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File: 1499145048992.png (1.05 MB, 757x759, 07031701.png)

No. 345917

In Joy's last thread #7 we saw Joy double down on the claim that she has an agonizing MyStErY iLlNeSs. We also saw Joy's main obsession come to yet another oozing, bubbling head when Onision challenged her to a "debate."
•Continues to gleefully sperg anytime Onision gives her a sliver of attention.
•After a prolonged back and forth, Joy finally showed up on Lainey's YouNow to debate Gerg.
•Made a complete fool of herself and giggled like a toddler while stuffing her gob full of popcorn during the "debate."
•Has now made over 100 videos to or about Onision.
•Has recently received multiple Copyright claims on YouTube. Insists each one had to be manually submitted by Onision even though evidence suggests the automated Content I.D system is responsible for many of the claims.
•Received a community strike on YT for a video she mirrored addressing Onision's military service. As of now she can no longer stream on YT which has been a main source of those sweet, sweet teenage dollars for Kati.
•Claimed Onision had "doxxed" her (using a previous address she's no longer at which didn't include the apartment number) when he revealed a text message exchange between them in a video on his channel. Joy has made a huge deal about this, trying to get YouTube's attention despite the fact that she had actually "doxxed" herself in a video SHE made. Needless to say she has terrible editing skills.
•Has made mention that she is obtaining "legal counsel" to deal with the Copyright claims. Some highly questionable "attorneys" have reach out to her on Twitter making themselves look like fools in the process.
•Accused Onision of being behind a troll account that looked like it belonged to Joy. She claimed the IP belonging to the troll account was the same one Onision posts from, though there's little chance she could have obtained the IP to begin with.
•Has invented a new way of pronouncing Fibromyalgia.
•Had yet another YouNow meltdown where she insisted that each day she lives in horrendous pain that forces her to be picky about who she "gives her energy to." Even though she has a reputation for streaming energetically for upwards of 8-12 hours AND records multiple videos in a single day.
•Continues to use names such as "Fuck Knuckles" and "Butt Kerfluffles" on Twitter in a juvenile attempt at humor. She's 33.
•Is losing Patreon subscribers at a rapid rate. Her Patrons are slowly discovering that they've been paying for absolutely nothing despite being promised exclusive content and Patron-only livestreams. Joy continues to postpone these exclusive streams due to "sick stuff", but almost always pops up on the livestreams of bigger YouTubers..often on the very same day!
•Recently indicated that a bug flew into her ear while she slept, causing her to need a trip to both Urgent Care & the Emergency Room. Milked this for sympathy on Twitter because she'd never let REAL health crisis go to waste.
•Made yet another DO5 related video, this time addressing MommyOFive's latest blog. Will this become yet another DO5 video landslide for Joy's subscribers? Only (very little) time will tell.

The first seven threads:
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Joy Sparkle BS Official Facebook page:

No. 345928

Someone needs to count how many "I wasn't going to make this video today but…..", and "i was going to take the day of but…."

No. 345944

Or, "I know a lot of information, but I can't talk about it. Trust me, it will all make sense, you guys have no idea!" Or, "I thought I could make friends on YouTube. I had no idea it could ever get this bad."

No. 345952

Omg those pictures, hilarious, especially the bottom row. She looks like some weird version of Janis Joplin if instead of dying she rolled around in crud. How can a human make such distorted, unattractive faces just by talking.

No. 345956

Has anyone thought about us all uniting and tweeting youtube ourselves letting them know that we support the strike and think her posting a video questioning a veteran is disgusting. I personally think the holiday can work in our favor.

No. 345957

The holiday?

No. 345960

4th of July?

No. 345963

She's streaming w/benji

No. 345964

File: 1499154185999.gif (11.64 MB, 352x338, progressionredux.gif)

Quite the progression, no?


Please sage your non-milk posts. There's a user guide. Read it, otherwise you're asking to be banned.

Don't post shit like this without a link. And sage.

No. 345975

Please don't tell me that the YT collab I've been looking forward to is Jamie Leigh bullshit?!

I can't believe this is on thread 8/already and she's only just having actual problems with streaming, etc.

Has she admitted that it wasn't Onion who reported her military harassment but an Anon from here? If not I think it's time word got out.

A thought came to me about Kathy last night. Kathy is the original enemy she created to go against to look victimised! That Narc mass manipulation number one tool and technique! That's why she is returning to Kathy bashing while there is so much negativity about the Onion bashing. Look out for her returning to her original enemy, Kathy whenever she is short on other self created enemies.

No. 345979

believe me it's nothing to do with that dumb skank jamie

we're still working on it

we want it to be undeniably solid so we're taking our time ;)

No. 345982


Thank you Anon! I can go back to looking forward to it again. You're doing it the right way, I learned the hard way not to rush.

No. 345984

File: 1499163667352.png (94.89 KB, 751x619, 495245982749.png)

How does someone create a wall of text like this and not give themselves terminal cancer in the process?
(unfortunately this person survived to comment twice more like this, they're all on Joy's Onision and everything else stream)

Saged for non-rhetorical question.

No. 346004


Stupid mare! Yes, she doesn't have to donate anything, but when she announces that she plans to donate a certain amount to charity, which in turn could incline someone to part with money they wouldn't part with if it wasn't for the charity pledge, then they have every right to ask for proof! The second she uses charity as an excuse to boost her donations, then people are entitled to proof of said donation. Ffs! Why is this so difficult to understand?

If Joyous just stated it was for her own income, or better still said nothing at all, then people wouldn't be entitled to question her. You can't just claim you will donate money then choose not to do so without refunding all donations/pledges received. That is called fraud, she is obtaining money by deception you freak!

No. 346007


As far as I'm aware there's no proof so I completely agree. This is just one of many questions I now have. I feel awful for those who donated.

No. 346009


Exactly, yet back in the early days she would always show "receipts" of her donations, every time. It's becoming more and more obvious that was just part of her long con tactics. She earned trust and goodwill at the start,you have to speculate to accumulate after all, by proving those payments knowing it would act as a buffer for future accusations when she stopped donating.

These people lack all sense of logic and common sense. No wonder scamming is one of the biggest crimes in the world.

No. 346013


Yes from what I've seen the smaller donations were shown, the larger one is hidden/forgotten about.

And now there's a hashtag, I doubt YouTube will (rightfully, and hopefully not) take seriously. It's been a long time coming.

Joy is making her target of obsession look more right/correct/honest and victimised.

What those involved with Joy (fellow youtubers) fail to realise is that they have been orchestrated into following her obsession, and making unfounded allegations.

A stream by one of them yesterday was quite frankly shocking, reading out a personal message of someone who used to be close to Onision does not help their case.

No. 346017

File: 1499170811583.png (610.65 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-07-04-22-16-03…)

No. 346020

>You can't just claim you will donate money then choose not to do so without refunding all donations/pledges received. That is called fraud, she is obtaining money by deception you freak!

I know, it is called fraud. Just ask Jim Bakker. :-D

No. 346021


Thank goodness there are people outside of here that see her for exactly what she is! (Unless that is an Anon?)


I'm off to google Jim Bakker. Lol.

No. 346022

File: 1499171796077.jpg (38.09 KB, 628x207, irony.jpg)

I call this exhibit, "Irony"

No. 346023


That is the whole disaster explained in simple terms.

I took notice of how her illness developed and changed over time, no one seriously ill could partake in 6 plus hour streams, even an hour would be too much.

And as for these illnesses most can be explained.

-Brain fog: We all experience this at times, as our brains are like computers, there are times when our reactions or thoughts are delayed and so we "forget" temporarily. Most doctors, at least here, do not worry about temporary forgetfulness.

-Anxiety: Joy displays this in droves, and that's fine. Most people suffer from anxiety, our surroundings and other people can, and do, impact our confidence. This also explains her feeling ill. Anxiety leads to an adrenaline rush (due to the flight or fight response) which then depletes sugar levels, which in turn leaves the person feeling depressed and even ill. People who suffer from anxiety often have upset stomachs. (Eating high fat and sugar foods is a sign, our body tells us we need this due what I've explained above)

-Pain: We are all capable of exaggerating pain, or convincing ourselves we're in pain when we are not. We can experience real pain of course, usually there are clear explanations though. However if the pain is nearly constant and that severe as Joy insists, she would not be able to make as many videos or streams. She would be too tired, and need rest.

-IUD: These can cause issues, however we do have copper naturally in our blood, as well as other metals. Most IUD problems do appear to stop quickly once the device is removed. I do agree that these devices do cause problems, however that is mostly only when the device is still there.

-Fibromyalgia: I will do some extensive research into this, however there have been contradictions by Joy over both the pronunciation and symptoms of this illness.

That's just a few of the ones that stuck out clearly to me.

No. 346024

Here is a link about charity fraud, it contains a lot of further information about the laws, organisations who deal with it, etc, which I'm going to look into.


No. 346026

Ironically, to sit through this stream, you have to by definition not have a life.

No. 346027

Thank you anon for making the new thread when I couldn't, you did a good job. Thanks.

Exactly, normally she's not obligated to do anything but keep the money for herself BUT the second she says it's a charity stream and promises to donate the money somewhere it's fraud to keep that money for herself. If the anon who claimed that YT payments go out on the 3rd is correct Joy got paid yesterday so she should have the money to donate now. Providing receipts is necessary because donators deserve to see their money goes where they intended, they shouldn't have to just trust her that she did it. The internet is rampant with con artists, the best way to prove she isn't one is to show receipts for any and all promised donations…that way no one would be able to question her integrity. But does she do this? Not really. While she will occasionally post a receipt, there have been plenty she hasn't. For this latest donation promise she continues to remain cagey about it and has all sorts of ready excuses for why no receipt yet. And she wonders why so many people say she's a scam artist.

Is it me or does it seem like she has twisted Bearing's advice into something she is using to justify these actions to herself? Of course, I can't claim to know for sure what she is thinking, we all know how warped her logic can be.

No. 346029


Her illnesses and ailments have been extensively covered and documented. I'm "Illness Anon" I've been documenting and breaking down every symptom she has ever written about and I'm currently collating footage of more of her complaints.

The IUD claim has been scientifically debunked, I posted multiple sources showing this. I do agree that they can cause some health problems, however copper toxicity is not one of them, it's scientifically impossible. And copper does not rust, which is what Joyous claimed happened.

Her fibro claims have been shot full of holes too, such as her referring to it as autoimmune, it isn't but it is a widely believed misconception due to it's early connection with arthritis. This was debunked years ago and anyone who had truly been diagnosed is aware of this. So when someone refers to it as autoimmune, it's a red flag for malingering.

The threads from 1-7 to contain a huge amount of information and thread seven has the most up to date list and have been debunked or shot with holes as much as we possibly can without her medical notes.

I will check back through the previous thread and link you to relevant posts, you might have something new to bring to it all.

No. 346031

I've been a nurse for 10 years, been diagnosed with fibromyalgia for 6 years. Not one time have i ever heard anyone else pronounce it fybro-my-al-zeeyahh. She is pronouncing it like she's never actually heard it said by another person.

No. 346033


To my knowledge, adsense (Youtube money) is paid out on the 20th or 21st of each month, and Patreon is paid out sometime between the 4th and 10th of each month. Allowing for bank transfer times and all. The money from Youtube chat donations should come at the same time as the adsense, but I've heard it's only paid quarterly or something? This might be why she's delaying that one but I don't know for sure. Dunno about the younow either.
I know that now that I've informed anons, she can use this information as an excuse – in b4 her next video explaining the time frames I've just provided as to why she can't pay the "charity" yet – but I'd prefer we have the correct information here and are not wildly accusing, as it makes us look bad.

No. 346036

>>342113 - IUD copper toxicity debunked

>>341193 Her IUD claim part one and two. >>341191

>>339098 Fibro expert explaining why FMS is not autoimmune and gas never been described autoimmune in an official capacity.

>>344191 - The list of symptoms, if you read down all the posts from this point there is a lot covered between the Anons. From her nonexistent physical illnesses to her obvious personality disorders.

No. 346038


I think I do, here there is a different definition to what she suggests she has. And one of the main treatments? Excersie, lots and lots of excersie, and healthy eating. It is also suggested that as many as 1 in 20 have it with 75% going undiagnosed.

Here she wouldn't be able to claim she has the condition while constantly sitting down. The illness itself is still debated.

No. 346039


I agree, that's the one thing we do hold over her, when we are wrong it is called out, acknowledged as wrong and retracted. She can try to discredit us all she wants, people just need to read through the threads to see what I just said is true. There is a high standard on here and we all fact check each other.

No. 346044


I understand that things can be pronounced differently, but we normally correct ourselves, and don't constantly switch between the two.

Plus most people don't feel the need to keep giving symptoms, we often forget. The constant reminders appear to be litterally taken from websites online. This isn't how people talk either, except doctors or nurses.

No. 346053


I will take a look.

Here's what I've found over here:


- Affects 1 in 20
- 75% go undiagnosed
- It is seen as a physiological ilnness
- Symptoms can include depression and anxiety
- There are connections with type 1 diabetes
- It is often confused as an autoimmune ilness
- Things like counselling, CBT, and other therapies are recommended
- Sometimes low strength painkillers can help, but not always
- Antidepressants can help
- It can cause IBS, healthy eating helps
- Lack of energy
- Lack of sleep
- Many people here have back to work advisors, here it does not stop you from working

No. 346062


To add: The pain is different for each person, however it isn't something the person can sit through. Unless they're managing it with a mixture of medication, healthy lifestyle and counselling, CBT.

- It is not an autoimmune problem, for the reason others have explained.

- It is not known to affect a person's life span. Or make them seriously ill, it's just more a nuisance due to symptoms.

- Stress can cause it also.

- No where is it suggested people feel suicidal. Depressed a little yes, even stressed but not suicidal as Joy mentioned.

No. 346063

File: 1499176030001.gif (1.47 MB, 315x229, image.gif)

> Not one time have i ever heard anyone else pronounce it fybro-my-al-zeeyahh.

It might be an uneducated/Midwestern thing. I have FMS and heard it pronounced that way frequently, mainly by older, county folk from that area. Her choice to mimic that pronunciation definitely shows her hand, though.

>I'm off to google Jim Bakker. Lol.

Lordy, Lordy. You don't know who Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker are?(gif is SNL spoof) The poster-children for scamvangelists…. except they got caught.


No. 346068


I've also heard her pronounce it as Fibromyalja. So which is it I wonder?

No. 346077

Right, it's like she has studied her made up illnesses and she tries to think back to what she read, especially when she mentions the brain fog. She's using her mental flash cards, trying to convince us that she's sick with those reminders.

Shes about as convincing as the countless drug seeking patients that attempt to manipulate us into giving them narcotics. I'm by no means suggesting any drug use by her, but the same actions, with lying and manipulation, absolutely. There's no doubt that she's a big ol faker and her "symptoms" are secondary to a case of chronic bullshitmyalgia

No. 346081


O/T Lol! I had no idea, I'm a Brit, the TV evangelist scam isn't really a big thing over here. The only thing I know about that stuff is things I've seen on TV and films. Did he fake heal planted audience members by driving the devil from their bodies? That's about my knowledge limit.


Joyous said she tried CBD oil but she didn't like how high it made her. When it was quickly pointed out that you can't get high from CBD oil as it contains no THC, she tried to backtrack. Yes, that's how dumb this cow is.

No. 346085


The IUD was debunked and now Fibromyalgia is.

I can't help but wonder what's next? And will she ever address the "I don't want to die" (From nothing) video?

No. 346086


It stands for Cognitive Behavior Thereapy as that is one of the main treatments here.

No. 346087

File: 1499177801846.jpg (36.57 KB, 565x325, a2ixVs9.jpg)


Can someone get in there and explain that she has made however N$ videos about him in TIMESPAN$ and she is literally harassing him?

No. 346088


She trips herself up with her studies though. To me her claims of fatigue are proof that she is just parroting a symptom she read. People who don't have fatigue confuse it with tired or worn out but fatigue is a whole different beast, something she would know if she actually studied it.

You're lying in bed, I put a thousand pounds/dollars at the end of your bed and tell you if you can get it, you can keep it.

Tired/exhausted = summons the energy to sit up and reach for the money.

Chronically fatigued = can barely move, body feels so heavy like an elephant is sitting on our bodies. It doesn't matter how much we try, we can't move to get it.

That is what fatigue means in these medical terms.

It most certainly isn't livestreaming for a full working day. Filming videos to release in between live streams and in between those going off on social media rants. It's not physically possible if you have the medically used fatigue.

No. 346091


I've said it before, that can be classed as harassment and stalking.

If anyone attempted that here, I'm pretty sure they would have a loud series of knocks at their door.

She has questioned his sanity, points, personal life and now veteran status. And she still thinks she's in her right to do so? Oh dear.

No. 346098


Her tumour/abscess has had holes shot into it too. We can't truly debunk it without her medical documents but we can and have shit on her ridiculous claims about it.

No. 346099

File: 1499178669445.png (240.64 KB, 1242x1588, IMG_1696.PNG)

Are they really so stupid to think that he would copyright stuff under his YouTube name. I foresee her trying to use this a reason why the copyright claims are false.

No. 346111


Fair point, it is looking unlikely though at this stage.

As for her showing her medication during a livestream that meant nothing. There were no labels to see and most people can claim to be "ill" and get medication for it.

No. 346115


Surely that would go against her "He's doxxing, stalking me"? If it's all fake or accidental that would show her up even more.

The little time it took for her last video to be claimed does back the idea and suggestions it's through an automated system.

The amount of videos she's making each month could be tripping an automated system to automatically send out claims.

Only YouTube Knows for certain though, and I hope they stand by the strike, it's valid after all.

No. 346118

An Anon made a great point on the last thread that copyright isn't the main problem and it is the fair use that is in breach, not necessarily because she uses a lot of his clips but because she uses them with the intent of damaging his channel and income. And that's against YT TOS.

No. 346119

So I tried to watch the livestream from last night she did on Benji's channel with Nathan Graves. I only made it about 15 minutes in. But in that 15 minutes, people were sending money and she was getting all giddy. So that makes me think Benji is giving her all the money from that stream. Also someone asked Joy if she could stream on her second channel which she can. I completely forgot she had a second channel. S I would look forward to her starting to stream on that when YouTube doesn't reverse the strike.

Also on a OT side note. That Nathan Graves or whatever his name is pathetic. He's very overweight and was telling a story of how he can't twerk (Joy apparently sent him $10 to twerk on the livestream) because he'll throw his back out. Apparently the last time he played some horror game he got so scared he jumped and herniated a disc in his back. LOL

No. 346122

I wasn't sure when YT pays out so I was going by what another anon said and stated that but thanks for trying to clear things up. I don't like misinformation either so that's why I phrased it the way I did but I'm also aware that the things we post can be easily misconstrued and taken out of context. It sounds like you aren't sure when YT superchat payments happen either so I'm going to try to find out for certain just so we have the correct info.

No. 346132

From what I found superchat is paid out at the same time as adsense, she had the final amount for June posted to her account on the 3rd but won't get the payment until July 21st. https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/7164703?visit_id=1-636347779824651541-4050450260&rd=1

However, while she was talking to Jeff prior to the debate she told Jeff to tell Onision she would donate $200 of her own money to the charity on the spot in order to get him to believe she wasn't going to keep the money for herself….this never happened though bc Jeff gave up trying to moderate and Joy just ended up going to Lainey's Younow.

Joy also claimed she was going to make the donation live on her stream a few days ago but then backed out after saying she "forgot" Jeff's charity of choice….like she couldn't just tweet at him to ask. Either she already had enough money to cover it at the time or she never intended to donate the money in the first place and has been lying about it the entire time…we'll just have to see if she ever goes thru with the donation.

No. 346133


That would not surprise me. Money has gone to other's during her streams, if for example someone said for her to halve it between her and someone else on there.

No. 346134


This is why so many question it. She could have said "It will have to wait until this" and "I'm donating to this charity" But to barely bring it up unless asked, and not clarify? That's questionable.

No. 346142

> I'm a Brit, the TV evangelist scam isn't really a big thing over here. The only thing I know about that stuff is things I've seen on TV and films. Did he fake heal planted audience members by driving the devil from their bodies?

I was using it as an example of someone using "charity funds" for personal use, and it having legal ramifications. Televangelists are notorious in general, but Jim Bakker is a convicted felon for his "charitable spirit", and is back to running a new scam.

>This is why so many question it. She could have said "It will have to wait until this" and "I'm donating to this charity" But to barely bring it up unless asked, and not clarify? That's questionable.

Unfortunately practically anyone can set up fundraiser/money accounts now, laws are still catching up, so we have to rely on the fundraising company rules, which isn't much. The obvious lies in Roses story, her fund has stalled but still up. We can only guess how much money Joy has "donated" and all she gets is no livestreaming. I would think you'd want to cover your ass as much as possible to prevent any bigger problems.

In terms of the law now, I'm sure dollar amounts etc factor in. Probably jurisdiction. A fellow annon commented earlier, Joys con's are getting bigger and she's showing less proof. If she isn't shut down before then, conceivably hypothetically, allegedly, someone may be able to Jim Bakker her. And not in the dirty way.

>I've also heard her pronounce it as Fibromyalja. So which is it I wonder?

I've actually never had anyone in the community police me on the pronunciation so I'm not sure it matters in the long run. I only say that because there's so many other things we can nail her on, especially with her fibro lies. I'd hate to see her slip past like Onision has, because everyones focused on something that's inconsequential or been disproved.

No. 346147


Everyone except her thick as pig's shit cultists.

Their rep is beginning to proceed them with a wider audience too. I saw a comment earlier from a woman saying she was checking her out because she has kids and she has heard the cult of joyous attack anyone who says anything bad about her. So we have mother's checking through her comment section to see if rumours they are hearing are true and then warning their kids to steer clear. That's some good internet parenting but it just shows how bad the cults reputation is getting. Yet they think people questioning her are the aggressors! Well it's your cult that has to be suitability checked by worried parents and it's the cult they name checked, nobody else.

No. 346148


It may already be too late, apart from a minority, no one else is speaking up about these issues.

She seems to have a lot of support on YouTube and Twitter, with none of them pointing out the issues and lies. All the other youtubers are all going along with it for the subs, views and money.

No. 346150


I hope that grows. Children are having access to mature content through her channel, and that is a concern.

No. 346164

File: 1499190354165.jpg (506.7 KB, 2572x1295, IMG_1701.JPG)

This joytard is a special kind of retarded.

No. 346167

File: 1499191002882.png (306.47 KB, 1242x1676, IMG_1702.PNG)


Apparently lolcow doxxed Joy and Onision.
Lol this stupid twat doesn't understand what doxxing is and that all Joy's and Onision info was already public information.

No. 346191


Here is a very interesting, informative article about what doxxing really is. She makes a brilliant point about how abusers like to claim they have been doxxed for sympathy…


Please read it incredibly stupid Joytard, learn the true meaning before you cause further embarrassment to yourself and stop supporting a manipulator.

No. 346192

File: 1499193752093.png (284.63 KB, 1242x1715, IMG_1703.PNG)

Is not just the one joytard it all of them that don't understand what it is. Here's a screenshot with tweets from piece of shit Dan who also doesn't understand what it is.

I am now fully convinced the only people joy attracts to her fan base is the mentally retarded and uneducated children.

No. 346198

What exactly is Kati and her friends referring to when they say onision doxxed her ? Where did it happen and what what said? I've been here from the beginning so I know what has been revealed here but as far as he goes, it's the same vague regurgitation without any details from her and her cronies.

No. 346199


They are, there is no point in arguing with them. You can't argue with stupid, they'll drag you down to their level & beat you with experience.

They are a lost cause, it's the newbies who still have hope. I post and run for that reason, that way newer people who maybe haven't heard all about her can see there are doubts and hopefully go digging and I don't end up with a nosebleed from the stress of dealing with the full blown Joytards.

No. 346204


Dan the strawman

No. 346207

Exactly. I gave up on them about an hour ago. You're right they're just trying to get a rise out of anyone that goes against their precious leader.

Saged for OT

No. 346210

That was in reference to a video Greg put out that was "every text from joy sparkle (dms)", but if you watched that video, the short time it was up, it was difficult to read anything shown because of the camera angle. He removed the video then joy made her "he doxxed me" video and was unable to show proof that he did or didnt.

No. 346226

File: 1499199155031.png (930.77 KB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20170704-155808.png)


if she is that bent out of shape then why didn't she screen capture it ?
There's comments on one of her videos that says it was her that posted it in her video first, and then posted to the last thread. So if that is what she means by doxxed, then she doesn't actually care because it's still up on her video.

You can see by the view count that it was just taken, if this it what she is referring to

No. 346228

Which is hilarious because whenever anyone challenges her it's always WHERES THE PROOF?! And when proof is shown it's always 'that is taken out of context.'

No. 346229

I'm not sure if this is interesting to anyone, but I did an experiment.

Joy in her last stream was asking viewers to type what they thought "BS" meant. Even though she claims she can't really see most comments in the love chat, and needs other people in the stream to keep an eye on it for her.

I took the opportunity to post a suggestion neither she, nor anyone else had suggested.

The results? She posted it on Twitter, along with other viewers suggestions.

She either does read most of the comments, or at least keeps up to date with them through other people.

So, my point? She could easily address the genuine question asked to her in a separate video. Some viewers have asked extremely useful, and important questions, which sadly go unanswered.

No. 346232

Why would she address the genuine questions. It would disprove most of her lies if she did and expose her as the pathological liar and fraud that she is.

Or even address the people that have offered to pay for her health insurance in the livestreams.

No. 346233


She is deliberately avoiding the truth. And offering very little proof (Sorry "PROOOOF" as she calls it.

No. 346234

When she's looking she reads them, but she spends a lot of the time in streams, looking up and away from the monitor. Especially when she is trying to push he narrative.

No. 346240

She is such a liar about everything. She was streaming on YouTube before she got busy on YouNow and she would always say that she could not see the other chat. That's where I called her out about healing her inoperable neck tumor and her face dropped when she saw it. Then all the sudden she says something like 'oh ya know I'm gonna look and see if I can see the other chat…oh I didn't know but looks like I can so let me just take a look here…" Then got all pissed off and called me out first, before any of the other comments. She gave me literally a second to reply and I was still typing (ya know since it's quicker for her to verbalize than it is for me to type) before saying that I didn't have the balls to say it to her and I disappeared because that's what everyone does is say something and run away. So I was like umm no, I am here. So she always lied and said don't forget guys, I can't read your comment over there when I am streaming.

She ended up giving a vague answer about her being able to heal it and said it doesn't matter. I replied that it does matter because it definitely affects her credibility and again asked how she healed it. Then she said she didn't have to answer that because it was before she became joy sparkle bs and wouldn't respond any further.

So while i understand that the chat is busy, she definitely cherry picks what she responds to and just pretends like she doesn't see anything else. And like we don't know she has a million tabs open on every device in the house so she can be big brother of the internetz in addition to her rabid guard dogs patrolling.

No. 346241

It also doesn't help that she has made her most loyal hemorrhoids (joytards) moderators on her channel. They delete anything questioning or negative about Joy. It's honestly shocking how fast they delete that shit. They're also doing it to some of the comments on her videos as well.

No. 346242


You have summed it up perfectly. I've seen the look on her face when she's called out.

The chat is becoming pretty unbearable as only positive comments remain, any asking questions are quickly deleted.

No. 346243


I have noticed that, and it makes it impossible to ask any questions.

The mods themselves are not always polite or as professional as some might expect either, which can make asking questions difficult as the response is a delete with a comment that "They're trolling".

No. 346246

File: 1499201675135.jpg (42.07 KB, 480x742, IMG_20170704_215101.jpg)

Her Patreon numbers have increased again.

I wonder how many are fans and how many are Anons signing up especially to report her to Patreon for wasting our money by not delivering on her rewards…

No. 346247


Yes. Exactly. Her face falls when someone asks a question she doesn't like and won't respond to. Once I deliberately asked her about the origin of "Kyathy", more specifically why she chose that name. She answered every question above and below mine. It was on YouNow and the chat at the time was very small/slow. She gets this particular look on her face when someone says something that rubs her the wrong way.

No. 346252

It's hilarious that she even lies right down to that look on her face and says that's her having one of her "brain fogs."

No. 346254


It is obvious. I agree.

There's normally videos up by now, I guess Onision will be temporarily relieved.

No. 346255


I've noticed that, the "brainfog" reappears when a not so positive comment or question is made.

Then the mods arrive.

No. 346261

Because it flusters the shit out of her and she loses her train of thought. She would be a piss poor poker player with all her tells.

Saged for speculation
I wonder if the mods she has are in on her fraud and lies that she has going. Part of me wants to believe no one is that blind to what's going on to keep following it.

No. 346262

I already reported her patreon and didn't have to do shit ;)

No. 346265

Sadly it holds more weight if you are actually one of her supporters.

No. 346273

File: 1499203967524.png (371.86 KB, 712x989, joyhempoil.png)

When Joy has pity party YouNow streams where she complains of pain (which sometimes makes her "suicidal") and that pain medications such as Lyrica don't work for her, I often see people in the chat suggesting she obtain CBD Oil. This has also been suggested to her by others during YouTube streams.

She often says she has tried it and actually has it. I remembered her showing this on YouNow so I went back and found it was captured in a moment.

This bottle is what she is referring to when she says "I have CBD Oil."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the type of CBD Oil intended for agonizing pain generally NOT available as a legal supplement? The manufacturer of this Hemp Oil supplement is Green Garden Gold.

I'm getting tired of her brushing it off as yet another thing that doesn't work for her when in reality she's never had quality CBD oil.

Anons who have experience and knowledge about this: please chime in. We've never really addressed this on the threads. From what I've read, Hemp Oil does have CBD in it but chronic pain patients and those with Fibromyalgia need cannabinoids from CBD OIL.


No. 346274


It's been reported a lot but nothing has ever been done. The theory is it is because the people reporting it haven't lost anything because they haven't paid for a service. So the plan is for a couple if Anons who are willing to part with a couple dollars, become a patron of hers, just so we can report her and as paying patrons it should be taken more seriously.

The added bonus is she doesn't know who her new patrons are, imagine the paranoia of not knowing if they are fans, or us waiting to sting her patron.

No. 346277


I have MS and true CBD oil is what is needed not bloody useless hemp.

So she's saying it doesn't work for her now (I thought it miraculously made her high lol) yet I'm pretty sure I have a screenshot of her calling meditation and CBD oil a god send for her…

No. 346280

Fun fact: Lyrica is also an anti-anxiety medication.

Also no, the good strength stuff is not available "over the counter".
Even I have hemp oil and it only contains 10mg of CBD per capsule. It's nothing more than an overpriced relaxant (30 dollars for 30 caps on average by the way on the cheaper end).

Hemp oil does not make you high as it does not contain THC.
And it is not strong enough to treat chronic illnesses. You would need to be prescribed pure CBD oil, not a compound of CBD and hemp oil.

No. 346281

File: 1499204817666.jpg (48.77 KB, 960x720, BS CBD works wonders.jpg)

It pisses me off that she is deemed a fellow warrior! No she fucking isn't!

Anyway, here it is, it is the only thing that works according to Joyous, despite her previous claim that it made her feel high so she doesn't like it.

No. 346283

Samefag again, but you also need to take hemp oil capsules for a lengthy period of time to notice any reduced anxiety side effects.

No. 346290

File: 1499205249420.png (327.98 KB, 720x738, 20170704_165221.png)

What's the point of posting this in the comments?

No. 346293


Great, so the comments section has also become an echo chamber. Lame.

No. 346295

Has Joy shared the outcome or at the very least any confirmation of the meetings she said she was having on the 3rd (yet she stayed up until 8am the same day?). I can't find anything on Twitter, but I know she's been on other people's Livesteams so I could have missed it. For the past week she has been adamant she was meeting several different lawyers in person on July 3rd (which I thought was a really weird date to begin with…a huge amount of people..especially small offices…take off or close the week of the 4th of their one vacation week…I was surprised she would find two or three lawyers offices in her small midwestern area that would even be open to do consultations). She made such a big production about it, and how this was going to stop all the Onision stuff and get him in trouble for false flagging and copyright violation, but I haven't heard a peep about any meetings since she mentioned it last on July 1st. Am I missing something?

No. 346303

the only thing you "missed" is that she lied through her teeth again. Nothing will come of anything from Joy

No. 346308


A very deliberate message to put off anyone expressing their opinions, except "Joysus" "Love Joy" "Joy rules" etc. Basically no mentioning of anywhere else that people can see the truth from.

No. 346315

No she hasn't posted the outcome of that. I assume it's because she's been dealing with the community strike against her youtube channel and her inability to livestream because of it. Also it's hard to pay for an attorney when one of your biggest revenue streams has been cut off.

No. 346325

She's streaming on Benji's channel.


No. 346330


Everyone that spends time with Joy gets more and more obnoxious. OT, Benji is sooooo brown!

No. 346331

I pointed out she probably doesnt have CBD oil at all and even referenced this same YouNow clip of her showing hemp oil in thread #6

…you didn't hear when she claimed she could get a lawyer to do it pro bono?

No. 346333

> All the other youtubers are all going along with it for the subs, views and money.

Not true. A lot of Youtubers steer clear of her altogether because of her obvious toxicity/they don't want to get sucked in to the drama. Issue being that the cult is so aggressive, so it's likely that other Youtubers, even ones with bigger but less fanatical fanbases don't want the wave of hate that will come from Joysus's cult if they speak up publicly. She has a very bad name in the community and plenty of large channels lurk here. The few that defend her are small beans much outweighed by the ones that quietly don't like her.

The anon talking about a collab doesn't surprise me. Unfortunately, as with anything, we are surrounded by idiots. The little channels trying to call her out and be first to expose her are the ones wrecking her exposure, there are so many incompetent channels trying it that the viewers are getting sick of her being exposed in uncredible ways and may tire to the idea, Boy Who Cried Wolf style. People like Jamie Leigh work in Joy's favor, so if you're reading this, either do it properly or don't do it at all. Imbeciles.

No. 346337

She's in Benji's stream and we'll things are going down hill.

The topic of discussion is extremely mature. And Cameron has joined, not before trying to get Joy herself to "dance" multiple times. Is it a innocent question, or is he seeing through her?

No. 346342

File: 1499212022857.jpg (582.49 KB, 843x1827, ueYwGUj.jpg)

Onision posted a video about someone trying to catfish him and lainey again.

JustMe sounds familiar but I can't place it. I thought it was an anti-onision person who predated joy but I could be (and probably am) totally wrong about that. I'm posting this so someone will correct me. :)

Relevant because Joy is mentioned and Onion thinks Joy is involved.

I'd link the video but it's not allowed in the Onision thread so…

No. 346352

Maybe they have a complicated code of sign language? lol
Jk if they did, she would tout herself as bilingual for sure.

No. 346370

For those interested Joy has just gone on a rant about "hater" on Benji's stream.

She tried to sell a secret for 20 Dollars, then she tried to sell "keywords" for more.

When multiple people called her out, Benji said he would pay them back, Joy spun this to say they should contact her on Twitter for the 20 Dollars, if after talking to her through DM's they still wanted their money back!

The person was too kind and said to keep it, Benji told a secret instead.

It's happening people saw the deception.

No. 346372


Now she's pouting. lol

No. 346374


I sense a "I'm feeling sick gois, gotta go" coming soon because she's bored and doesn't give a shit about their pokeman or spiderman stuff. She's already DMing to others on her computer and totally checked out.

Poor, poor cunt… tried to pull a bait and switch and got called out on it… was totally cringe to watch Benji trying to recover his stream because of how many people were bailing out on it.

No. 346375

jesus christ the sexual stream with her and benji…

No. 346378


I feel bad for Benji. I feel like he's always there to cover Joys tracks when needed (it's also sad because I think they've only known eachother for a couple weeks?)

I just feel as if he is easily manipulated. He doesn't seem like a bad guy. He actually seems nice.

No. 346380

And everyone is concerned about her. I was going to comment and say that that since people called her out about being a scammer because she didn't tell the secret. she said someone called her an asshole or piece of shit? I didn't see it I chat, so everyone was feeling sorry for her and asking her if she's ok. Thats what she wants, to be the perpetual victim. That chat is cancer.

No. 346383

I feel bad for Benji. This is basically Joys stream no one even cares about Benji. Someone just commented "only here for joy". This is hard to watch.

(Sorry for repost. Forgot to sage)

No. 346386

hoping someone will end up summing up the interesting points because I just fucking can't sit through that

No. 346391


She's gone on a "break" now.

I'm sorry but what she did was extremely unprofessional and rude. Viewers were just polity pointing out that she was lying and manipulating the viewers into handing over a lot of money for nothing.

She then lied and said someone had sworn at her in the chat, only once it was pointed out that no one has sworn she clarified.

Benji has been forced to defend Joy and even ask "trolls" to only go after him.

This is beyond silly. She's overreacting.

No. 346403

This is why nobody respectable will touch this woman with a 50 foot barge pole. See how degenerate her "friends" are? Respect to mikenactor and benji for being white knight fuckboys, but it's actually pathetic how much they have to run to defend her. Normally where there's smoke there's fire, Have they yet realised that they don't have to __constantly__ bat off accusations and hate from their other friends? No? Maybe there's some reason or merit to all the hate Joy gets that nobody else gets? No?

No. 346416


I agree, there are plenty of youtubers who don't have this level of (rightfully so) criticism.

Its turned into either a "Where's Joy?" or "Is Joy Okay?" stream.

She did this to herself, everyone was polite, even when pointing out what she was trying to do.

If they stick around, it's up to them. But the stream at the beginning was gross, lacked class, and completely immature and inappropriate to say the least.

No. 346421


She does all that shit to get attention back on her.

When they stopped talking about her vagina and moved on, she had to have that little fit about how the chat reacted. Which, by the way, she completely misrepresented. They were valid criticisms at her trying to get donations to say something then moving the goalposts once that goal was reached. And ULTIMATELY, never delivering.

She goes quiet but she's still on camera.

Then she turns off/on her camera over and over so people in the chat react.

This is a 30 something year old woman attention whoring like a teenage girl.

No. 346427


I've noticed the turning camera on and off again.

She shouldn't have offered to "share a secret for money" that is extremely childish, plenty in the chat told her not to. Especially as it was a gross, mature subject.

No. 346430


she's probably on a split agreement with benji and that's why she hasn't just flounced with a "i'm sick gois" excuse. She's keeping her connection w/muted avatar so she can claim a percentage of the entire stream. She's basically fucking benji over.

No. 346440


She's left without saying a word.

I swear there was a mention that it was "Joy's" stream, but I could have heard wrong.

No. 346443


Anyone else notice that since fuck knuckle (Joysus) went mute, the conversation has stopped soundling like a bunch of drunk drug addicts hanging out in a bar in the rough side of town? Once her crusty crew (cy and erin) cut out, all the disgusting 13yo edgetard talk has stopped entirely.

No. 346445


Inb4 her "why I left benji's stream" video where she makes it all about her illnesseses for the millionth time and whines about people not believing her, even when she has to stop streaming live on air because of a wild bowel movement or something.

No. 346451


Yes, it turned into a very fun stream. How it should have been from the beginning.

No. 346452


There will likely be damage control, there was in the stream. Anyone mentioning "unacceptable" things were deleted and most blocked.

Free speech, my bottom. Hardly anyone was rude, this is to stop differing opinions, and people hearing different sides.

No. 346453

Anyone have a timestamp for when she starts acting fucking crazy and wanting money for shit/talking about people in the chat?

No. 346458


I doubt the video will be up for. Much longer. Benji hinted that it would be removed pretty soon once the stream was finished.

No. 346459

File: 1499222710833.jpg (227.4 KB, 567x1026, 9VFbWLb.jpg)

Actually it showed what a greedy, money grubber you are. XD

No. 346460

File: 1499222795715.jpg (239.87 KB, 587x1018, DdyBoXv.jpg)

No. 346461

It is at 02:06:27 when Joy rants about the "haters". If anyone is interested.

No. 346463

Yeah, that's not available in the video up. There is no 2:06:27. It only goes to 1:59:58 even though when you view it on the sidebar it says it has 3:54:16. Am I missing something here?

No. 346464

Isn't that a crime?

No. 346465


The first part is missing for me, but on mobile I can still see Joy talking about it. Interesting.

No. 346466

Its most likely still processing

No. 346469


No. 346471

Delet ur posts.

We don't want that to happen before we can download it. ;)

No. 346478

To the person who asked what happened to Joys lawyer appointment. On Benji's stream at around the 2.02.50 mark she states that she would have been in the phone with lawyers today but it's a holiday. But of course she's not going to talk about it yet…

No. 346479


Thought she had appointmentS with LawyerS yesterday (on Monday). Hmmm… maybe those were just in her head?

No. 346482

At the 1 hour 39 minute mark is where Joy says THIS IS MY STREAM! MY STREAM MOTHER FU*KER!

No. 346484

She's such a vile piece of shit.

No. 346485

She is. she legit threw a fit tonight on Benji's stream. I felt bad for him because even though it annoys that he white knights for Joy I really do believe he is a good person. That wasn't her trying to explain herself or setting the haters straight. That was her a grown adult throwing a fit because for once she couldn't control the narrative in that moment and people called her out. I feel like if she continues this way she will be her own destruction. Which I'm totally okay with :)

No. 346487

I especially loved the part where she kept turning her camera on and off till someone asked "what happened to Joy" "is Joy okay"

No. 346488

I love this stream. Takes Joysus 15 seconds to curse, 30 seconds to mention muh illnuz, and 1 minute to to call the chat "cunts"
I don't imagine I'm going to make it much further though, I'm already 3 minutes in and regretting being birthed.

Jenny McDermott asked for a collab, that could be the funniest thing to come out of this entire stream.

No. 346489


She can't stream on her main channel for 3 months if she doesn't get the strike recinded… I bet she demands that Benji let her unleash her flying monkey crusty cunts to protect her on any live streams in the future.

No. 346490

I kinda feel that the lawyer was he next spin in this game she's playing, but then she got the community strike. The strike was something she could garner sympathy for, moreso than her talking to a lawyer.

No. 346494

1:32:55 is when the whole whoring my vag secret starts

No. 346497

I wasn't there for the beginning, watching it now. But up until the time when Benji said it's time to move on, she was dominating that stream. For 2 hours, she just talked over people, wouldn't let people get a word in edgewise. She wasn't even talking she was SCREAMING the whole time.

No. 346499

>>>Thought she had appointmentS with LawyerS yesterday (on Monday). Hmmm… maybe those were just in her head?

Yup. She was very specific about it too. Said MULTIPLE times on both streams and videos she had made appointments with I forget if it was 2 or 3 lawyers for July 3rd and would be going to meet with them and start to take the action. I remember thinking she'll either have a health or car crisis on the morning of the 3rd and say she needed to reschedule. But now she is saying she would have been on the phone today (the 4th) but it's a holiday? Wow. This is one of her more blatant lies since she was so specific about the date and how the inperson appointments were scheduled. Now she's all but saying thats BS and she hasn't even made a call to set up a consultation yet. But her fans still bow to her honest feet.

No. 346500

"If you send a DMCA takedown notice that is both false and meant in bad faith (such as to harass, or doesn’t state a real claim), you have committed perjury. Though unlikely, if the party you sent the takedown notice to decided to pursue this in court, you could face all of the consequences that your state imposes on people who lie in court."


He made a copyright infringement claim on the temporary tattoos? Wtf is right. Be funny if he did it in joys name for her lul

No. 346501

He did do it in Joy's name and I know it's reaching but his tweet where he says he filled a false claim against Onision Joy is the only one that liked that tweet.
So I take that a her being completely okay with it.

No. 346502


WTF?! Ok, so this person submitted a false copyright claim…but it doesn't make any sense. The image they tweeted Joy is a copy YouTube sends to your email after you submit a copyright notice, like a receipt. The top sentence that is cut off says "Here is the information you filled in"…..

So he submitted a fake copyright notice against Onision's video….using Onision's NAME, email, address as the secondary contact, etc….making it look like Onision was submitting a notice against himself? WTF does that accomplish?

No. 346503

>>>He did do it in Joy's name and I know it's reaching but his tweet where he says he filled a false claim against Onision Joy is the only one that liked that tweet.
So I take that a her being completely okay with it.

I don't think Joy even understand what she was "liking" because he didn't submit it in her name. He submitted it under the name "Gregory Daniel Jackson" (where it says "Your Name"). This person either has no idea what he is doing or is trying to be funny by submitting a claim against Onision from Onision.

No. 346505

Sorry it's been a long day, I get what you are saying now. I thought you meant he did it in the name of Joy to defend her honor. LOL

Saged for OT

No. 346506

So basically she has lowered everyone down to her level and diminished the quality of their channels all in her name. So fucking selfish that she wants everyone to stop for her. Copper has not been on her stream for a week now and Cameron was incredibly quiet the intellectual quality increased once she left. They should honestly abandon her and just make good content because Benji is actually not too bad.

No. 346508

File: 1499233704847.png (4.6 MB, 2208x1242, IMG_1718.PNG)

Zoom in a little bit and look at the look on Joy's face. This screenshot was taken about 2:45-3:00 hours into the stream. This is the face she makes when she's not the center of attention.

No. 346509

never hated anyone more than this piece of shit

No. 346512

I feel the same way. I don't even know her personally and I wish nothing but the worst things life has to offer on her.

No. 346522


Was this from today? I thought she couldn't wear her headphones on both ears because she had such a terrible illness which a few days ago definitely wasn't an ear infection but is now definitely a viral ear infection? The one which required trips to both urgent care and the emergency room. cant pay 300 bucks a month for health insurance, ignores the people who are offering to pay it for her so she can get her illnesses sorted out, but has no problem going to urgent care clinics and the ER for an ear infection. a fucking EAR INFECTION.

No. 346524

Yes it's from the livestream she did on benjis channel today.

No. 346525

File: 1499237494745.png (59.75 KB, 610x499, MT6O8NU.png)

Joysus' tweet that she was about to reveal dark secret on livestream… only, when her charging people for hints in the form of "key words" because it pissed everyone off she suddenly was too embarrassed to say what it was.

No. 346526

File: 1499237499636.jpg (156.38 KB, 1036x985, queen.jpg)

I call this one 'Beauty and the Yeast.'

No. 346531

I'm sort of glad others noticed the passive aggressive names she used for people in the chat, highly unprofessional and plain rude.

Joy needs to remember that just like Onision, she too is a public figure. So what she said about people's right to criticise Onision stands with her too.

She needs to stop trying to both lower the credibility of other youtubers she streams with, and attempting to rule each stream.

Just because you're there, or even host the stream doesn't make you Lord superior over others. Especially the viewers.

No. 346532

I missed the stream so was unable to see the chat. Still I have no doubt that the Mods quickly deleted anything calling her any sort of negative names. As usual she took valid criticisms and spun them into harsh critcisms like calling her a bad person.

She can't handle any sort of criticism at all. At all.

I doubt your vagina was worth all that stupidity, you boring slag.

No. 346533

In future if you anons catch any streams - please record and include the chats so we can see all the comments and see the criticism deleted real-time? That would be really helpful for … reasons.

No. 346534

I love it any time she fucks up on a stream. Especially when Cameron is there because he's way too clever for her bullshit. He's already disagreed with her publicly which most of her "friends" are afraid to do.

No. 346537


I like to think he sees through it, first he tried to get her to twerk, then critiqued her and sided with the chat when she tried to hold off on "her secret" for more money.

The "gang" only cared about the viewers when they started to leave, suggesting to change topics and that it had gone a bit too far. Once however the number of viewers climbed again, they switched and took "Joysus" side, saying how they don't support, or give a platform to "mean" comments, basically those who politely told the truth or asked questions that could expose Joy.

No. 346543


It wasn't her stream though, it was Benji's and it was on his channel. That is pretty rude thing for her to say to be honest.

No. 346547


Those two things aren't necessarily mutually exclusive. I mean, it doesn't necessarily indicate a "switch in sides" You can believe 1. that it went too far and 2. not giving a platform to "mean comments" without it being contradictory since they are two separate issues.

They may not have been paying close attention to the chat AT THAT TIME (because they were discussing something else by then) to know that Joy was, as she usually does, exaggerating (like when she says "Oh, I'm the worst person in the world, apparently"and such as she commonly does.) and just believed Joy's telling of events.

But maybe it's my bias because, to me, it looked like he WAS annoyed but played it off like he wasn't.

No. 346549


That still brings into question why they believed Joy when she claimed the chat was calling her "the worst person ever" and "swearing" when that wasn't the case, it was later in the stream when someone mentioned joy and cancer. Especially as they too could see they chat.

No. 346551


While it could be my bias too, I agree. He seemed annoyed and was just playing it off like he wasn't for the sake of Joy. Benji seems like a nice guy who wants to get along with everyone generally. But he was definitely annoyed.

There's a particular part of the stream where Joy texts Cy the "vagina secret" after Benji had been trying to move the conversation along forever. Benji is clearly irritated, you can just tell by how he's sighing and his body language. He even chews his lip in annoyance at says "aw come on." Happens at about 1:52:00.

No. 346552

File: 1499242851794.png (103.26 KB, 750x748, IMG_1929.PNG)

Always a victim. No where in that tweet does that girl call her a piece of shit.

Kati Marie Smith, yes, you are a piece of shit human.

No. 346554


Jesus CHRIST. She literally does exaggerate everything EVER.

Guess what, Kati? People CAN disagree with you without you being a "piece of shit." In fact most people who disagree with you don't think you are.

Reality. Learn it.

No. 346556

File: 1499243669853.jpg (371.95 KB, 614x4241, tx5UHNH.jpg)

Comments on the stream.

My favorite comment is Gines' comment. :D

No. 346557

She's on Younow taking about 'today' lol

No. 346560

play by play please?

No. 346561


Yep. She's summing it up as "I said I'd tell a personal secret for $20. Someone donated $20. I got embarrassed…now I'm a bad person."

Leaving out that people donated MUCH MORE than that and she manipulated & drug it on for an hour or more.

No. 346562

>>346452 These people frustrate me too. How can they be so savvy about Onion, yet so completely blind to Joy's worse behaviour?! It's crazy to me. And do they honestly believe that she does nothing to result in being called out. I've said it before, I've never bothered about any YTer in my life until all of this. I also initially had a problem with based and chambers for legitimate reasons and the second they stopped doing what concerned me, I stopped questioning them. And I would do the same with Joyous if she would only put a stop to her most damaging behaviours, drop the charity shield and admit money is just for herself. Stop dishing out debunked and incorrect medical info on YT and stop acting like fucking King Jong Un of North Korea where you so closely fucking control the narrative that now even YT comments are moderated. That is legitimate dictator, despot levels of crowd manipulation and PROPAGANDA. She knew people were successfully getting through to her less ardant fans, do she's now 100% in control of what her followers can see about her. Her YT channel is a little slice of Nazi occupied Germany folks.

I legit can't remember how my rant began… Brain fog! Lol.

Oh ffs! Who would pay money to hear anything about her mashed potato crotch of deadly fungus?! And looking at the screenshots she's still spinning people who are apologising for daring to call her out when she deserved it.

No. 346563


Exactly over 20 Dollars was donated long before that.

She did not get embarrassed, unless she means due to the fact that she was called out.

And I thought she didn't like Younow? Sure she can't make livestreams on YouTube at the moment, but she's used Younow before the strike, after having said this.

No. 346565

She compared her changing her mind about telling her secret to someone changing their mind right before having sex. Someone must have really struck a nerve with her because this whole stream is a pity party for herself on how she can't change her mind according to everyone else and she feels like it's a double standard blah blah. Waiting for her to bring on the tears! I'm surprised that hasn't happened yet.

No. 346566


Now she's comparing the whole experience to when you go to sleep with someone for the first time but you change your mind.

Prefacing it with "I hate pulling this card but.."

No. 346567


Well said.

She shouldn't be shaming the viewers, personally if I was them I wouldn't apologise, they litterally did nothing wrong, other than speaking the truth of course.

She's now worse than Onision, at least he's pretty upfront that he wants/needs the money. Joy on the other hand makes excuse after excuse about why she needs the money. Just be honest Joy, you want a YouTube career on par with Keemstar etc.

The difference? They don't try to scam people, and they put in more work to their content.

No. 346569

i feel like I'm a bad person but I honestly would not care if she just croaked. I've never hated someone on the internet so bad

No. 346570


Those excuses are petty.

The only nerve that's been hit is by herself, she's realised she's messed up big time.

No. 346571

Basically she is going over the charity situation again and storming up massive pity. According to Joy "she keeps things quiet." Your internet history judges otherwise.

She keeps on emphasising that people do not have to donate more so. Keeps talking about vadge.

"wants to help benji's channel grow."

Keeps mentioning how good she is. She is apparently taking a break meaning her channels are sinking in viewers and she has no topics. Allegedly so many things were happening when the stream was going on, was going to bitch about Benji but backed out
Her comments are full of people realising now and she is in full damage control like you said and she is fucking now she is alienating herself.

No. 346572


If she's so good she would volunteer time for a charity, or raise donations properly,not through YouTube. There's a reason no one else has tried to pull a stunt like this.

No. 346575

She's losing it because someone named Jarrod W said she can't handle criticism. She's pretending it's not about him.

It's either about him, or Gines. She doesn't like Gines.

No. 346576


I think it's the ones who only started questioning her yesterday and who refused to. Apologise, which they don't need to. What she was doing was very dodgy and in poor taste.

No. 346577

She's rewriting it.

She says she'd give hints for $5. She didn't say $5, she said $20. And people were donating during the HOUR LONG baiting about her super secret vagina secret!

She said she'd refund, collab, or shoutout to make it right, she only offered refund.

Keeps acting like people are mad because she didn't tell the super secret vagina secret (lol!) when it was because you were ASKING FOR MONEY, bait and switching and moving the goalposts. It's fucking documented on video, stupid, how you said you'd say something when the goal was reached then asking for MORE when the aforementioned goal was reached.

Talking about she's going to donate from the onision stream.

Acknowledging someone who may or may not be Gines. lol.

When she tells people she doesn't want to talk to them and you continue to try to, you're creepy. Says it's ok for her because he's a public figure and she doesn't try to contact him privately. Acts like she doesn't @ him on the Tweeters. lol.

Meanwhile, she's collecting $$$ from this stream…

God, she is such a shameless liar.

No. 346578


I could be wrong but I know she really dislikes Jarrod W. Her face clearly fell when she saw what he wrote about her not being able to handle criticisms.

I recorded the stream so I'll be posting it ASAP.

No. 346579

It reminds me of the last video that Peach chick made about the debate. She pointed out how Onision was basically kissing Jeff's ass to try and get Jeff on his side, but it failed. Then when she commented about Joy talking to Lainey, she literally said the same exact thing Onision did, but he was just being his manipulative self, right? Joy blows smoke up Lainey's ass, clearly trying hard to get Lainey on her side. Obviously, that backfired, but Joy was being so incredibly nice and kind to Lainey. Onision does it, he's a manipulator. Joy does it, she's a slice of heaven.

No. 346581


We were there. We know she's lying. Joy said 20 Dollars for the secret. Despite donations before that.

Even others in the stream called her out over her back peddling.

No. 346582


I know many say thank you. This is the only way people will believe the truth. With real undeniable proof.

I am disgusted like many here, I feel for those who donated.

No. 346599

We really don't have to do anything do we? She is truly becoming the architect of her own downfall. All we have to do is make sure we capture and archive her behaviour to stop her from changing the story and the rest she is doing herself.

She's got away with that much shit, she's become bold, all of her pretence is disappearing because she feels that comfortable in the fact that no matter what she does she will always have defenders who will continue to throw money at her.

No. 346600

This morning's YouNow stream. Uploaded it to YT, but it will be uploaded on Vidme as well.

Lots of bullshit. In the very beginning she claims she's "still dealing with autoimmune stuff."

Victimizes herself big time. Leaves out that MORE than $20 was donated. First it was for "keywords" but then Joy HERSELF changed it from keywords, to the super speshul secret itself.

Acts like the chat basically tried to violated her. Even though that's not why anyone was upset. She dragged it on forever an hour making all sorts of promises. Even Cameron had pointed out that it was lame that she was texting Cy "the secret" while the rest of the chat had already been hyped up and was waiting. People ended up being mostly disinterested and just pissed at the manipulation.

This whole stream is Joy putting the famous Kati Smith Spin on the bullshit she pulled.

To make it clear, Joy: nobody tried to e-rape you. People were just tired of the manipulation and back & forth that went on for over an hour. Not "20 minutes" as you claim in this stream. I'm recording that part of the stream because it's possible Benji will fall for her victimizing bullshit & take it down.

Glad to. Her YouNow streams opened my eyes to who Kati really is. I wish I had started capturing them sooner because I noticed some pretty epic lies that I would love to have documented.

Exactly. Document, document, document! Her own actions are what fucks her up. Not anything we do.

No. 346601


Thank you Anon. Exactly, I think she has always been worse than Onion when it comes to money. I admit I don't know a lot of his history but from what I've seen and heard he has never lied about needing money for his own needs. And that is fair enough, the people giving it to him know what they are paying for and it's their money, their choice.

From day one she planted the money seed, didn't Phil have proof in his three hour live stream that her intent was always to make money from YT? I cant remember properly, I'll have to watch through it again to clarify. She's so calculating.


No. 346603

File: 1499250469623.gif (946.35 KB, 315x202, iwokeuplikethis.gif)

No. 346605


Yes, in a three hour stream her now ex friend showed messages where she talked about building up a fanbase first, then focusing on the money. Something she ended up doing far sooner.

I am annoyed to say the least that she is blaming viewers, how childish and bully like.

She's doing everything she claims to hate, including getting thousands of people to harass none other than YouTube itself on Twitter. All to try and evade a well earned strike against her poisonous channel.

No. 346606


Joy when she receives her ill earned money.

No. 346607

This was my first thought as well. It's pretty much common sense to not use headphones when you have an ear infection. Especially her of all people, being that she is a hypochondriac and has almost died so many times. Also, her body is still in such bad shape from her copper detox and well, she's just a poor little delicate flower.

For her, Web MD is lyfe and she has likely collected her symptom flash cards and she would have seen how important it is to keep her ear clean and dry, even if the Dr had forgotten to tell her.

Most people would like to heal an ear infection, but she isn't most people. She needs that attention and sympathy at all times. Wearing those headphones can prevent healing, or even worse if she is wearing them after antibiotic drops, cause a yeast infection in her ear, that will have her crying her ear is trying to kill her.

No. 346608

Can I just point out this whole thing is over something to do with her vagina?

They were discussing her vagina, she was discussing her vagina and now we are discussing her vagina.

I think the internet has hit peak absurd. Also because of Kati's vagina.

No. 346609

File: 1499251637050.jpg (74.72 KB, 883x577, PSX_20170705_054341.jpg)


Just came across this. This may be who she's referring to when she went on that rant about people contacting her on other platforms after she's blocked them on another. Time frame seems to match up.

No. 346612

File: 1499252022361.jpg (69.54 KB, 862x391, PSX_20170705_054838.jpg)


And he tweeted this earlier.

No. 346613

File: 1499252034285.jpg (30.19 KB, 841x575, DJfMRHp.jpg)


HA. Moralvirus. He was a Tumblr anti-Onision blogger (He's still a blogger but not so much about Onision anymore). A lil smarter than the rest and more likely to write walls of text. In other words, this should get good.

His Tumblr (NSFW, pr0n) http://moralvirus.tumblr.com

No. 346614

No. 346615


Oh fuck yes.

I wonder if he's "american nightmare" who visits & asks questions in her livestreams. They use the same avatar.

No. 346616

Sorry I don't understand what selling secrets and/or keywords means? Somebody kind enough to explain?

No. 346618

She was trying to get super chat donations in exchange for revealing a keyword to her "deep dark secret." The "deep dark secret" was about her vagina. She was trying to get people to pay Benji to hear about her vagina.

No. 346619

File: 1499253742697.png (52.32 KB, 729x430, lGfH9ll.png)

How bad is it when even the long term, hard core, anti-onision pearl clutchers think Joy is going too far?

But, they are right. I hadn't ever watched any of his videos before and now I'm subscribed to at least two of his channels, maybe more? and I don't see what all the fuss is about. Sorry, I know a lot on here are dedicated Onision haters, but I just don't get it. At least Onision makes original content compared to all of Kati's stuff that's either reaction videos or her reading new articles while showing stolen video.

No. 346625



I don't completely get it either, I don't agree with most of the things he says but I don't think it warrants the hatred he gets.

It would seem that everything he does gets blown out of proportion, for example the Billie situation. She knew what she was getting into with that relationship and while his demands for her return, such as shaving her head, getting tattooed, being chained in a basement, etc. It never actually happened, she said no and that was it but it was blown into this huge ordeal, people behaved as if he actually had done all of those things.

Joyous especially turns every tiny thing he does or says into a huge thing too. Yet her identical behaviour gets a pass and her worse behaviours which should be a big issue, such as fraud, obtaining money by deception, moderating her comments despite claiming she is for free speech, get excused and down played.

She is the most manipulative person I have ever witnessed and I used to work in a criminal legal setting, then family law. I've dealt with some of the worst people in society, yet she ranks up there in my list. And I think it's because of the support she gets too, I'm used to the people involved in the situation being able to see it for what it is but that's not the case here. It's the only time (outside of government and religion) that I have witnessed crowd manipulation at this level.

No. 346626

File: 1499256787987.png (119.6 KB, 1366x768, ear.png)

Joy wants everyone to know that she has an ear infection. (But it's viral!)

From the Mayo Clinic website, these are the symptoms of an ear infection. Remember, she went to the ER for this….

No. 346627


Seriously… the best part is that a common cause is drinking from a bottle while laying down… makes me imagine that roommate actually does have to change her Depend diapers and giver her a ba-ba to get her to go to sleep. :D

Also, these are the drugs given by the urgent care that she cited in her stream afterwards:

- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ondansetron

- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meclizine

No. 346630

I've had some pretty horrible viral ear infections. No way would I have been able to happily laugh & joke around for hours like she did on Benji's stream. Especially on top of having Fibromyalgia/chronic pain!

No way. Not even with medication.

She might have an ear infection but I seriously doubt it's nearly as bad as she claims. The idea of wearing headphones while experiencing a viral ear infection, even with treatment, makes me shudder.

No. 346631


The weird thing is I've never heard of ear infection w/out ear pain… like significant, make you cry level ear pain and all she's talked about is needing her ear to pop. I've worked with old people and when they get that, they need the wax cleaned out of their ears (they have more problems with that because they grow more hair in their ears).

No. 346632

I know that everyone deals with pain differently. Joy is almost debilitated by an ear infection. I've given birth to three children, all naturally. But if an ear infection destroys your day/week/month, more power to you.

I'm watching Benji's stream, and she's making it all about herself. She tries to think of a word and says stuff like "c'mon brain…" in an attempt to get attention and help.


No. 346659

Samefagging for error related to antibiotic ear drops that wouldn't be indicated for her viral infection

I'm in total agreement and can easily see her being the worst. I don't necessarily care for onision but it's mind boggling that her fans see her as being a victim of his hate and harrassement when she has been coming at him so hard for months.

Joy using his relationship with Billie for her own gain is lame and her having a video title "onision chains Billie up and puts ayalla in danger" is really messed up. If he put up a video titled "joy chains roommate up," her wrath would be enough to end the world. If he put up a video titled "Ive had joy chained in my basement for the past year," she would be doing cartwheels and tap-dancing on stream.

No. 346660


I was the same, sure at first I thought Joy and Co might be right, however I still tried to keep an open mind.

Once I saw the multiple videos and her questioning his veteran status I decided to give his channel a look.

I found it to be entertaining, and he does bring up some good points, without going over the top like Joy and also exaggerating events.

I think Joy is actually making him look better, the opposite of what she "intended" to do.

No. 346661

Look, I didn't not like Onision much before but her saying "If you talk to me and I tell you I don't wanna talk to me but you continue to keep trying to talk to me, that makes you a stalker and makes you look creepy" at least four times in the Benji stream is just proof she is a hypocrite since she kept wanting to debate Onision previously. Oh and Joytard, if you are reading this right now, thanks for being one of those morons who plugs up the Emergency Room for shenanigans like a fucking ear infection when you could have seen a doctor or even seen a fucking nurse at a pharmacy like Walmart. It's morons like you tha make the wait at the hospital five hour long because you refuse to get insurance. By the way, why do you take up one of the many offers in your stream chat that shows more than one person offering to pay for your insurance, you know since you don't want to part with around 300$ a month. ONE MORE THING (it may be of help to you): I suggest you get diagnosed for dwarfism since your hands look earily similar to that of dwarfs and midgets. I understand that they have health issues and perhaps you will find out what's really wrong with your multiple health ailments.

No. 346663

File: 1499263509175.jpg (34.01 KB, 420x316, m3ggk.jpg)


That's what I've been saying for weeks, she is doing more to help Onion than anything else. She isn't just making him look victimised, she IS victimising him. I've never seen so many sympathetic comments about Onion, never and that's because of her, she is making people feel sorry for him.

Any Anti-O should be pissed at her for that reason because any legitimate complaints or concerns they have about him are being lost in the sea of her lunacy.

Her moderating of all YT comments should send out a huge red flag to anyone who remains undecided about her. Remember she did that in response to lolcow links being left, then posts copied from here pasted in her video comments which resulted in an influx of new people finding all this information about her. It has nothing to do with shielding herself from abusive comments and everything to do with shielding viewers from information about her. The links I saw contained no abuse and even said that weren't there to turn people against her and were only asking that people looked through and come to their own conclusions once they see both sides of the argument. But Kati can't even allow that can she because she knows what the outcome would be.

Whatever happened to her "I love to hear other peoples opinions" "as long as you are respectful you can disagree" "listening to other peoples feelings is how we learn and grow" blah, bs, blah, bs, blah.

BS' YT videos, pic related.

No. 346664

It's truly laughable that Joy wants her privacy, but also wants Onision to loose all of his.

Joy is a "Public figure" too, therefore people who disagree with her (By her own logic) can contact her just like they do with Onision. Even if it's to voice their disagreements with her.

And fans should not be apologising for calling her out with the whole "Sell my secret" That's not how it works. If you're in the wrong, and it gets pointed out to you, YOU apologise. Not the other way around.

She should in fact be apologising to them.

Seriously, can she get anymore silly. (Not a request)

No. 346666


Perfectly well put.

If I was in her shoes I would welcome the constructive criticism, as I do in real life.

How else can we grow and change for the better?

Of course she doesn't want people coming here, like I did through a YouTube comment before it got deleted.

This site allows for all sides and opinions to be aired, no one here is condoning a hate bandwagon, just that Joy accepts her deceit and changes, makes better content not completely around one or two topics. And be the positive sparkles she says she and her channel are.

No. 346681

>Her moderating of all YT comments should send out a huge red flag to anyone who remains undecided about her.

Deleting questions, demanding her privacy, and monitoring her comments section. All this from a woman who rants daily, and threatens Onision to sue her, about being allowed to say whatever she wants. She taunts him with it, because she knows he can't do anything to her and it makes him mad. But then gets angry when she gets restricted by rules he didn't create or enforce. So she creates her own rules to restrict everyone else, because they make her mad. Sounds "almost" abusive…

No. 346682


Yes, and yet her swearing, using rude hand gestures, saying "Boo" to Onision are all fine.

The hypocrisy is overwhelming.

No. 346684


Her covert narcissism is currently on full display. It's just a shame that so many of her followers don't know or understand what covert narcissism is. They are being abused and are blind to it.

I've been reading about the Dark Triad, guess who fits two of the three, "almost"…

I'll try to find a good breakdown of the Dark Triad and you'll see what I mean.

No. 346689


Further to my post here is a link which gives you the basics of the dark triad.


This is why when I say she is one of the worst people I have encountered, I seriously mean that.

The only one I'm cautious about throwing out is psychopathy because I feel like I can't think of any strong examples of her behaviour that couldn't fall under her other traits?

But I've only ever seen her cry about herself, I've never seen her show remorse for anything, or any true displays of empathy. What are your thoughts?

Saged. For speculation.

No. 346698

Want to know what pisses off Doctors in the ER more than anything?

People who come in and use up resources for bullshit like Ear Infections or mid-grade fevers.

It doesn't at all surprise me that Kati felt she was so special that the EMERGENCY room was made for her pathetic little ailments. Take time away from people that need emergency services, well done selfish bitch.

I may have read this wrong but it's entirely common to have an ear infection without pain. Often, people have an ear infection for days before any pain occurs. It depends on the persons pain tolerance, how bad the infection is and more. More often than not, when I realize I have an ear infection and see my PCP, I only experience pain in one ear only to be told I have an infection in both. Sometimes the ear with no pain is worse than the one that does have pain. (I have tubes in my ears, and frequently get infections ever since I was a young child)

No. 346699

>It's just a shame that so many of her followers don't know or understand what covert narcissism is. They are being abused and are blind to it.

Even when they do move on, they'll probably repeat the pattern. It's why women often return several times to abusers or cycle they abusive men. Until her spergs can see her behavior as wrong, and why, it won't really make much difference for them.

>The only one I'm cautious about throwing out is psychopathy

There's a lot of different interchangeable terms for Joys behaviors. Cluster B, Narcissism, Antisocial, Sociopath, etc. In non clinical terms, it seems they're referencing the same thing, overall. Clinical wise, labeling is tricky, as soon as they release a DSM, new info is found to make a lot of the diagnosis/treatment obsolete. Last I heard, they were moving away from using Psychopath/Sociopath and using just Personality Disorders for diagnosis, which is super weird. That's pretty much them saying people aren't born like that, they develop into it. Hitler was born like that. Manson. Joy. Supposedly born normal and grew into that.

Sage for major OT and speculation

I don't bring it up to be argumentative, only to say I'm not sure the label is overall important, but the list of behaviors is. I'm not sure we'll ever know her full story, anyway, as her lies are so thick. She obviously mentally unwell, and hurting people. Getting stuck on labels is something she would pick apart, using it as a tool to redirect from the real issues were presenting her with.

No. 346708


I know you aren't trying to be argumentative, I'm more than happy to bounce opinions with others.

I do know you are right in what you are saying and while the label isn't important as such and is complex, I feel like these labels need to be thrown out there so the lurkers can recognise her behaviours and traits for what they are. It isn't about potential diagnosis for Joyous, I have a feeling none of these labels are new to her, we can't be the only people in her 33 years to have seen her for what she is, it's about having these words out there for people to see and hopefully look into it.

What they see as nice, we know is self serving.

What they think is sensitivity, we know is her narcissism & anger at loss of control, etc.

I'm hoping they will see that "Dirty Dozen" check list for the triad and think to themselves "wow, she does display these traits."

Or see the word narcissism, look into it and again connect it with her many examples.

My ultimate goal is not so much a definitive label, that will take a top class psychologist to get into her clusterfuck of a head but I hope they at least think, there's most definitely something wrong with this chick.

No. 346710


There are other reasons a person might have some characteristics of ASDP without actually having it. Just being a manipulator, they use many of these tactics.

And I honestly think Joy is just a severe Psychological/Emotional Manipulator.

Reference: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/communication-success/201510/14-signs-psychological-and-emotional-manipulation

No. 346714

For example:

>HOME COURT ADVANTAGE: A manipulative individual may insist on you meeting and interacting in a physical space where he or she can exercise more dominance and control.

(Remind you of her Onision Debate??)

>MANIPULATION OF FACTS: Examples: Lying. Excuse making. Two faced. Blaming the victim for causing their own victimization. Deformation of the truth. Strategic disclosure or withholding of key information. Exaggeration. Understatement. One-sided bias of issue.

Basically, that entire Article is Joy. If I kept going I'd end up just copy/pasting the entire article.

No. 346719


I wonder just how aware Joy is as to how she appears to others, or how her actions are having negative consequences for people?

Either way I do think she could benefit from something like counselling, otherwise the cycle will repeat indefinitely.

No. 346721


I can't think of any strong examples of Psychopathy regarding Joy, either.

Truthfully she reminds me a lot of a great aunt I had. She was diagnosed as having Borderline Personality Disorder. Joy's histrionics, health drama and attention seeking behavior strongly remind me of my aunt.

My aunt was at the center of every drama. If none existed she would conjure some up. She regularly had many blown out of proportion health issues or "scares." Showed a lot of signs of Munchausen behavior. She didn't like to participate in conversations that she couldn't somehow steer back to herself. If the topic wasn't about her, she wasn't interested. She was also an expert in everything, especially traumatic experiences OTHERS had gone through. As soon as they would talk about them then my aunt would already have a story conjured up about how she experienced the same thing or similar. She was an exhausting person. I think there's a strong case that Joy could be Borderline.

Ironically my aunt's name was Kathy. :D

No. 346728


I can't imagine she hasn't been told a hundred times before. Her family doesn't speak to her, she has no longterm friends as she is incapable of maintaining long term relationships. Phil was her last longterm friend of ten years and he finally woke up to her. Even just over the short course of her YT life, she has fallen out with people she used to be friends with. She tries to pass the family issue off as her being a black sheep which could be true if it wasn't for the fact that her friends also eventually leave her. When your family rejects you, you could be a black sheep, when one friend rejects you, that could be bad luck, but when that many people end their relationship or friendship with you, you are the problem.

Kati once slipped up, it was during her birthday live stream, her mother had discovered lolcow and text Kati telling her that she was so happy that we could all see exactly what she has been seeing for all of these years.


I understand, I think we'll have to agree to disagree with this one. I 100% believe she has a personality disorder.

>>346721 I agree, she reminds me of every personality traited or disordered person I have ever known. I think the reason she unsettles me the most was because they were openly recognised as such and they acknowledged it themselves and were working on it, she isn't.

No. 346730


You could be right here.

I've dealt with people similar to Joy, they're your best friend forever until you either: out shadow them (With an illness that's real) or attention wise (You're genuinely kind, and people like you as a person) or you're "better looking" (In their eyes) , or you question just how genuine they are.

They then drop you like a hot cake and show their true colours, going as far as to mildly emotionally threaten their friends, as they pick people who lack confidence, or have mental health problems themselves, those people are too scared to speak up. So they go along with the bullying and alienation.

The blocking, giving coded nicknames like "Meow" yes Joy I knew who you were referring too, come on they're disabled!

With the blocking they have others keep watch, the only time they back off is if the person they alienate shows them they are confident and not afraid to expose them.

These are some of the lowest of the low.

No. 346732

> I 100% believe she has a personality disorder.
I am not suggesting she doesn't have a personality disorder, just that she doesn't have antisocial (which is basically the same as sociopath/psychopath).

But I stick by believing she is an emotional/psychological manipulator all the same.

No. 346733


Unfortunately if a mother says that, most times they are being truthful.

Joy in no way represents her family, we haven't had a chance to hear their side. This is all on Joy herself.

No. 346735


Yep. Her mother Kathi told Joy that she had "finally found my people." We're calling out shit that she's been doing for years, me thinks. It was weird because only days prior when she first mentioned her mother finding lolcow, she made it seem like her mother was a complete moron when it came to the internet. Joy said that when her sister Kori explained lolcow to her, Kathi thought we were a bunch of "internet pirates" who were going to "hack her house."

I seriously doubted that very much. It was only days later on one of her birthday streams where she said the thing about her mom finding lolcow & being pleased that she found people who see Kati in the same way.

Always changing her stories. She's a huge liar but jeez you'd think she'd at least TRY to keep track of the lies. She knows by now it's all being documented.

No. 346744

I would love to hear more of her family's feelings. Can you imagine all the years of her bullshit. She's been hell for how many people since creating her channel, I feel truly sorry for her family and anyone close to her that likely have suffered through so much torment and abuse from her. She's lived all over the map, according to her, and is probably a result of damaging and destroying relationships of anyone she knows. That's not to suggest that is the reason why any person moves so much, I'm only suggesting that's why she has.

All of these fans of hers that encourage her to continue making poor choices are really assisting in setting her up for failure for the rest of her life. She is ruining her life by being an unstable maniac and unable to control herself. She is so damn mean and nasty that it effects her appearance even, when someone acts so ugly, it's hard to look at them and see them as being attractive in any way. Nobody will ever want to be in a relationship with her or hire her on as an employee unless she admits to herself that she is the problem.

No. 346746

>>346733. I think her mother saying nothing in her defence speaks great volumes. Her mother reads the comments here, so does Kati's sister, yet they never say we are wrong, her mother gained actual relief from seeing so many people see things from her point of view without her having to say a single thing. I think she knows that she doesn't have to speak out because I think Joy is at a point where she can't control herself. She knows she is exposing herself but she's compelled to keep doing the very things that are exposing her.

Look at last night with the $20 donations per keyword. She spent yesterday defending herself about donations and money, so the smart thing to do would be not ask anyone for more money until the heat dies down. And we know she is intelligent, as it takes intelligence to manipulate at the level she does, but what did she do? She went and made it worse by bringing up the one topic she should have avoided, money, she can't control herself because they are compulsive behaviours.

We came up with a theory very early in the threads, she constantly bangs on about how many emotionally abusive people she has had in her life, her family, boyfriends, ex-friends, she labels them narcissists, psychopaths, etc. We think all of these people (except Jason who Phil confirmed had problems) were just your average joes, who had enough of her, stopped playing her mind games and therefore she has turned it all around on them and accuses them of being guilty of her behaviours.

No. 346747

Hers a mirror of the Benji stream from last night in case it gets pulled down. I'm also uploading it to vidme, I'll post a link to that when it's done.

No. 346748

After yesterday's true reveal I've unsubbed from Joy and removed any likes.

She can't take back what she said to viewers, or the people she's played into handing over their hard earned money.

No. 346761

File: 1499276488995.png (107.54 KB, 726x564, Adobe_20170705_123702.png)

I'm pretty sure it is. American nightmare has also been asking in joys video comments if anyone has seen the "reciepts" for that school donation. I couldn't watch the live stream lastnight but I took some caps of the chat while waiting for fireworks. American nightmare, they've always kinda been back and forth but asked good questions.

No. 346763

>I think there's a strong case that Joy could be Borderline.

This video might be helpful. This channel has been posted before, but this guy covers pretty much everything we all just said. Histrionic, borderline, are they the same. And also, for any former Joy fans, or anyone who gets asked for help from them, he gives good info on where to start when unraveling the mind fuck you go through when dealing with someone like this.

>Either way I do think she could benefit from something like counseling.

I think we all could benefit from counseling after dealing with Joy lol

>The blocking, giving coded nicknames like "Meow" yes Joy I knew who you were referring too, come on they're disabled!

If you're referring to Kimmy, you ought to check the minion thread created. Her spergleberries are scum. She attracts people who not only had terrible or no role models, but are damaged or highly vulnerable/malleable and thus turns them into variable Tasmanian devils of poison filled hate streams and cesspool comment sections. They just congregate and multiply like some kind of radioactive mutant Joy-brids.

No. 346765


I wonder how much she has made in total since she began?

And I wonder how many of those people would have donated had they known she's been playing them since day one.

This has always been her plan, she planned with Phil prior to starting the channel, that she would wait a while before asking for money, that way it would look like it was the audiences idea for her to start monetising her videos and it would look like Patreon was her audiences idea, so she could continue with the "I'm not interested in money" narrative.

She openly messed up with Patreon by opening an account first, then releasing a video asking if she should open a Patreon account and used the yes replies from that as her only reason for opening an account.

She follows a con artist's guide to scamming by the letter.

No. 346774

The original title to Benji's stream said "Free Speech Under Attack/Twerking/Movies/Pokemon/Copyright" That's why many joined, not for the mature and gross content it turned out to be for over the first hour and a half.

After we pointed it out he then changed it to what it is now. But that's completely unfair, we were suckered in under false pretences.

No. 346776


Free speech under attack? Lol. That's ironic given Kati has turned all Kim Jong Joy on us.

No. 346777


They were meant to discuss Germanys new bill on hateful social media comments, instead they only briefly mentioned it.

No. 346779


A minion thread on that innocent person? Oh dear, I watched the content and she didn't deserve the hate.

No. 346780

Good job burying all the shit from last night with your armchair psychology bullshit that only you two care about.

This stupid shit is neither here nor there. You don't NEED to have a diagnosis to criticise her. In fact, this bullshit DETRACTS from the actual criticism of things she's actually doing here on Earth as opposed to "in theory" land where you live.

Take it to fucking tumblr where people care.

No. 346789

File: 1499280195715.png (96.45 KB, 750x572, IMG_1962.PNG)

Her begging YouTube to remove her strike and having all her minions do that same is making her look even more pathetic than she already is. Which I thought wasn't possible but clearly Joy is full of surprises.

Curious to see what kind of temper tantrum she will throw if and when YouTube doesn't remove the strike. Which I hope they don't because I think it's justified. She's a bully and a stalker. She completely deserves this strike and I hope it sticks.

No. 346792

i hope there's some DMCA's on both channels soon. Somebody should link Onision joy's second channel as well(if he is the one sending the copyright claims)

No. 346795


I found her "boundaries" rant @32:27 a must watch. Saying shes the type of person that if she sets a boundary that she doesn't want to talk to you, why would you come to another platform and continue to try and talk to her because that's creepy. And if you want to be creepy that's fine. But she doesn't understand why you wouldn't be respectful of her boundaries when it's obvious she doesn't want to talk to you. Lol Ummmmmmmm well, maybe it would
Be helpful to make a mashup of all the times she says she can do whatever she wants and she's not going to stop and there's nothing anyone can do about it and send it to her. Perhaps next time, practicing the golden rule would be more helpful, joy.

Then she starts saying its her greatest fear to be in a situation where she's not wanted or welcome. Then why does she continuously insert herself into these exact situations?

Good luck with those new boundaries, though.

No. 346798

File: 1499280625676.jpg (79.54 KB, 480x822, IMG_20170705_194940.jpg)

Is there anything she won't make about her?

No. 346799

File: 1499280789755.png (276.98 KB, 1242x1679, IMG_1720.PNG)

Another day and and even more sounding pathetic trying to beg youtube to remove her well earned strike. I really hope her and her joytards constantly tweeting at youtube pisses them off and they don't reverse the strike and start to take a long hard look in there channel.

No. 346802


I have noticed recently (and it may have been going on for much longer and I was just oblivious) that Kati has been attempting to insert herself into the Skeptic community in small ways.

For one (and not that big of a deal but I just found it odd) she is following almost all of the large skeptics who are on youtube. I find this strange because of the lack of ties (the only tie im aware of is Jeff, which makes me sad because I enjoy his content) she has to this communtity.
I would understand if she was a random fan but she is in the public eye so ya. (Also she follows Repzion who, if I am not mistaken, has said multiple times he does not like her)

Also has anyone seen her video of her yelling at a fictional beta male in a buzzfeed video. It was a trainwreck and goes against everything (basically) that the skeptic community says.

Sorry if that was a little rambly.

No. 346803


She's already claimed to be part of the Skeptic Community. It's hilarious because most of the "skeptics" thoroughly dislike her. Except Jeff, sadly.

No. 346805


Has she really tried to pretend she is an actual part of the skeptic community? Just because they both talk about Onision does not mean they are one in the same.

Poor girl wants to put herself into any group she can to garner support when I doubt many fans of skeptics feel any different than the skeptics themselves.

No. 346806


Yes, she's been trying to call herself a skeptic channel for a while. She was getting friendly and even some support off a few of the bigger skeptic channels but most of them shut that shit down.

Repzion looked like he might be falling for her bs for a short while but he then called her out and ignores her. Bearing seems to have disappeared but she never gets the hint and keeps desperately trying. She is a drama whore, not a skeptic, they aren't interested. It's pathetic to watch her still trying.

No. 346810


Don't forget when she went on a stream with many Skeptics including Failure Accomplished, Tonka Saw, etc and Geekthulu was there. Can't remember all their names but during the stream she said "I guess I'm part of the Skeptic Community now."

From what I recall people were pointing out her bullshit re: the DO5 updates that were actually non-updates. She got super uncomfortable and eventually left. The moment she left, Failure said "yeah I don't like her" and Tonka Saw said "She's a nice lady..a nice, not-so-truth-telling lady." I believe this can be found on thread #5. I thinK Failure hosted it but his channel was taken down by YT.

No. 346820

Is there any way to find out how much money she made from the $20 keyword scam?

She keeps saying she offered to refund $20 but Anons who were watching said other people paid too.

Will the payments show up in the mirror of the live stream? And will we be able to say those payments were for the keyword secret bullshit? Or will she be able to argue that?

No. 346821

So, Cameron made a video about the other day when joy left the steam. It's only about three minutes, he stays in the rational side but believes she was sick,
"she was ill. She contacted me straight away. I believe her. She's a good friend. There's no reason she would say she was ill if she wasn't"-cameron

No. 346822


Unless somebody recorded the chat..and so far it looks like nobody has..then we won't be able to see the Super Chats. Someone could always try to ask Benji but he might not respond or want to say to avoid angering Joy.

Egh. Hopefully he's just being overly nice out of an abundance of caution. Maybe he's still not as aware of her bullshit as the rest of us. He's probably quite busy editing Copper's videos/doing other shit so hasn't really looked into Joy. I mean, I'm saying all that because I want so badly for him to see through her shit. I think he mostly does.

No. 346823

File: 1499286057402.gif (1.86 MB, 233x233, smellmuhfinguz.gif)

a similar gif was posted in a previous thread, but reposting cos Kati sniffing her fingers = a fucking gem of a gif.

No. 346825

I don't think the chats were recorded. But if she acts like she does on her livestreams you should be able to tell by her giving the sucker a shoutout with the dollar amount.
I haven't watched the Benji livestream yet so I don't know if she did that or not.

No. 346826


Many hope Cameron sees through it, time will tell I guess. It could go either way at the moment. It's very hard to tell.

No. 346830

Nasty. I feel like she just smells. Her teeth always look gross to me.

I'm hoping Cameron sees right through her bullshit. He seems like a level headed, smart guy. We can only hope.

No. 346831

File: 1499288141804.png (55.03 KB, 750x559, IMG_1970.PNG)

One of Joys liked tweets. Joy, it doesn't matter how you feel about Onision. He IS a Veteran. Get over it.

No. 346833

File: 1499288433862.png (34.41 KB, 956x236, lolwhat2.png)

Don't revisit the comment section on her "Why I Got "Upset" On Benji Jame's Onision Stream" video if you don't want to find idiocy such as this.

It's the other way around. People are diagnosed with Fibro after RULING OUT other causes. That's what makes it unexplained! It's not "I can't afford the tests so..must be Fibro!"

Her defenders are seriously just as insufferable as she is. My god, there's way more than just one Kati Marie Smith out there.

No. 346834


I can understand people not agreeing with views that Onision has said. However, to outright disrespect a man who (if I am not mistaken, and correct me if I am wrong) signed up on his own will.

Even if he was drafted, which I doubt considering it doesn't happen much anymore, it does not matter. He served his country.

I find it so sad that people are so unwilling to disconnect someones words from the good things they have done.

Joy's always talking about how people need to see her as a human and she makes mistakes etc. And yet, she allows (while participating herself) and supports her fans to question a part of his life and pretend it has no value. Joining the Navy, Army, Military etc. is very hard to do and should not be ignored.

I hope she realizes her hypocrisy.

No. 346835


Don't hold your breath.

No. 346839


No, she doesn't, Kim Jong Joy gets to live by her own set of rules. Everything she says is wrong for someone else to do is OK for her because she is a superior Angel aerial who's been to heaven.

No. 346841

Yep. It's official. We're in for another fucking DO5 Joy Sparkle Meltdown. Prepare the flood gates.

MommyOFive has uploaded this, and another video the day before.



No. 346861

File: 1499291959661.jpg (155.93 KB, 1522x1030, IMG_1727.JPG)

So she finally made a donation. But if you notice it says your tax deductible donation. I wonder if she is only doing this so she doesn't get completely fucked on her taxes from all her internet income.

No. 346863

File: 1499292079204.png (264.82 KB, 1242x1339, IMG_1728.PNG)

Here's a screenshot of her tweet about it.

No. 346875

File: 1499293587230.jpg (104.43 KB, 778x525, IMG_1729.JPG)

It's trivial but it looks like she just lied about how much was raised.

Saged for trivial info

No. 346878


How convenient. Especially after yesterday's fiasco. It will take a lot more than that. Perhaps apologies to those she wronged, viewers, Onision?

No. 346880

If her donations are made under joysparklebs doesn't that mean she can't claim them on her taxes, and she's still left with owing the full amount at the end of the year

Saged for asking a question.

No. 346885

File: 1499294766784.png (92.31 KB, 750x587, IMG_1973.PNG)

No. 346889

File: 1499295412814.jpg (503.03 KB, 1242x2602, IMG_1732.JPG)

Hers the actual comment this is from.

No. 346890

File: 1499295559553.png (82.83 KB, 750x648, IMG_1974.PNG)

My god. So much secondhand embarrassment right now. Keep being humble Joy!!

No. 346892


owwww, muh fibro pressure points! :(

yeah right, kati. you're in soooo much pain :( poor wee thing!!

No. 346898

Who do I contact from lolcow admins to reimburse me for the shattered nose I just got from high-velocity facepalming? I'm holding this site, and all its contributors PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE for injuries sustained to my personage during this browsing session. How dare you share that level of moral virtue signal high horse grandstanding with no spoiler attached?

No. 346899


If you write to Kati, I'm sure she'll do a fund raiser for you. :D

No. 346901

File: 1499296707157.png (211.98 KB, 1242x1521, IMG_1733.PNG)

Apparently she's the queen of charity. Lol
She would've kept that money if it wasn't for repeatedly getting called out on here and by other people.

No. 346906

That chubby guy who does the drunken rambling responses to her every video and move, can you like … stop? Maybe? You make her detractors look like fucking morons because you can't just wait and make a video sober and write a script. Stop.

No. 346910

As usual the point flies right over Kati's head. Blaire is saying she isn't going to fall for Onision's plan to use these "debates" to generate money for himself/Lainey and will only do it if not monetized…it doesn't matter if Joy raised money for charity or not with her own stream, the point is she still gave in and went to Onision's stream…which fulfilled his plan to profit from this.

No. 346912

You mean Nathan Graves. He's also one of her main mods on her youtube channel.

No. 346923

I believe they are talking about Isaac watts.

No. 346926

That's right. I honestly get the two of them confused all the time. If I hadn't seen that butter beast that is Nathan Graves in the recent livestreams I probably would have just thought it was the same person with 2 accounts.

No. 346928

File: 1499299410164.png (130.01 KB, 547x881, gqxZ58i.png)

HA.. LOL Cow round up!

Joysus lost big time. He did not go to her YouTube channel and she bowed her head and went and guested on Lainey's YouNow… AND, she was excited to do it.

Jeff Holiday, Joytard Extraordinaire still thinks his drunken rant was a win.

At least Jaclyn managed to not plagiarizer anything in her portion of the YouNow stream. So, I guess we should give credit where credit is due… Oh, no… wait… Jaclyn don't roll that way.

No. 346930


Hahaha talk about a pasture. Then there's Stay Negative who was livestreaming about a week ago. Topic of the livestream? Reading and ranting about his threads on Kiwi Farms.

No. 346933

Not sure if this has been mentioned before.

A YouTuber has done a video 5 day ago called "Onision & JoySparkleBS Drama EXPLAINED" in it they mentioned a collaboration between themselves and Joy.

Apparently Joy refused to upload the video after she was called out by this YouTuber over the whole debate with Onision .

The YouTuber decided to upload the collaboration herself, without Joy's consent.

My point? In it the YouTuber claims Joy copyright striked her video!

No. 346935

Yes, that was konstigo. Back a couple threads. Please read.:) whole bog kerfluffle with that.

No. 346940


It's just hilarious and debunks her "Poor me with the copyright strikes".

Everyday there's more and more information of the opposite to what she claims.

No. 346942


Actually that's a good point. I'd forgotten about that. There's too much to keep track of and she's only been around 6, 6 1/2 months.

Just goes to show, as usual, her hypocrisy TRULY knows no bounds.

No. 346953


This was a recent video too. It sort of confirms the strike.

The more that I see like this, the more I see through the "BS" There's no way anyone could claim to be against copyright/strikes when they make them themselves.

No. 346978

File: 1499309848331.jpg (400.13 KB, 1242x1923, IMG_1739.JPG)

Jesus Christ joys fans just keep getting worse. And that tweet is from someone's business account.

No. 346984

Rereading through the threads, it seems pretty obvious that kati isn't going to change her ways. I've just been wondering what the blow back will be if/when she loses all privlages to youtube. Will she just go back to younow? What will her cazy ass speregleberries do when their high and mighty "jousus" comes tumbling down? Will there ever be an end with her?

Are we just riding it out til she's the homeless lady walking down a dirty street with all her worldly possessions packed into a rickety old shopping cart, all the while mumbling to herself about onision, "greg, gurg, greggles. >.< thinks he can copyright strike me? such a PUSS! Gonna fry some onions tonight…"

Reading some of the old posts like "her channel won't grow any more."(when she was around 10k), "is she just going to do anti-o vids to 50k?", she got a subsatancial bump from the do5 stuff, but everything else is just just repeating itself, and it's only been fourish months!

Kudos to those farmers who have been here since thread one.

No. 346989

I'm honestly wondering if she hasn't received more strikes or is some how locked out of her youtube account.
It's been 2 days since she's uploaded anything, I know she's done a younow stream and "guested" on Benji's stream a few times since then. But this has to be a record for her.

No. 346990

That SEOgrind has 0 followers and is only following 3. Must be a new company…

No. 346991

I saw that. It appears to be a recently created account as does their LinkedIn account. Probably one of Kim Jong Joy's sock accounts.

Saged for speculation

No. 346995

Okay I'm convinced that's a sock account now. Other then Eobard and #thebaseballguy the only people that commented on it are recently created accounts and of course Kim Jong Joy liking said sock accounts tweets.
Now it's just down to whether it's Kim Jong Joy or one of her joytards doing it.

No. 347030

File: 1499320312839.jpg (217.13 KB, 1245x695, PSX_20170706_005019.jpg)

No. 347031

File: 1499320368126.jpg (205.67 KB, 1261x694, PSX_20170706_005049.jpg)

No. 347032

File: 1499320421552.jpg (157.32 KB, 1271x692, PSX_20170706_005115.jpg)

No. 347035


It appears the suspicions about Jarrod W from the YouNow chat here: >>346600

as being the person that set her off about "people contacting me on other platforms" after she's cut off contact with them elsewhere are correct.

I always liked the questions americannightmare76 would ask in Joy's YouTube streams. They would ask hard, pointed questions that would often make Kati uncomfortable.
Jarrod W = americannightmare76 = MoralVirus.

No. 347063

I doubt that anyone really cares, but I think Joy's secret was that she basically fell on a balance beam and probably penetrated herself or something. The special talent is she probably fists herself.

Just cause when Cameron says something like that Joy and the meth head sounding Joytard imply that he's on the right track, and Joy does that juvenile thing of instead of confirming or denying she says "I don't know, did I?" when Benji throws out a similar guess.

Explains the mashed potatos.

By the way, I'm "Summary Anon" and I just want to thank Recorder Anon for being the MVP here. I honestly couldn't do it anymore, especially since she went on a non stop bender for days around the Onision "debate" …lol, unlike her I actually have a job to go to! Man I hope someone recorded the chat for that $20 Benji stream, I love seeing the crowd turn on Joy.

P.S. By any chance, did anyone happen to find a way to hear more of Joy's little new age album on Amazon? The samples provided are only about 30 seconds, and all the instrumental intros last about..27 seconds. Idk, if anyone took one for the team, I'm interested in hearing more of this voice of hers…. but not enough to spend $6 on her.

It's not necessarily his content, which I find to be cancer, it's that he thrives on drama for views and that drama is often him being a grown man preying on barley legal girls and tl;dr a lot of abuse and fucked up situations. Remember he's been around for about 10 years. Check his threads in /PT/, which is on number 400 at this point, and you'll see why people here often comment about how much they hate onion but Joy makes them feel slightly bad for him. And personally, that makes me hate her more than I hate him.

At the end of the day, he is more honest than she will ever be. This has been repeated many times, but at least he says what he's doing, and skirts the law as much as possible. She just assumes she can do whatever the fuck she wants, and as we know she's a wolf in sheep's clothing. The video that guy did on Narcs made the great point of, at least Onion-types are in your face, Joysus-types, if you're not careful you don't realize you're fucked until the damage is already done.

And LOL at her breaking down on her streams about the haterzzzzz. I KNOW she keeps this site open at all times, because she often tries to play off shit she saw here as if she saw it in the chat or it's some huge rumor when it was simply some Anon here and the fact that she has no control here and can't shut us up… I'm sure it drives her insane. I think she's often trying to prove us wrong in hopes that one day we'll just turn and lick her ass like the rest. Oh Kati, you keep on trying. How many claims are pending on your channel right now? I said it last thread, you're basically getting your last few steps to the top here before you come rolllllllllllllling down the other end. 60k subs now? Transformation still going strong with every new viewer!

I'm not sure if I'm hallucinating from how ugly a bitch she is on the inside, but I could swear she's grown fangs and her eyebrows have formed into points? Were those there before?

No. 347075

File: 1499327478214.png (82.79 KB, 841x452, welp.PNG)

On the BloodDance reupload video

No. 347078

Just seen the last part of one Youtubers livestream that she's normally in, but was absent from today.

What a difference! Everyone had a say, basically zero interruptions, and the topics were pretty normal for a change.

No. 347082


Exactly Onision even admits when he's had a change of heart etc.

Joy? An absolute refusal to admit any major wrong doing.

That's another thing though, Onision has been around for ages, surely if he was doing illegal things he would have been caught?

I don't fully know. But the accusations from Joy and others are extremely serious, and shouldn't have been made without absolute proof.

Even with proof, it's not a subject you record and upload to YouTube. The correct thing to do is report it to the authorities.

No. 347085

Her contact with Suit Yourself seems to be decreasing too, I can't remember her kissing his arse lately? Has another one finally seen the light, or is Kim Jong Joy just keeping him on the backburner until he is useful again?

In before she tweets at him in response to this.

Saged for asking a question.

No. 347091

Suit has mentioned her in a couple videos recently. I think they talk more privately, but I don't think he's hopped off the Joy train.

No. 347097

No. 347103


Roommate reveal at 4:44! But, you can tell it's not really her because it needs more poon and a towel crown.

No. 347104

For someone who claims to have worked in Business and Marketing, Joy clearly doesn't understand how to interact with viewers/customers.

In Customer Service courses, which include those two professions, people are taught not to promise things/services they can't, or don't intend, on delivering.

No. 347106


That is amazing! Had me genuinely laughing.

No. 347108

Stop self-posting, faggot.

No. 347129



No. 347132

>>347097 Wtf?!


Meanwhile Kim Jong Joy seems to do whatever she wants and nobody that could do anything about it gives a shit.

No. 347140


I agree, it's left up to the unknown minority to speak up.

On a different note, I saw an interesting video showing Joy with what appeared to be a green vitamin bottle with a stick on lable from a "Doctor". The lable was hand written to say Lyrica 50mg 1 X 3 ( Or 1 - 3 it was hard to see) a day. That was it.

I'm no expert, but doesn't medication prescribed by a doctor have more information on than that? Like I don't know, the person's name, date of prescription, number of tablets etc?

Yes it could be fake, if so that's one of the best fake pictures I've ever seen in terms of how real it. Looks.

No. 347176

My english isnt good enough to understand this (it applies to her 2nd donation) :


And also i notice this :

They dont refund, but if a project doesnt get fully funded she might re-use it in the future.

No. 347207

It's a real pic and it was discussed in length in threads #3 & #4. (This is why new people should read the previous threads, so we don't keep rehashing the same things over and over) You can use Ctrl-F to search for "Lyrica" in previous threads if you want to read what we've said about it. Anyway, this is the post where the pic was originally introduced >>>/snow/299608

Kati claims the reason it had a handwritten label is because her "friend" took the samples her doctor gave her and put them in a vitamin bottle with dosage instructions while she was sleeping to "help" her out….nevermind that it is illegal to put a scheduled prescription medication in a different container than the one it came in.

She has since stopped taking it…she predicted it would stop working after 2 weeks just like all other medications she has ever taken and it magically did stop working exactly 2 weeks later. Instead of asking her doctor to adjust the dosage or try something else she told him he couldn't help her and because he was not charging her he should help his paying patients instead…and this is supposedly the "leading expert" on fibromyalgia in the country that couldn't help her super speshul impossible-to-treat case of "fibromyalgia" that she claims he diagnosed in one visit.

No. 347212


That was allegedly her Lyrica prescription that she got from the "doctor" who performed a "fibro test" on her. There is no such thing as a fibro test, you get tested for every other condition that could cause the same symptoms and once they are all ruled out, you're left with fibro.

Can you remember when she was filming from a hotel room? That was the alleged doctor visit.

I think it was established that they possibly were lyrica but it was an unofficial freebie visit which would explain the strange bottle. I'm sure another Anon will remember more about it.

She stated it had an instant effect and that isn't how lyrica works, they need time to build up in your system. Then a day or two later she stated they stopped working do she wasn't going to take anymore and she wasn't going back to see the doctor anymore as she didn't want to waste his time.

It was these tablets that she is referring to as her "expensive medication" she needs money for on Patreon and she hasn't changed that even though she only took them for a few days tops.

No. 347223

That has already been discussed in thread 4 please read them thanx

I'm pretty sure she donated what the total says in the screen shot, just there is an option for people to match other people donations. That's all that "anonymous matched your donation" indicates.because it is a tax deduxable donation, the amount has to be accurate to what she has donated.

It says if the project(classroom) she donated to, doesn't meet their goal by the end date, they will send kati a notice where she can pick another classroom to donate to or she can opt to send that teacher a gift card anyways. If she doesn't take any action, then they either redistribute the funds to an urgent project or send the original teacher a gift card. Kati cant get the money back because it would jeporsize the organizations non for profit status.

No. 347271

She will get the option to send a gift card or donate to another project. And if she doesn't respond it Will Go to An urgent project or the project in form off a gift card. I don't think she hasnt donated the money, but if she gets the option to donate to another project she might re-use it as a receipt in the future.

No. 347284

Joy maybe more quiet than usual (Except Twitter/Younow) But one of her YouTube "pals" isn't.

Mikenactor has just uploaded a highly edited version of her "debate" with Onision.

It might have painted Joy in an uncharacteristic good light (Had he not left in the part where she rocks backwards and forwards while chanting)

It's clearly an attempt to rile Onision up, who may not be aware of the video yet.

I can see it as an attempt to get Onision to say/tweet something about it, then Joy can ride like a lost cowboy into this "new" drama.

No. 347307

File: 1499358888811.jpg (449.88 KB, 1242x2475, IMG_1744.JPG)

It looks like her other YouTube pal tried to get Onision riled up, but then had a moment of clarity. And actually admitted that the copyright claims are on "auto pilot"

No. 347309

I was just reading through the comments on her receipt of the donation and some of the comments just make me feel sick. "See you are a great person Joy" no! No she isn't you idiotic cockwomble! You are falling for her little mind games, everything she does is self serving. They are blind to how much she had to be pushed into that donation and they are blind to the fact that she had to do to win back favour after showing her true money grabbing intentions on the live stream just hours before.

It was funny to see her joytards trying to insult a 17 year old girl about a fungal infection, when Kim Jong Joy had the big daddy of all fungal infections. Hers was so rancid "it almost killed" her.

>>347085 She retweeted him lol.

And I see she has put her minions to work again digging up Onion claims, that have nothing to do with her, on her behalf. She's so lazy.

No. 347313


Joy would do well to heed their advice.

She needs to face up to the fact that the Onision drama is over.

I do not blame Onision, or what ever automated system is doing this. It's gone on for far too long and has become the biggest joke.

No. 347327

She won't though. She's either to stupid or to stubborn to stop. Her whole channel is built on Onision and to a lesser extent DO5 drama. Look at her views on the non Onision and DO5 videos there's hardly any.

No. 347338

Her twitter is especially quiet so far today. Not even her joytards are tweeting at her constantly like usual. It's been what 2-3 days since she uploaded to YouTube. Could this maybe be the end of her?

No. 347355


Another video skeptical of Joy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYPr6znAq5w

Is this the correct way?

No. 347357


Unfortunately I won't hold my breath, plenty of other youtubers who have come under fire take a small break.

I for one would be glad to put this to bed. It serves no purpose and helps no one. Nothing has been accomplished, just more drama no one needs (less/more money for some) And everybody's time wasted.

It hasn't had the global impact Joy hoped for. Instead her 15 minutes are up.

No. 347361

Looks more to me like breathing on her hand and smelling her yeasty breath…

No. 347363

File: 1499365025592.png (75.21 KB, 750x461, IMG_2020.PNG)

Joys liked tweet. Go ahead and keep demanding YouTube to remove a justified strike.

No. 347372

File: 1499365343183.jpg (33.96 KB, 676x291, yeastinfection.jpg)

You call your vagina a "sleeve"?

Because FYI that's probably a yeast infection.

We've all suspected it for months.

No. 347373

Mikenactor is a puke too, I don't know how anyone can stand either one of them. They are both poking a bear with a stick so they can later talk about being wronged by said bear.

I'm all about calling Greg out on his nonsense but not when they are doing it for attention and are so desperate. The fact alone that he supports Joy's bullshit, "even though he doesn't agree with everything she does" is insane to me. I can see being supportive of a friend and having loyalty but their friendship is still rather new and she is obviously Satan.
The comments he leaves on her videos alone make him look like an idiot.

I really wish he would have edited out joy eating popcorn during the debate, even the way she chews grosses me out and she looks like a 90 year old man without his dentures in, gumming his food.

I suppose her quiteness is her finalllly having a day off as she works so hard to save the world and she can't just take the time she needs because onision and Heather Martin won't let that happen. Or she could just be cranking out the content so she can upload 10 more videos on onision and D05 and 5 of Blair White for tweeting that her and Jaclyn were punked

No. 347376

File: 1499365678586.png (86.73 KB, 750x686, IMG_2021.PNG)

She is desperate to always have a reason to talk about Onision. I don't know why I'm hoping she won't exploit this topic like she does everything because we all know if she can talk about Onision a little longer she will do it. Unless Sara wants you in her business Joy then stay the hell out of it.

No. 347378

Samefag. Apparently Lainey said on a stream that Sarah was bipolar. So far no one has provided any proof to it. I'll try to see if I can find it.

No. 347382

File: 1499366426582.png (199.26 KB, 1242x1183, IMG_1745.PNG)

Kim Jong Joy's actions say otherwise.

No. 347384


Is that a threat? Two faced, she doesn't like receiving them but she's all to happy to make them.

No. 347385


Oh christ. I'm so sick of her saying this about other people. I've been going through all of her videos lately for something that I'm working on. She is constantly going on and on about people like DO5, Omnipolitics, Onion, etc and their need for self reflection. How they need to look at themselves and change for the better.

She says it about all her enemies. She has said that each one of them is choosing not to "get better" and improve their lives.

It's one of the most grating things about Kati. She never practices what she preaches.

No. 347386


They're not friends they're enablers, they will tell Joy all she wants to hear, at least to her face that is.

Should the time come, they will do, and say all they can to avoid being seen for what they truly are.

No. 347389

File: 1499367931256.png (233.7 KB, 1242x1703, IMG_1747.PNG)

The joytards are getting out of hand with this shit. Between this and the nitwit that filed the false copyright claim against Onision. I actually think her fans might be doing more harm to her then good. Lol

Maybe this needs to be reported.

No. 347390

>She is desperate to always have a reason to talk about Onision.

It would be interesting to see a side by side comparison the list of times Onision references, tweets, makes a video etc about Joy against hers. There was the "fake" cease and desist, which I can only assume was his attempt to follow the legal/law enforcement advice to tell the person in writing to stop contacting you. Then the stalking video. The recent debate and the following tweets. I'm sure there's some I'm missing.

By her logic, it seems he's a super sneaky, mind control person, taking her money and theatening/ruining her life etc. Because from reality land, it looks like he has so much extra time and interest in her to bother with something like that. During the debate, he pulled up her channel and scanned her recent uploads. The shock on his face when he discovered 6 videos, one over 4 hours long in 24 hours. And he didn't even know over 100 videos had been made. He kept saying 40. Sounds like a stalker to me.

Comparatively his response to her had seemed minimal, and when you look at how's he's gone after others, it's even more obvious. But she keep trying. Trying to convince everyone, including Onision, that he has a personal vendetta against her, and she's just an innocent bystander.

She seems to always confuse the topic/person being discussed with something else. The Beta male video. Who the hell was she talking about? Because she obvi wasn't watching the same video I was? And she admitted she was comparing Heather Martin to her mom. Her ranting on a subject is rarely ever about the subject it seems. So it makes you wonder, who is Onision, in her mind. maybe she's confusing him with someone else in her head, like the Beta male

No. 347394

I've been made aware that fans who have now seen through Joy's lies are being attacked by other people who don't like Joy.

Really? How immature is that? It really doesn't help our concerns when people who have seen the truth get publicly humiliated over this.

No. 347397

Shouldn't that campaign on gofundme be reported? It really serves no purpose

No. 347401

The thing is though. The cease and desist letter wasn't fake. She seems to think because a lawyer didn't write it that it's automatically fake. You don't need a lawyer to write one for it to be enforced, it looks better but it's not necessary.


No. 347402

I saw it myself, I'm trying to search her YouNow moments to see if anyone captured it.. hopefully someone recorded the entire stream

No. 347419


>>>So it makes you wonder, who is Onision, in her mind. maybe she's confusing him with someone else in her head, like the Beta male.

I have a screenshot that might answer your question. I think it's a Freudian slip on her part. Just give me a few minutes to find it.

No. 347421

The beta make video is interesting because she never heard the word "beta" until like a week or so before, when she was on stream with a few people, I think geekthulhu? Someone said the word beta, she asked what that meant and then it was explained to her.

As far as her making comparisons, early on when she started her channel, she claimed to be an expert in almost everything she mentioned and said she knew a lot about abuse and people like Greg, and compared him to her abusive ex. She quickly became out or control and it's so easy to see that she is takes all her emotions from her ex and fires them at Greg. You would think she was in a relationship with him or even knew him in real life. I think he deserves to be challenged but she went too far and harrassed him for so long and now somehow she is a victim and is just defending herself. Like, does she forget her whole channel exists? That is actually scary.

She has said that some of her haterz give her shit because she reminds them of someone they know. Again, apparently she must forget her channel exists.

No. 347433

File: 1499372131604.jpg (70.26 KB, 960x720, BS Contradictions pt 2.jpg)

I'm still looking for the screenshot I mentioned but I thought I should share this for the Anon who has been dealing with the Bloodclot stream and how Joy allowed a child to be emotionally abused on her live stream and did nothing to stop it.

No. 347435

File: 1499372294630.jpg (88.83 KB, 960x720, BS onion hypocrisy pt1.jpg)

This is what she has to say about Onion and his fans, which are relevant to everything she is currently saying about Onion and how she is treating anyone who goes against her in the exact same way she accuses him of doing.

Two parts.

Part 1.

No. 347436

File: 1499372329103.jpg (108.07 KB, 960x720, BS onion hypocrisy pt 2.jpg)


Part 2 of 2.

No. 347437

File: 1499372921838.jpg (92.09 KB, 960x720, A BS complete lack of self awa…)

Part 1 of 2

No. 347438

File: 1499372951409.jpg (90.83 KB, 960x720, A BS complete lack of self awa…)

Part 2 of 2

No. 347441

"Listen to people with differing opinions without throwing a tantrum."

Oh that's rich coming from her. She threw a fit on Benji's stream the other night because people were confronting her about asking for money without fulfilling her promise of telling the stream about her secret involving her vag. She then spent the rest of the night all pissy and mopey and continuously turning her camera off then on. And I don't care how many people she can make think that she was actually dealing with her 'illness' when Cameron had a differing opinion about Onision than her, I don't buy that for one minute. She was pissed that Cameron would dare question her or not have her back. That's why she later got on Younow saying 'woah is me' and trying to garner sympathy. She is a walking contradiction.

No. 347446

If I were one of her fans I would be so pissed at the way she does these things. What the fuck is she waiting for? How many retweets, likes and ass pats is she looking for? At least state the number. She's been liking the replays from that tweet so people know she's not busy with, like, anything.

No. 347448


Exactly, she chose to create her own stream, hoping those with genuine concerns wouldn't know, so she could b*itch about them.

We saw the look on her face, it was obvious she was going to moan after the stream anyway.

She got even more annoyed when they ignored her, and tried to enjoy the rest of the stream.

Only one person was rude to her in the comments, invalidating her "I'm being bullied" spin.

No. 347457

File: 1499375420575.jpg (68.48 KB, 960x720, A bs complete lack of self awa…)


Right, I couldn't find my original copy, so I want and captured it again, along with a few other things.

I really think she sees herself in him, the parts of herself she can't stand. That's why I posted her comments describing his actions and how his mind works, they are a mirror image of each other and deep down she knows it, as much as she tries to delude herself along with her spergleberries.

I also included her rant about people saying things are illegal, etc. How is this any different to what she does to Onion? It's not different at all.

Anyway, I have 100s of her comments that fit exactly what she is doing to Onion herself but I think this makes the point, so I won't post anymore for now.

No. 347500

File: 1499380443435.png (129.33 KB, 1242x958, IMG_1748.PNG)

So how long is this going to last. I give it at most a week.

No. 347501

File: 1499380580684.png (144.19 KB, 1242x1033, IMG_1749.PNG)

And it lasted like 20 minutes. Kim Jong Joy ever the narcissist.

No. 347517


Excellent, thanks for this. The hypocrisy is, as always, mind boggling.


A week? You're being far too generous!

No. 347529

Agreed. I think it's preferred to see an attempt on the complaintants part to tell the offending individual they need to stop. The letter was a bit too over the top to be taken seriously and she obviously didn't. The "debate" when read it texts was meant to be him truly to tell her to fuck off. As she said. He wanted to get her to stop. She took what he said "I want to talk so I can tell you to fuck off or I'll have to take you to court." She translated it as Onision threatened debate me or I'll sue. Well, major oops on her over dramatics there. But he served his purpose and them some. Another served attempt of him saying "don't talk about me". And all recorded.


Are these all dealing with the blood clot backdraft? With her sarcasm they read horribly on her part.

No. 347534


This is clearly a sympathy move. Nobody, literally nobody, announces that they're not uploading for a few days. Get the fuck over yourself.

This is the kind of shit she pulls when the pressure is too much. My thinking? After fucking up on multiple streams lately (overreacting at Cameron, trying to sell pussy secrets on Benji's stream), the Onision over saturation back firing AND the whole Moral Virus dangling recording Skype calls over her head = the reasons why she needs sympathy more than ever.

She's always done shit like this. This is nothing new. This is the very definition of histrionic.

No. 347537


She's not humbled, she never acts modest, polite or classy for that matter.

Who swears that much? Who talks about mature subjects like that? Is her channel age restricted?

No. 347540

I don't even remember talking like she does when I was a rebellious teenager. I don't understand why she thinks it's all right to talk like that at the age of 33.

No. 347550

She's here to help the young people, so they wont be taken advantage of by onision anymore./s

No her channel is not age restricted. A couple videos don't show in restricted mode, but that's probably because someone flagged them for language and such. Age restricted videos usually have a pop up that says so.

Because her fans are young and/or dumb. At least the ones who encourage her and participate with her.

Makes me think of children who were raised by very strict parents and weren't allowed to do any thing, no parties or going out by themselves etc. so when they finally got their freedom, they over did it.

No. 347551

>I really think she sees herself in him, the parts of herself she can't stand.

Bingo! In one of her earlier videos, she was crying and saying how scary it was that she got all this attention so fast (From the early Onision videos). This is the video where she spoke of 2 of her past lives. They were killers, obviously. She did outright say that she used to be like Onision and that she has "accidentally" hurt people before. She has never spoken more about this admission, as far as I know.

No. 347565


Well that's not good at all. Most streams and videos contain content that should be restricted.

No. 347573

File: 1499389163038.png (209.5 KB, 1242x1384, IMG_1751.PNG)

Looks like it's already working. Pathetic

No. 347579


That appears sarcastic I think.

No. 347584

No that land whale is one of Kim Jong Joy's fans/supporters.

No. 347588

reported it.

No. 347593

File: 1499391824312.png (549.22 KB, 1206x882, fsXDkTP.png)


It's actually money for this guy to go to Onision's house. Not a tattoo.

No. 347594

KEK 60k subs on JSBS and 13k on the space occupier.

2 RT's and 60 likes. For someone with an audience of 60k? Joy, why can't you see how much people don't actually give a shit about you?

No. 347607

even worse.

No. 347609

Kim Jong Joy's fans are doing the samething the DO5 fans are doing to Rose at this point. I wonder if Joy even realizes that of cares.

No. 347610

Maybe if she had thanked all her "fans" instead of just the "new" ones. Her older fans who have had to listen to her bull shit and deflect criticism are not mentioned. But then again the are Joytards so they don't count. Lol

No. 347614

Benji is streaming. Joy isn't on but Benji and his guests are talking about her.


No. 347617


It's a meeting of the Joytard Round Table of the White Knights. They're totally not making the stream about Joysus, but have spent all their time so far finding ways to justify hating Onision and defending Kati's obsessive videos. Benji is cementing his spergleberry status… good think joysus has such a big fat hairy ass to support all these dingleberries.

No. 347620

File: 1499393944343.png (31.2 KB, 447x187, hgL502z.png)

Her hairy ass has blessed their stream with approval.

No. 347623

God she is such a mega creep. Her broke ass has to throw in that money to make sure everyone can see that she is there. Everything has to be about her all the time.

Dear Joy, you are a loser. I know you believe that being so charitable will make you a good person by default, but it won't. You will always be pathetic.

No. 347624

This bitch never misses an opportunity to make everything about her and mention the copyright claims. God I hate her and wish nothing but the worst things life has to offer happen to her and her alone.

No. 347625

File: 1499394549041.gif (1.65 MB, 480x270, no1currz.gif)

No. 347626

She is a mod on there because apparently that doesn't count when you are taking a "break"

No. 347628


Buying people's friendships.

No. 347629


I'm sorry to then but I'm effing done. Done, just done.

That is until I make 400,000 more posts first.

No. 347640

Is she? Because I was talking mad shit about her in the chat section and quite a few people were agreeing with what I was saying. And mysteriously none of my comments got deleted like they would've on one of her livestreams.

No. 347646

File: 1499397249384.jpg (26.41 KB, 479x243, IMG_1756.JPG)

Here's a gem for the next thread.

No. 347673


I couldn't even bring myself to watch it. Seeing the fake attitudes made me feel sick.

They appear to all be in it for the money, they clearly don't care about anything or anyone but themselves.

Joy should not have been a mod. Nor should mega fans, or patrons. It should always be an impartial, unbiased third party.

No. 347684


Her eyebrows are ridiculously far apart. It bothers me so much.

No. 347701

File: 1499404375901.png (36.33 KB, 680x291, surprise.png)

She only lasted 8 hours before she needed attention again.

That's if you don't count her popping into Benji's stream earlier and donating money..for attention.

No. 347703


what does this even mean?

No. 347706


It means "Hey guys, I'm announcing something irrelevant and unimportant and probably non existent to let you know I'm still here because I've been gone so long and I know without a tweet from me you might die of BS withdrawal"

No. 347738


>>>Are these all dealing with the blood clot backdraft? With her sarcasm they read horribly on her part.

No, these are tweets she made months ago regarding do5. Then on the bloodclot stream she went and enabled the opposite of everything she previously said about children when it related to do5. The rules apparently don't apply to her, she can put these expectations on everyone else and will use it to go hard against them but nope, not her, she will sit back and let a child be paraded and degraded on her live stream and not say a word because it's all about the money.

It's nothing new of course, for everything she class she strongly stands for, there are at least a handful of examples of her doing the opposite herself.

I also think the Bloodclot stream (which she didn't upload because she knew it was bad) is why she hasn't immediately gone after Mommy o five, she knows we are sitting on this and she got away with it the first time because everyone was too focused on Onion. But she won't get away with it again. I will be surprised if she talks about do5 or mo5 but let's fave it, she's that arrogant she feels untouchable and might try anyway.

No. 347753

It was around 1032, I had just finished reading her orange donation pop-up and went back into chat and saw her name in blue with the wrench and i believe 3 comments from her, similar to what she said in her donation. I didn't see her at all after that.
Perhaps she went to go cry about her illnesses, aka people acknowledging her bs.

No. 347766

Correct me if I'm wrong here.

It looks like the channel Joy collaborated with on questioning Onision's veteran status has removed all of their videos.

No. 347767

I often said that this level of activity is impossible for a truly sick person, but I'm now starting to find it weird from a basic human level as well.
The novelty of the internet and constantly talking to people online wore off for me over a decade ago, but she's 33 and chatting up, tweeting, phone calling basically strangers and streaming all the time. She must be really messed to need this much attention all the freaking time.

No. 347772

What a truly creepy fucker. Yikes. This has surpassed anything harassing. Joy had better talk this crazy asshole down. Even if he isn't serious, she better say something

No. 347780


I personally don't have issues with people chatting on the Internet.

However I do see what you mean, this isn't even chatting, it's publicly gossiping and spreading lies.

Plus she's been in chats with people who obviously aren't one bit interested in talking to her.

No. 347781

She is totally messed up. Sometimes I feel like her channel grew so much because she is a fool that will kind of say what everyone is thinking, although not exactly to the extent that she goes. For instance, calling out onision when he pulls something stupid. But she has to make several videos reacting to one of his and goes all creepy and overboard, blowing most things out of proportion, inserting her personal opinions as facts, and finally, adding victimizing information(often irrelevant) about herself, her health and her family or personal relationships. Most of her subs are people that hate onision and want to see him suffer and she's the guy for the job. She's very childish and has no problem being the bully, it's like when kids are trying to impress other kids to look cool and will do anything for attention. She is willing to be a puppet and make a fool out of herself over and over again.

Somehow she thinks all of that is helping people and can't resist reminding everybody. Her expertise lies in manipulation so she knows to lay the pity act on thick and that will detour people from asking questions, they will take her word for it that she is doing so much good.

It would make more sense to refer to herself as an entertainer. I'm thinking majority of her subs just love watching her act like a nut, which won't last forever. They will eventually get bored with her act and move on. Lord knows she can't actually create original content and she has been ruining her own reputation so there will be no use sticking around.

No. 347786


She see herself as "Joy's Drama Network News Show" not realising it's either one or another, she can't be everything.

This isn't TV. People prefer each person to stick to one topic. Not several.

No. 347788


I saw someone commenting on YT that they like to think Joy is a nice person but her constant drama is getting very tiresome for them and if she keeps it up the drama they are done with her.

It is tiring and draining to keep up with her and she is quickly burning through the goodwill that her manipulation affords her. She'll be the architect of her own downfall and I don't think it will be her lies, scams, or anything along those lines that finishes her. It's the fact that her 100 miles an hour constant repetitive drama is boring people to tears.

No. 347808

>It is tiring and draining to keep up with her and she is quickly burning through the goodwill that her manipulation affords her.

Agreed. The type of people that can actually put up with lifelong exposure to high level drama don't generally have that much money. Unless she can accept food stamps.

No. 347833

They have a couple channels, there are still some videos up, most are a year or 4years old, I ended up watching a someguy827 vid about dontstansoclosetome, and the tactics DSSCTM uses seem to be right up kati's ally. Super aggressive, crossing lines, attacking lainey.

No. 347851


That isn't good, and I feel like Lainey shouldn't be disliked or sympathised for. She's made it clear she's happy, and that's all that really matters. Joy and others need to keep her out of everything and not attack her.

Looking back at the debate yes it appeared they were annoyed, and in that situation I think I would be too. Especially as Joy appeared not to really take note of anything Lainey said.

No. 347863

File: 1499444751700.jpg (2.84 MB, 2560x2560, PhotoGrid_1499430903073.jpg)

I've added some joy and sparkles to your gem, anon.

No. 347866


HAHA this is fantastic.

No. 347874


Christ! The paler looking bint in the middle terrified the life out of me! Spoiler alert! Lol.

PS. It's great lol.

No. 347898


Oh god, this is incredible and terrifying. All it needs is the evil, cackling witch from Snow White and it would be perfection.

No. 347909


I want to say something but…

Fights an internal struggle to

No. 347914

File: 1499449222014.jpg (667.55 KB, 1892x2560, IMG_20170707_133833.jpg)

Ask and you shall receive, anon.
Insert Joy's terrifying cackle

No. 347921

What about adding the racist crows from dumbo. Since she showed her racist side during recent livestreams.

No. 347925

File: 1499450344924.png (306.91 KB, 800x406, joysus.png)

I made few improvements to bring out her inner beauty.

No. 347949

File: 1499452759169.jpg (377.39 KB, 1242x1973, IMG_1761.JPG)

Let's see how NEGS (Ron) takes to the proof that Joy condoned filling false copyright claims against Onision

No. 347954


A spot the difference? Interesting.

Definitely approve of the improvements.

No. 347956


Whatever Joke of the year (Joy for short) does, it's always apparently opposite day.

No. 347965

File: 1499454637808.png (301.25 KB, 1242x1665, IMG_1762.PNG)

Maybe there's hope for him yet.

No. 347967


It wouldn't surprise me if Joy doesn't try and sweet talk him.

No. 347982


Hopefully he knows that Joy herself has copyrighted a video, very two faced she is.

No. 347984

Twitter Anon, if you need any screenshots of her Konstigo legal rant, the video she copyrighted, just let me know. I'm sure I have a few of the comments and rant she made about that.

No. 347985

That would be great if you have them.

No. 347987

File: 1499457509344.png (305.9 KB, 1242x1689, IMG_1763.PNG)

I don't know, he seems to be disappointed in her.

No. 347991


I'll give it to that tweeter, they're a legend. They haven't been rude or impolite, instead they've set an excellent example to many who disagree with someone or something someone is doing.

And I hope the youtuber can understand why many don't agree with this.

No. 347996


Oh my god- thank you! You are incredible! That is the perfect pic…Joy and the witch sharing the same position (and likely, intentions) is killing me. Bravo!

No. 348022

File: 1499461098417.jpg (86.18 KB, 960x720, A BS Konstigo legal and YT thr…)


Here are some screenshots, one of her denying threatening legal action, followed by examples of her doing just that. I have made the specific legal and YT action threat slightly larger.

It was a video collab, Kim Jong Joy claimed to have edited it, etc, she hadn't, there was no editing. It was a joint effort, therefore jointly owned & Joy had shown an early interest in doing a collab with Konstigo due to her friendship with Onion. Then the do5 thing happened and as we know Joy put Onion on the backburner and therefore the collab was of no use to Joy, so she kept putting off the upload date, when Konstigo really wanted it to be uploaded. It was only after being fobbed off for months that Konstgo decided to upload it herself, she did nothing legally wrong at all.

Here is a link to the entire conversation that went on between Joy and Konstigo over the course of weeks.


It also shows how sly Joy is, because at the same time she is kicking off on twitter making all sorts of foul mouthed, horrible threats to a 17 year old, she was DMing Konstigo telling her she was talking about someone else.

Just let me know if you would like the screenshots of the other threats she made.

No. 348030


Joy claimed some of those comments were about someone who accused her being in league with pedophiles due to her allowing shady kid-lovers to be moderators on her Indigo Abuse website.

Indigo Abuse. This woman has always been and will always make herself a victim.

No. 348034

If she doesn't @ anyone, it's kinda open to interpretation. Either way, her crazy is showing and that's not how you handle matters if you think you may persue legal action.

No. 348039


I was going to say I don't know how she thinks she can get away with a claim like that, especially when you read them altogether and she constantly references a 17 year old "stealing" from her and calling her a "con artist" it is definitely one long rant about an individual. But then I remembered, Joytards, that's how she gets away with it.

I could screenshot the twimemachine version, as that makes it very obvious it is all aimed at the same person. Do you think I should just in case she tries to defer back to that bull excuse?

Even the time of her rant matches perfectly with the DM conversation with Konstigo, so that backs it up too.

No. 348041


I'm sure she'll give an excuse, so it wouldn't hurt. It never hurts to have the evidence handy when it comes to a liar of her magnitude.

No. 348048

File: 1499464431738.jpg (35.99 KB, 692x413, bruh.jpg)

Bruh, you're not her type. Or did you forget she prefers "brown boys"?

No. 348049


Yes, you're right, the more we have the better. I will make a start on it in the morning Anon, going to chill in front of the TV for the night.

I will post everything I can get together tomorrow.

No. 348052


I hear ya. Documenting her bullshit is utterly exhausting.

I tend to need a good night's rest, a heavy dose of caffeine and some righteous indignation before I plunge into the abyss created by JSBS.

No. 348060

He's a little lap dog that goes and fetches info for her and an ankle biter to those opposed to his mistress.

No. 348061

The thing I hate the most in that interaction is the amount of times she tells Konstigo she's not talking about her. If you're not talking about someone, there's no need to keep saying you're not. It's unnecessary and ridiculous.

No. 348066

File: 1499466175825.png (165.22 KB, 720x1119, 20170707_171722.png)

Same here. There's another reason why any one who still follows her is either of the same twisted mind set and thought it was justifed, or they are that mentally malleable.

She did.
(pic related)

No. 348072


There you go! She did was she always does.

"Let's talk in private" or "Let's talk on the phone, text is stupid"

That's always been her way.

No. 348078

File: 1499467921104.png (240.83 KB, 720x1236, 20170707_173308.png)

When is she going to actually make said videio? She's been on about it too long. No one is going to care by the time she puts it out. How can one person truly believe that the world revolves completely around them. Kati, you are insignificant, you do not matter. The world owes you nothing. Become a productive member of society(as you have yet to procure documents saying you are medically disabled). You're a disgrace to humanity.

No. 348086

Thank you posting the screenshot for some reason the person that replied to neg$ has old Eobard blocked so I can't see their replies.

No. 348087

No. 348089

File: 1499468998169.png (318.89 KB, 720x1227, 20170707_180230.png)

guess this is negs final word on it.

No. 348103

File: 1499471411864.png (230.11 KB, 1242x1688, IMG_1765.PNG)

Lol, she's losing it over that community strike. Not having the revenue from all the livestreams must really be hurting her. Maybe she should get a job like a productive member of society.

No. 348113

File: 1499473676936.png (130.43 KB, 720x563, 20170707_192548.png)


No. 348137

New youtube channel. Didn't watch the video, saw speregleberries saying they subscribed.


No. 348140

You litterally cannot write this nonsense.

People falling head over heal with her, seeing the truth and still falling for it.

Those who finally see through it get harassed by the same group of people who also see through her.

Her lack of intelligence with YouTube, you don't own it Joy deal with the strike, it's 100 percent fair and just.

Yes everyone Joy is official worse than Onision.

No. 348149


Holy Moly it's climbing in subscribers.

No. 348155

So I'm confused. Did she get another community strike?

No. 348156

File: 1499476580005.jpg (75.78 KB, 536x605, Screenshot_2017-07-07-20-51-20…)

Now there's a petition. Just look at who they want to send it to.


Sorry if I didn't link that properly. This came from The Egocast's video Onision is taking all of Joy's money.

No. 348158

File: 1499476618533.png (74.63 KB, 638x440, 358xyJi.png)


She's up to two on Spurpinkle Bow and one on her main channel.

No. 348159

Isn't what she's doing against YouTube tos. By making another channel?

No. 348163

I'm going to let YouTube know I support their decision.

I have never seen a YouTuber lie so much over money.

No. 348173

File: 1499477620175.png (35.13 KB, 563x259, o3cfhim.png)

HA! She's discovered that attorneys in the real world are not going to work for free in exchange for YouTube likes! Now, she's begging for a free ride from others.

No. 348191

Doesn't FUPA stand for "front upper pubic area"?

No. 348197

File: 1499479349250.png (29.96 KB, 333x390, GDa4dsU.png)


It was started in response to the H3H3 copyright law suit, so they used Ethan's FUPA as part of it.

Content ID claims are not what FUPA was created to defend.

No. 348206

She couldn't even manage the two she already has so how is she going to manage 3? Is she that stupid?

No. 348211

As if that ever stopped DJ Keemstar or Brett Keane, two guys who have been perma-banned from YouTube on multiple occasions. YouTube isn't going to keep her off their service, it's up to the community to micromanage this sort of stuff.

No. 348212

File: 1499480010084.png (318.62 KB, 1242x1717, IMG_1767.PNG)

She wants to constantly tweet at YouTube. Guess what 2 can play that game.

No. 348214


That's who she'll keep stalking next, YouTube itself.

No. 348222

no no… its
>fat upper pussy area
close tho

No. 348232

File: 1499481752749.png (113.94 KB, 1242x2098, IMG_1768.PNG)

LOL her spurpinkle bow channel is gone. One channel down two more to go.

No. 348245


It's good that she's so openly breaking TOS and revealing that all she was ever interested in was money. She's getting confident that she has enough Spergleberries on side and is letting the mask slip almost all the way off as a result.

This should be an interesting development to add to that collab, Youtube Collab Anon!

No. 348249

File: 1499484882841.png (194.19 KB, 1733x1013, IMG_1770.PNG)

Samefag posting screenshot from pc instead of phone.
It appears her spurpinkle bow channel was terminated for violating TOS

No. 348250


Fucking lol

No. 348252

This is getting very interesting now.

The saying Don't bite the hand that feeds you comes to mind.

No. 348259

File: 1499486435990.png (177.47 KB, 720x855, 20170707_225825.png)

So now that she's lost a channel, she's concerned with the threats? Wut? Makes perfect sense. :/

No. 348260

time to bring down the others.

No. 348262

>It was started in response to the H3H3 copyright law suit, so they used Ethan's FUPA as part of it.

Content ID claims are not what FUPA was created to defend.

I don't think she realizes that most lawyers don't take frivolous lawsuits on "pro bono". Unless it's going to benefit the lawyer in someway(like public exposure for Tim in the D05 case) major extenuating circumstances, or you were arrested, you'll be paying for those services.

Also, who really cares about the pennies Onisions auto service is scraping off these crappy channels, that are leeching off his already established fanbase, anyway. Your spergleberries, you…not us and definitely not lawyers you want to work for free!


Who wants to bet she blames this on Onision too. Better grab the energy shots and snacks, it's gonna be a marathon weekend I think.

No. 348265

God, I love it all. I hope all her channels get destroyed.

No. 348267

What's funny is nowhere in that screenshot she posted did this brandy c person admit to filing the strikes. She might've implied it but didn't admit it. Yet Kim Jong Joy just has to keep harassing youtube by tweeting it at them.

No. 348268

Her latest video title:

"Security Concerns: People Getting Scary With Me & Overstepping Boundaries"

LOL oh here we go.

I bet some of this has to do with Moral Virus/Jarrod W.

No. 348270

It does, I would also bet her talking about deleting her patreon is because of some of the anons joining it just to report it. Fucking LOL she's falling apart.

No. 348271




No. 348273

File: 1499487198032.png (25.95 KB, 1043x162, yup.png)

Comment on her latest video.

I love this.

By the way, this is just what I would expect from Joy. This video. She's clearly concerned about what Moral Virus might expose about her. Joy decided to get out in front of it (or attempt to) and announce to everyone that she's in danger by a dangerous man. Who is causing her to experience PTSD.

So now if Moral Virus exposes anything about her, no matter how logical and non threatening it is, people will accuse him of being a predator.

This is the victim complex at it's fucking PEAK.

No. 348276

goddamnit i loves Gines what the fuck is going on

No. 348277

unreadable even on PC

No. 348278

It's impossible to read for me when I open the pic in a new tab, text is too tiny

No. 348279

Moral virus did tweet out one conversation from skype. I'm on mobile and it's long and impossible to read, idk if pc would be better.

No. 348280

Saw that one coming.

So she's using my life is in danger tactics. Can we all do the same with trolls now?

Notice so far there's not one shred of proof to support another allegation.

Not one DM that says something along the lines of I'm coming for you.

No. 348287

File: 1499489559824.png (4.39 MB, 788x4094, DELh3b9VYAEqPL5 (1).png)


I resized it to a point, any larger and it becomes mostly unreadable. I could read this with some squinting heh but hopefully this works for others.

No. 348290


There's a huge deal made over someone called Vivica (if I'm reading right) who Joy has referred to as Veronica (in a condescending tone). Any idea who that is?

No. 348294

Is there a source for this image?

No. 348295


Not sure. Very interested, though. Moral Virus seems to indicate Joy has talked badly about this Vivica person in public livestreams.

I'm trying to think of when and what she might of said. Probably one of those times where she alluded to something that someone did without naming names.

Whatever it is seems to have been kept mostly quiet. Sounds like it involves one of the group chats.


Sorry, yes. Here's the link where Moral Virus posted that originally:


No. 348303

Maybe it was in one of her older younow streams. A couple months ago she usually said the names of the people who questioned her about lies. Now she only gives attention to those who pay for a comment.

The tone in those messages are scary. It's like that one scene in almost every thriller/suspense movie where the crazy killer has their kidnapped victim, but the victim screamed one too many times, then the neighbor came over to check it out to see what was going on and the killer has to make an excuse. then the killer goes over to their pray and says that shit "I've been INCREDIBLY open and honest…", "i do not trust your behaviour when you…act like that", "ive been very nice to you." ~stab~ She's such a fucking bitch.

No. 348304

I could be wrong but I think Vivica is one of the people who used to be in one of Joy's early private groupchats? She and another person came into the chat of one of her streams and joy's face fell hard when she realized who they were. I'm unable to check rn.

No. 348306

File: 1499491728398.png (179.66 KB, 1242x823, IMG_1772.PNG)

I don't know who this person is but Joy has clearly pissed off someone with a verified twitter account and 4 times the followers.

No. 348308

File: 1499492004862.png (167.7 KB, 1242x798, IMG_1773.PNG)

Another screenshot

No. 348309

File: 1499492224425.png (89.05 KB, 720x745, 20170708_003500.png)

That reminds me, this is from one of her new videos today, I can't remember which one.

No. 348310

File: 1499492286598.png (820.14 KB, 1072x3327, moralvirus_post.png)

No. 348315

File: 1499492987886.png (384.3 KB, 720x798, 20170708_004445.png)

She has a substantial following

Here's her business website for reference.

No. 348316

Is Vivica possibly Konstigo's real name?

No. 348323

File: 1499493687062.png (84.49 KB, 720x578, 20170708_005809.png)

She just figured it out lol, just wow.

No. 348324

again, she's blaming things on everyone but herself.

No. 348325


As much as I love this, it drives me crazy that this is yet another incident she can use as "proof" that she's being victimized left and right.

No. 348326

konstigo is white so it's highly unlikely and joy youtube's not going to reverse your claims. They took down one channel. They'll make it so you can't upload anymore.

No. 348328

Especially since she made a 3rd channel so she could bypass the strikes on her 2 other channels.

No. 348329

Apparently she already had strikes on that channel. She should have corrected whatever youtube told her to in the first place. She should have removed all do5 videos out of respect for the kids in the videos that she claimed to care so fucking much about. And before she even knew surpinkle-bow-whatever was deleted, she made a new fucking channel to stream on.

No. 348331

Joy is trying to argue with this person on twitter right now. It's hilarious.

No. 348332


> She has 1 strike left.

Sounds like there are two strikes on the Joy Sparkle BS channel?

No. 348333

>What she doesn't seem to grasp is the bigger the crowd grows, the more likely and forceful the blowback. There's plenty of lurkers here in communities that haven't wanted to speak up yet, due to lack of numbers or backing. But she stepped in it bringing up anything Military/Law Enforcement related. You never question a fellow brothers honor. Only an idiot would make that mistake.

Yup. She definitely didn't know the shit puddle she was stepping in with that one. It's too bad it couldn't be the same result doe the rape victims and exploited children, too.


I vaguely recall some people coming in she knew from another charity or former work place, maybe indigo abuse or something. She seemed to recognize them but not from YouTube. She mentioned owing them an explanation for something but they would chat later outside of the stream and mentioned the group chats. Briefly talked about the "work" she was doing now with the teens. Giving advice, etc. Something ended badly. Perhaps how indigo abuse fell apart maybe? Does that ring a bell to anyone?? Is that the right reference?

No. 348336

File: 1499494642200.png (251.07 KB, 727x1588, Adobe_20170708_011537.png)

Here a clip

No. 348339

File: 1499495068960.jpg (426.37 KB, 1242x1997, IMG_1779.JPG)

Hers another one. I have no idea why it got kinda cut off. Sorry.

No. 348342


By HIPAA she is right. If what joy was saying was true we'd all have rights to
his records. He never signed consent for her to use anything. Its a minor thing that could be made into major issue. It was a careless mistake but he certainly has grounds to have any videos containing the documents down.

No. 348343

She understands that it's YouTube that issues the strikes not DO5 fans right? Or is she in a maniac frenzy and she just can't understand simple things.

No. 348345

File: 1499497071429.png (201.54 KB, 720x984, 20170708_014436.png)

Manic frenzy, she's reaching out to all kinds or crazy places for her "unjustified" strike. @chadwildclay boast to have beaten over 100 copyright claims and 12 strikes, according to his bio, has 40k followers. Where are all her "froends" now?

No. 348347

File: 1499497199398.png (140.05 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Cause somebody had to tell her.

No. 348348

File: 1499497263454.png (147.04 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Same fag

No. 348349

File: 1499497498996.png (208.3 KB, 720x1112, 20170708_020417.png)

No. 348351

File: 1499498294016.png (80.09 KB, 720x580, 20170708_020851.png)

Benji, dude! Do you know see and smell the smoke from this raging dumpster fire right now? Run bro!

No. 348353

File: 1499498302140.jpg (157.12 KB, 784x753, PSX_20170708_020327.jpg)


Pretty much the same thing you posted but I wanted to point out how hilarious it is that she keeps trying to alert the YT skeptic community to her troubles.

None of them care about her obsessive drama. Jeff dislikes Onion but I doubt he's interested in helping her pursue this nonsense especially as he's currently wrapped up in the Tariq stuff like the others. These are people mostly wrapped up in politics and drama associated with SJW types. Joy knows fuck all about politics but rants against SJWs (for views) all while behaving like an SJW.

She is such a moron attempting to appeal to these people. Besides Jeff, none of them can stand her.

What's next? Is she going to tweet @SargonOfAkkad and tell him she can relate to his latest drama with Anita Sarkeesian because Onision is also trying to publicly humiliate her?

No. 348354

she's live on benji's channel. Link to stream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXo7OLZ_F0Y

No. 348355

I also find it ironic that she's tweeting Jeff @that tweet. The notice says there is a difference between a passionate debate and a personal attack. I don't think she even read it.

She's live one benjis channel now

No. 348356

Chambers is there

No. 348358

Of course Cy is there. I hate looking at her fuggo face.

No. 348360

It's like Joy shrivels up into a raisin if she can't blow shit out of proportion

No. 348361

File: 1499498874945.png (282.18 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170708-022607.png)

Benjis special snowflake rules for fragile snowflake kati

No. 348362

Chambers is such a stupid cow. She heard there was drama and came running but has no idea what's going on. Everyone Kati touches turns into a cow, it seems.

No. 348363


They are deleting even the most mild criticisms.

Good thing I'm recording the chat.

Now Joy is saying she's in contact with lawyers about this. And Chambers Of the Irrelevant is in the chat.

No. 348365

wtf? benji says joy can have the donation made to her in superchat and she tells him to fuck off. why is she so crude?

No. 348366

How is it that none of them understand why joy got the strike? They're looking at what onision. Has done over years, and saying "if he didn't get in trouble why did joy?" And I know it's been explained to them, I've seen it so many fucking times in the comments and Twitter. How fucking dense can you actually be?! FFS

The sheer quantity of videos times the period of time she published them. That is why. Not becuase she is merely commentating on them. Is joy in denial about why she got her strike?

No. 348367

why's she so crude, anyway? i can be pretty crude at times but im not even that bad. like… is it her trying to act like shes not like other girls? she's acting like she's an edgy teen, kinda like onion does lmao

No. 348371

>Come talk to me like a human being
>Come slide up in my DMs so I can try my manipulation games on you out of the eye of the public

Luckily this woman seems much too intelligent for Joybles and her bullshit games. What a delight!

No. 348372

You are a god amongst men. This is highly appreciated. I'm very much looking forward to seeing what I may have missed in the chat while trying to catch up here and troll on Twitter.

No. 348374

>Good thing I'm recording the chat

Not all heroes wear capes. Salutes you

No. 348376

>How is it that none of them understand why joy got the strike? They're looking at what onision. Has done over years, and saying "if he didn't get in trouble why did joy?" And I know it's been explained to them

They understand. It's just none of them have the balls to stand up to her and say what she did was wrong. That's right Benji. You're a spineless, dickless excuse for a man and I have no idea why any of you feel the priveledge to use YouTube as a platform to share your thoughts and opinions since you can't even stand up to this fat assed psycho.

>And Chambers Of the Irrelevant is in the chat.

wtf chambers? I just read some dramatic, long winded tweet about you walking away from helping Rose because some Deep family secret had resurfaced and was causing you grief and that was more import for you to deal with. That was a quick recovery then, cause you been all over Twitter.

No. 348377

Shes streaming with benji

No. 348378


> I just read some dramatic, long winded tweet about you walking away from helping Rose because some Deep family secret had resurfaced and was causing you grief

Can you post link to tweet and/or screen shot

No. 348380

Vivica is the owner of onisionrants tumblr blog, joy and her do not get along, her real name is Rachael. She kept throwing pity parties and making the Skype voice chat all about herself when joy was in there, joy didn't like that because she wasn't in the spotlight, it caused a shitstorm, she has also previously commented on a thread releasing some of the "anti o" Skype chat joy was involved in.

Sage for not sure if relevant.

No. 348383


Interesting. I'll have to go back and look for that.

Also, Copper just lost it on Cy. Fucking hilarious.

No. 348385

File: 1499503402378.png (452.8 KB, 1136x640, image.png)


Post 6/22/17

She really is a drama cow. Sadly is didn't work in the slightest, as no one sees to have heard.

No. 348389

I'm the Anon who suggested joining Patreon just to report her crusty arse. It will be happening crusty Kati, along with a lot of other evidence I've collated (but won't give you a head's up about). You can do yourself a favour and actually pull it yourself and spare your future potential to open a new account, or you can let me (and other Anons, strength in numbers and all that jazz) do it for you.

I will say one thing, just because it's too late for you to do anything about it) your latest strike confirmation about harassment and bullying is also against Patreon tos. They don't like it when account owners use money raised on their services to harass people.

It all kicked off after I left last night didn't it?! I'm not sure if I should now post the Twitter threats/rant to Konstigo? I will still have it all saved on my PC for future reference if needed.

No. 348399

Can someone give a summary of the livestream and the part with Copper when it's finished?

Anyone who is in the stream with her are clearly silly. I saw a minute if it as I couldn't stand to watch anymore. Benji is still doing everything he's told, including to twerk.

It's a stark contrast to an earlier livestream with him and Joy, when asked to twerk he appeared uncomfortable with the idea.

Joy still doesn't understand? I personally think she does, she just doesn't want to start again after being exposed.

No. 348402


First post so forgive me if I haven't posted correctly.
I too have joined her merry tards on patreon and have reported her for lack of content even though she's extremely active on other platforms.

As for Benji he's been well and truly cucked and unfortunately seems to be in too deep now, he's now her new puppet and appears to fail to see it so I have zero sympathy.
RIP any credibility he may have had

No. 348404


So let me get this straight, Joy and Co are complaining and gathering evidence over free speech supposedly being affected, and yet their heavily monitoring the chat, and trying to shut down others opinions?

This. Is. Ironic.

No. 348406


Yep, I soon lost any respect for him. He's two faced, moaning about the whole free speech whilst doing the opposite. No sympathy.

No. 348407

To be fair the ignorant cuck, he was trying to get CopperCab and Irate Bear to calm down with the fighting. Apparently Irate Bear told Copper to kill himself, and Copper was upset that Irate was a moderator and still allowed to stay in the chat and say these things.

But the irony of them having a stream about free speech while wanting to heavily moderate the chat isn't lost on me.

No. 348410

It's hilarious that literally nobody of import is sticking up for her on the copyright claims. Usually Youtubers are scrambling over each other's dicks to mirror and drum up outrage about copyright claims, but this time it's crickets.
Learn to take a hint, Joysus. Nobody gives a fuck about you. You're a cancer on Youtube and nobody wants to embarrass themselves by defending you publicly. Delete your against-TOS-ass channels and leave with a scrap of dignity.

No. 348412


And that should tell them something.

No. 348414

File: 1499510572017.png (601.61 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170708-063947.png)

Did anyone capture copper's tweets about the strike? He's getting response tweets but he deleted whatever he wrote that looked like he supported the strike

No. 348417


You posted correctly Anon. That's great, the more the merrier, there's a lot of things she is in breach of. I have faith that the fact we're paying will make them take us more seriously, especially if there's a lot of us not getting what we have paid for.

I can't believe how many people she is ripping off and it all comes down to profit for her. The Patreon doesn't generate as much income as her other stuff, so she doesn't bother to put in the effort she's contractually supposed to.

No. 348432

File: 1499514842444.jpg (59.7 KB, 960x720, A BS Legal & YT threats to kon…)

>>348034 I have got them locked down now, there is no way she can claim these were about someone else. Thank you for the advice.


Twitter Anon, these screenshots make a stronger case, she can't deny she was threatening Konstigo with legal action or YT action and the fact she was being abusive. I have marked out the proof it was all aimed at Konstigo in red.

I have grabbed a lot of her other threats too but this should be all you need to make a solid case that she was happy to play the legal action/strike card when it suited her.

No. 348437


Fantastic work. People need to see the hypocrisy.

No. 348445


Twitters glitchy for me so I could still see some.

In one Copper says something like his circle of friends gets smaller by the day.

In another he says something like he now knows how to file strikes so people should be careful.

No. 348452

SO, Joy's made a new video, making all the "I'm innocent lies".

She's also encouraging subscribers to use their third accounts to sub to her current account to get her to 100,000 she's claiming it's only so she can chat to someone from YouTube on there. And claims it's nothing to do with trying to get more subs, I bet it is, she probably wants to try and make the most money possible.

Shes also used her BFF's (Benji) banner on her second Eff it channel. She plugged that too on her main one in the same video. She actually said she made the channel so she can livestream.

No. 348455

File: 1499519707725.jpg (45.2 KB, 624x461, gTqS0GC.jpg)

Unethically spamming tags still.

No. 348460


She's desparate to get a play button before the channel gets the plug pulled on it. Creators can request a play button at 100k subscribers.

No. 348463

Is that type of spamming allowed on YouTube?

She clearly put more effort into the tags than she did with the video.

No. 348465


Quite possibly. It's honestly unfair how rubbish channels do so much better than ones that have fantastic content.

No. 348467

I'm about 100% sure it's against TOS to request people make extra accounts to sub to you with. Between that and the tag spam and the calls to action to get followers to spam Youtube with their petty requests, she could easily lose her channel just based on this one video. Flag flag flag!

No. 348468


Definitely report her for encouraging people to make multiple accounts.

No. 348470

Can I report her for putting her nasty herp-lip on Youtube? There could be kids watching!

No. 348471


Having caught the segment I can honestly side with copper here.

The rest clearly aren't aware if their facial expressions when their not pinned on screen for 5 seconds of fame.

I wear headphones and when copper talks, now most ones like they use in stream, the earbuds, have a pause button on them. I just pause and readjust the volume.

Its not hard, the others have given made me have to turn down my volume before now. Why are they picking on copper all if a sudden, could it be to with the fact that he's more known and liked? Probably.

Joy wasn't honest with him, it's like they enjoy laughing at everyone who isn't in their tiny circle. She told copper to look at everyone's side but not cy.

No. 348472


Nope, tag spamming is against YT tos but as usual she's been reported for it repeatedly but nothing ever gets done about it so she continues.

She got pulled about it by Mundane Matt, Repzion and Andy Warski, she played the "I had know idea it was against the tos, I'm from marketing…" But then she continued to do it anyway.

Maybe reporting them while her channels are under YT's watchful eyes will have more of an effect? It's worth a try but I won't hold my breath.

No. 348481

Well, if she thinks it's fair game to ask her subs to use second and third channels to sub to her, for the first time ever I'm going to use my second and third channels to report her for fraud. That's only exactly as fair as she's being, isn't it?

No. 348487

Samefag but as you're only allowed to report any given video for one reason, it's probably more effective to report this one for fraud for asking subscribers to artificially inflate her numbers by subscribing with multiple accounts (which of course, she'll say later she's so proud to have reached that many people lolwut).

Timestamp for when she starts asking for subs is 6:22.

Make sure to let Youtube know that she's scamming Youtube itself to get Youtube sempai to notice her.

No. 348489

Just reported it as others should her tags are exploitative too

No. 348491

Yes, I reported it for tag spam too, but that is a much lighter offense than the actual scam she's running in that video. I tried to report her for the fraud after the tag spam but found out I could only report it once.

If you can only report it once, choose the more serious offense, since they might actually care about that one over the tag spam that they repeatedly ignore.

No. 348497


You can also send feedback on a mobile, I did this to explain my concerns in depth.

You can also use the page you're on to further help explain.

No. 348498

Agree. I've reported her for tags multiple times (and just did again because wishful thinking). No1curr.

No. 348512

Thanks for the heads up Anons, I'll report her for the more serious offence, especially since tag spam reporting has been a pointless exercise in the past.

Does anyone have the tos paragraph that states what she is asking for is a breach? I'd like to be able to quote it in my report. I'm looking through but I can't see this section, or I'm looking in the wrong place?

I have access to a few different accounts, not all of them mine either, different family members, who I'm sure will be happy to assist.

No. 348513

Where is this stream? I think I'd like to watch that.

No. 348515

No. 348516

hope someone has that re-uploaded somewhere in case they remove it

No. 348517


I will use Tube catcher to download it now, I can add it onto vidme later.

No. 348535

If her background is in marketing, how can she call herself "press" and get inside info about the Do5 case? She's so pathetic.

No. 348536

>>348512 I think this is what you're looking for.


Specifically, the artificial traffic spam

No. 348538

She is too dense to know that she might get more people supporting her if she showed appreciation to her "fans". I've noticed on her twitter that she hardly ever even thanks anyone or comments unless they of course are other Youtubers. She will retweet if it helps her. She can't use the same crap answers as to why she doesn't interact with people on her YouTube ( too many comments!) . She may only have a few comments on Twitter but Katy is too good and too busy to do anything but like a tweet. This is one of the things that pissed me off the most about her. She doesn't feel her time or effort is good enough to waste on her " followers" but damn she will have a go at any negative shit. If you look at the comment section of huge YouTube channels most make an effort to engage even a little with subscribers. Katy just can't deal with the HUGE number of comments even to thank a few of her cult. It's just a symptom of her arrogance. She will immediately go on livestream to wail about " da haters" rather then spending a little time engaging with the people that kiss her ass. She expects that lol

No. 348539


Thank you Anon, I'm currently looking through strike specific guidelines, so I was miles away from where I needed to be.


She calls herself "media" and "press" because she dropped out of journalism school lol. Her inside information consisted off sweet talking and harassing herself closer to Rose and the lawyer, then when she was told the gag related to the media and she had other negative heat on her, along with being pulled about sharing incorrect information without fact checking, she suddenly wasn't "press" anymore, so shouldn't be held up to the same standards.

No. 348542

Also this.


Specifically the part about gaining subs through artificial means.

No. 348543


>>348538 Yes and I have screenshots from her early days where she makes a big deal about replying to everyone and while I understand why she can't reply to every comment she gets now, she makes no effort at all. Yet she used to be full of how they take time out of their day to talk to her, so the least she can do is acknowledge it, etc. She thinks she is above them now. Does she even use mass messaging to show how thankful or appreciative she is? Even just picking a few at random would be the nice thing to do.

Every thing she started off saying at the beginning has either completely become the opposite, or they have become prophetic in the way that she was describing Onion's manipulations and games only they now apply to her.

No. 348544


LOL. I took a chemistry class in college. I guess that makes me a microbiologist.

I'll sit back and laugh when she gets cited for leaking info. A gag order is a gag order. She's not "press," and even if she were she coudln't release any info.

BTW…in high school I read a book about the British Monarchy. Soooooo….move over Kate, I'M the next Queen of England.

No. 348547

Clearly she didn't get very far in "journalism" seeing how she very obviously never completed a course in ethics in journalism.

No. 348548

Exactly. I also used my second, third and my wife's account.

No. 348559

I've got 9 different accounts, I guess I can use mine too. ;)

No. 348562

I hope you subbed to her with all those accounts first. She needs to hit 100k, you know.

No. 348563

and people in hell need ice water, lol

No. 348568




There are ethics in journalism?

No. 348570

I used all 4 of mine. I just made sure to change what I wrote for each one, and took it a step farther by changing my ip with my VPN for each report.

No. 348574

>>348536 Thanks Anon, I quoted it in my reports.

I've used my account & the accounts of three family members, that's all I've got. Lol.

I've downloaded her video just in case we succeed and she tries to deny ever asking people to artificially inflate her subs, which is totally something this cow would do. Whatever happens, we have a copy if ever needed. I also downloaded Benji's stream.

No. 348581

You should download her latest video. The one about DO5 violating the protection order. Within the first minute of that video she says she'll just keep making new channels as the get taken down. I'm pretty sure that's also against YouTubes TOS.

No. 348583

Yes that is extremely against TOS and not a person in their right mind would defend her on that.

No. 348588

i've reported several of her videos for harassment towards both onision, and daddy o five, any videos promoting her patreon or gofundme pages have been reported as fraud, ive also reported her new account for ban evading and fraud, because shes clearly faking her illness for sympathy and that oh so important money she doesn't care about.
the fall of sparkle shitbag is nigh.

No. 348589


It is, I've reported this one too and I have downloaded a copy to tube catcher.

What an idiot, when is she going to learn what is and isn't acceptable on YT? She can keep trying to blame others for her shit being pulled but at the end of the day if she stuck to the guidelines and tos, YT wouldn't pull them! And now here she is blatantly telling YT that for every video they pull (because ultimately it is their decision to pull it dimwit, we can report your shit but not do5, not onion, not us, none of us has the power to pull it, only YT can) she's just going to keep on making more and more channels to keep making more and more shit that goes against guidelines.

She's making this so easy for everyone who can't stand her.

No. 348590

Got a present for you all, my lovely anons.


>Account terminations - Users whose accounts have been terminated are prohibited from accessing, possessing or creating any other YouTube accounts.

Her continued use of ANY account is a violation of TOS, being that she's been terminated once.
Use this information as you will. It's public and common knowledge.

No. 348596

Would that count against Benji's channel as well since she keeps joining (taking over) his livestreams. I mean let's face it Benji's channel is basically hers when she's on his livestream.

No. 348598

His should get taken down too, then. Maybe then people would learn to stop supporting this rancid bitch

No. 348600

No, that's low. He won't be able to support her when she is gone from youtube forever anyway. Going on other people's channels probably doesn't count, since she's not actually accessing control of their channel.

This latest video is terrible. Cuss a few more in every sentence, bitch.

No. 348603

Have you not seen his livestreams she's on. She runs it and her joytard mods run the chat deleting any form of criticism against her no matter how small it is.

Sleep with dogs and you get fleas.

No. 348606

I'm saying it doesn't matter by Youtube's standards as she's not literally in control of his channel with access to his logins.
Therefore if you flag his channel for hosting her on a group stream, it's a false flag, which itself is a violation of TOS. Let's flag where appropriate and not go overboard. It makes us look bad. So don't.

No. 348609

>>348589 As long as she has people supporting her narrative on things; she'll never get that she's held to the same standards as everyone else on Youtube.

I think it's ironic, really - she perceives the people who tried to warn her over the last several months as people out to silence/censor her; but it's her friends - the people who support her in all this - that are actually helping to destroy her channel that much quicker.

No. 348611

True. Hopefully he learns to eventually distance himself from her. Because honestly I don't think he's a bad person and his content isn't completely garbage like hers is.

No. 348617

Anyone notice that she has some kind of fetish for Australian men? She surrounds herself with them. Mikenactor, Suit Yourself, Benji, and maybe others I can't remember right now. It's kinda weird, right?

Above anons, please sage if you're not adding milk.

No. 348618

Benji is far from innocent.

His livestreams are viewable by any age, and considering the content that's worrying.

He has technically also harassed other youtubers, as have others in Joy's circle.

None of them get my sympathy, if they were in it to raise awareness none of them would try to make money. Even off of Onision.

So technically people are right to report her, she definitely had adds up on some of the D05 videos too.

No. 348620

I am honestly curious as to what sparkly bull shit is trying to do. She just uploaded her third video of the day. She has to know how close she is to losing that channel (doesn't she have two strikes on it?), the other is already gone. Is she trying to get shut down?

No. 348622

I hope she goes off the deep end and deletes all of her social media accounts and disappears off the internet

No. 348623

Nobody here will ever argue that Joysus deserves multiple flags and to lose her channels.
This thread isn't about Benji so please don't derail, take it to the Joytard threads if it's relevant.

No. 348625


The one's she's with are too trusting, that's the only reason.

She surrounds herself with sheeple.

No. 348626


It technically is relevant though.

They're the ones who are encouraging her, when she needs people who will be honest with her.

I'm concerned for anyone else she might stab in the back, not those in her circle as they've had longer than most. She's shown she's all too happy to throw people under the book or hypocrisy she never reads.

No. 348627

Look through the other threads if you have any doubts about the relevance of bringing up other people. This is considered derailing.

I'm trying to warn you before you get banned.

No. 348628

For your convenience. The channel is auto populated from the variable in the url.


You're welcome. :D

No. 348632

File: 1499538281015.png (284.24 KB, 1242x1723, IMG_1793.PNG)

She's to fucking stupid to actually understand what she's doing. She's blatantly denying telling people to use multiple accounts to subscribe to her channel and also just admitted shes making more channels.

No. 348634


That is not what she meant otherwise she would have said so.

And I agree, she's confirming her intent to make multiple channels. Proof's there now.

No. 348635

Catchup because people are burying excellent information.

Information about reporting Joysus on Youtube

Latest Benji stream

Other milk

No. 348636


And hang on four? I thought she had 3?

Oh dear, the plague of multiple Sparkles accounts. There's no escape.

No. 348638

>And I agree, she's confirming her intent to make multiple channels.

OMFG! It's like a spider who's egg sack just burst. But please, continue spawning your filth. Maybe it'll expidite your doom.

No. 348644

Not only is there proof she said all that in a twitter post that had teamYouTube and YouTube tagged.

No. 348653

File: 1499539967926.png (143.35 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Um, and who the hell do you think you are, inserting yourself into a legal situation and asking a lawyer questions. Unless you're paying him, involved in the case or his paralegal, you might take second place for entitlement.

No. 348657

File: 1499540350808.png (153.14 KB, 1242x1194, IMG_1794.PNG)

I don't think you'll be modding anything once the supposed YouTubers you mod for find out what you're using their platform and names for.

No. 348658


No! Faceplamed so hard right now. And I thought I was stupid!


So her fans are stalking lawyers now? Bahahahahahahah, yeah I'm sure he'll be only too happy to help…

No. 348661

File: 1499540662600.png (283.38 KB, 1242x1736, IMG_1795.PNG)

Now she's trying to go after Sharika Soal again. The way she keeps poking these people, it almost like she's trying to get all her accounts terminated.

No. 348669

That's basically the "if you don't like me, don't watch" argument, which she's perfectly capable of recognising as bullshit when it doesn't pertain to her.
My lord, "get a life" is basically the only "argument"(?) the Spurglefuckles have against any dissenters in the comments, too. Like master like cultists.

No. 348672

Joy is now saying she has four channels? So she had two, one was shut down/banned, the main on is a strike away from being terminated, and she's now not only violating TOS by making new channels, but discussing it publicly? This is going to be over VERY soon. She has a lot of people who dislike her and are reporting her, and, well…I guess all I can say is get ready for an epic meltdown on Benji's Livesteam in the coming days, because she will be VERY lucky if her main channel is not completely purged by the end of the weekend.

I'm obviously not a Joy fan, but will say this Shakira girl seems a bit off her rocker…..I'm reading the Twitter convos now and she is making some statements about HIPAA that are totally incorrect. Also she is talking about needing signed releases when you make YouTube reaction videos, which isn't true either. I think Joy has likely gone above and beyond Fair Use in many circumstances (though that would be for a judge to decide), but Shakira is talking about releases that are used on commercial television, not Youtube videos. She's acting like a know-it-all, but a lot of what she's saying can be easily debunked but she isn't backing down.

No. 348673


Notice how she always uses things like "u" instead of "you". It's quite telling.

Maybe if she tried to adult more she might start getting better results.

No. 348674

File: 1499541727517.jpg (415.46 KB, 1242x2244, IMG_1798.JPG)

Joy and her joytards just beautifully displayed their racism for all to see. She's fucking gone off the deep end. LOL

No. 348677


That girl has been nothing but polite.

What Kim Jong Joy actually means is "how dare you not bow and scrape down to me! How dare you not flatter me & tell me how amazing I am! How dare you not recognise my magnificence!"

This implosion of hers is such a beautiful thing to witness.

How long do you think it will take for YT to review the reports of her latest blatant disregard of their rules? I feel like a child on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa to deliver my presents. Lol.

No. 348680


Ah, that is a whole other bone I have to pick.

I have noticed this myself, talking about her endowments in a certain way. The thinly veiled pokes.


I agree, one could argue she's only using Joy logic back. She's very polite and much more articulate than the self claimed member of the press Joy.

No. 348689


This!!! This will about make me blow my annon status. I will not stand for this. And she's now stepped in the two groups who can do the greatest damage to her. Military and African American/racial equality. Her and Pescatores comments were needlessly inflammatory and throwing gasoline on the fire. What was said was barely even insulting. And joy threw a racial slur that destroyed a community? And caused the deaths of many black men and law enforcement officers. How dare she throw that at a black woman as an insult. If I were there, I'd spit in her face.

Sage for major rant.

No. 348692

File: 1499542992041.jpg (173.05 KB, 670x1432, Adobe_20170708_144200.jpg)

I hope this woman brings kati down to the ground

No. 348693

File: 1499543099828.jpg (582.8 KB, 1242x3319, IMG_1802.JPG)

Well the racist comments from her and her joytards just keep coming.

No. 348694


Alright, so now it looks like she wants her Twitter suspended, too. One channel gone, one channel close behind, and now she's digging her grave and about to piss off a group of BLM activists who will mass-report. She's not handling this too well…. by continuing an e-fight she's going to burn HERSELF to the ground…

No. 348695

File: 1499543248822.png (236.23 KB, 697x946, 20170708_144542.png)

No. 348696

when she does burn herself, I'll be supplying the marshmallows so we can roast them on the embers of her "career" :)

No. 348701

File: 1499543865156.png (161.99 KB, 1242x1167, IMG_1803.PNG)

Just keep poking the bear Kim Jong Joy.

No. 348703

Oh I can't wait to see her throw her little tantrum when all of her shit gets deleted.

No. 348704

File: 1499544182088.png (208.27 KB, 1242x1368, IMG_1805.PNG)

Sorry for the multiple screenshots but the milk is flowing today.
She thinks she's being funny but she's just digging herself deeper. I honestly don't know what her end game is here.

No. 348705

I was gonna post some too, I'll wait til you're done and see if any of the ones I have ate relevant after.

No. 348706

Go ahead anon. I'm going to take a break for awhile before I get to pissed off at her actions.

No. 348708

Sharika is not a supporter of BLM, A FACT THAT BOTH THESE MORONS ARE MISSING. Joy is in way over her head.

No. 348709

The floodgates have opened and the true monster that lies beneath is finally revealing itself!

We all knew she was a racist piece of shit, now everyone can see it. She's going to try and hide it under the anti sjw skeptic umbrella because she has zero understanding of what that community really is. Nobody of reasonable intelligence likes a racist Kati.

No. 348711

I'm confused….so Joy is saying her Twitter pal is a BLM supporter when she isn't? Did she and her followers just assume this based on her skin color? WTF?! This is getting ridiculous. Is this Shakira person the same woman Kim Kardashian's legal team recently threatened to sue? I Googled her to see what her company was, and the only thing I'm finding is reports on TMZ about someone with the same name writing an article for HuffPo and using a fake quote from Kim about the Paris robbery stating Kim said it was "a publicity stunt gone bad". Kim said she is going to sue, and Shakira said go ahead there isn't anything to sue for. This is all soooo weird!!!

No. 348713

File: 1499545056562.png (148.72 KB, 720x954, 20170708_151639.png)

This tweet is everything she is ha!

No. 348716


That's good in that it gives Joy no excuses, how is she going to backtrack on this? Nobody mentioned blm at all, it had nothing to do with the conversation at all, Shakira has no blm posts on her page, so she can't say she checked out her profile and saw she supported them so that's why she said it. She said it based solely on the fact that Shakira is black.

No. 348718


Same fag from >>348711 . That clears up my question. I can't keep up with Twitter it's not loading. Wow, these two are at each other's throats. Joy needs to move along, but she won't. She's lucky her debilitating illness allows her to engage in Twitter beef and put out 3 videos today. I'm watching this like a hawk it's too damn good!

No. 348720

I can't wait till Joy makes a video about this and it gets flagged to death for the inevitable racist remarks she'll make during it.

No. 348726


Someone ought to mention to her that joy likes to make rape jokes, too.

No. 348728

It's not that confusing. Sharika noticed joy sharing onisions content in her videos (specifically the military stuff) and started reporting her video to YouTube. She claims to be responsible for the two strikes on her channel. Joy got into it with her on twitter and brought BLM movement into it (in some capacity). Only problem is in her ignorance and lack of research, she attacked her based on completely inaccurate info (Sharika is not a supporter of the BLM). What she is is a professional media person who seems to know her shit and is calling joy out on hers.

No. 348731

File: 1499546509293.png (131.66 KB, 1125x957, IMG_2621.PNG)

Keep digging yourself that racist hole Joy

No. 348732

Holy shit, Rome is burning! Joy's mask has finally slipped. Where's all her friends? Nobody coming to her rescue? Any perceived credibility she had with fans or other youtubers should now be nullified. There is no amount of spin or backpedaling Joy could do to get out of this hole she dug herself.

No. 348733

Joyous will keep her argument with Shakira going now that she knows she is successful, she'll happily leech off anyone. She doesn't care if it's positive or negative attention, in fact the negative attention seems to get her more views because people tune in just to see what idiocy she'll unleash next, either way she gets money out of it.

I'm happy to see she is being taken on by someone who knows how she rolls, she won't be able to sweet talk or "private DM convo" her way out of this. Lol.

No. 348734


That was in response to this YouNow moment.

Anyone EVER see Joy refer to people as "boo boo" or use some of these particular phrases/voice inflections ANY other time?


No. 348737

File: 1499547001945.png (406.84 KB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20170708-164013.png)

Her last upload about DO5 fans loving child abuse is terrible and one of the worst things she has done, in my opinion. For someone that only cares about"helping the children" and saving the world from the bad guys, this is a new low. She makes a big joke out of terrible comments directed at the kids, that were in the DO5 fan group (Attaching a sample) and even plays fun western style music as if the smiles and laughing during the video isn't enough. At the very least, what about Rose and her feelings? I don't even care for Rose and am anti GoFundMe for her, but jfc I can't imagine seeing joy making fun out of my children's very public abuse.

No. 348738

Kati, not everyone responds to you in the sweet, sparkly, saccharine way your sycophants do. Sometimes its good to listen to the firmest voices out there. They may actually be trying to help.

No. 348740

File: 1499547083934.png (243.59 KB, 1242x1723, IMG_1806.PNG)

How fucking delusional is Joy and her fans. I highly doubt someone with 4 times the followers and a verified twitter is just trying to ride joys success.

No. 348743

File: 1499547364578.png (145.31 KB, 720x908, 20170708_155309.png)

No. 348744


check out Elana Vital's youtube. she's a fucking mess just like you'd expect.

No. 348747

File: 1499547592333.png (133.12 KB, 720x996, 20170708_155759.png)

Here's yet another example of her hypocrisy. Joy is so "humble" she never, ever, nevereverever name drops. Ever.

No. 348750

File: 1499547668744.png (80.34 KB, 720x645, 20170708_155733.png)

A couple people are posting screen shot and passages of her blog contradicting her claims of illness and what not. Can't capture them all on mobile.

No. 348752


I distinctly remember her own fans saying it was weird that she name dropped and said she had a "huge platform" during her car dealership meltdown. It's captured in the chat because the anon who recorded it wasn't able to get the entire rant. Of course we could always ask Joy to release that full stream, right? Yeah, right.

No. 348753

File: 1499547789074.png (258.67 KB, 1242x1625, IMG_1807.PNG)

We better stop guys apparently Joy is a woman of color according to one of her joytards.

No. 348754

File: 1499547999202.png (124.35 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Hey look! A squirrel and a squirrel lover!!

Beat me to it

And thank you, Eobard.

>Joyous will keep her argument with Shakira going now that she knows she is successful, she'll happily leech off anyone. She doesn't care if it's positive or negative attention, in fact the negative attention seems to get her more views because people tune in just to see what idiocy she'll unleash next, either way she gets money out of it.

She won't be arguing for too long hopefully. It's been reported. All platforms. And will continue. This has been way past lolcow status for many for some time. We've watched as its gotten worse in ways seeming impossible. The last 24 hours are jaw dropping. If it was going to help anyone to continue, sure, enjoy the drama. But the topics being hit recently are far too sensitive for many people. It's going to cause more pain than any good. She needs to be shut up for good. This is beyond copyright and bullying. She's using about years of oppression as a joke. People who's sons have been murdered as an insult. Wives who've lost their husbands on duty. Women victimized by sexual assault. These can all be triggered by her lack of restraint. It's not entertainment anymore. It's painful. And she's teaching her few followers left that this is an ok way to fight people. Curious how many annons can't even stomach to read her comments anymore?

No. 348755

Omg! The lack of self awareness is fucking staggering!

She just accused Shakira of name dropping to make herself relevant, she spelled leech wrongly "leach" minutes after trying to be a grammar Nazi and school Shakira on her sentence structures.

Every insult she throws at someone else is the same thing she's guilty of. Lol.

Then to put the cherry on top, she keeps ranting about how she hasn't proved she's a liar, yet someone else has replied with receipts of just a few of her lies but Kati has mysteriously avoided those.

I didn't know she'd lied about Kati Marie Smith not being her real name, is this new? Or has it just got lost in the sea if lies?

No. 348756

What the heck is going on?

Joy you stereotyped by saying "BLM will burn down my house" or something similar.

Oh my gosh, really?!

No. 348757


Agreed. This is fucking disgusting. Joy regularly makes me sick but this is on a whole other level. As if the near constant rape jokes weren't enough she's now openly mocking something so major and horrible in such a flippant, ignorant way.

It's shit like this that convinces me she hasn't experienced much hardship or trauma in life. I usually wouldn't wish difficult things on a person but Joy absolutely deserves the wake up call.


She tried to lecture someone about their sentence structure? You've gotta be fucking kidding me.

No. 348758

Shes against blm actually

No. 348759

I've reported her tweets, this is. Disgusting. Who does she think she is?

I could not remain as polite if I was on the receiving end of Queen Joytards nonsense.

This makes me so upset to see.

No. 348760

>>348755 me fag
Yes I was trying to open one of her fans eyes and when I told her to google kati marie smith she told me "joy" said that wasnt actually her real name and how were so stupid. Going to look for my convo w/fan so I can post screen shots. The girl later apologized to me.

No. 348761


I would like to hear her excuse as to why she believed Shakira is pro blm? I think we'll be waiting a long time.

I saw one of the fans defending her saying that blm "do burn buildings" so it's not racist, etc. Why aren't they registering that her comment was based solely on Shakira's skin colour? There was no legitimate excuse to bring that into their conversation.

>>348753 She is the person who made the above excuse, she also stated that she herself, is a woman of colour, so I think she means you are "bullying" her, I don't think she is referring to Joy as a woman of colour. The fact this lady is a woman of colour and she is still defending Joyous for bringing blm into somewhere it doesn't belong is sad.

No. 348762

File: 1499548796791.png (69.8 KB, 755x618, predator.png)

Anyone who calls her out is a predator.

Moral Virus. Now Sharika.

No. 348765

File: 1499548901765.png (276.66 KB, 1242x1710, IMG_1808.PNG)

And prepare for the flood gates to open upon Joy.

No. 348766

File: 1499548960357.png (59.21 KB, 708x556, paris.png)

Is it just me, or does the whole "bitch sit down" thing that she keeps saying towards Sharika come off a tad racist as well?

Never have seen her say that to others.

No. 348768

File: 1499549153655.png (82.28 KB, 720x587, 20170708_162404.png)

This woman isn't all there in the head I think…way too much intake of joys propaganda.

No. 348769

It does. Have you seen the replys to Joy and her joytards. There's quite a few pissed off African Americans. Yet what she said isn't racist.

No. 348770

Kati has female issues in general. she's called women "cunts" before and not in the jokey way her fans try to play it off as.

No. 348771

File: 1499549280466.png (53.17 KB, 708x506, jealous.png)


Agreed. I mean she admits having been jealous of Joy previously.

Get your priorities straight, my dude.

No. 348773

File: 1499549988212.jpg (380.25 KB, 1242x2255, IMG_1811.JPG)

What the hell is wrong with this joytard?

No. 348777


She mad.

No. 348779

File: 1499550369962.png (223.86 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-07-08-17-37-27…)

No. 348780

File: 1499550396833.png (308.4 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-07-08-17-38-16…)

No. 348783

File: 1499550513233.png (191.26 KB, 708x808, amazing.png)

Aw hell we're in a motherfuckin' milk flood.

No. 348784

File: 1499550537341.png (540.25 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-07-08-17-37-10…)

No. 348785


She's a woman of colour too, yet she's still defending her! People are trying to spell it out why it was racist to her but she's just not getting it.

Never go full Joytard folks, it messes with your reality perception.

No. 348786

File: 1499550681723.png (189.25 KB, 720x1128, 20170708_164908.png)

No. 348787



AND IN THE FACE OF SOMEONE WHO DOESN'T EVEN LIKE BLACK LIVES MATTER! I can't stop lolling at the disgusting stupidity of this cow.

It's clear Joy thinks all black people are with BLM. Which is fucking racist.

No. 348788

File: 1499551026403.png (139.36 KB, 720x864, 20170708_165604.png)

Are we gonna have thread #9 by the end of the day? Lol damn.

No. 348790


F*CK YES! Thank you Apryl for that gem we all love that just so proves that she's so full of shit about this pathetic sickness. She was totally unable to work in '06…but it was during that time she claims she was working as ad advertising & marketing executive? And when she eff did she get the college degree she's mentioned? If she's 33 she would have been in university from 2002-2006. And then there was also Paris, which we know she actually did live in, even if it was for a very short time.

In 2006 the stars alignment and planetary forces made her ill, she saved herself with hydrogen peroxide and angels for a few seconds until that IUD whos company she "cant wait to sue because they're killing millions of women" has done her in for almost a decade. No need to see a doctor though or accept insurance from her generous viewers. Someone else slam her with the lie that it's been proven the amount of copper in the IUD brand/year she got it does not make it physically possible to obtain poisoning from, the levels are so minuscule compared to what would cause toxicity, and feel free to include the links to the multiple studies.

No. 348791


Well you called Onision a pedo and abuser with no proof. Phil a stalker. I'm sure you called konstigo many things. As well as based mama, chambers and nick. Lolcow could quickly and easily provide you with that list.

No. 348793

File: 1499551419306.png (168.91 KB, 720x907, 20170708_170250.png)


No. 348797


She's lost her bloody mind! She knows she has proof, she knows Anons on here have proof, do5 and Onion fans are also bound to have captured that too. I saw someone say she has deleted the original tweet but she has to know there are screenshots, yet she's demanding proof as if it's nonexistent.

She's the biggest twatwaffle of all time.

No. 348808

And here it is, (or isn't it wouldn't let me post the screenshot) her excuse for bringing blm into her racial abuse is that Shakira brought it up!

Most of us have been following this since it kicked off, did anyone see Shakira make a single pro blm reference during her back and forth with Joy? I know I didn't…

No. 348809


Screenshots taken. Will keep them for future in case others need them. Maybe the send button should just be hit @ferguson @baltimore They can use them in the classroom for examples of veiled racism, and conartists on YouTube.

No. 348810

No. She told Joy to google her name and BLM and she would see she calls them out.

No. 348813

File: 1499552287339.jpg (53.82 KB, 480x487, IMG_20170708_231122.jpg)

Samefag at >>348808

Further attempting to post the screenshot.

No. 348816

She Just. Keeps. Going. lol

No. 348818

Jesus H christ she never frigging stops.

No. 348819

Please tell me people are reporting this to twitter. I would love to see the fallout if she loses her channel and twitter at the same time, lol.

No. 348820

I'm a cyberbully and sexist and racist and a hypocrite… the list's too long at this point.

No. 348823

The sit down crap is from Kendrick Lamar's song "Humble". Joy just loves brown people.
I am loving how Joy is whining because Shareka has been going after her for 12 hours. How long has she been going after Greg and Lainey?

No. 348824

Has it even been 12 hours?

No. 348827


HA! People tried to warn French to steer clear of SpurgleButt… now, apparently she's told her inner circle that she wants something from him and the spergleberries will hound him for it publicly.

No. 348828


I've reported her for "targeted harassment" it would only let me highlight five of her tweets though, so I chose the tweets where she was insulting Shakira.

No. 348830

Nice thanks anon

No. 348833

To the Eobard anon, does that joytard actually know you. She is incredibly creepy just like Joy.

She alone shows the affect that Joy has on her audience.

(Sorry for being off topic)

No. 348834

No she doesn't know me. She seems to have it in her retarded head that I am Onision. It's getting real old real quick.

No. 348838

Do you have DMs closed? Idk if I'm just missing it, or it's not there.

No. 348843

File: 1499555188870.png (110.45 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


I'm thinking this shit storm may be a bit too big for Mr French Esq to handle.


Same. This first tweet, which came after Shakara making a meme, were the ones included in my report. Several spurgleberries could probably be reported too, but who has the time.

While trying to screenshot this shit show I would catch blips of screenshots her spurgleberries tagged her in. I didn't have time, nor cared to grab shots, and I won't clog the board of legit milk. But it's obvious they're so desperate for attention because she's been tied up in her Twitter fued, they're grasping at anything. so suddenly "joy sparkle smells" posted from Do5 fan group is retweeted and certain to bring them ass pats when Joy uses it to bring them down. What a sad existence.

No. 348844

No there open if you follow my twitter.

No. 348847

File: 1499555387006.jpg (136.68 KB, 798x1027, Screenshot_2017-07-08-18-58-50…)

I don't know, but Joy is literally changing her story as she goes.

No. 348851

Does Joyous still have a second twitter account?

I can remember when I first tried to follow her account I chose the wrong one, it was a smaller account with around 400 followers. I didn't realise until I saw the screenshots on here that I was watching the wrong account.

I'm doing a search now, something with her YT profile photo (which was on that smaller account) just popped up but disappeared in seconds. Could someone else check please?

If her main twitter gets pulled she might just switch to that, even if she isn't supposed to.

>>348830 It was my pleasure, Anon.

Well I'm done for the night. I'm both dreading and looking forward to the shit storm I'll return to tomorrow. Enjoy.

No. 348861

>If her main twitter gets pulled she might just switch to that, even if she isn't supposed to.

I'm actually curious to see if she pulls the "I had to go to the hospital" card or something similar soon. She's gone so far not many will follow and she's too lazy todo it herself. She's going to have to find a way to bide time or garner major sympathy to tide her over cause her leftover joytards are few.

Speaking of. Where did this Elora_dannon come from on Twitter. An obvious plant. Doing a great job keeping things off topic.

No. 348872


I was wondering that too. I don't think she can stop herself from posting. Seems like it does something for her psyche

No. 348878

File: 1499558810435.png (179.12 KB, 712x1110, 20170708_190509.png)

Here's a cap of where she's lecturing on sentence structure.

No. 348884

A. she's using voice to text again or
B. She's so pissed because her house of cards is crumbling she can't think straight.

No. 348887

File: 1499559747984.png (212.62 KB, 1242x1405, IMG_1815.PNG)

She absolutely can't stop tweeting. Her ego won't let her. Apparently she wants people to post more evidence as to why she's a fraud.

No. 348890

File: 1499560245687.png (159.3 KB, 720x1112, 20170708_192841.png)

This is where BLM was first mentioned in that debacle.

No. 348896

Okay so this may be stupid and feel free to call me out.

However, the constant nagging on Joys part about the strikes and how the are false is stupid (this isn't the part to call me out on I think we all agree).

The thing is, most of these claims have been reviewed by YouTube already. To constantly harass YouTube about something they've already considered is ridiculous.

I doubt that this shit storm she is causing will change YouTube's mind at all.

(Sorry for reposting, forgot to sage)

No. 348897

File: 1499561638557.png (190.72 KB, 720x1125, 20170708_195322.png)

Just fucking l o fucking l. I dont know about anyone else, but when i want to talk to someone about my "job" I don't tweet at them incessantly.

No. 348900

Is that strike 2 or 3. Either way her main channel might be gone by Monday with any luck.

No. 348903


Or proceed to further make myself look like someone who would harass, bully and use hate speech by engaging and encouraging others to engage in a pointless Twitter argument. You look really innocent, Joy. I'm sure YouTube will reconsider.

No. 348904

File: 1499562093544.png (231.42 KB, 1242x1513, IMG_1817.PNG)

Joy's such a liar.

No. 348908

File: 1499562213267.png (118.95 KB, 720x1227, 20170708_200132.png)

Then she tweeted this and the description says.. "subscribe to my new backup channel joy sparkle eff it." Lol keep it up kati. You're doing fantastic! Lol

No. 348909

File: 1499562291536.png (337.77 KB, 1242x1680, IMG_1818.PNG)

And there it is her life is in danger. LOL

No. 348910

File: 1499562375333.png (225.86 KB, 720x1122, 20170708_200416.png)

One of her joytards says otherwise, I think he is anyway. He says he studying paralegal soo

No. 348919

She really is the female Onion, isn't she? Constantly tweeting to Twitter when she messes up, and blames everyone else but herself.

No. 348926

Maybe she thinks Youtube is a type of Wal-mart and, if she complains enough, she'll get her way.

No. 348927

The reason why sho got this, is because in her video it shows someone's personal information from their Facebook.
For someone that took journalism you would think that Joy would know that's a big no no.

No. 348928

She's trying to say that because it was publicly available on fb then it's okay to show in her video. She couldn't be more wrong kek

No. 348930

File: 1499563977536.png (208.69 KB, 720x1236, 20170708_202405.png)

Case in point

No. 348937

She also says at the end of that video she made another YouTube channel and to subscribe to it so she can livestream when she hits 10k subs.
So if you report her for the privacy issues make sure to also mention that little tidbit.

No. 348942

File: 1499565121299.png (139.69 KB, 1227x1033, IMG_1819.PNG)

She is blatantly breaking youtube TOS here. She's obviously thinks the rules don't apply to her.

No. 348953


for those who she's blocked, no logging out necessary

No. 348956

Oh my god! There is NO hope for her! She's shooting herself in the foot. I'm looking at Twitter- She has been told many times not to mess with that channel, that it is violating Terms of Service and using it is going to get her main channel shut down since people are going to report her for what she's doing. But she totally doesn't care. She thinks she is smarter than the system, STILL. This to me is just more proof she has a mental health issue/narc. If I were her I would be doing everything in my power to fix my mistakes, mend the wounds, and get legal advice since Youtube will not help creators like her. It's so automated. But she thinks she's bigger and more powerful and an army of tweeters will fix it….or something. I can't believe this.

No. 348959

Guesses on how much of a shit show this stream will be?
*victimizing herself
*bragging about subs
Please God, don't let that waste of space cy be there, or Benji. Please, no Benji.

No. 348960

>>>Please God, don't let that waste of space cy be there

but…but…you don't want to hear Cy's AWESOME impressions? What if she wears a wig today and imitates someone from DaddyoFive facebook group? Or himself Onision again?

…..seriously I get the worst second hand embarrassment from that Cy person. It makes me wickedly uncomfortable.

No. 348962

Cy's going to definitely be there - she's been giving me the impression of being Joy's #1 cheerleader for a long while, now.

Part of me can't help but wonder (hope) that the only reason she's streaming on her 'secret' account is because Benji didn't want to host her after today's Twitter tirade.

No. 348964


Is she able to accept money on this new account through the chats, or does she have a waiting period/subscriber count, etc??

No. 348966

i believe you have to get about 1000 subs or so before you can get money from superchat.

No. 348967

Talk about someone digging their own grave! This is how you know the girl has no real friends. If my bff was committing career suicide like this? I wouldve gone over to her house and taken away her computer & phone. SHES A MORON!

No. 348968

>>348966 Well, last I checked, she's got over 3k on her new channel. So, then, yeah - she can make a profit off of this stream.

No. 348969

well fuck then…how do we report this channel now?

No. 348972

I thought she wasn't allowed to do that? Can anyone explain?

No. 348975

I assume you report it during the livestream like it's a normal youtube video.

No. 348976

okay but report it under what? I'm new to this reporting thing….

No. 348978

Isnt she violated yt tos by doing this?

No. 348979

As I understand it, you can have as many YouTube aliases as you care to create. BUT, it is against the rules to create a new account because your old account has been striked (hey, I made up a new word). So, she probably thinks she can say she just wanted a third channel.

No. 348980

Defrauding youtube by skirting their TOS?

No. 348981

It's against TOS to create a new account AND it's against TOS to access ANYYY other accounts under your possession once one channel has been removed for TOS violations. It was posted above. It's easily accessible information that you must know before using the platform for a channel, so she has no excuse for not reading the TOS of the site she uses, especially one she uses for a fucking income.
She's literally a fraud right now, if there was any doubt before, she's doing it in real time.

No. 348982

She can't be that dumb!? Surely if we know that violates yt tos she does as well. Right lol?

No. 348984

File: 1499567634793.png (266.51 KB, 720x1224, 20170708_213230.png)

This twit is @ing anyone that joy has ever memtioned. Smh very few of those people give a fuck.

No. 348985

File: 1499567652189.jpg (48.85 KB, 424x185, bitchsitdown.jpg)

BITCH SIT DOWN, you KNOW it's not Do5 fans taking you down, it's people you were a racist cunt to, and people rightfully flagging you to hell and back for repeated fraudulent TOS violations you fucking MORON.

This ego is out of this world, she cannot stop herself!!!

No. 348986

well she got two strikes on her main channel and her other one taken down. So yeah she's that dumb. But the law doesn't apply to her fuck her man

No. 348987

DUMB DUMB DUMB DUMB DUMB. Youtube gets thousands of complaints a day from small creators just like her. They can't deal with the volume and don't look into everything. She says she is making these videos for Youtube to show she's being harassed like they are watching her videos for updates? And she is asking everyone to contact big Youtubers. If she really does not think she's in the wrong why doesn't she actually do something and get a lawyer who could actually directly contact a live person at Youtube, a direct person at Facebook if this DO5 group is violating rules? She's not going to get anything accomplished.

No. 348988

She started making a fucking update video thinking that she would get her channel back, and before she could even release it she had to make another video whining that it wasn't reinstated.
For anyone who can't handle watchign her whine for another 12 minutes, that's all she did was whine and repeat herself and combine both the videos (the one thanking everyone for helping her get her channel back, and the one whining about the rejected appeal because she can't film anything without releasing it lmao what a victim) so there, now you don't need to watch that rambling, hot mess, unbrushed hair, green teeth, unwashed face-ass bitch.

No. 348989

File: 1499568275691.png (455.27 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170708-214202.png)

Also, all the joytards are boasting about being blocked by onision. They are all sending caps of their "you were blocked" message. Doesn't that just further his harassment claim?

No. 348994

Don't forget she also promoted her name channel and the livestream she will be doing on that channel tonight. All of which violates YouTubes TOS.

No. 348996


Just watched- that was an awful, rambling video. I liked when she said she filled out an account appeal form and got a response back from Youtube a couple minutes later saying "Thank you for submitting your appeal…we'll get back to your shortly" and said how happy she was that they were actually replying to her. LOL- that's an automated response. You submit an appeal of any kind and get that back like a receipt. It's not like they personally wrote that out to her. I don't want to reiterate what people have already been telling her on Twitter, but even the huge Youtubers have trouble getting a live person when they get a copyright or strike. I've seen lots of videos about how terrible Youtube service is, even when you reach a certain number of subs and are supposed to have an easier way to reach them. Nothing good is going to happen by her contnuing the way she is. She's just going to incite people to keep flagging and report her for this new channel against TOS if she livestreams. If she really cares she needs to stop, chill, sit on it for awhile and ride it out getting help from someone who knows what they are doing not make 20 videos on the same thing.

No. 348997

File: 1499568889819.png (143.53 KB, 1242x1166, IMG_1820.PNG)

Sadly she will be. Apparently she's going live in 5. Get ready to report the shit out of it.

No. 348998

sheneeds to just leave and oh ill be reporting when she livestreams and commenting the crap out of it

No. 349000

I really think at this point she might have an actual internet addiction. She's been told my many she's breaking Terms of Service with the new channel, but she can't stop live streaming and attempting to get attention and this is just a new way for her to get victim points.

No. 349001

But making 20 videos saying the same fucking thing is her claim to "fame" lol

This should be fun.

No. 349002

question when we report what do we actually report it for? Never did it before so…..I'm a little lost

No. 349003

Sorry if this comes off insensitive, but is Cy a man or woman? I clicked into Benji's stream and just forwarded to a random part and it was CopperCab screaming at Cy for being disrespectful because Cy was allegedly rolling eyes and moving their headphones whenever he talked. He said "Cy you seem like a nice girl, or boy, whatever you are". I thought Cy was a boy, but then heard Joy say she, but have heard others say he so I'm not sure, just curious.

No. 349004

probably a special snowflake with no gender…

No. 349005


i believe cy is a woman but i could be wrong. Or as 349004 says a special snowflake like joy is

No. 349006

And how old is Cy? They look about 14, but are heavily involved in the chats up at 4am so I'm assuming way older than they look? Cy sleeps in starwars sheets

No. 349007

She is female, lesbian, cosplay fanatic who's life ambition is to be verified on twitter

No. 349008

People are already warning Joy on the new channel comments about what she's doing. Joy gives no fucks. Goodbye, Joy.

No. 349009

Probably in her 30s like Joy, but she looks like she rides the short bus so mentally 4.

No. 349010

Nice to see Cy enabling Joy with the "I'll see ya there" response. A good mod and friend would tell her not to ruin her channels

No. 349011

i think she said 18 once but i could be wrong?

No. 349012

get ready to mass report her, ladies and gents

No. 349017

Dear Moralvirus,

The image on your most recent blog is unreadable because it's too wide.

Resize the window to like half the screen, then take the screenshot(s). It will make the screenshot longer but it should be legible.

(Ref: http://moralvirus.tumblr.com/post/162767090278/let-me-just-reiterate-that-last-point-and-joy)

No. 349019

The act that she consistently says she will be live at a particular time, and then is late, shows how little respect she has for anyone other than herself. Her followers think it's funny, but it's disrespectful. The fact that she makes a point of putting out a time, and not showing at that time, CONSISTENTLY, is very telling.

No. 349020

She's live. Start reporting

No. 349021

I can read it fine on mobile if i rotatw to landscape.

No. 349023

What do we report her for? I don't see anything that goes with ban evasion.

No. 349024

>"Cy you seem like a nice girl, or boy, whatever you are". I thought Cy was a boy, but then heard Joy say she,

>She is female

Wait so Joy CAN get someone's gender pronoun right? Holy fuck balls.

No. 349027

She just ended the stream so she can enable superchat.

How much evidence do you people need to see her true intentions? Jesus.

No. 349028

A minute in and she's trying to find a way to allow people to donate money. UGH!

No. 349030

HAHAHA she said she's turning off the stream for a min and to "sit tight" because he internet is having problems, but what she is really doing is trying to click into the page allowing her to become a partner for this channel so she can get donations. She's so full of $hit!

No. 349031


Yup! "ohh it looks like I have to click this to become a partner" [so she can enable superchat]. "Oh crap my internet is having issues sit tight I'll be right back". THIS IS THE MOST TRANSPARENT BULL! Her internet isnt having issues, she is trying to alter the settings so she can make money!!!

No. 349033

Yep. She's such a con artist. I can't wait for Youtube to finally shut this woman down. She'll really lose it then.

No. 349034

Oh my god I am dyiiiiiiingggggg

No. 349035

YouTube really fucked up when they got rid of the requirements to become a partner.

You guys can totally put that genie back in the bottle, though. Sure, people will be mad but you'll have a better site. It's too bad all you care about, YouTube, is that sweet, sweet ad revenue.

Unfortunately this attitude is what contributed to the proliferation the complete shit flinging shit show that is our current political climate. Shit's so devolved, like, where do we even go from here? Do no evil, my ass.

The love of money is the root of all evil…

Sage for rant.

No. 349036


-Click into her livesteam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcyqxAHkLMs

- Below the subscribe button there will be options (Add To / share / More)

-Click "More" and select 'Report'.

- I personally reported her under the category of 'Spam or Misleading' and wrote the below, but do whatever you think is best:

'User has had channel 'SpurpinkleBow' terminated for violations, and is not allowed to stream on her other channel (JoySparkleBS) due to 2 strikes. She created this new channel to get around the termination & other channels livestream band and is violating Youtube TOS. Additionally she is trying to accept money on this stream and enable partnership, also violating Adsense and Youtube's Terms of Service.'

No. 349038


My god, this woman. How long has it been since she's been able to have money coming in. I think the annon saying she's addicted to the Internet could be onto something too because she's more likely to blow her cover setting up for donations right now. Jesus. Unless she needs cash so she can bolt. After her racist rant today she'd have to run naked down the freeway in a snowstorm for these spergleberries to see she's nuts. I no longer feel bad for any of them that stay.

No. 349039

She uploaded a video to "eff it". Someone said that you need 10k views to enable super chat? I have no clue.

No. 349040

I believe that's correct, that might be why she thought she needed "10k subs to livestream" I stg she gets more transparent by the second.
I am so fucking embarrassed on her behalf, since clearly she knows no shame.

No. 349042

Does that mean she is going to turn the stream off and on again until she has the 10k to enable superchat? She has around 800 views on each video, so it could be possible.

No. 349043

I reported her under Scams / Fraud. If Joy was smart she would delete (or private) all her videos before she gets her third strike, stop evading, stop with the drama, lay low for awhile and stream on Younow in the meantime. I really think she'll lose her channel in the next couple of days.

No. 349044

File: 1499572253892.png (59.84 KB, 720x494, 20170708_224846.png)

She also tweeted this when she left. Mentioning super chat as a "tech issue" really does say what you're most concerned about. If she was just doing it because she missed the interaction with her fans, she wouldn't have mentioned it at all.

No. 349045


Remember that 'Kony 2012' viral charity video that ended up being totally scammy? The guy behind it was called out, took bath salts, and had a public meltdown running around downtown Santa Monica naked. This is Joy's future. Except change Santa Monica to Kansas City, or wherever the hell she lives.

No. 349046

Do we have Hero Anon here recording the chat for these streams? Fuck I can't wait to see the meltdown when she realises she can't enable superchat yet.

No. 349047

>>>Does that mean she is going to turn the stream off and on again until she has the 10k to enable superchat?

I wouldn't be surprised. However, I'm almost positive YouTube recently changed policies to become a partner after the Ad-pocalypse. I thought you needed 10K view and then Youtube needed to review your channel and approve you for monetization to make sure you fit the criteria? I think channels created before the date it was enacted are exempt, but JoySparkleEffIt was created on July 7th, it says.

No. 349049

If she can't get it to work, she'll probably badger Benji into letting her take over his stream.

No. 349052

I just looked up the policy for making money, and here are the new guidelines….this isn't going to work out for Joy:

"April 6, 2017: Starting today, we will no longer serve ads on YPP ('Youtube Partner Program') videos until the channel reaches 10k lifetime views. This new threshold gives us enough information to determine the validity of a channel. It also allows us to confirm if a channel is following our community guidelines (JOY IS NOT )and advertiser policies. By keeping the threshold to 10k views, we also ensure that there will be minimal impact on our aspiring creators. And, of course, any revenue earned on channels with under 10k views up until today will not be impacted.

After a creator hits 10k lifetime views on their channel, we’ll review their activity against our policies. If everything looks good, we’ll bring this channel into YPP and begin serving ads against their content. Together these new thresholds will help ensure revenue only flows to creators who are playing by the rules."

No. 349053

I can see that happening. It's annoying as hell. I'll admit I found Benji through her drama but I actually do like his content / streams when she isn't there making everything about her. Why is he so far up her ass?!

No. 349055

So even if she gets 10k views she still won't get partnership, go stream on Younow with all the other YT rejects Joysus.

No. 349061

I'd bet my right leg that she will soon Tweet and say due to "tech issues" (which there are none) she's going to go over to YouNow. She's said she won't use it because the owner is a pedo(??) and they take too much money and it's glitchy. But once she realizes she's not going to be able to make money off the new channel's YouTube Live Steam, she will have no incentive to do it. She'll lie, say there was an issue and use YouNow so she can get paid.

No. 349062

So, before he left to try and enable super hat, she name dropped copper and Cameron who 'are going to help her'. Wtf with those two???

No. 349063

I'll take that bet. This cow is too predictable.

No. 349064

she's livestreaming again!

No. 349065

I hope someone records it

No. 349067

She's yawning and burping without covering her mouth. What a pig.

No. 349069

God, she looks SO bored and over it, knowing she's not going to make money she could care less about the stream. Why is Cy asking what Joy's elbows look like, and why is Joy saying she's "Ashy"?

No. 349070

She's being racist as fuck right now. I hope someone records this.

No. 349071

yep, poor thing isn't making any money

No. 349072


blowing off time to get views but keeping "the good stuff" for when she can get moeny over it.

No. 349075

I'll do some stream updates: She's talking about Shakira threatening her channel and Black Lives Matter…imitating her in a 'voice'. She's saying BLM destroys communities, and isn't racist, but doesn't support it because they ruin things. "If she wants to play the race card because she's insecure that's her prerogative…..t's very racist to call ME white". "….because I saw I'll date brown or fuck brown that makes me racist. No, I get excited to see a beautiful brown person!"

No. 349077

Why does she even need money? Doesn't her roommate pay for everything while she sits around all day?

No. 349078

Joy just said she's curious about 'everything brown culture'… what does that even mean? You can tell she's from bumfuck nowhere.

No. 349079

Why do they keeps saying chat is going fast? It is not that fast where I'm watching it.

No. 349080

She's answering questions from stream now.

-Accused again of being racist

"I get excited and love to appreciate things that are different from me. Period. Saying someone is pretty or brown isn't racist. I ask roomate about everything brown because I'm interested in brown culture. Am I racist to people from Norway because I ask about them?"

- Is asking people to watching things 2 or 3 times so she can ht 10K views and make money. Says "Dont refresh thats against TOS" (bitch, PLEASE, what you're telling people to do is against TOS)

No. 349081

Anyone know how many times a channel needs flagging for TOS violation before youtube take notice?

No. 349082

"If people want to do SuperChat tonight (since they can't) they can donate to my Patreon, which i will put a link to"

No. 349083

She's having trouble answering the question "When did you start your Youtube channel?" Says she is "So fucking Fibro right now" and will need to write down questions (Cy is reading her questions, but she's not really paying attention and blaming it on Fibro..)

No. 349085

Someone asked her when she first started Youtube and she made Cy repeat the question 3 times and she was like I'm sorry, fucking fibro, I need to write this down…' lmao what.

No. 349086

okay… so, all of last week it sounds like she had no luck with an attorney.

No. 349087


I'm a little late but yes I'm recording including the chat.

No. 349088

Bitch still doesn't know what fibro fog is. Hint: it's not the same as a brainfart.

No. 349089


She was deciding about lying because she was on YouTube in 2006, but wants to act like she's naive.

No. 349090

And why she started - Duh - $$'s! The easiest way to get a lot of views quickly, Talk about big youtuber drama (and any other bit of drama she can hook onto), This stream is classic - All the bullshit all in one place!

No. 349092

You can tell she is super stressed by her behavior. And indifference. She's bringing this on herself and people across the board are mass reporting.

Someone said she needs to reach out to h3h3, but them, Keemstar, and Philip Defranco arent responding because it is the weekend. LOL. I'm a huge h3h3 fan. Ethan and Hila won't be able to do anything, they are in the middle of a lawsuit themselves. Her content is the opposite of what they do.

No. 349093

How dare you say this about her… she just wants to help children! Joy did all this to help those poor kids.

No. 349094

Ew. Cy said she will be right back. Joy said "Yess@Go drain that lizard!" Wtf….

No. 349095

Then she said she was sticking weed in her pussy. Not something I wanted to picture…

No. 349096

"How are you feeling?"

"Im doing good. VERY Fibro-Foggy and have had PTSD flareups over the past 3 days." "…always find the Joy and the Sparkle in things…" she's implying together she can change the Youtube system and first amendment rights for all.

What is her PTSD from? You'd think she just came back from freaking Vietnam by the way she talks!

No. 349097

Joy just said she feels "fibro foggy" and because of the PTSD she's been experiencing she's been able to "pre process" everything that's happened.

No. 349098

I have been legitimately diagnosed with PTSD. This bitch infuriates me so bad.

No. 349099

Stream Q & A's continued:

Q: "Opinions on Copper Cab?"

A: Love him, hes my buddy and really good friend. He's possibly helping me with my situation"

Q: "Would you ever consider stand up comedy?"

A: "Yes, I did stand up before, I love improv. Stand up is just telling funny stories, there is a science to it…. I would be open to it!"

No. 349100

bitch has done everything before. "oh president? nah, I did that before!"

No. 349101

…what a surprise…ANOTHER job Joy has already done…she's a former standup comic! LOL

No. 349102

PTSD From the house of cards she built crashing down around her ears

No. 349103

I don't like talking about my illness - So lets talk about my illness

No. 349104

Q: "Can you explain Fibro"

A: "Fibro is different for everyone..its umbrella disorder…if you have generalized pain they put you down as Fibro" "…getting hate when you're sick is hard. theres a few points to fibro they dont know what it is its pain in the body…heart issues…my biggest is memory issues, brain fog…fibro creates IBS symptoms and messes with your stomach. When they diagnosis it theres certain pain points and pressure points they now think its nerve damage"

No. 349105

You beautiful soul

No. 349106

They're doing shipnames for Benji and Joy now. Puke.

No. 349107

kek fibro isn't diagnosed by pressure points anymore. If she actually has it then wouldn't pain and fatigue be her biggest issues? We can tell by her videos that they definitely aren't bothering her much!

No. 349108

Sorry for the spelling errors in my stream recaps! Im trying to type and transcribe as fast as possible, and I have a new keyboard protector that's rubber and it's throwing me off since you have to press things a little harder.

Q: "How long until you get emails see/respond"
A: "I only respond if it is important because I get so many. Sometimes I respond to FAN MAIL but I get a lot of it so it's hard to do especially with the fibro-stuff"

Q:"Would you stay with the Kardashians for one day"
A: "Yea! They seem sweet! They seem like nice people I wouldn't give a fuck" (Why would you ask a Q like that?)

Cy says she is Benji's pimp. Benji is now on and Joy is asking him to say "Welcome to Quickie Mart"??

No. 349109

File: 1499575685168.png (34.58 KB, 599x287, MoralVirus Calls PNG.png)

I don't mean to self promote this, but I would love if we could get her attention about these calls I'm sitting on just to see her face drop when she realizes that this shit is real.

No. 349111

"I had so much faith Youtube would figure this out today."

"This channel is a fresh start…big Fuck you and it makes me happy"

No. 349112


I can't fucking believe she said that for her, it mostly manifests as brain fog.

That's not fibromyalgia. Ugh this is so sickening.

No. 349113

get ready to be really unhappy Kati

No. 349114

She is asking Benji about baby pics she saw "You went from a cute little boy to Brown. How did you change ethnicities?"

She.will.not.stop.talking.about "BROWN PEOPLE" . WTF!

No. 349115


Good call. Someone needs to get Cy the gatekeeper to ask Joy about this.

No. 349116

Q: How tall are you
A: 5 ft 2.5

Benji isn't wearing underwear. Joy says he is free-balling.

Joy: "Vaginas are wrinkly and ugly."

Benji says Joy doesnt know much about penises and vaginas? Talking about how he has to give her sex-ed.

No. 349118

Is she saying brown kids can't be cute or something?? Like you used to be cute but then you went and got brown? WTF??
So much second hand embarrassment. She's disgusting.

No. 349119

Hers is probably ugly as hell, so she thinks everyone else's is.

No. 349120

Q: Do you fancy Joy? (Question to Cy and Benji)
Benji's A: Do I fancy her in the pants? No I don't. Do I fancy her as a person? She's pretty cool.

Ouch! We know she has a thing for BenjiBoy and he straight up says hes not into her mashed potatoes! :(

No. 349121

no one in their right mind would want to get into her sweatpants. puke

No. 349122

Joy says her channel needs to reach 10K views to be monetitized so she's just doing a "quick little stream". She's basically saying Youtube will review it and approve monetization. She legit just essentially admitted she's just doing this to reach the views so she can enable monetization.

Youtube will NOT approve this! TOS regs aside, they decide if a channel will be monetized by checking out the vids to make sure they are advertiser friendly. They will look at this stream, filled with swearing, and sexual content. Advertiser friendly my ass.

Joy says "She has to go piss" Cy says shes doing "Weed in the puss and cocaine up the anus"

No. 349123

Cy is so fucking ugly and gross. Her saying anything sexual makes me want to projectile vomit.

No. 349124

Im so confused. Is her streaming violating yt tos or not? If she's not allowed to do it why is she still knowingly doing it and risking everything?

No. 349125


Seriously fucking agree. She's disgusting in so many ways and a walking cringefest.

No. 349126


Because she's a fucking moron.

No. 349128

Does she kno something we don't? Because I don't think she would be doing it if it jeopardizes her other channels

No. 349130

"Joy deserves what she is getting- she harasses other youtubers but says nothing about Blood Dance Dark Moon" (the woman who was saying horrible things in front of her kids on stream).

Joy: "When I had her on I was having a bad fibro day. I zoned out through the convo and only picked up bits and pieces not sure what to do with it so I took it out of the convo. I decided not to leave it in so IDK why people would be upset about it. People will nit pick the teeniest tiniest details about things. They treat me like I should be in prison!"

No. 349133

So she literally just said Fibro Fog is the reason why she let Blooddance Darkmoon abuse her children on Joy's own stream.

And anyone who brings it up is not picking.

No. 349134

I'm so glad I never went back after she "had tech issues" or w/e. Reading about it from y'all is so much less painful.

No. 349137

>>>Im so confused. Is her streaming violating yt tos or not? If she's not allowed to do it why is she still knowingly doing it and risking everything?

Yes, her stream and creation of a new channel is in BLATANT violation of Youtube Terms of Service. Once an account is terminated, you cannot create another channel or use another channel. I have NO idea why she is risking it all…but she really is, and this may very well be the nail in her coffin because so many people are reporting it. I personally think she has a mental disorder and believes she is above the law somehow and everything will work out in her favor, and additionally is addicted to the attention so she HAS to stream. Probably also doing it as a fuck-you to the "haters".

No. 349138

Peep that hyperbole. Why exaggerate what people are saying if you did nothing wrong? Why can't you discredit them by arguing against what they said instead of poisoning the well?

So funny because your use of hyperbole is inherently manipulative. And I thought you were against that sort of thing?

No. 349139

Now it's the typical time in her stream where she encourages everyone to subscribe to Benjis channel and literally expects him to cry for her getting him subscribers. She asked him to give a speech because she got him a little under 100 new subscribers. SO awkward. God complex overload.

No. 349142

Does she know that that stream has been reuploaded and people can, like, go watch if for themselves?

Even if I wanted to watch the stream, youtube won't let me. Anything related to joy live just freezes and gives massive feedback. I could watch gines live just fine tho :/

No. 349145

Now they are talking about Paris Hilton's sex tape? Joy thinks that Paris didnt want it released. She should know the basics of copyright law with what she has gone through, and how she would be able to sue and have it removed. Celebrity sex tapes require consent. It's a huge industry. Kim, Paris, and the likes all signed off on the deal and have made millions. Kim followed the Paris fame plan.

No. 349146

Joy brings up that people are asking questions and saying her and Benji should have babies.

She replies nonsensically [Benji] would have bigger birthing hips and vaginal cavity so he would give birth….something something about seahorse children? Benji quickly changes subject.

No. 349148

Sage if you're going to ask dumbass questions.
She is breaking almost all of the TOS possible, but she's seen other Youtubers get defended by the community when they get flagged, so she thinks people will run to her rescue no matter what she does. It's ego, and stupidity.Not her knowing anything we don't know.
We've linked and quoted multiple pages from the TOS that she's breaking. She's not special. The rules still apply to her.

Sage for having to repeat shit you could learn by scrolling up.

No. 349149

Joy referred to herself as "fat and sick". Says she never imagined her life would be like this.

I'm sure that diet and exercise is impossible, ya know.

Cy is snorting while laughing and it is grossing me out. They keep bringing up Benji birthing? Great content, great content.

Joy says Benji says to "Look at my dick and cunt". Continues to ask people to subscribe to his channel because she wants him to cry. Like, comeon.

Joy: "Cy, youre not going to touch a cunt or sit on a dick because youre a-sexual, but do you want kids?
Cy says she "fucking hates kids".

So I guess Cy is a-sexual.

Joy asks Benji if he "for real" wants kids. He says no fucking way.

No. 349150

Joy asks Benji to check social blade again. So sick of her doing this to everyone she brings on. He complies and says he has now reached 4K subscribers. Says its hard not to let loose and cry…really? Over 4K subs? Going on a rant about being emotional…boring.

No. 349152

>Cy is snorting while laughing and it is grossing me out.
No doubt because queen Joysus was snorting the other day during a stream and she wants to be just like Momma Joy. Normal laughing doesn't get you attention, you have to be even MORE obnoxious and loud than normal laughing.

No. 349153

I am relieved to know her bio clock is running out and she may not get a chance to breed.

No. 349155

>People will nit pick the teeniest tiniest details about things. They treat me like I should be in prison!"

While I hate to admit it, during the debate when Onision said something to the effects of "dont you think it's irresponsible to be quoting something if you admit to having memory issues." He made a good point.

Now giving Joy the benefit of the doubt. Again, another thing I hate, if she really is having this much issue with understanding YT TOS and remembering things and understanding things, the responsible thing for her to do would be to quit doing YouTube. It's putting herself and others in bad situations that are escalating. The situation with Bloodmoon could've been irreversible. For what? Joys brain fart? Come on now. If that's the issue, it's time to sit down and have an adult conversation. A heart to heart with yourself. Sowwy you so sik self. But I haz to takez a nap.

>…heart issues…

FMS annon here. On the other hand. I've never heard of heart issues being related to fibro. Sure almost anything could be, but it's not a primary. And I've never seen if listed anywhere. Ever. She chose it to fit her latest health complaint. And fibro is not auto immune, joy!


PS. While it's rather medically lingoed. Some annons might find the medical journal linked above interesting. Especially the section on "diagnosing" and what symptom other than pain most countries require you to be experiencing before anything is confirmed.

No. 349157

Stream Update:

Alright, they say they are going to end the stream (THANK YOU LORD!)….but I've heard this before and they continue on for ever.

Joy says her mom had a white trash boyfriend who made her watch the movie Chuckie at 5 years old and it traumatized her.

Joy just shared a photoshopped picture of Benji giving birth to Cy. Ew. Ew. Ew. I wonder what Benji's deal is. He's a good looking guy. But he must have some issues to be associating with Joy and her shit show.

Q: What are your views on Onision beating your channel in views?
A: Says "He isn't". Joy says she DOESNT WATCH ONISION unless someone sends her a video? HAHA! YEAH right!

Cy is sharing a picture she made of someone bent over with something up their but that says "stick an onion up your anus to help prevent copyright claims". Could these people BE more immature?

Says "The Grumpkin Show" (sp?) got a copyright claim from Onision and made the perfect video on it, encourages people to watch it.

Q: "What is your cult's secret handshake?"
A: "Finger-banging. Pull that weed out".

when will this end?

No. 349159

Q: What is the cult anthem?
A: 'Blame Canada'

They are talking about cereal and Cy asks Benji if he likes Fruit Loops. He starts talking about Australia's generic brand, but Cy interrupts and says "No…remember the picture I showed you of Fruit Looops" and laughs. It's obviously something sexual.

Joy is giving "big thank yous" for subscribing to her new channel. Says before it used to take her a long time to gain subscribers and now the new channel has a ton super fast (which will go down in flames).

Joy says she will be putting out a new Onision video tomorrow….so…errr…we have that to look forward to.

Says shes ending stream, metions shaking hands. "What if instead of shaking hands we started sticking our fingers in eachother"

"It would greatly help people watching my shit 2 or 3 times to get the views up…not fucking cheating..but watching it in the background or something" (so the #s go up and Youtube will give her monetization…oh, the LOL's. Dream on lady).

"I rarely ask for favors, so when I do they are really important"…I've heard her say this exact sentence soo many times.

Benji mentions people supporting Joy on Patreon and she tells him to fuck off….but she just pimped out her Patreon earlier. How humble.

LOL Joy says its no longer against Terms of Service to have another account when one gets shut down because Copper Cab told her so. OMG. Can she read or think for herself?! It has NOT changed.

Cy says if her channels are shut down that Cy will open and "own" the channel and Joy will use and broadcast from it like Keemstar did to get around his multiple bans. Greeeaaattt.

No. 349160

No. 349166

>Cy says if her channels are shut down that Cy will open and "own" the channel and Joy will use and broadcast from it like Keemstar did to get around his multiple bans. Greeeaaattt.

Even if they did that her content isn't going to change. It would still get flagged down and there goes cy' s personal channel.

No. 349167

Both cy and another joytard kid.cuisine were in Sharika's livestream, no surprise.

No. 349168


Kid.Cuisine is recorder anon, you moron.

No. 349174

it would be beautiful to see Cy turn on her, but… I think at this point that moron is too far gone

No. 349198

fuckin gr8 name knew it had to be one of us luv u kid.cuisine

No. 349208

She never thought she needed 10k to be able to stream. She told her viewers that because you need 10k to begin receiving money from said streams. It was a ploy to get the sub count up faster so she could start making that sweet cash from it. Nice one, Joy

No. 349212


She thought she outsmarted the system, she obviously had/has no idea about the updated tos. Under her older channel the 10k views would have been enough but not anymore lol!

And despite being granted a 48 hour reprieve to save herself here >>348930 she's still playing the victim and ignoring all advice given here >>348909 she truly thinks she's special.

I captured a screenshot of YT actually replying to her on twitter but it was the generic "if you have a problem you can submit an appeal…" With her response being "I've already done that". So we know that YT are seeing the constant barrage from her, they've probably muted her crusty arse.

No. 349230

I definitely support the updated ToS. I have a feeling Joy played a large part in the change.

I think Joy is 100 percent worse than Keemstar, even he appears to have given her a large berth. I agree with other Annon's people won't be happy if she tries to find loopholes.

No. 349270

File: 1499606623091.png (61.48 KB, 1183x360, 2017-07-09 (2).png)

Pardon I don't really know how to properly attach images so I hope this works but Cy gave Sharika gold bars on YouNow?? This is weird. I wonder if she used it just to say something. I can't find Sharika's stream at all by the way if she did stream.

No. 349282

File: 1499609585608.jpg (82.68 KB, 480x721, IMG_20170709_150611.jpg)


I may be wrong as I'm not very you now savvy but I think you send gold bars to enable your comment to stand out to the streamer? So she could have just paid them to make a comment, or so that Shakira could see she was acting as Joy's little watchdog as usual?


When team YouTube answer everyone but you and your minions. Lol.

No. 349311

She just put up a video about Onision, says that the reason for a strike was video about Onision for "bullying and harassing" him in a specific video she mirrored. SO she basically goes and describes the entire video context THAT SHE GOT THE STRIKE FOR. Basically doing the entire thing she got the strike for over again, so this new one could be viewed as the same thing! It seems like a lot of this has to do with the fact she's talked about his veteran status and records, and Youtube is more strict when it comes to people who have served in any capacity. She just won't stop. How does she not comprehend this?

No. 349314

"I questioned his military status and records (in multiple vidos) and if it was truthful…how is this considered bullying or harassment?!"

Harassment [noun]. the act of systematic and/or continued unwanted and annoying actions of one party or a group.

No. 349315

Welp, time to report another vid.

No. 349322

To summarize for those who can't or don't want to watch, the new video is just her repeating herself like she has over and over in the past 5 videos. How everything is so unfair, and to please contact Youtube on her behalf. Repeating what the Daddyo5 groups are doing and how they are false flagging….yeah, we get it. We got it in the first video you made, the one where you repeated the same things twice in one video. We got it when you repeated it again in the third, fourth, and fifth video in the past 48 hours. Same story, and same gray sweatshirt. I'm now convinced she sleeps in her clothes so she doesn't have to get dressed in the morning and stays in the same clothes for several days. Hopefully she changes her underwear at least.

"I am not a bully…I am the ANTI-BULLY."
"I don't break Youtube Terms of Service" (…I just create new channels that aren't allowed..I just encourage people to cheat the system and watch over and over to get my views higher….I just repeat the context of a video that was removed for harassment, which is continued harassment)

"We need to fight this the right way (by contacting Youtube)…we need to be patient and persistent" (isn't that kinda contradictory?)

Love that she thinks things will be just great with this new channel, and once she gets 10K views all she needs to do is submit the channel for review to see if it fits Youtube standards as beng advertiser friendly and is an account that follows Terms of Service. She really thinks it will be monetied within a couple days, when the entire channel itself is a TOS violation. Youtube will review the only video on there (the livesteam filled with swearing, sex talk, weed/coke in pussy jokes and determine it to be family friendly…right?).

I think the star and planet alignments must be causing her some indigo problems, because she is especially wacky these past few days.

No. 349324

Where is Arch Angel Michael when she needs him? Can't he contact YouTube for her and get this all sorted out? She's asked all her viewers to do this and nothing has come from it, so it's time for the angels to get involved, "guys".

No. 349326

I already did. It's obvious at this point she's just going for the scorched earth play.

I think in her mind she thinks she's a martyr. She thinks she'll get all kinds of sympathy from the YouTube community and her fans if she loses all her channels.
Then she'll try and pull what keemstar did or she'll join a network. I heard her mention joining a network on her livestream last night.

No. 349328


I heard her talking about joining a network too and thought the only "network" she'll get connected with will be one of those started by two kids in college who provide squat in return for a 30% cut of her profits. No legit network (like ones that work out advertising deals) is going to want a foul mouthed scuzzy looking freak who can't be arsed to put on daytime clothes to record. Even her audience isn't much financially if she could have 4000+ viewers on while barking for donations to charity and only manage to raise $600. That's actually a pathetic amount given the situation.

No. 349330

I don't know much of anything about networks but aren't there some spoken or unspoken metrics you have to be able to exceed? Does she even have enough juice to join one?

No. 349331

I tuned in to part of Shakira's YouNow last night (as most know Shakira is the woman Joy was fighting with on Twitter yesterday and underhanded racial remarks were thrown her way). She seemed like a nice, normal person. I was a little annoyed reading their Twitter interactions because there were times Shakira was stating facts that were not accurate (specifically about who HIPAA applies to, and about needing a certain media release form to talk about people in your videos or show their image). But on YouNow she owned up to her mistakes, having no problem acknowledging she made mistakes and was saying some things that she later found out was not accurate.

She also talked about Black Lives Matter and how ridiculous it was Joy brought that into the mix, using it as a way to write her off when Shakira isn't even involved in BLM, and said she does not support it because she thinks it is rascist. She said there are BLM meetings that now dont allow white people and she isn't okay with that and thinks it's wrong and harming the movement and doesn't like the violence. She made Joy look like a real idiot and was very cool and collected about things on Stream, versus Joy on her other channel insulting Shakira in the livestream and continuing to associate her with BLM.

No. 349332


The bottom feeder networks will take almost anyone because they get a percentage of the ad revenue and they basically blow the "members" off for any services.

No. 349334


She keeps using the fact that he was the one who revealed his document as her excuse. She also uses the fact that she's not the only one who reveals things she shouldn't, such as the profile of the do5 fan.

I've seen a few of her own fans try to explain it to her but she won't listen. One even told her in the form of a simple analogy, he said something along the lines of "if you are caught speeding and get pulled, you cant use the fact that other people also speed as your defence, it doesn't negate your own offence" but she still doesn't get it. A child would understand that analogy but not Kati, she's too special to be subjected to the same rules as the rest of us.

Looks like my report button is going to get another work out today.

No. 349335

>>>I heard her talking about joining a network too and thought the only "network" she'll get connected with will be one of those started by two kids in college who provide squat in return for a 30% cut of her profits.

Totally. No decent, legit network will take on someone like her. The reason she is bringing up possibly joining a network is because some of the good ones have points of contact with YouTube and can resolve disputes and strikes internally. But as you said, only crappy ones will take her (and there are thousands of tiny networks. I remember making a Youtube channel a few years ago and making like 3 short videos that maybe had a total of 50K views and I was already getting my inbox filled with no-name network offers. You can tell by the wording that most of them were not from the US and English wasn't the first language). I Googled a bunch and they were almost all scam- they either took a huge% or didn't even pay out as agreed. The ones that could actually help will not consider her. Too much of a risk, brand-damaging, etc.

No. 349336


I am prior USMC and, again, I want to remind people that Onision was not drafted, he enlisted of his own free will. I don't care how much of an ass he has been since then, not a single one of these pearl clutching fat ass gossip mongers have served their country and they can all go get fucked. I saw that video that had the strike and the part she mirrored was by someone who had NO FUCKING CLUE about military or military documents. They can also go get fucked. And, Kati Marie Smith, Ms I-can't-even-be-arsed-to-support-myself, who bitches that this country doesn't support her well enough… Well, I hope somehow she ends up living in the middle east. Until then, I'll simply hope that she ends up with festering boils that never heal so that her outside can look as rotted as her insides. She is the nastiest piece of shit I have ever seen.

No. 349339

I kinda hope she does take up any network offers she gets.

Trust me, Joy. They'll help you get big on Youtube! :D

No. 349344


THANK YOU! It's unbelievable the both Joy and others who made videos about his military records straight up say "I have no experience with military and don't really understand what these records mean, BUT……" and then try to interperet' Onision's paperwork to prove he was lying about things they don't even understand the definition of to begin with.

I was never a service member. I don't know details of the inner operations or terminology. Honestly, it's kind of like reading a foreign language from the outside and for Joy and crew to even begin to question legitimacy when they have no understanding or authority to do so is insane. Totally insane. I dislike Onision as much as the next person, but if there is really an issue they feel must be called out, let someone who actually understands and thing or two do it. Onision may be a crappy person inside with issues, but the throwing stones when you live in a glass house thing applies here. She was VERY upset when Onision began talking about her illness because she said there was no way he could understand it without being through it, yet Joy does something very similar about things she knows nothing about and has not been through,

No. 349346



Thank you for your service.

No. 349352

I doubt any network would take her anyway, not even the scam ones. The channel is already littered with claims and a strike so she'd just be a liability to them.

No. 349353


I wasn't USAF, but from a USMC perspective… the "General under Honorable Condition" was because he was discharged early and as a contentious objector (so, in other words, that would have to be cleared before he could re-enlist in the future). Had it had anything to do with his article 15, it would have been a dishonorable discharge and he would have been discharged as a part of the article 15.

AND to give you an idea of how fucking stupid the person who made the orig video that she used was… at one point, they point to a notation on the very bottom of a form that says "prior version obsolete"… if you look, that is in the outside margin and that same margin includes a form identification (a few letters followed by a number) and a date. The maker of the video implies that any prior forms (like his discharge request form) was invalidated by that form. NOPE… that notation simply means that if there's a say Jan 2005 version, then all versions dated earlier than that date are no longer usable in the sense that the older forms are supposed to be thrown away and not used after Jan 2005. It has nothing to do with his individual case. It's a simple instruction to the admin clerks.

There were a shit ton of other fundamental problems in that video. And, to be honest… all these Onision hate mongers look like low IQ idiots. I can forgive their stupidity (they can't control their low IQ), but I will not excuse lard asses who sit around bitching about this country attacking someone who voluntarily joined a service and at least attempted to serve. I have no problem with him discovering that he was not that into the basic mission once faced with the reality of it. I personally was active during a move from "peace" to higher activity. It totally fucks with your mind when combat becomes a real potential. If I'm guessing correctly, we were active in the middle east when Onision enlisted, so that makes it even more significant that he actually enlisted while these assholes sat around bitching about life.

No. 349364

I'm a not very up to date on YouTube stuff. But would any network even take her if all her previous channels were terminated?
Because after yesterday I fully believe her end game is to get all her channels struck down so she can either pull a keemstar or join a network.

No. 349366

Joy join a network? But I those wasn't in it for the money? Plus isn't she supposed to be unwell? Even if she could find one they technically might demand more work, better content meaning more time invested. Honestly, all this is proof she's not as physically unwell as she claims to be.

I am still disgusted at her actions on streams, Twitter, and questioning someone's veteran status. What has Joy done? Apart from allegedly donate a small amount of money to charity.

See, we can all make accusations Joy. Doesn't mean we're right.

No. 349369


What has Joy done? Well, she had a meltdown at a Ford dealership,……………….(crickets)

That's about it.

No. 349372


A lot more than that unfortunately. It's all documented here, as well as YouTube, Twitter, and elsewhere…

No. 349375

File: 1499620541892.jpg (104.28 KB, 355x777, live-.jpg)

Just a couple of cute bits from her latest live chat (the one where she finally accepted the lack of superchat on her new channel and actually streamed)

No. 349378

>abuse a loophole
>doesn't violate ToS

these fucking people …

No. 349379

There was SO much talk of 'fingerbanging' everyone in the chat, I hope stream anon got it all because it was super gross.
And a lot of people offering their channels so she could avoid technicalities of the TOS as not being able to access any more of her channels after being terminated. These people are so blind and downright pathetic, it genuinely pains me to watch.

No. 349392

If she does it for shock value, the joke has gotten old. She's a slob. There's a difference between relaxing in sweats and living in them. She once said she'd too tired to get dressed to go buy clothes. I throw the BS flag on that one. Belching and farting while streaming is expected from a man, but she's just a pig. And talking about her clit, cooch, va-jay-jay, etc..etc…

She's a pig.

Joy - we know you read this thread because you're so attention starved, so now. You have at least 8 threads devoted to you. You have the attention you wanted.

Now go away.

No. 349395


>… the "General under Honorable Condition" was because he was discharged early and as a contentious objector (so, in other words, that would have to be cleared before he could re-enlist in the future). Had it had anything to do with his article 15, it would have been a dishonorable discharge and he would have been discharged as a part of the article 15.

Thank you! How hard is it to understand this. General/honorable discharge isn't an either/or here. Its both. It's not some big mystery. Anyone with military experience could tell you this. He showed the papers needed to prove he did not discharge under article 15. You're seriously going to try and nitpick a military discharge document and accuse him of lying when you don't even know how to read it.

But I guess I should expect nothing less from someone that will also get in a Twitter fued with a publisict with far more pull than her over media rights and HIPAA legality. Let's face it, none of us probably know current ruling on HIPAA. Unless you've been trained on it in the last 6 months you probably shouldn't be talking.

>I am still disgusted at her actions on streams, Twitter, and questioning someone's veteran status. What has Joy done? Apart from allegedly donate a small amount of money to charity.

What she's done is thrown racial slurs at a black woman, unleashed her spergleberries on the woman, who then brought up her son being molested as a child.

BTW her name is ShaRIKA lol

What she's done is harassed a man with a wife and small kids, propelling this narrative about his military service. Turning his own brothers against him. Onision is a piece of shit. But he also served our country. I assure you, there's plenty of other enlisted that aren't upstanding citizens either. But they put on a uniform and laid down their life by choice so people like Joy can take advantage of free speech. She's not just hurting Onision at this point. She's hurting other veterans, rape survivors, etc.

I scanned the comment section of her military video and there were comments from "alleged" soldiers saying he was a POS soldier, showing off awards everyone gets and didn't deserve to act so proud etc. she's perpetuating this mentality. Unless you served next to him, you have no right to speak about him as a soldier.

Treating our people in uniform like this is a slippery slope. Anyone know anyone that fought in Vietnam? Ask them how it feels to have those you fought for treat you like this. I understand Onision probably didn't see what they saw, but her spurgleberries don't understand where lines are.

No. 349406


Exactly. She doesn't know what the real world is like.

Karma is a dish best served cold.

No. 349419

Is sharika's younow stream anywhere so those who missed it can watch?

I thought that was revenge?

No. 349422

Joy is disgusting. I want to vomit whenever she starts talking about her 'cooter' (what grown ass woman calls a vagina that?). And you know her shit is rank because she sits around in the same clothes for days at a time without showering. She can stream for hours but not take 20 mins out of her day to shower / change.

No. 349442

File: 1499625890374.png (140.05 KB, 1242x990, IMG_1821.PNG)

Lol. She's doing herself no favors by her and her joytards constantly tweeting at YouTube.

No. 349446

Exactly my point. Her behaviour was appealing.

If I was her I would reach publicly and privately apologise for the inappropriate outburst. And to Onision for questioning his service.

But we know that won't happen, instead there will be excuses made.

No. 349447

Where is Arch Angel Michael when she needs him? Can't he contact YouTube for her and get this all sorted out? She's asked all her viewers to do this and nothing has come from it, so it's time for the angels to get involved, "guys".

According to NASA she'll have to wait until Aug. 21. Not sure if the Angel Michael knows something NASA doesn't though lol.

F*CK YES! Thank you Apryl for that gem we all love that just so proves that she's so full of shit about this pathetic sickness. She was totally unable to work in '06…but it was during that time she claims she was working as ad advertising & marketing executive? And when she eff did she get the college degree she's mentioned? If she's 33 she would have been in university from 2002-2006. And then there was also Paris, which we know she actually did live in, even if it was for a very short time.

MAYBE NASA IS WRONG! Because when I saw that idiot post a Tweet to name 1 lie or 1 fraud shes told I THOUGHT FINALLY THE STARS HAVE ALIGNED JUST FOR ME & ALL OF YOU OF COURSE LOL!

No. 349450


Godbless whatever poor souls are responsible for handling YouTube's Twitter account the past several days. May the archangel Michael keep you strong as the indigo joy-tards invade. Though if you wipe the screen with vegetable hydrogen peroxide, they may go down in size.

No. 349467


Invasion of the sparklebugs.

I cannot believe a person her age is doing that, sure maybe @ them once but again and again?

With any site changes to ToS are possible, the Internet is changing all the time. Once over no one could report offensive comments, now they can and more.

No. 349484

File: 1499630865185.jpg (54.81 KB, 480x596, IMG_20170709_210525.jpg)

I just went to check her twitter and got the shock of my life when I saw the latest fan art at the top of her page. What a fright.

One of her spergleberries has tweeted this at her, she's probably going to include it in her next video because she never learns.

No. 349486

I hope the dumbass does. I completely disagree with that DO5 fan group. But I'll give them this there on her videos like flys on shit.

No. 349488

Need a laugh?

In a top reply on Joy's channel a fan asks why her face is blurred in a video, click on the link and watch it, best laughs yet! She has to be trolling.

No. 349490


It seems to have been fixed now, it was blurring out Joy's face and failing to keep blurring the ones it was meant to.

No. 349513

So onision made a new video saying people have called the cops on him multiple times and he does some skits about all the accusations that joy has mentioned. 2:24ish "he says hello person who has made over 100 hate videos about me" i loled. Think what you want.

No. 349514

File: 1499633132187.jpg (67.21 KB, 480x818, IMG_20170709_214105.jpg)


They certainly are and it doesn't look like Joy is going to stop playing with them any time soon.

I know, I can't root for either side in this situation, both repulse me. I suppose I can look at it as a two for one deal, let's hope they destroy each other.

No. 349529

File: 1499634329702.png (134.65 KB, 1242x909, IMG_1822.PNG)

You call them poor souls but the joytards blatantly refer to them as idiots in tweets to YouTube.