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No. 285785

Joy Sparkle aka Kati Marie Smith is a YouTube personality who randomly appeared to insert herself into Onision drama and got 21k subs in 3 months after being noticed by larger YouTubers who also hate him.
She makes lengthy one-take rant-y videos about various drama on the internet, but mostly centers around Onision, she has made 50+ videos about him in less than 3 months. He has called her a stalker, sent her a fake cease & desist letter and blocked her on all social media.
Her life also seems to revolve around getting attention from her fake "fatal" health issues which have been diagnosed by medical professionals as anxiety disorder, but that's not a special enough diagnosis for her so she adamantly denies that's the cause. Recently uncovered information reveals she thinks angelic guides and the Archangel Michael talked to her from the age of 12 on.

Joy continues to leech attention by guesting people with disabilities and surrounding herself with sick or disabled people. There are now plenty of posts floating around about her being manipulative to those who are close to her. She continues to play the martyr because she loves giving to charity so much, and continues making ambiguous tweets and verbally harassing teenagers.

Onisheon lives on.


No. 285791

File: 1491515648003.jpg (251.44 KB, 1080x851, IMG_20170406_211953.jpg)

On Twitter, Joy describes herself!

You TELL us that you are so full of positivity and sparkles but then you SHOW us that you are into calling a teenager a bitch and having ragey meltdowns about petty shite, among other contradictions that make you seem very fake.

Sage for not furthering anything.

No. 285806

No. 285825

Thanks Jamie.

No. 285831

Everytime screencaps are posted doesn't make it Jaime. Quit trying to derail it. Based on the information there, the spelling and writing matches the usual style of Joy. Some of it is highly unorganized…but from what i'm reading so far it seems to be concrete.

No. 285835

I just read the whole fucking thing, Angel, and Joy is not being manipulative. You were being a two-faced backstabbing bitch. You should be ashamed of yourself.

No. 285839

>>Lolcow have been forced to changed their domain name…

Hahaha, are they talking about swapping URLs with PULL on April Fools? Christ… they're both dense as fuck.

No. 285847

Ummm. No, Joy is a manipulative bitch. This is what she gets for throwing people under the bus. People will only believe Bullshit for so long before they start to question things. This isn't the first time joy has done this and unfortunately won't be her last. A lawyer ain't gonna do shit.

No. 285851

I'm neither Angel or Jaime. What the fuck is your problem? GTFO.

No. 285855

Oh, I see. Looks like Joy was back in. Deleted their post, spelling errors. Try harder next time, kek.

No. 285857

I'm not Joy. I'm this anon:

I deleted my post because I posted twice because I didn't think the first message went through.

You two are morons.

No. 285859

yes because showing us that ur an anon that is standing up for joy really makes us less suspicious…

No. 285870

Boy this thread got cancerous fast

No. 285872

File: 1491523368350.png (347.42 KB, 1000x934, loltism.png)

I pray we can find a cure, and fast.

No. 285880

This has happened the last two threads. Anytime we get close to something interesting, Joy and/or her 'fans' (cult lunatics) come in and try to derail, shitpost, or troll. Calling people Jaime or random posts about people nobody cares about seems to be the latest.

No. 285881


I didn't photoshop two copper IUD's into the thread image for you to fag up this fucking thread again. This is the most cancer infested shit on this website. Nobody cares if you're jamie, joy or angel. you're an embarrassment.

No. 285882

As one of those that posted in there, specifically >>285831 …please don't lump me in with the rest of that. I posted what I posted. I'm not Angel, or Jaimie, or a fan, or the koolaid man, or anything else.

All I can infer from that is that Joy threw Angel under the bus, and Angel is throwing everything she can find up there and she's ticked. I'm sure another twitter meltdown is coming as Joy tries to spin this one…

No. 285884

A better comparison for both Angel and Joy is the Boy who cried wolf. People tell lies so much that when anything gets said…can't really blame anyone for not believing whatever comes next.

No. 285889


I wanted to express my admiration of your PS abilities, as well as the subject matter. Using a depiction of JS as the copper IUD-weilding Archangel Michael was an inspired choice (and funny as hell). Kudos!

No. 285892

I didn't do that one. You're referring to the poster above me, kek.

No. 285898

OP here. thank you <3

No. 285900

Joy shares so much about her health with her audicence, then says
"I don't owe y'all shit [aka info] about my health"

No. 285908

Her latest after this is more sympathy bullshit. "Oh, after I was criticized, i'm taking time off because people are saying i'm unstable. So let me tell everyone i'm going to..do streams and show up on streams within a day, and then blame more instability on pushing myself too hard for just wanting to be normal!"

The mental gymnastics required to defend her right now are Olympic.

No. 285916

Joy is starting to delete her tweets, including the one she lied to her audience about. Fortunately for her, we have it documented on the last thread, kek.


No. 286093

you cucks are being pwned by jamie running these threads. triggering you like oprah at a buffet ffs.

No. 286116

stop trying to derail

No. 286117

Does Joy still speak to Cody?

No. 286147

This thread needs a lot more sage and a lot less derailing. If your comment doesn't have new information, put "sage" in the email field.

No. 286187

Which tweets did she delete?

No. 286197


fuck off jamie there is no derail, im not a firend or fan of joy, i think shes nuts but jamie is runnin the show here trying to spike something out of nothing. this all started with joy ripping people off, jamies claim and since then, nothing has been proven about shit except for some insane tweets, big deal.

No. 286202

Speaking of Jamie the cow, where are her cow pages, can anyone direct me to them?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 286236

No. 286239

No. 286262


I agree joy is crazy, but you need to use all those abuse charts on onion. Lmao. He ticks every box. I'm laughing pretty hard at how someone can pull out those abuse charts and start explaining why joy fits them, but is a fan of onion and thinks hes sweet.

No. 286269

Both onion and joy fit the abuse charts joy is highly manipulative and it's scary to think she's targetting kids.

No. 286301

Joy isn't being called OniSheOn for nothing guys, they're like twins. Difference is we know all his tricks and cycles, while we're still figuring hers out.

It's perfectly possible, being lolcow and all, that anons think they're both shit, it's not one over the other. Nobody is trying to say her doing xyz somehow changes all the shit that Greg has and will do.

No. 286302

It's really frustrating because we do want more people exposing Onision. But they at least need to be level-headed, sincere, mature and sane enough to get their points across. Unfortunately, a lot of the ones that fit the criteria above won't touch him with a 20ft bargepole because it's so time consuming and they don't want to be linked back to him because of his damaged reputation.

She's an embarrassment, the only lulzy thing she ever did was embarrass him by getting him to write that fake "C&D" letter. Other than that, she's clearly unstable herself and mirrors his behavior on a constant basis… I'm blaming her solely for attracting other crazies like Angel and Jamie into the fray, otherwise we would've just had to deal with the likes of just DSSCTM and Stevie otherwise.

No. 286309


A C&D letter does not have to come from an attorney in the US. It is highly recommended because it will be a part of any case taken into court, so anything written in it should be phrased to protect the sender's court case, but it is not required. A cease and desist letter is intended to (a) get the offender to stop a specific action and (b) show the court you tried to settle it before dragging them into court.

Joy is full of shit as far as law goes. Don't believe anything she's claiming in that area. That cease and desist was in-elegant, but fine and has served it's purpose of notifying her that he does not want contact of any sort. That would be the basis of both a civil and/or criminal actions in the future because she can no longer claim that she did not know his feelings.

No. 286315

Hmmmm… I suppose you do have a point because Ayalla did the same with Gerg but through a video and he doesn't seem to have bothered with her since. I'm just wondering though, considering Billie and Eugenia asked of the same, why he continues to bring them up any chance he gets?

Maybe this isn't the right thread to bring it up in as it pertains to him exclusively, so I'll sage for that reason - but if you can explain what loophole he's currently using to do that, I'm all ears (or eyes).

No. 286319


I don't know anything about the Onision drama. But, if a person sent a C&D to HIM and continued to bait or have contact with HIM, then the C&D would be non-relevant in a court or criminal case because the "sender" continued to intentionally seek continued contact. Greg has sent a C&D and then dropped every thing about her. That will support any case (civil or criminal) he might have against her in the future.

No. 286335


Joy (according to her view) has a DMCA case against this video but did not (or hasn't so far) opted to use it. If she submitted a DMCA claim, the video would be off line immediately. Why would she not do this if she feels so strongly aggrieved by this?

(a) It's the drama that she wants and so not "uploading" the video on her channel was keeping that person wrapped into the fold? But, now that the person put it up, she's using it for moar drama while chastising the collaborator?

(b) OniSHEon truly believes the Karma stuff and thinks acting out against the video will cause Karma to get her? (IF SO, wouldn't that be low on the list of things Karma should have against OniSHEon?)

(c) Joy Sparkles BS has a name that is different than it was in the past and she doesn't want to reveal that fact? It could be a married name or just that she's now living under a different identity of her choosing.

Also, nothing against the creator of that video… but given how long ago it was, I bet Joysus' primary motive was a fishing expedition for more information that she could wind into her "rant" (notice me sempi!) videos. She might have also been fishing for private email accounts and other backdoor ways of contacting him given how obsessed she is with his channels.

No. 286339


I think Angel and Jamie were both their own special brand of crazy long before Joy came along, they just found a flame to moth around.


The problem with Gergs C&D was he sent it and then blocked her, then unblocked her to send several more comments and relocked her. He broke the stipulations of his own C&D.

No. 286348


>> The problem with Gergs C&D was he sent it and then blocked her, then unblocked her to send several more comments and relocked her. He broke the stipulations of his own C&D.

That still doesn't make it a "fake C&D" like she claims. It is a legit communications and would be given some consideration in a civil or criminal court case. That he diminished its value does not make it "fake." I've seen her minions barking "practicing law without a license" and "only a court can do such things"… not sure if they were parroting something she said on a YouNow stream or what. But, anyone can send anyone a LETTER telling them to knock it off. Somehow her minion tribe conflated that with other actions like restraining ORDERS or court INJUNCTIONS.

No. 286355


I understand that. I'm saying that by him contacting her after sending it makes it null and void. It would be like putting up no trespassing signs on your property and having your houseguest, who has proof of being an invited guest, arrested for trespassing.

No. 286360


In one of the video above, it sounds like Onision has not contacted Joy since his C&D letter. IF you're referring to someone else, I have no idea about Onision himself. I was just making the point that using the phrase "fake C&D" is not accurate unless you're referring to her total lack of understanding of the law that she claims to "know her shit" about.

No. 286373

It is still unusual that she has enough time, energy, and money to threaten legal action but nothing enough to seek professional help, diagnosis, and treatment for her 'illness'.

Her tweets yell out that she has proof for days, but she never provides any. More hype? Narcissist tendencies flaring up? More obvious lying?

You make a really good point here. If she can do this, but doesn't..it really shows that this is just for the sake of getting attention. If she has 'proof' but isn't releasing it to clear her own name, then she's just dragging the situation along and shouldn't be surprised when she is criticised. Same with the ER visits for sympathy, then the on and off again wellness.

All of this is very deliberate attention grabbing…like..she is actually plotting this out and feeding off of any attention good or bad. Her own twitter followers are talking about it, and deleting tweets is too little, too late. It is safe to assume that she will do, say, or create anything to get any kind of attention…if she doesn't have an enemy, she will make one. (Konstigo, Jaime, Angel if that's to be believed)

Then she obsesses over that 'enemy' until in her mind she has achieved "a win". If anyone criticizes that win, it reopens the obsession.
If that doesn't create enough to satisfy the obsession..then she cycles between "enemies" in order to reassume control. Control of the situation, of her image, of her fans with how they think about her…

No. 286402

File: 1491601793042.png (735.98 KB, 768x514, Joy.PNG)

Wow. The whole "Indigo Children" movement crowd deny mental afflictions and followers refuse treatment of the sort.
No wonder she turned out this way.

No. 286408

i'm still seeing those tweets? idk if my browser just has them archived or something. not defending her, though.

i thoroughly detest greg, but his c&d was NOT fake and it is not a mutual c&d so he technically has the right to still make comments (although for his own case he probably shouldn't). i don't remember what he did or didn't say after sending the letter though. further contact on his part would violate a restraining order, but he doesn't have one of those as far as we know. it is NOT a fake c&d just because he wrote it. citizens have the right to represent themselves in legal cases. most usually don't, because they know nothing about the law, but they're allowed. also people are definitely confusing a c&d and a restraining order.

good article about this stuff: http://blogs.lawyers.com/2011/05/demystifying-the-law-cease-desist-letters-and-restraining-orders/

relevant statement: "A cease & desist can written by you or your lawyer."

No. 286411

That's really interesting to know, thanks for explaining that. So basically they're all baiting and switching with each other in a way… simply by getting bothered by him.

No. 286413

I was reading about that "movement" and the basic Wikipedia page is pretty damning. It's basically a way for people to not only excuse mental illness (or just plain bad socialization) but to exalt them to some fantasy world of being "the true savior" sent to fix the world. Any claims of being an indigo child should be in the DSM-5 as "see Narcissistic Personality Disorder" and be an immediate positive diagnosis.

Remember, no only was she one… she was a paid "leader" who was paid to channel angels. I watched some of the videos of a woman she's trashed by name in one of her videos, and it must burn Joy's hide that she didn't stick with it long enough to become a guru. That woman has 15 books out, tons of revenue streams, and makes weekly videos spouting their ideology on youtube.

No. 286426

Still any word on the loophole he's used to actually talk shit about his targets? I'm still not getting it because he shouldn't be allowed to if what you're saying is true.

Not trying to be aggressive in the slightest and I apologise if I come across as so, I'm just really darn curious.

No. 286427

This is a "life coach" that has a GREAT channel on youtube. His "Ultra-Spiritual" videos are funny commentary on life. His other videos are also interesting.

This is his Indigo Child video. I'm posting it for those who may be suffering from Joysus Discipleship and hoping for release. TO BE CLEAR. This person has nothing to do with the Joysus crew in anyway at all and I put "sage" in the email address, will see if that does anything.


No. 286431

Curious or not, considering OniSHEon watches these forums, it isnt a great idea to give her any loopholes.

No. 286433

Oh bullshit, we've been providing Grease with the same kind of attention for a long time… those who are fame hungry and mentally deranged either wake up or stick around.

No. 286445

It is a parody.A parody, while insane, is still less insane than OniSheOn.

No. 286446


IF you watch his channel, he does parodies of new age concepts along with a bunch of other things. So, he is doing a PARODY of (making fun of) how an Indigo Child thinks.


No. 286455

What is good with all the namefagging in these threads…

Also, Onision probably left Ayalla alone because he thinks she's ugly as fuck. A lot came out at the same time as her video, and she always has something to say against him/ helped Billie gtfo/ dated social repose. He probably hates her in the sense that he can't control her, so he writes her off.

Go back a few onion threads, and you'll come up with a theory.


No. 286457

You need to start reading. >>286147
If you keep using the name field, you'll be banned. This site is anonymous for a reason.

No. 286673

Some people understood it to be "fake" not because he wrote it himself with a template but because the actions he was requesting she stop are not illegal the way he claims they were in the letter. He can't go after her legally just for commenting on actions he himself made public, if that were a thing lolcow would be illegal. The only time she talked to him personally it was initiated by himself. He can't sue her for this but he claimed to be able to in the letter, making it "inaccurate" or "fake" if you will.

No. 286675

sage for clarification

Well, he could try to sue her but the case wouldn't get very far.

No. 286701

She's having another tarot card reading…more general ass sounding advice that could apply to a large number of people. She's praising the girl saying she has a "gift" and she replies "Yeah I feel like I do." How is reading words off randomly chosen cards a 'gift"? Anyone mildly literate can do that. The funny thing is a small part of the reading did have really good advice for Joy: how she has good intuition & worked really hard to get where she is but do not let that success change who you are. So what did Joy take away from this? 'Oh my cunt has really good intuition!"

No. 286709

After reading through those posts I noticed that her mom's name IS Kathi, just like someone here theorized is probably the reason behind those Kyathy videos.

No. 286710

Sales and marketing meets crowd manipulation. She is about as psychic as a toothbrush and she's hyping a girl up. "You feel like you do?" So what? I can 'feel' like i'm going to win a million dollars but that doesnt mean spending $$$ on lottery tickets is going to get me anything. But hey, it makes them feel good…so they will continue to get suckered.

They feel good so they get addicted to that feeling. Using people through emotional manipulation.

No. 286715


her stream is dying fast. People are bored and leaving. To be honest, it is really boring listening to a girl read from a book.

No. 286721

Not at all surprised. The girl herself may be very nice but they weren't interested in OniSheOn grandstanding that just to say "I helped sumone guyz! Look how great I am!"

According to her twitter she drew for her vag? I think they're RUNNING more than leaning. I'm not surprised about that but I am surprised the card pulled wasn't the Devil.

No. 286722


The stream's also pretty laggy at times.

No. 286723


Maybe it's partially why people are leaving?

Oh well, gotta go make dinner. I'll check the stream later.

No. 286733

To be clear i was saying joy is crazy and manipulative too. But this was an onion fangirl who says onion is sweet looking at a chart of abuse and correctly labeling joy as fitting criteria of it. But somehow oblivious that her idol would also meet that criteria even moreso. That's pretty funny.

but its for charity!! So you must tune in or you hate charity!!

Like its nice to have occasional charity events but this everything is for charity bs she keeps doing is annoying. Her do-good shit is so obviously a "look at me. i'm so nice and caring!! Unlike other people who just make money for themselves. Be a fan of me!!" thing. I honestly dont get why she has any fans or what is really appealing about her lmao.

No. 286737


the chick doing the reading…it must be her first time. she's not interpreting the cards, she's literally just reading what the pamphlet it came with says. Doesn't even care if the card is pulled upwards or reversed, which changes the meaning. She told some kid that his parents are going to break up or something so now he's on guest so Joy can play Dr. Phil.

My fucking god, no wonder this younow has such a low view count.

Sage for rage. At least make it look good for like, a minuet damn

No. 286743

>it must be her first time. she's not interpreting the cards, she's literally just reading what the pamphlet it came with says. Doesn't even care if the card is pulled upwards or reversed, which changes the meaning.

It's all bullshit anyway, it's just as "accurate" even when she's doing it wrong. LOL

While she does acknowledge she's a beginner, she does these readings on a regular basis. It's her claim to fame in Joy's little circle. They constantly praise her for her "exceptional gift" of being able to read an instructional pamphlet.

No. 286745

The poor kid she's talking about now keeps making these awful jokes that are met with silence from Joy. Bad as it is, I don't think she understands it's humor. It's awkward and cringy as fuck to watch.

No. 286749

OniSheOn continues to get crazier and crazier on stream and now her subs are starting to trickle away. Wait for it, she's going to have another sudden ER visit or depression video so she can get sympathy subs.

People in her comments are cringing right down to her supporters,kek…and she doesn't even care. Trying to give kids therapy..like SHE is really the best person to give anyone advice. She could give advice for free and i'd demand a refund.

No. 286751

Haha..she claims she used to "poke around" on sites like PULL and lolcow but now doesn't pay attention anymore. Riiiighht, that's a load of shit, she's constantly referencing and defending herself from the information posted about her, she's absolutely obsessed with her thread here.

No. 286752

Another obvious lie from OniSHEon? There's a long running list of surprised anons about that..

No. 286753

"please keep in mind that the cards aren't always accurate." why are you even doing this then?

now she's saying that this girl is an empath.

honestly i don't believe in tarot but i've known a lot of people who do tarot readings, and if you're reading off of a pamphlet, you know NOTHING about tarot. i had an ex who would send me a card with an interpretation every morning. it was a nice gesture. but you can't get an answer just by reading the name of the card, which she's literally doing right now. also, you CANNOT ask a question for someone else. what the hell.

now joy's interpreting the cards. i'm sure that she's gifted that way, too. and someone needs to tell mercedes that it's "arcana" and not "ocarina."

no but seriously this is fucked up. they're using this shit to actually give people advice about their lives and they have no idea what they're talking about. not that joy ever does.

No. 286761

Another poor victim to both Oshe and Oni sion.

No. 286774

This one screencap stands out

"I am an awful criminal pedophile"

No. 286775

File: 1491625375727.png (412.11 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3835.PNG)

Samefag. Forgot to add screenshot

No. 286814


Who are you and how did you get that? Is it a text message or DM?

No. 286818

uh…that says "am i a fucing awful criminal pedophile?!" Not "i am".

No. 286821


I know. I think it's a troll post - zero context.

No. 286836

File: 1491640711626.png (84.21 KB, 345x250, IMG_9949.PNG)

Why does this thread reek of massive samefagging? It's been a day and it's already VERY apparent.

Saged for OT

No. 286852


It does look like a DM, if Joy is reading these she's bound to know who that came from unless it's fake.

No. 286856

Can you have timestmps included in a new screenshot ? After all this fake milk I feel like we need to be more cautious especially since angels fake sour milk.

No. 286872


Considering "rebellious behaviour" is now listed in the DSM-5; I would have to agree with you on "Indigo children" being added to the list as well.

Onion's gotten his fair share of a head's up from here. Discord isn't anything sacred either. I'd welcome another shitshow from Joy to be perfectly honest.

No. 286875

No. 286887


That wasn't her username then. Angel, you're trolling with Joy. She smirked when someone asked her in a recent stream.

No. 286890


Why did Phil stop talking to her?

No. 286892


What was her old user name?

No. 286910

Because Phil pointed out she was being a shallow manipulative bitch, she loaned him money and tried using that against him to manipulate him.

No. 286918

so still no evidence about joy or is jamie still running things here?

No. 286922

Well angels screenshots have been given a bit more legitimacy from the video she posted this morning

Other than that there's not been much else

No. 286925


ive been waiting but as usual nothing, just a bunch of corny stuff she did in the past that everyone seems to be trying to make into valid points. but im waiting for the meat of the story to be revealed, not this petty back and forth stuff. jamie made serious accusations but apparently made no dent in joys armor as her subs and views continue to grow.

No. 287013

Stop bringing up Jamie in all your samefag posts. No one cares about Jamie or her unsubstantiated accusations on Joy. Her "evidence" was a joke, quite literally. There's plenty of milk on Joy, there's no need to make stuff up, the truth is way stranger than Jamie's fictions. There is no evidence Joy has taken for herself any of the money raised for charity at her behest. She always directed people to links that went directly to the organization or person the money was intended for. She doesn't have to be scamming people for money to be an awful human being.

Now, she IS using the charity angle as a virtue signaling/marketing technique to bring her channel and herself more positive attention. She also hopes it makes people less likely to want to question her. And people have lots of questions about her "illness" because her story doesn't make sense and keeps changing. She uses the "illness" narrative constantly to excuse her lack of a job, having no real social life outside the internet, her slight lapses in memory, as well as for any little stupid thing she does. She likes to say she is always ready to admit when she is wrong but doesn't actually take responsibility for her fuckups, it's always "but muh illness," bad tech or "I never said that" (even when confronted with screenshots she did.) She acts like an immature vulgar child on her Twitter & YouNow and surrounds herself with often very young, impressionable & vulnerable people because they are so easy for her to control & manipulate. If you've been paying any attention at all you'll see that there's SO much more milk without having to bring up her "corny" new age beliefs, weird as they were, lot's of people have strange ideas regarding spirituality and yet are still normal, reasonable people in other areas (not saying Joy is, just that it's possible because people compartmentalize.) That isn't what is causing her closest supporters to turn on her, it's the realization they've been manipulated and lied to.

No. 287068

Except she must of forgot that shit for a second lol, yesterday when that kid was crying about his parents he complained that he felt like he was stealing the show when the stream was meant to be for charity. What did joy say? "Fuck the charity! You're more important, we can do it another time" (paraphrased) Isn't the charity for some crippled kid Dylan or is this a different one? Cause I was like damn that's cold.

No. 287086

No, the charity they were promoting on that live stream was Joyfulheartfoundation.org which helps both male & female victims of abuse…so she wasn't telling a person their charity could fuck off for a while but that still could have been phrased with more tact. The thing for Dylan didn't require monetary donations. He just wanted to meet his favorite musical artist, Seamless, who already agreed to a Skype call…so it looks like Dylan's wish will be taken care of.

No. 287110

Its more virtue signaling that gives you a peek at the real Joy. She wanted to look like such a good person to the crowd that she dropped one pretense to pick up another. PLUS, the reason the kid was upset in the first place was because of her propping someone else up….to..look like a great community figure or mentor. (The girl tried but she didn't know what she was doing.)

No one backs out of a charity stream or event. People fit things in accordingly, stretch out the event, or they extend the event to another day. She has said a few times on her own stream that she has done sales and marketing..this sort of thing, a public event…this is something she would be expected to be familiar with so she would know what to do, and how.

You also for a live charity event would not put a total novice up in front of the crowd just to make yourself look good for the audience. That is entirely too much pressure to put on a kid in one shot. If you go with anyone, you go with someone established, reputable..or that in general knows their stuff because it will be a bigger crowd draw.

From all of that, we can infer that this was a publicity stunt to deflect criticism and make herself look good, not for the people that are on the fence, have questions or are leaving..but for the new ones that she could sucker in through her collabs or plugs on other channels. She is trying to rope in as many as she can and drag this on as long as she can.

No. 287128

Angel, your constant samefagging and creepy obsession with Joy is making her look innocent and you look like a two-faced backstabbing short-bus-riding wannabe-popular autist. i'm sorry you were bullied growing up, but you need to move on.

No. 287143


Unless you slowed down the video enough to read everything. It took me 40 minutes to go through that 18 second video. It showed that Angel did do all of the posting in here and that Joy was for the most part nice to her, the manipulations that Angel talked about were her own idea. I think we've found an even bigger con who's still trying to save her ass.

Sage because it's just a hunch but I'm going to dig deeper on this girl, there's more milk about her I'm sure.

No. 287162

ok lets be real here. shit wasnt found about joy except some exceptional fagging in her past with religion, where the fuck is the jamie leigh fischer thread, the cunt that started this thread because this cunt is an exceptional find for cowing. this is a cunt that said she survived 9/11 and the boston marathon bombing when she wasnt even in those areas during those threats.

No. 287171

There's nothing making Joy look innocent.
I firmly believe they are both rotten. She came here with dirt after she got called on what she did. I don't think this makes either of them look good. But its not hard to see that she did this after she got caught. She's a lesser version of Joy.
If you can't look in the catalog I don't know what to tell you, other than no one here cares about Jamie or her obsession. Lets be real here, you're just another troll.

No. 287215


calling me a troll when we are all trolls, thanks for accepting me.

but seriously man

i had a kickass video ready to go up about joy ripping people off because i believed that cunt jamie and have been waiting for the farmers to expose what this cunt started on here but fuck man, all i get is lame angel shit, man fuck off jamie you lying cunt. where is this bitches cow because when i search for her i get shit. jamie has way more vagina squeezes than joysus and i got dirt on this skank that makes joys angels look like minecraft for 10 year olds.

No. 287222

if you want to start a thread on jamie, go ahead. not promising anyone will give a shit but that'd be much more productive than continually shitposting about her here.

No. 287225


Sounds like joysus fighting with herself.

No. 287235

File: 1491696302896.png (694.17 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9991.PNG)

Oh angel, fuck off with your evidence. I don't care if you show them to us in person. You faked tons of "evidence" so just fuck off.

Also going SLOWLY through this vid litterly shows all the cringe my manipulative "drama!" Angel tried to rile up and "troll to show the haters" it also shows that joy had no knowledge of angels posts and even angel tried to cover her ass with joy saying she was "impersonated" KEK. All the messages from joy to angel are somewhat nice and not manipulative or telling angel "what to do or say". And shows they were on good terms till angels samefagging came out then she out of nowhere blocked joy and started retweeting "anti-joy" shit, licking Jamie's asshole. AND bonus points in the messages angel confides she has an anti-o account (on Tumblr I believe).

But this just shows angel being the manipulative, liar we all know she is.


No. 287254

Has Joy seen this thread and all the labelled posts?

No. 287258

Joy obsessively watches these threads. She tries to get them clogged up through her trolls. Anything referencing Jamie for instance is one of them. Some are more easy to spot than others.

Whenever anything big gets noticed or released, we usually see an upswing in her trolls so we get more annoyed at them and unfocused on all of her shit.

No. 287277

Joy's "Panic Attacks"

In that tarot card readings thread she said when she was 13-14yo she had panic attacks "all the time" and that she could be holding a conversation with you and having a full blown panic attack an you would never know.

Just like people who have fibromyalgia were saying that they have it and she definitely does not have body pain like that. Her "panic attack" claims are bullshit. I have panic attacks and they are NOT something that I can hold a conversation through. It is intense pain (that's why so many people think they're having heart attacks) and they're disorienting as shit. I'm so sick of people thinking just because they're nervous they're having a "panic attack". Once you have one, you will never make such a bullshit claim again. People who have REAL panic attacks are not simply being nervous. It isn't something that you can hide from the people around you. That part of why they suck so much. As far as panic attacks, she's a fucking liar and needs to have a chainsaw up her fat attention whoring ass for it. There are THOUSANDS of people who struggle with panic attacks in the US alone. Making people think that it's something that you can hide is disgusting. It's frustrating to us who have them and those around us who feel like we should be able to snap out of it. Fuck her a hundred times over for the bullshit she's spewing. She needs to rot in hell.

No. 287286

Um. Is kiki back? Was that an accident? Please delete this post anon, what the hell.

No. 287292

Sorry my dog jumped on my lap and hit the keyboard while I was trying to type. Didn't notice it posted right away.

No. 287301


you are jamie deflecting

No. 287307

holy shit this thread is filled with fucking non stop cancerous autism. this is jamie, this is joy, blah blah blah shut the hell up

No. 287310

agreed… this whole thread is a complete clusterfuck now.

No. 287316

>In that tarot card readings thread she said when she was 13-14yo she had panic attacks "all the time" and that she could be holding a conversation with you and having a full blown panic attack an you would never know.

Oh for fucks sake, I actually believed she might be having panic attacks because of the chest pain she kept describing but if she's claiming she can have a normal conversation and hide it from others that is SUCH bullshit. She has no idea what a panic attack really is if that's the case. The pain is so intense and it's so hard to even function in any way resembling normal that there's no hiding it from anyone no matter how much you want to. I've been taken to the ER against my will from well meaning friends just because my panic attack scared them so badly - even though I did my best to convince them I'd be ok eventually they decided I HAD to go to the ER right then & there whether I wanted to or not. It's an incredibly embarrassing condition to have because it turns you into such a mess in front of everyone, no matter where you are and there's nothing you can do on your own to stop it or "calm down." You either have to wait it out or take medication that eventually turns you into an addict with the worst withdrawals that make opiate addiction look like playtime and can cause life threatening seizures. The first time I ever had a panic attack I was hospitalized for 10 days with chest & stomach pain so excrutiatingly severe I couldn't eat or drink anything so I got badly dehydrated. It took my doctors that long to figure out it was anxiety causing the pain because I had no prior history of it. Fuck her if she's claiming panic attacks are something so insignificant that you can hide them so easily. I agree that's just probably the mild anxiety that most people go thru when in an uncomfortable situation, THAT you can hide. Panic attacks are something entirely different, you feel like you are actually dying in the worst possible way and it's an incredibly scary experience. If she's really having those chest pains and dismissing it as not a panic attack because she thinks panic attacks are like mild anxiety then I think she needs a kick in the ass so she starts listening to her doctors. If she's making up the whole thing like I think she might also be doing with the fibromyalgia (because she wouldn't be able to move around so excitedly or fluidly) then I agree she's the worst kind of asshole, she makes it look like real sufferers of these diseases are exagerrating their symptoms and can just "suck it up" or "calm down." At first I felt sorry for her because I thought she was just denying her panic attacks, thinking it was something much more serious and was just mistaken about the cause of it but now I'm starting to believe it's the latter option, she doesn't have any of these symptoms and she's just a hypochondriac seeking attention.

No. 287324

Another strangeness…. She's said repeatedly that she went to ER and was hospitalized for three days this time last year. She's said the three days several different times, so seems certain on that point. She was also not insured at the time.

US hospitals aren't super keen on admitting people who aren't insured. Also, the tests she described are out patient tests. She said it was because her EKG had "consistently irregular beats"… well, a lot of people have those. They can be idiopathic, or from nutrition imbalance, or from medications. That's not really a reason to hospitalize someone unless they're extreme. But, a person w/extreme heart abnormalities would not be put on a treadmill stress test because it would have to be extreme enough to cause actual weakness and fainting to be hospitalized.

What does cause you to be hospitalized for three days is self-admission for psychiatric observation after being a credible suicide threat. And, it has to be credible. Many who go to ER for suicide thoughts get drugs and are let go after they calm down a bit.

So, her hospitalization for a "near" heart attack last year sounds like bullshit too.

No. 287377

Why TF is she calling it a "near" heart attack when doctors found nothing of the sort? They released her because they couldn't find anything wrong with her, much less anything life threatening like being close to a heart attack. She also says she has "near" seizures and "almost" collapses - now WTF does she mean by that? Is she talking about getting shaky or dizzy? Because that can be caused by lots of things such low blood sugar or even standing up too fast, it doesn't mean something serious "almost" happened. The way she portrays most doctor/hospital visits is highly suspect anyway. She says when she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia she was told she would have it the rest of her life, there's no cure or treatment so she'll just have to deal with the pain and then "pushed her out the door." This is not accurate information about the disease, it can go away spontaneously, there are multiple treatments approved by the FDA and a doctor would try to help her symptoms in some way, they wouldn't just tell her she's "fucked." This sounds either like she made this situation up herself or it's a false narrative from the naturopathic community on how medical doctors operate. It's bullshit either way.

>She was also not insured at the time.

I think she did claim to have insurance back then but I might not be remembering right.

No. 287406

Her new video and she now says she's trying to figure out what's wrong with her. So…she made claims, and now she doesn't know…and she's also stepping back but she's making two videos a day. Oh, and she is staying off of social media too. Which…that will last what, an hour? A few hours? A day?

No. 287414

in this video she's saying that she's raised about $7k for charity. receipts? did i miss them? i only remember the first "charity event" that she did, which was supposed to be the debate, and she only raised $100 ($60 of her own cash).

No. 287422


She's so full of shit. She claimed the entire amount raised for that relative, even though the gofundme was linked from the news article.

She also claimed $2k to some charity, but only $100 and a $50 receipt were shown.

At that point, she was up to claiming $2600. So, if she's over $7k now, that means this tarot card reading raised a helluva lot even though her receipt from the YouNow stream was less than $50.

ALSO… her $200 marketing is now only $50 marketing effort and somehow, she's totz new to YouTube, but had to pay up on Google ads for other videos that she was promoting and that's how she accidentally paid to market her new channel video.

The ol' gal knows her shit! She's now going to give business advice, even though she has the math skillz and tech skillz of a mentally challenged person.

No. 287427

Any person that takes any kind of advice from this fraud should seek a psychiatrist themselves.

No. 287431

How could she have raised 7k on that one video? all her fans are like pre-teens and teens, where the fuck would they get that money from?

No. 287436

LOL @ her new video. Not uploading a regular video for a week is considered "leaving" YouTube now, nevermind she was still streaming on YouNow every day, sometimes more than once, and those streams were linked on YouTube…so there was still daily activity on her YouTube channel, it was by no means "abandoned" for a week. Making a video explaining her "absence" was totally unnecessary….no one even realized she was "gone." I wonder what "staying away" from all social media will entail? …only updating her Twitter three times a day instead of every few minutes?

>her $200 marketing is now only $50 marketing effort and somehow, she's totz new to YouTube, but had to pay up on Google ads for other videos that she was promoting

Yep, she can't even keep her own lies straight.

No. 287438

also interesting how she's apparently still feeling physically awful but managed to stream for over three hours straight with no visible symptoms.

No. 287445

Joy has encouraged that poor girl who does the tarot card readings so much she now thinks she has some sort of "special empath powers." …so she's going start a business and actually charge people money for her "special ability" to read the instruction pamphlet that came with the cards.

No. 287455

Yikes that's embarrassing. Poor kid. She's going to feel bad when nobody wants her "services".

No. 287460

Her streams only raised about $50 to $100 each, she's counting all donations as part of her own efforts.

No. 287503

Joy could be very pretty and look saner if she cut her hair shoulder length, styled it, dressed business casual, lost weight and wore a bit of make up. Right now she looks too People of Walmart.

No. 287512

She wants to look "approachable" and "real", "relatable", unlike the other youtube women that wear a thousand pounds of makeup. Its all part of her plan.

No. 287531

File: 1491741083348.jpg (29.71 KB, 480x270, Niel.jpg)


I was wondering who she reminded me of for ages now. It was Niel from The Young Ones

No. 287533


that girl was already going to start a business with tarot ffs stop posting fiction ffs.

No. 287538

Joy posted this in her latest video. It doesn't matter when she decided to start a tarot card reading business Joy is still encouraging it even though the girl admits and clearly is still very much a beginner. As many people have pointed out she's not even reading the cards correctly. Just because a bunch of teenagers want her to read their cards for free in Joy's stream doesn't mean anyone will actually pay money for that (aside from Joy maybe.) This girl doesn't have the technique or charisma to take it to a professional level at this point in time, maybe with a lot more practice, but right now attempting that is just cringey as fuck. A person who is just learning how to do something doesn't have the skillset to charge money for services. Would you want someone who just started learning about their trade to be your mechanic or build your house? If you are saying it's not the same, then you must not think it matters how the cards are read and know it's just bullshit no matter how it's done.

No. 287541


yeah i watched the live stream, it all didnt go down as you describe but hey, facts arent what this thread is about anyway eh? :D

No. 287544


You seem to have totally missed the point of that post. Reading the instructions is not a marketable skill.

No. 287624

No. 287686


How much $ was the girl charging for her "readings"?

No. 287758


>> yeah i watched the live stream, it all didnt go down as you describe but hey, facts arent what this thread is about anyway eh? :D

Um… yes it kind of did. The girl kept saying "Oh, I've never pulled this card before" and had to look up in the book for every card she pulled. Yet, Joysus kept promoting people to follow the girl and get readings from the girl and that the girl should charge for the readings. Joysus asked her how much she charges and the girl said she didn't know and that she was just doing them for free so far, then asked chat how much she should charge. Some in the chat responded with $10 and $15.

But, then they spent an hour talking a 15yo boy back "off the ledge" after his reading upset him. So, I'm really hoping that makes that girl reconsider the idea of doing tarot card readings for fun.

No. 287762


yeah no thats not how anything happened, you obviously did not watch the stream but ok.

No. 287820

So, how did it happen?

No. 287829

in her new video she's saying that she went to a great highschool with an AMAZING broadcast journalism department, but apparently it was amazing and completely unused at the same time? that makes no fucking sense. she's also saying that she won all sorts of national and international awards for broadcast journalism and filmmaking and i can't find anything at all. maybe i don't know where to look, but that stuff should be somewhere online imo.

also she mentioned that it'd be great if you learned in school how to balance a checkbook. your age is showing hon.

No. 287834


>> how to balance a checkbook. your age is showing hon.

Wasn't it phone books that they balanced? Like to make you stand up straight?

No. 287836

… No. How young are you ffs?

No. 287838

You're fucking with us, right? You have to be fucking with us.

No. 287859

You guys are using two different definitions of balancing. One mathematically, one literally.


No. 287879

Yes, no shit, I was in awe of somebody who was so unfamiliar with the concept of balancing a checkbook that they just instead thought of the ol-timey, good posture lessons…which, no, they didn't do it with phonebooks because those are massive. I feel like even a teen on lolcow would have to recognize the term "balancing a checkbook", surely some of them have older parents who still do it? My parents refuse to let go of their checkbook.

Sage for OT.

No. 287918

>it'd be great if you learned in school how to balance a checkbook

Not that people really need to know how to balance a checkbook anymore because it's all done for them electronically in real time, the skills needed to balance a checkbook ARE still taught in school and have been for a very long time. Math is a core subject. Balancing a checkbook was done using extremely basic math - addition and subtraction using 2 decimals, which is usually mastered by 4th grade…unless you were in the slow class or special ed, but even back when she was in school they used to teach the special ed high school students specifically how to balance a checkbook with a calculator…if kids with actual mental retardation could handle it, why couldn't she?

No. 287941

I'm so old it took me a while to understand that's what they meant. Even if you don't use them, most banks will still give you a checkbook or at the very least the option to get one when you open a bank account…unless this kid is so young they haven't opened an account yet?

On a related but off topic note, I stopped using checks about 10 years ago after someone managed to get their hands on a few of my blank ones and forged my signature to buy several large ticket purchases. I actually had to do a writing sample at the police station to clear my name of check fraud charges. While I think a debit card with a pin # is slightly more secure my dad (in his 70s) has the opposite opinion, he still uses checks and refuses to get a bank card because he thinks it would get stolen easily.

sage for ot rambling

No. 287961

I actually remember my teacher spending a week teaching us how to write checks when I was in 3rd grade, plus, yeah, the basic lessons in addition and subtraction and then, in high school, they covered how to balance a checkbook in economics. I forget how old Joy is, but I'm younger than her, I'm 28, so it's not as if it was phased out when she was in school. They covered all sorts of real world skills when I was in school.

Maybe she just happened to go to a shitty school and she never bothered to look into whether or not they taught it elsewhere before making that statement.

I don't know why it would be a real issue for her as an adult, everybody uses online banking and debit cards. If she really insisted on sticking with a checkbook, she could simply Google that shit and learn it in a matter of a few minutes. God. Just another thing to add to the list of "Shit that's just off about Joy Sparkle BS".

No. 287972

No. 287981

I watched the stream and yes, what they are saying is pretty much what happened. I'm really curious what you think happened that is so opposite of this. Please correct us if we are all sooo wrong.

I also want to add that Joy kept telling the girl she was an empath and had a "gift" and the girl responded "Yeah, I feel like I do." Joy tells her something similar every time, praising the accuracy of the readings but to me it sounds like generic advice, just as accurate for myself and many others….that should tip you off it isn't anything special. Part of being a tarot card reader is sort of being like a therapist in some ways because people come to them asking for guidance…except they are far less qualified and can actually do damage to sensitive individuals as demonstrated by how the 15 yr old boy responded, it was meant to be "all in fun" but got serious real fast. They had to spend tons of time reassuring him and downplaying the legitimacy of tarot card readings, saying they aren't always right. It was really painful to watch, I felt so bad for the kid.

No. 287985

The one person I know who's crazy about tarot cards and does take them seriously is Alejandro Jodorowsky, the filmmaker, and there's a short video (should probably be easy to find if anybody's interested in watching it) with him describing the tarot and he reeeaally emphasizes that it's nota tool used to tell the future. The one man I know who owns hundreds of books on it, has released his own tarot deck, believes it has some kind of spiritual power…he's insisting it isn't meant to be used to read anybody's future, that it doesn't work that way.

And, yet, here we have Joy, who is not an expert, who's just some random bitch, encouraging a young girl to believe she's an empath who can legitimately read people's futures with tarot cards and managed to seriously freak out a vulnerable 15 year old. Great job, Joy.

No. 287991


really seems like he's just using opinions/info from the joy threads here (thought the same thing with his jamie videos, too)

No. 287994

Yep, I'm 40 and I was taught how to write checks and balance a checkbook in elememtary school. It's not like it's hard if such young children with very basic math skills can do it. Even if for some reason you are not so good at math, that's what calculators are for. It isn't even a necessary lesson now that everything is automated but ALL schools still teach kids how to do math with decimals, even the backward creationist parents who home school their kids will teach this.

No. 288007

I hate how when she talks about winning an international competition etc she makes it sound like it's about her career when it's things from high school or college. Doing things in school is great but it's really not the same as on her own in a profession. She's putting her name on something backed by a professor at a university, which maybe she is very skilled and did most of the work, but that seems like a misrepresentation from her earlier saying she was best in her department and head of all marketing and won an international campaign.

No. 288016


Plenty of Avon sales women can make the same claims. There are tons of those MLM sales gigs out there that hold "competitions" (read, the more you sell, the more you get recognized with trinkets.)

No. 288031

She said she won awards in film, has a passion for video production and has lots of professional business and marketing experience, yet her channel looks extremely amateur like it was made by a 12-year-old with a unicorn fetish.

..I know, it must be part of her genius marketing strategy to appeal to a pre-teen audience, right? #relatable

No. 288044

If you look at Joy's twitter, and you look at every one of this guy's comments or responses, he is so far up her ass that its creepy. The lengths he'll go to in order to get praise from Joy is just disgusting. All of this after a supposed apology too. And now this. So Rob is doing Joy's dirty work, huh? Dude needs to grow a set.

No. 288099

exactly, tarot is NEVER supposed to be used to tell someone's future. any competent and honest tarot practitioner will tell you that. this girl has no clue and definitely doesn't have a gift. also not an empath. saying that you can feel that someone in the stream is anxious is like saying that you can feel that someone in a classroom is anxious. gift or no gift, you'll always be right. not to mention that being an empath means that you pick up on the emotions of people AROUND you, not random people behind a screen not saying anything.

joy is setting this girl up for so much failure and ridicule in the future. and the advice that they gave to people in that stream was so destructive. they told another guy that he should quit his job based on the cards, two of which mercedes just read the names of and said "we know what that means." not. how. tarot. works.

also, there were a lot of times in the stream when joy interpreted the cards herself and mercedes just nodded along like "uhuh yeah oh you're so right." i don't understand how joy can claim to care about people so much but gives such shitty life advice to people she doesn't know based on absolutely nothing.

No. 288101

He wants to butter her biscuit.

No. 288117



Wow, he really is up her ass then if he is making a video calling a 17-year-old a "stupid bitch". Also, I don't get why he compared that girl's haircut to Lainey's. Like yeah, they're both short haircuts, but…?

No. 288121

>joy is setting this girl up for so much failure and ridicule in the future. and the advice that they gave to people in that stream was so destructive. they told another guy that he should quit his job based on the cards, two of which Mercedes just read the names of and said "we know what that means." not. how. tarot. works.

I gave up on the stream after a while because it's fucking boring to watch that girl do a reading so I didn't see that part, but if that's the kind of "advice" they were giving people that's so messed up. They have no idea what that guy's situation is or how it could affect him if he decided to follow that course of action. You shouldn't base major life decisions like changing jobs on something some random chick on the internet who knows nothing about you told you to do. That's just stupid. And it was super irresponsible for them to interpret the cards for that vulnerable 15 yr old in that way, he obviously holds Joy in high regard, so of course, he's going to believe anything she says is real.

No. 288147

>i don't understand how joy can claim to care about people so much but gives such shitty life advice to people she doesn't know based on absolutely nothing.

Because she's not giving advice out of any real desire to help people and be a good person. If she was, she'd make sure to tell them "That's just my take, I don't know your situation, you'd know better than me" and would be more than willing to admit she's not an expert, that she's just some random chick.

Joy gives advice because it makes her feel special, important and, probably to some extent, powerful. People are listening to her as if she's spouting off this valuable, sage wisdom and she interprets these interactions as proof that she's smart and valued. It's just a way for her to feed her ego, by no means is she doing out of the kindness of her heart. In all honesty, she's just as bad as Grease by taking advantage of over eager, vulnerable teenage fans who place too much trust and loyalty in her/her words, all so she can feel better about herself.

Most of her fans are probably ex-Onision fans, so it's pretty depressing when you realize they got out from Greg's bizarre little cult of personality and just replaced him with her.

No. 288165

There's a huge difference between encouraging someone who is obviously talented with lots of experience in something but just needs a little positivity and pandering to an amateur who doesn't know what they are doing, essentially lying to them about their abilities so they think they can do things they simply don't have the ability to do. Joy might have deluded herself into thinking she's doing the girl some sort of favor by showering her with undeserved compliments about her abilities but it's only setting her up for failure. Mercedes was just doing the readings "for fun" before but now Joy has her head so twisted around she doesn't just think she's awesome at reading cards, she actually thinks she has supernatural abilities too! That's a huge disservice not only to this girl but also anyone she advises. I really hope Mercedes is reading this thread so she gets the reality check she desperately needs and hopefully understands what we are saying here is NOT meant to hurt her, we are just horribly appalled at the way Joy is "mentoring" her.

Like you said Joy only cares about herself and how this makes her feel, it's the same reason she does so many charity events, so she can revel in other people thinking she's such a good respectable person. She doesn't care how this might impact this girl or her possible "clients."

No. 288167

"Hey i need a favor from you, Please help @MercedesD28 Get a chance to give @shanedawson a tarot reading. @JoySparkleBS @Takedownman1"

Just saw this on a few twitter feeds. Seems like she plans setting this girl up for failure. She doesn't know how to read cards and she isn't a psychic or an empath or any of that. But as long as she feels special, Joy can rope her in and manipulate her. This is sick.

No. 288176

Aughhh, ohh nooo. Joy, whhhyyyy? Does she really believe this girl is an empath? I actually am very open minded when it comes to the paranormal, I've experienced some weird shit that makes it impossible for me to say it totally does not exist, but this girl isn't a fucking empath. I don't even know her and I can comfortably say that. For Joy to believe she can identify people with ESP, it's just…it's fucking out there.

Joy, you're essentially doing the same thing as taking a kid, going out of your way to convince him that he's even better than Derek Jeter at baseball, then pulling favors to allow this kid to bat during a big game in Yankee Stadium. You'd just be setting up a gullible, naive, vulnerable kid to fail and embarrass themselves in front of a lot of people. If you're just saying/doing this shit to be nice, that's even worse. I'd somehow prefer it if you were nuts and genuinely believed you could ID empaths over the internet because at least you wouldn't be knowingly setting her up to look like an idiot on camera just to feel good about yourself.

No. 288183

LOL no please no. Her willingness to obviously fakely support and throw all of her soooo genuine* convincing power on the side of someone she knows nothing about and does not have a genuine gift (I mean who knows what her abilities are or will be, including Joy which is my point) as if she's a proven professional phenomenon gives her no credibility. Pushing your way through criticism with positivity only works if you maintain credibility and she just doesn't get that.

No. 288188


Oh fuck no. No one is impressed by the way this girl reads cards, but she is so NOT ready for that kind of exposure but even worse she doesn't have the personality to fake it through. People were leaving the stream left & right because her readings are so dull to listen to. Please Joy, for fuck's sake don't embarrass this girl like this.

No. 288190

It's never going to get anywhere. Shane Dawson is extremely selective with collaborations and he hand picked the only supernatural collab he does (psychic twins) because they're marketable, bizarre, and had enough of a reputation already to be safe to present to his audience. No way he or any larger youtuber will think bringing on a girl who picked up tarot as a hobby endorsed only by so credible so stable Joy is a safe move. Her pandering has gone too far once again, yet again but I don't see this even getting far enough to embarrass anyone.

No. 288193

It shows that Joy will use anyone or anything just to get that extra pat on the back. One of these days she's going to get one of these impressionable or vulnerable people hurt, or they're going to hurt themselves taking her 'advice.' To hear that she's planning on giving 'business advice' from her recent video is even more disturbed.

No. 288196

Joy I'm really not trying to be a bitch here but if you read this please take that white sweater/shrug/crop top and burn it. It doesn't do you any favors and honestly I don't think it would do ANYONE any favors.

No. 288199

Also dear god this Rob guy is so cringey.

No. 288203

I know, I was cringing and grimacing while trying to watch him. I could only power through a couple of minutes before I had to bail. Turns out he's obsessed with Joy? What a winner. The autism is strong with this one, anons.

No. 288210

Looking over joy's feed, I see her saying "Hit me up <3" to Rob…and he's talking about Konstigo. 20 hours ago. This is after her so-called apology, too. Obsessive tendencies, here we go again! The point though is that she is using Rob to do her dirty work.

No. 288213

I don't think she would get so far as to be looked at by Shane much less get on camera but just trying to promote this girl to that kind of audience is cruel.

No. 288223

Joy is straight out lying to this girl by telling her she is talented enough to be on Shane's channel or that she's on par with the psychic twins (not that I think they have any supernatural abilities either) but you're right Mercedes is not marketable to a large audience in the same way. Her readings are bland and boring with her literally reading them out of a book because she has no idea what she's doing. She doesn't have the same charisma that the twins do, nor the ability to entertain with a good story. The poor girl is shy and awkward on a small YouNow lifestream, I don't know what would possess Joy to think trying to get her on Shane's channel is a nice thing to do for her because it's not. It's also funny that Joy thinks she or any of her little friends have that kind of pull.

No. 288229

joy thinks that she has that kind of pull all of the time. she's constantly talking about ~smaller channels~ and being all-around condescending to anyone with fewer subs than her. she only has around 22k subs. it's a nice audience, but that's about it. it's obvious at this point that she can't see past her narcissism.

No. 288241

While she's at it, she should burn the blue one too…actually any other shrugs she has that fit that way because they do not look good on her at all. They make her arms look like overstuffed sausages even though she really isn't that fat. She might be heavier than she wants to be but she's about average size for her age in the US….those shrugs were obviously something she used to wear when she was 40 lbs lighter and it shows they are too small for her now. Joy if you wear clothes that fit your figure properly and not try to keep squeezing into your skinny clothes (or alternately mope around in sweats) no one will even notice. You can pull off a more womanly figure if you do it right.

No. 288254

Off topic but I can't deny she has really nice hair and I don't think her weight makes a big difference in how she looks (compared to her old photos)…I really wish she would try makeup again..the current "formal" outfits remind me of piano recital wear. I think she's wearing stuff from old performance commitments…she's had a few shirts which are cute but are too formal to not be wearing makeup then…

No. 288261

The only things I wish she'd try would be electroshock therapy or psychological help. Low cut outfits around teens and young, young adults is just cringy.

No. 288263


Not defending Joy but this was brought on by the card girl herself. Someone else had asked her who she wanted to do a reading for and that Shawn guy was one of the names mentioned. Is the girl special? Special education maybe but that's about it. Do I think this 20 year old is going to make a career out of cards she bought of the internet because of the encouragement of a narcists? I doubt it but if she does it's her own fault for being that stupid.

No. 288264

LOL has she worn anything very low-cut?? I thought it's been a little conservative for the sake of staying "professional" …or just hoodies.

No. 288271

To some extent, but this is a heavy duty manipulator here. She builds them up so she can use them for whatever from the look of it. Joy is still at the epicenter of it, and enabling a delusion.

Her last video. It was pretty…low cut. Most of it has been, every once and a while though…cringefest.

No. 288284

I could only bring myself to watch one video. That is 10 minutes I will never get back.

No. 288302

>she has really nice hair
Only when she takes the time to style it, otherwise her rat's nest ends up looking like she just escaped from a mental asylum

Mostly just hoodies…once even the same gray hoodie for 5 days in a row….and when she wanted to make a video, she temporarily changed out of that same crusty old hoodie into a more formal blouse/shrug combo that was couple sizes too small so it ended up looking tighter and more low cut than originally intended. She really needs to buy clothes that properly fit her. (Even if she thinks she can't afford it, thrift stores are a thing.)

Telling someone who her fantasy reading is, does not mean she's ready for it to happen or even wanted Joy to try. (Apparently, Joy thinks she's the Make-a-wish foundation now.)

No. 288334


Her little friend Rob Novak appears to have taken this video down already now.

No. 288335


So hate cucks with no conviction. He lashed out horribly at a 17yo, he should be proud of his white knighting for her high ass.

No. 288336

shit. did anyone happen to save it? i didn't get a chance to see that bullshit and i'm curious. (sage obv.)

No. 288458

New ultra cringe video dropped on the Pepsi commercial where she is wearing her signature white shrug, refers to Kendal as a piece of ass, a dude and his boner, and brown guys in the street that are "bringing the cool" all while batting her eyes at roommate but ends up so triggered that she has to make an additional video to address all of that.

Also, her white knight deleted his video and swapped it for "an apology" with less bitch but more big boy voice and is triggered as he stands by the fact that konstigo is a liar and thief

No. 288481

Yall think rob Novak is autistic serious question

No. 288512

I think he could be, yeah. I also think that much like joy, he doesn't have much content or much to say for himself that people would care to hear, so he's hoping to gain from being an ally to joy. The guy makes videos in one room whilst playing video games and can't even come off as coherent whilst talking at a camera. Could you imagine what he would he like trying to talk to an actual person that can talk back? Sorry off topic.

No. 288549

In her newest video "the Pepsi ad breakdown" towards the end she says "this is some business advice from me to Kendall Jenner" What the fuck. When she talks about big youtubers and even famous people she often talks directly to them. Like she thinks they will actually see her video? AND UM, Kendall can hire the best PR people in the country. I don't think she needs or wants business advice from Joy. She thinks way to highly of herself and it's embarrassing.

No. 288568

She Ain't got all the answers!!!!

No. 288569

I honestly don't understand what all the kerfuffle is about the Pepsi ad. It's a fucking ad, you retards. Coke did "I'd like to teach the world to sing" thing back in the 70-80s. The "make a difference," "bridge the divide" etc. themes in ads is nothing new (and if you're in marketing or lived on Planet Earth for the last 30 years you really should know this) and it isn't necessarily because it's topical. The Pepsi ad is a fucking nod to this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flower_Power_(photograph), you ignorant twats who don't talk but don't understand the fucking context. Like, how have you gone through life without ever seeing that iconic photo?

….it's the multiculturalism, isn't it? (Brown people dancing make it cool? Wow. You're right. I was skeptical before I saw the brown people dancing but when I saw them, I jumped right onboard. Idiot.)

and the low hanging fruit, right?

and, as bill hicks would say "that righteous indignation dollar," yes?

SJWs and anti-SJWs are two sides of the same coin. They are both capable of mind melting retardation.

No. 288570


Well at least her hair looks nice.

No. 288577

I think you're on the wrong website. Tumblr is the other way

No. 288579


As if on cue. :)

No. 288639

A touch autistic maybe…or he could just be really socially awkward. If you look at his channel he has made 432 videos in the 6 months he's had a channel, really churning out that daily content. However, the majority of those videos consist of 20-30 min long multi-part series of Let's plays (one series is up to part 46) that all have less than 10 views per video. That's a lot of work for almost no one to see it.

He's married…so he was able to talk to a girl coherently enough to get her to be with him….I haven't seen her so I don't know how much of an accomplishment that was.

No. 288646

So basically, another socially awkward, easily manipulated pawn for Joy to use in her games. We can also see that he is very emotionally reactive, which seems to be another type of person that Joy likes to prey on. She then builds them up so they get hooked in and uses them….and then if the other people are to be believed they get demonized after.

So now we have a cycle. In addition, after the person has been demonized, BECAUSE she picked someone that had any or all of the above, they can easily be written off if they decide to start talking. This establishes that she puts some effort into who she targets to use, and how she goes about things. This is planned.

No. 288665

File: 1491855875805.png (1.13 MB, 1920x1080, joy.png)

She wears the least flattering clothing possible. That high-waisted elastic, obnoxiously large floral print, the off the shoulder jersey crop top. It's all her outfits, not just this one. So many bulky sweaters, off the shoulder and crop tops, and tops with way too many embellishments. No idea what she usually wears on the bottom since I can rarely see it, but it's probably just as bad as this photo. That skirt is not only a crappy high elastic waist, but it's so gathered it makes her hips look much larger than they are (and not in a good way).

I know she's self-conscious about having gained some weight, but it's like she's doing everything she can to highlight that. She's a pretty woman and I don't think she even looks bad at her current weight, she could look so much better if she just stopped buying/wearing such fucking atrocious clothing! Joy, god damnit, do better!

No. 288676

She looks like the YourMovieSucks guy, but larger

No. 288682

It is very likely the whole "concerned about weight" is just another gimmick to reel in the more emotional of the audience and fish for compliments. Narcissism patterns again. If she says it, she know the audience will respond and she will get attention.

No. 288701

all i can see are those 5-inch split ends. girl, no.

No. 288710


stop derailing, retards

No. 288713

Um… what's the difference between "Islamic" and "Muslim" ??? I thought a Muslim was just a person who believes in the Islamic faith? Why is JS BS talking like they're two different types of people? I could see differentiating between a Sunni and a different TYPE of Muslim (like Christians have Baptists and Pentecostal)… but… um… she's not a very bright person for all her SMERTNESS!

AND… lots of US born and raised Muslims wear hijab. Just because someone is wearing one, doesn't mean they're an immigrant. She sounds like a backwater racist trying to be "multi-cultural"

No. 288723

File: 1491858570169.png (1.08 MB, 1920x1080, joybs.png)

Samefag, here's another one. Unfortunately (fortunately?) I couldn't get a good cap of this outfit where her hair wasn't splayed all over her boobs, but you can watch the video if you want to see just how ill-fitting this dress is. Covering it up with a too small shrug just makes it even worse, lmao. I'm not usually so petty, but her wardrobe really pisses me off. Especially for someone with "fibromyalgia," it blows my mind that she can sit around in clothing that fits SO poorly. That can't be comfortable, and it never, ever looks good.

No. 288724


There needs to be a website where people can go to put out information and talk about Joy and the people who believe her.

Sage because this genius seems to have just figured this out

No. 288744

>There needs to be a website where people can go to put out information and talk about Joy and the people who believe her.

Doesn't lolcow already serve this purpose?

>this genius seems to have just figured this out

You don't need to be snarky to this person, not everyone is as caught up on the story as you. People who used to support her might just be starting to notice those patterns in her behavior but get turned off reading this site because you forgot they are on the same side as you.

No. 288755

OMG… did she call a black guy "the dancing monkey" in that video? Not to mention how she absolutely hates all the women in it with a passion?

No. 288757


"I'm gonna wear this low cut thing but I'm going to wear something over it so you can't see my cleavage but what I wear over the low cut thing is tight so it highlights my tits."

also, on twitter she's now trying to cozy up to bearing. i hope people see through her continued pattern of try hard networking, but i'm not holding my breath.

No. 288758

Whenever her subs start dropping, she starts looking for new people to sucker in through collabs. Then she can steal from their audience and further her belief in her own mind how wonderful she is.

No. 288801

Jesus, this woman has a hair trigger. I would have taken that comment as fun ribbing… Joysus goes totally off the rails. Apparently you have to have your clothes tailored for them to fit. Off the rack in appropriate sizes is not a thing in her part of the country.

Wanna bet she's (Joysus is) a size 18 and it's making her nutz?


No. 288803

File: 1491864187169.png (135.16 KB, 835x638, gtt75OG.png)

Derp… so that it'll get archived

No. 288809

Oh look, another meltdown. Hilarious what happens whenever she gets questioned or criticized. Her "positive community." I have seen Laura there comment on her stuff a few times and it is weird that even with Joy being a complete ass right in front of their face, these idiots defend it anyway. They enable her insanity.

No. 288815


Wow, much Joy, such positivity.

Good grief, all that for one little comment that wasn't even particularly nasty. Going so far as to call them a cunt.

OniSheon living up to the nickname, as usual! I mean, come on, you just need to let little comments like that fly when you are any degree of public figure, which she is as SUCH a big YouTuber, heh. You're pretty much always going to get a few comments about your appearance. That comes with the territory. To throw such a fit about it is pathetic.

No. 288828

Her ego was so triggered by a minor comment that she had to go back and start more shit. What a brat.

No. 288842

That's the worst possible way to respond to that comment. She's obviously very sensitive about her weight but the thing is by wearing much too small clothing she's putting a giant spotlight on it, she can't expect people not to notice. All YouTubers get comments about their weight and fashion choices but especially if they wear something horrendous like that white stretchy thing she has. Even the really overweight YouTubers handle weight comments much better than that and this person didn't even mention her weight, but she still threw a huge hissy fit over it and as a result, she comes across as the crazy, rude unreasonable one. She doesn't have to have a lot of money to buy well-fitting clothing. I go to thrift shops all the time and find lots of amazingly cute well-fitting items there….and go home with a huge bag of "new" clothes for only $20. If she can afford to drop $15 on likes every time she watches WinkietheTwinkie on YouNow, she can afford new clothes that fit.

No. 288873

sage for blog. i'm also very self-conscious about my weight (i'm only about 10 lbs overweight, but still). i've gotten much ruder comments on youtube and i mean it always hurts but at the end of the day people say whatever they want and that's okay. the way that she responded was COMPLETELY uncalled for and shows what maturity level she's at. she can call out a grandmother for making a comment on her clothes, but it's perfectly okay for her to call a 17-year-old a bitch?? when she's 32?? almost old enough to be that girl's mother?? pot and kettle, my god.

No. 288909

her intros are so cringe worthy

No. 288926

I don't even understand Joy's constant bitching about her weight when she's not even fat? I don't think I've ever seen a recent full body shot of her but she makes it sound like she's on Mama June status (Before the surgeries) when she's like…completely average? Like what, is all the weight in her upper arms? From what I can see she's just slightly …I wouldn't even say thick tbh. At best she got a little pudge belly or something.

Sage ofc, it just annoys me every time she says it, esp with how much drama she adds in. Smh I lost my job a bit ago and put on like 30 fucking pounds, shit, I wish I could sit on my ass the way she does and only end up with a little bit of afterwave.

No. 288949

I skimmed the other threads to see if this was talked about, didn't see it so I'll post it anyway. Apologizes if it was posted already.

Dude says what everyone is thinking.

No. 288984

her narcissism really starts to come out when she's riled up. her video on the united situation is basically "on behalf of someone who's flown a lot" "on behalf of a paying customer" "on behalf of someone who's seen a lot of weird shit" "on behalf of someone who knows how stressful it is to fly" "on behalf of someone who doesn't speak the language" etc. etc. etc. literally the ENTIRE thing is about her.

also she's apparently an experienced pro in the aviation business, too. i mean, what ISN'T this woman an expert in?

No. 288994

I wouldn't be surprised if she was a furry too

Does Joy seriously not understand that you aren't supposed to reply to hate comments? At least not defensively. I've never seen a successful youtuber go off on somebody in the comments like that. She gets a 10 word comment about her outfit and responds with half a page worth of text. This is a grown ass woman. kek so sad

No. 289002

Stop self posting on here faggot

No. 289003

File: 1491887391978.png (21.4 KB, 659x127, marketing.png)

sounds like she needs some of her own marketing advice.

No. 289005

From what she's said she's 5'2" and somewhere around 150 lbs. I agree that this is more like average even though the way she carries on you'd think she was morbidly obese. (This type of body dismorphia can even lead to an ED…if I'm remembering right she claimed she had an eating disorder for 2 years when she was younger.) Like you said, she is probably just making way too big a deal out of a little extra pudge on her belly and arms/shoulders. If she buys a few blouses in a larger size with a flattering style for her shape she won't get so many people pointing out how badly her clothes fit. She probably wears close to a size 14 now but from her earlier pics it looks like she's used to being extremely skinny, putting on 40+ lbs in a year is understandably a bit of a shock for her. However, her persistence in wearing clothes several sizes too small is only going to make her constantly aware she's gained weight & obsess over it, basically wallowing in her own misery. I'm not super skinny like I used to be in my 20s either but I wear nice clothes that fit correctly so they look good and it isn't an issue.

She says she is not able to exercise because she's sick but that's SUCH bullshit. Even disabled elderly people with extremely painful arthritis are still recommended to exercise by doctors, they just usually do water aerobics so it's not as painful for their joints. Instead of complaining about it on the internet all day and stuffing her face with unhealthy foods, she can get up off her ass and do some type of low impact exercises and try to eat a more healthy balanced diet while keeping portion control in mind. (It doesn't have to be an extremely restricted diet or vegetarian/vegan, she mainly just needs to burn more calories than she's taking in.) Like others have said she doesn't have to get her clothes custom-tailored or spend lots of money on a brand new wardrobe, she can get some very nice looking items from thrift shops. Even if they have enough money to do otherwise, some people exclusively buy clothes second-hand because of the uniqueness of what they can find.

- sage for blog & sorry for the rant, her "I'm fat/poor me" whining pisses me off

No. 289088

To be fair this isn't her fault or anything she can control, even the best marketing techniques won't really help in this situation. Because so many advertisers bailed on YouTube due to the WSJ's bullshit, nearly all channels are taking a similar drop in revenue despite having the same or even an increase in their number of views. It's part of the reason Onision is dropping his UhOhBro channel for now. There just isn't enough ad dollars to go around.

On a side note, if you want to help out your favorite channels who are likely struggling right now, watch any ads that come up in full, click on banner ads, share their videos, and consider buying merch or supporting them on Patreon. This will help channels you like to stay afloat until this blows over and the advertisers come back. Obviously not saying you should do this for Joy, only channels you like & want to keep making content.

sage for OT

No. 289114

this all reeks of jamie faggotry

No. 289134

her new video. The fact that she feels she is qualified to give any sort of advice to anyone is laughworthy

No. 289155

you're right, but that wasn't the point. she's been giving greg "marketing advice" for the VERY SAME issue since it started happening, because she's such a pro. but now she's in a similar position. it's ironic.

No. 289171


Oh, I completely agree with you there. Just like everyone else, her channel took a HUGE hit in earnings and it has to do with advertisers backing out more than anything else….but yet she's handing out this "valuable" marketing advice that hasn't saved her from this decline either. She KNOWS this is caused by the advertisers pulling out in her case, but for Greg?…no, it's entirely HIS fault because of the content of his channel. She's also lecturing him on taking a sponsorship that will actually pay him because it's not up to HER moral standards. Same with his experiment on changing his content to see if that would help. Yet taking the "moral high ground" (in her eyes) isn't helping her channel any either. On top of all this she actually had the audacity to criticize his grammar and writing style in his books, sure it's awful but we've all seen the way she writes on her Twitter and YouTube comments, she comes across like a 13 yr old with ADHD. With all her talk about making sure the "brand" of a channel should present a good public image…well, we've seen her emotional overreactions to minor insults and not-so-nice criticisms as well as her horrendously vulgar language and humor. She's far from "family friendly" even though so much of her audience consists of underage minors. She seems to be completely oblivious to all of this up there on her high horse.

No. 289311


that is a straight up lie you cunt


hai jamie you fucking skanky cunt, shouldnt you be off of here giving a fuck about your own views?

god dammit this cunty ass thread is all shit its just plastic surgery cunt jamie leigh fischer trying to keep ono importance alive to avoid people from attacking her. wake the fuck up you morons, jamie has multiple ip's and fucking with you like the bitches you are and when my ip is banned? i'll be back in 30 seconds with a new one.

you guys are fucking stupid, all these responses are jamie under vpn's make you all look like bitches.(stop)

No. 289347

Someone, somewhere up there ^ said the woo stuff of her beliefs don't matter. I guess it doesn't if you're giving her the benefit of the doubt and believe she believes that crap she spouted.

I don't give her any such benefits.

The fact that she worked as an "angel channeler" shows what a conwoman she is.

How does a early 30 year old have $40k in savings? From marketing jobs she generally held for less than a year? For some little parts on some ambient sound meditation cds? From freelancing as a voice instructor?

She talked about how that whole indigo movement was about making people feel special (you mean like marketing sometimes does?) so they can take people's money like she was removed from it.

But I don't think she was.

From what I've seen so far (and I could be wrong about this. I welcome corrections.) she was just an ancillary person in the movement.

I can't help but think there's something missing.

No. 289351

>that is a straight up lie

Please explain which part of that is a lie. Go ahead, enlighten us with the "truth."

No. 289362

>How does a early 30 year old have $40k in savings

Where does she say that? Just curious where that number came from.

No. 289373

Well, she just announced she is starting a Patreon. It finally happened.

No. 289385

this is spot on, anon. also how every video is becoming "my business advice to _____" like girl people who in fairness have over a million subs are going to take your advice and laugh at it, who needs business advice from a washed up, tryhard old, haggard, dry haired narc with nothing to show for all the skills she brags about.

No. 289388

YEP. And her excuse will be "The people willed it!" So she's outright conning people for charity while actively NOT seeking any real medical attention. Would that fall under fraud or would that be a grey area?

No. 289396


I've never seen her make any claims on an actual bank account size Phil, but I started playing the stock market when I was 25 and retired at 35. Money isn't a big mysterious thing that no one can ever get their hands on.

No. 289402

Phil? First it was Jamie, then it was Angel. Are we throwing around random names now? I haven't seen any direct claims made on any videos or streams either. I don't think the issue was how she made her money…the issue is more why she needs more of it at the expense of others when she is capable of using what she has.

No. 289409


Yeah, me too. Except I started at 21 and retired at 22. I also bought a small island in the south pacific and built a lair on the side of a volcanic mountain. It's surrounded by sharks with fricken lasers on their head.

No. 289413


we have the same realtor :p

No. 289416

Sage your shitposting.

No. 289417



No. 289421

I'm not going to go searching for it because listening to that voice kills my will to live so you can discard what I said. But I'm certain she did give a specific amount when explaining her living situation. Hopefully, someone else can pinpoint it.

Looks like I hit a nerve, though. :) Scammers gonna scam. That's what the angels say, right, crazy?

Also, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ad_hominem. Now you know better. If I have to continue to educating you, I'm going to start billing.

Sorry, farmhand. I know better; I just forgot. I'll do better.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 289423

jesus fuck okay we all know Jamie is just as much of an attention whore as Joy is but the difference is she namefags all her posts. your hateboner for Jamie isn't cute when she has her own fucking thread on this board. Jamie has zero influence on farmers' opinions of Joy at this point, as we can see with our own eyes the manipulation tactics and bullshit at work. it is suspect that there's such dislike for Jamie coming from people because no one else takes her seriously. if Jamie is as much of a cunt as you say she is, then why care so much what she says?

the point is shut the fuck up with your Jamie accusations as they're annoying the ever-loving piss out of me.

sage for sperging at other spergs but this shit gets annoying and clogs the thread.

No. 289429

>she's outright conning people for charity

While I agree she's full of shit in many, many areas, and it's obvious she's using the charity thing to bring positive attention to herself and her channel, the charities she's asked people to donate to have all been legitimate with a direct link to that charity. She even started posting receipts of the amounts she donated from her YouNow streams that she promised to the charity and added her own money on top of it. She wasn't taking money for herself and emphasized all money she raised was for charity for a long time precisely so people wouldn't automatically think she was a fraud and are more likely to trust her when she did ask later. She'll get a lot more money that way than if she had just asked from the beginning.

No. 289452

they're definitely legit charities and she's provided a few receipts. what makes no sense is her claim that she's raised $7k for charity when the receipts only account for a couple hundred dollars. i don't believe that she's keeping any money for herself that was intended for charity, but the whole thing sounds so fake.

No. 289458

Joysus has trippled down on doctor drugs-for-sex who hasn't had a patient since he was busted in 2005

No. 289461

NY Post article on the Grandfather that Joysus is defending as a doctor and GRANDFATHER! that had to see patients.


No. 289470


Bitch is in full blown manic mode. 4th video on United and another vid on Onision… She has new target for her hate, CEO of United. Now, we see how she put out 50 videos in a week on Onision… she's in full blown rant mode and pumping them out like someone fully off the rails.

No. 289476

wow, i can't even make it through her videos on this whole deal. she focuses so much on the fact that he's a grandfather, like that makes any difference. the assault was terrible but it would've been terrible if it had happened to literally anyone else, too. ALSO, she's fine with calling a grandmother a cunt for making a benign comment on her wardrobe. that's totally okay, but this guy being a grandfather? those "motherfuckers" obviously had no empathy. (obviously, assault and calling someone a cunt aren't even remotely the same, but she shouldn't act like a saint when she has no actual regard for other people.) and the lack of mention about the dude's past and multiple felonies is suspicious. again, assault isn't okay against anyone, but if you're going to make someone out to be this amazing person and ignore their literal FELONIES, you're fake as fuck.

yeah she's fucking lost it. and overall her content is so useless, to begin with.

sage for slight ot.

No. 289478


Had UA drug a woman off like that, Joysus would be calling the woman a cunt for delaying the rest of the passengers (a Kyathy)… Joysus hates women with a weird passion.

No. 289479


So, let me get this straight, her earnings have fallen 75% so she doubles-down so she could earn 50% rather than 25% and thinks she should be giving other people "business advice"? Does that about sum it up?

No. 289506


I'm an adult w/long history with US Marines and US Army…. her videos are so laced with profanities that they make me sick of hearing them. There is no way her videos are advertiser friendly. I'm surprised she has ads on ANY of her vids.

No. 289512

Interesting. I have fibromyalgia and any sort of stress (like how she's screaming on those videos) makes my pain levels go through the roof. She certainly looks amazingly mobile for someone who claims to have fibromyalgia.

No. 289515

now, if you were to bring that up to her, she'd say, ARE YOU A DOCTOR??? which is funny, since she's pretty much not seen a legitimate one nor does she have any proof of this crap.

No. 289519


Well, it's good to see that she's changed her attitude about doctors and is now defending one… oh, sure… his license was cancelled a decade ago for drug trafficking… but, every little step counts, right?

No. 289523


not drug trafficking. he was trading drugs to a male employee for sex.

No. 289525

So far we have manic depressive sckitso (angels) narcissistic personality disorder with extreme control issues+ emotional manipulation tendencies (possible sociopath). Around impressionable kids and young adults.

And giving 'business advice"'. On a scale of 1 to apocalypse how bad is this going to be?

No. 289546

not to mention that stress wreaks HAVOC on the gastrointestinal system. also, backtracking to when people were talking about her wardrobe, wearing anything tight around the midsection when you have gi issues is pure agony.

and sage for more blog, but she's mentioned the auto-immune side of things before. i have a neurological auto-immune disorder, too (guillain-barre, in remission!), and stress is basically the #1 thing you're supposed to avoid. so that means staying out of drama. not seeking or creating it.

holy fuck she just posted another video. how sick is this woman again??? i can barely upload one video per month holy shit.

No. 289550

Un-related to the above but in the spanse of 24 hours she released 6 videos. Not two or three…six. Even more dedicated, healthy youtubers might release one a day…but six?

No. 289551


Yeah.. she's in full on manic mode, you can see it was building up the day before.

No. 289552


Set your timer, she'll be suicidal in two weeks and wallow there for a week and a half.

No. 289576


He was able to get his medical license reinstated in 2015 after finishing probation and undergoing a psychological investigation. His felonies were for obtaining prescription drugs by fraud or deceit. This started because he was having a relationship with his former patient/manager who wanted drugs in exchange for sex so over 3 years they worked together to obtain prescription drugs. (I don't know the full story of course but it sounds like he got sexually involved with the wrong person.) He was given 5 years probation, served his debt to society and is now able to practice medicine again so it's very likely he was telling the truth when he said he had patients to see in the morning. The article also mentioned how he likes to ganble and play online poker and yes this is considered a vice by some but it's not illegal. This doctor having a couple skeletons in his closet doesn't negate or excuse any part of how wrongly UA handled the situation or that the officers had no right to assault him. No one deserves that no matter what they did in their past.

sage for OT

No. 289577


98 felony drug counts for illegally prescribing and trafficking painkillers, six felony counts of obtaining drugs by fraud and deceit, and convicted for writing prescriptions and checks to a patient in exchange for sex. Permitted RESTRICTED practice in 2015 that was subsequently further restricted in 2016.

THIS is who she is defending.

No. 289580

You don't need to set a timer, her subs count is her timer. Whenever it starts to bleed out, just wait for the crazy. If it starts to pick up quickly, out comes the ego. If it drops enough, its all the fault of the haters that are out to get her.

No. 289585


He got all messed up with drugs and when it happens to a doctor since they can write out their own prescriptions so it's easy to get a bunch of charges like that. He finished his probation. He's still practicing medicine regardless of how restricted his license is. That isn't the point. The thing is the airline didn't know his past when they did this, the only thing he did was be stubbornly refuse to give up his seat. As far as the airline knew he could have been the most upstanding citizen on the planet, finding out after the fact he has felonies doesn't excuse what they did either way. It was wrong plain and simple.

No. 289592

Dude its not like he raped the guy. he obviously was more than willing to offer his ass to the doctor for some prescription meds. A lot of people do shit like that in the practice, they just dont get caught. Again is not like he had him as a sex slave in his basement.

No excuse at all for how he was treated on the airplane incident.

No. 289594

Forgot to add, im glad Kati found someone (or something)else to focus all their shit on. itll probably last a couple more days and then go back to his senpai Onion

No. 289637

This is offtopic, sage or don't post.

No. 289661

Same fam. Stress begets more stress and thus, pain. I wonder if she's just really bad at managing it or if it's pure hypochondria.

No. 289665

You didn't actually sage though.

No. 289677

Sorry, accident. I do know better.

No. 289692

Sorry for nitpicking then, there are newfags not saging all over.

No. 289740

Sage but I'm actually really glad Joy is making so many videos about other things, even if she's only doing it or splitting them into multiple ones because she's aware people are so sick of onion vids and she wants to justify doing more onion vids later….but I actually will watch her talk about other things, even if she is completely off the mark. Again sage for pure opinion but something satisfies me about her posting about other things. I think it's because that means she can and will spread the milk to many and ANY other subjects…..(lern2sage)

No. 289884

So Joy copyright claimed the collab with Konstigo



Ft. Osage High School, Independence, Missouri
Kati Smith (1999-2003)


No. 289910


If it's a collaboration what part did konstigo do exactly? I never got to see the video but from what I've heard it was all Joy babbling Joy shit. I think konstigo is a cunty onion fangirl trying to mess with Joy and got tripped up so she's throwing a tantrum. Now we get to listen to whatever marketing bull shit about every company on the planet while her own channel swirls down the toilet into oblivion. Not much time until this girl is hamburger. The sooner the better.

No. 289948


…it was an interview

No. 290029

Honestly the comment Kongstigo or w.e left under the interview video is so cringe that she basically invited the Internet to drag her anyway. All this self rightious immature shit makes them both look so bad it's like who even cares "who it belongs to" when the both of em should be trying to distance themselves from it all.

Not to mention all the spring that followed.

No. 290031

File: 1492030908776.png (677.42 KB, 967x761, voc.png)

HAHA Kati you're a fucking moron. Everything about this is terrible and screams scam. The low res shutter stock photo takes the cake!

No. 290098

She took the website down.

Srsly picturing Kati furiously refreshing lolcow every 3 minutes.

No. 290108

File: 1492036368182.png (513.22 KB, 1035x787, lol.png)

my favorite part, from the archived link
1of 2

No. 290111

File: 1492036390133.png (153.58 KB, 1028x715, interesting.png)

2 of 2

No. 290116

I had a feeling she'd take it down. For someone whose life seems to be the internet, she sure is terrible at it. This thread is a learning opportunity that she refuses to take advantage of.

No. 290117


I like "Call for your first free lesson today!" coming from Ms. Marketing Pro, Onision needs to get an editor! That phrasing seems to imply there will be multiple free lessons from the shrill ranty woman manically posting on YouTube.

No. 290125

Oh bullshit. I bet you anything she never did 99.9% of that crap (besides moving to Paris and working with Taho) Nobody knows who the hell she is. With that voice, she might do something here and there but nothing on the scale she is trying to say it is/was.

No. 290153


>shutterstock photo


>We can help get u there!


Jesus fuck, and she tells others how to market?

No. 290154

Dem rampant typos tho…

No. 290242


could of just been a placeholder, i've done that with shutterstock sizes before :)

No. 290250

Yes, but she left it that way…so it was either intentional or she never completed it. Given the typos you'd hope it was the latter but she releases stuff like that all the time.

No. 290291

Any vocalist knows that 3-6 month thing for your ultimate voice is bs….

Just like any other instrument it takes a ton of hard work for much longer than 3-6 months….even for a natural…

I wonder if her mentor in marketing was like a professional con or something and that's where she picked up this shady advertising language….tinfoiling of course

No. 290323

"Ultimate" no, but she could probably get them to a noticeable improvement that would satisfy many amateurs, maybe she was counting on that to be enough or that people would forget the exact wording of the ad by that time. It looks like she attempted (badly) to formulate the ad simply to get responses and figured once she got them on the phone she could then talk her way into a paying client. Does it say when she made this ad? It could be before she got all her "super exclusive, super valuable" marketing experience. However, from the timeline given in the ad this has to be later than 2012, so unless she did all her marketing in the last 5 years, she has to be attempting to apply some part of what she learned here. All the things she has put online have a distinctly amateur feel to them.

Also, notice how she name drops all those impressive schools she didn't actually attend, she just got "accepted" to them…and she's trying to get people to believe that after getting accepted to all her dream schools she actually decided to go to the University of Missouri-Kansas City instead? I don't think so. (Sure they are expensive schools but there are ways to get funding if you need it.) This says she only attended college for one year before taking off to Paris but I could swear she mentioned completing her degree more than once. Did she go back to school after she came back from Paris or is that another half-truth?

No. 290374

>Sure they are expensive schools but there are ways to get funding if you need it

This "funding" generally comes from scholarships that you get for sports, or good grades etc. Joy isn't smart, she just talks a lot. Have you seen how she writes? A million mistakes. Smart people know ortography.

No. 290376

I smell Jaime

No. 290377

even the best of the best vocalists have coaches. and constantly try to get better. you never achieve your "ultimate" voice. this whole thing is so unbelievably stupid.

she's not even good at talking. she just screeches at a camera for twenty minutes at a time.

sage for ot.

No. 290386

ADMA and Julliard are performing arts schools, being smart doesn't factor into it so much being extremely talented. Both schools offer scholarships & financial aid, Julliard even states on their website to please apply for an audition even if you think you can't afford the tuition because 85% of their students receive some type of assistance.

I looked up the "Interlochen School of Arts in Michigan" and found the "Interlochen Center for the Arts" located in Michigan, apparently, they offer workshops & classes for all age groups in various arts including music and it looks like anyone can get in, being accepted isn't a big deal. For those interested in singing they have two different 2 day long classes for $95 & $175, a 3 day class for $285 and a week-long adult choir camp for $595. If she really wanted to attend she could have easily saved up enough after a short period of time but I'm not sure what those classes would help in the long run.

She went to the University of Missouri for a year so either she was able to afford the tuition there or got financial aid. If she had really been accepted to her dream schools she would have gone, not settled for last place. In a recent video, she said she worked hard to get good grades so she could be accepted to a good school and was disillusioned after finding out people with D averages were able to get into the same school she did. She ran off to Paris after a year because that's way more exciting than staying at a state school.

sage for OT

No. 290388


This all sounds like absolute bs. I know a couple of "djs" who have fluffed up their resume, just like our dear Joy has done. It is ridiculous quite frankly.
To think she went from singing maverick to do youtube videos for 12 year olds.

I have to say she did look hot in that pic tho.

Fo sho.
Kati if you are here please read this: You have become Onision. 100%. The only difference is that youll never be as famous as he (once) was. Leave youtube forever now and rearrange your life.

Also go to a real doctor for once.
Love and light,

No. 290390

>When she was in Parid she did extensive studies on the brain, the body, and spirituality.

Wonder what that entailed exactly, she certainly wasn't learning about these subjects at a proper school….can you imagine her studying Neurology? LOL. No, this is just more of her new age bs, at best she was reading books by new age authors like Deepok Chopra or someone similar, at worst she was dropping acid at raves with her DJ friend and calling that a "study of the mind, body & spirituality."

sage for somewhat tinfoiling

No. 290393

File: 1492065034299.png (37.59 KB, 586x109, Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 1.28…)

She "literally learns" her life lessons from a 20 yo with anorexia.
This thirty something year old woman.

No. 290400

whatever's going on with eugenia, it is true that she's a sweet, kind person, and i don't think that it's bad to learn from that. but joy never acts her age. ever. it IS pretty sad that she's "learning" to be tactful and mature from eugenia. it should be the other way around. but we already know that joy is terrible at being an adult.

No. 290403

Eugenia deals with a level of harassment that most can't even imagine…while some of it may be a denial of what's going on, she does deal with it in a very calm, collected & pleasant way that everyone could learn something from. Yet, with the amount of positivity & light Joy preaches she should already be dealing with "assholes" in a much more mature way not just barely be learning this now.

No. 290417

>Eugenia I literally learn from you

>she should already be dealing with "assholes" in a much more mature way not just barely be learning this now

We'll just have to see if she actually takes this lesson to heart or not, I'm guessing not. At best, she might try this for a day or two before she forgets and goes back to her old behavior. Shades of Onision.

sage for samefagging

No. 290422

Looking at Joys Youtube subs, they took another plunge. Whenever this happens, we see a sudden ER visit, a meltdown, or a collab or plug with some other Youtuber or drama figure..usually to mooch off of their subs. Before the plunge there wasn't a peep towards Eugenia…so this is all about seeing how many of her subs Joy can rope in. Her twitter showed her trying to reach out to Bearing and others..this is whats going on. She's looking to grab fans with the nice act that aren't used to her bullshit.
Anyone can do google searches and call it extensive studies…doesn't mean she studied anything.More flowery wordplay.
She's always here. She lives in this place enough to pass it off as an address and get takeout delivered. Completely agree on the rest of this.

No. 290546

For a singer to get accepted by Julliard they have to have a truly special gift. Even excellent singers have massive competition for an audition, they are pretty much a dime a dozen….and there are even more deluded mediocre singers that fancy themselves as something they are not. Maybe she has severely declined since but her singing now & on that one album someone posted in the last thread is good but not that good. That's a straight out lie on her "resume" as an attempt to impress potential clients. However, anyone with even the most basic critical thinking skills would see right through it.

Sage for blog

No. 290647

the truth about all this is really simple.

jamie leigh fischer and konstigo are running this thread into the ground.

joy found a niche on youtube and that was ripping onision apart which she did quite well and seeing that we all hate onision, we should be happy for the shit she has stirred up against this fool.

but what happened is these two cunties got pissy because they worship onision and went after joy exposing her past, big deal.

oh but when it happened to jamie she freaked the fuck out and now has this video posted…


what a lieing coward.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 290649

Get your head out of your backside and quit trying to derail the conversation into a person that none of us care about. The criticism Joy has recieved was going on well before Jaime. That person contributed absolutely nothing to this conversation other than getting herself banned a few times.

In Konstigo's case it follows the usual pattern of Joy thought she could use someone, it didn't work, she tried to demonize that person..that didn't work. Then she lied about it, got caught in a lie..lied more…then claimed to make peace…..which she then turned around and had a cringy muppet make a Youtube vid to attack her, then got the vid temporarily taken down. All of which is only backfiring. None of what Konstigo said would have recieved any credibility if it wasnt for Joys actions giving it weight.

TLDR: Jaime didn't do crap. Konstigo wouldn't have if not for Joy herself being a cowardly bitch, and the only ones running this thread into the ground are the ones saying stupid shit like this trolling on Joys behalf.

It doesn't even run it into the ground. It does tell us that there's more to look for that you really don't want us to find. Good job trying to convince us its a 'lost cause'.

No. 290651

This is either Angel or Jamie I'm sure. Do you have schizophrenia? Are you ill? Take your medicine. I'm tired of your paranoid ramblings about Jamie. Nobody on this thread has taken her seriously from the start. She has her own thread. Go post there. She is completely irrelevant.

By the way it's spelled "lying" you idiot. Go back to elementary.

No. 290667


I don't think it's either. I think it's a Joy minion. And I though Onision's fans were bad. Yikes.

Joy's posts look like this:

> Concern troll asking a "question" to make a statement usually grasping at a straw or invoking benefit of the doubt to derail or bury information

> Blather on about shit no one cares about

> Insult Joy so no one's the wiser it's really her.

Such clever. So formula. Much impressed.

Hopefully, going forward we can give the amount of attention these posts deserve. None.

No. 290688

Dude. No one cares. If you want to post about them go find their threads. Stop trying to derail, dumbass.

No. 290705

Because they aren't going to stay in the cache forever


No. 290713

File: 1492127170493.jpg (37.78 KB, 453x604, DX8kMUH.jpg)

Her style has always been really bad. She dresses like a 5 year old.

No. 290714

File: 1492127189078.jpg (58.3 KB, 453x604, GwtoJUb.jpg)

No. 290720

The spelling. Oh God, the spelling.

No. 290721

1) she has that batshit crazy girl stare

2) she got dat big fat white bootay and big hips, definitely indicator that she was going to be the hamplanet that she is nowadays and will just keep on getting bigger and bigger

3) that guy is cute AF tho, is that her ex bf? i mean damn. he looks like Miles McMillan. 10/10

No. 290722

Having an ass on an otherwise thin body doesn't mean you're going to be a ham planet. Jesus, what have you fags been huffing?

No. 290724

More importantly, read this closely. The spelling is atrocious, but the real milk is that she is doing the SAME thing here:
1) I don't want to die
2) Look at the comments here. Same manipulation. Same illness manipulation.
And the same EXACT reaction in the comments that she tries to get from her 'fans'.
3) The paranoia seems to be worse than her spelling. 'Being controlled'
4) The 'voices' telling her things. Guess this is supposed to be her angels.

So what is important to notice is that she has tried this whole setup before and is just over time learning how to manipulate those around her more efficiently. She has been mentally unhinged probably a very long time now and knows that what she does isn't good. She has a bag of tricks and she does this to take advantage of others willfully and deliberately.

No. 290730

I noticed that too but couldn't really put it into words, well said Anon. She seems really unhinged here on an extreme level. I do wonder if she is just mentally unwell or just a manipulative person… or both.

No. 290733

Both. I think this is what she's trying to steer us away from, that this is a PRACTICED act of a mentally unstable con artist that hides behind her 'fans' in order to get away with her crap. Now she has a Patreon going up so she can be the most effective parasite around….eventually her roomie is going to get fed up with her and show her the door and now she already has a host of suckers eager to next in line. The only reason it has managed to come to light NOW is because she is out there on the internet as much as she is.

No. 290737

"sometimes I feel like that hot elf from LOTR"
top. fucking. kek.

No. 290761


Where are your FACTS on your statement.

LMAO NONE of you know shit about this girl it's apparent.

Tis good for a few laughs though.

No. 290762

Is it the 'I don't want to die' video where she talks about her past lives? Whatever. I find it interesting that in that she says that she was in a position of power and was fucking people over for fun and convinced herself that she is a bad person because of it. That she's afraid of what would happen should she become successful, because she's afraid of the kind of person she would become and the shit she would do with her level of influence. Then some shit about how she realized that that isn't true and she's not a bad person or whatever. It's been a while since I watched the video so I'm paraphrasing obviously.

Some nonsense like that.

Lol, anyway look where we are now. 20k subs and the chick's already losing her shit and fucking her "friends" over left and right…

No. 290764



No. 290766

And another Joy cultist. How about the referenced link above? Nice reading ability. Its also apparent that you're here to muck up the thread….but thanks for showing us that we're on the right track! (You only do this shit when we get close to something you don't want us to focus on!)
Narcissist and sociopath. Then throw con artist into the mix. Explains it all.

No. 291417


um…i gotta be honest, she's pretty fucking hot and as for her outfit/style, not sure what people are picking on, it's conservative/trendy for that time period so….yeah…i'd eat her out any day crazy or not :D

No. 291419


is that her brother?

No. 291421

If you're into that kind of psycho that will likely set you on fire to appease the 'voices', knock yourself out.
No, its an ex-boyfriend. According to that tumblr, she "brought out his demons" along with her own…so to translate stupid it could probably be read as "I treated him like shit."
Nothing newsworthy since that seems to be the usual treatment of her 'friends'. Use em, throw em away, and cue the psycho towards them. Then its all their fault for reasons. I wonder if her 'angels' gave her advice on how to treat people.

No. 291422

on a side comment, all this shit is from 2006 when she was what…22-ish? this is all like…way old information that is pretty much useless in 2017.

No. 291423


thats odd cause they look really similar in facial features.

No. 291424

Quit trying to derail or convince people its a lost cause. We see right through it. It establishes a pattern of a con artist that has severe psychological problems with sociopath and narcissist traits that has consistently used and treated others like crap over the years acting like a parasite. One that over time learns from the environment to become a better con that can fool those around her more and more. It isn't useless because it establishes a profile over the years that is consistent, and it highlights Joy for what she is beyond what she puts up on the screen.

No. 291425


wait wut. where do you get these analogies from that determine her personality.

is she crazy? hmm. not sure if shes crazy so to speak, seems more like just wanting attention at the time or perhaps exploring herself i mean shit, not defending her at all but we all have done retarded shit in our lives lets be honest…and i still stand buy what i say, crazy or not…she was hot back in the day, today, meh, not so much.

No. 291426


stop with the faggy derail comments how long did you wait to use the term ffs, that was not even a derail comment.

No. 291427


and you education level determines everything you said as fact how again?

i never said i was for or against her, i merely stated that this information is old as fuck and that i'd eat her pussy out. :D

No. 291429

Rampant misspellings and weird smiley face placement…kind of like Joy's style of typing?

No. 291430

Tell that to the trolls that come in trying to convince people on the thread that there's nothing to see. After a bit, its noticeable.

Oh I don't know, maybe try reading the thread a bit..it isn't making analogies and is no different from what many other anons have said. In three threads. Three.
Joyfag confirmed. They are the only ones that like to throw stuff out about education (psychology degree).You guys all talk the same and you wonder why people call you a cult.If you're going to troll..at least use better lines that aren't the same thing over and over and over and over again.

No. 291517

Gosh, guys. I guess we're just going to have to keep posting stuff from her past until we find something that Anon deems relevant. We may have to sort through and post a lot of stuff but I think, in the end, it will be worth it to have that Anon deem it worthy.

No. 291566


Did something new happen?

No. 291623

Geez, this woman is in a manic state. She's released 4 more videos on the United Airlines thing in the last 24 hours. That makes 11 total on just this subject and she's promised more to come. The way she churns out videos is fucking crazy, by YouTube standards releasing more than one a day is seen to be a very hard pace to follow. The reason for this is most good YouTubers take their time to research their topic, write a script then edit the information into a concise format so it's easy to watch, valuing quality over quantity. Does she do anything resembling this? Hell no, she just reacts emotionally to any tiny update in the story & records whatever drivel comes to mind so she ends up repeating the same info over and over again, then just leaves it that way, fuck editing it. Those 4 videos together total to around 50 minutes of watch time but could have easily been condensed down to one 15 minute video. But does she do this? No, and I have an idea why….she's looking at this in the short term. Instead of building her video library with videos that are rewatchable or just have good content so someone in the far future might be interested, she is instead concentrating on getting as many views as possible right away by releasing multiple shitty videos all at once in a shotgun type of approach. Since I believe the YT algorithm favors frequent uploads right now, she's trying to use this to her advantage….which would be fine if her videos weren't such poor quality.

No. 291627

On, dont forget the YouNow streams. She is claiming people are associating with others that are 'threatening her life'…and there is the paranoia again. She did one LATE, LATE last night but it sounded more like a masturbation session than anything of importance.

This woman is insane and needs an intervention.

No. 291630


She came out and said how hard The advertiser issue had hit her channel and income, the one way to fix the problem in the short term is to work harder and push out more videos. Your faulting her for quality that doesn't meet your standards? I couldn't stand the onion videos but I also don't like Greg, that was just a narcissist going after a narcissist but your observation is just stupid. Allot of creators are working harder right now to try to get past whatever is happening with YouTube.

No. 291632

Annnnd another Joyfan.
"how hard the advertiser issue hit her channel and income." Allow me to remind you of something. She has stated she is not hurting for money and over months been living rent free with roomie since the whole channel popped up.

So why IS she saying it then? Simple. It tugs at your heart strings and makes you feel bad for her, and paints her critics as 'heartless". Pay attention to the prior posts and you'll note she is a con artist that uses emotion to sucker people in. People just like you. This is a practiced gimmick over years.

No. 291633

>doesn't meet your standards?

It's not just my standards. Many, many people have commented how hard her videos are to watch. I did state that taking advantage of the algorithm was fine, she should do that…but her repetitive ranting is annoying. I had trouble getting through one of her UA videos much less all 4…which defeats the purpose of releasing all those videos, the intention is to get people to watch all 4 is it not?

No. 291637

Oh good lord. The sick person that is having problems is opening up a SECOND channel. She really is mirroring her idol Onisian hardcore.

IVE GOT A NEW CHANNEL! Its more of vlogs and more story times!!! add me at SPURINKLE BOW!: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNvtGycBq2RwqPnblRG_GSg

No. 291640


check out my gaming channel games u love…

she's far more in line with brett keane situation than Onision individual.

No. 291642


More twitter milk. This lady has problems. There is the narcissism again. "Support me or else. If you criticize you aren't welcome!"
But don't call them a cult!
But criticism is welcome!
Until you criticize then you're haters and out to get me! But i'm not crazy! But! But! But!

I don't know who that is, but there are reasons we call her OniSheOn around here. We have three threads of reasons by now.

No. 291653

>I don't know who that is

I don't know a lot about him but from I've gathered Brett Keane used to be an outspoken atheist but sold out to Christians for money and now speaks out for God saying all the things he used to have good arguments against. He keeps making new channels only to get them taken down because he can't follow YT guidelines but does have something like 5 or 6 up right now. The person who posted this is obviously a Drunken Peasants fan, only they refer to it as "Brett Keane situation & individual" because of the weird way he speaks, he's a running joke on the show.

sage for ot

No. 291658

What happened to the Eugenia Cooney way of dealing with haters? Joy didn't actually learn anything from her like she claimed she did. I predicted as much.

No. 291668

Also, this is a very Onision thing to do. "You can't like or be friends with anyone I don't like." This is what happened to Jaclyn Glenn when she started talking to Social Repose and Joy expressed outrage Greg would do such a thing when she talked to Jaclyn on YouNow….but here she is doing it herself, hypocrisy at it's finest.

sage for samefagging

No. 291691

I just noticed she lost 67 subscribers the same day she uploaded her "return" video. Hilarious!

She needs to stop making so many videos. Even the people who can stand to sit through them aren't going to have any interest in watching almost an hour of her largely incoherent rambling. Not about fucking United Airlines most of all. The situation is over, everyone has already talked about it, it's done. Dao is going to make a lot of money and United Airlines stocks are going to suffer. We already have the ideal outcome. There's nothing left to talk about.

It's really a waste. Just because she has no job or friends or life doesn't mean she has to pump out multiple videos a week. If instead she made one or two a week, wrote a script, learned to edit, and took her time she would probably get way more views and subs. Why doesn't she care to make something she can be proud of? She is running her channel in the laziest most half-assed way possible. That's not going to cut it in 2017 when everyone on youtube is taking it very seriously and putting a lot of hard work and dedication in to it. She's delusional in every aspect.

No. 291693

Also her mannerisms remind me of Gordon Ramsay (no offence to Gordon Ramsay).

No. 291711

Even though she thinks making more videos = hard work = more money, the point of doing this is to get people to watch ALL of those videos so she does get the ad dollars she's after. If she just releases more of her lowest quality videos it isn't going to attract new viewers, which is what she really needs to make up the difference, at best she can only get her most dedicated following to watch them all. Since the large majority of her subscribers are just casual viewers this isn't a good strategy.

No. 291726

I subbed to her and liked her content for awhile, even the videos were she would explode at random commenters being hateful (welcome to the internet "joy"). Her onion videos started to feel forced and she kept talking about anxiety stuff, being ~so greatful~ at the sudden sub rise, and kept saying she would die at any point as if she had cancer.

Her getting greg to send the C&D was funny as hell, but her convo with him actually did make her look shitty too and I don't think she ever realized it. Claiming that you can do a live stream every fucking day for 1-2 hours but not skype cause "muh cundishun" was BS. Constantly virtue signaling with the charity stuff over and over again and the fake kindness was really shitty. She has made videos of her exploding and getting so butthurt at onion and yet she always claims she wishes nothing but the best for him. It's really hypocritical.

I haven't seen the videos of her claiming doctors blame her symptoms on anxiety and how she disagrees, but if this is true then she is highly misinformed about anxiety. If she really wants to virtue signal she would realize that anxiety isn't just some small thing people get diagnosed with all the time and if sever and unmedicated for a long time can be life ruining. She exhibits ALL symptoms of extreme GAD. She needs to be on an ssri of some kind if she is constantly going back and forth between "Nothing but love and kindness!" to "FUCK YOU SHITBAGS, YOU DON'T KNOW ME!". Constantly saying she is going to die when all she has sited is pooping irregularly and having digestion issues (both heavily linked to GAD).

Joy, I hope you're reading this. Please get checked and medicated for anxiety. You are mentally very unstable and if you take that as an insult you are not in promotion of mental health. Saying that you "have dirt on people" that you could easily "have fun with" and never releasing it makes you look like a hypocrite for leaking personal info/convos and or a manipulative liar by constantly gloating you have it and never presenting it. I can't confirm or deny any of the other drama going on in this thread, but solely looking at your youtube account and twitter as someone who used to be a fan … you are very unwell and hard to take seriously.

sage for imo rant.

No. 291742

LOL, in her latest video she says "a dictatorship is like a fucking monarchy." Right ok, because the way Kim Jong Un rules is exactly like the rule of Queen Elizabeth II. Not even close to the same thing Joy.

She's been wearing shirts/shrugs that are too small a lot lately but this purple top is obviously meant for someone with much smaller boobs. She's really been showing those girls off with her last few choices of clothing, maybe that's an attempt to draw in male viewers? I'm a straight female & couldn't help but stare at her cleavage on display but I kept thinking she needed a more supportive bra.

No. 291761


who gives a shit? give us info, we don't care about your titty observations.

No. 291764

I think it depends on the type of monarchy. The UK has limited monarchy, but absoulte monarchy is quite similar to dictatorship, while still not the same thing.

sage for off topic.

No. 291769

Remember where you are Joy

No. 291785

The point was making a blanket statement like that sounds dumb. She does try to clarify a little later in saying it's the same because both are passed down from father to son/by relation but that's such a simplistic comparison. The part of a dictatorship she really seems to be objecting to is the propaganda and the restriction of citizen's freedoms more so than how the person came into power, although she did say "there's something wrong with that."

Just because you don't care doesn't mean it isn't a valid topic of discussion here, earlier up the thread there was a whole conversation on her weirdly too small/revealing clothing.

There was also that yellow and orange top she wore in her latest UA videos, her boobs hung way lower than the blouse's design intended. That's usually a good sign your clothing is way too small.

No. 291879

I point out an observation on why she might be putting out more videos even though I don't like them and I'm a Joy fan while some of you talk about her clothing choices like this is the E network and I'm the bad guy? Ok, that makes allot of sense, carry on ladies

Sage because this pasture is full of hens

No. 291891

>>>And i'm a Joyfan while some of you
…you can stop right there because everyone else stopped caring. Keep talking about hens while you go play with the snake.

No. 291892

So much for her chronic pain.
The more she does, the more she proves she doesn't have it.
Someone with chronic pain can't push out 4 videos in 24 has. Hell a sane person wouldn't even do that.
Get help Katie.

No. 291896


Your reading comprehension is limited isn't it. I'll type slower so you can understand this time.

I was accused of being a Joy fan. Better?

Still sage because 291891 needed remedial English

No. 291899

And your reading comphrehension is limited because anyone with a pair of eyes will see that wasn't all thats been discussed today. Maybe that's why people consider you a Joy fan, right along with the other idiots that keep trying to act like there is nothing to see. We don't care, and there is more being discussed. Get over it.

No. 291900


cluck, cluck.

No. 291902

wow your posts don't stick out at all. you really seem like a regular here and not AT ALL like a joy disciple trying to steer the discussion. 9001% legit.

No. 291912

I agree, Seems a lot of hypocrisy going on. If you disagree with an opinion here you're a Joy or a fan but then this isn't a discussion, it's a gossip site for bored unproductive housewives to bicker about Joys cleavage and weight while their husbands are out working.

No. 291913

another lolcow regular. obviously.

No. 291914

There's more than that being discussed. Stop obsessing on one point and move on. Focus on the ones that are relevant. If you can't find any, you aren't looking.

No. 291929

So, new stream ongoing. Here are the highlights for those of you tuning out of the nightly cancer.

>>>"I'm good at masking!" Joy admits she never puts up her real face but uses it to deflect criticism.

>>>'Oh, I need to share what i'm thinking so i'm going to release a new channel so its without judgement!' Sure, just release it to the entire world. Announces it to the whole world knowing the same critics will follow.

>>>"I have to get off because i'm weak!" Looks largely fine. Still up. And announcing two more vids on the main channel and one on the new channel. But too weak to be on while being on!

"Until I get to the doctor I really don't know!" Huh…thought she knew what was wrong with her and we were all evil for not listening to her, and not believing her at face value. Now she suddenly doesn't know!
>>>More manipulation phrasing.
>>>Talks about eating nothing but pizzas and burgers to supposedly solidify stuff in her system. Cause..eating greasy food is helping anyone with digestion issues. Joy doesn't know health.

Heres a tally count for those of you that are interested:
>>>Contradictions: 5
>>>Emotional manipulation attempts: 20
>>>Possible info giveaways on location: 3
>>>Illness plugs: 17
>>>Hyping or selling to the crowd: 8
>>>Money issue for sympathy: 2
>>>Amount of times riding Takedownman's dick: Lost count.
>>>Current time frame: 25 min (while too weak to continue every 5 min or so.)At that mark she starts cringe professing love for some Dusty kid, saying something about marrying the dude…who looks…like he's on something.

And then all of a sudden she was getting off, and now she's guesting. OMG. I should have started a cringe counter. Starting from now
>>>Cringe counter (at 25 min mark): 60.
>>new time limit: 55 min. I ended it here because after a while the cancer was too much for me and I could feel my brain cells dying.
>>>Reveals that she is "maybe possibly close to TX" because she's gonna tell some random person on the internet. "Ft Worth might not be far from me.." Keep digging that hole, Joy.

>>>"Do you approve us? Oh, that makes us even hornier." THIS is what she attracts? WOW.

>>>"Do you promise if I tell you where I live not to tell on the broadcast?" More personal information plugs. Please Joy, cry to us about your info.
This is just ONE Younow stream. ONE. A TAME one.Oh wait, here we go. Dusty just called her out and goes "You're in Stage Mode. You're acting." Called out her body language. Now she's trying to spin on him and maniplate the guy with a guilt trip on..'the illness'.
>>>Lies about Onision to make herself some sort of victor since he never showed, even though he told her it wasn't coming.
>>>Talks about doing porn with random person in the internet. There isn't a cringe counter for this high enough.
Longpost, but this should give some people an idea of a general livestream with Joy and just how bad she can be.

No. 291930

I've posted here a few times…because honestly, there are a lot of things Joy does that remind me of other Youtubers that have turned out to be not what they seem.
After doing my own research though, I really believe she's telling the truth about her health/condition.

No. 291932

Of course there is and it was entertaining but now it seems full of the same bitter posts from one or two people with some kind of weird personal vendetta, that's not gossip to me and but to each their own. I'm going to read myself to sleep on one of the other boards. Goodnight x

No. 291933

Really? See the above. She doesn't even know what the condition is now, although she has said that it was random and now it is cyclical. HMM.

Since you believe all that BS, I have a great deal for you, anon. There's this excellent patch of land I got from a Nigerian prince. Its swampland but in the middle of a desert its a steal!

No. 291935

Because THAT doesn't sound like one of Joy's fans…its not like you all say the same stuff, all the time, everytime. Its like you're reading from a script.

No. 291936

who is dusty? Like Cult of Dusty?
Also, her livestreams are garbage. It's an excuse or her to talk about herself.

No. 291937

Some dude that apparently calls himself Dustyballs. She was hitting on him the whole time and his brother called her out as "Look at her bodylanguage, she's in Stage Mode bro."
The brother gets it. And she just talked them both up so her face cracked for a split second because there wasn't jack she could say. It was hilarious.

Her livestreams are garbage, but for a tame one, that was a tally so they'd understand just how much she pulls this garbage.

No. 291941

did anyone happen to archive this? i want to see it so badly.

No. 291942


Thank you Anon.

Re: Stage Mode

Yes! It didn't look like she was reacting naturally, it looked like she was mimicking.

No. 291975

She mentioned he knows Rosie O'Donnell, so there's the reason she was all over him.

No. 291998

She actually did a freaking headstand in the livestream before last. No one with fibromyalgia would EVER consider even attempting that, she's so full of shit, chronic pain my ass.

This is a link to the clip on YouNow, don't know how long it'll be up.

This is a clip of the entire guesting session with Dustyballs & his brother Rager. It's kinda long and the stage mode thing is right in the middle.

They are very drunk/high and she's talking about how much she loves Dusty and wants to marry/fuck him. The brother says she's in stage mode/acting because she doesn't really love Dusty, she's pretending for the camera. He says "There's 76 people watching, that's what they all do." She plays dumb about what he means by that for a while then says she isn't "frontin." He says he wants to come see her (like for real) and she claims she would be cool with him coming to see her but she's leaving tomorrow for a week to see her doctor cause she's sick…and because Rager was so drunk he promptly forgot about how perceptive he was for a second there…but later on he does remember again after he talks about how women take all the guy's money in a divorce and Joy claims she wouldn't take Dusty's money because she used to be a baller and can do it again but Rager says "That's what they all say." Right after that he again says the whole thing she's doing is a trick, it's just for the show… But she keeps claiming she really does love Dusty & wants him to private msg her and he says he hopes she's really serious. Poor guy, she flirts with pretty much any guy she talks to on YouNow and tells them she loves them. Unless she really does want to hook up with this guy, but I doubt it, her actions didn't come across as real…and Rager picked up on that, he said her facial expressions are what made him think she was acting & putting on a show (much less coherently, I'm paraphrasing.) There were a couple times those guys were kinda funny, just because they are so stupid drunk but the rest was pretty cringey. At one point she hints she might be close to Ft. Worth…and I can't recall where I saw this but I could swear she said she lives in Oklahoma now.

No. 291999

Not a fan of hers but I really think she was genuinely just kidding around with these dudes. I think they knew it too. I don't think it was a serious thing at all. I could be wrong though, who knows?

No. 292003

Yes, she was kidding around…and they mostly knew that…but Dusty IS interested in her and does seriously want to pursue something…He said several times he was serious. Either she's oblivious & didn't pick up on that or did but continued play-acting anyway, stringing the poor guy along.

No. 292009

Fucking Fibromyalgia my ass.
My arms would buckle in pain if I tried that. Becuase I have a legit illness.
Keep digging that hole Kati.

No. 292021

She just put up a new video saying she's leaving for a week to see a real doctor finally. This may or may not be real but if it is actually happening I wonder what she would do if this doctor tells her she doesn't have fibromyalgia, copper toxicity from an IUD isn't a thing, and her problems are caused by anxiety/panic disorder. According to her, this doctor is supposed to be the best in the country, you think she would believe him or would she argue the "best doctor in the country" is also wrong and she knows better with her Dr. Google diagnosis? Of course, this could all be made up to quiet the questions about her health that even her fans are starting to ask.

No. 292079

I guess she lives near 35 then? I go up there all the time. If only she left her house, we'd have a chance to see a "sick" Joy in the wild. That would be a sight to see.

FUCK she starts talking about the copper again in this video. She's not going to like what this doctor has to say, because if s/he's a real doctor they will know it's bullshit.

No. 292095

The way you say "up there" in relation to Oklahoma leads me to believe you live in Texas. I also live in Texas, just off highway 35 actually.

That's IF this doctor visit is a real thing she isn't making up. She's been called out on her health by even dedicated fans, they kept offering her all kinds of help she continues to turn down…she needs to do something to appease them or she'll just look like she's whining. If the doctor visit is real then no, he probably won't humor the diagnosis given by a naturopath/Google. I'm thinking he might refer her to a psychiatrist instead.

sage for partially ot

No. 292103

She just uploaded another video on her second channel. She obviously has anxiety? Topkek at blaming salad for her diarrhea. It couldn't possibly be from the anxiety that she was the subject of the whole video. She also says that fibromyalgia is a blanket term. No it's not, Joy. No it's not.

No. 292107

Lol, she said she easily runs out of energy while packing but has made HOW many videos in the last 3 days between her two channels? 16! and 3 of those are just in the last hour. Even with minimal editing that's still fucking nuts.

No. 292109

She claims making videos is easy and doesn't tire her out because she just stands there and talks….but no, you see how animated she gets when she's all fired up over a topic, it's especially apparent the last few days, she's been really manic.

No. 292112

There are so many levels of delusion. She literally makes no sense, at all. She mentions having no energy to fill out medical paperwork, and now she says part of the reason she wears a bolero is because she doesn't shave much because she doesn't always have the energy to bathe. Ummmm…?
She hates pizza but had to force herself to eat it all week and she misses eating healthy foods but they aren't good for her diarrhea. There's plenty of things to eat that are healthy and have fiber.

I will be surprised if she actually sees a Dr since she is "so scared." The only thing she is afraid of is the truth.

Spare yourselves from her "Coming clean about her drug history" where she laughs like a maniac at the fact that she has been "accused of being on drugs her whole life" but is really just "too boring for drugs or crime"

No. 292133

Nausea, stomach pain and digestive issues are well documented side effects of anxiety. I wish she'd getsome CBT and anxiety meds instead of being a damn manlingerer.

No. 292142

My car's broke down, better fuckin' vlog about it instead of calling a toe truck.

No. 292146

Ok. I was wrong. The person who was supposed to drive part of the way has a flat and her car "stopped working."

No. 292147

There are worse fates than being stuck in a Cinnabon for a few hours.

No. 292150


It's a panera.

No. 292151

My heart bleeds for her.

No. 292192

Very convenient excuse, wouldn't be surprised if she's all "The trip is off guys, I have no way to get there, and I soooo badly wanted to see a real doctor, for real guys."

Yep, I was hospitalized for anxiety-caused stomach issues so painful I couldn't eat or drink anything for days. But no, the salad caused her issues. She never attributes any of her symptoms to anxiety even though she admits she has it.

She doesn't "force" herself to eat pizza and unhealthy food, she's just trying to rationalize her bad choices. "Oh I have to do it, it's not my fault I'm fat."

Did I understand her right? She shaves her arms? Is it me or is that weird? I'm dark haired everywhere except my arms where I have baby fine blond hair…so maybe it never occurred to me women need to do that but none of my friends do this nor any other females I've come across. Is it a regional thing maybe? Even if she was too "wiped out" to take a bath, there are such things as trimmers and electric razors, needing to shave doesn't require a bath. She says she wears all those shrugs partly because of her hairy arms, partly because she's cold but also to hide her fat arms. Joy honey, they are not hiding anything, if anything it acentuates the fat.

sage for blog

No. 292221

was there any footage of her actually getting towed? or was it all just her sitting in a panera?

No. 292232


There's probably a small bit of truth to her story about her food choices. Crappy foods like cheesy pizza do have a tendency to stop people up. It sounds like she has some IBS - high fiber meals can give people with IBS the runs. Funny enough, IBS can be caused by anxiety. And fibromyalgia. Who knows which one, or both.

Bottom line is, there are plenty of ways to eat healthy while avoiding high amounts of soluble fiber, if that really is giving her GI issues. She sure makes a bigass mystery out of what sounds like garden variety IBS, good lord.

No. 292233


Indigo children are special, therefore, they only get the specialest of ailments.

No. 292262

I shave my arms. I hate body hair.

No. 292274

Joy is back home.

No. 292278

Yeah, supposedly a tow truck and it didnt happen again and shes just dragging everything out. Stopped watching after she said she had such a chronic illness that just entering the room is tiring…..right. Tell that to 6 vids and manic bursts in a single day.

No. 292301

So predictable.

No. 292367

I have almost black hair naturally and am very pale, I shave my arms regularly. I also have lots of tattoos though so don't really want loads of hair getting all damp when I moisturise them everyday.

completely agree the shrugs don't help though. a scoop neck tee, properly fitted with sleeves that reach just above the elbow would look good. sage for no contribution

No. 292370

Here's a better contribution. Her channel is currently hemoraging subs, and her 'new channel' only has a certain amount of subs nowhere near her usual count. I think this is more of another control trigger. Trying to prove all of her subs are eating out of the palm of her hand. It just doesn't add up or make sense that you would make a channel on VLogs to "get away from drama and criticism" but then announce it in all the areas she knows people are watching.

Oh here we go. A new video on…politics. Last desperate attempts to leech off a niche in order to stop her channel from bleeding subs. Cue the oncoming 'depression' video or 'hater' video/stream. Now taking predictions on what she's going to do after the oncoming channel death.

No. 292372


>> her 'new channel'

All cults need an "inner circle" that is above the rest.

No. 292376

If you pay any attention to her livestream, she already seems to have that. I think this is more of a "see, everyone will come flocking if I say the word." sort of thing. A display of 'power'. I have heard criticism on a few occasions that the people that stick around are largely just there for kicks or don't really stick around but remain subbed. And her subs vs views definitely do not match on her videos. So now she has to 'prove otherwise' to show she is still in control of everything. Its not working out so well for her.

No. 292378

Really. Really?


ex. Hey Joy, you're "sick" but maybe you should quit whining about it because starving children!

No. 292380

Don't get me started on Joy and logical fallacies. If we were to list every logical fallacy she's ever made in chronological order, we would have a small novel on our hands.

No. 292457

She did a brief livestream

> I didn't get information wrong in my Berkley video, stupid people didn't understand it

> Halfway to meeting friend, in a hotel room with 2 floors

> Continuing to destination tomorrow

No. 292502


Whatever her next video is it's going to have her wearing clothes, so her clothing choices are going to suck. The video is going to have a subject so that's going to be wrong and suck. She's not going to photocopy her medical records and post them, that's going to suck. She's going to keep putting out things she wants to, nothing but suck.

No. 292512

Fucking this. Thank you based anon.

No. 292544

And that is suuuuch a huge thing. On the other topic of obviousness, the sun will come out tomorrow, there will be weather and HUGE REVEAL, there will be air and people will be breathing it, and occasionally they will drop dead which may or may not be a good thing depending on the person in question.

See, anyone can sensationalize, doesn't change the topic matter on hand, or the kind of information being released about a con artist, parasite, and manipulative narcissist. Or that she is demonstrating a consistent pattern of these behaviors, or that her triggers are entirely based on the nature of control.

No. 292547

She wasn't wearing a bra at all in that video which is why her cleavage was so noticeably droopy. And no, anyone with boobs bigger than a B cup shouldn't wear tops like that without one, it doesn't look good. The front of the shirt dips down pretty far so maybe she doesn't have one that won't show. However, if you are going to buy a shirt like that you should also buy a bra to wear with it, not just go without. I have many bras that would work with a top like that, maybe she only wears grandma style bras, idk.

No. 292548

The only thing more unflattering than that is all the lying, contradictions, and manipulation of her audience. As much as she talks about haters, she keeps proving us all right, over and over and over again. Then her shifty behavior on here and that of her 'fans'…well….

No. 292822

Nothing really that interesting but I'm just going to leave these here. The only insight I gleaned is that she's probably been where she is for at least 3 years. I could have very well missed something.



My theory (which is based on nothing but gut instinct) is that room mate isn't an employee, but a student. And they aren't in Oklahoma City proper but Norman.

No. 292859

Well, from her livestream..she said she could be within a short distance of Fort Worth, TX.,..that she's a certain ways away from civilization. Does that fit with this?

No. 292873

or he could be an airman at Tinker.

No. 292902

Expecting anyday the crazed livestream where people are threatening her life if its true. What makes you think she's in Norman, OK?

No. 292952

Oh, look. She's livestreaming again. Perfectly healthy, and kids on the camera to appeal to the audience. And manic. But GUYZ, she's so tired out that entering a room leaves her exhausted and she can't go out or do anything! Cue traveling all over the place as manic as ever….but never enough energy to see a real doctor.

No. 293040


Exactly, how the hell can we believe she's sick when she travels two and a half hours to where the doctor is and then goes out to dinner with the family that she's staying with while she's there? Not possible, sick people don't do that. The kid was an obvious prop.

No. 293219

The stream with the kid was so cringey. She called him her fiancé and said that he was her man. She kept prompting him with certain questions to get him to say stuff to the camera like "When we were in the car, did you hear someone fart?" Then she proceeds to say that she has a story time about the fart (oh god please no). She can't tell anyone who she is with that is helping her but has no problem showing this child to the world on her stream?

Isn't the doctors appointment today?

No. 293222


Watch her try to say the kid is her doctor, a Doogie Howser kind of thing. I can't stand child prodigys, they freak me out.

No. 293284

It's funny how insecure she is about her class. She mentioned how her family is white trash, she told that kid to enunciate so he doesn't speak like white trash, etc yet she swears like a trucker and speaks vulgarly (queef, vagina, shoving marijuana into her vagina, farts, etc.)

Guess you can take the girl out of the white trash but you can't take the white trash out of the girl.

No. 293296

Color has nothing to do with this filth, Joy is just trash.
I still want to know more about THIS theory. That seems actually important.

No. 293338

"Having a vag is not a free pass to attack men with no repercussions"

Nice strawman.

No. 293340

Jealousy is a disease. You guys know that, right?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 293342

File: 1492461281625.jpg (21.82 KB, 128x128, 99cf9bdc92d1130ceed3b3d164e8e0…)

No. 293365

Why would we be jealous of a 30 year old hypochondriac with no friends that never leaves her house?

No. 293367

File: 1492463593903.jpg (149.86 KB, 720x960, 1474656_10153350918397339_2272…)

Her fashion makes me want to cry

No. 293385

I swear I had this outfit when I was in elementary school. Kek

No. 293431

Kek she looks like she's headed off for her first day of school

No. 293441

I'm her age and I swear I recognize half her wardrobe from wal-mart back when I was in college, right down to the hideous print dresses and those fucking off the shoulder sweaters she appears to own in every color ever. It seems likely she hasn't bought new clothes since 2004, which would also account for the fact that she manages to get one tit wedged in the waistband of her dress 90% of the time.

No. 293486

>one tit wedged in the waistband of her dress 90% of the time.

LOL, yeah that drives me nuts. It's because she hardly ever wears a bra, she's just letting them swing free, so I'm not surprised they travel around like that.

Her "hideous print dresses" look like someone tried to make a "forgiving" stretchy elastic dress with the same material & pattern 70s Mu-Mus were made from.

No. 293637

This is what I was thinking. Those fucking half-shirts were massively popular in 2004.

No. 293844

So this is what Skeletor looks like with a makeover. If it was Onision (post-op transition surgery) you could almost make a disturbing argument for time travel and it would explain a few things.

No. 294028

File: 1492540933349.png (132.88 KB, 750x1098, IMG_8041.PNG)

Apparently she has "new meds" and is feeling great. In less than a day? Wonder what miracle meds she has this time!

No. 294037

The only meds that would work immediately upon taking would likely something for her anxiety issues….probably benzos of some sort, other psychiatric drugs take several weeks before an effect is kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

No. 294039

I don't really know much about medication, but don't most or a lot take time for your body to adjust to i.e take time to work properly?

Who am I kidding, her medicine is probably turmeric and beet juice or a different brand of vitamins she doesn't need.

No. 294044


Gabapentin is a popular med. It works pretty fast and has a short half life. It also has a strong anti-anxiety effect for many people.

Most people build tolerance really quickly, so it doesn't take long till you're on super high doses that don't do shit any more.

No. 294068

OMG I'm so sorry. I got called away while I was in the middle of writing that comment and didn't even notice it posted accidentally while I was gone. I did try to delete it but it was past the 30 min window.

Supposedly this was a real doctor, not a naturopath, so she was probably given actual prescription medication rather than vitamins. I'm guessing benzos of some type since they would provide immediate relief of the majority of her symptoms. Gabbapentin might help some people but when I took it for my anxiety it didn't do much, I didn't notice any kind of effect from it actually.

No. 294074


I got it for fibromyalgia and it had a side effect for anxiety. It did help at first, but tolerance was quick. The newer version is called Lyrica and is a controlled substance and more expensive. It is actually approved for fibromyalgia.

No. 294080


it would be unusual for a doctor to write a script for a controlled substance on first visit by an out of state patient. That would be a red-flag type event when trying to identify doctors who are trafficking. Few (none?) highly regarded physicians would do that. They might give you something for 2-5 days and refer you back to a primary physician in your own area. But, even that seems odd given the risk of bad reactions when starting a new med like that.

No. 294091

Now see, this is important here, because it spells out the possibility that Joy is lying about things again. Or that it wasn't a legitimate doctor. Unsurprisingly her twitter has multiple videos and going manic again. There could be an argument here for manic-depressive or bi-polar.

Joy was claiming fibro for a while, then said it went from being random to cyclical, and now has been saying 'so they can find out what's wrong with me.' Her own 'fanatics' never stop to ask about why this story keeps changing though.

I still want to know about this theory, but whoever the anon is hasn't explained how they came to this conclusion.

No. 294098


As far as fibro goes, there are diagnostic criteria and (just like people with it in this thread say there's no way) doctors are pretty good at recognizing genuine pain from claimed pain. My doctor even asked about xyz because i hadn't said i had pain there, but he said my posture looked 'painful'… turns out, it was a "less painful" area and unless i thought about it, the other areas were screaming much louder. Long term pain actually causes adaption in the muscles used to "guard" the painful areas. Once you've been through something like that, you quickly recognize when other people are "guarding" because (at least for me) it sort of triggers it in your own body as a reflex.

No. 294105

So then, as someone with Fibro…the manic bouts and such, would you say that it adds up or that Joys behavior adds up with this? We've seen her claim pain but bounce around frequently like a superball. We've seen her claim how she can't drive..but she was just driving recently…and we've seen her claim that just going in the door tires her out only to have another manic episode pop up.

TL;DR there are huge inconsistencies here and as much as we've had a few anons with health problems say something isn't right i'd love to hear what you think about it.

No. 294118


For me, fibro doesn't cause the things she describes. It is exhausting because the pain (when not controlled) wakes me up every two hours because laying down actually causes pain at certain points in my body. Before it was controlled, I went through roughly 3 years of progressive pain. For the last 2 years of that, there is no way I would be flinging my arms around like she does in her videos. And, it was also at that point (when the pain was that bad) that it disrupted sleep. But, the fibro itself doesn't actually cause fatigue (that's the effect of the sleep disruption).

Once my pain was that bad, even if I did have "manic" bouts (like an effect from a supplement or something), it didn't reduce the pain enough to start flinging my body around much. It would more often just result in more talking and more work getting done at the computer. In general, fibro for me was primarily pain. So, I might not want to walk into the next room, but it wasn't from exhaustion, it was because of pain. (Imagine you broke a leg, you would think really hard about walking around, so sort of combine everything into as few trips as possible).

Driving could be hard in the sense that I would get shooting pains in my legs and you couldn't exactly not break to avoid it. But, I held a job, so drove 1hr each way in/out of work 4 days a week at that point.

My diagnostics for fibro included neurological workup, EEG, two types of heart work ups and a few other things. To get an official fibro diagnosis, they have to rule out other things + have some pretty specific types of pain. Honestly, I got to a point that I had a mix of meds and exercise in the local YMCA warm water pool that worked to control the pain and so that's where I've stayed for over a year now. Am I like before? No. But, I can sleep through the night and, if I avoid stress, live mostly pain managed. Even in my current state, it would take a hell of a lot to get me to fling my body around like she does. But, maybe I'm just not speshul like her.

No. 294213

First time. sorry if I do this incorrectly.

>>>Reveals that she is "maybe possibly close to TX

When Joy just started streaming on YouNow, there was one day only a few people were in the stream. She very quickly mentioned she was in Texas, however don't think anyone heard because she talks so fast at times.

She constantly accuses and blames people for putting her information out there. However, I've watched her from the beginning and know that it's always been Joy dropping info or (hints) about herself sometimes by "accident" (maybe) but mostly (I believe) on purpose to start shit because she feeds off drama whether good or bad. Plus it gives her an excuse to manipulate her fanbase AND pump out more videos of course.

When she popped on scene she seemed so likeable but dealing with people her in my life, I saw through her "BS". I feel bad for the innocent people who will get hurt by her but not so for the ones who refuse to listen to all the warnings.

Sorry for the length.
that's what he said ha

sage for "enter here"

No. 294258

In her video about the Daddyofive video… she says her "friend" keeps laughing… maybe it's just me, but I am hearing NOTHING. It's extremely unsettling.

No. 294437

Well, get ready for another manic mode. She's got more videos incoming. Time to watch Joy yet again leap onto an emotional event to try and hook more people in.
No kidding. It is very noticeable. When you can tally it up on one livestream like THAT, there's a problem.

No. 294445

A Dr doesn't hand out meds after one meeting with a patient.
They will do a round a of test to rule out any other disorders before making a diagnosis and writing a prescription.
Sorry Kati, calling bullshit on your little charade.

No. 294454

welcome, but please take note of how the rest of us are posting. don't choose a name, and if you want to sage, type 'sage' in the email field (as I have here). writing it in the post does nothing.

No. 294468

Maybe the doc saw through her bullshit and just gave her placebos lol

No. 294477

File: 1492606425290.png (237.55 KB, 739x717, bcQUf5G.png)

Def seems like she's in a manic mode right now. I think she has 4 vids already on that DaddyOFive. OMG, does she hate the woman in those videos!

No. 294480


>OMG, does she hate the woman in those videos!

Never thought I would agree with her about anything, but there ya go.

No. 294486

>A Dr doesn't hand out meds after one meeting with a patient.

Unfortunately this isn't true at all. Not all doctors have these kind of standards, I would even venture to say most don't. Some doctors are rushed or even worse trying to keep up the quotas set by pharmaceutical companies who give out kickbacks if a doctor reaches a certain number of prescriptions per month. I've had doctors try to give me SSRI prescriptions after only talking to me for 5 minutes, no tests required. I don't even need them, my issue is not brain chemical related. (I have some horror stories there.) True, most don't want to immediately prescribe a controlled substance like Xanax because they don't want to deal with questions about giving out too many, so they usually push SSRIs first. However, since this doctor's visit was a favor, she traveled a long way to see him and probably wouldn't come back again, it's possible he just gave her a trial amount of a drug he knew would be immediately effective for her and told her to follow up with a local doctor to get more. Like us, he might have immediately seen the majority of what's going on with her has mental causes. He might not have thought it was prudent in this case to try SSRIs first, they usually take a lot of trial & error to find the right one, if they are even effective at all, and most take up to a month before any kind of effect is noticed. Since she was only there for one visit there wasn't enough time for this kind of experimentation.

No. 294515

The only medication I can think of that would begin working the same day and cause a noticeable difference would be something like Xanax or a steroid shot

Correct me if I'm wrong on this

No. 294545

Well, there are lots of other meds that have an immediate effect like pain killers, blood pressure drugs, sleeping pills, antacids, insulin, muscle relaxers and some antipsychotics but for what's going on with her, yes, the most likely medication that would fix the symptoms she's complaining about would be some kind of benzodiazepine.

No. 294616

Oh god, just thinking about the videos she would make during benzo withdrawal. Catastrophic.

No. 294617

And this is where all her "illness" bullshit comes right apart. Any doctor at all familiar with fibromyalgia would have spoken to her about how crucial sleep is to management of the disorder, and would have tried to address proper rest regimens and perhaps even medication as a first step. If she's seeing "one of the best doctors in the country", you can be sure that he would have tried to set her on the correct rest/activity patterns from day one. Further, if she has been living with it for five years she would know that being up "ALL night" = being in a fetal position from pain the subsequent day, and it's probably not worth it in order to make obsessive youtube videos about some redneck's parenting habits.

No. 294625

Not sure what's actually more disgusting, the abuse of those children by their own family or all the people jumping at the opportunity to further exploit said children to line their pockets by sounding the trumpets of righteous indignation and virtue signaling.

Won't someone please TRULY think of the children, not just give some semblance of concern with alternative motives?

No. 294626

I know right? I've gone through both Xanax and opiate withdrawal at different points in my life and the WDs from Xanax are no joke, it's way worse than opiate withdrawal, not only because it's exponentially more painful but also because it messes with your head so badly, causing extreme auditory & visual hallucinations as well as seizures that are possibly fatal. I have severe anxiety & panic attacks and Xanax works wonderfully at stopping it in it's tracks, but because of what I went thru before I am so afraid of the WDs that I will only take it in the case of only the absolute worst panic attacks that have continued for days and would otherwise cause me to end up in the ER where they would dose me anyway. Joy already isn't all that stable with her manic/depressive cycles, I can't imagine the severe crazy that would ensue from benzo withdrawal.

No. 294637

lol i dont believe for a minute she's on new meds or even being placated by placebos, I think she's just saying this so she can move on from being "sick" constantly since people are finally kicking up a storm over it being bullshit

this way she can magically get better and never address it again (except for the rare occasion when it suits her!)

No. 294638


she has about another week until her next "I don't want to die" set of videos.

No. 294820

I don't know anything about this DaddyOFive family, and though they def need a thread somewhere if they don't already, how much is Joy meant to know of them? Seems like she just stumbled onto them recently cause of the drama.

The way she's talking in the videos about them from my perspective it seems like she's making so many assumptions about how these people are and their family life{"All you emote is anger and intensity and stress" and "Bitch why don't you sit down and let him articulate his emotions instead of trying to control everyone and how they feel" plus all the times she says they don't love the kids and don't give a shit about them. Just seems like she's reading really far into what is being said. Like the father said he was mad that the burger joint he frequents did a shit job this time, so she retorts with stuff about how it's due to how he's too stupid to of asked them to redo it and that he's always angry. From my POV it's like where are you getting all this?} it's like she knows them personally. Like she's their fucking neighbor or something. I just find it weird, and if she's only going on minimal info on them, that invisible ink prank video probably, that she should maybe stop putting so many words in their mouths so to speak. Saying it's abuse and evil and all this dramatic shit that the little boy can't go on the Disney trip when it sounds like the kid is being punished for misbehaving, specifically for smearing shit all over the place. But she's making it sound like she was there in the room when shit went down and can personally vouch for how evil these parents are and how victimized the boy is.

But I'm sure they're pieces of shit anyway in their own right, seriously they seem like a fucking mess. But it's almost like she's talking to her own family when she responds to the DaddyO clan, and projecting really fucking hard too. Kinda creepy.

No. 294856

Oh yeah, she's projecting hard and it looks like she's hella bitter about her own childhood and taking it out on these people. It becomes really clear with how extra hateful she is towards the mother, assigning all this "i have the poon, i run the house" shit to her, and getting so angry when she calls herself the kid's mother. Like, a lot of people have stepparents who raised them and whom they consider their real parents because their bio parents weren't around, it's no big deal. Seems like she had a shitty stepmother and mother and is, at the age of 32 still salty as fuck about it. That explains how aggressively misogynistic she tends to be too. idk if you guys noticed how her face screws up every time she talks about "basic white bitches" and "kathys" but it's hilarious. Like, girl you're the basicest, whitest bitch out there, and you dress like my fucking mom so you're a Kathy too.

No. 294877

Uh, but for real… those people treat those kids like shit in their videos. I rarely agree with what she says in her videos, but she made a lot of good points in her videos on them.

No. 294889

I don't think anyone's defending those people. They're foul trash who should have their kids taken away in my opinion. It's just… making 6 videos about them daily while you're supposed to be on some sort of health retreat anyway smells of really severe mental health problems.

No. 294897

i think that almost everyone agrees that those parents treat their kids like garbage and that some officials need to get involved somehow, but seriously, making that many videos about them? there's no point. everyone already knows the story. she's just trying to stay relevant and profit off of drama involving kids, which is scummy, especially if she's still trying to sell the whole "positivity" thing.

sage for ot.

No. 294901

Oh yeah, I am in no way defending these people. After posting >>294820 I watched more of their videos and they're worse than I previously credited them for. But that's OT.

The thing with Joy is the way she's talking about these people as if they're her own parents. Like she has alllllllllllll this insight on the situation, therefore a pro on it, because she's had "many evil stepmothers and stepfathers." {Just like how she's had many horrible boyfriends which makes her a pro at Grog's bullshit. I ain't calling her a liar, I'm really not, but I will say that someone mentioned that Joy does this thing where if you have an issue suddenly Joy's had it too or similar, and can share in the experience blah blah} Overall, the amount of hate she has against the mother for not being the boy's real mother is actually kind of alarming? "Remember bitch, he is not your son, you're just the stepmother, quit trying to be his mother" blah blah whatever she keeps going on about. "Quit trying to replace his mom" "Don't call him your son cause he's not" like holy hell lady maybe they're not pressed about it in their household, why are you? Calm down Joy, you ain't making responses to mama Kathy here….

No. 294946


> she's just trying to stay relevant and profit off of drama involving kids

And it's so SHAMELESS and BLATANT it's really disgusting.

So fucking thirsty you'll use fucking KIDS to get what you want.


Sorry, this really pisses me off.

No. 294972

nah i feel you bro. it would be one thing if it were another obnoxious adult youtuber like onion who consents to putting all of his shit out on the internet. i still think that it's fake as fuck if you're trying to be "positive," but hey, adults. but kids? not cool at all. those kids don't understand the ramifications of any of this. they're innocents and they should be left out of this shit. i don't think that phil did anything wrong by pointing out the situation (although making a second video was unnecessary), but pretty much everything that followed from everyone else was gross, selfish exploitation for gain at the expense of kids who are already suffering. all that the situation calls for is reporting their videos/channel (although their videos are all down now lmao) and maybe calling the authorities (cow-tipping? idk. someone's already done it i'm sure). joy is a grown-ass woman who should know better than to exploit children who are already being exploited. it's not cute.

sage for ot again. sorry. this is just a shitty situation.

No. 295063

File: 1492674275545.jpg (40.43 KB, 800x600, argumentsagainstcloning.jpg)

Sage for relevant humor. Onision is supposedly in touch with a lawyer now and dropped mention of someone with the cease and desist…although Keemstar is the big target at the moment.

No. 295082


Source for this info?

No. 295083

No. 295086

Links like this give onion views still, fyi

No. 295098


I'd rather there be proof on this thread than vague claims.

I watched the Onision vid and he is absolutely referring to the Joy Sparkles BS video there.

This makes her other "I forgive him" video make more sense. That video was not keeping with her witchy "I'm an expert at everything" personality and it looked weirdly stuck in there in comparison to her normal hate stalker shit. I bet someone with more brains than her pointed out that she is in fact stalking him and that was her way to satisfy her compulsion and maybe soften the hate stalker look should she get pulled into court.

So, this will be interesting to see if she can manage to give up her hate-fetish for Onision because that DaddyOFive isn't going to last forever and if she can't find other targets for her compulsion, there will be tons of fresh Onision vids out there just taunting the shit out of her.

No. 295112

Wow… this woman is insane. She's over 10 videos in, what? two days on this family and in all of them, the faces she makes are down right scary. She's completely triggered. She must really hate her family and her mother. In one of her videos she was "engaged" to a guy with a kid that tried to call her step mother and she rejected the term "STEP MOTHER" as replacing the kid's mother. Step mother is just that, the new wife of your father, it isn't replacing the mother? Does anyone know if her biological dad divorced her mother?

Then there was the dancing monkey comment about the kid… wasn't she trotted around as a "singer" as a kid? The irony is that her facebook groups show that she's been seriously trying to be an actor or model or something of that sort for a very long time… and here, these red-neck white trash build a massive channel in 10 months and are referring to the kids as actors.

I think the DaddyOFive need to quit making or posting the shit that they are for a lot of reasons, but it wouldn't make me loose my shit like she is.

No. 295171

File: 1492692560393.png (58.04 KB, 719x240, 3skbIPE.png)

Well, she's seen the Onision vid.

No. 295173

File: 1492692743306.png (118.08 KB, 607x722, 0qEnEUP.png)

And… of course she's planning a response.

No. 295176

New video up on Spurpinkle Bow talking about the Onision video.

No. 295186


OMG! She says that he made the video because he's wanted to get her attention because he's "butt hurt" that she's giving so much attention to the DaddyOFive thing! He wants attention (assuming from her)… OMG, she's really built up a HUGE opinion of herself.

She's now claiming that she had backed off from him, but if you look at the video she posted about the Mortgage, she did flat out make the claims that he's bad with money, everything is paid off (um? wut?), that he's a liar. And she promised to "keep him in check" and a multipart reaming with part one on her main channel and the rest on her backup channel…. she ends it with "It's reaming time, fucking coming!"

No. 295188

What I mean is, if you're gonna post his videos reupload them elsewhere so he doesn't get views or money from us.

But then again, his shit may be all fucked up against him right now anyway.

No. 295271

Between her 2 channels she's made 16 fucking videos in the last 24 hours, 12 of those are just on DaddyOFive. I don't think I've EVER seen another YouTuber come even close to releasing that many videos in a day much less so many on the same topic….they aren't even necessary, she's mostly just repeating the same info with only very minor updates on the situation. I don't know why she feels like she needs to react to each tiny progression of the story in real time. She would make much more interesting and well constructed videos if she just waited, gathered the info and then put it into one comprehensive video so she doesn't end up repeating herself so often.

No. 295277


>> She would make much more interesting and well constructed videos if she just waited, gathered the info and then put it into one comprehensive video so she doesn't end up repeating herself so often.

OMG… my sides are hurting from laughing so hard. That idiot couldn't make anything comprehensive. All she's doing is leaching off of other youtubers' videos for views. Her content is so full of wrong information because it's getting filtered through that swamp of a brain that she has, so her videos actually distort the facts in the matter. If she gave it 24 hours to percolate, it would just come out as thicker swamp scum.

No. 295524

All those views and all those subs AND future subs and future views are on the backs of those children. I hope you're proud of yourself, you shameless cunt.

No. 295713

File: 1492753800829.png (113.65 KB, 751x608, NsT4mvD.png)

No. 295835

Holy shit is this pathetic

Caught in a [couple] lie[s] and still trying to act like she's somehow the bigger person kek.

And Joy if you didn't care you wouldn't make multi videos about it and keep tweeting about it. Funny how Onion keeps asking her to fuck off and she straight up refuses, but if it were him she'd be up his ass about it.

No. 295890

You could make that argument for any YouTuber who covered this story. Are they not supposed to do that? How would we even know it was a thing if the story wasn't picked up by nearly every commentary/news channel? All of them will gain new subs and views from the story. The more important question is did she monetize those videos? THAT would be directly profiting off the abuse of those kids.I know Philip Defranco made a big point to say he demonetized his videos on the subject because he didn't want to make money that way.I personally haven't seen any ads on the few Daddyofive videos of hers I watched (seriously how could anyone get through them all, she's up to 15 now in less than 2 days!)…but just because I haven't seen ads on the couple I watched doesn't mean they all aren't monetized. Did she bring up the subject anywhere?

No. 295929



> You could make that argument for any YouTuber who covered this story.

> she's up to 15 now in less than 2 days!)

Do you read your posts before you post them? Has DeFranco made 15 videos? Has Keemstar? No? Then they aren't comparable as they are DIFFERENT.

> The more important question is did she monetize those videos?

Irrelevant. Subs gained from these videos will contribute to other monetized videos. …you know this, Joy, that's why you did it.

No. 295952

I don't think the number of videos matters for that argument. The way it was phrased it would demonize anyone who gained any new subs as a result of making even one video on Daddyofive….and they would also profit indirectly because their new subs would eventually click on their monetized videos. She's doing this same thing times 15 so you could argue it's 15 times as bad but that has to mean doing it even once has to be bad in the first place, which you don't seem to think it is. Yes, she is obsessively covering this story in a very unhealthy way but I think it's less so because she's after new subs and more so because she is projecting herself and the way she was treated as a child into this family. She is basically addressing this "wicked stepmom" as if this were her own mom. You can tell she has some deep seated issues there. She's using these videos to vent her emotions, which seems to be her primary focus right now. Yes, she is also worried about the drop in her YouTube revenue but if she really had no standards about how she made money and didn't care what people would think she would have monetized all 15.

No. 295965


Whether it is a factor does not depend on whether or not it is expressly stated. It can be stated and be a factor; it could NOT be stated and still be a factor.

Also, I'm the OP so I get to decided what I meant, not you. :)

"Drinking 15 beers in an hour is bad THEREFORE drinking 1 beer in an hour MUST be bad." lol.

Monetizing the videos is not required to have no standards.

No. 295985

File: 1492801013325.png (299.55 KB, 1645x1393, kskmsvY.png)

milk it til it stops bleeding

No. 295987

>Whether it is a factor does not depend on whether or not it is expressly stated. It can be stated and be a factor; it could NOT be stated and still be a factor.

Not exactly sure what you are referring to there or what you mean by that. Sure, things can be factors whether or not they are stated….and?

>Also, I'm the OP so I get to decided what I meant, not you. :)

That might have been what you meant but you can't dictate how others might interpret your statement.

>"Drinking 15 beers in an hour is bad THEREFORE drinking 1 beer in an hour MUST be bad." lol.

15 beers in an hour is going to be really bad for you but alcohol is a poison to begin with. One beer can affect different people in varying levels depending on their tolerance. One beer might not affect you much because it isn't very much poison, but it's still a poison and causes the same chemical reactions in your body as 15, just to a lesser degree.

>Monetizing the videos is not required to have no standards.

I agree, she could show she has no standards in other ways but I was only referring to that one specific situation. She had to physically turn off automatic monetization on those videos. It was a conscious decision to do so, whatever her motive may have been.

No. 295999

No. 296010

I want to add that I'm not 100% certain she demonetized her Daddyofive videos so I could be wrong about that last point. I haven't watched them all so I'm not sure but I didn't get any ads on the ones I did watch.

No. 296117


One video, maybe two is 'covering' the topic. Joysus has blown past that right into creepy stalker land long ago. The woman is riding little Cody like a bitch. She's not looking for a solution or to inform… she's looking to rally a mob mentality. It really is pretty creepy how hard she's riding this thing.

No. 296157

I certainly agree a number of videos she has made is obsessive and weird. But yeah, she's using this story to virtue signal. You know how much she likes to lecture people about the "right" way (her way) of doing things. She's taken this to a weird extreme because she has inserted her own childhood into this family, she's projecting so hard. She even said in her videos she knows this level of involvement is obsessive, but she tried to relabel it as "passionate." The number of videos is mainly a result of her reacting in real time to any tiny update in the story. Other channels might have covered all the same info, they have just condensed it down into a shorter easier to watch format in one or two videos because they value their audience's time. Joy hates to edit herself because she thinks everything that comes out of her mouth is sooo important & relevant. She's repeated the same opinion in nearly every video…child abuse is bad, stepmom is a raging bitch & daddy isn't any better. We know Joy, everyone knows. If people want to learn the entire story in detail they aren't going to watch all 15 of her videos totalling over 3.5 hours of watch time to find out….especially if they can just get that same update in one or two videos from someone else.

No. 296182

File: 1492820465572.png (173.95 KB, 601x733, ZM2zMQR.png)

odd how this describes Kati exactly?

No. 296210

File: 1492822760523.png (91.32 KB, 606x504, qj1Aeec.png)

fans think she's coming unglued.

No. 296220

charmander woman here. i'm not a fan. i don't know for certain what her agenda is and honestly i'm largely indifferent. we're only mutuals because we called a truce after i called her out about the konstigo thing and she agreed to apologize. but i'm sick of this daddyofive thing and i think that she's going way, WAY too far. tbh i stopped being able to make it through her videos a while ago but i've seen the sheer volume and it's so fucking unnecessary.

i don't hate her, i don't know what she's up to, but she's making this situation worse and it isn't necessary. those kids don't need those videos blasted all over the internet again. i made my opinion clear and idk if she's going to respond but she hasn't yet.

major saging, just wanted to clear that up.

No. 296227


My apologies. She is working hard to build up a mob against this family. For what ever problems the family does or does not have, she is acting absolutely pathological and is risking inciting something terrible against that family.

No. 296236

you're fine, no need to apologize!!

the family is screwed up and i'm pretty certain that the authorities are involved, because i know that people have reported them. the videos are down, the family is off social media, cps is aware of what's happened and the videos are logged for evidence. people need to stop now, especially her. it's just gross. the family's gotten death threats, which isn't cool at ALL, and she just keeps riling people up. the only thing that she's doing is further exploiting the kids and stoking the fire with people who are already angry. it's unnecessary, it's dangerous, and it needs to stop. this isn't a "funny" onion situation. this is serious.

No. 296264

Sage for slightly OT

Yes, Joy is taking things too far and being obsessive once again. It's kinda her thing. I agree with you, but I want to add. What's really rubbed me the wrong way is in one of the videos she refers to the interview the birth mom did with one of her friends. Iirc there is a petition going on to get Cody and Emma back with the birth mom, based basically just on her side of the story. {Which is…questionable} I'm down with trying to get some social workers in the house but idk the way she just took the woman by her word and started pushing this is kinda crazy to me.

No. 296341

Right, we have no idea what was going on with the birth mom before. I can understand wanting to get those kids out of that environment but who's to say the birth mom would provide better? None of us know what happens behind closed doors. Did you see the video where the stepmom reacts to hearing the interview with the birth mom? She's crying big fat crocodile tears while hugging her two step kids close to her…and the little girl actually rolls her eyes at this behavior, she knows it's just bullshit for the camera. Stepmom then demands they break out the good camera so she can make a response video because it's all about her and how she want to be perceived. The step mom seems to resent those two step kids by the way she treats them and may only want them as a kind of power trip over her husband's old partner. It's messed up but she may want to keep these kids mainly so her husband doesn't have any reason to talk to his ex who she may see as some sort of threat. Idk just tinfoiling there based on what I've seen from this one bitch I know with a similar mentality. The birth mom did try to file a police report when she saw her kids being abused on camera but the court told her they couldn't do anything because corporal punishment isn't illegal. The thing is what's going on in a majority of those videos isn't part of any sort of punishment for something the kids did wrong, they are straight up being tormented for the enjoyment of the adults. That one video where the mom organizes a prank on the dad by dressing up the kid as an intruder and pulling the alarm was incredibly dangerous and irresponsible, he could have killed his child. In any case, CPS has been called and they will investigate the situation, underfunded as they are, they usually won't take away the kids unless it's an extreme situation. However, the sheer amount of attention on this case will probably pressure them to do a much more thorough investigation above what would normally be done and take some sort of action. Unless there's some huge development in the situation, I agree making more videos is completely unnecessary.

sage for OT

No. 296354

File: 1492833274571.png (159.47 KB, 773x606, 1kKR3Lt.png)

so, when confronted with image above… she responds this way…. so, she actually has all those videos monetized. talk about scuzzy!

No. 296355

arguing with these people on twitter is making me want to stab myself in the leg. they are so fucking stupid and joy is such a liar. good lord. i am DONE.

the fact that she can happily go to sleep at night while literally profiting off of child abuse is baffling to me. she might not be as terrible as those parents or other "white trash" parents that she hates so much, but she's showing that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

sage, i just had to rage on here for a bit because i legit want to go punch a brick wall.

No. 296356

>i grew up in environments like this and want to point out what I see and why it's wrong.

Everyone can see those same things and know that it's wrong without needing you to point it out, Joy. The only people who don't seem to think there's anything wrong there are kids who don't know any better or adults who are fucked in the head themselves cough Keemstar cough
The coverage of this story has gone way past "advocacy" into crazy obsessive projection. This isn't your family, Joy, and you can't save yourself by "helping" Cody. You don't know what the best situation for him would be. You don't really know this family or what things were like for those kids when the birth mom had them.

No. 296362

i want to clarify that i'm not calling joy abusive, i'm calling her selfish, a liar, and more than willing to exploit other people's children's suffering for her own benefit. which is awful and i hope that her youtube career crashes and burns. (✿◕‿◕) (✿◕‿◕) (✿◕‿◕)

No. 296367

Just a reminder that Philip DeFranco didn't put ads on his video about the situation because he didn't want to profit off of it. Kind of irritated she has and is.

No. 296385

Right?! What the fuck happened to "I refuse to profit off of the abuse of minors", Joy? What, was that just a ploy you needed in the beginning to seem genuine, but now that you have a "fanbase" you don't need to keep pushing the angle?

So Onion's ex flings are off limits completely…til you needed some money. Now a couple of special needs kids are being tormented and you just said fuck it eh? Cause "barley making anything" is still making something hunny.

No. 296395

She's "barely making anything" most likely because YouTube has marked anything DaddyOFive as not advertiser friendly. What a fucking wanker tho to complain about it! How many times has she spread those images of those kids now? And, in one video, where the girl is slapped… the ran it 3 times, 2 of them back to back, so she really is getting some sort of weird joy out of sperging out all over this family. One of her drooling idiot followers showed a screen cap of reporting the family to a "Bikers Against Child Abuse" type gang and QueenIdigoChild was all happy about it. She's collecting quite the group of idiots to herself so she can be Drama Queen of the Derps!

No. 296411

Given her imax level projection… makes me wonder what went on between her and the ex-fiance's kid? She'd definitely a Stephen King (Misery!) level freak… could you imagine if the kid insulted or annoyed her? Shudder.

No. 296445

File: 1492840495475.png (1.27 MB, 2666x1194, ads.png)

I feel a bit dirty contributing to her ad roll views to find out but I turned off adblock to check if her videos are monetized and got four videos with ads between her two channels. This is disgusting and hypocritical. What happened to "I will NEVER profit off the abuse of minors!" Guess that's not important to her anymore.

No. 296447

I feel like at this point I shouldn't be disappointed but I feel disappointed in her. That's one thing I respected about her.

No. 296448


wow! she is disgusting!

No. 296450

and i got blocc'd for pointing that out lmfao. i guess her spiel about respecting "the fuck" out of someone who calls her on her shit is false after all!!

but hey, it's all okay, because she doesn't make MUCH money from those videos. y'know. standards.

No. 296451

Came across this video. Fairly spot end - except for the final part. Joy is showered in compliments and empathy in her live streams. It outweighs the "haters" exponentially, but when streaming she constantly brings up the very few negative comments sent her way. She feeds off of the negativity because she's a nutter.

Anyway, this is the first video I've seen made about Joy/Kati that (doesn't seem to be) made by a fellow nutter like Jamie Nobody or kimmycat.

No. 296465

And this is AFTER she saw Philip Defranco make a big point to state he didn't monetize his Daddyofive videos because he didn't want to profit from this. But it's ok for her apparently because it's "just a few dollars." It doesn't matter how much it is, the money is still tainted by the suffering of children. I thought you were so against that Joy. Now that she needs money her "standards" seem to disappear.

No. 296473

Wanted to add that this also means she can't feign forgetfulness or "muh brain fog" for not turning off monetization on these videos. She was already called out on it but this didn't change anything.

No. 296475

that was EXACTLY the point i was trying to make. it doesn't matter how much money she's making. i don't care if she's making pennies. it's still profit, and it's made by exploiting those kids. they've suffered enough already.

i'm just glad that she didn't pull the "i'm so poor" card. i'm poor as fuck on a low fixed income and it sucks but being poor isn't an excuse for making money that way.

another big difference between joy and phil is that phil made his original video to expose the situation. most of us didn't know about it before his vid. but then joy joined the bandwagon (late, might i add) to make unnecessary videos about child abuse for profit. two very different people with very different motives.

No. 296485

File: 1492843842808.png (416.04 KB, 800x500, zcBxc5P.png)

No. 296538

holy shit… up to 17 videos in 3 days… must really need to push for those ad pennies!

No. 296542

She had to find something to obsess about since she postured a bit too much about Onision. Since it got her quite a few subs, she must be trying to build up a buffer and a distraction from her misdeeds. More subs = more suckers = more people to use and abuse when the last wave wises up.
You know, what strikes me as strange is that many of her biggest critics actually seem to suffer from the ailments that she continually claims….and yet she calls them haters that just judge and don't understand.
According to her livestreams she's said a few times she's not hurting for money. She just seems to like making money. If she'll exploit kids what WON'T she exploit?

No. 296552

Me too, she certainly has her issues but at the very least she seemed to have enough decency to not profit from child abuse, that was the one thing I gave her credit for. Now it appears she only follows that honor code when it suits her (i.e. when she is bringing in enough money.) Now that her channel is suffering from "ADpocolypse" she's trying to scrape together those pennies no matter how questionable the source. It would be one thing if she were just making a shit ton of monetized videos on the hot topic of the day to create more subs/views/money to get her income back to a comfortable level for her, but this was built upon her exploiting already abused children, something she said she would never do. She's trying to justify her hypocritical actions by convincing herself it isn't so bad because it isn't very much money. That doesn't matter Joy, even a little bit of blood money is still dirty. She claims to be making so many videos on this one topic because she's "passionate" about it and just wants to spread awareness….but that's such bullshit, if that were true she would have never even considered monetizing them. If she will cross her own personal lines when she is just slightly uncomfortable with her income and doesn't really have bills to pay, what kind of heinous shit would she do out of desperation when she's broke or in debt?

No. 296879


She's a terrible fucking actress. It doesn't surprise me that her legions of teenage fans believe her, but it blows my fucking mind when I see adults fall for her shit - over and over again in spite of the obvious. "I believe you Joy because your voice is shaking and that's a clear sign of a panic attack" = the comments I'm seeing. Do you think this is the fake breakdown we've been expecting, or is that yet to come? The cycle continues I guess.

Between every other fawning comment on her YT channels there's a few from people who say they have fibromyalgia and can relate. I'm guessing most of them aren't aware of her constantly changing story when it comes to her "pain". Or they don't have fibro to begin with and are fellow malingering dipshits. Anyone who calls fibro a "blanket term" is full of shit. I'm looking forward to her next "health update" when she gets back to free loading at roommate's place. Isn't a roommate someone you share rent with? Anyway, you know a health update (lol) is coming - can't wait for the new self-diagnosis she spent all week researching. Gotta make sure it elicits lots of awww poor you's from her vulnerable fanbase. Keep it general enough that nobody will question it, but serious enough that everyone will fawn over how gosh darn awful you have it day in and day out Kati! But not serious enough that'll you die..just have continue having those "almost heart attacks" and you'll be golden. Cunt.

No. 296882

Sorry, >>296879 I had to delete the original msg and fix it because it had unecessary spaces and some typos. This is pretty much what they were replying to:

In her latest video on her 2nd channel, she claims to be having a "panic attack" while filming and that she has a poker face where she is able to hide it for the most part. As someone who suffers from real panic attacks, she isn't having a panic attack. They are impossible to hide, I don't care how much willpower you have, it's the nature of panic attacks. Sure, she seems to be a bit upset and suffering some anxiety from talking about an uncomfortable topic that has brought up negative emotional trauma but anxiety is NOT the same thing as a panic attack. Anxiety can be suppressed somewhat where you can hide some of it and act somewhat normal but there's no freaking way you can do that with a panic attack…it's called a panic attack because you are literally PANICKING and can't stop. Panic attacks are SCARY, they break you down so that you are a complete mess and can't act like a normal person no matter how hard you try to stop it. You can't just calm down and gain control, if you can then its anxiety, not a panic attack. You feel like you are literally dying with severe chest pains that can be mistaken for a heart attack and anxiety so bad you feel like the world is ending even if at the same time you KNOW that's completely irrational and you are actually fine. Panic attacks are debilitating, you can't just suck it up and move on the way she is portraying it. If she can hide what she is experiencing then its just not that bad, certainly not a panic attack. If she has ever had a real panic attack she wouldn't EVER try to claim she can hide it, because you can't. This seems to be more of her playing stuff up and exaggerating symptoms for attention or whatever reason.

No. 296895

Yeah, you can't "silently" have a panic attack and every person who has had or seen someone have a panic attack should know this already. When I have panic attacks I'm sobbing, shaking, breathing heavy, I can't communicate, I can't focus. A lot of the anxiety is fear of having panic attacks because it's terrifying and embarrassing and completely uncontrollable but she was much more anxious about having to see her ex? She didn't even express fear over driving which she claimed she wasn't able to do. It just really pisses me off to see someone pretending to have these illnesses, spreading misinformation while also scamming and manipulating her audience.

If she was actually so sick she needed to stay home and not work, she would not be able to do youtube or livestreams. At least not at this capacity. I deal with anxiety and pretty severe panic but it's not the kind of thing that will keep you home unless it's absolutely debilitating. Millions of americans struggle with anxiety and are competent enough to manage and live with it. I know several women with fibro and arthritis that have jobs, they are even on their feet. It's shitty and occasionally they have to call in but they're still not sitting on their couch wailing to the internet about how much their life sucks. She needs to get her shit together. The only thing keeping her from having a job and paying fucking rent is the anxiety she refuses to accept. She would rather take medical advice from the internet and naturopaths WHICH ARE NOT AND NEVER WILL BE DOCTORS OR MEDICAL PROFFESSIONALS. She needs to read the wikipedia article on pseudoscience or something.

I hate freeloaders and scammers. Leeches. Get a god damn job you malingerer. You're the reason people who are actually sick and homebound are unable to survive and thrive. That is the definition of burdening society.

No. 296914

I also have panic attacks and agree with your assessments. She isn't having one. A panic attack is a sudden feeling of ACUTE and DISABLING anxiety. It causes a feeling of intense fear, loss of control & impending doom. Sometimes there are also palpitations, sweating, shaking, shortness of breath, and feeling like you are dying or going crazy. Its completely overwhelming. If she is able to function to such a degree that she can make a fairly ordered and intelligible video while having one then what she is experiencing is probably just mild anxiety. When I have a panic attack I don't think I could even do something as simple as set up the camera and lighting for the video much less be able to record anything other than a confused jumble of crying & incoherent, irrational babbling. I WISH I could hide a panic attack when I have one, they are so embarrassing, especially when you have one in public. I hate when she does this. Oh muh panic attacks, muh fibro pain then immediately does something contradictory to that condition. No one who really suffers from these conditions believes her.

No. 296965

Holy shit that video she just put up is the breakdown people kept saying was coming. In it she calls some of the children other than Cody "shitstains." They're children for gods sake.

No. 296980

File: 1492917252633.png (234.37 KB, 460x464, hideo.png)


Wow, you really hit the nail on the head with that one. Couldn't have said it better, 10/10. I experience anxiety alot too, and still you just have to cope and fucking work, it's not that hard to hold down a job.

No. 296982

>>No. 296965

Check it out at about 5:50 in. Her phone starts buzzing and she looks like she's going to lose it. She answers and then proceeds to tell the camera/audience that her "battery died". She forgot to edit out this part of the video. She tells the lie twice to have two spots she can jump cut to. It doesn't shock me how quick she is to lie. I only picked up on this because her supportive fans are commenting & wondering why she lied at all. Some are saying she needs to take a break because her editing is off lololol.

Yesss this is definitely entering into the every other week meltdown we've been expecting. At least the bitch is stupidly predictable. She really is losing it again. Btw she actually "admits" in the video that she thinks she is dealing with anxiety issues. Kati doesn't believe that herself, really. She's just doing her typical go-with-the-flow-so-my-lies-aren't caught bullshit. But she absolutely does not believe she has any mental issues at all. Remember this twit thinks channelling angels can rewire your brain. Stating the obvious here but this is just ANOTHER virtue signalling, empathy hoarding biweekly meltdown.

No. 296987

One of many. Notice how she tells whomever on the phone that anxiety shut her down but she was perfectly normal? She just throws out those lies so easily,and its an emotional topic, with the usual virtue signalling and white-knighting. All phony.

I NOTICED THAT! She did! She said her battery died even though she had answered the phone and hung up! She's doing this to grab as many subs as she can. More suckers to the fire, far as she's concerned. If she gets enough of them roped on Onision levels..she figures shes got it made. Even if she can't get it from them in the usual channels…she can move in and leech off of them when her old suckers dry up. Speaking of…countdown until roomie gets tired of it, kicks her out, and suddenly becomes some horrible monster she tried to help.

No. 296993

Has PTSD always been on her list of illnesses?

Yeah like wtf was that? Why did she not edit out the phone call all together? That shit is so suspect to me for some reason, got the tinfoil hat ready to go.

And wtf is up with her disdain for mixed families? "They're his step brothers so they're strangers" Joy…you must be confused. This isn't your family.

No. 296997

>>No. 296987

Yep. She's gaining a fuckload of subscribers and views off of this obsessive bullshit. Check out her SocialBlade stats from the 16th - the day this blew up everywhere - until now. Compare that shit to earlier in the month. Anyone who seriously buys this whole "I'm doing these videos until something changes for these kids!" lie is an idiot to think Joy/Kati's videos will have any positive impact in the lives of those children. Yeah, she's juuuust here to help you guise!


>>No. 296993

I've never heard her ever say she has PTSD from anything. Tons of commenters are suggesting she has it. Watch her take the suggestion and run with it.

These videos are definitely 100% about her family and more specifically her mother. Tantrum videos disguised as SAVE THE CHILDRENZ videos. She has zero shame.

No. 297003

>>No. 296993

I also meant to add that I think she didn't edit it out because she simply forgot. She's in such a hurry to milk this sad situation and comment ad nauseum on any (so called) new development in the story that she keeps fucking up her videos..as in, worse than before. It's pure mania and the crash is already in progress.

No. 297008

Also in the new video she tries to pass off the claim that a Kathy refers to "a snobby baby boomer"…but she pretends like 1)She didn't just make that up 2) Her mother's name is actually Kathi

So all those videos seem to be about getting back at her mother. She seems to be genuinely confused at certain points about which family she is addressing her own or Cody's family.

No. 297009

Sorry same anon,

Meant to say 2) She pretends that her mother's name isn't really Kathi

No. 297015

she's sincerely turning into a female keemstar now. her titles are such clickbait-y sensationalized bullshit. congratulations on latching onto another winning youtuber.

No. 297042

File: 1492925490865.png (121.65 KB, 1119x669, what.png)

I was just reading that comment and there's a new reply from a fan who tries so hard to excuse this behavior as something else. Just Wow.

No. 297045

wew lad top notch reaching right there

No. 297052

Around the 13 min mark in the new video she says she was diagnosed with PTSD. I wasn't sure if this was a new claim or not though.

Idk if it's just me, and I know she's mentioned before that she had shitty white trash parents, but it's very curious to me that she's coming out with more details about her childhood and many of those details mirror what Cody is going through in the videos. Like she says that her mother screamed exactly like how Heather does{But a pitch higher cause Joy's suffering always has to be the worst of anyone's} and that she had to deal with it every single day. Speculation about Cody having PTSD is floating around, now she says she was diagnosed with it because of her upbringing… I'm not really saying she's lying, just once again thinking about that whole "She always has the same problems as someone or worse no matter what experiences is being brought up". I think it's a telling thing about her character so I try and look out for examples of it since it's kinda twisted.

No. 297070


>>it's very curious to me that she's coming out with more details about her childhood and many of those details mirror what Cody

She's justifying making more videos for that sweet google cash as "i'm just so tigured!" If she came out and said that youtube cut her ad revenues and she needs more videos to make up, people would be upset. Why do you think they're all like 7min or shorter? It's that ad at the front of the video that she's getting paid off of… the rest after you've watched that ad is just wasted time for her. She needs you to click another vid to see another ad.

No. 297107

Yes, that's why she makes videos in a series from only tiny updates in the story that she reacts to in real time as they occur but never really says anything new, she's basically just repeating the same points in every video: poor Cody/poor me, child abuse is bad, evil stepmom & spineless dad are dumb white trash.

She's made 23 freaking videos on this subject with over FIVE HOURS of watch time. Who the fuck besides her most dedicated fans is going to watch all that? No, she is trying to shotgun YouTube with these videos to pick up as many new viewers/potential subscribers as possible. It's the big hot topic reaching the most eyes right now and she's milking that for all it's worth. The topic is super trig-ger-ring for her but that doesn't stop her from trying to make a buck off it.

I watched a livestream MrRepzion did the other day did on Onision and he commented how crazy Greg was for releasing 4 videos every day, one video per day on each of his 4 channels. Well, Onision's got nothing on Joy, she's released 8 between her 2 channels in the last 24 hours. If MrRepzion thinks 4 videos a day is crazy, I wonder what he would say about Joy's pace?

No. 297111


>> Onision's got nothing on Joy

she even has the creepy thumbnail that looks years younger so kids' parents don't realize how old she is. She really is like just the shit side of onision without even an attempt at entertainment

No. 297115

Probably nothing. If she does with him what she seems to do with anyone else, it seems she showers them in positive to mask her real nature. Hell, she didn't care about Eugenia for how long, but then gave her a shoutout out of nowhere when Joys subs took a hit. The more she sucks up to them, the more potential leeching she can do. A parasite through and through.

No. 297150

Eugenia is super nice to everyone, even her haters, so I doubt she would ever say anything bad about Joy no matter what happened. However, back around when the Onision debate thing started, Joy had been kissing Jaclyn Glenn's ass nonstop yet when she went on the Drunken Peasants podcast she still freely admitted the number of videos Joy makes about Onision was kinda crazy …so it's not beyond her at least to admit the truth even though she had Joy being sickeningly sweet to her at the time. MrRepzion is known for speaking his mind & isn't one to sugarcoat the truth so it's quite possible he would say exactly what he thought about Joy pumping out videos at that pace, regardless if they are on friendly terms or not.

It's not even that bad of an observation, no one is going to argue she doesn't make an insane number of videos per day….the thing is she's been so focused on the number of videos that she's let the quality slip dramatically, not that they were all that great to begin with, but now her editing skills have plummeted, she has severe continuity errors in many of her newest releases…and let's not forget how she left in that one part where she took a phone call then for no reason lied about her battery dying. She obviously meant to edit that part out because she lies about it twice! She didn't even bother to watch that video all the way thru once before uploading it. It reeks of laziness & valuing quantity over anything resembling quality. And there are actually people in her comments telling her how great this content is & what a good job she did.

No. 297194

sage4nocontrib but can you link me to the details about her ex? I didn't know they were engaged or that there was a kid involved.

and i know, i should lurk moar, but these joy threads are the ones i frequent most and i started this one and i'm struggling to keep up pls helpe

No. 297195

bless you anon

No. 297196


she's said it in at least two of the daddyofive vids… so, that limits it to about 20 vids… but i can't remember which vids i even watched.

No. 297197

type 'sage' into the email field. just writing it in the pst does nothing

No. 297289

She only brings him up now because she got exposed and now she running with it. All she really said was..well it was odd, but she said that her ex had a kid and her and the kid are close. Said the kid tried to call her mom so she sat him down and gave him a speech about how she's not his mom and never will be. "She will never replace his mother and will never try to" kind of shit. Which I mean, I got her point, but I hope she didn't word it the way she recalls it cause it was kinda harsh imo for a little kid.

I also wish I could tell you which vid this was in but idr which ones I let autoplay.

No. 297385

so you like public records, huh?

me, too. :)

No. 297398

Holy shit, I'm watching one of her latest DaddyOFive videos, and the faces she's pulling and sounds she's making … I don't know, she's either schizophrenic or fucking possessed. WTF is wrong with her? I mean, at this point she looks like she hasn't washed or brushed her hair in a week, she's sitting in a motel room wearing a sundress over tights over a hoodie in the most wtf homeless bag lady way possible, and she's furiously ranting at these people who aren't even on youtube anymore while having some kind of spastic episode. Just WTF.

No. 297739

File: 1492990701686.jpg (31.94 KB, 516x629, LsTppyM.jpg)

No. 297781

i grew up with some of the best manipulators and liars on the planet, and i just wanted to point out that telling a lie for no actual reason ("my battery died," why was that lie even remotely necessary?) is a telltale sign of a pathological liar. they're so caught up in telling lies, they can't stop, even when there's no point and the lies don't gain them anything. i wouldn't believe a fucking thing that comes out of her mouth.

especially with all of this past abuse. funny how suddenly all of her ailments (even her fucking fibromyalgia) tie back to abuse that was ~exactly~ like cody's. i can't wait for the story to change when she obsesses over the next hot topic.

No. 297802

Joy's now up to 15 videos about DaddyOFive on her main channel, and 12 on Spurpinkle Bow, for a total of 27 videos on this topic in FIVE DAYS.

She's also made 6 other videos in this time frame (mostly about Onision). So 33 videos in 5 days. She's out of town and likely would have been able to make even more if she were at home with no doctor appointments to go to.

And she expects people to believe that she's seriously ill, to the point of being disabled? Oh, please. Only if she's having a manic episode or someshit, but that's not what she's claiming.

No. 297810

i'm both physically and mentally ill to the point of being officially disabled, and i could NEVER have that level of activity. and the manic episode thing, tbh, doesn't even account for it. i'm severely bipolar and i can get really manic, but all of my physical stuff keeps me so tired i can't actually get anything done. if her pain is nearly as bad as she says it is, being manic wouldn't help her accomplish anything. a couple of weeks ago, i got super manic, and i managed to clean the kitchen and vacuum the living room. that was my great accomplishment. not 33 youtube videos in 5 days. that shows a much, MUCH higher level of functioning than someone who is legitimately disabled to the point of not being able to work. it's really fucking insulting.

sage for blog/ot.

No. 297835


Complains about doxxing, puts their public address in a video as a fan points out..then passes it off as an accident. Blames her "illness" on 'more mistakes." While her fanbase continues to make more excuses for her.

No. 297898

File: 1493008161874.png (71.91 KB, 638x461, forcharity.PNG)

"I put ads on them so I can donate the money to charity! This is a good cause, this blood money will help someone….(me)"

No. 297899

File: 1493008239547.png (75.13 KB, 648x459, fc2.PNG)


No. 297901


Jesus fucking Christ Joy, really?! This is another blatant, pathetic, back-stepping, story-changing LIE. God she pisses me off!

No. 297905

She finally changed her tune after people gave her enough shit for it. No one believes your damage control Joy, don't you remember your first response "but it's not a lot of money"? Guess she hopes not everyone saw that….but I saw it, everone here did.

No. 297927

she isn't even masking her lying well anymore. she's been caught too many times and she's getting erratic.

No. 297939

File: 1493013547624.png (94.17 KB, 770x475, thQhxKe.png)

posts this after 27th vid attacking family she has never even attempted to contact and who she had made "exactly the same as" her whole (suposedly messed up) extended family.

No. 297985

It seems like she's gotten so lost in this series with the Do5 stuff that she's really allowed that positive mask to slip away. She's just really lost her composure even to the point that her own fans are getting concerned. Yes the Do5 stuff is super disturbing but when I watch her videos on it- I'm much more disturbed by her change in demeanor and seemingly downward spiral.

No. 297989

what happened with the "enabled life" dj guy? she seems to have dropped him like a rock after she deleted that 'most important ever' video of him? he posted a happy easter vid to her, did she even acknowledge it? it has only 76 views aftrt a week? ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAvwOiQRvD4 )

No. 298026

File: 1493036531865.png (57.43 KB, 605x523, 5zQYO5h.png)

Seems the back channel was made back in Jan? Bet she was expecting channel strikes for DMCA or bullying.

No. 298126

I was in her livestream when she supposedly made the channel and it wasn't in Jan. This was more like a month ago she said this? She said she thought she had made the channel already but when she searched for it there was nothing there & she couldn't log in. So she said she created the channel again right then & there and posted the link…about 15 people subscribed at the time….then nothing for a few weeks until she finally started promoting it. I never subscribed. I can't even handle her obsessive coverage on the main channel much less need parts 2 & 3 of the same story.

No. 298136


The first vid on that channel is Apr 15th. Per Google the channel was made in Jan 10th. That is the second channel that everyone is sub'd to… so ???

No. 298139

She's about to livestream on YouNow.

No. 298142

Yeah I know…so either she was pointlessly lying about creating the channel at that time in the livestream (we know she lies for no reason so it's not beyond her) or she found the old one later and promoted it instead…which is confusing because that one wouldn't have had any subs while the 2nd attempt had 15 subs of her closest supporters.

No. 298143

I'm watching her stream. Every med she is naming is google-able. Vague symptoms per usual. Grabbed a packet of meds that could literally be anything - doesn't show the label. Earlier in the week, she tweeted that some "new meds" she was given were already working THE DAY AFTER GETTING THEM - now she's saying those meds = lyrica and a muscle relaxer. Sorry, no, lyrica doesn't work overnight. It is NOT like other pain medications. Bitch just spent a week researching symptoms and medications to memorize it all. Now she's saying she slept 12 hours and has "brain fog" after a "stressful week". I'll tell you why you feel this way, dipshit, it's because you had a goddamn manic episode for a week and uploaded 60 videos in 4 or 5 days. YOU ARE HUNGOVER FROM BEING A LUNATIC.

No. 298147

she's asking her fans for info on her meds. shouldn't her doctor have filled her in?

No. 298149

>> 298147

Yeah and they are making sure to throw as much info as possible. Which is perfect for her, she always uses other people to get her info anyway. The more details she can get on other's true suffering the more believable her lies. Pathetic.

No. 298156

Lyrica doesn't cure pain overnight, agreed. It CAN give you a buzz though if you're taking it for the first time. The buzz (side effect) diminishes and the pain relief increases as you keep taking it. I think the "feeling SO MUCH BETTER" after taking her "new meds" for the first time was just a buzz, lol. She's gonna be disappointed when she no longer gets the buzz from Lyrica, because I sincerely doubt she has severe pain to relieve with all that flailing about she does.

No. 298164

Really weird that they would give Lyrica (a CNS depressant) along with "muscle relaxers."

No. 298187

In her livestream, she said the doctor gave her "the test" for fibromyalgia (she's now blaming its origin on copper toxicity, yesterday it was from the emotional abuse she sustained as a child) and her doctor told her she definitely has fibromyalgia because she's exhibiting ALL the symptoms to a large degree so he put her on Lyrica & the muscle relaxer. She says she was also diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and was given Bentyl and some sort of steroid, (I think? I didn't understand the last part of what she said too clearly.) Then she brought up how people kept saying she might have Wilson's disease, (where you can't process copper out of the body) which is the only possible explanation for people who MIGHT POSSIBLY MAYBE be able to get copper toxicity from an IUD because the amount of copper in their body is already at near toxic levels. She claims her doctor said it was a possibility she had Wilson's disease (but didn't do any tests?? It's fairly easy to check for.) Then she said her doctor gave her a bunch of samples of all the medications he recommended and told her when she needed more they could get her into a program to get it at a reduced price.

Regarding her "my battery died" lie she admits her editing has gone to shit and left in that part because she was exhausted & missed it. She says she told a little white lie to preserve her privacy because she didn't want to explain the phone call. I don't know why she thought she would have to say anything other than "Sorry guys took a phone call" and leave it at that. Details weren't necessary, so lying & blaming her battery wasn't necessary either. She missed the reason why this set off our alarm bells, it wasn't so much that she told a small lie (we all do this at some point), it was the ease in which she did it…like it comes naturally to her because she lies on a regular basis.

About monetizing the Daddyofive videos, she says she just didn't mention what she was doing with the money yet because she was concentrating on her health & didn't have time to explain she wanted to give it to charity. She complained that all those videos all together have earned about $100-$150 instead of the $1000+ they should have earned prior to the advertiser bailout. She says people are jumping to conclusions & just trying to prove she is evil for monetizing the videos after saying she never wanted to profit off a video about abuse or exploitation of minors. OK then, why didn't she say this when she was called out on Twitter for this the first time? Instead, her response was "but it's not much money" which is a very different defense from "I just didn't mention I wanted to give it to charity." She had the perfect opportunity say this…and most of us would have dropped it as soon as she showed the receipts of the donation…but no, instead she tries to rationalize keeping it because it's too "small" of an amount of money to bother with. It may be less in comparison to $1000 but I certainly wouldn't consider $100 to be a small or inconsequential amount of money.

No. 298189

Depends on the muscle relaxer and the reason. For a first visit, being prescribed either, even alone, is weird.
Just saying.

Bloggity blog, but I take both Lyrica, Baclofen (anti-spasmodic CNS depressant) and Zanaflex (another CNS depressant) and sometimes Valium as well. All together. But I have Multiple Sclerosis, not anxiety, lmao.

It's likely she's taking a muscle relaxer like Flexeril or Norflex though, given her Dx of "fibromyalgia." Neither one of those suppress the CNS to any great degree, at least when taken as directed.

No. 298199

She said it was Norflex

No. 298206

I really hope Joy is just lying about this. Maybe I don't. But taking lyrica is going to fuck her up if there's nothing wrong with her. I have a friend who was misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia and prescribed lyrica which only made her problems worse. Pills should not be fucked with.

No. 298214


Since Lyrica is a schedule V drug, I opted for it's precursor drug gabapentin, something I was much more comfortable with and didn't have to have a "controlled substance" strike on my med records since everyone is looking for people who sell prescriptions.

>> Then she said her doctor gave her a bunch of samples of all the medications he recommended

Wonder how he gave out "samples" of a controlled substance?

No. 298314

The best part is the number of times Joy has claimed an auto-immunity disorder/illness. Weird though as that sort of thing can put someone on life support for even a minor cold. Meanwhile we have Joy bouncing around like a child making videos by the load. For someone that is constantly sick…why do we never see her blowing her nose or doing anything that people that are sick usually do…like….at all? The worst we get is her with her hair wrapped up in a towel or putting on a depressed face.

I'm sitting here with some sort of flu going through tissues, scratchy voice…she's claimed to be sick but miraculously never needed anything aside from questionable pills and her voice goes from whisper to full in a matter of hours. No sinus congestion. Nothing like that.

No. 298342

it is sometimes possible to strengthen your immune system to the point of not getting sick all of the time with an auto-immune disorder, but it takes a SHITTON of rest, which she is obviously NOT getting. i don't get colds and flus nearly as often anymore, but i'll also stay in bed for weeks on end sometimes, so. yeah. not buying the auto-immune thing either.

No. 298453

File: 1493092494896.png (107.91 KB, 636x754, IiCotpm.png)

Just does not get that the problem is that she's monetizing videos of child abuse! No one cares what she does with her money. They care that she's monetizing Cody the same way as the abusers she claims to hate.

No. 298456

File: 1493092625855.png (70.63 KB, 636x371, XTWAlmh.png)

FUN! FUN! Fun for everyone!

No. 298489


So here's a thing. Which means Joy is going to get her own videos cracked down on…leaving her to focus on nothing but Onision again. The more the subs, the more the critics…and the shorter those subs will stay fans. So which are we getting next? Another Depression video? Another meltdown? I notice another paranoid spout in >>298453 ..people can't wait to show she's an asshole? In comparison to what she does over her twitter, her streams and in her comment sections she gives Onision lessons in how to be a bigger ass. (That's hard to do.)

No. 298525

What I find funny is that she had to go out of state to "one of the best doctors in the country to get, what? Lyrica and a muscle relaxant? That is literally the first thing they will give you when they diagnose you with fibromyalgia. Shit, my doctor was certainly not "the best in the country" pretty sure she got her medical degree in the Caribbean and she gave me lyrica and flexeril before the exclusion tests and biopsies even came back. Is this bitch so special that the best doctor in the country will see her for free to prescribe the two medications that any PCP in the country will think of first?

No. 298528


It was best doctor in the country + a team of four other doctors!

No. 298529

Double edged sword: She wants the attention and adoration but uses obvious lies..then turning those massive new fans into critics that she meltdowns on later. The more the fans, the bigger the spiral down meltdown crash.

No. 298530


Oh surprise, A WALK ON HER OWN. We…I don't know…just saw you drive and roadtrip around. God, the sensationalism.

No. 298615

This bitch.
Filming so many videos a day, doing hand stands and you now. No way in hell is she ill.
Anyone who is as I'll she claims to be cannot get all of that shit done.
BTW, if you really are taking lyrica (I hope it's another one of your lies for your sake) that shit is really addictive.

No. 298631

TL/DR on latest SpergBunkle video…

- Ms "I'm a PR pro" admits the family was right to hire a PR firm, but says it looks shady as shit.
- Ms "I have a right to privacy" now demanding to invade the family's privacy.
- Ms monetizing child abuse for financial gain bitching about the family monetizing child abuse.

This hag is making Onision look good by comparison.

No. 298647

She said she felt SO much better immediately after starting her meds….that's because Lyrica gets you HIGH, I'm sure she feels awesome right now….but the pain relief for fibromyalgia doesn't start right away if it even works at all (the most recent studies show that it only does slightly better than placebo)o any nonsense about an 80% improvement in symptoms & being able to move around more (like wanting to go for walks) as a result of taking Lyrica is just bullshit, she would still be having almost just as much pain if it were something she was really suffering from….now if she didn't want to leave the house, not because of pain but some mental issue like depression or anxiety, getting high on something might motivate her to go out more. I like how she put a disclaimer on her improvement, she said while she felt 80% better right now it might not be a permanent improvement and she wasn't sure this meant she could do normal things again (like get a job.) This is a red flag for identifying a malingerer….they always leave open the possibility the great new treatment they are trying is going to fail in the near future…so they never get better.

No. 298650

File: 1493132339251.png (80.83 KB, 739x567, XGNsTvQ.png)

Her first DaddyOFive video was on the 18th. The subscribers are on the left col. and views are on the right col.

No way this bitch is doing this for the money…. right? AmIright? /s

No. 298658

File: 1493133183833.png (70.44 KB, 640x593, OKeP7g6.png)

Would be funny if she got another Cease and Desist and had her channel removed. :D

No. 298666

jfc, she's so pathetic when she starts trying to talk like a "sassy" black woman/gay man. She's a pasty old white trash lady, it's just so sad and embarassing.

No. 298667

Also worth mentioning, Lyrica is fucking EXPENSIVE. It runs about $3.00-$5.00 per pill depending on dosage (in the US at least), and is given three times per day. A monthly supply of it would run her at LEAST $250 a month out of pocket, and that's only if she used a pharmacy with a discount program and she's taking a low dosage. It could cost as much as $500/month or even more.

There are no free samples. If she justifies being able to afford it by saying she was given "samples," she's absolutely 100% full of shit. It's a controlled substance, in the same category as Vicodin, Percocet, and Oxycodone. Doctors can't hand that kind of stuff out. They'd lose their license.

Most people who are financially compromised can't take Lyrica because of the price. They end up taking Gabapentin, which works similarly (though not as well) and with less of a high. If she is paying for Lyrica out of pocket, that's one hell of a nest egg she has saved. If I were her "roommate" I'd be pissed she isn't paying rent with savings like those.

No. 298668


Oh, the lies… Also, there's something about the way she writes that just pisses me the fuck off. Anyone else?

No. 298669


Wasn't the rich "special friend" supposed to help her get her insurance sorted out while she was on that trip? Otherwise, if she's as poor as she claims, there are programs to provide medications to those who can't afford it.

No. 298670


She's monetizing off of what she claims is child abuse. That's enough for me. She wouldn't have to worry about where to donate squat if those 32+ videos hadn't been monetized in the first place.

No. 298676

this probably isn't relevant, so i'm saging, but she's saying that roommate wants to move "out west" to work in the video-game industry, and she has a bunch of contacts in the industry. having worked in the industry, "out west" is not the place to go. but of COURSE she has tons of contacts, because she's a pro in EVERYTHING. bitch makes me mad.

No. 298679

For her sake, I hope her friend did help her apply for insurance. Being sick isn't a valid excuse for not even trying to do that, in my opinion. If she can film 30+ videos in 5 days, she can fill out a form, lol.

There are programs that provide financial aid for prescriptions, but none that I've ever encountered will pay for brand name medication like Lyrica. They'd cover or assist with Gabapentin, for instance, but not a patented and expensive drug that has affordable substitutions available. Programs like that also have application processes, so I can't see how she'd already be covered under one of those. Or under insurance. There's a long wait between application and acceptance for both.

No. 298681

now she's saying she's made $200-$300 from the videos to donate to charity. she can't keep her story straight, it's amazing. and she's only donating the money made from videos that have actual footage of the kids screaming and crying, not the rest.

also, damn, she does NOT have a good voice. nasal as fuck.

No. 298688

As predicted she's "super sick" again today, but she seems to feel really good singing & bouncing around on her livestream. She claims the meds help somewhat but not as much as they did at first, even though Lyrica doesn't work that way. She claims she goes thru cycles where she tries a medication and it works for 4 or 5 days then stops working.

No. 298692

AND… Patreon Launch in the YouNow stream… cuz "if I'm going to not monetize these videos.. " … hmmmm…. so, still using that poor Cody to drive dollars.

No. 298694

SInce, I know everyone is waiting for the ability to pay this lolcow to keep offering milk. https://www.patreon.com/user?u=5875205

No. 298697

LOL, nice try Joy. No one here wants to buy your milk.

No. 298701

What's that expression? Why buy the cow when the milk is free?

No. 298703


am not Joysus… but humor is appreciated. Did not expect anyone to actually donate, was a joke ya'all. (and you know I'm not Joysus cuz I don't curse like a street whore)


No. 298707

>Voicemail Greeting
because everyone wants a shrill, crazy ranting loony to greet people who want to leave them a message…

No. 298709

Oh she totally is still reading this thread! That's so funny!

waves at Joysus

No. 298710

File: 1493137849714.png (97.23 KB, 550x649, A3afR6Z.png)

Patreon description

No. 298713

Sometimes the stuff she thinks is going to cause "conspiracy theories" is fucking stupid. The internet is a bunch of idiots and I wouldn't put anything past them but the majority of what she says is going to cause internet conspiracy theories usually doesn't. It's either stupid & she's paranoid/full of herself or it's legit because she knows she's doing something people are going to question and she's just trying to do pre-emptive damage control by dismissing it as a "conspiracy theory."

No. 298714


All cult leaders have to have conspiracy theories as a boogie man because that makes the flock stay close and ignore even valid criticism. She's now starting the "inner circle" with her patreon shit… not sure if anyone is stupid enough to pay $3/mo to get access to her inner crazy. I certainly am not.

No. 298719

According to her Patreon there are 9 people signed up between $3-$20 that are stupid enough to want that.

No. 298731

In her livestream there was mention of offering voice lessons and duets. I couldn't stick around for the bullshit but came back to her page and found some of her adoring fans captured moments of her singing. The two most recent captured "moments" on her page showcase the singing she apparently studied in school in hopes of a degree, and is the voice she says was inspired by being raised around opera singers:


This is the voice she tried to scam people into lessons with by saying she could transform your amateur voice in a week. She does not have anything more than "potential" and is fairly amateur herself. She has a fuckton of room for improvement and anyone who actually teaches voice lessons would NEVER offer this sometimes flat, often sharp "voice" as an example to learn from. This is embarrassing. Just another example of her exaggerating her supposed talents - does this bitch ever just tell the fucking truth?

also lol@ her choice in song - obviously an ode to da haterz.

No. 298747


Now, now… those voice lessons are bargain basement at $500/mo. You say you can't afford that… well for $250/mo you can get her in private on a skype call for 1hr instead!

No. 298753

File: 1493142527906.png (84.72 KB, 618x488, uMDbAj6.png)

The PR Pro has spoken

No. 298781

How many of her livestreams has she said she isn't hurting for money? Amazing how that changes when she gets enough subs.
Ah, but if they find out what it is deny her, or treat her..she can't use it as an excuse anymore, can she? This is what she uses to scam people, sympathy. Cue the same excuses after. She has this whole scam gimmick worked out and it has now crossed the line into fraud territory.

Onision bragged about how he could fool his audience…I think the PR thing is a dead giveaway and a red flag that she knows what she's doing. She is bragging in everyone's faces that she can't be touched, that she can do this in front of the entire world and get away with it.

No. 298797

>Now I have the added blessing of some expensive medication I have to take in order to continue to be healthy.

American healthcare and prescription drug prices are fucked. What's more fucked to me though is her patreon. She's able to work. Even if she has too much "brain fog" to work a normal job, she could get a busking license and sing downtown. She does have a very good voice. She could do any number of things, that's just one suggestion.

But instead of working, she sets up a dedicated e-begging site. Is she not ashamed of that in the slightest? There are people far sicker than her that work full time. Some even support families. For fuck's sake, Joy, get off your ass and get a job. If you don't qualify for a government disability program, that should tell you something. Have some goddamn self respect and stop asking for handouts.

No. 298800

Why would she work or spend HER money when she can get other people to do it for her and spend THEIR money? That's why I don't buy the line of her being strapped for cash. Motive and intent are there, I think its only a matter of time before she winds up in the slammer for Fraud.

Look back over her threads here and count how many people criticizing her ARE suffering from the illnesses she claims. They are generally active, can hold a job..or they've been through procedures that Joy certainly hasn't. Ashamed? Someone that plans this out this much isn't ashamed of themselves. I don't think she has a conscience at all until she gets caught.

No. 298927

"I do not monetize/profit off of several of my videos that contain abuse of people or children."

Then, "(any videos of that nature, proceeds are donated accordingly)"

If you don't monetize them, then there are no proceeds to donate. Which one is it? Are you monetizing them or are you not? Either way you're fucking lying.

No. 299130

File: 1493198964927.png (89.91 KB, 604x554, Nwdh2w1.png)


Hypocrisy reaches new levels of density!

No. 299185

OMG… So, PR firm is trying to take down videos. Well… a lot of her recent catalog would not work under fair use, or as a minimum, it would be a valid case to take to court because she is using 100% of their videos, just stretched over 3-5 videos and she's doing it for profit (e.g. the monetized videos and the pushing the patreon based on those videos). IF she were to go to court, that could be a couple hundred thousand in attorney fees + fines or damages.

So, what does she do? Posts a video claiming to know more about PR than a company that actually does professional PR and employs several people. Hmmm… who is probably better at PR… Miss, "I can't monetize cody vids anymore, so support my Patreon" or a company that's been in business for quite a while now?

No. 299189

did anyone else find it SUPER creepy when she kept saying "i bet onision is watching this and just jacking off" in her stream last night

No. 299191


That whole thing was creepy as hell. The mouthing what he was saying… She wants onision to bow down to her so badly she can taste it.

Today, she's rocking that West Virgina Meth Head look with the grey hairs and dry lips. Those new meds must really be doing a great job there.

No. 299211

35 DaddyOFive videos in a week… mohnahtize dat shit, git dem Cody shekels!

No. 299225


"get your piss ready"? …i don't get it? does she want them to pee on her?

No. 299229


looks like she deleted the tweet

No. 299231

File: 1493223205701.png (75.53 KB, 615x539, JpnoHXQ.png)


tweet by same user half hour earlier.

No. 299255

The Keemstar comparison is pretty apt. They're YouTube equivalent of a tabloid. Except, you know, Keemstar actually has a nice following. And Keemstar stays in his lane and doesn't try to pass it off as anything other than the yellow journalism it is. But, I think, being a bottom feeding scum sucker is the best either of those two can do. Sad but true.

No. 299262

whoever made the joylies profile is gr8 - she's losing her mind. out of two critics i currently see on her younow (and the 100+ people fawning over her as usual) she is hyperfocused AS USUAL on her two critics. she's losing it and trying to get one of them to guest with her. she mad, yo

No. 299282

guested user on her YouNow telling her to dump the Onision after this next "prank"

No. 299288


it's a good point that onion could sue her for harassment if she actually send him the fax machine (assuming she got it funded)

that would be interesting to see

No. 299299

Help buy a fax so Joysus can spread her gospel in the court room! https://www.gofundme.com/help-onion-get-the-fax-he-needs

(And, no not joysus… did I curse like a hooker? No. This is just adding it to the thread).

TL/DR and don't want to hit the link? She's asking $250.

No. 299309

No. 299311

File: 1493233721350.png (6.26 KB, 258x132, Capture.PNG)

sage/samefag, sorry for image board fail

was going to say why did she list her location as the same town as gergville? that's extra weird.

No. 299315

Why the fuck does she need $250 for a dumb joke? You can buy a working fax machine for under $20 from Goodwill. Does she expect to buy a brand new one? She's just going to cover it in glitter…it's not like he's going to set it up and use it, most likely he'd just throw it away. That's an incredible waste of money (and she expects her fans to pay for it, she's sure not footing the bill) that could be much better served if she just donated it to some local charity instead. Isn't she supposed to be real big on that?

>And, no not joysus… did I curse like a hooker? No. This is just adding it to the thread

I don't know anon, your habit of posting her money grabs is real suspicious, regardless of your lack of cursing.

Joy has proven she can write coherently and politely if she puts effort into it. We have all pointed out her bad spelling and childish communication skills, she knows this would be a dead giveaway if she sounded the same here as she does everywhere else, she isn't THAT dumb.

No. 299316

Oh come on, this "Get Onion his FAX!" gofundme is an obvious joke. She doesn't sincerely want people to donate, I'm sure. She is an ebeggar and I understand the confusion, but even delusional, lazy, greedy Joy can make a joke. I even laughed for a second.

No. 299317


>> Joy has proven she can write coherently and politely if she puts effort into it.

You got me… I'm just that 4d level PR pro brah! Now go gimme, gimme monah so I can make muh luver Onision think about me for a day or two. (She's going so nutz over his "meltdown" that I thought it was about her… instead it seems to be about someone else)

Sage cuz that's how I roll brah!

No. 299318


Did you watch the stream? Plenty of people telling her not to do it and she kept trolling for people who would agree with her that it's "funny as shit" and she SHOULD do it. Even had discussion about he's too broke to take me to court if he gets mad about it. He'll prob just make a video, blah, blah, blah… and she said she thinks it's so funny that she's definitely going to make a video about it.

I think she seriously hopes it's one of those "They asked for $250 and ended up with $25k" type deals.

No. 299320

>Did you watch the stream?
Nope, I didn't. Maybe I'm wrong, that's just how I took the page by itself, having not seen the conversation re: the creation of it.

No. 299323


She made it very clear she really wants to actually send him this fax machine in real life, why wouldn't the gofundme be real? She wants to be able to purchase said fax machine, decoration material, and shipping costs. If it were a joke gofundme why set it at $250 which could be seen as a reasonable amount to purchase a NEW fax machine and not $25,000 or some ridiculous amount? She kept asking people in the stream if she should really do this and glossed over the people that told her not to…she wants to do it for real and the way she talked about the gofundme in the livestream led me to believe it was how she would fund this joke for real.

No. 299326

Don't discourage her, guys :)

No. 299341

File: 1493238004611.jpg (3.76 KB, 124x124, 1447448473221s.jpg)


holy fuck do you have autism?

No. 299411

the fake gofundme pisses me off. people use that site for emergencies and she wants to dick around and make jokes on it.

No. 299451

I'm not convinced it is fake. She isn't just using the gofundme to make a joke online, she made it quite clear she really does want to send a fax machine to his PO Box for real. That's why she was asking people on her livestream about the legal ramifications of doing it…would it cross the line into real life stalking, could he get the police involved or sue her, etc. The gofundme is an attempt to get the funding to make her joke a reality, she really does want this money so she can buy a fax machine & ship it to Gerg. However, even though it's not exactly a "fake" gofundme, she IS using it to get funding for really stupid joke. I agree that this is not the best use of the gofundme site or the $250 she's asking for, especially since she's asking strangers for it & not footing the bill herself.

No. 299458

She's basically pushing the envelope to see what she can get away with. If she gets away with that, she'll push the line further until it actually looks like she faces legal action or loses a lot of subs as a result. Called it earlier..the more subs she gets, the more nasty/egotistical she gets..the more she thinks she can get away with her bullshit, and the closer she comes to the crash and burn. (Which will then be everyone else's fault.)

No. 299460


I half expect a crash/burn cycle soon (like posting those delayed vis for sympathy?) because her gofundme has zero interest and her patreon seems to have maxed out despite her pushing it in every vid/YouNow since she made it.

No. 299463

Her new channel isn't growing as much as she'd like, too. Ontop of that, her main channel is only golden so long as the Daddy5 vids keep coming…and fans are getting as tired of those as they are of her talking about Onision. Sucking up to youtubers isn't helping her, and yeah..she got a large subs boost from the drama, but many of those subs are openly criticizing her saying the same things as past critics. She refuses to see it, but she has already boxed herself in and now there's no way out.

No. 299481

"The higher the monkey climbs the more he shows his tail"

and she's only like 2 feet off the ground. XD

No. 299485

File: 1493259838274.png (29.06 KB, 322x598, whatthefuckkk.png)

have you seen her new patreon levels? what the fuck.

No. 299487


She thinks she's being edgy… but at her age, it really comes across as just trashy and creepy.

No. 299490

File: 1493260502529.png (51.95 KB, 323x705, 420.png)

this is just so stupid. it isn't even funny as a joke. just dumb. i don't think that this would be funny or ~edgy~ from someone younger, either. she thinks she's hilarious but her sense of humor is shit.

No. 299498

What's with all the stupid joke levels anyway (cause no one wants that shit, not even her fans), isn't the whole point of Patreon to get people to actually pledge those amounts? Why not offer some "good" incentives so maybe one of her super rabid fans will actually consider doing it?

No. 299546

So..Joy no longer cares about Onion..but she is literally on her livestream salivating and going "I love this guy!" reacting to his stuff. UH-HUH. This girl is an insane freak. And here's the fax campaign drop…25 bucks. LOL. Claiming how much of a HARD WORKING person she is…the self masturbation here..

And now she just had one of her 'children' come on…one of her 'fanatic' cult children dressed up like the Joker claiming to be Onion.

No. 299600

on her live stream she was showing her medication. the bottle is literally a fucking green vitamin bottle, with a piece of paper taped over it saying "lyrica"

No. 299601

A vitamin bottle. With something taped over it. Wow. I'm absolutely horrified that people can believe this junk. Even a cultist should have enough self-respect to see through that..well, saying as it isn't just another deliberate misinformation ploy. That's the problem with people that release false information..when the time comes for the truth, no one is gonna believe it. I bet that's what she's up to, I think. If she releases enough misinformation to drown out the actual information, she can get off without a hitch.

Just another scheme from everyone's favorite con artist.

No. 299607

it was literally a bottle just like the ones at the store, the nature made ones. it had a piece of white paper literally taped over it. "lyrica" was written in marker. under that, it said 50mg. now, the pill was a white capsule just like the lyrica ones are if you google them, but holy fuck how can people believe this is actually legit. if a legitimate doctor gave her medication it would be in a bottle specifically for that medication. it would not be in a damn walmart green vitamin bottle with a little note taped on it.

No. 299608

File: 1493287532594.png (343.82 KB, 592x484, LYRICAvitamins.png)


For reference, here's the YouNow clip where she shows her "Lyrica"


No. 299611

Lol I knew it was all bullshit. I knew she really hadn't been put on lyrica.
The lying piece of shit, if her loyal fans still believe here after this, then they have bigger issues than her.
Prescription bottles look nothing like that, they are never ever hand written. Fucking hell the lengths this crazy bitch goes to.

No. 299614

I am absolutely certain she's going to claim she transferred them from their original sample packaging to this bottle herself because reasons. Nevermind that you can get in trouble legally for doing this, especially since Lyrica is a scheduled drug. For those who were saying doctors don't give Lyrica samples because of its scheduling, I checked to see if that's true and apparently Pfizer does offer samples.

No. 299618

Which leads me to think this is deliberate misinformation. The pills could be anything, the bottle is generic, and she's known for pulling these stunts. Almost like she wants someone to contact authorities so she can play off of that to the audience. Everything with this sideshow freak is carefully planned out, so I wouldn't put it past her.

Can anyone actually do anything about this? E-begging, fraud, total con artist, fan harrassment. Demonstration of mental issues..and the more fans she gets the more it escalates? Just seems like the more it goes on the worse its going to get until one of her fans gets hurt or she rubs someone the wrong way and they let her have it.

No. 299628


>> Can anyone actually do anything about this?

This is the US. People are free to watch what they want and spend their money how they want. She's not inciting violence and hasn't taken a run at Onion boy with a knife. For her adult fans, try to view her entertainment as "at least they're not playing in traffic" after all… they can't be real winners themselves.

I do think that bottle is a setup… the minions are tired of Onision and tired of DaddyOFive and just how long can you ride a dead bunny for that sweet sweet recreational anger high? Bet she's hoping something juicy breaks in the news soon or all those subscribers she has will float away to other channels.

No. 299669

lmao that bottle looks like the one my mom gets her multivitamins in.

No. 299679

RIP Baltimore PD inbox and twitter account. Joysus is calling on all her followers to send links to their copies of the videos to "help out" the cops.

If that PR company were smart (hey, they might be… not as smart as SpergPinkleGurl… but of average intelligence) they'll follow that twitter and collect all the links for DMCA take downs.

No. 299701

She likes to manufacture drama because it gets her the attention she craves. She usually pulls some sort of stunt when her subs stagnate in order to get people talking about her again….negative attention is probably better in her eyes because it attracts more people….if she can spin it so she looks like the victim in some way, even better.

No. 299772

This is a troll right? I mean it has to be. That label looks like a child drew it- the only thing it's missing is crayon.

No. 299901

File: 1493329661614.png (2.4 MB, 2001x1125, IMG_1927.PNG)

In her new video she's flailing all around again…wouldn't that be unbearable with fibro?

No. 299915

There have been multiple anons with fibro in here that have debunked her claims. She hasn't gone through anything anyone would generally go through in order to properly diagnose it. Her visits have all been to the ER or had "mysterious disturbances" where her car suddenly goes out and so on.

She has also claimed to have auto-immune disorders while claiming to get sick while NOT winding up in the hospital..and magically getting better from having "no voice above a loud whisper"….after gaining enough positive comments from the audience. Within hours.

Even though no really sick person, especially a sick person with an auto-immune disease..has ever magically recovered in a day. Get this though…the people with fibro criticizing her are just haters that don't know what they're talking about. OH THE IRONY.

No. 299934


Just watched the Slaps Emma part 3 video because she has that outfit on. I'd quit watching her videos because… well, how the hell can people take that shrill ass voice screeching like that?

Anyway… what the fuck? She's become scary level unhinged over this stuff. Talking about the man jacking off to watching his kids later? The entire video has nothing wrong with it. The kid slapped the girl too hard and was immediately taken back by it because he hadn't intended to hurt her… the rest of the slaps… Um… I'm sorry but there was nothing wrong with any of that at all. Kids "slap fight" all over this country ever day. It's just a kid thing to do.

That woman (Kati?) if fucking nuts the way she was bitching about it like it was torture. But, the "he wants to jack off to it later!" … holy hell. she needs to get better meds or something.

No. 299942

Hell, forget that. She needs to up the doseage and just get it overwith. Meltdown and get it overwith so she can learn the hard way that the world doesn't revolve around her bullshit.

This shit right here is why Skeletor shouldn't be allowed to run around and father illegitimate children.

No. 299943

Yes, yes it would. She exhibits none of the body language (such as guarding of painful areas) that you normally see in someone with fibro so I find it VERY hard to believe any doctor said she "definitely has fibromyalgia because she is exhibiting all the symptoms to a large degree." Her "brain fogs" don't seem to be any worse than the normal forgetful moments most people her age experience. Forgetting a word here or there or losing your train of thought is COMPLETELY NORMAL….what isn't normal is being asked the same question 10 times in a row & it still not registering, inability to concentrate, mental confusion…but we just aren't seeing anything to that degree. But of course she says something like, we only see a little bit of what goes on and we don't know what we are talking about because we don't see everything she goes through…no bitch, you've said you are really suffering from whatever symptoms on camera but are still able to bounce around while you livestream several times a day as well as making multiple videos at the same time with a manic energy level through the roof…when you supposedly suffer from a condition that is characterized by chronic fatigue & body pain. And you wonder why we don't believe you.

No. 299947

I find anyone sketchy that claims that her critics are all haters that don't know what they are talking about…and uses that as an excuse 100% of the time. ESPECIALLY WHEN those critics suffer from what she claims. It the same excuses, the same retorts, and the same predictable behavior every single moment around the clock.

No. 300020

the fact that she only goes to ERs is such a hallmark malingering trait… any doctor that saw her consistently would catch on to her BS pretty quick, but she can get her fix from emergency rooms since they have to treat her no matter how outlandish or frequent her claims are. I can't stand her.

No. 300025

Her video about why the PR firm isn't "helping the kids" proves that she has NO experience in PR at all. I seriously doubt that she even did more than a semester or two at that low end college that she complained about. She is so far from having any clue about how businesses work that it would be hard to even describe how utterly stopid she is in that arena. So, along with those who have the medical conditions that she claims, I can say for 100% fact that she has never worked in PR beyond maybe pitching herself and/or her singing lessons (also, that singing lessons website was complete crap. an editor would have cost less than $30 to go through that website and provide at lease basic English for it.)

No. 300027

Don't forget her "panic attacks" that are NOT anything like a panic attack, her "near heart attacks" that aren't anything of the sort because she's admitted MULTIPLE TIMES she doesn't have heart problems, as well as her "almost seizures" and "near collapses" whatever the fuck she means by that, she doesn't ever have ACTUAL seizures or ACTUAL collapses. Seems like a lot of complaining about things that never actually happen and exaggeration of the tiny problems she does have into something so chronic & debilitating she can't leave the house or hold a job while we see her exhibit more energy than most healthy people have. SHE DID A FREAKING HEADSTAND on her livestream, something someone with even mild fibromyalgia would never EVER attempt, it would be far too painful…but after she was done did she mention any pain or say something like "damn, it so stupid for me to attempt that"…? Hell no, she was happy, pain-free and extremely proud of herself, she even bragged she used to be a gymnast. So far we've had people who really do suffer from fibro, panic attacks, and seizures call her out on things that just don't add up for those conditions…and they would know better than most if someone has the same condition they do or not.

No. 300030


I suspect that she's not very bright, so thinks that using a 6yo child's trick of blaming the other person will work in the adult world. I'm guessing that, with what I've seen, she couldn't even hold a job at McDonalds for very long, so it makes sense that she's a professional ebegger instead of holding any job with actual responsibility.

No. 300158

she's getting really crazy, the whole jacking off thing really put me off. she's so vulgar now, I don't see how she can have anyone supporting the channel

No. 300222

Me too…that just felt like it was crossing a very strange line

Sage for no contribution

No. 300321

I'm not easily shocked nor do I have an issue with cursing, I often do it myself, but even I felt uncomfortable when she said that. It's one thing to curse but this level of vulgarity to describe his excitement is just unnecessary & disgusting.

No. 300329



We've seen many Christian pastors being adamantly against homosexuality to only be found later with under age boyfriends. How many times have we seen paragons of "virtue" turn out to be engaging in the very vice they claim to abhore. It's a recognized behavior to become unreasonably angry at the personality faults in others that we hate most in ourselves. Prior in this Joysus thread there was an allusion to something about child abuse in her past. ADMITTEDLY that wasn't substantiated with anything beyond a stray tweet. BUT….

She's awfully nutz over this FamilyOFive stuff. Her family wants NOTHING to do with her but she's never said why. The UNSUBSTANTIATED accusation was something about a cousin.

And now, this completely bizarre thing for her to bring up about video taping children for the purpose of watching it to masturbate to later? Who the hell even thinks of such things while commenting on kids who are not even tweeners yet? It's just completely bizzare.


No. 300341

File: 1493383779030.png (160.06 KB, 451x727, screenshot.png)

Honestly, it's just getting stupid and creepy, the lengths she's going to over Onision. I thought she didn't care? Yet she cared enough to make a fake GoFundMe page, make 2 live streams about him. This shit is just getting pathetic and weird.

No. 300344

People are starting to get pissed over this fake GoFundMe nonsense.
Some of the replies on her twitter posts:

"I'm not trying to be mean, but did you have to put that in medical? I have a friend that has a gofundme for her son who has cancer"

"You're raising money just as a joke? Man I've made 2 gofundme trying to get real help b4 and recieved none"

No. 300346

File: 1493384443776.png (270.69 KB, 805x699, gofundme.png)

I wish it was but it isn't a fake gofundme, she is really raising the money to do this in real life. She lowered the amount to $150 and she's only $15 away from her goal, people are actually donating to it…one crazy person donated $100.
One fan told her just to send him a pic of a fax machine and donate the money to a charity instead but no she doubled down and confirmed she is really doing this. What a waste of money.

No. 300347

I had a family member create one a while back for emergency medical expenses. It's really not funny to use this sort of thing as a petty joke. What's next? Calling 911 for a fake emergency?

No. 300350

She put it in medical? OMG Why? If anything it belongs in Other, maybe we should report her campaign as being categorized wrong and see if they take it down, the medical category is not for dumb jokes, real people need that for serious problems.
I noticed she oh so generously promised to send any "extra" money she doesn't use to send him this fax machine will get donated to a domestic violence charity. They get the change from her joke, how nice of her.

No. 300352

There is a way to report it. You have to have an account, but you absolutely can.

No. 300355

New video about Daddyofive. How many videos does that make now? Talk about beating a dead horse.

No. 300357


How can you check to see which category a campaign is in, I didn't see it anywhere on the page. I'm all for reporting it if she categorized it wrong, I just want to make sure that is the case before I do.

No. 300358


look at the image above, above the "PUYALLUP, WA"

No. 300360

In the new DO5 video she claims a video game seen on one of the kid's computers is a screensaver. She's adding absolutely nothing to the conversation. She's just repeating shit that's being said in the video and mocking it, and adding in these ridiculous "insights" that are baseless. She claims the kids had to learn on their own how to communicate. She does not know this family, yet she continues to "educate" everyone on how they really are. I, along with everyone else I'm sure, am sickened over the whole DO5 situation, but come on. There is enough shit there to be sickened over without having to create new material.

No. 300361

Thanks but when I looked up why campaigns can be reported they said only for fraud or breaking the law. Fraud includes:
1. They are intentionally including factually incorrect information on their campaign.
2. They have not used the funds that were raised for the stated purpose within a reasonable amount of time.
3. They are impersonating someone else or have copied a campaign that already exists on GoFundMe.

Other than being categorized wrong her campaign doesn't seem to be fraud or breaking the law. I'm not sure I should try to report it, how disappointing.

No. 300364

From the vid: "And, I had parents like that. Parents that would teach me the wrong way to act so that I'd make a fool of myself in public and they could laugh at me. It took me years to understand that I was offending everybody around me all the time."

Hmmm… she still hasn't learned and I highly doubt her parents taught her to be the shrew that she is today.

No. 300365

She created the page for a joke. I'm pretty sure they'd take it down, even if it doesn't directly fall under the usual bannable criteria.

No. 300370


>> 1. They are intentionally including factually incorrect information on their campaign.

Read her description. It's a joke and she's claiming he has some fax related disease. It's beyond insulting, but as a minimum is factually unfounded on anything real. The man does not suffer a disease, does not need a fax, and has even sent her a cease and desist letter in the past.>>300361

No. 300371

Reported the GoFundMe page. Hopefully it gets taken down before any more sheep donate money to this psychopath.

No. 300372

Already 3 new DO5 videos today. Man, she must be really sick.

No. 300382

I also reported it, hopefully Gofundme will give her the virtual spanking she needs.

No. 300387

Saged for Tinfoiling…

Those allegations popped up in my mind too after she made those remarks. And the thing is…she didn't just say it one time, she repeated it like two or three times…that was the most disturbing thing.

Im in no way claiming that those allegations against her are true (I myself would have a hard time believing those without some solid proof) But I think she needs to be more careful about what she says, especially when it comes to children.

Originally I was a casual fan of hers but when I saw that she seemingly had very lose boundaries when it came to communicating with underage fans, that was a huge red flag for me.

No. 300390


She said it three times. It was disgusting, like having someone puke on your shoes each time… and she made that statement three times. And, there's no doubt what she was talking about because she even provided animated hand gestures. The woman is disgusting.

No. 300405

File: 1493394020390.png (62.59 KB, 565x460, Ck4sxUA.png)

Fans are getting bored and tired of her FamilyOFive rant series.

No. 300406

File: 1493394281561.png (74.47 KB, 725x502, nmgPC4k.png)

The reason she's desperate to keep bashing on this family. Her first video was posted (late?) on the 18th. I think she's over 40 videos now.

No. 300416

ah hell, she's going live soon. this ought to be fun

No. 300418


Link to the blog that she's pissed off about… this could mean the end of her rant series.


No. 300420

ah hell, she's going live soon. this ought to be fun>>300418

That explains her being upset. God forbid she becomes unable to leech money off of the mistreatment of children.

No. 300422

"nah, they [SJWs who are 'silent' about Daddyof5] are only outraged by things that make them look/appear cool, or trendy in their eyes, this subject is too heavy tbh"

the irony.


see monkey. see monkey fling own poop then berate opponent for being covered in poop that wasn't there before she-monkey flung it.

No. 300423

File: 1493396519453.png (80.48 KB, 551x499, 9zwntKI.png)

Hmmm…. if she used a brick to her own skull this could explain some things. :P

No. 300425

File: 1493396601493.jpg (187.37 KB, 754x543, screenshottwit.jpg)

Still defending the fake GoFundMe

No. 300426

everything is focused around money.

no, nothing to see here, guys.

nothing at all.

No. 300429

File: 1493397477470.jpg (169.97 KB, 769x537, joyscreen.jpg)

The creepy factor has been kicked up another notch.

No. 300435

I just went to check the claim that she's donated 5 times to charities because, though I totally acknowledge she has given to charities, I don't remember 5. I'm sure, however, she has said she WOULD donate 5 times (Like, say, the income from the Daddyof5 videos WOULD be donated, however, there has not been any actual proof this has happened yet). Anyway, I went to Twitter to check the screenshots she posted but the little blurb thing underneath the bio with the photos and videos posted isn't there.

I don't use Twitter so I don't know if this interesting or significant or whatever.

TL;DR: Pretty sure she is overstating what she has donated.

No. 300438

wow. in her live stream she kept pressuring someone to guest her and then she gets mad and says "fuck you" when they refuse… holy fuck

No. 300439

She's still being affected by a decrease in ad revenue even though YouTube has come up with a way for the advertisers to feel comfortable running their ads without them ending up on videos they don't want to be associated with. Now videos/channels get a rating given by a real human who watches the video (and as far as I know there's no way to contest the rating given) and notes instances of violence, vulgar language, controversial topics, etc and then the advertiser can choose not to run their ads on videos with these ratings or on videos with certain keywords (some of which are ridiculously innocuous but that's beside the point.) The way she covers controversial topics and her use of keywords in her more recent video titles like "abuse," "kills" or "self-harm," is enough to get her videos blacklisted by most advertisers but her absolutely vulgar language and lewd hand gestures only assures they want nothing to do with her…funny because wasn't she lecturing Onion about being advertiser-friendly? She's anything but.

Of course, she doesn't understand….just because she's donated to charity before doesn't mean that her dumb $150 fax joke isn't a huge waste of money.

No. 300441

Live stream… OMG… MommyOFive is running the show and pulling all the strings because she has the poon. And, of course, MommyOFive is a Kyathy … who apparently rules the world with her poon. I'm laughing so hard.

No. 300446

God could she find a more disgusting white trash word than "poon"

No. 300449


If she throws out "crotch droppings" for the kids, I think she gets a white trash trifecta award.

sage (opinion)

No. 300452

OMG… she SO READS this thread… she's explaining why her family wants nothing to do with her. (OR her version of it… that I believe about as much as her medical conditions and her professional experience)

Suicide threats are just PMS stuff. Who said suicide threats would happen at the beginning of the month?

No. 300453

Now she says getting her IUD REMOVED makes her suicidal? Even if she blames the copper how the fuck does that work? Not that I believe it has this type of effect but wouldn't the copper affect her well before she got the IUD removed? Is she going through copper withdrawal? I don't understand her logic.

No. 300454


SHe started with bringing up the Patreon account, has gone through the suicidal "instinct" that's getting worse, how her family hates her, and is now on meds bad, I probably will never be independent and have no family to rely on… wait… she'll swing back to the patreon after all this shit.

No. 300455

That thing about self harm was so fucked up and would basically be encouraging anyone of her followers who self harm to do so…like I seriously cannot believe the level of irresponsibility.

No. 300456

And, here comes Saint Joysus… if I'm never going to be able to work, spend my time helping others.

No. 300459

oh my fucking god she is dancing to a song that's pretty much saying the N word over and over again

No. 300460

OMFG how does she think this is okay?

No. 300461

shit has got out of hand fast

No. 300463

And none of the people in the chat say one word…jesus

No. 300464

OMG… she's doing a new gofundme for the fax and going to throw in a surprise… HA! Local PD bomb department will be opening that thing.

No. 300465

GoFundMe was taken down. She's reading email live.

No. 300466

GoFundMe page was SHUT DOWN. Good job team!

No. 300467

now she said she was going to donate the money from the gofundme and use her own money for the fax machine the whole time! THATS THE TWIST, GUYS!

No. 300470

Now explaining why it's good to make money off of Cody's abuse.

No. 300474

She absolutely healed an inoperable TUMOR on her neck. Fact.

No. 300477

Asked why same symptoms prior to "copper toxicity" and answers with criticism of the asker's debate skills. Then says it wasn't the same before and ??? wasn't her??? (like maybe she's a different person, but phrased weird).

She's had 3 mystery illnesses. A tumor, candida (um… that's not a mystery), and her current copper toxicity/fibro/panic attacks/speshulness

Claims to have paperwork and video of the tumor on her neck that she actually did heal herself.

No. 300482

On her Tumblr she later admitted the "tumor" was just a cyst…not an inoperable tumor….it probably went away on its own, rather than anything she did to "heal" it.

No. 300487

really irritated at her self-harm comments. even though she said she wasn't trying to say it is okay… she said she had respect for people who hurt themselves. what in the fuck???

No. 300488


Zits tend to do that when you pop them. :P


No. 300489


know how she says she's never self harmed…hadn't she said before that she did?

No. 300492

She literally said on twitter, TODAY, "i used to hurt myself as well, not cutting or bleeding, but beating myself up"

No. 300493


Oh yeah… tweeted this morning that she "beat herself up"

See: >>300423

No. 300497

so which of those two statements was a lie? can't believe a single word she says

No. 300498

The way she phrased it on Twitter is that she never cut or physically harmed herself but beat herself up…she's counting psychologically beating herself up as "self-harm" it's not healthy by any means but it's not the same as what people conventionally refer to as self-harming, she's just doing that commiserating bs she always pulls…"Oh I went thru something similar so I KNOW how you feel."

No. 300499

The phrasing is very vague and weird if this is what she meant

No. 300500

I don't think popping into the YouTube chat went as she planned. She was all smug like "Oh you guys forgot I could come in here" but it got her to admit that she talked to angels. lol. loon.

No. 300501


She does this a lot. Being vague is easier to respin if needed and easier keep straight than being specific.

No. 300502

Did anyon see HelloGines getting salty at her in the chat for ignoring her? I smell potential milk. If you're here Gines give us a sign

No. 300503


That was funny. She said they'd all be nasty and apparently most were not. Now that she's turned on superchat (and you have to actually manually turn it on for your channel, so not sure why she acted surprised there) she'll be popping over there more often.

No. 300504

Yeah, I saw that too.
Hellogines aka Gines used to be in her inner circle but she was asking some really pointed questions today and just got ignored. Gines seems to be a sharp lady and saw through her bullshit pretty quickly…I noticed that at first Joy used to respond to her criticisms…until they got too real and now it looks like she's just pretending she doesn't see it.

No. 300507

how is bleeding even self harm? Last time I checked people weren't spontaneously hemorrhaging. This could be nothing, but it seems like she wanted to name something else but didn't even know what else to mention.

No. 300509

she seemd to be spoiling for a fight today, i was surprised she did not get angry or ignore the angels thing

sage for spec

No. 300514

Looks like she's deleted her old Tumblr…if she isn't ashamed of her past why delete it? She's covering her tracks.

No. 300516


No worries. http://imgur.com/a/qGNrb

No. 300518

File: 1493403690703.png (24.32 KB, 525x183, et4W5nW.png)

Specific part so you don't have to make your eyes bleed reading that shit.

No. 300519

Treated with antibiotics. Hmmm… cancer cured!

No. 300532

File: 1493404859884.png (43.33 KB, 535x401, tumor.png)

Yep, basically, if you can sort through her unhinged rambling she had a neck abscess and fungal infection she thought was going to kill her but was also terrified the antibiotics she was given would also kill her so she had an hour long screaming & crying fit that her bf got tired of trying to talk her out of. After he leaves she eventually gets the courage to take the antibiotics and is amazed she feels fine 2 hours later….taking antibiotics cured her "tumor" she didn't cure it herself with any new age hocus pocus.

No. 300543

and candida (also known as it's less sexy, less serious sounding names, yeast infection or thrush) is a fairly common side effect of antibiotics.

No. 300544


My question is…are Jason and Roomate one and the same? We know roommate is an old ex

No. 300547


Looks like that blog was in 2009 time frame. Can't remember where, but I believe I saw something that made it sound like she had only a 3-4 year history with roommate. So, I don't think they're the same.

No. 300552

It's amazing to me she can even defend that shit to this day, I would understand if she had said she was dumb back then and had some strange ideas but now sees she was making a big deal out of nothing and that conventional medicine cured her regardless of what she thought about it at the time….but it seems like she's enhanced her story over the years so that her abscess has now turned into an "inoperable tumor" and antibiotics have turned into "I cured it myself" ….I'd love to know how she thinks she was able to cure this inoperable tumor by herself.

She really went after that girl Tracy who just wanted to know why her symptoms have been the same for every "mystery illness." It's a valid question but she tried to tell her she wasn't being skeptical in the "right" way, that she needs to work on her critical thinking skills. But she still tried to explain that you can have multiple "mystery" illnesses in your life that somehow all have the same symptoms.

Not sure why she is counting a yeast infection as a mystery illness that almost killed her. It's very common and usually easily treatable unless you are already seriously ill such as having AIDS or some other serious autoimmune disorder. There is now a fatal strain of Candida scepticemia, which is a yeast infection of the blood, but it wasn't a thing back in 2009.

No. 300555

She says that after doing "a lot of research" she discovered that Lyrica is habit forming. "You can get addicted to it."

Uh, anyone ever gotten Lyrica from a doctor and NOT had them mention that to you? This just gets fishier and fishier, because that's something even the most negligent doctor would mention, in my opinion/experience.

Betting those pills are actually Wal-Mart brand 5-HTP or someshit. No fucking way a doctor prescribes someone an addictive controlled substance and doesn't tell their patient exactly that.

She also suggests in this clip that it was given to her as a "cure" for fibromyalgia. No doctor would state or even infer that. Her "research" alerted her to the fact that it isn't a CURE, but a pain reliever? What?

No. 300557


Bet her research showed that Lyrica makes you pack on the pounds and she's not taking it for that reason, but that would be a bad excuse to be choosing to be disabled to the point that she "may never be independent again."

No. 300568

Right, the "best doctor in the country" would have sat down with her and explained all that so she could make an informed decision about her care, he wouldn't have just thrown her a bunch of samples of a highly addictive medication and not mentioned anything about it or that it was just to manage the pain and wasn't a cure. That's highly irresponsible of any doctor to do much less the "best." Her ignorance of the medication coupled with the hand written label on the vitamin bottle and her energetic behavior contrary to having fibromyalgia leads me to believe she never saw any doctor and just googled this info to appease the people questioning her. It backfired though because it only brought up more questions. She may have gone on a trip and I admit it is possible she saw a doctor for something but he certainly DID NOT tell her the things she says he did or give her the medication she claims to have. It's more likely she was diagnosed with anxiety disorder for the millionth time and given something for that but she doesn't want to admit that all her haters were right so she made up a story that validates what she's been saying all along.

No. 300580

The only way she is claiming she is so dependant on others and can't do everything for herself has nothing to do with her physical health, it's all mental with her.

She got incredibly defensive when Tracy called her a fraud, the way she reacted says volumes.

No. 300591

I also have a hard time believing her doctor wouldn't set her straight about IUDs causing copper toxicity. She mentioned possibly having Wilson's disease where she'd have a near toxic level of copper regardless which is the only possibly way that could even be a thing (but we've brought up Wilson's over & over, not hard to see where she got the idea.) If she really had Wilson's she would have seen symptoms her entire life, it's a genetic disorder. If her doctor really thought she had copper toxicity from Wilson's he would have immediately tested her for it, leaving it undiagnosed like that is dangerous.

sage for samefagging

No. 300592


She had that IUD for four years? Wouldn't she have keeled over from all that copper pretty darn quick if it was leaching copper into her system?

No. 300593

Jason and roomie are not the same. According to one of her own streams a while back she wound up 'accidently' name dropping him as Dominique. Its been brought up in here before.

A lot of research = she read lolcow.
Isn't it strange how many of her former 'defenders' are all saying the same things? I wonder which of her former defenders is going to turn up on the internet nailing her to a wall next?
Who is Tracy?

No. 300594

Tracy was in her Youtube chat during her last livestream and called Joy out as a fraud for having the same symptoms year after year & claiming she was able to heal an inoperable tumor. I have the entire YouTube chat still up in another tab if you want me to screenshot it?

No. 300595

She's "accidentally" named dropped him as Stephan before too, iirc. I mean, I could be wrong about the exact name, but she's definitely outed him as at least two different names at this point.

No. 300603

She comments from her PATREON VID on her other channel. Apparently she was getting deluged in negative comments and decided to delete a bunch of them. Oh look, another wah-fest.

"Spurpinkle Bow14 hours ago
Ah u guys are awesome :D My mistake going through my comment section, so lets bring some clarity:

#1. This is an older video when I was contemplating doing one.

#2. i DID make one a few days ago, and talked about it on younow, but said I am not releasing it yet bc its not ready AND I'm not sure if its what I want to do, however many people (loyal followers) asked to release it JUST on younow, hence thats what I've done. Im STILL not sure if I want to cancel it/only have it for a month/refund everyone, etc. I have NOT released it on youtube and am NOT sure if I want to yet, HENCE why you guys haven't heard about/seen it yet.

#3. ANY videos showcasing ABUSE of the kids is getting DONATED, as has ALWAYS been the rule. I have been dealing w personal things/health/the travel recently/ AND I have not decided WHERE i want the money to go, And I have to WAIT to see HOW MUCH the videos bring in (it can take a few days for the official numbers to come in) before I make announcements.

#4. Right, bc I don't look sick and I make videos obviously Im a lying sack of shit, absolutely, bc I haven't explained this a thousand times. To be sick, you absolutely cannot EVER get out of bed, like, EVER, or you are a piece of lying trash.

#5. All my bras no longer fit since gaining weight, I JUST was able to purchase a new one, but thanks for being assholes about it.

#6. Onision IS FUCKING RICH, and has made fun of EVERYONE UNDER THE SUN for having a donation button/ Patreon THAT is why i have said shit to him! bc of his hypocrisy about it w no explanation! Bc he acts as if he's on the verge of going broke.

#7. is there EVER ANY chance ANY of you can show compassion to a youtuber? Like, ever? You know my fav part on ALL of this? MANY PEOPLES accusation about my monetizing these videos without ANY memory that ANYTIME Ive said Im going to do something in regards to charity, I DO IT, AND I PROVIDE RECEIPTS. WHAT, did I suddenly just stop to pull a fast one on all u guys? Are u serious? i would understand if there was CAUSE for CONCERN, but nah, not been traveling/working on my health/got my own shit going on and haven't announced it, IM JUST INHERENTLY EVIL OUT TO GET EVERYONE AND PLAY THEM FOR FOOLS AND ROB THEM BLIND. I forgot, Im not a human being, just a punching bag for people on the internet to take their aggression out on. its ONE thing to question and raise concern, aNOTHER to accuse without any facts or knowledge, and without even a question.

To those that were kind, compassionate, considerate, and ASKED questions, showed concerns, rather than be judgmental assholes, I thank you. Thank you for giving me the courtesy of having the benefit of the doubt, simply bc I am a human being and I've done the things I've SAID i will do. Thank u for that <3
Show less"

No. 300607

She's had a video pulled by YouTube for violation of TOS. The video "DaddyOFive makes alex slap emma for fun" now presents as "This video has been removed for violating YouTube's policy on harmful or dangerous content."

Linky link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLK7UW4VD-Y

No. 300613

File: 1493412578153.png (994.02 KB, 1952x1724, YouTubechat.png)

The chat was pretty long so I mainly just included the more relevant parts. You can also see where Gines commented a few times but her most harsh comments were in the YouNow chat.

No. 300631

3. That doesn't stop her from making a short comment in the description that she will donate the money somewhere, she didn't have to include where or how much. And it doesn't explain why she answered "but it's not much money" when she was called out on it the first time. If she really planned to donate it all along she could have said so then but didn't come out with her donation plan till much later when people started getting really angry at her.

4. No one expects her to be in bed all the time or even look sick all the time, most of us know there are illnesses that are basically invisible if you aren't around the person all the time…but Joy is on the internet CONSTANTLY, updating with a video or livestream every few hours and looks fine in all of them, when does she have time to EVER be sick? And she's actually more than fine when she is on a livestream or video, she's really animated, she bounces around, actually did a headstand once and nearly always has a crazy high energy level that puts even healthy people to shame when she's supposed to have a disease characterized by chronic fatigue and severe body pain. That doesn't add up and people notice.

5. So what did she wear while she was gaining all this weight? She didn't gain 50lbs all at once, it was over the span of a year. Has she gone braless this entire time? It's not like bras are expensive or hard to come by, a simple trip to Walmart & $10-$15 would have immediately fixed that problem.

7. Sure, there are plenty of YouTubers I respect and even admire, even if they say something I disagree with, I don't expect them to be perfect 100% of the time. I've told some when they make a mistake or provide constructive criticism and the good ones either accept it with grace or calmly explain why they disagree with my assessment. I appreciate that. They don't pull a bunch of bullshit the way Joy does. I DO give the benefit of the doubt, even to Joy…and I respected her in the past when she said she didn't want to profit from videos on the abuse of minors…but then we got that shady answer "but it's not much money" which made me really question her motives for making so many videos on the same topic that don't say anything new.

No. 300779

See in the DO5 vids, when she's doing impressions of the Dad, what on earth is up with the added noises? She'll put on that weird voice and slacken her mouth to say something she's decided he'd say and then at the end of a sentence she'll carry it on a few syllables with a sort of gruff 'hubuhbuhbuhhuh' type thing. She's done it by itself as well, without it accompanying any actual words. What is that supposed to be?

(Provided I have managed to get this across correctly, it's a difficult thing to describe. That, the exaggerated voice and the facial expressions are so annoying. Also, I find the whole DO5 business abhorrent but her coverage of it including so much mockery and snobbery rubs me the wrong way.)

No. 300797


DO5 hired the fallston group and they are scrubbing channels content trying to get it off the airwaves so to speak.

No. 300798

As much as I hate the DO5, it means Joy is going to have to parasite off of someone else for her con scheme.

No. 300803

File: 1493437260858.jpg (181.38 KB, 763x561, billiescreen.jpg)

Man, she will find any possible way to talk about Onision

No. 300805

I'm not sure if she's deliberately trying for sarcasm here, or whether or not she understands the term 'projection'…

No. 300816

I know, I can't tell if it's sarcasm or not either. I do realize that sarcasm is sometimes difficult to bring across in text but holy shit, either Joy is either horribly inept at establishing this is sarcasm or that is THE rudest, most condescending response to such an innocent comment. Either way, Joy still comes across as a raging bitch.

No. 300817

Wtf even?

Is it meant to be a joke cause it seems like she's coming for her.

It's just more proof that, ironically, she's a "Kyathy".

No. 300888

File: 1493460320311.png (55.82 KB, 148x147, fuckingross.png)

sage for zero contribution, but this is seriously the ugliest face i've ever been forced to see with my own two eyes. i mean, most people's worst days are already better than her best days, but she could at least try to mask the ugly, not accentuate it.

No. 300901


So here's a contribution. Joy tells a person with Fibro that they are just a hater for criticizing her. Then asks her for her medical degree. Doesn't understand the irony of the situation.

No. 300910


What she doesn't seem to get is that people with severe and chronic pain continue to work because they don't have or done't want to leach off some poor schmuck. They haul their asses to a job or force themselves to clean house or what ever even though that means it will take the rest of the day to recovery.

People with genuine anxiety attacks know what it's like to have their body suddenly go into spasms of pain. Yes, they only last for 20 minutes at most (typically), but for that 20 minutes, everyone around you thinks you're having a heart attack or something and you're both trying to ride out intense pain while avoiding being kidnapped by an EMS crew called in by rattled people who meant well, but just made life worse. (Each EMS trip can cost over $700 if you're insured… far more if you're not!)

Fuck her for trying to claim the shit she's claiming. She's nothing more than a 13yo emo that never grew up and that doesn't want to get a real job. She's a cliche of the toxicity that is gaining far too much traction in the US today. Had she been born before the Internet, she'd be the crazy homeless lady on the corner, yelling at no one while holding out a cup for coins.

No. 300925

Two more videos. You really have to wonder about the sick fucks who keep watching her stuff.


No. 300926

There's no "putting on a mask' during a panic attack…if you can do that you aren't having one. This is why it's a disorder, you have no control over it. You are incoherent with intense pain, crippling fear like you are dying/the word is ending/you have completely lost your mind as well as a complete loss of control of the situation which is why well-meaning bystanders will often call an ambulance/take you to the ER against your will, no matter how much you beg them not to, because to them it looks like an emergency situation. When I saw Joy calmly record a video and only seem a touch upset while claiming she was having a panic attack, I was so frustrated I wanted to throw my laptop out the window. That woman has no idea what a panic attack is or what it does to you. I don't need a medical degree to know she's full of shit, I'VE LIVED IT, I know what a panic attack does to you intimately.

No. 300931

There's a huge difference between an illness being "invisible" because you don't look sick and constantly doing things that are contrary to the affliction you claim to have.

No. 300937

I find it telling the way Joy not only wants to equate MommyOfive to a "Kyathy" but also to a baby boomer much like Joy's own mother even though she's around the same age as Joy (Heather was born in 1983)

No. 300939

We all need to give Joysus credit for finally being able to afford a bra gois! Yes, the sweater is two sizes too small and she has sausage arms in it… but, "the girls" aren't flopping around like some old lady boobs any more. That's a small improvement in her spewing from a visual perspective.

No. 301012

Just watched her 20 min bitch session about how she's not advertising her patreon account and not a fraud and how mean everyone is to her. Again with the "really good poker face" after having uploaded six videos today that are all bouncing all over the place with those karate chop movements.

As a person who actually does have fibromyalgia… all I want to say to Kati Smith (aka "Joy Sparkle BS") is go fuck yourself bitch. You are a fucking liar. Eat shit and die.

No. 301078

I'm a little angry. I have been in the hospital more than out of it this year. I have an autoimmune disease and I never have had the energy Kati does. My medicine has never come in a green vitamin bottle, and my brain fog lasts hours/days. It's so painfully obvious how much she is lying. If she just ignored lolcow and actually put effort into her videos then she might actually go somewhere on YT. But she's a teenager. She's the one giving it attention. Instead of 50+ Do5 videos she could have done 10 that are more eloquent and could've been used as evidence. Jfc, she's going to burn out quicker than a firecracker lot on both ends.

No. 301087

She's acting like everyone got angry at her without cause for monetizing those videos…I don't like her but I respected that she had an honor code in that she didn't want to profit from abuse and so far I hadn't seen her deviate from that. When I saw she monetized the DaddyOfive videos, I gave her the benefit of the doubt and assumed she would say she was going to donate the money somewhere eventually…and I understood it might not be an immediate thing because she was on that trip. HOWEVER, when she was confronted directly about this by someone on Twitter her response was not what I expected it to be. Instead, she responded, "Oh but it's not that much money"…like she hadn't considered donating it anywhere because it was such an inconsequential amount. She then claimed all the videos all together netted her around $150 (seems to be a lot more than that now.) I don't know about you but to me, $150 is hardly inconsequential. That wasn't the point anyway because the amount doesn't matter, the source is the important part. Anyway, she didn't say she wanted to donate the proceeds to charity until much later, after even more people started calling her out. If she really meant to do it all along she would have just said so the first time she was called out. I'm glad she's donating it now but it took way more time & hassle to get her to say that one sentence "I'm donating the money" than it should have. She made tons of Twitter updates during her trip, I don't buy that she was so fucking busy she couldn't say this one simple sentence. This really made me question what her motives originally were….and remember that at first, I gave her the benefit of the doubt & fully believed she intended to donate the money to charity because it was in line with what she had done before….but it was HER OWN WORDS that caused me to change my mind & doubt her.

No. 301106

in one of today's manic videos she is absolutely sure that the PR company that D05 hired went out of their way to address her SPECIFICALLY in some blog on their site. because she's 1) that important and 2) the biggest youtuber to comment on this situation. in reality they didn't name her and were likely referring to a bigger youtuber such as phillip defranco.

on manic video #3 so far today, someone wrote the following comment and she made sure to highlight/like it:

"It has occurred to me that some of these accusers could be Trolls hired by the PR Company to try to make you lose supporters and shut you up."

this idiot really, honestly believes she is that important. she thought the same thing about onision multiple times in the past when he referenced a no-named person in his videos. she was always so sure it was her even though it usually wasn't and once it was about blaire white. yet somehow she's not a narcissist at all. the ego on this lowlife malingering twat is out of this world.

i have to say though that i am happily encouraged by the amount of people questioning her in the comments on the "DaddyOFive : Fallston Group Writes Blog RESPONDING to MY Videos!" video. i've never seen this many people openly calling her out and many more people agreeing with them.

No. 301113

Try watching her latest videos on mute. Oh my god, what is wrong with this bitch?

No. 301115

From the comments section of her last vid. This lady gets it. And unsurprsingly, its the teen fans that are all "you just don't get her." How many people now is it that keep saying the same thing? Is there some weird hater virus sweeping the world and infecting people now? Everyone's jealous and butthurt over Joy? These excuses she's making just don't hold up.
PandaChu3 hours ago
I don't mean to be sound rude again. But the way you said in an irritated manner 'well all you critizing me… I was going to give it to charity and I have bad health?' I don't get what your health was to do with making money from the videos. I feel like you threw it in there to guilt trip those who may be questioning your motives. And you're kind of saying things like 'you all dont understand how YouTube works, if I got the money I can control where it goes, and give it to charities' as if to make out like 'I didn't tell anyone I was making money off these videos because of YOU not being able to understand it'…. erm we aren't stupid it's too hard to understand. I feel like she uses charity as an excuse to make us all feel guilty for questioning her. She said she wanted to make this video 2 weeks ago, but couldn't because of her bad health? Yet she live streams for hours a day, makes 4-5 videos a day? So you to ill to make a video yet you make videos?? eh?? Then she ends the video saying 'I cant believe you guys, can't you have some compassion' and again uses her health to guilt trip us…(im just kinda sat here feeling like ive committed some kind of crime haha, like what did I do??) and then tells us how she is the kindest and one of the only people on the internet that actually gives a shit about people and how we are breaking her heart. Manipulative again, and there are plenty of people that give a shit about others, don't try and make us believe you are the only genuine person,( so we don't listen to anyone else) feel like she's using her health issues to guilt trip us into not questioning her. It was a fair question, if she said she wasn't going to monetize these videos on the children, and then she did, people have the right to question it. I mean I don't really care tbh, I just watched this and found it quite manipulative. It's fair question right? And she's saying how horrible we are and tells us we are attacking her and she's ill. How many people have you know with an illness, I've known a few, never met any that constantly uses it to back up an argument though, she even goes on to say she's suicidal , yet criticizes onision for doing the same thing, Like honestly imagine if you were a youtuber, monetized a few vids you said you wouldn't and then people questioned you. If you had a good motive behind wouldn't you just simply explain, but here she's super defensive, every explanation is because 'we are bad' and 'she's a victim'. I don't want to be a bitch or anything. But I'm fooled this easily. If I were you I would have just said 'hi yeah, people are asking why I'm making money from these vids I said that I wouldn't, it's because I need the money to live on.' and that would have been a good enough explanation but the way she's calling us out, making out like we are awful fans, something seems a bit strange and onionish.

No. 301122

She has WAY more energy than I do and I'm healthy. Every time she claims "brain fog" it seems to be for something inconsequential like losing her train of thought for a few seconds or forgetting a word temporarily. That happens to everyone. I've had much worse brain farts than that but I don't immediately jump to the conclusion something is terribly wrong with me. For example, I can go into a room and completely forget what I was doing or why I went in there or have my autopilot make me do something weird like pour milk on what I think is cereal but suddenly realize I've poured milk on a salad. But my brain isn't diseased, I'm currently working on a Bachelors degree in Math & have a 3.95 GPA. Human brains don't function perfectly 100% of the time, this kind of stuff happens to everyone, it just starts happening a little more frequently when you are over 30. Maybe she is just starting to notice the small changes that start happening between 30-35 (like more frequent brain farts, slower metabolism, not being able to stomach certain foods anymore, not having the same level of energy you had at 25, achy joints/muscle pain…sound familiar??) It seems like she turning very normal things many people her age go through into an "illness" when it's nothing.

I also noticed she has recently started complaining about hormonal changes that make her have suicidal thoughts during her period. She blames it on having her IUD removed….and sure that might be a thing if it's an IUD that contains hormones, but she had the Paragard IUD, which contains no hormones. What does she think is causing it? Just because an event (getting IUD removed) happens very close to a symptom (suicidal thoughts) doesn't mean the event caused the symptom. Again, this might just be related to her age. Women go through a hormonal change right around 30-35 especially if they haven't had children yet. Some refer to it feeling like their biological "clock" is ticking, babies get cuter & hormones change to make you want one. The fact that she is only noticing this right before her period is telling…it's the time when she's most fertile and her body is pumping in extra hormones to get her to do something about it. The thing is any change in hormones can make you so unbalanced you feel suicidal. Many women go through crying fits & get extremely emotional before their period, it's pretty normal….but of course, she makes a big deal out of it because it HAS to mean something is terribly wrong with her.

No. 301129


Early onset menopause. :D

No. 301137

She really bragged this PR group was referring to her in their blog because she thought she was the only YouTuber who pointed out the weird fades? OK Joy, time to reign in that ego again, you are making it all about you when it's obviously not.

No. 301142

first, i'm so sorry for what you're struggling with right now. i know how hard it is and my thoughts are with you.

second, i feel the same way. my guillain-barre just relapsed and i'm back to needing to be pushed around in a wheelchair. i've spent a good deal of time this past week lying on the ground gasping for air. when i'm active and talking, i often have to stop every few words so i can breathe, which makes for very frustrating communication. and in all honesty, i'm okay. auto-immune disorders and neurological disorders are shit, but people who have had them for a while know how to deal with them, and, most importantly, don't CONSTANTLY COMPLAIN about them. because it's just life. it isn't a joke, it isn't an excuse, it's real life. and just like you said anon, "brain fog" isn't just "whoops i forgot my train of thought!!" i've had brain fog so badly i forgot my own name. and it can last a fucking long time.

this bitch is fine. if she can flail around like that and shriek at a camera for twenty minutes straight and put up a million videos per day, there is nothing physically wrong with her. she's a fucking liar and almost nothing makes me angrier than people who lie about being seriously ill. none of us chose to be this way. it just happened, and it's shitty. if you're healthy, BE HEALTHY. and if it's mental, which i also understand far too well, get some help.

i'm a complete and thorough pacifist, but if i could punch her in the face, i probably would.

(sage for blog.)

No. 301148

This is really terrible because the DO5 videos are horrible (and the "pranks" made me cry because I felt so bad for the children) but her extensive coverage and how she goes about commentating on the situation is making me almost feel sorry for the fuckers. And that is making me uneasy.

No. 301158

You're not alone. I only found Joy, as so many others had, because of her initial video on Onision. At first I was like, damn right! But then it got creepy, then stalker, then I actually found myself fucking sympathizing and siding with the Cuck. Maybe her real agenda is to support sick fucks through bashing them so hard people who were initially against them begin to support them. IMO, fits her previous "Abuser Support" narrative. She's just so crafty, the sneaky minx.

*Tinfoil's all over the place

No. 301162

File: 1493501774614.png (136.79 KB, 1080x898, IMG_20170429_223343.png)

Tee hee hee.

As a bitch with too much time on her hands, I am flattered.

No. 301164

Yeah same on the onision vid introduction thing, I actually liked her at first because she was so positive and hell, I'll admit, I like onision drama.
But then I started realizing something was really wrong with her. Female narc, munchie, just a lying attentionwhore? Who knows. Not going to armchair but it made me really uncomfortable and that's when I stopped watching her vids. When it gets to the point of making like 20-30 videos on what topic, and then contradicting yourself (monetization, patreon, etc) there is something up.

Too bad.

No. 301171

I understand your frustration, anon. I'm in a similar situation, and watching Joy milk her "mystery illness" for asspats pisses me off so bad. I very badly WANT to be able to work and function normally, but I can't. For very good and VERIFIABLE reasons. How tf can Joy sit around being "sick" with so much energy, not working or leaving her house BY CHOICE is beyond me.

Fuck you, Joy. You don't know what it's like to be so sick you're disabled. You're making a mockery out of something that's very real and difficult for a lot of people.

No. 301173

I know someone with Interstitial Cystitis (similar in nature to fibro or other chronic pain diseases, but of the bladder) along with endo.
They've attempted to kill themselves multiple times because the pain is so bad and pain meds only work for a short time, but then still trying to work a job and get a degree.
It's really upsetting to see (and I'm sure horrifying to live) but Joy is using it to milk money and attention.

No. 301176


Sage. Sorry to hear about your friend. You might tell her to look at Kratom if it's legal in her country. Many have found pain relief from it. If you search YouTube you'll find women posting videos of the difference they've experienced and how much of what kinds that they're using.

No. 301186

Pain that's neurological in nature (rather than inflammatory) is so hard to treat. I'm sorry about your friend too. I don't have IC, but I do have nerve pain and I understand that pain meds don't do a whole lot. Even huge doses of pharmaceutical grade opiates do very little. It's fucking difficult to live with. Does your friend see a therapist? Therapy has helped me a lot, at least with the suicidal thoughts that come along with chronic pain.

And here we have Joy, wailing about her fatigue and pain when there are people like your Interstitial Cystitis friend with real fucking problems. I'm so incredibly buttmad. I wish she'd take that vitamin bottle full of "Lyrica" and shove it up her ass.

No. 301188

my thoughts are also with your friend, anon. i almost killed myself when i was fourteen and first got sick. this kind of illness is agony. tbh joy deserves to feel every ounce of illness-related pain the rest of us do and then some. i never wish this shit on people, but she straight-up deserves it.

No. 301189

Kratom has helped me SO much with my panic attacks & migraines (anxiety caused.) I used to take Xanax which did help a lot but the withdrawals are so scary & painful that I never want to go back on it again. I take Kratom sporadically, depending on how bad my symptoms are but I can take it every day for several months then stop and not experience any withdrawal symptoms like I would with benzos. It's been pretty much a miracle treatment for me, I'd highly recommend anyone with anxiety or pain issues look into it.

sage for OT

No. 301190


For those that don't understand why people with real chronic conditions get so pissed, consider this:

(a) Most used to have normal lives, happy or not, they were "normal" and then both their bodies and to some extent their minds have turned on them often with no explanation and (worse) professionals are barely past the point of treating symptoms and have no way to offer any solid expectations for what the future holds. Pain and panic attacks are both grinding conditions that exhaust you worse than physical activities ever could because they exhaust your very soul.

(b) Now, someone like Kati Smith comes along with her bullshit bouncing around on video claiming those same conditions. Thousands view that and see how she essentially looks normal (normal energy, normal movements, normal) and they get in their mind that "Oh, fibro can't be that bad, look at how much energy she has" why don't you (actually ill person) just put on a "mask" like she does?

Fuck her. Sage for opinion.

No. 301193

Yeah pretty much, she is getting therapy now and in an in-patient group therapy type of thing for sufferers of chronic pain. Last I heard it is helping out, but she's kept pretty busy so we haven't spoken in a while.
Sage for OT

No. 301197

Sage for no contribution (I think. First time poster)

I haven't seen anyone mention Joy's constant use of the phrase "white trash mentality." What is this crap? There's no such thing as "white trash mentality," just like there's no such thing as "middle class mentality" or "modest living mentality." She projects so hard on these people to the point that it's infuriating. I've known and grown up with many, MANY white trash people and no two were the same, and they certainly didn't have this patent mentality of finding enjoyment in other people's suffering. In fact, many of the white trash people I've known have been the most generous people (anecdote? Sure. Point still stands).

I'm also sick of this "You're not their mom, KYATHY!" "Those are their STEP grandparents. They're strangers!" The hell do you know about their relationship with Mo5 or her parents? Some people's step families are more family than the people with whom they share blood. She thinks she's this all-knowing, insightful genius, but she just makes herself look like an idiot with all of this projection and assumption.

And stop trying to be funny, Kati. You're not funny.

No. 301198

Exactly, and unfortunately, it's not just her. This seems to be a widespread phenomenon. People you know run into a "Kati" who fakes stuff for attention…they see her "poker face" her way through a "panic attack" and then they wonder why you are being such a crybaby who can't act normal when you have one. It's insulting.

No. 301199

I've noticed that too. She talks as if all white trash people beat their kids (because poor people are stupid and cruel I guess) and at the same time white trash are the ONLY people to beat their kids.
She also makes fun of their accents constantly, saying it's a "white trash way of speaking" when it's just a regional accent.
She pretends to be all about love and shit but she's actually really judgemental and cruel and rather prejudiced honestly.

No. 301202

Just clarifying - I don't mean that Do5 people don't deserve criticism or mockery, but she's transforming mockery of THEM into mockery of anyone LIKE them - has the same accent, is poor and white (just to note how oddly specific she is about some things that make her rage) etc
Even to the point where any stuttering or trying to find your words, which is normal, into something only evil child abusers do, only stupid people, only white trash, only kyathys, etc

No. 301203

I forgot about her making fun of their accents. That's ridiculous too. Does she also make fun of Canadians because they can't properly pronounce the "ow" sound?

No. 301205

It's your first time so it's understandable but you didn't sage correctly. You need to put sage in the email field and leave the Name & Subject blank. You don't need to type in Anonymous anywhere either, the post does it automatically.

No. 301206

Thanks for that. I will keep that in mind.

I absolutely agree that Do5 and Mo5 deserve to be criticized, but criticize their actions, not their dialects and financial upbringing.

No. 301221

She's projecting on that family so hard it almost almost makes me feel sorry for them. She's insulting them for things they have no control over that have nothing to do with how they treat their kids. Also, while this family is white but they don't seem particularly poor, they could afford that trip to Disney World & can smash the kid's electronics for a prank then just buy them new ones.

No. 301235

Yeah you're right there. Why does she keep calling them white trash then? I've only ever heard the term used similar to "trailer trash" etc.

No. 301236

The amazing Hater virus. It always the haters and never mind them over in lolcow land. They just have the actual illnesses and give details, information and thought out evidence..but don't look there…

…because the people suffering from it, actually dealing with it are just hating, throwing shade, jealous, butthurt, and every childish excuse you could get out of someone that dropped out of junior high could make, but ONLY the moment they start to criticize. Up until then its flowery praise and you're their best friend in the whole wide world!

Let's not forget her twitter comment of "IF YOU SUPPORT PEOPLE THAT DON'T SUPPORT ME, GET OUT!" Oh no. Totally not a cult at all. What ever WERE we thinking?

When you accuse your critics, or people that have this illness of just being any of the above and dismissing or treating them poorly…that's a low below Onion levels.

No. 301239

The way they act most likely. They give off a white trash vibe to me too.

No. 301255

>Let's not forget her twitter comment of "IF YOU SUPPORT PEOPLE THAT DON'T SUPPORT ME, GET OUT!"

And of course, in her mind this is nothing like when Onion disowns his friends for talking to people he doesn't like. You aren't allowed to have your own opinions or choose your own friends, it all has to be approved by Joysus, all perfect & all knowing.

No. 301306

More twitter gold.


In her words: thank u, this is true. i understand to some lately there is confusion, bc ihavent EXPLAINED it all yet, and nor do i feel the need to have 2

Here we go again, she has all the information, its some mystery that only she can explain when she deems it necessary…its always another "mystery", its always 'unexplained information', its always another excuse. Everyone is always confused or judging her or misunderstanding this. Every. Single. Time.

Followup: https://twitter.com/_cori_ander/with_replies

Where you can see all of the corrie person's replies to Joy calling her out on all of it. It is right there in front of her cult, but they still make excuses for her. Anything for a little Joysus attention.

No. 301332

File: 1493521960648.jpg (34.07 KB, 500x384, uyb4lIy.jpg)

The context is different, but it still applies.

"I'm not like those OTHER girls." lolk.

No. 301383

I highly doubt people were sending her nudes all of the time. But, again with that inflated sense of self-worth.

No. 301387

the best part is that she was at least 30 when she wrote this. she sounds like a 14-year-old girl. "im going to have to get stern here." fucking grow up kati.

No. 301394

I honestly don't think she has matured from around that age. I think I'm also one of the only people who thinks, even if she DID put on makeup, she still wouldn't be pretty. There's something about her that's just so… plain. Not to mention the batshit insanity. That's a bit of a drawback.

No. 301396

Really? She made a video about tornados in Texas, talking about how she had been in a tornado before, and this was making her anxiety worse. Then she says… "the only good thing to come out of this: my hair is on point today" she of course then says, I don't want to be disrespectful… if that were the case she would have edited that out. What in the actual fuck?

No. 301401

Meh, any not hideous woman who leaves their Facebook public tends to receive creepy messages from weirdos & random dick pics every once in a while but "countless" is definitely an exaggeration…she probably means 1 or 2. Not sure why she felt it necessary to address this with such a long post other than wanting people to know she got these pics and draw attention to herself…which is exactly why she felt the need to put that disclaimer at the end, she knows how this message will be perceived. Lecturing these creeps does no good & most women know that. They just delete the message with no comment then block the person and move on without any further attention to the matter. You only bring it up if you want EVERYONE to know the terrible thing that happened to you.

No. 301452

Anon: I self harm
Joy: I used to as well
Anon: kids are being abused
Joy: I was also abused as a child
Anon: I suffer chronic pain
Joy: Ugh me Too!

Basically, me me me me me.

No. 301456

Little storytime here: my grandmother is a hypochondriac and acts just like Joy. Years ago she was convinced she had testicular cancer. She also wasn't very bright. Also, we ended up coming up with this stupid, fake illness to see if she'd claim she had that too… and as you can probably guess, she said she did. That her doctor diagnosed her with that a couple years earlier. I bet you anything you could make up an illness and Joy would swear up and down she had it.

No. 301457

File: 1493547001007.png (94.08 KB, 480x270, iamfeel.png)

No. 301460

aww, i love birdsrights. well meme'd, anon. bravo.

No. 301461


"Hair on point" = she dyed it. She's using that temp hair dye that washes out in a couple weeks to cover her grey hairs.

No. 301464

>5'2" and somewhere around 150 lbs

150 lbs at that height is FAT.
That is a BMI of 27.4

No. 301467

I wouldn't give a shit what she weighed if she were a halfway decent person.

No. 301469

Considering a good number of American women are morbidly obese, Average does = Fat. I looked it up and the average size for American women has traditionally been around size 12-14 but a recent study says it has gone up to a size 16. So yes, Joy IS average.


No. 301488

She's at 52 total videos (one was taken down by Youtube as containing harmful depictions, so only 51 remain visible). So… she's outnumbered her Onion vids.

Her subscriber base seem to only be interested in videos that contain the "child abuse." Her care broke down, patreon, USAir, etc vids have relatively few views (all under 3k, some well under 3k). Even her PR team vids get fewer views. The people watching, seriously like watching the 'child abuse' vids that should NOT be monetized at all but happen to be monetized.

There are over 200 videos out there… will she do 3 part videos on all of them? That's some serious monetization going on for someone that doesn't want to profit from child abuse.

No. 301495

File: 1493554852398.png (18 KB, 521x116, VoJiq8X.png)

Comment on one of her videos. I can't even…

No. 301506

File: 1493557467128.gif (1.69 MB, 333x194, wew.gif)


wew lad that's bottom of the barrel desperation right there. Joy is ugly as sin.

No. 301510

WHO THE HELL LIKED THAT COMMENT??! I really hope he liked his own comment because if not it means there are TWO of these weirdos.

No. 301521

this poor, poor creature.

No. 301528


The guy has a xhamster channel… he publishes porn… it would be 4D level milk if Kati ends up fapping fodder on a porn site.

No. 301529


OT but that gif…I died.

No. 301548

Is she an admin of EO?

No. 301551

>Then she says… "the only good thing to come out of this: my hair is on point today"
She reminds me of one of those highschool girls that we're suppose to cringe at in movies.
>let's all pray for victims of x
>next topic, what are you all wearing!

Joy? No.

No. 301675

File: 1493582720984.gif (3.06 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

Since she's been putting out 4 to 6 videos every day (7 today so far!) her editing game has really suffered. At first, she tried to blame it on her trip but she's still doing it. At around 8:10 in her video "DaddyOFive homophobic towards kids, calls them gay and effeminate" she's really digging around in her nose and just leaves this part in. Gross, Kati. There are other things she failed to edit properly, this is just the most disgusting example and not the first time either. Of course, her fans respond positively for the most part, leaving comments like "She gives no fucks!" or "She's keeping it real!" This wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't on a video with such a serious topic like child abuse where you want to handle the subject matter in a respectful & dignified manner. But she's concentrating on creating sheer volume so she can't even meet the same bare minimum level of quality she had before. Now she's leaving in parts she used to edit out like turning on the camera, forgetting to add in the clips she introduced or mixing them up. In her first video about the Fyre Festival, she left the audio on a news clip at full volume while she was talking over it so you couldn't distinguish her voice from the girl talking in the clip, it was just awful. Does she not watch her videos all the way thru even once before releasing them? It just seems so lazy to me. I don't doubt if you brought this up to her she would find some way to blame this on her illness like she always does. (Isn't she supposed to be feeling 80% better now that she's taking her "new meds"…or have they "stopped working" already?) But seriously this is really not that much extra work and she's already doing stuff like this all day. If she just released even 1 less video per day she could use that time to edit properly. It's all about priorities. If she wasn't so focused on putting the largest number of videos out in the shortest amount of time and remembered that no one wants to watch a bunch of shitty & poorly edited videos, she would do a better job of respecting her audience's time. Even her fans complain about this. I fully admit I used to watch nearly all her videos up until recently (even though she's an attention-seeking malingering compulsive liar who's completely full of shit) simply because she was entertaining…..but now geezus, I'm not going to bother trying to get through an hour or more of badly constructed content every day just for a possible chance to laugh at her idiocy.

No. 301692


If you hit the gif it will get big enough that you can cover her gold digging with the "quick reply" box and still read the text.

There REALLY needs to be a way to turn gifs off so they quick repeating. It gets sickening.


No. 301696


lol. Thank you for that gif. It should be the next thread image.

Picks then wipes whatever is on her finger on roommates coffee table. Gross!

She's always dicking with her nose. She does that thing little kids do where they push up their nose to wipe it.

No. 301717

So, she's picking on Ja Rule as an asshole "kid" that doesn't know what he's doing… um, Ja Rule is over 40yo.

Wonder why she's now hooked on a "con artist" for her videos…. hmmmm…. projeshun?

No. 301721

She really seems to have it out for rich people. She said the majority of the rich had to do some "evil shit" to get their wealth. She did say she was "really ballin" there at one point from her marketing jobs and it was the reason she was able to live off savings for so long. The way she has a problem with projecting herself all over every situation makes me wonder what "evil shit" she had to do to get her money. When we uncovered her LinkedIn resume I could have sworn I saw the headlining job she put next to her name had something to do with Marlboro. I also vaguely remember her mentioning working at a job she quit because they had her do some shady shit & felt dirty because of it. Hmmm….

No. 301727

Hates white trash because she is one, hates the rich because that's what she wants and she doesn't have it. She can't be happy for other peoples success because she's too stuck being envious while wearing clothes she bought at Walmart 15 years ago. Nasty mindset to have. I love to hear her talk about how positive she is kek.

I don't see what's so hilarious about the festival attendees being upset. They spent thousands of dollars on something that was promised which they didn't receive. Ha! Look at all those rich people spending their money how the want to! So silly for them to be upset about being ripped off!

>she quit because they had her do some shady shit & felt dirty because of it

Does anyone know what anon is talking about? I wonder what "shady" could possibly imply here. We can be sure that it's an exaggeration though.

No. 301733

I don't know what that job was exactly because she didn't say but in one of her early videos she mentioned having a job where she had to push a product she didn't believe in. She said she eventually had to quit because she couldn't keep compromising her integrity for money.

In the LinkedIn resume the title job that was listed next to her name had something to do with tobacco, it was either Marlboro or Philip Morris or something similar, I only saw the page once before she deleted it and my memory of it is going off a quick glance so it might not be totally accurate.

No. 301752

Ever consider that your memory issue there might not be because of it only being a quick glance, but perhaps you have Fibromyalgia? Might wanna ask Joy for a recommendation on the best doctor in the country to get that sorted out.

No. 301794

OH NO, what if you're right? My memory of something I saw once for a few seconds months ago isn't 100% crystal clear, that has to mean I have an illness…right? What if this slight fuzziness of one memory means I not only have fibromyalgia (because that's a given) but what if it's the first sign of dementia or amnesia?…it could be Alzheimer's or a…a…a BRAIN TUMOR!! Guys, this means I probably have cancer right now and I'm almost on the verge of dying. I have to quit my job and stay at home making YouTube videos! I promise I'm not going to start a GoFundMe because I don't want your money but here's the link to my Patreon! Now where are my vitamins?…I mean MEDICINE! Dammit my brain fog!

No. 301796


that this got posted twice is proof.

No. 301799

It's getting worse! I must have forgotten I posted it the first time, it wasn't to fix typos & punctuation. The cancer is spreading! Damn this brain fog.

No. 302001

just click "hide" next to the file name.

No. 302206

She was livestreaming just now. It wasn't very long and there are only 2 moments captured from the whole thing but here are some of the highlights:

1. She was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia after her doctor gave her "THE TEST", which consisted of checking her pressure points for pain.
2. Birth control & IUDs cause anxiety
3. Is about to release part 1 of some weird new Onision "joke" video with candles & her fake crying while she writes him a crazy stalker letter then suddenly realizes what he really needs is FAX!
4. Again claimed she was amused her gofundme was taken down for medical fraud but tried to explain it wasn't actually fraud because of her twist surprise that she was really going to donate that money to a charity all along and buy the fax machine with her own money.
5. She is currently experiencing nerve pain in her head (like knives moving from her crown to her neck) but it isn't a headache and claims she is somehow in control of where the pain manifests…she can keep it contained to her head & not have it spread to her body.
6. She also said she was having a difficult time forming sentences…yet seemed to be her usual bubbly & talkative self. There were no pauses or fumbling of words that would indicate she was having an issue forming sentences.
7. At the same time she claims she is feeling a lot better lately and has been having lots of good days so she's able to make lots of videos….and while some people would say the number of videos she's been releasing looks like she is manic it's really just because she wants to get things done while she can because she knows her health will tank eventually.
8. Claims that now that she's feeling better she has started to lose weight but then admits she ordered a pizza because she was having stomach problems & claims she only eats pizza when she needs to "stop things up" but said she is already taking medication that does this. She cut off the broadcast when her pizza arrived.

No. 302217

>like knives moving from her crown to her neck
This girl is pissing me off in all kinds of ways. A fuckload of people, myself included, experience horrible migraines that feel just like that. Then we pray we have any anti migraine painkillers left and we check out for a few days, because the pain is so intense it hurts to even have eyes opened. This bitch can not only produce 7 videos a day, but also constantly stream with this "like knives moving in her head" pain?! Fuck off, Joy.

It's really neat she has superpowers to control where the pain manifests, too. Is that her doing or are the angels helping her again?

Sage for rant.

No. 302223

Yep, this pisses me off too. I've had migraines like "knives" too; I get them a lot! And when that happens, I don't even get out of bed. I don't even brush my teeth. If someone in my house turns the light on in my room I feel like screaming. Nobody with actual pain like that sits in front of a bright computer screen, talking to a bunch of strangers on the internet. They don't order and eat pizza either.

People like Joy are the reason my former employer insisted I could at least TRY to go to work when I had a migraine instead of calling out sick. Because driving 30 miles to sit in front of a computer and type and answer phones is totally possible with a migraine, just look at people like Joy!

No. 302226

Link to the YouNow moment she describes this. Too bad it cuts off when it does, would have liked to know what she said next.


Oh but guys, she also has the superpowers of being able to mask all kinds of pain & anxiety…her condition is super duper invisible.

No. 302230

>It's not a headache
>It feels like knives in my head
>It can spread but I'm able to keep it contained somehow!
>I'm having difficulty forming sentences guys, even though I keep talking and talking in complete sentences!

Oh, fuck off.

No. 302237

Keep noticing that she makes bad things something she can relate to (because she's had it, too!) and good things something that she's caused (seeing this in particular in her "CODY AND EMMA ARE SAFE" video…she makes it sound like she was the ringleader of all the efforts)

No. 302263

In her latest video where she talks about how the mom got emergency custody of the kids, Joy spends a lot of time personally thanking all the big YouTubers who made videos about DO5 like it was HER win, she's made it all about her again. It doesn't feel like she's thanking them on behalf of the biological mom at all…it's more like she's won some sort of award and is thanking all the important people who made it possible.

No. 302291

If you watch the new video with the lawyer and biological mom at the end the lawyer is having her thank all the youtubers that helped. She named off a ton like Phillip Defranco and Suit yourself and the chambers of my heart person and a bunch of others. I sat on the edge of my seat with each passing name and when she NEVER mentioned Joy, I'm ashamed to say I laughed out loud. I may have even clapped a little. With like 50 videos Joy made she didn't even get a mention! Somehow she will still believe she single handedly saved the lives of those kids.

No. 302303

wow. she did NOT do a god damn thing to help those kids. she was helping herself. her two new vids are just sickening. like another anon said… like she has won an award. fucking disgusting

No. 302304

That has got to piss Joy right off. She thinks she had such a huge hand in making this happen and how dare the mom not thank her for her 50+ videos….there might be a reason for that Joy…either she really didn't see any of her videos (that's amusing considering how many are floating around) or it's because she DID see how many of them Joy made and the obsessive coverage struck her as creepy & weird how much Joy projected herself all over her kids. Maybe she thought it best her kids were not made aware of that.

No. 302327

We need to stop this insane manipulative woman before she builds a huge following and is able to manipulate a larger audience. She is already growing at an intense speed. Although from her feedback on the videos 20 percent of viewer see through her bullshit. Which is a decent amount. I know what we need to do. It's obvious. Our selves as indivduals have no chance of bringing her down. Her victims are mindless and back her up since she has a bigger following. I am going to break everything down, into a analytical evidence based video on a anonymous channel that proves her lies, inconsistencies and false illness. It'll take a while for me to make since there is so much bullshit to cover. Once done I will post it on here in hope that we can all share the information with unbiased content creator that has influence. I personally think the best man for the job is colossaliscrazy. He is a very intelligent logical man who is respected by almost every body who knows of him. He has around 250k subs, and is close friends of keemstar, leafy, grade A and many other huge youtubers. He is always willing to help small channels, he takes a lot of time on his videos and they are very high quality. Which is why he has 250k subs and only like 6 videos on his channel. He always brings light to injustices in the youtube community no matter how big or small and has no interest in self or finacial gain. I think if we get a good documentation of information and we all say tweet at him he'll notice and look into it. But we need logical fact based evidence, if he simply comes to this forum and sees all joys fake accounts trolling then he'll pass it off as ridicules. Although there are so many great points on here and hard evidence. Just let me know what you think. Check out the guys channel. We need someone with a clean reputation to expose this bitch, since everyone is falling for her crap, and any one with the slighest bit of a bad name behind them will be immediately struck off.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 302336

good god, namefag. ever hear of paragraph breaks?

No. 302338

You know that colossal thinks onion is an "alright guy", right, newfag?

No. 302353

I just watched this video and OMG she straight out takes credit for the mom getting custody like her obsessive coverage was directly responsible. Her exact words were
"I feel like this is my big FU to everyone who said I'm beating a dead horse with this subject & I'm obsessive. Let me tell you what this is…persistence with passion can equal a good fucking outcome. It can equal getting shit done if you do it right….and that's what I'm here to do. I said I would not let up until these kids are safe and I'm sticking by that." Um, Joy? the kids are safe…have you let up yet? Apparently not, there's a part 2 coming on SpergPinkElbow.

She then attempts to convince us her motives were pure. "For me, this wasn't a trending topic. For me, this wasn't about how much fucking views & what this can get for me. This was about making sure these kids get taken care of & were safe & ok, this was about exposing PR companies & their bullshit, and this was a big message to white trash. Not just to educate you on how to treat your children but to let you know if you are abusive to your children WE'RE COMING AFTER YOU" OK, sure Joy. It wasn't all about you.

While I appreciate your enthusiasm what you are proposing won't really do much. We've already seen what her fans do when confronted with the truth…they just do their damnedest to excuse it or even try to turn it into something positive. Not sure why you feel the need to save them from themselves, she isn't doing anything particularly illegal. A lot of us here used to be a fan at some point but quickly realized how full of shit she was, they'll catch on eventually too. The evidence is all right there in front of them already, they see it every day.

No. 302359

Welp…. now that the kids are "safe" and given it's that time of the month… guess it's time for another "I don't want to die" type video. I'm not sure her hounding that PR company is going to bring in any views at all now. The bio-mom isn't looking like she's about to pop onto youtube anytime soon.

Wanna bet she plops out that Onion vid and then goes suicidal again? After all, that's her "instinct" (her words, not mine!).