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No. 246848

Joy Sparkle is a YouTube personality who randomly appeared to insert herself into Onision drama and got 10k subs within a short time.
Recently made several 90-120 minute videos rambling about drama.
Aside from frantically trying to get EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS with everyone marginally involved with Onion, she goes off on insane tangents about past lives and her "fatal" health issues. She's bizarrely enthusiastic about drama and has started to make videos about other cows apparently in an attempt to make herself relevant.

During a recent livestream, she claimed her videos aren't monetized, but said that she messed around on her profile and monetized everything on accident, undid it, and might have missed something.


No. 246850

File: 1486518317130.png (40.32 KB, 578x188, RaU7dOd.png)

Tweeted this before her 1 hour "interview" with Haylee and Erin, just one example of her being excited and attention-whorey about drama

No. 246851

File: 1486518351401.png (117.75 KB, 580x498, MwgRy2n.png)

"Exclusive interviews" in which nothing new was revealed

No. 246854

File: 1486518457402.png (54.36 KB, 581x268, l9dMfPP.png)

"This will be good!"
>proceeds to spend two hours ranting at the camera while Lane mumbles about having a panic attack and barely gets a word in edgewise

No. 246856

File: 1486518529881.png (120.89 KB, 585x441, b1St6bI.png)

Link to 2 hour stream in which she did nothing but regurgitate already known facts and let Lane talk for maybe 5 minutes total

No. 246857

File: 1486518602102.png (89.07 KB, 580x448, eh1b3Kb.png)


No. 246858

File: 1486518621620.png (86.71 KB, 574x424, 5h4yIXf.png)


No. 246860

File: 1486518674287.png (295.56 KB, 600x1024, 858SgbA.png)


So she waited until she had 10,000 subs and then went ahead and started monetizing her insane and unnecessary rants.

No. 246861

I honestly thought she was a wacko when I watched the video of her sobbing about remembering her past lives and remembering all terrible stuff she's done.

No. 246862

File: 1486518913502.png (106.15 KB, 580x539, x5H0gtx.png)

>the livestream did its job

Yes, that was all you, not Lane overcoming her anxiety to spill the beans which she never needed you for in the first place.

What an insufferable cunt.

No. 246863

File: 1486519114499.png (467.59 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_3909.PNG)

i remember this tweet specifically being the one where i though, "yup, she's mentally unstable". why is it that everyone who calls out onision is just as bad as him?

No. 246866

She makes DSSCTM EO and some guy seem like reasonable pillars of sanity.

No. 246875

Image OP here. My point was that she is monetizing an onion video. Of course she joined YouTube to make money. No judgement there. But monetizing an onion video… UGH. Aside from poor taste, won't he just claim it and then the money will go to him?!?

No. 246880

It's especially infuriating since she just claimed on her livestream TONIGHT that she doesn't make money on Onion videos and to call her out if she does.


No. 246902

Her very 1st YT vid was about onion. The few I've seen were filled w/ such long winded ranting bs I couldn't make it through the whole thing. She makes a few decent points but it's hardly worth the time when there's more concise ways of getting the same info.

No. 246908

What ignorance is this? Coming to an end? Does she truly believe he means it and is not just doing damage control?

Plus this comes off as a tad bit arrogant and overly self-important to me. Ugh. "My lifestream where I ramble on and on irrelevantly fixes everything!!"

No. 246924

The only time Lane got to talk during the most recent broadcast was when Joy went to use the restroom. Joy needs to stop hyping up her broadcasts as if she has new information, only to talk for two hours straight about shit we already know.

No. 247026


Past lives? Bad stuff? Please do tell.

No. 247188

Lane seemed very shy and uncomfortable, which is understandable being in a situation where grease is after you. But Joy gave asked her so many questions and gave her room to speak, but Lane didn´t really have much to say.

No. 247189

just watch her videos

No. 247204

her vids are so long-winded, like twenty minutes of that awful voice just to get to a point… in the latest one she's saying "yes, i forgive you onision" like wtf, so much self-importance :/

i think maybe she's on the autism spectrum or something? not trying to say this to offend, just a vibe im getting

No. 247213

she is honestly so cringey I am SO glad I'm not the only one who thinks so. And looking back on it she soooo obviously self posted her first onion videos

No. 247214

Why bring it up if you're just going to tell us to watch her cringey long ass videos?
I don't really wanna give her views after the shit she pulled earlier so if you have a general idea, can you just tell us.

No. 247220

its just like onion claiming that he "cured" billie and ayalla of eating disorders. the arrogance you must have to think you have an impact like that.

No. 247221

thank god someone made a post on this crazy bitch. She is full of fatlogic and excuses for gaining 40 pounds in a year. She got sick off a copper IUD (which does legit happen) but I think she's milking it now as she says she's "detoxed all the copper out" but claims to still be "dying"

No. 247243

I don't trust her as far as I can throw her, mainly because of the way she constantly needs to bring the point of attention in her videos back to herself. She can't talk about someone else without relating it in some convoluted fucking way to her own past experiences, and I can't tell if it's for sympathy or if she just likes talking about herself a lot. She never brings anything new to the table.

I tried watching her video interviewing Luxymoo and some other girl and I found it awkward as fuck that these girls would go on long monologues about the shit Greg did to them and Joy's awkward personality and bad timing killed it before I could even get into the meat of the video. Maybe I'll revisit it when I'm drunk or something, perhaps she'll be tolerable then.

No. 247247

It seems like the reason she relates everything onion does to herself is because she wants attention, but she knows she's boring as fuck and no one would give a shit if she just said someone said something mean to her and it made her feel like shit.

Lemme save you an hour and a half. Luxy didn't say anything we didn't already know, she literally read the post she made in the onion thread. The other girl was 2015 chan, and basically she confirmed that Doormat thinks everyone is trying to ride dat grease pole, she also said Lainey was demanding her passwords to all her social media and they talked about 2015 chan going to visit and attend Lainey's graduation and how that fell through because she got with Billie.

No. 247268

Joy is a complete loon, not sure which video it was but the one where she talks about past lives and how she was a bad person and… oh god. Fucking lunatic.

No. 247317

She definitely did self post her first videos. I remember clicking on the link in the midst of the whole Billie drama when lots of links were being posted, then I saw her YouTube account was brand new and she had one video about onion.
I clicked away immediately cause it was an obvious self post. But for some reason no one else seemed to catch on at the time

No. 247330

File: 1486571427011.png (26.07 KB, 588x198, 3ffd0040343436fc660e348b21feff…)


I actually thought she was alright and didn't really care if she made money off Onision videos or not, but all of these desperate grabs for the credit are annoying as fuck.


She's so irritating.

No. 247334

She's an idiot manipulater in her own right. Why bring on lane who is only sixteen. lane did not seem comfortable with it at ALL. Lane is too stressed out then joy says something like "I would bring Billie on if it was safe"? It's so much more unsafe to bring on lane fucktard.

She obsesses over the fact that she doesn't monetize the onion videos even though she has onion to thank for 10k subs. It's still the same, it's using the drama for yourself. She acts so much better than onion for it too.

No. 247359

She is now monetizing her videos about onion that are not directly related to underage girls in their underwear or his harassment of teenagers.

No. 247385

Does anyone know how old Joy is exactly? She looks around the same age as Onion.

No. 247389

>She got sick off a copper IUD (which does legit happen)

It's insanely rare if it's even possible, and, if it really does happen, it can only happen to people who already have nearly toxic copper levels.

Add in her weird obsession with the DANGERS!!!!1!! of all IUDs, even non-copper ones, and it really starts to sound like she's misplacing blame.

>she's "detoxed all the copper out"

I thought she was still detoxing, and that's what's largely making her sick nowaday?

And it is detoxing, not some woo "detox" bullshit. Copper toxicity is treated with chelation therapy (irl detoxing) which can have a lot of really awful side effects.

No. 247412

Basically she said she was wary about making YT videos because she has had flashbacks of her past lives, and in them she was an important or central figure that caused terrible shit. Think she said like, mass murder type shit in the medieval era. And that she feels her growing popularity can parallel that in some way, and it scares her.

I thought she had good points and wasn't stupid but after that I never watched a video again, it completely discredited her and I think she should go to therapy or something. And to the other anon who asked I'm pretty sure she said in one video she's 30 or 31.

No. 247417

I thought her first few videos about onion were great, I was really glad to see someone, anyone call him out for his shit but I agreed with the rest of your anons once she brought out her interviews. They were pointless (no new info) and I really felt like she was taking advantage of those girls. There's something really off about her and I can't place my finger on what exactly it is?

Also I see she has made a video criticizing Freelee and calling her diet "unhealthy". I'm curious to see what she says but I don't want to give her any views and I don't feel like being enraged right now either.

No. 247420

(reposting due to quoting mistakes)

Exactly. She isn't fucking dying. At first I appreciated her initial call out video but it is clear she is milking things for attention/money now.

Also it is mostly her fault greg was able to get away with the recent dating Sarah thing. JS needs to fuck off. She was trying to manipulate Lane so she would benefit the most in the situation. Thanks to her, greg got away with it again.

>she constantly needs to bring the point of attention in her videos back to herself
This. This is the biggest red flag.

She's a Rita Skeeter. If she was really interested in making a difference, she wouldn't be bringing up her health issues or trying to confiscate evidence so she can release it first.

JS since you are probably lurking here: you are pathetic and should really fuck off. You are making things worse. Also you are not that sick, shove it.

No. 247475


"Good job for apologizing"

Is she for real? Someone's paying her or someone put her up to all this. I smell a rat.

No. 247477

I think she really is sick and having those awful side effects. Doesn't make her any less crazy. I have a friend who's getting off her prescription meds and the 3+ years of life threatening side effects on top of not knowing what was wrong with her made her pretty nuts, anti-medication, anti-vax etc. Something about being "betrayed" by medicine makes people hyper-paranoid. It happens. If Joy is in that mindset she really shouldn't be trusted or enabled.

She's a self professed "entertainer", too, so it's pretty damn obvious she's doing this to get popular and line her pockets. I don't mind some random chick using youtube as her therapist, but she's just as bad as onion for exploiting Lane, Luxy, and Erynn. I don't think we learned anything from her interview that we didn't already know.

It really peeved me how she was kind of speaking for Lane in some parts of the younow stream. And how she always turns the conversation back around to herself, her video, her life, "come after me, Greg? Are you scared? Why don't you want to give my channel this massive boost by acknowledging my presence?". She sure talks about herself a lot for someone who is supposedly in it to help the kids.

No. 247478

kek she's not on the autism spectrum, she's just an opportunist. No better than gerk and lamo.

>its just like onion claiming that he "cured" billie and ayalla of eating disorders.

Yep. idk if this is her natural personality or if it's just because of her "illness", but I don't like what I've seen.

> it is mostly her fault greg was able to get away with the recent dating Sarah thing.

Can you explain what you mean by "it's her fault"?

No. 247482

>If Joy is in that mindset she really shouldn't be trusted or enabled.

If she's really that sick she needs to stop trying to "help" other people and focus on getting her own shit together. Her motive for getting involved with onion drama in the first place is dubious at best. And youre right, she exploited those girls.

No. 247768

File: 1486612734465.png (46.77 KB, 629x270, annoyingaf.PNG)

as if she's relevant

No. 247799


When Lane first came forward regarding the damning texts she had about Sarah (and by proxy Lainey/Greg) Joy Sparkles came careening in and demanded Lane wait and do a stream with her instead of posting them on greg's thread. Lane then got cold feet and didn't post them and just did the stream with JS but didn't fess up about what the texts actually said. Since he stalks his thread, greg then did super fast damage control.

If JS just let Lane post the caps and stopped trying to meddle, there's a good chance Lane would have and the truth would have come out.

And surprise surprise, JS put the stream on her own channel for dat coin.

No. 247808

God she's practically foaming at the mouth at the thoyghnof bring acknowledged by Gerg. She might secretly be in love with him.

No. 247819

That's really her first thought? Even if it is, have enough sense to not say it in public. Like go into someone's dms and chitter chatter about whether Onision senpai noticed you or not, c'mon.

No. 247852

>thoyghnof bring

Lol sorry anon, this typo mess made me chuckle. Thought of being, right?

No. 247875

she's so melodramatic, and probably wants onion to make a video about her. ew.

No. 247889

LOL she is busting to get victimised by onion. Why would he mention her??

No. 247911

imagine if joy's just an onion fan girl driven to extreme measures to get noticed by him.. especially considering shes not underage or hot

No. 247922

The past lives thing- she basically said she has visions of 2 lives she has lived. It was medieval times and she was like, not royalty but she held a high position and oversaw a region. She enjoyed cutting off people's heads, got off on it, and in the other she got off to poisoning some old man and then letting him heal a bit, poisoning him again, etc etc. So, she thinks her health problems are karma for the things she's done in these past lives and had to deal with a lot of self loathing for her actions. She's afraid of how she'd be if she became successful and popular ….because she thinks ..I don't know, that she'll do it again?

This is the video where I was just like, OK she's fucking insane. It annoyed me that this is a half hour video with onision's name in the title and I think she talked about him for 3 seconds. It was just 30 mins of her cycling between crying and laughing while droning on and on and onnnnn.

Not to mention this other fucking 20 min video she did going on a complete rampage screaming about a hate comment she got that was offended that she used the word ghetto. Literally 1 fucking comment. She went off about how shes lived in ghettos so how dare they "come up in her home" like that and how she lived in her car more than she's lived in a house…how dare they how dare. It was a fucking mess.

Another thing, sorry this is getting long, but when it comes to health she's sort of full of shit I think. Not that she's lying, but I find it weird that when she describes it she likes to say "I was damn near having a seizure, almost gonna pass out, damn near having a stroke" and idk, it just sounds like she's trying to word shit to sound bigger than it was I guess.

I've never went from liking a yt'er to being freaked out and basically like "fuck this shit" in such a short amount of time, honestly. She's soooo unstable. And she thinks everyone is her best friend on the internet while, like greg, she has none in real life.

I'm glad y'all finally made a thread on her. I just know more crazy shit is gonna come out.

No. 247925

I just hate the fact that they're always crazy. Why're the loudest anti-o's always so fucking batshit, it gives him the ability to list people like js and stevie gore and completely dismiss the rest of us as being loopy too. If I was a fan/someone not totally up to date with his miserable life I'd agree and write us all off as weird crazy conspiracy theorists.

No. 248048

God she's reminding me so much of Vexxed here

No. 248245

>imagine if joy's just an onion fan girl
>She might secretly be in love with him.
I'm thoroughly disgusted, but I think you might be on to something anon's. Her very 1st vid was on onion after all. She admitted she's been watching him for awhile, etc. Now excuse me while I locate my barf bag.

No. 248507

For someone who claims to be all about love and protecting the weak she's viciously attacked commenters who question her constant need to diagnose abusers with specific (and often entirely unlikely) mental health problems.

No. 248513

you don't need to (and shouldn't) choose a name here. just leave the name / email fields blank.

No. 248517

Copper Poisoning from an IUD is a myth. The same naturopath (she named the female 'doctor' in the comments) has no medical degree - you can see her education on linkedin. That's why her 'medicine' is vitamin pills.

Real doctors believed she had anxiety. I'm vaguely sympathetic since she might have delusional disorder.

Back to IUDs. It's depressing that she's putting teenage girls off birth control.

""There is no such thing as copper toxicity with an IUD," said Susan Rubin, an associate professor in the department of family and social medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York."

No. 248527

She mentioned this thread in her YouNow broadcast last night.

From 17 minutes in


No. 248533


14 minutes in - 'basic bitches'

15 minutes in - her 'male brain' and lack of 'crazy' and 'hysterical' female friends.

Why exactly is she so concerned with girls' welfare when she seems to hate adult women?

No. 248554

>acting like she doesn't read lolcow
>she so obviously self posted all her videos during the onion drama

joy quit now. you're just getting more and more pathetic. people only watched your channel because they thought you had onion milk… no one cares about anything else

No. 248569

Crazy confirmed.

No. 248660

Why am I not surprised that it's a long video and full of rambling.

"Someone sent me a link" bitch stop lying, you found it yourself.

No. 248725

Do you remember which video it was where she listed a naturopath? I was under the impression she was undergoing chelation therapy for something like Wilson's Disease. I probably just assumed that, because I can't remember anywhere she's said that. I haven't watched much from her aside from her Onion videos, but I probably will now. That's all sorts of crazy.

No. 248744


She spoke about this thread again tonight. To be fair, she removed the interviews with the girls as a result and responded to a few of the comments made this evening. She even answered a question about psychiatric medication by prefacing it with 'l'm not a doctor' and concluding 'whatever works for you etc' rather than pushing naturopathy.

Joy, the next step would be deleting that ghetto comment video. You mauled that woman in a very unkind way. Humiliation for something so minor. If you want to help your teen fans (and most of them are vulnerable teens) don't teach them to bully.

No. 248793

>gets called out on something minor
>huurr I lived in a ghetto!

Lol, I'm glad Joy has her own thread here now.

No. 248811

Maybe like someone mentioned Lolcow in the comments?

No. 248858

She knew what lolcow was and came here since the Lane tweets.

No. 248867


Oh. Hmmm. Didn't know she knew about this site, since the Lane tweets.

Thanks for the heads up.

No. 248946

I honestly think she was a farmer from the get go. As another anon mentioned above her first video of onion got posted here pretty quickly after getting uploaded, so it was probably a self post. And at first she mimicked a lot of farmers exact feelings about greg.

No. 248981

she rubbed me the wrong way from the get go. she needs to stop acting like just because she found some noteriety within the anti-gerg realm that she has some sort of 'ownership' over the drama. people have been diligently studying gerg for years. this drama belongs to all of us and we don't have to filter it through anyone. it's up to the purveyors of the milk to handle whatever drama is spilled because of that.

Joy, just pump the breaks. youre gerging too much.

sage cause no1curr

No. 248990

she blames her "brain fog" "memory loss" or whatever she has as an excuse for misgendering lainey. but, she deadass said in a video that she wasn't going to respect her pronouns because greg didn't, and lainey was so inconsistent with her pronouns. she twists the truth like greg to make herself look better. imagine that.

No. 249010

Plaineys 'pronouns' are a joke

No. 249015

File: 1486809355537.png (37.66 KB, 659x394, 9a4608de-f345-4677-821e-b2cc92…)

No. 249016

File: 1486809420466.png (16.3 KB, 654x96, 11392905-1239-4daf-80da-777699…)

Both tweets within a day of each other. Her pronouns are a manipulation tool so she can shut down criticism.

No. 249022

Joy has a habit of shutting down criticism by branding anyone who disagrees a SJW, troll or hater. She forces apologies out of her vulnerable fans who need to load every suggestion with compliments.

I find it a bit weird that she private messages and chats to teens outside of her videos so much. She's 32. All the 'l love you!' and 'friend' not fan stuff is so manipulative.

People asked what state she lived in on Younow and she said she wanted to keep her privacy. Her whole Youtube career is about invading other people's. Those teen girls included.

Do you think she really worked in advertising? She claimed she did for four years, yet also spent more of her life living in a car than a house. She's been 'sick' for a few years and had mystery illnesses before. Does the timeline add up?

No. 249032

Sometimes I feel really sad for her. I mean she seems crazy as hell, but she seems nice but it's like she's lonely with no friends and does this cause she feels like she has some now but the reality is her non onision videos get very little views by comparison.

Also yeah, she is also a 30 year old sitting around talking to teens all day. I kind of forgot to notice that and how weird it is.

No. 249042

If she made videos about starting therapy and sorting her life out (volunteering, getting a job, joining a hobby group) l'd watch and support that. She could be a good influence and bring awareness or donations to other charities. At the moment she speaks a lot about wanting to save the world but her content is mostly negative.

No. 249044

She says she's soo into her own privacy yet has people guess where she lives or blatantly says where. In a previous video she mentioned a viewer visiting her in Kansas City (which narrows it down to either Kansas or Missouri) plus all the "coy" little hints she gives from her experience and her "analysis" of the people from that area.

No. 249046

One of her recent YouNow broadcasts said "I may or may not have grown up in the midwest and I may or may not still live here."

Although this is a person who claimed to have lived and worked in France without being able to speak French…

No. 249071

I agree. But, Joy was trying so hard to get an "interview" with her, that she was lying about "remembering her pronouns" because of her memory loss or whatever, when she stated in a video she basically didn't care. She's just coming off so desperate.

No. 249137

She cries and cries about doing the right thing and being conflicted about monetizing onision videos and rationalizing herself into all of these very specific situations where she can justify making money out of him.

She is honestly worse than him. At least onion boy is 100% up front about how he gets his views, going into explicit detail as to how he's playing on his own analytics.

Any single dollar Joy makes off of ANYTHING regarding that guy is "tainted" (more or less how she views it). A mention in a video, a hashtag, a title, a reference, a tweet.

Even if she gave EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR from her O-Hater money to various charities, the fact remains that all she is is because of him/in response to him. The subscribers, the views etc.

For someone who breaks down every three videos on morality and doing what's right, monetizing her million onision "series" videos is the least of it.

No. 249142

She posted on twitter today that she's thinking of deleting her channel and will go on younow / make a video to talk about it.

No. 249150

I really hope she deletes it. I bet that Chris guy will guest to feed her ego yet again on how she isn't arrogant and she's doing the right thing blablabla. Go fuck him already. It's all one big circle jerk with her "guests".

No. 249196

In her latest video she cries about how she found herself dragged into the onision drama supposedly against her will. And how she needs to tell "her side" of the story.

Joy, you made a fucking channel with over 50 videos in a span of a month most focusing on him and his drama. You NOSE-DIVED.

No. 249206

She says "done" with onision drama until further notice :I

No. 249223

On Younow she claimed she was undecided about deleting her channel and needed advice…but has to go record an interview afterwards for her channel and asked people to contact her if they want to be promoted on it…

Sounds like the decision is already made. Just attention seeking.

No. 249224

>A lot of people are blaming me for the fact that there's a minor that's now going home

bitch what are you on

No. 249228

Sounds like onion man is not the only narcissist in town.

No. 249244

I would have respected her far more if she had quietly taken the comments on board instead of milking them.

No. 249247

She had to milk them. The same way she milks EVERYTHING.

No. 249249

once again trying to take all exclusivity/credit for any drama from the onion household lol

No. 249258


The weirdest part was her ramble about not understanding how 'haters' work and recently learning about them through a Netflix documentary.

Yet she'd been 'studying' and 'helping' Onision since 2009…

No. 249261

Honestly, I don't see her channel growing further. She's super cringy and even her asskissers don't tune in on her non-onision videos. Is she gonna make only onion boy vids to 50k subs? No way. She's gonna fade away.

No. 249289

This "haters" thing is starting to tick me off. Joy, you can't go around calling people who give legitimate criticism "haters". It's complete bullshit. My comment didn't come from a place of hatred. It was harsh, but that's lolcow for you. Didn't think you'd read it, but I'm glad you took the "ex" interview down because it was for the best. I'd say most people here don't hate you for the sake of hating you. It is genuine criticism of the way you've approached Greg's drama, the girls, and lolcow. You would see that if you stopped taking it so personally.

You need to be more deliberate in your actions, Joy, because the internet is not a forgiving place. Onision and his harem are here to stay. Meaning you don't have to make a video or put on a broadcast every time drama seeps from them. Anyone who works at his pace is just as fucking nuts. People are still making videos about shit he did 5+ years ago. You can wait a while to gather your thoughts and write a god damn script for once. Deliberate, because people will take you more seriously, your content will be better, and our gaggle of gossipy weaboos will move on to the next snowflake.

There's my advice, dude. Think before you act. That's it.

No. 249291

She shits on onision all the time for luring in young girls when she does the same thing in order to "counsel" them, despite not having any credentials. She very well could refer them to specific hotlines or organizations that are better qualified to help them, but her God Complex always overwhelms her.

No. 249350

I'm not an Onision fan but the way he's handled Joy (mostly ignoring, not suing or having her videos removed for copyright infringement) made him go up in my estimation.

No. 249351


No. 249592

She'd cream her jeans if he so much as acknowledged her.

No. 249593

She literally used her should I take down my channel stream to talk about things she's going to do in new videos before pausing and adding if I continue. There was not a single legitimate moment where she actually considered removing her channel, the whole thing was a farce for asspats. She'll stop doing onion videos for a month, realise that they were the only reason she for views/new subscribers and start all over again. She doesn't have any quality content to stand as a YouTube without leeching off other people's fame. Do us all a service and remove your channel Joy

No. 249624

She always tells her 'haters' to 'go feed the homeless!' instead.

In her last YouNow blog she said she'd 'only' made $330 over six weeks.

Is all of that going to the homeless, Joy? A proportion of it? Is it going to Sarah even? You did vaguely throw out starting a crowdfund for her.

No. 249636

Honestly it depends on what part of France and what industry she was working in, a lot of Europeans speak English as a second language.

No. 249640

Of course he ignored her, she's way too old for him.

No. 249653


Apparently she's addressing her "haters" on a Younow livestream. She uploaded the stream today. Thoughts?

No. 249657

come on people! leave her alone

No. 249658

No. 249667

Why? Isn't this what she wants? She may be realizing too late that she can't take the criticism that comes with being public on YouTube, but she clearly wants attention and so she's getting it.

No. 249668

Her livestream was just socially awkward teens and middle aged men fawning.

What would be more interesting is a video chat with a group of average women her own age discussing her harassing an internet celebrity and odd online friendships with teenagers.

It's like something for Dr Phil or Intervention.

No. 249705


Opens video saying she listened to all criticism. Ignores all the comments telling her to keep videos under 15 minutes maximum and stop rambling.

No. 249713

Why? He's still bottom of the barrel human garbage.

No. 249714

She says shes so thankful for this thread. Thanks US for helping her face fears she realized needed to confront. All of the love and compassion from a stranger at a distance.

No. 249716

She invites people in the thread to join her on younow and cease to be behind the keyboard and guest because it makes so much sense for someone who has a countering opinion to voice it in a room FULL of her sycophants.

No. 249719

She makes fun of snowflakes while being one.

No. 249723

I'd try going on the Younow stream. Alas, tfw you don't own a mic.

No. 249724

She said her mother is 'like Onision' as were most of her exes. One comment her fans frequently make about Onision is 'if a lot of people have an issue with you, you might be the problem.'

So family… exes… The people who know her best.

I think she's so fascinated with Onision because they both have the same traits.

No. 249725


100% Agree

No. 249726

She rants about SJWs and 'shallow' 'basic bitches'. Joy, avoiding make up doesn't make you deep or smart.

No. 249739

Is there any evidence that her roommate exists?

No. 249741

It's her former partner. From what I understand she is homeless, unemployed and living off savings ATM. Seems entirely like her that she'd mooch.

No. 249743

"in what I've been through in the last few days"

Joy, it's a short thread on a forum no-one would have checked without you promoting it heavily.

"Paragard anxiety' - Joy, stop it.

Lastly no-one cares about your diarrhea. There are children dying in Africa who've had it longer than a month. What will you not milk?

No. 249751

She's so disingenuous.

Everything you said in your screed about the "haters" is something Onision could have said about his, including you. Why did you even make that video? It was so trite and cliche.

You're also doing the same thing he does re:haters "They power me"

Also, stop using your illness as a shield. It's something someone with a legit illness may or may not do but it's DEFINITELY something a malingerer would do.

No. 249752

Quoting the bible and ranting about 'haters' lacking love, without mention of her ghetto video.

This woman has zero self awareness.

This is the last video of hers I'll watch.

No. 249754



No. 249758

Joy just gives off the impression that she's a lonely old woman. Couple it with the homelessness and unemployment someone mentioned, plus her issues.


No. 249759

She's streaming on YouNow.

No. 249765

She's said she does nothing with her life. She's sick 24/7, stuck at home and "unable" to go out. All she has is those teen girls and fawning old men.

No. 249768

She could work from home.

No. 249770

Lol @ the person inviting her to LolCow. You're great.

No. 249774

Oh, she has a MILLION work-from-home ideas…. Just none she does herself? She constantly tells people to contact her if they want to work from home and for it not to be a pyramid scheme (because she's lived through those)

No. 249776

Her roommate is like the mother in Psycho. Existed once.

No. 249777

She lived through those pyramid schemes in her past lives.

No. 249778

Any bets on how long before she makes another onion vid?

No. 249779

You mean a 30 minute ramble with his name in the title?

No. 249780

Joy needs to realize, she could've spared herself all this shit if she didn't just pop out of nowhere and act like queen of onision drama and that anyone who had any facts had to go to/through her first.
She could've kept on making her videos, maybe start a blog or participate in forum discussions and got people to kind of know who she is/was and decide if what she has to say is any good rather than just making 50 videos within a few weeks span and acting like ~the know it all onision gossip guru~ she thinks she is

No. 249783

I'm waiting for her to release all of these "series" she's sitting on.

No. 249785

She's bringing the roommate in. Wow. Poor guy.

No. 249786

She'll be making #Onision mukbangs within a week.

No. 249788

Going on about 'toxic' people while saying she's near death due to being full of toxins.


No. 249791

Hiii, Joy.

No. 249792

She's going through the forum posts and debunking. OK, then.

No. 249794

Have any interesting hobbies, Joy?

No. 249795

Hi, Joy!

No. 249796

Hey Joy!! I'm on YouNow and here!! Love you!!

No. 249802

Wow. Joy. You CHOSE not to be MORE of a hypocritical piece of shit and monetize your Onision videos. You COULD have done sooo many things, but CHOSE not to. Here: have a fucking good girl sticker. Good for you.

No. 249803

She's only going to discuss the posts she can dismiss.

Joy, have the guts to explain these:

- Your extended hate video for the ghetto comment. That was far nastier than anything in this thread.

- Strongly suggesting Onision has BPD, bipolar, sociopathy and narcissism as if they're all the same illness and cause abuse.

- Why has medical research found no evidence of copper poisoning from an IUD? I don't mean a naturopath without a medical degree.

No. 249805

Joy is spreading so much misinformation it's unreal.

No. 249806

You are a horrible manipulator just like onion.

No. 249807


No. 249808

Joy, you have ppl supporting u on here :) LOVE!!!!!!

No. 249809


No. 249810

Luv u!

No. 249811


No. 249812

What the fuck is going on in this thread.

No. 249813

Hey :)))))))))

No. 249816

Luvvv u joyy

No. 249817


No. 249818

Oh god, younow tards have arrived.

There's a chatroom. Use it. Jesus. So many pointless comments on this thread. Including this one, but at least I know how to sage. Fucking hell.

No. 249819

Hi joy!!

No. 249820


No. 249822

Joy, you have a beautiful soul. We'll counter the hate with loooooooooooovvvve

No. 249823


Stop. There's a chat room. Use it.

No. 249824

hi joy!

No. 249827


No. 249829


No. 249831

Joy, you're better off monetizing those videos and making money from them. That money will go to a place where it is needed.

No. 249832

These whiteknights are cringey af holy shit.

No. 249834

I agree. That money goes to someone who is in need. Milk him for all he's worth.

No. 249835

Jesus, these people invading the thread.

No. 249836

Watching joy-fanatics come here and act like weirdos is kind of embarrassing to watch… How does it feel to be just like onion, Joy?

First time saging so im not sure im fucking this up :-3

No. 249837

Luv u J!!

No. 249838

What is saging?

No. 249839

I'm pretty sure all the people on younow are about the same age as Onision fans. You idiots don't have to try so hard to get her attention.

She looks kind of like Will Ferrell when she's reading the thread.

No. 249840


No. 249843

U r amzng!! Nevr stop being urself!

No. 249844

You see the part that says email? type sage in it.

No. 249846

Joyyyyy!!!! hiiii!!!! I'm watching u on younow!!!

No. 249848


No. 249849

Oh dude. You're here.

No. 249850

This is almost as good as icky vicky freaking out about her lolcow thread

She has one thread thats not even 200 posts and she's actually sending her white knights to defend her.

No. 249853

File: 1486935667016.jpg (126.41 KB, 861x1300, endme.jpg)

>good spamming

Joy pls

Talladega nights is my ultimate guilty pleasure though, we can see eye to eye on that one.

No. 249854

lol, she's really enjoying her minions posting their cancer here.

No. 249855

File: 1486935720937.png (214.74 KB, 1242x1454, IMG_3985.PNG)

Joy! You have such a great fan base. Telling them to invade a thread, and also threatening to rape people online! You're a wonderful person.

No. 249856

Jesus fuck she looked creepy when she laughed at the spam… like… She probably really likes having people lick her leaky butt xD

No. 249857

hi joy!! Read my comment plsss

No. 249861

tbh she honestly seems like someone that hardly had any friends and suddenly she has this huge influx of ass kissers. She's loving having a new army to defend her and her shitty behavior

No. 249862

I'm just going to wait for the highjacking to stop so we can go back to posting like normal -___-

No. 249863

Joy, you need to tell your fans to not defend you. You're a grown woman.

No. 249865


No. 249867

she didn't tell us to defend her, we're just balancing out the hate with LOVVVEEEE

No. 249871

Joy, you are an INSPIRATION for going to thus thread and receiving with so much LOVE

No. 249874

U r beeutifool!! Love!!!!!!!

No. 249875

No, you're shitting up our precious gossip board with your sperging. Stop making yourself look like a fool and leave. Joy can obviously handle herself when responding to the "haters". You'll probably be banned later anyway. Show your love on younow. Go away. This thread is for discussing Joy.

No. 249876

Oh god, Joy. There are several different people in the thread, so of course we have different opinions or theories.

No. 249878

It'll be over soon. Jfc.

No. 249879


You're pretty much just making yourselves and joy look like fragile snowflakes who cant act like adults :-/

No. 249880


No. 249881

Ur a great person, joy. Thank you for reading the thread. Love youh

No. 249882

Stay strong!!! We luv u!!

No. 249883

Why the fuck do none of them know how to spell?

No. 249884

She shits on onision all the time for luring in young girls when she does the same thing in order to "counsel" them, despite not having any credentials. She very well could refer them to specific hotlines or organizations that are better qualified to help them, but her God Complex always overwhelms her.

No. 249885

Perhaps she suffers from Onion syndrome where she only has underage viewers who cant really think for themselves ^_^

No. 249886

You're amazing ?

No. 249891

Calling us out.

No. 249892

Joy, dont you realize you're fighting a pointless battle?? xD Seriously, no one knows about lolcow except very few people… and yet you're letting this get to you so badly. I think you have insecurity issues… this thread shouldn't mean anything to you.

No. 249894

Don't take anon's comment out of context, Joy. They said this because there's obviously an underage fan or two of yours spamming the thread, which is annoying as fuck and they're breaking multiple rules. Why are you encouraging it dude?

Would you really have a phone call with me if I emailed you?

No. 249896

Well she seems to have whimped out.

No. 249898

Now she's guesting with someone.
Took a while.

No. 249900

yeah and it was a response to me asking why her fans cannot spell. I don't think she understands how the board works.

I think the cringe storm has passed now.

No. 249903

Good, fuck off Joy

No. 249905

Its funny because she kept saying "come here to my younow" … well i tried but she wasnt paying attention to her chat… :-/

No. 249907

Yep, no point in telling us to come to the younow and then diverting all of your attention to the lolcow thread where you're actually responding to people. I certainly haven't been trying to hide. I've been trying to communicate.

No. 249908


I'll try getting her attention if you want?

No. 249910

I commend you for trying.

No. 249912



No. 249918


Shes hopeless -.- ….. Shes ignoring the comments even though she said shed talk to people from lolcow….

I guess its easy to CLAIM you're brave and will talk this out, then just not follow through lol. what a coward.

No. 249924

Lolcows nows the time to speak up.

No. 249927

File: 1486938873383.png (3.21 KB, 223x48, Untitled.png)

This comment is the highlight of the entire 2 hour stream.

No. 249942

Guys, want to talk?

No. 249950

I lost faith in her when I watched her stupid ass "i can't handle this exclusive onision drama content new stuff + story time!!" video in which she vaguely mentioned onion drama for 30 seconds and then spent 20 mins crying about cutting off someone's head in a past life.

a. that's not even that bad considering the time period she claims to have this ~past memory~ from
c. Fuck you for your click baiting bullshit.

sage cause this bitch doesn't need more attention.

No. 249956

For everyone sperging up the board with your Joy love, just realize that this site is where Joy gets 90% of her exclusive content from.

No. 249967

Joy wants to be the Billie in the basement. Sadly she will never be in Onion's basement because she's far too old and psychotic.

Senpai will never notice you Joy, even after behaving like him :(

No. 249968

We sure Joy wants Golurk's attention?

No. 250011

She lovebombs her audience now like how Onion does to Plainey.

>Hi Loves

>I love you all guys too
>Yas my love!
><3 <3 <3

No. 250083


Joy uploaded another livestream.


Are we being too hard on her?

No. 250093

Hell no, she sent her group of naive idiots here to spam the thread. She deserves to be here.

No. 250102

If she thinks people on this thread are going too hard, she should have thought of that before self-posting her onion vids and crowning herself queen of everything onion drama.
I'd like to also point out that she's complaining about this thread, yet she actively exploits young girls who were involved with the grease squad for views and subs, and there was the whole ghetto comment she made, everything said here pales in comparison.

No. 250108


Thanks for your thoughts.

No. 250120

It's so awkward that teenagers keep saying she's like their mother. She's only 32.

No. 250126


The person speaking at 1.41 sums up why I dislike her inviting teen guests on. That one is either stoned, drunk or just plain lacking the capacity to consent to being recorded. Talking about drugs on a video future employers or college admin might see.

No. 250127

why do i feel like these posts r from joy……

No. 250128

so i haven't watched any of her live streams cause i missed them but …. does she literally just invite random teens to come and … chat? like … about whatever ? … thats…. weird a f…

No. 250133

Yes, that disturbing one discussing suicide was 14. She doesn't check their ages first. Those facts came up in a 'game.'


I know she acts like a therapist but she'd get fired for this.

No. 250142


Nah, dude. I just felt a little guilty. It's weird.

No. 250147

Most of the guests on her chats are vulnerable / outsiders in some way (trans, mental health problems or on the spectrum) so I hope she at least gets parental permission for the ones under 18.

No. 250150

I'm having Tharthan flashbacks right now because it feels like Joy just wants to be liked by lolcow. You and your verbal diarrhea are unwanted here, Joy. Just stop, and evaluate what kind of people you attract: >>249855.

No. 250162

Does she just stream all day for $? Bitch is probably claiming disability for muh illness already.

No. 250165

She said she won't claim disability because the process takes too long.

Also she knows her illness won't show up on any physical medical test.

No. 250285

Lies usually don't show up on physical medical tests.

No. 250289

She definitely has some kind of mental condition though. Even if only a personality disorder. Sane people don't act like this.

No. 250296

Ben Wyatt's low cal calzones

No. 250297

ilu anon

No. 250300

it's creepy how she calls women "miss". also, she looks like steven seagal in the op pic.

No. 250346

why is that creepy? A bit nitpicky imo… theres plenty of other stuff wrong with her.

No. 250403

She responded to that person in chat by saying 'I was diagnosed' - without adding 'by a naturopath.'

No. 250405

Sometimes on the younow uploads you can see in Joy's face the 'oh shit' moments when she realises she's guesting someone very vulnerable who shouldn't be on.

No. 250421

I don't get what you people are trying to prove here. And no, I'm not a fan of hers. Actually I liked her at first. Then she did this crying video and I just started having this feeling that something isn't quite right about her.

She seems very lonely. So this is her way of having friends. So what? Just leave her alone. She's not hurting anyone.

And comparing her to Onision is stupid! Greg is dangerous. Everyone is so caught up in his drama that they forgot the real issue here; underage girls in their underwear! Those videos are still up. But no one is talking about them anymore.

You people are disgusting. Criticism is one thing but this is just whatever!

Why not make a noise about the right issue .. photos of underage girls in their underwear? Use your voice to actually make a difference!

No. 250422


No. 250423

I agree.

No. 250424


No. 250427

I would suggest that people are capable of following more than on issue at a time… The fact that you are unable to do this is your imperfection, not anyone else's. I am sure most people here still see Onision as the main problem, but if you hadn't noticed, this is a site dedicated to talking about lolcows.. any lolcow.

Checking the Onision thread usually takes less than 5 minutes. Reporting stuff a little more if you have info… But people are at liberty to choose what to do with the remaining time they have in their day which is 24 hours - 5 minutes. This includes checking and commenting other threads, picking their toes, reading a book or eating ice cream and whatever else have you :)

You really should learn to manage your time better if you think that keeping up with two threads is a big issue.

As for Joy, I don't care much about this drama, but its kinda fun and sort of interesting… also she seriously misses the point of a lot of the criticism towards her and evades harder issues or "debunks" them by simply saying "that's not true" even though her actions say otherwise.
And she's loopy. sorry, but sometimes its just fun to see what loopy people are up to :) Don't worry about anyone here having a life though(since that's probably going to be your next reply as per typical internet response)… Beyond those 5 minutes we spend here, we do a lot of other productive shit.

Anyway that's just my interpretation as a newbie here.

No. 250439

I'm still not convinced she isn't just Onion in a wig tbh

No. 250441

Well, I don't suppose we've ever seen them in the same room together…

No. 250496

To the person telling us to stop watching and go be productive, l listen to her youtube and younow videos while cleaning up. Other youtubers too. Unlike a podcast or audiobook if I miss sections while vacuuming and so on it doesn't matter. Nothing important is being discussed.

This thread isn't serious. No one here thinks it's some sort of investigation.

No. 250509

Youtube is reality TV. It's all open to criticism. All entertainment.

No. 250515

Unlike Joy we're just harmlessly speculating. No-one is digging up people to interview. No-one has posted her real name or any identifying details including employment history.

It's about as harmless as discussing a football game.

No. 250584

she's live on younow again and holy shit hot mess

No. 250597

No. 250598

no headphones, mad echo, crazy energy healer friend she probably wants to bang, very manic, is this what she's always like?

No. 250600

I briefly dipped in and out of younow. Caught the bit about her belief in aliens. Then some middle aged guy spoke about transfer people being ripped off by medicine and his 'investigation' of lainey.

I hope her surprise is that she's an actress or researcher.

No. 250601

Lol her guests are so cringe, half the time they just repeat what's already been said while pushing their own personal agenda because they're all under 18. I remember the one time I caught her stream and her guest ended his time by going on about how 'women are the stronger sex', it was so fucking awkward.

No. 250602

Nope - singing.

She IS a very good singer. I wish she'd stick to that.

No. 250603

Joy's singing!

No. 250604

*trans people.

(Predictive text…)

No. 250607

yeah. she could have stayed away from onision all together and just uploaded herself singing and gotten big maybe? dumbass bitch

No. 250608

I think she views herself as a Disney princess

No. 250609

Eeeeh. I don't think so.

No. 250610

princesses do their hair

No. 250613

Now her squeaky voice and 'love!' makes sense.

At odds with her 'l'm from the ghetto, bitch!' other persona.

No. 250615

Watching now. All of her guests (minus the middle aged guy before this one) are unemployed. That's ok, though they all see it as an identity.

No. 250618

"The social synapses in your brain can snap" - cannot remember that from my psychology degree.

No. 250619

she "got grey hairs from the copper"

No. 250622

It's amazing that all these housebound, too anxious to work fans can speak on camera to all of youtube. Most average people are too nervous to do public speaking.

No. 250626

'Abandonment issues' on this younow is code for 'I'm a narcissist.'

Semi-related - loving Joy's premonition / vision about the recession.

So glad she saved herself all that college debt by accumulating fantasy medical debt instead.

No. 250627

picturing this green headphone girl as a young sarah palin

No. 250628

The awkward moment when two unemployed people give advice about career paths.

I wonder if the roommate she sponges off has one of those stupid degrees.

No. 250629

isn't her roommate her ex bf

No. 250634

LOL she's like reprimanding somebody for being rude like they're a child and she's the all-powerful parental figure

No. 250637

That's what a mature person does! They get emotionally triggered and angrily call out an obvious troll instead of quietly blocking them without comment!

No. 250638

Ha, now she IS putting out the three Onision videos in a week.

Apparently she's no longer looking at the lolcow thread. Bet that lasts as long as the above statement.

No. 250643

I genuinely like Cody. Seems decent.

No. 250644

I'm still weirded out by Joy taking on this "mom" role for all these young kids while her example is to… sit at home with medical debt and not even try to apply for disability to get your finances in order.

No. 250645

he was the one who loudly finished a broadcast with "women are the stronger sex! no seriously!!!" and joy was like "ha ha thank you"

No. 250647

Ah, ok. I've only seen a few minutes of him. I think l give her young guests a pass generally.

Some of her fans are claiming that vaccines cause autism…

No. 250649

What the fuck?

No. 250650

please learn to reply to posts, replying to nothing can get confusing. Click the number at the top of each post.

can confirm.

No. 250653

broadcast is boring AF now, she's just having musical guests and listening to them while ignoring her chat arguing about vaccines.

No. 250958


So did she at any point address the vaccines issue or did it just stay as a discussion in the comments between her viewers? With her peculiar attitude towards medicine, I am very curious as to what her stance is.

And if she turns out to be an anti vaccer that is the absolute last-straw.

No. 251031


Nope. It stayed in the chat.

No. 251044

New vid. I'm laughing at the term "medical mafia". I wonder if she's going to provide sources?

No. 251087

She's calling the trans woman 'he' in the comments. 'He seems like a sweet kid.'

'Keyboard warriors' - basically if you don't believe in medical scams, past lives and aliens you're a SJW who needs to focus on more important matters.

She wants to be Blair White while lacking her perspective and charisma.

No. 251130

'VS. whatever THAT is.'

No. 251194

Eh. I'm not going to deny anyone's mental illness here but Riley easily comes off as a straight man in drag, to the point where you wonder if she's really trans. I have to give Joy a pass on this one because I don't think she's doing it maliciously. Riley looks, sounds, and acts like a man. Doesn't help that her videos are unscripted (seriously bitch write a script). Basically calling Riley a "thing" was not okay, not justifiable, not funny, and overall a pretty fucking bad move on Joy's part. I can't be bothered to watch the rest of the video but I hope for her sake there aren't anymore comments like that. I wonder if she will have an Onision-esque breakdown when she has to face the consequences for this shit. Ready for the backlash on this video.

Can anyone explain WHY people make videos like this, stating the obvious? Biological sex is real, chromosomes are a thing, and humans are sexually dymorphic. No shit, dude. Most people know/understand this even without an education. Who cares about some loon denying science? Is it really necessary to make a 15 minute video about it? Seems like she is trying to provoke the k3yb04rd w4rr10r5 herself.

No. 251209

Respect the person on twitter who challenged her about her use of 'he' with screenshots.

She responded with multiple tweets about her 'bad memory.'

The same user also linked to lolcow a few days ago…

I disagree with the biological statements but it makes no sense for Joy to make a big performance out of kicking a user out of her chat when Cody disliked a trans comment, then go make that video the same night telling trans people to toughen up.

No. 251328

File: 1487100529703.png (868.31 KB, 1437x1782, 20170214_192741.png)

No. 251331

File: 1487100648209.png (786.76 KB, 1400x1912, 20170214_192635.png)

No. 251430

Tbh it seems like Joy earthquake types depending on if she wants to or not to showcase more of her illness. If you can't respond properly, then don't respond and spare us the trouble of deciphering her hieroglyph-earthquake typing.

No. 251439


Hmmmmm. Yeah, I agree, she really should just take her time writing a response.

Dyslexia is a thing. Does she have it?

No. 251463

File: 1487105154657.png (1.34 MB, 1439x2460, 20170214_193331.png)

No. 251468

File: 1487105426363.png (1.36 MB, 1439x2460, 20170214_204948.png)

No. 251470

'how do u know i am a cis woman?'

Hmmm… Probably all your 'birth control ruined my life!' tangents.

No. 251473

File: 1487105628388.jpg (22.76 KB, 800x600, DNJ0Eee.jpg)


This sums up Joy's vid.

No. 251483

At this point y'all are scraping the bottom of the barrel to have shit to comment on tbh. If this was a thread on Justin y'all would be misgendering him left and right, it's only tumblr that takes him seriously.

But yeah, it seems like since she said she's gonna lay off onion she's just looking for other "big" names to leech from. I don't even care enough to watch her videos anymore.

No. 251606

Is the Milo she keeps referring to as a kid just out of high school (in the new video) Milo Yannapawhatever? Because I just checked and he's 33 lol

No. 251616

no, milo the teenage wunderkind search riley and milo

No. 251620

She means Milo Stewart. I think she's a freshman in college

No. 251720

Omg ok I was so confused

No. 251805

Socialblade - she's been losing subscribers for three days.

No. 251903

i can give some background on this.
i dunno if this is what started it but iv guested on her channel before, bringing up something i think would be good for her to do something on. Miracle Mineral solution, which is basically really strong bleach being sold as medicince and people claim it cures cancer, and autism, and is supported by anti vaccers. so her fanbase now has an anti vaxxer exposure… ha. =[

I was there for that part of the chat and told them in there if they were an antivaxxer they are a terrible person, because all it does is hurt children. if she does follow through and make a vid on it, like she said she would, you will see there if she is antivaxxer or not. but i dont think she is based on her reaction to the introduction to miracle mineral solution

… btw hi. i am actually one of her fans, though a cautious one. I feel she is genuine in caring if not some other things, and giving her a chance. I find her vids amusing at least, and though she herself sometimes goes off she tries to do right and fix it. i feel she just needs some more experience with her platform, remember, she just started her channel. adjustment period.

you guys are harsh, constructive criticism was not the point of this board, and shouldnt be taken as such, the person it is directed to will just get defensive because its harsh. but, you guys bring up points. iv called her out on things in the past and she addressed them reasonably and respectfully, which is how she got me as a fan in the first place. ill do so again with some of your points, and see what happens.

No. 251930

File: 1487151002994.png (143.37 KB, 1429x597, SmartSelectImage_2017-02-15-04…)

She didn't call him a thing but anyway pic related

No. 251932

File: 1487151235612.png (153.42 KB, 1426x681, SmartSelectImage_2017-02-15-04…)

No. 251941


It was all a social experiment gais!!

No. 252010

Joy, if you're gonna let us look into your nostrils every video then at least clear up your boogers. Thanks.

No. 252032

I couldn't make it beyond the first two minutes of her new video. I love that even one of her fans added a 'skip to 7 mins for title related content' reply.

Is every update going to be about her pseudo-illness? Her fans would be better off watching ChronicBabe (I don't subscribe) who at least talks about fibromyalgia in a useful way with tips. She has a job, and pushes herself and her fans to not play the victim card.

No. 252040

I was just pretending to be retarded!

No. 252059

Watched the rest of her video. She mentioned the lolcow thread by name at least three times.

No one here ever said that fibromyalgia isn't real. They said copper toxicity from an IUD isn't. If a naturopath diagnosed her fibromyalgia then that isn't a real diagnosis either.

Her point on naturopathy being legitimate:

""Naturopathic physicians" now claim to be primary care physicians proficient in the practice of both "conventional" and "natural" medicine. Their training, however, amounts to a small fraction of that of medical doctors who practice primary care. An examination of their literature, moreover, reveals that it is replete with pseudoscientific, ineffective, unethical, and potentially dangerous practices."


"The best way for MDs to deal with pseudoscientific health practices, in a free society, is to be informed, honest, and forthright about them. MDs should learn enough about nonstandard practices to make a reasonable determination of their validity or potential validity, based on science and critical thinking. If it is clear that certain practices and the practitioners who perform them are pseudoscientific, MDs should state as much whenever asked by patients, legislators, or anyone else. Such statements help to marginalize the practices and the practitioners in question, which is the goal. It is part of our ethical covenant to society as physicians. Unambiguous exposés of quackery will inevitably appear rude to some people[60] and hurt some feelings. This is a fact of adult life."


No. 252062

So long as Joy doesn't do anything illegal like murder or rape, of either a minor or an adult, or partake in abusive behavior.

I can at least tolerate her stupid opinions.

She still needs to script her vids, add time skips, and whatever else good Youtubers do.

No. 252269


Every time I hear brain fog, it reminds me of Ignatius J. Reilly…

No. 252278

She said in her first trans video that part two would follow the next day. I guess that was dumped when she read the criticism and had to go edit out all the 'he.'

Now she's claiming it was 'a test'!

If you watch her livestream moments she makes every guests' drama (parents, illness) about her. Always responds "That's just like my… (long ramble we've heard 50 times)" so l'm not surprised she's making Pewdiepie and Shay Carl vehicles for her own neurosis.

If she titled her videos properly she'd get far fewer views but more respect.

No. 252342


The only opinion I have a hard time tolerating from Joy is that she genuinely does not accept that Onision is the only reason she has so many subscribers. In her Shay Carl video around the 12 minute mark she says she became big not because of Onision but because "Number one: I'm real."

No Joy. Your "success" on YouTube is great and all, but you have to give credit where credit is due, and all the credit of your "blowing up on YouTube" as you like to call it is because of Greg. So enjoy your success (honestly congrats on 11k) but don't delude yourself one bit on why it happened.

No. 252380

File: 1487206550257.png (34.63 KB, 571x182, MU0nS1x.png)

she's so weird

No. 252390

who tf is kathy for real

No. 252402

If you watch on a desktop there's an autoplay video on the front page of her site titled 'Kathy' something.

I never get beyond the first "Love bugs!!!!' nonsense before I click to read the comment drama on her new video.

On that last note, she's really drawing attention to some teenager and letting her fans attack him. She could've just ignored or removed his comment.

No. 252410

I'm not going to watch her Pewdiepie video - too long and I've already read the pro-Trump inclusion.

One commenter left a long response about her first hand experience of domestic and sexual abuse, saying that jokes DO worsen things for her. She explains that she has the right to make those jokes herself because that's reclaiming it. Totally agree.

Joy will blank that comment:

1) She can't find the middle ground between caring about women's rights and domestic abuse (Onision videos) and 'freedom of speech!!!!!!' (rape jokes are funny!!)

I hope she doesn't respond. 'Hey Boo! Toughen up, bitch! If you don't like it don't watch. Love!'

No. 252411

Imagine thinking Onision is awful but celebrating Trump.


No. 252539

Yeah I've overlooked a few red flags now and stayed a cautious fan but the Trump shit was the last straw.

She can't claim to care about people and love everyone then celebrate things that hurt others. As a survivor of abuse myself and about a decade younger than her I thought she would be someone I could look up to but I guess not.

No. 252552

File: 1487225454127.png (1.53 MB, 1439x2465, 20170216_060950.png)

Brutal but brilliant.

No. 252554


Joy's response sums up everything wrong with Joy:

"Hi LDeca, lets go over a few things.

#1. thanks for liking me, I like u too. I am sad hwoever, that to u, anyone who shows or sends love to others is "love bombing." thats just someone that genuinly loves people. i use that term in reference to onision, when he does abusive things,then turns around and showers w love. where am i doing that exactly?

#2. i took criticism, i took everything people said in, some iapplied changes too, however, just bc i take in criticism does not mean i will change EVERYTHING i am doing bc everyone has anopinion. u realized if i did that, i would not be able to make videos, right? bc most of my audience LOVES just off the cuff rants, some don't, but the majority do. so i should change bc the minority wants something different? how am i to take EVERY criticism when they are ALL different? u mean bc i dont take YOUR specific criticism? just bc u have an opinion, andi am open to it, doesnt mean i will change for your opinion.

#3. heavy metal poisoning doesnt exist? are u serious? did u even talk to a medical professional or do a simple google search?

#4. u think bc i listed ONE doc ive visted that this is the only doc ive seen/worked with? wow, so u watched a few videos and know my whole life, congratulations for riding the asumption train, good for u!

#5. shw where i am a victim. show it.point it out. otherwise u are just talking for the sake of it. I talk about the illnesses to raise AWARENESS about it. but that doesnt matter bc obviously u know everyting there is to know that heavy metal poisonings dont exist. got it.

#6. right, my rants against birth control, th SAME rants where i tell people that it CAN be helpful to some people, but overall they are harmful and i want reform so theya rent dangerous. right. how horrible of me, i should be ok with the fact that most birth contrls have stroke as a side effect. but no, dont look at science and medicine, just shoot off your motuh,while telling me i ramble, thus showing you are a hypocrite

#7. if u are this rude of a person, i suggest u dont watch my videos and thats a good move to unsub, bc clearly we don't jive together. i am open to criticism but not snotty know it all remarks, so good on u.

#8.so sorry u see me genuinly loving everyone i meet as manipulation, i genuinly pray for u to not be so cynical about the world and i wish mor elove for you in your life, and that u have the ability to show more love.

#9. thanks for the well wishes on my health doctor know it all, appreciate the diagnosis from someone who is most likely not at all qualified, now whose the hypocrite?

#10. thanks for the compliment on my intellect.

#11. i wish well for u too, and i wish that u can work on that snotty attitude and leaving the rudest comments to someones page. heres a thought: if u have an issue, why not address it politely? and with kindness? or is kindness just another form of manipuation?

have a good day, good luck in life, wishing u LOVE AND KINDNESS <3"


No. 252573

Feels like she wants to be the cool, older Internet sister of all these teens… except she has no idea how to Internet. What is a troll, Joy? Grow a thicker fucking skin and stop reading conspiracy sites and listening to any dude with a hot accent who talks about healing crystals and whatever.

No. 252601

I lose more respect for this woman by the day. Not going to lie, it's a little satisfying to watch her lose subs. I'm a petty bitch. She's so passive aggressive. She even types like a 15 year old. Maybe her real disease is one that makes her look 20 years older than she actually is. It's painfully obvious that she was raised by a narcissist, too. Those people always stick out. Cycle of abuse I guess. Cycle of personality disorders? Who knows.

>bc most of my audience LOVES just off the cuff rants, some don't, but the majority do. so i should change bc the minority wants something different?

If you want to start gaining subscribers again, yes. You asked for criticism. You asked for advice. If there's one god damn thing you should have taken to heart, it should have been writing scripts or at least talking points to keep you from going on irrelevant tangents. Looks like you found the 10,000 people on youtube that actually want to watch that shit. Congratulations. The road ends here.

>heavy metal poisoning doesnt exist?

The person that wrote the comment was incorrect, copper toxicity is a real thing. What I think they meant to say was you didn't get copper toxicity from birth control. There is no evidence. Anecdotal evidence is not the same thing as scientific evidence. You can't go telling your impressionable audience that BC and IUDs are bad because bottom line, it's factually incorrect.

>overall [birth control] are harmful

NO. BIRTH CONTROL IS NOT OVERALL HARMFUL. Don't tell your fucking teenage audience this! What the fuck is wrong with these people, telling CHILDREN that contraceptives and medication are bad??? She doesn't have a shred of evidence that her IUD caused her copper toxicity. Nothing. Zip, squat, zilch. Yet she doesn't seem to ever mention this.

Birth control is an amazing advancement in medical science and it is beneficial to the majority of people who use it for one reason or another, even considering the side effects (which comes with every medication). It doesn't matter if she says birth control can be helpful for some people (choice wording! making it sound like that's the minority!). She has such an impressionable audience. These kids are going to take the things she says to heart. Birth control is already scary enough for a lot of girls. You can't fill their heads with this nonsense.

It really pisses me off when these youtubers do this because their audiences are always young and haven't fully developed critical thinking yet. It's wildly irresponsible and she doesn't seem to care. The only thing that struck a nerve with her was when we mentioned her exploitation. I couldn't give two shits less about Luxy and the other girl when compared to indoctrinating hundreds/thousands of children with falsehoods about medication. Whether you intend to or not, Joy, that's what you're doing. Obviously you don't give a shit or you would have stopped by now. But I hope some day this eats at you and keeps you up at night. Have fun pandering to your hugbox until you kill yourself with abusing vitamin supplements.

Sorry for the wall, not that anyone except for Joy is going to read it. I feel better getting that out of my system. I've been following onion bullshit for almost 10 years and I could barely last a week with this cow. I'm a bit impressed actually.

No. 252642

File: 1487250826303.png (1013.43 KB, 1439x2299, 20170216_131203.png)


No. 252649

" i genuinly pray for u to not be so cynical about the world and i wish mor elove for you in your life, and that u have the ability to show more love."

I genuinely believe that she didn't genuinely pray for that person and that her use of the word "genuine" was very disingenuous. :-)

No. 252652

Gee, a lot of folks in here are salty and can't recognize just how petty they are being. "Oh, look, if she said something about Trump that's the last straw!:

Because its not like that doesn't say volumes about the poster. "Oh hey, if you're with this person, you're against us." (Reasons trump won for 300, Alex!) Reading through a lot of these comments, I see valid criticisms in some places but a lot of really hypocritical or outright useless garbage, like someone is just looking to have a problem with someone else.

Probably one of the biggest ones is…have a problem with someone for diagnosing someone or something saying "they aren't a medical professional" …..now we look in the comments and see how many people are trying to diagnose one mental illness or other..but i'm sure you have a valid excuse for why YOU are magically different.

Can't wait til we see YOUR snowflake file, cause half the people in here need one to house their overwhelming hypocrisy and sheer lunacy. Stay away from any causes, seek mental help, and just grow up.

No. 252660


Uh… way to generalize. There was like.. 2 people mentioning Trump. I'm pretty sure more than 4 people check this thread. Could be wrong of course, but I still think it beats your blanket statement about "a lot of people" "half the people in here" and such. :-)

No. 252661


"half the people in here need one to house their overwhelming hypocrisy and sheer lunacy. Stay away from any causes, seek mental help, and just grow up."

Initially I thought it was Joy, then I realised it made grammatical sense.

No. 252663

Uh… way to generalize. There was like.. 2 people mentioning Trump. I'm pretty sure more than 4 people check this thread. Could be wrong of course, but I still think it beats your blanket statement about "a lot of people" "half the people in here" and such. :-)
Makes statement about blanket statements, four people, and so on. Doesn't seem to know what that means in a thread with multiple posts by multiple people.

Doesn't realize this is not Tumblr. (Still not sure where they got four people from, but okay.)

Its really hard to take what the folks in here say seriously when this is the extent of the typical reply you'd expect to find.

No. 252667

^ Comment seems to have flown over your head.

"half the people"… I was making a joke about the "half the people" statement because 2*2 = 4! And 2 people mentioned trump :)

Lol you are simply complaining about nothing.

No. 252670


Stay on topic.

No. 252673

I left that comment. Joy needs a thicker skin, just like she says we all need in that video. And yes, I was reffering to copper toxicity by IUDs, I know for a fact (like, I asked a real scientist and two obgyn because after she told that she scared me to get one) that you can only get copper toxicity by inhaling or consumming copper. Or the least likely, inyected. She's spreading bullshit and acting like a saint. I got tired. I'm just ignoring the replies, her fanbase do have a real hive mentality with al the loooooove she gives to them. And her reply is also bullshit, not worth my time.

No. 252686

Oh my god, she's legit insane. Joy we know you're reading this, can you at least stop typing like a 12 yr old? My 9 year old niece has better spelling and grammar than you.

No. 252687

You mean, much like the majority of the posters on the thread. It wasn't just directed to the Anti-Trump OMG crowd.

In your own words, you guys/gals are just going nuts about nothing. And that pretty much is the topic! "Oh look, a group of people on the internet randomly going nuts on something that don't know what they are talking about."

I know, I know. Nothing new. The majority of the people in here are just harping simply to have a problem with someone else.

No. 252688


Read her comment which explained that she usually writes informally and tries to respond to everyone.

I don't know how to take this.

No. 252698

Have you guys ever thought that people should stop getting offended on other people's behalf (with certain exceptions)?

Or just leave them be, so that they'll either come around or whatever?

No. 252699

I'm dying. Literally had to choke back laughter at "thanks for the compliment on my intelligence" and "dr know it all"

Imagine using middle school level insults as a 32 yo womyn instead of doing the adult thing and ignoring personal criticisms if you disagree with them.

No. 252700




It's really hard to take you seriously when you can't even put together a properly formatted post.

No. 252703

What a mess of passive aggressive, manipulative wording. She wants to be a cunt to that person but it goes against her Saint Joy act so that's what she resorts to instead? Adding a bunch of happy sounding words in there doesn't change the bitchy response.


No. 252705

I'm sure you care so much about properly formatted posts. I can just see it now…somewhere across the interwebs, random person from the internet just can't get on with their day because..of a properly formatted post.

Welp, there is is. The world is ending now. If only it had been a properly formatted post! And now, now we're doomed. Oh, what ever shall we do.

I really have to wonder if people understand what they sound like sometimes.

No. 252713

Learn to reply first of all, and stop derailing. Nobody cares about your tantrum.

No. 252715

Why don't you two exchange emails and hash this out in private because it has nothing to do with this thread.

No. 252717

Well clearly you don't understand what you sound like…

No. 252718

In what specific video ( title only, no need for the link ) did she mention her past lives?

No. 252719

Honestly, this thread in general has no real point. Its a bunch of people going nuts about nothing. And alot of it is just people BSing to hear themselves talk. Most of these threads seem to be the same person or similar people just talking a lot of garbage. (There is some genuine criticism, but not much.)

And i'm sure you care so much about replies, much like you cared so much about properly formatted posts. By the way, by your own standards..this would be considered derailing the conversation, to draw away from the fact that this thread isn't a conversation..its a gripe session by people that like to hear themselves talk. So if you want to talk about tantrums, I hope you realize that the same applies to your own. The more you tantrum, the more you give attention to the person you claim to be against. This whole thread is 90% tantrum, 8% pointless nonsense, and maybe 2% valid criticism.


I understand what I sound like just fine. More than a few on here might want to rethink what they sound like, though. The squabbling child theme is strong here. (I know, its not you, its everyone else. Always someone else, right?)

No. 252724

Let me just sum up the purpose of this anonymous message board and others like it.

"Humans are fucking weird. Let's laugh about it."

No. 252729

Totally agree with you. I also love a good laugh, but this? This isn't about that. This is nothing about that. There's a big difference between having a laugh, between satire, and all o' that…and just a BS session throwing venom around just to do it.

This isn't satire. It's not having a laugh (well, I take that back. There are a couple of funny comments.) Its a venom session. A couple of people just keeping it going, just starting stuff to have a problem in a way that's as unhealthy as the claims they keep making and say they're concerned about.

You can't claim to be so concerned about someone, or call them out..and pull the same garbage you're talking about. Being the one doing the talking doesn't absolve ya.

But hey, if you're gonna go the hilarious route, I for one welcome it because that would be the first great thing to come out of the entire thread. Go for it, knock yourself out. (Just not literally. Please don't do that.)

No. 252730

It's better to just ignore Joy's fans entirely.

No. 252731

Then go away if you have such an issue with people gossiping on a gossip site. Quit derailing with your moralfagging

No. 252734


Oh, would you look at that. A buzzword. "Moralfagging". So basically, you don't have a leg to stand on and you have nothing to counter with, so let's play the crowd some more, throw up the blanket statement you supposedly had an issue with, and throw out the tired old "If you don't like it, leave."

How about no. Again, you keep using derailing, but like has been said in previous replies, you're actually the one derailing in every instance by attempting crowd manipulation tactics, buzzwords, and diverting away from the listed statement that "this topic has no substance and is largely venom".

Which is why..it was said…you might want to think about how you sound..because rational bystanders are going to come here, look at you, realize you are full of it, and largely laugh at you. They don't even have to be fans, lol..that's the best part. But the more you pull this, the more you're only going to make detractors from your side of the pasture.

TL;DR…you're basically giving yourself the Old Yeller treatment but you're too much of a narcisisst to ever really admit it. So there will always be another excuse and another buzzword. Take your own advice, stop derailing conversation to cover your own inadequacies, and skip the buzzword crap. It's very transparent, and it makes you look alot worse than the person you're trying to talk down to, lol.

No. 252738

Is this Joy? Lmfao. Your post makes no sense in the context of this board

No. 252739

No. 252747

"Hold on, I don't have an argument but if I say its Joy, I might be able to reach for something."

Fail, but thank you for playing, lol.
My post makes no sense in the context of this board? You can't fit sense into nonsense aside from the spelling, and the context of this particular board is nonsense.

You're going to have to do a lot better than that, lol.

tl:No brain. (Well, you tried to be witty. If you lack reading comphrehension, it says more about you than anyone else.)

No. 252751

I can't lie, your posts are entertaining and I even agree with some of the things you said, but like the other anon replied, this really isn't the place, kek.

No. 252754

You're having a meltdown.

No. 252757

No. 252762

I asked if you were Joy because I can't really understand the motive behind your thinking within the context of this site unless you for some reason were taking the critiques of her ITT personally for some reason.

No. 252771


Well, probably the most entertaining thing here..and supposedly this was a place just to laugh at people over the internet..so it is serving some sort of a purpose.

And really, this whole thing has been largely toxic. There's some stuff that is valid criticism..but a lot of this stuff is just so much poison and just thrown out there to have a gripe. If you have have viewpoints on one spectrum, you can have viewpoints in another and should expect them.

Otherwise, that goes back to another gripe I saw here about "being unable to take criticism." Which is where we get into being a hypocrite. (And this is directed at the people it applies to, strictly.) There is no way everyone is going to see eye-to-eye..but at the very least..don't try to BS me, and don't try to pull the same stuff that you're raving about. It's not a complicated thing to wrap a person's head around.

Oh, I am? THANK YOU SO MUCH for giving me a diagnosis without any kind of psychological backing! I'm sure you have some wonderful insight to provide from your armchair. Maybe you can throw out a few more winners.

Tl:No brain.


This site doesn't have context. Its a BS session. (although, again, I did see some valid criticism. Which is awesome.)

As far as ME? Random person on the internet. Got a recommended feed view. Watched it, though kinda more "eh, whatever"..caught some of the comments and then the YouNow, and once I got to talking to random people in comments, they were talking about this.

So once curious, I've gotta see what all the fuss is. And i'm looking in here, and man..you really need the thick wading boots. You can also tell that its maybe 2 or 3 people that keep promoting the nastiness in here, and how they act when they get called on it is also really, really predictable.

(Pick any cringe type on the social media platform of your choice and you could copy and paste almost word for word their responses and reactions. Really, how sad is that?)

I like to see actual thought put into things, regardless of whether or not I agree with them personally. So when I come in as a bystander with nothing to gain or lose..and this is the junk I see…and this is how THIS area handles criticism?

The people here have a lot to grow on themselves before they go throwing stones from their paper thin glass houses.

No. 252776

Please just ignore this person until their cancer stops.

No. 252777

Kek I'm not even the same anon that you were bitching at before, it's dumb that you think we're all one person. Take the internet debates back to tumblr where someone might care

No. 252779

Okay so what I'm concluding from this post is that this site is upsetting to you and you should probably just go.

I discovered this site a few years ago because of this YouTuber TheOrangeCitrus and it was basically the same thing as this topic but much more mean spirited and superficial in nature.

I haven't been back until now because this Joy woman keeps popping up in my suggested vids and I wanted to figure out what the deal was. This thread has overall been informative and entertaining. And now I don't have to sit through her 20 min rants to know I'm not missing out on anything.

So I personally found some use in this. If I hadn't I woulda just left like I did with the OC topics instead of having an anonymous tantrum.

No. 252788

Here you go, anon. No link as you asked for.

"I'm Scared, Onision & 4500 subscribers"

No. 252789


Again, predictable. Nothing to add, nothing to counter with, but if you want me to ignore you until the cancer of your fragile ego stops, well okay then. Fine by me.

-If you want to talk about people being unable to handle criticism, it looks poorly on you when you, yourself cannot do so. (And this is one that's going to continually come back to bite you.)

I'm a random person on the interwebs. I've got no dog in this fight. When you call any person cancer that disagrees with you and your own behavior, you have no one to blame but yourself.


Reaching a bit, aren't we? As I recall, I said two or three people are promoting the nastiness. If you'll also recall, I said there were a couple of humorous points, and a couple of decent criticisms. Read, don't just cherry pick. I don't think everyone in here is all one person, or even just two or three people. Trying to insinuate such is just dumb.

And really, this whole thread is Tumblr cringe.

Another possibly random person on the net! HUZZAH! I hear you on the popping up in the suggested vids. Youtube is a strange place but its got nothing on this.

But hey, the assumption game. I'm not in an upset mood. I'm not even in a ragey mood or anything sort. I'm kind of amused at the rampant hypocrisy and its always fun to pick random people's brains to see what they're really about…as opposed to the display they put up even as "anonymous".

These days, this kind of thing doesn't really seem to amount to much of any kind of substance. (Cue pick any cringe statement from last response.) It's hardly the strangest or the cruelest on here..but at some point you just have to wonder what goes on in people's heads and how they have a problem with others when they are doing the same general behavior themselves.

Maybe the weirdest thing is the token reply of "You have to be this person, or be like this, or act like this.." What exactly are you trying to accomplish? What kind of stunt are you trying to pull when that's your fallback instead of a legitimate counter argument? You want to talk about manipulation? (Not you personally 252779, the people it applies to on this chain of threads.) Then stop playing manipulative games on here.

If this is how bystanders get treated, don't expect them to support your statements. It's not calculus, lmao. (Once again, when i'm saying you/you're..this applies to the thread in general and certain people demonstrating this behavior. Not the entire group as a whole.)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 252790


whoops. Forgot to add this. It's at the 12:30 mark.

No. 252792

Thank you so much anon! Her videos are too long for me to endure ( you're a life saver ), but I'm really interested in the past life craziness, I'm sure it's really bizarre in an entertaining way.

No. 252793


No. 252802

File: 1487269706977.png (143.92 KB, 1430x603, SmartSelectImage_2017-02-16-13…)

Sorry, wrong screen shots

No. 252803

File: 1487269749928.png (134.36 KB, 1438x480, SmartSelectImage_2017-02-16-13…)

I wonder if she'll read from here again

No. 252804

This bitch is crazy, holy shit. Joy is going to make her fans into mini versions of her. Can you imagine 10,000+ crazies running around because of her mental ass?

No. 252806

she's loving the attention. if it wasn't for the lack of spelling errors so far in the insane fan posts I would have thought she was posting here.

No. 252808

Would be funny if she corrected her English to throw us off.

No. 252812

Wouldn't put it past her

No. 252822

Wow. That was a lot of words for what essentially boils down to 'I KNOW YOU ARE BUT WHAT AM I?' Joy. You can't even manage to say that succinctly.

No. 252834

Are those tweets about the comment I made on her video? Wow omg that makes me famous among you, like a reply suggested I wanted to be? I just want to let you know, Joy, knowing that you're reading this, that last week you "loved" me. Now I'm miserable. Ok.

No. 252836

Hmmm. Now that I think about it. Joy's views are a dime a dozen amongst certain Youtube communities.

No. 252851


No, I think she's talking about thegayestgoth.' If you filter the comments by time it's one of the earliest.

I've worked with people on the spectrum (which he seems to be) and I find her response to him appalling. She's letting her clingy fans and those 'CVNT' idiots attack him there and on his own videos.

No. 252854


I wouldn't keep responding to that thread. You'll just feel more irritated.

No. 252914

Oh, didn't even noticed. I'll read it.
I won't. I was getting more tired than irritated.

No. 252973

I was curious what Joy's videos might be like if she edited them, so I did one myself. Turns out you can easily cut down 45 min of her ranting into 2.5 min and still get the basic meaning across.


No. 252979

Damn, she should hire you.

No. 252980


No. 252984

Nice I'll tweet her the idea

No. 252998


Great! I'd love one for copper IUD toxicity.

No. 253124

joy is on livestream now talking about lolcow with a guest.

No. 253126


If I was Joy I would just avoid lolcow altogether seeing how it bothers her very much.

Also, is it mean of me to wish that Joy would use a smoothing product? I admire that she goes all natural for her hair, but she would benefit from some sort of smoothing or sculpting gel.

No. 253128

Are you actually going to make a point or just ramble Phil?

No. 253131


Joy I actually like you, and I posted the comment about avoiding this site. That was mean to be helpful honest advice.

No. 253133

joy i am coming on here to get your attention cuz you are paying more attention on here than on your livenow chat and that makes me sad =[ why are the people, who are treating you like shit, getting more attention than the ones that love you? heart break T___T(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 253135


Hey, don't feel bad.

No. 253137

I want to comment.

All people have different opinions people who love you people who hate you. instead of coming onto this board where you are not wanted, why not stick to your fanbase? There everyone happy.

No. 253142


I think Joy should just continue making videos on whatever topic she wants. BUT, it's a bit disingenuous/delusional for her AND Phil to disregard the truth: The majority of people watch Joy bc of Onision. Now that being said, those people LIKE Joy's stance on the subject. But it's a FACT that Joy gets way more views on videos that mention Onision (or another big YouTuber) and that's not really up for debate. So it's not someone's "opinion" that Joy got big bc of Onision, it's literally fact. That being said, it's a GOOD thing you have a platform and subs, so keep doing you Joy. Just acknowledge what GAVE you that platform and those subs.

No. 253151

Because a thread with hundreds of posts, by a bunch of different people, is totally the same two or three people circlejerking because they agree on certain criticisms lmao.

No. 253152

Honestly, her guest on stream right now (Phil) I have literally no complaints about him. He seems reasonable and intelligent.

No. 253153

why does she give half a shit? she has now officially been devoting hours to talking about lowcow. lmfao

sage for general head-desking

No. 253154

samefag. sorry too tired to sage correctly up there.

proper sage.

No. 253177

Stop using this thread for realtime commentary. Learn to use the board before posting.

No. 253187

Philip trying to be relevant like Joy?

No. 253224

i have crohns disease and am actually sick a LOT, this bitch makes me feel bad about being sick. at least im not constantly going on about what a victim i am. i wanted to like her but honestly shes worse than onision at this point. who goes on and on about someone for hours, that you havent even met? it feels like shes obsessed and makes videos to get his attention. sad

No. 253260

Listening to the livestream now. It's funny that guy doing 95% of the talking.

No. 253262


Ha, l love that during the two minutes she gets to speak he's really noisy on his keyboard and opening a drink. He doesn't even pretend to listen.

No. 253635

File: 1487382555360.jpg (258.75 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Joy Sparkle BS video: Am I Alex Jones- Conspiracy with Onision- Illuminati- Info Wars-

Video description: "I'm Alex Jones. I'm apart of Infowars. I am in the Illuminati & Onision and I are exclusively working together.You guys did it. You found me out. The internet is SO SMART"!

No. 253639

I really wish that posting her videos on here gets banned. This thread is cancer.

No. 253640

It's a reupload so she doesn't get more views.

No. 253647

Whenever she's called on something, she usually falls back on the benefit of the doubt. And, conveniently, "fibrobrain" "accident" etc can't be disproven.

No. 253727

I just feel sorry for her now. Her views are low and she's losing subscribers. She's no longer any sort of threat in terms of birth control myths.

At least she's found some friends to discuss aliens with.

Meh in general. I won't be watching or commenting here unless something dramatic happens later. I'm hoping she'll be content with a non-shit stirring, small, hobby channel to meet like-minded people.

No. 253764

i dunno why you guys hate her so much, she reminds me of an angry princess peachy (the youtuber lolita girl), i just imagine her wearing lolita and lose my shit. XD

No. 253777

Ugh, piss off with your retarded goddess.

No. 253778


Not the samefag, but a veteran of Onision drama. Joy is harmless. No one is venerating her as a goddess. Don't be so basic, jesus.

No. 253779

oh come on, joy wearing a pink cheap bodyline lolita outfit, and angry ranting, cussing and shit, is funny as fuck.

least i think so. also yes i am samefag. i find the above funny, not gonna suck her clit or anything, calm down there.

No. 253882

Joy losing subscribers every day. She'll go back to being a nobody soon.

No. 253898

Phil was being so disrespectful to Joy during that younow. I don't particularly like her but even I wanted to yell at him "LET HER SPEAK!". He was going on and on like it was his show interrupting her, and like the person above me said being super rude while she was speaking.

And guy since we know you are in here, Joy is too nice/phony to say anything but you need to realize that this is her platform not yours. Be respectful and listen when someone is talking rather than interrupting and completely ignoring them.

A good rule of thumb is to actually try to listen and process what someone is saying rather than try to think of what you are going to say next. And that's not a put down that is something humans tend to do while communicating. It's something everyone needs to work on including me.

No. 253934

She's lost like 30 subs since posting her most recent video. Rich.

No. 253964

Her new video (Kathy chronicles or some shit like that) is the most cringe worthy thing I have seen in a while. She is so jealous of success it's not even funny. Probably why she has such a boner for Onision. Talking about this character's "fantasy" lol, kind of like her copper toxicity fantasy? Kind of like her always being on death's door? Honestly thinking her shit with Onision stems from her wanting his attention so bad. I love how when she's called out on her BS she whines and acts all pitiful, as if she didn't stick her nose in it to begin with. If you start something with someone, they're going to sling shit back. Then she starts this whole BS with "omg I'm gonna delete my channel" she was never going to delete it, she just wanted her moronic little "fans" to beg her to stay to feed her ego. She pretends to be so genuine and so caring and loving towards everyone (which is bullshit, you cant love people you don't know) but anyone with half a brain can see how fake she is. It's sad how simple minded her followers are. And is it seriously necessary to make 30 fucking minute long videos? Edit it down. No one wants to see her slinging her hands and "um" and "er" and shit. No one wants to see her ramble and cram in as many mentions about her BS illness as she can. She either needs to come up with something original and stop trying to cash in on some of Onision's success and trying to get his attention.. or she needs to fucking leave youtube. Most irritating person I've encountered on there in a while. Onision is bearable compared to this abominable twat. /rantover

No. 254625

She posted a couple of videos today and I haven't had a chance to get through them…
Saw it was more Onion content though. I wonder if one day the two of them will collide and we'll get a godzilla vs King Kong type thing

No. 254633

I genuinely can't decide if I want Onision to acknowledge her videos or not.

No. 254677

>bitching about her mom named kyathy

I watched one of them and she's fucking crazy.

No. 254696

I think onion boy won't and not for the reasons some of her more devoted followers believe: that she's "way too articulate." Onion can BS with the best of them (the amount of mental gymnastics that man performs to justify his actions should land him a gold medal)

Onion knows if he responds it gives her more attention and subscribers.

No. 254798

Joy is too irrelevant for Greg to even bother with. If the youtuber doesn't have 100k+ subscribers for him to leech off of, he won't bother. I remember when he made his first video about Blaire White & he was like, "I shouldn't bother, because she only has 80k". I don't see Joy growing as a YouTuber, tbh.

No. 255024


Oh yes I looveee seeing the" would love to see Joy and onion boy in a live debate
" thing, as if Joy could hold a debate with her horrible command of the English language and her "memory problems" kek

No. 255209

Seriously guys, have you not checked this out… she's the old actress from the Marmite ads

No. 255244

I skimmed through her new Onion videos and it's fucking ridiculous. No joke, it's a 20+ video, each, that addresses three short Onion clips. She doesn't even make it into the meat of his videos, she's just having a batshit, long, rambling one sided argument with the first 5 minutes of his vids.

I feel like she doesn't even want to keep doing Onion responses, that she's not even invested in the drama anymore, but she knows her channel's bread and butter is Onion boy shit. She's obnoxious and pathetic.

No. 255326

Link videos plz

No. 255332

Apparently Joy did an interview with Cooney on YouNow? I can't find it, but it was mentioned in the Onision thread. Eugenia isn't really a victim of Gerg's narcissism in the same way as the teen girls in his harem, she is legitimately ill and bizarre. Yeah, he used her to virtue signal and get ad revenue, but I really don't think Cooney should be given a platform, it feels like enabling. Like "Gerg is just a bad, scary man who wanted to make you fat, don't listen to him, you can starve yourself all every damn day until you die if you want to, we'll protect you".

Joy wants to shit on him for exploiting young girls for views, but now she's featuring a clearly sick, young girl on a livestream…for views. It also just reeks of "Notice me Gerg-senpai". Bitch is sketchy as fuck.

No. 255335


She said in her YouNow stream that anyone who believes Eugenia is anorexic just by looking at her can "F* off!!" …Eugenia IS anorexic and it's very obvious. Joy is only defending her and pretending to be blind to her VERY obvious eating disorder because Eugenia commented on her video about her.

Joy since I know you lurk here, it's a fact that Eugenia is anorexic just as it's a fact that you are going to pretend she isn't because you like the exposure you think you can exploit from Eugenia. If you want to "help people" like you so often say you want to do, you wouldn't curse people out for pointing out an obvious fact. You're being self-serving :/

No. 255383

real nice to see she's exploiting eugenia, kind of funny shes accusing onision of doing the same thing when all shes done is ride off of others success and views. pathetic. she doesnt care if eugenia is encouraging anorexia or if the girl is dying, she just wants views on her shitty channel. maybe her stupid followers will wise up to her being so self centered soon.

No. 255469

Onision put up a new Eugenia Cooney video today.. I can already see JSBS running her fucking trap.

No. 255522

Joy is going to lose her shit (off camera) that Onion is still refusing to acknowledge her existence.

No. 255529

It's a confirmed fact that Eugenia is anorexic? Caps?

Only thing I heard about why she was thin was that it had to do with her autism making it extremely hard to eat.

No. 255588

Her body is pretty much the source of that fact. You don't get that way very easily.

No. 255624

going only by what eugenia herself has said.

-she has no health or medical issue making her skinny
-she is "naturally thin"
-she doesn't think there is anything wrong with her body
-when asked if she would try to gain weight she said no

All signs point to anorexia in denial.

to those who say its a medical issue like that lizzy girl, wrong, lizzy struggles with her condition and has always been tiny, eugenia while always thin has gotten pointedly more skeletal over the years.

No. 255650

No. 255686

I only watched a few of her Gergle videos when she started posting and then forgot about her, but after watching a few more I'm legitimately wondering what the fuck is wrong with her mentally.

Like seriously, what the fuck is wrong with her?

No. 255785

Fucking called it. There she goes popping off her mouth again desperately trying to get Onision to notice her. When is this god damn obsession going to end?

No. 255808

Heavy metal poisoning according to her. Not for the reasons she says she has it though. I have a feeling she was off before then, unless copper toxicity completely overrides your ability for forethought and critical thinking.

No. 255973

Joy doesn't care about Eugenia, she cares about getting the attention of Greg. She's just fueling the fire and making everything worse.

No. 255992

IMO she's 10x worse than Onision. At least he's honest about shit, even when it makes him look like a terrible human being. She tries to hide behind this bullshit nice facade.

No. 256000

She knows Greg is her bread and butter. Her rate of growth has seriously declined since she went psycho about this thread, and since there has been little drama in the Onion Palace. She knows thats what gets her views/ subs so I feel at this point she's just baiting him for a reaction.

No. 256003

Did she says specifically it was copper poisoning, or just heavy metal? Bc maybe this nutjob has lithium toxicity.

No. 256028

So in her most recent video she calls herself a comedian? Like…when did she decide that? I've always thought her style was serious commentary

No. 256029

lol probably when people started realizing she is kinda crazy, now she probably wants to insist it was all an act

No. 256045

He's honest sometimes.

Mostly he isn't; he just does mental gymnastics to justify or explain his behavior. He likes to think of himself as honest, but he doesn't always know the difference between fact and opinion, or what tact is for that matter (see: "shrek body").

Joy is not only long winded af she isn't interesting to listen to. Some people I could listen to at length, but she's not. I watched the "Lainey's Exes" video for the two girls, NOT for her. I could have done without her completely.

When she says that her fans like this, she isn't realizing how many people she's pushing away from even clicking on her videos because of the ridiculous length and fact it's just a camera shot of her the whole time (and she's not entertaining/fun/pretty to look at, either).

So people see a thumbnail of a scraggly looking adult woman who looks like she doesn't believe in deodorant, with a duration of 30+ minutes, and immediately ignore it.

Also that comment response sounds seriously unhinged. She should not be giving anyone advice, much less minors. The rapid shifts from "love" to "snotty" etc are… alarming, to say the least.

No. 256046

Grease may use BROOTAL HONESTAY as a shield but he lies and deflects with the best of them. I'd say she's on his level but he's still worse in that he's actually damaged the lives and psyche of people he is/was supposed to love. Afaik Joy hasn't given anyone PTSD… yet.

Just like Onion!
These two should really just shack up. Get rid of his wife and kids and just spend all their time making dramatic rambling videos about each other and their dysfunctional narc relationship. It would be beautiful.

No. 256119

So Joy likes Milo Y but only disagrees with his views on weight loss (not say… anything substantial like banning all Muslims) because 'he's from the UK and doesn't understand heavy metal poisoning.'

Could not get beyond the first 4 minutes. She used to be a silly hate watch but I haven't bothered for a week or two. There is no Joy in her BS.

See she's milking an anorexic's illness to tap into her large fan base.

No. 256126


She was so annoying in that 'interview' she did with laineys exes I couldn't even watch more than her cringy intro.

She was like a try hard 30 year old trying to fit in with the teens, god. The girls even looked kind of awkward in what I saw.

No. 256127

File: 1487801374255.png (997.06 KB, 1439x2072, 20170222_220836.png)

Hmmm… It's her self awareness I admire…

No. 256371

I find this conversation thread more entertaining than her.

I now watch her to get irritated and then go here to stop being irritated

No. 256402

I was on joy sparkles younow stream a couple days ago and like the cringe motherfucker she is, she was guesting "lolcow and pull users" to talk to her about onision and imcritisism of her. So cringy when she was like "anyone here from lolcow, any LOLCOW USERS LOLCOW MEMBERS let us have a conversation! Tell me why you hate me! Darling darling! I'm open to criticism because I'm not full of bullshit!" When whole time she steals all her info from lolcow. And they "pull/lolcow/etc. users" who she was guesting and interviewing were like 15 year old girls who have been on pull for 3 weeks and have posted once on lolcow or have just lurked for 2 months. It was fucking embarrassing.

No. 256457

I wish there was a way to just skip everything she says in any video like that.

…Actually, no, what I NEED is her to stay the hell away from vulnerable girls and milk their tragedies for her own gain (attention, monetary, or otherwise).

I'm a bit younger than Joy but still feel awkward even being mutuals with younger girls. I'm no superhero, so as much as I'd like to reach out sometimes, I remember that people like this exist as models of what-not-to-be.

It's too bad she was trusted at all. I know I recall watching a YouNow and some specific viewers whose identities I'll protect tuned in and left after about a minute, around the same time I realized Joy once again set off her batty signal with literally no information, just so people would pay attention to her.

No. 256477

I think Onision hired her to distract us from getting too much hate. He hired her to be this plain looking woman who shows up out of know where and talks about onision in all of her videos. Now the audience is thinking, "Onision is way better than her! At least Onision is honest"

No. 256484

Alexjoneschemtrails.gif (jk,i totally see how this can be true anon)

No. 256595

I really doubt that. He wouldn't hire someone outside of his domain. (And her videos would be better if he hired her, too.) Plus I only saw one post saying he's more honest than her. Onision is in no way, shape, or form better than her. She's not good, but there are other people who have been doing mainly Onision-related videos. Joy just interjected herself into the drama personally, which is a dumb thing to do unless you like drama and negative attention.

I think she's just really dumb, naive, and needs to go away at this point. She contributed her part. I don't care if she keeps making Onision-hate vids or 30 min vids (though she needs to realize that is not a good length just to listen to her ramble). I care if she keeps acting so entitled and like she's the queen of anti-Onision stuff and has uncovered so much and "saved" girls. She hasn't. And she needs to stop lying for YouNow publicity. The way she treated Lane was horrid.

But I see gerg as a narcissistic sociopath. Joy has a case of many-screws-loose but she strikes me as fairly harmless, just delusional as hell.

No. 256606

File: 1487875434273.png (28.99 KB, 596x367, 1473943205029.png)

>Stealing info from lolcow
>Stealing info

No. 256874

Funniest thing about Joy and the people who like her- she was in the chat of Eugenia Cooney's Younow and everyone was saying she should be guested. Well, after Joy getting on and rambling for literally an hour and a half about Onion, the chat was begging for her to go away. Someone even bought some sort of option that makes a comment fly over the screen so it can't be missed saying to stop talking about onision, meanwhile the chat was spamming "type 1 if you want her to shut up and leave" and similar.

For those who missed it: It was an hour and a half of the girls telling each other how sweet they are and Joy acting like a school girl with hot gossip except nothing she said was new. Though she claims she's sitting on evidence that she doesn't want to release yet and then revealed them anyway like she couldn't contain herself and even that shit was old news. Big waste of time honestly.

No. 256880


Yeah that was a little bit cringey to be honest. I couldn't make it past the first couple of minutes of
"YOU'RE so sweet"
"No, YOU ARE."

Also Joy mentions lolcow so much that I do think she likes that she has her own thread. Because I know she lurks here and because she is a human being with real feelings I try to keep my comments limited to only what I would say straight to her if given the chance. So Joy, the niceness is great and all, but it can come off a bit fake when laid on so thick.

No. 256931

That video where the mystery person messaged while she was bitching about her mother was a letdown in the sense that it wasn't her mother suing her.

Non-ironic Joy statement about how she sucks all of the joy and light she brings into a room out when she's down.

So it starts with her giving a one-sided attack on someone and ends with her rambling about how she's too saintly to destroy anyone's privacy or get revenge.

No. 257248

Yes, JS specifically said both copper toxicity and heavy metal poisoning in her videos on multiple occasions.
She just can't seem to go 3 videos without mentioning it.

No. 257264

File: 1487980582754.png (563.84 KB, 1439x1837, 20170224_235537.png)

Hitler did this…

No. 257268

She should honestly just do one concise video, listing facts (with text shown on screen, yknow, some basic video editing), and move on, unless her fanbase requires further videos on this. Her condition is not something people relate to, and the younger population is not using IUDs (much less copper ones, anyway) even if that DID cause the poisoning, which from what I've read, it didn't. She needs to keep herself on track when talking about things. I'm so glad I barely watched her before checking out with the realization she was insufferable.

> oranigzations

At first glance I thought she was being sarcastic. This is reeeeallly going to shoot herself in the foot. Plus wtf kind of insight would SHE provide? She knows nothing anyone else couldn't find out and is a total nutjob.

Say bye bye to your subs, Joy, and all the "love" you received.

No. 257271

I could see her weasling into the strange conspiracy niche of Youtube tbh

No. 257304

starting to believe "roommate" doesnt fucking exist.

No. 257305

I feel this way too, whenever she "talks" to him there's COMPLETE silence off camera, like when someone is pretending to talk to someone who isn't there. I could be wrong but that's always freaked me out.

No. 257308


she does look like someone who would tweet this… just weird and probably on meth.

No. 257660

I don't think her roommate exists, we've never seen or heard their voice. Not even shadows on the wall when they're supposedly in the room. If I had to guess, I think she's a shut-in with no friends or real life, and she fakes illness to get attention. She comes off as very attention seeking. She had done a video where she was talking to her roommate and was like, "do you want to put your hand on camera" and then like, "he's shy" or some shit. I think she's crazy as hell, personally. It pisses me off she's just one more person enabling Eugenia, too. I can't wait for her to disappear off of the internet for good.

No. 257714

What's the title of that video anon?

No. 257723

what if her "roommate" is a Wilson volleyball?

No. 257731

Someone shoop this

No. 257762

The fact that her illness improves the more attention she get says a lot. It's psychosomatic.

No. 257763

If she really lived in France why didn't she post at least one photo as evidence?

No. 257777

I used to feel neutral about her, but I started to dislike her since the ghetto video, the bullshit got worse and worse. She will dismiss everything she dislikes by saying how someone is too privileges/young to know shit (everyone who is under 25 is a minor who can't reason to her). Also her slave morality (= the wealthy people are evil) is freaking ridiculous. I seriously don't understand how can someone call her rational, when the majority of what she says are argumentation fallacies: mainly appeal to authority (I'm old therefore I'm smart and experienced), appeal to emotion (I'm so strong I don't want to mention my illness, but I will also mention my illness). Throwing the word love around to her viewers is rather manipulative, someone mentioned God complex - that perfectly summs it up. Also Onision and Joy Sparkle shipping has to become a thing just to piss them off. Her videos scream "SENPAI NOTICE ME" anyway.

No. 257778


Enabling Eugenia pisses me off too, but to be fair, I don't even care if she dies.

No. 257783

An hour and eleven minutes on "I met Eugenia" and then she only added the part of the stream she was in.
I skipped ahead and she hijacked the girl's stream to talk about Onion and Shiloh's head shaving.

No. 257788

That actually was sincerely frustrating and sorry to watch, I actually felt bad for Eugenia for having to endure that mess of a situation.
JS just manipulated/weaseled her way on and just destroyed the girl's entire stream.
What a trainwreck.

No. 257791

She is a train wreck and she needs to get off of youtube and the internet entirely. I would give anything to see Onision shut her down though. I don't even like Onision but I know he could stomp a mud hole in her ass with zero effort.

No. 257793

Yeah, I already didn't like JS, but now I like her even less because the part I skipped to and watched for a few seconds, she was like "Onision is an asshole, and I know you're too nice/too sweet to say that"
So like she knows full well the girl is too nice to tell her to shut up and stop hijacking the stream.

I don't like Onision, and at this point I'm convinced he's seen her videos and he knows about her, but he doesn't pay attention to her because he knows it's what she wants. It's like he can't go bending to anyone else's manipulation tactics. At the same though, I like him ignoring her because if you ignore it long enough it'll go away. On one hand, I do kinda wanna see them have a godzilla vs mechagodzilla type showdown but then on the other it would generate views and money for both of them and I don't want that.

No. 257845

They know about Joy, Lamo mentioned her in that livestream Sarah did about being kicked out. Safe to say theyre just ignoring her, which is probably a good thing considering how many views and subs she loses everyday. Joy can't make it w.o using someone's name in the title and even the views on those are low now. Greg probably won't even bother with her.

No. 258086

File: 1488070268604.png (238.93 KB, 1046x600, U6BBJTp.png)

Her thirst is on a whole new level. So many tweets to convince herself he'll debate her…

No. 258089


She's going to embarrass herself.

No. 258093

>Onision requested a debate

inserting herself into everything again I see.

No. 258125

He didn't even mention her stupid ass. He mentioned people in general, and she acts like he came to her directly. Onision, like most people, doesn't give a flying fuck about this moron. God.. go away already.

No. 258128

Aaaaaand she mentions her fucking illness again.

No. 258161

I hope they debate and he contacts all her friends and family before it and shows clips of the 'interviews.' Then she might understand how creepy she's been.

No. 258171

If she actually does the interview (not likely) people might recognise her and draw attention to the lies in her video.

I'm pretty certain she's from Utah based on several things she's said.

'Praise Jesus! There's little Annie on youtube! When did she work in business and live in France? She rents a room with that nice man we haven't seen for a few years…'

No. 258181


If they debate I hope Onision blames his copper toxicity at random points. He was diagnosed by a naturopath and Joy knows you can't doubt anyone's illness.

No. 258357

OMFG. yes holy shit haha I hate greg so much but I still know he's smarter than joy, and I'm getting such second hand embarrassment from her desperation that I'm not certain whether I want her to be debated and decimated or just never noticed by sempai.

I hope she realizes how much it comes across now as her having a huge crush (of some sort) on greg. Which means no one can trust her as even greg won't touch that.

No. 258460

Fuck world peace. I want Onision to destroy this bitch in a debate. I mean.. I want it to be brutal. So bad she never shows her face again.

No. 258534

Just saw in her latest video she "makes a dig" about lolcow suspecting her roommate doesn't exist. However, that actually made me suspicious when I wasn't at all previously. It wouldn't be hard at all for Joy to put those rumors to rest. All she would have to do is have him yell "hi" from the next room. That's it. He doesn't even need to expose his face, so there's no reason not to.

No. 258560

How accurate is social blade? It says she made over 1k this month and I don't want this to be true.

No. 258565

I want it so bad.
Two of my most hated cows battling it out? There is so much potential here kek

No. 258609

She's not very bright so she probably would debate him, playing into his hands making the "haters" part of HIS circus that he can make money on, instead of a separate thing.

Then, of course, it would be natural to question exactly what her motives are. If she's in it for the righteous reasons she claims over and over and over and over, and not for attention, money, glory, who-the-fuck-knows-what-else-she-can-possibly-get-from-it, she wouldn't want to help him in any way, shape, or form, even if it helps herself.

Clearly, he's been reaching a lot lately, trying to drum up drama. If you really want him to "get better," you wouldn't feed into the negative behaviors you're criticizing, right?

If she does debate him, at least her intentions will be clear and that plastic trying-entirely-too-hard phoniness will be confirmed.

No. 258632

Sorry for double post. I just watched her latest video.

"I'm not a big enough channel" "I'm not a big enough channel" "I'm not a big enough channel" "I'm not a big enough channel … but MAYBE if enough people asked for it"

I see what you did there.

How many videos/livestreams/tweets/etc have you made regarding this debate and in how short a timeperiod? JUMP UP AND DOWN SCREAMING NOTICE ME SENPAI MOAR.

Your intentions are pretty clear and it hurts your cause. You are just going to confirm the bias that the people who criticise Onision do it only for their own benefit and gain. You don't represent me or any of the other people who have been criticising him anonymously or semi-anonymously. I could be wrong but I think a lot of those people don't want you representing them for this (and other) reasons.

No. 258715

She is fucking disgusting. At least Onision is honest about wanting attention.. she tries to act so innocent about it. It really pisses me off. This goody goody facade of hers is so fucking cringe worthy. I also love how she says she's just the one to call people out on their bs.. but can't take it when people call out hers or challenge her. If you're gonna be that much of a wuss you need to get off the internet. I'd like her a whole lot more if she made decent content, got off of Onision's nutsack, stopped faking being sick (it's a slap in the face to people with REAL illnesses) and stopped pretending to be so saintly. Hell, my mother had her leg amputated and is blind.. she doesn't complain. What makes JSBS so pitiful and woeful that she should bitch and moan about her fake illness in every video? Trying to earn sympathy? I can't wait till someone actually exposes her for the psychopathic liar she is.

No. 258924

In her latest video, Joy just rants on and on about being sick. I can't watch anymore. I'm embarrassed just watching.

No. 259895

Onision just made a video about JSBS.. oh hell.

No. 259908

Obvious bait is obvious*

* Except to obtuse, attention seeking, coat tail riding cunts.

No. 259995

still making content on eugenia. pretending shes concerned. shes just as bad as onision. she doesnt give a fuck about that girl. she just wants views. fucking bitch

No. 260022

I'm getting real sick of Joy trying to prove that Eugenia shouldn't be labeled as anorexic just by looking at her malnourished body. Yes she gave you "shoutoutz ohemgee!!" as you've mentioned a million times, but it's so clear she IS unhealthy as has a problem. Eugenia herself has said that there is no underlying medical reason that she is so unnaturally thin, yet Joy still defends her denial bc she wants more views. If you truly care to help people Joy, you wouldn't stay voluntarily blind to your new "pal" slowly killing herself. It's worse than Onion boy, bc even as he uses Eugenia for views like you, he at least admits there's CLEARLY a problem.

No. 260033

Watching the livestream. So, this is what she has claimed she suffers/ed from so far:

1. copper toxicity
2. irritable bowel
3. ptsd
4. fibromyalgia
5. eating disorder (nos)

and I'm pretty sure this isn't all of them.

No. 260084

She's like a psycho tumblrina with a youtube channel.

No. 260093


No. 260096

can she not put on some makeup and look like a decent human being?

No. 260431

Listening to the eating disorder livestream. I haven't watched any of her recent videos though she seems to talk even more like an 11 year old than she did before. Half the stream is her reading out names, then interrupting herself mid sentence to say hello, forgetting what she was saying and blaming 'fibro brain.' It's as if she can't be bothered answering the questions.

No. 260586

Her new video.. I just can't. It's too fucking stupid. I got 2 minutes into it and I threw my hands up. Too much bullshit for me.

No. 260630

Could u or another anon recap it for us? I hate giving this chick views

No. 260798


-She rambles on and on because 2 people said mean things to her in the comments. Seriously, the video is 24 mins.

-Just because she believes that she's seen ufos and has visions of past lives doesn't mean she believes it.

-She's sorry to have offended religious people but she's only mocking it guys it's all in good fun.

-She used to study Buddhism and got bullied for it. The usual I'm not a victim but I'm a victim so I understand speech.

-Something something something save the world and feed the homeless.

I stopped listening after a while tbh. Man, I used to like Joy, I really did, now I just cringe in embarrassment at how desperate she is.

No. 260831

Jaclyn Glenn has accepted the chance to debate onision.

No. 260834

Seriously female onision. She's calling out individual disparaging comments over a 20+ minute video.

She fucking takes 20 minutes of a livestream to say hi to internet usernames. Holy shit.

No. 261186

I hate the voice she uses for live streams. 'Booboo' baby voice and squealing.

No. 261212

Let us never forget the shit fit she pitched over a hate comment about her using the word "ghetto".. that was one of the most cringe worthy videos I've ever seen in my life.

No. 261229


What is that video called?

No. 261653

File: 1488408403635.jpg (17.01 KB, 320x180, 1kllsx.jpg)

No. 261703

I shouldn't as amused by this as I currently am. Thanks.

Should Joy take down that "Ghetto" video?

No. 261713

Calling her female Gerg is a stretch.
That said, I'm torn on how I feel about her. Her videos are too long drawn to watch ( although the first few on Gerg were okay ) and quite frankly boring. It's not something you want to listen to for 30 minutes, even as a background noise.
The thing about copper toxicity, living in France, etc.. Kinda hardly seem like the truth, but who knows. I hope that she does end up debating Gerg, because that's at least be interesting to watch.

No. 261715

In her new Trisha video Joy says she USED to over share. USED TO.

Mentions diarrhoea multiple times per video.

If anyone is playing Joy Illness Bingo, she added raynaud's disease on the latest livestream.

She'll have bubonic plague by the end of the week.

No. 261734

What is up with her bullshit voice in the new livestream video? Is she on drugs?

No. 261998


She lived in the ghetto of Utah. Probably Salt Lake

No. 261999


Flu. At least it wasn't her baby voice.

No. 262002

I think her real name is Melissa. That (now empty) channel used to show up near the top when you searched Joy Sparkle BS on youtube.

No. 262004

Hmm. Possibly deleted, because she has subs on her Joy channel? Too much work for her to be maintaining two channels?

No. 262110

She looks like a Melissa

No. 262111

Can't believe a 32 year old woman has a Care Bear with a rainbow shit on it as her business icon.

No. 262113


Google Kathy and Utah.

No. 262229

Oh god I hope her name isn't Melissa, since that's my name. Eww

No. 262377

I love how she'll try and stick her nose into other people's shit but won't say anything about herself because she needs "privacy". Fucking coward.

No. 262532

She pretends to care about Eugenia just because she fucking talked to her for a little bit on Younow. She's exploiting her for views just like Onision. I'll be glad when the day comes when her channel dies, or she goes off the deep end and does something crazy enough to push her sheep away.

No. 262594

In her latest livestream she just bullshits her way through explaining about how doctors handled her being sick. I'm now completely convinced she's not sick at all and she is lying.

No. 262618


She said in an earlier video (one of the crying ones / 'dying') that all the real doctors said she just had anxiety. That's why she saw a naturopath - except she never called her a naturopath. She named the female 'doctor' in the comments and gave her state. Linkedin lists her education history and there's no medical school.

No. 262647

I thought her name was Carlee. She once tweeted that her followers should go spam this one person with "Carlee says hi." Can't remember who or when it was.

No. 262649

File: 1488561605851.png (115.85 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9886.PNG)

Sage for samefagging

No. 262795

guess who was made a younow partner? she won't be going away anytime soon, now.

No. 262908


Eh. More milk for us.

No. 262929

Oh, she's a voice coach now. Give me a break.

No. 262974


Eeeh. Why not. Not like she's killing anyone.

No. 263103

Anyone know what Joy's Google+ account name is? It's not linked to on her channel. I've yet to see any serious Youtuber without one, so i'm not surprised.

No. 263111

God that book is hilarious. I haven't read it in ages. Thanks for reminding me, anon.

No. 263187


I don't know. Not invested enough to do any digging.

Maybe someone else knows.

No. 263293

Her opening titles are shit. And she is secretly wet for Onion lmao

No. 263313

How do you sexualize a woman who's half naked? Joy doesn't know if she wants to be a SJW or not.

No. 263344

She watches Onision's video about her and she can't stop smiling. Happy to finally be acknowledged. It's painfully obvious how obsessed she is with him. No clue when Lainey is able to hop on his dick, considering JSBS is on it all of the time.

No. 263403

Eugenia's partnered with younow too.

I've seen a couple anon's saying that what Joy's doing isn't harmful; i'd argue that lying about your "health condition" to your audience, and just being an overall disingenuous phony, isn't harmless.

No. 263427

Can't watch any more of this sycophantic stalker.

No. 263434

Imagine having a stalker who contacts all of your enemies / former friends and partners and bonds with them…

How can her fans not see how creepy she is? It's actually abusive.

No. 263471

She was so happy. She's so wet for onion boy.

No. 263485

She's 10x worse than Onision IMO

No. 263645

In her new video you can see her roommates reflection in the window when they come home. Its creepy how happy she is over onisions barely acknowledgement of her though

No. 263800

This is going to be terrible. I'm so excited!

No. 263835

No. 263918

what the hell even is this? one of the points is people hate her because she's better than them? she was born in 1990 but she's said in her videos she's 31. she's german masquerading as an american? this is stupid

No. 263935

this seems like some kind of false flag or attention whoring bullshit to me

No. 263947

I'm laughing what is this shit.

The Americans got an undercover German to expose an American youtuber? LMFAO. That's so insane. How could you possibly be over the age of 12 and believe this shit.

No. 263958

Not sure who annoys me more now. The Onision critics (present company excluded, of course. referring to the tumblr… ers) or Onision himself.

Onision is by far a worse person but he is slightly more sufferable.

No. 263985


She said on younow she grew up in the midwest in an area full of mormons.

No. 263986


She's said several times that she's 32.

No. 264007

Hell yes. Onision chose JSBS to debate. I can't wait to see her get torn to shreds and go away.

No. 264010

the debate is over. after jaclyn glenn, JSBS couldn't guest, she blamed her tech but it seemed a bit like she chickened out.

i'm sure the blargh will have it up soon.

joy did dm him during the stream though saying she wanted to reschedule for another time. we'll see. i look forward to her falling apart too.

No. 264036

She's German? Yeah, right. Unless she is a professional actress or has studied English at Uni ( as major ) I don't believe it. Our accents show otherwise, even if tiny hints of it. Why am I even entertaining this bizarre thought, lol.

I think she chickened out too. I still hope there is a debate. Let's see if Joy's going to put up her "video-tough act" when talking about Gerg and really confront him or if she's going to collapse and be sickly sweet.

No. 264050


in the onision thread they are saying she's on younow right now saying there "won't be a debate". if true, oh my god she's pathetic.

No. 264071




She has a thick midwest accent. Not rural midwest, but city midwest. I would guess she was from Michigan. Why am I thinking she'd said previously she was from Indiana? Not sure if I really did or for some reason I just thought she was from Indiana.

No. 264155

I love that Onision outright calls her a stalker in his new video.

Now that he's drawing attention to her it's more likely the truth will come out about her random claims.

No. 264193

I wonder if she will start to annoy Jacklynn Glenn and never stop talking about how cool she think she is

No. 264709

Doubt it. She'll just ignore it like she ignores everything that doesn't conveniently fit her narrative.

No. 264947

She posted a half an hour video about the debate, so if any kind anons watched it, please post a rough summary.

No. 264949


I listened to it a few hours ago and honestly none of it was memorable.

Tech problems.

No. 265034

Joy Sparle reminds me of those girls in HS that wanted to be popular, but just didn't have the looks of personality or whatever going for them, so they made themselves relevant by trying to be subject matter experts on everything and everyone. JS said in one video that she was a model at one point and was banging at putting makeup on, in others she has made herself out to be an expert in psychology, claims to be a singer, basically claims to have been and knows everything, yet almost her entire YT career revolves around Onion. I honestly liked some of the points she's made, but she's so damn long-winded and full of herself, I just can't even come close to finishing her videos anymore. She made 2 videos about the debate beforehand, she has always maintained that she wanted to debate the Onion, but in her latest video, she claims she didn't even want to (she possibly gives a reason, but I was face-palming so hard I needed a break from her video). She also has claimed her videos "aren't about Onision", but about "his abuse". B, they're about Onision, no matter how you spin it. She posted her after debate YouNow video, and at the beginning says that she is going to make it short, but it's 45-f'ing min long, including her snacking and taking a pee break. Now that she has 11k subs, I feel like she acts even more self-important, but comes across as having a screw loose - in one she obsesses over Onion calling her "Joy Sparkles" and talks about her wanting an army and how he can't even get her name right, but it's not just him, I thought it was "sparkles" and a lot of times that I've seen her mentioned, they say "sparkles", if you think about it, "sparkles" is more solidly in our heads because when is there ever only one sparkle? (That's obviously a joke). She also had dialogue about a trash bag in one video, when she was narrating what her roommate was doing (which is fucking weird already), claiming he was being loud with a trash bag and they get their stuff out of trash bags, but then corrected herself saying he was getting cereal from a bag. After that, she instructed her viewers to come up with crazy conspiracies about her because she loves that. Obviously, she needs attention. My biggest gripe though is her incessant argument that she couldn't debate Onion because of internet connectivity issues after telling Onion he needed to debate Jaclyn Glenn instead. She claimed to have something like dial-up, but said her roomie was a gamer and their shit internet was adequate for him, but didn't seem to have issues getting on YouNow before this point or after the debate, since she was immediately on YouNow with JG after JG debated Onion. She was also on YouNow prior to the debate. So she suddenly had issues with connecting or being guested only during the debate? Maybe she's telling the truth, but it just doesn't sound accurate. I think she was nervous for whatever reason and bitched out. Will try to finish latest video of her discussing the lack of debate with Onion. Wish me luck.

No. 265152

Thank you for taking one for the team, Anon. Seriously!

No. 265228


I didn't watch the video but in the comments for the 'onision roasts me' 90% of people claim to be former fans who now think she's too obsessive and need to get a life.

No. 265380

Nahhhhh it's skye.

Age bracket/insight into gregory jamesdanielavaroejackson… Youtube instafame…. Seriously there's something about this chick that just doesn't add up… imma run with it…. O.o

No. 265389

bitch is mental, oh my god. why can't her subs see through her

No. 265436

Watched a few minutes of moments on her younow channel from 6 hours ago. She was being so phoney to a woman who tried to cheer her up by saying she listened to Joy while working. Instead Joy kept trying to get her off the chat.

So 6 hours ago she was 'going to bed.' Her life is so dysfunctional. Staying up all night talking to random people on the internet about another internet stranger she's obsessed with.

No. 265440

Updating to say in the video from 6 hours ago she claims that her 'body releases copper' around her period giving her severe PMS.

This person has the loosest grip on reality.

No. 265485

In one of the videos she reveals that roommate's name is Dominique. However that's spelled.

Also I was dying at her commenters clowning her. They said she was obsessive and "only" made 43 videos about him and she's like "yeah I'm sure 1/3 of my videos are about him I will own up to that" (Doing her little act like she's actually listening to critism). Bitch…all of them except maybe 2 Kathy vids have to do with him smh get real.

And she's trying to act like a hero in this whole thing, again, and lying. She claims that the interviews she did with the girls were 1. Initated by the girls because they needed her help (cause out of all people Joy is the Onion Slayer, apparently) and 2. Only done to make Greg leave Lane alone and after he did the videos served their purpose so she took them down. Conveniently leaving out the fact that she got a lot of backlash and accusations of exploiting the girls, and THAT'S why they're deleted. Not this moral high ground shit she's playing up, her own videos contradict her. It's ironic how much her and Greg have in common tbh. An attention starved manipulator obsessed with her persona trying to point at Onion and basically call the kettle black.

No. 265628

I just started reading this thread and I find it funny she sent people to spam this thread, but when Onision sent people to attack Blair White he was "so evil".

No. 265776


In the same way Onision makes a few Eugenia videos and it's harassment whereas her 40+ (and more to come) are 'criticism' to 'save teenage girls.'

She has no self awareness.

No. 266011

I don't think Joy's such an idiot that she can't see what she's doing. She comes off like an asshole that couches it in cloying insincerity.

No. 266015

For a "shortcut", just read the comments section of her videos to get a reasonable synopsis of the video. It will save time and brain cells.

No. 266099

Does she wear dentures? Her teeth look kind of "off" to me. Having to wear dentures at 30 is a scary thought. She does act like she does drugs or is mentally ill, though.

No. 266180

The roommate video. What in the actual fuck?

No. 266282

a bit disturbing. Gives you this nagging feeling that she's alone in there. ugh.

No. 266285

The roommate video seems over the top and weird… Like her reactions are weird…

No. 266310

Where there's smoke there's fire.

No. 266376

I actually think the voice changer idea for the roommate thing wasn't a bad idea. I don't really have criticism for this, actually.

No. 266384


it's exactly what someone living alone (and highly mentally disturbed) would do to "prove" there's another person there.

No. 266399

It's not hard to get text turned into words. I'll believe he exists when he at least even shows a hand on camera.

No. 266482


Don't give her ideas. She'll be missing a limb soon.

No. 266489

To be fair in her debate video you can see him walk past in the reflection of the window.

No. 266680

Not a Joy fan by any means but harassing a poor girl about her ED because you know she's too sweet to say anything and it will get you views is very different from harassing a documented, long-time abuser

No. 266696

nobody here likes onision. that doesn't mean joy's obsession with him is healthy.

No. 266829


there should be a riley/justin thread.

No. 266835

You mean like when Joy jumped on her Younow and took it over for an hour and a half cause Eugenia is too nice to tell her to shut the fuck up?

Anyway, Onision being wrong doesn't mean Joy isn't wrong too. She seriously needs to move on, even people who like her are begging for her to stop talking about him plus her subs and views have literally taken a nose dive. It's just pathetic at this point. Hell, it was pathetic about 36 videos ago.

No. 266884

Interesting that her non Onision content is a boring story about a minor school incident and someone in the corner of the room talking through a laptop.

She's so creative!

No. 266894

How to debate Greaselord.

1. Make sure it's on neutral grounds… any video or streaming service is out of the question, he's able to type in real time and so are you.

2. Have a mediator present… the mediator is there to stop things getting out of hand, nullify distraction attempts and bring random bullshit attempts from either side; back into reality.

3. All forms of outside communication are prohibited. Turn your phones off, make sure you have a piss or shit beforehand otherwise you're out, this includes sudden family or pet duties.

4. This also counts for any other distractions in a similar vein, loud feedback from microphones, car/house alarms, your internet shitting out and anything you can think of will disqualify you unless you have a VERY reasonable excuse to tell the mediator.


5. If the debate is solely text based, there must be an agreement from both parties at the start that they understand the above criteria are not only acknowledged but agreed upon.

6. If either of the debaters are using voice channels on Discord, they also must abide to the above rules and agree to their conversation being recorded in real time.

No. 266977

Joy apparently is in a relationship now according to her twitter

No. 266979

I guarantee you it's roommate lol

No. 266980

can you screenshot it?

No. 266982

shes fucking the laptop she's using for text to speech. you saw it here first.

No. 266987

File: 1489171183798.jpg (77.9 KB, 827x752, Capture.JPG)

idk if it really is that guy that commented. Kinda is funny that she is willing to make everything into videos for the sake of staying relevant. Face it Joy… You are basically nothing without onion boy.

No. 267010


>> XD :D <3

No. 267014

File: 1489173937705.jpg (116.8 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Joysparklesbs new boyfriend (I had to lol)

No. 267026


That older Australian guy with the beard who she keeps knocking back is going to be gutted.

No. 267027


More seriously I hope it's not Cody or another teen fan.

No. 267207

I'm just saying that it's not comparable
Joy's obsession with him has no victims while Gregma has a long list

No. 267238

she exploited all the young girls / women involved in the Greg situation anon. there's nothing okay about that.

No. 267244

idk anon, i'd say the teenage girls she exploited in "interviews" were victims and her exploiting Eugenia by making her own fair amount of videos on the girl and even taking over her livestream purely for views and to make a point or whatever is not harmless either.

No. 267274

File: 1489197345739.png (48.35 KB, 514x195, 3OTV1yM.png)

Did anyone watch?

No. 267276

No. Is she doing the Onion debate or not? Cause it looks like she chickened out.

No. 267477

So who is her boyfriend? Or was that just clickbait?

No. 267604

She's livestreaming. She also has been having private messages with Onision that she is reading on the stream.

Overall gist, she's very happy-polite at him, he's an asshole to her. He feels politeness is fake and kindness is only for manipulation apparently.

He seems really riled up if the messages she's reading are real. He's calling her a "disgusting low life stalker".

No. 267623

I tried watching for a bit but she rambles so fucking much and she's so smug that he dmed her that I couldn't deal with it anymore. Also she said something like "lol he said I made 40 videos, next he'll be saying I made 200!!" As if she doesn't actually have 40+ videos of him uploaded… but allegedly they're having their debate on the 26th unless he decides she's too much of a psycho to deal with anymore.

No. 267646


How long do you think it'll take her to reach 200 Onison videos? She's made 40+ in under 2 months, so I'm guessing before summer. That's if her restraining order doesn't come into action before that.

No. 267654

what year is it holy crap. excuseable for a 30+ lady in like… 2003. but even then. not really

No. 267758

I can't get the whole twitter feed to load, though apparently Onision has cancelled the 'debate.'

Joy responds like an 8 year old girl:

"I DIDNT KNOW IT WAS HAPPENING UNTIL AN HOUR BEFORE LOLOLOL. and it wasnt supposed to be me, it was jaclyn!"

No. 267760

AND he blocked her! Best move on his part.

Unlikely that she'll take it as a sign to find a new hobby.

No. 267762

File: 1489275597372.png (1.26 MB, 1439x1820, 20170311_233922.png)

She's taking the blocking well…

No. 267783

Damn, you know it's a dark day when Onision objectively did the right thing.

No. 267935

File: 1489296629119.jpg (41.5 KB, 512x512, umUw_7V0.jpg)

Wow, she is not only crazy… she's a fucking child about everything.

No. 267945

She thinks he blocked her because he's afraid of her, but it's actually because he realized she's a fucking loon and there's no way he can profit from debating her. He's already so annoying in debates, imagine how obnoxious it would be if Joy and him went at it. I'd happily shoot myself over having to hear her shriek "YAAASSSS" one more time.

No. 268017

I thought her debating him might be a good thing and that she might actually corner him in terms of the way he treats young girls. But she ended up sounding like she wants to be his friend, saying it'll just be a fun conversation. And the reason I guess she planned it two weeks away is to keep herself slightly relevant for that time. Now it's like she's a kid and he just told her he doesn't want to be her friend anymore. I think she saw being "civil" with him as a bigger platform for her YouTube rather than calling him out.

No. 268036

Tbh I think Onion could destroy her easily, he's better at maintaining a persona. I just see her getting stumped and cornered by him pretty quickly. She talks too much and leaves too much room for him to purposely misinterpret and spin her points. I did think it would be good though, cause maybe she'd move on after, especially if he embarrasses her. Hate him but yknow he is the better manipulater.

No. 268041

File: 1489314677435.jpeg (43.19 KB, 680x478, medium_a4b232611bae1117832ab8d…)

The debate….

No. 268063

Joy is the type of person that somehow always shows up to parties despite not being invited and not being wanted there. She's the type of person that shows up and everyone automatically goes, "god damn it, don't look now… guess who just came in?"

No. 268127

After watching her newest video on their conversation, they're both a mess, which is why I really want them to debate and even pay attention. A debate between them would officially be great after this and more of an example of how not to interact/how not to be on both ends than most of Joy's commentary (though she is right about several aspects of him). He only keeps himself somewhat sane or level by overemphasizing his ability to cut people out because they don't meet his standards, when he just ends up looking like he actually will split in half if someone has the chance to criticize him in a way he can't take over and rephrase. He is desperately insecure and I think Joy is right in this way that he is afraid of her or people like her. He is already an outcast/vulnerable/insecure/unstable and to take him seriously and give him this cheeseball "respect" and politeness is just asking him to stick to his favorite tactic of being cold or unemotional to control his life. Joy is being fake polite because she doesn't want that door to close. I think she does want to change the negative things he's promoted etc, but her overall needs are larger than that and nothing he does will right enough wrongs from Joy's societal criticism. Her goal is for them to be pals and for him to donate money and I believe if they debated and he pretended to be nice and was even slightly rational or calm, Joy would go on about it being such a success when she really is playing herself because she gets so fired up about the actual wrong things he's done and has good observations on them but then is unwilling to do that to his face…..the only way to beat him would be to stick to those things at all costs and forget the secondary (maybe verging on primary at this point) goal of making nice or being friends. There are legitimate issues to be pointed out from him and she had the chance to but trying to be sweet to him takes it to a realm of cringe that won't do anything. But a realm of cringe that I definitely need to see……

No. 268131

>I guess she planned it two weeks away is to keep herself slightly relevant for that time.

Well, she was right. She isn't relevant when there's no debate happening. Her other videos are either boring or weird.

No. 268157

Is the stream of her reading his comments on youtube? I missed that.

No. 268162


Never mind, she put up a new video reading them in annoying voices.

No. 268242

Sad day when I agree with Onision for once. He asked her to stop and yet she is still harassing him. Yet she flipped her shit when he mentioned Eugenia Cooney.

No. 268261

Completely agree with Onision in those messages. She is fucking insane.

No. 268345

Those DMs are basically what I think he would have said to her in the "debate" anyway. I don't think he ever intended to have a conversation with Joy the way he did with Jaclyn.

No. 268465

Look at how much she's tweeted about him today. Even his final cease and desist letter.

I hope he contacts the police.

No. 268476

Why is the YouTube "skeptic" community even entertaining this loon? I like Times and Jeff but the fact that they're even giving her the time of day officially pissed me off. This bitch is obviously insane. At least Jaclyn had the balls to admit that 40+ videos is ridiculous. I'm watching her liveshow right now and she's so smug it makes me cringe. I hope he drags her ass to court, the more this escalates the more her true colors come out.

No. 268487

hmm. I mean, I cannot stand Joy but it just occurred to me that for once Onision has met his match. Someone who uses people for views, is delusional as fuck, and obsesses over people who won't talk to her.

I guess that makes this kind of entertaining/interesting. We get to watch him react to a female version of himself in real time and drink all the milk that flows from that event.

So I think maybe a lot of them know she's batshit but enjoy the effect she's having on Onion.

No. 268493

Lol can you imagine?
"911, what's your emergency?"
"there's someone on the internet that keeps on making videos about me and commenting on the very private details I make available to the public. They've continued even though I sent them a counterfeit cease and desist letter. Also they're making my wife cry."

No. 268508

She's been streaming for like the past 2 hours on YouNow talking about him too.

This shitty bitch is dedicated, I'll give her that. Like >>268487 said, it's nice to see him squirm for once. Her craziness towards him is insanely entertaining imo.

No. 268535

The messages between them are so weird but the weirdest part is how she keeps mentioning that he has a family? I don't know why but that strikes me as so weird as if him being married is the inconvenience as to why Joy can't have the right debate stipulations….it's like she's guilting him for having a family in a weird way and I didn't believe she was obsessed with him until that…..anyone else rubbed this way by the "I get it, you have a family :)" or is it just me? Maximum cringe??

No. 268542

Oh my god I thought this but then decided it was a little too crazy. I think you might be right LMAO

No. 268545

>I hope he contacts the police.
a bit much don't you think? he's the one engaging with her. Greg's given her time and mentions when he shouldn't have. he's also on shaky ground having personally harassed Eugenia plus all of his exes. Joy is a complete mess of a person; see how flushed her face is with excitement at the Greg scoop she just got. if he was handling this at all right he would never speak to or interact with her, instead he's just played into the hands of someone who operates like himself.

No. 268560

Reading the DM's they sent between each other is so hilarious. Onision's basically right about Joy. Joy's basically right about Onision.

Onision is manipulative and probably capable of being a better person than he is now.

Joy is… a stalker.

No. 268566

Also her excessive use of smiley faces in combination with the visible avatar of a girl chopping onions with Onision's face on them is just so creepy.

No. 268593

File: 1489384083741.png (834.2 KB, 1600x663, weneedtotalkaboutjoy.png)

>Joy is… a stalker.
Idk why but this honestly had me remembering that one video by Eminem about his crazy stalker and I needed to make a shitty edit to really emphasize that.

No. 268640

I think it's probably more the fact that he can't stop bringing up his family when he's on the defensive and uses them as a shield whenever he's cornered.

It can also be interpreted as a dig, like "Yeah, you have a family that you keep hiding behind at your convenience and disposal, why aren't you spending time with them rather than bulling young girls online?"

No. 268670

all she does is comment on what onion is already putting out there, stop being pussies and calling it harassment

No. 268674


I don't mean an emergency call. To get a restraining order you can submit evidence and at least make the police aware of the situation in case it escalates.

What she's doing is harassment. It's not defamation when.it's non stop and so intrusive.

No. 268697


He releases information he should keep private out into the public domain, anyone is free to comment on what he chooses to release publicly… he also keeps contacting her, not the other way around.

I don't like Joy, but all she's doing is basically mirroring his own actions towards other people, they're just the opposite sides of the same coin.

No. 268702


Say your instagram, twitter, facebook or blog is public. Would you find it creepy if a stranger used that material to make endless content about you on a daily basis? What if they contacted everyone who ever appeared or was mentioned on it, no matter how briefly?

Even if you personally didn't mind the unwanted attention, you would have to protect the other people you know.

No. 268705

In her Onision message exchange video she claimed she 'almost died' six months ago.

In the last moment on younow she claims she was stalked / harassed by an assistant manager and dealt with the HR legal team so understands how this works.

You can't believe anything she says.

No. 268706

say some guy makes videos about the all the little things you do and say in the videos you make, tries to change the course of your life by raising an immature internet mob against you simply to make himself views/money, outright mocks you and surmises what you do behind closed doors.

say you made the mistake of getting involved with a creep for even a short time while you were younger and less wise, and to this day he makes videos garnering tens to hundreds of thousands of viewers that rake over the excruciating minutiae of how he considers himself right and you wrong? imaging he described your vagina to all those people?

Joy is exactly the stalker he deserves.

No. 268707

Onion isn't a special case, hundreds of celebrities deal with the same shit on a regular basis and they shrug it off and go about their lives… those are the consequences of being a public figure, the difference is between Onion and other celebrities is that they don't go spewing every private detail about their sex lives and fetishes, many of them don't spew offensive commentary about society in general and expect no backlash about it in return, and at the same time, demand respect for the shit they do.

By your logic, Azealia Banks should file a C&D against Rihanna for constantly taking the piss out of her for the shit she says publicly, it doesn't work that way.

Who really cares if Joy is equally as crazy as him, it's no skin off our backs.

No. 268709

Nono, by their logic. Greaseball is exempt of the same shit because, uhhh… I guess it's okay to monetize from making others miserable whilst making a public spectacle out of them when they've repeatedly contacted him to say not to do it.

Joy is perfect for him, I don't give a fuck about either of them (him especially) - I'm just here for the glorious milk.

The way some anons are reacting to her in here gives me the impression that they are actually Greasefans.

No. 268713

Yeah, Joy is a weirdo but Gerg is a million times worse than she will ever be.

This is payback for how he treated Skye, Shiloh, Billie and Adrienne.

No. 268760

wow her twitter is a hot fucking mess, she has really let this all get to her head and now she's acting like some celebrity because she's getting attention…

No. 268775

She posted a new video saying that she's not going to make any more videos about "an unnamed youtuber" because he sent her a legal document, and she decided she didn't want to give him any more attention… Sounds like she got spooked by the cease and desist, but she's trying to cover it up with some hippy dippy bullshit about being true to yourself. She said something like "I can continue to make videos about this person, but what purpose will that serve? I've said what I needed to say"… yeah, okay, 40-some videos later and NOW you're finally done, coincidentally right after he sent you that letter.

No. 268777

I still think they'll debate on the 26th, now that she's said she's done I think he'll change his mind that day and say he's willing if she is so he can totally control the circumstance, and she'll say yes because obsession

No. 268787

I've just watched her new video… whenever she mentions or alludes to him; she does spaz out like a fangirl. It's like she thinks extracting milk from a mentally retarded, popular YTer with no life merits other than being a total twat who just got lucky before the YT bubble popped; has fulfilled some kind of life goal for her… I think she actually adores the attention from him.

I find that a bit odd considering she's an adult herself, but I guess that just leads me to believe she's just as much of a manchild/womanchild as he is.

I don't like her, but I don't hate her either… there's nothing to hate her for really, she's just daft - but at least she's relatively harmless in comparison to her "nemesis" and that's all that matters really.

No. 268789


Her speculation on mental illness is genuinely damaging. In her last youtube moment she describes Onision as 'manic.' His behaviour doesn't follow the pattern of bipolar. Yet she claims it's wrong for people to speculate that Eugenia has an eating disorder.

No. 268791

Oh okay, I haven't watched any of her videos other than the few recent ones… I didn't realize she actually makes videos outside of commenting on his.

She sounds like a fucking idiot then.

No. 268868

Why are her tweets so badly written?? Is she just typing too fast? She is typing like she's drunk…I do believe she is truly ill/has brain fog but is she also drinking a lot??

No. 268893

looks like she's drunk jfc how long does it take to edit a fuckin tweet if you have "brain fog" JUST DON'T HIT ENTER IMMEDIATELY??

No. 268999

Spot on. She sounds mad too. All those views and ad revenue are going to go bye-bye now.

No. 269138

She uncannily looks like Skye at certain angles…

No. 269272


heard it's because Joy's very casual when she writes online. …I can believe that, since I have friends that text like that.

No. 269275

Well, MrRepzion made a video about it and gave her a sub boost.

Thanks Repzion, you fucking retard.

No. 269277


As did Andy Warski.

No. 269280

I think this sums up the dynamic between Joy and onion quite well. Good eye, anon.

No. 269282

>The way some anons are reacting to her in here gives me the impression that they are actually Greasefans.

Just because people criticize Joy doesn't mean they're fans of Grease. False dichotomy much?

No. 269284

I don't know if she got a sub boost. Either way it doesn't take long for most people to see what she's really about. Andy and Repzion know nothing about her, they just want to jump on Onion and Joy knows that.

No. 269318

I think anon is talking about the people in this thread who have actually praised him.

No. 269323

Isn't he legit retarded tho? Or just has the voice for it?

No. 269325

I'm pretty sure she was still hovering around the 12k sub mark over this weekend and she's now at over 14k. You're right though, once they actually watch her shitty content they'll nope back out.

No. 269415

I heard a few minutes of her livestream last night and she called her roommate Andy. He was Dominic a few videos ago.

Then she said she almost died 3 months ago. In the recent Onision message exchange she said it was 6.

No. 269457

feel free to correct me if i am wrong but here is an excerpt about "cyber stalking" from the DC code:

"To engage in a course of conduct" means directly or indirectly, or through one or more third persons, in person or by any means, on 2 or more occasions, to:
Follow, monitor, place under surveillance, threaten, or communicate to or about another individual;
Interfere with, damage, take, or unlawfully enter an individual's real or personal property or threaten or attempt to do so; or
Use another individual's personal identifying information.

Joy easily fits the first. Now if it were just a few videos, I can see it getting laughed out of court, but 40+ is a big deal, or at the very least it could be seen as such by a judge. I think that pornstar chick took Amber Walters to court for something similar and won? or at the very least got her to cease from making videos. law varies from state to state and i am not a lawyer or anything, but it sounds like he could get a case started. whether or not she is "perfect" for him aside, she has left herself wide open for him. he has planned this perfectly. I wouldn't be surprised if he entertained the thought of debating her just so she made more videos on him. she could be made an "example" out of. now I hate the dude. he is a manipulative trash bag with next to no redeeming qualities but you gotta remember that he might try to make this legal. courts don't give a single fuck about internet dramZ or that onision has made 14 (which pales in comparison to joy's 40) videos on someone not involved directly in the suit. he probably has grounds to sue and get it in front of the right judge and he could literally scare off anyone from making videos about him. she might just become his useful idiot. I don't know whether to feel bad for her or not but either way, there's a chance she is fucked.

No. 269464

You are so right. He will "win" this either way…to send the cease and desist was not a random or impulsive act. Now if she stops talking about him, he can show up for their debate the 26th and say she was too scared to come and he wins….but if she does, which I believe she will, he will not show up and say she's taken it way too far and is making more attempts to speak to him. He wins either way. The only way she could have used her in to expose him on some things would be to debate and have him have to answer to her solid points, but he and his ego would never have bent to her debate conditions. He never intended to be fair to her and now she can't win.

No. 269500

I can't wait to see this take a seriously dark(er) turn. eats popcorn

No. 269601

"hold on, operator, I need to put my wife on the line"
"Hello ma'am?"

No. 269603

tbh I think it's her trying to hammer home that he has a wife and two children and carries on like a stunted retard

No. 269608

yup. this. they've both truly met their match tbh personality wise. manipulative, obnoxious, two faced and fake, and it's a matter of seeing who can beat the other.

In this corner folks, we have Joy Sparkle, a simple woman of mormon background, the product of two very closely related parents, who is too good to work for anyone because you bet she deems bosses and work professionals as "manipulative" when they're just doing their jobs. Instead she stays at home, with her roommate Steven Hawking, continues to grow out that FLDS hair yet neglecting to condition it, and makes over 40 videos about a man she deems a monster online. Her incredible brains and brawn skip over the fact that her tactics mirror his - does she want to beat him into submission to marry him and produce 20 kids of her own, or does she want to steal his throne as Dickhead of the Internet? #TeamJoy

Aaaand in the other corner, Gregory AvaroeJacksonCucklord, who needs no further addressing. With his impregnation fetish, will he just turkey baste joy into silence? Will he chain her up in his luxury basement? Is she just too old for his attention? A true manipulative sociopath who is calling out the problems in a personality that mirrors his own. Can this powerhouse truly take her down? #TeamGerg

let the games begin!

No. 269617

The sheer excellence of this post, Anon! LMAO

From now on her roommate is Stephen to me.

No. 269636

As much as I hate gurg AND js, I am rolling at how he is getting a taste of his own medicine and she is doing exactly what she preaches is evil.

JS is just like him, a manipulative loon who exploits people for attention/$$$. I watched her video showing the DMs between them and you can tell she worded everything so carefully and positively because she KNOWS these will be shared to her followers and she is striving for kiki levels of LIGHT AND LOVE AND POSITIVITYYYYY.

It is really fake and shows how mentally unstable/self important she really is. If only she was actually smart, logical, and unemotional she could actually rip him apart easily. There is so much evidence against him and easy ways to pick apart every little trick he has (just as he does to others), but instead she just tries to look good and save face. It is so pathetic how she uses MUH ILLNESS as a convenient excuse/shield as much as he uses MUH FAMILY/LAINY CRY. It's hilarious that they are from the same batch of cray but don't want to see that about one another.

>mormon background
Not sure if I missed this but holy shit, is she? Because it would explain why she is so mental.

No. 269640

I'm not sure what Joy's goal is. How do you imagine she'd react if he killed himself?

No. 269826

Lol. Guester on her live stream is comparing Onision to Ted Bundy. How detached from reality are these bitches?

No. 269853


Oh, god.

No. 270024

haha glad you find it as funny as me. some people here have speculated she is but there isn't proof to my knowledge, i just really would be shocked if she didn't. from the hair to the detachment from reality to the baseless knowledge she has… ya know

No. 270050

You think JSBS is harmless? She's only been on YT for two months. I bet Onision didn't even cause this much shit in his first two months. Give her time. I'm sure she'll get there. Especially when the Onion drama goes stale and she starts getting even more desperate for attention than she is already.

No. 270110

Jesus fucking Christ. Her new video. I officially can't deal with her anymore. It's just -sad- at this point.

No. 270149

File: 1489597387468.png (157.36 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7193.PNG)

She sounds all positive in DMs with me too. Because that's how she is. I promise it's not fake. She's just a normal person who is calling him out of his abuse.

No. 270226

A normal person wouldn't need 50 videos for a point easily made in 1 or 2.

And acting nice all the time could still be a persona. But she's actually really manipulative if you're paying attention.

No. 270249

Just because someone appears nice doesn't mean that they are. She's a wolf in sheep's clothing.

No. 270252

Kind of pisses me off she's talking about him being depressed in her new video. It wasn't okay for him to talk about Eugenia's health but it's okay for her to talk about his? Hypocrite. She's showing her true colors. She doesn't give a fuck about anyone… she just wants those views.

No. 270363

Either you're living in a fantasy land or you're one of her sycophants. She couldn't be more transparently phony if she tried. Other youtuber's have called him out on his shit, done a much better job and without the ulterior motives.

You know you're fucked up when ONISION fucking tells you you need mental help.

No. 270460

He used to have a bad stutter after abuse as a kid. He doesn't stutter much now cause he worked on it but I guess it's left him with a weird sounding voice

No. 270567

She's been doing multiple live streams (at least 2) for like the last 3 days…

No. 270617

How was he abused?

No. 270621

I just popped into her livestream like 20 minutes ago and she's been doing nothing but read chat comments about someone awkward she's guesting and he literally said "isn't it getting late for you….?" not even someone who asked to be guested want some to stay it's been so cringey my cringe is satisfied for the next six months

No. 270622

*wants to stay

No. 270624

She is bullying him by saying he's attractive and keeping him on the stream. Why is she still streaming at this hour?

No. 270626

This is the exact brand of cringe I need. This is peak cringe. When I watch YouTube I look for the most unaware yet assertively brash personalities and want to see what happens when it plays out into the twilight zone and she has gained a swift monopoly of those factors shockingly quickly…..

No. 270628

All it took was 2 minutes to understand that she just isn't sane. For some reason the overenthusiasic, "HELLO LOVEBUGS" did it for me.

Also, seeing straight up her nose makes me want to die.

No. 270630

I have this disturbing feeling that she thinks she will be the next Oprah. I think that's her future in her mind.

No. 270633

Someone REALLY needs to make a compilation of all of her wildly arrogant claims or fake self-deprication "I have sung for thousands of people" "when you're famous, not saying I'm famous or anything, but you have responsibilities. Sure do." "I've dealt with hundreds of people in marketing, PR, the business world." "ive dated some gorgeous men. Yep. Very pretty men." "Even when I'm skinny, I'm still suuuuuper curvy."

No. 270634

>multiple live streams (at least 2) for like the last 3 days…
>"isn't it getting late for you….?"

Her growing list of "illnesses" are letting up so now she's spending all her time live streaming.

No. 270635

It probably won't be long until someone makes a video on her. But that's one of the reasons why she's trying to ingratiate herself to all these other youtuber's - she'll use them as back up to defend herself,at least the ones she's able to deceive.

No. 270636

I think she would claim to be able to do any job. I think she is delusional enough that if someone said "we need a doctor" on a plane she would part the crowd and say "I always knew I was the type who could have gone to medical school….I was the best in all of my science classes…I wanted to be a doctor my whole childhood…..as a matter of fact I was known for knowing all kinds of medical info and being on top of all of that kind of medical stuff….yep. I might still become a doctor, I helped my roommate become a doctor…..after my pop music career and also Onision tweeted that…" as the person dies

No. 270637

If this were the 1920s she would've been forcibly lobotomized.

No. 270639

Does anyone have caps of her and Onision's messages/the cease and desist letter?

No. 270644

they were posted in the Onision thread

No. 270652

New theory: roommates does exist, but that WASN'T him in the "roommate" video.

He probably offered her the spare room for a few days and she never left. Whenever she speaks to him, he probably just awkwardly smiles and nods, then gets the fuck out of the room as fast as possible.

Notice in some videos/the livesteam she seems to be in a room that looks like a complete pigstye, so obviously she's not even pulling her weight in terms of housework.

I hope Roommates gets sick of this shit and hits her with an eviction notice.

No. 270654

Not to mention that she referred to the YouNow issue resolution as "them" upgrading the internet, even though I bet she hasn't paid a fucking penny.

No. 270662

She said she got roommate the job he has now.

No. 270663

It's funny that it takes someone like Joy to realize Greg isn't the standard for crazy. There are people who are far more unstable than him.

No. 270667

His craziness isn't centered on instability, ….he's crazy in that he has to control everyone in his life an ends up driving those around him to chaos and then recoiling into claiming neutrality or fairness…..jsbs is not so planned and she doesn't think even one step ahead so she's never anticipated getting out of difficult situations like onion has…..yet her smaller difficult situation is 20,000 times as dramatic as far as shaking her to the core as any of onion's big ones…..her instability will grow with her channel exponentially

No. 270724

he was raped by a babysitter.

No. 270783

File: 1489678283954.png (677.11 KB, 1398x1680, 20170316_153056.png)

The lack of self awareness…

No. 270798

Yet she's always saying she's not a doctor and doesn't think it's right to try and diagnose someone through the internet. "I'm not saying he DOES have it, just really heavily implying that he does." She's so transparent omfg

No. 270821

I just had a thought—how can roommate even date or bring anyone over with her there?? I feel like she would be possessive over exes…..just like someone else who just made a whole video obsessing over exes

No. 270976

Oh god. I don't know how to feel about this person. I think I need to take a break from this thread.

No. 271023

I'm sure she has. Just like I'm sure that her dozen or so alleged illnesses are real

No. 271290

Now her twitter is all stupid memes and selfies from random attention seeking girls.

No. 271341

Hey. Smaller YouTuber here, been recently following this Sparkle girl and her obsession with Onision. Planning and researching for a major exposed video on my channel tomorrow hopefully. This place and all of you have provided an excellent research tool, so thank you in advance for that. I am going in hard on this one. Perhaps the largest phony I've seen online yet. She talks about being a female not to be fucked with - really, clearly she hasn't met Jamie Leigh Fischer. Time for her to get schooled. Openly asked to debate her but no response, I guess she is busy inserting herself in other people's lives to fulfill her lack of one herself - and then of course making money and seeking attention blaming others for her doings. This one is gonna be epic.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 271367

Why. Why make an "epic exposed" video? Why not just spill the milk.

No. 271388

>"snoop dogg is trying to assasinate the president of our country and nothing is being done about it!"
>that grandma eyeshadow and cakeface

don't make yourself into a lolcow.

No. 271392

She is one. Pretty sure she went to KF and EDF and made a fool of herself and now both of them have a thread about her.

No. 271397

>when the cows come to us

No. 271402

So then that means she wants threads made about herself. If we ignore it long enough, it'll just go away.

No. 271403

>>271341 research tool? okay. good luck with that

No. 271444

She's singing along to Josh Groban's "Broken Vow" on her YouNow. I actually can't stand this person, but I will give credit where it's due… she's got a decent voice. Josh Groban is one of my favorite singers and I was expecting it to be a massive train wreck, but I was actually surprised. If she'd just make videos with her singing, I'd be an actual fan.

No. 271445

JSBS is such a hypocrite! She is all buddy buddy with mrrepzion now because it benefits her channel. Even though he has made a video about Euginia. The same thing she is so pissed at onision for doing.

No. 271449

there's a difference between making a video on eugenia because you're concerned, and what greg is doing. JSBS is a tard but come up with good points please.

No. 271471

File: 1489777051606.png (63.9 KB, 640x507, IMG_8986.PNG)

This about sums her up

No. 271581


Uh, were we watching the same thing? It was cringey AF. Worth a watch for that reason if you missed it.

Also, everyone knows Awake is the best Josh Groban song. :>

No. 271687

Uhhh yeah self posting here is not gonna earn you any favor

No. 271724

I could honestly debate for hours on what song is JG's best (been a life long fan of his)… I don't think she has a great voice… but given that I was building it up to be absolutely horrendous, and the "vocal lessons" that preceded it, it pleasantly surprised me. It was not the ear assault I expected it to be. The fact that she thinks she's going to be the "highest singing woman" or whatever is fucking laughable though.

No. 271725

File: 1489800333175.jpg (114.73 KB, 946x1200, C7IYnbRXwAAPBZn.jpg)

Can you imagine if Onision retweeted shit like this? She would LOSE IT. She's starting to piss off her Christian followers. I can't wait to see her fake nice her way out of this. throws more popcorn in the microwave

No. 271778

File: 1489808099498.jpg (440.71 KB, 600x700, hello-my-name-is-inigo-montoya…)

I wonder how many past lives she's spent stalking Onision.

No. 271787

I hope onision files a restraining order against her. That shit is creepy. It would only work if done without her knowledge tho - if she found out it would just fuel her retardation.

No. 271808

I'm not generally a mean person….but HOW DOES SHE FIND THE PEOPLE SHE GUESTS. I've checked out of her actual videos but watching her guest and patronize painfully awk after painfully awk person is simply cream of the crop.

No. 271810

The girl she's guesting now….tell me you're watching now

No. 271814

At least this girl is just young. But to have someone on who is doing card readings and she is playing along doesn't make her look nice, but more like she will pretend along with anything to be liked…

No. 271816

she always says everything is "all good fun." But she is way too into being a leader of something even as a joke. I feel like if she actually gains any more popularity, she will believe her destiny as world ruler more and more. Something wicked this way comes.

No. 271877

File: 1489817805106.jpg (58.26 KB, 550x426, adolf_funny_rabbit_ears_The_fu…)

All in good fun, she says.

No. 272012

File: 1489833276331.png (1.09 MB, 1391x1883, 20170318_103347.png)

No. 272014

File: 1489833474125.png (158.76 KB, 1439x441, 20170318_103701.png)

No. 272039

i'm pretty sure that in order to get a restraining order the other person needs to know lol.. and be served the papers..

No. 272041

oh god why is she trying so hard to make edgy statements????? and also, now these channels are picking up on her. great. more attention is all she needs in that big grey head

No. 272324

Anyone else believe the "3 family members just died" video?

No. 272331

I don't believe it for a minute. She got a lot of hate for that stupid religious bashing video she did, so she's trying to elicit sympathy. Not very good at faking shock.

No. 272336

could she really be that crazy? I want to believe her because statistically drug abuse and poverty/rural midwest kind of go together so it doesn't seem impossible that her relatives could be on drugs. I don't want to believe she would make that up but honestly she gets crazier every single day.

No. 272337

She can't possibly be shitting so often that she can make daily YouTube videos and hours long YouNow streams, but can't get on a plane to go to a funeral.

Anyone who watches the YouNows - how often does she even take toilet breaks?

No. 272338

Monetized video too. Classy.

No. 272339

She goes afk to pee. Never seen her have to end a stream. I have crohns disease and making up shit like that for attention pisses me tf off. I cant even video with long distance relatives on bad days. She's fuckin lying

No. 272340

That's a very good point…is this just a hypochondriac tendency coming out to where she gives up on trying to go anywhere at the thought of an issue? She might genuinely feel more comfortable at home near her own bathroom. I do believe she has one or multiple health issues, but is consumed into crazy that will last beyond anything physical being a problem.

No. 272343

I wonder who her doctors really are and what they've said. I know it's none of anyone's business but if a copper IUD can actually do this much to someone, that needs to be explored. I've dealt with many doctors in holistic and standard medicine and it seems like one just one time speculated what the issue could be and she ran with it…I think she needs real help.

No. 272344

Is it really? Why would she do that?? She knows people will notice and can she really be making that much money from them???? wow

No. 272348

idk why I can't stop following this but she is so compelling to me because I feel like it will only get more and more dramatic. She is a unique YouTube case and she brings about soooo many questions. Everything from Kyathy to her medical issues to her tears to believing she's reincarnated, it's all just swirling with wtf.

No. 272352

I hope nothing tragic happens…she seems so unstable and I hope she returns to a normal life and can straighten out her life once her yt time is up

No. 272354

Yep. I didn't notice at first, but one brave soul asked in the comments why she'd monetize a video like this, and one of the people up her anus said it's probably automatic.

No. 272356

I'm not a fan but in a weird way I want to see her make a normal channel, wear some makeup, have a steady job, and just put out commentary videos like weekly. She is so off the handles that I want to see her problems solved and her drama calmed down. Her first few videos were not bad. She could still make the best of all of this by just taking a week off to take care of herself, deleting the crazy amount of Onision videos, reflecting and posting a new video in which she is rational and talking about something relevant. She's fully off the handles now and she should know better to bring it back to something normal. She sounded rational in her first few videos. She could become a pseudo drama channel and call people out in a normal way while focusing on improving her outside life and people would probably like her. I just watched her old videos and the difference between those and the recent ones is huge. She jumped on the attention without figuring out how to navigate a following way too soon. Idk why I really just want her to figure that out. I feel invested in her correcting this mess for the sake of everyone and herself.

No. 272359

Why does she have stans??

No. 272362

Like, as a group, who are they?

No. 272364

I'm not sure if I would be relieved or disappointed to find out she is a normal person and this is all an act

No. 272428

I saw a snippet of her YouNow in which she says something like "because of the situation with my family, it wouldn't be safe for me to attend the funerals anyway".

So now we have trailer trash druggie relatives to add to her list of issues. She's literally the Tommy Wiseau of YouTube.

No. 272637

Y'know… I dunno. Who finds out something tragic and flocks to the internet to share it with total strangers? Much less try to get money from it? Maybe days or weeks later… but the same day? What is WRONG with her? Is she THAT desperate for attention???

No. 272656


Nikocado Avocado recently. It's the Trisha Paytas School of Youtube.

No. 272681

No. 272683

I believe her story. I think if she was making it up it would not be so many people and so specific. She could have been super vague and still cried if she just wanted attention. I think it's weird to go right to YouTube, but I don't think even she would make this up.

No. 272688

Would someone still be considered taken advantage of, even if they had adblock on?

No. 272692


and haven't subbed to her Youtube channel? Or doesn't believe everything she says, but instead finds it amusing?

No. 272724

No. 272740

There's really low probability that's not it. Especially because she once said she had step siblings. Not trying to pry into her life but I wonder what state she's in if Missouri is a plane ride away, when she's still in the midwest. I would think most of it could be driven and I always assumed she was in Missouri anyway.

No. 272741

ugh, poor kids. fuck bad parents.

No. 272756

IF that is it and it's actually true… she said the kids were thrown from the car, no? The window in that photo isn't broken. Doesn't appear to be much damage to the vehicle. Still skeptical given all the shit she's been shady on. Could have just heard this news and decided to pretend they're her family. Actually knew someone who pulled that shit. If it's true and they were actually her family, then I feel sorry for her, but come on.. don't run to youtube and do that shit. If Onision had, she'd STILL be bitching.

No. 272766

No. 272778

You say there's not much damage to the vehicle but it's not up for debate that the article with the photo is true and it was enough damage to kill them…maybe she had a few details unclear from hearsay of sad relatives…I think it's gross enough already that she runs right to YouTube for a monetized video on it whether it's her family or not that we shouldn't try to investigate the tragedy ourselves…

No. 272789

Ugly ass bitch

No. 272791

Says the ugly ass bitch.

No. 272800

I might be wrong, but I don't think this is the same crash. In the snippet on YouNow I saw, I swear she mentioned a girl's name. Perhaps someone who watched her YouNow can verify?

Also I seem to remember she said the kids were ejected, also I'm pretty sure she said that another car hit them. This was a one-car accident.

No. 272802

That's the right article.

No. 272804

The stream is sappy.

No. 272808

It would be a very weird coincidence that two similar stories happened each involving drugs and two kids in the midwest, but it's definitely possible. I hate to accuse her of making it up because it's sensitive but then again maybe she did just modify an existing story. It's all very weird. But because she's being so open about it I'm starting to think she really does live for the drama and will use any small pain to create a big teary dramatic issue and any large pain to create a catastrophic thing all about her.

No. 272810

She needs to get some real friends in the real world. She is going to quickly realize that the internet isn't the friendly place she thinks it is. None of her fans care about her like she thinks they do. They just gush over her for validation that they were noticed by a youtuber.

No. 272812

JSBS is pretty crazy but I think this might be real even though she handled it in the worst way possible. She is sharing a link to a donation page for the family now but asking everyone not to mention her. So it is possible she just leached onto someone else's tragedy but I can't wrap my head around someone being that incredibly bat shit crazy. Even her. But who knows. People have done stranger things.

No. 272813

I think it's very real and is the right one…but I actually would have expected her to be more careful with personal matters than to exploit this. I know she's sad and tried to be vague but she wasn't vague enough. I don't think she would have wanted to add pain to her family or anything, but I feel like she should have known better. People can find anything online if you open the door even a tiny bit.

No. 272815

But even streaming now she's still exploiting it.

No. 272818

I think she latched on to someone else's tragedy and is now using it for sympathy. Probably why she doesn't want anyone mentioning her to them.

No. 272822


Seriously? That'd be crazy. Then again, Lolcows. Are. Insane.

No. 272823

She is lying about being in contact with them. She said she doesn't know anything about the funeral but someone told her there was a balloon release. The balloon release is in the updates of the donation page.

No. 272824

I kinda wanna donate and mention her, but to be honest that family is dealing with enough shit without her drama.

No. 272826

I really want someone to mention her on the page so it can come out that she's full of shit and has nothing to do with these people and never has. I want her fans to see her crash and burn and exposed for the liar that she is. Maybe that's just my being an asshole though

No. 272828

I wouldn't. Just seems wrong to be that crass at a time like this.

No. 272830

Whether she is connected to the real article or not is inconsequential when running to get views from a personal matter like that was not the way to go. However, in her defense, had she just tweeted out "family tragedy personal issue be back later" people would have never believed her. But not in her defense, I think she made the videos for attention and drama, not credibility of the story.

No. 272836

I would respect her more if she actually took a break from videos or streaming, but she's obviously not going to.

No. 272838

Yeah, totally agree, so I wouldn't do it. People who use stuff like this for attention gross me out though.

She retweeted a gif of an Amish wagon going off a cliff. That's something you do when you're really upset about relatives being killed in a car crash, right?

No. 272846

why were people saying that the kids werent ejected? it said in the article they landed in a neighbours yard (so they had to be thrown from the vehicle) and it said they werent using seatbelts… maybe its just the wording she chose your arguing with?

No. 272848


omfg what are they gonna do? shove a crack pipe in her mouth at the funeral and light while pinning her down to shoot heroin into her?

No. 272850

…Holy fuck, that's stupid.

Maybe Joy can tell the difference between an actual car crash and a fucking gif.

No. 272853

If you watch the video in the most recent article, you'd see the back window is broken out. It also mentions the balloon release.

No. 272868

Yeah. I was hoping it could be somehow done surreptitiously lol. Wishful thinking on my part. His best bet is to block her everywhere.

No. 272869

True. It's like she has some sort of messiah complex, along with whatever the fuck else is mentally wrong with her.

No. 272873

You'd have to be pretty dense to just go along with all the crap she says (makes up) about herself without questioning it. Most of her gullible fanbase are kids and teens.

No. 272878

>I think it's gross enough already that she runs right to YouTube for a monetized video on it

I'm not surprised. She's already taken her audience for fools anyway.

No. 272885

One of my family members punched another family member at a funeral. Really messed up families do messed up things. But I don't know why Joy is sharing this with the world tbh.

No. 272896


The children were ejected from the car in that crash. Both children and dad found on the front lawn.

No. 272900

File: 1489913864161.png (346.21 KB, 1439x1321, 20170319_085552.png)

No. 272902

She looks like a less attractive Weird AL

No. 272903

Saw a comment on one of her videos saying she looked like Princess Leia.

Carrie Fisher is fucking rolling in her grave.

No. 272929

As much as I dislike Joy's generally obnoxious youtube antics I think most of us here feel sympathetic towards her current situation.

Going to take a break from snarking.

No. 272993

Yeah, cat's out of the bag because you fucking let it out and can't keep your mouth shut. She's every bit as bad as Onision. I don't want to ever see her say anything about him sharing too much ever again.

No. 273007

Taking bets on how long it'll be before she makes another Greg video

No. 273023

Actually…after her new video…her sadness does not seem genuine. Maybe she's just tired but wants to convey how sad she has actually been but her solemn vibe definitely seems like acting. Painfully so. Maybe she is just making the video at a bad time but this video really rubs me the wrong way because she's bringing their names directly into it, why? Why not just post the link, say people found it, she's still navigating YouTube and feel free to help, bye. Recounting the whole story is not for the right reasons and does not come off that way. I know she might see huge youtubers sharing all the somber details of things not connected to them but this makes me cringe as much as Tana Mongeau and Channon Rose filming a dead body. Also, her saying she is shunned for being right and calling them out is beyond tacky. It's just so tacky.

No. 273024

She said keep it anonymous yet used their names when we did not already know the driver's name or his girlfriend's name…

No. 273027

She just called her family "trashy people" who put her in harm's way. Maybe they did and obviously they were not responsible and obviously she's angry about what happened, but it comes off so badly to say that.

No. 273032

Read upthread. The person who "diagnosed" her wasn't a medical professional in any way, shape or form. She has never been told by an actual doctor that she has copper toxicity (because she doesn't).

No. 273035

File: 1489942042204.png (58.97 KB, 195x112, joysbs.PNG)

I know I'm late to this party
But the whole "cult leader" vibes are pretty strong, and she's wearing a lot of white recently.
Maybe I'm reaching with that though.

No. 273037

lol yeah just taking the joke a liiiittle too far

No. 273041

This is what I'm thinking of too.

But even if she is telling the truth, she's a disgusting piece of shit trying to exploit the deaths of two children.

No. 273054

She said she reached out to the organizer of the page, if she was faking, it would mean that she did not and is now trying to hide her videos from them…would that be possible?

No. 273055

Instead of trying to start her own cult she should convert to Sicesca. That might get Daddy Onion's attention.

No. 273078

Still strongly believe she has no involvement with the family. Think she's using it for attention. Even if she does… STILL using it for attention and money. How the hell does anyone know the money she makes goes towards anything but her.

No. 273086

Saw she asked one person to send her the money and she'd donate it herself. What. The. Fuck.

No. 273088

Actually, the fact that she mentioned them by name in the new video weirdly supports your claim. And she brought up a very irrelevant anecdote about the man in the video, the children's stepbrother. I really want to believe she is connected because the real family has already gone through enough…but there is evidence that she's not, which she has to expect the speculations because she is milking it for views.

No. 273115

What the fuck? That can be said enough. I was really hoping she was going to use the money from the videos for the funerals or something. Guess i was hoping beyond hope. Fuck.

No. 273120

She's capitalizing on her "tragedy" by monetizing the video. She's so full of shit it's coming out of her ears.

No. 273123

>She named the female 'doctor' in the comments and gave her state. Linkedin lists her education history and there's no medical school.

Anyone have the name of the "doctor" she mentioned, or the video where she made that comment?

No. 273171

I'm interested too

No. 273518

Absolutely. I feel horrible for the kids who had to die a shitty death because of someone else's dumb actions, but I don't particularly feel sorry for her. She might be their aunt (step-aunt?) but she seems pretty removed from it all. Also her comments about who she tried to "speak out" to her family seems tasteless.

Interestingly, her "Family Tragedy Update" video has less than 5,000 views after 19 hours. Seems low.

No. 273527

>Do you have a paypal link that I can donate to instead?

>Joy Sparkle BS8 hours ago

>if u want u can send it to me and i can donate on your behalf? ill put it under your name on the site so u can see it. reach out to me joysparklebs@gmail.com hope u are doing well

Sounds legit. I checked the 1st "family tragedy" vid yesterday and there were no links. The update vid posted the next day has links to youcaring and… wait for it… this link >>272724 anon posted yesterday.

So she got a lot of shit for those religious videos and now this?What timing. Also the fact she doesn't want her name mentioned to the people involved in this accident… nope, nothing fishy there.

No. 273607

No. 273672

I think she most likely is related to those boys like she said, but I think the reality is that she isn't close with them at all, and probably hasn't seen the boys much (if at all) throughout their lives. That would explain why she doesn't want the family to know about her, maybe she's afraid they would call her out for mourning the boys because she wasn't close to the family? Just a theory.

No. 273679

Wow, so I've always pictured Joy as someone who sort of got lucky off the first Onision video and just happened to get a lot of traffic. As it turns out she "accidentally" spent $200 promoting it! I don't know much about adsense at all, but now things with Joy make a lot more sense…

No. 273687


No. 273724

She says in her latest video that she posted today, the "20 thousand subs and donations" video. She talks about how she "accidentally" spent 200 dollars promoting her video…I don't have adsense, but that just does not sound plausible.

No. 273734

She has a new video. Doesn't seem the slightest bit upset at all. I don't know… when I lose a family member, I don't just sleep on it and I'm laughing and shit the next day. Even more sketchy.

No. 273737

Watch a few of her videos. Every time she says "I'm a small channel" take a shot. See how long it takes you to get alcohol poisoning.

No. 273739

Knowing that she paid 200 dollars to promote her channel, whether it was an "accident" or not, just really rubs me the wrong way simply because of her "lil ole me? how did this happen? I'm so shocked!" act she puts on…

No. 273902

Riddle me this : Is it not suspect that she named everyone except "the girlfriend" - who just so happens to not be named in any article?

No. 273947

File: 1490058786539.jpg (109.45 KB, 750x510, IMG_6833.JPG)

This a post on FB by a family member of the boys Joy claims to be loosely related to…is it just me or does it seem that the family wouldn't want the details broadcasted or give such permission that she claims to have received? Especially when she referred to her family as "white trash" and claimed that the father was high and drunk at the time of the crash. JSBS also claimed the boys died in the arms of neighbors, whereas the news says they died at the hospital (which has been publicly posted about by family).

No. 273955

She's lying about knowing these people.

No. 273962

the news report says the guy was inebriated and that the boys had no safety restraints (i.e. it was neglect). despite Joy's many shortcomings she has not lied about this aspect of the story as far as it appears.

No. 273973

Agreed, I'm not saying she lied about that part, but it's easily attainable from news stories. I'm saying she got a detail wrong, saying that the boys died in the arms of neighbors, whereas everything else said they died at the hospital. Also, the person that made the post pertaining to people being on soap boxes was one of the people accepting donations for the boys' cremation. I'd like to believe that (although I think she's fake as fuck), she would have the decency to not lie about this. However, I found her very detailed videos in poor taste, especially after seeing that post made by a real family member of the boys.

No. 274009

that level of exaggeration and embellishment is not uncommon in fucked up people/families. I have been on the fence with whether Joy is lying or not but the post at >>273947 is suggestive of Joy really being related.

No. 274121

Oh my goodness. This is sad. Whatever happened that caused the deaths has nothing to do with Joy and no self-righteous thing she says can bring them back. I get that she's emotional about it and angry if it was negligence and that's warranted, but for her to positively run with the story and in the same breath as honoring the boys broadcast negative things about the whole family and her personal fights with them is really such an immature faux pas. The boys killed were part of that family, and in the spirit of honoring them it feels wrong to cast off the whole bunch and paint them in any kind of light. For Joy to bring up her own petty conflicts with other family members as if someone is keeping score and even begin to mention how she tried to intervene or they hate her and shun her warrants that Facebook soap box comment. It's just not the time when the focus should be the boys. Even had they been intentionally murdered, a sane person respects the lives of the victims and comments very separately on the killer, but the focus of her mentioning it really seemed to be to make sure the world knows she was right about the situation. This is not the time to fight and completely not the time to make videos about it and I agree with whoever posted that.

No. 274122

I've watched quite a few JSBS videos and livestreams, she's interesting to watch and I agree with some things she says but I have some serious issues with what she says about her illness, birth control, antibiotics and medicine in general. I don't necessarily blame her for being misled by the naturopath about copper toxicity from an IUD being what's wrong with her but since she prides herself on critical thinking and sorting out bullshit she could do some actual research on it and find out for herself there's no evidence for it, there isn't enough copper in an IUD to cause heavy metal poisoning & the only people who think it's real are a few scattered individuals with no medical or scientific training and are likely prone to self-diagnosis & hypochondria. So many of her viewers are young girls and I hate to see her spreading misinformation to them like that. It was even brought up in a livestream that nearly all her symptoms could be explained by anxiety disorder, which she admitted she has and tons of people in the chat were telling her the same thing but she pretty much just dismissed what we all said. She claimed because her resting heart rate isn't sped up she thinks it's something more serious…like it just can't be something so ordinary & nonfatal.

As for the videos about the deaths being monetized, in her livestream someone pointed it out to her and it seemed like she didn't know about it. She said she was going to turn off the ads and apologized saying she forgot her videos were set to monetize everything automatically. However, her fans insisted she turn the ads back on so she could use the money to donate to the family's fundraiser. She added an explanation and a link to it in the description box of the second video. Even if the speculation she isn't related is true she did do something good by calling attention to the fundraiser for the burial expenses to raise money the family would not have gotten otherwise. I do, however, believe she is related to those kids. She seemed genuinely broken up about it. I don't really fault her for making videos about it either. While it might be a strange reaction to you everyone grieves differently, there's no right way to do it and she has admitted repeatedly she doesn't have many friends she can to talk to IRL, like many channels she probably uses YouTube for therapy.

To the person that said she was making up the part about the boys dying in the arms of the neighbors I read an article where they interviewed a neighbor that helped after the crash. She said she was a certified nurse so she was trying to help the most injured boy by removing the blood from his mouth but his injuries were just too severe. It doesn't say when or where the boys died but this is probably what JSBS was referring to when she said someone was "with the boys as they died"….she actually didn't say they died in the neighbor's arms as you claimed.

The only other issue big issue I have is how disorganized her videos are. It looks like she tried to listen and shorten them a little bit when people told her she doesn't need to make 20+ minute videos saying the same thing over and over. However, she's still repetitive as ever and it still comes across as manic ranting.

Since she says she reads this thread, Joy please take this as constructive criticism not hate, as you can see I have tried to approach this as fairly as possible, defending you in some places, calling you out in others. I know you aren't perfect and I won't always agree with you but sometimes you need a kick in the butt to realize where you need to improve.

No. 274126

I agree I watch her channel too but geez the girl needs to learn how to edit her videos into something more concise and watchable. So many people have tried to tell her she needs to do this but she still seems to think the majority of her fans prefer her making video after video of repetitive long-winded verbal diarrhea…no, they just tolerate it.

No. 274127

I've looked at a couple videos and haven't seen any mention of her doctors name in the comments.

>all the real doctors said she just had anxiety.
I did see that comment in the "watch me cry on camera for views/I don't want to die" video. I haven't seen any mention of her doctor though.
Next time you make statements like that, link to sauce or mention where you found it.

No. 274130

She specifically said not to mention her name to them too - how fucking obvious can you get? Some people readily believe whatever comes out of her mouth, apparently. Most of them are kids though.

No. 274131

That post does suggest she is related and her family is not happy with her, which is what she's been saying. When she makes videos it's usually all in one take, spilling out anything on her mind in one long rambling diatribe and doesn't edit out any of it. I'm not surprised she would go from talking about the boys to talking about how irresponsible the parents were and how angry she is, sure it's not the most respectful thing to air family grievances like that, but it is kind of understandable considering she had a lot of pent up emotions and nowhere else to vent them.

No. 274157

I've saw only two or three videos that are not monetized. She is a full out liar. I can't believe 20K people sub to her.

No. 274162

She didn't say that, she said she didn't want to profit off videos about Onision exploiting minors or abusing his exes..so she has the videos where she talks about those things unmonetized even though they are the most watched videos on her channel. Not sure what name you think you are coming up with when you google search "Joy sparkles BS" which is very close to her channel name but not it…but I didn't find her real name that way. Show proof if you have what you say you have.

No. 274165

It also makes her a hypocrite. She was so critical of Greg sharing private information about his exes even after they asked him to stop yet she does it with her family, calling out the guilty party by his full name name then telling the internet he's an irresponsible druggie who caused the death of his kids while another family member posted on Facebook for her not to disparage her step brother while they were still worried about burying the kids.

No. 274169

>calling out the guilty party by his full name name then telling the internet he's an irresponsible druggie who caused the death of his kids
>while another family member posted on Facebook for her not to disparage her step brother while they were still worried about burying the kids.

Are you basing this all on what she's said in her videos? I've yet to see any verifiable evidence proving she's actually related to the people who had this accident.

No. 274170

>That post does suggest she is related
No, it really doesn't. As if this entire thing here
>>273527 doesn't just raise more questions.

No. 274173

don't put anything in the name, email or subject fields

No. 274174

I guess I meant 'suggests to me'. I didn't mean it to sound like others have to follow that. I'm keen to know more.

No. 274178


I get where you're coming from, it reads the same to me. Like Joy is a distant cousin who didn't personally know the boys but feels the need to act so distraught and preachy about the whole situation

No. 274181

Sorry, it was a bit confusing. I was replying to post >>274131 who referenced the facebook post from an actual family member shown here >>273947
The way the facebook post is worded shows they are probably talking about her and it suggests she is related but they are not happy she wasn't respectful of the situation by sharing personal information. She says she got permission from a different relative, the one who created the fundraiser, to talk about the boys and to give the link for the fundraiser, he probably didn't say she could talk shit about their dad and give out his full name. Yes, that information is public if you do a google search but in was in extremely poor taste to repeat it in her video.

No. 274184

Why do you think this is sketchy? She offered to help someone who tried donating to the family's youcaring page but they couldn't get it to work. She said they could PayPal it to her and she would donate it for them posting their name & amount to it so they could see it went thru on the donation page…unless they complained she didn't follow thru and didn't show proof she made the donation, I don't see the issue here. It just sounds like she was trying to be helpful to me.

No. 274191

"Like Joy is a distant cousin who personally didn't know the boys but still feels the need to act distraught and preachy"
The family member's post >>273947
does pretty much say they are upset she feels the need to act so preachy and better-than-thou but it doesn't allude to her not knowing the boys. She has said she is estranged from this family now, but she hasn't always been. These would be her step brother's kids if I am understanding correctly. She said she had previously spoken out about them being neglected and was shunned for this. I'm thinking she's mainly distraught out of guilt for herself for not involving herself in their business even more, not because she was super close to those kids.

No. 274207

Honestly, this post could be about anyone or anything. The adults in the crash are getting reamed for pretty much killing the two boys, and rightfully so. Of course the family of the adults want to defend them and tell people "don't judge we all make mistakes~" I still stand by the fact Joy is lying.

No. 274305

The hand flailing when she talks has got to stop. Jesus christ.

No. 274322

As much as I've had to say about Joy, and I've contributed quite a few posts here, I completely understand her talking about the parents negligence and her feelings about it. Those of you defending the parents or saying that Joy wasn't right to do that, that's ridiculous. If you make incredibly stupid and reckless decisions and get your children killed, you deserve to be talked about. I'll repeat that, they DO NOT deserve respect or privacy after what they did. So as much as you dislike Joy, you guys can stop right there with that mess.

No. 274326

I don't think anyone defends what the parents did, they were stupid, selfish & negligent. I think the issue was it wasn't so much about their privacy but the rest of the family's. They are going thru enough right now without people on the internet tracking them down to ask questions because of her.

No. 274363

Actual LOL at her new video. I know she can't win either way because people want her to stop talking about Onision, but her new YouTube restriction video is such fake outrage it makes me feel like the only thing she truly is passionate about is Onision.

No. 274463

Hey if you want to give your money to strangers online (i'm not talking about the actual people killed or hurt in the accident), you go right ahead, anon.

No. 274470

>Honestly, this post could be about anyone or anything.
>I still stand by the fact Joy is lying.
Exactly. Some people are acting like they know for certain that Joy's telling the truth about being a relative. Well where's the evidence? There is none. So any speculation regarding her word(s), is just that.

No. 274480

>They are going thru enough right now without people on the internet tracking them down to ask questions because of her.

Anyone with a little sense would've known that would happen, and yet for some reason she chose to make a video about it.

How anyone is fooled by Joy's obvious phoniness is beyond me. For the most part, her comments section is filled with criticism and people saying how transparent she is. Of course she just ignores that. There's a smattering of sycophants but their support of Joy is predicated on their hatred for Onision.

No. 274641

That doesn't mean I'd give her money. I just think she wasn't trying the scam the person who asked for help….they approached her not the other way around.

No. 274721

I wonder how Joy could afford to spend $200 promoting her first video. She said she did it "accidentally," but since I don't believe that I'm wondering why she acts so surprised she has so many subs when she advertised?

No. 274769

Although she claimed the whole thing was "accidental" I don't believe that either, she purposely went on Adsense and paid off an old balance precisely so she could start ads for her first video. She might not have intended to spend that much on it however, I don't think she had the $200 to spare, she said she was living solely off her savings at the time.

No. 274848

The people in her comment section are such cucks

No. 274978

I "accidentally" spend $200 all the time, anon.

No. 274982

>I just think she wasn't trying the scam the person who asked for help
The person asked for a paypal link to donate to, Joy replies with "send it to me", a perfect stranger with no guarantee she'll do what she says she'll do, and you see nothing odd or questionable there? If that's the case, I have a bridge to sell you. On top of that, there's no evidence proving she's related to the victims.

No. 274984

>I wonder how Joy could afford to spend $200 promoting her first video.

How does that even work? What I mean is, what happens after you spend money to promote your channel? How/where is it promoted, is it like a marketing sort of thing?

No. 275067

>The person asked for a paypal link to donate to, Joy replies with "send it to me", a perfect stranger with no guarantee she'll do what she says she'll do

The person was trying to donate to the family's youcaring fundraiser using Paypal but couldn't get it to work so they asked Joy for help. She told them if they sent it to her she would post it to the donation page with their name. This is checkable, the youcaring page has a public list of the amount of each donation and the name of the person who donated. If Joy didn't make the donation as promised the person who gave her the money would know, they wouldn't see their name and donation posted to the youcaring page. There would be an incredible amount of backlash if the person went on to complain Joy kept their donation, I really don't think she would totally ruin any credibility she still has over $5 or $10.

>there's no evidence she's related to the victims

In this case it doesn't really matter if Joy is related to the family or not because she would be publicly posting the person's donation to a verified youcaring fundraiser page, it's not like she promised to Paypal the money to an unknown family member with no way to check if it happened or not. This person came to her not the other way around.

No. 275079

L O L in her new video about the Faith Kids, she references URBAN DICTIONARY to define something and said "nig nog" is "what black people call egg nog" and says it completely seriously…..she actually does not realize what word the "nig" comes from…..she is so unaware this is absolutely hilarious that's the only thing online I even need to see today……

No. 275099

Wow, she really believed Urban Dictionary when it says "nig nog" is what black people call egg nog & didn't realize it's just a derogatory joke? Maybe she doesn't understand how Urban Dictionary works….but if you are going to cite a source in order to prove someone else wrong you need to look into how reliable the source is before you trust its accuracy…otherwise you might look stupid.

No. 275102

what the actual fuck.

No. 275142

The original use of nig nog is a derogatory slur meaning a foolish person…it comes from two shortened words nig = n-word and nog = noggin meaning you have the mind of a black person, so you are dumb & foolish like black people are. (I don't think this, just defining the word.)

Even if MrRepzion meant the word in the worst possible way it doesn't matter, it's still not illegal. He can be racist if he wants, it's his reputation at stake, not the Faith Kids. They have no legal grounds to go after him for it no matter how much it hurt their feelings. Suit Yourself made a video response "Suit vs Nig Nog" and not only did he use the word in the title, he repeats it about a dozen times throughout the video just to ridicule them.

Joy Sparkle BS tried to explain why it was dumb to threaten legal action for using the word but didn't quite succeed. She was too busy trying to excuse MrRepzion's use of the word as not racist when that wasn't the point. She claims it used to be a racist slur but isn't now…based on what? The Urban Dictionary definition? LOL

No. 275149

Joys defense of the word nig nog really hurt her credibility, to thinking people anyway. Just goes to show she isn't as impartial and rational as she tries to make herself out to be. Also, it's CLEARLY ingratiating, which lend credence to theories that her intent isn't to the higher ideals she states, but just good old fashioned self-promotion. Good job!

No. 275156


youtube whore here. there's an option for youtubers to promote their videos. it happens over a 2 week period and you can allot a certain amount of money to spend on promotion per day. youtube promises a shitload of views depending on how much you up the price per video. i've implemented this system a few times with a few of my videos (with my own earned money) and it's worked out pretty well.

Joy may have just allotted $15 per day, not realizing it was locked in for a 2 week period. that may be how she 'accidentally' spent money.

sage for blog and speculation

No. 275216

She totally missed the point, Faith Kids has no legal recourse against MrRepzion using a slur, no matter how racist it, is in relation to a fictional animated character. She didn't need to defend his use of it…which does look a bit like ass-kissing from my view.

No. 275562

>which does look a bit like ass-kissing from my view.

A bit? She's constantly struggling to ingratiate herself. It's so obvious.

No. 275571

>In this case it doesn't really matter if Joy is related to the family or not
Wait a minute, so it doesn't matter if she's related even though she claims to be a relative? It doesn't matter - to YOU - if she's lying, in other words? The youcaring page she links to can be found at this link >>272724

She didn't have to know these people personally to find their youcaring page. I have no reason to believe at this point that she's telling the truth.She's just sobbing on camera for views.

No. 275590

She had credibility? JoySparkles is an obsequious, pretentious little howler monkey.

No. 275598

She's way too bothered by people thinking she's not really related to those kids. I don't doubt she is related now, but I don't think those kids would have the first clue who the fuck she was.

No. 275604

>I don't doubt she is related now
Based on what?

No. 275612

>there's an option for youtubers to promote their videos.
>you can allot a certain amount of money to spend on promotion per day.
>youtube promises a shitload of views depending on how much you up the price per video.

How does your video get promoted? You're basically paying for marketing?

No. 275621

You missed my point entirely. I wasn't saying it didn't matter at all if she was lying nor was I saying it didn't matter to me if she was lying about being related.
What I was actually saying was IN THIS SITUATION she didn't NEED to be related to be able to donate to the family's youcaring page on that person's behalf because they'd be able to check to see if she donated or not. They didn't need to just trust Joy's word she did it, they could verify for themselves she did on the donation page….so in this case only, it doesn't matter if she was lying about being related because the family would still get the money regardless. This has no bearing on whether it matters if she's lying about it period, that's a separate issue.

No. 275632

She gave out the name of the driver before any of the articles did.

No. 275634

>What I was actually saying was IN THIS SITUATION she didn't NEED to be related to be able to donate to the family's youcaring page
>it doesn't matter if she was lying about being related because the family would still get the money regardless.

Sophistry. I didn't "miss" anything. It doesn't matter if she's lying? It doesn't matter if she's deceiving 1000s into believing she's had a personal "family tragedy"? lol. And their views give her money, so YES, her making money off of a lie IS relevant. It's not a separate issue at all.

We don't know if she'd do what she says she'll do, and at this point that looks less and less likely.

No. 275635

Where, which video?

No. 275636

File: 1490245117592.jpg (Spoiler Image, 22.9 KB, 275x187, 1490058786539.jpg)

This was written by a real family member & seems to be some of the strongest evidence so far. Although they don't specifically name her as who they are referring to, she was doing precisely what they are describing - throwing rocks, pointing out the shortcomings of the parents and acting like a "better breed" than them. "We all loved the boys" heavily implies they are including the person they are talking about as someone who also loved the boys. Of course, they could be referring to someone else here but it is a strong correlation to her actions.

The other evidence, if you believe this person, was in one of Joy's livestreams one
of her subscribers/online friends verified she was shown the DMs of the conversation Joy had with the organizer of the fundraiser, the boys' older brother, and said the conversation directly referenced their relation.

No. 275637

That's not evidence. Speculation = tinfoiling.

No. 275647

You are still missing my point. That wasn't what I was saying at all, not even close. How many ways do I have to explain this? I was NOT saying it doesn't matter if she's lying about being related in order to make money or get views or that her lying about it period isn't wrong. I was saying her lying about the relationship wouldn't affect whether or not the family got the money that ONE person asking for help was trying to donate. The youcaring fundraiser was verified and made by the same person mentioned in the article, it has a public list of the names of everyone who donates and the amount so the person. If she kept that one person's money they wouldn't see their name posted among the donators and would be able to call her out for it. I am saying even if she was lying to get attention or whatever there is a way to verify if she made the donation on that one person's behalf. What I am saying only applies for this one situation, this one time, where one person asked her to send their donation to the youcaring page for them because they couldn't do it themselves. It does not apply to her lying about being related in general for whatever reasons.

No. 275658

>That wasn't what I was saying at all, not even close.
I only quoted what you said and replied to that. I know the youcaring page keeps a list of donators. If we're going to hyperbole, what if Joy just blocked that person so they couldn't call her out on her channel?

You're assuming Joy's being truthful about donating the money to that family when her honesty is already dubious at best. Regardless whether or not the donor name can be verified on the youcaring site, it's still idiotic to take Joy at her word.

No. 275660

Jamie Leigh Fischer aka "cake face" has been practically foaming at the mouth trying to get a debate with Joy, it looks like she's trying to start internet drama with her to get a boost in her subscribers (she's been posting videos on YouTube for 5 years and only has 1,568 subscribers.) She saw how fast Joy's channel blew up from the Onision drama so she's trying the same thing with Joy. Joy said in her livestream Jamie is nutty & mentally unstable so she won't debate her because "you can't argue with crazy." Jamie does seem like she has some screws loose but kettle, black.

Jamie's video "exposing" Joy was just a bunch of pointless random clips of Joy interspersed with Jamie sullenly staring at the camera in silence. Not sure what point she was trying to make…whatever it was it failed miserably. She followed it up with a long rambling response video wearing a white wig with a halo (because she's an angel) demanding a debate with Joy. OK lady, Joy thinks you are unstable…

No. 275668

>what if Joy just blocked that person so they couldn't call her out on her channel?

She wouldn't be able to shut that person up entirely. There are lots of ways the person could speak up, they could complain about it here for one thing. They could mention it on her YouNow. Sure they might get immediately banned but they can just make a new account & do it again until someone notices & brings it up. They could contact any of the numbers of other Youtubers who would do a video about it….word would get out.

This person never actually sent her any money anyway so this entire thing was hypothetical. The only money Joy is actually getting that she promised to send to the family is the ad revenue from the two videos she made about the tragedy. It's not going to be a large amount of money, those 2 videos put together have just under 26,000 views right now. There's no way for her to prove she's going to donate yet but she could show a screenshot of the receipt after it's done.

No. 275672

>she could show a screenshot of the receipt after it's done.

She would need to at this point, no one will take her at her word. I think she addressed this at one point saying if she posted donation receipts people would say it's tacky & classless….well would you rather be called a liar or tacky? There's really no contest there.

No. 275677

Who is this Jamie chick anyway? It seems like she just randomly popped up and inserted herself into it out of nowhere ( kind of like Joy vs. Gergle, lol ).

No. 275680

At least Greg was soliciting his haters for debates…a channel with so few subscribers shouldn't expect a channel over 10 times your size to accept a debate just because you demand one. Sure you can ask, they might accept if you are nice, but you can't just talk a bunch of shit and expect them to do what you say.

No. 275794

in a sense, yes. the promoted video is inserted into a more searchable algorithm and shows up more in the related video section. Joy's first vid that was linked in one of onion's threads has over 100K views and she may have helped boost that number with the promo option.

No. 275952

>Joy said in her livestream Jamie is nutty & mentally unstable so she won't debate her because "you can't argue with crazy." Jamie does seem like she has some screws loose but kettle, black.

Top fucking kek. Apparently Joy's never looked in the mirror.

No. 275959

>This person never actually sent her any money
>The only money Joy is getting that she promised to send to the family is ad revenue from the two videos she made about the tragedy.
There's no way of verifying either of those things. She could show a screen shot, but that's as likely as her not lying that she's related in any way to the victims. Christ what an opportunist she is.

>I think she addressed this at one point saying if she posted donation receipts people would say it's tacky & classless…
Did she really say that? lol. She's just taking advantage of the mentally handicapped at this point.

No. 276058


>The only money Joy is getting that she promised to send to the family is ad revenue from the two videos she made about the tragedy.

>There's no way of verifying either of those things.

Let me clarify then. As far as I know the only money she has publicly promised to give to the family is the ad revenue from the 2 videos….I don't know what she told individuals.

No. 276098

What really makes me question she's telling the truth is why she is still requesting people not mention her in the donations if she already talked to the fundraiser's organizer? Wouldn't it not matter now since the family already supposedly knows she made a video asking people to donate?

No. 276110

Nothing she says about herself adds up, nothing. All she does is try to make idiotic jokes about it like she did with her "roommate reveal". It's so easy to see how full of shit she is.

No. 276111

This entire thread is pretty much just speculation about her character. None of you know for sure if she's telling the truth, lying, or some combination of the two. If it doesn't hurt anyone isn't it best to just give her the benefit of the doubt until you know for sure either way? Maybe I'm just an optimist but I wouldn't want to just automatically assume the worst about someone especially if no concrete evidence damning them exists. Yes, some of her actions have been sketchy but no one reacts perfectly to every situation.

No. 276113

>give her the benefit of the doubt
If you want to give her "the benefit of the doubt" when she raises more questions than answers, go for it. Most people aren't so gullible.

No. 276115

Thanks anon. Much obliged.

No. 276122

>If it doesn't hurt anyone
Bullshitting thousands of people/crying on camera for views, is a victimless crime lol.

No. 276124

I don't see it as being gullible rather just hoping the best of someone. If the outcome doesn't affect you either way (because all you are doing is watching videos) does it matter if it's bullshit? Now if for some reason you wanted to give her money, then yes, it's probably best to err towards caution and not do that.

No. 276134

And before any of you bring up her getting money from ads, so what? That doesn't affect you any differently than any other YouTuber. Good for her for figuring out a way to earn money by entertaining people. If it really bothers you so much adblocker is a thing.

No. 276140

I sort of agreed with you at first anon but the way you keep pushing it makes me suspicious.

No. 276142

Lol, ok. All I did was reply back. The second part was kinda an afterthought that I probably could have icluded with the first post but didn't think of it till after I hit enter. Not everything is a conspiracy or whatever you were implying.

No. 276175

>I don't see it as being gullible rather just hoping the best of someone.
>If the outcome doesn't affect you either way (because all you are doing is watching videos) does it matter if it's bullshit?
If you fail to see all the questions she's raising with her own actions/behavior, then you are very gullible.

If she's claiming something is true when it's not, does it matter? Does it matter if she's lying to thousands of people and turning a profit while doing it? Is water wet?

No. 276234

I never said her behavior isn't questionable, she's said and done some awfully strange things that could lead one to assume she's being less than honest. Regardless, I was just suggesting not jumping to conclusions based on speculation. Being in the public eye has people overanalyzing every little thing she says to see if she can be caught saying something stupid, morally repugnant or deceptive. If you are filtering her words and actions through a negative bias it's easy turn something innocent into something that's not…you've never misspoke or meant something one way only to have someone else take it completely differently?

I'm still not sure how it affects you in any way if she really is lying to people on the internet for money. If all you are doing is watching her videos, how is it harming you personally? Sure, there are gulliable people out there who will happily give money to anyone with a good enough story but it's their responsibility to be more careful with their pocketbooks. You don't need to be outraged on their behalf, especially since you don't know for sure if that's actually what's going on, it's still just assumptions and speculation at this point.

No. 276251

>I sort of agreed with you at first anon but the way you keep pushing it makes me suspicious.

Lol, if you are thinking this is Joy defending herself look at Joy's Twitter you'll see anon sounds nothing like her. Joy comes across like a semi-illiterate 12 year old, the way anon communicates is beyond her skill set.

No. 276256

>Sure, there are gullible people out there who will happily give money to anyone with a good enough story but it's their responsibility to be more careful with their pocketbooks.

Victim blaming? I assume you think little old ladies that fall for scams are to blame too and not the scammers that are taking advantage of them.

No. 276257

Not victim blaming, just saying you aren't responsible for protecting them from themselves. Others might see the same behavior but interpret it very differently. Who's to say which interpretation is right if there isn't concrete evidence one way or the other? If it becomes 100% proven Joy did something dishonest then sure, warn others all you like, but it still probably won't do a whole lot. Policing the internet is a futile exercise if you have no way of enforcing your ideals.

No. 276259

Um, thank you? I know you meant it as a dig at Joy but I could also interpret it as sort of a compliment to myself, not that being more skilled than a semi-illiterate 12 yr old is a lot to brag about.

No. 276277


> If the outcome doesn't affect you either way (because all you are doing is watching videos) does it matter if it's bullshit?

> If all you are doing is watching her videos, how is it harming you personally?

> Not victim blaming, just saying you aren't responsible for protecting them from themselves.

Uh, are you lost? Do you realize what site you're on?

It's pretty funny that arguments Onision made defending himself are being used for Joy.

Also, I read all those posts in Joy's voice. lol.

No. 276332

>Uh, are you lost? Do you realize what site you're on?

Of course I do, just because I hold this one opinion which could be taken as a defense for her, doesn't mean I am not critical of her in other areas…mostly things she has actually done, not speculation about what she might have done. In those cases, I feel like it's better to give the benefit of the doubt until her actions can be proven, then I'll call her out for it. I've never denied she isn't a total Lolcow…for example, I got many LOLs over her use of the Urban Dictionary definition of "nig nog" being what black people call egg nog as a serious argument to defend MrRepzion, claiming this makes it no longer a racist term. I find it hilarious she thinks Jaime Leigh Fischer is too crazy for her to debate when she herself presents as a psychiatric ward escapee with her pink bathrobe & unbrushed hair, ranting like she's off her medication about UFOs and past lives. Then there's her hypochondria - where she's been "detoxing" from an IUD she had removed 6 years ago but somehow made her almost die 3 or 6 months ago (she's claimed both) and her ever changing list of self-diagnosed illnesses that are definitely not anxiety disorder. She certainly has her issues but that doesn't automatically mean everything she says is suspect, she does have some good points I agree with and others I don't.

>It's pretty funny that arguments Onision made defending himself are being used for Joy.

Sure, you can apply those same arguments to Onision or any other YouTuber for that matter. If you sort through enough hours of videos a YouTuber has made (especially if they've been around for years like Onision) you will be able to find all sorts of contradictory statements but that doesn't necessarily mean they were lying at the time. Each YouTuber has to ask themselves what they are willing to do to earn money, and the answer will be different for everyone. Joy didn't have ANY of her videos monetized the first month, her fans convinced her to do it. (I saw this for myself, not going by her word.) She has said she doesn't want to profit from Onision exploiting half-naked kids or abusing his exes so she didn't monetize the videos she made about that even though they have the most views. She might very well have less than noble reasons for doing this or it could just be virtue signaling but we don't know what her motivation really is so I don't think it's fair to automatically assume the worst. If she's just full of shit she'll do something to expose herself eventually, she won't be able to help herself.

No. 276496

No. 276522

Her most recent video…yikes. I don't think I've seen anything that cringey in a while. I'm almost impressed. Joy please stop making commentary like this on a topic that so many large channels have been addressing lately. You're making it sound like it is only impacting Onision and it makes you look really dumb.

No. 276542

I couldn't help staring at her outfit the whole video, that blue shrug she was wearing did not do her any favors. It made her arms look like overstuffed spandex sausages. On the other hand, she finally took the time to make sure her hair wasn't an unkempt rat's nest, so good job there.

No. 276545

At one point she did acknowledge it was probably just a change in the algorithm, which is likely all it is since it is also affecting advertiser-friendly channels. However, she so wanted it to be retribution for his actions she proceeded to lecture him over it for the rest of the video.

No. 276546

I think here in a month or so her sweater/shrug/robe will just completely devolve into a granny muumuu with a flower pattern.

No. 276606

File: 1490392596708.jpg (51.17 KB, 800x600, BS.jpg)

No. 276622

>Being in the public eye has people overanalyzing every little thing she says to see if she can be caught saying something stupid, morally repugnant or deceptive.

And that's a problem, why? She's naturally suspect given she's only built her entire fucking "youtube career" off of a much larger youtuber. The speculation and questioning is a natural outgrowth of that. You act like she had any credibility to begin with.

Do you have a problem with anyone asking questions? Because that's what it sounds like.

No. 276626

Yes calling out people's lies and dishonesty is so futile, that's why people have actually left the internet or minimized their presence after being called out. Congrats on your false logic.

No. 276627

>It's pretty funny that arguments Onision made defending himself are being used for Joy.
Looks like some of her asshurt fans are coming here trying to slyly defend her.

Onision fans = Joy fans.

No. 276629

>she so wanted it to be retribution for his actions she proceeded to lecture him over it for the rest of the video.

kek. He's blocked her on ALL social media. She's literally screeching at the air.

No. 276648

I didn't say it was a bad thing…just a statement of fact, it happens and she needs to come to terms with it.

No. 276653

That's IF you can prove she did something dishonest, speculation isn't enough, basically a futile exercise. Bitching about what she might be doing wrong on lolcow is hardly a career ender.

No. 276698

>I got many LOLs over her use of the Urban Dictionary definition of "nig nog" being what black people call egg nog as a serious argument to defend MrRepzion, claiming this makes it no longer a racist term. I find it hilarious she thinks Jaime Leigh Fischer is too crazy for her to debate when she herself presents as a psychiatric ward escapee with her pink bathrobe & unbrushed hair, ranting like she's off her medication about UFOs and past lives. Then there's her hypochondria - where she's been "detoxing" from an IUD she had removed 6 years ago but somehow made her almost die 3 or 6 months ago (she's claimed both) and her ever changing list of self-diagnosed illnesses that are definitely not anxiety disorder. She certainly has her issues

No fucking kidding, wtf.

No. 276703

LOL at her new video. Don't laugh at his skin issues, guis!

Also that she's going to show up on the stream on 26th and speculating as to whether he will too. Bitch, he told you not to contact him, sent you a letter template and blocked you. He's not coming.

No. 276710

File: 1490402591363.jpg (29.58 KB, 480x640, proofjazz.jpg)

What proof would you like? : ) This is not a drill. This is not a troll. Srs bsns. There's plenty of proof. Like this.

Her minions were harrassing a person named Jazz, claiming she released personal info. No info was given out. She later lied and said she never told people that. Well, here's the proof that's a lie. This girl (high anxiety) was harassed on her stream. Now she's faced backlash and is trying to play nice. It is all fake.

She's now having people bait deliberately so she can have a problem with them.

Want more? There's more. She's currently deleting Younow vids and her twitter trail to cover her tracks, but its too late.

Kati Marie Smith. That's who you're looking for. It's out there and public, but whatevs.

No. 276725

This may be really stupid, but I searched the name and got one page for a singer and one picture looks sort of like her, but slimmer, dolled up and tidy rather than the crazy cat lady look she has going on now. However, I'm not brilliant at recognising people and often find people to look similar so I could be very wrong.


No. 276727


That is the one.

No. 276729

No. 276746

With makeup and care for her appearance the girl is actually very pretty. If you look at her linkedIn resume it shows all the different jobs she had mentioned having.

No. 276748

Your proof is incomplete, all that picture shows is an innocuous conversation. You also need to post a screenshot of her denying she had the conversation. You could also show the conversation she is referring to where she says personal info was leaked but actually wasn't.

You are not helping your credibility by releasing the personal information you said was never given out. Not sure what you think doxxing her is going to prove, all I found was she is a real person with the past she always claimed she had.

No. 276751

What's your proof that that's her name?

No. 276752


So..the interwebz is doxxing?

Onision fans = joy fans.

No. 276755

Sounds like the anon posting >>276710 is Jazz herself. How else would she know this girl has high anxiety? She claims she never gave out personal info but then proceeds to post it?

No. 276758

The pictures on her backstage.com & linkedIn pages are pretty definitive. You can also find pictures of her on her google+ page.


No. 276761


Does Joy pay you to try and fail so hard? ROFL.

No. 276762

Did she get struck with a sudden mental illness or something? Why does she look so disheveled?

No. 276763

It can be argued it's a mild form of doxing if the person never released their full name. Not illegal but it's still personal info that can be used to find them in the real world.

No. 276765

I'll agree with everyone saying she is very pretty…beautiful even when she actually does herself up. It honestly kind of makes me have a bit more respect for her for being brave enough to get on camera and make the videos she's making in the condition she's in. I mean she's still overly self righteous and more than a little nutty but it does put her in a different light… shitty to dox her tho. That's doing nothing to help this Jazz girl's cause if that's what your aim is.

No. 276766

I don't think she was saying she didn't dox her. I think she meant that doxing is inevitable if you put yourself out there on the internet. It comes with the territory.

I don't entirely agree, but I see her point.

No. 276769

I was telling you that if you are going to post proof it should be complete and actually prove something. I have no problem going after her for something she has actually done, but I'm not going to do it based on questionable half-assed information.

No. 276775

Doxxing is releasing personal information. If her real name wasn't part of her public persona, I agree it's kinda shitty to release it. Doesn't mean it wasn't bound to happen, it was inevitable and Joy should have known that. If she didn't want people finding her personal profiles online she should have deleted them before she ever made a channel.

No. 276779

> praise joy
> then mildly insult joy so no one gets suspicious
> hope no one catches on


So, it seems that some of her claims are true. Like, say, living in the south of France which sounded really unlikely. Or performing in Russia. It correlates to some of this new found information.

Can't wait for the resulting younow reacting to this new revelation. I'll make the popcorn!

No. 276785

File: 1490410551633.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.59 KB, 451x592, full.jpg)

No. 276790

She knows he isn't coming to the debate. She's still doing it in an attempt to make him look bad, by adding the charity she wanted in the first place she's trying to come across as extra virtuous and he's the big bad bully who says fuck charities.

No. 276792

One of the images on her MySpace is indigoabuse.com. Archive.org is intolerably slow but looking through google search, it is a site "by an indigo, for indigos"

…she's another fucking indigo child special snowflake.

What the fuck is it with people needing these goddamn titles?


No. 276794

>So, it seems some of her claims are true. Like, say, living in the south of France which sounded really unlikely.

This is why I don't pass judgment & give the benefit of the doubt until I have real proof of dishonesty. It turned out some of the things she said that sounded really far-fetched are actually true.

No. 276800


I have some magic beans for sale. Interested?

No. 276804

This is from 2006. It's entirely possible this part of her past has something to do with the reason she has issues with SJW snowflakes now. People do change their minds…of course, she could still believe that nonsense.

No. 276805

After seeing her old sites I am really wondering her extreme interest in Onision…did they date? There's some kind of secret here.

No. 276806

She said she has dated people LIKE Onision. I don't think they actually dated, he's super public about his relationships.

No. 276810

Just because she isn't a pathological liar doesn't necessarily mean she can't be crazy in other ways.

No. 276812

>he's super public about his relationships

He probably would have outed her as an ex if they had dated.

No. 276814

She is crazy in other ways, no doubt about that. I just didn't want to say she was lying about something when I had no proof.

No. 276816


Her having a problem with the sjw snowflakes and behaving like a kindergarten teacher on speed kind of conflict. She's all like "everyone respect everyone" but FUCK YOU IF YOU TELL ME TO DO THE SAME.

She really hasn't really gone into detail about her beliefs but I think she's hinted at some new agey shit.

This got me thinking of Spirit Science which got me to thinking about Space Jews now I have the Jews in Space theme stuck in my head. Dammit Joy. :(

No. 276824

>Her having a problem with the sjw snowflakes and behaving like a kindergarten teacher on speed kind of conflict. She's all like "everyone respect everyone" but FUCK YOU IF YOU TELL ME TO DO THE SAME.

I don't think that's it. She hasn't gone into it much but I think her issue is the hypocrisy of SJW snowflakes, how they say they want a discourse between different opinions but shut people down that have too different a viewpoint…just a feeling from how she feels about religious hypocrisy. I could be wrong.

>I think she's hinted at some new agey shit.

Oh yes, she says she is "spiritual" whatever that means and had her tarot cards read on a livestream. She kept praising how accurate the reading was but to me it just sounded like generic bs that would apply to almost anyone and health stuff the girl already knew about her because Joy never shuts up about it. She kept telling the girl she was some sort of "medical empath" & to concentrate on her body to see if she could see a "blockage"…it was cringey as fuck, it was obvious Joy was leading her to a conclusion and the girl was just telling Joy whatever she wanted to hear.

No. 276826

sage for blog but from the younows I've watched of Joy, i didn't really feel like she was lying about her past. i think she just has the inclination to exaggerate a lot and if i'm going to speculate, she more than likely had a nervous breakdown and took a sabbatical from work. she then turned to the internet and found a form of stability, even if it came from Onision. in conclusion, i still think Joy is harmless for the most part but can be a drama queen.

No. 276834

But in a way I feel like he easily casts off people, I think he only mentions girls who could still give him some sort of ego boost in talking about them, or who he can trash…maybe she wanted him? It's unlikely but I feel like for her to attach to him is so strange, as is her traveling. What was her job before? I know it could all be explained by other things, but her past seems to have large question marks to me.

No. 276838

This makes a lot of sense. Her coming out of seemingly nowhere causes people to speculate about her but I think that is the secret, that she just wants attention on herself but does not actually have a reason (beyond somewhat accurate analysis of other people's issues) to get that attention.

No. 276840

question marks how?

No. 276842

Eh, there are loads of people who hate Gerg and openly post and talk about it. It's not some obscure topic online, it's widely spread that he's a piece of shit. I don't think she was in any way connected to him, she just smelled an opportunity.

No. 276843

Not in the way that she did anything sketchy, but I'm just curious, like, did she almost become well-known for singing or date someone famous at some point? I feel like she actually does have stories she has not shared and they might be interesting.

No. 276846

That's disappointing actually…why him? I wonder if she started out as a fan…the posts about all of the spiritual and indigo things make it seem like she has been involved with some weird ideologies. I found the Facebook of the person with the aforementioned name, and the posts were very political but had some similar messages to what she says now. I think she is someone who was very driven and wanted an outlet for it in whatever way that could come about. Idk how to feel about that kind of personality.

No. 276851

She said she's been watching him for many years, she may very well have been a fan when she was younger but as she grew up realized he was full of shit. Maybe she felt betrayed in a way so felt the need to call him out for it. Lot's of people who make critical videos about him used to be fans.

No. 276858

File: 1490416831263.jpg (66.76 KB, 533x800, 5204bb4f-158c-4571-a315-a08ba7…)

WTF happened to her, she used to be beautiful. She probably still could be if she put on some makeup and took better care of herself. She has at least put in the effort to do her hair in her last 2 videos which made her look less crazy. Is she off her meds? Did she have a nervous breakdown or something? I know she says she is "ill" but I'm leaning towards that being more of a mental condition than physical.

No. 276861

she really doesn't look too much different here. I believe she did gain weight from some kind of medical issue and that's probably impacted her routine and daily effort. I think that all makes sense and makes sense as to why she is emphasizing that she's sick, because it has actually made her feel like a different person/not herself.

No. 276863

I don't see why she should wear make up, tbh. As for her mental issues, who knows. There probably is something, I'd be surprised if there weren't.

No. 276864

She has mentioned traumatic things and that she's been through very difficult things. Maybe she had an ex threaten her or had some kind of violence against her.

No. 276866

Sounds like you doxed her out of spite, Jazz. What an asshole.

No. 276868

Ironic because it actually helped Joy's case instead of hurt it like they were intending.

No. 276873

Completely agree. Her stories about her past seem to add up, whereas before no one had a clue. I go between being critical of her and rooting for her, and now I feel more than ever that she is someone who just dove into the online world and might be able to adjust her channel to something with real fans. Not a fan of many ways she has gone about things, but they might be honest mistakes.

No. 276884

yeah, real fucking dumb of her

No. 276898

>I go between being critical of her and rooting for her

Me too. She skipped past the learning curve most channels go thru before they gain a significant audience. Some of the choices she has made regarding her channel have not been the wisest causing people to think she is either delusional or lying. Hopfully, after she's been around a while she will learn how to handle things in a more graceful manner.

No. 276906

File: 1490424468920.jpeg (13.21 KB, 480x360, 90cbb142_NotSure.jpeg)

>yeah, real fucking dumb of her


No. 276912

Seeing Joy all successful and beautiful looking kind of makes me sad. Like man what a fall from grace. Shit just got kind of dark. Now I really want more acurate/specific details about how she went from that to….this.
aka the story of how she lost her fucking mind.

your guess is probably pretty spot on.

No. 276920

I can absolutely see why she didn't divulge her name, if I was in her situation I wouldn't want to be constantly compared to a much better version of myself either.

No. 276921

I felt bad, but then I looked at her twitter and she changed her name to "Purple Headed Queef" and I felt slightly less bad…..

No. 276922

File: 1490427618902.png (154.15 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9565.PNG)

What's happening

No. 276929

WTF is wrong with her, there are 20 more tweets just like that. She's on YouNow right now making very little sense and has someone on Skype who's just laughing their ass off. The people in chat are tripping the fuck out. She's so weird.

No. 276931

I'm watching it too…did Onision make some comment? I feel like she's taking some comment someone made to her and ran with it into insanity…the screeching laugh in the background is so annoying

No. 276932


No. 276935

I don't think so.
She claims she's acting weird from lack of sleep. I think it takes more than being tired to cause what's going on.

No. 276936

She is fully drunk or high now…..if not, she is actually losing her mind.

No. 276937

She is talking in such a vulgar way now……it's so weird…..she's acting so different…..I'm fascinated

No. 276938

I never watch her feeds, but had to now just to see what you're all talking about, kek.
She's behaving like a 15 y old high on…something serious.

No. 276939

I agree, her behavior right now is so freaking bizarre.

No. 276940

I mean she IS bizarre and crazy, damn anons you softies with ur emphatizing, I cringed at today's posts so hard

No. 276941

Agreeeeeee lol she is still completely asking for the attention even scrutiny by claiming to be queen of the universe and Dr. Phil and Oprah etc

No. 276945

Unpopular opinion her singing voice sounds exactly like Miranda sings

No. 276949

She keeps saying queef like she has tourettes or something. What the hell? What drugs is she on?

No. 276950

This stream is a fucking train wreck.

No. 276951

I really genuinely commend her for pulling me back in with something even more ridiculous/cringeworthy every single time I think "ok time to stop wasting my life on this it's getting old" …..then boom, more to see

No. 276952

She might regret some of those tweets after she's had some sleep. This is why you don't do social media when you are not in your right mind…not that she was all that sane to begin with.

No. 276953


Yeah, she's being intentionally vulgar to seem edgy. It's a cringe fest.

No. 276954

I don't think she's sleep deprived in the least tbh. She's either incredibly manic or she's like one of those kids who's acting drunk off of the grape juice for attention.

No. 276955

I agree…I think she is completely at the whims of her ego trips and emotions

No. 276956

Why does anyone support her…? In all seriousness, I get supporting her as a critic of others but supporting her for her own personality/gimmicks makes no sense AT ALL it's truly comical

No. 276958

To be fair it is 4:20am where she is…but I think it would take a lot more than losing one night's sleep to act that stupid.

No. 276959

Why did I somehow know she would unravel from "I just want to spread unity and harmony" to "I'm Queef Latifa" in a matter of weeks….she has always had "about to have a breakdown" written all over her

No. 276960

This is honestly not the first time the streams have gotten this weird….she took a joke way too far for over and hour once…..I don't even watch her videos I just watch her streams because they're the actual worst/best

No. 276961

I liked her for about 3 videos when I thought she was a down to earth older woman who wouldn't put up with internet predators. She was a nice breath of fresh air from the myriad of edgy dudes and cakefaces. But then she released that past lives video and I instantly unsubbed.

No. 276962

She's a complete and total psychopath.

No. 276965

This is so true. I watched her first few videos and thought she was actually bringing some sense into an annoying clickbait-y YouTube world that lost track of life consequences…and now she is "Joysus" and literally the opposite of anything she used to calmly discuss….ew

No. 276967

Yes! See how quickly YouTube corrupts? The attention becomes like a drug, some can handle it, some become addicts.

No. 276973

>But then she released that past lives video and I instantly unsubbed.

I like to see a lot of different viewpoints so I don't have to agree with everything a channel says to stay subscribed but yes that also rubbed me the wrong way. From then on she has just gotten progressively weirder and not in a good way. I keep telling myself I should unsubscribe but it's like watching a train wreck.

No. 276974

The attention will just keep making her worse and worse until something drastic happens and she becomes an outcast on the internet. Let's hope that comes sooner rather than later.

No. 276975

At first, I took her seriously but now I just watch her for laughs, it's a bit like watching Gail Chord Schuler.

No. 276979

I unsubscribed and then subscribed again, I started out genuinely thinking her channel would go somewhere with commentary (I love commentary channels) but now I genuinely want her to get weirder and more ridiculous and stay unaware and make ridiculous claims and push everything way too far. I'm hoping she makes a video confessing her love for Onision tbh. The way she talks about "as a person, let's not make fun of him. I want to extend love to you. Thank you for not making fun of my weight. Thank you for the respect" came off SO Stockholm syndrome-y like she is imprisoned by her massive crush on him….how can she turn the fact that he made fun of everything but her weight into praise for him? Yes, she acts like it's because she's looking on the positive side but I really think she loves the chance to compliment and praise him for any chance at a connection there…it came off so weird and makes it clear that she's probably like that in relationships…

No. 276980

Unfortunately the internet rewards this type of behavior, which is why she's doing it. Look what happened to Simply Nailogical, she used to do nail art with a sarcastic edge I found refreshing but now she's all about following trends and making click-baity videos, she hardly ever does nail art tutorials anymore.

It's already gone to Joy's head even though her channel is still relatively small.

No. 276981

Can you imagine legitimately being in a relationship with this person? I mean… I think I'd top myself off.

No. 276982

LOL THIS it's sad but from the way she talks about Gerg I can actually see her defending and staying with a bad bf. Claiming she doesn't put up with bs but still is with him and constantly nagging on about the relationship and never letting him breathe.

No. 276983

I bet the men she talks about as being amazing guys she dated were actually rude/did not treat her well. Onision has treated her like dirt and she still gives him respect and time and oozes of a giant crush on him

No. 276984

I don't think it's a crush or anything like that, it's just more of her virtue signaling. Like she wants to hammer home one more time she's so much better than him because she doesn't lower herself to his level.

No. 276985

I think if she really had disdain for him she would treat him way differently…it doesn't seem like she resents him, but more to me like she wants him back LOL maybe I'm wrong but it seems like she avoids true insults for his sake so he sees she is a saint

No. 276986

She has said she dated abusive men like Onision when she was younger, I don't doubt she did that. She claims now that she's older she learned from it but recognizes the bad behavior in him because she lived through it with someone else.

No. 276987

I think she is working out her personal issues via Onision, an easy figurehead of douchery

No. 276990

I don't think she acts like that for his behalf…it's for her audience. She wants to show them how forgiving she is.

No. 276993

She has constantly said she doesn't hate him but just doesn't approve of the behavior she is seeing. That's all fine and good, his behavior IS shitty but YES, to me it looks like she is using YouTube as therapy. She chose Onision as her main topic because dealing with that type of behavior is what created a large portion of her personal demons…which must have messed her up something awful for her to pursue it so obsessively.

No. 276994

I think she knows exactly what she's doing. Something tells me she is conniving and knows exactly which strings to pull to evoke the best reaction out of her audience. I bet you anything she's a bigger snake in the grass than Onision. Hell, she may be intentionally making all of these insane streams and videos just to elicit a reaction and get attention, whether negative or positive. She could very well be doing the crazy shit to try to draw more people in, because if there's one thing on Youtube that draws an audience, it's weird ass videos. If she had any actual background in marketing then she knows exactly how to sell something. Is she playing with a full deck of cards? Who knows? I think she could very well have a screw loose or two, but I don't think she's as innocent and new to the internet as she pretends to be. I also don't believe she's anywhere near as nice and sparkly as she likes to come off. I think she's most likely bullshitting people and intentionally posting weird crap just to get any attention she can get from people. It's actually a tiny bit sad.

No. 276995

So agree, it's like if she can fix him, somehow she is reconciling people who hurt her. I think she wants to make peace with him to feel relief from whatever is paining her or whoever she can't get closure from irl. That's why given any chance she goes into her personal issues…she has brought up her own pain in almost every variation…illness, trauma, past lives, fear of failure, fear of success, it seems like what she really craves is peacemaking for those feelings and he embodies it

No. 276997

This is exactly why I still watch and can't look away. I need to know if you're right or not….she could be playing the system and just bored with time to do it, or all the stunts could be genuine. It's so fascinating that no one can tell for sure.

No. 276999

I think you're right because she has no decency. If she did, she wouldn't bring on and pander to young/shy/weird kids to her stream and be okay with them saying weird praising things to her. She says the focus is not her but "helping people" but she absolutely lives for it being about her. I think she knows people will flock to/stick to someone who makes crazy claims and forms a group with some momentum and she hopes people will fall at her feet, and that's her only hope and goal. I think she wants fame and praise and the humble act is a just a sad and manipulative act.