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File: 1497932669019.png (979.25 KB, 890x1271, joysparklebsing.png)

No. 338199

In Joy’s last thread #6 we again saw the highs and lows of Joy’s attention whoring hypocritical pathological lying self and her illogical & erratic behavior
• Involved in multiple dramas involving pedophiles in some way
• Went on Andy Warski’s podcast to answer to allegations she was talking shit about him but Andy dropped the ball by not fully researching her controversies so he ended up only asking easy softball questions. She claims she didn’t realize releasing up to 12 videos a day is spammy until Andy pointed it out…even though MrRepzion and Mundane Matt had called her out for it beforehand.
• Made fun of CopperCab’s lisp and stutter but went on his livestream to apologize & ended up “befriending” him…now she will drop everything including prescheduled charity fundraisers & paid Patreon streams by faking “illness stuff” in order to livestream with Coppercab for hours.
• She had an epic meltdown berating the manager of a car dealership because she expected them to give her a brand new car for free or fix her out of warranty car for free
• Onision threatened to sue her if she wouldn't debate him. At first she refused but now it appears she is insisting he do it on her terms on her YouTube livestream.
• Joy accused The Vegan Cheetah of calling her friend with cerebral palsy a retard twice because he referred to her stream being full of “pedos and retards”
• Livestreamed with Anna Scanlon, the person suing The Vegan Cheetah for slander. After Anna mentioned inflammation of the heart caused chest pains Joy immediately incorporated this as part of her own symptoms even though she had never mentioned inflammation before
• Joy brought attention to Rose’s gofundme in hopes of garnering more donations but instead, people took a closer look at its inconsistencies because Joy couldn’t give any straight answers about the situation
• Went from claiming she was “almost” raped in France by Islamic extremists to saying she was actually raped when she needed a defense for making a rape joke on Twitter that offended an actual rape victim
• Her claims of being “homeless” many times and living in trailer parks & ghettos were found to be giant exaggerations…while she may have lived in her car for 2 weeks while still employed, it was revealed that she grew up middle class and considers living in a house but not paying her own rent = homeless
• Her claims about her mother “not caring if she lived or died” were found to be untrue
• Joy claims that YouNow only pays partners 10% of everything earned on stream (her math sucks) and that the owner of YouNow is a pedo sympathizer (untrue), which is why she started streaming on YouTube instead but she still occasionally goes back to YouNow because apparently it's not that important.
• First, she claimed her stupid drama channel was part of the “skeptic community,” now qualifies it as “accepted by” the skeptic community after being repeatedly told it isn't anything like a skeptic channel
• We've also gotten some gems about her diet like her claim she can only eat pizza and potato chips because “salad gives me diarrhea” and “diarrhea makes me gain weight”
• Let’s not forget the best quote ever “I’m not into ladies, vaginas are too much like mashed potatoes” …like WTF how?
• More exploitation of the latest hot topic tragedies and controversies for views
• More of her spammy tag stuffing practices that are against YouTube TOS
• It was proven that her resume contains lies and exaggerations…again.
• More discussion on her “fatal inoperable tumor” she claims to have cured herself with garlic, olive leaf & oregano
• More claims she is getting “death threats” but says she doesn’t bother to report it to police because she doesn’t value her life that much

The first six threads:
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No. 338215

Tried to watch but she never finishes a thought. She stops mid sentence to read the posts of whomever gives her money. I don't know how anyone can watch her.

No. 338229

Its a really sad day when I am actually rooting for Onision.

No. 338230

This woman needs to get off the internet, Go get a tan and stop wearing clothes that look permanently dirty.

No. 338231

File: 1497936031552.png (459.95 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170620-001944.png)

Now her internet went out mmhmm. She is such a coward.

No. 338271


Can you remember when she ridiculed Onion for coming up with excuses and blaming rubbish internet connection for not debating her? And she claimed she won by default…

I member.

No. 338288

She can livestream for 6+ hours but she's "too sick" to get a job.

No. 338289

Honestly, I'm sort of glad this Greg drama started back up today. After Philly D's video today I was worried she'd make yet another DO5 video about the DO5 fans threatening Phil, and try to force herself on NerdCity, who made the video that alerted Phil to the threats. NerdCity is like only person other than PhillyD who's made DO5 videos worth watching, and I've been constantly worried about Joy forcing herself on him. So good timing, Greg. I'd much rather watch Joy shit herself over him than find a new way to dredge up DO5.

No. 338292

I just watched her video "Onision to me: Debate me now or I'm suing you" where she's reacting to Gerg's video about her and she's wondering why he's focused on her all the sudden even though she hasn't been making very many videos about him recently. Towards the end (13:57) he gets to what I think really set him off besides just wanting to start drama to get more attention for his channel …that her videos are in the top results instead of his when you do a search for 'Onision.' She claims the reason this happens is because people enjoy her videos more than his and she tells him he needs to make better content….no, it's because she breaks YouTube TOS by engaging in tag stuffing, using his name in the tags a million times along with popular keywords unrelated to her video and he uses shitty tags for his videos and his channel…of course hers are going to be in the top results. The arrogance on her that her content is any better quality or to assume that people 'enjoy' her videos any more than his…they're both cancer. Content has nothing to do with it, he may be getting fewer views than usual for himself but it's still many more times the amount of views her videos get. The only reason she's getting such a good ranking for her videos is because she's cheating and his tags suck.

No. 338296


I'm listening to the one where she's reading out their DM's and around the 5:00 mark you can hear roommate playing a game, at several points he lets out loud sighs. It's during the time where she's saying she'd rather be sued. I wonder what he thinks of all this.

No. 338299

File: 1497957621606.png (95.17 KB, 631x615, nerdcity.png)

She's already tried, luckily he didn't reply. It was actually kinda funny, she was looking for a scientist for help with her Purple mattress video and asked Nerd City specifically….she saw his lab coat and automatically thought this meant he was a real scientist not realizing it's just a cartoonish character he plays. She constantly amazes me at how dumb she is.

No. 338300

This is a little OT but I honest think Joy is pretty cunning to go for the "SUE ME THEN!" option with Onion. Or. That she at least thinks she's being cunning, anyway. Think about it, Onion is hated like no one else on YT. If he sues her, it'll be all over DramaAlert and the bottomfeeder commentary channels, etc. She'll be cast as the good guy simply because Greg is such a villian.

A GoFundMe will be set up to help her with legal fees, likely by one of the Joytards, to help her fight the evil onion monster. Her channel and videos will experience a spike of new, completely oblivious people who are just there because they hate Greg.

All the fanfare over the case will bury the previous drama of DO5, as newcomers who are there solely for the Onision drama will be unaware and uninterested. She'll just be "the chick Onision's sueing" to them, and that'll be all they're interested in. Plus with Onision being so hated, they'll probably ignore any signs of her shittyness in order to have a side to root for. They can't both be monsters in that situation, right? Sure she's being sued because she made 50 videos on him, but Onision is a total douchebag, who cares!

It'll be a second (third, fourth…) chance for her, the rebirth of her channel, and be incredibly profitable. Although I highly doubt Greg will actually sue her, seems he threatens to sue people all the time, it's a pretty good scheme, I can see why Joy would go this route. Ever since Purple Matress I've thought she's been hoping to be sued just to get to play victim and get a GoFundMe.

Oh and Kati, for someone who's so sick, who is  in chronic pain, and who is constantly exhausted due to illness… How on earth do you suppose you'd have the energy and strength to go through a years long court battle? 'splain me that one, Joy.

No. 338302

Just WOW… its like she is fucking 5

OT; How the living hell has Nerdcity got half the subscribers this polished turd has. He puts in actual effort, his arguments are good and he uses evidence a lot of the time to back his argument. His video series on daddy of 5 has just finished because unlike Joy he used and looked and formulated a compelling video and its what 5% total of what Joy has made.

No. 338304

>>338300 Thank you! I thought I was the only one looking at this and dreading the consequences. Don't give her attention Onion! You don't feed the trolls, especially highly manipulative dangerous trolls, you would think he would know that being one himself. In all this time he has publicly failed to acknowledge her knowing she could only benefit from direct input from him, why let the search results ruin that? Just report them for tag spamming, use better tags yourself and her name will soon drop down the results.

This is a win win situation for her, she's peeing her mashed potatoes at all of this because if she debates him, she is getting a larger audience thanks to Onion, if he sues her, she will automatically be painted as the poor tiny channel big bad Gergles is bullying.

>>338292 You are spot on, Anon. I can't believe how deluded she is, the viewing numbers he gets on his worst day dwarf the views she gets on her best! I wonder if he would have more success complaining to YT about her tag spamming?

No. 338307


Exactly! I know this is completely transparent at this point, but even just the debate and her insistence at it being on her channel instead of YouNow. Like c'mon, Greg, it's so entirely obvious that she sees this as an opportunity to profit. Like I'm listening to the first stream she did now, and people are dropping 20 bucks in super chat just to say "Fuck [Onision]," and she has over a 1000 viewers in there. He's enabling her when there's absolutely no need to.


Oh Christ I didn't see this tweet. Thank god he ignored her, I imagine he can see what a leech she is. I hope he just stays out of all the Joy drama, because dude is talented and has a future on YT. He may not be growing as fast as Joy has, but she also has the benefit of having over 100 videos on DO5 and Onision under her belt. He'll be okay, he should just keep his hands completely clean of her bullshit.

No. 338308

she's back on live… where does she get the energy for these marathons with a chronic pain condition? oh, wait…

No. 338309

Are you serious she has been live since 1am UK time and now it is 1pm UK time. She must of popped a load of pills for this one.

No. 338310

I checked in several times today and … wut, still going each time, and really hyper. there must have been a break, surely? I must have caught the moment where she returned because she was talking about re-adding people.

No. 338320

File: 1497964742798.jpg (866.47 KB, 723x274, Screenshot (20)_LI.jpg)

It's a sign…

No. 338327


I know it's been hashed and rehashed, but even if she truly was house bound, there's plenty of jobs she could do from home, even from her computer!

I have fibro, no really, honest. First, hard for me to admit, but Joys right that she probably wouldn't get disability for fibro is she actually had it. I won't bore everyone as to why. Now if she were to try for her various mental health issues, I can
Almost guarantee you she would in a heart beat. Too bad she swears she doesn't have them. Poor, idiot Joy.

Anyway, if she spent some of that time searching for things other than ways to scam people, she might find ways of alternative income. There are jobs as simple as stuffing envelopes or starting your own small business or even Amazon has a system where you can run their customer service from your home. Plenty of call centers have this type of set up, as well as medical transcriptionists, too.

I'm in between jobs right now. My "roommate" works FT, I also have no insurance and no job. I go to a sliding scale clinic and use a RX card at the pharmacy. If it weren't for an unfortunate incident, money wouldn't be an issue. So I spend my time doing menial tasks on Mechanical Turk and such and selling my crafts until my current flare resolves and I can go back to work. I do have a fundraiser, but don't push it and don't receive much. I do for myself and don't expect from others.

Bottom line, if she was really trying(to find work and take care of herself)she'd be fine.

No. 338331

Exactly there's a bunch of jobs you can do from home. I have a friend that is a stay at home dad and he does tech support for Apple from his house. They send you a computer, phone and headset and pay like $16hr.

Saged for OT

No. 338333

I believe Onision and JoySparkleBS are both stubborn fools who need to get over themselves and go on YouTube.

God, you'd think they're children with the way they behave.

No. 338363

Not saying Fibro isn't a horrible thing to deal with, but there are people far worse off that do more than Joy does. I worked with a woman who was wheelchair bound. She was born with a birth defect that caused issues with her bones. One of her legs was much shorter than the other and she broke her hip multiple times (as well as several other bones). If she falls, it's a guarantee she'll break something. She only worked part time, she received full disability including a woman who came to her house and cleaned it daily. Yet, there she was 3 hours per day, 5 days a week, sitting at a desk adding things into an excel document and answering the phone.

Twice while I worked with her she had broken a bone (once her shin and another time her foot) and she was still back to work. She did not NEED to work, the government had her covered. But she DID to feel productive.

Also, I work from home. It's admittedly HARD to find legit work from home jobs that are not some pyramid scheme. It took me years to find a legit job. Without being part of a company already or having a certain degree/certification, work from home jobs aren't as easy to get as some are lead to believe. BUT… I actually work as an English teacher, I teach Chinese children, long distance, English. The best part is, they already are somewhat fluent in English, and my job is to basically teach them proper pronunciation of English words, and build on their pre-existing vocabulary. I know very little Chinese and get paid well. If a student likes me, I get paid more because they take more classes with me.

Joy could EASILY do menial office tasks. But her crazy bitch attitude may make it difficult to find a job that deals with people in any way. Can you imagine her dirty talk in an office setting dealing with clients/customers. Good God.

No. 338379

"Not saying Fibro isn't a horrible thing to deal with, but there are people far worse off that do more than Joy does."

Exactly, anon. I won't expound on the details too much, to keep from giving her ideas, but fibro is a spectrum disorder IMO. I compare it to autism in a way. You can know several people with it, and none seem to be affected the same. However there are bizzare similarities. And while she thinks she's reenacting some classic symptoms and speaking the lingo, she's not. People in the fibro community can pin it a mile away.

To keep from appearing like I'm baiting, a basic example of what I'm describing would be, if she was in that much pain, or had that much issue she should have some form of walking assistance. IE: a cane or walker etc. Many of us do, even at a young age. Many of us are dual diagnosed with Raynauds or other neuropathy type diseases at some point. (Waits for next medical claim by Joy).

Another red flag. She claimed she can't drive for whatever fibro related reason(the pain in her low back I believe). That's common in fibro, and yes it keeps me from driving sometimes, but it also keeps me from sitting in a car at all. There's no difference to a person with fibro between the two. Pain is pain no matter where I'm sitting. In my bed, in my car, hell, I had to cut a beauty appointment short once because I couldn't take it any longer. Maybe that's why her hair looks like crap. Just kidding! Anyway, It doesn't matter, joy. But nice try.

She should do herself a favor and just apply for SSI under mental health or verify her status as the new Miss Cleo. She'll have more financial stability and we can all move

No. 338382

If she spent as much time trying to figure out her "illness" instead of researching information on pedophiles to debate them, she might actually find a diagnosis. She has nothing to do all day - yet she still has no idea as to what is wrong with her. She spends hours on stream and creating videos…wouldnt your health come before all of that if you were truly suffering as much as she claims she is? She said it's been a year since she was hospitalized… why hasnt she spent the last YEAR trying to get her health in order instead of making ranting videos and inserting herself in any kind of internet drama that is out there?

No. 338423

Here's your average Joysparklebs supporter Issac Watts. Overweight and clearly has some mental deficiencies.
Around the middle of the video he is trying to defend Joy but with the 10 second pauses he takes between words it's kinda hard to follow.

No. 338424

File: 1497982226680.png (152.13 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170620-130048.png)

I really do want to see this "debate" happen, Greg's an asshole and maybe he can knock her down a couple pegs, but they are both pretty stubborn and have the same grandious "holier than thou" type attitude. If he really wants to put this to rest, he'll show up on hers, but since they were both going on about who gets the revenue from it, they should have picked a channel that doesn't get monitized; someone who is impartial to both of them or someone who dislikes both of them.

No. 338429

File: 1497983449845.jpg (128.5 KB, 1200x1200, Resized_pixlr.jpg)

Not your typical joy fan. Most are uptight bitches, along with a teenage fanbase, Isaac is love sick for her, for whatever reason. Joy blocked him and he recently made another Twitter account to tweet at her again

No. 338433

Jesus Christ, he's on a whole new level of obsession with her.

No. 338445

I've been watching Matt for awhile. He got himself blocked from the cult for going batshit when joy didn't answer a post during a live stream. And the poor guy just about lost his mind. That's what all his forgiveness videos are about. He's trying to forgive himself for getting angry at joy. The utter irony of this video of course is he is defending the demon lady against 'hate' when demon lady of course put up many videos spewing hate at kimmycat. Joys deluded army of morons all deserve her.

No. 338453

They do deserve her shit, the ones who don't see through he vs now are a lost cause, if they have been following for more than a month. Until joy hits absolute rock bottom and no one will give her attention, she won't stop this asinine shit.

No. 338460

im watching her livestream where onion is allegidly suppose to show up and debate and Jeff Holiday is there to referee the whole thing. Shes acting SO ecstatic like she probs loves onion secretly and has this whole elaborate plan to harass him to finally meet him lol. I love jeff but i can tell he looks pretty annoyed with joy and the stream barely has started lol.

No. 338461

He's on Younow, she's on Yt. She's gonna play the "I didn't know" card.

No. 338463


she pulled up his younow… not sharing it on her stream… but they're discussing what he's doing on his younow stream.

Def have lower opinion of Jeff Holiday over his connection to her.

No. 338464

yeah i had a sad moment because i love jeff and his channel but he is probably being paid to do this

No. 338469

onision is on younow and joy is on youtube, and i am breaking a promise i made to myself to never listen to joys harpy voice again. what a shit show.

No. 338470


They will both make themselves look like the wankers they are and both will claim victory.

No. 338474

PSA: A cease and desist letter is REAL… if it's good or advisable to make your own without an attorney has nothing to do with the fact that it is a REAL LEGIT communication.

So sick of hearing this "Fake Cease and Desist" shit… that Holiday repeated it, makes him an idiot.

No. 338477

My opinion on Jeff Holiday is now at a complete bottom… Why side and this debate is a mess. It is laughable and an insult to debates.

No. 338478

The younow link for those that don't have it

No. 338479


Yeah, if you watch the younow, he's completely sperging and blowing enough milk to justify being nominated as a lolcow. Jeff Holiday has lost it.

No. 338482

I am not going to lie I am utterly gutted at Jeff Holiday, luckily he does not have a platform in the sceptic community. Giving her a platform… also I don't get the charity thing. I believe it when I see it transaction.

No. 338483

he got so fucking hysterical and didnt answer the questions despite we all know he could easily answer and just ignored them which made the situation worse. JUST ANSWER THE DAMN QUESTIONS JEFF

No. 338484

Jesus… if you watched on YouNow… Jeff Holiday fucking lost his shit and was creamed. He looked like a complete retard throwing a fit and Onision made valid points against Jeff who's response looked like he'd been drinking or something.

No. 338486

i hope hes been drinking cause jesus…that was bad

No. 338488

Pretty much its a sad fucking day when Lolcow frigging sides with Onision as for the cease and desist you can personally make one. A lot of smaller businesses do it but it is advised to have a lawyer present to observe and make an evidence trail.

The Jeff thing was just autistic screeching of the lowest decorum.

No. 338490

Someone record the 'debate'

No. 338491

her face is getting so fat. lol.

No. 338492

Its not really a debate if it is so one sided as its pretty much an echo chamber

No. 338495

He's destroying her

No. 338496

Oh…oh… she's having "tech thing"

And, he's told her that she can call him Greg instead of "hon" and she tried "i have memory issues" and he said how is she so sure if she can't remember a 4 letter word "greg" … fuck he's destroying her.

No. 338499

im waiting for her to crack

No. 338500

OH FUCK! He's slaughtering her!

No. 338503

Both douchbags, but I love seeing her squirm. Stuck on Fibro…maybe he'll call her out on her health lies.

No. 338505


She's fucking loosing it and acting like a total freak. OMG. She's making the most disgusting faces she's totally looking like a mental patient.

No. 338507

Joy is trying to say she has a 'list' and onision is practically begging her to name one person. It's great to watch her scramble

No. 338508

You may post liveblogging and discussion there. Posting in succession is allowed.

No. 338579

File: 1498001496078.png (224.05 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170620-182906.png)

Lmao. You can afford hair products tho come on. She ain't even trying anymore. Either that or she is trying to garner sympathy for getting annihilated by onion boy.

No. 338586

Isn't she just quoting his barrage of insults towards her?

No. 338588


She called Fibromyalgia an auto-immune disorder in the YouNow "debate" stream.

That's 1000000% proof she doesn't have it if anyone was in doubt.

No. 338614

Teh fuck… .facepalm

No. 338635

File: 1498010018787.png (412.72 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Found this gem in the comments of Onisions newest video. I thought I'd share it for the Lolz

No. 338659

Here's the "debate" between Joy and Onion. Just the part where Joy showed up.

No. 338710

>Fibromyalgia an auto-immune disorder
that's a marker I use to discern if someone's health advice is bullshit.

No. 338748

Why tf is she pronouncing fibromyalgia as fibromyalzhyuh? Just when you think she can't possibly be any more gross, she brings her feed bag to a debate. I can't decide whats worse, hearing her high/fake voice spew lies and bs, or watching her slam snacks down her ugly cry hole and the cud-chewing-cow circular motion of her jaw. Barf.

No. 338763


If anyone wants to see Joy lose it on Lainey's sister, go to Joy's most recent stream (the 5 hour one) and it starts around 30 minutes in.

While lecturing Lainey's sister about being polite, Joy screams at her "PLEASE DON'T FUCKING INTERRUPT ME!" at the top of her lungs.

That happened because Lainey's sister pointed out how weird it was for Joy to be obsessed with Lainey & Onision's situation. She said Joy needs to go out and do other things with her life. Of course Kati turned that into "omg I've got a muh illness!! I can't go do things!" even though what the girl was saying had zero to do with Joy's alleged illness. She was simply saying Joy needs to do something else with her time.

Joy the perpetual fucking victim. Who thinks Fibromyalgia is an autoimmune disease. She literally says that in this video >>338659
at 9:50.

She's saying it that way because she's sUpEr SpEsHuL with her FiBrOmYaLjjjuuhh

No. 338808


Well caught Anon, I agree, this is the claim of someone who did a quick google but didn't read through the actual articles and most definitely hadn't spoken to a professional!

It's not as simple as that.

When I was going through the long diagnosis process for MS, one of the things ruled out by my neurologist was FMS.

There's a clue in the above sentence BS, seeing as you will be furiously googling away. It's too late, there are too many examples of you wrongly labelling an illness you obviously don't have.

No. 338815

File: 1498029952729.gif (2.94 MB, 296x296, on and on gif.gif)

No. 338816

I hate when she does that giggle.

"A heh hee!"

Sounds like shes trying to be cute but I wanna barf

No. 338820

File: 1498031016220.gif (204.66 KB, 178x178, ah_he.gif)

No. 338822

File: 1498031231295.png (232.05 KB, 572x366, goblin.png)

No. 338823


oh dear GOD

No. 338840

She needs to be admitted ASAP. I skimmed the thread and while Onision is a horrid person she is clearly obsessive. She might have a huge mental break down if she is forced to do something other than make videos about Onision. She even went as far as faking an illness so she can sit on her butt and complain about him all day.

She might be a weird obsessive ex fan of his who just found the worst possible way of getting her idols attention.

No. 338849

I just watched Onion's "I confronted my stalker" video and as much as it pains me to say it, he is right about the Joyous situation, I have no idea about any of the personal Billie stuff as I don't follow him but he knows Joy's MO.

This is exactly how she operates with everything she does, she chooses hated subjects knowing that people are less likely to defend something with a negative image or connotation, something universally disliked or hated. Such as Onion, Paedos, child abusers, etc.

There is also a second side to her MO where she chooses a tragedy because she can hide behind charity or the "news" or raising awareness because people are emotional about these things and she is tapping into those emotions for views. And if anyone speaks out she's doing it for charity, why don't you want money to go to charity, or I'm trying to spread awareness, why wouldn't you want people to know bout this, etc. You must be a bad person.

No. 338854

File: 1498042192653.jpg (115.58 KB, 960x720, BS Cyberstalking Laws USA Pt 1…)

I've read some interesting information about Cyberstalking and current laws and legislation. Reading the definition of cyberstalking is like reading a paragraph from the book of Joyous. I need to attach it is four parts, so please excuse the samefaggory, I have saged all posts for this reason.

No. 338855

File: 1498042249260.jpg (100.17 KB, 960x720, BS Cyberstalking Laws US pt 2.…)

Pt 2

No. 338857

File: 1498042286369.jpg (133.02 KB, 960x720, BS Cyberstalking Laws US Pt 3.…)

Pt 3

No. 338860

File: 1498042604984.jpg (112.11 KB, 960x720, BS Cyberstalking us law pt 4.j…)

Finally, part 4.

Does anyone know which state Onion lives in? If it is California that was the first state to introduce Cyberstalking laws. Missouri is also covered, here is a link to all states that have updated stalking legislation to cover cyberstalking or have introduced it.


No. 338867

You know, I can't help it. I actually like Laineybot. If you didn't even know about all of the drama, she comes off as an incredibly likable person.. whereas Joy comes off as a raving, vulgar lunatic with an unhealthy obsession with pretty much anything. This whole thing has been nothing but a giant clusterfuck.

No. 338870

>>338860 Washington

No. 338876

I don't know anon. It doesn't seem to fit her all that closely…I mean there are a few things but not really enough to qualify her as a stalker…some of those same things apply to the anons in this very thread…you don't think we are stalking her do you? She's more of an opportunist, she finds a subject that will get her recognition, attention and views…the more it provides this for her the more obsessed she becomes, making video after video until well past everyone is sick of it. She almost nearly dropped Onision because she was so focused on new targets, namely DO5. When that was over she only made 4 Onision videos before he contacted her and refocused her attention on himself, 2 a month ago and 2 a week ago…considering the sheer number of videos she makes, that is nothing. He's just trying to jump start his channels using controversy like he always does…it's just not working this time.

No. 338900

I happen to like her too, while she's done things I don't agree with, I don't think that makes her a bad person. I remember back when joy stalker bs was really getting into the relationship stuff with lainey and billie, she was really legit harrassing lainey and was hammering her over and over with tweets about her their relationship and wouldn't let it go. They put their info out in the world so I can see them being questioned, but not as far as joy went. Greg was the biggest ass in all of that and none of them were innocent but she acted as though poor billie was a delicate flower. It was so creepy how far she went into it, especially because she doesn't know any of them

No. 338910


"Anonymous: I usually hate Joy, but she handled this Onision thing BRILLIANTLY. They only talked for 10 minutes, but she definitely one the "debate"."

one. that looks like an error a voice to text program might make. who uses voice to text all the time in her skype chats… hmmm…

No. 338912


I happily admit we do fit certain aspects of this, unlike Joy I'm not a hypocrite, or blind to my own behaviour. We differ in certain areas, for one we don't slander or spread false information. That's one thing I respect about the Anons on here.

We also don't make attempts to contact people close to her like she does, she used Konstigo to indirectly communicate and gain info on Onion and Lainey, she had a pop at Lainey's sister to get to Onion when she has nothing to do with it. We don't spend 20 out of 24 hours a day on her either, which is a huge factor to take into account. It isn't my life's mission to destroy her either, I do believe people should be warned about her but either way she will always have fans.

Another thing I respect about Anons here is the fact that we don't provide an attack service to others who have a problem either. Unlike Joyous who knows fine well what her minions will do for her. It's the extremes that separates her and Onion from others.

Did you read the description of the motives and traits of a typical cyberstalker, in the fourth part? It is describing her in detail, obsessive all the way through to unemployed and having a lack of their own life.

No. 338913

Tinfoil, but still made me kek…and question. Simply because who in their right mind would think that was a win on anyone's part, let alone Kati's.

No. 338919

The way she handled it was childish and cringey. There are soooo many things she could have gone after him for but I didn't have any faith she would be up to the task and I was correct. Jaclyn did a much better job in their previous debate even though that was a mess too (as a side note did you see the way he lit up when he found out Jaclyn wanted to guest with him this time? Joy may actually be right about his feelings toward Jaclyn.) Onision was just as childish though, he made Jeff lose his shit but calling Joy names didn't accomplish anything. I have no idea why Onision thought he could make Joy cry…she loved the attention even if it was negative. She did manage to make him rage quit though.

No. 338947

Well joy didn't cry but she cackled like a chicken the whole time, she rocked back-and-forth like the joytard that she is, and she also nervously stuffed her face with potato chips the whole time. She may not have cried but she certainly looks like a cackling chicken the whole entire time. I also thought it was funny that nobody recognized he was wearing warpaint.

No. 338955

Is she obsessive? Absolutely. Does she slander people and put out false info? Yes…but in regards to what she's said about Onision? Sort of. She called him a pedophile which is technically not true but in the colloquial sense some people use it to describe those who are attracted to minors, in that sense there's an argument for it. She likes to do armchair diagnoses of his personality traits but when she does that she's careful to say it's speculation and she doesn't know that for sure, she's not a doctor. For the most part she just gives her opinion on whatever public shit he put out there himself. She didn't seek out Lainey's sister yesterday, she crashed the livestream uninvited. Neither did she seek out Sarah, Joy replied to Sarah's hostile tweet to her and invited her on to speak her piece. Sarah was free to turn her down if she wanted. I reread Joy's tweets to Lainey from back in the day, they were a little weird but from what I could tell she was just asking Lainey if they wanted to talk to her about what was going on or if they wanted an outside perspective on how things looked. She had been talking to Konstigo since early January but from what I can tell Konstigo is the one who approached Joy. Same with the people she interviewed from what I remember they approached her…Lane, LuxyMoo and the other girl I forget her name. Joy ever the opportunist just ran with it once contacted…it may be a little sleazy to interview all these people secondary to his life but since they approached her it isn't stalking. I don't believe Joy's life mission is to destroy Onision either…she loves the attention making videos on him gets her….that is her motivation. Also, Onision's followers can be just as much mean and obsessive attack dogs as Joy's…and tend to be just as young. Plus, there was a whole thing with Lainey's fans sending Joy death threats back in Feb.

Again I stand by my assertion that she is an opportunist, Joy will exploit whatever situation comes her way if she thinks she'll benefit from it but she's generally lazy and won't seek it out. (I will admit there was an exception with the DO5 situation, she was pursuing every lead and person she could think of but even then she had others do her research for her.)

No. 338961

I just watched a bit of that stream (can't handle her voice for more than a few minutes anymore). What a fucking hypocrite. Every time the sister tried to speak, Joy was talking over her, repeating herself over and over until the sister stopped talking. Then she has the audacity to scream "Don't FUCKING interrupt me!" at her. What a shit show. And I can't believe Jeff is sitting there saying "I muted her until she wants to act like an adult", then asks her to say "cash me ousside how bou dat". What a couple of children. And I thought Jeff was a cool and rational person. He really showed us all what a piece of shit he really is.

No. 338963


> then asks her to say "cash me ousside how bou dat"

Was that related to something? I agree, I actually think Jeff is a total piece of shit now for how he seemed to be jumping into that as a fake 'neutral' party.

No. 338965

I honestly don't know why he was so fixated on getting her to say that. It was really weird and completely unproductive to the conversation they were having. I feel bad for the girl. She was being completely calm and telling Joy how she felt about the things she's been saying, and they ganged up on her and attacked her for everything she said (whenever she could get a word in over Joy's screeching).

No. 338966


Unless I'm out of the loop with him (I don't know shit about Jeff) I assumed it was a lazy insult that she looked like a whitegirl hoodrat.

No. 338975

I used to like hate-watching joy because what's not to hate? But some of her mannerisms are becoming too much to bare: the constant referring to people as boo or hun or love, the clapping and manic moving around, the flirting and telling men she loves the fuck out of them, the SWEARING, the bragging. Jesus, I can feel my blood pressure rising now. Yesterday, I ran to shut off my computer when she started lecturing Lainey about when the brain matures. Because she is so educated, right? Fucking cunt.

No. 338979

And that MORON Aphrodite cuntbag who is posting everywhere that demon spawn is IN IMMEDIATE DANGER!

No. 338982

Huh wat?
Sage goes in the email part not the name part….

No. 338984

Blooddance did that livestream with joysparklebs about a week ago. In the livestream Blooddance was being emotionally abusive to her children. When she got called out on it she lost her mind and deleted all her social media accounts.
There's a lot more info in the thread about the joytards.

Saged for OT

No. 338985

I totally agree, lainey has a degree in osychology, even if she only took intro to psych laieny would know more than joyous. Kati was very belittling and condescending to lainey the entire time they talked, and didn't even listen to what they had to say.

No. 338989

Oh yeah, I only skimmed that thread, joy is enough of a dimwit to deal with, darkblood moondance whatever caused her own issues. She should have been more careful.

No. 339000


Here is a link to the thread about bloodclot.


I missed most of the live stream, I only caught the last few minutes where Lainey kept asking what BS would like to ask her and BS kept asking Lainey what she would like yo talk about. That back and forth seemed to keep occurring.

So I missed Onion losing his mind, I have no idea who Jeff is other than what I have read here, I thought mods were supposed to be neutral? And I missed BS getting her mashed potatoes in a twist over Onion.

From what I've read it doesn't seem like either of them did particularly well and nothing was proven, disproven, revealed, etc. Is that a fair assessment?

No. 339005


list of vids of the parts of the debate. >>>/pt/400078

No. 339006


they really didn't say anything of note…Gerg got caught up in trying to clarify details, and Joy just yelled and gesticulated wildly continuously…basically, both of them just looping around in the conversation trying to get the other to admit to lying/misspeaking about every little thing.

it was very stressful overall to watch haha

No. 339014

Anyone who missed the livestream but wants to see it…this is the entire stream…
Jeff Holiday & Onision (starts @ 1:00)
Rag Renolds & Onision (starts @ 23:30)
Jaclyn/Social Repose & Onision (starts @ 25:37)
Joy & Onision (starts @ 36:17)
Joy & Lainey (starts @ 1:07:40)

There's also Lainey talking shit about Joy when she hopped back on YouNow shortly after the other stream ended.

Joy posted her own videos but these are from The Blargh's channel so you don't have to worry about giving Joy views.

No. 339071

File: 1498073587863.png (110.05 KB, 498x740, VsBBpDG.png)

Joytards in full blown defense mode on the "autoimmune disease" that Joysus now has. Talk about a herd of dumbasses!

No. 339081


I must've missed something in between now and my last doctors visit. Since when was fibromyalgia declared either "autoimmune" or even a "disease". As far as I'm aware it's called fibromyalgia SYNDROME and they don't know what causes it, just that it can affect pretty much any part of your body and cause any symptom imagine able. And yes, it could actually be a mental disease, Joy. That hasn't been ruled out yet, to my understanding, either. But she's the expert and all. With her multiple tests that don't exist for a "disease" she claims she doesn't even know if she has.

No. 339083

File: 1498075238504.png (36 KB, 499x252, 6HdelSP.png)

Joysus takes being called "mom" as a compliment… um… doesn't she hate her mom with the white hot passion of a thousand Suns?

No. 339086


How stupid can you get?! It used to be believed that it could be autoimmune due to it's connection with arthritis but this was years ago. However in autoimmune illnesses the one marker they all have in common is high inflammation, in FMS the inflammation markers are very low, other things also went against common themes of autoimmune. They found that nerves play a big role in FMS, hence it is widely believed to be a neuroimmune disorder, at least it is in the UK, which is why my neuro was responsible for ruling it out not the rheumatologist like it was in the past. Please feel free to correct me, as I have MS, not FMS and I'm basing this on a discussion I had with my neuro during the ruling out stages of diagnosis.

They are preaching about reading one article for info and not getting advice from a doctor, yet that is obviously what Joyous has done. She chose FMS knowing there was no definitive testing and knowing it is an invisible illness so it's easier for her to throw out symptoms. She's doing a huge disservice to people who do live with this condition, it is people like her who make others doubt the genuine people.

No. 339098

File: 1498076943508.jpg (86.83 KB, 960x720, BS Fibro expert.jpg)

This is Dr Murphree, she has been a Fibro specialist for twenty years and she clearly states that it is not autoimmune, nor is i officially, medically classified as autoimmune.

Here is the website in case anyone would like to read the entire thing.


The entire first page of google results, stated the exact same thing and these people are the experts.

No. 339108

"She chose FMS knowing there was no definitive testing and knowing it is an invisible illness so it's easier for her to throw out symptoms. She's doing a huge disservice to people who do live with this condition, it is people like her who make others doubt the genuine people."

THIS!!!! I've thought this all along. Same with her angel/psychic nonsense. She always has her stuff on the cusp of proveable. That's why I mentioned there are other symptoms of fibro she should have and doesn't talk about, other than the obvious ones she's constantly whining about. If her condition is so bad that she can't work, her symptoms don't to be that developed? She apparently had brain fog, but can still form sentences, swallow and use her tongue. She can't walk to her car or get a job, but still has use of her hands and seems at minimum to have basic dexterity of her limbs well enough to sit and stand and go the bathroom on her own. She can feed herself, obviously. I don't notice any hyperhydrosis or excessive scratching. And formulate sentenced and seems to comprehend most things, within her reasoning that is. She doesn't seem overly fatigued, more so manic, which is the biggest FMS symptom. So where exactly are her massive symptoms that keep her from working and leaving her home?

At this point in time, she's livestreamed how many days in a row? So if she does have it, seems like she's not in a flare so she could be working now if she's able to dance in front of a camera 7 days a week 12 hours a day. Someone with FMS would give anything to be able to do that.

Additionally, there's enough of us annon affected by chronic pain/illness and can tell when someone is to some level sick. Hell, in a video Kimmycat made, possibly the first calling out Phil, she was explaining she was in massive pain that day, and you could tell. She looked under the influence, but also in pain. Joy never does. She looks mentally unstable, but never in pain.

I hope she falls into a massive nest of fibro supporters one day. That's a "debate" I'd pay to see.

No. 339109

Onision put out a vid called "Joy Sparkle: BS" on his "Onision" channel… he fucking ripped her a new asshole. I have no idea why people who watched the entire discussion think Kati was anything but destroyed in the way she was acting and trying so desperately to keep sliding over to other topics when she got busted.

No. 339111


with my FMS… I was bad enough that even half of the stress/streaming that she did in the last 24 hours would have me crumpled on the bed in pain and desperately trying to recuperate. AND, when I was at that level, I was still working 4 days a week part time (32 hours/week) down from 5 days full time. I wish I'd thought of just becoming an online douche bag ebeggar instead!

No. 339113


> I hope she falls into a massive nest of fibro supporters one day. That's a "debate" I'd pay to see.

This made me cry. I would love to take her on, but the fucking stress would destroy me for weeks. I want my old body back so badly, even if just for one day to fuck up that bitch.

No. 339118

It's been obvious she doesn't have it from the get go. It makes me cringe how every brain fart is "fibro fog, fibro brain". We all get these tiny 5 second brain glitches, jeez, brain fog is something entirely different. Oh by the way, how's her copper toxicity been lately?

No. 339120

Something that really annoyed me about the 'debate' was when she was getting on Greg about making money off of rating this '12 year olds' body because of the ads he had on those videos. She was saying that it was innapropriate that he was profiting off of children and that he would need to have consent from the girls parents for it to be legal. HELLO DADDYOFIVE? And she cannot say 'well all the money I made off it was going to Rose and her kids or a charity that helps with abused kids.' Because she changed her story so many times with where the money would be going and she eventually said some would go to Rose and some would go to her for her medical expenses. So technically she's profiting off of children whose parents she never received consent from to put in her videos. And before she says that 'Rose never told her to remove any videos and she even reached out to Rose and told her if any videos made her uncomfortable she would remove them' She had those kids and their abuse all over her videos even before she was ever in contact with Rose so she cannot use that as an excuse. She is so hypocritical and it's insane that she still has followers. Like I'm just blown away by how dumb her followers really are.

No. 339124

I counted Onision's videos on Eugenia and Shane

Shane Dawson Videos(On all of Onision Videos)-18 videos in about a 6 year period

Eugenia Cooney Videos(On all of Onisions Channels)-14 in about 1-2 year span!

Now When you count joy's Onision videos(on both channels)

84 VIDEOS on Onision in a 6 month span!!!

So joy can't turn around and say that he made more videos on anybody bc I just did the math and clearly he won the debate bc by definition she cyberstalked him

No. 339130

File: 1498081091193.jpg (43.27 KB, 480x692, IMG_20170621_223334.jpg)


Anon I would love to see that happen too but she would have to fall or be pushed into that type of debate, she wouldn't willingly put herself in the position to be so easily exposed.

In her earlier videos (a lot of which she has since removed or hidden) when she used to respond to almost everyone, there was a pattern of her only liking the comments of people sharing their diagnosis. It was very obvious, I soon saw the pattern and I have screenshots to back me up (but they are on my PC, not my phone so I will put them on tomorrow). She responds to the person above and below a person saying they have fibro, she responds to the other comments but only liked the fibro comment. She knows a genuine person would see holes in her claims so she doesn't engage. Yet she happily engages with the people sympathising saying she's so brave, they wouldn't be as strong as she is blah, blah.

And I agree with your comment about her energy levels, that was one of the first things that made me doubt her. I could understand making a video then being able to rest all day but the do5 showed me it was constant and then I found out she streams in between, it doesn't work like that.

Edit. Removed unverifiable comment.

And thanks to Onion her subscriber numbers have been jolted from flatlining to climbing.

No. 339136


Her subscriber base is almost entirely hate mobbers (either Onision or Do5)… you can tell by her view counts. So… unless she's going to continue her Onision hate boner indefinitely… her subscriber count won't have as much of an effect on her view count.

No. 339137

File: 1498081497292.png (510.2 KB, 1284x376, UG5SqWl.png)

This is her channel with restricted mode turned on. I'm guessing a lot of advertisers don't want their ads run on videos that are restricted. :D

Perhaps some parents should ask about some of those videos that are not restricted? Some of them contain a whole lot of foul language to be allowed to play in a public library or other areas with minor children… just saying :D

No. 339138


She did indeed do a headstand on a livestream. You didn't need to remove your comment as it is verified as happening. Proof was posted in thread #3 but I'll post the clip again.


No. 339143

Did you count the ones one her second channel?

No. 339151

Hey guis! Onision can't "maniulate anymore"! Per Joysus @ 8m13s in her new vid where she says she's going to make as many videos as she wants…. She's going full hog on her original obsession, this should be hysterical!

BTW: everything before that 8m13s is complete shit.

No. 339154

I have to say they bring out the worst drama in each other. I mean the worst as in shit tier quality milk. The whole thing's getting painfully awkward now.
If you look at past milk with other people/YTers it's just so much better. Watching Joysus try to be funny after making 84 videos…it's like..time to stop.

No. 339155

The amount of cognitive dissonance before 8m13s is just shocking. Someone needs to add a tape recorder to the amazon wishlist

No. 339157

Hey Anon I checked her videos and worked it out. Without clickbaiting her average video hit is 5000 - 7000 which is about 10% with clickbaiting its up to 20k being 40%. She literally has to hate boner every video to generate 50k in real money that isn't that much actually its about $50.

The problem is these are just subscribers in the new system it means nothing. It is all about views unfortunately for joy most of them have monietisation away from them due to language

No. 339158


Honestly… if I were Onision, I would be genuinely afraid of this wack job. She's down right scary in the last two days and I can totally understand why she can't keep a job. Imagine that spaz working for your company? You'd be risking her going nutz on a customer at any second.

No. 339166

yeah. I counted on both of her channels that's how I got that number. I did it twice to make sure. she also deleted some videos too remember? Now I'm not saying there can't be more out there but that's the number i got. I sent onision an email with the threads and the info about her from Phil's videos so that he can have a better case against her. I mean she does this shit all the time. Somebody needs to bring her down a couple of pegs.

No. 339167

if i was onision i'd sue her bc he does have a case for cyberstalking. All he has to do is take screenshots of her videos and her dms.

No. 339169

I never thought I would say that I'm actually happy Onision called her out on her shit.

No. 339208

File: 1498090982333.png (453.2 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Another good point found in the comment section of an Onision video.

while he is a putz, his latest video did a pretty good job of making her look bad. The shots of her "tells" we're priceless. When he asked for the lists of videos and she just looked as if she sharted. Smh. Wow joy. Backed yourself into a corner on that one.

Editing or not, both her at that obviously bias moderator came out looking a bit more crazy than he did. Just a bit, though.

No. 339213

File: 1498091172830.png (647.54 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170621-190459.png)

Why would you be proud to be likened to psychopath Annie wilkes from the movie misery where she ties a man to a bed and beats the shit out of him and enjoys it?

No. 339217


Bet the girl posting it doesn't realize that's an actress from a horror movie and not Joysus. Joysus does look a lot like her.

No. 339222

I don't see any resemblance at all except maybe the camera angle. I happen to love kathy Bates as an actress, I refuse to associate the two.

No. 339229

File: 1498093827108.png (199.94 KB, 1080x1365, 20170621_200855.png)

I was just reading some lines from the movie and if you put Kati as Annie and Greg as Paul, it's very accurate to the "debate".

No. 339230


Actually, Kati is the inverse.

Annie = Nurse / Kati = perpetually sick

Annie = lives alone maintaining small farm / Kati = lives off others who cater to even her basic needs

Annie = Literate enough to get a nursing degree / Kati = not able to hack a year of basic college

Annie = Abhors foul language with a passion / Kati = can make ANYTHING related to "squirting" or "rubbing one out" or "nutting inside" someone.

As sad as it seems… Annie (as the psychopathic character was written and portrayed on screen) is a much better person than Kati.

No. 339252

The things Joy's fans will do for her attention.


No. 339263

File: 1498099567742.jpg (540.31 KB, 810x2294, Screenshot_20170621-214445.jpg)

No. 339273

But joy fits Annie's personality. This is from the Annie wilkes Wikipedia. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Annie_Wilkes

"King characterizes Annie Wilkes as a cunning, brutal and devious woman who hides her malice behind a cheery facade. Both the novel and the film portray her as extremely paranoid, and also suggest that she may suffer from bipolar disorder. In the novel, she has day-long bouts with depression,"

"King has noted that Wilkes "may seem psychopatic to us, but it's important to remember that she seems perfectly sane and reasonable to herself—heroic, in fact, a beleaguered woman trying to survive in a hostile world filled with cockadoodie brats."

No. 339282

File: 1498107294002.png (364.6 KB, 475x864, 61Ikhtk.png)


DMs from Joysus desperately trying to get another live stream from Onision.

No. 339283

File: 1498107312583.png (275.67 KB, 519x806, 2AvH0ZY.png)


No. 339284

File: 1498107328764.png (299.33 KB, 515x857, ARlaXpC.png)


No. 339285

File: 1498107345813.png (330.94 KB, 519x794, rpmWCpd.png)


No. 339286

File: 1498107371146.png (305.14 KB, 505x833, CAAHylM.png)


No. 339287

File: 1498107399145.png (308.76 KB, 505x821, lfpb6xy.png)


No. 339288

File: 1498107417464.png (339.88 KB, 512x845, RtntoxY.png)


No. 339289

File: 1498107435338.png (330.71 KB, 492x780, oY3dSOV.png)


No. 339290

I was watching a documentary on Munchhausen bi proxy this morning and though I have no psych degree I used to work with psychologists in residential care and made care plans. However when you look at her background and the theory that Munchies just want to be cared for suddenly makes sense with the ex, the mother and then things like overeating and the fact the munchies can happen at any point but mostly after trauma makes sense

No. 339293

Jesus h christ I actually feel really sorry for Greg and I think he is a dumpster fire but christ, she is fucking cray and this is stalkerish as hell he is saying f off and just going on and on. Could he just get a restraining order or something?

No. 339294


MSBP involves a care giver injuring someone in their care or under their influence. Kati is absolutely not giving care to anyone but herself.

Look at histrionic personality disorder + narcissist personality disorder. VERY common among "rescue nazi" types. They place themselves as the "Savior" to collect sycophants who feed their narcissistic needs.

It is NOT psychopathy, HPD/NPD know right from wrong, they just don't give a shit and feel that if they can take advantage of you, then you deserve it because you're too stupid to not get fooled by them. Kati is too stupid and too clumsy to be a psychopath.

You could also see that "stunned" look on her face when she got caught out on the "list of names" while she struggled for a way to slither around her lie.

Then there was at the very begining where she was certain her laughing at Greg would put him off his game and he didn't flinch… she panicked and feigned "technical problems" to catch her breath and decide her way forward. She was stuck with the "laughing at him" routine and added in the potato chips I guess to be more disgusting to someone who's a vegan and health food enthusiast.

No. 339295


The thing is that he never asked her for a "debate" she kept throwing that term out there. In the video he said he wanted a discussion. She keeps throwing the "debate" term out there.

Also, the original discussion topic was "making 40+ videos is insane, how do you justify that?" (or something close)… so, technically, he did stay close to the original topic and she was all over the place trying to throw everything possible at him to bait him.

She is sounding absolutely unhinged now. If I were withing a 200 mile radius of where she lived, I would be scared shitless about her loosing it and showing up at my door. This is the stuff that they make psychological thriller/horror movies about.

No. 339298

File: 1498109224897.png (73.81 KB, 510x559, vAYmdv2.png)

Apparently Onision was scheduled to be in a stream on his discord server with his patreons. So, he was on YouNow when he said he would be… it took 40 min for Joysus to finally get guested there (between her failed attempt to force him over to her YouTube channel and Jeff's failed attempt to get him to any YouTube channel) and so by the time she was there, there were only 20 min left before he was supposed to be elsewhere.

No. 339300

>health food enthusiast

Anon, please. Grease eats the most disgusting processed vegetarian junk food available. Also, not a vegan. That was only a phase to impress Billie.

It was pretty gross, though.

No. 339305

File: 1498111851200.jpg (71.09 KB, 757x353, PSX_20170622_010519.jpg)

If this person is indeed a lawyer, their license needs to be revoked. Stat.


A YouTuber who doesn't put off Patreon streams to do other less lucrative streams? Gee, Joy, you could learn from 'ol King Cuckory here.

No. 339306


Have you seen those credits for patreons yet? How many months have they been paying and I have yet to see any patreons acknowledged at the end of her videos.

No. 339317

>>339138 Thank you Anon, I wasn't sure I was remembering correctly and I couldn't find it myself, I hate to give her ammo to use when someone says something incorrect. So she did do headstands on live stream, but what about the severe chronic pain? Ha!

>>339293 I agree, this is another reason why she is dangerous, she is that unhinged she is making people sympathise with Onion! I used to think they were two sides of the same coin but not anymore, she is far worse and that is really saying something.

I hope he sees the post and information about the expert Fibro Doctor, I'd like to see her argue her way out of that. Every medical page in the first two page results were all in agreement that Fibro is not autoimmune and it is a misconception based on earlier studies which have since been proven inaccurate.

Her timeframe for being diagnosed is way off. She said repeatedly she hadn't been diagnosed, then after spending a couple of days in a hotel where she saw a doctor once, she claimed she was diagnosed all of sudden. Yet the process can take up to two years because there is no specific test.

I want Onion to end this once and for all, prove her to be the liar she is beyond any shadow of a doubt. She's always going to have the diehard Joytards (at least while they are of use to her) but it's younger, vulnerable people I worry about.

No. 339322


Meh, I root for Joy to kick Onion's ass. Y'know, if she really is 10x worse and all. I just wanna see that man squirm for once and really mean it!

Saged for autism.

No. 339325


Perception is a funny thing, you could tell who hated who the most in the live stream comments and this thread vs the Onion thread.

It's not about liking either of them, it's who we dislike the most and the comments on Onion's thread are about Jeff and Joy owning him, while over here it's seen the other way round.

I admit I don't know a lot about Onion, I know he is notorious but anything I know came from Joy and references on here. And while I agree that he also needs to be taken down, BS is not the person to do it. She makes him look stable in comparison.

No. 339328


I understand and agree, and I'm kinda glad I didn't watch the Onion x Joy debate either. It was a fucking headache with the Jeff one.

TBH this whole shtick reminds me of someguy/Stevie and the anti-o's, bunch of crazy autists they are.

No. 339333

I think Onion is WAY worse than joy, so i'd also like her to kick his ass. This is entertaining to me because I dont like either of them, and they make each other look bad.

I hope no one starts sympathizing or siding with onion just because you hate joy. He is also a huge liar, was a dumbass in the debates and all debates hes ever done in the past, started the debate drama with joy by emailing her and demanding it then only allowing it to be on his for profit lameo channel claiming shes also impartial (lol). And he has made a billion videos about everyone. People are not including ones that he doesnt put their name in the title of. He brings up shane, all his ex's a million times, but their names arent necessarily in the title. But he still talks about his freaking ex's from when he was 15 and describes their sexual history and shit. Like he cant be one to talk about being a creeper/stalker. He did not look good in the debates. And then he left his "impartial wife" to debate with joy. I thought she was an impartial third party?

It's really disappointing as someone who dislikes onion for all these vocal anti-o youtubers to end up being cows as well and making onion look better by being stupid. But I HOPE joy is making onion feel umcomfortable/powerless, because thats what he tries to do to everyone else. And in no way did he look good or "won" that debate lmao.

No. 339335

Jesus fucking christ, can she not spell at ALL?

No. 339343


My dream takedown of both Joy & Onion would be spearheaded by Mister Metokur. That would be epic but I can't see him ever troubling himself with either of these cows but I can hope and dream.

No. 339514


No one is going to like hearing this, but I think the reason the loudest anti-Onision people are mental freaks is because, for the most part, Onision is just a douche bag and adults don't waist their time hate watching douche bags. I became aware of Joysus because her cease and desist letter video was played by a YouTuber that I do watch. I'd known of Onision, but never watched anything by or about him because I had this image that he was a retard that dressed up in a banana outfit and for some reason a bunch of people like that.

So, with this discussion fiasco, I went back and watched Joysus' video on Billie and the basement stuff. I have to say, if those DM messages are the basis of all this "mutilate her and chain her up in a basement" shit… WOW. She's an adult, he asked her to do stuff, she said no. O.M.G… call News Nine!

Now I see someone pushing an image of a military document with red marks all over it because there are misspellings, and a different form of dash (em vs m dash), and ??? I don't know, but that is supposed to be proof that ??? what? I was USMC and my MOS was Admin… I don't see what the fuck they're trying to prove there. I did forms all the time and guess what, my spelling sucks.

Then there are all these fat or fuckable videos? Well, how bad can they be if YouTube has not taken them down? I'll admit, I haven't even tried to find them or watch them, but this all sounds like a bunch of drama queens stomping around making noise for the attention.

I definitely would not want to be friends with Onision and would not imagine that he's the least bit reliable. But, holy hell, his detractors are some really screwed up people so deep into their own echo chamber that they can't even think straight.

SO, why am I hate watching Joysus? Well, because it's fascinating to watch how the Joytards are so desperate to keep their queen on her thrown. They're a lot like the SJWs w/out the education, vocabulary, or logic. They're very much the sort that will jump on any red meat she throws at them to the point that not only are they fine with her making fun of them to their faces they defend her for doing it as "it was just a joke" She and her freak show are very much like Onision's fans and Do5 fans.

No. 339632

File: 1498168352643.png (1.25 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20170622-173554.png)

In her newest video shady Kati says her thoughts on the debate and dm's between her and the man of her dreams. She asks to continue the debate and he replied not unless she provides a name of someone he had made X amount of videos of, as she wouldn't respond during the debate. She still wouldn't provide a single name in the dm exchange and in her video she says "he can't just demand proof." But uh, isn't that her one of her favorite things to say ? "Where? Show me PROOF. PROVE is said it. Give me the fax!" So let the record show that according to kati, you cant just demand proof.

Shout out to closed captioning for covering her fuzzy teeth

No. 339661

She has done 2 Onision videos in about 3/4 hours. It is genuinely freaking creepy

No. 339696

I'm only just watching the Joy chat with Lainey and Gurg, and holy shit cringing so hard.

Also usually I don't give a shit about misgendering and stuff, but how are Joy's fans fine with her saying "you're a pretty young girl" to Lainey's face?

No. 339702

I dont think watching anti-o people like joy helps explain why onion is terrible because they often focus on little things that dont matter as much.

The military document thing…he had claimed he was honorably discharged, and said this was 100% truth because hes the most honest youtuber, but then when someone found proof of his real documents, it says he was "generally discharged under honorable conditions". And then he changes his story to BUT it has honorable in it!! Although i think the whole honorable/dishonorable is even a big deal, but it hits his honest youtuber criteria.

The billie thing the most appalling thing was how he reacted after everything, sperging at her, calling her an ugly druggy loser who will amount to nothing and who tried to ruin their lives, and revealing her rape/abortion that were secret and something she only told 5 people to the whole world just to get back at her and because she said he was the worst person she ever met. Also the fact he cheated on his own wife TWICE, and started putting the blame on a 19 year old, claiming she was the only one at fault and he didnt do anything wrong. And that his wife has to have the job of keeping him in line because all men will stray to other woman unless their partner stops them.

I also dont think the judging bodies makes him a pedo thing is the best argument. But honestly its fucking weird for him to not see how harmful and bad it is to be judging a 11-13 year old's body, calling them ugly or not when hes a 30+ year old man with a daughter and son.

I dislike joy a lot, but i dont think shes at the level of onion, so its weird to see some joy haters defending onion. They both are shitty. But i agree that the most vocal anti-onion ppl who end up making several videos tend to be nuts. Probably just like how the most vocal anti-joy people would be nuts.

No. 339703


Oh wait, I just got to the part where Lainey said she's not policing it right then. Ha. Guess we can all call Lainey her whenever after all.

No. 339708

We can dislike them both. But Joy creams herself when talking to Onion so I hope he ignores her to keep her from bustin' a nut.

No. 339712


> its weird to see some joy haters defending onion

I think part of it is that many of us haven't ever watched any of the Onision stuff. I became aware of her through Warski and I probably would have even skipped any Onision videos on his channel because I'm not a 13yo. So, my only exposure to Onision is in the shit that Joy has posted and now I've gone and watched a couple more of his videos like the one debunking Keemstar.

I do find Joy much worse. Joy is clearly mentally ill and barely in touch with reality. Onision is probably a world class asshole, but I don't think he's mentally ill… he's just a dick.


YES… it is clear (and creepy) how she has a total crush on him. Bet it sucked to be her when she was streaming with her gaggle of freaks while he was streaming w/Lainey on his lap afterwards. If he were to cut her off entirely at this point, she'd be so pissed. There'd be 10 Onision videos per day for the next month.

No. 339718

A month is awfully generous, anon.

No. 339720

Lol dont expect too much from onion boy. Hes the one who ended up giving her attention in the first place by demanding the debate. Onion gets off on confrontation and "proving tha haters wrong." They both love attention and drama and want to keep their channels alive. I expect if he sees an increase in views from drama, he will keep it alive.

Joy should have really stopped after that "debate". I'm getting second-hand embarrassment from her recent messages.

I guess its weird to me that there are people who know joy outside of the people who know onion boy since she emerged out of the whole onion drama. She was only relevant after her videos about him were posted to the onion thread and she contacted people involved with the onion drama. I'm surprised she has become at all relevant to outsiders. But I guess warski tweeted about her and made a video with her in it so i could see how his fans found her. It's a shame she is continuously gaining traction.

I guess its subjective but for me being mentally ill is not as bad as being a full fledged narcissist asshole who is completely aware of how his actions hurt people. I dont really care if joy comes after onion boy, because hes a complete dick who i dont feel one ounce of sympathy for, but if she starts attacking innocent people and children like onion does, then it becomes annoying. I'd be happy if they ran each other into the ground since both their channels should just die off the internet.

No. 339730

File: 1498178036299.png (138.45 KB, 1080x434, 20170622_193215.png)

Joy is a bitch(I know this already but ahhh). Idc what shit there is on Greg and lainey, this thread is for joyous and her shit. Lainey asked to not be including in joys drama, when lainey did her stream after the "debate" she said she doesn't like joy and never wants to talk to her again, joy is vindictive to make this video, explicitly going against lainey' s wishes.

No. 339738

People were praising her for being nice to lainey, while lainey was being two faced by being nice to her face then shitting on her afterward. Her making a video shitting on lainey is just going to make people mad. Shes stupid to do this.

To your second point, lainey always asks to not be included in drama, but then includes herself in the drama anyway.

No. 339740


"She wants to be left out of the drama, so she tole me, fyi."


Makes entire hate video of her fantasized slights from Lainey.

How long before this loon is on a grey hound bus headed for their house to "spread her joy and sprinkles" … just to "help them out"

No. 339741

To be fair, Joy was manipulating Lainey the whole time. She was using the nice approach because she knew that if she used the approach that she did with Gregma, Lainey would run away.

No. 339746

File: 1498179593053.png (137.24 KB, 519x457, fgpC5CU.png)

CankerNeck actually does say this in the beginning of her video.

No. 339750

File: 1498179810845.png (861.75 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170622-200303.png)

No. 339753

File: 1498180029702.png (82.22 KB, 750x761, IMG_1475.PNG)

She's honestly insane.

No. 339756


She's loosing it because she thought she had Lainey wrapped around her finger and it turned out to not be true. This is so funny. AND, that video really is bullying a person that she knows has a mental illness (anxiety) so if they report it, I could see YouTube taking it down.

No. 339757

Joy was not being nice to Lainey. You could clearly tell Lainey was upset by Joy continually bringing up Billy yet Joy still persisted with it. Joy craves drama. She gets this weird high off of it and the fact that this drama involves Greg, makes it that much better for her.

No. 339758


I think Kati can't stand that Lainey is married to Onision and has children with him. How often does she bring up their poly lifestyle when it really isn't any of her business. She keeps trying to wedge them apart because Joysus wants Onision D in the worst way.

No. 339763

OH fucking shit… now Joysus is claiming to have diagnosed PTSD that took her many years to get over… Um… I've seen her swap between PSTD and PTSD all weekend and how many times has she said her issues have nothing to do with anxiety? But, now when she wants to attack someone with a known anxiety condition she has it too!

Every time I hear her use PSTD, my mind translates Permanent Sexually Transmitted Diseases :-)

No. 339764

Jesus H christ a third one. Bitch needs to go outside.

No. 339774

File: 1498182793286.jpg (Spoiler Image, 71.98 KB, 576x250, mashedpotatovag.jpg)

Maybe she does have PSTD…could be why she thinks vaginas are like mashed potatoes.

The pic was among the google results for "mashed potato vagina" I spoilered it for those of you who are easily grossed out, it's just an illustration but it's still nasty.

No. 339777

File: 1498182991188.png (80.67 KB, 750x767, IMG_1474.PNG)

I print screened this earlier in the day but forgot to post. Hopefully this becomes a trend with majority of her followers. I don't even follow Joy that closely but these past few days have been exhausting. She's so manipulative and blatantly lies all the time.

No. 339785


Now that Joysus has found new fame with the anti-Onision crowd, those old joytards aren't going to be as interesting to her anyway. She'll be having to "protect herself" and pushing them out of her space.

No. 339789

File: 1498183674373.png (571.77 KB, 802x464, Imean.PNG)

This whole "debate" situation has honestly made me hate Joy about 10x more. Specifically how she was to Lainey's sister. Because the sister isn't a YTer with a following, she treated her like shit. But in the next breath she's bitching about kindness and respect, and fucking "acting like an adult".

And now she apparently has crippling anxiety? I thought up until now she was 1000000% against the sentiment that she has anxiety, she just said a few days ago "she wishes it was anxiety, it would be easier to manage" but now because Lainey and Sarah mentioned it, and ofc Billie and her weed smoking came up for a treatment for it….now she's got anxiety and apparently anxiety can kill you. She's probably almost died from it 15 times since last night.

I only watched a bit of this bitchfest about Lainey, and I didn't watch the full vid either, but it's fucking crazy to me that she herself edits in a clip of Lainey saying she doesn't like Joy and wants her to stop making videos about her…as she's fucking making another video about her. How much has she complained about Greg making videos about Eugenia despite her asking him to stop? How is she any different?

I couldn't finish the video because everything she said was projection- a criticism that applies 500% to herself basically- or an outright lie. I went to the comments expecting her to be dragged, but I guess I'm too early. The amount of support from her retard fans was just infuriating. How can anyone sit there and cheer her on when everything she says is a contradiction?

Like she's bitching about Greg asking for FAX, as if her demanding RECEIPTS is any different.

She says you need to come at her with kindness or whatever, yet she's a bully.

She says she'd never profit from child abuse, yet Do5 happened.

She let Onision get her to all but admit she's making up the fibro stuff. On top of all the other proof…yet it's always her fall back card when she needs pity.

She does all this whining about saving people, yet Sarah was telling her "You are the reason I was kicked out of the house, the only place I felt comfortable." WHICH WE KNOW is bullshit but how condescending was she the entire time? Basically saying "No, stupid teen who is really smart and pretty, but still stupid, what happened was I saved you and when you're older you understand" THE ARROGANCE…. {I stopped here, when all the gaggle of Joytards came on and made everything end stage fucking cancer.}

She says she would never make fun of the disabled yet she does it every chance she can. She can't even play like she didn't know Lainey has anxiety {Like with Copper}, yet she makes fun of her for being nervous and not getting the words out. {Like the Buzzfeed video… But Joy has anxiety and understands its hard, guise}

There is so much more too, it's just crazy to me how people literally cannot see this? It's cause they're all 12 and retarded, right? Is she on Onion levels and just doing this all on purpose knowing it's all that works for her? I mean, fuck, at least he admits he wants views man…

Ffs, when you read through the DM's with her and Greg, you can easily read her shit in his voice and it makes no difference. They are one in the same.

And she was all on Lainey's side but then she said "I don't really like Joy" so Joy makes a fucking 35 min video attacking her and calling her fake for being nice…despite that being Joy's entire personality. And starts up saying transphobic shit again.

You just honestly have to be a step above brain dead to not see all this shit.


I'm just so fucking DONE at this point, she has passed being lulzy and I just wanna hit her with a sledgehammer. Anything to calm that ego and take her down a few pegs. We thought the mask had slipped guys but nah, she's still mid-transformation. Her final form is gonna be enough to have someone actually take notice and do something about her, if it's just taking down videos/ channel or actually sending her to jail, she's gonna push this Onion stuff to a point where she can't bounce back. Cause I think even the most retarded of her fans won't approve of her when she's shown up at his door with some dirty fucking fax machine and some random guy on the internet claiming to be a lawyer.

Any fucking way, I had to rant this out and I still haven't even caught up on the whole debacle. It makes me so mad that this dumb bitch has me agreeing with and even defending the Onions. Speaking of, he really did fuck her up in his video about her, and says he will make another if it's requested for. He picked up on and pointed out all her tells, slowed them down and shit. He had the receipts, he put her contradictions next to each other. In a way, it's what a lot of farmers have been asking for for a long time, crazy it would be him to do it. I didn't even mind giving him the view tbh. Pic related.

No. 339795

I Would probably die from laughing if that psycho showed up at Onision's door with that stupid fucking fax machine and a "lawyer"

No. 339796

I sincerely fucking hope she does contact his local PD. What better way to prove you're obsessed with someone? Even if she hasn't broken any law, they'll be made aware of her so if she ducks up in the future they will have her smelly as in record making an inquiry about Onion.


I'm with you, anon. Couldn't agree more. I've never liked Onision & they are both fucking morons but quite frankly I'm rooting for him. I'm so exhausted with her bullshit.

No. 339797

While joy and Greg are both neck and neck for the biggest asshole trophy and both have a significant attention seeking problem, I'm saying overall joy is much worse. I feel like he enjoys picking fights with people and raising conflict, where as she wants to ruin people and make them suffer. And let's be real, if Greg said he wanted to squash it all and be friends, she absolutely would.

No. 339798

While calling him honey and sweetie even more than she does now.

No. 339799

Eh. Gerg also likes ruining people and making them suffer. Look at his history of ex's. Billie even said in her video after it all that she never met someone who was so hateful that they wanted to ruin someones life like he was trying to do to her.

Also hes acting really stupid on twitter rn. This police thing is gonna go nowhere. I feel sorry for any officer who has to hear the details of the drama between cow #1 and cow #2 and pretend to take it all seriously.

No. 339802

Oh you know it. She is the happiest when she has interaction with him. She even used her soft little mousey voice today. Didn't she conveniently lose her voice around when the first debate was happening? When she gets a big pile of new subs from onion drama, she has to show everyone that she is just a sweet ol gal that likes to smile and help people.

No. 339803

File: 1498186191083.jpg (116.76 KB, 771x642, PSX_20170622_213714.jpg)

This is probably the most accurate fan "art" of Kati that's been made. Just shade in the teeth yellow and it's perfect.

Agreed. She's much worse in my opinion. Onion actually leaves the house, interacts with people offline and does other non internet things. Youtube is mainly a career for him. Kati doesn't leave the house to buy her own groceries. And that has nothing to do with anxiety. She's addicted to the attention she gets from drama. The more negative the better. At least Onion is doing this with the end goal of making money and he doesn't lie about that. Money isn't important to Kati..and anyone who continually devotes this much time, energy & effort into internet drama without money as the main goal is a questionable, dangerous person. It goes beyond drama for her. It's pathological and that's fucking scary.

No. 339804

Joy is about to be guested on Sarah's younow https://www.younow.com/Sarahbear8500

No. 339805

Hey Anon you typed all my thoughts in a beautiful post. Agree Greg destroyed her in that retort video and tbh she has ascended from cow at this point because she is just a retard. Even listening to her speaking, I listened out for sentences that actually made sense and not ending with questions because it is shocking I am working on making this vid form. She literally makes no sense this is only in the last 3 months mind.

No. 339806

File: 1498186591480.png (139.73 KB, 640x851, 0fdRNLS.png)

Is she in Oklahoma? They should maybe call HER local PD.

No. 339807

She has technically done 6 videos on him in 24 hours, the sixth is counting her younow with Sarah, who I assume she will leech until the corpse is a husk. It is actually scary as fuck. I have been on youtube since its inception and never seen no one really act like this unless there are some anons who know

No. 339809

I hope the payout is worth having all this stupid shit on the internet forevermore.

No. 339811

I am fekking dying. Honestly, it really is the most accurate. The eyes especially. My god the eyes.

The core of this whole thing is probably something so trivial. Like she tweeted him and he didn't respond or she did a shitty cover of the banana song in her best opera voice and he didn't tell her how perfect it was. Either way she was snubbed and wanted to fix his ass, and so jsbs was born with new social media. Obviously speculation

No. 339815

I transcribed one of her videos and literally stopped well over 20 times to check myself and confirm I really heard what I thought I heard. When you see it all written out, it is a mess. She should really use some of her time to work on that ffs

No. 339818

The only reason I'm kinda rooting for Greg (even though he is a narcissistic manipulative asshole) is because Kati is a total scam artist. She knows she is not physically sick yet that is her excuse for every single fuck up. That's what did it for me. She knows her audience is made up of "physically disabled, mentally disabled, and LGBT people" those were her own words. Lumping LGBT in with the others is weird. She uses everything and everyone she can to skate by in life with people constantly giving her sympathy and praise. She is a true wolf in sheeps clothing. A full blown narcissist and a bayshit crazy creeper. I want to see Onion go down, but I want to see Joy go down more.

No. 339823


Can someone tweet this at Onision? Doesn't she still live in Norman, Ok?

No. 339824

OMG… in the YouNow stream, Joysus just said she's been "studying" Onision for 10 years… so that would be since she was 23yo? Has he even been online that long? She must be a spurned fangirl after all.

No. 339825


That stream is nothing but Sarah failing at constructing a coherent sentence, Joy manically running her mouth and the second unknown blob next to Sarah clutching on to a pillow and interjecting herself in the bullshit drama.

Hate to say it, but Joy looks like the better person here, because, you know, she's debating literal TEENAGERS on something that isn't their business at all.

They did however ask why Joy started making videos on Onision again when she adamantly keeps sticking to her story that she's over the drama with him and doesn't want to talk about him, and claims it's because she wanted to leak the DMs.

No. 339829


I don't know… doesn't it seem totally creepy that a 33yo has stuck herself into the relationship of a man and human that live no where near her and that she's never met at all? Joysus sticking with this and being so invested in this is looking pretty pathetic. Does she have no life?

No. 339830

File: 1498190157248.png (63.14 KB, 472x313, DWyNncU.png)

Apparently Lainey has called and talked with the police about her video.

No. 339831


Oh yes, she is a steaming pile of pathetic tissue, but since Sarah is an inarticulate child, Joy looks superior. It's fucking creepy regardless, why does she feel the need to insert her screeching self into a teenager's stream for over 1 hour and even WANT to talk about someone she doesn't personally know at all, and admit to having researched him for 10 years..

No. 339832

Yeah it is a wreck. None of it is truly coherent and in language and writing terms it is fluff but there is poor mans attempts at manipulation. That is her video format in a nutshell.

No. 339833


Actually looks a lot like an old lady gas lighting a kid to me.

No. 339834

Joy may have finally reached a point past entertainment for me. It's kinda surpassed a cow status and turned into something …. I can't even describe it. I keep thinking she'll get knocked down a few pegs. Or take a nap. Or someone will call her out on something. But she's getting louder. And more manic and obsessive. And it's almost scary.

Whatever happened to doing it for Cody and Emma and Rose and Tim, Joy?

No. 339835


I agree. She was entertaining a couple of months ago, I followed her threads regularly and participated but now it's just.. creepy in a bad way. She's spinning out of control and doesn't seem to have a life outside of wanting to expose people. It's starting to become unnerving and sad.

No. 339837


Look at Lord of the Flies.

No. 339838

She needs to stop talking to all these teenagers and having debates/interviews with them.

No. 339839


Additionally creepy or just ironic I almost posted this same reference earlier today lol

No. 339849

Shes guesting right now on AyexKaitlin YouTube live. I'm not sure if she's said anything or what's going on because I just tuned in.

No. 339852

OMG.. her "Onision threatens me with cops" video… she is PISSED that Lainey talked shit on her… she does a long rant about yoga pants… Joysus is super, super jealous and pissed that Lainey blew her off as fake.

No. 339860

I agree with that. I was thinking something along the same lines. Her vendetta is that of a scorned lover, wishing she was lainey.

Does joy even have any friends from before youtube? I know there was Phil who spoke out, but was/is there anyone else?

No. 339864

The YouNow guesting where she gas lights 16yos.


No. 339865

File: 1498196647909.png (118.77 KB, 319x316, flamingonion.png)

No. 339867


In another stream, she said she was a YouTuber in 2006 (prob w/that Taho stuff)… bet she is a spurned fangirl… and she's watched him go through how many women that are not her in that time?

That explains that weird ass rant at Lainey in the "he called the cops" video… she was down right pissed at Lainey and practically spitting at the camera. ANd, while the two 16yos in that YouNow stream won't have their shit together until they're 25yo… Lainey is 22(?)yo and FULLY responsible for everything Onision.

Fucking Joysus is blowing a gasket big time.

No. 339868

Maybe joy submitted a photo once and got rejected? Or not mentioned/downvoted? Could make sense as to why she always brings up those videos?

No. 339869


OMG it would be SO FUNNY if he found a pic or video of Kati Smith in his old communications! (Not to mention scary as shit that she would hold a grudge for 10 years)

No. 339870

100% scary and total cringe I'm sure.

No. 339871


Someone needs to tweet at him to search his stuff for Kati Smith and Kati Marie Smith…. I bet he's the type to never delete anything.. if she has prior contact with him… that would be Grade A Milk.

No. 339874

there is an instagram of her Kati Marie Smith from 2 years ago.
Just one video and two pictures

No. 339878

Small drop vid (1min 20sec) if anyone wants it for their vid.me account. This is the livestream w/Sarahbear8500 + friend. They say Joy's video start seemed like an attack and Joy says "It was intended as an attack. It was definitely meant as an attack."


(expires in 23 hours)

No. 339879

I've never liked Onision and I've never had a strong opinion on Lainey one way or the other as she has the personality of an eggplant, but I'll be damned if I don't feel sorry for her at this point. Onision deserves every bit of this bullshit (as does joy) but the way Joy is acting toward Lainey is just beyond cringey and fucked up. It's almost like Joy is playing out the high school mean girl fantasy on youtube and is so delusional that she is convinced that she's on the same level as a pretty, semi famous youtuber like JaclynGlenn.
I'm just waiting for more bigger youtubers who have been known to speak out against Onision to come out against her because I think that at this point it's only a matter of time. People like MrRepzion have already tweeted about what a psycho she is and even Someguy827 came out and denounced her in the most hilarious way possible. "She's made even more videos about onision than ME!" [subtext: she's even crazier than I am and I'm pretty fucking crazy] . So I guess I'll just sit back and watch this train wreck because at this point she has totally lost control and isn't going to stop until everyone wakes up to what a wacko she is.

No. 339880

We should all drink our tea and eat our popcorn…..

No. 339881

Celeste Whoknows made a video about the debate.
She is always defending JSBS.
She is cute but seems like a know it all. If she was as famous as both her and Onision then you might as well turn off your computer because the ego aura would be so thick you would have to cut it with a butter knife.

No. 339882

File: 1498199468682.png (204.26 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170623-012631.png)

How respectful of her to use his name and even know how to spell it, but before it was "I have memory issues sorry if I don't remember, it's a southern thing.."

No. 339884

I've always found the situation with Celestewhoknows interesting. She makes video after video after video defending Joy but has never been invited (as far as I know..I don't watch all of them lol) into a livestream, a twitter DM group, or gotten so much as a shout out in a video. I've always wondered if it's because Joy sees her as viable competition since she is cute and seems somewhat normal.

No. 339887


> She makes video after video after video defending Joy

> seems somewhat normal.

Those don't go together at all.

No. 339888

Her speech is eerily similar to Joy. Is it a possibility that Joy is an avid viewer of Celeste?

No. 339889

good point. My standards have fallen quite a bit since I started watching this trainwreck.

No. 339890

Its so annoying when she keeps yelling out "Faaaacts!" to Greg when he is trying to talk in a civil manner for once.
It seemed like he was trying to be understanding and listen for once and she was being such a disrespectful immature piece of shit.
And it grosses me out so much how shes munching on popcorn, talking really fast being all cocky then smiling her fat boyish face into the camera.

No. 339892

Celest is- I don't like her. I've interacted with her before and she is just a blind as all the other spergleberries, I've heard joy mention her in a couple streams and joy does the "Hey girl if you wanna stream sometime let me know/dm me/ shoot me an email hun(but not right now cause I want to talk about me)"

No. 339893

SO, what happened to the fund raiser for Rose and the kids? That "debate" fund raiser went to something picked by Jeff Holiday (if it was sent at all).

No. 339894


I agree. I hate greg and all he stands for, but when she finally had a chance to debate him, she kept fucking it up with the forced faaax meme when he was actually giving her a platform to debate him. It just enforces the idea that she has a crush on him, too. Her chubby smile while shoveling popcorn in her mouth is forever ingrained on my retina.

Related, did she ever send the fax machine to his house?

No. 339896


The spergleberries are trolling this thread… they deleted the drop vid. So sad that you guys have to keep defending your asshole so closely… be careful you don't slip on all her diarrhea.

No. 339897

I think people are on to something with the crush thing. During the debate when she said "I LOVE THIS" with the CREEPIEST smile on her face…my god. I will see that face in my nightmares.

No. 339898

When she was doing that rocking back and forward talking over him… I have never seen that sort of activity outside of an institution. THAT is was scared the shit out of me. THAT was completely disconnected from social norms and that rocking is a self-soothing thing done by people in extreme overload states.

No. 339899

File: 1498200662280.png (395.23 KB, 643x411, Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 12.4…)

Appropriate reaction here from Onion tbh.

No. 339900


The bigger and louder she gets, the harder she'll fall. Just when I start to lose hope I remind myself of that. When it happens it's going to be spectacular.

It is absolutely creepy. I'll say it again: Kati doesn't even leave the house to buy groceries. This IS her life.

Yes. Kati Marie Smith still resides in Norman Oklahoma. Someone needs to confirm if her roommate's name is Dominic or Dominique, and find out his surname.

No. 339901

hahaha that was the funniest thing Ive ever heard(learn how to quote a post)

No. 339902


That picture is the perfect summary of the entire situation. Could she be more happy to get some 1 on 1 time with her senpai?

God, I bet she wishes he'd hatefuck her.

No. 339903


That GoFundMe was suspended because some anons reported it for being fraudulent. I wish they hadn't because it would have been excellent if she had followed through & sent it to him. It would have been just the proof he needed to show that she's taken her obsession offline. Sometimes anyone need to sit back and let the cows implode, it provides better milk.

Goddamn her face is punchable as fuck.

Nicole you'll never learn to post correctly, will you?

No. 339904

Lainey is hardly an impartial party. Onision has repeatedly said he doesn't watch Joy's videos, Lainey was the one who would watch them and cry because they supposedly contained false information. The thing is it's not slander to speculate or report information you do not know is false, it has to be a deliberate falsification of the facts in order to cause damage to the person's reputation or finances. Joy has always been careful to qualify everything she says as an opinion. (back then anyway, she got kinda sloppy with DO5) Lainey had said they already went to the cops on her livestream the other day but was told it was a civil matter, they would need to take Joy to court. Meaning there's nothing the cops can do. There are laws against cyberstalking, if they had any proof of it the cops would have looked into filing charges. Onision only said that he could sue her & thought he had an easy case but there wouldn't be any point because Joy is broke so his only recourse was to confront her on a livestream. Joy somehow misinterpreted that to mean "debate me or I'll sue you" when that is not what he said. He's actually right about that part. However, while Joy is very obsessive about making videos but that doesn't mean she is a stalker, she does this with every topic that gets her attention & views not just Onision. Besides the large number of videos, the part most people seem to be equating with stalking is her interviews with people peripheral to his life like Lane, LuxyMoo, and Konstigo. However, she didn't seek these people out, they came to her. Joy jumped on the chance for them to tell their story because they brought more attention to her channel. Most of the information Lainey is claiming to be slanderous from those interviews are not things Joy said but rather things the girls said. Joy said in Sarah's livestream that she didn't know if what they said was true or not, she was just letting them tell their story. Onision was going through a huge scandal at the time and Joy was obsessively covering the controversy just like she does with any other hot button topic, as soon as something more interesting came along (DO5) she pretty much stopped making videos about him. Joy doesn't obsessively watch Onision's videos either. She's lazy and doesn't do her own research, she actively borrows from other channel's ideas. Her last video before this whole thing started was about why Onision married Lainey, it was a video idea she had ripped off from Mikenactor's response the week before. Onision wanted to generate some sort of controversy to bring traffic to his channels and made him look good at the same time so he thought Joy was a good target. Everyone hates a creepy stalker right? He made that "dear stalker" video to her but she didn't respond like he expected her to so he actually had to send her the link to the video to get her to watch it. He sounded kinda butthurt that his "stalker" wasn't doing her job of stalking him "After you've made 40-60 videos about me you think a dumbshit stalker like you could take the time to watch the short video I made." I can understand wanting to take her down but he really doesn't have as good of a case as he says he does, he's a public figure that puts very private details about his life online for the world to see…there isn't a legal limit on how many videos someone can make. He mainly seems upset because her videos are coming up in searches for Onision. He should just report her for tag spamming, update his own tags and be done with it, that would be much more effective at fixing that problem than what he's trying to do.

It isn't necessarily a crush in the traditional sense, Joy is all about attention and this gets her buckets full of it…so much that it's attetion overload and it's causing her to sperg out.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 339905

Thank you for that mental image. brb diagnosing myself with ptsd

No. 339906

Like Annie Wilkes is my fave book character and Kathy Bates' portrayal is legendary but she is the real Annie Wilkes and it is fucking terrifying

No. 339907


This reads very familiar, like a certain goochy hole from KF or some shit. Your autism, it's hyper.

No. 339908


I think this last week represented an escalation in the situation. Joy is clearly in a manic mode with an insane number of hours in videos and streams prior to the "debate"… her actions in the debate itself… and her videos from today. She is moving into a much more threatening posture. OK has laws that could reasonably be used to back her off if their local police were to contact her local police. BUT, as a minimum, their local police can get her full ID from YouTube and check her background for prior dangerous activities and get a more clear idea of what they're (the police) are dealing with.

No. 339909

File: 1498201672527.jpeg (2.39 MB, 2116x2511, 1498100718741.jpeg)

No. 339910

File: 1498201765407.png (251.33 KB, 281x421, I7pI7N8.png)


Hmmm… looks quite similar.

No. 339911

Okay but why are you defending her on here, though. This isn't about Onision, this is about Joy's unstable and manic behavior.

No. 339913

Oh fuck this.

Plenty of their post is about Joy. It's fine.

No. 339916

What the hell; looks like we have have a Joytard in the room because clearly you skipped 3rd grade where paragraphs are a thing. Or it could be hyper autism like another anon suggested.

Seeing as their entire wall of crap makes no sense I am guessing Joytard.

No. 339917

Gratz now I am hay better hook up with Mikenactor even though he looks like a giant lesbian.

No. 339918

Listened to her recent video; full blown sperg, she is lost to the world because she was on her white knight starter pack complete with free frigging horse

No. 339934

All I kept thinking about when watching her "Watch Lainey lie" video.

Meet Joy. Watch her as she calls someone out for hanging out with teens while she is hanging out with a bunch of teens in a five hour stream. Enjoy listening to her combat bullying with bullying, making fun of someone else's anxiety while also claiming to have anxiety, until she doesn't have anxiety, because it's not convenient to her at that particular moment.
Kati, best rated horror movie of this summer.

It's a sad day when Gergle and Joysus are both this obnoxious and you can't root for anyone.

No. 339938

I also think that prior to this debacle Joy didn't really meet the legal definition of a stalker (doesn't mean she's not crazy.)

However, I agree that the situation has definitely escalated since…and Onionboy is largely responsible for causing this. If he hadn't demanded a confrontation nothing like this would have happened, she would have just continued to bounce around covering every popular controversy & tragedy until she found another one to obsess & virtue signal over. He is encouraging her behavior & feeding her mania….which I believe to be completely on purpose. He is trying to cause a controversy where he isn't the bad guy for once so that his dying channels might finally get some attention.

The "I'm coming for you bitch" thing at Lainey was going too far and could be interpreted as a threat, which Lainey seems to be doing. Joy did not help herself by admitting to Sarah that she meant it as an attack. Whether Lainey can press charges for it we'll just have to see.

No. 339942

>It's a sad day when Gergle and Joysus are both this obnoxious and you can't root for anyone.

I know but some people still seem to be able to pick sides and it blows my mind…maybe they just don't know enough about the one they favor to know they are both terrible choices, there's no lesser of two evils thing going on here. It's like choosing between terminal cancer and full-blown AIDS.

No. 339944


I am reaching my BS limit too, but I have learned that there is no point in trying to understand the Joytards, they either suffer from Cognitive Dissonance, or they have similar personality traits to her, which is why they can't accept her behaviour is wrong, as that would mean accepting their own flaws.

She has made a lot of "I'm coming for you with everything I have bitch and/or puss" threats in the past, to Konstigo, to Onion, now Lainey. It was only a matter of time before her mouth got her into trouble.

She wasn't being genuinely nice to Lainey, she was trying to sweet talk her into revealing useful information. BS was so obviously insincere it made my arse cheeks clench at the amount of cringe. Especially when she kept complimenting Lainey and Lainey knew it was bull and did this little smirk of "sure you do…"

BS kept asking for her opinion then telling her why she was completely wrong. That's not being nice. And I don't doubt for a second that the moment BS stopped streaming, she started bitching about Lainey.

>>339763 she has been claiming to have PTSD since the early days. Although this is something else she claims she cured herself. Her and two of her spergles kept hammering and hammering at one of her earlier followers who had said something they didn't like, he admired it, apologised repeatedly but it wasn't good enough for the cult. They just kept going on and on at him even though he has PTSD and was telling them he couldn't cope with how they were coming at him but they kept going. Why would someone who claims yo have PTSD in the past treat a current sufferer in such a way?

It was cruel, mental assault knowing they were triggering his PTSD. I will try to find the screenshots, they are in one of the earlier threads so this might take a while.

No. 339995

File: 1498223822893.jpg (197.71 KB, 1080x586, Screenshot_20170623-060509.jpg)

Can anyone think of a single time BS admitted she was wrong? About anything?

No. 340001

someone in this thread says onion does non-internet things and goes outside, so im assuming some people here dont even know onision.

I dont think this police shit will go anywhere besides boosting onion's ego and joy making eighty more videos.

No. 340011

In the very beginning, kati absolutely said that she was a fan of him and watched him for 7 years. Her story has evolved over time.

Like anon responded, Ive also seen her mention Celeste during streams, thanking her for defending her, but haven't seen it recently. Celeste's channel has gained a shit load of subs since she's been backing Kati, it wouldn't be surprising if that bothered her.

No. 340030


I don't see any narcissistic allowing someone that much better than them staying in their "zone" after they are no longer useful. If you take a look, those that have been in Joys inner circle over time have never been what one might consider the most desirable or socially outstanding. I'm sure it's purposeful, as she's charismatic enough when she wants to be. Celeste has probably been able to stay due to her very vocal pro-Joy stance, and all other Annons stating Joy doesn't draw attention to her due to jealousy is probably correct.

We've already gleaned that she surrounds herself with teens, disabled, mentally unstable and the less than because they are easy targets, often emotionally driven, and/or raised/wired to think drama or the environment Joy exists in is normal.(i.e: woman is abusive relationships commonly experienced some for of victimization in their childhood, thus the abuse is normal, as would be Joys to someone coming from an environment of chaos) The constant streams with teenagers is most likely because they're the only ones or the easiest to get to back her.

Perhaps it's also because they are no threat to her. We see them denouncing her now, because she no longer has use for the lemming-like masses and they're catching on. Bet they feel stupid. Turns out she really was just after "fame" in a sense.

Going after the emotionally overindulgent crowd may also be why she chooses the targets and subjects she does. She has essentially become the Jerry Springer/Maury Povich crazy edition of YouTube. All the white trash, welfare, stay at homers feeding off any piece of drama to entertain them self, and the more she screams, the more riled up they get. It's gluttony and she's their feeder. The reasons she's not being called out and people can't see it is because those following her either can't read, or are so emotionally immature they've been blinded by now, or have an iq under 80.

No. 340031

Unfortnately Celeste is equally as dumb and her whole soft nature seems to be a front remember Joy started like this. There is no such thing as a sane Joytard

No. 340032

Yeah agree; in the end its a narcissism thing you circle yourself with people you have a clear advantage over them, well somewhat. Remember she needs to keep that fibro narrative alive too so surrounding herself with those people is a lot easier than having people challenge her constantly on it. Look what she did with Greg and the whole PTSD thing.

No. 340034


I've only seen her admit to being wrong when she absolutely had no other choice but even then she makes the ultimate responsibility lay on someone else's door.

For example when she shared incorrect info about missing children after the Manchester attack. She retracted it but blamed the person who started it.

Then there was the time she said Onion lied about not having a mortgage, when he proved he did she retracted it but blamed Keemstar for starting it.

I'm sure there was something similar with the Purple Mattress too.

So yes, I have seen her retract things but she never takes full responsibility. Yet she claims she is "press" any trained journalist knows you need to fact check, fact check and fact check some more, you don't just repeat what you have seen someone else say, if you do then you are at fault.

I've never seen her say she was wrong about anything on a personal level, such as saying her IUD rusted resulting in her copper toxicity, despite all science proving otherwise.

No. 340035



I forgot to add, she never takes full responsibility for being wrong but she will take full responsibility for things she believes are right. Such as the do5 situation, she genuinely believes her interference is what lead to the children being removed by the court. It doesn't cross her mind that had she not made countless videos, it still would have resulted in the same outcome. As other people hot the ball rolling, other people downloaded the clip reel, etc.

No. 340041

My YouTube recommendations are blowing up with people commenting on Onision v Joy. Most are like "I don't like Onision, but Joy is a fucking freak!" or "It's like a battle between a Moron and a Retard"

These aren't the "skeptic" community… these seem to be just general people taking time out to comment on what they view as a shit show. So far, they universally think Joy is seriously crazy.

No. 340043

File: 1498234962317.png (134.58 KB, 1222x888, IMG_1625.PNG)

So apparently we get to look forward to 5 more videos of her being manic on top of the one she already uploaded. No normal person is this obsessed with someone like she is with him. There's no way she doesn't have a huge crush on him. Pathetic

No. 340045


Was just looking at their two twitter feeds. Joysus has tweeted about nothing else except Onision. On the other hand, Onision has made about 3 comments about "the hater" and the rest of his feed is addressing other types of attacks + making general statements. If you were to compare the two, she is definitely openly trying to bully him. If this were between two tweeners, it would be shut down as bullying.

No. 340046

‪I don't understand how anyone could even think for one minute that Joytard won the depate, when she cackles like a chicken, rocks back & forth, stuffs her face nervously with chips, all@once you know Onision won.‬
They have got to be delusional.

No. 340049

The Egocast's part 1 video.

No. 340050


That joytard thinks CankerNeck won this debate makes the strength of Confirmation Bias a scary thing. As you say, they watch her rocking like a mental patient and think she won somehow?

No. 340060

Please remove link anon

No. 340065

It is utterly deplorable. It is just creepy and just hate dragging.

No. 340066

Removed. I didn't know we weren't linking her videos. I do apologize.

But the video we her being overly excited about onion raising money to sue her.

What normal person gets this excited about potentially getting sued. I whole heartedly believe she belongs in an institution.

No. 340067

Yeah I saw I stopped the moment he said wrestling fans.

No. 340085


You don't find it funny that people who have nothing to do with either side are commenting on this train wreck?

No. 340087

Someone has been listening to too much kati perry.
Her awful attempts at humor are embarrassing.

It's interesting that on Sarah's stream she claimed she is not about drama, all of this is simply her defending herself and it's ok to fight fire with fire.
It's bothersome to see her act as though she didn't start it all. Whether or not Greg deserves her shit, the FACT is that she started her channel out with slamming him. She openly says that she feels it's her duty to make young girls aware of his actions, so it doesn't make sense to be proud of calling him out but at the same time she wants to be seen as a victim that had been wronged by him.

Majority of Joy's fan base is made up of people that are so hell-bent on destroying him, that they dismiss that she is the exact same asshole as he is, she just so happens to be "so sick."

Apparently she has forgotten her mantra "forgive them father for they know not what they do" that she said she uses for dealing with people like her "jealous mother" when they do wrong.

No. 340090


Watched these earlier. Does a decent job of breaking down the various manipulation tactics on both parts, but also driving home that Onisions intent appears serious on shutting Joy up as he's creeped out and fed up and she's fan girling so hard or too insane to see it that she's taking it all as a joke which is what ends up making her look the worst. This guy isn't the greatest YouTuber but does a pretty good job of breaking down this personality types tactics and lining everything up to make some form of readable sentence. They should've made him the moderator if they really had wanted a debate.

No. 340094

Except Springer and Maury are more staged than a Broadway show

No. 340102

she is trying her best to force another "debate"

also these dumbasses need to learn what a debate is

No. 340107

Oh I find it hilarious to an extent but find it draining when hardly no one is critically breaking it down. The autically screeching of Joy won because he left is hilarious because if I was approached with that after 30 minutes I would honestly just leave. You cannot reason with her or him but she was beyond mental. It was actually creepy because it was honestly like Annie Wilkes met Paul Sheldon.

No. 340112

File: 1498240442816.png (236.24 KB, 1242x1320, IMG_1627.PNG)

She found another threat. I will bet a years salary that she will make 5 videos on this supposed second threat but never reveal what it is.

No. 340118

"Onision debate: my overview and breakdown"

At 12:07 she talks about getting some criticism and that's ok because people have to right to criticize, it was one one big comedy sketch to her, it was a joke, she didn't take any of it seriously, and the reason is because she's not gonna teach him anything. Her and others aren't going to get through to him so what she can do it reach his followers and fans who are confused by the situation. Her tactic was to have fun, make it comedy, because one or the best things you can do is not take him seriously. He can't stand knowing he is a joke, irrelevant and a meme, nobody takes him seriously, nobody cares. She's not saying it's because of her that he's going down, it's a combination of everyone she name-drops. She said she at times has gone over the top trying to help educate as many people as possible and he can't stand it. She knew going into it he would hurl insults and try to gaslight, she wasn't going to let him. She used her debate tactics and wouldn't let him manipulate her and he would get so frustrated and couldn't get traction so he gave up and she won, by his own logic.

I don't even know where to start with this pile of BS. So what she is saying is that she sat there rocking through her manic episode, and that not only showed his fans what kind of person he is, but is also a debate tactic? She barely said anything aside from fibromyalgia being auto immune and not a mental illness. That is her excuse for looking like a fool and not having the balls to actually debate him.

She said herself it was a joke so how could she win it when there's no points for rocking and eating.

She is upset about Lainey not saying things directly to her in the stream but she finally had him face to face, after 6 months of shit talk, and said nothing. She has since claimed that she was playing a clip of Dwight from the office saying "idiot" after he would talk, but it didn't work because of her headphones and if that's true, first off it's dumb, and second, we all know that he is an idiot. Out of all those videos of him, she could have shoved a million things in his face but she didn't because she is a coward and she knows that was her only shot at actually debating him.

If it wasnt a real debate to her then she should have handed him his ass from the first minute instead of batting her eyelashes and calling him honey or sweetie.

No. 340119

File: 1498241240230.jpg (124.01 KB, 720x925, PSX_20170623_125833.jpg)

Joy helps people better themselves.

No. 340120


OMG… did you photoshop that pic of her? Or is that just a screen capture from the video? That's some creepiness looking shit there with those eyes.

No. 340124

File: 1498241540235.png (159.82 KB, 500x378, CXEhtsf.png)

So, all day today, Onision has been moral fagging about saving the earth.

Joysus has been conducting a IQ=60 level hate campaign against Onision.

Can't tell if she's looking more and more pathetic or more and more scary.

No. 340125


It's a screencap from one of her recent videos lol. No Photoshop necessary - her crazy comes across loud and clear on it's own.

No. 340128

File: 1498241898720.jpg (61.87 KB, 777x332, PSX_20170623_131637.jpg)

What could she POSSIBLY need to say that takes 8 videos?

She's actually taking pride in this manic shit. Gross.

No. 340131

File: 1498242118614.png (96.79 KB, 750x693, IMG_1504.PNG)

A comment from Joys 'Lainey video.' Watching that video you would think her and Lainey were best friends and Joy has been betrayed by her. Lainey was not two faced and Lainey owes Joy nothing. The more and more people encourage Joy the more and more unhinged she becomes.

No. 340135

Joy is really starting to remind me of my ex roommate. He would go through these phases where he was really paranoid and manic and talking all of this shit then he would sleep for like 2 days straight. It turns out he was secretly a meth head and those times of mania were actually meth fueled binges. I'm not saying she's a speed freak…but she certainly is acting like one.

No. 340137


She's on a narcissistic fueled binge. She's getting attention, something that she wants more than anything else.

No. 340143

File: 1498243125881.png (22.6 KB, 749x77, Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 12.3…)

thought crimes confirmed

No. 340147

In her video about him suing her… she says "I should make a fund raiser and raise the money for him!"

Can't help but wonder what Rose thinks about that statement when Joysus has pretty much fucked her GoFundMe so hard that Rose is probably going to have to cut ties and return to NC w/out the kids.

No. 340151

Meth makes sense. The dehydration and dry lips. The mania

No. 340153

A few days ago Joy guested in the Vegan Cheetahs Younow. They put their differences aside to talk about about the YouTuber Austin Jones convicted of pedophilia. Literally right after that stream she featured Anna (the girl whose suing Vegan Cheetah) in her YouTube live stream and they just shit talked him the entire time. So by her logic (calling Lainey two faced) Joy is technically two faced as well. Jesus she is so hypocritical.

No. 340154

I can't help but sit back and relish in this. you reap what you sow, Kati, and it's clear you've been plowing in the cunt fields for years.

No. 340155


That's also consistent with mental illness where the ill person no longer does basics of self care. Look at how long she wears the same clothes. Look at her eating habits, all grease. Look at how she's unaware of what a public ass she's making of herself.

She's been pushing the idea that she uses cocaine REALLY hard and she wants a drug rumor to be started. Without her seller making a public admission, I'm going to believe it's just part of the fundamental mental illness that she would have with or without drug use.

No. 340156

File: 1498243936976.jpg (12.83 KB, 169x238, Adobe_20170623_134811.jpg)

"I love you Greg! WHY WON'T YOU LET ME LOVE YOU, GREG!?"

(I know it's a shit job but it was done on a phone.)

No. 340157


Those potatoes don't mash themselves!

No. 340160

That shit is ridiculous. If you didn't know any better, you'd think she was part of their lives at some point or one of their ex girlfriends when in reality she doesn't know any of them. 10/10 on the creeper scale

Last night she was assuring Sara that she knows more about the relationship with Billie, and corrected sara regarding Lainey, even though Sara was living in the house when they were dating and actually knows these people in real life. But joy is an expert in everything and everyone.

Joy stated that she and billie talk, I am dying to know what their conversations look like. I don't care for Billie but was more on her side when the last break up happened. If she did in fact give joy information then that is pretty messed up.

No. 340167

We're up to 17 videos in 3 days (and today is not over) with 8 videos promised for the weekend. Wow.. just fucking wow.

No. 340170

aaaand she just uploaded another one. Can you imagine her roommate? What kind of friend just sits back and watches their close friend do something like that and doesn't try to stop them? I assume he isn't trying to stop her because if he was she would probably be tweeting about it.

No. 340173


She's been leeching off of him for over a year now. I'm guessing he's praying that she earns enough off her channel for him to not feel guilty for dumping her ass.

No. 340176


I bet all those candles behind her head are because that couch smells like pee now because she never gets off of it for anything. I bet roommate has to toss fresh bags of chips and bottles of pedialyte at her from across the room.

No. 340181

When was Greg stalking her? That's what the title implies, that onision is the one doing the stalking.

No. 340183

She's trying to be sarcastic. It honestly reached a level of where it's plain crazy. Long past.

No. 340184

Meth makes you stay in a loop. You start stinking really bad and forget to shower

No. 340187

Joy is not on meth. Meth heads go outside, quite often.

No. 340188

File: 1498245816282.jpg (39.8 KB, 616x495, Screenshot_2017-06-23-14-05-12…)

At the very least she could have moved that towel. My God. How hard is it to move a towel?

A t 2:20 in th is video, she fucked up the editing (again) & left in a part where she mispronounced something then stays it over again. That's normal when shooting a video but Kati is so EAGER to upload she leaves shit in that ends up making her look more crazy. Moron.

No. 340192


Pathological levels of mania can do the same. I understand that meth can do that stuff, but I really think that she's just a basic mentally ill person destined to be a bag lady someday. No meth or street drugs involved.

No. 340198


"Roommate" is a loner autist whose just thankful there's a female in his vicinity, even if he no longer has access to her mashed potatoes. You could tell he's a social retard from that "Roommate reveal" birthday stream. I'm certain they met online and e-dated, that's how she ended up there.

No. 340202

She's so stupid. She doesn't realize it was a wind up and she's playing into his hands. Dumbass.

No. 340204

I think that she realizes and that she's doing it intentionally to get more attention and praise.

No. 340212

File: 1498247778405.png (287.46 KB, 720x772, 20170623_144849.png)

Sorry I should have expanded on that thought.

If I were a new speregleberry I would think he was the one stalking from the thumb nail and title

Pic from her "'My stalker' physically threatened me, going to police " video. "Welcome to the mature side of youtube…"
Lol riiiight.

No. 340219

Roommate is going to need all new linens, furniture, and hell probably even carpeting. That towel and any other fabrics probably smell like cheese and vomit from all of her perma-dirt.

For the longest time I assumed that pink flannel/fleece was a shirt but it's actually her jammies. I'm all about comfort but damn, I can't take her seriously while wearing that, knowing she is too damn lazy to dress herself.

No. 340223


The same jammies she's been wearing for about 3 months now.

No. 340224

File: 1498249466708.png (48.34 KB, 486x346, lOo56K9.png)

From the video about him physically threatening her.

No. 340230

I like how Joy's fans only comeback is but he wore a orange wig and lipstick war paint.

No. 340233


Oh wow. I didn't know they made these in adult size, or past 1960.

No. 340238


She was in some mid day hangout where everyone in it was dressed and she was in that white robe. It was so bizarre because it was during the day and how the hell do you sit in on a public hangout in a fucking robe? How long does it take to at least pull on that filthy sweat shirt or something.

No. 340244

File: 1498251374836.png (25.31 KB, 744x165, HIlEDZk.png)

AND… she's still managing to tag spam. This is from the "he took down the video threatening to sue me!" video. Were any of those people mentioned in the video?

No. 340251

Oh yeah, I agree. If a new viewer sees this they could totally get the wrong image. Which..makes it even more insane.

No. 340256

so when Billie's friend made a cease and desist video on onision joy went off and told him to leave her alone. But that's okay because it's greg right? But when Greg does it to get joy off his ass, she won't leave him alone and make more videos about him? not even someguy827 has made this many videos on the dude

No. 340258

So one thing I completely forgot which actually hugely screws her over. So in January when she started she claimed that she had copper toxicity poisoning right. She continued on I think before Daddy o 5 so like April. Since interviewing the chick who is suing vegan cheetah for harassment, (irony). She since last Saturday has been saying its fibro. Since her livestream with billie 2 days ago she keeps spouting PTSD. The fuck how has no one raised or challenged this, her roommate who is apparently her ex fiance. I wonder why?

No. 340259

Isn't Someguy's count like 14, MrRep is 8 and Blaire White is 2. I think she has made more than D05 now but she has got a crap ton of deleted onision ones.

No. 340260


Roommate was never a fiance. She has two of them in her past + the maybe still a husband guy named Taho… but roommate was just a fuck boi potential and the flame went out pretty fast after she'd moved her fat ass into his apartment on a free lease arrangement.

She's said roommate would like to move out and would like to have a fiance, but that she's just no compatible with him (or more likely, with his wallet).

No. 340262

I feel so bad for him

No. 340268

Fuck him. He's an enabler to her.

No. 340272

File: 1498254675828.png (458.11 KB, 576x587, VGFj7d4.png)

No. 340273

File: 1498254759670.png (147.51 KB, 280x355, 6yrOm3b.png)

No. 340284


In yesterday's YouNow with Sarah, Sarah explained that she thought the link was like YouNow where you go to the link, then are guested. So, she gave the link to the sister so she could watch. Joysus clearly understood that explanation and accepted it.

Now, today, she records the video like she had no idea. Kind of strange given that it seems like none of the Onision side do any YouTube streaming and do all their stuff on YouNow.

No. 340285

Now she's making videos on Lainey's sister. HOW do her fans not see how bat shit crazy she is? Not only her fans but also her YouTube friends. Coppercab, Jeff Holiday, Andy Warski.

No. 340289

File: 1498256757391.png (377.7 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170623-172250.png)

Sorry I deleted the other to show her pinned comment. Why would she upload the video just to make a correction about it later? Makes her look even more like an attention seeking who're and more moronic

No. 340291


Here's the problem with that. She was told that YESTERDAY by Sarah. She recorded that video TODAY.

Yesterday's videos (and the Sarah YouNow) don't have the towel sitting on the back of the couch.

Today's videos all have the towel on the couch. She's a fucking two faced liar and just wanted to get her "black ho" language on.

No. 340298

At 1:19 in the "lainey sister video" she says "let's watch the interaction, this is LAUREN' S SISTER LAINEY" … she's way too eager to try and prove… whatever it is she's trying to prove, she can't even get her facts straight.

No. 340302

19 videos in 3 days and counting.

No. 340315

Agreed. I think that Greg and Lainey would be justified in being a little scared at this point. She clearly has no self control and is only a few tweets away from going full blown Annie Wilkes.

No. 340318

Holy shit she just uploaded another one

No. 340322

It's called "Onision & Lainey Receives Death Threats & Threatens ME over it?" cca. 6 minutes long. Not even going to watch it, because this is really taking shit too far. Also, I fucking hate judging looks, but each time I see her new thumbnail her face looks more and more punchable.

No. 340323

I know repizon made around 8-16 but that's all within 5-6 years and someguy made the same amount in the same time span. Blaire white only made 2 or 3. Honestly Joy's a loon who needs her ass handed to her

No. 340324


Not worth watching… was 30s intro, 1.5min bitching, and rest was the video she stole off YouTube outro for about 2 min.

No. 340325

File: 1498263133649.png (243.94 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170623-191035.png)

Saw this when I looked through her liked tweets. I'm guessing this is what the video was about.

No. 340338

Why are her friends/fans not stopping her? Where are Erin and Cy and the rest of her true loyal minions? If my best friend were doing this I would try my hardest to stop them for their own good. Either she's really good at shutting people out or these people are the worst internet friends ever.

No. 340345

She seems to be having the best time getting herself worked up over this. He's been carrying on pretty much business as usual. He's not going much out of his way to retaliate, anymore than he would anyone else he's had issue with. But she's acting as though she's on the hunt for Moby Dick and she's Cpt Ahab. Every video she looks more like an injured wild animal trapped in your house you're trying to get out. It keeps flailing around getting tangled and breaking stuff, making everything worse. She's chasing so many rabbit trails so quickly, her over-reactions more outlandish and accusations more far fetched. With the speed and lack of control she's using to publish her media, eventually she probably will topple the jenga tower. Probably what Onision is waiting for.

In addition, I wonder what the status of her mom wanting to have her committed is now?

No. 340347


weird… i was just looking up the requirements for a 5150 today because I was considering submitting an anon report to get a professional to check up on her. She's really beginning to seem totally fucked up in the head. For all we know, roommate has fled the scene out of self-preservation instinct.

No. 340352

>For all we know, roommate has fled the scene out of self-preservation instinct.
Jesus fuck, can you imagine living with her? I'd be fucking afraid she might stab me in my sleep in one of her fits of rage or something. OLr just stare are you manically in the middle of the night because she got a new video idea and she has to share it with someone because her teen friends are offline.

No. 340358

Can you imagine the smell that just permeates from her bedroom and what appears to be a livingroom that she spends all her time in.

No. 340359

Yeah I honestly can't even imagine. I've been in abusive situations before and NOTHING makes me more uncomfortable than being around a person who isn't capable of controlling their own actions. It's stupid to think that a person like that can stop before they do something really serious because if they had the ability to stop they would have stopped a LONG time ago. I think that's Joy in a nutshell. I hope Greg, Lainey, Basedmama, and whoever else she's gone on psychotic rants about have good security systems at their houses.

No. 340362

Honest question. Do you think she would actually go to anyone's hose to fuck with them?

I personally could maybe see her showing up with a camera and trying to gorilla journalism the fuck out of them.

No. 340366

Yep. I could see her showing up and putting a camera in their face and her patreon minions funding the trip. I could also see her losing her shit when they told her to fuck off. As for reacting violently…idk because I haven't seen much that would indicate that she's a violent person but who can predict someone like Joy's behavior.

No. 340367

My answer would be not yet, not a definite no. Simply because she's clearly unstable and despite preaching "love and positivity" we can all clearly see she has a very aggressive personality. Give it a few years and it really makes you wonder how her mental state could escalate.

No. 340369

File: 1498269076659.jpg (246.44 KB, 1031x171, R1ZmDDg.jpg)

image looks like shit. idk wtf.

No. 340376


I don't see her going after a man, but I definitely could see her going after a woman that she's decided has "come at her rude" once too often. Look at how she flipped out on Lainey's sister.

No. 340378

File: 1498271115809.gif (1.26 MB, 207x207, dealership_meltdown.gif)


I could absolutely see her going to someone's house and harassing him. Anyone remember the car dealership meltdown? She has zero self control.

No. 340379

Shit I forgot about that.

No. 340384

Haha same. This might sound petty but her eyebrows really bother me. They are so… small.. also, watching her YouTube live with Sarah and Lainey's sister really makes you see how ratty and unkept Joy is. Sarah and Lainey's sister look like they bathe and aren't wearing the same clothes from the past five days.

No. 340391

Joys live on coppercab's channel if anyone is interested.

No. 340399

I thought that perhaps she took a little break. I have to say she's the healthiest sick person I have ever seen. Laughing her ass off on hours long streams, while suffering with "fibro, copper toxicity, diarrhea, PTSD, anxiety, sharp stabbing pain in her head, etc". JFC, I would do anything to have her "illness" instead of my shit.

No. 340402

She just admitted to having a crush on Coppercab. How much you wanna bet she's going to try to move in with him once her roommate moves out. Lol.

No. 340403

Now she's moved on to talking about shit and anal. Just…no.

No. 340404


Yeah. I just checked in on the stream and as a group they are watching anal sex videos where the insides of people's assholes are coming out. And commenting on it. Including Joy.

She officially wins the award for the most unattractive woman with zero, zero fucking redeeming qualities. It's like she has a pathological need for people to be deeply UNattracted to her.

No. 340406

Considering just a couple weeks ago her physical condition was so dire she was going to the hospital and praying for death…wow, she must be Joysus cause that's a miracle.

Just rewatched this. Someone should post it on her Twitter or make a clip of the portion where she says "I'm not an angry person, I don't like to get angry. Passionate, yes. Can I get angry, yes. But I don't like to. But what these car companies do to our country bring me to that place where I feel the need to get angry."(summarized.) who knew there would be so many topics in quick succession to bring you to that level. We ought to feel honored by your selflessness and sacrifice, that you would lose you cool so regularly so we can know that Ford Fiestas are shitty cars, Onisions is a sleeve
bag, and Do5 beats his kids. Somebody nominate her for sainthood.

The way she aggressively screamed "fuck you" so loud and out of nowhere at Lainey's sister, if I had been sitting in front of her, I'd probably have knocked her teeth out. The sound she made was uncalled for even for their level of stupid. If anyone's ever been to jail or a mental ward at night? It might being back memories, we'll leave it at that. I have no idea what made her flip out like that, and why everyone couldn't at least treat the sister with a modicum of respect. Especially the two older members, who were the worst. Yeah. I'm talking about you, you "unbiased" biased moderator. Only teenagers would watch that and not see it as unfair and bullying. And the way they were pressuring Sarah, and now someone's tweeting her, asking her why she didn't stand up for joy against Lainey's sister in the stream. It's gross.

No. 340411

File: 1498275374693.jpg (37.72 KB, 437x470, joyreaction.jpg)

Joy reacting to videos Coppercab & company linked her where: men shove glass jars up their asses & a man gets fucked by a horse and dies.

Because it's normal to sit through things like this..things you would otherwise choose to NEVER watch..at the age of 33 to impress your e-friends.

Last time I did anything remotely like that I was 12. You are a gross immature child, Kati.

No. 340412

I absolutely believe she would go to someone else's home and harm them. She sees the world much differently than normal people and is extremely jealous, hateful and paranoid. She never takes accountability for her actions nor sees them as wrong. I can't help but wonder if she remembers half of the things she says or does.
Either way, she's the perfect recipe for disaster.

A good question to ask her would be where she sees herself in the next 10 years. Lord knows she will destroy any shot at getting a job or being in a relationship if not already.

No. 340414

I am no prude but how is this fucking appropriate for youtube its incredibly creepy

No. 340416

However I actually love CopperCab. I am sad that he accepts Joy

No. 340417


was anyone watching? who started this topic?

No. 340418

>>340416 Same. I've just recently heard about him and I think he's hilarious. I try my hardest to tune Joy out during their livestreams. She's just SO loud and obnoxious it's hard to sometimes.

No. 340420

Joy, it seems she asked about rimjobs and that started the whole fucking thing. Gross.

No. 340422

So she condones watching a man having sex with a horse and dying, but harassing a man and his family 24/7 even after being asked to stop, because the muddied mess controversy surrounding him making videos rating girls bodies who send their pictures in is just and unbelievable injustice to her. I know there's more the story than that. But her story has changed as to why several times. During the infamous debate it was apparently due to child labor and parental consent. Certainly not nearly as icky as screwin a horse, Joy. Maybe Onision should make a video "Joy Sparkles F*cks Horses" Oh! She'd be eating some mashed potatoes for sure!

No. 340432

That is a fetish to for some people.

That's true. Even those who are naieve don't sit through the whole fucking thing.

She probably doesn't. She can't even keep her words straight in her content where she's trying to prove she is right. The amount of lies she has put out there is overwhelming. She would need these threads to know what she has previously done or said. And ya know, her "fibro brain fog" gets in the way all the time too.

No. 340433

The Fibro brain fog excuse grinds my gears. I have Fibro and experiencing Fibro fog is one of the most frustrating things for me when dealing with this illness. She uses 'brain fog' as an excuse to cover her tracks when she's an asshole. Anytime anyone confronts her it's 'my brain fog this and my brain fog that.' And on top of that she doesn't even really know what it means to experience it. Stumbling on your words or having a brain fart is not 'brain fog.' If she's going to pretend to have this illness she should at least become somewhat educated on it so it seems a little believable.

No. 340440

How can she claim brain fog when she talks a hundred miles a minute?

No. 340452

There's so many better and clear arguments against Onion it's weird that she was straight hammering the 12-year-old one and directly making it about legal issues. Rating people while you're married is gross enough, rating underage people is even worse, and someone as young as 12 is evil - she needed to make her point succinctly and once and let him respond so he could hang himself with his own rope, but she interrupted constantly with irrelevant shit. He's physically and emotionally abused his exes and filmed their mental breakdowns, how do you fuck up debating someone that awful to then only a day later watch a beastiality and snuff porn on stream what the fucking fuck

Also why has no one brought up the fact that if her brain fog is so bad she can't remember the name of someone she made 80 videos about (whose name she never forgot once during them) she needed to make some note cards? I just started reading about her because of this debate, but if she claims to have all these health issues why can't shy take simple measures to help herself, like maybe writing some damn notes?

Anyone who has any issue, mental or physical, reasonably wants to get better and they take steps to help themselves and get better. But she claims to have this conveniently difficult to diagnose illness where she can't even TRY to help herself? Surely putting on a new (clean) Brady Bunch pajama top would at least make her feel better about herself enough to find jobs online to help pay for her lawlsuit. Like every other anon has said, anyone actually suffering would kill to be able to do what she can do and would at least take advantage of being able to take care of themselves while stuck at home.

She's not in any pain, and I hate Onision but I hope he blows her cover. Sorry for the long response, I read through this entire thread and I don't know how you regulars do it she's infuriating.

No. 340471

She is very infuriating. Did you read the other six thrrads? It has been brought up that she should make a script for her videos. She does hardley of her own research, there is no fact checking. It's not about making her self a better human, it's all about the attention she gets and the ass kissing/burrowing from her sperleberries(as long as they have something offer), and bigger youtubers.

No. 340474

>>340176 I can't figure out how to quote properly, here's my attempt..

>>I bet all those candles behind her head are because that couch smells like pee now because she never gets off of it for anything. I bet roommate has to toss fresh bags of chips and bottles of pedialyte at her from across the room.

That made me snort my morning coffee through my nose! Lol!


People have tried to challenge her about all of her illness claims, she either completely ignores them or she deflects by saying she has already answered that question numerous times and it's not her fault they didn't research that answer (she has never answered, never, ever). Or she whines that they didn't approach her with respect and love so she won't answer their question. If the questioning gets too loud on public she will invite them to discuss it privately, then they disappear or pop up as a Joytard pleading for forgiveness.

PS. Don't forget the inoperable tumour that she claimed she cured herself with pasta herbs lol.

No. 340483

I'm watching her video about Lainey, and she's said, several times, things along the lines of "Other people have anxiety and they don't act like that," "I have anxiety and I don't do that." Is this bitch that stupid that she thinks mental illness acts the same way in every person who has it? Literally everyone will experience and be affected by their mental illness differently. That's not an argument. I think she's full of shit. There's no way she's really that stupid.

No. 340493


All of her opinions or "evidence" are strictly anecdotal. She uses her own personal feelings and experiences as the basis of all of her beliefs.

She completely ignores all empirical data, all scientific studies, it's all about what happens to her and what has worked for her.

A recent example is the frightening rant she gave warning about the dangers of online predators, because her mother was shouted at her about crossing a road, she never did it again. Therefore she is right to scare people because her mother scaring her worked. Eff all of the contradictory facts and studies, expert advice, because it worked on Joyous it must be right.

There are many more examples of her doing this.

No. 340521

This thread is just a small sliver of the shit-tornado that is Joy Sparkle's BS, if you have time read through her other 6 threads, there's a whole lot of crazy documented.

Her fibromyalgia is self-diagnosed. She claims a recent doctor's visit (the first time ever seeing this doctor no less) confirmed the diagnosis after she was given "the fibro test" even though there isn't one. Fibromyalgia is diagnosed through a process of elimination and couldn't have possibly been confirmed in one visit. She's repeatedly said she doesn't have the money or insurance for proper diagnostic testing…which is one of her reasons for not going back to this doctor. She was able to somehow con this doctor into giving her Lyrica samples, which she says worked for 2 weeks then completely stopped working but instead of asking for an adjustment in her dose she gave up completely and decided this doctor couldn't help her (according to her, who knows what really happened.)

What she claims as "brain fog" is, for the most part, the normal brain farts everyone gets and doesn't last for more than a few seconds. As many who actually do suffer from fibro have pointed out, this is not what brain fog is. She uses it as a convenient excuse to not do something or to be able to act in a certain way.

The thing about not being able to remember Greg's name wasn't because she was forgetting his name is Greg, she full well knows his name. She was trying to say that she would forget to use his name instead of calling him 'hon', 'love' or 'sweetie' because she's Midwestern and its second nature for her to refer to people this way. (I know this is what she meant because this isn't the first time she's used this excuse.) She meant to use her "brain fog" excuse to give herself an out if she "slipped up" and called him 'hon' again instead of Greg like he asked. Essentially, she wanted to continue calling him 'hon' in a condescending way and him not be able to say anything about it. It was a power play…BUT because she was so manic and couldn't explain herself properly it came across like she gets struck with some sort of weird predictable selective amnesia. This sounds like the lame excuse it is so he turned it back around on her to sabotage her credibility instead.

She uses this same excuse for not using people's preferred pronouns. Basically, she wants a free pass to call them whatever the hell she feels like. If she uses the wrong name or pronoun and you call her on it you are the heartless asshole who has no patience with sick people.

She doesn't do anything to help herself because pulling the illness card is her ultimate excuse, if she "gets better" she can't use it to excuse her bad behavior anymore.

She doesn't look for a stay at home job because YouTube IS her job (she claims she knows a million ways to make money from home and can help people get jobs. Back when her channel was still really small she would offer to help people with this if they contacted her.) She's repeatedly said she always wanted to be famous, so when her singing career didn't pan out she has just shifted focus to becoming internet famous. This has been her plan for a very long time, she even admitted she bought all the equipment & lights several years ago before she "got sick." Besides that, she's now totally ruined her reputation for any other kind of work, when you google her real name the first things that come up are the lolcow and kiwi farms threads. She's banking on making it as a YouTube "star"

Neither one of those chuckleheads seem to be competent enough to bring the other down, they're both caught up in arguing semantics and tiny details no one cares about. There is a ton of legitimate stuff they could call each other out on but it's like they're both struck dumb when they try to confront each other directly….not that either of them is all that sharp away from each other.

She might come across as crazy but this whole fiasco is helping her channel immensely. Her views and subs have increased dramatically since this started. Just look at her social blade, she's gonna have a hell of a payday next month. https://socialblade.com/youtube/channel/UCObCOwqrwbBKVwL_VivgYUQ

She'll continue to obsess over this confrontation making tons of videos at a feverish pace as long as she is rewarded for it with attention. It doesn't matter if it's negative or positive but she's probably delusional enough to believe this is mainly positive attention, that her new audience is cheering her on instead of gawking at her like the trainwreck she is.

(deleted and reposted to add link. sorry for length, had a lot of things to cover)

No. 340528

In coppers stream last night they chat about sex toys and Cameron jokes about her having a po box, hinting/joking about sending her toys. (2:49)
Copper says "imagine if Onision sends you something" which of course makes her light up like a christmas tree. She responds with telling the infamous fax story, adding that one of his patreon perks is paying him $10 to have access to his PO box to send him something.

She starts describing onison streaming about his ex and out of nowhere he starts screaming about facts. She and her friends joke about facts and she goes on to film a parody about the fax, that was never uploaded. The video starts with lit religious candles she bought, a crazy looking letter she wrote to him, her standing by the window with water on her face to look like she cried as she reads the letter that says "hi onison, it's been a while since we talked and I'm really worried about you. I know you're struggling right now…" as it hits her, she runs down the stairs to go to Walmart to get the fax machine but didn't get that far. She intended to paint the fax all sparkly before sending it and make a donation to his Patreon.

If she "didn't get that far" to Walmart then how was it that she just "didn't put it up," so it's not actually finished?? Here's the desperate joy, who has to lie and try her hardest to look kewl in front of her friendz. She's too damn lazy to actually create her own content, and there's no way she filmed it and didnt put it up.

The best part of it all is that she never once mentioned the GoFundMe, or even collecting money for it.

No. 340530

The Egoist posted another video comparing the Lainey vs. Joy video to her live reaction propaganda video, specifically the clip when the date was over and he thought the date went well and it cut to Joy saying "Oh God this mother fucker doesn't know how to read people". I won't break down the whole thing, if you want to know why I'm still evil laughing while typing this, you can check it out yourself. But it also made it crystal clear, don't know why we didn't see it before. Especially when it's been right in front of Us the whole time. The bad hygiene. The poor
Social skills. The failed relationships. The crazy fan girl behavior with Onision. Surrounding herself with miscreants and teenagers, sharing advise with each other. Joy is the Beta Male from her pepper ands video!! No wonder she had so much extra insight into such a short video. Wonder how many times she's "rubbed one out" in public.

Curious to know how much of it will go to rose and tim and the kids? That's if she'll get to use it at all. It's hard to touch your
Money when your under a conservatorship, just ask Britney Spears. Maybe if Joy continues to spiral, she'll shave her head, too. Or maybe they'll just shave her head when they bring her in for processing at the psych ward.

No. 340531

No. 340537

>>340521 of course she knows his name, I bet she falls asleep whispering his name, after kissing an image of his face, she counts Onions to fall asleep. He's the first thing on her mind in the morning, she spends all day talking about him & he's the last thing on her mind before she falls asleep at night. She probably dreams about him all night too.

I can see her now, peeling onion layers to "he loves me, he loves me not". He is on her mind 24/7, it's pathetic.

No. 340538

No. 340563

File: 1498313918652.jpg (249.08 KB, 2494x762, IMG_1632.JPG)

Wouldn't all the currencies be automatically converted to US dollars since she set the accounts up in the United States?

Saged for asking a question.

No. 340565

File: 1498314413536.png (234.61 KB, 500x750, yn.png)

Yeah, I've found this screencap of what broadcasters see at the end of a stream, the image is from 2014 but I don't see why younow would make it more complicated
She's bullshitting

No. 340566


Screen shot was faked according to TallVideos. He's a total Onisitard, but posted a video about it. Not putting below because the video is boring, but the claim is that it's faked. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GREmW8-M_7Q

The interesting thing is that Joysus did not bring this up in her "Don't make threats" video… I thought that was weird, but if she already knew it was a fake, she prob didn't want to draw more attention to it.

No. 340570


If it's YouNow I don't see why the currencies would differ, you have to pay in USD when you buy bars and tips for streamers, but I have no idea how Google/Youtube does it. She got some donations when she was waiting for Greggy to come at her, but they were all displayed in USD, too.

No. 340575

Geezuz f-ing crud, she gained just over 7,000 subs so far because of this shit. She should send Gerg a thank you note and a fruit basket. Although, he'd probably construe it as more evidence of "stalking."

Don't forget the "surprise" twist ending that she was going to give the money from the gofundme to charity and spend her own money instead when she found out the gofundme had been reported for fraud. I mean who the fuck puts funding a joke in such a serious category as medical, where tons of people are in desparate need trying to get lifesaving surgeries funded and such…that's in such poor taste that even some of her most loyal followers were asking her to at least change the category because it wasn't funny.

Yeah, I saw that video. Interesting take on the situation, he definitely showed that Joy had no reason to be vindictive and make that video about Lainey.

He also has a 3 part break-down on the debate, I linked the parts below. When you reference a video link it by putting the URL in the bottom blank labeled YouTube (don't link Joy's videos directly, that just gives her extra views, anyone else's videos are fine.)
Part 1 https://youtu.be/VFN6NhVh-o0
Part 2 https://youtu.be/elm2alxEDtw
Part 3 https://youtu.be/CnS-BJ72DiQ

It not Onision she loves or is obsessed with, it's the attention covering him gets her, she's straight up an attention whore…she got just as obsessed with making DaddyOFive videos, the only thing that shut that shit down was a legally binding gag order.

She's talking about the donations from YouTube superchat. The YouNow monies went to Lainey.

No. 340579


Reading this it would seem like the person sending the money chooses the form of currency to send it in. It states select the dollar sign then the amount you wish to spend.

I will go and check somewhere just to be sure.


No. 340580


Claims he can see IP address of YouTube commenters. lol. Is IP address the new boogeyman?

No. 340582


Everything I'm reading is saying the same following thing:-

To purchase, the viewers have to click on the dollar sign in the live chat. If you are making the purchase on mobile, keep the mobiles in portrait mode.

"Go to Send a Super Chat option.

Select the amount.

You can also enter the message.

Now select buy and send.

Follow the instruction to complete the purchasing process."

Even when I'm searching for YouTube UK, it is still dollars not GBP.

No. 340586

So it would appear that she is once again lying. What would you even lie about something so simple and easily proven to be a lie as this.

No. 340587

>>340538 thanks. Brain farted onthe rules for posting videos vs posting joys videos.

While she was gearing up for her debate with Onision, she made mention go whomever donated $100 to the "fax" GoFundMe for Onision, and giving them their money back.
#1. What idiot would actually donate to that and at that amount?
#2. What idiot would believe she would follow through with her plan?
A fool and his money.
She quickly made some excuse about the way GoFundMe works, and it was all just a joke and she'd be happy to refund the money with her own precious funds. How long ago did this even happen? And why mention it like that at that moment? If someone did actually donate, I doubt she ever mentions it again.

No. 340591


I will know for certain soon, I'm in live chat with YT super chat support. A Parinay (identifying for the screenshot of the chat) is currently looking into it.

My question is, if what she said isn't true, what does it prove? Other than she is full of it but we have a lot of examples of that already. So other than showing she is a liar for the millionth time, what does this prove?

No. 340592


One of the joytards (now former joytard) did donate $100 to the fax gofund me. There are screenshots of this person complaining that they had not received a refund of this donation. They had learned something about her, which I can't recall and they wanted it back.

There are screenshots of this person's comments on YouTube stating they had not been refunded the money, they are in one of the earlier threads, I can't remember which, but this is why she is admitting it. She has no choice, the evidence is too overwhelming.

No. 340593

I guess it doesn't prove anything. But out of all the things she has lied about this one just seems ridiculous. She is the definition of a pathological liar.

No. 340602

I was the one who posted that screenshot. The person was asking whatever happened with the gofundme because they noticed Joy never posted anything about it and they were informed it had been shut down for fraud. The person became concerned about getting their money back but they were told that since it was shut down for fraud everyone's money still in the account would have been returned and if not they could request their money back from gofundme. I don't know what happened after that if the person got their refund or what. Whether Joy ever saw any of that money I don't know but considering she was offering a refund like that you might assume so.

No. 340604


It's ok, I thought you might have had a train of thought going on.

My bloody internet decided to be a dick after being on hold for ten minutes while the YT man went to find the info! It hasn't done it all day but now is the time it decides to do so. Ggrr.

Saged for rage.

No. 340608

She must lurk bc in her newest video, she removed the gross dirty bg towel and actually put on some clothes for once instead of plaid pyjamas kek

No. 340630

She's back to her disgusting mashed potato encrusted PJS. For the 2 new videos she just uploaded.

No. 340665


She definitely lurks, whenever anything is addressed on here she will bring it up. Or if someone has made a brilliant point, she will change the narrative. We think she might have posted very early in the threads and her spergleberries used to derail constantly. They tend to turn up whenever something big has been discovered or pointed out. They derail to move the milk further up the thread.

I still have a lot of screenshot contradictions that I keep meaning to finish posting but everything kicked off with Onion. I will get back to posting them again soon.

No. 340673

File: 1498327878214.jpg (141.98 KB, 608x164, GSnUqF6.jpg)

Here we go again with a new video every couple of hours.

No. 340696

File: 1498331199087.jpg (98.59 KB, 615x349, gonnacry - Copy.jpg)

The validation-begging from her audience is the cringiest thing I've ever seen. There are a few of them who go around false flagging anyone who talks shit about her on Youtube. It's scary how up her ass these people are. I truly wonder if they'll ever catch a glimpse of sunlight again.

No. 340704


>>are you proud are you proud

ughhh, her fans are sadder than onisions fanbase, at least the majority of his stans are teenagers. joy's are mostly adult fucking women who whine about their joint pain and fibro.

No. 340707

Actually worse than Onisions hers are apparently retarded

No. 340715

File: 1498333568893.png (188.2 KB, 835x180, txDudlt.png)


compare that to Onision's last 4 videos. 1 a day while Joysus has been spamming 4 a day on only that one topic.

No. 340720

OT, but why are the thumbnails blue and red underneath? When I uploaded to my youtube channel, I'd see them on my own videos, but can't remember if it showed up on other people's. I know it's the like to dislike-ratio.

Any other anons seeing like/dislike ratio like that, or is this Joy?

No. 340722

That's only one of his seven channels, though. He uploads at almost the same rate as her, it's just scattered across several shittier channels.

No. 340723

They are the worst, really. There's always new fools taking a stand for her, i couldn't tell you how many times I've seen kiss ass tweets like:
"I am so over all these heartless bitches coming after joy and yet she still rises above all the hate"
"Its so sad that these losers have nothing better to do than attack joy, someone who actually cares about helping people" #Imwithher
"You're so strong joy, thank you for defending the children, the world needs more people like you"

These people are pathetic and so desperate to be accepted by someone that they don't even care that the attention they seek is from the devil herself.

Then there's the dipshits who have to tweet satan their blocked screenies: "lmao joy look who blocked me" like that is the ultimate cool kid move. Somehow joy is superior to anyone that has blocked her as well as those she has blocked.

Then you have her most frequent megatards that are in the complete attention whore-ass kissing and worship class that tweet 24/7 to defend her against anyone and spend the rest of their time tweeting inside jokes and random stupid shit, tagging joy in all of it so it's known that they are part of her posse. If these freaks would go to bed once in a while, they would possibly notice their poor decision making related to social media.

No. 340724


Are all the videos about Joy and her debate with him or what people said about her?

No. 340726

File: 1498334159971.png (417.62 KB, 618x891, bxvvNai.png)

Onision original tweet if you want to read what he posted. https://twitter.com/Onision/status/878662228735426560

No. 340729

File: 1498334210763.png (69.87 KB, 619x466, suFbiBm.png)

Spergleberries to the rescue… hmm… sounds a lot like how a certain spergleberry accused anons of giving a flying fuck about kimmycat.

No. 340735

I've got just a regular Youtube account, I don't upload videos I've never seen the like/dislike ratio blue and red like it is in that thumbnail? Is that something you only see on your own uploaded video?
If so, was that Joy who posted here?!

No. 340743


No, my dude. Nobody uploads at the same rate as Joy. Just spammy accounts. During the D05 thing she uploaded upwards of 6 times a day.

No. 340745

Don't they listen to their savior? When Greg asked her for proof to back up her claim, she said "he can't just demand proof" but then again, no rules apply to kati, not even her own.

No. 340746

I was under the impression that the red bar at the bottom represented how much of given video the person looking at the thumbnail has personally watched. So, for example, the person posting the cap watched the entire "more face tattoos" video, but turned the first one off after a few seconds. Skipped the "story time" one altogether, and watched the whole "debate" one.
That's just my impression from seeing the red bar on videos I've watched though.

No. 340748

I'm the one who posted the image (>>340673). I'm also not Joy.

The red/white opacity bar shows how much the video has been watched.

The red and blue bar shows the like/dislike ratio.

It's from a Chrome plug-in. Either TubeBuddy
or vidIQ. I don't remember which and have both installed.

No. 340753

Even accross all his channels, most of the videos have different content. Each channel has a theme. Joys channels is now is one third onision vidoes. And he doesnt upload to each channel every day.

No. 340755

Joy's whole 'i can't be held responsible for what people say' is bullshit because we've seen her likes. She constantly favorites tweets of her fans insulting people. So how can you claim innocence when you're actively condoning it?

No. 340756

No they are not. He took down the one about joy unless he reuploaded it somewhere else, I looked couldn't find it the other day. He has one that shows all the dms from her, that really look like a crazy ex girlfriend trying to get back with him, in the short amount of time she messaged him one after another.

That debate one in the cap is either about Jaclyn Glenn or jeff "unbiased " super biased moderator.

No. 340761

File: 1498337807399.gif (3.84 MB, 316x214, joymania.gif)

No. 340762

2017-06-24Onision: Social Repose & Jaclyn Glenn Ugly! HORSEFACE!6.3K90883.8%563$3 - $25
2017-06-24Onision: SECOND THREAT From My Stalker!12.1K1K86.6%631$6 - $48
2017-06-24Onison Says Tall Women, & Jaclyn Glenn, Are UGLY! & N…9.1K1K92.2%744$5 - $36
2017-06-23Onision & Lainey Receives Death Threats & Threatens M…25.8K2K87.7%1K$13 - $103
2017-06-23"My Stalker" Onision Physically Threatened Me, Going …22.0K2K88.8%958$11 - $88
2017-06-23Onision Starting A Fundraiser For Legal Fee's To SUE …21.3K2K93.0%1K$11 - $85
2017-06-23"Dear Stalker" Onision REMOVES Video Threatening to S…21.9K2K92.8%820$11 - $88
2017-06-23Lainey's Sister, Lauren, Crashes My After Debate Onis…33.7K3K86.2%2K$17 - $135
2017-06-23Onision Threatens ME With POLICE! Says I Threatened L…37.2K3K85.1%2K$19 - $149
2017-06-22Watch Lainey LIE & Crap Talk Me After The Onision Deb…71.8K6K78.8%4K$36 - $287
2017-06-22Onision Debate NOT OVER?!24.0K2K86.4%796$12 - $96
2017-06-22Onision Debate: My Overview & BreakDown21.3K1K87.1%697$11 - $85
2017-06-21Onision: Dear Stalker38.2K3K81.0%1K$19 - $153
2017-06-21Onision Debate: My Conversations With Laineybot27.6K1K86.1%1K$14 - $110
2017-06-21Onision Vs Joy Sparkle BS FULL DEBATE HERE!38.2K2K84.2%4K$19 - $153
2017-06-21Onision Debate: MY Moderator, Jeff Holiday, DRAGS Oni…26.8K2K93.6%2K$13 - $107
2017-06-21ONISION AFTER DEBATE Interviews: SarahBear, Lainey's …63.0K2K78.1%881$31 - $252
2017-06-20ONISION DEBATE STARTS NOW!52.6K2K86.5%678$26 - $210
2017-06-20Onision: HIS LAWYER'S CONFIRMED! He's Suing ME! Silli…36.9K2K85.5%940$18 - $147
2017-06-20Onision Round 2!25.1K78778.3%146$13 - $100
2017-06-20Live: Onision Debate Direct Messages! HAHA!26.3K1K84.3%251$13 - $105
2017-06-20Onision MESSAGES: See Him DEMAND a Debate & TANTRUM!40.3K3K85.7%1K$20 - $161
2017-06-19Onision To Me: Debate Me NOW Or I'm Suing You!34.5K3K80.5%1K$17 - $138
2017-06-19Austin Jones: WhistleBlowers Punished: Damon Fizzy Ra…14.2K69190.0%235$7 - $57
2017-06-19Interview With Anna Scanlon, Suing Vegan Cheetah6.0K23672.5%142$3 - $24
2017-06-18Austin Jones: Missing Police Report?10.3K52287.0%239$5 - $41
2017-06-17Austin Jones Lies, Vegan Cheetah Interview TODAY6.2K25177.3%38$3 - $25
2017-06-17Austin Jones : I Am Putting Children In DANGER…17.0K1K88.9%573$9 - $68
2017-06-17Austin Jones :More Victims Come Forward & Leaving The…22.7K85491.1%294$11 - $91
2017-06-17Austin Jones: Did He Sell/Distribute Videos? May Not …12.3K62082.9%265$6 - $49
2017-06-17Austin Jones CAUGHT LYING! Lets Break It Down!11.4K36585.8%140$6 - $46
2017-06-17Austin Jones CAUGHT LYING! See ALL the lies, Sob Stor…45.0K2K91.6%529$23 - $180
2017-06-16I HAVE A BIG SUPRISE!6.3K41566.5%184$3 - $25
2017-06-16Bachelor in Paradise Consent Issue Scandal : Producer…6.1K28182.9%125$3 - $24
2017-06-16Austin Jones Is OUT ON BAIL! He's Free!23.9K94190.9%405$12 - $95
2017-06-15Austin Jones Child Pornography Possession Full BreakD…25.3K1K93.0%565$13 - $101
2017-06-14GOP BaseBall Shooting Representative Steve Scalise Sh…4.3K22878.1%190$2 - $17
2017-06-13Interview w Friend of Andrew Blaze aka Randy Stair Ma…11.4K38963.5%286$6 - $46
2017-06-12DaddyOFive Update: You Are About To Destroy EVERYTHING!26.1K1K71.4%853$13 - $104
2017-06-11DaddyOFive Update: What Has Been Happening, Slander, …36.1K2K80.6%854$18 - $144
2017-06-11OK with INCEST! Jenn the Pedo Sympathizer & Animal Ki…13.6K60389.9%441$7 - $54
2017-06-11CopperCab Interview NOW! He's Trying To Find Love!!!!…4.7K24372.8%36$2 - $19
2017-06-10HYPOCRISY of Youtubers & Manufactured Drama & Slander…9.2K82379.8%715$5 - $37
2017-06-10Transgender Brony Randy Stair AKA Andrew Blaze Massac…25.0K98088.0%988$13 - $100
2017-06-09Pedo Sympathizer Jenn Hurt Her Animals & LAUGHS!23.7K1K89.9%1K$12 - $95
2017-06-13Why Onision Is Married & Co-Dependent17.7K89875.6%397$9 - $71
2017-06-09Onision Wants To Be YOUR Financial Advisor While Whin…12.6K74585.5%314$6 - $50
2017-06-08Whats been wrong with me.. why I am MIA…8.8K51565.8%358$4 - $35
2017-06-08My Coppercab INTERVIEW!7.2K32373.7%201$4 - $29
2017-06-07Omnipolitics CANCELS Debate! What happened?!7.2K43580.2%199$4 - $29

Jesus fuck.

I don't feel like formatting it. Deal.

No. 340766

No. 340768

i hate onision but i hope he can legally do something about her because she is fucked up. he deserves her but, unfortunately like a lot of people, i've had a stalker and i just want to see her crazy ass brought to justice.

No. 340772

Agreed. Onision's punishment should be in a court house. No one deserves some crazy stalker who is obsessed with you. Worst yet she is making some money and the people who hate Onion are backing up her mania.
He needs to go to court for his past actions and she needs to be admitted into a nice padded room. She get more manic in every video it's concerning.

No. 340774

So all in all in that list she made $4.517 however the problem is she is going to get taxed heavily on 1099 MISC as she has made $600 on them already this year. For a days period like that you are going to get hammered I am reading into the tax stuff now it is actually pretty high. Its why you should not youtube independently.

No. 340777

File: 1498340563071.png (162.47 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170624-161241.png)

So there's the pictured tweet. I got check his twittwr, and…yes he's still bitching about the search results but he usually doesn't mention her by name (maybe this is where she gets it from or it's just a narcissist thing) but for the most part his tweets are concerning himself or lainey. Nothing like joys time line that is flooded with onion memes and other stupid shit.

"Narcissistic listening dismisses, negates, ignores, minimizes, denigrates or otherwise renders irrelevant other people’s concerns and comments. A tone of contempt is particularly strong narcissistic indicator."

I'm surprised she hasn't ended up like Narsisis himself, wasted away from looking at himself. Although it does look like it's happening if she doesn't leave the house anymore just to do youtube. Too caught up in the bump in views and subscribers.

No. 340788

I honestly feel for him. You have spent 11 years building a brand and a name, with search history etc and this crazy comes in false tagging over excessively and robs you of your presence unfairly. Not everyone does this but it takes a special kind of falseness to falsely plant topics that are never in her content.

No. 340789

That's the max possible amount she's made from the videos. If you look closely you will see there's actually a suggested range for each video. If you look at the social blade link >>340766 shows the range more clearly. The first on the list is $3 - $25, second is $6 - $48. What she's actually made is probably closer to the lower part of the range than the upper, her channel is too small to command premium rates.

No. 340790

Oh please. His 'brand' was circling the drain already, due to his own actions.

No. 340792

Its true I agree his style of content is incredibly dated but think of it like this so you start producing clay stuff that lots of people buy and someone comes in and makes a watermark the same as yours almost and produces rapid amounts of them. You are than out looking for onion bowls and all you find is joy bowls.

I am giving him way too much credit though.

Hey man so probably something more like 2k overall

No. 340821

So she has been "quiet" today. You know what that means she is going to be "ill" and go at the "haterz"

calling it

No. 340822


Or the local PD have come to her house to tell her she's under investigation. :D

No. 340839

She'll never admit it if that's what happened. Like someone posted above. She end up using her "illness" an an excuse.

No. 340848

if only we can dream. Good news though her fans aka the more rational ones have turned from her.

No. 340852


Any evidence you can show of that? (Fans leaving)

No. 340859

You are giving him way too much credit. He physically and mentally abused Shiloh and filmed her breakdown after he shaved her head (at first against her will) and posted it online forever. It's been over five years and she's just now returning to the career she started and left off for him when she was 17. So fuck his onion bowls but that's a cute analogy.

I want them to destroy each other in a blaze of crazy glory.

No. 340870

This whole thing was a mess.
Joy did nothing but harp on like a banshee, "My Fibromyalgia".
Honestly Joy, bringing up your fake health issues automatically invalidates any argument you may have. A debate is not about your personal life, how things effect you personally.
A debate is a to and fro of facts and often opinions.
And as for Onion, he is no better. Sitting there riling the fools up and calling them names, incredibly childish.

No. 340879

File: 1498358135068.png (325.13 KB, 1136x640, image.png)


>Joy did nothing but harp on like a banshee, "My Fibromyalgia".

Honestly Joy, bringing up your fake health issues automatically invalidates any argument you may have

This isn't a medical journal or anything official, but offers an insight into brain fog, and the difference between it and just plain forgetfulness. Specifically the point when the author is driving a forgets where she is going.

My problem isn't with Joy using the "fibro fog" defense for the Greg/hon/Onision slip, but the obvious convenience of it. Seem only to exist solely with names and pronouns. Even then, it could be debated she does it at times to stir the pot or as a way to use her fibro defense. If this were her problem, you'd be seeing it in more ways, as much of her life as we see. She's had many situations arise that I personally would've had trouble in, knowing my level of congnition. The car dealership fiasco, she could've made mention of it, anything regarding finances or dates, or filling out forms. But you only see it with names or when she's backed into a corner for a defense.

If she really wanted to convince everyone of her debilitating illness, she should've thought twice before allowing everyone in and recording her life nearly 24/7. It's hard to keep a mask on that long, no matter how good a liar. If she had any form of illness other than a memory aid game and bar of soap wouldn't fix we'd have seen it by now.

No. 340899


Like you said, this one: "moments while driving where I honestly cannot remember where I am going, where I am, and how I got there?"

I've had that happen (too often!) when I'm about 30 min from my home and driving on a 4 lane highway where I suddenly don't even know what state I'm in, let alone what road I'm on and all I can do is keep driving with the flow of traffic hoping that something will jog my memory and make stuff click back in. While I was dealing with the pain, those instances of "skipping" (my name for them) were what finally drove me to the doctors office out of fear that they might not click back in one day.

No. 340922

Lol, tbh I think she had to google fibro during the onion debate. Her "tech issues" was a quick rephresher since it's been so long since fibro has been the center of the channel.

Funny how she just up forgot about it for a while. Just like she did with Onion for a bit, and now her "passion" for helping Tim and Rose… we hear nothing. And it aint because of threats of legal action haha.

Yeah, it's about to be that time again. The comments in the recent videos are again overwhelming negative, and many fans are turning on her/ begging her to stop/ declaring that they've finally realized she's batshit insane.

But for the ones who stick around… It's like do you really not get tired of having to defend the bitch all the time? You're not fucking drained from constantly having to fight battles for her? Funny how other YT'ers dont need to surround themselves with a literal army of retards, cripples, and children to defend their every move. Fucking wonder why that would be, Joy. Since you're such a good and honest person and all.

No. 340948

File: 1498366804674.png (145.42 KB, 543x887, 5kiRvbc.png)

First hand claim of death threats by joytards. Joysus apologizes and makes frowny emoji in response.. so she's cereal not promoting it.

No. 340966

Lol i dont feel shit for him. This is karma smacking him in the face. He chased his ex-wife who helped build his "brand" and was part of the main reason he was successful in the first place off the internet, made her unable to continue her channel because he constantly sicked his fanbase to attack her to the point she was getting death threats daily and she already had PTSD from all his emotional abuse, and he didnt care. He to this day drags her name because he had to give her alimony for the business she worked on.

You can hate joy and also not sympathize/justify onion boy's actions. He has done harassing bullshit with the goal of tarnishing people's names so they cant be successful on every single one of his ex's. It's kind of funny how he finally met his crazy match who also lacks morality and who will do the same to him that he does to other people.

To be fair, you cant really control your minions sending death threats aside from telling them not to do it.

No. 340967


You're probably right, she needs a distraction from the funds raised in her "debate" live stream since she doesn't seem to want to provide screen shots or evidence of donations… you know… "receipts!"

No. 340977

While I think she has made some valid points, I just can't get past how aggravating she is as a person. Onision definitely deserves to be called on his shit, especially after the bullshit with Jaclyn. I want more than anything to see him taken down a couple of pegs, but she's not exactly faultless herself. Out of all of them I still probably like Lainey the best. At this point it's like watching hobo Godzilla and hobo King Kong duke it out in a garbage dump. There might be a victor but they're still garbage and it's still a shit fest. I'm a simple person. I am easy to please. Just cut your bullshit banter out, get your thoughts into one 5-10 minute video PER DAY, and don't act like an obsessive teenager when you're in your 30's. Also, put on some clothes that fit and don't make your arms look like watermelons stuffed into sausage casings.

Is that really so much to ask? Shit…

No. 340986

That's how much has played. If you've watched the whole video, it will be a full red bar.

No. 340992

I see it's been a relatively quiet night in crazy town.

I don't know Onion but what I do know is not good. Onion and Joy are much the same of a sameness, only he harasses and exploits those he is/was actually close too. I want him to be taken down, however I want Joyous to be taken down first, she is not needed to take him down, she is that nuts she is making people feel sorry for Onion! She needs to go. Onion's social media was dying long before she geared back up and it will take someone more controlled, calm and capable of coherent thought to take him down. None of which she is capable of.

I know her brain fog is BS too, it isn't a lapse or a brain fart. It's going to collect your child from school, returning and then asking your child if their grandfather was on time to pick them up, only to be reminded that you did it personally, yet have zero memory of doing so. Complete autopilot and huge memory issues, it's having to keep notes and phone reminders but thankfully for me it isn't constant and it certainly isn't fucking convenient Joy. Not "ah firgots Gergles name, oopsies, muh brain fog. Lol"

I don't drive myself crazy trying to work out the level of cognitive dissonance joytards suffer from, she will always have the hardcore spergleberries, it's the newer influx I worry about. I will say that she is less dangerous to viewers now that she has been exposed and dropped the sweetness and sparkles bullshittery. She was more dangerous in her earlier stuff because she came across as harmless and friendly at the same time as fishing out false and harmful medical and psychological advice. She scared a few away from the IUD because of her poisoning claims and using herbs claims, sweet talking idiots into giving her money for meds she states she doesn't use, spreading bull about CBD oil making her high despite it containing no THC, etc. So at least she no longer dares to talk about that shit to newbies and her crazy is on full display, so it doesn't take people long to dislike her.

Saged for blogpost.

No. 340996


I know what you mean. I myself subbed very early on when she seemed way more reasonable, but the first time she brought up her "copper toxicity" and started trying to give birth control advice to girls straight off the back of talking about vitamin and herbal remedies, I unsubbed and ran for the hills.

Didn't take too long to sniff crazy on her, even before lolcow and everything else that's come out since. It's a shame she deleted that stuff though. I wonder if someone can do a documentary of sorts and properly catalogue her descent into manic depravityland. Looking at you, Mister Metokur, or Nerd City.

Saged for being a dreamer, and a retard who can't sage properly.

No. 341007


I have screenshots of a lot of the shit she said, along with comments from viewers saying she had scared them as they had the iud in their arm, or they will never get it because of her "warning." Funnily enough the moment I started posting all of her old screenshots was when she started deleting the earlier videos, thankfully I had been collecting them for a while before I posted anything so I got to them before she deleted them. They didn't give her a leg to stand on because it was her own words. Not that it makes any difference really, as she just deflects.

It is taking me a while to organise them because the amount of comments and tweets she has made in just five months are insane! Twitter alone was well over 3000 tweets in just a few months. I bet that has skyrocketed with the latest insanity.

No. 341039

File: 1498391662774.png (108.41 KB, 1080x424, IMG_20170625_120306.png)

She is claiming to be close to shutting her trap about Onion now. We shall see how long that lasts.

I agree, the fact that Joy is making people feel in any way bad for Onion is concerning given just how fucking awful he has been for a long, long time. Mind you, it also bothers me over on the Onion thread that people were sticking up for her.

Their threads are the two I properly follow and I can't stand either of them. I do feel that Onion is more awful and more dangerous, but she is becoming more than just annoying as time goes on. I do want Gurg to try and take her down purely because I want to see her crazy behaviour punished. Plus, Gurg's already circling the drain, his fans are haemorrhaging and his tax palavar is surely going to be his downfall. If he can drag her down at the same time, good.

I'm just along to rubberneck both of the car crashes.

No. 341045

I don't see anything wrong with empathizing with a cunt like Onision when someone is doing what Kati has been doing to him. I can hate him in general, but still wish for him to not have to deal with her crap. And Lainey is a part of it all and I don't think she deserved any of it, personally.

I really hope he does file a police report and that it is enforceable, so she has no choice but to shut up about his family and him. I also hope YouTube finally sees her false tagging and strikes her channel. She's a cheat. She would only have a fraction of the followers she has if not for that shit.

No. 341047

I doubt onion will be the one to take her down. His channel is dying and he has no power anymore. That police report if he even actually called the police will likely go nowhere. I cant see them really bothering with internet youtube bullshit. Hes only really mad at her and was threatening her to try to scare her into not making more videos about him because they show up in searches over his own videos. Not that he really cares about how shitty joy is.

I think most people in the onion thread dont even like joy, but some were probably entertained by crazy meeting crazy. It's kind of weird in this thread that people said onion "won" the debate, when both of them looked stupid as fuck and he basically called his wife in to fight his battle for him. And then two teens had to defend him as well lmao. And he was the one who demanded it in the first place, so he brought it upon himself. It was just two attention whores debating to get more attention for their channels, not some poor guy just trying to defend his family and brand from harassment, like some people here are trying to paint it as lmao.

On the plus side, if onion's channel dies, there goes 80% of joy's content. She only got her channel started and initially gained fans due to people hating onion and agreeing with her videos about him. I cant imagine her channel lasting without her being able to sperge about him.

No. 341055

That is fair enough, I can understand that. I was originally almost feeling bad for him based on her ott behaviour, but then when I remember the catalogue of awful that he has been over the years I feel more that the pair of them deserve each other, but I can get where you're coming from.

I wasn't really meaning the police report - I didn't even reference it. I meant more him attacking her (since he did start it) and then them sort of imploding together. That's what I intended to mean by him taking her down with him. It's wishful thinking, but as I said, I just enjoy watching both the shitshows. I do think it's hilarious that he was just pissed off because of all of her videos in the search results though. That's what it took for him to get properly involved. (Though I don't remotely think her inappropriate tagging is a good thing. It's just funny that it lead to Greg's sperging.)
And yeah, he did not remotely win the debate. Neither of them did. They both made fools of themselves. It was a complete disaster. And I really didn't like how she went after Lainey after it. I don't like Lainey at all, but there was no need for that video from Joy. Lainey didn't act like she liked Joy at all when talking to her, so I don't feel she was being 'fake'. Just non-confrontational.

Hopefully she will die out with him dieing out. That's what I want to see happen.

No. 341092

I have been reporting her for false tagging her videos for over a month and they don't seem to be doing anything about it.

No. 341105

That's discouraging. False tagging is one of the only things I ever flag videos for, because it's against TOS and it allows for crazy people like Joy to superficially boost their numbers by abusing the metadata in their videos. The amount of times she has done it could EASILY get her channel taken down, if Youtube decided to start giving an ounce of a fuck.

Then again, I have caught many people doing it (not a majority like she claims, and not to the extent she does it), but they never got a spanking from daddy Youtube either.

Generally it's just harmless, but this time the metadata abuse has allowed someone with serious mental issues to build up a platform where she has been handed thousands of enablers, and thousands of detractors, which is causing OBVIOUS stress to her mental state and making her mental illness worse. Someone a while ago likened her to Gail Chord Schuler, and I don't think they were far off. The difference is that most people only know of Gail as a mockery, there aren't many people who genuinely support her and feed into her delusions of grandeur and schizophrenia. This is dangerous for her, and for young people (who aren't mentally well either) who support her.

No. 341114


> Gail Chord Schuler

And, in her May 29, 2017 patreon video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=quiObRmw4wU ), Jeff Holiday is listed as a patreon supporter. That's sort of funny. (Sorry, OT.. but strange looping of lolcows in the wild)

No. 341120

I would flag her, but that's not an option on mobile and I'm never on my computer. But if a lot of people keep flagging her consistently, maybe they'll actually take notice and do something. That's probably just wishful thinking on my part, but it's worth a try.

No. 341121

>scared them as they had the iud in their arm

The type of birth control that is implanted in the arm is not an IUD. IUD = IntraUterine Device meaning they only go in the uterus. Did they really say it like that? She was scaremongering over a non-hormonal copper based uterine implant being "harmful" because she claimed the copper could "rust" and leach copper into the bloodstream. Even if that were possible (it's not) how is that anything like a non-metallic implant inserted under the skin of the arm that slowly releases hormones? It has a completely different mechanism of working, is made of completely different materials and is inserted in a completely different place. Allowing people to think they are anything like each other or would have any of the same side effects is completely irresponsible.

I was the one who likened her to Gail. The biggest difference is the way her mental illness manifests makes it very obvious to the audience she is completely delusional..Joy is dangerous because her delusions are less obvious to recognize.

Jeff has said before he likes to watch lolcows, perhaps he is encouraging them for his own entertainment. If this is the case he needs to be more careful about his interaction with them, lest he become one himself…he's already gotten too close to the situation with Joy and made himself look stupid.

No. 341124

I'm not sure her mental illness is _that_ much harder to recognize lol

I apologize for OT, but I am really concerned that especially during the past week, she has shown drastically increased and _very_ obvious signs of her mental health declining. She released 4 videos on Gerg in the span of 5 hours or something, 2 of them were half an hour apart. She's getting worse because of the attention she's getting from him and Plainey, and it's scary how fast and how badly that is fucking up her ability to control her actions (not that she's ever been able to do that half a damn). She's totally off the rails at this point. She needs an intervention, stat. Her comments are absolutely _insane_ to read, too, and I hope someone out there is archiving them because she routinely deletes them, according to quite a few of the comments.

Also, just a bit of tinfoil, but does she still frequent these threads as much as she used to? Because I am reading over the older stuff right now and wondering how much is self-fulfilling prophecy.

No. 341127

Apparently, some people still haven't noticed how delusional Joy is…while everyone immediately recognizes Gail as crazy. Joy is slightly better at hiding it only because her delusions aren't as fanciful as Gail's and might be explained away as just "being weird."

No. 341156

who is gail?

No. 341176


Yes, she calls it the IUD. Give me a few minutes and I will switch to my laptop to show you some of her health claims and some of the responses claiming she has scared them or put them off contraception altogether, as she spouts bs about most forms of contraception.

These will be the screenshots I haven't got around to posting yet.

No. 341177

File: 1498416028361.png (59.01 KB, 720x300, 20170625_133743.png)

One of her new videos is about this tweet claiming it's a threat. When I read it, that's not what I take away from it at all. He probably shouldn't have thrown it out there but it's not a physical threat. The other claims that Greg doxxed her.

No. 341179

Her new video claims that Gerg doxxed her, even though she's known about these threads for months, this is tragic.
Pity party oncoming!

Title of video:

Content of video:
"He released an address, that wasn't my address, he attempted to dox me, attempted doxxing is illegal."

Took 3 minutes to say that much, as usual. Complete with 1:30 of outro. Smdh

I wish she could go one video without touching her face and nose, it's gross. It looks gross.

No. 341183

Oh wow guys doxxing is illegal. Someone better tell whitepages.com, intelius & google. This is super srs guys.

No. 341186

She mentions the "every text (dm) from joy" video that onision relased, i think shes saying its fron that video? He has removed it, she says, " lets watch the viedo, oh no i'll just tell you.." no concrete proof and people in the comments are like "maybe you should call the police instead of making a video about it."

No. 341191

File: 1498417531546.jpg (131.79 KB, 960x720, BS IUD Pt 1.jpg)

Here are just a few of her early days IUD scare mongering posts. And I mean just a few of the countless comments she made, she was on a mission to "raise awareness" about the dangers of these.

Here is part 1, part 2 to follow, which will be the final post, otherwise it is just spamming more of the same.

No. 341193

File: 1498417724204.jpg (191.93 KB, 960x720, BS IUD Pt 2.jpg)

Part 2 of the copper toxicity/IUD madness.

She has claimed to have numerous illnesses, I will post a comment she made strongly denying she has anxiety, as that is relevant to her latest claims of suffering with anxiety all of a sudden.

No. 341196

Ok so as far as I know doxxing is only illegal if they are spreading something that isn't already public record like your SSN, credit card info etc. If they are posting something that can be found with a search on google and people finder websites that is NOT illegal. It isn't nice…sure…but it's not illegal especially not here in the US. http://www.dmlp.org/legal-guide/publication-private-facts
^^^This outlines what constitutes illegal doxxing.

Now I do want to add that I could be wrong here and if I am please correct me, but I've been looking into this and everything I can find says that doxxing is only illegal if it involves information that isn't publicly available or if it meets the grounds for cyber harassment laws on a state by state basis. I googled it and saw lots of articles saying that it was illegal, but even those articles appear to avoid saying that it is illegal to release public information like a person's name, address, criminal record etc. It looks like the rules might be different for government employees but I need to get ready for work and don't have time to look into it more. Again please correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 341201

Seriously who makes medical decisions and not do any research? They give you pamphlets when you're choosing which birth control you want. It's on her if she didn't read any of it and their site stats "do not use if you get infections easily " which it was probably also stated in their pamphlet. if she got UTI's often, why would she even consider this option? Also, question you doctor about side effects twit. If they claimed there were none and they knew that there were, it could have been malpractice. But she chose to just make youtube videos about it?

No. 341204

File: 1498418790724.jpg (59.85 KB, 628x180, stopitstop - Copy.jpg)

It doesn't matter in any case, because she said herself DURING the video that it was an "attempted dox", whereas she titled the video and crafted the thumbnail such as to cause rage that he had ACTUALLY doxxed her.

"Onision doxxed me"
"Onision Doxx's [sic] me"

She's trying to elicit sympathy and support, my guess because people have been calling her out on the past 10 videos that they're sick of hearing about this Gerg drama. Didn't work, as many of them have already commented even on this one that she should shut the fuck up about him.

She has already put out ANOTHER video on Onision, making it 3 Onision videos within 45 minutes or so. Stunningly pathetic.

No. 341223


Yes and making false, damaging claims along with it.

No. 341256

her choice of typeface is so rage-inspiring for me. she's like the weekly world news of youtube.

No. 341273

I think you'll find she is using her marketing talents to create visually STUNNING thumbnails that demand you click for more info.

It's so transparent and it's straight from Youtube Noob School of Clickbaiting Your Videos.

No. 341275

Nope. It's the like/dislike ratio on a video. The progress bar is all red. I still think Joy uploaded here, but that might just be my wishful thinking.

Sage for tinfoil

No. 341291

Can't believe she's live streaming on Gergle again. What "ALL COVERAGE"? You've covered everything and then some. Eh, fuck it, maybe these two lunatics deserve eachother.

No. 341295

She'll never stop with onision. Just hours ago she said she was done with it, but surprise she pulled the getting doxxed and 3 other videos out of her ass.
At most she'll stop for a week to a month then when her channel views die down she start back up again.

No. 341300

He obviously didn't doxx her so that was so fucking stupid. I agree that she's not going to stop easily. Where she gets this manic like energy to literally do this non-stop is beyond me.
I've passionately disliked Gergle's personality since a long time, but she really gets under my skin too. Lying about being sick is hitting a real low.

And these >>341191

none of her sperg Joytards seem to remember how much bullshit she's put out there.
She's currently calling herself "Onion slayer." Like some anon said earlier itt, this is like terminal cancer fighting aids.

No. 341305

Completely irrelevance but who the hell edits these pics for her? Like her face PS'd onto all these things, I just can't imagine it's her dumbass since shes "so new" and whatever to technology and the internet.

Who is enabling her to do these god awful PS attempts?

No. 341311

He absolutely didn't doxx her.
Look at her video views, they started to drop off after her last onision video spree. That's when she started on the whole DO5 videos, then she quit that and started with the flavor of the week news headline videos and her views started dropping again.
So she tried to do the DO5 updates and when that didn't work she went to her go to topic for views the massive false tagging helps as well.

I'm calling it now. If she actually quits making onision videos after her livestream today like she said she'll notice her views dropping off and start back up again.

No. 341318

This is MS Paint levels of thumbnail creation. With how often she spits these out and how she doesn't even bother to cut out her own fuckups any more (screwing up a sentence, pausing for obvious "cut here" face or to look at notes, then repeating the same sentence over), I highly doubt she's going to wait around the extra 30 seconds it would take for someone to make these for her.

Besides, all her thumbnails look exactly the same. Same color scheme, same layout, same letter coloring and fonts. The only thing she is getting better at is not just using the Youtube-generated frame from her video, which is often her wildly flailing or with her mouth wide open mid-word.
Her older thumbnails are still really funny though.

Speaking of her older thumbnails, it's really obvious that she had planned to open a Patreon for at least 2 weeks before she put out the "think I should open up a Patreon you guys?" video. She's wearing the exact same outfit from a previous video and her hair is the same (not that that's shocking, really). We know she films in advance and releases when she thinks it will be advantageous, so I definitely think she filmed it and just waited for enough people to encourage her before she released it.

We learned from that 3 hour long video that her old friend did, that even in the early weeks of her channel, she had been planning to make money from this all along. That video alone has all the damning evidence you would need to know she's a total phony. The rest of this is all icing on the cake, and she's only making her original intentions more obvious as time goes on, knowing that by now she has enough sycophants to defend her despite all this evidence against her character. I only started reading this lolcow a few days ago but I've been super frustrated watching this unfold for months.

Saged for tl;dr

No. 341323

How is it the doxxing if it's the wrong address, dumbass?

Can't have it both ways.


Are you 5?

No. 341326

I am more disappointed in Cameron for aligning himself with this harpy. Either he wants to see an amazing trainwreck or he is dumb. He is actually a really good editor and does Coppercabs stuff from oversees but come on Cam, have the realisation that association with her is going to alienate who you produce for.

As for Bearing what happened there, I thought he was "friends" with Joy same with the Warwskis.

No. 341327

File: 1498431644510.png (241.74 KB, 1202x713, NTntzjt.png)

She's on a rant about 'I'm such a nice person, whey do people distance them selves from me and not talk to me and be rude to me?'

She's haz sadz that people dropped her…

No. 341329

I am also disappointed in Cameron but maybe he is just along to see first hand what happens. He still asks some good questions, not sure of he really believes her answers all the time.

Her streams been going for a while and I haven't seen any mention of the amount that she claims she's donating to charity.

No. 341330


Cameron is probably working to get a cut by editing for her… look for a pink background sometime in the future.

Benji is an idiot that's happy to go along with what ever gives him subscribers.

No. 341332


She claims $600, but can't show evidence because it would be a list of the people who donated and she's not comfortable makeing their names public because donating publicly in the stream wasn't public.

She can't remember what the charity is so is going to have to do the actual donation payment in another stream to be held in the future.

No. 341333

Again I feel bad for her but she tried to become a central figure in it and got burned and it does not help that chambers was a retard and created a page that did not state the correct details leading to cynicism.

Sargan of Akkad actually was helping Based Mama and gave her advice at how to direct her channel and possably hinted to get away from this situation as it could scathe her, she got out of it unharmed and I feel with Sargon's guidance she would actually do good.

No. 341335

Just wow so yeah Joy is bullshitting again all she needs to do is blur them out and release since her and Jeff are great "friends" he could inform her. She is literally lying to 1000 people and no one calls her out. Especially after the Rose situation.

No. 341336


My point is all of Joysus' videos "for the children!" and now she has a new revenue stream and dropped helping Rose and the Children like last year's toy.

No. 341339

Uh-oh. Get ready for another "Do5 UPDATE!!!!!!!" video once she realizes people see through her whole 'I'll never stop fighting for these kids because I'm Joysus, Savior of Childrenz' schtick, and that she conveniently forgot all about them once bigger Youtubers started to notice her.

No. 341340


Nah… Joy has shit that bed. She could have made that charity stream benefit Rose and the kids… instead, now she's competing with Jeff Holiday to see who can crawl up the other's ass highest.

No. 341342

I think the bigger ones honestly see right through her. Bearing has not talked about her for a month now which is great as for suityourself, he is red neck sargon he cannot complete a sentence without swearing and that shows the inability to create a stable argument. He called Milo the trans one a cunt multiple times in a video arguing her and she/he was only 17. Yeah she is misguided but that kind of vitriol is just not fair. When you see how Blaire White and others handled it, it was far more professional. Since then I unsubscribed from him because in the end she is a child who was confused.

Repzion does not like her though even though he backed her then bailed as soon as he saw the religious stuff and tbh I am not a fan but it makes me happy that someone who could of let her in that community took the rug away.

All in all she is one of the bigger cows to emerge since Chris and darksydephil you just want to see the train crash.

No. 341345

I was looking into Jeff and he definitely has that leech vibe as he just covers shit thats been said nothing interesting to say at all. Apologies for posting again

No. 341348

also there was a link in the previous threads of a message from andy to basedmama saying that he didn't like joy after she told him about the debate. He also said he didn't trust her. He gave her the opportunity to come on his stream but I think he just wanted to see what she would do after

No. 341354

I wouldnt consider 600 a "shit ton".
Couldn't she just go back to the live stream that they discussed it on? I have no idea why all the joytards just take what she says as fact. Or trust that she's going to do it. She says all her "receipts " from every donation is on her Twitter?

No. 341360


Given that she had 4000+ (based on her verbal claims) and was barking for donations for charity… $600 is pretty poor.

No. 341363

4000+ what anon?

I saw people asking in chat about what video onision allegedly doxxes her, did she ever say? Or in chat?

No. 341364

I've watched her clear $150 in a 30 minute span on one of her streams. So $600 is not even remotely close.

No. 341365


4000+ people on her live stream where she was taking donations.

No. 341374

They stream is back on Billie… the person who doesn't want to be brought up any more…

Sorry to all you with a raging Onision hate boner, but the Billie thing is stupid. He asked her to do stuff over twitter, she said no, he insulted her. She was not geographically close to him, so he could not have "forced" her to do anything. All you Oniontards have blown this up into something so stupid that it makes you all look like those old ladies from church hyperventilating because "did you see the low cut blouse Sharon wore!… Well, I never!"

And, right now, CankerNeck has a crew in an online circle jerk over this again spinning up their mutual "better-than-thou!" rhetoric.

No. 341383


I agree, there is a lot of pearl clutching over nothing with the whole Billie situation. I follow the Onision thread and I lol so hard at people saying he FORCED and ABUSED her to being chained up. No, that wasn't what happened at all, he was an asshole for leaking the private info on her, but it really wasn't that bad.

Joy said she and Billie talk, I wonder if they both just jerk off over hating Greggles. It is pretty funny that all the people who used to be close to him suddenly revert into these big heroes and keep in contact with Joy, as if to spread their horrible experience. I don't think anyone gives a literal fuck about Joy and her BS, neither should they.

No. 341385

I just tried to watch her livestream. I feel like I stumbled into the Special Olympics. That stream just like everything Joysparklebs does was a dumpster fire on wheels.

No. 341389

aaaaand one of the people she's guesting just showed a vibrator.

No. 341399

File: 1498440343723.png (364.85 KB, 720x693, 20170625_202439.png)

She's horrible at picking user names.

No. 341400

File: 1498440459580.png (15.53 KB, 409x141, 5E9y0gt.png)


She's getting better

No. 341402

File: 1498440521205.png (18.92 KB, 588x190, lUvplEZ.png)

No. 341404

File: 1498440597412.png (21.44 KB, 591x197, Aj3aphQ.png)

No. 341408

File: 1498440851590.png (127.14 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

>She can't remember what the charity is so is going to have to do the actual donation payment in another stream to be held in the future.

Someone needs to call her out on this in the stream. How the hell is she going to "do the actual donation" (her words) during this stream if she doesn't know what charity it is?? She posted this over 7 hours ago. Considering it was half the headlining items for this livestream and a driving force for her "debate" with Onision, and all the additional charity related scandals she's had in the past, I think people deserve answers. At least announce the charity again. That should be easy enough to find. How did she expect to actually donate it on stream anyway? Must be super secret info to come at a further time.

No. 341416

A lot of people were asking in the chat, not sure if she answer. My internet is super slow and too much buffering.

No. 341429

The only ever comments she ever reads if they are attached to a donation. Seriously. Her comments in livestreams are utter cancer its usually a bunch of mongoloids screaming slay onion, yass queen and we love you its like a downright fucking culty echo chamber. You do get a few people question but those questions get swallowed.

Also she should not be displaying vibrators and stuff especially on youtube, its one thing I am actually touchy about. Considering she rattles on about subject matter and fucking onion SHE GETS A GUEST OBSESSED WITH SEX TOYS and they talk about graphic content. K effing hypocrite.

No. 341430

This is the only "receipt" she has posted to Twitter that I could find, which isn't saying that she donated anything, just what she earned on younow.

No. 341436

Oh look its Joy displaying technical ineptitude and then guess where the money is going to going her pocket

No. 341461

No. 341465

File: 1498448687265.png (949.53 KB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20170625-232919.png)

Its hard to keep up with her mania so I am not yet caught up on everything but saw a bit about being doxxed. I don't know if it has to do with the address he assumed was hers (in their dms) but the address in question was covered with a photo of Dwight in her video titled "onision messages: see him demand a debate." At 11:04 the video fades into the next screenie and the address is revealed.

No. 341501

Someone found her general location and posted a photo of an empty apt a couple threads back >>322606. The one in those dms is pretty close. Still in norman, ok.

No. 341503

No. 341507


someone tell onion! lol.

No. 341509


Send him this as well… notice that it doesn't matter if the harassment is originate or terminated in OK, it is still covered by this law.


No. 341513

File: 1498452761080.png (372.42 KB, 1242x1741, IMG_1638.PNG)

Someone already did. LOL

No. 341517

File: 1498453045964.png (435.09 KB, 1242x1668, IMG_1639.PNG)

Here's the other pic. I forgot to merge them to one side by side pic.

No. 341522

File: 1498453502766.png (134.92 KB, 720x907, 20170626_000101.png)

I was looking through her mentions to see if anyone has asked about her donating or anything and came across this. Doesn't she still mention warski or is he another one of those traitors to her? She didn't even like the tweet.


Ikr. Sorry was trying to get it so I could show she didn't respond either. But couldn't on my phone.

Well shit. That might not be her actual house number, it's an apartment complex.

No. 341524


That would be the management office address, that's about the only thing that could be posted on here. But, based on the 3D stuff, she's in a 2nd story, 2Br, 2BA apartment.

No. 341552

Makes sense. Management would relay legal paper work like a subpoena. Joys optimistic about him not going through with it because of that someguy827 debate years ago, but did someguy827 make hate videos about lauiney too?

No. 341563

File: 1498461637257.png (303.06 KB, 1125x562, notobsessedtho.PNG)

Holy shit, are our numbers really off this badly? {Or is it counting extra shit too?}

I figured it was at least 100 but… holy shit bitch. And this is excluding the second channel, deleted videos, and all the younow streams.

I am, for some reason, in shock. Esp since onion only puts the number around 40.

Vid Description: Also yes, she actually uploaded #184 while I was still gathering screenshots. Possibly many more by the time this uploads! UPDATE: It's now 188.

*Forgot to post image

No. 341564


she's put out 29 in the last week.

No. 341567


O/T Eobard is my hero, always talking on the cult directly. My twitter is also a Flash villain, so maybe I'm biased.

Oklahoma is news to me, I thought she was in MO somewhere, just a different area to where she was raised in a trailer park, sorry, upwardly mobile middle class home.

I also think she has done that much craziness in such a short time that people can't possibly remember everything she has lied about since day one. Especially when she goes off on one of her manic mashed potatoes lunacy.

Her "donation" was already tainted, she went from not monetising the videos, to donating ALL of it to charity, to donating MOST of it to charity, claiming she needed to keep a portion yo pay for medicines she states she won't use again. If she doesn't have these expensive meds to pay for anymore, why not donate all of it like you originally claimed Joyous? And now she can't remember which charity it is. Bullshit.

No. 341571

Great video btw I am fucking shocked I thought it was 100 too so all in all including streams its easily 200.


No. 341573

Just remember she tags totally unrelated videos (like the Austin ones) with Onision for those sweet, sweet clicks.
This number is probably a _little_ off, but not by much. You'd get a more accurate number by scrolling and manually counting all her videos with "Onision" in the title, but even then, she has deleted some, apparently. Who knows the real number.

No. 341574

Damn Andy slung some shade there, it feels like it. Well he just got excommunicated from the cult of Joysous

No. 341576

I looked 2 days back she has deleted at least 30 onision videos from the early days

No. 341609

File: 1498474728370.jpg (28.42 KB, 554x167, dUnsbkjn.jpg)

I have seen several comments on her new videos calling her a "hero" but this goes too far.
Someone save these people from themselves.

No. 341658

File: 1498491369955.png (182.2 KB, 1242x1279, IMG_1640.PNG)

Jesus Christ. Canceling Hulu that actually has some redeeming qualitys. To support Joy who has no redeeming qualities and doesn't even fulfill her patreon streams half the time.

No. 341662

File: 1498492032069.png (89.29 KB, 720x690, 20170626_104403.png)

This one seems to think joy is the best person to go to for life advice.

No. 341672


Oh ffs! What is wrong with these people?!

There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

No. 341673

LOLLOLLOL The dramatic, deceitful, jealous, jobless, angry, incompetent, paranoid, attention seeking and lazy 30-something loser that has no friends aside from roommate, has destroyed any and all past relationships, doesn't leave the house because they'd rather pick fights with strangers and tell them how much better they are at life than everyone else, when they aren't seeking pity.
This is who they seek advice from?

How can they not choose a more appropriate person out of the 7+ billion people in the world. The bird shit on my gate has more redeeming qualities and could give better advise.

No. 341680

What video is this from?

No. 341690

File: 1498495634815.png (423.6 KB, 720x1013, 20170626_113919.png)

Pewdiepie gives better life advise than joy lol

Also, let's cry cause our idol liked and unliked our tweet ~sob~

No. 341692


Ah the dregs of society whose best role in life is to be a human shield. They are all retarded

No. 341696

Same person that posted this.

Doesn't she not even do anything with her patreon as far as the streams and what not?

Saged for OT

No. 341706

File: 1498497627982.png (71.53 KB, 720x539, 20170626_121729.png)

This is the last she tweeted about it. Not sure if it actually happened. Her last post on patreon, that I can see, is from may 23rd.

No. 341707

I saw that too. But nothing more after that. She should be reported to patreon.

No. 341718

This is so frustrating. I want to respond to a comment but I don't want to give a heads up to the wrong type of lurker…

No. 341719

Not the milkiest info, but appropriate to put up as joy continues to use her hero shield to pummel through hours and hours of streams

She used to respond to many of her comments when she was starting out and here she mentions that if she can get out of the house, she does so in her jammies because if she uses her energy to put on clothing, she may not have the energy to get home from an 8 minute trip.
L..o..fuggin L

No. 341721

File: 1498502575773.jpg (462.2 KB, 1440x2474, IMG_20170626_142410.jpg)


Attaching my image here, for some reason it didn't upload with my post …

No. 341726


can confirm there is a collaborative effort by youtubers in the works to expose this hack. cant say any more here because we know she lurks. hi joy. look forward to us. :)

No. 341732


I look forward to it! I hope this collab reaches a large audience!

It's reassuring to see you post here too so the info will be accurate.

No. 341736

Thank you so much Anon!

No. 341739


She's to sick to change out of her pajamas but can stream for 4,5,and 6 hours??

No. 341742

Sorry for off topic and dreamblog but last night in my dream Warksi, Blaire and idubbbz (?!) were on a livestream talking about whether angels were real and then Joy pops up in the stream and starts talking about how her mother was part angel so she inherited the ability to communicate with them and everyone stops talking and the live stream cuts and then the Content Cop music was playing and idubbbz was chasing Joy with angel wings on. Fucking surreal. As if idubbbz would do a cc on a nobody like her kek

No. 341744


What I wanted to do but didn't because I didn't think it was worth the risk… What I wanted to do was take those old articles she wrote (about ascensions and angels and all that crap), read them (actually, I was going to use text-to-speech) then tag the hell out of them, the way she does to her videos.

I think the angel thing is more important than people realize.

For example, the article about the ascension. Only like 25% of that article is actually about the ascension stuff. The article is basically an excuse for her to talk about herself. It has little clues like "no matter what planet you're from" that may have been missed. And how she wasn't able to work for a period then, too, because, again, a mystery illness. It shows a pathology. That she's a con artist, detached from reality or both.

No. 341751

I don't get how people believe anything she says after reading about her "angel channeling". They make the excuse a lot of people pray to God and blah blah blah. Which is true, but God never talks back. I think it's ok to call people a psychotic if they say they hear voices no one else can, perhaps borderline schizophrenic. When you hear her talk about how the government is poisoning our food to make everybody sick, it fits a little more.

No. 341757


It wasn't even a good comparison, it was just a way to invoke religion because, for whatever reason, religion is a special thing you can't question, be critical of and MUST RESPECT. But the caveat is this only applies to YOUR OWN religion and all the others are fair game so clearly she didn't think it through. :D

No. 341759


I use a wheelchair due to partial PARALYSIS and even I put the effort in to put on non pajama clothes when I leave the house. It can be tiring but guess what? I do it. So to read shit like that from Joy, who does handstands on camera, is beyond infuriating.

Just admit you're a lazy twat, Kati.

No. 341764

File: 1498508697636.png (85.17 KB, 720x538, 20170626_151416.png)

Making an excessive amout of videos about ine particular person seems like reaching out to that person to me. You don't spend that much time making something for them to not notice, and without the hopes that they will reach out to you in return.

Kinda like a kid who doesn't get enough attention from their parents, so they behave badly to get any attention. I'm really wondering if she ever reached out to him before youtube and never got a response from him, so this negative attention is all the same to her. It's still attention from greg. Joys whole face lights up when Greg mentions her in a video, like in the first debate video from a couple months ago.

No. 341770

File: 1498509954713.png (25.59 KB, 430x119, Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 2.45…)


No. 341772


Any of her videos where she just says what he said in a snarky tone would have merit. That's not commentary.

The video where she's literally saying "I'm stopping it here for the sake of fair use" also would be a slam dunk.

Fines for each copyright violation run between $250 and I think $5000 as a minimum unless he can prove damages.

No. 341774

What the fuck did she expect to happen when she was using clips of his videos on her own. She's either a full blown retard or she gets off on egging this whole thing on.

No. 341775

File: 1498510580760.png (69.16 KB, 750x366, IMG_1524.PNG)

A comment under her video 'Onision made a copyright claim on me.'

No. 341776

Wouldn't her excessive false/spam tagging her videos so there the top results when you search onision count as damages?

Saged for asking a question

No. 341781

File: 1498510834983.jpg (66.74 KB, 796x461, PSX_20170626_155907.jpg)

On her latest "copywrite" video.

No. 341784


No, those could be countered. He's better off going for the straight fine to be honest. If it is the one where she said "I'm stopping here for fair use, fair use, fair use" … then I would go for punitive damages and also sue in OK and use the harassment laws as well.

Even is she has a $40k nest egg… that will be pissed away in first 3 months on attorney's fees (on her part) because any attorney is going to have to watch the videos in question… SO… the best part is that he could force her to pay an attorney $150/hr (if not up to $300/hr) to watch and "consider" her videos. IF Onision took this to court, there is a good chance that she won't be able to mount a defense, especially if he files in OK region and uses OK laws because then her buddy in PA won't be able to help her for free. (AND, he'd have to be a special level of Joytard to get involved with her case for free anyway).

No. 341791

I absolutely love how the Joytards think it was a typo.

No. 341793


No. 341798

File: 1498511540743.png (139.18 KB, 1242x909, IMG_1641.PNG)

This dipshit ambulance chaser understands that there's a difference between UK law and US law right, and that he can't even practice law in the United States.

No. 341801

god, her profile picture on twitter is so cringey. Shes 30 something years old, cant this bitch grow the fuck up and mind her own business?!

No. 341803


That's interesting given that (a) that's soliciting attorney services (regulated in the US and he's violating the regulation)… (b) In the US, you are not allowed to act as an attorney (including drafting documents for people acting pro-se) unless you're licensed for the area of law (state and/or federal)… and (c) he's just openly violated or offered to violate all that shit in a public forum.

He's either NOT an attorney or he's seriously one of the dumbest attorney's ever.

No. 341807


Archive of that tweet in case any UK person wants to submit a complaint to the bar association. https://archive.is/7SiyV

No. 341811

File: 1498513126801.jpg (35.29 KB, 600x451, full.jpg)

dont know if this is found yet, but I found her old myspace and her old youtube from 10 years ago:

No. 341814

Finally someone with more than 50 subs has made a video on this bitch.

My new fav game is typing Joy's name into the search bar and sorting it up upload date. There is a whole new slew of hate vids being made about her left and right, this is round 2 of her being so bad that everyone and their mother is over her bullshit and making a video about it. Basically, she's got the attention she wanted here from using Onision's name, since people are replying to the "debate" except she doesn't look anywhere near as good as she thinks she does, as far as the general public is concerned. Half of them forget her name and just end up calling her some variation of "psycho chick" kek.

No. 341816

She has reached out to Lainey on Twitter, in fact that was when I really started to see her unhealthy obsession. She tweeted her over and over about her relationships, trying to get her to clear things up and even said that in one of her recent videos or when she and Lainey were streaming together.

No. 341817

this guy did a video on her and he also talked about how she once thought she was apart of some cult or whatever idk, but there is some more milk on her

No. 341821

I hope it sticks and he claims more and keeps going after her for it.

Her editing is getting worse. This time she cut out too much of her yappy mouth noise at 0:32. It's a 4 minute video, two mins of her outro what's even the point? Just tweet about it like other yt's.

No. 341822

File: 1498513837956.png (554.03 KB, 1080x980, IMG_20170626_224519.png)

So she's been retweeting a whole load of pathetic fanart and arse kissing and this one made me giggle in its generic awfulness. Also, this person 'knows' she's down to Earth? How exactly…? Even with them being very new, JUST going by the recent shite she is seeming very much the opposite of down to Earth. She's been on a manic production high, I cannot understand how this has granted her new fans that aren't only people going like 'well I reeeally hate Onision and this woman seems a bit mental but she's attacking him so I'm down for it!' Because I have seen a couple of those.

No. 341825


It has already been accepted. Onision is getting her stats on that video and can run commercials on it. So… unless she wins the counter claim, since he's gone for the option to monetize HER videos… he's going to be making money off of her channel and that is sooooooo SWEET! The idea of him working his way through her videos and monetizing them for his own gain. I could see that totally pissing her off to no end.

No. 341827

File: 1498514262206.png (544.78 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1643.PNG)

He's digging himself deeper than.

No. 341833

File: 1498514657021.png (285.6 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170626-165807.png)

Here's her response to the suicide joke, just so she can act above it this time. 20min difference between when it was posted here and when she responded.

No. 341835

Hey anon, appreciate the efforts but none of this is new to us. It's helpful to cntrl + F the other threads before posting something if you're unsure if it's already been discussed or not. But this stuff goes back to about threads 2-3.

No. 341837

oh okay, i should have done that before im sorry!

No. 341838

File: 1498514945716.png (540.31 KB, 725x636, 9Qng79d.png)


He certainly fits the mold of her spergleberries.

No. 341840


Same poster. He's basically using his medical conditions up front, thinks he's qualified to run the world, and knows "the system" is out to get everyone!

The only thing missing is if he's going to cure his tumor with Italian herbs and seasonings or not.

No. 341845

Ah. He's a UKIPer. The party for conspiracy sorts. So, right up Joy's street. He sounds like an idiot from this description.

She just attracts the best people!

No. 341857

No. 341858

Place your bets…I say four more by morning.

No. 341867

I think the suicide joke may have been deleted…by Joy I'm guessing?

No. 341869

File: 1498518188632.jpg (724.1 KB, 2592x1554, IMG_1646.JPG)

Joytards to the rescue.

No. 341872

I guarantee it was deleted by Nathan Graves. He patrols her livestream and video comments religiously. It's quite pathetic.

No. 341882

Onision is livestreaming and playing CAH with his patrons. He does not appear to be curled up in the fetal position crying due to Joy's 35 videos about him in the past 3 days. I'm expecting at least 3 more videos from Joy before this stream is over.

No. 341885

File: 1498519614727.jpg (122.65 KB, 653x381, G0Q2mYE.jpg)

from eo.

so disingenuous. :D

No. 341886

File: 1498519650022.jpg (310.61 KB, 775x642, JfFOxqi.jpg)


No. 341888

File: 1498519802863.png (156.71 KB, 642x904, FUK9m5A.png)

No. 341889

File: 1498520103226.png (153.21 KB, 683x802, yDWr2qH.png)


This one is better… it shows her mad PR skillz!

No. 341896


Right. Sorry about that.

It's from EOLivesOn. A long-running anti-onision tumblr blog.


No. 341898

File: 1498521057452.png (203.72 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170626-183145.png)

I was going through her old tweets and now I remember why I fucking hate her.

In all three of these tweets she sounds exactly like onison. Especially when she's demanding that people need to apologize for the supposed wrong doing.

No. 341901

File: 1498521300088.png (192.14 KB, 720x954, 20170626_185213.png)


Here she threatens legal action just the way she onision did,which is reinforcing how much of a hypocrite she is.

No. 341914

No Onion released that she was raped/had an abortion among many other personal secrets. Really sorry to repost something like that (will delete if requested), but that's why people hate Greg over that situation. Those videos may have been deleted since Billie's response to them was also deleted. And she was a teenager who idolized him, so there's an obvious power imbalance. But the bottom line is it's BILLIE's decision if she wants to take any action over it, and Joy really needs to fuck the hell off of this girl whose been through enough.

I sincerely doubt Billie "talks" to Joy, Joy always conveniently "talks" to everyone involved to help her selfish bullshit case. Billie probably responded diplomatically and was being nice, like every other super young girl she freakishly contacts.

Surprised she doesn't contact Billie's youtube boyfriend since he actually is also addicted to talking about Greg.

No. 341922

File: 1498526938577.png (133.25 KB, 781x449, mAf7RYq.png)


Onision didn't go in and file a DMCA claim on her, the YouTube Content ID system matched her video, so automatically issued the Content ID Claim that enables Onision to monetize those videos for himself.

The Content ID system is automated and a lot of content owners use it (think all record companies, most movie studios, a lot of game studios)… this isn't like they went out looking for the stuff, it's that an automated system matched it. Not sure why it took so long to make the match since it's supposed to be scanned on upload, but maybe they had some systems tuned down while they were dealing with the ad thing.

No. 341930

I know the content flag is from the automated system but she just played herself. All we have to do is sit and chill and potentially she can just push delete

No. 341931

File: 1498530076390.png (351.91 KB, 720x907, 20170626_211722.png)

They seem pretty sane to me. Most of the things are a fact.

No. 341939

I so want to put her on blast by spamming her twitter with that info.

No. 342030


Brit Family Law Anon here, he isn't doing anything wrong as far as I can see, at least not in England (Scotland have different laws). We are allowed to solicit our services over here, over here attorneys are called Solicitors.

We are also allowed to advise in a nonprofessional capacity called which is called a McKenzie Friend, which tends to be someone with more understanding or confidence than the person they are representing. This can even be a Barrister or a Solicitor but not in a professional capacity, as in no payment, etc.

I'm assuming you don't have anything like this in the US? Either way he is based in Manchester, so I'm not sure if your laws would apply to him, even if they do I can't see the US Government going out of their way to block a solicitor from offering a YTer loon some advice.

I will say that your laws and ours are very similar in a lot of areas, which I noticed when looking through cyberstalking and DO5, he will probably be able to interpret it a lot better than she would, even as a layman to US law.

No. 342036

Brilliant. As a lawyer(?) or someone involved in politics(?), lead with "I'm dyslexic and dyspraxic and I gotta toomah" BEFORE you go into your political experience and leanings.

These people who wear their illnesses and diagnoses as big ol titties that enter the room before they do, are really grinding my gears.

No. 342042

File: 1498549482725.jpg (277.99 KB, 624x1744, JVVB88G3b.jpg)

A little snapshot of her comment section on the latest Gerg video "Onision blames Youtube for losing all his subscribers LOL!" Which by the way is the most unnecessary video with the most obnoxious title ever.

These people are mental.
My favorite parts are the bitch trying to mirror Joy's memory issues as badly and unnecessarily as she does, instead of just admitting she's shitty and unoriginal with her comments, then the Tommy Wisseau-looking motherfucker trying to plug his channel and failing (I've checked it out because he's in all her comment sections claiming to have EXPOSED her, but his content is worse than Joy's and he doesn't even bother abusing tags, he does it directly in the description instead), and in response, and for seemingly no reason, the lemming repeating all the bullshit about the IUD and how hard it was for Joysus to sacrifice her life and her health for her boyfriend, which of course is a valid reason for why Gerg's relationships are all about Joysus. These people just regurgitate this nonsense with NO critical thinking applied. How do they manage to work a toaster without a youtube tutorial on it?

By the way, did anyone catch a few videos ago when she accidentally said "OniSHEon" instead of "Onision"? Tiny mistake to most, but I got a kek.

Saged for samefagging, I just can't resist her comment sections, they're beyond entertaining, as long as you're willing to trade in your will to live.

No. 342050


>>>the Tommy Wisseau-looking motherfucker trying to plug his channel and failing

LOL! I really need to stop drinking my morning coffee when I read through these comments!

No. 342075

Oh yeah, I saw that and it really bothered me. The tumblr sorts had been turning against her, which was actually promising for once, and then that. Although, thankfully, there is a fair number of people against her on there as well. Including a lot of the people submitting to eo. It's just annoying that they themselves are seemingly in favourite of her given that they are one of the main people of the community over there.

I mean, the proof is all over the place. It is not difficult to find, even just based on her own damn output. It's just willful ignorance at this point not to take issue with her.

No. 342080

File: 1498562925314.jpg (161 KB, 960x720, BS pregnancy claim.jpg)

Please correct me if I'm wrong here, but I'm just putting all of her illness claims together and I spotted something that I can't remember having been discussed on here before? But there has been so much shit I might be wrong.

I can't remember a pregnancy/miscarriage being brought up before? And as usual she brings it up just so she can say she knows what something is like or has had it worse.

In this case she is trying to say her miscarriage means she understands what postnatal depression (I'm a Brit, that's what we call it) is.

Saged just in case it isn't fresh milk.

Oh and btw the cult of Joyous, I've already screenshoted the Tumblr links too, just in case your leader forgot to remove them. There are a lot of her earlier YouNow streams on there too if anyone is interested in downloading them but I couldn't bring myself to listen to her voice.

No. 342113

File: 1498568452473.jpg (111.82 KB, 960x720, BS Debunked medical Advice Hyp…)

Joyous the sanctimonious hypocrite strikes again!

Please tell me, Joyous, why is it that you are exempt from giving unqualified, repeatedly debunked by actual professional scientists and medics, advice to your audience but it isn't ok for Onion to do the same?

For the sake of fairness, I actually agree that YTers, especially college dropouts, should not be spreading false medical advice. The fear you have stirred up over contraception, or poisons as you call them, is unbelievable, you raging fucking hypocritical POS.

No. 342116

> "Step outside his BS and think for yourself, miss."

The June 2017 award for Most Irony Laced Into One Sentence goes to ….

No. 342121

File: 1498569654068.jpg (401.46 KB, 1440x2222, IMG_20170627_085625.jpg)

What a filthy scumbag. I don't recall any other mention of a miscarriage, in fact in an earlier video of hers, she said she didn't want to have children, and she wanted to open an orphanage. I'm on mobile and can't read the screenshot, can you recall where exactly she wrote this so I can read it ?

It's disgusting to lie about so many things that cause so many people to truly suffer. I read a list of actions indicating a person is lying about illnesses online, and when I saw #3 "near-fatal bouts of illness with miraculous recoveries" it confirmed she is totally one of the pieces of trash that lie for attention. Especially given her claims of near heart attacks, near strokes, near seizures, near fainting, etc and she even referred to onion's actions as almost-abuse rather than abuse regarding asking to chain billie up.
She is so disgusting, I can barely stand to look at her ugly face anymore.

Linking the article on lying about illnesses, they also mention a lawsuit against a woman lying about having cancer:


No. 342137

>and when I saw #3 "near-fatal bouts of illness with miraculous recoveries" it confirmed she is totally one of the pieces of trash that lie for attention. Especially given her claims of near heart attacks, near strokes, near seizures, near fainting, etc and she even referred to onion's actions as almost-abuse rather than abuse regarding asking to chain billie up.

That's an awfully big word, isn't it. "Almost" Admittedly, I wasn't completely informed on the love triangle abuse situation. I figured if it was serious, someone would be in jail. When I watched the live stream with Sarah, Ellie and Joy and Sarah and Ellie cornered her about the abuse saying that everyone could leave at any time and nothing was ever acted upon, Joy came back with 'but it was ALMOST abusive. NEARLY emotionally abuse blah blah blah'. Well yeah. If that situation happened exactly as you like to say it did, there was still no actual abuse that occurred. There's a big difference. I could say I almost flew to the moon and married a Martian. Doesn't mean it's true. You could say "almost" or "nearly" anything, and there is some slight degree of it being possible. Theyre just a signifier of probability, interpretation, or reasoning to something that ACTUALLY never happened.

So you're making a big riot because you've over exaggerated a one sided story over a person who was the victim of ALMOST abuse. (And no parties involved seem to be going to great lengths to distance themselves from any drama etc that would give the impression serious emotional damage was done) So why are we this upset again?

You're leeching money off of people for diseases you almost died from. Symptoms that you claim keep you from working. That you've nearly given up hope on.

I'm curious how many times she's used those words in conversation as opposed to the average person. I'm not sure she's ever given a straight story, with some form of embellishment, ever. You watch her even in general chats and you see the start of her word salad and other techniques start from the moment the camera begins. It's interesting watching her morph from a covert narssacist to a out and proud one like Onision.


No. 342141

>when u have sex w someone, you are putting your life in danger.Childbirth is dangerous, preganacy is dangerous

she's so melodramatic, this isn't the middle ages when there was no contraception and women commonly died in childbirth. It still happens occasionally but she's making it out like all women have a high risk of dying every time they have sex because of the slight possibility they can get pregnant even with contraception.

In thread #5 we talked about her mentioning she had miscarriages…yes plural, as in more than one. >>>/snow/314835
She made the claim of multiple miscarriages in the "breastfeeding is unnatural" video. She claims more than one but stops herself short of saying she had lots of miscarriages.

It is apparent she is lying about her health for attention and her need to make every topic about herself somehow. Her claims of having "near" heart attacks, "near" strokes, and "near" seizures are all self diagnosed delusions…every time she goes to the ER to complain about these things all tests come back negative and they tell her it's anxiety. No doctor told her she "almost" had any of these things happen, she's just being melodramatic again.

No. 342165


I took that comment from her second onion upload on YT called "Onision's at it again." I would link you to help but we don't link to her stuff directly on here, as we don't want to add to her views.


So in her earlier upload she claimed only one miscarriage but in a later video she bumped it up to multiples? Sound familiar? "Never been sexually abused." > "Almost raped" > "Raped".

It's her earlier lies that are going to be the end of her. Her own craziness she is openly displaying may be tolerable to her newer viewers but would they still find her so likeable and harmless if they knew her past claims. Her early uploads still have low views, so the newer people aren't going back through them.

Why aren't these people at least digging! As another Anon said, it's all out there, yet they just take her at face value.

No. 342174


I didn't look at your link until after I replied. Interesting, very interesting. I wonder if Joyous could be reported for making money from her illnesses. Her Patreon still states she needs money to pay for expensive medications. This is despite her since confirming that she no longer takes any medication. She has held livestreams to make money for living expenses because she claims she can't work due to her illnesses. Had she just been open and let people know she was just doing it for an income that would be one thing, their choice but she always throws her illness in there somewhere because she doesn't want to be seen as being about the money. And I wonder how many people would have donated had she not played the too sick to work, no health insurance card.

If that woman was hauled in front of a judge for taking donations for an illness she never had, why shouldn't Joyous?

What's the worst that could happen, she would either produce medical proof of fibro, etc, which would stop these accusations once and for all. Or she'd finally be exposed as the con artist she truly is.

No. 342194

Might wanna get screenshots of that patreon & its terms, or get it archived before she reads this thread and changes it to something not-fraudulent to cover her ass.

No. 342200


Don't worry Anon, I have a few screenshots of her Patreon as I check to see if her numbers have moved. They have gone up by four Patrons and $239 since last week.

Trust me, before I ever say anything about her latest BS, I make sure I screenshot it first. If I can't back up what I want to point out through fear of it helping her, I say nothing.

I'm not sure if I could be the one to report her anyway, as I'm a Brit. Can any US Anons make a report? Or forward the info on to someone who could?

No. 342203

I've repeatedly reported her patreon for the various things she does. Yet it's still up. Maybe if enough reports are filled they'll finally do something about it.

No. 342205

I believe we're talking about reporting her to authorities for fraudulent collection of "donations" - reporting her patreon will only get it potentially taken down & iirc, she got in trouble for "joke reward tiers" in the past and since changed them to avoid patreon doing just that.
But straight up lying about collecting money for "medical expenses" when you have on the record stated that you have none, is fraud, and much more serious than joking about $420/month to "get high together"

No. 342215

>>342203 If the article posted at >>342121 is anything to go by, she is beyond breaking Patreon conditions, she is committing fraud.

The woman in that article lied about having cancer and received donations from people under the ruse of having cancer. She broke the law and was put on trial for it.

Joyous has also received donations, the illness may be different to the article's example but everything else is the same. She live streams and takes Patreon donations for living expenses, which would be OK if she didn't add "because I can't work due to my illness" she also states she needs to raise money for expensive meds she doesn't take and that's not speculation, that came straight from the horse's mouth.

We believe she is faking illnesses and we now have an opportunity to establish that once and for all. A police report would result in them investigating and she would have to hand over legitimate medical records to prove she has the history of illnesses she claims to have.

I'm going to look into a little more but so far, it looks like a police matter and if so Anon at >>342121 is a genius.

No. 342216

Yeah for some reason I thought we were talking about her patreon.

After re reading the posts it would seem patreon is the least of her worries.

No. 342217

This is brilliant.Big youtuber Brad Does Banter has a few things to say about her… He makes me laugh. ?

No. 342230

Was that from a live stream?
That was hilarious when he thought he was done with the list and it loaded another page of onision videos kek fucking hell

No. 342234

Oh shit now she's trying to get involved with this Vegan Cheetah drama again and is planning on making a video about his breakup with his gf. god help us all.

No. 342236

File: 1498585430999.png (182.04 KB, 720x974, 20170627_124255.png)

Here's the tweet for reference

No. 342238

File: 1498585502322.jpg (138.57 KB, 650x1038, gross.jpg)

Shoot me in the fucking head I want to end this misery.


No. 342241

I'm legitimately pissed off about this. She was in her younow stream last night trying to guest while Alina was having a full blown panic attack telling the story of a very violent incident with her ex (not cheetah another one). Cheetah was in his broadcast telling "his side of the story" and making references to Alina's abusive ex so Alina felt the need to set the record straight, but the shit is so recent that she obviously can't tell the story without completely reliving it…pretty common ptsd shit. Then here comes fucking JOY like "hey girl, I heard you wanted to guest with me."
Then joy gets on to guest and is like "ok can you tell me the story again?" and Alina was like "You want me to go through that again?" and Joy just kinda nodded obliviously and said something about wanting to get Alina's "side of the story" because "people" have been asking her to make a video about it. FUCKING STOP JESUS CHRIST!

No. 342243

wow sorry about the lack of formatting there. I just had to get that autistic screeching rant out.

No. 342244

File: 1498586193040.jpg (133.38 KB, 570x858, DNFU8377II_383_12.jpg)

This beautiful tweet may actually come back to bite her very soon.

No. 342249

New video released "Onision RECEIPTS!"

Breakdown for farmers who don't wanna watch her shrillness, she continues to not wear a bra, strawmans her detractors to shit, and states over and over that she has "NEVER LIED ABOUT ANYTHING" and "always comes with 10 receipts for everything she does."

Joy, since I know you're reading this because you can't resist anything we say on here, showing receipts for something so fucking trivial and inconsequential, something nobody gives a fuck about, whilst continuing to dodge legitimate questions about what receipts you haven't posted, and other behaviors you've never explained, really makes you look like an even bigger piece of monkey turd.

& ditch the 1:10 min long outro, you're artificially & lazily inflating your watch time & it's super obvious.

No. 342253

File: 1498587482850.png (80.98 KB, 720x512, 20170627_131538.png)

one can hope, but none of her other hypocritical tweets have so far.

After reason this tweet, I have lost hope in humanity. Joys "logic" is flawed in so many fucking ways. It's becoming too infuriating to find the lulz…

No. 342259


Sadly I doubt it will, her contradictions never do. I've just about lost my faith in humanity.

Angels? Fucking Hell's Angels maybe. I threw up in my mouth reading through that thread. I'm clinging onto the hope that something can come from her fraudulent behaviour.

Note to all Joytards. You are officially the stupidest group of people I have ever had the misfortune of witnessing. I actually feel dumber after reading the utter puke inducing, single digit IQ, bullshit you incoherently spout on a regular basis. You moronic halfwits are why aliens won't visit us!

Saged for rage!

No. 342267

You can have anxiety and not be a dick. Hmmm. So I guess she drew that conclusion because she thinks
she's not being sick, or still maintains her health issues are not anxiety.

She won't allow people to excuse their ad behavior, but she can use their behavior as an excuse for hers. How does that not come off as abusive. "I wouldn't have to yell if you would've come at me with respect" sounds a lot like "I wouldn't have to beat you if you didn't piss me off."

She always claims"I was defending myself". Great, so what you're saying is you're allowing your emotions to be controlled by someone else. She went insane on Lainey's sister for being disrespectful and no acting like an adult. (Common reaction)So you allowed someone who was verbally defending their family in a non threatening way to escalate your emotions to the point of that???? They were no threat to you, had already been put on mute, and in an environment of Joy sympathizers
Is anyone making a running tally of how many times she's used her anxiety as an excuse for something yet?

No. 342271

File: 1498589579328.png (313.59 KB, 720x619, 20170627_134909.png)

This may be a stupid question but, for everyone else, does her video count still total 319 videos on her channel? Thats what the count was yesterday before the "onision recpiets" video was added. Wondering if she removed one?

No. 342272

File: 1498589621294.jpg (44.45 KB, 579x469, teehee.jpg)

Anons - do you think we could get a kickstarter going to pay someone to go through all of her videos and do timed breakdowns of how many hours overall she's spent purely playing victim and making any topic all about herself and her struggles?
I sure as fuck wouldn't want to be the poor soul to sit through it, but I'd throw money at it to get it done.

Onision RECEIPTS video:
2:07.9 spent talking about how she's victimized by bullies and she's never done anything wrong
1:37.2 on shitty outro music (it starts while she's still talking)
1:17.31 on insulting or complaining about Onision and how much of a sleazy/desperate/bully he is
"I wasn't gonna talk about this again/make another Onision video" count - 1 (but she confirms she has two more coming out tomorrow)
Touches hair/face/putrid nostrils - 8 times
Tit sag since last video - 0.27"

I'm already tired from doing that one, so if someone else could pick up the rest of her catalog for us, thanks in advance.

No. 342287

>Anons - do you think we could get a kickstarter going to pay someone to go through all of her videos and do timed breakdowns of how many hours overall she's spent purely playing victim and making any topic all about herself and her struggles?
I sure as fuck wouldn't want to be the poor soul to sit through it, but I'd throw money at it to get it done.

I legit have fibromyalgia and currently cannot work outside the home.(I work P/T in other ways, But thank you, Joy for making us all seem like we're just lazy assholes who want to mooch off others.) If there were some negotiable terms of compensation I may be persuaded.

Though the more I think about it, the more I'd rather save my sanity and stay poor.

But how funny would that be for someone that was truthfully in what she claims to be her situation were to do that. It would be the ultimate, "Oh shampoo give you hives so you can't wash/brush your hair? Well shampoo also give me hives so I just shaved my head." (Just an example) I'm not sure she could weasle out of that one.

No. 342288

File: 1498591297845.png (257.3 KB, 720x927, 20170627_141854.png)

What a little snitch. Next video topic? Or is he too big to call out for Joyous? He didn't even "talked crap" on her. It was legit fact.

No. 342292

I'm currently looking through the different US laws regarding fraud, I also checked out deception, however I don't think she falls under that category. Deception seems to be larger scale, corporations, etc.

Here is some fraud information. I think in her case civil action would be more likely but she would get fined for it. And ultimately it is about clarifying her illness claims.


And here is a second option that it may fall under, The False Pretences Statute.


I'm hoping someone with more US legal knowledge can give their opinion.

No. 342300

>>342272 there's not enough money in the world for me to do that Anon. But I would pay some money in, it's a worthy cause. Lol. Screenshooting her shit is bad enough. I pity whoever volunteers for this.

Is the Anon who would do regular breakdowns of her live streams still here? They seemed to have a higher tolerance but they might be at their limit at this point.

No. 342305

I'm one of the anons that does breakdowns and while I do have the free time right now to do it I'm not sure I have the patience either…maybe if I was paid enough but I have no idea how much would incentivize me to spend that many hours of video watch time documenting her annoying ass.

No. 342306

We should crowd fund her some hair care products and a trip to the hairdresser

No. 342308

Mate you don't need to pay anyone so about average she plays victim for 2 - 3 minutes per video. She has deleted about 40 of them and at least 10 are pure victim. Now the Daddy of 5 stuff is mostly victim hood as she projects in the 10 minute vids for 5 minutes.

I did 319 x 2 = 807.5 in hours its 13 ATLEAST this is bare minimum

No. 342318

>Mate you don't need to pay anyone so about average she plays victim for 2 - 3 minutes per video. She has deleted about 40 of them and at least 10 are pure victim. Now the Daddy of 5 stuff is mostly victim hood as she projects in the 10 minute vids for 5 minutes.

I did 319 x 2 = 807.5 in hours its 13 ATLEAST this is bare minimum

I certainly can't argue that logic. I withdraw my bid for cheap labor and offer to whomever can do the math. Maybe there should just be a working spreadsheet somewhere.

No. 342342

Luckily I have kind of kept a mental toll and lately when archiving her comments I noticed she projects like a motherfucker. At least 50% is projection and I went to her older ones and they are all projection.

No. 342344

She is deleting videos it seems too I will try and find which ones and post

No. 342346

I wouldn't worry about her deleting videos. This is the internet. The second something goes up, someone has already downloaded it. Probably 5 or 10 people in her case, since so many people are keeping tabs on her shit. I'm very new to lolcow, but even I have been archiving all her videos since February or March, before I even knew people had an interest in them.

If any of the Youtubers involved in that collab >>341726 mentioned want some of those videos she's now trying to hide, I gotcha boo boo

No. 342350

Hey if Kati Marie Smith's mom is watching the chat, please make a youtube channel to call out your daughter! Or even post on lolcow!

No. 342352

File: 1498597027499.jpg (169.8 KB, 1430x723, IMG_20170627_105911.jpg)

This is the only one that's been deleted that I have a screenie of. Hopefully there's more saved from others. I know she's been changing her thumbnails lately, now that she sits with the cool kids(or so she thinks).

"Onisions Advice Hurt Me: my Interview with Matilyn"

No. 342374

Thx anon was going to post I thought it was that one.

OT Why is Jacklyn Glen giving her so much screen time or even air. Is she that afraid of irrelevancy

No. 342380

File: 1498599315028.png (289.08 KB, 720x648, 20170627_163313.png)

Now it's up to 322? Maybe there is lag with youtube adding to the number? but I've never seen it do that before idk

No. 342402

File: 1498602032811.png (320.83 KB, 1241x1775, IMG_1652.PNG)

How about this gem of a reply to the same person but from a joytard.
I honestly don't know how she ropes in so many idiots it's not like she has any redeeming qualities.

No. 342413

Braddoesbanter called her a borderline psycho. I wonder how she'll react to that.

No. 342417

One of her fans already likened her to a psychopath, so she can't get mad. Made fan art and everything.

No. 342422


You guys need to provide screen caps or links for those of us who don't live on social media… please :D

No. 342425

File: 1498604328304.png (302.74 KB, 1242x1665, IMG_1653.PNG)

Jesus Christ. There's no way these two dumbfucks don't understand that the YouTube content I'd system is automated and not something that onision went in and personally flagged their videos.

No. 342433

For >>342417 it's >>339213, sorry got busy with irl things, was going to repost.

Dont know where the braddoesbanter thing came from, looked on his channel it's not listed there. That clip was from a different channel.
Maybe in reference to this >>342217

No. 342434

File: 1498606124657.jpg (94.89 KB, 808x403, cantmakethisshitup.jpg)

saged bc this is nothing, just when I was curious about some of the links in these threads and ended up on "verified" or whatever it's called, this was the capture they asked to prove I'm not a robot, and it is so perfect


No. 342452

what is roommate's full name again? Dominic but what was his last name?

No. 342454

Here is the Braddoesbanter clip. It's a reupload from his live stream

No. 342458

It's already been posted

No. 342459

Oh look its Rob the retard been a while since I have seen this dumbfuck post anything. Did they know its fucking automated. I bed not

No. 342463

Rob is hands down the most pathetic joytard

No. 342467

Why? And who cares? This thread isn't about him.

Can always tell when they're here to derail when they can't be fucked to sage for stupid shit.

>>342459 >>342463


No. 342490

God she pisses me off

The first 2 mins of the upload of her convo with Sarah she goes into how Sarah sent Lainey's sister the link and how Sarah didn't mean to do it, didn't know it was a guest link blah blah. But she's trying to say she didn't know about this stuff, how she had already made and posted the video so this is a correction video.

But in the video where she bitches about Lainey for 35 mins {That or the one about the sister crashing the chat} she said she already knew all this. It's in the desc I believe.

Someone said this upthread already but why the fuck did she even upload that video if she already knew this shit? Now she's saying this like it's fresh news?

Anything for another chance to beat the dead horse, obviously.

No. 342501

Sage for blog, but I think it's slightly interesting.

I had this teacher in high school who was just like Joy, in fact the similarities are uncanny. This teacher was ADORED by the entire class, and got really personal with a lot of them (especially the girls, they fawned all over her and she fawned over them), I guess she was really charismatic? I was new to the school so I didn't know this lady from a bar of soap, but from my first week she rubbed me totally wrong. I tried to bring it up with classmates, but they told me I was an asshole and she was the best teacher ever.
Anyway, cut to near the end of semester, and I remember she hyped up an announcement for the class, told everyone she was pregnant and all the girls started jumping up and down and celebrating. Next she was telling all the girls they'd be able to visit her when she went on maternity leave and they could all go ride in her family's helicopter together. I thought that was fucking weird.

Long story short, she never returned for the next semester. We got a substitute and eventually found out it wasn't because of maternity leave - she had faked the pregnancy and been committed to a psych ward over the semester break.

I only bring this up because that same feeling I got when I met that teacher, that inexplicable "offness" of her mannerisms and character … it's what I get from Joy. She fucking bothers me. Knowing that teacher got her weird lies uncovered and was committed, and Joy is now having all her bullshit uncovered, we can only hope that she ends up being committed and gets the mental help she needs. The pathological, uncontrollable lying and manipulation, the cult behaviour, the fake illnesses, the expertise in everything under the sun (that was one I remember that teacher having too). Joy needs SERIOUS psychiatric help, and probably years of therapy. She's actually dangerous, and every time I find myself feeling sorry for her, I remind myself of what she did to Tim, that she gives health and contraceptive advice to young women, that she mocks and controls the young and disabled, that she chews people up and spits them out. She's a genuinely terrible person. But I still hope she gets a talented team of psychiatrists and the strongest medication on the planet to bring her to a point where she can be a functional human and useful to society. Because right now she's only a burden on everyone around her, and that's not fair. She owes it to the people that like her/love her to get her act together and do something useful and productive - not giving to charities and "spreading joy and sparkles in the world" - getting herself right in the head, getting a damn job and volunteering in the community or something. She owes the world that much for the toxic shit she's been doing for the last decade or so.

No. 342503

she keeps tweeting at keemstar. has he ever acknowledged her? im asking because i've never seen it but maybe i missed something

No. 342507

File: 1498617256493.png (484.51 KB, 720x1221, 20170627_211513.png)

Thinking this may be a troll, uses a capital "i" for the L. This is also the account that is pictured in the tweet with novak.

No. 342508

File: 1498617392987.png (164.64 KB, 557x776, jr4EY9A.png)


Can't find this tweet ( >>342507 ) on her account. The tweet in the pic is the last one her account made at Keemstar.

No. 342509

Twitter advanced search doesn't show any tweets by Keemstar mentioning her or her twitter account.

No. 342510

File: 1498617739256.jpg (141.25 KB, 1366x768, IMG_1655.JPG)

LOL onision monetized her video from the copyright claim. That has to be royally pissing her off.

No. 342512

The pic in >>342507, I posted and I think it's a troll account or she made a new one. The account pictured was the one that responded to rob novak tweet, not joys Twitter that is linked in this op.

No. 342513

File: 1498618013589.png (406.15 KB, 608x580, Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 10.3…)

the first onision videos were fine but hOLY shit she's proven to be straight up obsessed with him.
I just wish onision would be smart and block her and just avoid her in general. It'd be cool to see her implode

No. 342517

File: 1498618606230.gif (990.3 KB, 500x281, image.gif)


Translation of what this tweet really means.

No. 342550

File: 1498625178044.jpg (652.22 KB, 1336x2560, IMG_20170628_001017.jpg)

Saved these from her most recent video, not gonna lie, once I heard her state that she will admit when she is wrong, I could not longer tolerate her bullshittery and skipped ahead until the end where she brings up her mother, once again referring to her as a stage mom. Her mom encouraged her to be a tease and flirt with men. Her dad wasn't around and the father figure she did have around (likely step dad) actually ended up making some sexual comments to her, "but that's another story." She had no idea that being a flirty tease was inappropriate, it took leaving that negative family and having her friends tell her in the right way. She then realized that she had no idea how to interact with men.

She brought that up as an example of her being wrong and having growth, and is relatable to the stream with Sarah and Ellie because they are teens and their brains aren't fully developed so adults need to take that into consideration and she doesn't want them attacked.

So that's a brief summary of something she touched base on. Thats the best I got of closed captioning, it's difficult to sync her manic mid-western speaking.

You have to laugh at her admission on not knowing how to interact with men, especially after her beta male video, somehow I'm not sure that it's been resolved as it seems she doesn't know how to interact with anyone. If there's ever a time that she admits what a hateful creep she is, it's easy to imagine her blaming her mommy kyathy for encouraging her to act this way.

No. 342551


So in the process of telling a story where she "admits when she was in the wrong", Joy makes sure to victimize herself?


No. 342581


It's not the deleted videos that worry me, it's all of the original comments that disappear once the video is gone, an upload doesn't bring them back and a lot of good proof has come from her early comments.

She may have only deleted one or two Onion videos but she gas deleted a few of her early personal videos. And I believe the best way to get to her and educate people is to use her earliest shit against her, she wasn't as scrutinised back then, so she didn't cover her arse as much. Even though she is unhinged, don't think for a second she isn't being careful with what she says and does, the occasional thing slips out but I think she is being guarded.

She never brings up her older claims anymore because she knows they are damaging and wants them to disappear.

No. 342773

Does anyone remember which video or live stream Joyous confirmed that she wasn't going to bother taking medication anymore? Or better still have an actual archive of it? I realise I'm probably asking for the impossible but I thought it was worth a try.

No. 342784

I'm actually going through a bunch of her old livestreams now, so I'll let you know if I come across that one. Right now watching the one where she talks about Lyrica not working and she's not gonna get more when it runs out. It's the one where she says "I don't take drugs" and a bunch of people took it to mean she doesn't take meds, she's obviously talking about illicit drugs here.

People in earlier threads were talking about how she says "does that make sense?" a lot in her streams when she's spinning falsehoods and making excuses. It's interesting because there are thousands of "marketing" programs (read: MLMs) that train the consultants or salespeople on how to talk to marks/prospect customers. They often emphasize to ask EXACTLY "does that make sense?" at the end of certain stuff you say, partially to make people believe they have some sort of input, that their opinion is relevant to you, or that you are allowing for their critical thinking to be applied. In reality, people almost never reply with "no, that doesn't make sense - explain it more clearly/no, that sounds like a scam" so these people can get away with people going along with it because most people will just say "yeah I guess" even if it doesn't make sense. It's a well-established tactic of MLMs. For someone who proclaims to have had so much experience with "marketing", I do wonder…

No. 342790


The stream after the auto dealership melt down. She explains blowing off the doctor so he could help others.

No. 342794


Thank you Anon, that may be enough for what I need. The lyrica is the drug that started her request for donations and patrons due to how expensive they are, prior to that she wasn't on any medications as she hadn't seen a doctor because she had no insurance. An outright dismissal of all medications would be great though but I have a feeling you have already found what I was thinking of. I actually do have a lot of her early comments stating she doesn't like to take medications because they make her feel weird and like she's not in control (another narc trait, they don't like not being 100% in control of themselves) but I need more recent comments from her along those lines.

I hope you have pre-booked the extensive therapy you'll need after sitting through all of those. Or are you just going to hit the bottle instead, it's cheaper. It's quiet on here today, I hope she hasn't finally broke the other Anons.

No. 342795

File: 1498678064120.png (303.51 KB, 720x1221, 20170628_142436.png)

I do believe that her making this claim would be slander if it not true. This is in reference to >>342507

Also, if joy says she can't claim responsibility for what her fans do, how can she say onision is responsible for his fans hurting themselves ect.?

No. 342817


that's an interesting spelling of etc.

No. 342822

Apologies etc.*

No. 342824

File: 1498680978727.jpg (73.26 KB, 789x338, PSX_20170628_151056.jpg)


Kati is flat out saying the fake Twitter account was Onion. With no proof, of course.

How do you know this, Joy? Got an IP address? You know people use VPNs, right? Do you even know what that is?

No. 342827


Oh it wasn't a spelling lame, it was more an observation that you make a mistake Kati often makes.

No. 342835

Kate's fans are a special breed of repugnant. That video/twitter account that posted the latest trash video on Kimmiecats wall is awful. So ignorant, cruel, and full of hate. Of course, Kate 'liked' some of this vile persons tweets so she clearly knows about this account. So much for 'not condoning any attacks'. They are becoming a vicious mob.

No. 342838

File: 1498681795726.jpg (65.44 KB, 960x720, BS YT rec..jpg)

>>342790 Thank you Anon, I can't find the bloody thing. I've downloaded Tube Catcher now so I'm downloading all her illness related shit.

What does she mean changed the spelling slightly so therefore "knows" it's Onion? I feel like I'm missing something, I don't get the logic.

I had a giggle while going through her gazillion sickness videos, the recommended videos that come up when you are watching her things are a great sign that the word is finally starting to overtake her constant uploading. The how to spot if someone is faking an illness is my favourite.

No. 342845


Those recommendations are hilarious.

I don't understand the "changed my name slightly" thing either.

No. 342850

This fucking annoys me when I watch her shitty videos, the fact that she claims to be able to hide her pain levels, which are "extreme" … yet she's never so much as out of breath or holding her breath funny, or breathing shallow - all signs that someone is in pain, and one that you can't really mask bc everyone has to breathe. I can understand pokerface to an extent, but the fact that she can run off chatting at 200 miles a minute and _never once_ had to catch her breath or was cut off mid-word by difficulty holding it together … even if she never lied about anything else, this is bad enough.

I don't even have anywhere near the same illness(es) she claims to have, not like many other anons actually do have. But I do have my own stuff and I can't imagine how disgusted and offended I would be if I really did have fibro and saw her playing at her silly games the way she does.

_MORE_ expose videos on her fake illness PLEASE!

No. 342852


Not the anon who asked but are you talking about the stream she did from that Hotel room the day/evening of the dealership meltdown? When she was still apparently travelling to pick up the car from Missouri to go back home to Oklahoma?


If that's the stream the anon above is referring to, this is part 1 of that stream. The other parts should be in the recommendations.


No. 342868


Thank you Anon, I'm the one looking for that video, I'll watch through them now.

No. 342970

She's livestreaming on Benji's channel.

No. 343179

She's streaming if anyone's interested. YouNow.

No. 343183

'I'm brain fogging'

I lost count of how many times she said she's experiencing Fibro fog during this livestream and it's been less than 20 minutes.

No. 343186


She's explaining why she's blowing off smaller channels. And, she's doing damage control for bailing on that live stream when Cameron was making good points against her pedophile claims.

No. 343189

She just mentioned that smaller channels are always asking her to livestream or do chats and she says she can't because she's too sick.

Yet she can stream with Coppercab for hours at random times of the night at the drop of a dime. Because she has nothing to gain from those smaller channels and she has a lot to gain when it comes to Coppers fans and subscribers.

No. 343191

AND… now she didn't actually even make the $600 in donations on that stream… but she does know how much the ad revenue on that stream was already, but is still not able to show evidence of how much the Do5 videos raised.

No. 343193

Did anyone happen to catch Benji's stream? I caught the part where Cameron was asking some really great questions about why they think Onision is a pedo and such. Joy tried to give bull crap answers but Cameron wasn't really having it. I actually really liked that he challenged her. You could tell she wasn't happy that he didn't just give in to her answers and leave it at that. She ended up bailing on the stream saying she had to take a break and would come on later. Does anyone else think that this Younow breakdown that she's having is not really because she's 'sick' but because Cameron's justified questions?

No. 343196

No. 343197

She said in Benji's stream that because Onision was showing underage girls in his videos that it was illegal because he needed to have a contract or consent from her parents. Then technically her 800 monetized videos of the DaddyO5 kids is illegal. But it's okay because she's 'doing it for the kids, Tim and Rose.' She is such a hypocrite.

No. 343198

File: 1498716692487.png (153.41 KB, 720x974, 20170629_005457.png)

Joy is back to saying that people "don't understand the whole situation" and that "there was more going on" to dodge criticisms. Genuine peach made a video stating that joys video "watch lainey lie" was uncalled for but imho, not for the right reasons. Genuine peach says that "you can't call someone beautiful and tell them you support them and then make a video cussing them out in less than 24hrs."

Link for genuine peach

The stream on benjis cahnnel was interesting. Cameron was there asking her questions about onision and had to keep bringing her back to the actual question, multiple times. Camerons not against onision and benji doesn't have a vendetta the way joy does. In the middle of them watching an onision video, she says she has to "take a break" and leaves, probably so she doesn't have to answer anymore questions. I kinda loved cameron in this one.

No. 343204

For those that don't know… for Joysus to keep her YouNow partnership status (that lets her earn money on there) she has to stream something like 1hr/wk or 3-4hr/mo??? Not sure the exact amount, but look for her to keep doing streaming on there to keep that revenue stream open to her. Look for her to go to the 1hr mark and then suddenly "get tired" once she hits the time frame she needs to make up.

No. 343219

File: 1498718049427.png (1 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1605.PNG)

Shiann asked that question twice and both times she was ignored. But she read and answered the comments above and below her.

No. 343225


Onision has claimed three of her videos so far and she said some other channel was hit with a lot of the Content ID claims and tried to fight them but lost so the channel was deleted. She said that she's going to "really look into the legality of what's going on" as a back away from her video saying that she was going to fight the claims. She also said that someone told her that the Content ID claims "might be automated" but she wasn't sure.

No. 343232


The Surpinklebow channel?

Is it just me, or are the walls starting to close in on this cow?

No. 343254

I'm not impressed with genuine peach. I saw a video of hers yesterday and she was licking Joy's ass.

Is recording anon doing this stream for us? Ily recording anon!

No. 343260

Yeah she seems to change like the wind and not form an actual argument.

There are so many inconsistencies with her now and she basically fled from Cam's questions. As for her "charity stream" the figures have been different and no proof of donation has been shown. Also nothing for D05 either.

No. 343267


The channel taken down by Content ID system was totally unrelated to her. She didn't mention Spurpinklebow at all as far as I remember. I'm under the impression that the three Content ID claimed videos were on her main channel… but that was only because she didn't say anything about the other channel.

No. 343275

File: 1498725609680.png (170.24 KB, 361x301, UFiyrh4.png)

Moar of dat gut jurnalizm! Title couldn't be any more wrong if she tried.

No. 343334

File: 1498740920075.jpg (83.32 KB, 609x515, nopenopenope.jpg)

Does anyone else think it's incredibly obvious that the twitter "parody" account that everyone keeps blaming Onion for is run by Joysus or an inner circle cult member?

Only replies to Onion and Joysus threads,
only likes posts by little teenage girls.

they're trying to make him look like a weird twitter predator, and making it far too Onionish to be believable.

Sad pathetic tryhard frame attempt to get back at him for the flagging. What was the opposite of humor again?

No. 343338

I noticed she does that. I started capturing moments on her YouNow streams whenever I'd hear her making an excuse or telling an obvious lie. When I went back to listen to them all I was surprised at the sheer number of them that ended in "does that make sense." After that I paid more attention to anything she says that ends in that phrase because it seems to be one of her tells.

No. 343353

I feel like once you acknowledge something like the "does that make sense" it's so much easier to see through her bullshit.
Same for when she begins to talk about things that are obvious lies, she often does a bit of a stutter or a moment of tripping over her own words. My personal favorite is when someone asks her a question and she rambles on about a bunch of nonsense and never actually gives an answer. It's like she is both a good and terrible liar at the same time.

Probably one of her inner circle joytards that isn't getting enough attention from her anymore, now that she has devoted her evenings to being on copper cabs back burner . This way they can piss off both Greg and Kati

No. 343359

>My personal favorite is when someone asks her a question and she rambles on about a bunch of nonsense and never actually gives an answer. It's like she is both a good and terrible liar at the same time.

It's called word salad and I don't think I've ever her open her mouth and not use it. This guy has some great videos on narcs, and this one does a good job differentiating between overt and covert narcs, as well as other general narc info. The "word salad" bit starts @9:49. Anytime I watch these types of videos it's like all the posts from this thread rolled into one and answered. Lol

No. 343378

>>343359 She's a mixture of overt and covert depending on her audience. The more she gets away with the more blatant she is.

No. 343399

I most definatley wasnt impressed with it either, but it brought back some of joys defence tactics.

I like that guy, he's funny. The word salad is something she does all the time when faced with accusations. I couldn't watch her strem last night but there was lots of word salad on benjis stream. It kinda felt like cameron was getting frustrated with joy for having to bring her back to the question all the time.

I feel she's more often covert, onison would be a overt narc, joy wants to be able to be like that and she was for a brief period after the "debate" and now that that high is waining, she has to go back to poor old me.imo.

No. 343423

>She's a mixture of overt and covert depending on her audience. The more she gets away with the more blatant she is.

>I feel she's more often covert, onison would be a overt narc, joy wants to be able to be like that and she was for a brief period after the "debate" and now that that high is waining, she has to go back to poor old me.imo.

In the beginning of the Word salad video, the guy explains how he believes overt and covert narcs is simply a state that the narcassist wanes between, though they're usually predominently one or the other, then explain why. Searching to see if he has a seperated video about the subject. He describes overt narcs @4:50. And when he describes the prominently covert narc,@6:50, it's screams Joy. Interesting to hear his opinions and what researchers believe make people like her tick.

He presents his opinions well and I think anyone who takes interest in Joy or fell victim to her, for whatever reason, might benefit from checking him out. Or looking into Narcissitic Abuse.

No. 343427

File: 1498755323562.png (3.43 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170629-125051.png)

Inspired by fan art, I call this :

No. 343451

she read out the entirety of a buzzfeed article before going into multiple stories about her. it's a bullshit video and the fact that she ever tried to spin herself as a journalist or part of the youtube news media is offensive.

jesus christ Kati, drink some fucking water and step outside for once. you look like a hot mess.

No. 343452

He does have a 45min video about covert narcs, haven't watched it yet, seems to deal with when your in a romantic relationship with one, could still be helpful.


Here's one on how they brain wash others.

No. 343455


I've popped into my watch later list, I'll hit play when I'm having a soak in the bath. When I was pausing it to add, I saw in the recommendations that he had at least one other upload about narcs, so I will watch that too. I bet he could do a great breakdown about Joyous & all of her narc behaviour.

I need to watch the Benji stream later too.

No. 343457

File: 1498758757969.png (291.77 KB, 1242x1987, IMG_1661.PNG)

Prepare yourselves for countless videos about how onision keeps "filing" copyright claims on her and everyone else. Because the whole gaggle of them are to fucking stupid to understand the content ID system is automated.

No. 343459


I love it. 1/3rd of her channel is his stuff, so eventually he'll have it all claimed. IF she wants to fight it, it can convert to DMCA notices and her channel goes "POOF!" :D

On the other hand, people who've only made one or two videos are not at that much risk and who cares, they can just take down the offending videos and get on with their life. BUT, Kati is dependent on those videos to keep her subscriber base that is almost entirely made up of Onision haterz that don't give a shit about anything else she makes.

No. 343461


I'll admit, I don't understand the copyright stuff, nor do I care. But I've wondered for a long time how she's so obviously been able to make so much money off other people(mainly onison and Do5) and them not get a cut. Any other business, there would be a lawsuit, depending on the level of profession etc. Its absolutely correct that if it weren't for Onision, and more so now that he's stoked the fire, she'd still be playing the "I'm dying from a mystery illness" game. She ought to be thankful this is least that's happening and giving her something else to make a scene about, on top of everything else.

No. 343477

File: 1498762517545.png (105.31 KB, 300x352, 21dTQI1.png)

She must have read on here what a fuck knuckle is…. kudos to the person who convinced OnSHEon to even use Fuck Knuckle (the only honest twitter name she's had so far!) even if it only lasted for three days.

So, apparently she's gone with a hat tip to her primary food group now in the ruffles potato chips.

No. 343480

His 20 signs you're with a covert narcissist is great too. The grandiose fantasies but aware that others will think it's ridiculous - Indigo Angel idiot. The theatrics - "My brain is sick" "I don't want to die" "I'm very depressed" crying face.

She ticks every fucking box!

No. 343481

File: 1498762816969.png (47.64 KB, 549x280, OMaHhYJ.png)

So, wonder if Leonard French is going to be working with his sperglebunny on her case? Nothing like tossing every shred of credibility out the window for views. :D

Calling Leonard French, Everybody's Favorite Copyright Attorney!

No. 343500

File: 1498763931025.png (363.77 KB, 1242x2090, IMG_1664.PNG)

These were some of the more hilarious comments on her post. But the rest just seemed to be legal misinformation.
No mention of Lenard French yet though.

No. 343502


OMG… her filing against him pro se could be the height of milk from this lol cow… Just imagine the utter bull shit that she would try to stuff into her filing! The courts can actually fine a pro se litigant for being stupid and that would be hilarious!

No. 343514

File: 1498765134497.png (124.21 KB, 1242x795, IMG_1665.PNG)

Hers the rest of @geekeh comment. I thought I posted it but I guess I didn't.

No. 343523

She's actually changed her handle about five times in the past 24hrs. The troll account, that isn't doing a great job, keeps copying whatever she changes it to.

No. 343542

File: 1498767610160.jpg (38.5 KB, 500x500, 4b31f8882f979dfa53050679798ad0…)


His shoe size is obviously bigger than his IQ. That's not how the law works joytard. All men are equal in the eyes of the law. I'm English and even I know the origin story of Lady Justice and her blindfold.

No. 343556

File: 1498769636881.png (131.26 KB, 1238x873, IMG_1666.PNG)

Onision better look out. Joy made appointments with lawyers.

Who wants to bet she uses this as an excuse as she didn't donate to charity.

No. 343558

Why multiple Layers? And Why multiple appointments? Isn't she supposed to be in pain and too ill to go out?

No. 343566

One of her joytards commented telling Joy she might have to make it a class action lawsuit against onision.
Talk about the blind leading the blind.

No. 343567


I so want to see what she cites as her legal basis to recover based on "he's a complete cunt" … OMG… I've never had stronger hopes for a law suit to be filed!

No. 343570


I'm going to need to take a shower after this legal shit show, I feel like their stupid is crawling all over me.

If I get my way she will have to hire herself a lawyer over her illegal fraudulent activities. And I mean a real lawyer Joyous, not some bellend from Manchester spouting about how he's the bestest at everyfink.

No. 343572


Quit being such a negative Nelly! It's a milk bath… famed to give you creamy looking skin that's smooth as a baby's bottom.

No. 343582

A couple of thoughts:
-who knew there were so many legal experts in her rabid fandom
-I love the troll account!
-get ready for a gofund me to pay legal fees

No. 343586


Translation, she's about to find out that at this point, she has no grounds. She first has to use the YouTube counter claim system and risk her channel being deleted entirely if he converts them to DMCA notices.

THEN, she'll have to counter the DMCA notices and wait to see IF he sues her. Once that's done, if he does not sue her, she'll have to try to get YouTube to give her channel back.

He only has to file against three of her videos to make her channel permanently gone. If he does sue her, it will cost her around $30k (up front) to even consider defending her claims of Fair Use. If she doesn't defend, then he will win by default.

No. 343590


This is cover, we know why she's really researching fraud. Lol.

No. 343598

Well considering how she never provides proof for her "donations" So this is convenient as she doesn't need to show proof until she runs with the money.

No. 343599

I want her troll to be like onision's troll and turn her tweets into what everyone thinks.

Aren't there rules in the con community, like long haul cons don't work so well or something? It's better to do a short term one time gig?

No. 343609

AND… she's privating videos claimed by him and has at least two videos off line now. She lied to you part 2 and part 3 are off line. I can't find evidence that a part 1 ever existed and part 4 is still up at this point.

AND, she is privating them rather than them being off line for copyright actions.

No. 343616

I thought she didn't have any control over the videos if there was a copyright claim?

No. 343622


Part one of she lied to you has been gone for quite a while, even before this second attack on Onion launched. I can remember pointing it out on here quite a while ago. It was when I had just started to go through her early stuff to screenshot her comments. At the time another Anon also confirmed that her meditation video had gone too.

I would love to know why she pulled it long before these claims.

No. 343625


If you get claimed by the Content ID system, the copyright owner (the person making the claim) can choose from options for disposition of the video. He chose to monetize them, so ads would run and pay out to his account.

That doesn't stop her from deleting them or making them private. By making them private, she's preventing him from making money on them and also showing that she's mostly in it for the money (IMHO). If she's just submitted a county complaint, then they'll move from "private" to "removed for copyright violation" + channel strike in the near future. (Even private videos can be hit for DMCA claims. Only videos that have been deleted avoid DMCA claims, but once she's hit with a DMCA claim, if she deletes the video, the claim stands against her channel w/no ability to dispute it)

No. 343634

Her outro video is by Maciej Winiarczyk who put an astounding amount of effort into capturing the images used to make that video that is of such a high quality that it is of scientific value. His original posting of the video is at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVsONlc3OUY and an article about his work is here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/science/11945504/Amazing-video-of-the-aurora-borealis-passing-over-the-milky-way-in-Scotland.html

He does license some of his work out at different places around the web. But, I've yet to find a place to license that video.

She has used that video as a lot of her outros. I find it a bit ironic that she's probably using a stolen video of way more than a minute in length in an outro bitching about "false copyright claims".

I would dearly love to see Maciej Winiarczyk submit copyright claims on every one of her videos that use that outro.

No. 343637

I've found my original post, I noticed she had removed part one on the 14th June. Here is the post on the 6th thread.


>>>I also did a quick count up of her videos, she has removed a lot since I first started doing this, as you will see from the reduced DO5 video numbers. She has also removed Onion videos because she has messed up by keeping part 2s, when there are no longer a first part.

No. 343660

File: 1498778439449.png (137.29 KB, 1242x1094, IMG_1667.PNG)

Might be worth it to let him know. It seems like he goes after people for using his material without permission.

No. 343680


Called it. I knew she'd stolen that video and she's used it on at least 5 videos so far. I don't have time to find them all, but the one about the Copyright claim is at least one of them. Anyone out there willing to find the rest so he can submit DMCA complaints on them? That she'd use stolen work in a rant about "fake copyright claims" is the height of two-faced.

No. 343682

File: 1498779679876.png (129.76 KB, 720x595, 20170629_183942.png)

Fuck you kati! Quite being a fucking sleeze ball and make you your own fucking shit. Didn't know it was someone elses? Did you fucking do it?

No. 343689


I'm at work… can anyone tweet him her videos that are using his work? I tweeted the "another copyright complaint" video to him, but she's used it at least 5 times so far. They should all be within the last month.

No. 343693

That's hilarious. She posted those tweets 10 minutes after I contacted him and let him know about her stealing his contact.

No. 343705


I hope he strikes her channel. I found six

Lianeybot not assaluted
fourth copyright claim
tall woman are ugly
laliney and onision recive deah threats
onision starting fundraiser
onision debate: my overview and breakdown

not sure when she started using it as i have never watched her videos to the end.

No. 343721


I wouldn't call it truly 'automated'. Onion definitely just recently uploaded specific videos to the Content ID system so he would be able to get a match. When the Content ID system DOES get a match, the creator is given an option of what to do– ignore it, attempt to remove it, or monetize it. It's not like her videos were automatically flagged and the notification sent on it's pwm, Greg actively decided to do this. He is selectively going after the specific videos/people he doesn't like. There would be lots of people he would get a match for (basically anyone using a clip of his if he uploaded the video into the match system), and he hasn't sent out notices to other YouTubers we know would be vocal (ie; Jaclyn Glenn, etc). So it was def. calculated on his part. I don't like Joy. I don't like Greg. But I especially don't like ANYONE being taken advantage of (big or small) when the content would likely be Fair Use. Though some of Joy's stuff would be on the line since she uses a lot of material (though she does do commentary). It would be interesting to see if a judge would consider it Fair Use.

No. 343731

Joy keeps promoting that random channel TheBlargh (?) in her most recent videos. Telling everyone to subscribe to them because they have her younows and debates up and how great they are. I'm wondering based on how much she is pushing them if there is some kind of connection and revenue sharing. ie; In exchange for allowing them to post she gets XYZ of what the video makes. I have no idea why she wouldn't just be posting copies of her livestreams to her channel like she has been doing in the past, and is now directing people over to this other channel. It doesn't make sense.

No. 343732

Here are the time stamps for those vieos

Lianeybot not assaluted: 4:52-5:36
Fourth copyright claim: 9:39-11:06
tall woman ugly: 11:13-11:57
lainey and onision receive death threats: 4:12-5:39
onision starting fundraiser: 9:01-10:29
onision debate: my overview and breakdown: 15:56-17:23

No. 343738


Agnostic Plague Doctor just did a vid regarding the debate(learn to sage & embed)

No. 343741

Really again I know she has removed at least 40 videos they are all so vague though

No. 343745

Austin Jones: more victims come forward and leaving the court house: 11:21-12:06

No. 343747

She's so fucked if he goes after her for this. It might be the downfall of her channel.

No. 343748


That was posted at 6:49pm and >>343660 was posted at 7:20pm… not even an hour, barely more than half an hour… She or her joytards must watch this thread like a hawk. How nice that these spergleberries are protecting their asshole so well. She stole his video for financial gain, plain and simple and she PROVED that with her tweets to him.

No. 343753

I'm the one that posted that. I also emailed him with info and time stamps for her videos. Right after I posted that here.

No. 343757

She started promoting The Blargh's channel when they gave her a copy of their video capture of "the debate" to upload to her channel. She didn't have a copy because it was held on Laineybot's YouNow channel not hers.

No. 343763

File: 1498787665384.jpg (68.72 KB, 617x617, idiot.jpg)

Joyous is adament that Gurgles is running the account from Washington, but whoever it is dun fuked up and said 'paedophile.' Which one of her cronies is a Brit or Ozzy?

No. 343767

File: 1498787973802.gif (295.54 KB, 228x270, 6 29 17 gif.gif)

This is the stream she did late last night/early this morning. Lots of crying and pity partying.

Vidme Links*:

Part 1: https://vid.me/DefE

Part 2: https://vid.me/4O3m

Joy appears to have been triggered by the stream she did on Benji James' channel. Particularly because Cameron Nahas (Copper Cab's editor) disagreed with her about her views on Onision. Despite the fact that Cameron was more than polite and it was a civil discussion. Kati just can't stand it when people disagree with her. That particular stream can be seen here: https://youtu.be/pV07_GyvJ-M

Joysus also babbles on & tells more TALL TALES about her MyStErY iLlNeSs. Good stuff for those keeping track of her illness-related lies & fabrications. She makes claims that she can actually feel the inflamation around her heart even though that technically is not possible.

Kati also points to a spot on her back (specifically her shoulder blade) where most people who are hunched over a computer all day have tension. But for Kati it has to be something more mysterious and outrageous. For Kati, simple shoulder tension = her heart is clearly fucked up.

The mystery symptoms she describes as suffering on the night of this stream fit the symptoms of anxiety perfectly. But no. As usual, it can't be anxiety..so MyStErY IlLneSs it is.

Joy also says she "fucked up on the math" regarding the money from the Onision Debate stream. Roommate the Cuck is now giving Joysus money towards the $600 she's supposed to donate.

If it's true that Kati is required to stream a minimum amount every month on YouNow to continue earning Money from them..and this is one of few YouNow streams she's done this month..then that's just more proof she's a disingenuous twat.

I do it for my fellow farmers ;)

*Posting this stream on vidme because I'm not sure there's any immediate value in posting it to Youtube. I'm not always sure which streams to post on Youtube where there's a bigger audience because when it comes to the sobbing and crying, I'm sure it would just bolster Joy's victimhood in the minds of her stupid supporters. What do you anons think?

No. 343770

What exactly does "vaginas are too much like mashed potatoes" even mean????

No. 343771

She describes why she said that in the benji stream at the very becoming I believe.

No. 343772

You're a gosh darn hero and we owe you a lifetime supply of beers at this point!

No. 343773


Be forewarned… the explanation is completely disgusting… think of the most disgusting thing you can imagine… double that.

No. 343775

File: 1498789212368.png (45.79 KB, 559x255, UOfTGGz.png)

No. 343783

Lmao, ofc. I remember predicting this a few days ago with another anon, but can't find the posts rn.

For someone so willing to take critisim, she sure cries at the slightest of disagreements… or goes on a full month rampage LOL.

Cameron is my favorite to come out of all this, I have to say. Can't wait to watch this stream.

No. 343784

I wish lolcow screenings were a thing.

No. 343787

I listened to her explanation and was still like "Huh??" How do you get from a "hanging crotch" shooting goo to mashed potatoes? It sounded like even she didn't know.

No. 343788

Ahhaa Watching her get irritated at what cam was saying is gold. Actually, I take back my original laugh and insert one of Joy's super happy laughs when she sounds like a donkey: "heh-huh-hehhhh"

Anyway, she's done nothing for the past six months, aside from line her pockets with DO5 and onion. So there should be no response of having to look further into anything as far as the law or onision goes. This has been her whole life, 6 months she will never get back, so ffs his shit should be engraved into her brain and she should not need more than a few seconds to give an answer, and one that is accurate. Although it wouldn't be as entertaining for those of us that have that cow's number. On another note, I could do without ever seeing cy on, talk about a royal pain in the ass that kid is and never adds to any conversation, just more of the same embarrassing attempts at humor. Flashbacks of the two of them streaming their "onion interview" have me gagging

No. 343789

btw does anyone have these moments from >>319343 compiled into a video somewhere else? anon who does streams on vidme?
i've seen bits of it but i'm hoping there's a full one, sorry if it's here and i missed it

No. 343790


I find Cy totally disgusting as an individual… she's one of those retards trying to be edge lord but just comes off as a total loser types destined to live in someone else's basement for the rest of her life.

No. 343791

Didn't she just say that she never reaches out to him or contacts him ?

No. 343792

ya cyr tried to promote her cosplay at me and it was a sad sight

No. 343796

Joysus' latest vid, "Vidcon Christian Burns…" includes portions of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rpbp0kOK-ho&t=3s The owner of that video (John Hill) has been DMCAing anyone who uses it… just posting what I saw online somewhere. Do with it what you will. :D

No. 343797

Watched a little bit of the pity party video. Jesus, now it's her heart? She could feel her heart acting up? What a fraud. What a piece of work. I had to stop when she had the balls to say how careful she has to be about who she gives her energy to. But she's on YouTube 24/7.

No. 343798


Even MORE amazing… she could feel that her blood wasn't flowing right… like, I guess it's getting all lost in there or something… most people can't even tell that they have high blood pressure, but the medical miracle that is Kati Smith, can even tell the blood isn't flowing right. Who knows… maybe she has chunks of mashed potatoes in it or something?

No. 343804

I wish him luck with trying to control an outrageously viral video that has been mirrored on every platform and used by every Youtuber under the sun.

No. 343806

Every DCMA she gets puts her channel closer to the chopping block.

No. 343814

There is plenty on her that's legitimate other than DMCA that will only bring the Youtube community running to her rescue.
Loling at her Fatal Munchausen stream. She's working hard to make her breathing sound pained and her voice shake … right after an anon mentioned here that her breathing is too steady for her to be in pain.

No. 343839

Joy actually self-diagnosed herself of having "inflammation" of her heart with the help of Anna Scanlon who suggested it to her as a possibility during their livestream. I haven't listened to this newest livestream yet but apparently, she has now evolved supernatural powers of illness detection. Who needs an EKG when she can just feel what's wrong her heart….nevermind that she's admitted multiple times her doctors never find anything wrong with her heart when she goes to the ER for these chest pains and they always tell her it's anxiety…but she somehow knows she has inflammation around her heart without help from medical science.

I'm not going to link the livestream so as to not give Joy extra views but if you really want to see where she got this idea the livestream is titled "Interview with Anna Scanlon, suing Vegan Cheetah", their exchange starts at 34:20…I transcribed their exact words for the anons who can't handle
Joy's screeching.

Anna: I was listening to you talk about your health issues and something really similar happened to me. I don't have fibromyalgia but I have lupus SLE. Before I was diagnosed I had that chest pain quite often and I went to the ER probably 2 or 3 times. And at that time I was lucky enough to have healthcare in the United States….and they did several EKGs and they determined it was just inflammation in the sac around your heart which is really common with lupus patients, it could be common with what you have and it's really anxiety producing. Just to let you know, it's something to think of. Um, it doesn't do anything, you're not going to die from it but I used to like get so anxious and I would get…someone was mentioning the side of your body falling asleep…I would get anxiety attacks over it and then one side of my body would fall asleep and I'm like…OMG, it's a heart attack! And like, no.

Joy: YES! YES! and that's the hard part, I know that anxiety does mess with it and actually I have looked into…what is it…pleurisy and…um…I'm having some brain fog…(Anna talking at the same time tells her "Yeah, that's what it's called, pleurisy. Pleurisy, is that what it's called?") YES! YES! pleurisy…it's pleurisy and some other stuff. And I know, like…if you've had some kind of major virus, a lot of times that can cause either temporary or permanent inflammation around the heart and it goes into the bad (back?) area. So that's what I thought about too, I thought cause at this point every time I've gone to the ER for this there's no sign of a heart attack…and what it led me to believe is, this has gotta be inflammation then…but…and with the inflammation it does…it feels like…it does make you weak because it's around your heart, it is kinda fucking a bit with the blood flow…so when I get anxious, I notice it does make it worse. So I just have to kind of like…and that's why…I'm sorry I was so late but I was just trying to be calm and my roommate was trying to uh…trying to tell me to "calm your ass down" and rub my back and stuff so thank you for telling me that.

No. 343852

Samefag, just wanted to explain what pleurisy is for those who don't know.

Pleurisy is a condition in which the pleura, a membrane consisting of a layer of tissue that lines the inner side of the chest cavity and a layer of tissue that surrounds the lungs, becomes inflamed - causing sharp chest pain that worsens during breathing. Pleurisy is common in people who have lupus as is pericarditis, which is the inflammation of the sac around the heart Anna was describing. However, while it is possible to have one of these conditions at the same time as fibromyalgia, neither one is commonly associated with it. Both pericarditis and pleurisy would be detected by the same tests given to determine a heart attack (EKG, blood test, chest x-ray, echocardiogram, chest CT, chest MRI) so her doctors absolutely would know if she had either of those things when she came in complaining of chest pains fearing a possible heart attack, it wouldn't be a "mystery" symptom that would go undiagnosed for long periods of time. They are both treated in a similar fashion most commonly using over-the-counter NSAIDS.

No. 343865


I'm an illness tracker Anon, thanks for the heads up.

She does have her little yards follow this thread, that's why I don't post anything until it's too late for her to do anything about it. She gets not real heads up from me.

No. 343869

I don't know if anyone has talkd about this already? But I was watching vegan cheetahs gf tlkn on live stream about a big fight her & vegan cheetah got into yesterday or the day b4. And guess whos lazy fatass pops up in the live stream? Yep, GD turd-girl! She literally has her nose in EVERYBODY'S SHIT! I don't think they were actually able to connect because it kept freezing tho. Just prepare yourself because im sure shell be making a video about veegan cheetah & their big blowup fight and domestic violence (because you know she's experienced domestic violence too). I mean you can't fucking escape that gross bitch! Shes Every. Fucking. Where! She needs to go away! I'm so sick of her BARBARIC NOSEY ASS!

No. 343873

I can't believe just how fragile her ego is! She is legitimately a text book covert narc! I finally got around to watching the Benji stream yesterday and Cameron was as cool as a cucumber! He didn't attack her in any way, it was gentle questioning and he was raising the points in a delicate non-confrontational way. He even kept reassuring her that it's ok to have different opinions and he still loved her! He was mollycoddling the fuck out of her, which she doesn't deserve but he was smart to do it this way. She kept shitting on about how she wasn't prepared, how much preparation do you need for a subject you've spent the majority of the last six months of your life obsessed with?!

And don't give me that fibro brain bull shit, why can't her little turds listen to people who have genuine illnesses who suffer genuine brain fog! It's not a convenience, not the way it is for your cow!

Anyway, I digress, I don't know if Cameron purposefully chose to approach her this way as it is the best way to deal with her and not give her the ammo to become a victim, or if he is just that chill and it was a happy accident. Her faced changed from that moment onwards, until the moment she left, it was obvious she was spitting her dummy when she left, no matter how she tried to dress it up. Either way, he has proven how fucking fragile her ego is.

No. 343875

Do you think the wool is pulling from Cameron's eyes and he is poking in now. I don't even mind benji tbh but I like Cam's editing. It was funny how Copper did not join in and was watching. It feels like the gulls are circling her as she got so triggered. It was somewhat enjoyable watching her squirm as it feels like its a long time coming.

No. 343876


>>>Joyous is adament that Gurgles is running the account from Washington, but whoever it is dun fuked up and said 'paedophile.' Which one of her cronies is a Brit or Ozzy

I don't understand why you think this tweet is one of her cultists? It looks like they are having a pop at her? They are saying she is trying to dress slander up as fair use because pissed that the paedo accusations she has made have caught up with her manky arse.

Or have I completely missed your point? I am only on coffee number two.

No. 343877


I agree, I said yesterday that the walls were starting to cave in around her, her little house of cards is one breeze away from total collapse.

I'm trying to not get too happy about it though, because she is also teflon coated and it seems to me everytime we think this bitch is about to be put down she gears up again and seems to get out relatively unscathed.


No. 343880

She's putting too much stock into that IP location, you can change your IP to location to pretty much anywhere in the world. It would make sense that someone would make it look like Onion. And to take it one step further, to make Joyous look like a victim…

No. 343882

Dear god, I fucking hate her crying face. Her face in general is punchable, but there is something extra punch worthy about that crying face.

Also, I am watching this stream just now (what a good use of a Friday morning!) and Benji and Cy's voices are fine but Then every time Joy speaks it hurts my ear. Why does she have to be so shrill all the damn time? Rarely have I come across someone with such a painful voice who wasn't a toddler.

Also, that vulgarity from her for the whole first ten minutes or so is so boggin. She has no fucking class. Does she think that's some twisted sort of endearing or something? Because it is just severely off putting. I am not even a prude, I'm reasonably open to most kinds of discussion but she just seems to go out of her way to be disgusting, like she's a primary school boy that's just learned some slang and come across a bit of porn and is being as disgusting as possible to piss of his classmates with disgusting descriptions. From an annoying 11 year old, that would be nasty but understandable. From a 33 year old woman it's…disturbing.

No. 343884


Did you see the butt plug live stream? That was pure disgusting.

I also hate how she talks like she's a man saying stuff like "I have to go drain my lizard"… um, bitch, you don't have a lizard.

No. 343885

Her voice; when I was working in a home for Autistics we had a guy there called JD. He had autism and bipolar with some form of PD. He had the shrillest voice alive but our boss who had many years in psych turned round and said the following.

Subjects who inflect their voice greatly do it for attention like a baby crying. You have to go to it. So its a narcissism thing used to GET attention. I just remembered that damn makes so much sense why her voice is so annoying.

No. 343906


The strange thing is, can you remember that hugely uptight post she made on Facebook about getting inboxed off men and the "disgusting" things they would allegedly say to, it upset her delicate sensibilities.

Yet look at her now, foulmouthed, uncouth and vulgar.

It must be so tiring having to switch between multiple personalities and likes/dislikes, depending on the audience.

I'll try to find that post, it's on here somewhere.

No. 343955

I don't think anyone has mentioned it, but he may be striking her, knowing that the videos fall under Fair Use. The reason I say this is that (as far as I know) if she counters the claims, she is required to provide the claimant with her full name, address, and phone number. This would give him the information he needs to pursue legal action against her.

Sage for tinfoil.

No. 343956

File: 1498827341097.png (1.87 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170630-075706.png)

New obsession alert / kidbehindacamera + Charlie chill video #2 /
File under: woe is me

Adding obnoxious screenies to show how quickly the video becomes about her, and giving the good word that she says there's more videos coming on this.

A few seconds in and she has to mention not being able to sleep because of her illness. Shortly after she drops her favorite line about coming from a crazy family with abuse and neglect. Next is a warning to be careful who you help because some people are bad guys that will be destructive towards you, she's experienced that and dealt with jealousy throughout her life and short time on YouTube. The last is out of sequence but it's my favorite so I wanted to end with it, she says to go with your gut and trust your instincts, follow the signs shitty people give you.

If only her subs followed her advice on trusting people . She said something interesting about Charlie, that "even crazier stuff has come out, that once he gained all those followers and subs, he told kid he understands Kurt cobain and feels completely powerful and like a god, that he can house all this power and tell people what to do. Fucking crazy shit, and these are the kinds of people you don't want to five a come up to, people who can do things that are destructive." The first thing that popped into my head was her indigo cult bullshit. So she can refer to that incident as being so crazy, yet she talked to all kinds of angels and even went to heaven, that was her religion, and somehow it's not fair to judge her. If we are picking a crazy to be, I'd prefer to align myself with kurt Cobain

No. 343958

That is such a great point, she was super upset about those fb messages. Well done anon

No. 343963

File: 1498829437167.jpg (152.63 KB, 882x1024, IMG_1671.JPG)

So I emailed the owner of the content she was using for her video endings to let him know, and he emailed me back saying she had already acquired a license to use it a few days ago. That's odd because last night she was tweeting him apologizing for using it without permission. Something fishy is going on.

No. 343966

he's probably being deliberately vague with you about the timing?

No. 344011


She has either sweet talked him, made herself out to be an innocent victim of internet hate, apologised profusely saying she hates copyright infringement and she had no idea and will do whatever it takes to right this wrong, as she too is a victim of this, blah, blah. And would he mind not specifying when she got the license because the scary internet people will use it against her and he's fallen for it.

Or, she knew she had to ensure that her own backyard was squeaky clean before launching her latest onslaught at Onion.

No. 344016


Or she's paid the licensing fee. It could have been around $1500 or so, maybe less. But, he does license his work, so he is no stranger to that.

No. 344021

File: 1498836154871.png (53.45 KB, 633x346, cnOJvID.png)

Notice the new art channel promotion. She fucked him over with the "I can drive subscribers to you!" shit…. sorry dude, unless Onision is flying through your videos, they won't give a shit about your work.

No. 344025

Or he is fielding so many of these claims that he genuinely didn't remember exactly when this exact situation was sorted, but has her on a greenlist.
Does it really matter that much? As long as she backpays him for the infringing work and credits him in future, she has bigger issues right now than this. Mainly, the "I have inflammation around my heart u guyz I cen totaly FEEL IT!"

No. 344045

File: 1498839798489.jpg (34.07 KB, 500x384, BS DM FB Post.jpg)


I found it, as usual her hypocrisy is on full display.

It's strange how she doesn't care about inflicting her vulgarity on us.

No. 344048


It doesn't matter so much now but it would have contributed to the downfall of her channel if she was getting flagged by more than Onion.

No. 344057

File: 1498841048159.jpg (17.72 KB, 344x393, lint.jpg)

Illness tracker anon, have you got asthma on your list? She said in the younow after benji's stream that she's had asthma before and this heart and chest pain isn't asthma, it's definitely inflammation of the heart or inflamed cartilage in her ribs.

Omg I'm watching her second KBaC vlog and within the first 10 seconds she mentions muh chronick illniz, and within one minute she has shouted out fucking KEEMSTAR and Kid Behind a Camera and made a point to say as if she's doing them a favor by sending her subs over to watch them. THEY HAVE ALMOST 2 MILLION SUBS EACH BITCH YOU'RE NOT SHOUTING THEM OUT, YOU JUST WANNA MENTION THEIR NAMES SO YOU CAN PUT THEM IN THE TAGS FOR VIEWS
Only 4 minutes for her to throw her family under the bus and play victim personally. Best part?
"If someone shows you who they are, believe them. Believe them. "
Alrite Joy, we will.

"Sometimes people hide it really well. People show you who they are over time."

No. 344067

She has mentioned the asthma before and again during purple matress drama. She claims to have had very bad asthma as a child. I believe during her indigo days she claimed she was able to resolve it.

No. 344081

File: 1498844376384.jpg (59.69 KB, 640x451, 09dca8_557e03e96ce64ea080b05a5…)


Yes, I have asthma on the vast list of illnesses and ailments. Thank you, Anon.

Every time I think I have finished, she adds something new to the list!

I had just been keeping her written complaints but I'm learning how to use clips now as well.

No. 344083

Should someone with that many illnesses realistically even be alive at this point, much less on camera 7 hours a day looking perfectly healthy? :laughs in Norwegian:

No. 344085

Next she'll claim all her illnesses are basically the Mr. Burns effect.

No. 344088

They could be alive but wouldn't look that healthy at all. Let alone pushing out as much content. Very unrealistic.

No. 344099

The heart one especially annoys me because my brother had a heart scare and was specifically told by the hospital that if he'd _had_ real heart trouble like inflammation or infection, not only would it have shown up on the multiple tests they did, but he wouldn't have physically been able to sit up and talk to the doctors and be lively like he was. They kept him for obs overnight, but sent him home without finishing the tests they had planned because he looked totally fine.
Thing about the heart is, if you have a problem with it, it gets serious v. quickly and it's obvious in a lot of other ways that are directly observable in your body. Things like fainting, dizziness, being pale and weak, trouble breathing, not being able to move your limbs much, and many many other symptoms that are immediately visible, including FATIGUE - not the kind that allows you to sit and record and flail around for hours every day. You can't just fake real heart trouble, nor can you hide it if it's there.
I dunno if she's necessarily lying deliberately, it's more likely she's a total hypochondriac and is experiencing real pain with psychosomatic causes. It's not embarrassing to admit something is psychosomatic, it doesn't mean it doesn't actually _hurt_, it just means it might be relieved by psychological help. If you, you know, actually make an effort to get psychological help (the one thing she has never tried! MYSTERY!)
Personally I would prefer to be told it's "all in my head" because that would mean I could control it to an extent if I actually got help. It's fucked up beyond belief to _want_ to be sick when so many people are desperately striving to be healthy.
Why does she want so badly for her illnesses to consume her life? Is she that depressed that she really wants a death sentence and to be dependent on another human being for her every physical and emotional need? Let go of roommate, Joy, you're sucking the life out of him. Just suck it up and get mental help. There's nothing wrong with it.

No. 344103

I also noticed how during her discussion with Anna Scanlon, she mentioned how she had never been tested for Lupus….but during one of her recent lifestreams, she said she has been tested for lupus and lyme. All of her lies are eventually going to come to the light. She can only "be this sick" for so long. She can't go longer than a year milking this all its worth. She has no future on here and is just enjoying her time with her followers before even they start to get suspicious with her lies

No. 344107

inb4 she puts blush across her nose & cheeks to "prove" she has lupus

No. 344108


Ironically, there was a rerun of Dr Phil on today about a woman who swore she had some life threatening condition. Had been to the ER over 20-some times in couple couple months a kept arguing with the doctors when they would diagnosis her with anxiety. She would even make them transfer her from one ER to another when they refused to give her any answers other than certain death. Obviously nothing was wrong, and when Dr Phil brought posted the list she gave him of her symptoms then posted the list of symptoms to diagnose someone with anxiety she lost it and started arguing with him. He asked her if she even wanted to get better. All her tests had been normal for ages. The only abnormalities had been her psychosomatic symptoms she reported, and refused the treatment for. It seemed the only thing that was keeping her from living a full and healthy life was herself, not an undiagnosed medical condition.

We've extrapolated over and over how Joy seems perfectly capable to carry on spirited, animated conversations for hours. She seems to be in control of most, if not all of her body mechanics, giving her the ability to go to Starbucks and car dealerships. Her
cognitive abilities seem good enough, fibro fog or not, to solve basic to complex problems, like shirking responsibilities of any number of her scandals. So I'm having difficulty understanding what the huge, big, life threatening, death is certain condition she has. It seems she is enjoying a rather fulfilled life most days, even if she is shiting blood, coughing up pieces of lung, or discharging mashed potatoes in the bits we don't see.

Maybe someone should write Dr Phil a letter about Joy.

No. 344112

Ot but that lady just sounds like a hypochondriac lol

No. 344138


I think I've seen that episode, is that the one where he had to pay for loads of different flights because she didn't want to stay in the air too long and she brought a nurse with her to keep an eye on her stats while travelling? She did have COPD and that was what triggered the health anxiety.

I'm no longer convinced it's a health anxiety, I think she loves the attention, sympathy and armour it provides her with.

For example that lady truly believed she was I'll and she acted like it, she was fatigued from the stress of the anxiety, she only leaves the house for hospital visits. She just sits checking her vitals constantly, all day long. Joyous doesn't do any of this because she knows fine well she doesn't have any physical illnesses, only mental. I do admit she doesn't leave the house much but she can when her lazy arse has to, such as Starbucks uploads and car problems. I do think she has anxiety but not health anxiety.

No. 344140


She's full of shit, despite her chronic diarrhea that makes her gain weight.

I'll switch over to my PC and knock up a quick list of what I have to date. And this is just based on things she has written, I've only just started to go through the YT mentions and haven't even started on YN illness mentions.

I'm probably going to be some time.

And lol at the Anon who laughed in Norwegian.

No. 344152

>I think I've seen that episode, is that the one where he had to pay for loads of different flights because she didn't want to stay in the air too long and she brought a nurse with her to keep an eye on her stats while travelling? She did have COPD and that was what triggered the health anxiety

same. I died laughing when it was pointed out never in history has someone taken that approach to air travel to prevent their lungs from collapsing, or somethings to that effect. Highlighting that she must believe her condition is serious and rare, as its never happened to anyone, ever. Why didn't she just drive? It shows how obsurd people with anxiety can be, even when cold facts are lined up in front of them. My ex was convinced they had colon cancer. No family
history, young, ran tests, went to multiple docs, ended up with $$$$$ of medical bills, no cancer diagnosis, and a new obsession they had lung cancer eye roll

Sage for OT

>I'm no longer convinced it's a health anxiety, I think she loves the attention, sympathy and armour it provides her with.

Agreed. I'm not sure when it switched. It seems at some point she probably did have overwhelming anxiety about her health, but not recently. I'm not sure we've even seen her doing any type of health tracking such as BPM, temp, pulse. She just eats chips and screams at people.

>I'll switch over to my PC and knock up a quick list of what I have to date

I'm actually pretty interested to see the list and see how much can be debunked.

No. 344164

File: 1498855029517.png (57.83 KB, 720x355, 20170630_153403.png)

FFS! Didn't she already go over this on younow the other night? Maybe she's referring to one of the other 48263 streams she's done on him, but…are any of her fans even asking about that? They all seem to just lick her ass regardless of her excuses.

No. 344174

Dear Joy health tracker, can you please-for gods sake, pull out the livestream/s where she has claimed to not get a diagnosis of fibermayagia? I could have swore she's said this somewhere. There's got to be proof of this somewhere. I am SICK of how this lie that she has fibermayalgia has been repeatedly perpetuated by people!

No. 344177

File: 1498855763386.png (179.56 KB, 1242x1257, IMG_1673.PNG)

FFS, now the joytards are trying to get Philip Defranco involved by posting their bullshit to his subreddit.

No. 344191

File: 1498857691566.jpg (33.62 KB, 960x720, BS illness collector.jpg)

Miscarriages, more than one but no specific amount stated.

Copper toxicity from the IUD, "the copper began rusting and made me deathly ill". Together with this quote "my birth control was slowly killing me."

Tested for Aspergers but ruled out by doctor but she still thinks she's on the spectrum. "Loud noises like sirens will stop me in my tracks, it's so painful it disables me…"

Bad anxiety flare ups.

PTSD "moments" caused by trauma of "borderline kidnapping" repetitive movements, rocking back and forth, sensory overload.

Heart palpitations/Arrhythmia

Black outs on the verge of seizures, strokes.

Constant fevers that would last a week at a time and at least twice a month.

Vision loss.

Couldn't walk.


Claimed she had a heart stress test but nothing was found but she someone messing with the electricity and thinks that was why the test was abnormal? (I will post the comment of this directly after this post, see what you make of it but it sounds like she is blaming someone for her test coming back as perfectly ok?)

Hormone imbalance

Vitamin deficiencies.

Thyroid, can't find what the thyroid problem supposedly is? Only takes supplements for this, not medication.

Paraganglioma near lymph node "that almost killed me 8 years ago"

The above tumour was a cyst during a phone call to a radio station, a cyst she cured with pasta sauce herbs lol.

The above tumour and cyst was also once described as an abscess, which is different from a cyst.

During her angel talking days she recorded the following symptoms on her blog:-


Mild dizziness

Pressure in points of the head and neck

Neck aches

Shoulder stiffness and soreness

Swollen hands and feet

Blurred vision

Pressure on third eye (lol!)

Inability to organise

Inability to channel

Inability to create art

Mild memory loss

Mild stomach cramps and nausea

Mild diarrhoea


End of "After ascension symptoms"


Stronger depression

Extreme chronic pain levels

Fungal infection that almost killed her.

Eating disorders )plural without specifics)

Metal comes out of her body and muscles during detox from iud.

Her body fights off Heart attacks

She can't drink coffee because of her adrenals. (Whatever the fuck that means.)


And that's all for the written illness claims, this doesn't include the bulk of her claims which happen on her YouNow streams, so this is just some of her claims! I haven't included the latest heart inflammation, as I intend to try to gather clips together for those.

As Joyous says in her very own words, she has a habit of collecting illnesses. Pic related.


No. 344192


And of course, how could I fucking forget Fibro! It must be my brain fog…


No. 344194

Holy fucking shit! I knew there were a lot, but 0.0 that is insane.

Her new video about "why she got "upset" on benjis stream" is going over all her invisible illnesses and how she is oh so good at masking all of her symptoms. Throws out bullshit excuses that are her tells of the illness, which imo are tells of someone lying there ass off, trying to remember what lie they had told previously to continue their current conversation. That's the two minutes of the video.

No. 344196

File: 1498858607012.jpg (164.5 KB, 960x720, BS stress test.jpg)


Oh I'm working on it, trust me, it's frustrating the life out of me too!

Here is the heart stress test comment where she appears to be blaming interference for not getting the results she thinks she should have.

No. 344197


Nevermind, I just read it through again, I misunderstood, she's still talking shit but I read it incorrectly.


Ridiculous isn't it and it's not a complete list.

And when she's not feigning illnesses, she is feigning traumas of some sort, such as abuse, attempted kidnapping, attempted rape to rape, etc. She's the unluckiest cow in the world.

No. 344202

On benji's comments they clocked her and Cameron pretty much played her. He basically fights through all her rhetoric and says "has Onision done anything illegal?" everyone bar Joy in the video say no Joy gets triggered as fuck screams brain fog stays quiet then about 20 minutes later when Cameron has pretty much convinced everyone its an act Joy says "shes not feeling well." and leaves. The comment section has clocked her saying she is faking it and its all convenient. I think Cam is playing the long game and playing her because he calls her out a lot in general.

Her latest video she seems panicked and its a massive double down.

No. 344207

Munchausen syndrome
Not saying she has it because that is against the rules. ???

No. 344208

>They all seem to just lick her ass regardless of her excuses.

This just seems all the more disgusting, considering how often she claims she had diarrhea. Her poor spergleberries lol


I know it's not a complete list, but there's only one or two symptoms here(before the Ascension)that are general fibro related, or even auto immune. They don't look to be the textbook symptoms listed, for sure.

No. 344209

Maybe some literate anon (and they all are) should send Phil a document outlining her insanity. I know he does his own research but if we mention the donations that never get made it might be interesting to him.