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No. 336585

Following the Joy Sparkle BS drama is like weathering a blizzard full of snowflakes. This thread is for discussion of all the lolcows Joy's drama has uncovered but doesn't necessarily belong in her thread. Discussion should involve one of the people listed below and can be about anything they have said or done. New people may be added IF they have been in some sort of drama with Joy but are not big or lulzy enough to warrant their own thread.

Introducing the cast of characters that make up Joy's herd of cows:

1. The DO5 Crew
Rose Hall Joy's big charity case, the bipolar biological mom of Emma & Cody. She has a sketchy Gofundme people are starting to question. https://www.gofundme.com/save-cody-and-emma
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt2CQISl7tIZYAmG25-flsg
Twitter @Reds9876
Mike & Heather Martin, the parents responsible for the DaddyOfive channel where they film themselves pulling abusive "pranks" on their children for money & views, Joy has made almost 100 videos about them (yes this means you can discuss DaddyOFive drama in this thread)
DO5 YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8lV8KIVWvfsaqOi_d3Wu3w
MO5 YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHckarmEbuCogN98ezY2oSQ
Based Mama got involved with the DO5 situation by locating Rose's lawyer Tim Conlon. Made a video calling Joy a crazy bitch and said she didn't care if Joy died in a fire.
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClIhNlS1M2OVxHE7WwPpA8A
Twitter @based_mama
Chambers of My Heart is responsible for originally campaigning for Rose to get custody, loaned Rose $200 to drive to MD and set up Rose's Gofundme. Chambers was previously friends with Joy but they had a falling out over the DO5 situation
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/theChambersofmyheart
Twitter @ChambersofHeart
Nick Monroe is a gaming "journalist" who has written articles about Joy's involvement with DO5. He was accused of stalkerish behavior several years ago. Twitter @Nickmon1112
Based Mama, Chambers of My Heart & Nick Monroe are the three Joy accuses of a concerted effort to "make her look crazy", she is constantly threatening to expose them with "secret" information.

2. Joy's spazzy haterz that make videos based on any wild unsubstantiated rumor they hear no matter how stupid
AussieGuyShano has made videos partially responsible for spreading the untrue rumor Joy owned Special Spaces, responsible for the rumor Purple Mattress was going to sue Joy and the rumor Joy was breaking the law for false advertising her Patreon and as a result could go to jail/have her account deleted.
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/AussieGuyShano/
KimmyCat makes highly emotional screechy rant videos about Joy and being disabled. Notoriously known for taking things out of context & making them about herself. Hilariously thought the nickname Joy made up for Jaime Leigh Fischer "CatFischer" on a 45 day old livestream was partially about her even though Joy didn't know Kimmycat existed at the time. Had a recent falling out with Phil.
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7SX93ImeGLG6YHN9uoMNdA
MissBitch2U 2017 made the video responsible for starting the Special Spaces rumor by taking Joy's sarcastic YouNow clip out of context.
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCReUwSYfVdWn0PvLo_Fp0_g

3. Ex-friends of Joy
Phillip Schlicher (aka Phil, PhilS, NichiStateum) was Joy's friend for 10 years before they had a falling out. Made a three-hour long video exposing Joy's character and the many lies she has told. Joy accuses him of being a creepy stalker, she claims he made his Twitter solely to bash her & contains over 800 tweets about her.
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/NichiStateum
Twitter @ThatPhillipSGuy
YouNow Phillip Schlicher

4. YouTuber "friends" Joy promotes frequently, most of which are firmly up her ass
Takedownman https://www.youtube.com/user/Takedownman
Suit Yourself https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMc7w9VO8VKsEc98q_kndMA
Coppercab https://www.youtube.com/user/CopperCab
Rob Novak https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrvBrN0W_7KMWoQQ1XqZI0g
Blooddance Darkmoon @xShadowDancex https://www.youtube.com/user/TheFourHorsemen2012
Geekthulu https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChnb_zW2C6CmqaxtS1Uea0g
Negative Talk Radio https://www.youtube.com/user/stfarchives

5. Joy's little cult of followers (aka Joytards or Spergleberries) who do whatever she says and rush to defend her against any question or perceived slight no matter how insignificant. They don't do a whole lot besides kissing Joy's ass all day.
CyThatNerd @CyThatNerd dresses up as different characters in Joy's livestreams such as Onision/the Joker
Nathan Graves @SylaxSYN
Cody Blake @CodyLBlake
DO NOT talk about people that already have their own threads here, go to their thread to post about them:
Onision latest thread >>>/pt/395817
The Vegan Cheetah >>>/pt/347181 and >>>/snow/228840
Jamie Leigh Fischer >>>/snow/287830
Angel (PiercedAngel96) >>>/snow/279314
You can mention them in passing ONLY if they should become involved with drama that includes someone else that DOES belong in this thread. If it has to do with Joy it goes in her thread, currently >>>/snow/336281

No. 336592

For those who have been wondering about Rose's background and how she initially lost her kids…Nick Monroe wrote a detailed account of the DaddyOFive situation and it includes a large section about Rose.


No. 336603

File: 1497642413775.jpg (147.54 KB, 642x713, kaylatheidiot.jpg)


If you can believe it, Chambers has already expressed her giddiness over this thread on twitter. The bitch follows Kati's thread closer than any of us farmers do.

Kayla is hilariously dumb. She's attempting to be "cool" and "with it" by posting this on Twitter. She's done this multiple times - practically every time she was mentioned in Joysus' thread. I've heard her shout out lolcow and "the anons" on livestreams. Then she went autistic-giddy and basically threw a party on twitter when KiwiFarms made a thread about her.

She'll likely take a screenshot of my post too and put it on twitter. Though the last time I predicted that she made sure not to..don't want to look too uncool in front of the farmers.


Anon, just a heads up: you need to sage posts that don't have milk (pictures, links, etc). Type 'sage' in the email field. Mentioning this not because of this post, but I've seen previous posts of yours (based on the Hey Anon thing) that weren't saged. Don't want you to get banned :)

No. 336610

Apologies new to actually posting lurker confirmed

As for Kayla; she is an idiot, she tries to play the game even though she doesn't have a piece to play. I am sure she is giddy with excitement just she has the guts to take the heat.

No. 336613

Damn, that was fast! She must have been on baited breath waiting for this thread to come up since it was mentioned she would be part of it yesterday. "OMG the anon who makes Joy's threads knows who I am! sigh" The thing is, having a thread on lolcow isn't usually a good thing.

No. 336623

File: 1497643924122.jpg (74.6 KB, 679x466, pressfart.jpg)

Nick Monroe aka PressFartToContinue, real name Nick Tomasheski has a sordid history of stalking/harassing women.

Under the username PressFartToContinue he became known for leaving comments on gaming videos. Often leaving the first comment and most of his comments were regarded/revered for being witty. Here's a video someone made about this aspect..this was before people knew of his stalking habits:


And then his reputation grew. For being a stalker. He stalked a female gamer named Dodger whose channel is called "PressHeartToContinue." Here's a letter she wrote to him asking him to stop:


There's more info about him over on KiwiFarms. Not sure if we're allowed to post links to their threads so I won't but you can easily find it with a google search.

Some drama exploded on his twitter yesterday. Nick who fancies himself a journalist/gaming journalist decided to start looking into reports of a woman who went missing after leaving a party at the E3 convention. Looks like he attempted to get info from people who personally knew her as well as the last people who saw her.

So someone ended up posting this on twitter, and others made similar comments which prompted Nick to get triggered, take down his profile picture, replace it with a picture of a Pikachu and announced he was taking a break from twitter.

Is it any wonder he changed (at least publicly) his last name? He didn't do it because Tomasheski is a difficult to pronounce last name & he wanted a simpler one as a journalist..although that excuse would work perfectly well IF he didn't have this fucked up past. And get this: he's 23 and already has this long history of weird behavior.

Also, Joy is having a field day with this. She's gleefully tweeting about this as we speak. She acts as if Nick stalked and harassed her. Sorry to disappoint you, Joy, but I'm not sure you're his type. Or anyone's for that matter.

No worries anon but you didn't sage your post. Type 'sage' in the email field next time and you'll be golden.

No. 336625

File: 1497643995615.png (121.64 KB, 771x680, Kb17vBQ.png)

Do5 kids are with CPS 1 of 2

No. 336627

File: 1497644067405.png (157.33 KB, 735x772, bk0IdaH.png)

Do5 kids are with CPS 2 of 2

No. 336629


That image comes from Nick's article https://archive.is/0RUNZ

No. 336642


> She acts as if Nick stalked and harassed her.

How could he have stalked her when she was so far up his ass that he had to push her out of the way to brush his teeth?

No. 336650

File: 1497646050122.jpg (54.03 KB, 646x255, stalking.jpg)


Exactly. This is what she tweeted today about his current situation. He's not "in trouble". People who know of his past just encouraged others not to give him info. It's not like the cops were called - in this case he's done nothing illegal.

And the girl he was researching, who he does not know personally from what I can tell, has been found safe. Once again she's blowing things out of proportion.

Posted this in the Joy thread but also posting here because it's relevant methinks.

No. 336655

Ahhh yet again conflating the issue; she LOVES demonising people it seems

No. 336665

So do we know for sure if the kids are in CPS custody? It seems that way, but the way everyone's treating this gag order you'd assume they were in the witness protection program.

No. 336669


why would chambers not have corrected joysus in that rant ( >>336627 ) if that wasn't totally incorrect? Why wouldn't Nick have clarified that Joy didn't know shit, instead
he says Rose can see them on a routine basis. And the biggest thing is that Rose has never corrected the rumor directly… have you ever lived in a hotel with two kids? There would be plenty of non-court stuff that Rose could talk about if the kids were not in foster care.

No. 336695

Haha yeah sorry. Deleted. I got the threads confused myself.

Can you really blame me though, it's a haze of spergleness ;)

No. 336698

No harm done but it's probably not necessary to double post in this thread & Joy's, most people who read this thread will likely also be reading Joy's. For future reference, just post it once in whichever thread it fits the discussion better.

Joy indirectly confirmed CPS has the kids in a recent livestream. She was asked by someone in chat if Rose's gofundme would be considered fraud since it is asking for money for counseling, clothes, and meds for the kids but since they are in CPS custody all their needs are paid by the state. Joy answered that Rose still needs money because she is paying her rent & bills in NC and $2000/mo for a hotel room in MD plus expenses for taxis since she does not have a car. Joy said that CPS was involved but they are not paying Rose's expenses…but why would they? She is an adult, they are not responsible for her custody expenses…if she ever wants permanent custody of those kids she's supposed to be financially stable enough to support them herself.

No. 336700


Sooooo… this is a bald faced lie? In one of her rant videos at Kati, Based Moma claimed to be talking to Rose about "mom stuff" because Rose can't talk about the case. Rose has never on streams or anything even mentioned living with two kids in a hotel room.. and now Based Moma is trying to say it's a rumor that she knows nothing about?

No. 336702


At around the 1h30m (maybe 1h35m) mark in that live stream, Kati Joysus was asked a question and she said something to the effect that she (Kati) was waiting for when Rose has her…. then stops sudden and changes reason. She was very close to saying 'has her kids back' and just barely caught herself.

No. 336715


Thank you Anon, I just popped over from the other thread as I thought I would check to see if there were any posts about Nick. I don't know his history but I've seen the odd reference and now Joyous seems to be using it to demonize him, so I thought I should check it out.

I won't be making a further comment on Chambers, I'm not giving her the attention she so desperately craves. She's so utterly dull and if it wasn't for her connection to Rose there would be nothing to say about her at all. She has the personality of a sea sponge. So sorry Chambers, this will be my one and only mention of you. Zzzz

Now the dodgy gofundme is my main interest, I don't know if we should give a little rundown of events on this thread, or just direct people to the 6th Joyous thread?

No. 336731

File: 1497653796017.png (712.04 KB, 900x900, PressFart.png)

No. 336756

Thanks Anon but why isn't Mikenactor listed in the YouTuber friend's section?

No. 336794

You can still talk about him, he falls under the YouTuber friends category. I thought about including him and several other YT "friends" she has mentioned but I was on the fence whether they would be considered cows or not and the post was already long enough. Really, the only slightly questionable thing Mike has done, besides befriending Joy of course, (their interactions should be posted on her thread not here) is make a LOT of Onision response videos in the last 5 months. Since it isn't the focus of his channel, which has been around a lot longer and they are spaced around other content it doesn't come across as weird and obsessive like Joy. If he does do anything warranting discussion that doesn't directly involve Joy feel free to post about it here.

No. 336810


Thanks for your input Chambers, I'm sure there's plenty of milk in you. Just because your not in charge of the gofundme anymore >>336320 doesn't take you off the hook here.

No. 336820

File: 1497671694535.png (116.8 KB, 852x642, upsRBhZ.png)

So' looks like Rose should be in a house soon' so no more needing hotel. She writes like the kids are not in foster care. But doesn't make an explicit statement that they are not in foster care. Just heavily implies that she had to buy them all new stuff from scratch. It seems to me that $11k is a hell of a lot to "get set up in a new life"… but why the hell is she now bailing out on NC (significantly cheaper cost of living) and the place she was still renting down there that was making her pay double living expenses? MD has expanded Medicaid, so she'll be qual for public assistance with or without the kids. (Expanded medicaid means able bodied adult w/out children can also get help) She's talking about a part time job, so that would make you think that she isn't disabled (if she's telling the truth). I still don't see how she could have blown through $11k and she's still asking for $50k when that amiunt was set to cover the cost of an attorney.

No. 336821


Per this >>334491 which was an over estimate, even if she stays in a hotel till the end of the month of June, that's less than $5k the subtract the $600 Joysus just paid separate, so less than $4500.

If she rented within her means (or rented as public assistance)… that has to be well under $1k out of her pocket. and' I'm thinking it has to be public assistance because who would take a deposit for a house from a "going to start a part time job soon" single mother of two? If that's the case we're talking sliding scale rent that starts in the $100 range and is based on income.

No. 336830

If this is truly what the money was being spent on then why was Joy being so cagey about it when asked? Rose obviously reads Joy's thread, she addressed a number of things that were brought up there. If she is preparing a household in anticipation of getting permenent custody the kids once she jumps through all of CPS's hoops I can understand but why didn't she just say that from the beginning? The way it's written here does imply she has current custody not just visitation. Rose may not be able to clarify that because of the gag order but this doesn't affect Chambers or Based Mama, they could clear this all up pretty quickly.

Joy said the hotel expenses were roughly $2000/mo but it's good that she is finally doing something about getting a permanent residence, that's a lot per month to spend on one tiny room.

No. 336896

File: 1497685637084.png (104.47 KB, 845x685, taunee.png)

One of Joy's biggest defenders Taunee Pruitt (the one who seems to find any slight against Joy even if no one tagged her) was brought up on Joy's main thread…which reminded me of the little scuffle going on between her and Kimmycat earlier today. Taunee called Kimmy an uneducated drug addict because Kimmy is dependent on pain medication for her spinal cord injury. Kimmy responded by making this video titled 'Yep I'm an addict..lol…and I'm still better than you'
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doW3kyVkIIY [DL][Archived Copy]
and Taunee responded in the comments (see pic) that Kimmy took one comment way out of proportion.

No. 336909

It's possible they are in foster care but that she could get them if showing she would be able to provide for them (hence a house, clothes and stuff).

No. 336921

>>336794 Mike confuses me, he seems so sensible and thoughtful, he sees through Onion like glass, yet he is completely blind to BS and her near identical MO. I don't think he is a lolcow, I think he just has a chink in his armour in the shape of Joyous.

>>336731 Thank you for the further Nick Info Anon. I'm annoyed that as usual one of the people to be calling her out has too much of a negative history that Joyous can use to deflect. The second she found out she started, despite being the first to claim that it is unfair to use someone's past against them. I have noticed to give herself a defence to this, she is saying he is still behaving like this do it isn't just in his past. But if she is going to pull that, she needs to actual produce proof, not just talk about it and hype up invisible evidence, she needs to produce it.

He has a history of falsifying and censoring evidence too, she'll have a field day with that and what he wrote about her will no longer be taken seriously. It's frustrating!

Rose definitely reads this thread as her responses are aimed at everything stated here, nobody else has called out each point like the Anons on here. That is why she has looked into renting, secured a job after initially stating she couldn't work outside her home state, etc.

Those are the questions that need to be answered, the gofundme might be truthful now and that is a good thing but it doesn't change the fact that people donated while it contained false information and we want to know why it contained so many lies in the first place. You can't just rectify it and hope that is enough to stop the questions, this is other peoples money, they deserve the truth.

No. 336925


It seems funny that the gofundme contained all those lies while it was under the control of Chambers. Hopefully now that Rose has taken it over we might get some truth to where the money is going and maybe find out why Chambers kept up with the lies.

No. 336950


Rose is definitely taking the right steps to rectify it. While if it wasn't for her contact with the YTers she wouldn't have got this far, I hope she realises that she isn't beholden to them. I'm sure she feels like she owes them a lot and is grateful but she needs to put the children first now and stop publicly involving herself with these people. They are damaging her credibility, so hopefully her taking control over the account is just the first step in backing away from all of them.

She's had more than enough money donated to set up a small home with all of the basics.

I don't think Based had bad intentions, she genuinely felt a connection with this due to her own situation, so I don't want to lump her in with the other two, who were in it for their own personal gain, attention, subscriber numbers, etc.

No. 337002

Here's Taunee Pruitt's Facebook

No. 337015


Wow! I'm shocked at her lack of awareness concerning online privacy. Especially when she constantly takes up for Joyous over every tiny thing, whether real or imagined.

No. 337022

Exactly. It would be a shame if someone let her kids no what she does all day instead of taking care of her grandchildren.

No. 337032

Do you have a screenshot of her saying that about KimmyCat by chance?

No. 337034

>>337022 It is absolute stupidity on her part. The names of most of her family are available!

You would think that a grown woman would know better than to have so much info available online and this was tracked due to her using her own name on YT!

By plastering her personal life publicly on FB and taking up for a notorious nutcase, she has exposed her family and innocent children to goodness knows how many weirdos.

Just think of all the paedophile talk and Joyous giving these nonces a platform to seek victims, or any one of her more unstable "haterz" if she has spoke out in the comments, which I guarantee she did, then it wouldn't take them long to find all of these photos and names of her children and grandchildren, even the name of the father of one of her children.

If you want to be an idiot that's one thing but you should at least make sure there is no way to drag innocent children and family into your poor choices. Internet safety 101.

No. 337035

Can someone remake the thread image as the Last Supper with Phil as Judas? That would be AWESOME. I'd do it myself but I'm not really good at that sort of thing.

No. 337064


Considering chambers is who I saw answer the questions specifically about where the money was going, (in aussieguys livestream where she asked for pics of roommate) she at least knowingly perpetuated or covered up the lies about the money not going to the kids. In regards to the others involved, I'm sure there's plenty going on behind the scenes, but if its this easy to link things back to her….I'm sure we'll see screenshots of this on Twitter soon, so for good measure.

Yes. You knew the kids were in foster care. Yes. You knew the GoFundMe stated the money was to pay for meds, counseling, etc for the kids. When asked specifically what the money was being used for, if the kids needed shoes or a church could donate food, you dodged the question saying you couldn't specify because of the gag order. You did major PR for a fundraiser asking for several thousands of dollars knowing the reasons given for the requests were untrue. And when you were specifically asked for further details so people could know where
their money was going, you continued to lie. And now everyone's getting mad because donations have stalled and accusations are flying around…well duh! But that's not all on lolcow or pro-Do5ers.

Sorry for the continuous regurgitation of repetition. Seems she's living on this forum lately, so she can fill her Twitter feed with something interesting for once.

As for finding someone credible to bring
Joy down, good luck. They don't stick around because like a dog returns to its vomit so a fool to his foley. Joys been running her scams her whole life. When this
Falls apart she'll find some other group of sorry people to manipulate. And no matter how many well intended, caring, compassionate people try and intervene the fools will dance to her tune. You'll drive yourself insane trying to fix it. Even if you started to, there's plenty of "Joys" in the world. Best we can do is protect ourselves and our loved ones and be greatful it's not

No. 337071

File: 1497720410974.png (307.92 KB, 1242x2125, IMG_1595.PNG)

Seems kinda like mad women muses just verified the kids are in CPS/ foster care.

No. 337074

I'm not the anon responsible for this post >>336896 but I did try to look for Taunee's original comment when it went up. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it. While Kimmy is well known for emotionally reacting to things, blowing innocent comments way out of proportion & making things that have nothing to do with her about herself. Taunee's response did seem to imply she was the source of the "uneducated drug addict" comment Kimmy was raving about in her video….I'm guessing it wasn't exactly how Kimmy was portraying it because that's Kimmy's MO but not saying Taunee was completely innocent either…there might be some grain of truth in there somewhere, there needed to be something for Kimmy to react to…but from past experience it doesn't need to be much. Taunee and Kimmy have been going after each other for a while now, from what I can tell it started when Taunee took exception to Kimmy making videos bashing Joy and there is also something about a YouTube comment where Kimmy told Taunee to unsub from her…I don't know much about that. The whole thing is a stupid shitshow imo, they really should just leave each other alone…no good is going to come out of those two constantly poking at each other.

No. 337098

File: 1497724051395.png (186.85 KB, 751x792, ZcAAYD9.png)

The whole herd are nothing but liars.

Part 1 of 2

No. 337099

File: 1497724218076.png (349.4 KB, 572x847, lFPn3Va.png)


part 2 of 2

No. 337102

But where has Rose confirmed this? Knowing that would help. If she's referring to the gofundme update all that does is heavily imply it, it doesn't confirm anything.

No. 337106


I think it's one of those 'say it often enough and they'll believe you' things.

Still doesn't change that the $50k was originally for an attorney and that it does sound like she has blown through the $11k already

No. 337111


Honestly… how can anyone not say the kids would not be better off in foster care. That whole crew is nothing but manipulative. Rose signed away her custody of Cody because he was too hard to handle… then somehow also signed away custody of Emma. Had Do5 not been blown up on YouTube (and the associated income implied) how do we know that she would have given a shit about them?

No. 337128


Is she really asking how he would know that the children are being funded when they are under the care of CPS? What a dipstick.

I'd be 100% surprised if there had ever been a case where children in foster care are still funded by their parents, what an absurd thing to say.

Once the children are taken from the care of their parents and placed in the system then the local authority becomes financially responsible for the children. Whether that is in a larger care home, or in a smaller foster home, the foster family are given money to meet the children's financial needs. I'm sure Rose can buy gifts, etc but it isn't necessary. All of those needs are already being covered, from food, clothing to medical needs.

I could understand why Rose would need to purchase things to set up a new home for the children but that's not what's in question. It is the 11k she has already burned through when she has only had herself to support.

No. 337138


Once the CPS takes custody, there is no costs related to their care for the people who lose custody. CPS is entirely taxpayer funded, including the children under their care. Eventually a court can make the children wards of the state and all parental rights (and responsibilities) are terminated.

I don't see that happening here. Do5 could do parenting classes and get at least some visitation, if not regain custody. If Rose can get her shit together, she could also regain custody… but that is not likely if she can't manage Cody's psychological needs. The biggest issue here is that he has anxiety disorder, ODD, and bi-polar. Unstable environments would be torture for a person with those added internal struggles. Especially a kid who is still trying to learn self management and healthy coping skills.

No. 337152

File: 1497731887107.png (588.14 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1599.PNG)

Point out Rose doesn't have the kids and they are actually in CPS/foster care and she gets all defensive and blocks you. Seems like something someone that was telling the truth would do.

No. 337171

File: 1497734443755.jpg (45.8 KB, 687x335, 0617201740.jpg)

This cracked me up. "Fighting in my name" ahahahaha


No. 337172

File: 1497734553712.png (668.62 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1601.PNG)

It's in regards to Chambers accusing Eobard Thawne of being part of Shane's "wolf pack"

No. 337175


Ah. Yeah they seemed to have had a falling out recently. Dipshits really do travel in packs, don't they?

I love this idea that both Joy & this herd regularly use: that there's a "group" or "orchestrated effort" going after them. If so then I guess I'm out of the loop.

No. 337177

File: 1497734940363.png (141.46 KB, 549x662, qOhinK4.png)

Another cow moo-ing in to defend the sketchy GoFundMe. They're trying to drag this out hoping that Rose gets the kids, then suddenly she'll be able to provide proof.

No. 337180

Exactly. I'm actually Eobard Thawne on twitter. It's nothing but mooing from them if you so much as mention Rose doesn't have the kids.

No. 337193

File: 1497737149136.png (276.68 KB, 1232x1804, IMG_1603.PNG)

Looks like old chambers looks for any mention of herself.

No. 337195


rofl I just saw that. Fucking pathetic is right.

Like I've said before, Kayla watches this thread closer than any farmer does. Doesn't get enough attention from her hubby.

Watch her screenshot this shit too. Yeah Kayla..we get it. You're "in" and "with it" you cool, cool girl.

No. 337218


Aussie just uploaded this. He says if Rose contacts him again, he will forward the messages to Maryland Child Protectice Services.

No. 337228

File: 1497740404429.png (152.21 KB, 481x948, Gy3bLkw.png)

No. 337230

They are so defensive when anyone mentions Rose not having the kids or the gofundme being fraudulent.

No. 337238

Indeed. They are being very black and white about the situation, ie 'Rose = good, Do5 = evil' and they are unable to think beyond that, whether that be in relation to parenting competence or fraudulent behaviour.

A child can be diagnosed as bipolar? That makes me a bit uncomfortable.

No. 337240


Rose claimed those diagnosis of Cody in a stream online. She also said that Emma is "slightly cerebral palsy" and has a learning disability. And that both have trouble telling the difference between right and wrong, but are good kids.

NOW… she also said that after spending several months with Do5 Cody was off all the meds except for Adderal and was down to only 4/day vs 6/day and was doing much better than when he'd been with her. So… take that as you want… and they were claims made by Rose.

No. 337253

File: 1497744124158.jpg (45.69 KB, 465x601, bloodancedarkmoon.jpg)

So this is Blood Dance Dark Moon. Long time Joytard who has some drama going on with KimmyCat. Blood Dance was just on Joy's stream. She claims the drama that arose from her & KimmyCat arguing back and forth is affecting some Court Case of hers. And that she's going to lose her kids because of it.

This is a screenshot from Joy's stream which just ended. Nothing like streaming with your kid literally watching the chat over your shoulder. I cropped the kid's face out but you can be sure Joy won't do the same when she uploads the stream.

As you say stuff like "Austic Kids…gotta love them" sarcastically in front of one of her kids because he/she cried due to some videogame or something not working.

As you talk about how your kids were GROOMED by a pedophile, in detail.

As you quite literally point to a child and say "this one's sperm donor is a pedophile."

This is what Joy lets happen on her stream. But yeah, she's against child abuse. This kids face will be permanently on the internet associated with her mother talking about how her dad is a pedo and how he tried to molest her.

These people love being victims and sharing their unfortunate stories. I can't think of any other reason why you would expose your family's verious serious personal problems on the internet like this. And they seem to often exaggerate. Is it all Munchausen by internet type shit just like with Joy? Fuck knows.

I also heard her saying people "harassing her" online are somehow affecting her court case. The video cut off for me so I don't know what she ended up saying but if this is what she does with her children then she shouldn't be surprised people are contacting CPS about her.

This is her channel. By the looks of it, she's been streaming all day..again, so much for parenting. And no, I'm not a fan of KimmyCat's. All of these people are fucking morons.


No. 337262

Blooddance is a dumpster fire. The way she was talking to and around her kids is disgusting.

No. 337265

She is filth. If her YouTube activity is affecting her legally, then why continue on? How do these losers enjoy being professional victims so much ffs.

No. 337271

File: 1497746243487.png (212.07 KB, 1242x1705, IMG_1604.PNG)

LO fucking L

No. 337272


That is quite the accusation! Poor, poor Based.

No. 337274


Wait, what happened to Eobard's page? Suddenly gone.

No. 337276

I deleted it. Because based messaged me I replied then she said thanks for your IP address. I have kids. I don't need that shit.

No. 337278

File: 1497747634714.png (314.91 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1606.PNG)

Same person as this poster. Just adding a screenshot.

No. 337281

File: 1497748020438.png (301.32 KB, 1458x970, tauneetwitter.png)

Taunee commented on her Twitter that she saw these comments as an "attack" and that lolcow was threatening her family:
One comment was just someone wondering what her kids would say if they knew what Taunee did all day..that Taunee sees this as a threat to them instead of herself is odd. The other comment was nothing like a threat or an attack on her or her family…and then she decided that the part mentioning the pedos was going too far. She seems to be missing the point entirely…these weren't threats to her family but shock at her utter stupidity for making it so easy for her family to be exposed to serious internet dangers and taking almost no precautions to prevent it. Those comments don't sound like they wanted any harm to come to her family at all, quite the opposite really. To me it sounded like disapproval & concern that she wasn't taking very basic precautions to protect her family from internet child predators. Taunee decided it was a good idea to comment on YouTube videos about pedos where self-admitted pedophiles have come to defend themselves…using her real name in a place where these child predators can see, any of them could have taken interest and simply looked up Taunee's public Facebook profile that displays her family's full names and pictures. She is making it much too easy for these sickos to find out all about them, using a pseudonym/making your Facebook private/not posting in a place where you know pedos are definitely visiting is basic stuff everyone should be doing to protect their family, but Taunee is so arrogant that she believes this isn't necessary because anyone who "walks in her front door isn't walking out" that's so incredibly naive to believe that's how internet predators would get access, they don't usually come in the front door or break in like a burglar. She'll probably see this comment as some sort of attack too even though it isn't…her and Kimmy are both prone to creating "attacks" where none exist. No wonder those two have it out fo reach other.

The right half of the pic shows her Youtube comment to Kimmy's video that reads like she is acknowledging she is the source of the "uneducated drug addict" comment but then later she tweeted wondering why she was getting blamed for the comment and demanding the actual person who said it step up. I do believe someone else was responsible for the drug addict comment but why would Taunee interpret Kimmy's video as being about her and feel the need to respond as though that were the case? She posted that YouTube comment saying Kimmy was overreacting seeing "one little sentence" as an attack. Taunee isn't the only person Kimmy has disagreements with but Taunee still automatically assumed Kimmy was referring to her with the video.

I am guessing Kimmy's "Drug Addict" video is actually her freaking out over these videos by Joytard Blooddance Darkmoon that are "roasting" Kimmycat. I didn't watch them all bc who the fuck has time for that shit but I did see some reference to Kimmy needing to take meds in part 1.
Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVPz6UnAhDQ
Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-I6tQyrEZ4Y
Part 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPQwRpctSi0
Part 4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gdlf3OvaCl8

There is also this video which is addressing all the hate Blooddance Darkmoon got for making part 1, she has some "receipts" linked in the description detailing some of her and Kimmy's back & forth drama if you are interested in this shitshow.

No. 337304

she's bluffing.

twitter messages aren't sent directly (unlike say, skype or an instant messenger from back in the day called ICQ), they go through twitter's servers.

the only way she could get your IP is if:
1. You gave it to her.
2. You clicked on something (like a link) that would log the request and thereby, your ip.

even if you send an image from a webserver, it shows it as a link, not inline. so you can't embed an image into a message from a server that would log the request and thereby log the ip.

maybe i'm wrong, though. pretty sure i'm not tho.

No. 337306

It is a bluff. Unless you've clicked a link to a page someone specifically made to log all IP requests nobody can get your IP from a Twitter message. Not unless they ask Twitter themselves to give it to them and that's not going to happen.


As far as I can see you've done nothing illegal. She doesn't have your IP info but if she did, having it won't do her any good. The most she can do is tell GoFundMe to ignore your complaints. She likely won't be able to convince your Internet Service Provider to give her your personal information. Nobody has been able to trick an ISP into that since like 2001. An IP address is useless if the person hasn't committed a crime (doesn't look like you have) and if you can't get their personal info from the provider. Even then, who knows if you were just posting from someone else's IP address? A friend? Your neighbor? You can literally be a homeless person living in a car with a laptop parked outside someone's home and use their Wifi if it's unsecured. As I write this, I'm picking up 6 unsecured Wifi signals. She was just trying to scare you - she's a 4chan idiot and that tends to be their goto. Based Mama also heavily speaks out about doxxing people - she's made videos and tweets about it before. In the future I suggest using a VPN so these things aren't as much of a concern - super simple and cheap.

That's hilarious. Taunee is a fucking moron. She shouldn't involve herself in this shit if she's worried about someone pointing out her stupidity. Nobody, literally nobody has threatened her or her kids. As you said she used her real name - what the fuck does she expect?

Blooddance Darkmoon is a liar. She was clearly egging Kimmy on with the "meow" thing. It's no coincidence she started posting that after Kimmy made a video expressing dismay over her cat dying. On Joy's stream today Blooddance tried to pass it off as some reference to Super Troopers. Idiot.

No. 337307

Joy's biggest problem is her moronic followers. She has collected quite a motley crew.

No. 337310

Thank you. It kinda freaked me out. I didn't think she could have gotten it, but still better safe then sorry till I knew for sure.

No. 337445


Thank you Anon, I'm the one who was shocked at her complete lack of awareness about internet safety. It wasn't a threat at all, I was hoping she would read it and it would make her realise the position she had placed innocent children in!

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that someone so stupid they use their real name to comment on videos about paedophile defenders and keep a lot of public info open under the same name, would completely miss my point.

I can't believe that after listening to Joyous rant about internet predators and what they do with just a photo,that she still believes they would walk through her front door. They don't need to, you have their photos plastered all over FB you silly woman. All it took was one comment off you defending your leader and they would have found your account and saved those photos ask your leader if that's not a possibility, go on, I'll wait…

To make my position clear, I made no threat, I was annoyed at your lack of concern about your own grandchildren. I have no desire to see any form of harm inflicted on innocent children which is exactly why I said what I said. The best thing you could do is change your username on FB, and private all posts and photos on all social media accounts because while I wish no harm on children, not everyone is like me, as you are well aware.

I can't believe I'm having to explain this.

No. 337446


Sorry, change your username on YouTube and private all social media posts referring to family and children.

No. 337469

It's great they your going after Bloodmoon and all that, I just think it's funny that your a KimmyCat Spergleberry. She's a dumpster fire on wheels.

No. 337487


I have no idea what you are talking about. The post at >>337445
was referring to someone else entirely, Taunee. There is no mention of either of those people.

No. 337616

File: 1497813035021.png (149.25 KB, 470x804, jdhjMPv.png)

The Joytard has learned from the master. The initial statement was "VERBAL AND EMOTIONAL ABUSE STILL COUNTS AS ABUSE" in reference to Joytard running down the fathers of the children. (video here: https://vid.me/bkJh )

When called on it (receipt given!), Joytard changes it to sound like the accusation was that Joytard is still letting the pedo father have access to the daughter.

For reference because we're dealing with a whole herd of these cows… Joytard is "Blooddance Darkmoon"

No. 337622

File: 1497814545964.png (158.08 KB, 1600x1374, lf1-strawman.png)


The classic Straw man argument.

It's OK, she may think she won the argument but any sane person can see otherwise.

At no point did anyone accuse her of allowing the father near the child. People are stating that she is emotionally abusive for using such derogatory language in the presence of such a young child. Not to mention the fact that she did this online for the world to see, including her daughter's face. She is victimising her daughter who has had her right to privacy taken away from her by the one person who is supposed to protect her the most!

Idiotic, emotionally abusive, privacy violating moron!

No. 337625

File: 1497814625767.jpg (53.16 KB, 700x314, b30.jpg)

No. 337633

File: 1497815825999.png (120.67 KB, 500x866, skg2tPd.png)

Quick gois… we're busted! The spergleberries are rounding up to report us on that video as braking the rules. Hmmm… a video that blurs the child entirely is "sexually suggestive" then what the hell was she pimping that kid out to the Internet for w/out any privacy protections? That blur was added for decency and certainly was not added by spergleberry number two.

OH… and here we also have a nice list of the current herd of spergleberries in case anyone needs that for documentation. :D

No. 337634

File: 1497816219671.png (81.41 KB, 478x572, yAoehhi.png)

All this strawmaning! the cows will have fresh bedding for weeks at this rate! The accusation she denied was that she'd "TOOK THEIR CHILD ON JOYTARDS STREAM POINTED TO IT AND SAID 'THIS KIDS SPERM DONOR IS A PEDO'"

Honey, that clip was more than generous. A clip of only that aspect would have made you look worse. Unbunch yer knickers.

No. 337635

argh I can't take the fact she's acting like SHE blurred out the poor child's face when it was an anon here to protect their privacy! Because the anons here have more respect for your child than you seemingly do!

No. 337639

She's a fucking dumpster fire on wheels. I honestly hope she loses her kids, because she has no clue how to raise or be appropriate around children.

No. 337642

alas, she blocked me.

No. 337643

File: 1497817506343.png (91.86 KB, 497x674, 5ZgdaEL.png)

Farmer in the trenches doin' sum educating…

Hmmm… will the old cow learn new tricks? (or even learn the basics that they teach in the parenting classes mandated in every state for custodial parents?) I know a kid that is from a divorce and even though his mom is ALWAYS extremely nice about his dead beat dad, the poor kid is old enough to understand his dad sucks and is genuinely torn about it on a continual basis. Those kids will be going through the same torment if that beotch doesn't get her head out of her ass and quit berating 50% of their genetic makeup. Those kids had no choice in who she chose to screw with but they'll pay the price for it their entire lives. She doesn't have to make it worse.

No. 337644


and farmer reports they are blocked. ( >>337642 ) … Old cow says moo and goes looking for another strawman to throw on the pile.

No. 337645

I highly doubt that there is anything wrong with the kids biological father anyway. I know pieces of shit like her they're always bad mouthing the kids father to make themselves look like saints b

No. 337647

I didn't think it would be long before she blocked me, her replies don't make sense it's been pointed out that her 'cussing' wasn't the real issue yet she clings to that. It's like when Joy reads out the comments on here about her hair (which i'm starting to think were from her) to make the anons here look petty. Her hair is gross though tbh.

No. 337657

File: 1497819484937.png (139.46 KB, 546x482, s3SgckQ.png)

Cow returning from pasture for new round of milk or Nick looking for attention?

No. 337756

Have been trying to figure out how posting the clip of her >>337616 taken from a public livestream where she called her child's father a pedo sperm donor in front of her kid (where the kid was blurred out by the anon) is breaking lolcow rules. I reread the rules (even the updated threads) and this is the closest thing I could find.

>Do not post sexually suggestive 2D or 3D images of minors, or any other image that could be construed as serving to appeal to pedophiles, even if the images are not technically illegal in the US. This obviously means no nude images of people under 18, and also includes clothed "child models", and nude or clothed "loli" and "shota".

This does not apply to her clip in any way, even if the child wasn't completely blurred out. Her assertion that the anon has "no right to call that abuse" is also not breaking the rules, they can have any opinion they want of her behavior. The part where she says "no consent from us" for the clip to be posted really has me lol…honey, you were the one who allowed your child to be viewed on a publically available livestream that anyone can record and upload wherever they want. The child was completely blurred out as a courtesy to protect that child's privacy, which is more decency than she was showing for her own child. "They're using it to make me into this awful pos i'm not it's wrong" The clip just showed what she said in context (it was 2:49 long), if she thinks it makes her look like an awful pos maybe it's because she was really acting like an awful pos.

No. 337820

Wow! This cow is spinning herself dizzy.

I already commented how she publicly did this to her child. Publicly doesn't just mean stood in a street in front of a crowd, in fact what she did is worse because everyone with internet access could potentially see what she was saying to her child, including her school friends. We don't need your consent, you gave your consent the second you streamed it. Thankfully the Anons here care more for your child than you do and it was an Anon who obscured your child's face.

It isn't about the swearing/cussing, it is about emotional abuse, emotional abuse has a big definition, it isn't limited to swearing.

I'm trying to explain in terms this cow will understand. Imagine you stood your child on a stage in front of thousands of people. Now point at your child and repeat what you said to her again in front of all of those people. Imagine how this would make your child feel? Imagine how your child feels knowing that you consider her father a sperm donor paedo and not just that, but now all of these strange people know this. A child has a right to privacy and you violated that privacy in one of the most despicable ways I have seen.

You should also read up about the psychological effect hearing derogatory comments about a parent does to a child. And it isn't about being a snowflake, it's about the limited understanding children possess, things can be reduced to black and white to them and they have a habit of blaming themselves for everything, which is damaging in so many ways.

I worked in Family Law, mainly care proceedings in the UK and your child would be placed on the "at risk register" for this sort of thing. That doesn't mean removal of care, but monitored with mandatory parenting classes.

Isn't it strange how we are looked upon by the cult of joyous as people who must not care about children as we undermine the herd so often. But the past few days prove we care more about children than they do. We tried to warn one dipstick about internet safety regarding her grandchildren and now this. Yet it's this lot who behave like they are on a crusade on behalf of all children. Lol.

No. 337852

Based Mama just posted this video trying to clear up the rumors about Rose by interviewing Rose's sister Crystal. They did it this way so that Rose wouldn't get in trouble with the gag order.
-They can't answer whether the kids are with Rose or in CPS custody. Not only bc of the gag order but because Rose & the kids are getting threats by DO5 fans and they're trying to locate them for Heather & Mike so they are keeping it quiet for their safety.
-confirmed Rose still has custody rights
-Rose tried to report the videos to the police as soon as she saw them, months before the story hit the news.
-talked about the forged custody paperwork that turned a defined period of temporary custody into long-term custody of Cody and tried to explain how Mike & Heather also took Emma by filing emergency custody on abuse allegations that Rose & her bf were beating each other with baseball bats every day and throwing animals through walls. Crystal claimed that Rose had evidence proving everything they claimed were all lies but the judge railroaded her & didn't allow any evidence to be presented. They claimed there was a conspiracy between the judge and the lawyers, even maybe Rose's lawyer and how they were all in it together against Rose because of money & corruption….also said there was a lot of incompetence & illegal things done.
-Said they illegally used Rose's 26-year-old sealed juvenile medical records that Mike & Heather stole from Rose's house against her to "prove" she was an unfit parent but at the same time the judge didn't allow Mike's records that showed he had been institutionalized three times and had mental issues so severe that he was receiving SSI and required a payee to take care of the funds for him
-there is an ongoing criminal case to determine what charges Mike & Heather may receive, CPS is being very careful with their investigation.
-CPS is requiring Rose to stay in MD so they can keep re-evaluating both the kids & Rose so she is trying to find a house and move there permanently instead of paying bills for her place in NC and hotel bills.
-When Rose got emergency custody Mike didn't let them take any of the kids clothes and they had not been feeding them very well so Emma had lost 25 lbs and her cousin's clothes that she used to be able to wear were hanging on her. Cody also lost weight so Rose bought clothes and shoes. Rose also had to pay for a hotel, food and meds for her and the kids at that time. She had to repurchase all their meds because Heather dumped everything into one bag unlabeled.
-Rose has been in MD since April 28th and they did confirm the kids had been staying with her in the hotel at least for a while, they just won't say what's going on now.
-Rose only got $7500 not $11000 after taxes and gofundme took their fees. They said because she didn't have her own transportation it cost her $200 to take a taxi from the hotel to the courthouse one way. They said they needed verification from counselors for the court and had to pay for that. They confirmed she doesn't have a car and talked about how expensive MD was in general.
-said Rose didn't want to do the gofundme at first but Based Mama & Crystal talked her into it because Based Mama said her own case was really expensive & guaranteed she would need it. Rose resisted the gofundme at first because she didn't want people to think she only cared about money or was using the kids to get money and wanted to do things for herself.
-Rose is upset because she wants to be totally honest and explain everything to everyone but the gag order & the safety of the kids prevents her. They claimed that people not knowing sensitive information is what is keeping the kids safe from DO5 internet crazys but they did again confirm Rose has retained all custody rights.
-Said CPS & the court basically has Rose on call to take care of their appointments & requests but haven't given her a specific time frame at how long it'll take to finish everything so she has no choice but to stay in MD.

No. 337893


I wonderrd if "still has custody rights" was a mis-speak because that would say that she has custody. They might have meant parental rights or visitation rights, but based moma repeated that phrase again later. Since they spent a lot of time saying that they can't say where the kids are for the safety of Rose and the kids… this sounds like horse shit. She probably does still have PARENTAL rights and if they were with CPS she'd have VISITATION rights and if she is allowed to have them for a day or maybe even a few days at a time, that could be a form of "shared custody rights" but they're trying to make is sound like Rose has custody (as in the kids' primary place of residence is with Rose).

AND they can't and WON'T tell anyone if Rose has custody of the kids for safety reasons… One example of why given was that the kid's grandparents were up to visit them in MD and someone tried to run them off the road yellling "DaddyOFive" at them…. um… sorry, calling bullshit that someone in MD would even know who they are to do that when Rose's parents have never shown their face that I'm aware of so how would someone recognize them at road speeds and then decide to get behind them to try to run them off the road. But, was it reported? Oh sure… to Rose's attorney. But, not the cops.

No. 337894

It was only reported to her attorney because it never happened. The whole thing is fishy and everyone involved is an attention seeking drama whore.

No. 337906

That is the exact same shite that the Do5 side tried to claim after the scandal broke - that someone tried to run Heather off the road. And nobody believed that, so why cook up practically the exact same story?

No. 337909


They talked about Do5 having been institutionalized three times, being on SSI (disability), and needing a payee "because when you're on SSI and crazy, you need a payee."

They had to use Rose's mother as payee because Rose and her sister were "too close to the situation". What? The representative payee has the ability to manage your funds and negotiate your disability benefits on your behalf… wouldn't you want someone who is close to them doing that? ( https://www.ssa.gov/payee/faqrep.htm )

So… up to this point, they've been bitching that Do5 doesn't get a job and doesn't do anything but sit around playing video games… but to have an SSI payee, that means that (a) Do5 has been found legally incompetent (as in, not able to manage his life for himself) and (b) that Rose's mother went through the process of applying for and complying with the Social Security Representative Payee stuff (that include keeping records and submitting reports and stuff).

What the fuck?

I'm definitely on Team Foster Care. Let both parents have visitation rights, but these kids need a stable home and not all this bullshit.

No. 337914


Rose was also run off the road by friends of Do5 in NC.

I'm convinced that the whole crew of idiots drive like shit and it's just pissed off drivers who can finally pass them. Think about it… screaming between two cars traveling on the road and you hear "Learn to drive!" vs "DaddyOFive"

No. 337923

That or there's an unusual rash of crazy people hunting both of these families down for no other reason than to attempt running them off the road. Do they not realize how unrealistic that sounds? Maybe it might happen once to one person but not repeatedly.

No. 337934


Based Moma is a def liar type. Near 1hr mark she claims that people are seizing on the fact that nothing can be said "cuz muh gag order!" and using that to "speculate and stir shit" to intentionally hurt poor, kind hearted, wouldn't even hurt a fly, Rose (soft violin music in the background)….

No… you ask the public for money, then the public is going to ask what for?

You ask for $20, they'll probably toss it at you and go on with their day…

You ask for $50k… well, some are going to wonder why you want to public to hand you enough to buy two brand new cars… since that's a lot of money to most people.

So, apparently when Rose first got them under the "emergency custody order" over $6800 was spent on food, clothes, meds, etc before the first time they returned to MD from NC the first time (within a day and a half of the funds deposit into her bank account.)

Based Moma goes on a rant of how she's spent almost a half million dollars in 10 years fighting her custody battle… Isn't this conflating attorney fees (that Rose at this point has none) and the current purpose of the GoFundMe?

The question related to the GoFundMe is a simple one. Does Rose have custody of the kids? Not WHERE are they, not who has what RIGHTS… but who has physical custody of the kids day-to-day because the GoFundMe Version 2.0 was she needed to support the kids…. Now we're onto GoFundMe Version 3.0 where it's "give me money and I'll tell you why later"?

[ Just FYI ]

GoFundMe Ver 1.0 = Need $50k for attorney to fight for custody

GoFundMe Ver 2.0 = Attorney is free (yeah!) but need $50k for kids for cloths, meds, professional treatment to recover from trauma.

GoFundMe Ver 3.0 = Scratch that stuff before… Need $50k to set up a new life for ??? Sorry, can't tell you because of the gag order.

No. 337957


The more they try and justify, legitimize and defend the GoFundMe the more shady it looks. It appeared more plausible in the very beginning, rose appeared more credible in the beginning in one of her first interviews with her lawyer. If she were smart, she'd stop letting these social media darlings be her mouth piece and have someone of substance make a statement for her, like her lawyer. Then start fresh, keep it classy, and reasonable. Coming out with a band of people like Joy and Based Momma, with trashy mouths and aggressive attitudes, asking for a ton of money like the world owes you something because you got dealt a shit hand, and then getting overly defensive in a public way when questioned is messy. Take a moment, cut your YT ties, partner with a local charity, ask them to make a statement for you asking for a reasonable amount and perhaps other donations such as tangible items like food and clothes. Then be publicly grateful. Then you wouldn't have all this infighting and disgrace. I doubt very seriously Tim Conlon or the Salvation Army have to make Twitter rants telling people to go eat a bag of dicks.

No. 338017

File: 1497905658302.png (122.83 KB, 615x893, uJRQqQn.png)


> They said because she didn't have her own transportation it cost her $200 to take a taxi from the hotel to the courthouse one way.

PSA for those who are bad with math and finances. When a taxi says that it will be $200 one way, call a Enterprise and rent a car. $200 is an insane rate for a taxi ride that isn't taking 2+ hours to drive.

Enterprise will pick you up at your locations and drive you to their shop to rent their cars. One round trip to the court house would be more than a week with a rental car.

No. 338027

Agreed. I was wondering why Rose wasn't renting a car and blowing money on taxis. I asked Joy during a stream and she said the typical "there's more to it than that but I can't say because reasons" so I kind of figured Rose may not actually have a license. Honestly wouldn't surprise me.

No. 338058

Yeah, that was my feelings on the matter when I brought up Heather being apparently run off the road. If it has now apparently happened THREE times rather than twice then that makes the story even more unbelievable. And that is some degree of lack of imagination to use the same story of threatening road behaviour over and over again. And some degree of stupidity to think people are going to buy that claim. Add both the repetitive nature of the story to the fact that nobody knows what the grandparents look like and you don't get a very true sounding tale.

No. 338156

Somebody used the clip as blackmail to get bloodbath blood Joytard to take all 4 of the psycho videos that she made of Kimmycat down! Hahaha this is the funniest Joytard shitshow yet!!

No. 338157


How do you know that? Evidence or GTFO. :)

No. 338165

Hilarious if true. Where's your "receipts"

Also if it's true I would still send that video to CPS and to the kids biological father, if I was the person doing the blackmail. Fuck that dumpster fire blooddance.

No. 338234

Well, I checked and the videos are indeed down. As for why, idk. Blooddance has privated her tweets so I can't see if she has mentioned why she took them down or why she went private. If another anon does follow her maybe you can check?

No. 338238

I looked and under kimmycat prove I'm a liar video a MYtube777 comment it says: Chicago people got your back, then kimmycat thanked them.

No. 338239

This is an imageboard, if you reference a YouTube comment or a tweet you need to include a screencap.

No. 338251


In what way did they use it? One Anon captured it and posted the link here and warned it only last a certain amount of time, so I downloaded it then uploaded it to vidme. And I haven't removed it. I kept it unlisted so only people with a link could see it but it's still there with 207 views.

No. 338253


The orig stream had 227 viewers and the original clip drop was downloaded 20+ times before it was reported (so deleted early).

No. 338254

File: 1497943908974.png (124.05 KB, 339x360, wTNXL5s.png)

No. 338291

They pasted the link in a bunchof different comments in different videos and said that if she didn't take the video down that they would "plaster" it everywhere. I read the comments but do not feel like digging them up because there where a bunch. I thought it was hilarious actually. She actually answered back to remove the lolcow stuff but the person said they couldn't. Then that video went down. I saw it so all I'm doing is saying I saw it before the videos went down.

No. 338294

Interesting if true. Next time you see something like that and plan to mention it here take a screencap so you have evidence of your claim. Anytime you assert something occurred you need to have proof if you want to be believed.

Also, don't put the number of the post you are replying to in the subject, leave that blank. To show the post you want to reply to just type it out like this >>338291 or you can click the number in the post and it will add it for you. You need to 'sage' your commentary posts that don't contain new milk. To do this type sage in the email field but leave the name and subject fields blank.

To other new people, please read the rules & usage info before posting…if you don't understand something about how this board works you can search the meta threads

Sorry for teaching newfags, I know the mods hate that.

No. 338295


What if she doesn't have a driver's license. Or if she hasn't been driving a lot and is uncertain about her skills to drive long distance by herself. It's not like everyone can drive or is comfortable to drive.

No. 338303

How was she getting around before when she was in NC? Did she take taxis everywhere there too? That gets very expensive really fast, especially if you have 2 kids to cart around. She was also asked why she didn't take Uber instead as it's a lot more affordable than a taxi. Her response? She doesn't "like" Uber and had a bad experience with it in the past. Easy to say when it's not your hard earned money you are spending. There's also Lyft, which does a more extensive background check than Uber and if you give someone 3 stars or below you'll never be matched with them again. The taxi thing is really less important than the question they didn't answer…how was Rose supporting herself before? Did she have a job, receive SSI, live with family? It has to do with why she has to pay for expenses for both NC and MD at the same time and how a part-time job is going to be able to support her in MD as she relocates there.

No. 338414

File: 1497979698412.png (397.9 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1610.PNG)

Maybe someone did. She's getting all pissed that it's getting posted in the comments section of her YouTube videos.

No. 338425

File: 1497982676842.png (329.51 KB, 1205x1510, IMG_1611.PNG)

Old Blooddance is giving out her life story in the comments section of her video. LOL. Sounds like she's about to lose one kid hopefully she loses the rest soon.

No. 338436


I am the anon that posted the original clip drop. I originally had a 10 min video that was WAY WAY WORSE because it included her shoving her daughter in front of the camera while acknowledging that kids should not be shown on live streams and that there are all sorts of weird pedoes out there that will try to get them (saying this TO THE DAUGHTER who is ON CAMERA!) , then there was the nice comment about their autism and types of autism in a sort of "fuck me I got 'both types'" comment with the kids clearly in ear shot. And there were three others that I can't remember now… but, in the end I decided to only post the clip that proved the portion that she denied AND so it would not be out of context, I included the entire block from when she pulled the kid in front of the camera again until after the statement was made. I even included them saying NOT to harass the other woman, when I could have cut that and made them look worse.

This woman seems to be incapable of understanding that

(a) the kids only heard her side, not the rest because the woman was on head phones…. so, they heard that someone was making death threats against them and their animals but nothing else of that conversation. That girl looks old enough to understand what death is.

(b) Those kids will forever suffer the fate of who their parents are. So, when you call their father a scum bag, a part of them thinks "then I'm a scum bag too" that is why parenting classes are mandatory. The shit she said in front of those kids will fuck those kids up for a long time, if not their entire life. You can curse like a sailor and still not damage a child's self worth. I don't give a flying fuck about cursing. I've seen saccharin sweet church ladies say the most vile and disgusting things to kids "Oh honey, don't be a thief like your daddy. Jesus wouldn't like that." ←- I would have posted video on that bitch too… it is the same thing. Kids have no control over who their mother whores around with, but Blooddance had FULL CONTROL over how she talks in front of her kids.

(c) Sometimes foster care may be the better solution if you're talking about giving the kid a stable, nurturing environment to grow up in. That doesn't mean the parents can't see them ever and it doesn't mean the parents can't take classes and counseling to improve themselves and get the kids back. At first I genuinely felt bad about what has been done with that video… but now I don't. If her life choices are such that people are in a position to interfere with custody of her children… then there is a reason for that and a 2.5 min video clip did not create that situation. So, between the mother and the children, I'm siding with the children. If that clip were the ONLY bad thing she's ever done, it would have no weight in a custody hearing at all. It would be a momentary "ooops" that we all have.

No. 338440


samefagging… and for the record, I don't give a flying fuck about kim or her crew. See how when you let something go into the Internet, not everyone uses it the way you intended? See why you should never put your minor children on a live stream?

It's not because there are pedoes behind every bush.

It's because their classmates can find it and shame the shit out of them within their own peer group. How would you like all your co-workers to pass around a video of your parents calling you autistic as an office joke for the rest of the time you worked at what ever job you have? How would you like it if everyone at your work started calling you a retard and openly laughing about how you're an autist even though the manager told them "now, gois… stahp!"

No. 338448

Perhaps Bloodbath Bloodfuckhead should have never made the videos in the first place. What is wrong with these Joytards anyways? Since she reads these threads….

No. 338451


Statistically 15% of the population has an IQ of 90 or below. (90 is the level where you can follow most simple instructions competently and reliably). In the US alone, that's 45 MILLION people with an IQ so low that they're not very employable.

Now, combine that with Joysus' "Mean Gurl" act and how she allows those who couldn't be in the IRL mean girl cliques at school to finally be the mean girl toward Joysus' target of the week. Thanks to her natural predatory narcissistic personality.

In the end, it's like a Lemming effect going on.

No. 338455

File: 1497987882401.png (313.93 KB, 1201x1513, IMG_1612.PNG)

Apparently we're the ones abusing the kids for posting clips from the livestream. She's completely out of touch with reality.

No. 338462


Anon, you shouldn't feel bad at all, I uploaded it to vidme and I don't feel guilty at all. You said it perfectly, CPS and courts don't jump on things this quickly unless their is a history of concerning behaviour. And at the speed this has escalated, I m certain that their has been ongoing involvement from authorities. And I personally would have posted the other clips too, not to damage this woman but to ensure the authorities have as much information and proof necessary to ensure those children are in a safe, nurturing environment. Whether that be removal of the children or mandatory parenting classes with regular monitoring.

The fact that she still can't acknowledge how damaging her behaviour towards her child was is the part that concerns me the most.

And she runs in the cult that thinks it is the authority on children and their safety and needs! They don't have a single qualification between them, they base their advice on personal experiences only,and her behaviour in particular screams how much people should ignore these clueless, damaging idiots.

They are trying so desperately to fit into the skeptik community that they reject anything they consider snowflakey, such as "wrapping children up in cotton wool" that they don't stop to think for a second that there are valid reasons for limiting what you say to a child. And that's not to say you shield them completely but you choose your words carefully, it is age appropriate and ensure any questions or doubts are answered.

Lastly, I don't know why she is lumping us all in with kimmycat. I had no idea who she was until I started reading through these threads and to this day I haven't seen a single video she has done, her drama is irrelevant to me. So Kimmy's minions might have promised to stop posting links but I highly doubt anyone on here promised anything.

Saged for speculation and blogpost.

No. 338467


Oh ffs! She dragged her children into it the second she paraded the poor child on live stream while commenting on her illnesses and "sperm donor" among other things. It had a Bedlam vibe that was uncomfortable to witness, it felt like she was putting her child on display to be pitied by proxy.

No. 338471


So tempted to drop the entire 1 hr conversation for her to include in her CD for the authorities. It would take me a while to fuzz out the kids properly.

No. 338497


It's your choice, Anon. If you feel bad about the shorter, would you feel comfortable putting it all out there?

They are good at deflecting the blame & trying to say we must just enjoy destroying families, but we know that is far from the truth. How can they not see that they did the exact same thing with do5? They saw child abuse, they called it out and helped the authorities build a case with clips and screenshots to ensure the safety of the children. They should practice what they preach.

For me it isn't as clear cut as losing her children, I don't have enough information to comfortably say that I think that dhould be the outcome but in the very least she needs to be educated and monitored until she is has implemented what she is taught.

O/T And while I'm here, *there x2 in my post, not their. I need to hold back on the rage typing. Lol.

No. 338517

Honestly it might be the only way she learns that what she's doing is emotionally damaging to her kids.

No. 338529


I agree. She isn't going to listen to anything we say, or advise, etc. We are the enemy, her defenses are up so anything we say is automatically wrong. If a professional spoke to her and explained the psychology behind it all it might finally sink in.

The best way to get the children the most help is to make sure all concerns are on record. They could easily write off one or two comments but three, four, is a pattern.

No. 338533

File: 1497996095854.png (173.1 KB, 1233x2139, IMG_1613.PNG)

It absolutely needs to be done now. She pulled a DO5 and deleted or made all her videos private. A person that doesn't abuse their children doesn't go to these extremes.

No. 338537

She also deleted her twitter.

No. 338542


Wow! What is it her cult leader says about deleting things? That it's the biggest sign of guilt (even though Joyous has deleted numerous things) Joyous must be so proud of her minion.

Let's see, Joytard denied ever making the sperm donor paedo comment in front of her child.

When shown irrefutable proof she played the straw man card and argued a completely different point.

She completely lost her shit going off on s rant, when that didn't work she gave in to threats from Kimmy fans and removed videos.

When she realised that we aren't Kimmy fans and will continue to press this matter she played the victim card.

Now she has deleted her entire library of content to cover her arse.

If you removed the identifying Joytard references anyone would think I am talking about queen bullshiter herself, Joyous.

Joyous has either taught them extremely well or this explains once and for all why they can't see her true nature or defend it, they are all versions of her!

No. 338565

Her Facebook is gone too. But her twitch, google+ and patreon are still up. Not that the patreon has any donors.

No. 338598

File: 1498003502793.jpg (102.35 KB, 700x735, blooddanncekimmy.jpg)

Someone is trying to get onto Joy's current stream to talk about BloodDance.

Looks like BloodDance is blaming Kimmycat for all of this.

I'm one of the people who expressed concern over Blooddance Darkmoon having her child on stream and saying horrible things in front of the child. I don't like Kimmycat or talk to her.

No. 338603


Joysus is in the middle of an Onision Orgy… she's not going to give a shit about Blooddance's issues for a long while.

No. 338611

File: 1498005734724.jpg (593.02 KB, 3259x1791, IMG_1616.JPG)

Blooddance is in grave danger now. LOL.
Also these retards never learn about putting their info online.

No. 338622


Bahlown Offfff…. sucks to be "old news" in the Joysus cult.

No. 338627


She's even reading tweets by other people while on stream… so, she's definitely reading her twitter feed… just choosing to blow them off.

No. 338645

File: 1498011419361.jpg (672.11 KB, 3507x1479, IMG_1619.JPG)

The joytards are so delusional.

No. 338736

*In a sarcastic tone: Boy, I wonder why Joytard is ignoring me. I'm going to blame kimmycat for everything! Even though it's actually Jouys and my fault everyone is fucking with me! …… this moron really takes the cake here. She can't take blame for anything, ever! If it weren't for Joytard, kimmy wheelchair wouldn't be talking about the sack of shit and blood wouldn't have freaked out about it me started all this. Is she that dumb to not know that people online will mess with ANYONE who sticks up for Joy? Wheelchair most likely has no clue about anything going on besides herself ranting about how nice of an apartment she has! L M F A O!

No. 338806


I can't believe this cow is still trying to blame kimmycat and her fans. I know fine well you read this thread bloodclot, you all do, as does Joyous, hence the reason she's giving you a wide berth. Stop embarrassing your children further you absolute fool.

I hope video Anon goes ahead with posting the rest of your behaviour on that stream.

No. 338880

Joy has admitted multiple times she likes nearly everything tweeted at her no matter what it is, sometimes even hate comments (she tends to ignore things that call her out and actually have a point)….her liking someone's tweet means jack shit. She was on an Onision high at the time, NOTHING was going to distract her from that, especially not one of her stupid Joytard followers who brought that shit on herself.

No. 338941

Like I said in a earlier post. It's honestly the only way bloodclot will learn what she's doing to her children is emotionally damaging. Those kids might not show it now but they will later in life.

No. 338994


Anon, at this point I think you are being generous. I'm not convinced anything will penetrate her thick skull but it needs to be done so that a strong case can be presented.

I'm pissed that she deleted her YT account because I can't help but wonder wtf she is hiding. If she thinks she done nothing wrong in this situation, imagine how bad the things she removed must be? She recognised they could be damaging so god knows what other people would view them as.

No. 338999

I think she deleted her YouTube account because I kept posting a link to the video showing her calling her kids father a sperm donor. She's obviously to fucking stupid to know how to just delete the comments.

Also that Aphrodite Starchild is still going all over twitter saying how Blooddance is in grave danger.

No. 339022

File: 1498067847761.jpg (37.89 KB, 862x156, PSX_20170621_125444.jpg)


I checked out Aphrodite Starchild's previous tweets and came across this. Made me laugh. This person is quite the mouth breather judging by their Periscope videos.


I hope Anon posts the entire thing as well. Not only because people need to see evidence of the abuse…including relevant authorities but also because people NEED to see what Joy allows to happen in her streams.

It's excellent evidence that Joy doesn't give a fuck about children. It shows the real Kati.

No. 339026


I am an anon with full video of that conversation. If someone from a public authority (police or CPS) wants a copy they can send an email to about.that.clip@gmail.com and I will find a way for them to obtain a copy of the video. This is a newly created throw away account that will be dumped at some point in the future.

I'm not willing to post it in full online at this time because

(a) things are said that, frankly, make me too sad to think that the whole video might be released into the wild and used by classmates against the children involved,

(b) the original clip proved what the woman denied she'd said. Now, if she denies having had the live stream with Joysus at all… then I would post it. But, at this point, she has not denied ever having done the live stream, and

(c) there is a hell of a lot of Joysus' voice going on in it and her voice actually makes me queasy. By only releasing it directly to authorities, I would not have to suffer editing it for the privacy of the children.

Sorry fellow farmers for failing to provide such milk after raising hopes earlier. I am ashamed. :-(

But, any authority that emails to about.that.clip@gmail.com I will try to aid as best I can.

No. 339041


I understand your reasoning, when you stated you felt uncomfortable about the shorter clip, I thought the whole thing might be too much for you. At the end of the day you need to know in yourself if you have done the right thing and your offer to provide it to authorities is fair, as that is the main concern.

Hopefully the relevant people are reading this, they saw the original link so there's no reason to think they won't see your offer.

No. 339047

>>>338999 that Aphrodite woman cannot be 19. Maybe 29.

No. 339048

That is true. I don't know if they can change the description on The vidme link but it might not hurt to put that they have more and are willing to send it to any law enforcement that request it.

Reposted for grammar.

No. 339049

That's not even a woman. It's an overweight man child that is so fat he hasn't seen his penis in god knows how long, and decided fuckit now I'm a girl.

No. 339057


I'm fine with posting the email address and offer to public authorities in the description on the video.

No. 339315

I'll stand up for children as long as I can hide while I do it. I'm proud of myself like that.

No. 339579

File: 1498161693063.png (63.66 KB, 500x432, Erfl2Wh.png)

Jeff Holiday jumping on the Joytard train?

No. 339951


I thought he already was a Joytard? Isn't that why she chose him to moderate the debate?

I had no idea who he was, I still haven't watched any of his stuff but I know a lot of Anons were disappointed in him for supporting her.

No. 339953

I don't think he knows her all that well so he was happy to help someone he saw as the enemy of Onision. He's staunchly against people spreading pseudoscience, if he knew about some of the bullshit health info she spreads he would have torn her apart for it…but now? I'm guessing probably not out of politeness.

No. 340114

Maybe someone should inform him of the bullshit health information she spreads.

No. 340197


I'm ethically opposed to interfering with a joytard's ability to grow into a full blown lolcow. I say let Jeff do Jeff. Let him joytard to his joytardiest self. He deserves to live the life he chooses.

No. 340429

File: 1498278550351.png (71.39 KB, 620x451, QOPHyQc.png)

Joytards on the rampage?

No. 340484


Do you know who they are attacking, Anon?

That's her usual BS public response, yet we have all seen her private DM screeners where she encourages it, while saying "I can't tell you what to do but…"

And she calls Lainey two faced. This cow has more faces than Big Ben.

>>340197 Lol! Part of me agrees but there is another part of me that thinks he isn't the type of person she would want opposing her…

No. 340517

Jeff isn't truly a Joytard, he just really dislikes Onision so he was going to side with Joy regardless. He's well known for moderating debates between parties that are diametrically opposed to each other and had been able to stay impartial even when he heavily sided or was friends with one of the debators so he was a reasonable choice given what was known at the time. He hadn't made any videos about Onision because that isn't what his channel is about but had let his feelings be known in two different livestreams with Blaire White & Andy Warski. He also said in one of those livestreams that he thought the number of videos Joy made about Onision was excessive & kinda weird. (but still seems to support her right to make them if that is what she chooses to do.)

The problem arose because in all of the previous debates he moderated the debators respected him as the moderator and didn't try to attack or insult him. He tried to stay objective but he was only going to let himself be insulted so many times before he said something. He probably shouldn't have let Onision get to him but he said his reasoning for telling him off was because the situation seemed to have degraded and it didn't look like he would get another chance to tell him exactly how he felt face to face. That said when Joy & Onision did finally confront each other they really could have used a moderator to tell them both to shut the hell up, stop nitpicking and get to the point.

No. 340536

I agree that he seemed to try to be reasonable for a while despite Greg trying to provoke him. However… He didn't just tell Greg off, he went full psych patient on him and came across as a damn fool. Especially with the maniacal laughing and the [cringe] "rata-tat-tat, mother fucker!" I was embarrassed just watching it. It wouldn't be terrible if he thought about it afterward and acknowledged that he was over the top, but no. He went on Twitter and bragged about how he rekt Greg and sucked his own dick over his childish outburst.

No. 340545


> the maniacal laughing and the [cringe] "rata-tat-tat, mother fucker!"

The loudly snoring under his hat…

That fake dancing around to his phone ring tone…

OMG! The contact embarrassment was through the roof! Just thinking about it gives me flashback blushing. That was the lamest melt down that I've ever seen and that he's trying to paint it as some sort of a win? Him, the one who through out the "logic" and "rational thinking" argument?

No. 340556

He made a video about it and said he would have behaved much differently if he had actually been debating him but says that wasn't what he was there to do. He does admit things got a little crazy and it was not the most intellectually stimulating thing he could have said nor did he even make a good point but says he didn't want to, that it felt good to finally be able to tell him off and that he was honored he got the chance.

No. 340558


Sorry… I don't know if he'd been drinking or what, but it was still a massive man baby melt down that would (and should) embarrass any adult to have done… that it was online for the world to see makes it 1000x worse.

No. 340568

Well, it massively helped his channel. He's gained about 7,000 subs so far from doing this (about the same number of subs Joy has gained from it) and he mentions in the video that a lot of people have contacted him in support so not everyone was embarrased for him. He's usually very articulate, logical & calm so I understand why a lot of us anons had higher expectations for him and were dissapointed to see him act that way.

(Sorry, samefag who posted the video, deleted bc I forgot to remove the YouTube link)

No. 340572


Plenty of people slow down to watch train wrecks… that doesn't make it a block buster movie…. it's still a train wreck. And, it's going to be hard to claim "muh rational logix" when he's probably just one drink away from "rata-tat-tat mutha fucka!"

No. 340637

Do we have screenshots of that on one of the other threads?

Saged for asking a question

No. 340831


Simone made a video about it 2 weeks ago. It's about kimmykat.

No. 340833


That's from back on Jun 6th? What would that have to do with a new victim in this last week?

No. 340836

File: 1498350548123.png (193.55 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170624-192208.png)

I believe it's still the same person. Reading recent comments now to see.

No. 340858

File: 1498353497682.jpg (188.49 KB, 707x1325, Adobe_20170624_201548.jpg)

It's not an attack but a lot of kimmykat's videos uave the comments disabled.

Celeste is speshul imo, and has backed joy up a couple of times.

No. 341026


Everything has been shared on earlier threads and I've been here since thread two, so I'm sure you will understand that at this point everything has merged into one giant shit show in my mind, so these screenshots are on one of the threads somewhere already.

I think it may have something to do with when she fell out with Angel, she used to be her number one spergleberry but she saw the light and shared a lot of screenshot DMs of Joyous manipulating her little cult, riling them up privately, while in public she states she has no control, she can't help it, etc. Anyway, the Angel fallout was approximately thread, two or three? She used to send Angel here to derail, along with a few others, we think she may have even posted here herself in the earlier days but we can't prove that.

If I find it I will post a link to the thread.

Saged for going over old milk.

I just remembered, I think Nick Monroe might have included some of these messages in his article about her, I will go and check that.

No. 341027

This is Nick's article, be warned, it's a long one (it needs to be with all this cult's craziness) but covers a lot and includes screenshots of other things too, so I thought it was worth having a link to it on here about related cows.


No. 341044

Do you know if it's possible to have a thread with only the pertinent information and screenshots so that people don't have to sift through information? I've read everything since the first thread, but I think it would make it easier for newfags and potential rogue spergleberries to see all of the bullshit in one or two threads.

Saged. (sorry if this is against the rules to ask)

No. 341088

File: 1498401617307.jpeg (35.92 KB, 660x439, image.jpeg)


Anytime someone tries to justify behavior like this, no matter who they are, this quote from Se7en runs through my mind. Pretty much sums it up. It was entertainment for the masses, and made him feel better, probably gained him a bunch of low rent subscribers that now will expect him to act like that consistently. But in terms of legitimizing the case against Onision, he did nothing. Due to lack of self control, and allowing Onision to push his buttons, anyone that has been working against Onision as a rational adult will be compared to Jeff by Onision. If he could get one he can get them all. He didn't just make himself look bad. His selfish act, for whatever reason Jeff thought it would benefit himself, gave Onision just a smidge more power. So congrats to them both.

No. 341697

The livestream Jeff Holiday was referring to in "the debate" where he, Blaire White, Andy Warski, and MrRepzion debunked Onision's response video to Blaire White (the one where he called her a useless dumb bitch/cunt at the end of every point.)

No. 341720


I have to admit.. Repzion, Warski, and Holiday all come off as morons. This is a totally cringe Onision hate-boner circle jerk. Blaire White's video does seem to be like it was dishonest. She's always loose with facts in everything… but the other three consider themselves rational thinkers or skeptics or some sort of intellects. They're idiots. No wonder they all ended up Joytards promoting her.

No. 342145

To be fair Blaire has never promoted Joy, and when asked about her Blaire said Joy was weird & that she didn't like her.

While there were some issues with Blaire's original video, Onision did misrepresent what Blaire said several times using creative editing, cherry picking & misdirection. He does this all the time. He gets hung up on debunking some small detail of an argument without addressing the larger point or misses the point entirely and goes off on some weird tangent instead. They do have some valid points to make in the video.

No. 342526

Blood clot is back and trying to stir things up with kimmiecat again. That chick needs to get a fucking life.

No. 342529

I loath joys followers more than I could ever loath joy.

No. 342547

Jeff Holiday is debating an anti-GMO guy live right now if anyone is interested.


No. 342570

I just came across this. I don't follow the Kimmy drama too closely (total boring shitshow) and Kimmy herself takes things way too far. But then I see shit like this and every time I'm convinced it's the Joytards that take things FAR FAR FAR too fucking far.

And I wouldn't be surprised if "Angel Zones" is also Blooddance Darkmoon, who seems to be back. At least on YouTube. The video seems to have been mainly made to defend Blooddance Darkmoon..who also left the first comment on the video. Not to mention both accounts share awful spelling skills.

This entire video is just cruelly making fun of Kimmycat, her disability, her looks and her dead pets. It refers to Kimmy being a "dwarf" who "needs colgate" and talks about a GoFundMe to get Kimmy said toothpaste. There is no actual GoFundMe.

I know there's mumblings of videos being made about Joy and/or Joy's minions. This video is no doubt being reported for harassment and I'll be reporting it myself so it might get taken down. I've downloaded it if anybody needs it later.

No. 342573

File: 1498631982732.jpg (245.23 KB, 841x1531, kimmy_01.jpg)


Some screenshots from the video. The last one is my favorite because it's so true. /s

No. 342574


Archive of the video for reference https://archive.is/ocpSJ

No. 342576

File: 1498632775063.jpg (152.79 KB, 842x723, angelzones_comments.jpg)


Finally, a sampling of the video creator's stupidity. I get that they're attempting to be sarcastic with the "koolaid" line but it still comes off wrong. Just more proof that the Joytards view this as an "us vs them" thing.

Also, Blooddance's comment wasn't the absolute first comment like I said above. Angel Zone's pinned comment was. However it's still the first comment made from an account other than Angel's on the video. So they could be the same person..but it's also not unlikely two illiterate Joytards have found one another. And have a similar way of communicating online. Because 'tards.

Thank you, anon!

No. 342584

File: 1498634063083.png (217.9 KB, 858x2182, Dw0ETGj.png)


Full pic of tags and all current comments because the archive isn't picking up the blooddance comment for some reason. Not sure if it's deleted and the delete hasn't replicated everywhere or what?

No. 342585

File: 1498634071316.jpg (72.96 KB, 713x546, petulantchild.jpg)


When asked about this video, this is how the petulant child with 50k+ subscribers responded.

Because… maturity/role model/acting with a modicum of class/recognizing the responsibility you now have with the platform you've unfortunately been given.

No, YouTubers can't control ther viewers. At the very least you don't act like a preteen, primadonna bitch when faced with concerns about how you're using your platform. Cunt.

No. 342587


Yes that looks like bloodclot is back. And she's still deflecting her terrible parenting as someone else's fault. We will have to keep a close eye on her streaming activities.

Her dearest leader completely ignored her & yet she is still being a Joytard.

O/T Speaking of which, Joyous got off very lightly with allowing her to bring her autistic child onto a public stream to say derogatory things about her and her father. Surely someone so concerned with child welfare would have at least spoke out about the despicable behaviour that happened in front of her. Timing saved her arse, people were too busy watching the Onion madness unfold but I haven't forgotten…

No. 342588


I'm screen recorder anon & I'm fucking pissed that I didn't record that stream. I didn't bother because I ended up leaving the stream before the Blooddance child pedo stuff went down..that and up until that point Joy was auto uploading all her Youtube streams. I'm almost sure it's the ONLY Youtube stream she has done that she hasn't later auto-uploaded. Very smart move on her part.

Real pity because I don't think Joy could easily defend what happened on that stream. As you said it didn't line up with her "I'm here to save the chillenz" narrative. Not in the least. Of course her spergleberries will defend her against everything, possibly including pedophilia accusations, but goddamn it would be handy to have that stream now.

No. 342593


There's an email address if you want to try to get a copy of it. It's posted here.

No. 342659


I have the clip of the paedo father comment but apparently there was a lot of terrible things said in that stream but I didn't watch it, so I can't even repeat any of it in writing.

And exactly, there is no defending allowing that behaviour to be broadcast on her stream. Apparently she didn't try to interject at all, she didn't tell her it was inappropriate, cut off her connection, nothing at all. Yet she preached and preached about the emotional abuse involved in do5 and how there's more to abuse than just violence, so she has no excuse, she recognizes emotional abuse.

I just feel like she is Teflon coated at this point, she seems to slip her way out of everything.

I have screenshots of her slamming Onion for not controlling his "space" as in his channel and that it is up to him to ensure his channel is a "safe space for children" in black and white in her own words (it might be two separate references, I'm not sure) that she believes it is the responsibility of the channel owner to keep order and control & put a stop to anything inappropriate. Yet she did nothing, so again we have proof of her contradicting herself.

No. 342799

File: 1498678393984.jpg (61.53 KB, 462x688, PSX_20170628_142624.jpg)

Yeah, Blooddance is back. Anyone aware of at least her first name?

Funny how she suddenly cares about her children's safety. But only after she publicly abused them. Imo her children are far from safe if they continue to be under her care.

No. 343081

File: 1498708202024.jpg (181.14 KB, 816x546, lol_ok.jpg)


Oh man. This is good. First off, Joy never put up the stream that Blooddance featured her kids in. That stream happened 9 days ago from today. So around the 19th/20th. On Joy's YT page none of the streams around that time are the one Joy did where she talked about Kimmycat for 1-2 hours straight and had Blooddance on. So she's lying, straight up lying, about Joy editing anything out. Can't claim there's been editing on something that's never been uploaded, can ya?

The only people who did any editing to protect YOUR KIDS, YOU DUMB FUCK, are the anons.

Now she's also claiming she didn't realize the camera was on. Despite looking at said camera multiple times and pointing her kid out clearly, making sure we could all see which child she was pointing at. As she let hundreds of people know that her children had been groomed & that at least one of the children's father is an alleged pedophile.

We didn't expose your kids to the world. You did. WE are the ones who thought of their safety long before it ever dawned on you. And we're fucking strangers.

And who is this "case" against, exactly? Because it sure seems like she's implying there's a case against..us. Anons. She doesn't know who any of us are and never will.

Sorry, cunt, nobody is going to take a child abuser's word that CPS "cleared" said child abuser.

"Keep talking crap see what happens it will not be in ur favor" lolol please help me understand, fellow farmers. What is she threatening and who does she think she is threatening?

None of this would have ever happened if Kati Marie Smith had any scruples to begin with. You would think by now Blooddance would be more cautious about prodding hornet's nests. Guess trash truly never learns.

No. 343094


Where is that comment posted? On what video? Anyone have a link to it?

No. 343103

No. 343149


From the image comment:

> they are willing to expose my kids to the world over hating me for being joy's friend pure and simple. so if anyone would be doing any damage to them it be them people would it not now?

Hmmm… her kids have not been exposed and if the full hour+ video goes up, they would not be exposed in that video either because we anon are not assholes like that bitch.

It's also, pretty clear that at least some of the anon couldn't give a shit about Joy so much as the treatment of those kids. This whole spat was started because she trash talked the fathers of the kids in front of them. Something that many people find abusive to the child's self esteem. But, hey… Darkmoon can just swill another beer and bitch on her YouNow stream about what a saint SHE is compared the the variety of fathers she's had children with.

No. 343242


I can't believe this bitch is still trying to spin this shit!

To back you up, yes, it was an Anon who took their time to edit the child's face out of that stream, not this cow!

The Anon's here have shown far more concern for her children, to the point of withholding further damaging footage to not expose the children to further embarrassment over their mother.

She's still defending the wrong fucking things! It's not just about the live stream, which you were fully aware of, it's what you were saying to your children you fucking buffoon!

The people she is most likely referring to about legal action is kimmycat and this Lizzie person, as she holds them solely responsible for everything.

Can full stream Anon at least confirm if someone did contact that email to get the full stream because I have a horrible feeling this cow will get away with this. CPS and court systems don't tend to have a vast knowledge about social media and how it works, they might just fall for this shit. And the comments we have available aren't enough to build a strong case. And this bitch has clearly learned nothing, not a single thing! Unbelievable!

No. 343273


> Can full stream Anon at least confirm if someone did contact that email to get the full stream because I have a horrible feeling this cow will get away with this.

No contact to that email. BUT, law enforcement has subpoena abilities that if used soon enough after the stream would have given them direct access to the full stream directly from YouTube and that would be the preferred route for anything used as evidence of a crime. The posted shorter clip + statements made would have been enough to get the subpoena in most jurisdictions if there was interest in investigating.

No. 343282


Thank you Anon. I will keep my fingers crossed, these children have no hope with this cow as their "mother". She still doesn't get it. Hopefully she's just blowing hot air.

I don't think her return is because everything is a good as she says it is, I think she never really went away. Another Anon spotted what we think was her using another account, once that was called out her old account suddenly reappears.

No. 343330

Someone just post the fuckin' video.
Holding it hostage whilst hoping her local police department or CPS reads lolcows a-lookin' for crime to fight is fucking retarded.

If you've actually got it, send yer link to the cops, like a big Anon. This whole - someone tell the authorities to email my throw away account before I delete the video so they can see some broad on the interwebz say her kids dad is a suspected of being a pedo, maybe other things too, can't let anyone ELSE see though because another lady's voice annoys me so make them UNDER ARREST nao kthxbi.

No. 343602

File: 1498774109521.png (106.42 KB, 538x779, EcDd4Ga.png)

Spergleberries celebrating having run KimmyCat off of YouTube… This is a comment posted to JOY's latest video where you'd think she'd watch the comments in case someone offered her free legal services.

No. 343707


Have to agree. If the anon who has the full stream isn't able to blur out the kid's faces, I will. I was the one who posted the screen shot of Blooddance on Joy's stream where the kid's face is cropped out. I'm all for protecting the kids' privacy. But I'm not for protecting Joy. She let Blooddance ramble on for quite a while in a stream where over 200 people were watching. I think people need to see how much she doesn't care about kids. Her actions in that particular stream goes against everything she ever said about her caring about the welfare of children.

I'm going to email the anon who has the video of the conversation. Letting you know here because I don't know how often you're checking that email.


What a bunch of scummy idiots.

No. 343919


Thank you Anon, hopefully full stream Anon will share it with you.

I've been looking for another copy, thinking someone, somewhere must have it too, there can't just be one capture surely?

No. 344012

For future or any needed reference. You can report any suspicious activity to cybertips.com

I take no sides in the blood dance/Kimmy/Joy debacle. But death threats make everyone look bad, accomplishes nothing but backfires on the person who makes the threat, and ruins the "entertaining" atmosphere of watching the drama. And if you can't see that what's being done is exploiting children who have already been victimized, perhaps dealing with social services is the least of what you should be dealing with.

No. 344637

I would like to report this to the tip place but which link should I use? I will send the link to the proper place and have a bunch of friends do the same that I've shown the clip to. These women are mothers and they are livid at blood clots behavior reguardless of any threats she or her alt personality angelzones has made.

No. 344685

A new day, a new adventure. Grab a cup of coffee for this one folks!

No. 344704


A coffee with milk?

No. 344811

am I on glue, or did Kimmycat delete her channel? Maybe it's just private?

No. 344812

No. 344816

File: 1498971811272.png (228.13 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


Oops, duh. Misread that for sure.

Looks like mother of the year is at it again. Doesn't she have more to do with her time, like exploit her children. Or maybe she's too preoccupied "not bullying" bullying people. Must've learned that one from Joy. I must say, if this is how she lets things go, I'd hate to see it when she's obsessed. Cheers to you, blood clot. Can't wait to see Joys exclusive when your kids are finally taken. I might actually watch that one. I'm sure she'll enjoy the ad revenue, too.

Oh and to the reporting Annons, more screenshots are available if needed. Seems this crew has the intelligence and emotional development of a 3 year old so we might not even need them.

No. 344868


This is frustrating as fuck because we know there is more rope that she could hang herself with, yet we can't get our hands on it!

Just to clarify to the histrionic "give them enough rope and they'll hang themselves" is an expression, not a threat, before you run away kicking off bout death threats. It means the same thing you said about Kimmy bloodclot, we don't have to do a damn thing to ensure the safety and welfare of your children, everything we have came from your own bullying, toxic mouth.

No. 344898

Blood clot made an hour long video with all of the comments and included this lolcow page! It's time to supply those links, after you see her video you will want to post them here…..

No. 344919


I was hoping full stream Anon would give a copy to the Anon who volunteered to edit the children out but it doesn't look like that's happening. I'm not going to bother watching her latest stream because what can we do without that info? Other than keep reporting the same clip to cyber tips.

No. 345115


It's happening. ;)

No. 345190

>It's time to supply those links,

You mean these??

cybertipline.com , 18008435678

No. 345331

Here it is.

No. 345338

I would highly recommend someone downloads that and puts it up on vidme before Joy, her joytards or Blooddance try and have it pulled down.

No. 345351

File: 1499058576166.png (19.42 KB, 813x104, 7RycXBT.png)


Less than an hour after the video was posted… that was quick. Guess Bloodclot shouldn't have gone on that video posting rampage over the last few days.

No. 345352


Haha she didn't "ask nicely" - she's already filed a privacy complaint. Youtube is recommending blurring things. Already done!

No. 345354

Hers a mirror on vidme in case it gets pulled from YouTube

No. 345411

Great! Thank you Anon!

It's time to start reporting her abuse.

No. 345728

File: 1499119808054.png (305.53 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

bloodance makes threats. more screenshots available. someone's been busy.

No. 345736


Wait, didn't she threaten one anon that she got the IP address from a twitter DM? Hmmm… guess that was just pure bull shit.

No. 345821

Its impossible to read blood clots horrible grammar and punctuation. You can't understand the morons. It's exactly like Joytard's grammar and punctuation. What's wrong with these people? It's like None of them passed third grade!

No. 345851


Or it could be other influences other than stupidity impairing their abilities.

No. 345926

dipshit blooddance is streaming on younow.

she thinks we're all Kimmy Cat fans lol

says she's addressing "the nastiness"


No. 345927


She knew that this was posted immediately. LOL! pretty sure she reads this thread more than we do.

No. 345938

File: 1499147812545.png (360.46 KB, 473x452, derp.png)


She's reading comments out loud to her "audience" and her neckbeard boyfriend/husband who is apparently the father of her 3rd child.

I mean the first 2 were fathered by pedophiles (according to Blooddance, not anyone else) so who the fuck is to say her choice in men was any better this time around? Christ.

No. 345974

File: 1499159492272.png (491.35 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

oh thank god. I didn't think she'd ever take responsibility for perpetuating a fight, even after her kids were at stake and the other person she blamed for it had conceded. You said she was reading nastiness. I'm assuming you were referring to the vitriol that's been seeping out of the pores of the comment section of her multiple videos uploaded since Kimmys channel was taken down. The vitriol she's posting and contributing to daily. Her nastiness. Kimmys channel is down. She's not making videos about her in anymore. She may be attacking her in other ways, but not thru multiple videos.

So, maybe I was raised wrong, but when another person concedes a fight and the others party continues on a smear campaign, that's a bitch move. And at this point they're either shit sirring or a coward. Also where I come from, bullying could be considered calling people names etc. but it could be terrorizing and harassing to have an entire group of people ganging up on a public platform, talking about where someone lives in detail and asking to have coffee with them, having pictures of their door as your avatar, offering to give out their IP, shit talking about them wishing physical harm and who knows what else. Doesn't matter if it's true. It can cause a person to feel terrorized and that's all that matters. So, most people would consider a group against one person, no matter the circumstance, bullying. They may have thrown the first punch. But at this point, it's overkill.

Anyway, so are we talking about that nastiness?

No. 345977


She was reading the comments on the upload of the livestream where she allowed 200+ people see her young children as she emotionally abused them. This one:


It's sickening that since KimmyCat has deleted her account (I think? I don't talk to her, so I don't know what the deal is) Blooddance is reuploading all of KimmyCat's videos to her own page. Total bitch move indeed. KimmyCat is gone. It doesn't matter who was in the wrong here. Blooddance re-uploading her videos is just perpetuating more shit. Don't act like a victim when you're now harassing someone who is no longer even responding or on the platform at all.

This is the calibre of people Joy surrounds herself with. Nice.

No. 346045

I may be wrong but I believe the person that threatened about the IP from a Twitter dm was based mama. But then against there's so many sea cows that have no idea how to be normal nor think for themselves, so they have to copy cat each other as they try to be the cool kids.

No. 346188

File: 1499193331388.jpg (506.7 KB, 2572x1295, IMG_1701.JPG)

This joytard is full blown retarded.

No. 346189

File: 1499193366617.png (306.47 KB, 1242x1676, IMG_1702.PNG)

Also apparently lolcow doxxed Joy and Onision.

No. 346193

File: 1499193937601.png (284.63 KB, 1242x1715, IMG_1703.PNG)

And now we can add Dan who by the way likes to threaten people that go against joy to the list of full blown retarded joy supporters. That don't understand what doxxing and other simple things are.

No. 346235


You are correct, based Mama told Eobard that she had obtained his IP address through twitter DMs, which is absolute bullshit, you can't obtain an IP that way.

Hopefully the cybertips org will look into this nutcase. She's so emotionally unstable and vile, I can't imagine that's a healthy environment for children. And that's before taking her emotional abuse and public spectacle she made of her children. She's utterly disgusting.

No. 346236

You can't obtain an IP from ANY SOCIAL MEDIA! WTF is wrong with these morons? The platform has the IP info, how the fuck do people using twitter, YT, YN, Facebook etc get it? They don't.

No. 346286

These people are fucking idiots. Thoroughly fucking stupid.


You can IF you persuade someone to click a link to a site you own and can check the IP visits.

But that's about it. Joy herself recently alluded to the idea that she knew the IP address that the fake JoySparkIeBS account was using. And that it matched to the area Onision logs on from. One of the things I hate about her the MOST is that she spouts off nonsense about things she doesn't have any idea about.

No. 346470

Anyone see Chambers's most recent video about race realism?
I get the feeling she's trying to inject herself into this shit storm for views, but it's funny that this is the hill she chose to run up and plant a flag on.

No. 346635


Wow… so bad on so many levels. For those who care, audio is very much out of sync with video, so it has that annoying "dubbed into English" feel to it and her voice is sharp as always.

From a content perspective… It's a ramble about her personal opinion about a topic that she's not entirely sure about what's been going on except that a lot of people have been bitching about it. She seems to think she's in the "skeptic community," but she clearly is not. The whole video is just a ramble about stuff that "might not be correct" because "it's off the top of her head". It's 13.5 min that I'll never get back, but I sacrificed so you don't have to.

No. 347459

File: 1499376159668.jpg (70.26 KB, 960x720, 1499372131604.jpg)

I wasn't sure if the same Anons on here, also check the Joy thread and I think these comments are more relevant to here, just yo demonstrate her hypocrisy.

These are comments she made about do5 but as you can see, she is guilty of the same shit she's ranting about. She didn't make a peep in the live stream where one of her own joytards absolutely humiliated and emotionally abused her children on a public platform.

No. 347524


Thank you. This is exactly why that stream needed to be up. Joy let everything she's ever rallied against go on in that stream.

"ABUSE ISNT JUST PHYSICAL";"KIDS should make the decisions on their privacy"; "That's not what we do on my channel"

Nah, you just let children get emotionally abused LIVE for everyone to see! Twat. Blooddance keeps saying that Joy "edited out" her children from that stream. But that entire stream was never put up from what I can tell. If it was, the only reason she edited anything out was for HERSELF. Blooddance is just like the rest of the spergleberries. They're all convinced Joy is their friend who has their best interests in mind.

No. 347669

>They're all convinced Joy is their friend who has their best interests in mind.

They should be asking where their good friend was when CPS was trying to take their kids and that lady was making all
Those horrible videos about them. And you were trying to get their attention and they couldn't be bothered because Onision was finally giving them attention.

No. 347730


Joy didn't upload it at all, the only copy we had was captured by an Anon and it was that Anon who edited the child's face, not Joy. An Anon also edited out the children from the full stream before releasing it, yet bloodclot keeps crediting Joy or herself.

This entire situation proves once and for all that neither Joy nor her fans are concerned about children, it's just a cover to make drama and money. And children were damaged in the process of chasing their need for drama.

No. 349798

File: 1499664939840.png (120.14 KB, 828x898, Joytard.png)

With all the time these people spend online, you would think they would know how to google basic stuff like this.

I don't know if any of you have noticed her yet or not, but can we add Elegant Herridan to the list of joytards? In almost all of her videos she will fangirl over joy, while also making money off of the DO5 drama. If anyone in the comments says anything even slightly critical of joy, they get their comment deleted and they are blocked, just as the cult mandates.
Someone tried to bring up that joy didn't get reported for covering DO5, but her community strikes were because she posted videos questioning onion's military history, and they got branded a hostile liar. luckily I got some screen caps.
The icing on the cake is that she is a misogynist, and seems to think that kkk rallys "give white supremacists a bad name"

No. 349987


I haven't noticed her before, there are so many it can be difficult to keep up. Plus she seems to have had a mass exodus lately, which is great.

The Joytards don't want to know the truth. These people have major issues, I feel like one of the biggest is loneliness, I think most of them could have been "the weird kid" for a good portion of their lives, or are vulnerable due to genuine illness that has alienated them & that they have very few real life relationships, as a result of whatever troubles them. Joyous has somehow tapped into that, she made them all feel special in the early days, she gave them a sense of belonging to something when they aren't used to that. By the time her mask fell they were too far in.

I feel sorry for some of them because it's so obvious they just believe everything she says and they have no part in the nonsense she gets up to, they literally just watch her YT videos and don't follow her live streams or social media. Others not so much, I have no hope for a few of them, they are as bad as her, thriving off the attention and drama and helping her damage people, the more of them we can out the better.

It's very interesting how many openly racist people Joyous attracts…

I'll keep an eye out for Little Miss White Supremacist, maybe we can work out which category she fits in.

No. 350132

File: 1499714300764.png (169.11 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Anyone else starting to have concerns about MoralVirus? Never paid much attention, until he started making more noise. Here's the red flags I'm seeing:

1.) he continues to dangle the "evidence" and won't release all of. His only purpose I've heard is to torture Joy

2.) he has self posted on lolcow asking annons to come to her lives teams and spam about the "evidence" to help torture her

3.) he continuously brings this subject up to anyone, almost bragging. It's not enough that he has them recorded, but proof that he knew joy for real. Not just through text. For a whole month. He mentions that a lot. On Twitter alone he's mentioned it over 14 times since the beginning of July.

4.) he Livestreamed last night. It would've been perfect to release the skype info then, as it was discussed in post earlier, but it wasn't. No real milk spilled. It was a lot of "I told her not do this and that and she didn't" or "yeah she used to be real pretty but she stopped taking care of herself". Generalized opinions and debates that happen on lolcow everyday. It seems he really likes to appear the expert on things, like the reason joy gained so much weight was because she used to have a fast metabolism and had poor eating habits which ruined her metabolism. Wtf dude….kinda got the feeling he had a crush on her or wanted to have the same bragging rights as Phil and doesn't
5.) He appears to get involved in Internet drama a lot, not just joy. Onision before joy. DSP before Onision

6.) he's using tactics Joy uses to fight joy. Dangling information to torture her? What's the point? Setting up live streams to gossip about her. Trying to rallying an army to spam her about evidence. And arguing semantics, which just details from solid arguments. Is it pedophile or is that too strong a word? We can't call Joy a racist but you'll contact Sharika with milk on Kati and apologize how gross she is? This sounds like Aussieguy.

7.) He seems to be getting some of his info from the lolcow boards and passing it off as his own. It's an interesting thing an annon posted this video on here last thread. And suddenly, he tweeted it. And now, it's his new Buzzword. As though he's the expert on word salad.

Not sure who this guy is or what his intent is, but its coming off a little crazy. And former Joyfans have a rep. He might be kosher. But I can't condemn Joy and turn around and cosign his style of attack. Until he proves otherwise, he's not with me and those files could have her running the Maypole with Do5 and I don't care.

No. 350254

>Anonymous 33 minutes ago No. 350235>>350250
Moral and our lil group are going to broadcast on younow later tonight if any of you are interested/want to record. We brought this up in last nights stream but have seen it mentioned again, we are sitting on the recorded chats a bit longer because although angel already named dropped me in this thread we want to edit out when moral accidentally does in the vids as well as useless stuff. Each of the recordings is over an hour long…. we are working on a few joy projects though. Also she has made well over 200 in this stream so far.
Sage for irrelevance

See. Wth is this? What little group? Which angel? This is suspect and it needs to be called out, unless someone else knows what it's about. Are these joytards?

No. 350517


I think you're right to be cautious. I didn't realise he was claiming to know her personally, I thought his only contact was questioning her about the donations?

The edited calls put a question mark on things too. I think it's better to release the entire thing, that way it can't be argued that things were taken out of context of edited together in any way. Even if it is over an hour long, if we can sit through hours of Joy bullshit and a three hour Phil video just to get to the milk, people can manage just over an hour. And it can't be argued anything was taken out of context.

I suppose we just need to sit back and see what happens…

No. 350519


He's dropped the first call.

No. 350555

>2.) he has self posted on lolcow asking annons to come to her lives teams and spam about the "evidence" to help torture her

noticed this. Thought lolcow was an annon board. Hard to do that when you self posting multiple x's and acting like an hero. Like he's taken over the thread

No. 350569


There wasn't really anything of substance in call one. Just her usual talking in circles, going off on a tangent, nothing new really. Unless I switched off at some point due to the monotony?

No. 350623

I don't get what the big ordeal is about these skype calls, unless someone can preface the recordings with some sort of info on all the characters I don't think it's very juicy.

No. 350625

>A head of time warning the next call didn't get his side but I will try to remember what he said during it (I was listening in on another line) and transcribe it the best I can. Since we have started being vocal quite a few people are reaching out to us and we may have found something new and possibly really great news for us all, not sure yet though, we'll let ya'll know when we can.

So the next call won't yield anything either.

Just caught up on the MT. It's clogged with MV and Vivica self posting and other annons asking who these people are. The topic has completely shifted from Joy to them. It's like their inserting themselves as the new great Joy adversaries.

We might needs to get a Farmhand involved. It's obvious at this point, they know what their doing. Holding back Evidence like this to imply it's infallible and really it's unusable, and they know it. Trying to convince annons to join him attacking Joy in streams with said evidence. Annons aren't usually trolls, we use milk. And we don't gang up on people. Majorly derailing and clogging the boards. They know this isn't right. Cause it's exactly what joy does.

No. 350664


I agree with you. I've seen people shut down by Anons and banned by Farmhands for less.

Do you know how to bring a mod in?

No. 350750


The rules tab or linked in red atop the thread should have everything. Everything else regarding usage, rules etc is probably in meta as I'm not no mod, no way.

Wishing there was a way to mark OG annons posts etc. Having a place for Joy etc discussion is good, but milk is gone. Seems OG annons may have abandoned ship.

I'm curious what the opinion is on him. His vids have been posted on her thread before. He's got a good grasp on reality and explains everything good. Wondering why he doesn't stand up to her.

No. 350974

I love him, but I don't think he cares that much. Definitely not enough to find out just how shady she is. If he put more effort into learning more about what a shit she is, and stop talking about her having fibro, I think his videos on her would be a lot better. But even without that, I really enjoy his commentary when it comes to her.

No. 351005


Yes I like Egocast's stuff about this madness. I do agree with >>350974 in that he has only just scratched the surface.

No. 351276

That was fantastic. Especially the part where he was telling Onision how to handle the copyright claims and the Blair debate.

No. 351426

File: 1499898956000.png (180.06 KB, 720x1218, 20170712_173149.png)

Apparently anons attack children, are mean, and are all salty coz we never made it big on youtube? We all want to he noticed? Yep, thats why is anonymous, so we get all the credits.

No. 351540


Sadly, we've had annons doing some of these exact things even recently, so it's hard to dispute it. Frustrating. Ruins the validity and all the good milk. We can thank people like Aussieguy. Did a nice job with his campaign to destroy Joy a few months ago. Obvi worked.

Joy is a different type of lolcow. She attracted weirdos and has the potential, even if by proxy, to do damage. I think some are getting over invested both ways. I'm gonna go back to lurk status, post my "links" as requested and mention if something seems off.

When you look at the bigger picture, they're all lolcows.(joys) just on different levels. Debatable entertainment. The important thing for them to understand is, you just never know where a mandated reporter might be within viewing range, especially on the Internet. Thats not an attack, it's a requirement.

No. 351593

I'm not a nice person towards joy and her joytards. But the thought of harassing this kid because of that video never crossed my mind. I'm honestly a little offended that they think we would do that.

No. 351621

Joy's twitter crowd is jam packed with crazies, equally as hypocritical as their lord and savior. There's really nobody sane defending her on there.

There's one that's a super psycho supreme and spends majority of her day orbiting Joy's anus. I won't mention her name, lord knows she'd be flattered. She's one that has made some of the "jealousy" comments and one of the off things about her is that she has a very recent upload on YT, where she mentions that she unsubbed from Joy and just checks in on her channel from time to time. So how can she defend joy on every level and insist joy doesn't do or say the things she is accused of when she self admittedly isn't a sub and do doesn't follow joy, just checks in here and there. It makes absolutely no sense.

It's so cute how all these special little snowflakes think that they have their own set of rules in life

No. 351632


They're clearly saying this because of the Blooddance recording.

Despite the fact that neither Joy nor Blooddance protected those children from dangerous, prying eyes. But lolcow sure did.

I have zero interest in going after children. but like >>351540 said, when we have idiots going off the rail like AussieGuy/MissBitch/Nicole and others then it makes the rest of us look just as emotionally unhinged.

I seriously doubt any of the more logical farmers who post here would even consider going after a child. Although I'm happy to voice the concern I do have: where are his parents when Joy Sparkle BS is acting as his role model? That is disturbing but doesn't warrant "harassment" of either him or his family. Use the little logic you might possess, Joytards.


Agreed with all of your points. The MoralVirus thing has grown absolutely annoying. He's not offering any backstory with the recordings or drama. Plenty of us have been around since the earliest threads and we aren't privy to the Vivica situation. This idea of holding some random YouNow session in the middle of the night to talk about it and expecting one of us to record it is fucking weird. You're not that special. Especially because you say you have milk but provide no details. If you want people to see it, upload it yourself.

This kind of behavior on top of all the other shitshows that have gone down in the threads is why a lot of anons are talking about going back to lurking, and I don't blame them.

It's hard to take any of these people seriously. I tend to trust those who don't put their real names behind milk and criticism far more than those who do. Milk for the sake of milk and criticism is what we want. Not milk for the sake of self promotion. Ain't nobody want that sour shit.

No. 353108


I agree, I've never known any of the regular Anons attack or abuse children, quite the opposite. As you stated, Anons went out of their way to protect Bloodclot streams, which she took credit for herself initially, then she credited Joy. That was to make the Anons here look bad, yet it was us educating her about why what she said and did was harmful.

Saying that, I can't even remember any of the self promoting Lolcow lights saying anything about children? They have always had a lazer focus on Joy whenever I've seen a namefag post. But I could be forgetting something? I also never watched anything they uploaded so I might have missed it.

No. 353221

I've been around since Joy's first thread and no, none of the anons have gone after children…it's actually against the rules to do that, we aren't supposed to post about people under the age of 16. What Moral Virus & co are doing, trying to recruit people here to help them fight their battle, used to be against the rules but looking at the recent changes made it's not there anymore.

No. 353459


I hadn't realised they had changed that rule either. I can remember Aussieguy trying to recruit us to go and troll Joyous and he swiftly got shut down. We aren't attack dogs and despite the rule change I still won't become an attack dog for anyone.

But as for this we attack children line that's being fed, it's bullshit, it's never happened on here. And anyone I've seen outside of lolcow have been having a go at her about using children to get views, which isn't an attack on the children at all.

It's her and her spergleberries who happily attack anyone & I have screenshots of her having a go at a 12 year old Onion fan, not to mention 17 year old Konstigo.

I'll post them on her thread as they relate to her more than the joytards but this we attack children bullshit needs to be shut down.

No. 353660

File: 1500237554153.jpeg (117.81 KB, 640x1055, image.jpeg)

>I've been around since Joy's first thread

Ho' shit! Just realize I have too! When I was perusing through the old threads and found this post and wondered if it was the one being referenced in the first skype call from MoralVirus. Either way, whoever posted it was a bit arrogant. I don't see anyone owning or needing to filter info on anyone through anyone. I think there's general agreements as we've talked about that we try and adhere to. But seems some people have a sense of entitlement due to their level of obsession. I haven't reread much farther than that yet. Can't remember if they were called out cause that was a bit off topic.

In regards to Aussieguy. When he made the video calling out rose. Granted, there were some things seriously mishandled. But how psycho are you to make a video like that? To publicly post a video, when you don't even know someone or live in their country, and threaten their kids pretty much. He was a piece of work.

As for the current situation with, is it Nathan? The latest victim to the MoralVirus calls? Why do I get the sense this guy is gonna have a suicide attempt in his future. And not in a joking funny haha way. Like, I'm scared for him, and the lacksidasical way Joy leads him around when she knows good and god damn well he's loyal to her. and she's going to toss him aside crushing him underfoot and he's not going to be able to survive that. He's obviously an empath and she's feeding off that. He's probably got tons of leeches stuck to him in her crowd by now, fucking with his head. He's got no chance. And she's enjoying the show. She could've just let him go when she had the chance. Makes you wonder why she didn't.

No. 353984


Issac? I feel sorry for him, I swing between disliking the joytards and feeling bad for them, he is in the latter. Some of them, such as Cy, are as much to Blane as she is & know exactly what they are doing, then you get people like Issac, who are just lonely people. And like any good manipulator she can spot a potential victim a mile away and knows which buttons to push to get them on side.

He's apparently refusing to listen to the phone call because she has him convinced that she is the victim in all of this. How fragile must a person be to bury their head in the sand rather than listen to the truth and see that she is the one wrong in all of this.

He is clearly very lonely, I doubt he has many, if any real life friends and she made him feel like he was part of something special and he will put up with anything to not lose that sense of belonging. It's really saddening.

I wish he would wake up and see that this is why a lot of us have a problem with her. It has nothing to do with "jealousy" or being bullies and everything to do with the real people she is hurting.

No. 354209

File: 1500323050362.png (280.67 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Jamie Leigh's live stream with Celeste who knows popped up in my feed today. Instead of trying to skim through it, I glanced at the comments to see if anything telling happened. Instead I found this. It's a two part post. Bear with me.

No. 354220

File: 1500324318170.png (259.5 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

I know it annoys people, but I refuse to post a link to the new page. A lot of us actually felt bad for Kimmy and the way she was treated, and defended her!! But it's obvious at this point she is bat shit crazy. Not saying Bloodmoon isn't, too. But she has posted a video saying she and Bloodmoon called a truce and Bloodmoon took down all her videos about Kimmy. SMH. This one might be crazier than Joy. Did anyone watch this post to see what Kimmy is referring to or is she pulling a Joy, trying to cause drama with other YTers to get subscribers? While I doubt the few annons that remember this forum is here, she might be better to lay low. Some annons might not take well finding out they defended her and got played.

Also, in regards to that, since joys drama is running low lately, in wondering when she'll start trying for a new obsession. Like Kukian or back to Vegan cheetah. It's surprising she hasn't tried to go for either yet since gaining more notoriety. People would be more likely to pay attention to her opinion now, and they actually care about Kukian.

Additionally, did anyone catch Negative Radio live stream just smashing Joy into the ground today. Oh it was so rewarding. I generally don't completely want to barf in regards to his stuff, but lost respect when he backed Joy. Today is worth a watch. The panel didn't even really hate on Onision much. One was a formed moderator/admin for Onion, even, But they just trash talked her. Like a bunch of HS mean girls. It was beautiful. While it's a fucked up thought, that potentially, very minuscule, minor, highly unlikely possibility, this asshole could be getting away with a sex crime. I almost overlook that ant fart of a chance just to hear one of them call Joys channel the National Inquirer of Onisions life. Lol!!

No. 354223

I asked about the personal army rule in meta and a farmhand acknowledged it as against the rules still. >>>/meta/4452

No. 354338

I do believe it's time to add this person to the list of joytards. @TheElanaVital @PrincessMirror7 (same person)
She constantly harasses anons accusing them of being Onision.

This is what I could find on her.
Apparently she was "model" or something at one point in her missable life.

No. 354357

File: 1500341762898.png (106.9 KB, 867x729, emphasisonbsisgreg.png)

Her and a few other Joytards seem to believe that all of Joy's more vocal critics are just sock accounts Gerg created…and if they don't think it's Gerg himself then they assume it's either Lainey or a salty Onion/DO5 fan…like there isn't any other reason someone would take issue with her. (My biggest problem with her is the outrageously incorrect medical/health information she spreads esp to younger people that could actually cause serious damage if they took it to be truth)

The pic I linked is a Joytard called Janet Vonnik accusing Emphasis on BS of being Gerg then another Joytard TweetyCapone saying it's Lainey responsible for the account not Gerg, the two can't seem to decide. These comments were from Emphasis on BS's video "Joy Sparkle BS loses her mind Part 1" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cNJDfo5nG0

There are many more examples of this on Twitter and in YT comments, these idiots are so delusional. Gerg doesn't need to make sock accounts to call her out, why would he even bother? Every time he's done it with his own account because he wants the drama to bring attention to his channels so he gets more views, he doesn't care about Joy personally other than how their drama can benefit him financially.

No. 354375

>Gerg doesn't need to make sock accounts to call her out, why would he even bother? Every time he's done it with his own account because he wants the drama to bring attention to his channels so he gets more views, he doesn't care about Joy personally other than how their drama can benefit him financiall

She believes it's him, because she wants to believe he's as obsessed with her as he is. Why her cronies believe is beyond me! They do actually have shit to do. Like videos to make, kids to raise, a house to run, showers to take.

We may end up needing to add this Pastor guy to this list. I'm not sure his angle. I've never heard of him before, but I'll see if I can't get to the bottom of it. He's definitely not an actual Reverend. I'm not sure if he's a radio personality or columnist. It's a bit strange. She's obviously got in touch with him somehow to get him to support her as a last ditch support. I just don't know who he is.

No. 354384

I've also noticed that U.K. Lawyer is back to posting at her. He's oddly enough not offering any legal advice to her this time. I wonder if that has anything to do with me reporting him for doing that.

No. 355344


I think it was well known that KimmyKat is a tad nutty. I know the reason I defended her is because bloodclot was blaming her for the things we were doing. And no matter what KimmyKat is like (I still don't know a lot about her) it wasn't right that she was getting harassed off her YT channel over things she wasn't responsible for.

A few of the Anons seemed to know more about her. We've found that just like Onion, her most noticed detractors can be as crazy as she is. Which makes it harder for the rest of us to get people to listen about valid points and concerns.

Negs does seem to have finally seen the light. I wasn't convinced at first. What started his criticism was her support of something one of her Tards, Josh did to another YTer. He still seemed to be on the edge, just on the cusp of awareness where he still seemed he might not see her for what she is. But looking at a few of his recent tweets with MoralVirus and Eobard, it looks like he finally took the leap.

Welcome to the light Negs.

No. 355409

File: 1500481880260.jpeg (78.91 KB, 640x897, image.jpeg)

>But looking at a few of his recent tweets with MoralVirus

I saw that, and learned some other things. MoralVirus still can't let go of this "month" time frame. What is that?


No. 355413

File: 1500482003560.jpeg (116.46 KB, 640x939, image.jpeg)

same fag
Part 2
>But looking at a few of his recent tweets with MoralVirus

Because he has a need to constantly and unnecessarily point out time frames, as many people in that category do, the time frames start not adding up…..

No. 356453

File: 1500598586818.png (174.24 KB, 1242x1224, IMG_1954.PNG)

Apparently we dox people and plan harassment campaigns. LOL

No. 356479

Just when you think joy has a life that literally consists of spending hours and hours and hours every single day, to the point she can't take a day off from obsessing over every move creepo Greg makes and that is the most pathetic life, in comes a newer tard that may be even more pitiful, as 1:she is unable to see the painfully obvious shit person joy is (how sad) and 2:she spends all day every day defending a known shit person. Plot twist New tard also happens to be a hypocritical liar annnnd both are big fat crybullies that in reality are in love with the loser they obsess over.

No. 357256

Wtf is happening to the MT? Vets went back to lurking and Joy seemed to settle into full Joybadahut life, down to having Cy on a neck chain. (Or is it roommate?) I pretty much gave up on even keeping up on any of the fodder. What's the point? I spent some time outside today, advice I think many people around this place could benefit from, and we've got more pseudo-psycho-lolcowers doxing themselves on the MT, trying to white hood..er, knight themself into taking her down?? And thinking people would back them here, even after they've seen several others chased out for it, and had the FARMHANDS tell them to shut up more than once.

I think I was right about them all being Joys. Good god. If I didn't naively think this thread was somewhat DL, I'd move to change the name to cluster b annons who damage the lolcow name against Joy.

Show of hands. How many think she's planting these people on purpose because she knows lolcow is one of the few things that can actually hurt her/or she can't control?

Congrats, to you fucking fools. You just slingshotted Joy more subscribers, worked her Tards into a more ravenous frenzy, built a stronger case against lolcow, and we can expect many, many more over dramatized whinging updates from Joy about it, all being blamed on Onision, I'm sure.

No. 357361

Every once in a while there just seems to be a surge of idiots from whence they come no one seems to know. I'm guessing a lot of them have come from YT comments where I've seen certain anti-Joytards spamming the URL. However, that's been going on a while, I have no idea why they flooded in in such numbers today…and of course like always they don't bother to read the posting guidelines or follow the rules. We've weathered worse, it'll pass anon.

No. 357372

Agreed. The seas are choppy right now. High tide for joytards but it will settle. Those closest to joy don't hardcore shadow her for long, then in comes a group of newbies that also eventually drift away and the cycle continues. Many of them get all excited and turn into giddy little children when they are mentioned here as they feel they are some how important. They are just like joy and long for attention whether it's good or bad. A lot of those don't care about her and aren't defending her because they think she is right, they are around to use her for their own gain as she's always done to others. They know that she is willing to play dirty and make an ass out of herself and with that comes a bit of a spotlight that can get them noticed without doing any work aside from sticking up for her. They won't have to put the time and effort into it like joy did. Look how many people blindly follow joy because they share an equal amount of hate for onion. She could talk about getting diarrhea from lettuce and there would be people in the comments saying onision should burn in hell with his vegan ass and lettuce. So joy is a leech with leeches of her own. But if/when Joy's ship sinks, they can say they had no idea she was lying or doing anything wrong and they don't go down with her.

As more people become aware of her BS, there will naturally be more traffic here and acting on impulse. Let's face it, joy does shitty things that most people never do, sometimes daily. It can be difficult to keep it together and sometimes that shit gets messy but overall there's tons and tons of great info, I think #5 being one of the best.

Anyway, I have felt like saying to hell with it, especially with some of the recent nonsense but won't give up yet. I think of everyone I have lost to a deadly disease and everything I have been through as well as people I care about and even people I don't care about and I remember that it's some heavy and horrible stuff and I'm not ok with her making a mockery of any of it. When she takes her ass back to singing at Disneyland or being a hero on sales calls or passing out ho-hos at fairs, I will stop warning

No. 357387


My hand is up. I can't believe some of the suggestions that brought up. I thought it was going to result in the entire MT imploding!

Something has usually happened to result in an influx like that. Yes we get the odd one but there's usually a reason when it's that many together. So much for giving us all a heads up before dropping the URL anywhere.

Just stopping by to say keep the faith, I'm still working away in the background and a lot of the other vets will be. >>357372 We can't give up now, just take a break, it clears the head.

No. 358145

See you just gotta have some faith Anons. She's doing a great job of ruining herself. Lol.

I popped over because I think Mike is getting off with this rather lightly and no doubt he lurks here, just like every other named spergleberry. Yes she said and she's the main focus but Mike, you should be asking yourself why you not only gave her a platform to spew her bigotry but you actively engaged and encouraged this behaviour. You laughed along as if it was funny, when it wasn't.

If you don't agree with everything she says, as you are now using as your defence, why not make that clear during the conversation? Why not say Joy, I don't think this is funny so I just want it to be known I don't agree with what you are saying, I think it could be hurtful to others. Or I feel uncomfortable, can we change the subject and talk about this off camera.

If you are such good friends, why can't you be honest with her? What are you afraid of? That's not a friendship, friendship is equal, one friend should never be afraid to voice their concerns to another friend, or tell them this isn't cool and here's why. So even if you want to use how you don't agree with everything she says, you can't use that as your defence here, you should have stopped this. Even if you didn't have the balls to stop her, you could have stopped encouraging her by not laughing, it's that simple.

I used to think you were a reasonable person, who seemed reasonably intelligent, not anymore. How can you be so vocal about every tiny little thing Onion does, while giving her a free pass? Honestly ask yourself, if Onion had said something like this, would I be OK with it? Or would I speak out about how disgusting it is? You hold Onion to this ridiculously high standard, where every tiny thing he does becomes a big issue, yet sit and laugh your way through something far worse.

You are a hypocrite and people are seeing that now, you are losing sub's too, so if your plan is to stick with her for the sub's, that has backfired. But if it is a genuine friendship from your end, why are you so afraid to tell her the truth or make your opinion clear to her face?

It's not good enough to try to distance yourself after the fact, it doesn't work like that. It just makes it appear like had this not blown up you would never have spoken out against it.

Saged for rage.

No. 358326

> Why not say Joy, I don't think this is funny so I just want it to be known I don't agree with what you are saying, I think it could be hurtful to others. Or I feel uncomfortable, can we change the subject and talk about this off camera.

Considering her good ol buddy Ron apparently just did this, after having that shit talking stream, and got away with it, any number of these enablers should easily be able to do this. But if they enjoy allowing a 5'2 woman who can't leave the house take steal their power, go ahead.

I'd meant to reply yesterday to these posts, about how all of them being versions of Joys, like the little sucker fish stuck to the bottom of sharks. Just never completed it.

And just for a quick history lesson, in case you think you'll skirt the repercussions, ask Jeffree Star how easy it is for people to forget any racial comments you make or are tied to, even in jest. People don't forget. No matter how many times you apologize, distance yourself or make excuses. You fucked up. I hope you're happy with the demographic of your subs because that's where you'll be staying.

No. 358553

>>358326 I'm having a brain fart, probably due to the amount of info I'm trying to digest today but who is Ron? I can't remember a spergleberry called Ron?

He shut her down her shit? Spergleberry with balls is a rarity.

No. 358567

File: 1500841429214.jpg (451.34 KB, 1242x2587, IMG_2006.JPG)

She's fucking psychotic and delusional

No. 358599

File: 1500844641695.png (166.27 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

The guy from negative talk radio. He'd slowly started voicing his concerns about Joy after being a rather vocal supporter. The climax was a LS with a former Onision admin and several other people (shit)talking about Joy and offering their (non)constructive criticism as her "friends". Though, outside of Ron I'm not sure if any of them actually speak to her on a personal level.

So after we realized the condom broke, Ron goes on Joys LS after the debate and Joy goes into her stereotypical. "We can disagree. He can criticize and we can still be friends. Even if I didn't agree with everything. Because he didn't have all the info." The usual BS, qualifiers that she insists on using, that would otherwise make her seem something other than passive aggressive. He agrees, and continues trying to redefine the meaning of shit talking. You can call it what you like, but just like Joy says she's not racist, and Onision says he's not a pedo, that sure as hell sounded like a lot of SHIT talking!

They're all morphing into the same person.

Anyhoot, that's the reference. As I said. I'm curious how everyone else that participated in the LS felt about that, as I'm sure they're not going to be given the same courtesy Ron got. Nor given the priveledge of the "unknown factors" that justifies her fucked up behavior. So they just have to sit there looking like a bunch of assholes, getting attacked by Joytards, after being invited to a LS by this guy who turned around and sold them out.

No. 358619

>>358567 Wtf?! what kind of mental gymnastics did she have to pull to view that as a threat?! I've said it before but I'll say it again. You put up with serious harassment Twitter Anon, I don't know how you do it, I would have lost my mind by now.

>>358599 Oh Negs! Thank you Anon, I hadn't noticed he was called Ron.

He's back on side? I thought he'd finally seen the light. I thought Moral Virus had managed to finally open his eyes. So he's just another coward, who claims he can see manipulation and bullshit and pretends to be fair by calling out small offences, while completely ignoring the bigger issues.

So he purposefully picked a problem over something Joy had condoned but wasn't actually responsible for, spoke out publicly about it but did so knowing he had the safety buffer of her not being directly responsible. Very calculated move if that's the case. Designed to make him appear like he isn't a hypocrite while giving him the out of aiming most of his criticism at the person who did it, rather than at Joy.

Maybe I'm wrong and her latest blow up will make him see sense but from where I'm sitting, he's a hypocrite who is trying very hard to not appear to be one.

I understand why the loner types and more vulnerable fans fall for her guff (well to a point). I will never understand why these seemingly intelligent, reasonable people either fall for her shite, or see her but won't speak out and continue to enable her.

No. 358705

>Maybe I'm wrong and her latest blow up will make him see sense but from where I'm sitting, he's a hypocrite who is trying very hard to not appear to be one.

I don't actually completely hate the guy. And thought the LS start to finish was TITS lol seriously gd funny specially the "negroll" side convo at the end. If you haven't watched it yet, and need to sperg some Joy rage, look it up.

During the LS, how Joy treats people with MI and jokes about it etc was brought up and he acted completely ignorant and offended. That alone, I assumed, would be enough to bring the hammer of finality down. She can't swing her large ass without hitting someone with a mental health problem with her insults. She doesn't even try.

I understand his stance towards people and their opinions, and Joy could learn something from him on neutrality and actually taking criticism. But he pussed out big time, and it makes him look real bad. Not that he cares.

No. 358916

It's just been stated that Cameron has been triggered on Twitter, he's white knighting for Joy. So we can officially add him to the list of spergleberries. He's gone full Joytard, never go full Joytard Cameron.

No. 359219

Mike is a massive hypocrite. I was reading through some of the comments on his live stream upload and his replies are such bullshit.

He claims it's not his responsibility to tell Joy what she can and can't talk about, the same way it's not her responsibility to police him. Why is it they feel no responsibility to stop an apparent friend from hurting a lot of people, yet he has happily taken on the responsibility of holding Onion accountable for everything he says or does? Why can't he see how weak his position is? I would love it if he could take the time to explain the difference between Joy and Onion and I mean an honest explanation, not a selective, biased explanation.

He left an arsey reply to someone else who commented that by not speaking out against what Joy was saying, he was condoning what she was saying. He said "nice of you to assume that" there is no assumption you fool! You might have had a shaky leg to stand on had you not joined in with her conversation but you did. And not only that but you laughed along which encouraged it! That's beyond condoning it, no assumption necessary.

I've never once laughed along with a racist, or anyone saying anything that hurts innocent people. I've called them out, as most people do. And I certainly wouldn't be friends with someone so backwards. Silence can also be golden if you're too anxious to be vocal about that.

There's an old saying that goes; "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

I wouldn't go so far as to call her evil but you can change evil for negativity, ignorance, or toxicity, take your pick to make it more apt. And worse than doing nothing is actively encouraging it and refusing to sincerely apologise for your part in it all.

No. 359510

File: 1500940670102.jpg (570.35 KB, 2491x1712, IMG_2012.JPG)

Old dan has some interesting assumptions of what goes on here. He's also completely convinced that EobardThawne is the only that posts on here.

His assumptions about lolcow aren't quite as bad as that Elena joytard.

No. 359518

File: 1500941085063.jpg (440.06 KB, 2509x1370, IMG_2015.JPG)

Here's that Elena joytard. The first image is what she thinks kiwifarms does. LOL
The second one is trying to say someone from here tracked down her Facebook and blasted it on twitter. That never happened though.

No. 359527

File: 1500941592953.png (280.9 KB, 1242x1681, IMG_2016.PNG)

He clearly stalks the threads like a good little joytard looking for any mention of himself or his master Joy.

No. 359662


That person they were targeting didn't want screenshots. They tweeted that they were deleting their account and are done. This will only excite them and they will run around claiming they were right. When I know different.

But yes, this is the exact type of manipulation I have seen.

I believe it is the fans who are manipulating Joy a but and the others. Not that they themselves are innocent.

They use words to get the person to question their own logic. And sanity. And repeatedly only target certain people. Claiming to know how a person thinks and what they'll do next. Having multiple accounts to which the main one admits on Twitter.

Funny how they are doing all the things they accuse Onion of doing.

They use picture definitions, demand proof or facts but give non themselves. They outright lie. Stalk people. Like they should take their own advice leave one comment and move on.

I personally think that they should be starved of all attention, this is what they want. It's making them more known.

They've admitted to messaging Joy, and suck up to youtubers who should know better. And yet there those same youtubers are joining in on the bullying and name calling. When they should be impartial etc.

I do think no one should reply or anything. Ignore them. They don't really care, they will happily jump ship to the next big drama and repeat.

No. 359668


(I meant to say bit* not but. Although I did make myself laugh.)

Things like this highlight the possible dangers of the Internet. Very impressionable young people are being caught up in the drama and manipulation.

As they've admitted to stalking here may I suggest they be more mindful of how they all approach people.

They are making themselves and Joy look bad. They aren't helping. They're wrong and only see their point of view. And as I said they should move on and not keep targeting the same accounts. And don't gang up on people, one only person and even then one comment.

There was like three or four there harassing the person. Never once did they admit they too are wrong, only one accepted an apology and even then it appeared like they tried to harass for it (I said tried not that they did.)

No. 359761


I agree with the completely ignoring them suggestion. That's been my stance since day one, you can't argue with stupid. Bigger YTers should get called out for their shit but not their little dingleberrie attack dogs who are trying to bask in the shadow of anyone with a bigger sub count. They aren't worth engaging, you aren't going to change their warped thinking, I would hit the block button if they become mosquito level nuisance.

No. 359793


Exactly, there is no changing their minds or ours. And that shouldn't be the focus, just like who people talk to on Twitter etc. They clearly take things too far by asking for names, pictures, and messages youtubers included have done this. They should respect people's opinions and move on, again take their own advice and focus on their own lives, not social media drama or other people's mental health. It's actually really rude to ask or accuse others of being mentally unwell and suggesting they have no friends.

They have an addiction to Internet drama and clearly should reevaluate their lives. They're nobody's, they can claim they are famous, but they aren't. They hide behind fake personalities, pictures and multiple accounts. Notice the same ones, and how they all weirdly agree with each other all the time. Classic fake accounts of the same person.

Its one thing to question a YouTube personality, but a whole other to stalk random people.

YouTube personalities are also guilty of feeding their attention seeking, saying things like you're so nice and love you back. They would and probably are screen grabbing all their messages should they talk to them. And if they no longer like that youtuber expect leaks.

This isn't normal behaviour, they're seeking validation and friendships from personalities on the Internet. They clearly have issues. The only way to get the message across is to ignore them completely.

No. 359862

He will change his tune when joy no longer has a use for him, though it will be too late. Everything is always every one else's fault so one day she may even blame him for her poor behavior. She would have no problem saying she was going through a hard time and wasn't thinking clearly so her friends should have stopped her.

I don't in any way support or even like Greg and Lainey but will bring them up as an example of her ever changing opinion. Especially with her saying she has "no family or support" and her "subs are her friends." Mike is one of the people closest to her, while he is not her "handler" he is the closest thing to support. After joy and Greg debated, when she was on with lainey she brought up the text where Greg asked the ex to wear a collar and be chained up in the basement. Ex said no, it never happened. Joy told lainey that it was "almost abuse" and since lainey didn't get involved publicly and talk about it publicly, it looks like she supports(or condones?) abuse. Lainey replied saying that he is his own person and she wasn't comfortable with getting into it online and joy still insisted that it's her responsibility to as his wife and not doing it looks like she supports abuse.

At this point in her life, nobody (aside from roommate) is willing to commit to a lifetime of torture from her so there's no spouse to speak out but she has the online friends that help her get through stuff, especially this past week that's been so hard, so by her logic, it looks like those people support/condone all the shitty things she does.

He could have easily dipped out of the stream, even say his battery was dead. She is such a bore so I don't know how he can even tolerate streaming with her. Like she just constantly needs attention and it doesn't seem like she is actually listening to what is being talked about unless it's about her.

I hope he thinks her shit was worth it

No. 360974

It (At least for now) has gotten thought to Mike that he needs to at least publicly limit his interactions with Joy.

He tweeted to say he would only talk to her in private for the time being.

That's what they all need to do, Joy doesn't need to do daily livestreams. After all she has a Patreon.

No. 361090


I wonder if he's tried to advise her and she's not taken that advice, so he's getting out of the kitchen until it's cooled down? Maybe not but whatever the reason,
it's a wise decision because I wouldn't want to be getting burned by association.

He deserved the heat for uploading that stream onto his channel and for not clearly condemning what she said but she has made the situation far worse all by herself and he doesn't deserve to go down in flames with her for the way she is currently behaving.

He did something people didn't agree with, he disappointed a lot of people, he got called out for it, for me that's the end of it with Mike.

No. 361140


You bring up good points. I think it could be a bit of everything.

And I definitely agree that it's a good time for him to take at least a public break. As it was appearing like he condoned the issue, and he was getting a bit harsh towards critics on Twitter.

If they all did this it would be a more professional thing, it doesn't stop them talking to Joy in private, and they can focus on their own channels and content again.

No. 361339

File: 1501123925912.png (1.7 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_2027.PNG)

I found this comment on Joy's latest video. It's interesting especially coming from a joytard. If it's really from her of not I don't know but it was deleted when I went back to look for it.

No. 361423

File: 1501133592936.jpg (630.79 KB, 2000x2000, 2013-03-22 13.45.43.jpg)

Um…when you made the fake account to impersonate me, you mispelled my name. Nice try, though, kids.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 361428

LOL you folks forget how easy it is to get on this site…

No. 361434


No. 361437


Are your parents proud of you?

No. 361526

It's obvious she self posted herself honestly. Nobody interacts with her and the most attention she got on her Twitter was when she posted this screenshot and now joys gonna try and turn it into a video. Elana you're not slick it's funny how quick you commented about it too.

No. 361569

I looked and couldn't find that comment or even that youtube account that left the comment. I wonder if she didn't photoshop that screenshot just for attention.

No. 361577

File: 1501164687034.jpg (597.95 KB, 1242x3256, IMG_2030.JPG)

lol she's banned here. So she takes screenshots and replys to lolcow posts on twitter.

No. 361580

File: 1501165383463.png (293.45 KB, 1233x1696, IMG_2031.PNG)


No. 361581

It's funny that she doesn't realize all the plot holes in her claims. She seems to know the rules of each lolcow thread here, when she was brought up once people ignored her for self posting. For some reason that comment is nowhere on joys video when we look for it, than somehow she gets posted on here? Than she starts tagging multiple people in screenshots for more attention. It's obvious she self posted and trying to get attention in her Twitter. I mean do you see how dry her twitter is nobody pays attention to her on there of course she's craving relevance.

No. 361584

I couldn't have said it better.
I looked and looked for that youtube account and comment and found nothing.

No. 361602

> You guys are such bad trolls
> Posts screenshot after screenshot, replying to each

No. 361641

Well, as most people have that person blocked on Twitter it was only a matter of time before they posted here.

I highly recommend ignoring them. If they can't be polite or civil, they aren't worth engaging with.

No. 361645


I agree. She's gone to great lengths to gain the attention she no longer gets on Twitter, you are just giving her what she wants by acknowledging her pitiful existence.

No. 361942

Based on her rude behavior and pride of knowing and enforcing rules of joys forum I think she's the girl that attacks anons on here randomly if they give their opinion or make a mistake in something they post. She outed herself by mistake

No. 361960


I just watched Mikenactor's video "Addressing the 'Drama'" and I'm sorry, but he's as bad as Joy and deserved to get drug over the coals every bit as much as she does. That video is so full of shit, that I can't believe people haven't made the same comments about him personally (separate from that disgusting livestream) for that video. He's a complete ass. He totally fits the joytard mold.

No. 362269

File: 1501255159362.png (554.52 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Samefag pt 1

No. 362271

File: 1501255506748.png (533.13 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Same fag pt 2

Seriously JLF, you are to Joy what Joy is to Onision. This chick barely has over 1,000 subs and her video was up for maybe 6 hrs when you made this blog comment ranting the same holier than thou, mirroring statement all your comments make, and no one reads. I think she cuts and pastes them. You'd think, if stirring the shit pot with Joy really caused her that much issue, she wouldn't go to the trouble to make this many comments in the tiniest nook and crannies, knowing how the Joytards comb the deepest depths for things. But she's gotta be the last one standing. Who will be the ultimate victim Jamie or Joy? Tune in to tonight LS to find out. SMH

No. 362293


I haven't seen his latest video, if he is acting like her then I agree. I thought he had stepped back and wasn't going to be getting involved, I hadn't seen him come to her defense for a while so I thought he had seen sense, if this isn't the case, then I take back what I said about letting it go with him. He deserves the shit just as much as she does, as it's the way she dealt with the fallout that caused the bigger issues, if he is doing the same thing then fuck him. I suppose it's my own stupid fault for thinking he was a reasonable person, birds of a feather flock together after all.


JLF thinks she is the one has opened peoples eyes to the reality of Joy? Bwwhahaha! She's as delusional as ever.

She has done more to help Joy with her constant videos about the few things Joy isn't actually guilty of.

>>361942 I agree, I thought they were a Joytard based on their comments every time someone equated Joy with Onion. She's a Joytard Anti-O fanatic and nowhere near as clever as she thinks she is.

No. 362379

File: 1501267874801.png (95.13 KB, 664x759, lkFXva0.png)

at least they happy to be in her cult.

No. 362515

>JLF thinks she is the one has opened peoples eyes to the reality of Joy? Bwwhahaha! She's as delusional as ever

I think she's probably just pissed she's getting no recognition for Joys current drain circling. We should start a poll on when JLM starts taking direct shots against Joy so she can get her face directly into the drama. She's been a bit in the distance for awhile, and that's just not her style. Either Joy isn't biting whatever bait JLMs been tossing her way or JLMs been chicken shitting her advances. There's been so many opportunities and she's certainly been dancing around the gravesite with her interviews with Celeste Who Knows and endless "I'm the victim" with no proof comments on any Joy relates video in existence. Why not just confront the source?

It's bait. But not good bait. It's like jabbing the Jolly Green Giant in the toe with a toothpick.

No. 362833


She didn't help herself by self posting here constantly before she was banned. It was made very clear that nobody on here takes her seriously and were not interested in a single thing she had to say, called her out on the BS she put out. She's a lolcow herself. So anyone reading through what was said, even if they'd never hesrd of her before then, won't take her seriously after that, including the spergleberries and Joy. JLF gets ignored when she comments on Vidme uploads too. So I don't it's a case of her not pulling the trigger, it's people aren't paying any attention to her when she tries.

She's not seen as a serious or credible threat, so I doubt Joy would confront her anyway.

No. 364676

File: 1501608010961.jpg (86.24 KB, 480x742, IMG_20170801_175947.jpg)

I keep feeling sympathetic towards Cy.

People keep focusing on Joy sperging out & looking wiped out from her mania, yet what about Cy? Joy is the one doing the damage & making her own life far harder than she has too, yet it is Cy who is left dealing with it all.

That has got to be completely exhausting, it just has to be. Joy's an absolute emotion vampire and for Cy she is draining everything, her emotions, her time and for what? I guarantee it's a one sided friendship where 99% of their interaction revolves around Joy, with 1% reserved for Cy to attempt to look like Joy gives a shit about her.

It's just sad to me, how lonely must a person be to think this is what true friendship is?

I know not everyone will agree with me as Cy isn't exactly innocent but I can't help feeling sorry for her, this is an abusive relationship but she can't see it.

No. 364857


I definitely don't feel shit for CyThatTurd. At one time I did think she was better than all the bullshit but she could easily dip out. Especially with the more recent stuff, I was really surprised and thought better of her. I can see sticking by a friend through stuff or whatever but they haven't known each other that long and Joy's been an asshole majority of the time she's existed on YT. It's incredibly obvious but if people can't see that, there's plenty of us pointing out the BS. She is choosing to have the life sucked out of her in exchange for attention online.

How many times does she have to say she is cleaning up the mess? It's 3 or 4 times already . It's probably fake tbh. Joy is so paranoid and encourages shit like that to see who says what. I no longer support anyone that streams with joy or is her pal. If cy wants to fuck up her life by inserting herself in Joy's bullshit, then so be it

No. 365081

File: 1501660968717.png (307.2 KB, 1274x1116, Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 12.2…)

I did a little digging and Link Mountaineer's real name is Patrick Daye as evidenced in this screenshot.

No. 365083

File: 1501661158157.jpg (76.67 KB, 480x735, IMG_20170802_090042.jpg)

Further proof that Elana the self posting spergleberry will change her opinion to suit.

This is in response to a tweet Rep made about he had watched the Onion video about Joy and actually agreed with what he said.

Yet I'm pretty sure she is the Anon who lost her mind when a different Anon stated they believed Joy is crazier than Onion. She is by the way Elana, at least he doesn't pretend to be nice to fleece people, at least he doesn't harass private individuals for info knowing they are legally gagged. I could go on.

Yet look at her agreeing with Rep, as much bigger YTer than Joy. Leech confirmed once and for all.

Don't bother creating another false YT account for attention. This is the past time I will mention you.

No. 365091


Already knew they were playing both sides. They were too quick to accuse others of doing the same things they've been doing for weeks such as multiple accounts, bullying, "gaslighting" Deflecting, impersonation. The list goes on.

This is further proof that they are only thinking of themselves.

They've already been given too much attention, and should be ignored in my opinion. Especially as it looks like other youtubers are ignoring them too, even the ones they try to play their games with.

No. 365151


I saw Link the idiot arguing against all known science while declaring to be a physicist and acknowledging he isn't a biologist or chemist bit claiming he knew enough because he went to school. Lol. A physicist has no more business trying to explain biology, or biochemistry than a GP has claiming to be an expert in physics. That's if he is even qualified.

I can't recall which upload of Joy's it was (I'm going to go and locate it) but someone made a comment about her claim that she got copper toxicity from her IUD. They made a well researched comment ruling it out as a possibility, then Link came white knighting in defending his lady's honour. Thankfully nobody was buying what he was selling.

He also tried to change the narrative by saying any foreign object can cause problems, rust was irrelevant, despite the fact that is not what Joy has repeatedly claimed. Threw Tetanus into the equation. He basically showed he has no idea how heavy metal poisoning works.

He's trying to plead ignorance on her part, while replacing what she said with something that makes sense (to those who aren't clued in) when there is no way he can spin it to make it appear like she isn't a pathological liar.

He completely ignored the fact that it takes a certain amount of copper to be introduced to a system before it becomes a problem and IUDs contain no where near that amount and many far superior scientists have ruled it out as a risk and there have been zero other cases of copper toxicity from an IUD because it is scientifically impossible.

I will try to find the comment and post it here.

No. 365159

File: 1501682507232.jpg (88.64 KB, 480x819, IMG_20170802_150120.jpg)

The OP has since been harassed into backing down over their original opinion because a physicist and someone claiming go be a nurse told her she was wrong, it can happen. When in fact they changed the narrative to fit a scenario that does fit.

This is what Joytards do, bang, bang, bang, until you submit to their opinion and feel guilty for ever doubting Joy. This is why they too have their own thread. 1/3

No. 365160

File: 1501682534588.jpg (88.26 KB, 480x808, IMG_20170802_145906.jpg)


No. 365161

File: 1501682560216.jpg (92.81 KB, 480x811, IMG_20170802_145924.jpg)


No. 365308


I can't stand that awful cunt.

What's funny is I have a suspicion Joy doesn't even regularly acknowledge him..yet he still feels the need to come to her rescue.

No. 365794

File: 1501740488630.png (128.54 KB, 639x711, JLFvsJH.png)

(I debated whether to post this here or in JLF's thread since JLF is off topic due to having her own thread. HOWEVER, since this is mainly about her attempting to instigate Joy drama with Jeff I figured it fit here better…the Joy/Jeff angle is probably more interesting to the anons who read this thread rather than hers.)

JLF attempts to solicit Jeff Holiday into watching her crappy Joy video and he tells her to fuck off basically, that any problems he has with Joy he'll bring up to her in person. Good to know he can at least spot one dumpster fire on sight and avoid it. And from the last Warski stream he was on, it looks like he is at least partially aware of Joy's nonsense…but he seemed to want to blame it on a bad day with her meds and seems to be under the impression she takes anti-anxiety meds…he stated that if this was a whole pattern of behavior then it would be a problem…you know, like it has been, he just hadn't been paying attention.

No. 366095


If it was a pattern? If?! Ffs Jeff, get your head out of the sand, mate.

No. 366216

File: 1501796989432.jpg (15.96 KB, 391x96, 1501794377360.jpg)

No. 366217

File: 1501797003026.jpg (16.43 KB, 384x87, 1501796137146.jpg)

No. 366219

File: 1501797027218.jpg (16.2 KB, 376x91, 1501796151465.jpg)

JLF on CY's Stream

No. 367499

Mike's got a new video up called "Conversation with Mr Repzion - Motivations & JoySparkleBS" (I'm not linking because that dick head doesn't deserve the views)
In which he says, and I quote:
>Separate from Youtube, I consider this woman family. …. I've seen the real her … and I like that person.

>Part of me believes this is because she's a woman.

(Lol, most of her outspoken critics are women though?)

>I like Repzion.

>I've said in the past many times that I will never criticize someone that I'm personally involved with, or even that I like. I'm never gonna criticize Joy Sparkle. … I'm not gonna be shady. I'm not gonna be a little bitch and go behind their back.

He then whines about Joy leaving Youtube and says that he will continue to talk to her in private, and that he's actually happy to be going private, because:
>I'm gonna be able to talk to her and not have to explain myself every step of the way.

Talking about Repzion, he says he thinks it's a business decision for Rep to make the video, if it isn't a business decision then why get defensive about it being a business decision, and finally, if it isn't a business decision then why do it?
(Jesus Christ bud, pick one)

>The currency on Youtube isn't money, it's attention. It's about growing your channel. I'm not gonna lie, I'm gonna talk about Onision because it gets me views! Don't be disingenuous and say it's because you care about the issues. It's a business decision, it's about the growth of your channel.

(Basically, I'm a dick therefore everyone is a dick and shares my exact motivations)

>We're all open to criticism.

(Except people you like, because you'll never criticize them, except when they are Repzion)

>If you like people, you should call them out. I like you Repzion, but you're being a fucking cunt right now.

(Um …………….. what the fuck? Did he just undo his entire video in one sentence?)

The rest of it is a total yawn-fest. This didn't need to be a 14 minute long video.
I used to like the fat little cunt, but he is thoroughly beyond reproach at this point. Head so far in the sand he's gonna come out a mummy at this point.

No. 367514

Re-posting here and deleting in Kati's thread.

There's loyalty and there's blind loyalty. Mikenactor saying her loves her ( as a friend ) without even knowing her for a significant amount of time is very telling. It's the immature pov of a teen who meets someone and within three months they're like totes best friends for life. I don't like Rep even, but debating whether it's a business decision or not is absolutely pointless. Does he have things to dish out? Let him - see what he has to say, maybe it'll even change your mind.

No. 367522

File: 1502016650831.jpg (26.26 KB, 727x221, MikeNision.JPG)

His video is hypocrisy at it's finest. Mikenactor is just a bitchier, less popular Onision. This tweet before he posted the video is so Greg it's disarming.

No. 367526

Yeah, I don't understand the point of that video…and you're right he doesn't really "know" her. She can put on any kind of front she wants when talking to him…that doesn't mean that's the real her…he may eventually change his mind when she pulls some of her famous manipulation tactics on him and he finally sees what everyone's been saying for months.

Yeah, that video is not him "handling criticism" well at all. He spends the whole thing bitching and complaining about it.

No. 367527

File: 1502017094028.png (50.44 KB, 840x471, 2017-08-06 11_57_11-_Conversat…)

I thought this was ridiculous too. Because she's a woman? Come on, Mike, really?

No. 367528

Redirection of discussion about The Blargh from original post >>>/snow/367451


Hopefully I linked those right. The Blargh just released a video on Eugenia talking about Joy Sparkle BS. Eugenia wishes Joy the best and was surprised she was leaving Youtube, but says she hopes she comes back some day.

So the theory is that The Blargh is affiliated with Joy Sparkle BS in some way. Any talk or milk can be brought here in relation to the rumour.

No. 367529

That creepy giggle he does after he says something bitchy or rude is so off putting. Also, does he have a Joy style "roommate"? He looks up and to his left a LOT.

No. 367530

Well they have worked together in the past by sharing videos, Joy uploaded the Blargh's capture of her Onision debate to her channel iirc. So I can see why they would have ties with her, seeing her as a friend.

No. 367533

It's possible he's looking at the viewfinder on the camera rather than directly into it.

This is the most reasonable explanation and probably accurate.

No. 367534

But why would Blargh also be subbed to people like Cy and Benji who are of no real interest except to Joy?

No. 367536

They all surround Joy and are part of her Drama, and he Blargh is on the lookout for milk the same as we are

No. 367540


Agreed, but it is still compelling. The Blarghs identity is unknown so until it is, one can only speculate who they are. Could be a spergleberry. I'm not the only one who saw the connection.

No. 367541

All the people The Blargh follow are within the same 'circle' of youtubers, similar to how you could say Im Alexx, WildSpartanz, Bionic Pig, Elvis the Alien and Pyrocynical are in a community together. I don't think there's anything suspicious about that at all.

No. 367542

Having read through far too many twitter posts, I'm pretty certain there is no real affiliation other than a tenuous "drama llama" connection, the joy/mike interactions are relatively recent and don't seem to have been a recurrent theme unlike eugenia/sr/jc et al.

No. 367543

The Pasture-ized Elana Vital takes a few moments before she has to run to acting class to tell us she feels she has stuck her neck out for Joy, reached out privately to tell her to simmer down, but that Joy replied passive aggressively to say she never asked her to such her neck out, and don't tell me what to do. Likens her advice to telling someone not to run off a cliff, and feels hurt, poor diddums, that Joy's response was immature and negative… "She's on her own," and indeed, later in the video, "beyond help."

Other highlights: Elana concludes joy is too stubborn, petty, run by her impulses and hard headed to listen. Joy's childish need to respond to every critic, troll and emerging drama has made her channel toxic. Still defends her against questions about health and unfair attacks about her slovenly appearance. Elana is 'perplexed and irritated at her brand right now,' but didn't think she was racist. Has the greatest respect for Joy and Mr Repzion as YouTubers and has supported both in Super Chat, looks forward to Rep's video as he doesn't go in for petty garbage but usually makes good arguments.

No. 367544

File: 1502020188335.png (323.32 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2017-08-06-12-23-15…)

Facepalm screenshot and comments from the above video. Not a lot of sympathy…

No. 367552


Called it. That in a way is just as bad as Joy.

Feigning friendship with a bigger YT in hopes of getting views. Pathetic.

I actually support Joy here, she did the right thing by giving this online bully a reality check.

No. 367561

Here we go, Blargh puts out a video on the Joy/Repzion drama

No. 367587


Zero sympathy for these people, zero. They were warned repeatedly, even in calm, polite ways on many occasions. People even tired to compromise with them by saying don't stop supporting, just don't be so quick to believe everything she says as gospel without looking into it themselves, independently from "trolls" and "haters" but they wouldn't even do that.

Joy has always been about Joy, from day one, she gives no fucks about anyone else, only what they can do for her. As they have found the second they are no longer of use to her, she isn't interested.

They didn't have to learn the hard way.

And still referring to everyone who has a valid criticism as a troll or hater, only shows they will run straight back to her the second she clicks her fingers.

I would suggest they take this moment clarity to look into her health claims themselves, looking at her own words, then looking at true medical information and see if they still believe her after they have researched it themselves.

No. 367602

I could have sworn that in one of Mike's videos, from a few months back and before the shit got so deep, he was talking about his friendship with joy and said they aren't just YT friends but are real friends too and have been for a year. It struck me as odd, based on his comments on her videos, he was just getting to know her. Why even lie about something so stupid. I'm almost positive he said it and thought about mentioning it back then but believed he was nice and kept it to myself.

He is turning into such a hypocritical little bitch. I can't wait for his videos when he's crying that he's being attacked or is a victim of a witch hunt. They all think they are sooo cool when they get subs and views but when that attention slows down or they get a lot of heat, they have to go cry into their pillow then tell the world how mean everyone else is. They finally realize nobody actually gives a single fuck about them as a person, they are boring and have nothing to offer, the traffic is only from drama and making a fool out of themselves. Somehow that is never their own fault. Boo hoo.

These creeps can't get it together enough to not feed lines of bullshit. Less than two mins into his new video and I tapped after he mentioned "critical thinking." Did he forget how that worked out for joy? She finally stopped using that line after repeatedly being pointed out that what she was saying was the opposite of critical thinking. It's nauseating to hear them refer to it when someone has an opinion different from theirs and I kind of feel like it's almost used as an insult to someone's intelligence, which is ironic considering the vast mountains of bullshit joy spits out, that he is completely oblivious to.

Dear mike
How bout thinking for yourself dude. the person you're defending is the same asshole you whine about all the time, the same asshole you're also becoming

No. 367608


His attempts to take on genuine criticisms of Joy on YT and Twitter are backfiring. He's definitely coming across in a bad way.

This isn't a private thing, it's public, and been made so by Joy herself. He's a YTer too. He needs to consider how he's acting and how others will perceive it.

No. 367636

File: 1502034083088.jpg (107.67 KB, 1082x701, mikenactor poo babies censored…)

Uh oh, Mike just Ulted. He's gay, biracial, AND a victim of sexual trauma! That's the trifecta, y'all. He can joke about all the things now.

No. 367644

So pathetic. It's like he is picking Joy's worst qualities and incorporating them into his own life. It's so intriguing to see adults regress in life this way. Or were they always trash, just no longer hiding it.

No. 367679


I guess even YTers are susceptible to following crowds. I think it's something that is always there. Just most people aren't self aware of it.

The behaviour of Mike,Joy and others, shows how YT is going down the pan, and fast.

No. 367680


It's a business decision. He sees how much and how quickly Joy's sub's accumulated and that despite all the negativity her sub count still sits at over sixty thousand. He wants the same thing and thinks by adopting everything she did will somehow lead to similar growth for himself. He is prepared to take the negativity just for the subs and attention.

What he isn't considering is that subs mean shit when you don't get the views but he probably gets that off Kati too. She's always harping on about having 82,000 subs watching her every move. Which is ignoring the fact that many are the same people with multiple accounts subbing to each channel, not 82k individuals, plus low views.

He also isn't considering that she got a big boost off a video Onion made responding to Blaire White, a lot of people went to her channel thinking she was who Onion was talking about. Then she got another huge hand up in the form of DO5. It was pure luck that took off as much as it did and she has tried to repeat the same success by latching onto every other tragedy or controversy since but it hasn't worked.

Has he started tag spamming too? He'll learn from the best.

Lastly, if he has such a problem with people making business decisions but trying to disguise them as altruistic, why doesn't he have a problem with Joy who has been doing that since day one.

Has she ever admitted to doing something just for the views? I don't remember a time, she always says it is for the protection of children, or some shite along those lines.

Mike the hypocrite.

Anyway, I'm finished talking about him, I bit this time, I won't again. His little ploy to be a piss poor version of Joy is actually sad. How desperate must you be to want to emulate Kati?

No. 367786

>Has she ever admitted to doing something just for the views?

I don't think she has. Even with the financial side of it, there's often comments from her defenders saying "YT is her job" yet I don't recall her talking much about it. It's always been she is helping others or whatever. If she openly referred to YT as her job vs being a hero then there'd be one less she isn't dishonest about. Some may not care but me personally, I prefer total honesty.

I always think of her gaining quickly as a result of being a persistent pain in the ass but you're right, she did get lucky with those big hits.

No. 367799


And, I suspect, without fresh Do5 milk, the vast majority of those subs don't mean a thing. They know the children are safe and the rest is immaterial, hence the viewing figures - they don't care about her wittering on. They want joy and sparkles when all she's selling is BS. It's funny seeing comments on her Goodbye video or those by other critics saying 'OMG, what happened? I've not watched her videos since May!" A loss of 2k subs from 62k (I'm deliberately excluding Spurpinklebow etc as being largely the same people and multiple subs at her encouragement) wouldn't be so bad if her viewing figures weren't so lousy. In real terms, she's lost her a helluva percentage of actual viewers, and those who remain are like Facebook friends who look at your name when they're planning a bit of a clear out and say 'Oh, that guy, wasn't he the friend of a friend of an ex or something?' before quietly deleting you. It's not her supporters that keep the subs high, but the indifferent who signed up for hot gossip and never bothered to unsubscribe when it ended.

Sage for rant, speculation, length…

No. 367882

I find it hilarious that he is trying to school people on biology when he doesn't even know that tetanus is caused by bacteria, not rusted metal. Rusted metal just provides a good home for the tetanus bacteria due to it being porous, but that doesn't mean every rusted piece of metal is colonized by it.

No. 367884


Now she's pulling the "I used to be subbed and supported him" card. All because Rep called her out on her lies,and blocked her.

The same thing she's all to happy to police others from doing. And she's gone running to Mikenactor about it. Tweeting him.

Again she's litterally managed to do everything she claims everyone else does but her. I still think she's playing both sides, but more actively and openly now.

This sort of nonsense would never happen if people like Joy didn't like and retweet their troll attempts in the first place.

Sure Joy has stopped for now, because she's quiet. I'm hoping it's stopped for good as the types of stunts these trolls pull gives everyone a headache, and they only make things worse for everyone.

Surely they must be aware that it is them who are carrying on the attention and helping to fuel criticisms towards Joy.

No. 368162

File: 1502093121625.png (405.27 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170807-085823.png)

She really is a piece of work. Her pinned comment on her last YouTube video (see pic) rather illustrates her hypocrisy with Rep on Twitter. Attacks, is surprised when she's blocked, sobs about having been a paying fan abd then says something about blocking four others for attacking her. Total menace. Garden variety bully, self righteous and unable to see the contradictions she embodies.

No. 368242

She is scary. Not in the sense that she is intimidating, more like dangerous. She is very similar to joy in that way, it would be pure hell being a friend or partner, hell even a co-worker or neighbor. Ive watched a bit of her videos, even liked one of the songs she wrote, and have many things in common with her to the point where I almost subbed and thought about commenting on her stuff but thought better of it. There's things she casually mentions that are messed up and she is angry and poisonous. Someone that can no doubt suck the life out of others and a match made in hell with joy. If I were a YT'r, I wouldn't even want her as a sub and would also likely block her on social media, nobody needs her shit. She could fuck right off with her super chat money because it's not worth the torment and harrassement when she is in a mood to challenge and later play victim.

There needs to be a term for one of the biggest behaviors from her and joy, to describe/define when they some how forget all the bullshit they have written, said or done, that is shitty/attacking/aggressive or in any way negative towards someone else, yet they act as if they have some how been the one wronged and duhh, it's still there for everyone to see.

No. 368351

I think you've done very well to articulate the problem. You can like her songs, you can identify with her problems as not being unlike your own, but it's the BS factor gets in the way. You have to buy into everything or you're Public Enemy No. 1, and that's the root of drama. And on top of that, there's the insistence upon providing evidence and then providing none yourself when challenged; in her video, Elana alludes to feeling threatened - genuinely threatened - but then waffles and says she won't get into it. If these were public threats, let's see them and agree. If private, redact what's personal and show what you feel you can so there is objective evidence. But then, like Chamber's latest fiasco, there's a risk that what you share doesn't exactly confirm what you'd claimed - no wonder there's no evidence offered when you get all the attention you want and no pressure to prove anything.

No. 368369

And this is it, I'm talking too much, but it cuts both ways. When Onion Boy freaked out about Joy saying "I'm coming for you, bitch!" in the opening to a video about Lainey, who in his right mind would take that as a physical threat? Joy can't make it out of the Damned house, much less physically stalk someone, and the context was clear to a twelve year old. But no, high school drama prevails every time, videos are made, and the sum total of human intelligence is eroded, making us all dumber… Sheer poison.

No. 368479

And she's everywhere on YT trying to suck up to bigger YTers agreeing with the less than positive things they say about Joy. Totally not a hypocrite. At all.

All though she's not the only one a "T W" is just as bad and perhaps more weird.

One minute Joy is lord and saviour to T W. The next they dislike Joy and then stalk me across YT for having asked Joy if she would cover another topic, they happily stated they hated the sight of Joy. And now they're back to being her biggest fan. Even claiming KittyCat (Not sure I spelt that right) used them to try and get to Joy. It's on a recent YT video by Angel or something. The video just advertises a call in session date.

Scratch that, T W is far worse than E, at least she doesn't do the "Do you remember me? Of course you don't." That was weird to say the least.

No. 370618

Rose asked Joy to promote her GFM and when she said she cant she goes to chambers.Chambers is supposed to be helping but made her look worst.

No. 371241

Wow that is some serious Nazi brainwashed propaganda right there! Someone actually made a vid to make Rose look poorly just to stick up for Joy? JFC!

Sage for not contributing and being in shock

No. 371313

That part at the end with the pics of the kids in CPS custody really bothered me…there was no way to tell when those photos were taken, they tried to make it seem like Cody had fresh bruises on his legs from being with Rose but the pics might have been taken right after they were taken from the DO5 household…or if it is a more recent pic and they are in CPS custody with only supervised visitation how exactly do they propose Rose was the cause? I very much doubt CPS workers would allow Rose to beat him right in front of them. I agree, the slant of this video is very suspect.

No. 371682

File: 1502606056351.png (26.78 KB, 826x170, 2017-08-13 07_33_16-Unite The …)

this dude really gets on my tits

No. 371758

People have been calling that guy out on all the videos surrounding this for being a moron. When people call him 'Patrick' he responds with, "Yeah, I've said my 1st name in a few videos. It's not enough to identify me I'm not scared." He's clueless.
On Mike's latest attack video towards Repzion Patrick left a comment indicating he is ready to flag Repzion's video down the second it's posted to YouTube. He said, "I have a feeling that video won't be up for long."

No. 371795

The video response "war" between Mikenactor & MrRepzion (direct links so if you don't want to give one/both views you've been warned.)

8/6 Mike first makes this video responding to the Twitter conversations basically saying he thinks MrRepzion making the video about Joy is a business decision
"Conversation" With MrRepzion | Motivations & JoySparkleBS https://youtu.be/zgqf4RAj0Y0

8/12 Mikenactor makes his second video about MrRepzion saying he encouraged GabeThePony to false flagging his video and accused MrRepzion of false flagging in the past as well
The Last 24 Hours | STRIKE | MrRepzion "Exposed" … GabeThePony https://youtu.be/Ez7zhyOsi_k

8/12 MrRepzion makes a response to Mikenactor's accusations that he supports/participates in false flagging
My Response To An Ex-Fan https://youtu.be/j9woJLBKeDo

8/13 Mikenactor makes this response to MrRepzion's video but admits he only watched a few minutes of it before deciding his clips were being unfairly edited by MrRepzion
Reputable: MrRepzion Edited My Video … RE: My Response To An Ex-Fan https://youtu.be/pEPN8bESTP0

No. 371834

8/13 And Mikenactor released yet another video claiming Repzion edited his video unfairly (apparently he watched it this time.) Aside from that it sounds like Mike is just butthurt Repzion called him overly sensitive.
MrRepzion EDITED MY VIDEO … RE: My Response To An Ex-Fan https://youtu.be/dSLk5Qjuxuk

No. 371841

File: 1502639655462.jpg (185.98 KB, 851x519, 528423974952847658927465.jpg)

Lol, this fat lesbian really needs to check her thumbnails. Does she think this looks good? I'm about Thirty Seconds To Vom right now. The naked bed-streaming….

No. 371848

Mike also really seemed to take exception to being called a "bad friend." He made sure to go on and on about how he doesn't always agree with his friends, how if he has an issue he brings it up in private instead of calling them out in public.

No. 371852

Mike left out a few of Repzion's points in his latest response video, probably because he couldn't think of a rebuttal. He's grasping at straws.

No. 371876

It's been reported on Joy's thread that Gabe the Pony filed a copyright strike against her Mikenactor Copyright video posted yesterday, and it's been taken down. (See 371801 - I have visions of George McFly punching Biff for some reason…) Chambers has posted something taunting on her Twitter feed, while Gabe has marked all but a handful of videos about Joy as Private. Joy's twitter feed so far mute on the subject. Reckon Gabe has sown the wind, and has battened down the hatches for a Force 5 shit storm… I'd say "Gets popcorn," but Mikenactor & Cy have rather ruined that one for me lately.

No. 371921


I don't understand why any of these tards care, or make rebuttal vids. It's incredibly childish on everyone's part. This includes the video that Rep is going to make regarding Joy, because anyone with half a functioning brain cell knows that she's a psychotic and a liar as soon as they've watched her talk for more than five minutes.

The rejects who love Kati for whatever ungodly reason aren't going to be swayed by Repzion's video, so the fact that he's even making it is pointless. I mean, there will be much popcorn and schadenfreude seeing him go off on her, but I'm pretty sure that nothing he says is going to be news to anyone here.

Rep is thirsty to get into the drama game again, just like he was back in the day when he went after Greg for views. Honestly I'd rather see someone like PDF go after Joy because his reach on YouTube is so massive. Rep doesn't have the subs to make a difference where it counts, and unfortunately on top of that, he's a hypocrite and a loser who has taken money from kids for his freaking underwear, for god's sake. He's no better than Greg or Joy or any YT'er who makes their name by being overly dramatic and narcissistic shitheads.

The lot of them are depressing as fuck.

No. 371960

Mikenactor has privated his video called "Reputable: MrRepzion Edited My Video … RE: My Response To An Ex-Fan"
The URL is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DpEPN8bESTP0

Did anyone download it before he took it down like the little bitch he is?

No. 371997

hmm is this the one?

No. 372049

I like to refer to him as an effeminate Katie Lang.

No. 372103


Did you mean k.d lang? Because I see it.

No. 372129

>>371960 I'll summarize: Says Repzion's editing was extremely poor, but he barely watched the video, he just skipped around a bunch.
Says Repzion's video was a joke because he didn't respond to evey single thing Mike said in his video, and play Mikes entire full video because that's the only legitimate way to make a rebuttal.
Says, 'It's hilarious' and 'What a FUCKING joke' like 1 million times in a row. About a video that he didn't watch and just skipped about until he saw his own face.
Bitches about Gabe the pony.
Plus 11 minutes of what amounts to emotional posturing, hardcore Diva'ing, and random nonsensical waffling.
Says he hasn't been crying, he's sick.

No. 372150

Yes. I was on my phone when I posted it so it kept autocorrecting it to Katie so I left it.

No. 372173

File: 1502693985990.png (333.69 KB, 862x663, 2017-08-14 07_58_58-Flu... Goi…)

aka hiding to avoid the embarrassing shitstorm I created?

No. 372237

No. That one has a different title.
You can see the one he took down in the screenshot anon posted up there of his channel videos. Second from the left, top row.
Looks like the URL was wrong though, I can see it on his channel now.

Sage for being a fuck-up with the link

No. 375260

I'm seeing lots of implications being levelled at Joy stating if anything happens to Rose or the kids now the gag order is lifted it's on Joy.

Erm, it's on Rose too, you know the mother who refuses to do the right thing and pull videos containing footage of her children. Hell, has she even asked people to remove them? She might not even have to go the trouble of flagging for privacy concerns.

Sorry but I'm not pretending a single person is responsible for the mess those poor children currently find themselves in through no fault of their own, yet it will be the children who will face the real world consequences of their abuse being available for all to see.

Those children have been let down by a lot of people, including Rose, who has the power to remove any video that contains footage of her minor children. So stop projecting all blame onto one person, stop being hypocrites. Joy isn't the only one with dirty hands and dollar signs in her eyes, we all saw the texts.

No. 375743

The whole thing has been a shit show from start to finish, and far too many cows have played a role in this turning out the way it has. Unfortunately two of the big players (Joy and Rose) both have mental issues - Rose being mentally challenged from a birth defect, and Joy being plain fucking insane. Two people who should have played minor roles and left it to professionals instead put their faith in the internet and mob justice. Let's not forget the rest of the cows involved either, even if they had little effect on the case itself, they added to the chaos surrounding it all and guaranteed that this would not die down and be left in some forgotten corner of the internet. They're all responsible in some way for the privacy breaches against these children and the fact that the only hope they have for a normal life ahead of this is if an EMP wipes out the internet and fries every hard drive on the planet.

No. 375753


>should have played minor roles and left it to professionals

It's easy to understand and forgive Rose. Mental health aside, she saw her family drama played out in a public arena and must have felt she had to do the same to bring attention to it. It's her subsequent champions - even Chambers, I'm sorry to say - who should have been protecting and advising her to leave it to the CPS instead of spinning it out, vaingloriously strutting before the camera with special knowledge, secrets, vague warnings to anonymous individuals not to ruin the case, etc. Imagine if only Phillip de Franco or Dr Downvote (who says in thirty minutes what needs to be said, while Joy and others wallow in it for views and subs) had been involved: what a horrible story, here are some helpful clips for the case, good luck. The interests of Rose and the kids have been badly served by this shower of preening, self righteous high school drama queens who hide behind their GoFundMe page to show it's all for char-i-dee when called out for their behaviour.

No. 375790

It's easy to forgive Rose for bringing it to the public in the first place, not so much a lot of the downright shady actions to do with fundraising and so on after the fact. By the time DeFranco had covered it, that was as mainstream as it was going to get and had all the attention it needed. At that point if everyone had stopped running their mouths for views, it would have been better for the kids. I agree that Dr Downvote's video was fantastic, but as you say that was not to do with any personal involvement in the case. People who played "Investigative Journalist: Kindergarten Edition" and incompetently inserted themselves into the situation by contacting concerned parties and making videos about it, they have done unspeakable damage to these kids that they will likely never know about, so they will go on about their lives thinking they did such great work "helping the childrens" with no concern to the next 10-odd years of schooling these kids will have to go through with their abuse plastered from here to kingdom come.

No. 375802

I've kinda avoided a lot of the fundraising stuff, but what I've seen and read makes it look a bit dodgy, largely on the part of those promising to divert AdSense revenues to a charity which only sometimes gives receipts, or who won't promote the GoFundMe page without some new angle/gossip to make it relevant. The story stopped for me once the CPS stepped in and D05's channel came down - the kind of sad story you'd like never to hear again, except maybe in a year to see the parents have been punished and the children remain safe, loved and cared for. But man, the cattle just keep stampeding…

No. 375816


>>who won't promote the GoFundMe page without some new angle/gossip to make it relevant.

That is how Chambers presented the conversation, however that is not what the revealed text conversations showed.

They certainly all have a part to play and I'm not going soft on Rose over her mental challenges, again those text conversations showed she knows what she is doing and money is her biggest motivator. I don't believe for a second that she doesn't understand how easily she could pull all footage if she chose to but she won't because money.

It's so sad, these children have been badly let down by a lot of people, however I have a feeling that they are still primarily under CPS care, which is a good thing. At least they have someone going to bat for them and them alone.

No. 375820

>not what the revealed text conversations showed.

Oh yeah, that's right. Joy did ask, but Chambers over egged the pudding and the texts in her video and later comments in Thread 10 of the Joy of Joy didn't stack up. Apologies - this is how rumours get started… :/

No. 375861

All I see is pure desperation on Joy and her followers to discredit themselves/others and contradict themselves.

It's hilarious to think some people think Joy can't stand up for herself, so they wrap her up in bubble wrap with fake kindess, and behave like bullies trying to silence everyone.

The best part? Some of them have their own YT channels they want her to advertise, or they've failed and want another shot at it.

I bet if she stopped advertising them from today, most would drop off like dead flies.

No. 375874

And in other news, reformed Spergleberry Gabe the Pony drove his flaming wreck of a channel into the sea, but not before firing off two final excoriating videos against the Scylla and Charybdis of his recent woes, Trainer Jax and Joy Sparkle BS. I watched them yesterday afternoon, and this being Perseid season, they were suitably meteoric; both were stuck down in no time as being harassing videos, and the channel burnt to ashes, rising Phoenix-like to his new Gabe 2.0 channel. Neither video was very good, the standard litany of past grievances reheated once more, but nothing criticising Mikenactor (he appears to have come to some awkward detente and truce there), the biggest author of his recent misfortune. I'm not a fan, but here's hoping he really meant it when he said he was done with Joy and that lot once and for all…

No. 376062


Forgive me if I don't do this correctly, but info regarding The Blargh and Joy connection came out in an Onision stream.


No. 376304

It's not Joy. The Blargh follows other Youtubers too, not just Joy and Onision.

No. 376427


Joy isn't The Blargh, however they are friendly with her. They removed a lot of her early streams from their channel after the anal sex talk made her look like the liar she is.

So they aren't Joy but they have spergleberry elements about them.

No. 376636

How did they flag Rep's video so fucking quickly?

He hadn't advertised the fact he had put it up either,so the spergleberries have clearly being sat hitting refresh on his YT page for what, over 24 hours at this point?

Why is it that YT will pull Rep's video so fucking quickly, yet when she was getting genuinely flagged for using footage of child abuse, for being racist, hateful, giving false medical info, etc, nothing is fucking done!

It's maddening. The thing is Rep would have helped himself by informing everyone because we all could have downloaded it and uploaded it on vidme. I hope he has the time to upload it to other platforms today. I'm at the ready with aTube Catcher, as he requested.

While I am here, has anyone confirmed that they are making a thread 12? I haven't been here for days, I've had no email from threadmaker anon, who I occasionally help and after seeing what happened on the thread, I doubt I will be hearing from them and I don't blame them either.

It might be time for someone else to step up if there is to a thread 12.

No. 376677

I've felt like the main thread is a cow unto itself for a while; I'd like to officially nominate it as part of Joy's stampede after the thread maker dropped these gems

No. 376722



No. 376799

He hasn't uploaded the video yet. That wasn't a real post. It was a troll post.

No. 376809

I would sometimes help threadmaker also so I emailed them asking about thread 12 because I believe it's locked now. They said they've washed their hands of it and no longer want anything to do with the thread because it has become far too toxic with all the infighting. I don't blame them either…I've gone back to only lurking myself. I would try to make thread 12 myself if I thought things would improve any but I'm not holding my breath. Maybe everyone in there needs a long timeout.

If one of the spergleberries started posing as a farmer in order to bait the others into attacking each other they've done a damn good job of it. The new crowd just can't seem to help but take the bait. They've managed to almost completely discredit the thread. It's damn near diabolical if that's what happened. Joy spent so much time trying to address everything we brought up…but now that the thread has imploded from within she won't have to worry about it so much.

No. 376814

yeah, they haven't gone anywhere. their autism has a distinctive scent.

Are you … are you for real? that's major tinfoil. the thread imploded because everyone takes it so deadly serious, and ignores that this place is a gossip site. we're here to laugh at assholes being assholes, not make a federal case against them. And then the same old stuff comes up again and again … look how thread 11 is ending - more talk about one party vs two party consent for recording, even though we've been over it how many times.

the threads have been shit from day one because of this sooper-serious! approach. that's why this thread is a thing. Aussieguyshano, piercedangel, chambers … they were never good threads, anon. and the posters who really take it seriously can't seem to grasp that the joytards aren't like them. the joytards have zero fucks to give about 'proving' anything, they just want to be able to say yass queen, slay! that's it. they make shit up all the time and none of it matters because it's all part of boo the haters!

the joytards can't even fucking sage their autism, and you think they could bring down a whole thread?

No. 376820

meh, was just speculation. Lots of factors lead to the implosion.

~going back to lurking now~

No. 376839

not meaning to get pissy at you anon, just disappointed that such a milky subject managed to go so very wrong.
and eternally fascinated: what is it that makes the joytards and the anti-joytards so obsessive and weird? wtf is this weird power she wields?

No. 378610

Does anyone know what's going on with joys and benjis relationship? There hasn't been communication, has he seen the light ?

No. 378652


I doubt it, he probably still talks to her privately, she would have been throwing sly digs out if he had seen the light.

No. 378696


in her younow last night she talked about a "friend" who has her phone number and referred to them as "he" that had made a public statement regarding the videos about her nephews' death. she made them out to be upset and unwilling to accept that she'd risked life and limb after having been begged by her ungrateful family to use her fame and influence to help the gofundme page raise money. The story was really quite touching about how this "friend" had stabbed her in the back publicly instead of coming to her in private, then… after a private conversation… refused to accept her account of how life works.

No. 378732

Has anyone figured out who she was referring to

No. 378777


Oh ffs! I can remember reading someone distancing themselves from that issue recently but I'm rattling my brain trying to remember where I saw it and who it was! I think I know who it is, think being the operative word, I'm sure it was twitter which narrows down my search, so I'm not going to say a name until I fact check myself. I will say I don't think it is Benji because he's not someone I follow or who pops up with people on my feed even when I don't follow them.

If I don't back to you it's because I can't find what I think I saw. I realise this was a pretty useless response…

No. 378817

File: 1503602141840.jpg (301.91 KB, 1920x1375, IMG_20170824_201002.jpg)

I was right, it was Negs, he made a series of tweets saying he had never seen people so obsessive over one person, referring to Rep and the group was Joy's cult.

Here are a few photos, I had to take a photo of the screen with my phone. But if you go onto TwimeMachine and put in Negs twitter handle, it will bring up all of his tweets. The fallout appeared to happen on the 17th August. He stated it wasn't even about not defending her, he just disagreed with something.

Someone else left too but then later replied that they had since spoken to her again and all was cool.

No. 378821

File: 1503602273134.jpg (849.13 KB, 2560x1920, IMG_20170824_200723.jpg)

Then as you see here the person who initially left the loony bin with Negs, soon returned to the fold.

No. 378822

File: 1503602312387.jpg (296.33 KB, 1920x1380, IMG_20170824_200942.jpg)

He spoke up about Mike too.

No. 378826


in Negz stream reviewing the Rep vid, her recording phone conversations was brought up and he made a comment about (a) he didn't like that idea, and (b) he was a bit worried about if their conversations had been recorded. So, that might be who she was referring to.

No. 378833


I think if we listen to her live stream from the 17th August that might have more answers too. He was still talking to her and Mike on the 16th August on twitter, they streamed together that day. Then on the 17th it looks like he may have been on that stream when the shit hit the fan, as he alludes to how dull the streams will be without him now. So from great friends, to kicked out the cult in one day.

It's got to be Negs, she's referring to, he was defending her and tweeting with her and Mike constantly up until the first tweet I posted.

No. 378835

File: 1503603585142.jpg (378.56 KB, 1823x2148, IMG_20170824_201026.jpg)

He's being very vocal about the do5 videos too.


No. 378836

File: 1503603616917.jpg (358.18 KB, 1920x1566, IMG_20170824_195315.jpg)


No. 378849

Thank you for researching that and providing the tweets. I've noticed she hasn't live streamed on YouTube lately. I don't believe she has a strike though. I started to watch the younow stream last night and got infuriated because Cy was all over the chase with "honey you don't have to do this; you don't need to explain anything to us;" and more bullshit. Also in that younow stream I guess roommate was sleeping on the couch while she was live, he woke up and she softly told him to go back to sleep, but the way she said it and looked at him was as if they are actually together. I remember there being another comment on a thread about her where when they were looking for apartments she wanted a 2 bedroom as oppose to a 1 bedroom, roommate didn't see the need for a second bedroom. Of course Joy got her way and they got a second bedroom which has been displayed a few times in videos and live streams but still, can't help but wonder if they're together or not.

No. 379386


This is the comment you are thinking of >>376942

If you watch the video you can see that they did share a bedroom at least up until March and more recently she refrained from answering when asked if they shared a bedroom.

No. 379414

File: 1503669573222.jpg (236.65 KB, 1440x2309, IMG_20170825_081414.jpg)

I was wondering why rob Novak has been so quiet as of late, took a stroll to his channel and saw that on 8/10/17 he put out a video titled "No More" where he states he got wrapped up in the onision drama at the height of billiegate due to some personal abuse dealings, and wanting to bring awareness to the abuse and corruption as well as others that are corrupt. His anger and desire to bring awareness "got the best of him."
Looking back, he has gone down a dark road and deviated from his original plans.

"Gaming and these topics don't mix and effective immediately I am done with the onision videos, done with the controversial videos as well, I am just done."

Shit was too deep, he says he should have stopped after the Billie debacle. He wanted out of all the drama he was caught up in and prefers to do gaming stuff, what truly makes him happy. He wants to return to what his channel was originally about and has removed all prior videos. In closing he mentions Joy's fans not approving of his decision, saying that is fine, they can unsub and sub to Mike or someone else talking about onision.

He was getting real nasty during all the drama. Some of these people at times come off as not just angry but also scary, worst of them all being joy. Her fans refer to it as "passion" without understanding that not all passion is positive. Some channels disregard her maladaptive behavior, focusing on subs / views then follow suit, acting like a maniac. Good for Rob for acknowledging the toxicity and moving his channel on. I still think he's a dick but can appreciate his efforts in wanting better for himself. His vids are mostly getting under 10 views, hopefully that wont discourage him and cause him to get back on the crazy train. No mention of joy at all aside from mentioning her subs not approving of his decision.

No. 379494


Joy's been actively blowing him off for nearly two months now. I got the impression from one of his videos that he'd done "personal favors" for her IRL… given Kati's approach to life, she's probably duped him out of money with the promise to promote his channel and deliver him new subscribers. Then, once she had bigger and more productive fish to fry, she threw him back into his little pond that she'd just pissed all over.

No. 379513

While I am glad they have finally seen the light it's difficult to have sympathy for a lot of them, they could have walked away a lot sooner, so the stress they endured is all on them.

I think their anger stems from knowing they are wrong, knowing they were wrong to defend her and her actions, knowing they were wrong to believe her but they don't want to admit it through fear of looking like a fool. They all think highly of themselves in respect of being morally superior to others, such as Onion, they think they are too intelligent to fall for shit, they make videos calling out Onion's behaviour while being oblivious to Onisheon's same behaviour. They all fell for Joy's little act. The reason they get so defensive when it comes to her isn't because of her personally it's because an attack on her is an attack on their own flawed judgement. They think they're too smart to fall for a ploy as obvious as Joy's, yet fall for it they did but they didn't want to admit that to themselves, so they kept defending her until it became too much for their own sanity.

I think there is at least one more Joyhole still standing by her for this reason, they are too embarrassed to walk away because that would be them admiring they fell for the bullshit. Just get out now, a little bruising to your ego isn't going to kill you, Rob's statement is a good example of how to get out of the situation.

I wonder if Rob realised that his feelings are exactly how she plays everyone. That is why she picks highly emotive subjects and topics, it automatically gets people on her side, it riles people up to the point of being blind and if anyone speaks out the same topic, such as domestic abuse, paedophilia, child abuse, etc, it is used as a defense and as an insult to shut criticism down. It's manipulation 101 and Rob's statement outlines it perfectly.

No. 379608

I personally thank the youtubers who have now understood certain questions from viewers and are taking a step back, and reviewing the content on their channels.

They help to set a positive example to other youtubers including Joy.

Rarely does drama stop until it turn nothing but toxic for both the YouTuber, and their viewers. It soon becomes boring and turns nasty.

No. 379688

>>379608 I agree, Negs has really won me over. He's very fair with everything he has to say, he's not interested in the petty bullshit and balances every point he makes no matter which side of the fence the people are on.

He's pushing for everyone to at least private any videos about do5 and has done the same with his do5 videos.

It shows this doesn't have to continue, you can still jump off the merry-go-round now and come out of it with your dignity in tact. People are willing to move on as long as you acknowledge you fucked up and take steps to change that.

The sad thing is this is all Joy would have to do and most of this would go away. She will always have some "haterz" because this is the internet but the genuine concern and criticism would stop if she just stopped playing the victim, stopped pretending to be confused, own her fucks ups, take steps to rectify things and don't repeat the same mistakes. It's really that simple. That being said, I don't think she can help herself, her narcissism is too deeply ingrained, she genuinely can't believe that anyone could have a problem with her, she genuinely believes she can do no wrong. Thousands of us are wrong, she's always right.

No. 379991

>>379414 That's very interesting. Good for Rob.
Meanwhile Mikenactor has turned his channel into Rob Novak 2.0. I wonder what Katii would have done if Mike had actually kept his word about keeping his friendship with Kati private in the wake of his poo babies stream.
It would be interesting to know how much Katie manipulated him to get him back into publicly white knighting for her. He's said several times in the past it's very easy for friends to manipulate him and in a flame war in the comments of his video about the band 'PWRR BTTM' he referred to himself as an abuse survivor many times, definitely wasn't his parents as he says he knows they love him even though they were mostly indifferent to him.

No. 380438


And what Negs did wasn't pandering, or giving in. It was simply the right thing to do, and listening to the comcerns of viewers.

This is one of the things fans and Joy seem to overlook.

They have gotten so wrongly concerned over "Haters" it has clouded right and wrong, what's best and what isn't, being the better person, accepting and understanding that a large majority is critiscm not "Hate". That they are contradicting themselves, and doing the very things they claim others do.

They forget that many who are asking questions have their own preferred youtuber, and those same people don't troll genuine criticisms towards those youtubers.

I've actually agreed with many critiscms towards youtubers I like to watch, and I can see it's been constructive and to help their channel.

I don't make it my goal to go after people who criticise to tell them how they are "Wrong". And I know for a fact those youtubers I watch would tell me that "Everyone has a right to question and give suggestions" and that if I did go after comments I would be told "I should respect their opinions and to stop".

There's also a huge difference between a polite discussion, giving different views, and blatantly ignoring those opinions just to stir up trouble.

No. 380665

So, if Joy basically 86'd Negs, then why would suit put out a video the day after that fiasco promoting Negs? Is Joy now going to dump suit as well ? Guess we will just have to wait and see…

No. 380710

>>380665 suit is the one I was referring to at post >>379513 in my opinion he is the last one standing, the last one who has any credibility, who has the potential to get out the same way Rob and Negs have. It's just a matter of his own ego now, is he willing admit he was wrong and walk away? Or is he going to keep defending her because an attack on her is seen as an insult to his intelligence and judgement?

Just walk away Suit, everyone makes mistakes, everyone is capable of putting faith in the wrong person. Just walk away while you still maintain a semblance of credibility, mate.

As for the rest of the cult, I hold no hope for them, as they didn't seem to be overly bright before all of this, so I doubt that will change. They'll only leave when Joyous no longer has any use for them.

No. 380742


Jeff Holliday is still full on spergleberry… you could argue he didn't have credibility before hand, but he's definitely still clinging to his ass hair and protecting his asshole.

No. 380754

Who knows? The Egocast said he is now friends with Suit and even he said he didn't know what that meant regarding Joy.

No. 380786


Egocast, is coming across as a hypocrite, which is a shame as I thought he had more self awareness than that.

No. 380947

continuing the conversation about Egocast from Joy's thread >>380704 >>380741 >>380870 >>380874 >>380880 >>380896

His videos about Joy aren't solely for the sake of views although he has admitted that is a big factor…and that's fine if a YT is honest about it, they all want views. The problem comes in if he compromises his values to do so, he is trying to strike a balance between pleasing his subs and making videos he is interested in.

I don't really see that he's being a hypocrite, he's been pretty transparent about his motivations. And you can be friends with someone who is friends with someone you don't like…holding that against someone is very Onision-like.

No. 380954

Benji likes Egocast, why is it different for Suit? They've both white-knighted for Joy heavily.

No. 380976


Egocast isn't a hypocrite because he's friends with people. He's a hypocrite because he says one thing and does another.

No. 380982

That isn't what I was trying to say, those are two different sentences. The second sentence about friends wasn't supposed to be a continuation of the first sentence. They were two separate ideas. Sorry if what I meant was unclear, my fault. I was saying that he wasn't a hypocrite because he's been pretty transparent about his motivations. It has nothing to do with who he is friends with.

Are you saying that he is hypocritical because he said he wouldn't make more Joy videos but did anyway or because he was criticizing people who were overly interested in Joy while still making videos about her? Both?

No. 381009

>>380976 Not the Anon you are talking to but I agree that he's a hypocrite.

He made a video and further commented in the comments section of that video telling people that he wasn't making more Joy videos and telling people not to cross over to the darkside by giving in to requests from the audience, threw shade at other channels for still making Joy videos, then continued to make videos about Joy, or videos talking about people who made a video talking about Joy and drags them for caring so much. Especially Rep, yet to Rep it was new info, just like it was to Andy at one point, so the same logic could be applied to him. Why did he care so much at the start when it was new to him? Why does he care about what others care about so much? Every other word out of his mouth is "I don't care haha' is he trying to convince himself or his audience?

He dragged people with chronic illness for caring by just dismissing concerns by saying you thought you could relate to someone, you couldn't, who cares. What he doesn't understand is the impact her actions have on others. He might not care or understand that but it is an emotive subject for people and they have a right to care about whatever they want. If he doesn't get it, fine, don't talk about it but that doesn't make him superior in any way, which is the attitude he was projecting, I'm sure there are things he cares about that I wouldn't give a shit about but I wouldn't be so dismissive to him.

He conducts himself like he is the ultimate authority on all things Joy and that there is no point in someone else talking about it because he already talked about it "like a month ago". Who appointed him as the lead authority on who and what people can care about and talk about? Why does he believe that any reasoning outside of his own are invalid? I actually agree with him that some people are too obsessed but he is trying to say anyone who cares is and that's not true. Making a comment about how her diagnosis was actually just self reported symptoms isn't obsessive, it's informative to others. Now making numerous comments about her every tiny movement or sentence is obsessive but it felt like he was tarring everyone with the same brush.

He has been really vocal about Rep's video and saying Rep cares too much and he shouldn't have bothered because he has said it all before but the truth is not many people have watched his stuff, Rep's video was new to him and a lot of his audience. He accuses Rep of kicking up a hornet's nest just for the sake of it and that's not true, more people became aware at that point. Who is Andy to state everything should have been left to settle down? Why should people back down when she's still doing the exact same things people have been trying to warn others about? Had she changed I would understand but she hasn't, she's doubled down on everything. He's coming across as salty towards Rep just because he said it first but didn't get the big views or make the impact he would have liked.

I understand he has been open about doing things for views but it's his attitude that's off. If you want to preach don't care, don't care, don't care, people are going to start wondering 1) why he protests too much & 2) seemingly caring so much about other people caring so much, is hypocritical.

Sorry for the epic ramble, Anon and don't take a shot for every time I used the word care, or you will end up in an alcoholic coma.

Saged for inane rambling.

No. 381034

You sound butthurt

Where's the lulz? I member when this forum was mostly laughing at epic fail

No. 381039

>>380982 You have nothing to apologize for, I was the one who wasn't clear. >>381009 This post covered all the things about Egocast that are off way better than I could have. But to answer, both.

No. 381097


No. 381121

excellent analysis, anon.

and yeah totally agree about his attitude. he acts so smug and superior but he's no better than the rest

No. 381151

"Why do you care?" literally talking shit about Rep making a video on Joy as he himself is making a video on joy.

The fact now he is up suits arse isnt good either. Suits is a moron, a joke. He is kati's biggest white knight.

I'm also sick of all the E-Begging these tubers do. Like they could easily get a job but you see his "Joke beg" at the end of the empty fridge and the holes in pillowcases. It really shits me.

No. 381410

A lot of that seems like you are reading into things that aren't there.

The "why do you care" part was about particular points Rep was making not about why was he even bothering to make the entire video…like why does it matter so much if she's saying or believing certain things? He said repeatedly he thinks she's crazy and the reason why she's so interesting to people is that she generates so much drama.

Andy said he just started talking to Suit and had only watched one video but was going to check out more, he doesn't seem to know much about him other than being friends with Joy. From what I can tell he seemed to think the whole situation was a little bizarre. I'm sure he'll find out what Suit is all about soon enough.

Andy does have a full-time job in addition to YT, he works night shift. Depending on how it's done Patreon may or may not be e-begging. I'm of the opinion it's not begging if something of value (very subjective there) is being offered in exchange for the money, therefore making it a purchase. Begging is wanting money in exchange for doing nothing.

No. 381424

>>381410 Would you mind expanding on what you see as reading into on >>381009? That seemed to cover why people would dislike/mistrust Egocast very thoroughly.

No. 381425

I'm not anonymous hope that's cool. It's really me. This is going to be interesting, I'm learning how to post while I'm posting for the first time ever in this format. So bear with me.

Someone said I had made 10 videos on Joy in the last month. This is false. I have made 4 videos on Joy in the last month, even that is stretching it for your favor.

These are the video from 7/26 - which is a Joy Spackle SB review, so I'm being generous just because Joy is the thumb and I played it off as if it was really Joy.

7/27 - No more Joy videos video, where I said I had planned to do one more answering people streaming about me, and looking at the Ridgemont interaction.

I did that video on 8/7 but you'd never know, because I titled it You laugh you lose #1 and even then you have to sit through 15 min of a legit YLYL video before you get to the Rick and Morty esque alternate reality "bit" where I actually review those clips. FYI, that video has 440 view, my standard Joy video has thousands of views. That was why I did that. True fans only need apply. I also had to age restrict it because I didn't want it monetized and someone claimed it. (not Joy) I didn't want that video specifically to generate money for anyone, because it was a Joy video made specifically after I said no more.

8/16 - I count only because her name is in the title, but all it was, was me announcing the Rep review and screwing with my audience buy preemptively saying I'd do it before they could ask. Again I'm being nice counting this.

8/24 - The Rep video, which I'll count as a Joy video, because 33% still counts. 33% was teasing Rep for being late and starting problems just to then talk about it, and 33% was teasing people like all of you, who have decided that you are citizen sleuths like Sherlock Holmes digging through the internet because you're bored.

8/26 - I responded to Joy actually addressing me. I've always said I will do this sort of thing, kinda like I've always said I will be watching for those who utter my name. I am eternal.

Now clearly this person was counting the Rick roll videos, of which 3 in total, which is both ridiculous and still isn't ten. This afternoon made it ten but again, snuck into a q and a announcement, you'd never know. =P

Someone said I made a drama channel for views. That's a misrepresentation, I made a podcast channel to do podcasts with my buddies. That didn't work so I flipped to a gaming channel, that didn't work and I hated the editing involved, then I did almost nothing for a year. I quit my job to put all of my efforts into YT and find my place. I enjoyed watching Bearing and that looked like a lot of fun, so I started just talking about the things I'd find on YT. I never intended to do drama, I still try my hardest to stay away from being involved, I usually am giving advice to get people out of drama. But the drama plays well because of all the bored people….you guys.

Joy gets views, doing videos on her gives me huge bumps in the analytics, but even if it didn't I'd still have made 80% of the videos on her I did. The other 20% is me teasing the people who are WAY too involved for no real reason other than "I can be"….you guys.

I'm not trying to strike a balance I'm trying to subtly control the interests of my audience away from Joy so I can not have to hear about her activities 20 times a day.

None of us are "friends", we are people that talk online. We are YT friends, that's like bar friends. We talk, we don't hang out, sometimes we work together, but we don't have time to keep up a "friendship". We are extremely busy people. This is a business, we make partnerships. People see my growth and they want to get me to promote them, the best way to do that is to promote me, or to work with me. It's a mutually beneficial arrangement between artists. If you want to call that "friends" ok that's you. I like the people who have been nice to me, I have no reason to dislike them. That's it. We aren't playing the game you guys are, where you're solving crimes and taking sides against each other. We are working. You take it upon yourselves to attribute a lot of your own thoughts to our actions.

"He made a video and further commented in the comments section of that video telling people that he wasn't making more Joy videos and telling people not to cross over to the darkside by giving in to requests from the audience, threw shade at other channels for still making Joy videos, then continued to make videos about Joy, or videos talking about people who made a video talking about Joy and drags them for caring so much." - I'm begging my audience to leave ME alone about Joy, and asking them why they are so interested in her that they will spend their free time making an entire forum thread hundreds if not thousands of posts long. My past involvement has been such a force for whatever reason that it has linked me to Joy through my audience. At this point it's out of my hands unless I can steer them away, but that shit takes time. You guys are calling me a hypocrite for doing videos on Joy and all the while asking why the fuck you guys still want this, and in a sense you're right. But I have no choice but to shoot myself in the foot and cut it off completely, keep on keeping on and really look like an ass, or I can try and make the subject it's self uninteresting so that I will be asked not to bother. I'm just starting to get that now, which is awesome, and I think I'm one more video away before I can fully end my involvement for good. I've put a lot of work into getting here, it's almost done. =)

I have been following Joy since her 4th video. Nothing was ever "new" to me. I watched it as it happened. It was as new for me as it was for Joy, in that every second is new until the next. And I never cared until Joy did her video on Trump. I gave her a "you're starting to sound like an SJW warning" and hoped she'd either become someone I can use for content, or rethink her position. Then she did the Buzzfeed video, that was such a silly video to me I had no choice, I had to do a video about a subscriber. So I did. That was the start. MANY months into Joy's YT channel, and years into mine. After that I got involved because circumstances forced me to. If people are talking about me, I talk about them. It's how the game is played.

" What he doesn't understand is the impact her actions have on others." - The only impact anyone's actions have on anyone else is what they allow, unless that person makes an actual action against that person. Joy saying she has an illness when she may not isn't a personal attack against anyone, even if you want to see it that way. How very "words hurt" of you. =P

People have a right to feel what they want, we all have right to feel whatever we want, brilliant point. =)

You thinking my attitude is superior means you are one of the people that took it for what I wanted you to take it as. Other people saw it as me being chastising, some still saw it as me just pointing something out. My projection is a reflection of where you are at in this. Clearly if I come off as "acting superior" you feel guilty or inferior by my words, and while you are not alone, you are not a part of the only group.

"He conducts himself like he is the ultimate authority on all things Joy and that there is no point in someone else talking about it because he already talked about it "like a month ago". Who appointed him as the lead authority on who and what people can care about and talk about? Why does he believe that any reasoning outside of his own are invalid? I actually agree with him that some people are too obsessed but he is trying to say anyone who cares is and that's not true. Making a comment about how her diagnosis was actually just self reported symptoms isn't obsessive, it's informative to others. Now making numerous comments about her every tiny movement or sentence is obsessive but it felt like he was tarring everyone with the same brush.

He has been really vocal about Rep's video and saying Rep cares too much and he shouldn't have bothered because he has said it all before but the truth is not many people have watched his stuff, Rep's video was new to him and a lot of his audience. He accuses Rep of kicking up a hornet's nest just for the sake of it and that's not true, more people became aware at that point. Who is Andy to state everything should have been left to settle down? Why should people back down when she's still doing the exact same things people have been trying to warn others about? Had she changed I would understand but she hasn't, she's doubled down on everything. He's coming across as salty towards Rep just because he said it first but didn't get the big views or make the impact he would have liked.' - You have given me a lot of power in this. My answer to all of these questions is, I'm no one. Why do you think I think I'm someone? Oh yeah, because you did that to you for me for no good reason. Why do you give my words any weight? Who am I to you that you'd think I would ever be the arbiter of anything? Why do you think I'd think that way?

"1) why he protests too much" - LoL, I would give almost anything for people to start speculating on that, you guys make up some funny shit. XD

"2) seemingly caring so much about other people caring so much, is hypocritical." - LoL that's how you take it? You have lost the whole point clearly. I'm no longer talking about Rep, Joy, Suit, Negs, or anyone else. I'm talking about you, the audience. You think the Repzion video was about him? Joy? Watch it again, and say to yourself, "This is about me." through the whole thing. You'll find the deeper point better that way.

"he acts so smug and superior but he's no better than the rest" - Again that is you putting your take on my behavior. I am no better than the rest, I just do it better than the rest.

""Why do you care?" literally talking shit about Rep making a video on Joy as he himself is making a video on joy." - Wasn't making a video about Joy, only talked shit about Rep the, I think, 2 times it was appropriate.

"The fact now he is up suits arse isnt good either. Suits is a moron, a joke. He is kati's biggest white knight." - Suit DMed me about my situation with Vid.Me, then we got to talking, then he got an idea to get him a quick, easy vid he could post before bed. So, "up his ass" is all you bub. And I did get a rather lengthy explanation of Suit's relation to Joy. From you're words, you're making connections there that also do not exist.

"I'm also sick of all the E-Begging these tubers do. Like they could easily get a job but you see his "Joke beg" at the end of the empty fridge and the holes in pillowcases. It really shits me." - Hey numb nut, I have a job, it sucks and I'd rather sit on my ass all day, screw with people like you and, make YT videos. The job I have blows, the job I want doesn't pay enough. So I'm sorry if you don't like my commercial, but that is after all why I put it at the very end of my videos, and have stated on many occasions that while there may be something after the outro, there will never be anything after the commercial, so if you don't want to watch it, don't.

I hope this brings some clarity to the discussion.

No. 381430

File: 1503909456894.gif (888.96 KB, 245x219, 944d91e2-4812-4b19-9e95-34b937…)

Proof or gtfo

No. 381433

No need for proof, no name fagging!

You guys rape Chambers so this fucktard shouldnt be allowed to name fag either.

No. 381434

How is he supposed to prove he's himself? Most anons won't namefag or pretend to be someone namefagging so I'm inclined to believe that's really him. I've only seen a few of his vids but it sounds like him to me. Plus, Joy threads are known for being really bad about cowtipping…pretty sure someone told him.

No. 381435

File: 1503910725574.jpg (137.06 KB, 620x330, begging-pr-agency.jpg)

E-begging is shit, you need to nut up or stop making videos. Why should people give you their hard earned money when you just admitted you dont want to work. Its fucking pathetic

No. 381437

>you make me laugh
writes a fucking essay on how much he doesn't care
>bear with me
pfffttt, no. tl;dr

No. 381440

>>381437 i fucking know right? Dude is a straight up loser.

Go run back to Suit, if you did any research you would know how the net feels about him and now you.

No. 381443

He could do something like make reference to his comment on twitter.

Or, do a quick video showing him hit send.

I am not going to blindly believe someone on an anon board, just because they wrote 2000 words.

No. 381444

You might not think so but making videos is work. Do you begrudge other creators from trying to make a living from their channels? If so, why? Are they supposed to make free content for you to watch with no compensation? Some people see Patreon as begging but I do not, they offer additional things to people who pay for them. That is a purchase, not begging.

No. 381448

Yes, Mundane Matt is another fag who complains about ad revenue yet has sponsors.

Rely on the ad revenue or GTFO. These "Creators" are nothing special, you sit in front of a camera and bitch. That does not mean you should get money from people when there are people working 3 jobs to barely afford to live.

Patreon ruined youtube.

No. 381449

I can't believe I liked this stupid ugly fat bitch, calling brown kids poop babies. It's always the UGLIEST bitches who are racist ?

No. 381450

>>381443 Why when no one cares. He could be fucking Obama and he isn't any more important than the rest of us anons. Name fagging is horrible.

No. 381452


I didn't say he was more of less important than anyone.

What I'm saying is that I'm not going to take a random comment on face value, just because it is allegedly from some youtuber.

The post was cringey, it had no proof of anything, and no author confirmation.

No. 381454

>Press F to pay respects to Youtubers all over the world

No. 381455

>Joy? Repzion? "I don't fucken care, man!"
>writes embarrassing wall of text

No. 381456

you're supposed to seek permission from admin prior to namefagging

No. 381457

The fact is he came in here namefagging, we dont need proof that its him. He needs to read the fucking rules like the rest of us.

The fact he needed to defend himself is pathetic. Then he bitches about having to work, poor fucken baby.

No. 381462

Without any proof, all he has to do is say "I didn't write that" as his defense. It was a cringey and embarrassing wall of text, and I doubt he will follow up on it.

No. 381463

I think its a joyshipper trying to derail/bury with non existent egocast/negz drama.
I could be wrong, either way make a video or fudge off

No. 381464

Really? I don't remember reading that anywhere. The usage info says "Enter your name only if your identity is vital to the information you're sharing." Namefagging isn't technically against the rules, just looked down on.

He did say he would respond anytime someone brought him up…but trying to convince any of the anons here they are wrong is a pointless exercise.

No. 381466

We gave him enough attention, he is a nobody and a hypocrite. Lets move on. If it was him, he is pathetic and needs a kick in the head.

Saged for salt

No. 381467

File: 1503912911448.jpg (17.52 KB, 480x480, 7aac0f27aaeec22e2b63da7cd9d462…)

>He did say he would respond anytime someone brought him up…but trying to convince any of the anons here they are wrong is a pointless exercise.

>it is too hard so it is pointless

Then it sucks to be him, I guess. It looks like he just wasted his time (it is even was egocast to begin with).

No. 381473

So sorry I didn't realize you guys had little rules and such. Isn't it just adorable how you guys sit here all anon and then shit on someone for saying who they are. You wanna know what I don't respect anon bitches that wanna talk shit and then when the are confronted disbelieve cause they so desperately don't want to be caught.

People give me money cause they like me more than you. If you had my talent or ability you could work at doing YT and get paid for it as well.

But it's fine, clearly you guys just want to shit talk behind peoples back, judging by the way you reacted to being confronted. So have fun kids. =P

But never fear, I'll give you all the confirmation you need.

No. 381475

As one of your subs Andy, we get it.
We get the humour,the rick rolling was awesome and yes,you have said time and time again you are over Joy and we know you only cover it on demand.
As for your little sad puppy patreon ad..
It is creative AND funny.
More power to you Andy
Wink wink
A Patron

No. 381476

File: 1503915495532.png (947.58 KB, 1280x720, 4460e286-f6f2-4a79-9bfc-bf44b0…)

Call an adult, and get their help to stay away from the computer for a while

No. 381477

>People give me money cause they like me more than you. If you had my talent or ability you could work at doing YT and get paid for it as well.

Talent? You are one brain cell away from being full blown retarded. You beg for money because you are a lazy arsehole who couldnt get a proper job even if you wanted. You sit infront of a screen and dribble, fuck man you cant even talk properly.

That's not talent, you are not a special snowflake. You are some fucking loser who has gotten no where in life.

Saged so we all don't catch their fucking mega aids

No. 381478

That is hardly an intelligent response but well done for trying.
Look at you typing on a keyboard and reading big words!!
Your envy is barely overshadowed by your stupidity .
Good luck with that.

No. 381479

You probably should stop begging for money though. It is sad

No. 381481

If it bothers you so much that he makes an income maybe try it yourself?
You would need to be able to string two sentences together and at least try not to let your bitterness show.. at least for a while.

No. 381482

I guess it's not written in the rules as they are now. I just recall admin warning/banning people for not checking in with them first. Now it seems any old random is assigning themselves the right.

No. 381492

File: 1503919064518.jpg (51.89 KB, 964x518, wut..JPG)

Apparently his intelligence scares and confuses us.

No. 381496

Well, I'll be damned. He provided proof.

However, edgelord status is confirmed thanks to his kekistan profile pic. Isn't he like 40 years old??? And he's still on that pol shit? Embarrassing.

No. 381499

File: 1503919856731.png (48.04 KB, 560x228, 2017-08-28 07.27.16.png)

Oh, sweet baby. No.

No. 381500

File: 1503919921766.png (23.79 KB, 558x109, 2017-08-28 07.27.36.png)


He posted a link to the thread as well. Get ready.

No. 381501

Brace yourself the comments are coming.

No. 381502

There's a different admin now. They just took over very recently (like within the last couple weeks I think) and they'll have different rules than previous admins.

No. 381505

It is against the rules and nobody is exempt.

There are clearly egocast fans here but let's not shit ourselves, Andy your videos are not exempt from ridicule and criticism either. The fact that you came on here to defend your video is both hilarious and pathetic, you are no different from the anons here and you are derailing the thread.

Take it to twitter and stop namefagging.

No. 381518

File: 1503922830685.jpg (153.22 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

I am Spartacus

No. 381520

Teh internets are serious business guys
Triggered by a post. What a bunch of failtrolls.
Nobody is exempt from mockery including each and every anon

No. 381521

LoL, my fans are everywhere. =)

Seriously though, I have never said I am above criticism. But your critique is also no immune. You don't want to hear my thoughts? Bury yourselves deeper so I don't hear about it. Huddle in dark corners and pretend you're important. I know I'm not, never said I was. But also don't pretend That I'm the same as you. I'm here, talking to you. You know it's me, and everything your saying about me is your own uninformed misinterpretation. Now you can twist it all you'd like to pretend you always win. That's on you. But when you talk shit about me, I hear it. And where ever you are I will answer. And if you don't like it, keep my name out your mouth.

And to not only pretend that using your own name is bad, but making rules that reflect such a notion is purely being a coward. I will always tell you exactly who I am, because I have nothing to hide nor fear from you knowing it's me.

No. 381524

>"People give me money cause they like me more than you. If you had my talent or ability you could work at doing YT and get paid for it as well."
>"You wanna know what I don't respect anon bitches"

Andy, I am a fan and support your videos and patreon. I don't agree with a bunch of things you've said on YT but I'm able to respect your opinions. However, things like the quotes above arent cool and are actually things joy would say.

I understand desire to defend yourself but encourage caution. I say this because I think you're a good guy and dont want you to fuck yourself over like you've done here.

There's plenty of good reasons for anons to remain unknown. As far as the first quote, it's senseless, as there's no way to gauge one's talent or likeability let alone compare to yours, with an unknown identity.

No. 381526

>my fans are everywhere

You have 513 followers on Twitter.

>Bury yourselves deeper so I don't hear about it. Huddle in dark corners and pretend you're important. I know I'm not, never said I was. But also don't pretend That I'm the same as you.


No. 381527


> But when you talk shit about me, I hear it. And where ever you are I will answer. And if you don't like it, keep my name out your mouth.

Went from kind of Terminator to Jr. High girl there, bud.

No. 381528

LoL fair enough. That was a dick line. I don't take it back, but I admit that it was dickish. =P

As for the other. A clutch of people talking shit about other people and all doing it anon is just a bad optic. It makes you all look bad. It's what is always brought up when talking about the dark side of the internet, and you foster that openly. I'm not saying everyone should use their real name, not even saying they should use their YT, Twitter, FB or whatever screen name. But seriously, look at all the posts that say Anon. Then all the times someone says, "I'm not sure if it was you anon or another anon…" It's extremely ridiculous.

Call yourself "Joy sucks" or "darth nutchucker" I don't care, but be adults, use a name of some sort.

No. 381529

LoL Anon #24. =) Cach me outside, how bout dat?

No. 381530

>And to not only pretend that using your own name is bad, but making rules that reflect such a notion is purely being a coward. I will always tell you exactly who I am, because I have nothing to hide nor fear from you knowing it's me

We don't think using your name is "bad". You're on an anonymous image board. Using a name makes you seem like an attention seeking child, or someone just trying to stir up shit.

Aren't you like 45? Shouldn't you be familiar with image boards?

No. 381531

See I guess I'll just assign you all numbers, just make sure if I do remember it so you can tell me it's you so I don't have to guess.

No. 381532

Learn how to reply, you feeble old man.

No. 381533


Or learn to reply to comments.

No. 381534

LoL, I'm 38 next month and why in the fuck SHOULD I be farmiliar with this sort of nonsense.

No. 381535

Wait which one of you is that? #36?

No. 381536

>bad optics

We aren't using an image board to beg for patreon money, so optics aren't relevant

No. 381537



>no immune

Brain fog? =P

No. 381538

Anonymous board, how ridiculous. An assumed screen name isn't enough? You actually need to be "Anonymous"?

No. 381539

Typically, age comes with experience.

Lurk moar before you get banned, grandpa.

No. 381540

Ok, the parton guy will be Anonymous #1, you're the lead guy.

Here we go. Why do you have such a problem with me having a Patreon?

No. 381541


No. 381542

LoL, you think I care if they ban me? Can you imagine how awesome that would be for me?

No. 381543

And I don't care to proof read so get ready for misspellings. =P

I'm a terrible speller.

No. 381544

Here's the title. "LoLcow bans me for using my name". Jesus it would be epic. =)

No. 381545

I dare them.

No. 381546


Your intelligence really does scare and confuse us.

No. 381547

File: 1503924215488.jpg (41.5 KB, 793x526, Dolly-Parton-Feature-Image-793…)


No. 381548

Fuck it I can play with you guys. Why not?

No. 381549

You're all trolls right? Let's see just how good I am. Let's see justhow riled up I can get you guys. =P

No. 381550

I've screen grabbed everything. How fucking stupid you are, not even Joy is this level of stupid.

No. 381551

LoL is this how I do the real Anon?

No. 381553

LoL that's seriously how it works? you just don't bother to put a name? XD HA!

No. 381554

Alright, from here on. You'll never know if it's me or not. I bet this thread is down in 2 days, because the real trolls will jump on this just to mess with you guys.

No. 381555

Even edgelord grandads can go too far when unsupervised on the internet

No. 381556

Dude you are so screwed, sent this out to everyone.

No. 381557

The admins will know who is who, your arse will be getting banned for sure and all your "Fans". You are a creepy old man who is too lazy and stupid to do anything with their life.

No. 381558

Yeah, just stop man before it's too late.

No. 381559

>uses kekistan flag for profile pic
>has elderly understanding of imageboards

No. 381561

38 going on 78, this one.

No. 381563

so, a full admission of being cringy. great.

No. 381564

Deep shit, man. Ps. jerking off all over this image board is making you look like a flake.

No. 381565

pills (shhhhh)

No. 381566

Fucking love this shit, ruined any form or reputation you had. Grabbed the post from your twitter too so you cant say it wasnt you. Also admin can see I.P. addies and will be able to tie what you post to you

No. 381567

File: 1503925731446.png (20.99 KB, 440x120, 2017-08-28 09.05.29.png)

It is more than that. He also asked his 513 followers to come here and go anon

No. 381569

That be against the rulez? Other tubers have done it and gotten in shit for it.

No. 381570

well at least they'll be following the rules. they'll probably find things to entertain themselves around here.

No. 381572

You're going full cow, no different to Joy or Rep. Ha.

No. 381573

I'm sure admins will take it into consideration when they clean up the thread.

No. 381575

>>381521 Andy I said you were a hypocrite, which is a shame, at post >>380786 I don't know about video amounts, friends, or other things you referenced. I personally don't think who you choose to be friends with has anything to do with anything. Neither does Patreon, as you aren't forcing people to pay you anything, that's a weird criticism.

>>You guys are calling me a hypocrite for doing videos on Joy and all the while asking why the fuck you guys still want this, and in a sense you're right. But I have no choice but to shoot myself in the foot and cut it off completely, keep on keeping on and really look like an ass, or I can try and make the subject it's self uninteresting so that I will be asked not to bother. I'm just starting to get that now, which is awesome, and I think I'm one more video away before I can fully end my involvement for good. I've put a lot of work into getting here, it's almost done. =)

At least you acknowledge it is hypocritical, or can be viewed that way. But I have to agree with other Anons, the way you are trying to achieve your out is what's rubbing some people the wrong way. It is your choice to want out, you've had enough I get it but look at why you have made more, it's not because you want to, it's because your audience wants you too. So by definition you are going against your own interests because there is an audience out there that want to hear more about her. So again it is hypocritical for you to take the piss out of other people for doing the same thing in catering to other people, especially if it's disingenuous and the real reason for your derision is to form a get out clause for yourself.

It's OK for you to walk away whenever you choose but you can't dismiss or expect everyone to do the same thing, your attempts to kill the conversation is what people are genuinely criticising. It's coming across like I'm done, so everybody else should be done and if you're not, you've got issues.

And new, not new to you semantics aside, at one point she was interesting enough to you to result in some involvement, so you can't really judge other people for getting interested when it becomes new to them. You did accuse Rep of kicking up a hornets nest when everything was dying down, at the time you attributed it to everything being said before but now I'm thinking you were just pissed that you almost got out but interest levels went up again. Is that fair to say?

Your audience would probably be more understanding if you just quit the 10 step program of trying to remove yourself from all things Joy and just be honest, tell them you are over this shit, if they want Joy stuff, there are plenty of other Joy related channels and they can come watch you when they are over it, or need a break from the madness. There's no need to bring Rep, or other channels into it, it's disrespectful to those channels and the work they put in.

Anyway, I'm done, I actually appreciated your attempt to explain your thought process.

No. 381576

So namefagging, requesting his followers to "Troll" and be an all around dick. God it will be good to see "User has been put out to pasture"

He will use it in his shitty begging video to try and get hard earned cash because he is a low life loser

No. 381577

Samefag at >>381575 wtf happened while I was typing?!

No. 381580

>>>381521 Andy I said you were a hypocrite, which is a shame, at post >>380786 I don't know about video amounts, friends, or other things you referenced. I personally don't think who you choose to be friends with has anything to do with anything. Neither does Patreon, as you aren't forcing people to pay you anything, that's a weird criticism.

It's because he put that stupid thing at the end, he admitted here he is a lazy asshole who doesnt want to work and wants people to pay him for sitting on his ass. When the fuck did this become acceptable? He is a middle aged loser with no prospects for his future, he is so fucking hard to understand in his videos and then has the hide to call out other creators.

The dude is a loser end of story, he needs to fuck off youtube and focus on earning his own god damn money.

No. 381582

I'm gonna call you Anonymous #2 I like you. =)

You totally got me pegged, I'm pissed because I keep getting drug into this. And it's here I keep hearing from. So yeah, I figured I'd fuck with you guys a bit. Thought I might bring it back a bit and troll you guys. XD

And I totally get what you're saying, I am not the decider of when it's done, but that doesn't mean I can't tease people for keeping on. Teasing people for doing and saying things I disagree with is what I do. =P

No. 381583

"and then has the hide to call out other creators." He says about the guy who came in telling everyone who he was. XP

I see you Anon #1.

No. 381584

Also, he types like he wallpapered his room with TDK posters. He acts like an edgelord with a huge following, but no one outside his circles knows who he is.

$5 says he at least has a poster of the joker.

No. 381585

File: 1503927913311.jpg (104.23 KB, 957x1300, happy-old-man-sitting-sofa-lap…)

>I figured I'd fuck with you guys a bit. Thought I might bring it back a bit and troll you guys. XD

No. 381588

File: 1503928132129.gif (1.08 MB, 320x240, giphy (1).gif)

No. 381594

Ok. You owe my five bucks. It's Batman.

No. 381595

the guy is a straight up loser, no need to get bent out of shape anons. What he has said in the thread has been captured and shared by several anons. He thinks he is all good but he has done something Kati hasn't don't. He came here and took us on and lost. Sadly though he will milk this, hopefully his "fans" will see what a loser he really is.

No. 381597

File: 1503928384463.png (154.15 KB, 579x838, 2017-08-28 09.48.55.png)

There is an alleged "lolcowanon" on twitter, who is trying to use Egocast's time here to draw in Repzion and Joy.

Who is this????

No. 381598


No. 381599

You think this is over, no little man. It's only just begun.

No. 381600

Don't lie to me

No. 381602

The fact he seems to be liking everything makes me believe that sad sack of shit is behind the account. He changed his name to Anon too

Saged for tinfoil

No. 381603

FUCK! Ok it's joker. Here's…..$5

No. 381604

relax. The mods will ban him and his followers eventually. You're starting to sound like him.

No. 381605


>>And I totally get what you're saying, I am not the decider of when it's done, but that doesn't mean I can't tease people for keeping on. Teasing people for doing and saying things I disagree with is what I do. =P

Fair enough. And this was definitely a win in the trolling department, although at this point it's like shooting fish in a barrel…

>>381585 Lol!

No. 381606

NOOOO get all amped up and upset. Keep Tweeting stuff about me. Free advertising. BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH XP

No. 381607


Pretty sure that was Egocast.

No. 381608

>And this was definitely a win in the trolling department

Is it though? Or is it suicide by lolcow?

No. 381610

And make sure the mods, "clean up the thread" whatever that means. I really want that to happen. Show me what this site is really made of. I really want to see what exactly gets "cleaned up".

No. 381611

Seriously WTF can you do, suicide by LoLcow. You really need this to be important don't you?

No. 381612

you sure showed us, dear

No. 381613


Why do you care what happens here?

No. 381614

>>381608 Take your pick. I'm tapping out of this madness.

No. 381615

File: 1503928845046.jpg (108.52 KB, 1300x957, laughing-old-man-using-laptop-…)

Grandpa, what do you think it means?

No. 381616

banner pls?

No. 381617

Because he wants to make a video about it, he probably made the account contacting Kati and Matt too

No. 381618

File: 1503928985771.jpg (404.71 KB, 1024x876, 186807363.jpg)

Visiting hours are over at the senior's center?

No. 381619

Samefag, whats wrong? Got caught out and now deleted all the evidence?

No. 381620

>>381614 I'm not Andy, I saged my shit for a start. I'm the one he called Anon #2.

I'm tapping out because I'm not being taken on this ride, I would suggest others do the same.

No. 381621

Yeah its 12:05am here. I need to get to bed to get up for work and actually earn my money.

No. 381623

No, no, no I'm so desperate for followers. Someone posted that and I see at the bottom, "Only a fool would take anything posted here as fake."

No. 381624

The lolcow twitter has already been deactivated.

How strange. Has this account ever come up before?

No. 381625

I got to work at 10pm it sucks. That's why I'm trying to make money on YT. I hate working in a factory. =P(You're embarrassing yourself)

No. 381630

> >>381597
The lolcow twitter has already been deactivated.

>How strange. Has this account ever come up before?

Nope only when the middle aged loser joined us

No. 381636

no blogging

No. 381641

Suicide by lolcow, as in, you are killing your own reputation by posting cringey shit on lolcow.

Use your brain.

No. 381768

Lol. Because lolcow is the arbitor of internet reputations. He might have ruined it here with a few anons he obviously doesn't care about but other than that what is his little outburst going to do really? Joy takes her thread very seriously, she's always trying to counter something posted there and that has become an unhealthy obsession for her. Maybe Andy has the right attitude. Ease up a bit, you anons are taking yourselves way too seriously too.

No. 381798


It seems like he takes it pretty seriously. Just because he adds a =P or XD doesn't mean he didn't come to a forum and throw a hissy fit. He's a grown man trying to make a living gossiping about other people trying to make a living gossiping. It is pretty funny.

No. 382056

I kind of feel like ignoring this but if you want to see his butthurt in video form, here you go:

No. 382091

he knows we are not all the same person, that there are only 2 anons?

He is begging for money, its sad and pathetic. He is doing a joy now, you shouldn't give me more than $1 a month Well fucking don't let them cockhead.

>"I want to give you 24 hours of my time"

Just get a different fucking job moron, you are so fucking pathetic.

No. 382102

He's doing the classic "guys people out there hate me, let me know you love me". It draws the circle closer and also draws out the true suckers among them.

No. 382107


He IS Joy. His ego is double the size of her's and Mikenactor's combined. This video is super manipulative, and I'm trying to watch it but his voice is just the worst. That and the muppet grin after he makes a "point".

No. 382111

>He IS Joy. His ego is double the size of her's and Mikenactor's combined. This video is super manipulative, and I'm trying to watch it but his voice is just the worst. That and the muppet grin after he makes a "point".

Agreed, i cant believe people call this redneck smart. That laugh is the most retarded thing ever.

He knows he fucked up so he is going into damage control, blaming us for him acting that way. Its like when abusers say

>"See what you made me do" After they lost their shit.

Its really fucking sick. I hope he is banned from here.

He is also going to start calling out Anons? GG guy, do that and see how many subs and followers you have.

No. 382123

Odd he didn't post his lolcow video to his twitter.

No. 382136

I have to say that this ( the whole thing ) is extremely juvenile.
( & seeing what site we're on, saying this really says a lot about him, lol )

No. 382138


Agreed. I just caught up with this shitshow and I have to say: Andy, you played right into the hands of the anons. You proved absolutely nothing..well, besides that you're livin' for online attention just like Joysus.

No. 382181

This dude is an idiot. Why would you come to this forum just to whine and complain? Don't like the site, don't come. Bring milk not sour cream. Damn….

No. 382232

Agreed completely, that's why I called it juvenile. The fact that he even stretched something so pointless into this 'oh my god see guys what happened to me there, lol' story displays the maturity of a 15 year old. It's all over-exaggerated to the max, when in reality nothing out of the norm happened.

Obviously you're going to be asked for proof if you drop your name here - it's an anonymous board after all. His speech about 'these stories are sadly not a work of fiction' - hoping it's a comedy thing…Dude, of course it's not all 100 % serious. There's speculation, there are anons nitpicking to the extreme and then there's just plain discussion of shitty things people do. Is this not something that was glaringly obvious?
If this is 'having talent and making videos' then I'm speechless.

I have nothing against the guy per se, because he's more or less irrelevant at the end of the day - but he sure did cringe up the thread and not in a particularly entertaining way eiher.

No. 382234

yeah, I swear this thread and Joy's have gone to complete and utter shit.

No. 382263

that's the joke. he played himself, anons did their thing, and it was hilarious.

joy's threads were always shit. this one is fine, it's about all the extra calves of Joy, so this fit right in. And again, it was funny.

No. 382278


>(You're embarrassing yourself)

I love you admin. So its been very quiet except for the news anons are fucking with Roomie.

No. 382282

This is hilarious. He clearly has no experience with imageboards.

This video was pointless.

No. 382286

So lolcow is harassing Egocast and Joy's roommate? It's getting scary around here.

No. 382301

Wow, someone sure got triggered they were referred to as 'just the next Joy in line'.
JFC Andy. Let's see. . .you tried other things on YouTube in the past that went nowhere due to lack of effort and interest, you turned your channel into a 'React' channel where you do poorly edited rambly single takes of just you talking into a camera that are 25+ minutes long, you tried to make YouTube your job by e-begging even though you have a tiny audience and when it wasn't working you got a job but are still e-begging. . .which you think is noble somehow, you keep putting larger YouTubers names in your titles to try to grow your channel, over half your subscribers are people who dislike Joy because you made videos making fun of her and now you're upset your audience is only interested in Joy related content.
I honestly have no idea where the comparison came from. (Sarcasm)

No. 382320

did you even read the recent posts in this thread? no-one's harassing Egocast. he came here and made a fool of himself because some critiques were made of him here.

No. 382324


I thought the sarcasm was clear..

No. 382334

god sorry, I'm getting so used to the lunacy in threads surrounding Joy.

No. 382339


That is understandable, probably should have saged for it so my bad.

There seem to be 3 different comments on Egocast's video. 1. lolcow is a bunch of jerks/takes things too seriously 2. How could anyone be mean to you, Andy??? 3. Patreon is NOT e-begging!!!

I don't understand why so many women are so into him. He looks like he smells like a curb couch with the creepiest of uncle laughs.

No. 382342

He really did get triggered by the criticism and ultimately he admitted he was a hypocrite, which is the very thing he came here to defend and for the cherry on top admitted he gets sent his info from here, so we are the "sources" of his info. So it seems a bit silly to try to discredit the very place you admitted you keep getting info from. Yet he has claimed this outburst as some kind of victory? Kek.

No. 382356

my perception of him from watching the Joy videos is that he's pilled off his tree (??) and yes I do wonder how bad that couch smells - and how much trash is on the floor.

No. 382369

Let me break down for him why I didnt like his sudden appearance here. I barely had an opinion on him before he showed up.

>Long rambling post

>Your writing style makes you sound like a 13 year old edgelord
>Then, you were annoyed that we needed proof on an anon board
>Can't reply to posts
>Acted confused about the mechanics of an anon board
>feeding the trolls
>Thinking that he was only talking to one or two people, due to lack of usernames/no replies

Basically, if you come to a board that exists to talk about drama, and cause drama, no one will take you seriously. They will try to spur you on to get more milk. Everything Egocast did was milky.

No. 382385

File: 1504006559597.jpg (179.57 KB, 720x1125, IMG_20170829_131638.jpg)


No. 382388

I have some questions:

No. 382396

I also have those questions.


I was one of the people he called #2, there were others. I personally hate patreon, when someone wont donate to the truly needy yet see no issue donating to someone sitting on their arse playing games or trying to be relevant it is really upsetting.

This fucker actually has the audacity to complain about having to work, that's where he lost any and all likeability for me.
There are fuckers out there who would love a job and people who need donations more than this redneck retard.
How the fuck are women attracted to him? He looks like the guy that schools tell you not to go near. I bet the fucker even owns a white van. Maybe why he got so upset about pedo rings

No. 382408


I'm enjoying interacting with this cow. It's fun to continue to humiliate him. Oh, I know he's totally not assblasted at all~ but he keeps on writing textwalls and making videos which prove just how retarded he is.

I love that he can use the Kekistani flag, but hasn't got a clue as to how imageboards work. God help us all.

Can't we keep it, just for a little while, Admin-sama? Please? It's
like having your very own cow in the freakshow at the county fair; fifteen teats, three eyes, and covered in its own feces and drool. Egocast, indeed.

No. 382409

File: 1504010650909.png (498.61 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170829-144036.png)

Who what when & where

No. 382410

I kinda know how you feel. I work in the charitable sector and it's often heartbreaking to think how difficult it is to get anyone to make a donation to a genuinely worthwhile cause. But if people want to sponsor someone - anyone - on Patreon because they enjoy what they do, what's the harm? It also presupposes - and I have to remind myself of this regularly at work - that the two are not mutually exclusive. I make charitable donations and sponsor a favorite goofball on patreon (one not connected to any of this hot mess!) I do it because I enjoy the content and hey, who wouldn't rather be a YouTube star than work night shifts in a job you don't like?

No. 382415

I hasten to add, that's very different than supporting someone whose intent is to defraud, something the JSBS thread awkwardly struggles to prove because that's potentially harmful for a whole host of reasons, and probably why it's getting a bit feral compared with your average cow who just moos absurdities. But £12 a year to help a fella dream? Meh.

No. 382418

Who the fuck is that and why should i care.

You are a saint, need more like you. I work a full time job as well as volunteer at animal rescue and trying to get donations to get the animals desexed $180 for male cats and $280 for females is hard yet people donate money to this fucktard when he doesnt need it.

I watch the ads on the people's videos i support, hell i even watch the video several times in the back ground so they get the ad revenue but i in no way support patreon. Making videos used to be for the fun of it, now every cunt wants to be an e-begger and never have to work.

No. 382422

Well I am officially dying now! Don't check in here in 4 days, and the Egocast loses his shit!

Man, the only reason people even care about him is his Joy stuff, that's the only reason I ever watched any of his stuff. The rest of his "ANTI-EEEESSSSSSSSJWWWWWWWWW" content is crap. Just a bunch of him rambling and whinging about how crazy people look, or sound, with no actual substance or legit ideas.

He's a drama channel with a small following, who likes to think He's some sort of YouTube skeptic, even though the Skeptic community is pretty much a huge joke at this point too. For fucks sake, this made my morning!

No. 382424

>>382396 I was a numbered Anon too. I see where you are coming from, I understand why it's frustrating for you. I raise money for a charity that is close to my heart and it is difficult to get sponsors due to things like Gofundme, etc, it's turned into a big business about the bottom line rather than the true meaning of charity. That being said, I agree with the Anon at post:-

>>382410 for me personally I don't see Patreon as a competitor to charities, I see Gofundme and similar as making your job difficult but I view Patreon like a Netflix, Amazon, NowTV, etc. The people paying money to people like Egocast are doing it the same way I pay a Netflix sub, only they like a specific channel so instead of paying a sub for something they only watch 10% of what is offered, they are paying Patreons as a way of cherry picking n entertainment package. I personally have no problem with that.

As for Ego's attitude about it, I have nothing to say, I understand why he rubs you the wrong way.

Saged for O/T Blogpost.

No. 382429

File: 1504014153189.jpg (60.1 KB, 934x522, _We're_No_Angels_1955_Ustinov_…)

Exactly re: Patreon v GoFundMe (which I keep calling Go Fund Yourself in meetings…. I'm sure this is going to come up in my performance review….). It's patronage of an artist (and I use the term broadly) v charity, although GoFundMe sometimes blurs the line. Love him or hate him, Egocast does what he says on the tin, and if you choose to sponsor him, you know what you're getting. It's only where the individual in question is potentially selling you a pup that's at issue.

And >>382418, thank you, but believe me, I'm no angel - maybe Adolf at best, pictured 9and now THERE'S a movie!) Why do you think I remain Anon…?

No. 382435

I'm sure Egocast thanks you for this little boost, Adolf.

No. 382443

Who knows? I'm indifferent to him.

No. 382562

So much for Rob Novak being done. He's still white knighting for Joy, on Twitter and YT.

No. 382643

File: 1504029447031.jpg (32.49 KB, 612x612, fef394853ace6638d3e16424bde0fb…)

Andy, give it up, stop trying to make something happen between us, our first date didn't exactly go so well did it? It wasn't us, it was you and all that jazz.

Maybe try KiwiFarms?

No. 382651


Did he bring his heating pad?

No. 382660

>>382385 What's hilarious is the amount of people with medical and mental health degrees who spell out exactly why Kati's story make close to zero sense, the signs and symptoms they are concerned about, and the actual diagnosis and conditions that make sense and fit her symptoms.
They always pull this poisoning the well shit of how dare you call her crazy and her critics say, 'this is my degree, I'm not calling her names I'm pointing the real help she needs.' Then it always devolves into her flock saying what amounts to, 'Well I was manipulated into believing her because I've had these anecdotal experiences having and/or being close to someone with chronic illness so I KNOW, fuck you, and you're wrong!'
The only people left in her flock are those easily manipulated who are incredibly stupid and/or extremely ill. It's a cult of personality at this point.

No. 382667

>>382651 I thought it was an incontinence pad?

No. 382675


That heifer probably uses it as both.

No. 382677

File: 1504031485746.jpg (166.9 KB, 1161x1200, aa82fcd525d5a71444e07b0b25791a…)


This actually explains quite a few things…

No. 382682

File: 1504031680439.jpg (22.01 KB, 300x300, 11688-57acb2c65c7666897d76265a…)

I spotted Andy earlier today.

No. 382689


You're forgetting the most important demographic: those who subscribed when Daddy O Five was hot and have never checked in again - neither to watch or unsubscribe - once it went to the courts. I hate to think how many channels I'm subscribed to that I haven't watched in years.

No. 382812


Her number of actual fans is likely significantly less than the sub count on spurpinkletroll. Hell, maybe closer to the sub count on her eff it channel.

She's washed up now and has nobody to blame but herself. Might as well hold off on the singing exercises, I can't imagine a high demand to hear her yodeling to creepy new age music when there's already plenty of screaming goats to watch that are far more entertaining and usually won't ask for money or pity.

No. 382819

>>382689 I love how she talks about what a 'hot topic' she is when 80% of her subs are zombie subs. Just look at her livestreams she uploaded on her 3rd channel that she keeps promoting. She has maybe 1,500 people who could be considered in the cult and 5K regular viewers on her main channel. I love the dichotomy between her claims everyone who meets her in real life likes her and most people who engage with her online disliking her.

No. 382872

>"he acts so smug and superior but he's no better than the rest" - Again that is you putting your take on my behavior. I am no better than the rest, I just do it better than the rest.

All the proof anyone needed that this is really that Egocast asshole is right here.
"I do it better than the rest"???
Dude, you drunkenly ramble into a camera and take 35 minutes to say what could be said in less than 1. You're a fucking loser and you get no views other than from the people who already hate Joy so much that they don't care who is saying what, as long as it's lube for their hate boners.
I loathe Joy, but even I won't watch your long-winded, smarmy prick, ego-soaked videos. You aren't nearly as funny or intelligent as you think you are.

So fucking cringe, Jesus Christ.

No. 382903

Samefag but holy shit, I hadn't even read the rest of this shit show. What a beautiful thread. Egocunt totally proved my point too. Om nom nom, what a delicious treat. Thank you, anons.

No. 382922

File: 1504061980799.png (88.84 KB, 860x316, Screenshot 2017-08-29 at 9.48.…)

Good lord.

No. 382939

Good Lord indeed. That's no way to use an apostrophe.

No. 382947

Ok, Mundane Matt just proved why patreon needs to go. Even when he E-Beggs he says its not enough.

Its time for these fucking fucks to go out and get a real job, be men and look after yourself and your family yourself. Does Mundane Matt have a thread?

No. 382957

No, I don't think he does (try the search link on the main /snow/ page at the bottom.) Why don't you make one for him or better yet an e-beggar thread so you can bitch about every channel who uses Patreon to your heart's content.

No. 382965

>time for these fucking fucks to go out and get a real job, be men and look after yourself

I'm not disagreeing with you, but there's been a lot of Patreon talk, e-begging, monetisation etc and I'm trying to understand where everyone's coming from. How is even the worst YouTuber any different than the shittiest band you've seen live (and I've been in a couple of those…) selling CDs and t shirts at the end of a show? YOU know they suck, but if others don't and want to pay more, how is this harming anyone? The market is deciding. It's different when you claim you're a charity case, and understandably so because of fraudsters, but let's say you ran a YouTube vlog channel chronicling a diagnosed illness for fellow sufferers and those seeking to learn more about it, providing a genuine account of your experience that's helpful to others who really enjoy your content and can afford a couple bucks to help. That's got to be different than twat boy Onision realising he's not worth fifty cents to 2m former subscribers he obliterated. Not since McLean Stevenson left MAS*H has there been a more catastrophic misjudgement of one's personal popularity. (Those under 25 may wish to Google this.)

Where do you stand on a channel like H3H3, though? They have a large subscriber base on YouTube based on their content, not drama. But even they had a Patreon account, now defunct. ("our channel has been able to grow to the point where we can sustain ourselves financially and we feel that taking your money at this point is, to put it lightly, unnecessary.")

I'm guessing the answers I'm going to get will include the obvious: that e-beggars should make better content, which in turn will result in more views and ad revenue, otherwise don't give up the day job and expect others to pay. Which is fair. Also that there are real charitable causes that would be better beneficiaries of your support. Further, that many patrons aren't really able to afford it - but that's speculation in part, and really only worries me when it's like a Peter Popoff type selling hope to the vulnerable and desperate, say.

But the history of art is full of examples of patronage. Your tax dollars even fund grants to aspiring artists - good and bad ones. if a YouTuber asks for the support of viewers to have the time to make and improve content to a point where they're in the big leagues, so long as it's legitimate and doesn't smack of fraud or confused ingratitude like Onion Boy, who used to be Gatsby throwing a party to which everyone came and is now witnessing his poorly attended funeral, I'm really having trouble seeing the issue. Plus, Patreon is a platform for interacting with your viewers and fans which, if done correctly, actually takes more work in the form of producing Exclusive Content. That's got to eat into your profit margin pretty quick…

YouTube isn't exactly the home of altruism, and while outright fraud should rooted out, if some guy yakking at his web cam can make £X a month on Patreon from those who want to see more his yakking at his web cam, why not? There's a briiliant guy on YouTube who coins it just by electrocuting himself every five minutes (you know who I mean - and if you don't, you should look him up) with all the ad revenue 1m subscribers and 5x views brings, corporate sponsorship, a legit day job and STILL has a Patreon account with 1,500+ patrons. Is this a quality/worthiness of content issue?

Saged for length (did I beat Egocast's record?), and being off topic - point taken, >>382957 - but genuinely interested to hear why so many appear to believe this practice is per se bad.

No. 382968

>did I beat Egocast's record?
Not even close anon, his post is at least 4X longer than yours…however because most of it contains large portions of posts he was responding to (because doofus didn't understand how to reply to a post properly) the actual amount of text he himself penned was maybe only 2X as long.

No. 382971

Damn. But don't worry, I won't try again.

No. 382982

I can't tell if you were being sarcastic or not, but I'd honestly love to see an e-beggars thread.

I personally have no problem with Patreon. I don't support any creators, but that's just for a lack of funds to do so. I see Patreon as almost a tipping service for people whose work you appreciate. What I do have a problem with, however, are people who make such a thing out of their Patreon or superchats. People like Sintra_Says, who rambles on and on in almost every video about "Gimme money for guns and ammo. Gimme money. I need your money," or Social Repose, who made that godawful video where he just said "Patreon" over and over for like three minutes. Those people can fuck off. I do respect people like Matt Christiansen, who mentioned in one video that he made a Patreon because people wanted to support him, and then never said anything about it again. And what's funny is, he makes more on his Patreon that he doesn't shill in every video, than the people who harp on and on about how "It's there if you wanna do the right thing. I mean, it's there. Don't be a dick {wink wink, nudge nudge}."

No. 382988

File: 1504075781783.jpg (29.47 KB, 543x125, 4603063.jpg)

As with all things, there are degrees of class and appropriateness, and those without it continue to spoil it for those who do.

Back to the spergs, here are a couple of comments I found of Link being …. Link.

>defender of the weak, fighter of evil, everyday hero - Link Mountaineer

No. 382989

File: 1504076067971.jpg (47.84 KB, 595x179, 35472578.jpg)

>you're the only person who has ever had anything constructive to say
>Joy isn't a liar because I am too smart to ever be lied to and you are all dumb dumbs not like me, I'm really smart and not retarded

No. 382990

File: 1504076135591.jpg (87.44 KB, 550x409, 95472987.jpg)

>some of Joy's other fans take it too far

No. 383000

File: 1504078919176.jpg (57.35 KB, 330x261, internet_white_knight_colored_…)

>>382990 oh fuck off with your bullshit excuses Patrick. I've gone toe to toe with you myself and I've seen you proclaim yourself a scientist at the same time as defending copper toxicity from IUD as possible and that tetanus is from rust, you absolute buffoon. And that person was extremely fair in what they had stated, they even partially defended your wank bank material but you couldn't stand them having any doubt at all.

Gtfo with your white knighting and bullshit damage limitation exercise which has gone into overdrive since you became aware that you're an infamous member of Cult Joyous. Everyone has seen you in action you idiot, it's too late to save what pitiful reputation you once had.

No. 383012

Okay, back from actual work. I too would love to see a patreon thread but no idea how to make one.
Link is pure cancer, i wonder how he feels now that she has other people in her circle and he is no longer one of them.
I agree with if the person makes exclusive or better content than maybe they have a patreon but people like Matt and Ego just sit infront of their cameras and talk shit. Fuck half the time Matt doesnt even edit out his fuckups.
I agree, make a patreon and then dont harp over it. Im fine with that, hell have a link in the description but people like Matt and Ego have to bring it up in every video. Its pathetic, Kati for all her evil doesnt bring it up in every video. I hate how she tells people not to donate but doesnt turn it off.

We all saw Ego for who he is, he is a pathetic pedo looking moron who has a very dull future in front of him. He would never be allowed to work at a 9-5 job because he would be in HR every second day because he lingered around a female employee too long.

The fact he thinks he is better than anyone else really pisses me off.

No. 383060

Samefag, kinda suss how we have not seen that anon twitter page active since we called out Ego.

Saged for tinfoil

No. 383075

This lad is one of the most annoying people on all of YouTube. He's like a shitty weed that doesn't go away, ever. Him saying "you again" is just dumb, considering how often he goes down the line and challenges so many different comments, even ones that are politely disagreeing. And what a loser to spend so much time defending her, I can't imagine he has time to do anything else, when he never leaves.
On her "Chanel" video, he had the nerve to leave a comment mentioning people like him can't leave a comment without being attacked by haters, failing to mention that most of the "attacks" are actually responses to him after he left a shitty reply on someone's elses comment. It's no wonder he is one of her peons, he has the same victim mentality.

No. 383082

File: 1504099036227.jpg (119.95 KB, 565x473, 82576248756287.jpg)

You mean like these comments, the ones I just screenshotted a few seconds ago? It's funny, I'm reading these comments and he agreed that anything you put up publicly is open for criticism. Except when it's something he puts up in public, or something his queen puts up in public.
He's just a drone worker ant, that's all. His existence is to serve the queen and nothing else. Pathetic, really.

No. 383094

I agree with you and am ok with it being used but not pushed. I can't help but think many turn it into competition of who can get the most patrons and/or dollars.

I think the only reason Kati doesn't bring her patreon up is because she knows it will be one more nail in her coffin. (Kati, this isn't a death threat.) She started it off on the wrong foot by talking about it and creating it, then later posting a video, asking if she should create one. Then the whole deal with it being reported, which still makes me laugh, thinking of her telling warski about that and saying the email from patreon said "You're good. We like you." She's been pegged an ebegger for a while and knows we are on top of it.

No. 383098

Stalkers ? Yeah ok asshole. Dude is absolutely insane. His comments are visible to everyone, so that means we can see them, just like joy, we see and hear what she says yet they still lie. They are bullies that keep pushing but when you push back, they run away crying.

No. 383103

>gets 5 or 6 downvotes

Doesn't he realize he put this massive target on his back all by himself, by being a huge piece of fecal matter & doing it so loudly & so widespread?
With so many people who know who he is and despise the little fucker, it's almost shocking that he has such little hate follow him to his own videos. But then again, no1curr about you, Mr Mountaineer.

No. 383117

The downvotes are because he has shit content. Its Super Smash Bro's but he is all alone, not even any internet friends play with him. Its boring.

No. 383313

>>383082 I saw some commenter tell him, 'STFU Patrick, no one cares about you,' and in response he said, "My 56 subscribers say differently," to which the commenter replied, 'No, they don't! Try getting 20% of them to watch any of your videos XD'
I can't be fucked to find it in the 100,00 YouTube comments this dude has posted this month, it's probably in a video this stain flagged down for 'valid reasons', but that one had me ROFL He let 56 subscribers go to his head. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z17rrnRRHDM this is literally Patrick.

No. 383464

You can search YouTube comments from a specific username using Google if enough time has passed for google to cache the page (usually 2-3 weeks.) All you need to do is put youtube.com and the username in the blank with the specific text you are searching for.

Example: [ youtube.com "Link Mountaineer" My 56 subscribers say differently ]

No. 383595

Off topic but still related. Kati has been showing her tits more and more. Kati blasted Based for showing her skin in the past so this is really really sad for Kati.

Anyways if nudes where leaked who would you look at?


I for one want to see Based, i bet they look amazing. Kati i want to wear a burka. Im often curious about chambers but Based is the one i would check out.

No. 383750


Well that was a thread killing statement if ever there was. Lmao!

No. 383887

what the fuck is wrong with you

No. 383892




If nudes were leaked of any of those cows, we should burn down the Internet and start over with chiseling stick animals into rock walls.

No. 383937

File: 1504211466160.jpg (7.6 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

>>383892 which would be difficult to do with permanently damaged retinas.

I'm seeing that scene in Indiana Jones when the Nazis open the Arc of the Covenant. Close your eyes!

No. 386214

Well when you're right, you're right.

I miss this thread and its crazies.

No. 389012

>>386214 the spergleberry crazies or the farmer crazies? Both…

I just checked through the main thread for the first time in a while and it looks like that is taking it's own dying gasps.

Now how to resurrect this thread… There's always the ever reliable Link? You just know that basement dweller is still white knighting for his dear Joyous, somewhere. Dreaming for the day that Kati finally acknowledges his pitiful existence.

If all else fails, we could always try channeling the Archangel Michael?

No. 389208

I absolutely can't stand link. I have argued with him from the start of all this no matter if my comment was negative or not. And every time I bitch him out. I seriously think he's a 14 year old WOW playing, pontificating douche.

No. 389287


The last I saw of him he was pleading innocence, he claimed he was the victim of a smear campaign. This was in response to someone recognising his name and telling him he was a notorious spergleberry who can spin for BS faster than a tunnel web.

He is just like his beloved Joyous, delusional, with a side of victim mentality, despite being the biggest bully in any situation.

No. 389321

where was this?

long-time Link fan here. he spergs out so easily and so readily. and condescending much?! despite his talk about his totally real diplomas, he's let slip various pieces of contradictory information along the line, including the admission that yes, he is still in school.

I loved it when he got twitter-famous for his bullying and scrambled to paint himself as a Nice Guy (tm) who never did nuffin. I'd normally feel bad picking on actual aspie, but he's just such a cunt.

as to the main thread, I'm a bit sad, the most entertaining fuckups seem to have left for greener pastures. mspionage has made a half-assed effort to be a thing, but it doesn't have the same charm as say that threadmaker who thought they got to call the rules, and whose intro post was a fucking doctoral essay … after being edited down for size twice. sigh good times

No. 389569

File: 1505859473377.jpg (219.1 KB, 720x1168, Collage 2017-09-19 17_05_58.jp…)

I don't give a fuck if Nathan is currently "suicidal."

This is an example of the kind of trashy losers that Kati Marie Smith surrounds herself with.

He's angry because Joy has been mostly ignoring him (she doesn't need a mod right now) and instead of focusing his pathetic anger on Joy or himself, he chooses to pick on some of the weakest among us. Disabled children.

Not to mention he goes right to racism as an outlet for his misery.

Attention seeking cuck.

No. 390069

Hey, I come with fresh milk on a new sperg we can add to this list, ForNoGoodReason or Anthony Aguilar. He's now jumped on the Joysus defense
Time Stamp: 14:55 to 30:00 Go have a look

No. 390139

You're retarded.

No. 390310


I'll see if I can find the screenshot, Anon, I'm sure it got posted somewhere. You could hear the sound of the world's smallest violin's playing as he proclaimed his innocence.

No. 390327


He does it a lot, so it could be any of these old screenshots, but here's one.


I think there are some in the main threads as well. I've even seen him fighting with people about it in live chats and comment sections. Basically anywhere you find Link, you find Link's savior/victim complexes.

No. 390862

File: 1506056639618.jpg (27.89 KB, 526x187, 39586.jpg)

Not that any of these people are relevant, but it's amusing that they're still sperging at each other on Twitter. This is one of a long chain of jabs back and forth between these two, at least one referenced Do5 but mostly it's just the severely mentally challenged smearing poop in each other's hair. The only reason it's funny is because they're still going at it.

No. 392297

Link AKA Patrick Daye let drop in the comments of Kati's last video on hurricane Irma that he lives in North Carolina and was worried that the storm might effect him. He really doesn't know people know what his last name is, he also seems to have no idea what a reputation for being a known asshole he has kek

No. 395634

File: 1506819970277.jpg (158.33 KB, 800x1027, IMG_20171001_020425.jpg)

September 30th, 2017. A day that will live in infancy…

No. 396491


"This is a decoration of war!"

Is he for real or is this a parody? Please say it's a parody.

No. 396997

File: 1507024641635.png (207.11 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3292.PNG)

Unfortunately this isn't a parody the guy is a fully fledged retard who views Kati as a "real life" friend.
He gets drunk and rages if it wasn't so autistic it would be hilarious, one saving grace is that with a bit of luck he's going to get trolled to rage level off the scales
If you look through his twitter (same name) you'll see he's got a history of raging at women and has on more than one occasion been really sexually inappropriate to females.
There's plenty of scope for milk with this one

No. 397136

He's got a cute cat, though. He can't be all bad if he likes cats.

No. 397415

Won't be long and It will be sieg heiling too

No. 398291

File: 1507205058713.jpg (57.27 KB, 615x345, 345934.jpg)

>I've only started watching both of your channels recently
Did Link have a psychotic break and lose the last 10 months of his memory?

No. 398473


No. 398776

That doesnt mean a thing, I have cats, im an asshole.

Also Mundane Matt is a huge asshole and is becoming Kati. ^k for a vet bill but no receipts and e-begging at the beginning of every video.

No. 399697

Joy has removed her channel, so the spergout from her spergs should be something to behold in coming days. Watch this space.

No. 400201

Lol Exactly what I was thinking and decided to drop in.

Their desperation is so obvious, they are panicking because if she disappears then they won't be able to be noticed as a friend of a YouTube star, little do they realize that most people dislike or even hate joy. Alex being one of the worst, you'd think the dipshit would take a step away after getting his ass fired. He was on her deactivation stream commenting bullshit so he would get noticed, like "joy we still have to finish our convo!!" Thinking everyone else is all omggggg he is so lucky to be frenz with her!! No, Alex, nobody sees a parasite latching on to another parasite as admirable in any way. Maybe he and cy can have their own little "Saturday night racism" streams instead of crying into his red towel. I will never let go, joy….I'll never let go……

I will say that one of her diehards has impressed me as of late, stating things that she believes are wrong for joy to have done. That's how to adult, you can still support a person while disagreeing with some of their actions, of course joy sees a disagreement as an action of an enemy.

No. 401329

File: 1507608340398.jpg (136 KB, 800x644, IMG_20171010_050306.jpg)

As Rossetti remarked after the Pre-Raphaelite group broke up, "and so the Round Table is dissolved…"

No. 401393

Ladies and Gentlemen, Joan of Arc has left the building

No. 401935

File: 1507727834967.jpg (88.51 KB, 1763x614, derp.JPG)

meanwhile, over in the main thread

No. 402152

Chambers is such a shining example of a failing try hard

No. 402157


When you WANT to be a lolcow and fail at it… wow, what do you even say to someone like that? A loser at being the cringe loser they aspire to be?

No. 402352

a turbo retard

No. 402388

Thanks for the free advertisement as it was unexpected. By the way, the salt is real. https://mobile.twitter.com/ChambersofHeart/status/918327901862465536/photo/1(ban evasion)

No. 402402

File: 1507788174868.jpg (222.88 KB, 1009x1137, derp.jpg)

The spergout on twitter over getting banned for this post.
She thinks we're the salty ones

No. 402408

You keep posting about it and following me. Just FYI

No. 402411

Ban evasion is against board rules. Just FYI

No. 402413

Lol, that was one IP. Either way, I'll take my exit for now and leave you farmers be(ban evasion)

No. 403749

anyone know this richard stiles guy? he keeps uploading her videos and if you say anything negative her freaks out
legit doxxed his address to someone

No. 404504

File: 1508160473025.jpg (332.08 KB, 1440x2012, IMG_20171016_091538.jpg)

Adding for lols

Cy's YT bio, where mentioning joy is priority. Somehow she is unaware that it is not flattering.

No. 404932

this isn't related to kati, but it involves a lot of the people discussed in this thread. made fools of themselves again. first they trusted scammer kati, now they got embarassed publicly by trusting another "skepticTM" hoax.
i really hate this chick's cadence. she's painful to listen to. as she says in the video, she already got fooled 3 times in the past few months and never learns.

>I'll take my exit for now and leave you farmers be

good job acting so smart on here comh when you are a complete idiotic joke.

No. 404965

That video is hilarious. I love it when, about a third of the way in, she laments that the Sceptic Community simply cannot simply take people at their word when they say they have an issue but must be, you know, sceptical… Used again, three times in five months. Now she's going to scrutinize everything and examine every faucet (sic!) of a story…. Brainless, the lot of them.

No. 405059

She is quite insufferable.
As much as I hate to admit it, I find joy far more tolerable even though she is evil and I don't feel chambers is a bad person.

I can't deal with someone talking like "What the story iiiiiis with pagan minotaurrrrrr….then feel free to click offfffff ….I put out one to twoooooo videooooooos"

No. 405143

Chosing between Joy's nattering sneer and Chambers' vacant drawl is like asking whether you'd rather listen to Beavis or Butthead, Ren or Stimpy. Both annoying, just in different ways.

I tend to agree tho that Chambers isn't bad, just indicative of so many her kind: not too bright, dull and powerless, lousy judges of character convinced they alone can Do Good and Help Others. This sadly takes the form of "Save Ferris" campaigns, blabbering and gossiping or worse, attacking and exposing their perceived enemies, and encouraging others to do the same - hence the video at >>404932, and another on her YouTube from the other week wherein she was tricked AGAIN by someone her husband had _immediately_ clocked as being something of a wrong 'un - but then we assume he doesn't have the same issues with minor autism that render him a bit socially tone deaf.

Incidentally, this video is hilarious because of her attempts not to name the subject or the situation. She winds up in some beautifully contorted sentences about "The Individual in the Particular Situation," "the Person in the Pacific (sic) Case," all that kind of stuff. If you're not confused in under ten minutes, you're probably the kind of guy who thinks Memento was a linear narrative…

No. 405340

She put out a video recently asking people to tell her honestly why her channel is bleeding subs, is it because she isn't very engaging or has little to no worth in conversation?
Please tell me honestly guys, am I too depressing?

No. 405413

All I know about Richard Stiles comes from the Amazon link he puts in the description of his mirrored Joy videos. Fancies himself a sci fi/fantasy writer. Not so much Alfred Bester as Worster… You too can read a sample of his latest alternate history novel - the first of a trilogy, no less! - entitled _The Retaliators; Master Of Time: Act 1 of The Gemini War Trilogy_. Which is funny, because this was what Jane Austen originally wanted to call _Pride and Prejudice_.


"41st century Croatian Archduke, Prince Damon Pythias [oh please…] has diverged into two versions of himself, one decidedly darker than the other. When the darker Damon discovers the existence of his duplicate, and that his double still has something he lost, a war between them threatens to unravel all existence. There are not only two, they each have bifurcated many times, those time-clones then bifurcate more of their like, and the war between the two kinds of Prince Damon is a battle waged across all the Timescape. The winner will become the One, the true and all powerful Master Of Time."


First (self) published in 2011, the idea for this travesty (autocorrect for trilogy) "came as the result of my conclusion that if I ever wanted to see this sort of thing done to my satisfaction, I'd have to do it myself." Much like his sex life, one guesses.

"At first glance," he continues, "when you see what this seems to be, don’t presume it to be what you’d expect, because it’s not. […] These stories are designed to jazz your mind and can actually raise the level of your consciousness." Very helpfully, he's "formatted these stories as visions instead of chapters," which seems to mean he's written dialogue like a script.

There is an upside and a downside to the Schwartz, and so too with his fiction: "Some entities will give you the dark stuff and tell you it’s the lightside stuff. The Old Testament and its related counterparts do that, in my opinion. Some other stuff does that as well, but I try not to do that. I’m not a deceiver, but watch out, there are a lot of deceivers out there, packaging darkness as light. There are gray areas between the dark and light. I like exploring those gray areas. That’s what makes it complex. That’s not the only complexity, I further complicate it with intricacy, especially in regards to the time travel stuff. I’m one of those people who watched Back To The Future over and over, to connect the earlier bits to the later bits, and the connection only makes sense after you’ve seen it, and even more so the second and third time." Rick and Morty is so much child's play to a mind of this calibre.

Haven't heard of him? Don't fool yourself, Richard could be among the giants of the genre (much as he dislikes genre fiction and selling out - a term usually used by artists who can't sell at all) but for his creative freedom. " I believe I’ve tweaked my skills to a point where I could beg my way in, but I won’t. Some bad water already went under the bridge, and Scorpios don’t forgive. Or beg. Plus, I like my rights and artistic freedom. And there may be some oaths and allegiances I’m not willing to make. Fraternities I don’t want to join. I live for the future, so this path comes naturally for me. Someone who lives for the now would be miserable on this path." But he holds that this still counts as success - perhaps even more than actual success counts as success: ". I feel like Lovecraft, sometimes. My life mirrors his. I have done what he did, before I decided to do it for myself instead of selling it for scraps to bigshots who get rich off it. Lovecraft died poor, he wasn’t appreciated till after he passed over. To me, that still counts as success. More so than any success the bigshots have achieved. Who were they, in their big houses and fancy cars? No one knows, no one cares. They gave nothing to the world, they only took from those who did."

And so I leave you with this veritable Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Be sure to pick up a copy of The Retaliators and jazz your consciousness.

No. 405459


best word in that entire post… the use/placement of "travesty"

No. 405818

The similarities to Brett Keane are quite uncanny

No. 414630

Apparently Joy and her inner circle have disowned Alex( shrubtime). She hosted 2 streams letting people guest who felt wronged by him.
Now if any one here has personally felt victimized by Regina George….

No. 415822

how long before Link is gone too? He has lied about his age and his "Qualifications"

No. 420064

File: 1510288354257.jpg (43.42 KB, 532x433, Capture.JPG)

Richard Stiles is reporting and screen saving for his file anyone who disagrees with him and Kati.

No. 420094

Actually he's apparently going to try and doxx everyone that he considers a hater. He said a little bit about it in the video about JosheyC. He admitted he's a mental case openly in that video and used his 4th cousins suicide as some insane justification for dragging Joshey through the mud. I hope I'm doing this right, first time anon here.
-sage for speculation?

No. 420149

File: 1510297687130.png (287.3 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20171110-065513.png)

In other news, Russiabunny - the girl who came on at the end Joy's public humiliation live stream of Alex, all upset about how much she'd given him, is claiming on Twitter to have lied about it because she was angry at him. As others have pointed out, much of the flak from Richard Stiles etc. Al. over the last day or so started on a thread expressing concern for Russiabunny and questioning Joy's silence. And of course Alex didn't deny it on his self effacing apology stream. Just gets weirder, man…

No. 420189

>>420094 Welcome new anon. To reply to a post you just type >> followed by the post number as you did at the end. Leave the name and E-mail field blank. Enter 'sage' into the E-mail field if your post contains no info (milk) such as screenshots, links to new information, etc. . . You have 30 minutes to delete a post after you make it.

As for Richard Stiles, he is legitimately insane. He believes that particle accelerators, CERN specifically, are a Luciferian plot to destroy a barrier that has the demon Samael locked away. He says this is the true devil from the bible and that Lucifer is just a name for 'architect angels', so all Christians are really worshipping Lucifer as the dark angels lead by Samael won the angelic war but the angels of light sealed Samael away before they were forced to fully retreat as a last ditch effort.

This is what he literally believes so when he says anything remember to juxtapose what he is saying with this and put about as much stock in it as you would this. He's a Flat Earther. He's a deluded moron. This is why he clings to Kati. He believes Kati has some similar beliefs (Indigo nonsense) and sees a place where he won't be turned away for being an crackpot and possibly even respected. Little does he know all Kati's spiritual beliefs are just lies. It will be interesting to see his meltdown when he understands that Kati doesn't believe shit, has no moral code except selfishness, and couldn't give a single shit about him. She will have to throw him under the bus at some point as he is a detriment.

No. 420252

Geekthulu is scum, he found out about a person being raped and continued to make sex and rape jokes at her. Phil needs to make a video exposing him, people thought he was on the fence but now he is a true joytard. He even thinks he is convincing people to be in her cult.

No. 420261

File: 1510314244800.jpg (664.67 KB, 1065x1794, SmartSelectImage_2017-11-10-06…)

"Someone" is JosheyC, whom between Stiles and Kek, was bullied into submission.

No. 420262

File: 1510314269440.jpg (290.35 KB, 1079x1069, SmartSelectImage_2017-11-10-06…)

No. 420263

File: 1510314397535.jpg (273.7 KB, 1064x855, SmartSelectImage_2017-11-10-06…)

For some truly retarded reason, Stiles seems ignorant to the fact that other people screen shot this stuff too. These last few days have provided so many examples of Joytards Gone Wild it's… sad.

No. 420305


I suspect a good number of the people Joy had on her stream that night were lying about their experience - they were all literally parroting one another; and all their parroting was just echoing what Joy herself said happened.

It's very high schoolish; agreeing with the 'popular' person in the hopes of leeching off that popularity. It's depressing.

No. 420641

Sadly this is what her lies do to people. Everyone is being all nice to this Russia girl when she threw Alex under the bus. I dont even understand how she was mad when it literally didnt affect her.

No. 420647

File: 1510352248440.jpg (45.45 KB, 570x354, 1.JPG)

No. 420648

File: 1510352260004.jpg (73.98 KB, 575x588, 2.JPG)

No. 420650

File: 1510352289371.jpg (67.65 KB, 579x545, 3.JPG)

Kati trying to control him. lol

No. 420651

You can tell she is trying her best to tell him to shut up without upsetting him but at the same time making herself look good.

No. 420654

But we do have the evidence, we have screen shots and the video. Is she fucking stupid?

No. 420661

I love how these people are always 'just defending myself' and never the ones starting shit or refusing to let it go long after everyone else has. team martyr, yo.

uhm, this has been part of the 'insulation' she's done all along. she creates a parallel narrative where everything she doesn't like is just lies and her spergs lap it up.

(speaking of spergs, I don't believe what is going on in the main thread with the 'family'. there's a number of red flags around it, and it makes me cringe so hard that everyone is licking their asses so much. /end vent)

No. 420670

And what red flags are you seeing in the family member anons?

No. 420671

yeah the family thing is really sus. soooo exhausted trying to do the right thing by Kati but have time and energy to assassinate her on lolcow. either they are fakes or they're nasty assholes, and people like Kati don't exist in vacuums, it's just that their families claim they do. source: my aunt is a "Kati".

this same grovelling occurred in the Raven threads. I understand showing a friendly response to a good source but people project far too much.

No. 420682

File: 1510356553651.png (205.42 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20171110-230948.png)

You know things are bad when Janus is the voice of reason telling you to simmer down. The Retaliator slinks back to his cave, like Grendel… (1/3)

No. 420684

File: 1510356590881.png (230.7 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20171110-231018.png)


No. 420685

File: 1510356640597.png (202.58 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20171110-232034.png)


No. 420851

Kati is disgusting and all this coming out has her scared. She knows her fans are sick of her defending Richard and what he stands for, they know she is lying. I cant wait for her to just fuck off. I hope there in an investigation as it looks like they have utilities and shit in his mums name

No. 420957


53..?? He sounds like an angsty teenager. "My supposed friends…I'll slip away.. UNLESS YOU APOLOGIZE!!" FFS, you're a very grown man.

No. 421266


Clearly, they were all doctored/taken out of context. /sarcasm

No. 421412

I'm not helping them up their troll game. Read back over their posts with a critical eye; it's pretty damn obvious when you take it as a whole instead of bit by bit as it comes in.

oh thank god, I thought I was the only one. and yes, exactly my thoughts, if they're real, they explain why she turned out as she did. I don't think they are real though - I have a feeling we've seen them in the threads before and this is just a new angle from an old troll.

oh god yeah. Dorian and his missus deserved some sympathy and all but it got so over the top. it's fucking lolcow, not a mother's group.

No. 421614

Then why hasn't she even tried to debunk them? She's pretending not to see it, which we know is the biggest sign that she's been caught.

No. 421696

she ignores stuff all the time. and why would she draw attention to it? fake or not, it wouldn't help her to acknowledge it.

No. 422744

Who is this Richard Styles gimp? I stopped following the car crash before he entered stage left but other than saying he hosted her videos, there isn't much info about him on here?

Why are you so angry, Dick? You are aware that your constant white knighting and physical threats won't get you any closer to Joyous' mouldy, herpes infested mashed potatoes? Neither will your money, you would be better off investing your money into a decent quality blow up sex doll, a good therapist and even better medication. You need to ease the pressure in your throbbing brow vein before it explodes, Dick.

No. 423603

File: 1510662290952.png (32.13 KB, 736x628, Screenshot 2017-11-14 23.10.34…)

Twitter banned him i guess for another 24 hours. He said some horrible stuff about rape.

As i said i wonder who he will blame for reporting him?

No. 423616


If this unhinged asshole is a repeat offender and has been temp banned more than once, how does he still have an account?

No. 423838

Just from the bits of info I have read about him, he sounds completely unstable. Exactly the kind of person Kati would need as an attack dog, only she didn't think it through because she seems to have barely any control over him.

Elana , Bloodclot and Link aren't a patch on him!

No. 423887

The saddest thing about the spergles is some of them are genuinely talented (Elana as a song writer, Alex as a composer, even Richard has at least a grasp on art) but they'd rather waste their time on this chick and fuck up the chance of anyone taking them seriously due to the association/ white knighting.

No. 424222

A little bird tells me Richard Stiles's channel was removed for third party copyright violations, but upon visiting YouTube I can see his channel exists but minus the veritable 16 Millimetre Shrine to Joy; all those backed up videos for Good People, gone!

No. 424414


I still have a lot of her older videos that I haven't uploaded to vidme yet. The problem is I have nothing recent because I stopped following all of this. And the other problem is that if it was illness related, I probably don't have it. Except for a few where she acted like a complete lunatic, like the Kathy video where she was giddy pissing her pants with excitement, over an argument she "won" and got in with a random woman on FB.

That being said the older stuff is still some of the best because she wasn't as guarded then, she was spewing bullshit like a fountain because the majority where still standing by her back then. She felt untouchable.

No. 424416

Samefag at >>424414

That should have said if it was NOT illness related, I probably don't have it, bar a few exceptions.

No. 424437


The channel you're looking at may be one of his alternate channels. The one that was terminated was the one with the odd name attached to it.

No. 424462


His Waga.. crap channel is still there https://www.youtube.com/user/WanagiAkicita/videos

No. 424464

File: 1510751132113.png (75.09 KB, 547x414, qdI3Uyx.png)

So… WTF? These spergleberries are like "needs a helmet to go outside" level stupid.

No. 424496

Could be, but it sure looks like the original one - right down to the wackadoodle Venus At Night Disproves the Globe crap.

Thank you for mentioning WanagiAkicita (Sioux/Lakota for spirit warrior, I think I read somewhere?). His six Writer's Rant videos from nine years ago look promisingly amusing. Wonder if he'll tell us all about his literary aesthetic and just how he's just like HP Lovecraft…. I've read some of his Retaliators book on Amazon and he'd be lucky to write as well as HP Sauce.

No. 424505


What will it take for these painfully stupid morons to finally open their eyes?

No. 424560


But was the wagadingdong channel the one that had all the Joy vids uploaded to it - because, I'm pretty sure it wasn't.

No. 424563

File: 1510762332785.jpg (53.47 KB, 618x326, terminated-apparently.jpg)

Nope. It was the Richard Stiles one. That's still there minus all the Joy videos (archived elsewhere by many others) which was said to have been terminated. But looking it up, I can see the channel - just not those videos. No idea, tbh.

No. 424564

There were only a couple joy vids on his wagging ding dong channel… the streams were being uploaded to this channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5dVN6czvcI5gsnCg_w3ZKA/videos and it now looks like Joysus has struck the crap out of him for copyrights.

No. 424566

Here's the YouTube clip mentioned in the tweet, fwiw.

No. 424568


The projection is strong in this one!

Seriously! This is coming from a guy who's not only verbally assaulted females online (Hell - he's shitting based mama in that very same comment!); but only has 252 subs on that channel he's shit talking Failure on. Also, why is he defending Joy as hard as he is if not to meet her approval? Fuck - he only backed down on his twitter rampage after she stepped in to pat his head and praise him for his defense of her name.

Self awareness? he does not have it.

No. 424570


When Joy throws them under the bus and spins the tires on their genitals. Only then will it sink in that - maybe - she's not the sweet person they've convinced themselves she is.

No. 424571


In his quickly deleted vid, he claimed to be a narcissist who saw a kindred spirit in Kati and thought he could teach her how to be comfortable being the narcissist she was meant to be.

No. 424572


And, half the spergleberries got boners reading that and thinking of their precious Joysus taking the time out to spin bus tires on their genitals.

No. 424573

Ah, hang on, hang on. He's seemingly gone and set it up again as another Richard Stiles channel with a handful of his usual videos.


As for copyright, he had two short videos on the old channel trying to mess about with audio to see if it'd pass YT detection (he tweeted VHS Archive or someone about it). Could be that. Or maybe (dons tinfoil) our own Joy pulled the rug out from under him as he wasn't going to take them down by himself…?

No. 424577


The only reason I asked was because, looking up his name on Youtube, gives me two channels with the same name (yes, it is the same guy) with only seven subs a piece. One channel has a single video upload to it (which was uploaded two years ago) and the other ones last upload was five months ago.

No. 424578

I posted link in this comment >>424564

That was book mark used to check for uploaded Kati videos. 100% certain that's where they were being uploaded to because I used bookmark to get there.

No. 424580


Yes, but didn't she initially give him permission to do so? I'm pretty sure I recall him mentioning he was doing this on one of her vids (before she deleted her channel) and she thanked him for doing so.

No. 424586


Yes, she openly gave him permission and thanked him for advice and promoted his channel. But, you never know when the great bus ticket to the city of lights will come up and it's you're turn at the bus stop.

I don't remember what else was on there except that most of it seemed old.

No. 424588


How hilariously sad is it that the majority of the liked videos he has listed - are his own?

Also - I'm not in the least surprised that one of the folks he's subbed to is Nicole Arbor - the most self centered, unfunny cunt on Youtube.

No. 424591


Nov 10th archive of the videos on the channel I'd linked above in >>424564


No. 424594


9 Oct archive of same channel.. https://archive.is/pDtkI

No. 424901

as much as I hate to give him credit for anything, he is not wrong in his assessment of Borked Mama

No. 425006


I can't say if he's right or wrong in his assumption on BM (snickers); though - he's the last one to judge others over shit talking women when he does it, himself.

No. 425136

This is seriously the best thing I've ever read. Fucking hilarious and true.

Kati is the kind of Satan that internet nightmares are made of.

No. 425174

>>424580 He said several times that he was sending Kati all the adsense money he got from uploading her streams.

No. 425247

File: 1510811509271.jpeg (263.43 KB, 1228x789, 8635B0ED-A06D-4B8E-8D88-94D4CE…)

Borked mama is just as trashy

No. 425437


Again - I wouldn't know myself, because I don't keep up with her antics.

The point I was trying to make is that - whether the woman in question is trashy or not - Stiles has no business judging others for shit talking women when he's guilty of doing it, himself.

No. 425547


She is disgusting, she has lost her own kids yet condemns others. She body shames women with small breasts.

This person is a step away from being a prostitute the way she E-Begs while showing her tits.

No. 426112

oh, I agree anon. Personally, I'd say he has no business judging anything both because he's a loony and a raging hypocrite about almost everything. I just enjoyed taking a dig at another mini-cow by pointing out he did get that right.

No. 426265

Because mocking a mother who lost her children to an abusive muslim father is so classy and hilarious. Smdh at you, anon.

No. 426596

as opposed to getting butthurt that someone pointed out her hypocrisy, and race-baiting. keep judging anon, you better person, you.

No. 427565

File: 1511063829242.jpg (164.14 KB, 1828x529, lil richie losin his shit.JPG)

Stiles threw a shit shitfit in the main thread - and in typical stile, used the older thread not the latest one.
everyone gonna get sued and prosecuted and cry lots oh noes!
(next post was someone doxing him)

No. 427568

>full prosecution
jesus what a sperg

No. 427637


What is he shitting on about?

Also I don't know what thread he gas been reading but a lot of the Anons on here don't trust or like Rose either, or her father. I don't trust them due to something I was informed of by an Anon I trust. But believe it or not Troglodyte, it is possible to not like or trust someone yet still think someone has used and abused them for their own shitty means. What Kati did to Rose and most importantly, the children, was fucking disgusting and she is still doing it! Still trying to play the innocent card despite all evidence proving otherwise.

Stop projecting your black and white thinking onto everyone else, a lot of Anons have spoken out against Rose, Chambers, Based, etc and stated if CPS who know the ins and outs of this case have decided they should remain in foster care, then there will be a bloody goof reason for it.

You have aligned yourself with a compulsive liar, one who has put her family through hell, anyone who has supported her has been thrown under the bus, lied about, accused of heinous untrue things, yet your ego won't allow you to accept that she will do the exact same thing to you the second you stop being useful.

No. 428607

I honestly wonder how Stiles feels about Joy saying only The Blargh is permitted to upload her streams. I can't see him taking the news well.

No. 428832

>>428607 Kind of fucks up his appeal where he says, 'I created and own this video,' doesn't it? lol

No. 429117

Little Wagner, Google image pic of a white knight in a chess board, bolt that onto Joy's stream.. Transformative! Original content!

No. 429242

Geekthulhu is a grade a moron. I'm still listening to the Tonka stream, all he can do is threaten and be verbally abusive. He offered no evidence to anything he had to say, yet laughed like a fucking loon whenever Chambers cited things found here, as usual they discard the fact that lolcow back up claims with evidence, or clearly state speculation when there is no evidence.

He proved himself to be the fucking useless idiot we all knew he had to be to defend Kati.

As for trying to deny this is her family, how much more evidence do you want geek? Phil has verified their identity, they have posted photos and a trophy complete with her name, that only family would keep.

I don't know if Based is coming back but if she is, I wasn't that impressed with what she said to Kati. It was frustrating listening to them because for every piece of bullshit Joy threw out, I could have thrown two identical examples of her doing the same fucking thing, or being a hypocrite but as per usual Kati got away with a lot of shit.

For example her trying to justify being polite and not talking over people in a debate setting, did she forget about her and her little pack talking over Ridgemont, laughing in her face, calling her a cunt repeatedly? Or stuffing her fat face while debating Onion?

No. 429585

The stream has just become available in my country and I'm listening to it and, good grief, Geek is such a cunt! I hadn't really paid any attention to him since he became pro-Joy, and I am amazed by how vitriolic he is. The language he is using against Chambers is horrible. I am indifferent to Chambers, but the way he is swearing at her and calling her a retard over and over again makes me really uncomfortable.

I remember away back when he first commented on Joy he made good points against her and I liked his video. Then he got suckered in to Joy's bullshit and I was disappointed and proceeded to stop paying him attention. But, bloody hell, Cuckthullu indeed.

Sage for pathetic

No. 429604

What is Richard on about his channel isn’t terminated it’s still up.

No. 429765

>>429604 It was down due to being hit with copyright infringement claims. I think whoever did it just wanted his address in case they felt authorities needed to be called because he's extremely unstable and was making threats. Now that they have it and he appealed they released the claim. Still, some pretty funny sperging from a guy who's attacking other people's channels all the time lol anyone with half a brain cell knew those claims would get released.

No. 429802

That’s funny. I haven’t looked at his channel for a while so I didn’t know that it was taken down. Lol

No. 429915

As much as It pains me to say this, Geeks comments to Chambers were out of line.

It is easy to put all of this on Joy and boy I would love to but the part that keeps running around my head after listening to this and Rose's call, every time something happens Rose runs to based, she doesn't tell Chambers to protect her but she runs to Based. She seems to be the center of all the drama behind the scenes and in public, she sits back and lets them all fight. I don't really want to be giving her this much credit. Has anyone else had this thought?

No. 430035

Yeah, geek was just being awful to chambers. He made lots of accusations but provided no proof or even reasoning behind it.
That stream was awful. I could only listen to about 3/4 of the way in. No one debated anyone or even listened to each other. They all seemed like total jerks.(with the exception of the guy hosting it.)

No. 430160

>>429915 I have had similar thoughts. She gets a lot of passes for being anxious, for having learning disabilities, for being fearful of confrontation, etc. Yet she has no trouble running to Based with information, she was the one who came up with the idea to bait Joy, slag off Based and Chambers to win Joy's trust, etc. She came up with that plan, not Chambers, not Based who was against it, yet we are supposed to believe she isn't bright enough to play people? The fact she came up with that plan implies otherwise. And why not inform Chambers? If she can tell Based what was going on and her plan, why not tell Chambers who was one of the first people to help her with all of this? Why not tell Chambers that she is going to make out that she is that much if a control freak that Rose felt like she needed to make a secret email account to contact Joy? And then stand back and watch Chambers get thrown to the wolves over things she had no idea about?

I've never liked or trusted Chambers either but she did do a lot for Rose and that was the thanks she got for it. No she isn't perfect but she didn't deserve to be spoken to like that and she didn't deserve to be used as bait, especially without informing her.

I'm not buying everything people are trying to sell about Rose. She isn't as incompetent as people make out.

No. 430853

I wanted to respond to the post about Sinatra Says in the Joy thread, but I think it belongs here. Does anyone else think he's just too proud to admit that he basically endorsed a crazy person? He will defend her all day long before he ever swallows his pride.

No. 430864

Almost everyone in this situation is special needs. It seems to be a prerequisite for getting involved with the cult of Joyous.
As far as I understand it, he's not one to admit when he has made a mistake.

No. 431326


According to Geekthulu - these Kumite debates don;t require the conbatants to provide evidence to back up their accusations. They're only there to talk as much shit to/about each other as a means of entertaining the crowd.

I smell BS.

No. 431327


Given that Chambers was looking to make amends with Joy during the Kumite stream, I wouldn't put much trust in Chambers, either.

No. 431410

Also according to Geekthulu Kati’s social security number has been posted to Kiwi farms. It hasn’t. So take anything that cuck says with a grain of salt.

No. 431460


I saw that.

Someone ought to ask him to link the page where it's posted. But, much like when Chambers asked him to post a link to the video he claimed she said something he accused her of - he wo't be able to find it and claim someone deleted it.

No. 431946

The kumite is mostly intended as an opportunity for two people with beef to get into a roast fest. Watch some of the other matches on the channel and honestly Geek was pretty tame. It’s not a place to debate, it’s to shit talk. Also fwiw Chambers was the one who asked Tonka to set it up. I mean the fact it’s called “kumite” and is wrestling themed should give the kayfabe away ;)

While I don’t particularly like either Chambers or Based, I do feel a lot of sympathy for them since I believe they were sincere with their intentions. Unfortunately it does sound like Rose was being incredibly dishonest and by playing high school games, she has not only given Kati a lot of ammo, she has potentially damaged the future of the case.

No. 432029

It appears as if Richard Stiles has deleted every comment he made from that account on his YouTube channel. Kati tosses another Spergleberry under the wheels. Just another defrocked minion left feeling she did them wrong and unhappy with how they were used and tossed aside.

No. 432138

>>432029 He was warned. Strangely enough he warned again on here just before she threw him under the bus. I have no sympathy for Dick, I hope his ego is stinging.

No. 432142

The reason I was so shaken up by Geek's behaviour at my post >>429585 towards Chambers is that she is an aspie and you can really tell with her arguing ability. People on the spectrum have different strengths and weaknesses and I really feel public speaking is not one of hers based on every time I have heard her talk so even though she kept trying to come back at Geek, he was just taking advantage of the fact she didn't command much of a standing in the argument, most of the time. (And, yes, admittedly I am overly sensitive to 'retard'. Pathetic I know.)

She has quite a monotone voice which is a spectrumite issue. Some autistics are good at that kind of thing (I am for instance - debate and public speaking are something I love as an aspie - though an argument broadcast online would totally fuck me up because it isn't structured.)
Essentially what I'm saying is there are different sorts of autistic and Chambers definitely doesn't seem to be the outgoing theatrical flavour.

As I said, I'm indifferent to her as a person, but I can empathize with her over my impression of the debate/argument and my being autistic like her. It was a shit show, and I do also feel sorry for both her and Based. As far as I can tell, their hearts seem to be in the right place and they did seem to want to properly help Rose. Everything else was a complete farce.

Repost for typos.

No. 432154

File: 1511696676951.png (260.12 KB, 1787x990, 2017-11-26.png)

A defrocked minion indeed - although he is trying to save face… Apparently Joy failed his test, kek.

No. 432258

>>432154 That last post - Good fucking grief! This guy is delusional!

A real friendship would not be ruined by outside individuals spreading 'lies and rumors'. Real friends also do not put each other through bullshit tests to prove their loyalties/trustworthiness.

How old are these people, again?!

No. 432624

Eh, excuse me, crazyman? I assume you mean@@ to call us 'trolls' since you lot are the idiot ones, but anyway. You dare to accuse people such as ourselves (and the anti-joy gang on Twitter) as engineering 'twisted spins' to make you look bad? Honey, you are a s.e.v.e.r.e. mental case, we didn't have to do anything to make people believe that, it was your own damn mental behaviour!

Also, saying he and Kati's relationship 'benefitted her more than' him is just the nutjob nail in the coffin. That's a damn high opinion he has of himself there. And what the fuck has he 'done' for her other than being an unasked (but quietly condoned) nasty attack dog? That made him look bad and it especially made Kati look bad by a) association and b) by not telling him to calm down on the viciousness.

Jesus Christ, even away from her he doesn't properly sound like, well, someone whose properly changed his mind as such, he just sounds like a bitter old psycho man, blaming everyone else and still wishing he was in Kati's good (?) books. He's still feeling culty to me.

I would say, 'good riddance' but I'm dubious as fuck that this will be the last we are subjected to him.

No. 432650


I posted here in the main thread the type of 'help' Richard was trying to give Kati. Within the last few days he deleted every single comment from that account on his YouTube channel so I'm glad I preserved the lolz


No. 432654

Ah, VERY well done there, anon. He can't escape his own abhorrent behaviour. The 'net' is forever, of course!

No. 432655

If her patreon has not gone down $100 he has not learned his lesson. He forgets we know that he told link he was one of her top donators (because these people only care about that)

No. 433248


Lmao Richard's sperging it up on the main thread again. This time he claims it's about him being posted about, most of which was done here; and dlaims to be done with Kati despite going straight to her thread to shame the 'haters' . . . and try to sell them his book KEK my sides

No. 433265

He is such a weird guy, isn't he?
1) posts out of nowhere, no sage either
2) shameless 'art' promotion
3) claims he posted because of his address which no one gives a fuck about/he posted himself on YT
4) posts against Kati, which cool, if true

I legit just wondered what's wrong with him, the question remains unanswered, kek.

No. 433282

File: 1511828541900.jpg (98.71 KB, 1271x285, Capture.JPG)

No. 433311

Why has Dickie the Weird got a pic of Saddam Hussein as his profile photo?

No. 433370

File: 1511835814261.jpg (53.24 KB, 600x300, I-Mudd.jpg)

Funny. you see Saddam, I see an entirely different kind of rogue: Harcourt Fenton Mudd. And look, there's Joy hectoring him…

No. 433488

I'm sure it's the Classics BA in me but suspend your disbelief momentarily (okay you're going to have to suspend a boatload but work with me here.)

Okay so Joy is Cassandra and Stiles is Apollo (as much as I loathe referring to him as a God [shudders] especially with his ego, it's f