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No. 6965

Hello everyone,

we've exhausted the last round of applications, but our team still needs more helping hands. If you'd like to join us, please fill out the following form and if it's a good fit, we'll get back to you shortly.

You can apply to

- be a Janitor
- be a global moderator (Farmhand)
- become the new lolcow.farm Admin
- help with technical issues
- moderate specific threads
- moderate Discord or volunteer in other ways.

You must be willing to use a Discord account to communicate with the rest of the team.

Fill out the application form here.

No. 7027

I would happily apply….
For a competent admin.

No. 7073

I might get banned for this well intended stuff, but I feel lolcow would go through less farmhands if it was more transparent about what it wanted from farmhands.
Maybe things have changed since my time but I was in a group of mods during a time of flux that were all suddenly demoted to janitors (but without any real abilities) after an admin changeover. We were kept in the dark about the future of our roles, what changes to the board were happening and if our downgrade was our own fault or not and so some of us parted on good terms as the site was running fine without us and it seemed like we were uneeded.
I have reapplied a couple of times since then when applications have been open, but I'm never received any feedback. At this point I assume I was just a terrible mod, but then I've never been told for sure so I don't know if it's something I can improve on or not.

I suspect a decent portion of the user base has played farmhand at some time so perhaps I'm not the only one with this problem. I really am happier just as a user, it's no easy task to help run any imageboard, but when I see that once again there's not enough staff I wish I knew why I can't help.

No. 7078

I've edited the form to include a section for admin applications. As many users have suspected, unfortunately I don't have the time to care for lolcow next to my real-life responsibilities. I will choose a new admin who will then pick her new mods from the applications.

If anyone has already applied but would like to apply for the admin position, you can either edit your response or start over.

No. 7081

Can a previous admin apply again?

No. 7082

Anyone can apply, but of course any past experience (good or bad) will influence the success of the application.

No. 7092

Give the position to a competent moderator of the site (there oughta be some), don't just throw the keys to "anyone". You don't know what sort of a dick would come in to make this place a honeypot for his/her friends again.

No. 7096

I will give lolcow to the very first applicant, of course.

On a more serious note, of course Farmhands are aware of the situation and have been encouraged to apply as well. Of course a long-standing member of the community is preferred, but I'm keeping an open mind for outside applications. In either case, the switchover will take several weeks of getting to know the new admin and teaching her our system.

No. 7112

Sorry but I don't know why you quoted me, what I was asking for is transparency to the farmhands of what is expected of them and if unsuccessful applicants can perhaps get reasons why they are unsuccessful in future, so that they can be better the next time they try.
Good luck with the applications for new admin, I hope they read through /meta/ and take all the stuff aimed at their predecessors on board.

No. 7151

You also quietly deleted a rather insightful post suggesting that the current admin really should’t be the person to choose the next, considering their thinly veiled contempt for both the board culture and its users. You’re wise to resign and I hope you’re happier doing something else, but if such a large portion of the users are unhappy with the direction you took it, and with your farmhands using the site like mods on a facebook group, I think most users would agree that THEY would like a say in the next admin - because this is pretty much as close as someone can get to being fired from a job they’re paying to do.

No. 7152


Your first two prior posts did not say anything about funding the board, you're trying to get your own technical team. Do it somewhere else or email admin.

And quit ban evading.

No. 7153

Was the long post that was before this by the same anon deleted by staff or the anon that posted it?

No. 7154

lmao how many admins is this website going to go through?

No. 7178

Admin, is there an email or somewhere where I can send you a couple of names of people that I 100% do NOT recommend to be mods/janitors/etc?I have a feeling they will try to apply to get into a position of power here in lolcow and they are up to no good.

No. 7179

I was tired of complaining so I went and applied.

Is there any way to check that the application went through and I didn't mess it up somehow?

No. 7180

You could probably try emailing the Admin directly at lolcow.farm@gmail.com . Hopefully someone has access to it.

No. 7183

Nah but they'll email you with further instructions if you pass the first round

No. 7188


We’re letting this retarded team vet the next one why?

No. 7278

Please make this happen.

No. 7281

I remember the multiple people who promised to make such boards back in 2016 and never delivered. Not holding my breath on that one.

No. 7283

Yeah, it's usually a pipe dream but I thought encouragement would be nice for anon to hear.

No. 7289

have they gotten back to applicants?

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