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File: 1494797770512.png (667.36 KB, 1046x1104, UpToHerNeckInLies.png)

No. 312880

There are SO many reasons we are already up to thread #5 on this foul-mouthed narcissistic attention whoring pathological liar in just 3 months but here is a quick list of her main offenses:

1. Incredibly obsessive. Started by making an excessive number of videos about Onision but has since topped that with DaddyOFive, she has made close to 100 videos in 2 weeks across 2 channels on just the one topic. Monetized these videos to directly profit from the exploitation and abuse of children despite swearing never to do something like this.
2. Has a rabidly devoted cult of followers consisting of young teens, the chronically ill, the mentally unstable, and other vulnerable easy-to-control people. She embraces her role as their all-knowing all-perfect leader. They use religious imagery to describe her and even call her "Joysus"
3. From 2006 to about 1 yr ago she claimed to be able to channel angels including the Archangel Michael. She believes these angels talk TO her and guided her through an angelic ascension.
4. She claims to be so seriously chronically ill she cannot hold a job yet has seemingly endless amount of energy. In addition to making up to 17 videos in one day, she also livestreams for hours and is practically glued to her Twitter. Uses her illness/brain fog to excuse just about everything under the sun. Always getting called out as a faker by those who are actually ill. Says she can “mask” her suffering so her illness looks super duper invisible.
5. Has an amazing ability to make any topic or discussion all about her. She lies compulsively and is the queen of exaggeration. She can turn a tiny minor detail into a dramatic life-changing event. If caught in a lie she does incredible mental gymnastics to avoid admitting she was wrong.
6. Has a huge ego and an over-inflated sense of self importance. Claims to be an expert in everything and despite being a relatively small channel with 40K subs, likes to offer personal & business advice to celebrities and much larger YouTubers, talking to them directly as if they are watching her videos.

Here are 4 more threads (#1-4)

No. 312886

Moar Links
Social Media:
Joy Sparkle BS
2nd channel Spurpinkle bow
Patreon, which she claims has not been officially released:
Joy Sparkle BS Official Facebook page:

Other Stuff
She has a thread at Kiwi Farms:
And a thread at Guru Gossip:

Old stuff under her real name Kati Marie Smith
Link to her deleted LinkIn resume which has been proven to be partially fabricated

Copy of old Tumblr from a decade ago, she deleted the original

Article she wrote in 2006

A blog where she was attempting to make a documentary about indigo children of which she believed herself to be:

A radio show she called into twice:
Paradigm Shift Radio 87 - Mysteries of Our Universe from 2014
(Click 2. Katie. Overcoming challenges. Healing the self.)

Paradigm Shift Radio 78 - Conscious Community Call In Spectacular from 2013
(Click 7 Kati Benefits of Oxygen Therapy)

Links to a copy of the ad she made for Voice Lessions

Backstage profile:

No. 312937

Her most recent livestream was full of excuses & explanations to help keep her supporters reigned in.

Regarding why she won't be showing health documentation when she showed her bracelet…"it's sacred & she doesn't feel she needs to."

Further explanation about why she won't be releasing health documentation, basically more of same, "it's private personal information she doesn't want to give out" and because she would also have to give identifying info so people knew it was hers

Claimed people said she got her hospital bracelet out of an ER dumpster

Addressing chat comment complaining other people say sick people can't be bubbly or happy/dance on stream

About the $600 donation and how she came up with that number

Says one day there WILL be a big ass reveal video on the DO5 situation, not any time soon, but it'll all make sense guys, she swears

Says all the people calling her out on Twitter were doing so because it was the "trendy" thing to do for a few days

More telling haters how they can address her, best part was "no inappropriate cursing"

Also, for the person in the last thread who was wondering why on Twitter she wanted to speak to a scientist, she's going to be doing a video on the Purple Mattress causing health problems/lawsuit story

No. 312945

She really is dumb as shit. Doing a video on the purple mattress and the first person she thinks of is NerdCity no offense to him but I don't think he's qualified.
But in Kati's opinion he wears a lab coat and other lab gear he must be a scientist. Someone should suggest she contact Neil Degrasse Tyson.

No. 312948

Samefag. Deleted earlier because my grammar was wrong.

I just watched the Jaclyn/Onion video and she's back to doing those stupid 30 second "this is what you're saying" monologues after every clip. I don't know if she thinks she's being funny, insightful, or what, but she sounds fucking retarded. That's a new level of strawman. Is there another word for that? Because it's way beyond just strawmanning.

Also, why in the world does she think that a man finding someone attractive = he masturbates to them? Does she rub her vag to everyone she finds attractive? Because if so, I'm really worried about all of those teenagers she's calling beautiful all the time.

Honestly though, Onion may be an asshole, but I think he made his video with good intentions. Jaclyn getting upset was fine I guess (but I still thought she was being too fussy for no reason), but Joy has no reason to be getting all pissy over it.

No. 312952

The masturbation thing might be because in the original onion vid he said when he self pleasures (or whatever term he used) if he saw fake tits he'd click off the video

No. 312956

Yes, but this is a regular thing for her. She said that about him when he was making "hot or not" videos before. She kept talking about whether he gets a boner from them and whether he wants to fap to them. It's super weird that that's the first place her mind goes to.

No. 312959

Video from Joyfan Blooddance Darkmoon very loosely responding to Martin Louis's exposed video on Joy. Audio is absolute shit but this crazy lady is so much like Joy that she makes a good portion of the video about herself or people she knows, spending the first 2 minutes of the video talking about her illness as well as adding in long sections about her and her friend's health issues throughout the video, she rambles incessantly going off on strange unrelated tangents, seems to have an absolute hate boner for Onision…and although this video is 34 minutes long she still felt the need to make a part 2. I didn't watch it, I couldn't even get most of the way thru part 1, she's so hard to understand.

Part 2 (if you really feel like torturing yourself)

No. 312968


"Anyone who bashes someone for their religious views just because they are a bit different is the lowest piece of shit".

This after a long tirade about how Christians are 'cunts' and have a 'mental disorder' and are just so fucking shit that she wants to beat the crap out of them.

How lovely. And thanks for admitting that you are the lowest of the low, Joyfan. My goodness, her cult are really, really horrible.

I am not a Christian, I'm not religious, but there was no need for that stream of venom. It contradicted the point they were trying to make too. What a horrible, bitter person.

No. 312990

I wasn't really too familiar with NerdCity but went and watched a couple of his videos…he's definitely not a scientist. It's just a character he is playing, a mad scientist called Dr. Downvote. He wears a labcoat, black rubber gloves, dark steampunk-like goggles and uses comical science fiction-y looking props to make his videos entertaining. I'm just speechless that Joy could see all that and think it means he is a real scientist. Her ignorance that she would just request "a scientist" to help her…SMH. There are so many different types of scientists but they only have expertise in their particular fields…most would be shit sources for commenting on a mattress causing health issues. Not knowing her exact question but just based on what the story is about, a white powder that's supposedly causing health problems, maybe a chemist or possibly a medical doctor would be able to give a little bit of insight but since the chemical composition of this powder is unknown due to company claiming it has a proprietary formula, it would likely just be a shot in the dark. Someone on her Twitter comment where she asks for this scientist tried to refer her to Thunderfoot instead. He does serious science videos (among many other topics,) actually works as a legit scientist and has a PhD in Chemistry…but that still doesn't mean he knows jack shit about the Purple Mattress.

Charming isn't she. She still swallowed Joy's line that since Christians talk to God her beliefs about angels aren't so different. Talking TO angels is one thing, having them talk back to you is seen as craziness that will probably get you medicated. How many times have we seen women drown their kids claim God told them to do it…and has the public ever believed this is so? Hell no.

Regardless, from what I can tell Joy would use her angels as a manipulation tactic…I don't think she really heard anything, she was just making it up to be special & get attention. She used it to enact control over people who bought her story. "Oh my angels told me you should do this." And it just so happened to be in line with something she wanted…but if she told the person "I want you to do this" they probably wouldn't listen.

No. 312992

Watched for about ten seconds and closed it. The voice was childlike and annoyingly monotone. Who gives a fuck what a 14 year old has to say?

Guys, I thought Joy Sparkle BS would be gone by now. Still at 40k subs. I wonder if half of them are haters.

No. 312995

this whole line of reasoning sounds exactly like onision, again. "lol religious people are mentally challenged lol." while also simultaneously defending joy's "religious views." and of course joy will never point out the contradiction and will only thank them for their ~support~!!!!! i never thought that i would say anything remotely positive about greg, but at least he's consistent.

No. 313004

No one believed me! I said she WOULDN'T! People like Joy don't just disappear. She's much too like Onision, as we are all well aware of.

This is a little "bump in the road" for Joy. But she does have a devout following. There will be people who get sick of her shit, just like Onision's fans do eventually. But it doesn't matter what she is accused of or proven to have done (just like Onision), she'll still have a following.

In fact, the more attention she gets from haters, the more love and support she gets from followers, and that keeps her "strong". So until her cancerous neck pimple comes back and spreads and kills her, or she ends up in Jail. We're always going to have little miss Shit Sprinkled BS.

Eventually Joy will run a forum where her disabled/underaged fans post insane stuff that will either add flavored milk or cause another disruption for Joy.

No. 313007

>Eventually Joy will run a forum where her disabled/underaged fans post insane stuff

I see to recall Phil saying he was a moderator on indigoabuse.com but it quickly got toxic so he left…that may mean she has already had a forum a bit like Gerg's.

No. 313008


Sorry.. she really isn't interesting enough to hate watch. From what I've seen, these threads don't drive that much in views to other small channels. Unfortunately, there are a lot of weird and low IQ people out there. In the US alone, there are millions with IQs so low that they need assistance for the basics in life. So, that she can attract 40k mentally disabled or mentally ill subscribers is not surprising.

No. 313010


Yeah, she did. That is what it was called. But considering it was going to make her look reeeeeally bad to have put probably some of the worst people alive as moderators for the most part (Usually troublemakers or screwed up people get banned, not promoted..)..she closed shop pretty quick and removed about any trace of it a person could find. You didn't miss much there, though. Other than her sad attempts to pass herself off as a psychic while using jargon from other people she cozied up to.

No. 313014

File: 1494817147819.jpg (218.14 KB, 794x906, realjournalism.jpg)

still having others do your research for you, eh kati? reason #582 why you're shit at youtube.

so much for your epic journalism. "i'm press!" lol

also lol @ the idiot that tweeted this at warski, repzion and then…joy. durp

No. 313021

dude, there's no correlation between [most] mental illness and low iq. like, i get what you're saying, but that's important. there are a ton of high-iq people who are ill and/or disabled and need help with stuff.

the thing is that a lot of people in those positions are really emotionally vulnerable, especially if they're young. they want someone to look up to who acknowledges their existence and makes them feel important. joy's great at that. she latches on to a lot of vulnerable "fans", showers them in affirmation, puts them on a "righteous path" ("fighting" abuse mostly), and then creates an us vs. them situation with literally everyone else. she has about the same ratio of young fans as onision, and for the exact same reason. she knows what she's doing.

No. 313024

Yep, if Joy is good at one thing it's manipulating emotionally vulnerable people. Not that it's really hard, those people are primed for it, most of us probably could do the same if we were morally bankrupt enough….that's the thing though, SHE doesn't seem to care what the repercussions for them are…just how it makes HER feel.

No. 313025

That's kind of the problem, is that Kati tries to indoctrinate them and get her new fans to tune out all the evidence before they can hear it. After a while, her members will slowly see her shit, so she'll kick them or they'll leave then she replaces them with new members. I'd like to coin the phrase "Joycoats" for her members that clearly ignore logic and reasoning.

No. 313028

You are 1000% correct. She continually keeps an eye out for those particular people, or people that are in their teens/young adults. Just getting into or out of college, or with a disability or chronic illness. That is the larger part of her fanbase, and its telling that that comprises what she tends to call her 'inner circle' as well. The outliers are usually drawn in by sex appeal and you can tell by their posts and replies when they attack critics channel vs when they respond on her channel or on twitter.
That was exactly what she was doing during her silence. If you look at her social blade, the day by day shows her still losing plenty of subs. She's just gaining subs to match or move past that amount. To someone like her, losing 100 subs isn't much when she's got 40k subs. And if even a fraction of that is chomping at the bit to do things "for the honor of being around Joy"…well, that's a pretty serious situation depending on what is done. She already takes advantage of her fans to do her intors/outros, a good portion of her 'research' and so on. The more subs she gets, the more cocky, arrogant, egotistical, and nasty she gets at the same time…she feels like even under watch she can do what she pleases and get away with it.

If she has another significant drop, she'll probably lose her shit again. I'm not sure what would cause that at this point considering now if she's approached by people that have proof she can't spin..she either ignores or blocks them.

No. 313032

Yeah nice try Joycoat, we're not leaving this alone. When there's enough evidence, maybe even YouTube will delete her channel and she'll be nothing but a nasty memory. I'm not going to stop until there's overwhelming evidence just from googling the bitches name. Also the more "attention" we give her, the more subs she loses. Even now there's more and more "Joy Sparkle Exposed" videos popping up. She's going to die a slow painful death and I'm gonna sit here and sip my fucking wine while I watch it happen.

No. 313035

okay can someone explain this "sex appeal" thing for me? because people keep mentioning it. i'm a stone-cold lesbian and i wouldn't touch her with a sterilized 500-foot pole. is it just that she has boobs? like, is that literally it? i'm legitimately confused.

No. 313038

A little paranoid are we? :) Good God no. Just because I make a valid point does NOT make me some sort of Joy ANYTHING.

Clearly, you don't understand what's going on here at all. The more "exposed" videos made the more subs she loses? Have you not noticed she's still GAINING subs yet?

The thing is, there are people that LOVE this type of drama, for better or worse. Those of on on Lolcow love it because it's entertaining. Those who follow Joy faithfully love it because they are your run of the mill trailer gossip trash or are under her "psychic" spell.

I do find it funny, as much crap as I've posted here about her, I've been called a (wtf is a??) Joycoat. :)

Joy thrives on attention. She doesn't care what kind it is. She loves it. And, like I said, the more people talk shit, the more her fans comfort and adore her. It's the simple truth. I'm NOT asking anyone to STOP - by all means, keep going, I've been hating on this bitch since before Jamie's "exposed" video came out and I'll be hating on her when she finally goes an hero.

I'm just stating the absolute facts.

Tell me, how many subs did Onision lose when he convinced his ex to shave her head and posted a video of her "going insane with amnesia"? Or when he cheated on Lainy? Or when he kicked Billy out? Or when he had pix of little girls in their undies? And he also has a weird as hell past with "psychic" shit too. In fact, the more exposed videos the douchbag got, the more love and affection he got from his fans. People like Joy and Onision… they are hard to kill.

Holy fuck. I just now thought about that!!! HAHAHA Joy is SO much more like Onision than I even realized. Remember, Onision and his ex-wife and her mother/sister/whatever, they had psychic abilities to sense and talk to spirits? LOL

Sorry, that went sort of /semi OT.

No. 313040

Samefag >>313038
By the way, I was merely reaffirming a previous comment I made on thread 4 here: >>306967

No. 313048

>Onision made it with good intentions

Your retardation is terminal.
Did you even see his and Jaclyn's video?

No. 313058

File: 1494824172238.png (102.88 KB, 640x904, IMG_1891.PNG)

There is something odd about this friendship of the teen and that Russian prick. Out of nowhere they started getting buddy-buddy. Know each other from a group chat, possibly? How old is the Russian guy? Is Kati now pushing her older lap dogs onto her new puppies? Disgusting.

No. 313059

Joycoat is Phils name for the members of Joys cult

No. 313060

File: 1494824859030.png (49.56 KB, 640x558, IMG_1892.PNG)

They aren't even funny. Kati tries way too hard. I bet she pathetically runs her own "fan" account. Gives her something to do when she sits at home all day, being "ill".

No. 313062

Regarding the "sex appeal"…she mainly seems to get attention from lonely older men, awkward younger teens with zero self esteem & social skills and other weirdos who have set their bar really low…not only because she talks to them but because she goes out of her way to flatter them and give them personal attention. As long as they feel validated by her she earns their loyalty & devotion and they overlook the flaws in her personality & appearance. She isn't conventionally pretty, she's actually rather plain…but she also isn't super hideous so they are still able to fap to her. Pretty much any woman who isn't completely unattractive and gives these type of guys the time of day can use her "sex appeal" to get what she wants from them…but because Joy goes a step above with flattery and continued personal attention, she is given a much deeper level of control & devotion. She is very aware of how this works and uses it to her advantage.

No. 313070

I used to be in a groupchat with a lot of the Joycoat. It was a group of about six Joy supporters and the other half could care less about Joy. I left the group but I assume it is still being used, just a bunch of teenage friends who share their feelings with each other and call it a "cult". All in between the ages of 16 and 20. Pathetic excuse for a cult if you ask me.

No. 313071

That was pretty unnecessary. I think Onion is rather retarded in regards to understanding people. He clearly has this warped image of Richie and probably thinks he's going to "wake Jaclyn up" if he can open her eyes to his evil ways (in his own mind). I don't agree with his video. I think he's an idiot and an asshole. But you know what they say: the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Anyway, this isn't even the point of anything.

Sage for o/t.

No. 313072

Also from what Ive seen, Joy isn't even in any of their groupchats. Maybe she's too "ill" to even give the few supporters she has left attention.

No. 313073

Joy stopped doing that because people could take anon screencaps. She mostly does 1 on 1, reserving group chats for her newest indoctrinates. That way, if info gets leaked, she knows who did it since she can recall the individual convos themselves.

No. 313077

Well, first of all, just because you're a member of a cult doesn't mean you cannot communicate like a typical person. Many people in cults (whether they are aware they are in a cult or not) are still typical human beings with feelings, emotions and lives.

The problem is, they joke about the word cult because they don't understand what a cult actually is. In most of their minds, they probably believe a cult is religious and vigorous in their virtues. When most people hear the word "cult" they think of some extremes such as; The Ku Klux Klan, The People's Temple, The Mason Family, Heaven's Gate or Scientology. Or the seemingly less "harmful" cults such as The Jehovah Witnesses.

And by others calling it a cult, they see it as other people being super extreme, so they make (what they believe is) funny little groups where they "pretend" to be cult members. When in reality, they are actually suffering through the very ACTUAL definition of a cult. And not all cults are at all religious!

Here is a checklist for the characteristics of a cult by Janja Lalich, Ph.D. & Michael D. Langone, Ph.D.

[ ] The group displays excessively zealous and unquestioning commitment to its leader and (whether he is alive or dead) regards his belief system, ideology, and practices as the Truth, as law.

[ ] Questioning, doubt, and dissent are discouraged or even punished.

[ ] Mind-altering practices (such as meditation, chanting, speaking in tongues, denunciation sessions, and debilitating work routines) are used in excess and serve to suppress doubts about the group and its leader(s).

[ ] The leadership dictates, sometimes in great detail, how members should think, act, and feel (for example, members must get permission to date, change jobs, marry, or leaders prescribe what types of clothes to wear, where to live, whether or not to have children, how to discipline children, and so forth).

[ ] The group is elitist, claiming a special, exalted status for itself, its leader(s) and members (for example, the leader is considered the Messiah, a special being, an avatar for the group and/or the leader is on a special mission to save humanity).

[ ] The group has a polarized us-versus-them mentality, which may cause conflict with the wider society.

[ ] The leader is not accountable to any authorities (unlike, for example, teachers, military commanders or ministers, priests, monks, and rabbis of mainstream religious denominations).

[ ] The group teaches or implies that its supposedly exalted ends justify whatever means it deems necessary. This may result in members' participating in behaviors or activities they would have considered reprehensible or unethical before joining the group (for example, lying to family or friends, or collecting money for bogus charities).

[ ] The leadership induces feelings of shame and/or guilt in order to influence and/or control members. Often, this is done through peer pressure and subtle forms of persuasion.

[ ] Subservience to the leader or group requires members to cut ties with family and friends, and radically alter the personal goals and activities they had before joining the group.

[ ] The group is preoccupied with bringing in new members.

[ ] The group is preoccupied with making money.

[ ] Members are expected to devote inordinate amounts of time to the group and group-related activities.

[ ] Members are encouraged or required to live and/or socialize only with other group members.

[ ] The most loyal members (the true believers) feel there can be no life outside the context of the group. They believe there is no other way to be, and often fear reprisals to themselves or others if they leave (or even consider leaving) the group.

Just because they are behaving like any typical normal person doesn't make it any less a cult.

No. 313078

File: 1494827362444.png (105.24 KB, 750x698, IMG_7811.PNG)

I skyped stinkyhilary a couple days ago, what a shame such a pretty girl hangs around Joy and a fat 16 year old.

No. 313081

Ive seen the fat one all over twitter, annoying.

No. 313094

Sage your shit, you're adding zero to the thread. And, you sound bitter as hell, newfag.

No. 313097

Damn NOW the idea occurs to me that I could have turned the pic into an animated gif where the lies pile up one by one until they fill the screen causing her to "drown" in them. Oh well. I suppose I could make it

No. 313101

File: 1494829694778.png (64.17 KB, 640x556, IMG_1897.PNG)

Am I supposed to feel bad for the bitch??? I don't!!!

No. 313102


"ovarian cysts"

No. 313104

What's going on with the Joycoats Twitter? For a while I thought Joy was running it, but it looks like they have deleted everything about Joy and are now calling it the "Miilk Cult". Are they perhaps cutting ties with Joy?

No. 313106


no1curr. Also, Milhouse is not a meme. Neither is this.

No. 313107

Stibkyhilary created it and is running it

No. 313109

Russian claimed to be running it as well, he's making decisions for a bunch of teens, all these people with a Joy obsession need to get a life

No. 313110

StinkyHilary creates all the banners and logos for it.

No. 313112

lmfao i have ovarian cysts and body dysmorphia, too. i'd say moderate to severe cases. they aren't fun and they take up time and energy, but they're not that bad. they really aren't. especially when compared to the stuff that we've been talking about here. it was a good try though. a for effort.

No. 313115

this is probably the weakest attempt at fake information i've ever seen.

No. 313116

That's a fake screenshot.

No. 313117

LOL Ovarian cysts. Yeah, I don't feel the slightest bit sorry for her. A lot of women have them.

Looks like someone is sad that we're not crying for her horrible diseases.

Uhm, but also, Mental Illnesses can cause a person to commit suicide, especially PTSD. Ovarian cysts cause a little pain and discomfort and most people are hardly affected by them at all.

No. 313118

Oppression Olympics. How very SJW!

No. 313120

I'm slightly behind here. What conversation is this person referring to? From what I can surmise it seems like she is trying to compare ovarian cysts & body dismorphia to PTSD. Not even close to being similar. It seems like she's attempting to paint herself as a victim to somehow excuse the way Tim was treated.

My sister also suffers from PCOS & body dismorphia pretty severely (PCOS makes it difficult for her to lose weight & gives her very masculine traits including thick facial hair) but it doesn't prevent her from living a completely normal life, she can work & do normal physical activity. Those conditions are actually quite common, they suck to have but aren't classified as a disability like PTSD.

No. 313128

i'm legit too tired to throw shade right now, but there's a huge difference between the ~oppression olympics~ and calling out whiners. literally every person on this planet has something not-awesome going on with their body. sometimes you just have to suck it up and go on with life. and if you're able to live a "normal" life, like >>313120's sister, be really fucking grateful.

No. 313129

I know this girl's boyfriend pretty well, ironically. When her face came up on this page, I was a bit shocked. She has an extensive list of things going on mentally and physically. Her PCOS and body posi issues are the least of her worries. (Things I will not share because her boyfriend will be
able to put two and two together and beat me senseless) If I know anything about Shae, which I do, she did this specifically to stir up the pot. To get your negativity veered off from the REAL issue. And it clearly worked. I'm sure she is snickering at I type.

No. 313130

it doesn't really distract from the real issue, though. not when she's involved in a group whose "leader," the subject of the thread, has been accused of endless malingering (not accusing, just pointing out what's been said). this just adds onto that, really. just another on the pile of using illnesses to manipulate reactions and control the narrative. this is a really mild example of it, but this girl could definitely learn more from joy.

No. 313131

Shae has never been one to use her illnesses or dangle them as bait. I am utmost certain that Joy has manipulated a young teen(just the way she likes 'em) into airing her own dirty laundry, so she can catch her breath for a moment.

No. 313132

Its just trolling. Since Farmers are after the milk, that's why they're calling it milk cult. Its just to throw all of us off the trail and keep the focus off of Joy. Really pathetic attempt at that.
Kind of like Kati only counts someone as having an illness when they agree with her, otherwise they're a hater or a shittalker.

No. 313133

Holy shit, guys. That Olympics comment wasn't directed at you.

Sorry. I didn't make it clear who or what I was referring to.

No. 313134

sorry bae, should've asked for clarification. it just sounded like something a joy minion would say.

either way, the whole "baiting with illness" thing only reflects negatively on joy (mostly because that's ALL SHE DOES). the whole group's attempt at "distraction" is really sad. especially if what >>313131 said is true. shows what an excellent influence joy is.

at least a tiny part of me is glad that the tweet wasn't serious. because good lord, those conditions are so comparatively minor.

No. 313137

1 in 10 women have POCS. Pretty much everyone woman on the planet has had Ovarian cysts (whether they knew it or not).

It's called being a female who has the right internal body parts to make a baby. It sucks but it's what we were born with.

So, whether she has POCS or just the run of the mill Ovarian cysts, she's still not that special.

Anyhow, this shit is getting derailed so hard. If this was Kati's goal, to get some little girl to complain that anon's don't give her attention, well then Kati you're, at this point, a child abuser.

If not, then Shae, go outside and play with your friends - and while you're at it, ask Mommy and Daddy to install Norton Family on your electronics. Actually, do this regardless. Because if I found out my child was behaving this way over some manipulative cow online they wouldn't be allowed online again until they moved out of my house.

No. 313157

Agreed, there isn't any need to focus on the Joycult, unless you want to give them their own thread. By and large though that is a huge waste of time. Joy has been trying to HUGELY distract this thread since thread 2, and it always seems to happen whenever juicy info is discovered that could really fuck up her world. Or that she doesn't want to talk about because she can't spin it.

No. 313172

Newest video from AussieGuyShano bashing Joy. He seems to be a bit misinformed in a couple areas like when he says she owns the charity she is donating to (he probably saw that one video that took her sarcastic comment about owning Special Spaces out of context, she obviously doesn't) and that she is making multiple fake gofundme pages for her own profit. As far as I know there has only been one "fake" gofundme - the one to send Onision a fax machine and she did spell out where the money would go (in the description she claimed any excess would go to charity but supposedly was bragging to Mikenactor she knew she was asking for far more than she needed.) It still got shut down thanks to a few anons here reporting it for fraud because she obnoxiously put it under the medical category. Other than that it's not a bad video. He has several other videos about Joy on his channel.

No. 313187


Can we stop this? It's not funny, and I cringe every time I read it. I thought it was some stupid name the "Joysus Cult" made up themselves.

No. 313191

Call me dumb but I don't even get the reference. Why 'coats'?

No. 313195


No. 313238


I will always see them as spergleberries… taken from SpergBunkle + Dingleberries

For those that don't know, a dingleberry is that little wad of shit that gets stuck to your ass hair (so stuck to your ass hole). They're her own personal little fort of dingleberries protecting her ass.

No. 313258

Here's her Facebook maybe someone should let her parents know what she's up to on twitter.

This one looks like it could possibly be hers as well.

No. 313260

She's a kid. Is it really necessary to post that shit?

No. 313263

Sleep with dogs and you get fleas. Or something like that.

No. 313266

Far from it. Believe it or not, she's actually in her 30s.

No. 313267

Then I guess it would be pointless to let her parents know what she's up to on twitter.

No. 313271

Not necessarily. Here's what I see happening if we contacted them: If her parents actually give a fuck, they will likely contact her to a) check in out of concern or b) berate/scold her for being such a twat. Cue a new video where she cries about "stalkers" contacting her family. Kinda like how Onision whined about Repzion back in the day.

No. 313292

You do know that post with the Facebook likes is not for Kati but for her teenage disciple Shaelyn right?

No. 313316

And the dumb twats new video is out, and it's about the purple mattress thing.

No. 313328

Of coarse she was almost going to get one of those mattresses. Stupid cow.

No. 313329


French covered this last week and she tweeted him a couple days ago… why doesn't she just admit that's how she found out about it?

No. 313335


Omg guiiis, she almost got that mattress, it could have been her!!!! How scary is that!!!!! Ffs…

No. 313337


She should just admit that the universe is trying to kill her (probably because she's an Indigo Child) with the horrible family, all the diseases, and near misses from toxic furniture. Darwin is clearly failing in her.

No. 313344

I still think "roommate" is a made up person.

No. 313352

File: 1494867820731.png (70.09 KB, 1080x413, IMG_20170515_180228.png)

I wonder what went wrong here?

No. 313391

Lol, sure Kati. You just happened to have a gut feeling it wasn't a good idea to purchase this mattress…you came so close to dying again. Of course she's going to make a series out of this, she just can't help herself.

Especially since he credited her as a source in his DO5 video, but does she return the favor because that's good YouTube etiquette? Nope, of course not. While she does say she interviewed her "good friend" Leonard French she made it seem like she contacted him after the fact.

LOL, indeed.

This was covered yesterday in thread #4. Phil confirmed roommate is a real person named Dominique…but just for fun I'm willing to hear why you think he's made up. (sage your posts if they don't contain milk)

No. 313394

File: 1494871963803.png (44.79 KB, 750x577, IMG_7860.PNG)

The Joycoat is allegedly against Joy now but Jesus Christ, the "cult" thing is getting weird.

No. 313397

Pity she doesn't have a PO Box. Someone should send her a purple mattress with a note reading "It's for the good of the species."
She was speaking to Joy and sent her a message confronting her about saying that she was giving out information. Went from speaking to blocking that fast. Of course, she's been on a block fest towards anyone that doesn't sing her praises or questions her in a way that offers evidence or is critical in a way she can't spin. (Kati has gone full cult leader now.)
Not really a fan of the Joycoat term, personally. And the cult thing was always weird. This particular thing is just a diversionary tactic. Ignore them, you can't take much of anything they say seriously and the membership of that is trolls for Joy or the same faces you see attacking every opposing tweet, thread, or Youtube vid. Its deliberate to get focus off of Joy.

No. 313398

I agree, really strange, maybe they are coming to terms that they are an actual cult?

No. 313399

I don't think this is a troll, they haven't defended Joy in about a week and they have got rid of all their tweets defending Joy. Kati has no one left. She'll go completely crazy (if she hasn't already) soon.

No. 313400


agreed. they are also doing this in hopes we'll buy it and post about it. don't make the kiddos happy. yes, can we drop the joycoat thing plz?

No. 313403

As I was once in the "cult", I know that Joy actually has nothing to do with it, Joy has never given them any commands. They don't even have a leader. Just a bunch of teens babbling in a groupchat 24/7

No. 313405

It's absolutely a troll. There's no way that they immediately about faced like that. I'd buy into that being a reality like a Nigerian prince offering prime real estate.
Plausible deniability seems to be a common thing with Joy, doesn't it?

No. 313408


Ms "I cured myself of asthma with foods" claims to still have 1-2 flair ups a year (that's a lot for an adult who's been 'cured')

And Ms "I'm too poor to have insurance and I only see doctors in the ER" has nebulizer, meds, and albuterol inhailer? Um… meds/albuterol are not OTC meds, they require a doctor prescription.

No. 313409

I don't think it's a troll either, mainly because in the groupchat they made a group decision (they don't have a leader, majority votes make their decisions) to stop supporting Joy because she refused to give them proof of donating her ad revenue to Rose. They figured out she's just a crazy person who's trying to gain money off of the harm of children

No. 313411

Well, good for them. Then we no longer need to focus on them in the slightest, do we? Personally, I don't believe it..its her bigger supporters and blind defenders and this is all timely as usual..but again, its a distraction.

No. 313414

A distraction from what?

No. 313415

Not to mention, awhile back I had commented on a video here she claimed was made at like 3 AM but there was natural light, so I questioned it. Someone else responded with it was probably a large ring light other YouTubers use that made it seem daylight.

I am assuming if it's true those have to be expensive.

No. 313418

From Kati. I mean its no surprise is it? Started by the trolls that tried to feed Nickmon misinformation. She's tried to muck up these threads how many times? It's all a sideshow. There's no milk in the milk cult, kek. (And we're not dumb, they are definitely lurking in this thread, at that, and sometimes posting. Might as well stamp Captain Obvious on your foreheads..)

No. 313422

She's definitely got some kind of lighting going on but it's not a ring light. I don't see the ring in her pupils either. Ring lights are about $160+ for a decent one, I'm guessing she has some sort of box light(s) that are around $40+
Sage for no milk

No. 313424

Oh, here we go. Trainwreck is going livestream. Let's see what new BS she's selling today.

No. 313434

Different anon but I think Dom is a real person, as seen in the window reflection that one vid. Like, I know a human lives with her. But the contexts she gives him and what she says about him or what he's supposedly doing off camera, I think she makes all that up.Essentially I think he's really there but she presents a fictionalized version of him to the audience.

No. 313435

Yes, she does have a ring light. One of the cheapest set ups I found (Chinese made) that has the light & stand is $119 but it doesn't have such good ratings. Quality lights start at around $150 to as much as $270 for just the light, no stand. (She has a 6' stand for her ring light, I saw it when she turned the camera around once.)

No. 313440

File: 1494874829496.png (287.3 KB, 705x393, ring.png)

This video is from Jan 16 (so she's had one from pretty much the start of her channel) and you can clearly see a ring light reflected in her eyes. You probably usually don't see it either because she doesn't get close enough to the camera to tell or maybe she started putting the ring light off center so she's not directly looking at it.

No. 313446

You could be right on that one. From what I gather he isn't around much or when he is he's always in his room gaming. The way she portrays him as her best friend who takes care of her and gives her sage advice…not so much. He seems to tolerate her at best and may actually be sick of her leaching off him. I don't think he wants anything to do with her channel which is why she faked that roommate Q & A video and the "stunning reveal" video never came about.

No. 313447


i have a round magnifying light mirror that i can and do use as a ringlight. it works and reflects in the eyes just like a ring light.

i don't know how long she was livestreaming but i recorded the tail end of it. today was the second time i've seen her mimic-ing the speech patterns of a mentally challenged person ("retarded") or physically challenged person. she is fucking disgusting. remember when she guested someone..i forgot his name..who had (i think) cerebal palsy? and he had a delayed speech pattern? the guy who wanted to meet some dj and joysus promised she would make it happen. she was talking just like he does. i wonder what he would think of that. she was so condescending to him on those streams.

i wasn't really paying attention but i think i heard her professing love for corey feldman's latest trainwreck of a cd, ascension millennium. she probably only likes it because it has the words "ascension" in it, something she claimed she could do with her ~angelz~. this bitch has horrible taste.

No. 313454

Aww looks like Shaelyn Elizabeth deleted her Facebook and made her twitter accounts private. So that confirms that they do lurk this thread

No. 313455


Are you going to post it anywhere? You can post it anon on vid.me… just log out and use the upload button and it'll give you a URL

No. 313458


yes, i will in a bit. takes a bit of time to compress it etc and upload to vid.me because vidme has a shitty upload size limit. don't fret anons, footage of the idiot will be uploaded shortly.

No. 313462

Anon from >>313435 she has a real actual ring light not a lighted mirror. As I said before, I saw it when she turned her camera around. I wish I could remember which video that was so I can show a screenshot but she has a million videos (it might even have been a livestream, idk.) The most I can recall is that she was sitting on her grey couch when she showed her setup.

No. 313463

Ty, based anon. How did you know she was live streaming? I didn't see it anywhere.

No. 313469

Not op. But I don't think she tweets about it before she dose it anymore. So you would have to follow her on younow to get a notification.

No. 313476


another anon posted about it. and as far as i know, her twitter announces it.


its still processing but will be done soon. she talks in that horrible voice somewhere towards the end. also, her streams almost always look like that for me. but when i see other people streaming it doesn't come across that way so i'm pretty sure its her. she's terrible at the internet.

No. 313477

Hmmm…I do follow her on YouNow but didn't get a notification this time.

No. 313484

That was just a guess on my part.

No. 313491

Was just going thru her YouNow moments and found this one


She talks about her biggest regrets regarding her channel and says there a 3 big mistakes she wishes she hadn't done but will only talk about one…that she wishes she never brought up her health issues. Yeah, that's because it's what she's getting called out for the most and probably lost her the most respect (there's tons of other stuff too I know.) I wonder what the other 2 mistakes are she doesn't want to share.

No. 313494

Sharing her first vid on lolcow.

No. 313495

If I had to guess, it would be telling obvious lies because now all she has left there is to double down and keep hiding as opposed to being able to do anything else. The third a sane person would call dealing with her critics but…I doubt she has enough of a conscience to blame someone other than herself for her fails so I would instead say 'find better ways to work the crowd.' …or find dumber suckers.

No. 313499

Continuation of the topic, she claims that if you share your health issues online it immediately means you are a liar and a victim. No Kati, there are lots of people who have chronic health issues on YouTube who are believed…because their story makes sense & is consistent. Even if they don't show outward signs of being ill…you can tell when someone is opening up about something real that really happened to them and isn't using it for attention or to excuse bad behavior.

No. 313503

Good catch, I could of sworn I saw a ring light before, but didn't see it on my original search. Maybe shes upgraded her lighting since jan and has better options now.

I caught some of the live stream, where they were coming up with new conspiracies about her drug use. Gotta keep the sheep confused as to whats real and fake. She brought up lolcows a few times too, ofc.

No. 313527

According to Amazon.com..base price for one of those light rings (decent) is $79 - $179. Amazing that she has enough money for that, but not seeing an actual doctor, dragging her feet on an accurate diagnosis, and its hard to claim she's hurting on money when she has enough to plunk that down rather than…budgeting. (People hurting for cash in general don't drop bars on other people's YouNow streams regular.)

No. 313541

Yeah for a while there she was giving Winkie the Twinkie $10 to $15 in bars every time he came on…for the dumbest things too, once it was just to get a guest to motorboat his man titties. This was right before adpocalypse hit tho so she was getting a lot more ad revenue at the time… BUT she still could have used that money to buy herself some clothes that actually fit…and what was her excuse for not buying a bra then?? She obviously could afford one. Being agoraphobic isn't an excuse, you can buy just about anything you need online.

No. 313548

File: 1494880692208.png (298.3 KB, 1219x1636, IMG_1491.PNG)

And here is her new Twitter. Given she just changed the name.

No. 313555

lmao i love it. she still doesn't get it. #1, her story has never made any sense. #2, her attitude about illness is SHIT. even if she has everything that she claims to have, she's still garbage. she's the posterchild for ~my illness defines me~ and always uses it as a deflection when someone questions her. "omg how could you don't you know i'm sick????" it's disgusting and no one in any chronically ill community i've ever been a part of would condone that.

has she claimed to be agoraphobic? i can't remember. she'd have to be a really severe case to not be able to go on a quick shopping trip.

No. 313558

Not concerned. This isn't a thread for Shae.
She's not Agoraphobic considering she's plenty of times now been out in about. This also flies in the face of her claiming she gets exhausted entering a room or that she can drive as she can clearly do both. Its easy enough to act it within a selectly controlled environment, though.
No joke. She's trying to cover lies with more lies. Conveniently enough she hides behind it for the emotionally vulnerable again..that way any critics are just picking on her and evil haters. (Tricks SJWs play!)

No. 313562

Shouldn't she be lumped together with Kati since she is one of her bigger fans/supporters?

No. 313564

no, her attempt at distraction failed and she's irrelevant to this particular situation now. plus, she's a kid, and she doesn't really get it. she showed that joy is NOT a good influence on her supporters, now we can move on.

No. 313565

No, in fact I find that very suspicious that someone is trying to put continual light on her. Kati knows due to reactions from the DO5 that some of her supporters are very hair trigger reaction when it comes to kids..and it not only seems like obvious deflection but sounds like something she would pull so she could deflect FURTHER criticism by going "See? SEE?! They're picking on children! They're monsters!" Why? Because that's Kati for you. She will use anything or anyone to cover her own ass. Not gonna work, bitch.

No. 313567


To a point, but your detracting from the topic. If she's milky set up a thread for her and see if it's farmable.

No. 313569

Same anon, here. She uses emotions as leverage, just like SJWs use feelings to garner mob mentality or work the crowd. So this would be a high target emotional leverage action, which is why we see the Milk Cult set up in this way. When Stinky and Co were called on their action, defender's biggest responses were based on that they were 'kids'. So it's a lead-in for a very obvious setup, for an crowd emotional workover later. (ALL OF HER tactics are emotion based. She does NOT like reason or logic in the slightest.)

No. 313579

I also think that is what's going on. It's extremely suspicious and seems to be following the exact same formula as when Angel was introduced to us. The way this anon keeps bringing her up even though we've shown little interest past that first comment seems like they are trying WAY too hard to get us to pick on her. These two comments calling the girl fat & annoying >>313081 >>313078 seem like a personal vendetta by someone just as young/immature…and have a similar feel to the comments we saw calling Angel ugly. I absolutely believe Kati would throw this girl under the bus just to be able to say "Oh look, those heartless locow anons are bullying a vulnerable 16 yr old kid. They're terrible people so you shouldn't believe anything they say, especially about me."

I agree, it's a setup. This kid is just fodder to her. She absolutely uses emotional responses to control people…because when people are emotional they let it override their logic and it gets them to overlook facts, which is what she needs to happen to get away with her lies. Kati doesn't seem to care that what she is planning could damage this girl emotionally, it's all about the end result and how it benefits her.

No. 313606

comments from my 63 year old mother after watching joy sparkle bs for the first time:

"wow. this woman loves the sound of her own voice. she goes on and on and on, she doesn't care about what she's saying just about HOW she says it."
"why does she make so many ugly faces? it's like she's trying to talk to a deaf person so she's over enunciating every word."
"instead of giving a link to a good video, she just chops up other people's videos and then complains about how much editing she has to do. and that's all the content she has? yikes."
"does she even stand for anything? it looks like she just gloms onto other people's causes. what's her cause? 'feel sorry for me because i've got these diseases'?"
"i've got two words for joy: hair and makeup. she doesn't look professional, she looks like an agoraphobe who stays home and records videos of themselves all day for no real purpose."

when i told my mom that joy considers herself to be a journalist, she just about pissed herself laughing.

No. 313610


First off, you exposed your mother to this woman? Secondly, most 63 year old mother's that you bring a YouTube video to will say "Get off the internet and get out of my house" No 63 year old mom says gloms.

No. 313611

File: 1494886103943.gif (787.06 KB, 480x360, slow_clap_citizen_kane.gif)

The wisdom of the ages. Give that woman a hug for me and thank her for me, that was beautiful.

No. 313613


yes - my mother is allowed to have a few lols herself. she's not 93, she's 63. gloms has been a word for a long time..and she is still capable of learning new vocabulary words. she didn't grow up in a log cabin.

No. 313636

She has occasionally hinted towards agoraphobia but mainly claims she doesn't leave the house due to getting easily tired/not trusting she can drive without passing out (from her "almost" collapses.) Regardless of what she might have alluded to, she isn't agoraphobic. She can just pick up and go on a cross country trip…no way someone with agoraphobia would be able to handle that. I went thru a period where I suffered from it after my mother's death. I'm better now but it took several months of therapy before I could handle short trips to the grocery store. I'm sure Kati would have said something if she was in therapy, she never shuts up about her health problems.

What's weird about using the word gloms? According to google the word has been in common use since the early 20th century and the earliest mention in literature was in 1837.

No. 313665

Mad Woman Muses talking about Joy/Kati


edit: nevermind it's not that interesting, she talks about her for like 5 seconds. sharing anyway.

No. 313673

They shut that down and locked all their twitters down.

No. 313674

Maybe one thing she regrets is not doing a better job of deleting her online trail prior to starting her channel. If she had deleted all sites related to her real name but especially her linkedIn and Tumblr BEFORE any of us found it we wouldn't have known to even look for traces of it and wouldn't be holding the info found against her now. Maybe also she regrets ever saying she would never try to profit from child abuse…that statement has been thrown back in her face a bunch of times and it's preventing her from keeping ALL her ad revenue from DO5.

No. 313677

>has she claimed to be agoraphobic?
Not that I am aware. However, I do recall (not sure if it was video or livestream) it being brought up before. Someone had questioned if she was, and she discussed it, but I do believe she said that she wasn't, she just did not go out because she was likely to faint fall of get cancer.

No. As others have mentioned, if she's milkable she can have her own thread. If she does something related to Kati, it's fine to mention it. But to derail Kati's thread for a cult member is totally unnecessary and unwanted.

I was extremely bothered by the people coming here simply to make 1 lined personal attacks (just to say she's annoying, fat, ugly etc). I find them childish and agree that it seems fairly familiar to the Angel fiasco.

I disagree. Not with exposing the poor woman to Kati, but the rest. My grandmother is in her 80s but is very much aware of the internets, trendy language and is strongly opinionated and verbalizes it much like this 63 year old mother does. If think it's the times they grew up in personally. If an old lady sees a young girl looking like a slut, she'll let the world know she looks like a slut. If she looks like a disheveled mess, she'll say that too. Old(er) people give zero fucks.

Plus, I've seen several older women commenting on Joy's videos. Remember the lady that said she looked like a "mess miss thing" and Joy went on a flippant rampage? She was an older woman (grandmother and all). And how old is KimmyCat?

No. 313693

Oddly enough I'm actually one of Shaelyn's teachers and believe talking to her parents about her twitter activity is a very good idea and will be doing so in the next few days.

No. 313696


that is a wonderful idea. her parents need to rein in this little philly. good on you, teach! i wish i had caring teachers like you back in the day.

No. 313708

As funny as this sounds, this screams troll.
So does this. I note that none of them Sage their posts, also.
>>>No. As others have mentioned, if she's milkable she can have her own thread. If she does something related to Kati, it's fine to mention it. But to derail Kati's thread for a cult member is totally unnecessary and unwanted.
I agree, except on the thread part. She's still a "kid' and if that winds up a thing, I guarantee you Kati will use it to deflect any conversation towards the people 'being a part of the evil group that targets, bullies, and harasses children' …for even more sympathy. Remember, emotional manipulation. She's a very seethrough one-trick pony.

No. 313709

I asked Jaz if she wanted to know what Joy said about her so we could clear up how much of Joy outting Jaz was bullshit. So I sent her privately the screenshot of Joy saying her usual bullshit about Jaz. Jaz confronted Joy (very politely mind you) about what Joy said. Joy blocked her then Jaz went on a twitter rant.

No. 313710


i've been through all the threads and have never heard of this Jaz person before. maybe i just overlooked any details that were posted on it. can you give some context? joy outed this person as gay/les/bi? when, where? what did joy say? etc

No. 313712

>>313710 Jaz was one of the first people Joy kicked out. She claimed Jaz was leaking information when she wasn't. Jaz and Joy ended up "working it out" temporarily for whatever reason. That's all I'm willing to say on Jaz for now.

No. 313715


this thread is for milk and discussion of milk. if you don't really have milk, or aren't "willing" to share the milk, don't post about it until you feel you are "willing" to share. nobody is asking for personal details of Jaz, just what the situation was. again it makes no sense to tease info about a situation then say you aren't "willing" to divulge any real details.

No. 313726

To put it bluntly, Jazz was just another example of Joy having a paranoid moment and using it to justify lashing out at anyone that gets on her bad side…one of the first in this particular situation. People were harassing her after one of her 'private sessions' and then after a while, she went dark. Ontop of that, the whole time she was firmly in Joy's camp and reaaaaaaally attached, so she wound up really hurt by everything. Its evident, even in her more recent messages. But it also shows very clearly that Joy will throw away anyone on the tiniest whim..both as a power trip and as a deflection tactic.

No. 313743

trudging through this one right now. looks like a former fan gone sour.

comment by "mytube777" is interesting.

No. 313744

That sounds somewhat similar to one of Joy's favorite tactics. "I have so much secret info, guys! you won't believe what I know…but I'm not telling right now because reasons…I will eventually, I swear…and it will all make sense then, for real guys"

Don't pull a Joy. If you have milk share it or keep quiet until you do, there's no point in dropping hints that you might have some sort of privileged info you aren't sharing.

This is an imageboard, if you have access to these conversations then you need to share screenshots. Describing these messages to us doesn't really help because it's just your word they happened and that's not good enough. Hate to sound like Joy but you need to show proof.

No. 313769


80% of this thread has turned into a Twitter chat room.

No. 313789


This is the Nicole that Joysus was demanding penance from in the younow stream yesterday.

No. 313814

I'm not really sure what to do in this case then, because all the evidence took place on younow streams that have since been deleted. So I'm stuck in this place where I can't prove it, but people want info on her.

No. 313832

One of the anons here has been recording her livestreams and uploading them to vid.me If you go higher up in this thread/back to thread #4 you can see where they posted the links to each one. Also, when she livestreams if you record something as a Moment the link will still work even if they are no longer listed on her profile. They stay saved on the YouNow server. So what you can do once you find the livestream you want to reference is link to the vid.me and note the time where it happens in the video or link the YouNow Moment if there is one.

Link to the livestream from earlier today 5/15, it even shows the chat

You can see all the YouNow Moments that were captured from the last livestream

YouNow Moment of her going off on Nicole

No. 313842

i'm the anon who began recording her streams recently. unfortunately i don't have any more prior to her 5/9 breakdown. any future streams i record will be listed publicly on vidme & can be found if you search for "joy sparkle bs".

she goes off on nicole during this stream as well at some point. demanding apologies and such.

Joy Sparkle BS Loses Her Mind 5/9/17:
Pt 1: https://vid.me/LwSo
Pt 2: https://vid.me/n8Kx
Pt 3: https://vid.me/mst4
Pt 4: https://vid.me/pN89

the stream she "privated" (read: deleted) with geekthulu & lizzreptile. she gets reeeaalll mad at lizzreptile in parts 3 & 4.
Pt 1: https://vid.me/NGER
Pt 2: https://vid.me/0hZ0
Pt 3: https://vid.me/Wl13
Pt 4: https://vid.me/5j4A

(reposting for this thread & newfags)

No. 313853

i forgot to add that i recorded the most of the stream she did with geekthulu on 5/8 before they moved over to google hangouts (posted above in 4 parts). this is the stream where she revealed just how pissed she was at chambers and company. claims she's being slandered blah blah. she spins tons of lies in this as usual so reposting for this thread & newfags

Part 1: https://vid.me/iXNF
Part 2: https://vid.me/HkZL

geekthulu asks her questions and brings up issues people were having with how she could affect rose's court case. he asks good questions but she sweet talks him and gets him off track. she diverts him and says she'll tell him stuff in "the DMs", her usual tactic. she acts super cute and flirty of course. name drops lolcow. she also tends to magically break up every time he brings up hard questions. must be the ~angelz~.

this stream was ridiculously glitchy because kati fails at the internet. hard.

p.s anons whenever she's livestreaming and you have a chance, let us know here. some of you have (much appreciated!) but rumor has it she has stopped announcing streams on twitter etc (guess she's mad) plz share if you can so some of us might be able to record her unfiltered crazy.

No. 313855

Alright, I'l make sure to call it out, but to be fair, everyone could just follow her on younow so it tells you

No. 313859


thanks! i don't have the phone app (i'm not 14) and i have to change my username up every time i record so her minions don't catch on. hard to track all her streams (srsly she needs a real job, we know she can work one) but i try!

No. 313861

Oh Righteous-Indignation-Joy is my favorite.

Tone policing isn't an argument. Neither is highgrounding, grandstanding or puffery.

All things considered with, you know, the profiting off children and donating a fraction, all your "accomplishments" are lies (stfu and hand me my Twinkie, bitch.), etc.

To quote you, do you know how you look right now? Do you have any idea? It's RIDICULOUS.

Thanks for the videos, anon. She should be a case study.

No. 313873

Ur a doll, Thx boo boo
(Sorry couldn't help myself)
I'd mentioned this before but I do follow her on YouNow yet didn't get a notification for the last stream. The only reason I knew about it was because someone posted it here. I have notifications turned on for her channel and that was how I used to find out about her streams until she stopped announcing them. I'm guessing she's doing that in order to keep the number of "haters" watching the stream low. She knows a lot of what she says in her livestreams is being used against her. Lately, she spends most of the time either telling new lies or doing damage control for old ones.

No. 313886

Joy's streaming

No. 313893

wow. is that cross heavy?

also, people were telling her to stop BEFORE the court order.

No. 313894

context? i know she's streaming but some of us can't watch and more complete info would be greatly appreciated.

No. 313896


Please hold.

No. 313899

i'm recording.

she is playing the victim HARDCORE in regards to Chambers and Phil. says she's "processing" and couldn't imagine doing what he did to her. doesn't think they could ever be friends again. harping about the 3 hour video…because god knows there isnt hours of her literally obsessing over others. claims she hasn't watched the video but saw "bullet points" and doesn't understand how he could make her out to be soooo bad when she was trying to help him with his life. making it to be someone trying to destroy her life.

says she's not saying more, is not playing games.

also claimed basedmomma wished her dead. not even close to true.

No. 313900

also claims she was a "REALLY good friend" over the last few years. funny because she literally just said the logs Phil showed were 12 years old. still dangling "speshul info" she says she has about Phil/the situation but won't divulge. she is throwing a HUUUUGE pity party. she says she "still loves and cares about" her "former friend". this bitch is milking it hard.

No. 313903

now claiming she knew avril lavigne wasn't the real avril years ago. angels must have told her.

she's also talking really.. different than usual. what a nutter.

No. 313910

Quick summary:
-differences of opinion = spreading lies about her & slander
-more painting herself as the victim and claiming she is taking the high ground regarding "ex friends"…she still loves and cares about them and wants to make peace but it's "JUST NOT POSSIBLE, guys" she's just SO heartbroken
-more keeping secrets to protect people that want to hurt her
-It's Ridiculous!
-Doesn't want to talk about former friendships because she respects them
-Phil's video is a 3 hr narrative painting her as the scum of the earth, bringing up every awful thing they can find says SHE DIDN'T WATCH IT but was given bullet points so she thinks her "crimes" are helping someone and "little" discrepancies. Claims logs were from 10-12 yrs ago. Says she tried to fix the friendship but she was rejected. Swears she's not trying to pick sides or play games. Wishes for peace
-Cody is apparently friends with her & Phil and is suggesting things to patch up the friendship, she claims she's tried EVERYTHING but he's really not letting this go
-She was a really good friend, not a perfect friend but still really great
-Irritated because no one ever sent her a private message instead of just making it public on Twitter (aren't her DMs closed?)

No. 313918

>Irritated because no one ever sent her a private message instead of just making it public on Twitter (clip)

Not sure exactly how she has her DMs set up on Twitter but she's stated on several occasions she had to close them to "protect herself"

No. 313926

Joy Sparkle BS YouNow Stream from 5/16/17 (early AM - latest stream)

Part 1: https://vid.me/mvE4
Part 2: https://vid.me/7uAB

sorry it's a bit glitchy, anons. this is an issue i only experience on younow's website for whatever reason. working on it.

No. 313940


Wow… that wasn't 100% aimed at Phil, now was it. Waiting to see if Phil folds like a cheap suit because it sounds like she's trying to use 'known' buttons on him.

No. 313944

Excuse me. Phil here, and i'm about to die from laughter. SO. Where DO I begin.
-Logs were from 10-12 years ago. Accctually those logs were from 2012, with the latter ones being from when I left.
-She loves and cares and wants to make peace but its just not possible! The first half is a lie, the second is true because its not possible.
-Respecting former friendships: Right, because shit talking them in private for months, lying about them, and continually lying about them is respect. One person gets a random text message telling them to commit suicide, and Tim gets treated like he doesn't have PTSD and is making it up so she can get her rocks off. Maybe she should LEARN about respect before she talks about it.
-She tried to fix the friendship but was rejected: OH THAT LYING BITCH. We haven't spoken since those logs. She didn't try JACK SHIT. She did however demonize me right out of the gate, and treat other people like shit (Tim,etc) just for TALKING to me. And after he realized she was warned? Shit talking. "Oh, he's all talk. He doesn't have anything. He won't do anything." Well, guess we found out how wrong Kati was, didn't we? (And this is without digging deep, I'd like to add.)
-She didn't watch the video and was given bullet points: Right, which is why we have that leaked conversation on thread-file that says she's been watching twitter. She also saw the actual video and unsubbed after that.
-She was a really good friend: No, actually she wasn't. As I said in video, in one of those chats and told her to her face..she is one of those that is there when she's looking to get something or wants something. Everything else is fake and she can go fuck herself and her virtue signaling.
-Irritated because no one sent her a private message: Hey, I did try that before I walked, and look where that got me. And people that confront her get blocked.
OH REALLY. No, no no. See, I said outright on my twitter that if she wants to play games, she's going to lose. I may have to take back my words on that Kati series after all if she keeps this shit up. I am sick and tired and fed up and I have had enough. But first, lets watch this screwups latest.

I did have a clarification video coming out, but apparently it may have to be a brutalization video. I only warned her the more she pulls this, the worse it is going to get. I guess she wants to play power trip. Alright. Alright. Just remember asshole, I warned you.

No. 313964


Argh! 'Poor me poor me poor me I am lovely poor me I still love my ex friends because I am so nice and I am just so sad that friendship had to end oh dear oh dear.'

That is not remotely a rebuttal to what Phil has said. Phil has given reference to events and things beyond just little feelings that 'it's not fair!'

She just comes out with a lot of vague nothing. 'No I'm not a bad person because I said I'm not a bad person' doesn't work as defending yourself. But of course her entourage lap it up.

No. 313978

File: 1494937271710.jpg (559.29 KB, 1436x2393, IMG_20170516_080401.jpg)

Her video comments are becoming somewhat fun. It's nice to see that more viewers are finally seeing the light.

Here's one from one of her diehards. Interesting idea that you cant be manipulated by someone you don't know personally.

No. 313989

Ooooh, a new juicy update video on the Fyre Festival thing. What would I do without her updates….

No. 314078

Seriously though, what Philly D summed up yesterday in one video, she now makes two updates on… Typical.

No. 314082

Newfags don't know how to link.

No. 314092

My life is now complete since she finally updated us on this. She really is a stupid cow that just latches on to whatever is somewhat popular.

No. 314097

Gotta get that cash grab from double ad revenue. WTF why did this video need to be 24 min long…she keeps repeating the same things over and over…we get it, these people are incompetent, "greasy snakes" trying to pull a fast one on their employees. She doesn't give a shit about wasting her audience's time. Instead of summarizing the phone call and linking to it for those that really want to hear the entire thing, she makes you listen to extended portions of crackly, hard to understand audio. Great job Joy, you suck at YouTube.

No. 314117

It needs to be that long and spread out over multiple videos for that sweet sweet ad revenue, or most likely because she's to fucking stupid to just do one 30min video that gets the point across where she doesn't ramble on about non existent health issues and how she has the best "roommate" or info that she has but won't release.

No. 314147


if you have screenshots of her shit talking you in private, any harassing messages she and her fans sent before you made your video, etc be sure to include them in your video or post them on here. show the cunt being cunty!

No. 314155

KimmyCat made a video titled "JOY SPARKLE B.S. I AM COMING FOR U (HARD) RAW, UNCUT, UNEDITED." Lol, that title.

Blooddance Darkmoon made a part 3 defending Joy even though part 1 & 2 got less than 500 views put together.

No. 314162

Well, let me spell it out like this. When Kati decides to basically do in public everything she was said to do in private (which..great idea there. Make a defense that states…exactly what the video debunked. Nice defense.)…she's not doing herself any favors. Her livestreams aren't helping her,etc.

I am really wondering though, because its very clear to me that she is deliberately pushing my buttons. Doing so in a way to then turn around and elicit a response…then work the crowd…hm. Good lord she's pulling an Onision.
Now that's a video title that leaves a lasting mental scar.

No. 314218

Is KimmyCat Joy in 20 years?

No. 314222

No, but her (Joy) and Jamie could be twins at this point. I just had a very brain-cell-suicide-inducing twitter conversation with her. She doesn't seem to like being compared to Kati very much…but I can't help that they say the exact same things and do the exact same things. She even pulled the selective memory card..at least she didn't call that brain fog, though.

No. 314225

No. 314237

File: 1494969544713.jpg (134.93 KB, 861x1300, 11156860-Businessman-with-thou…)

This website gave me cancer and I would not be surprised if this is literally where she came up with the IUD lie. She's either one of the dumbest people ever or one of the best trolls ever.

>My emotional life has improved dramatically when I took out the copper IUD. And no matter what the studies say, I’m not making that up.


No. 314245

>many female clients who have been very thrown off from having copper IUDs, and that once they got it out, things got better.

Even if we took this article as truth (it hurt me to type that.) This story says that the women got better immediately after having the IUD removed. Kati is still "super sick" over a year later post removal. Supposedly, she's "getting better slowly" yet conveniently has a flare up everytime she needs to excuse her rotten behavior or just wants some internet asspats. No real illness works that way.

No. 314247


>> No real illness works that way.

Ahem… mental illness. :D

No. 314251

LOL, true. She's fully aware of what she's doing and doesn't care who gets hurt in the process as long as she gets what she wants…isn't that what a sociopath does?

No. 314275

That's certainly what narcissists do. She's the one that broke the Do5 story. She's the one that caused a gag order. She's the one that gives other people subscribers. It's all Kati don't you know? According to Kati, anyways. Her manic bursts are just her getting drunk off of being youtube famous angel channeling life changing Kati.

No. 314278

So I caught this quick. In her Purple Mattress Expose video towards the end (at about 18:00 in) she says "The fact that the judge threw out a lot of things like the temporary restraining DISORDER"

I about died laughing.

This bitch is so obsessed with illness that shit that has NOTHING to do with any sort of illness, like "order" turn into "Disorder" and she doesn't even catch the slip up. Just kept going.

Has me fucking rolling over here.


No. 314316

that's not how real mental illness works either…………

it might be hard to believe, but even sociopaths can choose to not be absolute garbage people. some do, some don't. i don't care WHAT joy is, she's choosing to be garbage.

don't forget that she knew about avril lavigne before everyone else, too. she must've just kept that to herself until it ~made sense~.

No. 314341

Maybe not mental illness but it is how being a raging bitch & attention whore works. She told Tim he couldn't blame his PTSD for his actions because we are all responsible for our choices. Funny, how she is somehow exempt. She uses "brain fog" to explain away all manner of things.

Avril Lavinge being replaced by a body double is just a rumor & not even a new one, it's been talked about since 2005. I have no idea why it's getting brought back up again now. Also, people speculated the same thing with Paul McCartney. Just because a singer changes a bit, like everyone is prone to when they grow out of a teen phase, doesn't mean something nefarious is going on. I didn't watch that part of her livestream, my internet cut out for a few min, but does she really think this rumor is true and she just so happened to notice Avril didn't seem like herself…or is the whole thing yet another attempt to pander to her audience?

No. 314348

went back to her earliest videos. she talks a whole lot of bullshit here about her "muh illness". one of my favorite lines: "mentally make my body work."

what in the fuck is with the weird voice she's using throughout this video? i've noticed her voice is constantly changing depending on whatever bullshit she's spinning. this is the same exact cutesy bullshit she says "kathy" types do. she's not just doing a cutesy voice. she's doing cutesy mannerisms, gestures and facial expressions. its so weird to contrast this kati with the current unhinged kati we've come to know. she really is pathological in a fucking freaky ass, scary way.

i guess she dropped the positive vibe and cutesy voice real quick when she figured out screeeeeachy anger and drama gets views.

No. 314351

well yeah, but being a raging bitch isn't even close to a mental illness. it's just being a raging bitch. which she is. she won't ever be able to claim "mental illness" in the future, and she's really hurt her ability to blame "brain fog." which might be one of the reasons why she's gone radio silent for the moment. she might be cooking up a new excuse.

yeah everyone knows that it's an old rumor. but she's acting like she knew more about it than ~the public~. again. she sure has a theme.

No. 314356

That's what initially drew me towards her when she was doing onision videos. I liked the positive spin on things, instead of negativity.
Then after a while I saw how obsessive she was, and ditched.
So it's probably just a manipulation tactic.
Sage for blog.

No. 314372

File: 1494984957695.png (502.54 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1497.PNG)

Kati trying to backtrack about KimmyCat

No. 314373

File: 1494985002350.png (524.75 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1498.PNG)

kati trying to backtrack about KimmyCat. 2/3

No. 314375

File: 1494985036524.png (625.81 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1499.PNG)

Kati trying to backtrack about KimmyCat. 3/3

No. 314377

Aww…her heart is sad guys…she turned focus from Kimmycat being the victim to sympathy for herself. She's something else.

No. 314384

Does anyone have the link to the livestream where Joy did this? Where she made fun of Kimmy being disabled?

No. 314411

File: 1494988456023.png (293.3 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1501.PNG)

Challenge accepted.

No. 314413

File: 1494988541165.png (296.08 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1500.PNG)

She may have laughed at some of the stuff.

No. 314415


who in the fuck wouldn't be upset if they heard some asshole like kati was making fun of their medical condition? i seen this cheshirekatt idiot around everywhere and every time i do she's spewing more idiocy.

not a lot of kati's livestreams are saved. i personally did see kati disparage kimmycat in a stream. joy made mean comments about how kimmy was too old to be commenting on her and that she found it quite funny someone kimmy's age would make videos about her. lots of laughing with her little pals about it. unfortunately this was before i ever thought to save her livestreams.


oh fuck off kati marie smith. yeah we're going to trust YOU to look up and see if YOU said something horrible about someone. yeah we'll take your word for it. asshole.

No. 314416

She seems to want to know it to get to it before everyone else. No doubt to find a way to spin the situation. She pretty well knows if that livestream is found,and its clear as day proof that she mocked Kimmy then she just got caught in another lie.

And if she gets caught in more lies, its just going to prove right all of her critics so far. So I guarantee you she is in full damage control/spin mode.

No. 314419

oh really? she never makes fun of disabled people? i don't believe her. after all, she sure finds it funny to mimic the speech patterns of people who are either mentally or physically disabled.

as seen here at 2:36 in (fucking horribly offensive):


i have another example of her doing this. still looking for it, will post asap.

No. 314420

That tweet was her replying to someone calling her out for making fun of some disabled kid named Dylan

No. 314422


2nd example: https://vid.me/ofZI
starts shortly after -1:35 in.
can't wait to see how she spins this.


i don't know what you're talking about. she was making fun of onision in that clip. it had nothing to do with the disabled kid Dyllan that she invited on her streams.

No. 314425

File: 1494989687723.png (246.65 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1502.PNG)

Sorry I should've included a screenshot. This is the person she was replying to when asking for proof of her ever making fun of disabled people.

No. 314428


when i saw the two examples i shared above my first thought was about Dylan. she was horribly condescending towards Dylan in the streams where she guested with him. i know there's a few anons around who remember that. she has no respect for those with disabilities. or anyone. but she especially shits on the disabled constantly with her malingering and lies. all arguments about her illness being real (or not) aside, not sure she'll be able to defend those clips above. she'll probably just ignore it unless she's pushed hard about it. then she'll say they are taken out of context. they may be only seconds long but those clips show just how ugly of a person she really is.

No. 314480

I know, he might have issues talking because of his disorder but that doesn't mean he can't understand her perfectly, his IQ isn't affected. He's probably more intelligent than she is. At first, the way she addressed him wasn't too bad but the more she talked to him the more it sounded like she was humoring a young child or a pet. He might be used to excusing people for thinking he's mentally challenged but the thing is SHE KNEW BETTER right from the beginning. Then she deemed herself his fairy godmother, making a HUGE deal out of how great she was for getting him to meet his favorite DJ…like only she could make this happen through her many important contacts and actually went around tweeting at the likes of Philip Defranco & Ellen just to draw attention to her amazing good deed…even though NONE of that was necessary because it was easily accomplished by simply asking the guy.

No. 314513

She's on YouNow now!

No. 314529

-said she was depressed
-asked if she believed in Mandala effect, said she wasn't sure bc she didn't have direct evidence
-talked to Dyllan. He asked if she saw his thing, she said no. Compared him to Dorothy on Golden Girls, he said he was more like Blanche. She claimed they would eventually do a collab….someday. Guested him and he explained he had a bad experience getting a hair cut. Sarcastically told him she's ableist & hates disabled people and the clip would probably get taken out of context. She likes him because they are "both assholes." She can't be perceived as doing anything good bc the world thinks everyone is just "assholes in hiding." She kept making fun of herself hating all disabled people & being an anti-Semite. He jokingly called her Kyathy. Said he's going to get called out for being ableist too. After he left kept talking him up, saying he was a ray of sunshine
-talked about Kimmycat's new video. Said she is even scared to say the word "disabled" because of how people have gone after her. Said she didn't make fun of her disability, she just laughed about how ridiculous the situation was. She's "giggly" so that got misconstrued. Says she has the ability to post all her old livestreams, if someone can give her the date she says she will make that one public & send it to her
-talked about Martin Louis's video, said he was "good looking" but was just repeating other's questions. Didn't have a big issue with it.
-talked about all the YouTuber's who snubbed her & all the one's still supporting her
-guested someone who was super upset Joy is being called out for lying about being sick because her friend with MS is happy & chipper & doesn't look ill most of the time Also because people tell her she doesn't have anxiety. Joy agreed with her of course. Joy claimed people would tell her she's not sick even though they would see her running a fever & see the temperature.

There are quite a few Moments captured if you missed it:

No. 314531

The disabled comments really show the manipulation she was doing to angel, not that she is a angel herself. I remember during all the angel drama one screen cap really caught my eye, the one where someone apparently called angel "disabled" and joy made a big deal about it saying how she would never call her disabled. It reminded me of something onision would say to his girls to make them more dependent on him.

No. 314534

Amazing how she doesn't care about the guy for what..weeks on end until suddenly someone says she made fun of a disabled person. Then she suddenly cares about his existence. Nice image control and manipulation…there's NO WAY that was just working the crowd and using Dylan for her own purposes..GEE…

No. 314537

The way she framed it is that the people who are saying she's not really sick and are actually ill themselves don't really understand because they have different illnesses or because the same illnesses manifest differently from person to person…so they have no valid basis to judge her.

Notice she conveniently brought him out just as people started commenting on her laughing at disabled people and specifically how she treated Dyllan? She wasn't keeping up with him, she had no idea he released some new thing he was proud of.
But she needed to convince everyone that she really loves and is friends with disabled people and that she isn't condescending to Dyllan. She promised to collab with him eventually but it just happens she keeps pushing it back/forgetting about it.

No. 314549


That made me really angry. That whole 'oh honey I'd can't believe they used then word disabled I'd never use that word' was terrible. Angel IS disabled and it is not remotely derogatory to say so.

Blog but I am disabled and I would be far more offended by someone saying that they would never consider me disabled than someone acknowledging it as part of who I am. I think Joy being appalled by 'disabled' like it's a damn slur is 'ableist'.

No. 314753

Is there any kind of collection of Joy's livestreams up on the web aside from the few mentioned? From the look of things, she's going to attempt damage control soon if not already so they may start disappearing to cover her tracks.

No. 314754


from what i've seen..no. there's one anon who started recording them (or some) recently but unfortunately there doesn't appear to be any others. just the clips we can see on younow but knowing her and her fans those will probably go missing too. kinda frustrating because many people have seen her lie her ASS off in her livestreams way before all the do5 stuff blew up. it would be extremely handy right about now to have those streams.

No. 314773

In her most recent shit of a video, she harasses some poor call center worker about details regarding that purple mattress. Details he can't really answer because HE DOESN'T RUN THE COMPANY and simply answers calls..probably outsourced by the purple mattress company. This is someone who incessantly brags about her business experience. For someone who knows so goddamn much surely she would know call center customer service people only know what they're told to say. This is just a fucking carbon copy of a video some other youtuber did. The only differences = her shrill voice and bad wardrobe. And lack of common sense. Will this bitch EVER come up with an original video idea?

Someone please get this idiot to use spellcheck. She always misspells words in her video titles. THE VIDEO TITLE. So much for that vast marketing experience!

No. 314780

So basically, Joy attempts to publically/web humiliate a call center worker for the sake of her own ego and of course, views. For someone all about sales and marketing, she certainly has yet to learn professionalism.

No. 314789


how to do an "interview" when no one will talk to you… journal-media 101.

This is really sad. If she's "Media" why didn't she contact someone at the company who's being paid more than $11/hr? I know I want all my finance news from the bank gardener… he certainly has a handle on everything.

No. 314799

i didn't watch because i can't take her voice, but did she tell the representative that she was recording them?? because if not that is some dangerous water she's navigating there.

also, as a former customer service rep, this absolutely appalls me. cs reps have no authority and are very restricted in what they're allowed to say and help with. they spend day in and day out fielding abuse from customers. then this bitch comes along and pulls this shit. NOTHING about this is okay. only a selfish, greedy, compassionless person would do something like this. but that's kati!!!!!

No. 314810

God what a fucking bitch. I have to occasionally take calls at my job too and if I had to take a call like this from joy I'd fucking hang myself.
It's like yelling at a waitress when your food didn't turn out right. NOT THEIR FUCKING FAULT

No. 314820

She lost me when she commented about about being customer number 2, "I thought they just said I was number 1? Tech stuff happens."
While this may appear to be minor, it's part of her asshole attitude and being so quick to shift blame. She was too focused on humiliating someone to pay attention the recording saying her hold time was 1 minute.

What a hog

No. 314835

Besides the continuation of the Purple mattress story, she's also a video about a feminist calling breastfeeding unnatural.

She calls The Purple Mattress company and they send her an email with a toxicology report…and of course, even though it could have been covered in the same video she leaves revealing the contents of the email to yet another video….gotta get that ad revenue.

I suggested she install Grammarly or a spellchecker months ago when she misspelled a video title….and was told I was heartless for pointing it out to her and should just give her a break because her illness causes brain fog.

In her breastfeeding video, Joy has a field day with the fact that the feminist's name is Cathy…it's almost like she thinks everyone named Cathy is automatically a terrible person. Joy said that while being a woman sucks because we have periods and risk our lives giving birth, being a man sucks because they get drafted to go to war, wake up with boners every day and have a difficult time with their hormones because they feel like they need sex…and she knows this because she's had this conversation with many men…but women should be grateful because we are not drafted to go die in a war (when was the last time anyone got drafted??) and if feminists really want to be equal to men they should be screaming for their right to be drafted. (This argument makes no sense, no one wants to be drafted, it's unfair that men are legally required to sign up for Selective Service in order to receive other rights/not get in legal trouble when the same is not required of women…if anything the argument should be that men should have the same rights as women NOT to sign up for the draft. Regardless, while feminists didn't ask for the possibility to get drafted against their will because why would anyone want that, they did fight for their right to willingly serve in the military.) She claims women are not required to sign up for the draft because men & women are different and the majority of women just can't handle going to war. (At the time the draft became a thing women were excluded because they traditionally took care of children & the household and at the time it was seen as cowardly to have women to fight wars for you.) She said women can't mentally, emotionally, physically, physiologically handle war. (Lots of men can't handle going to war, this is why PTSD and suicide is so prevalent among vets…some women CAN handle it and enlist for multiple terms of service, way to generalize Joy.) She then took what Cathy said, that "breastfeeding is not beautiful, it causes headaches and can be horrible" and turned it into a weird tirade about 3rd wave feminism and abortion. Joy claimed new wave/3rd wave feminists say having children is just a burden so she sarcastically says if it's a male child we should just kill it and because women have the right to an abortion they should celebrate killing the child inside of them because it's fun. She then she says she's very pro-choice but she has had miscarriages…plural and starts to say she had lots of them but stops herself. (What does one have to do with the other?) She then claims 3rd wave feminists don't think making life is sacred and that they can't find joy in life. (Not that I approve of some of what 3rd wave feminism pushes but that's one hell of a generalized assumption. Really, I'm not sure what any of that has to do with anything. She needs to learn how to stay on topic.) The rest just seems like repetitive rambling…and at the very end she didn't bother to do anything resembling an outro, she just ends the video mid-sentence for no reason. I thought my browser had frozen up for a second.

No. 314846


For those that don't know why she makes fun of people named Cathy/Kathy/Kathie

Her mother's name actually IS Kathi. The character of "Kathy" is based off of her mother.

Nice child, huh? Even if they don't get along privately, she is publicly humiliating her mother. Likely without her mother's knowledge. I find it interesting that they are friendly on facebook. It means her mother is likely in the dark about this.

And let's not forget HER OWN NAME is one letter off from "Kathi" which she turned into "Kathy". Yet someone she's so fucking superior to this "Kathy" character. Go fuck yourself.

Ah yes, of course she's had multiple miscarriages. She always magically relates to every single topic she ever talks about. I call bullshit. And exactly..miscarriages and abortions ARE different, Kati.

No. 314849

I was just about to post the same thing. That's a huge no no recording someone without their consent in two party consent states. She could get in a fuck ton of trouble for that.

No. 314855

Great research. One, not looking for another source and two, taking Fox news at its face and three, taking Tucker Carlson at HIS face.

Here's the context: http://www.cnn.com/2016/03/04/health/breast-feeding-natural-vaccine-fears/

tl;dr: Let's not use appeal to nature fallacy because this is why some people aren't vaccinating their kids.

No. 314859

She edited out some of the wait time but as far as I could tell she didn't edit down the call itself…and no, from what's in the video she did NOT inform the rep she would be recording the call, she actually misrepresents herself as someone who is intending to buy a mattress and was doing research because she wanted to get the Purple mattress but just happened to come across some videos talking about the white powder and because she has asthma she wanted to make sure it was safe for her before she invested $1000 on the mattress….she says that several times actually, how she intends to buy the mattress if she can be assured it is safe.

No. 314865

Anyone remember how long ago she had the iud taken out?

No. 314866

okay, >>314799 here, i decided to watch just enough to see if she asked for consent to record.

NO, SHE DID NOT ask for consent to record. she's well into the call now and hasn't mentioned once that she's recording.

while oklahoma is a single-party consent state, i found this too: "However, courts have ruled that one cannot use a device to record a conversation unless all parties of the conversation are informed."

GOOD JOB, KATI. i don't know what state/country/whatever the customer service rep is in, but oklahoma says NOPE.

yeah she edited out some wait time but there are no cuts once the rep picks up. i'm sure she's going to claim that she cut that out, though. and she'll hold on to the cut footage as evidence but won't release it for ~reasons.~

No. 314870

Miscarriages ? In one of her earlier videos she talks about how she doesn't want to have children because the world is cruel and she would rather start an orphanage. Seriously, she said that.

Along with her goal being for her channel to grow so she could have the money to open a homeless shelter. I'm thinking its in the "my brain is sick" video

No. 314872

File: 1495053927366.png (374.63 KB, 1242x2083, IMG_1503.PNG)

Fucking fantastic ad placement.

No. 314873

Not super sure about the exact timing but I do know it's been 1 yr and a few months at the very least…maybe as long as 2yrs, idk.

She's never mentioned having had multiple miscarriages before…and she had her IUD for over 6 years, so when did they happen?

No. 314874

if the company is willing to sue over a bad review, i wonder what she thinks they're going to do about this? does anyone have the vid archived? either she panics and takes it down or she takes yet another opportunity to play the martyr. this time she could be in real trouble, though. so much for her legal expertise.

No. 314877

Agreed. This needs to be archived and possibly fwded anonymously to a company representative.

No. 314878

I sent a link to the video to purple expressing my concern about the legality of her not getting consent from the CS rep about recording the call or even informing him of the call being recorded. So we'll see what happens.

No. 314890

okay, i did some reading-up, and oklahoma and utah (where purple is) are both one-party consent states. the statute i mentioned in >>314866 deals with someone "intercepting" the call. so the recording in and of itself wasn't illegal, as far as i can tell.

HOWEVER. they could still have a civil interest in how she misrepresented herself to the rep and then uploaded the conversation. that's a big grey area. i dunno what they'll do about that.

No. 314900

File: 1495056564507.jpg (60.52 KB, 772x393, whenindoubtignoreignoreignore.…)


this was asked 3 hours ago but joy's last tweet was 43 min ago as of this post. she says she checks ALL her tweets but it appears she's ignoring the evidence. so much for "show me where i've fucked up and i'll address it!"

No. 314907

They sued a YouTuber with only 2,400 subs for "slander", her channel is 16 times larger. She has to be super careful how she handles her videos and especially her interactions with them. A "journalist" might call customer service but they would also ask for an official response from someone much higher up in the company who was an authorized representative. A CS rep might be completely misinformed about any number of things, they are some of the lowest, least informed employees. Misrepresenting who you are and the purpose of your call is iffy. They probably want to know that any statement given to her would immediately get put on YouTube, I'm sure they'd want to make sure anything released to "media" is completely accurate first.

She's been ignoring everyone who shows evidence she can't spin…that or she claims she's already addressed it but we are too lazy to do the research to find where.

No. 314934

File: 1495058562771.png (76.73 KB, 1080x287, IMG_20170517_225924.png)

Oh Brilliant! What a rare treat!

This tweet is also context-less - there is nothing new below it. So we have additional bonus footage to…what?

No. 314954

So…has anyone archived that video on the tech interview yet in case it disappears?

No. 314971

I did. I also called them from the UK, and listened while they looked at it. Left them my name number and email incase she 'disappears' it. They weren't impressed.

No. 314979

I can confirm that's true because it's me. I played on the whole 'I just wanted to let you guys know because surely that's not right I mean I googled and you guys are a kickstarter company you seemed to be doing pretty well, you've already got a lot going on with a lawsuit, without her doing that. I'm appalled so wanted to let you know. Good luck'

No. 314984


I also sent them link to the video right after it went up. SOooooo…. they've def been notified of the last video (sent that one too) and this video. Bet she's trying to bate them into legal action so she can be the ultimate victim.

Except, that person who answered the phone is the one that was victimized since he didn't consent to have his conversation published and used for commercial gain.

No. 315093

File: 1495074050761.jpg (31.08 KB, 377x432, grima.jpg)

Hold up. I just found one of Joy's ancestors. I can see the resemblance, even the character traits add up!

No. 315112

To add to that: Gríma serves as an archetypal sycophant, flatterer, liar, and manipulator, and is considered to be based by Tolkien on the Beowulf character Unferth.[1] (Wikipedia source)

Doesn't that sound enough like Joy. I often joke about Joy, Jamie, and Onision being clones, I guess he would have been the original…

No. 315126

Bitch is getting political now. Or trying.

Of course her "report" (she's PRESS u guyz remember?) is simply reading a NYT article out loud. For the entire. fucking. video. And her trite opinion during the last 2 minutes of the video.

Does Joy give a fuck about the political situation in Turkey? No. Does Joy give a flying fuck that the protesters were ethnic Kurds? Fuck no. It all goes right over her head because bitch don't care. Gotta jump on that bandwagon.

This video is more lazy than usual. That's pretty…pretty fucking bad. She's not even jumping on the most popular topics with this video and the video on breastfeeding. She's just throwing shit at the walls, hoping it will stick. Can't expect much more than that from a "PRESS" member who doesn't even do their own research.

No. 315127


SHe's just pulling ideas from Phil DeFranco.

No. 315131

It wasn't really even her opinion. Earlier in the video she says, "We don't do that here." Then while reading the article it turns out that was what John McCain had tweeted "We don't do that here in America."

She's just trying to find the next big story she can make a couple dozen videos about to rake in that ad revenue…she's looking for high emotion stories because those are the ones that get clicks…and she can claim to be passionate, not obsessive about it.

No. 315133


AND… once again… loops graphic violence for the duration of the video. This needs to be reported for violence. There is no need to loop that video for the entire time. Especially after she gives a trigger warning at the beginning.

No. 315135

That is straight out sensationalism and completely unnecessary, I agree.

No. 315137


great point. i've already reported it.

No. 315169

File: 1495080772653.jpg (52.5 KB, 350x347, IMG_1487.JPG)

I think this more accurately represents her.

No. 315199

File: 1495083343414.png (175.9 KB, 386x360, weirdjoy.png)

I think you are right.

No. 315202

Maybe they're all related. At least Weird Al has something going for him, though. Poor Al, he's going to wind up browsing this thread and lose the will to live..

No. 315210

File: 1495084802941.png (177.31 KB, 350x347, improved.png)

It's sad that his hair is a vast improvement over hers.

No. 315219

that is amazing. A+++ anon.

No. 315238

i can't watch, but she just went live, in case anyone didn't get the notification.

No. 315242

She said it was time to rant, wonder what this is going to be about.

No. 315256

File: 1495087399038.png (70.35 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2017-05-17-13-52-03…)

Someone tweeted in relation to kimmycats I'm coming for you video. Kati liked it. Obviously. Because she's against bullying and would never do that.

No. 315260


Someone record the stream if you aren't already.

No. 315264

she's streaming. she says she's"legitimately scared" of Carmel Corn, the ex-fan who made an exposed video on her.

now she's addressing a video someone else made about her. where Joy sarcastically said she "owned" the charity Special Spaces. the person who included that clip from YouNow..but they didn't understand she was being sarcastic at the time. now she says she is super sad over it. she's upset Someguy the YouTuber brought up the rumor in his video.

she keeps saying she doesn't make fun of disabled people. but we now have TWO CLIPS of her doing so. Joy just said that nobody is providing her with evidence that she has ever made fun of disabled people. that's not true. just today someone confronted her with the clips but she ignored it. now that real evidence is being spread around of her ACTUALLY making fun disabled people… she's deflecting and drawing attention to this video where the girl who made it did get her info wrong.

she says she never sends her fans after people. BULLSHIT! this entire stream is to rile up her fans and she KNOWS they're going to go after the girl who made the video including the clip (the girl didn't understand Joy was being sarcastic because it was a small clip from YouNow and the girl took it out of context) and they will also go after Someguy, too.

meanwhile this is the perfect deflection to draw attention away from the real clips of her mocking disabled people. it's perfect too because unfortunately the girl was wrong about Joy owning Special Spaces.

No. 315267

She kept calling Martin Louis…"Martin Louise"

No. 315273


Someone please save the stream and link it. I'll fwd to Martin. I'm sure he'll get a kick out of it.

No. 315277


lol I KNOW. now she's making it seem as if she's 100% innocent regarding those group chats because she was "barely involved" and randomly added without her consent.

she just said "I'm still new to YouTube" to explain away her mistakes. lol blameless victim JoyKati.

No. 315286

Joy just admitted her fans "go off the deep end" and "it makes me look bad".

I hope that costs her her most loyal fans. hopefully they freak out and think she's talking about them.

I'm recording it guys, I'll post asap when it's over.

No. 315291

Since the majority of her meltdowns, verbal slips, and outright lies take place on these streams, recording as many of them as we can is highly important. Box her in, give her no room to slither out of.
Anon, I love you from the bottom of my cold, black screaming abyss of a heart. You da man. Or woman. Whichever. Don't care. You're awesome.

No. 315295

Oh god. Thank you for this anon.

No. 315300

Lol, you're welcome. I could have done a better job if I spent more than 5 min making them.

Now she's claiming she'll apologize for real guys if she is shown the clips where she makes fun of someone.

No. 315305

LOL…she said her therapist told her to do YouTube

No. 315306

Glad to help expose the shit show.

Someone posted one of the clips, asked her about it. She ignored it.

She just said she's"constantly in pain" and is "physically limited". Just claimed 2 different counselors/therapists told her she would be "good on YouTube".


No. 315317

both ioik and Fines are making really good points but she still constantly deflects. They're pointing out that chronic physical illness doesn't make a person incapable of filtering and controlling themselves. I'm recording the chat too.

She just called addiction a choice. Sorry, no, nobody chooses to become physically dependent on a drug (often legally prescribed) which causes their brain to cry out..which often causes drug seeking behaviour.

It is so fucking annoying when she talks about shit she doesn't know anything about. Which is always.

Joy you need to admit to yourself that your symptoms DON'T add up to fibro and actually do add up to anxiety. you are anxious because you're afraid of life. admit it.

No. 315318



No. 315322

A therapist told her pain is just stored up energy?? What.

No. 315327

She just said her Lyrica is almost out, but it doesn't matter cause it stopped working, mmmhmmm.

No. 315328


probably an indigo therapist.

No. 315334

Said she's almost out of Lyrica. Then says "but it stopped working. it doesn't work anymore."

That was a starting dose. If she was in the pain she claims she's in, she would PUSH and CALL the doctor to adjust the dose. But she clearly didn't and won't. NOT the behaviour of someone in unbearable, constant chronic pain. But she just gives up. Sorry I don't buy it Kati. Don't give us that shit about your doctor being free and that he's far away. That has literally nothing to do with you getting your dosage adjusted.

sorry anons, this shit just gets under my skin.

No. 315337

hiiii Russians! <3

No. 315345

holy fuck.. now she has PTSD

No. 315350

>Are Cody and Emma still with their birth mom?
"I don't know…and even if I did I wouldn't talk about it…out of respect…for their…privacy or ..whatever it is…"

Damn Joy at least try

No. 315354

She's being confronted by old friends about triggering the ptsd

Just a bunch of "theres a lot you guys dont understand…a lot you don't know…"

No. 315355

First, she claimed the conversation where she berated Tim didn't happen…when the guy in chat said he saw the screengrabs she claims he doesn't understand because there's more to the story going on behind the scenes. Then she says it happened a long time ago & she admits she made mistakes but fully apologized…but she doesn't want to give the reason for her behavior or talk about it because there's a lot more going on people don't understand for lots of reasons but mainly because she wants to respect Tim's privacy. And now she's trying to get them to speak to her privately so she can make them understand and figure something out. Then she claims this happened a while ago so it's no longer an issue.

No. 315358

Yeah yeah. Ain't it interesting? Like I said. Same excuses everytime. Every. Single. Time.
She uses the same script for every situation, and then she hides behind her fans.
"Its a misunderstanding."
"There's a lot your don't understand."
"A lot you don't know"
"Haters, shit talkers, you're just judging me on things you don't know!"
"Misconstruing text/all just a misunderstanding!" (That will always be cleared up later, in private, away from criticism.)

Also, Joy is lying through her ass. Just like she never reached out to me, she didn't give a damn about either Tim or Mandi. She has never given a damn about anyone's privacy in her life. She doesn't want to talk about it because she is incapable of honestly owning up to her bullshit. A pathological liar/narcissist always doubles down with more lies. And here it is.

No. 315367

Was just browsing the Moments..she says PTSD is the only mental illness she's ever been diagnosed with. (What about anxiety?)

No. 315376

If she's sooo concerned about breaching privacy then why is she willing to discuss it with people she doesn't know in private messages…it's okay as long as it's just one person at a time??

No. 315380

I'm assuming because those two people mentioned they were there in the chat when that incident happened

No. 315392


although that's probably true the actual reason is because this is her go-to technique: when she gets cornered she suddenly gives reasons why she can't talk about it publicly (privacy, only a few people know, its a secret, blah blah) so she can sequester people into private messages where she can really play them. she does her best manipulating one-on-one. she can scope out people's weaknesses better that way and therefore play them like a fiddle.

there's only so much entertaining she can do for a crowd. she knows what she's doing when she pulls this "lets bring it to private" shit. she does it all the time with various people for various reasons. she pulled the same thing with phil. she kept begging him to talk to her on the phone so she could talk him up and use the emotion in her voice in an attempt to try and sway him. ever notice the cutesy voice she puts on when she's trying to convince someone of something? just another technique for her. both cornering people either in private messages or on the phone is also a way for her to ensure there isn't overwhelming evidence against her. the less people who see it, the less it will be believed. so then if someone says "i have screenshots of our private message where you said.." her whiteknights will scream "PHOTOSHOPPED!". and the phone thing is literally her words vs someone else. who is the LOUD horde of joyzombies always going to believe? joy, and she knows it.

No. 315396

For the anons asking which video you could see the ring light, its the roommate video. Its reflected In the window the whole time perfectly.

No. 315398

I'm one of those people in the chat. I am a tumblr fag that has an anti o chat that both her and angel were apart of. We had a falling out over the konstigo shit because I was the one that found her vid and posted it in the chat, telling everyone not to post about it becuase girl was 17 and no real milk besides him using her. Then angle posted the vid of her skype with joy and we saw she used angel as a spy on our chat more or less. Obviously more stuff has been done here and there but that's the basis of it. I'm also not about this "come to me privately" cause I know her manipulation tactics too well.

No. 315405

Thanks for posting. Good for you - I'm guessing you learned her manipulation tactics first hand and that..sucks. She and others should never have gone after Konstigo. Especially Joy - 32 years old and bullying a 17 year old for no legitimate reason. And making videos about it no less.

What were you guys trying to ask her in the chat that she didn't want to talk about? If you don't mind sharing. You definitely don't have to say who you are or go into private details. I think some of us are just curious why she suddenly turned on the "oh let's go private" thing.

No. 315409

File: 1495097562624.jpg (47.27 KB, 849x414, ea85dcab-6920-4c9f-b6bc-43c841…)

I have some caps if you like

No. 315410

File: 1495097595101.jpg (21.95 KB, 714x176, 9490f6f3-0ab5-4cdd-bf1e-1398d7…)

Srry that was to you

No. 315411

File: 1495097775148.jpg (308.6 KB, 900x1148, 5d908beb-ffde-4814-b194-578ae2…)

We were also chatting on voice chat, and told her not to contact konstigo etc. This is from after we knew angel was spying and robs vid on konstigo came out. We were in vid chat trolling robs vid and she saw us post some caps, but didn't come into voice chat. Her and angel had just fell out too. I thought it was funny that she said she didn't know what me and jarrod were talking about until sje realized who we were… the look on her face.

No. 315412

Sorry sage for same fagging, but we also kinda never trusted joy, a few of us in the chat are also lurkers here quite a bit (it's kinda like fagchats in efagz days), so I really didn't want to delete her from the chat right away cause milk. Sadly I never really figured out the whole break up with angel, who would just come in and listen to us and report back to joy. I do want to have a "chat" with her though, but I also want to reach the branch out to all the others in twined in this to join too, then she can't say "you don't know the whole story".

No. 315425

Joy Sparkle BS 5/18/17 YouNow Livestream

Part 1: https://vid.me/eb1r

Part 2: https://vid.me/s8DM

Part 3: https://vid.me/7WAB

Part 4: https://vid.me/vIyn

In Part 1: Joy lays out the foundation for tonight's pity party. Lies, deflects, distracts, malingers.
Parts 2-3: Gines makes an appearance along with her pal named ioik. They ask fair questions in a friendly way and make logical points. Joy makes an excuse for every suggestion they make despite her openly asking for suggestions. Joy tells lies (per usual) including that 2 different mental health therapists/counselors told her that she would be "good on Youtube." She malingers hardcore and milks her alleged depression.
Parts 3-4: Some people who knew Joy make an appearance. Ask her some questions, she realizes they know something she doesn't want the public to know. Her face falls and she tries to spin it.

The recording is glitchy again, as I've said before for whatever reason I only have this problem with YouNow and Joy's streams are particularly glitchy. I did miss about 3-4 minutes due to a recording error towards the end of Part 3 - sorry anons, I'm still fairly new at doing this. Sadly I missed her talking about her "real diagnosis" of PTSD. I scrolled up in the chat in the recording so you might be able to get a feeling for what they were talking about that I missed.

No. 315436

Fucking LOL

No. 315438

Here's this idiot defending Joy..again.

She has the fucking GALL to compare Katelyn Nicole Davis, the young girl who committed suicide on Facebook Live, to Joy. What a fucking gross idiot.

No. 315439

File: 1495105934707.jpg (218.93 KB, 769x612, sadlittlefool.jpg)

Confirmed: this chick is a gullible fool.

No. 315491


Same anon. Repost bc the link for Part 1 in that post is broken.

Joy Sparkle BS 5/18/17 YouNow Livestream

Part 1: https://vid.me/xd6a

Part 2: https://vid.me/s8DM

Part 3: https://vid.me/7WAB

Part 4: https://vid.me/vIyn

No. 315503

File: 1495114725647.png (30.97 KB, 747x289, 32358092389.PNG)

Honest feedback

No. 315517

"hear-say" annoys me so fucking much.

/sage for irrational word rage

No. 315524

Welcome :)

It's highly unlikely that Kati would agree to a chat like that. To her it would probably come across like an ambush. Your best bet is to just try and confront her in streams like you did.

As for Angel, if you read back previous threads you'll find out what happened with that but short summary is that Kati manipulated her into doing damage control and chaos ensued. Angel realized what she was doing was wrong and ended the friendship.

My personal opinion on Angel is that she is young and got taken advantage of by Kati though I do believe we all make our own choices too.

If you have anymore screenshots or acquire any etc please post them here.

No. 315624

I was part of the anti O chat at first and Joy was the reason I left. She scared me away after a comment I left in one of her videos not buying her bullshit anymore and made me afraid she would turn people against me. Seeing all of she has done since then… holy shit, as a mentally ill person she HAS to have something

No. 315627

That's one of her tactics and it's two birds with one stone. She has her fans go after people without actually telling them to do so, so she's completely clean. It also bullies critics and people with real dirt from saying anything, as well as quietly showing her current fans what happens if you cross Joy. I'm not normally a vindictive person, but oh my fucking God, I'm not gonna feel one bit sorry for her when she crumbles.

No. 315628

I'm not vindictive either, but I want to see her fall badly after seeing all oh this, preferably in a mental institution. There might be treatement for whatever she has

No. 315642

Martin 'Louise' and Joy's past and her illness

No. 315645

"The best predictor of future behavior is … past behavior"

No. 315679

File: 1495133319217.jpg (101.2 KB, 872x652, liarliar.jpg)

doesn't make fun of disabled people?

openly likes a tweet that mocks kimmycat for being in a wheelchair.

i hovered over the image to confirm it was her and it is. are we tking this out of context kati? is this being misconstrued? or are you gonna say what you did last night? that you go around liking random tweets you don't read as a way to acknowledge fans? bullshit, miss bullshit. someone with such vast marketing experience such as yourself would never associate their brand name (lol brand) with random tweets that don't represent how they really feel. (repost b/c i posted the wrong image initially)

No. 315681

Apparently, Joy is up to damage control again.
Part one of the livestream got taken down, she'll probably target the others soon. Make copies, folks. She's trying to cover her tracks…nothing to hide eh joy?

No. 315687


it wasn't - there was an issue with the link in that post. i reposted it here:


No. 315694

Okay! Got worried for a moment. Thanks for clearing that up! (Probably a good idea to mirror them though just in case if possible.)

No. 315700

Most of these posts are 3 people.

Jamie Leigh Fischer, KimmyCat and Basedmama.

The typing patterns are identical along with sentence structure along with 2 word placement because their intelligence is feeble at best.

These three dumb cunts are worthless, even more so than Joy and I can't STAND Joy at all.

But these three cunts? Pfft. You're not fooling anyone you three cows.

No. 315701

not even gonna watch this garbage. just gonna say: there IS proof. joy HAS been presented with it. screenshots above. she completely ignored it. fool.

No. 315703


which posts? examples?

No. 315706

Don't forget Phil.

No. 315708


Spergleberries joyfagging ?

No. 315709

HAHAHAHAHAHA. If that's your version of profiling, next time don't skip class, noobfag.

Jamie: Has been banned twice and can't stop touting herself whenever she pops up. Joyfans use her as an end all argument that makes them look like idiots.
Kimmycat: Tends to get emotional and has a very specific language pattern that has not appeared on here to date.
Basedmama: Is largely concerned with the DO5 stuff, talks about other things, and didn't care about Joy until she tried to pass herself off as a good friend of Based like the sycophant she is.

So..this is just another Joytard that can't find better arguments. Nice droning.
YEAH, no kidding! Don't forget me! Except..I'm not a majority poster, i'm pretty clear about being me enough that Joy's cronies even commented on "He's not even trying to hide who he is.."

….because i'm not. Great strategy, by the way. Trying to send Celeste Whoknows in for social engineering. Pity she sucks at it and made herself look stupid. Find better arguments and better minions! (To Joy) Or at least ones with some form of a sense of humor. Try and make it interesting, please.

No. 315710


yep, major spergleberry alert! reeeeeeeee

p.s kimmycat definitely doesn't post here haha. and basedmama doesn't give a fuck about any of this. try again.

No. 315712

File: 1495135531861.png (115.99 KB, 681x328, WJoO8JB.png)

No. 315713

File: 1495135638004.jpg (61.72 KB, 600x300, The_Borg2.jpg)

Addon: Tried to send her (Celeste) into my video trying to play crowd control. She picked the wrong person to try that with. eye roll Seriously.

Hold on, we have a pic for this.

No. 315715

Oh gross. That's the 4th or 5th person I've seen in the last 24 hours who's entire social media profile(s) are dedicated to/centered around Joy Sparkle Dipshit.

Did she get all preachy in the comments? screenshots?

No. 315716

Not seeing these patterns you are talking about and I have been following this threads since the first one. Stop trying to make Joy look good by saying only three people dislike her

No. 315717

but totally not a cult, guize

No. 315718

I knew he would reply within 30 seconds. Lmao.

No. 315721


Joyfags can't count very well…. they get confused easily.

No. 315724


i've noticed the same typing patterns as well, they pipe in and try to stir shit up, but are generally laughed at and ignored.

No. 315727

LOL stop agreeing with yourself, twit.

No. 315728


Can we call in someone to put this out to pasture elsewhere? Not even sage-ing the joyfagging… pretty disgusting.

No. 315730

Now, guys. Let's not lower ourselves to Joy's level and make fun of those who are disabled.

No. 315733

The spergleberries are attempting to flood the thread to distract from the evidence. Not gonna work. We'll post it again and again. Get out of here kiddos, underage fags and lonely single mom fags be gone.

The difference is these people willfully choose to be fucking retards. Roll in shit you get flies.

No. 315734


Defending joysus there? Yes, she's mentally ill and functionally disabled (imagine this drama whore in another 5 to 10 years?)

No. 315736

Well, according to Joy i'm basically the devil/antichrist. What was that about speak his name and he shalt appear? Or was that beetlejuice. To be fair, if nothing else I can rock a suit, though.

Oh, and whomever send Mandi those threatening calls last night from a 'private number', I just want you to know that law enforcement has been notified, they have the state as coming from TX. And they are getting more and more details. So, whichever of you got her number from Joy and pulled that? Hope prison orange is your color, boo. Don't drop the soap. :)
That wasn't a Joysus defense. It was a lighthearted joke lol.

No. 315739

This post is addressed (to clarify) to the Joyfans lurking these threads, not the anons.

No. 315747


are you serious? ugh nevermind i'm not surprised. that is fucking disgusting. no matter what is said about joy the cow in this thread, nothing compares to the horrible harassment she encourages.

No. 315752

I'm absolutely serious. About three in the morning, Mandi recieved harrassing and threatening messages from a private number. I think they believe they can bully her into submission because of her anxiety/depression. But they don't understand..this lil lady is stronger and smarter than she lets on. They pushed the wrong woman's buttons too many times. She was in a pretty bad way earlier, but law enforcement and the service providers have been contacted. Someone really screwed up big time, this time.

No. 315758

I'm still trying to find all this "evidence" that people claim to have that Joy ripped them off. All I see is a nutjob of a chick ranting about Onision and a shitload of funny ass memes.

No. 315760

Well, usually the first step for finding evidence is to take your head out of your ass. Or Joy's ass in this case. Then, try opening your eyes. After that, remember what a brain is and how to use it. If you have any additional problems with these troubleshooting steps as they have been described to you, please see the aforementioned documentation for User Error: Replace User. Thank you for calling Anon Help support, and have a lovely trainwreck.

Also, sage your posts, idiot.

No. 315764


Looks like we're in the midst of a spergleberry storm… skid marks are getting deep as these shit stains are trying to protect her fat lying ass. I'm not sure which is worse… Joysus (the asshole) or the clump of dingleberries that she's accumulating.

No. 315765


Oh my head was up my ass! Thank god for people like you. I was getting really worried because I hadn't seen daylight in 48 hours and thought the Sun had burnt out but nope, was just me and my silly head up my ass again.

Eat shit. :)

No. 315768

nobody is going to hold your little hand and walk you through lolcow. goddamn you kids are stupid eh?

anons i say we play a bit of a guessing game. which spergles are yucking the thread up? i sense kattscratch, champion4truth and another joysus worshipper whose IQ is far too low so i can't post their username without looking like a dick.

oh shit little girl! you dun told us!

No. 315769


Ask Joysus to screen cap her chanel earnings for the month of April like she did for the month of Feb. It seems in Feb she could prove she wasn't monetizing… how about proving her Ad Revenue and YouTube Red revenue for the month of April?

If you want to know the truth, then simply ask her for the VERY SAME screen caps as she did back in March (for month of Feb).

No. 315771

Well, the first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem, congrats! Now you just have to not be a raging asshole, but we don't have much of a cure for that aside from the person being hit with a bus. No one wants to waste a bus on you.

Personally, I prefer lasagna over shit (eww no), but i'm sure you've eaten enough of that and crow to give some good recommendations, huh?

No. 315772

It'll be the same old story. They'll come in here all puffed up then when shit gets too close they'll blame joy, change or delete their social media profiles, etc.


Dick! Ok. Now that's out of the way, what's the username?

No. 315773

Oh, according to Grima Wormjoy, she's going to be streaming soon.

"OK guys, gonna be addressing some stuff and dropping gossip bombs in a few minutes. Here some shit comes!"

Some shit is coming. Wow. A truthful statement. Could this be a trend? Yeah, I know. Wishful thinking.

No. 315774

File: 1495138527538.png (199.52 KB, 1280x636, TmpoZ91.png)


Tell Joy to make the same screen shot as this for the month of April if you're not wedded to your life as a spergleberry protecting her ass.

No. 315777

>OK guys, gonna be addressing some stuff and dropping gossip bombs in a few minutes. Here some shit comes!

Okay, brush your teeth first you fucking slob.

No. 315780


It's funny how she thinks she's undermining her criticism all the while creating more criticism.

No. 315781

File: 1495139047740.png (352.4 KB, 1242x2154, IMG_1506.PNG)

So she can like comments making fun of disabled people. But god forbid anyone likes a video that is anti Kati because then her cult members come out of the wood work and accuse you of attacking them for even liking a video that is anti Kati.

No. 315785

File: 1495139341740.png (372.27 KB, 577x378, RwYYb9d.png)


Spergleberries at the ready to polish that turd!

No. 315787


She won't do this because it will show that all her younow streams are sitting there privated on her channel.

No. 315788



No. 315792


Saying "I haven't attacked anyone" is an attack now?

No. 315793

Welcome to Joyfan logic. Anything that isn't glowing praise is an "attack". But they're totally not a cult, of course.

No. 315797


She was referring to a video chambers liked that was one of those joy exposed videos. Apparently just liking the video is an attack.

No. 315798

I wonder if this video is what she'll be addressing?

No. 315803

No. 315811


She needs to have her own lolcow thread for being preachy while being stupid as a rock.

No. 315816

File: 1495142070606.jpg (29.47 KB, 656x232, lolyesyes.jpg)

this was in response to joy announcing her incoming "gossip bombs."

yes, Nathan. yes we will.

No. 315836

File: 1495143892594.jpg (84.87 KB, 620x713, webelieveyou.jpg)

No. 315838

File: 1495144001897.jpg (57.44 KB, 620x389, stillgrubby.jpg)

Pretty sure everyone imagines you just as you are, Kati dear: grubby as fuck.

No. 315841

I'm chat owner fag and I hope you still don't feel that way, don't worry the "core group" of the chat knew her games, and I'm sorry you felt that way. If you want to shoot me another message we can talk more about it if you want as well.

No. 315846

File: 1495144522202.png (285.02 KB, 1080x1196, IMG_20170518_225342.png)

I can't make sense of this.

So did she mean minutes? Does she mean hours? Does she mean that she meant videos were coming in a few minutes and she isn't streaming yet, or vice versa?

No. 315868

No. 315875


It's a new video of lies!

She's claiming she would never do anything bad to someone she was once friends with, even if that person went on to be negative about her.

Except we have seen the screenshots to do with Tim. We know how she is about negativity and how to deal with detractors and defectors. We saw how she was screeching about Chambers being a snake just because Chambers said she was distancing herself from Joy.

And, Joy, just because you say in a video that you 'love' all of us, the "haters", doesn't mean shit. We know you don't. You thrive on praise and pity. Otherwise you would own up to things when criticised, instead of 'muh illness!' You don't want to be exposed to anything other than fawning. It's really obvious considering all your behaviour so far.

No. 315884


Holy fuck… her shit is actually drawing flies now… see the fly on the wall behind her? OMG!

No. 315892

She's claiming the subs that came over to her secondary channel as new subscribers LOL.

No. 315897


I know one person who could, not sure if he's doing it yet or not but he knows his way around here pretty well.

No. 315912

File: 1495151090677.png (199.92 KB, 1080x769, IMG_20170519_004215.png)


She has realised about the creature and is being really fucking pathetic about it.

No. 315917

"It will all make sense when I talk about it."

Oh my god, shut up. I could only stomach about 3 mins of her talking a lot without actually saying anything, and repeating herself.

No. 315918

Oh look. Over exaggerated theatrics for crowd sympathy. Yawn.

No. 315950

all you have to do for a joy impression is slap on a ratty brown wig and keep repeating "i can't say yet but it'll make sense later."

No. 315955

We need a bingo card with every one of Joy's remarks. Everytime we watch the livestreams we can play "natural selection bingo".

No. 315958


Wiping her nose with her hand should be the free space.

No. 315959

HA. I was expecting that to be one of the thread openers. It needs to be a meme, though. Something like "Digging for brain cells..still searching. Please wait."

No. 315960

SOMEONE PLEASE go debate her on younow! I totally would but there is so much more people with better knowledge of everything.

No. 315962


Demand screen cap of earnings on videos like she did in March.

No. 315963

So, riddle me this Batman. What would you actually debate with OniSHEon? Anyone with working braincells understands that she is never going to really own up to anything she's done. She only talks to people that praise or slobber over her. She can't stop lying long enough to have a real conversation…its on par with the search for intelligent life. Going nowhere.

No. 315967

I missed some of it but I guess she wants to talk it out and make peace? Not sure if this was at a specific person or in general.

But, I predict the next stage is going to be "Look how unreasonable they are. I'm willing to talk to them and clear things up but they won't just let it go. POOR ME GUYS!"

No. 315978

Claims there's almost no evidence against her besides past religious beliefs…she used to say there was NO evidence at all.

No. 316032

If she goes to the Dr demanding a change of medication after being on Lyrica for only 2 weeks, instead of an adjustment, the Dr will write her off as a druggie.
Especially becuase she isn't presenting with actual health problems, except for her mental health.

No. 316038


Yeah and she's not going to ask even for the Lyrica itself to be adjusted. The doctor will take note of that for sure, and he WILL take note that she never made contact with his office to let them know the medication hasn't helped her. He will especially find it odd because she apparently lives so far away and getting to visit him is a struggle. Her excuse that because he took her case on for free, she can't address these issues makes absolutely no fucking sense. The hippocratic oath is the hippocratic oath.

No. 316041


Prescribing controlled substances to a cash "patient" from out of state that really isn't a patient if he's treating her for free (and getting 4 other doctors to treat her for free)… this doesn't sound like drug trafficking at all.

No. 316042

Lyrica isn't supposed to start providing pain relief until a minimum of 2 weeks. The only thing that she is probably noticing at this point in time is that she isn't getting high off it anymore…and the doctor will take her asking for something else so quickly as drug seeking behavior.

No. 316047


Holy fuck this video has to be the biggest, best example of her painting herself as the ultimate humanitarian, most generous and self-sacrificing person on the planet.

So she now suddenly genuinely "loves" everyone who criticizes her? Now it turns out she's been "praying" for her "haters" all along? Interesting. Sure could have fooled me with all those younow and twitter meltdowns.

Same repetitive "confront me if you have an issue!" bullshit. She still hasn't addressed the clips of her mocking disabled people and is purposefully ignoring them because it's one of the few things she legitimately has trouble explaining away.

Comparing her mood in this video to how she was in that livestream last night. She has fucking issues and it's so odd she can just flip her mood completely. And people still buy it everytime. Hey assholes, look! Someone wrote gullible on the ceiling!

No. 316049

I'm in absolute awe of her "ability" to know that the medication would stop working after 2 weeks, and surprise surprise it just so happens to stop working after 2 weeks just like she predicted. According to her, she's never taken a medication of this type before, so how could she possibly know the effects would wear off so quickly? She says other medications she's taken have also done this…not sure what she is referring to here but different classes of medications don't just "wear off" after 2 weeks no matter what it is you are taking or your specific body chemistry….it just doesn't work that way. She's completely full of shit.

No. 316050


She's trying for a "wipe the slate clean" thing after she's kicked so many people under the bus and fucked up so bad. Chambers came out with "I don't hate Joy" vid so she had to do SOME SORT of response after calling Chambers a snake.

No. 316053


Um… she said today that she's never taken ANY medications… do your research, get your receipts in order. /s

No. 316055

it's hilarious because i've been on so many meds i lost count, and this DOES NOT HAPPEN. i've had a med kick in at less than two weeks, but for it to start AND stop within two weeks??? no. just no.

lmfao that's funny if that's the case, 'cause i'm still blocked. so i guess it's only for people who make it clear that they don't hate her?

No. 316056

It's surprising that she has given up on lyrica so quickly, given that she claims to have "debated" one of her Drs after he told her there's no cure for fibromyalgia, all you can do is manage it best as possible. Who the fuck debates their Dr? No wonder she has to travel out of state for health care, given her attitude towards "egotistical" Drs and nurses who are being honest about a disease they treat.

No. 316058

What. I missed that bullshit…so now she's NEVER taken ANY medications before the Lyrica?? She's repeatedly said all meds she took before wore off after 2 weeks so she fully expected the Lyrica to do the same. She isn't even trying not to contradict herself anymore.

No. 316060


Someone had written a comment about their experience with another mentally ill person and how that person refused to take their meds and eventually ended up on drugs. It was captured in the "moments' of the younow stream.

No. 316067

Wait. I heard where she said she had never taken drugs (meaning illegal ones) in the livestream in response to comment just like that…in the part you are referring to did she say she'd never taken any drugs or was it medications? Post the link to the Moment you are referencing please….because I don't want to take things out of context and end up enabling her with more excuses.

No. 316069

No. 316075


Can't do YouNow right now. Will have to look when I get home. But there were two parts to it. the first part was doctor's medications and the second part was street drugs. To the first part, she said "never taken any drugs" to the second part she said "never been high, never been drunk". But, will have to find it when I get home.

No. 316077


The /s was snark because she is currently taking medications and claimed to "never took any drugs (medications)"

No. 316078

She was referencing illegal drugs. She said she has never smoked pot even but has tried CBD oil "for pain" but has been avoiding it because she read somewhere it could interact with the Lyrica..which she claims is utterly useless to her. I am uploading a recording of the stream now and will link it soon.

You and me both. I've had meds kick in within days that were supposed to takes weeks and vice versa. Chemicals are not that predictable. Sorry Joy but unless Michael the ArchAngel is helping you control your body's reactions to chemicals, there's no way all your meds stop working after two weeks.

The claims she makes about doctors are always beyond unbelievable. Last night on her stream she claimed two different mental health professionals recommended that she start doing Youtube. And apparently some other mental health professional told her that pain was just "stored up energy" and because of that she refuses to talk to someone in that field about her depression regarding her pain. Of course we know she isn't in the pain she claims but the suggestion was made by someone in the chat.

No. 316082

I was aware you were using sarcasm in the second half of your comment
…but it doesn't make sense unless the first part is true.
She did say she had NEVER taken drugs (illegal) but then later IN THE SAME STREAM claimed she had tried pot once, a friend came over because she was desperately sick and smoked with them but just got droopy eyed and sluggish (or something like that) and Phil said she had tried ayahuasca (DMT) once in an attempt to get spiritual enlightenment.

No. 316086


Ah well, are we really that surprised her story changed in what..5 minutes? You would think pathological liars would at least TRY to keep some of their stories straight. It just makes me think of her as sloppy..well, sloppier.

No. 316108

File: 1495167938285.jpg (86.78 KB, 735x387, naive.jpg)

oh my god Chambers just stop. you are playing RIGHT into Joy's hands. you're doing all the work for her. she is preying on your naivete and because you're naive you're going right along with it. you are literally causing all of Joy's fans, the people who have harassed you endlessly, to believe they were right all along when they actually weren't. why is she suddenly acting so super fucking weak when she's been handling things fairly well by keeping her mouth shut? ugh i hate seeing these gullible fools fall for this utter BULLSHIT. chambers you are apologizing to someone who has actively sent people after you and someone who called you a snake. you all fucked up, definitely, but just stop.

No. 316114

Joy Sparkle BS 5/18/17 Evening Stream. 2nd Stream of the day.


She'd been streaming for about 5 minutes before this recording.

No. 316181

"I landed a job at Lumina records in Paris, France, to be the main recording vocalist, live show performer, editor, and angelic channeler for the owner of the company."

"Then the worst symptom hit the fan: I could not hear my angels. I was specifically hired to be a creative partner and angelic channeler for Lumina, the company I work for…"

"I didn't make money off it"

"It was just on the internet"

No. 316184

Wasn't she married (possibly still is married) to the owner of Lumina Records, Taho (David)?

No. 316210

And her husband Taho was also one of the people set to make the indigo child documentary

No. 316212

hahahaha, YUP. as far as i know, it was just the two of them. i don't think that she can even call that a job.

No. 316217

"One of the things that really got me over my own depression was something I experienced through my angels. One day when I was sick with asthma (I had chronic asthma when I was younger that would put me in the hospital and out of school for days at a time), I had the most profound experience of my life. My angels took me to Heaven.

The best part about going to Heaven is that anyone can go! Any time. All you have to do is ask your angels for help and guidance to get there. I can quickly astral project myself there and get any insight, information, or healing I desire. I've gone there and had long talks with my angels about almost everything.

Here is an excerpt of what I experienced when I went to Heaven:

John (my personal angel) telepathically asked me to follow him. He led me to a beautiful fountain. He asked me to look into the water. As I looked I was amazed at what I saw. I saw me! But I wasn't just looking at my reflection; I was seeing who I was! Visions of my long forgotten self began to play like a short movie in the water. Images of a happy-go-lucky, writing, singing, famous Kati filled the water. The water spoke to me and said: You are here to help lead others. You are here to write. You are here to be famous. This is your destiny, you must work towards this everyday and never forget who you are."

from: https://beta.groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/THEPENDULUMFORUM/conversations/topics/74439

(You have to view the source to see what was cut off)

"Whatever you call connecting with yourself…"

I thought anti-sjws were the ones who thought no idea should be beyond reproach…

No. 316223

jesus christ she is actually batshit insane

No. 316224

The way she frames it is that she was hired by Lumina and moved to France for the job…when the guy actually seems to be the reason she moved there…and to humor her he gave her a "job" in order to give her something productive to do.

No. 316230


My favorite part is that "the best part of going to heaven" line. Like a child writing an essay about their summer vacation. "The best part of my summer vacation was going to Disney World!"

No. 316466

And this, fellow anons ( and Kati ), is the difference between plain religious people and a full blown delusion/some sort of psychosis.

No. 316496

So the reason Kati doesn't keep her livestreams anymore is because they were cluttering up her youtube channel. I'm honestly surprised she didn't just make another channel for her livestreams to go on to.

Also surprise surprise she's going to make another video about this topic.

No. 316539

Did she delete all her younow moments?

No. 316541

Even if they aren't on her profile page they still exist if you know the link. If you don't, you might be able to find them again if you know the person who recorded the Moment & go to their profile instead (look at the links above, you'll be able to see the screen names of the most prolific savers)

No. 316547

Kati's cult members are arguing with people in the comments that they've never seen an ad on any of her videos. What the fuck is wrong with these people.

No. 316551


All she has to do is post screen caps of her video earnings exactly like she did back in March. She can do this. She knows how to do it. And, she's done it before.

No. 316562

For her own mouth from her videos and livestreams, she has/had:

1. Childhood asthma
3. An eating disorder
4. Fibromyalgia
5. Copper Toxicity
6. Miscarriages
7. Irritable bowel

I know I'm missing some. Help me out.

No. 316565

That will never happen. Because then it would be proven how much she actually made off of the DO5 videos.

I honestly still question if she actually donated money to Rose's gofundme or it it was one of her deranged cult members.

No. 316577

8. panic attacks/anxiety
9. chest pains but there's nothing wrong with her heart (if real probably related to #8 but she adamantly denies this)
10. Thyroid issues (to excuse her weight gain as not her fault)
11. an "inoperable tumor"/abscess on her neck
12. serious Candida (yeast) infection

There might still be more but this is all I can recall atm.

No. 316594

samefag, there is also her
13. "near" seizures
14. "near" heart attacks
15. "almost" collapses
16. Unexplained chronic fevers
17. Suicide "instincts" during PMS

No. 316600


candida infection is a fake thing, along the same lines of copper toxicity. it's separate from/different than a yeast infection for sure.


aka Joy is a quack and if she actually sees any doctors, they are probably also quacks

No. 316614

File: 1495214605613.png (131.27 KB, 1080x841, IMG_20170519_182013.png)

For fuck sake, why do they keep insisting ALL the negativity is Jamie? It is so annoying. She is not behind it. There are quite a lot of different people all legitimately criticising Joy. This needs to stop.

No. 316620


Because they're lazy and it's the easiest way to discredit.

No. 316634

Candida IS yeast and you can get infections of it but they are usually minor and easily treated, the fake condition as specified in your link is Candida allergy or hypersensitivity causing symptoms like fatigue, irritability, constipation, diarrhea, abdominal bloating, mood swings, depression, anxiety, dizziness, unexpected weight gain, difficulty in concentrating, muscle and joint pain, cravings for sugar or alcoholic beverages, psoriasis, hives, respiratory and ear problems, menstrual problems, infertility, impotence, bladder infections, prostatitis, and "feeling bad all over."

Kati hasn't gone into a lot of specifics about her Candida infection other than it was very serious and almost killed her (rare but possible, especially if immunosuppressed or have AIDS.) She said she had it at the same time as her neck abscess and referred to it as her 2nd "mystery illness" which is starting to sound like the fake condition but I don't think she listed any symptoms the Candida was causing (I might be wrong, please correct me if she did.)

No. 316639

According to this, Purple is taking legal action against Joy for her phone call.

No. 316645

Awww yissss.

No. 316666

File: 1495217357038.png (254.36 KB, 1237x2147, IMG_1507.PNG)

Apparently that's not true. Purple replied to him on Twitter saying they are not suing her

No. 316694


Awwww naaaaaw.

No. 316699

File: 1495220303428.png (111.25 KB, 619x703, purple.png)

Not only was Joy compelled to reply so was Jamie…gotta tap into that untouched pool of potential subs.

No. 316750


she has said previous stuff about anxiety, dizziness, unexpected weight gain, difficulty in concentrating, muscle and joint pain, respiratory problems, issues with fertility (miscarriages iirc?), and feeling bad all over (all the time)

i think she attributed them mostly to copper toxicity and fibro or whatever, but seems suspicious/reminiscent of candidiasis (the fake kind, not the real kind) or "leaky gut" to me. someone should ask her about it on live stream or something.

No. 316831

I've had a Candida infection before, which was originally thought to be a bug/spider bite. It sort of looked just like that, on my skin an open sore began forming that looked similar to a spider bite but when it began spreading they ran tests. So no, they are not fake. I got a bottle of antibiotics and steroids and it cleared up within a week.

The downside to it, was the doctors never told me about antibiotics and birth control. And I ended up pregnant, which ended in an ectopic pregnancy. So, the worst thing that came out of a Candida infection for me was… well, that. And while I almost died because of the ectopic pregnancy rupturing, it had nothing to do with the infection aside from the antibiotics.

So, there is a possibility Joy has had a candida fungal infection. (Not sure if we're talking vaginal or dermal or even oral) But, most likely she's blowing it out of proportions and heavily exaggerating on the severity of it.

Also, I want to note that having an IUD DOES make vaginal yeast (candida) infections more common.

And I think that is just it. We ALL have our mental/physical problems. Some are very minor and others are not so minor. We have to consider our source here. She's batshit crazy.

One of the worst things to happen to me medically was that aforementioned ectopic pregnancy rupture. I did almost die, I was bleeding internally and had I gotten to the hospital an hour later (I lived 40 minutes from the hospital and was only gut instinct telling me something was wrong) I wouldn't have made it. But if it was Joy telling the story, it would have been, she died twice. Once on the way to the hospital and once on the operating table. Because for her, the story wouldn't have been great enough and wouldn't garner enough sympathy and support. It's twisted how her mind works.

No. 316848

It's very like her to embrace whatever pseudoscientific illness de jour that explains a bunch of generalized symptoms which can be caused by any number of things…she really seems to like the more exotic, unlikely explanations (and cures) for whatever she really does experience & isn't just making up or exaggerating for sympathy & attention. Like >>316831 anon said, she's prone to exaggeration. Every sickness is severe and "near" fatal. Look at the dramatics she put on before she finally gave in & took the antibiotics for her abscess. She threw a fit about it, claiming the antibiotics would kill her….for as long as her bf would listen, because she was seeking attention…as soon as he stopped giving it to her she calmed down and took them.

There is a difference between a Candida infection (real) and chronic Candida "Hypersensitivity" causing a bunch of nonspecific symptoms (fake.) Because she didn't specify much about her Candida infection it could have been a real yeast infection she blew completely out of proportion as she tends to do or it could also have been a Google self-diagnosis of this fake condition by searching for possible causes of her favorite list of symptoms. We really need to ask her about it on her next livestream and see what she says.

No. 316890

i love her calling the candida a "mystery illness." there's no fucking way that a doctor couldn't diagnose that. candida is ridiculously common. it's one of the first tests that they would've run. there's zero possibility that the doctors would've let it go on long enough to "almost kill" her.

in b4 she uses this post to connect her candida and her miscarriage. (i'm really sorry for what you went through, too. that must've been awful.)

No. 316891

File: 1495237362943.png (316.44 KB, 1228x2140, IMG_1508.PNG)

Kati is so good to the disabled. LOL

No. 316893

She's been doing this thing lately where she's setting up double binds like…

"My livestreams are private"


"You should have come to me first."
"My private messages are closed."

No. 316895

File: 1495237657823.png (294.69 KB, 1242x2140, IMG_1509.PNG)

I really hope that they are just playing the long con and actually suing her. Just to shut her stupid fucking cult members up.

No. 317005

She also likes to hint that she might have some as of yet undiagnosed autoimmune disorder. The most recent mention is when she includes autoimmune disorders in with asthma (her issue) and allergies (his issue) when she questions Purple mattress about the powder possibly making their conditions worse. It's a very subtle hint, but if someone who was unfamiliar with her health problems saw that they might reasonably assume it's something she suffers from. There are other times she has hinted at having an autoimmune disorder much more strongly but I can't recall her exact wording or where she said it ATM.

"Leaky gut" syndrome is yet another pseudoscientific chronic illness popular among hypochondriacs. It is only diagnosed and treated by naturopaths because there is no scientific evidence for its existence

The list of symptoms below contains things she frequently complains about, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if she claimed to have had it at some point.

Chronic diarrhea, constipation, gas or bloating
Nutritional deficiencies
Poor immune system
Headaches, brain fog, memory loss
Excessive fatigue
Skin rashes and problems such as acne, eczema or rosacea
Cravings for sugar or carbs
Arthritis or joint pain
Depression, anxiety, ADD, ADHD
Autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, celiac disease or Crohn's

Because she called something as mundane and easily diagnosable as a Candida infection a "mystery illness that almost killed her" she is almost certainly referring to the fake condition.

"Show me where I messed up and I'll apologize"….ignores anyone who does

She also has an amazing ability to dodge tough questions with flowery bullshit, she's worse than a politician in many respects.

No. 317013

All of those just sound like symptoms of a metabolic disorder, tbh
Nothing special, if you know someone with diabetes then you know someone who has one

No. 317020

they're also all symptoms of bad diet and poor self-care. possibly a bad reaction to gluten, too (although not full-on celiac). we already know that she eats garbage. she's probably just malnourished.

No. 317024

all she eats is meat and cheese, no wonder she feels like shit. probably fucking stinks in person, too

No. 317031

Nearly this entire video consists of her reading a Huffington Post article about Bill O'Reilly joining Glen Beck's radio show, she's so lazy, she never does her own research. Her "commentary" on the story includes her spending an inordinate amount of time talking about these guy's "dicks getting hard" & "putting their boners in women to impregnate them"…and she calls them gross. She needs to wash her mouth out with soap. Random cursing is one thing but that level of vulgarity is just unnecessary.

No. 317035

Oh for the love of…Huffington post no less.They're only SLIGHTLY more credible than she is, and not by much.

That's okay. If she hates the reaction she's getting now, she's really going to hate the video i'm bout to post. I think she's about to understand that all attention is not good attention. She may not realize she's a joke, but she's about to become one.

No. 317062


my fellow anons and i await with bated breath.

No. 317122


LOL, it was me making her what she's always been. A joke. A parody. Sorry, I wound up passing out again right after getting it posted.

No. 317123

File: 1495266208034.jpg (241.04 KB, 1054x565, redvexedd.jpg)


red, i'm sorry you can't decipher what is quite literally in front of your face. i doubt you've watched phil's 3 hour video multiple times. not even the most dedicated farmers have managed to do that*.

i see you commenting on joy's videos and you are good at sharing your opinion fairly concisely. even if you do overuse bold text. however if you are unable to distinguish the major differences between common fibbing on a resume and downright lying about multiple managerial positions over multiple years & lying about having a degree in psychology (on the same resume no less!) which can be easily verified (and is often checked by those doing the hiring in the fields kati claims to have worked in) then i question your critical thinking skills. lying about what you made in your previous job so you can negotiate the salary you're looking for is REALLY DIFFERENT than claiming experience as a manager in fields you have absolutely zero experience in.

it's also clear your understanding of the word "hysteria" is a little off. people sharing and collaborating on their thoughts/opinions and what they've witnessed regarding a person's odd & disturbing behavior is hardly considered hysterical. i don't believe you've done all the research you say you have. if you had, you would be well aware the extremist (your emphasis) viewpoints and actions involved in the controversy surrounding kati come from her supporters. very rarely do they come from those questioning her bullshit. when it does, we call it out. it has happened up and down in every Joy Sparkle BS thread. once again i don't believe you've done all the research that you claim.

bigots? to quote another farmer: "you must be stretch armstrong because goddamn you're reeeaaaching"

*no shade, phil my dude. your video provided legit proof of something we all suspected re: kati's manipulation tactics!

No. 317124


lol nice, that is hilarious. i wonder how the spergz will take it :D

No. 317126

HAHAHAHA. So wait. If I don't agree with Kati now i've become a bigot, too? Holy cow she really did go full SJW. And no shade taken. Between her and Celeste these folks need to take a step back and get some help, something.
Speaking of Celeste, its one of those where they claim to have watched the thing, but when I asked them..all I hear is the narrative and I can tell that a) they're lying..or b) they watched only enough to cherry pick and to heck with the rest. When someone asks me about things and asks me about points that are absolutely hashed out and included..its really easy to spot.

Oh, I imagine not well. If she wants to be a joke, though, I'll be happy to make her one. Plus hey, it's not three hours, and they can't use fingernails as an excuse this time. It's weird because since the video got more press..i've been called a Phildo, been the subject of a few streams ranging from cringey to outright lying again to even the low key threat or two. She wanted a response pretty badly for someone that isn't 'obsessed'. Be careful what you wish for.

No. 317131

File: 1495267797517.jpg (146.28 KB, 1116x678, howsad.jpg)


haha i'm loving the comments and the likes/dislikes ratio on this video. seriously, what IS she doing at 2:25?? sniffing her fingers?

i also love the subscriber count from 5/19, the day she posted this video.

No. 317140

newest video from chambers. talking about joy and all their drama. second video she's posted about this.

i'm just curious: if there's an "orchestrated witch hunt", can someone..anyone..tell us who is the specific person organizing and orchestrating it? if you're going by the actual definition of "orchestration" that is.

No. 317141


the witch hunt is being orchestrated by the Archangel Micheal of course.. duh!

No. 317142

hahahaha now it all makes sense!


only really interesting tidbits in this new chambers video: chambers says tim conlin asked for Joy's number because he wanted to speak with her due to how "loud" (chamber's phrasing) Joy was being.

she also says she cannot confirm or deny whether joy did something illegal in obtaining the privilege information from a source because she doesn't know who the source is and whether or not the gag order applies to that person.

she's still apologizing for shit she shouldn't really apologize for. still playing right into joy's pity party game. also says she was following the lolcow threads at some point. aaand last but not least, chambers pronounces the word "privy" like "pryyyyveee" cuz durp.

No. 317182

None of this bullshit drama would have even happened if everyone had minded their own fucking business.

No. 317183

Not very likely. When its put up on the internet for all to see, the more subs you gain, the more eyes are on you. The more people see things. Even if not this, it would have been something else. Some people are their own worst enemy..and Joy is exactly that.

No. 317185


Clearly you are new to lolcow farming. Lolcows do what they do, there's not stopping them. We only herd and curate them. The only way for "none of the bullshit drama" to have happened is if Joysus had been medicated earlier in her life.

No. 317205

None of what?

I don't see how her being a psycho making 12 vids a day is somehow anyone else's but her fault.

Like yeah, none of this would happen if she had minded her bussiness.

No. 317211

I've seen this person posting in Joy's comment section, from pretty much the beginning, always defending her (I've squared off with her more than once) but apparently, it's gotten to be too much even for her. Joy's supporters are finally starting to see what's been in front of their face the whole time.

No. 317212

Kudos to you, you made me laugh

No. 317225

I am saying that if she'd minded her business and not tried to jump in the middle of the D05 shit, then a lot of the backlash and drama that's come from it never would have existed. The whole Chambers/Based/Joy feud is just pathetic at this point.

No. 317234

seriously, what IS she doing at 2:25?? sniffing her fingers?

That made me so uncomfortable. I don't understand why she doesn't edit out stuff like that or the boogie picking. My opinion is that this and all the nose touching is a sign of her lying. Not that listening to what she says isn't enough to know she's always lying .

Off topic:
One of her videos earlier in the week had an interesting comment, they mentioned Blair White calling her a weirdo in a stream the night before. I didn't have time to read through the replies on it too see if there was any verification. It would be nice to have another YouTuber express their distaste.

No. 317236

A bit irrelevant at this point but I think it's worth noting that on that indigo children website, she mentioned talking to the Archangel Michael. Michael is apparently the patron saint of many things, including sickness, paramedics and the suffering.

No. 317240

File: 1495287698122.gif (3.06 MB, 480x270, wtf.gif)

No. 317241

File: 1495287763294.gif (3.07 MB, 480x270, wtfjoy.gif)

She's always doing some weird shit with her nose/mouth.

No. 317242

Is she sniffing then licking her hand?

No. 317245

That is what it looks like, yes.

No. 317250

The other clip posted makes it look like she is picking her nose then trying to covertly eat it.

No. 317252

That is awesome. I saw her back joy up on every single video I watched. She seems to be like a good person that was quickly manipulated into believing joy is just trying to help other people with all her love and compassion instead of basing her opinion off of her actions. It doesn't look like there's very many long term supporters at this point. The few that do remain are probably mostly joy herself under fake names and accounts (imagine how many other accounts she created-you know a chick this cray will follow all her ex boyfriends for life) to make it look like she has more supporters, or they just believe what she says without question. I've even seen a fan argue that joy never created the Go Fund Me for the fax machine, that she only joked about creating it but never went through with it.

No. 317260

File: 1495289147787.jpg (88.31 KB, 458x457, 7a9446397441ff30585c28b72d860a…)

That face lmfao she looks like a damn Shih Tzu.

No. 317268

Oh, okay!

No. 317323

Leonard French did an interview with Joy about the Purple Mattress situation. He's lost so much credibility by associating with her.

No. 317324


LINK plz anon?

No. 317325

No. 317326


Yeah. I unsubbed from him.

No. 317330


ugh god. i didn't know who this idiot was before, but i know he's an idiot. you would think a lawyer who practices any type of law would do their research. joy has glaring credibility issues whether or not you believe she's lied about her personal health et al. you would think his education would prep him to research who he associates himself with. foolish really.

No. 317332


Fuck. I really liked the guy. Oh well!

No. 317336

Fuck him. I tweeted him a link to all the threads about her from here and kiwi farms when she announced she wanted to do a collaboration with him. He's obviously to stupid to do research on the credibility of someone before he does a collaboration, or he just doesn't care and wants to pick up some of her subscribers for his own channel.

No. 317346


He's been open about parts of his life. Not exactly a 4.0 GPA JD student, history of major depression, and recently has been more open about wanting a girlfriend. I can totally see her wrapping him in and helping him destroy his credibility more than he already was with his YouTube videos that weren't very well thought out.

Doing a YouTube gossip session where he trash talks another attorney (not viewed well in that profession) and calls the power "printer powder" (when actual printer powder is a carcinogenic substance and he's actually talking about speculation that it is SIMILAR to the base substance of printer powder)… Not sure which idiot is leading which idiot in that video, but only one of them is attempting to be a professional in real life.

No. 317368

File: 1495301504366.png (369.94 KB, 1242x2124, IMG_1510.PNG)

Shane is actually making some valid points about Chambers here. I've also wondered why she insists on maintaining control of that gofund me when it could easily be handed off to Rose herself or her lawyer Tim.

I know this doesn't directly involve Kati but he does accuse Chambers of being in bed with Kati to pilfer money from the gofundme. Maybe it's time that cow Chambers had her own thread.

No. 317369

She's having a meltdown on YouNow over her car. Looks like she's at a dealership and throwing a fit. I heard the word "lawsuit" and she's yelling at the person helping her I think.

No. 317386


Verified, Blaire calls Joy a weirdo. Starts at 2:33:00.


Blaire White:
"My thoughts on Joy Sparkle… I don't know dude, I know some people like Joy Sparkle but, I think she's kinda fuckin weird (laughs). I think she's kinda a fucking weirdo! I think like, listen, we all hate Onision right? But that bitch has like 40 fucking videos about Onision. Like, every little word he says. Like, who has time to keep tabs on someone like that? Who has time?! And like, I hate Onision, don't get me wrong, and I'll fuck with him on Twitter sometimes, but to have 40 videos, back-to-back Onision – and they're long videos – euugh. And then she's doing the same thing with DaddyOFive, that dead drama, no one cares about DaddyOFive anymore and that bitch has like fift– like, look at her channels! Look at her channel. Every video, every single day, she uploads like once a day DaddyOFive drama, update on DaddyOFive. DaddyOFive, DaddyoFive, DaddyO– it's like guuurl (clicks her fingers with black attitude) that situation was tragic but you gotta do something else with your life, like… it's a bit much. But no shade (smiles)

No. 317388

It's a fucking shit show of her being entitled and going on about all the celebrities she knows. Give me a fucking break Kati you make shitty YouTube videos and don't know any celebrities.

No. 317392

No. 317393

holy shit check the moments for the lastest stream.

she's having a temper tantrum


No. 317395

Metabolic disorder can be caused by a bad diet yeah, or exacerbated by it.
Generally waaaaay too much sugar ends up spiking insulin which fucks everything up, especially if it's constant.
Plus poor hydration and very low healthy fats (like avocado, coconut, etc; can lead to dry flaky skin, frizzy hair, etc)

So yeah she eats like shit and gets diarrhea because of it. Shocking.

No. 317396


i recorded those moments because you know she's gonna delete that shit. unfortunately i missed where she was screaming about knowing celebs but i recorded the chat and people were talking about how weird it was that she said that.

No. 317400

She's livestreaming again on younow

No. 317406

Someone asked her where roommate is and she just blatantly lied and said he was driving. Anyone with eyes can clearly see she's driving and livestreaming ant the same time.

No. 317409


for some reason, a lot of cell phones reverse the image.

BUT, did you catch all those near heart attacks and near fainting spells? Especially since the medications are not working any more. I'm surprised she wasn't rushed to a hospital. :P

No. 317411


someone pointed out her seat belt was going over her left shoulder. that is only possible if you are in the driver's seat. that was such a weird, weird thing to lie about.

the window was also on the left side of her body. the driver's side is on the left. she was sitting directly next to the window which was on her left side. if she was in the passenger side, it would be on her right. you can also see the back driver's side window directly behind her. again, it's on her left side because she's DRIVING.

now she's gonna say "oh yeah, my ford fiesta was made in england you guys!

No. 317413


same anon. that shit is confusing, but if she was using the front facing camera then she wasn't driving. there's good reason to question even stupid shit like this though because she's such an insane liar.

No. 317423

She has an iPhone. I didn't think that they reversed the image.

No. 317427


Unless she was driving with that massive dick of hers, she was not driving. She made no steering moves and had one hand waving around while the other was holding the phone. Don't get me wrong, she was totally rocking the trans-woman look in that video, but I doubt her dick is that large anywhere but in her mind.

No. 317434


hahaha amazing. yeah agreed, based on her hand movements..the seat belt..the signs passing by in the background and not appearing to be reversed. she is fucking crazy and i just don't believe for a second that her "roommate" has to hold her stubby little hands and take her everywhere. if he's not banging her anymore he is likely not invested enough these days to be her chauffeur. he seems to avoid her like the plague anyway. this is assuming he exists which is still highly, highly questionable. maybe someone else was driving her. does the she even have anyone else in her life that can stand her?

No. 317442


I live in a very small town and even we have taxi service. So, it's possible some poor taxi driver had to sit through that rant.

No. 317446

File: 1495305085479.jpg (55.69 KB, 727x279, thankgod.jpg)

Well thank GODDDDD we have you to point out the faults in our country Joy! Without you we wouldn't be aware of this at all.

Thank you. Even if you're pointing out issues about, oh I don't know..8 years after the fact?

No. 317447

in the picture of the mileage, the car is in drive and moving (see the speedometer).

No. 317452

File: 1495305529445.png (30.82 KB, 161x139, OrROz4V.png)

This pic doesn't scream axe-murder at all… nope, not at all.

No. 317453


She just made the biggest fool of herself on YouNow. No one who conducts themselves like that in public is taken seriously. Her roommate is the ultimate cuck to put up with her behavior.

Now she's tweeting to Ford like they're going to take her seriously with that hideous picture, and that pathetic display we just witnessed.

I actually had a moment of sympathy for her. Defended her a couple of times recently. She just reminded me what a shitty person she is.

No. 317458

Anyone else notice that white shag carpet looking thing she was wearing? Straight from the 1990s junior department at kmart.

No. 317459


That was just the fibro brain acting up again 'cause the meds quit working. :D

No. 317463


It looks like something like a hooker caricature in a 1980s movie would wear.

No. 317466

Joy: Anti-sjw
Also Joy: Whole channel is virtue signaling.

No. 317538

I'm hoping someone saved that stream.

No. 317541

She didn't just hint at having an autoimmune disorder in that video she outright said she did at 15:50. Her exact words were "I'm also dealing with fibromyalgia and autoimmune stuff." I don't know what kind of autoimmune "stuff" she thinks she has but that's not a diagnosis a doctor would give. If she had an actual autoimmune disorder with a name you can bet she would have screamed it to the mountains by now, this autoimmune "stuff" she claims to have is just another bogus self-diagnosis.

No. 317545


If any lovely anon saved that please post it. It's the cringiest thing since her rant against the commenter asking her not to say 'ghetto'.

No. 317547

In that same video around 2:47 she mocks people who complain to the manager but then she acts like this today

No. 317595

I would kick her out and refuse to ever work on her vehicle again if I was that general manager.

No. 317597

This is coming from the woman who claims to love everyone, and pretends to be kind, generous, open minded, and tolerant.

This is a 32 year old woman who has a bunch of teenage girls looking up to her as a role model. She is a complete hypocrite. A loving happy person doesn't have moments like in this clip.

No. 317598

This is why i'm hoping someone caught the whole stream, including the chat. So we can see just how the Joy crowd puts up with this kind of bad behavior. Plus, she's counting on the people that she cozies up to…she's figuring they're going to miss these livestreams where she really shows her true colors as a lunatic.

I can understand getting angry at personnel. But she's doing this on LIVESTREAM (public humiliation)..so of course they're keeping their distance. Back to SJW tactics with Joy to appear 'powerful' for the crowd.

No. 317609

Countdown until she goes full Social Justice Warrior. She's streaming again.

No. 317611

Just finished watching it. She's trying to act tough glaring at the screen telling people to watch out for her. She's the least intimidating person I've seen. What a try hard. Lmfao

No. 317612

Please tell me someone streamed that. Guess she's pissed about that Portal video. :)

No. 317615


No mention of the portal video in the "moments" that I just watched. She claims the dealership threatened to call the police and now their lives are in danger driving back. Um… the dealership isn't making them drive that car anywhere, there are these things called car rentals.

Also, she claims to have paid "full sticker" price of $17k (for non US people, that is a cheap ass car. There were probably only a few models out there that were cheaper at that point) in 2013 for that car. For a person who is supposedly unable to leave her house, she's racked up a lot of mileage on that car in only 4 years.

No. 317618

Oh, give it time. I imagine before too long everytime someone asks her in chat what she thinks of Portals she's going to lose her shit. At this rate with the threat game, looks like i'm going to have to do Still Alive next.

No. 317621

File: 1495321270669.png (153.56 KB, 670x501, l0k8rKC.png)

If she paid "full sticker" then that sales guy got a nice bonus that month. Good on him.

No. 317623

File: 1495321489533.png (9.69 KB, 311x145, eZMI6Hw.png)


Her angel totally fucked her on that car. Ranked 18th… but I'm sure she researched the shit out of that car before paying full sticker price on it.

No. 317625

How anyone in this day and age doesn't know that if you want to buy a new car that will last forever buy a fucking Toyota or Honda is beyond me.

No. 317627

she legit has NO excuse. this is on her. she didn't do her research and made a shitty decision. there are SO MANY better car companies than ford, not even just toyota and honda. she's stupid.

i DO NOT BUY that someone as manipulative as she is would pay full sticker price. even i would never pay full sticker price. i played the innocent act at the dealership and got a really fantastic deal. it's not that hard. she's so full of shit.

No. 317632

File: 1495322414170.png (57.38 KB, 682x389, sql0GKU.png)


Reviews at the time. I like the "not that it's gutless" but yeah, it's gut less.

Now, think of her temperment driving a cheap car w/small engine. She's probably beat the shit out of it.

I SO HOPE she paid full sticker! She has not clue that claiming to have paid full sticker on ANY dealership car is like putting a huge red "idiot" sticker on your forehead.

No. 317636

Another one? Where would she find room to put the new one? You could mummify her in just under a week..

No. 317638


Yeah… she's the ultimate "has idiot written all over them" example.

No. 317641

But she's a journalist there's no way she didn't do her research. Also I remember seeing ads for those shit box fords, they were practically giving them away.

No. 317642

File: 1495323136026.png (52.56 KB, 634x214, RKjUWMs.png)

Here's why she's having a shit fit. They're probably asking her to pay for the repairs. Nothing about that car is under warranty.

No. 317643


Sage ofc, but I've been looking for cars these past few days and I'm pretty sure I've seen nothing but bad reviews on this car. I think they were recalled, they're absolute shit.

Bitch should have googled the damn things before dropping anything on it but of course back then she didn't have a cult of twitter followers to do the legwork for her so.

Please god tell me y'all have the full livestream of her screaming at these people. I'm mad I missed what seemed like a stream where something interesting actually happens.

No. 317646


HA! She went full OniSHEon Beotch!

No. 317647


what is the Portal video? i've looked up and down in recent posts and don't see a reference to it.

i did manage to capture some of that first stream today. unfortunately i didn't get the whole thing (i'm the only anon who records any of her streams so it's tough to catch them every time) and did miss the part where she was throwing her weight around & telling them she knew celebrities. but i still caught plenty of her crazy screaming and recorded the younow moments others captured in case they disappear. i have to edit separate captures together (she kept disconnecting) & blur shit for privacy but i'll have it posted asap.

if you saw some unkempt woman screaming at a customer service person in any store..saying they have a "huge audience" and they "know celebrities" and that they plan on causing major trouble by calling news stations etc…you would automatically assume the person is certifiably delusional & likely mentally ill.

btw in one of the moments from her 2nd stream today she says they actually called the cops on her. she claims that has never happened to her before. riiiight.

No. 317648

same anon.

i meant to say they THREATENED to call the cops on her..i dont think they ended up doing so. but she acts like that's never happened before haha bloody unlikely.

No. 317649


Okay… so… wouldn't it be funny… Does anyone remember the black girl that was thrown into the NYC mental facility for claiming Obama was a twitter follower of hers while she was being detained for tags or something? Obama was actually following the girl, but she spent more than a week in the mental hospital before they figured that out. It would be hysterical if she ended up netted and stuck into a facility over her temperament.

No. 317650

Ford better look out because in her latest stream she said she was going to ream them so hard. L O Fucking L stupid Kati Ford is a multinational company worth billions of dollars they don't give a fuck whether you live or die.

No. 317653


Ford's response: "You bought our cheapest product designed for 12k miles a year, ran it over 20k miles a year, probably did NO maintenance on it and you want us to feel sorry for you? Fuck off."

Those cars are what you by your 16yo until they have their first crash because you don't feel bad for having lost a Toyota or Honda. Ford make great trucks and above average larger cars. But, sub-compacts are by definition disposable cars and everyone knows that.

No. 317654

dude tbh i've been in a mental hospital and i wouldn't wish that on anyone, not even her. she does need some kind of help, though. i don't know what kind, but something. today was not a good show.

No. 317658

Who thinks Joysus is going to ask the sheeple to buy her a new car so she can continue her ministry of love and caring for EVERYONE EVAH!

No. 317661

I'd bet good money that car has only had 2-3 oil changes, and that's because most dealerships throw in a few free oil changes when you buy a car.
That car is 15-20k miles away from needing a timing belt and spark plugs. I can't wait tell it snaps the timing belt and leave her stranded somewhere.

No. 317664

File: 1495325219911.png (295.36 KB, 1219x2140, IMG_1511.PNG)

According to her they blamed her for the damage to the car. Well Kati it's your car and it's out of warranty by about 15,000 miles. So yes anything that happens to it is your fault and you are responsible to pay for it.

No. 317666

File: 1495325500814.jpg (116.91 KB, 791x914, joydurp.jpg)

lol joy is apparently mad at chambers again. expect another livestream rant later. guaranteed.

No. 317669

File: 1495325747935.png (45.61 KB, 631x339, cXz59R8.png)

Hmmm… everyone have their waders ready? Looks like we might be in for a milk-pocalypse soon.

No. 317670

File: 1495325790994.jpg (55.71 KB, 727x425, joydurp2.jpg)

she has bitched time and again that her car was being repaird somewhere very far away and that she needed "roommate" to be with her to retrieve her car because it was a long drive and she might pass out etc. she also put off picking it up for weeks because of the distance.

in this tweet she says Metro Ford is the place she was at during her screaming meltdown. Metro Ford is in Oklahoma City. she lives in Norman, OK which is a mere 20 miles from OKC.

dramatic dramatic dramatic.

No. 317673

I wish Chambers would stop begging for her attention. It's pretty sad, and you know Joy is eating it up. She's on one hell of a power trip considering she's got nothing but a failing YouTube channel, and other YouTubers avoid her like the plague.

No. 317674

I bet she doesn't have her license.

No. 317675


it's such a pussy move to block people left and right. especially for the reasons joy blocks people: not agreeing with her extreme reactions, not licking her asshole, etc


agreed. you know joy was/is loving that chambers publicly apologize to her. foolish chambers.

No. 317676


They probably need to change that display to say "Oil, muthafucka… have you ever heard of it?"

No. 317677

File: 1495326140486.jpg (52.7 KB, 727x338, joydurp3.jpg)


she's definitely talking about chambers here. we are soooo gonna need buckets for all dat milk y'all

No. 317680


How is she tweeting from a dead battery?

Imagine roommate right now explaining why he can't buy her high ass a brand new car on top of letting her mooch rent free. I bet that purple bed was her trying to get HIM to buy it for her and not the other way around.

No. 317688

File: 1495326704402.jpg (113.76 KB, 780x783, joydurp4.jpg)

speaking of asshole licking. this idiot is all over her lately.

who the FUCK makes a serious offer like that to a stranger? how are these fucks so incredibly starstruck by this grubby munchausen attention seeker?

i get being starstruck by people walking a red carpet or something.. but not some finger sniffing, nose picking excessive complainer livestreaming in the same sweatshirt 3 days in a row from a couch with a Joy-shaped indentation.

No. 317690

Oh come off it, Joy being put somewhere would be one of the best things to happen to her. They'll medicate and monitor her ass for at least 2-3 days and then hopefully longer when they see she's insane and has been running around in a manic state for about a month now. I personally think she's bipolar as hell and needs someone to reign in this episode of hers.

"I wouldn't wish that on anyone" makes it sound like the slaughterhouse man, it's hit or miss at best. Lets hope they give her some lithium for example and …well I guess since it's Joy it'd only do anything for 2 weeks and then suddenly stop but hey it would be something going towards the real sickness she needs addressed, her slew of mental illnesses.


No. 317694


He was on her live stream saying he knows what the powder in that matress is but can't say on stream because of NDA but was offering to tell her in private. He posted that he could get her a free one if she wanted it.

No. 317698

>>i get being starstruck by people walking a red carpet or something.. but not some finger sniffing, nose picking excessive complainer livestreaming in the same sweatshirt 3 days in a row from a couch with a Joy-shaped indentation.

There's something poetic in the way you write, anon.

I am almost certain she abuses amphetamines. She stays up all night several nights in a row, crashes for days at a time, has insane manic episodes. She's on something.

No. 317702


The Portal Video as requested above

No. 317704

File: 1495327776858.png (13.32 KB, 643x244, stopthis.PNG)


No. 317710

File: 1495328445949.jpg (59.51 KB, 775x412, joydurp5.jpg)

guessing she's talking about..chambers?

just when you think it can't get any bigger.

her ego inflates even more.

yes joy, we're all waiting for the moment we can name drop you and ride your coattails. your grubby, 1990s walmart rack coattails.

No. 317713

File: 1495328579665.jpg (115.39 KB, 727x531, joydurp6.jpg)

No. 317714

File: 1495328717797.jpg (63.21 KB, 727x325, joydurp7.jpg)

No. 317719

File: 1495328871563.jpg (95.66 KB, 772x666, joydurp8.jpg)

No. 317720


Holy shit… "burn those that hurt me"… the queen is angry and demanding all pledge allegiance even at the expense of reason!

No. 317721

File: 1495329029610.jpg (96.11 KB, 774x729, joydurp9.jpg)


soooo many durps.

No. 317725

She's live again

No. 317728

She's trying to walk back her ranting.

No. 317730

How do you even record a stream?

I'm sure others would be willing to do so if they knew how.

No. 317732


screen recorder

No. 317734

she just admitted 1) she told the dealership she's sick so she needs a reliable car.

2) she paid full sticker price for her car lol.

there's also a fight going on between 2 people. one accused the other of recording streams "for Phillip". meanwhile i'm actually the one recording haha.

yeah there's a million screen capture programs out there.

No. 317736

She yelled at them for having her drive out there and miss work, and the bitch doesn't even have a job.

She claims they lost her keys and she sat there for an hour. They didn't lose your keys you vapid cunt. They made you wait for being a raging lunatic.

No. 317737

UM… she was suposedly trading that vehicle in, that's why "no work done" they were passing it to the other dealership that had given her a loaner car expecting to sell her a new one and take that as a trade in. (So, the new dealership would have done the repairs on their bill).

No. 317738

Notice she doesn't actually say "I paid this amount and nothing was done" … she's pissed that they didn't fix her out of warrantee car for free.

No. 317739

I'm confused as to why she's mad at Chambers? I thought feeding her apologies pleased her ego.

She's going hard at her right now, "dropping truth bombs"

No. 317740

Hey… we are all guided by some cabal… well, guess what.. I am not and don't give a shit about the rest of the lolcow herd. This bitch had lolcow written all over her when she claimed that cease and desist was fake. So, guess I'm a rogue farmer because I haven't gotten the news letter from the cabal.

No. 317744

Is anyone in there? Ask about the portal video by PhilS

No. 317745

goddammit i have to peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

No. 317746

She does not live in Oklahoma.

She just said she visited her sisters house today. Her sister is pregnant and living in Missouri.

Also when she was screaming at the dealership, the man she was speaking with was giving her papers and I specifically heard him say "here is the receipt from the Oklahoma dealership."

You don't say that if you're currently in a dealership in the state you're in. You say that about other places. So, she's in Missouri.

And I think she actually travels to my area, possibly, because I live somewhat close to where her sister is from..and just a few years ago a relative of mine did in fact see a doctor who was considered the lead doctor in Fibromyalgia research at the time. He rarely saw patients back then but it's possible she's seeing him. He doesn't fall for bs btw so good luck manipulating him Joy.

No. 317747


Well you should already have had your waders on for this milk-pocaplyse…

No. 317748

OMG… she sounds totally off the rails crazy right now.

No. 317750

She just said based mama wished that Joy would go die in a fire.

No. She flippantly twitted "she could go die in a fire for all I care". Not the same as wishing actual death on someone.

She's melting down again.

No. 317751

Thank fucking god for you anon


No. 317753

Now she's saying the "hate videos" Chambers and Based made are about the case so they should be donating that money.


No. 317754

Hahahaha… she's see us fellow farmers… what a fucking idiot.

No. 317758


I went and did a parody of Portal "Want you Gone" that was Joy themed.
And we're all terribly surprised that lasted as short as it did. Kati only wants people around when she can use them..if not now, later. >>317680
This actually sounds EXACTLY like her. Basically throw enough of a fit until she gets her way like one big spoiled, grown baby person.
Pretty obvious what he's after. Hopeless romantic. Um…okay. Good luck with that, dude.
That would really be the best thing for the entire world. Her in the nuthouse for a week. She'll be upset that she can't livestream it for pity, but what else is new?
I just heard about this!!! Good gravy on a kitten, I swear..why are these guys so paranoid? The worst i've done lately is make a Portal parody and its like the apocalypse hit.
She needs an enemy that can't or won't fight back. Typical stuff to deflect from her crazy train off the rails. I knew she could only hold it in so long. And now its public again.
I do wonder what will happen if they ask her if she likes Portal, anyone that's posted my stuff in direct confrontation gets blocked. So much for being able to talk with her, though.
As opposed to every other second of the day?>>317754
Oh yes, she sees all knows all and is going to make everyone really sorry with mystery info at an undesignated place and time. Suuuuure. Still Alive parody will be next, soon as I finish up the lyrics. Cheers. She wants to be a running joke i'll be happy to oblige.

No. 317760

if you've had a decent experience being locked up in a high-security mental ward, i'm happy for you. if you haven't, kindly shut the fuck up. also, free pharmaceutical lesson: meds don't make you ~magically~ realize that you've been wrong all along. most people medicated against their will play along until they get out and can go off their meds. it's not like it's a secret.

and until she has a convincing depressive episode, the bitch is not bipolar.

No. 317761

so now apparently someone has tried to destroy her life. since when?

way to take personal responsibility for imploding your own life, dipshit.

No. 317764

Gee, its almost exactly like what i've been saying from the start…always someone else's fault, always another scripted excuse. The same ones. How long she gonna keep using them before she realizes they don't fly anymore LOL?

No. 317765

File: 1495331863390.png (265.57 KB, 911x523, lolcow.png)

People were scrambling to capture as many Moments as possible, there were 70 at the end of the stream…glad someone was recording for full context. Don't know if you got the first part of the stream, before she had to restart when she froze up, but it had this gem where she threatened the manager with her huge audience of 30K (at the time) and claimed she "doesn't do this"

Also, I noticed this in the chat…yeah Cy, tell her lolcow is "nothing important."

No. 317766

I've been in a few different ones and had a fucking blast. Good food, a nice buzz, and plenty of entertaining people. Fuck off, moralfag.

No. 317770

"good food, a nice buzz" lmfao OKAY joy clone #497. in high-security wards they give you literal slop, undermedicate you (or put you on antipsychotics which do NOT give you a buzz), and give you 15 minutes of outside time surrounded by barbed wire. you also get to spend the night lying awake listening to people shrieking. but if you find that fun, hey, more power to you. far be it from me to be a buzzkill.

No. 317776


Someone needs to email that owner and let him know that her audience consists of mostly retards that live no where in their vicinity and will never be a customer because most of them aren't even old enough to buy a beer, let alone a car.

No. 317779


ugh you're one of those. i guess having a prolonged 3-day weekend "tour" of a short term mental health clinic in a hospital is super hip.

No. 317803

File: 1495334853748.png (188.03 KB, 1242x2122, IMG_1514.PNG)

This fucking guy. He's really trying hard to get into Kati's pants, and by pants I mean sweatpants because lets face it there's no way she doesn't wear sweatpants all the time like the slob she is.

No. 317810

Wouldn't touch Kati with a 10ft pole. She just looks like she smells awful.

No. 317813

Dopey here is probably is "nice guy" and all but more than likely is just starstruck by a YouTuber talking to him and doesn't stop to realize if he had met someone like Kati in real life first his opinion of her wouldn't be as high.

No. 317814

There is no way she doesn't smell like rotten fish and cheese.

No. 317817

I shudder to think of the horrors her gynecologist has seen. Though, she probably doesn't see one because that would require her to get off her ass and do something.

No. 317818

He puts off that lock her in his basement and make her put the lotion in the basket vibe. Or just kill her and make a suit from her skin vibe.

No. 317819

Let me tell take the time to sparkle through some bullshit here. Roommate is her man. Her "road trip" was him kicking her out. Her car dying, the doctors, n the health shit is all lies to guilt him into staying. That phone call, that was them arguing n she's lying to cover up all that. She's one of those women who doesn't want to work n lives off of others. She goes crazy on youtube hoping this will help keep her relationship.

No. 317820

Would explain the hotel n looking like the bag lady

No. 317821

I dunno, this is somewhat reaching.

No. 317823


Sage your post samefag

No. 317826


somewhat? :D


Did Angel get a new IP? lol

No. 317827

That Nike hoodie she wears for days on end is probably seriously nasty…if she doesn't bother to change her top it's likely she also doesn't change her panties for just as long, they are probably caked with filth…I'm shuddering at the mental picture.

No. 317828

No. 317834

sage your face bitch
the thought makes me want to vomit(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 317843

Does anyone have a link to the stream she did today where she flipped out? saw the moments that are archived but hoping someone got the full thing

No. 317889

No. 317891


Angel makes an appearance in this.

No. 317922

File: 1495343265387.jpg (169.5 KB, 979x906, 520201701.jpg)


Once again we have kattscratch/Taunee Pruitt (on youtube) leaping in to defend Joy at every chance. Once again we have a Joy fan presented with evidence only to deflect and turn it into something it isn't.

We get it. You were quoting the character Sloth from the Goonies. Yet there IS something to be said for quoting a character that is a caricature of a person deformed, "dropped on his head" and considered retarded. This may have not been considered widely offensive in society when the movie was made but if you're quoting it in 2017 you can't expect people not to point out that it is offensive. But that's not even the point. You can't claim you've never made fun of disabled people EVER then turn around and quote a character like that.

Still not the point because that could probably be debated all day.

The real point is the other clip. This clip at -1:26 in (younow is weird like that)


This isn't a movie quote and can't really be defended so the fan backed off and deflected FOR Joy to give her an out. But hey Joy, we still see what you did. Forget the first link if you must, this still cannot be explained. It is extremely inappropriate and you are a downright liar. Especially because you have been seen doing this exact type of "retarded" mocking of people in other streams. You're lucky you're the only one with that evidence.

All along Joy is the one "liking" each post including the ones by Emphasis. She knows they are there so she can't feign ignorance.

I'm still waiting to see you squeeze out of this one, Joy.

No. 317933

I have GOT to see that stream of her raging at the car dealers! What a moron. Phils stream was hilarious with a ton of Joy haters too.

No. 317938

so im seeing joy's fans attacking kimmycat everywhere and it's getting out of hand. they are fucking with this woman bad and it's so disgusting.

and joy is in the comments attacking kimmycat on this girl's video.

yeah, kimmycat has made quite a few vids on joy recently. its clearly because these people wont stop fucking with her and she doesn't know how to handle it. but do you see joy telling her fans to stop harassing her? i'm seeing people call her a cripple, old, ugly, lonely. a lot of the comments get deleted but they ARE doing this and joy DOES FUCKING KNOW. she's constantly "liking" really horrible tweets about people including kimmycat. this is sick and wrong.

overall kimmycat gets so few views. why does she matter so much to Joy and these people? i know why: easy target. fuck you, Kati you nasty nasty cunt.

No. 317941

File: 1495347814660.jpg (236.47 KB, 1130x723, kimmycatjoyhypocrite.jpg)


this has to be one of the most hypocritical things i've ever seen joy say. and that is seriously saying something.

joy, you called onion "pizza face" or did you forget?

whats with this new "i'm praying for you" bullshit she's been spewing? god this bitch needs to be taken down big time.

No. 317944

OH MY FUCK-ING GOD! Is anyone else about to scream if Joysus and her moron plebs mis-use the term "receipt" one more time? Right now, am listening to one of her butt berries mimicking using that term like a fucking trained parrot.

A RECEIPT is evidence that you've paid something to someone.

The word these morons are trying to use is EVIDENCE… please, please, PLEASE quit calling screen caps or videos of stuff that happened online "receipts! For the love of the English language, just fucking stop calling them receipts!

The worst part of this lolcow and her butt berries are all the misuse of language combined with Joysus just making up non-existent words. Her vocabulary sucks. I know 15yos with better (more accurate) vocabulary skills and it's driving me crazy.

No. 317948

hun, everyone calls that stuff "receipts" now. that's just the new term (well, it's not really NEW, but y'know). it definitely isn't just joy and her fans, and they DEFINITELY didn't make it up. you don't have to use it or like it, but they are using the term correctly.

now if they could actually GIVE some receipts, that would be great.

No. 317950


agreed, it's annoying as all fuck. i find it fucking hilarious that joy is obsessed with enunciating words - she's constantly advising people and children that they need to ENUNCIATE! but the bitch can barely spell and uses words like "ridiculosity". you know, words that don't exist. how the fuck do you enunciate words that don't exist to begin with?

No. 317955

the term came into existence due to a famous whitney houston quote. the quote became a meme because it's a ridiculous thing to say, but over time and thousands of shitposts later, it became an actual term. they are using it correctly in the colloquial way.


No. 317960


Whitney Houston's use of the term was correct, she was talking about receipts for the drugs that she was accused of purchasing from a drug dealer.

PSA: Despite the fact that tumbler is okay with this term used like that… the rest of the world thinks people who use the term receipt the way that Joysus is using it are morons. Defend it all you like, but you still sound like a moron outside of tumbler.

No. 317961

i'm not even on tumblr. people use the term daily on other platforms and in their actual day-to-day life. i've heard it a million times. i'm not defending the term, i'm only saying that it's highly common.

so yeah, joy's a moron, but let's not focus on her correct usage of a term that you think is stupid. that's a distraction and tbh makes everyone here look like morons to her fans.

No. 317966

All the drama channels on YouTube have adopted it…they say they will show "receipts" for the "tea" they are spilling meaning they will show evidence for the gossip they are sharing. It does sound incorrect but that's just how a lot of slang works…the one that really irks me is when people use "conversate" instead of converse. It is technically a nonstandard back-formation of the word conversation but the way it is used in slang makes the user sound uneducated.

No. 317968

no, seriously. it's a VERY well-known and common term. It's okay if you haven't heard it used that way before, I mean, I haven't heard of every single trend to grace pop culture but I wouldn't go insisting I'm right about something when I simply hadn't heard of it before. geeeeeze.

No. 317969

It's called a comedic callback.

There are no such things as receipts for drug deals. She meant "proof". That's the joke.

No. 317972

Joy Sparkle BS Metro Ford Dealership Meltdown Stream 5/20/2017

Link: https://vid.me/DJ1G

Didn't catch the entire stream. I included the "moments" that were on her page early in the day as she was having the meltdown incase they get deleted later. The moments show her screaming at the customer service person and berating the general manager. After the moments, the part of the stream I caught starts. She dropped out a few times. In the middle the screen went black while she was connecting but I included it because the chat shows people discussing her extreme behavior and what we missed. Then she moves to her "death trap" of a car and continues streaming from there.

Joy Sparkle BS After-Dealership-Meltdown-Ego 'N Snakes Stream:

Part 1: https://vid.me/k2Ja

Part 2: https://vid.me/MzLp

This was taken later in the day around 6pm. Here she talks about Chambers without naming her. Chambers is the person she's referring to regarding "nasty texts", etc. She talks about how she's gonna reveal things..when she can of course!


Fucking stop. This is totally off topic and is pushing the little milk we do have further up. Newfags won't take note of the milk if you push it all away. Like someone said, this make you guys look like idiots. Take it elsewhere. This thread is about Joy Sparkle Dipshit, not the fucking validity of colloquialisms. Not all of you are newfags so stop acting like newfags.

No. 317974


Just watching the first video… she's in a public place screaming at the top of her lungs. That is so… soooo strange. I'm surprised they didn't call the cops on her.

No. 317976

>>317972 Thank you for finally saying it

No. 317978

She says they threatened to call the cops. It doesn't matter if they did try to screw her over…that is NOT how you deal with it and expect results. From what I could tell she was upset because they wouldn't fix her out of warranty car for free or get her set up with a new one for free. She says she made an appointment to talk to the owner supposedly about getting her a new car, which they can do but she would still need to pay for it even with the old car as a trade-in, I think maybe her selective hearing problem caused her to think she would somehow get out of paying for it, idk. The papers she showed with her bringing the car in to be fixed but each time no work was done even though it was in warranty…that is what she said it showed but was that really the case? If so, is there a reason she kept going to the same place if they kept screwing her over and not fixing it? That seems rather pointless to me.

No. 317981


Someone posted above where she says "Guys, I waited an hour because they lost my keys" … someone has already posted that they think the keys weren't lost so much as the guys at the dealership were fucking with her for being a bitch… I could so see them doing that. Where I work, we definitely would have given a crazy nutjob like that the slow track just to watch her get pissed. Sometimes, it's the small things in life that are the best entertainment.

No. 317985


Watching the third vid (MzLp) and thinking… imagine being in the hotel room next to her? She'd sound like she's ranting at herself at the top of her lungs. She's sitting in a hotel room screaming like that. I find that incredible? I'm amazed that she hasn't been kicked out of hotels for doing that sort of thing.

No. 317987

They sure as fuck aren't going to try to be helpful in any way, no one likes being yelled at. What I don't understand is she can be very manipulative especially when she's sweet-talking people. Why didn't she try that approach instead? More flies with honey and all…because getting threatened by a bedraggled foul-mouthed crazy lady wearing a crusty gray sweatshirt screaming at you that she "knows celebrities" and will complain about you to her measly audience of 30K on YouTube impresses no one…and probably only got her laughed at the second she left.

No. 317989


My guess, she probably thought she had the "owner" talked into a deal (she seemed to be expecting to drive off in a brand new car w/out paying for it) and the General Manager was not an easy mark, so that "deal" was not going to happen while he was in charge. And, them expecting the car as a trade in makes perfect sense for them to not do any repairs on it. Why waste money on a car that you're going to send to auction anyway? AND, it wasn't under waranty and not once did she say "I paid XXX dollars and they didn't do anything!" … So, she has clearly not paid for work that wasn't done. So, I'm not sure what she was expecting to happen there?

No. 317995

Just noticed she was wearing a weird fluffy white sweater thing, why was she dressed like a stereotypical hooker?

She DID think the owner had promised her a brand new car for free with just the trade-in. To use her favorite phrase, that's ridiculous. The manager told her yes, he could get her in a new car but she would have to pay for it after the trade-in and upon hearing this she demanded he call the owner to set him straight. She would only do that if she thought she was getting the new car free. The thing is he knows the owner and what he is and isn't likely to promise so when he refused to call she told the manager "don't you get a tone with me, I'll teach you about customer service." If they thought she was getting the new car, why in the world would they spend their own money to fix the old one? That makes no sense.

No. 317999


Given her personality, I could totally see the owner promising her stuff to get her out of his face, then intentionally dodging the "scheduled appointment" and telling the GM to dump her.

No. 318000

File: 1495362184232.jpeg (106.62 KB, 640x1136, 1495362086568.jpeg)

This should be her neeest image

No. 318001


No. 318012


Fun fact: Angel still posts here

No. 318029


Off topic but actually it's Sloth quoting the Electric Company. If you didn't see Goonies when it came out, you wouldn't get the reference because it wasn't part of your zeitgeist.

No. 318074

Many thanks anon, I hoped it was true. That has to chap joy's ass.

No. 318076


Her ass must always be chapped

No. 318089

File under: Laffs

No. 318178

jamie leigh dipshit (much like joy sparkle dipshit) made a video talking with AussieGuyShano talking about Joy Sparkle BS & Chambers. its kind of a shame they keep harping on stuff about joy that isn't really..true. when there's so, so much that you can talk about regarding joy that is both fucked up and true. it makes it super easy to discount joy's detractors when they get shit wrong.

i'm not linking that shit because fuck off jamie, but shocker: jamie credits herself as the first person to EVER call out joy. lol good 1 jamie :) hi btw.

No. 318180

Stop selfposting, doughboy


All these narcissists flock to each other like flies. Have any of these people ever heard the phrase "the pot calling the kettle black"? All the wrong people are making videos about joy. I want some real juice from legitimate non-crazy youtubers damn it. I guess her channel just isn't big enough yet. The good thing is that as her channel grows her ego will get larger and she'll make more sloppy, milky mistakes. Or her channel won't get larger and she'll have even more ridiculous bawwing episodes and intense kyathy episodes. Also, jesus fucking christ Jamie spare us and slap some of that drag queen makeup on.

No. 318273

That's it. She needs to die.

No. 318277

People have come around about Jamie.

It's so funny how these people live in their own world.

(This post isn't about Jamie; she's incidental. It's about the second line and how they, both Jamie and Joy, construct their own realities or see things the way they want to)

No. 318281

No. 318351

Sorry to go off topic but someguy827 deleted all his videos on Joy (and anything else posted in the last year apparently), and posted this a few hours ago. His FB has pictures of skulls too. I hope her sheep didn't have anything to do with it…

No. 318355


check the tags. "suicide" "depression" and that poem or quote you can barely read.

No. 318357

He's probably planning on killing himself. He's bipolar. Take it to his thread though.

No. 318360

Thanks for your patience, sorry I'm new here. I just thought it was weird that it was right after the video on Joy…

No. 318394


Just getting around to watching these now. I knew she had a false sense of importance but I haven't seen it quite as evident as here. It is disgusting how much she thinks she's hot shit when in reality she is no different from the crazy homeless guy on the corner screeching to the public about how the government are stealing our thoughts.

No. 318512

You mean the part where they said her fans were mailing her prescription drugs. Might be true but I don't think even her flock of idiots is that stupid.

No. 318522

Even death is too good for her

No. 318655

his channel looks normal to me

No. 318657

File: 1495431964600.jpg (149.68 KB, 968x903, bullshit3.jpg)

so in response to joy doing this:

https://vid.me/ofZI -1:26 in (vidme is backwards)

she is clearly mocking disabled people. she has asked and publicly said multiple times that if she did something like that people should show her and she would apologize..so someone showed her and of course she twists it to fit her lying narrative…

intelligence of heart? so hearts act that way? bitch what? if you're gonna try to cover your ass at least make sure what you're saying makes sense.

(i cut out the irrelevant responses from her adoring fans)

No. 318658

Let's call it for what it is. Chambers is a target because she's expressed an unwillingness to fight back or defend herself. As we've noted in the past, her favorite targets to really screw with either can't fight back, or they won't fight back. When they DO OR CAN, then she doesn't want to talk about it and backs off as fast as she can…the actions of a bully. this is all about control, and all about trying to have power over someone. So now, Chambers is the target..and considering how paranoid she is, no telling what she'll accuse them of down the road. (She already knows, no matter what she says, she has idiots that will agree with it and even defend it.)

No. 318728

His "JoySparkles…full of BS?" video is still up, and that one appears to have been taken down. Who knows what's going on there. Ah well.

No. 318734

Some of the bullshit Patron packages on her patreon are just… cringe. For $420 per month, you can get this bullshit right here:

"Get high and ill get a contact high off of u and we can giggle on skype or whateverthefuck. we dont give an eff! its 420 baby!"

For $69 you can get:
"I will take a professional head shot of holding a dildo and sign and send to you! Arent you fucking lucky? :D"

This shit is honestly so pathetic and cringeworthy.

But guys, GUYS… she's the biggest professional, dammit!

No. 318794

Chambers has privated or deleted her two "apology" type videos that were just released.

No. 318796

Kati was writing about that on Twitter. And she wonders why people back track out of apologies when she behaves the way she does…

No. 318818

>What you're seeing is me making fun of people who I think are acting like idiots

Yes you are and that is the problem, you are imitating the speech patterns and body language of someone who has a severe disability to put down people acting like idiots.

No. 318830


It's like if you compare someone to a pile of shit if you don't like them. You are saying they are like that because a pile of shit is a bad thing and you not liking the person is also a bad thing. Therefore, by mockingly comparing an able person to a disabled person you are saying disabled people are negative, good for laughing at and fair game to compare someone you don't like to. This was terribly explained but I tried.

No. 318911

Kati's about to go live and set everything straight that happened over the weekend.

No. 318931

See when she was talking to the guy at the car place, did I hear her wrong or was she saying something like 'when accelling the vehicle shakes' instead of 'when accelerating the vehicle shakes'? Or is there a real word that sounds like 'accelling' that I'm missing? Because when I was listening to it it just seemed like she was saying an approximate made up word.

No. 318934

record it.

No. 318942

File: 1495470281774.png (Spoiler Image, 264.76 KB, 577x478, dildojoysigned.png)

>For $69 you can get:
"I will take a professional head shot of holding a dildo and sign and send to you! Arent you fucking lucky? :D"

Not that anyone in their right mind would have paid $69 to receive that but here you go guys, one signed headshot of Joy holding a dildo, free of charge…be grateful I stuck a spoiler on it. I tried not to make it overly graphic for my own mental health but if this image mentally scars you it's your own damn fault for looking, you've been warned.

No. 318947

Don't be surprised when that ends up as her next twitter picture

No. 318984

File: 1495473752969.png (558.4 KB, 597x585, ohgod.PNG)

A summary of what's yet to come

No. 318989


Good God, she has some of the worst facial expressions.

No. 318994

File: 1495474260703.png (182.84 KB, 1080x716, IMG_20170522_182946.png)

An hour ago, it was a few minutes until she went live.

20 minutes ago she was going to be live in 5 minutes.

Best not to give a timeframe if you can't adhere to it.

No. 318995


she does it on purpose. like the i cant tell you know but i will when i can bullshit. gotta keep them eyeballs!

No. 318997


So, for those that have been here a while, out of the points that apply, how many points does she qualify on here?

No. 318998

She has to get into the right state of mind to spin all the bullshit she did over the weekend to keep her flock together. So they don't see her for what she actually is.

No. 318999

She's on

Not enough time for me to pirate a screen capture program tho. Sorry Recorder Anon.

No. 319007

She's still going on about them not doing work on her pos car or getting her into a new one. News flash bitch you aren't get free work or a free car. Get a fucking job and pay for a new car like everyone else does.

No. 319008

apparently 'roommate' had to take a day off work to help joy at the car place or whatever.

i genuinely feel bad for him. his life revolves around her.

No. 319009

But why should she use HER money when she can use someone else's? Seeing a pattern yet?
The guy needs to ditch her. He seems to be doing this out of sympathy, but she is clearly using him like the help, and she never seems to talk about him any higher, either. Just wait, when they split she'll be 'in fear for her life' and he'll be evil somehow.

No. 319026

She seems like the type of person that would falsely accuse someone of rape.

No. 319028

Guarantee you this joking comment is this terrifying "death threat" she's referring to. Always the attention whore.

No. 319030

I seriously hope someone is getting all of this.

No. 319032

So first she said that she had a doctors appointment on Saturday that's why she was having to hurry up at the dealership and was freaking out when the "lost her car and car keys" the she said she had an doctors appointment on Sunday. I have never seen a doctors office open on the weekends.

No. 319034

Incredibly stupid to tell the hatemachine that she wants to die. Unless, of course, you want people to tell you to kill yourself so you can play the victim more.

No. 319038


Imagine the utter hell this guy must deal with. The way she obsesses over things, openly stalks Onion, latches on to others… 24/7 with her must be horrific. Someone this nutty with strangers has to be a living nightmare in person.
He's gonna need to get a new identity with a side order of witness protection

No. 319042

There's to be two more On is I on videos this week! Because we all can't live without her opinion on what's been going on with him recently!

I seriously can't stand how important she thinks her thoughts are.

No. 319043

-How do you catch a snake? You record it!
-And calling Chambers of the heart 'Fakers of the heart'
-Lots of suicide talk, sympathy deflection. (Remember that depression video?)
-Admitting wanting to die everyday from the pain & illness, audience suggesting different drugs
-Threatening trolls.
-Completely going off the deep end while working the crowd more and more.
He never seems to be around, but when he is around, he's little more than the help. Pay attention to how she treats him, and how she talks about him. No different than how she uses everyone else. She's just one big spoiled brat.

No. 319045

So let's say it's anxiety or depression, which is what it really sounds like given the way she was talking (assuming honesty or whatever) I've heard that those things can manifest as physical pain. It would explain the insomnia, the weight gain, the stomach problems. Pain the joints could be from gaining weight so quickly. And if her doctor recommended antidepressants, wouldn't that help? Besides, antidepressants are used to treat a number of different things… I'd have thought she'd be willing to try just about anything at this point, if it's as bad as she says… Just a thought…

No. 319047

First, Sage your posts. (Sage in the Email line.) So you don't catch heat.

Anyway, why would she do that? If she gets treated and is okay, then she's out of excuses and can't live off of others anymore. No parasite likes being extracted.

No. 319054


Also, she isn't going to guest anymore because she needs to keep herself 'safe'. She will only guest people who she's invited. But also days to her critics to 'come at her' which is a bit difficult to do without hiding behind an icon if she won't guest just anyone.
She was also going on about how all the 'hate' (or, rather, criticism) is making things very hard at the moment. She refuses to take a break from the 'net though which is the obvious solution.

No. 319063

She's not guesting anymore for safety? Bullshit, back to control again. Control over the message. So the only message comes from her, and anyone she pulls up is either FOR her completely or someone she wants to throw under the bus. BUT NOT A CULT, GUYS.

No. 319067


Yeah. That's why she was like 'MR REPZION JUST WANTS TO JUMP ON THE HATE BANDWAGON' though she replied to a Twitter thread where HE EXPLAINS HIS ISSUES WITH HER.

She's such a fucking liar and this is what she needs to do.

No. 319068

Wait, where did this happen and is this recorded? Repzion has asked for proof of this. He's said that he's just watching for now until he sees actual proof.

No. 319069


Ask for proof of what? I didn't even say what the issue was.

He said he was concerned about the amount of videos she was making and the motive behind it. It's somewhere in the threads.

No. 319072

About her talking trash on him saying he wanted to jump on the hate bandwagon. At one point someone said she was trash talking him on stream, and that's where he was asking for proof. I have yet to see any produced, though.

No. 319078

You're just trying to confuse things but conflating things.


No. 319081

You're right, it can cause you physical pain. Anxiety and depression put a lot of stress on the body. Anxiety can and will cause you to have stomach problems and insomnia. Joy obviously isn't active and has a shitty diet. If she exercised even just a couple of times a week and ate more fruit/veg and things with protein and electrolytes, the pain in her joints would probably subside with time.

I don't think Joy needs antidepressants or any other pills. The first step of AA is admitting you have a problem. It's the same thing here. Joy has to accept that she has anxiety and a problem with lying in order to get better. No pills are going to help with that. Anxiety is manageable for the VAST majority of people without medication. It requires will power, a constant effort to keep your mood stable and avoid stress, and you have to do things like go outside, exercise, and make friends. Joy isn't willing to do any of those things. She isn't willing to accept that she has anxiety in the first place.

What she needs to do is talk to a psychiatrist, explain her issues in detail with honesty, accept their inevitable (re)diagnosis of an anxiety disorder, and follow through in the steps of recovery. She'll never do that. Quite frankly I don't care if she gets better. I don't think she deserves it. Not with the abhorrent way she treats other people. I hope to never meet someone so self serving, rude, and neurotic. She uses her illness as a shield because she's a bad person and can't swallow that truth when confronted with it.

No. 319101

>shower then live
the lies never stop

No. 319112

For sure. She's been so quiet about him, except for when she can use mentioning him to her advantage, like the video teasing about his reveal, or to gain sympathy, like when she talked about him moving on and her holding him back. If she actually felt that way then she would release him back into the world and out of her circle of hell. He's nothing more than a tool for her

No. 319165


I get what you're saying and you do have a valid point. But there is a multitude of major differences between pain that is caused by mental distress and chronic physical pain that is caused by the nervous system.

Depression and mental health woes such as stress do cause aches and pains. That is true. But nowhere near to the point that one needs daily pain medication. Not to the point that someone needs opioids or a medication like Lyrica. Pain induced by depression and anxiety (stomach aches, joint pain, etc) is bothersome and annoying. Sometimes the stomach aches can be extremely distressful. But the body aches are so incredibly different from what people who go through chronic pain experience.

If she has pain at all, which is unknown and very possible, I believe it's caused by her clear anxiety and possible depression. The problem people have with her talking about this is not in regards to whether or not she's in pain. It's actually in regards to her exaggerating it..immensely. I just watched the YouNow moments captured from today's streams. She very clearly said that every day she is in so much pain that every day she wishes she would die. She said she's "ready to go" if someone who makes death threats against her goes through with it because the pain she is in is so bad she doesn't want to be here. As someone who has experienced every level of pain humanly fucking possible, I call utter bullshit. There are other anons here who also go through actual intense pain that does make them want to die. When you are in a state like that you don't have time to livestream about your latest drama with another idiotic youtuber. You can barely fucking think straight let alone move. And you certainly don't sit around shrugging your shoulders and say "welp, another medication didn't work so i'll just deal." because it doesn't work like that. If you're in such intense pain everyday you do something about it whether or not you have insurance. If the pain were as severe as she claims she would either be laying in bed or on the floor each day crying out in pain and choking on tears because of just how unbearable it is.

In one of her younow moments she also said that she just found out the doctor she's been going to won't be able to help her out with testing. This doctor is supposed to be one of the leading doctors treating fibromyalgia..but he can't actually help her get tested for it? Again: fucking BULLSHIT. Once again she acts so nonchalant about this when if she were actually in the pain she says, things would be different. 1) The doctor would have run a bunch of tests during the first appointment as he's a SPECIALIST, 2) He wouldn't just let her live in agony and would help in some way. Even if it meant referring her on to a chronic pain specialist.

There are very legitimate reasons why people don't buy her story. Her and her fans like to say that those of us criticising Kati are haters and we're all obviously able bodied. How ignorant to assume that. Actually many of us are former fans who spent time empathising with her due to our own fibromyalgia, illnesses and/or chronic pain struggles. Most of us are generally the LAST people in the room who would ever accuse someone of malingering for attention. Most of us do give the benefit of the doubt even when there's a lot of doubt. Many of us know what it's like for people not to understand just how bad the pain can be. And since many of us have followed Joy way before this recent DO5 drama we know just how much her story has drastically changed. Just how much it doesn't add up..not even a little. You have to wonder to yourself: if the people who would give her the most benefit of the doubt are questioning her..perhaps there is indeed something to question. We're only making these judgements based on her actions by the way. Not inferences but HER actions.


In the recording of her losing it that day where she screams about chambers, nick monroe etc she was caught on recording saying Repzion jumped on the hate bandwagon.

No, asked on twitter for proof that she had called him a "psychopath" because someone told him she was losing it on younow and said that. I was the person who recorded that stream and I missed the beginning where she may or may not have said that. But she definitely talked about Repzion again and definitely did say he jumped on a hate bandwagon. He never asked for proof of her saying anything about a bandwagon. He simply asked for proof that she called him a psychopath of which there is none.

sage for fucking long as fuck.

No. 319184

Oh, thanks for clearing that up. I don't know much about chronic pain, just chronic illness. (highly asthmatic). It made me really frustrated to realise she was bullshitting when she was talking about dying because over the last 5 years, I was having more than 20 serious asthma attacks per week and the doctors didn't know why. And I watched that video where she was talking about nearly dying all the time and because I was new to her, I felt like someone understood that kind of fear. Now I feel ripped off. Especially when she started talking about how nothing ever seemed to work out. Very few people are that unlucky.

It's awful to read the stories about all the people who looked up to her because I know a lot of people can't talk about being sick, or feel alone.

The thing that irritates me regarding her "illness" is when she says "I don't owe you shit!" but she kind of does if she's accepting money under the guise of being sick… It might say on her patreon or whatever that she's getting money for videos but she has people believing that she needs money because she's sick and they're more likely to donate if they think she's sick or needs money.

No. 319204


I get you anon. That was how I felt about her, too. She seemed genuinely frustrated that she wasn't getting help. Many people with chronic illness and/or chronic pain know that feeling. What really made me question her initially was that I started noticing that for all the things that don't work out for her..she doesn't actually do much to change what she can control. It just seems really odd to me to be so easily resigned to a fate that you can actively participate in at least altering if not changing completely. And I don't buy this bullshit about it being an insurance issue. I know exactly what its like to be chronically ill and in pain but uninsured. Yes, you do put off going to doctors. But if you have pain that is making you suicidal on a daily basis and robbing you of your ability to function, you get help even when you definitely can't afford it. Also if the pain is just so terrible, one of the many doctors she's seen by now (including this so called leading expert in Fibromyalgia) would get her some proper pain meds. I just saw another younow moment from today's stream. Joy says she doesn't want proper pain medication because she doesn't want to be "Drugged up". The truth is if you're in absolute chronic fucking pain, the drugs they give you don't make you feel drugged up. They give you relief and help you to function normally. It seems as though her Fibromyalgia expert doctor offered her some pain meds and she turned them down. So she's suicidal day in and day out, ready to die..but she turns down the one thing that could possibly help? Come on.

I agree. She is taking advantage of the empathy of people who many times are very vulnerable emotionally. You're right - people are more likely to donate money when the situation seems more complicated by factors that Joy apparently can't control like being sick. I was just reading a few articles today on "Munchausen by Internet". There are many different levels of how far some people will go with it. Kati doesn't necessarily fit into the most extreme category of people who do this but she does fit Munchausen By Internet nonetheless. It's driven by either narcissism or sadism. In her case it's definitely narcissism. The sick part is they prey on the very people who actually do have chronic illnesses etc because they make really easy targets for this kind of manipulative behavior. They are also great examples by which to mimic. I've seen some of Joy's fans actually say "people don't fake illnesses" because there's no pay off." They think that because they don't have Munchausen lol so of course they don't see the purpose. I would definitely recommend to anyone questioning Joy's behavior to give it some research and see if some of what you find reminds you of Joy.

If she continues to use her supposed illness as an excuse for shitty behavior or as an excuse for anything (you'll find she does this a lot) then I agree - she definitely owes some sort of explanation when people point out the fallacies in her story. Nobody is seriously asking for her medical records. Just why one day her story was A and the next day it was B. She milks her supposed physical illness for sympathy so people won't fault her when she acts like a straight up bitch. To expect people not to question that is hilarious. If you make it the center of your whole story then why freak out when people ask some questions? Maybe because it's bull and you really can't explain it? It's easy to say "my health is my business!" because it's a catchall phrase that shuts her detractors up. Nobody wants to criticise the sick girl after all. I say fuck that.

No. 319221

File: 1495488753264.jpg (331.52 KB, 1080x1857, IMG_20170522_223133.jpg)

Wonder what's going on here.

No. 319228

File: 1495489182009.jpg (75.26 KB, 968x519, durp.jpg)


dunno, saw this as well

No. 319230

Yeah, actually it makes me wonder if in the US, if someone is in that kind of state where they're in so much pain they think they're going to die, would a doctor really turn them away because of the lack of insurance? (I'm in Australia so it's a bit different here I think).

I think many of her fans don't realise exactly how much you can get from faking illness… It makes me a bit cross because in the same breath, they'll say to her (hypothetically) "here's $20, buy yourself something nice" and like really? Illnesses are faked all the time. And not always intentionally. If she had some kind of sympathetic illness or whatever it's called, I'd feel bad for her. But it doesn't seem that way at all.

I wonder though, since she's been doing it so long, do you think she might have reached the point where she believes her own lie and believes she's in that kind of pain?

Munchausen by Internet sounds interesting, I'll go and read up on that later.

Using illness as an excuse for bad behaviour is such a cop out. When I get sick, the doctors put me on a large dose of steroids for two weeks. I get really angry and snappy. Yeah, it's partially caused by the steroid but at the end of the day, the mouth belongs to me.

No. 319243

File: 1495490333917.png (182.28 KB, 614x821, mqCtDJK.png)


Haden??? just was pointing out that her $69 patreon level for the dildo pic might be a problem. Not even sure why, dildo pics are not porn in the US and she can send it to who ever she wants.

BUT, she's cleaned up her patron levels now and no longer has the 420 or sex referencing levels.

No. 319245

Archive of the twitter conversation https://archive.is/1KdSN

No. 319247

Did anyone record her meltdown from earlier? I get the feeling this is the calm before the storm here.

No. 319278

Maximum cringe

No. 319281

Maximun cringe = Joy's followers. And sage your posts.

No. 319294

Lol, someone thought Joy would be the one to use my photoshop job >>318942 as her Twitter pic but it looks like the Joysparklebs lies Twitter account beat her to it. Whatever man, I did say you guys could have it for free…at least it's not being used for evil.

No. 319302

File: 1495494819413.jpg (101.83 KB, 870x244, 20170522_171123.jpg)

Anti O chat anon here, and I know about this. I got a message the other day from this girl, she was also in the anti o chat, but not very active due to time issues and after my fallout with joy deleted herself from the chat. A few days ago she sent me a message asking me if I was the farmer and this. She wanted to ask me questions but after I said I would answer she hasn't posted back. I've been making some joy post though so I don't think Joy is going to be happy, oh well.

No. 319307

Samefag, but the other day in one of the livestream freakouts when I was there and she told me to skype her later I said I wanted to get my ducks in a row and all the " receipts" she ignored it till the end of the chat, then said not to worry about the receipts…. totally gonna pull an onision "FAAAAAXXXXXXX" or try to spin it.

No. 319343

I don't know if anyone recorded the stream but here are a few Highlights from the Moments.

1. She really thought the owner promised her a new car without having to pay for it (outside her car as trade.) She said she didn't have a job so she couldn't get a loan and the owner knew this so he worked out a deal with her. She was mad because the manager didn't believe her and wouldn't call the owner to confirm this "deal."

2. Wants life to end over the amount of suffering she is going thru but has gotten really good at having a straight face which she can maintain unless she needs to go to the ER. Someone in chat said she should go to therapy. She claimed her therapists, as in more than one, told her that because her problems stem from physical pain there's not much they could do for her. Although she said the person in chat who suggested this may have come in late, she accused the people suggesting therapy of not listening because she had already "explained" before. Thinks people who are suicidal because of physical issues do not need therapy to fix it because "death is part of life."

3. People who are criticising her are just "jealous" because her channel blew up and because she got to do stuff they didn't

4. Praying for death but not going to act upon it. Got final confirmation from her doctor she couldn't get testing because she doesn't have insurance. Texted her doctor back to dump him because she didn't want him to waste his help on her because her meds aren't working.

5. Stuff about Chambers drama. Chambers told Joy to go away and Joy said this was extremely rude. Joy told her not to put out apology video but she does then removes both her apology videos so Joy blocks her and Chambers said the reason is because she didn't want to burn people but Joy says it was a burn to her. Claims Chambers is scared of Based Mama & Nick because of the crazy lengths they went thru to tear Joy's life apart that she thinks they'll do it to her too.

6. Claims she likes to eat healthy but it gives her diarrhea which makes her gain weight so her doctor "literally" told her to eat more red meat…so she's now having steak delivered to her.

7. Hates it when people tell her to push thru the pain…which can fuck up your heart. Then says everyone's health is different, everyone's body is different, and we are all made up differently.

8. Calling "shit-talkers" pussies and telling them to "come at her" Claims to have gotten death threats but tells them to go for it because she wants off this rock.

9. Ranting about complaints about her hair. She doesn't have fibro bc she has good hair but her hair is nasty amish hair and she needs to get a haircut, do her hair, brush it and put on makeup you fucking bitch let's kill you.

10. Trying to be respectful of people even when they are no respectful of her. Admits there is a "handful" of things she has done but won't speak of it out of respect for these people.

11. How to catch a snake? You record it, you record it being snake-like

No. 319345


so this girl is like..tattling on you to Joy or something? is that what you think she's going to Joy about? or why she tweeted to Joy?

"not supposed to contact you"..wtf?

No. 319348


Ummm… anyone else think Kati is hopeing the spergleberries will get their disability sheckles together and buy her a new car out of all this "I want to die!" "the whole world is against me!" ranting?

No. 319350

She also keeps saying that dealership sold her a piece of shit… UM.. it's hauled her ass around for 75K+ miles and 4 years… that's not exactly a piece of shit. That's about how long a cheap car lasts.

No. 319355

I'm not totally sure, her twitter as of a few days ago was questioning joy, so I don't think she's top minion level and at least questioning her a lil. She's definitely telling her about my recent post though, and Joy has probably said what horrible people we are, she did that with angel. I'm now waiting to see what happens.

No. 319356


Nah… this is the storm.

- She's signaling to her "fans" that they'd better not pull anything against her because she'll spill all their secrets.

- She's in butt-hurt / "pain" / "I wanna die" over drive because she wants a new car out of the spergleberries.

- She is watching her views count tank because no one gives a shit about watching her "cover" topics that have already been done the day before by Phil DeFranco.

If she doesn't get the car or more patreons, she'll rage quit with suicide threats to squish the shekels out of them.

No. 319357


"I'm not supposed to contact you…"

…but… NOT A CULT.

No. 319362

Right off the bat, point four. How can she claim she got a diagnosis if she can't even GET THE TESTING. Right here, she's been caught in a lie. Her four doctors claim on getting diagnosed over twitter is a bold faced lie.
Socialblade still looks fairly steady, don't know about that. But this is definitely the warmup..not the storm itself. I think she's just getting started.

No. 319366


In my day life, I deal with HIPAA Information Security… and while her doctor may have DM'd her, if that person put ANYTHING in that DM that implied she was their patient or any medications, that would be a violation of HIPAA regulations. I find it very weird that a physician would (a) work on a Sunday and (b) violate regulations that have been HAMMERED into them for over a decade because every incident (like two DMs would have been two incidents) puts them at risk for fines over $1k each and facilities are actively audited annually if they accept federal program (like social security or disability) payments.

Also, titration upward on Lyrica is completely normal and she would have been told that at the start. That she is rejecting the meds is a good reason for a doctor to drop someone as a non-compliant patient In the US doctors can't just dump you under most circumstances unless you fail to pay or refuse to follow recommendations. (Hence put the doctor's insurance at risk of a claim.)

Also, like others have said, fibro is a diagnosis based on exclusion and the tests to exclude other medical issues are VERY important because they could involve neurological or issues that need to be treated. NO doctor would jump straight to fibro unless they'd already had other issues ruled out. Especially in a patient that doesn't demonstrate typical fibro symptoms like Joy. (Well, unless they're fine with getting drug trafficking charges.)

No. 319368

yup yup yup. i've been in pain so severe i wanted to die, and all that i could do was cry and beg for death. legitimately. if you're in that kind of pain, that is ALL that you can think about. and tbh, if you deal with a chronic neurological issue (like my gbs), that kind of pain becomes pretty normal and you build up a tolerance and find a way around it, even if it's severe. so when you're in enough pain to want to die, you are in a BLINDING amount of pain.

if you go to a regular doctor, yeah, they could turn you away if you can't pay upfront. BUT you can go to an emergency room, and they can't turn you away. you shouldn't be going to a general practitioner for that kind of pain, anyway. i didn't even go to the emergency room when i was in the pain that i just talked about (because i knew what it was from so there was no point). even if she IS in pain, she's so fucking dramatic about it and needs to grow the fuck up.

and your last statement is such a good one. i've been on a med that makes me really mean, and i realized that it was my responsibility to rein myself in and apologize whenever i said something uncalled for. most of us who deal with this kind of shit understand that our illnesses aren't excuses. but not kati!!!!!!!!!

what a crock of absolute shit. i was suicidal because of a physical issue and therapy would've done me a LOT of good. (thankfully, i got plenty later on.)

i don't care what she does or doesn't have, it's more than obvious that she isn't in enough physical pain to legitimately want to die. if she wants to die, it's because of something else. she's way more functional than most of us and she needs to shut her fucking mouth.

and the eating healthy thing, lolololol. diarrhea makes you LOSE WEIGHT. what the fuck is she even talking about. you might get bloated, but that's not actual weight gained. i've studied medicine and i've NEVER heard of diarrhea making you gain weight. that's not a thing.

this is so much bullshit, i can't handle.

No. 319369

1. Um, she DOES have a freaking income from YouTube & YouNow, that IS considered a job. Since she has almost no bills she can pay for a car just like everyone else. She claims the dealership screwed her over by not fixing her car when it was under warranty in order to get her to buy a new car but this seems incredibly fishy to me. First, how would they be able to guarantee she would buy the new car from them? It does them no good if she goes somewhere else to buy a car and if they were treating her bad wtf would she come back? Second, dealerships want to do repairs under warranty. They are well paid by the factory for doing warranty service, it comprises a good chunk of business. It does them no good to not fix a car they would otherwise get paid for. Plus, they want the customer to come back after the warranty is up too so they try to do a good job. Third, she wasn't stuck getting repairs from the same dealership she bought the car from. She could have gone to any other Ford dealership if one was shady. In fact, she did go to different dealerships, they mentioned getting info from a dealership in Oklahoma. What I think likely happened is that list she showed of repairs "not done" was from out of warranty service she didn't want to pay for…so they didn't do anything. Her warranty was for 36,000 mi/3yr basic and 60,000 mi/5yr powertrain. From what I can tell she put a lot of miles on that car in a short period of time causing the basic warranty to run out much faster than 3 yrs. I don't know why she expected that dealership to fix her out of warranty car for free or just trade her a new car for the old one, why in the world would they do that?

2.This weak excuse is absolute bullshit. A therapist would NEVER tell a depressed patient having suicidal thoughts they can't do much for them no matter the cause. Lots of chronically/terminally ill people see therapists to deal with the feelings that arise from their illnesses…there are support groups for it too. She was just using it as an excuse to poo-poo the idea of seeing a therapist now…because they'll immediately see what's really going on with her and she's not about hearing the truth.

4. Didn't she claim to have been tested for Fibromyalgia and IBS and diagnosed with them? So now she can't get any testing? That isn't how it works.

5. I thought he was treating her for free? If she was really in that much pain and really wanted to get better she would move heaven & earth to find out what's going on and if there is something that can be done. She's just giving up when her first round of meds doesn't work after 2 weeks? What?

7. Humans all share basic anatomy and biochemistry, we're not THAT different from each other. Yes, we can have different health issues and have different symptoms manifest/different meds work for different people but the way meds work is essentially the same.

No. 319370

everything you said is totally right, i just wanted to emphasize point #1. that is absolutely considered a job. if i were pulling in money from youtube/younow, i would be required to report it to social security and they would deduct half of it from my ssi. so if the government considers it a job, it's a job.

No. 319371

There is NO REASON why anyone who is a us citizen does not have healthcare. Everyone in the USA including no or low wage people have access to Obamacare! As a matter of fact, it is extremely against the law to not have any form of healthcare.
She claims she "can not fill out forms", that is the reason she never got health care! she said she can't fill a out a form out and I gave her RECIEPTS where she could call a toll free number where all you gotta do is call them with your forms in hand and they completely walk you through the whole thing. You hardly have to write anything because they are filling it in on the computer. Did she thank me? No, did she do it? Probably not, but I have a theory on this too: she is either too lazy, too cheap to pay for insurance, or she just does not qualify because she thinks she has too much money. GUESS WHAT: it's not about how much money you have but how much money you make that makes you not eligible! So many morons who think they have too much money are afraid of applying! Also, if she lies about fricking everything then why couldn't she be lying about being covered by insurance? I mean that could be what's going g on, we just don't know. Not having medical coverage is against the law right now, PUNISHABLE WITH FINES! and there is NO reason anyone that is a us citizen shouldn't have health coverage!!! It's a non issue that was solved years ago and many people have taken advantage of getting health care. Actually here is a very good subject: Joy is breaking the law buy not getting medical insurance and clogging up the emergency rooms at the hospital. She could cause someone else to die -due to overcrowding, or she would be contributing to the high taxes people have directly because they drain the emergency rooms and do not pay their hospital bill! If anyone knows the system well they could report her emergency room visits as FRUAD and I hope that if they read this they do!

No. 319372


On the warranty thing… the car is at 78k miles, warranty ran out at 60k miles, IF she drove a steady rate (and was not house bound for the last year), that's 20k miles/year… so the car has been out of warranty for at least a year if not more. This isn't even like it just turned over out of warranty.

No. 319374


YouTube is a job, but for loan purposes, you have to show you've been self-employed for at least two years. So, for the purposes of qualifying for a loan, her mooching ways have screwed her.

BUT, … if she's sitting on a nest egg of even 30k (instead of 40k … say she spent money on something??? obviously not rent, utilities, or clothing… but say ring lights and cameras?)… then she can buy a car for cash in hand.

No. 319377

Terrorist attack in Manchester. 19 killed, 50 missing and Joy's already tweeting on it. Emotional content, who wants to make a bet the parasite is going to do a vid series on it next to profit off their suffering?

No. 319380


#2 physical pain can't be treated by therapy

I've had enough of her shit with this.
She is a straight up liar. Her information doesn't add up, therapists would not tell her that nothing can be done for physical pain because that would be a lie. Both my pain management Dr and my rheumatologist have referred me to a psychologist to assist with my pain that cannot be managed by medication.
What probably really happened is that she gave them a hard time (if she actually even saw a therapist) and she wouldn't cooperate with them, resulting in them saying they aren't able to help her.

Imagine her in a Dr office, screaming like she was at the dealership. She doesn't see herself as being in the wrong for that so she probably acts out like that a lot.

Joy, you're becoming your mother. Just another kyathy

No. 319385


Let's not forget that she claimed the current doctor is a leading expert or top doctor in the field of treating Fibromyalgia. I have a loved one who did in fact see a doctor who was the leading Fibromyalgia researcher at the time. The first thing he did during the first appointment was run tests for Fibro before anything else. The idea that this leading doctor didn't run any tests on Joy after she travelled to seem him is weird. It's also incredibly odd to turn down the idea of titrating upward on a medication like Lyrica. She said it worked until it didn't which means titrating upward would have been the correct and obvious thing to do. Instead she tells the doctor she doesn't want his help anymore because he should help someone that can pay him. WHAT? If he saw you to begin with he IS trying to help you. This makes zero fucking sense.


Yep. She did say she pasts "the tests" for fibro. That seemed to come out of nowhere btw after she said she hadn't been to a doctor in a while besides that naturopath who told her she had copper poisoning. Agreed, her biochemistry is not that radically different. I've mentioned this before and I'll mention it again: there are very few extreme cases where people in chronic pain can't get some kind of relief. You may not get full relief and in fact its normal not to be completely out of pain when you have a chronic pain condition. But she says that pain meds don't work for her, then says contradictory things like she doesn't want to be "drugged up". Nothing she says makes sense.

If her having no insurance and no income because she can't work due to her "illness" is SUCH an issue..she would be desperately applying for SSI and/or SSD, medicaid and/or medicare. But she doesn't. Her excuse is that the paperwork is too hard and her "fibro fog" prevents her from being able to fill out the paperwork. Nevermind that tons of her fans have offered to help. Nevermind that your local Social Security office will assign you a caseworker that will walk you through the process if you need help. Nevermind that the paperwork in and of itself is not the hardest part, collecting your records is. Nevermind that if she took a 3 day break from obsessing over internet drama and making pointless rant videos she could spend that time actually doing the paperwork and getting the help she apparently so desperately needs. Except she won't because she knows she does not have and will never qualify for disability because she is NOT in the physical ill-health she claims. But mental health wise? That's a whole other issue. She won't talk to a mental health professional though.


Exactly. I was on multiple different opioid medications, muscle relaxers and potentiators for the opioids..and my pain management doctor still suggested I go for counseling. Because the pain itself can cause mental health problems. Pain management is much more than popping pills, it includes excercise IF possible and handling your mental and spiritual health. In fact developing coping skills and talking it out is a HUGE factor in dealing with chronic pain. None of this applies to her though because she isn't in such horrific pain that it makes her suicidal. I'm tired of her fucking lies.

No. 319386

Her weight gain/diarrhea explained in 5 seconds or less:
The potato chip feedbag often strapped to her face

No. 319391

samefag as >>319385


I was in one of the YouNow chats where she was going on and on about how she couldn't fill out the forms. I saw multiple people offer help and every time someone pointed out how she could get the forms filled out etc she would have some excuse. Every single time. This was back when I thought she wasn't so bad and I know there are legit reasons why people are afraid to apply. Like you said, some people are misinformed. But after it while it seemed like she was just deflecting. And honestly if you actually NEED disability and insurance, you do everything you can to get it. I'm sure it had to be infuriating for you to give her the information in an attempt to help her only for her to bullshit some more.

No. 319402

The last time she mentioned going to the ER, she made sure to tweet about it first, between 2 and 4 pm. Her ID band showed the time as being after 8pm. Bands are given at triage so that leaves a pretty big time gap. Definitely clogging up the ER for nonsense.

No. 319435

Bet she's busy making that vid right now. I'm waiting for it.

No. 319441


She's supposed to be exposing Ford as scammers because their car only lasted 78k miles.

No. 319451

She doesn't have to drop a huge chunk of cash on a new car, that's just a waste of money, especially on a cheap car like a Festiva, they devalue majorly just by driving it off the lot. (The 2013 model may be total crap but many years ago I had an almost new 1997 Ford Festiva…it was like driving a go-cart but that thing was damn near indestructible…I sold it but it's still being driven to this day.) She can buy a perfectly good used car with cash for as little as $1500-$3500, she just needs to save up her YouTube/YouNow income for a few months. I've bought two very nice older Mustangs for $2500 & $3000 and they've held up for several years being driven every day but I take good care of my cars. Kati probably doesn't understand how proper maintenance works. She obviously doesn't understand how warranties work.

I agree that she isn't telling the truth about whatever happened with her car & that dealership. That list of repairs she brought her car in for labeled as "No work done" had to be from after her warranty ran out. They DON'T turn away working on cars under warranty, that's premium compensation from the factory. They'd earn WAY more money fixing warrantied cars than they would turning them away in the hopes the person will give in and maybe buy a new car from them a few years down the road…that "scam" she claims they pulled on her makes NO sense. It's the worst business model ever, no dealership would operate that way. This is just another lie to make herself look like the victim….she's hoping it's enough to make people feel so sorry for her she can e-beg for a new car….just wait, you'll see.

No. 319462

No no no no. This is all wrong. I'm the one who contacted you and I'm the one on twitter. Let me explain. I didn't want this to go public because it wasn't a big of a deal but I didn't know how to contact Joy.
I left a comment in one of her videos a while back. Someone posted it in here and I was attacked at the comment section. Suddenly I got a sub on youtube even though I don't have any videos at that time. It was a Joyfan. Next day both my youtube account and my e mail account were hacked. My boyfriend tracked the ip to this one sub. I didn't think much of it because I've been hacked before and just thought it was a stupid move. But I accidentally used the same e mail I used for work. My work consisted on interviewing mentally ill patients and send my notes to the psychatrists in charge. I kept those e mails as unread so I remembered to not delete them. Today I went to do a cleaning because a patient was stalking me via e mail and I noticed one of the mails wasn't as unread. I didn't and haven't checked them after the hacking because I had stopped working there so the hacker might have read it. It was in spanish, but it had full name and notes of a mentally ill 17 year old girl. Maybe I'm being paranoid but I'm scared someone read it and I can only think of the hacker, a Joyfan who wanted to get back at me. I don't want for this to blow out of proportion, I just wanted her to ask her fans to not share the information if they have it. I have no receits, no names cause I didn't care at first. But now I just want to make sure this girl's privacy isn't at risk. I don't want troubles, her cult scares me.
And I contacted you to ask you something about Joy I noticed on the first chat.

No. 319472


(a) this anon is not in the US (so no contradiction with what I posted above about HIPAA)

(b) to anon… if you need to keep emails for records purposes, you can download thunderbird onto your local PC, link it to the account, sync it and then encrypt/move the subdirectory storring the emails over to a DVR or thumbdrive.

No. 319480


not the anon you contacted. but..wow, just wow. i'm guessing your comment was critical of joy or was taken as such by the fan. it is unbelievable they would go that far, and totally believable at the same time. please be careful how you approach this. someone who would go so far as to do that is likely to be a very unreasonable person.

edited to add: i recently had a joyfan try to dig up stuff on me. they subscribed to my youtube account which had no videos and proceeded to send weird messages through google plus. my google plus has nothing identifiable. they did some other weird shit too and they appear to be legit speshul, so to speak. today they sent some more weird messages. this all happened because they didn't like that i used the word "kid" when responding to a comment of theirs. even though i did say kid or kiddo, my comment was ridiculously respectful. the other strange part is this person doesn't hide their identity at all yet made some pretty big attempts to find out who i was.

No. 319485

Oh bullshit. This is a trap. You mean to tell me illegal activities occured with sensitive information and the first person you tried to contact was JOY of all people? You put out information publically on twitter for a sensitive matter tp get people curious. And the 17 year old bit screams emotional targetting all over again.

So let me get this straight. You don't contact authorities, professionals, the family..you contact JOY (Its on your twitter). How the hell do you even HAVE that job? That's worse than dropping the ball.
And then the next place you drop this is here? Yet you are strangely concerned for the girls privacy, but you just put details out here publically where it will be released and you know people look.

Anons, I smell a trap here. This is just too much of a setup. Their story just doesn't add up.

ALSO, I totally called it. Joy just released a new video on?? The new terrorist attack. Fucking emotional parasite.

No. 319487

File: 1495507842327.jpg (49.06 KB, 1056x175, shannon.jpg)


She looks utterly fucking exhausted in that video. Kati: always making wise life choices. Sleep, or make a click bait video to cash in on a major tragedy? Hmmm choices choices.

Also it appears one of her hardcore defenders has finally jumped ship. If there's hope for this girl..

No. 319490

Not even two hours later a video is up. We don't even know the body count yet. Sympathy leech.
BTW the video was lazy as shit. Monotone voice and all. She had no "passionate" feelings about this. She just read an article in a monotone voice because she knew it would get views.

No. 319493


She's so weird… she made three really strange references to paying money to be entertained. Her whole life must revolve around money or the lack of it.

No. 319494


not to mention joy responded awfully fucking quick to the tweets when this person reached out to her. none of this makes sense. smells like musty unwashed sweaters up in here.

No. 319502

Don't worry. We'll get another 30 videos to get her take on it.

No. 319508

not a follower of this cow but i'm just here to say that this is the first time i've ever had to hide a thread on lolcow. her teeth made me gag every time i scrolled down.

No. 319509

Ok. First, it isn't a fucking trap. Second the information is private but no legally private. If leaked it doesn't do more than damage that girl's privacy. And I happen to care about her. Not doxxing nor diagnose is there, just her experience with her illness and full name. Third, it was a volunteer job for recovery of mental patients. And lastly I contacted her because it was her cult who started and it isn't something illegal or that would would be dangerous. I was trying to keep that girl's safe space safe. Don't you think if I wanted more I would have come here with the story? I only spoke because you were saying I was doing things I wasn't. Dear lord, I don't want your help or damage Joy, even though she's vile and disgusting. Now I even realise that by posting here she won't help me. But don't go talking shit about me cause I'm a nobody who criticized Joy and now is paying it. This is not milk so move on.

No. 319513

They're not saying you want something out of it. They're saying its a set up and you're baiting. Understand? Okay you're welcome.

No. 319516


"move on" but you posted here and obviously that will draw attention to it when otherwise it would have died. if there's anything to this, i hope you realise Joy was never going to help you to begin with and that has nothing to do with you now having posted here or not.

No. 319518

Actually I never liked her, I was only trying to offer help to a fellow American citizen. Once I offered her a solution I noticed everything about her not trying to help herself, that people were saying was true. I keep seeing other countries thinking we do not have free healthcare and I'd like to point out that all people who make under a certain amount of money have free healthcare and if not there are monthly plans that are affordable hence: the affordable health act. Other socialist countries think their healthcare is free but they have no choice but to pay 50% (and sometimes more) income tax every year and they do not get private care for that money. PLUS, as I pointed out before, Joy cow is breaking the law by not having insurance and plugging up the emergency rooms with her fat.smelly.ass. Legally each time she goes to the ER and she is caught, she would be getting fined more and more each time just like auto insurance. Turn the cow into the Mo. state municipal if you are a citizen you could be saving a life! Can you imagine getting into a bad car accident, your SO being hurt real bad, needing an emergency operation but dying in the ER because all doctors are busy assisting the fat cow with her MYSTERY AILMENTS!

No. 319531

>offer to help a fellow american citizen

this has to be bait

No. 319534

Nice try @StinkyHilary or maybe it's Shaelyn Elizabeth. This is clearly a setup/troll put on by the not so bright members of Kati's flock.

No. 319544

File: 1495514297612.png (169.62 KB, 1242x2140, IMG_1519.PNG)

But she says it wasn't baiting.

No. 319546

Can you imagine how beautiful it would be if Russians turned on her?

No. 319553

Attention: Just a special note. It just occurred to me that when she threatened to expose that poor Ford dealer as being dishonest to her gigantic audience of 40 thousand subscribers (of whom more than half are haters) that none of them can PASS A LEGAL DRIVING TEST!, so no need to worry about that. And dumbshit Joy: please for gods sake take your own advice and chill out! AND OF COURSE THEY PRETENDED TO LOSE YOUR KEYS AFTER YOU WERE A "BETCH" TO THEM! God are you a stupid moron, I wonder how many times resteraunt employees spit in your food, or (my personal favorite) served you water directly from the toilette in your endeavors!

No. 319554

another fucking video uploaded!

LOL she is such a fucking nasty person

"20 young people just died, how can i slap my name onto this situation and make myself look like im here to help? i know! make 2 poorly edited videos in less than 2 hours weeee"

No. 319555

awww look guys! she's crying cos she cares SO MUCH!

she's crying because she's concerned! we believe you joy! fucking nutter.

No. 319558

Live in 5

No. 319559

she's live already. her pace is fucking exhausting.

No. 319563

She's just said her and Roommate {Who took a day off of work to do so} sat down and did the medicate paperwork at some point. She read off that she was denied for insurance because she doesn't have enough money.

When did she go from "I can't do the paperwork" to "I can do it and in fact I already have, already sent it, and here's the rejection letter!" Where the hell was I?

My application sure wasn't instantaneous…

She says she's going to be even more of an angry cunt now because the pain or whatever blah blah "she has to be mean to get her point out" basically just setting up excuses to fall back on later.

She said Onion is using tragedy for his own personal gain and she's going to make a video about it. Total lack of self-awareness. It has to be on purpose by this point.

SJW-ranting about health care and racist people in Paris.

Bitching about lolcow. "A shitty website where people come gossip and send death threats".

Bitching about that dude on Twitter coming at her with proof and whatnot

She's on a blocking spree for "people spreading anything negative" but she tried to word it to mean "Not constructive critism" but…we all know what that was.

She repeats that she's "done with the nonsense" about 400 times.

More double speak like "Come talk to me private" but she's shut down her DM's so…

She wishes all us motherfuckers well, as usual.

More lolcow talk about how she doesn't care about lolcow.

Chat was pretty much just full of ass kissing. She blocked one person she said she's seen around talking shit and rambles on about how they're both too old for this kind of shit. Kek, ok Joy.

That's it.

No. 319564

so apparently this thread is full of death threats against joy.

lol since WHEN?

No. 319566

No I am not baiting, I'm just a newfag here so quit making fun of me. I actually talk like that irl. Also I got accused of being one of them butt hurt "turncoat" fans and I would like to correct that too, even if I am an anon. I was never fooled by that hippocow. My opinion is that only a special kind of people, be it overly trusting/naive or actually mentally/physically disabled, or defiantly gullible, especially if they haven't figured her out by now! She's on YouNow right now too ranting about DRAN and exclaiming how "you just can't fill out papers when you are physically ill" OMG I'd like to Ram a plunger up her ass since she talks out of it soooo much!

No. 319567


its amazing that she whipped that paperwork out today after there was a conversation here (today) about her claiming she's unable to do any of it. amazing innit?

No. 319569

And yet another meltdown that I hope is being recorded to bite her in the ass later. Its strange how everything is threatening her..and the Zoe Quinn approach of her getting 'death threats'….really? No one is threatening Joy. She's just a paranoid skitso/narc.

No. 319570


yeah i don't think this anon is baiting. not every post that is obvs from a new person is bait, anons.

when you want to respond to a direct post, type >> followed by the number of the post so people are able to tell who you are responding to.

No. 319571

if the bitch applied and qualified for disability, she'd automatically get health insurance. but she won't because of her "pride." aka. she doesn't have the supporting paperwork from a doctor and CAN'T qualify.

No. 319572


When we don't buy her shit, we are killing her soul and making her heart haz da sadz :-(

You know how speshul lolcow Indigo Children are… they feel shitz deep mahn!

No. 319573


You also have to have a job prior to applying. I'm guessing that bitch hasn't worked enough to be considered "too disabled to continue working"… the only other disability is SSI (like a state public assistance program) and you can't be sitting on a 40k nest egg and qualify for SSI because it is for people who ACTUALLY need help, not her sorry ass. Hell, she just made over $4k min that was paid out two days ago… she is not disabled and she is certainly making enough to buy insurance. You don't HAVE to buy through the exchanges to get insurance.

No. 319574

Don't forget her new mantra. Men can be passionate but women can't. Because sexism. Or, more accurately, sexism card.

No. 319575


Yeah… she's gong fulltard SJW fur sure.

No. 319576

LMAO true. i'm on ssi and you aren't allowed to have more than $2k in the bank at any point in time. literally, they check your bank account(s) periodically to make sure that it's less than $2k, and not reporting all of your assets is felony perjury. so you're right, she can't qualify for that, either.

if she has that kind of money and can pay for insurance, she needs to shut the fuck up. but we know too well now how she acts when she has to actually pay for something. apparently the world owes her a lifetime of free shit.

No. 319577

I'm convinced roommate is a full bore idiot. He drives her around like a chauffeur, takes a day off work to do HER paperwork… paperwork that is about as complex as "what is your name?" "how much do you expect to earn this year" … It really only has about 10 questions total… like "How many kids do you have?" "What is your social security number?" "What state do you live in?" It is BASIC shit that they ask.

No. 319579

Joy Sparkle BS Bitch/Moan/Pity Fest #763 on 5/23/17

Link: https://vid.me/JxHM

Logged on around midnight. Missed the first 2 minutes. The person who she says took a whole day off of work to fill out the Medicaid forms for her = "roommate" aka Dom. Glitchy as usual cos fuckall.

No. 319580

In YouNow stream, she said internet wasn't working right and she has to waddle down to StarBucks to upload videos and it's SO EXHAUSTING! Then later in same stream, she says she's made a third video on Manchester (gotta get that bloody ad revenue there!) and it's uploading "now"…. hummmm…. she didn't look like she was streaming from a StarBucks? That looked like roommate's couch behind her.

No. 319582

Again: if dumbshit Joy had a bank account with 100K as long as she had proof of low or no income she is too qualified for state healthcare for free because it's not how much you have or saved up. It's solely based on your income. Many people who lost jobs and own half million dollar homes, nice cars etc. Thing is, most people are unaware of this and think they will be chastised thus they do not attempt to get it, and rightly so because though technically you can get it- ethically you should downgrade and spend the savings on insurance! And of course she doesn't qualify for SSI, which is a whole different system from the affordable care act which is the one she should be on. She acts like she's really a disabled person and she needs to be shit down, shit on, or stopped from committing FRAUD. AND NO THIS IS NOT A FUCKING THREAT OF ANY KIND KATY(whitch ironically short for KATHY, you dumb cunt Katie!

No. 319587

File: 1495519442554.png (61.62 KB, 653x235, 5qqmiB0.png)


It depends on states. States that did NOT expand medicaid (like OK) only provide services to women w/children and children. Single men and women w/out children are not eligible because either they should be (a) disabled (so qualified by a different route) or (b) holding a fucking job like the rest of the able bodied population.

No. 319588


once again Joy can relate to what she's talking about. every single time.

she said she visited Paris to visit her old house (that she used to share with her ex husband "Taho" aka David) and saw all the scary immigrants in Paris. local people told her its dangerous and she could get raped and she didn't believe it until - omg! - it almost happened to her!

she bitches about lolcow a lot in this. says we all need to stop bitching and asks where we are donating money. because at least she's "putting out information" by promoting the phone numbers that people looking for loved ones in Manchester can call.. BECAUSE GOD KNOWS JOY'S VIDEO IS THE FIRST FUCKING PLACE THEY ARE GONNA CHECK FOR INFO ON THEIR LOVED ONES. fuck off you self righteous cunt.

and now she magically is unable to "mask" her pain anymore so it's making her seem angrier, or so she says. it couldn't be because everyone is calling her out for lying about masking pain to begin with..right? what better way to shut everyone up than to say OH I'M IN MORE PAIN SO MUCH MORE I CAN NO LONGER HIDE IT!

then she freaks out on that Dran person and yells at them in the stream before blocking them.

she says we're threatening to kill her on lolcow. she says multiple times she doesn't care about lolcow, doesn't read it but people "send her stuff". for a site she doesn't like or read, she sure mentions it a lot. must be all those triggering death threats!

she makes some ugly faces every time she tries to mock lolcow. what a lolcow :)

No. 319591


Someone needs to get in one of her live streams and just keep commenting "simmer… simmer… simmer down there… yer gonna churn that milk into butter at this rate!"

No. 319593

I really fucking dare her to start making up shit about her being raped. I dare her. I myself will make a YouTube channel and destroy her from the ground up if she tries to go that route. Nope, nope nope.

No. 319599

> Angier because of pain

…or because you're losing control of the narrative. shrug whichever

> almost raped by middle eastern extremists

man, you are just the unluckiest girl ever, aren't you? mystery illnesses, tumors, miscarriages, fibro, disowned by family, yeast infection that almost killed you. wow.

> idc about lolcow

Oh so does that mean you're going to stop posting here? I'm like 99% sure that one person who was always trying to find an out, the one who posted here a lot more in the beginning and rarely now, is you.

> helping people

Yeah, in the same way Onision made his DISGUSTING videos about self-harm/eating disorders/etc and JUSTIFIED it by giving a fucking hotline number.
Obviously, one is a lot worse than the other but regardless the point stands, they are both exploitative.

> grown adults

Says the one who can't fucking take care of herself. YOU'RE GROWN KATI. GROWN.

> appeal to tone, you didn't come at me in the right way, I KNOW YOU ARE BUT WHAT AM I?

Trying to find an out? Where have I heard that before??? Same shit, different medium.

If I punch someone in the face. Then you punch someone else in the face. I tell you punching that person is wrong. Does that mean it was ok for you to punch that person in the face because I'm a hypocrite for telling you it was wrong? Dumbass.

Remember when she first come on the scene and she was all like question everyone and if i do something, call me out? lol. She's such a phony. It was all an act and the mask is slipping.

No. 319602


>> mask is slipping

This right here… she's going to blow eventually and it is going to be funny as hell to listen to her twist logic like a tornado to justify why she's not a selfish, drama whore out for herself (and only herself). I bet roommate isn't kicking her out for fear that she'll accuse him of raping her or something. She strikes me as the kind that moves into your house, then you have to LITERALLY move away w/out a forwarding address to get away from them. I hate those types of people.

No. 319609

I love that the editing is such shit in this video that a good chunk of what would otherwise be cult members {at this time} is just a bunch of complaining that she's too excited to exploit this that she couldn't be fucked to edit or even rewatch this shit before posting it. She honestly does more harm to herself with every new video than lolcow/kiwi/teh haterz could. It's like she can't help but make herself look worse and worse.

I love her comment sections these days, it really seems like them 41k subs is at least half, if not more, just people watching for the train wreck. Or, better yet, ex fans who actually stopped to listen to the bitch for once and realized that she's only blowing around hot halitosis air.

Tons of hate-follows and open ridicule/hate in the comments. Much like Greg! And now, "She's going to be much angrier because of the pain" .. Is this about to be her "Villain of Youtube" chapter?

I've brought this up before but, I'm often reminded of her "I'm afraid of what kind of evil person I'll turn into if I become successful" quote from the "past lives" video. The Do5 thing hadn't even happened yet and I thought she had already become completely unhinged. Man, if this recent boost in subs/crazy tells us anything…she's gonna need an ED page soon.

I take this recent stream as an announcement that she's decided to ditch the mask so she can drop the "positivity" shit and just be her natural nasty self. Setting up excuses really early seems to be another pattern for her.

No. 319612

Another anon said he was a pussy earlier. That may or may not be true, but I have a feeling he does these things for her because she throws fits when she doesn't get her way. She probably starts bawwing and acting like an emo teenager that hasn't experienced true suffrage yet. She acts like that all the time, but imagine how bad it is living with her. Being kept up at night by the sounds of that shrill voice and fake laugh… Being guilt tripped any time you contemplate not being serviant to her every whim. How many times a day does he hear "my fibro is acting up, could you fetch me the remote?" or "my brain fog is so bad but I'm literally starving please heat up some food?". I'd mail him some socks so he could break free but she probably looks in his packages kek

No. 319613

I hope video anon from onions thread makes her way over here. There are so many damning clips waiting to be spliced together. She's just as much a hypocrite as onion. So much potential entertainment.

No. 319619

Question for PhilS…

Were the tears in her second video real or "worked up"? She strikes me as the sort of person who can turn on the water works at the drop of a hat to get what she wants.

No. 319621

File: 1495523596790.png (40.68 KB, 538x280, Lq9x03p.png)

On the most recent video. (Name protected since the writer is leaving the herd, so no longer lolcow)

No. 319622


> I take this recent stream as an announcement that she's decided to ditch the mask so she can drop the "positivity" shit and just be her natural nasty self. Setting up excuses really early seems to be another pattern for her.

Good call, this.

No. 319625

File: 1495523779299.png (17.3 KB, 540x99, A1R3rNP.png)

No. 319627

File: 1495523843291.png (8.98 KB, 539x72, c32UaHJ.png)

No. 319633

File: 1495524017462.png (45.47 KB, 555x310, ophuW0a.png)

Dat lovely cult of love and happiness… just bringing light and love into the world.

No. 319635

Fucking brats. This isn't onision, this isn't daddyofive. Children have died. Many have been injured and traumatized for life. How could anyone defend joys exploitation of this? Kids have died. I'm speechless. She has reached a disturbing level of greed. These kids need to wise the fuck up and develop some empathy. Maybe have the phone taken away for a while because they're obviously not living in reality like everyone else who can see through her shameful game of exploitation.

No. 319636

File: 1495524494406.png (63.36 KB, 514x479, OzjK39V.png)

Bet Miss Katie Marie Smith is gonna break out the ban hammer soon.

No. 319637

This fucking bitch, I swear to god. I live very near to where the attack happened - thankfully all my friends and family are safe, which is a fucking miracle considering they regularly go out in the area. It makes me absolutely mad to see her push out 3 videos on this right away…

No. 319639

File: 1495524972643.png (192.56 KB, 629x181, SlJQ2u7.png)


AND… gotta love those click bait thumbnails. Nothing like creating more confusion in the mix… cuz… maybe some people aren't looking for a dumb chick from bumfucksville giving a fake crying routine when they want actual information.

On a different level… she's literally stealing videos from people who were there to use in her video for the extra gore style impact. That's disgusting on a couple levels. Those people may have wanted to share their experience (something that's going to haunt them for a long time, if not forever) and she's just stealing them to make views.

No. 319640


Anyone else notice that as she's doing this really shitty thing she's simultaneously blasting Onision for doing an equally shitty thing? Is it just me or is that a little bit hypocritical?

No. 319643

It's easier to swallow her bullshit if you just accept that everything she says is projection.

No. 319672

Well besides exploiting she is managing to commit crime…….Guess what happens when people profit off profit by reading mainstream medias articles, and posting their footage on their YouTube channel??? Even if it's not monetized. It is breaking You Tube's terms of service, and consequently could get a copywrite strike unless she indexes her sources! That is: if it's reported. I believe anyone can report it, but I'm not sure….

No. 319676

File: 1495532227534.png (19.36 KB, 533x114, RfKvKRR.png)

No. 319686


Never happen, I've talked to him and I don't think he's going to turn until we go to war with them

No. 319693

Guarantee you it will be a cold day in hell before that ever happens. That guy takes willful ignorance to a new level, and I'd almost bet she could come right out and admit to everything and he'd be one of the first in line to defend her regardless.

No. 319696

So, was going through some files today and ran across my old records from when I was diagnosed with fibromyalga. So, just for a reference point, my physician was an Internist (simply means he only deals with adults). It took me about three months to get through testing. The testing included 14 different blood tests (for metabolic and diseases type things), an EEG, two different types of MRI (but done in one visit), two different types of neurologists (the first referred me to the second for subsequent testing), and a psychologist.

This was done over the course of 3 months while I was in significant pain and holding down a 32hr/week job that was 4 work days/week (but mostly weekend work days).

And, like someone else posted, the reason for all those tests were to rule out other issues that could be mimicking what fibromyalgia acts like. The only thing discovered was low vit D and that was not the cause of the pain.

Also, while I was going through all that testing, I was given two different prescriptions for pain management. When the first drug stopped working, we moved to a second drug to try out.

In the end, I found something called Kratom (not a prescription drug, a supplement from a plant related to the coffee tree) and that has been the most effective in controlling my pain w/out stopping working.

Sorry so long. Am posting this because some who have never had to deal with fibro may not understand what is involved in getting a diagnosis.

No. 319713

File: 1495543990410.png (191.34 KB, 554x411, Joy.png)

As the hours tick by, the viewer count goes down. Maybe she'll take this as a sigh and STFU.

No. 319717

Starbucks? In the past she has said that she lives really far from basically everything. I'm thinking when she talked about the state of her health. Either way she said she can't take an uber or taxi to get to Dr appointments etc because of living in the boonies. How does she live so far away from everything but is in walking distance of Starbucks? I can get an uber here and I'm almost two hours from a Starbucks or anything besides a Walmart and mcd's

No. 319722


She did say she drives there, but for some reason started the statement as "I have to limp over to Starbucks…" then later said she was driving.

No. 319730

shrew is streaming

No. 319731


Jfc she literally lies about everything. I can barely stand a story-time YT'er embellishing a story but would cut her some slack if that was her gig and it was for entertainment purposes. But she's not, she shares her life and gives input to "help" others and it's nothing but pure lies and misinformation.

No. 319734

OMFG. I didn't think this fucking bitch could disgust or infuriate me any more than she already had…and then she truly outdoes herself in this new low. What a disgusting, slimy, opportunistic, exploitative cunt. I thought the moral void exhibited throughout the DO5 debacle was repulsive enough, but this?! You sick fuck Joy this is NOT OKAY! JUST STOP! FUCK!

No. 319740

New video. Bitch is so eager to post more and more that she doesn't even bother to spell correctly. "Onision Uses Manchester Uk Arena Ariana Grande Concert Attak To Make Fun Of Deaths"

No. 319753


OMFG! The hypocrisy and irony in that video should come with a warning. I think that video killed some of my brain cells. You have to love that the entire video is her reading his tweets when she's blocked from his twitter feed. That's not the least bit like a bunny boiler, now is it. AND, after she jumped on that tragedy with both feet (firmly in her mouth) and had UK residents actually begging her to take them down… she goes on this rant? WOW.

AND, she also manages to drag it back to money again as well. What does donating to anything have to do with Onision's point? Recreational mourning is a real thing. We've all seen it.

No. 319775

From now on, please stop direct linking Joy's videos. Even if most users have an adblocker, let's not contribute to her views and stats.

Rehost the video using keepvid.com and vid.me or unlisted YT upload. A notice will be added to Joy's next thread.

No. 319779

Honestly, she's just pointing out something in Onision that she herself is doing. I can see where he was coming from in those tweets, and I agree with him a bit, actually. Sad to say, but it's true.

No. 319785

I get that. It's the whole virtue signalling thing that gets old after a while. you can say #prayforwhatever but in the end does it actually do any good? At least sharing a PSA about where the kids are or numbers to call if someone is missing is actually helpful. Aside from calling people out, I really do feel that Joy isn't actually helping after the first one or two videos. By all means, bring attention to an issue but don't hammer on it to the point where people can't be assed to help.

No. 319787

File: 1495554205011.png (105.76 KB, 334x185, Wahmbulance.png)

>No I am not baiting, I'm just a newfag here so quit making fun of me.
>quit making fun of me.

No. 319803

File: 1495555338995.jpg (290.22 KB, 1242x1967, IMG_1522.JPG)

She's making more videos about it. It's truly disgusting, and she also says she isn't monetizing the videos. I call bullshit on that she said the same thing about the deluge of DO5 videos then guess what she monetized them.

I'm calling it now, she'll monetize all these videos and say she'll donate some of the revenue to charity.

No. 319805

She's live

I'll try to summerize

No. 319807

Even if they were demonitized or she donated the money to charity it doesn't make a difference. She's exploiting a tragedy in an attempt to gain subscribers, "fame", attention, and to feed her ego. The haterz aren't asking her to stop. Her own fans who knew people at the concert told her off and she still won't listen. She is a cunt.

No. 319808

Let me help.





No. 319810

File: 1495556321447.png (152.35 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3517.PNG)

The lack of self awareness in this group is honestly disturbing.

No. 319812

"They aren't monetized"

Doesn't matter. You're getting views and subscribers which, in YouTube's eyes, gives your channel an air of credibility and momentum.

She banks off the fact that people don't understand how YouTube works while milking it. Again, she postures like she's some sort of fucking martyr, while taking advantage of YouTubes algo.

Again, how are you helping? Tell me in a MEASURABLE way how you've helped without empty platitudes and posturing.

You are such a disingenuous, lying cunt.

No. 319813

She won't be guesting anymore because her channel has gotten too big and now people have gotten too creepy so she won't guest unless she requests it.

She's getting heat for exploiting the Manchester situation. "People who have used ME to

She knew the videos aren't ad friendly so she knew there was no profit to be made on this anyway. "Just looking for the silver lining" ?

She's still new and still learning Youtube. She made the videos to help.

She's upset that other people don't get heat for making video. Says some of the pictures of the victims were actually just pictures sent in by trolls to see if the news would pick it up. "And it worked because the news never does research"

Slander slander blah blah. The "I'm embarrassed for you" speech.

"When I say I'm your friend it's genuine." Then starts ranting about how someone fucked her over when all she was trying to do is help.

Virtue Signaling about how she just wants to help and save people, reunite families.

She's bringinging up Angel trying to "troll" us and says she and another person were begging her to stop doing what she was, but she wouldn't. She says it's funny now the story is apparently she made Angel do it. (I'm sure she's setting up for something later)

By the way she honest to god was talking about the Manchester attack and then with no real transition she jumped right into one of her haterz "trying to use the situation and me for profit" and rambling about the above.

I give up here, ain't shit going on. It's basically just part 2 of last night, she's going on about the same shit. The haters.

No. 319819

No one has to showcase what a shit person you are, you do that yourself.

Comparing yourself to media is not the same thing. Comparing yourself to a tabloid is far more accurate. No credibility, no ethics, will do anything to get those views.

No. 319822

So funny how people are so ridiculous yet she have to spin their concerns and discredit them. SO RIDICULOUS. lol

No. 319823

This cunt just blocks people who say things she doesn't like or ask questions she doesn't have a good answer/lie for. But, you know, come at her!111!!!

No. 319824

She just said that she applied for Medicaid for the second time this year and was denied, because of the cuts made by the trump administration.

Also said that haters are jealous (for the hundreth time)

No. 319825

Has she ever said what we're supposedly jealous of?

No. 319826

So Joy says that when she uploads a video it is automatically set to have ads, but she knew going in that this manchester stuff wouldn't be ad friendly so she just left it on. She says she's made no money off the videos yet, and if she does she will donate it as always.

When someone asked her to just turn them off she said she'd get hate either way so it doesn't matter. She's also still waiting until the Do5 stuff dies down, as if it wasn't dead a month ago, to see what kind of money she makes so she can donate it to Rose.

At least she was actually answering the critics in the chat today. No real answers given obviously, but at least now I can say I know for a fact she's seen what people are complaining about and it's goes beyond "being haters"

No. 319829

Her glorious hair. Obviously

No. 319830

The only thing I've heard her say about jealousy is that others are jealous because of how fast her channel grew. Which doesn't make sense because most of her "haters" aren't YouTubers

No. 319831

I heard her say she made $1200, I think from the DO5 videos alone

No. 319833


And people aren't jealous, they think she cheated by being unethical. Somehow she just doesn't get this, all the while, doing that very thing that people are accusing her of.

She's not playing dumb. She really is just that dense. Like monumentally stupid.

No. 319834

She is disgusting, i am currently doing videos on her. I helped expose her false advertising and illegal drug tiers on patreon.

I am currently talking to Chambers and Based

No. 319840

It's bullshit because she's the only one on YouTube doing it and getting away with it, she needs to stop.

No. 319864

And the bullshit has not end! I ordinarily would say "I can't believe she's made 4 videos already", actually anyone would question this, but now I just know her M.O. and if we want her off we have to start reporting her for every single thing she does! Flag her ass for copywrite, bullying, and harassing. She is harrasing Onision and stealing footage from the BBC as well as other reporters. She is being extremely offensive. Everyone must flag the pathetic cow asap.

No. 319885

I think the footage from the BBC might fall under Fair Use because she only uses a portion and the videos are transformative, that is, she adds her thoughts/opinions/whatever to it.
I would definitely report her for harassing Onision. 2 or 3 videos would be fine but there's so many now… Even though I don't like him, I don't think he should be subjected to that. If there's something wrong with his videos, flag them for abuse, not abuse him in turn. I mean, her bullying him won't make him change.

No. 319890

New video on main channel, second part to be listed on sploogpinklebow.

Anorexia, Mental Health, and England. Jen Friendman interview.

The video starts by joy asking a few questions, (specifically directed onion for his shit with Eugenia, great timing btw, as she had said earlier she will be ranting about him once again).
Jen talks touches base on her feelings about ED and her history as well as some information on her projects while joy is doing the dishes or some other bullshit that sounds like putting away pots and pans.

Jen seems authentic and very nice. I kind of feel bad for her for being associated with the trash like joy.

No. 319896

Samefagging to add the video really could have ended at 15 mins, the rest is chit chat, ass kissing, and a rape joke

No. 319901

Ok im Aussie Guy Shano, Joy knows i am destroying her. She has blocked me on social media and has sent her fans after me. I have just been "Called out"

I would appreciate some love guys as i choose not to whore myself out for likes when people are grieving loved ones.

No. 319908

>I would appreciate some love guys

you do know where you are, right?

No. 319909

Lolcow isn't intended to be a personal army, fight your own battles but if you have any milk spill it here.

No. 319913


as cool as it is that you're calling her out, a lot of your videos are you harping on shit about joy that has been debunked. you just go with any rumor and it makes you - and her real detractors - look like an idiot. then people don't take you seriously when you do point out the actual bad shit she's done.

if you weren't following this thread before then im surprised. this is the best place to figure out what is bullshit and what isnt regarding joy and her misdeeds. you made a video about her owning special spaces - not true and that was discussed here. when you make videos on shit that is super untrue, it gives her and her fans power. not to mention it drives away people who were on the fence about her into the arms of the cult.

i really hope you verify the stuff you cover regarding joy from now on. otherwise its so easy to discount and it doesn't help at all.

No. 319924

>I would appreciate some love guys
Yeah, sorry. Not interested in being some sort of shield or support group. We don't do that here.

> i choose not to whore myself out for likes

Yet, you're still here whoring for attention.

If you have something on her, go ahead and say it. But like with all of us, if OniSHEon attacks you or sends fans to attack you, well you need to harden up.

To put it bluntly… Most of this [lolcow] is truth seeking and pointing out bullshit. Not about amassing attack dogs or bodyguards.

^^^ Yup. This about sums up the rest of what I wanted to say.

This is how farmers become cows.

No. 319934

you have a mole here running to Kati.

No. 319936


no, just kati here with her moles.

No. 319938


Kati posts here, though she likes to pretend she doesn't.

No. 319940

Nathan Graves is the mole.

No. 319941


no shit sherlock.


yeah. he's all over joy constantly. he also brings up lolcow multiple times in her livestreams on a regular basis. for a mole he's pretty awful at hiding what he's doing.

No. 319942

File: 1495567846739.png (455.41 KB, 1176x650, NiceTiming.PNG)

Ok so she can post the receipts for [March] was it, before Do5? And she can post these today to show she's not making money so far on this Manchester thing.

But we still have to wait for the receipts from the Do5 era because….she still needs to see what comes in…? So why didn't she have to wait on this new thing?

Gee, I wonder why.

God it's like her cult doesn't even try to see reason when it's so glaringly obvious and slapping them in the face..

Oh and new update on her donations, she said anything with abuse in the video she'll donante all the money for that vid, anything without abuse she will give half of that video. Soooo…. somehow that's only 600? How long are we meant to wait on these figures Kati?

And what happened with the Fax machine fund? I think a lot of people have forgotten that was even a thing and she's gonna get away with just pocketing that money completely. Their own fault for even putting money towards that, but let's not forget that the timing of the storm was the perfect distraction and now it's never even brought up anymore.

No. 319943

HA. Look. You know many of joy's fans lurk here, right? Comrade, Russians, all the associated "milk cult"…and yes, even the obsessive freakazoid Joy herself. We know they're here. It matters about as much as an ice cube on the sun, kek. So one more isn't a big deal or surprise..it is literally nothing new. No matter who it is.

No. 319945

And didn't she say today that she has another video coming

No. 319949

This is the 4th one, it was only put up maybe an hour ago. after the stream where she said she had more.

Unless she's already promising more on top of that? This might be the only video justified honestly, cause it's meant to retract info from the earlier ones. She could always take those down and upload one well-informed and cohesive video and still say something like "If you saw the other videos this is my retraction die to some misinformation" but that's just not her thing.

No. 319951


she acts as though the people saying she's benefitting from a tragedy are wrong because she's apparently not making money from it.

but she still benefits. she gets views and subscribers which improves her popularity. remember, this is what kati lives for: attention. she can say it doesn't count because she's not making money but it DOES count because she's still benefitting from tragedy.

what's worse is she spread false information and now she's trying to blame others for it. learn to check your sources, miss "i studied broadcast journalism." it is literally nobody else's fault when YOU make a video citing false sources.

she will never take responsibility for her own actions. ever.

No. 319952

She is a moron who needs to be stopped. Any way to get her to stop?

No. 319965

File: 1495569074919.png (64.59 KB, 910x302, pt22.PNG)

Samefagging, sorry

I did think this was an odd thing to show and assumed there was a loophole in why she showed it so fast. People in the comments are saying stuff like [pic related] so I'm assuming this is what the catch is.

*Forgot to drop the pic

No. 319973


Fucking shocker! There's ALWAYS a catch with Kati. That person rules for pointing it out, I hope their comments gets upvoted like crazy. Thanks for sharing that.

And she had the audacity to say "Let me explain how Youtube works" in that video. She really meant to say "Let me tell you what I want to tell you and hope you don't realize the rest."

No. 319979

Why yes there is a way, or an attempt. Flag as many vids as you can. Post how it's done for people who need to know, and my gosh, whatever you do, you wouldn't want to doxx her because that would be against the law…….?! Flag her vids for: ✔️copywrite-on grounds of breaking youtubes terms of service, ✔️bullying-even though the person she bullies is a bully himself, and also ✔️pornographic content- when she uses terms like"hard on" and throw ✔️language in there too. Be creative! But don't fix her or anything……can you imagine her getting but yet more sympathy from her defective fan base? Or even worse picture her getting swatted, scary!

No. 319989

Did anyone stash her YouNow from earlier today?

No. 319996



No. 320003

File: 1495571188553.png (79.69 KB, 1080x467, IMG_20170523_210215.png)

She is apparently still spreading misinformation in her video trying to clear up the fact she'd been wrong about things. There are quite a lot of people in the comments saying this.

I am aware I can delete and repost, I've done that myself in the past. I've just also seen people correct with a saged post too and have it be accepted. I know the deletion rules, I was just being lazy. Hey ho, it's fixed now and I know not to do that in the future.

No. 320017

It's absolutely him. He commented to Kati that reading all the posts about Aussie Guy Shano were hilarious. He also likes to pop into Phils livestreams.

No. 320020

A bullet would be a sure fire way. But maybe we'll get lucky and she'll kill herself I mean she does have daily suicidal thoughts.

No. 320021

Ok I need to vent. I'm not usually rude but this nosey drama whoring hag is seriously beginning to piss me off.

Whoring off Onision didn't seem too bad because he's a cunt. Whoring off the DO5 child abuse crossed the line and defiantly changed my view on this woman
But since I live 20 minutes from Manchester, I know people who attended that concert, I'm mutual friends of those who having missing children, and I can physically see the pain they are in, the fear and distress this has caused them… Then look who comes along popping up all over my recommended… That loopy nutty fruit cake making another fucking 2000000 videos on this topic… You know we get all info from her…

She claims kids that are missing aren't missing, she adds onision into one vid, why not mix it up a bit eh? Onision gets views, abused or dead children get views… Both together… GOLDMINE!
Then even a video ranting about herself.
BITCH STFU, get off our fucking turf, no one wants a psycho reporter spreading joytinfoilbs about. Fuck off. You have no life. You're already fucking up vital info on missing children.
What is wrong with her? Seriously? Is she psychotic or something?

No. 320037

I am the nicole Joy was ranting about. I was a fan at first but then after seeing all the evidence presented(not her past) but the Daddyofive stuff, I got really mad. Knowing abuse victims and going to college(but didn't graduate) for child care it just seemed like she didn't care at all. I made those videos out of anger and after cooling off I deleted them because there was no point in keeping them since I didn't want to be known as a drama channel.

No. 320042

Yes mate, right on! I too live a similar distance from Manchester and have attended so many gigs there it's unreal. To see this girl make money off a tragedy like this is fucking abhorrent.
I know someone who works there who saw the whole thing happen. I know people who were there with their children. This is not some fucking event to fast track dollar into your bank account and accrue views like some greedy vacuous beast.

This isn't on. I'm already royally fucked off that someone pulled families, friends and coworkers, but this girl needs to back the fuck off. This is our problem to fix and not yours, so keep your fucking beak out.

No. 320046

fuck right off, you stupid piece of shit. you are a mini-Joy, pretending you're doing this for ~reasons~ when all you're in it for is the fucking attention. You bring nothing to the table, just spamming shit videos and bringing her more attention, which she loves. stop pretending you're some brave crusader it's fucking pathetic.

sage for rage

No. 320049

I second this. Your face disgusts me and your vids are so bad they're counter productive. Please fuck off.

No. 320052

>And what happened with the Fax machine fund? I think a lot of people have forgotten that was even a thing and she's gonna get away with just pocketing that money completely.

This was brought up in the last thread #4. Several anons here reported the gofundme for fraud because it was listed in the Medical category and it was taken down. Everyone who donated should get their money back. She found out it was taken down while livestreaming and claimed she was just about to reveal the surprise twist ending…that she would donate the entire funds to charity and pay for the fax machine herself. Sure Kati, we totally believe that. The gofundme was still fraud no matter what she planned to do with the money but as per gofundme rules, you have to clearly state where the money will go in the description. To say it will go to one thing then instead donate it to a charity is also fraud because you are doing something other with people's money than they authorized.

Also, not that any of this matters much now but it was pointed out that she was bragging to Mikenactor on YouNow that she really didn't need all that money to make the joke happen. She could get it done for much less by buying the fax machine from a thrift store. She tried asking for $250 then lowered it down to $150 because she claimed she was able to get "less expensive shipping." I don't know how she could possibly need over $100 for any type of shipping.

The person who donated $100 posted in her comments section asking whatever happened to their money because she felt scammed but it was explained to her the gofundme got shut down and she should get her money back. It was nice to see there were lots of replies disparaging Joy for that "joke" and how shady it seemed.

No. 320077

Of course, she's going to take this as yet another "death threat" from lolcow. She's just trying to make it look like we are horrible to gain sympathy and deflect real criticism.

Attn Joy, that is NOT a death threat! It is 1.hypothetical and 2.not a threat…don't read into things that aren't there, no one is actually threatening your life. This is the internet, where "kill yourself" is used to tell people they suck, you need to grow a thicker skin or GTFO YouTube.

No. 320082

File: 1495578442228.png (60.85 KB, 623x366, FdMOSXe.png)

Cow going cunt.

No. 320083


Notice the nine spergleberries firmly attached to her ass. :P

No. 320086

And Joy has officially gone full cult leader.

No. 320087

what death threats is she referring to? I saw her moments and she said she was being threatened. What's going on?

No. 320088


She has to take all the criticism and make it a power trip.

No. 320089

Stop namefagging and sage your shit.

No. 320091

Sage in the email title. Don't worry bout naming yourself. And there aren't death threats. She's pulling an Anita Sarkeesian.

No. 320092

I'm not this sage person…who ever she is. Also all i know about anita is her feminist shit channel. But I am autistic and while I don't know the symptoms of fibro, I don't think Joy's sick or as sick like she claims because otherwise she wouldn't be able to make 5 videos in one day and do livestreams. My second cousins and great aunt survived cancer, my one aunt has chronic migranes and I know when they have shit days they can't move. So yeah…Even my grandparents who are diabetic(in their old years) can move but when a bad day hits them they won't get up

No. 320093

NO NO NO. Okay. Let me spell it out for you.
Name field: Leave that blank. No names need be used here.
Email field: Put in Sage (This isn't a name, its just a state)
And then everything else is as normal. Before you drive the other anons nuts.

No. 320095

Exactly. AussieGuyShano, I liked that you were calling her out at first but then you started posting rumors that are easily debunked. For example, about her owning Special Spaces all you had to do was actually look up the charity to see who owned it, it's definitely not Kati. This does more harm than good, it makes it look like all criticism against her is just as stupid & unfounded. YOU ARE HELPING HER WITH YOUR VIDEOS. You need to do better research, you absolutely suck at it. Like one anon said, you can read through these threads to find out if we have already discussed it, we are very good at sorting out what is true and what is not because not only do we demand evidence but we investigate the source of that evidence along with any context that goes along with it. If you aren't sure about something you can even try asking us, we are usually happy to help find out what the truth is. Sure, you won't be the "first on the scene to release new gossip" but it's much better if you can actually back up what you are saying with undeniable evidence rather than slandering her. There's plenty to "expose" Kati for without resorting to spreading made-up bullshit.

No. 320096

Another infiltration of joytards. lol. It's like going to the zoo without leaving your house.