’t know how to get ahold of anyone last minute.)

Saged for upcoming massive ego inflation.

No. 753391

Maybe that'll happen if she's not near molting shards.

I hope RSN rinses his mouth out with some vegetable grade hydrogen peroxide.
Cause baby dats nasty.

No. 753614

Just wanted to pop in and wish all anons a very Happy Christmas with your families! May all your days be merry and may the milk flow freely in the new year!

No. 753618

File: 1545684200228.jpg (686.56 KB, 1920x1080, 20181224_144955.jpg)

No. 753899

>>751881 2:36:00 is great, it's a pleasure to hear her squirm.
They're asking her about studies related to the food grade peroxide being an anecdote and safe for consumption, which she tries to weasel her way around by saying she is alive for proof that it works if done correctly but that's not enough proof so she is asked for something solid. Joy tells some other chick(kaily?) that the question is directed towards her (and not joy) which is ridiculous to pretend she didn't know, it wouldn't make sense to ask someone that doesn't believe in drinking it to provide studies confirming it works.
She also gives a bullshit line that it was 5 years ago and she doesn't have the information prepared like she would have if it were going to be a debate, like we don't all know how great the debate queen is in action when she literally contributes nothing but cackles.

She's tripping over her words and cant seem to even recall how long she took it for.

This peroxide has been in question from so many threads ago so she shouldn't have to prepare answers for something she's been questioned about and believes in.

No. 754282


A simple google search literally can unearth studies that show how dangerous it is to ingest of it. She didn't even need to say she ingested it and if she did it long term she could have caused the health issues she has now on her own from pseudoscience. Even the red light therapy she's using can cause issues with the nervous system. She's allergic to simple research.If she is too much of an idiot to be able to use google there is something wrong upstairs. It even has a voice app that can get info for you.

No. 754382

File: 1545878100729.jpg (228.46 KB, 1080x1878, NotAcuntTheyAre.jpg)

How many times gois?
It's not me, it's them!

No. 754442

Wow she’s bold af and really does think she’s the shit like she honesty believes it… how? I’m confounded.

No. 754537

"RSN SUCKS JOYS DICK GUIS" Kek trying to get her on stream again is suckin dick you clowns have no tact "kicks puffin off stream" but sucks Joy dick Kek you cant satisfy you farmas.

No. 754569

Does anyone know which stream it was where geek, joy, and a bunch of others completely went off on that girl who was on medication and was tapering down and Joy kept calling her an addict and was flexing her amazing debate skills?

No. 754583

Not sure what you're trying to say, Craig DeRaper. Doing exposes on someone, failing, and then trying to play friends with them for a channel no-one even cares to laugh at anymore seems pretty dick-sucking to me.

No. 754611

I don't believe that was part of a stream, but rather a private group chat that was recorded by one of Cuckthulhu's people. There should be a few copies floating around. Maybe search for "Joysparklebs screaming fits."

No. 754617

Thanks much for the protip anon! You just made my late morning. I’ve heard the whole stream before and was repulsed; I just don’t remember where or if it was deleted cuz you know shady Kati. Cheers!

No. 754620

Not sure if this is the one you were thinking of but it was pretty rough regardless

No. 754711

Thank you so much! This is the stream I was thinking of and if I remember it was brutal. They utterly decimated that girl. I also found it through the search query so thank you also to that anon as well.

To find deleted vids can I just google her name with a fitting word like “Joy Sparkle bs crazy” and see what pops? Thanks again!

No. 754922

Her ability to project could reach 3 universes away!

No. 755153

3? She’s ascended to freaking god level in her mind. Hey maybe she’s ascending to god level and that’s what’s making her “so sick.” I mean it happened with the Archangel Michael.

No. 755544


Jesus…that was a 3+ hour dogpile of suck on that one girl. Joy is such a fucking cunt and this was before Geek "supposedly" saw the light…

No. 755677

Yea she and CJ were vicious. It honestly got hard to listen to. Idk how someone could be so ferocious. Then after calling this girl an addict over and over and viciously attacking her she actually said she’d win the debate cuz “I can yell louder than you and I have better debate skills.” I don’t remember learning the yelling technique in forensics…

No. 755769

Novakast Studios (one of the original stans) talks JoySparkleBS.

Also, he is one of the mods for Real Stream News, apparently.

No. 756438

Does anyone know which stream it was where Geek, Joy, and other people berated some girl who was being weaned off meds she actually needed to be on and Joy just kept calling her an addict? Joy also flexed her amazing debate skills in this stream. If anyone knows the name or could direct me to a page this anon would be very greatful and have a very merry Christmas. Thanks and happy holidays anons!

No. 756510

Forgive me anons. I have no idea how or why I reposted that. For punishment I will listen to Joy’s live-streams for the rest of the evening.

No. 758186

No leche,
I ran across this vintage compilation. From one lunatic to another.


No. 759896

File: 1546749792171.png (1.54 MB, 1187x658, temp.png)

No. 759900

File: 1546750385324.png (1.23 MB, 1179x737, temp.png)

Another one

No. 759902

File: 1546750500331.png (1.33 MB, 1177x768, temp.png)

And another

No. 759905

File: 1546750755625.png (1.23 MB, 1182x778, temp2.png)

again because it was about the drama, not about the kids, or the girls, or lainey

No. 759909


"If you unfollow me that makes you a liar"? LOL wut??? That doesn't sound stalkerish at all.

No. 759911

Did she really need to give him $20 for this? Smh, Kati.

No. 759974

I'm surprised that's all she gave him. She started as an Onion superfan / stalker then moved into drama general. Returning to her roots like this, I thought she would have spent more for the attention and to feed the compulsion

No. 760083

File: 1546795971040.jpg (360.29 KB, 1439x1049, Screenshot_20190106-103139_Twi…)

LOL. What a delusional fuck.

No. 760124

>>759974 I've voiced that opinion before and been corrected on it.
Apparently after she started her channel the "Anti-Onision text-chat group" thing, whatever it was, that she joined. . .the one were she and Angel REE'd at that guy telling him he should kill himself . . .the one she eventually got kicked out of and was such a bitch to someone in it that they dropped her full name here in the first thread. . .I think Jarrod/Moral Virus was a part of that group and that is how the know each other. . .
While she was in that group she had almost no idea about any of Onision's extended lolcow lore, even fairly basic stuff, and had to be told.
She was not some stalker or superfan of his. At best she was a long-time (10 years in her words) casual viewer of his to maybe a regular fan who happens to be completely batshit crazy and thought she could rocket herself to YouTube stardom off his corpse, see her delusional "I was the internet's darling" talk.

No. 760132


Oh yeah. Kati is quite educated. All those days at Julliard. And studying marketing communications. And didn't she say she studied broadcast journalism? No degrees to show for any of it, of course. Not even a couple course credits. Unless this desperate idiots means street smarts.. of which Madam Slug possesses none. There's a reason she hides in Dom's living room all day and it isn't because she's educated or has "temerity". Doubt she would even know the meaning of the word, ya delusional twit.

Articulate? Have you SEEN her Twitter account?

No. 760147

Your getting 2 stories mixed up, no one from the anti onision skype group moral was in doxed her and them attacking Tim was in a different group on Twitter I believe. The twitter group had over 30 people in it when she doxed herself, as well as family, when trying to prove she knew those kids that died. In one of the older threads someone from the Skype group mentioned that Joy didn't know very basic onion history but also phil mentioned in one of his videos that Joy also used him for onision info. I believe it was around the time phil and her had a falling out that she stopped making so many vids on him too.

No. 760332

Yup, two completely different stories. iirc the Tim thing was a group DM chat of about 30 people that Pierced Angel dropped some of the screenshots for. It was also mentioned that our lady of the couch of Frito Lay was involved in multiple group DM chats around that time, constantly trying to figure out which members were reliable le enough to form her cult with.

The Skype group that she was with moral in was a separate thing that focused heavily on talking about onion boy. It was also mentioned at some point that Joysus got all giddy and bragged to the group about one of onions videos being about her when it was actually about Billie. She wanted to badly to be on his radar that now she's spending $20 on superchats to get senpai to notice the knots in her hair.

Poor Dom, he keeps giving this hambeast money he thinks she needs to get around town when she's feeling up to drive, or for medication she "needs" to battle her "illbesses" and she's busy throwing it at random YouTube fucks for a couple of minutes of attention. That money could've been better spent, like for Dom's future drinking addiction.

No. 760390

I’m really shocked she isn’t creaming all over her cottage cheesy taters to start churning out a 64 part series on Greg and his wetland drama, especially after Rep’s vids.

No. 762903


I'm even more surprised she hasn't rolled out to voice opinion of the pedophile and child grooming allegations.
It's how she got traction in the beginning. She jumped on the bandwagon calling Greg out for the underage girls posting pics on his forum whom he was "rating" in videos.

It's also her favorite go to accusation for men so this is right in her wheelhouse.

Did she over-infrared herself in her bathroom?
Did the mercury poisoning finally overtake her?

No. 763697

File: 1547394503077.png (261.02 KB, 720x595, 20190113_103714.png)

apparently she's creaming n roasting her taters somewhat privately. she was rapid firing likes on this stream

No. 763810

I really thought she would pop up with like 50 videos to ride this fresh wave of accusations. And it's not like she isn't paying attention to what's going on, maybe she's gotten too lazy to film suddenly or has put on even more weight?

No. 764754

She's likely still trying g to hide from the protective order drama she brought upon herself. Who knows how long before she returns to try and milk this drama 4 weeks late to the party.

No. 764851

remember what happened first time? first she needs to find one of her haters to make an example of. turn the hate on them. make them into a bad guy and her the victim. last person was phil. she tried making jarrod into the villain but it backfired and she is now gun shy until she can make a clearer case. i wonder if she will keep at jarrod or try and find someone else? repzion is a miss he has too much fanbase. same with maya. any guesses who she will take shots at?

No. 764881


I think I found where Kati's been hiding….

No. 765012

Once again we find information meant to cast a dark cloud on rose, which only ends up showing that she rectifies any given situation which would negatively impact her children. Idk who sipping tea is, but editing a video to make rose look like she's psychologically abusing her kids when it actually shows that they have a done great deal of healing, enough to make similar jokes and not to feel threatened or tortured by those jokes.
Chambers is still two-faced and desperate to fit into the cool kids club,so she has lost what scraps of credibility might have been leftover.
None of this helps joy. I would be amazed if she thinks it does.

No. 765055

judging by their inability to use the youtube field and the fact this has nothing to do with joy, I'm guessing we were visited by the uploader themselves.

No. 766744

Nah, just cannot read apparently and 100% derped with the youtube field.

Also, how does a video that starts with trying to cast a dark cloud on Rose, and then all of a sudden shifts to nonstop twitter posts of how Kati is right about Rose and how horrible she is ….. not have anything to do with joy? Did you not watch the video because it very much carries the narrative of "look at this person who is fighting against the evil Rose" vibes all over the place, or at least that's how I took it.

No. 766911

She’s probably trying a new angle. If she can make a new “enemy” and make enough people dislike her and/or think she’s a bad person and mom she can make her “big comeback” to fight her arch nemesis.

Sage for tinfoil

No. 766934

if there's one thing we do know for sure …it's that she will def be back soon, refer to being offline so she could focus on her health, and immediately say the whole restraining order was debunked

No. 767105

So true but how do you think she could possibly spin the RO? Everyone knows she baited Jarrod until he made that statement which obviously wasn’t a threat but she got what she wanted and ran to the cops. However it totally didn’t get what she wanted but she also had to pay court fees for the frivolity of the whole issue. So what could she possibly say?

No. 767190

Except that "threat" stream happened months after the PO. She tried to bait him after the failed PO, likely for the purposes of filing another court order - but that's just speculation.

She'll do exactly what she did with Repzion's first video. She'll ignore all of the arguments, claim that everything was debunked aged ago without pointing out where or when specifically, and then try and go one as business as usual.

No. 767287

Thanks for clearing that up for me; I thought I had the details somewhat off but wasn’t sure. So how long till her “big comeback?” I’m guessing 6 months if she stays on younow or leeches off others’ streams and 2 months if she’s really gone.

No. 768957

File: 1548024752744.jpg (166.52 KB, 532x2048, IMG_20190120_155007.jpg)

What is this washed up unwashed fat fuck going on about now.

No. 769063

>>768957 Tommy posted a Tweet containing a screenshot of a Twitch communication about Article 13 and his plan moving forwards, which is to give an American his YouTube channel and he will send them video files to upload. No more Livestreams.

He then posted a Tweet containing a screenshot of a post from Nick Monroe who is excited that Article 13 is hitting a roadblock in Council negotiations.

Kati then made her VagueTweets REE'ing about everyone being fine with her being deplatformed (she typed 'platformed'; also not a thing that happened, you left bitch), and didn't tag anyone because she "is not afraid of a debate. I'll win, I can yell louder!" She of course has to include something about the Kumite because it's the only place on the internet she thinks hasn't called her a pants shitting retard and told her to fuck off.

Netizens then responded by telling her "lol you are crazy". Not-CrazyKati then responded by REE'ing about how Rose is an unfit mother dating child abusing "drug attic". The internet then collectively laughed and shared their favorite memories of her batshit insanity.

Yeah, you tell 'em Kati. You. .you're doing great.

No. 769064

Real stream news is live right now talking to Jarrod and another person. I just started watching but Jarrod is talking about the restraining order. Real stream claims that he is twitter dming with Joy while the stream is happening.

No. 769076

Who cares? Real streams is a cow himself. He either self posted this shitty stream or one of his gross stans did.

No. 769130

I'd rather watch a JSBS video. She has a closer relationship with the truth than rapestream does. Not sure how that's even possible, but there it is.

No. 769156

RSN is a halfwit who thinks he can con people into believing he is impartial like PhillyD. but he betrays himself every time he is skeptical of the critics while simultaneously mindlessly believes what Joy says.

He claims he did research and seems to know one side which is why he doesn't ask certain really obvious questions.

She's not gonna fuck you, dude.

No. 769165

It's ok, he doesn't need consent.

No. 769365

How she managed to go on a stream with someone who is clearly on her side and still lose all credibility is utterly baffling.
She's always screeching about how people need to talk to her one on one, but she never seems to want to face anyone one on one. Curious, isn't it?

No. 769559


I would like to elect you to write the Kati Marie Smith biography.
You'd do it so good!
thank you anon

No. 769646

File: 1548120820904.jpg (243.23 KB, 1419x2082, IMG_20190121_183146.jpg)

Is this real? The screenshot was posted on Twitter but I can't find it on her Twitter. But I rid find other tweets from today about MLK day and the maga kids.

No. 769686


She probably deleted it herself and will cry "Twitter jail" or some bullshit. My god, she's a fucking racist hosebeast.

No. 769730

File: 1548132285657.jpg (1.54 MB, 1080x4498, Screenshot_20190121-214243_Twi…)

Yeah. I'm going to say it's real.

No. 769736


Jesus christ she sounds EXACTLY like the sperg that was over in the vent thread in /ot screeching about the situation

No. 769739

not real poorly photoshopped

No. 769754

sage your autism pls

No. 769757

Sage doesn't excuse your mini-modding.

There was also a very out-of-place post about it in the Onision thread too.

Is she bringing her mental breakdown on to lolcow? Because that would be kinda hilarious.

No. 769759

She's posted here and the Onision thread before. So I wouldn't put it past her.

No. 769939

Did she accuse based mama of stealing money from the do5 kids GoFundMe?
Wonder if that could be a defamation suit?

No. 769958

It’s angel - can I please make it clear that the guy we “ree’d” at and told to kill himself didn’t go down like that at all?

The guy in question I was told was lying about having PTSD, Joy told me to go after him, so I did.

I was stupidly playing attack dog for her for a long time, she is an extremely toxic individual & yes - I did some stupid things too, to try and cover for her because I thought she was my friend.

I am extremely shocked to see that she is still relevant & I honestly hope she gets some serious mental help & soon, she has seriously let herself go.

I’m going back to lurking now :) bye.(https://lolcow.farm/info)

No. 769977

I’m seriously surprised she’s not reeing over the Tonka Trucks situation with him fagging out of the fight and using forged bloodwork. It’s dunny; him and Kati are both pathological liars who say they’re “not internet people.”

No. 769992

File: 1548194330091.jpg (139.08 KB, 1507x1240, IMG_20190122_145431.jpg)

No. 769998


Would have been more authentic if you had included misspellings and dyslexia.

None of this bullshit changes the fact that she is a racist bitch.

No. 770005

I am shocked that you would do the cow's bidding.

This is just about as stupid as it gets.

No. 770056

Real Stream News who does his research and is at this moment criticising my earlier post as I type this so clearly he reads here yet was somehow skeptical about the restraining order which was posted here not that long ago is streaming with Joy rn.

Sorry, dude. I was just pointing out the obvious and saying what other people were thinking.

No. 770084

Using the indigo children as an out. There's certainly no other reason to be skeptical of her. So unbiased. lolol. You're right. I'm so silly and stupid and I feel bad.

No. 770115

So basically he’s just kissing her ass when all he had to do was a ctrl F for the proof of the frivolity of her false paperwork that caused her to have to pay.

No. 770117


Joy rambled, went after the low hanging fruit and lied a lot. RSN made lots of excuses for her because he thinks she's a damsel in distress and not a wolf in sheeps clothing. Joy starts to read Blooddance Darkmoon's emails while a screenshot with Blooddance Darkmoon's email address is visible on the screen. BDDM messages RSN saying that that Joy doesn't have permission. Joy dgaf and continues. Stream is cut short suddenly not long after.

This is incomplete. Feel free to add.


Pretty much. But you can't find something if you ain't looking for it.

No. 770136

I would honestly love to debate err discuss some topics with her after hearing the stream with BDDM. How can I make this happen?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 770155

She's ridiculously stupid how was that supposed to help her out after sperging on a live stream yet again? You'd think she wouldn't go there since she's still irked that people called her racist after the poo baby "joke".

Contact RSN I guess, he'll let Joy screetch nonsensically at people for hours because it gets him the views and donations.

No. 770159

File: 1548208475038.png (274.31 KB, 837x539, liarKatiTheCunt.png)

Nice screen shot (you forgot to crop Kati) for someone who never reads or posts to lolcow

No. 770167


"I never read lolcow, people just tell me what the haters post"

No. 770170

Yes yes thank you. I must quickly brush up on the early lore but then I’d love for her to ree at me nonsensically for hours. It would be fantastic.

No. 770171

Is this real? Did someone actually drop this DM?

No. 770182

Any screenshots of the twitter exchange between Puffin and Kati are fake. That screenshot of her comment about the native is fake. They're fabricated by some loser trying to play both sides and create drama for the sake of creating drama.

No. 770196

Thanks. I didn’t think so as they were written too well but I thought maybe she was running some super serial gay ops where she actually spelled correctly kek.

No. 770199

Aren’t your posts supposed to be marked angel? Like your other posts? Lmao

No. 770222

File: 1548214718139.png (25.92 KB, 632x284, UnbiasedLolcow.png)

Kati's new JoyTard is sperging about not being universally loved for being unbiased?

Does this idiot have his own thread yet? Unbiased letting the manic heifer run wild on his channel with her cult throwing SuperChats

No. 770233

No. 770293

I don't think rapestreamnews understands what it truly means to be unbiased. He was clearly catering to Kati's bruised little ego even from the shit show stream the previous night.

How many times did he ask blood and Jarrod what it would take to have this drama end "amicably?" Meanwhile Kati continues to drag up old shit a year removed despite little reason to keep it up, such as Phil's elicit relationship from over a decade ago. I don't recall rapestream asking her why she can't move on from these things, or what it would take for her to stop mentioning and dwelling on old shit.

No. 770366

Differentiate between pointing out the rules and 'mini-modding', salt-chan.

Reads here? He gets 90% of his content from here.

He really likes to play the victim, huh. I'm amazed that he's decided to hitch his wagon to her after everybody has basically forgotten her.

No. 770391

Unbiased my dick? Again Kati can bring up shit from 10 years ago and the rules don’t apply but they do to others. Good job Rapestream… definitely not partial whatsoever and dude if you reallly want to smell her cottage cheesy vagina be my guest.

No. 770431

Great, now I'm stuck wondering what a cow and a blobfish fusion would look like should these two twaddling cunts were to reproduce.

No. 770440

How illicit can it be if her parents knew of it and were fine with it? Lol.

No. 770503

File: 1548265232268.jpg (410.98 KB, 1439x1230, Screenshot_20190123-103928_Twi…)

Jesus Christ.

No. 770510

Blood dance is a cow all her own. That entire stream was a shitshow of epic proportions. Now, am I mistaken or wasn't Corrie a joytard at one point?

No. 770523


Cue the victim narrative "I been gone and they are still bringing up old shit to attack me"

Meanwhile on Twitter Kati is beating TommyC with a year old stick and her channel is full of videos of people who wronged her up to 18 months ago.

There's even hour long unintelligible rants about people liking tweets she didn't like,

Pure victim that brought her toxicity to RSN and used it as a platform to attack people on her Haterz list.

The cycle never ends.
Wasn't kati in a manic phase this time last year?
Loving this untreated mental illness

No. 770572

This time last year she had Cuckthulhu, Donga, and a few other drooling retards to utilize for platform space to spread her diarrhetic slander and harassment of the Hall family. This year she's got some methed up rapist wanting to roll over for belly rubs and ear scritches just for the extra attention she can bring in. It's all pathetic, but the trend of her mania never ceases.

The year could be 2037 and this bitch would still complain about Repzion and TommyC owing her apologies for how they "damaged" her reputation.

No. 770608

Twitter video from this afternoon announcing plans for a video series on her channel. But she's totally not coming back to YouTube guys.

No. 770619

File: 1548277562175.jpg (124.18 KB, 846x866, IMG_20190123_140320.jpg)

I know it's fake. But maybe it's real after all. LOL

No. 770621

WTF is she on about now? The streams are still up. She needs to stay off youtube and wash that dirty ass blanket she had her camera aimed at. This is why Joy will never be anything more then a dumpster fire. She has to lie, manipulate and create drama then drag it out over multiple videos to get attention. She can't be honest and just make a short video telling people anything. She has to spin it into something it isn't then drag it out until people can't stand to hear her voice anymore.

No. 770635


At 7:40 does this sound like Joy did one of their friends?

No. 770642

Joya. Completely different person not Kati.

No. 770730

I know this is off topic a little, but during the screech fest, Blood Dance mentioned she wouldn't read the tweets/DM's from a particular girl that passed away. Anyone know who she was talking about??

No. 770788

Nakatia Fletcher
@SassyMe2013 on twitter

No. 770914

Anyone know how Kristen passed away? She looked young.

No. 771006

She was disabled and on a breathing machine. I'm not too sure what she had but she had been sick a long time and I think her heart finally gave out.

No. 771017

"As much as I'm dying to come back to youtube, I can't just do it, I need an 'in', so please give me a reason by telling me you miss my videos etc. Here's 3 or 4 videos of me reading out news articles and spouting random shit."

Corrie was a pretty rabid joytard at one point, yes. I forget what happened, I just remember she flipped and started sperging out against instead of for.

No. 771205

Corrie was until Joy started getting super obsessive with the Do5 case and got angry that the kids might be affected by the videos. Off topic but she made a video on her channel blasting lolcow this morning. Guess she is still butthurt that she was put out to pasture. I'm an idiot and don't know how to link using this site or bitchute or I would. She isn't really milky but she's worth the chuckle with all her little hate videos.

No. 771254

Knowing corrie as I do…..
I’m pretty sure she doesn’t give a flying fuck or a shit in a bucket.
Keep believing that she does doh.

No. 771255

Awwww fuck.
Forgot to sage.
Kicked again.

Samefagging for my own amusement.

No. 771312

Stay classy, Joytard.

Speaking of class, Blooddance may want to lay off snorting her pills and pointing out the post nasal drip if she wants to be taken seriously. She almost succeded in making Kati look like the sane one.

No. 771377

Autosaged. See >>>/meta/8261 for more info.

No. 771439

File: 1548394025588.jpg (121.13 KB, 910x478, sausagefingers.jpg)

She's given her twitter a little makeover, just showing the haters that insults don't bother her at all by blasting it all over.

No. 771462

I feel like old blood dance and moral deserve a trophy for managing to provide Joy with the obsessive shenanigans that she’s been so desperately hoping for to distract people from the PO & police report and pave the way for her to return without having to address her legitimate wrongdoings. Not to mention their impressive ability to further damage the credibility (which is already practically nonexistent) of the coo coo banana involved in those scandals.
It seems like a lot of people pretend that Jarrod hasn’t always been a creep who has done nothing besides lend credence to Joy’s claims of having crazed harassers that won’t leave her alone.

I want to make something very clear, Jarrod. The whole protective order and police report was complete bullshit HOWEVER that doesn’t change the fact that you are a lunatic that does far more damage than good.
I love watching the train wreck that is Joy but I do not love watching this obsessed weirdo provide her with a steady stream of evidence to support her victim complex.

Someone had to say it. Sorry not sorry.

No. 771472

Kati sat in chat and only cared to address Blood. She has tried to avoid moral at all costs since the PO became public knowledge, not just when he got the documents but when it was first discovered on the internet. She was not about to get on that stream and talk about the PO. She is not about to ever talk about it as the last time she opened her mouth about it she claimed she was told to mark down on the forms that she was the victim of domestic abuse.

Remember her freak out when he first appeared on rapenews' stream during the Kaily nonsense? How she quickly ducked back into the talking point that she was afraid of him because he had "threatened" her life, all the while ignoring that weeks after the "threats" she wanted to interview him? That she was still very much happy to talk her shit about him and his gf just prior to anon's discovery of the PO.

She was going to come back sooner or later. Our lady of the couch of Frito Lay doesn't need much excuse to try and mount a return to YouTube to sing the same old song we've heard for over a year.

No. 771480

[applause breaks out]

No. 771506

This. There are some awful things Kati has done to both Jared and his girlfriend, but ffs. I'm an oldfag, been here since thread 3. I've mostly lurked the last several threads due to cowtipping and sperging. We're supposed to document the cow and laugh at the cow. Not interact with the cow.

No. 771511

This one? Should we start this nobody a thread? Or do you think she’s laughing just as hard?

No. 771523

This one is cow worthy. She is crazy as they come and has some real milk in her past.

No. 771549

Didnt she admit to going crazy awhile back? Idk. She seems a lot saner than the majority of these 20 threads. And VHS Archive. And Jarrod. And Blood.
Thank God for the 50,000 of the 60,000 subs Sausage Fingers had that also hate her. Because the nutters on her Hater List Google Drive are all just as inanely insane as she is.

Saged for speculation.

No. 771550

And didn’t a bunch of you guys flag her off Twitter because she thinks you’re all insane? Or was that one of the many others you’ve flagged down over the last couple of years?


No. 771588

Corrie? Saner? I take it you never saw her rant about how the LGBT flag brain washed youth into becoming LGBT as some sort of conspiracy.

Now enough talk about Corrie. This thread is about Joy. She's the cow here that we're all keeping our eyes on.

No. 771595

I agree with her. I was also raised on Rainbow Bright and Care Bears before the flag was designed.
But yes. Let’s get back to Sausage Fingers who’s probably never pulled a trigger that wasn’t in her brain.

No. 771602

The flag was designed in 1978, before your fave 80s toys came along. Thankyou for your blog

No. 771612

It wasn’t an established icon until 1994 but nice try. And babies have learned their colors before anything else since always.
Can we get back to Sausage Fingers or do you want to continue looking like a dork?

No. 771615

You would be very wrong, Gilbert Baker created it in 1978 long before care bears in 1981 and rainbow bright in 1984. This is why this cow needs her own page to stop the derailing. RAINBOW FLAGS DO NOT TURN CHILDREN GAY!!

No. 771623

Go back and read the full article you got that from or maybe read beyond Google’s first suggestion, Dumbass AJ.
You triggered? Leaving messages all over.
I wish you’d all get lost along with Sausage Fingers.

No. 771629

That would be when he created the largest flag it was used in the Stonewall riots as a symbol in 1978 when the rioters claimed the Stonewall bar. Try reading more than a Wikipedia article dumbass.Who or what is AJ?

No. 771632

If I’d done that I’d be arguing that it’s been around since 1920.
AJ is someone who thinks she’s anonymously continuously threatening people. She’s not.
Back to Sausage Fingers.

No. 771664

This is why you need your own page

No. 771678

This cluster fuck argument about Corrie and her beliefs or rants really is off topic and needs to stop here. If anon's want to start up a thread on her then they can follow the rules on creating a thread for her. If we could just try and keep this thread about Kati and her sperging that would be great. Especially seeing as she's finally mounting her big comeback to YouTube for her reputation defense tour part duex.

No. 771698

We all know, especially oldfags, that she's just going to rewrite history to make herself the ultimate victim. Back to the same old cycle. Oooh, I bet we get some brand new diagnoses with her return! Place your bets now!

No. 771768


Waiting to see her get destroyed by the on-going Pilkington train wreck after siding with Tonka during his attempts to end Warski

No. 771808

She HAS been incredibly silent during this whole Donga fiasco. Where ya at, Kati? Weren't you singing his praises not too long ago? I'd LOVE to hear her take on it. Especially keeping in mind how quickly she jumped on Jarbo's nuts when he was outed. She wants to ride Metokur's dick so hard it's painful to watch - but nothing about ole Tonka at all. We're waiting, Kati. Ooh, maybe we'll get lucky and Donga will take everyone down with him and throw out that she was the one who was buying subs for Jarbo! That would be good times for all.

No. 771913

Sadly if Vamp is still hooked on the wheelie and she's still friendly to Kati then we may not see those bridges burning just yet. I would love to see that entire group implode because of Kati's need to seem far more relevant than she is but right now there aren't any signs that poor ole Chief No Legs will want to talk internet drama as its a clear sore spot. The stooge repurposed his channel to be a wrestling podcast for Christ sake, and mass deleted any comments mocking or criticizing him for remaining silent on his lies about still being in Knoxville.